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7925 1927 1935 1937 1940 1941 1944 1945 1933 1934 1938 1939 LI J B 1942 1943 rue V 1946 1949 desert i 1950 1951 1952 1954 J9SS 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1961 1962 1963 1964 1967 1968 THE DESERT Volume 88 Copyright 2004 UA enrollment: 37,083 Arizona Student Media University of Arizona 615 N. ParkAve. Room 101 Tucson, Arizona 85721 Molecular and cellular biology senior Scott Cheney slaps a dollup of mud onto marketing senior Faham Zakariaei ' s head during Homecoming festivities. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS TY OF ARIZONA A year of new beginnings and reconnections to the past ioing injthe expections may have been understandably low. Campus was rebounding fronfajlRr of challenges. The tragic nursing shootings, a brief Breakdown of support for the UA ' s struggling football team and economic uncertainties that divided the community on budget cuts, program eliminations and controversial tuition hikes had dominiated the community ' s attention for a year or more. But new hope was on the horizon, and 2003-2004 would prove to be a fresh start and a new beginning for the university. Continued on page 4 Marketing senior Cale Miller washes his face off after immersing himself in the Homecoming mud pit in November. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Continued from page 2 A tear-filled memorial in October to UA ' s three slain nursing professors on the one-year anniversary of their deaths allowed students, faculty and families to reflect. The end of a bumpy season and new optimism for the struggling football team energized Wildcat fans. And news in early fall that the UA ' s financial worries were shifting course saved some vital programs from the cutting board. The university was on an upswing, and it was evident in the spirit of campus. Meanwhile, with student involvement ever increasing and sophisticating, spirit would symbolize more than cheering at ball games, although that would remain an important part of the formula. - -- ARIZONA 54 Lead singer of Troy ' s Bucket, James Lesure, a music senior, performs in the second annual Battle of the Bands. His band came up short in the competition, falling behind local band Gorilla Behind Bars, which got to take home the $300 gift certificate to the Guitar Center. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS OPPOSITE: Robert Cheseret, a freshman from Kenya, leads an ASU distance runner in a men ' s cross country race. Cheseret, the Pacific-10 Conference men ' s cross country newcomer of the year for 2003, turned his talent for tearing up the terrain into wins in two of his first three races. PHOTO BY CHRIS CODUTO Spirit, and ultimately academics, would be redefined to be all inclusive of active participation in the UA ' s growing leadership opportunities. But tha t didn ' t mean the community would forget its past or the struggles it had faced. A reinvigorated school spirit was coupled with a growing nostalgic connection to the university ' s history and traditions. It wouldn ' t take an anniversary for the students and a growing number of alumni to understand and appreciate the university ' s long journey to excellence. Meanwhile, construction commenced at the center of campus after five long years of inconveniences and expelled to the fringes, allowing the UA ' s old and new architecture to blend into one outstanding atmosphere. The challenges that had seemingly plagued the university for the better part of the new century had really propelled campus into a new, exciting period of stability, forward thinking and fond appreciation of former days. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA Dedication Bill Bowers 1 903-2003 THE DESERT YEARBOOK STAFF is proud to dedicate this year ' s book to Bill Bowers, a 1927 graduate o f the UA. Bowers, who died in late 2003 at age 100, established himself as a living legend on campus. From working as photography editor on the 1926 Desert Yearbook, to salvaging the bell from the USS Arizona battleship, which now hangs in the Student Union Memorial Center bell tower, Bowers has inspired a new generation of students to take pride in the UA. Bowers came across the bell accidentally while working as an army captain at a Washington Naval Yard in 1944. The bell, which was one of two bells salvaged from the USS Arizona battleship that sank in the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, was sitting in a crate ready to be melted for raw material. After calling the governor of Arizona and the president of the UA, the bell was delivered to the university in 1946. Bowers had an open invitation at the UA to ring the bell, and he participated in a memorial to commemorate UA alums killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. He rang the bell for the last time in February 2003, during the grand opening of the Student Union Memorial Center. After spending 20 years in the military as an army captain, Bowers went on to run a photo gallery with his brother-in-law in Colorado Springs, Colo. He also worked as a photographer for Hewlett-Packard. The yearbook staff honors his devotion to the UA with great fondness. Dedication The life of a legend . From the editor , Unearthing a tradition Daniel Scarpinato EDITOR IN CHIEF A yearbook works today because the atmosphere on campus is different than just seven years agdl la 199 , the 80-something-year-old UA yearbook, The Desert, was killed. It had been a slow death, with the book running into the red tor years. Of course, The Desert ' s problems were not unique. He scene was indicative of the loss of college yearbooks around the country. The final editor of the book in the ' 90s, Valerie Miller, said a ouple years after the publication was axed, " (The yearbook) is an teresting trend that mirrors society. We used to be into family community relationships and social events those things that would tie us together, like a yearbook. " Well, that may have been the case at the UA in the late ' 90s, but today, it ' s a whole different ballgame. The rebirth of The Desert is the symbolic dawn of a new era at the UA. The high interest in this book, the first one in seven years, illustrates the increasing level of student spirit and involvement on campus. Students in 2004 felt an emotional attatchment and bond to the university. A yearbook works today because the atmosphere on campus is different than just seven years ago. That ' s good news not only for this century old publication, but for the campus climate in general. The creative and talented all-student staff that gave new life to this important campus tradition faced challenges in finding an audience, gaining support and modernizing and sophisticating the book to fit the needs and wants of 21st-century college readers. Along the way, as we " unearthed " not just the stories and photos of the year but a legendary piece of campus nostalgia, we realized how grand our responsibility was and how our decisions could make or break this new yearbook tradition. With sales double those of 1997s and the reinvented Desert established again as an interesting campus institution, I believe the 2003-2004 Desert staff has succeeded in molding the yearbook into something that will have a lasting importantance again on campus. There ' s room to improve and areas yet to tap. Still, The Desert is stronger than ever. Cementing the year and capturing its memories was an amazingly difficult job. But the late nights, hard deadlines and hours of tedious work has caccooned into something UA students generations from now will use to assess the personalities of us, the student body of 2004. On behalf of The Desert Yearbook staff, I thank you for your support. Now, enjoy the hundreds of amazing color pages before you. YEAR IN REVIEW Page 10 CAMPUS Page 22 ACADEMICS Page 120 HERITAGE Page 145 ATHLETICS Page 161 INVOLVEMENT Page 240 GREEK LIFE Page 288 PERSONALITIES Page 336 ' NEARTHED LOCALINATIONALII L Mm. m ' 5 p I x IW iff Yenr in More than 100 minors were arrested and 57 were taken to jail on Aug. 31, 2003, when Tucson law enforcement agencies surrounded a west-side apartment party. Many arrested at the party at Jefferson at Star Ranch apartments, 41 S. Shannon Road, were UA students. Two weeks later, 25 arrests were made by UAPD while patrolling greek bid night parties on campus. On Oct. 17, 2003, police arrested 36 people for minor in possession while the people rode a bus to a Gamma Phi Beta sorority date dash at a local hotel. The next week, police led an effort to curb underage drinking in bars when they arrested three people and cited seven establishments for serving to minors. The arrests and busts marked an increase in police patrolling for underage drinkers. The busts, however, drew ire from students, who disagreed with police tactics used during the raids. At a community forum in October, Tucson City Councilwoman Kathleen Dunbar reminded students that drinking underage is a crime. " If you are under 21 years old and you are drinking alcohol, you are violating the law, " Dunbar said. " It is zero tolerance. " BUSH WACKED President George W. Bush declined an invitation by Likins to speak at this year ' s commencement ceremony after the UA consolidated the two scheduled ceremonies into one and moved the event outdoors. In mid-February, Likins sent a formal invitation to Bush to speak at commencement after a faculty member connected to the White House said that Bush would welcome an invitation to speak at the ceremony. Without receiving any word from the White House, the UA administration decided to combine the morning and afternoon commencement ceremonies into one and moved the event from the McKale Center to Arizona Stadium. Likins extended the invitation to Bush after he asked former NBA star and UA alumnus Steve Kerr to speak. On March 15, Likins learned that Bush would not be speaking, as he agreed to speak at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, La., Concordia University in Mequon, Wis., and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo. Commencement was again divided back into two ceremonies and moved into the McKale Center with Kerr addressing both ceremonies. INDECISION 2004 Alistair Chapman nearly lost his position as the 2004-2005 student body president. Josh Shapiro, Chapman ' s opponent in the March elections, filed 16 elections code violations against Chapman. Chapman filed two against Shapiro. Shapiro ' s claimed the election commissioner and one of the sponsored debates had been biased. Had Chapman been found guilty of four of the violations, he would have been disqualified from the presidency. But 14 of the 16 charges against Chapman were dismissed because Shapiro failed to provide specific details of the violations. TOWERING INFERNO The Aspen Fire in the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson had the whole city watching as it burned down the village of Summerhaven on Mt. Lemmon before fall classes started in 2003. The blaze got national attention and spurred a visit from President Bush. Campus was excited when the Showtime reality series " Fresh- man Danes " announced plans to film the show on the UA campus. Producers filmed on campus in the fall, but the show was cancelled before UA episodes got off the drawing board. Ken Foster (left), the man who made UA Presents a strong force on campus, resigned to take a job in San Francisco. UA Presents had a strong year with Urinetown and Jesus Christ Superstar hitting Centennial Hall with performances. Barbara Becker (right), head of the school of plan- ning, fought hard this year to save the school, which administrators pro- posed axing. After a rollercoaster year of negotia- tions, word came in late Spring that the school might be spared by switching colleges. TINKERING WITH TUITION Just one year after raising undergraduate in-state tuition by $1,000, the board of regents raised tuition by $490 on March 12. Out-of-state undergraduate tuition was raised by $700. The $1,490 tuition increase in the past two years was more than the previous 16 years combined. This year ' s increase brought resident undergraduate tuition to $3,998 and out-of-state tuition to $12,978. UA President Peter Likins promised that 15 percent of the increase would go toward financial aid, meaning $600 of the roughly $4,000 paid by in-state students at the UA would go to aid. For the first time, regents also approved separate tuition increases for each of the three state universities, as Arizona State University ' s resident tuition rose by $465 and Northern Arizona University ' s went up $475. Year in revia - - International f WE GOT, HIM Captured former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein speaks in Baghdad, Dec. 14, in this image from television. Top U.S. administrator in Iraq L. Paul Bremer confirmed the capture of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in a dirt hole under a farmhouse near his hometown of Tikrit, eight months after the fall of Baghdad. A March train bombing in Madrid, Spain did more than leave 180 innocent people dead and 1,800 injured. The bombings scared citizens into ousting their ruling party and altering the politics of the country. American wrestler Steve Austin, center, known as " Stone Cold, " is photographed surrounded by U.S. soldiers after a performance by wrestlers who flew to Iraq to entertain the troops at Baghdad International Airport, Dec. 20. jj JOHN KERRY Racing in a crowded field for the Democratic party ' s nomination for president, Kerry struggled for months under the cloud of hype surrounding Gov. Howard Dean. But when Dean ended up being more talk than anything else, Kerry won the right to challenge George W. Bush. RUSH LIMBAUGH The conservative radio talk show host had a tough year. First he was fired from his gig on ESNP for being accused of making racist comments. Next, it was revealed he was addicted to prescription drugs. Liberals jumped on the chance to attack Limbaugh. MARTHA STEWART The homemaker honey faced prison time after being found guilty on four counts of obstructing justice and lying to investigators about a well-timed stock sale. While Stewart ' s lawyers struggled to get her off, the former stock broker struggled to save her billion dollar company. Faces of the year PRESIDENT BUSH A struggling economy and trouble in Iraq made Bush a vulnerable incumbent president. While the former Texas governor toured the country promoting his poli- cies, Democrats made every attempt they could to attack the president on his domes- tic and foreign agenda. SCOTT PETERSON Facing the death penalty if found guilty of killing his pregnant wife Lade, Peter- son hired top notch lawyers to plead his case. Mean- while, Washington passed legislation making it a double crime to kill a woman carry- ing a child. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Republican action star Schwarzenegger was able to oust liberal Democrat Gov. Gary Davis with a moderate message. KOLBE BRYANT The basketball player ' s career was on the line as he faced accusations of rape. UP, UP, UP Gas station attendant Reyes Cortez posts gasoline prices, Aug. 29, 2003, at a station in Beverly Hills, Calif. Motorists who hadn ' t tanked up lately were in for an unpleasant surprise: Gasoline prices hit record highs in many parts of the country. Year in GOLD! r I NO MORE SEX " Sex and the City " cast members, from left, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Davis arrive for the 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 25 in Beverly Hills, Calif. FRIENDS FOREVER The cast of television ' s " Friends, " from left, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney CoxArquette, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer appear during the 54th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sept. 22, 2002. The final episode of " Friends " aired May 6. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez pose for photographers as they arrive at the premiere of their film " Gigli, " on July 27, 2003, in the Westwood section of Los Angeles. i Country music legend Johnny Cash is shown with his wife, June Carter Cash, in their Hendersonville, Tenn. home in 1999. Johnny Cash, known as " The Man in Black " and famous for songs like " I Walk the Line, " " Ring of Fire " and " A Boy Named Sue, " died Friday, Sept. 12, 2003 from complications from diabetes in Nashville, Tenn. June Carter Cash died May 15, 2003. -JE2 ' YOU ' RE FIRED ' Donald Trump at the open auditions for the second season for his reality television show " The Apprentice, " March 18, in New York. Trista Rehn, star of " The Bachelorette, " and her fiance, Ryan Sutler, arrive at the 31st annual American Music Awards, Nov. 16, 2003, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. TIT FOR TAT Justin Timberlake reaches across Janet Jackson just before he pulled off the covering to her right breast, which was partially obscured by a sun-shaped, metal nipple decoration during the halftime performance at Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston, Texas, on Feb. 1. Controversey soon ensued. THE KISS From left, Britney Spears, Madonna and Christina Aguilera perform during the MTV Video Music Awards at New York ' s Radio City Music Hall on Aug. 28, 2003. During the performance, Spears and Madonna kissed. The incident gained much attention. Year in review Full coverage of 2003-2004 UA Athletics begins on page 161 f f I ARIZONA ' STOOPS ' TO NEW LEVEL ' FAN ' demon urn Hoards of fans stormed the gates and poured onto the Arizona Stadium turf during the waning moments of the Wildcats ' second win of the year, a 27-22 upset win over Washington at Homecoming on Nov. 10, 2003. A melee ensued at midfield as fans celebrated with UA players while others dangled from goalposts at the stadium ' s north end zone. The Wildcats had lost eight straight overall and hadn ' t won a Pac-10 home game since defeating Washington State two years ago. UA senior linebacker Joe Siofele said he was speechless after seeing fans start to climb the neon-yellow goalpost. " I don ' t know what to say. This is one of the greatest wins I ' ve been a part of, " said Siofele, who tallied five tackles and a sack. A crowd of 48,319 watched sophomore Mike Bell rush for a career- high 222 yards and three touchdowns in the game, the fifth highest total in school history. " It ' s not just a ' W, ' " athletic director Jim Livengood, who had fired Mackovic a month prior, said. " This is a big-time win. " Mike Stoops, that is. In a year marred by the fact that the UA football team had more head coaches than wins in 2003, Wildcat faithful can be certain that the gray skies are going to clear up and fast. Stoops attempts to pick up the pieces after the embarrassing saga of former head coach John Mackovic. Mackovic was fired Sept. 28, 2003, just hours after losing to Texas Christian in overtime. At the time of his firing, the Wildcats were 1-4. In his 2 1 2 seasons at the UA, he posted a record of 10- 18 overall. FIRST ROUND FALL The last game of the Arizona basketball season unfolded much like the season itself. Arizona (20-10) came out in the first half and dominated, looking like a Final Four contender. Then the Wildcats fell apart, and both the game and the season ended with bitter disappointment. " It seems like a repeat of our problem all year long, " Olson said following his team ' s season- ending loss. " We have a hard time living with prosperity. " The loss capped an erratic season. Arizona started the season 10-1 but went 9-9 in its last 18 games to finish third in the Pac-10. The top-ranked Arizona Softball team, hosting an NCAA regional at friendly Hillenbrand Stadium in early May, was not only expected to roll back into the College Softball World Series, but was considered nearly a lock to win it all once again. Somebody forgot to tell Oklahoma and Louisiana- Lafayette, however. The Sooners and Rajin ' Cajuns each defeated Arizona at Hillenbrand, and on the same day no less. TWAMK3 Lost in the discussion of the disappointment that was Arizona ' s men ' s basketball team in 2004, the UA women ' s squad proved that Arizona was still a basketball powerhouse in some capacity. The Wildcats went 14-4 in Pac-10 play to share the regular season crown with Stanford, but it was a five-point home win over the No. 7 Cardinal in February that put teams in the Pac-10 - and around the nation - on notice. National r ' 4 . - r New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady holds the Vince Lombard! Trophy after the Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers 32-29 in Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston, Sunday, Feb. 1, 2004. Indian Pacers ' Fred Jones flies through the air during the Slam Dunk contest at the NBA All Star Weekend in Los Angeles Saturday, Feb. 14, 2004. Jones won the contest. V Florida Marlins celebrate after defeating the New York Yankees 2-0 to win Game 6 of the World Series Saturday. Oct. 25. 2003 in New York . The Marlins won the series four games to two. Winding down on a spring afternoon, Mining engineering freshman Trent Wilhelmi feeds pre-business sophomore Daniel Kahan beer out of a plastic leg. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS CAMPUS11NF Sociology senior Dena Goldberg works on her NATS 102 astrophotography project in the Steward Observatory. The design of the device, referred to as a " barn door " tracker allows for its movement that is comparable to that of the Earth ' s; she and her classmates used their trackers to take images of an eclipse in early December. PHOTO BY CLAIRE C. LAURENCE Chris de Barros, a media arts senior, (right) directs a scene for his show " Tucson for 2, " a dating show that takes UA students on dates around Tucson. De Barrios came up with the idea for the show to prove that there are things to do in Tucson. PHOTO BY EVAN CARAVELLI ' ::;; " wLi. Students in front of the Student Union Memorial Center shield themselves from a March rainstorm. PHOTO BY CLAIRE LAURENCE Electrical engineering senior Max Rosenberg tubes through the snow on Mount Lemmon in late January. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Political science senior Jered Mansell auditions for ZonaZookeeper. The student chosen helps get students roudy during basketball games. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 4 4 T r Theatre Arts junior Chanel Eakin eats whip cream and chocolate off sociology junior Jeannett Eakin during a radio station promotion at North Point Apartments. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Larry Gibbons, an agricultural economics and management senior, ropes a calf in the UA Intercollegiate Rodeo. PHOTO BY MELISSA HALTERMAN CAMPUSf TARTf Evalina Marie Felix, age 6, a dribbling routine in McMale Center. Deiters was a little dribblers instructor. The dribblers perform during halftime at women ' s basketball games. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS MB| ntf t 1 -blowing, orgasmic sex is no longer an activity ' ted to those who possess a significant other. ; : we move into a world that is more hip and knowledgeable about those nighttime debaucheries it are usually kept " under the covers, " and as contraceptives, condoms and other forms of protection become far more prevalent in the modern world, sex is becoming less and less of a taboo topic. And even less of a taboo action. Sex is happening between people who barely know each other ' s first names. Continued on next page One-night stands less taboo for some -2 Continued from previous page Kodi Benevidez, a sociology sophomore, said she doesn ' t think there ' s anything wrong with wrong having a one-night stand or evening making a habit of it " As long as they ' re done when both have the right clarity of mind and they ' re H H not under the influence, " she said. Such is a common stereotype of one- night stands. Many believe the only way for two strangers to have the guts to _ V actually do the deed, with no questions, is to be under the influence of alcohol. But can two people, or quite possibly more, really have a one-night stand with no questions asked? " Jennifer, " who asked that her real name not be used, came to college with a " be young, have fun " attitude. Immediately, she looked to men as a means to satisfy that way of life. " I thought, ' This is my chance to be someone completely different. I was away from my home, my friends and the, I guess, person everyone knew me as. I wanted to leave my element, " she said. Three months into her freshman year, Jennifer met a guy at a party. They chit- chatted, he got her a beer and within hours, they were back at his place having " wild, crazy sex on his couch, " she said. The next morning, they said few words to each other and she went home. " It was the most awkward moment of my life, " she said. " I barely knew him. I had nothing to say to him. But he had seen me naked. " Despite the awkwardness, Jennifer felt empowered by the experience. She says she began to go to parties, scouting out guys who she might be able " to get in the sack quick. " But as she scouted one-night partners, party-goers began scouting her. Jennifer said it got to the point to wh ere she noticed people blatantly talking about her at parties. Groups of guys had begun to label her, as did females, including her friends. " I totally heard them talking about me. But of course, no one ever said anything about the guys, " she said. " I was a slut; they were awesome. " Despite the labeling, Jennifer said she was still tempted to indulge in the casual quickie. " It ' s hard. I mean, I like it, but I don ' t do it that much anymore because, like, I don ' t want to deal with all the crap, " she said. Jennifer ' s view is common among college women. According to Durex Condom ' s Global Sex Survey 2002, more than half of the 50,000 people interviewed admitted to having a one-night stand. Men had more flings than women. Forty-two percent of the females said they ' d had a one-night stand. So does this mean fewer women are truly having one-night stands, or that fewer are admitting to it? Osama Ahmed, a marketing sophomore and SafeRide driver, said he agrees with the latter. " From my experience working with SafeRide and listening to what girls tell me, yes, I can confirm that girls sleep around as much, if not more, than guys do. It ' s tough for them though. If they sleep around, they are called sluts. But if a guy sleeps around, he ' s called a pimp. " On top of the gender discrepancy, Ahmed said there is a much more important issue sexually transmitted diseases. One in every 10 college students will contract an STD, according to Campus Health. Jennifer was that unlucky one. " I had no idea he had anything. But I got it, and now I ' m dealing with it, " she said. Despite the negative aspects of one-night stands, it ' s still sex. " Sex is very satisfying, " Benevidez said. " (Just) take responsibility for your actions. " CAMPUS Valuing virginity An empty bed doesn ' t always mean an empty college life By Tacie Holyoak THE COLLEGE LIFE. For many it ' s more than books and 8 a.m. classes. It ' s socializing. It ' s dating. It ' s having sex. But for some, college may be all of those things, with the exception of the latter. According to the 2003 Campus Health and Wellness Survey, 30 percent of UA ' s 38,000 students are still virgins, a number which has not changed much in past years. There are a significant number of ' abstainers, ' said Lee Ann Hamilton, a health educator at Campus Health. The decision to abstain from sexual activity is made for a variety of reasons, Hamilton said. They include personal values, family and religious values and having not yet met a suitable partner. Kerry Winchester, a music senior, has chosen to abstain from sexual relations, largely in part to emotional well- being. " I feel that it protects you from a lot of heartache, " she said. " Sex is too precious. It ' s so much a part of you that to just give it away to just anybody ... it diminishes the value but may also hurt you in the end. " The decision to have sex, Winchester said, should be postponed until you are ready to make a long-term commitment like marriage. Josh Romero, an astronomy and physics senior, said he has respect for the decision to abstain, although he personally does not do so. " For me, I do not make that choice, " Romero said. " (But) I think that it ' s a brave choice, especially in this day and age. " Although not everyone is shunning pre-marital sex, many students are involved in monogamous relationships. Eighty percent of students reported having only one partner during the 2003 school year, Hamilton said. " The majority of those who are sexually active aren ' t having lots of partners, " she said. Other students, like psychology freshman Russ Brewer, don ' t see the significance. " It ' s not as big of a deal as it was in high school, " he said. Brewer ' s views on sexuality changed after arriving at the UA. Having to leave when his roommate brought a girl home increased his tolerance, Brewer said. But lifestyle is not the only reason for abstaining. According to the American Social Health Association, two-thirds of people who get sexually transmitted diseases are under age 25. And it ' s for that reason that physiology senior Afam Nwambuonwo has decided to practice abstinence, although he is not a virgin. " It ' s the best thing to do to stay ... protected, " he said. " That ' s 100 percent the best way of not getting anything. " While many UA students do fulfill the stereotypical college lifestyle, others have chosen another route, one they hope will protect them emotionally, mentally and physically. Unearthed 37 CAMPUSJJNF UA women learn to protect themselves By Cassie Tomlin EVERY ACADEMIC YEAR, ABOUT 3 PERCENT OF COLLEGE WOMEN report being sexually assaulted, and another 13 percent are stalked, according to a 2001 study conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice ' s National Institute of Justice and Bureau of Justice Statistics. And the UA is no exception. In 2002, the University of Arizona Police Department responded to five sexual assaults and one attempted sexual assault, according to the department ' s Web site. An additional eight assaults were never reported to UAPD, but to other campus agencies. In response to the assaults, a national program created to teach women basic self-defense strategies was brought to the UA. The Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Systems women ' s self-defense classes, sponsored by the OASIS Center, taught self- defense tactics and techniques suitable for women off all ages and abilities. Tina Tarin, an OASIS center program coordinator and certified RAD instructor, said the UA is the only place in Tucson where the course was offered. Tarin said each class this year held about 10 to 12 participants of varying ages from college students and university staff to older Tucson citizens. " They all have a different perspective, and it ' s great because they work hard together, " she said. Statistically, one in four women has been a victim of sexual assault or attempted sexual abuse, although Tarin said national statistics show that many don ' t report crimes against them. RAD classes aimed to empower women and reduce the number of assaults by providing preventative techniques, as well as defense, in the case of attempted assault. " The course begins with a discussion on rape and rape-related violence and overall safety before progressing to the basics of hands-on defense training, " Tarin said. " We taught the women about walking a certain way and making eye contact as a preventative tactic. It ' s something people don ' t think about, but it ' s very effective. " Women ' s studies sophomore Vanessa Schmidt took the class during the fall semester to fulfill a class requirement, and she said she felt more confident after taking the class and realized the importance of the preventative techniques. " A lot of stuff she brought up I never even realized, like how making eye contact speaks volumes about someone because people can sense a victim, " she said. " I just realized it makes perfect sense, but it ' s not something that ' s exercised enough. " The women were eventually taught physical self-defense techniques and performed a simulated attack with an instructor who wore body-padding. " The simulated attack was the true test of whether you learned anything or not, " said Schmidt, who said it was her favorite part of the class. Since the instructors did not receive compensation for teaching the class, and all of the proceeds from the course fee went back into the RAD program, Tarin said the instructors received their reward by knowing that students will be safer after taking the course. " It ' s fun to watch because the women come in sort of shy, and then they ' re definitely not passive at the end, " she said. Schmidt agreed that a transformation occurred. " I think I got a lot more confident. After you practiced enough, the movements became natural instead of something you had to remember, " she said. " It was cool to see the smallest, meekest girls become a lot more confident when the class was over. " Tina Tarin, an OASIS center program coordinator and certified Rape Aggression Defense instructor, demonstrates a move in her class. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 38 The Desert s r i i i Iryin on th By Cara Ammann FERRIS BUELLER MAY HAVE taken a day off from school in the ' 80s, but the style of that decade was present in every classroom on campus this year. Students unable to construct a matching outfit, or those who just couldn ' t bring themselves to get rid of their leg warmers, fluorescent colored Converse sneakers, off-the-shoulder shirts or acid-washed jeans, were able to open up their closets and welcome the ' 80s to the new millennium. This year, the trends of that resilient decade came back in style for another go around. But the recycling of past trends is nothing new for mainstream fashion, said Anna Martin, department manager at Urban Outfitters on East University Boulevard. It happened in the mid-1990s, when women were seen sporting platform shoes like those of the ' 60s, and a few years later, the bell-bottomed pants of the early ' 70s returned to the scene for a few more years of glory. This year was no exception to fashion ' s " recycling rule; " some of the trendiest co-eds at the UA could be seen wearing clothes reminiscent of their elementary school days, including trucker hats, tie-dye and character shirts. " I ' ve noticed the clothes with horizontal stripes and the slouchy shirts, and all-around funkier clothing, " Martin said. A quick browse through Urban Outfitters or Buffalo Exchange, located east of campus, uncovered colorful tights, neon socks, brightly colored and patterned skirts, and a plethora of other items that could only be described today as " retro. " " It ' s kind of ridiculous, but it ' s kind of hot, " said Brad Gusick, an accounting junior. Gusick said the comeback of jean jackets brought back memories of another ' 80s icon. " They remind me of Bruce Springsteen, which isn ' t a bad thing because nothing beats The Boss. ' " Fashion wasn ' t the only genre called upon by the decade. The toy and music industries also experienced their own flashbacks to the years of big hair, heavy metal and layered socks. Mariah Carey covered the 1980 Def Leppard song " Bringin ' On the Heartbreak " in her 2002 album Charmbracelet, and Kelly Osbourne (who was wearing diapers in the ' 80s) did her own tribute with her cover of Madonna ' s 1986 hit " Papa Don ' t Preach. " As for toys, everything from Care Bears stuffed animals to Strawberry Shortcake dolls were put back on the market, targeted at the children of the ' 80s generation whose parents identified these icons with happy childhood memories. Yet, despite marketing strategies, one student said the ' 80s styles and paraphernalia needed to stay in their own decade. " We might have fallen for it the first time, but the second time, there ' s no excuse, " said Elizabeth Carroll, an anthropology and studio art sophomore. I grew up on Five Alive, and Transformers, and Slip ' N Slide, Toys " R " Us and Chuck E. Cheese. Disco out and techno in to synthesize my A favorite sin. And here I am on my knees to get it back again, babies of the ' 80s. Little girls in lycra shorts, tented beds, Nerf contact sports: My babies of the ' 80s. Shout it out just one more time for the generation that was all mine. We learned to crawl on linoleum floors; Ronald Regan fought Star Wars, but he ' ll never be Han Solo. Students march Tiananmen Square. They took him out hey, that ' s not fair. Dad said, " It ' s good to be free, " as we Usa Cfc ' of Ei s,w ever be i be free ' Below are excerpts from the song " Babies of the ' 80s " performed by Something Corporate on their album Ready ... Break. 1 watched from our TV, babies of the ' 80s. I grew up on Five Alive, and Transformers, and Slip ' N Slide, Toys " R " Us and Chuck E. Cheese. Disco out and techno in to synthesize my favorite sin. And lere I am on my knees to get it back again, babies of the ' 80s. Little girls in lycra shorts, tented beds, Nerf contact sports: My babies of the ' 80s. Shout it out just one more time for the generation that was all mine, my Babies of the ' 80s. Little girls in jelly shoes got the Ferris Bueller blues. My babies of the ' 80s, this could be something after. Who knew this could be something after? 1 . " Play in the Fountain at Old Main. It ' s something everyone has to do before they graduate. " Chad Casper, undeclared sophomore 2. Accumulate credit card debt just so you can get a free shirt. 3. " Mooch free stuff off of people on the Mall. Whatever they ' ve got, you take it. " Shelly Harrison, accounting sophomore Pound the drilling rock in front of Old Main. Go to a Comedy Corner show Go to Bid Night parties Go to a men ' s basketball game 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Go to an UA vs. ASU basketball or football game Stand through an entire football game 10. " Eat McDonald ' s with the boys every Monday. " Killen Herring, pre-business junior 1 1 . Fall in love at least once 12. Spit off the top of the ILC 13. Take " Nutrition, Food and You " 14.GRO at least one class 15. Ride the trolley 16. Hop the fence at the Hillenbrand Aquatic Center and jump off the diving board 17. Make out with someone you don ' t know 18. Tailgate 19. Go to Dirtbag ' s and eat some Dirt Fries. 20. Walk, eat and party on North Fourth Avenue 21 . " Credit card check the naked statue in front of the library. " Rebekah Rawlins, pre-education freshman 22. See a show at Centennial Hall 23. Eat at Nice ' s or Los Betos H 24. Go karaoke-ing 25. Ditch a whole day of classes things every UA - student should do Ride the trolley See a show Centennial Hall Go to a football game do Live in the dorms for at least one 26. Go to Mexico 27. Get drunk in Mexico 28. Take a roadtrip with your best friends 29. Live in the dorms for at least one semester 30. Call your parents once a week 31 . Change your major as many times as you want to 32. Throw tortillas at graduation 33. Have sex 34. Sunbathe at the top of a parking garage 35. Read " Police Beat " 36. On a rainy day, play in the puddles on campus 37. Go to the Steward Observatory 38. " Volunteer. " - Kylie Adams, speech pathology junior 39. Go to the Rodeo 40. Go to class wearing the same clothes you wore the night before because you ' re too hungover to change 41. Study abroa d 42. Watch a concert on the Mall 43. Break into Arizona Stadium and stand on the 50- yard line 44. Spend a night in Coronado Residence Hall 45. Get a parking ticket 46. Get stuck at the light on North Park Avenue and East Speedway Boulevard 47. Go to Spring Fling 48. Wear a Wildcats shirt in Tempe just to get others ' reactions 49. Know the UA Fight Song 50.HateASU Watch a concert on the Mall Play in the puddles on campus Hate ASU The ultimate campus battlefield By Tacie Holyoak WITH SO MANY OF THE UA ' S NEARLY 38,000 STUDENTS vying for one of 11,100 university-owned parking spaces, parking a car close to campus this year became a game of " the early bird catches the worm, " " hide-and-seek " and often " cops and robbers. " Parking and Transportation Services officials said they were aware of the parking crunch on campus, as well as the sneaky ways students tried to park without paying, said Joyce Childers, PTS program coordinator. Some common tricks included: parking overnight in garages, tailgating other vehicles into garages, sharing permits with other students, " accidentally losing " a garage ticket and not feeding parking meters. Students also tried to park in 20-minute loading zones, said business sophomore Ricky Orozco, whose friends developed a system to beat the system. " They try to just switch around every 20 minutes, " he said. While those spots may have seemed convenient at the time, those at PTS did their best to inconvenience violators by ticketing or towing their vehicles. " We ' ll give you one shot, " Childers said, adding that for those found in a loading zone, " We may just decide to tow you anyway. " Many students depended on luck to get them through the day ticket-free, but for those who weren ' t so lucky, fines ranging from $25 to $500 often awaited their return. Despite the penalties, many students said they were willing to pay the ticket fee instead of paying for an expensive permit. Parking and Transportation Services raised the cost of purchasing a yearly garage permit this year by $50. That meant students paid $450 to access one of the six parking garages on campus. Erin Mendoza, a nutritional sciences junior, owned one such permit for the Tyndall Avenue Garage. In the mornings, Mendoza said, she had little trouble finding a space for her Geo Metro. However, if she happened to hit the snooze button on her alarm clock one too many times, locating a spot became more difficult. Arriving late to school usually meant that Mendoza would have to park at the top of the garage, if there were any spots left at all. For those who didn ' t want to sink $450 into a slab of concrete that wasn ' t guaranteed to be available, PTS did offer some less-expensive alternatives. For $235, students could buy a pass for any of the 47 Zone 1 lots around campus. Zone 1 lots, such as this one between the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering building and the Cherry Avenue underpass, were a less-expensive alternative to the parking garages this year. They filled up quickly, however. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 44 The Desert Many parking lots near campus, such as this one at First United Methodist Church at North Park Avenue and East Fourth Street, are restricted. Many students, however, found ways to get around the restrictions. Commuter lots, lots serviced by that CatTran shuttles, cost about $115. But even the more distant lots were not guaranteed. " They didn ' t have any spots open for that first semester, " said Piotr Rzepka, a pre-business freshman. Rzepka said someone in PTS recommended he look elsewhere in the community for a parking spot. He did, and like other students, he found that the charity of a church near campus would save him from his parking woes for $185 per semester. For journalism freshman Megan Fischbach, parking her Jeep didn ' t require anything out of her pocket. Instead, it required time out of her daily schedule. Throughout the school year, Fischbach volunteered at First United Methodist Church, 915 E. Fourth St., and she received a parking deal in return. " I work in the mornings, " she said. " They give me free parking in exchange for an hour of help in the nursery. " Unearthed 45 The bathrooms in the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre feature modern hardware, giving them an elegant look that places them among the nicest restrooms on campus. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 46 The Desert Bright ( not-so-bright] bathrooms Students feel dirty in some facilities, like hotel guests in others By Allan Fullmer Rebekah Kleinman TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE: That was the question. For many students, where to do their business on campus often became a matter of cleanliness over bladder control. " I never go to the bathroom on campus ' said Aron Tray lor, an aerospace and mechanical engineering sophomore. " I would rather wait to get home than take a chance in a campus bathroom. " While many of the newer campus buildings boasted immaculate restrooms, some with artwork hanging from their walls or plush sitting areas, like in the women ' s bathroom on the fourth floor of the Student Union Memorial Center, other bathrooms showed their age. The women ' s bathroom on the second floor of the soon-to-be-demolished Franklin building often had wet, dirty floors, and on one of the stalls, a shower curtain served as a door. " You feel so dirty going in there because you know it ' s not sanitary, " said journalism senior Danaka Harrison. A campus poll of students asked what bathrooms they liked best and least on campus. More than 100 students voted, and while their answers were diverse, some bathrooms showed up in the poll more than others. Continued on next page CAMPUSTJNF Unearthed 47 CAMPUSH! Some students find it difficult to find a place to go; others don ' t want to hold it Continued from previous page About 15 percent of the votes for the best bathrooms were cast for those in the Student Union Memorial Center, which isn ' t surprising to many, considering they are like newborn babies as far as campus bathrooms are concerned. " The union bathrooms are great, always clean and they ' re really new, so it ' s not so bad, " said Ben Fredlake, an undeclared freshman. Other bathrooms students were willing to drop their pants in included those in McClelland Hall, McKale Center, the Tucson Institute of Religion, the Arizona Health Sciences Library, South Hall and the Administration building, among others. But where there is good, there is always bad. More than 10 percent of students said that the dumpiest bathrooms on campus were housed in the Main Library. " The library is pretty dirty. (It ' s) not a great place to go, " Fredlake said. " But luckily, I didn ' t ever have to go when I was at the library. " The library bathrooms are 28 years old, but Associate Director of Facilities Management Chris Kopach attributed their lack of appeal not only to their age, but to students ' lack of respect for them. " The main library was constantly being tagged with graffiti, " Kopach said. " We always had our day porters janitors that check the high traffic bathrooms daily out in force. " The library isn ' t the only building that had graffiti problems. Kopach also said Modern Languages was a prime target for student " artwork. " And according to one student, it wasn ' t just graffiti Modern Languages ' bathroom users left behind. " One of the worst things that can happen in a bathroom is when you have to go and someone left a no-flusher. That is just disgusting. " said creative writing senior Ian Caruth, adding that Modern Languages was a popular place for " non-flushers. " Despite student claims of disgusting discoveries in campus bathrooms, Kopach said each was cleaned at least once a day. And regardless of what others claim, some students just didn ' t want to wait to go home. " I go where I am, " said Amelia Snell, a sophomore majoring in English. " I ' m not picky at all about bathrooms. Just as long as it ' s clean and smells OK and is empty, I ' m there. " One of the Worst things that can happen in a bathroom is when you have to go and someone left a no-flusher. That is just disgusting. Ian Caruth, creative writing senior 48 The Desert The Dirty Facts Worst bathrooms 5. Ina A. Gittings 4. Old Chemistry 3. Modern Languages 2. Franklin 1. Main Library Best bathrooms 5. McClelland Hall 4. McKale Center 3. Integrated Learning Center 2. Student Union Memorial Center 1 . Stevie Eller Dance Theatre second-floor women ' s bathroom in the Franklin building, which is slated to be torn down next year, was among the worst on campus. Short stall doors, and even a shower curtain, offered women little privacy. PHOTOS BY LAUREN JOHNSON Unearthed 49 A college student shares a hard lesson learned from credit card debt ' i j By Tessa Hill lany Luyando seems to have it all. With a petite build, long locks, Luyando, a communication senior, racked up more than $3,000 worth of credit card debt in three and a half years. With the average undergraduate student owing about $12,000 upon graduation, according to surveys conducted by Credit Counselors of America, and with UA students averaging about $17,500 in debt, Luyando seems to be below the norm. But, while the majority of student debt comes from student loans and living expenses, Luyando ' s manifested in designer labels and monthly salon visits. Continued on page 52 tl t 19 ft l 1 I 1,1 Nf 1 MIVA t Continued from page 50 Eight months into her freshman year, Luyando whose parents gave her a spending allowance, on top of paying for her tuition, books, car and health insurance, rent and groceries maxed out six credit cards. She attributed her financial predicament to the availability and solicitation of credit cards on campus. " There are constantly credit card people hounding you with free gifts and high-credit limits if you sign-up for one, " Luyando said. " They make it seem so easy. " Luyando said her credit craze began when she opened a department store credit card to buy a couple weekend outfits, but she found herself later applying for more to support her lavish social life and expensive taste in clothing. " I came to school, and I was used to going shopping a lot with my mom, " Luyando said. " But without my parents around, I just started to open cards and figured they ' d eventually foot the bill. " Afraid to tell her parents about her debt, Luyando said she will have to wait until after graduation to become fully proactive about her financial situation. " I ' m really not paying anything off right now, just the interest. I ' m just waiting to get out of school and be on my feet in a job that will pay enough to even put a dent in my debt. " Plagued by shopping-induced debt, Luyando ' s situation is far from abnormal on college campuses. Sixty percent of college students surveyed by the CCOA reported having at least one credit card to their name, however, within that population only 10 percent of those student cardholders said they had financial education prior to entering college. Communication senior Stephany Luyando examines the credit cards in her wallet. Luyando accumulated more than $3,000 in credit card debt while she attended the UA. PHOTO BY BRYAN ROLLINS " Credit cards can be a good thing. They offer safeguards on purchases, allow you to get loans and are easy and convenient if used responsibly, " said Marcia Klipsch, adviser for the University of Arizona ' s Credit-Wise Cats, a student-run group designed to help students and the Tucson community achieve financial success. " But if they are abused, then it can become a continuous downward spiral, " Klipsch added. The Credit-Wise Cats organization offers one-on-one counseling for students in debt, and focuses on raising awareness about how to prevent debt and establish good credit. " We see students who are facing everything from debt from student loans and car payments to students whose debt is so severe they literally want to end it all, " Klipsch said. With credit cards aplenty on most college Most students spend the most campuses, Kii psc h said credit card solicitors On thingS like piZZa, are not the enemy and going out to the bars, getting Starbucks a few times a week, who want to establish independent credit from and, in the end, these things their parents. diminish and you have JTX, mOS ' nothing left but a bill. Marcia Klipsch, adviser for Credit-Wise Cats students face is overspending and not paying it off, Klipsch said. Citing the simple theory of income needing to exceed outcome, Klipsch said purchasing expendable items also fuels the debt fire. " Most students spend the most money on things like pizza, going out to the bars, getting Starbucks a few times a week, and, in the end, these things diminish and you have nothing left but a bill. " Klipsch said anyone, student or not, facing severe debt should immediately contact his or her credit agency and discuss a payment plan if the current one is too demanding. She added that students should also follow a series of simple, but often avoided, steps to help analyze and come to terms with their debt. Those steps include identifying the cause of debt, figuring out a budget that works with an individual ' s income, prioritizing spending accordingly and making value judgments about what is, or isn ' t, a necessity. " You must have the money before you spend it; then that money must be spent in parameters, " Klipsch said, adding that having credit cards is an educational process for everyone, but the lesson is harder for some than others. Searching for a compromise with her credit agencies, Luyando said that, for the most part, the agencies were unsympathetic. " They basically say, ' Well this is how much you owe, and we need x amount by this date. It ' s your problem, ' and I know it is, " Luyando said. Luyando ' s plan for decreasing her debt included cutting back on weekend expenses, such as going out to dinner and drinking expensive drinks at the bar. But while she had to sacrifice many luxuries, Luyando said becoming a " cash only " girl has given her a new lease on life. " I feel better about myself because I ' m not dreading my monthly bills and feeling guilty about my spending. " In the red A breakdown of student debt J iMedBanko Account Statement Account Number: 4565-3434-7900-3. 78 percentage of students with credit cards 32 Pontage of undergraduates with four or more cards Thi average undergraduate has three credit cards. $2,748 card debt One-fifth of students have at tease $10,000 in credit card The Bottom Line If a student with a $1 M credit C " L a " ' 18 ? Interest te card interestto Payoff the Source: Unearthed 53 Kicking Cell to the curb ATKINS By Kristina Dunham EATING HEALTHY AND EXERCISE USED TO BE THE KEYS TO LOSING WEIGHT, but in a society where people want fast results, traditional weight loss methods are being shed and replaced with seemingly unconventional diets. The Atkins diet could very well be at the forefront of these types of diets, even on a college campus, such as the UA. About 40 percent of the students Campus Health Nutrition Counselor Gale Welter saw in the spring semester came to her because they were interested in the Atkins diet or because they wondered if cutting carbs would work for them. " They know about it, " Welter said, adding that many learned about it from a family member or someone else who had tried it. However, many of those students had " probably already figured out it won ' t work for them. " The reason, Welter said, is because campus life makes it difficult to follow the rigorous step-by-step instructions required by the true Atkins diet. The Atkins Nutritional Approach, according to, involves four phases, each rooted in a separate weight-loss principle that regulates how many carbs one must subtract or add from his or her total carb intake each week. " The Atkins diet is a very specific, very restrictive thing, " Welter said. " It definitely is something that could be incredibly challenging to pull off on campus. " But for some students, such as art history senior Erica Zuhlsdorf, finding Atkins-friendly food near campus wasn ' t too difficult. Zuhlsdorf, who began the Atkins diet to lose weight for her wedding in April, turned to local eateries such as Subway, TGIFridays and Coach ' s Deli when she ate out, enjoying items like lettuce wraps or sandwiches made with tortillas instead of bread. Following the Atkins rules, Zuhlsdorf said, left her feeling healthier and skinnier. " I feel like I have more energy, " she said, adding that she lost five pounds in two weeks. Zuhlsdorf said she tried other diets in the past, including the SlimFast plan, but she liked Atkins better because it let her eat real food. " You have to drink a shake, hello, to eat! I want some taste!, " she said. Zuhlsdorf ' s main complaint about the food she found, however, was its price. " This is our lifestyle that we ' re messing with and to have to just spend so much money to eat healthy what does that say about us? " She said if you have the time and capacity to cook, however, you can make your own Atkins-friendly food for less. " If you go to the supermarket, vegetables are so affordable, and meat is not that expensive, " she said. While the cost factor can play a big part in a student ' s decision to follow the Atkins diet, Welter said many students still try to " Atkinize " their diets, cutting back on starchy carbs. Regardless of how they try to lose weight, Welter said students should pick a plan that is " a little bit more specific to persons and the way they go about their lives. It ' s really got to be a consistent effort at some sort of plan. " For those who are specifically interested in cutting carbs, Welter advised they " cut the white, add the color. " 54 The Desert Signs like this one, posted in the Student Union Memorial Center, popped up at eateries all around town, letting students know where they could find meals with fewer net carbs. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS NOW AVAILABLE The Atkins diet is a very specific, very restrictive thing. It definitely is something that could be incredibly challenging to pull off on campus, j Gale Welter, Campus Health nutrition counselor I r " - - Magazine shows off UA glamour By Lauren Miller TIM REHRMANN WAS LOOKING TO IMPRESS future employers, but instead he became one himself. As a full-time student with a full-time job, Rehrmann found no time for the usual student organizations and club memberships, making it difficult to impress the Eller College of Business and Public Administration and media employers. So when inspiration struck to combine entertainment with opportunity, Rehrmann took a year off from college to start a magazine. With the help and sacrifice of Dordt College graduates Lori Panchot and John Hansen, Campus Magazine was born. " I ' ve heard so many stories about how (students) have excellent grades and all kinds of achievements, and they ' re waiting tables. So we came up with the idea to have a way for students to have an open forum, a way to display their talent for future employers. That ' s the whole idea behind Campus Magazine, " Rehrmann said. " They can take the magazine in to employers and say, ' This is my published work, and there ' s my name right there. ' " Campus Magazine made its debut August 25, the first day of fall classes. Five thousand copies were distributed to racks next to the Arizona Daily Wildcat stands, bins in Greek houses and throughout local businesses. Eight monthly issues later, the count was more than 15,000 copies and growing. " It was awesome (the first time we saw it). It ' s something we ' ve been working on for a long time, and to be able to open it up and actually see our work printed, it was a great feeling of accomplishment, " Rehrmann said. " To walk through campus and to see many students reading the magazine when it first comes out and enjoying it, it ' s a great feeling. " The magazine showed the lighter side of campus, with stories like " Cushy Cribs, " " How to Deal With Getting Cheated On, " and " Buff Bods, " as well as pieces about student sightings at parties and fashion dos and don ' ts. Former students that were hitting it big and local UA models were also featured. " The bottom line is entertainment, " Rehrmann said. " We have an idea in mind of what everyone ' s going to want and what ' s going to entertain everyone, but as you get to know people through displaying your work and you get to know different viewpoints that are out there, " Rehrmann said. Rehrmann said the magazine ' s office received various complaints, both constructive and otherwise, and the magazine spent time in the spotlight of the Wildcat ' s editorial pages. " I ' ve been doing a lot of reading up on what other publications have gone through, and one thing you hear over and over again from magazines that made it is that you cannot come out with an entertainment magazine and not hear criticism, " Rehrmann said. " You should actually appreciate it because it helps you grow. " To combat the criticism, a diverse 15-student forum representing majors from anthropology to women ' s studies met monthly to discuss the magazine ' s content. " It ' s a really good process, and I think that the best way to represent the students is if the students actually come up and put their input in, " Rehrmann said. Rehrmann said he and his staff make efforts to reach out to readers because he wants Campus Magazine to become a staple on campus. " Every month students will know that Campus Magazine is coming out the first week. We definitely have big plans for the future as far as franchising and going to other campuses, but that ' s down the road. " Rehrmann summed up his first year of entrepreneurship as " enlightening. " " The biggest challenge has been making content that can represent everyone, that everyone can find themselves in, " Rehrmann said. " And we ' re finding ourselves in the process. " ABOVE: Hairdresser Annie Willhoite touches up McQueen ' s hair and wardrobe so she ' ll look good for the cover. BELOW: Makeup artist Stephanie Edelbrock tops off McQueen ' s look with a coat of pink lip gloss. 56 The Desert Molecular and cellular biology junior Frances McQueen poses for the cover of Campus Magazine. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS CAMPUS Unearthed 57 The worst part of getting the back of your neck done is that you can cramp up. Jennifer, Black Rose tattoo artist Painful body art By Ann Gardner Mvh an c hether it ' s a heart with the word " mom " across it, a rose on n ankle for friendship or a large armband of black tribal work, tattoos have become an increasingly large part of college culture. Sometimes it ' s for fashion or friendship; other times, the meanings behind a tattoo are incredibly personal or even nonexistent. Marchelo Bresciani, a studio art senior, began thinking about getting a tattoo his sophomore year of high school. But it wasn ' t until this year, almost six years later, that he decided to finally turn the idea into reality. For some, getting a tattoo is a completely wild and frivolous thing. They go into shops, pick something from a wall or a folder and walk out an hour later with a new permanent reminder of the sporadic moment. Continued on next page Tattoo body art is painful, but artistic Continued from previous page Others, like Bresciani, prefer to do their homework before getting inked. Bresciani said his inspiration came to him when he was in a graphic design class earlier in the year. As an assignment, he had to combine typographical elements with various symbols. He toyed around with elements he knew he wanted to include in his tattoo design until he finally formed a creation. " It ' s mainly a combination of the Christian cross and the Egyptian ank (a symbol for life). It ' s all symmetrical, which is a big part of my personality, " Bresciani said. " It ' s ambiguous enough (that) it can mean lots of things. " With the design finalized, Bresciani had to determine where on his body he would put it, as well as who he would entrust to do the meticulous work. With neither pain nor price a factor in his decision, Bresciani chose to have the work done at Black Rose Tattoo, 47 S. Sixth Ave. " A trusted friend said they were the best, and aside, I had heard good things, " Bresciani said. " By reputation alone, I chose them. " Black Rose doesn ' t tattoo many UA students, according to Jennifer, a Black Rose tattoo artist who goes only by her first name. But even with the seemingly absent college crowd, Jennifer said she tattoos a star on someone at least every day. But Bresciani ' s design was a new challenge for her. Knowing the design would be with him for life, Bresciani chose to have the intricate artwork done on his neck, making it hidden enough to go unnoticed, yet visible enough to draw attention. Upon arriving at the shop on " tattoo day " with his girlfriend Megan Smithyman, a studio art junior, Bresciani immediately filled out the necessary paperwork and waited anxiously as Jennifer disinfected her work station and prepared two needles - a liner to outline the tattoo ' s shape and a shader to fill it in. The reality of Bresciani ' s decision set in as Jennifer swept a razor across the back of his neck and then wiped his bare skin clean. After giving the design a final check and slathering some Vaseline on Bresciani ' s neck, the tattooing began. " The worst part of getting the back of your neck done is that you can cramp up, " Jennifer said as she used the liner to trace the design. Bresciani reached for Smithyman ' s hand at one point and said nothing, simply listening to the buzz of the tattoo machine. " It ' s cool ' cause I can feel exactly where (Jennifer is) in the design, " Bresciani said. Smithyman asked about the pain. Bresciani, who also has complex ear piercings, said it was a different kind of pain than getting pierced. " It ' s sharp, intense and all at once in a piercing, " he said. " It ' s painful at times, but it ' s a more extended kind of pain. " The skin on the back of Bresciani ' s neck turned pink as the tatoo artist worked on the design. It was a painful experience, Bresciani said. Jennifer maps out the design Bresciani created on the back of his neck. He created a symmetrical design, which he said is fit- ting of his personality. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS After a short break to change the machine from the liner to the shader, Bresciani was back in his chair, leaning against the cubicle wall, his head on his arm. " This is more of a pushing pain, " Bresciani said. The skin on the back of his neck turned pink as Jennifer went over it, wiping off excess ink and small drops of blood every few strokes. The final wipe revealed a clean tattoo that, because of the needle, almost looked embossed on Bresciani ' s neck. " I like it, " Bresciani said, smiling. " I think I ' ll keep it. " " I don ' t think they have much of a return policy, " Smithyman said. As with most major " surgical " procedures, Bresciani was sent home with aftercare instructions. " Don ' t use too much (vitamin A and D ointment), don ' t wear stuff that rubs up on your neck, don ' t pick it, don ' t scratch it and don ' t rub it in your sleep, " Jennifer said. Two weeks later. Bresciani ' s tattoo healed nicely due to a rigorous care routine he followed: He washed it eight to 10 times a day, doing a thorough job three times a day. Bresciani said that since he got the tattoo, his friends who don ' t have one want to get one. and the ones who have their own tattoos have simply said, " Welcome to the club. " " Yes, I have bought into the addiction, and once I have money and the final design. I ' ll get another one. " Bresciani said. His advice to those getting tattooed in the future: " Really know it ' s what you want. Put it somewhere you can see it for a month. If you ' re not sick of it, get it. " Unearthed 61 Po r tion I 62 The Desert to nw ion Tucson ' s hot climate results in less clothing, more eating disorders 9 m By Cassie Tomlin WITH TEMPERATURES REACHING WELL INTO THE ' 90s, Tucson ' s warm weather draws thousands of students to the UA, but it ' s the heat that might also account for a large problem campus eating disorders. According to Gale Welter, nutritional counselor at Campus Health, the University of Arizona is probably one of the most at-risk schools in the nation for this problem. " Earing disorders are prevalent, especially in warmer-weather campuses, not statistically, but in talking with my counterparts across the country, my impression is that there is more of a problem where there are less clothes worn, " she said. However, eating disorders on college campuses are not exclusive to warm climates. The National Institute of Mental Health reported that one-tenth of college women suffer from a clinical or near- clinical eating disorder. But Campus Health ' s 2001 Health and Wellness Survey did not reflect these figures. It reported that out of 1,220 UA students (represented by all classes), 4.9 percent of females and 3.1 percent of males stated that they had an earing disorder, and 13.2 percent of females and 7.1 percent of males stated they had an eating disorder in the past. However, these figures didn ' t account for those who didn ' t admit having an eating disorder, or those who were in denial or didn ' t realize their condition, said Welter, who sees about 125 students per year for eating disorders. Three forms of psychiatric earing disorders exist: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and those falling into the category of eating disorder not otherwise specified, which includes compulsive overeating. The rampant epidemic of eating disorders on college campuses is directly related to the profile of the typical earing disorder sufferer, Welter said. " Anorexics are usually women, but men are a growing class. They ' re usually very bright people perfectionists, high achievers who belong to the upper socioeconomic class and come from high achiever parents, " she said, adding that compulsive eaters have commonly been abused or have histories with drugs and alcohol. " Bottom line: Eating disorders are a coping mechanism like drugs, alcohol, stealing or sex, but they ' re acceptable because people get praise for being thin, " Welter said Melissa Gabriele, a pre-business freshman, shared this perception, noting that many of her close friends have suffered from earing disorders. In the fall semester, she helped one of them leave the UA to check into a hospital for help. Gabriele said she believes there is an excess amount of pressure on college-aged students regarding body image and life in general, making them more prone to eating disorders. " There ' s more of an image surrounding you when you ' re on a college campus. Girls come to school and don ' t want to gain the ' freshman 15, ' " she said. " They want to go home skinnier instead of farter. " Gabriele said the increasing awareness of eating disorders in the media has helped people recognize the formerly faux pas subject, adding that she has seen people at the UA acting more carefully and talking about it openly. In January, actress and former anorexia sufferer Tracy Gold spok e at the UA to a crowd of nearly 400 UA students. " I loved her talk, " Welter said. " As a person speaking from the inside out, she said what I know to be true from the outside in. She validated me and made me feel like I ' m on track in the way I am treating eating disorders. " There are several resources on campus that offer students help and information about earing disorders. Campus Health has psychologists and psychiatrists available for diagnosis and treatment. " It ' s not about the food, " Welter said. " It ' s about what ' s going on in your head. When someone comes in to Campus Health with an earing disorder, they usually start regular treatment with a therapist and then incorporate a medical doctor to assess the status of their health. Then I dispel myths about nutrition and make small suggestions about their eating habits. " Though earing disorders are common among UA students, Welter said she remains positive. " Through all of this, I have to remember that there are people out there just doing fine, going through the same kind of stuff, but not living their whole lives about food and body, " she said. " And that is so refreshing. " Unearthed 63 Joram, 2, son of molecular and cellular biology senior Lincon Rath keeps his par- ents busy. But the Raths say spending time among toys instead of textbooks is worth it. PHOTO BY CASIE SQUIRES Famil 2-year-old Joram is the biggest homework project in one student ' s life By Tacie Holyoak All in the family ur years ago, molecular and cellular biology senior Lincon ath made a decision that changed the way he would experience university life. Instead of hanging out with friends and spending time on campus, he took on the responsibility of family. In August 2000, Lincon married his wife Nancy and they moved into their two-bedroom apartment, 10 minutes from campus. Before, he had plenty of time to spend with his friends. Now, Lincon said, he hangs out with his wife. " My free time just gets put elsewhere 7 he said. Molecular and cellular biology senior Lincon Rath plays with his 2-year-old son Joram. Lincon maintains the delicate balance between schoolwork and family on a daily basis. OPPOSITE: Lincon, Joram and Nancy Rath pose together in this photo of their small, but happy, family. PHOTOS BY CASIE SQUIRES 66 The Desert Much of that free time, outside Lincon ' s full-time preparation for medical school and Nancy ' s Pirna Community College Internet courses, is spent chasing Joram, the couple ' s 2-year-old son, who seldom stops running and who has a mischievous, happy grin and large, wondering eyes that melts the couple ' s hearts. " It ' s hard to have a typical day with a 2-year old, " Nancy said. The Raths ' son is their top priority, and he has significantly changed their college careers. " Going to school and being married wasn ' t so hard, " Nancy said. " It was hard when we had Joram. " But the Raths knew they could make it work, and without outside help. " It ' s kinda tough to find a day care, " Lincon said. " We don ' t want to put him in day care and have someone else raise our child. " " Now one of us is always home, " he said. " So that makes it a little harder. " But both parents said that spending time among toys, rather than textbooks, is worth it. For the Raths, whose walls are adorned with portraits of their small family, each moment counts. The days during spring semester started at 7:30 a.m., when Lincon left for school. " Joram and I usually go to the park or the library, " Nancy said, adding that she always tried to meet up with Lincon for lunch. After classes, Lincon headed home, where he would try to get through the door before their active black- peppered cockapoo, Puppy, could make it outside. " We have the entire afternoon (together), " Lincon said as he sat in his living room, the TV quietly on behind him. Nancy works two evenings a week, providing in-home care to the elderly. While Lincon focuses on school, Nancy ' s job is their main source of income. Although there are some things money could buy, like a bigger place with a kitchen Nancy wouldn ' t hate cooking in, the couple is content for now. " It ' s not essential right now that we have a large income, " Lincon said. Although they eat out a lot, the Raths have learned to deal well with their situation, knowing that it ' s not so much the material things that matter, but the time they are able to spend together. urban legend? It appears mysteriously and spreads spontaneously in varying forms. It contains elements of humor or horror. The horror often " punishes " someone who flouts society ' s conventions. It makes for good storytelling. It does NOT have to be false, although most are. ULs often have a basis in fact, but it ' s their life after-the-fact (particularly in reference to the second and third points) that gives them particular interest. " Source: By Alan Fullmer ITS 2 AM, YOUR ROOMMATE IS FAST ASLEEP and you are typing up the term paper that will make or break your grade. After what seems like hours of typing, you sit back in your chair. Suddenly, you feel a breeze blow past your neck, and there is a knock at the door. You approach with caution as the knock steadily grows louder, louder, pounding, the very rhythm matching the rapid beat of your heart. You reach the door to find . . . nothing. You return to your computer, only to find it has been switched off, but you see your sleeping roommate hasn ' t moved. You reach down to turn the computer back on but it doesn ' t work. When you sit back in your chair, you see the reflection of a figure in the dark monitor. Your stomach drops, your heart pauses. You slowly turn around to see ... Sound familiar? Maybe so, maybe no. This is the beginning of an urban legend, the likes of which are not unfamiliar to many UA students, as the UA has plenty of ghostly tales to spook and entertain the student body. Maricopa Residence Hall Legend has it that a student hung herself in the Maricopa Residence hall. Who it was and why are the more mysterious aspects of this cryptic story. Many claim it was the daughter of a former university president. Others claim it was a distraught fiancee, who caught her husband-to-be with another woman. The location of the incident varies with the person telling the story. If any rumor can be disproved, however, it ' s that Maricopa was University President Arthur Herbert Wilde ' s personal mansion in the early ' 20s. No president ever lived there. Modern Languages The basement of Modern Languages has its own tale of haunting. Some say the Modern Languages building was built on an old American Indian burial ground, and that the princess of the tribe haunts the lower floor of ML. However, the ghost only comes out on Tuesday. Maroney Theatre " Gene the Ghost " is a common figure you will hear about at the UA ' s Marroney Theatre. Gene Lafferty His replacement, Jeff Warburton, tells stories of footsteps when he was the only one in the theatre and even sightings of the ghost during productions. 68 The Desert Many claim a student hung herself in the Maricopa Resident Hall Rumor has it a student living in Maricopa Residence Hall, above, committed suicide in the dorm ' s bathroom (left). Over time, the story has evolved, and now there are many different versions of how she did it. PHOTO ILLUSTRATIONS BY BRYAN ROLLINS CAMPUS UNF.. The real deal Shows, auditions bring reality home By Tessa Hill WITH REALITY TV SHOWS DOCUMENTING everything from miraculous makeovers to desperate wannabe brides vying for a chosen bachelor and a B-list singing couple ' s early years of marriage, " normal " people can ' t help but get hooked. This year alone, hundreds of reality programs proposed, sang and fooled their way onto major networks, cable and movie channels and even the big screen, all trying not to be cast off the reality island. Reality TV even hit the UA campus with the UATV show " Mind or Body, " which was made exclusively for UA students, by UA students. Each episode featured a chosen bachelor bachelorette trying to find his her true love on the air. The show forced the contestant to choose a date based on answers requiring the mind, or activities requiring the body. The show ' s creator, Laura Balis, a senior majoring in English, said the program was an immediate hit and generated lists of students interested in becoming a contestant. The idea spawned from Balis ' own addiction to reality TV dating shows. " I thought it would be a good idea to bring a bit of reality TV to the UA campus, " Balis said. " It ' s been quite a success. " Although these types of programs are a much more recent trend, the idea of reality TV dates back to the 1950s. It all started with the 1956 NBC daytime program " Queen for a Day, " which awarded household appliances to ordinary housewives with sob stories sad enough to evoke pity from the studio audience. " It was reality, in a way. Nobody had seen much of it until then, " said Kevin Sandier, assistant professor of media arts, about America ' s first taste of what would turn out to be an entire new type of programming. What drew the average viewer to the recent onslaught of reality this and reality that? Media experts said it was putting the ordinary in the extraordinary that made the reality shows such hits. " The one that broke through was the ' Real World " Sandier said, referring to the MTV program, which began in 1992 and documents what happens when seven young and diverse strangers are randomly selected to share a house for several months. Continued on page 72 LOOK ANGRY 70 The Desert Contestant Andrew Tuohy, a political science senior, spins the " Mind or Body " wheel. " Mind or Body " was a reality TV show made exclusively for UA students, by UA students. PHOTO BY JESSE LEWIS People don ' t want a Celebrity. They want someone with a likeness they can identify with themselves. Mark Beth Haralovich, associate professor of media arts Unearthed 71 Reality check Joe Millionaire An attractive guy fools swooning women into believing he is a millionaire; the women find out in the end and must choose money or love. Average Joe A beautiful woman thinks she ' s going to find the man of her dreams, but it turns out her prospective men are a bunch of average Joes. The Bachelor Bachelorette A single person dates 25 members of the opposite sex and whittles the lot down to his or her potential soul mate. However, the only relationship that lasted was that of Trista Rehn (the original Bachelorette) and Ryan Sutter. They married on national television in a $4 million wedding. American Idol A group of talented young singers perform each week for America and judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. Viewers vote for the winner. Fear Factor People eat disgusting things, lay in vats of creepy crawly critters and test their fears on this show. Extreme Makeover A man or women gets various types of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures before a revealing ceremony in front of friends and family. For Love or Money A young single person dates a group of " eligibles, " kicking one off each week. In the end, the person chosen must pick a relationship or $1 million. Survivor A group of people is stranded on a desert island, each trying to do his or her part in various challenges to avoid being voted off. The winner gets $1 million. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy A group of well-dressed style connoisseurs dubbed the " Fab Five " finds a less than fashionable man and turns him into a classy, contemporary guy. Newlyweds Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson allow the MTV cameras into their lives for their early years of marriage. The Simple Life Hotel heiress Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie, leave their privileged lives to live on a farm. 72 The Desert Reality antics cost shows credibility Continued from page 70 With budding romances, brawling enemies and revealing secrets, audiences immediately became hooked on the " realness " of the housemates. " The people are so pathetic, but you can ' t help but get addicted, " said Breanna Weeks, a communication junior. Despite the " cheesiness, " some said it ' s that very factor that draws people to the show. " People don ' t want a celebrity. They want someone with a likeness they can identify with themselves, " said associate professor of media arts Mary Beth Haralovich. That ' s exactly what drew more than 30,000 people to " Real World " auditions throughout the country in 2003. But out of all those people, one UA student went all the way to the casting finals. Journalism sophomore Shane Bacon never dreamed he ' d make the final round of cuts for a spot on one of two MTV reality shows, " The Real World " and " Road Rules. " " I didn ' t put much thought into it. I kind of went as joke, " said Bacon, who, after the initial audition in September, continued making cuts and even Communication senior Stephany Luyando and media arts sophomore Andy Martinez participate in UATV ' s reality TV show " Mind or Body. " The program helped bachelors and bachelorettes meet a potential significant other. PHOTOS BY JESSE LEWIS r ABOVE: Media arts freshman Brewster Keith operates the camera during a taping of " Mind or Body. " BELOW: Pre-computer science junior David Hammond and pre-business freshman Jennifer Lee participate as contestants on the show. flew to Los Angeles to meet the show ' s casting directors. " I was just myself, with no expectations, " said Bacon, who admitted he had only seen a handful of " Real World " episodes and is not particularly interested in reality TV. Hailing from Marshall, Texas, a 25-person town, Bacon said directors drilled him on his deep southern values, strong moral beliefs and relationship woes. But in the end, he was not chosen for either show. While, for most, reality TV will simply remain weeknight entertainment, for those who got a brush with stardom, what is supposed to be real may never seem so again. Haralovich said the reality of it all is that it isn ' t as real as it appears to be, and viewers chose to ignore that aspect of it. " People who watch do not debate the realness. They don ' t place it in context of the manipulation, " Haralovich said. " There are high- priced sets, slick editing and music added to these ' real ' situations. The editors can just about play it out any way they like, " she added. For some students, those unreal situations caused them to grow wary of the reality TV buzz. " It ' s not reality; it ' s all staged, " said Cheryl Miller-DeGrave, a political science senior. " People are in it for the money. " " I can ' t even watch them anymore, " said Estefania Hernandez, an undeclared freshman. " It ' s so fake. " But, despite the sometimes " altered truths, " Sandier said he expects reality TV to stick around for quite sometime. " There will always be different things to come up with. They ' ve just got to keep it fresh, " he said. " As long as there are the ordinary willing to be put in the extraordinary, people will be watching it. " I Unearthed 73 CAMPUSUNFA RTHKI) bANCE DANCE REVOLUTION Dancing to the beat of a new generation By Lauren Miller THE LIGHTS PULSATE as an infectious techno beat keeps time with pop remixes. A crowd forms around a lone dancer as his feet fly to the music. It may seem like another night at a club, but it ' s just another afternoon at the student union. One of the most popular dance crazes to hit Tucson takes place on the platform of a machine. Tucked in the corner of Wilbur ' s Underground in the Student Union Memorial Center sit the dual Dance Dance Revolution machines. Called " DDR " by aficionados, Dance Dance Revolution became the newest fad to drain students of their food money 50 cents at a time. " I just discovered it when I came to U of A, " said Jeffrey Kinney, a mining and engineering freshman. " Once you get started, you just get into it. " An interesting departure from shoot- ' em-up games and pool tables, Dance Dance Revolution is all foot-eye coordination. As Japanese music pounds from neon speakers, a stream of arrows directs the gamer to the coordinating square she must touch with her feet. Combinations range from a simple step every few counts to a flood of moves that send most people flying off the stage sweat dripping and hearts racing. " You can ' t judge it before you try it, " said Brian Salas, a history freshman. " For those who think it ' s a weak game, just try dancing as fast as you possibly can for two minutes straight, and then see how you feel. " The game became more than entertainment for many who soon came to use it as a way to escape from the monotony of daily life. Some, like Salas, used DDR as a way to burn stress. " It ' s a good way to get out some excess energy. Sometimes I just need to unwind after class, and DDR seems to be capable of doing that, " he said. Others used it to burn calories. " I spend an hour to an hour and half on it. It ' s my workout, so it ' s like I ' m following a regular workout schedule. It has already increased my mile and a half time, " Kinney said. The enthusiasm of the Dance Dance regulars ranges from playing an occasional song to hours everyday. The more advanced players create their own moves, called " freestyling, " or compete in the growing number of tournaments across the country. Stephen Barta, an undeclared sophomore, has participated in competitions in California, and this year, he became the president of the nation ' s first DDR club, the DDR Cats. " DDR Cats is here for beginners, as well as advanced players, but our main concern is on our beginner players to help them get over the anxiety of playing the game after someone who is more advanced plays. " This new addictive craze is still an arcade game, which means that addictions were fueled by tokens. Fifty cents covered two or three rounds depending on how often the feet hit the mark. The cash dropped ranged for a dollar or two every few weeks to more than $10 over a few days. " It ' s a drain. I spend about $7 a week on DDR games, " said pre-education junior Meghan Zehr. " I give my friends who smoke crap all the time that they ' re spending all their money on it, and then I do this. " Marketing junior Kira Anderson selects a song to dance to on one of the two Dance Dance Revolution machines in Wilbur ' s Underground. DDR, as it is known, has become one of the most popular dance crazes to hit Tucson. PHOTO BY BRYAN ROLLINS OPPOSITE PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS The Desert 74 For those who think it ' s a weak game, just try dancing as fast as you possibly can for two minutes straight, and then S66 how yOU feel. Rrinn nlnc Brian Salas, history freshman SB m A new generation enjoys the horror the Rocky Horror By Rebekah Kleinman :i PTx ' CAMPUS experience classic " The Rocky Horror Picture Show " first gyrated, danced and sexed its way onto the big scr een. And now, almost three decades later, a generation of students, whose parents were the first to see Rocky Horror, are indulging in the show. " It ' s a place for freaks, misfits and people who just want to leave their skin and become someone else for just a few hours, " said Charlie Brown, whose been going to Rocky Horror for more than 10 years. For those unfamiliar with Rocky Horror, it ' s not your typical musical. Think " Oklahoma " mixed with soft porn. The movie stars some big names in Hollywood Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf all much younger and less well-known. The show takes viewers into a world of transsexuals, aliens, gods, humans, murder, love, singing, dancing and, of course, sex. And obviously, this isn ' t your typical popcorn and Pepsi movie. Every Saturday night at midnight, Rocky Horror makes its way onto the screen at The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Boulevard. But it ' s not one of those " silence is golden " movie theaters. Rather, the audience comes dressed as Rocky Horror characters, wearing leather and lace in scanty ensembles. They get on the stage below the screen, in the aisles - wherever they can to act out the scenes above them. " Where else can you get up and totally start doing those things in front of people you don ' t even know and it doesn ' t matter? " said former UA student Rachel Rainbow. " That ' s a place where you don ' t have to worry about what other people have to say. " Rainbow ' s been going to the show since she was in high school, and she said she ' ll continue to go until she ' s too old to put on a leather bustier. The show ' s audience seems to be getting increasingly younger, as this once not-so-well-known flick, becomes more known. Students from the UA, Pima Community College, and even local high schools, line up every Saturday night to get in on the action. Some say their parents went to the show in their youth, so they ' re happy to see their children becoming fans. Others were keeping it a secret. " My parents used to see Rocky Horror when they were first married. But now that their own kid wants to go, they don ' t want me to because they know what goes on, " said a Sabino High School senior who asked that her name be withheld. V Noel PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 80 The Desert Despite being at Davis Monthan Air Force Base for only several minutes, President Bush made time to meet with some of the nearly 250 people gathered on the tarmac. :AMPUS Eire, ignites preside.ntial attention Photos by Will Seberger JUST BEFORE CLASSES BEGAN IN AUGUST, President Bush made a surprise visit in Tucson. The stop came just after the devastating Apsen Fire, which raged through the Catalina Mountains north of town for weeks. With Arizona shaping up as an important state in the 2004 presidential election, Bush ' s visit was both praised and critized as a campiagn effort in what could be a swing state. Nearly 250 people showed up at Davis Monthan Air Force Base to watch the president arrive, despite the fact that he only spent minutes there. He spent the rest of his short visit on Mount Lemmon, visiting the demaged forest. Life in a By Lauren Miller ith the popularity of makeover hows and home improvement renzy, someone must have been spired at the UA. From a face- ft for the Park Student Union to the brand new Highland District, the campus continued to nip and tuck in order to keep up with the academic and technological demands of thousands of students and instructors. Facilities Design and Construction, the department in charge of overseeing the projects, managed to balance over 40 projects on their table this year. The magnitude of the construction ranged from installing a left-hand arrow on North Park Avenue and East Speedway Boulevard to finishing the acclaimed Stevie Eller Dance Theatre. Continued on page 84 82 The Desert v Construction keeps students on their toes Continued from page 82 The Student Union Memorial Center was open for its first full year of school and celebrated its official one-year anniversary in February. A few feet underground, the Integrated Learning Center welcomed students to its sunny courtyard, offering computers, freshman advising, and lecture halls complete with individual computer ports and cushy desk chairs. While the Mall saw the biggest projects on campus, it also saw a suburban-style shift in campus life, as Mall staples moved to the edges of campus and beyond. Plans were announced to move the Flandrau Science Center to the future UA Science Center in downtown Tucson ' s Rio Nuevo. Campus Health left its familiar home on the Mall and moved into the newly built Health and Wellness Commons on East Sixth Street. Next to it, the ambitious Highland District continued to grow with construction on a new park, a sandwich-friendly Highland Marketplace, and three new residence halls. " It ' s a marvelous addition, that has changed this whole end of campus dramatically, " said Pam Obando, associate director of Residence Life. Three new residence halls were built, with Villa de Puente opening in the Fall 2003 and Posada San Pedro and Pueblo de la Cienega set to open in Fall 2004. This finally lifted the housing cap and shortage that had troubled the university for three years. Obando said the new halls would include interior courtyards, larger study rooms, grand pianos in the lobby areas, and huge windows overlooking campus. The Park Student Union got a new look and a new addition of game rooms and meeting space. The new union offered a Panda Express and the popular Brugger ' s Bagels, introducing new students to the infamous " Herby Turkey. " Arizona Student Media also set up shop in brand new offices on the union ' s east side. However, like any alteration, the construction did not come without complications. Often the price was paid by students. It was often hard to tell if the loudest noise from the rumble of construction or the din of complaints. The Alumni Plaza met with resistance from those resisting the temporary destruction of the Mall to those who wondered if the money could be better spent. Most were just annoyed with the long walk around the beige barricades. " It makes my walk to modern languages 10 minutes longer, and that little bit of time has made a difference when I ' m running late to class, " said Amanda Neiman, a classics freshman. While the Park Student Union renovation promised a alternative to trekking across campus for those living in the Arizona-Sonora, Coronado, and Kaibab- Huachuca residence halls, it also left students living with the construction noise right outside their windows. " The thing that bothered me while living in the dorms was the noise, especially ABOVE: Kaibab-Huachu- ca resident Laura Schenk models her shooting- range earphones that kept the construction noise out and at least some of her sanity in. RIGHT: The finished front of the Park Student Union. PHOTOS BY LAUREN MILLER in the morning, " said Jai Patel, a pre-business freshman. " Half the time, I didn ' t even need to use my alarm because I could count on the workers outside waking me up through their yells for ' smoke breaks. ' " Downstairs, fellow Kaibab-Huachuca resident Laura Schenk, a pre-physiological sciences sophomore, was more adamant about life in a construction zone. " It was all intrusive in my life. It was the most unpleasant noise ever: crashes, bangs, beeping and scraping. It got so bad that you couldn ' t hear the TV or music. I could hear them talk, their cell phones ring, sneezing and coughing. It ' s kind of disturbing to hear these manly man voices when I was in my room, changing or sleeping. I actually used shooting-range earplugs all year to drown out the noise. I definitely lost some sanity points this year from the construction. " Yet, despite the annoyance, many appreciated the outcome. " The construction on Park Union was annoying, but the convenience and the quality food make it worthwhile, " said Laura Vogel, a psychology sophomore. " Plus, they have great hot dogs. " Despite the opinions of students, campus construction will continue on, forever changing its face. : The new urbanesque jLouise Foucar Marshall jbuilding is the new home for many departments that jwere once stationed in the JFranklin building just down Khe street. ' PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Farewell to Franklii The journalism department bids goodbye to their basement home After decades in basements such as in Social Sciences and the current Franklin building, the newly built Louise F. Marshall building was set to be the new home for the department among other university offices and the Arizona Bookstore. " I ' ve worked here for 13 years, and everyday you walk down the stairs and say goodbye to the sunlight, " said lecturer Susan Knight, a 13-veteran of the Franklin building. " You really lose touch with reality, which is pretty ironic for a bunch of journalists. " The move finally came after four biohazards, mold discoveries, and sewage spills that forced students and professors from Franklin. Knight described being drawn from her office by the squealing of students " watching this disgusting brown stuff just drip, drip, drip. " The journalism department will share the new space with the departments of Judaic studies, media arts and Near Eastern studi Yet, despite the mold and the colds it caused, Franklin managed to grow on most of the students and faculty. About 150 alumni returned to their former basement home to walk the halls one last time at the " Farewell to Franklin " event, which was organized by the journalism department staff in conjunction with Homecoming festivities. We were surprised because it was the alumni that were feeling sad about leaving the Franklin building, " said Kathy Dassis, an administrative associate in the department. " It was the current students that we expected to be sad. But they were very excited. " " I will miss the Great Hall, " Knight said. " It gave the department a sense of community, something that many other departments didn ' t have. It was a place where students actually came early to class, hung out, studied for quizzes together, read their papers together, compared notes, and read the papers. " " It ' s just a building, but you get to know the people, and you spend days and hours there working on deadlines and having parties and watching movies, " said Jenn Karlman, a journalism senior and president of the Society of Professional Journalists ' U A chapter. It becomes a part of you, " " Everybody that ' s had a least two years in the department will have fond memories of the Franklin building, but are equally excited to move, " Karlman said. " After all, journalism is about change. " v n N Nader makes campus stop By Jessica Lee WHILE PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH AND SEN. JOHN KERRY engaged in nationwide debate, Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader was the only one to speak directly to the UA campus community. Nader called for President Bush ' s impeachment to more than 350 people who didn ' t mind sitting cross-legged on the ground and leaning against a redbrick wall in the courtyard of the James E. Rogers College of Law building. " We have a president who plunged us into a war that was based on fabrications, lies and deceptions day after day, " Nader said. " If that isn ' t an impeachable offense, it is hard to find what is. " The war on Iraq remained a sensitive issue although President Bush officially declared the conflict over a year ago. More than 100 U.S. soldiers were killed in the month of April 2004 alone. Nader took on the issue of corporate power during the first half of his speech, which he said was his central issue " Our government is supposed to represent the people, " Nader said. " There is not much of a contest when the political system allows corporations to have freedom of speech. Are we going to have the sovereignty of corporations prevail over the sovereignty of people? " Nader pointed out several examples of corporate influence on America. Because of the North American Free Trade Agreement, corporations outsource jobs, leaving many Americans jobless. There is no national health ca re system, Nader said, because corporations do not allow it to be created. And since the Eisenhower administration, corporations have paid only 7.5 percent of total taxes in the United States., down from 34 percent, Nader said. " Corporations are ripping apart democracy, " Nader said. Nestled in the cozy, palm tree-filled courtyard with the afternoon sun in their eyes, many students found what Nader said interesting. Rachel Wilson, a first-year law student, activist and member of the Green Party, agreed with Nader ' s view of corporate influence. " He brought home again that Democrats and Republicans are just corporate puppets, " Wilson said. Many students were pessimistic that Nader could win the 2004 presidential race. " The most interesting thing was that many people who came really think he can win the presidency, " said Matt Van Horn, a pre-business sophomore. " I don ' t think he can win because of the two-party system. " Michael Conover, a management information systems junior, was one of many students who came away with mixed feelings. " I follow politics closely, and he seems like he has a lot of good ideas and lots of complaints. But his deliver} ' is bad, " Conover said. " He doesn ' t have the passion you would expect in a revolutionary. " Many criticized Nader, a former Green Party member, in the contested 2000 presidential election for taking votes away from Democratic presidential candidate, Al Gore. Many on the " Anyone but Bush " campaign, fear having another third party candidate will hurt Senator Kerry ' s chance of victory in November. Independent presidential hopeful Ralph Nader answers questions at the James E. Rogers College of Law building before an estimated 350 people. Nader criticized both President Bush and Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry for being swayed by special interests. PHOTOS BY EVAN CARAVELLI Unearthed 87 Spring construction on the Alumni Plaza, which will include a new breezeway and entrance to the Administration building, begins. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS BELOW: Rendering courtesy of the Alumni Assocation. r- 2: -T I Stepping things up Plaza plan will brighten campus, but not without sacrificing the Mall again By Tacie Holyoak FOR MORE THAN 67 YEARS, Bob Sundt and his family have " watched the campus grow and have helped it to grow. " In 1936, when big changes were being made on campus, Sundt ' s father and uncle ran a construction company that helped to build strong pillars that would ground the UA to its rich history. Each year, Sundt and his wife Frances, both UA alumni, return to campus during Homecoming week. During this year ' s celebration, they witnessed yet another change to the UA. Marked by the 60th annual Awards and Recognition Reception held in honor of distinguished UA alumni, ground was broken for the newest addition to campus the Alumni Plaza. It was a day for celebration, President Peter Likins told the large crowd of alumni and their families. Thirty-eight exemplary alumni were honored with awards at the reception. Raul Castro, 87, received the Professional Achievement Award. " It ' s very important, " he said. " Very meaningful to me. " Born in Mexico, Castro immigrated to Douglas, Ariz., when he was young. He attended law school and taught Spanish at the UA from 1946 to 1949. Castro was the governor of Arizona from 1975 to 1977, and he also spent time as a U.S. ambassador in El Salvador, Bolivia and Argentina. " I attribute what little I ' ve done in my life to the education I received at the University of Arizona, " he said. Following the reception, attendees made their way to the grassy south side of the Administration building. They were met by dark clouds and high winds, but the cold didn ' t lower any spirits as nearly 300 mingled outside, waiting for the groundbreaking to begin. The Sundts passed the cold minutes by waking around t he Mall, pointing out the school ' s growth and remembering how it used to be. Bob, who graduated from the UA in 1950, and Frances, class of ' 52, met while attending college. " We had a class together in the business college, " Frances said. The couple ' s daughter and son-in-law also attended the UA together. " Maybe our grandchildren will (come here too), " she said. Although the Sundt ' s grandchildren if they continue the family tradition will likely see more changes, Saunie Taylor, senior vice president for campus life and master of ceremonies at the groundbreaking, called the plaza the " finishing piece of the main Mall ' s master plan. " Likins was the first of 20 to dig his red and blue shovel into the site ' s soil. He paused, grinning, to let the crowd see his shovel full of dirt. UA Facilities Design and Construction officials predicted the $4.85 million project will be completed by next fall. " In the end, it will be well worth the wait, " said Sandy Ruhl, President of the Alumni Association. Two and a half acres of grass and asphalt will be transformed into Scholar ' s Grove, University Mission Fountains, Wildcat Walk and Heritage Hill. Also, the south steps of the Administration building will be enlarged, becoming the Alma Mater Terraces. The Krutch Cactus Garden will be expanded to increase awareness of the historical feature. The garden, originally created west of Old Main in 1891, was relocated in 1929 to the strip of land from Old Main to Bear Down Gym, now known as the entire Mall. Although it had been significantly reduced to make way for improvements, the plans for the Alumni Plaza will again increase the garden ' s impact on the campus community. And near the garden, the final touch will be the Wildcat family statue, a life-sized bronze version of two wildcats and their cubs. The Alumni Plaza will be " a place to gather together all the members of the Wildcat family, " Ruhl said. Unearthed 89 Controversial canvas By Tacie Holyoak THROUGHOUT THE FALL SEMESTER, thousands of students walked through the Student Union Memorial Center ' s " Canyon, " and whether entering or leaving the union, they were all confronted with the same barrier. A six-ton steel wall towered 18 feet in the air and blocked off a 25-foot section of walkway. The wall, a replica of the border between the United States and Mexico, stood immovable despite the four 14-foot tall human-like figures, also made of heavy steel, pushing against it on both sides. The artwork, entitled " Border Dynamics, " was created by Nogales, Mexico artists Alberto Morackis and Guadalupe Serrano. Commissioned by Beyond Borders Binational Art Foundation, it was originally displayed along the U.S.-Mexico border. The UA ' s Sept. 22 unveiling marked the sculpture ' s debut in the United States. The human figures were made of pieces of steel soldered together. The faces and muscular images that covered them I I I I I I I I I I I I were created with acrylic gathered from the residue of a I I 1 | i] I I I ' { I I I Nogales assembly plant and then painted and varnished. I I i I I } i I 1 The wall was made from a Vietnam War landing strip. " We thought about something that had the same force, something that impacted and questioned this complex relationship that we live in between Mexico and the United States, " Morackis said. " It couldn ' t be something simple. " The plan to bring " Border Dynamics " to the UA began early in the year when Socorro Carrizosa, director of Chicano Hispano Student Affairs, met Tom Whittingslow, founder of Beyond Borders. " She wanted to do something provocative and controversial ... and I said yes, " Whittingslow said. When the piece arrived on campus, it stirred up varying opinions about the issues it represented. The controversy, however, was expected. " Border issues are controversial, " Carrizosa said. " I hope that the art made people stop and want to learn more about the issues and about the people who are wanting to come here . . . and risk dying in the desert. " Psychology freshman Jessica Stewart, whose friend ' s family immigrated from Mexico, said she appreciated the symbolism of the piece. " She told me it represents how hard it was to cross the border, " she said. But for those who had no personal connection to the border struggle, the sculpture was a bit confusing. " At first I thought it was a racist thing, " said Brandon McCurry, an undeclared freshman. " I really don ' t get it. " And others simply found it to be a burden. " It just kind of gets in the way, " said criminal justice junior Nick Boone. But the piece ' s location was intentional. " (It was) purposely obstructive, " Whittingslow said. " The border ' s always in the way. " Christina Lieberman, campus activities coordinator, chose to place the art near the union because it would " not only encourage students to interact with the piece, but it would outright force them to. " And the UA, with its proximity to the border, seemed to be the perfect place for the sculpture to begin its trek across the United States, Carrizosa said. " A research university is about creating knowledge. It is also about getting people to think, " she said. " I do hope that students and everyone who saw them were compelled to stop and pay attention. " 90 The Desert " Border Dynamics, " a controversi sculpture, stood near the entranc the Student Union Memorial Center throughout the fall semester. The structure was meant to symbolize the conflict at the U.S.-Mexico border. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS CAMPUStV History senior Eliza Tebo holds up a " Joe " sign. Tebo campaigned on campus nearly all year to garner support for presidential hopeful Joe Lieberman. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 92 The Desert Politics ,-, as usual? Student rally in support of their favorite candidates By Rebekah Kleinman c N l T the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. He battled six other major candidates for the candidacy. But before the results of the state primaries rolled in, a different battle was waged on the UA campus among student democrats. Students involved in candidate campaigns plastered the campus with posters, held informational meetings and rallies and spent countless hours on the Mall or other areas of campus, in the hope of gaining student votes for their candidate. History senior Eliza Tebo was one of those students. Tebo headed up the " Wildcats for Joe " effort. She began campaigning for Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman before the school year even started and continued until he dropped from the race. And while Tebo spent much of her time traveling across campus, handing out fliers and talking to students, other student organizations tended to congregate on the Mall. Dennis Kucinich supporters passed out mints, a symbolic representation of their candidate whom they called a " breath of fresh air. " Other students spent hours between classes and homework knocking on doors, calling students for support and even writing to local newspapers. And as Democrats duked it out in the fall and early spring, Republicans kept quiet and let them fight. Pete Seat, president of the College Republicans, said his group did some campaigning of its own for President Bush in the first months of 2004, but stayed out of the internal battle Democrats were involved in. His booth on the Mall, a UA mecca for Bush supporters, was out almost every day of the week. And despite the attention Democrats and their supporters enjoyed, Seat believed in March that his candidate would reign in November, but added the race would be a close one. Unearthed 93 CAMPUS11NI I ASUA senators Matt Harris and Nick Bajema plan to educate students about the activity fee so it passes next year. PHOTOS BY DAVID HARDEN 94 The Desert To fee or not to fee? Special ballot asks students to foot the bill for major attractions By Natasha Bhuyan WHAT STARTED AS AN INNOCENT EXCHANGE OF IDEAS during an ASUA dinner at Executive Vice President and Provost George Davis ' house in November turned into the hottest debate of the semester. The disputed issue was the proposed student activity fee, which reached a boiling point in April when 56.6 percent of 3,006 students voted against the fee, ruining student leaders ' hopes of implementing the fee in the fall. The UA Collaboration Board, composed of representatives from influential student organizations, originally proposed a $25 per semester student activity fee in January to provide funding for entertainment events such as large-scale concerts, famous guest speakers, comedy acts and film festivals. " This fee has the potential to significantly improve the culture of our campus, " said Associated Students of the University of Arizona President J.P. Benedict in March. As fee discussions progressed, a key group of students, including University Activities Board President Greg Billings, Residence Housing Association representative Nathan Bell and ASUA senators Nick Bajema and Matt Harris, took over the process of writing the bylaws and researching activity fees in other schools. In February, the student leaders hired FMR Associates Inc., an independent market research firm in Tucson, to conduct a survey on students ' reaction to the fee idea. Eighty-four percent of students polled said they would " possibly " or " definitely " support a student activity fee, but the legitimacy of the survey was called into question. " The results did seem unnaturally high to us, so it ' s not completely accurate, " Harris later admitted. The fee troubles didn ' t end there: Student leaders held an activity fee forum in the Student Union Memorial Center ' s Gallagher Theater on February 17, but only 12 students attended. The student activity fee was also the center of debate during ASUA elections in February. All four presidential candidates said they would only support the fee if the price was lowered. Fee organizers hoped the activity fee would appear on the general elections ballot in early March, but they had to postpone it because there were " too many loopholes " in the bylaws, Bajema said. As a result, the original bylaws were rewritten and the fee was lowered to $15 per semester, which would generate between $1.2 million and $1.4 million annually. The new bylaws were presented to the ASUA Senate in April, which approved the referendum and motioned to place it on a special elections ballot five days later. Benedict said the election had to be rushed in order to have the results for the Arizona Board of Regents ' April 29 meeting, but student leaders faced fierce criticism for the time crunch. The Budget and Bursar ' s offices claimed they had not been contacted by fee organizers, minority groups were unhappy with the allocation of funds and club leaders said five days weren ' t enough to educate students on the fee ' s merits. Despite marketing attempts, UA students voted down the fee proposal by a vote of 1,700 to 1,306. Regardless, future ASUA senators said the fee debate isn ' t dead. " They set the platform for us, " said geography junior Steven Eddy, an incoming senator. " It ' s ... working with what we ' ve got to make a better proposal. " Civil engineering freshman Megan McGann casts her vote for the ASUA activity fee as Sen. Nick Bajema looks on. Bajema estimated about 200 students voted in the first two hours that the polls were open. Unearthed 95 CAIUPUSIINFART. HUMAN FLAG Flag spurs controversy By Lauren Miller THE SUDDEN STORM ROLLING OVER THE MALL ON APRIL 28 should have been a sign of things to come. The more than 100 students and volunteers from the UA Hillel Foundation and the Arizona Israeli Foundation who gathered on the mall to create a human Israeli flag did not expect such a turn out, nor did they expect so many protesters. Students from groups such as the Alliance for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, along with community members, gathered to protest Israel ' s occupation of Palestine. In celebration of Israel ' s Independence Day, students wearing blue and white shirts arranged themselves into the shape of the Star of David, the center of the Israeli flag. It had never been done before on the UA campus. Students participating in the flag formation did so for a variety of reasons, but all were united by their support for Israel. " I could give you a whole laundry list (of reasons). My family is from there, and it ' s where I lived. Celebrating Israel ' s independence is very important to me. Also, I have always been very active in Hillel ' said Ben Bloch, a pre-business freshman. " It comes from the heart, and it comes from practiced involvement. " " It was really important to us, " said sociology senior Max Ellentuck. " We just wanted to show our support to Hillel and for Israel and for all the Jews around the world. " Be a. MOO , fitesfrne ' " NO J OCCUPATION y ,- ' The event was also attended by several protestors, from groups such as the Alliance for Peace and Justice in the Middle East. PHOTO BY WILL SEBERGER However, the protesters also had their own personal and political reasons for their demonstration. Yousuf Al-kaabi, a computer engineering senior who declined to give his last name said, " It ' s something touchy claiming independence over a land that is not theirs, taken from its people. I don ' t see (the event) helping or making peace. I see it mo ODD GOD creating bad feelings, and every one just gets excited about the conflict. " News crews from local stations and newspapers also swarmed the group, while the UA and Tucson Police departments stood silently on the sidelines. A group that called themselves " peacekeepers " also looked on, marked by red armbands. " Those of us in the group here today are just going to make sure that it ' s going to remain peaceful and calm. If people start toDDDnD angry and yelling, we ' ll try to help them calm down. I think that almost all the organizations here are really advocates of nonvaDDDDDDDDD said peacekeeper Patricia Morrison, a music senior. The flag participants and the protesters remained separated, except for a few tense moments when one group flew a cluster of red balloons over the Star of David formation. Members of the group were trying to symbolize a splotch of blood on the flag, but the strings were cut, and the photo was taken without further interruption. The spectacle drew a crowd of bystanders, most of whom were more interested in the activists than any of the politics involved. " I honestly don ' t have an opinion on the whole Israeli-Palestinian conflict to choose a side, which is why I ' m hanging back and just watching, " said undeclared freshman Meredith Tully. " I did think it ' s really interesting, bringing everyone together and creatinDDDDnDnDDDQ spectacle. " History freshman Allison Salazar said, " Each side has an interesting point to make. I ' m impressed that it ' s stayed as calm asitDDDDDDDDD gives you some hope that people can actually give their ideas and be peaceful about it. " The event remained as peaceful as most hoped, and as quickly as the excitement formed, the crowd and the clouds disappeared. 1 vlore than 100 students and volunteers from the UA Hillel Foundation and the j Arizona Israeli foundation gathered on the j nail April 28 to create a human Israeli flag. HOTO BY DAVID HARDEN Unearthed 97 off V Barbara Monroe ' s neices, Jessi and Hannah Call, hold candles alongside other memorial attendees to remember the three nursing professors who were killed Oct. 28, 2002. The candlelight vigil was held at the College of Nursing the day before the one-year anniversary of the shootings. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Campus celebrates life together as part of the healing process By Rebekah Kleinman L i the year after a disgruntled student shot and killed three professors in the College of Nursing, students, faculty and staff struggled daily to heal from their losses and they found the best medicine for their pain was each other. We all recognize how important it is jo show how much we care and value |ach other, " said Ki Moore, professor Pnd director of the division of nursing " practice. On Oct. 27, exactly 364 days after the tragedy, more than 200 people joined together at the College of Nursing to pay tribute to the lives of Barbara Monroe, Cheryl McGaffic and Robin Rodgers. ' ' We have gathered together one year later to honor and remember . . . three wonderful women ' said the Rev. Susan Moher Barryman, a friend of McGaffic ' s. Continued on page 101 ,son resident Sara Nicolai has a moment to herself during the singing of " Amazing Grace " at a memorial service held Oct. 30, 2002 for the three slain professors. Nicolai is a member of the Tucson chapter of Healing Touch, an international energy-based therapy organization developed ' support group. PHOTO BY SAUL LOE Photos of the three slain nursing pro- fessors sit at the memorial held the day before the one-year anniversary of the shootings. BELOW: A bench do- nated by the College of Science as a tribute to Monroe, McGaffic and Rogers now sits outside the College of Nursing. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Students, faculty cope one day at a time Continued from page 99 Students and friends took turns using their words to paint pictures of the women, who many in the crowd had never even met. " Robin clothed herself in compassion and strength, " said Setiva Wyrick, a nursing senior, who met Rodgers in her pediatrics class. " She had a heart full of love. " " You were the total package, " said Angela Muzzy, a clinical assistant professor of nursing, about Monroe, who always took her shoes off during lecture to help the students feel more comfortable. " Cheryl believed that there was always a way, " Moher Barryman said, adding that McGaffic dreamed of a future in which she could teach spirituality in nursing. The women left a hole in the nursing community, one that the students, faculty, staff, friends and loved ones in attendance said will never be filled. But many said they learned a significant message from their loss. " Never lose sight of what ' s important, " Wyrick said. As tears fell and candles were lit, the group sang " Let There Be Peace on Earth, " a song that many said captured the essence of the professors and what they taught. " They brought such honor to the profession of nursing, " Muzzy said. On the following day, the anniversary of the shootings, classes were cancelled in the college. Many wore purple Rodger ' s favorite color and others wore black. A sign, advertising a run to raise money for the scholarship fund set up in the professors ' names, hung as one of the few visual symbols recognizing the tragic day. New faculty members have been moved into the offices once occupied by the women. " It ' s difficult to go into an office where someone was and know they ' re not going to be there anymore, " Moore said. And Room 467, the lecture hall where Monroe and McGaffic were killed, has been changed into a teleconference room. It ' s now Room 470. The College of Nursing faculty and staff said they have tried to help with the coping process. And while they hope that those within in the college will recover from the tragedy, they also hope that they will never forget it. from the College of Science " A peace above all earthly dignities, a still and quiet conscience. " -Shakespeare 10 28 03 Senior research scientist Peter H. Smith is one of the people from the DA who worked on the Phoenix Mission, which will be the first in a series of scout missions to Mars. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 102 The Desert Eyes on the heavens By Cara Ammann FEW PEOPLE GO THROUGH LIFE WITH THEIR EYES constantly directed at the ground. Quite possibly, even fewer go through life with their eyes constantly directed at the sky. Two of those people work at the UA ' s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. Senior research scientist Peter H. Smith and plantary sciences professor William Boynton have made a place for the UA among the stars and planets. On August 4, 2003, after nearly two years of intense competition with other schools, NASA announced that the Phoenix Mission, designed by a team at the UA, will be the first of a series of scout missions. The program is part of the agency ' s new Mars Exploration Program, scheduled to launch in 2007. The effort is named after the mythical bird that died in flames only to arise from its own ashes. Similarly, the Phoenix Mission was designed to improve on the technology that was lost when the 2001 Mars Surveyor Mission was cancelled after the 1999 Mars Rover crashed into the Red Planet, taking with it data and instruments designed at the UA. " (The Phoenix Mission proposal) refined all those things that were lost. It ' s the resurrection of all the good science we didn ' t have the opportunity to do, " Smith said. The 810-page proposal took over a year to write, costing nearly $1.5 million but resulting in S355 million from NASA for the project. This amount is six times larger than any other single grant in the UA ' s history, and it promises to have a lasting effect not only on the Lunar and Planetary Lab, attracting students from all over the world, but on the Tucson community as well. " The proposal was designed to involve Tucson in a big way, " Smith said. " The entire operation will be run from Tucson. The press will be here. Scientists will be here. " The UA designated a new building for the Phoenix Mission. Located on North Sixth Avenue and East Drachman Street, the building will include a mock-up of the landing site, and it will be open to the public. The Phoenix Mission is expected to land on Mars in June 2008, where it will stay to collect and analyze data for approximately six months. The goal of the mission is two- fold: To study the history of water and soil interaction on Mars and to analyze the chance for life on Mars. What truly makes this mission unique, however, is the fact that it was designed to dig deeper into the surface of Mars than has ever been done. " No one has ever seen underground on Mars before, " Smith said. " We have the ability to dig and to see it. " Among other things, the lander will contain a soil-analyzing instrument known as TEGA, which stands for Thermal Evolved Gas Analyzer. Samples of soil will be heated to extremely high temperatures, vaporizing any organic or carbon-based matter present in the soil. These gases will then be analyzed using a spectrometer, allowing scientists to determine the content of the soil. Soil will also be added to water, and the sample will be tested for its pH, " saltiness " and " redox potential, " which indicates its potential to support life. " Hopefully, we ' ll be able to create Martian soil here on Earth, plant a seed in it, see if it grows, and try to answer the question: ' Is this the kind of environment where life can exist? ' " Smith said. Unearthed 103 In memory Students we lost ' Official list of students who passed away during the 2003-2004 academic year, courtesy of the Dean of Students office Elizabeth Anton Dana Stone Clarke Wm. Alexander Frey, V Brian Goodspeed Nick Hohnbaum Joe Hohnson Matthew Hopper Joshua Ryan Howard David Hungerford Jacqueline Johnson Joseph Gerard Johnson Ted Kelly Michael Kvasnica Robin McKay Amit Uttam Prajapati Stephanie Rubin Lindsay Anne Schiffman Melina Taylor Michael Two-Horses 104 ' The Desert A roadside memorial sits at the site where Joseph Johnson, an economics junior and Graham-Greenlee resident assistant, and media arts senior Lindsay Schiffman were in a fatal motorcycle accident April 18. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS In memory Students we lost Jnearthed ' re-Dusmess sopnomore Julie McCollom cal enginineering sen Reagan interview each other to see if they ' d like to go on date together. PHOTOS BY EVAN CARAVELLI LC I don ' t think, unless the connection is really strong, it would work into something. Afshan Patel, business administration junior 106 The Desert Love irWninutes Speed dating craze hits campus minutes at a time By Carrie Bawolek EVERYTHING HAPPENS QUICKLY THESE DAYS - fast food, fast money, high-speed Internet and now love. Forget about blind dates or going on one of those dating shows. The new way to find love only takes about eight minutes. From the most cosmopolitan cities to the smallest towns, speed dating has been sweeping across the country, and it made a stop on the UA campus in February. A few days before Valentine ' s Day, four male and four female students, many who had only heard of speed dating from friends or television shows such as " Sex and the City, " met at University Heights Apartments at 1201 N. Park Ave. in the hopes of finding a potential valentine or simply to try something new. " I don ' t really have any expectations, but it will make a good story, " said pre-business junior Alex Perwin, who attended the Commuter Student Affairs event. The women remained in individual spots, called stations, while the men rotated to them. At each station, the pair had exactly eight minutes to talk, and after the time was up, each man moved on to the next woman. After everyone talked to one another, the singles requested to have their contact information given to those people with whom they clicked the most. Conversation topics were usually kept simple, focusing on things such as school likes and dislikes, plans to study abroad and working out. But students had to be wary not to give away too much information about themselves. Most speed dating events discourage attendees from giving out their last name or any other personal information. No one can ask for another date, and sexual conversation is out of the question. While some may be looking for a relationship, most people who speed date are just looking to meet new people who meet specific guidelines. " Hopefully (I ' ll) meet cute boys, " said Julie McCollom, a pre-business sophomore. But for some, the people weren ' t new. " It was interesting because I knew some of the people who came, and it was kind of awkward, " said Afshan Patel, a business administration junior. Despite the limited length of the mini- dates, most speed dating companies boast a success rate higher than 50 percent for any given event, according to However, in certain situations, eight minutes can seem like an eternity. " I don ' t think, unless the connection is really strong, it would work into something, " said Patel, who was turned off by the speed dating experience. Speed dating was originally created by Aish HaTorah, an international Jewish educational network, which claims the dating method was modeled after an age-old Jewish technique. More than 100 speed dating companies exist in the United States. In eight minutes, pre-computer science senior Jim Wilson and psychology freshman Olga Goryunova decide whether they are right for each other and if they would like to date. Unearthed 107 Living r O 1 1 fip on the More than 1,000 students are treated by Campus Health for depression every year. But why are students so at risk? Depression If- Rating Test Nearly 20 mi. lion Anienci-ii Self Rntirg ' lcst is a simple 1 6-c nrany v II never icdc tmn i-r-t, The Dprs en rssicTi j.nd effect By Tacie Holyoak WHETHER IT ' S A PERSONAL PROBLEM or concern for a friend or acquaintance, the presence of depression has crept its way into the lives of many students at the UA. The campus community was hit hard in November when a student committed suicide in his Sierra Residence Hall room. While most students were busy recovering from a weekend of Homecoming celebration, he was ending his life. Incidences such as this across college campuses have opened up awareness among students that harsh realities can hit close to home. " It kinda creates ripples in a pond, " said Kenneth Marsh, director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). " It affects lots and lots of people. " Pre-medical technology freshman, Anthony Ingraham, recalled an incident that opened his eyes up to the depression epidemic: Earlier this year, a student in his dorm, Cochise Residence Hall, e-mailed a suicide note to his parents. It was discovered, and the police got involved. " I never really thought about it too much, or thought that it was a problem, " Ingraham said. " It ' s kinda just like a wake-up call. " Suicide is the third leading cause of death among 15 to 24- year-olds, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. But suicide does not arrive alone. It is often accompanied by depression. " Having suicidal thoughts is kind of a barometer to how deep your depression is, " Marsh said. Of the nearly 2,000 students CAPS counselors see each year, more than half are depressed, so counselors focus on helping students recognize and cope with depression before it becomes fatal. " The treatment is (for) an illness. It ' s not a moral failing, " Marsh said. Students juggling school, work and family during their college years can often feel overwhelmed, and depression emerges, although it is not always externally visible, Marsh added. Despite the statistics, pre-education freshman Cara Criteser said she didn ' t think depression was a problem on campus. " I don ' t see people walking around depressed, so I don ' t see that it ' s a problem, " she said, " But I ' m sure that some people are; they just don ' t show it. " Marsh agreed. " We have perfected the art of putting on a happy face, " Marsh said. " Depression is a lot higher on all campuses than people think. " Pre-communication freshman Jennifer Perry saw the gamut of emotions that are often attached to depressive behavior in a friend overcoming the disease. " I think, at our age especially, it ' s the most common disease or diagnosis that one could probably find, " she said. While sometimes making the effort to help her friend was emotionally draining, Perry said it felt good to know she was capable of reaching out and helping her friend. Warning signs of depression - Sadness or anxiety - Feelings of guilt, helplessness or hopelessness - Trouble eating or sleeping - Withdrawal from friends and or social activities - Loss of interest in hobbies, work, school, etc. - Increased use of alcohol or drugs -Anger Source: wrong index2.php Unearthed 109 3( I years , w and still spinning Spring Fling still fun 30 years later Bassist Frank Terry and singer Chris Prado perform Friday at Spring Fling with their band Empty Box. They were one of several bands and shows offered to entertain carnival-goers. Thirty years ago, students had a bright idea: Put on a carnival to raise money for student activites. Fine concept proved to be a success, and 30 years later, the UA ' s annual Spring Fling was still bringing in money for student club and organizations. Not only that, but the event provided students with a weekend of fun and relaxation from the stress of school. 