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n eren 1989 DESERT CONTENTS Opening 2 Student Life 14 News 56 Arts Entertainment 70 Sports 92 Greeks 160 Residence Life 200 Organizations 250 Academics 300 Portraits 334 Index 418 Closing 442 VOLUME 79 The DESERT Yearbook is published annually by University of Arizona Student Publications, University of Arizona, Tuc- son, AZ 85721 . The DESERT is produced each year : : DESERT editorial and photography staff bdil i n ; htef James D. McKnight. - c copyright 1989 all rights reserved na eren t 1989 Desert CONTENTS Opening 2 Student Life 14 News 56 Arts Entertainment 70 Sports 92 Greeks 160 Residence Life 200 Organizations 250 Academics 300 Portraits 334 Index 418 Closing 442 VOLUME 79 2 OPENING SCOTT WEBER PHOTO ESSAY 3 4 OPENING _ JEFF DARBUT PHOTO ESSAY 5 6 PHOTO ESSAY 7 8 OPENING KM I JEFF DARBUT o | g I m 33 PHOTO ESSAY 9 z A A 5 c ; L J - : U U on : M M Z X X N M LU 10 OPENING j j JJ Sk -H J T tOf AWUO A , Art (mMwn 8 PHOTO ESSAY 1 1 . Gentle Berfe GO UTS SET SMITH Ml V H SDMI, v,K. 12 OPENING 13 eren t STUDENT LIFE JEFF SEVER BIG KIDS I _ I eing different. Ev- I D I er Y on e wants to I I be. No one wants to look the same. College is the place to do that. No longer is one hindered by peer pressure to follow fads and " Teen Beat " fashion tips. Supposedly people come to college to discover themselves. Maybe that ' s not the main priority today, but it ' s what usually ends up happening. One leaves home and discovers no one ' s watching as they leave to go to class in the morning. No one ' s there tell- ing you to ' reconsider ' what you ' ve put on or are going to buy. O.K., so one doesn ' t face the pressure of peer fashion or ideology when one comes to college, but one does make a conscious choice of what group or clique of individuals they ' ll hang with while here. Basically, that is if any- thing at this school is really ever basic, students here can be catagorized in four different groups: Muf- fs Biffs, Mods punks, the Norm, and a group of 60 ' s resurgence hippies. All of them are inter-related in one way or another, though they wouldn ' t want to admit it. This artilcle isn ' t meant to insult. Reader, put yourself in the chair of the observer and look around yourself. No matter how weird or nor- mal the students on this campus are, the way they present themselves says something about who we are. B e ' yone wants to No one wants legeis 1 to do that, No ' Tem Beat " | .. Supposedly people o college to discover ' nemselves. Maybe thats not the mam priority today, tot it ' s what usually ends up happening. One leaves nome and discovers no one ' s watching as they leave to go to class in the morning. No one ' s there tell- ing you to ' reconsider ' what you ' ve put on or are going to buy. O.K,so one doesn ' t face the pressure of peer fashion or ideology when one comes to college, but one does make a conscious cnoice of what group or clique of individuals they ' ll hang with while here. Basically, that is if any- thing at this school is really ever basic, students here canbecatagorizedinfour different groups: Mui- fsfliffs, Mods; ' punks, the Norm, and a group of 60 ' s resurgence hippies. All of them are inter-related in one way or another, though it. Thisartilcleisn ' tmeantto insult Reader, put yourself n the chair of the observer and look around yourself. No matter howwrdornor- the students on this campus are, the ay tney present themselves says amPthina about e doing little things to get noticed . . I ho to begin with? ] l Let ' s look at a I group whose goal in college is most likely not to discover themselves. They fit nicely into a stereo- type that enters the BPA College in mass and wants to be Yuppies with all their hearts and souls. The Muffs and Biffs of this campus do a fantastic job of getting themselves noticed. This past year the hanging point was in front of the Student Union, and at the steps by the bizzarre silver scupl- ture. Ray Bans, Greek let- tered t-shirts, permanent beers in hand, and intox- icating giddyness that makes people puke. Don ' t take all of this too seriously. This is completely and un- fairly dealing with stereo- types, but they do get no- ticed. Stereotypical actions will always get noticed. If Muffs and Biffs complain about stereotypes then maybe they should try to break them. For one thing congregating on the steps together makes their clique more noticable and sicken- ing than it really is. The friends this writer does have that are Greek, aren ' t totally stereotypical, and complain about not getting recognized for their hard work. " I enjoy nice things. If Gucci watches and Ray Ban sunglasses go under that category so what? " said Mitzi Kuhn, a member of this group. " And I ' ve majored in busi- ness because that will make me the bucks when I graduate. " hy most " normal " students on cam- pus think funkily- dressed individuals are far from human, this writer does not understand. Watching the groups con- front each other is rather amusing. The difference between the normalacy of the U. VS the black clad in- dividuals is striking. Mods, thrashers, peaceheads and punks make up a small por- tion of the student body, but they still stand out. Where can the all too black clothed humans be found? Most likely banging their bodies against each other at a U.P.S. or Blood Spasm concert at the 18 and over night club- The Pink Cadillac. Club Con- gress tends to be the place for the more refined of this culture type. Either way these places are meant for the individual to be seen, as well as heard. Evidently, having your hair look like your mother ' s houseplant on campus just isn ' t enough lately. " I just don ' t understand what these people are try- ing to say. Black is so de- pressing. I can ' t imagine myself going day after day looking like they do, " said Debbie Sammuel, a normal Sophomore. Are they really trying to say anything? Could it be that these people just hap- pen to like wearing black and looking like they might mug your mother in a well lit alley? " Being an individual is difficult, especially in my major, " said Chris Hogan, a Fashion Merchandising Se- nior. " I ' m trying to make a statement that I have more important concerns than Mademoiselle ' s ' Do ' s and Don ' ts ' . " stu dents i ' " ' " writer them : ' --==: . tek thed h f st e " b fc against each othefa ' aU.RS.orB!ood Spasm concert at the is ermght dub- The Pin Cadillac, Club Con- gress tends to be the place to the more refined of this culture type. Either way tee places are meant for the individual to be seen, as ell as heard. Evidently, having your hair look lite your mother ' s houseplant on campus just isn ' t enough lately " I just don ' t understand hat these people are try- ing to say. Black is so de- pressing. I can ' t imagine myself going day after day tookmg like they do, " said Debbie Sammuel, a normal Sophomore, Are they really trying to say anything 9 Could it be tna: tee people just hap- pen to like wearing black and tooking like they might " Being an individual is difficult, especially in my maiof ' saidChrisHogan.a Fasten Merchandising Se- mo,. Tm trying to make a Mademoiselle ' s ' Do ' s and Don ' ts ' " ey everyone out there under your BMW ' s and Republi- can Party Registra- tion. Did you realize the 60 ' s are back? Have you taken a good look around you? Every- one whose anyone seems fit- to-be tye dyed. Local bands are taking on a sixties fla- vored sound and cover quite a few hits from that era as well. People are grooming themselves for the return of Woodstock, and if it does hit us soon many will be pre- pared. Hanging from necks are rows of love beads and peace signs that would make Timothy Leary proud. Why is this coming back? Most of us were born just at the end of this era. " Peace is back by popular demand, " said Sophomore Amy Ginsburg. Peace is back and so is the lingo to go with it. " Groovy " slips through many a tongue reminding me of Marsha and Greg Brady. Where are these pleasant folk? Take a turn for the best at Bentley ' s House of Coffee and Tea. Friday and Saturday nights were the best times to scope out the rejects of this pipe-carrying and loving peri- od. Or why not make a visit to the Wooden Nickel or Moon Smoke shoppes. Not neces- sarily to buy anything, but to just take an innocent look. The sad thing about all of this resurgence hype is that many just follow the protocol of fashion and not ideology. They may look, act and feel the type they wish to portray but most are as apathetic as their fellow Miffs, Biffs, and thrashers. Things have oc- cured this past year national- ly and internationally that may have caused a good deal of protest at Berkley or even here, but no one did anything to show their dissatisfaction. It does seem like a group is forming that won ' t put all it ' s energy into worrying about money, or establishment after college. As soon as gradu- ation falls upon all these heads, be them speckled with Ray Bans or Peace signs, they all may one day be working at IBM side-by- side and at 5 p.m. skip off together to have a beer. Until then we ' ll just have to remain content being separate. Mari A. Olson, Photos by Brice Samuel H ow many times have you asked your friends what they wanted to do, lets say . . . between Thursdays and Satur- days? It ' s a common question, and come to think of it, it stimulates the mind. The average college student has to think about where he or she wants to go. Nine times out of 10, students will crowd into the most popular clubs around the campus area. But there are students who are looking for some- thing a little different: that special nightspot. For the students who missed out on the fifties, there ' s Little Anthony ' s Diner. Waiters are not only walking the floors to give you service, but they dance on tables for your entertainment. Young and old can jitterbug together in harmony with the band, The Cad- illacs. For those who would rather laugh the night aways, there ' s Laffs Comedy Nightclub. On Thursday nights, it ' s free for college students with a valid I.D.. Laffs has the best comedians who make you laugh until you want to throw up. Not only does Laff ' s have professional comedians, but they TUCSON DIFFERENCE Waking up when the goes Down have great promotional giveaways for their patrons. For the alternative scene-seeker, there ' s the infamous Club Congress located downtown. Club Congress opens its arms to many local bands and features progressive music, which is difficult to find in Tucson. In the Tap Room at Club Congress, students find a jukebox according to some, it ' s best in Tucson. Neon Prophet has a large following at the UA, and if they are not on the mall playing or around the area, most students can find them at The Chicago Bar on Wednesday nights. The Chicago Bar doesn ' t cater to many students, but one employee said that if they had a college night, Wednesday nights would be the time. Whatever you wanr to do at night, Tucson has the spots. (Top and bottom photos are Neon Prophet members Richard Sullivan, saxophone and David Dean, guitar. Photo illustrations on oppo- site page is by Brice Samuel). Lisa Watson i 20 I 1 I CE I 1 A ' CD 2 o m I I 22 TUCSON NIGHT TIME Little Anthony ' s is always full of fun Fifties spirit These waiters only make up a small portion of the activities that constantly sur round the customer They ' re either singing with the band, or dancing on the tables tolOSBVi It ' s a place for everyone. College Students do once in awhile, but always there ' s mix of all The fifties attracts everyone ' John Hansen, Waiter LITTLE ANTHONY ' S DINER 23 PHOTOS BY JEFF SEVER Opposite page: The entrance to the Club Congress Tap Room gives off a special red neon glow. To the left: Congress goers wait for a band to set up. While waiting, they can refresh themselves at another bar located in the club itself. Bottom left and below: Two members of the local raggae band Neon Prophet. David Dean on guitar and Carl Cher- ry on drums. Neon Prophet played every Wednesday and Thursday nights at the Chi- cago Bar. " It ' s a Reggae jam party with the U of A posse, " David Dean of Neon Prophet. BRICE SAMUElB ' | IB If HOWARD WILNEFflJli ' " A Left: Jimmy Whitaker, a star of the movie Hollywood Shuffle, per- forms at Laff ' s College Night. Every Thurs- day students can enter Laff ' s free of charge if they just show their school I.D. Right: Local al- ternative band, the River Roses, perform at the Student Union Cellar one afternoon. Local bands make up a large portion of the entertainment people see in area clubs. The River Roses have performed at Club Con- gress, universi- ty functions, and the new Graffitti ' s. " Thursday night is College I.D. night. It ' s probably 90% college students. We sell out ' Kathy Corkill Manager The River Roses play their home grown music in the Student Union Cellar. " We sing about concerns we hope everybody has . . . nothing too lofty or abstract ' River Roses, local Tucson band. 3! 27 Make A Run For The Border: ROAD TRIPS Spring 28 R oad trips are what students have used as a good ex- cuse to get away from the books and leave town for a weekend. U of A students have taken the time out to camp on Mt. Lemmon, shop and drink in Nogales, spend Spring Break in Rocky Point, Mazatlan, or San Car- los and cruise over to L.A. or San Diego to relax. To the right is a group who found themselves mys- teriously stumbling through the streets of Nogie. Below are memories of those who went to Memphis, Ten- nesee. They realized the King is dead, but found that lived well while he rocked the world. On the continu- ing pages are views of the beaches in San Diego. Mil i j . U of A TOP ROAD TRIP HOLIDAY SPOTS: NOGIE (NOGALES) L.A. (LOS ANGELES) SAN DIEGO MAZATLAN SAN CARLOS ROCKY POINT PHOTOS BY VICKI VANCIL ROAD TRIPS 31 Red, ' 89 WILD gain Mazanita-Mohave Hall won the Home- A I conning float competition competing against many other student organizations. Going down the Mall the float was preceded by a banner advertising their sponsor along with many hall resi- dents dressed in pint t-shirts walked along with their float. The float went well with the ' 88 Homecoming theme: Red, Wild, and Blue. They decorated their float with a spirited Wilbur and Wilma, a deck of moving playing cards, and a mechanical slot ma- chine. Delta Tau Delta and Sigma Kappa (above) peaked interest with their generic float titled, " Float. " Sad to say it didn ' t win anything. However Alpha Chi Omega and Kappa Alpha won a spirit award for their burnt down float. All ready to climb aboard their float and enjoy the fun of the afternoon, the students discov- ered that their hardwork had gone up in flames earlier in the day. All students should have been there for the occa- sion. This was a record Homecoming, packing in graduates from across the nation. Tom Lindly, business graduate eight years ago, was here for his second homecoming. " It was special this time around. Before, I had just graduated, now I ' m here with my wife and newborn son, " said Lindly. " That ' s what makes it special. " Marl A. Olson 32 TRADITIONS COLOR PHOTOS BY SCOTT WEBE saw. t 7 ORB SCOTT WEBER lo COLOR PHOTOS By SCOTT H IOMECOMING TRADITION v . ' . ' ' - SCOTT WEBER HOMECOMING 33 gmething different in our life tti gpim , i g P " ' ' ' ffl ' - ml DO o ml u H SCOTT WEBER PHOTOS BY JAMES McKNIGHT 43 SPIKE Being Fed Up uring the ' 88-89 year and in previous years students have seen distinct changes in how certain administrative processes and money problems are handled. While plagued with budget cuts, staff cuts, lines, phone registration congestion stu- dents are also greeted with class cancellations, guaranteed tuition increases every semester, increased prices on food in the Student Union, and unbearable stress. Unbearable stress? The writer must be jok- ing. Hardly. If being a poor student sounds so romantic, why is it becoming so hard. Students are discovering as they crawl through their col- lege years that sometimes a can of ALPO might not look so bad. Being thrown bones to survive can sometimes be completely depleting when one is trying to study, hold a part time job, and leave the school a well rounded human being. First, one is confronted by so many bureau- cratic processes it can be quite overwhelming. Administration did try to ease the strain of drop add lines by introducing phone registra- tion to the campus, but an influx in freshmen and storms that damaged the phone lines made it difficult to go through registration prop- erly. This forced students to just go back to the old way and gather their professors signatures. Then students scramble to get books and supplies together. Many students find them- selves questioning buying a book for $40-50 when they won ' t be using it again or can ' t sell it back. Professors haven ' t seemed to help the matter. They choose the books. Couldn ' t they try for once to think about how costly it is for some students to purchase five hardback texts for one class. Most get by buying one book at a time throug hout the semester. There are a few teachers out there however, who do understand They are kind enough to put every book on reserve at the library that they require for the class and they do try to keep book requirements to a minimum. So certainly being a poor student in this age is not quite romantic. It can be, if you get a nice small allowance from mom and dad every month or are eligible for finacial aid, but overall, the student who trys to support himself while mom and dad handle tuition might face prob- lems. It ' s not that it can ' t be done, but sometimes students are so busy trying to survive they for- get the reasons they are here in the first place One comes in eager to work that part-time job and take on a few bills, but they forget there are classes to go to and things they should get involved in. A hated excuse years from the time they graduate may be, " I didn ' t get a real col- lege experience-l was too busy trying to eat and at the same time get a degree. " Finally ASUA brought up the discussion of placing public fast food establishments in the Student Union, which will be a pleasant cut in food costs for many. Tuition and financial aid are issues that must be taken up at the grass roots level as well as nationally. If students are truly sick of expecting their tuition to raise a few hundred dollars every semester then they must increase their lobby efforts against it. If students have the energy to use their voices in the library, where they ' d rath- er not be heard, then certainly they can voice their displeasure with the increases. Mari A. Olson, Photo by Donald Case, Artwork by Robert L. Case fifi : there however, kind enough to tne library that they do try to wimum dent in this age if you get a nice md dad every ad, but overall, rthmself while ught face prob- ed sometimes wwe they for- : ft first place. at part-time |0b forget there are :.:.: f ....-, .-;.-; y trying to eat gree " ; discussion of shmentsmthe pleasant cut in isues that must wl as well as A n x) dollars every A 3 se their lobby etheenergyto erethey ' d iney can voice ases. Donald Case, JO; CJ i USED, ABUSED Yet Loved The Saga of Used Clothing, the students, and the Stores D ith recent fads and style trends lean- ing toward a ' 60 ' s re- surgence and various individualistic do- what-you-want atti- tude about clothes, second hand retail stores in the U of A area are reaping in the benefits. Two in particular, Aardvark ' s and Buffa- lo Exchange, cater to the student looking for something differ- ent. Aardvark ' s on Speedway offers good deals on home- made shorts and shirts. Their turnover isn ' t spectacular, but they ' ve got goodies. People search, and they find. Buffalo Exchange has been in Tucson for a long time and has two locations. The iniversity location is in Euclid and Helen. heir turnover rate is ood, probably be- ause they ' re so licky when they buy rom the public. Though these two jptores might be the Jpig names, they aren ' t ialone. Along Fourth Kvenue one can find a good variety of sec- pnd hand specialty J stores like, The Tuc- Ison Thrift Shop, H 3oodwill, Trini ' s Trin- ets, Value Village, El lJ3ato, and How Sweet ||t Was are just a hand ull. With the expense :lothes can make on in average student ' s )udget and if being different is the only ay, these places lay have what they .re looking for. by Mari A. Olson, ' hotos by Jeff Sever ( IT m olitics and the ollese student t Activism, Issues, Apathy: Here at the UA? uring the intense presidential cam- paign of 1988 the Student Union Ar- cade was an active political arena. Student organizations begged for attention from students passing in and out of the Stu- dent Union. Creating the mobs were Stu- dents for Bush, Students for Dukakis, the College Republicans, the University Demo- crats, Students for Rights in Latin America, Campus Friends for Israel, the Libertarians, Young Americans for Freedom and other so- cio-political organizations. Was this period the only time UA students thought of politics and their country, or is there a political apathy among students? " My impression of students over the last three decades are that only a minority (of students) are actively interested in political issues and activities on campus, " said Uni- versity professor, Dr. John Crow of the Politi- cal Science Department. Crow has been teaching since the 1960 ' s. ' " 68 was probably the year of high politi- cal involvement. This was of course because of Vietnam, but today I didn ' t get a strong sense of involvement in this election, " said Crow. " It ' s the first time that the ' 80 ' s didn ' t have a congressional or senate race actively pursued. " Crow said this was because in the local senate race most of the support went to Sen- ator Dennis DeConcini. His opponent was Keith DeGreen, who was not as well known or as well liked as Deconcini. Recent opinion polls have told us that stu- dents have become more conservative than in previous years. Crow doesn ' t believe the opinion polls. " I think students have become more liberal being less racist, more environ- mental, and questioning their countries ' poli- cy. " During October, the University Demo- crats, organized Political Awareness We which included activities like political spec ers and debates. The events were held campus and were open to the public. He ing the Democrats with the organizing a funding was Young Americans for Freedo ASUA, and SUAB. The week was held to try and educate t public about current political issues. Atte dance however was low, even though t week was publicized in the Arizona Da Wildcat and fliers were distributed on ca pus " We had a good turnout on Mecham a Proposition 106, " said Trevor Taylor, pre dent of University Democrats. " It helpec little bit, but I wouldn ' t say it made a k impression. Students are apathetic (con! ued on page 49) RIGHT: Campus Friends of Israel have a table set up on the Mall in October during Political Aware- ness Week pub- licizing their cause. 