110 The Desert Carnival-goers ride " The Experience " at Spring Fling at the Rillito Downs. This was the 30th annual Spring Fling sponsored by the UA. PHOTOS BY MELISSA HALTERMAN V Unearthed 111 Spring Flin throuehAthe year frTH ' C3 Getting bigger and moving around 112 -The Desert 1976 Unearthed- 113 CAMPUSTINF Movin on up A new generation of students make their way into the dorms Photos by Joshua Sills A FUNDAMENTAL PART OF THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE is living in the residence halls. Of course, life in the dorms can often be intimating. Adjusting to your new roommate, living in small quarters and struggling to find your place in a seaof students are just a few of the challenges new students face. Students in 2003-2004 entered a system that was far different from previous years. For the first time in 10 years, the campus was no longer suffering from a housing shortage. That meant entering freshman could take ease in their new homes and not worry about living in dorm lounges or hotel rooms as students had been forced to do just two years ealier. Melanie Skievaski, a health education sophomore, and her father Rex carry her computer into her new room at Gila Residence Hall. Unearthed 115 With the help of her parents, Casey Stephens, a pre-physiological sciences freshman, unloads her computer and other belongings into Coronado Residence Hall. 116 -The Desert Bryan Vallance, a studio art freshman, brings a suitcase of clothes into his new room at Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall. Elizabeth Tytler, an undeclared junior unpacks her things in her dorm room in Villa del Puente Residence Hall. Mahmod Chowdhury, an electrical engineering sophomore has had some bad roomate experiences. To avoid problems this year, he moved in with two friends. PHOTO BY KEVIN KLAUS 118 The Desert Living with the enemy It ' s all luck when it comes to finding a compatible roomie By Tacie Holyoak SOME LOOK BACK ON COLLEGE AS A TIME FULL OF NEW AND EXCITING ADVENTURES, a time when you became inseparable with a new best friend your roommate. But for many, friendship may not be the optimal description. Learning what it takes to make it away from home involves a lot more than putting up with the boy down the hall or the girl asleep in the bed across the room. All too often, that new roommate becomes your worst enemy. Last year, Mahmood Chowdhury, an electrical engineering sophomore, lived with a group of freshmen he didn ' t know before he came to the UA. " (They) wanted to drink (and) got caught by the cops, " he said. Although Chowdhury said he wasn ' t involved, his roommates included him in the blame. " The fight started from there, " he said of a year full of problems. This year, Chowdhury made sure he wouldn ' t repeat his nightmare by moving in with two friends he already knew. Pre-physiological sciences freshman Tonia Bread had similar problems getting along with her roommate in Graham- Greenlee Residence Hall this year. " She doesn ' t respect my property, " Bread said. Bread recalled one of the worst of their confrontations, which happened in the spring semester. " One time she took off with my keys without asking me, " Bread said. Without her keys, Bread couldn ' t leave her room for fear she wouldn ' t be able to get back in later. " I was just kickin ' around in the dorms, not going outside, " she said. " I did my laundry. " While Bread was downstairs, the roommate returned to a sign posted on her door informing her of her infraction. The sign, apparently, was not appreciated. " When I got up there, " Bread said, " the door was locked. " Bread stayed the night in the room across the hall, but as payback, she stole her roommate ' s key from her robe outside the showers the next morning. Bread plans to rent her own apartment next year. Problems like Bread ' s dorm argument are common, said education junior Christopher Newman, who worked as a resident assistant in Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall this year. " The personalities of other people in the hallway tend to bother people " he said, especially at the most stressful times of the year, during midterms and finals. " Roommates and neighbors get on each other ' s nerves, " he said. " Different views about stuff tend to start arguments; so many little fights break out. " So even when roommate match-ups work, living situations aren ' t always ideal. Amanda Yontz, a political science freshman, lived this year with one roommate in LaPaz Residence Hall. Although the two were matched up by the UA, things turned out well. She found an ally, but all was not peaceful in her end of the hall. " There ' s a girl in my hall that I can ' t stand, " Yontz said. " Her roommate moved out. She hated her. " Tension between the two rooms built up throughout the year. The neighbor, Yontz said, was the only one in the hall without a Sparkletts water cooler. Even though Yontz and her roommate paid for the water, their neighbor often helped herself to it. But that wasn ' t the only problem, Yontz said. " She always just yells at us out of nowhere. " Situations like this often ended in fights and RAs, like Newman, had to get involved. Once a fight occurred, Newman recommended giving everyone a day or two to calm down. " A lot of things get put in the air, and I do my best at pointing out (the) good and bad things said, " he said. Although having it out sounded good to Yontz, she didn ' t go one-on-one with her neighbor in a yelling match. Yontz waited out the last semester, looking forward to a new school year and a new set of dorm dwellers to fill the hall around her. She is among many who hope that next time they won ' t find themselves living with the enemy. Unearthed -119 Engineering management freshman Justin Wing tests a waterwheel he made in an engineering foundations class. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Dancing the day By Lauren Miller Somewhere between 7:30 and 8 a.m., dance junior Jacqui Guimond is awake and looking for her Frosted Mini- Wheats. A shower and packed bag later, she ' s on her way to a 9 a.m. class. What seems like a typical college morning becomes anything but in the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, where students practice choreography instead of chemistry and break the laws of gravity on a daily basis. " I have the best major of them all ' Guimond said. " I get to go to school and dance ' At about the same time across town, dance sophomore Kyle Mullins begins his seven-hour dance day, with a quick shower and an e-mail check. I have the best major of them all. I go to school and dance. Jacqui Guimond, dance junior Dance sophomore Kyle Mullins prances across the stage as he and other UA dancers rehearse for the spring faculty showcase " Premium Blend. " PHOTOS BY LAUREN MILLER Eventually he too arrives on campus, at the Ina A. Gittings building, where classes are studios and professors wear leotards. Usually, like most dance students, Mullins has a technique class, but rehearsals for the spring faculty showcase " Premium Blend " have mixed up his schedule. On this particular morning, he ' s polishing a ballet duet called " The Waiting Game. " " It ' s completely different from a normal college experience, " Mullins said. " Most people will have three or so classes and then go home in the afternoon, and they might not even have classes on Fridays. But we don ' t have our afternoons free; we don ' t even have our weekends sometimes. " Originally from arts-rich Kansas City, Kan., Mullins transferred to the UA from Arizona State University at the start of the fall semester, after finding ASU ' s dance program failed to live up to his expectations. " ASU was my dream school, and then I got there and hated it, " he said. " You don ' t hear about U of A ' s dance department a lot, but with its S9 million theater and a world-renowned faculty, in my opinion it ' s one of the best programs. " Guimond began dancing at age three and was named Continued on page 125 Unearthed 123 Amber Duke, dance senior, stands in first position during one of her dance classes. PHOTO BY BRYAN ROLLINS 124 -The Desert A day in the life of a dance student is unlike that of any other major Continued from page 123 The ' Miss Dance of New England in 2001. She said she chose to enroll at the UA not only because of the scholarship money and sunny location, but because " ... it was a real university. I could go to a football game and have other kids here, besides the artsy kids of a conservatory. " Today, rather than being a spectator at an athletic event, Guimond ' s a participant. With a running start, she practices shoulder sits in her ballet partnering class. Her male partner lifts her up effortlessly, and she perches in position for a moment before landing on her pointe shoes. " " I go through a pair of pointe shoes every week to two weeks, depending on the type of shoe. They ' re 50 to 75 bucks a pair, " she said. " Luckily, I have supportive parents, and I have a part-time job . . . when I can fit it in. " But not every class requires a special shoe. In addition to dance and general education requirements, dance students must also take " normal " classes in real classrooms. Mullins and Guimond both took a dance history class, where Mullins said, " We were watching Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. " Guimond had an astronomy class, and Mullins took " Nutrition, Food and You " online. Neither has a minor or " back-up plan. " " The way I see it, if you ' re concentrating on having a back-up, you ' re taking away from concentrating on what you want to do, " Mullins said, " I know that I want to do dance, and I can do it now. " Both Mullins and Guimond said they ' re in a unique position, as they each live the life of a college student and dancer. " If I was out in the dance world, I wouldn ' t be going to college, " Mullins said. " I would be training and working out. The dance program is geared toward company dancing, so they want us to be professional dancers, but we ' re still college students. We have to find balance. " But balancing school and rehearsals leaves little time for much else, including socializing. So their social circles are contained, for the most part, in the studio. The other dancers share the same schedules, and as Guimond said, " ... we just all clicked immediately when we started here, and now we have friendships that will last for ages. " Those friends also understand the pressures of dancer ' s lifestyle, which often comes with a social price tag, Mullins said. " When you ' re there for 10 hours or more, you ' re either like, ' We have to do something tonight or we ' re going to go crazy, ' or it ' s ' I can ' t even be awake right now. I have to sleep. ' " By 3:30 p.m., the day is hardly over. With the showcase just days away, the dances are rehearsed onstage, steps are repeated and movements are fine tuned, often late into the evening. " There ' s a natural energy before a performance, and when you ' re actually onstage performing, there ' s energy from the audience. But by the third night, it ' s like, ' Oh no, here we go again: I have to put fake eyelashes on again, ' " Guimond said. " But just the love of dance is what keeps me going. " " We ' re majoring in dance not because it ' s what we ' re interested in, but because it ' s in us, it ' s our passion, it ' s our heart and soul, " Mullins said. " We can ' t give it up ... you get onstage, and it ' s all worth it. " dance program is gearing toward company dancing, so they want us to be professional dancers, but we ' re still college students. We have to find balance. Kyle Mullins, dance sophomore Unearthed 125 By Lauren Miller lead to cancer cure! " It may sound like a tabloid headline, but one team of undergraduates worked this year with the hope of making it a reality Three floors beneath the Arizona Cancer Center, in a lab overseen by assistant professor of molecular and cellular biology Giovanni Bosco, the students studied mutated fruit flies to better understand eel cycles and their tumor-causing capabilities. " Flies have a lot of genes that perform the same functions (as human genes) . . . we can learn a lot about how our bodies work by studying theirs 7 said Vivian Lien, a molecular and cellular biology sophomore. While the thought of curing cancer may coincide with images of large professional labs and huge experiments, the solution actually starts small, in labs like Bosco ' s, where mutated flies, ordered from catalogs, are housed in hundreds of tiny vials that are kept cool in rows of refrigerators. Continued on pngc 128 I can think of no better way to use my science skills than to help fight illness, ing people a better shot at a healthy, fuller life is what I ' m most interested in. Robert Ricciotti, molecular and cellular biology senior Cancer research starts small Continued from page 126 Students in the lab worked on different projects, although all were connected in some way to the flies and the cell research. Some worked on expanding the fly population, while others took pictures of the fly cells. But despite the seemingly small operation, Lien said, when it comes to solving the cancer puzzle, every piece makes a big difference. Like the flies they studied, something physically tiny could have an enormous impact. And the possibility of saving lives motivated the students to spend the time equivalent of a part-time job in the fly lab. Robert Ricciotti, a molecular and cellular biology senior, worked 20-25 hours a week in the lab. " I really enjoy the work I do and indeed feel my time is well spent, " he said. " Anything I can contribute to help improve our understanding of cell cycle control is important and worth a lot of effort. " But understanding the cycle can be a problem for those outside of the biology realm. One of the most difficult parts of the lab experience often didn ' t occur in the lab it happened outside, when people asked exactly what the experiment entailed. " We look at the mutated flies, and we study them to find out the cause, why the bad cells are there, what effects they have, and if it ' s possible to locate the gene that causes this, " Lien said. And while many outside of the lab may not have understood the project or its potentially life-saving capabilities, the students who worked closely with the flies were well aware of the magnitude of their research as were the faculty and staff who overlooked the project. " Undergraduates become an essential part of all the research groups on this campus, " said Carol Bender, director of the Undergraduate Biology Research Program. " They contribute to the research effort, and in so doing they not only advance their own education, but they also r 4 contribute to the fund of new knowledge. " Robert Ricciotti, a molecular and cellular biology senior, pre- pares a solution which will be used to help study cell growth in mutated flies. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS The mutated flies are stored in test tubes in the laboratory before they are examined by researchers. Molecular biology research specialist Paula Campbel prepares a solution which will be used to help study cell growth in mutated flies. UBRP connects research to the real world The Undergraduate Biology Research Program has been bringing future biologists out of the classroom and into the lab since 1988. What began as small program under the biochemistry department now spans 43 departments and draws more than 250 applicants per year. While there is a potential paycheck for the students ' time running experiments, it is the chance for hands-on experience and training for biological or biomedical careers that makes this program so popular and so successful with undergraduates, said Carol Bender, UBRP director. Bender, who has been with the program for 16 years, said 140 students a year are guided by 240 faculty members from around the state, from the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale to the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix. The projects in the research program are more than just textbook experiments. " Anything that can be defined as ' biologically related ' can be supported under UBRP. That covers a lot of territory, " Bender said. " Students interested in ecology, bioremediation, biomedical research, basic biological mechanisms, drug development, bioengineering, genetics, science education and more can find a project that would be of interest to them. " UBRP is strongly involved in the Ambos Nogales Revegetation Project, an interdisciplinary effort among students, teachers, neighborhoods and goverments officials on both sides of the Arizona-Sonora border to improve the air quality in the border region. The project continues to grow and to offer opportunities for UA students to become involved in cross-border activities designed to address the concerns of people on both sides of the border, Bender said. Research opportunities also extend beyond the Arizona borders. The Biomedical Research Abroad: Vistas Open (BRAVO!) program offers the chance to explore research in countries around the world. " I can ' t imagine a more rewarding job! " Bender said. " The University of Arizona is fortunate to have a wealth of research-active faculty members who enjoy working with undergraduate students interested in doing research. " Lauren Miller bThe est Six seniors stand out in a crowd of 3,260 - of, 1 the A best By Keren Raz OUT OF A GRADUATING CLASS OF 3,260 SENIORS, six accomplished undergraduates received top honors and the chance to sit on stage in the McKale Center the day of graduation. Nita Umashankar and Jon Gandomi received the Merrill P. Freeman Medals. Freeman, who served the UA as a regent and a chancellor in the university ' s early years, provided the university with funds in 1916 to honor two outstanding seniors with medals. Jason Chang and Angie Kebric won the Robert Logan Nugent Awards, created by the Alumni Association in 1964 in memory of Robert Logan Nugent, who served more than 30 years as the UA ' s executive vice president. Rachel Wellhausen and Chris Cabello were selected to receive the Robie Medals, which are accompanied by cash awards provided by late alumni Wendell T. Robie and his wife, Inez Benzie Robie. Cabello, a chemistry, biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology senior, comes from a family of more than 50 people. In May, he became the fourth person in his family to receive a bachelor ' s degree. For Cabello, college was about breaking away from small-town life in Casa Grande. The top senior planned to move on to graduate school at the University of Michigan to study with some of the top chemistry professors in the country. Umashankar, who founded the Theta Xi Nu multicultural sorority and has performed Indian classical dance for 10 years, said her greatest accomplishment is not the awards she has won but the relationships she has maintained. " Accolades are good, but these things come and go, " she said. " What you learn from others, the knowledge and the wealth, can never be taken away from me. " Kebric was involved in activities all over the map while at the UA. During her freshman year, she got involved in the football hostess program. Then, after realizing she wanted to learn more about government, she took on an internship with Arizona ' s Republican Sen. John McCain. One day, a legislative assistant told her to go watch McCain debate a bill Kebric helped research on the House floor, and when she did, she found him quoting parts of her research. " I had a part in it, " she said. In his four years at the UA, Gandomi, the winner of the nationally competitive Truman Scholarship, made most of his impact off campus. Before he arrived at the UA, he took a year off to travel around Russia with a group of eight people who promoted peace and tolerance through the arts. That experience not only got him involved in a project called Generation Hope, for which he now coordinates training sessions all over the world, but it also sparked his interest in studying development in former Soviet countries. The international studies senior said by carving out a program of study all his own, he thrived at the UA. " Take your education and experience and make it personal in whatever way that means, " he said. Like Gandomi, Wellhausen also studied in places to which few people travel, such as Siberia, where she studied Russian and economic development. 130 -The Desert Left to right: Rachel Wellhausen, Jason Chang, Chris Ca- bello, Nita Umashankar, Jon Gandomi, and Angie Kebric are six accomplished seniors who received top honors at the May commencement ceremonies. PHOTO BY WILL SEBERGER Wellhausen, an economics, English and interdisciplinary studies senior who is graduating with the equivalent of nearly six majors, has also been named the outstanding honors student and the outstanding economics student. Chang, a mechanical and biosciences engineering senior, has scars to remind him about some of what he has done at the UA. His arm boasts burn marks that he got while participating in Light the " A " with the Primus freshman honorary. On the bottom of his foot, lies a scar created after stepping on something while surfing in Africa. But the scars do not even begin to capture all that he has done; the outstanding engineering student has also studied in Turkey, researched Vitamin A deficiency in Zambia, backpacked up to Kenya and written a 150-page thesis. Chang, a fifth-year senior, said the biggest challenge would have been to get everything done in four years. Instead, he took his time and now has two pieces of advice for students who remain at the UA. " Don ' t miss an opportunity, " he said. " Take your time. " Take your education and experience and make it personal in whatever way that means. Jon Gandomi, Freeman metal winner Unearthed 131 Minority report UA, Pima Community College join forces to increase Hispanic enrollment, retention rates By Jeff Sklar As the UA embarked on a mission to increase its Hispanic enrollment, top administrators unveiled a program that they hoped would encourage more minority students to stay in school and earn a four-year degree. The program, which was announced over winter break and set to begin in the fall of 2004, will allow qualified students to enroll simultaneously at the UA and Pima Community College, while taking classes exclusively at PCC. During that time, they will be allowed to take advantages of services offered to UA students, though they won ' t pay tuition or be counted in enrollment figures the state uses to give the university money. When the students are ready to begin taking classes at the UA, they will be allowed to do so without needing to apply. Continued on page 135 Jorge Chioye, an undeclared Pima Community College sophomore, hangs artwork for an exhibit in the Chicano Hispano Student Affairs study lounge. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 132 -The Desert -. ' .--- M mm mm UA Minority Enrollment For fall terms 1990-2003, students classified as " Unknown " are not included in the denominator when calculating Percent Minority. Fall Term African American Asian American Hispanic American Native American Total Minority Total Enrolled Percent Minority 1983 417 438 1,807 260 2,922 30,460 9.59% 1993 778 1,496 3,952 605 6,831 35,279 19.72% 2003 995 1,973 4,950 714 8,632 37,083 24.39% Unearthed 133 1 pit - -XL 4 We need to embed diversity in the core of our dialogue about ourselves. Peter Likins, president of the university LEFT: Marisol Badilla, a studio art and Spanish literature junior, prepares her self-portrait photography for display in the Chicano Hispano Student Affairs study lounge. ABOVE: Michael Araza, a pre-business sophomore, studies for an exam. PHOTOS BY: KEVIN B. KLAUS ] Likins says diversity is vital to the UA Continued from page 132 " What these students will get is a whole lot of counseling, both from Pirna and UA people, " said Patti Ota, vice president for enrollment management at the UA. " As soon as that student is ready psychologically ... for the program they want to enter, the student will move. " The two schools teamed up to create the program so students who might feel intimidated by the UA ' s size and difficulty would be more inclined to get a four-year degree, which they can ' t do at PCC, said UA President Peter Likins. Minority students are among the students most frequently discouraged from attending a four-year university, whether it be by their family or simply their own fears, said PCC Chancellor Roy Flores. " A lot of students are not ready at the outset for a big university experience, " he said. " Minority students, for example: It takes them a long time to get used to a large university environment. " Though the program was generally well received, Socorro Carrizosa, director of Chicano Hispano Student Affairs, did have one concern. " I hope this doesn ' t mean that students who should be starting at the UA start at a community college, " she said. The two schools created the program just months after Likins announced a long-term goal of turning the UA into a Hispanic-Serving Institution, a federal designation given to schools with student bodies that are 25 percent Hispanic, as long as half of those students demonstrate financial need. Achieving that goal would require nearly doubling the university ' s Hispanic population, which currently sits slightly below 15 percent. Likins acknowledged that the UA probably wouldn ' t reach the 25 percent benchmark until after he retires, which he said he would do in 2006. Hispanic enrollment increased only slightly this year, from about 4,850 to about 4,950. The rise could be attributed to better recruitment and financial aid, Ota said. Likins has long emphasized the value he places on creating a diverse student body: a mission he said is vital, as the nation ' s population grows more diverse. " We need to embed (diversity) in the core of our dialogue about ourselves, " he said at a town hall in February. " We simply must, for survival, figure out how to adapt to people different from ourselves. " But despite Likins ' impassioned pleas for the UA to become more aware of the need for diversity, not all students believed his actions matched his words. j t He called for a $490 tuition increase for r r: the 2004-2005 school year, which led one Hispanic student activist to believe the rising cost of an education would price many minorities out of an education. " We are concerned with the (Hispanic enrollment plan), and tuition will affect that, " said Veronica Martinez, co-chair of the Hispanic student group JUNTOS. Martinez had been active the previous year in opposing a $1,000 tuition hike. Badilla ' s iartwork on Idisplay in the lounge. Chemical and environmental engineering professor Kim Ogden, center, is surrounded by her student staff of chemical engineering majors: senior Elizabeth Swanson, junior Liese Beenken and sophomore Rosemary Galhotra, in the Electrical and Computer Engineering building. Ogden is the only female professor in the chemical and environmental engineering department. PHOTO BY JACOB KONST 136 -The Desert Engineering the sexes For an April Fools ' Day joke, the Arizona Daily Wildcat ran an Issue of the Week prank on its editorial page claiming that engineering at the UA was " a men-only major. " But the prank hit a soft spot in the College of Engineering and Mines. The college caters to the fewest number of undergraduate women of any UA college, and engineering officials said they are working hard to attract women into a field that traditionally has a difficult time recruiting and retaining female students. " Articles like that do more damage to what we are trying to do than just about anything you can imagine, " said Tom Peterson, dean of the college. " We know we have a long way to go in establishing gender equity. We ' re not ignoring it. We are working really hard to try to solve it. " Continued on next page Unearthed 137 Statistics show chemistry, biology interest women Continued from previous page Despite the negative attention the college receives because its undergraduate class is only 18.3 percent women, progress is being made. In the department of chemical and environmental engineering, 45.3 percent of the undergraduates are women. The department exemplifies the underlying trend: Women enter science fields based on chemistry and biology. " Women in junior high and high school have more interest and aptitude for chemistry and biology than working on their car, " Peterson said. " In some ways, it is that skill set and interest that . . . sort of ends up causing boys to go into mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. " Several departments in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Science that focus on chemistry and biology are more than 50 percent female. While the numbers provide evidence of women being attracted to chemistry and biology -based fields, the reasoning isn ' t so obvious. Some, like Peterson, believe women are interested in fields in which they believe they can make a difference. " Women in engineering are more interested in those fields they feel they can make a societal difference, " Peterson said. Peterson said fields like chemical and environmental engineering give women an opportunity to make a difference. Issues such as sustainability, energy conservation, sewage treatment and pollution reduction are just some problems that students in the chemical and environmental engineering department can tackle. Others said the attraction women generally have to chemistry and biology revolves around a fearofmath. Girls who are talented at math at an early age often shy away from math in junior high because it is " not cool " for girls to be smart in math, said assistant professor of teaching and teacher education Bruce Johnson, who added that by high school, " Most girls don ' t picture themselves being engineers or physicists. " Parents need to be re-educated, said Ray Umashankar, director of minority engineering programs in the College of Engineering and Mines. " Perception continues that engineering and technology careers are really for men, " Umashankar said. " We need to make efforts to educate parents. They say, " This is not for you, this is only for boys. ' " In the electrical and computer engineering field, a math-intensive department, only 11.8 percent of the undergraduates are female. " Women see and feel that chemical and mechanical engineering, more than electrical engineering, can be used to help people, " said Hal Tharp, associate department head of electrical and computer engineering. Tiffany Miller, a mechanical engineering junior, said she is attracted to her program because of the low number of women. " I actually like the small ratios of females, " said Miller, who is the president of the UA student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. " Most of my friends are guys, and overall, I think they are easier to get along with. " Still, the college is involved in a number of recruiting measures aimed at inspiring girls to develop an interest in engineering. More than 200 middle and high school girls flooded the UA campus in March to participate in the Expanding Your Horizons Conference sponsored by Women in Science and Engineering. The WISE program has helped motivate young women to pursue an education in science, engineering, mathematics and technology. In the 22nd annual conference, the young women listened to 40 female panelists, many from the UA, and participated in some of the 15 workshops. " Some people felt that these nontraditional careers for women are too above them, and too beyond their reach. Perception continues that engineering and technology careers are really for men. We need to make efforts to educate parents. Ray Umashankar, director of minority engineering programs Professor Kim Ogden, right, works with chemical engineering majors Rosemary Galhotra and Elizabeth Swanson. PHOTO BY JACOB KONST We are telling them, ' No, you can enjoy science and math, " said Pat Hnilo, WISE senior program coordinator. Other educational programs such as Girls in the System, an effort between the UA and the Sahuaro Girl Scout Council to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics to young girls, hope to touch young girls ' lives. In order to retain the women who are recruited, engineering women say female role models are important. The aerospace and mechanical engineering undergraduate class is 11.9 percent female. The department has no tenure-track female professors. In the electrical and computer engineering department, an effort has been made to actively recruit female faculty members, Tharp said. There are five female faculty members now. " We are now recruiting more female faculty to help retain female students, " Tharp said. As the only tenure-track female chemical and environmental engineering professor, Kim Ogden frequently receives visits from students who want a female perspective on a career in engineering. " I ' ve heard that some students come to me because they want to meet the female professor and seek me out personally, " Ogden said. " They have many questions about balancing a family and a career that I do my best to answer. " Deanna King, a chemical and environmental engineering senior who wants to become a chemical engineering professor, said women like Ogden are important because they inspire students. " If strong women with large accomplishments show to younger students that it is possible, hopefully it will plant a seed of hope in these students to go for it, " she said. . 1 . i r - CAMPUSVNFAKTHf. GRADUATION Undergraduates celebrate the end of a long road at the May 2004 commencement ceremonies in McKale. PHOTO BY CHRIS CODUTO 142 ' The Desert And now for some words of wisdom from . STEVE KERR MORE THAN 5,000 STUDENTS formally celebrated the end of their years of hard work, memories and time at the UA during the UA ' s 130th Commencement exercises in McKale Center, May 15. Former T BA star and UA alumnus Steve Kerr addressed the students, along with their families and friends who gathered in the arena, as the key-note speaker at both the morning and afternoon ceremonies. Despite President Peter Likin ' s entreaty to students to not throw food items, waves of air-borne tortillas washed over the sea of blue on McKale ' s floor throughout both ceremonies. But the controversial tradition did not faze Kerr as he shared his memories of living abroad as a child and his experiences as a member of the UA men ' s basketball team. Kerr said his family and basketball career taught him one of the most valuable lessons of his life: to appreciate and embrace diversity. It was a lesson he hoped the most recent graduates of his alma mater would take with them After Kerr ' s speech, Likins conferred degrees upon 3,620 undergraduates, 855 master ' s, 233 doctoral and 13 specialist degree candidates. Additionally, 103 medical degrees, 46 pharmacy degrees and 149 juris doctor degrees were conferred. It is the friendships you make that will defi ne you and guide you through difficult times - Steve Kerr, speaking to graduates Unearthed 143 nearthed SB - - ' --I Two UA graduates from the class of 1950 look out at campus from Old Main 1986 lent age A decade-by-decade -J scrapbook of the UA ' s journey from the past to the present 1968 1961 146The Desert X Unearthed 147 Times change, but through Love and War UA students are still the same 1980s 148 The Desert 1967 1885-1919 The tennis team, 1911 The university library, now the Douglass building, 1911 | Varsity football team, 1911 1885 The 1 3th Territorial Legislature authorizes the establishment of the University of Arizona, making the UAthe only university in the state. 1886 Two gamblers and a saloonkeeper are lured into donating land for the university campus. 1904 1912 1914 President Kendric C. Babcock is given permission by the Regents to purchase a horse, buggy and harness, but has to keep the cost under $600. The same year Arizona is granted statehood, enrollment reaches 254. At the time, that ' s one student per 1 ,000 Arizonans. With a $1,700 annual salary, J.F. McKale is hired as athletic director. His first football team beats Pomona and New Mexico. 1918 An influenza epidemic forces the campus into quarantine. Unearthed 149 1920-1929 The university president ' s on-campus house, 1929 Women ' s basketball team, 1927 _5 The almost completed Bear Down Gym sits alone on the far east side of campus, 1927 1921 UA is accepted as a member of the Association of American Colleges. 150 ' The Desert 1922 Although he ' s only 33,Cloyd Heck Marvin is hired as the 10th president of the university. 1923 After a $60,000 donation, matched by the UA, the Steward Observatory is built and dedicated. It stands alone on the east-end of campus 1926 Bear Down Gym is completed as the new " men ' s gymnasium. " Herring Hall is remodeled as a gym for women. 1929 Private donations make the construction of a much smaller version of Arizona Stadium possible. 1930-1939 ABOVE: The staff of the UA ' s satire magazine, the Kitty Kat, 1939 RIGHT: Student dramatic productions, 1933 Associated Students Council, which would later be called ASUA, 1939 The Debate Club, 1939 29 i of a 1932 Major construction on campus is slowed by the Depression. A huge slice in the UA ' s budget leads faculty to agree to a paycut. 1932 The College of Law is admitted to the American Association of Law Schools. 1936 Reluctantly, Dean Paul S. Burgess takes the job of UA president for one year. 1936 With 18 years of experience at Montana State College, Alfred Atkinson is hired as president. 1937 ROTC training is denounced by the first in a series of peace propagandist lectures to hit campus. Unearthed 151 1940-1949 UA student Frannie plays swing music in her dorm, 1940 ABOVE: Arizona cowgirls give three cheers for the big event of the year, the annual student rodeo, 1942 Safeway ' s ice truck delivers ice to dormatories, 1940 t-s- UA students present a weekly program that was written by the radio writing class, 1943 1941 Pearl Harbor is attacked, uniting UA students. 1942 1944 1945 1946 The nation ' s wartime needs are reflected in the UA ' s coursework, and faculty shinks as many enter wartime service. The fall enrollment make-up is three women to every man, illustrating the impact of war. The end of World War II is celebated on campus. Of the 4, 600 UA men and women who served, 270 did not return. Enrollment soars to 4,484 in the wake of war. Half of the students are returning GIs. 1,00 152 The Desert 1950-1959 Footwear popular with guys and dolls ranged from moccasins and buckskins all the way to dirty white bucks, trim flats and suedes, 1955 Wildcat fans rally in Phoenix to arouse enthusiasm before the Tempe game. Cheerleaders and pompom girls direct the crowd in spirited yells, 1958 Pooling a recently pinned brother in Memorial Fountain are enthsiastic members of the victim ' s fraternity. 1959 Mountain to paint the " A. " 1957 1950 The total of graduates ; hits 1 ,000. 1951 1953 Liberal Arts Dean Richard Harvill is named the 16th presi- dent of the university. The student union is dedicated during his inaguration. Four UA scientists help develop an agriculture college in Iraq. 1955 John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger and Martin Luther King Jr. appear at the UA as part of a series of distinguished persons lectures. 1958 The university aquires TRICA nuclear reactor. Unearthed 153 1960-1969 ABOVE: Pride of Arizona, 1969 Parents are shown by a Sigma Phi Epsilon active how their pledge son is controlled, 1966 ABOVE: The UA medical center is completed, 1969 LEFT: Metta Lou Henderson, a pharmacy senior, washes utensils in the Dispensing Lab after a day ' s practice of filling prescriptions, 1961 mi - M I 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1968 1969 Kitt Peak The UA is granted the McMath solar Peace Corps The Construction Candlelight vigil National authority to develop telescope is training department of on the UA on campus Observatory is a College of Medicine, dedicated to program Architecture medical center protests dedicated. the first and only in Kitt Peak. established on becomes a begins. Vietnam War. the state. campus. College. 154 The Desert 1970-1979 ABOVE: The latest fashion trends, 1978 The old Gentle Ben ' s, 1976 UA track and field, 1976 Frisbee on the Mall, 1978 1 I 1970 1971 1974 1977 1978 ;- : Ground for the McKale The UA graduates its School of Renewable School of Health- UA joins the PAC-10. - : Memorial Center is first class of 29 MDs. Resources approved Related Professions ft broken. Just down as a new unit of the authorized by 1 the Mall, the Optical Baseball coach Frank College of Agriculture. the Regents. Sciences Center is Sancet is named to dedicated. College ' s Baseball Hall of Fame. Unearthed 155 1980-1989 RIGHT: Lynn Riley uses the only charge card accepted at the student union: All Aboard, 1986 LEFT: Navajo dorm, 1983 LEFT: Reminiscent of the Caribbean, limbo skills are displayed on the Mall, 1986 RIGHT: The USA athletic team made quite an impressive showing at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games. Among the medal winners is UA ' s George DiCarlo (pictured) who won a gold medal in the 400- meter freestyle and a silver medal in the 1,500-meter freestyle 1980 1983 Coach Jerry Kindall helps the baseball team win its second national title. Its first was in 1976. 156 -The Desert The football team completes its season with seven victories, beating UCLA and Arizona State. The state Legislature approves a bond that authorizes the UA to issue bonds for capital improvements that will support university agricultural programs. The UA celebrates its 100th anniversay. A gigantic number " 100 " sits in front of Old Main all year. UA head basketball coach Fred Snowden is inducted into the UA Sports Hall of Fame. 1990-1999 This painted student shows his spirit in order to win tickets for the UA football game against Colorado State. 1995 Students relax on the old Founders Fountain located where the ILC is now, 1993 A student climbs the Fourth Avenue trolley car cables after the men ' s basketball team wins the National Championship, 1997 1991 1994 Students overwelmingly support the Gulf War ; in Iraq. The anti-war f protests of the Vietnam War in the ' 60s and 70s r are no more. Students rally for this war. Regents vote to toughen entrance requirements to the UA. Soon, high school students will need an extra year of math, science and the arts, plus two years of another language. 1994 1996 Abel Duffy, a student at Western New Mexico University in Silver City, N.M., protests the Mt. Graham telescope by scaling the student union bell tower. Charges are filed but then dropped against assistant basketball coach Phil Johnson for allegedly punching out a woman ' s car window at Tucson International Airport. 1999 Campus anticipates the symbolic dawn of 2000, but not without some fears of computer break- downs, terrorist attacks and an apocalypse. Unearthed 157 2000-2004 LEGS WARMAO Shootings in the College of Nursing leave three professors and the gunman dead, 2002 The Wall of Expression for students to release their feelings stands following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, 2001 2000 Republican State Rep. Jean McGrath of Glendale is voted out of office after suggesting women ' s studies be renamed lesbian studies. 158 The Desert 2001 2002 2002 2003 Students and professors wake to frightening images on Sept. 11. Campus doesn ' t shut down, community members unite. The state-of-the-art, underground ILC opens its doors for classes and computer use, but much of the high priced technology is axed following budget cuts. Three nursing professors are shot and killed by a disgruntled student. After the attacks, the student kills himself. After three years of demolition and construction, the new student union celebrates its grand opening. Riots erupt on North Fourth Avenue after the UA loses the championship basketball game to Duke University, 2001 The ILC (above) and student union construction tied up campus for the early part of the new century, 2003 Unearthed 159 In a familiar scene, the 2004 Desert King and Queen, Ryan Harper and Lauren Hall, look on at campus from Old A 11 ED j The athletic experience here is one or a kind. Nowhere else in college athletics will you find . i - ' i . a more tight-knit )mmunitv. community Jason Ranne, political science senior; men s basketball guard; First-Team Academic All-Pac-10 (3.68GPA); Student Athlete Advisory Committee vice president r MUSTAFA SHAKUR BASKETBALL Senior guard Jason Ranne studies while while waiting on the training table in McKale Center with his ankle taped. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Ranne, a political science senior, participates in Homecoming week activities after being nominated for Homecoming king by the UA athletic department. PHOTO BY RANDY METCALF The standout student- athlete Jason Ranne finds the ultimate balance between school and sports By Brett Fera JASON RANNE NEVER HIT DOUBLE DIGITS in scoring while wearing an Arizona uniform. He never knew the feeling of hitting a game-winner, let alone spending enough time on the court during a game to get into any kil of groove. But a player who averages less than a point per game and under four minutes each time out for the UA men ' s basketball never meant so much to a team ' s success. " I ' m not sure Jason isn ' t the smartest, or one of the smartest, basketball kids we ' ve ever had in here, " said UA associate head Jim Rosborough. " He ' s really an intelligent kid on the court. He understands the game. He understands the nuances of the game. HI understands his role. " While understanding his role was never difficult for the 6-foot-4 senior guard, Ranne ' s work ethic and leadership made him an instant favorite among coaches, players and fans alike. It even earned the walk-on a full athletic scholarship prior to his juni " It ' s about making sacrifices sacrifices for your team, " Ranne said emphatically, calling out the entire UA team after a lackluster, late-season loss. " At this point, I ' m not willing to say that these bunch of guys are willing to do that, including myself, incll DDDDDDDDD scout team and everything. " Ranne made sure, despite his team ' s eventual struggles and his new role near the end of his career, that he didn ' t abandon what got him that far in the first place. He had his first taste of Arizona basketball as a sixth-grader coming to a Lute Olson basketball camp in Tucson. Little did he know that almost 10 years later, he would be one of the campus ' s most recognizable figures, and not just for his skills on the basketball court. Born in Tucson but most recently from Tulsa, Okla., Ranne was vice president of the Student Athlete Advisory Board, a position that brought together his penchant for playing basketball and his success as a student. Ranne said it wasn ' t always easy to balance his commitments in the classroom and on the hardwood, but after he became used to it, it all became second nature enough to propel him into law school this fall. " My first semester freshman year: It was overwhelming. I had pretty bad grades my freshman year, " he said. " I wasn ' t ready for the traveling, missing school and coming back and then trying to pick up when everyone else has been there, doing stuff on the road, working on the plane or in a hotel room. " Sophomore year, I kind of got better at it, " he added. " You ' re going to have classes, and you ' re going to have to go to them. You ' re not always going to be pressed for time, though, because the schedule is the same every year for basketball. " Ranne has even managed to add another time-consuming duty to his schoolwork and practice time he and UA gymnast Katie Johnson have been daring for close to two years. " The best part about it is that she has the same schedule, " Ranne said. " That ' s fabulous, because she understands what I have to do and I understand what she has to do. " With his playing days in the rear-view mirror and law school facing him head on, Ranne is ready for his newest role in life. One thing ' s for sure: He won ' t forget the job he had while wearing No. 11 for the UA men ' s hoops team. Ranne, a Pac-10 All-Academic selection, was awarded an athletic s cholarship before the 2002-03 season after spending two seasons as a walk-on. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Unearthed 165 Flame Thrower Pitcher Alicia Hollowell writes her legacy while shooting for national title By James Kelley K. THAT ' S ALICIA HOLLOWELL ' S MIDDLE NAME, LITERALLY. Her parents may have spelled it Kay, but in just two years at Arizona, the sophomore Softball pitcher has been rewriting the UA record books at, well, record pace. Hollowell ' s most recent triumph was achieving the most " Ks " or strikeouts in a season, a record she already owned after setting it as a freshman in 2003. With more than 10 regular season games remaining, Hollowell broke the season record for strikeouts again, rolling past her mark of 394 set a year ago. By the end of the regular season, Hollowell had struck out 480 opposing batters en route to a 39-2 overall record. Current U.S. Olympic team star Jennie Finch was the last pitcher other than Hollowell to hold the strikeout record, with 366 set in 2002. " That ' s a tremendous accomplishment because the standard here is very high, " said UA acting head coach Larry Ray. " But records are made to be broken, and she ' s taken care of a few. " As always, after nearly pitching a perfect game striking out 20 of 21 batters Hollowell shrugged off the feat, deflecting the question about how her year went to how the team ' s year went. " I think it has gone well, " Hollowell said, modestly. In actuality, much of the Wildcats ' success in 2004 was due to the nearly unbeatable Hollowell. Her ERA hovered around 0.75, near the top of the nation to go along with her leading the nation in Ks for most of the year. UA head coach Mike Candrea was comfortable with Hollowell leading the team while he led the USA Olympic team. " Obviously, everything starts in the circle with Hollowell, and she ' s given the team everything we thought she would, " Candrea said. " She ' s a dominant force. " Hollowell ' s accolades during her stellar sophomore season ranged from multiple Pacific 10 Conference Player of the Week selections, a National Player of the Week nod, and a nomination as one of three finalists for the National Player of the Year award. Constancy rides high with Hollowell as well as she opened the season 32-0, which put her into a tie for eighth on the UA ' s most wins in a season list. In 2003, Hollowell broke the broke the record for most wins in a season with 40, leaving her just one win short of her own record heading into postseason play. Hollowell ' s greatest asset may be her ability to not let her record-breaking performances become too much pressure for her. After setting the strikeout record, her reaction was the same old story. " I didn ' t even know that I had done it, " she said with a laugh. ATHLETICSUNFA R 166 ' The Desert ATHLETICS UNE. ike Bell clears past defensive linemen in the of the " Dual in the Desert " game, Nov. 28. The Wildcats lost, 28-7, in the annual rivalry game, which was held at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY KEVIN B. KLAUS The dust... settles By Aaron Mackey A 23-yard field goal by Arizona kicker Nicholas Folk clanked off the right post before 55,498 fans at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe on Nov. 28. One play later, Arizona State quarterback Andrew Walter connected for an 80-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Derek Hagan, helping ASU beat Arizona, 28-7. Those two plays defined, in a nutshell, a season of missed opportunities and pure loss as Arizona (2-10, 1-7 Pacific 10 Conference) went on to finish last in the Pac-10 for the first time since joining the conference in 1978. After the game, then interim head coach Mike Hankwitz said the loss was disappointing and painful. Hankwitz, a man who saw his temporary job given to Mike Stoops less than 24 hours later, said the program had made progress off the field by creating player accountability. Continued on page 271 SEASON AT A GLANCE Overall 2-10 PEAK PERFORMER: Mike Bell fourth in the Pac-10 with 920 yards rushing Rushed for yards vs. Wash. sophomore running back Pac-10 Player of the Week Nov. 10 2003 Pac-10 1-7 ' Second-team All-Pac-10 UA most valuable player Unearthed 169 UA FOOTBALL 2003 GAME-BY-GAME BREAKDOWN Aug. 30, Arizona Stadium Wildcats 42 Texas-El Paso 7 Sept. 27, Arizona Stadium TCU 13 Wildcats 10 Nov. 1, Corvallis, Ore. Oregon State 52 Wildcats 23 Sept. 6, Arizona Stadium Louisiana State 59 Wildcats 13 Oct. 4, Pullman, Wash. Wash. State 30 Wildcats 7 Nov. 8, Arizona Stadium Wildcats 27 Washington 22 Sept. 13, Arizona Stadium Oregon 48 Wildcats 10 Oct. 11, Arizona Stadium UCLA 24 Wildcats 21 Nov. 15, Arizona Stadium Southern Cal 45 Wildcats Sept. 20, West Lafayette, Ind. Purdue 59 Wildcats 7 Oct. 25, Berkeley, Calif. California 42 Wildcats 14 Nov. 28, Tempe Arizona State 28 Wildcats 7 170 -The Desert Stoops ready to right Wildcat ship Continued from page 169 But on-field problems were the most apparent, as the program witnessed its first 10-loss season in UA history. " We had so many chances in the red zone. We just hurt ourselves with picks and fumbles, " said freshman quarterback Kris Heavner. The hurt began long before the " Duel in the Desert, " as the Cats saw starters injured, players booted from the team and their not-so-fearless leader fired. On Sept. 28, head coach John Mackovic was fired, just hours after losing a 13-10 overtime nail biter to TCU. Mackovic led the team to a 1-4 start and was 10- 18 overall in his 2 1 2 year tenure at UA, a run which featured a near mutiny in the fall of 2002 when nearly 40 players privately complained to UA President Peter Likins about Mackovic ' s coaching style. " I made a decision two and a half years ago that I truly believe was in the best interest of our program. It has proved not to be. That ' s in hindsight, but sometimes hindsight does have 20 20 vision, " said UA Athletic Director Jim Livengood at the press conference following Mackovic ' s dismissal. Hankwitz stepped up valiantly to head the team down the stretch, but failed to do much better, finishing 1-6 in his first stead as head coach. Moments similar to those against Arizona State tormented the Cats throughout the season, including a 24-21 loss to UCLA on Oct. 11 in which the team missed two field goals and threw four interceptions. " We found a way to lose this game, " said sophomore safety Darrell Brooks after the loss. Not only did the UA fail to catch a break during the season, it also failed to capitalize on opportunities. In the final game against ASU, the Cats gained 456 total yards of offense and possessed the ball for 10 minutes more than the Sun Devils. Despite the strong numbers, the Wildcats failed to pull the trigger when the time came to score. " Even-body made mistakes, " said freshman wide receiver Mike Jefferson. " We just shot ourselves in the foot. " With the new year, Arizona fans looked to Stoops to begin to restore a program that had fallen from the national prominence it once held. Stoops now prepares to revive the excitement and energy that accompanied the program throughout the mid ' 90s. Perhaps Stoops will bring back the swarm to a desert that has long been stagnant. LEFT: Wide receiver Mike Jefferson catches a pass at Sun Devil Stadium during ASU ' s 28-7, season finale, victory. ABOVE: Wide Receiver Ricky Williams tries to elude a Sun Devil tackier. OPPOSITE: Freshman Syndric Steptoe skips away from a Cal defender during the Golden Bears 42-14 win, Oct. 25 in Berkeley, Calif. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Unearthed 171 PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 172 The Desert Losing m control The dramatic fall of John Mackovic By Brett Fera Two-and-a-half years, a half-dozen business suits and an acrimonious revolt removed, John Mackovic rode 11 , into the Sonoran sunset. The beleaguered head football coach called his final play just hours before part of the Wildcats ' heartbreaking, 23-20 overtime loss to nationally ranked Texas Christian but it was a Sunday morning meeting with UA athletic director Jim Livengood that did him in for good. " John Mackovic is a good man and a good football coach 7 Livengood said, " But for whatever reason, (he) has not been a good fit for the University of Arizona football program ' Just 10 months earli er, after more than 40 of his players complained about their coach to UA President Peter Likins, the not-so-fearless leader survived, pledging to treat his players better during a teary- eyed press conference. ' Tm terribly sorry for my part in this turmoil and unrest 7 he said. " I accept full responsibility for my actions and pledge to work tirelessly to mend fences. " Continued on next page Unearthed 173 Out with the old John Mackovic y Contract Breakdown Initial salary: $200,000 Radio television UA-sponsored appearances: $600,000 Total guaranteed: $800,000 Highest possible incentives: $175,000 Possible total with incentives: $975,000 Football Resume Playing experience: 1962-63 at Wake Forest (QB) Coaching history: _ - college head coach (94-78-3) (Wake Forest, Illinois, Texas, Arizona) _____ - 1979 Sporting News national coach of the year Personal Born: Oct. 1, 1943 Birthplace: Barberton, Ohio Hired by Arizona: December 2000 Continued from page 173 The bottom line: Mackovic couldn ' t win in Tucson, posting a 10-18 overall record and 3-14 Pacific- 10 Conference mark during his short, but well- documented, tenure. Mackovic rode through the early stages of the 2003 season unscathed, despite the team ' s unsightly record. Come midseason, however, it seemed as if Mackovic himself knew his time was almost up when he told local media he might as well already clean out his office and make way for embattled former Alabama and Washington State head coach Mike Price. But according to Livengood, Mackovic ' s last stand was less about his inability to post victories as it was the lack of leadership he displayed as both a teacher of young men and as the university ' s highest-paid employee. " I made a decision two and a half years ago that I truly believed, at that time, was in the best interest of our program, " Livengood said. " It has proved not to be. That ' s in hindsight, but sometimes hindsight does have 20 20 vision. " If not for a noble attempt at redemption by Mackovic ' s top aide and temporary replacement defensive coordinator and interim head coach Mike Hankwitz the 2003 UA football season is one Arizona diehards and players alike would soon wish to forget. Livengood would take a mulligan on the Mackovic mistake nearly three years later the week, skipping over Price at Likins ' request and hiring Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops to take the helm the rock-bottom Wildcat program. Stoops won ' t be expected to perform a miracle next season; nobody would dare put that on the shoulders of a man yet to set foot on a field as a head coach. But the Iowa native said he ' s never backed down from a head-on challenge and doesn ' t plan to start now. " I have never coached a game where we didn ' t expect to win, " said Stoops, owner of a 2001 National Championship ring he earned while coaching alongside his brother, Bob, at Oklahoma. " Come September, next year, we ' ll be ready to play. " 174 -The Desert with the new .e Stoops Contract Breakdown Initial salary: $350,000 Radio television U sponsored appearances: $300,000 Total guaranteed: $650,000 Highest possible incentives: $505,000 Possible total with incentives: $1,155,000 Football Resume Playing experience: -1982-84 at Iowa (DB) - 1984 All- American - played in 1982 Rose Bowl Coaching history: - no head coaching experience - 1999-2003 associate head coach (Oklahoma) - 1998 assistant head coach (Kansas State) two Rose Bowls (1990, 2002) Personal Born: Dec. 13, 1961 Birthplace: Youngstown, Ohio Hired by Arizona: December 2003 Unearthed 175 Gameday at the UA By Ari Bern stein FOR SEVEN SATURDAYS DURING THE FALL SEMESTER, friends, family and football fans gathered outside Arizona Stadium, foam fingers on hand, to throw a slab of meat on their portable hibachi grills and prepare for another UA football game. Crazy fanatics, covered in red and blue paint, roamed the grassy " parking lot, " beer cans were strewn about the turf and the aroma of the cooking meat wafted throughout the air. But for a certain group, tailgating is more than just a weekend party - it ' s a longstanding and meaningful tradition. The Centurion party, a group of about 50 people, is known for its unusual display of Wildcat spirit. The group inherited an old beat up recreational vehicle, on its last leg, from former UA tailgater, Glenn Koepke. Koepke tailgated with the vehicle in the ' 70s, and even three decades ago, it wasn ' t in the most pristine condition. The RV was passed down to the Centurion party at Koepke ' s death. While to the onlooker, the vehicle looks like a hunk of scrap metal on wheels, it carries memories and traditions for the Centurions. Larry Kelsey, a 1969 UA graduate, heads up the group that for the past 30 seasons has turned a junky old vehicle into a portable UA mural. " One day, we decided to paint the truck (RV) in the Wildcat colors, " Kelsey said. " It was probably just an excuse to get drunk that day, but it took off from there. " The RV is hand painted every year, and each time the group adds a new coat, they also paint something special, such as the UA logo, important scores from previous years, or an image of Wilbur the Wildcat. But the only time anyone will see the UA- mobile is at tailgate parties because it is only driven from its storage area to the UA parking lot, and back. Dori Hardt, mother Of " Considering it is driven less than 70 miles a senior football player y ear if would be fair to sa Y that we have s P ent far more time painting Clav Hardt shows her than actually driving it, " said Wally Burke, another member of the support for ' the UA team Centurion group. before a fall aame Even though the RV has outlived many of its members, the puQTQ pw KEVIN B tradition goes on strong. So the next time you find yourself walking KLAUS around the UA parking lot on a fall Saturday afternoon, take a look for the UA masterpiece on wheels. And grab some meat while you ' re at it. After all, it ' s gameday at the UA. 176 -The Desert ...for a certain group, tailgating is more than just a weekend party - it ' s a longstanding and meaningful tradition. ongtime Arizona football fan and tailgater Larry Kelsey enjoyed spending his fall Saturday ' s with friends, good food and his RVon the UAmall PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Unearthed- 177 Comeback Youthful volleyball kids team overcomes slow start to make the NCAA tournament as part of nation ' s best conference By James Kelley AFTER STARTING THE SEASON THREE GAMES UNDER .500, and with five straight losses to open its Pacific 10 Conference schedule, the Wildcats needed a miracle run. They got one. The Arizona volleyball team ' s amazing late-season stretch included three wins over top-10 teams, another over No. 11 Washington and winning 11 of 15 matches at one time. Over that span, Arizona swept seven matches, garnered a five-match win streak and only lost to No. 9 Stanford, No. 2 Hawaii and twice to No. 1 Southern California. The Wildcats not only won enough to get above .500 and make the NCAA tournament, but they almost even got a chance to host the first and second rounds as one of the top 16 teams. " I think that this group has a lot to be proud of because of the character they displayed in the second half of the season, " said UA head coach David Rubio. The young but talented UA team was comprised of mostly freshmen and sophomores, leaving the Wildcats as Pac-10 underdogs in a league that has produced the last three national champions. " I think a lot of people have doubted us. That ' s their bad, because we didn ' t doubt ourselves, regardless, " said sophomore outside hitter Kim Glass after sweeping Oregon and Oregon State to get within one win of the .500 mark. Glass shattered most of the UA record books during her second season, tying or breaking at least six records, most notably her own for kills in a season with 650 almost 100 more and her 2002 record for most kills per game with 5.60. Sophomore outside hitter Jennifer Abernathy, Glass ' best friend and fellow Thundercat the pair wore black and red armbands with the l ogo of the ' 80s cartoon earned a national player of the week honor, while playing hurt 70 percent of the season. Stephanie Butkus, a true freshman setter the quarterback of volleyball rebounded from being benched to post the eighth-best assist total in school history. After losing only one senior, and with the Junior libero Kelli Mulvany top-ranked recruiting class in 2002 finally hitting attempts a dig during a 2003 . " .. ATTAI-J UA volleyball match in McKale Center. lts J umor ? eaT looks llke the UA laid the PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS foundation for a title run. ATHLETICSTINFA 7? 77 178 The Desert Freshman middle-blocker Kristina Baum (23) and junior middle blocker Jolene y illough (17) go up for the block during a Fall 2003 match in McKale Center. SEASON ATA GLANCE Overall 17-15 Pac-10 10-8 PEAK PERFORMER: Kim GlaSS soptwmore outside hitter Set UA record with Broke Fastest Wildcat to reach 650 kills in a season 2 goals 1,000 kills Third-team All-America selection First-team All-Pac-W selection Unearthed 179 Arizona junior midfielder forward Vanesha Baley gets caught in traffic during an early season home match at Murphey Stadium. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS ' e V SEASON AT A GLANCE Overall 6-1 1 -2 PEAK PERFORMER: CandlC6 WllkS junior forward UA leader with UA leader with Pac-10 Player of the Week 8 goals 18 points Nov. 10 2003 Pac-10 2-6-1 ' First-team All-Pac-10 selection 180 -The Desert Something out of nothing Cats ' success goes much deeper than win column By Brett Fera MAYBE IT WAS JUST LOW EXPECTATIONS; maybe a lack of history. Or quite possibly, for this year ' s group of Wildcats, it was just a little bit of an " L.A. Story. " Whatever the cause, the Arizona women ' s soccer team (6-11-2 overall, 2-6-1 Pacific-10 Conference) enjoyed its most successful season in program history, even after winning just one-third of its games during the 2003 campaign. " We hadn ' t had a Pac-10 road victory in six seasons, " said Arizona head coach Dan Tobias after completing his first season in the desert. " It would have been nice to be on the positive side more often, but we can look back and see we did end the season with the best season for the program ever. " When the Southern California native came to Tucson last spring after a five year stint heading the Washington State program and on the heels of winning the 2002 Pac-10 Coach of the year award, he inherited a program lacking chemistry and more noticeably one lacking a winning attitude during its short decade of existence. Arizona broke 10 team records, put three players on the all-conference team for the first time in school history, and battled in a school- record 13 one-goal games. Despite being outscored 33-23 on the year, the Wildcats outshot their opponents, 269-213 an average of better than three more shots per game. Junior Candice Wilks earned herself a first- team all-Pac-10 nod for her efforts, scoring a team-leading eight goals and 18 points. The Altadena, Calif., native paced a 22-player UA roster comprised half of players hailing from the Southern California region, not to mention Tobias as well. When those 11 Wildcats had the chance to face soccer powerhouse UCLA and nationally ranked Southern California in L.A. this season, the upstart group was up to the challenge. " I have been waiting two years for this, " said sophomore midf ielder Tracy Adler, a native of Van Nuys, Calif. Arizona battled back and forth with USC, managing to squeeze out a 1-0 win on a goal by sophomore midfielder Mallory Miller, the team ' s second leading scorer this season with six goals and 14 points. It may be ironic that a team full of Southern California standouts rode Miller a Tucson native to the team ' s first Pac-10 victory of the year on their own trip home, but there ' s nothing surprising about where the future of this program is headed. Wildcat freshman forward Lauren Winters breaks free from a defender and toward the goal during an early season home match. Unearthed 181 Beth Hoge, a junior from Bismarck, N.D., falls behind an ASU runner during the Dave Murray Cross Country Invitational held on Sept. 19 at the Dell Urich Golf Course in Tucson. Hoge placed eighth in the 4,300 meter run with a time of 16:05.23. PHOTOS BY CHRIS CODUTO V C I h K 2 O o (0 182 The Desert Diversifying the distance Kenyan pair leads team to finish line By Brett Fera UA FRESHMAN LONG-DISTANCE RUNNER AND KENYA-NATIVE Robert Cheseret knows how to speak three languages. But all it takes is one word - in any language - and the Wildcats ' latest and greatest Olympic-caliber import is off. Run. " Robert is one of four or five runners who will be in the hunt for the individual national title. " cross country head coach James Li said early in the season. " As a true freshman, that is quite remarkable. " Cheseret. the Pacific-10 Conference men ' s cross country newcomer of the year for 2003, turned his talent for tearing up the terrain into wins in two of his first three races. He took the individual title at the Dave Murray Invitational, held in Tucson and named after the long-time UA track and field coach, placed second at the Roy Griak invitational in Minneapolis, Minn. by just two seconds and bookended the defeat with another win at the Arizona State Invitational, in Gilbert. Cheseret never finished lower than third in any meet this season until an untimely fall at the NCAA Championships took him out of contention. " I picked the U of A because I saw the performers for the U of A, and (because of) the academics. " said Cheseret, who has lived in the United States since December 2002. The success of the UA squads wasn ' t limited to Cheseret, however. He was joined on the All-Pac-10 squad by UA junior Jonah Maiyo, a fellow Kenyan. Maiyo. who won two junior college national titles while attending Central Arizona College, posted four top- 10 finishes during the fall stretch to compliment Cheseret, while senior Kyle Goklish, of Whiteriver. Ariz., picked up a pair of top-five finishes as well. " Jonah Maiyo is a middle distance runner, and I have been very impressed with his performances. He continues to get better, " Li said. " Kyle Goklish is finally running where he is supposed to be. and will do better yet. " With the leadership skills of senior standout Beth Hoge, who finished eighth at the Dave Murray Invitational and paced the Wildcat women to a sixth place finish at the Pac- 1 championships, and the dynamic abilities of Cheseret and Maiyo, Li ' s cross country team will be a Pac- 10 force for years to come. Robert Cheseret, a freshman from Kenya, leads an ASU distance runner. Cheseret won the meet with a time of 19:12.36. BELOW: Matt Mclnvale (52), a sophomore from Ramona, Calif., placed seventh in the meet with a time of 19:53.18. Making a racket Wildcat tennis puts itself back on the national map ABOVE: Junior Colin O ' Grady serves during an April match against California. PHOTO BY CHRIS CODUTO BELOW: Junior Maja Mlakar prepares for a return against visiting Cal. PHOTO BY JACOB KONST By Roman Veytsman THE ARIZONA MEN ' S TENNIS TEAM MAY HAVE FALLEN UNDER THE RADAR to start the 2003-2004 campaign, but a top-20 finish and a 15-9 overall mark will certainly put Pac-10 opponents on notice for next season. Led by standout sophomore Roger Matalonga, who recorded 22 wins against just nine losses en route to the No. 80 individual ranking in the nation, the 2004 squad became the first UA team to defeat California on the road. Matalonga also managed to defeat a pair of top-25 players during his second season, beating UCLA ' s Chris Lam and Southern California ' s Adriano Biasella. Matalonga, along with junior Colin O ' Grady, formed the nation ' s No. 23 doubles pair, going 15-8 along the way as well. While O ' Grady and Matalonga led the team through their on-court success, the vocal leader of the team was senior Tom Lloyd. Lloyd returned to the team for a sixth season after being awarded a medical redshirt last season. He battled injuries all year but still managed to play in almost every match. The team ' s only other senior was Whi Kim, whose outstanding UA career ended with him winning 20 matches in a season twice. " It ' s been great, " said Kim of his experience at Arizona. " I learned a lot about winning for your team and not just for yourself. It was a great four years for me. " As the men climbed the national rankings, the UA women ' s tennis squad couldn ' t get over the hump at times this season, limping to a 7-13 record to close out the season. A bright spot for next year emerged, however, in junior Dianne Hollands. Hollands finished the year ranked No. 14 in the country - the highest of her career - and reached the semifinals of the Pac - 10 championships. She also defeated the No.l ranked player in the country, Raquel Kops Jones of California, in what assistant coach Petar Danolic called the best match of her life. Hollands and fellow junior Maja Mlakar formed the No. 8 doubles team in the nation as well, also reached the semifinals of the Pac-10 championships. The lone senior on the team was Debbie Larocque, who finished her four-year UA career with a record of 74-66. " She was the vocal leader of the team, so she will be greatly missed, " Danolic said. " She was a great girl to have around. " With Larocque as the only departing senior, the future looks promising, especially with two freshmen, Kasia Jakowlew and Jessie Rochefort who made big contributions this season. Along with stars Mlakar and Hollands, junior Kelly Perry, and sophomore Iza Ferreira, both the UA women ' s and men ' s tennis teams look set to put the Pac-10 on notice next year. 184 The Desert Senior Whi Kim attempts a return during Arizona ' s 5-2 win over Cal in April at Robson Tennis Center. PHOTO BY CHRIS CODUTO Sophomore Iza Ferreira reaches for a return during the Wildcats ' 6-1 home loss to Cal in March. PHOTO BY JACOB KONST Unearthed 185 Junior center Channing Frye (45) and junior forwards Isaiah Fox and Matt Brase (30) kick off Arizona Basketball ' s 100th season of play with the team ' s annual intrasquad game in McKale Center. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Itf Hope rt break By Brett Fera It wasn ' t supposed to end that way. But for everyone close to the Arizona men ' s basketball team from players and coaches to every UA student who bleeds cardinal and navy is it ever supposed to end like that? " We just didn ' t get the job done, " said UA head coach Lute Olson following his team ' s second-half collapse in the first round of the NCAA tournament, against Seton Hall in Raleigh, N.C. A promising season that began with a No. 4 national ranking and the centennial celebration of college basketball in Tucson concluded after just one round of NCAA Tournament play, and with a 20-10 final record. Arizona failed to hold onto a 14-point second-half lead in the loss, a breakdown that will ultimately lead to more questions about next season than answers about this year. Continued on page 188 ITHLETICSrX SEASON AT A GLANCE PEAK PERFORMER: Hassan Adams Overall 20-10 Pac-10 10-8 points 17.2 per game average rebounds 7.3 per game average sophomore guard forward Pac-10 Player of the Week Dec. 8 All-Pac-W Tournament Team UA most inspirational player All-Pac-W Honorable Mention Unearthed 187 Olson: Work ethic key for next year Continued from page 187 To Olson and his players, failing to play a complete 40 minutes of basketball against Seton Hall summed up the team ' s problems throughout one of the most tumultuous seasons of the coach ' s tenure. " I think we played like that the whole season, " said junior shooting guard Salim Stoudamire after the loss. " We were consistently inconsistent, and that showed again tonight. " After starting the season 10-1 overall, the Wildcats ' season went awry after back-to-back losses to then No.4 Stanford in Tucson and unranked Southern California in Los Angeles. Arizona went on to lose consecutive games four different times during the remainder of the season, sputtering its way to a 10-9 record down the stretch and the team ' s earliest tourney exit in five years. Olson said the way in which his Wildcats lost their games disturbed him almost as much as the losses themselves. He cited a lack of individual leadership among his chief concerns. " We had a hard time dealing with prosperity because of youth and the absence of a take-charge player, " he said. " This is a problem that we have had all year long and were not able to develop from that. " That ' s not to say the Hall of Fame head coach isn ' t used to a better output than this season produced. " (A record of) 20-10 is not acceptable, and one round in the playoffs is not acceptable, " Olson said. Olson said he hopes to see freshman point guard Mustafa Shakur emerge as a leader next fall, but he was adamant that every returning player has to step up his play heading into next season. " We have some good guys coming in, but the returning guys ... each of them will have something they need to focus on in the offseason, " he said. " Charming (Frye) needs to get stronger. Hassan (Adams) needs to work on his handling. Andre (Iguodala) needs to work on consistency in his shooting. That ' s more work ethic than anything else. " The first-round defeat stayed on all of the players ' minds as the NCAA Tournament progressed toward the April 5 championship game, in which the University of Connecticut beat Georgia Tech, 82-73. But the loss was particularly crushing for reserve guards Fil Torres and Jason Ranne, who wore their Wildcat jerseys for the last time in the loss to Seton Hall. Ranne said the best piece of advice he can give his teammates is not to forget how crumbling against Seton Hall down the stretch summed up the team ' s entire 30-game season. " It was our game, our game to lose and we did, " Ranne said. " You turn it off in the most important game in the year, basically. It ' s just something you ' ve got to learn from, something that ' s got to eat at them. Maybe that will provide some fire next year. " Adams, a sophomore forward who led the Wildcats with 17.2 points per game, said after the season-finale defeat that while he ' s certain he won ' t forget the sting of the way the season played out, the only way to move forward is to start preparing for next season as soon as possible. " Tomorrow. Tonight. We have to get our minds right, " he said. Sophomore Andre Iguodala fights for a rebound during the Wildcats ' home loss to Washington. Iguodala won ' t return to Arizona in the fall, declaring for the NBA draft after the season. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 188 -The Desert Wildcats Ivan Radenovic, left, Channing Frye and Salim Stoudamire battle Stanford ' s Joe Kirchofer and Nick Robinson during the Cardinal ' s 82-72 victory in January in McKale Center. Junior Salim Stoudamire, an honorable mention AII-Pac-10 selection, drives to the bucket during a scrimmage. Channing Frye puts himself between the ball and the basket while attempting to block a shot during the Wildcats ' win over Oregon State in McKale Center. Unearthed 189 Then and now celebrating 100 years of UA basketball I iiffl Coaches ' corner Before Lute Olson, below, took Arizona to the promised land of college basketball winning a national title in 1997, Fred Snowden, left, paved the way for Wildcat greatness as a pioneer for black coaches during his tenure at Arizona nearly three decades ago. 190 -The Desert Big men on campus Junior Channing Frye, right, is the undisputed king of the court for the UA men ' s basketball team, swatting shots and picking up rebounds with ease. But before Frye, Bob " Big Bird " Elliott, left, roamed the paint for Arizona, earning All-American honors as a Wildcat in the early 1970s. Can ' t miss cousins When Salim Stoudamire committed to play at the UA for the 2001-2002 season, his only request was to wear jersey No. 20, the same number worn by his cousin Damon. Damon was a standout point guard and AH-American for Arizona the mid 1990s. Unearthed- 191 Best seat in the house Former guard Josh Pastner spent most of his college playing career riding the UA bench. It seems he was just getting used to his future role with the team, as a current assistant coach. Point guard The court savvy of 2003-2004 freshman Mustafa Shakur, left, reminds UA faithful of another phenom point guard, 1996-1997 freshman and National Champion Mike Bibby, below. 5fi IBEAKDOWNI HUH r V ? f v y McKale madness Opening its doors midway through the 1972-1973 season, the 14,545-seat McKale Center hit its stride as one of the nation ' s premier arena ' s in 1984. Since then, the UA men ' s basketball team has led the Pac-10 in attendance, selling out every game game over the past 18 seasons. Unearthed 193 That nai . u . championship Cats win first Pac-10 title By Brett Fera feeling As if 238 wins in 13 seasons in Tucson weren ' t enough, UA head women ' s hoops coach Joan Bonvicini re-assured her place in UA basketball history during the 2003-2004 season. Bonvicini, already known around coaching circles as one of the nation ' s top floor generals upon her hiring in 1991, led the Wildcats to the NCAA tournament for the seventh time in 2004. She also led Arizona to its best-ever Pac-10 finish for the second straight year, this time for the team ' s first Pac-10 crown. Continued on page 196 THAMP YfARIII 194 -The Desert t w DA sophomore center Shawntinice Polk helped guide the Wildcats to a share of the 2003-2004 Pac-10 championship by averaging 16. 6 points and 10-3 rebounds per game. PHOTO BY CLAIRE C. LAURENCE ATHLETICSnNFART, WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Unearthed 195 Cats extend McKale Center win streak Continued from page 194 But despite all of her team ' s achievements - including first- team All-Pac-10 nods for stars Dee-Dee Wheeler and Shawntinice Polk Bonvicini couldn ' t be satisfied with the way the way the season ended, after a second consecutive first-round NCAA loss. " This one hurts, " Bonvicini said after falling to Michigan State University. " Our kids are really disappointed. We really battled and I thought we played better (than in last season ' s loss), but we still have some work to do. " The reason it hurts so much, though, was probably because of how capable this team was of defeating some of the nation ' s top teams like it did against No. 7 Stanford in an 88-83 win in McKale Center. That work Bonvicini speaks of, however, should be clear come next season. The Wildcats lost just one rotation player to graduation, even if it is sparkplug shooting guard Aimee Grzyb, Arizona ' s all-time leader in games played and perpetual 3-point threat. With Wheeler ' s team-leading 16.9 points returning (she also led the team in steals, assists and minutes played) along with national player of the year candidate Shawntinice Folk ' s 16 points and 10 rebounds, Arizona should be in good shape to compete for its second straight conference title and a deeper run in the NCAAs. The team also returns Natalie Jones ' nine points and five rebounds a game. " I ' m just very disappointed it has to end like this, but I ' m really proud of our team, " Bonvicini said after the loss to Michigan State. " You never want to judge your season on your last game, but I think the thing for us is we ' re really close to being good. There are some things we need to improve on, but that comes in the offseason. That ' s how you get there. " I Senior guard Aimee Grzyb set the all- time DA women ' s basketball record for games played in a career in 2004. Grzyb saw action in 123 contests during her four seasons as a Wildcat. PHOTOS BY CLAIRE C. LAURENCE SEASON ATA GLANCE PEAK PERFORMER: Shawntinice Polk Overall 24-9 Pac-10 14-4 Co-Pacific 10 Conference Champions ' sophomore center points 16.6 per game average rebounds 10.3 per game average Pac-10 Player of the Week Mar. 5 Feb. 9 Jan. 19 NCAA Player of the Month (February) UA co-Most Valuable player First-Team All-Pac-10 selection Junior guard Dee Dee Wheeler, an All- Pac-1 selection for the second consec- utive season, led the Wildcats in assists, steals and scoring, averaging close to 17 points per game. stthe record for M.Grzyb Juringhe ' a Idea: ,URENCE Sophomore center Shawntinice Polk, left, and sophomore guard Natalie Jones, right, helped provide stability in the UA lineup. Polk and Jones were two of four Wildcats to start all 33 of the teams games. Unearthed 197 Puffing for Pride UA marching band celebrates a century ' s worth of musical mastery THINK YOU HAVE THE PRIDE OF ARIZONA IN YOU? Try early morning wakeup calls or practicing right up until the clock hits midnight. How about wearing scorching hot red and blue costumes in temperatures pushing 100 degrees on an early September Saturday afternoon at Arizona Stadium? Better yet, attempt to stay in sync with 250 other dedicated artists without missing a beat or a step during a rousing halftime performance. Then, maybe, you ' d have the true Pride of Arizona as in the UA ' s century-old symbol of musical mastery, present for all eyes to see and all ears to hear at every UA home football game. Under the lead of associate director of bands Jay C. Rees, the UA marching band is considered to be among the top alternative-music-based collegiate marching bands. Routines over the past few seasons have included music from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oingo Boingo, Pink Floyd and Crosby, Stills, Nash Young. Accompanied by an award winning auxiliaries including the drumline, Pom Line and baton twirlers the Arizona marching band ' s continuous efforts truly give the UA community something to be proud of. The routines performed by the Pride of Arizona are so detail-oriented that every movement, from hand gestures to footsteps, must be completely synchronized. PHOTOS BY CHRIS CODUTO Senior Matt Stout performs a routine in unison with members of the UA Pom Line in preparation for a football halftime performance. Senior Sage Whitmore pounds away during a fall marching band rehearsal at Arizona Stadium. Junior Monica Bisordi completes her rou- tine on the beam during a spring home meet. Bisordi earned Second-Team All-America honors for her efforts in the floor-exercise event. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Gym cats flip into action Gymnasts step up to post best season in team history By Brett Per a WHEN ALL WAS SAID AND DONE, Arizona gymnastics head coach Bill Ryden couldn ' t mask his disappointment. " There are teams going to nationals from other parts of the country with lower scores than us. It is just the luck of the draw, " Ryden said after his Gymcats squad fell one spot short of a trip to nationals during the NCAA South Central regional championships at McKale Center in April. Ryden wasn ' t so much disappointed with his team as he was disappointed for his team, a group of 15 women who seemingly one- upped themselves every time they hit the mats. " We tried hard tonight. We just came up a little bit short, " he said. For senior Andi McCabe, who made her final appearance on the mats with her teammates during the third-place regional finish, her season ended somewhat bittersweet. The Bensonville, 111., native qualified individually for nationals, along with junior Monica Bisordi, leaving most of her fellow Gymcats back in Tucson. " I ' m obviously happy, but at the same time, I ' m sad, " McCabe said. " I ' m glad that Monica can also go with me. I know that the team ' s support is still behind us, but it is sad that they all can ' t be there. I wish that we could have ended it like that. " The Gymcats ' season may have been cut shorter than they ' d hoped, but not before the team posted arguably the best run in program history. Led by Bisordi ' s 14 individual titles, the best season of McCabe ' s UA career and another solid year from junior Katie Johnson, Arizona scored totals of 196 (out of 200), or better, in its final 10 meets a feat never before accomplished by the program. McCabe and Johnson also became the seventh and eighth gymnasts in school history to notch perfect 10s on events in late February. McCabe scored a perfect 10 on the vault, while Johnson countered with a perfect 10 on the floor exercise. fl Bisordi may not have tallied any perfect scores during the season, but her 41 top-5 finishes and subsequent selection to the All-Pac-10 team gives the team plenty to look forward to heading into next season. 200 The Desert ABOVE: Freshman Aubrey Taylor performs a routine on the uneven bars during a meet at McKale Center. RIGHT: Senior Sheehan Lemley, Taylor and junior Kristine Harper get ready for their next events. There are teams going to nationals from other parts of the country with lower scores than us. It ' s just the luck of the draw. I I Bill Ryden, gymnastics head coach PEAK PERFORMER: Monica Bisordi junior First-Team All-Pac-10 selection Second-Team All-America selection 14 individual event titles top-5 finishes 41 Making a Swim, dive teams rock; roll to top five national finishes By Brett Fera HEAD SWIM COACH FRANK BUSCH MUST THINK HIS JOB IS EASY, even if the NCAA disagrees. Busch was named NCAA national women ' s coach of the year for 2003-2004, the second time he ' s won the award. The real question is: How could the NCAA even consider anyone else? All Busch ' s world-class women ' s squad did this year was earn nearly a dozen All-America honors, including four first team selections en route to a third place finish at the NCAA championships. " It was a fantastic team effort, " Busch said modestly after his women ' s squad finished third at the NCAA championships. " We had 11 All-Americans contributing to our third-place finish. I ' d say that is pretty awesome. " Leading the way for the lady Wildcats was junior Emily Mason, winner of the 2004 NCAA championship in the 400-meter freestyle. " I can ' t believe that I won, " Mason said. " First of all, this was my first time to actually make the finals in the 400 free, and I was incredibly late to the start of the race. That got my adrenaline running pretty good, and it didn ' t give me time to settle down and think about the race too much. So maybe I should be late every time. " During the NCAA title competition, Mason also broke UA records in the 200-meter free and 400-meter individual medley. Sophomore Marshi Smith broke the UA mark in the 50-meter freestyle event, while junior Jessica Hayes set a new record in the 100-meter free. Whitney Smith ' s outing rivaled that of Mason as well, as the freshman set new school records in the 100-meter and 200-meter butterfly events and the 200-meter individual medley. Busch also earned the Pacific 10 Conference ' s coach of the year award for his efforts, while diver Mary Yarrison was named Pac-10 diving newcomer of the year. It ' s no coincidence, however, that the Arizona ' s women ' s squad helped Busch earn the NCAA ' s top coaching honor. The UA men ' s team wasn ' t far behind, finishing fourth overall at the NCA, championships, depleted roster and all. The UA men ' s squad brought just 11 swimmers and one diver to the meet, but still managed to keep its head above water long enough to finish in the top three. " It was a great team effort by all of these athletes, " Busch said. " We lost one of our best swimmers (senior Luis Rojas) before entering this meet, and no one in their wildest dreams thought that we could finish as well as we did. " V t - Freshman diver Mary Yarrison, above, and sophomore diver John Collier, below, splash down during a meet at Hillenbrand Aquatic Center. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Senior swimmer Jessica Wagner competes in the breaststroke during a spring home meet. We had 11 All- Americans contributing to our third-place finish. I ' d say that ' s pretty awesome. Frank Busch, head swim coach Unearthed 203 ABOVE: UAhead swim coach Frank Busch, left, has been instrumental in the international success of DA student and Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard, right. RIGHT: Beard, a retail and consumer sciences junior, earned a gold medal at the 1996 Summer Games when she was just 14-years old. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS How many times will a potential gold medalist be walking on campus? Frank Busch, UA head swim coach 204 The Desert The gold standard UA junior Amanda Beard ' s quest for glory hits Athens By Brett Fera AMANDA BEARD SAYS SHE ' S JUST ANOTHER STUDENT. " Sometimes, they call roll in class and people will look when they hear my name, but they don ' t put it together, " she says. While the rest of the UA community prepared itself for May ' s semester-ending exams, the retail and consumer sciences junior was busy prepping for a final of her own. The course: History 2004. The classroom: Athens, Greece. " Right now, I ' m very confident, " Beard said before the Olympic trials. " But you never know what ' s going to happen. " Beard didn ' t know what would happen as a 14-year-old in 1996, when she won her first Olympic gold medal in the 400-meter medley relay in Atlanta, along with two silver medals. Nor could she predict what would happen in July 2003 when she set the world record in the 200-meter breaststroke at the World Championships. In May, it was everyone else who predicted she would bring home even more hardware in the 100 and 200- meter breaststroke and the 200-meter individual medley at this year ' s Summer games. Training for the Olympic trials the pressure of being physically and mentally ready for swimming on the world ' s biggest stage was no picnic, Beard said. " It stays pretty intense all the way up until about two weeks until I go to the trials, " she said of her training schedule, which included at least four hours in the pool, six days a week, on top of another half-hour or so of calisthenics. " At that point, we ' ll back up and just rest. " UA head coach Frank Busch said it ' s all about what Beard is still capable of accomplishing, despite her long list of achievements. " How many times will a potential gold medalist be walking on campus? " Busch asked. " There ' s not a whole lot of things that Amanda does that surprises me. " Perhaps the biggest non-surprise thrown at Busch was when Beard, then a sophomore for the UA swim team, chose to end her collegiate career two seasons early in order to go after endorsement opportunities. " The coaches on the staff were thrilled for Amanda, " Busch says. " Obviously it was difficult for the team to lose her after just a couple of years. But my philosophy has always been that I would never want to hold anyone back from that sort of opportunity. " Despite leaving the UA swim program, Beard is still on track to attain a degree in retail and consumer sciences from the school. Beard doesn ' t have the time to be a full-time student though. Her career just won ' t allow it. " It is really tough, sometimes. I ' ll miss like three weeks of school because I ' m out of the country doing swim meets, " she said. " It makes it tough to get good grades. " With the ability to balance a career in the pool, endorsement deals from Speedo and Red Bull and her studies at the same time, Beard does still plan to put her degree to work someday, with hopes of opening clothing boutique once her swim career wraps up. That ' s not to say it ' s anywhere near over. What started as a plan to swim in the ' 96, 2000 and ' 04 games has extended as far as the 2012 Olympics. Not even Beard knows for sure how long she ' ll go. " I thought for sure I ' d retire after 2004, " she says. " But then it got closer and I was like, ' No way. ' " Unearthed 205 down a dream Cats track down the competition Senior Kevin Opalka soars over the bar in the pole- vault event at the Wildcat Invitational in March. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS By Brett Fera IN ANY OTHER SEASON, THEY IDEA OF LOSING 11 STANDOUT SENIORS to graduation would be enough to cripple a college athletic team. Not this season, though. Not to this team. " The (Arizona State) meet gave us a real solid indicator that we had some young people ready to step up and develop, " Harvey said after the Wildcats narrowly fell to the Sun Devils while defeating Northern Arizona at the " Duel in the Desert. " Among the youth movement for the UA squad were sophomore distance runner Robert Cheseret and sophomore thrower Rachel Varner, each winners of Pac-10 titles in their respective events. Cheseret followed up his three titles at the " duel " with another triple set of individual victories at the 2004 Pac-10 Championships in Tucson. Cheseret ran his way to victories in the 1,500 and 5,000-meter races, both after dominating the gruelinH D 10,000-meter endurance test. Varner took home her own individual title at the two-day Pac-10 event, winning the women ' s discus event, while freshman Adam Kuehl countered with a second-place finish in the men ' s discus. While sprinter Angel Perkins, hurdler Sharifa Jones and national-title-contending pole vaulter Connie Jerz all posted stellar seasons as well, the team will undoubtedly miss its 11 senior competitors, including distance runner Kyle Goklish, sprinter JevoD D Mason and thrower Ryan Moore. " (These athletes) bring so much to the table, in terms of their leadership and the things they do outside their competitive evenDD areas, " said UA track and field head coach Fred Harvey. " There was nothing negative about being at the UA, " Goklish said. " I liked every moment of it. I wouldn ' t change a thing. " (I will miss most) the team concept, the camaraderie, the team practices and hanging out with teammates on trips and at practices. " While the UA track squad ' s underclassmen will surely miss Goklish and his fellow seniors, the team ' s future is sure to be brightD D with Cheseret and Varner leading the way. 206 The Desert ATHLETICSl TAR W A C ji AND FIELD RIGHT: Freshman runner Avery Sneed blows by the competition during a sprint at Drachman Stadium. BELOW: Freshman runner Ashley Ippolito reaches for dry land in the steeplechase event at the Jim Click Shootout in Tucson. PHOTOS BY CHRIS CODUTO Senior thrower Matt Wagner winds up during his attempt at the javelin throw during a March meet in Tucson. Take me out to the ballgame i Players in the dugout cheer on their batters during a game against ASU in April. ven when they were down and down against some very good teams, they showed reliance in bouncing back.l Larry Ray, acting head softball coach 210 -The Desert Freshman shortstop Kristie Fox fields a ground ball against ASU in April. The Wildcats defeated the Sun Devils 3-1 . PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS OPPOSITE: Outfielder Autumn Champion dives to take a hit away from a UCLA batter. PHOTOS BY CLAIRE C. LAURENCE Softball team successful, despite head coach ' s absence By James Kelley WITHOUT ITS HALL-OF-FAME COACH, the Arizona Softball team would be excused if it struggled a bit in 2004. Winners don ' t need excuses though, especially teams that win 53 of 57 games during a season. Arizona, sans head coach Mike Candrea, who was off preparing the U.S. Olympic Softball team for its summer trip to Athens, Greece, did better in the regular season than any team in school ' s rich, six-national-title history. The Wildcats, No. 1 for most of the season, raced out to the team ' s best ever start twice, going the longest without losing a game 34 and the longest without losing a second game at 46 games. With Candrea gone, the team was run by acting head coach Larry Ray and acting associate head coach Nancy Evans, but neither coach wanted to take any credit for the team ' s success. That was diverted to those actually in the field. " That ' s kind of just a tribute to the players ' hard work and their ability to pay close attention to the details, " Ray said. " They won ' t let anything stand in their way. Even when they were down and do wn against some very good teams, they showed reliance in bouncing back. " Sophomore pitcher Alicia Hollowell said the team didn ' t think about the win records, but focused more on winning the Pac-10 and NCAA titles. " Honestly, I don ' t think we really paid attention to that, " Hollowell said. " Those other records we break and everything are just bonuses. " Freshman lead off batter and centerfielder Caitlin Lowe was at or near the top of the national stats in steals, hitting and runs, while Hollowell was a national leader in strikeouts and wins. Senior first baseman and pitcher Wendy Allen, followed closely by senior catcher Mackenzie Vandergeest, also topped the NCAA charts in RBIs for most of the season. Candrea, who pledged to stay out of the way and make sure it was Ray ' s team this year, said the team did " outstanding. " " I think Larrv and Nancy and (volunteer assistant coach) Mikel (Candrea, his son) have done a tremendous job, " Candrea said. ATHLETICS I Down and out iff the dugout Senior pitcher Scott Burns delivers a pitch during the ASU baseball game in late May. PHOTO BY CHRIS CODUTO OPPOSITE PHOTO BY KEVIN KLAUS By Brett Fera IT ALL CAME DOWN TO THE WHAT IPS. What if the entire 2003 starting rotation hadn ' t left school early for the pros? Would the Arizona baseball team have been a pre-season lock to reach the College World Series, instead of battling all season for its postseason life? What if standouts Nick Hundley, Brad Boyer, Derek Decater and Trevor Crowe all named freshman All-Americans a year ago hadn ' t fallen victim to the sophomore jinx so early in their second season at the UA? What then? Chances are, nobody predicted where the Cats ' wild ride would have ended up - as one of the last eight teams standing in Omaha, Neb., at the Men ' s College World Series. " That ' s the thing that wears on you most, " said head coach Andy Lopez of his team ' s struggles early on. " It ' s so within grasp that you have a lot of margin to say, ' What if? ' " Arizona jumped out to a quick 5-0 start, including a three-game sweep of UC Riverside and back-to-back wins over eventual National Champion Cal-State Fullerton. Ranked as high as No. 11 in the national polls, the Wildcats ' season quickly turned south though. Arizona eventually dropped out of the polls, playing .500 baseball the rest of the way. " We know every game is vital, " said junior catcher Richard Mercado, who hit close .330 as a mid-lineup staple for Arizona. " We ' re a good enough team that if we play the game right, we can compete with anyone in the nation. " With its season winding down and its postseason chances in limbo, Arizona got the chance to prove just that, going toe-to-toe with the nation ' s top-ranked team. The Wildcats played well enough to take two of three from No. 1 Stanford, breathing new life into the team heading into the NCAA tournament. Junior infielder John Hardy and Rhinehart, a freshman outfielder, led the way for the Wildcats at the plate, each batting over .340 with more than a dozen home runs between them. Junior transfer Koley Kolberg was the team ' s rock of consistency on the mound, leading the team in wins, ERA, innings pitched, and shutouts during the regular season as the team ' s top starter. Sophomore John Meloan came on late as well, finishing his second season with a 10-0 record, including three postseason victories. As for Lopez, the coach ' s future with the program appeared to be set. Rumors had surfaced that the third-year head coach - who had a national championship while atop the Pepperdine program in the early ' 90s - would be in the running for the opening at his alma mater, UCLA. But Lopez pledged his allegiance to the UA instead, signing a contract extension in Sept ember to keep him in the desert until 2008. " I ' ve honored every contract I ' ve ever signed, everywhere I ' ve gone, " Lopez said. " I signed the contract here with that intention, and I plan to show good faith and prove it. " With the return of Lopez in the dugout, new-found ace Meloan on the mound, and most of its starting lineup, a return trip to Omaha in 2005 may not be nearly as surprising as it was this season, even if it is just as sweet. 212 -The Desert ZonaZookeeper Brian Savitch, a journalism senior, cheers on the Wildcat men ' s basketball team. OPPOSITE: Wildcat fans support sophomore guard Hassan Adams. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Animal hous ZonaZoo gets spirit crazy By James Kelley IF IT TURNS OUT HOW ASUA Spirit Director Peter Wand thinks it will, 2003-2004 will go down as the year that changed UA athletics forever. Wand, a political science senior, is more than happy with how the ZonaZoo, the new Arizona Athletics student section for this year, turned out. In 2002-2003, the name was born, but it was limited to men ' s basketball. This year, it became more of a spirit club that gave students a blue T-shirt upon entry, a little edge in getting men ' s basketball tickets and general admission seating for football, volleyball, women ' s basketball, Softball, baseball and the gymnastics home competitions. Despite its small size, journalism senior Brian Savitch, one of the two " ZonaZookeepers, " and public management and policy sophomore Bryant Conger said it was an important first step toward a student section like the famous " Sixth Man " at Stanford or " Cameron Crazies " at Duke. " What I want people to remember is: It was the first solid attempt to create some sort of student section u nity, create some energy in the building that can be depended on and . . . where we can all look the same color and go crazy, " said Savitch, who was also known as the " Bear Down Bandit. " More than 200 students attended ZonaZoo ' s volleyball night, and 150 attended the women ' s basketball night, said Wand, who thinks the future of the Zoo is bright. Wand also said he thinks the groundwork has been laid for a point system, an idea he proposed last year, which would reward students ' loyalty with hoops tickets. Other benefits would include talks by men ' s basketball head coach Lute Olson and football head coach Mike Stoops, as well as a road trip to the 2004 football game at UCLA. " I think we ' ve been behind, but I think it ' s definitely getting better, " Wand said. " I ' m hoping very soon to turn it into a full-fledged spirit club. " Students appreciated the Zoo ' s beginning, but in February some were still sore about having to pay to get into the hoops lottery. " It ' s good that they ' re starting up a student section, but paying to get into the lottery is not that cool, " said sociology junior James Kerr. " We should have more seats along the baseline like Duke or Stanford. " Unearthed -21 5 LEFT: Ricardo Abud holds up Kristen Ortega while the cheerleaders get the crowd to chant " U of A " at one of last year ' s basketball games. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS BELOW: UA cheerleaders collapse from a formation performed at one of the men ' s basketball games. PHOTO BY CHRIS CODUTO ATHLETICSllNFAPT, CHEERLEADING 21 6 -The Desert Cheerocracy keeps crowd loud By Brett Fera FOOTBALL IS ONE. Men ' s and women ' s basketball make two more. Softball, that ' s another. But while cheerleading isn ' t technically considered one of the UA ' s 19 intercolleg iate sponsored sports, you could have fooled the more than 34 students that make up this " team. " " I think, like any team, we have our times where we are close knit, " said senior cheer member Eddie Madrigal. " We don ' t always have to like each other sometimes, but we all respect each other. " According to Madrigal, however, one of the best parts about being on this UA team is that everybody is so close knit that they are friends even when they ' re not in front of the crowds. The members of the Arizona cheer squad don ' t necessarily go head to head with other Pac-10 schools, nor do they receive scholarships for their sport. But their work ethic and enthusiasm can rival any of the university ' s other teams, said Phoebe Chalk, assistant athletics director of public relations and special events, who also serves as coordinator for the cheer team. " Cheerleading, overall, has done such a great job at creating the spirit on our campus, " Chalk said. " They ' re trying really hard to get the support of the student body at events other than football and basketball. " While he may not miss getting up at 5:45 a.m. to work out every morning, Madrigal will miss the bond he and his fellow teammates shared every time they stepped onto the turf at Arizona Stadium or the Olson Court in McKale Center. " I ' m going to cherish the memories I had with this squad, " said Madrigal, who concluded his fourth year with the team in April. " I made friendships that will last a lifetime. " " We are the unsung heroes of the university, along with the pom line and the Pride of Arizona, the band. We ' re the heart and soul at every event, right along with the teams on the field. " Taylor Hendrickson is held up in an effort to motivate the crowd. PHOTO BY DAVID HARDEN We ' re the heart and soul at every event, right along with the teams on the field. Eddie Madrigal, senior cheerleader 7 Unearthed 217 ma By Brett Fera IT ' S ONE OF THE CAMPUS ' BEST-KEPT SECRETS. Symbols of anything and everything " Wildcat " , the UA ' s pair of feline mascot maniacs - Wilbur and Wilma - keep their true identities under raps, leaving UA fans wondering year after year, " Just who is Wilbur and Wilma? " The question was partially answered at halftime of a late-season men ' s basketball game at McKale Center, when Wilma the Wildcat stepped into a large crate on for floor of Lute and Bobbi Olson Court, and out stepped Alison Siegel, a journalism junior who ' d warn the life-like costume for the past two years. " Before I came to (the UA), I knew I wanted to do something crazy and fun that would also tune my acting skills, " said Siegel, a performer at heart with a penchant for stage and song. " I just didn ' t know how I was going to do this. " Siegel was one of four UA mascots - two Wilburs and two Wilmas - who split duties with each other during UA sporting events and public appearances. ATHLETICSl For Siegel, the sweat-ridden workouts and troublesome fans were a breeze compared to the idea of keeping her identity a secret over the past two school years. " It ' s tradition, there ' s just no other way around it, " she said. " It ' s the same reason we don ' t know the identities of Minnie and Mickey. It would take away from the magic. " " For those who know the secret, it ' s a great support system. But for those who aren ' t in the know, its fun to play games and screw around. " For the 20-year-old Siegel, a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, living in the sorority house as a sophomore posed the greatest obstacle for keeping the identity behind closed doors. " I told everyone I was going to apply, and that was before I knew it was going to be anonymous. Everyone assumed that when I didn ' t tell them the results of the audition that I probably got it, " she said, also noting the hazards of lugging the costume around campus. " I had the carry the big drumcase everywhere. " Siegel was the only one of the four mascots to be revealed this year, with the second Wilma spot being filled late in the spring semester. She admits that while it is time to hang up her costume and " grow up " and join the real world, the way the fans treated her and the rush of being the center of attention will always be remembered fondly. " I ' m totally a little kid, " she said, adding that one of her most memorable moments was when a 6- or 7-year old boy asked Wilma to marry him. " I wouldn ' t have done this for two years and survived if I wasn ' t a little kid still. " Journalism junior Alison Siegel, one of two student " Wilma the Wildcat " mascots, is revealed to the crowd during her last game in McKale Center in February. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Communication junior Ni Shoots motivates the cro ' during one of the Arizona men ' s basketball games. PHOTOS BY " B. KLAUS . ... the first group Of faces there to greet the nearly 15,000 men ' s hoops fans at every game, not to mention more than twice that many at f OOtball contests. 220 The Desert ATHLETICSUN Spirited Poms pump up campus By Brett Fera EARLY-MORNING WAKEUP CALLS, no practice space in McKale Center, and footing the bill out of their own pockets. So what ' s all the cheering actually about? Just ask any member of the Arizona Pom Line, the unofficial yet still somewhat official first fans of Wildcat sports teams, and the first group of faces there to greet the nearly 15,000 men ' s hoops fans at every game, not to mention more than twice that many at football contests. They ' re among the most visible students on campus, sitting courtside in McKale Center and gracing the Arizona Stadium sidelines. This group of more than a dozen fleet-footed dancers may not have the athletic department ' s backing like its counterpart, the UA cheer squad, but don ' t ever make the mistake of forgetting the " athlete " part of student athlete when describing these campus staples. Like the cheer team, the only scholarships any of these women will ever see come straight from their efforts in the classroom. The team also relies solely on its own fundraising efforts to pay for travel and to purchase uniforms, which the team members design themselves. Add up all the work that is needed to entertain the crowd during home games, raise money for uniforms and still go to class, and there ' s just enough time left for one last task: creating championship-caliber competition routines. After bringing home a national title two years ago from the United Spirit Association college dance team championships, the group placed a respectable sixth during last year ' s competition. As for that little bit of time they ' re able to spend on schoolwork, the pom line members seem to make the most of it, with majors ranging from dance and theatre arts to business and communication. They build bonds every day at practice and gain a greater work ethic every time they ' re forced to wake up early. But ask any UA pom line member what the real reason why she does it is, and the answer is simple: She bleeds red and blue. Arizona Pom Line member Danielle Wasyl gears up the crowd with a shake of her poms. Freshman Henry Liaw made his mark at the Pac-10 Championships, leapfrogging the competition to win the individual title while guiding the Wildcats to the team trophy as well. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Quartet of Cats pick up postseason awards Continued from page 221 Freshman Henry Liaw took home individual medalist honors at the 2004 Pac-10 Championships in Marana with a final round 68, finishing at 9-under par for the week. More impressively, however, Liaw led the Wildcats ' 14-stroke turnaround entering the final round to defeat rival Arizona State by five. " The main thing was to win as a team ' Liaw said. " We hung in there, played very well and we ' re Pac-10 champions. " " It ' s a big win for us, " said head coach Rick LaRose. " It means a lot to us to be champions of our conference when it ' s the toughest in the country. To win it at home means a lot as well. " Nallen, who finished tied for fifth at the Pac-lOs, wouldn ' t see his efforts overshadowed. The senior from Hackettstown, N.J., was one of five finalists for the Ben Hogan Award, presented to the nation ' s top collegiate golfer. A four-time All-American during his stay at Arizona, Nallen carded seven top-lOs including three individual titles on the year. Arizona swept the Pac-10 postseason awards as well, with Nallen earning conference Player of the Year honors, Liaw taking home Freshman of the Year honors and LaRose being named conference Coach of the Year. In what could be considered as an " off year " for the UA women ' s squad, it ' s possible that the team ' s greatest victory of the season was when sophomore superstar Erica Blasberg announced her plans to return to Tucson in the fall for her junior season, rather than join the professional ranks. Blasberg has spent the majority of her first two years on the college circuit as the top-ranked player in the country, and her showing at the 2004 NCAA Central Regionals proved that to a " T. " Blasberg, a First-Team All-Pac-10 selection for the second consecutive year, shot 1-under for the tournament to win the individual title, while leading the Wildcats to a come-from behind surge to fi nish second at the event. With another year of experience under their belts, Blasberg and sophomores Cassandra Kirkland and Lani Elston should lead the loaded Wildcats back into contention for a national title in the upcoming seasons. 222 The Desert Sophomore Erica Blasberg, a First-Team AII-Pac-10 selection for the second staight year, won the individual title at the NCAA Central Regionals in Normal, III. PHOTO BY CHRIS CODUTO The main thing was to win as a team. We hung in there, played very well and we ' re Pac-10 champion Henry Liaw, 2004 Pac-10 men s Freshman Golfer of the Year; 2004 Pac-10 men s individual champion Senior Chris Nallen, a four-year All-American and the Pac-10 men ' s golfer of the year, capped his four-year UA career by being named a finalist for college golf ' s most prestigious honor the Ben Hogan Award. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Unearthed 223 Freshman Henry Liaw made his mark at the Pac-10 Championships, leapfrogging the competition to win the individual title while guiding the Wildcats to the team trophy as well. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Quartet of Cats pick up postseason awards Continued from page 223 Freshman Henry Liaw took home individual medalist honors at the 2004 Pac-10 Championships in Marana with a final round 68, finishing at 9-under par for the week. More impressively, however, Liaw led the Wildcats ' 14-stroke turnaround entering the final round to defeat rival Arizona State by five. " The main thing was to win as a team ' Liaw said. " We hung in there, played very well and we ' re Pac-10 champions. " " It ' s a big win for us, " said head coach Rick LaRose. " It means a lot to us to be champions of our conference when it ' s the toughest in the country. To win it at home means a lot as well. " Nallen, who finished tied for fifth at the Pac-lOs, wouldn ' t see his efforts overshadowed. The senior from Hackettstown, N.J., was one of five finalists for the Ben Hogan Award, presented to the nation ' s top collegiate golfer. A four-time All-American during his stay at Arizona, Nallen carded seven top-IDs including three individual titles on the year. Arizona swept the Pac-10 postseason awards as well, with Nallen earning conference Player of the Year honors, Liaw taking home Freshman of the Year honors and LaRose being named conference Coach of the Year. In what could be considered as an " off year " for the UA women ' s squad, it ' s possible that the team ' s greatest victory of the season was when sophomore superstar Erica Blasberg announced her plans to return to Tucson in the fall for her junior season, rather than join the professional ranks. Blasberg has spent the majority of her first two years on the college circuit as the top-ranked player in the country, and her showing at the 2004 NCAA Central Regionals proved that to a " T. " Blasberg, a First-Team All-Pac-10 selection for the second consecutive year, shot 1-under for the tournament to win the individual title, while leading the Wildcats to a come-from behind surge to finish second at the event. With another year of experience under their belts, Blasberg and sophomores Cassandra Kirkland and Lani Elston should lead the loaded Wildcats back into contention for a national title in the upcoming seasons. 224 The Desert Sophomore Erica Blasberg, a First-Team AII-Pac-10 selection for the second staight year, won the individual title at the NCAA Central Regionals in Normal, III. PHOTO BY CHRIS CODUTO The main thing was to win as a team. We hung in there, played very well and we ' re Pac-10 champions.! Henry Liaw, 2004 Pac-10 men s Freshman Golfer of the Year; 2004 Pac-10 men s individual champion Senior Chris Nallen, a four-year Ail-American and the Pac-10 men ' s golfer of the year, capped his four-year UA career by being named a finalist for college golf ' s most prestigious honor the Ben Hogan Award. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Unearthed 225 i A part of the madness By James Kelley After 25 storied years and more than 500 wins, the Arizona Icecats ' silver anniversary season should have been one to remember not one they ' d want to forget. But then again, head coach Leo Golembiewski probably should have been more upset about it. The Icecats finished with a mediocre 11- 14-2 record and ranked No. 14, just one spot away from making their 22nd straight national tournament. It was the team ' s first losing record, the first time Arizona missed the national championship tournament and the first time it finished lower than eighth in the country. " May be the only bittersweet thing about the 25th anniversary is that, for the first time ever, we ' re not going to nationals ' said Golembiewski, the only head coach the Icecats have ever known. Despite their rough season, Golembiewski never failed to show how much he respected the people who truly make Icecat hockey a reality: the players. Continued on page 128 226 ' The Desert Junior forward Shaun Brooks attempts to put the puck past the ASU defense at Tucson Convention Center. PHOTO BY CHRIS CODUTO ICECATS AT A GLANCE All time record 521-26-19 2003-2004 11-14-2 14 Lowest final ACHA ranking 8 Final Four Appearances 21 of 22 national tournaments 1985 National Champions indudes 2-26 record against NCAA Division-I teams. The Icecats are the only dub team to ever beat a ranked varsity Division-I team Unearthed 227 IceCat reaches for the puck while being swarmed by a pair of Sun Devils at TCC Arena. PHOTOS BY CHRIS CODUTO Cats maintain positive outlook, despite rough season Continued from page 126 " I never blame the kids for losses. That ' s my department ' Golembiewski said. " The losses I take very personal, but you put them in my desk, and the wins are theirs. The wins are the players. ' They have always been. " The Icecats, who leaned heavily on a large group of underclassmen all season, made a strong push to make the postseason, methodically moving up the rankings, but they fell out of the last playoff spot after being shocked twice by Oklahoma. " There was a lot of youth on the team, where we were expecting big things from (young players) early, " said associate coach Brian Meehan. " It wasn ' t necessarily that they didn ' t give it to us, but it just took everyone awhile to gel and understand everyone ' s different style of play and come together and everything. That ' s why it took us a whole semester to get going. " Golembiewski attributed the Icecats ' devastating slow start to not having two of their best defensemen early in the year. Sophomore Mike Pelletier, who was academically ineligible, and senior captain Keith Mitchell, who had a back injury, played two games combined during the first semester. " We struggled the first semester the first time we ever had a five-game losing streak, " he said. " But you look at the second semester: We beat the No. 4 team, we beat the No. 9 team again (and) we did well against ASU, " Golembiewski said. Senior Andrew Fredricks, who after three years of playing forward, had to play the first semester on defense he followed by playing nearly the entire second half of the season with a broken thumb personified the Icecats ' season, where unlucky bounces, missed scoring chances and controversial calls doomed the UA. " It ' s hard. I had been to every season ending tournament since I was 14, " Fredricks said. While he said winning isn ' t everything, Golembiewski said to expect a more normal result for the Icecats next season, as they lost just two seniors in Fredricks and workhorse defenseman Dan Whitlock. " We ' re going to come back next year with a vengeance. Not only are we going to improve the roster a little bit, but the guys are driven, " Golembiewski said. " That ' s what ' s so cool about this team, to have that kind of upbeat, positive attitude. It ' s been an interesting season. It just shows you where we come from. Other teams would be yelling and screaming at one another. " 5LER SAV[ BUY A 228 The Desert We ' re going to come back next year with a vengeance. Not only are we going to improve the roster a little bit, but the guys are driven, s I of t rS isymnisriAtcIrt Leo Golembiewski, Icecats head coach HERE TUCSON VT1 . - .. w. L efeel confident about this coining year. We have to go into the summer with a winning attitude. Dave Sitton, men ' s rugby head coach ByT 230 The Desert t High highs ' low lows ' Rugby rebounds strong during roller-coaster season By Tom Knauer AT THE TIME, ARIZONA MEN ' S RUGBY HEAD COACH DAVE SITTON was referring to the 19- time national champions, the California Bears, who were visiting Tucson with a blemishless record on the line. " I always believe that we have a win in us, at any time, " he said. While Sitton ' s belief ultimately rang empty for the Wildcats, who went on to lose 60-3 in a game hardly closer than the score would indicate, his optimism was at times the sole bright spot in a disappointing season for UA rugby. Although the team secured its third 10-win season in four years by sweeping the final matches of the year in the Austin Invitational postseason tournament, UA ruggers and historians alike may remember 2004 not for what was but for what might have been. " I have not experienced as high highs and as low lows in one season as this year, " Sitton said prior to the Invitational. " There was nothing catastrophic, but and our match against UCLA was a perfect example - we will play 20 minutes of flawless rugby, and for the remainder of the game, we (won ' t) play much at all. That ' s been a fairly evident example of our season. " Of course, not everything was doom and gloom for the Wildcat ruggers. In addition to solid play from center Justin Kunz and fullback Aaron Land, Arizona began its season with an impressive 4-1 run, dispatching rivals Utah and UC San Diego in the process. An unfortunate four-game losing streak in 2003-2004 ruined a repeat of the team ' s division-title winning performance last year, but the UA squad was still able to rebound late in the season and outscore opponents 150-8 in its final four matches. " Every one of our guys right now is a little angry, " Sitton said after the sweep in Austin. " If we had done this all year, we would be looking at the playoffs right now, as opposed to finishing our year happily, I should say with a championship at this tournament. To Sitton though, the team ' s high expectations for next year are what allow him to be satisfied with this season in the end. Sitton said he ' s happy to have most of his team returning to the squad next year. " We ' re losing five good seniors, but (only) five out of a squad our size is pretty good, " Sitton said. Team president and senior center Patrick Reedy led the group of five departing seniors. Flyhalf Andrew Brischke and his golden leg will be missed by fans and coaches alike, while center Nathan Eggman ' s nose for the end-goal was rivaled by few over the course of the season. Nevertheless, Sitton agreed the best is likely yet to come. " We feel confident about this coming year, " Sitton said. " We have to go into the summer with a winning attitude and get at it next fall when we get back. " PHOTOS BY CHRIS CODUTO Unearthed 231 Laxcats stick to the basics Youth, not superstars, bring back family atmosphere By Tom Knauer THE TUCSON SUN CAST BURGUNDY SHADOWS ON RINCON FIELD, the men ' s lacrosse team ' s weather-beaten practice field. Players hunched over their bags on the cool dirt, quickly dressing before receding to their cars. Close by, Laxcats head coach Kenny Broschart remained standing, pondering the theme of his team ' s 2004 season. ' " One " he said. " That ' s what we have on the back of our shirts. This year, we (were) more about being a family and coming together. " Arizona entered 2004 with 10 newcomers and a top-15 national ranking. Rough goes against national powerhouses Colorado State and UC Santa Barbara were among the few low points for the Laxcats, who followed a disappointing 9-8 campaign with its second 10-win season in three years. " One thing that was great about this team is that we did not have a lot of superstars, " Broschart said. " That really helped us out. Last year, we counted on a couple of guys to really step up and produce. If they didn ' t produce, we didn ' t have a good day. This year, we (had) a lot of good players. " The first-year head coach had no choice but to believe in the youth movement. Arizona featured only 12 upperclassmen on its opening-day roster, a point not lost on midfielder Jeems Lochridge. " We were a young team, " said Lochridge, one of the Laxcats ' three senior citizens in 2004. " We (seniors) were just trying to step up and show the young guys the way, on and off the field. " Arizona rebounded this season to exceed its high expectations. The Laxcats flirted with a top-five ranking throughout the spring, dashing title hopes for preseason hopefuls Chapman and UC San Diego. In the process, the team put up two streaks of four or more consecutive wins, including a three-game sweep in their final home stand of the season. Youth aside, Broschart said, it wasn ' t long before the Laxcats were running as one. " We were not at our full potential, but we were close, " he said, " playing like a team and excelling like one. Sophomore attack man Greg Pohlheber tracks down a Texas Tech defender at Rincon Vista Field. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 232 The Desert Freshman midfielder Zachary Bever (23) and junior attack man Adam Paris (19) battle for position against Texas Tech. We be dubbin ' UA Students ' commitment to club sports runs deep FOR SOME ATHLETES ON CAMPUS, being a Wildcat has nothing to do with a truckload of free Nike gear. It ' s not about playing in front of thousands of fans, or even competing in the Pac-10 or NCAA. For many, its more about wearing black and blue than the traditional Arizona red and blue. None of this rings true more often than with the UA ' s hundreds of non-NCAA-sanctioned athletes, all part of the UA club sports scene. From kung fu to water polo, wrestling to wheelchair rugby, UA ' s club sports have everything for the do-everything athletic enthusiast, despite the lack of financial support from corporate sponsors of the UA athletic department. Some might say campus club sports aren ' t " real, " like their NCAA counterparts. Those few must not have ever worn the black and blue uniform of Arizona ' s club sports teams. t ttaQH Junior goalie Melissa Brown, left, displays her technique during a spring practice at Bear Down Field. PHOTO BY CLAIRE C. LAURENCE Doctoral student Deborah Weis practices her forehand at Rincon Field on a January afternoon. Weis is a member of Scorch, the UA women ' s ultimate Frisbee team. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS fvesti PHOT Agriculture junior Wes Kimble lassos a steer during the UA Intercolle- giate Rodeo at the Tucson Rodeo grounds. PHOTO BY MELISSA HALTERMAN 234 The Desert Members of the UA men ' s club wrestling team square off against each other during a practice in February. PHOTO BY JACOB KONST HLETICl Despite finishing ninth in 2003- 2004, the UA Division I men ' s club volleyball team still managed to win five straight national titles from 1999 to 2003. Arizona also managed to win the 2003-2004 Division III championship. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Sophomore Jeff Dunnam helped guide the UA men ' s club water polo team to a Southwest Conference championship and a trip to the National Tournament in the Fall. PHOTO BY CHRIS CODUTO The mecca of UA athletics By Brett Fera THE HOUSE THAT POP BUILT. Named after former do-everything coach J.F. " Pop " McKale, the UA ' s McKale Center is a basketball arena to most, but the mecca of Wildcat athletics to anyone who ' s ever donned the cardinal and navy. From locker rooms to training facilities, computer labs to administrative offices, it ' s the UA sportster ' s one stop shop for everything Arizona Athletics. What started at as a bigger and better building for indoor sports on campus at its inception in 1973, turned, in no time, into one of the nation ' s premier collegiate athletic facilities. After the opening of the m ulti-million dollar Eddie Lynch Athletic Pavilion on the building ' s north wall, McKale Center has truly become a haven for the student athlete. The Estes Strength and Conditioning Center immediately became one of the top training locale ' s in the nation, complete with weight room, indoor turf track, and underwater treadmills. Computer labs, classroom access, and on-site tutoring services also help UA athletes balance their duties in the classroom with their duties on the playing field. " Everything we do here is with the intention of taking care of the needs of our student- athletes, " UA athletic director Jim Livengood said shortly after the Pavilion ' s opening. " We have new training facilities and an outstanding new academic center, because we all need to keep in mind that the student comes before athlete. " Eddie Lynch Athletics Pavilion f S- . f f t s t The Eddie Lynch Athletics Pavilion, home to the Estes Strength and Conditioning Center, the Kasser Medical Treatment Center and the Jim Click Hall of Champions, gave the North en- trance of McKale Center a much needed facelift upon its completed in 2002. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 236 The Desert Eddie Lynch Athletics UA athletes work with strength coaches on a daily basis to stay in optimal playing shape. The Estes Strength and Conditioning Center houses enough equipment for a small army or maybe a large collection of Wildcats. Unearthed 237 An indoor turf track inside the new state-of-the-art training facilitygives even non-runners a place to showcase their speed and hurdling abilities. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Championship photos, trophies, a big-screen television and leather couches make the men ' s hoops locker room both a game-prep haven and individual hangout. Just beware of the bite of the team ' s live mascot. Championship years and a dry erase board with daily reminders give Wildcat basketball players the perfect place to ready themselves for battle on the Lute and Bobbi Olson Court. I 238 The Desert Monsoon season stands no match for the UA golf teams. The Wildcats can head inside to their own indoor swing and putting facility, complete with a sloped green and multiple pin placements. Large-scale UA football photos adorn the walls of this classroom meeting center located near the entrance of the Estes Strength and Conditioning Center. iseboarc UA athletes need not walk across campus to find open computers after practice each day. The Bob and Olga Strauss Computer Center serves as the perfect amenity for Wildcats to write papers, check e-mail or keep track of the latest news and scores. Unearthed 239 Kyo theiva 5oh tkeDe and he IS: tette ta ifctia Hie! Olijiffl spirit a; llie! i j ' i Reai wtash Ryan Harper and Lauren Hall represent a new generation of Desert royalty. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS UA tradition of selecting a Desert Queen returns after a 40 year hiatus, this time with a king and a new attitude 242 The Desert Connecting with the past If you ' re going to bring back a tradition, you might as well go all the way, right? So how could the " new " yearbook tradition be complete without the Desert Queen, an important annual event on campus for decades. Through the 1960s a student committee selected a Desert Queen and her Maids in Waiting in the middle of the grassy Mall, with attention to her style, charm, awareness, involvement and spirit. The anticipated unveiling of the queen was done at the annual Desert Ball, where the winner would burst through a mock-up of that year ' s yearbook cover. But like many things, the tradition died off. Still, this new, 21st-century yearbook staff felt a desire to revive that lost UA tradition, this time with a bit more attitude. More than 50 applications for Queen and the brand new King position were submitted. The nominees came from all walks of life, illustrating the diversity of campus. The 2004 student selection committee would stay true to the original guidelines of the contest, but in a new era, style, charm, spirit and awareness would be defined differently. The Desert royalty of today, seniors Lauren Hall and Ryan Harper, epitomize the well-rounded UA student of 2004, from their weekend activities and favorite TV shows to their academic involvement and school pride. Read on. Their stories are indicitive of the thousands of students who share in their generational experiences. Daniel Scarpinato, Editor in chief KAPPA KAPPA GAMM. 1941 Frances Blow 1951 Suzanne Kenney 1957 Diane Roth Unearthed 243 Desert s. Lauren Hall " I ' m so excited to be the queen! " For Hall, life couldn ' t get any better. The newly appointed Desert Queen was coming off a great month, after being awarded the Greek Woman of the Year award for the Order of Omega and finally getting together with the guy of her dreams. With a personality as sunny as Tucson ' s weather, Hall has an instant charisma. This self-described " people person " is " not afraid to introduce myself or approach people. " " I love the campus here, " she said. " It ' s fun, school spirited, laid back (and) a really cool group of people. I love the people on the mall on a sunny afternoon. " As a third-generation Wildcat, Hall had the blue- red blood since birth. Her family tree is rooted in UA soil, as her grandfather, father and sister all walked the Mall before her. " I love the school. My dad was really involved in the Alumni Association, and we ' d come to the UA all the time for sporting events and things like that, so I got to love it even before I was a student, " she said. Hall was an active Pi Beta Phi member, a tradition passed down by her sister, as well as a four-year member of the Optimi Honorary. " I ' ve loved working with my peers in that group, " she said. " We ' re involved in alumni events and sporting events, and that ' s been a great opportunity, meeting new people and networking. " Hall also spent time with the Boys and Girls Club of Tucson and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Hall ' s favorite thing about the UA was " definitely (the) red and blue. " " I love the colors, Wilbur and Wilma, I love the campus life, and the traditions and history here. Oh, and Bear Down, of course. I love it; it ' s like my favorite song, " she said. Also topping the list was Dirtbags. " It ' s where all my friends go. " Hall said. " We ' re kind of a crazy group of gals and guys; we like to dress up with crazy hats and go out to the bars, " she laughed. " We ' re just silly. College friendships are long lasting. I intend to have reunions! Even though we ' re going to be all over the country, hopefully everyone will come back for homecoming. " Hall ' s words of wisdom that moved her through the years were: " Take every day as it comes, and don ' t stress about the little things because it does go by so fast. Take every opportunity to meet new people and get involved in new things. " " My mom always told me, ' Work hard, play hard " she said. " And that ' s what I did! " 244 The Desert Desert Kino- Jyfr. Ryan Harper Wildcat heritage, [Ryan Harper got Jig at Old Main, lecoming this year riazing experience, i was huge, and I was here in Old Main, with the football team and the band playing " Bear Down, " and I realized how I ' ve fallen in love in with this university. I get chills thinking about it. It was so much fun. " The molecular and cellular biology student prided himself on grabbing ahold of every opportunity thrown his way at the university. He was a proud member of the Chain Gang and Bobcats honoraries, the groups that drew him out of his freshman funk and ignited his passion for the university. It seems unbelievable that someone who could love the UA so much nearly left it a few years earlier. But this was the case for Harper, who found himself " out of the pond " his freshman year. " I never moved in high school. I had the same friends, and knew the same people, the same niche. But when I came here, not too many people came here from my high school, it was really hard, and a total shock, " he said. " It wasn ' t until I got involved in things like Chain Gang my junior year to find out who I was, what I believed in and to do things for myself. But now it ' s so amazing, I love being here. " One of the greatest nights for Harper happened up on the " A, " but this mountain was in Tempe, instead of Tucson. He described how in November 2002, before the UA-ASU football game, he and a group of friends crossed Sundevil territory to paint ASU ' s " A " red and blue. " There was five of us painting it, when this one dude walks up, and was like, ' What the ... what color are you painting it? ' We ran down, the side of the mountain slipping and sliding with half the ' A ' painted. " Another group managed to convince the student that they were on a fraternity and sorority scavenger hunt and then finished the paint job. Harper credited his mentor, Thomas Lindell, an associate professor of molecular and cellular biology, as an inspiration and one of the reasons why he loved the UA. " There ' s so many amazing people, in the administration that are willing to open up their arms to students, from doing research or shadowing them for a day to being advisors of clubs. " Harper also participated in the Undergraduate Biology Research Program and spent two summers doing research at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. He is now looking to the healthcare industry for his future, where he " wants to change things " and " make healthcare a right, not a privilege. " Whatever lies beyond the diploma for Harper, he will continue to have a great respect for the university that changed his life. " I don ' t want to leave. If I could make a career out of going here and not be the weird old guy that sits around I would. But I know that everything comes to an end. I ' m sad to leave, but I ' m happy because I took advantage of every opportunity that opened up to me. " " This is the place where I found myself, so how could I not love it? I ' ll never let anyone say a bad word about U of A because it ' s so close to mv heart. " Unearthed - 245 Not your typical old camp By Carrie Bui WITH SHY SMILES AND HESITANT STEPS, patients at the UMC pediatrics ward crept into the playroom, enticed by Camp Wildcat ' s Mock Camp. The day ' s theme was " You ' re a Superstar " and involved a variety of activities, such as making " limousines " out of snack foods. Pretzel rods made up the bodies of the cars, and Oreos and chocolate chips attached with peanut butter represented wheels and passengers. The children also made " sunglasses " with manila-paper sunglass cutouts and colored cellophane, stars to be placed on the " Walk of Fame " and nametags in the shape of medals. Camp Wildcat began in 1965, a spin-off of the University of California at Berkeley ' s " Cal Camp. " Today, more than 100 people volunteer with Camp Wildcat to help run weekend camps and day activities for mentally, financially and physically disadvantaged youth. Four times a year, fourth and fifth graders participate in Camp Wildcat ' s Big Camps. Twice a year, Adventure Camps are hosted for seventh and eighth graders. Big Camp and Adventure Camp students come from Tucson-area schools with Title-1 status, or alternative schools. For day camps, Camp Wildcat works with Tucson area children ' s centers and past schools. " We try to reach as many children as possible, so we never take a school within two years of using it in the past so as to assure that we will not be taking any of the same children, " said Ashley Furey, a pre-computer science senior and Camp Wildcat chair. A Camp Wildcat event is more than just a fun weekend away for the kids and volunteers. " You realize at the end of the camps how much impact Camp Wildcat members work you can have on a kid ' s life, " said Allison Grossman, a on a project at UMC. political science sophomore. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS The kids have an impact on the volunteers as well. On the last day of a weekend camp at Patagonia Lake, the volunteers and kids played a game called " Touch Someone Who ... " The group sat in a circle with the directors in the middle, leading the game with sentences like, " Touch someone who made you laugh this weekend. " The campers then reached out and touched that person as a way of showing appreciation. During the game, the campers were asked to touch someone they thought would change the world, and a camper reached out and touched Bryan Getchell, a junior majoring in English. It was the first time he ' d been touched during the game. " If he thinks I can do it, then damn well I can, " Getchell said. All activities are free for the children, as they are supported through fundraisers, donations, UA ' s student government and grants. Camp Wildcat ' s main fundraiser is a benefit auction. In past years, it has raised between $4,000 and $10,000. Previous fundraisers included a bike-a-thon, a triathlon, a golf tournament, and Rites of Spring, which is now known as Spring Fling and run by ASUA. 246 The Desert ABOVE: Journalism freshman Laura Ory pins a " Superstar " nametag on Rolando Gamino, as his sister Bibiana, looks on. The children were visiting UMC ' s pediatric ward. RIGHT: Political science sophomore Allison Grossman helps Juan Gamino build an edible " limosine. " ALPHA KAPPA Psi ALPHA PHI OMEGA AL INVOLVEMENTTINFA RT 7 pn Cameras rolling UATV helps students tune in to campus news and entertainment By Jennifer Whitcomb UATV STARTED SEVEN YEARS AGO UNDER THE MONIKER TVS. On-campus residents with local cable tune in to channel 3 for a variety of programming, including feature-length movies, student-produced shows and a slide show of current campus events. Since there is no broadcast journalism program at the university to sponsor the network, general manager Allison Vanore, a media arts senior, said that most of the students joining the crew had to be taught from scratch. She added that being among those who got to teach was one of her favorite things about working with UATV. The cast and crew this year was made up of students from all degree programs, but the majority were journalism and media arts majors. This year ' s student-produced shows were " Daily Dose, " a 10-minute headline news update; " Wildcast, " a news- magazine show; a late night talk show called " The College Show " with host Tom Dunlap; and a dating game entitled " Mind or Body? " Vanore said that the lineup changes just about every year. In addition to regularly scheduled programming, UATV also provided special-event coverage, such as Sept. 11, the nursing college shootings and the ASUA presidential debates. " We try to get the students ' view on events going on and turn around to get it aired that day, " Vanore said. After moving around campus several times, UATV is now housed with KAMP radio and the Arizona Daily Wildcat in the Student Media offices at the Park Student Union. Vanore said, however, that UATV is looking for better headquarters with more accommodation for its future plans. The network is experimenting with streaming news clips over the Internet via its Web site and hopes to start streaming entire shows next year to increase visibility. As it stands, the channel only airs on the campus cable network, so, according to Vanore, " if you don ' t live in a dorm, you can ' t watch our station. " The network continues to work on improving services and coverage by collaborating with other the rest of the student media. " Our goal is to educate, inform and entertain the student body, " Vanore said. 248 The Desert ALTERNATIVE SPRING BREAK AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST Communications senior Josie Larger shoots communications sophomore for " Daily Dose, " a popular show on UATV. PHOTO BY JILL MARICICH Unearthed 249 AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION j n APASA ARIZONA ALLEGIANCE 250 The Desert UAB helps students get involved By Cara O ' Connor WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT that the same organization that puts on Spring Service Week and Comedy Corner would host nude drawing sessions that are open to the public? The events organized by University Activities Board spanned the diverse interests of UA students. UAB had eight committees that focused on film, concerts, arts, volunteering, diversity, Comedy Corner, Family Weekend and other special events. With more than 100 committee members and about 1,500 listserv members interested in planning and attending events this year, UAB had a wide base of student contributors. " I know that there is always something going on, either a concert on the mall, open mic night in The Cellar, Hunger Banquet in the ball room, " said Ana Nemer, a business management senior and UAB member. UAB ' s biggest events this year including Project Converse, which provided weekly English language classes for Student Union Memorial Center employees and Future Rock Stars of America, a benefit concert that raised $40 thousand for a public school music program called Opening Minds Through the Arts. UAB also organized Groovin ' on the Grass, a series of weekly rock concerts on the Mall. The UAB arts committee hired professional figure models for nude drawing sessions, an event held in the Student Union Memorial Center for artists interested in practicing their sketching. In addition to providing opportunities for students across campus to attend events, UAB was also a place for members to make friends and develop skills. " I treasure my out-of -class UAB experiences and am confident they will help me succeed in the professional world, " said UAB President Greg Billings, a management information systems senior. " UAB is a great place to be part of because you get a lot of support from staff and from the board, but you also get to own your events or programs, " Nemer said. " All of the people have different ideas and provide different input, but they are all there for one goal . . . making campus a better and funner place to be. " ents -- -. n Entertain us! : n - tod rids li ience n : " : Sara Thomas, a prephysiological sciences freshman receives her raffle prize at the free screening of School of Rock sponsored by the Universities Activity Board. The Activities Board presents plays, films, concerts and other events throughout the year. PHOTO BY CLAIRE C. LAURENCE Unearthed 251 Melting Pot International Cooking Club creates recipe for friendship, learning By Carrie Bui INGREDIENTS: A GROUP OF STUDENTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, a kitchen, a dining area and recipes from an assortment of countries all over the world. Instructions: Combine ingredients and let simmer for a few hours every week to form the International Cooking Club. Made up mostly of international students, the UA ' s International Cooking Club met every Thursda y night this year at the Refuge, on the corner of East Second Street and North Tyndall Avenue, to cook, eat, relax and learn together. Members paid $15 to join for a semester or $25 for the full school year. In the fall, the club brought together about 30 students from countries ranging from Japan to Germany. The club was about more than just love for cooking; it was a medium for international students to connect with new people. " It ' s good for international students because it can be hard to make new friends and branch out, " said treasurer Brooke Chang, a pre-business sophomore originally from Taiwan. Members of the International Cooking Club used food as a method to exchange information about one another ' s cultures. The group selected a meal at every meeting from a certain country, and then the members gathered around 6 p.m. to cook. In the spring, the International Cooking Club celebrated the cultures of Thailand, Iran, Mexico, Japan and India with dinner, dancing, music and presentations about each country. " It ' s fun getting to know new people, learning different things about other cultures, " said Kurara Yasuoka, club president and a theatre arts sophomore originally from Japan. The International Cooking Club proved itself to be a winning recipe for creating new friendships and broadening cultural horizons. ARIZONA AMBASSADORS BHAKTI YOGA CLUB 252 The Desert INV o LVtMtN T K M TE NATIONAL COOKING CLUB BLUE CHIP Eco BOBCATS SENIOR THEME TEAM HONORARY Unearthed 253 CHAIN GANG JUNIOR HONORARY CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL EPISCOPAL CANTERBURY STUDENT ASSOCIATION 254 The Desert Muslim Student Association pushes cultural awareness By Walt Staton A VIBRANT AND DIVERSE CAMPUS CLUB, the Muslim Student Association was constantly working to raise awareness and bring light to Muslim issues on campus this year. Over the course of the year, club members organized lectures, a book drive and a Fast-a-Thon. The club, which had more than 200 members, also provided free academic tutoring and mentoring for students. More than 600 people fasted during the club ' s Fall 2003 Fast-a-Thon, which raised money for a local food bank. Lectures, like April ' s " Islam: Terrorism or Tolerance and the Middle East after Invasion, " gave attending students insight into the beliefs and practices of Islam, as well as provided a forum for Muslims to discuss and better understand their own traditions. The Muslim Student Association also held events with other campus clubs to promote interfaith dialogues and activities. Zachariah Azar, president of the association, said it ' s important for people to know what Muslim students really believe. The club also provided a social network for Muslim students across campus. Its membership represented a mix of Muslim students from around the country and the world. It was a place to hang out, share stories and provide support for each other. Within the club, groups of friends often got together for social activities. Cooking nights were common among some women in the group. The sisters, as they referred to themselves, made ethnic dishes from Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The club has close ties with the Islamic Center of Tucson, located next to campus, and it has a permanent office in the center ' s library. Diverse dialogue ' lie Certs tea Unearthed 255 INVOLVEMENT 1 IMF A ff 77 r ' " v V I definitely think it ' s a lot harder than it looks. Alex McKenzie, first-year Wildchair 256 The Desert Wildchair wheeling By Brett Fera A CERTAIN UA TEAM IS TAKING THE GAME OF BASKETBALL to a whole new level, and - believe it or not - Lute Olson has nothing to do with it. The team: The Arizona Wildchairs wheelchair basketball team. The coach: Rudy Gallego, a second generation Wildchair skipper, following in the footsteps of his father who helped found the team 30 years ago. " His involvement in the sport has made it possible for me to carry on his legacy, " said Gallego. " While growing up, it was standard for me to learn how to play sports in a wheelchair because of my father ' s disability. Watching my father coach and compete in wheelchair sports, I felt that I could do the same yet improve on many aspects of the game. " Gallego said the Wildchairs don ' t have actual tryouts, but spend time recruiting athletes to come to the UA, usually when he hears news of an injured athlete. Gallego also regularly attends the Junior National Wheelchair Basketball championships to promote the sport and recruit new players. Playing under similar rules as its NCAA counterpart, wheelchair basketball allows players to stay in the lane for four seconds on top of allowing each player two pushes for each dribble. While the UA wheelchair team may not receive as much public attention as the " other " UA basketball teams, for one day a year at least, the Arizona Wildchairs do have an opportunity to show Tucson their basketball prowess. the Wildchairs squared off in early April with members of the UA ' s two Wildcat basketball teams in the annual " Lame for a Game, " with proceeds benefiting the UA ' s Disability Resource Center. The Disability Resource Center ' s adaptive athletics program gives disabled athletes the opportunity to compete in a variety of sports, including wheelchair track, quad rugby, tennis and basketball. The " Lame for a Game " event in McKale Center pitted the UA wheelchair squad against NCAA athletes such as Hassan Adams, Dee-Dee Wheeler, Charmi ng Frye and Mustafa Shakur, who strapped themselves in for a game like nothing they ' d ever experienced. " I love it, " said Adams, trying to catch his breath after escaping flying buckets of water from a post-game water fight at center court. " It was fun, man just so much fun. " The Wildcats may have won, 85-77, in front of more than 5,000 fans, but the victory may not have been possible without a few game play adjustments. First-year Wildchair Alex McKenzie joked that necessary rule changes, like the allotment of 10-point shots and three " frustration dunks " per half for the Wildcats, evened the playing field between the Wildchairs and their " inferior competition. " While Adams, Frye, Wheeler and Chris Rodgers each hit 10-point shots for the Wildcats, Wildchairs Matt Gee and Eric Katz each hit their own 10-point attempts as well. " I definitely think it ' s a lot harder than it looks, " McKenzie said about actually trying to play the game on wheels while sitting down at the same time. " But it ' s great to get to face Arizona ' s two top-ranked teams and just see what they have. It was a great time for us to showcase what we have, too. " Unearthed 257 Art history graduate student Emily Wakild discusses the Teach for America program with other UA students. Waklid participated in the program before going to graduate school. PHOTOS BY LAUREN JOHNSON INVOLVEMENTllNFA RT, Majors of Teach for Americ, _ Corps Members Social Science 17% 12% Math, Science " 1% in8 2% Other 16% 18% 17% _ ForcastedasofMay2003 org Source: teachforamerica. Reaching out America By Amy Myers Cara O ' Connor MOLLIE RUDNICK KNOWS SHE WAS LUCKY to have great teachers and plenty of resources in school when she was growing up. Now she ' s ready to try to pass on that luck to middle school students in Philadelphia. " Many kids do not get a chance to have a good education due to circumstances beyond their control, and I think that I can help, " said Rudnick, a sociology senior who is entering the Teach for America program when she graduates in May. Teach for America places college graduates in low-income cities to teach for two years. The local Teach for America team ' s main goal is to launch a massive recruitment campaign on campus, said marketing senior Lily Wang, who is also a past Teach for America recruitment member. " We have booths at four fairs a year, information sessions and we place flyers all around our campus, " Wang said. Of the nearly 14,000 students around the nation who apply for the Teach for America program, about 2,100 are accepted. Those who are accepted may be assigned to teach any age group, from kindergarteners to high school seniors. Teach for America " corps members " teach in one of 22 rural and urban sites across the nation. " There is an excellent network of past members that are all very willing to help you out and share their experiences, from where to live to what is the best way to keep a grade book, " Rudnick said. " It is good to know that there is a group of people there who want to make a difference and who are willing to help out. " Teach for America has also teamed up with law schools across the country. If an applicant is accepted into both Teach for America and law school, participating law schools will defer the students ' admission for two years and encourage the student to participate in Teach for America. " The program is an extremely rewarding experience. The participants know they are making a difference, " Wang said. Teach for America representative Tobe Silver answers students ' questions at a Teach for America informational meeting. Unearthed 259 Craig Keilburger, founder of the Free the Children oganization, delivers his keynote address at the Arizona Collegiate Leadership Conference. Keilburger, 20, whose organization encourages today ' s youth to assist other children in need, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003. PHOTO COURTESY OF ACLC FORMULA SAE FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL Lovin ' leadership Conference focuses on improving and diversifying leadership skills By Cara O ' Connor ABOUT 250 STUDENTS FROM THE SOUTHWEST wrapped up a February weekend honing their leadership skills, writing letters to congressmen, donating pints of blood and picking up litter. The theme of this year ' s Arizona Collegiate Leadership Conference was: " Little things make the biggest difference, " and small acts of service were the focus of the conference ' s third and final day. " It ' s kind of a refresher, " said interdisciplinary studies senior Jessica Malone, who served as the conference ' s external relations chair. " When you hear things that remind you that you can do things now, that makes a difference. It really helps you. " The student-planned conference consisted of leadership workshops in four categories: multiculturalism, service, leadership development and politics and governance. This year ' s event was the first three-day ACLC conference. The first conference, which took place about 12 years ago, was a local, one-day event attended mostly by members of Arizona Blue Chip, a UA leadership program. More than 20 different universities were represented at the conference this year. " It brings students together who might not be together under normal circumstances, " said Corey Seemiller, a conference advisor and leadership coordinator for the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership. The opportunity to connect with keynote speakers, presenters and fellow students was one of the biggest benefits of attending the conference, said conference adviser Heather Gasser, who is also a senior adviser for Commuter Student Affairs. Gasser said the conference was a learning experience for both attendees and planners. " When I was just a member, it was so inspirational and motivational to me, " said Malone, who also presented a workshop during the conference. " When I was planning the conference, it was awesome. I learned a lot about persistence. " FAMILY STUDIES AND HUMAN DEVOPMENT AMBASSADORS HAWAII CLUB LEADERSHIP UA MEDIA ARTS PRODUCTIONS PERSONA LITERARY MAGAZINE DO I in i Club rambles Arizona By Jessica Lee THE UA RAMBLERS HIKING CLUB has it tough. Desert waterfalls, blooming cacti, winding trails, native wildlife and blazing sunsets are on the weekly agenda, and every weekend, Ramblers drop homework, teaching and research to explore Tucson ' s wild backyard. A core group of 10 to 20 people attended the weekly meetings where the members discussed . . . you guessed it, hikes, camping trips and other activities that went on over the weekend. Meetings were often filled with slide shows that burnt images against the white walls, depicting unusual geology, animals caught on camera and an array of wildflowers that Ramblers had discovered. Meetings concluded with the planning of future hikes. More than 50 people actively monitor the Ramblers listserv, where hikes are posted, club functions are planned and political messages are frequently stirred about. In the 2003-2004 school year, the club rambled through the Chiricahua, Santa Rita, Rincon, Santa Catalina and Tucson mountains, journeyed to several hot springs, pools, creeks and canyons, including the grandest of all canyons, the Grand Canyon. Some members spent seven days under the rim, reportedly completing " the hardest hike in the canyon, " said club member Steve Newcomb. Not long after the Aspen Fire torched Mount Lemmon last summer, the hiking club scrambling up the mountain to inspect the damage of many of their favorite trails. Venturing outside the state, often on school holidays, the Ramblers hit up Zion National Park in Colorado, the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico and the Pinacate Mountains in Mexico, where some members also made the easy treks between cantinas. An annual club favorite was the moonlight hike through Sabino Canyon. In addition to hiking, members of the club often sponsored canyoneering, spelunking, orienteering, rock climbing and first-aid training activities. But one thing ' s for certain: Every activity involved the outdoors. Several members of the club, who have Rambler members Jennifer Kursman (front), Alma Alverando, and Jayson Talag make their way over the water on a hike up to Hutch ' s Pool. PHOTO BY WILLIAM NELSON been involved for many years, claim the Ramblers gang is the UA ' s oldest continuous club and has been hiking Tucson since 1946. They haven ' t proved it, nor do they really care to, but they boast it just the same. Just before the old Memorial Student Union hit the dust, an old trunk was found containing Ramblers memorabilia from the 1940s through the 1970s. Old photographs, magazines and gear documented similar hiking trips, minus the Cortex, urban sprawl and titanium cookware. Many of the items were donated to the Arizona Historical Society. In exchange for experiencing the wilderness, club members often volunteered their time. This year, they visited Mule Shoe Ranch and cleared brush. Under the Sonoran sun, the members helped Saguaro National Park officials with trail maintenance and planted cacti. The club also participated in the Adopt-A-Family program through UAB ' s Project Volunteer. For those who wanted to get the heck out of campus and the city, packing a snack, filling up a Nalgene bottle and catching up with the Ramblers was a perfect solution. The club is free, open to students and the public, has gear that can be borrowed and, like the Southwest sunshine, is year-round. Unearthed 263 PHI BETA LAMBDA Pi SIGMA ALPHA INVOLVEMENTUNFA RTHW RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION PRIDE ALLIANCE RAMBLERS CLUB No place like home By Amy Myers MEMBERS OF THE UA ' S RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION (RHA) were dedicated to building a united residential voice while creating an atmosphere that provided quality services and programs to campus residents this year. RHA used its $75,000 budget for social events including barbeque block parties, spring formals and Late Night events at Wilbur ' s Underground. " RHA is like the federal government with the hall governments acting as the smaller state governments, " said Brian Barrat, a pre-business junior and president of the Villa del Puente Residence Hall government. RHA ' s members really focused on the overall picture, working to create programs and events that would benefit all campus residents instead of just those in one hall. A typical Thursday evening meeting included approximately 50 people representing Residence Life, the RHA Executive Board and the individual hall governments. While meetings were open to anyone who wanted to attend, the association was primarily student run. The association ' s activities throughout the year included hosting Late Nights at Wilbur ' s Underground. RHA, University Activities Board and the Associated Students of the University of Arizona sponsored Late Nights as a non-alcoholic alternative to weekend parties. Entertainment included Comedy Corner acts, music and root beer kegs. RHA also allocated money to individual hall governments as the halls requested it. The money could be used for trips to Disneyland or The Price is Right, among other things. During the school year, RHA also provided residents with a recycling program and gave students a voice to gain new services. RHA services led to the replacement of all laundry machines across campus this year, Barrat said. A vehicle from a drunk driving accident is on display at a presentation sponsored by RHA about the dangers of driving while intoxicated. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Hiding the waves KAMP radio has diverse staff, diverse audience By Carrie Bui AS YOU FLIP THROUGH the dials on your radio, searching for a good station, you hear commercials, oldies, country and some Top 40 song you ' ve heard three times today. But if you happen to take a stroll through the AM stations, you ' ll land on 1570, the home of KAMP Radio, UA ' s student-run, on-campus radio station. Established about 15 years ago, KAMP is now broadcast not only through the AM broadcaster, but also on the Internet at and in the dorms. Since its inception, KAMP has slowly grown toward new horizons. At the beginning of the spring semester, the group moved from its home in the Esquire building to the newly renovated Park Student Union. Along with the larger space, the group invested in new equipment, and now it has a fully functioning production booth. Because KAMP is not commercially sponsored, the purchase of the new equipment was funded by the $1 fee UA students pay when they register for classes each semester. " KAMP has always had a lot of indie cred. We pride ourselves on being underground, " said Anna Suarez, KAMP general manager and a marketing junior. 5 s i I s I Journalism sophomore Victoria Yarnish an- nounces the Top 10 list of overrated NBA play- ers during " The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. " PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS : : ifi The growth of the KAMP studios could not have come at a better time, added Suarez, who witnessed the KAMP family grow from between 60 and 80 members to 200 members in the two and a half years she ' d been with KAMP. KAMP members had a variety of responsibilities, including attendance to their show, weekly meetings, paying dues, and following procedures and rules outlined in the D] Handbook and issued by the Executive Board. Suarez said the kind of inner growth that KAMP has seen has its advantages and disadvantages. In the past, the KAMP staffers were a tight-knit group, but creating that sense of community in today ' s large group of staff is a challenge. The large staff also means that DJ ' s have fewer show hours than they had in previous years, she said. But, with so many members, KAMP employees managed to create a " community of unique people, " said Lindsay Fowler, KAMP DJ and a religious studies freshman. KAMP members said they couldn ' t be sure why the organization grew so much, but some attributed the growth to a greater appreciation of music in the college community and the growing ease with which music can be passed along. " I think more kids are interested in music today, especially underground stuff, " Suarez said. " Everyone knows a band they think should get big. " The new staff members might have also been students interested in the music and radio businesses who were attracted to the realistic learning experience KAMP offers. Diversity among KAMPs staff also extended to its listeners. KAMP ' s listening audience spans outside the UA campus and Tucson community and across the globe. Through the powers of the Internet, Suarez said the station has discovered listeners in Australia, Japan, and countries in Europe. " There ' s a more diverse audience as KAMFs grown more diverse, " Suarez said. Unearthed 267 INVOLVEMENTUNFA KT, PHILANTHROPIES Philanthropic enrichment By Jennifer Whitcomb FOR MANY STUDENTS, COMMUNITY SERVICE is an essential part of a well-rounded college education, and no matter what their philanthropic pench ant, chances are there ' s a club for them. There are UA philanthropy groups that promote awareness of social issues, others that raise money and volunteer for national organizations and others that offer their services to local charities. One well-known group at the UA is Collegiate Kiwanis International, otherwise known as Circle K. The group is a branch of the larger Kiwanis International, which also encompasses the high school group, Key Club. The keystones of the Kiwanis mission are leadership, service to the Tucson community and the UA campus and fellowship among members. " Not only is it an international organization, but also the chapter here at the University of Arizona is a tight-knit community, " said member Alex Perwin, an accounting sophomore. " The environment is very laid back, and attending events is fun because you are there with a good group of friends. " Circle K members volunteered for charity events like Race for the Cure, and assisted local non- profit organizations, including St. Vincent de Paul and the Tucson Center for Women and Children. Circle K also co-hosted the UA ' s 10th annual Hunger Banquet with University Activities Board ' s Project Volunteer, the Residence Hall Association and the Residence Life El Mundo Diversity Committee. Banquet attendees were given the chance to see, through simulation, the reality of world hunger and how it relates to one ' s socio-economic class. Other philanthropic groups draw from cultural and religious resources to make an impact on the world at large. For example, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. is one of four national historic African-American sororities. Founded in 1922, the group dedicates its time to serving the underprivileged. Members take part in many major community service events, like Habitat for Humanity and March of Dimes. They have also developed their own projects such as the Black Student Awards, which are given to deserving college students based on cultural, social and educational components. Sigma Gamma Rho works predominately with community youth and stresses the importance of a college education. The group collects school supplies and shoes for their projects " Operation Big Book Bag " and " Soles for Little Souls. " These items are donated to children whose parents cannot afford them. " We try to help families out with their basic needs. The things we take for granted sometimes other people can ' t afford to buy for themselves, " said President Lina Richardson, a psychology senior. A new project in the works for Sigma Gamma Rho is Mwanamugimu, a high school essay contest and scholarship focusing on African culture. Project STAR (Students Taking an Active Role), sponsored by the UA Hillel Foundation is another cultural group dedicated to service. " Our mission here at Project STAR is providing opportunities for students, Jewish and non- Jewish, to help the world, the community and themselves in any way they can, " said co-chair Miriam Gurevich. Project STAR took on many service projects this year, including Make a Difference Day, when members spent the day fixing up a local woman ' s home and yard. The group also had a program called Crafty Kids, in which members made crafts with sick children at local hospitals. " In Judaism, doing a good deed is called a ' mitzvah, ' but in essence, it ' s more than that it ' s a commandment, a requirement of all people by God, " Gurevich said. 268 The Desert Forest Melton (standing) and Kathy Tat, both physiology juniors, paint a chain link fence at the McCormick Park YMCAas part of a philanthropy project. PHOTO BY WILLSEBERGER I Dance and history junior Cortney Wilkerson and theatre arts sophomore Dave Corrigan, act out an improvisational sketch in the Cellar. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS 44 For one of the games, one of the ways I had to die was to die by yeast infection. A . Michael Trautmann, theatre production sophomore and Darwin member 270 The Desert INVOL DARWIN EXPERIENCE Indecent improvisation By Carrie Bui " COME BACK, DARWIN! " the audience says enthusiastically, as another scene with three members of the Charles Darwin Experience begins. Andrew Goldwasser, a theatre production junior, strolls back into the room, preparing himself to be questioned for the sake of the next game, Interrogation. Dance senior Cortney Wilkerson and theatre production senior Alec Fairey, the interrogators, stand on each side of a chair, staring sternly at Goldwasser. They begin the questioning, carefully dropping hints for Goldwasser so he can guess what crime the audience has suggested. Tonight, the crime is indecent exposure at Disneyland using tweezers. Performing a comedy improvisation act every Tuesday night in the Student Union Memorial Center ' s Cellar, the Charles Darwin Experience provided UA students with a humorous, relaxing way to break in the week. Referred to as " Darwins, " the comedy troupe used audience interaction and improvisational games to entertain. But their ability to create a laughter-filled room didn ' t come without hard work. The Darwins spent two nights a week rehearsing and preparing for their weekly show. They also performed at Bookman ' s once a month. Watching the Darwins perform wasn ' t just a matter of sitting back and enjoying the show; the Darwins depended on heavy audience participation for the improvisational scenes, making the audience feel as though it was part of the show by making suggestions to help set the scenes. And the audience members usually made the most of their role in the performances, providing quirky suggestions for the actors. " For one of the games, one of the ways I had to die was to die by yeast infection, " said J. Michael Trautmann, a theatre production sophomore and Darwin member. " The energy ' s shared by everyone, " said troupe member Dane Corrigan, a theatre production junior. The fun of the Charles Darwin Experience wasn ' t reserved for just the audience. The Darwins are a close-knit group with thirteen members who said they all love performing and improvisation. " It ' s an extreme rush, " Trautmann said. " You just go with the moment, " added Sarah Spigelman, a musical theatre junior. Lauren Sherwood, a fine arts management senior, shares a moment with the audience during one of the Charles Darwin Experience ' s performances. The group depended heavily on audience participation for its improvisational scenes. Unearthed 271 Spring Assistant News Editor Aaron Mackey and Editor in Chief Saul Loeb look over the contents for the next day ' s edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS ARIZONA DAILY W . " t - v ?- ' t? !r " Regents OK . -! ' 2 IT [ ' JFART. Stop theTlT presses flklKes Arts rf ! . pv Creativity is flowing in the new Wildcat home By Amy Myers AN OVERSIZED RED AND BLUE BANNER hung high above the door, welcoming students, staff, alumni and faculty into the new home of the UA ' s campus newspaper, the Arizona Daily Wildcat, when the publication moved to the freshly renovated Park Student Union in January. With chairs, walls and floor tiles in vibrant shades of red, blue, yellow and green radiating throughout the office, the staff members felt the creative vibes were intense. " The office is goofy with bright elementary school colors, " said Wildcat news reporter Walter Staton. " It ' s like a preschool sometimes. " The " new and cooler learning environment, " along with a few new staff members, helped to bring about new story ideas and perspectives, according to managing editor Stefanie Thompson. " The newsroom is conducive to newsworthy thinking, " said Wildcat arts reporter Nathan Tafoya. Such newsworthy thinking resulted in an environment that buzzed with chatter as daily budget meeting convened to plan out which stories would be printed the next day. Other times, student employees gathered around a computer in one of the many cloth-covered cubicles decorated with posters and reminder notes that could be seen throughout the newsroom. Wildcat staff members agreed that the new central location would bring the Wildcat office back into the eyes of the students, and within Continued on page 2 75 Unearthed 273 Wildcat Spring Sports Editor Justin St.Germain brushes past Fall Assistant News Editor Devin Simmons in the Wildcat ' s traditional Dead Day game. OS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS FACTS 4-O a7 ' 00 P E KDAY ARSASA Y 150 STUDENT MEMBERS 105 YEARS IN PRINT PER MONTH Central office important to readers Continued from page 273 the first few days after the move, students began to wander in. " The Wildcat is a way for students to know about what their peers are doing, " said Saul Loeb, editor in chief for the Spring 2004 semester. " The Wildcat is the main news source for students and faculty about UA news. " Bryan Getchell said that reading the Wildcat helped him to find his place at the university. " As a freshman, I read the Daily Wildcat a lot so I could feel connected to the campus, " the junior majoring in English education said. " It has all these things you can do in it. " The fact that the Wildcat is completely student-run makes the coverage pertinent to the student body, said Jeff Sklar, who served as editor in chief during both the Fall 2003 and Fall 2002 semesters. " It is students who are putting it out. so the people putting out the paper also face the same issues the readers do. " he said. Loeb said in January that he expected the new location would help keep the staff even more attune to what is happening on campus. " (In our old location) we were separated by Speedway from a lot of things going on. " he said. Wildcat staff members said the new office was a huge improvement over the paper ' s previous home in the Esquire building, an apartment complex at North Park Avenue and East Helen Street that the university converted to office space. " In the old building we had to run through a labyrinth of walls to get to people. " Staton said. Staffers also agreed that the new building was much more professional with its matching office furniture and neatly arranged cubicles and meeting rooms. " The new office is a pleasant place to work, " Staton said, adding that the new location has perks that will help the staff be more productive. The new location is near the Sixth Street and Tyndall parking garages, making access to the office much easier, Thompson said. It is also within seconds of the Park Student Union restaurants, which was good for some of the staff who said full meals helped them increase their productivity levels. Prior to its time in the Esquire building, the Wildcat was located in the basement of the old Memorial Student Union. The newspaper moved when the building was demolished in 2001. What people on campus are saying about ... ON THE SPOT: Daily impromptu interviews with people around campus It ' s nice to know there are some funny people around campus. 4t 4b Kurt Minno, S s mechanical engineering freshman FLASHBACK: A look back at each week ' s historical events ( (p I really like that first page. You open it up, and there are all sorts of little facts and information. JoeAbi-ad, 1 pre-communication junior S UNDER COVERS: The Wildcats weekly sex column (p Sex is a pretty big part of college life. I think it would be a good idea to have a column that addresses it in a meaningful way. Michael Mulcahy, ft 4b media arts professor S S POLICE BEAT: Daily report on campus crime It ' s the best part of the whole paper. It shows just how stupid people are. Jos 7 Zwick, aerospace engineering freshman The moving company clears out furnishings and office supplies from the Wildcat ' s old office in the Esquire building. Unearthed 275 ROTC SWING CATS SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS TAU BETA SIGMA VILLA DEL PUENTE HALL GOVERNMENT 3TS STUDENT OBJECTIVIST SOCIETY STUDENTS IN FREE ENTERPRISE Student Objectivist Society i UNIVERSITY ACTIVITIES BOARD UNDERGRADUATE POLITICAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION f A Of tLUB GROUP PHOTOS INVOLVEMENTUNFA R UUCN Fighting for students By Amy Myers Cara O ' Connor WITH A TOTAL BUDGET OF ALMOST $925,000, the Associated Students of the University of Arizona has the least amount of funding of all Pac-10 student governments. But despite their relative lack of funding, the UA ' s student government supports many of the clubs and events on campus, with the majority of its funds going toward student programs, according to ASUA treasurer Cale Miller. Spring Fling, the largest student run carnival in the nation, is one of the events produced by the three-branched student government. During the 2003-2004 school year there were nearly 400 clubs at the UA and more than 15 programs within ASUA. While programs like SafeRide were widely used and fully established, others such as ZonaZoo were just beginning to catch on. ZonaZoo, dubbed the ' spirit council, ' brought dreams of pep rallies, tailgates and road trips to come, said ASUA president J.P. Benedict. One of the most popular student programs was SafeRide. The $70,000 program transported students across campus at night to ensure a safe arrival at their desired destinations. " I am a big fan of the SafeRide program, as it is one of our most visible and well known programs and is highly successful at what it does, " said Matt Harris, ASUA Senator. Under the Executive Vice President branch of ASUA, club advocates were dedicated to helping clubs apply for funding. An appropriations board met weekly with up to 15 clubs to review funding requests. The appropriations board had about $85,000 to give out to clubs that met specified requirements. Each request had to be voted on by the appropriations board before being finalized by the senate, a group of 10 elected students with a budget of 10 percent of student fees, totaling almost $20,000. CAMPAIGNING Campaigning for ASUA offices was a very stressful, but rewarding, experience, according to this year ' s winner and losers. " It was the best and most exciting experience of my life, " said Josh Shapiro, who despite his loss to Alistair Chapman in the race for ASUA president, said running was worthwhile. The Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) is the university ' s student government organization. Ten senators, three executive officers and dozens of non-elected volunteers oversee the activities of UA clubs, organize campus events and serve as liaisons to the Arizona legislature. " Politics affect everyone in college, and especially after college, " the economics junior said. Prashant Raj, who was elected as a senator, echoed Shapiro ' s sentiments. " Politics is my hobby, " he said. " [ASUA] is a good combination of both volunteering and politics. " Raj, an engineering management junior, said the first step to a successful campaign was a good platform. Raj promised that, if elected, he would synchronize all campus clocks, try to increase campus safety and organize an international food, craft and culture fair. The next step to a successful campaign was exposure, according to Executive Vice President- elect Sarah Birnbaum ' s campaign managers, Alison Orologio and Michael Achtman. " It ' s really about grassroots and talking to people, " said Orologio, a political science senior. 278 The Desert Student Body President J.P. Benedict passes the key to his office to Alistair Chapman, the 2004-2005 president. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Birnbaum ' s campaign managers arranged for her to speak at club meetings and sorority and fraternity 7 houses about her platform of organizing more campus activities and making ASUA visible. " She is going to make sure that people know who their senators are ' Orologio said. Flyers, email and phone campaigns and t-shirts were also common ways that ASUA hopefuls got exposure. Raj said that, in addition to calling everyone in his personal phonebooks, his campaign involved writing letters to more than 200 students, reminding them to vote. When all was said and done, about 3,600 students cast ballots the most in recent ASUA history, according to ASUA Elections Commissioner Dan Suh. " The biggest goal is to try to get people involved, " Raj said. Unearthed 279 INVOLVEMENT Extremely involved Gale Miller has his hands in more pots than some can count By Carrie Bui " HE ' S COOL, HE ' S NICE, AND HE ' S FUN, " said 11-year-old Matthew, referring to marketing senior Cale Miller. Two years ago, the two were paired up as " brothers " in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program. " Big Brothers Big Sisters seemed like a way I could give back to the community, and it ' s given me the feeling that I have a niche in Tucson, " said Miller, who ' s originally from Portland, Ore. Miller ' s time with Matthew has opened up Matthew ' s world through outings that Matthew has never experienced, such as rock climbing at Rocks and Ropes and a day atop snowy Mt. Lemmon. " He had never seen snow and was excited. It was so much fun. It was something I knew he ' d remember for the rest of his life, " Miller said. Miller has not only accomplished his goal of giving back to the Tucson community; he has given much to the UA community, as well. Miller is the ASUA treasurer, social chair of Optimi Honorary, a member of the Student Alumni Association and he volunteers with the American Red Cross ' blood drives on campus. " I got involved from the beginning. It was like I caught an involvement bug, " Miller said. As a member of the Campaign Arizona Student Development Board, Miller helped to start class councils, organize the end-of-the-year senior get-together and increase orientation and Freshman Convocation involvement. " It feels really good to know that when I come back 20 or 30 years from now, some of the things I ' ve had my hand in will still be in place, " Miller said. In addition to his extracurricular activities, Miller took 15 units of classes in the spring semester, an d he just completed an internship with the Arizona Diamondbacks. " It gave me an opportunity to see how a major league baseball team runs, " he said. After graduation in May, Miller plans to move to the San Francisco Bay area to take a position with a beer company. 280 The Desert It feels good to know that when I come back 20 or 30 years from now, some of the things I ' ve had my hand in will still be in place. ffSfcr Marketing senior Cale Miller works in his office as ASUA treasurer. The job is just one example of Miller ' s involvement on campus. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Cale Miller, marketing senior Unearthed 281 .CO The ultimate in volveme 3P ? 4 m 4 I ' 284 The Desert Pi " J Anthropology freshman Christal Harader and first-year pharmacy student Matt Martin enjoy a dance together last yea PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUo, 286 The Desert appin ' feel swingin ' beats Arizona Swing Cats bring back old rhythm By Amy Myers A SLIVER OF YELLOW LIGHT AND THE SOUNDS OF DESKS SCRAPING across a tile floor escape through the propped door of a classroom. Inside, a few excited dancers make the weekly conversion from classroom to dance club. Soon, several students enter the room and the swingin ' begins. Arizona Swing Cats ' mission statement is: " To promote and enhance the dances of the Big Band Era, as well as related jazz and cultural history. " In 2004, the group did this by meeting every week to teach swing dance novices some basic steps and to give the experts a chance to do what they love best. " As long as I am swinging, I am always having fun, " said Mart Martin, a first-year pharmacy student and Swing Cats member. Martin, a swing dancer with more than three years of experience under his belt, spent every Tuesday night at Swing Cats meetings. During a typical Tuesday meeting, dancers spent one hour teaching newcomers how to swing dance and then two more hours in a " free dance. " " Swing dancing incorporates even, ' type of dance, so the free dance in the meeting is a mixture of all types of dance, " Martin said. Swing Cats meetings were open to anyone who wanted to go, so there were often students who had never danced before at the meetings. " I have no swing experience, so I am here just to learn a few steps, " said computer engineering junior Tina Wright when she attended her first Swing Cats meeting. The women in attendance at Swing Cats meetings typically outnumbered the men. During the lesson, some females were able to cross the line and dance the part of the male lead dancer. " One of the best parts about swing dancing is when the guys know how to dance, " said Kristin Brown, a senior majoring in French. Students in Arizona Swing Cats said the casual atmosphere and laidback instructor were key to their enjoyment of their swing dancing lessons. Astronomy graduate student Audra Baleisis explains a move to planetary sciences post-doctorate fel- low Jamal Jauanma at a Swing Cats meeting last year. Unearthed - 287 Pre-communication freshman Meredith Entsminger and undeclared freshman Kelly Baublits battle a barrage of blue paint as they participate in A-Day on Sept. 27. Every year, freshmen give the " A " on A-Mountain a fresh coat of paint. PHOTO BY CLAIRE C. LAURENCE ! ; ' " V ' . 7- V. fc. ' 1 The Informal Rush lets potential members pick the houses they want to visit By Jennifer Whitcomb New Phi Gamma Delta member Sean Conway stands in the doorway of the house. Conway said he chose Phi Gamma Delta because he could relate to its members. PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS the annual Greek extravaganza known as Rush imenced, the UA ' s dwindling, yet still animated, r _ )oze with potential new members. Each member emblazoned with his respective letters, the groups came prepared with an assorted spread of pamphlets, pictures and videos for the perusal pleasure of interested passersby. Continued on nc t fw i Joining a fraternity means brotherhood Continued from page 291 Standing by one table, chatting with the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, was Sean Conway, a 19-year-old pre-business sophomore from San Diego, Calif. He was there because he was searching for a band of new friends. Conway spent the fall semester studying at sea, and as a result, ended up losing touch with some of his old chums. " Rushing as a sophomore is pretty weird, " he said. " Weird " was a word that many rushees used, as Spring 2004 was the first Rush to conform to a new set of guidelines imposed by the university and the Interfraternity Council. Under the new code, fraternities broke away from the traditional Rush process and switched gears toward a looser, more informal version in the hope of attracting a larger and more diverse demographic of UA men. Some of the changes included the abolition of the registration fee and of the formal bid system, which required potential members to visit every house on campus before making their final selections. Chris Bullins, greek life programs coordinator, said the formal bid system was time consuming for 292 The Desert everyone involved and may have contributed to the decline in the number of men rushing each year. " We were one of the only schools in the nation still using the formal system, " he said. " [The new system] gives the men who are going through the process, as well as the chapters, more freedom and flexibility. " But the process has received mixed reviews from current and prospective members. " It doesn ' t seem to be going very well, " said Chi Phi sophomore David O ' Malley. Conway, who first rushed as a freshman in the fall of 2002 but ultimately ended up dropping out, said, " I like it formal. Being forced to go to houses is good it helps dispel rumors ... you get a second chance to see what a frat is all about. " Since Rush participants are no longer required to visit all fraternities, it follows that greeks can no longer be extremely selective in choosing who will be the next to join their ranks. Travis Corkill, a pre-communication freshman and Sigma Phi Epsilon member, said chapters primarily look for " good, cool guys who are dedicated to learning " and " all-around guys (with) smarts and personality. " O ' Malley said they were seeking " guys that are interested in joining not just another organization, but a brotherhood. " This was definitely the case for Conway, who said one of the things he anticipated most about fraternity life was " having 120 people on campus who are automatically your friends. " Conway was apprehensive, however, about balancing membership with academics and ending up in the " right " group. Lower on his list of concerns was an issue that is also very high on the university ' s list: hazing. Conway said that as long as it entails " nothing harmful, " then " You ' ve gotta do it ... Next year you ' ll do the same to the other guys. " He also said that a member has the " right to drop, " adding, " No one ' s really forcing you. " For Conway, it ultimately came down to a decision between two fraternities: Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi Gamma Delta. He originally thought he would join the former: his stepfather was an Sigma Alpha Epsilon alumnus, and many of the chapter ' s members came from Con way ' s hometown. However, as the week wore on, he found his loyalties shifting for various reasons, including the opinions of his female friends. " Girls influence your decision a lot, " he said. " They know the guys, they go to parries (and) they know what ' s up. " Conway finally decided to pledge Phi Gamma Delta. He said that in the end, " It just comes down to the house. (The guys) relate to me ... that ' s what you look for in a frat. " Finally, after a week of hosting dinners, bowling excursions and an entire range of activities and outings to meet each prospective candidate, Rush concluded with each fraternity selecting its new members. " The last few days are the best, " Conway said. " You don ' t know if they want you or not, but then you get that phone call ... " The " phone call " was another deviation from the old Rush protocol; it replaced the formal bid invitation. But, as Conway said, " It still meant a lot. " ABOVE: Regional development sophomore Skylar Smith, political science sophomore Todd Scanlin and psychology sophomore Kyle Darling enjoy dinner and valentines together at the Phi Gamma Delta house. OPPOSITE: Pre-business freshman Tyler Fair plays pool in the house ' s basement. PHOTOS BY KEVIN B. KLAUS The last few days are the best. You don ' t know if they want you or not, but then you get that phone call. 7 Sean Conway, pre-business sophomore tEEKLIFEf Chapters get new homes Sigma Kappa, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Phi Gamma Delta get new digs By Cara O ' Connor Jennifer Whitcomb THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS ALONG " GREEK ROV this year made a few chapter houses more popular for meals, chapter meetings and social events, on top of simply making them more pleasant places to live. The 2003-2004 school year marked the completion of the $4.6 million Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house, renovations to the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority house and the beginning of construction on Sigma Kappa sorority ' s $2 million house. The Sigma Kappa house was slated for completion this summer, and it will house 41 women in the fall. The chapter has been planning for the new house since 1996. " I think living in the new house will be great because we will be on Greek Row with everyone else, and it will make recruitment a lot easier so the potential new members won ' t have to walk under the underpass. Also, it ' ll be safer for ladies walking home, " said Sigma Kappa President Sarah Peeples. The men of Phi Gamma Delta can attest to the perks of living in a brand new chapter house. The 66 men who call the house home have at their disposal a full kitchen and 24-hour buffet service that, according to chapter president DJ Asad, would " make a lot of restaurants jealous. " The brothers also boast of their spacious outdoor courtyard, complete with a barbeque pit and sun deck, their soundproof basement recreation room equipped with pool and ping-pong tables and a big screen television, as well as their library. There are 12 computers on order for the downstairs area as well. Donations from alumni completely funded the construction of the house, which stands on the same lot as Phi Gamma Delta ' s old house on the corner of East First Street and North Campbell Avenue. The best part of the new house is that it is a " big structure to have all the brothers together, " said Asad, a regional development junior. A boost in morale was the one of the biggest benefits of Kappa Kappa Gamma ' s summer renovations. When the sorority renovated its kitchen, dining room, patio, and chapter meeting room in 2003, attendance at meals and chapter meetings " skyrocketed, " said President Lauren Fleischner, a molecular and cellular biology junior. Fleischner said the renovations were made to " accommodate a growing chapter ' s needs. " Seventy-six women live in the house more than any other UA sorority house. Sigma Kappa ' s new house, which has been in planning since 1996, will move the sorority onto greek row. PHOTO BY BRYAN ROLLINS Unearthed 295 STYdHVZABMEOTHIS House by house nBRTYdlBrZABXAi n Beta Theta Pi Aguilar, Augustine B. Allen, Douglas Steven Balsamo, Nicholas Anthony Beall, Ryan Magruder Benedikt, Sean Ryan Benson, Tyler Berg, Travis Lee Best, John T Bollum, Daniel Steven Bradshaw, Ryan A Breslin, Matthew D Carr, Matthew Cella, Greg D. Chapman, Collin M. Clinch, Andrew H. Coffman, Gregory J Facini, Gabriel John Finnegan, Kevin M Franchi, Michael Lawrence Francis, Kylan Stuart Freeland, Avery G Fullerton, Christopher Shaun Garcia, Eric Phillip Goot, Benjamin H Green, Justin T Gugliuzza, Mathew Patrick Haberman, Matthew Scott Hallgren, David E Hauskens, Samuel Herman, Stephen Eric Hottenstein, Andrew D. Huck, Daniel Jastrow, Brett Robert Jensen, James Christopher Jorgenson, Nicholas Phillip Journell, Brandon Scot Kalil, Nicholas Fred Kanne, Michael Francis, Jr. Kanneganti, Navin C Keough, Patrick N. Kusz, Michael T. Lawson, Jeremy Parker Lemieux, Andrew Michael Lepler, Michael Aaron Lopez, Nickolas Maynard, Andrew A. Mcconologue, Joseph P Mcguire, Daniel D. Mclain, Michael Menayas, Alexander Emmanuel Millar, Davis Frederick Munro, Garrett J Nelson, Anthony D Norris, John Dickinson Olivarez-giles, Nathan Robert Oliver, Evan Spencer O ' Malley, Kyle B Ordonez, Jose J. Page, Jonathan M Pasquale, Ryan D Peterson, Brandon Piakis, Jon A Pluke, Nathan M Raschko, John Albert Regan, Patrick M Robinson, Michael Anthony Schaefer, Adam C Shelby, Daniel J Siegle, Scott Robert Sparenga, Richard J., II Stamp, Matthew Christopher Strachan, Aaron Strachan, Justin Dempsey Strieker, Phillip L Strom, Matthew R Suh, Daniel Sutton, Kevin M. Truitt, Kevin J Tufail, Yusuf Zahid Uden, Matthew Umfrid, Tyler James Vestal, Sean M Walker, Devin Russell Woehrle, John R. Wolk, Barry R Woo, Stephen Donald Yanez, Henry E. Yunt, Brian G. : : :, ' : , : k I ' 298 The Desert ASO Delta Sigma Phi Anand, Akash Aronoff, Adam Michael Benjamin, Corey R Causey, Brent J Forde, Liam P. Gessay, Grant L Goodenkauf, Justin M Gordon, Jeremy A Griffeth, Ryan W Haimsohn, Joel E Kim, Johnny Sungwhan Kraus, Nathan Scott Pardi, Peter Savone, John A Schapker, Michael A Sherman, David Siegel, Zachary Ethan Singh, Jaskanwal 5. Fraternity Facts Delta Sigma Phi Nickname: Delta Sig Colors: Green and White Philanthropy: March of Dimes Unearthed 299 ATA Delta Tau Delta Abel, Scott Harris Adland, Josh Kirk Argueta, Miguel Isai Avanzino, Christopher Andrew Betterton, Edward William Caldwell, Craig E . Carter, John M. Cave, Christopher Martin Chodorowski, Anthony Edward Diamond, Eric John Digianfilippo, Mark D. Donovan, Shaun R . Elmer, Duncan Arthur Fish, Adam H. Forsythe, Adam James Grimsley, Blake J . Grubin, David J. Hagan, Benjamin W. Harms, Brian Christopher Henning, Matthew John Hersker, Jason M . Kane, Patrick Jeffery Lewis, Will Andrew Linduska,Phillip C . Magata, Alan Shizuo Mcnary, Wesley M. Michael, Joshua H. Mittelstadt, Paul Otto Navarro, William Steven Park, Justin J. Pearson, Benjamin D. Peterson, Thomas Powell, Benjamin H. Price, Matthew Ryan Raphel, Brian J. Rosen, Lee M. Ross, Adam P. Schultz, Kurt F. Shapiro, Josh Alex Sheeran, Ryan Canice Simon, Brian J. Talarico, Brian J. Townsend, Steven Mark Uccellini, Dominic Peter Violett, Marc Weiner, Jordan Matthew Wood, Matthew L . Zahler, Richard J. 300 The Desert KZ Kappa Sigma Alspaugh, Xicholas Garcia Althoff, Andrew P. Bacon, Benjamin S. Barnes annon, Marcus Aaron Barr, Darren Bradford Bauer, Jacob Matthew Bedrick, Todd A. Belitsos, Jeremy Andrew Berding, Travis J. Bergen, Christopher V. Bistany, Daniel J. Birner, David M. Block, Andrew Gregory Boothe, Ryan Herbert Bradshaw, James D. Brewer, Derek Samuel Bronte, John James Burckle, Jonathan Hayden Cagle, Christoper Eric Carson, Matthew Gerald Chapa, Ryan Charles Chusid, Adam J . Cohen, Brandon Scott Coll, Sean Patrick Collazo, Rick Collertii, Nicholas Ryan Conway, Joshua Travis Coors, Ryan William Crawford, Matthew Charles Darroch, Robert D. Daugherty, Michael C. Demner, Ross A Diers, Blake Kristofor Drummond, Brett Stephen, Sr Ebrari, Daryush Connor Foley, Patrick Franklyn Franklin, Remington Froelich, William James Gerber, Jeffrey A. Gladstein, Aaron M. Gooding, Peter M. Gordon, Rikki Dean Gosselin, David Edward Hall, Charles D. Hall, Tim Ryan Harper, Matthew R Harrigan, Sean J. Hatchell, Jonathan Clark Hess, Patrick Hintz, Kenneth Christopher Hoashi, Ryan K. Hogan, Robert W. Hogan, Tyler Joseph Holdridge, Christopher Francis Hudson, Chris S. Isaacson, Josh M. Jaffe, Ray J. Josephson, Scott Harris Kabo, Drew J. Kaner, William Michael Keeler, Scott N. Knill, Garrett V. Laskoski, Timothy Daniel Lichvar, William Jon-vine Lochridge, James Alexander Ludwig, Joel Tyler Madrid, Nick J. Magorien, Matthew David Magruder, Elliot A. Malter, Joshua Alan Markenson, Matthew S. Mazry, Juan C. Mazzeo, Samuel A. Mckennon, Brandon Mosley, Jason Michael Nathel, Joshua Avery Niello, Richard Louis, III Parmenter, John Edward Perez, Edward Joseph Pinnell, Ryan A. Richards, Nicholas B. Rovira, Martin Russell, Steven Kevin Saffold, Nick Satrap, Robert Jordan Savitch, Brian Schaeffler,WilhelmJ. Schaffer, Andrew Joseph Schudel, Justin Douglas Schulz, Nicholas D. Simonoff, Michael E. Stamback, Kurt C. Stamler, Kevin M . Stanton, Gregory Stimson, Alexander Deal Strauss, Brett R. Tankenoff, Michael J. Thomas, Justin James Tucker, Christopher Michael Vega, Timothy Voss, Stephen Ward, John M. Watt, Justin Windisch, Matthew E. Wing, Justin Francis Wolfert, Jonathan Michael Unearthed 301 Adams, John Alhadeff, Joshua J. Arellano, Michael Baker, Danny J. Bass, Elliott Garner Beller, Matthew Allen Bruhn, Michael C. Bunting, John M. Burdsall, Derek J. Caldwell, Jason Lee Christensen, Timothy P. Cleveland, Michael Scott Conrad, Brad J. Downey, David M. Engelman, Adam G. Fox, Jacob R. Fritcher, Daniel Scott Gabe, Chris R. Gillingham, Jeffrey Thomas Goss, William M. Gravesande, Samuel Christopher Grenier, Justin C. Harris, Matthew S. Haywood, Andrew Thomas Heideman, Karl Thomas Henderson, Jake Craig Hennessy, Thomas A. Hirshberg, Timothy Ernst Hoffos, Drew Michael Howcroft, Brian Walter Huntsberger, Matthew G. Johl, Matthew Grant Klinsport, Brian D. Krasowski, Shaunery Kuhn, Matthew Robert Leech, Keith Curtis, Jr. Lem, Steven Shar Maloney, Denis William Martin, Ryan Dorvil Mccay, Blake Derrek Mcinnes, Cooper Charles Medler, Robert T. Moore, Steven K. Morrison, Shane D. Myers, Tyson Hall Nuema n, Brandon J. O ' Brien, Seth Panhans, Paul T. Parsons, Robert C. Reilly, Stephen Mccord Roder, Daniel Robert Royer, Chad Johnson Running, Tyler Y. Sacks, Adam Louis Sambor, Ian M. Santander, Kyle D. Schmidt, Scott Andrew Shushereba, Theodore J., II Snowberger, John Robert III Sommers, Jeffry R. Takacs, Michael B. Usen, Ben Jacob Valdivia, Adrian Gabriel Wisda, Charles Robert Witcher, Brian Joseph Wu, Eric C Zahler, Geoffrey Scott 302 The Desert SAE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Abdelnour, John Richard Alexander, Robert Daniel Anderson, Brian George Atkinson, Joseph Hampton, III Bates, Jeremy R. Beaton, Brent William Bohannon, Brett W. Bourassa, Eric James Brecheisen, David N. Brisco, Aaron Joseph Brown, Peter John Campbell, Matthew A. Carroll, Sean Michael Carson, Kyle Steven Chambers, Kenneth Robert Chapparone, Mark Stephen Colley, Edward Benton Constantiner, Douglas E. Cortese, Benjamin Tyler Costaglio, Michael David Crivello, Salvatore Mario Dains, Danny J. Davison, Brock G. Diaz, Remington Benson Druding, Brian J. Dugal, Michael B. Duncan, Matthew Scott Dunnam, Jeffrey S. Edmonds, Eric Robert Emsiek, Nicholas G Flavin, Shaun R Francis, Lawrence Tyler Frawley, Luke James Frawley, Thomas M. Garcia, Gabriel Eliud Garrett, Seth A. Gerakos, Nicholas Michael Grant, Ryan Timothy Gray, Nicholas S. Grimes, Andrew Ellsworth Grimes, William C. Guerrero, Devin Christopher Hagans, Cody Ricart Hallak, Daniel Hawley, Corey P. Haymond, Chase T. Heiden, Chase Hoffmann, Jeremy F. Holland, Brian Hollenbeck, Chris D. Hovannisian, Vincent George Hull, David A. Hustedt, Grant G. laco, Michael C. Irwin, Jeffrey R. Johnson, Benjamin Joseph-amon Kenney, Michael Kesner, Justin Todd Knutson, Gordon Carl Kruljac, Joseph C. Kunde, Joshua Lloyd Leffler, Daniel G. Lersch, Matthew Scott Lima, Michael T. Loewenstein, David M. Mann, Jeremy David Manson, Leor J. Margison, Brad Martin, David Mcfarland, Dustin W. Mcmillan, Jason Brian Mcpherson, Alexander Menkov, Christopher , Sr. Metz, Austen T. Mora, Michael J. Gates, Gregory James Ora, Chase H. Perry, John Fletcher Phillips, Matthew B. Purtell, Chad S. Robinson, Kyle R. Rodrigues, Robert Rogoff, Brandon K. Rorbach, Clark Partick Salladay, Ryan L. Sanchez, Aaron J. Scalise, Ryan R.C. Shaaya, David M. Singer, Steven Harris Sloss, Richard Anthony Smith, Kyle David Spellman, Sean Whitney Tambke, Walter Thompson Thurber, Aaron C. Touche, Charles Steven Tuchin, Paul J. White, James William Wolter, Robert Alan, Jr. Wong, Jay F. Woods, Michael Brian Woods, William F. Worsley, Gregory D. Yoon, Daniel Tae Joong Unearthed 303 iHHMMHHMM 1 MM MHH Ma w MMMi M Simga Alpha Mu Achtman, Michael Norman Anderson, Grant W. Cohen, Jack G. Deutch, Adam J. Fenster, Jeffrey S. Kajan, Evan H. Katz, Aram Saul Klimowicz, Jack C. Lahey, Christopher T. Leach, Jason Charles Morse, Patrick L. Mulcahy, Michael D. Roodveldt, Andres Eduardo Schnepper, Joshua Spradlin Shahvar, Jonathan M. Spierer, Joseph Robert 304 The Desert SAB Lambda Beta Arredondo, Marco A. Cervantes, Pablo Sergio Espinoza, Jacinto J. Franco, Jose J. Garcia, Agustin A. Gonzales, Esteban Matus, Carlos Guillermo A. Meza, Rene Daniel Ramirez, Ceasar E. Fraternity Fact Sigma Lambda Beta Nickname: Lambda Betas Colors: Royal Purple and Pure White Motto: " Opportunity for wisdom. Wisdom for Culture. " Philanthropy: Adopt-A-Park D 8 o Unearthed 305 SN Sigma Nu Blick, James H. Callipare, Dennis A. Caprio, Joseph L. Carries, David Michael Chung, Paul Chin Defeo, Aaron A. Falabella, Adam T. Garlington, Scott A. Grochowski, Adam C. Haynes, Justin Lawrence Huber, Raimund Hulse, Michael Clifton Importante, James Romeo Joyce, Jacob A. Kahan, Daniel George Kohorst, Kevin Allen Lynch, Adam Benjamin Maffei, Santino Alfredo Mazanec, Sean Frank Mccain, William Michael Norwood, Braxton A. Ortega, Michael Anthony, Jr. Paire, Alphonse Pocorobba, Bretton B. Reitzes, Michael Frederick Rouse, Jeremy Robert Sarna, Rishi S. Shimek, Brian A. White, Geoffrey C. White, Thomas Warren Whiteford, Patrick Coyne Wiley, Christophe J. Wilhelmi, Trenton Cole fcvan. Cfflu; Divita, 306 The Desert Sigma Pi Armstrong, Dennis John, III Bakke, Erik David Bonillas, Antonio, IV Bryan, Michael Edward Cantua, Vicente A. Contreras, Anthony Brian Corrales, Daniel, Jr. Cutter, Casey Patrick Divita, Joseph M. Domschke, Christopher T. Edwards, Drew F. Ginsburg, Matthew Philip Hoppel, William Clark, III Horstman, Colin Keane, Morgan James Nordensson, Timothy J. Price, Kris Robert Puckett, Jason Allen Raymond, Jason A. Redding, Daniel Rico, Andrew Stephen Rodriguez, Gabriel Sharki, Joshua Aaron Steorts, James M. Sublette, Ryan Wade Tuohy, Andrew Walker Wie, James Ji Hwang Wilbur, Michael L Wilder, Michael Dane Unearthed 307 SOE Sigma Phi Epsilon Abt, Benjamin Robert Abt, Joseph Reed Aiello, Andrew P. Anderson, Eric N. Asbury, Adam Anthony Aufhammer, Corey Charlson Barnett, Nathan Etienne Barton, William Edward Beardsley, Andrew A. Beller, Graydon Sami Benstein, Michael R. Beverly, Michael Gray Bradshaw, Cooper James Campbell, David Hunter Corkill, Travis Andrew Filliben, Patrick M. Flamer, Joseph Vincent Franklin, Richard Michael Gobeille, Travis W. Goldner, Justin C. Goodman, Mark William Haber, Gregory Hair, Jeff S. Hersh, Jordan A. Hess, Todd M. Himmel, Eric R. Home, Alexander Evan Incorvaia, Jonathan Robert Jetton, John Ernest Karas, Bryan E. Katzman, Michael Alan Keto, Anthony Andrew Kirby, Nick S. Knochel, John D. Lane, Michael P. Lawrence, Brandon J. Maaskamp, Ryan Mack, Michael Stephen Manrique, Juan David Mattern, Douglas J. Mcginty, Michael Murphy Miller, Lonny Benjamin Morris, Victor Ray Nolan, Shane William Orlov, Brandon M. Osmond, Christopher Edward Pacheco, Jonathan Peters, Jeffrey Ryan Randall, Matthew Loren Reyes, Francis Rosenberg, Drew Ari Rosenbloom, Daniel Andrew Rosenson, Jonathan M. Ross, Chris S. Ryder, Jesse Hebble Samtoy, John K. Samuels, Jacob Cullen Scheid, Michael George Daniel Scheinberg, Dan Smith, Bryan Lorbeer Stack, William H. Stea, Daniel F. Steinfeld, Nicholas J. Sternberg, Daniel Lawrence Sueltman, Stuart A. Tessmer, Justin Valenti, Rian Douglas Vogelsang, Austin James Ward, Lance Gregory Weiner, Samuel P. Wells, Christopher Cory Woods, Christopher Jarryd .: : te 308 The Desert , FITI Phi Gamma Delta Allen, James Richard Allen, Jeremy Robert Amato, Reggie G. Arnold, Steven C. Asad, Douglas James Asensio, Juan Carlos Baker, Wade William Bellows, Donald Clinton, II Calihan, Patrick Price Catanese, Santo Michael, Jr. Chronis, Chris Peter Conway, Sean M. Cooper-ephriam, Rahsaun Chettyll Cramer, Jake J. Darling, Kyle Ryan Desiraju, Vijay K. Dewey, Matthew W. Dickson, Arthur David Dinnsen, Brady Michael Dominy, Luke D. Dupuy, Michael John Elliott, Ryan Erickson, Robert J. Fair, Tyler Patrick Flynn, Patrick John Fortune, Robert Mckay Fowler, Jack Richard Frey, Michael Scott Garrett, Joseph Blake Gordon, Brandon E. Grimditch, Brian Robert Gullickson, Justin Scott Hallan, Eric Michael Hampar, Gregory Hass, Lucas J. Helper, Ian D. Henningsen, Brad Herchold, Timothy M. Hernandez, Andres A. Herrera, Nicholas Patrick Hoebing, Craig J. Home, Christopher Stephen Humphrey, Eric James Jarratt, Tyler H. Jensen, Evan Lindsay Jorgensen, Benjamin Jay Kelly, Nicholas Erik Krueger, Eric Patrick Lafrenz, Grayson Mel Lind, Jesse Aaron Loop, Michael Calvin Louis, Christopher William Macdonald, Richard Mauge, Patrick C. Mcevoy, Evan J. Mcnulty, Joshua Thomas Meronoff, Jamie A. Niedergang, Scott Andrew Onderdonk, Thomas Pearl, Thomas F. Perry, William K., II Peterson, Eric M. Preston, Ryan M. Prupas, Andrew Lawrence Rawson, Ronald Craig Reed, Peter Thomas Rieble, John Walt Rillos, Mark Aaron Rosa, Gregory Richard Scanlin, Todd Shurtz, Jonathan Slattery, Tyler D. Smith, Kevin M. Smith, Skylar J. Thompson, Kyle Maurice Trevor, William Randolph Trimble, Patrick Michael Vincent, Thomas Henry Vogelei, Richard Volkmann, Matthew Welch, Bart Wood, Cameron M. Zecy, Christopher O. Unearthed 309 Phi Delta Theta Brandt, Michael P. Brearley, Tyler Stuart Buchanan, Blake A. Davis, Kent Fritchoff Digiacomo, Mark Nicholas Estrada, Joseph Michael Fesler, Lance Anjin Granrath, Karl Joseph Greene, Eric Robert Holmberg, Robert R. Howell, John C, III Islas, Gilbert Jacobs Kelly, Colin Michael Mccorkel, Joel T. Mckenny, Aaron F. Neish, Michael J. Nelson, Scott James Orozco, Matthew B. Ortiz, Adrian Reece, Tyler Reilly, Nolan Patrick Rosen, Jonathan Robert Singer, Zachary Jonathon Welp, Richard Wise, Trevor E 310The Desert Phi Kappa Psi Abi-ad, Joseph Pierre Alsarraj, Faisal Ghazi Asnani, Mohit S. Barber, Douglas W. Brennan, Patrick Tighe Britton, Jamie Calkins, Clifford J. Cardieri, George Alexander Cave, Chester D. Cortese-cross, Seann Davis, Ryan P. Duran, Daniel J. Edelstein, Joseph Edward Filipov, Ilija Gaither, Logan W. Gatchalian, Savin lyoyo Goedert, Kyle J. Gosses, James M. Hasch, Travis J. Heika, Kristofer Raymond Hesselbacher, Matt G. Hoult, James T. Huber, Bradley M. Jakucki, Jonathon Katouzian, Kambiz Kejriwal, Kartikeya Knabb, Taylor S. Levinson, Ben J. Liguori, Alexander J. Liguori, Andrew E. Lloyd, Aaron Thomas Lopez, Paul Anthony, Jr. Lusk, Jeremy R. Meckler, Michael A. Megowan, Ryan James Mesa, Gilbert Diaz Meyerson, David Ethan Miller, Bryan John Munsell, David Sachs Niezgoda, Matthew D. Patino, Andres Miguel Petersen, Erik Ryan Primeau, Keith R. Pritchett, Travis Ej Sakhrani, Munesh Severino, Mark Christopher Spackeen, Christopher James Tadeo, Jason Ross Wood, Scott Alexander Unearthed 311 xo Chi Phi Alegria, Chris Backlund, Peter Bond Cartheuser, Christopher G. Conley, Jonathan Douglas De Roon, Sean Charles Enzor, Marc James Garcia, Michael J. Glad, Daniel P. Gregory, John M. Henry, Mark Joseph Hoover, Timothy J. Mancuso, Anthony J. O ' Malley, David Brandon Peters, Bradley Lutton Pierce, Chris Scronic, Jason J. Silva, Matthew J. Smith, Jeremy Patrick Wilcox, Aaron Michael 312 -The Desert OAO Omega Delta Phi Almaria, Keith Steven Chapman, Adrien M. Chapman, Overt G., Jr. Contreras, Jesus Mazon Crespo, Bradford W. Duarte, Christopher Ryan Federico, Johnny I. Flores, David R. Guerrero, Frank J. Guess, Perrin Keeland Holguin, Gilbert Eugene Jhagroo, Jai Brian Jimenez, David E. Long, Donnie A. Park, Eugene Potterton, Joshua H. Rambaran, Sean Clifford Ramirez, Jose Ernesto Romero, Thomas Thompson, Daniel Unearthed 313 AAR Alpha Delta Pi fcc Allder, Elizabeth Blair Baumgart, Alysson Marie Bodin, Destiny Rachelle Butts, Sara Michelle Chabot, Elizabeth A. Curiale, Charlene F. Demar, Elizabeth L. Fuentes, Lakin N. Hatley, Kathleen Ann Johnson, Lauren Elizabeth Johnson, Sarah N. Kammeyer, Chelsea Suzanne Kemper, Virginia Kiss, Jessica A. Kleinhans, Susan Krieger, Amanda Molly Marema, Melanie C. Marran, Laura E. Martin, Rebecca Lynn Mcdonald, Haley C. Mcdonald, Meagan Elizabeth Mcmahon, Pamela Mcrostie, Angela Christine Miletich, Dorothy L. Morris, Amy Joy Perestam, Asten C. ARolland, Lisa Christine Salido, Maria Guadalupe Shuman, Erin Masha Sifuentes, Breanne M. Spurlock, Katherine Wilhelm, Michelle P 31 4 The Desert AEO Alpha Epsilon Phi E Abrams, Sarah C. Albert, Heather Erin Anderson, Genevieve Rose Aron, Allison M. Babins, Carly Jill Baldinger, Talva Beatus, Robyn Aileen Blattman, El ' yse N. Borden, Alison Paige Bragman, Jennifer Gayle Brody, Rebecca Coben, Elizabeth Catherine Cohen, Marisa Leigh Conroy, Emily Beth Deitch, Samantha D. Drever, Allison Meryl Erdman, Jennifer B. Etter, Rebecca Naomi Feidelman, Jaclyn Ivy Feldman, Erica L. Feldman, Stefanie Folkoff, Erica L. Furst, Mariel Kagan Geldzahler, Stacy Brooke Gerrick, Rebecca Ilene limcher, Jordan L. Goldberg, Robin Beth Goldfarb, Alison Renee Goldin, Bethany Sarah Goldman, Amanda Clare Goodman, Rachel Marin Gordon, Wendy B Greene, Jennifer Leigh Gutentag, Rebecca Jill Hauser, Robyn Heskin, Leann M. Jelinowicz, Laura Eva Kaplan, Jill D. Kaplan, Jori L. Katz, Stephanie Lynn Kaufman, Amanda J. King, Megan C. Kohn, Lauryn Michelle Kraus, Sarah Elizabeth Krier, Courtney Laper, Pamela S. Lattman, Lauren W. Laudenheimer, Emily Joy Leeds, Cara Deayn Lefton, Erin Jessica Letizia, Harmony T. Levenson, Michelle Denise Levine, Melissa Lindsey Loewenstein, Allison Elaine Loveman, Jessica Jo Magdalin, Allyson Nicole Magness, Tova M. Marion, Dana B. Miller, Elizabeth Ann Morris, Amanda L. Nedell, Sarah D. Nussbaum, Perry Aland O ' Brien, Erin Michelle Oloff, Dana Lynn Oloff, Nicole Lee Oseran, Jessica Bradford Palmera, Jessica Michelle Patterson, Julia Rose Quint, Sarah Ann Randall, Lindsey Reynard, Alison K. Robbins, Shari Ann Robinson, Lindsey Beth Rokeach, Amy Ross, Kristal Nicole Ross, Lauren S. Ross, Tyler M. Rothman, Emily H. Rovner, Megan A. Rubenstein, Julie Ann Schwager, Lindsay Schwarz, Anna Elisabeth Selig, Ellana B. Serber, Holly Ilene Siegel, Alison Heather Silverman, Jordan Sloviter, Sarah E. Spector, Jenna Brooke Spiegel, Jordyn Amy Spielman, Caroline N . Stark, Jodi R Stein, Megan Lyn Szuchman, Staci M. Ullman, Sarah Nancy Upiter, Sharri Kerstin Vakneen, Rachel Beth Vourderis, Marisa Warm, Lindsey Heather Weinberg, Michelle N. Weiner, Alexandra S Woods, Jessica L Zell, Rachel Chaia Zuccaro, Juliana Nicole Unearthed 315 AO Alpha Phi ' A. si Abdelaziz, Kelly Jean Adib, Samin Alemi, Golie Arcieri, Angela Marie Armstrong, Alice Anne Barnes, Katherine M. Beitner, Brooke Alexandra Bennett, Courtney Elizabeth Bernard ini, Dana Blaylock, Amy Elizabeth Blumenstein, Tanya Leigh Booth, Courtney Lynne Bried, Hollie Elizabeth Brock, Amanda Marie Brooks, Melissa I. Browne, Allyson L. Burger, Lindsay M. Busch, Allison Callinan, Erin L. Carroll, Molly E. Caruth, Whitney L. Cattaneo, Melissa Suzanne Cerone, Brianna Rachel Chamberlain, Kimberly Ann Clawson, Dena C. Clayton, Amy Michelle 316 -The Desert Conetta, Danielle Coolidge, Christine Elizabeth Cooper, Courtney Elizabeth Cordell, Audrey Susan Cramer, Holly Anne Curran, Kelley Marie Dariotis, Alison June Davis, Alexandra E. Diamond, Cori Diebold, Rebecca Lucille Driggs, Sarah D ' Souza, Christine Esmeralda Duveback-kent, Emma Karolina Dwulet, Lauren Eichenbaum, Randi Michele Ellis, Ashley C. Eytcheson, Michelle Diana Fischer, Carlie Kristyne Fitzgerald, Kelley Dana Fosse, Lindsey Rae Franklin, Julie A. Freeman, Rebecca M. Fundine, Lindsey W. Garcia, Keri Jacklyn Gatto, Jessica Susanne Gordon, Hadar Gyben, Molly E. Hallan, Nicole K. Hamill, Jacqueline Kristine Hamm, Jacqueline Dawn Hanrahan, Mary Susan Hansen, Melissa Lauren Hermann, Valerie Yvette Hertzog, Erin Alysse Hickman, Sarah Alice Hogan, Molly C. Holden, Melissa M. Home, Amanda J. Horvath, Stephanie L. Horwitz, Andrea R. Hyatt, Nicole Lyn Hyman, Katie Elizabeth Jabuka, Ann Franklin Jaicks, Tara Katherine Johnston, Elizabeth A. Jones, Megan D. Karas, Jaclyn B. Knight, Kelsey M. Knuzynski, Jessica Kunkel, Susan Marie La Cassa, Regina Marie Lambert, Tamra Ann Laurent, Katherine A. Lembo, Ashley Levin, Abby R. Lipsenthal, Cheryl J. Lowery, Christina Diana Macchiaroli, Marci A. Machin, Laura A. Mancuso, Lindsey Nicole Mandel, Jessica Anne Matilla, Alison D. Mazzella, Gina L. Mcknight, Brittni L. Mcnamee, Maureen R. Meyers, Christina N. Miller, Megan L. Miller, Michaela Mlynowski, Aviva J. Moon, Kristin D. Mortensen, Heather L. Nock, Cynthia A. Orr, Ashley C . Pignataro, Allison L. Ratto, Katherine M. Santos, Kerry Ann Schindler, Leah Marie Shamash, Nicole Kaye Siembieda, Amanda Faye Snyder, Nancy L. Soil, Natasha J. Speir, Jessica Lynn Spiegel, Diana Jane Stamm, Raleigh L. Steele, Jamie L. Stenson, Kathleen E. Stewart-gerla, Blaire 5. Stewart-gerla, Sara M. Stone, Jamie Leigh Sullivan, Brittany Kay Tauber, Jayme Lee Tealdi, Kelly K.O. Tealdi, Kerry Colleen O ' Donnell Trebbin, Lara Katelyn Tucker, Melinda Beverly Walton, Ashley Walton, Margaret M. Waters, Candice Monet Weightman, Emily Elizabeth Wischer, Elizabeth Jack Wolf, Jennifer A. Wright, Talia Alicia Yanayaco, Katya Zander, Jamie Allison Aor Alpha Phi Gamma Cabulong, Justine Reyes Chao, Heidi Chen, Dorcas Do, Helen Hui Kanazawa, Yamuna O. Khoutakoun, Nida Klappert, Marika Kwai Jun Kumayama, Leah Lacandola, Dina Catindig Lee, Anita S. Mercer, Yolanda J. Munoz, Jennifer L. Nguyen, Christine H. Tan, Jamie Christine Wong, Brittany Nicole Wong, Kristen N. Wulandari, Dian Putri Unearthed 317 AXQ Alpha Chi Omega Arcus, Sara Averbach, Zavi M. Barr, Keekan Michelle Beko, Ashley Elizabeth Berman, Jessica Lyn Best, Nicole R. Bland, Amber S. Branstrom, Kristi Leigh Brown, Amanda Carrington, Caitlin E. Cohen, Erin Conter, Jessica Lauren Delman, Erica Michelle Denoon, Sarah Elizabeth Downey, Jessica Ann Findley, Natalie M. Firkins, Deidre A. Fish, Alyssa M. Fox, Pearl Ann Galan, Monica P. Gilbert, Molly Ann Green, Jennifer Elizabeth Hall, Laura M. Hollander, Dominica Holleran, Jill Marie Hunter, Nicole N. Jenkins, Shannon Conrad Kelly, Meghan Faye Koberna, Stefanie A. Kowske, Mairin A. Kuhn, Courtney E. Lehmann, Alissa Greer Linksman, Leeza Miriam Lordi, Kristen Suzanne Lyons, Lacey Charlotte Majalca, Marina Nicole Mall, Alexis Robin Mcgarity, Candace M. Mcquillen, Kimberly Sue Medina, Molly Joy Medina, Nicole T. Miller, Monica Anne Olson, Katie Colleen Palicki, Ashley M. Pitts, Rebecca M Pushor, Jessica A Quick, Leigh M Rude, Tiffany Frances Silvers, Karen Anne Singer, Melissa Rae Thumberg, Melissa Anne Vitale, Lisa A 31 8 ' The Desert FAQ Gamma Alpha Omega Aguirre, Jessica C. Altuna, Aileen Marie Arredondo, Aleasha M. Carrasco, Candace M. Chretin, Claudia Renee Deanda, Carly Debenedetti, Anne Marie Enriquez, Angela Felix, Valerie Nicole Fierros, Wendy Henderson Flaiban, Melanie R. Garza, Jezana Rose Gonzalez, Cynthia A. Gonzalez, Danali Lauro, Sarah Elizabeth Martinez, Aja Y. Murrieta, Angelica Trasel Qumyintewa, Aldena Quinn Ramirez, Cynthia D. Rivera, Amelia Villalobos Rivera, Veronica G. Sabolick, Tiffany Anne Soto, Megan E. Tamayo, Amber A. Tamayo, Vanessa Tapia, Linda M. Unearthed 319 Gamma Phi Beta era L ' ,b i Adams, Brittny Marie Ahearn, Katherine A. Allan, Kristi A. Aman, Kathryn B. Ashcraft, Allison R. Baccus, Katie J. Bailey, Andrea L. Barham, Britney Leigh Barrie, Lisa Barry, Katelyn Rose Basarab, Jodi Ann Bennett, Christina S. Biskind, Lauren Rose Bloom, Catherine Jane Bloom, Katrina Louise Bracken, Stephanie Frances Broughton, Anna Marie Brown, Tish Elisabeth Buccola, Jillian Marie Burns, Molly Elizabeth Buxbaum, Briana Machelle Canedy, Melissa Megan Carlson, Jenna Marie Carrillo, Ashley C. 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Wu, Regina Sorority Stats Delta Chi Lambda Nickname: Delta Chi Philanthropy: Hands Extended with Love to the Philippines (HELP), Boys and Girls Club 0) o Unearthed 323 Theta Nu Xi Brinkley, Austin Nikole Cavagnaro, Dianna M. Davis, Tamika A Droopad, Kamaleeta Amanda Gupta, Priyanka Henry, Kimberly Ann Kotwal, Mansi Rani Nellan, Anandani Starkey, Miranda R Steele, Julie A. Suydam, Tanya M. Thomas, Stephanie Elizabeth Timpani, Carla Renee Tometi, Opal Titi Layo Umashankar, Nita Vasudev, Indu Sesh Verma, Anita Binu Verma, Jennifer Nina 324 The Desert Kappa A Ipha Theta Adishian, Kristen Lee Aichinger, Lauren M. Alexandersson, Anna J. Altendorf, Caitlin A. Anderson, Ashley Brooke Anderson, Moriah Rae Arwell, Jennifer Anne Batstone, Ashley Elizabeth Baum, Laura Stefany Baxter, Ashley L. Baytos, Megan Cleary Bearman, Whitney Robinson Bellinger, Lindsay Bengtson, Taylor Lee Bernicky, Lauren N. Borgida, Amanda Kari Bowlsby, Rachel Kathleen Brace, Courtney A. 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Roche, Amy J Romo, Stephanie A Rosener, Kimberly Kelley Sagehorn, Lia Sandhu, Alaina Ruth Savlov, Alexis L. Scalise, Natalie R. Schierholz, Katherine Brooke Schwedhelm, Catherine Sullivan Scott, Katie Sierk, Courtney L. Smith, Brittney H. Smith, Camille Marie Sobel, Alexandra Collet Solomon, Laura Rachel Steinke, Sarah J. Stern, Danielle M. KStraus, Susan A. Sutterley, Melissa Sue Tebbutt, Tory Anne Towe, Ana Lucia Van Diggelen, Lisa Wald, Katie L. Watkins, Katie Michele Watts, Lezley Ann Weber, Megan Marie Weitzman, Rachel Leigh Wilhelmi, Eva Rose Wilkins, Amy Elizabeth Wilson, Tracy E. Wimmer, Lindsay M. Wirkus, Melissa Kay Witmer, Katherine Burke Wyman, Meredith G. Zetah, Amy Erin Zimmerman, Allison Katherine Zukowski, Kristen Ann Unearthed 325 KAX Kappa Delta Chi orority Stats Kappa Delta Chi Nickname: K D Chi Colors: Maroon and Pink Motto: " What we are to be we are now becoming. For what we are is God ' s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God. " Philanthropy: Project YES, Adelante Nuestro Future, American Cancer Society 326 The Desert V. in Ashburn, Crystal J. Bernal, Daniela S. Calza, Dominique V. Chavez, Raquel Irene Contreras, Ashley M. Daniel, Monica F. Felix, Krystle Grado, Candi D. Hernandez, Estefania Hernandez, Melissa Jayne Iniguez, Laiza Jovanna Marchello, Marissa M. Martinez, Tiffany Jewell Mayer, Cassandra Jaramillo Meza, Rebecca Sandra Moreno, Bernadette Moss, Leslie A. Othon, Ivette C. Palomaria, Aaron Beth Demotica Quinones, Krystle A. Ramirez, Amelia Register, Veronica L. Rios, Erika Erin Rubio, Celeste Jan Sykes, Monica Manjarres Tiu, Kristine S Valencia, Miriam Ivette Verdugo, Shalom Sarah Vizcaya, Jennifer Marie Zamora, Guadalupe KKT Kappa Kappa Gamma Andrews, Christina Marie Cooper, Megan K. Atzeff, Natalie Ann Avellone, Mary Jean Baiada, Alexis B. Balch, Hillary Rose Beardsley, Lauren Beardsley, Megan Beck, Morgan Leigh Berg, Kerstin V. Blake, Kelly E. 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Cunningham, Ashley Christen Degreen, Laura Marie Delnoce, Paige Elizabeth Dillon, Samantha Margaret Dirner, Meredith Stephanie Durkin, Elisabeth A. Dym, Aubrey E. Dymecki, Joanna Dominika Ebzery, Katharine E. Ellerman, Nicholle Endorf, Laura R Entsminger, Meredith L Erhardt, Kelly Marie Fairweather, Anais A. Folger, Jennifer Elizabeth Frey, Amy E. Gales, Kara H. Gaulke, Kelly E. Gistaro, Jaime N. Goehring, Brianne N. Gray, Samantha Judith Greer, Julie Winn Griffith, Amanda Maile Griffith, Shayne Guterman, Sara W. Hahn, Janelle Hall, Lauren Briley Hamilton, Laura T. Haner, Courtney Lynne Hanrahan, Kelly M. Harris, Caylyn Harris, Kathleen Joan Hellring, Lauren E. Herbert, Lorelei Ashley Hill, Colleen Erin Hirohata, Allison Emiko Holden, Jennie M. Hollingsworth, Kathryn Ellen Hostetler, Emily A. Houpt, Heather L. Johnson, Courtney Elizabeth Kelley, Hilary A. Kenter, Brittany Jill Kingsley, Kandice Anne Klauenburch, Sierra Star Kohler, Christine L. Krevocheza, Chelsea A. 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Trost, Serena Noel Turk, Nicole D. Waterman, Carrie Jean Weintraub, Tamara A. Welsh, Lindsey Ann West, Ashley Lauren Wheeler, Jessica E. Williams, Emily Whitney Williams, Shelby E. Winston, Jillian L Winston, Rachel Wride, Darcy Dawn Wuestenfeld, Kelly Ann, Sr. Wyer, Sally Jean Ziv, Shoshana R. Zumbusch, Kara Veronica SK Sigma Kappa i Aguilar, Elizabeth R. Baldi, Lauren Marie Baraff, Chelsea N. Barreuther, Kristin C. Beck, Lindsey Paige Bennen, Marialine P. Birnbaum, Sara Ann Blomquist, Erin L. ; Bowden, Lacey Jaye Brazil, Courtney ; Brownfield, Lacie L. Burch, Lindsey Campbell, Julie Ashley Campbell, Leah Rene ] Campeau, Erin T. Carr, Anne Ripley Copenhaver, Jennifer N . J Copley, Samantha Lynne j Coxon, Danielle E. j Crary, Taylor Hall I Davin, Bethany L. De Motto, Megan Christine Dillon, Krystal Marie Dodds, Sarah Elizabeth, I Dominguez, Stephanie W. Donahue, Maxime C. Duering, Nicole Marie Fiebiger, Sara Elizabeth Gallardo, Christine V. Gilbert, Anne M. Gilliam, Kelly E. Good, Chelsea Anne Grady, Danielle Nicole Grebitus, Gena Elizabeth Guller, Erin Berkow Haight, Sarah Bradbury Haley, Margaret Rose Hanson, Cristina Lyn Harris, Stephanie Michelle Hartz, Stephanie E Hegarty, Kelly K. Henner, Claire J. Herbst, Heather Camille Higgins, Kathryn Nancy Hoffman, Rachel H. Hollingshead, Samantha Hughes, Betsey A. Hulka, Aubrey A. Jennings, Sarah J. Jones, Taryn Aliese Joseph, Elizabeth M. Kemerer, Katharine Elizabeth Kiefer, Alyssa Anne Kleven, Kelsie A. Koegel, Stephanie E. Lai, Sydney E. Lautz, Stephanie A. Law, Marissa D. Lavvson, Taylor M. Lesperance, Amanda N. Lopez, Katherine Marie Lough, Katherine M. Low, Nicole Elizabeth Lynne, Sarah J. Madrid, Rosa Mallery, Lauren H. Mansfield, Corey R. Mastroianni, Rachel Ann Mccord, Brooke C. Mccullough, Jenny Hope Mckee, Elizabeth Maureen Mercer, Jessica Sue Merkley, Melissa Cole Miller, Staci L. Miller, Tiffany Erin Milner, Stephanie Morrison, Lindsay E Napoles, Mariah Anne Nelson, Nicolette Ruth Nimlos, Julia A O ' Hagan, Ashley Penton Parish, Emily Patel, Sonal P. Pawlowski, Mary F. Peeples, Sarah E. Pekar, Kirsten C. Perisho, Alysha C. Perpich, Christina Pham, Virginia Hong Plush, Rochelle Prescott, Courtney I. Regnier, Jennifer Benning Ruan, Victoria L. Russell, Krishna Marie Salgado, Kepani Kalena Schabram, Colette Badasci Schneiderman, Lauren S. Shelby, Suzanne Short, Lori Lea Six, Smyth Nina Sobelman, Stephanie Lynn Solomon, Brittany Charlotte Stokes, Susan K. Studio, April Therese Sundheimer, Caroline M. Thomas, Cassandra Elizabeth Trunzo, Rebecca Josephine Van Houten, Jessica Lauren Wasserman, Alyssa Robin Weinress, Rachel West, Jessica Sarah Whitley, Jessica L. Winokur, Jonelle M. Wright, Christina C. Wyman, Kaila Unearthed 329 ZAP Sigma Lamda Gamm Sorority Stats Sigma Lambda Gamma Nickname: S L G or Gammas Colors: Shocking Pink and Majestic Purple Motto: " Culture is pride. Pride is Success. " Philanthropy: Brest Cancer Awareness 2 Armijo, Anamarie Calza, Lisa Y Cotrupe, Natasha Luna Diaz, Maria Escobar, Michelle Renee GAMMA Gandara, Krystal Navarro, Natalie Marie Urias, Anna L. Valenzuela, Renee Christina 330 The Desert XQ Chi Omega Abijaoude, Joanna A. Allen, Amanda K. Anderson, Jane Quinn Bakst, Jennifer L. Barrile, Ann Man 1 Berg, Lauren Diane Dawson, Megan Y. Drake, Melissa Georgenson Eakin, Chanel Dominique Eden, Ashley Rose Ehinger, Kimberly Ann Elkins, Darrelvn D. Blancet, Stephanie Candace Falls, Marina L. Boatwright, Margaret C. Field, Erin Elizabeth Bolz, Carlhey Celia Brooks, Mckenzie Ann Cannon, Crete Katharine Carpenter, Kellie J. Castro, Stephanie X. Chaney, Autumn L. Chase, Lauren A. Chillion, Lindsey Nicole Ciafone, Jennifer Ellen Collins, Jennie Leigh Collins, Kari Lynn Colman, Melissa L. Cordova, Monique Ang elica Hammer, Megan E. Dahl, Amanda Louise Harris, Kara L. Fink, Nicole Dionne Fleming, Alexandra Lee Floyd, Anne Margaret Fultyn, Christine Amy Gabriele, Melissa Leigh Gain, Cherilyn D. Gammon, Savannah G . Geldmacher, Brittany Ann Gove, Christine M. Graff, Emily Elizabeth Hagan, Laura Marie Hamilton, Siobhan Sondra Henke, Tyler D. Hill, Jenna Marie Hill, Priscilla Jean Ho, Kim T. Hoag, Crystel Anne Holland, Stephanie A. Horwitz, Amy Huberman, Amy Ilene Humphreys, Crystal R. Jackson, Kelly C Neil Jones, Sara M. Kast, Holly Elizabeth Kebric, Angela C. Kirwan, Kristi Geoffrey Kisler, Morgan Lyn Lancaster, Kathryn E. Lawicki, Jennifer M. Lawrence, Natalie Anne Lewis, Natalie D. Lien, Molly Catherine Lipski, Jennifer Anne Lutzky, Kristen Sophia Mathiasen, Janis K. Mihocko, Megan Marie Miller, Amanda L. Miller, Jordan L. Moss, Megan Jennifer Moussa, Christine Randa Mullens, Katy Lynn Myers, Erin L. Nagaoka, Ashley Toshiko Najewicz, Kaitlin Neenan, Megan M. Nelson, Stacey L. Nemrow, Devra M. Niccoli, Hilary C. Nokes, Mollie K. Nugent, Nicole Phillips Nystedt, Heather Parafinik, Chelsy J. Parsons, Rose E . Patterson, Jennifer M. Pavne, Christian Anne Phillips, Kylee E. Phillips, Niccole Ploen, Gretchen Prechtl, Lindsay K. Price, Amber N. Ramirez, Rainbow Fried- man Ramsey, Lisa M Recker, Alexandra Anne Reece, Roxanne Nicole Robbins, Kristin Kay Rudinica, Lindsey Running, Hayley Patricia Russell, Erin M. Schellinger, Kathryn A. Schellinger, Kriston B St Louis, Nicole Stubbs, Amanda Rhea Suarez, Anna Rose Tavlarides, Alexxa Taylor, Kristin Cathleen Thaanum, Veronica Ann Thelen, Ashley D. Thompson, Courtney Gail Trieselmann, Laura E. Tybor, EUzabeth A. Vanta, Diana M. Weimer, Stephanie Lyn Wells, Jennifer K. Whitson, Jenna Paige Whittington, Rebecca A. Schweinberg, Kristina AnneWinter, Ashley R. Scott, Jennifer A Senseman, Kristen L Shannon, Jennifer K Shook, Amy J Stair, Kelley Nicole Starr, Kaylee Ruth Wylie, Man ' Christiane Wysopal, Amanda L. Zbylut, Elizabeth Zelik, Jeanine Marie Unearthed 331 llv I National Pan-Hellenic Council IMPUSI Does size matter? i NPHC Executive | Board (left to right): I Karelia Jo Moore, ] Aaron Puffins, Titus I Hordge, Dega Farah | and Lina Richardson, tj COURTESTY OF I GREEK LIFE By Carrie Bui THEY SAY SIZE DOESN ' T MATTER, but when it comes to sorority life, size certainly has an effect on a member ' s experience. Sororities at the UA range in size from more than 100 members to four members. The diversity found among UA sororities becomes apparent when looking at Kappa Kappa Gamma, one of the UA ' s largest, and Alpha Kappa Alpha, one of the smallest. Alpha Kappa Alpha is a historically African- American, community-service-based sorority under the National Pan-Hellenic Council. The national sorority was created in 1913. The UA chapter has four members who focus on the sorority ' s five main values: education, family, arts, economic empowerment and health. Established nationally in 1870 at Monmouth College in Illinois, Kappa Kappa Gamma is one of the largest sororities at the UA with 165 members. Classified as a social sorority under the Pan-Hellenic Council, Kappa Kappa Gamma also supports the Giving Tree Foundation for its philanthropy. With their varying numbers of members, sororities recognize both the advantages and disadvantages of being either large or small. " It ' s harder to be well-known on campus because we ' re small, " said Dejeana Chappell, a finance senior and Alpha Kappa Alpha president. " Being part of such a large sorority provides for an environment of growth, diversity of interests and a multitude of friendships, " said Lauren Fleischner, a molecular and cellular biology junior and Kappa Kappa Gamma president. Because the two sororities reside under different councils, there ' s little interaction between them. But both Chappell and Fleischner recognized that could be changed. " Our relations with smaller sororities are good but distant, " Fleischner said. " There ' s a lack of understanding, and we could benefit from understanding them better. " " The other nine historically black sororities under the (National Pan-Hellenic Council) interact with each other. We interact during Greek Week with the other Greek organizations that are under the (Interfraternity Council) and (Pan-Hellenic Council), but there ' s room for improvement, " Chappell said. Numbers, however, aren ' t everything for the sororities, and in the end, size isn ' t the final factor. " It ' s not about quantity, " Chappell said. " It ' s definitely quality. " Unearthed 333 National Pan-Hellenic Council ZOB Zeta Phi Beta AOA Alpha Phi Alpha OBE Phi Beta Sigma 334 The Desert AKA Nickname: Pretty girls with 20 pearls Colors: Salmon Pink and Apple Green Motto: " By culture, by merit. " Philanthropy: Workshops for Women School Program Alpha Kappa Alpha AS Delta Sigma Theta Nickname: Delta or DST Colors: Crimson and Cream Motto: " Intelligence is the torch of wisdom. " Philanthropy: Habitat for Humanity, Support a Black Business YFP -L f Sigma Gamma Rho Nickname: Lady Sigmas Colors: Royal Blue and Antique Gold Motto: " Greater service, greater progress. " Philanthropy: Habitat for Humanity Unearthed 335 NA LEFT SIDE: (TOP) Kyle Mutz, Tenny Goeckal and Bao Yang; (BOTTOM, left to right) Ryan Buchholtz and Chris Woods; Cameron Moore and Deborah Lock. RIGHT SIDE (top to bottom): Amy Stejskal and Aaron Clark; Alipate Mateahi and Danny Works. ABOVE: Bonnie Streff and Tyler Duhane. LEFT SIDE (top to bottom): Celeste Lopez and Alex Ruff; Deuney Mclaughlin and Melissa Blan- kenbeckler; Kelvin Jones and Holly Wells. Congratulations Class of 2004 -t ASSOCIATED STUDENTS 520.621.2426 www. uofabookstores. com 338 Advertisement A Great Place to Live. Best Place to Work, 2003 At St. JosepYs Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, our people have an unyieldinc dedication 10 pro ' cssioral excellence, teach ng and research, " his dedication has recen:ty earned us the honor of " A 3est Company to Work for in the Valley Df the Sun 2Wr by the Great Race to WcrkQ Institute. Inc In addition, we ' ve been ranked a " Solucient Top 100 Hcspital ' in mjltiple categories. St Joseph ' s is committed to your professional aid personal satisfaction, We believe you siould have a lifestyle that is as highly rewarding as your career. 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By becoming an RN at one of our area hospitals, Inter-Community Queen of the Valley Foothill Presbyterian Home Health Hospice you ' ll join a community of caring. Where your patients are your neighbors, and your co-workers are your friends, Join us, and see what it means to Come Home CONGRATULATIONS NEW GRADS! We have RN Opportunities in all nursing specialties with extended orientation period. Walk-In Interviews, Mon.-Fri., 8:30am-4:00pm. For consideration, apply in person or send resume to: Citrus Valley Health Partners, Human Resources, 140 West College Street, P.O. Box 6108, Covina, CA 91722. FAX: (626) 858-8506. E-mail: Jobline: (626) 81 3-2830. CITRUS VALLEY HEALTH PARTNERS EOE Drug-free workplace. 340 Advertisement VVhy ? That ' s the Web site for the University of Arizona Alumni Association we ' re your link to the University of Arizona after you graduate. We ' ll keep you connected and informed, wherever you go! 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' r- -.. .-.- . in - Advertisement 343 PraBte 20Q4 Portraits Jen Abel Harriet Adam Ariel Adams Matthew Adams Ronald Adelson OdetAdjalla Aradhana Agrawal Consuelo Aguilar Ericka Aguilar Paulina Aguirre-Clinch Ahmed Alkhenaizi Elizabeth Allder Megan Allen Sarah Allinson Elesha Ahnada Olivia Almendares 344 The Desert Alfonso Alonzo Cristin Anderson Paul Andruszkewicz Shamus Ankrotn Melissa Aquino Jesus Aranda Amy Aretz Mary Artnstrong Hillary Arnow Jermaine Arphul KurtAstroth David Asztalos Mathazin Aung Marie Avalos Julia Ayala Carly Badt Patricia Baldwin Aaron Ballow Michele Barak Angelique Barbara Unearthed 345 Portraits and Profiles 2004 Patrick Barker Scott Barker Jonathan Barksdale Melissa Burnett Brandie Ban Allison Basche Michael Bauer Alysson Baumgart Ashley Baxter Morgan Beck Michelle Becker Waylon Begay Deborah Bell Laurie Bell Daniela Bemme James Benedict Taylor Bengtson Danielle Benkert Marshall Bennett Travis Bertnan 346 The Desert Carrlene Berry Jennifer Bickertons Ginger Bidwell John Billings Benjamin Bitler Blake Bitterlin Shanon Bjerke Shamarie Black Robin Blatt Michael Boeder Ana Bojorquez Victoria Bond Caroline Booher Jonathan Bortano Laura Bostick Man line Bouley Morgan Brannon Sherry Bredech David Brock Sharon Bronstein Unearthed 347 Portraits and Profiles 2004 Lade Brownfield Christopher Brue Pamela Brume Dennis Callipare Sheri Campbell David Caretto Steven Carey Jarrett Carlen Marie Carnecer Mario Carrillo Brian Carroll Edward Cascio Jonathan Cecilio Lauren Cerato Ydelisa Cervantes William Chambers Iv Jennifer Chandler Hio Leong Chao Anne Chen Henry Cheng 348 The Desert li : ;: THERESA ADAMS marketing senior PHOTO BY CASIE SQUIRES Theresa on life in the business college: " The first semester cohort was really challenging. You ' re doing group work like crazy in the ILC early in the morning, six hours at a time. You feel like you ' ve read the same paper over and over again. It was the most memorable though. You start to learn people ' s personalities, even if you weren ' t ever introduced to them, and it becomes a family. It definitely has a cool culture of its own. " .LER COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT has been a school with a prestigious reputation and a state-of-the- art facility, it was Theresa Adams who realized something was lacking. While Eller had many different organizations focused toward the different majors in the college, there were no professional women ' s organizations. Inspired, Adams went on to create the Professional Women in Business Association. After realizing that none of her fellow female classmates ' resumes were choosen in an in-class evaluation in her business communication class, Adams began to examine the role of women in business. She understood that women needed an organization of their own for a number of reasons. " Women in business are going to face different decisions. They have different management styles, interpersonal skills (and) strengths and weaknesses than men do. A lot of women are going IHto the workforce and facing things like, ' Do I want to work after 1 have kids? ' " It ' s just something that ' s interesting and you don ' t take classes on it. " Adams met with Pam Perry, associate dean of the business college. With her support, Adams held an informational meeting for interested women. Now, almost two years later, the Professional Women in Business Association is comprised of 20 active members and growing, with twice that number on the mailing list. The ization holds socials, participates in philanthropic activities d brings in guest speakers for both professional and personal development. Recently, the organization got involved with one of the ersity ' s sports teams. e worked with the Arizona golf team because golf is an cnt part of business and manv women don ' t play golf. We had a few guys come out and teach us how to swing and hit some balls. " With events ranging from Special Olympics to laser tag to sexual harassment talks, the women of the Professional Women in Business Association are friends and colleagues. Members of the group also participate in the Women ' s Leadership Conference. The conference, founded by adjunct assistant professor of law Susan Butler, is a collaborative effort between the business college, the engineering college, and the science college. Over the course of a weekend, professionals from each of the different industries were brought in to talk about their successes. According to Adams, interest in the conference is growing. " Last year was the prototype year, and about 30 women came. This year 80 to 100 women came. We tripled our size in a year. " With the success of the organization changing the world of business for the better, Adams has also seen positive changes in herself. " I feel good that I ' ve been a part of giving women opportunities to take steps into leadership roles, " she says, adding that she intends to stay involved in the group. " It ' s been really rewarding, and it ' s changed me as a person. I plan on keeping involved in it and starting an alumni base, a scholarship. " Profiled by Lisa Walsh Unearthed 349 Portraits and Profiles 2004 Monica Chevalier Deanna Chevas Lindsey Chillion Paula Chittick Monty Christo II Gretchen Chua Pelenatete Chun Rachel Clement Jessica Coffeen Scott Coffey Stacey Cole Diana Coleman Jennifer Co son Kirkland Conner Courtney Cooper Christy Cortright Patricia Cortright Corrine Cox Judea Cuesta Jonathan Culp 350 The Desert Amanda Culver Kristen Cure Jamie Dailey Diane Dains Donald Dains Phillip Daks Darlene Danehy Christine Dao Jeffrey Dash Gabriel Davila Verenice Davila Bethany Davin Hillary Davis Jacob Davis Khrystyl Davis Tamika Davis Phillip Denton Erin Dickson Matthew Dieken Rachel Dieken Unearthed 351 EMILY JULIEN ecology and evolutionary biology senior " V EMILY JULIEN is READY to lead her crew of recycling crusaders to save the world, one water bottle at a time. At the UA, the ecology and evolutionary biology senior has played the roll of a typical student by day, but by evening, she took an active ro, in the budding Arizona Student Recyclin Association (ASRA). " (ASRA is) great because it ' s just a lot of people working for something good, " says Julien, who is set to ' take over the role of club president for the 2004-2005 year ASRA worked with UA ' s Waste Management, the people responsible for taking the daily newspaper or typical water bottle the next step after it is tossed away. They also took on a new campaign to recycle computers. Julien explained that " if you don ' t recycle computers properly, they ' ll spread toxic waste. Many get shipped over-seas, and then they contaminate villages. " Julien became involved with the club her freshman year after she stopped by an ASRA-sponsored speaker series and was struck by the words of a city dump representative. " She said that even things like lettuce and newspaper even stay for around 20 years in perfect condition. I try think about that when 1 throw stuff away it ' s really going anywhere, " Julien says. Julien has worked with the club to implement programs across the campus. She also managed toTfprool any " tree-hugging " and environmentalist stereotypes. " No one ' s ever been mean to me about it only my younger brother makes fun of me. But he ' s recycling too. " With a down-to-earth demeanor she describes her passion for not trashin ' simply as being aware of the world around her and the impact that she has on it. " It ' s really easy for kids and people in general not to realize the affect that they have. You need to understand where everything comes from that you use, and where it ' s going to go, " Julien says. " Understand how to use your fair share, and not do more than what can be handled. " There were no plans to slow down in Julien ' s future. The former Flagstaff, Ariz., native also loved to spend her time outdoors and in the salsa dance club " Ritmos Latinos. " Julien ' s plans for this summer include pitching a tent in the Rincon Mountains searching for grey squirrels as part of a conversation biology internship. " Hopefully we ' ll actually see some, " she laughs. Understating that awareness starts early, Julien wants to do environmental education. " Next year I ' m working with the program called " Science Connections. " It sounds like a dorky TV science show, but it ' s really cool, " Julien says. " I want to make it more fun, go outside. You travel around schools and just get a classroom for a week, and you get to take them outside and do things that they ' d normally not get to do. " Profiled by Lauren Miller PHOTO BY BRYAN ROLLINS Emily on ecology: " Ecology appeals to me because it ' s all the cycles and how they fit together. It makes a good background. The thing I really liked about the ecology college is that I had a lot of opportunities to take great classes and work with professors. It ' s really easy to get into small groups and work closely with the professors. T ucson ' s a great place for this. I love being close to the desert, even if it can get a little hot for me. " 352 The Desert Portraits and Profiles 2004 Edward Dijer Robert Dillon Jr. Liza Dinata Meredith Dirtier Ryan Disilvestro Christopher Dominiak Mary Dorame Jeremy Dorfman Thomas Douglas Julie Ann Douglass David Downey Laurel Duncan Kristina Dunham Hannah Duvenback- Kent Michelle Eaton Ellen Eberhardt Martha Eccles Adam Eklund Brandon Elias William Elliott Unearthed 353 Ihab Elrayoh Andrew Emmott Allisha Enck Molly Engelhard Julian Enlow Carolina Escalante Andrea Escudero James Esposito Nicole Fakoory Ned Falkingham Olugbenga Fatogun Ryan Faust Eswen Fava Christian Felix Justin Fisher Anna Flesher Meghann Flood Robert Flares Theodore Flares Doris Foster Portraits and Profiles 2004 354 The Desert Nedlaya Francisco Jennifer Frantzen Kimberlin Froeschner Carlos Fuentes Izoi Fujiwara Vincent Furrie Mary Gabrick Sarah Galecki Peter Gamble Gregory Gandler Angela Garcia David Garcia Jorge Garcia Andrea Garner Francisco Garza Jr. Alec Gatziolis Stephanie Gauby Crystal Gay tan Oliver Gibbons Michael Gidaly Unearthed 355 Amber Giffin Mary Giglio Tracy Gin Wendy Gin LeAudrey Giordano Rachel Goldberg Shira Goldstein Bahar Golestan Chelsea Good Allie Goodnoe Renee Goodwin Lacey Gould Jerry Graham Kelly Griffin Blair Grimble Kara Grizopoulos Geri Gronich Catherine Grumbles Sara Gulbrandsen Sharon Gumbs Portraits and Profiles 2004 356 The Desert fHH Jesse Gundersheim Lucas Haaland Paige Haber Justin Halbert Charles Hall Christopher Hall Lauren Hall Ross Hammonds Brent Hampton Shawn Hardaway Kodi Harms Erik Harnisch Nancy Harper Ryan Harper Melanie Harris Sara Harris Scott Harris Noriko Hatano Kathleen Heggum Lindsi Henderson Unearthed 357 Portraits and Profiles 2004 Sara Hendrix Tyler Henke Christopher Hernandez Emily Herrell Patrick Hess Jordan Hicks Clint Hoberg Ash Hodges Stacy Hoefer Drew Hoffos Catherine Hogan Jessica Holder Jill Holleran Lisa Holier Tacie Holyoak Sarah Hoover Ryoko Horigane Erin House Erin Howard Tina Howell 358 The Desert ALBERTO RANJEL vocal performance senior PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Alberto on mariachi: " Mariachi is an interesting style of music. It ' s like saying " American jazz. " There ' s so many different styles of jazz, like Dixieland, cat house, blues, and so many different versions of jazz music that you can ' t really define it. Mariachi is the same way. It encompasses a folk style of music from Mexico, but within that genre there are many different facets. Therv e are more upbeat versions of songs called ' sones, ' the traditional and distinctive rhythm of the mariachi, fast ' huapangos ' rancheras, ' there are some that are more tell a story called ' corridos, ' and the sadder, more romantic ' Boleros ' . " ITS NOT OFTEN THAT ANYONE can say he is truly doing something that has never been done before. But with every note that Alberto Ranjel writes, he moves closer to that accomplishment. Ranjel, a voice performance senior, has worked to compose pieces that combine a full men ' s choir with the musical soul of mariachi music a collaboration never completed until now. " Since it ' s never been done, there are no precedents (and) nothing to base it against, " Ranjel says. " It ' s just me and my gut instincts Itelling me what I would feel would be appropriate that would melt i into both genres but without losing the flavor of either. " The pieces were written for Tucson ' s Sons of Orpheus male choir and mariachi performer for their debut in a two-week long tour of Italy over the summer. Since he was 9 years old, the Tucson native has been playing ariachi music, primarily on the violin. " They used to rehearse at our house, " Ranjel says. " We would be .erfoot when they would be having rehearsals, and it just kind of ew on us. " performs with the group El Mariachi Tapatio, founded by his Bier in 1990, for which he also writes and arranges music. The often performs at local authentic Mexican food restaurant Las litas. Ranjel a originally a science major but after he realized he " was out of his mind, " he took a chance and switched to music, ile he hasn ' t looked back, Ranjel still plans to pursue a medical r. less I just want to have fun in life. I mean, the breadwinner ' s (to be the doctor career, but I love the music too, " he says, jel was also team facilitator and student coordinator for the bar-old Arizona Blue Chip program. Ranjel eagerly immersed self in what he describes as " a leadership enrichment program ith the premise to build leaders today that will make an influence morrow. " .1 challenging program. You definitely get out of it what you at into it. I thoroughly believe in the characteristics and the ideas eaches. Htly does it teach you leadership, but also diversity awareness and the ideals of a servant leader . . . it ' s important because there ' s so many facets of life and so many places that people come from, that there ' s just no way to say that one way is right and one way is wrong. " Personally, (Blue Chip) has helped me to reawaken my roots and my own culture. I ' ve been doing something that ' s part of my culture for a very long time, " he says. " I ' ve sort of taken it for granted, and it ' s been routine for the past few years. It ' s helped me realize that I want to share it to the world through music. " At the UA, Ranjel maintained a life that would make most students exhausted just to think of it. Between mariachi performances, Blue Chip activities, composing and school, he also held down four jobs and somehow kept his sanity, too. " My parents have always been very supportive; they ' ve always encouraged me to do what I loved, he says. " They never said, ' You must do this to earn money. ' And I have a lot of friends here that are willing to give me a leg up, should I fall through for any reason. " Profiled by Lauren Miller Unearthed 359 Portraits and Profiles 2004 Jeffrey Hoivick Chia-lei Hsu Htoo Htet Cheuk Hui Loryn Hurwitz Consuelo Iniguez Mcghee J Jackie Jacobowitz Elaine Jacobs Michael Jacobson Chelsea James Maureen Jams Heather Jepsen Stan Jirovsky Harry Joiser Bonnie Jones Christine Jones Elizabeth Jones Julia Jozivik Rushabh Kamdar 360 The Desert Beth Katzenoff Angela Kebric Jamie Keesecker Andree Keita Patrick Kelly Sarah Kelly Janelle Kennedy Aaron Kesner Victoria Ketterer TyKey Ian Kilpatrick Elisa Kimoto Joel King Jessica Kinni Jonathan Kiser Morgan Kisler Christopher Kitaeff Cheryl Klein Andrew Kleinman Rebekah Kleinman Unearthed 361 ELIZABETH REND ON architecture senior " YOU ONLY HAVE 24 HOURS IN THE DAY. What are you going to do with it? " asks senior Elizabeth Rendon. It was in architecture that she discovered her answer. " I have to think, ' What am I going to invest my time in on Earth, and how can I make it better? ' " she explains. Rendon spent most of her childhood in the small town of Rio Rico, Ariz. It was there where her parents worked to build their own house, which she took part in by " always running away with the tools. " " I always enjoyed doing something with my hands, and seeing how to create something really influenced me, " she says. Rendon ' s childhood environment formed the foundation for her love of building. But it was the poor background she grew up in that fostered her desire to bring architecture back to the level of the people. " I had one professor that really stressed, ' Don ' t forget that architecture is a service profession you ' re there to serve other people, ' " she says. " The architect is not this very affluent person, separated from the whole project. I want to get to the level of the client . . . and see his vision for the project. I want to put myself in their shoes. " The importance of understanding comes through when Rendon talks about architecture. She enthusiastically explains her ideas on her field and her job with Durant, but carefully explains concepts, making sure everything is completely understood before moving on. Rendon says her biggest grievance is in the flawed structure of low-income housing and its poor turnover rate. Most materials that are used are low-quality and they make for flimsy housing. She wants to make homes that can outlast the long-term needs of a family. However, in order to make a difference, she knew she had to make it through the architecture college first. " I knew that architecture was a lot of things, but I didn ' t realize how intense the education would be. I took 18 hours up to my junior year, " Rendon says. " I definitely had to learn time management. " She describes how she often spent hours in the college, working late at night in the studio. " It ' s not uncommon to see someone ' s toothbrush and toothpaste around here, or to have someone asking you questions about your project when you have disheveled hair and haven ' t slept. " Rendon has already stepped into what she calls " being a servant to people. " For her senior capstone, she worked to design cabins for her church on Mount Lemmon that was destroyed in 2003 ' s devastating Aspen Fire. " I love being on the site and talking to the people, being able to climb the roof and point out what needs to be done. " Profiled by Lauren Miller PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS Elizabeth on architecture ' . " For an architect, it ' s knowing a little about a lot of different things. There ' s so much you know about it ' s our job as an architect. There ' s such an amount of knowledge, all this macro to microscale thinking, like, ' How is this doorknob going to touch a person ' s hand? ' It ' s kind of like a microscope you keep zooming out and in. You realize that the more you learn, the less you really know. " 362 The Desert Portraits and Profiles 2004 Amanda Klemenz Sonja Kodimer Suzanne Kozak Jennifer Kubecka Melissa Kubrin Lara Kngel Satish Kumar Cassie Ladner Christopher Lahey Cheryl Langdon Timothy Lanzone Jackie Laplante Nicole Laufenberg Stephanie Lautz Amber Lavetter Jennifer Lawicki Whitney Lawlor Anne Lee Erika Lee Jessica Lee Unearthed 363 Portraits and Profiles 2004 Jessica Lee Rachel Leeber Corey Leff John Legner Nicholas Lehrling Taylor Leloison Moustapha Lemine Susan Lemont Robert Lemos Qian Leng Denise Leon Jennifer LeRoy Lauren Lester Richard Leu Jason Lew York Lewis Wayne Liao Lindsey Licher Tim Link Michelle Liszewski 364 The Desert Francine Little Shaivn Lloyd Allison Loewenstein Christopher Long Jason Lopez Juan Lopez Vanessa Lopez Kate Lospalluto Breny Luna Stacy Lyons Cristian Madar Massa Mafi Heather Mah Jessica Malone Lauren Malone Stacy Manalastas Nortnan Manronger Candice Marburger Andrew Marco Chris Marino Unearthed 365 Portraits and Profiles 2004 Linda Marquez Treyer Mason-gale Lauren Matheke Bryan Matheivs April Matsinger Wendy Matties Quina Mccalley Colleen McCarthy Kathleen Mcclernan Amy McCluskey Sarah Mcendree Kelly Mcgrath Adam Mcgraw Jon Mckanna Blyth Mcleod Patrick Mcnamara Nicole Medina Luam Mehary Marvin Mendieta Angelina Merritt 366 The Desert lj Randy Metcalf David Meyer Jonathan Millar David Miller Ben Mills Thiha Min Christina Mirabile Keith Mitchell Mohammad Moayeri Laya Moghasam Lauren Montana Kristin Moon Amanda Moore Daniel Morales Jael Morgan Gregory Morris Heather Mortensen Carly Moskoivitz Brian Munkelwitz Hena Munoz Unearthed 367 Portraits and Profiles 2004 Jordan Muraglia Misuk Nam Jessica Navarro Kelley Nelson Sarah Neuman Douglas Newborn Ann Nguyen Yen Nguyen Kathleen Nicholson Hallie Nickelson Lauren Nilsson Siman Nish Erin O ' Brien Eamon O ' Huallachain Noreen O ' Toole alissa Oakes Alexandre Ohayon Ivan Olaciregui Rocio Olea Benjamin Oliver 368 The Desert p )0 f ALEX ROEHRIG mechanical engineering senior PHOTO BY CASIE SQUIRES Alex on the engineering college: " As an engineer, you look at problems and are able to solve them in a traditional and nontraditional sense. Little riddles, problems or figuring out how to work with people, to looking at structure and figuring out things ... it ' s difficult and it ' s a challenge, and that ' s great because while you ' re getting knowledge, you ' ve also accomplished something. There ' s so much diversity in (the college), so many undergraduate studies. It ' s almost like a family. " WHO! E:K SAID NICE GUYS finish last never met Alex Roehrig. The busy mechanical engineering senior managed to leap up the ladder of success by keeping his feet planted firmly on the ground. From acting as president of the engineering student council to being an active Mortar Board member, Roehrig has made sure to leave his impact on the university he loves. " I ' ve done a whole hodgepodge of stuff here. I like that you can define yourself as many times as you want, " he says. " Anybody could be here for another 10 years and never even scratch the surface. " Roehrig talks casually of a chance to go Peru with his uncle over the summer, his " airplane obsession " and his engineering dreams. " I want to come up with all this cool stuff that people haven ' t thought of or look at something from a different perspective and get it done, " Roehrig explains. " But it ' s like, ' Choose your own adventure. ' You pick the job, but once you go there, they choose your destiny. You could do anything from doing copies to working on the next space shuttle. " Roehrig quickly makes an impression, revealing a friendly personality mixed with a cool air of professionalism. He mentions how the engineering student council organized the Engineering Industry Expo that more than doubled the money available for the various clubs in the engineering college and left even Career Services impressed. Somewhere outside engineering projects and club meetings, Roehrig managed to find time to work as an Arizona Ambassador and an resident assistant in Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall. " I love doing that. I thought that my career choice would be a little easier, but if kind of hit me hard, so it ' s been a huge challenge to always be there and be the typical RA, but I love it, " he says. " The guys are great. " ' Roehrig is quick to give credit to his friends and family who have kept him grounded. With all that Roehrig has done in his four years on campus, he said that his greatest times have been simply those with his friends, who he met through Chain Gang and Mortar Board honoraries and from his first two years in the dorms. " You can ' t do anything without your friends, period. Whether it ' s relying on them directly like someone getting a ride somewhere, or being able to bounce ideas off them, or just beSlg able to go over and just hang out, having a real strong relationship. I ' ve met the greatest people on earth here. That ' s just what happens. " Profiled by Lauren Miller Unearthed 369 Portraits and Profiles 2004 Kelly Oliver Paola Ondina David Ortega Marie Osborn Andrew Osbrink Roxana Osuna Arlene Padilla Edward Pajor Rachel Pakulis Lindsey Palmer Brandy Parker AmarPatel Jason Patel Jennifer Paulson Cody Payne Rebecca Peer Eva Pena Cynthia Perry Crystal Petersen Eric Peterson 370 The Desert Lars Peterson Pablo Pina Luis Pineda Hanna Piotrowski Ricardo Pochat Blake Pomeroy Galvin Ponce Jason Poreda Amy Prajapati Courtney Prescott Tara Prescott Nicole Primak Samantha Prince Nicole Pryde Alexia Puig Elizabeth Puntenney Darren Quinn Jessica Quintana Sara Rachelefsky Ashley Radovich Unearthed 371 NICOLE SPANOVICH astronomy senior PHOTO BY BRIAN ROLLINS Nicole on astronomy: " Astronomy isn ' t just about viewing the stars and constellations, but about understanding the fundamentals about the universe. Astronomers investigate lives of stars, piece together the beginning of the universe, search for Earthlike planets and that is just a small list of research done. " NICOLE SPANOVICH IS OUT OF THIS WORLD, or at least she hopes to be in the future. " My dream job, regardless of circumstances, is to be an tronaul. 