48 STUDENTS POLITICS -fUMAN JP LEFT: SHRLA, BE- LOW: Former Gov- ernor Mecham cap- tured attention dur- ing a speech on the mall. ' " asheldtotryanded ut (went political issues as low, even though in the Arizona J a good turnout on Mecham " . ' " ad Trevor Taylor, p " versify Democrats. " It helpa (it I wouldn ' t say it made a (Students are apathetic (i ge49) because there are no burning political issues that students feel are important. " During the week the only activities that got a large attendance from students was former Governor Evan Mecham ' s speech on the Mall and the debate in Gallagher Theatre on Proposition 106 (also known as English Only). Mecham was asked to speak on the mall by the Young Americans for Freedom. Because of the Mecham ' s celebrity status and controversial views, the speech attract- ed a large amount of people. Debate over Proposition 106 became heated at times throughout the campaign and that day in the Gallagher Theater as well. " In the past four years I think there ' s been a change in the political views of students, but it ' s equal in numbers, " said Tony Zin- man, secretary of University Democrats By that, Zinman is referring to the student election taken a few weeks before the real presidential election. The results showed a win for George Bush, but the winning margin was close and came close to a 50-50 split among voters. " I think there is a general apathy, but with a good speaker or cause students will come out, " said Zinman. " But in concerning what political stance students are leaning to, it ' s hard to say because it ' s such a big campus. " -Mari A. Olson STUDENT ISSUES 49 Hakeem Mus- tafawi (left) and Salah EI-Raas (right), are Arabic students attend- ing the UA, enjoy the sunshine while sitting outside the Student Union. RIGHT: Noraini Hassan, a Malaysian student, makes use of the resources available to her at the University of Arizona. BELOW: Wan Salwani Wan Yusoff, another Malaysian student, talks with a friend in the Student Union. Tie van was rente ispecial rate, those i i nternational c tudents I Proving to be a strong force n October 27, 1988 a van load of students took off for Boulder, Colo- rado for a conference. The concept really wasn ' t anything new. University stu- dents leave on weekends to go to confer- ences or road trips all the time. This group was special though. The students who went on the trip were mostly international stu- dents. Some were from such places as West Germany, Nigeria, and Cyprus. What await- ed them? It was the first time the university had a group of international students repre- sent Arizona at the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs regional conference. The van was rented from Jim Click Ford at a special rate, those attending made person- al donations, ASUA gave funds, and a small grant was given from the National Foreign Students Association to pay for gas. While at the conference the students crammed in as II much cultural exchanging, seminars, and fun as they could in the weekend event. Here at the university there are 2,653 inter- national students. That also includes CESL students. They come from 118 different countries around the world. The university has more students from more different coun- tries than any other college in the nation. They make up a small portion of the 30,000 plus student population on campus, but a they are a powerful force that can ' t help but be noticed. Sharon Jensen, a program advisor at the International Student Office, went with the group in October. " It was a great opportunity for students to talk about their concerns and to develop leadership and communication, " said Jensen, referring to the seminars and lectures available to the students. These students are doing something that is very obvious. They are breaking the cultur- al barriers and tackling the stereotypes. Attitudes about international students are constantly changing and the stereotypes that American students develop depend on the students as individuals. " When there is a crisis going on, we forget we ' re all individuals. If a person is from a country in which there is a crisis that effects Americans, we forget about individuality and lump everyone in one group, " said Jensen. " I think we have to make a conscious effort to guard against that. " Mike Hein, Hall Director of Apache-Santa Cruz, enjoyed the experience. " It was quite enriching. The exposure I gained to such di- versity, talent, and experiences will be in- valuable. " The group plans to attend the next region- al conference in Minneapolis. It will take mas- sive fundraising and effort but they ' ll be there. Mari A. Olson BELOW: Ghulam Abbas Hazara takes a break from his classes to play a game of pool in Sam ' s Place. FRONT ROW: Stephanos Antoniades, Zomenia Zomeni, and Magid Mahmoud. BACK ROW: Kristine Marsh, Teresa Habra, Claire Prefontaine, Angelika D. Riess, Teruyo Mori, Ibrah Mahamane, and Michael Hein. This wonderful group of individuals, Americans and students from other countries, were the ones who went to Colorado for the once in a life-time experience they ' ll never forget. They want international students to be recognized. Not as foreigners, but as individuals. GREG BERG INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS 51 Psychobunny And OR The Secret World of Vertigoing and the Bizzare ost students over the past two years who have flipped through the pages of the Arizona Daily Wildcat to quickly giggle over the comics page have certainly pondered over the curious and bizarre Vertigoing. Either the average reader of the comics page understands Vertigoing or simply doesn ' t get what it ' s all about. Bloom County has it ' s loyal following and doesn ' t need an explanation as to why people like it. No Exit is basically tuned toward the campus student, as is Upstate U. Vertigoing, however, doesn ' t aim itself at any one group. It ' s for everyone. Everyone, that is, who ' s willing to understand it. Nancy Rifkin, the artist of this secret world, is surprisingly not what one might expect to be the creator of Psychobunny, Circle Master, Nim, the Evil Beverage Queen, and Wonder Seamstress. She is quiet, unassuming, and filled with a good dose of strange humor. " I have this really weird sense of humor and with Vertigoing it all seems to fall in place, " says Rif- kin. Rifkin ' s most popular character, Psychobunny, is a concoction invented by her and various influences: Bill the Cat and Bugs Bunny. Though he was the first character to grace the strip ' s boxes, he ' s becoming a little tiresome for Rifkin. " Psychobunny is trapped in a comic strip and wants to get out, " says Rifkin, who ' d like more attention paid to other characters who are trying to blossom in the shadow of the crazy rabbit. At the beginning of Vertigoing ' s published life, September 27, 1987; Rifkin admits she " made a mess of it. " " I wasn ' t drawing with any perspective. I think there ' s a line you must draw between drawing stuff weirdly, which can be cool but if it ' s messy I won ' t read it. " " I have a lot of confidence that people do like it. I know, however, that I can ' t please everyone. I do know that I take things literally, like cliches, and work with it. " Maybe that ' s the key that people need to realize when they look up into the sky after watching Psychobunny fighting with his blonde wigged stapler. Corniness and sarcasm are abundant in Vertigoing. Rifkin, a General Fine Art ' s Studies major, discovered this was what she wanted to do at the age of 12. Now, after being published by and for her peers, she hopes Vertigoing has a future. " I hope to take Vertigoing on the road. " Bizzare or not, Vertigoing was meant to go places and it will. Mari A. Olson. Vertigoing By Nancy Rifkin OHH! IT ' S. . . A I mm i TUC " UIPV- d " M Hf iwP Ws.rft POW ' T HAI ANY WHO TUT THEIR FOOT 60X. ' V. 7Tr i 7MH- W You ' MR. wiu CALL y w IF ANYTHIN6 And Nancy Rifkin BRICE SAMUEL STUDENT CARTOONIST 53 Lisa Watson and Nicole Greason: friends since the beginning of their freshman year. " We know what ' s important to each other with losing our identity. " Nicole " I was kind of shy and she was kind of talkative. " Lisa FRIENDS THE BEST COLLEGE SUPPORT SYSTEM riendships in college have a way of either coming and going or staying around forever. Why is that? It ' s far differ- ent from high school where everyone was thrown into some clique or group and where students interact with large num- bers of people. " It ' s extremely hard because everyone is doing their own thing, " said Nicole, a recent DA graduate. " It ' s so diverse. There ' s a lot of different people with so many differences on their own. That makes it hard. " She and Lisa, a creative writing senior, met as freshmen during Newstart. Now that Lisa will be graduating soon the two freiends will be going their separate ways soon. Lisa realizes the difficulty in keeping in touch, but, " I know I will, no matter what. " Kris and Rose met only this semester in a class, but they knew right away that they ' d become good friends. " We always have something to talk about, but most of the time we just laugh, " said Rose. Steve, Greg and Tony have know each other for quite sometime through their fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. Tony, a political science senior, and Steve, a computer engineering senior, have known each other the longest, as roommates during their freshman year in the dorm, and Greg joined them as apartment roommates just last summer. " When there ' s something wrong we don ' t hide it or keep it in and they ' re supportive when something good happens, " said Greg. Both Tony and Greg graduated in December, so Steve will be left to find new roommates or be confronted with an unfamiliar situa- tion. " It will be strange not having them around, especially Tony, " said Steve. " We ' ve always done everything together. " Most students agree that it takes a year to find close friends in college. One might find " friends " , but sometimes this takes much longer to find someone to trust and that will always be there. College is such a difficult period. Stress is high and students con- front problems they never knew existed before. Mari A. Olson Editor ' s comment: Chris, Jane, Lisa, Marcheta, James, and Tony, Where would I be without you? This is completely your story for which there is never a Beginning, middle or end. There is only now and the time we spend together. MAO DS EST a )RT i ay of either coming ami .% that ' It ' s far differ- i everyone was thrown into tents interact with large num- one is doing their own thing, " ts so diverse. There ' s a lot of ices on their own. That makes : " ' 3 ' iet as freshmen during uating soon the two freiends ' ' What ' s impor tant is that I feel comfortable around them. " Greg no matter what! 1 ;; a class, but they kra 3 tads, k about, but most of the time eta Tony, a political science ineering senior, toe torn sdunngtheir freshman yearip good happens, " said Greg jecartesoStevewlbe fl ted an unfamiliar site tee Tony Zinman, Greg Bunge, and Steve Hamilton: Friends that look forward to a reunion ten years from now. " If I didn ' t know Rose I ' d be in an insane asylum. " B fllt " I feel like I ' ve known her all my life. " Rose Kris McKenna and Rose Hamway: This best friendship is only a semester old. a NEWS After spending his entire career as a member of the Edmonton Oilers, super- star Wayne Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings. The Los Angeles Lakers, led by Magic Johnson and coach Pat Riley, won the NBA Championship for the second year in a row. Canada ' s Ben Johnson won the 100- meter dash in the Olympics, but was later disqualified for testing positive for steriods. 58 NEWS CHAMPIONS OF V 88 - 89 Orel Hershiser won two games in the World Series as the Dodgers beat Oakland. N Mike Tyson made news both in and out of the boxing ring after he married Robin Givens. Joe Montana, who was benched ear- ly in the season, came back to lead San Francisco to a 20-16 win over Cincinnati in the Super Bowl. Florence Griffith-Joyner was named Female Athlete of the Year after her great performance in the Seoul Sum- mer Olympics. CONSTRUCTION t seems like every- where on campus last year there was some type of construction going on. The three new parking garages, the Stu- dent Health Center, and the Speedway tunnel were just a few of the many develop- ments happening during the 1988-89 school year. The long awaited parking garages provided an in- creased number in parking spaces for cars and motor- cycles which helped relieve the traffic congestion on campus. The Student Health Center underwent renovations from Septem- ber until June which would consolidate all their pro- grams and services into one building to make it easi- er for students to get help in all areas of health care. The tunnel going under Speed- way Boulevard was finished in September and relieved the pedestrian traffic going across one of the busiest streets in the city. Parking garage construc- tion forced students to make detours on campus. The tunnel under Speed- way made access to and from campus much easier. 60 NEWS The new parking garage by McKale Center will also provide parking for the Main Library and football stadium. It may look like a bomb de- stroyed the Student Health Center, but it is only being re- modeled for better efficiency. CAMPUS CONSTRUCTION 61 DUKE FAILS Although Michael Dukakis had a strong campaign, even help from the Almighty couldn ' t help him win the election. Jesse Jackson had a lot of nationwide support until Michael Dukakis over- looked him as vice-president, conse- quently his campaign lost momentum. 62 NEWS .BUSH PREVAILS eorge Bush fulfilled his lifelong aspiration of becoming President. His win was touted as a near landslide, with an 8 point margin of the popular vote, and a 426-112 vote in the Electoral College. Michael Dukakis, put up a formidable and at times threatening rally against Bush. His campaign strategy to be " one of us " grew upwardly strong, but then lost it ' s appeal as quickly as it had risen. The major turning point in both campaigns came after negative exposure in national ads barraging each other with negative points. After that, it came down to a matter of the American public deciding who they could trust in a crisis. Overwhelmingly, Bush was the peoples ' choice. After eight years in the White House, President H Reagan stepped down to allow former vice-president H George Bush a new beginning. s o George Bush ' s impressive election victory also left N many questions unanswered as to whether or not he m could fulfill his campaign promises. ELECTION 63 In the after; nian earthq fins lie read A botched maneuver resulted in the deaths of 70 people (including the three pilots) in histor y ' s worst air show disaster, which occurred in Ramstein, West Germany. September saw the launch of the space shuttle Discovery. The first launch since the loss of Challenger, flag waving spectators looked on as it was catapulted into space. Three gray whales became trapped under Alaska ' s sea of ice, and rescuers worked diligently to cut a string of breathing holes in the ice and led them back to the ocean, but not before one died. 64 NEWS THE YEAR INTROSPECT In the aftershock of the tragic Arme- nian earthquake, piles of empty cof- fins lie ready for use. Estimates were as high as 1 20,000 dead in Leninakan and Spitak combined. Over 8,000 firefighters worked to battle blazes (of up to ten different fires) which left an estimated 995,000 acres of Yellowstone National Park charred. NEWSWEEK ! m WORLD 65 A terrorist bomb caused the crash of Pan Am flight 103 in Lockerbie, Scot- land resulting in the deaths of the 259 passengers aboard and 11 towns- people. 66 NEWS Loved the world over for his good nature and ability to make kids of all ages laugh, Mickey Mouse cele- brated his 60th birthday with best wishes from all his fans. GOODBYE IN 1988 Rock and Roll legend Roy Orbison passed away at the age of 52. Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Carl Hubbell died at 85. Distinguished actor John House- man passed away at 86. Japan ' s Emperor Hirohito succumbed to cancer in January at age 88. Charles Addams, 76 ... Cartoo- nist Milton Caniff, 81 ... Cartoonist John Carradine, 82 ... Actor Billy Carter, 51 ... President ' s Brother Richard Feynman, 69 . Robert A. Heinlein, 80 . Fiction Writer Trevor Howard, 71 ... Robert Joffrey, 57 . Troupe Founder Louis L ' Amour, 80 ... Western Novels Frederick Loewe, 86 poser Joshua Logan, 79 ... Georgi Malenkov, 86 Premeir John Mitchell, 75 ... U.S. Attorney General Louise Nevelson, 88 ... Sculptor Christina Onassis, 37 ... Heiress Alan Paton, 85 ... South African Author H.A.R. ( " Kim " ) Philby, 76 ... Brit- ish Traitor Isidor Isaac Rabi, 89 ... Physicist Art Rooney, 87 ... Football Team Owner Franz Josef Strauss, 73 ... West German Politician Mohammed Zia ul-Haq, 64 ... Pakistani President . . Physicist . . Science Actor . . Ballet- Author of . . . Corn- Director Soviet " We had joy We had fun We had seasons in the sun. An endangered species, the Califor- nia Condor was nearing extinction until one was conceived and bo rn in captivity, a sign of hope for zoolo- gists the world over. Jimmy Swaggart confessed on na- tional TV that he sinned by watching a stripper in a hotel room. He was banned from the pulpit for 1 year, but returned after a few months. - In an aerial battle, two U.S. F-14 combat jets shot down two Libyan MiG fighters, thus complicating ef- forts to shut down Muammar Kad- dafi ' s chemical weapons plant. 68 NEWS Soviet Premier Gorbachev ' s visit to the United States represented the cutting edge of Diplomacy. His mes- sage was that he respected the west and wished for peace. RJR Nabisco, the target of the big- gest takeover battle in history raised questions about greed, debt, and the well-being of American Industry. WORLD 69 Jn . . . ARTS ENTERTAINMEN1 . A ' M aking his first appearance in Tucson, Wynton Marsalis per- formed for a full house at the UA ' s Centennial Hall on September 17, 1988. Marsalis, one of the world ' s pre- mier jazz trumpet players brought his contemporary style and jazz flair to an audience which appreciated his tre- mendous talent and ability. The first half of the performance con- sisted of a few of the older works which were slow and melodic. The second half was more upbeat and jazzy, yet equally as enthralling. In addition to Marsalis ' solo cameos, all four of the musicians accompanying him played a solo piece which brought attention their outstanding talents as well. The two and a half hour long perfor- mance was comprised of selections from his Grammy Award winning al- bums, which gave the audience a tre- mendous spectrum from which to ex- perience his phenomenal talent and personal dedication. By accomplishing all of this at the tender age of 27, the future can only look brighter with prom- ise for Wynton Marsalis. Jeniffer Kelly Jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis caught in a pensive mood. By con- trast, his performance at Centennial was nothing short of spectacular. WYNTON MARSALIS 72 WYNTON MARSALIS - DANA CARVEY AIJS Two of the many unique and totally " Dana " poses which he struck during the course of the evening ' s performance. rowing up in a middle class subur- ban family is really nothing out of the ordinary, just ask comedian Dana Carvey, whose Saturday Night Live cast of characters, ranging from The Church Lady to Ching Change to Hans of Hans and Frans fame represent the more absurd side of everyday life. Carvey, who began his career as a stan- dup comic doing impersonations soon gained small time fame (while attending San Francisco State University) and after only five months of performing was named the winner of the San Francisco Stand-Up Com- edy Competition. From there Carvey decided to create char- acters rather than continue with imperson- ations. Personal and original, these charac- ters soon gained notoriety on their own and Carvey honed them to his own sense of co- medic perfection. For his performance at Centennial Hall, Carvey chose to divide his routine into both his characters, who even interacted with each other for a unique flair, and a stand-up routine which included such topics as Bush Dukakis, campaigns, UofA ASU rivalry, the Olympics, and college life. No matter how one chose to look at it, Carvey ' s performance brought the full house to it ' s feet, not bad for a guy who just wants to " be myself. " Jeniffer Kelly DANA CARVEY 73 FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS racing their roots back almost eighteen years, the Fabulous Thunderbirds began as the sole foresight of guitarist Jimmie Vaughan, who began his career in the early 1970 " s in Austin, Texas with a band called The Storm. There Jimmie met up with vocalist Kim Wilson, and they were soon joined by drummer Fran Christina and acoustic electric bassist Preston Hubbard. After their initial formation in 1975, the band began immediately touring up and down both coasts and across the Midwest. 1979 proved to be a pros- perous year for the group with the re- lease of their first self-titled album, which was soon followed by two more albums on the Chrysalis label. The month of September brought the Fabulous Thunderbirds to Centen- nial Hall and, in a nearly sold-out con- cert, they didn ' t hesitate to bring on their well known and powerful mix of jazz, rhythm and blues and pure rock. Jeniffer Kelly The Fabulous Thunderbirds lived up to their name as they played to an enthusiastic crowd at Centennial Hall. 74 FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS egun as a folk art, Chinese acrobatics has survived from approximately 700 B.C. to de- velop into what is coined by many to- day to be one of the most dazzling shows of tradition and discipline ever arranged. The acrobats and magicians, who performed at Centennial Hall in Sep- tember had actually begun their train- ing (to be a part of the troupe) at the tender age of eight years of age. After five to seven years of intense training specializing in one particular act, the young people are ready to perform. In accordance with their rigid train- ing for the acrobatic act, the perform- ers also undergo a strong academic program, at the end of which a test is given and those students who do not pass it are not allowed to perform. The acrobats and magicians who appeared at Centennial performed ap- proximately fifteen acts, including such feats as Plate-Spinning, Nose balanc- ing and Soft Wire Walking. The perfor- mance, which lasted almost two hours, was an intermittent blend of acrobatic acts, magic and juggling. These acts helped to prove the perfection and prestige the performers had ultimately attained. Jeniffer Kelly These acrobats have perfected a way to defy gravity through this dis- play of balance. SHANGHAI ACROBATS ACROBATS 75 AC A LUMNI CONTEST VV INNERS s in past years, the University of Arizona ' s Union Gallery hosted the exhibition of the 1987 Alumni Art Contest Winners. The contest, in which at least 100 artists competed, was judged last year, and the three artists whose works are ex- hibited this October were decided the winners. After the decision, the three were given one year to prepare for the exhibition. Coincidently, all three of last years ' winners reside in Tucson and are all alumni of the University of Arizona. The winning trio, which consists of two women and one man, will have their exhibition in the Union Gallery from September 28 to October 20, 1988. Gary Benna, whose works are fea- tured on these two pages, creates with ceramic as well as clay and paper. His sculptures are often those of figures in exaggerated contortions which em- phasize a psychological condition. Artist Johna Cronk ' s work is diverse and multi-faceted, including such to- pics as respect for the living and the dead, to a unity in all aspects of life. Recently, she has been experimenting with different materials and quasi func- tional three-dimensional formats. Gail Marcus Orlen, an established Tucson and regional artist exhibited pastel on paper still-lifes and land- scapes done in Washington. Orlen is a painting teacher at the Tucson Muse- um of Art School. Jeniffer Kelly Gary Senna ' s ceramic figure entitled " STOP!!! " was one of his works on display at the Union Gallery during the Alumni Winners Exhibition. 76 ART The sculpture entitled " In the Back of My Mind, " is the complex looking piece which ex- pressed the psycho- logical condition Benna tried to achieve. Another contorted ce- ramic sculpture of Ben- na ' s, " Romancing the Almighty (The Naked Pra) " creates a sense of solitude in the individ- ual. ALUMNI CONTEST WINNERS 77 he second annual Mask Show Halloween Bash took place on, appropriately enough, October 31 at the 830 Gallery just West of campus. The masks, which were created by various students, graduates, non-students and local artists were judged by Tucson artist and mask maker Steve Eye for the categories of Funniest, Most Grotesque, Most Original and Best of Show. Artists submitting their masks for presenta- tion and judging paid a $1 .00 fee, but the exhibit itself was open and free to the public. Jeniffer Kelly Artist Sheila Pitt created one of the more intricate masks showing the two faces of man. One of the two masks created by Keiko Imaoka, this one embodies the fright and wretchedness of Hallow- een. HALLOWEEN; BASH 78 HALLOWEEN MASKS POSTERRCTONTEST very Fall the Annual Alumni Exhibition takes place, and every year the Art Depart- ment encourages students to create posters which will advertise the Alumni Exhibi- tion. This year, Ellen McMa- hon ' s graphic arts classes created some visually excit- ing and stimulating posters which were in themselves works of art. These posters were featured as their own exhibit in the Hall of Fame Gallery in the Student Union from mid-October to mid- November. Jeniffer Kelly This poster by artist Laura Bounma is symmetric and bal- anced, yet it is acreatively e nticing advertisement for the Alumni Exhi- bition. Graphic art student Lilly Chen ' s poster is creatively original and uses more relaxed lines to focus in on the Alumni Exhibition. POSTER CONTEST 79 OINGO BOINGO B ringing their ultra-energetic and multi-ethnic musical approach to Centennial Hall in early Novem- ber, Oingo Boingo left an enthusiastic crowd cheering for more (even after two encores!). 1988 marks the 10th anniversary of the group ' s emergence on the Southern Cali- fornia pop music scene as a force to be reckoned with. The group is now regard- ed as one of the hottest bands around, with a large following, which is consistent- ly witnessed by their sellout shows of 6,000-15,000 seats. As a true example of their versatility, the group has done both film and televi- sion work, contributing over a dozen songs to motion picture soundtracks. In commemoration of their ten year an- niversary, the band has released an al- bum entitled, Boingo Alive, which cap- tures on vinyl their range of sounds from rock n ' roll to jazz to West African and even Reggae. Jeniffer Kelly Oingo Boingo lead singer Danny Elfman displays the raw energy and dynamic strength which keeps the band at the top of the music industry. 