1 would love to be one of the first people to land on ars and have the ability to explore it, " she says. As a senior at the UA, Spanovich is an astronomy major and planetary science minor. She hopes to get into the planetary sciences graduate program here at the UA, in order to further her exploration of the astronomy field, graduate with a doctorate, and possibly work for NASA. Spanovich is also one of the team members of the Mars Exploration Rovers project (MER). " I started working with MER in May when I began working with Peter Smith, " she says. " I started off by just learning about the mission, and in August I headed out to (a jet propulsion laboratory) to attend one of the operational readiness tests. I spent a week there in August and another in October. Then in January, I moved out to Pasadena, (Calif.,) to start operations. " Spanovich manages to balance her busy school schedule with a lot of hard work for MER. " I have a several different roles on MER. I work with the Atmospheric Sciences theme group and help them to plan ' observations and act as a theme group lead to push the observations through the planning, process. In addition to this, I support operations for the microscopic imager, she says. This is very rewarding when the images you wrote sequences for come down exactly how you wanted. But it is also quite stressful to :eep all the details straight. " The stress of these jobs has not taken away from Spanovich ' s enthusiasm about astronomy; rather it has helped confirm her interest in the subject. " Working on MER has definitely had a huge impact on my life. I am meeting a lot of professionals in my field and am making some great contacts. Also, this mission has given me a new motivation to get my degree because now I have a taste of what I could do after I am done with college. Spanovich was also a part of the Mars rover landing. " The night that Spirit landed, I was pretty calm, mostly because I was still trying to figure out what was going on, but I was very excited to see the first images. For the second landing, I was much more nervous. I knew what to expect, and while Opportunity was rolling across the Martian surface, I think I was holding my breath. " When the engineers announced that they heard the beep indicating everything was in good shape, the whole science team started cheering and congratulating each other. It was a very memorable experience, " she says. Spanovich ' s future is as bright as the stars she studies, and with her passion for the planets, she is sure to succeed. " I go into work everyday where my job is to command a rover on another planet to do observations and then analyze that data. What could be cooler than that? " Profiled by Lisa Walsh 372 The Desert Portraits and Profiles 2004 Nicole Rail Jose Ramirez Lindsey Randall Pavan Ready Anne Reihard Abigail Reisdorf Elizabeth Rendon Erica Repowitz Peter Repp Veronica Reyna Michelle Rhodes Selma Ribeiro Da Cruz Jennifer Rimsza Nathaniel Rios Celia Rivas Lorraine Rivera Maria Rivera Christopher Robb Denise Roberts Courtney Robinson Unearthed 373 Amy Roche Jorge Rodriguez Ramiro Rodriguez Rebekah Rodriguez Hans Roehrig Jennifer Roether Nina Rogers Joseph Romano Ina Ronauillo Raymond Roque Heather Rose Scott Rose John Rosenberger Beth Rubin Eric Rubin Derek Ruckman Mollie Rudnick Eric Rueda Claudia Ruiz Kevin Rupprecht Portraits and Profiles 2004 374 The Desert Lena Ryan Andrew Salvati Ramon Sanchez Brad Sandoval Eric Sandoval Mark Santana Robert Satrap Jenica Saul Christopher Sauve Brian Savitch Daniel Scarpinato J.D. Schechter Owen Schmidt Valeen Schnurr Scott Scholer Kelly Schwartz Rosemary Scott Jason Scronic William Searles Brittany Sellers Unearthed 375 Megumi Seo Marina Sergeyeva Dennis Serrano Alana Shain Terrie Sharman Lars Shaw Craig Shay Suzanne Shelby Erin Sherman Fumi Shimizu Thomas Shingler Scott Shumaker Brian Sidman Allison Siegel Marcella Silva Jeffrey Sklar Jennifer Slater Domonique Smith Kevin Smith Michael Smith Portraits and Profiles 2004 ' 376 - The Desert Laura Solomon Anand Sotnpura Rian Sotterwhite Alexander South Jessica Spector Stephanie Spencer Shannon Spollen Fares Srouji Chelsea Stamper Jeffrey Stanton Julie Steele Jessica Stevens Bryan Steward Bernie Stewart Justin Stewart Erin Stobie Trevor Stroh Samuel Supowit Cassandra Sutterfield Casey Swarts Unearthed 377 Portraits and Profiles 2004 Ryan Syms Nathan Tafoya Jasmine Tarn Rocky Tang Rogina Taylor-stevens Eliza Tebo Suharlim Tedjokusumo Julian Temblador Gwendolyn Terrazas Eric Tetraul t Autumn Thompson Courtney Thompson Korin Thompson Jennifer Thor Shari Tiedens Terry Tipado Kristine Tin Christine Tomeo Noel Torralba Reveca Torres 378 The Desert NATHAN TAFOYA creative writing senior ARIZ I A TAXI DRIVER, " Nathan Tafoya tely shares. " I saw " Conspiracy Theory " with Mel PHOTO BY KEVIN B. KLAUS " Nathan on memorable " On The Spots: " There was this one lady who seriously thought her dog was a dragon. At first I was just laughing and thinking I was just playing along, but then I realized she was serious. She called him something like a " wish-making bubble " and that he would never die, just one day she would wake up and he would be gone. That was cool. I ' ve also had a guy who thought that the Wildcat was one big conspiracy and wouldn ' t let me interview him. " n and Julia Roberts, and I thought it was cool. (Gibson) I of crazy, and I ' d like to be like that, " he continued, -s-eems like an unusual request, it just seems appropriate Tafoya. ple come in all kinds of colors, " the creative :n_; major says. " I find people interesting and I just talk to them. " Tafoy!NP(t his senior year putting his passion for rsonalities to newsprint. He wrote the Q-and-A style " On The t " column for the Arizona Daily Wildcat, taking the reigns creator Rebekah Kleinman. made a job of approaching random strangers, them a few of their 15 minutes of fame. He struck y ersations with everything from lame pick-up questions about facial hair. Surprisingly, he says, d take 15 to 20 minutes to work up the nerve just someone. " He then turned the encounter into a humc ' v us, quick-read column. foya later shared the effort with physiological enior Claire C. Laurence, a set up he says was w Letterman and Leno. " But he was the one, he says, p really " brought the ghetto to ' On the Spot. ' " The column managed to help Tafoya combine his interest in people with his passion for writing. " I ' m a writer. I like to write. I was pre-Med, (and) I wanted to be a doctor because my parents worked in labor all their lives and I wanted to set them away, " he says. " But then I realized that I don ' t think that way at all; I ' m not a science person. Plus, I got to the point where I realized ' Man, I ' m probably going to kill someone ' because I couldn ' t remember anything. " " I ' ve always been a lover of words words are beautiful, " he says. " I want to write ... if I could just live off of that, I would. " Tafoya calls Tucson home, but spent much of his childhood traveling around the Southwest with his preacher dad and family. " I was raised in a really religious background, and I ' m still pretty conservative, but I ' ve just seen what ' s possible and what ' s out there, " he says. " Exposure, that ' s what I got out of college. " Beyond the taxi dream, Tafoya looks east for his future. " I ' m feeling the urge to get out there. I want to feel the world. " " I ' m thinking of going to New York ... I ' d teach high school English. I ' d like to go in a rough neighborhood and teach, I think I ' d be able to identify, " Tafoya said. New York would also set him up for what he thinks would be the best On The Spot. " My dream ' On the Spot ' interview? Well, it would have to be some person from New York, some crazy old guy. The little man makes life tick and old people are cool. A little old man from New York: That would be great. Not in a perverted way or anything. It would just be cool. " Profiled by Lauren Miller Unearthed 379 Portraits and Profiles 2004 Rebecca Towne Gene Townsend Hung Iran David Trencher Mary Frances Triplett Cristina Trujillo Juanita V aides Eduardo Valenzuela Matthew Van Derlaske Karen Vance Jennifer Vancura David Varner Christian Verdugo Denise Verdugo Ann Versteeg David Vogler Angela Volpp Alisa Wachowiak Denise Wagner Robert Walker 380 The Desert . Gary Wallace Peter Wand Iris Washburn Richard Washuk Judith Wasilow Ryan Watson Kami Weddle Julie Welch Scott Wetter Rachel Wellhausen David Werho Brian White Emily White Jeanne White Lindsey White Donald Wilson Hannah Winchester Kerry Winchester Elizabeth Wischer Vern Wisner Unearthed - 381 Portraits and Profiles 2004 Kristie Withers Abby Wolf Kristin Wolf Genna Wolin Darren Wong Diana Wong Cameron Wood Tommy Wood Catherine Woodling Starla Woods Stephanie Woods Amanda Worcester Evan Worle Regina Wu Kaila Wyman JeffYaeger Shiori Yamamoto Katya Yanayaco Janelle Yang Audrey Yap - 382 - The Desert Minji Yom Feliz Zaborsky Geoffrey Zahler Amanda Zaluga Danielle Zloto Adam Zunder Tara Zybowski Rhonda Anderson Andrew Bagg Julia Welsh Unearthed 383 Abel, Jen 344 Abi-ad, Joe 275 Achtman, Michael 278 Adam, Harriet 344 Adams, Ariel 344 Adams, Matthew 344 Adelson, Ronald 344 Adjalla, Odet 344 Affleck, Ben 18 Agrawal, Aradhana 344 Aguilar, Consuelo 344 Aguilar, Ericka 344 Aguilera, Christina 19 Aguirre-Clinch, Paulina 344 Ahmed, Osama 36 Alkhenaizi, Ahmed 344 Allder, Elizabeth 344 Allen, Megan 344 Alliance for Peace and Justice Allinson, Sarah 344 Almada, Elesha 344 Almendares, Olivia 344 Alonzo, Alfonso 345 Alpha Chi Omega 318 Alpha Delta Pi 314 Alpha Epsilon 315 Alpha Epsilon Pi 297 Alpha Gamma Rho 296 Alpha Kappa Alpha 333,335 Alpha Kappa Psi 248 Alpha Phi 316 Alpha Phi Alpha 334 Alpha Phi Gamma 317 Alpha Phi Omega 248 Alternative Spring Break 249 Alumni Association 88, 89 Alumni Plaza 88, 89 Alverando, Alma 263 Ambassadors for Christ 249 96 American Civil Liberties Union 250 Anderson, Cristin 345 Anderson, Kira 74 Andruszkewicz, Paul 345 Aniston, Jennifer 18 Ankrom, Shamus 345 Anton, Elizabeth 104 Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall 119 APASA 250 Aquino, Melissa 345 Aranda, Jesus 345 Aretz, Amy 345 Arizona, Associated Students of the University of 399 Arizona Allegiance 250 Arizona Ambassadors 252 Arizona Blue Chip 261 Arizona Collegiate Leadership Conference 261 Arizona Daily Wildcat 248, 272 Arizona Israeli Foundat ion 96 Arizona State University 15 Arizona Student Media 1, 399 Arizona Swing Cats 286 Arizona swing cats 276 Armstrong, Mary 345 Arnow, Hillary 345 Arphul, Jermaine 345 Arquette, Courteney Cox 18 Arriaga, Bonnie 399 Aspen Fire 14 Associated Students of the University of Arizona 278 Astroth, Kurt 345 Asztalos, David 345 Atkins 54 Aung, Mathazin 345 Austin, Steve 16 Avalos, Marie 345 Ayala, Julia 345 Azar, Zachariah 254 Bacon, Shane 72 Badt, Carly 345 Bajema, Nick 94 Baldwin, Patricia 345 Balis, Laura 70 Ballow, Aaron 345 Barak, Michele 345 Barbara, Angelique 345 Barker, Patrick 346 Barker, Scott 346 Barksdale, Jonathan 346 Barnett, Melissa 346 Barr, Brandie 346 Barrat, Brian 265 Barta, Stephen 74 Basche, Allison 346 Battle of the Bands 5 Bauer, Michael 346 Baumgart, Alysson 346 Baxter, Ashley 346 Beck, Morgan 346 Becker, Michelle 346 Beenken, Liese 136 Begay, Waylon 346 Bell, Deborah 346 Bell, Laurie 346 Bell, Nathan 95 Bemme, Daniela 346 Bender, Carol 128 Benedict, J.P. 95, 278, 279, 346 Benevidez, Kodi 36 Bengtson, Taylor 346 Benkert, Danielle 346 Bennett, Marshall 346 Berman, Travis 346 Berry, Carrlene 347 Beta Theta Pi 298 Bhakti Yoga Club 252 Bickertons, Jennifer 347 Bidwell, Ginger 347 Billings, Greg 95, 250 Billings, John 347 Birnbaum, Sarah 278 Bitler, Benjamin 347 Bitterlin, Blake 347 Bjerke, Shanon 347 Black, Shamarie 347 Blatt, Robin 347 Bloch, Ben 96 Blue Chip Eco Theme Team 253 Bobcats Senior Honorary 253 Boeder, Michael 347 Bojorquez, Ana 347 Bond, Victoria 347 Booher, Caroline 347 Bortano, Jonathan 347 Bosco, Giovanni 126 Bostick, Laura 347 Bouley, Maryline 347 Bowers, Bill 6 Boynton, William 103 Brabant, Mark 129 Brannon, Morgan 347 Bread, Tonia 119 Bredech, Sherry 347 Bremen Paul 16 Bresciani, Marchelo 58, 59 Brewer, Allison 400 Brewer, Russ 37 Brock, David 347 Bronstein, Sharon 347 Brownfield, Lacie 348 Brue, Christopher 348 Brume, Pamela 348 Bryant, Kobe 17 Bullins, Chris 399 Bush, George W. 12, 14, 17, 80, 87 Cabello, Chris 130 Callipare, Dennis 348 Campbel, Paula 129 Campbell, Sheri 348 Campus Health 84 Camp Wildcat W Candrea, Mike 166 Caretto, David 348 Carey, Mariah 40 Carey, Steven 348 Carlen, Jarrett 348 Carnecer, Marie 348 Carrillo, Mario 348 Carrizosa, Socorro 90 Carroll, Brian 348 Carroll, Elizabeth 40 Cascio, Edward 348 Cash, Johnny 18 Cash, June Carter 18 Castro, Raul 89 Cecilio, Jonathan 348 Center for Student Involvement and Leadership 261, 399 Cerato, Lauren 348 Cervantes, Ydelisa 348 Chain Gang Junior Honorary 254 Chambers IV, William 348 Chandler, Jennifer 348 Chang, Brooke 252 Chang, Jason 130 Chao, Hio Leong 348 Chapman, Alistair 13,278,279 Chappell, DeJeana 333 Charles Darwin Experience 271 Chen, Anne 348 Cheney, Scott 1 Cheng, Henry 348 Cheseret, Robert 5 Chevalier, Monica 350 Chevas, Deanna 350 Chicano Hispano Student Affairs 90 Childers, Joyce 44 Chillion, Lindsey 350 Chittick, Paula 350 Chi Omega 331 Chi Phi 312 Chowdhury, Mahmod 118 Christo II, Monty 350 Chua, Gretchen 350 Chun, Pelenatete 350 Circle K International 254 Clarke, Dana Stone 104 Clement, Rachel 350 Coduto, Chris 399 Coffeen, Jessica 350 Coffey, Scott 350 Cole, Stacey 350 Coleman, Diana 350 Colson, Jennifer 350 Comedy Corner 250 Commuter Student Affairs 107,261 Conner, Kirkland 350 Conover, Michael 87 Cooper, Courtney 350 Coronado Residence Hall 116 Corrigan, Dave 270 Cortez, Reyes 17 Cortright, Christy 350 Cortright, Patricia 350 Cox, Corrine 350 Crabtree, Noel 79 Criteser, Cara 109 Cuesta, Judea 350 Gulp, Jonathan 350 Culver, Amanda 351 Cure, Kristen 351 " Daily Dose " 248 Dailey, Jamie 351 Dains, Diane 351 Dains, Donald 351 Daks, Phillip 351 Dance Dance Revolution 74 Danehy, Darlene 351 Dao, Christine 351 Dash, Jeffrey 351 Dassis, Kathy 85 Davila, Gabriel 351 Davila, Verenice 351 Davin, Bethany 351 Davis, George 95 Davis, Hillary 351 Davis, Jacob 351 Davis, Khrystyl 351 Davis, Kristen 18 Davis, Tamika 351 Deiters, Kate 32 Delta Chi Lambda 323 Delta Delta Delta 322 Delta Gamma 321 Delta Sigma Phi 299 Delta Sigma Theta 335 Delta Tau Delta 300 Denton, Phillip 351 de Barrios, Chris 26 Dickson, Erin 351 Dieken, Matthew 351 Dieken, Rachel 351 Dijer, Edward 353 Dillon Jr., Robert 353 Dinata, Liza 353 Dirner, Meredith 353 Disilvestro, Ryan 353 Disneyland 271 Dominiak, Christopher 353 Dorame, Mary 353 Dorfman, Jeremy 353 Douglas, Thomas 353 Douglass, Julie Ann 353 Downey, David 353 Duke, Amber 124 Dunbar, Kathleen 12 Duncan, Laurel 353 Dunham, Kristina 353, 399 Dunlap, Tom 248 Duvenback-Kent, Hannah 353 Eakin, Chanel 31 Eakin, Jeannett 31 Eaton, Michelle 353 Eberhardt, Ellen 353 Eccles, Martha 353 Eddy, Steven 95 Edman, Faith 399 Eklund.Adam 353 Elias, Brandon 353 Ellentuck, Max 96 Elliott, William 353 Elrayoh, lhab 354 Emmott, Andrew 354 Enck, Allisha 354 Engelhard, Molly 354 Enlow, Julian 354 Episcopal Canterbury StudertlASsociation Escalante, Carolina 354 Escudero, Andrea 354 Esposito, James 354 M Facilities Design and Construction 82 Fairey, Alec 271 Fakoory, Nicole 354 Falkingham, Ned 354 Family Studies and Human Devopment Ambassadors 261 Farah, Dega 333 Fatogun, Olugbenga 354 Faust, Ryan 354 Fava, Eswen 354 Felix, Christian 354 Fera, Brett 399 Fischbach, egan 45 Fisher, Justin 354 Flandrau Science Center 84 Fleischner, Lauren 333 Flesher, Anna 354 Flood, Meghann 354 Flores, Robert 354 Flores, Theodore 354 Formula SAE 260 Foster, Doris 354 Fotography, Freeze Frame 399 Francisco, Nedlaya 355 Frantzen, Jennifer 355 Fredlake, Ben 48 freshman, Theatre 77 Freshman Class Council 260 Freshman Daries 14 Friends 18 Froeschner, Kimberlin 355 Frye, Channing 257 Fuentes, Carlos 355 Fuffins, Aaron 333 Fujiwara, Izoi 355 Furrie, Vincent 355 Gabrick, Mary 355 Gabriele, Melissa 63 Galecki, Sarah 355 Galhotra, Rosemary 136, 139 Gallego, Rudy 257 Gamble, Peter 355 Gamma Alpha Omega 319 Gamma Phi Beta 12,320 Gandler, Gregory 355 Gandomi, Jon 130 Garcia, Angela 355 Garcia, David 355 Garcia, Jorge 355 Garner, Andrea 355 Garza, Jr., Francisco 355 Gasser, Heather 261 Gatziolis, Alec 355 Gauby, Stephanie 355 Gaytan, Crystal 355 Gee, Matt 257 Getchell, Bryan 275 Gibbons, Oliver 355 Gibons, Larry 31 Gidaly, Michael 355 Giffln, Amber 356 Giglio, Mary 356 Gila Residence Hall 115 Gin, Tracy 356 Gin, Wendy 356 Giordano, LeAudrey 356 Gold, Tracy 63 Goldberg, Dena 26 Goldberg, Rachel 356 Goldstein, Shira 356 Goldwasser, Andrew 271 Golestan, Bahar 356 Good, Chelsea 356 Goodnoe, Allie 356 Goodspeed, Brian 104 Goodwin, Renee 356 Goryunova, Olga 107 Gould, Lacey 356 Graduation 140 Graham, Jerry 356 Griffin, Kelly 356 Grimble, Blair 356 Grizopoulos, Kara 356 Gronich, Geri 356 Grumbles, Catherine 356 Guimond, Jacqui 122 Gulbrandsen, Sara 356 Gumbs, Sharon 356 Gundersheim, Jesse 357 Gurevich, Miriam 268 Gusick, Brad 40 Haaland, Lucas 357 Haber, Paige 357 Halbert, Justin 357 Hall, Charles 357 Hall, Christopher 357 Hall, Lauren 161,242,244,357 Hamilton, Lee Ann 37 Hammond, David 73 Hammonds, Ross 357 Hampton, Brent 357 Hance, Bryan 399 Haralovich, Beth 72 Haralovich, Mark Beth 71 Hardaway, Shawn 357 Harins, Kodi 357 Harnisch, Erik 357 Harper, Nancy 357 Harper, Ryan 161,242,245,357 Harris, Matt 94, 278 Harris, Melanie 357 Harris, Sara 357 Harris, Scott 357 Harrison, Danaka 47 Hatano, Noriko 357 Hawaii Club 261 Heggum, Kathleen 357 Henderson, Lindsi 357 Hendrix, Sara 358 Henke, Tyler 358 Hernandez, Christopher 358 Herrell, Emily 358 Hess, Patrick 358 Hicks, Jordan 358 Highland District 82 Hillel Foundation 96 Hnilo, Pat 138 Hoberg, Clint 358 Hodges, Ash 358 Hoefer, Stacy 358 Hoffos, Drew 358 Hogan, Catherine 358 Hohnbaum, Nick 104 Hohnson, Joe 104 Holder, Jessica 358 Holleran, Jill 358 Hollowell, Alicia 162 Hollowell, Alicia 166 Holter, Lisa 358 Holyoak, Tacie 358 Homecoming 3, 89, 282 Hoover, Sarah 358 Hopper, Matthew 104 Hordge, Titus 333 Horigane, Ryoko 358 Horn, Matt Van 87 House, Erin 358 Howard, Erin 358 Howard, Joshua Ryan 104 Howell, Tina 358 Howick, Jeffrey 360 Hsu, Chia-lei 360 Htet, Htoo 360 Hui, Cheuk 360 Hungerford, David 104 Hurwitz, Loryn 360 Hussein, Saddam 16 Iniguez, Consuelo 360 Integrated Learning Center 84 International Cooking Club 252 J, Mcghee 360 Jackson, Janet 19 Jacobowitz, Jackie 360 Jacobs, Elaine 360 Jacobson, Michael 360 James, Chelsea 360 Jarus, Maureen 360 Jepsen, Heather 360 Jirovsky, Stan 360 Johnson, Jacqueline 104 Johnson, Joseph Gerard 104 Johnson, Katie 165 Joiser, Harry 360 Jones, Bonnie 360 Jones, Christine 360 Jones, Elizabeth 360 Jozwik, Julia 360 Kahan, Daniel 24 Kamdar, Rushabh 360 KAMP 248,266 Kappa Alpha Theta 325 Kappa Delta Chi 326 Kappa Kappa Gamma 327, 333 Kappa Sigma 301 Karlman, Jenn 85 Katz, Eric 257 Katzenoff, Beth 361 Kebric, Angela 361 Kebric, Angie 130 Keesecker, Jamie 361 Keilburger, Craig 260 Keita, Andree 361 Keith, Brewster 73 Kelly, Patrick 361 Kelly, Sarah 361 Kelly, Ted 104 Kennedy, Janelle 361 Kerr, Steve 12, 143 Kerry, John 17,87,93 Kesner, Aaron 361 Ketterer, Victoria 361 Key, Ty 361 Kilpatrick, Ian 361 Kimoto, Elisa 361 King, Deanna 138 King, Joel 361 Kinne, Jeffrey 74 Kinni, Jessica 361 Kiser, Jonathan 361 Kisler, Morgan 361 Kitaeff, Christopher 361 Klaus, Kevin 399 Klein, Cheryl 361 Kleinman, Andrew 361 Kleinman, Rebekah 361, 399 Klemenz, Amanda 363 Klipsch, Marcia 53 Knight, Susan 85 Kodimer, Sonja 363 Kopach, Chris 48 Kozak, Suzanne 363 Krutch Cactus Garden 89 Kubecka, Jennifer 363 Kubrin, Melissa 363 Kucinich, Dennis 93 Kudrow, Lisa 18 Kugel, Lara 363 Kumar, Satish 363 Kursman, Jennifer 263 Kvasnica, Michael 104 363 Ladner. Cassie 363 Lahey, Christopher Langdon. Cheryl 363 Lanzone, Timothy 363 LaPaz Residence Hall 119 Laplante, Jackie 363 Larger, Josie 249 Laufenberg, Nicole 363 Lautz, Stephanie 363 Lavetter, Amber 363 Lawicki, Jennifer 363 Lawlor, Whitney 363 Leadership DA 262 LeBlanc, Matt 18 Lee, Anne 363 Lee, Erika 363 Lee, Jennifer 73 Lee, Jessica 363, 364 Leeber, Rachel 364 Left, Corey 364 Legner, John 364 Lehrling, Nicholas 364 Leloison, Taylor 364 Lemine, Moustapha 364 Lemont, Susan 364 Lemos, Robert 364 Leng, Qian 364 Leon, Denise 364 LeRoy, Jennifer 364 Lester, Lauren 364 Lesure, James 5 Leu, Richard 364 Lew, Jason 364 Lewis, York 364 Liao, Wayne 364 Licher, Lindsey 364 Lieberman, Christina 90 Lieberman, Joe 92 Lien, Vivian 126 Likins, Peter 12, 15,89, 143 Limbaugh, Rush 17 Link, Tim 364 Liszewski, Michelle 364 Little, Francine 365 Lloyd, Shawn 365 Loeb, Saul 272, 275, 399 Loewenstein, Allison 365 Long, Christopher 365 Lopez, Jason 365 Lopez, Jennifer 18 Lopez, Juan 365 Lopez, Vanessa 365 Lospalluto, Kate 365 Luna, Breny 365 Luyando, Stephany 50, 72 Lyons, Stacy 365 " Mind or Body? " 71, 248 Mackey, Aaron 272 Madar, Cristian 365 Madonna 19 Mafi, Massa 365 Mah, Heather 365 Malone, Jessica 261,365 Malone, Lauren 365 Manalastas, Stacy 365 Manronger, Norman 365 Mansell, Jered 30 Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall 117 Marburger, Candice 365 Marco, Andrew 365 Maricopa Residence Hall 68, 69 Marino, Chris 365 Marquez, Linda 366 Marsh, Kenneth 109 Martin, Anna 40 Martinez, Andy 72 Mason-gale, Treyer 366 Matheke, Lauren 366 Mathews, Bryan 366 Matsinger, April 366 Matties, Wendy 366 McCabe, Andi 162 Mccalley, Quina 366 McCarthy, Colleen 366 Mcclernan, Kathleen 366 McCluskey, Amy 366 McCollom, Julie 106, 107 McCurry, Brandon 90 Mcendree, Sarah 366 McGaffic, Cheryl 99 McGann, Megan 95 Mcgrath, Kelly 366 Mcgraw, Adam 366 Mckanna, Jon 366 McKay, Robin 104 McKenzie, Alex 256, 257 Mcleod, Blyth 366 Mcnamara, Patrick 366 Media Arts Productions 262 Medina, Nicole 366 Mehary, Luam 366 Melton, Forest 268 Mendieta, Marvin 366 Mendoza, Erin 44 Merritt, Angelina 366 Metcalf, Randy 367 Meyer, David 367 Millar, Jonathan 367 Miller, Cale 3 , 278, 280 Miller, David 367 Miller, Lauren 399 Miller, Tiffany 138 Miller, Valerie 7 Miller-DeGrave, Cheryl 73 Mills, Ben 367 Min, Thiha 367 Minno, Kurt 275 Mirabile, Christina 367 Mitchell, Keith 367 Moayeri, Mohammad 367 Moghasam, Laya 367 Monmouth College 333 Monroe, Barbara 98 Montana, Lauren 367 Moon, Kristin 367 Moore, Amanda 367 Moore, Karelia Jo 333 Morackis, Alberto 90 Morales, Daniel 367 Morgan, Jael 367 Morris, Gregory 367 Morrison, Patricia 97 Mortensen, Heather 367 Moskowitz, Carly 367 Mulcahy, Michael 275 Mullins, Kyle 122, 123, 125 Munkelwitz, Brian 367 Munoz, Hena 367 Muraglia, Jordan 368 Muslim Student Association 254 Nader, Ralph 87 Nam, Misuk 368 National Pan-Hellenic Council 332 Navarro, Jessica 368 Neiman, Amanda 84 Nelson, Kelley 368 Nemer, Ana 250 Neuman, Sarah 368 Newborn, Douglas 368 Newman, Christopher 119 Nguyen, Ann 368 Nguyen, Yen 368 Nicholson, Kathleen 368 Nickelson, Hallie 368 Nilsson, Lauren 368 Nish, Siman 368 Nixon, Cynthia 18 Northern Arizona University 15 O ' Brien, Erin 368 O ' Huallachain, Eamon 368 OToole. Noreen 368 O ' Connor, Cara 399 Oakes, Alissa 368 Obando, Pam 84 Ogden, Kim 136, 139 Ohayon, Alexandre 368 Olaciregui, Ivan 368 Olea, Rocio 368 Oliver, Benjamin 368 Oliver, Kelly 370 Olson, Lute 165,257 Omega Delta Phi 313 Ondina, Paola 370 Orologio, Alison 278 Orozco, Ricky 44 Ortega, David 370 Osborn, Marie 370 Osbrink, Andrew 370 Osuna, Roxana 370 Padilla, Arlene 370 Pajor, Edward 370 Pakulis, Rachel 370 Palmer, Lindsey 370 Parker, Brandy 370 Parker, Sarah Jessica 18 Park Student Union 82, 273 Patel.Afshan 107 Patel.Amar 370 Patel, Jai 84 Patel, Jason 370 Paulson, Jennifer 370 Payne, Cody 370 Peer, Rebecca 370 Pena, Eva 370 Perry, Cynthia 370 Perry, Jennifer 109 Perry, Matthew 18 Persona Literary Magazine 262 Perwin.Alex 107 Petersen, Crystal 370 Peterson, Eric 370 Peterson, Lars 371 Peterson, Scott 17 Peterson, Tom 137 Phi Beta Lambda 264 Phi Beta Sigma 334 Phi Delta Theta 310 Phi Gamma Delta 309 Phi Kappa Psi 311 Pina, Pablo 371 Pineda, Luis 371 Piotrowski, Hanna 371 Pi Beta Phi 328 Pi Kappa Phi 302 Pi Sigma Alpha 264 Pochat, Ricardo 371 Pomeroy, Blake 371 Ponce, Galvin 371 Poreda, Jason 371 Prado, Chris 110 Prajapati, Amit Uttam 104 Prajapati, Amy 371 Prescott, courtney 371 Prescott, Tara 371 Pride Alliance 265 Primak, Nicole 371 Prince, Samantha 371 Pryde, Nicole 371 Puig.Alexia 371 Puntenney, Elizabeth 371 Quinn, Darren 371 Quintana, Jessica 371 Rachelefsky, Sara 371 Radovich, Ashley 371 Rainbow, Rachel 78 Raj, Prashant 278 Rail, Nicole 373 Ramblers Club 265 Ramirez, Jose 373 Randall, Lindsey 373 Ranne, Jason 162, 165 Rath, Lincon 66 Rath, Nancy 66 Ray, Larry 1 66 Reagan, John 106 Reddy, Pavan 373 Rehn, Trista 18 Reihard, Anne 373 Reisdorf, Abigail 373 Rendon, Elizabeth 373 Repowitz, Erica 373 Repp, Peter 373 Residence Hall Association 264 Reyna, Veronica 373 Rhodes, Michelle 373 Ribeiro Da Cruz, Selma 373 Ricciotti, Robert 128 Richardson, Lina 333 Rimsza, Jennifer 373 Rios, Nathaniel 373 Rio Nuevo 84 Rivas, Celia 373 Rivera, Lorraine 373 Rivera, Maria 373 Robb, Christopher 373 Roberts, Denise 373 Robinson, Courtney 373 Roche, Amy 374 Rocky Horror Picture Show 77 Rodgers, Chris 257 Rodriguez, Jorge 374 Rodriguez, Ramiro 374 Rodriguez, Rebekah 374 Roehrig, Hans 374 Roether, Jennifer 374 Rogers, Nina 374 Rogers, Robin 99 Romano, Joseph 374 Romero, Josh 37 Ronquillo, Ina 374 Roque, Raymond 374 Rosborough, Jim 165 Rose, Heather 374 Rose, Scott 374 Rosenberg, Max 29 Rosenberger, John 374 ROTC 276 Rubin, Beth 374 Rubin, Eric 374 Rubin, Stephanie 104 Ruckman, Derek 374 Rudnick, Mollie 374 Rueda, Eric 374 Ruhl, Sandy 89 Ruiz, Claudia 374 Rupprecht, Kevin 374 Ryan, Lena 375 Rzepka, Piotr 44 " Stone Cold " 16 SafeRide 278 Salas, Brian 74 Salazar, Allison 97 Salvati, Andrew 375 Sanchez, Ramon 375 Sandier, Kevin 70 Sandovat. Brad 37 Sandoval, Eric 375 Santana, Mark 375 Satrap, Robert 375 Saul, Jenica 375 Sauve, Christopher 375 Savitch, Brian 375 Scarpinato, Daniel 7, 375, 399 Schechter, J.D. 375 Schenk, Laura 84, 85 Schiffman, Lindsay Anne 104 Schmidt, Owen 375 Schmidt, Vanessa 38 Schnurr, Valeen 375 Scholer, Scott 375 Schwartz, Kelly 375 Schwarzenegger, Arnold 17 Schwimmer, David 18 Scott, Rosemary 375 Scronic, Jason 375 Searles, William 375 Seat, Pete 93 Seemiller, Corey 261 Sellers, Brittany 375 Seo, Megumi 376 Sergeyeva, Marina 376 Serrano, Dennis A. 376 Serrano, Guadalupe 90 Sex and the Ci ty 18 Shain.Alana 376 Shakur, Mustafa 163 Shakur, Mustafa 257 Shapiro, Josh 13, 278 Sharman, Terrie 376 Shaw, Lars 376 Shay, Craig 376 Shelby, Suzanne 376 Sherman, Erin 376 Sherwood, Lauren 271 Shimizu, Fumi 376 Shingler, Thomas 376 Shumaker, Scott 376 Sidman, Brian 376 Siegel, Allison 376 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 303 Sigma Gamma Rho 268, 335 Sigma Kappa 329 Sigma Lambda Beta 305 Sigma Lamda Gamma 330 Sigma Nu 306 Sigma Phi Epsilon 308 Sigma Pi 307 Silva, Marcella 376 Simga Alpha Mu 304 Simmons, Devin 274 Skievaski, Melanie 115 Sklar, Jeff 275, 399 Sklar, Jeffrey 376 Slater, Jennifer 376 Smith, Domonique 376 Smith, Kevin 376 Smith, Michael 376 Smith, Peter H. 102, 103 Smithyman, Megan 60 Snell, Amelia 48 Society of Professional Journalists 276 Solomon, Laura 377 Sompura, Anand 377 Sotterwhite, Rian 377 South, Alexander 377 Spears, Britney 19 Spector, Jessica 377 Spencer, Stephanie 377 Spigelman, Sarah 271 Spollen, Shannon 377 Spoun, Mike 399 Spring Fling 110, 278 Srouji, Fares 377 St.Germain, Justin 274 Stamper, Chelsea 377 Stanton, Jeffrey 377 Star Ranch 12 Staton, Walter 273, 399 Steele, Julie 377 Stephens, Casey 116 Stevens, Jessica 377 Stevie Eller Dance Theatre 46, 82, 122 Steward, Bryan 377 Stewart, Bernie 377 Stewart, Jessica 90 Stewart, Justin 377 Stewart, Martha 17 Stobie, Erin 377 Stroh, Trevor 377 Students In Free Enterprise 277 Student Objectivist Society 277 Student Union Memorial Center 84 Suh, Dan 279 Sundt, Bob 89 Supowit, Samuel 377 Sutter, Ryan 18 Sutterfield, Cassandra 377 Swanson, Elizabeth 136, 139 Swarts, Casey 377 t Syms, Ryan 378 " The College Show " 248 Tafoya, Nathan 273, 378 Talag, Jayson 263 Tarn, Jasmine 378 Tang, Rocky 378 Tarin, Tina 38 Tat, Kathy 268 Tau Beta Sigma 276 Taylor, Melina 104 Taylor, Saunie 89 Taylor-Stevens, Rogina 378 Teach for America 258 Tebo, Eliza 92, 378 Tedjokusumo, Suharlim 378 Temblador, Julian 378 Terrazas, Gwendolyn 378 Terry, Frank 110 Tetrault, Eric 378 Theta Nu Xi 324 The Apprentice 18 Thomas, Sara 251 Thompson, Autumn 378 Thompson, Courtney 378 Thompson, Korin 378 Thompson, Stefanie 273 Thor, Jennifer 378 Tiedens, Shari 378 Timberlake, Justin 19 Tipado, Terry 378 Tiu, Kristine 378 Tomeo, Christine 378 Torralba, Noel 378 Torres, Reveca 378 Towne, Rebecca 380 Townsend, Gene 380 Tran, Hung 380 Trautmann, J. Michael 270 Traylor, Aron 47 Trencher, David 380 Triplett, Mary Frances 380 Trujillo, Cristina 380 Trump, Donald 18 Tully, Meredith 97 Tuohy, Andrew 71 Two-Horses, Michael 104 Tytler, Elizabeth 117 UATV 70, 248 Umashankar, Nita 130 Umashankar, Ray 138 Undergraduate Political Science Association 277 University Activities Board 250, 268, 277 V, Wm. Alexander Frey, 1 04 Valdes, Juanita 380 Valenzuela, Eduardo 380 Vallance, Bryan 11 Vance, Karen 380 Vancura, Jennifer 380 Vanore, Allison 248 Van Derlaske, Matthew 380 Varner, David 380 Verdugo, Christian 380 Verdugo, Denise 380 Versteeg.Ann 380 Villa Del Puente Hall Government 276 Villa del Puente Residence Hall 117, 265 Vogler, David 380 Volpp, Angela 380 Worle, Evan 382 Wu, Regina 382 Wyman, Kaila 382, 399 Wachowiak, Alisa Wagner, Denise 380 Walker, Robert 380 Wallace, Gary 381 Wand, Peter 381 Washburn, Iris 381 Washuk, Richard 381 Wasilow, Judith Watson, Ryan 381 Weddle, Kami 381 Weeks, Breanna 72 Welch, Julie 381 Weller, Scott 381 Wellhausen, Rachel 130, 381 Welter, Gale 54, 63 Werho, David 381 White, Brian 381 White, Emily 381 White, Jeanne 381 White, Lindsey 381 Whittingslow, Tom 90 Wildchairs 256 Wilhelmi, Trent 24 Wilkerson, Cortney 270 Wilson, Donald 381 Wilson, Jim 107 Wilson, Rachel 87 Winchester, Hannah 381 Winchester, Kerry 37, 381 Wing, Justin 120 Wischer, Elizabeth 381 Wisner, Vern 381 Withers, Kristie 382 Wolf.Abby 382 Wolf, Kristin 382 Wolin, Genna 382 Wong, Darren 382 Wong, Diana 382 Wood, Cameron 382 Wood, Tommy 382 Woodhams, Mark 399 Woodling, Catherine 382 Woods, Starla 382 Woods, Stephanie 382 Worcester, Amanda 382 Yaeger.Jeff 3f Yamamoto, Shiori 382 Yanayaco, Katya 382 Yang, Janelle 382 Yap, Audrey 382 Yasuoka, Kurara 252 Yom, Minji 383 Yontz, Amanda 119 Zaborsky, Feliz 383 Zahler, Geoffrey 383 Zakariaei, Faham 1 Zaluga, Amanda 383 Zehr, Meghan 74 Zeta Phi Beta 334 Zloto. Danielle 383 ZonaZoo 278 Zuhlsdorf, Erica 54 Zunder, Adam 383 Zwick, Josh 275 Zybowski, Tara 383 Yesterday s tradition alive today. 2004 1939 Our mission The " re-founding " editors of the yearbook thought hard about a theme for the first book to hit campus in seven years. Unvieled, Unmasked, Unraveled, Exposed. Ultimately, Unearthed won. Its double meaning (unearthing the yearbook, sure, but also campus) provided us with a clear mission. The Desert Yearbook is devoted to captivating the year in pictures and stories, and in doing so, reflecting the diversity of campus. And as former newspaper editors and reporters retired from our jobs at the Arizona Daily Wildcat, we held ourselves to high standards of journalistic integrity and ethics. Hopefully The Desert Yearbook and its staff will earn the respect of you, our readers. Spe 398 The Desert The 4 Daniel Scarpinato EDITOR IN CHIEF Rebekah Kleinman CAMPUS EDITOR Kevin Klaus PHOTO EDITOR Kaila Wyman DESIGN DIRECTOR Kristina Dunham COPY CHIEF Brett Fera ATHLETICS EDITOR Cara O ' Connor INVOLVEMENT EDITOR Lauren Miller PERSONALITIES EDITOR Walter Staton WEBMASTER The Desert Yearbook is a unit of Arizona S tudent Media. 615 N. ParkAve. Suite 101, Tucson, AZ. Although some yearbook operations were conduct- ed from that office. The Desert ' s flagship offices were located in the Center for Student Involvement and Leadersip in the Student Union Memorial Center, visit us online at http: desertyearbook. us at 520-626-0351. The Desert had a press run of 2,000 and was sold throughout the year for S75. The book was funded by Arizona Student Media and Taylor Publishing. The sales representive from Taylor was Kim Bailey. The Desert ' s advisor was Mark Woodhams, director of student media. General Information This is the first issue of The Desert Yearbook printed since 1997. The pages were submitted to Taylor Publishing of Dallas, Texas on elec- tronic disk. The Desert Yearbook ' s official logo, which was used for promotional material but does not appear in the book, was designed by Amanda Scarpinato. Typography Body copy is Book Antiqua. Captions are Arial and Anal Bold. Folios are Anal. Headlines are ITC New Baskerville and Arial Black Italics. Page headers are Arial Black Italics and ITC New Baskerville Bold Italics with a 1 -point black line. Photography Senior photos appearing in the Personalities section of the book were taken a no cost to students by Lauren Studios. Buddy shots appearing at the opening of Personalities and in the Index were taken by photo editor Kevin Klaus, also at no cost. Photos in the Hertiage sec- tion were taken directly from The Desert Year- book ' s archieves. Information for the timeline was compiled from old yearbooks, Arizona Daily Wildcat archieves and Alumni Asso- ciation materials. Vintage photographs in the 100 years of UA Basketball section were used with permission from Arizona Athletics. Group shots in the Greek Life section are a combination of staff generated photographs and im- ages provided by Freeze Frame Fotography and individual chapters. The Year in Review section of book uses Desert, Wildcat and Associ- ated Press photos with paid per mission. All other photographs in the book were taken by The Desert Yearbook ' s all-student staff. Printing Cover The book is printed on 100-pound enamel. The cover was designed by copy chief Kristina Dunham. All content was prepared and edited by students. An open-door policy between the Arizona Daily Wildcat and The Desert Yearbook through Arizona Student Media allowed for complete sharing of photographs, copy and reporting between the two publications. All pages were produced on PC computers using Microsoft Word X for Windows, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, InDesign 2.0 and Illustrator 10.0. Special Thanks The Desert Yearbook is indebted to many individuals and organizations. Just to name a few: Arizona Student Media, in particular, Mark Woodhams, Faith Edman, Bryan Hance and Mike Spoun; Associated Students of the University of Arizona; the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, notably Bonnie Arriaga and Chris Bullins; and the Arizona Daily Wildcat, with extra special thanks to Jeff Sklar, Saul Loeb and Chris Coduto. i the 2( ! . ' : As the 2003-2004 school year came to a close, the University of Arizona was rising from a challenging period of growth and change. Students had made sacrifices, sacrifices that had resulted in a university stronger in its brick and mortar. But more importantly, their sacrifices resulted in a university that was stronger and more equiped in its spirit, drive and appreciation of heritage and tradition. Only time would tell if the new optimism and bliss on campus would remain, with past struggles left where they belong the past. iiUl : 400 The Desert A H AI-Kuwaiti, Yousef Saeed Tucson, AZ Hkv, Management Info Systems A. Matus, Carlos Guillermo Fountain Hill, AZ Junio ' P ' e-Education A. Storette, Ronald F. Scottsdale, AZ z n glish A. Williams, Christopher David Glendale.AZ Freshman. Civil Engineering Aannestad.LivKirsten Tucson. AZ Senior. Njrsing Aasland, Stephanie S. Bothell.WA Sophomore. Pre-Business Abaa,ChnstelleB. Naples, FL Freshman, French Abadi, Leily F. Laguna Niguel, CA Senior. Retailing Consumer Scien Abate, April Michelle Tucson. AZ an. Chemical Engineering . Club. Music Abbey, Jennifer J. Phoenix, AZ iophomore. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Abbitt, Katie Jo Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Psychology Abbott, Diane Eudoxia Tucson. AZ UNC Elementary Education Abbott, Tara Lynn Gilbert. AZ [phomore. Pre-Business tt, Jay Leroy. Ill Mesa, AZ in. No Major Selected Trombone. Academic Scholarships. Roller Hockey Abdelaziz, Kelly Jean Tucson. AZ poprtomore. Psychology bdelnour, John Richard Lake Forest. CA iminal Justice Admin bdelwahab, Mohammad GasmaBa Tucson. AZ phomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences bd-fatah, Abdul-yasser isshman. Computer Engineering Mi, Hamdi I. Phoenix. AZ i. No Major Selected bdin, Jason Phoenix. AZ lan. Astronomy irts. Music. Art louch, Gregory M Scottsdale, AZ nior. Pre-Business .bdull-fattah, Omar Bassam Tucson, AZ Teshman. No Major Selected ul-mal i k. Rukiah S. Tucson, AZ lior. Optical Sciences Enginee bdul-Wadoud, Muhammad Yusuf San Diego. CA ' , Management Info Systems Riding. Going to Coffee Shops. Playing Chess Riumdulillah!! , Christina Glendale. AZ .No Major Selected .bedin, NabilaZeenat Scottsdale. AZ iman. Pre-Physio! Sciences bedin, Omeed Houston. TX eshman. Pre-Business ibel, Mark Frederick Phoenix. AZ Teshman. Mechanical Engineering I, Scott Harris Livingston. NJ lior. Psychology i, Maya S. Tucson, AZ [Junior. Latin American Studies Abernathy, Jennifer Lauren Antioch, CA Sophomore. No Major Selected Ueyta,ToniJ. Flagstaff. AZ Sophomore. Spanish bi-Ad, Joseph Pierre Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Communication Uiidali, Moustapha Gilbert. AZ -reshman. General Biology Basketball. Weight Lifting. Traveling Abidari, Jonathan PatoAlto.CA : reshman. Journalism ibifadel, Lisa Ann Tucson. AZ enior. Linguistics Vbijaoude, Joanna A. Phoenix. AZ unior. Anthropology Vbney, Brian Scott Tucson. AZ enior. Electrical Engineering Vbney, Rachel Elizabeth Tucson, AZ ophomore. Pre-Nursing Ibou-Zeid, Dominique G Tuscon. AZ unior. Retailing Consumer Scien WBeta Phi. Soccer. Shopping. Movies Vbou-Zeid, Michael E. Tuscon. AZ reshman. No Major Selected occer unior. Political Science igma Alpha Epsilon. Phi Alpha Delta Uexander, Jason Longbeach, CA lenior. Family Studies Human Dev Alexander, Jonathan Kirk Albuquerque. NM Freshman. Materials Sci Engr Alexander, Kenneth Cart Tucson, AZ Senior. Business Management Alexander, Staci Ann Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Alexander, Todd Alan Tucson, AZ Senior, Operations Management Music. Band Named Manifold Alexander, Valerie Gay Tucson, AZ Senior. Nursing Alexandersson.AnnaJ. LosAltos.CA Freshman. Pre-Communication Alfaro, Carmen Josefina Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Education Alford, Deborah L. Bisbee.AZ Sophomore. Pre-Health Education Alford, Zandra Allison Tucson, AZ Senior, Women ' s Studies Alfred, Daniel M. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Civil Engineering Alfred, Jennifer Leigh Tucson, AZ Junior. Nutritional Sciences Alfred, Kristen Elaine Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Alfred, Lindsay Brooke Scottsdale, AZ Junior. No Major Selected Alfred, Tim Dale Tucson. AZ 4TH. Pharmacy Alhadeff, Joshua J. Bellevue.WA Freshman. No Major Selected Pi Kappa Phi Alhandy, LaceyB Cottonwood. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Equestrian Horse Riding, Decorating, Four Wheel Drive Al-hashimi, Miriam Mesa, AZ Sophomore. Chemistry Al-hashimi, Omar B. Mesa, AZ Senior. Bioc Molecular Biophysic AI-houssni,Sheza Nicole Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Education AM, Amjad M. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. Bioc Molecular Biophysic AJi, Levi David Tucson. AZ Junior. Chemistry Ali, Nadia Carmen Portland. OR Senior, Dance Dancing Aliimanuokai, KanoeM F Tucson, AZ Senior. Speech Hearing Sciences Aliment, Kendall Elizabeth Renton.WA Freshman. No Major Selected Pi Beta Phi, Enjoys Dancing CongraUations on a great year! We Lcve you. Mom and Dad Al- Jabiri, Suzan Aladin Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. General Biology Alkais, Crystal E. Glendale.AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Alkais, Diane Rose Glendale.AZ Junior. Political Science Alkais, PriscillaM. Glendale.AZ Freshman. Pre-Communication Al-khashti, Sarah Bader Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Architecture Alkhazaela, IbraheimM. Tucson, AZ Senior. Chemical Engineering Al-kuwaiti, Khalifa Saeed Tucson. AZ Junior. Health Human Serv Admin Allan.KristiA. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Educatkxi Allanson.JoyM. Federal Way, WA Sophomore. Retailing Consumer Science Dance To Joy. Go Get Them! Allbritton, Laura R. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore. Political Science Allder, Elizabeth Blair El Paso, TX Senior. Psychology Alpha Delta Pi. Litigation. Reading. Travel You ' ve made us very proud! Best of Luck and may all your dreams come true. Love. Mom and Dad Allen, Amanda K. San Diego, CA Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Allen, AndrewChartes Phoenix, AZ Senior. Communication Music. Golf Allen, Andrew S. Phoenix. AZ Senior. Political Science Al len , Andrew Paul Tucson, AZ Junior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Allen, Anya Adreya Tucson, AZ Junior, History Allen, Brenne Elisabeth Tucson. AZ Freshman. Molecular Cellular Bid Allen, Casey A. Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Volunteer of Aviva Children, Avid runner. Member of Tucson Tri Girts Allen, Chelsea Colleen San Carlos, CA Senior, History Allen, Clinton Taylor Grapevine, TX Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy 2 down 4 to go. You can do it! Mom and Dad Allen, Curtis F Tucson, AZ Senior, Marketing Allen, Douglas Steven Glendale, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Beta Theta Pi, Roller Hockey, Entrepreneurship Allen, Elizabeth Christine Prescott Valley, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Intramural Soccer Allen, Eric H Tucson. AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Allen, Erin Katherine Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Soccer. Co-Ed Flag Football, Working At The Rec Center Allen, James Richard Arnolds Park, IA Sophomore, Psychology Allen, Jennifer Claire Atlanta, GA Sophomore, Sociology Allen, Jeremy Robert Mountain View, CA Junior. English Phi Gamma lota, Baseball Allen, Jesse Carl Tucson. AZ Freshman, Electrical Engineering Campus Christian Center. Music Allen, Jessica Mae Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Allen, Lana Jean Tucson. AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Allen, Leah M Tucson. AZ Senior. Performance (Voice) Allen, Megan G Lafayette, CA Senior, Communication Pi Phi, Health Advocate Congratultions! We ' re proud of you. Love, Jim, Mom, and Kevin Allen, Melissa Carolyn Glendale. AZ Senior. Physiological Sciences Allen, Michete Cindy Tucson, AZ Senior. Psychology Dance. Minor In Dance Allen, Mikeal Ivan Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Riding His Hariey, Law Enforcement, Football Allen, Monica Renee Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Allen, Owen B Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Media Arts Allen, Richard P. Tucson, AZ Senior, Geography Allen, Robin J Tucson. AZ Junior, Studio Art Allen, Ryan D. Tucson, AZ Senior, No Major Selected Allen, Scott Maurice Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Allen, Seth William Tucson, AZ Freshman, Journalism Allen, Stacy Michelle Tucson, AZ Senior. Geography Allen, Thomas Christopher Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Allen, TimothyS Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Campus Crusades. Camping. Fishing. Basketball Allen, Wendy Jo Moreno Valley, CA Junior, Pre-Business Allen, Wesley Glynn Elkhart. IN Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Allen, Yvonne Peoria. AZ Sophomore, Civil Engineering Alley, Denise Elaine Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. Studio Art Alley, Joel Patrick Tucson, AZ Junior. Theatre Arts All iman, Molly Jeanne San Francisco, C A Senior. Journalism Allinson, Sarah Beth Owings Mills. MD Junior, Art History Dean ' s List, Print Making, Art History Club Congratulations! From Mom and Dad Allinson, Sarah Allison, Ashley L. Phoenix. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Allison, Bonnie Jean El Paso, TX Houston, TX Marana. AZ Sierra Vista, AZ Phoenix, AZ Orinda.CA Scottsdale, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Litchfield Pk. AZ Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Allison, Samuel W. Freshman, Pro-Business Allison, Stephanie Christine Senior, Sociology Rodeo Team Allmon, Bonnie C Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Geriatrics, Adolescence, Psychology Allocco, Rachel L Freshman, Journalism Alloway, Michael R. Freshman. Criminal Justice Admin Allsworth, Kristen Ann Freshman. Political Science Allum, Heather M. Sophomore, Pre-Educatkxi Altvin, Brandon Christopher Junior, Optical Sciences Enginee Aim, Jeremy Reinholdt Freshman. No Major Selected Almada, Elesha R Senior, Physiological Sciences Golden Key National Honor Society, NSCS, Volunteer for Ronald McDonald House May all your dreams come true! Never quit reaching for your star.Love, Mom, Dad, Shane, Greg Almada, Jesus A. Nogales.AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Sports Good Luck! We love you. Mom and Dad Almand, Carey Renee Buena Park, CA Freshman, Pre-Nursing Almanza, Joseph D. Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Almaria, Keith Steven Phoenix, AZ Senior. Physiological Sciences Interested In History. Plays Guitar Almendares, Olivia Margarita Tucson, AZ Senior, Health Education Vice President of Helping Hands, Dean ' s List 2003 Almerico, Nicholas W Sammamish. WA Junior. Studio Art Intramural Sports AI-Mezairee, Abdullah S Washington. DC Sophomore, Computer Engineering Almond, Jennifer N Phoenix, AZ Senior, Liberal Studies Studing Abroad - Costa Rica AMiaibari, Fahad Ar Tucson. AZ Senior. Retailing Consumer Scien Alonzo, Alfonso Moreno Tucson. AZ Senior. Electrical Engineering Alonzo, Gabriel Christopher Rio Rico, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Alper, BeckaAnn Tucson. AZ Junior. Sociology Alpor, Michelle Alissa Tenafly. NJ Freshman, No Major Selected Alpert, Roman Markus Germany, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Sigma Chi, Sports Al-saleh, All Mohamad Glendale.AZ Sophomore, General Biology Al-Shamiri, Mohamad Abdullah Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Soccer, Sales Al-sheikh, Majid Mohain Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Al-shirrawi, Nasser Mohammed Tucson, AZ Junior. Systems Engineering Alspaugh, Nicholas Garcia Lexington. MA Freshman. Pre-Business Alsuwaidi, Sulaiman Mohamed Tucson, AZ Junior. Public Management Altamirano, David Michael Douglas. AZ Junior, Studio Art Altendorf, Ca i Tigard.OR Freshman, Journalism Kappa Alpha Theta Alter, Katharine Ruth Dayton, OH Freshman, Theatre Arts Alter, Micha Berkeley, CA Sophomore. Psychology Traveling Internationally Altfillisch, Holly Roxanne Casa Grande, AZ Senior. Creative Writing Althoff, Andrew P. Tempe.AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Kappa Sigma Alt man, Jesse Merrick Rancho Santa. CA Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Altuna, Aileen Marie Tucson, AZ Senior. Retailing Consumer Scien 401 Al-Umran, Bandar Husain Tucson, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Soccer Alva, Tanya Tucson, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Alvarado, Alicia N. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Political Science Alvarado, Cristian Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Alvarado, Laura F. Douglas, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Reading, Arts Crafts Alvarado, Monica Christina Tucson, AZ Senior, Spanish Alvarado, Natalia Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Alvarez, Adrian Rio Rico, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Alvarez, Adrienne Marie Antioch, CA Freshman, Media Arts Blue Chip Program, Part Of The TV Station A, Dance Alvarez, Alexis Christopher Waddell, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Alvarez, Alexis Andres Nogales.AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Alvarez, Alexis A Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Alvarez, Alicia Marie Mystic, CT Freshman, Pre-Business Alvarez, Angelica Martha Southlake. TX Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Alvarez, Anizza Daniela Nogales, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Alvarez, Derek Brent Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Alvarez, Isidro Hernandez Tucson, AZ Senior, Sociology Alvarez, Jessica Lynn Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Alvarez, John Paul Palm Beach, FL Freshman, Pre-Business Baseball, Fishing, Christian Athlete, Snowboarding, French Alvarez, Luis Ernesto Tucson, AZ Junior, Finance Alvarez, Mariel J. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Working With The Death, Piano Alvarez, Tiffany Diane Tucson, AZ Senior, Wildlife Animal Sciences, Mari achi, Violin Alves, Julie Ann San Jose, CA Junior, Pre-Education Alvey, Andrew James Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Alvig, Kristina Quay Tempe, AZ Senior, Psychology Alvin, Jessica Flagstaff, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Alwazir.Aowabfarek Mclean.VA Freshman, Pre-Business Computers, Biking, Work Alwazir, Shihab T. Mclean, VA Sophomore, Pre-Business Biking, Swimming, Traveling Alyousfi, Lubna Jamal Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Al-Zaabi, Mohamed Rashid Bloommgton. IN Senior, Geological Engineering AI-zu ' Bi, Zaid Mohammad Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Amado, Daniel Sumner, WA Freshman, Pre-Architecture Amado, Ricardo Antonio Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Aman, Kathryn B Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Ama no, Kosuke Camarillo, CA Freshman, Computer Engineering Swim Club Amar, Joseph R. Pasadena, CA Sophomore, Geosciences Amarello, Melissa A. Tucson, AZ Senior, Wildlife Amato, Reggie G. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Regional Development Amavizca, Zotero Phoenix, AZ Junior, Psychology Arnaya, George Junior San Luis, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Amaya,LuisC Douglas, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Billiards, RCCars, Racquetball We are proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Amber, Debora Denise Vail, AZ Junior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ 402 Ambrosini, Amy Nichole Sierra Vista, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Ameche IV, Dominic Felix Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Amegan, Ayawo Tucson, AZ Junior, Computer Engineering Amend, Brianne Adair Phoenix, AZ Junior, Theatre Arts Amend, Catherine P Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Finance Amene, Ikenna Tucson, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Amene, Nkiru Jennifer Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Amezquita, Gilbert Michael Tucson, AZ Senior, Systems Engineering Tennis, Skiing, Chess Amick, Beau Garret Redmond, WA Freshman, Pre-Business Dirt Biking, Snowboarding Amick, Stephanie A Yuma.AZ Junior, General Biology Tau Beta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Reading, Music Daddy Mom wish you the best in everything you do. Love, Mom Dad Ami), Candice Yun Tucson, AZ Senior, Criminal Justice Admin Amin, Nishad Hiten Naperville, IL Freshman, Electrical Engineering Amin, Priti Vijay Chandler, AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Amin, Mesa, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Teaching, Reading, Volunteering Amini, Mialman Tucson, AZ Junior, Communication Amini, Peyman Gregory Tucson, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Amiri, Morris M Tucson, AZ Senior, Finance Ammann, Cara M. Glendale. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected We are proud of you and keep up the good work! Amole, Zachary Kevin Denver, PA Sophomore, Pre-Business Amos, Patrick Odell Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Amrany, Shirley Agoura Hills, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Vegetarian, Reads Tarot Cards, Loves Animals We ' re very proud of you and we love you! Love, Mom and Abba Amrhein, Keri K. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Amsler, Jennifer L Tempe, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Amster, Melissa Elyse Tucson, AZ Junior, Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi Anako, Chinenye Anako, Nnaemeka Elochukwu Litchfield Park, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Anand, Akash Litchfield, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Anand, Mona Tucson, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Anand, Rajesh Kumar Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Anaya, Aaron A. Casa Grande, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Sports. Music, People Congratulations on a sucessful first year! We ' re proud of you. Love, Mom and Alex. Anaya, Anthony G. Vail, AZ Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Motorcycles. Baseball, Computers Anaya, Christian Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Civil Engineering Anaya, Christopher J. Sahuarita, AZ Senior, Sociology Anaya, Jose P Somerton.AZ Senior, Finance Anytown, Softball Anaya , Maria Carmen Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Anaya, Meghan Ruth Peroria, AZ Freshman, Psychology Andaloro, Charlotte Rose Grass Lake, Ml Freshman, Pre-Architecture Andaloro, Marissa Lee Tucson, AZ Freshman, Wildlife Andersen, Agatha Michelle Tucson, AZ Senior, Astronomy Andersen, Benjamin Cari Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Andersen, Kiel V Sophomore, Political Science Andersen, Sonya M. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Biosystems Engineering Anderson, Aaron H. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Anderson, Amanda L. Burlington, IA Freshman, Pre-Business Anderson, Amanda Maxine Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Anderson, Amy Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Wildlife Anderson, Anna Marie Tucson, AZ Junior, Regional Development Anderson, Ashley Brooke Valencia, CA Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Anderson, Austin Alan Bullhead City, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Anderson, Brian George Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Anderson, Brian N Tucson, AZ Junior, Communication Drafted For Whitesox, Sports Anderson, Carl Eric Lake Havasu City, AZ Junior, Geosciences Photography, Race Car Bodies Anderson, Cassi Marie Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Anderson, Christine Gwen Bullhead City, AZ Freshman, Chemical Engineering Anderson, Christopher G , Twain Harte, CA Senior, Philosophy Delta Chi, Basketball, Tennis Anderson, Cristin Ann Carlsbad, CA Senior, Communication Gamma Phi Beta, Anderson, Dan iel Joshua Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Anderson, Daniel A Tucson, AZ Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Anderson, Dean C. Mesa. AZ Junior, Civil Engineering Anderson, Elizabeth Marana, AZ Sophomore. Psychology Anderson, Eric N. Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Civil Engineering Anderson, Genevieve Rose Old Bethpage, NY Sophomore, No Major Selected Anderson, Gina Marie Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Anderson, Grant W. Alamo, CA Sophomore. No Major Selected Anderson, Holly K. Glendale, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Beach Anderson, Houston Craig Chandler, AZ Sophomore, General Biology Anderson, Jaimie Brie Bellevue.WA Sophomore, No Major Selected Anderson, James Ian Yuma.AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Anderson, Jane Quinn Tampa, FL Freshman. Speech Hearing Sciences Anderson, Jared Nelson Tucson, AZ Senior, Civil Engineering Hunting Anderson, Jason Patrick Tuscon. AZ Senior, Architecture Anderson, Jennifer L Tucson, AZ Senior, French Anderson, Jessica C. San Francisco, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Anderson, Julie Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Nutritional Sciences Anderson, Kathenne E. New Hope, MN Freshman. English Anderson, Kelly Ann Irvine, CA Junior, Pre-Education Anderson, Kevin John Seattle, WA Freshman, Pre-Architecture Anderson, KiraV Tucson, AZ Junior, Marketing Anderson, Kristen Janine Fountain Hill, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Anderson, Ky David Bloommgton. MN Freshman, No Major Selected Anderson, Lanie Dee Zillah, WA Junior, Psychology Basketball Anderson, LaylaR Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Anderson, Maren D. Scottsdale, AZ Senior, General Biology Anderson, Mark K Reno, NV Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Brush Prairie, WA Dean ' s List, Cross Country Runner, Track Field Anderson, Matthew Donald Tucson. Junior, Studio Art Anderson, Michael R. Bisbee, UNC, Nondegree Seeking Anderson, Mika Suzanne Tucson, Senior, Elementary Education Dean ' s List Anderson, Moriah Rae Yuma, Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Anderson, Natalen B. Paradise Valley. Freshman, Pre-Business Anderson, Nicholas Howard Tucson, Freshman, General Biology Anderson, Peter A. Santa Rosa, Cf- Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Anderson, Rebecca May-ivie Gilbert, UNC. Nondegree Seeking Anderson, Rhonda Tucson, Senior, Communication Anderson, Robert Arthur Tucson, t UNC, Nondegree Seeking Anderson, Ryan M Phoenix, A2|j Senior, Microbiology Anderson, Ryan Ford Tucson, A2l||li Freshman, Animal Sciences Anderson, Samuel D. Tucson. . Sophomore. Chemical Engineering Plays Basketball, Likes To Swim Anderson, Sara L Tucson, A2 UNC, Nondegree Seeking Anderson, Sarah N. Canton. Mi. UNC, Nondegree Seeking Anderson, Scott Roger Riverside, Cl Freshman, Pre-Business Anderson, Sean A. Tucson. A2 I - Junior, Political Science Anderson, Shawna R. Tucson. A2 t Senior. Elementary Education Anderson, Sheri N Chandler. A2 u Junior, Elementary Education People Person. Campus Crusade. Community Service Ridgefield.WA Tucson, AZ Mesa. A2 Anderson, Stacey L. Sophomore, Psychology Anderson, Stephanie Carolyn Junior, Philosophy Reading Anderson, Tara Mareah Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Anderson, Troy J Junior, Finance Anderson, William J. Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Anderson, William L Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Delta Tau Delta Anderson, William Arthur Senior, Marketing Video Games, Singing, Writing Anderson, Zachary M. Freshman. No Major Selected General Studies, Ultimate Frisbee Anderson, Zane Taylor Sophomore, Studio Art Anderson-Berens, Dylan Sophomore, No Major Selected Anders-Stout, Paul Wesley Junior, Studio Art Andrade, Alma Lucia Hermosillo, Sonora. Mexico Junior, Spanish Cat Crew, Helping Hands, MBSA, Asua Andrade, Alma Luisa Junior, Spanish Andrade, Jacqueline Sophomore, Pre-Business Andrade, Norberto Sophomore, No Major Selected Andre, Daniel Mark Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Andre, Leigh-anne Sophomore, Psychology Andrea, Tim William Junior, Pre-Communication Andrea Stahl, Jacquelyn Stella Freshman. Liberal Arts Andrejack, Amy Nicole Junior, Psychology APO Andreou,Stylianos Sophomore. Electrical Engineering Andress, Amanda F. Lk Havasu Cit, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Andreu, Jennifer Elaine Tucson. AZ Junior, English Mission Viejo, CA |% Phoenix, A2 Mesa Tucson, AZ: Phoenix, AZ Tucson. AZ Cambridge, MA Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Rio Rico, AZ Tucson. AZ Long Grove. IL Tucson. AZ Greenwich, CT Dana Point, CA Glendale, AZ h -: " , " ' . Tucson, AZ ' Andrew, Jessica Marie ; - ; " 1 Junior. Philosophy Golden Key Honors Society, NSCS Andrew, Jonathan F. Senior. Computer Engineering : . ; ' -:: : : ' .:: : . ' . : ' .- Tucson, AZ Sierra Vista. AZ West Babylon, NY Andrew, Michele Beth Senior. Elementary Education Dean ' s List. Hiking, SCUBA Diving Andrews, Andrea M Peoria.AZ Sophomore. French Traveling. Shopping Andrews, Chad M Tucson, AZ Senior. Systems Engineering Andrews, Christina Marie Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business appa Kappa Gamma, Eller Scholar, Honors Scholar Andrews, Damon Lee Tucson, AZ : reshman. Pre-Business And rus, Daniel William Fallbrook. CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Andrus, Lisa Gaye Tucson, AZ Senior. General Biology Andruszkewicz, Paul A Tucson, AZ Senior. Communication Andrzejczak, Dok Jeffrey Tucson, AZ Freshman. Psychology Computers. Japanese Culture, Community Service Andujar, Teresa Debra Tucson. AZ UNC. Social Studies Reading. Classical Movies, Mountain Bike Riding Aneloski, Ashlyn R Junior, Nutritional Sciences Ange, Alison Leann Junior. Chemistry Angelini, Joseph Freshman. Pre-Business Soccer. Paintball. Cars ' .:=:( Angell, Cody E. Senior, Studio Art :-: Angell, Tourangeau English Phi Theta Kappa Angelle, JoyLynne Danville, CA Apache Jet, AZ Oro Valley. AZ Sun City, AZ Tucson, AZ Glendale.AZ Junior. Communication " .:;. t Angelova, Angelina G Tucson, AZ [Sophomore. Bioc Molecular Biophysic ingle, Eric Miles Tucson, AZ : reshman. Mechanical Engineering iagle Scout. LDS Institute Chorale ..-. ' .- ' Angle, Jeffrey Lamar Tucson, AZ r, Aerospace Engineering inor: Spanish. Eagel Scout. Dean ' s List lie, Rachelle Ann Tucson, AZ r, Art History |lin, Daniel Joel Tucson. AZ Junior. English 7 (lAnglin, Michael P Glendale, AZ [Senior. Architecture Anguiano, Juan Manuel, Jr Douglas. AZ ::; ((Senior. Management Info.Systems tab Due Nguyen, Nina Chieu Sierra Vista. AZ feophomore. Microbiology -.-.. Anicich, Kathryn Alamo, CA Sophomore. Pre-Nursing : sllAnkrom, Shamus A. Scottsdale. AZ |5enior. Finance ' tSt (Congratulations on all your successes may you continue in all your endeavors. Love. Mom and Dad ; -tjdnn, Lacey. Ill Encinitas, CA feenior. Elementary Education Han Larson, Megan Elizabeth Tucson. AZ - ;;; {penior, History I Ann Mich, Cassandra Margaret Phoenix, AZ : : - CFreshman. Veterinary Science nne Mahoney, Kelly Brenna Tucson. AZ Tjsr.jfcophomore. Political Science l itne Vogel, Katherine Barbara Tucson. AZ . |5enior. Anthropology tm, Richard R. LaJolla.CA an. Pre-Business is, Evan Socrates Wheaton, IL Junior. Pre-Business Butnibal, Lynnette Kay Tucson, AZ enior. Pre-Education joftball nouti, Ruham Jamil Tucson, AZ unior. No Major Selected ,- .; hisley, Benjamin Chartes Oakland. CA ophomore. Civil Engineering .. :: Jinspach, Michael Allen Tucson. AZ reshman. No Major Selected ' - Anthony, Heather Jane Los Angeles, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Cheerteading Coach Anthony, James F. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Anthony, Sara L Sahuarita. AZ Senior. Family Consumer Sci Educ Chldren, Gardening. Cooking Antillon, Veronica Tucson, AZ Junior, Nutritional Sciences Antoine, Raja Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Antokal, Karis Rebecca Sharon, MA Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Antonio, Elena Ft. Wingate. NM Senior, General Biology Antonio, Gino M. Window Rock, AZ Senior, Liberal Studies Antunez, Raymond Maldonado Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Anzaldua, Frank Aaron Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Psychology Apalategui, Mitchell Guy Page, AZ Freshman. Pre-Architecture Sports Aponte Zavala, Mario Alberto Tucson, AZ Senior, Engineering Management Appel, Dana M Phoenix, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Appell, Matthew Ryan Tucson. AZ Junior. Political Science Applegate, Kathleen Marie Kildeer. IL Freshman. Pre-Architecture Apresa, Georgina P Cottonwood, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Aquino, GenevieveP Tucson. AZ Senior. Family Studies Human Dev Aquino, Melissa P Tucson. AZ Senior, Journalism Minor Business Administration, FASF APASA, Traveling Arab, Anastasia Marie Rocksville. MD Physiological Sciences Aragon, Brian Matthew Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Aragon, Diana Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Aragon, Jonathan Raymond Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Araiza, Ana Elena Tucson, AZ Senior, Nutritional Sciences Alpha Zeta, Nutritional Science Club, Hispanic Club Congratulations, we knew you could do it! Love Mom and Dad!!! Araiza, Brittney Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Araiza, ZelikaR Douglas, AZ Senior, Pre-Pharmacy Aramburo, Gilbert Luis Tucson. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Arana, Daniel Gil Nogales, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Arana, Gabriel Gil Nogales, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Arana, Melina Tucson. AZ Junior, Plant Sciences Ara nda , Jesus Nogales, AZ Senior. No Major Selected 2003 South AZ Lang Fair You try so hard! We ' re proud of you, and wish you all the luck! God bless! Love, Mother Granny Arauz, Virginia Cecibel Los Angeles, CA Senior, Women ' s Studies Minor: Sociology, Reading Araya, Tanya R. Tucson, AZ 2ND, Pharmacy Araza, Michael A. Glendale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Volunteer Boys Girls Club Arbuthnot, Mary K St. Augustine, FL Senior, Psychology Lacrosse, Physical Therepy Arce, Antonio Jesus Tucson, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Arce, Essence Sanchez Tucson, AZ Senior. Mexican American Studies Arce, Karyza Tucson. AZ Senior. Communication Arce, Rosalba Tucson. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Archambault, Michael D Albuquerque. NM Junior, Computer Engineering Engineering Ambassadors Archambeault, David Raymond Highlands Ranch, CO Sophomore. Liberal Arts Archer, Cadie Margaurite Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Communication Archer, Faith R. Phoenix, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Archer, Jordan Steven Tucson. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Arcieri, Angela Marie Queen Creek. AZ Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol We ' re so proud of you! Keep up the great work. Love, Mom, Dad and Tony. Arciga, Raul San Luis, AZ Sophomore, Studio Art Arcuri, Amy A. Prescott, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Arc u ri , Daniel Prescott, AZ Senior, Business Management Society HRM, Racquetball, Movies Arcus, Sara Michelle Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Alpha Chi Omega Arden, Michael Yuma. AZ Senior. Media Arts Arellano, Daniel V. Canutillo. TX Junior, History Arellano, Michael Aloha, OR Freshman, Political Science Pi Kappa Phi, Plays Football, Baseball, First Grandchild To Go To College Michael - CongratulationslWe knew you could do it! Love. Mom and Dad Arenas, Alberto Tucson. AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Arenas, Andria Cecilia Glendale. AZ Senior, Economics Arend, Erik Heath Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Aretz, Amy Lauren Vineland, NJ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev May all your hard work open many doors to success! All of us are proud! We love you! Argandona, Nicole Marie Tucson. AZ Junior. Sociology Argo, Kyle David San Juan Capi, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Argraves, Justin Michael Tucson. AZ Junior, Physical Education Argueta, Miguel Isai Coral Gables, FL Freshman. Studio Art Arias, Angeline P. Yuma. AZ Junior, Nursing Arias, Claudia Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Arigapudi, Siddharth Santa Clara, CA Junior, Pre-Business Arik, Glenda H Tucson. AZ Junior, Optical Sciences Enginee Arik, Kenan H. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Ariyasu, Emiko Tucson. AZ Junior. Wildlife Arizpe, Alexis Henry Tucson. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Arizpuro, Marcela Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Business Arko, Brian Joseph Hanover Park, IL Sophomore. Pre-Education Armah, Felix Gaily Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Armand, Sarah S. Southlake. TX Sophomore, Pre-Business Armbruster, Benjamin Tempe.AZ Senior, Mathematics Armbruster, Ryan Elizabeth Virginia Beach, VA Junior, Theatre Arts Theater Arme, Jason M Carlsbad. CA Sophomore. History Armenta, Isaac Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Architecture Read, Play The Piano Armenta, NaimaJaouade Sierra Vista. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Armenta, Ramon Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Studio Art Armenta, Rene ' Ruben Tuscon. AZ Senior, Spanish Basketball, XAE_ Chi Alpha Epsilon Armenta-Tipton, Edilia Anne Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Elementary Education Armet, Katie J. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Political Science Annijo, Anamarie Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Annijo, Eva Cristina Tucson. AZ Senior. Accounting Armijo, Gabriel Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Media Arts Armour, IsaacA. Tucson. AZ Junior. Philosophy Armour, Jessica Lyn Fountain Hill, AZ Freshman, General Biology Medicine. Skiing, Hiking Armour, Jolon Hawk Arivaca, AZ Senior, History Arms, Daniel Henry Tucson , AZ Junior, Pre-Business Armstrong, Alice Anne Carmichael. CA Sophomore, Communication Alpha Phi, Dancing, Community Service. Media Armstrong, Amy E. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Microbiology Armstrong, Andrew R. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Computer Engineering Armstrong, Joseph A El Paso, TX Junior. Engineering Computer Science, Paint, Art Armstrong, Laura Lee Dunwoody. GA Sophomore. Speech Hearing Sciences Armstrong, Mary Elizabeth Tuscon, AZ Senior, History Board of Dir. Tuc Mariach, Teacher Of Catechism Thank you Mom and Steve for your help, support and love. I couldn ' t have done it with out you Armstrong, Dennis John, III Wadsworth.OH Freshman. Media Arts Sigma Pi. Rugby. Basketball. Videos, Movies Amason, Stephen C. Sierra Vista. AZ Freshman. General Biology Arndt, Kerry E Warrenton.OR Senior. English Arneson, Mark Duwayne Tucson, AZ Junior. Environmental Sciences Amett, Lindsay S Westlake.CA Senior, Physiological Sciences Arnett.LJndseyN. Cottonwood, AZ Sophomore, Family Studies Human Dev Amett, Mamie Jennifer Tuscon, AZ Senior, Psychology Volunteering, Family, Travel Amett, Wesley Eric Tucson, AZ Junior. Psychology Amett Romero, Andre ' Ray Tucson, AZ Junior, Liberal Arts Arnold, Aisha L. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Psychology Arnold, Bruce Makoto Tucson. AZ Senior, East Asian Studies Arnold, Charles Clark Prescott. AZ Freshman, Political Science Hockey, Boyscouts Charlie, may you acheive your goals and dreams. Love, Mom and Dad! Arnold, Haley T. Cottonwood. AZ Sophomore. Studio Art Arnold, Jaymison Elliott Tucson, AZ 3RD, Pharmacy Arnold, Juliann Rebecca Scottsdale, AZ Junior. Nursing Arnold, Kathryn E. Waddell.AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Arnold, Kristin Michelle Tucson, AZ Junior. Elementary Education Arnold, Nicole Danielle Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Arnold, Patrick Tome Seattle. WA UNC. Nondegree Seeking Arnold, Rebecca Lacey Cottonwood. AZ Junior, No Major Selected Arnold, Robert J. Santa Rosa, CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Arnold, Steven C. Burtingame, CA Freshman. No Major Selected Intramural Rugby Arnold, Wyatt A. Tucson. AZ Senior, Architecture Flag Football Team Arnow, Hillary Elizabeth Lake Forest. CA Senior. Retailing Consumer Scien Pi Beta Phi. Initiation Chair, Social Chair, Fashion Design Congratulations on your great accomplishment! Live life to the fullest. Love, Mom and Dad Arocho, Marisa Nicole Oro Valley. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Aron, Allison M. Fullerton. CA Sophomore. Retailing Consumer Scien Aronchick, Bryan Narbeth. PA Junior. Regional Development Aronoff , Adam Michael San Diego, CA Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science 403 Aronoff , Mary Nicole Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Arora, Akash K Tucson, AZ Junior, Optical Sciences Engines Aros, Angelica Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Aros, Leonard Orta Tucson, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Aros, Turquesa Ixtlali Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Aroz, Mary Rachel Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Education Arp Romero, Adam D. Flagstaff, AZ Junior, Civil Engineering Arphul, Jermaine Hewlett Piano, TX Senior, Management Info Systems Sigma Chi Arphul, Tonyela Enyonam Piano, TX Sophomore, Theatre Arts Rugby Arr, Nique Marie Tempe, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Arrandale, Anthony M. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Arredondo, Aleasha M. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Arredondo, Ana-elisa Tucson, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Arredondo, Marco A. Nogales, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Football, Mariachi Arredondo, Raquel Rivera Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Arreola, Cheyenne Jennelle Tucson, AZ Senior, Human Resources Management Arriaga, Maria C. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Arriaga, Rene G Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Education Biking, Music, Being With Friends Arrieta, Amaris Lisa Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Arrieta, Jesus E. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Arrieta, Scott Neil Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Arriola, Jose Nogales, AZ Senior, Nutritional Sciences Arriola, Morgan Brittany Paradise Valley, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Arriola, Randal B Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Arroyo, Anika Christine Chandler, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Arroyo, David Alfredo Tucson, AZ Senior, Mexican American Studies Arroyo, John Obed Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Artea, Laura G. Douglas, AZ Junior, Studio Art Artea, Marino Douglas, AZ Senior, Accounting Arterbury, Aaron P Prescott, AZ Junior, Marketing Arthur, Joel Devin Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Creative Writing Kamp Student Radio Arthur, Stephanie K. Las Vegas, NV Junior, Pre-Business Artntont, Nicole Carmela Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Artuz, Rowena Ramilo Sierra Vista, AZ Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol Artwohl, John T. River Grove, IL Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Football, Gymnastics, Video Games Artz, Rachel Mclean, VA Junior, Anthropology Aruchamy, Chendhanal Tucson, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Playing Music, Computers Arvidson, Emily Thompkins Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Arvin.BlaireC. Chandler, AZ Senior, Journalism Arviso, Ladonna Maria Tucson, AZ Senior, Civil Engineering Arvold, Elizabeth Moore Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Arwari, Kelly R Newport News, VA Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Asad, Douglas James Long Grove, IL Sophomore, Regional Development Asbury, Adam Anthony Miami, FL Junior, Pre-Business Sigma Phi Epsilon, Golf, Inline Skating It ' s all here for your entertainment! Love, Mom Dad Asbury, Nicholas Allen Phoenix, AZ Senior, Geological Engineering Ascencio, Fernando Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Loves Computers, Video Games, Dancing Ascher, Rebecca Mami Toledo, OH Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Tennis, Choir, Basketball Asdell, John L Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Asensio, Juan Carlos La Crescenta, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Phi Gamma Delta, Football, Dancing, Music We ' re proud of you and we Love you. Keep up the good work. Love, Mom, Dad, and Alex Ash, Michael Jonathan Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Ash, Nathan Joseph Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Ashburn, Crystal J Yuma, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Kappa Delta Chi Ashcraft, Teresa Ann Hurst, TX Freshman, Astronomy Ashe Jr., Timothy James Downers Grove, IL Sophomore, Pre-Business Asher, Maya Christine Tempe, AZ Freshman, Creative Writing Asher, Ryan Anthony Woodland Hills, CA Freshman, Media Arts ZetaBetaTau Ashland, Hilary Louise Central Point, OR Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Ashley, Clyde Edward Tucson, AZ Senior, Wildlife Ashley, Elizabeth M Fountain Hill, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Ashley, Jeremy Chandler, AZ Senior, Psychology Ashley Davis, India Leigh Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Ashmore, Amanda Joy Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Education Ashton, Loren Louise Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Askam, Brad Michael Tucson, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol ForensicsClub Asnani, MohitS Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Asnis, Benjamin S. New York, NY Freshman, No Major Selected Golf, Basketball Asokan,Arjun Chandler, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Assenmacher, Tina Sue Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Astorga, Bethzaida Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Astroth, Kurt Conrad Phoenix, AZ Senior, Political Science Navy ROTC, Old Trolly Restoration, German Club Asztalos, David Charles Phoenix, AZ Senior, Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi, Volleyball Team Member, Plays the Guitar, Fluent Romanian English Atayde, Nohemi San Luis, AZ Sophomore, Agri Biosystems Engr Atchinson, Laura Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Atcitty, Delane Jeffrey Tuba City, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Atene, Amberly Sheena Tuba City, AZ Junior, Psychology Athanasiou, Vasiliki E. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol Hospital Volunteer Athen, Andrew Timothy Hamburg, IA Freshman, Liberal Arts Atkin, Alexandra H. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Atkins, Audrey Danielle Rancho Cucamonga, CA Sophomore, Veterinary Science Atkinson, Donna Jean Tucson. AZ Sophomore, History Atkinson, Joseph Hampton, III San Diego, CA Sophomore, Regional Development Atkinson, Rita M Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Atles, Travis M. Lake Forest, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Atrian, Vanessa A. San Manuel, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Attar, Natalie D. Flagstaff, AZ Junior, Nutritional Sciences Attar, Stephan Nessim Beverly Hills, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Atteberry, Jennifer Lee Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Consumer Sci Educ Atwell, Jennifer Anne Mount Horeb, Wl Sophomore, Pre-Business Atwell, Meredith M Columbus, OH Sophomore, Regional Development Atwood, Leah Hanson Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Atzeff , Natalie Ann Santa Ana, CA Freshman, Musical Theatre Au, Brian A. San Francisco, CA Junior, Psychology Au, Michael Salem, OR Freshman, Computer Engineering Aubrecht, John Charles Dover, MA Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Audette, Lauren Anne Hardwidk, MA Freshman, General Biology Pre Med, Club Soccer, Music Auerbach, David Owen Tucson, AZ Senior, Economics Auf Hammer, Corey Laguna Beach, CA Community Studies Sigma Eta Pi, Ocean Sports, Soccer Auf hammer, Corey Charlson Laguna Beach, CA Sophomore, Regional Development Augenstein, Julie Ann Tempe. AZ Sophomore, Speech Hearing Sciences Augustin Adjalla,0det Africa, Senior, Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Phi Theta Kappa Augustine, Jesse Z. Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Glassblowing, Sculpture, Bass Guitar Augustine, Joseph G Mesa. AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Augustyn, Veronica Vila Park, IL Freshman, Chemical Engineering Aukon,PolinaGeorgievna Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Veterinary Science Auletta, Yusef D. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Spanish Aumick, Jaron Lee Rio Rico, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Football. Basketball Jaron, best wishes in your success, and in the people you meet at the U of A. Love, Dad and Laura Aung, Mathazin Monteray Park, CA Senior, Mathematics Aungst, Lindsay Nicole Powell, OH Junior, Journalism Austin, Adam Scott Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Austin, Alicia Y. Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Austin, Blaine Canyon Diablo. AZ Freshman, Pre-Health Education Pre-DentistryClub, Running, Photography Austin, Brianna Rutland, VT Junior, Anthropology Austin, Eric A. Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Engineering Physics Coins, Music, Physics, Philosophy Go for it! You can do it! Austin, Erin Linette Glendale. AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Austin, Gary Hayden Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Austin, Kristy L. Tucson, AZ Senior, Linguistics Austin, Melissa L Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Accounting Austin, Nabahe Wacinyan Tucson. AZ Junior, Studio Art Auterino, Jayson V. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Political Science Avalos, Marie A. Winslow. AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Alpha Phi Omega, Scrap Booking Congratulations! Best Wishes in your future! We are very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, and family Avalos, Michael Thomas Tucson, AZ Senior, Criminal Justice Admin ROTC Program, USAF, Hunting Avanzino, Christopher Andrew Dublin, CA Freshman, Civil Engineering Paintball, Racquetball, Lifting Weights San Rafael, CA Tucson, AZ Hauula, Hh Hauula. Hi- w. - -, m Tucson. A2 Tucson. A2 Tucson, AZ Tucson. A2 Tucson. AZ b::x --- htnck - Tucson, A2 _ i. :M Avash, Yasmin Noemi Freshman, Psychology Golf, Enjoys History, Traveling Avegalio, FataR Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Avegalio, FataR. Family Studies Human Dev Football, Listening To Music, Enjoys Cooking Avegalio, Jerod T. Hauula. HI Freshman, No Major Selected Avegalio, JerrodT. Undecided Practice 4 Track N Field, Drawing, Work On Plantations Avellone, Mary Jean LakeBluff. IL Freshman, Pre-Business Kappa Kappa Gamma This is for a great freshman year. Love, Mom and Dad Aven, Allison J Crystal Lake, IL l: Sophomore, Pre-Communication Avenenti,SantinoArturo Tucson. A2 Freshman, Pre-Business Averbach, Zavi M. Agoura Hills. CA Senior. Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega, Loves Children. Yogurt, Hanging With Friends Avery, Aaron Michael Sophomore. Electrical Engineering Avery, Deirdre Jean UNC, Nondegree Seeking Avery, Edward Robert Freshman, No Major Selected Avery, Jessica Carolyn Senior, Creative Writing Aveson, Brian James UNC. Nondegree Seeking Avila, Alejandro Perez Senior. Studio Art Avila, Anthony David Freshman. Journalism Wing Representative in Hall Government, Work on Campus at ULC, Merit Program Avila, Cynthia Michelle Junior, Psychology Avila, Ellas Sanchez Junior, Computer Engineering Avila, Jason Michael Senior, Animal Sciences Avila, Jennifer Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Church, Swimming, Softball Avila, Melissa M Junior, Psychology Avila-Peneda, Tulio Alberto UNC, Nondegree Seeking Avilez, TomasA. Freshman. Optical Sciences Enginee Honors Program, Scholarship Recipient Avis, Kimberly Anne Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien College of Agriculture Life Sciences, Soccer, Fashion Design Avrahami,HadarLee Paradise Valley. A2 Senior. Judaic Studies Real Estate, Piano, Reading Awale, Rani Mohamad Junior, Aerospace Engineering Awdry, Jennifer J. Freshman, No Major Selected Travel. Movies, Dinner Axel Rasch, Byron Fredrick Junior, Physical Education Axelrod, Bailey Thomas Sophomore, No Major Selected Axelrod, Blaire Senior, Communication Ayala, Alejandro Freshman. Psychology Ayala, EsmeraldaS. Senior, Civil Engineering Ayala, Ricardo Senior, Finance Ayer, Patricia Michelle Junior. Theatre Arts Ayers, Angle M. Junior. Pre-Business Ayers, Joshua J. Senior, Geosciences Ayers, Melissa Anne Senior. Studio Art Art Clay Works. Traveling, Spending Time with Child Aylward, Eric Martin Sonoita, AZMj Freshman, Sociology ' " ' ' ' ' ' " Ayodele, Adebola Omolara Charlotte. NC ,. Freshman, Pre-Business Tucson, A2 Tucson. A2 Tucson. A2 Tucson, A2 Peoria. A2 San Jose. Ct Tempe, A2 Tucson, A2 Encino. CA Tucson, A2 Wilsonville, OF Benson. A2 Encinitas. CA Houston, TX I Avondale.AZ] Tucson. AZ Tucson, A2J Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, Eltoro.CAJ 404 . - - - : . Ayoa, Monica Lourdes Tucson, AZ Senkx. Special Education Rehab Soccer. Loves Children, High school Cheerleader We are so very proud of the accomplishments you ' ve made! Mom. Dad. and Andria Ayon.Oga Senior. Elementary Education Aza, John Justine Senior Mechanical Engineering Aad,MutaherHusa " n Junior. Electrical Engineering Azadah, Fariba Senior. Psychology Yuma.AZ Tucson, AZ Carson, CA Scottsdale. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Azevedo, Brandon Michael S-r ; SkdoAfl Azualo, Brandon D. Sophomore. Pre-Business Babauta, Holly Anne Junior. No Major Selected Friends And Family. Camping. Movies . jBabb.JoshW Flagstaff, AZ ' I Junior. Computer Engineering Babb, Rebekah Tucson. AZ Junior. Women ' s Studies Robert L Bloomfield. NM Senior. Civil Engineering Babcock,JennaL Tucson. AZ Junior. Pre-Physiol Education Babcock, Meal W Goodyear, AZ Sophomore. Mechanical Engineering v I .6 ' " r " ock, Regina Leilani Tucson, AZ S -:- Nursing ibiak, Catherine Anne Tucson. AZ Senior. Vetennary Science rs, Gregory P Yuma.AZ Electrical Engineering ;ka,KristenG. Phoenix. AZ .No Major Selected ,abinaa,MoliyAmanda Phoenix, AZ reshman. No Major Selected WaiCMten,HanepngOUVWhRiands,Shapping . __..j, Carry Jill r Freshman. Liberal Arts Babits, Lauren E. 1 Sophomore. General Biotogy . . Baca, Ixcel Adriana " Junior. Psychology Baca, :seph Anthony Sophomore. Studio Art M Baca, Lmdsey M. Senior, Marketing Baca, Mark Joseph Huntingdon VI, PA Scottsdale. AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Encinitas.CA Tucson. AZ j. No Major Selected I of A Marching and Pep Band i are very proud of you! Love Mom and Dad i, Marshall G. Carlsbad. NM :us, Katie J.K. Prescott. AZ j. No Major Selected i Phi Beta. Writing. Cosmetology. Spanish I ' m very proud of you! Two more years to go. You go girt! j. Bayee , Jason James Tuscon. AZ lior. Spanish nyROTC. Dean ' s Li st2x i, Matthew A Phoenix, AZ Senior, Plant Sciences ' Uchofar, Carol Mane Sierra Vista. AZ senior. Elementary Education ; -lilting. Friends and Family. Reading Jackar, Jeffrey David - - ' {Senior Pre-Computer Science Backlund, Peter Bond aalafcjphomore. Mechanical Engineering Bacon, Adelaide A ' eshman. No Major Selected Bacon. -;; -::;- -e-S.;-e 3acon. Alicia Marie - ' Bpphomore Pre-Educaton 3acon, : ; " lx : :- . -. ' =;- tacon, . : ; : - (tomore. Electrical Engineering adilla, : ' : ' .----, z-}-l- : " Sadilla, .-:: .lunor Studio Art Badilla Fuentas, Ana Maria ' 3adman, Margo Leigh Sophomore. Psychology iadt, Carry S Senior, Elementary Education Tucson, AZ MenloPark.CA MenloPark.CA Gilbert. AZ Oro Valley. AZ Marshal, TX Burke. VA Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Carlsbad. CA Badyl, Kenneth Noah Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Guitar. Motorcycles. Baseball Baar, April Elizabeth Tucson. AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Bid Baez, Gabnel Eduardo San Luis. AZ Junior. Spanish B aff art, William Barrett Tucson, AZ Senior. Marketing Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Dean ' s List Bagg, Andrew Grant Los Angeles. CA Senior. Communication Weighed 3 Lbs At Birth. Has 10.000 Records. Best Mixed Tape DJ Of Year Drew, when you come home, all your records will be gone (world ' s biggest yard sale)! Love. Mom Dad Baggatt, Scott Kenneth San Luis Obis. CA Sophomore, Agri Economics Managemen Baggot, Chris J. Madison, Wl UNC.NondegreeSeekng Baghri,Golsheed Tucson, AZ Junior, History Baghari, Sabora Tucson, AZ Junior. Molecular Cellular Biol Baglay, Jerry Robert Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Business Track And Field, Student Alumni Association Bagsby, Courtney R Los Angeles, CA Junior, Studio Art Computer Animation. Basketball Bag wall, Joel M Tucson. AZ Junior. Optical Sciences Enginee Baha, Darren Whiteriver. AZ Freshman. Mechanical Engineering I Love you! I am proud of you. Love, Dad Baha, Beth J. Mancopa.AZ Senior. Nutritional Sciences Pi Omega Baha, Dawayne Tucson, AZ Junior. Sociology Reading. Movies. Hanging W Friends, Outdoor Recreation Bahe, Steven Aruiso Tucson. AZ Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Bahill, Andrew Alexander Tucson, AZ Senior. Nursing Bah len, Jeremiah J. San Carlos. AZ Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Basketball Bahlar, Heather Ann Santa Monica, CA Sophomore. Family Studies Human Dev Zeta Phi Beta. Community Service. Co-Ed Soccer. Co-Ed Flag Football Heather. 3 down and 1 to go! Daddy loves his girt! Bahnsan, Justing Tobias Kirkland.WA Sophomore, Hstory Bahoshy.EmM Ketchum.lD Junior, No Major Selected B a h r, Lindsay Ann Phoenix, AZ Junior. Psychology B a h r, Thomas John Phoenix. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Baiada, Alexis B. Evergreen. CO Sophomore. Retailing Consumer Scien Kappa Kappa Gamma Sedona.AZ Baiar.KartyA. Flagstaff, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Bai lay, Alonzo Allen Tucson. AZ Junior. Pre-Education Bailay, Andrea L. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Bailay, Austen Franklin Rockford.lL Sophomore. Psychology Bailay, Cindy Dado Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bailay, Connne Janette Denver, CO Freshman. English Reaolng, Writing Bailay, Heather Marie Tuscon.AZ Sophomore, Communication Enjoys Reading, Outdoors. Hanging Out With Friends Bailay, Jennifer M Me Cook Lake. SD Junior. Political Science Bailay, John William Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Business Bailay, JohnnyC Tucson. AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Bailay, Matthew S. Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Economics Phi Alpha Delta. Law. Politics. Business Bailay, MetndaL Freshman, No Major Selected SbdBnt Government Were proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Bailay, Paul Charles Senior. Political Science Bailay, Phillip A. Freshman. Pre-Business Bailay, Ryan Daniel Tucson. AZ Kingman.AZ Bkxxnington, IN Tucson, AZ Bailay, VaneshaLanae Las Vegas, NV Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bailay, Yvette Marie Douglas. AZ Junior. No Major Selected Baird, Jamie Leigh Boise. ID Senior. Studio Art Tennis, Golf. Wake Boarding Baird, Jeremy Ryan Atwater.CA UNC, Nondegree Seeking Bate, Mark A Chino Valley, AZ Senior. Marketing Delta Sigma Pi Baiza, Jessica E Mesa, AZ Senior. Political Science Bajama.Nick Kirkland.WA Senior. Business Economics Bajuscak, Brian C Tucson. AZ Junior. Animal Sciences Bajuscak, Jason A. Tucson. AZ Senior. General Biology Bak Usray, Deva Hashani Tucson. AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Bakar, Adam F. Tucson. AZ Junior. Pre-Busiajaj Bakar, Andrew Orion Tucson. AZ Junior, Anthropology Gaming, Computers. Scuba Diving B a ka r, Ashley A Phoenix. AZ Junior. Retailing Consumer Scien Bakar, Caela Joe Rochester.MN Freshman. Political Science Bakar, Celine Ann Tucson. AZ Junior. No Major Selected Bakar, Cody Jared Salinas. CA Freshman. Agri Economics Managemen Bakar, Courtney Michael Southlake.TX Freshman. Pre-Business Bakar, Courtney Leigh Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Education ; ' .:: " : :: " Bakar, Danny J. Fountain Hills. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected We love you lots. Dad. Kimmie. Jess. Man. and Kristin. XOXOXO Bakar, DustinT Fair Oaks. CA Senior. Veterinary Science Bakar, Gregory J Tucson. AZ Junior, Computer Science Bakar, Guy Bennett Tucson, AZ Senior. Pre-Physiol Sciences Bakar, Jaclyn Michelle Lutz. FL Sophomore. Dance Bakar, James R. Chesterfield. MO Freshman. No Major Selected Bakar, James Edward Tucson. AZ Senior. Mathematics Bakar, Jared Scott San Jose. CA Freshman. No Major Selected Bakar, Kathryn Eileen Gilbert. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Nursing Bakar, Kellen Rashaan Mesa. AZ Sophomore, Political Science Bakar, Michael Dean Chandler. AZ Junior, Regional Development Bakar, Nathan J. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Civil Engineering B a kar, Nicholas Patrick Tucson. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Bakar, Nicole Kristina Fountain Hill, AZ Freshman, Pre-Cornmuneabon Bakar, Shannon H Tucson. AZ Senior. Veterinary Science Bakar, Timothy Brooks San Ramon. CA Sophomore, History Bakar, Wade William Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Bakhtiar.KooroshHadi MenloPark.CA Sophomore, General Biology Sports You will be successful in your life! Live to be 1 00, and be healthy! I ' m proud of you in every way! Bakka, Erik David Chico.CA Freshman. No Major Selected Baseball. Snowboarding. Friends and Family We are proud o f you and hope for your success! Keep up the good work! Bakst, Jennifer L Newtown. PA Sophomore, Pre-Education Balasuriya, Lilanthi Ranj Tempe, AZ Sophomore. Psychology Balbuana, Sara Marie Tucson. AZ Senior, Studio Art Balch, Hillary Rose Del Mar, CA Senior. Retailing Consumer Scien Kappa Kappa Gamma, Snowboarding Balchan.AnitraC Tucson, AZ Junior. Veterinary Science Baldenegro, Salomon Fetaano Tucson. AZ Senior, Psychology Baldarrama, Adrian V Phoenix, AZ Senior. Finance Baldarrama, Angel Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Sociology Baldarrama, Mario A. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Baldi, Lauren Marie Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Baldingar.Talya Tempe, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Baldiai, Richard Lee, II Columbus. OH Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien BaldiBO, Angela M Gresham.OR Sophomore. Musical Theatre B a Id nar, Stephanie Anne Tucson. AZ Senior, Health Education Baldo, Courtney Michael Phoenix. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Baldus, Adam Gordon Baltimore, MD Freshman. Pre-Business Baldwin, Anne Haynes Tucson. AZ Senior, Computer Science Baldwin, Bradty Spencer Irvine, CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Rugby Team Baldwin, Brent Dion Phoenix, AZ Senior. Spanish Baldwin, Michelle B. Littleton, CO Freshman. Political Science Baldwin, Patricia V. El Paso. TX Senior. Elementary Education Baldwin, SethD. Glendale.AZ Freshman, CM! Engineering Soccer. Snowboarding, Wakeboarding Baldwin, Stephanie Rachel Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Commun cation Baldwin, Tessa Joy Sturgis.SD Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Bala.Tara Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Balicanta, Jaime Tucson, AZ Senior. Mathematics Balis, Elizabeth Ann ParadiseValle. AZ Sophomore, Political Science Balis, Laura Arm Paradise Valley. AZ Senior. English Ball, Keteye Marie Bexley. OH Senior. Retailing Consumer Scien Ball, Lillian D Tucson, AZ Senior. Special Education Rehab Ball, MarcelaAlmada Tucson, AZ Junior, Near Eastern Studies Ball, Nicole M. Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Nutritional Sciences Ball.RahsaanN. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Busine ss Ballard, Erica L Apache Junction, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Ballard, Jessica Leigh Tucson, AZ Junior. Veterinary Science Ballard, Kristina Marie Marana.AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Ba I lastarossandoval, Alejandro A Tucson. AZ Junior, Industrial Enuj mafrg Balliat, Erica L Junior. Pre-Nursing Balliat, Jason P. Sophomore, Pre-Business Hallow, Aaron M Senior, Computer Science High Tech Research, Sports We Love you! Mom. Dad, and Shana Ba loh, Angelica Tamara Senior, Mathematics Baloo, Sabrina Marie Freshman. General Biology Phoenix, AZ Phoenix. AZ Tarzana, CA Oro Valley. AZ Tucson, AZ 405 Balough, Elizabeth Scotisdale. AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Balsamo, Nicholas Anthony Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Balstad, Allison G. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Baltes, KariAnn Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Education Baltosiewich, Terra Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Nutritional Sciences Bamford, Esther Ruth Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Bamroo, Jayant Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Computer Science Banalas, Jessica Elaine Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Banales-Aguirre, Tonina Lupe Ft Huachuca, AZ Junior, Family Consumer Sci Educ Banasky, Carmiel Dena Portland, OR Senior, Creative Writing Reading, Traveling, Playing Guitar Banchs, Ivan Francisco Monterrey, MX UNC, Nondegree Seeking Music, Movies, Sports Bancroft, Lisa Ann Mesa, AZ Senior, Sociology Band, Adam Francis Takoma Park, MD Freshman, Pre-Business Banda, Jonah Masozi Tucson, AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering Bandin, Carmen T. Avondale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bane, Christopher Scott Scottsdale, AZ Senior, History Banerjee, Arijit Ridgeland.MS Sophomore, Pre-Business Bangs, Shannon L Tucson, AZ Junior, Economics Eller Business School, University Scholarship Bank, Brian Alan Brookfield, Wl Freshman, No Major Selected Bank, Petrea E Washington, DC Junior, No Major Selected Bankhead, Ryan David Prescott. AZ Sophomore, Psychology Bankowski, Michael J., II Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Banks, Adam Thomas Prescott, AZ Freshman, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Banks, Brandon Germaine Los Angeles, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Banks, Claire Priscilla Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bantel, Bradley W. Tucson, AZ Senior, Agri Biosystems Engr Banzhaf, Nicholas A Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Intermural Sports, Honor Society, Dean ' s List Bao, Kaijia Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Baqseh, Aftehar Scottsdale, AZ 1ST, Pharmacy B a raff, Chelsea N Lake Havasu C, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Barajas, Alejandrina Rio Rico, AZ Senior, Spanish Barajas, Daniel Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Health Education Barajas, Gloria E. Los Angeles, CA Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Barajas, Jose F. Rio Rico, AZ Sophomore, Animal Sciences Barajas, Rosemary Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Barak, Michele Debra Los Angeles, CA Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Alpha Phi Omega, Community Service Barakat, Ashraf Tucson, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Barash, Igor E. Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Mountain Biking Barbara, Angelique Jean Catalina.AZ Senior, Veterinary Science Alpha Zeta Barbee, Janelle Irene Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Barber, Alesha Nicole Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Snow Skiing Barber, Chris J Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering 406 Automotive Club, Cars, Travel Barber, Craig D Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Barber, Douglas W. Phoenix, AZ Junior, Civil Engineering Barber, JaclynM " Phoenix, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Barber, Jason Cole Henderson, NV Freshman, Pre-Business Golf, Tennis Barber, Lynette Dorothy Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Barber, Michael J. San Diego, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Barbor, Erick J. Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Barcenas, Angelica J. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Barcenas, MonicaJ Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Honor Society Barckett, Ashley Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Senior, English Barclay, Jennifer Flagstaff, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Barclay, Leslee-Ann E. Wailuku, HI Junior, English The Beach, Hula, Reading Bard well, Conan M. Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Bareiss, Amanda L Gilbert, AZ Senior, History Bareiss, Eric Thomas Gilbert, AZ Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Barela, Shane Michael Tucson, AZ Senior, Marketing Bares, Brittany Ann Centennial, CO Senior, Fine Arts Studies Barger, Jennifer Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Barham, Britney Leigh Laguna Niguel, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Gamma Phi Beta Bari, Tahsina Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Barile, Sean L. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Architecture Bariletti, Katherine E Redmond. WA Junior, Communication Barillari, Adriana A. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Barillari, Diana Teresa Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Media Arts Barkan, Jonathan Paul Cheltenham, PA Sophomore, Pre-Business Alpha Epsilon Pi, Asua Barker, Jason Ray Pima, AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Barker, Jennifers. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Barker, Justin Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Geography Barker, Keven Wheeler Pinetop, AZ Sophomore, General Biology Bicycling, Running, Skiing Best Wishes. We are very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Barker, Patrick Dollen San Diego, CA Senior, Architecture Helping Less Fortunate, Rock Climbing, Outdoors Barker, Scott A. Tuscon, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Wind Ensemble, Tri Cats, Intramural Sports: Baseball, Softball, Soccer Success comes when you enjoy what you do in lifelPlay the tuba! Love, your proud family Barker, W. Clayborn Hockley, TX Freshman, Psychology Baseball, Hunting, Fishing, Skiing Barkley,AnneMckenna Oxnard.CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Barksdale, Jonathan Russell Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Computer Engineering Computers, Reading, Karate Congratulations on your accomplishmentslWe love you, Mom, Big John, Dad, and Lorrie Barleen,EricT Lafayette, CA Junior, No Major Selected Music, Guitar Barlow, Amy L. Strafford, Ml UNC, Nondegree Seeking Barlow, Donald Adam Hudson, OH Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Barlow, Elias M Phoenix, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Barlow, Matthew Dean Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Barmash, Jessica Lauren Yardley, PA Freshman, Family Studies Human Dev Barna, Nicholas Joseph Potomac, MD Freshman, No Major Selected Barnacastle, Michael J. Pearce, AZ Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Barnard, Aaron Paul Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Kappa Alpha Barnard, Amanda Sara Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Environmental Sciences Barnard, Matthew C Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Barnard II, Robert Earl Tucson, AZ Senior, Finance Barnes, Angela Marie Thatcher, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Barnes, Angela Joy Kumamoto, Japan, Junior, Performance (Voice) Barnes, Brian Clay San Diego, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Barnes, Cristi Lyn Glendale, AZ Sophomore, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Barnes, Dawn E Tucson, AZ Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Barnes, Katherine M. Nashville, TN Sophomore, Pre-Communication Alpha Phi, Soccer, Track Field, Child Family Services Barnes, Kyle J. Gilbert, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Barnes, Nicholas J. Paradisevally, AZ Junior, Special Education Rehab Chess, Tennis, Sports Barnes, Robert Clayton Oxford, MS Freshman, Physics Barnes, Sarah Lynn Council Buffs, IA Junior, Psychology Barnes, Stephanie Ann Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Meterology, Astrology You know we Love and support you aiways.Love, Mom Dad Barnes, Traleigh Jane Anchorage, AK Senior, Theatre Arts Barnes, Valerie M Tucson, AZ Junior, Nursing Barnett, Alejandro Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Pi Delta Theta, Habitat For Humanity, Football We Love you! We ' re very proud of you. We hope you ' re very successful. Reach for your goals Barnett, Brad Kenneth Tucson, AZ Junior, Veterinary Science Barnett, Clay J. Tucson, AZ Senior, History Barnett, Donna Paige Albuquerque, NM Junior, Media Arts Horses, Hunting Jumper Barnett, Jonathan George Sharon, MA Freshman, No Major Selected Barnett, Jr., Jose Nogales.AZ Senior, Performance (Trombone) Barnett, Jose Rio Rico, AZ Music Barnett, Luis Ernest Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Barnett, Melissa Sue Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Gamma Beta Phi, 2003 Phi Lambda Theta Sch, 2002 Mary F Maude Mille, Golden Key I wish you all the happiness good fortune thru the journey of life. I am so proud love you so much Barnett, Natalie Marie Stockton, CA Junior, Pre-Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Barnett, Nathan Etienne Merlon, PA Sophomore, No Major Selected Golf Barnett, Sheena Brooke Show Low, AZ Junior, Mathematics Bike riding, Swimming Barnett, Stacey Kathryn Carlsbad. CA Freshman, Retailing Consumer Scien Barney, Megan Ann Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Barney, Paul Rogers Concord, NH Junior, Linguistics Languages, Fitness Congratulations Paul! Love, Mom and Dad Barnum, Taylor Berthold Redmond. WA Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Baron, Alexis Patricia Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Reading Books Tucson, AZ Tempe, AZ ' Tucson. AZ Fallbrook.CA 1 ' Cave Creek, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Baron, Allison Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Barona, Nicole A. Junior, Psychology Soccer, Anthology Barone, Brent N Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Barone, Heather Kinsey UNC, Nondegree Seeking Barone, Jeff Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Barone, Jeremy William Sophomore, History Barr, Brandie Senior, Studio Art We knew you could it! We are very proud of you. Congratulations! We Love you, Mom, Niki.and Tiffany Barr, Christine L Maxwell AFB, AL Junior, German Studies Barr, Darren Bradford West Hills, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Barr, Keekan Michelle Silverthorne, CO Junior, Sociology Alpha Chi Omega, Minor: Business Administration, Minor: Nutrition Barragan, Mario Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Barrasso, Anthony Patrick Tucson, AZ Junior, Philosophy Barrasso, Noah C Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Regional Development Barrat, Brian D. Kenmore, WA Sophomore, Pre-Business Barraza, Anna L. Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Barraza, Fernando Nogales, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Barraza, John Raymond Ventura, CA Senior. Mechanical Engineering Barreda, Luis Nogales. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Barreira, Mathew S. Venice, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Basketball, Languages, Money Barrera, Angelica Martina Tucson, AZ Senior, Latin American Studies Barrera, Claudio Humberto Douglas, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Barrera, Lourdes G. Tucson. AZ Junior, Liberal Studies Barrera, Monica Rene Tucson, AZ Junior, Latin American Studies Barreras, Jessica Renee Phoenix, AZ { Freshman, No Major Selected Shopping, Music Barrett, Amy Leigh Prescott. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Barrett, Denilya Rae Chandler, AZ Senior, Studio Art Barrett, Georgeanne Kimberiy Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Journalism Barrett, Jennifer L Prescott. AZ Junior, Accounting Barrett, Jessie Lynne Tucson. AZ Junior. Political Science Barrett, Lisa Ann Phoenix. AZ Sophomore, Chemistry Barrett, MeghannR. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Media Arts Barrett, Michael Sean Douglas, AZ Junior, History Barrett, Paige Elizabeth Evanston, IL Freshman, Psychology Barrett, Patrick Gerald Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Barrett, Rebecca J Douglas, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Barrett, Robert Bruce Tucson, AZ Junior, Music Barrett, Tamara Lee Gilbert, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Pharmacy Barrett, Xeros J Chandler. AZ Junior. Accounting Barreuther, Kristin C. Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Barrie, Lisa Torrance, CA Senior, Psychology Barrientez, Alyssa lana Freemont, CA Junior, Anthropology Barrientos, Ivan Tucson. AZ Junior, Optical Sciences Enginee Barriga, Jordan C. Tucson, AZ ' Sophomore, Pre-Business Barriga, Luis Manuel, Jr Yuma.AZt Freshman, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Ir. Sir, Sir. - ' - hi)--. b " : Mj,.- bntn,: tan.:-; htttlnui Irtoloit ft.;:- rtowsl tat; rtitl. " tortt,;: c, to .; .; .; - ; -: .; Barrile, Ann Mary Deer Park, WA Freshman. Pre-Business Barrionuevo, Barbara Rose Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Barrios, Denise Fatima Mesa. AZ Freshman. Pre-Nursing Barrios, Roxanna S. Phoenix. AZ Senior, Psychology Gamma Alpha Omega. M.E.C.H Barrios, Sarah M Tucson. AZ Senior. Elementary Education MUSK Video Games. Hangind Out With Friends Barro, Mariam Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Ban-on, Daniel Pasadena. CA Senior. Mechanical Engineering Barrow, Nicholas Lawrence Houston, TX Freshman. No Major Selected .acrosse Ve love you! Mom. Dad. and Beten tarry, Amanda Nicole Tucson, AZ Senior. Communication Upha Phi Omega. Lambda Pi Eta. Golden Key Society tarry, Chns Joseph Tucson. AZ reshman. Optical Sciences Engines tarry, Greg J. res a " Vec-a-ca Engineering Juitar. ROTC. Athletics. Pick Up Sports tarry, Katelyn Rose reshman. Communication Sarry, Kathleen M reshman. Pre-Education Jarry, KyteC reshman. No Major Selected Snowboarding. Soccer fepH Barry, Lauren Elizabeth unior. Astronomy Jarry, MaryC. " reshman. Music Barsky. Sophomore, Mecfa Arts i, Brian Thomas Ophomore. Pre-Business tart, Joshua Victor iophomore. No Major Selected irta, Stephen Llewellyn i. No Major Selected ThomasAndrew TcajJSophomore. Latin American Studies hi Eta Sigma, Sudent Consulting, Elter Business Club Bartel. : =:;; ; Cartsbad.CA : : - - --. -..--.- : -: ; ' : : Scottsdale. AZ San Diego. CA Tucson, AZ Danv e,CA Cuthogue.NY Scottsdale. AZ Chatsworth. CA ;,NV Walnut Creek. CA Tucson. AZ Winnemucca. NV :. Bartel, Justin S unior. Astronomy Sartelman, Erich M fcnior. Anthropology lartelt, Christine Elizabeth " reshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Jarthels, Rachel Yvette ' reshman. Psychology Bartholomew, Aprs E Jartholomew, James George iophomore. Psychology (ports Bartholomew, Rechei L Senior. Psychology Sartik, _e:-: reshman. Bkx Molecular Biophysic Sartkowski.LJsaL. iophomore. Anthropology North Newton. KS Qovis.CA Tucson, AZ Brawley. CA Sunnyvale. CA Chicago.! Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Modesto. CA Sartlett, Elizabeth Marie lenior. Political Science Sartlett.JulienBne " reshman. Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Sa rtlett, Samantha Dyarme Mary iarto, MaryH Senior. Elementary Education Bartolo, Jessica Arm iophomore. Psychology Bartolomei, Kyra Natasha Senior. Fine Arts Studies teadmg. Writing. Playing The Piano iartolomeo, Christina Marie toehman, No Major Selected 3a rton, Leah Elizabeth Senior. General Biology itovies Barton, Michelle Christie iwhrnan. Psychology San Ctemente. CA Coolidge.AZ San Clemente. CA Marana.AZ Oro Valley, AZ New York, NY Phoenix, AZ Santa Fe. NM Tucson. AZ Glendale.AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Orange. CA Phoenix. AZ Barton, William Edward Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Full Time Job Bartz, David Michael Freshman, No Major Selected Bartz, Shirley Joann Senior. English Guitar. Write. Paint Baruch Joselow, Gabriel Lewis Washington. DC Sophomore. English Barvie, Nicole Sophomore. Political Science Barzanjy, MasyarArshad Senior, Molecular Cellular Bid Basarab, Jesse Alan Senior. Journalism Basarab, Jodi Ann Junior, Psychology Gamma Phi Beta B a sc he, Allison Senior, Chemical Engineering Omega Chi Epsfcn, Tau Beta Pi, Marching Band, CaaMuyCU Bashaw, Phip C Satford. AZ Junior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Restoration Vintage Cars Basij, Siefanie L. Tucson. AZ fiaahmaii, No Major Selected Baskin, Adam M. Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Baskin, Stephanie Michelle Tuscon, AZ Senior. Psychology Bast, Lisa Lynn Reno.NV Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Bass, Elizabeth Joy MBJ -2 Senior, Music Education Bass, Elliott Gamer Leawood. KS Freshman, Pre-Business Bassaraba, Laura A. Tuscon. AZ Freshman. General Biology Snowboard }. Scuba Diving Bassett, Glenn R. Mesa.AZ Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Music, Art Good Luck! We ' re proud of you. Love. Mom and Dad Bassett, Sherry Bassett-Mota, Sherry Jan Tucson. AZ Senior, Journalism Bassia, Matthew Levi Santa Barbara. CA , - " . ' . - " : Basta, Chase Morgan - ' - ' --- ' -- ' ' Freshman. Mathematics ROTC Bastedo, Paul Francis Tucson. AZ Senior, Special Education Rehab Bastiaa, Steven K. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bastin, Jesse L Tucson. AZ Senior. Agri Resource Econ Bastron, Dennis Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Psychology Basurto, Daniel Flores Tucson. AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Basurto, Erica Alexandra Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Basurto, Jonathon Arthur Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Business Bateman, Daniel James Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Bates, Amy Elizabeth Tucson, AZ 3RD. Pharmacy Bates, Brian Hart Tucson. AZ Junior, No Major Selected Bates, Cathteen Ruth Scottsdale. AZ Freshman. Pre-Education Bates, Heidi L Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Family Studies Human Dev Bates, Jeremy R. Dallas. TX Sophomore. Pre-Business Bates, Jessica Leigh Tucson. AZ Junior, Anthropology Batista, Carmen Lee Peoria.AZ Senior, Pre-HeaWi Education Batiz, Rafael Negates. AZ Sophomore. Agri Economics Managemen Batni, Roopa R Phoenix. AZ Alpha Phi Omega. Dean ' s List. NSCS. Phi Beta Sigma Batra, Ankur Gautam Fremont, CA Senior, Finance Batra, Rahul Fremont CA Senior, Marketing Batstone, Ashley Elizabeth Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Pre-Education Kappa Alpha Theta Batt, Carmen V Nogaies.AZ Senior. Retailing Consumer Scien Batt, Haydee Yvette Tucson. AZ Senior. Communication Batt, Sara Alexis Omaha. NE Junior. Pre-Cornmuncarjon Battaglia, Christine Mane Tucson. AZ Senior. Economics Batten, Megan Benson. AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Battersby, Miranda C. Salinas. CA Freshman. General Biology Battle, Nathan M. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major CutadBd Battle, Stephanie Currier Tucson. AZ Senior. Studio Art Batts, Leedaun C. Tucson. AZ Junior. Psychology Baublits, Kelly Jo Mckinney.TX Freshman. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi. Sports, Hanging W Friends. Dance Bauer, Brandt Edward San Juan Capi. CA Freshman. Pre-Business Varsity Volleyball We are very proud of you! Love. Mom and Dad Bauer, Jacob Matthew Phoenix. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Bauer, Laura Lynn Tucson. AZ Junior. Psychology Bauer, Metnda Sue Tucson. AZ Senior, Pre-Nursing Bauer, Michael E. Tuscon. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Bauer, Michel L Sioux City, IA Junior. Media Arts Chi Omega Congratulations Michelle! We love you and we are very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Bauer, Tina Erin Tucson. AZ Senior. Creative Writing History Ba ugh, Lindsay Katherine Sammamisri. WA Sophomore. Pre-Business Baugb Jr., Joseph B. Benson. AZ Sophomore. History Baughar, Daniel Erie Phoenix. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Punter on Football Team, Mary Roby Award, Best Wishes. Damy (Boo)! Always proud of you. Love, Mom Bauler, Gregory Avondate. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Baum, Alexander Ryan Junior. General Biology Baum, Austin J. Junior, Spanish Baum, Kristina Marianne Freshman, Pre-Education Baum, Laura Senior, Finance Bauman, Brendan Scott Sophomore. Political Science Golf. Reading. Play Guitar Bauman, Jenny Elizabeth Sophomore. General Biology Bauman, Stefanie A. Sophomore. Family Studies Human Dev Baumann, Matthew W Junior, Regional Development Baumgart, Atysson Marie Albuquerque. NM Senior. Microbiology Alpha Delta Pi, Vice President - Pre Pharmacy Club Baumgarthuber.PaulM Scottsdale. AZ Junior. Management Info Systems Baur-zegarski, Lucia A. Junior. Political Science Baus, Ana Gabriela Senior. Management Info Systems Bautzmann, Erin Sophomore. Psychology Hockey. Skiing. Snowboardkig The future is yours! Always believe in your dreams! Follow your own destiny! Love, Mom, Dad, Kristen Bautzmann, Hermann tHank " August Tucson. AZ Junior. No Major Selected Bawden, Jessica Adelle Freshman. Chemical Engineering Bawol, Jillian F. Freshman, No Major Selected Bawol, Megan Rachel Junior. Special Education Rehab Ba wolek, Carolyne Alice Freshman. Pre-Business Frisco. CO Tucson. AZ WhittJer.CA Scottsdale. AZ Scottsdale, AZ Tucson. AZ Phoenix. AZ Mendon.VT Oro Valley. AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Gilbert, AZ Fountain Hill. AZ Fountain Hill. AZ Chandter.AZ Baxter, Andrew Mark EKcott City, MD Sophomore. Electrical Engineering Baxter, Ashley Letgha Las Vegas, NV Senior. Pre kxnmunication Kappa Alpha Theta. Political Science Congratulations! We ' re so proud of you! Good luck with your future. Love Mom,Dad, Nathan,and Tiffany Baxter, Brent T. Peona.AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Baxter, Ian Crist Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Bayes, Crystal Lynn Sierra Vista. AZ Sophomore. Theatre Arts Baytess, Cassaundra Morgan Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Nursiig Bayless, Steven Daniel Tucson. AZ Senior, Media Arts Baya, Brittany Nicole Parma, Ml Freshman, Civil Engineering Bayne,Kendel Tucson, A Z JunJor, Nursing Bays, Kevin Lee Tucson. AZ SMBV, Geosciences Baytos, Megan deary Germantown. TN Junior. Family Studies Human Dev Bayze, Robert Adrian Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Meda Arts Bazzell, William A Tucson, AZ Senior. English Beach, Margaret K Chandter.AZ Freshman. Pre-Pharmacy Beach, Michael David Los Angeles. CA Freshman, No Major Selected Football SdlOlBalfr). Video Games. Piano. Basketball Beadnell, Leslie A. Tigard. OR Senior, Business Management Bea ban, Kelly E. Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Political Science Blue Chip Program, Honors Colege B ea key, Kefte Suzanne San Francisco. CA Sartor, PoHcal Science Beat, Matthew WHHarn Tucson. AZ Senior. Pre-Physiol Sciences Volunteers At Clinic Beal, Sarah Suzanne Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Beal, Suzanne M. Madison. AL Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Beale, Robert Phoenix. AZ --- =- = - = :. Bealer, Ian M. Hereford. AZ Sophomore. Mechanical Engineering Beall.RyanMagruder ' Enumdaw.WA Jariar. Pre-Business Beam, Erik Joseph Tucson. AZ Senior, WiWife Beaman, Jennifer Ellen Tucson. AZ Senior, Aerospace Engineering Beaman, Kimberty Diane Tucson. AZ Senior. Microbiology Bean, Justin Ray Tucson. AZ Senior. Music Bear, Lisa Peona.AZ Senior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Beard, Amanda Ray Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Retailing Consumer Seen Beard, Chris Chester Springs. PA Freshman, Physics Unrversity Radio Show, Pairrtball Beard, Rachel Elisabeth Tucson. AZ Senior, Elementary Education Beard, Rebecca B Tucson, AZ Senior. Political Science Beard, Sarah Louise PrymoutXtM Sophomore, No Major Selected Bearden, Meghanne Maureen Tempe, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Beardsley, Andrew A Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Regional Development Beardsley, .ar E zatetr Ohey. MD Freshman, Psychology Dance. Capoeia Beardsley, Lauren Paradise Valley. AZ Senior. General Biology Beardsley, Megan Paradise Valley, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bearg.Anc Robert Modesto. CA Senior. Agri Resource Econ Bea rman, Whitney Robinson Memphis. TN Sophomore, Psychology Kappa Alpha Zeta Beas,CeSnaC. Yuma.AZ Freshman, No Major Selected 407 Beaton, Brent William Del Mar, CA Freshman, Pre-Communication Beatty, Jameson David Carlsbad, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Beatty, Jennifer Lee Grosselle, Ml Junior, Media Arts Beatus, Robyn Aileen Coral Gables, FL Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Alpha Epsilon Phi, Lacrosse Player, Hillel Member, Travels, Cooks, Exercises Beaupre, Beverly R. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Beaver, Eric Charles Glendale. AZ Senior, Systems Engineering Golfing, Playing Pool Beca, Erica Nicole Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Becerra, Martha Ann Tucson, AZ 2ND, Pharmacy Becerra, Yolanda Baldonado Tucson, AZ Senior, Sociology Bechman, Alexis T. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Bechtel, Molly Kathryn Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Beck, Devin Saint Johns, AZ Junior, Wildlife Beck, Gregory Tucson, AZ Sophomore, English Beck, Kelly Maureen Dublin, CA Freshman, Pre-Education Go cats! Beck, Lindsey Paige Yuma, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Beck, Morgan Leigh Vail, CO Senior, English Kappa Gamma, Horseback Riding, Volleyball, Languages, Travel We are proud of your achievements! Love, Mom and Dad Beck, Sarah P. Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies Beckel, Aubreena L. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Phi Eta Sigma Beckel, Thomas H. Vail, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Weight training Becker, Bret Jonathan Rolling Hills, CA Senior, Communication Becker, Corey J. Peoria, AZ Sophomore, Media Arts Becker, Erik Bradford Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Becker, Michael D Mesa, AZ Senior, Veterinary Science Becker, Michelle R Vail, AZ Senior, Finance Horses, Dog handler, Loves being an aunt We are very proud of you, and we love you very much! Mom Dad Becker, Nicole R Chester Springs, PA Freshman, No Major Selected Cole, we are proud of you! We love you, Mom, Dad, Katie and Josh Becker, William Richard Douglas, AZ Sophomore, Criminal Justice Admin Beckham, Robert Patrick Pasadena, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Beckman, Michael Chicago, IL UNC, Nondegree Seeking Beckom, Adam Jerome Gilbert, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Becraft, ChelseyJ. Mammoth, AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering Becwar, Nicole Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Creative Writing Bedford, Stephen D Oakley, CA Senior, Business Management Minor: Pre-Law Bedford, Timothy R. Oakley, CA Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Bedonie, ClaresaA. Tuba City, AZ Junior, Pre-Health Education Bedoy, Andrea Melissa Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Bedoya, Georgina A. Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Bedoya, Manuel Moreno Tucson, AZ Senior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Bedrick,ToddA. Aloha, OR Sophomore, Pre-Business Kappa Sigma Bee, Melissa E Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking 408 Beeaff, Danielle Ernestine Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Beecher, Rolenna Jeanne Tucson, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Beeghly, Logan Andrew Carson City, NV Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Ballroom Dancing, Co-Ed Soccer Beeler, Allison mesa, AZ Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Beem, Priscilla Lee Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Beemer, Jessica S. Pacific Palis, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Dean ' s List Beenken.LieseNichole Tucson, AZ Junior, Chemical Engineering Beenken, Michael Thomas Tucson, AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering Beer, Sofee Anne Sherman Oaks, CA Sophomore, Mathematics Minor: Theatre, Kick Boxing We are so proud of the generous and loving woman you ' ve become. Love, Mom and Dad Beermann, Christopher Matthew San Ramon, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Beers, Jamie Malia Tucson, AZ Junior, Studio Art Beers, John F Casa Grande, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Beers, Patrick Michael Casa Grande, AZ Sophomore, Music Beeson, Patricia Elaine Tucson, AZ Senior, Art Education Begay, Carlyle W Tucson, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Begay, Charlene Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Begay, Eugene A. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Begay, Jasper Chinle, AZ Senior, Civil Engineering Begay, Jolynn M. Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Begay, Madelena Tsaile, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Begay, Michaela Maria Many Farms, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Begay, Sheena Lu Chinle, AZ Sophomore, Criminal Justice Admin Begay, Waylon N Tonalea, AZ Senior, Creative Writing Begaye, Adrian Fort Defiance, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Begaye, Adrienne Marie Winslow, AZ Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Begaye, Estee M. Page, AZ Senior, Political Science Begaye, Jessie D. Tuba City, AZ Senior, Veterinary Science Begaye, Lyneve M, Window Rock, AZ Freshman, Psychology Traveling, Shopping, Sports Begaye, Misti Lynn Whiteriver, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Played High School Basketball Begg, John P. Gilbert, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Begley, RyanK Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Regional Development Beglin, Christopher John Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Begilin, Christine Ann Laport, IN Senior, Nursing Swimming, Hanging out with friends, Family time Behabadi, Shaghayegh F. Tucson, AZ 2ND, Pharmacy Behan, Mercedes Tucson, AZ Freshman, Linguistics Behhootli, Pheonix, AZ Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Music, Playing Piano Behl, Christine C. Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Behling, Jennifer Lynn Thousand Oaks, CA Senior, Pre-Business Behlow, Calvin Todd Tucson, AZ Senior, History Behncke, Ian D. Prescott, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Sports Good job Ian! I know you could do it. Love, Mom and Bruce Behner, Donald Ryan Tucson, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Behrana, Cyrus J. Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Behrens, Kelli Lynn Anaheim, CA Freshman, Pre-Architecture Behrens, Leslie C Stamford, CT Sophomore, Anthropology Behrens, Matthew R. Gilbert, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Behshad, Soroosh Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Beier, Celia H Flagstaff, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Yoga Beier, James David Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Civil Engineering Soccer Beigle, Stephanie Lynne Griffith, IN Sophomore, No Major Selected Beiriger, Jessica L Phoenix, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Beithon, Rachel Elizabeth Minneapolis, MN Junior, English Beitia.EricA. Bayside.NY Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Beitner, Brooke Alexandra San Marcos, CA Sophomore, Psychology Bejarano, BrianaJ Tucson, AZ Senior, Linguistics Bejarano, Gilbert A. Mesa, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Bejarano, Jennifer Lynn Chandler, AZ Junior, Psychology Bejarano, Jose Francisco Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Bejarano, LilianaJ Tucson, AZ Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Volunteering, Violin Bejerano, Diane Grace Rosemead. CA Junior, General Biology Bekele, SemraT. Tucson. AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering Beko, Ashley Elizabeth Huntington Beach, CA Freshman, Speech Hearing Sciences Alpha Beta Ki, Swimmimg, Music Belch, Lucas Ryan Sedona, AZ Junior, Computer Science Camp Wildcat, Belgrave, Laray Portland, OR Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Basketball, Writing Poetry Belinky, Joseph B Columbus, OH Sophomore, No Major Selected Belitsos, Jeremy Andrew Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Belknap, Scott M Dinuba.CA 2ND, Pharmacy Bell, Adrienne Marie Perrysburgh, OH Senior, Management Info Systems National Honor Society, Varisty Soccer, Arizona Club Soccer Bell, Andrew Carson Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bell, Bonnie Lee Tucson, AZ Junior, General Biology Bell, Brittney Dawn Temecula, CA Sophomore, Psychology Bell, Christina Nicole Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, History Blue Chip Society Bell, Christopher James Tucson, AZ Senior, Finance Bell, Darius E Santa Monica, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Bell, David N. Woodcliff Lake, NJ UNC, Nondegree Seeking All Sports, Fitness, Movies Bell, Deborah Ellen Laguna Hills, CA Senior, Communication Charity League, Internship For Production, Meals On Wheels We are so proud of you!Congratulations!Dad, Mom, Sara, Grandpa, Grandma, Opa, Oma, and Family Bell, JacyKamiko Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Education Bell, John Peter Tucson, AZ Senior. History Bell, Josh M. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Bell, Keriann Elizabeth Boring, OR Senior, Elementary Education Bell, Keriann Boring, OR Elementary Education Bell, Laurie Ann Nogales, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Minor In Spanish Tucson, AZ Glendale, AZ Tucson, AZ Fountain Hill, AZ Bell, Marisa J Sophomore, Studio Art DDR Club, Minor Creative Writing Bell, Megan D. Freshman, No Major Selected Bell, Mikaeia Joy UNC, Nondegree Seeking Bell, Nathan Sophomore, No Major Selected Double Major: Computer Science, Vice President, RHA Bell, Omar John Weston.MA Freshman, Psychology Bell, Ryan J New Market, MD Sophomore, Pre-Business Bell, Tanner Christopher Santa Ana, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Football Team (OT 72) Bell Jr., Charles Edward Tucson, AZ Senior, Physical Education Bell Jr., Travis Bertrand Peoria. AZ Sophomore, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Bellagamba, Ashley Elizabeth Los Altos, CA Freshman, Pre-Communication Bellamy, Eileen Faye Tucson, AZ Senior, Creative Writing Bellan, Tiffany Diane Apache Junct., AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Bellanger, Monica T. Glendale, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Nursing Seller, Graydon Sami Newport Beach, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Belter, Matthew Allen McKinney, TX Freshman. Aerospace Engineering Pi Kappa Phi, Boating, Arts. Intramural Sports Belli, Ryan Richard Morgan Hill, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Bellinger, Lindsay Dallas, TX Sophomore, Journalism Bellone, Frank Anthony, Jr Garfield Hts, OH Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Bellows, Donald Clinton, II Newport Beach, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Phi Gamma Delta, Surfing, Workingout, Tennis Bell-Smith, James Michael Issaquah. WA Junior, Business Economics Soccer, Basketball Belnap,Zithrely Tucson. AZ Senior, Pre-Education Belone, Jr., Phillip Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Belous, Kathryn Phoenix, AZ Senior, Political Science Belser, Steven James Great Neck, NY Senior, Communication Zeta Beta Theta Belshe, Jackson Dale EstesPark.CO Senior, Political Science Belshe, Matthew Darrell Eagar. AZ Sophomore. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Belshe, Timothy Phoenix, AZ Junior, Systems Engineering Belton, Alexandra K. Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Beltran, Aurora A. Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Beltzman, Brandon Aaron Ann Arbor. Ml Freshman, No Major Selected Belver, Lori Anne Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Psychology Benadretti, Brandon D. Irvine, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Benafield, Meghan Emily Oakland, CA Freshman, Theatre Arts Drama Benally, Darren B Gallup, NM Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Intramural Basketball Benally, Everett Eric Shiprock, NM Senior, Computer Engineering Benally, Sherylynn Lukachukai. AZ Sophomore, Animal Sciences Benassi, Marco Steven Fountain Hill, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Benavides, Liliana Belen Chandler, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Benavidez, Mesa, AZ Freshman, Media Arts Benavidez, Lindsey M. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Ben bow, Celina Horn Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Benchoff, Kelly Rooney Tucson, AZ UNC, Elementary Education Bencomo, Stephanie M. Tucson, AZ. Junior, Pre-Education I V :: : - ;. :--.: TOft : - - Bencomo.TeraR. Tucson, AZ reshman. Pre-Nursing Bender, Chelsea Marie Tucson, AZ Senior. Political Science 3olden Key Honor Society Sender, Christopher Rick Salem, OH Sophomore. Geosciences Sender, Hillary Encino, CA -reshman, Psychology Sender, Karen E. Tucson, AZ -reshman. History i ice Pres. of Outdoor Club Sender, Lynnsey N. Manhattan Beach, CA lunior. Communication Bender, Melissa Jean San Diego, CA JNC. Nondegree Seeking Sendewald, Jessica Marie Tucson, AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Sendler, Jessica Rene Scottsdale, AZ lunior, Communication Sen-Dor, Orii Scottsdale, AZ Senior. Journalism Family And Friends. Music, Traveling Ben-dror, Lisa Marie Tucson, AZ Senior. Geosciences :.- Benedict, James P Phoenix, AZ Senior. Marketing -- " - We are proud of you! Love. Mom and Dad Senedikt, Sean Ryan Apache Junction, AZ : Sophomore. Pre-Business Dirt Bike Riding Senefield, Charles Douglas Tucson, AZ : reshman. Political Science Beneicke, Katherine E. Bloomfield Hills, Ml rarir JjSophomore. No Major Selected Seneke, Amanda R. Parker. AZ Sophomore. Family Studies Human Dev Bullhead City, AZ Beneze, Alan Neil V. J (Freshman. No Major Selected Sengoechea, Petria Nicole : reshman. No Major Selected Sengtson, Christian J. Sophomore. No Major Selected -..: Jengtson, Taylor Lee Senior, Chemistry apa Alpha Theta, Gamma Sigma Alpha Pres, Order Of Omega. Phi Eta Sigma We are proud of you and we love you! Love, Bill, Gigi, vlom, and William Sengtson, Theresa D Sophomore, Wildlife Beninati, Tracy Lynn Junior. Elementary Education Benjamin, Erin Lindsey Junior. General Biology -.- " --. ' . ' . Benjamin, Martin A. r reshman. Molecular Cellular Biol Benjamin, Matthew! iophomore. No Major Selected : i Benkendorf, Matthew Brandon Senior. Finance :-:; ' . Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ El Paso, TX Mesa.AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Phoenix, AZ Tucson. AZ Scottsdale. AZ Hockey, Racing Benko, Alison M Senior. Spanish Benkoske, Thomas J. Sophomore. Pre-Business Fountain Hills, AZ Bloomington. MN 3olf. Baseball. Football :: .; Sen-mohamed, Kelsi Jamila Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business : ' 3enn, Andrew R Penn Valley, PA Sophomore. Political Science 3ennally, Harold James Page. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Education Sennen,MarialineP Nogales. AZ jflfKrior. Journalism Sennett, Aaron Chnstopher Flagstaff, AZ lirtof. Chemical Engineering Bennett, AdamD Scottsdale, AZ Junior. Atmospheric Sciences ; -_,; (ktmosphenc Science Sennett, Adam B. Agoura Hills. CA . .. .; senior. Theatre Arts Vriting. Acting Sennett, Braden Werner Phoenix, AZ Jreshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Sennett, Christinas. SanteFe, NM Junior. Pre-Health Education (Ramma Phi Beta lennett, Christopher Jared Casagrande, AZ " or. Studio Art ' Sennett, Courtney Elizabeth Los Angeles, CA . .... ; jreshman, Retailing Consumer Scien |lpha PhiDean ' s List. Phi Eta Sigma . test wishes in the future! We are both very proud of you. pom Dad Bennett, ElspethAlyn Birmingham, AL Sophomore, Pre-Business Bennett, Gregory P. Mesa, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bennett, Ian Stewart Belmont, CA Senior, Mechanical Engineering Engineering Race Car Club, Ext 1 1 5-Guardian PH Bennett, Jamie L Marana, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Pharmacy Bennett, Joseph Aaron Tucson, AZ Freshman, Electrical Engineering Snowboarding, Surfing, Being With Friends Bennett, Kayla Marie Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Family Consumer Sci Educ Secondary Education Bennett, KyleJ League City, TX Senior. Economics Bennett, Lauren Christine Diamond Bar, CA Senior, Communication Bennett, Leah Marie Tucson, AZ UNO. Nondegree Seeking Bennett, Marshall Alyn Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Bennett, Michael Raymond Tucson, AZ Freshman, General Biology Bennett, Michael Jerome Oakland, CA Junior, History Bennett, Sarah Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Senior, Special Education Rehab SummaCumLaude Bennett, Timothy R. Mesa.AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Bennett Jr., Garrett Lee Page, AZ Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Benninger, Lezlee Roanne Tucson, AZ Junior. Musical Theatre Benoit, Michelle Marie Pelham. NH Senior, Medical Technology Soccer, Track, Univ Sports Program Congratulations on your achievements!Love, Mom and Dad Benson, Andrew Michael Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Studio Art Benson, Brandie L Benson, AZ Junior. Business Management Benson, Chelsea M Woodstock, GA Freshman, Dance Movies, Theatre, Dancing, Friends And Family Benson, Elisa Jill Grand Forks, ND Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Benson , Eric Edward Flagstaff, AZ Junior, Chemistry Benson, Jesika M Tucson, AZ Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Benson, Kathleen Anne Gilbert, AZ Senior. Pre-Physiol Sciences Benson, Kristen Noel Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Benson, Nicole Lee Tucson, AZ Senior. Studio Art Benson, Stephanie Anne Las Vegas, NV Senior. Theatre Arts Benstein, Michael R Wheaton. IL Junior, Finance Sigma Phi Epsilon, Baseball, Golf, Music Bent, Chelsea Michelle Tucson, AZ Junior. Art History Bentley, Jennifer Marie Tucson, AZ Senior. Art Education Music, Educational Psychology Bentley, Jill Renee Washington, DC Senior, Elementary Education Yoga. Working Out. Children Benton, Amanda Eileen Highwood, MT Junior, Animal Sciences Benton, Beau Gilbert Globe, AZ Junior. Communication Treasurer Of CCUA Benz, Lauren Dugan Tucson, AZ Senior. Anthropology Benzi, Kathy Joann Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Beran, JeffWylder Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Beran, Stephanie Gayle Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Media Arts Berardi, Kelly Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Berding, Travis J Alamo. CA Sophomore, Economics Kappa Sigma, Golf Berg, Aaron Ray Mesa.AZ Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Berg, Aaron Albert Tucson, AZ Senior, Geography Berg, Christopher Leigh Tucson, AZ Junior, Business Management Berg, Christopher L Tucson, AZ Business Management Berg, Daniel Scott Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Berg, Elliott A Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Berg, Jessica Louise Tuscon, AZ Senior, Pre-Communication Dating Game Show, Contestant Coordinator Berg, Lauren Diane Naperville. IL Senior, History Chi Omega, Honors College Berg, Nathan Stewart Tucson, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering B e rg , Travis Lee Tigard, OR Freshman, Pre-Business Beta Pheta Bergen, Christopher V. Denville. NJ Sophomore, Pre-Business Bergen, JeanieL Green Valley, AZ Sophomore, Theatre Arts Bergendahl, Lauren Nicole Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Political Science Berger, Aaron J San Diego, CA Junior, Management Info Systems Berger, AllisonS. Glencoe, IL Freshman, No Major Selected Berger, Brendan Blake Livingston, NJ Sophomore, Pre-Business Berger, Came S Pinetop, AZ Junior, Sociology Berger, Gordon Robert Tucson, AZ Senior, Mathematics Piano Berger, Kelli Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Nursing National Honor Society, Student Nursing Society Berger, Kristina C. Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Bergman, Miranda Nicole Phoenix, AZ Freshman, General Biology Womens Hockey Team Bergner, Colin D. Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Communication Bergougnan, Nathalie M. Laguna Beach, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Pi Beta Phi Berisha.Genc Oro Valley, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Berisha, Sabna Oro Valley, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Beriyeva, Yelena Nikolayevna Tucson, AZ Junior, Music Enjoys Sports, Drawing Beriyeva, Yelizaveta Nikolayevna Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Music Berka, Travis J. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Berke, Brian D Gilbert, AZ Sophomore, Computer Engineering Berke, Noah L. Piedmont, CA Freshman. Veterinary Science Berkenkamp, Andrew C. Tucson. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Berkes, Peter Stephen Webster, NY Freshman, Pre-Business Berkey, Lauren Nicole Cherry Hill, NJ Freshman, Pre-Communication Shopping, Hanging out with friends Berkma n , Gregory F. Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Education Berkowitz, Kevin B. Tempe, AZ Junior, Political Science Berkowitz, Paul Whittier.CA Junior, Political Science Berlin, Michael James Boise, ID Sophomore, Pre-Business Berman, Jessica Lyn Newton, NH Sophomore, Near Eastern Studies Alpha Chi Omega Berman, Malcolm Jack Irvine, CA Senior, Communication Berman, Natalie Brooke Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Berman, Rachel Las Vegas, NV Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Berman, Sean W. ' Los Angeles, CA Freshman, Pre-Education Berman, Travis D Lyndon Center, VT Senior, English Bermudez, Amuffo Yuma, AZ Senior, Art Education Bern, Lauren Cany Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Bernacchi, Lindsay Rae Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Communication Delta Delta Delta Congratulations!!! We are very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Bemadette, Sarah El Paso, TX Senior. Accounting Bernal, Adam Hilbert Benson, AZ Senior, Journalism Photography Bernal, Angelica Tucson, AZ Junior, Latin American Studies Bernal, Daniela S Tucson, AZ Junior, Marketing Bernal, Elisa Nogales, AZ Junior, Psychology Bernal, Rene E. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Engineering Mathematics Bernal, Richard M. Tuscon, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected SHTE,StiJdertEficnmeritF rcgrafiiFiirririgODSsCour Bernardini, Dana Moraga.CA Senior, Communication Alpha Pi. Skiing. Dance Bernbaum, Jordan P. Paradise Valley, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Bernedo, John F Tucson, AZ Senior. Systems Engineering Bemhard, Andrew J Tucson, AZ Senior. General Biology Bernhardt, Michael J Phoenix, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Bernhardt, Michelle Renee Tucson, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Bern icky, Lauren N Orlando, FL Junior, Psychology Bernstein, Ariel Finch San Diego, CA Freshman. Journalism Bernstein, Elizabeth S. Bisbee, AZ UNC. Secondary Education Bernstein, Jamie Brooke San Diego. CA Sophomore. Public Management Policy Bernstein, Joshua S Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Computer Engineering Bernstein, Mathew Adam Phoenix, AZ Senior. Theatre Production Bernstein, Matthew R. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Bernstein, Nicole Jessica Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Beronio, Molly Katherine Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Communication Berqvam, IngeHelland Tuscon, AZ Senior. Mathematics Berrellez, Brian Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Brian, I am very proud of you. Love, Mom Berreth, Brittany Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Freshman, Civil Engineering Berretta, Matthew Nicholas Kennewick, WA Senior, English Double Major Business, Weightlifting This is our first bom son with whom we are well pleased! Love, Mom and Dad Berrie, Allison L. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Berry! Anna J Rochester Mil, Ml Junior, Pre-Business Figure Skating. Coaches at Gateway, Pool Berry. Brett D. Gilbert, AZ Junior, Regional Development Playing Guitar, Working Out Berry, Carrlene Paradise Valley, AZ Senior, Physiological Sciences Alpha Phi, Honor Student. Piano Carrlene. congratulations! May New York be all that you want it to be. Love Mom, Dad, and Danny. Berry, Matthew Garrett Prescott. AZ Junior, Theatre Arts Outside Job Berry, Meghan J Kansas City, MO Junior, Special Education Rehab Outdoor Adventures, Co-Ed Soccer Team, Coaches Bern Volleyball Berry, Meikil Addie Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Women ' s Studies Berry, Rebekah Ashley Tempe. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Berry, Thomas C. Buckeye, AZ Sophomore, Computer Engineering Berry Smith, Allan Robert Issaquah.WA Senior, Management Info Systems 409 Berryhill, Sume Suzanne Tucson, AZ Junior, Music Berry man, Anthony Marshall Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Berryman, Lindsay Kay Phoenix, AZ 1ST, Pharmacy Berta, Richard! Mesa, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Bertelsen, Luke John Tucson, AZ Junior, Wildlife Bertelsen, Sadie R. Chino Valley, AZ Senior, Wildlife Bertics, John Michael Amado, AZ Junior, Management Info Systems Berlin, Jesse D. Oro Valley, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Fitness, Soccer, Reading Bertinelli, Alexa Elena Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre- Architecture Writing Reading, Foreign Movies, Travel Best wishes in all your endeavors! Love, Mom, Dad Una Bertoson, Grant Seattle, WA Junior, Communication Bertrand, Matthew L. Tucson, AZ Freshman, General Biology Golf Bertzikis, Beth Ann Queens, NY Junior, Elementary Education Berzins, Matthew D. Mesa.AZ Junior, Elementary Education Beske, Robert Lee Stillwater. MN Junior, Pre-Business Bessent, Jeremy Daniel Marana, AZ Sophomore, Criminal Justice Admin Kappa Sigma Epsilon, Intramural Soccer, Community Service Bessett, Ashley Nicole Sahuarita. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bessette, Katelyn A. Freshman, Studio Art Bessette-Halsema, Dominique E. Mission Viejo, CA Sophomore, Computer Engineering Best, Bonnie Colleen Senior, Studio Art Phi Theta Kappa, Golden Key, Travel, Art Best, Clemencia Renea Freshman, General Biology Best, Deann Sophomore, Elementary Education Best, Douglas Hunter Freshman, Studio Art Best, Elaine Nicole Senior, Nutritional Sciences Best, Heather Michelle Junior, Psychology Best, John T Sophomore, Pre-Business Best, Lori Jean Freshman, Veterinary Science Best, Nicole R. Junior, Pre-Business Beste, Alyson Senior, Language and Culture Betancourt, Acacia Marie Freshman, Pre-Architecture Beth Rose, Hilary Rose Freshman, Pre-Business Bethany, Sarah Rose Junior, History Bethel), Hanna Marguerite Sophomore, English BethelljTomaszJ Senior, Creative Writing Bethoney, Alexis Nicole Freshman, Pre-Business Reading, Travel, Family And Friends, Church Youth Bethune, Christine E. Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Bethune, David T Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Communication Bettcher, Alan Joseph Tucson, AZ Senior, Physical Education Bette, Eric James Tucson, AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering Music, Soccer Bettelheim, Shannon D. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Tennis Betterton, Edward William Tucson, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Delta Tau Delta, Secretary U Of A Men Soccer Carson City, NV Tucson, AZ Arlington, TN Rio Rico, AZ Brookville, NY Cave Creek, AZ Waddell, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Mesa, AZ Lakeside, AZ Tucson, AZ Overland Park, KS Tucson, AZ Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ El Paso, TX Betts, Casey Lynn Sophomore, Sociology 410 Glendale, AZ Corte Madera, CA Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Peoria, AZ Willcox, AZ Willcox, AZ Oak Park, CA Bevacqua, Erin Elizabeth Laguna Beach, CA Freshman, Sociology Womens Soccer Team Bevan, Cynthia C Redmond, WA Sophomore, Pre-Business Sever, Daniel Zachary Onnda, CA Freshman. Pre-Business Beverly, Michael Gray Solvang,CA Freshman, Pre-Business Bevins, William Frederick Phoenix, AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Bewtra, Gita K. Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Chemistry Beyer, Trenton James Phoenix, AZ Senior, Philosophy Beyerle, Brent W. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Civil Engineering Beyerlein, Josephine Rose Moscow, ID Freshman, No Major Selected Phi Beta Pi, Being With Friends, Skiing, Intramural Soccer Beyschau, Nicolette Danya Glendale, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Beytollah, Hamed Freshman, General Biology Bezila, Dominique Ela Senior, Linguistics Bezzant, Roseanne Freshman, Veterinary Science Bhakta, Nayan N. Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Bhakta, Roma P. Junior, Pre-Phys iol Sciences Bhakta, VimalkumarJawaharlal Senior, Finance Bhalla, Robin Junior, Psychology Basketball, Business Major, Partying, Music, Cards Bhartia, Varun Vikram Shoreview, MN Freshman, No Major Selected Running, Sports, Track Field Bhatt, Rita Sophomore, No Major Selected Bhattacharyya, Tulshi A Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bhatti, HussainS Junior, Economics Bhavnani, Rajan Pritam Freshman, Agri Biosystems Engr Ballroom Dancing, Racquetball We are proud of you! Best Wishes always. We love you, Mom and Dad Bhirdo, Alyson Carol Yuma, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bhuyan, Natasha Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Volunteer at OH Center, Circle Kay International, Hall Government Biagi, Julie Michelle Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Sociology, Soccer, Youth Group Biambouli-Boubeka, Nubert F.g. Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Bianchi, Sascha Elizabeth Freshman, Pre-Education Biasiucci, Leonardo A. Junior, Pre-Business Bibee, Abigail G. Sophomore, No Major Selected Bible, Tiffany Dyan Sophomore, Computer Engineering Plays The Piano Bicas, Sara Rebecca Senior, Latin American Studies Travel, Ice Hockey, Boxing Bice, Alexander Nicholas Sophomore, Computer Engineering Bich, Laura Renee Senior, Music Bickel, Kevin James Senior, Business Management Bickel, Stephanie Annette Junior, Pre-Computer Science Bickford, Caleb Luke Freshman, Psychology Marching Band, Aikido Bickham, AnayD. Sophomore, Media Arts Bicknell.StevieM. Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bidwell, Ginger Autumn Senior, Media Arts Dance, Photography Great Work! We ' re really proud of you!Mom Dad Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ laguna hills, CA Scottsdale, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Patrick AFB, FL Mesa, AZ Tucson, AZ Glendale, AZ Tucson, AZ Sierra Vista, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Tucson, AZ Biebelhausen, John Peter Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Biebelhausen, Megan Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Bieda III, Stephen W. Tucson, AZ Senior, Atmospheric Sciences Bieg, Edward James Santa Fe, NM Sophomore, Studio Art Biegelman, Michael J. Cave Creek, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Bieging, Carrie Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Junior, Anthropology Amnesty International Biehl, Heather Lynn Mesa, AZ Sophomore, Theatre Arts Biehl, Jennifer Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Bielejec, Anna Rose Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Bies, Zachary Charles Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Political Science Baseball Team Biesbroeck, Eric B Mesa, AZ Senior, Agri Biosystems Engr Bifano, Louisa Marielle Snowflake, AZ Sophomore, Spanish Biff le, Adam Cave Creek, AZ Junior, English Basketball, Soccer, Softball Bigelow, Diane Marie Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Biggs, Darren T Tucson, AZ Junior, Media Arts Philipino Asian AmerClub Biggs, LindseyN Laguna Niguel, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Bigknife-Antonio, Molly Shackel Window Rock. AZ Senior, Liberal Studies Bigler, Daniel Gean Tucson, AZ Senior, Music Education Bigley, Perry Joshua Tucson. AZ Junior, Computer Science Bigman, Christine Kaibeto. AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Bigman, Nathan Daniel Shonto.AZ Junior, Chemistry Bihn, William J Peoria, AZ Junior, Mathematics Bilby, Elaine M Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Finance Bilder, Tresa Mari Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Bill, CristineJ Greenbrae,CA Freshman, No Major Selected Bill, Nathaniel Hared Sedona, AZ Senior, Music Bill, Nicholas Joseph Monroe, NY Sophomore, Sociology Bill, TamaraL Sedona, AZ Junior, General Biology Biller.MinaE. AZ Senior. Spanish Ballet Folklore Billiet, Travis John Lake Havasu, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Billings, DeniseL. Chandler. AZ Sophomore, Studio Art Billings, Gregory L Corona . CA Senior, Management Info Systems Your leadership qualities shine all thru school. We are so proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Billings, John Edward Onnda. CA Senior, Regional Development Reading, Writing, Sports Best Wishes for your future! Mom, Dad and Sara Billingsley, Brandy Jean Casa Grande, AZ Senior, Architecture Blue Chip Group, 4H Group, Architecture Club Billington,ArianaT.R. Tucson, AZ Junior, Communication Billman, Aubri Shayne Chandler, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Billy, Julian Harlan Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Computer Engineering Billy, Tammy Chinle, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Reading, Writing, Basketball, Volleyball We love you Tammy! Keep up the good work. Love, Mom Billy Irigoyen, Alma B. Tucson, AZ UNC, Art Education Bilodeau, Jeffrey David Lake Havasu, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Bilton, Timne Patrice Phoenix, AZ Junior, Computer Engineering Engineering Ambassadors, Church, Jevohah Witness Glendale. Bilunas, Daniel J Sophomore, Journalism Bina, Thomas Drew Amherst, Junior, Pre-Business Bingham, Chris Woodside. Freshman, Psychology Bingham, Christopher Allen Chandler, Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Bingham, Elena F. Miami, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Bingham, Jason Stephen Tucson, Junior, Pre-Business Bingham, Jodey Michelle Tucson. UNC, Nondegree Seeking Bingham, KariM White Lake, Junior, Fine Arts Studies Decorates Theater Scenes, Culinary Arts, Designing : Bingham, Peter Duane Freshman, Geological Engineering Bingham, Scott Nelson Sophomore, Pre-Business Single, Angela J Senior. Political Science Binkley, MeishaA. Senior, Chemical Engineering Bintz,JeremeR Junior, Political Science Biocca, Gianna Elizabeth Freshman, No Major Selected Birch, Chandler M Junior, Environmental Sciences Birch, Kristin Leigh Junior, Sociology BirdijTasmder K Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Birgy, Laura Marie Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Birkholz, Helen Elizabeth Freshman, No Major Selected Birkholz, James Peter Senior, Music Birkholz, Jessica A Junior, Nutritional Sciences Birkholz, Sarah Elizabeth Freshman. Pre-Education Birnbaum, Sara Ann Sophomore, Political Science Birtcher, LeonaC. Junior, Nutritional Sciences Bisaha,TraceyLynne Senior. Journalism Bisch, Christina M Senior. Mechanical Engineering Bischof, Christina Lynn Sophomore, Pre-Education Bischoff, Christian Senior, Engineering Management Biscoe, Rachel Anne Freshman. No Major Selected Bishop, Bongi Annette Junior, Chemistry Forensics Bishop, Bradley R Junior, Pre-Business Bishop, Camille Marie Senior. Pre-Physiol Sciences Bishop, Dawn E Junior, Pre-Business Art, Old movies, Jazz Bishop, DerickJ Junior, Mathematics Phi Beta Kappa, Piano perfomance Bishop, Lindsey Marie Freshman, Sociology Bishop, Luke Andrew Senior, Theatre Production Bishop, Marshall R Senior, General Biology Bishop, Sara R. Senior, Anthropology Bishop, Sharon Pamela Senior, Business Management Bishop, Thuy-mai Senior, Anthropology Biskind, Lauren Rose Freshman, Journalism Bisordi, Monica Marie Junior, Pre-Communication Bisson, Matthew John Junior, Pre-Business Bissonette, Jaclyn S. Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Bistany, Daniel J. Junior, No Major Selected Mesa, AZ Tucson. AZ Fremont, CA (Hi Tucson, AzJjfc 1 ' ' . " Phoenix. AzJ tin Tucson, AZ ppi - Tucson. AZ W ' K Vienna. W i:,.-: U: ; Tucson. AZ Soil: Tucson, A2 to Tucson. AZ Tucson, A2 : i t: Tucson. A2 I Tucson, A2 ? ' ,: !, Lafayette, CA !- ild Window Rock, A2 Glendale, A2 M ht Phoenix, A2 Tucson, A2 - ' - 1- ; Chandler, A2v |hu Tucson. A2 khrt Htc Tucson, A2 Ikufc. Scottsdale. A2 I M , Tucson. A2 : Tucson, A2 i fl ... Tucson. Ail | Tucson, A2 i i y - Tucson, A2 titi-,.,11 Tucson, A2 . Tucson, A2H| ' El| Sierra Vista, A2jj:; Tucson, A2|| ; Phoenix, Ai. Tucson, Ail Grants Pass. OF! Milwaukee. Wj A;| Tempe. :.: : !: : :; Bitler, Benjamin Guy Tucson, AZ lenior. General Biology Bitner, David M Sugar Land. TX Junior. Accounting Bitterlin, Blake Louis Rancho Santa, CA Senior. Regional Development Bittner, Danielle Rae Phoenix, AZ r reshman. General Biology Skiing. Reading, Music Bitz, Philip J. Mesa, AZ Senior. Political Science Biuso, Thomas J Lancaster, PA senior. Computer Science Music Production Bivens, Scott W Glendale, AR Senior. Operations Management Tennis Bizahaloni.AimeeGaylin Kayenta. AZ Sophomore. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Biznichuk, Larisa Davidovna Tucson. AZ Junior. Nursing Bjerke, Crystal Lynn Phoenx, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Alpha Phi Omega. Campus Crusade For Christ, Intramural Soccer. Decorating Bjerke, Shanon L Senior, Pre-Nursing V Bjork, Susan Estelle Senior. Performance (Percussion) - Bjorklund, Donna Marie UNC. Nondegree Seeking Ijorklund, Joseph Sandell imore. Pre-Business Ijorvik.ErinK. ihomore. Veterinary Science ick, Alesha Faye lior, Journalism iic. Singing Hack, CarlyJ. lunior, Mexican American Studies Hack, Damn Michael " . ' . ' " ClSophomore. Creative Wnting Hack, Garrett Jason ' : ' Freshman, Nc Major Selected Black, Joel A. . - : ;: - ' . Hack, Shamarie ' .r i Senior. Microbiology Sigma Alpha, Alpha Zeta Member :: ; : Sophomore, Pre-Business Black, KvarC. Senior. Optical Sciences Enginee Slack, Sarah Susa n Senior. Studio Art Hack, Scott K. Senior. Pre-Communication Jlackadar, Brian Paul Tucson, AZ Roselle, IL Tucson, AZ Richfield. MN Bartlett, IL Centerville, IA Vail, AZ Tucson, AZ Scottsdale. AZ Phoenix, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Mcneal.AZ Hillsborough, NJ Sophomore. Aerospace Engineering ' .:: ' ' Blackford, Neal D. Cottonwood, AZ Sophomore. Chemical Engineering Blacklidge, Andrew John Irvine, CA Junior. Marketing Sigma Chi -.--. Blackman, Hannah Felice Phoenix, AZ Senior, Veterinary Science appa Delta Chi, Horses We are proud of you! We love you, Mom and Dad itackman, Tara Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Blackstock, Jason Tucson, AZ Senior. Media Arts Black water, Thomasina G. Kirtland, NM r reshman. General Biology . Blackwell, Andrew Dean Tucson, AZ r reshman. Pre-Business . Blackwell, Cera Elizabeth Lake Havasu, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol - Blackwell, Elisa Noel Lake Havasu, AZ rreshman. No Major Selected : . Blackwell, Nathaniel Evan Tucson, AZ " reshman. Political Science ,QTQ Slackwell Smith, Marcus Edward San Diego, CA jsr JBpphomore, No Major Selected Slackwood, Amanda Jane Tucson. AZ :-?: Senior. Studio Art Blades, Brendan 0. Seattle, WA -ji-tfeophomore, Pre-Education Baseball. Reading, Movies : ; Blagg, Jeffrey M Tucson, AZ ifeenior. Family Studies Human Dev ,i -rftlaine, Jessica Ann Palo Alto, CA freshman. Mathematics -:- : ;(Wock Climbing, Running Congratulations from the family and good luck! Blair, Amanda J. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Nursing Student Nurses Union Association Blair, Brandi Christine Medford, OR Junior. Creative Writing Blair, Christina Jonna Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Blair, Joshua Lee Tucson, AZ Senior, Communication Blais, Erik E. Tucson, AZ Junior. Regional Development Blake, Brittany Lea Peoria, AZ Freshman, General Biology Blake, Jesse Hayden Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Aerial Robotics Club, Backpacking, Rockclimbing, Snowboarding, Snorkeling Blake, Jonathan E NewVemon, NJ Senior, Marketing Blake, Kelly E. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Blake, Matthew S. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business B la ke, Shannon E Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Media Arts Blakeley,ReneeM. Gilbert, AZ Senior. Dance Blakeman, Maria D. Tucson, AZ Senior, Public Management Policy Blaker, Albert Carson Tucson. AZ Senior. Accounting Blaker, Darby D Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Blakiston, Rebecca Louise Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies Reading, Poetry, Music Blakney, Brandy S. Tucson, AZ Junior, Spanish Blancet, Stephanie Candace Bonita, CA Freshman, Psychology Blanchard, Annie Jo Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Blanchard, Jason Ray Lake Havasu C, AZ Senior, Wildlife Blanchette, Michelle Tucson, AZ Freshman, Political Science Blanco, Daniel Uzarraga Green Valley, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Blanco, Ernesto A. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Blanco, Renee Elise Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Blanco, Yvette Tucson, AZ Senior, Physiological Sciences Bland, AmberS. Laramie.WY Senior, Business Management Alpha Chi Omega Blandin, Margaret C Salinas. CA Sophomore. Pre-Nursing Blank, AlyssaD. Langhome. PA Sophomore. Studio Art Blankenbeckler, Melissa Christin Duvall.WA Freshman, English Blankenship, Jessica Ri Sierra Vista. AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Blankenship, Michelle Rene Tucson, AZ Junior, Nursing Blankenship, Sarah E. Mesa, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Blanton,E cJ Derwood.MD Junior, Psychology Song Writing, Basketball, Ping Pong Blanton Jr., Clifford Earl Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Electrical Engineering History, Hiking, Computers Blasberg, Bynay Tucson. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Blasberg, Erica Paige Corona. CA Sophomore. No Major Selected B laser, Nicole K. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Blash,TianaA. Greenacres, WA Freshman, General Biology Blasiar, Kathryn Margaret San Marino, CA Senior, Communication Pi Phi Blasko, Jennifer Lynn Williamsport. MD Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Blatt, Robin Leslie Tarzana. CA Senior, Psychology Kappa Alpha Theta, Minor Thematic Pre-Med. Pre-Med dub Joyous Proud we are of you. We know you will succeed with your future endeavors Love, Mom and Dad Blattman, Elyse N Manalapan. NJ Sophomore, No Major Selected Alpha Epsilon Phi Blattman, Erica Phoenix, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Blattman, Seth A Phoenix, AZ Junior, Political Science Blaum, Lindsay Althea Wyomissing, PA Senior, English Nature Lover, Blecker, Nathan R. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Football, Music Bledsoe, Cory Brian Lake Havasu, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Soccer, Cycling Club Keep up the hard work! Mom, Dad, and Lauren B ledsoe, Matthew David Flagstaff, AZ Senior, Regional Development Camping, Rafting, Snowboarding Bledsoe, Tiffany Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Microbiology Studying Japanese Blessing, Daniel J Rumford.RI Junior, Marketing Manager of Golf Team, Plays Trumpet Blick, James H. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Blight, Sara Elizabeth Phoenix, AZ Junior, Mathematics Blinick, Daniel J Sunnyvale, CA Junior, Business Management Blinn.Stefany Michelle Olympia, WA Freshman, Pre-Communication Bliznick, Kristopher Lee Tucson, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Bloch, Benjamin Daniel Mercer Island, WA Freshman, Pre-Business Block, Andrew Gregory Beverly Hills, CA Freshman, Pre-Medical Technology Football Block, Brian Israel Tucson, AZ Junior. Pre-Communication Block, Rachelle Vanessa Tucson, AZ Junior, Business Management Block, Rachelle Vanessa Tucson, AZ Business Economics Family, Dean ' s List, Movies (singing), Honors Society Block, Brian CJr Apache Jet, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Stockton, Dana T Tucson. AZ Senior, Media Arts B lodget , Kristen E Albuquerque, NM Junior, Media Arts Blohm, David M. Tucson, AZ Junior, Studio Art Blohm, Gregory R. Tucson, AZ Junior. Pre-Business Blohm, Jennifer Lynn Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Bloker, Brian Justin Tucson, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Blomberg, Daniel L. Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Climbing Club, Intramural Soccer, Intramural Volley Ball Blomquist, Erin L Gilbert, AZ Senior, Agri Biosystems Engr Blond, Samuel David Mission Hills, KS Freshman, No Major Selected Blonde, Margo Sloane Woodcliff Lak, NJ Freshman, No Major Selected Blong, Megan Elizabeth Concho, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Snow Skiing, Ski Patrol At Sunrise Peak, Communications Club Bloodworth, Brian T. Tucson. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Involved W Mock Trial, Involved W Blue Chip, Teen Court In Community Service We are proud of you and we believe in you, Brian! Love, Mom and Dad Bloom, Catherine Jane Paradise Vly, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bloom, Christopher Jay Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology B loom, David Allen Paradise Valley. AZ Junior, Pre-Business Bloom, Edward J Phoenix, AZ Junior, English Bloom, Erica Una Tucson, AZ Freshman. Chemistry Bloom, Heidi E. Fairbanks, AK Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Bloom, Katrina Louise Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Optical Sciences Enginee Gamma Phi Beta, Spanish, Lifeguard Three more yeais to go! Love, Mom, Dad, Kristen, and Eric Bloom, Layne Rachelle Cupertino, CA Freshman, General Biology Blue Chip Leadership Group, Movies, Alhlefcs, Cheerteadrig B loom, Timothy Anthony San Antonio, TX Sophomore, Animal Sciences Blount, Cassidy Ryan Atascadero, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Bloxham, Steven Walter Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Computer Science Blue, Alexis L Rillito, AZ Junior, Theatre Arts Blue, Madelyn Andrea Prospect, KY Senior, Elementary Education Bluemer, Paula Sue Tucson, AZ Junior. Wildlife Blum, Ashley E. Mesa, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Blum, Desiree Lynn Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Relay For Life, Volunteer Blumberg, Jared S. Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Blumenkron, Alex Gilbert, AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Blumenstein, Tanya Leigh Covmgton.WA Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Alphi Phi, Youth Against Cancer, Traveling Blumenthal, Eric David LaJolla, CA Sophomore. No Major Selected Blumeyer, Alexandra Billi St. Louis, MO Freshman. Theatre Arts Blunck.CarolA New Ellenton, SC UNC, Nondegree Seeking Bly, Lindsay L. Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Blyth, Roberta Jean Prescott.AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business B lyt h , Samantha Louise Paradise Valley, AZ Sophomore, General Biology B lyt he, Amber K Lake Havasu C, AZ Senior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Blythe, Ashley A Lake Havasu C, AZ Senior, Anthropology Blythe, Jennifer Ann Tucson, AZ Senior. Studio Art Boardman,CandiceKaye Mesa, AZ Senior. Accounting Boardman, Daniel Robert Tucson, AZ 1ST, Pharmacy Skiing, Hiking, Camping Boatwright, Margaret C. Scottsdale. AZ Junior. Pre-Communication Bob, Adela Nicki Yatahey.NM Junior. No Major Selected Bobnick, Thomas Michael Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Political Science Bobowski, MarkS Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Bobroff, Nicolas Newhall, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Music, Sports. Travel, Good Food Bocci, Paige Elizabeth Hillsborough, CA Sophomore. No Major Selected We are very proud of you PaigelLove, Mom Dad Bocelewatz, Kristin Kelly Shawnee, KS Sophomore, No Major Selected Bock, Ashley Anne Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Bock, Tara Sue Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Psychology Snowboarding, Tennis, Writing Bocks, Amy Lee Bisbee. AZ Senior. Political Science Gamma Beta Phi Bockting, Daniel Joseph Tucson, AZ Senior, Finance Bodin, Destiny Rachelle Scotsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Alpha Delta Pi. Scottsdale Honor Cotillion, Sky Diving, Skiing, Scuba Diving Boeder, Michael Stephen Tucson. AZ Junior. Media Arts Boeder, Sarah Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Architecture Boehm, Vanessa Marie Fresno, CA Senior, Communication Delta Gamma, Honors College, Dean ' s List, University Abroard- Italy 411 Boehmer, Melissa Sue Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Boomer, Briana Kristen Yuma.AZ Freshman, Psychology Boesch, Jean Paul Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Boesewetter, Sandra J. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bogart, Misty Vilet Fredonia, AZ Freshman, Physics Bogart, Peter Douglas Saint Louis, MO Senior, History Boger, Clara Gail Mesa, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bogert, Caitlin Eastway Pasadena, CA Senior, English Boggle, Matthew Arthur Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Boggs, Stephanie Jean Tucson, AZ Sophomore, History Bogle, Bob R. Tucson, AZ UNC, Pre-Pharmacy Bogle, Patrick W. Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Bogle, Troy P Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Boguena, Sana Tucson, AZ Sophomore, General Biology Bohan.MaryC Rochester, NY Junior, Pre-Education Bohannan, William George Albuquerque, NM Sophomore, Pre-Business Bohannon, Brett W. Del Mar, CA Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Bohart, Brittany Ann San Diego, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Kappa Gamma Have a great year! we Love you Bohl, Lindsay Marie Boise, ID Senior, Music Education Bohling, Matthew D. Mcneal, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Music, Drums, Graphic Media Arts Bohme, Daniel Tucson, AZ Freshman, Engineering Mathematics Bohn,EricK. Livonia, Ml Senior, Environmental Sciences Bohne, Lindsay Coto De Caza, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Kappa Kappa Gamma, Shopping, Reading, Dance Bohnen, Frederick Robert Colorado Springs, CO Freshman, No Major Selected Golf, Captin Of Wrestling Team Fred, we are so proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Bohnsack, Victoria Lynn Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Bohon Jr., Otto Ramon Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Bohr, Zach David Carefree, AZ Sophomore, Criminal Justice Admin Boice, Clifford Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Boice, Joseph Wood Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Boice, Lisa M Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Phi Beta Kappa Boice, Mary M Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Boice, Michael H. Tucson, AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Soccer Team 5 Boisvert, Nicole M Tucson, AZ Junior, Business Management Boitano, Jonathan M. Redwood City, CA Senior, Agri Biosystems Engr Music, Basketball, Cook Jonathan, congratulations to the next engineer in the family! Love, Mom and Dad Bojaj, Sabit Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bojorquez, Ana Cinthya Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Bojorquez, Anahi Rio Rico, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bojorquez, Anne Badria Glendale, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Bojorquez, Aracely Fuentes Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Consumer Sci Educ Soccer, Apex Bojorquez, Octavio Tucson, AZ Senior, Microbiology Bojorquez, Sahara I Gadsden,AZ Junior, Pre-Nursing 412 Boland.AlissaKai Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Communication Boland, Jayme Lynn Tucson, AZ Senior, Marketing Bolasky, Kathryn R. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Bolchalk,AnneA. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Bolden, Brentan Anthony Garylivve, LA Freshman, No Major Selected Football Boldin, Jessica Jean Gilbert, AZ Senior, General Biology Pharmacy President, Social Activities Boldt, Joseph M Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Bolduc, Brendan M Phoenix, AZ Senior, Economics Bolen, Tyler R Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Boler, Geoffrey S Costa Mesa, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Boles, Erin N. Waco, TX Sophomore, Astronomy Boles, Matthew Patrick Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Boles, Don J., Ill Tempe, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Boley, Paul A Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Astronomy Bolhuis, Rebecca Lynn Frankfort, IL Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Bolin, Michelle Marie Sierra Vista, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Boling, Jayme Danielle Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Bolitho, Rebecca Ann Anthem, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Phi Eta Sigma, Volunteering Boll, DebraL Glendale, AZ Junior, Nursing Bellinger, JennaM. Tempe, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Bollman, Eric Thomas Tucson, AZ Junior, Civil Engineering Bollt, Alex J, Escondido, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Bollum, Daniel Steven New Brighton, MN Freshman, Pre-Business Beta Theta Pi Bolour, David Beverly Hills, CA Senior, Regional Development Delta Chi We are proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Bolton, Andrew Justin Sierra Vista, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bolton, Mark R Tucson, AZ Senior, Journalism Bolton, Robert J. Sierra Vista, AZ Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Boltz, Matthew F. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Golf, Basketball, PS2 Bolz, Carlhey Celia Tucson, AZ Freshman, Political Science Chi Omega, Basketball, Shopping, Socializing Bommer, Amanda R. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Bommersbach, Angela Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, General Biology Bonar, Tyler J. Mesa, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Bonbrake, Abbigayle Kathleen Tucson, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Bond, Amy L. Phoenix, AZ Senior, Accounting Bond, Courtney Alexandra Walnut Creek, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Bond, Elizabeth D. Stafford, VA Freshman, Geological Engineering ROTC Bond, Jared Isaiah Oracle, AZ Freshman, Music Bond, Kara Elizabeth Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Animal Sciences Bond,Leilani Sierra Vist, AZ Junior, Political Science We are proud of you! We love you! Mom and Dad Bond, Melissa Ann Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Communication Bond.RachelleE Cordova, TN Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Bond, Ryan Jay Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Bond, Victoria Diane Tucson, AZ Junior, Special Education Rehab Bonds, Jennifer Lea Prescott Vly, AZ Sophomore, French Bonelli, Christopher Bryan Greer,SC Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Rock Climbing Bonetti, Bryan C. San Ramon. CA Junior, Economics Boney, Courtney Suzanne Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Bonga,KendraL Kentwood, Ml Senior, Astronomy Bongiovanni, Jennifer Anne Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies Delta Gamma Bonham, Jessica D. Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Blue Chip Bonham, Kathleen A Alamo, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Bonicillo, Susan Michelle Shoreline, WA Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Bonilla, Cassandra A. Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Art History Life Guard, Photograghy, Writes Bonillas, Antonio Tucson, AZ Bonillas, Cristina Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Bonillas, Joshua Elijah Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Bonneau, Kim Marie Yuma, AZ Freshman, Psychology Bonner, Alison M Tucson, AZ Sophomore, French Bonnifield, Craig P. Alameda, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Bono, Corey Jayne Gilbert, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Bonser, Richard Neal Tucson, AZ Senior, Creative Writing Bonsky, David Arthur Tucson, AZ Junior, Art Education Bonura, Damian Michael Tucson, AZ Junior, Industrial Engineering Booen, Kyle Christopher Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Boog, Karina Maria Doha, Qatar, Senior, Psychology Tennis, Traveling, U2 Booher, Caroline T Brooklyn, NY Senior, Health Education Booker, Jonathan Randall Goodyear. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Bool, Jennifer Michelle Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Boomer, Monica Leigh Apache Junction. AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Music Boomhower, Crystal Rio Rico, AZ Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Boone, Keith Blaine Yuma, AZ Senior, Microbiology Rugby, Hunting Boone, Lome Matthew Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Engineering Boone, Nicholas Timothy Benicia, CA Sophomore, Criminal Justice Admin Boord, Bethany Phoenix, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Boorse, Jacqueline R. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bell Choir In Church Best Wishes for continued success in achieving your dreams! Love, Mom and Dad Boos, Daniela Alicia Prescott, AZ Freshman, Art History Art, Architecture Bootes, Christine Diane Tucson, AZ Freshman, Creative Writing Creative Writing We ' re proud of you! Keep up the good work. Love, Mom and Dad Booth, Courtney Lynne Tucson. AZ Junior, Animal Sciences Booth, CzaraCelina Nogales, AZ Junior, Media Arts Booth, Jeffrey Allen Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Civil Engineering Booth, Jessica Marie LaHabra, CA Freshman, Psychology Booth, Nogales. AZ Sophomore, Mexican American Studies Booth, William E. Phoneix, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Chandler, AZ Tucson, AZ. Tucson. AZ Marana. AZ. Sierra Vista, AZ Sierra Vista, AZ Calabassas, CA I Portland, OR { Turlock. CA ! Columbus, OI-H Rancho Palos, CA Lawrence. MA Tucson, AZ Mesa. AZ Phoenix. AZ Tucson, AZ Casa Grande. AZ El Paso. TX Tucson, AZ : Tempe. AZ Boothe, Ryan Herbert Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Education Kappa Sigma Borboa, Dulce Freshman, Sociology Borboa, Lizette Sophomore, Undecided Borcuta, Richard Pierre Freshman, Pre-Business Alpha Gamma Rho, Intramurals Bordelon, Samantha T Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Bordelon, SamathaT. C. Borden, Alison Paige Sophomore, No Major Selected Alpha Epsilon Phi Boretz, Alex Craig Freshman, Pre-Business Borges, Brian Stephen Sophomore, Political Science Borghi, Sarah Benton Freshman, No Major Selected Borgida, Amanda Kan Freshman, Liberal Arts Boria, AlinaM Sophomore, Anthropology Borin, Thomas Arthur UNC, Nondegree Seeking Boring, Vanessa L Junior, Dance Borja, Elizabeth Freshman, Psychology Bornhouser, Olivia R Senior, General Biology Track, Playing Soccer Bornmann, Karl E. Freshman, Studio Art Bernstein, Valeria R. Sophomore, Political Science Reading Boros, Meghan C. Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Volunteer at Cancer Center Borota, Stephen Andrew Junior, Optical Sciences Enginee Alpha Pi Omega, Hiking, Jazz. Wakeboarding Borrego, Amanda Marie Phoenix, AZ Senior, Psychology Baking, Rollerblading, Basketball Amanda Borrego. Best Wishes! We love you, Dad and Judy Borrego, Charles Patrick Apple Valley. CA Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Borsand, Alexander Lightstone Phoenix, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Borseth Halter, Nina Mae Tucson, A2 Senior. Family Studies Human Dev Borsuk-Pollard,Melinda Parma. Oh Senior, Theatre Production Borsum, Ashley Louise Haiku, H 1 Freshman, No Major Selected Gymnastics, Horseback Riding Bortolotti, Lauren A Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Psychology Boruch, Joanna Lee Peoria, AZ , Sophomore, Pre-Education Boruff, Kristen M. Page, AZ Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Borunda, Patrick Anthony Phoenix, AZ [ Sophomore, Linguistics Borzatta, Elisa Nora Trabuco Cyn, CA 1 Senior, Elementary Education Horseback Riding, Children, Travel Borzatta, Sara Michele Trabuco Cyn, CA I Freshman, Journalism Surfing, Horseback Riding, Reading Borzick, Lee Micheal Eagar. AZ I Sophomore, Wildlife Ultimate Frisbee, Hiking Bos, Russell Tucson, AZJ Junior, Economics Bosch, Justin McClintock New York, NY I Junior, Pre-Communication Boser, Melissa S. Tucson, AZJ Sophomore, Criminal Justice Admin Boser, Michelle Ann Tucson, AZi Senior, Art History Boskovich, Cassandra A Tucson. A2 1 Sophomore, Studio Art Bosmeny, Tyler William Tucson. AZ I UNC. Nondegree Seeking Boss, Zacchaeus Demetrious Aurora, CCl Freshman, No Major Selected Bossard, Daniel R. Ocean View, DEl Freshman. No Major Selected -a- -: - Y: j Bosshardt, Sean Richard Phoenix. AZ sophomore. Pre-Business nttamural Soccer osshart.TraciL Littleton, CO reshman. Psychology Bostick, Laura L Sacramento, CA Senior. English Bosworth, Daniel J West Orange, NJ unior. Finance osworth, Jeremy William Thousand Oaks, CA sophomore. No Major Selected Bosworth, Lauren Nicole San Diego, CA reshman. Pre-Business otkin, Matthew J. Tucson, AZ reshman. No Major Selected itsford, Beth Anne Timonium.MD senior, Theatre Arts xngratulations Beth! You dd it! Much Love, Mom and Dad ; : : : . :..- iotsford, Christian Ahira senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic lott, Jenna E. sophomore. Pre-Business )etta Gamma. Tennis ouchard, Danielle Monique : -mentary Education iouchard, Eric John unior. History iouck, Rebecca Immanuela senior. Psychology k, Sharon Jean senior. Accounting Tucson, AZ Mesa,AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Anaheim, CA toudreaux, Adam Jameson sophomore. Atmospheric Sciences loudreaux, Joseph Monroe Tucson, AZ sophomore. No Major Selected Soukarroum. Tucson, AZ unior Pre-Business tralais, Scott Randall Glendale.AZ reshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Boulay, Man line Tucson. AZ lunior. Political Science Upha Beta Chi. Chapter of Phi Theta, Kappa International tonor Society oulay, Michael T Tucson, AZ senior. Management Info Systems louldin, Barbara Ruth Senior. Pre-Nursing oule, Blaine K. iophomore. Pre-Business ouman, Steven C. sophomore. Environmental Sciences Sourassa, Eric James reshman. Pre-Business gma Alpha Eta. Sports Bourguet, Jessica Ann lenior. Elementary Education Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ San Diego, CA Scottsdale. AZ irke, Allison iophomore. Chemical Engineenng iWE. EA. AICHE lourland, AdamJ Iopnomore. Mechanical Engineering i, Christina Marie : reshman. General Biology Medical. Women ' s Studies. Volunteer work Tucson. AZ Prescott, AZ e, KimberiyL unior. Mathematics Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ , Janae ' M enior. Communication lete Gamma, Kickboxing louskos, Adam B. jophomore. Pre-Business iousquet, Nicole Ann ; unior. Criminal Justice Admin ioutin, Kevin M . unior. Pre-Business lugbyTeam. Club Hockey. Community Service Newport Beach, CA SanCartos.CA Tucson, AZ San Jose, CA ' " outon, Gregory W. Peoria.AZ iophomore. Pre-Business ,. iouvet Bours, Martin Ernesto Tucson. AZ ian. Industrial Engineering ouvier, Cullen Elisha Bristol, VT 1 unior. Music Education iowden, Alicia Janette Tucson, AZ sr unkx. Theatre Arts . lute. Collect Candles ' " Iowden, Charies Arthur Tucson, AZ ,, ophomore. No Major Selected " Iowden, David Wayne Tucson. AZ . ophomore. Philosophy - e Velocity Club. The Consciousness Club . owden, Jacob Leonard Tucson, AZ " or. Systems Engineering owden,JesekaDyann Phoenix, AZ ' fl ophomore. No Major Selected Bowden.LaceyJaye Marana.AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Bowden, Meredith A Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Chemical Engineering Bowden, Stacey Anne N Barrington, IL Freshman, Dance Bowden, William Todd Tucson, AZ Senior, Economics Bowdish.Christa Maria Beaufort. SC UNC. Nondegree Seeking Bowen, Angela Jenine Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Animal Sciences Bowen, Paige B Los Angeles. CA Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Bowen, Pamela Marie Tucson. AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Volleyball, Soccer Bower, Jane Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Bower, Sarah Dianne Tucson, AZ Senior. Marketing Bower III, Harry Fairtield Tucson. AZ Senior. No Major Selected Bowerman, Daniel L Tucson, AZ Junior. Civil Engineering Bowerman, Michael T. Chandler, AZ Sophomore. Mechanical Engineering Bowers, Bryan Thomas Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Systems Engineering Bowers, Corey Allan Grayslake. IL Junior, Psychology Minor: Gen Bus Bowers, Joseph R. Kemmeref, WY Junior. Physics Bowers, Kevin D Tucson, AZ Senior. Science Education Bowers, Laura D Chandler, AZ Senior. Environmental Sciences Bowers, Russell Loren Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Bowers, Stephanie K. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bowie, Brett William Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Regional Development Bowler, Jason S. Tulsa. OK Junior. Classics Bowles, Brien Combs Fountain Hill, AZ Junior. Elementary Education Bowling, Whitney Albin Flagstaff, AZ Sophomore. Electrical Engineering Bowlsby, Rachel Kathleen Solon, IA Freshman. No Major Selected Bowman, Elisabeth Tyler Rancho Santa Fe. CA Freshman, Liberal Arts Volleyball Bowman, Meredith R. Sierra Vista, AZ Junior, Creative Writing Bowman, RachelleC Goodyear. AZ Senior, Sociology Mock Trials, Habitat For Humanity, Volunteer Work Bowman, Rebecca Jane Phoenix. AZ Junior, Elementary Education Boyce, Kam Lee Tucson. AZ Senior. Wildlife Boyd, Aaron Kyle Tucson, AZ Junior. No Major Selected Boyd, Ashley A. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Dorm Government Boyd, Caitlin Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Boyd, Chris Jay Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Boyd, Jacqueline M. Overland Park. KS Freshman. Pre-Education Boyd, Marissa Nicole Tucson. AZ Senior. Marketing Boyer, Bradley Robert Camarilto. CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Baseball Boyer, Dion Lee Tucson, AZ Senior. Pre-Health Education Guitar and Band, recording Cd Boykan, Sara Beth Phoenix. AZ Sophomore. Psychology Delta Delta Delta, Drama. Music, Art Boykin, Hillary J Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Family Studies Human Dev Boykin, LantishaR. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Psychology Boykin, Mandi M. Tucson, AZ Junior. Ecology Evolutionary Bio Boyle, Marcus C Phoenix. AZ Junior, No Major Selected Boyle, Vicky L Poway.CA Senior. Communication Spanish Minor-Loves Speak, Partying. Very Sociable, ' Karaoke Queen " We are so proud of you! Well done in 3 1 12 yearslLove. Mum, Dad. Tony and Jamie! Boynton.ColinP. Schofield.WI Sophomore, Pre-Education ROTC Program. Music Bozorgmehr, Elizabeth Jane Tucson. AZ Senior. Spanish Bozzo, Peter J Salinas. CA Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Braband, Kate Newtown. CT Freshman. Pre-Business Student Government Pres Of Manzanita Mohave Bracamonte, KatherineJane Palm Desert. CA Junior. Retailing Consumer Science Bracamonte, Mark D. Foster City. CA Junior, Media Arts Sports Spot On Camp Radio. Baseball. Football Best Wishes to your future your happiness. Happy Graduation! Love. Mom and Dad Bracamonte, Monica Armenia Negates. Junior. Psychology Bracamonte, Renee Michelle Tucson, AZ Junior, Media Arts Bracamonte, Ricardo Naco. AZ Sophomore. Computer Engineering Brace, Courtney A. Upper Artingt. OH Sophomore. Retailing Consumer Scien Brack, Ethan Charies Tucson, AZ Sophomore. History B rack, Jessica S Morenci. AZ Sophomore. Family Studies Human Dev Brack, Lance A Farmington. NM Junior, Materials Sci Engr Brack, Lindsay Lauren Tempe. AZ Senior, Classics Brack, Scott D Morenci, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Bracken, Stephanie Frances Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, Communication Bracken, Tiffany Lynn Tucson, AZ Junior. Theatre Arts Brackey, Kristen Loving Green Valley. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Working with children, Tutoring, Reading Congratulations! Never stop teaming! Love. Mom and Dad Brackney, Sara M. Phoenix. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Kappa Kappa Gamma Bradbury, Stephanie A Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Braden, Kelley Elizabeth Honolulu, HI Senior, Communication Bradford, Dominique Sierra Vista. AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Bradford, Gail M. Yuma.AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bradford, John Charies Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Bradford, Lisa Emmy Tucson. AZ UNC. Elementary Education Bradford, Sarah Anna Tucson. AZ Junior. Pre-Physiol Sciences Bradford, Steven Edward Tucson. AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Bradford, TaraRae Midland. TX Sophomore. General Biology Bradley, Aspen Leigh Peoria.AZ Sophomore, General Biology Brad ley, Daniel P Tucson, AZ Junior, Engineering Management Bradley, Jenna A. Tucson. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Bradley, Lauren Ashley Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Anthropology Bradley, Mieko Tucson. AZ Junior. Anthropology Bradley, Quinn T Farmington. NM Senior. Fine Arts Studies Music Singer, Theatre Concerts. Reading Bradshaw, Austin Michael Missouri City. TX Freshman, Pre-Business Bradshaw, Cooper James Paradise Valley. AZ Junior, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Upsiton, Soccer, Snowboarding Bradshaw, James D Oakland, CA Senior, Mechanical Engineering Bradshaw, Patricia Ann Tucson, AZ Junior. Social Studies Bradshaw, Ryan A San Leandro. CA Junior, Economics Beta Theta Pi, Plays Soccer, ECO Undergraduate Society. Chimes Jr. Honorary Bradshaw, Scott G. Mesa.AZ Freshman, Electrical Engineering Brady, Andrea Jean Alpine, CA Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Brady, Caroline Frances Mdean.VA Freshman. Pre-Communication Brady, Denise Marie Tucson, AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Brady, John Baldwin Washington. DC Freshman. Sociology Brady, Kelly M Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Film Making. Music, Painting Brady, Kevin Nicholas Tucson, AZ Freshman. Liberal Arts B ra dy, Kirby Alexandra Lakeside. CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Brady, Stacey N. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Braeseker, Shanna Janette Tucson. AZ Junior. No Major Selected Braeutigam, Kristin L Tucson. AZ Senior, Fine Arts Studies Braff , Rachel Annie Santa Monica, CA Freshman. Communication B raff ord, Vincent Joseph Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Studio Art Bragau, Roberth Glendale.AZ Junior. Pre-Business Bragman, Jennifer Gayte Houston, TX Freshman. Psychology Alpha Eta Phi Brailey, Matthew Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Filming. Traveling. Biking Bram, Nicole Kristina Tucson. AZ Senior, CofflnutiHlon Bramblett, Briana Cope Tucson, AZ Senior. Pre-Business Bramhall, Desiree Nicole Tucson. AZ Junior. Environmental Sciences Bramlett, Michael Lloyd Tuscon. AZ Freshman, Studio Art Art, Coach Junior High football Bramley Dugas, Kelly Renee Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Branam, Amanda Jeanne Cyn Country, CA Sophomore. Journalism Branch, Thomas Cole Richmond, VA Junior, Physics Branchaw, SherryrynE. Tucson, AZ Senior, Mathematics Brand, Aaron Tytor Phoenix, AZ Junior. Philosophy History Brand, Emily Elise Sublimity, OR Junior. Aerospace Engineering Brand, Krissy Brandes, Ashley Lynn Cave Creek. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Brandis, Aaron R. Tuscan. AZ Senior. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Brandis, Naomi J. Tucson. AZ Freshman. Undecided Brandt, Anna Louise Mesa. AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Brandt.DustinM Pine.AZ Senior. Mechanical Engineering Brandt, Gregory James Calabasas.CA Senior, Regional Development Brandt, Kris Charles Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Tutors Math. Bodybuilding, Auto Mechanic Brandt, Michael P. Cincinnati. OH Freshman. Environmental Sciences Brannen, Luke James Arivaca. AZ Senior, History Brannon.ErinC Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Wildlife Martial Arts. Zoo. Raptors. Reptiles Brannon, Morgan L Westminster, CA Junior, Spanish Spanish Portuguese Club. Travel. Intramural Sports Branstrom, Kara Kelly Elk Grove Vil, IL Senior, General Biology Branstrom, Kristi Leigh Elk Grove. IL Sophomore. Pre-Education Alpha Chi Omega, Pi Eta Sigma Nafl Honor. Dean ' s List (freshman) 413 Brar,AmardeepKaur Tucson, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Brar, Bhupinder Singh Tucson, AZ Junior, Economics Brase, Matthew Jon Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Business Bratcher, Kevin N San Jose, CA Junior, Pre-Business Bratka,TwilaA. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Bratton, Jana Kathleen Bellevue, WA Freshman, Pre-Business Bratton, KaylaC Oro Valley, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Brauchli, Holly D. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Civil Engineering Braun, Andrew Charles Northbrook, IL Freshman, Pre-Business Your determination will enable you to accomplish anything you strive to achieve. Love, Mom and Dad Braun, Clare E. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Braun, Sandra Sue Tucson, AZ Junior, Creative Writing Braunhut, Beth Gilbert, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Braunhut, Sarah J Gilbert, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Bravo, Andrew N. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Chemical Engineering B ravo, Laura Michelle Peoria, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Brawn, Virginia Jean Peoria, AZ Junior, Journalism Alpha Pi Omega, Yearbook Photographer, Community Service I am proud of who you are! Love forever, Mom Braxton, Makoto P Tucson, AZ Junior, Business Economics Karate Black Belt, Karate Team USA, Honor Student Best Wishes for the class of 2004! From the parents of Makoto Braxton Bray, Christie A. Tempe.AZ Freshman, Psychology Kappa Kappa Gamma, Blue Chip Club Bray, Jennifer Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Bray, Jessica Lee Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Bray, Patrick Allan Laveen, AZ Sophomore, Agri Economics Managemen Braynen Jr., Nicholas James Litchfield Pa, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Brazell, Kyle Robert Moorpark.CA Senior, Physical Education Brazier, Brian Jacob Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Music Brazil, Alison Lynn Tucson, AZ Senior, Microbiology Brazil, Christopher Jeremy Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, General Biology Brazil, Courtney San Diego, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Brazil), Rachael Rose Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Soccer, Law Brazil-Ruiz, Rachael Rose Tucson, AZ Club Team Soccer, Future Lawyer, Best Daughter Bread, ToniaL Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Brearley, Tyler Stuart Rockford, IL Freshman, Political Science Phi DeltaBaseball, Golf Brecht, Jennifer Rae Tucson, AZ Junior, Marketing Breckenfeld, Gloria Jeanne Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Bredas, Veronique Nadine Tucson, AZ Senior, Nutritional Sciences Bredeck, Sherry Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Breedlove, Rita Ann Marana, AZ Junior, Animal Sciences Breed well, Richard W Tucson, AZ Junior, Business Management Breen,Bresee Leigh Olympia,WA Sophomore, Political Science Breen, Sarah E. Signal Mountain, TN Sophomore, Pre-Education Brees.KatyeE Las Vegas, NV Sophomore, Music Music, Kids Breger, Stacey Nicole Silver Spring, MD Senior, Special Education Rehab Breithaupt, Kyle Elliott Tucson, AZ Senior, History 414 B rekke, Matthew Turner Des Moines, I A Freshman, Dance Brelsford, Daniel T. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Brelsford, Joshua Wayne Sahuarita, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Education Brelsford, Rachel Elizabeth Sahuarita, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Brenden, Anne Elizabeth Albuquerque, NM Freshman, No Major Selected Brenden, Ashley M. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, General Biology Tri-Athalon Team Ashley, we are proud of your accomplishments in your first year of college! Love, Mom Brenden, Carmel M. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Architecture Community Service, Photography, Piano Brendle, Caryl Marie Bisbee, AZ Senior, Psychology Brener, Daniel Chula Vista, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Brennan, Ivette Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Brennan, Thomas Patrick Mesa, AZ Freshman, Psychology Music, Computers, Martial Arts Brenneman, Erin Vonne Ashland, PA Junior, Geosciences Brenneman, Geniece Anne Huachuca City, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Brenneman, Melissa A. Huachuca City, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Brenner, Adam James Chatsworth, CA Junior, Philosophy Brenner, Brittany Ann Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Brenner, Jessica Lee Mesa, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Brenner, Ryan B. San Carlos, CA Junior, Communication Sports, Intermural Basketball Brent, Emily J Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Brent, Jeffrey D Longmont.CO Sophomore, Pre-Business Brenza, Sara Jean Chandler, AZ Senior, Nursing Bresciani, Marchelo James Phoenix, AZ Junior, Studio Art Breslin, Matthew D Piano, TX Junior, Pre-Communication Beta Feta Pi, Sports, Plays Guitar Breslow, Danielle Rhe Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Traveling, Skiing Sweetest Danielle, your family is behind you! Wishing you a healthy and bright future Bresnahan, Megan M Flagstaff, AZ Senior, English Bressert, Susan Rose Costa Mesa, CA Senior, History Bressmer, Jessica Jean Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Swimming, Shopping, Traveling Bressmer, Kacie Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Wildlife Hiking, Camping Brethauer, Maria Nichole Belleville, IL Freshman, Pre-Business Breton, Isai Gerardo Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Brew, Elizabeth Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Pi Lambda Theta, Children, Art, Writing Children Books Brewer, Ashley J. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Brewer, Brandon C Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Brewer, Caleb Kendall Tucson, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Classic Cars, Paintball, Basketball Brewer, Dawn Renee Bisbee, AZ Junior, Psychology Brewer, Derek Samuel Chesterfield, MO Freshman, Pre-Business Kappa Sigma Brewer, Heather Kathleen Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Brewer, Johanna Ella -Marie Tucson, AZ Pre-Law Writer, Poetry, Current Event, Pol, Draw Brewer, Joseph Getulio Sierra Vista, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Brewer, Katrina L. Peoria, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Brewer, Kimberly A. Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Brewer, Leslie Allison Cave Creek, AZ Junior, No Major Selected Brewer, Lucas H. Broadus, MT Junior, Mechanical Engineering Brewer, Marques Harland Centennial, CO Senior, Communication Communication Club Brewer, Marques H Colorado, CO Communication CCUA Communication Club, Sports, Video Games Brewer, Maya Ivory Centennial, CO Senior, Elementary Education Brewer, Russell Vincent Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Psychology Intramural Sports Brewer, Travis John Houston, TX Junior, Pre-Business Brewton, Anasazi Aziza Tempe.AZ Freshman, Anthropology Brice-Heames, Elizabeth Mesa, AZ Sophomore, Studio Art Brick, Hallie Lynn Farmington Hills. Ml Freshman, Psychology Brickey, Christe Ann Apo, AP Freshman, No Major Selected Bridge, Matthew Scott Holliston, MA Freshman, Pre-Business Bridgers, Joshua S. Tucson, AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Bridges, Bruce Digby Carmel, IN Senior, Finance Bridges, Faith Franklin Tucson, AZ Senior, Spanish Bridges, John F. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Bridges, Leslie Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Bried, Hollie Elizabeth Poway, CA Freshman, Communication Briel, Desiree Dawn Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Briere, Taylor Morgan Glendale, AZ Senior, Creative Writing Briggs, Jennifer Michelle Palo Alto, CA Senior, Dance Minor: Business, Dean ' s List Briggs, Jerome Nathan Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Briggs, Sage M Tucson, AZ Senior, English Bright, Sarah Lynn Arvada. CO Freshman, Psychology Briles, Krista Lake Havasu. AZ Freshman, Linguistics Brill, Darren Encino, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Sports, Baseball, Basketball Brillhart, Ericka L Mesa.AZ Senior, Communication Brilling, Susan Regina Phoenix, AZ Senior, Sociology Brimhall, Yvonne Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Brims, Christopher Lee Los Angeles, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Scuba Diving, Computers, Hiking We ' re proud of all of your accomplishments, Keep up the good work. Love, Mom and Dad Bringas, Roberto Rio Rico, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Brink, Joel M. Fountain His, AZ Senior, Psychology Brink, Kelly S Fountain Hill, AZ Junior, Chemical Engineering Brinker, CaitlinM. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Brinkerhoff, AlisaAnn Vail, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Brinkley, Austin Nikole Leabenworth, KS Freshman, No Major Selected Brinkley, Brian Tucson, AZ Junior, Religious Studies Brinkmoeller, Jordan M. Mesa, AZ Junior, Creative Writing Brinks, Anna Marie Santa Clara, CA Senior, Media Arts Horseback Riding, Owns Horse, Did Drama Plays Brinley, Corrie Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Briones, Richard K Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Brisbin, Lyndsey Jo Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Brischke, Andrews. Junior, Wildlife Brisco, Aaron Joseph Freshman, Pre-Business Briseno, Michael R Senior, Physiological Sciences Britko, Nathan Jeremiah Senior, Studio Art Britt, AbreyJonte Freshman, Psychology Brittain Hastings, M. Senior. Business Economics Brizuela, Julie Anne UNC, Nondegree Seeking Brock, Amanda Marie Freshman, Pre-Nursing Alpha Phi, Spanish, Friends, Family, Travel Keep up the good work. One down, three to go. Go Amanda! We ' re proud of you. Love.Mom and Dad Glendale, AZ ' JjU ' f 1 Tucson, AZ ' AW ' V- Mohave Valley, AZ ]| Ladera Ranch, C Tucson, AZ ' " ' Scottsdale, AZ I ' ' - ' : " Gilbert, Az Pomona, CA Chadds Ford, PA ' | ! : ' " :i Sierra Vista, Fort Walton Beach, FL Brock, Candace Gail Senior, Nursing B rock, Christopher Stuart Freshman, No Major Selected Brock, David A. Senior, Political Science Navy R.O.T.C., University of Arizona Flying Club TailhookClub Brock, Rachel Katheleen Senior, Anthropology Brock, Shanna Rae Junior, History Brockman, Astrid 0. Senior, Computer Science Movies, Computers Brockman, Brian Robert Freshman, Pre-Business Brod, Amanda Eliza Senior, Performance (Viola) Broder, Cameron James Freshman, No Major Selected Sports, Girls, Money Broderick, Kristi Lyn Senior, Elementary Education Broderick, Lacy Lynn Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Brodie, Andrea M. Sophomore, Political Science Honors College, Dean ' s List Brodie, Dana C. Sophomore, Astronomy Brodie, Tammy B 4TH, Pharmacy Brodsky, Victoria Freshman, Pre-Business Brody, Aaron L. Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Alpha Epsilon Phi Brogan, Andrew James Sophomore, Elementary Education Brokaw, Andrea Lee Junior, Psychology Music Minor, Band, Community Service Brokaw, Ryan Patrick Junior, Political Science National Guard, 1 st Lieutenant Brokaw, William R. Freshman, No Major Selected Brokenshire, Arthur Matthew, IV Sophomore, Architecture Golf, Hiking, College Basketball Broksas, Kristin Eve Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Broky, John J Senior, Optical Sciences Enginee B romberg , Zachary A. Freshman, Pre-Business Tennis Team, Music, Sports Bromley, Aspen UNC, Nondegree Seeking Bromley, Holly K. Junior, Science Education Bromley, Jill Senior, Spanish Bromley, Kevin James Senior, Mining Engineering Brommer, Matthew Stephen Freshman, Pre-Business Bronars, Jennifer Rachael Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bronnenkant, Adam Paul Senior, Engineering Physics Delta Ti Delta Tucson, Tucson, AZlhw Tucson, Tucson. AZ tools. Tempe, A2 IKIS, - Flagstaff, AzJhb,; ' Cochise,AZ Ms, ' -. ' toctehie Vail. AZ Tucson, AZ Woodland Hill, CA Beaverton. OF Tucson. A2 Mill Valley, C Scottsdale, A2 . Pomerene. A Aurora, IL ;: ' -.-- Tucson, A2 | Phoenix, A2 Holt. M Phoenix, A2| Tempe. A2 1 Tucson, A2 1 Alberton.MlJ Tucson, A2J Tucson, A4| Tucson. A2 Scottsdale, A2 Geneva. Ill Scottsdale. A2 II: .; .; ; : Ironnimann, AronA. Tucson, AZ unior. Pre-Business ironsart, Laura L Lake Havasu C, AZ Senior. Veterinary Science Sronson, Crystal Mia Williams, AZ iophomore, No Major Selected ironstein, Sharon M Thousand Oaks, CA enior. Retailing Consumer Scien Upha Phi Omega 3ronte, John James Tiburon.CA reshman. Pre-Business tappa Sigma, Japanese Language Study, International ravel. Soccer 3 rook , Kimberley Ann unior. Family Studies Human Dev irookover, Ryan Caiden unior. Liberal Studies Tucson, AZ Buckeye. AZ Gtendale.AZ Irooks, Brian Senior. Computer Science id Irooks, DarreH L Moreno Valley, CA : ; unior. Psychology ootball lontmue the good work! Remember, we will always love nd support you. Love. Mom and Dad ' --. : .prooks,Gael reshman. Pre-Business Irooks, Kelley Colleen ophomore. Pre-Education Ibrooks, Kelly Nicole enior. Physiological Sciences Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Pickerigton, OH earn Wild Cat Irooks, Mckenzie Ann xjphomore. Studio Art 3 rooks, Melinda Dawn ophomore. No Major Selected ' - " .- -Brooks, Melissa I. reshman. Pre-Business : asrU Irooks, Shara Lynn enior. Finance . Jrooks, Shaun P unior. Animal Sciences Irookshier, Stephanie enior. Nutntional Sciences Irosig, Chnstopher Glenn ophomore. Pre-Business 3 Phoenix, AZ Springfield. IL Eden Prairie, MN Arizona City, AZ Tucson, AZ Flagstaff, AZ Rockford,IL Tucson, AZ ill, Eric Thompson 3 NC,Nondegree Seeking Brosseit, Collyn Colby Scottsdale. AZ ophomore. No Major Selected ' K Ifcelta Gamma, Enjoys Sports. Gymnastics, Traveling to confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the ' jsr 8 eyou have imagined. Love, Your Family. Irothers, Jessica A. -. ; ; lophomore. No Major Selected kiing. Travel --. " Irotherton, Ariel John reshman. Physics Iroughton, Anna Marie ophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Irower, Emily Elizabeth Clarendon, VT Phoenix, AZ Yuma. AZ unior, Pre-Education -, Jeremie D. reshman, Pre-Business arsity Track. Soccer. Football, Music, Guitar - . r, Vanessa Marie ophomore. Media Arts yiS Irown, Adma Marie unior. Psychology -v Irown, Alexander D enior. Communication linor: Business ;- :; -, Irown, Alexandra Annique ophomore. Psychology -,-ft Irown, Allison Barbara ophomore. Spanish y?t Irown, AlysonAdair enior. Elementary Education Irown, Amanda Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ jgy f reshman. No Major Selected Irown, Angela L.S - 2 t enior. Finance Irown, Austin Mack ophomore. Media Arts i, Bennie C. ophomore. Psychology Irown, BrandiJ enior. Marketing Irown, Brandon M kinior. Pre-Education drown, Bridget A. ophomore. No Major Selected Irown, Bryan inor. Mechanical Engineering Tucson, AZ Window Rock. AZ Beaverton. OR Tucson, AZ St Louis Par. MN Emporia. KS WoodcliffLak,NJ Mansfield, OH Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Boise. ID Wichita, KS Mesa.AZ Brown, Calice Glendale, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Brown, Candice E Austin, TX Sophomore, Pre-Education Brown, Candice Marie Tucson. AZ Senior, Pre-Business Brown, Carien Jessica Tucson, AZ Freshman, General Biology Brown, Chanda Denea Pima, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Brown, Colbi G. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Ecology Evolutionary Bio Brown, Crystal Michelle Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Brown, Crystal N. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Shopping, Movies Brown, Daniel Sturtevant Tucson, AZ Senior, Philosophy Brown, David Edward Metairie. LA Sophomore, Agri Economics Managemen Brown, David Michael Marana.AZ Senior. Mathematics B ro wn , David Hudson Los Angeles, C A Freshman, No Major Selected Volleyball, Golf. Snowboarding Brown, DebraS Boulder. CO Junior, Political Science Brown, Derek D. Tucson, AZ Senior. Communication Brown, Elizabeth Downey New Hartford. CT Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Brown, Ellery Philip Tulsa, OK Freshman, Political Science Football Team (o.line 61 ), Christian Athletes Group Brown, Emilee C Tucson, AZ Junior. Pre-Business Brown, Genevieve L. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Brown, Graham Christopher Long Beach, CA Freshman. No Major Selected Brown, Harry Cooper Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Brown, Herbert L. Aurora, CO Freshman, No Major Selected Sports Brown, Jaclyn M. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Brown, Jacob Scott Pima. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Brown, Janet Bensalem, PA Senior. Anthropology Grandchildrens Brown, Jasmine Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Volunteers, Intramural Soccer, Hiking, Beach Brown, Jazmyne Antoinette Los Angeles, CA Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Reading. Shopping, Sleep Brown, Jeff Tucson, AZ Senior. History Brown, Jeffrey Paul Tucson. AZ Senior. Communication Brown, Jessica E. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Pharmacy Brown, Jessica Erin Tucson. AZ 1ST, Pharmacy Brown, Jordan Cassidy Vacaville, CA Freshman, No Major Selected University Of Arizona Baseball Brown, Jose Luis Ridgefield, CT Freshman. Pre-Business Brown, Joseph A Phoenix, AZ Junior. Psychology Brown, Karen Tucson, AZ Senior. Physical Education Brown, Katherine E. Elgin, IL Freshman, Dance Brown, Katherine Ann Sierra Vista, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Brown, Katherine Connell Yorba Linda. CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Blue Chip Brown, Kelsey Erin Glendale, CA Freshman. Pre-Education B ro wn , Kevin A Metairie. LA Sophomore. Pre-Business Brown, Kevin Edward Tempe.AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Brown, Kimberty Joanne Calabasas.CA Sophomore. Pre-Education Brown, LMahon Tucson, AZ Junior, Theatre Arts Brown, Latasha Marie Portland, OR Freshman, Pre-Business Brown, Lauren Payne Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Speech Hearing Sciences Gamma Phi Beta. Dean ' s List. Big Brother Big Sister Brown, Lindsay Rae Chandler. AZ Freshman. Journalism Brown, Lindsay A. Amado. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Brown, Lisa Ann Atlanta, GA Senior, Journalism Brown, Luke E. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, History Enjoys Ju-do, Enjoys Guitar, Spanish Brown, Lyndsay Chandler. AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Brown, Maloree M. N Scituate, Rl Sophomore, Journalism Brown, Maren E. Chandler, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Brown, Maria Guadalupe Tucson, AZ Senior. Elementary Education Pi Delta Honor ' s Society, International Honor ' s Society, Sports Brown, Mark P.W. Marana.AZ Senior, Chemical Engineering Brown, Mary Patricia Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Brown, Megan T Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Brown, Melissa Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Brown, Michael Kevin Morristown, NJ Freshman, No Major Selected Golf, Music We know you can do it. Keep up the good work! Love, Mom And Dad Brown, Michael Edward Tucson, AZ Junior, Agri Biosystems Engr Brown, Michele Tucson. AZ Junior. Political Science Brown, Molly Ann Gearhart, OR Senior, Media Arts B rown , Nancy McMahon Yorba Linda. CA Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Grooving On The Grass Brown, Natalie Brooke Tucson, AZ Junior, No Major Selected B rown , Nicole Anne Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Brown, Peggy Lois Tucson, AZ Senior, Journalism Brown, Peter D Tucson, AZ Junior. Media Arts Brown, Peter John Woodland, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Eplison, Wakeboarding, Basketball. Snowboarding B rown, Raymond Allan Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Brown, Richard Anthony Tucson, AZ Junior, Geosciences Brown, Robert Vincent Kissirnmee, FL Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Brown, Robert Kelly Tucson. AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Brown, Ronald Ty Washington. DC Junior, Pre-Business Tae Kwon Do, Computers Brown, Samuel Emiliano Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Brown, Samuel Petersen Tucson. AZ Senior, Linguistics B rown , Sarah E Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Brown, Shannon Leah Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Engineering B rown , Skye Jordaun Tucson , AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Brown, Soncire Regina Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Blue Chip. Bowling, African American Stu Affairs Brown, Teresa Lynn Peoria, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Brown, Thomas Bloomfield, Ml Junior, Pre-Business Brown, Tiffany M. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, English B rown , Tish Elisabeth Paradise Valley, AZ Sophomore, Mathematics Brown, TondaliaM Crownpoint, NM Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Brown, Tyler J. Tucson, AZ Freshman. Mechanical Engineering Brown, Vanessa Lynn Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Studio Art Brown, Weston Chad Safford, AZ Freshman. Psychology Brown, Whitney Elizabeth Houlton.ME Freshman. Pre-Pharmacy B rown , David Bruce, 1 1 1 Scottsdale. AZ Freshman. Mechanical Engineering Browno, Allyson L. Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Alpha Phi B rowno, Kristen Marie San Mateo, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Browned, Elizabeth S. Ocean Point, ME Sophomore, Art History Honors College, Arizona Language Assoc, Avid Sailor, Horseback To the scholar! Love, Steven Brownfiald, Lacie L Gilroy. CA Senior, Finance Sigma Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psi. Yoga, Work With Animals You did a great job! We are really proud of you. Love you. Mom and Dad!! Browning, Dan Y. Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Browning, Kamilah Nayo Tempe.AZ Senior, Special Education Rehab African Dance Brownlee, Chris W Tucson, AZ Sophomore. General Biology Brown-siller, Guillermo Tucson, AZ Junior. Agri Economics Managemen Brownstoin, Benjamin M Williamsville. NY Freshman. No Major Selected Brownstein, Rachel Beth Tucson, AZ Senior. Psychology Broyles, Sara L Tucson, AZ Senior. Geography Brozina, Christopher Dean Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Play Golf. Spending Time With Rachel Bru bachor, Lauren Michelle Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Brubaker, Jessica Phoenix, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Bruce, Charles Joseph Tucson, AZ Freshman, Media Arts Bruce, John Walker Raleigh, NC Junior, Computer Science Bruce, Lindsay Leigh Tigard.OR Junior. Studio Art Taking Pictures Bruce, Mark CaMn Tucson, AZ Freshman, Creative Writing Published Poet. Foosball Brack, Charles Jacob Tampa, FL Sophomore, Regional Development Brudnicki, Andrew William Deemeld, IL Sophomore. Pre-Business B rue, Christopher Craig Tucson , AZ Senior. Computer Science Brueckner, Ashley R. Glendale, AZ Freshman. Pre-Education Brueggemann, Chad Richard Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Mechanical Engineering B ruff ett, Daniel Edward Tucson, AZ Senior. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Bruggeman, Andrew J Tucson, AZ SoptaBOB, Pie-Education Natonal Honors Society, Volley Ball, Soccer, Camping Bruhn, Allison K Phoenix, AZ Senior, Finance Bruhn, Jacqueline Ann Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Alpha Phi Omega Bruhn, Michael C. Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Bruins-askey, Mieke Dyan Oracle, AZ Senior, Psychology Bnim, Sean Michael Glendale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Brumagin, Margie Veldene Tucson, AZ Senior. History Bramble, Angela A. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Brume, Pamela Denise Tucson, AZ Senior. Linguistics Psi ChiTeaches Children Dance, Haflinger Draft Horse Club, Music Teacher Again above and beyond our expectations! Love. Mom and Dad Brumit, Kelly Erin Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Brumley, Kellen Duane Farmington. MN Senior. Accounting Brummett, Robert J Tucson. AZ Senior, Mathematics 415 Brun, Melissa M. Chandler. AZ Freshman, General Biology Brunelle, Brie Ashley Yarmouth.ME Freshman, Public Management Policy Delta Delta Delta, 3 on 3 Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Traveling Brunen, Jason Taylor Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Bruner,Arwen Jasmine Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Brunette, Matthew Joseph San Marino, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Delta Chi, Golf, Snowboarding, Guitar Brungardt, AinsleyA. Vail. IA UNC, Nondegree Seeking Brunk, Tracy Allen Lakeport, Ml UNC, Nondegree Seeking Brunker, Justin Lee Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Regional Development Brunner, Paul D Tucson, AZ Senior, Systems Engineering Bruno, Ashley G. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Bruns, Mark C Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Brunst, Kate L. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bryan, Christopher B. Peoria, AZ Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering B rya n,CopelandJ Sa n J ose . C A Junior, Political Science Bryan, Matthew Thomas Peoria, IL Freshman, Microbiology Bryan, Michael Edward Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Sigma Pi, Fishing, Merit Program, Sports Bryan, William Patrick Phoenix, AZ Senior, Studio Art Blue Chip, Mecha, Merit Program, Sports Bryant, Jason Wayne Oro Valley, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Bryant, Jessica Lyn FtMohave, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Bryant, Zachary Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Bryce, Andrew W. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Bryce, Brandon J. Pima, AZ Junior, Agri Biosystems Engr Scout Leader Bryce, Cole Alan Tucson, AZ Junior, Latin American Studies Bryce, Kristel Phoenix, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Bryce, Nickalaus David Tucson, AZ 2ND, Pharmacy Bryce, Randy Robert Tucson, AZ 1ST, Pharmacy Bryce, Timothy Donald St David, AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering Brydle, Robert G. Tucson, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Bub, Brittania Lisette Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bucaj, Merima Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Buccola, Jillian Marie Oceanside, CA Freshman, Pre-Communication Gamma Phi Beta, Art Best wishes on your path to the future! Love Mom and Dad Bucey, Natalie Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Buchan,KristenC Chino Hills, CA Sophomore, Communication Buchanan, Allison Kristine Chandler, AZ Freshman, General Biology Buchanan, BambiJ. Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Scrap Booking, Reading, Soccer Buchanan, Blake A. Orange, CA Sophomore, Journalism Phi Delta Theta, Volleyball Buchanan, Cody Arthur Tucson, AZ Freshman, Journalism Buchanan, James Mclean Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Buchanan, Jordan Darian Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Computer Engineering Music, Playing Guitar, Computer Buchanan, Melissa A Mesa.AZ Junior, Pre-Nursing Buchanan Ridge, Isobel Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology 416 Bucheri, John Richard Southlake, TX Accounting Kappa Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, School, Work Bucheri, Jon R Southlake, TX Junior, Accounting Buchholtz, Ryan Christian Southlake, TX Freshman, No Major Selected Buchik, Nathan S. Phoenix, AZ Junior, Media Arts Staff Wildcats Newspaper Buchmann, Melissa Ann Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bucholtz, Michelle Alisa Los Angeles, CA Senior, Psychology Educational Interpreting, State Union Advisory Counsel Buchwald, Ashley Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Buchweitz, Allison Mary Buffalo Grove, IL Freshman, Dance Buck, Jennifer Marie Phoenix, AZ Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Buck, Morgen Danielle Chandler, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Buck, Sean M Goto De Caza, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Buckelew, Amy K. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Buckert, Jacqueline Starr Danville, CA Freshman, Pre-Education Buckingham J r., Michael Joseph Wheaton. IL Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Buckle, Sarah Elizabeth Pasadena, CA Freshman, Communication Kappa Alpha Sigma, Reading, Shopping, Beach Buckley, Catherine K Lake Forest, IL Senior, Psychology Buckley, Christian P. Manhattan, NY Freshman, No Major Selected Buckley, Christian New York, NY Track, Soccer, Break Dance Buckley, Graham D Coto De Caza, CA Junior, Media Arts Pi Kappa Eta Buckley, Rachel Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Buckman, Kelly SanMateo, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Buckner, Stephen Brooks Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Buckwalter, Emily S Farmington Hills, Ml Senior, Accounting President Beta Alpha Psi Bucon, Jessica Robin Paradise Valley. AZ Freshman, Political Science Budak, Natalie Jean Tucson, AZ Junior, General Biology Buder, ErikaJ. Balboa Island, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Pi Beta Phi, Tennis, Skiing Budinger, Timothy C. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Optical Sciences Enginee Budolfson, Angella Marie Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Studio Art Budynski, Jonathan Edward Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Computer Engineering Budzyn, Dan Mark Phoenix, AZ Junior, Political Science Buechel Jr., David Williams Tucson, AZ Senior, Philosophy Phi Beta Kappa Bueker,GwenC. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Dance Buendia, Vanessa Maria Carlsbad, NM Freshman, Pre-Business Playing Softball, Volunteers Youth Center Believe that you can accomplish anything! We believe in you. Mom and Dad. Bueno, Nieves Feldhoff Tucson, AZ Senior, Geosciences Buenrostro, Jose Lameck Tucson, AZ Senior, Marketing Buenzli,TrishaL Castle Rock, CO Junior, Communication Bueras, Carlos David Rio Rico, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bueras, Jose L Tucson, AZ Senior. Economics Buffmgton, Margarita, CA Junior, Regional Development Buffington, Michael D. Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Studio Art Music, Art, Designs, Campus Radio Buffoni, Benedetta Tumacacori, AZ Junior, Business Management Bugey 1 1, Leonard Marshall Tucson, AZ Junior, Studio Art Buhay, JordinaE Gilbert, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Buhl, Trevor D Tucson, AZ Junior, Architecture Buhrmann,DoreAnne Glendale, AZ Senior, Finance Sigma PiGeology, Soccer, Volunteer Work Buhrow, Athena M. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, East Asian Studies Buhrow, Bradley Christopher Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Bui.Carie Tucson, AZ Undecided Writing, Arizona Leader Conference, Vietnamese Club Bui, Carrie Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Bui, Kim A. Tempe.AZ Junior, Pre-Business Bui,MylienThi Tucson, AZ Junior, Industrial Engineering Buission Harvey, Christia Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Bukata, Kevin J Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Engineering Management Bukowski,TomR Cotton, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Dean ' s List, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Drums Tom, you make us proud! All the best. Our love, hugs, kisses. Mom, Dad, Trade, Jessica, and Dawn Bularca, Brandusa Nicoleta Tucson, AZ Senior, Architecture Bulgheroni, Anthony Abraham Modesto, CA Senior, Accounting Bullaro, David Manfred Tucson, AZ Senior, Architecture Bullington, Nicholas C. Flagstaff, AZ Freshman, No Major Selec ted Bullis, Jerry A Tucson, AZ Senior, Industrial Engineering Bullock, Jeffrey Alan Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Health Education Bullock, Kristin Michelle Tempe, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Bullock, Michelle Debra Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Fishing Buls, Prescott Richard Tucson, AZ Senior, Engineering Management Bulthuis.AlishaF ' Flagstaff, AZ 1ST, Pharmacy Bultman, Amy Clare Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Bultman, Eric Mark Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Bultman, Joshua Luke Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Bune, Justine Olivia CaveCreek, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Bunting, John M. Bernalillo, NM Freshman, Pre-Business Buonagurio, John Edgar Peoria, AZ Freshman, Optical Sciences Enginee Bupp, Jacquelyn Theresa Tucson, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Delta Delta Delta Buppert, Matthew B Santa Barbara, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Rugby Burbank, David Yazzie Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Civil Engineering Burbano De Lara, Leslee Michelle Fort Collins, CO Freshman. Media Arts Pi Beta Phi Have a great film career! Love, Mom Dad Burch, Heather N. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Burch, Jason S Tucson, AZ Senior, Regional Development Burch, Lindsey Houston, TX Junior, Media Arts Burchfield, Vivian Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Burchinal, ReneeC Prescott, AZ Senior, Religious Studies Burckle, Jonathan Hayden West Hills, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Jono, we love you and we ' ll always be proud of you! Mom, Dad, Heather, and Lucy Burden, Elizabeth E. Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Burdick, Stephanie Erin Bellevue, WA Freshman, No Major Selected Burdine, Carson SanAngelo.T, Senior, Business Economics Burds, Tracy Lynn Tucson. A Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Burdsall, Derek J. Martinsville. I Junior. Molecular Cellular Biol Pi Kappa Phi, Sports Derek, we ' re proud of you! Keep up the good work. Love. I Mom and Dad Burdt, William B Danville. Cl Senior, Finance Bures, Melissa J. Mequon. VI Freshman, Studio Art Buresh, Megan Annette Phoenix, A| Senior, Nutritional Sciences Burg, Christopher Wayne Tucson. A| Junior, Pre-Computer Science Burg, Joseph T Tucson, Ai Sophomore, Media Arts Burger, Lindsay M. WatertowaC Sophomore, No Major Selected Alpha Phi, Field Hockey, Working Out, Socializing Burger, Lori C Prescott. A Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Burger, Michelle V. Tucson, A Senior, English Burger, William Paul Tucson, A Junior, No Major Selected Burgess, CherieN. Snowflake, A Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Burgess, Timothy A. Tucson, A Sophomore, Pre-Business Burgess, Victoria Joy Peoria, A Freshman, Pre-Nursing Swimming, Cooking Burgos, Robert Tucson, f Junior, Pre-Business Burgoyne, Heather Anne Prescott. A Senior, Studio Art Burgstaler, Christina Anne Tucson, A Junior, Liberal Arts Burhans, Theodore S Tucson. A Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau. Computers, Drive Cars, Sleeping Burillo, Daniel Tomas Peoria, A Sophomore, Computer Engineering Burk, Michael Austin Phoenix, A Junior, Media Arts Burke, Benjamin J Phoenix, A Junior, Psychology Burke, Erin Katherine Tucson. A i Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Burke, Hayden Michael Carls Bad, C ! Sophomore, Undecided Burke, Jessica B. Tucson. Ail Freshman, Studio Art Burke, Margaret Kathleen Tucson, A UNC, Elementary Education Burke, Megan A. Boise. I Freshman. Pre-Architecture Indoor Soccer, Coaching Girls B-Ball. Academic Scholarship Congratulations on your accomplishments this year!! Burke, Ryan Dominic Tucson. A), Senior, Political Science Burke, SeamusJ Bisbee, A : Junior, Electrical Engineering Burkhart, Adam C. Phoenix. A Freshman, Chemical Engineering Burkhart, Patricia Louise Tucson, A | Junior, Social Studies Burkland.KaiaE. Jackson. W I Freshman, Retailing Consumer Scien Burlacenco,Larisa Tucson, A| Freshman, Pre-Business Burleson,LeahRae Tucson, Al Senior. English (Extended) Writing Burner, Sarah Jane Tucson, A] Sophomore, Musical Theatre Burnett, Clark Robert Tucson. A-[ Sophomore, Political Science Burnette, Lola Mae Tuba City. A UNC, History Likes Reading, Loves Her Daughter Burnham, Chris J. Tucson. A Freshman, Theatre Arts Burnham, Laurel H. Tucscon. A Junior, Pre-Education Burno, Mesa, A Sophomore, No Major Selected Intramural Sport, Flag Football, Referee Flag Football Burns, Beverly Lynn Sierra Vista, A Senior, Business Management o . Basketball Jennifer Christine iophomore. Pre-Education 3 ren Interest. Volunteer At Chit Home, Hiking ., Jessica Kim unior Finance levies. Hang Out With Boyfriend , Jessica Hilary homore. Pie-Convnncation Kate Ann unior. Retailing 4 Consumer Scien ' I urns, Laura Marie unior. Psychology - : ' gnor, Theatre Arts , Molly Elizabeth ophomore, Pre-Education .Nathaniel Edward unkx. Communication .Samantha Marian ophomore. No Major Selected I urns, Sarah Kathleen ' iophomore. Pre-Business iports Illustrated Inte.. Eters Scholar Group i, Scott Frederick enior. Finance aseball (pitcher). Class Of 2003 i, Travis Ray iophomore. No Major Selected Iv, William Patrick mior. Political Science ecr. Of Young Demo. Club, Young Democrats Convent - urns, Brandon Jerrett Mhman, Political Science urns, ChristopherW. St Michaels. AZ .: , C M ierior. Pre-Pharrnacy lurnsid , Savannah V. Window Rock. AZ Mhman, No Major Selected ker, Anne Frances Tucson, AZ :. Nondegree Seeking r.BrandonJ. Phoenix, AZ enior. Music de Of Arizona. Trumpet. Pep Band ion, David Brian Oro Valley, AZ enior. Economics Jurraston.TamaraN Oro Valley. AZ i- ;-== = - -;. iurrell, Michael John Tucson, AZ Business Management iurrell.TenaDyann Tucson, AZ -man. Pre-Physiol Sciences urridg ,BnttPau! Thousand Oaks. CA unkx. Finance Ipha Kappa Phi. Mens Volleyball Team - ' ' Ye ' re impressed! Love Mom Dad I urns, Julie Anna Tucson, AZ No Major Selected urritt, Patrick Michael Tucson. AZ enior. Wildlife urrola, Natalie LJssette Tucson. AZ reshman. Pre-Communication i,Yvette Tucson, AZ unkx. Psychology lurroughs,DonTodd Beverly Hills. CA reshman. No Major Selected ongraUafons Dion. you dd Love Mora Dad and Travis . " -.-:--. . s A urrola. : - Tucson. AZ Burton, Michael C. Coolidge.AZ Freshman, General Biology Tucson, AZ Reading. Computers Burton, Ouentin Roslyn Height, NY Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Tucson, AZ Basketball. Traveling Burton, Warier L Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Civil Engineering Tucson. AZ Bus, Danielle E Peoria, AZ Senior, English (Extended) Busbee, Brandon Leigh MoMe.AL Tucson. AZ Junior, Economics Delta Delta Delta, Traveling, Sports Tucson, AZ Busby, Sara L. Medford.MN Freshman. No Major Selected Sahuarita.AZ Busby, Savana Oro Valley. AZ Freshman, Psychology Peoria. AZ B use h, Allison ' Gold River. CA Freshman. No Major Selected Busch, Samuel T. Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Sociology Buschmann.Kathryne Virginia Prescott.AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Delta Gamma Buser, Jessica Tucson, AZ Sophomo re. Animal Sciences Bush, Alexis B Minnetonka. MN Sophomore. Journalism Bush, Ashley B Minnetonka. MN Senior, Nutritional Sciences Bush, Matthew Adam Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Bush, Melissa Arm Tucson, AZ Senior, Nutritional Sciences Bush, Sarah L Tucson, AZ Senior. Sociology Bushnag, Sarah M. Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Bushnell, Alan Curtiss Tuscon. AZ Freshman. General Biology Busser.JoteneG. Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Economics Bussmann, Harry Theodore. IV St Louis. MO Sophomore, Pre-Busmess Bustamante, Elizabeth P. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Bustamante, George E Stafford. VA Freshman, Civil Engineering Music, Aviation, Mathematics We ' re very proud of you!Keep up the good work. We wish you luck success.Love. Mom Dad Bustamante, Luis Negates, AZ Freshman. Pre-Architecture Bustamante, Rebeca Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Retaing Consumer Scien Bustamante, Ruben A. Tucson. AZ Fioahnan. No Major Selected Bustamante, Sara M. Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Bustamante. Tucson, AZ Senior. Communication Bustamante, Teresa B uster, Philty Charles Avondate. AZ Freshman. Aerospace Engineering Bustillos. Tucson. AZ Phoenix, AZ Lafayette, CA Tucson. AZ Grand Junction, CO Phoenix, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ turrows, Christian -eshman. No Major Selected I urrows, Jeffrey D ' reshman. No Major Selected omputers. Reading lurrows, Susan W. ' , Latin American Studies iurruel, EmiryAnn ophomore. Political Science Michelle Mane unior. Speech Hearing Sciences lurrus, : ' - Wayne, PA Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Green Valley, AZ St Louis, MO Tucson, AZ Bustos, S= Freshman. No B uswall, J Butalla, " . : . : lurruss, -i- 5. : ' ?smian. Pre-Pharrnacy lete - ; :-- : urson. " :----_ 1 erne- E :: ' ; ' . ' : e:. = E lurt, eshman. Theatre Arts lurt, g,.. Ee ?--=-y Education lurt,= .Nondegree Seeking lurton, ' . ' = - - Tucson. AZ Carroll, IA Tucson, AZ Butalla, Christine Elaine Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Anthropology Working W Peopte, Making The World A Better Place Butcher, AndriaKristine Casa Grande. AZ Senior. Sociology Butcher, Timothy Justin Yuma.AZ Sophomore, Plant Sciences Buter, Jonathan R Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Psychology Congratulations!!! Tucson, AZ Buti, Nicole Marie Geneva. IL Senior. Marketing Tucson, AZ Butkus, Amy Elizabeth Newburgh.lN Tucson, AZ Butkus, Stephanie Catherine Bridgevtew, IL Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Tucson, AZ Honors Cotege, Starting Center for UAVofcybal. Horses B utter, Alex Steffen Tucson, AZ La JoHa, CA Junior. History Butler, Alicia L Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Political Science Butl r, Amanda Tucson, AZ Junior, Wildlife Butler, Amy Kathryn Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Butl r, Andrea Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Education Butl r, Brandon Lamar Tucson, AZ Junior, Chemistry Butler, BrittneyL Tucson, AZ Junkx, Elementary Education Wildcat Recruiter Butler, Elizabeth D Tucson. AZ Junior. Language and Culture Butler, Emily Bullhead City, AZ Junior, Pre-Medical Technology Girts Scouting, Soccer Butler, Erica Jean Tucson. AZ Senior, Psychology Your Dad and Mom are so proud of you. Good Luck with your future. We Love you! Butler, Ian Anthony Bullhead City, AZ Junior. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Butler, John Ross Beltevue. WA Senior, Management Info Systems Elter Scholar, Honors Program. Football Butler, Kate Middteton.MA Junior, Elementary Education B utler, Katetand H. Reno, NV Freshman. Molecular Cellular Biol Swimming. Figure Skating, Violin Butler, Lindsay Gail Tucson. AZ Senior. Marketing Butler, Ryan E Mesa.AZ Senior, Psychology Butler, Ryan Peter Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Classics Butler, Sonja Ann Tucson, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Air Force R.O.T.C Butler, Stephanie Anne Danville, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Butler Jr., Brandon Richard Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Rugby. Music, Guitar B utterforodt, August (GUS) Belden Tuscon. AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Snowboarding. Fourwheeling. Frisbee B u Hermann, Daniel James Prescott. AZ Sophomore, Music B utters, Stephani Jean Scottsdale. AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Movies. Voluteering, Running Butterworth, Benjamin Chartes Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Buttery, Alexander Ross Pebble Beach, CA Sophomore. Pre-Education Alex, we are so proud of youlLove Mom. Matt, James, and Betha Button, Tyler S. Superstition Mountain. AZ Senior. Political Science Buttrey, Alyson Elizabeth Eagar. AZ Junior. Environmental Sciences Butts, Sara Michelle Cincinnati]. OH Sophomore. Pre-Education Alpha Delta Pi Butts, Sean K. Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Butv Idas, Eric Andrew Tucson, AZ Senior, Geography Buxbaum, Briana Machelte Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. No Makx Selected Buyum, Matthew David Tucson. AZ Junior, Engineering Physics Buzas,KathenneN Rio Rico. AZ Junior, Music Buzzard, Janelle Marie Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Bycel, Matthew N Tarzana.CA Sophomore, Political Science Bycura, Miescha Kay Tempe. AZ Sophomore, Spanish Byer, Carrie E. Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Political Science Byers, Michelle Lea Tucson, AZ Senior. Psychology Byers, Tyler G. Spokane, WA Senior. Engineering Mathematics Wheelchair Racing, Wheelchair Basketball Byerts, Lauren F Irvine, CA Senior, Economics Alpha Chi Omega. Church, Music, Family And Friends Congratulations and blessing to you. So proud of you! May the Lord Bless and keep you. Love, Mom. Byram, Mary Elizabeth Westfield.MA Freshman. Linguistics Byrd.AnaF. Douglas, AZ Sophomore, Elementary Education Byrge, Brad J Tucson. AZ Senior. Management Info Systems Byrne, Emily A. Phoenix. AZ Junior, Studio Art Shopping, Music, Antique Jewelry Byrne, John Michael Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Byrne, Michael James Williams Air Force Base. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Fishing, Relaxing Michael, we ' re proud of you. and we know you ' ll do a great job! Love, Mom, Dad, and Krystin Byrnes, Christine Judfth Tucson, AZ Junior, History Byrnes, David John La Grange, IL Junior, Agri Biosystems Engr Byrnes, Katherine Elise Tucson. AZ Junior, Performance (Jazz Stds.) Byrnes, Patrick R. HatbontPA Freshman, Psychology Byroad, Ashley M. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Byron, Kathryn A. Cave Creek, AZ Junior, No Major Selected C Seisa, Tristan Loyde Los Angeles, CA Freshman, No Major Selected C. Garrison, Kyla Dominique Tucson, AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Bid Caballero, Abraham G. Rio Rico. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Golf, Football, Business Caballero, Christian Yuma.AZ Freshman. Political Science Caballero, Guadalupe Velasquez Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Caballero, Maria N. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Systems Engineering Caballero, Monica Adriana Yuma.AZ Freshman, No Major Selected TV. Rearing, Jogging Cabello, Chris M Casa Grande, AZ Senior, Chemistry Cabo, Makishma Marriete Tucson, AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Cabrera, Maria Idolina Tucson, AZ Senior, Sociology Cabrera, Rachel Arm Tempe, AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Cabrera, Rosaria K. Tucson, AZ Senior, Nun) Cabulong, Justine Reyes Avondate. AZ Freshman. Media Arts Marine Corp ROTC. Martial Arts Club Cabulong, KnstofferR Avondate, AZ Sophomore. Creative Writing Church Activities Cachola.OmarV San Jose. CA Senior, Mechanical Engineering Surfing, Playing The Guitar, Video Games Congratulations Omar from Dad and Mom. You have made our dreams come true. We love you so much! Cada, Stacey Lee Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Cade, Rebecca Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Cadena, Jonathan Sahuarita.AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Cadena-sandoval, Elsa Ofelia Tucson, AZ Junior. Chemistry Cady, Jennifer J. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, History Cady, Thomas Cade Tucson, AZ Senior. Chemical Engineering Caffarel, Daniel Paul Tucson, AZ Senior. Psychology Caffey, Brianna Jae Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Cafiero, Christopher J Phoenix. AZ Senior, Civil Engineering Cagle.ChnstoperEnc B Dorado, AR Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Kappa Sigma Cagle.Kayci Nicole Tucson, AZ Junior, Accounting Cagle, Laura Ann Tucson, AZ Senior. Nutritional Sciences Caban, Halite Miami. FL UNC, Nondegree Seeking Cahan, Melissa A ' Highland Park. IL Senior, Retailing Consumer Scten 417 Cahill, Martin Walter Lake Oswego, OR Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy World Class Cyclist Cahill, Shaun Michael Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Cai, Vinhkhue Encinitas, CA Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Cai, Xuemei Tucson, AZ Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Music, Reading, Traveling Caiazzo, Aniello R. Perinneville, NJ Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Caiazzo, Jessica Fay Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Communication Basketball, Sports, Leadership Cain, Ashley Brien Paradise Valley, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Hiking, Running, We ' re very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, and Scott Cain, Robert Ian Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Caine, Erika Marjorie Glendale.AZ Sophomore, Environ Hydrology Water Cairns, Gena Elise Phoenix, AZ Senior, Marketing Pi Beta Phi Cairns, Leanne Belyn Phoenix, AZ Senior, Engineering Management Pi Beta Phi Calderon, Adam Tucson, AZ Senior, Criminal Justice Admin Calderon, Karl P. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Mathematics Calderon, Melissa Jo Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Calderwood,EricA. Merrimac, MA Junior, Pre-Communication Caldwell, Claire M Phoenix, AZ Junior, Communication Caldwell, Craig E R.H.E..CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Caldwell, Holyce Macfarlane La Verne. CA Freshman, No Major Selected Caldwell, Jason Lee Leawood, KS Freshman, Pre-Business Phi Kappa Phi, Primus, Sports, Football, Basketball Congratulations! We are so proud of you!Love,Mom Dad Caldwell, Leslie A. Tempe. AZ Freshman, Microbiology Pre Dental Club, Sports Caldwell, Nicholas Patrick Tucson, AZ Freshman, Media Arts Caldwell, Stephanie Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Caldwell, Tracy M. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Kappa Kappa Gamma, Water Skiing, Sports, Nat ' l Charity League Tracy, it ' s all good! Love, Mom and Dad Cale, Laurie Anne Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Calello, Frank Anthony Lincroft.NJ Freshman, Journalism Calenti, Achilles Guy Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Calgie, Sarah Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Calhoon, Christie Columbus, OH Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Calhoon, Ryan A Willcox, AZ Senior, History Calhoun, Craig Loren Sonoita, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Calhoun, Jeffrey A. Poway, CA Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Calhoun, Sarah Renee Sonoita, AZ Sophomore, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Cali, Anthony P Mesa.AZ Senior, Economics Cali, Joseph Victor Mesa, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Califano, Kristopher Ryan Phoenix, AZ Senior, Journalism C a I ig i u ri , Gate r i na Angeli na Santa Barbara, C A Freshman, No Major Selected Caliban, Molly Kathryn Phoenix, AZ Senior, Pre-Communication Calihan, Patrick Price Phoenix, AZ Senior, Finance FIJI, Bobcat Club, Golf Calilung, Christopher Mesa, AZ Freshman, Liberal Arts Writing, Drawing, Good Luck to you Chris! Love, Mom and Dad Calio, Jason M. Peoria.AZ Freshman, Wildlife Calkins, Clifford J. Casa Grande, AZ Senior, Marketing Phi Kappa Psi Calkins, Ryan Patrick Phoenix, AZ Senior, Finance Callaghan, Justin T Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Callahan,AmyLee Mesa, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Cycling, Youth Counselor In Church, President Scholar Callahan, Jesse Rowley Phoenix, AZ Senior, Anthropology Callahan, Kathleen S. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, English Writing Callahan, Meagan E. Fall River, MA Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Callahan, Melissa Lynn Frederick, MD Senior, Music Education Elementary Music, African drumming Callan, Anthony Hansen Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Callan, Kimberly R. Tucson, AZ Senior, Marketing Callan, Kristina D. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Callaway, LeaAnn Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Call icotte, Victoria Bernice Clifton, AZ Senior, Microbiology Callinan, Adam Michael Flagstaff, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Callinan, Erin L. Flagstaff, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Callipare, Dennis Alessandro Rochester, NY Senior, Pre-Education History, Baseball, Football, Basketball Thanks for a great education Mom and Dad. Galloway, Charles Andrew Coolidge, AZ Senior, Architecture Calvert, Chad Edwin-Ewing Chatsworth, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Calvert, Sarah Marie Phoenix, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Calvillo, Evonne Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Spanish Gamma Alfa Omega, UA Band, Egypt Artifact, Flamingo Dancing Calvin, Heidi M Creston, IA Senior, General Biology Calvo, Christen Quenga Barrigada, GU Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Calvo, Jacquelyn Quenga Talofofo, GU Sophomore, Pre-Business Piano, Dance Calza.LisaY Nogales.AZ Junior, Political Science Camacho, Amy A. Tucson, AZ Senior, Music Education Camacho, David Jesus Tucson, AZ Senior, Chemical Engineering Camacho, Mark Andrew Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Camardella, Erica A. Carpintena. CA Sophomore, Psychology Basketball, Economics, Italian Camarena, Carly Catherine Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Theatre Arts Camarena, Jose L. Tucson, AZ Freshman, General Biology Cambanes, Sarah B. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Veterinary Science Cambensy, Jacqueline R. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Dance Cambier, Justin G. Salinas, CA Junior, Pre-Business Camden, Sean Raymond Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Sociology Camerer, Brook Elizabeth St Albans, MO Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Cameron, Caitlin Kim Tucson, AZ 1ST, Pharmacy Cameron, Danielle M Prescott, AZ Senior, Nursing Cameron, Ian D Phoenix, AZ Senior, Civil Engineering Cameron, Jennifer Lois Tucson, AZ Senior, Performance (Flute) Cameron, Latonya Marie Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Cameron, Lisa L. Encinitas, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Minor In Spanish Cameron, Ryan A Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Camicia, Joseph Alan San Jose, CA Junior, Regional Development Honor Society Dean ' s List, Music, Family, Snowboarding Congratulations - the sky is the limitlWe love you! Mom and Dad Gamma ratio, Angelica Cecilia Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Animal Sciences Camou, Holly Elizabeth Tempe.AZ Freshman, General Biology Ceramics, Soccer, Hiking, Church Activites Camp, Amanda A Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Science Camp, Frank H. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Microbiology Camp, Jonas Russell Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Camp, Michael Thomas Tucson, AZ Freshman, Electrical Engineering Campagna, Nicholas Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Campas, Oscar Frank Sierra Vista, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Wrestling, Hunting, Four wheeling Campbell, Alison Blake Peoria, AZ Senior, Science Education Campbell, Andrew R. Phoenix. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Campbell, Andrew J Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Business Management Bowling, Poker, Sports Campbell, Ashley Jean Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Campbell, CaitlynM. Yuma, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Campbell, Catherine Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Campbell, Charlotte Kent Tempe.AZ Freshman, Chemistry Campbell, Chase Alan Overland Park, KS Freshman. Geosciences Campbell, Chris T Tucson, AZ Junior, Materials Sci Engr Campbell, Cristie Jo Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Campbell, David Hunter Mesa, AZ Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Sigma Phi Epsilon, Weightlifting, Play Guitar, Hanging out W frat Bros Best Wishes! Keep up the good work! Love, Mom and Dad Campbell, Deborah Jeanne Morristown. NJ Freshman, No Major Selected Campbell, Douglas A Phoenix, AZ Senior, Philosophy Campbell, James Elliott San Francisco, CA Sophomore, Near Eastern Studies Indian Arabic Music Com Campbell, Jay Thomas Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Campbell, Jennifer D. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Campbell, Jessica Morristown, NJ Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol Campbell, Jessica C Phoenix, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Campbell, Jonathan M Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Chemical Engineering Football, Baseball Campbell, Joshua Murl Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Campbell, Julie Ashley Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Campbell, Kelly Lorraine Yuma. AZ Senior, Elementary Education Campbell, Kelly Lynne Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Campbell, Kevin Francis Phoenix, AZ Junior, Regional Development Campbell, Kirk James Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Campbell, Leah Rene Phoenix, AZ Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Campbell, Mallory Kristin Los Altos, CA Freshman, Pre-Education Campbell, Mark B Austin, TX Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Campbell, Matthew A Chino Hills, CA Junior, Pre-Business Campbell, Megan Susannah San Diego, CA Freshman, Pre-Education Tucson, i Tucson, Tucson, Gilbert, Tucson, Muddelein, I Tucson, i Tucson, A) Tucson, A JtipV (Kfat Prescott, A - Tucson, A y Rio Rico, Laguna Miguel, C Tucson, i Campbell, Nicholas Alan Glendale, Freshman, Computer Engineering Campbell, Robert Stephen Junior, Economics Campbell, Robert Fredrick Junior, Electrical Engineering Campbell, Ross Arthur Freshman, Pre-Business Music, Tucson Voice Chorus Campbell, Rowena Patrice Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Dancing, Reading, Traveling Campbell, Ryan P. Freshman, Systems Engineering Campbell, Scott Andrew Sophomore, Pre-Business Student Management, Soccer, Study Abroad Campbell, Sharon Rose Junior, Psychology Campbell, Sheri A Senior, Accounting Financial Management Association, Golden Key Honor Society Campbell, Steve Lawrence Bakersfield, C, Senior, Spanish Campbell, Susan Beth Sophomore, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Campbell, Tiffany Priscila Junior, Pre-Computer Science Campbell, Trisha Marie Sophomore, Psychology Campbell, Zachary Taylor Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Campeau, ErinT Junior, No Major Selected Campillo, Adam Gabriel Junior, Accounting Basketball Campista, Francisco Estevan Sophomore, Studio Art Camponovo, Jessica A. Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Camponovo, Ryan Scott Freshman, No Major Selected Campos, David F Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Alpha Omega Phi, Hunting, Paintballing Campos, DulceGuadalupe Sophomore, No Major Selected Campos, Frank J Senior, History Likes Golfing, Basketball, Traveling Campos, Jennifer A. Senior, Accounting Campos, Jessica Jennifer Junior, Psychology Campos, Olga Angelica Sophomore. Studio Art Campos De Marcor, Gabriela Senior, Spanish Campos Ulep, Mary Joyce Freshman, Pre-Nursing Campos-McDaniel, Silvia Eve Senior, Business Management Canal, Jennifer Elaine Senior, Health Education Canalez, Laura Avila Junior, Psychology Cancel!!, Philip Rocco Sophomore. No Major Selected Cancio, Matthew Ross Sophomore, Political Science Candee, Kevin Noah Sophomore, Pre-Communication Candelaria, David John Freshman, No Major Selected Running, Rowing, Volleyball. Soccer Candelaria, Stephanie L. Freshman, Materials Sci Engr Candler, Kai Romarr Senior, Pre-Physiol Education Varsity Football Candrea, Mikel J. Senior, Communication Canedy, Melissa Megan Freshman, Pre-Education Canelos, Gregorio Tomas Sophomore, No Major Selected Canessa, Eduardo Senior, Management Info Systems Phi Eta Sigma, Operations Management, NSCS, Golden Canestra, Daren J Sierra Vista, A Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences I Tucson, A f.?rr: i Scottsdale, A Scottsdale, A Chandler, A Nogales. Ai Mesa, Ai Tucson, At Tucson, A| Tucson, AI Tucson, Af Chandler, A : Tucson, A J Tucson, Ai Tucson, A|| Peoria, An Tucson, An Edgewater, M Phoenix, A Tucson, A Tucson, k Casa Grande, Al Phoenix, Al ... Tucson, Al l j, Guatemala, AI 418 : anestra, Daren Joy Sierra Vista, AZ ' hysicology RC. Works With Handicap, Physical Therapy, Special ympics Tennis anet, Mark J. Green Valley, AZ reshman. Mechanical Engineering anez, Ernesto Francisco Tucson, AZ enior, Pre-Education = ' anez, Vanessa Nogales.AZ enior. Elementary Education Of our wonderful bebe, and her excellent work! Love, ' " niton and Dad anfield, Jason William Tucs on, AZ ior. Media Arts nfield, Tasha E. Tucson, AZ reshman. Pre-Nursing nham, David Larson Mesa.AZ enior. Physics aniff, Robed Gerald lenior. Pre-Business aniglia, DustmT. jphomore. Political Science xcer iniglia, Jonathan Casey Mayer, AZ eshman. Psychology r " S3U(onors Dorm, Soccer annata, Melissa Ann Colorado Springs, CO nior. Pre-Health Education aiming, AleaK. Gilbert, AZ Sc to Sophomore. Dance anning, Nicholas Adam Pebble Beach, CA .; ' - reshman. No Major Selected Kappa Epsilon, Snowboarding, Weightboarding, Golf Tucson, AZ Mayer, AZ inning, Sarah Boots nior. Fine Arts Studies annon, Alexander Robert " .:.: enior. Performance (Trumpet) olden Key mnon,AmyE enior, Spanish mnon.AshleeAnn ophomore, No Major Selected mnon.Grete Katharine ophomore. Dance annon, KatyL SMK(|jnior, Retailing Consumer Scien innon, Lucille Marie teHophomore. Pre-Health Education annon, Scott enior. Art Education annon, Sean Jon enior. Media Arts i, Chelsey L. ophomore. Psychology ano, Ricardo Alberto enior. Studio Art ano, Tatiana Marie reshman. Pre-Nursing intabrana, Jose Alejandro enior. Psychology anton.CorianneR eshman, Veterinary Science .5: anton, John P. ophomore. Economics ,csrl appa Alpha intor, Allison Rachel ophomore. Pre-Communication antor, Brian Edward ' S! l eraor, Management Info Systems antrell, Adam Smith eshman. No Major Selected antu, Christopher :; eshman. No Major Selected antua, Chris Martin inior, Criminal Justice Admin sr,t antua, Vicente A. reshman, No Major Selected .S. ifolleyball. Go | f lute, Jamie Christopher reshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences apa, Christine Ann jnior, Retailing Consumer Scien ipeloto, Julie llene enior. Communication ' apobianco, Christina ophomore. Criminal Justice Admin -.;-:;; xercising apone, Anthony P. yft ophomore, No Major Selected appello, Anthony William jnior. No Major Selected ' appello, Peter B enior. Chemistry Tucson, AZ Mathews, NC Tucson, AZ Phoenix, AZ Helena, MT Brawley, CA Flagstaff. AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Phoenix, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Yuma. AZ Tucson, AZ Burlingame, CA Ridgefield, CT Scottsdale, AZ Colleyville, TX Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Tucson. AZ Nashville. TN Tucson. AZ Vemon Hills, IL Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ Cappiello, John Paul Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Education Cappo, Michael Gilbert, AZ Freshman. Molecular Cellular Biol Lacrosse, Fish, Camping Capps, Dustin S Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Capps, Kayla Mae Yuma, AZ Freshman. Chemistry Capra, Vanessa Nogales. AZ Senior. Political Science Caprio, Joseph L Denville, NJ Freshman, Civil Engineering ROTC Caproni, Linnea Katherine Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Honors Coll, National Dean ' s List, Pianist, Travel, Genealogy Research, Langs Cult Pres Caputo Wilcoxon, Michelle Louise Tucson, AZ Junior, General Biology Caracappa, Brian J Randolph. NJ Junior, Media Arts Caramella, Jessica Y Tucson. AZ Freshman, Animal Sciences Cara petyan,NilsT tuscon.AZ Junior, German Studies Caras, Ryan David Frisco, TX Junior, Marketing Delta Chi Caratachea, Marisol Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Caravelli, Evan P. New York, NY Junior, Political Science For Policy, Photography. Digital Imaging Caraveo, Jose Armando Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Full Academic Scholarship Carfaajal, Danette San Manuel. AZ Junior. Pre-Business Carfaajal. Jr.. Jaime Tucson, AZ Freshman, Civil Engineering Basketball, Weight Lifting Carfaajal, KiaChallene Tucson, AZ Freshman, Chemistry Carbajal, Luis Alfonso Tucson, AZ Senior, Latin American Studies Carbajal, Rocky Martin Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Theatre Arts Carbonell, Jaime Tucson, AZ Senior. Aerospace Engineering Carbonell, Kathy Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Carbonell, Lisa M Aguadilla Porto Rico. AZ Senior. Pre-Physiol Sciences National Colligiate Honor, Golden Key Honor Society Carbonneau, Evan P. Chandler. AZ Sophomore, Computer Engineering Carbrey, Kaitlin Lorene Danville, CA Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Cardenas, Betsy Cecilia Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Criminal Justice Admin Cardenas, Katrina A. Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Cardenas, Lisa A Tucson. AZ Junior, Studio Art Cardenas, Miguel A. Tucson, AZ Junior, No Major Selected Cardenas, Patricia F. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Cardenas, ReynaL Apache Jet. AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Cardenas, Tanya D. Nogales.AZ Freshman. Studio Art Cardenas, Theodore Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. General Biology Cardieri, Alexis Marie Vail, AZ Freshman, Political Science Cardieri, George Alexander Vail, AZ Senior. Business Economics Phi Kapppa PsiDean ' s list Cardon, Alejandro Gonzalez Las Cruces. NM Sophomore, Music Cardona, Esther R. Tucson, AZ Senior, Religious Studies Cardona, Phillip Omar Aoura Hills, CA Senior, Business Management Basketball Carducci, Amy Marie Henderson, NV Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Careccio.DeanaM. Park Ridge. NJ Sophomore, Studio Art Caretto, David Christopher Tempe.AZ Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic UBRP, Bravo, Yoda, Youth 4 Organ donors, Vista Care Ho To an outstanding brother and son! Carey, Steven Spencer Tucson, AZ Senior. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key International Carfagnini, Eric Christopher Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Soccer, Football, Music Carfagnini, Matthew Q. Phoenix. AZ Senior. Health Human Serv Admin Soccer Follow your dreams, follow your heart! We are proud of you, Love, Mom and Dad Cargill, Kenneth S. Tucson, AZ Junior, German Studies Cargill, Qumn Claver Vista, CA Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Caria, Sylvester Anthony Brooklyn Park, MN 4TH, Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi, Rho Chi, Golden Keys Carl, Sara Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Carl Babcock, Joshua James Pinetop. AZ Junior, Civil Engineering Carlen, Jarrett G Scottsdale. AZ Senior, Journalism Campus Radio Carless, Stephen J. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Pre-PharmacyClub Carli, Jill Elise Tucson. AZ Junior. Retailing Consumer Scien Carlisle, Andrew Callon Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Carlisle, Emily B Lexington, MA Junior, Regional Development Carton, Jonathan E. Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Carlos, Carolina Tucson. AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Carls, Kimberly Michelle Stuart, FL UNC, Nondegree Seeking Carlson, Amy R. Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Carlson, Ben S Tucson. AZ Senior. Management Info Systems Carlson, Christopher Nickolas Kennewick, WA Sophomore. Mathematics Carlson, Daniel Patrick Bethlehem, PA Sophomore, Political Science Carlson, Jenna Marie Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Carlson, Katherine E. Poway, CA Freshman, Political Science Carlson, Katie Yuma, AZ Freshman, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Carlson, Lisa Marie Lafayette, CA Senior, Communication Soccer Carlson, Robert Carl Poway, CA Junior. Economics Carlson, Ryan Nicolas Tucson, AZ Senior. Pre-Business Carlton, Callista Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Carlton-Carew, Conrad Nnamdi Tempe. AZ Sophomore, Materials Sci Engr Cariucci, Anne Elizabeth LosBanos.CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Camiack, Jordan C. Newport Bch, CA Freshman. Studio Art Carmel, Adam Stephen Paradise Vly, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Carmen Cacho, Maria Del Oxnard, CA Freshman, Physics Carmen Hernandez, Maria Del Tucson. AZ Junior, Nursing Carmen Rivera, Maria Del Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Carmichael, Amber L Glendale, AZ Junior, Psychology Carmody, Molly Aileen Tucson, AZ Senior, Mining Engineering Carnagey, Robin L Tucson. AZ Senior. Communication Carnero, Cassandra D. Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Carnes, DavidMichael Highland, CA Freshman, No Major Selected ROTC Caroline, Melinda Steams Tucson, AZ Senior, Creative Writing Carothers, LukeD Fairbanks. AK Junior. Journalism Carpenter, Amanda Tucson, AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Carpenter, Amy Ruth Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Community Service Carpenter, Brittney Lynn Tucson, AZ Junior. Veterinary Science Carpenter, Bryon Christopher Phoenix, AZ Senior, Political Science Marching Band, Pep Band Carpenter, Christopher Z Decatur, GA Freshman, No Major Selected Photography, Running, Hiking Carpenter, Denise Lynn Tucson, AZ Senior. Creative Writing Carpenter, Janelle Angela Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Studio Art Carpenter, Jennifer Denise Tuscon.AZ Junior. Business Management Carpenter, Jon David Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Carpenter, Katie Conine Payson. AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Enjoys Life One year down! We love you, Mom and Dad Carpenter, Kayla Suzanne Yuma, AZ Junior, Microbiology Carpenter, Kellie J. Redmond, WA Sophomore. Pre-Nursing Carpenter, Michael Ryan Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Carpenter, Michael R. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Carpenter, Natasha L Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Carpenter, Stephen Vemon Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Carpenter, Stephen Thomas Luguna Hills, CA Junior. Pre-Business Carpenter, Todd Scott Riverside, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Club Water Polo Carr.Adra Victoria Old Saybrook, CT Sophomore, Astronomy Ball Room Dancing, 2nd Deg Black Belt Karate, Painting Carr, Andrew Jacob Tempe.AZ Senior, Pre-Computer Science Carr, Anne Ripley Leucadia.CA Freshman, Pre-Communication Sigma Kappa, Church. Friends And Family, Theatre Carr, Beau Justin Houston, TX Sophomore. No Major Selected Football Carr, David A Oak Park. IL Junior, Media Arts Carr, Garret! James Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Rugby Carr, Jennifer A University PI, WA Junior, Studio Art Carr, Mary Elizabeth Saint Louis, MO Junior. Studio Art Delta Gamma, Working Out, Sports Carr, Matthew Prescott, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Carr, Natasha S Tucson. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta, Praise Dancing, Honors College, Mentoring To Underprivileged Carrada, Patricia Aurora Phoenix, AZ Junior. No Major Selected Carrancho, Crystal Cabras Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Anthropology Carranza, Francisco Rene Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Carranza, Ivonne Lizeth Tucson, AZ Junior. Psychology Carranza, Jose Roberto Phoenix, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Carrasco, Alma Rosa Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Carrasco, Candace M Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Carrasco, Corinna San Ysidro, CA Sophomore, Sociology Carrasco, Isabel M. Tucson, AZ Senior. Spanish Carrasco, Ricardo Yanez Tucson. AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Carroll, Casey Ryan Mission Viejo. CA Sophomore, Pre-Business 419 Carroll, JillianE. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Carroll, Tyler J. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Carreno, Alfonso Tucson, AZ Senior, Economics Carreon, Francesca M. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Carreon, Jesus R Gilbert, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Carrillo, Ashley C. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Carrillo, Chris R. Tucson, AZ Senior, Mexican American Studies Carrillo, Edisa I Nogales, AZ Senior, Pre-Business Carrillo, Justin Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Carrillo, KaceyN. Daly City, CA Sophomore, Nursing Carrillo, Krystal M. Daly City, CA Psychology Reading Carrillo, Lori Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Carrillo, Mario Alejandro Mexico City, MX Senior, Engineering Management HTE, ASEM Carrillo, Steven Franco Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Carrington, Caitlin E. Whiteriver, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Carrizoza, Maria R. Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Carroll, Barbara Renee Tucson, AZ Junior, English Carroll, Brian D Rolling Mills, CA Senior, History Minor: Political Science, Pi Kappa Alpha Alumn Congratulations!! We ' re so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Blake, and Katherine Carroll, Christopher J. Phoenix, AZ Junior, Engineering Management Carroll, Clay Bradley Gilbert, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Carroll, Clinton R Garland, TX Senior, Anthropology To our son, Congrats! Job well done! We love you, Mom and Dad Carroll, Daniel Glen Ellyn IL Senior, Finance Sigma Alpha Epsilon Carroll, David Andrew Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Computer Science Carroll, DinaM. Me Nary, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Carroll, Elizabeth Cathleen Chagrin Falls, OH Sophomore, Anthropology Carroll, Emily C Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Carroll, Emily June Tucson, AZ Junior, Music Education Carroll, Joseph T. Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Carroll, Molly E Overland Park, KS Junior, Marketing Carroll, Natasha N. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Carroll, Sean Michael Paradise Valley, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Carroll, William Charles Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Carson, Brenna A. Cave Creek, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Carson, David Patrick LaMirada, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Carson, David P LaMirada.CA Communication Sigma Chi, Snowboarding, Scuba Diving, Boating Carson, Kyle Steven LaMirada.CA Freshman, Pre-Business Carson, Matthew Gerald Agoura Hills, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Kappa Sigma, Intermural Sports We are proud of you! Mom, Dad, Nicole, Catlan Maggie Carson, Nathan Brody Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Carsten, Thomas J. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Electrical Engineering LCM, Radio production Carstensen, Gary Chris Tucson, AZ Junior, Computer Engineering Cartal, William Evan Palo Alto, CA Freshman, Pre-Architecture Drumming, Snowboarding, Hanging Out W Friends Carter, Avery Frances Kennett Square, PA Sophomore, Psychology Carter, Brett L. Pheonix, AZ Junior, No Major Selected Golf Team, Rep Saab Carter, Cynthea Tucson, AZ Senior, Physiological Sciences Carter, Evan C. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Music, Martial Arts, Reading Carter, Jessica Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Nursing Carter, Joey Chris Marana.AZ Sophomore, Psychology Carter, John M Tucson, AZ Junior, Finance Carter, Kasey Joseph Tucson, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Carter, Kerry Dean Douglas, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Carter, KristopherA. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Carter, Mackenzie Anne Apache Jet, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gamma Phi Beta Keep up the good work! We love you, Mom and Dad Carter, Nicolette Marie Oro Valley, AZ Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Carter, Shannon D. APO, AE UNC, Nondegree Seeking Carter, Sharrisse M. Glendale, AZ Freshman, Philosophy Carter, YanaC Tucson, AZ Senior, Veterinary Science Cartheuser, Christopher G. Cincinnati, OH Freshman, Pre-Business Cartwright, Gregory Hayden Lake Forest, IL Freshman, Pre-Business Cartwright, Kevin Phillip Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Cartwright, Vanessa A Tucson, AZ Senior, Journalism NSCS, Journalism and Hispanic Association, SBS Student Advisory, KTA Honors Caruso, Anna Mack Tucson, AZ Junior, Fine and Performing Arts Caruso, Katherine Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Nursing Caruth, Ian William Dallas, TX Senior, Creative Writing Caruth, Whitney L. Mesa.AZ Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Carvajal, Jane Marie Casa Grande, AZ Senior, Nursing Carvel I, Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Carver, Alexis Hawanczak Cave Creek, AZ Sophomore, Architecture Gary, Andrea Rae Chandler, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Volunteer Work Casabat, Courtney Fromm San Rafael, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Casahonda, Hugo Alberto Tucson, AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering Casale, Amanda Elisabeth Rochester, NY Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Casanova, Kristen Diane Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Casarez, Elaine Nogales, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Casberg, Sarah E Santa Fe, NM Junior, Pre-Education Cascio, Edward Vito Bethesda.MD Senior, Psychology Casco, Bernardo Luis San Francisco, CA Freshman, Journalism Case, Cheryl Diane Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Case, Holly Nichole Mesa, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Dance, Works With Church, Web Master For Her Church Case, Paul M Tucson, AZ Senior. Chemical Engineering Case, Rachel R Platte City, MO Junior, Nutritional Sciences Wildcats For Christ, Piano, University Library Case, Robert Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Case, Sarah Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Caseman, Delayne Lois Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Running, Dean Above Dean ' s List Casetta, Kimberly A. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Casey, Cory L Bellevue.WA Sophomore, Journalism C asey, Daphne Brooke Tucson , AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Casey, Echo R. Tucson, AZ Junior, No Major Selected Golden Key Inter. Honor, Nature, Art Casey, Jacob Omer Somerton, AZ Freshman, Microbiology Casey, John Ryan Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Media Arts Casey, Kelli Marie Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Casey, Maegan Mary Phoenix, AZ Senior, English Casey, Sarah J. Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Studio Art C asey, Sean P Rye Brook, NY Junior, Pre-Communication Music, Golf Cash, Brock Jordan Flagstaff, AZ Junior, Aerospace Engineering Cashdollar, Bridget M Tucson, AZ Senior, General Biology Diving Casian,Adriana Somerton, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Caskey, Emily Michelle Flagstaff, AZ Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences ' Caskey, Meghann I. Tucson, AZ Junior, Creative Writing Casolari, Nicholas J. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Casper, Kylie Ann Oro Valley, AZ Senior, Creative Writing Cassady, Michael Lawrence Lyndonville, VT Freshman, No Major Selected Cassata, Noah Michael Harrisburgh, PA Sophomore, Anthropology Roller Hockey League Cassera, Larissa Healani Tigard. OR Senior, Dance Cassett, Jessica Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Cassidy, Brett J Tucson, AZ Senior, History Cassidy, Casey A. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Music Symphonic Choir, Honors College Cassidy, Cullen A. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Music Symphonic Choir, Honors College Cassidy, Jessica M Tucson, AZ Junior, Spanish Cassidy, Megan K. Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Cassidy, Melisa Ann-marie Tucson, AZ Junior, Veterinary Science Cassidy, Nathaniel A Tucson, AZ Senior, Theatre Production Cassidy, ShareeJ. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Cassin, Michael J. Hinsdale. IL Freshman, Pre-Business Castaneda, Daniel William Tucson, AZ 3RD, Pharmacy Castaneda, Elizabeth Glendale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Castaneda, Jenna Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Castano Jr., George H. San Antonio, TX UNC, Nondegree Seeking Castelan, Veronica Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Castelhano, Sarah Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Nursing We are so proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Castellano, Amy K. Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Castellano, Desiree Angela Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Media Arts Castillo, Allan Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Castillo, Chad Joseph Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Castillo, Daniel Burdett Tucson, AZ Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Music Castillo, Erica Sierra Vista, AZ Senior, Animal Sciences Castillo, Jamie M. Tucson, AZ Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Castillo, Joseph Lee Huachuca City, AZ ( Senior, English Castillo, Katrina Jeannette Tucson, AZ ( Freshman, History Castillo, Kevin Chicago. IL J Senior, Media Arts Castillo, Laura R. Mesa.AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Castillo, Patricia Marie Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Castillo, Sarah Theresa Flagstaff. AZ Junior, Elementary Education Castillo, Valerie Anne Tucson, AZ Junior, Media Arts Castilone, John Anthony Sacramento. CA ' Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Castle, BrandonS. Modesto, CA Junior, Pre-Business ROTC, Skiing, Baseball, NASCAR Castle III, Everett Roosevelt Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Business Castleberry, Susanna K Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Castoro, James A. Tucson. AZ Senior. Mechanical Engineering Memeber Of SAE, Assistant Coach, Hockey Team Castrejon, Bebeanna Cristina Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Castrillo, Danielle Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Castro, Alejandrina Junior, Mexican American Studies Castro, Annette Lynn Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Castro, Daniela Senior, Psychology Castro, Danielle Dolores Junior. Elementary Education Castro, Ivan Caleb Senior, Pre-Business Castro, Joanna Marie Junior, Pre-Business Castro, Juan P Senior. Architecture Castro, Krystal Ann Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Castro, Rachel P Sophomore. Media Arts Castro, Ruben Hickman Senior, Pre-Business Castro, Stephanie N. Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Chi Omega, Dancing. Honor Roll. Snowboading Castro, Luis E.,Jr Baldwin Park. CA Sophomore, Environmental Sciences Sports Castro-rodriguez, Filomena Tucson, AZ Senior, Spanish Castruccio, Daphne Isadora Junior, Pre-Business Gymnastics, Skiing, Reading You have done great! We Love you. Mom and Dad Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ r Kearny. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Phoenix, AZ Chandler, AZ Tucson, AZ, Glendale. AZ Tucson, AZ Chandler. AZ Tucson. AZ Catague, Ronald R. Junior. Psychology Catalan, Jannina Sophomore, Journalism Catalan, Teresa Sophomore. Pre-Nursing All Sports Catalano, Monica Louisa Senior, Physiological Sciences Catanese, Maryjane Senior, No Major Selected Catanese Jr., Santo Michael Senior. Political Science Cater, Kristin Rachel Freshman, Journalism Gates, Julia Ann Sophomore. Biosystems Engineering Freshman Class Council Gates Loudenback, Noah Maurice Sophomore, Pre-Business Cathcart, Sarah M. Junior, Pre-Business Cattaneo, Melissa Suzanne Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Catterton, Anna Leesa 4TH, Pharmacy Caudill, Daryl Joseph Freshman. No Major Selected Caudill, Kiera Marie Senior, English (Extended) Causey, Brent J Senior, Finance Florence, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ ElCerrito. CA; San Diego. CA J Wichita. KS Cypress, TX Tucson. AZ Great Falls, Tucson, Menlo Park, CA Sahuarita. AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Phoenix, AZl (1 420 j- C : ;authers, Wesley Dean Tucson. AZ enior. Family Studies Human Dev Javaletto.DelaniaA. Tucson. AZ Mor, Music ipanish. Music. Being With Freinds ;avaliero, Meghan S Highlands Rnc, CO Jenior. Communication lavanagh, Jacqueline Ayn Tucson. AZ RD Pharmacj lavanaugh, Colin Patrick IRVINE, CA Senior. Economics Cavanaugh, David Brian Phoenix, AZ unior. Pre-Business Mobile Dj ' s Manager. Radio Show Host Zavanaugh, Dustin Lane Laguna Niguel. CA reshman. Pre-Business riends. Computer, Poker lavanaugh, Scott Douglas Tucson. AZ r. Economics .:;c (pave, Chester D Tucson, AZ unior, Pre-Business : lave, Christopher Martin Los Altos. CA reshman, No Major Select ed " JBB c Jetta Tau Delta. Snowboarding. Volleyball. Golf Saverly, Corey Matthew " Lakeside. AZ ior. Computer Engineering ,; ;avrell, Adam Benjamin Scottsdale. AZ reshman. Pre-Archrtecture " .:: PI. Soccer. Cars layo Cotter, Tristan John Hyattsville. MD ile, Crystal E. Granite Bay, CA i-- {penior, Communication tappa Kappa GarTTiaBrcQLtasUig.JouiiAjrn,LiajJt3d p :azares,Gabriella01ivia Tucson. AZ unior. English ,:;r (azares, Jennamarie Tucson, AZ reshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences - ;:; Cpazares, Monet I. Tucson, AZ jophomore. No Major Selected ;, Ruben Antonio Tucson. AZ enior. Elementary Education (fceballos, Juliet Eve Negates. AZ enior. Art History ilio, Jonathan V. Tucson. AZ enk r. Management Info Systems i.DaraM. Scottsdale. AZ ophomore. Communication lederberg, Ashley L Woodinville. WA reshman. No Major Selected Jedillo, David Avondate.AZ unior, Spanish :efaratti, Katie Marie Scottsdale. AZ :;, jophomore, Pre-Communication inor Fine Arts :egielski,AmyJoy Flagstaff. AZ enior. I !eja, Jose Anton Tucson. AZ enior. Journalism Jelaya, Angelica Guadalupe Tucson. AZ unior. Psychology Belaya, Mayra Antonieta Tucson, AZ reshman. Theatre Arts i, Sara Tucson. AZ iophomore. Family Studies Human Dev " i, Courtney A. Novato.CA -... (jophomore. Theatre Arts 7lla, Greg D. SanMateo.CA Snowflake. AZ temper, Ronnie M. enior. East Asian Studies !eniceros, Abel R. unior. Psychology ,; Jensky, Rose Katherine senior. English amity. Traveling. Reading lenteno, Jonathan Pre-Computer Science Center, Michael R -s " . c r E:: ' : " :; jo. Misha E. Snior. Pre-Business f terami Jr., Philip Leonard reshman. Chemical Engineering Javy ROTC. weightlifting, swimming and boxing " --nto, Lauren Marie Glen Theatre Arts ne, Dara Scottsdale. AZ Communication (appa Alpha Theta ,TatianaA. Tucson. AZ Iophomore. Journalism lermak, Bethany Judithmegan Tucson. AZ " reshman. Mathematics Yuma. AZ Milwaukee. Wl Tucson. AZ Phoenix. AZ Tucson. AZ Sierra Vista. AZ Glendale. AZ Cernetic, Jason M. Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Computer Enpjneenng Cerny, Nicholas R. Manchester. IN Freshman. No Major Selected Basketball, Music. Video Games Go for your dreams Nicholas! Love, Mom, Dad, and Todd Cernyar, Angela Tucson, AZ Senior, History Ceron, Homero Andres Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Cerone, Bnanna Rachel San Diego. CA Sophomore, Pre-Education Alpha Chi Cerrone, Richard Charles Tucson, AZ Junior, Finance C miti , Dylan Parker. CO Freshman. Pre-Education Hockey Cervantes, Paul Francisco Cotonado. CA Freshman. Pre-Business Cervantes, Ydelisa Maria Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Cervantez, Lisa K. Tucson. AZ Senior, Business Management Cesarz, Blake E. Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Cesarz, Jaime Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Junior, Media Arts Cevey, Benjamin Michael Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Music C ha, Changwoo Torrance. CA Senior, Microbiology Chablani, Neha H. Litchfield. AZ Senior, Marketing Chabot, Elizabeth A Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Chaccour, SamDailey Sacramento. CA Sophomore, Regional Development Chacon, Angelica N. Tucson. AZ Senior. Nursing Dancing, Camping, Running Congratulations! You made it. We ' re very proud of you. Love. Mom and Papa C hacon, Julia Ann Tucson. AZ Junior, Accounting Chacon, Marisol Tucson, AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Chacon, Victor Daniel Tucson. AZ Junior, Agri Resource Econ Chiquano ' s Student Affair. Volunteer Work, Victor, your Dad and I are very proud of you! Get through quickly. We Love you. Love. Mom and Dad Chaffee, Anthony Kirkland.WA Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Chaffin, Thomas Charles Tucson, AZ Junior. Political Science Chaffon.ChnsJ. Tucson. AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Chafin, Bryn Michelle Decatur.GA Freshman, Dance C ha if etz, Cart Abraham Silver Spring. MD Freshman. Civil Engineering Chaignot, Jackie Lynn Tucson. AZ Junior. Pre-Hea!th Education Chait, Rivka Tucson, AZ Junior. Pre-Business Chaiyasut, Watson Phoenix. AZ Junior. Pre-Pharmacy We ' re so proud of you! Hard work will get you to your destination. Good Luck! We all love you. ChaKoun.Fadi Nader Tucson. AZ Freshman, Media Arts Challis, Meghan Franklin Tucson. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Chamberlain, Kevin Matthew Phoenix. AZ Freshman, English Chamberlain, Kimberty Ann Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Speech Hearing Sciences Chamberlain, Lindsay C. Tucson, AZ ' Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Mesilla.NM Tucson. AZ Naknek.AK Chamberlain, Nicole Marissa UNC. Nondegree Seeking Chamberlain, Rachina Maria Freshman, Psychology Chamberlain, Roberts. Sophomore. Music Chamberlin, Elizabeth A. UNC. Nondegree Seeking Chamberlin, Regina Marie Senior. Social Studies Dean ' s List. Honor ' s College You make us proud! Love. Mom Dad Chambers, Chester Orion UNC. Nondegree Seeking Chambers, Clover Tucson. AZ Senior. Finance Chambers, Kenneth Robert Mission Viejo. CA Freshman, No Major Selected Sigma Alpha Epstai.Basebal. Trucks. Hangng With Fnends Chambers, Megan E Henderson, NV Junior. General Biology Chambers, William Duval, IV Queens. NY Senior, Theatre Arts Underground Hip Hop, Lights Sound For Theatre Champie, Margaret Espil Oro Valley, AZ Senior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Champion, Autumn Elizabeth Tustin.CA Freshman. Pre-Education Softball Team Chan, Andy K. Tucson. AZ Junior, No Major Selected Cars Chan, Christopher T. Phoenix. AZ Junior. Pre-Computer Science Computers. Reading, Technology. Snowboarding Chan, Joyce P Mesa. AZ Senior. Computer Science Chan, Sharon Shang-lun Tucson. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Chan,Tsang Junior, Pre-Business Chan, Victor L El Paso, TX Freshman. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Chan Ocubillo, Juan Paulo Tucson. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Ghana, GurjeelKaur Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Reading, Drawing, Volkswagen Gurjeet. we ' re proud of you! Keep up the good work. Love. Mom, Dad, Kiran. and Sonu Chance, Stephanie M. Glendale.AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Chandler, AWine Sinclair Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Alpha Kappa Theta, Honors College, Academic Scholarship(4.0). Cash Scholarship Congratulations! We are proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Love. Mom and Tyler! Chandler, Amanda O ' haco Winslow. AZ Senior. Family Studies Human Dev Sigma Alpha. Pres. Of Sshd Ambass, Equestrian Show Team. Community Service Chandler, Jennifer Leigh Atlanta. GA Senior, Political Science Phi Alpha Delta, Alpha Phi Omega. Racquetball, Travel Chandler, Kevin Brown Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Chemical Engneenng Chandler, Nicholas Ray Gilbert. AZ Sophomore. Mechanical Engineering Cars Chandra, Meghna Ramesh Tucson, AZ Junior. Pre-Business Chaney, Autumn L. Tolleson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Education Chang, AlanaY Oro valley, AZ Junior, Psychology Chang, Amy Chancier. AZ Junior, History Chang, Andrew Cave Creek, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Chang, Brennen Lee Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Retailing Consumer Scien Chang, Che-Ming Tucson. AZ Senior. Management Info Systems Chang, Chi-tmg Union City, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business C hang, Christopher C Tucson. AZ Freshman. Systems Engineering Chang, Christopher William Danville, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Chang, Grace T. Peoria.AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Chang, Jason A. Mesa. AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Pres. Of Eng. Honor Soc Chang, Jonathan Robert Tucson. AZ Senior. Systems Engineering Chang, Kevin Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Chang, Man-Chuang ' Cupertmo.CA Senior, Management Info Systems Chang, Michael Gtendale. AZ Senior, Architecture Chang, Su-Wen Tucson, AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Chang, Yun Green Valley. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Chang, Yuri-ting Union City, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Chansley,JenniferL Tucson, AZ Junior. Media Arts Chansley, Michael D. Tucson. AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Chantell, Uhrs Christopher Tucson. AZ Senior. Nursing Blacksmfttag Chao, Heidi San Francisco, CA Freshman. No Major Selected Chao, Hout Tucson. AZ Senior. Management Info Systems Chao, Joseph T.. II Lake Havasu. AZ Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Chapa.RyanChartes Salt Lake. UT Sophomore, Pre-Business Kappa Sigma, Music, Computers. Tennis Chapman, Adrien M Glendale.AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Chapman, Amanda Rae Payson. AZ Senior. General Biology Resident Association. Shopping, Travel, Making Jewelry Congratulations Sunshine! Love. Mom and Nick Chapman, Chelsea Erin Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Kappa Alpha Theta, Theater. Travel Chapman, CollmM. Springfield. IL Sophomore, No Major Selected Beta Theta Pi Chapman, KathrynG. Yuma. AZ Senior. Theatre Production Academic Awards. Outstanding Senior, Norn Congratulations on your accomplishments! We are proud of you. Love, Mom and favoritist Stepdaddy Chapman, Kimberty Amanda Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Congratulations on a wonderful first yearlWe ' re so proud of youlLove. Mom. Greg Lindsay Chapman, Leland Paul Tucson. AZ Senior. Psychology Chapman, Matthew Allan Tucson. AZ Senior. Business Management Chapman, Sara Allison Tucson, AZ Senior. Creative Writing Chapman, Taylor Jay Chancier. AZ Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Chapman Jr.,OvettG. Tucson. AZ Senior. Psychology Chapman-hushek, Nicholas Tempe.AZ Sophomore. Joumajna C hapot, Danielle Claudine San Rafael. CA Freshman. Nutritional Sciences Chapparone, Mark Stephen Jr Racho Santa Fe. CA Freshman. Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Epsiton Chapped, Christopher P Tucson, AZ Junior. Business Management Chappell.Dejeana Marie Morgan Hilt. CA Senior. Finance Charbeneau, Olivia Dane Dallas, TX Sophomore. Spanish Charbonnean, Alison D. Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Chard, Steven A. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected C barest, Britt Boostrom Tucson. AZ Senior, Creative Writing Charest, Jeffrey Paul Trverton. Rl Junior. Anthropology Charette, Shauna M. Tucson. AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Charity Harness, Amber Ann Senior, Political Science Charles, LeannM. Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Charles, Philip Errol Freshman, No Major Selected Charleston, Chris James Freshman, Pre-Business Charlow, Lisa Rose Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Charlson, Rebecca J Junior. General Biology Charnetsky, Anastasia Leigh Freshman. Animal Sciences Charnetsky, Christopher P Senior, Aerospace Engineering Charney, Andrew Alan Senior, Pre-Computer Science Charney, Bryan Justin Freshman. No Major Selected Phi Gamma Delta Charron, Buffi J. Junior, Psychology C ha rvoz, Alison L Junior, Studio Art Kingman.AZ Phoenix, AZ Maiden. MA Teac Nos Pos, AZ Foster City. CA Phoenix, AZ Tucson, AZ Litchfield Pa. AZ Tucson, AZ Newport Beach, CA OreanaJL Tucson, AZ 421 Chase, Kellen A. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Optical Sciences Engines Cheerleader Kellen, I Love you! Stay with the light! Love, Mom C hasa, Lauren A Vienna, VA Junior, Journalism Chase, Liliana Lunares Tucson, AZ Senior, General Biology Chase, Lula Mage Sierra Vista, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Chasey, Janah K. Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Chasey, Kiley Marie Fountain Hill, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Chasse, Courtney Alyce Sierra Madre, CA Junior, Psychology Chasse, Jonathan R. Caribou, ME Freshman, No Major Selected Basketball Chaszar, Brian! Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Chatila, AmjadMukhtar Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major S elected Chatter, Guadalupe A. Tucson, AZ Senior, Architecture Chattman, Marisa Blythe Carefree, AZ Senior, Microbiology Phi Beta Kappa, Band, Drum, Sports, Flag Football, Soccer, Track Chau.CadeQ. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Chaudhry, BilalFarooq Peoria, AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Chaulklin, Amber Rae Glendale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Chauvet, Elizabeth F. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Chavarria, Magdalena Elisa Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Future Teachers Club, Photography, Soccer Chavarria, Ricardo A Tucson, AZ Senior, History Chavez, Allison Frances Tucson, AZ Senior, No Major Selected Chavez, Amanda K Albuquerque, NM Freshman, Dance Chavez, Andrea Lorraine Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Chavez, Annette M Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Chavez, Ashley Joy Welton, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Delta Gamma, Dance, Tennis, Socializing Chavez, Carlos Michael Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Thinking Of Pledging, Clothes, Sports, Basketball Chavez, Cassandra Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Chavez, Christ ina Mae Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Wildlife Chavez, Christopher J Phoenix, AZ 2ND, Pharmacy Chavez, Cristina Lizarraga Tucson, AZ Junior, Creative Writing Chavez, Daniel Stefan Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences C ha vez, Eliel Nogales, AZ Sophomore, General Biology C havez, Eric Anthony Rio Rico, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cross country team, Track team Chavez, Jessica Rio Rico, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Chavez, John Bradley Wellton.AZ Sophomore, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Sigma Chi, Racing, Weightboarding, Snowboarding Chavez, Jolene Collet Flagstaff, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Chavez, Jonathan Paul Rio Rico, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Education Sports Chavez, Jose Jesus Tucson, AZ Freshman, Electrical Engineering Chavez, Kathryn Suzanne ' Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Chavez, Kristian N Gilroy, CA Junior, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chavez, Laura Kay Tucson, AZ Junior, Finance Chavez, Martina Elva Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Elementary Education Chavez, Matthew W. Somerton.AZ Senior, Political Science Chavez, Rosana Esperanza Glendale, AZ Freshman, Political Science Gamma Alpha Omega, Tutoring, Art Chavez, Samuel Oliver Tucson, AZ Freshman, Political Science C havez, Sarah C Phoenix, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev C havez, Zachary Paul Eloy, AZ Senior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Chavira, Andy Tucson, AZ Senior, Latin American Studies Chavira, Phillip Arthur Sierra Vista, AZ Sophomore, Theatre Arts Chawla, Gulraj Singh Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, General Biology Chawla, Sonya Singh Great Falls, VA Freshman, No Major Selected Cheadle, Alexis Taylor Tuscon. AZ Freshman, Animal Sciences Delta Gamma, Art, Photography, Horse Back Riding Good Luck! I Love you. Love, Mom Cheang, Ivone Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Cheatham, Sarah C. Buckeye, AZ Freshman, Agri Economics Managemen SSA C heck, Daniel T Draper, UT Junior, Music Chee, Chelsea Winslow, AZ Sophomore, Environmental Sciences Chee, Christina A. Blue Gap, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Chee, Katherine Mae Tucson, AZ Senior, English Chee, Marlon John Chinle, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Chee, Ronson Riley Winslow, AZ Freshman, Civil Engineering Basketball, Weight Lifting, Hanging Out W friends Chee, Ryan Lukachukai, AZ Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Cross Country Cheek, Jeffrey M Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Aerospace Engineering Cheeks, Chris W. Phoenix, AZ Senior, Communication Cheeney, Greg M Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Physics Cheknis, Edward Benjamin Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Business Chellappan, Annapoorani Phoenix, AZ Senior, Chemical Engineering Chi Beta Phi, Pres Of Women Engineer Chellappan, Vidya Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Chellis, Alissa Claire Acton, MA Senior, Regional Development Skiing, Jogging, Music Chemodurow, Lucy Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Chen, Anne Tucson, AZ Senior, Marketing SCNO, Dean ' s List, Cult Exchange Council Recog. Eller College We are very proud of you! Congratulations on your graduation. Love, Mom, Dad, and Family Chen, Cho-Cheng Billy Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Chen, Dorcas Pelham, NY Junior, Atmospheric Sciences Chen.ErickK. Tucson, AZ Senior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Chen, Janet Los Angeles, CA Senior, General Biology Rock Climbing, Snorkling, Parriot Shooting Chen,KohongWayland Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Chen, Kuan-Lin Tucson, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Busy Studying, Reading, Watching TV Chen, Linda H. Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Chen, Shin-Howe M. Poway, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Lambda, Arizona College Republican, Asian- American Cultural Association, Tennis We love youlMom and Dad Chen, Shirley X Gilbert, AZ Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Chen, Stephanie Lee Gilbert, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Chen, Sze-Chung Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Chen, Virginia Yun-Fan El Paso, TX Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Chen, Wesley Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Chen, Whe Christina Chandler, AZ Senior, General Biology Reading, Animals Chen Yap, Michelle Li Tucson, AZ Junior, Management Info Systems Chenard, Jeffrey Joseph Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Cheney, Chrisanne May Chandler, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Cheney, Crystal Joy Oro Valley, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business American Marketing Association, Int. Soccer, Eller College Cheney, Scott Chandler, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Cheng, Henry Phoenix, AZ Junior, Psychology Cheng, Linda Oro Valley, AZ Junior, Performance (Piano) Chening, Alexandra Christian Tucson, AZ Spanish Pyschology Running, Reading, Working Chenoweth, Marci Lee Sierra Vista, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Chepkorir, Fanice Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Nursing Cherevka, Adam Jeffrey Glendale, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Cherevka, Lindsay K. Glendale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Chesko, Elijah M. Mesa, AZ Junior, Mathematics Math Club, Science Club Chesler,JennineN. Avondale, AZ Freshman, Biosystems Engineering C hesney, Richard Alan Montclair, VA Freshman, Pre-Architecture Dorm Rep We are so proud of you! You made it through the year! Continue your studies. Love, Mom and Dad Chesser, CeitSharyn Tucson, AZ Senior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Chesser, Kara Tucson, AZ Freshman, Media Arts Chester, Kathleen Keenan Tucson, AZ Junior, History Chester, Kevin L. Chicago, IL Freshman, Computer Engineering Chester, Michael Paul Tucson, AZ Senior, Economics Chester, Nicole M Chandler, AZ Junior, Psychology Chester, Thomas John San Jose, CA Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Chestnut, Amanda Marie Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Cheung, Derek W. Mesa. AZ Senior, Marketing Sports Cheung, Kamshing Hong Kong, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Cheung, Lucy Gee-kit, Senior, East Asian Studies Cheung, Samuel Peoria, AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering Chevalier, Jonathan Russell Henderson, NV Senior, Management Info Systems Outdoors: Hiking, Etc., Biking Chevalier, Monica Nicole Foothill Ranch, CA Senior, Studio Art Gamma Beta Phi, Travel, Soccer, Golden Key Doors close behind you as others come into focus.Wishing you the very best, Mom, Dad, Katy, and Rachel Chevas, Deanna Catherine Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Fiber Art, Family Thank you to my family for all their love and support Chew, Erica Marie Olmsted Falls, OH Freshman, Pre-Communication Chew, Kathryn L. San Mateo, CA Senior, Liberal Studies Women ' s Water Polo, Concert Band Chewning, Alexandra K Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Chiang, Annie Han-ju Tucson, AZ Senior, Nutritional Sciences Chiaro, Margaret A York, PA Sophomore, Studio Art Chicharello, Vanessa Mary Mentmore, NM Junior, Pre-Communication Chico, Melissa Ann Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Chicotsky, MaraA Fort Worth, TXJ Senior, Political Science Chihak, Alexander William Tucson, AZ Junior, Journalism Chihak, Jeffrey William Tucson, AZ Senior, Communication Child, Joshua Davis Laguna Hills, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Sigma Chi To another great year. We Love you! Mom. Dad, and Jason Childers, Caren Jean Tucson, AZ Senior, Mathematics Childers, Caroline Hunt Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Childers, Kelly Kay Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Psychology Childers, Stephanie Marie Livermore. CA Senior, Communication Delta Gamma, Swimming, Running Childers, Stephanie Rancho Murieta. CA Communication Delta Gamma, Shopping, Travel We ' re proud of you keep up the good workHLove, Dad Chilese, Angelina M Glendale, AZ Senior, Nursing Honors College, Mortar Boards, Chain Gang-Sophos Chillion, Lindsey Nicole Houston, TX 2ND, Pharmacy Pi Omega, Mortar Board Chin, Brian Fountain Hills, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Chin, David Cerritos.CA Senior, Management Info Systems Chin, Terry S. Tucson, AZ | Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Chinn, Kevin Edward Arcadia, CA | Senior, Business Economics Chio.Manchi Tucson, AZ | Senior, Management Info Systems Chiquete, Carlos Somerton.AZ Senior, Physics Chischillie, Rose Ann Flagstaff, AZ Senior, Agri Resource Econ Chittick, Ashley Marie Anthem, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Chittick, Paula Ann Massena, NY Senior, Psychology Shopping, Movies, ROTC Chlarson, Megan Ann Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Dance Chlowitz, Lyndsie Allison Northndge, CA Senior, Political Science Planning To Go Law School Chmell, Alexis Anne Riverside, IL Junior, Criminal Justice Admin Chmielowiec, Casey Duane Tucson. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cho, Dong-ho Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Cho, Hyung Paul Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Science Cho, Min-Young Tucson, AZ Junior, Astronomy Cho, Yon Glendale, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Alpha Epsilon Delta, Movies, Music, Shopping Choate, Allison Long Beach, CA I Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Choate, Lieschen Nicole Pickerington, OH i Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Chodorowski, Anthony Edward Houston, TX Sophomore. General Biology Delta Tau Delta, Intramural Sports Choi, HyoKeun Lake Zurich, IL Freshman, Pre-Business Choi, Joseph Y. Oakland. NJ Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Choi, Kenny Munsuk Rio Rio. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Choi,Min-Hee Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Business Tennis, Studies Choi, Woong-jin Jason Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Choiniere, Jennifer R. Tucson. AZ 3RD, Pharmacy Choi, David Ayak Flagstaff. AZ Freshman, Physics Chong, Dong Won Gilbert, AZ Freshman, General Biology Chou, Kathleen S. Mesa, AZ Sophomore, Optical Sciences Enginee Chow, Wendy Chuck-Wei Tucson, AZ Junior, East Asian Studies 422 ;howdhary,Rajnish Kumar e : ' " _s " a - ' ' ' : heda Tau. Wild Cat Vet Org, Party, Weigh) Lifting - -i Sophomore, Pre-Business Ihrisler, Kelly Sarah ' Senior. Elementary Education Jhrist, Rachel Diane urnor. Business Management Jlhrist, ZacharyP v iophomore. Civil Engineering ista Seely, Karren Stephanie i, Brandon James -: ' reshman. No Major Selected ireman.Gotf Caleb Wayne ophomore. Psychology ihristensen, Carte Lauren -i ' i Jophomore. Pre-Business ihristensen, Chase Don feshman. No Major Selected ihristense , Cindy Jane Senior. Physical Education : 3a;-e ' ca Ihristensen, Decree pophomore, Pre-tilursing eading. Music Ihristensen, Don Levi - : ' . ' ; , :hristensen, Dustin L reshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Ihristensen, Emily R. tor " n ea-e- " s Ihristensen, Mark A ' . Ee::-:a =-:-: Ihristensen, Mitch James penior. Regional Development Ihristensen, Samantha Elizabeth unior. Geosciences Ihristensen, Timothy P. reshman. Physics ' i Beta PhiBaseball, Skiing Ihristensen, Wesley Allen a- : =:.::-- John Aaron penior. Communication Ihristian, Katherine Marie iily Studies Human Dev ampWidcat. The Newman Center. UofAOnentafan Leader ongratulations Katie! Follow your dreams and be happy what you do. We love you. Dad and Mom Ihristiansen.Kate reshman. No Major Selected hristiansen, Lance D reshman. Media Arts Ihristianson, Ruth Anna penior. Computer Science hristianson.RyanK gnhamore No Major Selected Ihristie, Thomas J. ' :---, " -: ' .-- E . -:- Ihristman. Ihristo, ' . ' : " . _ Ihristodoulou, ' . ' a ' unior. Psychology Ihristopher Jensen, , . .. ,,.. m ..,_ Ihristopherson, .- . Sophomore. Communication Ihronis, ;- ; : -. " --- ' . ' " ' - : - " -;: ' ' - -- ' -- - . ; S: : Chrysler, -:; ... ,. . . ._. Ihu, Naomi M.Y penior. Elementary Education ppk) Ihu, Tak Lai pita V:e:.a-i E jbrB 1 Sfcec.AlanKnstopher ST. Pharmacy fcamural soccer Ihuc, Joshua Aberto penior. Political Science Ihumley, Jerry Michael NC.Nondegree Seeking Ihumley, Cunn A unior. Aerospace Engineering pBTltan Newark. CA Chun, Pelenatete F Pago Pago. AS Senior. Public Management Chung, Jennifer Faith Sierra Vista, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Pre-Computer Science Chung, Paul Chin Brookville. NY Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Sports, violin. Music Tucson. AZ Chung, Samuel S. Sierra Vista. AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Oak Park. IL Chung, Wang Liet Tucson. AZ Freshman, Pre- Architecture Tucson. AZ Churan, Christopher Joseph Tucson. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Phoenix. AZ Church, Jason A. Scottsdale. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Business. Real Estate. Land Development NampalD Churgin, Daniel S. Tempe.AZ Sophomore, Microbiology Phoenix. AZ Churgin, Sarah Melissa Tempe, AZ Junior. Veterinary Science Fort Collins, CO Chusid, Adam J Portland. OR Sophomore. No Major Selected Tucson. AZ Kappa Sigma. Sports, Traveling Chusid, Bradley M Portland, OR Senior, Marketing Yuma.AZ Phi Eta Sigma. Sports Marketing Association. Blue Chip Leadership, Golden Key Club Chute, Creighton R Tucson. AZ Lake Havasu C. AZ Senior. Mechanical Engineering Chuvarsky,MattiewRichard Denver.CO Peoria. AZ Senior. Anthropology Chuzi, Joshua Allen Tucson. AZ GwyneddValle.PA Senior, Studio Art Hiking, Running Tucson. AZ Chytikova, Martina Tucson, AZ Senior. Performance (Voice) Phoenix, AZ Choir -Prof. Broveck. Music. Reading. Horseback Ridng Ciafone, Jennifer Ellen Scottsdale, AZ Tucson, AZ Junior, Nursing Cianciolo,Tony Larkspur. CA San Diego. CA Freshman. Pre-Business Ciaramello, Elizabeth Ann Surprise. AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Ciardello, Kristjne Danville, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Cicchini, Nicholas P. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Aerospace Engneermg Cichra, Christina Elaine Alachua.FL Sophomore. Anthropology Cienfuegos, Jesus Javier Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Ciepiela.Annemarie Abuquerque, NM Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Alpha Kappa Psi Phoenix. AZ Cieslak, Corey Arm Tucson, AZ Junior, Liberal Studies Tucson, AZ Cilengir, Kemal Antonio Culver City. CA Freshman, Pre-Business Tucson. AZ Cilli, Vincent Gabriel Wampum. PA Senior, Political Science Gilbert. AZ Cihrffo, Nicotette Gkxjcster.MA Senior. Psychology Williams. AZ Cirerol, Lourdes Giselda Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Marbnsburg,WV Cirerol, Rosa Jesus Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Tucson, AZ Cirincione.MaroeAnne Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Communication ( Spokane. WA Cirzan, Adam Eugene Tucson. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Tucson. AZ Ciscomani, Juan Tucson, AZ Junior. Political Science Tucson, AZ SIFE. Bluechip Cisek,Robyn Kendall Tucson. AZ Los Altos Hills. CA Senior, Linguistics Cisneroz, Martin R. Phoenix, AZ Junior, Molecular and Cellular Biol EISegundo.CA Cisneroz, Robert J Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Thousand Oaks. CA Guitar. Baseball C itron, Altaira Tucson. AZ Junior, Journalism Phoenix, AZ Dance. Writing. Traveling Ciuffetelli, Cynthia Lynn Oro Valley. AZ Tucson, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Civetta, Larry Tucson, AZ Freshman, Materials Sci Engr Tucson. AZ Claeys.EnkaM Shakopee.MN Senior. D ance Parker, AZ Claiborn, Samuel James Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Physics Yuma.AZ Cteir, Kate Marie Tucson. AZ Senior, Media Arts Tucson, AZ Poway.CA Gtenndate.AZ Clamons, Raymond Xyton Tucson, AZ Senior. Architecture Clapper, SneneeM. El Paso. TX Junior, Speech Heanng Sciences Claridge, Matthew B Tucson, AZ Junior, Creative Writing Clark, Aaron M. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Chemical Engreenng Clark, Aaron Chessy Window Rock. AZ Sophomore. Psychology Clark, Adam P Monte Sereno. CA Sophomore. No Major Setachd Bike Riding, Ultimate Frisbee Clark, Amanda L Tucson. AZ Junior. Microbiology Clark, AmberC. Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Clark, Andrew Elton Tucson. AZ Senior, Microbiology Clark, B. Taylor Phoenix. AZ Junior. Psychology Sports, Friends And Family Clark, Brittany L SanDimas.CA Sophomore, Political Science Clark, CaitJin Anne Coltervilie. TN Senior. Nutritional Sciences Clark, CandiceJ. Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Veterinary Science Clark, Carolyn Shelby Tucson. AZ Junior, Psychology Clark, Charlie M. Norwalk.CT Sophomore. Psychology Ice Hockey, Guitar, Golf Clark, Clayton C. St Louis. MO Junior, Aerospace Engineering Clark, David Joseph Prospect Park. PA Junior, Optical Sciences Enginee C lark, Deena Michelle Mesa.AZ Freshman. Microbiology Clark, EliasP San Diego. CA Junior, Civil Engineering ASCE (student Chapter). TA (computer Graphics), Pride a Arizona Pep Band Clark, Grant Trowbridge Escondido.CA Sophomore. Engish Japanese Good luck. Grant! From Mom and Dad Clark, Griffin W Reofngton Shores. FL Junior, Regional Development C lark, Jace A. Pheonix. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Honors College, Elter Schollar. MISA Clark, Jameson Alastair Tucson. AZ Freshman. Computer Engineering Band Member Clark, Jeffrey L. Tucson. AZ Senior. No Major Selected Clark, John Francis Tucson. AZ Junior, Agri Resource Econ Clark, John D. Irvine. CA Junior. Management Info Systems Clark, Jonathan Leander Tucson. AZ Senior, Agri Biosystems Engr Clark, Julie Ann Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Psychology Clark, Justin Howard Vail, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Clark, Justin Allen Kettle Falls. WA Freshman, No Major Selected Clark, KyteSands LasCruces.NM Senior. Political Science Clark, Lance Aaron Hereford.AZ Freshman, Chemical Engineering Clark, Lauren Elizabeth Flagstaff, AZ Freshman. Psychology Ice Skating, Snowboarding, Camp Con Clark, Lindsey Loren San Diego. CA Senior. Elementary Education C lark, Lmzie N Tucson. AZ Senior. General Biology Clark,MaryA. Amado.AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Read, Arts crafts. Astronomy Clark, Matthew Thomas Tucson, AZ Senior, Public Management Clark, Michael David Bakersfeld. CA Junior, Religious Studies Athletics. Football Clark, Peter J. Springfield, MO Junior. Astronomy Clark, Phillip Douglas Simi Valley. CA Sophomore, History Clark, Scott M Scottsdale. AZ Junior. Aerospace Engineering Clark, Sean Eric Tucson, AZ Senior, History Clark, Sharieff Kiwaun Phoenix, AZ Junior. Communication Clark, Stewart Robert SanDiego.CA Freshman. Pre-Business Clark, Travis S. Tucson, AZ Senior, East Asian Studies Clark, Trevtyn Lee Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Wildlife Clark, Trisha Danielle Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Clark, Venita Raechell Tucson, AZ Senior. English (Extended) Clarke, Kimberiey Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Clarkson.Danee Lillian SanDiego.CA Freshman, Art History Clarkson, Margaret Marcine Tucson. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Clarkson, Matt Fountain Hill. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Clarkson, James Worrall. Ill Fountain Hill, AZ Junior. Family Studies Human Dev Clarkwilliams, Calvin G Tucson. AZ Senior, Engineering Clarno, Aaron Brent Vail.AZ Senior. Systems Engineering Claro, Christine Adete Tucson, AZ Senior. Communication Clary, Caysie Leigh Tucson, AZ Senior. Psychology Clary, Jacqueline Antonette Mesa, AZ Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Clary, Kyle Christine Scottsdale. AZ Senior. Theatre Arts Education Clary, Kyte Thomas Tucson. AZ Freshman. Computer Engineering Classen, StephanM. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Environmental Sciences Hawaii Club, Marine Awamess Cons. Soc Clause, TamaraJ. Siena Vista, AZ Junior, Pre-Communication Clauson, Christiana Marie Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Clauss, Thomas Fadden. Ill New Canaan. CT Sophomore. Political Science Claw, Chandra Mae Tucson. AZ Junior, Accounting C la wso ., Dena C. Portland, OR Sophomore, Liberal Arts Alpha Phi Clay, Fast A Pheonix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Architecture Clay, Melinda Tucson. AZ Junior. Psychology Clay, Ryan Kenneth Lynnwood.WA Junior, Journalism Photography, Wakeboarding. Intramural Sports Claytoa, Amy Michelle Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Clayton, Anna Marie Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Nursing Scrap Booking Clayton Sr., Christa Michelle Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Education Cleary, JanaM Tucson. AZ Senior. Veterinary Science Cleary, MeagghiF Phoenix. AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Delta Delta Delta Congratulations! Keep up the great work! I ' m proud of you! Love. Dad Cleary, Michael R. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Cleary I, Theresa Lynn Gtendale.AZ Junior. Molecular Cellular Biol Cleeland.AidanM Irvine, CA Sophomore, History C Iceland, BrennaK Irvine, CA Junior, English Clelland, Philip J. Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Clem, Erica Lee Knoxvite, TN Junior, Media Arts Hiking, Art Work Clem, Knsten Renee Orange. CA Junior, Regional Development Clemens, Brandon Scott Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences Clemens, Christie Mary San Rafael, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Kappa Kappa Gamma We ' re very proud of you! Keep up the good work. Love, Mom 4 Dad 423 Clement, Rachel K. Lyme.CT Senior, Geography Rugby Club, Team Sports, Hangin Out W Friends Thank you to all the women on the rugby team Clements, Chariene Yvonne San Manuel, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Reading, Dancing, Hanging Out with friends Clements, Eric M Show Low, AZ Freshman, Pre-Architecture Talented Artist, Intramural Soccer Clements, Kristin Ann Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Gamma Phi Beta, Gymnastics, Jogging, Photography Clements, Nada San Diego, CA Senior, Pre-Nursing University Medical Center Heart Team Cleveland, Lauren Tucson, AZ Senior, Marketing Cleveland, Marie Christina Benson, AZ Senior, Psychology Cleveland, Michael Scott Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Finance Clewett, Erin E Yorba Linda, CA Sophomore, Pre-Communication Clifford, Duane E. Tucson, AZ Junior, Journalism Clifford, Emily Kate Sierra Vista, AZ Senior, Women ' s Studies Clifford, JenniferLea Tucson, AZ Senior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Clifton, Jose Armando Douglas, AZ Junior, Political Science Clifton, Suzanne Linette Dublin, OH Junior, Finance Climaco, Catherine L. Moreland Hill, OH Sophomore, Studio Art Clinch, Andrew H. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Beta Theta Pi Clinch, Megan Colleen Mesa, AZ Freshman, Liberal Arts Cline, Christi Beth Prescott, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Cline, JaclynR Sierra Vista, AZ Sophomore, General Biology Cline, Kellie Young, AZ Sophomore, Animal Sciences Cline, KirssaLynne Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected University Diver Cline, KorennaM Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Business Management Clines, Bryan R Taylor, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Clingensmith, Christopher Tucson, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Clinton, Alexandra Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Nutritional Sciences Cloak, Laura M. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Theatre Arts Cloninger, Timothy Patrick Saint Louis, MO Junior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Clonts, Kyle Nelson Thatcher, AZ 1ST, Pharmacy Clor, Jennifer R Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Clor, Jonathan Adrian Tucson, AZ Freshman, Music Guitar Performance, Republican, Sports Thank you for making us proud parentslLove, Mom and Dad Clor, Kristen Danielle Tucson, AZ Freshman, Music Guitar Performance, Music, Reading Keep up the good worklKeep on rockinglLove, Mom Dad Close, Sean Roland Oro Valley, AZ Senior, Systems Engineering Closs, Michelle Dartene Payson.AZ Sophomore, Psychology Marine ROTC, Newman Center, Head Of Athletics at Newman Clough, Isaiah Jedediah Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cloutier, William Alfred, III New Milford, CT Senior, Sociology Flying, Hockey, Astronomy Cloyd,KristyL Glendale.AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Cluff, Angela D Mesa.AZ Sophomore, Music Clyburn,AmyE Mission Viejo, CA Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Clymor, Ruth Catherine Englewood, CO Sophomore, Veterinary Science Horsesback Riding, Reading, Music Clyne, Eric Raymond Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Coalter, Ashley Marie Tucson, AZ Junior, Nursing Coan, Caroline D Tucson, AZ Senior, Spanish Coates, Charles R Casper, WY Senior, Engineering Physics Dean ' s list Coates, Kathryn Margaret Hereford, AZ 2ND, Pharmacy Coats, James Donovan Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Cobb, Amanda Christine Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Cobb, Brandon Joseph Huachuca City, AZ Senior, Engineering Physics Navy ROTC, Reading and hiking, Computers Brandon, you ' ve come a long way! I ' m very proud of you what you ' ve accomplished! I love you! Mom Cobb, Christopher D Colorado Springs, CO Junior, Journalism Traveling, Sports, Reading Cobb.Denise DMAFB.AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Cobb, Jason M. Prescott Val.,AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Cobean, Ryder David Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Cobelis, AudraL Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Coben, Elizabeth Catherine Fort Worth, TX Freshman, Speech Hearing Sciences Alpha Eta Phi Coburn, Christopher Allen Albuquerque, NM Sophomore, Pre-Education Coburn, Jaclyn Elizabeth Phoenix, AZ Junior, Psychology Coca, Daniel A. Safford.AZ Sophomore, Computer Engineering Cochran, Jenna Anne Yuma.AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Cochran, Leala M. Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Cochran, Peggy Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Cochran, Rachel Alyssa Menomonie, Wl Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Cochran, Richard C. Churubusco, IN Sophomore, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Cochran, Scott Christopher Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Cochran, Shannon C. Tucson, AZ Junior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Cochrane,AmiJo Tucson, AZ Senior, Communication Cochrane, Nathan Glendale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Tennis, Academics Cocio, Benny Tucson, AZ Junior, General Biology Computers Cocio, Darla Olivia Tucson, AZ Senior, English Cockbum, Ben Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Business Cockerham, Scott William Birmingham, AL Sophomore, Political Science Coduto, Chris S. LakeOswego.OR Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Cody, HeatherYen Oro Valley, AZ Senior, General Biology Coe, Bryan Christopher Gilbert, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Coe, Mary Sierra Vista, AZ Sophomore, Astronomy Saxaphone, Drama, Computer Cofer, Cedric Conte ' Desoto, TX Freshman, No Major Selected Football, Basketball We are so proud of you Cedric! Love, Mom Dad Coffeen, Jessica Lynde Encinitas, CA Senior, Communication Delta Gamma Jessy, we ' re so proud you! Love, Mom Dad Coffey, Crystal Janette Grand Canyon, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Traditional Archery, Hunting, Outdoors Coffey, Katherine Mercedes Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Photography Coffey, Scott Andrew Centennial, CO Senior, Entrepreneurship Pi Kappa Alpha. President Of Pi Kappa Alpha, Eller Student Alumni Coff man, Gregory J Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Coff man, Leslie Taylor Tucson, AZ Senior, Communication Cofield, Justin Edward Wheaton.lL Junior, Accounting Cogburn, Gabriel Scott Hereford, AZ Senior, Aerospace Engineering Coghill, Taylor Ashley Mission Viejo, CA Freshman, Musical Theatre Cohen, Aaron E Austin, TX Sophomore, No Major Selected Kappa Alpha, Vice President Of Kappa Alpha Cohen, Allison Helene Northbrook, IL Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Cohen, Brandon Scott Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Cohen, Christopher Stephen Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Archrtecture Cohen, Daniel M. Weston.FL Freshman, Psychology Cohen, Eric A Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Communication Cohen, Erin Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Cohen, Helaine Nasya Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cohen, llyssa Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Media Arts Cohen, Jack G. Alamo, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Sigma Alpha Mu Cohen, Jake Great Neck. NY Freshman, Pre-Business Zeta Beta Tau.Mets Fan Cohen, Jessica Louise La Jolla, CA Senior, Communication Cohen, Joshua Frieden Sherman Oaks, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Marching Band, Loves Computer (software), Loves Sports Cohen, Kate Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Senior, Theatre Arts Cohen, Marisa Leigh Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cohen, Melissa Liron Newton, MA Senior, Communication Cohen, Michael Todd Albuquerque, NM Freshman. Pre-Business Cohen, Michael Ryan Los Angeles, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Cohen, Natalie Marisa Tucson, AZ Senior, Communication Cohen, Paul Adam Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cohen, Ross E. Livingston, NJ Sophomore, No Major Selected Cohen, Sheila Ruth Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cohn, Allyson Dana Plainview, NY Freshman, Speech Hearing Sciences Modern Dancing, Loves Fashion Animals, Likes Cheerieading Cohn, Daniel Sidney Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Science We ' re very proud of youlLove, Mom and Dad Cohn, Jessica M Takoma Park, MD Junior, Anthropology Cohn, Maggie M Tucson, AZ Sophomore, History Ceramics, Photography, Music Cohn, Stephanie R Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Coker, Alan L. Tucson, AZ Senior, Nutritional Sciences Coker, Derek Lynn Flagstaff, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Coker, Derek L Flagstaff, AZ Undecided Sports, Hanging Out With Friends, Cokrlic,ErikA San Diego, CA Junior, Pre-Business Cokrosaputra, Ivan Tucson, AZ Junior, Industrial Engineering Colapret, Taylor Edward Tucson, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Colapret, Tracey Ellen Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Colavito, Jason Paul Tucson, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Colavito, Kelly Elise Tucson, AZ Senior. Elementary Education Colavito, Kyle W Tucson, AZ | Senior, Mechanical Engineering Colbert, Lance Scott Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Spanish Colbert, Nancy Faye Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Colbert, Tori Marie Tucson, AZ Junior, No Major Selected Colchado, Gloria Margarita Tucson, AZ Senior, English Cole, Amanda S. SanAngelo. TX Sophomore, Animal Sciences Race Track Ind, Program, Travel We are proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad. and Wes Cole, Beth Justice Tucson, AZ : Junior, Sociology Cole, Justin Michael Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Cole, KarinaE. Senior, Performance (Voice) Opera Singer, Acting, Singing Cole, Lisa Marie Sophomore, English Writing Poetry, Music, History Cole, Matthew Carl Freshman, Physics Cole, Shawn Andrew Freshman, Veterinary Science Cole, Stephanie L. Sophomore, Pre-Business Eller Scholars Cole, Travis William Junior, Pre-Business Marketing Club. Basketball Coleman, Amber Renee Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Coleman, Andrea J Junior, Materials Sci Engr Coleman, Ben Maxlee Junior, Communication Sports, Travel We are beyond proud of you! All our love, Mom, Dad. Molly, Noodles Pepper Coleman, Bliss M. Junior, Mathematics Coleman, Brandon C. Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Coleman, Cassandra Angela Freshman, No Major Selected We ' re so very proud of u all you ' ve achieved. Keep up great work. Love, Mom, Dad, Molly, Fonzie Coleman, Christopher Edward Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Coleman, Christopher M Tucson. AZ Freshman, Systems Engineering Coleman, Diana Yvonne Los Angeles, CA Junior, Anthropology Art History Club, Anthropolgy Club, Archeology Club Coleman, Heather Lynn Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Coleman, Joseph Alan Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Coleman, Justin Torrance, CA Sophomore, Optical Sciences Enginee Coleman, Krystina E Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Coleman, Lakeithra Annette Avondale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Coleman, Matthew Allen Tucson. AZ Freshman, Industrial Engineering Disney Industrial Eng Coleman, Michael John Tucson, AZ Senior, No Major Selected Coleman, Sean P. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Media Arts Coleman III, Ronald Leslie Sierra Vista. AZ Senior, Anthropology Media arts, Archeology, Martial arts Coles, Darius Lavon Chandler, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Coles, Sean B. Gilbert, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Coles, Tyler R. Gilbert, AZ Sophomore, Computer Engineering Coley, Scarlett I Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Colick, Zachary Adam Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Hillel, Journalism Club Colima, Juan P. Somerton, AZ , Junior, Psychology Colin, Lourdes Tucson, AZ( Junior, Nursing Tucson, AZ ' I Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Scottsdale, AZ Tucson, AZ Las Vegas, NV La Quinta, CA Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Villanove. PA Minneapolis, MN Florissant, MO Altadena, CA 424 :oll, Sean Patrick Senior, Journalism ;ollazo, Rick freshman. Civil Engineering " iollazo, Valery I. iophomore. No Major Selected ! Solletti, John S. unior, Finance - ' : ;ollettii, Nicholas Ryan : reshman, No Major Selected ;; ' i Collny, Karrianna Lorraine Sophomore, Pre-Business " Jollier, Kathleen Lyn RD, Pharmacy Collier, Lauren Renee iophomore. Pre-Business - Sollier, Nicole Christine Sophomore, Anthropology . . -.- -, ' : . -: Jollier, Ryan Thomas unior, Finance Jollier, Vanessa Lynne Senior, Communication Jollier, John Cooke. Ill Sophomore, Pre-Business Phoenix, AZ Irvine, CA Phoenix, AZ Laguna Beach. CA Thousand Oaks, CA Queen Creek. AZ Tucson, AZ Avondale, AZ Tucson, AZ Prescott, AZ Wooldand Hill, CA Ft Thomas, KY Toronto Canada, NY Jollin, Jaime Harris reshman. No Major Selected -- )elta Beta Tau. Golf Joltings, Craig M. Tucson, AZ ' ;: i JNC, Nondegree Seeking Jollins, Alexandria Isabelle Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Jollins, Andrew Michael Tucson. AZ jenior. Communication ' hi Delta Theta, Hosted Radio Show, Working TV Show )n Campus Jollins, Andrew D. Lake Havasu City, AZ unior. Business Economics Jollins, Ashlie N. Scottsdale. AZ " . ..: " - jophomore, Pre-Business Jollins, Benjamin Harry Tucson, AZ ; : : unior. Ecology Evolutionary Bio Soccer, Hiking. Scuba diving Jollins, ChnstopherN " Atlanta, GA enior, No Major Selected ;MAC Volunteer. Thamasaat University ife is a series of opportunities and challenges.. .make ach one count! Jollins, Christopher J. Balboa, CA unior. Regional Development Jollins, Douglas Paul Tucson, AZ reshman. Religious Studies Jollins, Eryn Kathryn Tempe. AZ enior. Elementary Education Jollins, Jeffrey Scott reshman. Pre-Business Jollins, Jennie Leigh enior. Molecular Cellular Biol Jollins, Jessica J. ophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Jollins, Joshua Kyle reshman. No Major Selected tock Climbing Collins, Kan Lynn ophomore, No Major Selected Jollins, Kathryn L unior, Nutritional Sciences Collins, Katie Marie unior. Classics Collins, Kelli Anne reshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Collins, Laura Cecelia ophomore. Pre-Communication Collins, Matthew D unior. Accounting Rexford, NY Gilbert, AZ Kingman. AZ Fairview, TN Gilbert. AZ Scottsdale, AZ Tucson. AZ Peoria, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Lake Havasu City, AZ Tucson, AZ Collins, Ryan Thomas enior. Finance Jollins, Sarah J. Mesa.AZ enior. Studio Art Jollins, Scott A Cave Creek, AZ unior. Pre-Business Collins, Shawna Leigh Tucson, AZ ophomore. Wildlife Collins, Stephanie Erin Tucson. AZ IINC, Nondegree Seeking ; Colloca, Francesca Jeanne Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore. Political Science ,; Gamma Phi Beta. Spirit Of Discovery Award, Presidential award, Volunteer, French Honors ; jJollord, Robyn Anne Monterey, CA fophomore. Psychology Ve ' re proud of you, Beans. Keep up the good work. Love, torn and Dad!! Solloton, Jay Robert Cupertino, CA :_i Ophomore. Sociology Colman, Melissa L Tempe. AZ Sophomore, Communication Keep up the hard work! Coiner, Seth Michael Paradise Vly.,AZ Junior, Communication Cologna, Stephanie Marie Peoria, AZ Senior, Chemistry Majorette, Pharmacy Club Colombatto, RomyB. So Pasadena, CA Sophomore, Political Science Colon, Nicholas Stephen Sedona, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Colon, Scott David Boston, MA Senior, Communication Colonna, Richard Anthony Tucson, AZ Junior. Optical Sciences Enginee Colosimo, Melissa Marie Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Journalism Working, Karaoke Singing, Dancing, Listening To Music Colson, Jennifer L. Leesburg, VA Senior, Marketing Colter, Teara Michelle Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Columby, Danielle Rose Belleville, NJ Freshman, Pre-Education Wrestling Colunga, Frances Renee Nogales, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Colville, Kathryn L. Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Combellick, Joseph Anderson Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Combs, ArieleM. Gilroy. CA Sophomore, Political Science Combs, Christopher James Avondale. AZ Senior, Finance Combs, Daniel A. Avondale, AZ Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Combs, Jacob Walter Tucson. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Combs, Nathaniel Gregory Tacoma, WA Freshman, Pre-Business Combs, William B Gilbert, AZ Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Come, Fay M Tucson, AZ Senior, Spanish Comeau, Maureen A. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Comer Jr., TommyJoseph Safford.AZ Junior, Psychology Comerci, Andrew William Albuquerque, NM Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Compton, Carrie Gailene Tucson, AZ Junior. Creative Writing Compton, Kirsten E Casa Grande, AZ Senior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Compton, Scott William Gilbert, AZ Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Compton, Timothy J Pleasanton, CA Senior, Accounting Comrov, Kari Beth Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Concannon, JacobP. Castro Valley, CA Sophomore. Political Science Concannon, Maura Kathleen Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Concannon, Trese Anne Tucson, AZ Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Concepcion, Banks Leonard Charlotte. NC Sophomore, Pre-Business Hockey Concholar, Devin Marie Glendale, AZ Freshman, Creative Writing Conder, Adam Kennedy Sammamish, WA Sophomore, No Major Selected Condit, Adam Mandle Englewood. CO Senior. Psychology Condit, Clinton Stuart Glendale, AZ Junior, Microbiology Condit, Cynthia B. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Communication Condo, Ann-marie Lynne Tucson, AZ Senior. Sociology Condon, John Clayton Tucson. AZ Senior. Mechanical Engineering Business Economics, Cycling, Scuba Diving Condra, Zachary Rife Tucson, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Computer Games, Football Cards, Sports Cone, Garrett W. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Conetta, Danielle Woodbury, NY Freshman, No Major Selected Confer, Jennifer Elizabeth Tucson, AZ 1ST, Pharmacy Congalton, Sara Mercer Island, WA Junior. Communication Congdon, Lauren Marie KennettSq, PA Freshman, Chemical Engineering Lacrosse, Skiing, Hiking Conger, Bryant D. Mission Viejo, CA Sophomore, Public Management Policy Allegiance Club, College Republicans Club, Sophomore Student Pres We ' re so proud of your accomplishments your involvement at U of A. Love, Mom, Dad Cierra! Coniglio, Amanda Evelyn Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Conkey, Emily J. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Con kle, Wesley M. Tucson, AZ Senior, Physics Conklin, Laura M. Show Low, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Conley, Albert Conley, III MtGay.WV Junior. Russian Conley, Andrea J. Seattle. WA Sophomore, Pre-Education Conley, Jonathan Douglas Gilbert, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Conley, Theresa Marie Sierra Vista, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Conley, Michael, II Berkley, CA Senior, Economics Conlon, Claire Anne Omaha, NE Sophomore, Mathematics Conn.CarmenlitaS. Leupp, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Conn, Jessica Rose Englewood. CO Senior, Regional Development Conn, Joshua Steven Kingman, AZ Senior, Communication Connell, Lauren R Aloha, OR Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Connelly, AudriaCorrine Oro Valley. AZ Sophomore, Music Conner, Neil G Tucson, AZ Senior, History Conner, Ryan Scott Mesa, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Conner, Ryan P. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Connors, Kevin Michael Colorado Springs, CO Freshman. Pre-Business Ice Cats Hockey Team Connolly, Breanna Terese Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Connolly, Christopher Sean Middleboro, MA Freshman, Liberal Arts Connolly, Tracy L. Casa Grande, AZ Junior, Veterinary Science Student Alumi Asso, Alpha Zeta Connor, Heather L. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Connor, Luis Gabriel Tucson, AZ Junior, Marketing Connor, Michael Paul Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Computer Science Connor, Tessa M. Del Mar. CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Connors, Ashley Ann Chandler, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Connors, Heather Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Connors, Kristen Renee Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Connors, Matthew James Morgantown, WV Junior, Agri Resource Econ Connors, Michael S. Morgantown, WV Junior, Agri Resource Econ Conolty, Kristin Marie Batavia, IL Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Conover, Michael D Bloomington, IN Junior, Management Info Systems Dean ' s List, Mis Assoc., Phi Eta Sigma-N.H.D Conrad, Laura Show Low, AZ Senior, Nursing Basketball Conrad, Nina Lee Seattle. WA Sophomore. Dance Conrad, William George San Clemente, CA Senior, Communication Baseball. Snowboarding, Travel, Golf, Scuba Diving Way to go Bill! We ' re proud of you. Love, Mom Dad Conroy, Brandon J. Gilbert. AZ Sophomore, Civil Engineering Cons, Araceli Nogales, AZ Junior, Journalism Consalvi, E Michael, IV Mesa, AZ Senior, Finance Business Mmgt Congratulations! Love, Mom and Dad Constant, HollieRaye Albuquerque, NM Freshman, No Major Selected Constantiner, Douglas E. Houston. TX Freshman. Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Lacrosse Constantiner, Michael S Houston, TX Junior, Finance Sigma Chi, Lacrosse We are very proud of your achievements! You are a great son. Love, Mom and Dad Constantinidou, Melissanthi Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Contant, Hayley Sands Newport Beach, CA Senior, Journalism Kappa Alpha Theta, Arizona Summer Wildcat, The Desert Yearbook Staff. Contardo, Greg Marcus San Diego, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Cooking, Football, Hanging Out With Friends You can always count on us. Love, Mom and Dad Contento, Bradley M. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Center, Jessica Lauren Hershey. PA Sophomore, Pre-Educatkxi Conti, Dante J Littleton. CO Sophomore, Chemistry Lacrosse Team Contreras, Adriana Tucson, AZ Senior. Nursing Contreras, Andrea Marie Flagstaff, AZ Sophomore, Animal Sciences Contreras, Anthony Brian Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Sigma Pi. Band. Everyday Scholar,, Computers Contreras, Ashley M. Tucson. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Kappa Delta Chi, Italian Club, Dance, Volunteers with Sorority Contreras, Christina Diana Tucson, AZ Senior. Elementary Education Contreras, Cruz I. Nogales. AZ Senior. Management Info Systems Contreras, Francisco Javier Tucson. AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Contreras, Jesus Mazon Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Contreras, Mayra Natalie Tucson, AZ Freshman. Family Studies Human Dev Contreras, Omar A. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Contreras, Pedro Villa Tucson, AZ Senior, Spanish Sports Contreras, Samantha Lynn Tucson. AZ Junior, General Biology Conway, Ian Michael Chandler, AZ Freshman. Pre-Architecture Conway, Lucas Andres Madras, OR Freshman. No Major Selected Conway, Megan Kastner Washington, DC Junior, Creative Writing Conway, Sean M. San Diego, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Cook, Abigail Malkah Overland Park, KS Freshman, Pre-Communication Cook, Adam D. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Liberal Arts Cook, Adrian Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Cook, Alexander F.S. Bellevue.WA Freshman, Pre-Communication Cook, Andrew V. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cook, Austen M. San Diego. CA Senior, Management Info Systems Double Major: Operations Management Cook, Benjamin I Overland Park, KS Sophomore, Environmental Sciences Cook, Brendan James Paradise Valley, AZ Sophomore. Ecology Evolutionary Bio Cook, Cameron R. Tucson, AZ Junior, Mathematics Cook, Christina M Tucson, AZ Junior, Business Management Cook, Daniel James Littleton, NC Freshman. No Major Selected Running, Music, Cars Cook, Daniel M Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected 425 Cook, Darlene Evonne Benson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cook, Donald Paul Winfield, IL Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Cook, Heather Lynne Elkhart, IN Sophomore, No Major Selected Basketball, Football Cook, Jeffrey Joseph Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Cook, Jennifer M Chandler, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Pre Pharmacy Club, Chemistry Club Cook, Jeremy Daniel Tucson, AZ Senior, Creative Writing Cook, John Cartwright Stamford, CT Sophomore, Pre-Business Beta Theta Pi, Swimming, Water Polo Cook, Joshua A. Glendale.AZ Senior, Theatre Production Metal Working, Media Art, Literature Cook, Mandi Susann Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Cook, Matthew J Tucson, AZ Senior, English Cook, Megan C. Lavemia, TX Freshman, Anthropology Cook, Michelle Lynne Tucson, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Cook, Nathan I. St David, AZ Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Sports, Electronic works, Computers Cook, Nicholas Lee Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Education Cook, Nicholas L Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Engineering Management Cook, Rex E Vail, AZ Senior, Physics Society Of Physics Student Cook, Richard G. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Cook, S. Minor Memphis, TN Sophomore, History Cook, Thomas Gary Sierra Vista, AZ Senior, Business Management Cook, Timothy Allen Tucson, AZ Senior, Spanish Cook III, Samuel Lee Tucson, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Cool, David Louis Tucson, AZ Junior, Chemical Engineering Cool, James Michael Tucson, AZ Junior, English Cooley, Janet Heather Tucson, AZ 2ND, Pharmacy Cooley, Margaret Anne Alberquerque, NM Sophomore, Pre-Business Delta Delta Delta, French Honor Society, President of Coconino Dorm, Intramural Soccer Coolidge, Christine Elizabeth Portola Valle. CA Junior, Communication Alpha Phi, Sailing Coolidge, Chuck C. Glendale.AZ Junior, Criminal Justice Admin Coombs, Sarah Elizabeth Reiding, PA Freshman, English Coomer, Richard Alexander Tucson, AZ Freshman, Undecided Coon, Casey Mae Monroe, WA Freshman, General Biology Coon, Fred Everett Phoenix, AZ Junior, Regional Development Coon, Geoffrey Bullen Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Sociology Cooper, Amanda Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Animal Sciences Cooper, Amber Leigh Phoenix, AZ Senior, Physical Education Cooper, Beverly Keeley Tucson, AZ Junior, Engineering Mathematics Folk Dancing Cooper, Christopher William Glenwood Springs, CO Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol Arizona Ice Cat ' s Hockey, Weight Lifting Cooper, Courtney Elizabeth Phoenix, AZ Senior, Political Science Alpha Phi, Bobcats Senior Honorary, Alpha Chi, Phi Beta Kappa Congratulations! We ' re proud of you and your success! Continue to excel. Love you, Mom Dad Cooper, Jonathan B. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol Cooper, Justin C. Phoenix, AZ Junior, Civil Engineering Cooper, Kara M. Mesa.AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Cooper, Katie Mae Tucson, AZ Junior, Business Management Cooper, Megan K. Poway, CA Sophomore, Studio Art Cooper, Melvin Clarke Temecula, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Tuskmasters, Blue Chip, F.I.F.E Cooper, Michael Scott Buffalo, MN Freshman, No Major Selected Cooper, Robert Tyler Tucson, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Cooper, Scott Patrick Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Cooper, Stephanie H Minnetrista, MN Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Cooper, Watus Benjamin, III Oro Valley, AZ Senior, Pre-Health Education Guitars, Motorcycle Riding We are very proud of you! Way ToGo! We love you, Watus III! Cooper-Ephriam, RahsaunChettyll Philadelphia, PA Freshman, Pre-Business Phi Sigma Beta Cooperman, Benjamin P. Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, General Biology Cooperstein, Amy Robin Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Coors, Ryan William Fishers, IN Sophomore, No Major Selected Copeland, Andrea Renee Sierra Vista, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Copeland, Kevin Michael Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Copeland, Lucas A Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Flying, Sports, Travel Copeland, Nathan R. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Copenhaver, Jennifer N Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Economics Copeskey, Maureen Kathenne Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology MinorSpanish, 2nd Minor Sociology, Pride of Arizona 3 yrs Copley, Adam S. Bellevue, WA Freshman, Pre-Business Sports Marketing Association Copley, Samantha Lynne Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Studio Art Sigma Kappa Copp, Forrest Mitchell Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Copperstone, Chance Hamilton Tucson, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Coppola, Luis Alberto Cabo San Laucas, NM Freshman, Pre-Business Swimming, Soccer Coppus, EricAinslie Tucson, AZ Junior, Economics Copsey, Meredith P Boise, ID Senior, Management Info Systems Coracides, Nicolas Tempe, AZ Senior, Optical Sciences Enginee Corbet, Amanda L. Yuma, AZ Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Corbitt, Grady Carter Danville, CA Senior, Media Arts Bike Riding, Film Making, Photography Corby, Adam Wesley Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Corcoran, Claire E Flagstaff, AZ Junior, Studio Art Corcoran, John Kevin Tucson, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Corcoran, Joseph D. Paradise Valley, AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Phi Kappa Psi, AZ Athletics PR Dept. Work, UA Surgery Club Corcoran, Nicole A. Flagstaff, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Corcoran, Tim E Harrisonburg, VA Junior, Journalism Cordell, Audrey Susan Tucson, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Cordery, Andrew Joseph Glendale, AZ Freshman, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Cordova, Andrea Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Cordova, Bemadette Renae Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Cordova, Jesus A Tucson, AZ Junior, Civil Engineering Cordova, Maria Gabriela Somerton.AZ Senior, Business Management Cordova, Monique Angelica Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Cordova, Rosalinda Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Core, Kenneth Richard Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Civil Engineering Corea, Justin Daniel Laguna Niguel, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Corolla, Lisa Angelina Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Corey-Edstrom, Kenneith Blomington, MN UNC, Nondegree Seeking Corkill, Travis Andrew Mesa, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Sigma Phi Epsion We love you and are very proud of you! Love, Dad and Mom Corkle, Ryan Michael Prescott, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Corl, Ford Ryan Tucson, AZ Junior, Media Arts Filming, Tennis, Golf, Musician Cormier, Samantha Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, Theatre Arts Corn, Amanda T. Phoenix, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Corne, Troy Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Cornejo, Gerardo E. Nogales, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Cornelius, Brian Eugene Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Cornelius, Dana R. San Diego. CA UNC, Nondegree Seeking Cornelius, Leann Marie Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Studio Art Cornell, Steven E. Mesa, AZ Senior, Pre-Business Cornidez, Arcelia Yadira Douglas, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Corns, Stephanie Jo San Ramon, CA Senior, Journalism Corona, Andrew Anthony Flagstaff, AZ Senior, Regional Development Corona, Fabian Hernandez Tucson, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Corona, Megan Kristine Phoenix. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Coronado, Anita Dyan Tucson, AZ Junior, Spanish Coronado, Francisca R.B. Tucson, AZ Junior, Media Arts Coronado, Joel Alexander Oak Brook, IL Sophomore, Pre-Business Sigma Phi Epsilon, Varsity Track Coronado, Melissa Griseel Yuma, AZ Junior, Psychology Coronado, Nathan John Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Coronado, TamaraRae Lakeside, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Shopping, Traveling Corradi, Matthew Jason Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Science Corral, Janette C Phoenix, AZ Junior, Political Science Corral, Leonides Phoenix, AZ Senior, General Biology Reading, Writing, Video Games Corral, Scott Nicholas Tucson, AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering AZ Solar Racing Team Corrales, Amanda Lynn Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Corrales, Bertha L. Tucson, AZ Senior, Spanish Corrales, Daniel, Jr. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Communication Corrales, Eric Christopher Tucson, AZ Freshman, Materials Sci Engr Corralez, Christopher Anthony Carson, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Correa, Aisha Saddle Brook, NJ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Correa, Samuel J. Anchorage, AK Sophomore, Optical Sciences Enginee Corredor, Andrew Camilo Colombia, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Soccer, Playing Guitar Correia, Ashley Mary San Diego, CA Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Minor: Psychology, Natl Std Speech Lng Hearing, NSCS San Luis, Ketchum, II , Peoria, AZ tet Stockton, C Sinton.TX ' irr.: Correia, Lionel Paul, III San Diego, C Senior, Spanish Delta Chi, Minor In General Business, Travel, Salt Center Senior Int. Aw Corren, Stephanie Rebecca San Diego, C Senior, Communication Pi Beta Phi, Community Service Corriero, Stephanie M. Eloy, Sophomore, Journalism Corrigan, Dane Ryan Las Vegas, t Sophomore, Theatre Production Corrigan, Jennifer E Phoenix, Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Corrigan, Monica E Hayward, ( Junior, Pre-Business Photography, Singing We are very proud of you! Love, Mom and Greg Corry, Kathleen Hughes Wyckoff, f Freshman, No Major Selected Cortazar, Cristina Sophomore, No Major Selected Cortese, Benjamin Tyler Sophomore, Pre-Business Best wishes! Jenny, Sarah Jo, and John Cortese-Cross, Seann Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Cortez, Henberto Senior, General Biology Proud Father Of 3 Cortez, Luis Gabriel Sophomore, Pre-Business Baseball Team (pitcher) Best Wishes! Keep up the good work. Love. Mom, and Dad Cortez, TaniaLauna Tucson. Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Tania we ' re proud of you.Keep up the good worklLove. Mom Cortosio, Charmaigne Louise Yuma, Junior, Agri Systems Mgmt Cortright, Christy Lee Brea.CA Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Cortright, Patricia Diane Scottsdale, Senior, Communication Lambda Pi Eta, Arizona Community Association, C.C.U.A. Corvalan, Consuelo Senior, Civil Engineering Engineering Club, Honor Society Corvalan, Magdalena U. Junior, Pre-Business Accounting Corvo, Matthew A. Freshman. No Major Selected Corwon, Jeffrey Bruce Junior, Pre-Computer Science Cosgrove, Lindsay Marie Sophomore, Pre-Communication Cosgrove, Matthew Brock Senior, Communication Cosmas, George C Sophomore, No Major Selected Cosper, Brian J. Sophomore, Pre-Business Running. General Sports Cossel, Scott M Senior, History Cossio, Claudio Daniel Senior, Mining Engineering Costa, Dominic Koch Junior, Psychology Football Team Costa, Kyle Douglas Junior, Regional Development Costaglio, Michael David Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Costell, Gabriel David Sophomore, Anthropology Costello, Cristin Ann Freshman, Political Science Costello, Lauren Marie Senior, Aerospace Engineering Costin, Elena R Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Costolo, Megan C. Senior, Nursing Coston,SommerLea Junior. English Cota, Eduardo (Eddie) V. Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Weightlifting, Computers Cota, Isaac Senior, Sociology Cota, Jesus Herendida Senior. Elementary Education Cota, Margarita Monserath Senior, Pre-Medical Technology taiGi Chile, A JjMn,: Chile. Tucson, Tucson, Tucson. A2 Naperville, II Tucson, A2. bjH,| Flagstaff, Tucson, Tucson. AZ. mj Beaverton, ( Santa Clara. CA Hfti Hillsborough, CA OtK Tucson, A2 ;hfi Cave Creek, AZ t . T A- " Tucson, A H. ,. Peoria, AZ Ml ' ; Scottsdale, AZ H, ' t ' ' Tucson, AZ Tucson, Ai jwi. Tucson, A2 : Tucson, AZ jjj Rio Rico, 426 iota, Monica Marie feenior. Pre-Health Education Cota, Monica fenior, Spanish i, Neftali E. lophomore. Pre-Business 2ote, Michelle A. lenior. Physiological Sciences ;otner, Kyle H unior, Mechanical Engineering iotnar, Lauren Jaye reshman. No Major Selected iotrupe, Maya L, Pophomore. No Major Selected totrupe, Natasha Luna lenior, English Jetton, Eboni Sherelle ' reshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Jotton, John Taylor Sophomore, Stud 10 Art :ottrill, Jennifer i: reshman. Pre-Business ;ouch, Noel B unior. Pre-Computer Science wOHch, Ryan Allen enior. Ecology Evolutionary Bio : ghlin, Laura A. reshman. Pre-Pharmacy :oughlin, Shayne Larissa 1 reshman. Vetennary Science iigma Alpha. Reading, Music :oughlin, Victoria Emma Nondegree Seeking ; 5 (ouncil, Jeremy P : unior. Political Science founts, Alexis Altagracia " : v reshman. Pre-Communication iourchesne, Emily Knstine =3 Brtor. Astronomy oursodon, Christine Frances : : ;. ' .-. : : ; : reshman. Veterinary Science :ourtien, Kristin Victoria freshman. Criminal Justice Admin ; Courtney, Dawn ophomore, No Major Selected Courtney, John D " ft V reshman. History le are extremely proud of you. Love. Mom and Dad Courtney, Steven Thomas " ax 8 enior, Marketing ioury, Alexis A : : lenior. Marketing obcats. Student Government. Alligance ' _- (i touston, George Mandros reshman. No Major Selected ISB | Sontts, Mary Anna unior. Psychology -Couturier, Darren P. reshman, No Major Selected : ::r " ipouzens, Shawn Paul enior. Studio Art lovalciuc, Anthony M. ' of Itpphomore, Journalism lovarrubias, Rebecca Guzman " JSR! ophomore. Studio Art :ovamibias, Roman reshman. No Ma|or Selected ;ovault,AdamP ophomore. No Major Selected f- ' .gl tover, Cornelius J. ophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences y, Ench Paul ienior. Theatre Arts iovey, Robin Bess i unior. Pre-Pharmacy lowan, Megan E. ophomore, General Biology .XT I lowen, Jennifer Elizabeth ophomore. Family Studies Human Dev := Alpha Phi Omega. Newman Center, C.A.R.E.S : ; i - : owens, Samantha Rose ophomore, Psychology lowie, Alix A unior. Creative Writing !owles, Adrian Krystle enior. History Jowley, Anne Marie enior. Sociology towman, Aaron Douglas enior. Journalism .t Bowser, Kimberty Cathenne ophomore. Chemistry : : ' 5ox,Bnan Craig unior. Aerospace Engineering Tucson. AZ Cox, Brittney A. Cave Creek. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Tucson, AZ Sigma Kappa Cox, Bryan R Scottsdale, AZ Tucson, AZ Junior, Business Economics Cox, Catherine Claire Tucsin. AZ Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Pi Beta Phi, Tennis. All Sports Phoenix, AZ Cox, Chad A. Gilbert, AZ Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Tucson. AZ Cox, Corinne M Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Molecular Cellular Biol Tucson, AZ Cox, Corrine Michele Tucson, AZ Senior. Communication Tucson, AZ Collecting Betty Boop, Cultural Events, Music, Hiking. Traveling Phoenix. AZ Cox, Dan Eric Tucson, AZ Senior. Computer Science Newport Beach, CA Cox, Darta Anne Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Anthropology Tucson, AZ Cox, Jennifer E Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Tucson, AZ Cox, Jennifer L. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Tucson. AZ Cox, Jessica Mary Tucson, AZ Junior. Psychology Scottsdale, AZ Cox, Julianne F. Agoura Hills. CA Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Tempe, AZ Cox, Julie Beth Tucson. AZ Senior. Sociology Cox, Katherine Anne Tucson, AZ Albuquerque, NM Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Cox, Lu Ann Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Senior. Music Education Cox, Mark Jospeph Tucson, AZ Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Cox, Rosalie Nicole Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ 2ND, Pharmacy Cox, Scott S. Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Junior. Architecture Cox, SethJ. Tucson, AZ Pelham, NY Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Cox, Taylor Ashley Glendale. AZ Tucson, AZ Freshman, General Biology Cox, Wyatt McCabe Tucson, AZ Walnut Creek, CA Freshman. Pre-Business Dirt Bikes. Mountain Bikes Coxon, Danielle E. Phoenix. AZ Tucson. AZ Freshman, Psychology Coyle, Casey Marie Hillsborough.NJ Glendale. AZ Freshman, Political Science Coyle, Heather J. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Business Management Tucson, AZ Coyle, Scott Edward Tucson. AZ Senior, Microbiology Tucson. AZ Coyne, Michael A. Gold River. CA Freshman. No Major Selected Phoenix, AZ Delta Chi. Volleyball Coyne, Zachary Andrew Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Golf. Martial Arts Scottsdale. AZ Cozzetti, Jessica Leigh Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Phoenix. AZ Crabtree, Kristen Tennille Tucson, AZ Senior, Sociology Yuma, AZ Crabtree, Loretta Page. AZ Sophomore, Family Studies Human Dev Tucson. AZ Softball, Collecting birthday cards Cracovaner,TomB. Tuscon.AZ Tucson . AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Basketball, Debate, Drummer Tucson, AZ Cradick.Tess Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, Retailing Consumer Scien Austin, TX Bicycle Club Craft, Amy Elizabeth Phoenix. AZ Ephrata.PA Sophomore, No Major Selected Honors College. Blue Chip Program Phoenix, AZ Craig, Amy L. Manhattan Beach, CA Senior, History Soccer. Football, Basketball Tucson, AZ Craig, Briana Elyse Chandler. AZ Freshman. General Biology Berkeley Heig, NJ Craig, David J Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Engineering Management Tucson, AZ Craig, Kyle Wayne Oracle. AZ Sophomore. Wildlife Phoenix, AZ Craig, Robert Eugene, III Tucson. AZ Freshman. Political Science Tucson, AZ Craigie, Rachel Mary Flagstaff, AZ Junior. Psychology Flagstaff, AZ Grain, Austin Ulysses Tucson. AZ Senior. Mathematics Tucson, AZ Expecting Emma Crain ' 04 Craine, ErinM. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Craine, JenniferC Tucson, AZ Senior. English Cramer, Chelsea Elizabeth Scottsdale. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Photography Cramer, Cullen Scott Tucson. AZ Junior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Cramer, Holly Anne Gilbert. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cramer, Jake J Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Regional Development Cramer, Richard L. Pima. AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Crampton, Jason Peter Pinetop, AZ Senior. Regional Development Intramural Basketball. Super Frisbee Club. Golden Key National Honor Society Crance, Jessica L Phoenix, AZ Junior, General Biology Masters: Marine Mammal Science. Certified Scuba Diver, Women ' s Volleyball Team Crandall,Brianne Melissa Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Crandall, Robert James Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Physics Crandall, Tyler Benjamin Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Basketball Crane, Christopher E. Tucson. AZ Junior. Pre-Business Crane, Evan J Phoenix. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Crane, Lisa Diana Fullerton. CA Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Crane III, Hugh Anson Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Veterinary Science Craney, Thomas Anthony Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Cranmer, Briana M Cottonwood, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Cranwell, Gregory Peter Tucson. AZ Senior. Science Education Crary, Taylor Hall San Jose, CA Sophomore. Retailing Consumer Scien Sigma Kappa Craven, Jill S. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. Chemical Engineering Cravener, Came Lynn Tuscon. AZ Sophomore. Wildlife Japanese Animation. Animals Graver, Jeremy David Tucson, AZ Junior, Regional Development Crawford, Benjamin Thomas Tucson. AZ Junior, Musical Theatre Crawford, Christopher Leiter Pis Verde Est, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Crawford, Erin C Newport Beach, CA Junior, Pre-Educatkxi Delta Gamma Crawford, Harrison B. Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Psychology Crawford, James Allan Tucson, AZ Senior. Veterinary Science Crawford, Jessica Nicole Tucson, AZ Junior, Media Arts Crawford, Jonathan A Scottsdale, AZ Junior. Chemistry C rawf ord, Knstine A. Mountain View. CA Sophomore, Pre-Educaton Crawford, LindseyM Oro Valley, AZ Junior, Psychology Crawford, Maria A. Tucson. AZ Senior. Nursing Crawford, Matthew Charles Centennial. CO Sophomore, No Major Selected Kappa Sigma, Water Polo Crawford, Niedra Nichole Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Crawford, Romero A, Jr. Chula Vista, CA Freshman. Mechanical Engineering Football Team Good Luck Romero! I hope you enjoy the rest of your college years! Crawford, Ruth Margaret Idaho Falls, ID Senior, Physics Tennis Church Groups. Backpacking, Art, Raytheon, Mountain Climbing Crawford, Valerie Nicole Tucson, AZ Senior. Nursing Crebbs, Sean Keegan Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Creed, Lance M. Tucson. AZ Senior. Management Info Systems Creekman, Alexander Pierce Reno, NV Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Creighton, Jennifer L. West Lebanon. NH Junior, Elementary Education Reading. Sports. Going to the Beach Creith, Scott R Columbus, OH Senior, Regional Development Phi Gamma Delta, Student Program. Traveling. Learning Different Lang Creith, Richard Paul, Jr Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Computer Engineering Creitoff, Desiree Tucson, AZ Senior. History Creitoff, Michael Tucson. AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Cressey, Logan J. Redmond, WA Sophomore. Pre-Business Keep up the good work! Love. Mom and Dad Crete, Kevin B. Barre.VT Senior. Media Arts Crick, Kyle Richard Globe. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Computers. Reading. Writing. Video Production C riddle, David Charles Glendale, AZ Senior. Spanish Crider, Sharon Ann Sierra Vista. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Crim, Terry S. Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems C riss, Jason William Tucson, AZ Senior. Civil Engineering Criss, Sara Elizabeth Tucson. AZ Junior, Communication Crist, Katharine T. Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business C rist, Kelly Elizabeth Phoenix. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected C ristea, Nathan George Prescott. AZ Senior. Physiological Sciences C rist i, Carlos Andres Oro Valley. AZ Freshman, Political Science Soccer, Paintball, Fitness Cristofori, Benjamin G Yuma. AZ Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Critchley, Diane Bngido Tucson. AZ Senior. Special Education Rehab Pi Lambda Pheta Criteser.CaraT, El Mirage. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Crivello.Satvatore Mario San Diego. CA Freshman. No Major Selected Sigma Alpha Epsilon Croce, Giuseppe A Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Compirter Science Crocker, Kevin Mark Winn, ME Senior, Mathematics Crocker, Kindra A Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Nursing Crockett, Daniel David Tucson, AZ Senior, Spanish Crockett, Jacob Allan Prescott, AZ Senior, Business Economics Crockett, Nathan R Dublin, OH Senior. Astronomy Crockett, Thomas McCallie Tucson. AZ Senior. Pre-Computer Science Crocombe, Robert William Washington. DC Senior. Pre-Computer Science Photography, Volleyball, Hiking Croitor, Mia Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Cromar, Megan S Bedford, TX Junior. English Cromwell, Michael Gilbert. AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Hiking, Camping, Building Things, Hiking Club C romwell, Virginia Ann Whiteriver, AZ Junior. Pre-Educatkxi Cronenberg, Christopher E. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Cronenberg, Kimberty Jean Tucson, AZ Freshman, Music Croner, H. Michael Westlake Vlg. CA Freshman, Theatre Arts Cronican, William Patrick Albuquerque, NM Freshman, Pre-Business Cronin, Duane Thomas Littleton, CO Junior. Pre-Physiol Sciences Football Cronk, Katherine Mikelle Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Educatkxi Crooks, Ryan William Tucson, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Crookston, Jonathan Douglas Tucson, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering 427 Crosby, Leslie Gail Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Crosner, Ashley Danielle Northridge, CA Senior, Communication Student Entertainment, Design Cross, Ian Thomas Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Cross, James J Buckeye, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Cross, John C. Buckeye, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Cross, Michael Manthei Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Cross, Whittney Nicole Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Grossman, Kimberly M. Sierra Vista, AZ Freshman, Media Arts Crosswell, Hailey North Ogden, UT Sophomore, Civil Engineering Theta Tau, Hall Governement Secretary, Intramural Soccer, Snowboarding Club Crosth wait, Kan Jamison Tempe.AZ Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Crothers, Matthew Prescott Vall.AZ Senior, Accounting Crouch, KatherineM. Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Marketing Crouthers, Christina Dawn Tuscon, AZ Junior, Veterinary Science Campus Crusade, Reading, Animals Crow, David Gregory Tucson, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Crowder, Christopher Shea Tucson, AZ Sophomore, History Crowe, Amanda Marie Cave Creek, AZ Freshman, Linguistics Crowe, Casey Dylan Tucson, AZ Junior, Journalism Crowe, Christopher Keith Mesa, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Crowe, David Paul Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Crowe, Jennifer Helene Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Science Education Crowe, Ryan E. Yuma, AZ Junior, Business Management Crowe, Terrence James New York City, NY Freshman, Pre-Business Crowe, Trevor Thornton Aurora, CO Sophomore, Communication Baseball Team For U Of A, Conditioning Fanatic, Racquetball Player Crowell, Brynne E. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol Crowell, Zachary Matthew Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Studio Art Crowley, Andrea M. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Crowley, Christine Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Dance Performing Arts, Certified Pilates Instructor Your name will be a household word.Best wishes, Mom Crowley, Kathleen Briscoe Akron, OH Junior, Finance Blue Chip, Horse Riding, Swimming Crowley, Meredith Morgan Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Creative Writing Crowley, Robert James, III Phoenix, AZ Freshman, General Biology Crozier, Seth Robert Pinetop, AZ Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Crude, Dana Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Crudo, Richard Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Physics Crull, Danielle Gaetana Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Musical Theater, Softball, Dancing Cram, Bethany Nadine Glendale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected C rum, Bethany N. Glendale AZ Undecided Sports, Reading Crum, Cassidy Phoenix, AZ Junior, Pre-Communication Varsity Volleyball, Mary Roby Award Cassidy, it ' s nice to have you close to home. We are very proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Crum, IsaacS Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Engineering Republican Committee, Intramural Soccer, Basketball Crumb, Andrea Lynne Lennox, SD Junior, Studio Art Crumbacher, Laura Lynn Tucson, AZ Senior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Grumpier, Ashley Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, General Biology Cruse, Amanda Marie S ahuarita, AZ Senior, Nursing C rutchf ield, Bradley A. Bloomington. IL Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy C rutchf ield, Jeffrey Stapleton Tucson, AZ 4TH, Pharmacy Cruz, Alice Ann Sierra Vista, AZ Senior, Political Science Cruz, Anna-Marie Oro Valley, AZ Senior, Pre-Education Cruz, Gabriel A. Douglas, AZ Junior, No Major Selected Cruz, Gloria-Maria Tucson, AZ Nursing Cruz, Hiram-Jesus Felipe Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bike, Cheerleading, Volunteer For Hospital Cruz, Jesus Arturo. Rio Rico, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Sports, Installing sound systems, Volunteer work Cruz, Kristyl. Tucson, AZ Junior, Anthropology C ruz, Maria-Alicia G Oro Valley, AZ Pre-Physiol Sciences SACES Cruz, Marisol Isabel Tucson, AZ Senior, Social Studies Cruz, Mark C Sierra Vista, AZ Senior, History Cruz, Michelle Monique Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Cruz, Nicholas David Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cruz, Paterno Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cruz, Richard Joseph Tucson, AZ UNC, Mathematics Cruz, Rick A. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Cruz, Suzan Tempe.AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Cruz, Ubaldo Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Cryder,GarrettDean Gig Harbor, WA Freshman, No Major Selected Cryts, Dori-Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Cuaron, Roy Arthur Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Cubillas Jr., Marco Antonio Tucson, AZ Senior, Mathematics Cubley, Rebecca L Willcox, AZ Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies Cudilo, Joanna A. Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Cuellar, Eduardo Tucson, AZ Freshman, Religious Studies Cuellar, Esther Valadez Tucson, AZ Senior, Criminal Justice Admin Cuen, Ernesto J Tucson, AZ Junior, Agri Economics Managemen Cuesta, Judea E. Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Cuestas, Adriana J. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Cuevas, Elizabeth Douglas, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Cuevas, Ismael Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Cuffy, Lorena Y Menlo Park, CA Junior, Spanish Cuisinier, Jean-Luc Conrad Tucson, AZ Junior, Architecture Culhane, Jennifer Bartlett, IL Junior, Psycholo gy Cullen, Neil Nalani Tucson, AZ Junior, No Major Selected Culler, Casey Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Senior, Natural Sciences Mathema Culler, Richard Corey Tucson, AZ Freshman, Optical Sciences Enginee Cullinane-Cooper, Erin Constance Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Culling, Stanford Allen Arivaca.AZ Senior, Wildlife Bass Fishing, Hunting We are so proud of you! Best Wishes! Love, Mom Dad Cullivan, KristalSue Moreno Valley, CA Junior, English Culp, Allan Wayne Glendale, AZ Senior, History Culp, Jonathan Vereen Tucson, AZ Senior, Economics Culp, Melody Kay Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Nursing Culp Jr., David Vere Vail, AZ Senior, Finance Culver, Amanda L Tucson, AZ Senior, Veterinary Science Being Their For Others Heart filled thanks goes to our daughter for your dedication hardwork. We Love you, yourfamily! Culver, GarrettM Yuma, AZ Sophomore, Public Management Culwell, Anthony Lawrence Keizer. OR Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Model Making, Drawing Airplanes, Navy R.O.T.C Cumbee, Nicole Louise Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Gumming, ArinS Rio Rico, AZ Senior, English Writing, Basketball, Horseback riding Cummings, Alan Patrick Mancos, CO Freshman, Pre-Architecture Cummings, Brett M. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Creative Writing Cummings, Deirdre K. Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Cummings, Kathleen Michelle Tucson, AZ Junior, Wildlife Cummins, Benjamin H. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Music Cummins, Justin Reid Damman.SA Freshman, Pre-Business Young Life, Basketball, My Jeep We ' re so proud of you Justin! Love, Mom, Dad, Tyler, and Lucy Cummins, Scott J Tucson, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Cummins, Timothy J. Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Cumpston, Meghan A. Red Bluff, CA Sophomore, Veterinary Science Volleyball Cundiff, MegonL. Tucson, AZ Senior, General Biology Cuneo, DianneR. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Cunliffe, Erika Kali Tiburon, CA Sophomore, Political Science Cunningham, Amanda Renee Tucson, AZ Senior, Science Education Dance Cunningham, Ashley Christen Laguna Niguel, CA Senior, Communication Cunningham, Christopher Matthew Tucson, AZ Senior, Chemical Engineering Cunningham, Jennifer M. Irvine, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Delta Gamma, Snowboarding, Going To The Beach, Spending Time With Friends Cunningham, Joe New York City, NY Sophomore, Pre-Communication Cunningham, John El Paso, TX Senior, Pre-Business Cunningham, LeviT. Winslow. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Cunningham, Patrick Ryan San Diego, CA Sophomore, Communication Cunningham, Sol Jacob Oxford, Ml Senior, Architecture Sol, Best Wishes for the years to come! Love, Mom and Dad Cunningham, Stephanie Anne Sierra Vista, AZ Freshman, East Asian Studies Tae Kwon Do, Horse riding, Computers Cuoco, James Joseph Marana.AZ Junior, Accounting Body Building, Personal Trainer at Sally ' s Cupero, Joshua Glendale, AZ Sophomore, Optical Sciences Enginee Cupis, Joseph Pedroza Tucson, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Curcio, Jennie R. Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Family Studies Human Dev Cure, Kristen K Phoenix, AZ Senior, Spanish Agricultural Club, Honors College Cure, Lindsey Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Fine Arts Curiale, CharleneF. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Journalism Curl, Brian Alexander Tucson, AZ Freshman, Electrical Engineering Curley, Dylan L Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Science Curley, Kiernan S Phoenix, Senior, History Sigma Chi, Varsity Conf. Rugby Team, Academic Disting. L Curley, Michael David Tucson, Senior, Animal Sciences Curran, Justin Patrick Tucson, Junior, Media Arts Curran, Kelley Marie Barrington, II Freshman, Retailing Consumer Scien Alpha Phi, Dance Club, Dancing Curran, Natalie Phoenix. Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Bible Study Curran, Nicole Nellie Phoenix, Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Current, Sandra Jeanette Tucson, Senior, Public Management Eller, Chief Justice Of Court, Member of Chancel Choir Currie, Justin P Clarkdale, Junior, No Major Selected Curry, Antonio Maurice Tucson, Senior, Communication Curry, Courtney Ellen Seattle, W, Senior, Communication Volunteers With Children, Photography, Travel Congratulations you did it! We ' re proud of you! Love and Dad Curry, Janelle Lynn Senior, Anthropology Curry, Katherine M. Junior, Nursing Dean ' s List Curry, Kevin Michael Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Alpha Epsilon Delta Curry, Michael J. Sophomore, Computer Engineering Curry, Michael D. Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Education Curry, Yu-yong Senior, Pre-Business Curt, Jared Michael Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Curti, Christopher T. Junior. Molecular Cellular Biol Curtis, Ashley Reed Junior, Elementary Education Curtis, Brandon William Freshman. Pre-Business Social Dir Pima House Dor Curtis, Cole Ezekiel Sophomore, Regional Development Curtis, Constance Adele Senior, Fine Arts Studies Kappa Alpha Zeta, Fitness And Exercise, Snowboarding, Traveling Curtis, Cortney Yuma, Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Curtis, Francesqua A Tucson, Sophomore, Animal Sciences Rodeo Queen-Apache Junction, AZ, Owns 5 Horses, Intercollegiate Rodeo, Barrel! Racing Curtis, Hannah Lucille Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Curtis, Kelly Jean Sophomore, No Major Selected Curtis, Linsey Elizabeth Senior, Psychology Curtis, Matthew David Sophomore. Political Science Curtis, Peter Sean Junior, Political Science Curtis, Rose Marie Senior, Special Education Rehab Curzi, William Alexander Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Cusack, Mark Jeffrey Freshman, Pre-Business Cushman, Karyn Rebecca Senior, Nursing Cusick, Christy Anne Senior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Cussick, Justin S. Sophomore, Pre-Business Cutler, Jacob M. Freshman, Pre-Business Cutrone, Carry Jean Freshman, Studio Art Cutrufo, Candace N Junior, Journalism Cutsinger, James Lee Hillsborough, C Junior, Communication Cutter, Carmody Jane St. Paul, t Freshman, Pre-Business Tucson, Jackson. Tucson, Tucson, Tucson, Casa Grande, Snowflake, A2 1 Tucson, Tucson, Phoenix, Yuma, Yuma, Tucson. Tucson, Ada, M Gilbert, T ucson. AZ , Tucson, A2, Orinda, CA Canton, MA Sahuarita, AZ (. Tucson, AZ !Jj Tucson, AZ ,. Scottsdale, AZ I J " Tucson, AZr 1 " 3 ' - Chandler, 428 I litter, Casey Patrick hrnan, Pie-Business ! utter, Stanley Barton enior. Creative Writing :atwright, Sam Edward jnie- Ve: = - Suvelier, Kristin M Mhman, No Major Selected ports. Community service wik, Dav c at " ' e, c wshrnan. No Major Selected tens Hockey Phoenix. AZ WJknette.lL Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Western Springs, IL umor. Political Science Jylwik, Scott Denney Whman, No Major Selected lyrus, Samantha L iwnman. No Major Selected ;zarnowski, Thomas Alan senior. Marketing Izerski, Elizabeth M. pophomore. Retailing Consumer Scien Mesa.AZ Phoenix. AZ Tucson. AZ Dewey.AZ Tucson. AZ Sa rw, Travis Carpenter es a- - story = :,-.; ' . ' :.-: W ;zopek, Katherine Teal Tucson. AZ ienior. Elementary Education Heather Arme Chicago. IL jenkx. Marketing zupryna. - r- Schaumburg. IL -- : ----- -: ; " -.-.--.- J. Nguyen, Tuyet Ha Tucson. AZ ' ienior. Molecular Cellular Biol ). Thomas, Patrick J. McLean. VA -reshman. History - 3a Font , Dara Beth Scottsdale. AZ enior. Art Education Jabner. . ' . ' .- . Santa Rosa. CA lenior. Marketing babMni,OmarZ WestCovina.CA Jophomore. Economics iigma Chi. Golf. Skiing. Body Surfing Ve ' re proud of you! Keep up the good work! Love Mom, " lad. Nora STara ac y, Jane EHzabetn Phoenix. AZ " . reshman. No Major Selected ' Addio, Amy Marie Phoenix. AZ I Mfcr. Marketing laffron, Benjamin J. Albuquerque. NM Criminal Justice Adrran Benson. AZ Scottsdale. AZ Scottsdale. AZ KJTC Air Force. Business Student Cound Blue Chip. Soccer laggett. : ; enior. Anthropology ' lahl, Amanda Louise tenor. Elementary Education r Omega. Dance. Cheerleader Dahl, Jonathan Andrew - - S tahlberg, Sean Emmanuel sophomore. Dance We, Choreography, Jahlem, Matthew C. ophornore. Pre-Business Jahms, A= -;i-- " -J- " SlSophornore. Pre-Nursiig Daikoku. :--: " te junior. East Asian Studies Jailey, Jamie Lynn : ; _ . Senior. Physiological Sciences Jaily, Jamie Althea e ' :- S a Studies Jaily, LayneK Ophomore. Pre-Business )ains, Danny j es .= ' Pre-Business RioRancho.NM Santa Monica, CA Scottsdale. AZ San Francisco. CA Reno.NV Panama City B. FL Tucson. AZ Paradise Vry.AZ Tucson. AZ MM, Diane Marie " ieraor. Media Arts 1 Theta Kappa, Golden Key Honor Society, All-Arizona .DonakJRay Tucson.AZ -.srSpenior.MedBArts ' hi Theta Kappa, Golden Key Honor Society. All-Arizona { demicTeam )ajevskis, -- 3ake, - unior. Ps Daks, )al Molin, 5 5e r :- , ' , ; -e Jalberth,, - -z= i. - ' ,- wr. Tucson.AZ San Jose, CA Northndge.CA Globe. AZ Newtown, PA Flagstaft.AZ Dale, Arm-marie Flagstaff. AZ Sophomore. No Major SeWld Dal , Erik T Tucson.AZ Senior. Mechanical Engineering Date, Shane R. Casa Grande. AZ Senior. Political Science Work At School Newspaper Dale-Bourn , ShanicaC Altadena.CA Freshman, Pre-Education Sports. Reading. Writing D ' Alessandro, Christopher James Houston. TX Sophomore, No MakV Selected Daley, John Michael Newport Beach, CA Freshman. Pre-Busness Dalhof, Melissa Kimberty Lake Worth, a Senior, Nursing Da I ton, Andrea H. Tucson. AZ Junior, Joumafism Daltoa.ChadW. Tucson.AZ Senior. Accounting Dalton, Miranda Rae Hampton Fate. NH Junior. Psychology Dalton, Ryan Daniel Tucson.AZ Senior. Marketing Daly, Courtney D. Encmo.CA Freshman. No Major Selected Daly, Erin T Austin. TX Junior, Political Science Daly, Kathleen E. Chandter. AZ Senior. Spanish Daly, Thomas Herrick North AnrJover, MA Freshman, Pre-Business Daly, TriciaJ Tucson.AZ Sophomore. Communication D ' Amato, Alison Green Valley, AZ Senior, Regional Development D ' Amato, Philip Joel Rancho Patos. CA Senior, Animal Sciences D ' Ambrosio, = - Scottsdale. AZ Senior. Communication D ' Ambrossi.EncM Thousand Oaks. CA Junior. Political Science Fencing Team Da mbrowski, James M Phoenix. AZ Sophomore. Spanish Damgar, Randall Wayne Tucson. AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Damiani, Pamela R Tucson.AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Damiano, Matthew E Stony Point NY Junior. Pr -CornrrHjmcatKxi Damico, Chelsea ,NJ Freshman. No Major Selected D ' Amico, Dense Woodside, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Damommio, Anna Maria Tucson, AZ Freshman. Psychology Damon, Erica Camie Fort Defiance. AZ Sophomore. Veterinary Science Chi Alpha Epsiion, Student Enrichment Pro, NSCS Damron, Richard H Tucson.AZ Poway. CA Poway. CA Mesa, AZ Tucson.AZ Phoenix. AZ Tucson.AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson.AZ Tempe.AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson.AZ Hmsdate. IL San Diego. CA Torrance.CA Damwijk, Kamaya R Junior, Pre-Communication Damwijk, Raetyn M Senior. Communcation Dandorf , Stewart James Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Danehy, Dartene Annette Senior, Civil Engineering Cl ub Voteybal Dang, Christopher T. Junior. Political Science Dang.HienOuang Junior, Pre-Computer Science Dang, Karan Freshman. Electrical Engineering Dang, Vmh Q. Junior, Computer Engineering D ' Ang lo, Brandon Michael Junior, Psychology Daniel, Jeremy Alexander Sophomore. Molecular CeUar Biol Daniel, Monica F. Junior, Nutritional Sciences Dani l,YolandC. Senior, Systems Engineering Daniel Scheid, Michael George Freshman. Pre-Business Daniels, Angela M Senior, Theatre Arts Daniels, Cassie Anne ..- : E : ;- Daniels, Derek A Tudson.AZ Freshman. Pre- Architecture Daniels, Kevin Benjamin Scottsdale. AZ Senior. Media Arts Daniels, Lindsay Blair Syosset. NY Freshman. Nutritional Sciences Gymnastics. Karate. Working Out At The Gym Daniels, Melissa Lee Tucson. AZ Junior, No Major Selected ::.= . : .- : Dani lso,KathrynAnn Gtendate.AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Danker, Brian CHathe.KS Seraor, Materials Sci Engr Danloe, Aryssa Lorraine Tucson.AZ Freshman, English Dannemillei-, Christopher Mchael Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. Etecmcal Engineering Dannemiller, Erin E. Phoenix. AZ Junior, Elementary Education Danowitz, Ann Katherine Sonoita.AZ UNC.Nondegree Seeking Danzer, Crystal Anne Carmel Valey. CA Freshman. Dance Dance. Tennis. Listening To Music Dao, Christine Phuong Lan ShowLow.AZ Senior. Pre-Computer Science Sigma Alpha Lambda, Association for Comp Machinery. Taluron ZK3 (soccer). Vietnames Student Association Dao, Liz L Tucson.AZ Senior, Retailing Consumer Saen Darbandi.DavidA. Chandter. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Darby, Alex J Tucson.AZ Senior. No Major Selected Darch , Peter Marshall San Ansekno. CA Freshman. No Major Selected Dardis,Brennan James Phoenix. AZ Sophomore. Chernistry Dariaa.AnnaCristina Tucson.AZ Junior, Political Science Phi Eta Sigma, Golden Key International Dariotis, All J Carmchael. CA Freshman. No Major Selected Alpha Phi. Volunteer Work. Retail Fashion. Design Darling, Kyle Ryan Manhattan Bea. CA Freshman. No Major Selected Darling, Ryan Franklin Tucson. AZ Senior. Economics Darmitz !, Andrew M Tucson. AZ Freshman. Chemical Engineering Daros, Jessica Ann Tucson. AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Education Darragh, Charles Alexander Tucson.AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Darragh III, James M. Tucson.AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Dam, Kim Paradise Valley. AZ Junior. Communication Darns, Ryan C Tucson. AZ Senior, Computer Engineering Darvas, Jactyn Sarah Plainview. NY Junior. Pre-Business Das, Anrxtta Window Rock. AZ Sophomore, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Das,Swatilekha Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Dash, Jeffrey J. Atlanta. GA Senior. Communication Swimming. Water Polo. President Of SAB CongraUafcns on your very successful " mount to tie sky " ! DashMI, Amy N. Phoenix, AZ Senior, Mathematics DashMI, Lisa D Phoenix. AZ Senior. Atmospheric Sciences Dasilva.NcoteL Phoenix. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Swimming, Hanging Out W Friends. Horses Dasihra, Nicole Marie Newark. CA Freshman, Pre-Nurang Daskalos, Jaysen Thomas Tucson, AZ Senior. Anthropology Datar.VaradaSatish Tucson.AZ Sophomore. Moteculari Cefcjlar Biol Datnoff, Jacob L. Birmingham. AL Sophomore. Regional Development Datny, Thomas D Livingston. NJ Sophomore, Economics Datri, Lindsay Andrina Tucson. AZ Junior, Studio Art Datta.NehaKumari Tucson.AZ Sophomore. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Daubert, Katherine Marie Chandter.AZ Junior, Anthropology Senior. Physical Education Daugherty.EnnN Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Daugherty, Michael C Junior. Marketing Daugherty, Rhonda C ' rf " " " = ' ' Flagstaff. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson.AZ Danvie.CA Belwood.lL Dam,KobiA. Tucson.AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business D ' Auria, Jonathan Wesery Tucson.AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Da uw, Megan Iris Eugene. OR Senior. Political Science Political Science Assn Congratulations Megan! You worked so hard, now comes the reward. We wish you great success in life Dav , JoelT Tucson.AZ Senior. Spanish Dave , Michael T Tucson.AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Davenport, Cameron Lee Tucson. AZ Sophomore, LJberal Arts Davenport, Devil Joubert Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Davenport, James A Tucson.AZ 4TH. Pharmacy Davenport, Shelli Marie Tucson.AZ Senior. Art Education NAEA Group Davenport, Stephanie Anne Tucson. AZ Freshman, Pie-Education Davi, Adam J Simi Valley. CA Senior, EnJUt Media Arts. Sports. Movies. Reading Adam, you ' ve worked so hard and always stayed focused. We re so very proud of you. Love. Mom Dad Davi, Andrea Leigh Senior. Retailing Consumer Scien David, r ' i- : " C " : ' ::-T ' Freshman. Regional Development David, Cassalyn Arm Sereor.lnterrjsciplinary Studies David, Jonathan Patrick Freshman, Pre-Busness David, Nicole Lee Freshman. Pre-Business David, W am Cody Freshman. Journalism Davidson, Amanda Leigh Freshman. Political Science Davidson, Ashley R Junior, Creative Writing Amnesty International. Honors College Davidson, E-. 5- - " 2 " Freshman, No Major Selected Honors Cotege. Skiing, Bowling Davidson, Daniel W Freshman. History Military. Pilot. Law Davidson, Elizabeth Sophomore. Pre-Education Davidson, Jeffrey S. Sophomore. Pre-Business Tennis. Sfc Q Davidson, Megan N Freshman. Pre-Education Dance. Designing Clothes Davidson, Peter Alan Freshman. Pre- Architecture Davidson, Robert P. Junior, Mechanical Engineering Davidson, Trisha Louise Junior. Linguistics Davies, Ashley Mane Sophomore. Pre-Busness Kappa Alpha Theta Da VMS, Ian E Freshman. Pre-Pharmacy Davies, Jessica Chen Sophomore. English DavMS,LindseyJ. Sophomore. Political Science Davi s,MarinLee Sophomore. Creative Writing Da VMS, Matthew W Sophomore, Pre-Busness Davies, Sara Nicole Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Kappa Kappa Gamma. Dancing Da vies, Sheila Arme Senior, French Tucson.AZ Tucson.AZ Scottsdale. AZ Westlake Vill. CA Manhattan Beach. CA Tucson.AZ Scottsdale. AZ Flagstaff. AZ Joshua. TX Tucson.AZ LagunaNiguel.CA Tucson.AZ Casa Grande. AZ Nashville. TN Gilbert. AZ Salinas. C A Green valley, AZ Tucson. AZ Sun Lakes. AZ Scottsdale. AZ Aliso Viejo. CA Scottsdale. AZ ?;-: : -2 429 Davila, Danielle Heather Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Davila, Verenice Tucson, AZ Senior, Women ' s Studies Spanish We are so proud of you and your achievements, we wish you great luck in the future. Love, Mom Dad Davin, Bethany L Sun Lakes, AZ Senior, Engineering Management Davis, Alexandra E. ' San Pedro, CA Freshman, Anthropology Alpha Philtalian, Guitar, Soccer Davis, Allison K Fountain Hill, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Davis, Alyssa Albrecht Tucson, AZ Junior, Studio Art Davis, Amanda Ashley Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Davis, Amanda E. Prescott, AZ Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Davis, Anne M. Las Vegas, NV Freshman, Dance Davis, Christina Lake Forest, IL UNC, Nondegree Seeking Davis, Christina N. Tucson. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Life Guard, Certified CPR, 1st Aid, Aerobics Davis, Christina Nicole San Diego, CA Sophomore, General Biology Basketball, Bible Study Davis, Christopher P. Tempe.AZ Junior, Liberal Studies Davis, Christopher Scott Gilbert, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Sking Davis, Courtney A. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Theatre Arts Davis, David Leo Tucson, AZ Junior, History Davis, Dawn Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Davis, Debra Lynn Tucson, AZ Senior, Astronomy Davis, Deena Kim Paradise Valley, AZ Sophomore, Theatre Arts Davis, Derek Andrew Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Music Davis, Donald Paul Douglas, AZ Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Davis, Donel Joseph Yuma, AZ Senior, Political Science We are very proud of you son! Love, Mom and Dad Davis, Donovan Demetrius Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Agri Biosystems Engr Davis, Emily Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Davis, Eric Galen Tucson, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Club Soccer, Intermural Soccer, Light Sound Production Davis, Erin E. Prescott, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Intervarsity, Davis, Gayla Janelle Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Phi Beta Kappa, Minor: Pre Tax Law, Honor Student Davis, Gordon A. Phoenix, AZ Senior, Mathematics Dean ' s List, Basketball Davis, Hilary Janae Arizona City, AZ 2ND, Pharmacy Davis, Hillary Suzanne Gilbert, AZ Senior, Sociology Rock Climbing, Hikiing, Writing You did it! We are very proud of you. Love Mom, Dad, and Family Davis, Jabin Anthony Tucson, AZ 4TH, Pharmacy Davis, Jacob Luke Tucson, AZ Senior, English Davis, James Alvaro Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Davis, Jamie Leigh Tucson, AZ Senior, Special Education Rehab Davis, Jane Meredith Las Cruces, NM Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol French, Tennis, Piano Davis, Jannizza Louriscia Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Davis, Jason Aaron Phoenix, AZ Senior, Physiological Sciences Delta Chi, Research At Medical Center, Basketball, Works W Hospice Pat Davis, Jason Greenbrae.CA Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin 430 Davis, Jay Tyler Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Davis, Jennae K Tucson, AZ Junior, English Davis, Jeremy Michael Tucson, AZ Senior, Chemistry Davis, Jeremy Lucas Monave Valley, AZ Junior, Political Science Davis, Jonathan Andrew Paradise Valley, AZ Senior, Performance (Guitar) Davis, Judy A Tucson, AZ Freshman, Journalism Davis, Karl M Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Davis, Kelli Marie Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Davis, Kenneth Robert San Bemadino, CA UNC, Nondegree Seeking Politics, Drama, Hiking Davis, Kent Fritchoff Tucson, AZ Junior, Chemistry Davis, Kevin M Tucson, AZ Junior, Computer Science Davis, KhrystylA Mesa.AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Dean ' s List, Community Service, Teen Outreach Preg Svcs Davis, Kimberly Beth Atlanta, GA Senior, Media Arts Davis, Kristin M. Aurora, CO Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Davis, Kristopher Harold Sacramento, CA Senior, Communication Pol-Sci Minor, Dean ' s List Davis, Leona F. Santa Fe, NM Sophomore, Wildlife Davis, Lindsay Rebecca Vail, AZ Sophomore, Industrial Engineering Barrel racing, Horseback riding Davis, Lindsey Diane Artesia. NM Junior, Nursing Hanging Out With Friends Davis, Lisa Lorraine Sierra Vista, AZ Senior, English Davis, LonnieE. Rio Rico, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Davis, Lyndsey Hofius Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Davis, Maranda Central, AZ 3RD, Pharmacy Davis, Maren S. Fountain Hill, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Davis, Mason Todd Tucson, AZ Junior, Geography Davis, Matthew T. Peoria, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Davis, Matthew C. San Diego, CA Junior, History Off-Roading Davis, Matthew Grant Napa, CA Junior, Communication Phi Alpha Delta, Golf, Fly Fishing Davis, MaylmG Mesa, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Big Brother Big Sister Davis, Megan E Tucson, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Softball Davis, Meghan Michelle Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Dean ' s List, Spirit Of Discovery Scholar, UA Achievement Scholar Davis, Michael Taro Barrington Hills, IL Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol We ' re proud of you! Keep up the good work. Love you, Mom and Dad Davis, Michael L Avondale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Davis, Michael Thomas Lake Oswego, OR Junior, Pre-Business Delta Chi, Big Brother Little Brother, Intramural Football And Baseball Davis, Nicole L Glendale, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Davis, Oliver J. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Davis, Richard Quinro Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Davis, Richard Mack Tucson, AZ Senior, Geography Davis, Rishard W Tucson, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Davis, Robin MacKenzie Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Delta Delta Delta, Music Davis, Ryan P Sparks, NV Junior, History Davis, Sara Storm Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Davis, Sara M. Tucson, AZ Senior, Art History Davis, Sarah E. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Davis, Sarah Kathleen Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Davis, Seth John Flagstaff, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Davis, TamikaA Phoenix, AZ Senior, Studio Art Theta Nu Xi Congratulations! Love, Mom and Dad Davis, Theodore Eric Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Davis, Tiffany A. Mesa, AZ Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Dean ' s List, Intramural Soccer, Undergraduate Research Davis, Zachary Blair Tucson, AZ Junior, Chemical Engineering Davis 1 1 1, Christopher C. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Davis-garcia, Michelle C. Tucson. AZ Senior, Public Management Policy Davis-lollar, Tina Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Creative Writing Davison, Brock C La Quinta. CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Golf Davison, Elizabeth Marie Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Political Science Davison, Eric Lee Tucson, AZ Freshman, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Daws, Ty Wilson Rotan.TX Freshman, Animal Sciences Dawson, Christina Michelle Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Economics Dawson, Harmony J. Tucson. AZ Junior, No Major Selected Dawson, Ian M. Mesa, AZ Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Dawson, Jamie Lloyd Tucson, AZ Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Dawson, Kaylene Anise Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Dance Dawson, Megan Y Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Chi Omega, Clareo Honorary, Chimes Junior Honorary, Delta Epsilon Chi Dawson, Nicholas David Tucson, AZ Freshman, Creative Writing Dawson, Sarah Elizabeth St. Helens, UK, Junior, General Biology Playing Squash, Pilates Dawson, Stephen Charles Indian Wells, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Off-Roading Dawson, Tiffany Lee Tucson, AZ Junior, History Hiking, Bible Studies, Reading Dawson Nace, Lindsey Lee Tucson. AZ Freshman, Psychology Day, Anna M. Glendale, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Day, Brian Oliver Tempe, AZ Freshman, General Biology Plays Basketball, Baseball, Reading Day, Jacqueline N Glendale, AZ Junior, Psychology Dean ' s List, Team Leader Of Blue Chip, RAfor Dorms We are proud of you Jacqueline! Love, Mom, Dad, and Christina Day, John Gravestock Frankfort, IL Freshman, Pre-Business Golf Day, Jonathan M. Whitefish Bay, Wl Freshman, Pre-Business Day, Katharina Jeanette Tucson. AZ Junior, Computer Engineering Society Of Engineer, Intel Scholar Day, Kenneth F Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Day, Samuel Evan Tucson, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol De Alva, Adienne Marie Tucsoin, AZ Junior, Psychology De Anda, Carly Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Gamma Alpha Omega, Photography De Barros, Christopher Huber Phoenix, AZ Senior, Media Arts Tucson, Orange County, C Tucson, De Bergalis, Denise Marie Tucson, Senior. Studio Art De Dios, Jan Paul Ouano Tucson, Pre-Business History, Sports, Business De Franco, Anthony J Plainview. NV Freshman, Journalism Football Fan, Sports De Geus, Aimee Marie Stillwater. Oh Freshman, Liberal Arts De La Cerda, Victoria Ramos Rio Rico. A; Freshman, Pre-Business De La Cruz, Rachel Caoagdan Seattle. W Freshman, Pre-Nursing Listen To Music, Dancing, Basketball, Football De La Forest, Katherine Anne Lake Oswego. OF Senior, Anthropology Phi Beta Kappa, Minor: Politics and Spanish We are very proud of you and Love you.Mom and Dad De La Garza, Sarah N Oro Valley, Sophomore, Pre-Education De La Ossa, Jessica Lauren Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences De La Ossa, Natalia Sophomore, Psychology De La Rosa, Christine Yvette Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Phi Beta Kappa, We are proud of you and all of your accomplishments, Christine. Love, Dad and Mom De La Rosa, Joseph Conrado Freshman, Media Arts Bass Guitar, Computers De La Rosa, Kevin Goralnik Sophomore, No Major Selected De Lessio, Melissa Marice Senior, Communication De Lorenzo, John Emlyn Sophomore. Bioc Molecular Biophysic De Los Angeles, Amber Cecille Freshman. Chemistry De Marni, Julie Ann Senior. Nursing Sports, Music DeNitto, CristinaJ. Senior. Physiological Sciences De Oca, Lhena Monies Junior, Pre-Communication De Robinson, Graciela Barajas Senior, Latin American Studies De Roon, Sean Charles Sophomore, Economics De Salvo, JeanineR Freshman, Pre-Architecture De Vries, Reynolds O ' Mara Sophomore. No Major Selected Kappa Kappa Gamma De Young, Mark D Senior, Elementary Education Dea, KoleJ Freshman. Chemical Engineering Kappa Alpha, Lacrosse Team Deacon, Cathryn E. Junior, Pre-Business Deacon, Kristine Nicole Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Soccer Keep up the good work! Love, Mom. Dad, and Erica! Tucson, Tucson, Tucson, A; -: ft Saddlebrooke, K i Tucson, Ai n : Gibson, BC r? : r Scottsdale. Tucson. Tucson. Mesa, Tucson, Newport Beach. C Tucson, Bloomington, Mf Collingswood. Cave Creek, Deakin, T E Freshman, Engineering Physics Dealgriffiths, Brendan W. Senior, Management Info Systems Dean, April Rene Sophomore, Pre-Education Dean, Asha Sundae Senior. Journalism Dean, Ashley E. Freshman, Geological Engineering Women in Engineering Club Dean, Christopher J Freshman, Physics Dean, January Alyson Senior, Psychology Dean, Kimberly Ros Senior, Business Management Dean, Lauren T. Senior, Criminal Justice Admin Gamma Phi Beta Dean, Lisa Marie Freshman, Pre-Nursing Dean, Molly R Junior, No Major Selected Sigma Kappa Dean, Thomas R Sierra Vista. Tucson, Tucson. AZl Seattle, WA Boxborough. MA Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ New York. NY Scottsdale. AZl Tucson, AZl Phoenix. AZl Santa Fe. NMl ; .nor. History lean Fuller, Jordan August : -ashman. No Major Selected leanda, Teresa Crystal ophornore. Pre-Pharmacy tearing, Laura nor. Communication :$ Misis,AlvaroN uniof. Psychology N( Mts, Michael D not. Pre-Computer Science -; |tobaca, Nicholas Thomas reshman. No Major Selected ebake, Mark A. ophomore. Aerospace Engineering juth Group at Church. Solar Car Project Jebedenetti, Annemane amma Alpha Omega. Blue Chip Program ebenedetti, Anne Mane reshman. Pre-Business lebenedetto, Devin Ryan : ' t.jj ijophomore. Pre-Business aberry, Tyler Scott reshman. Public Management Policy niversity Swim Team. Volleyball lebiasse, Leigh Taylor reshman. Political Science nd Major-Spanish : ebois, Marcie Jean reshman. Music eborde, Daniel R. Jenior. Geosciences ebrino, Jennifer Cole f reshman. Pre-Business bus,JohnN. reshman. No Major Selected pebusk, Christina Marie ' reshman. History tec, Theresa J. reshman, Pre-Health Education JeCamp. Steven Lee lenior. Molecular Cellular Biol lecarr, Danielle Nicole ' reshman. Journalism lecater, Derek Alan ophomore. No Major Selected )eck, Andrew Michael enior. Optical Sciences Enginee Decker, Brooke K Senior. Spanish Decker, Jason R. Ophomore. Chemical Engineering - -. ' . -. . ! Decrescenzo, William Anthony Tucson. AZ enior. Mechanical Engineering 3ederer, Jacob Lmdstrom Rolling Hills. CA ' g C Senior. Political Science asketball :: rrl edman,KelbertC. Tucson. AZ unior, Pre-Educatkxi Anthony Tucson. AZ enior. Wildlife Deeds, Colin M Flagstaff. AZ enior. Anthropology " he Golden Key Honor Society. Basketball. Jazz Tucson, AZ Glenoale.AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Prescott,AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Mesa.AZ Tuscon. AZ Lawrence, KS Tempe.AZ Tucson, AZ Scottsdale. AZ Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ Scottsdale. AZ Tucson, AZ Huntingdon Beach, CA Sammamish, WA Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Mesa.AZ eem, Anna Louise reshman. English eem, Rachel reshman, No Major Selected -: )eer, James Atkinson, III ienior. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Dee rinwater, Julie Ann enior. Political Science Defelice, Charles! Ml reshman. Pre-Architecture . efeo, Aaron A. unior. Creative Writing Defer, Michael William 3 C Sophomore. Pre-Business Oefer, William David -. -:; INC. Nondegree Seeking Jefilippo, Kevin James : ' eshman. Media Arts Defoe, Michael Blair ophomore. English Deforrest, Martene Frances unkx. Psychology .; egel, Jeff Cart Mor, Business Management .. egirmenci,SenerH ophomore. No Mapr Selected leg ner, Manssa Caroline r .: ; freshman. Pre-Communicalion Scottsdale. AZ Scottsdale, AZ Phoenix, AZ Marana.AZ Laveen. AZ Tucson, AZ Chandler. AZ Tucson. AZ Green Valley, AZ Tucson. AZ Phoenix, AZ Tuscon, AZ Tucson, AZ Los Altos. CA Degomez, Birch M. Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Psychology Degomez, M. Camille Flag Staff. AZ Senior, Elementary Education Degraff, Tiffany Marie Avondale. AZ Junior. Pre-Business Sports Marketing, Honors College. Softball Oegreen, Laura Marie Phoenix. AZ Junior. Molecular Cellular Biol Degraff, Marcus J Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Regional Development Deguire, Adam Christopher Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Political Science Phi Alpha Delta, Minority Outreach Director, Blue Chip Program. Dean ' s List Dehart, Amanda Dawn Apache Junction, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Dehdashti.HaudiM Tucson, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Dehdashti, Nouralhoda Tucson, AZ Freshman. Political Science Deherrera, Thomas Anthony Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Deininger, Nicholas Anthony Tucson, AZ Freshman. Computer Engineering Deitch, Melissa Fountain Hill, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Dance. Camp Wildcats. Theatre Deitch, Samantha D Atlanta, GA Junior, Journalism Alpha Epsilon Phi Deitemeyer, Richard Ray Westlake Vlg. CA Junior. Philosophy Deiters, Katherine K. De Pere. Wl Junior, Psychology Basketball Team, Photography. Creative Writing Dejesus, Ishmael Glendale. AZ Junior. Economics Dejonghe, Aida Valenzuela Tucson, AZ Freshman. Near Eastern Studies Del Campo, Alexandra Martin Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Del Monti, Anthony Nicholas Cleveland, OH Sophomore, Family Consumer Sci Educ Del Real, Amy Schaefer Scottsdale. AZ Senior. Spanish Minor History Del Rio, Adrienne L Prescott Vly. AZ Senior, English Del Rio, Christina M Prescott Vail. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Del Valle, Lily Sharon Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Delage, Nathaniel Francis Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Delagrange, Christopher Thomas Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Mechanical Engineering Delaittre, Jennifer Marie Tucson, AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Delamotte, Edwin H Tucson. AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Delaney, Dennis James Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Economics Delaney, Ian C. Overland Park, KS Sophomore, Theatre Production Delaney, Sean Richard Orange. CT Junior. Political Science Pre-law Delarco, Joseph Edward Oro Valley, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Delarosa, Eric Goralnik Tucson. AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Bid Delaughter.JillNoelle Sue City, IA Senior. Family Studies Human Dev Hangin W Friends, Shopping. Traveling- Cross overseas Defaura, Chad Aaron Tucson, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Delavergne, Jeffreys Tucson. AZ Junior. Studio Art Dclbridge, Marco David Tucson. AZ Junior. Economics Deleal, Velvet Rose Sierra Vista, AZ 2ND. Pharmacy Deleon, Nelson Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Chemical Engineering Ship. Navy ROTC, Choir, Math, Cars Deleree, Cheryl Lynn Tempe, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Animals. Music Delessio, Melissa M. Tucson, AZ Communication Spending Time With Family, Hiking, Piano Delfln, Maricris Dogeno Tucson. AZ Senior. Electrical Engineering Delfs, Jamie D Tucson. AZ Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Delfs, Jessica Dawn Tucson, AZ Junior. Pre-Business Delgadillo, Pamela Tucson. AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Delgadillo, Viviana Nogales .AZ Junior, Computer Engineering Delgado, Ariana Cristina Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Family Studies Human Dev Delgado, Lourdes Patricia Sierra Vista, AZ Junior. Elementary Education Delgado, Melissa Tucson, AZ Sophomore. General Biology Delgado, Michael Christopher Tucson. AZ Senior. Chemistry D ' Elia, Philip Jason Scottsdale. AZ Junior. Pre-Business Delich, Kathryn Suzanne Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Media Arts Delight-Latorre.Renee Stanwood.WA UNC. Nondegree Seeking Delillo, Justin Chappaqua.NY Senior. Communication Communications Club Delisa, Erin L Scottsdale. AZ Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Delman, Erica Michelle St Louis Park. MN Freshman. Theatre Arts Delnoce, Paige Elizabeth Scottsdale, AZ Junior. General Biology Delong, Brynn Nicole Prescott. AZ Freshman, Political Science Blue Chip We are very proud of you! Love. Mom.Dad, Nick and Hatey Delorenzo Jr., Anthony F. Carlsbad. CA Junior. Computer Engineering Delorme, Luke Andrew Tucson. AZ Senior. Computer Science Delos Santos, Liza Anne Chandler. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Camp Counselor, Shopping Delp, Renee E. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Education Honors College Delpino, Dejon Chen Yuma, AZ Sophomore. Chemical Engineering Delrincon, Luanda Douglas. AZ Junior, Studio Art Deluca, Vincent Thomas Tucson. AZ Junior. Media Arts Delucia, David Michael Madison, CT Junior, Creative Writing Delvecchio, Dominique M Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Nursing Demadeira, James Tucson. AZ Junior. Materials Sci Engr Demaio, Alexis Myria Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Demaio, Fredrick Anthony Hudson, Wl Sophomore, Geography Demar, Elizabeth L Phoenix. AZ Sophomore, Journalism Demarfaieux, Stephanie Denise Phoenix. AZ Senior. Women ' s Studies Ames, IA Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Chandler. AZ Phoenix. AZ Tuscon, AZ Tucson. AZ Phoenix. AZ Tucson, AZ Harwich, MA Demarie, Adam Donald Freshman. No Major Selected Demars, Lisette Hovelman Senior, Political Science Demars, Nicole Heimpel Sophomore. No Major Selected Demartin, Nikki Christine 3RD. Pharmacy Demartino, Unsay Amber Sophomore. History DeMatthews, Man arm Junior. Psychology Photography. Hiking. Art History. Religion Demelio, Kimberty N. Freshman. Molecular Cellular Biol Demenna, Ryan Borion Sophomore, Pre-Business Demeroutis, Angel William Junior, No Major Selected Demery, Lorenzo J Sophomore, Psychology Demey, Michael Alex Senior. Mechanical Engineering AAA, Martial Arts. Skiing Demilt, Beth Rachel Sophomore, Political Science Demio, Katherine Anne Junior, Political Science Demner.RossA San Diego, CA Senior, Journalism Demont, Angela Micheline Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Demore, Caria Renee Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Education Demotica Palomaria, Aaron Beth Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Demotto, Megan Christine Sammamish, WA Freshman. No Major Selected Sigma Kappa Dempsey, Maggie Jane Elgin, IL Junior. Dance Dempsey, Melissa E. Los Angeles. CA Junior, Communication Dempsey, Nicole R LaJolla.CA Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Kappa Alpha Theta Dempsey, Sara N. Tucson. AZ Junior. Pre-Pharmacy Denatale, Jonathan Matthew Woodbridge. CT Senior. Marketing Congratulations Jay! Love, Mom, Dad, Blair Taylor Denecke, Samantha J Portland. OR Junior. Studio Art Denetso, Roderick Tucson. AZ Senior. Family Studies Human Dev Denetso, Roxanne Window Rock, AZ Freshman. Pre-Computer Science Dengel, Miguel Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Denipah,NizhoniWhite-kai Flagstaff. AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Denker, Randy E Terrace Park, OH Senior. Finance Denlinger, BeKndajane Tucson, AZ Senior. English Dennany, Ashley Marie Gaytord.MI Senior. Psychology Dennerline, Jessie Tucson. AZ 5e- : = : : := S:S-:T Dennington, Boyd P The Colony, TX Junior, Microbiology Dennington, Clark Robert Scottsdale. AZ Senior. Microbiology Member of Big Brothers Dennis, Mary M. Mesa.AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Kappa Kappa Gamma, Colligate Honor Society, Dennis, Tiffany C. Chandler. AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Dennison, Christopher Ryan Senior. Pre-Education Dennison, Karen UNC, Nondegree Seeking Denny, Angelita Maria Senior. Mathematics Denogean, Brenda D Senior. Family Studies Human Dev Denoon, Sarah Elizabeth Senior, Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega We ' re proud of you. Love. Mom and Dad Denosky, Rachael Ann Senior. Dance Jazz, Modem Dance Denson, Angela Sheri Sophomore. Pre-Communication Denson, Robert Raymond UNC, Nondegree Seeking Dent, Rebecca Senior. Psychology Denton, Elizabeth Sterling Sophomore, Pre-Education Denton, John W. Sophomore, Music Music Fraternity, Percussion Performance, Music Denton, Lindsay Jo Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Denton, Phillip Bert Pinetop.AZ Senior, Microbiology Alpha Gamma Rho. Intramural Sports, Reading. Works in Dr. Gerbers Lab, Academic Distinction-20 Denton, TraceyT Chesrerfield, MO Junior, Pre-Business Delta Delta Delta. Pre Law Club Dentz, Joe E San Juan Capistrano, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Delta Chi. Snowboarding. Motorcycling Denuyl, David Scott Freshman, Chemical Engineering Skiing. Hiking Deoliviera, Amber M Freshman. Veterinary Science Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Klagetoh, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Marion, NY Tucson. AZ Glendale. AZ Tucson, AZ Tucumcari.NM Peona.AZ : -;- v Chandelr.AZ 431 Depalleja, Viviana Livingston, NJ Freshman, Pre-Communication Depaolantonio, Lisa Marie Ardmore. PA Freshman, Family Studies Human Dev Depascal, Lisa Danielle Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Depascal, Nicholas C Tucson, AZ Junior, Creative Writing Dapuydt, David G Rio Rancho, NM Freshman, Psychology Darn, Michael William Tucson, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Deroon,MeaganAnn Mesa. AZ Freshman, Microbiology Derosa, Diana Marie Tucson, AZ Junior, Agri Biosystems Engr Derosa, Nicole Ann New London, CT Junior, Studio Art Derose, Michael Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Derr, Matthew C. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Music Deruiter, JohnS. Tucson, AZ Junior, History Desai, Eric Naren. Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Finance Blue Chip, Honors College (4ys) Desai, Harish Dileep Tucson, AZ Junior, Finance Desherlia, Joshua Brandon Sunnyvale, CA Freshman, Pre- Architecture Navy ROTC, Wrestling Club, Soccer And Football Desiderio, Kristiana Thoreau, NM Freshman, Mining Engineering Desilet, Aimee K Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Desilet, Audrey H Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Desiraju, Vijay K. Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Desrochers, Genevieve A Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Golf Desroieis, Amy L. Taunton, MA Fine Arts Studies Honors Program, Dep. of Fine Arts Of Dancing, Dancing, Theater Desrosiers, Amy L. Murrells Unit, SC Senior, Dance Dancer in a Dance Troup, Theater, Acting in Plays Great Job! Hope you succeed in all your goals Destasio, Michael A. Bridgewater, NJ Sophomore, History Destasio, Travis Alan Tucson, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Detaranto, Christina D. Tuscon, AZ Senior, Classics Deterding, Jacob Peter Carmichael, CA Sophomore, Regional Development Rugby Team Member Deterding, Kristina N. Kingman, AZ Junior, Psychology Deterville, Tyler Jayme Woodland Hills, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Ronald McDonald House Volunteer, Percussionist, Basketball Detommaso, Deanna Michele Paradise Valley, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Dettmann, Michele Patricia Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Detwiler, Angela A. Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Detwiler, Cassandra Kerry Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education ' Deurloo, Rachel Nicole Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Deurloo, Sarah E Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Deutch,AdamJ Milwaukee, Wl Sophomore, No Major Selected Deutsch, Diane Marie Shall Hanover Park, IL Senior, Nursing Being A Mom, Outdoors, Weightlifting Deutsch, Robyn Courtney Studio City, CA Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Deutsch, Valerie L Albuquerque, NM Freshman, Pre-Education Deveaux, Alicia Renee El Prado. NM Senior, Medical Technology Dever, Kristen Renee Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Devereaux, Emily Tucson, AZ 432 Sophomore, Pre-Phamnacy Devers, Margaret K Phoenix, AZ Junior, Art History Deverse, Justin S Springerville, AZ Freshman, Biosystems Engineering Deville, Lauren Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Devins, John Charles Mission Hills, KS Freshman, Political Science Kappa Sigma, Golf, Basketball, Sports Devlin, Sean C. Los Altos, CA Senior, Communication Devoille, Danielle Renee Carnation, WA Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Devor, Brian Winslow Lafayette, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Sports, Travel, Skiing Dew, Bryce Alexander Maumee, OH Freshman, No Major Selected Hunting, Video Games Dewald, Tad Palmer Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Dewan, Milan Mahesh Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Chemical Engineering Dewey, Juniper Leah Tucson, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Dewey, Matthew W Salem, OR Sophomore, Psychology Dewing, Alison Rose Redmond, WA Freshman, Pre-Business Dewitt, Jennifer M Bullhead City, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Minor: Spanish, Habitat For Humanity Dewitt, Ryan Douglass Tucson, AZ Junior, No Major Selected Deymier, Alix Christine Tucson, AZ Junior, Materials Sci Engr Dance, Ballet, Jazz Deyoung, Christopher Henry Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Co mputer Science Deyoung, Kyle A. San Ramon, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Dezubeldia, Miguel R. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Dhaliwal, Pavan Mesa, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Di,Chunyuan Tucson, AZ Senior, Performance (Composition) Diamond, ChiaraM Great Neck, NY Freshman, Theatre Arts Diamond, Cori Agoura Hills, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Diamond, Eric John Northridge, CA Freshman, Political Science Diamond, LaceeC Grass Valley, CA Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Alpha Phi Omega, Sports Diamond, Lesley E Houston, TX Junior, Economics Diamond, Sarah Tucson, AZ Junior, Performance (Flute) Diana, Jennifer Marie Fountain Hill, AZ Sophomore, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Diaz, Abel Felipe Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Diaz, Abel A Thermal, CA Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Diaz, Alejandro Tucson, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Diaz, Alexandria F. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Diaz, Andrea Danielle Mesa, AZ Junior, Veterinary Science Diaz, Christopher J Tucson, AZ Senior, Economics Diaz, Eduardo A Douglas, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Diaz, Edward Nogales, AZ Senior, Marketing Diaz, Eunice Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Diaz, Francisco Hernandez Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Engineering Diaz, lovani David Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Diaz, Katherine Louise Orange, CA Sophomore, Pre-Communication Delta Gamma Diaz, Maria Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Sigma Lamba Gamma, Minor Finance - Dance, Travel, Music Diaz, Melissa Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Diaz, Michele Tucson, AZ Sophomore, General Biology Mentor For Teen Pregnancy, Exercising, Spending Time W Friends Diaz, Monica Dee Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Diaz, Oswaldo, Jr El Paso, TX Senior, Business Management Diaz, Oswaldo Diaz, Perla Tucson, AZ Freshman, Political Science Diaz, Rachel Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Diaz, Rafael Garcia Tucson, AZ Junior, Undecided Diaz, Remington Benson LaJolla, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Diaz, Richard Steven Tucson, AZ Sophomore, History Diaz, Ronald Nogales, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business D iaz, Stephanie Marie Oro Valley, AZ Junior, Art History Diaz, Suzana M. Mesa, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business RA For Yavapai Diaz, Victor Ivon Tucson, AZ Senior, Materials Sci Engr Diaz, Yvette M Oracle, AZ Senior, Nursing Softball Diaz De Leon, Arthur Joe Chula Vista, CA Junior, Anthropology Diaz De Valdes, Rachel Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Senior, Anthropology Diaz-Liberato, Jessica J. Yuma, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Mentor Soar Program, Dance (minor) Dibble, Jennifer Palos Verdes, CA Sophomore, Sociology French, Dancer, Music Dibble, Maxwell Collin Pacific Palis, CA Sophomore, Pre-Communication Dibiase, Colin M. Tucson, AZ Junior, Media Arts Dicarlo, Gabriele A Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Dicaro, Nanci Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Psychology Dicaro, Paul Mazur Tucson, AZ Junior, History Phi Theta Kappa Dichter, Jennifer A La mesa, CA Junior, Studio Art Diciccio, Nicolina S. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Dick, Bryan L. Tucson, AZ Junior, Computer Engineering Dickens, Angela K. Houston, TX Sophomore, Dance Dickens, Ashley N. Anthem, AZ Junior, Sociology Dickerman, Cassondra Emily Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Civil Engineering Dickerson, Michael K. Sierra Vista, AZ Freshman, Civil Engineering Dickerson, Morgan Brevard Oro Valley, AZ Sophomore, History Dickert, Steven William Tucson, AZ Freshman, Media Arts Dicker-thompson, Lily Alysha Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Dickey, Christopher D. Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Dickey, Lauren B Tucson, AZ Junior, Accounting Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Beta Phi Dickinson, Kelli Elizabeth Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, General Biology Dickinson, Megan Lynn Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Dickinson, MisaK Glendale, AZ Junior, Veterinary Science Dickinson, Teran Hanson Buffalo, MN Freshman, Pre-Architecture Dickinson, William Arthur, III Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Young Life, Basketball, Baseball, Computers Dickman, Jeffrey L Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Dickman II, David S. Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Tucson. A, Phoenix, A,-. Cornville. A. Sierra Vista, A. Tucson, A. Tucson, A. I Mali.. Dicks, Lindsay Janet Glencoe, I Sophomore, No Major Selected Theatre, Law Dickson, Anna Moore Paradise Valley, Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Kappa Kappa Gamma Dickson, Arthur David Des Moines, I, Senior, Business Management Dickson, Erin Elizabeth Atlanta, G. Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Sports, Friends, Community Service Dickson, Gretchen E. Tucson, A i Junior, Astronomy Dickson, Jyme-Joan Albuquerque. Nf.l : Freshman, Pre-Business Dickson Jr., Bradford C Tucson, A i Sophomore, Pre-Business Dicochea, Beatriz Elizabeth Tucson. A - Junior, Elementary Education Dicochea, Catherine A. Tucson, A fa:. " Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien ,ta. National Honor Society, Enjoys Family Time Best Wishes! From the family i ' Dicus, Donnie Lee MtCarmel. I ' " - Senior, Elementary Education ! Diday, Jeffrey Ray Tucson. A Ijr: " Junior, Sociology We are very proud of you and love you very much Diebold, Rebecca Lucille Lisle, I If - ' - Junior, No Major Selected Alpha Phi, Pediactric Phys. Therapy, Interested In Gymnastics, Enjoys Cheerleading Dieffenbach, Cody Miles Junior, Environmental Sciences Dieffenbach, David M Junior, Chemical Engineering Golf, intramural Sports Diehl.CodyJ. Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Diekema, James Harold Freshman, Computer Engineering PCM Dieken, Emily N Freshman, No Major Selected Rugby Dieken, Matthew Robert Senior, Mechanical Engineering Dieken, Rachel Tuscon, A, Materials Sci Engr Double Major: History, Keramos, Traveling Diekman, KorieA Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Dierman, Tanner Alexander Freshman, Pre-Business Delta Chi Diers, Blake Kristofor Sophomore, Pre-Business Dietrich, Jessica E Freshman, Veterinary Science Dietrich, John Benjamin Freshman, Pre-Architecture Dietrich, Katherine Anne Sophomore, General Biology Dietz, Dominik Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Dietz, Stacey Senior, Communication Digg ins, Matthew Michael Tucson, Ail !. Sophomore, Studio Art Diggs, Gloria Lou Tucson, Ail ken Senior, Special Education Rehab Digiacomo, Mark Nicholas Tucson, Ai I ,ij- ; 2ND, Pharmacy Digiacomo, Michael A. Tucson, A; I,? Sophomore, Psychology Digianfilippo, Allison Marie Scottsdale, A; Junior, Pre-Business Soccer, Eller Scholar, Gamma Beta Phi Digianfilippo, MarkD Scottsdale. Ail Junior, Business Management Delta TaU Delta, Soccer, Snowboarding Digiulian, Robert Gregory Chevy Chase, ML I Freshman, Engineering Physics Plays Lacrosse Digrazia.BenR Carmel Valley, C 1 Junior, Marketing Football Team Diiullo, Jeremy James Mission Viejo, Ct Sophomore, Pre-Business Flag Football, Computers Dijer, Edward H. East Hampton, C ' Senior, Criminal Justice Admin Law Enforcement, Worked For Intramural Basketball t Surprise. A. Potomac. Ml Mill Creek, W 1 fcs,:-- Tucson, A; I ta--- Fort Collins, Celt : Scottsdale, A: Casa Grande, A; Dh, .; Bloomfield Hills. hlella, Douglas Mitchell Gladwyne.PA restiman, Pre-Business ileo, Andrew F Phoenix. AZ enior. Civil Engineering ootball, Basketball. Soccer -ndrew. we are proud of who you are and what you are ' -: oing! Love. Mom and Dad tiles, Yolanda Gene Tucson, AZ enior. Elementary Education illabaugh, DanielJacob Sierra Vista, AZ ophomore. Sociology illinghamKmd,KyleM Paradise Valley, AZ ophomore. Journalism Jillon, Bailie Eilis Phoenix, AZ reshman. Psychology lillon, Krystal Marie Tucson, AZ reshman. Psychology igmaKappa. Merits Program, LJt Program. Photography jystal. we wish you the best of luck as you continue ;urjoumney! Love. Mom. Dad. and Johnny Tucson. AZ Doylestown, PA Longbeach.CA - , Lewis Frank ophomore. No Major Selected illon, Melissa Blair reshman. History illon, Melissa E laine reshman. No Major Selected teering i, Nicole Lanai M (untor Media Arts , Rebecca Angela Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ reshman. No Major Selected illon, Samantha Margaret Scottsdale. AZ .,nior, History Beta Phi. Avid Reader. Traveling Mllon Jr., Robert Gerald Sierra Vista. AZ enior. Computer Science r, David J Peoria. AZ ,nkx. Atmospheric Sciences eather. Storms. Football lillree, Nicole E. Phoenix. AZ ophomore. No Major Selected ilorenzo, John Edward Tucson. AZ enior. Liberal Studies ilorenzo, TaraR Tucson, AZ enior. Sociology imiceli.JohnM. Tucson, AZ ophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences imickele, Andrea Helene Phoenix, AZ embr. Communication inardo, ' . :: -. Tucson, AZ -- jphomore.Wikftfe indal, Christopher David Tucson. AZ : Kjjnior. Molecular Cellular Biol indal, Derek Edward Tucson. AZ snior. Molecular Cellular Bid jl lues, Amiee Noel Tucson, AZ eshman. Pre-Education . inh.HungH Tucson. AZ mior. Pre-Physiol Sciences inh.KhanhV Tucson, AZ unior. Optical Sciences Enginee inh.KimT. Tucson. AZ ophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol inh,Mai Tucson. AZ reshman. General Biology - -. - 1 inicola, Kara Tucson. AZ ophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences inner, Alexis L. Greetey.CO mior. Pre-Business - if innsen, Brady Michael LaJdla.CA reshman. Pre-Business - .; hi Gamma lota. Volleyball Team, Water Polo, Golf ins, Jonathan Tempe. AZ .; ' eshman. Mechanical Engineering intzer, Jonathan Joseph Eugene, OR ; .-:; ij mior. Family Studies Human Dev inwiddie, Desirhea Diana Cliff, NM enior. Speech Hearing Sciences - ;.; lion, Stephanie Claudine Phoenix, AZ eshman. Pre-Business Gamma. Fitness, Shopping, Eating Health , Harriet Tucson, AZ i. Mechanical Engineering , Lauren Marie New York, NY :,Nondeoree Seeking ..Andrew Mark Sacramento, CA i, No Major Selected a Chi, Soccer. Snowboarding. p up the good worklWe love you! , Meredith Stephanie Scottsdale. AZ ir. Marketing a Phi, Playing Piano, Golf, Reading s Meredith! Best WisheslLove. Mom. Dad, Dishlip, Sarah Catherine Tempe. AZ Junior, Elementary Education Disilvestro, Ryan Bouvier Scottsdale, AZ Senior. Public Management Diteman, Rebecca Christine Mesa, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences Ditsworth.TrishaHart Mesa.AZ Senior. Musical Theatre AZ Repertoire Theatre, Broadway, Appears At Hidden Valley Dittbenner, Katie L. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Dittemore, Rebecca Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, General Biology Dittiger, Peter Henry. Ill Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Ditz, Lauren Jennifer Eagle, ID Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Snowskiing, Water Sports. Dance Divakaruni,A]itSnnivas Scottsdale. AZ Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic D ivetta , Mario Manuel Irvine, CA Junior. Family Studies Human Dev Playwright. Music Divita, Joseph M Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Electrical Engineering Divito, Timothy R. Glendale. AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Dix, Aaron Alexander Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-EducatJon Plays Guitar And Sings, Artistic. Communicative Aaron, make your future exciting! Love, Mom Dix, James Stephen Tucson, AZ Senior, Art History Dixon, Duane Merlin Boise. ID UNC.Nondegree Seeking Dixon, Jason A. Tucson, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Dixon, Michael P Flagstaff. AZ Junior, Finance Dixon, Pamela Rae Tucson, AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering Dixon, Paulette Michelle Tucson. AZ Senior, Pre-Education Dixon, Wesley Powell Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Dmitroff, Greg Nicholas Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Do, Helen HUP Chandler. AZ Sophomore, Materials Sci Engr Do, Kevin Chandler, AZ Senior. Business Management Do, Tracy T. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Do, Tron Van Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Electrical Engineering Doak, Samuel C. Tucson. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Writing, Film Doan, Thuy Thu Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences Dobbs, Andrew Justin Payson. AZ Junior, Creative Writing Dobbs, Charles Edward Las Vegas, NV Sophomore. Music Dobbs, Nathan Allen Tucson, AZ Senior, Philosophy Doberman, Daniele Mane Dove Canyon, CA Freshman. Studio Art Gamma Phi. Beach, Shopping, Play Watch Basketball Dobiecki, Edward J. Tucson. AZ Freshman. Creative Writing Dobkin, Aaron Tucson. AZ Junior, Media Arts Dobyns, Matthew Wayne Phoenix, AZ Senior. Communication Dockweiler, Stacy Ann Bakers Field, CA Sophomore. Pre-Education Doctor, Jeana Marie Tucson , AZ Sophomore, Theatre Arts Doctor, Sean David Phoenix, AZ Junior. Civil Engineering Dodd, Lauren C. Tucson, AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Dodd, Michael James Tucson. AZ UNC.Nondegree Seeking Dodd, Tanya Marie Tucson. AZ Freshman. Pre-Nursing Dodds, Brian Edward Tucson. AZ Senior. Geological Engineering Dodds, Jed E. Tucson. AZ Senior. Veterinary Science Dodds, Justin Riley Tucson. AZ Senior. Ecology Evolutionary Bio Dodds, Katrina Annemarie Tucson, AZ UNC.Noridegree Seeking Dodds I, Sarah Elizabeth Davenport. IA Sophomore. Psychology Dodroe, Michelle Shirlene Tucson. AZ Senior. Civil Engineering Dodson, Ryan R Gallup. NM Freshman. Pre-Education Runner Doehnert, Jennifer Ruth Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Doell, Rebecca A Scottsdale, AZ Senior. Studio Art Doell , Sarah M Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Doerr, Candace Renee Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Elementary Education Doh, Seung-han Tucson, AZ Senior, Finance Doherty, Collin G. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Basketball. Golf Dohring, Jaqueline E. Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Nursing Doing, Jeffrey L Tucson, AZ Senior. Computer Science Doklan, Jessica Gillette, NJ Senior, Art Education Dolan, Holly Michelle Tucson, AZ Junior, English Dolana, David Aaron Highlands Rch, CO Sophomore, No Major Selected Dolder, Kate Brooks Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Dolianitis, Constantine OldTappan, NJ Junior. Regional Development SAM Congratulations! We love you and we wish you joy, love. happiness and success. Love, Mom, Dad, Anna Domer, Elizabeth Ann Fort Defiance, AZ Junior. Elementary Education Dominguez, Aurora Angelica Oro Valley, AZ Senior. Elementary Education Dominguez, Guadalupe Green Valley, AZ Junior. Elementary Education Dominguez, Mark Anthony Tucson. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Dominguez, Melmda Karme! Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Education Dominguez, Michael Warren Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Creative Writing Dominguez, Robert R. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Education Dominguez, Stephanie W Prospect. KY Freshman, No Major Selected Kappa Gamma I am proud of you! I love you, Mom. Dominiak, Christopher M Phoniex. AZ Senior, Business Management rJeteSio R.MrKrSocblogy,Eler Student Counsel, APO Dominick, John Alexander Rochester. NY Freshman, Political Science Basketball, Music. Theater We ' re proud of you! We love and miss you. We want you to graduate with honors. Love, Mom and Dad Dominy, Luke D Mokena. IL Freshman, No Major Selected Frisby. Golf. Domme, Anne Merissa Goodyear. AZ Freshman. Theatre Arts Domschke, Christopher T. Phoenix. AZ Sophomore. Communication Domschke, Patricia Jean Phoenix, AZ Junior. Communication Public Relations Director, Music, Movies Domsky, Mira L Tempe. AZ Senior. Creative Writing TaeKwonDo.Art Don , Chelsea Mariko Tucson . AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Don, Kerry James Tucson, AZ Junior. Pre-Physiol Sciences Don, Nicole Renee Tucson. AZ Senior. Retailing Consumer Scien Don, Robert Phillip Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Donahoe, Alfyson Logan Paradise Valley, AZ Freshman. Psychology Donahoe, Patrick Joseph Paradise Valley. AZ Senior, Regional Development Sigma Alpha Epsiton, Golf Donahue, Cynthia M Tucson. AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Reading, Arts And Crafts, Camping Donahue, Kevin Thomas Wheaton. IL Sophomore, No Major Selected Donahue, MaximeC. New Hope, PA Freshman. Public Management Policy Donahue, Thomas Timothy Tubac. AZ Senior. General Biology Donald, Erika Lynn Tucson, AZ Senior, Veterinary Science Donald, Jason Thomas Ctovis. CA Freshman, No Major Selected Donat, Chris Shaker Height, OH Junior. Aerospace Engineering Donate, Ashley Elizabeth Gilbert, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Donate, Derrick Morales Peoria, AZ Freshman, Psychology Donda, Nisha Kanjibhai Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Dondere wicz, David Andrew Tucson, AZ Junior. Pre-Physiol Education Donegan, Paul John El Paso, TX Senior. Psychology Dones, Julie Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Dong, Alexander James Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Dong, Erik R Scottsdale, AZ Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Dong, Suzanne Jeanette Tucson, AZ Freshman, Chemical Engineering Donie, Ben Glendale. AZ Senior, Computer Engineering Donithan, Kelly M. Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Ecology Evolutionary Bio Donley,CodyMene Chandler. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Donlin, Ryan Michael Concord. CA Freshman. General Biology Donlin, Vaughn Lawrence Naperville. IL Junior. Pre-Business Donnadieu, David James Tucson, AZ Junior, Management Info Systems Donnay, Ryan Matthew Phoenix, AZ Senior. Microbiology Basketball Donnelley, Conor Patrick San Diego. CA Senior. Accounting Donnelly, Amber N. Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Donnelly, Elise R Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Donnelly, Jessica L Sahuarita.AZ Junior. Studio Art Donnelly, Joshua M. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. Industrial Engineering Donnelly, Kellie Mesa. AZ Senior. Theatre Arts Education Donnelly, Mark P. Peoria, AZ Freshman. Mechanical Engineering ASME. SAE Donnelly, Megan K. Mesa.AZ Junior. Media Arts Donniithan, Kelly Donohue, Caroline M Bethesda.MD Junior. Sociology Donohue, Laura M. Mesa, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Donohue, Sean Ryan Mesa, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Donovan, Andrea Cave Creek, AZ Senior. Nutritional Sciences Donovan, Shane Michael Middlesex, NJ Freshman. Aerospace Engineering Donovan, Shaun R Tucson, AZ Senior, Criminal Justice Admin Delta Tau Delta Donzelli.JohnathonP Carol Stream, IL Freshman, General Biology We love you! Mom. Dad. and Dylan Dool, Ryan Leo Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Dooley, Catherine Rebecca Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Dooley, Jeannette Renee Tucson, AZ Junior, Geography Dooley, Jessica Marie Cave Creek. AZ Senior. Aerospace Engineering Dooley, Michael Patrick Tucson, AZ Senior. Sociology Dooley, Roberts Glendale, AZ Junior, Theatre Production Dooling, Kathleen Anne Pasadena, CA Senior, Studio Art 433 Dorame, Mary Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Dean ' s List, Phi Lambda Zeta, Hostess, Baseball Team Great job! Love, Mom Dad Doran, Daniel David Chandler, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Dorfman, Jeremy M Santa Rosa, CA Senior, Finance Dorgan, Benjamin J. Tucson, AZ Junior, Business Management Dorgan, Mary Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Dormady, Robert Joseph Oro Valley, AZ Junior, History Dorman, Jessica Rose Irvine, CA Sophomore, Musical Theatre Arizonia Rep. Theatre Dom, Marisa Leigh Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Theatre Arts Dorn, Ryan Todd Highland Park, IL Junior, Communication Alpha Epsilon Phi Dorner, Briana L Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Dorner, Kevin Laurence Annandale, VA Sophomore, Political Science Hockey Team Doroudian, Laila Tucson, AZ Senior, Engineering Mathematics Dorr,ZaneP. Ossineke, Ml Freshman, Media Arts Dorsey, Rachel Eileen Holbrook, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Travel, Camping, Speaks French, Catholic Church Dorshkind, Craig Stephen Redwood City, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Dorst, Kristianna Alexandria San Diego, CA Sophomore, Animal Sciences Dorsten, Jenny Marie Parks, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Dosey, Tammy Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Traveling, Reading, Tennis Doss, Jennifer Eleanor Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Plays Trumpet, Loves Sports, Shopping Loves Family Dotson, Darrelle D Oro Valley, AZ Junior, Veterinary Science Dotson, Kellen East Lansing, Ml Sophomore, Pre-Business Dotson, Kelly Jennine Tucson, AZ Junior, Dance Dotson Jr, Lionel Eugene Houston, TX Freshman, No Major Selected Varsity Football Team Doty, Benjamin Warren Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Economics Doty, Michael Keith Tucson, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Doty, William Scott Tucson, AZ Junior, Anthropology Doubet, Scott Springfield, IL UNC, Nondegree Seeking Doud, Michael Alan Tucson, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Dougherty, Amy L Agoura Hills, CA Sophomore, Spanish Dougherty, Erin J. Glendale.AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Dougherty, Kristian James Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Plays Guitar, Member Of Amnisty International Douglas, Christina M. Tucson, AZ Senior, Communication Douglas, Dariene Ann VAIL.AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Douglas, Jennifer Patagonia, AZ Senior, Spanish Douglas, John Calvin Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Douglas, Julie A Tuscon, AZ Junior, Psychology Julie, we ' re very proud of your accomplishments! Love, Mom and Dad Douglas, Matthew David Arizona City, AZ Junior, Psychology Douglas, Rachel Ann Arizona City, AZ Junior, Psychology Douglas, Thomas Davide Ft Lauderdale, FL Senior, Spanish Dean ' s List, Anthropology, Travel Douglas, Thomas Paul Tucson, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering 434 Douglas, Vanessa Yvonne Bisbee.AZ Senior, Elementary Education Basketball Douglas Buchanan, Steve Lee Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Dow, Brandon M. Andrews AFB.MD Sophomore, Political Science Dowd, Justin Kelly Glendale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Dowd, Kathleen Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, English Travel Dowding, Erica M Yuma, AZ Junior, Nutritional Sciences Dowell, Thomas Christopher Gold River, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Dowling, Bridget Kristine Tucson, AZ Senior, Sociology Downer, Jillian C Gallup, NM Senior, Creative Writing Downey, Anne Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, Anthropology Downey, David M. Phoenix, AZ Junior, Communication Pi Kappa Phi, Lambda Pi Eta, Communication Honor We are very proud of you and all of your great accomplishments! We love you, Mom, Dad, and Erin Downey, Jessica Ann Venice, CA Freshman, Judaic Studies Alpha Chi Omega We ' re proud of you! We love you, Mom and Dad Downey, Michelle A. Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Downey, Rena Colleen Northbend, WA Sophomore, No Major Selected Downie, Shaun Jiro Hilo, HI Senior, Agri Technology Mgmt Downing, Adam Logan Tucson, AZ Senior, English Downing, Brian Mark Green Valley, AZ Senior, Theatre Arts Downing, Carolyn A. Sahuanta, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Downing, Emily Ann Tucson, AZ Sophomore, English Downing III, Roderick James Tucson, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Downs, Bryan L Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Downs, Lindsay Megan San Jose, CA Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Dancing, Shopping, Movies Lindsay, you always make us proud. We Love you! Love, Mom and Dad Dox, Katie A Los Angeles, CA Junior, Political Science Doyle, Jeanna Michelle Litteton. CO Senior, Marketing Doyle, Karen Spicer Overland Park, KS Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Campus Crusade For Christ We are proud of you and we love you! Mom and Dad Doyle, Sarah Douglas Houston, TX Freshman, Pre-Communication Doyschen, Jennifer L Glendale.AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Dozier,Camron Shane Tucson, AZ Senior, General Biology Dozier, Christopher Nicholas Huachuca City. AZ Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Blue Chip, Rugby Team Dozier, Jayme Lee Tucson, AZ Senior, General Biology Dr. Dubin, Gail F. Marana, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Draa, Erica A. Monte Sereno, CA Freshman, Psychology Musical Theatre Drabicki, Edward John Tucson, AZ Senior, Mathematics Drachman, Sally Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Drackett, Harry Rogers Phoenix, AZ Senior, Marketing Sigma Chi, Intrafratemity Council, Chimes, Order Of Omega Drackett, Jordan Hamer Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Delta Gamma Dragisics, Nicole K Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Dragony, Allison Clay Farmington, NM Senior, Theatre Production Dragony, Megan E Farmington, NM Freshman, Theatre Arts Dragoo, Bryan Logan Tucson, AZ Senior, Regional Development Dragoo, Lindsay Shawn Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Draguesku, Amber Marie Bakersfield, CA Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Drake, Benjamin Lewis Bisbee, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Religion, Music, Sports Drake, Jackilyn Bisbee, AZ Senior, English Choir, Hammer Drake, Leonard Jackson Tucso n, AZ Senior, Psychology Drake, Melissa Georgenson Tucson, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Chi Omega, Reading, Travel Drake, Patricia Tucson, AZ Senior, Marketing Drake, Rebecca Bisbee, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Athelitics, Religion, Singing Drake, Tabitha Kristie Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Marine Bio, Children Literature, Basket Collector Dray, Scott Peoria, AZ Freshman, Pre-Architecture Dreisbach, Heidi Kirsten Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Drendel, Chelsea Johnson Evanston.lL Freshman, Pre-Education Drenten, Carrieann E Tucson, AZ Sophomore, General Biology Dresback, Alton I Glenale, AZ Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Drew, Kameran Buckeye, AZ Sophomore, Microbiology Drewnowski, Christine M. Warren, NJ Sophomore, Studio Art Drawing, Photography. Rugby Drexler, Justin Tarzana, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Dreyer, Allison Meryl Marietta, GA Sophomore, Media Arts Dreyer, Eve Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Dreyfus, Katherine Anne Sonoma, CA Junior, Psychology Driggs.Chad Salt Lake City, UT Senior, Sociology Driggs, Sarah Salt Lake City, UT Freshman, Pre-Education Alpha Phi, Blue Chip Driscoll, Kathryn Grace Tekoa, WA Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Driscoll, Natalie Keefe Concord, MA Freshman, No Major Selected Driscoll-maceachron, MaryR. Tempe, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Driskell, Thomas Martin Oceanside, CA Junior, Geosciences Droban,LaraAlexandia Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Drobeck, Jaime Kathryn Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Drobish, Chris L Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Drobnicki, Rebecca Anne Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Droegemeier, Sarah I Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Dance Droker, Brian S. Bellevue, WA Senior, Physiological Sciences Droopad, Kamaleeta Amanda Chandler, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Drossman, Emily Ruth Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Music Drubin, Jennifer L Tucson, AZ Junior, Creative Writing Drucker, Elizabeth Courtney Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Psychology Druckman, David J Bisbee.AZ Sophomore, Materials Sci Engr Druding, Brian J Irvine, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Druke, Michael Clifford Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Drumm, Jeffrey David Tucson, AZ Junior, Marketing Drummond Sr., Brett Stephen Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Drumtra, Joseph Aaron Downers Grove, IL Sophomore, Pre-Business Drumwright, JanelleLynn Glendale, AZJ Sophomore, Journalism Dryden, Jessica Lynn Tucson. A2 Freshman, Pre-Health Education Dryer, Danielle N Oro Valley, A2 Freshman, Studio Art Art Theatre, Music-Guitar, Singing Dryer, Joshua A Oro Valley, Ai Sophomore, Pre-Communication Basketball, Writing, Music Drzymala, Jacob Daniel Tucson, A2 Sophomore, Pre-Business D ' souza, Christine Esmeralda New Orleans, L Sophomore, Media Arts Kf We are proud of you for a succesful year! We love you, Mom, Dad, Lloyd, andVanessa D ' Souza, Melissa Maria Tucson, Ai Wt Junior, Pre-Business Du, Sarah B. Tucson, Ai W). ' Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Duarte, Adam Joel Tucson. A; Freshman. Pre-Education Duarte, Amanda B. Tucson, A; Freshman, Pre-Business Duarte, Carmen Denise Douglas, A Senior, Elementary Education Gamma Beta Phi Duarte, Corine Tucson. Ai Junior, Pre-Education Duarte, Jessica B Tucson, A; Freshman, No Major Selected Duarte, Jesus Douglas, A; Senior, Spanish Duarte, KarlaP Tucson, Junior. Pre-Education Duarte, Melissa Marie Tucson, Ai j Junior, No Major Selected Duarte, Miguel Rios Tucson, Ai| Freshman, Pre-Architecture Duarte, Natalia Tucson, A | Freshman, No Major Selected Duarte, Ronald Patrick Tucson. A; | Junior, Political Science Dubbin, Leslie A Tucson, Ai Senior, Anthropology Dubbs, Karen G University PI, W UNC, Nondegree Seeking Dube, Newman E Belle Harbor, N v Sophomore, Political Science Dubin, Jennifer Allison Yardley, Pi UNC, Nondegree Seeking Dublinski, Christopher Michael Naperville, Freshman Civil Engineering AR Rugby Team, Wrestling Dubois, Chris S. Tucson, A, j Sophomore. Electrical Engineering Dubois, Gregory James TusoN.Aij Junior, Studio Art Dubrish, Laura Villa Park, C Junior, Communication Kappa Alpha Theta, Dance Best of luck to you in the future! You ' re doing a great job! Love, Mom and Dad Dubs, Jocelyn Ruth Tucson, Ai Senior, Elementary Education Duchene, Deborah D Tucson. Ai Senior, Psychology Duckworth, Adam Michael Chandler. Ai Freshman, Political Science Duckworth, Jonathan C Scottsdale, Ai Freshman, Pre-Business Blue Chip Duclos III, Harold Joseph Tucson, A, m Si : Sophomore, No Major Selected Duda, Joanna N. Islip Terrace, N 1 Freshman, Pre-Education Duda, Pamela E Albuquerque, M Junior, Psychology Dudding, Christopher Brian Tucson, Ai Senior, Chemistry Duddleston, Nicholas J Tucson, Senior, Media Arts McKale Ticket Office Dudgeon, Kyle Barret Norman, 01 Senior, Management Info Systems Business Fraternity, Sports, Fishing, Hunting We are proud of you Kyle! Love. Mom and Dad Dudley, Thomas Patrick Senior, Geography Dudugjian, Randi Lynn Freshman, No Major Selected Dudugjian, Stacy Louise Freshman, No Major Selected Duenas, Bernadette Sophomore, Psychology Tucson, Ail Granite Bay, C | Granite Bay, ( Tucson, fit .. .. : - : - ' uenes, Michael Steven Rio Rico, AZ reshman. Mechanical Engineering : )uerson, Lauren M. Fayetteville. GA ophomore. Psychology ;: fencing lufault, Jaime Lynn Tucson, AZ enior. Mathematics : ; . )ff, Michael Alan Prescott, AZ reshman. No Major Selected tents Program. St. Francis Youth Group ' 4$) ffey, Jason Todd Tucson, AZ unior. No Major Selected Vork Full-Time Juffy, Jennifer Lea Mesa.AZ enior. Journalism ditor For Wildcat 4 yffy, Kelly Michelle Tucson, AZ enior. Family Studies Human Dev )uffy, Timothy James Tucson. AZ ophomore. Retailing Consumer Scien ike. Football, Basketball. Baseball )ugal, Michael B. Naperville. IL Sophomore. Pre-Business i, Colleen Maura Tucson, AZ c ophomore, Pre-Computer Science )ygan, Darren J Chandler, AZ reshman. Psychology , Joseph Michael Tucson, AZ unior. Studio Art .:..;- lf)ugaw, Allison Joy Mesa. AZ unior. Journalism T, Jessica Kristi Tucson. AZ enk r. Family Studies Human Dev i, Charlotte Little Valley, NY enior. Near Eastern Studies .- ; : ' (JDuggan, Michael Joseph Tucson, AZ unior. Pre-Nursing Duggins, Jacqueline M Newport Beach. CA jophomore. No Major Selected i, Crystal Tuba City, AZ reshman. Pre-EducatJon - i Jugick, Andrea Nicole Dallas. TX reshman. Pre-Business 3amma Phi Beta. Having Fun, Hanging W girtfriends. ing W Family ;v. ; lt uhame, Tyler W Scottsdale. AZ reshman. No Major Selected lujmic, Dinko Tucson. AZ ophomore. Pre-Pharmacy Dujmic, Zeljko Tucson, AZ unior. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Juke, John Richard Tucson. AZ reshman. Bioc Molecular Biophysic arate. Swordmanship. Internet Games Juke, Nickolas Arthur Rapid. SD ' reshman, Media Arts Iniversity Rugby Team Jukes, Emily Cathryn Tucson, AZ lenior. Retailing Consumer Scien lappa Omicron Nu, Golden National Honors So, UofA kxiors College Ve Love you, EmilylMommy. Daddy, Phillip - - lulaney, Kelly C reshman. No Major Selected luldulao, Ivan Kaulana unior. No Major Selected J ' ull, Jennifer Robyn .-- itophomore. Journalism flowboarding .--:;( lultman, Joshua umas, Nicole Marie reshman. No Major Selected -- . umas, Rebecca Elizabeth lumbauld, 3 - - . unawa umka, Allison Jones reshman. Political Science imlao, Duane Diaz jnior. History y, Scott E. ophomore. History luncan, Brian Scott enior. History in, Darrell John-bakker ophomore, Psychology uncan, Emily Roberta . Nursing n, Joshua K . Pre-Physiol Sciences ports. Traveling, Science ; uncan, Kelly Lynn reshman. No Major Selected ennis Team. Outdoor Activities , eniof. : ; ophomore. Mesa.AZ Makakilo, HI Buriingame. CA Tucson, AZ Lisle, IL Tucson. AZ Chandler, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. A Z Tucson, AZ Cavecreek. AZ San Diego. CA Duncan, Laurel M. Tempe.AZ Senior, Geological Engineering Duncan, Lisa E Mesa.AZ Freshman. Anthropology Duncan, Marshall J Pasadena, CA Junior. Marketing Duncan, Matthew Scott Piano, TX Freshman. Pre-Business Duncan, Melissa Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Marching Band, Residence Life Assistant. Music, Shopping Duncan, Stephanie Rae Tempe.AZ Junior, Communication AHetes In Actions, Foots Recruting, International Stucfes Duncan, Thomas Raymond Tucson, AZ Junior. Retailing Consumer Scien Dundas, Christina Anne Phoenix, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Dunfield Hart, Shariot Marie Phoenix, AZ Senior. History Dung, Jenny Yu-Jen Tucson. AZ Junior, Music Dunham, KnstmaD Fort Lee. NJ Senior, Journalism Arizona Daily Wildcat. Desert Yearbook Dunham, William Hunter Tucson. AZ Senior. Management Info Systems Dbl Maj: Operations Management Dunich, Nicole Maria Oakhurst, NJ Junior, Political Science Dunk, Michael Allen Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Political Science Dunlap, Thomas J Chaska. MN Senior, Media Arts Dunlop, Cole Andrew Saint Louis, MO Sophomore, Pre-Business Dunn, Christopher Michael Hoobs.NM UNC, Nondegree Seeking Dunn, Conor P Danville, CA Junior, Pre-Business Soccer Dunn, Forest Arturo Tucson, AZ Junior. English Dunn, Kara M. Tucson. AZ Senior, Physics Dunn, Michael P Los Altos, CA Junior, English Dunn, Nathan 0. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Physics Dunn.RoniC. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Spanish Lutheran Campus Ministry D u n n , Tucker Thomas Oro Valley, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Dunnam, Jeffreys. Sunnyvale, CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Dunnette, Brian Thomas Tucson. AZ Junior. No Major Selected Dunseth, Robert Alexander Santa Rosa. CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Rugby Dunsford, Phillip James Pacific Grove. CA Junior. Pre-Business Dunst, Lindsay Nicole West Orange, NJ Junior. Retailing Consumer Scien Duong, Nam K Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Duplessis, David T Phoenix. AZ Senior. Music Duplessis, Nick P Phoenix. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Dupnik, Siobhan Marie Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Dupont, Rik William Tucson, AZ Junior. Pre-Computer Science Dupree, Anthony Wayne Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Philosophy Dupuy, Michael John Phoenix, AZ Junior, Political Science Duquette, Alexander Lee Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communicatjon Duquette, Marline Penelope Tucson, AZ Senior, Finance Duran, Amanda T Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Duran, Jennifer Melissa Tucson. AZ Junior. Psychology Duran, Jessica Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Duran, Lupe Tucson. AZ Freshman. General Biology D u ra n , Moises U . Tucson . AZ Junior. Pre-Physiol Education Durand, Adam E Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Alternate Frisbee Durand, Airisa Alaine Loveland. CO Freshman, Microbiology Durando, Michael L Tucson. AZ Senior. Chemical Engineering Duran-Elizalde, AnaL Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Health Human Serv Admin Durante, Dawn M. Fountain Hills. AZ Junior, English Daily Wildcats Durante, Michael A. Fountain Hill, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Cars, Formula Draft Car Club Durazo, Maria Clarissa Tucson. AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Hiking, Fishing, Shopping. Walking Durazo, Mario Ricardo Tucson. AZ Senior. Political Science College Republicans. Hispanic Outreach Chair, Pima County Republicans Durban, Matthew Marc Tucson. AZ Freshman. Pre-Pharmacy Durbin, Christina R Tucson. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business D u rf ee, Dallin J. San Manuel. AZ 1ST, Pharmacy Classic cars. Hunting Durham, Frederick Matthew Tucson. AZ Junior. Chemical Engineering Durham, Rebecca Sue Tucson, AZ Junior, English Durkee, Sarah L Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Durkin, Chelsea Sage Cave Creek, AZ Senior, Economics Durkin, Elisabeth A. Scottsdale. AZ Senior. Pre-Communication Durkin, Sandra Jane Gilbert. AZ Freshman, English Durnan, Ian Joshua Globe. AZ Junior. Political Science Durocher, Sarah Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Durr, Jeff Lee Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Select ed Durrani, AghaSnarjeel Fort Huachuca, AZ Senior. Finance Dursey, Rachel Jessica Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Duryea,DeanM..Jr Moraga.CA Senior, Anthropology Sports. Hiking Great job! Stay the course. Love, Mom, Dad. and Juli Dusenberry, BrettC. Tucson. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Dustin, Erin Elizabeth Cottonwood. AZ Freshman. General Biology Dutcher, Andrea Michele Redwood City. CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Dutcher, Leann Dale Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Dutiel, Kristin Danielle Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Duttle, Jennifer Kristen Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Duttle, Tanya L. Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Pharmacy Dutz, Brian G Tucson, AZ Junior. Economics Debating. Playing Video Games Duvall, Penny N. Elgin, AZ UNC. Elementary Education Duveback-Kent, Hannah LJnnea Tucson. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Dux, Bradley Jonathan Lake Havasu C. AZ Junior, Mathematics Duy Jr., Douglas Michael Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol Dvir, Mirav Sarit Scottsdale, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Dvorakova, Barbora Tucson, AZ Freshman. Molecular Cellular Biol Dwight, Shannon M. Phoenix. AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Dwulet, Lauren Walnut Creek. CA Sophomore. No Major Selected Dwyer, Jacquerynn E. Snohomish. WA Senior. Elementary Education Dwyer, Joshua Evan Tucson, AZ Junior, English Dwyer, Julia Marie Clarkdale. AZ Senior. Business Economics Dwyer, Kelly Thomas Tucson. AZ Junior, Accounting Dwyer, Meghan Kate Petersburg, NJ Freshman. No Major Selected Dyck, MatthewS Sandpoint.lD Sophomore. No Major Selected Dye, Craig G Tucson. AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Dyer, Anthony J Tucson. AZ Senior, Psychology Golf, Medicine, Music Dyer, Daniel Spofford Tucson, AZ Senior. General Business Admin Dyer, John Emison St Petersburgh, FL Sophomore, Pre-Business Dyer.Judd Parker, AZ Junior. Civil Engineering Dyer, Stuart Tucson, AZ Freshman, Political Science Dyer, Sydney Michelle Paradise Valley. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Dyer, V Grayson Tucson. AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Dyhr, Matthew M Tucson. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Dykann, Russell James Basalt, CO Sophomore, Architecture Water Skiing. Snow Skiing Dykes, Brian P Flagstaff, AZ Senior. Business Management Dykes, Bryan Matthew Parker. TX Freshman. No Major Selected Baseball Member 19, Athletes In Action Dym, Aubrey E San Antonio, TX Freshman, No Major Selected Pi Beta Phi, Sports. Softball. Exercise. Working Out, Hanging w Family Wishing you the best! May all your dreams come true. Love. Mom. Dad. David. Kevin, Josh Dymecki, Joanna Dominika Phoenix, AZ Senior. Marketing Dyrr, Jason Scott Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore. Environmental Sciences Dzanic, Elma Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Criminal Justice Admin Dziawura, Joseph C Phoenix. AZ Junior. No Major Selected Dziawura, Kelly Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Pre-Pharmacy E. Felix, Francesca Rae Tucson. AZ Senior. Mexican American Studies E. O. De Dios, Jan Paul Glendale. AZ Junior. Pre-Business Eads, Bri anna Mae Peoria, AZ Junior. Criminal Justice Admin Basketball. Fitness. Eady, Ryan Michael Oro Valley, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Music, Computers. Gaming Eagen.KalinaM. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Medkal Technology Eakens, Sara Louise LasCruces. NM Sophomore, Psychology Eakin, Chanel Dominique Tempe.AZ Sophomore. Theatre Arts Eakin, Jeannette Angelique Tempe.AZ Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Minor Psychology Ealy.BirenSyndar Houston. TX Sophomore, No Major Selected Football Team Eargle, Stephanie Katherine Houston. TX Freshman. Musical Theatre Dance. Theater, Music Earhart,ZacharyA. Mesa.AZ Sophomore. Pre-Pharmacy Earle, Vanessa R. Tucson. AZ Junior, No Major Selected Earls, Vanessa Marie Tucson. AZ Sophomore, English Easley, Elizabeth M Tucson, AZ Junior. Psychology Eason, Elizabeth Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Education East, Rytan Dean Pomerene. AZ Senior. Pre-Physiol Sciences Easter, Colin Sackville Poway, CA Freshman. Pre-Physiol Education Eastman, Julie Katherin Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Eastman, Kimimila Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Business Easton, Nick Tyler Monument. CO UNC. Nondegree Seeking Eaton, Meredith A. Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business 435 Eaton, Michelle Rae Queen Creek, AZ Senior, Philosophy Alpha Phi, Mortar Board, Dance, Blue Chip We are proud of you! We love you, Mom and Dad Eaton, Vanessa Marie Glendale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Eavis, Jacob Kendrick Flagstaff, AZ Freshman, Political Science Ebeling, Ashley M. Lubbock, IX Sophomore, Chemistry Eberhardt, Ellen Graves Los Angeles, CA Senior, Communication Lambda Pi Eta, Rising Star Entertainment Eberle, Jennifer R. Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Psychology Eberle, Lisa M Glendale, AZ Senior, Finance Ebert, Kristen Ann Denver, CO Junior, Accounting Ebner, Allison M. Phoenix, AZ Junior, Wildlife Music, Arts, Blue Chip, Vol Tucson Wildlife Ebrari, Daryush Connor Glendale, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Kappa Sigma We are proud of you sonlLove, Mom Ebzery, Katharine Elizabeth Sheridan, WY Sophomore, No Major Selected Pi Beta Phi, Kickboxing Eccles, Martha Ann Mesa, AZ Senior, Dance We ' re very proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Echavarri, Laura Fernanda Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Echevarria, Louis Daniel Columbia, MD Senior, Management Info Systems U of A Student Activity Board, President of Dorm, Music Congratulations Lewis on your graduation!We are all proud of you, your Family Echeverria, Daniel Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Echeverria, Jennifer Ann-Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Echols, Brittain Taylor Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Eck, Kendra L. Anthem, AZ Sophomore, General Biology Snowboarding Edd, Lisa Ann Leupp, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Eddy, Ashley A. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Eddy, Blake Christina Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Eddy, John Michael Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Sigma Chi, Studied Abroad In Austral Eddy, Katherine Lee Libertyville, IL Sophomore, No Major Selected Eddy, Kristin Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Eddy, Melissa H. Phoenix, AZ Junior, English Alpha Chi Omega Eddy, Steven Tucson, AZ Junior, Geography Edelen, Chris M. Santa Rosa, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Edelman, Brooke L Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Communication Edelman, Danielle Jo Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Edelman, liana Adi Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Dance Edelman, Scott Courtland Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Eden, Ashley Rose Southlake, TX Sophomore, Pre-Business Chi Omega, Student Government Appropriations Committee Eden, Ryan Lewis Tucson, AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Edenborg, Katherine Ann Tucson, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Edes, Crystal Williams, AZ Sophomore, Sociology Edgar, Travis Michael Star, ID Senior, Architecture Edgelow, Marisa Leilani Paradise Valley, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business U Of A Synchronized Swimming, Dorm Government Edgett.John Cave Creek, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Musician, Swimming Edholm, Perry Anders Setauket.NY Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Kappa Alpha Edmonds, Eric Robert Newport Beach, C A Freshman, Pre-Business Edmonds, Sean D Phoenix, AZ Junior, Communication Edmonds, Sheila Janelle Oro Valley, AZ Senior, Social Studies Edmondson, Jesse Curtis Phoenix, AZ Junior, Philosophy Edmondson, Josephine Jesse Lakeside, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Edmondson V, Charles C. Irvine, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Edmonson, Dani R Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Edrington, Inara M. Tucson, AZ Junior, Anthropology Edrington, Ronald Dean Tucson, AZ Junior, Anthropology Edwards, Adam Joseph Tucson, AZ Junior, Civil Engineering Edwards, Amanda Elaine Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Edwards, BlaireM New Port Beach, CA Junior, Communication Biking, Sports, Music Edwards, Charles East Palo Alt, CA Senior, Liberal Studies Edwards, Chris Tempe, AZ Senior, Psychology Edwards, Clayton Norris Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Edwards, Cynthia Kay Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Edwards, Drew F Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Sigma Pi Edwards, Emily Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, General Biology Edwards, Gregory M. Cave Creek, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Edwards, Jessica Lauren Memphis, TN Freshman, Creative Writing Edwards, Kellie Marie Tucson, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Edwards, Kyle Collmgwood Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Edwards, Lyndsay Kyle Mesa, AZ Senior, Psychology Edwards, Michelle Catlin Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Efird, Samuel S Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Finance Dean ' s List, Basketball Ef nor, David John Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Egan, Jacob Thomas Chandler, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Egan, Kelly Ann Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Egeland, Edward Ferrel Tigard. OR Senior, Regional Development Eggers, Dustin Thomas Greenwood, CO Senior, Marketing Eggers, Marissa Kathleen Tustin, CA Freshman, Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma, Cheerleader, Dance, Music Dear Marissa, the world is yours! Love, Mom and Dad Eggers, Renee Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Eggert, Erin Elizabeth Sugar Land, TX Freshman, No Major Selected Eggert, Nicholas Andrew Arlington Hei, IL Sophomore, Pre-Business Eggert-Crowe, Lauren Alexander Pottstown, PA UNC, Nondegree Seeking Eggman, Nathaniel Keith Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Eghtesadi, Kameron Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Egita, Kim Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Finance Egmond, Jonathan Van Tucson, AZ Junior, Finance Ehinger, KimberlyAnn Woodinville, WA Sophomore, No Major Selected Ehlers, Joseph Matthew Phoenix, AZ Junior, Communication Sports, School Ehlers Marshall, Laura Avery Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Ehlert, Kerry J. Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Ehnis, Andrew Paul Goodyear, AZ Junior, History Ehrle, Kristen Rose Paradise Valley, AZ Freshman, Psychology Ehrlich, Brianne D. W Bloomfield, Ml Freshman, No Major Selected Ehrlich, Steven J. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Ehrlich, William D. Mesa.AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Ehrman, Clara Sabrina Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Health Education Ehrman, Misty M Green Valley, AZ Junior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio President of Wesley Foundation Eich, Jared Christopher Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Civil Engineering Eich, Joshua A. Canton, IL Junior, Management Info Systems Eichenbaum, Randi Michele Burlingame. CA Freshman, Liberal Arts Alpha Phi Eichenberger, Jeannette Mary Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Eichenstein, Los Angeles, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Eicher, Andrew James Bellevue, WA Senior, Journalism Baseball, Baskteball, Tennis Eichhorst, Kristina R Tucson, AZ Junior, Health Education Eichten, Joseph Carl Mesa, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Eid, Benjamin R. Waddell.AZ Junior, Pre-Communication Intramural Sports Eidson,RyanC. Moraga.CA Freshman, Pre-Business Football Team Eiermann, Roy James Montgomery, IL Junior, Psychology Eilat, Gilon Joel Tucson, AZ Junior, Communication Eilat, Sheeri Tucson, AZ Senior, Criminal Justice Admin Einecker, Leah Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Computer Science Einfrank, Aaron M Tucson. AZ Junior, Political Science Delta Tau Delta, Sports, Music Einhorn, Daniel New City, NY Junior, Media Arts Eisele, Nick Adam Los Angeles, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Eisen, Tracy Joy Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Eisenberg, Daniel Adam Lafayette, CA Senior, Geosciences Congratulations, Dan! Good work! Love, Mom and Dad Eisenhour, KohlerA Clyde Hill, WA Sophomore, No Major Selected Eisenman, Lyudmila Y Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Business Eisenrod, Jennifers. Tustin, CA Sophomore, Optical Sciences Enginee Traveling, Skiing, Music Eisfelder, Jeffrey Nathan Los Angeles, CA Senior, Marketing Eisler, Joshua L Cortaro, AZ Senior, East Asian Studies Eisner Freitas, Malley Helene Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Eiting Newsome, Jonathan Berry Tucson, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Ejrup, Maria Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Junior, Veterinary Science Eklund,AdamS Moreland Hill, OH Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Ekmark, Leah Kathleen Dallas, TX Senior, Communication Chi Omega, Optimi Alumni Association, Sports Ekpo, Inih Aniekan Peoria, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Sports, Friends, Family El Messelmani, Fakhri Mohamad Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Elam, Eric Nicholas Oro Valley, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Elam, Frank! Tucson, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Elandt, Margaret Patrice Tucson, AZ Junior, English Eldridge, Emilia Guadalupe Sonoita, AZ ' Sophomore, Pre-Business Eldridge, Nathaniel R. Portland. OR Senior, Economics Sports, Skiing Elefante, Joseph Robert Tucson, AZ? Senior, Business Economics Financial Management Association Congr, Snowboarding, Politics Elezaby, Shereen Aly Tucson, AZ 1 Sophomore, Optical Sciences Enginee Elgoghail.Nadia Port Huron. Ml 1 ] Sophomore, No Major Selected International Studies, Dance Elias, AnisaB. Tucson. AZ I Sophomore, Pre-Education Elias, Brandon M Tucson, Senior, Criminal Justice Admin NSCS, Phi Eta Sigma, Golden Key HonorSociety, Pi Alpha Alpha Nat Honor Elias, Erika Elisa Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Elias, Matthew H. Torrance.CA Junior, Political Science Phi Alpha Delta, Golf, Politics Elias Vargas, Michael Anthony Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Eliopulos, James George Tucson, AZ f Senior, Pre-Business Elisco, Brian D. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences Elish, Christina A. Peoria. AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Eljuga, Kresimir Mesa. AZ Junior, Pre-Pharmacy EI-Kaissi, Karim Brandon Tucson. AZ Junior, Management Info Systems Elkanick, Brandy Marie Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Reading. Creative Writing, Music, Traveling, Movies EI-Khayat, Yamila Marisela Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Elkins, Darrelyn D Page, AZ Senior. Accounting Chi Omega. Shopping. Loves Dog, Hanging Out Wrth Friends We ' re proud of you! Love. Mom and Dad Elkins, Debbie Corinna Tucson. AZ Junior, Psychology Elkins, Jacob Harrison New York, NY Freshman, Pre-Business Zeta Beta Tau, Ice Hockey Congratulations on completing your first year of college. With love, from your family Elledge, KarynR. Tucson. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Ellefson,Kenyon David Tucson, AZ Freshman, Media Arts Ellentuck, MaxP Tempe. AZ Junior, Sociology Eller, Kevin Paul Tucson, AZ Freshman. Chemistry Basketball, Football Ellerbe, Anthony Marqus Show Low, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Navy Active Duty Ellerbroek, Kelle Nicole Palm Desert, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Ellerman, Nicholle Marie Phoenix. AZ Junior, Communication Pi Phi Ellexson, Brian L Phoenix, AZ Senior, Spanish Ellingson, Christen Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Ellingson, Richard Paul Tucson, AZ Senior, Civil Engineering Ellington, Desiree Danica Casa Grande, AZ Sophomore. Communication Elliott, Aaron Michael Bakerfield, CA Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Navy Marine Corp ROTC, Volunteer For Children ' s Elliott, Andrew W Washington. DC Freshman, Pre-Business Lacrosse Elliott, Katherine Joy Tucson, AZ Junior, Journalism Elliott, Kelly Ann Shaker Hts., Ort Junior, Elementary Education Elliott, Ryan San Marino, CA Junior, No Major Selected Love, Dad, Vic, Brenton, Jackie, and Joey Elliott, Shannon M Rio Rico, A3 Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences 436 ' - Elliott, Turner Christian Gautier. MS Senior, Communication ;: Elliott, William J. Danville, CA Senior. Business Economics Basketball, Golf. Dean ' s List Ellis, Aaron M Tucson, AZ Junior. Mathematics Ellis, Ashley C Scottsdale, AZ : reshman. Chemical Engineering Mpha Phi Ellis, Chns James MenloPark.CA -.-|l|Junior, Pre-Business Ellis, Erica Marie Cortaro.AZ Sophomore, Psychology .; Ellis, Gabriel Lepaul Tucson, AZ : reshman. Pre-Business ' iff fp ntramural Fla 9 Football Ellis, Jeffrey Charles Scottsdale, AZ : resnman. No Major Selected Ellis, Jennifer M Casa Grande, AZ ' .:;: iflJunior, Journalism Ellis, John Dwayne Reno.NV :-n;-3|Spphomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences Ellis, Lindsey Paige Tucson. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected j i;|Ellis, Marguente lone Tucson, AZ Senior. Chemistry v qEllis, Michael P Woodbridge.VA Senior, Political Science .; Ellis, Mike Andrew Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business g Ellis, Susan J. Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Political Science :.::; Ellison, Brian James Tucson, AZ lunior. Architecture $, ((Ellison, Lauren C Redwood City, CA " reshman. Pre-Business .:;: ({Ellison, Robert B. Tucson, AZ Senior. Pre-Education Ellman, Meggan A Atlanta. GA ,-.-, (jBophomore. Pre-Communication ' Ellsworth, April Marie Coupeville. WA ( Senior, Psychology Ellsworth, Emilee Yuma, AZ Sophomore. Studio Art Swimming. Drawing Ellsworth, Rachel E. Lakeside, AZ reshman, No Major Selected ' re-Med Minor Ellsworth, Sarah J. Mesa, AZ lunior. Pre-Physiol Sciences Elmendorf, Bradley James Enumclaw, WA Sophomore. Musical Theatre .; Elmer, Duncan Arthur Wilmette, IL reshman, Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta. Sports Elmer, John Tristan Tucson, AZ jj Senior. Retailing Consumer Scien Elmer, Roger James Newhall, CA i; lunior. Pre-Computer Science Elofson, Christopher M Tucson, AZ lunior. Mathematics Elofson, Kathryn A. Tucson. AZ : reshman. No Major Selected Elrayah, lhab S. Tucson, AZ j lunior, Management Info Systems Elrod, Jonah L. Phoenix, AZ ( Senior, Music Education rVe are very proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Elsbecker, Steven T. Glendale. AZ i : reshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences -ootball. Cars Elslager, Jonathan David Tucson, AZ Senior, Civil Engineering : - Elston, Brian Parker Tempe.AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Camping, Fishing, Skate Boarding Elston, Lani Marie Spokane. WA i Junior. Music Solf.Cook Eltahir, Elfaki Ibrahim Tucson, AZ Senior. Management Info Systems Elton, Juliana F. Vancouver, WA Junior. Pre-Education Elvira Badilla, Guevara Graciela Tempe. AZ : reshman. Pre-Pharmacy Ely, Benjamin M Avondale, AZ : reshman, Pre-Computer Science Partial Arts. Computers. Outdoor Sports Elze, Derek Tucson, AZ Senior. Public Management Policy Elzy, Christine H Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Elzy, Robert Brandon Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Emady, Heather N Chandler, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Emelity,NickD Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Dirt-biking Emery, Benjamin Richard Sonora. CA Senior, Spanish Rock Climbling, Mountain Bike Riding, Traveling Emery, Jonathan P Paradise Valley. AZ Junior, Architecture Emesh.SafiaHope Gilbert, AZ Freshman, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Emich, Matthew T Tucson. AZ Junior, Economics Emmanual, Victoria A. Tucson, AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Emmanuel, Steven Ross Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Emmett, Stepheena Jean Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Emmott, Andrew F Phoenix, AZ Senior, Media Arts Minor: Creative Writing, Honors College, Video Games E msiek, Nicholas G Goto De Caza. CA Sophomore. Journalism Encinas, Angelica Margarita Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Encinas, Elizabeth Victoria Apache Junction, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Encinas, Jamie Maria Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Encinas, Jennette L Portal, AZ Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Encinas, Richard Joseph Tucson, AZ Junior. Social Sciences Encinas, ShamieM. Tucson. AZ Senior. Studio Art Enck, Allisha Evergreen. CO Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Wakeboarding, Dance Enderle, Erin Dorothy Mesa, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education IntervarsityClub Endo, None Japan, AZ Senior, Music Eng, AlexiaKacho Peoria, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Palm Line Eng, Erica Kacho Peoria, AZ Senior, Finance Palm Line Engelberg, Maya Malka West Hills, CA Senior. Physical Education Pursuing Athletic Training Certification Engelbert, Clark J Tucson. AZ Freshman. Political Science Engelhard, Molly Scottsdale, AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Kappa Kappa Gamma Engelhardt, Kevin P Seattle. WA Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Engelman, AdamG Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Economics Engels, James G Streamwood, IL Junior, Physics Engelstad, Alicia Marie Tucson. AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Enger, EricT. Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Engers, Janet Prescott, AZ Senior, Studio Art Honor Student, Loves To Sing J - best wishes to the gal that never Disappointed her Dad! Dad Engle, LesaM Fountain Hill, AZ Junior, Psychology English, Whitney L Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected E n low, Julian Edward Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Ennis, Jennifer L. Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Media Arts Ennis, Nancy Anne River Edge, NJ Sophomore, Veterinary Science Enns, KristinaJ. Phoenix. AZ Junior. Pre-Nursing Enright, Whitney Erin Southlake, TX Freshman, Pre-Business Enriquez, Angela Tucson. AZ Senior. Nursing Enriquez, Falina Tuscon. AZ Sophomore. Anthropology Enriquez, Jennifer Benise Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Enriquez, John Arthur Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Enriquez, Jose M. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Enriquez, Laura I. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Enriquez, Lizzette Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Enriquez, Maria L. Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Education Enriquez, Ricardo F Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Enriquez, Rosalinda Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Ensign, Lauren Elisa Tucson, AZ Freshman, Anthropology Entin, Alison M. Calabasas.CA Junior, Communication Sports. Friends, and Family E ntsmi nger, Meredith L Dana Point, CA Freshman. Pre-Communication Enzor, Marc James Milford. PA Freshman, Optical Sciences Enginee Epperson, Sarah E. Flagstaff, AZ Sophomore, Political Science E pps, Tracy Lyn Tucson, AZ Junior, Spanish Epstein, Andrew M Tucson, AZ Junior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Epstein, AriD Scottsdale, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business E pstein, Joshua An Scottsdale. AZ Senior, Marketing Epstein, Laura Ruth Acton, Ma Sophomore, Psychology Epstin, Scottsdale. AZ Pre-Business Music, Volleyball Erard, LJIiana Marie St. Charles. MO Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Erb, David Carter Alamo, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Erb, Matthew Phoenix, AZ Freshman, General Biology We are very proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Erdtnan, Jennifers. Livingston, NJ Junior. Elementary Education Alpha Eta Phi Erhardt, Kelly Marie Irving. TX Senior. Communication Erhuy, IhsanO. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Erickson, Amara E Tucson, AZ Junior. Nursing Erickson, Blake Kenneth Tucson, AZ Freshman, Optical Sciences Enginee Erickson, Jeffrey A. Oro Valley, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Phanmacy Erickson, Jordan M Tucson. AZ Senior. Sociology Erickson, JoyaR. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Erickson, Monica M. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Erickson, Rebecca Katherine Mesa, AZ Sophomore. Chemistry Erickson, Robert J. Reno.NV Sophomore. General Biology Erickson, Ryan M Prescott Valley, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Skiing, Swimming Erickson, Steven Jesse Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Business Economics Erickson, William Fredrick Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Erickson III, Jack Nardine Tucson, AZ Junior, Science Education Ericsson, Stefanie K. Amado. AZ Junior. Pre-Education Erly, Elissa Schirmer Tucson, AZ Senior. Classics Ernst, Lia Scottsdale, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Choir Ernst, Nathanial J Tucson, AZ Junior. Computer Engineering Ernst, Nicolette D. Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Choir Ernst, William Andrew Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Ershler.AliciaB. Pheonix, AZ Freshman. Media Arts Erskine, Sam Portland, OR Junior, History Ertola, Saliva Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Ervin, Justin Tyler Peoria, AZ Freshman, Political Science Academics, Basketball, Computers Erwin, Ryan Elliott Highland Park, IL Sophomore. No Major Selected Escalante, Aluvia M. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol Escalante, ArizbethM. Nogales, AZ Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Nutrition Club, Tennis. Painting Escalante, Carolina Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Phi Alpha Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Debate Sty, Phi Beta Kappa, Blue Chip Escalante, Roberto Andres Hayden.AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Escareno, Barbara J. Hereford, AZ Senior. Elementary Education Eschbacher, Andrew Joseph Mesa. AZ Freshman. Sociology Esclante, Caroline Tucson, AZ Political Science Phi Alpha Delta, Pi Alpha Sigma, Blue Chip, Golden Key Honor, Debate Society Escobar, Erica Suzzane Glendale, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Health Education Escobar, Javier Rene Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Psychology Escobar, Mindy M Tucson, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Escobar, Onofre Alberto Tucson, AZ Junior. Sociology Escobar, Yvonne Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Nurse, Full Time Mom Escobedo, Pamela Nichole Gilbert, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Escoto, Aimy Starr Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Performance (Trombone) Escudero, Andrea Elizabeth Phoenix, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Hispanic Alumni. Music, Outdoors Congratulations on your achievements! Love, Nanie Esfahani.AmirE Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Esham, Emily T Tucson, AZ Junior. Pre-Education Eshelman, Shannon Lauren Peoria, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Eskay, Cara Molly Tucson, AZ Freshman. Psychology Eskew, Michael R. Tucson, AZ Junior, Finance Eskey-Manic, Pamela Sue Tucson, AZ Senior. Elementary Education Eskue, Roman G. Willcox. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Esler, Joshua Thomas Wauconda, IL Freshman. No Major Selected Golf Team Eslinger,Tashinal Yuma.AZ Senior, Psychology Running, Kickboxing, Swimming Esparza, Frances Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Esparza, Lyn Ann Tucson, AZ Senior. Health Education Espenhover, Melissa Jo Carroll, IA Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Shopping, Tennis, Traveling Espino, Stefanie Yuma, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Espinosa, Dominic C Tucson, AZ Senior. Linguistics Espinosa, Frida Tucson, AZ Junior, Social Sciences Espinosa, Grace E Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Spending Time With Children, Diff Function In Shco Sy Espinosa, Rachel N. Mesa, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Pharmacy Traveling Espinosa, Stefan P Tucson, AZ Junior. Musical Theatre Espinoza, Aide Soto Tucson. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Espinoza, Andrea M. San Diego, CA Junior, Elementary Education 437 Espinoza, Cecilia V Tucson, AZ Senior, Communication Espinoza, Crystal M Yuma, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Espinoza, Hector R.. II Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Education Espinoza, Maricela Christina Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Espinoza, Rose Marie Sierra Vista, AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Esposito, Gregory Louis Chandler. AZ Freshman, Media Arts Esposito, Jacqueline M. Caliton, NJ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Esposito, James C Stamford, CT Senior, Liberal Arts Best W ishes, Love Dad Esposito, Jennifer Daniella Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Liberal Arts Travel, Fashion, Art History Esquer, Fernando Manuel Tucson, AZ Junior, Studio Art Esquer, Mayra D. Tucson, AZ Senior, Industrial Engineering Drawing, Music, Art Esquivel, Marisol Salinas, CA Junior, Pre-Computer Science Esrick, Erica Rae Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Esser, Heidi Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, General Biology Esser, Lyra Tucson, AZ Junior, Journalism Essex, Amie Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Junior, East Asian Studies Essex, James Michael Beverly Hills, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Politics, Track Field, Music Essex, Sean F Tempe, AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering Estell, BradJ. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Estella.AimeeRose Cherry Hill, NJ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Estenson, Aaron Kevin Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Estergard, Eirenne Gilbert, AZ Freshman, Science Education Art Estes, Jessica Jean Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Estes, Kyle Linwood Tucson, AZ Senior, History Estes, Sarah E Avondale, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Estheimer, Michele Diane Tucson, AZ Junior, Veterinary Science Estrada, Amanda D. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Estrada, Brian Christopher Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Business Estrada, Jose Alonso Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Estrada, Joseph Michael Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Estrada, Matthew Nicolas Lakeside, AZ Junior, No Major Selected Engineering, Computers, Music We are proud of you, son! Mom Jim Estrada, Nathaniel Estevan Lakeside, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Travel, Computers, Music Estrada, Norma Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Estrada, Rachelle Dominique Glendale, AZ Freshman, Engineering Management Estrada, Reina Erika Glendale, AZ Junior, Psychology Estrada, Rickyana Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Estrella, Angela B. Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Estrella, Gloria Martina Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Estrella, Jessica V. Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art American Inst Graphic Art, Volunteer Work Estroff, Amanda L Tucson, AZ Sophomore, English Estudes, Ada Kari Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Reading, Crafting Etchberger, Rebecca Marie Elizabethtown, PA Freshman, No Major Selected Etebar,Yasmin Oro Valley, AZ Sophomore, Economics Etheredge, Brian N. Lafayette, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Ethington, Sarah Elizabeth Chandler, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Ethington, Sean Kenton Tucson, AZ Junior, Economics Etta Thomas, Cristina Mary Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Etter, Rebecca Naomi Meadowbrook, PA Sophomore, Pre-Communication Ettinger, Tucson, AZ Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Hawaiian Dance, Foreign Policy Develop, Boren Scholar We ' re so proud of you!! Love, Mom and John Etukeren, Mfon Isaiah Lithcfield Pk, AZ Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Eubanks, Elizabeth Ann Cedarburgh, Wl Freshman, Psychology Euler, Mary Joanna Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Campus Crusade for Christ Euler, Ryan James Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Euphrat, Gregory Joel Rio Rico, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Eustice, Shannon R Los Altos HII.CA Senior, Spanish Evan, David Saratoga, CA General Business Admin Alpha Eta Phi, Reading Evanco, Stephen Craig San Diego, CA Freshman, Civil Engineering Evangelist!, Kelly Ann Poway, CA Freshman, Journalism Evano, Morghan R Tucson, AZ Junior, Marketing Evans, Allison Elizabeth Liberty, MO Sophomore, Political Science E va ns, Amy N Tucson, AZ Senior, Veterinary Science Evans, Ariel Sinclair South Pasadena, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Evans, Brett Anderson Tucson, AZ Junior, Communication Evans, Brianna Angelica Yuma, AZ Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Evans, Carrie Ann Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Fine Arts Studies Evans, Chelsea R. Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Evans, Christopher Tucson, AZ Freshman, Agri Economics Managemen Evans, Diane Marie Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, English Evans, HeatherM. Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Evans, Kevin J Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Piano, Cars, Helicopter Flying Evans, Lacy P Phoenix, AZ Senior, Accounting Kappa Kappa Gamma, Student Council Of Bus Congratulations, Lacy! With love and pride. From, Mom and Dad Evans, Lindsey Marie Philadelphia, PA Freshman, Pre-Nursing Evans, Luann Ebert Tucson, AZ Senior, History Evans, Matthew Michael Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Evans, Meagan B Tucson, AZ Junior, Sociology Evans, Michelle A Morgan Hill, CA Junior, Pre-Communication Sigma Kappa Evans, Philip Michael Tucson, AZ Junior, Plant Sciences Evans, Sarah Linda Tucson, AZ Senior, Music Education Teaching Evans, Sarah E Santa Fe, NM Senior, Psychology Evans, Susan Rebecca Tucson, AZ Junior, Mathematics Even, Nicole Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Evens, Matthew D. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Evenson, Ross R. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Architecture Everett, Blythe Elizabeth Mt Prospect, IL Junior, Pre-Education APO Service Club Everett, Nathan Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Evers, Henry E Eagar, AZ Junior, Pre-Medical Technology Evers, Jennifer M. Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Evers, Maureen May Eagar, AZ Freshman, General Biology Eversole, Kayse Cae Sierra Vista, AZ Freshman, Biosystems Engineering Everson, David Hamilton Coeur D ' alene, ID Senior, Architecture Ewer, Rhonda Jean Tucson, AZ Junior, General Biology Crossword Puzzles, Hiking, Swimming Ewers, Alexis Maureen Phoenix, AZ Junior, Pre-Communication Ewing, Adrian F. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Ewing, Alexis Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Ewing, Ashley A Tucson, AZ Freshman, Music Ewing, Scott B. Lewistown, IL Senior, Psychology Ewing, Vicki Marie Kmgman.AZ Junior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Crisis Center Volunteer, Reading, Travel Eyde, Zachary Scott Tucson, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Eynon, Heather Ruth Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Veterinary Science Lacrosse, Running, Skiing Congratulations! We are so proud of you. All our Love, Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Erica Eyre, Catherine Jane Dallas, TX Freshman, Dance Eyre, Kevin Michael Woodbine. MD Senior, Agri Technology Mgmt Club Lacrosse, Skiing, Tennis, Hiking Eytcheson, Michelle Diana Sacramento, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Alph Phi, S ports, Kings Basketball, Shopping, Friends Ezra, Amanda B. Tarzana.CA Senior, Communication F., Charles Dahill, III Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Astronomy Fabel, Brian M Columbia, MD Senior, Communication Fabian, Jason M. Encinitas, CA Sophomore, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hiking, Football Fabrett, Fairlee Cecilia Hermosillo, Sonora, Senior, Psychology Psi Chi Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, Honors College Fabriguze, Angel Lena Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Fabry-Wood, Aurora Tucson, AZ Senior, General Biology Fabula, Jonathan Mark Tucson, AZ Junior, Anthropology Face, Michael R Yuma, AZ Freshman, Pre-Architecture Facini, Gabriel John Flushing, NY Junior, Engineering Physics Facklam, Jamie Nicole Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Pagan, Erin J Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Fagergren, Laurie Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Russian Fahey, Travis C Chandler, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Fahrbach, Brittany Marie Apache Jet, AZ Sophomore, Spanish Fahrbach, Derek K.S. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Communication Fahrbach, Lindsy K. Apache Juncti, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Fahrendorf, Matthew J. Phoenix, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Fahringer, Coral Cave Creek. AZ Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Fair, Tyler Patrick Hillsborough, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Fairbank, Emily N Millbrae.CA Freshman, General Biology Fairbanks, Steven C Oracle, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Computer Fairey,AlecJ Phoenix, AZ Senior, Theatre Production Basketball, Fitness, CWE, Charity Work Fairey, Chelsea B. Prescott, AZ ' | Senior, Elementary Education Honors College Fairweather, AnaisA Laguna Hills, CA ! Sophomore, Journalism Fairweather, Patricia M Tucson. AZ Senior, Microbiology Faith, Joseph John Tucson. AZ Freshman, Civil Engineering Fakoory, Nicole Marie Sierra Madre. CA Senior, Communication Likes Animals, Music, Clothing Congratulations NfcolelLove Mom, Dad, Madia, Krista, and Gus Falabella,AdamT Oro Valley, AZ. Junior, Linguistics Falaska, Sherry Ann Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Falco, Amelia Tucson, AZ Senior, Italian Falk, Daniel Martin Sacremento, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Governor Scholarship, Air Force R.O.T.C Falk, Jeremy Matthew Woodland Hill, CA Sophomore, Psychology Falkenberg, Glenn Layne Senior, Finance Falkingham, Ned Johnallen Mammoth Lakes. CA Senior, Marketing Snowskiing, Golf Congratulations! May all your future dreams come true. Love. Teryn, Mom, and Dad! Falkner, April Ann Sophomore, Pre-Medical Technology Falknor, Daniel R Freshman, No Major Selected Fallen, Shawn McCleary Sophomore, Civil Engineering Fama, Grace Anne Junior, Psychology Fan, Helen Xiang Freshman, No Major Selected Fan, Hsikang Senior, Engineering Management Fan, Richard E Junior, Electrical Engineering Fancett, EricJ. Junior, Computer Engineering Fane, Timothy P Sophomore, Journalism Fankuchen, Jennifer Nicole Freshman, Spanish Fanning, StevieD Sophomore, Pre-Business Sports, Shopping, Clothes Farabaugh, James George, II Senior, Mechanical Engineering Farah, Saeed Freshman. Pre-Business Farahi,BehnoudTaghavi Senior. Management Info Systems Farber, Brad Cook Senior, Political Science Sigma Chi Farber, Charles D Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Farber, Cheri Lu Senior, Spanish Alpha Epsilon Phi, Future Teachers Club, Intramural Sports. Enjoys Working With Kids Farber, Christopher Douglas Sophomore, Pre-Business Farella, Jessica Freshman, No Major Selected Farhang,0mid Senior, Political Science Farhat, Michael Moses Sophomore, Pre-Business JV Football Coach Farias, Jose Salvador Senior, Spanish Farkas, Michael A Senior. Political Science Skiing, Hiking, Traveling, Writer Farley, BryonT Freshman. No Major Selected Farley, Crystal Janean Sophomore, Sociology Best Wishes! We love you, Mom and Dad! Farley, James J Senior, Management Info Systems Fa rlow, Elliott H. Sophomore, No Major Selected Farmer, Clarence E Junior, Sociology La Canada, CA Tucson, AZ ' Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ Chandler, AZ Gilbert. AZ Tucson, AZ Paradise, AZ Tucson, AZ Oro Valley, AZ Gilbert. AZ Scottsdale, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Englewood, CO Omaha. NE Scottsdale, AZ Tucson, AZ Flagstaff, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Jerome. AZ Beaverton, OR Lompoc, CA Mesa, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ 438 : Farmer, ElizabethA Phoenix, AZ I Junior, English j Farmer, Melodye Sue Tucson. AZ " k fcnior, English Farmiloe, Brett Tyler Santa Rosa, CA f WSophomore. Pre-Busmess Never a dull moment! Love Mom. Jeff and family : Farney, Sara Elizabeth San Ctemente. CA (Freshman. No Major Selected Farney, Thomas Miguel Tucson. AZ S Junior. Communication ' Zeta Beta Tau. Football. Baketball Farnham, Christina Catherine Phoenix, AZ ; - Freshman. Pre-Business Farnood, Shahin Tucson, AZ v Freshman. Chemistry Famsworth, Amanda L. Brush Prairie. WA i Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Famsworth, Jeffrey Earl Tucson, AZ ag ft BJunior. Pre-Computer Science Famsworth, Rayna Kristine Eagar.AZ Sophomore Political Science Farnum I.ChaseCyrus Hampton Falls. NH ' .Sophomore. Studio Art Farooque,Tahia Chandler. AZ |Freshman. Liberal Arts Farquhar, Francis Tucson. AZ f Senior. Management Info Systems Farr, Joshua Paul Phoenix, AZ ' ' ' .-. Senior. Microbiology Blue Chip (onginal member). Alternative Breaks Club, " .:; AIDS Project Farr, Joshua Nicholas Tucson, AZ ' - " .-: {: Junior. Physiological Sciences Farrar, Chelsea Jane Tucson, AZ ' -- ; Senior. Art Education Farrell, Amy Millbrae. CA ' . " : Junior. Accounting Farrell, Jenny Danville. CA : " i Sophomore. Pre-Communication Farrell, Leah Lavallette, NJ " . 1(, Sophomore. Journalism Farrell, Lindsay Laurel Austin, TX ; --.--f Freshman. Astronomy Farrell, Lisa M Chandler. AZ " -.; ( ' Sophomore. Psychology Farrenkopf, Christine Ingeburg New City, NY :- tj Sophomore. Media Arts Farrington, Ashley M Mesa. AZ ;tr OT Freshman. Pre-Business [ Scuba Diving. Spanish Club. iaMfcfll Farris, Tamara K Tucson, AZ I Senior. Communication Farrow, Nicole T Yuma.AZ " cr t| Junior. Political Science Farshad.YasamineTalat Tucson. AZ T x8F resnrnan - General Biology Farwell, Karen Jayne Tuscon, AZ : - -;. -Senior. Religious Studies Farwell, Michael Matthew -nior. Criminal Justice Admin F :- - - ' . ' - - _ Thatcher, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Phoenix. AZ Gilbert, AZ Sierra Vista, AZ assler, Analynn Babanto Junior. Performance (Clarinet) Fastje, Cynthia Dariene Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Fathalipour, Parissa Junior, Optical Sciences Enginee Fathe, Aaron T Junior. Chemistry Faubion, EnnC Junior. Architecture Faucett, Michael K Sophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences We are proud of you! Faucher, Roland Henri Sierra Vista, AZ Senior. Elementary Education Spanish Club Fauland, Heather A Glendale.AZ Freshman, Political Science Faulk, Shannon Mary Jamestown, NY Senior. Psychology Faulkner, Andrew Ronald Sierra Vista, AZ Senior. Psychology Sports Faulkner, Jennifer Dawn Tucson. AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Phi Theta Kappa. Music Faulkner, Kirsten Sharayah Tucson. AZ Nursing Phi Theta Kappa, Dean ' s List. Horseback Riding. Reading Faulstick, Halsey Marie Prescott. AZ Senior. Retailing Consumer Scien Fausett, Bryn M Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Fausett, Elizabeth L Tucson. AZ Junior. History Fausnaugh, Andrea K Colorado Springs. CO Sophomore. No Major Selected Faust, Ann Marie Sierra Vista. AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Faust, Ryan Thomas Marana. AZ Senior, Economics Econ Club President. Pride of Arizona, Golf We ' re so proud of you! Job well done! Love, Mom and Dad Faust, Stephanie C Sacramento. CA Senior, Media Arts Faust, Timothy Ryan Phoenix. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Fa va, Eswen Elizabeth Oro Valley, AZ Senior. Psychology Favela, Carisa Domonique Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Favela, Israel Yuma. AZ Junior, Studio Art Fay, Constance E Gilbert, AZ Junior. Optical Sciences Enginee Fay, Jacob Thomas Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Theatre Arts Fay, Jacqueline Bridget Olympia. WA Freshman, No Major Selected Fay, Lindsay Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Fay, Lucas Schnieder Akron, OH Sophomore, No Major Selected Fay, Peter David Tucson, AZ Junior. Retailing Consumer Scien Golf. Girls, Sports FayeStanbridge, Helena Alice Prescott, AZ Junior. Psychology Fazel, Somayeh Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Fedele, Laura Maurene Tucson. AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Federico, Johnny I Coolidge. AZ Senior. Electrical Engineering Omega Delta Phi, Sports Fedoruk, ElizabethA. Carefree. AZ Senior. Economics Feek, Justin M Tucson. AZ Junior, Regional Development Feener, Noelle Alicia Carlsbad. CA Junior. Communication Feeney, Daniel P Tucson, AZ Senior. Chemistry Feeney, Elizabeth Ellen Phoenix, AZ Senior, Psychology Fees, Kyle E Chandler. AZ Junior, Philosophy Feferman, Helayne R Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences Honors Fraternity, Hospital Volunteer, Leo Club, Susan Coleman Cancer Foundation Feidelman, Jaclyn Ivy Hollywood. FL Freshman. Retailing Consumer Scien Feier, John Leslie Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Feigenbaum.BradA Stratham.NH Sophomore, Pre-Business Basketbal. Referee For Hockey. Plays Piano. Tennis, Music Feiler Marks, Matthew Brian Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Ecology Evolutionary Bio Feinberg, Seth Benjamin Stamford, CT Junior. Economics Feingold, Benjamin H Tucson, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Alpha Delta Pi, Intermural Soccer, Band Member Feingold, Olga Haledon.NJ Freshman. Mathematics Feitl, Vanesa Taylor Tucson, AZ Junior. Psychology Feld, Anna Tucson, AZ Junior. History Feldkamp, Kristin Marie Scottsdale, AZ Freshman. Molecular Cellular Biol Feldman, AdamN. San Ramon, CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Feldman, Allison M Tuscon, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Young Republicans Feldman, ElanaR Los Alamitos, CA Senior. Communication Alpha Epsilon Phi Feldman, Erica L Northridge. CA Sophomore, Media Arts Alpha Epsilon Phi Feldman, HyaB Los Angeles, CA Junior. Media Arts Feldman, Jamie M. Phoenix. AZ Junior, Psychology Feld man, Jason Lucas Cerro. NM Sophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences Feldman, Joseph Thousand Oaks. CA Senior, Economics Feldman, Shayna Dorothy Sedona.AZ Senior, Finance Feldman, Stefanie Los Alamitos. CA Sophomore, Pre-Communication Alpha Epsilon Phi, Likes All Sports, Likes Helping Others. Likes Hang With Friends Feldmann, Ann Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Business Felice, Michelle Jeanette Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Communication Felix, Anthony G Tucson. AZ Freshman, General Biology Felix, Christian A Yorba Linda, CA Senior, Finance Wildcats For Christ, Intramural Sports Congratulations on a job well done! The family is very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Felix, Dominic Eugene Tucson, AZ Junior. Psychology Felix, Krystle Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Kappa Delta Chi Felix, Lisa Diane Tucson. AZ Junior, History Felix, Paul A. Tucson. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Felix, Robert Mitchell Tucson. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Felix, Roman A Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Music, DJ Felix, Rosa Alicia Tucson. AZ Junior, Studio Art Music, Art Felix, Sylvia Patricia Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Medical Technology Felix, Valerie Nicole Tolleson. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Gamma Alpha Omega, Community Service Felix, Vitae Rio Rico, AZ Senior. Psychology Felix II, Joseph H Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Philosophy Fell, Jonathan Howard Yuma.AZ Senior, Civil Engineering Tres - He. Assoc Of Arts, Math. Assoc Of Sd. Engineering Fell, Robert Clifton Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Economics Fellah, Anas Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Feller, Amber Dawn Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Pride Of AZ Band Colorguard Fellows, Daniel Todd New City, NY Sophomore, Family Studies Human Dev Fellows, Zachary Thomas Prescott, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Felt, Matthew V Lafayette. CA Junior. Pre-Business Feltes J r, Thomas Raymond Tucson, AZ Junior. No Major Selected Feltner, Kelli Jade Cedar Park, TX Sophomore, Chemis try Felton Hi, James H. Tucson. AZ Junior. Creative Writing Felzer, Danielle J Los Angeles. CA Junior, Sociology Feneck, John C Tucson, AZ Junior. Mechanical Engineering Feng.Kanyon Chandler, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Feng Tsang, James Chang Phoenix. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Fenn, Charlotte Bradley San Martin. CA Freshman, Political Science Fen n , Joshua Byron Hemodon. VA Senior, General Biology Fenn, Lani Robin Benson. AZ Senior, English Fensler, Laura J Tucson, AZ Junior. Art History Fenster, Jeffrey S San Diego, CA Junior. Regional Development Fenster, Melissa D Tucson, AZ Junior. Studio Art Fenstermaker, Mark Douglas Carmichael. CA Freshman. Criminal Justice Admin Fera, Brett Cote Northridge, CA Senior, Pre-Business Business Minor, Sports Media. Special Education. Arizona Daily Wild Cat Ferber, Casey Lynn Syosset. NY Sophomore. Philosophy Ferebee, Mildred Renee ' Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Studio Art Ference, Andrea M Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Education Ference, Michael H Scottsdale. AZ Junior. Pre-Business Ferganchtck, Julia Kay Tucson, AZ Senior. Studio Art Fergason, Jeremy Daniel Globe. AZ Senior. Computer Science Computers. Crusade For Christ, Nature Fergason, Zachary A. Globe. AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Flying. Reading. Christian Activites Ferguson, James Brian Albuquerque. NM Freshman, English Snowboarding. Hiking. Reading Ferguson, Jennifer Houck Tucson, AZ Senior. Speech Hearing Sciences Ferguson, Leo Tucson. AZ Junior. Sociology Ferguson, Lindsay Ann Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-NuranQ Ferguson, Michael Sean Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Engineering Management Ferguson, Natay M Tucson. AZ Freshman. Pre-Nursing Ferguson, Stephani Lynn Mesa. AZ Senior. Geography Ferguson, TanilleM Prescott Vail. AZ Senior. Political Science Ferguson, Zachary N. Knoxville. IA Senior. Psychology Swim Team. Captain Of Swim Team, Volunteering Feriend, Lauren Christina Marana. AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Ferketich, Ian A Coopersburg. PA Sophomore. Psychology Cooking. Traveling. Sports Ferland, Manssa E. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Political Science Fernandas, Neil D Woonsocket, Rl Senior. Animal Sciences Fernandez, Anthony Rangel Tucson. AZ Senior. History Fernandez, Giovanni M Tucson, AZ Junior. Communication Fernandez, Kevin Joseph SanMateo. CA Senior. Psychology Fernandez, Kurt Robert Nogales. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Fernandez, Rachel Cecilia Tucson. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Fernandez, Rodrigo Luna Phoenix. AZ Junior. Computer Science Fernandez U late, Paula Maria Tucson. AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Fernandez-ruiz, Jorge Tucson. AZ Senior. Business Management Fernando, Andrea Veronica Glendale.AZ Junior. Molecular Cellular Biol Fernando, ShahanD Tucson. AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Fernow, Megan J Prescott, AZ Senior, Nursing Ferolie, Nicholas W Tempe.AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Ferraiolo, Shannon Lee Islip Terrace. NY Senior. Physical Education Dancing Ferran, Kelly Marie Midlothian. VA Freshman, Pre-Nursing Ferranti, George Phillip Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Ferranti, Tjwana Ariene Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Ferrara, Christopher D Laveen.AZ Freshman. Chemistry Ferrara, Nicholas W Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Ferree, Jordan Daniel Flagstaff, AZ Freshman. Theatre Arts Ferreira, Eric Tyler Lake Havasu City. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences Ferreira, Kate A. Clarkdale.AZ Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Bid Tennis, Reading, Hiking Ferris, Daniel Patrick San Diego, CA Senior, Chemistry In Honors Program. Phi Beta Kappa. Community Service 439 Ferris, Stephen Michael San Diego, CA Senior, Special Education Rehab Education Honor Society, Interested In Astronomy, Pass Program Stephen - best wishes and may you have success in all that you strive to do! Love, Mom and Dad Ferris-C rabtree, Noel Thomas Oro Valley, AZ Junior, Sociology Sociology Club Officer Ferrone, Christopher Andrew Woodbury, NY Junior, No Major Selected Femigia, Corey James Tucson, AZ Freshman, Music Ferry, Thiana Rose Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Anthropology Fertelmes, Craig M. Wexford, PA Junior, Anthropology Fertig, Julie E Alameda, CA Sophomore, Journalism Fesahazion,NardosG Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Read, Computers, TV Fesler, Lance Anjin Albuquerque, NM Senior, Electrical Engineering Phi Delta Theata, Skiing, Exercise, Circuit Board Design Fest, Bradley J Tucson, AZ Senior, English Fest, Jane Alice Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Regional Development Fette, Alexandra K. Mesa, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Fetterly, Erin L Tucson, AZ 4TH, Pharmacy Feuer, Bianca Simone Los Angeles, CA Sophomore, Psychology Feye, Kristina Marie The Woodlands, TX Freshman, Pre-Business Equestrian, Exploration, Health Fitness Best Wishes to your future! We love you! We are very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Fickett, Celina Barbara Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Fickett, Emily R Gilbert, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Fidler, Erin R Prescott, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Church Activities, Engineering Club Fiebiger, Sara Elizabeth Los Gatos, CA Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Fiegen,KateNykanen Casa Grande, AZ Junior, Pre-Architecture Fiehtner, Cody Duane Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Engineering Field, Erin Elizabeth Escondido, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Chi Omega, Fitness Center, Dance, Aerobics Field, Michael Brandon Cherry Hill, NJ Sophomore, Pre-Business Field, Sandra May ParkerDam,CA Freshman, Pre-Business Blue Chip Leadership Program Fielding, KimberlyJ Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Fielding, LauriD Tucson, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Fields, Annette F Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Fields, Joshua John Silverthorne, CO Freshman, Pre-Business Tennis, Photography, Skiing Fields, Patrick Sean Oro Valley, AZ Junior, Optical Sciences Enginee Fields, Sarah Lyn ColoradoSprings, CO Senior, Psychology Fierro, Matthew P Fountain Hill, AZ Freshman, Engineering Mathematics Fierro, Nicole Selina Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Pharmacy Fierro, Osvaldo Rodrigo Rio Rico, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Fierro, Sophia Angelica Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Fierros, Ruben Joel Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Fierros, Wendy Henderson Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Fierstein, Erica B Fair Lawn, NJ Sophomore, Psychology Fierstein, Johanna Lee Phoenix, AZ Junior, Political Science Fieser, Patrick Allen Westminster, CO UNC, Nondegree Seeking Figueroa,AimeeC Douglas, AZ Junior, Wildlife 440 Figueroa, Arturo Noel Tucson, AZ Junior, Finance Figueroa, Daniela Nicolette Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol Music, Plays Violin We are proud of you! You are doing an excellent job. Love, Dad and Mom Figueroa, Jorge A Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Figueroa, Luciana Olympia Tucson, AZ Junior, Music Figueroa, Marcela Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Figueroa, Maria Luisa Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Business Management Figueroa, Mario G. Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Education Figueroa, Ray Soltero Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Music, Sports Figueroa, Sara J Tucson, AZ Junior, History Figueroa, SeniaLizeth Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Filaretou, Spyros Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Chemistry Filer, Jamie Marie Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Filice, Micah Peter Sedona. AZ Junior, Creative Writing Filion, Crystal Grace Tucson, AZ Senior, Finance Filip, Melissa Frances Tucson, AZ Senior, Criminal Justice Admin Corrections Internships Filippis, Carlo De Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Filkins, Hilary Morgan Onset, MA Junior, English Filleman, Dixie L Flagstaff, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Traveling, Campus Crusade For Christ, Skiing, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding Filliben, Patrick M Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Fillo.Amy Roseville.CA Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Delta Gamma Filly, Christopher P. Mill Valley, CA Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol Filoso, Christine E. Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Architecture Filoso, Steven A Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Astronomy Fimbres, Alfonso Z Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Fimbres, Shane Lake Havasu, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Fimbres, Vanessa A. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Fimbres, Viviana Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Mathematics Volleyball, Dancing Finberg,LeahH Paradise Valley, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Physician ' s Assistnat Finchum, Michael A. APO, AE UNC, Nondegree Seeking Findley, Natalie M Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Latin American Studies Fine, Allison Vivian Tucson, AZ Senior, Creative Writing Fine, Christine J Prescott, AZ Freshman, English Fine, Kathryn Amanda Newport Beach, CA Senior, Communication Fine, Russell H Bethesda. MD Freshman, Pre-Business Fineberg, Joseph Evan Bluefield.VA Senior, Chemistry Finegan, Eileen A. Tucson, AZ Junior, Studio Art Finf rock, Neva Josephina Glendale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Fingold,TroyA. Plainview, NY Sophomore, Communication Fink, Nicole Dionne Omaha, NE Junior, Veterinary Science Fink.ZacharyV Sierra Vista, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Eller Ambassador, Arizona Blue Chip Program, Zack, we ' re proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, and Kate Finke, Aaron D Henderson, NV Junior, Chemistry Finke, Amy Erin Las Vegas, NV Freshman, Pre-Business Honors College Finkelman, David Samuel Bellaire, TX Sophomore. Pre-Business Finkelstein, Jillian Ashley Saddle River, NJ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Comm. Club, Music, Movies Finkelstein, Nicole Leigh Baltimore, MD Freshman, Studio Art Finkle, Amanda Marie Alexandria, VA Senior, Political Science Finley, Jason M San Juan Capi, CA Junior, Marketing Finley, Megan E Sierra Vista, AZ Sophomore, English Finn, Keara N Scottsdale, AZ Senior, English Finnegan, Kevin M Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Finnessy, Thomas J Cincinnati, OH Senior, Finance Kappa Alpha, Blue Chip, Leadershape Finney, Brittany Dawn Marana, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Finuf, April D Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Fiori, Meredith N. Palo Alto, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Fiorillo, Kristen Elissa Lansdale, PA Sophomore, No Major Selected Fiorito, Amanda N Burlingame, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Fippinger, RossM. Pasadena, CA Senior, Regional Development Phi Gamma Delta Firestine, NadineAbira Tucson, AZ Junior, Civil Engineering Firkins, Noelle A Tucson, AZ Senior, Art Education Firle, Scott Thomas Tucson, AZ Senior, Marketing Firpo, Megan Danielle Benicia, CA Freshman, Pre-Communication Delta Gamma, Cheerleading, Shopping, Movies First, Meigan Gilbert, AZ Sophomore, Chemistry Firth, Matthew Alan Tucson, AZ Senior, Finance Fisch, Daniel Joseph Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Media Arts Fischbach, Megan Marie Golden, CO Freshman, Journalism Fischer, BarbaraAnn Tucson, AZ Junior, Theatre Arts Fischer, Brad Michael Silver Spring, MD Senior, Psychology Fischer, Carlie Kristyne Carmichael, CA Junior, Pre-Business Fischer, Christian Gordon Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Football, Weightlifting Fischer, Jared W Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Fischer, Laura Ann Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Accounting Beta Alpha Psi, Art, Cooking, A.S.A Fischer, Melissa Susan Lake Havasu Cty, AZ Senior, Media Arts Movie, Photography Fischer, Timothy B. Tucson, AZ Senior, Geosciences Fischer, Trisk Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Environmental Sciences F ish , Adam H . Novato, CA Junior, Finance Delta Tau Delta, Chimes Fish, Benjamin Nathan Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Fish, Carrie C Poway, CA Junior, Linguistics Karate, Church Activities, Movies Fish, Jessica L Tucson, AZ Junior, Journalism Fish, Marybeth San Diego, C A Sophomore, Studio Art Photography, Painting, Drawing Fishback, Alexis Jean Tuscon, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Horses Fisher, Abbey Dean Tucson, AZ Senior, Sociology Fisher, Adriana Florence Burlington, WA Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Tempe, AZ Fisher, Amber Lee Junior, General Biology Fisher, Arianne UNC, Nondegree Seeking Delta Gamma, Christian Association, Interior Decorating, Design Fisher, Collin Findley Freshman, History Travel Fisher, Danine M. Sophomore, General Biology Fisher, Erika Marie Junior, Sociology Fisher, Jared Ethan UNC, Nondegree Seeking Fisher, Jaymee Kristen Junior, Elementary Education Fisher, Jordan Ari Sophomore, Pre-Business Rugby Fisher, Justin Joel Senior, Political Science Delta Ki, Sports, Music, Outdoor Activities CongratulationslWe are proud of you! You did it in 4! Love, Mom and Dad Fisher, Kasey D Freshman, No Major Selected Fisher, Kristen Nicole Freshman, No Major Selected Sports. Snowboarding Fisher, Michael Edward Freshman, No Major Selected Fisher, Natalie Rae Freshman, No Major Selected Hip Hop Dancing, Kickboxing Fisher, Patrick Burke Sophomore, Criminal Justice Admin Fisher, Sarah Jean Freshman, Pre-Education Fisher, Tiffany Sheileen Sophomore, Pre-Business Fisherman, All Michelle Freshman, Pre-Business Fishman, Jesse C 2ND, Pharmacy Pi Kappa Phi, Church, Sports. Exercise Fishman, Matthew D. Junior, Economics Fisk, Kelly E Sophomore, No Major Selected Fisk, Rachel M. Sophomore, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Fiske, Heather Leilani Freshman, No Major Selected Fiske, John Arthur Junior, East Asian Studies File, Lindsay E Junior, Theatre Production Fitterer, Brian John Sophomore, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Fituci.Yaniv Sophomore, Media Arts Radio DJ, UAB Concert Committee, Film Making Fitz, Emily Laree Gresham.OR Junior, Nursing Fitz, William K. Sedona, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Fitzgerald, Cornelius Alexander Lakeview, OR Senior, Finance Travel Fitzgerald, Kara Colleen Highlands Ran. CO Senior, Elementary Education Fitzgerald, Kelley Dana Santa Rosa. CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Alpha Phi. Business Club, Tennis, Golf Fitzgerald, Kelly E LaCanada.CA Junior, Marketing Fitzgerald, Michelle E. Tucson. AZ Senior, Liberal Studies Fitzgerald, Ryan M. Tucson, AZ Senior, Architecture Fitzgibbons, Katherine J Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, Musical Theatre Fitzpatrick, David Thomas Whittier, CA Freshman, Aerospace Engineering We are proud of you! We Love you, Mom and Dad Topeka, It El Dorado Hill, CAi Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZfl Deerfield. IL Tucson. AZ. Winnetka. IL Oregon City. OF Tucson. AZ. ' I Tucson, AZ. Glendale, AZ Piqua. OH Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Mesa, AZ. Oak Park. CA Alberquerque, NM Carlsbad. CA- Flagstaff. AZ Tucson. AZ I Phoenix. AZ Tucson. AZ Lafayette, LA Chino Valley. AZ West Hills, CA mm Fitzpatrick, Siobhen Marie Senior, Studio Art Fitzsimmons, Caitlin Jabbour Junior, English Fitzsimmons, Carlye Marie Sophomore, Pre-Business Fitzsimmons, John W. Senior, History Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ : Auburn, WA Tucson, AZ ( itzsimmons, Sarah Devon Tucson, AZ reshman. Linguistics jtzwatar.Ari David Oakland, CA Senior. Regional Development Jabatich, Scott Anthony Vancouver, WA Sophomore. Political Science :|accus, Brian Hance Flagstaff. AZ Sophomore. Linguistics lack, Corey J Albuquerque. NM ; reshman. Creative Writing SabrinaLori Tucson. AZ -: ienior. Joumaistn taharty, Chad Patrick Hayden Lake. ID " . ioplwnore. No Major Selected laherty, Joseph Michael Gilbert. AZ - " Senior. Communication ' laiban, Melame R Peoria.AZ unior. Elementary Education Jamma Alpha Omega, Helping Kids Elem School. Future . Club. Love Plays lajnik, Ben Joseph Tucson, AZ ophomore. Music lake, Thomas Albert Mesa. AZ ophomore. Mechanical Engineering , Joseph Vincent Scottsdale, AZ reshman. Pre-Business igma Phi Epston. Vice Pres Coronob Hal. Sports Marketing I ia mm, Andrew Robert - : - . reshman, No Major Selected Philippe W.S reshman. Pre-Computer Science lanagan, Meghan Powers -ashman, Molecular Cellular Bid wimming Team lanagan-Hyde, Justin . ' unior. Optical Sciences Enginee la nary, Gwendolyn Lee ; jnior, Wildlife lanigan, ErinL .A unior, Political Science lank, Miriam Orit unior. Classics ovies. Classic Literature lannery, KathanneE unior. Spanish oung Life. Travel, Soccer laiinigan, David P ienior. Business Management -: lannigan, ophomore. Architecture ' .:;.- C lath, Robert James r. Finance ; ' latley,- mberlyE -iHiC " LC " " " - " C;: ' " " . appa Kappa Gamma, Lacrosse. Sports lavin, Shaun R Phoenix, AZ Scottsdale. AZ Austin, TX Scottsdale, AZ Rio Rico, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Phoenix, AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Arcadia, CA Darien.CT : lax-Davidson, Skylar Anne .; kxjhomore. Pre-Comrnunication laxman, Alan Leonard Carlsbad. CA Washington. DC Tucson. AZ Denver. CO enior. Systems Engineering lachnar, Laura Ellen unior. Psychology ' . Tennis kanstain, Tiffany Leigh Tucson. AZ - C iophomore. No Major Selected laischman, Danielle M Moraga.CA jnior. Psychology taosphy Minor. Art. Music, Soccer, Academic Distinction longratulabons! Great academic achievement Love. Dad. torn. Ashleigh. John, and Nick laischman, Megan A unior. Psychology laischman, Michael Scott MC. Nondegree Seeking laischrnann, Lauren Beth .Psychology r, Lauren N . Molecular Cellular Biol Earning, AbbyL ophomore. Psychology holography. Muse. Writing ing, Danielle Jean Melissa Anne : lming,RobynC unior. English laming, Stacy Alana unior. Mechanical Engineering . laming, Stephen J. ax, Regional Development . " lasch, Erik Roland Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tempe.AZ Tulsa. OK Lincoln. NE Tucson, AZ Encino.CA Tucson, AZ Oakland. CA Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Flesher,AnnaClaire Tucson, AZ Senior, Pn Computer Science Flashman, Timothy Michael Cupertino, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Flasuras, Nicholas Paul Modesto. CA Senior, History Fletcher, Blake Burget Westtake Vkj, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Flatchar, Glory B. Peona.AZ 3RD, Pharmacy Flatchar, Lauren Kathleen Cortaro.AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Fletcher, Luke Bennett Los Alamos. NM Senior. Astronomy Fletcher, Wesley Todd Albuquerque. NM Sophomore, Pre-Business F lexnar, Ursula Andrea Paos. NM UNC, Nondegree Seeking Working With Children, Dancing. Traveling Flick,KylieA Oracle, AZ Senior. Accounting Flieshar.BrianA Irvine. CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Flink, GalynaRudnikova Tucson, AZ Senior. General Biology Flint, Amanda-Lyn Jane Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Crusade For Christ. Wildcats For Christ. Mexico Mission Trip We ' re so proud of you! We knew you could do it. With Love, Mom, Dad, Rich, and Alex Flisowski.ChadL Gonzales.TX UNC, Nondegree Seeking Floerchingar, DeanRosser Tucson, AZ Freshman. Political Science Floersh, Philip Michael Tucson. AZ Senior, Classics Mrcr rtstory, Frafemiy For Classics, Arch. hstute Of America Flood, Meghann Mane Glendale.AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Swimming, Exercising, Hiking Floras, Ahida Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Floras, Ana Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Floras, Angelica Marie Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Floras, Anthony Phillip Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Political Science Floras, Candice Arm Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Floras, Chelsea Parker. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Nursing Floras, Daniel L Glendale.AZ Sophomore, Spanish Floras, David R. Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Education Floras. Frank. Jr. Clint, TX Freshman, Pre-Communication Sports Floras, Hector Edwardo Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Floras, Hermes I. Phoenix. AZ Sophomore. Engineering Management Floras, Jessica Tucson. AZ Junior. Psychology Minor Pre-Law. Golden Key Floras, KimbertyD. Omaha. NE Senior. Political Science F loras, Lisa Yvette Tucson, AZ Senior. Pre-Health Education Growing Spiritually Floras, Marissa Marie Los Angeles, CA Sophomore, Pre-Communication F loras, Moises F. Tucson, AZ Senior, Systems Engineering Floras, Myrta Marina Douglas. AZ Junior. Psychology Floras, Richard Tucson. AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Floras, Richard Edward Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Education Floras, Robert Stephen Tucson, AZ 5 r " : ' 5 : Phi Gamma Delta, Vice President of Delta Delta Sigma. Fly Fish, Sports, Fitness Floras, Rock) San Luis. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Floras, Sara Elizabeth Tucson. AZ Senior. Nursing Floras, Theodore Tucson. AZ Senior. Business Management F loras, Vanessa Yvette Tucson. AZ Freshman. Optical Sciences Enginee Flores-aguirra, Mansol Kayab Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Floras-Basurto, Sonya Marie Sophomore. No Major Selected Floraz, Jose F Sophomore. No Major Selected Floraz, Victor Ramiro Junior, Optical Sciences Enginee Ftori, Meredith Junior. Economics Florian, Elizabeth Louetla SMta, Elementary Education Flournoy, Alexandra M Freshman. Physics Flowars, Margaret Swfar, MMional Sciences Floyd, Anne Margaret Senior. Pre-Physiol Sciences Chi Omega. Dean ' s List, Honor Society. Honor Award Floyd, AshlyeC Floyd, Ellen Leigh Sophomore. Pre-Education Floyd, Sharon Lynn Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Mesa.AZ Phoenix. AZ Tucson, AZ Mesa.AZ Tucson. AZ Spokane. WA Golden Key Scottsdale. AZ Phoenix. AZ Tucson. AZ Flynn, Christina Lennea Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Media Arts Flynn, Elyse Lennea Carefree. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Flynn, James Allen Tucson. AZ Junior. Molecular Cellular Biol Flynn, Michael Shannon Oro Valley, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Flynn, Patrick John Reno. NV Freshman, Pre-Business Fobar, Brad Alan Tucson. AZ Senior, Physics Fogarty,KevinT Youngstown. OH Sophomore. Media Arts Fogal.BryceN Glendale.AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Fogal, Jaime L Scottsdale. AZ Junior. Ecology Evolutionary Bio Fogal, Megan Ann Tucson. AZ Senior. Finance Fogarty, Ashley Suzanne Paradise Valley. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Music, Literature, Philosophy Fogla, Evan James North Salem. NY Junior. Economics Fogla, NikolausG Mesa.AZ Senior, Phflosophy Consciousness Club. Music, Guitar Congratulations and Best Wishes! From Mom and Dad Fogltanca, Robert James Tucson. AZ Senior, Special Education Rehab Baseball Coach Foldas, Adam Tibor Miami. FL Sophomore, Political Science Folay, Christopher Jay Tucson. AZ ' r5 = CSC " . Folay, Jennifer Meghan Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Computers. Photography, Travel Folay, Lorraine E Scottsdale. AZ Junior, English Folay, Patrick Franktyn San Carlos. CA Freshman, Pre-Business Kappa Sigma Folay, Sean M Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore, General Biology Lacrosse, Bluechip Program Folgar, Jennifer Elizabeth Scottsdale. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Folgar, Lynne Warren Phoenix, AZ junior. Sociology Foliart, Matt James South Pasaden. CA Freshman. Engineering Management Folin, Stephanie Mae Fallbrook, CA Freshman. Nutritional Sciences Folk, Nick Woodland Hill. CA Sophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences Folkman, Chad Michael Forest Lake. MN Senior, Material Sri Engr Folknar, Heather Renea Chander.AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Folkoff, Erica L Wooddiff Lake. NJ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Alpha Upsilon Phi, Volunteer Work, Voleybal. Do Gooder Folks Jr., Edwin Gerald Tucson. AZ UNC. History Follmar, Amber L Mesa.AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Follmar, Douglas V. Palatine,! Senior, Media Arts Swim Team, Movies Fottz, Brandon Robert Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Baseball. Basketball Fong, Mabel Lillian Tucson. AZ Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Fong Laa, Heather Shao Senior, Public Management Policy Fons, Eisabelh Catherine Freshman, No Major Selected Intramural Voteybal, Honors Program. Cooking Way to go Liz! Fonsaca, Gabriel Angel Junior. Theatre Production Fontanot, Leslie J UNC. Political Science Fontanot, Wilrey. Ill Freshman. No Major Selected Football (comerback). Music, Fontas, Claudia Freshman, Psychology Fontas, Shitoe P Freshman. No Major Selected Foos,KatherineM. Senior. Marketing Foota, Came Elizabeth Senior, Sociology Foota, Lauren Marie Sophomore, Pre-Business Footracar, Ashley M. Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Forbas, Antoinette Patricia Freshman. General Biology Forca, Aisling Campbell Junior. Fine Arts Studies Forcbatti, Heather L Senior. Elementary Education Ford, Andrew Jonathan Sophomore. Pre-Medical Technology Football Go Wildcats!!! Ford, Ariana Aurora Sophomore. Journalism Ford, Hamilton H Freshman. Pre-Business Golf. Basketball. Music Ford, Jennifer Ashley Junior, Elementary Education Ford, Lisa Marie Junior, Sociology Ford, Rebecca C Senior. Architecture Ford, Thomas R. Senior. Finance Ford , Jeffrey Alan Senior, Pre-Computer Science Forda, Liam P. Senior. Criminal Justice Admin Delta Sigma Phi Foraa III, Ralph Chiton Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Foreman, Christian Asa Senior , Merobiology Fora man, Lisa A Sophomore, Pre-Nursfig Fora man, Roger W Freshman. Music Forasman, Lara Senior. Marketing Forgacs, Stephen Joseph. Jr Junior. Mechanical Engineering Forkosh, Daniel Sophomore, Mathematics Forlar, Amanda C. Freshman. Psychology Christian Life Fomtan, Daniel G Freshman. Pre-Business ZetaBetaTau Forman, Howard Joseph Junior, Communication Formantini, Lauren EHse Freshman. Pre-Nursiig ChMcare, Volunteering Formica, Tony Donald Junior, Chemistry Forrast, Brent Preston Junior, Pre-Computer Science Forrast, KrystteE Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences La Canada, CA Milwaukee, Wl Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Humble. TX Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ San Diego. CA Tucson, AZ Boise, ID Paguate.NM Tucson. AZ Cave Creek. AZ West Chester. PA Eugene. OR Tucson. AZ Phoenix, AZ Tucson, AZ Santiago. Chile. Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Gilbert. AZ Phoenix, AZ Thatcher, AZ Tucson, AZ Flagstaff. AZ Tucson, AZ Troy, Ml Tucson, AZ Brookyln,NY Phoenix, AZ Jericho. NY Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Wickenburg.AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ 441 Forrest, Nathan William Tucson, AZ Senior, Civil Engineering Golf, Motor Riding, Sports Forrester, Amelia A Tucson, AZ Senior, English English, Drama Forrester, David A. Glendale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Forrester, Jessica Marie Glendale, AZ Senior, Computer Science Forrester, Kristy Dawn Tucson, AZ Senior, Creative Writing Forsline, Ashley A Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Forster, Jessica Dale Glendale, AZ Freshman, Latin American Studies We ' re proud of you Jess! Love, Dad, Jeremy, and Kelli Forsyth, Erin Teresa Del Mar, CA Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Forsythe, Adam James San Diego, CA Freshman, General Biology Forsythe, Jennifer L Douglas, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Forsythe, Scott Alan Chandler, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Ultimate Frisbee Fortier, Thomas K. Chippewa Fall, Wl Sophomore, Philosophy Fortin, Carol Marie Tucson, AZ 2ND, Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi Fortin, Kimberly Marie Meriden, CT Sophomore, Anthropology Fortin, Marisia Lynn Laveen, AZ Freshman, Political Science Fortner, Aaron Edward Dennehosto, AZ Sophomore, Media Arts Fortner, Justin Reed Carlsbad, CA Freshman, Pre-Communication Fortunate, Lmzee Ann Lake Barring), IL Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Forzano, Nicole T Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Minor: Spanish, Piano Fosmire, William Henry Tucson, AZ Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Marine Reserves Fossatti, Courtney Grace Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Fosse, Lindsey Rae Carefree, AZ Junior, History Alpha Phi, Officer In Alpha Phi, Teaches Children Tennis, Young Republicans Dear Lindsey, Congratulations! We are very proud of your accomplishments. We Love you, Mom Dad Foster, Alison R Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Foster, Andrew Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Foster, Doris Anne Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Golden Key Honor Society, Karate, Scuba Diving, Dance Foster, Edward William Tucson, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Foster, Gabrielle Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Wildcats Basketball Foster, Greggory Allen Tucson, AZ Senior, History Foster, Holley Christine Prescott, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Dance Foster, Jenna Flagstaff, AZ Sophomore, Studio Art Foster, Leonard L Hereford, AZ Senior, History Foster, Matthew Thomas Palmdale, CA Freshman, Engineering Mathematics Foster, Megan Ann Phoenix, AZ Senior, History Foster, Mia Dee Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Foster, Nicholas Sugden Tucson, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Foster, Theresa R Tucson, AZ Junior. Family Studies Human Dev Foster, Tory Lenore Flagstaff, AZ Senior, Psychology Foster, William Chase Tucson, AZ Freshman, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Foszcz, Matthew Benjamin Schaumburg, IL Sophomore, Animal Sciences Foucault,JoleneA Klamath Falls, OR Junior, Anthropology 442 Fought, Tiffany Lynn Paradise Valley, AZ Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Fourniermoon, Arwen Tucson, AZ Junior, Art Education Fow, Michael Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, General Biology Fowler, Jack Richard Atherton, CA Junior, Economics Wind Surfer, Baseball Fowler, Jennifer Renee Waddell.AZ Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Fowler, Jessica L. Tucson, AZ Senior, Physiological Sciences Yoga Instructor, Marathon Runner Fowler, Kelly Lope Flagstaff, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Fowler, Kiley Carroll Glendale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Fowler, Lindsay Michelle Waddell, AZ Freshman, Religious Studies Fowler, Thomas Zachary Tucson, AZ Junior, Optical Sciences Enginee Fowler III, JohnJoseph Roswell, NM UNC, Nondegree Seeking Fox, Adam Roy Campbell, CA Sophomore, Philosophy Fox, Ashley Leigh Mesa, AZ Junior, Animal Sciences Sigma Alpha, Cals And Emassador, Manners, Cattle Women, Maring Fox, Brian Philip Tucson, AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering Phi Theta Kappa Fox, Christin Marie Tucson, AZ Junior, Veterinary Science Fox, Christopher M. Terrace Park, OH Junior, Pre-Communication Fox, Christopher R Gilbert, AZ Senior, Finance Fox, Fred Andrew Sierra Vista, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Fox, Isaiah P. Santa Monica, CA Junior, History Varstity Basketball, Photography, Volunteer Work Fox, Jacob R Marana, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Fox, Jessica Lynn Mission Viejo, CA Freshman, Liberal Arts Fox, Kristie Lynn Sandiego, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Fox, Megan Rose Eden Prairie, MN Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Fox, Michael Alexander Chapel Hill, NC Freshman, No Major Selected Fox, Nicole Renee Tucson, AZ Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Fox, Pearl A Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Alpha Chi Omega, Camp Wildcat, Scrap Booking, Dance Best Wishes Pearl! Love, Mom, Dad, Mitchell, Jerimya, Rasco, and Hopper Fox, Sandra Nadine Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Fox, Simon A. Valley Stream, NY Sophomore, No Major Selected Fox, Tabitha L Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Fox, James Emmett, IV Yuma, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Motorcycle Club Treasurer Foxcroft, Walter Edwin, III Lake Havasu, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Cheerleading Team, Partying Going to Mexico, Fox-lestyk, Karen F Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Foxx Lupo, William T Tucson, AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Fozzard, Creston Rex Phoenix, AZ Junior, History Fradkin, Melissa Loren Tucson, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Fragoso, Armando D ' Aldo Douglas, AZ Freshman, Studio Art Fragoza,EloyC Amado, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Fraioli, Rosanne E Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Studio Art Fraiz, Michael Joseph Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Psychology Frame, Crystle Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Pride Of AZ Marching Band, U Of A Batwan Frame, Erin Elesa Mesa, AZ Freshman, Philosophy Symphony, Working Out Frame, Jennifer M. Orland Park, IL Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Frame-Black, Megan Livingston Tucson, AZ Freshman, Anthropology Blue Chip, Band Member (Clarinet), Works For Oasis France, Eric Stephen Marysville, Ml Freshman, Mechanical Engineering France, Melissa Jo Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Conservative Republicans Frances Rich, Lindsay Holly Show Low, AZ Junior, History Franchi, Daniel Richard Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Franchi, Michael Lawrence Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Franchi, Michael J Los Gatos, CA Junior, Marketing Intramural Tennis, Honor Business Student, Sports Marketing Assoc Francis, Alexandra Gannan San Rafael, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Delta Gamma Francis, Andrea S Tucson, AZ Senior, Wildlife Francis, Drew D Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Francis, George W Tucson, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Francis, Kevin Harry Tucson, AZ 3RD, Pharmacy Francis, Kylan Stuart Colorado Springs, CO Sophomore, Media Arts Francis, L Tyler El Paso, TX Freshman, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Francis, Laura Anne Tucson, AZ 2ND, Pharmacy Francisco, Nedlaya Yazzie Shiprock, NM Senior, Computer Engineering Golden Key, Intramural Sports Congratulations! You ' ve reached another one of your goals. We ' re very proud of you. Love, Mom Dad Francisco, Stephen C La Crescenta, CA Junior, Management Info Systems Baseball, Republican Volunteer Francis-Moullier, Maria K. Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Science Franck, Heidi Litchfield Pa, AZ Junior, Veterinary Science Franck, Nathaniel Zachary Clarkdale. AZ Senior, Veterinary Science Franck, Stacey Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Franco, Dante Adrian Hereford, AZ Senior, Social Studies Franco, Jose J. Los Angeles, CA Senior, Psychology Franco, Michelle Arevalos Gilbert, AZ Senior, Studio Art Photography, Music, Art Franco, Timothy Ryan Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Franco, Zenia Naco.AZ Sophomore, Elementary Education Franco Jr, Richard Anthony Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Francom, Kevin Maloy Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Frank, Carli LaJolla.CA Freshman, Pre-Business Frank, Kenneth Scot Redding, CA Freshman, Psychology Frank, Lauren Louisville, KY Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Frank, Michael L. Irvine, CA Junior, Communication Frankel, Beth Paradise. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Volunteering, Indocrinology, Peer Counseling Frankel, Phillip Jay Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Marketing Frankfort, Tanner E Rockford, IL Junior, Political Science Kappa Alpha Order, Intramural Sports Franklin, Amber Nicole Tucson, AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Franklin, Anthony Lee Oakland, CA Sophomore, Pre-Communication Franklin, Brian Mark Yuma, AZ Junior, Agricultural Education Franklin, Jenel Grace Kotzebue.AK Junior, Accounting Franklin, Julie A. Moraga, CA Freshman, Political Science Franklin, Melissa G LaJolla C | Junior, Communication Franklin, Michael L Chandlet, Sophomore. Pre-Education Football, Resident Assistant, Music Franklin, Nicholas Evan Lake Oswega, ( Senior, Business Management Franklin, Remington Calabasas, C Freshman, East Asian Studies Franklin, Richard Michael Hinsdale, i Freshman. Pre-Business Franklin, Shannon Tucson, Junior. Communication Pac Club, Honorable Mention Franklineggman, Megan E Tucson, Freshman, Family Studies Human Dev Franks, Daniel J Phoenix. A j Senior, Finance Intramural Sports Franks, Hagan Tucson, Senior, Pre-Computer Science Photography, Computers Franks, Kelly Melissa Scottsdale, Freshman. Pre-Business Delta Delta Delta Fransway, Michelle A Tucson, Senior, Pre-Education Frantzen, Jennifer Scottsdale. Senior. Business Management Palm Line, Minor: Dance Reach for the stars! Fraser, Clinton R. Yuma, Sophomore, Agri Biosystems Engr Fraser, Jamie Lee Linwood.f 1 ' Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Kappa Alpha Theta Fraser, Keoki L Waimanalo, I Junior, Sociology Frasquillo, Edward Michael Tucson, f Senior, Mathematics Volleyball Frausto, Mary Tucson, Senior, Nursing Frawley, Luke James Santa Barbara, C Freshman, Pre-Business Frawley, Thomas M Santa Barbara, C Junior, Pre-Business Frazier, Allegra Maria Tucson, Sophomore. Creative Writing Frazier, Franci Meri Tucson, Junior. Health Education Frazier, Joseph Patrick Midland. 1 Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Baseball Player, Hunting Frazier, Lamont D Los Angeles. C Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Frazier, Lindsey Hancock Scottsdale, Sophomore, Journalism Reading, Horseback Riding Fredeen, Jessica Tucson. Junior. Media Arts Frederick, John Paul Edina. V Freshman, Journalism Frederick, Kathryn I Queen Creek, Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Fredlake, Benjamin Michael Tempe. Freshman, No Major Selected Golf Fredricks, Andrew M Tuucson. l Junior, Journalism Fredrickson, James Mark Tucson, 1 Junior. Dance Free,CariaC. Snowflake. I Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Freebairn, Laura Jean Tucson, I Senior, Linguistics Freeborn, Bradley Adam Tucson, Sophomore. No Major Selected Freed, Eric J Mesa, Junior, Pre-Business Freedlander, Amanda Lowe Tucson, Freshman, General Biology Freedman,BillM Tucson, Junior, Psychology Freeland, Avery G Glendale, Sophomore, Pre-Business Freeland, Crystal Marie Hereford, Senior, Pre-Computer Science Freeland, Megan R. Tucson. Senior. Mechanical Engineering Freeman, Adam West Atlanta, G Senior, Business Management Freeman, Chad Tucson, Sophomore. Architecture : reeman, Daniel Eugene Tucson. AZ reeman, Graeme Richard Santa Rosa. CA ophomore. Pre-Business reeman, Jeffrey W. Sahuarita.AZ reshman. Optical Sciences Enginee reeman, Katherme Jane Highlands Ran. CO enkx. Nutritional Sciences reeman, Patrick C. Tucson, AZ unior. Finance reeman, : Sedona.AZ Whnan. No Major Selected ports. Basketbal, Running . (tare proud of you. Keep up the good work! Love. Mom. land Ryan reeman, Rebecca M. Carmichael. CA unior. Family Studies Human Dev reeman, Trisha L Tucson. AZ inor. Pre-Health Education regoso, Manuel J. Tucson. AZ ophomore. Criminal Justice Admin . rl,i-s " a = a: ; Gfcert.AZ nohman. No Mapr Selected reibert, E iiry Suzanne Tucson, AZ . reisinger.ShoshanaTamo Greenbrea.CA eruor. Musical Theatre . rattan ' - ' Ptwniv A7 rwltVg, ii - iiz-t rlluvlllA. n. anxx. Marketing reitas, David Manuel San Diego. CA Mhman, No Major Selected . 5 C " ;T " . ramel, Steven Ray Oro Valley. AZ e " c- 5:.:: M ranch, B-a- V : ' e r HuachucaCity, AZ inor. Plant Sciences ranch, Christopher T Tucson. AZ jn " c - cr jManagerne teo Games, Reading, Hunting, Fishing ranch, Jana Mane Tucson. AZ " anior. Nursing ranch, John Tyler Cottonwood. AZ : ' ! fi ' C nL9C-a i_r ,.:: " " . ranch, jcse:- B-=;e. Tucson, AZ : : . ' . ophomore. No Major Selected ranch, KirtusE Tucson. AZ : snkx. Operations Management ranch, KnstaM Nogales.AZ ' reshman. Psychology ranch, KristopherN Tucson, AZ ' jnior. Finance asebal. SkateboaroTng ranch, M ' eH Cottonwood, AZ -- : ' . ' : .:. - : ! ----- rench.-- : ::; Tucson, AZ ' - reshman. Pre-Computer Science rench, Sydney M Tucson. AZ reshman. Ecology Evolutionary Bio ' ranch, William R N Highlands. CA es =- = : -e-:_; ' r EH rankel, Jason Scott Sassem.NY enior. Architecture ProjInT.HouselnSA ran zel , Robert J Dallas. TX (Mhman. Sociology ranzel, Travis Otho Morristown, NJ reshman, Sociology rese, Rachelle Loudes Tucson. AZ ophcirrore. Pre-CommunicaSon rasq ues, Kane A Tucson. AZ unior. Molecular Cellular Bid resquez, Rene Antonio Tucson. AZ S r- L--- -: ' retz, Jonathan Michael Tucson, AZ enkx. General Biology retz, Matthew William Tucson. AZ ). Pharmacy Hi reund.MarcJ. IBM -2 enior. Mechanical Engineering rey,AmyE. Phoenix, AZ ophomore. No Major Selected i Beta Phi. Dance, Travel tork hard! We love you. Mom and Dad ray, - =::-; :=-r Highland. IL optiomore. No Major Selected ty, James Michael Phoenix, AZ urior. Pre-Business HCappa Alpha. Gulf. Football tark hard! We love you. Mom and Dad Ktl ray, .: Coopersburgh, PA unior. Animal Sciences ray, Michael Scott Wheaton. IL Freshman. Pre-Business Phi Gamma Delta Frey V, Wm. Alexander Tucson. AZ Freshman. Astronomy Fricano, Vincent James Gambrill MD Junior, Creative Writing Music Frick, Angela Marie Manitou Sprin. CO Senior. Nursing F ricks, Lindsay Marie Park City, UT Sophomore. Pre-Business Friebus,KJmberty Susan Tucson. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Fried berg, Aaron R Irvine. CA Sophomore, Pre-Bustiess Friedenreich, Brittany Arm Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Tennis We ' re so proud of you! Keep up the good work. Love, Mom. Bern, Nanny and Poppy Friedl, Bethany Tucson. AZ Junior, Communication Friedly, Conrad Baxstrom Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore, English Friedman, Adam Seth Beverly Hills. CA Freshman, Pre-Business Zeta Beta Theta. Sports, Equipment Manager for Football Team Friedman, Amanda Marie Irvine. CA Working Out, Skiing Friedman, BrendonD. Scottsdale. AZ Junior, Accounting Basketball, Football Friedman, David Simon Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Friedman, Jared Ryan Northridge. CA Freshman, Pre-Business Golf Friedman, KarahE Reno.NV Junior, Psychology Tau Beta Sigma, Marching Band(trombone), Pep Band (trombone) Friedman, Mara Efee Tucson. AZ Senior, Elementary Education Friedman, Ryan Garrett Hewlett, NY Freshman, No Mapr Selected Zeta Beta Theta, Business. Regional Development Wishing you the best of luck in your future at U of A. Love. Mom, Dad. Samantha Friedmann, Michael Patrick Tucson. AZ Senior, Performance (Jazz Stds.) Friedrichs, AisonE Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Business Gamma Phi Beta Friedrichs, Jordar Junior, Pre-Education Art, Animats, Hiking Friedrichs, Nicole S. Junior, No Major Selected Friedstat, B r B .rs s Sophomore. Theatre Arts Friel, Dorma Kay Senior, Chemistry Friezen, Jeremy Michael Senior. Pre-Physid Sciences Frink, Nicole Patricia Junior, Psychology Frisby, Columbia Sophomore. Psychology Frisby, Jovanca Annette Freshman, Microbiology Track, Business Frischenmeyer, David E Tucson. AZ Mesa.AZ Gtencoe.lL Scottsdale. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Douglas. AZ Phoenix. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Frisiras, Theodore Peter Tucson, AZ Senior. Systems Engineering Fritz, Suqiong Chen Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Education Ping Pong, Volleyball Fritz , Katharine Rae Mesa.AZ Junior, Political Science Froberg, Amy Lynn Oro Valley. AZ Junior. Pre-Education Phi Lamada Theta, ChJdren, Scrapbooking, Reading Frodge, Tobias V. Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Froehle, Sarah June Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Froelich, William James Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Kappa Sigma Froeschner.Kim etlinE. Kirwood.MO Senior. Pre-Physwl Sciences Travel. Photography. Mountain Climbing Kimberiin Froeschner, Good Luck! From your family. We love you. Fromke,Kattiryn Spencer Cokjmbus.OH r " i ' _ i _ " Froncek, Philip Sheldon Freshman. Electrical Engineering Froning, Clayton Paul Junior, Theatre Production Froning, Madeline R Junior, Political Science Frost, CaraCahill Sophomore. Studio Art Frost, Rowan Lee Senior, Health Education Frost, Sarah S. Sophomore, SturJk) Art Frost, Veronica M. UNC,Nondegree Seeking Mesa.AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ BrookfieW, Wl Pteasanton. CA Frost, Zachary Matthew Senior. Communication Sigma Phi Epston, Sports, Go, Friends, Fantasy Leagues Your family is very proud of you! Keep up the good work. Love, Mom and Dad Fraciano, Christina T Phoeniz.AZ Sophomore. Theatre Arts Fniciano, Natalie A Phoenix. AZ Senior, Fine Arts Studies Fry, Daniel P. Oro Valley. AZ Junior. Pre-Business Fry, Jamie Flagstaff. AZ Junior. Pre-Physiol Sciences Fry, Joel R Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Fry, Michael Scott Oro Valley. AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Fry,RchardJ Boeme.TX Junior, Creative Writing Honors College Frydman, Eitan Michael Northridge, CO Sophomore. Retailing Consumer Scien Fry , William H BethesdauMD Freshman, Pre-Business Fu, Joseph KuangHao Mesa.AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Bid F,JudyS. Mesa.AZ Senior. Physiological Sciences Fuentes,Andria Georgette Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Fuentes, Annette R Nogales.AZ Junior. Pre- Architecture Bowling, Piano Fuentes, Carlos E Tucson. AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Fuentes, Corina Tucson. AZ Junior. Molecular Cellular Bid Fuentes, Lakin N Phoenix. AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Fuentes, Marcela Nogales.AZ Sophomore, Media Arts Fuentes, Marisd Tucson. AZ Senior. Criminal Justice Admin Fuentes, Minerva V. Tucson. AZ Senior. Accounting Fuentes, Octavk) Miranda Tucson. AZ Senior. Political Science Fuertsch, Malory A Gilbert. AZ Sophomore, Pns-Pharmacy F uetterer, Amy Lynn Phoenix, AZ Freshman. General Bidogy Gamma Phi Beta. Honors College. Primus Honorary F uf a ro, Melissa Ann Senior, Judaic Studies Fugett, Robert Wayne UNO, Nondegree Seeking Fuhrig, KatherineAnne Freshman, No Major Selected Fuhrmann, EncM Junior, Geological Engineering Cross Country Running Fujii.Chie Senior, Finance Fujii, Elaine G ;r " ; ' ; .;.-- ' ; " We are very proud of you and we love you. Morn and Dad Fujii.Tomoko Tucson. AZ Senior. Physics Music. Singing Fujiwara, Izoi Tucson. AZ Senior. Interdisciplinary Studies Fukae, Yuri Tucson. AZ Junior, History Tucson. AZ Sugar Loaf. NY Tucson, AZ Tempe.AZ Tucson. AZ Roselte.lL Fukuhara, Masahiro Senior. Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Fukumoto, Kyle Hideki Sophomore, Pre-Business Sigma Chi Fulcher, Anthony D Junior, Psychology Fulcber, Derek J Junior. Molecular Cellular Biol Fulgenzi.CandiceL Sophomore. Microbiology Fulks, Jeffrey A. Junior. Industrial Engineering Sports, Friends And Family, Movies Fulks, Michelle Sophomore. Veterinary Science Fuller, Alison Lynn Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Fuller, Carolyn V Senior. Mathematics Alpha Chi. Teaching. Education. Athletics Fuller, Elliot S Sophomore. Media Arts Fuller, Heather L 3RD. Pharmacy Fuller, Wesley Ryan Freshman. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Fullerton, Christopher Shaun Sophomore. Mechanical Engineering Beta Theta Pi Fullmer, Alan Joseph Tucson. AZ Manhattan Beach, CA Tucson. AZ Phoenix. AZ Surprise. AZ Scottsdale. AZ Scottsdale. AZ Tucson. AZ Kmgman.AZ Phoenix. AZ Tucson, AZ Chandler. AZ Rapid City. SD Gilbert. AZ Yearbook Staff . Comedy Comer Fullmer, Jamie Erin Scottsdale. AZ Senior. Psychology Fulnecky, Scott Dwyer Mishawaka. IN Sophomore. Pre-Business Fulton, Brian James Tucson, AZ Junior. Mechanical Engineering Fulton, Denise Renell Chmle. AZ Senior. Pre-Physid Sciences Fulton, Jonelle Kimberty Green Valley. AZ Junior. Nutritional Sciences Fultyn, Christine Amy Chandter.AZ Senior. Business Management Chi Omega Best of Luck! We couldn ' t be more proud!Love. Mom and Dad Fund, Michael Brian Tucson. AZ Senior. Political Science Funderburgh.BretM Hofeter.CA Senior. Finance Sports. Baseball tij mn(MWt in i n nl I, ill i Ilii ' nil Fundine.LindseyW Spokane. WA Sophomore, No Mafor Selected Fune, Elyse Anne Phoenix, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Fung, Phillip H. Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Music. Football Funk, Elizabeth A. Prescott Vail. AZ Sr- : E " Funnamark, Lisa Ann Bisbee.AZ Junior, Spanish Funsett, Karinya Noelle Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Creative Writing Funtila, Atexis De Leon Stockton. CA Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Choir. Member Newman Center. Sports. VoUeybal. Tennis Furedy, Jonathan Brian Senior. Musical Theatre Theatre Furey, Ashley M Junior. Pre-Computer Science Furey, Elizabeth Senior, Nursing Furey, Joseph J Freshman. Aerospace Engineering Luge, Foofoall Good luck! Love. Mom and Dad r urtoii i Dfyco A Junior, Optical Sciences Enginee Furman, Aaron L Sophomore, History Furman.RandiShemll Freshman, LJberal Arts Furman, Shawn Daniel Freshman, History Lacrosse Furneaux, RasheS Lea Freshman. Pre-Business Furr, Stephanie Mchefe Senior. Commu nication Tucson. AZ Phoenix, AZ Tucson. AZ Omaha, NE Prescott. AZ San Antonio, TX Yorba Linda. CA Sea Girt. NJ Katy.TX Tucson, AZ 443 Furrier, Christina Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Furrier, Jennifer Leigh Tucson, AZ Junior, Media Arts Furrier, John Richard Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Furrier, Kathryn Michele Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Furrier, Stephanie Lynn Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Furrow, Jessica A Tucson, NM Sophomore, Pre-Education Campus Crusade Furst, Mariel Kagan Santa Monica, CA Senior, Psychology Alpha Epsilon Phi, VP Of Panhellenic Furst-Nichols, Rebecca L. Olympia, WA Freshman, No Major Selected Loves Basketball G. Cruz, Maria Alicia Oro Valley, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gabay, Jessica A NewCity, NY Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Gabe, Chris R Walnut Creek, CA Junior, Mechanical Engineering Gaber Saletan, Jordana Lee Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Teaching, Pottery, Other Art Gabert, Robin Lynn Sierra Vista, AZ Senior, Psychology Gabitova, Alfiya I Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol Gabl, Nicole Diane Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Gaboury,Anna Jeannette Sierra Vista, AZ Junior, Studio Art Gabrick, Mary C Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Gabriel, Eric J. Tucson, AZ Junior, Spanish Gabriele, Melissa Leigh Palos Verdes Estates, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Chi Omega, Water Polo, Surfing, Snowboarding, Waterskiing Congrats on completing your first year! good luck in the years to come! Love Mom, Dad Brandon Gabrys, Daniel Scott Tucson, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Gacek, John Cody Telluride, CO Junior, Studio Art Gacic, Kelli Marie St Charles, IL Junior, Sociology Music, Reading Gaddini.MarkR South Beloit, IL Freshman, No Major Selected Gaddy, Lane B Albuquerque, NM Junior, Finance Gaden, Sarah Elizabeth Round Rock, TX Senior, Media Arts Gaffer, Paul Gregory Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Welding, Football Coach, Camping, Fishing Gaffney, Colin B. Gig Harbor, WA Sophomore, Pre-Business Gaffney, Ian L. LosGatos, CA Sophomore, Mining Engineering Gaffney, Noelle West Chester, PA Senior, English Gafni, Erik S. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gafni, Leah Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gage,TylerJ Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gagnon, MoniqueA Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gah, Habiboullah Quid Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Gaillard, Annie M Glendale, AZ Sophomore, Women ' s Studies Gain, Cherilyn D Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gaines, Jennifer Lauren Del Mar, CA Junior, Pre-Business Delta Gamma, Tennis, Photography, Nutrition We are very proud of you and we love you very much! Mom and Dad Gaines, Justin Thomas Tucson, AZ Senior, Anthropology Gaines, Paul Randolph Tucson, AZ Senior, Law Enforcement Admin Gaines, Ryan Eric Tucson, AZ Senior, History Gainous.ErinR. Castro Valley, CA Freshman, Psychology 444 Gaither, Logan W Tucson, AZ Junior, Engineering Management Gaj, Thomas Peoria, AZ Freshman, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Gakopoulos, Natalie Sophia Chandler, AZ Freshman, Optical Sciences Enginee ThetaTau, Freshman Class Council Galan, Monica P Irvine, CA Freshman, Journalism Alpha Chi Omega, Community Work, Reading, Writing, Music, Hanging W Friends Galanty, Matthew H Livingston, NJ Sophomore, No Major Selected Galassi, Andrew J. Tucson, AZ Junior, Science Education Galati, Lauren Zia Paso Robles, CA Freshman, Pre-Nursing Galaviz, Veronica Suzan Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Galaz, Jessica Elfrida, AZ Junior, Social Studies Galbraith, Lindsay M Huntington Beach, CA Sophomore, Psychology Movies, Family Friends, Golf Galbraith, Renee Nantz. Vandalia, OH Senior, Environmental Sciences Gale, Chelsie R Tucson, AZ Junior, Nursing Gale, Dustin L Tucson, AZ Junior, Finance Galea, Christopher J MenloPark, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Galecki, Sarah E. Houston, TX Senior, Pre-Physiol Education Gales, Kara H Phoenix, AZ Junior, Political Science Galhotra, Rosemary Ann Payson, AZ Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Galina-mehlman, Jonathan R. Tucson, AZ Senior, General Biology Galindo, Tiana ' Chsandler, AZ Freshman, Sociology Music, Art Galindo, Tyrene S. Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Galivan, Mary Jean Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Gall, Brian L Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Hiking, Fishing Gallagher, Amanda L. Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Gallagher, Anthony Wayne Morristown, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Gallagher, Brendan C Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Gallagher, Jessica Nicole San Jose, CA Freshman, Political Science Gallagher, Joseph P Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Gallagher, Leisha Renee Kalispell, MT Freshman, No Major Selected Theta, Snow Boarding, Wake Boarding Gallagher, Michael A. Anchorage, AK UNC, Nondegree Seeking Gallagher, Pamela L Peoria, AZ Senior, Political Science Gallaher, Leslie Gabrielle Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Gallardo, Christine V Flagstaff, AZ Junior, Political Science Gallegly, Katie L El Paso, TX Junior, Industrial Engineering Gallego, Christine Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Gallego, Clarice Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gallego, Jesus Curtis Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Music Gallego, Jesus V. Tucson, AZ Junior, Computer Engineering Piano Gallego, Jose Antonio Tucson, AZ Senior, German Studies Gallego, Maritza Nogales, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Gallego, Michael Vincent Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gallego, RudolphoTomas Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Education Gallego, Vanessa Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Gallego, Yvonne Gabriela Mammoth, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Gallegos, Amber Nicole Tucson, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Gallegos, Brianna Christine Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Computer Science Gallegos, Christian H Rio Rico, AZ Sophomore, Engineering Management Gallegos, Christian A. Los Angeles, CA Senior, Spanish Music, Tennis, Travel Congratulations on all the hard work, and best wishes for the future. Love. Mom and Dad! Gallegos, Collette M Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gallegos, Cristal Garcia Tucson, AZ Freshman, Political Science Gallegos, Elizabeth Katherine Greeley, CO Freshman, Theatre Arts Campus Ministry, Theatre Club, Writes Poetry Gallegos, Jason Scott Flagstaff, AZ Senior, Sociology Gallegos, Joseph Xavier Tuscon, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Gallegos, Laura Yvette Tucson, AZ Junior, Nursing Gallegos, Monica L. Tucson, AZ Senior, Communication Galley, Veronica Jean Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Gallivan, Robert Henry Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gallo, Jason Matthew Tucson, AZ Senior, Architecture Gallo, Mark B San Jose, CA Junior, Pre-Business Gallo, Noah Jaramillo Oakland, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Gallo, Ryan Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gallo, Sara Jane Rochester, MN Freshman, Pre-Nursing Gallo, Scott Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gallup, Mark Steven Santa Rosa, CA Senior, Atmospheric Sciences Music, Marching Band, Sports Galovale, Galovale Tucson, AZ Junior, Civil Engineering Galvan, Amanda Louise Tucson, AZ Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Galvan, Eric Jose Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Galvez, Frank R. Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Galvez, Melissa Ann Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Gamalski, Melissa K Chandler, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Gambee, Lacy Hayden. AZ Senior, Political Science Gamble, Peter E Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Sons Hockey Team, Dog Training, Photography We ' re very proud of you!Love, your whole family Gamble, Sarah Lynn Pequot Lakes, MN Sophomore, Pre-Education Gamboa, Bertha Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Junior, Veterinary Science Gamboa, KristinaD Tucson, AZ Junior, Business Management Gamboa, RogerW Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Guitar, Running, Business Gambrell, Brent C Tucson, AZ Senior, Journalism Gamez, Araceli P Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Gamez, Gaston Alberto Tuscon, AZ Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Business, NLSSSHA, Tennis Gamez, Javier 0. Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Gamez, Luis Carlos Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Gamez, Marybeth Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Gamez, Nicolette Opal Tucson, AZ Freshman, Veterinary Science Gammage, Ronnie Phoenix, AZ Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Gammage, Timothy E Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Agri Biosystems Engr Gammon, Savannah G Tucson, AZ Junior, Architecture Gander, Benjamin Michael Tucson, Junior, Media Arts Traveling, Arts, Movies Gandler, Gregory Louis Flagstaff, Senior, Geological Engineering Master ' s Degree Petroleum, Sports, Cardinal Football We are proud of all your hard work and dedication! Love, MonaandDad Gandomi, Jonathan Vahid Gold Canyon, Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Truman Scholar Gandomi, Nathan Rahmat Tucson, Senior, English Gang, Charles Peoria, Senior, Management Info Systems Basketball, Computers Ganguly, Bhaskar Phoenix, Freshman, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Ganguly, Sujoy Tucson, | Junior, Physics Gannon, Anton Charles Tucson, Freshman, Animal Sciences AAMC, Riding Horses Gant, Julia Dee Green Valley, I Junior, General Biology Gao.Han Tucson, Senior, Mathematics Gaona, Alejandra Catherine Tucson, Sophomore, Journalism Garate, Ramon Villasenor Tucson, Senior, Spanish Garbarino, Niccoio Anthony Sahuarita, | Senior, Electrical Engineering Garber, Joshua Ryan Cherry Hill, C Sophomore, Pre-Business Garber, Richard Michael Rio Rico, | Junior, Computer Engineering Garber, Samantha R Scottsdale. Sophomore, Political Science Garber-pearson, Greta Alyne Tucson, Junior, Women ' s Studies Garbisch, Elizabeth B Pittsburgh. F Senior, Journalism Garbo, Bryce Anthony Tucson. | Senior, Chemical Engineering Garbosky, Katharine Irene Tempe, Senior, Nursing Garchie, Stephanie M Chula Vista, C Freshman, No Major Selected Garcia, Alex Tucson, Freshman, Music Garcia, AlvaSusana Tucson, : Senior, Psychology Garcia, Angela Ann VanNuys, C Senior, Nursing Likes Crafts Garcia, Anna Luz Tucson, Junior, Elementary Education Garcia, Antonio Tucson, Sophomore, Civil Engineering Garcia, Benjamin Scott Madison. Freshman, General Biology Garcia, Carlos Tucson. Senior, Pre-Education Garcia, Christina D. Tucson. Senior, English (Extended) Garcia, Clarice Dawa Tucson. Junior, Pre-Education Garcia, Clarissa Noni Tucson. Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Garcia, Corina Tucson. 1 Senior, English Garcia, Cynthia I. Independent. M I UNC, Nondegree Seeking Garcia, Cynthia San Luis. I Senior. Pre-Nursing Garcia, Cynthia Marie Douglas. Sophomore, Psychology Garcia, Danitza Rosario Tucson, 1 Senior, Studio Art Garcia, David Anthony Tucson, Senior, Psychology Softball, Running, Sports Garcia, DeniseR. Casa Grande. I Junior, Wildlife Garcia, Denise Marie Tucson. I Junior, Elementary Education Garcia, Diego T. Douglas. ! Senior, Finance Garcia, Elizabeth Stephanie Tucson, f Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Garcia, Eric Phillip Vail, Sophomore, Psychology - . iarcia, Fabian Rene Tucson. AZ Eman. No Major Selected iarcia, Fernando Tucson, AZ enior. Finance iarcia, Frances Mammoth, AZ ibrary iarcia, Gabriel Aguilar Tucson, AZ unior. Pre-Education ircia, Gabriel Eliud Monterey, CA ophomore. Pre-Business i, Hector Alberto Tucson, AZ reshman. No Major Selected eia, Isaias Phoenix. AZ reshman. Political Science ;ia, Ismael Pomona. CA reshman. No Major Selected iarcia, Javier M Los Angeles, CA enior. Spanish ' fencing. Gardening. Drumming ircia, JeanetteR. Douglas. AZ unior. Psychology iarcia, Jessica Tucson, AZ reshman. Aerospace Engineering iarcia, Joel B Nogales, AZ ophomore. Communication cia.JorgeA Sonara, MX ienior. Economics Ipha Kappa Psi. Guitar. Drums. Rides Motorcycle " : ; - iarcia, Jose M reshman. Criminal Justice Admin i, Joshua - ( unior. Nutritional Sciences iarcia, Karen Denise ophomore. Pre-Education iarcia, Kathenne S. unior. English j Keri Jacklyn : ' reshman. Pre-Business iarcia, Kristen E lenior. Pre-Business iarcia, Laura Elizabeth ' ' - : fophomore. Psychology i, Le ' : caG unior. Family Studies Human Dev iarcia, MacedomoJ iophomore. No Major Selected iarcia, Maria Jose unior. Psychology iarcia, Mario Alejandro reshman. Chemical Engineering ircia, Mary A reshman. Bioc Molecular Biophysic ia, Marylupe enior. Bioc Molecular Biophysic arcia, Matthew Bemtez reshman. Pre-Education ircia, Maya Joy Senior. Agri Economics Managemen ircia, Melanie Rachel reshman, No Major Selected arcia, Melissa reshman. Criminal Justice Admin iarcia, Mercedes G. San Luis. AZ Tucson, AZ Rio Rico. AZ Scottsdaie. AZ Lake Forest. CA Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Douglas, AZ Tucson. AZ Sahuarita. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Nogales. AZ Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ ' .-: _ reshman. No Major Selected iarcia, Michael J iophomore. Pre-Business iarcia, Michelle Ulla reshman. Agri Tech Mgmt Educ iarcia, Miguel Angel iphomore. English iarcia, Monica ophomore. Pre-Physiol Sciences iarcia, Monica ophomore. Computer Engineering i, Nancy Louise ienior. Family Studies Human Dev Phoenix. AZ Tucson. AZ Green Valley. AZ Tucson, AZ Chandler. AZ Tucson. AZ Cashion. AZ Tucson, AZ Sierra Vista. AZ ircia, Nellie Danielle Mammoth, AZ Senior. Pre-Physiol Sciences " " ' i iarcia, Nicole Zoe Phoenix. AZ unior. Public Management Policy ' ; - ; oys And Girls Club Sarcia, Paola Nicole Nogales. AZ iophomore. Pre-Business ircia, Paul Wesley Tucson. AZ reshman. Electrical Engineenng " . " : ootball. Sports. Pilot, Computer Programming ' :ia, Rachel Marie Tucson, AZ Reshman. No Major Selected :ia, Rebecca Ann Tucson. AZ ' " Sophomore. Journalism :ia, Rebecca J. Tucson. AZ ienior. History )ancmg. Reading. Gardening Garcia, Robert Oscar Tucson. AZ Senior. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Garcia, Robert Michael Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Media Arts Salsa Club, Communications Club, Side Job As DJ Garcia, Roberto Carlos Nogales, AZ Junior. Political Science Garcia, Rocio A. Douglas. AZ Senior. Business Management Music Garcia, Samuel San Luis. AZ Freshman, Electrical Engineering Off Reading Garcia. Samuel, Jr. Tucson. AZ Freshman, Civil Engineering Garcia, Sandra Elizabeth Douglas. AZ Senior. Spanish Garcia, Stacey Diane Tucson. AZ Freshman, Music Garcia, Stephanie Rebecca Fairfield.CA Freshman, Pre-Business Garcia, Sylvia A Yuma.AZ Senior. Spanish Garcia, Sylvia D Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Garcia, Victor Tucson, AZ Senior, Political Science Garcia-Castanon, Marcela Yuma. AZ Sophomore. Bioc Molecular Biophysic Garciaduenas, Danilo A Tucson, AZ Senior. Nursing Garcia-madero, Francisco Tucson. AZ Senior. Business Management Garczewski, Brian D Carlsbad. CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Card, Holly Marie Sumner. WA Freshman, Political Science Card, Meghann Elizabeth Tucson. AZ Junior, Microbiology Gardetto, Natalie Emiko Tempe.AZ Freshman. Journalism Gardiner,AriD. LaJolla.CA Junior. Regional Development Gardner, Adam S Tucson. AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Gardner, Anne Christine Tucson, AZ Senior. Communication Tau Beta Sigma. Minor Music. Plays Intruments- Flute. Wrote For The Wildcats Gardner, Hannah Raquel Tucson, AZ Senior. Family Studies Human Dev Gardner, Heather M. Alburquerque. NM Senior, Management Info Systems Dean ' s List, Held Office. MISA Gardner, Holly Adair Palm Springs, CA Sophomore. Media Arts Gardner, Jason C. Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Gardner, JeffryC Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Gardner, Jennifer L Gilbert. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Pharmacy Gardner, Linda C Houston. TX Sophomore. Pre-Communication Kappa Alpha Theta. Surfing, Traveling, Tennis Gardner, Natalie Robbins Los Angeles. CA Junior, Communication Kappa Kappa Gamma. Likes To Run. Likes The Movies. Likes To Travel We ' re so proud of you. Love. Mom, Dad, Heather, and Jennifer Garduno, Michael L Mesa, AZ Junior. Business Management Garfield, Jason M Plainview, NY Freshman. Pre-Business Garf unkel, Michelle Evelyn Tucson. AZ Freshman. Pre-Pnaimacy Garibay.Marilynn San Manuel, AZ Junior. Computer Engineering Garigan, Erin Stewart Tucson, AZ Senior. Marketing Garigan, Kelly Fitzgerald Tucson. AZ Junior, Commu nication Garland, Jennifer Ann Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Karate Garland, Krista Leigh Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Garling, Natalie Louise Sahuarita, AZ Junior. History Garlington, ScottA Tempe.AZ Senior. Veterinary Science Navy ROTC. Outdoor Activities, Hiking Carman, Rachel L Prescott, AZ Senior. English Read, Write Gannon, Jeffrey Lyn Tucson. AZ Senior. Theatre Arts Education Gannon, Sky Comville. AZ Senior. Communication Garms, Serena T Tuscon, AZ Freshman. Family Studies Human Dev Gain, Nopaklao Tinagon Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Garner, Andrea C Chandler, AZ Senior. English Minors: Spanish. African. Phi Beta Kappa Garner, Jesse Rose Springfield, IL Freshman. Pre-Business Student Government Rep.. Music, Horseback Riding We ' re so proud of your accomplishments! We wish you much more success! Love Mom Dad Garner, Kncket Lynn Tucson, AZ Senior. Nursing Garner, Matthew Franklin Phoenix. AZ UNC. Nondegree Seeking Garner, Travis John Tucson, AZ Junior. English Garnett, John Anthony Scottsdaie. AZ Freshman, Engineering Physics Garnica, Ruperto Naco. AZ Junior, Aerospace Engineering Garnice, Naomi Scottsdaie, AZ Sophomore. Creative Writing Garone, Jennifer Marie Smithtown. NY Junior. Psychology Garrard, Alison Veronica Tucson, AZ Junior. History Volunteer TROT Garrard, Michelle Tucson. AZ Senior, Marketing Gamma Phi Beta. PhSanthrophy. Intern For Senator Kyle Carrels, Jason Albert Tucson. AZ Freshman. Criminal Justice Admin Garreton, Jenny Phoenix. AZ Senior. Psychology Garretson, Christopher Mark Houston. TX UNC. Nondegree Seeking Garrett, Amy Tucson, AZ Senior. Accounting Garrett, Andrew James Larkspur. CA Freshman. Creative Writing Garrett, Barrie Christine Bixby. OK Junior. Elementary Education Garrett, EsperanzaZuzuarrequi Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Agri Economics Managemen Garrett, Joseph Blake Dallas. TX Freshman, Pre-Business Phi Gamma Delta. Lacrosse Garrett, Matthew David Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Computer Engineering Garrett, Michael W ' Litchfield Pa. AZ Senior. Creative Writing Garrett, Richard C Oro Valley. AZ Junior. Computer Science Garrett, Seth A Scottsdaie, AZ Junior. Regional Development Sigma Alpha Epsilon Garrido.JocelynM. Glendale.AZ Junior, Pre-Communication Cheerteading Ga rrison, Bonnie Lee Green Valley. AZ Senior. Family Studies Human Dev Garrison, Hope Elaine Vail, AZ Junior, Plant Sciences Garrison, Lane Cartton Tucson, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Garrison, Michael D Tucson, AZ Senior, Architecture Garrison, Michelle Leigh Eloy.AZ Junior, Pre-Education Garrison, Victoria E Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Garrison, Zayra Veronica Sierra Vista. AZ Senior. History Garrity, Taylor Benjamin Gilbert. AZ Freshman. Media Arts Garro, Michael Corrado Tucson, AZ Senior. Marketing Garten, Kelly Lynn Oro Valley. AZ Sophomore. Psychology Garth, Josh J. Omaha. NE Freshman. Pre-Business Garty, Paige Margaret Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Pharmacy Carves, Eric John Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Garvey, Josephs Saint Helena. CA Freshman, Pre-Business Garvoille, Rebecca I Spring Green. Wl Senior. Regional Development Garwacki,LonJ Tucson, AZ Sophomore. English Gary, Stephanie Margaret Tucson. AZ Sophomore. General Biology Garza.AlanO Rio Rico, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Music, Golf. Travel Garza, Andrew Santos Oracle, AZ Senior. Business Management Garza, Ashley Lynn Oxnard, CA Freshman. Pre-Business Garza, Christopher Paul Walnut Creek, CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Garza, David C Houston. TX Senior. Astronomy Physics Garza, Felipe Eugenic Santa Monica. CA Freshman, Pre-Business Garza, Gabriel Santiago Tucson, AZ Sophomore. General Biology Gong Fu, Soccer Garza, James Michael Sahuarita, AZ Junior, Creative Writing Garza, Jezana Rose Tucson. AZ Freshman. Political Science Alpha Gamma Omega, Communications. Environmental Law. Reading Congralutions! You ' ve made us proudlove, your family Garza J r., Francisco Xavier Phoenix, AZ Senior. History Basketball. Soccer, Naval ROTC Program. Graduating Magna Cum Laude Gasker, Trevor S Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Computer Engineering Gaskill, Jenny L Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Caspar, Jose Miguel Yuma.AZ Junior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Gaspa rro, Andrew P Tucson . AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Gastellum, Andrea C. Tucson. AZ Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Gastellum, Xavier Roberto Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Education Baseball. Mariachi Gastelum, Denise C Tucson. AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Gastelum, Jennifer G Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Aerospace Engineering SHIP Gastelum, Joel Granillo Tucson. AZ Junior, Sociology Fishing Gastelum, Jose A Tucson. AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Gastelum, Karen Lynn Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Elementary Education Gastelum, Vanessa Tucson. AZ Senior. Health Human Serv Admin Volunteer Work Gaston,Todd Lawrence Dover. DE Sophomore. Environmental Sciences Gatchalian, Savin lyoyo Tucson. AZ Senior. Political Science Gately, Megan Elizabeth Thousand Oaks. CA Senior. History Gates, KelleyL. Danville. CA Junior. Studio Art May you always drive a great car!! Gatewood, James A Gilbert. AZ Senior. Media Arts Gatica, Andrea D Tucson. AZ Freshman. Molecular Cellular Biol Gatti, Mia Nicole Tuscon. AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Sports Fitness Training, President Of Astronomy Club, National Honor Roll Gatto, Jessica Susanne Lake Bluff, IL Freshman, Pre-Education Gatziolis, Alec James Glenview. IL Senior. Accounting Gaub.AdamJ Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Journalism Gaub, Kenneth Andrew Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Gauby, Stephanie Rae Phoenix. AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Soccer. Piano, Karate Gaudiano, James Salvador Mesa. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Gaughan, Daniel P Ada. Ml Freshman. Media Arts Gaughan, KelseyM Flagstaff. AZ Junior. Nursing 445 Gaugler, Devin F Lemmon, SD Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Gaumer, Jennifer Lavon Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Gauna, Maria Evangelina Tuscon, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Gausepohl, Rebecca Catherine Fallbrook, CA Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Track, Athelets In Action, Cats Comm. Service Gavelda, Mark F Scottsdale, AZ 3RD, Pharmacy Gavigan, Stephanie Marie Pheonix, AZ Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Gavillot, Yann Carefree, AZ Senior, Geosciences Gavin, Rachel Joanna Tucson, AZ Freshman, Music U Of A Womens Golf, Athletes In Action We ' re proud of you Rachel. We Love you, Mom, Dad, and Amanda Gavino, Beatriz Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gavlick, Brian James Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Philosophy Gawen.KatrinaG Madionsville, TN Junior, Business Economics Gawry, Nicole Leeann Glendale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Dance, Travel Gay, Christopher W Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Optical Sciences Enginee Gay, Cindy J Columbia, MO Junior, Elementary Education Gay, Dean Bryant Bryn Mawr, PA Freshman, No Major Selected Gay, Latricia Monique Tucson, AZ Senior, Theatre Arts Gay, Nicole M Yuma, AZ Senior, Media Arts Gaynor, Brittney Shauna Winnetka, IL Senior, Communication Gaytan, Crystal M Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Gbele, KOKOLI Tucson, AZ Junior, Computer Engineering Soccer Gearhart, Jared Lee Gilbert, AZ Senior, Engineering Mathematics Gearhart, Kelly Marie Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Pre-Communication Gearhart, Lauren Ashley Chandler, AZ Freshman, Psychology Gearin, Erin K. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Economics Geary, Carin Barbara Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Marketing Gebert, Matthew P Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Gebremariam, Favin Amanuel Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Gee, Christopher Daniel Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Psychology Gee, Cortney J. Tuscon, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Gee, Matthew Paul Sammamish, WA Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Geffre, Christopher Paul Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Geft, In in Isaac Dallas, TX Senior, Economics Gefter, Max Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Economics Gehrels, Aleida Joanna Tucson, AZ Senior, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Gehring, Jeffrey D Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Gehring, Steven J Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Geier, Carey Lauren Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Geier, Cori Anne Madison, Wl Freshman, No Major Selected Geier, Kristina Lee Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Geis, Felicia Marie Casa Grande, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Medical Technology Geisler, Dana Alexis Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Communication Geissler, Rudolf Hugo Tucson, AZ Senior, Mathematics Geitgey, Emma Elizabeth Ventura, CA Junior, Psychology Gelabert, Jennifer L Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Gelabert, Tiffany El Paso, TX Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Gelber, Hayes Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Geldmacher, Brittany Ann Elgin, IL Sophomore, Studio Art Chi Omega, Advertising Federation, AIGA of Tucson, Music, Swimming We ' re so proud of you! We love you, Mom and Dad Geldzahler, Stacy Brooke Birmingham, AL Freshman, Pre-Communication Alpha Upsilon Pi, Spending Time w Family, Hanging Out w Friends, Reading Gelfand, Mitchell S. Tarzana, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Geller, Rachel Beth Glencoe, IL Freshman, Pre-Business Gellman, Craig H Atlantic Beach, NY Sophomore, No Major Selected Gelsey, Michael Jon Tucson, AZ Senior, Medical Technology Gelsinger, Anne Elizabeth Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gelsinger, Paul James Tucson, AZ Senior, Optical Sciences Enginee Gel tosky, Anthony John Malvern, PA Senior, Political Science Gemmil I , Jacqueline " Jackie " Ann Carefree, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Water Skiing, Snow Skiing Genardini, Michelle S. Rio Rico, AZ Senior, Media Arts Dance, Merrit Program Advisor, Dean and Principal ' s list Gendics, Jessica N Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gendron, Erin Michelle Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Gene, Charmayne Smoke Signal, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Genis, Erika Kelly Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Geneva, Joseph Carmine Oro Valley, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Genovese, Anthony Robert Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Civil Engineering Genovese, Tom Dewey, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gensch, Glory Marie Fountain Hill, AZ Sophomore, Communication Gamma Phi Beta, Tennis, Traveling Gentry, Leah G Peoria, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Gentry, Skye Lynn Tucson, AZ Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin George, Ajay Tucson, AZ Freshman, Electrical Engineering George, Alexandra E Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy George, Anna Elizabeth San Diego, CA Freshman, No Major Selected We Love you! Ashok, Roshni, Mareena, and Sarah. George, Benjamin L Tucson, AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic George, Candace P West Linn, OR Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic George, Devon Marie Mahattan Beach, CA Senior, Communication Kappa Alpha Theta George, Laqueena F. Hesperia, CA Senior, Family Studies Human Dev George, Matthew Corey Tucson, AZ Junior, Studio Art Soccer George, Tabitha M Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education George, Timothy J Casper, WY Freshman, No Major Selected George, Victoria Christine Chantilly, VA Senior, Nutritional Sciences Arizona Thunder Soccer, Running, Reading Georgopoulos, Alexis Nicole Pasadena, CA Senior, Communication Gerace, Michael Anchorage, AK Senior, Architecture Gerakos, Nicholas Michael Irvine, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Epsilion, Football, Baseball Gerard, Sara B Bellevue, WA Senior, Anthropology Gerard Martinez, Joseph Anthony Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Gerardo,Alejandra Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Gerardo, Gabriel Rio Rico, AZ Freshman, Pre-Architecture Gerber, Dondi Jane Tucson, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Gerber, Jaime Leigh NewGlarus.WI Senior, Studio Art Gerber, Jeffrey A. Glendale, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Kappa Sigma, Sports Gercon,AdamJ Belmont, CA Sophomore, Pre-Education Gerhardt, David James Sierra Vista, AZ Junior, Computer Engineering Gerhart, Kathryn Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Geritz, Richard Ward Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Gerke, Jill R Columbia, MO Sophomore, Astronomy Gerlach, Jeremy Ross Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Criminal Justice Admin Germain, Zach S Bexley, OH Freshman, No Major Selected Delta Chi German, Alexander P Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Gernak, Brian D Peoria, AZ Junior, Fine Arts Studies Gernak, Lisa Nicole Peoria, AZ Freshman, Theatre Arts Gerowitz, Shaked Liza Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gerrick, Rebecca llene Fort Worth, TX Freshman, Pre-Nur sing Alpha Epsilon Phi, Tennis Gers, Luke Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Optical Engineering Gershon, Joshua Adam Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems Gerson, Brett David Pittsburgh, PA Sophomore, Interdisciplinary Studies Gerson, Stacy Rene ' Tucson, AZ Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Cheerleading, Dancing Gersten, Jessica Michal Tarzana, CA Senior, Journalism Gersten, LeannaR West Hartford, CT Freshman, Psychology Gerstenhaber, Andrew S Houston, TX Sophomore, No Major Selected Gerstenhaber, Lindsay R Houston, TX Senior, Communication Gerstle, Christina Vaughan Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Camp Wildcat, Intervarsity Gerstle, Theodore Jerome Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Business University Activities Board, Park Ave. Records Gerze, Ashley Nichole Gilbert, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Gesquiere, Tyler Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gessay, Grant L Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Gessner, Christopher Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Veterinary Science Tennis Team Gessner, George William Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Getman, Sarah E Phoenix, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences APO, Medicine, Scuba Diving Congratulations, Sarah! We ' re so proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Getsinger, Kenneth Stokes Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Delta Tau Delta Gettinger, Sarah B. Scottsdale, AZ Junior, History Geva, Yaara Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Geving, Megan M. Mesa, AZ Sophomore, Family Studies Human Dev Phi Eta Sigma, Horse Jumping, Best Buddies Group-SP ED Geweke, Christopher A Tucson, AZ Junior, Economics Gewertz, BartL Chicago. IL Sophomore, Political Science Geyer,AdamJ Phoenix, AZ Junior, Physics Geyer, Daniel Travis Tucson, AZ Senior, Mechanical Engineering Ghaemi, Stefan Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, Psychology Ghanbari, Nasrin Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Engineering Ghanooni, Joshua 0. Bellevue, V Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Gherna, Humberto P. Tucson, Senior, General Biology Oceanography Ghigliotti, Matthew G Mesa, Sophomore, Mathematics Ghigliotti, Mattrew Mesa, Mathematics Math, Computers, Star Gate Keep your eyes on the prize, graduation is in 2007!With Love, Mom and Dad Ghiorso, John Louis LakeOswego, C Freshman, Pre-Business Ghishan, AdamK Tucson, Senior, Media Arts Ghiz, Jonathan Michael Phoenix, Freshman, General Biology Flag Football, Animals, Drawing Ghosh, Emily R. Norfolk, K Junior, Political Science Dean List Ghosh, Tonmoy Tucson, UNC, Nondegree Seeking Ghuman,PreetP Chandler, Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Giachetti,GinaM Tucson, - Freshman, General Biology Volleyball Giachetti, Michael Brian Tucson, Senior. Geography Giachetti, Paul Tucson, Junior, Pre-Business Giacoletti, Mary C Hereford, Senior, English (Extended) Giacomelli, Michael G Tucson, Sophomore, Computer Engineering Giammo, AntoniaS Fairfax, Sophomore, Political Science Gianninoto, Tucson, Freshman. Molecular Cellular Biol Gianopulos, Megan O ' Brien Deerfield. Freshman, No Major Selected Giantonio, Julian Edward Everett. ' . UNC, Nondegree Seeking Hockey Gibbons, Allison Rachael Irvine, C Senior, Mathematics Sign Language Association, Phi Beta Kappa, US Women ' s Soccer Team Gibbons, Gabriel Loren Scottsdale. Senior, Judaic Studies Gibbons, GoldieL Scottsdale. Sophomore, Optical Sciences Enginee Amb for Engineering College, Soc of Women Engineers Gibbons, Jamie Louise Tucson, Sophomore, Studio Art Gibbons, Kathryn M Tucson, Freshman, Theatre Arts Gibbons, Lawrence S. Phoenix, Junior, Agri Economics Managemen Gibbons, Oliver E. Stilwell. h Senior, Regional Development Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Minor: Bus Admin, Intramural Softball Congrats and Love! Mom and Dad Gibbs, Barry William Tucson. Senior, Aerospace Engineering Gibbs, CurtissB. Gilbert, Freshman, Computer Engineering Orchestra, Swimming. Track Gibbs, David Matthew Chatham, t Sophomore, Pre-Business Gibbs, Joseph P Scottsdale. Sophomore. No Major Selected Gibbs, Kelly C. Danville. C Junior, Nursing Gibbs Jr., Mark E. Los Angeles, C Sophomore, Media Arts Gibes, Albert J Tucson.; Senior, Political Science Giblin,LindseyM Newport Beach. C Freshman, Retailing Consumer Scien Gibney, Matthew Phoenix, Senior, Theatre Production Gibson, Alisha Maria Tucson, Freshman, History History, Arts, Writing and music Gibson, Christa A. Tucson, P Senior, History Gibson, Christopher Daniel Winnetka Freshman, Psychology Gibson, Courtney M Surprise, Freshman, No Major Selected 446 - 1 iibson, Dante E iophomore. No Major Selected Sibson, Jennifer Renee ' ophomore, Pre-Business iibson, John John -. ienior. Chemical Engineering iibson, Kelli E reshman. Pre-Education iibson, Michelle R. emor. Family Studies Human Dev ' iibson, Nicole R unior. Psychology iidaly, Michael Senior. History 1 tiotography .iddens, Alexis M reshman. Pre-Nursing Siddley, Lindsey Marie Dior, Criminal Justice Admin iiehm, Estefany Leslie unior. Anthropology iieringer, Julie M ophomore. Pre-Educarjon jierling, Michael D. - : : - " ' Chandler. AZ Phoenix, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Woodmere.NY Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Paradise Valley, AZ Tucson, AZ Fladstaff.AZ Aurora, CO unior. Pre-Business iiesecke, Lauren F ' ienior. Molecular Cellular Biol iiesen, Megan lophomore. Pre-Educatkxi appa Alpha Theta, Enjoys Working Out, Swimming Siffin, Amber J. Tucson, AZ Senior. Communication nzona Band. Minor in Science ' e ' re proud of you and we know you can achieve any loal you set for yourself. Love Mom Dad Sifford, Andrew L. Glendale, AZ eshman. Chemical Engineering iifford, James Mckay Glendale. AZ ophomore. No Major Selected Sifford, Juliet W. Tucson, AZ ienior. Wildlife iigato, SarahiS. ophomore. Pre-Nursing : iglio, Mary Anne senior. Elementary Education pha Phi Omega. Color Guard. Youth Organizations, igma Alpha Lambda , FerminD. unior. Pre-Physiol Education I, Heidi M. unior. No Major Selected ill Lamadrid, Maria Jose ' ophomore. Nutritional Sciences ilbert, Anne M ophomore, Pre-Educatkxi ilbert, Chase Edward reshman. Pre-Business iilbert, Jacob ienior. Linguistics : - iilbert, Jillian senior. Media Arts ilbert, Knsta Tremaine ophomore. Animal Sciences Silbert, Matthew J reshman. Pre-Business irt, Molly Ann niof. No Mapr Selected Silbert, Noah Charles - ' eshman. No Major Selected , Rachael Elizabeth Sophomore. Computer Engineering Silbert-walrath, Ayla Rose reshman. No Major Selected . Silchrist, Matthew J. nior. Electncal Engineering Sildea, Michael Daniel reshman. Pre-Pharmacy Sports. Computers Sililland, Brytenie Kamylle reshman. Pre-Physiol Sciences Bill, John Carlo Sophomore. Mechanical Engineering Gill, Robert Lee .-: i ienior. Communication ootball Team, Soccer ongratulations, Bobby! We ' re proud of you. Love. Mom, lad, Dave, and Jennifer illan, Lucas Warren : i WC, Nondegree Seeking ird, Carol Elizabeth Tucson, AZ . Marketing ijlanAnspach Tucson, AZ : - .: Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences my Reserves Tucson, AZ Stanhope. NJ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Villa Park, IL Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Camp Verde, AZ Tucson, AZ Phoenix, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Tucson. AZ Desert Hills, AZ Tucson, AZ Gilbert. AZ Wickenburg, AZ Glendale, AZ Tucson. AZ Gille, Elizabeth A Payson.AZ Senior, Mathematics Gillespie, Daniella Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Gillespie, David Tucson, AZ 3RD, Pharmacy Gillett, Tyler Frederic Flagstaff. AZ Senior, Studio Art Gillette, Kimberiy Suzanne Flagstaff, AZ Senior, Physiological Sciences Gilliam. Tucson. AZ Senior, English Gilliam, Courtney L. Winslow, AZ Junior, Architecture Gillich, Jennifer Christine Sedona.AZ Senior. Psychology Gillies, Courtney Longmont. CO Junior, No Major Selected Kappa Kappa Gamma. Music, Friends And Family, Fashion Gillies, Julia Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Gillig, Laura Nicole Poway, CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Gilliland, Danielle Lynn Tucson, AZ Freshman, Political Science Gilliland, Kara Christine Tucson, AZ Senior, Studio Art Gilliland, Michael J. Marana.AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Hiking Gillingham, Jeffrey Thomas Camanllo. CA Freshman. Pre-Business Gillman.BradenJ Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, Astronomy Gillmor, Onyria Tucson, AZ Junior. Pre-Medical Technology Gillooly, Bryan James Tucson, AZ Senior. Political Science Gillum, Jess Arthur Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Oilman, Mayu Asami Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Educatkxi Gilmer.ChnstinE Yuma. AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gilmore, Alisha Elaine Durango.CO Sophomore. Nutritional Sciences Gilmore, Ashley Rae Columbus, NE Freshman. Psychology Gilmore, Danielle Tucson. AZ Senior, Dance Gilmore, Erin M Phoenix, AZ Junior, General Biology Gilmore, Lynnette Caycee Flagstaff, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gilmore, Sharron Elise Glendale, AZ Freshman. Liberal Arts Gilmore, James, III Phoenix, AZ Senior, Physics History, Chess. Soccer Gilmour, Richard W Scottsdale. AZ Junior, General Biology Gilomen,RyanT ParkCity.UT Sophomore. Pre-Business Phi Gamma Delta. Enjoys Snowboarding, Loves The Ocean, Likes To Travel Gimber, Patrick Joseph Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Political Science Gimblett, Danielle L. Tucson, AZ Freshman. Molecular Cellular Biol Rugby Team. Conservation, Gin, Tracy Amber Tucson, OH Senior. Optical Sciences Enginee Asian Amer Stud Coli, Intermural Sports, Intervarsity Christian Gin, Wendy Kim Tucson, AZ Senior, Management Info Systems AACA, Asian American Students, Inter Varsity Ginsburg.JoshZinz New York. NY Sophomore. No Major Selected Ginsburg, Matthew Philip Sandy, UT Freshman. Physics Ginter, Kimberiy Ann Tucson. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Ginter, Seth R. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Optical Sciences Enginee Giordano, Nicole M. Oro Valley, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Pharmacy Giordano, Valerie Lynne Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Creative Writing Gipson.De ' Andre Darnell Anaheim. CA Junior. Pre-Communication Girardot, Lauren Kate Claremont, CA Freshman, Political Science Girardot, Sarah Frances Tucson, AZ Junior, Art History Girmscheid, Ryan Matthew Tucson, AZ Junior, Political Science Girn, Jagjit S. Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Giroux, Kathryn Anne Tucson. AZ Freshman, Wildlife Gishey, Jeremy Salabiye Window Rock, AZ Freshman, Civil Engineering Gisse, Carrie Alicia Tucson, AZ Senior, Microbiology Gissel, Elizabeth A Glendale, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Gissel, Kristin Joan Glendale, AZ Senior. Speech Hearing Sciences Gistara, Jaime N Chula Vista, CA Sophomore, Ecology Evolutionary Bio Pi Beta Phi, Water Polo, Softball Gitenstein, Eric W Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Electric Guitar Gitter, Amelia Marie Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Giuliano, Amber J Phoenix, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Honors, Dean ' s List, Campus Crusade Giumarra.JillianJoy Bakersfield. CA Senior, Media Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sports, Photography, Traveling Given, Austin M Tucson, AZ Junior. Pre-Physiol Sciences Gizinski, Michael Jerome Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Gjurgevich, Jennifer Lynn Phoenix, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Glad, Daniel P. Fremont, CA Sophomore, Pre-Business Chi Phi, Watching Baseball. Weight Training, Hanging Out With Friends Gladden, Ashley Danielle Eden Prairie. MN Freshman, No Major Selected Gladstein, Aaron M. Stevenson Ranch, CA Sophomore, Political Science Kappa Sigma. WakeboaroSng, Travefcig, Friends and Famiy We are so proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Giant, Tiffany Lauren Mercer Island. WA Sophomore, Psychology Glanzer, Stephanie R Phoenix, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Glaspey, Jesse Daniel Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Creative Writing Glass, Jonathan Barry Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Glass, Kimberiy Marie Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Glass, Lisa Clair Tucson. AZ Junior, Economics G lass, Shelby Leilani Pasadena, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Mufti-College Business Student Association Glass, Sumre Nicole Tucson. AZ Junior, Pre-Communication Glass Jr., John Richard Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Business Glassanos, Daniel James Sunnyvale, CA Freshman, Electrical Engineering Glasser, Katelyn A Glendale, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Swimming Glassey, Lauren Melissa Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Glatting, Alaina F. Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Glaub, Rachel Santa Monica, CA Sophomore, Studio Art Glauner, Jeremy Shane Zion, IL Sophomore. Studio Art Glavan, David John Gtendora.CA Junior. Pre-Educatkxi Glawson, Teresa A Higley. AZ UNC.Nondegree Seeking Glaza.TedG Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Science Glazer, Robert S Mesa, AZ Senior. Judaic Studies Gleason, Cody James Peona. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Skiing, Golf, Traveling Gleason, Pamela Leigh Green Valley, AZ Senior. Nursing Gleason, Sarah R. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Creative Writing Church Gledhill, Matthew B Tucson, AZ Junior. Mechanical Engineering Gleeson, David Joseph Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Gleeson, Erin Holly Mesa. AZ Sophomore, Environ Hydrology Water Glenn, Jeffrey Evans Mesa. AZ Junior, Media Arts Glenn, Melody Jean Huntsville, AL Sophomore, Latin American Studies Community Food Bank. BICCUS. Mountain Biking Glenn, Todd Morton Tucson, AZ Senior. Management Info Systems Glichowski, Crystals Fountain Hill, AZ Senior, Health Education Click, Haley Texarkana.TX Senior. Communication Glimcher, Jordan L Bexley. OH Senior, Psychology G link, Kristin Ann Arlington Hei, IL Sophomore, Pre-Educatkxi Glinsky, Kan Tucson, AZ Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Capweta, Plants, Animals Glisic, Sanya Peona. AZ Freshman, Studio Art Glockner, Shannon C Tucson, AZ Junior, Linguistics Glomski, Luke Christopher Houston. TX Senior. Special Education Rehab Gloria, Jonathon A. Tucson, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Glowacka, Kelliann Theresa Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Glowacka, Vincent Michael Tucson. AZ Freshman. Mechanical Engineering Gloyd, Matthew Christopher Albuquerque, NM Sophomore, No Major Selected Football. Basketball. Weightlifting Keep up the good work! We Love you! Mom and Dad Gluckman, Sanna R Westchester County, NY Senior. Studio Art Glunz, Justin Robert Fountain Hills. AZ Junior, Communication Gluski, Heather Noelle Tucson. AZ Senior. Environ Hydrology Water Gniedziejka , Christine M. Phoenix, AZ Junior. Pre-Nursing Go, Marianne G Peona, AZ Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biol Writing Clubs Gobeille, Travis W Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Gobel.Edie Marie Tucson. AZ Senior, Communication Goble, Christy Lynn Peona, AZ Junior. Elementary Education Goble, Jonathan Paul Peoria, AZ Freshman, Regional Development Goble, Kathryn L Tucson. AZ Senior. Civil Engineering Goble, Margaret P Peoria, AZ Freshman, Pre-Archtecture Skiing, Snowboarding. Bass Guitar Gochenour, Erin Lynn Mission Viejo, CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Goddard, Melissa Ann Tucson. AZ Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Code, Cassandra Lynne Kingman. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Nursing Godfrey, Neil Allen Glendale, AZ Sophomore, Linguistics Godinez, Fernando Tucson, AZ Junior. Media Arts Godinez, Jason Aaron Oro Valley, AZ Senior. Mechanical Engineering Godinez, Selina Vanessa Tucson. AZ Senior. English Godlove, Nicholas C Glendale, AZ Sophomore. Creative Writing Godsey. Larkspur, CA Junior, No Major Selected Godsil, Sean Jesse Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts Godwin, Patrick W Tempe. AZ Senior, Business Management Godwin, Ryan C Chapel Hill, NC Junior, Astronomy Godzyk, Mark Andrew Tucson, AZ Junior, Geosciences Hockey Way to golWe ' re proud of you! Love Mom and Dad 447 Goeckel, Jennifer Anne Seattle, WA Senior. Psychology Wheelchair Program Goedert, Keith Thomas Gilbert, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Education Goedert, Kyle J Gilbert, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Education Goehring, Bnanne N. Alamo, CA Junior. Retailing Consumer Scien Goehring, Taryn R Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Goeller,AdrienneJ Tucson, AZ 1ST, Pharmacy Cross-Country and Track, Violin Goeta-Kreisler,Tsipora Tucson, AZ Junior, Studio Art Goetz, KnstenJoelle Gilbert, AZ 1ST, Pharmacy Goff , Lauren Michelle Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Sports, Travel, Reading Goff, Vickie Lynn Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Goffeney, Joseph Vincent Tucson, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Goggin, Courtney Marie Sierra Vista, AZ Freshman, Journalism Coins, Amanda L Fountain Mills, AZ Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Gymnastics Team Goklish, Kyle Lee Whitenver. AZ Senior, History Enjoys Running Cross-Country, Would Like To Be A Teacher, Enjoys Sports Goksel, Angela C Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Golan, Kayla Dawn Deefield, IL Junior, Wildlife Golato, Lauren Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, Sociology Gold, Corinne A Crownsville, MD Sophomore, Animal Sciences Gold, Daniel Jon Northbrook, IL Sophomore, No Major Selected Gold, Jacob M Long Beach, CA Junior, Religious Studies Gold, Mikhal Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gold, Travis L Tucson, AZ Junior, Architecture Goldberg, Aaron S Fountain Hills, AZ Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Phi Beta Kappa Goldberg, Abigail Mirit Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Studio Art Goldberg, Anita Tucson, AZ Senior, Accounting Goldberg, David Adam Boca Raton, FL Freshman, Pre-Business Goldberg, DenaLiat Phoenix, AZ Senior, Sociology Goldberg, Jeremy David Highland Park, IL Freshman, No Major Selected Snow Boarding Club, Music, Communications-English Goldberg, Jessica L Tucson, AZ Junior, English Goldberg, Joel Tobin Paradise Valey, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Blue Chip Club, Basketball, Fitness, Hiking, Outdoor Activities Goldberg, Joshua Eric Agoura Hills, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Goldberg, Justin San Francisco, CA Junior, Regional Development Goldberg, Rachel Sara Huntington Beach, CA Senior, Marketing Chi Omega, Traveling Goldberg, Robin Beth Birmingham, AL Sophomore, No Major Selected Alpha Epsilon Phi, Photography, Community Service, Fitness Training Goldblatt, Gina M Mclean, VA Junior. Pre-Business Goldcamp, Jennifer Rielly Cincinnatti. OH Junior, Psychology Golden, Amanda Francesca Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Retailing Consumer Scien Golden, Michael J Tucson, AZ Junior. No Major Selected Goldenson, Phillip R. Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Goldfarb, Alison Renee Buffalo Grove, IL Senior, Communication 448 Goldfinger, Adam M. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Goldin, Bethany Sarah Memphis, TN Junior, Psychology Goldin, Julia Dalton Washington, DC Sophomore, Environmental Sciences Goldin, Stacy Beth Gulfport.MS Freshman, Retailing Consumer Scien Goldman, Aaron Tucson, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Goldman, Allison Jaye Pittsburgh, PA Senior, Studio Art Goldman, Erin Elizabeth Akron, OH Senior, Communication Chimes, Intramural Softball, Cooking Congratulations Pumpkin! We ' re very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Goldman, Ethan B Tucson, AZ Junior, Musical Theatre Goldman, Heather Renee Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Goldman, Marc R Westlake Vill. CA Freshman, No Major Selected Goldman, Mia R El Paso, TX Junior, Art History Goldner, Gregory David Marietta, GA Junior, Pre-Communication Sigma Chi Goldner, Justin C Memphis, TN Junior, Studio Art Sigma Phi Epsilon Goldney, Ryan Jack Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected ROTC Airforce, Intramural Sports Goldsand, Gregory P Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Goldshteyn, Igor Anchorage, AL Junior, Criminal justice Admin Health Human Service, Public Management Policy Goldstein, Adam P. Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Goldstein, Henry Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Goldstein, Jeffrey M Saint Louis, MO Sophomore, Pre-Business ZBT Goldstein, Jeffrey S Phoenix, AZ Junior, Aerospace Engineering Phi Kappa Tau, Flying Club Goldstein, Julie S Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Honors College Member Goldstein, Lindsey Jaye Boulder, CO Freshman, Pre-Nursing Goldstein, Michelle N Sugar Land, TX Junior, Communication Goldstein, Miriam C. Sharon, MA Junior, Marketing Goldstein, Nikki Serene Shaker Hts, OH Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Lacrosse Goldstein, Peter I Yuma.AZ Junior, Optical Sciences Enginee Gourmet Cook, Travel, Foreign Lang, Jazz Enthusiast With much love! From Mom Goldstein, Rebecca Elizabeth Yuma, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Musician, Bass, Eller School Of Business Goldstein, Rebecca M. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Physics Goldstein, Shira Westlake Village. CA Retailing Consumer Scien Goldstein, Stephen M Northridge, CA Junior, Pre-Business Goldwasser, Andrew D Glendale, AZ Sophomore, Theatre Production Golec, Jason Adam Tucson, AZ Senior, Physics Golestan, Bahar Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Marketing Golisch, Gregory C. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Golisch, Jennifers Northridge, CA Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Gamma Phi Beta Jennifer, you ' re the greatest! Keep up the good work. Love. Dad! Golisch, Steven C Tucson, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Gollon, Justin Brooke Tucson, AZ 1 ST, Pharmacy Golob, Michelle M Laguna Hills, CA Senior, Communication Golomb, Starr Scottsdale. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Color Guard Colon, Clifford Robert Merrillville. IN Freshman, No Major Selected Navy ROTC We are so proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Golowacz, Edward Christopher Carol Stream, IL Freshman, Astronomy Dbl Majorphysics Golowacz, Nicole Terese Carol Stream, IL Psychology Goltz, David E. Highland Park, IL Sophomore, Political Science Gome ' , Alyse A. Tucson, AZ Junior, No Major Selected Gomes, Jay F Tucson, AZ Senior, Civil Engineering Gomes, Kyle A Tucson, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Gomez, Adriana Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Gomez, Alberto Tucson, AZ Senior, Spanish Gomez, Andrea Tucson, AZ Senior, Marketing Gomez, Angelica M Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Health Education Gomez, Christina Carew Bisbee.AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gomez, Gilberto Madrid Tucson, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Gomez, Joel Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Gomez, Leah Christine Safford, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gomez, Levi J Yuma, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gomez, Michael I Tucson, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Gomez, Michelle Tucson, AZ Senior, Marketing Gomez, Miriam S Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Gomez, Otila Rio Rico, AZ Senior, Political Science Gomez, Raymond R Peoria, AZ Junior, Computer Engineering Computers, Hanging Out With Friends Gomez, Rosalinda Pelayo Tucson, AZ 3RD, Pharmacy Pharmacy Club Gomez, Shannon Lucy Bisbee, AZ Senior, Psychology Gomez, Tyler N Yuma, AZ Junior, Political Science Gomez, Hector Rafael, II Nogales, AZ Junior, No Major Selected Gomez Escarcega, Elier Ivan Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Engineering Physics Gomez Jr., Ruben Richard Tucson, AZ Junior, Mechanical Engineering Gonda, Brian Keith Oro Valley, AZ Senior, No Major Selected Gonnerman, Bradley Alan Gilbert, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gonsalves, Keith Harrison Big Bear City. CA Sophomore. Political Science Gonsowski, Danielle Ann Phoenix. AZ Junior, East Asian Studies Golden Key National Honor Society, Japanese Language Culture Gonzales, Alyssa Dyan Glendale, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Gonzales, Amanda L Sahuarita, AZ Freshman. Pre-Nursing Gonzales, Angela Marie Phoenix, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Gonzales, Angela R. Tucson, AZ Junior, Latin American Studies Gonzales, Celia Tucson, AZ Freshman, Political Science Gonzales, Chris J Tucson. AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Gonzales, Clarissa Y. Tucson , AZ Junior, Pre-Education Gonzales, Daniel L Tucson, AZ Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Gonzales, Deanna Renee Phoenix, AZ Junior. General Biology Gonzales, Elizabeth Shannon Tucson. AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Children, Sports, Cooking Gonzales, Eric Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Gonzales, Esteban Tucson, I Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gonzales. Jr., Fernando Tucson, Senior. Elementary Education Gonzales, GerardoD Peoria, Freshman, No Major Selected Intramural Baseball, Intramural Football You make us very proud!Love, Mom Dad Gonzales, Gina M Tucson, Senior, Elementary Education Gonzales, John Ray Tucson, : Freshman, General Biology Gonzales, Joseph P Tucson, Freshman, Systems Engineering Gonzales, Marlena I Tucson, ' Senior, Psychology Blue Chip Program, Women ' s Group Programs. Various Volunteer Work Gonzales, Maya Tucson. Senior. Theatre Arts Education Gonzales, Michelle Nicole Tucson. Senior, Pre-Education Gonzales, Raphael M. Tucson. Junior. Pre-Business Gonzales, Stephanie Rebecca Tucson, Senior, Elementary Education Sports. Coaching Softball Team, Dance, Family Gonzales, Steven C Oracle, ' Junior, Pre-Business Entrepeneur, Video games and running, fishing and hiking Gonzales, Tara Jasmine Tucson, Junior, Accounting Gonzales, Valeria Tucson, ' Junior, Psychology Gonzales, Veronica Albequrque, N ' Junior, Chemical Engineering Ballroom Dancing Club. Traveling, Hiking. Reading Gonza les-Backen, Melinda A. Tucson. Senior. Psychology Gonzalez, Alejandrina Tucson. Freshman, Pre-Business Gonzalez. Jr.. Alejandro Tucson. Freshman. Pre-Pharmacy Gonzalez, Alfredo J. Lynwood. C Junior, Political Science Gonzalez, Ana Guadalupe Douglas. Senior, Elementary Education Community Service, Traveling Gonzalez, Audelia Guerrero Tucson. Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Gonzalez, Carlos M. FpoAa, UNC. Nondegree Seeking Gonzalez, Clara Sierra Vista, Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Gonzalez, Cynthia A Nogales, Freshman. Pre-Nursing Gonzalez, Danali Tucson, Sophomore. Family Studies Human Dev Gonzalez, David Soto Tucson, Sophomore, Criminal Justice Admin Gonzalez, David Tucson, Freshman, Political Science Gonzalez, Edna Aracely Tucson, t Senior, Journalism Traveling, Learning Language, Listen To Music We are proud of you! We know you will be sucessful because it ' s in your blood. Love, Mom Dad Gonzalez, Efraim Tucson, f Senior, Sociology Gonzalez, Enrique Nogales. t Junior, Spanish Gonzalez, Eric R. Fillmore. C Sophomore, Pre-Business Basketball. Baseball, Loves Michael Jordan Shoe Gonzalez, EstehelaZuzuarregui Tucson, T Junior. Microbiology Volleyball, Loves Animals. Dancing Gonzalez, Fabiola Tucson, A Senior, Studio Art Gonzalez, Gabriela A. Tucson, A Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gonzalez, Geoffrey Alexander Avondale, A Freshman. Dance Gonzalez, Gonzalo Green Valley. A Senior, History Gonzalez, Jacob Dallas. T Junior, Pre-Business Basketball, Soccer, Music Gonzalez, Jennifer Tucson. A Freshman, Pre-Education Gonzalez, Jessicamarie Tucson. A Senior, Business Economics Gonzalez, Jon Jacob San Simon, A Sophomore. Agri Tech Mgmt Educ ( Tucson. AZ Tucson. AZ Phoenix, AZ Tucson.AZ Tucson.AZ Sierra Vista. AZ G Sonzalez, Jose Roberto Afcuquerque, NM .Animal Sciences ionzalez, ionzalez, Kathleen Sabina lenic ' V ' s -: long. Bicycle. Exercise ionzalez, Kelte Lee rsrnnan. Pre-Physiol Sciences ionzalez, Manuel Antonio eshman. Bioc Molecular Biophysic ionzalez, Marie N reshman Pre-Business lueChip ionzalez, Myriam -iily Studies Human Dev ionzalez, Pamela Tucson. AZ unkx. Sociology Sonza lez, Patricia E. San Luis. AZ ophomore. Pre-Education ionzalez, 5 iviaRaquel Tucson.AZ nstiman. Italian Gonzalez, Susan Tucson.AZ Bnan. No Major Selected ionzalez, TautyBachyra Tucson.AZ erior. Marketing asketball. Volunteering calez, Te.a " Jj China enior. Elementary Education arnna Beta Phi, Art ionzalez, Timothy Scott Sierra Vista. AZ . Engineering Mathematics ionzalez, Yvette Marie Tucson. AZ .No Major Selected ionzalez Jr, Victor Manuel Sahuarita. AZ enior. History ionzalez-Gomez, Teresa Tucson.AZ V - unior. No Major Selected Mzalez-Podesta, Nicolas Centrevie.VA more. Aerospace Engneemg Sooch. ; - Austin, TX reshman. Public Management Policy iood, Chelsea Anne vatey Center. CA .-.::: erior. Communication igma Kappa Blue Key. Lambda Phi Eta .Order 01 Omega ; :us i torn and Dad. thank you for everything! I love you very uch! Love. Chelsea Mode, Amber Sharee Tucson.AZ " -- ophomore. Family Studes Human Dev Joode, Kathenne Margaret Sierra Vista. AZ - or. English iooden, Andrea L Tucson. AZ . enior. Wildlife iooden, Daven Rory Tucson. AZ :-. {NC- Nondegree Seeking len,thacive r ' : r ,=-c:=2c Tucson.AZ -( NC. Nondegree Seeking .oodenkauf, Justin M Tucson.AZ reshman. Bioc Molecular Biophysic lhand, Amber D. Highland Park, IL ' Bui NC. Nondegree Seeking ihue, Jeffrey W Tucson. AZ -.- 1 irior. Systems Engineering au Beta Pi. Engineering Imbassador. Tutor On Campus, sident Assistance ioodin.Kurtis William Visalia.CA reshman. No Major Selected lin, RogerChristopher Tucson.AZ reshman. No Major Selected ling, Jason Edward Chehafe.WA ophOTo-e P-e-E_; -ess iooding, Peter M. Scottsdale. AZ ophomore. No Major Selected 1 man, Gens Pierce Tucson.AZ enkx. Chemistry ootal Team. PreAted Student Teaches In Chemistry Lab (man, Jessica L. Tucson.AZ i rior. Mathematics ioodman, Jonathan Scon Tucson.AZ e;-- - ' ,: ' . ' ; :--- --- asketball. Is A DJ .. -.; Jonathan, we ' re very proud of you and never give up. ' ove.Mom Dad oodman, Jofdyn HJhomore, Pre-Communication in, Laura K Bphomore, Astronomy Iman, Mark Willtan Calabasas.CA Ml Prospect, IL Calabasas.CA Epsikxi. Computer Games, Roller Hicking. :=:-: man, Matthew Reynold Tucson. AZ reshman. Computer Engineering Goodman, Megan L Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Goodman, Rachel Marin Ljvmgton.NJ Junior, torniriunicatkxi Alpha Epsikxi Psi Goodman, Reuben L Berkley. Ml Senior. Psychology Goodman, Samantha R Phoenix. AZ Freshman. Psychology Goodman, Stephanie J Tucson.AZ Sophomore. No Major SekxM Goodman, Tiffany M Westminster, CA Junior. Pre-Business Alpha Phi, Plays Soccer, Movies. Enjoys Shopping Soodnoe, A e Long Beach. CA Senior. Psychology Kappa Alpha Theta Goodrich, Heather X Tucson. AZ Senior. Retaing Consumer Scien Goodspeed, Brian P Centralia.lL Freshman. Pre-Busness Goodwin, Renee Lynn Comeius.NC Senior, Anthropology Goot, Benjamin H Phoenix, AZ Senior. General Biology Gopp.Meaghan Renee Tucson.AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Gora, Erin Janet Tucson.AZ Sophomore. Linguistics Goral, Jeremy M. Yuma.AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Baseball. Cars. Music Gorfounova,AnastasiaA Phoenix. AZ Junior. Psychology Gorden, Jasmine van Tucson.AZ Junky, Pre-Education Gordon, Amy Rachel Calabasas.CA Junior. Media Arts Gordon, Brandon E Manhattan Bea. CA Sophomore. Pre-Conmunication Gordon, Brian Caktwel Piedmont CA Freshman. Political Science Member Of Model UN. French Exchange dub Gordon, Briama Dawn Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Retailing Consumer Scien Gordon, Brooke Nicole Denrang.NM Freshman, Pre-Business Volleyball. Basketball Congratulations Brooke 1 We Love you, Mom and Dad Gordon, David Jacob Phoenix, AZ Junior, Philosophy Gordon, DennaeL Tuscon. AZ Sophomore. Psychology Gordon, Hadar Cupertino. CA Junior. Retailing Consumer Scien Alpha Phi Gordon, Jennifer L Tucson. AZ Sophomore, Veterinary Science Animals. Dog Training Gordon, Jeremy A. Betevue.WA Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien DeNa Sigma Phi, Snowboarding Gordon, Naomi Tucson.AZ Senior. Reigious Studies I have visited 1 7 countries. Gordon, Rachel Catherine Pleasanton. CA Freshman. Pre-Business Gordon, Rikki Dean Irvine. CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Gordon, Ryan Neal Northridge. CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Gordon, Tessa M. Betevue.WA Freshman, Studio Art Gordon, Wendy B. Beverly Hills. CA Sophomore, Pre-Busness Goren, EricN Encmo. CA Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Scien Goren, Serra Los Angeles. CA Freshman. No Major Selected Gorkowski, Jute Christine Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Health Education We are proud of you. Jutes! Love, Mom and Dad Gorkowski, Raygan L Tucson. AZ Freshman. Pre-Education Gorman, Jill Sara Encino.CA Senior. Political Science Gorman, Thomas Chaon Carlsbad. CA Freshman, Ltoeral Arts Water Poto. Video Games. We Love you! Mom and Dad Gorton, Lindsey Elaine Phoenix, AZ Senior, Nursing Goryunova, Okja Tucson. AZ Freshman. Psychology Gosalia, Mitee A. Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Gosalia, Neha Glendale.AZ Freshman. Molecular Cellular Biol Gosalia, Reena K Phoenix. AZ Senior. Elementary Education Gose, Ashley N Mesa.AZ Senior. Theatre Arts Goss, Charles Alexander Oldwick. NJ Sophomore. No Major Selected Goss, Kyle Brock Quartz Ha. CA Senior. Chemical Engineering Goss,MaryE BCerrito.CA Freshman, Pre-Education Goss, Randal Charles Tucson.AZ 2ND. Pharmacy Goss, William M BCerrito.CA Senior, Civil Engineering Gossard, Casey J StJohn.WA Junior. Management Info Systems Gosselin, David Edward Long Beach. CA Senior, Accounting Cen, Christopher Jerome Scottsdale. TX Freshmsn, Pnj-BusnGSS Delta Sigma Pi Gosses, James M. Tucson.AZ Senior, Psychology Gossler, Jerma Lynn Mesa. AZ Freshman. Pre-Pharmacy GotheH , Risa Michelte Mesa.AZ Freshman, Political Science Gotschall.EncV Phoenix. AZ Junior. Creative Writing Gottesman, Gary M Austin. TX Freshman. Sociology Gottlieb, Adam J Lake Oswego. OR Sophomore. Political Science Gottlieb, Rena Southampton. PA Sophomore. Pre-Business Gotz, Matthew A Juneau.WI Junior, Criminal Justice Admin Goudinoff, Andrew P Tucson.AZ Junior. Political Science Goudschaal, Dustjn R. Tucson. AZ Senior. History Gould, Lacey Lee Tucson.AZ Senior. Communication Basketball. Volleyball. Child Development Gould, Lynsey Ann Gardner. MA Sophomore. Environmental Sciences Gould, Mami Lisa Tucson. AZ Senior, Sociology Gou rtey, Brendan J. Tucson. AZ UNC. Nondegree Seefang Gouriey-Paterson, Bradley Paul Vancouver. WA Freshman, Psychology Gourley-Patterson.Brad Vancouver, WA Pre-Med Intramurals Basketball. Math Awards. Music Govani, Sarju N Glendale.AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Gold Key Club. ADML Lab Gove, Christine M Seattle. WA Junior. Communication Covert, Lee Charles Tucson.AZ Freshman, Pre-Architecture Govindarajan, Karthikeyan Ballwin. MO 1ST. Pharmacy Gowan, Jessica Rozanna Sierra Vista, AZ Senior. Elementary Education Gamma Beta Phi, Young Republicans Cower, Chris David Littleton, CO Freshman. Pre-Business Kappa AlphaScuba Diving. Hiking. Snow Boarding Gowins, Paul Nathan Tucson. AZ Junior, Media Arts Gowler,AmyJoy Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Gowler, Brian Joel Junior. Mechanical Engineering Goyal, Uma Devi Freshman. Pre-Pharmacy Movies Goyette, Michael P. Senior. Communication Music Congratulations on a job well done! We ' re so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad and Steven Goymerac, Nicholas Henry Idaho Springs. CO Senior. Natural Sciences Mathema Gozdecki, Joyce Marie Chicago.! Sophomore, Psychology Grabiner, Brian Scott Tucson.AZ Senior. Media Arts Tucson.AZ Tucson. AZ Glendale.AZ Scottsdale. AZ Grabowski, Jane Frances Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Nutritional Sciences Grace, Megan Leigh Phoenix, AZ Freshman. No Major Selected Gracia, Abram Tucson, AZ Freshman. Electrical Engineering Gradall, Karen Arme Tucson.AZ Senior. English Graden, AmyA Austin, TX Sophomore, Pre-Communicaton Gradillas, Christina M. Green Valley. AZ Freshman. Creative Writing Gradillas, Defea Marie Tucson.AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Gradillas, RicardoM Tucson.AZ Junto, CM EnjtaNrtKj Gradillas, Stephanie Marie Tucson.AZ Senior. Molecular Cellular Biol Grade, Candi Diarme Tempe.AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Running Grady, Danielle Nicole Irvine, CA Freshman. Pre-Business Sigma Kappa. Soccer. Swimming. Associate Student Body Grady, John Francis Tucson. AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Grady, Zeb Tucson.AZ Sophomore. Agri Economics Managemen Alpha Gamma Rho. Ran Track. Played Intermurals, Dean ' s List And Honorable Graeme Larkin, Cherry Anne Bisbee, AZ Junior, History Grafe, Aaron Matthew Tempe.AZ Sophomore. German SturJes German Items, Runner, National Honor Society Graff, Emily Elizabeth Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Classics Graff, Lena Maria Olney.MD Junior, Famiy Studies Human Dev Graff-Radford, Victoria Susan Rancho Mirage. CA Freshman. Journalism Graham, Ashleigh Paige Tucson.AZ Senior. Sociology Graham, Bethany Renee Tucson.AZ Junior, Psychology Graham, Brian Jay Tucson.AZ Senior. Pre-Physiol Education Coaching. Outdoors. Friends and family Graham, CaifJynC Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected Graham, Elizabeth Agnes LaJoa,CA Sophomore, Pre-Education Reading. Sleeping, Snow Skiing Graham, Jerry Tucson.AZ Senior, Studio Art Graham, Joshua James DeerfieW.IL Freshman, General Biology Graham, Judson Michael Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Graham, Julia M Tempe.AZ Freshman, Psychology University Choir, Newman Center Choir, Freshman Diaries Graham, Kathenne E Phoenix, AZ Junior, Political Science Graham, KathrynL. LaJoda.CA Freshman, Political Science Gamma Phi Beta. Surfing. Snowboarding, Running Betsey Katy. congratulations, we ' re so proud of you! Love. Mom Graham, Megan Elizabeth Tucson.AZ Senior. Political Science Graham, Nathan J Peoria.AZ Junior, Pre-Medcal Technology Graham, Paul Aaron Tucson.AZ Senior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Cars. Friends Graham, Rebecca Jane Tucson.AZ Senior, Elementary Education Graham, Samantha Rae Phoenix. AZ Freshman. Pre-Health Education Graham, Timothy J. Phoenix. AZ Senior. Computer Science Phi Beta Sigma. Pride AZ Marching Band. Honor Student French, Russsian Graham, Zachary William Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. Chemical Engineering Grahn, Matt Charles Indianapolis. IN Freshman, No Major Selected Grainger, Amanda N Mesa.AZ Senior. Political Science Aspires To Law School, Honor Student Works For Senator Kyle Gramacy.CoreyA Tucson.AZ Senior. Finance 449 Gramlich, Ashley Nicolle Oro Valley, AZ Freshman, Pre-Architecture Art, Needle Point, Exercise, Reading, Quilting Grams, Jr., Edward Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Granados, Sarah Maria Tucson, AZ Freshman, Family Studies Human Dev Theatre, Writing Grande, Laura M Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Grandjean, Jules August Prescott, AZ Junior, Political Science Granger, Julia M Ann Arbor, Ml Junior, C lassics Granger, Robert Louis Flagstaff, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Graniello, Peter Lee El Paso, TX Freshman, Computer Engineering Granillo, Alexandra Tucson, AZ Junior, Liberal Studies Granillo, Candida Mary Gilbert, AZ Senior, Chemical Engineering ROTC Granillo, Gilberto Samuel Tucson, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Basketball Coach, Referee, Middle School Student Teacher Granillo, Lizette Tucson, AZ Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien Kappa Delta Chi, Music, Traveling, Shopping Granillo, Teresa Mary Tuscon, AZ Senior, Psychology McNair Scholars Granrath, Erin R Tucson, AZ Senior, History Granrath, Karl Joseph Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Granstrom, Niklas P. Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Business Grant, Billie-jo E Oceano, CA Freshman, Pre-Physiol Education Grant, Dawn Irene West Kingston, Rl Freshman, Pre-Nursing Grant, Destiny Jean Tucson, AZ Sophomore, English Grant, Patricia Lynn Willcox, AZ Junior, Agri Economics Managemen Sigma Alpha, Rodeo, Horses, Basketball Softball Grant, Ryan Timothy Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intramural Soccer, Watersports, Golf Grant, Sarah Katherine Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Grant, Sherry Lynn Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Health Education Public Health, Honor Roll, Active W Children Grantham, Leila Ruth Tucson, AZ Freshman, Media Arts Grantham, Matthew Vincent Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Granville, Martin J Phonenix.AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Frisbee Football Grasham, Victoria Leigh Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Sports Graskey, Robyn Ann Tucson, AZ Junior, Women ' s Studies Grass!, MelinaN. Carlsbad, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Grassia, Courtney M Medford, MA Sophomore, Dance Grateron, Flora Tucson, AZ UNC, English Grateron, Gabriel Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Engineering Management Graunke, Timothy W Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Grave, Emi Robin Atherton, CA Junior, Communication Graves, Andrew Denver Tucson, AZ Freshman, Music Graves, Bianca Lavonne Chandler, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Graves, Sarah Kathryn Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Graves, Tember A Tucson, AZ S ophomore, Molecular Cellular Biol Graves, Thomas P Tucson, AZ Senior, Optical Sciences Enginee Graves, Tyler M. San Clemente, CA Junior, Engineering Management Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Basketball, Volleyball Continue to have a great lifelLove Mom Dad Gravesande, Samuel Christopher Hillsborough, NJ Freshman, Pre-Business Gray, Anthony Earl Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Gray, Cristina Tucson, AZ Junior, Psychology Gray, Gabriel Forrest Tucson, AZ Senior, Optical Sciences Enginee Gray, Kelly Kaye Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gray, Kimberly J Glendale, AZ Freshman, Mathematics Gray, LaunaArletta Tucson, AZ Senior, German Studies Gray, Michelle Holbrook, AZ Junior, Anthropology Gray, Morgan Amber Breckenridge, CO Junior, Communication Communication Club, American Marketing Association Gray, Nicholas S Solana Beach, CA Sophomore, No Major Selected Gray, Rebecca Mary Tucson, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Gray, Ronnyah Hope Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Gray, Samantha Judith Bellevue, WA Freshman, Pre-Nursing Pi Beta Phi Gray, Sarah N Fountain Hill, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Gray, Sean M Mililani, HI Senior, Business Economics Gray, Stephen Warren Lake Havasu, AZ Freshman, Electrical Engineering Video Games Gray, Tisha M. Tucson, AZ Senior, Operations Management Gray Jr., Phillip John Tempe.AZ Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Graybehl, Melissa L San Jose, CA Junior, No Major Selected Grayson, Jeffrey L Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Psychology Rugby, Mgr Of Women ' s Basketball, Criminology Grebitus, Gena Elizabeth Carmichael, CA Junior, Political Science Sigma Kappa, Swimming, Skiing Greeley, Michael A Tucson, AZ Senior, Social Sciences Green, Adam Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Green, Alexis Brooke Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Green, BreannaLynne Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Alpha Pi Omega, Snowboarding, Poetry We are so proud of your accomplishments! Love, Mom and Dad Green, Cameron William Tucson, AZ Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Freshman Class Council, Intramural Soccer Green, Carmen M. Tubac, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Green, Casey Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Psychology Green, Christopher Martin Houston, TX Freshman, Pre-Nursing Green, Daniel I San Gabriel, CA Junior, Regional Development Green, Esther Mae Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Green, Farrah Jeanne Chesterfield, MO Senior, Theatre Arts Green, Helene Renee Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Education Green, Jennifer Elizabeth Flagstaff, AZ Freshman, Journalism Alpha Chi Omega Green, Justin T Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Green, Lauren Ann Buckeye, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Green, Leesa R. Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Green, Matthew Hobson Tucson, AS Junior, Mathematics Running, Mathematics Club Green, Melissa S Tucson, AZ Senior, English Green, Nicholas A Tucson, AZ Senior, Marketing Green, Ryan T Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Green, Sara Michelle Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Theatre Arts Green, Shawn P Tucson, AZ Junior, Creative Writing Green, Sommer Lynn Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Communication Greenberg, Alison Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Psychology Gamma PhiBig Sister, Study Abroad In Spain, Enjoys Psychology Law Greenberg, Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Student Council, Movie Club Greenberg, Andrew Joseph Louisville, KY Freshman, Pre-Business Greenberg, Erica Viviana Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Greenberg, Jodie Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Business Management Greenberg, Rebecca Lynn Chesterfield, MO Senior, Art Education Greenberg, Robyn J Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Greenberg, Scott Evan Franklin Lakes, NJ Junior, Finance Plays Tennis, Honor Student, Likes Basketball Greenberg, Tamir Nogales.AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Greene, Carlton Depriest Denver, CO Sophomore, Pre-Business Golf, Computers Greene, Eric Robert Middletown, NJ Freshman, Political Science Greene, Jennifer Leigh Houston, TX Freshman, Pre-Education Alpha Phi We ' re proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Greene, Jeremy Michael Wynnewood, PA Sophomore, Psychology Greene, JessicaS. Andover, MA Senior, Psychology Blue chip Greene, Kelly Tyler Palm Desert, CA Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Travel, Shopping Greene, Minda M. Flagstaff, AZ Sophomore, Criminal Justice Admin Greene, Rosi Maria Bisbee.AZ Senior, Industrial Engineering Greene, Thomas Jersey City, NJ Sophomore, Media Arts Greenfield, Robert D. Phoenix, AZ Junior, Political Science Greenfield, Tadd Scott Kansas City, MO UNC, Nondegree Seeking Greengaard, Alexander William Tucson, AZ Freshman, Anthropology Greenhill, Alex Jordan Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Basketball Greenhut, Susan L Glendale, AZ Junior, Biochemistry Greenleaf, Amber Michelle Phoenix, AZ Freshman. English Greenleaf, Hilary Kristen Santa Cruz, CA UNC, Nondegree Seeking Greenlee, Shannon Kae Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Criminal Justice Admin Greenler, Melissa L. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Greenman, Cole Watson Los Angeles, CA Freshman, Creative Writing Music Greenspan, Ashley Lynn Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Psychology Greenspan, Daniel S Phoenix, AZ Sophomore. Philosophy Greenstein,ElanaE Encmitas, CA Senior, Elementary Education Greenwald, Candice Michelle Tucson, AZ Freshman, Psychology Greenwald, Lauren A. Solana Beach, CA Sophomore. Pre-Communication Delta Gamma Greenwell, Ashley Carol Yuma, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Greenwell, Crystal Lynn Tucson, AZ Junior, Dance Greenwell, Damian Hilary Tucson, AZ Senior, Anthropology Greenwood, Lindsey Marie Bettendorf, IA Junior, Pre-Health Education Greenwood, Lisa Jane Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Architecture Greer, GeraldineA. Winslow, AZ Senior, Nursing Greer, Jesse D Scotsdale, Senior, Physiological Sciences Greer, Julie-Winn Tucson, Freshman, Pre-Education Pi Beta Phi, Project Shine Greer, Nitza Nicole Douglas, Sophomore, Pre-Business Greer, Sarah E. Mesa, Freshman, No Major Selected Greger, Jonathan Landis Scottsdale, Senior, Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilion, Golf, Football We ' re very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Pepper, G 1 Winnie, Clark, Amy, and Bassie Gregg, Kimberly Tisco, Senior, Elementary Education Greggs, Frank E. Tucson, UNC, Nondegree Seeking Gregor, NeilFraser Gilroy, C Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gregorius, Kimberly M Black Creek, V Sophomore, Astronomy Physics Gregory, Allison Elizabeth Scottsdale, Freshman, Studio Art Music, Sports, Gregory, Elise Anna Tucson, Freshman, Art History Gregory, Elizabeth Lawrence Brookfield, C Sophomore, Music Gregory, Elizabeth A. Tucson, Junior, Pre-Education Gregory, Eric Brittain Tucson, UNC, Nondegree Seeking Gregory, JeanineE Scottsdale, Junior, Elementary Education Gregory, John M LaureU Sophomore, No Major Selected Chi Phi Gregory, Michelle E Woodbridge, Freshman, Political Science Gregory, Phillip Warren Oracle, Senior, Electrical Engineering Gregston,BryanA Yuma, Junior, Pre-Business Greifinger, Daniel Short Hills, f Sophomore, Pre-Business Gremel, Richard Clifton Tucson, Freshman, Theatre Arts Grenier, Desiree N Tucson, Junior, Pre-Health Education Grenier, Jennifer Peoria, Freshman, No Major Selected Grenier, Justin C Peoria, Senior. Management Info Systems Grepling, Briana Peoria, A Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Gresham, James Garrett Cave Creek, A Junior, Pre-Business Gresham, Jennifer Lynn Glendale, A; Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Sports Greulich, Sara Elizabeth Plainview. f Sophomore, Creative Writing Greve, Tabatha Sue Cinncinati, ( Senior, Finance Hiking, Camping Greven, Matthew Joseph Carlsbad, C Senior, Communication Music, Hockey Grever-hoover, Kurt Uwe Tucson, A ' | Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Greving, Matthew Paul Tucson, Junior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Greyloch, Eleanor Jordan Tucson, Senior, Anthropology AZ Roller Derby League Greyson, Emily J Trabuco Canyo. C Junior, Theatre Arts Gricius, Edward Nathan Oro Valley, A Senior, Media Arts Grieb, MairinCathleen Orinda. C Senior, Political Science Gamma Phi Beta, Enjoys Swimming Gries, Justin Kurt Phoenix. A I Senior, Accounting Griesedieck, Emily R MenloPark. Cl Sophomore, Regional Development Kappa Kappa Gamma Griffeth, Alicia M Phoenix, Ail Freshman, No Major Selected Bluechip Program 450 G riff eth , Ryan W Phoenix, AZ lunior. Pre-Business )elta Sigma Phi Griffin, Bradford Parker, AZ lunior, Microbiology Griffin, Brian James Jackson, WY Sophomore. Pre-Business : ; ' hi Eta Sigma, Computers, Baseball Sriffin, Devon Jamal Tucson, AZ : ophomore, Sociology Griffin, Heather Michelle Tucson, AZ : reshman. Dance ?(Sriffin, Kelly Alana Tucson. AZ Senior, Communication Griffin, Luke Sebastian Tucson, AZ Senior. Creative Writing Griffin, Marcus Patrick Tucson, AZ ' reshman. Pre-Business Griffin, Morgan K Lake Oswego, OR lunior. Finance {Griffin, Noel Travis Tucson, AZ Senior. Music 5 riff i n , Sylvia Kuban Tucson , AZ - Senior. Studio Art W, History. Museums Sriffith, Amanda Maile Huntington Beach, CA . ' .: ' . ' I sophomore. Pre-Business J i PhiVolleyball. Traveling, Working Out : Sriffith, Austin J. Tucson, AZ Senior. Finance ' ' ' ' Sriffith, Eric Merril Tucson, AZ sophomore. No Major Selected ' ' ' , Sriffith, Michael Neil Tucson, AZ enior. Management Info Systems ' " Griffith, Robert Austin Tucson, AZ unior, Sociology Griffith, Shayne Phoenix, AZ unior. Studio Art Sriffith-Ruhl, Alicia Lynn Tucsona.AZ t| enior. Art Education iriffiths, Brian Timothy Kinnelon, NJ eshman. Political Science Griffiths, Daniel Lee Portal, AZ . " ; ' , : reshman. Pre-Pharmacy Griffiths, Sarah Scottsdale, AZ ; i enior, Elementary Education mp Counselor. Lacrosse Team, Golden Key Honors Club " .;: ' irigel, Eric Joseph Senior. Architecture " .. " irigera, Sofia : senior. General Biology iriggs, Andrew Bentley Mesa. AZ Bentleyville, OH Woodinville, WA reshman. No Major Selected Jprigsby, Erin Christina Tucson, AZ nior. Architecture : - irijalva, Armando C Mesa, AZ reshman. No Major Selected irijalva, Elizabeth H. Tucson, AZ senior. Speech Hearing Sciences irijalva, Gloria Lezefte Tucson, AZ Sophomore. No Major Selected irijalva, Jeremy Patrick Tucson, AZ . -i )i iophomore, Aerospace Engineering s H P E. Honor Student. Drafting And Design ! Srijalva, Jessala Annette Tucson, AZ ' reshman. Political Science Srijalva, Myma Tucson. AZ ' . Senior. Elementary Education Grijalva, Paul L Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business : Srijalva, XylinaY Tucson. AZ unior. Pre-Business ' irijalva, ZulmaS. Tucson. AZ Senior. Nursing Srijalva, Michael Anthony, Jr Tucson, AZ unior. Pre-Business irimble, Blair Leigh Tucson, AZ : Senior. History Jrimditch, Brian Robert Los Angeles, CA . ; Sophomore. Pre-Business irime, Leanne N Tucson, AZ : iophomore, Pre-Business Jrimes, Andrew E. San Marino, CA : reshman. No Major Selected : -.- (ggma Alpha Epsilon ' rimes, QuentinLevar Warner Robins. GA : Senior. Retailing Consumer Scien ' e are very proud of you! Love Mom Dad imes, William C. nior. Finance Sigma Alpha Epsilon imm, Caryn I r. History San Marino, CA Houston, TX Grimm, Kevin Oak Park, CA Junior, Pre-Business Grimm, Rebecca Anne Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Grimmatt, Kelly J. Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Communication Grimsley, Blake J Houston, TX Sophomore. Pre-Business Grindle, Michael Frederick Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Computer Science Grinney, Krista M. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Grischkowsky, Angela Tucson, AZ Senior, Creative Writing Griscti Solar, Katherine Marie Springfield, IL Sophomore, Theatre Arts Grise, Ryan James Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Grisser, Sarah Michelle Phoenix. AZ Freshman. Creative Writing Grites, Brian Philip Millbrae.CA UNC. Nondegree Seeking Grizopoulos, Kara Constance Fort Salonga, NY Senior, Psychology Grk, Dejana Phoenix, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Grochola, Jennifer A. Tucson, AZ Junior, Sociology Raquetball Club Grochowski, Adam C Chandler, AZ Freshman, Materials Sci Engr Sigma Nu, Intramural Basketball, Phi Eta Sigma Grodnick, Ashley Shon Calabasas.CA Freshman. Pre-Business Groenhof, Amy Bemice Phoenix, AZ Freshman. Psychology Working Out, Baking Groff.Ben Fort Worth, TX Freshman, No Major Selected Graff, Courtney Lynne Milwaukee, Wl Sophomore, Pre-Business Basketball, Coaching, Movies G roff , Heather M Tucson . AZ Freshman, Pre-Nursing Groh, Andrea L Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Veterinary Science Groh, James H. Meguon.WI UNC. Nondegree Seeking Gronenberg, Larissa Marie Tucson. AZ Freshman. Theatre Arts Gronenberg, Luisa S. Tucson, AZ Senior, Chemistry Horseback Riding Gronich, Gen Leah El Paso, TX Senior, Fine and Performing Arts Sign Language Club. Hillel Gronowski, Christine E. Gilbert, AZ Junior, Science Education Groover, Michael Paul Tucson, AZ Senior, Natural Sciences Mathema Groppo, Jackie Anne Norfolk. CT Sophomore, Sociology Grorud, Meghan Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Groseclose, David M. Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Media Arts Music and Film Groseclose, Michael R Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Science Music. Film. Computer Programing Groseta, Anna Marie Cottonwood, AZ Freshman, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Groseta, Katy J Cottonwood. AZ Junior. Animal Sciences Groseta, Paul A Cottonwood, AZ Junior, Agri Economics Managemen Gross, Benjamin Solomon LasCruces, NM Senior. Management Info Systems Gross, Brianne Alise Tucson, AZ Senior. Elementary Education Gross, David An Woodacre.CA Sophomore. Psychology Gross, Jacqueline G. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Watching Making Animation, Art Gross, Matthew Anthony Tucson, AZ Senior. Pre-Nursing Grossman, Allison G Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Political Science Grossman, Danica Chandra Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Psychology Grossman, Pamela Anne Phoenix, AZ Senior. Pre-Education Swimming. Rock Climbing, Snowboarding Grossman, Rachel B Northndge, CA Sophomore. No Major Selected Grossman, Stephanie Rachel Phoenix. AZ Freshman, Liberal Arts Music, Dance, Diving Grotans, Helene Tucson, AZ Senior, Music Education Groth, Jonathan Randy Sierra Vista, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Grove, AlysonE. Tarzane, CA Junior, Media Arts APO, Blue Key, Clareo Grovenor, Amelia A. Sierra Vista, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Graver, Sterling R. Hattiesburg. MS UNC, Nondegree Seeking Photography. Hiking, Mountain Biking Groves, BritaJ Highley.AZ Sophomore, Veterinary Science Min : In Arg., Animal Trainer G row, Kristin R Peoria. AZ Junior, Elementary Education Dean ' s List, Art, Music Grubb, Alex Joshua Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Grubb, Stephanie P Cave Creek. AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Dance Love you to peices! Mom, Dad, and Jonathan Grubbs.AdamW Lisle, IL Junior, Pre-Business Grube, Jeffrey Christopher Mountain View, CA Junior, Theatre Arts Theatre Grubin, David J The Woodlands. TX Freshman, Pre-Business Gruenenfelder, John Paul Tucson, AZ Senior, Astronomy Cube SAT Program. Star Camera-LPL Building, 1st Place- World Comp We couldn ' t be more proud! Reach for the stars! Love Mom Dad Cruller, Amber Ana Tempe.AZ Sophomore, Family Studies Human Dev Grumbles, Catherine A Kingman.AZ Senior, Nutritional Sciences Grumer, Andrew M. Syosset. NY Junior, Pre-Business Likes California Girls, Loves Sports Grund, Nicholas David Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Grusin, Benjamin Falls Church, VA Junior, Pre-Communication Grusing, Gary A Tucson. AZ Senior, Anthropology Graters, Brian B. Flagstaff, AZ Senior, Spanish Grygutis, Morgan Eller Tucson, AZ Freshman. Psychology Grynkewich, Jeffrey P Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Cancer Society Volunteer G rzyb, Aimee M . Gilroy, C A Junior, Communication Basketball Team, Coaching, Sports Guarino, Thomas Jamaica, NY UNC. Nondegree Seeking Guarrera, Stephen M Rochester, NY Sophomore, No Major Selected Baseball. Skateboarding, Music Guasco, Ryan San Rafael. CA Senior, Communication Phi Kappa Psi G u ba , Jeff rey S. Placentia. C A Sophomore, Pre-Business Gubemick, Benjamin Tucson, AZ Freshman. Pre-Business Gubersky, Yvonne Tucson. AZ Senior, Nursing Gucciardi, Oriana Marie Tucson. AZ Junior, English Gudehus, Derek James Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Guedon, Chantal Anella Kingman.AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Love, Dad! Guelker, Alison Shea Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Guelpa.ChristopherDavkJ Scottsdale. AZ Sophomore, Journalism Guenther, Natalie M Peoria. AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Guerena, Robert C Kingman. AZ Sophomore, Engineering Management Guerin, KelleherR Tucson, AZ Freshman. Optical Sciences Enginee Guerra, Ann Elizabeth Tucson, AZ UNC, Nondegree Seeking Guerra, Justin Sunnyvale, CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Guerrero, Amy J Tucson, AZ Senior. Psychology Guerrero, Cynthia Judith Amado, AZ Senior, Psychology Guerrero, Devin Christopher Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Guerrero, Diego A Douglas, AZ Junior, English Guerrero, Frank J. Tucson, AZ Junior. Geosciences Omega Delta Phi. Campus Student Radb. Basebal. Bowing Guerrero, Guadalupe Smith Tucson, AZ Senior. Elementary Education Guerrero, Monica Perez San Antonio, TX Freshman, Veterinary Science Basketball. Sports Guerrero, Xavier Mateo Tucson, AZ Senior, Engineering Guerrero-Larson, Maricella Sarah Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Working With Children G uess, Perrin Keeland Houston. TX Senior, Political Science Guevara, Celina Rio Rico, AZ Junior, Pre-Education Sports We ' re very proud of your success. Best wishes! Love, Mom. Dad. Albert, and Patrick Guevara, Michael Alejandro Yuma.AZ Freshman. General Biology Guevara, Pablo Eloy, AZ Freshman, Computer Engineering Guevara, Peter D. Tucson, AZ Senior, Pre-Business Guez, Benjamin Alexandrovich Tucson, AZ Junior, History G uff ey, Bryant L. Phoenix, AZ Junior, Electrical Engineering Guggi, Jessica N. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Computer Engineering Guglielmo, Eliza Ann Tucson, AZ Sophomore. Pre-Business Guglielmoni-Oliver, Christina M Burlingame. CA Sophomore. Psychology Gugliuzza, Mathew Patrick Costa Mesa, CA Sophomore. Pre-Business Guida.AshleighT. Glendale.AZ Freshman. Music Guidero, Erin Rosemary Tucson, AZ Senior. Liberal Studies Guild, Timothy Daniel Ventura, CA Junior, Mechanical Engineering Guilfoyle, Jeffrey A Tucson, AZ Freshman, Musical Theatre Guillen, Bianca E. Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Journalism Guillen Jr., Rene Gerardo Tucson, AZ Senior. Sociology Guillermo, Evita Rodriguez Tucson, AZ Junior, Media Arts Guilmino, Kimmberty Lynn Tucson, AZ Freshman, Political Science Guimond.JacquiLynn Westborough. MA Junior, Dance Gula, Andrew J. Unionville, CT Junior, Elementary Education Gulati, Granada Hills, CA Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Travelling Gulbrandsen, Sara Elizabeth Monroe, NY Senior, Theatre Production Golden Key Honor Society, Lab Aid Good luck Sarah in all your future endeavors! Love Mom and Dan Guled.SadiaOsman Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Gulick, James L Phoenix. AZ Junior, Pre-Business Gulledge, Nathan Mark Tucson, AZ Senior. Aerospace Engineering Culler, Erin Berkow St Louis, MO Junior, Family Studies Human Dev Gullett, Victoria Jane Bamngton. IL Freshman, No Major Selected Honors College, Golf, Travel Gullickson, Justin Scott Yuma.AZ Freshman, No Major Selected 451 Gumbs, Sharon lona St. Kitts, Caribbean, Senior, Management Info Systems Running, Listening to music, Sports If you have wisdom you ' ll receive understanding! Congratulations! From your family Gundee, Allyson Brooke Highland Park, IL Sophomore, No Major Selected We are so proud of you. We love you very much. We wish you happiness and good friends. Mom and Dad. Gundersheim, Jesse Wayne Corte Madera, CA Senior, Finance Delta Chi, Flag Football Gunderson, Jaimie Leah Tucson, AZ Senior, Religious Studies Gunderson, Julie Beth Chandler, AZ Freshman, General Biology RHA, Blue Chip, Gunderson, Lisa Ann Tucson, AZ 2ND, Pharmacy Gunkel, Derek Scott Glendale.AZ Freshman, Political Science Gunn, Erica Rose Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gunn, Tasha Anne Orinda.CA Freshman, Pre-Business Gunn, Taylor R Sandy Hook, CT Sophomore, Creative Writing Gunter, Brandon Todd Los Angeles, CA Freshman, Media Arts Snowboarding, Skiing, Lifeguard Gunther, Andrea Lynne Chicago, IL UNC, Nondegree Seeking Gunther, Sabrina Francine Oro Valley, AZ Senior, Wildlife Gunthner, Julia Arleen Mesa, AZ Junior, Psychology Mentoring Stud Teacher Guo, Mackie Feng Tucson, AZ Senior, Family Studies Human Dev Gupta, Jyoti P Camnel, IN Junior, Pre-Business Profesional Women In Business, Golden Key, Phi Eta Sigma Gupta, Priyanka Chandler, AZ Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol Gupta, Vikrant Cupertino, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Baseball Gurch, Martin J. Greendale.WI Junior, Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha, UPSA President, MISA President Gurevich, Alexander Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gurevich, Miriam Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Gurton, Janet Lyn Tucson, AZ Senior, Engineering Mathematics Gurule, EricS Cave Creek, AZ Sophomore, Mathematics Gurwitt, Jonathan David Palm Springs, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Gush, Courtney Kathleen Scottsdale, AZ Senior, Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta, Campfire Girls Board Member Gusick, Bradley Michael Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Gussack, David Craig Delray Beach, FL Senior, Business Management Kappa Sigma, Works With Sprint, Sprint Squat Team Gust, Andrew Johnathan Tucson, AZ Junior, Dance Gust, Daniel B Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Blue Chip Gustafson, Ashley A. Phoenix, AZ Junior, Studio Art Honors College, Golden Key Honor Society Gustafson, Meghan Gean Flagstaff, AZ Sophomore, Materials Sci Engr Gustafson, Wendie Brooke Lake Havasu, AZ Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Gustavson, Kristian Anders Libertyville, IL Freshman, Political Science Gustin, Greg Eugene Elko, NV Senior, Systems Engineering Gutentag, Rebecca Jill Northridge, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Alpha Epsilon Phi Guterman, SaraW Campbell, CA Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Guth, Emily N Tucson, AZ Junior, Retailing Consumer Scien Guthrie, Lucas Michael Tucson, AZ Senior, Media Arts 452 Gutierrez, Albert Tucson, AZ Junior, Molecular Cellular Biol Gutierrez, Allyn Juliette Casa Grande, AZ Junior, Wildlife Gutierrez, Gabrielle Marie Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gutierrez, Gilbert J Tucson, AZ Senior, Spanish Gutierrez, Gwendoline Maria Tucson, AZ Junior, Elementary Education Gutierrez, Joslin Albuquerque, NM Freshman, Political Science Resident Assistant Gutierrez, Kyle M. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Gutierrez, Nicole Lizette Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Education Gutierrez, Sabrina Renee Tucson, AZ Junior, Criminal Justice Admin Criminal Justice Team Gutierrez, Sergio A. Tucson, AZ Senior, Electrical Engineering Gutierrez, Shaundra Tucson, AZ Junior, History Gutman, JoelleH Roseville, CA Junior, Communication Gutmann, Adam Christian Houston, TX Sophomore, Psychology Guttell, Jess D Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Education Gutterman, Brian Clarke Piedmont, CA UNC, Nondegree Seeking Guttman, Alexandria Beth San Dimas. CA Freshman, Pre-Architecture Guyer, Lindsay Erin Dallas, TX Freshman, Family Consumer Sci Educ Guyette, Kevin Donald Paradise Valley, AZ Junior, Business Management U of A Baseball Team Guzman, Angel R. Tucson, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Guzman, Anthony Christopher Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Computer Science Plays Basketball, Softball, Computer Guzman, Arturo Tucson, AZ Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biol Guzman, Brittney Winkelman, AZ Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Guzman, Delilah Phoenix, AZ Freshman, Criminal Justice Admin Guzman, Felisha Nicole Tucson, AZ Senior, Psychology Kappa Delia Chi, Phi Kappa Phi Guzman, Francisco Javier Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Business Guzman, Gerardo Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Guzman, Idalia Berenice Tucson, AZ Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Guzman, Jamie Holman Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Guzman, Leslie M Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Spanish Guzman, Lupita D Tucson, AZ Junior, Pre-Health Education Guzman, Magdiel Vergil Tucson, AZ Senior, Communication Camp Wildcat, Languages Guzman, Maricela Ramirez Tucson, AZ Senior, Chemistry Guzman, Michael Chandler. AZ Senior, Physiological Sciences Guzman, Miguel Angel Ariviaca. AZ Sophomore, Political Science Pride Club Guzzo, Stephen P Holbrook, AZ Sophomore, Computer Engineering Gwartz, Matthew E Yorba Linda, CA Junior, Marketing Intramural Sports, Going Abroad 2nd Semester Gwin, David M Florence, AZ Junior, Architecture Gwynn,RossA Yuma, AZ Junior, Civil Engineering Gwynn, Timothy R Yuma, AZ Senior, Elementary Education AZ Alliegance (athletics), AZ Ambassadors, Home Coming Court Gyben, Molly E. Fullerton.CA Sophomore, Journalism Alpha Phi, Club Water Polo, Powder Puff Football Gyek, Juana M. San Luis, AZ Junior, Journalism H.S. Abdulla, Ahmed Abdulla Tucson, AZ Senior, Computer Engineering Haack, Ann Camille Ft Huachuca, AZ Senior, English Haakenson, Jesse Reed Sierra Vista, AZ Sophomore, Mathematics Haaland, Lucas La Barre Billings, MT Senior, Economics Kayaking, Ranching, Golf Congrats! We ' re very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Haap, Nicholas T Senior, Psychology Body Building, Sports Psychology, Graphic Design Congratulations! Your dedication and tenacity has really paid off. Love, your family Haas, Daniel Phillip Houston, TX UNC, Nondegree Seeking Omicron Delta Kappa, Golden Key Int Honor Soc, Dean ' s List, Honors College, Delta Epsilon GPA 4.0 Haas, David Tucson, AZ Junior, No Major Selected Haas, Jamie R Willcox, AZ Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Haas, Jennifer Renee Scottsdale, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Haas, Laura Rachel Danville, CA Freshman, Journalism Keep up good work! We ' re proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, and Adam Habeck, Aaron T Tucson, AZ Sophomore, Creative Writing Haber, Carmen Tucson, AZ Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Haber, Gregory Marlboro, NJ Freshman, No Major Selected Haber, Paige Tucson, AZ Senior, Business Management Arizona Blue Chip Program, Leadershape UA, Clareo Honorary Paigeroo, I am so proud of your hard work! A great education a leader among leaders. Love, Dad Haberman, Matthew Scott Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Beta Theta Pi (pledge), Freshman Class Counsel, Cats For Kids We are very proud of all your accomplishments. Mom and Dad Habib, Mikaela Courey Tucson, AZ Freshman, Pre-Business Habib, Sara Marie Tucson, AZ Senior, Biochemistry Hackett, RyannSwan Boca Raton. FL Sophomore, Pre-Business Swim Team, Pole Volting, Snow Skiing Hackney, Stephen C Tucson, AZ Sophomore, No Major Selected Dean ' s List, Stamp Collecting, Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society Stephen, we ' re proud of you! Keep up the good work.Love, Mom and Grandma Hadaya, Joelle San Diego, CA Freshman, Pre-Business Music, Having Fun, Dancing We are proud of youlLove, Mom and Dad Haddad, Amber R Tucson, AZ Junior, English Haddad, Christopher George Greenwich, CT Sophomore, Chemistry Hadden, Dayna Ober Tucson, AZ Senior, Nursing Hadden, Kelly Dee Tucson, AZ Senior, Chemical Engineering Hadder, Nathan L Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore, Astronomy Hade,KellenA Lk Havasu Cty, AZ Sophomore. Psychology Hadeed, George J Phoenix, AZ Sophomore, Pre-Physiol Sciences Had id, Mclean.VA Sophomore, No Major Selected Hadjistyllis, Charalambos Tucson. AZ Sophomore. Wildlife Hadley, Mliss Elaine Scottsdale, AZ Junior, Psychology H a d I ey, Patrick R Tucson , AZ Senior, Aerospace Engineering Hafemeister, Alison K. Tucson, AZ Senior, History Hafner, Daniel Mulcahey Palo Alto, CA Freshman, No Major Selected Haga, Lindsey Mineko Peoria, AZ Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Hagaman, Holly Preston Prescott, AZ Senior, Animal Sciences Hagan, Benjamin W Phoenix, AZ Freshman, No Major Selected Hagan, Laura Marie Phoenix, Freshman, Animal Sciences Hagan, William F Phoenix, A | Junior, Pre-Communication Hagen, Crystal D. Tucson, Ait 1 Senior, Physiological Sciences Hagen, Michiko Mori Tucson, A; Senior, Studio Art Hagenstad, Erik Neal Santa Rosa, Ci Sophomore. Political Science Sports Activities, Basketball Hager, Amanda Brittany Orcutt. C j Freshman, No Major Selected Hager, Erin Glendale.AZ Junior, Nursing Mary Kay Consultant, S.N.U.A Hager, Justin Patrick Hereford. A J Junior, Pre-Business Hager, Ross J Flagstaff. A; Freshman. No Major Selected Hager, Sarah A. Glendale. A:. Junior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Skiing, Riding, Clubing Hagerstrom, Kristin M. Nogales. A: UNC, Nondegree Seeking Hagey, William Anthony Salt Lake City. U ' Senior, English Alpha Gamma Rho, Playing Guitar, Mountain Climbing, Hiking, White Water Rafting Hagin , Joshua Keola Tucson. A; Sophomore, Studio Art Cheer squad, Young republicans Hagmaier, Meisha Kayo Scottsdale. A. Freshman, Pre-Physiol Sciences Delta Gamma, Tennis, Traveling Hahn,Janelle Pueblo. Ct Senior, Finance Hahn, Kara Rebecca West Bloomfield. IV Freshman, Pre-Architecture Haight, Nicole Marie Riverside. C ' Junior, Psychology Haight, Sarah Bradbury Warminster, P; Freshman, No Major Selected Sigma Kappa, Volleyball, Swimming, Community Service I hope you will continue to excel at your studies and be happy at the University. Haight-Boyd, Palmer Mitchell Sherman Oaks. C. Freshman, Theatre Arts Music, Skiing, Body Building Haile, JavinR Las Vegas. N ' Senior, Finance Haile, Kenneth A Oro Valley, A. Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Haile, RahwaAnderbrhan Tucson. A. Senior, Bioc Molecular Biophysic Hailes, Crystal Neece Goodyear. A. : Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Hailey, Micheal Patrick Scottsdale, A. ' Freshman, No Major Selected Haim, Elizabeth A Glendale. A, Sophomore, Studio Art Haim, Sara P Glendale. A. Senior. Media Arts Congratulations! You ' re ready to embark on a new adventure. Haimsohn, Joel E San Diego. C, Junior. Political Science Delta Sigma Phi. Basketball. Singing. Golf Haines, Heather Anne Tucson, A, j Sophomore, Psychology Hair, Donald Lee Tucson, Al Senior, Pre-Physiol Sciences Hair, Thomas R Tucson, A.I Senior. Aerospace Engineering Hair, Travis J Phoenix, A; Senior. Studio Art Haitbrink, Carling C Cave Creek. A: Freshman, Studio Art Delta Delta Delta, Athletics, Soccer, Golf Hajicek, Nicole E. Mesa. A. I Senior, Molecular Cellular Biol H a ka I a, Grant David Tucson. A. I Junior, Chemistry Hakiel, Judith Rochester. N ' I Senior, Retailing Consumer Scien SISE Halbert, Justin B Tucson. Ail Senior. Finance AZ Blue Chip Halbert, Penny Tucson. A, I Senior. Business Economics Hale, Andrea A Tucson. A; j Sophomore, Pre-Education Hale, Eric Paul Phoenix, A?| Junior, Media Arts y i Hale, Hilary Lubbock,TX Sophomore. Political Science i flat , Jennie K Chicago.! JNC, Nondegree Seeking Hal , Melissa (piper) A Seal Beach, CA lunior. Pre-Communication (appa Alpha Theta Hl, Nicole M che ! e Tucson. AZ Senior. No Major Selected Hales, Sara Nicole Tucson. AZ lunior. Mathematics Haley, Heather J San Jose. CA Sophomore. Anthropology Haley, Henry Patrick Tucson. AZ Senior. Mechanical Engineering Haley, Jessica E Tucson. AZ - . senior. Chemical Engineering Haley, Margaret Rose Mountain View. CA - : res