80 OINCO BOINCO The grand picture of the entire State Symphony of the U.S.S.R. during one of its illus- trious performances in its na- tive music hall in Moscow. or the first time ever, patrons of Cenntennial Hall were treated to the delightfully disciplined and highly talent- ed sounds of the State Symphony of the U.S.S.R. The orchestra, and its 23 year partnership with its conductor and musical scholar Yevgeny Svetlanov is recognized as one of the most illustrious collaborations in Soviet music today. Through its wealth of recordings on the Melodia label and its extensive history of international touring, the orchestra enjoys a tremen- dous following among music lovers the world over. Jeniffer Kelly SYMPHONY OF U.S.S.R 81 ROBERT PALMER W ith ten albums un- der his belt, explo- sive and enthusias- tic singer Robert Palmer confidently performed for a full house at the UA ' s Cen- tennial Hall in November. Palmer, well liked for his sense of variety and style, sang songs from some of his older albums as well as the current smash solo al- bum, Heavy Nova. This al- bum is a success for rea- sons like the song " Simply Irresistable " which is now receiving endless airplay on radio stations across the country. Palmer, who is currently working on his world tour, promises " something more intimate and not a crazy cir- cus. " With all of these events in his favor, no won- der Robert Palmer is one of America ' s most popular performers. Jeniffer Kelly Poised and confident, Robert Palmer did not dis- appoint his UA audience. 82 ROBERT PALMER his October and November marked the return of the annual Alumni Art Exnibition, the works were displayed at the Union Gallery. The works, which ranged from paintings to ac- tual three dimensional art were all created by UA alumns. Many of the artists were offering their pieces for sale, and the prices ranged from a cou- ple hundred dollars to a few thousand. Some of the artists had graduated in the late 1 970 ' s or the early 1 980 ' s, while others had gradu- ated as recently as the spring of 1988. Many be- longed to an artists ' group named Dinnerware, and some were even fortunate enough to have their own studios. No matter what their particular talent or interest, all were special to have had their works chosen for the show. Jeniffer Kelly Owen Williams ' work " Difficult Choices: The Bosch in Cran- ach ' s Garden " was offered for sale for $4,400. o Allan Maertz piece titled, z " Mammoth Series 1 " was of- fered for sale for $1 ,500. ALUMNI EXHIBITION ALUMNI ART EXHIBITION 83 LEONTYNE PRICE ne of the world ' s foremost opera stars of all time, Leontyne Price performed for a full house at the UA ' s Centennial Hall in Novem- ber. Miss Price, whose entire childhood and adult life has revolved around music at- tended the prestigous Jil- liard School for Music. Upon graduation, she began per- forming in Paris in several local productions. Soon after, she made her solo singing debut (1955) with the NBC-TV Opera Com- pany in the coast to coast presentation of Tosca. Di- rectly following came per- formances with the Boston Symphony, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic and countless others. At a White House Cere- mony in 1985, P resident Reagan presented her with the first Medal of Arts. This prompted Opera News to comment, " No native-born singer of her era has been so honored as Leontyne Price. " Miss Price has acheived superstardom and has been recognized by numer- ous colleges and universi- ties as well as organizations such as the NAACP for her outstanding contributions to the world of music. Jeniffer Kelly The beautiful and talented Miss Leontyne Price. 84 LEONTYNE PRICE aving achieved fame and recogni- tion with her other half, Daryl Dragon, other- wise better known as the " Captain " , Toni Tennille took a big chance when she recorded a solo album two years ago. The chance paid off for her and she has since recorded a second solo al- bum, entitled All of Me. The album moves from ' 30s and ' 40s big band pop-jazz standards (written by Ira and George Gershwin, among others) to a Mary Ford hit to the likes of a bluesy style tune penned in 1929. Toni ' s lilting vocals and songwriting skills, in addi- tion to her awesome stage presence, has made her a pop legend. Along with hus- band Daryl Dragon, The Captain and Tennille have landed on the pop singles charts 14 times, 7 of those in the top ten. The couple remain one of the top five duos of the past ten years. Tennille says that you, " Just have to be willing to take some chances and have some guts if you want to last. " At the rate she is going, Toni Tennille can ex- pect to be around a long time. Jeniffer Kelly Toni Tennille has returned to the music scene with a new hit album. TONI TENNILLE TONI TENNILLE 85 AMERICAN INDIAN DANCERS he 1988-89 aca- demic year saw a huge variety of per- formers appeared at Cen- tennial Hall. Although ev- eryone enjoyed and appre- ciated the popular and recognizable acts, there were some that were less publicized but highly enter- taining and thoroughly spectacles in themselves. The American Indian Dance Theatre was one such act. The performers, appear- ing in October, were attired in native costumes, includ- ing full headdress and bodywear. The troupe, con- sisting of both male and fe- male dancers, opened the evening ' s performance with a dance to welcome them- selves and to pay rever- ence to the sun and moon. The actual act, which was a refreshing treat to all who attended, lasted an en- tire two hours without an in- termission, and was a hit with the full house which they performed for. Jeniffer Kelly Dancers dressed in tradi- tional costumes. 86 AMERICAN INDIAN DANCE THEATRE Iways loud and of- ten brash (depend- ing on one ' s come- dic preferences), Sam Kini- son challenged the audience with his outra- geous sense of " humor " . In December, Kinison brought his zany character to the U of A ' s Cenntennial Hall. Kinison, whose mono- logue topics range from the Pope, sex, drugs, and rock and roll, preacher, and scam artists saw his career take off when Rodney Dan- gerfield allowed him to ap- pear on his comedy special in 1985. Since then, he had made subsequent appear- ances on " Saturday Night Live, " " Late Night with Da- vid Letterman, " and the " Tonight Show. " Kinison released a new album in 1988, his second to date. This album is filled with Kinison ' s trademark hard-hitting monologues, as he leaves no stone un- turned. Jeniffer Kelly The zany and brash Sam Kinison. 1 3) I I Tl I n SAM KINISON SAM KINISON 87 ailed the greatest magician of our time, David Cop- perfield has elevated the art of magic to a realm higher than thought possible. Hav- ing made ten television spe- cials and toured extensively for four years, David has enjoyed the most exposure and popularity of any magi- cian in history, including Houdini. Some of his astounding feats include levitating him- self over the Grand Canyon, walking through the Great Wall of China, escaping from Alcatraz, and finally, disappearing from the Ber- muda Triangle. David ' s personal accom- plishments are as astound- ing as his illusions. Honored by the American Guild of Variety Artists and named the Academy of Magical Arts ' " Entertainer of the Year, " in addition to per- forming four times for Presi- dent and Mrs. Reagan at Ford ' s Theatre. With all of these incredi- ble feats and illusions to his credit, there is no slowing down the man who has changed the legendary art of magic forever. I The astonishing and flaw- l ess illusionist, David Cop- perfield. DAVID COPPERFIELD 88 DAVID COPPERFIELD T. oo perfect for words, ' is what one reviewer lauded of Pantomimist Marcel Mar- ceau. Called the ' Wordless Wonder, ' the World ' s Great- est Pantomimist, ' and the ' Genius of Gesture, ' Mar- ceau has thrilled audiences the world over with his inter- pretations of the comic and tragic aspects of our lives. With a few gestures he can create the joys of child- hood, the misfortunes and agonies of our lives. He por- trays birth and death with a single gesture, fights the howling wind, tames lions, and walks a tightrope all without the help of props, scenery or makeup (ex- cept, of course, his white face). The brilliant Marcel Mar- ceau strikes a poetic pose. MARCEL MARCEAU MARCEL MARCEAU 89 DREAM GIRLS The University of Arizona was very fortunate and ' thrilled to have the Tony Award winning Broadway musi- cal " Dreamgirls " perform at Cen- tennial Hall December 15-18. " Dreamgirls " chronicles the story of " The Dreams, " a singing trio from Chicago that struggles to break out of the commercially limiting rhythm-and-blues scene into the pop charts. The three women end up as superstars- ala the Supremes. But the singers must then deal with their tremen- dous success. Originally directed and choreo- graphed by the late Michael Ben- nett, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author director choreographer producer of the longest running show in the history of Broad- way " A Chorus Line. " Lynette DuPre stars as Effie, the difficult Dream who sings the showstopping song which also won a Grammy Award. Lyn Mac- Donald stars as Deena, the lead Dream who has it all-beauty, fame, fortune, and, ultimately, heartbreak. Victoria Lorrell stars as the third and final Dream in the trio. " Dream girls " was a huge suc- cess at Centennial Hall, with sell- out performances. Quite a treat. 90 DREAMGIRLS ianist, arranger, and composer Peter Nero gave a grand perfor- mance at the U of A ' s Centennial Hall in February. Nero, who was recently chosen by the International Society of Performing Art as its 1986 Honoree " for extraordinary achievement and an out- standing contribution to pop music in America. " In over twenty-five years of performing, which produced 51 record albums, two Grammy awards, and ten Grammy nomi- nations, his innate instinct for and experi- ence with pops programming have made him one the most important and consis- tent best selling pops concert attractions in the world. Peter Nero continues to flourish with an expanding repertoire of over 400 works. His success extends to his highly ac- claimed position as Music Director and Conductor of the Philadelphia Pops, as well as to his frequent return engage- ments with concert organizations and symphony orchestras. NEROO PETER NERO 91 ome tnin a SPORTS BRICE SAMUEL WILDCAT FOOTBALL he University of Arizona Wildcat Football team ended the season with a a 7-4 record, even though they suffered some tough losses, they also earned some very impressive victories. The first game of the season was against Oregon State. The Wildcats pulled ahead of Oregon State to win 24-13. The first home game of the season, against Texas Tech, was a come-from-behind victory for the team with David Eldridge leading the way by rushing for 87 yards and two touchdowns. Head Coach Dick Tomey said, " When you fall behind like that you have to be patient. " The next game was a tough contest at perennial national powerhouse Oklahoma, where the Wildcats challenged the Sooners in a 28-10 loss. However, a 55-0 victory over Eastern Michigan the following week, helped the team regain its confi- dence by breaking a single game record with 561 yards in total offense. Losing to USCJI36-15 oroug ' Btinly a more solid reason to bounce back anj qa;n contrftf the season for the Wild- cats. This solid at Washington Sta game 45-28. game, runnin pleting 10 of A tough 24 -Tr6 " slS Sg ' Sln ' s ' t T ' V3n " kSd UCLA disappointed coach Tomey, " We did as poor a job offensively against UCLA as we did a good job the week before, " he said. A loss to California at Homecoming stirred much criticism for offense which scored only seven points against the worst team in the league. Tomey kept an optimistic outlook, hoping to come through with victories in the last three games of the season. Arizona won a 16-13 victory over Washington in a rainy game in Seattle. Always holding the edge over Oregon, the ' Cats lead Oregon 27-3 at halftime and watched Oregon close the gap to 27-20 until an 87 yard touchdown run put the Wildcats in control for a 41-27 victory. With a little more consistency in the offense, a confident attitude, and the strong desire to beat Arizona State, the Wildcats headed into their last game of the season. It was a hard fought victory as both teams had equal records, but the ' Cats were determined to make this ' Seven in a Row ' . The season ended in a 28-18 victory over the Sun Devils. A 7-4 season record didn ' t earn the team a bowl game bid at the end of the season, but the Wildcats had nothing to be ashamed of because three of those losses were against top- ten ranked teams. More importantly than any score, the play- ers, coaches, and loyal Arizona fans kept an optimistic atti- tude hopefully will carry over to the 1989 season. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea nd helped in a victory over !e-from-behind to win the al had an excellent 70 yards, while com- 94 SPORTS David Eldridge tries to avoid the ball from being stripped from his grasp against Eastern Michigan. Ken Hanks was part of the swarming defense that shut out E. Michigan. Arizona ' s defense lines up against UCLA ' s tough and quick offense. Quarterback Ronnie Veal led the team to many vic- tories with his quickness and good all-around skills. FOOTBALL 95 The " twins " Chris and Kevin Single- ton charge in to join their teammate for a sack against Texas Tech. Bobby Walters takes a quick look over the offensive line before begin- ning a play. 96 SPORTS What a Difference A Year Makes B eing different gives us a chance to be effec- tive. " . . . " Like all teams, we have a chance to be a good team. Individually we have to win more battles. We have to play better and coach better. ' ' . . . " We ' re doing something different to give ourselves a chance to be great. " These quotes from Head Coach Dick Tomey reflect his philosophy for the 1988 season. This makes the difference coming from a 4-4-3 record the Arizona Wildcats are looking to start over. The run and shoot wishbone offense was in it ' s second year of operation. Experience health quarter- backs, Bobby Waters and Ronald Veal returned for a promising season. Running backs Alonzo Washington, Art Greathouse, David Eldridge, and Reggie McGill are ready to block, carry, and catch the ball. " The running backs positions hUM tte0ibjUubj h compliment one er been before, " ly thoylff faced with inex- " We ' re strong Tomey said. De perienced players ers and the strength of the Singleton broth- talent, and depth of the 9 newcomers allow tor a successful detense. . Besides the offensive and defensive line, the Wildcat football team vwwswpported by their Jithusiastic fans. Ticket sales skyrocketed like never before, and the red of Arizona was out in full bloom. Under Dick Tomey the team has come together in leadership and ability. They no longer wanted to be superstars. They didn ' t want catchy nicknames. They wanted to be themselves. Not doing what everyone else was doing, but by being different and getting the job done right. Believing in every player and knowing that the team would conquer obstacles and outwit opponents by a united front on and off the field. With Tomey ' s experience, attitiude, and ideas, " 88 " was the year that Arizona made the difference. The Pac Ten teams should be aware that the Wildcat football team planned to beat the odds, to win, and had no intention of repeating history. l IQ s lace kicker John Nies starts the first homegame of the 1988 season vith an excellent kickoff. )ffensive linemen Robert Flory and George Mihalopoulos discuss a play juring the Texas Tech game. VlCW VA ' FOOTBALL 97 lain and simple our goal entering the final game of the season was to beat A.S.U. No questions pondered. No worries in focus. Just the simple attitude of a devil of a dinner on Thanksgiving weekend. The confrontation brewed revenge, rivalry, and rallied the schools to support their teams. It was the Wildcats vs. the Sun Devils and the winner took all the glory. The game was sold-out at Arizona Stadium and fans from both sides met to show support. At the start of the game, Wildcats were a little too anxious and their fans lost a little confidence. Within the first quarter of the game, ASU took the lead 6-0. Soon after, howeve Jfa ildcaL fense kicked in and Derek Hill received a pass from Ronald Veal and ran for a 47- yard touchdown, followed by Doug Pfaff ' s kick, making the score 7-6. ik ASU followed this play with a 44-yard touchdown, however, UA landed another touchdown, also. Wearing the end of the first half, the game led from team to team. Neither team showed the sign of victory. I MBHBHHHMHH ' BHHHH HI HB 1 As sun shone frioUbAikaavens, Ronald Veal threw a pass down the sideline to Melvin Smith. Smith, who fell, handed the ball to the waiting arms of Derek Hill, who graciously strolled into the end zone. This " Hail Mary " play as local press re- ferred to it, graced the UA with a 21 -1 8 lead at halftime as well as the momentum to keep going in the second half. During the second half, UA defense put up a solid steel wall and prevented ASU from scoring. Alonzo Washington brought in the next touchdown receiving an 11 -yard pass. A final score of 28-1 8 ended a season full of ups and downs for the Wildcats. Once again, the rivalry continues. Once again, plain and simple we beat ASU. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea Derek Hill manuevers himself around the Sun Devil de- fense early in the first half of the game. 98 SPORTS ROW Free Safety, Rich Groppenbacher suffocates Sun Devil Martin to prevent a touchdown attempt. The Wildcats congratulate teammate, Derek Hill after his touchdown put the team on top for good. FOOTBALL 99 BEING DIFFERENT . . . B 100 SPORTS BEING GREAT Football ' 88 Running back Art Great- house uses his strength to gain extra yardage. Offensive guard Robert Flory and a trainer help an injured teammate. BRICE SAMUEL David Eldridge comes within a few yards of | breaking through the Texas Tech line. FOOTBALL 101 ' 89 ARIZONA BASKETBALL ROBERT WALKER! 1989 WILDCAT BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Joe Turner, Steve Condon, Bruce Fraser, Jessie Evans, Lute Olson, Tony McAn- drews, Kevin O ' Neil, Scott Waters, Craig McMillan. BACK ROW: Matt Othick, Harvey Mason, Jud Buechler, Sean Elliott, Sean Rooks, Mark Georgeson, Brian Williams, Brian David, Anthony Cook, Wayne Womack, Ron Curry, Matt Muehlebach, and Ken Lofton 102 SPORTS Evans, Lute Oson, Tony Mem r,Sw Sean Rooks. and Ken Lofton. Senior Anthony Cook, all Pac-10 performer in ' 88, makes a quick move to the basket against the UNLV defense. Sean Elliott, surrounded by a tough defense, fakes a shot to 1 try to get his opponents off guard or to draw a foul. 33 A frenzied UA fan takes school spirit one step further than 3 most. The UA team was supported at every game by a sold- out McKale Center. BASKETBALL 103 HOOPS IN ' 89 ith high expectations, a record of 35-3 last year, sold- out season tickets and thousands of fans supporting their efforts, the 1989 University of Arizona Wildcat Basketball team had a lot going for them. With All-American Sean Elliot, and Anthony Cook, among the best forwards in the country, Coach Lute Olson runner up for the AP National Coach of the Year Award, and last year ' s reserves gaining valuable experience, the season was full of optimism. Coming off a 35-3 season, the Wildcat ' s were ranked eleventh in most of the pre-season national ratings at seasons start. With the loss of valuable seniors like Steve Kerr and Tom Tolbert, the team was hoping to establish the same chemistry that was they had last season. Olson looks at the season and players as centering around the performance of Sean Elliot. " We ha ve Sean Elliot. We want to put the four best players with him on the floor, " said Olson. " Sean ' s versatility should give us the kind of flexibility we need with the club we have. " Anthony Cook was the Pac-10 ' s leading career shot block- er and leads the squad in rebounding for the past two seasons. Junior Jud Buechler, backed Elliot and was ex- pected to have a strong year. Kenny Lofton, Harvey Mason, and Matt Muehlebach shared time in backcourt positions. Lofton had the best shooting percentage of the three, but Mason ' s strong all- around athletic skills and Muehlebach ' s good knowleges of team strategy, but has had little game time. Sean Rooks, Mark Georgeson, and Brian David alternated at the center position. Rooks, freshman, was known as a great offensive player, and also a freshman, Georgeson had excellent defensive skills, but was injured in the summer. David, who red-shirted as a freshman, had the most experi- ence, but suffered an injury at the beginning of the 1987-88 season. Along with the new recruits who began practicing with the team, Olson expected a strong team, " We ' ll have to search for the right combination, but we have the right ingredients. " -Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea Kenny Lofton makes up for his 5 ' 1 1 " height with his excel- lent jumping ability that gives him an advantage. 104 SPORTS Coach Lute Olson, among the nation ' s finest, ad- vises Harvey Mason on game strategy. Senior Anthony Cook, 00, makes a quick move and scores giving the Wildcats the lead. DON CASE University of Arizona fans decked-out in red, sup- port the team with spirit and enthusiasm. BASKETBALL 105 F I 4 " m- i 106 SPORTS Sean Elliott, Arizona ' s leading scorer in 1989, attempts a dunk that was some of the 32 points he scored in the game. Guard Matt Muehlebach became a dependable player because of his excellent shooting and strong defense. Harvey Mason puts up one of his many three-pointers during an 86-75 victory over the UNLV Runnin ' Rebels. Freshman Ron Curry earned much play- ing time and was a valuable addition to the team because of his diversity. BASKETBALL 107 Matt Muehlebach hoped to establish himself as a starter after spending much of his freshman year as a reserve. Sean Rooks, a 6 ' 1 1 " redshirt freshman, will provide the team with a strong center and another offensive threat. Jud Buechler rises above his opponents and sinks a two pointer against Marathon Oil. 108 SPORTS Sean Elliott breaks away for an open shot against UNLV. BASKETBALL 109 A WILD CATCH f the past success could promise future success, the UA Wildcat Baseball team should expect an excel- lent season. The team has won a National championship in 1985 as well as playing in the NCAA playoffs. This year ' s team has many returning players as well as several players who played for the U.S. National team. This year ' s team has more experience than the youthful team of last year. The team returned with seven starting players and the pitching was strong and consistent. In a fall game against Grand Canyon College, University of Arizona won both games of a double-header which were the only home games in the fall season. In the game, strong pitching performances were put in by starter Scott Erickson, relievers Matt Figuera and David Blake as well as a solid defense helped in the 12-1 victory. In the second game, Lance Dickson, Jason Hisey, and Jim Richard- son all contributed in the win. The outcome of these two games showed the Wildcat ' s had a strong future in the collegiate circuit The fall season finished with the Chandler Invitational and games against the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. The spring season brought on the Pac-10 Conference, one of the most difficult conferences in the nation. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea Baserunner Kevin Long, stops at third base, to discuss game strategy with Head Coach Jerry Kindall. Todd Devereaux prepares to slide into home plate away from the California catcher to avoid being tagged out. 110 SPORTS Barry Ledbetter hits a line drive up the middle during a game against Pac-10 power UCLA. BASEBALL 111 CATCH THE FEVER . Alan Zinter, scores a run with a head-first slide during a 12-1 rout over Grand Canyon College. Todd Devereaux, catches a fly ball and prepares to make a throw to the infield to hold any baserunners. vvH " SB 112 SPORTS 5ophomore lefthander Jim Richardson, is very valuable to he team because of his good variety of pitches. BASEBALL 113 With a bold leap, Gabby Zer- moglio bounces off the springboard onto the bal- ance beam to begin her rou- tine. 114 GYMNASTICS HEAD OVER HEELS he University of Arizona Uyrna Team began the year expecting ma tories. Their team, a mixture of lid and new members, provided depth and varietf was their key to success. Several gymnasts showed addec ment. These members were expected to lead the team to victory. Diane Monty, a sophomore, showed improvement in the floor exerckaaMMalL as the balance beam. Laura Jager, showed her skills by excel- Jthe balance beam and bars. She was con- sidefel a strong asset to the squad. Juniors, Lana .enkoff and Kristen Miscion, were all-around solid mnasts. lymnastics team relied on a strong will to win, dedication to many hours of practice, and a jreat attitude to make them contenders in the fiaSSfiinference. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea GYM CATS: FRONT ROW: Andrea Todd, Beth Hansen, Kris- ten Micsion, Caroline Wood, Tania Schneider, Scott Smith Assistant Coach, Laura Jager. BACK ROW: Jim Gault Head Coach, Diana Rendall, Diane Monty, Noelle Schnurpfeil, lana Lenkoff, Shelly Gault, Gabby Zermoglio, Joe Lueken, Andrea Walters. BRICE SAMUEL GYMNASTICS 115 Kristin Gauther prepares to bunt during a practice scrim- mage. The team practiced from 2-4 p.m. daily. A Fresh Start T he University of Arizona Softball team had a " good nucleus, " as they travelled " through a transition to find the right chemistry, " said Coach Mike Candrea The 1988-89 Softball season was to be a challenging, transi- tion season, with the loss of seven of last year ' s players. Coach Candrea had high expectations for the young team at the start of the season. The season began with work on fundamentals, by playing scrimmage games against junior colleges. Their fall season started with the Arizona Softball Classic against ArizqptaStelfeUttwaiajty, University of New Mexico, University ofl evada, and Sfelramento. This round- robin tournament wolld determine tnJ teams strengths and overall strategy in thefl c-IOConferdrte. " The Pac-10 is the hardest conference jp compete wVi. They have strong teams and effecti fjcient pitchinj ll be a dog fight to the top. " Though the tea flBBBpHHBUrience they could rely on the utilizatWPWf " f 1 teft-handed fmchers and several returning players. The team ' s strong backbone was formed by senior players Stacy Ingalls, a catcher from Tucson and Lisa Batista, a pitcher of Carson, California; Christina Co- pland, short stop and Vivian Home, an all star Pac-10 player. " This year consisted of a young team with a good, strong attitude and a tough scheduled season, " stated Coach Mike Candrea. It was a year that started with many question marks and the expectation that it would become an effective team in the Pac-10. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea SOFTBALL: FRONT ROW: Heidi Halbwacks, Stacy Redondo, Kristin Gauther, Lisa Bautista, Julie Staderz- ing, Trish Boutin BACK ROW: Keri Hauschildt, trainer, Stephanie Salcido, Ginnie Sceller, Stacy Enger, Jlie Jones, Jody Miller, Suzie Lady, Steve Linder, trainer. Larry Ray, assistant coach, Lisa Bernstein, Grad assis- tant, Doreen Juarez, Nicki Dennis, Viv- ian Holm, Sherry Cole, manager, Mike Candrea, Head Coach. Vivian Holm eats dust as she slides into second base, while teammate Stephanie Salcido tags her out. 116 SPORTS 5$ SOFTBALL 117 ' V I ' i. Jt , - .-... 118 SPORTS Arizona runner, Sheri Smith takes the lead in the Arizona Interna- tional tournament in early October at the El Conquistador. Long Strides he 1988-9 Women ' s Cross Country team " will either be a very powerful top-ten team or a strong top-25 team with a lack of depth, " said Head Coach Chris Murray. The team suffered from one major problem, two of their top runners, senior Camilla Harron and sopho- more Magdalena Thorsell were on the injured list until late in the season. Because of these injuires, Murray was forced to hold back the squad until the Pac-10 and district eight MM taMUfc Mn became healthy by the end of thl Season, we ' fluid have a good chance of qualify|i| for the NCAAphampionships, " Murray said. The women ' s t year with Ore opponents. Though in team relied or t ting schedule this t A on the list of ross Country ntsforaposi- tive outlook on the season . In the past five seasons, the team won four Pac-10 and District 8 titles and finished in the top six at the NCAA Championships four times. John Quade, Marc Davis, Tim Swinfard, and Doug r- Herron were the aggressive up-front runners and were expected to help defend the Pac-10 title. f; This year, the team had to rebuild, regroup, and Q push harder for the Pac-10 and NCAA Champion- ships. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea WOMEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY: FRONT ROW: Susan Nott, Lisa Christensen, Bridget Smyth, Samra Matthews, Shari Smith, Mag- dalena Thorsell, Tracy Kennedy, Linda Lewis. BACK ROW: Tori Leatherman, Laura Goodwin, Emily Tripp, Maria Hackett, Coach Chris Murray, Camilla Harron, Christy Feigenbutz, Clare Feit, Lind- sey Coleman. MEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY: FRONT ROW: Jack Hegarty, Steve Kurtz, Tim Swinford, Marc Davis, Coach Dave Murray, Jeff Currier, Tom Glaze, Doug Herron, John Quade. BACK ROW: Mike Parker, Gary Cobb, Bernie Semler, Mike Hryciw, Jason Salber, Aaron Lo- pez, Charlie David, Jeff Bovre, Kevin Nelson, Lennie Clark. Front runner Bridget Smyth finds strength to finish I the bitter end of the race in a fall tournament. CROSSCOUNTRY 119 ON THE RIGHT TRACK Hr he UA Men ' s and Women ' s Track Team expected an outstanding year. Both teams felt the advantages of experienced returning members as well as strength in new members. The Men ' s Track Team hoped to " duplicate last yf3C2[ season. " Coach Dave Murray stated, " With last year ' s riem- bers and excellent recruiting, we hope to have a great sea- son. " The All-American hopefuls for the season increased the potential for victories in the Pac-10 Conference Senior Doug Herron was an expected to become an AII-Amer 800m. He was the school record holder in the 800m a 1986 Pac-10 Championship. John Quade, a senior, was the Pac-10 runner-up in the 1500m. Last year he held the fastest indoor mile, 3:57. 3 in the American University Conference. Senior Derreck Huff competed in the decathlon and was an NCAA runner-up last year, an All-American, and the school record holder in this event. Sophomore Percy Knox, a long jump competitor, qualified for the Indoor Championship as a freshman. Chris Morgan, a senior, placed in the top ten in the 10,000m race. Murray also had high expectations for distance runner Marc Davis and shotputter Jack Trahan. Murray considered the Men ' s Track Team " an all-around better team compared to last years team. " " The Women ' s Track Team show strong NCAA power, " [ray. This year ' s strength was found in the diversity of the team The team included an international scope, expe- 3 Idle Q MUf ' t Df the lean iencecylti rienced returning letterman, and strong new members. Bridget Smythe, a sophomore from England who ran the 1 500m, was believed to be capable of scoring in the top three in the NCAA. Carla Garrett. a senior shotputter, has won several district Dnsidered among the top five in the NCAA. She redshirted last year to train for the Olympics. She gained good experience while training, and gained insight for the Olympics in 1992. Michelle Rutherton, a sophomore discus thrower was a NCAA qualifier and a strong returning letterman. Christina Fink-Sishiega, who came from the Mexican National Team and competed in the Olympic high jump, qualified seventh in the NCAA ratings. Murray said that both teams are expected to finish among the top ten teams in the NCAA. -Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea Hurdler Jeff Julian works to improve his time in his best event at a practice at the Rincon Vista Field. Sophomore Jeff Bluff releases the hammer throw after a strong, quick wind-up as he prepares for the upcoming season. 120 SPORTS X ' as f ound in the diversit taratiW scope new members P five i the NCAA, She gamed insight for the ' teus thrower was a letterman. Christina toon National Team i ' C Qualified seventh in g Senior Dave Wargula rj uses his strength to 5 tosstheshotputatafall S practice session. TRACK AND FIELD 121 MEN ' S TENNIS he Men ' s Tennis Team expected " a season full of tournament successes, " stated Coach Bill Wright. The team consisted of both experienced, return- ing letterman, as well as new freshmen. Using this balance of new and old talent, the team took the strength of the old team members and the new insights of the new recruits and made a solid squad. Men ' s Tennis was coached by Bill Wright, a veteran coach at the university. He expected this team to rank high in the NCAA ratings. Practice for the team began in the fall of ' 88 with exhibitions and tournaments to prepare the members for the upcoming ' 89 season. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea ' ' Todd Morris taps the ball over the net in a close net volley. Mike James eyes the ball and prepares his impressive back- hand swing. |o k v ii-V I ; M M H Ftrittl - 1444 i-l FRONT ROW: Coach Bill Wright, Brian Helming, Matt Meister, Jorge Rendon, Doug Livingston, George Flores, Assistant Coach Tom Hogedorn BACK ROW: Jeff Spiere, Blake Russ, Brian Edgar, Todd Morris, Thad Langford, David Klembith, Mike James, Scott Sigerseth, Assistant Coach Russell Parmele. 122 SPORTS Jorge Rendon serves up a smashing volley in a spring 1 practice session. m MEN ' S TENNIS 123 A Season of Aces omen ' s tennis started off the fall practice season with nine strong, experienced and new players. Coached by Becky Bell, the team was ranked fifteenth and ' ashington State, , USC, UCLA, and with four of the for the past five sixteenth in the NCAA .p, The squad competeslr University of Washingtoi ASU. This is a compel] schools ranked in the t years. To prepare themsll : th( ery diffidui season ahead of them, the team prfdiiiHHy miiiPti| to 5 p.m. daily, as well as going for conaiTIoninginTeeiirnes a week. Henriette Knols and Betsy Sommerville were the top return- ing players and Banni Redhair and Danielle Scott were the top freshman players. During the spring season there are matches every week- end as well as the desire to, " Increase our ranking, and of course, beat A.S.U.! " said Henriette Knols. " We ' re a solid team, strong down the line and though we work generally as individuals, we rely on support from each other, " said Knols. -Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea Freshman Banni Redhair, from Tucson, hopes to help the team by becoming a reliable and consistent player. 124 SPORTS Freshman Danielle Scott positions herself for a backhand during a fall practice drill. Henriette Knols, a senior from Amsterdam, will provide leadership and experience which will be valuable to the team. Coach Becky Bell instructs the team on strate- gy and gives a valuable support talk before a tournament. WOMEN ' S TENNIS 125 IT ' S ALL IN THE BASKET ith two years experience behind her, Coach June Olkowski entered the 1988-89 season with high ex- pectations. The Lady Cats had depth, speed, and versatility. Although the team suffered a decrease in the number of players, newcomers were expected to create a strong team. Brenda Fresse, Mary Klemm, and Debbie Teske were all three honorable mention USA Today High School players. Frese was from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Klemm came to Tucson from Ventura California. Teske came from Wisconsin Rapids, Wis- consin. M " Every freshman w-.- orougnt in loves to play the game. It gives us a much morl competitive attitude which we did not have last year. Everyiay we a-e going o get better because of the competition, " mated Coach Olr . Amy Gamble, a tramer student from Tennessee, was ex- pected to have trv.- uiggebi -.pact on the Lady Cat team. The three returlrjp players junior guard Timi Brown, junior guard-forward RejgjuSiMiiMB MbaMHJr guard Greta Nar- anjo, will provide the team with the added depth they will need. Regina Grennan provided the team with versatility. She led the team with 144 assists and played every position but cen- ter last year. She will use her height to increase her rebound- ing ability. The 1988-89 squad would provide Coach Olkowski with a quick, large line-up, offering many play options. This season would be less rigorous than last year and which would allow the newcomers to get adjusted. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea During a practice scrimmage, Valarie deChamplain works on a new offensive play with the help of one of her team- mates. 126 SPORTS Transfer student Amy Gamble, prac- tices her jumpshot during a shooting drill. Julie Meyers prepares to pass the ball to Cheryl Humphrey, who is one of the fastest members on the team. SCOTT WEBER I . s WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Manager Jay Palmatier, Trainer Anita Barker, Amy Livingstion, Amy Gamble, Brenda Fresse, Meg Mitchell, Tina Giordano, Valerie DeChamplain, Cheryl Humphrey, Assistant Coach Kirsten Smith Cambron, Assistant Coach Bob Craig, Head Coach June Olkowski, Assistant Coach Pat Elliot, Greta Naranjo, Mary Klemm, Timi Brown, Melissa Handley, Debbie Teske, Regina Grennan, Julie Meyer, Man- i ager Ben Purcell, Manager Evonne Scott. m CD m 3D WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 127 DIFFERENT STROKES he Men ' s swimming and diving teams were exper- ienced and talented this year. They practiced along with the women ' s team twice daily, six days a week and hoped for a grea Topping the list of filers was D senior who as a sop hoped to gam that same ranking a During, practice the men ' s swimmi performed other stressed discipline bers. Men ' s diving has become a very exciting sport at the Uni- versity of Arizona. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea aldwell. Caldwell, a mpion NCAA diver, earn swam laps and h Dick Jochums g his team mem- UA Men ' s Swimming and Diving Team A diver completes a perfect pike dive while practicing in early fall. A UA swimmer takes a quick breath while practicing the breast stroke. 128 SPORTS MEN ' S DIVING AND SWIMMING 129 An Arizona player prepares to spike the ball over the net to her awaiting opponent. 130 SPORTS BRICE SAMUl 1 DISCIPLINE he UA Women ' s Volleyball team, ranked seventh na- tionally at the start of the season was ready to climb the ladders of victory. A new philosophy, training program, and attitude added to an experienced team. Head coach Rosie Wegrich feels that a winning team is the product of a positive attitude and strict discipline, Wegrich applies this philosophy with her " get-tough " atti- tude. She enforced the strictest discipline in practice. Drills to improve blocking quickness and depth, defensive spikes, and setting were repeated until perfection, The team as a whole strived for more aggression and improved defense on the floor. Experience and tal members of the team, members and 4 startl Conference Pre-Seaso high school selection, In the first match New Mexico. Sco Wildcats won the f challenging defens 1 in all of the thirteen ;ter winning returning ' his were All Pac-10 lahn and an all-state olson. iged University of n the game, the cond game, with Wildcats won 17- 15. " They showed great poise and skill, " said Coach Rosie Wegrich. The tournament showed the team, " surfacing from a tough pressure front. " This was a confidence building win the team needed. The U A Volleyball team swept through the Midwest in their second tournament. Winning games were played against Southern Illinois, Bowling Green, and Iowa. These wins will help decide who will play in the NCAA tournament. Mary CD Linton and Leigh Halliwell were named to the all-tournament o team players, while Terry Lauchner ' s nine digs helped the Wildcats excel in the tournament, The women ' s volleyball Iteam hoped to see continued success. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea Teammates block an attempted spike from a University of New Mexico player. Lindsey Hahn sets the ball up for her teammates to keep a play alive early in the season. VOLLEYBALL 131 Christian Pena follows through after a perfect drive on the Oro Valley course. 132 SPORTS L A FRESH START (though, the UA Men ' s golf team lost four of the coun- try ' s top collegiate golfers at the end of the last sea- son, Coach Rick LaRose looked forward to a suc- cessful season with strong returning members and a new crop of talented freshman. Ail-American Robert Gomez, was the squad ' s leading golf- er. Gomez helped achieve sixth place at the NCAA Cham- pionships last season. He won two collegiate titles during the season and consistently ranked in the top twenty-five in all the events that he entered. He won at Tour Tulsa and the Bill Bell Memorial Golf Classic. " Robert is one of the most talented players I have coached. He is determined to have a great season this year and he ' s working hard for that, " stated Coach Rich LaRose. Another returning member of the squad is Christian Pena. Pena played as Arizona ' s sixth best player throughout the season. Freshman Jim Furyk and Jeff Mason, newcomers to the team, were two of the country ' s most talented freshman. " We expect them to be key people in Arizona ' s success, " stated LaRose With the talent exhibited by both the new team members and the returning squad, the golf team expected to have a successful season. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea FRONT ROW: Dan Belden, Jeff Lyons, Christian Pena, Robert Gomez, Jeff Manson, Brett McDaniel. BACK ROW: Jim Furyk, Mike Montgomery, Rob Mclver, Coach Rick LaRose, Jason Meyerhoeffer, Trev Anderson, Mike Olson. O 3D z o 3D MEN ' S GOLF 133 QUIET STRENGTH - ROARING TALENTS e have a quiet strength. All players had impressive wins this summer. They all have a taste of being a winner, an experience that helps them feel confi- dent enough to continue winning, " said Women ' s Gol Kim Haddow. The women ' s golf team consisted of a small group players. " We have a small, but strong, team this will give me a chance to give more personal attention player, " stated Haddow. The team achieved wi ends of the world. Martina Koch, the leading play- fifth at the European National Championships an Swiss Amateur Championship. In September, she finished third at the World Amateur Championships, representing her native country, West Germany. Kathryn Imrie finished fifth at the British Open and led her Scottish amateur team to victory at the Home Internationals. Mette Hageman returned for her sophomore season after the Dutch Championship. jell, making some improvements in her swing was also he returning players. Slaughter was the newest addition to the team, eading to the University of Arizona, Slaughter was a All-American and a high school All-American. ks, Pam Drake, and Beth Martin rounded out the f these players made significant improvements over the summer. With this talent, and Coach Haddow ' s five years at UA, she expected a successful year. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea The Wildcats ' most promising and suc- cessful golfer Martina Koch, from West Germany, prepares to putt while coach Kim Haddow makes some suggestions. FRONT ROW: Kathryn Imrie, Julie Brooks, Pam Drake BACK ROW: Susan Slaughter, Beth Martin, Mette Hageman. Kathryn Imrie, who holds six golf records all over the world, tees off with her perfect swing at a fall practice. The team practiced from 2 p.m. until sunset daily. 134 SPORTS LISA WATSON WOMEN ' S GOLF 135 WATER WORKS race, technique, creativity, and skill are the main fac- tors in synchronized swimming. This form of expres- sion has become more popular through the years with its acceptance as an Olympic sport and has become one of the most unique Uf 6gOTto Mwp) The synchronized swim team consisted of twelve members who practiced from 3|30-5:00 o.m., three times a week. The UA Men ' s Water Polo Team consisted of nearly twenty players. To be a part ofethe team, an%f lete needed physical stamina, strong swimming skills and a positive working atti- tude, mm mm The team practiced from 6:30-9:00 p.m. They competed in various tournamenTs aTCHJ9TOs " aTJ9ffl! neams in the Rocky Mountain Water Polo Conference. During practice, the team did drills and played scrimmages. Only one goalie and six players competed during a game. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea Synchronized Swimming Club: Front Row: Manuela Panelli, Kiyomi Tan- aka, Tamara Haug. Back Row: Char Ernstein, Anne Foster, Eileen Cohen, Patty Olstad. A member of the Men ' s Water Polo team passes the ball to a fellow player. 136 SPORTS Water Polo Club: Front Row: Brett Sheriff, Scot Farling, Greg Scott, Damon Blackman, Brian Miller, Kenneth Wattor, Jeff Bristal, Michael Nason, Eric Robison. Back Row: Kevin Newman, Dan Macy, Patrick Herman, Scott Meneke. Kevin Easley, Matt Colborn, Alexander Stiles, Todd Hickman, Jaque Moff, Patrick Stiles, Rob Harris, Mark Pecar. The synchronized swim team performs during a group workout. CD WATER POLO AND SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING 137 Making Waves epth, consistency, and strength, " were the goals that the 1988-89 women ' s swimming and diving teams strived for, stated Diving Coach Cynthia Pot- The women ' s diving team consisted of both experienced and new divers, thus pr and strengths. Each of one spot. At the beginn exhibited the most poten omore, was ranked The team faced m for a successful sea: Coach Dick Jochum his own complex drills " 7ffTaTTeToHFw7JTIaT1713rTOice sessions for three hour periods. The women ' s diving and swimming team, though facing a tough season, expected a successful year. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea ith diverse talents d for the number Karen Rissberger issberger, a soph- NCAA divers. s but hoped earn members, ach, designed Swimming the freestyle, a team member goes through one of many drills during a rigorous practice session. A diver attempts a complicated reverse tuck to perfect his form for an upcoming competition. 138 SPORTS The UA Women ' s Swim- ming and Diving Team As this diver shows, a smooth entry into the pool is the key to completing a skilled dive. WOMEN ' S SWIMMING AND DIVING TEAM 139 Okinawan Karate: Front Rowilngo Szegrari, Natasha Johnson, Dean Burell, Bill Agner, Meb Varley Back Row: Sarah Kuser, Mary Lyons, Deborah Hansen, Jona- than Isernhagen, Bruce Hoverman, Tony Porter, Bob Cusumano. Shotokan Karate Club: Front Row: Todd Lockwood, Haruhisa Shirayama, Moussa Soumaine, Mutamba Yres, CLint Bohl, Mutamba Ngoy. Back Row: Douglas Han- son, James Butwin, Razor Sieminski, Scott Thomson, Luis Ramirez, Tario Rasool. Tae-kwon Do: Front Row: Brain Malm, Doug Canfield, Michael McCliment Back Row: Rocky Colavito, Chris Bartos. 140 SPORTS . LESSONS IN SELF DEFENSE FENCING AND KARATE CLUBS __ he University of Arizona fencing club has become a very popular organization over the years. This year, the club met bi-weekly on campus and offered members a chance to practice as well as improve their skills with each other. It gave the opportunity for begin- ners along with experienced fencers a chance to compete with each other in tournaments. The fencer ' s stance and positioning is the most important technique in winning a match. They need to be extremely agile and keep their bodies close to the ground. The three weapons used in fencing consist of the foil, epie, and sabre. The foil is a small slender pointed sword used to practice for combat. The epie is a heavy weapon used for protection. The sabre is a weapon that is used to slash the opponent. Accuracy is always the key to victory over oppo- nents. Two other clubs that also became very popular this year were Okinawan, Tae-Kwondo and the Ja Shin Do clubs. Okinawan karate comes from Okinawa, Japan and is a technique that is 500 years old. The club was designed to use CD the traditional skills and techniques to increase self-defense 5 and self-awareness. The Okinawan Shorin-Ryu club prac- 6 ticed on M ondays and Wednesdays for two hours. | Another karate organization was the Ja Shin Do club. This m form of karate comes from Korea and is designed to develop self confidence with the use of various techniques and styles. The Ja Shin Do club practiced on Tuesday and Thursday morning. The Tae-Kwon Do Club was also of Korean origin. This organization taught physical stamina, mental awareness, and meditation to defend a person from their enemy. Having 20 members, this group met twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. All of these organizations shared three basic ideas: in- crease of self-awareness, physical strength, and self-de- fense. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea Two fencing team members practice lunging techniques before a meet. -ront Row: Mike Akey, David Burtless, Bruce Lott, David Klein, Margaret Le Messurier. 3ack Row: Maria E. McWilliams, Jeffrey Hoffman, Dan KeKeizer, Dominic Cardea. Matt Mordmeyer, Jim Cox. karate member demonstrates his punching skills in a one on one jompetition. SHOTOKAN, OKINAWAN, TAE KWON DO, FENCING 141 Cheerleaders get the crowd excited after the second touch- down in the Texas Tech vs. UA game. A Different Twist nstead of just performing and doing stunts, we want to get the crowd orientated into the excitement of the game, " stated 1988-89 Cheer captain, Tom The spirit and momentum of the crowd at football, ball, and volleyball games was directed and motivat sixteen member varsity and eleven member junior varsi squad. This same momentum helped the athletic t conquer obstacles. New Captain Tom Smith, a three year squad ve gated his philosophy to promoting spirit at game includes " being more realistic in following the en tions. We want to give the team backing and support. Howev- er, that doesn ' t mean ignoring the loss of a game, it means providing a positive attiude so that there are hopes for another victory. " ts for the cheer squad were held in April. Training be- arly August when they attended camp to be updated routines and to increase the stamina that was required the season. During the football and basketball seasons, s were held every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00- and Sunday from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Only four members d traveled with the teams to away games, use of skilled gymnastics and creative routines, the squaa received the cooperation of the crowd and in turn cre- ated an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere for victory. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea 142 SPORTS At a volleyball game vs. University of New Mexico, Wilma pays a friendly visit to a supporter. Front Row: Wilma and Wilbur the Cat. Second Row: Jacque Brown, Traci Landis, Tracy Shapiro, Becky Larson, Becky Berschauer, Bernadette Cay, Krista Robison, Patty Lopez. Third Row: John Redeihs, Todd Heinte, Pedro Floras, Tom Smit, Chip Church, Joe Barreda, Darren Schau- m ble, Mike Carro. ;c a ay .5 creative routines crowd and iitun CHEER SQUAD 143 UNIQUE he University of Arizona has something for everyone as far as sports clubs are concerned and badminton club is one example of the large variety available to all students. The badminton team practiced weekly and had a total of fifty members. Badminton is a unique and interesting sport. It offered both recreational and competitive play. The team practiced on Mondays and Wednesdays for two hours. Poise, balance and a keen eye were required to be a champi- on at this sport. W Ji T The UA Field Hocke Club had beari recruiting new mem- bers for their team this year. The twfriV-five member squad met twice weekly and practiced to improve hockey skills as well as physical condition. The fast pace of this sport required high demands updVt ones phy stque and made it mandatory to be in top physical condition. Field hockey has gained an increase in popularity over the years and was an opportunity for university students to meet people who shared in their same interests. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea Where did it go? A field hockey goalie shows us his excep- tional balance during a match. In a heated badminton match two players wait for the shuttlecock to fall. 144 SPORTS Field Hockey: Front Row: Scott Dorinbush, Julio Moran, Rene Herrera, Jarwan Dillan, Wendt Harris. Row 2: Dave Sowders, Nancy Percari, Debby Craig, Suzanne Jordan, Kym Carmichael, Humi Mian, Sonia Khan. Row 3: Steve Myethen, Sujeeva Senevitatne. Back Row: Emrbem Mahemed, Victor Chan, Rod Kennan, Doug Duncan, John Lyndes, Dave Thomas, MaryAnn Cardenas, Mike Wilson. Badminton Club: Front Row: Archana Mathur, Wong Chi-on, Sulaman Idris, Mohd-Amin, Rajesh Srivastava. Back Row: Qiauddin Ahmed, Ishak Kitan, M.S. Gill, Rambabu Bavirisetty, Ravindra Mathur. BADMINTON AND FIELD HOCKEY 145 A DECADE OF SUCCESS n their tenth anniversary year, the University of Ari- zona IceCats relied on past experiences, a solid home schedule, a strong defense, and a knowledge- able offense. The IceCat team was founded on November 1, 1979 by Leo Glolembiewski. In ten years, they have an impressiua list of accomplishments: four Rocky Mountain Conference titles, three Pacific Conference titles, and a record of 155-55-5 In 1985, the IceCats won the National Championships for Colle- giate Hockey. M As they approached this tenth year, the IceCats faced an exciting season. Including games against three Division I teams, Notre Dame, Penn State, St. Cloud State, trie IceCats would compete in a total of twenty-five games. OiAuf Iliese competitions, eighteen were home games. Practicing from 5:00-7:00 p.m. daily, Coach Golembiewski stated that they would rely on depth and returning players to lead them to a successful season. The IceCats saw a 35% increase in mem- bers on the team since 1987. The team relied on the offense, who consisted of nine ICECATS: John Regener, Mitch Kurtz, Travis Fisk, Scott Conn, Barnie Baxter, Lance Knight, Tracy Link, Allen Miller, Dan Olberg, Kent Middleton, Mike Hillstrand, Peter Bland, Shannon Jacobson, John Blobner, Jeff Schettk, Paul O ' Connor, Joe Sauer, George Stetson, Jarett Goodkin, Kirk O ' Hanning, Don Carlson, Will Gwynn, Brian Kura, Dale Olsen, Dave Tevebaugh. players who were familiarized with the team ' s strategy and style. The top offensive players were: Jeff Shettek, Tracy Link, and Lance Knight; and Kent Middleton, George Stetson, and Allen Miller. The defense consisted of both returning and new mem- bers Jo the team. The starting goalie was Jarret Goodkin from Tucson. The top four players on defense were John Wagner, senior. Mike Hillstrand, sophomore, Shannon Jacobson, freshman, and Travis Frisk. " In 1979, we hoped to build Division I status within Ameri- can Intercollegiate Hockey, " stated Golembiewski and as their tenth year approached, this goal seemed closer. The IceCat games attracted 4,000 fans at eighteen home games. They have consistently maintained fourth or fifth in the Nation- al Intercollegiate Hockey Cconference. With the twelve returning members, a strong, conservative offense, and a solid defense, as well as a full home schedule with supportive fans, the IceCats hoped to continue their success into the next decade. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea 146 SPORTS IceCat goalie Jarrett Goodkin, blocks an at- tempted shot off the stick of ateammate. BS Tracy ! status withmAmeri. and as ! ed closer The 3 strong, consen ative safull home schedule ped to continue their 3 and Maureen Shea During a scrimmage, an IceCat displays excellent skating abilities and good puck control are which are important ingre- dients in becoming a good offensive player. Changing directions while also looking up the ice for a team- mate to pass to takes many hours of practice to perfect. ICE CATS 147 Reaching Many Goals T he University of Arizona Rugby Club has accom- plished many goals in their nineteen years of exis- tence on campus. Rugby is a combination of soccer and football and its be- ginnings stem from England in the 19th Century. Being a rugby player requires skill, stamina, strength, and speed to be a successful competitor. In late 1969, the first DA Rugby club was founded by John Schmidt and Bob Gibson. In 1 979, it joined a conference that included UCLA, USC, and San Diego State. In 1978, the club won the championb|iiuunh Hl Clllegiate division of the Michelob Continent!! Rugby Class.ln 1985, the club came in third in the Pacifi Coast Collegraje Rugby Conference. The UA Rugby Club Hosted the Michelob Continental Clas- sic at Himmel Park jr November 4 this year. The team fielojp4iree to four teams throughout the year, travels often, and had international tours every two years. In the spring of 1985. The Rugby Magazine said that the University of ArizonaT ' fugBy IuDwas one of the " model programs " in the country. Coach Dave Sitton emphasized civic activites to team members. The club was actively involved with the Tucson Festival Pageant, Casa de Los Ninos Crisis Center, and Tuc- son Parks and Recreation Clean-up Projects. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea Flanker Jose Cisneros runs toward the try line in the Mi- chelob Continental Classic Rugby Tournament. RUGBY CLUB: FRONT ROW: Kevin Byrns, Pat Harrington, Peter Bechtold, Chris Hummel, Mario Gonzales, Jim West, Terrence Biehl, Scott Zimmer- man, Bill Buckley, Matt Weber SECOND ROW: Mi- chael Olson, Dan Koen, John Merino, Colin Barry, Pete Drodowica, Mike Rush, David Laurino, Xavier Ochoa, Andy Beresford, Joe Farro THIRD ROW: Jose Cisneros, Paul Borrelli, Pat Mitchell, Shannon Smith, Dennis Pawlikowski, Greg Peterson, Robert Planto, JohnSakrison, Ross Weller FOURTH ROW: Ryan Banner, Mike Martinez, John Jones, Tom Dean, Mike Larraber, Matt Da Vec, Ned Tate. Jay Gins- burg, Brent Weber, Matt Tulin. FIFTH ROW: Mike Ward, Joe Guinn, Mark Shively, Mark Hoden, Dan Stauffer, Mike Beaton, Larry Canicelli, Alex McCloud, John Spooner, Roland Caotro, Jim Kent. SIXTH ROW: Dan Biehl, Robert Bickel, Tim Siegel, Ron Mqrublian, Eric Wick, Chris Stevens, Dave De- May, Brent Denko, John Dutcher, Ray Stevens, Rob- ert Root SEVENTH ROW: Simon Matthews, Jay angus, Chuck Durazo, Tim Ong, Andy Barber, Erik Jolly, Bob Barnhill EIGHTH ROW: Joe Jznicke, Jim Stevens, Jay Vanbenthsysen, Clem Moore, Brian O ' Connel, Paul La Fairve, Peter Davidson. BACK ROW: Karl Gregor, Graeme Menzics, David King, Kris Buringrud, Mike Veth, John Barry, Coach Dave Sitton. The ' Cats pile and stretch to get the ball against New Mexico State University in the Michelob Continental Rugby Classic. 148 SPORTS RUGBY 149 LAXCATS he Men ' s Lacrosse Team, conquering many obsta- cles at the start of the season, still expected a suc- cessful year. The competition for the LaxCats began with finding a field for practice. With the overwhelming response of intramural football teams, few fields were left open for the team to prac- tice on. The LaxCats also suffered from the loss of several players from last years successful season. With eight returning season with a tournament Beach Athletic Club Fa I Lacrosse T tober 22-3. The LaxcalsfAcec thiro were considered the top collegiate t nament The second ga A.S.U. This game was held at f r Fields opening day! iats jumped into the ). The Old Mission iment was held Oc- ' the tournament and i at the 10-team tour- as against rival new (Jinpus Recreation Jats, coming from behind, skimmed over the SunDevils 12-7. Coach Mickey-Miles Felton relied heavily on co-captains, Steve Shepard, Tom Forest, and Tim Taule for leadership and experience in the defense. After seeing a rough start, the LaxCats seemed to have smoothed things out and will see more successes. -Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea LAXCATS: FRONT ROW: Lauce Walker, John Spenger, Greg Furry, Rick Tredway, Pierre Arnaud, Steve Del Carro, Ingo Szegvari, Ed Warner. SEC- OND ROW:Steven Shepherd, Jason Carleton, Marc Diaz, Richard Feldman, Gordon Jones, Steve Widen, Jeff Harris, Steve Kramer, Jon Werz, Sean Coakley, Craig Fisher BACK ROW: Coach Tom Smith, Tim Taule, Matt d ' Arbeloff, Rob Eckstein, Scott Dion, Gavin Binzer, Phil Greenleaf, Eric Hueghefeld, Chris Borek, Jason Prosserm , Scott Leslie, Dirck Shou, Shawn Stilphen, J.P Cabney, Jeff Possehl, Biz Stankus, Eric Prath, Tom Forrest, Head Coach Mickey-Miles Felton. 150 SPORTS An offensive man hurls the ball into the goal, as the goalie squats to protect it, during a scrimmage. o A Laxcat prepares to seize a ball during a prac- tice at Rincon Vista fields. The team was pre- paring for their game against A.S.U. The offense of both scrimmage teams crowds the ball in an attempt to pass it to their team- mates. VICKI VANCIL LACROSSE 151 Renee Tyree tosses a foul shot in a practice session. During bi-weekly sessions, members practice these drills. WHEELCHAIR ATHLETIC CLUB: Coach Dave Herr-Cardillo, Rafael Calcano, David Kinsey, Renee Tyree, Jeremy Harkin, Glenn Rosenberg, Guy Keenan, Ray Lopez, Carlo Tonelli. Jeremy Harkin tosses a lay-up while Re- nee Tyree and Rafael Calcano watch during a practice drill. 152 SPORTS Wheelchair Athletics isability does not mean inability in the eyes of the Wheelchair Athletic Club. This sports organization on campus proves wheelchairs do not hide athletic tal- ent. This club sponsors ary ymjjgjggjnjfinnis, track, basket- ball, and quad rugby. The Wheelchair Athletic Club includes both members of the community and students and averages about 40 members each semester. Fourteen years ago, .Fudy GallegaVounded the club to promote intercollegiate wheelchair athletics on the UA cam- pus. Currently, Dave Herr-Cardillo coaches the UA Basketball team. This team competes each year with the Wildcat Bas- ketball team and aUttiltatiMlBifatfuilUM Jtough victory to achieve with the " Hoopcats " ratings. " Lame for a Game, " as it is called, provides a chance for the Wildcat Varsity Basket- ball team to polish their skills and compete in wheelchairs. The team also competes in a Western Divisional Conference that includes several schools and community teams in South- ern California and Nevada. The Wheelchair Athletics Club is another example of a campus organization that provides something for everyone. -Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea JILL RECTOR Rafael Calcano sneaks in a shot while teammates coax him and opponents attempt to prevent him during a scim- mage game. WHEELCHAIR ATHLETICS 153 Something For Everyone I I . I niversity of Arizona Intramu- I LJ I ra ' department offered some- ' thing for everyone. Over 13,000 students participated in intra- mural activities annually. " Intramural sports are successful because they give students a chance to get away from their studies, to re- lease everyday tensions in an orga- nized competitive setting, " stated Bri- an Carswell, Assistant Director of Intra- mural.Rofrpgtional Q[- two tional Beside sports, cq flag footb sponsored soccer., The popular Ifyball and program and spon- olving sored another new progra less corflpsWtvw HWwraportl. Even- tually, this program will entail ski trips, rafting trips, hiking, and other related activities. Intramurals, began in the fall and ran continuously throughout the year add- ing various programs. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea Mindy Davis spikes the ball over the net towards Sheri Shumaker who prepares to block it. 154 SPORTS Jim Clemmens goes up for the pass while Joe Fletcher of the " Bad Animals " tries to intercept. John Anderson digs for the ball as Roberta Baker anticipates the play. =s Marc Garrett and Stuart Ratner chase down Greg Gavel, quarter- back for the " Bad Animals. " KELLIE MURPHY A Individual Athletics round the campus, the University of Arizona Office of Sports and Recreation offered a wide variety of individual athletics to students. Various forms of exercise, ranging from ping pong to high impact aerobics, provided each individual with a way to compete or develop their athletic abilities. In Bear Down Gym, besides use unlimited usage of weightlifting equilnient and In Park Fitness Center, an individual could find classes. It also had weightlifting equrntient. McKale Center housed a variety of facilities, resource laboratory, McKale also hadfracquetball cou were also available through the OJfjte of Spc In the basement of the Student Jnion, individuals interested in a lighter form of competition, could play ping pong and pool. I " - " For each student, the University of Arizona Office of Sports and Recreation offers an activity to suit them. Hundreds of students use the facilities daily and found them effective in releasing stress and fine tuning their bodies. Kris McKenna and Maureen Shea asketball equipment there was also ery. high and low impact aerobic exercise II as basketball courts and a human nd swimming pools. Tennis courts Many students work out at Park Fitness Center. Classes were offered daily at various times. 156 SPORTS A student weightNfts at Bear Down Gym. The gym contained various Nautilus equipment and is available to all students. VICKI VANCIL A jogger runs around the UA Mall while listening to his favor- ite radio station. A jog around the Mall is approximately one mile. A weightlifter strengthens his biceps using small weights and arm curls in the Park Fitness Center weightlifting area. o INDIVIDUAL ATHLETICS 157 Some women flag football players get ready to go for a touchdown in a game. UA volleyball players block a shot during the red- blue scrimmage. BRICE SAMUEL 158 SPORTS Freshman Mario Hamp- ton dives for a first down during the first home game. Soccer players do drills on the UA mall to practice for in- tramurals. ALL DIFFERENT ASPECTS 159 ometn omenna erent Diff - GREEKS SCOTT WEBER GAMMA RHO Chapter founded 795J 635 E. University " When I walked through the front door it felt like home . . . " Ron Pacione FRONT ROW: Joe Martori, Eric Wick. ROW 2: Dave Druzisky, Dean Wolfe, Shirley Roy, Bill Shipp, Brett Ridgway. ROW 3: Tor Sorensen, Ron Pacioni, Paul Bush, Garrick Stuhr ROW 4: Lance File, Scott Hooper, Andy Bessey, Mark Lurie, Dennis McKeon ROW 5: Richard Murdick, Ofer Shepher, Ted Wadlow. ROW 6: Cody Goswick, Jason Kai, H. J. March, Trevor Kammann, John Raisler. BACK ROW: Scott Wesch, Steve Harvey, Mike Armbruster. 162 GREEKS-ALPHA GAMMA RHO LPHA EPSILON PHI Chapter founded 1940 1071 N. Mountain FRONT ROW: Debbie Meyer, L.A. Williamson, Julia Hendler, Barne Altman, Julie Schwartz, Chrissy Wholihan, llene Lambert, Allyson Bradin, Monica Gel- fond, Sherri Lefkwitz, Andrea Bloom, Kim Kozlowski, Sara Leavitt, Erica Wein- stein, Belinda Mack, Nancy Gorman, Shelley Wells, Jodi Seitz, Dana Katzman, Elizabeth Karp, Monica Piazza, ROW 2: Jamie Goldstein, Elyse Staub, Bethany Goldberg, Laura Sadoff , Stephanie Warshaw, Tracy Blatt, Missy Berkowitz, Heidi Hansen, Valerie Karp, Heidi Sokol, Karen Roth, Julie Horwitz, Lisa Gordon, Nicole Rosenberg, Joanne Metzner, Julie Rubin, Lori Kivel, Nicole Sakoun, Laura Spivak, Susan Vincent, Andrea Rawitt, Rhonda Schneider, Tracy Katzer, Tami Wichansky, Kim Green, Jodi Goldsmith, Amy Goldware. ROW 3: Betsy Siegel, Kim Johnson, Allisa Rubin, Stacy Ross, Dana Hudosh, Chaton Anderson, Sandy Haymann, Laura Felsenberg, Stacy Hoffberg, Laura Bronson, Debbie Solomon, Lindsay Ison, Michelle Rigberg, Jori Tygiel, Toni Lovinger, Stacey Malman, Den- ise Fink, Jodi Fink, Michelle Pollyea, Dee Dee Lederer, Sandy Applebaum, Nicole Layne, liana Kaufman, Michele Ref, Traci Zuckerman, Lauren Laves. ROW 4: Stephanie Friedman, Lisa Edlein, Margaret Rea, Doreen Solon, Robin Schugar, Marcy Perman, Jenifer Mallow, Lisa Rosner, Tracy Briskman, Lori Kahn, Mallory Eisenstein, Christine Fizzano, Andrea Pressman, Pam Goldfarb, Barbara Bee- cher, Joy Solon, Sharon Winandy, Heidi Stein, Nancye Michaelian, Jill Benioff, Andrea Novinsky, llene Hoffman. BACK ROW: Sheri Wohlgemuth, Elan Schwartz, Lee Solon, Karen Charlip, Jennifer Levin, Allison Bernstein, Gina Silverman, Cindi Greenberg, Susie Ephraim, Jessica Blatt, Julie Bernstein, Jamie Rittoff, Danielle Schechter, Kelley Kinney, Elizabeth Walker, Krisy Smith, Lila March, Missy Goodman, Wendy Bookbinder, Lori Glass, Christian Smith, Adine Oberlander, Amanda Koblin, Sondra Hochstein, Heidi Kay, Holly Spiegel, Rhonda Stein. " It ' s comfortable to be here because everyone genuinely likes each other. " Elan Schwartz IAAOA- EVIAON DI ALPHA EPSILON PHI 163 DELTA PI Chapter founded 1957 154 1 E. First Street Alpha Delta Pi ' s motto: We live for each other. FRONT ROW: Maureen Finn, Carmen Eberhardt, Jana Andnano, Lisa Wmski, Michelle Sinner, Lauren Colemen, Tamara Schischa, Lily Kuan, Ann Tuite, Irene Chabina, Tiffany Westover, Terri Leeson, Eileen Meyer, Janet Baratz, Shelly Jones, Teri Kreznarich, Michelle Monheit, Carla Sanders, Lisa Carlson. ROW 2: Julie Donahue, Mary Ellen Gordon, Karen Sanders, Molly Lane, Bev Beall, Josie Politico, Jenny Freest, Jo Lynn Warren, Julie Jenkins, Holly Steinberg, Tracy Kaplan, Cynthia Joost, Mari Jo Clark, Diana Schlender, Ann Heidbreder, Jen Grifith, Kim Grant, Elysia Mintz, Heather Witt, Zena Noon, Ashley Weitzel, Ashley Rather, Gail Sanders. ROW 3: Suzy Hirth, Lisa Peters, Jen Cressy, Stevie Cum- mins, Jen Morgan, Julie Azimov, Susan Cook, Justine Grant, Jo Ann Allison, Dawn Harrison, Jill Anderson, Lisa Silver, Crystal Poling, Jen Decoursey, Amy Meyers, Suzi Schlegel, Andrea Hunter, Jen Minifie, Shannon Snowden, Wendi Crawford, Tami Schlabs, Kristi Powell, Cami Locke, Kelly Sachs, Suzanne Schill, Julie Landau. ROW 4: Anna Olsen, Amy Reid, Donna Duncan, Andrea Doolittle, Grenda Pearlman, Kristi Kellogg, Erin Fearl, Carre Calhoun, Jill Toplitz, Amy Brodkin, Heather Allen, Charisma Metzinger, Darcy Renfro, Noelle Shaffer, Mi- chelle Kuhn, Denise Morris, Rochelle Herst, Shelley Lewison, Angie Hessler, Pamela Turner.Katie Zaleski, Jami Rothberg, Katie Dougherty, Lisa Loscialpo, Leslie Allison, Shannon Terry, Heather Mellow, Jen Haynes, Meisha Willett, Valer- ie Otte, Maria Dominguez. BACK ROW: Kathy Snipes, Annette Seidel, Laura Schlegel, Allison Thall, Rochelle Clawson, Beth Goldstein, Kathy Donnell, Rhonda Kinsler, Susan Ornstein, Cyndy Berndsen, Sandy Schaad, Lisa King, Hayley Herst, Cindy Hack, Katie Yousif, Katie Few, Meredith Mathers, Faryl Kander, Cristy Morba, Megan McMahon, Susan Flaata, Kelly Green, Julie Fergu- son, Karen Fehr, Hayley Peterson, Jenn Hall, Diane Frakes, Alicia Popper, Nancy Rothbut. 164 GREEKS- ALPHA DELTA PI LPHA EPSILON PI Chapter founded 1964 1510 N. Vine ton. Lisa Wn isw Grant. Jo Ann Atson, I Wig. Jen " : ' fe, Sam Snorts, W ' - " -:. ' :: ' ' - ' - ' ' " - FRONT ROW: John Reinsdorf, David Diehl, Cory Ginsburg, Ted Chapman, Gary Feldman, Sam Hinedi, Greg Trapp, Jon Schwartz, Adam Sussman, Michael Kapner, Andrew Brown, Scott Gertz, Ron Goldwasser, Burt Garland, Mark Bruck- ner, Al Silverstein, Andrew Cohen, Kenny Adelberg, Doug Himel. ROW 2: Mat- thew Dokson, Neal Nahoom, Jay Levine, Pete Kass, David Immerman, Andrew Shostack, Daryl Rosenberg, Michael Reinsdorf, Alan Widman, Brad Kern, Dan Cohen, Eran O ' Blonsky, Jon Rosenberg, Rich Schwartz, Lawrence Blum, Angelo Rana, Jeffrey Sissong, Daniel Klocko, Dren Seder, Tracy Earl, Jon Shor, Matt Sherman, David Antinucci, Jason Freeman, David Schulman, Adam Goldberg, Andrew Yoblon, Brian Seldess, Jimmy Lawyer, Darin Nathan. ROW 3: Shaun Freedman, Marc Lebowitz, Warren Nechtman, Gary Tobias, Dave Shaieb, Adam Wisler, Todd Bookspan, Josh Simons, Christopher Gross, Jason Gordon, Baja van Bajader, Neal Bookspan, John Coe, Rob Forst, Danny Swartz, Ron Greeb, Philip Spencer, Mike Shain, Scott Venor. BACK ROW: David Cusner, Manfred! Sorrentino, Jon Bromley. " It ' s not time to make a change, just relax and take it easy " Cat Stevens ALPHA EPSILON PI 165 KAPPA LAMBDA Chapter Rechartered 1986 1449 N. " Alpha Kappa Lambda gun. " Bob Bowdish A new era has be- FRONT ROW: Ted Bednard, Ryan Coburn, T.R. Eppel, Mike Helies, Mike Mauser, Andy Gross, Garrick Poore. ROW 2: Troy Miller, Scott Chambers, Mike Lovitch, Chris Baker, Jasen Patterson. Ryan Must, Mike Schroeder, Steve Wil- son, Jason Cox, Tim Lawrence, Mark Donahue, Chris Carleson, Dave Vucure- vich, Keith Bardel, Morty Keppel, Kyle Marsh, Eric Rasche. ROW 3: Mark Mus- grove, Brian Riccelli, Jim Song, Dave Martinez, Alan Klein, Kent Malkovitch, Stu Elley, Bob Bowdish, John Swarts, Sean Walters, Ron Cohen, Adam Bland, Matt Morris, Jim Goodman, Rick Federico, ROW 4: Steve Ellner, John Dalby, Jef Villeneuve, Matt Gandolfo, Pos Castaros, Ed Robinson, Sergei Sheydayi, Joe Shields, Greg Navaso, Dan Henderson, Dan Gee. ROW 5: Anthony Ramone, Dave Ruedeman, Mike Dillon, Kurt Rojas, Ed Casanders, James Worth, Kevin Edmeyer, Paul Rios, Gary Fromm. Jason Brickner, Dan Vanyo. 166 CREEKS-ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA : :: ' , ' ke eiies Mike V : ::: " C " a:rto! We : ' , ' e$ciMft Steve 1- i DaveVuctite- arifetatMalkovttStu Ion Cote, Adam Bland Mall Slwe Eta, John Dalb .Jel won Sergei Sheydayi. Joe i. BO 5: Antony fame, ante;, James Worth, Kevin ;- ,;.: LPHA PHI Chapter founded 1926 1339 E. First Street FRONT ROW: Rachel Qeubedeaux, Hilary Hoffman, Kristen Childs, Annie Men- dell, Erika Hirsh, Pennie Baker, Tina Lamais, Kirsten Todorovich, Valerie Day, Beth LaBounty, Colette Sternberg, Michelle Sukin, Jenni Jefferies, Krissy Piper, Sharon Wallace, Dana Kelley, Jill Dipasquale, Laura Dropps, Jill Nunamaker, Sarah Grossman. ROW 2: Brady Ross, Sharon Altman, Ashley Ravitz, Wendy Snetzky, Christine Scowley, Janell Taylor, Alyssa True, Kris Rayner, Jenny Bell, Laurie Walker, Page Steinman, Karen Irick, Monica Manno, Charisse Mayer, Joann Klum, Taylor Gutow, Andie Reitman, Paige Hein, Michelle Lee, Bernadette Cay, Margo Cohen, ROW 3: Caryn Brunswig, Kim Dorris, Barrie Campanile, Karen Reilly, Suzanne Jordan, Sheri Wigal, Leslie Bega lman, Jenny Campbell, Christi Wann, Susan Olson, Theresa Neil, Diane Toy, Tiffany Hein, Nichole Ed- wards Lisa Houghton, Amy Bennet, Maureen Sheehan, Kate Miller, Pam O ' Brien, Sarah Wolf, Michelle Huizdois, Alison Hirsch, Angela Edwards. ROW 4: Tracy Beaver, Sharon Abele, Elizabeth Davis, Tami Jefferies, Suzi Smith, Christy Lay, Kris Eissler, Krissy Kaminsky, Anne DeWinter, Heidi Davies, Christa Anastio, Mandy Visnic, Kelli Mooney, Allsion Green, Tricia Pollen, Marcia Kwasman, Crispy Clark, Lori Turney, Amy Laurence, Jenny Morse. BACK ROW: Lisa Cas- tagna, Gayle Doyle, Gina Shedd, Suzan Pruter, Amy Simon, Mary Brennen, Jacelyn Morton, Sarah Anable, Kelly Worrell, Ruth Frenkel, Jill Wolfer, Mellissa Crosby, Kim Devault, Dana Wright, Neeley Snyder, Amee Orlick, Karen Kaufman, Christy Carfagno, Katy Houghton, Amy Spence, Ann Cattano, Lara Hansel. " The friends you make here you know you ' ll have for the rest of your life. " Suzan Pruter ALPHA PHI 167 LPHA TAU OMEGA FRONT ROW: Jason Saffran, Brian Logan, Bob Mansfield, Geoff Grant, Darius Moezzi, Bill Stanton, Jeff Golner, Dave Robertson, ROW 2: Brian Moreno, Matt Newell, Grant Russell, Bill Bloodgood, Rich Horn, An Weller, Corey Nagel, Randy Young, Todd Cantin, Rob Telson, Greg Slegh. ROW 3: Will Medford, Mitch Resnick, Todd Stevens, Steve Schlang, Lane Swall, Ron Berkovitz, Dave Bonino, Jim Archer, Murray Robertson, Scott Day, Steve Pederson, Dave Elzey, Tim Martin, Eric Jones, Scott Muzzy, Drew Mitchell, Stuart Fowler. BACK ROW: Jeff Bradford, Gary Griffiths, Brad Penman, Evan Benjaminson, Paul Bria, John Fitz, Jason Feinberg, Jim Bartos, Bill Thompson, Nick Compodonico, Jeff Zingler, Ken Silver, Vic Yacullo, Greg Schaffer, Darryl Stolz, Mark Psaltis, Jeff Kammann, Jacob Delarossa, Matt Kresch, Scott Stuber. " ATO-The diversity makes a strong bond. The Epsilon Beta chapter continues the tradition. A living legacy. " -Eric Jones 168 GREEKS - ALPHA TAU OMEGA A LPHA OMICRON PI Chapter Recolonization 1988 ::, ' ,;: an MOW. IW : ..;..: ' ' SOT Dave Szey, Tim , BACK ROW: Jeff FRONT ROW: Laura Turner.Kristen Lukasewski, Cindy Valenzuela, Rochelle Meeks, Cindy Ciccarelli, Nicole Tankersley. ROW 2: Dana Tucci, Amy Freemon, Mary King, Irish Cracchioho, Denise Dettore, Ellen Shuetz. ROW 3: Lori Schwartz, Julie Garber, Debra Kane, Jill Hundredmark, Mary Miranda, Maria Verdin. ROW 4: Kerry Siegal, Lisa Martin, Michelle Mattheiss, Elana Goldberg, Jennifer Carpenter, Sarah Woodman. ROW 5: Kathleen Flagg, Stacey Peterson, Nicole DiGiovanni, Tara Pownall, Stephanie Holding, Amanda Cash. ROW 6: Morgan McDonald, Tina Kwasnica, Kristine Ketterer, Jessica Adee, Jody Spirn, Melanie Madril. ROW 7: Vicki Vancil, Kristine Bonner, Lynn Free, Kate Drinan, Margie Loeffler, Rosemary DeSantos, Leslie Mulchings. ROW 8: Tina Chacon, Anne-Marie Hamilton, Laure Naeve, Rebecca Gibson, Jeniffer Kelly, Lisa Caplan. ROW 9: Brittany Dahl, Jill Stensrud, Julie Gates, Maria Giansanti, Laura Thrash- er, Robin Giebner, Carrie Goebel, Becky Keenan " Friendships for life. Alpha Omicron Pi: a new Beginning. " - Jeniffer Kelly ALPHA OMICRON PI 1 69 LPHA CHI OMEGA Chapter founded 1930 1541 E. Second Street FRONT ROW: Wendy Lane, Danielle Madere, Andey Lewis, Nancy Trigg, Cindy Joiner, Gail Fyfe, Chris England, Jenifer Velde, Amy Davis, Cherie Hayden, Mary Swanton, Bicki Smith, Christie Huber, Karen Higgins, Kim Layne, Beth Bumpers, Anne Hubbard, Heather Supnik, Adrienne Tore, Jenifer Bergstrom, Michelle Gill, Maggie Magee, Caralyn Bailey, Kim Poysky, Teri Slattery. ROW 2: Joanna Puga, Susan Schwartz, Robin Hochler, Karen Lubody, Betsy Leader, Tina Edwards, Wendy Slonsky, Holly Yarger, Kathy Mann, Vicki Routi, Rachel Bierman. Robyn Moyers, Meredith Summers, Meredith Miller, Monica Spencer, Paula Miller, Can- dy Roeber, Kathleen Chrisman, Jill Dana, Diohonne Beltramo, Bridget Malarney, Holly Yancy, Cyndi Wisly, Karla Kisiel, Kim Heady, Karen Birnkrant, Meredith Jue, Stacey Canel, Andi Mallard, Margo Schlossberg ROW 3: Susanne Bedinger, Raquel Pitchford, Erica Bianco, Heather Bartlett, Amy Malloy, Katie Kennedy, Brandi Spratlen, Min Kim, Caral Schaffer, Kirsten Oberholtzer, Morgan Recely, Carolyn Simoneau, Jude McGuire, Stephanie Ryan BACK ROW: Christine West, Jenifer Sandier, Danielle Hollencamp, Anjee Congdon, Lyn Marie Graham, Heather Shore, Jennifer Rossiter, Staci Raffo, Annie Herbst, Tobie Kreiner, Anne Abrecht, Erin Parker, Cari Niswender, Tracey Metcalf, Kirsten Sterosky, Amy Reckman, Laura Glasco, Vicki Dobson, Jennifer Moore, Stephanie Breckbill, Lisa Vinnecour, Tara Remo, Poppy Mackenzie. Deanne Ruedy, Amanda Gibson, Bobbie Turton, Kim Mitru, Lisa Caplan, Stephanie Anderson. " There is always a sister there when I need one Alpha Chi is my home away from home. " Gail Fyfe FRONT lundqui Cnssi A Stein. Ri Dusenbi Kelly W; 170 GREEKS-ALPHA CHI OMEGA i founded 19$ ETA THETA PI Chapter Recolonization 1986 645 E. University k II ten I need one wi home. " -GailFyfe FRONT ROW: Steve Kruse, Alex Cobb, Greg Lepkee, Andy Everroad, Bear Lundquist, David Askar. ROW 2: Todd Stedman, Brad Schmit, Jaque Fox, Joe Crissi, Andy Feldman, Steve Beagley, Brendon O ' Brian, Phil Paris. ROW 3: Dave Stein, Rich Thibedou, Dino Salem, Brian Rink, Rob Fleming. BACK ROW: Scott Dusenberry, Bill Kurcos, Andy Schrer, Steve Pooley, Paul Hamilton, Brent Libby, Kelly Watson. " The first mark of a Beta shall be his Beta spir- it. " Trey Huntoon BETA THETA PI 171 AMMA PHI BETA Chapter founded 1922 1535 E. First Street " Gamma Phi has enabled me to become active at the UofA. I ' ve joined many clubs and I ' ve met tons of people, but it ' s my sisters that I treasure the most. " -Helen Dodge FRONT ROW: Jennifer Lauer, Jaque Brown, Carrie Lundquist, Julie Brucker. ROW 2: Jennifer Henderson, Rebecca Young, Elizabeth Baird, Cari Preston, Lisa Willett, Susan Rooney, Jessica Mills, Anne Lory, Jennifer Armstrong, Kelley Miller. ROW 3: Audrey Wystrach, Melissa Gillespie, Jeri Kogen, Nancy Jorgen- son, Annalisa Munk, Stephanie Johnson, Mindy Morrison, Elizabeth Shanks, Terri Peters , Libby Simmons, Michaelle DiGrazia, Tricia Korweis, Brandy Baker, Kristin Jones, Kristine Walsh. BACK ROW: Caitie Nerrie, Andrea Bennett, Cheryl Stevens, Pam Littkay, Jennifer McDonald, Pia Pialorsi, Tricia Phillips, Rachelle Menn, Brooke Rhodes, Ann Hutchins, Lisa Jacome, Kristen Brown, Cathy Marsh, Brooke Fitchet, Kim Beastall, Jennifer Lindley, Lisa Merchant, Kathy Barnes, Michelle Speranza, Wendy CArpenter, Carrie Jones, Emmi Falkenburg 172 GREEKS - GAMMA PHI BETA JJ5 ry.Jemta Mustang, Kelley e, Jen Kogen, Nancy Jorgen- MOTSOO, Elizabeth State, tafaweis, Brandy Baker, leme.Andrea Bennett, Cherjl Ws,taPps,Racrieie KnstentanCattiyMrt sa Merchant, Katriy Barnes, Enrni Falenburg ELTA GAMMA Chapter founded 1923 1448 E. First Street FRONT ROW: Ann Silver, Stacey Huizdos, Lisa Oswald, Michelle Kates, Jill Nelson, Chris Papciak, Tammie Townsend, Amy O ' Melia, Alison Smally, Amy Weiss, Teri Butler, Jennifer Burke, Kate Gibson, Paige Bierly, Carolyn Busch, Christy Farre, Kirsten Knight. ROW 2: Carol Villano, Charlice Rice, Sarah Calfe, Lisa Samuels, Robin Guterman, Lisa Cohen, Stacey Barcoff, Jeanne Hansen, Millie Ritacco, Stephanie Stone, Erin McClean, Laura Swanson, Amy Miller, Mindy McGill. ROW 3: Shannon Lynn, Julie Burton, Stephanie Chiprin, Jalee Lind, Marcie Westwater, Stephanie Woonan, Kristen Killeen, Pamm Mummaw, Kristie Jenkens, Stacy Pella, Lanie Whittle, Laurie Finn, Karen Olson, Leslie Schwartz, Melanie Warren, Lisa Casper, Katha Casper, Jenny Garces, Monica Divito, Eden Werner. ROW 4: Stephanie Meyers, Holli Clarke, Terry Iverson, Lisa Heglie, Linda Dale, Amy Palma, Barkie Warren, Angie Bowers, Kim Blankenberg, Kim Beebe, Kris Ferry, Lara Fitting, Jennifer Spellman, Cynde DeMeulenere, Kris Thompson, Sally White, Nicole Campbell, Amy Needham, Laura Penland, Beth Seller, Cory Farre. BACK ROW: Heather Caviness, Liddy Bowley, Julia Watkins, Christine Cornick, Laura Paton, Robin McLaughlin, Justin Summey, Lauren Pais- ley, Katie Darling, Sally Pernell, Heather Rich, Amy Nolta, Staci Shaver, Alexis Rosenblatt, Noel Nixon, Julie Krall, Kristy Stoll, Katey Gipson. " Through Delta Gamma we ' ve found the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, and sisterhood. " - Sara Dunn DELTA GAMMA 173 ELTA CHI Chapter founded 1925 1701 E. First Street FRONT ROW: Matt Harris, Rudy Jaramillo, John Bottijliero, Spencer Walters, Dave Hager, Mike Schilk, Rich Schindehette, Jay Winter, Joe Monks, Neil Hoff- man, Dave Bruce, Lou Werner, Sean Houston, Jerry Schoenherr ROW 2: Rob Johnson, Jeff Gershon, Justin New, Aaron Raney, Austin Bonn, Craig James, Gregg Wolin, Randy Papetti, Bob Leivian, J.B Groh, Rob Protass, Felipe Zubia, Clem Moore, Don Tulloch. Bruce Billo, Joe Doud, John Hertneky, Mike Ches- nosky, Mike Murphy ROW 3: Kevin Barclay, Andy McEnaney, Ron Wilson, Brian Coughlan, Mookie Balogue, Pete McCarthy, Mark Kahwaty, Matt Davee, Ely Kahwaty, Mark Lewis, Brian Mague, Grady Hicks, Rob Schmdette, Chris Gabroy, Chuck Williams, Bill Traff, Jim Brown. Jim Black, Dave Davenport, Bob Gaskins. Andy Millard, Fred Fenderson, Steve Stoll, Darrin Gardner, John Wemberg ROW 4: Paul Fortune, Mark Iriate, Dave Pavone, Mike Bruse, Mark Jarzabek, Dave Herbert, Larry Medlin BACK ROW: Jay Frohberg, Jim Mollica, Rick Holley, Dave McCarthy, Pasha Thomas, Brent Mague, John Cotter, Mike Pederson, Mike Tort, Will Westfield. " Our idea is so old it ' s back in style living to help one another grow. " David Pavone ache Warn Stio ROW2:MattBosco Hong, Scott Remmi ' Won, Na 1 Mfc Gary Rink Ge Doug Jameson Sec Hopkins, Date Lemo ten. Nelson Udsta ' " ' oyWfa ' oMsToddFtoio.Ro ' e BACK ROW: Sni fetal. Da SmsJonySunanc son, Scott Uiban. " Wa Tan Delt 174 CREEKS-DELTA CHI QELTA TAU DELTA Chapter founded 1959 1625 E. Drachman Boftteo Spencer Walters Austin Bonn Craig James, h Rot) Mass. FtipeZufe . .. " .;-;. - ; : ' : kKahwty, Malt Oavee, Ely oCSdirtette,CrwGatro , jnM a,WHoley.Dave , dike Pederson, We Tori. FRONT ROW: Jonathan Woodard, Steve Younes, Pete Klute, J.C. Miller, Ken Plache, William Shoeris, Sean Whiskeman, Izzy Sanft, Mike Clements, Brad Jones, Tom Schwarze, Sean Leahe, Todd Wallis, Craig Urban, C.R. Waldvogel. ROW 2: Matt Bosco, Kurt Munzinger, Jim Cnota, Mike Hirth, Trent Rustan, Glen Honig, Scott Remmington, Dave Yohe, Tony Caputo, John Rainer, Josh Bliss, Harrison Morton, Nate Derby, Craig Landon, Mike Pierce, Mike Carpenter, Brad Miller, Gary Rink, George Roussos, Roger Stinnet, Barry Gmch, Kevin Kreiche, Doug Jameson, Scott Edwards. ROW 3: John Hohman, Clo Edgington, Mark Hopkins, Dale Lemon, Steve Bryan, Greg Kozak, Grant MacLennan, Gerrit Ge- han, Nelson Udstuen, John Park, Chris Sinatra, Doug Stoss, Paul Biondollilo, Jon Caurent, Troy Wilkinson, Rod Denzer, Eric Szoke, Mike Woodward, Paul Reyn- olds, Todd Flavio, Robert Denning, John Mark, Eric Roberts, Paige Peterson, Jeff Wyne. BACK ROW: Dan Rasmus, Chris Reid. John Gallagher, Kevin Chinnock, Glenn Michael, Dave Ison, Mark Holtby, Charles Sacks, Jay Josephs, Doug Simms, Tony Suriano, Tom Prochello, Dave Henshall, Rex Jorgensen, Tom Carl- son, Scott Urban. " Delta Tau Delta the inspiration of maturity. " Grant MacLennan DELTA TAU DELTA 1 75 BETA TAD Chapter founded 7957 7775 E. First Street 1593 FRONT ROW: Jeff Trachtenberg, Kirk Bregman, Joel Greenberg, Greg Usdan ROW 2: Scott Bernstein, J.J. Mutton, Scott Selig, Joe Levin, Mark Levin, Seth Sachson, Marc Mistak ROW 3: Brian Levenson, Scott Hurvitz, Eric Newman, Troy Larkin, Steve Gwinner, Mike Barker, Dave Wanderer, Gary Weiss, Greg Goldstein, Brad Shulak, Jay Sanders. ROW 4: John Skoglund, Ron Wimbly, Brian Aronson, Steve Seigel, Howard Wise, Randy Cohen, John Greenberg, Dan Brown, Craig Friedson, Gary Frisch, Rob Cohen, Rami Lipson, Dave Lipschultz, Darren Shackman, Jeff Epstein. Jeff Glaser, Eric Lipp, Ivan Sher, Erick Branson, Danny Soloman, Alex Wolf, Steve Rosely. Tom Belgrad. ROW 5: Chad Weinstein, Ryan Rosett, Heath Goldman, Larry Goldstick, Peter Ross, Doug Freedberg, Jon Weinrach, Eric Sherman, Greg Sinderbrand, Scott Foster, Dan Bachus, Steve Ticktin, Rob Sandier, Jeff Margolis. Mike Shippel, Mike Silverman, Kevin Saxe, Justin Lubin. ROW 6: Mike Cohen, Mike Wangenheim, Adam, Isrow, Gary Sla- vett, Glenn Saks, Matt Kurzman, ROW 7: Robb Gilbert ROOF: Mark Choate, Steve Fischman, Andy Mass, Stu Parker, Billy Friedman, Danny Furhman, Lou Schlifke, Joey Rubinstein, Mark Cohen, Dennis Velez, Jeff Skall, Steve Begal- man, Tom Lodge. STANDING: Andrew Vandernoot. " Zeta Beta is a powerhouse of excellence. Our members are constantly striving to be the best they can be: academically, athletically, and so- cially (our parties RAGE!). " Scott Bernstein 176 GREEKS-ZETA BETA TAU er founded 19 APPAALPHATHETA Chapter founded 1957 1541E. First Street excellence. Our j to be the best Scott Bernstein FRONT ROW: Kirsten Eder, Tiffany Baehr, Gina Hayutin, Nancy Dickinson, Cam Watkins, Kim Curran, Lori Durazo, Debi Pegelow, Mara Mallin, Danielle Glosser, Dana LeClerc, Tina Olson, Kelly Day, Amy Pasek. Robin Lerner, Barbara Bates, Sue Nelson, Emily Sawyer, Ann Katzenbach, Kristie Clarey, Amy Brough, Jill van Arsdale, Danielle Tatum, Lauren Wylie, Amy Kennedy, Amy Bentzen, Maura Maddock, Alex Heathy, Gina Esparza. ROW 2: Kim Parvey, Emily Dawson, Chris Economopoulos, Kelli Hill, Lori Goldsmith, Betsy Bowler, Kathleen Bartuska, Paige Conover, Mollie Kinnamon, Josey Axt, Melanie Hobbs, Elizabeth Burns, Mary Berger, Jana Skinner, Mary Ann McLaughlm, Piper Hook, Leslie Lerude, Tracy Stangl, Mona Manetti, Manna Langley, Leslie Prudler, Jen Howard, Erin Glava, Kerri Ross, Margaret Moscatel, Jean Dickinson, Kathy Egan, Ellen Roth, Ginger Harper. ROW 3: Marissa Huxford, Holly Sakrison, Kim Boshara, Julie Moore, Bleu Blakslee, Trina Olson, Lome Wood, Tricia Linderman, Lori Leslie, Megan Rowland, Debbi Retterer, Holly Ford, Angie Unser, Ruth Grumbling, Julie Brue, Cheryl Johnson, Katie Jones, Missy Farrow, Kym Thompson, Holly Goudy " These ar e the friendships I ' ll remember in 20 years. " Ann Katzenbach KAPPA ALPHA THETA 177 K APPA ALPHA ORDER Chapter Rechartered 1986 154 IE. First Street Kappa Alpha ideolizes the traits of the Southern Gentleman and seeks to perpetuate them. FRONT ROW: Mark Raddatz, Jeff Oldt, Scott Keyes, Shane Lopez, Chris Her, Keith Dilorio, Steve Muzzy, Ryan Reely, J.C. DeBoer, Alberto Gancz, Dan Davis, " L.J. " the Lawn Jockey, John Barkley and friend, Marc Osborn, Ken Haggerty, Ken Urdahl, Mark Mold, Sean VanVorhees, Rob Carr, Dan McGuire ROW 2: Dave Shefferly, Rob Woolard, Joe Mitrick, Kent Barter, Corey Gardner, Rob Samuels, Jon Gist, Rich Bacigalupi, Jeff Possehl, George Redheffer, Jerod Brown, Jay Fernow, Kevin McEuen, Brent Thorley, Tom Filar, Dan Cams, J.C. Cassels, Rick Smith, Mike Cady, Craig Petit, Tom Satterthwaite, Attila Szokol, Goerge Henman, Kent Heiner, Jim Achen. BACK ROW: Jim Matteoni, Dave Bird, John Baker, Fred Amberg, Kent McMillan, Pat Belows, Curtis Brunton, Allan Kleckner, Blake Denison, Brad Wachs, Rob Guthrie, Rich McNabb, Neal Zas- lavsky. 178 CREEKS-KAPPA ALPHA ORDER time slowi Ne have f a last Ws c o APPA KAPPA GAMMA Chapter founded 1920 1435 E. Second Street -; Jane Lopez s ? e ' AtotoGancz.DanDavis, Marc Ostwn. Ken Haggerty ODanMcGurelW: Barter Corey Gardner, Rob George Redt Jmd Carris JC I AttilaSzokoi. K ROW: K Matteon Dave RenMcNabb.NealZas- FRONT ROW: Liddy Mangan, Laurie Nelson, Holly Price, Ann Woodward, Maria Marks, Melissa Simmonds, Jill Warren, Betsy Usher, Ashley Bittman, Kendal Casey, Anna Ruiz, Cara Ginniani, Tracy Herk, Jacquline Herk, Courtney Coombs ROW 2: Robin Newman, Jacqueline Senator, Betty Rippy (House mom), Cristina Merrill, Susan Radke, Cns Shupe, Astrid Meuller, Lisa Slaninka, Shelly Johnston, Vicki Vanderhoff, Kathi Romley, Lori Scott, Lanie Soloman, Jennifer Sander, Leigh Anne Rice, Annalise Gasche, Nancy White, Stephanie Smith, Theresa Manseur, Jeannie Muff, Marcia Valez, Yvette Campos. Row 3: Carrie Phillips, Sarah Hansen, Charlotte Ford, Laurie Hampton, Christine Remmington, Sondra Seidman, Maureen Kasin, Susan Apostle, Ginette Chinichian, Jennifer Whitta- ker, April van Drew, Greta Gorman, Carrie Gelwix, Wynn Kaplan, Robin Jarrett, Gabi Le Compte, Debbie Walbert, Kathy Thompson, Ingrid Box. ROW 4: Denay Dirks, Becca Badger, Chris Mulholland, Erin Haddad, Jackie Baird, Tori Leather- man, Carrie Courier, Cathy Churchill, Kelly Courier, Renae Mayo, Courtney Grahm, Kristel Rose, Jackie Johnstone, Tamara Bentson, Jodie Gesuale, Mi- chele Evans, Kendal Denton, Kara Blanchard, Marcy Mills, Kim Horn, Katie Lynch, Kristen Knotek, Ann Sherman, Stacey Schmeiser, Kathy Phalen, Robyn Kelso. SWING: Brooke Gregson, Heidi Hazelwood, Sarah Gordon, Mimi Goul- den. BALCONY: Linda Roffman, Alex Lipinski, Susan Mueller, Shelly Westover, Lisa Fulford, Stephanie Schwartz. " Kappa is moving into the house for the first time and slowly learning that all the beautiful people have fat legs, use zit cream, and wear last year ' s coat. " Betsy Usher KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 1 79 APPA SIGMA Chapter founded 7975 430 N. Cherry FRONT ROW: Jason Hubbard, Jason Li, Marco Fedenco, Jeff Watts, Randy Christensen, David Foster, Pete Parker, James Nowak, Joel Rapp, Andy Chang ROW 2: Rob Gather, Pete Thomas, John Muehrce, Eric Manese, Mike Hillstrand. Tom Walker, Michael Heusdens, Jay Ferguson, Bill Coleman, Erik Freeland, Rich Rogers, Mark McLear, Scott Roever ROW 3: Glenn Mandigo, Will Gwyn, Paul Brennan BACK ROW: Scott Polston, Marshall Brennan, John Dolan, John Ton- kin. " Whatever it is, we didn ' t do it! " Jay Ferguson 180 GREEKS-KAPPA SIGMA I BETA PHI Chapter founded 1035 N. Mountain FRONT ROW: Holly Blaney, Torie Chikles, Mary Jane Fanger, Tracy Holmes, Kelly Martin, Mimi Arnold, Lisa Ashmore, Laura Hicks, Jenny Merz, Ann Fallgren, Anita Parker, Holly Wait, Cheryl Soukup, Kristin, Rodwell, Jessica Teisch, Andrea Le Cours, Amy Winslow, Gate Porter, Susan Hassenmiller, Dede Powers, Marty Reimer, Brenda Vaughn, Valerie Stein, Heather Hansen. ROW 2: Jill Fetters, Becki Reynolds, Amy Steidlmayer, Colleen Hicks, Shelly Gullickson, Mara We- ber, Tiffany Smith, Beth Browkaw, Amy Cordova, Carrie Talge, Heather Reasner, Mary Katz, Julie Stermole, Betsy Bender, Susan Silverman, Steffani Reichert, Sue Harrison, Kris Kennedy, Sally Darling, Christina Running, Teri Gardner, Sta- cey French, Laura Polk, Carrie Grimes, Kristine Kassman. BACK ROW: Ginger Varty, Jody Arnold, Kerry Stephenson, Sheridan Carpenter, Stacey Todd, Dana Koch, Paige Charlton, Gina Giallonardo, Christine Wilker, Paula Murphy, Ralene Sunblad, Michelle Gibbens, Jody McNaughton, Diane Bay, Michelle Chinichian, Karia Alden, Jill Howard, Sheila Hunt, Heather Houghland, Anne Kelley, Niciole Krebs, Pam Kerns, Colleen O ' Neil, Julie Ohms, Nancy Porter, Mario Donate, Jody Crum, Whitney Bennett, Christie Perez, Stephanie Allen, Jacki Patterson, Pam Albertson, Cindy Bannen, Erin Scanlon, Dena Brehm, Kirsten Barton, Tiffa- ny Howell, Emily Vogt, Karise Allen, Cathy Cordova, Jennie Bonner, Kim Nutt, Sallie Kyle, Jenny Cope, Dawn Avery, Andrea Fisher, Caroline Daly, Lisa Crist, Lori Hickson, Janai Phillips, Jody Swartz, Susan Bernstein, Andrea Ager, Tina Barrett, Michelle Putthoff, Katie Stine, Pilar Figuerola, Donna Gardner, Mimi Torrington, Kim Gutzler, Kara Kinderman, Julie Rauch, Tracy Bonvino. " Pi Beta Phi has been appealing because of its unique and diverse members and their love for one another. " Paige Charlton PI BETA PHI 181 L AMBDA CHI ALPHA Chapter founded 1947 1402 N. Cherry FRONT ROW: Anthony Laube, Jeff Edgar, Jason Harrel, John McRae. Andy Gustaveson, Doug Vernon, Eric Gilmore, Scott Russell, Rich Defabio, Brian McKechnie, Jeff Katz, Brandon Smith, Scott Anger, Dan Beem, Chris Bulmer ROW 2: Kevin Martin, Andy White, Steve Glover, Lon Breslow, Jeff Pavlik, Jim Sumoski, Alan Corradini, Marc Davis, Mike Young, Steve Davis, Tony Stroup, Mike Schultz, Dan Copley, Don Stratz, Rich Rouder, Jay Contreras, Steve Kerr, Jon Erlich, Steve Shaft. BACK ROW: Tom Husted, Taylor Allgyer, Darren Grant, Vince Parker, Pat O ' Hara, Todd Ebeltoft, Jim Cunningham, Scott Osumi. Chris Lauf, Rand Gambrell, John Bold, Tetsu Kidokoro, Scott Schweiger, Mike Gillett, Jim Jacobson, Bryon Witt, Beau Vanderford, Sean Dooley FRONT ROW: Bar Be ' es. Frank Tulp, SurWROW2:Fr( Donahue Paul Cluti fekDaddano.Mfe JJCumo.DaveAi Sieve Haskei, Ken nick, Tully Tretscho ROW: Jeff Lake, T " Watermelon Bust was a great success this year. We raised 8,800 pounds of non perishable goods for the Tucson Community Food Bank. " Tetsu Kidokoro 182 GREEKS-LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Bounded 191)7 I KAPPA ALPHA Chapter founded 1924 1525 E. Drachman ted ftfli Delate Brian Dan Bern. OK Bute j. Steve Davs. Tony Stan if Jajtoiretas, Steve Kerr TayttAlgyer Darren Gtant, nngfiam. Scott Osumi.Cnns WScfwgef.MkeGfclt. nDodey uccess this i perishable : ood Bank. " so Kidokoro FRONT ROW: Dan Bach, Mark Usaforest, Todd Hankel, Drew Thomas, Lex Beres, Frank Tulp, Jeff Nelson, Ed Brady, Mike Cagnina, Greg Kilroy, Chris Burford ROW 2: Fred Taylor, Christian Charlton, Larry Shurtz, Geoff Dye, Kevin Donahue, Paul Clute, John Cougnet, Rob Morns, Ben Sullivan, Dave Chalfant, Nick Daddario, Mike Hill, Chris Niederauer, Paul Porter, Devon Bream. ROW 3: J.J. Curcio, Dave Alsever, Jeff Dankey, Joe Teixeira, Mike Miller, Chris Garrity, Steve Haskel, Ken Dunipace, Doug Krewson, Steve Thompson, Bob McCor- mick, Tully Tretschok, Chris Ohme, Scott Merrell, Jon Wilt, Fred Hirsch. BACK ROW: Jeff Lake, Tom Piazza, Joe Bowers " The block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak, becomes a stepping stone in the pathway of the strong. " Ben Sullivan PI KAPPA ALPHA 1 83 Rush . The Toughest Job You ' ll Ever Love Rush . . . The Toughest Job You ' ll Ever Love. Each fraternity and sorority share one goal to get the best of the best to pledge their house. There are two sides of rush the rushee and the rusher. The rushee puts on his or her best smile and goes to each house to find where they fit in best. The rusher is already a member of the house and chooses the people who will benefit their house. Sorority Rush . . . Sorority members come back from the sum- mer sun-tanned, rested and ready to work hard. Members practice before rush to polish their songs and skits. After a week of practice the parties begin! The rushees on the other hand, walk from house to house and get acquainted with members. Blisters and sore feet are a com- mon part of a rushees week. Fraternity Rush . . . Fraternity members come back about a week before rush and clean up the house so that it is in top condition for rushees. There are no skits or songs in fraternity rush. The fraternity mem- bers have the job of getting to know the guys going through rush in one short week. On the other hand, rushees go from house to house and try to find the house where they feel com- fortable. Bid Day . . . Rushees usually sit around all day and eager- ly anticipate what house they will pledge. The girl rushees receive only one bid. It is tradition for the pledge trainer to meet the new pledges after they received their bids and teach them a house song. They proceed to run back to their new house while chanting the song they ' ve just learned. Male rushees usually receive more than one bid. Then they choose the house that they enjoyed most. Lynn Wells Alpha Omicron Pi rushees receive candles before one of their rush ceremonies. 184 CREEKS A Pi Kappa Alpha member trys to get to know a rushee. This rushee discovers if he was chosen by the fraternity he wanted. GREEK RUSH 185 o ELTA SIGMA THETA Chapter founded 1975 " Intelligence is the torch of wisdom. " Front Row: Sonja D Williams, Latrisha Centers Back Row: Karen Kellum, Shawn Fultz, Lori Abbs, Maria Garrett. LPHAKAPPAAtPHA Chanter founded 7975 " By merit and culture we strive as we do and have done for 80 years of ser- vice to mankind. " Carol C. Bolden Top to Bottom: Rachel M Frazier, Dawn M. Boozer, Carol C. Bolden. APPA ALPHA PSI Chapter reinstated 1976 " Achievement is its great- est reward. " Clockwise from Top:Tim Johnson, Onesimus Strachan, Michael Blumens, Shawn Tinsley, Ken Lofton, Collin Reynolds, Michael Davidson, Derek Dukes. IGMA ALPHA EPSILON Chapter founded 7977 1509 E. Second Street FRONT ROW: Barry Lane, Dave Kliener, Jay Aboud, Fernando Maruri, Matt Crowe, Jeff Cannon, Lance Jones, James Webster, Jim Mulvaney, Erik Howsan, Tony Callie, Matt Rice, Jim Lierurance, Dave Murphy, Eric Jewell, Brian Palant. ROW 2: Scott McCarter, Kevin Johnson, Darrin Levitt, Keith Ross, Charlie Ken- nedy, Cliff Balantine, Matt Odgers, Derek, Fenstermacher, Marno McDermott, Curtis Buck, Andy Jones, Kelly Worthington. ROW 3: Jerry Foppe, Steve Wil- liams, London O ' Dowd, Mom, Brad Shoenburg, Mike McQuaid, Ron Ref, ROW 4: Matt Ambre, Brad Mitchell, Kevin Carter, Jeff Hammond, Steve Slotneck, Kevin Ryan, Howard Sobelman, Peter Barrett, Jim Vogel, Tim Storey. Mike Sara- bia, Luke Ford, Matt Kielman, Stan Montegue, Rick Harris. Bill Wickerman, Tom Heller, Jay Drever, Derrick Wood, Tom Tomason, Mike Huber, Scott Broulette, Scott Rice, Kurt Voyles, Kevin Taylor, John Belcher. Garth Olsen BACK ROW: Doug Woodley, Chris Dipierro, Chris Hook, Phil Warbasse, Casey Colburn, Bry- ant Colnan, Brett Inono, Dave Kramer, Doug Olson, Pete Vogel, Rob Feinberg, Andy Nelson, Steve Agnew, Dave Binney, Greg Migdall, Charles Kindel, Ted Purcell, John Perez, Scott Long, Jay Phillips, Kevin Sheridan " Do not walk in front of me I may not follow; do not walk behind me I may not lead; walk beside me, and be my brother. " Jerry Foppe 188 GREEKS-SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON er founded 1917 -: -:. ' .V: ' , ' " s.JmMutarey.EnkHowsan, ptiyErcJe el,taiiPaiant wtt. Ke floss, CtateKen- srmacto Mamo McOemott. IHanwond, Steve Stotek i Vogel.Tn Storey, M e S- : Hams, Bil Wctewi, 1m Mb Kite, Scot BmMi er, Garth (to BACK ROW: Masse Casey Colto. Bry- jdPeieVogelRobFeiiiberg, :: ' - iy not follow; ot lead; walk Jerry Foppe IGMA ALPHA MU Chapter founded 1988 3850 Pladto Sumo FRONT ROW: David Lasman, Steve Pine, Benjy Levinson, Brian Bulman, Jaime Kaplan, Todd Stein, Andrew Gorman. ROW 2: Tim Achey, Joseppi Phippsberg, Matt Sloan, Todd Zashin, Elan Mizrahi, Paul Frankel, Doug Miller. ROW 3: Matt Flann, Mitch Cohen, Mark Stadweiser, Fred Kipperman, Randy Grimes, Mike Broome, Neal Sokoloff, Todd Zimmerman, Mike Mann, Stevie Nanberg. BACK ROW: Ed Mendel, Joel Berkowitz, Wes Gorin, Andy Gatestein, Alex Harris, Adam Klein, William Van Zyll, Dan Levinthal. Building the foundation for tomorrow ' s success with pride, diversity, brotherhood, and unity to- day. SIGMA ALPHA MU 1 89 IGMA NU Chapter founded 1918 503 E. University FRONT ROW: Mike Schmitt, T.J. Messier, Brett Morrison, Scott Gable, Mike Lerch, Glen Tillman, Matt Caggiano ROW 2: Bill Dawes, Marty Este, Edwin Wong, Rob Hinchcliffe, Evan Goldberg, Jay Steinmetz ROW 3: Pat Mitchell, Eric Silvernail, Rick Williams, Coleman Manchester, Keith Domini, Adam Gallo, Scott Petullo, Pat Shelven, Dave Dent. ROW 4: Rick Cooper, Rob Ascher, Pat Cope- land, Casey Lentz, Rob Robison, Mark Kern, Steve Petullo, David Culver, Joe Chandler TOP ROW: Phil Dian, Clay Mitchell, Jon Brannon, Jim Schreiber, Shad Bowley, Howard Wilner, Greg Deines, Garrett Evans, Peter Nolen, Chris Butter- worth, Kelly Corsette, ' Watchoooouuut! ' Casey Lentz FRONT ROW: Jerri S3 " PeterHearii.Sc D:dre Todd Mazon LeeMeri.TimJensi Eaton, Michael Woo . Ray Valer MMarkSlepian,R AnagnopoulosJeff Darnels John Masoi Michael Aheam. Pan Kopycienski, Brian G CMeDomardJin Dmw, Adam list SM, Chns PesW.R James Oak. Steve E 190 GREEKS-SIGMA NU IGMA PHI EPSILON Chapter founded 1954 1420 N. Vine tanson Scott Gable, Mike tones Marty Este, Edm 2 ROWlPatlilcteUnc h Dorm, Mm Gaio. Scon e Pel . Daw) Culver, Joe : ' : Casey Leotz FRONT ROW: Jerry Cagnilia, Weston Settlemeier, Nathan Sawyer, Bob Rolo- son, Peter Hearn, Scott King, John Schneider, Chris Tiffany, Don Romano, Chris Ocdre, Todd Mazon, Mike Davis, Glen Thomas, Bill Roney, Rob Kort. ROW 2: Lee Meriil, Tim Jensen, Dave Dahmer, Steve Lippman, Scott Zimmerman, Greg Eaton, Michael Woodard, Tom Lagamarsino, Jerry Sundt, Chris Duncan, John Duty, Billy Ray Valentine, Adam Reiman, Brent Smith, Geoff Greenlee, Kit Ab- bott, Mark Slepian, Ron Ferguson. ROW 3: Ryan Barner, Matt, Timberlake, John Anagnopoulos, Jeff Ashton, Mike Lippman, Mark Rubin, Channen Smith, Darren Daniels, John Mason, John Oelze, Kevin Newman, Craig Levitt, Paul Fell, Z. Michael Ahearn, Paul Forester, Andy Lytle, Charles Nelson, Alex Ringsby, Dan Kopycienski, Brian Gorman, Bob Karber. ROW 4: Steve Harper, Andy Stewart, Charlie Dorward, Tim Giess, Jeff Valentine, Brent Gaines, B.J. Shapiro, Brian Demore, Adam Millstein, Matt Blanchard, Dave Cohen, Rob Pedegana, Bill Carl- son, Chris Peshek, Rob Turner, Brian Austin. BACK ROW: Dave Berwick, Tim Clarke, Kirk Newman, Pat Anger, Mike Clancy, Brett Robinson, John O ' Dowd, James Clark, Steve Burnite, Chris Barreto, Andy Ber esford, Gary Mender, Law- rence Whitnall. " Let us call Sigma Phi Epsilon a machine, a ma- chine that produces young men who entertain a true sense of the trials and the joy that life has to offer. " Adam Reiman SIGMA PHI EPSILON 191 IGMA KAPPA Chapter Recolonization 1987 7725 N. Vine " When the best things in life happen, it ' s usually just a matter of being at the right place at the right time. I ' m glad I ' m here for Sigma Kappa ' s time. " - Dena Edelheit FRONT ROW: Lori Phillips, Kirsten Farrell, Elaine Afek, Lara Hagerty, Lissa Druss, Kati Collon, Kim Shanton, Jen Mellor, Sheri Strasbaugh, Debbie Riebe. ROW 2: Janet Merrill, Dana Levy, Amy Patterson, Dianne Purinton, Dena Edel- heit, Kirsten Johnson, Hillary Lett, Sonia Apodaca, Kari Kovach, Paula Gibbs, Karen Larmour, Katie Orf, Kelly McKenna, Jill Gamberg. ROW 3: Beck! Schloss- berg, Linda Carlson, Stephanie Sammon, Leslie Jacoway, Lee Mass, Martha Berridge, Janene Pella, Dani Price, Tara Stephenson, Lori Kobriger, Alison Law- rence, Gin Dawson, Shelley Wagner, Meredith Schneider, Maureen Kehoe, Anne Smiley, Beau Heiss, Lisa Dobson. BACK ROW: Shellie Hoffman, Erin Fichtl, Patty Considine, Amy Brenner, Kretice Leiker, Jen Freidman, Heidi Taylor, Jenni- fer Brown, Nina Boxler, Eric Stebbins, Holly Heath, Kim Wells, Leslie McKechnie, Liz Wickman, Melanie Young, Jennifer Kriebl, Kristen Kirst, Shawn Armstrong, Sara Dick, Michelle Muller, Amy Alper. Tracey Bertocci. - ' - ' : 192 GREEKS - SIGMA KAPPA IGMA DELTA TAU Chapter Recolonization 1988 Dam talon. Dm Edel- , Kan Kovacti, Paula Gtts, 09 ROWlBeckiScNoss- loLonKobngetJisonLaw- His Maureen Kete.Aiw Sfefe Hoffman, EmF iertw, Heid; layta. Jaw ten Kirst, Stan Armstrong, rtocd " Led by the light of the torch, Sigma Delta Tau has gotten off to a bright beginning at the Uni- P versity of Arizona. " - Lori Lerner m 3J H FRONT ROW: Evening Lategano, Julie Engerman, Julie Cohen, Melissa Falk, Adrienne Cohen, Melanie Rosenberg, Susan Rosenberg. ROW 2: Dana Zipser, Bridgette McCracken, Beth Braun, Shari Greene, Aimi Edelman, Elise lieve, Stacey Roberts, Meryl Scolnik. ROW 3: Jennifer Allen, Mara Peck, Joli Finkel, Lesa Moore, Terri Shelton, Robyn Levin, Beth Salway, Pam Bregstone. ROW 4: Danielle Reid, Debbie Rein, Jodi Blum, Rachel Rosenblum, Stephanie Handler, Julie Binder, Donna Puma. ROW 5: Cindy Chernett, Lindsey Leeds, Stephanie Resnick, Heidi Tamarkin, Allison Boxer, Amy Feldgys, Allison Cohen. ROW 6: Trisha Lederman, Melissa Ottey, Michelle Delshad, Sandy Polk, Allison Wells, Robin Stone, Robyn Greenberg, Nicole Sher. ROW 7: Maria Rubenstein, Jill Fiskin, Stacey Barkin, Molly Aboloff, Kim Harshman, Rachel Elliot. BACK ROW: Pam Turner, Alyson Klein, Ester Cohen. SIGMA DELTA TAU 193 HI DELTA THETA Chapter founded 1922 1745 E. Second Street FRONT ROW: Tom Baker, Colby Christie, Tim Greve, Bill Long, Adrian Slater, Craig Perez, Bob Meier, Jeff Jaco. ROW 2: Mike Marthens, Derek Brian, Matt Hall, Brett Long, Frank Corrales, Rich Lace, Alan Mares, Dan Ryan, Dirk Klein. John Judge, John Poynton, John Woods, Walter Sheehey ROW 3: Dominic Saroni, Leighton Ginn, James McKnight, Scott Seyer, Dan Draeger, Jay Gelnett, Steve Hamilton, Greg Bunge, Paul Schlenker, Chris Sally, Troy Finley, Russ Dever, Dave Lipman, Mike Hesse, Jerry Reimers. BACK ROW: Phil Pinto, Mark Nunez, Cliff Blaskowsky TONT ROW: Jam f W i Andrew Hi " The house is unique because we have people from all different backgrounds, yet we are all able to work together to build Phi Delt up to be the best it can be. " Leighton Ginn 194 GREEKS-PHI DELTA THETA ?r founded 1922 E5e nd ei PHI KAPPA PSI 3ms Sally. lro F y. te BACK ROW " Chapter founded 1947 1546 E. Speedway " Phi Kappa Psi is founded on the idea of brotherhood. Here at the U of A, we try to emphasize that. " Tony Fisher. FRONT ROW: James Rowland, Dave McClanahan, Geoff Samuels, Hang Low, Anthony Fisher. ROW 2: Andrew Hansen, Steve Thompson, Eric Fisher. ROW 3: Erik Olson, Brad Harbros, Gannon Mulder. BACK ROW: Joseph Kristofl, Eric Wolff, Peter Davidson, Marc Pace. ive people we are all dt up to be PHI KAPPA PSI 195 IGMA CHI Chapter founded 1921 1616 E. First Street F FRONT ROW: Larry Siroky, Tony Albanese, Robert Glarner, Rueben Carranza, Dave Nielsen, Dave Schumaker, Dave Botnll, Jim Schumaker, Bob Gain, Matt Kennedy, Carmen Disilvestro, Dave Graziano, Matt Bullock, Rob Adams, Brad Butler, Craig Walker, Matt Meister, Brent Menke, Roger Best, Patrick McDonald, D.J. Lubke ROW 2: Nick Hower, Mark Long, Jimmy Celaya, John Ketchum, Dean Fink, Bob Millsap, Ted Harper, Mike Kennedy, Frank Fasio, Matt Tuchi, Aaron Lopez, Steve McClanahan, Paul Gehlsen, Bert Dover, Mike Ayer, Garth Green, Lee Davis, Rick Kincade, Anthony Petito, Casey McArthy, Kevin Hart, Dave Church, Rich Howland, Tom Alexander, Todd St John, Andy Mersiowsky, Dave Frith, Robert Mahoney, Bill Young, Hank Ketchum, Corey Watson, Kevin Skinner, Ken Choi. Ron Hatcher ROW 3: Chris Milke, Greg Gasset, Kory Gray, Shawn Kirkpatrick, Keith Zuzi, Hank, Kosinski, Kevin Steinbach, Tim Phillips, Eric Thomas, Scott Tremonti, Scott Johnson, Chip Clark, Eric Fuerst, Carter Morgan, Chris Ackerley, Scott Webster, Dan Kath, Tim Lowdry, Matt Mmchowicz, Mark Wilson, Gary Siroky, Chris, Avery, Tom Barrow, Tom Moormann BACK ROW: Bruce Edmonton, Randy Levinson, Don De Gracie, Rick Snazzets, Dale Cald- well, Scott McFetters, Jeff Dillon, Collin Bottrill, Paul Hubbard, Dave Helston, Greg Ross, Doug Tilford, Scott Clark. " We have a brotherhood built on diversity, trust and respect. " Corey Watson 196 GREEKS-SIGMA CHI Bounded 1921 16 Efts Street HI GAMMA DELTA Chapter founded 1939 1801 E. First Street :. x ' ' oDAoauis, Brad Casey McArthy, few Hatt. ettun.CmW. Kevin tfStertadiJmWf ' - jiversity trust ; rey Watson FRONT ROW: Rob Harbison, Dave Koste, Jason Bredimus, Lee Schnek, Scott Bender, Mike Angell, Fred Norwich, Mike Bill, Eric Hershede, Dan Haynes, Rich Starr, Alex Hammerstein, Van Vanderhoff. ROW 2: Randy Grossman, John Entz, Dan Bill, Brad East, Brian Cram, Robin Young, Dan Price, Paul White, Jack Bull, Dale Olson, Tim Sweeney, Robbie Dean, Adam Rinde, Jerry Campbell, Rick Erikson, Jim Cooper, Matt Kelley, Steve Tarver, Mark Quam, Eric Kramer, Eddie Dulin, Alex Nelson, Coley O ' Kief, ROW 3: Greg Amado, Jerry Villano, Matt Grenland, Gregg Cole, Chris Ferkenhoff, Rob, DelGhaccio, Tony Bahou, Gary Hawkins. ROW 4: Baron Braccia, Cooper Roberts, Matt Steckner, Drew Paul, Jeff Sobotko. ROW 5: Dan Watkins, Rob Lewis, Curt Ingram, Dan McKone, Rick Gunners, Charlie Mandala, Rick Spillman, Norman Hall, Steve Persi, Steve Rich- ards, Tony Costellino, Bill Huber, Jon Clements, E.G. Christiansen, Charlie John- son, Kenton Wolfers. ROW 6: Bill Bayless, Travis Chester, Mike Mandala, John Giammara, Morgan Stone. BACK ROW: Niko Lambesis, Joel Sobotka, Rob Schneider, Bill Hubbard, Chip Spellman. Fiji-Phi Gamma Delta- Two great names for one great fraternity. PHI GAMMA DELTA 197 HI SIGMA KAPPA Chapter Recolonized 1988 1104 E. Seventh Street FRONT ROW: Bill Sorg, Anthony Sowden, Patrick Mun, Brett Nelson, Picture of Don Mackey, Peter McHenry, Chip Stevens, Paul Hubble, Juhn Wilson. ROW 2: Brian Chinock, James Voght, Eddie Otero, Owen Seyler, Robert Atwell, Jeff Lineweaver, Cal Dasse, George P. Kingsley, Alan Wells BACK ROW: Joe Sweet, Brian Bohan, Wright Randolph, John Ahern, Mike McCollough, Dan McCollough, John Schwab, Boyce Stattenfield, Chad Korb, Keith Lolling " Phi Sigma Kappa offers you not idle meadows and indolent shores, she offers you hills and a star. " - John Wilson and George Kingsley Jl 1873 I 193 GREEKS - PHI SIGMA KAPPA HI OMEGA Chapter Founded 7927 7745 N. Mountain Se|to, Hotel AM, Je rtBACKROW: Joe Sweet, lcColough.DanMcC ugli, le meadows jisanda mgsley FRONT ROW: Shawn Cicenauer, Tami Margerum, Courtney Kirkwood, racy Warner, Lori Ration, Anne Robinson, Stacy Lowe, Patricia Wilcox, Megan Bown, Tami Warner, Gina Plescia, Leanne Maurer, Monica Smith, Carolyn Craft, Kara Villareal, Robyn Arnell, Elizabeth Simchac, Pamela Gibbs, Annie Waters, Lana Taylor, Michelle Abraham, Susan Huber, Julia Miller, Lee Demovic, Jenni Brown, Clair DesRosier, Amy DelDuca, Mara Kelly. ROW 2: Cari Schuler, Jennifer Smith, Michelle Lilley, Suzanne Nicholas, Aeryn Donneley, Amy Meantz, Kathy Kersey, Kristin Bergquist, Jennifer Brown, Heather Moore, Lisa Pehrson, Colleen Feeney, Sherley Heaton, Leslie Ward, Lori Hug, Michelle Hicks, Heather Tolmachoff, Lorry Lawritson, Heather Campbell, Sarah Kelly, Sarah Tobiason, Kristi Fuller, Beth Herrick, Julie Riddle, Jill Kohn, Linda Sturtz, Jana Eilers, Amy Gorin. BACK ROW: Kathy Epperson, Ann Eve Kimball, Tracy Becker, Nancy Rhodes, Martha Bunce, Susan Bush, Gina Bowman, Susan Weaver, Heidi Borgeas, Helen Daw- son, Terri O ' Sullivan, Kris Fenton, Cathy Phillips, Janet Schroll, Lisa Chamberlain, Crissy Judday, Cami Evans, Capri Demodica, Elke Selby, Jolene Armbruster, Martha Mead, Diana Heckart, Nancy Berg, Trisha Lentz, Rhona Freeman, Allison Plescia, Julie Parker, Lauri Capek, Kelli Neuer, Melanie Verkamp. " C-Caring, H-Helping, l-lnspiration, O-Opportu- nity, M-Mutuality, E-Enthusiasm, G-Growth, A- Action. " -Susie Frost CHI OMEGA 199 ometn Diffe omenna erent RESIDENCE LIFE BRICE SAMUEL APACHE HALL SANTA CRUZ HALL APACHE 1ST FLOOR FRONT ROW: David Grass, R A George Di Giovanni Andrew Mackoff, Brian Olson, William Daniels, Clark Pierce, Steve Harron ROW 2. Steve Jones, Doug Beilfuss, Jason Dutcher, Matt Helmke, Tim Spahr, R.A. Doug Showell, HD Mike Hein, Jim Pugh, Matt Weygandt, Brian Treptow BACK ROW: Mike Graham, Hale Thomas, Eric Edgell, Sung Joe, Devin Huntley, Brian Wenham, R.A. Hetal Shah, Dave Pyle, Kris Reid, Mike Pallasch, unidentified. APACHE 2ND FLOOR FRONT ROW: Chris Lee, Jason Crank, John Wilkins, Glenn Fuller, Doug Kozzin, Matthew Bussey, Mike " Spuds " Estensen, Mike Clay- ville ROW 2: John Poynton, Jeff Falletta, Robert Dawson, Dan Clark, Greg Kidd, Peter Cahill. Ian Littman, Mark Pecha, Pete Bechtold, Norm Kur, Scott " Scooter " Cohen BACK ROW: Jason Rubens, R A John Fuller, Don Gates, Shane Barnes, Randy Karg, Ty Parten, William Churchill, Brian Imwalle, Heath Bray, Xavier Ochoa, Jason Stonefeld APACHE 3RD FLOOR FRONT ROW: Brent Udolph, R A. Ron Semel, Bill Smutny ROW 2: Danny Shmnick, Paul Castellano, James Bell, George Malkasian BACK ROW: Dave Hauff, John McGinley, Travis Johnson, Jamie Ingle, Eric Huber 202 ttll ZHALL Visiting hours were technically from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays at Apache-Santa Cruz. Recovering from a " sleepover " are Lauren Jones, Matt Demsey, Nicole Meyer and Genevieve Tregor. AP-SC hall, along with a few other halls was granted unlimited visitation for the 1988-89 school year. SANTA CRUZ 1 ST FLOOR FRONT ROW: Robin Riley, Vern Davis, Kelcy Shep- herd, Tara Kennedy, Lauren Jones. ROW 2: Rosetta Demoski, Stevie Cummins, Janice Lombard, Christine Yesinko, Evelyn Toole, R.A. Kat McFarlin, Mary Groth. ROW 3: Cindy Furlong, Carolyn Kenney, Lauren Greene, HD leva Bilsens, Jodi Berman. ROW 4: Jennifer Wittaker, Jill Fine, Jennifer Petz, Mary English. BACK ROW: Angie Kreitzer, Nancy Hull, Maureen Hayes, Susan Fleck, Kim Noller. SANTA CRUZ 2ND FLOOR FRONT ROW: Nilda Reinosa ROW 2: Dianna Borowski, R.A. Barbara Methot, Kara Coombs. Jennifer Rieger, April Tillis, Melissa Tornquist. ROW 3: Yvette Ramirez, Debbie Eskenazi, Amy Brenn, Margaret LeMes- surer, Eurica Billinger, Wendy Miller, Amy Bliss. ROW 4: Lisa LaMontagne, Juleen Rickerson, Leslie Perrow, Robin Olson, Laurie King, Erica Raden, Kristin Wood, Margot Head. BACK ROW: R.A. Amy DeBease, Anna Somerville, Darlene Schou- O ten, Ann Marie Comalli, Kat Storms, Brenda Marshall, Tara Remo, Debra Kane, Jenn Crocker, Amy Harbin. SANTA CRUZ 3RD FLOOR FRONT ROW: Tara Kennedy, Shannon Hogan, Sonja Johnson, Susan Novy, Cyndi McCluskey, Shannon McKune. BACK ROW: Jennifer Kearey, Stephanie Malet, Val Marmor. R.A. Heidi Kulberg, Sam Green, Jill Hutton, Michelle Morgan, Jodi Sugaski, Arrion Smith. 203 ARIZONA HALL SONORA HALL ARIZONA 2ND FLOOR FRONT ROW: Matt Laver, Michael Pravse, Chuct Breen, Joseph Achille, Alex Drew ROW 2: Donald Friedman, Christopher Peterson John Boyce, Jim Benjamin, David Mosh, John Slavin. BACK ROW: Masato Nishida Mike McWilliams, Dan Epstein, Michael Kreps. Collin Barry, David Ballard, Johr Merino, Christopher Gray. ARIZONA 3RD FLOOR FRONT ROW: Alison Levy, Christy Roberts, RA Tammy Orcutt, Lissette Fernandez. ROW 2: Karen Moss, Ashley Hough, Stacey Peterson, Kim Jackson, Michelle Ransom, Marci Seward. BACK ROW: Stacey Zimmerman, Debra Loomstein. ARIZONA 5TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Resident Assistant Mamie Brown, Mai- lory Spring, Tiffanie Ross, Sue Yoder, Leslie McKechnie ROW 2: Kristine McFar- land, Alexia Sgrillo, Andrea Contino, Andrea Brown. Stacey Roberts. BACK ROW: Jennifer Rubin, Debbie Levinos, Andrea Scott, Lauren Garlovsky, Ruth Liebman 204 RESIDENCE LIFE ARIZONA 6TH FRONT ROW: Randy Wexler, Mike Hill, Lyle Lohmani, Bruce Siegel, David Silva, Rico Encinas, Ed Ignacio, Dave Selander, Fred Koh ROW 2: Ron Contorno, Steve Silverman, Derek Oldham. John O ' Neill, Steve Delcarlo, Dave Perotti, Matt Ragghianti. Brian Tacovelli ROW 3: Vincent Best, Keros Johnson, Kevin Ritchey, RA Joe Phipps, Erick Branson, E.V. Ackewlate, Chris Guibert, Len Lizardi BACK ROW: J ohn Buttermiller, Pete Moser. Willy Koneval, Kevin Heinicke, Rob Bickel, Scott Kerman, Tom Yun. ' OR-f Brad Cullison and Baron Bruno make Arizona-Sonora more home-like with plenty of pictures, posters, and a touch of per- sonality. , :; , [0 ARIZONA 9TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Lara Chin, Christy Ferris, Misty Hock- stad, Patti Lujan, Maria McWilliams, Beth Fuchs, Tracey Homerin, Julie Ernstein, Kristen McHugh. ROW 2: Stacy Rothwell, Nairne Frazar, Kerry Beranich, Rhoda Jennings, Connie Becker, Carrie Hoffman, Robin Stone, Melody Nelson. BACK ROW: Kathryn Fulton, Lori Anderson, Tarah Mitchell, Kathy Viapiano, Resident Assistant Shelly Brown, Heather Loveland, Mario Jaggers, Katherine Cartwright, Satoko Shiobara. ARIZONA 7TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Becky Borer, Lori Minnich, Nancy Roth- bart, Jamie Rittoff. ROW 2: Courtney Mroch, Carolyn Simoneau, Kym Cohen, Kristi Hill, Christy Brenner, Kim Weltman. BACK ROW: Jeanne Jackson, Heather Hos- bach, Resident Assistant Teresa Fritts, Kym Carmichael, Chrissy Keller, Stephanie Adler. ARIZONA 8TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Ken Bell, Roje Yap, Scott Pyle, Mike Benson, Robert ' Sal ' lovino, Sam Kim. ROW 2: Dean Lourant, John Spengler, Adam Walton, Andy Barnet, Matt Benson, Phil Conjanis, Ken Kotch. ROW 3: Randy Cunningham, Chris Bott, Jamie Collins, Dave Williams, Paul Fuller, Chris Brady. BACK ROW: Kazu Komatsubara, Ken Folsom, Bruce Rechichar, Mario Gonzales, Kelvin Bias, Hidetaka Sato. 205 ARIZONA HALL SONORA HALL SONORA 2ND FLOOR FRONT ROW: Mark Shereshovech, Scott Ellman. Ste- ven Heller, Stephen Toth ROW 2: William Dowling, Craig Remes, Robert Matles. Marc Kaplan, Andrew Matusik. BACK ROW: Dan Wachtler, Neil Taylor, Jeff Berta, Henry Fieger, Blake Phillips. SONORA 3RD FLOOR THE GROOVY, HIP, HAPPENIN ' FLOOR ' FRONT ROW: Kelly O ' Brien, Amy Seader, Dana Vaughn, Gail Wisun, Eva Friedman, Patti Kinne, Kate Cogley, Heather Mellow. ROW 2: Emily Rogers, RA Renee Thomas, Kerryn Sherry, Lisa Walker, Jennifer Bonham, Tracy Nelsh, Angie Thomson, Monica Thayer, Katie Zaleski BACK ROW: Dianne Reilley, Erinn Loskutoff, Amy Mandel, Tamara Rice, Melissa Parker, Barb Rosas, Sarah Ruffin, Renee Moore, Alissa Malm- ros. SONORA 4TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Pete ' Screamer ' Schroeder, Jason ' Smi- ley ' Novak, Jay ' Sweetness ' Alston, Matt ' Reporter ' Nordmeyer BACK ROW: Chris ' Teddy ' Borek, Rob ' The Rock ' White, Darren ' Psycho ' Weiner, Rick ' Top 10 ' Laird. 206 RESIDENCE LIFE SONORA 5TH ' PHENOMENALLY FRIENDLY FRENETIC ' FRONT ROW: Allison Cohen, Susan Chemers, RA Rodi Vehr, Mara ' The Mouth ' Alper, Nikki Sher, Bobbie Cox. ROW 2: Ann Mane Chischilly, Gretchen Huebner, Allison Johnston, Melissa Fields, Kristin Roeder BACK ROW: Stacey Cohen, Laura Schlicting. Kris Adkins, Regina Walker, Debi Goldfaden, Rosie Archiniaco. HAIL HALL Payphones in hall lobbies were usually tied up by residents, like Steven Wilson, who didn ' t have a private line. SONORA 9TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: RA Stacey Edgar, Marybeth Giedt, Tonya Williams, Lisa Rubin, Julie Richardson. Kimberly Ladd.ROW 2: Tia Townsend, Kim Hall, Lili Gordon, Susan Towne, Tami Parrish, Diana Tramontano, Debra Morris. BACK ROWrDeena Giebner, Elizabeth Glancey, Catherine Coen, Marcia McNutt, Kristine Hollett, Randi Marks, Jody Malatin. SONORA 8TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Jeff Sutherlm, Jeremy Clevenger ROW 2:Chris Schmaltz, Bobby Giovanini, Andy Creighton, Steven Govett. BACK ROW: Resident Assistant Bruce Grissom, Eric Schrott, Eric Drath, Jason Stein, Adam Langdon. SSSS SONORA 6TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Mike Teufel, Jason Donaldson, Mel Hey- dari, Matt Roberts, Darick Haverland.BACK ROW: Tom Wright, Jeff Paulik. Gregg Rose, John Elliott, Monte Ulmer, Scott Gimple. SONORA 7TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Miyuki Matsuo, Rebecca Riebe, Amy Solomon, Robyn Weiner, Kim Savage. Gabby Rubin. ROW 2: Anita Renteria, Sara McNeff, Janet Foley, Jennifer Zetcher, Traci Gordon, Jennifer Bercy, RA Carolyn Menges. BACK ROW: Alexis Urtuzuastegui, Wenda Wright, Paran Pordell, Lisa Cataldi, Jolie Garber, Annika Vieira. 207 Babcock residents lay out by the pool to catch some rays. Sunning in October was a pleasant change for students not from the Southwest. BABCOCK INN BILLMAN HOUSE BABCOCK INN FRONT ROW:Unidentified, Dan ielle Frons, Rande Zatt, Monica Yocum, unidentified Teresa Balog, Laurie Dow, Kellie Day ROW 2:Stephanie Davis, Cathy Cretsinger, Laurie Stevens, Wendy Gold fisher, Missy Handley, Kelly Black, unidentified, Damaris Chong, Colin Schaub, Renee Guerrero. ROW 3:uniden titled, Rod Gorrell, Randy Hall, Aimee Disser, Lisa Bar ron, Kari Dahl, Karen Gro, Sandi Shaw, Steve Nobe Robert Suarez, Jesse Ledesma BACK ROW:Lance Bellonomini, Tim, Heather Miller, Gary Roloson, Sean Skelton, Kevin Byrns, Jack Tabaska, Bill Wade, R.A. Rick Steiner. RA Brian Aleksa, RA Meredith Brose, Joe Vucic, Drew, Hall Director Scott Waldrop. 208 BABCOCK INN zBILLMAN HOUSE FRONT ROW:Anita o Smith, Robin Petrowski, Doreen Spangler, Tonya O Janes, Rhonda Feldman.ROW 2:Joan Cleary, g MariselaSoto, Marilyn Scherb, Hall Director Shei- O la Justin, Susana Valera.BACK ROWtCherry 5 Martinez, Rosa Garcia, Julie Parkans, Norma Ra- mos, Lilys McCoy, Patricia Cook, Sheryl Fergu- - son. Billman House, reserved for graduate students, provided a quiet, serious atmosphere. Two residents take a study break in front of the television. BILLMAN HOUSE 209 Todd Kosenski and other as well as a sle newly remodeled Co rooms with large wir COCHISE HALL FRONT ROW: Rodriguez, Thompson, Johnson, R.A Haas, R.A. Foley, H.D. Presley, R.A. Guru, President Reagan, R A Slato, R.A. Aikman, R A Jordan, R.A. Parker. ROW 2: Buff, Mader, Clough, Resch, Browner, Baluch, Ghulam Notman, Meyerson, Bjornholt, Kaller, R.A. Dylan. ROW 3: Smith, Dilema, Tozer, Schwalb, Pelletier, Ahmed, Sid, Elkins, Gian, Wojcik, Bryant. Kosenski. ROW 4: Luby, Hanson, Hector, Ellis, Cobb, Straus, Wyman, R.A Kandler, Patton, Lee, Plant, Lynott, Ubanks, Hunt ROW 5: Huusko IV, Mussey, Evans, Deci, R.A. Tzara, Thomp son, Robinson, Simmons, Miranda, Cauble, Reithinger, Stegner, Bein, Montgomery BACK ROW: Beck, Wherry, Heilmann, Limtiaco, Beer, McGovern. Stealth, Stegner, Miranda, Simmons. 210 COCHISE HALL COCONINO HALL COCONINO 1ST FLOOR FRONT ROW: R.A. Stacy Beehler, Nancy Percario, Kimberly Ainsworth, Kathleen Tempone, The man, Kara Davis, Jacqueline Green- rock. BACK ROW: Christine Gow, Rebecca Johnson, Susan Brooks, Sondra Seid- man, Anne Marie Hamilton, Cheryl Myers, Jean Corley, Karen Roeder, Mary Kosjor- owski, Chrissy Strange, Todd Kosenski and Andy Bryant share this room with each other as well as a sleeping porch with two other residents. The newly remodeled Cochise Hall, boasted high ceilings and airy rooms with large windows. COCONINO 2ND FLOOR FRONT ROW: R.A. Latrisha Centers ROW 2: Katrina Smock, Rayna Ferrin, Tracy Soal, Roberta Aono, Cheryl Naanes, Victoria Szeto. ROW 3: Barbara Greene, Christine Cuzzocrea, Tooshdi Ward, Taleen Injeian, Karlyn Wright, Mindy Davis, Kathryn Maclean. BACK ROW: Debbie Price, Denise Nurczyk, Kathryn Kurinsky, Amy Winslow, Jennifer McKeever, Christina Mader, Catherine Millard, Lisa Kennedy. COCONINO 3RD FLOOR FRONT ROW: Leslie Vyvial. Ann Suzuki, RA Delia Rosenblatt, Beth Shafer, Cynthia Effrain. ROW 2: Jodi Luks, Rebecca Page, Steph- anie Verderame, Jennifer Berry, Kara Wolf, Tanya Wyman, Samantha Hammond, Lara Semchyshyn. BACK ROW: Jennifer Saneholtz, Carolyn Beer, Traci Smith, Vanessa Volin, Lassana Karrim, Johanna Crawford, Sheila Rindels, Felicia Froehlich, Lisa Ladvina. CORONADO 2ND FLOOR FRONT ROW: Lisa Evers, Lisa Wagner, RA Gretchen Pappas, Linda Clink, Amy Wixon, Nicole Thomas, DeAun Thomas, Lael McGenee, Carolyn Robeson.ROW 2: Jane Doe, Suzi Finney, Tracey Shosted, Kettle McCormick, RA Kim McDonald, Elaine Olivas, Gina Kelly, Pat Gibeault. Julie Yeakel. ROW 3: Amy Hurt, Paige Houlsby, Vicky Turner, Shelly Nakamura, Kathy O ' Hara, Julie Sheridan, Linnea Rink. Holly Hergenrader BACK ROW: Jennifer Saken, Merry Schneider, Claire Desrosiers, Steffani Nicoluzakis. Jill Taylor, Chris Laguna, Josephine Long, Kathy Stuppy, Karen Meyers. 3RD FLOOR Names not available 4TH FLOOR Names not available. FIFTH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Jamie Lee, Amy Selzer, Kelly Kinoshita, Kim Qua- daldoni, Kelly Fleming. ROW 2: Jenny Fons, Mary Oatman, unidentified, Lisa Gor- don, Kim Rohrbacher. Maryloly Rodarte, Jodi Collins. BACK ROW:RA Debbie But- ler, RA Sabina Rose, Chrissy Murphy, Sara Weber, Tricia Tartaglio, Jan Pino, Yvonne Decort 212 RESIDENCE HALLS LRATl DO Stacked crates added necessary shelf space in crowded rooms without taking up living space. Concentrating on studies are Sandy Theodoropoulos and Jenni Lindner. 9TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Liana Wells, Sherlene Jaco, Beth Hayes, Emily Rat- ley, Carrie Siegel, Julie Garber, Dana Kelly. ROW 2: Gerilynn Spitz, Kelly Martin, Kirsty Urban, Kim Wells, Jill Rudow, Jordana Tygiel, Laura Canty, Sandy Hopkin, April Fuller. BACK ROW: Sarah-Jane Bacon, Kelli Cran, Natalie Benbow, Kiva Smith, Andrea Lecours, Denise Lee, Michelle Lunnen, Lari Allen, Lauren Laves, RA Darcy Mellison, RA Karen Scheyli, Dana Hudish, Dionne Aust. 8TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Becky Eskind, Deanna Swett, Edie Lantz, Lisa Pehr- son, Lisa Walker, Dawn Phelps. ROW 2: Jennifer Brown, Shelly Lemon, Jennifer Bertz, Katie Wojciehowski, Valerie D ' Amico, Allison Bertelli, Missy Murphy, Angie m Toberman. BACK ROW: Lesli Adams, Heather Cambigue, Bonnie Harris, Erin Gus- -n taveson, Megan Brown, Cindy Fuller, Jen Ridge, Lori Swartz, Nanci Moses, Traci Zuckerman, Barb Ebert, Stephanie Branman. 6TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Shannon Schmid, Heather Drake, Genie Chang, Michelle Rea, Stacy Sangiacomo, RA Ingrid Sikora. ROW 2: Cyonee Evans, Kath- leen Ford, Gretchen Byers, Alison Bermant, Nicole Fry, Linda Tompkins, Stephanie Widmer, Vicki Copeland. BACK ROW: Danica Donalies, Heather Chandler, Chris Douglas, Kathy Eribes. RA Theresa Gonzales, Jo Lynn D ' Alessandro, Michelle Tur- ley, Lori Talarico, Vananh Doan. 7TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: RA Lori Word, Alyse Hayum, Debra Burdorf, Julie Goodman, Julie Jakubek. BACK ROW:Jennifer Holmes, Kim Hinds, Kym Kanban, Jessica Schulman, Sai Thallam, Kimberly Goosherst. 213 COMSTOCK HOUSE For many graduate students, coming home to the Comstock House means walking up these steps, something no student will be able to do next year. The building will be sold, along with a few others and students will have to find new housing. GILA HALL COMSTOCK HOUSE FRONT ROW: Jim Koumpouras, H.D. Sharon Snyder, David Benz, Maria Czuzak, Mary Ann Zager, Michael Pasik. Robert Matzner ROW 2: Cigena Shum, Lisa Bolm, Elizabeth Torres, Valerie Hohman, Tae Jin Kim ROW 3: Laura Cathcart, Jennifer Saunders, Muhammad Shaikh, Kevin Walsh, Craig Mitchell, Rebecca Burmeister BACK ROW: Bill Yakowenko, Tony Gonzales, Patrick Yuen, Kevin Elder 214 GILA 1ST FLOOR FRONT ROW: Leslie Franklin, Laura Hampton, Heather Schroeder, Malikah Shakir, Kell y Epley, Joan Voss BACK ROW: R A Mary Ka- minsky, Vikki Dempsey, Kris Nicholson, Nicole Bolze, Kim Mitru, Melissa Austin, Fran Camero. - HOUSE LI Wilbur The Wildcat lent a paw in the decorating of this room in Gila Hall. Luz Galarza and Anita Szoke lounge on the top bunk near the tracks which cover the ceiling and most of the wall. - .: GILA 2ND FLOOR FRONT ROW: Michelle Hendricksen, Misha Pokorny, Marie Smith, Patty Pember, Shan Farlneau, Carrie Sailer, Julie Landt, Diana Iniguez. BACK ROW: Pamela Norling, Claudia Peck, Karen Boyd, Sonya Sotak, Bethann Real, Claudia Pedraza, Kim Berg, Deniece Staples. GILA 3RD FLOOR FRONT ROW: Aimee Baer, Jennifer Wood, January Esquivel ROW 2: Rebecca Galley, Bea Webb, Jennifer Walstad, Luz Galarza, Anita Szoke, Kristy Whitten. BACK ROW: Liz Budzynski, Jennifer Perrish, Mary Ann Greene, R.A. Noel Jaronik, R.A. Roberta Fellows, Kirsten Kunst, Jackie Darveaux, Stephanie Wilt. 215 GRAHAM-GREENLEE 1ST FLOOR-FRONT ROW: Mohammad Anwar, Tanya Iberg. Andy Molzahn, R. A. Carrie Besnette. R A Mitch Smith, Lisa Callden, Kristi Borders, Mark Hill, Kate Lockley. Lara Eliott. Kim Stemmler, R A Mike Mishad ROW 2: Ajeet Kumar, Derek Pang, David Burtless, Alison Jones, Taylor Brockbank, Deme- tria Zeniou, Janell Taylor, Mary Jane Fanger, Mark Athan. BACK ROW: Keith Do- mini, Candice Pryzbicien, Piper Hook, Jack Johnson, Scott Gower, Karrie House- holder, R A. Claire Bowey, Dave Rasmussen, Glenn Poole, Casey George, Paul Cartar, Todd Orlich. GRAHAM-GREENLEE 2 CENTER-FRONT ROW: Joseph Coldebella, Peter Liuk- konen, Mike Sidebotham, Cheryl Tobias. Darren Finneral, Cody Johnson ROW 2: Stephanie Ryan, Kathleen Wyant, Hilary Hoffman, Melanie Verkamp. Lisa Schulth- eis, Laura Turner, Adam Atherly. BACK ROW: Jeff Corvetti, Jim Sheehy, Jeff Gray- son, RA Tim Haskins, David Stone, R A Liz Bentzin, Harrietta Zonnnie, Angela Hickerson. GRAHAM-GREENLEE 2 EW-FRONT ROW: Phil Perlmutter, Pete Carpenter, Pat Joyce, Scott Kitchen, Jeff Bussel. Bill Evans, Andy Stone ROW 2: Adam Fenster, R. A Chris Evans, Steph Weissman, unidentified, Kathy Sander, Nicole Thibaudeau, Felida Lim, Julia Borowiak, Jean Uhl ROW 3: R A Elaine Leavens. Alicia Heller, Steve McNamara, Erica Lee, Michelle Mohr, Lynne Kessler, Tom Abbrouscato, Stacy Mammo, Carrie Lecompte BACK ROW: Scott Jones. Jeff Kasak, Don Parker, R A Kurt Sinclair, Scott Gohus, Robyn Pleggenkuhle. Jan Fitspatrick. Carlos Con- treras, Deb Gallo, Kurt Meredith GRAHAM HALL GREENLEE HALL All IALL Christine Lezering and Ramana Mangum, residents of Graham- Greenlee Hall prepare for the day in the comfortable surround- ings in their room. GRAHAM 3E-GREENLEE 3EW-FRONT ROW: Laura Hemrich, R. A. Vincent Ra- bago, unidentified, Mandley Rust, Mike Greinke. ROW 2:R. A Susan Barlow, Dan Bonow, C. J. Bondi, James John Sampanes, Rob Oliver, Any Brewer. Ramona Mangum, Julie Lorenzen. BACK ROW: Jem Eagle, Jason Cox, Wen-Hsiang Lee, Walter Addesso, Sean O ' Connell, Jennifer Gooch, Wendy Chase, R. A, Laura Coloc- cia, Dannielle Rusiecki. Susan Murphy. FALLOF IA GRAHAM 3W-FRONT ROW: Robert McKercher, Andrew Delaix, Mark Pantoja, Jonathon Harris. ROW 2: R. A. James Stoyanof, Matt Adamson, Edward Angulo, John Burchfield. BACK ROW: Raj Sedeora, John Pakka, Damon Hoffman, John Schecter. GRAHAM-GREENLEE 3 CENTER-FRONT ROW: Joycelyn Scott. R A Evonne Scott, Heidi Yahn, Carrie Fisch. Kathryn Sullivan, Julie Gates. ROW 2: Tamara Buskirk. Debbie Don, Stephanie Weissman, Shannon Burreson, Melissa Fitzgerald, Kerstin Hurley. BACK ROW: Guy Jackman, David Tolman, Jae Han, Leroy Llyod, Bart Steiner, Anthony Campos. " Home Sweet Home " just isn ' t the same without Mom and Dad. Visiting Hopi Lodge are Mark Van Wormer ' s parents. Mark and his roommate made use of the space below their bunk as a den. HOPI LODGE INTERNATIONAL HOUSE I T ' T fe HOPI LODGE FRONT ROW:Chris Forbes, Ruiz Es- teban, Brad Cooper, Hall Director Mike Day, Toan Coa, Todd Schollars, Dwain Herron, Matt Burgess.ROW 2:, ' ince Clark, Franc Warned Adam Bujak, Chad John-l Ison, Tony Reed, Anthony Rodnar, David Sourk, Dougl ' Devries, Hao Gong. ROW 3:Jim Bullita, Peter Vasiljevic, ' Tom Turnquist, Jim Arnold, Francois Lejard, Pat Kelly, David Johnson, Matt Witlin, Robert Osborne, Rasta " The Snake " , Tim Kelly ROW 4Kevin McGibben, John Mazzucco, Fernando Sierra, Eric Bengstrom, Matt Nagy, Matt Menner, Bill Bommersbach, unidentifie- d.ROW 5:Russ Godsil, David Peters, David Nelson, Joel Reed, Matt Rice, Chris Cabanillas, David Vogel, uniden- tified, Chris Quinn, Greg Poling, R.A. Gordon Ingmire- .BACK ROW:Mike Mings, Craig Malley, Bret Edgar, R.A. Steve Shanklin, Dwayne Booth, Erik Resnick, Shawn Cohen, Bill Polakowski, Pat Collins, Jeff Hugus, Jeff Mitchell, Joe Dzendzel, Doug Lombandi, R.A. Matt Pruitt, Alfred Miranda. 218 HOPI LODGE ion! INTERNATIONAL HOUSE FRONT ROW:Andy Clements. ROW 2: Kerrie Ticknor, Matt Federoff, Bea- triz Morales, Kirsten Johnsen, Juanita White, Sawako Miyazaki, Anita Fung, Paul McAurther.BACK ROW: Sek Ong " Raymond " Man, Maria Buttke, Wesley Vaughn, Inayat Barech, Amir Ishaque, Chi Hung " Benny " Sin, Cindy Roberts, Craig Murdock, Dipti Gupta, David Benz, Hall Director Hilario Yuriar. Anita and Wan Fung enjoy a ramen dinner in the International House. INTERNATIONAL HOUSE 219 KAIBAB HALL HUACHUCA HALL KAIBAB-HUACHUCA 1 NORTH FRONT ROW: Marilee Herrera. Zlata Kozul, RA Rich Conway. RA Alison Ohl, Karen Stafford. Pamela Crowe ROW 2: Cris Garcia, Dana Chapman, JJ Ervine, Robin Chazkel. Jaime Onate ROW 3: Brian Pence, Caleb Livermore, Steve Roberts, LaShun Barnes, Beth Borucki, Andrew Yoblou, Jason Saffran BACK ROW: Ryan Bickel, Larry Bridge, Adam Mertz, Ran- dall Crews Sharing a room can be hard, but Hillary Hamilton and Jennifer Rudolph are getting along. The transition to college life usually included learning to share not only a room, but one ' s personal life as well. KAIBAB-HUACHUCA ONE SOUTH ' THE MEMBERSHIP ONLY CLUB ' FRONT ROW: Stacey Spiegler, Rachelle Hayward, RA Harold Campbell. Lisa Moloff, Paul McClellan. Dan Harlan ROW 2: Lisa Kaplan, Laura Johnson, Ruben Aguayo, David Vasiloff, Brian Sullivan, Tom Barrow ROW 3: Sean Stacy, Ziya Dikman, Bret Rossen. Richard Andeen, Bryan Smith, Jessica Wood BACK ROW: Bridgette McCracken, Heidi Kay ' Membership has its privileges ' KAIBAB-HUACHUCA SECOND NORTH FRONT ROW: RA Lupita Lopez, Heather Greer, Kristy Hickson, Toni Venenga, Julie Naimo, Stacy Nelson, Steven Helm, RA Frank Rosario ROW 2: David Chin, Mike Cave, Brian Zah, Brian Vincze BACK ROW: Michael Szoke, Scott Hayden, ' Inga . Eric Jones 220 RESIDENCE HALLS KAIBAB TWO SOUTH: Morgan Gillies, Trey Walker, Thao Lee, Becky Pfoff, Chamois Pierson. Anders RAM, ML HALl y Hamilton and j enill | er ' but one ' s per: HUACHUCATHREE SOUTH: Todd Smith, RA Mike Fett, Brewer Johnson, Andrew Foster. KAIBAB PIT ' -HUACHUCA 4TH FRONT ROW: Suzie Holley, Drew Mitchell, Katie Blackmore, RA Mary Biehl, Tiffany Brown, Linda Corsey, Jessica Guernsey. ROW 2: Amy Nelson, Kee Chua, Erin Garner, Jennifer Lofquist. Jennifer Jones, Rebecca Cate, Brent Rubinow. ROW 3: Betina Guerrero, Keith Ramaut, William O ' Brien, Jon Ashley, Brad Pittiglio, Bret Undem. ROW 4: Arthur Fairbank, Mike Bryson, Amanda Koblin, Beth Braun, Sybil Davis. BACK ROW: Timothy Howard, RA Matt Carroll -j. KAIBAB THREE SOUTH FRONT ROW: Jennifer Carpenter, RA Emily Eijman, O Sarah Foster, Stephanie Gomez. ROW 2: Jennifer Curtis, Julie Fagerson, Lorraine Hildebrand, Mea Abraham, Stacie Jacobs. BACK ROW: Chrissy Kelly, Julie Egan. 33 Barbara Parmelee, Kindra Patnache. 5 KAIBAB-HUACHUCA CENTER FRONT ROW: Lee Holtry, Jen Rudolph, Hilary Hamilton, Cori Anderson, Michelle Herring, Shari Simmons, John Trostle ROW 2: Grady Barrons, Lisa Vanert, Christie Jenks, Kristi Lindenberg, Becky Scanlon, Ania Piechota, Tammi Hilsman, Todd Zuercher. ROW 3: Robert Rodgers, Todd Hicks, Tenley Truxell, RA Meredith Jue, JoAnn Corral, RA Allen Arakaki. BACK ROW: Garnet Elliot, Dale Sheu, Matt Newell, Zuber Mulla. KAIBAB-HUACHUCA THREE NORTH FRONT ROW: Joe Foppiano, Andrea Brugioni, Cori Potter, Lorena Bazua, Kerri Ashike, Diana Davis. ROW 2 Victoria ' Tori ' Starr, Kim Baron, Mauri Gunther, John McGolorick. Andrew Huber, David Shafer, David Jones. ROW 3: Brian Muff, John Sticht, Chris Thomas, Eric Johnson, Donald Duwelius. BACK ROW: Dirk Schneider, Carol Baugh, unidentified. 221 MANZANITA HALL MOHAVE HALL MANZANITA 2ND FLOOR FRONT ROW: Patrick Papa, Paulette Canady, RA Anna Elermann, Julie Vercic, Bobbi Schultz, Flash, Roger Webb, Jeff Lasher, Ron ' Eddie ' Olexsak ROW 2: Matt McMutchen, Karen Dobry, Michelle Carpenter, Mi- chelle Canady, Tiffany Breckon, Laura Rolff, Darren Pal. ROW 3: Ashfaq Zaidi, Ron Jung, Dan Alegre, Jonathan Hu, Holton Johnson, Frank Fazid, Glen Forrest, Steve Litman, Mychael " The Architect " Brown. BACK ROW: Paul Garcia, Terry Ratcliff MANZANTIA 3RD FLOOR FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Wasko, John Hiett, Laura Simmons, RA Rod Horn, Naomi Miyamoto, Drew Diamond, David Stone ROW 2 Eric Stern, Elizabeth Higgins, Sanford Selznick, Bob Mutch, Natalie Logan, Steve Hanra- han, Kevin Kibsey, Flash BACK ROW: James Click, David Lattanzio, Phill Trigas, Greg Berg, Pat Coco, Doreen Horasanian, Giselle Roque de Escobar, unidentified. MANZANITA 4TH FLOOR Allison Burtt, Jennifer Lindley, Robin Sperduti, Penny Delman, Jeanette Dorn, Sherri Shumaker, Melissa Lenezewski, Flash, Eileen Lee, Melissa Birnach, Colin Simms, Jody Ferrell, Angie ' Hoss ' Cartwright, Mike, Jill Flor- yance. 222 RESIDENCE HALLS MANZANITA 5TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Ray Person, RA Tracy Lorenz, HA Scott Rajanen, Heather Elley, Chris Horn, Shelly Jamieson, Rob Watts, Jenny Pen- son. Bill Easton, Jessie Walters. ROW 2: Mike Horkai, Susan Vesterdal, Fred Ows- ley, Judy Hill, Cimmarron Ludwig, Linda Vasquez, Colin Sims, Maria Renfro, Carlos Blackburn, Heather Hastey. BACK ROW: Pete Mumola, Cari Eades, Matt Soder- strom, Jennifer Morley, Neil Mather, Glenn Kramer, Corin Burchfiel, Rachel Fass, Denee Hammonds. HAll MIL Vegetating in front of the television are Vicki Vancil and Laura Wilson. Little luxuries like T.V. ' s, stereos and telephones made small spaces seem more like home for hall residents. E MOHAVE 2ND FLOOR ' BEST ' FRONT ROW: Ted Nasser, Doug Caum, Vicki Vancil, Theresa Neil, Leslie Duberstein, RA Suzi Hinsberg, RA Jeff Miller, Bob Rai- mondi, Jon Collette, Amy Goodsite, Paul Klute. ROW 2: Corey Newell, Kathleen Carr, Michelle Huizdos, Maria Donofrie, Wendy Devore, Brian Gilbert, Joanne Rea- soner, Diane Bay, Jason Smith, Tracy Barber BACK ROW: April ' Showers ' Reid, Dan Jacobi, Drew ' Music Man ' Hemwall, Mark ' Buzz ' Funair, Jason ' Vince 1 Michlitsc, Ana Zuniga, Rich Bergsma, Glen Cromer, John Fogliani, Steve Blanchette. MOHAVE 3RD FLOOR FRONT ROW: Frank Bedoya, Gary Bihler, Mark Burns, Cami Paling, Sharon Gates, Matt Bunn, Jim, Barbara Abele. ROW 2 : Michelle Lilley, Karla Kisiel, Park Stickney, Nicholas Yuran, Steve Jeffers BACK ROW: Scott Hum- O phrey, Mark Weinberg, Lyle McKinley, John Shelby, Amy VanWie, Shelly Diersen, DeAnna Knipfer, unidentified. O MOHAVE 5TH FLOOR ' PENITENTIARY ' FRONT ROW: Sheila Gilbert, La- Donna Schultz, Shaun Paul Lavine, RA Jeff Markee, RA Mary Boyle, Lauren Jones, RA Jill Floryance, Tracy Breichbel, Mike Meyers, Lisa Kirschner. ROW 2: Ferris Bueller, Steven Miles, Sara Carroll, Dana Tucci, Teri Thene, Cheryl Price, Meg Plummer, Bob Meyers. BACK ROW: Barney Rubble, Naeem Malghani, Marc Pace, Kassandra Medeacis, Ron Webb, Todd Carter, Brad Goorian, Ed Norton, Chris Difiore. MOHAVE 4TH FLOOR FRONT ROW: Jennifer Orchard, Dan Hiett, RA Kelly Dumas, RA Jeff Hopp, Chuck Karras, Anne Garcia, Jeff Grunner, Jean Hamilton, Bill Weier, Annette Spychalski. ROW 2: Mike Gelfand, Mark Larson, Dennis Dirren, Kim Podobnik, Kurt Kovalenko, Danielle Brooks, Kevin Geary, Mark Pulicicchio. BACK ROW: Christi Shanks, Nadeem Nadir, Steve Nelson, Robert Heitmann, Jill Floryance, John Blanchard, Jeff Markee, Jason Brooke, Anastasya Dobryanski, Elizabeth Tucker. Claudia Kaplan, Linda Carlson and Janice Aughenbaugh relax with an issue of the Wildcat. Rooms required a little extra work to match the lavish Victorian decor of Maricopa ' s lounges. MARICOPA HALL PAPAGO LODGE ,. nrp MARICOPA 1ST FLOOR: Kerri Brophy, Sagirah All, Dawn Anderson, Anna Ro- tondo, Elizabeth Davis, Casey Leidner, Rebecca Gibson, Alisa Howe, Dana Bower- sock, Alicia Snow MARICOPA 2ND FLOOR FRONT ROW: Jean Carter, Lisa Bernal, Holly Beachler, Lou Rios, R.A. Mary Beth Finnerty, Jacquie Johnson, Janine Arvay. Teresa Dereniak, Carla Summa BACK ROW: Stephanie R Mogro, Valencia Larzelere, Michelle Ewers, Shannon Wardlow, Marilyn Merger, Judy Pshak, Kathryn Shaffer, Cherise Mahaffey, Sonja Markoski 224 HALL IDCE Still asleep are Sherri Rutledge and Anne Liefer. Although Pa- pago Lodge ' s halls were comparable to high school corridors, the rooms were cozy and homelike with closets, mirrors, and dressers. jfcJOlHK MARICOPA 3RD FLOOR FRONT ROW: Dawn Boozer, Emily Rhodes, Karen (Teresa Hawn, Nicole Tyler, Linda Carlson, Claudia Kaplan, Janice Aughenbaugh, Chris Rigali, Margaret Weaver, Lisa White, Renee Segura, Julie Glennon. BACK ROW: Lisa Cochran, Jennifer Burggraaf, Karen Hart, Brandie Spratlen, Erin O ' Kelly, Jenny Szuter, Sarah Reneker, Anne Carr, Anmarie Milanese, Sharon Bergdolt. Michele Holt, Michelle Keilin. PAPAGO LODGE FRONT ROW: Danita Ewing, Kristina Kapp, Sabrina Sourk, Amy Johnston, Margie Gornick, R.A. Lana Stedman, Lupita Jayassi, Michelle Maisto ROW 2: Kelly Coy, Lavonne Jaroz, Tina Ciccaroni, Cindy Eislee, Ann Liefer, Genny Donart, Shannon Gerhardt, Jill Shane. ROW 3: Natasha Johnson, Guylaine Gerard, Truyo Mori, Martha Munies, Doris Newell, Hiromi Monden, Melanie Kyle, Deidre Gray. ROW 4: Kathy Blomquist, Katya Caftan, Sue Ferraro, D.C. Hale, Ann Dejong, Kathy Anderson, Caitlin Cocke. Jose Arrendo, Diane Piar, Stella Calzada, Sheri Rutledge, unidentified. BACK ROW: Ruth Kneil, Ima Calzada, Fonda Walters, H.D. Debbie Van Mill. NAVAJO-PINAL 1ST FLOOR FRONT ROW:Tareen Noorullah, Robert Joyce, Drew Waldmen, Alfred Macha, Harold Joyce. BACK ROW:Rob Sampsel, HD Dave Peling, Jeff Miller, Andy Geib, Greg Andersen. NAVAJO-PINAL 2ND FLOOR FRONT ROW:Greg Trapp, John Giangardella, RA Hugh Poza, RA Josh Miller, Scott Cote, Thorn Sakata, Dan Salvano. BACK ROW:Tim Dietz, Wayne Doyel, Eric Davis, Quin Hoellwarth, Ted Bock, Pat Dirck, Don Cummins. NAVAJO-PINAL 3RD FLOOR FRONT ROW:James Nelson, Evan Caffee, Michael Burianek.ROW 2:Unidentified, Trev Andersen, RA Rob Brockman, David Hale, Tim Croyle, David King, Scott Cunningham. BACK ROW:Anthony Qraziano, James Wolb, Matt Leichfield, unidentified, Russ Stromberg, Jason Li, Joel Schwartz, Eric Lukas NAVAJO-PINAL HALL SIERRA HALL You re never too No-Pinalresic 3 " uncommon sin o SIERRA HALL FRONT ROW:Dan Ho, Hirata Shinobu, Scott Liekie, RA Joe Gaddam, Scott Lauritzen, Andre Lee, Jack Quinlin.BACK ROW: Kelly Haddad, Andrew Stone, Dave Sundlund, Mike Emmerson, Dan Draeger, Josh Garbert, Kim Brown NAVAJO-PINAL 4TH FLOOR FRONT ROW:Adam Cable, Jeff Timmerwilke, Peter Domahoski, Thad Humphrey, BACK ROW:Brad Lament, RA Charles Norman, Mike Kruger, Sean Oats, Robert Bond. You ' re never too old for a few ' creature ' comforts, as these Navajo-Pinal residents know. Teddy bears from home were not an uncommon sight in residence halls. 227 SUN TERRACE APARTMENTS FRONT ROW: Vallene Zieglowsky, Aaron Aga- janian. Rep. Michelle Fulmer, Rep. Scott Dornbusch, Dir Jodi Foster, Jennifer Huel- ster, Christy Johns, Sherry Johns, Christine " Secretary " Haner, Tammi Ward, Rep. Deborah Victor, Diane Greenberg, Cliff Angle, Scott Weber. ROW 2: Brenda Ruffin, Kristin Simonds, Lisa Farris, Jill Johnson. Kristie Quinn, Rep Alicia Wade, Steve Boyd, R.A Brian Haver. Rep. John Tejada, Mark " Prez " Demski, H.D, Jill Mane Grzegorczyk, R.A. Scott Dow, RA P.K. Jacob ROW 3: Mike Kramer, Tim Bailey, Jeff Kuhlmann, Lyle Monson, Steve Relph, Evan " V.Prez " Wishengrad, Mike Severino, Keith Tucker. Dennis Murray. Ed McEllen, Shannon Lamb. Nanette Shupala, Greg Jelniker. RA Lex Beres, Rodriguez Gator, Mitch Rouder, Eric Gilmore BACK ROW: Gumbyl, Larry Bateman, Craig Such, Cindy Perkins, Bahareh Ajami, Jamie Lever- ant, Kim Hill, Jill Szlasa, Rep Deedee Meier. Lisa Pleasant YAVAPAI BASEMENT FRONT ROW: Milton Johnson, Greg Guss. Brett Lam- piris-Tremba, Dave Darosa, Nick Daddario, Rob Chiu, R.A. Thad Semon, Eric Brandt, Mark Hara ROW 2: Jeff Kingery, Steve Trimarchi. John Corderman. Steve Goldman, unidentified, Doug Krewson, Andy Grey, Eric Perkins. ROW 3: Jeff Barker, Steve Harris. Tom Wells, Alan Chu, Steve Sikorski, Kelley Mitchell, Loren Battist BACK ROW: (alone) Bobby " Buddah " Oliver, unidentified, Nick Hower, Brandon Hamilton. 228 Yavapai-Sun Terrace SUN TERRACE APARTMENTS YAVAPAI HALL The " last bunch of real men hang out " at Yavapai Hall according to R.A. Craig Wills. Wills and roommate John Urban constructed the loft in their room themselves. Complete with curtains, the bunks provided privacy and a sense of personal space. DODSON PHOTOGRAPHY YAVAPAI 1ST FLOOR FRONT ROW: Steve Gilmore, Beth Gilmore, Troy Tilus, Jay Henderson, Scott McKenzie, Mitch Szeto, Tom Trinidad, Randy Brazy, Adam Kline. Frank Henson. Ulyses Castillo. ROW 2: Steven Carls, Dave Koch, Steven Demoratz, Mike Braver, Jeff McDonald, Aaron Cavender. David Luber, Brian Stew- art, Travis Edge ROW 3: Brian Thomas, Daniel Macmanus, Ed Christy. Kyle Clark, Michael Klein, Jon Winick. BACK ROW: Sam Sego, Qasim Igbal, Wayne Floyd. Vincent Papol, David Alsever, Robert Anderson DODSON PHOTOGRAPHY YAVAPAI 2ND FLOOR FRONT ROW: C. Emery, S. Malm, R. Weber, A. Abbott, J. Jeanette, G. Gretka, R. Vranish, C Kalabus. ROW 2: R.A. C. Wills, P. Austin, J. Winick, R. Wooleridge, P. Lashapelle, J. Trohan, J. Urban, B. Shipp, J. Malena. ROW 3: unidentified, R. Wilson, M. Nenadic, P. Black, M. Bauschka, R.A. F. Bumb, M. Twineham. ROW 4: B. Clark, J. Stevensen, B. Confer, E. Weldon, M. Ludwig, S. Landes. ROW 5: T. Larson, B. Stankus, J. Mollica, D. Branaman, E. Berg BACK ROW: J. Friedman, Q. Iqbal, J. Corderman, K. Khudadad, R. Chiu, J. Dewitt. DODSON PHOTOGRAPHY YAVAPAI 3RD FLOOR FRONT ROW: M Balmer, K Link, P. Udall, J. Suit, J 2 Aldaco, D. Warner, C. Brennan, C. Kalabus ROW 2: unidentified, M Haag, D. z Peterson, D. Litvinoff, C. Osterwisch, M Nunez, M Wayne, P. Mouw, unidentified. ROW 3: C. Weiss, T. Green, M. Mau, T, Casey, B. Redden, G, Hutton, K. Trbovich. O ROW 4: B Samuel, L. Jones, B. Skinner, R. Lowe. J. Painter, M. Perez, M. Albrant. C. 5 Davis, T. Teichgraeber, J Okabayahi BACK ROW: E. Stickney, S. Brady, D. New- " som, S. Kubala, I. Shorty, S. Ruku. p) the ast cole to Tom b 1ST FLOOR FRONT ROW: Julie Spming, Jennifer Spiegel. Jenny Brink. Angela Roach. Daphne Woodfill, liana Rigwan, Heather Brown, Lissa Pena. ROW 2: Houng Huynh, Jason Tminenko, Scott Rex, Karm Rosenquist, Ben Vanlandingham, Kather- ine Crosswhite BACK ROW: Danny Siciliano, Paul Levesque, Scott Macdonell, Darin Lease. Scott Hyder, Brian Kennedy, John Millam, Ron Friedman, Ken Teter 2ND FLOOR FRONT ROW: Mike Hartigan. John Curtis, Richardson Begay, Steve Rugg, Tim Driscoll, liana Rigwan, Robert Ashley, Catherine Dillman ROW 2: Michelle Stucker. Patricia Harris, Niki Hale, Mike Dubm, Josef Schwartz, Cheryl Pendergrass, Siobhan O ' Neill, Stephanie Powers, Sheryl Howe BACK ROW: James McCallum, James Blair, Eric Jackson, Scott Tang, Barrie Pitts, Mary Mars, Pam Songer, Linnea Wahlstrom, Jennifer Thorson, Todd Cross to 3RD FLOOR FRONT ROW: Shawn Rios, Tereza Marks, Sharon Marcom, Anna Bloomfield, Melanie Pesin. Lee Knight, Wendi Birkhead, Megan Economidis, Tara Kennedy. Lara Spangler ROW 2: Maureen Douglas. Cliff Martin, Essie Newhoff, Carry Shulock, Shanno n Anthony, Ken Hodson, Mike McClimeni, Mark Schlesinger. Emily Leuba, Andy Hogle, Laura Ledvina BACK ROW: Mike Vickroy, Shane Olson, Wayne Foley, David Brown. Bard Doster, Nadine Kruse, Heather Bornhprst, Jeff Gagnon, William Cooper, Jay Twitchell, Jason Tminenko, Ka Chun Yu, Nick Spark, Mark Klink, Jim Gilmore. Nick Spark (top) works on his computer while Ka Chun Yu (bot- tom) the " Greek Beer Connoisseur " reads a comic book from his vast collection. These Yuma residents spend their time lis- tening to Tom Lehrer and doing laundry (which they hang from the ceiling to dry). As for their studies? " What are we studying? " says Spark, " You mean, what are we taking? " 231 TEAM PAIRINGS Team 1: Navajo Final Sierra Apache Santa Cruz Maricopa Team 2: Arizona Sonora Papago Yavapai Team 3: Kaibab Comstock Huachuca Sun Terrace Hopi Team 4: Graham Greenlee Coconino Babcock Team 5: Manzanita Mohave Gila Yuma Team 6: Coronado Billman International House Cochise EVENTS: Oct. 3 Opening Ceremonies Oct. 4 Volleyball With a Twist Intertube Water Polo Oct. 5 Broom Hockey Oct. 6 Fruit Loop Relay Dizzy Bat Oct. 7 Food Relay Food Mountain Great Relay Race Dance Lip Sync Contest Midnight Movie Oct. 8 Scavenger Hunt Field Events Victory Party V it , m i 01 C.J. Bondi of team 4 battles Ken Carson of team 2 in a round of Broom Hockey that " swept " spectators off their seats. Mouth-to-mouth with a toothpick is the only way to pass a Fruit Loop in this Dorm Daze event. Opposite top: Something different in water polo - these teammates had to balance in an innertube, steer towards the goal, keep their eyes on the ball, and occa- sionally get in a good spike! Opposite bottom: The crab walk requires coordination, speed, and agility. These two players are equal on all counts, resulting in a very close race. 233 J Susan Brooks and Mike Sidebotham look for a pinecone; one of the many items on their list for the scavenger hunt. Three legs are better than two??? For the team falling behind, maybe not . . . How could anyone possibly get tired of this kind of fun? (Sorry, couldn ' t resist . . . ) 234 w andT| iHaskin s " Kiss Him Goodbye " Chris Evans, BI.I Evans, Mitch Smith Hurdling a barricade is Odel Stewart from team 4. 2 35 and Tim Haskins took first place in the Lip Sync Contest. A Different Perspective on Life w hat separates Vesta Sampanes from other R.A. ' s? " A flight of stairs! " The answer came without hesita- tion. Then, smiling shyly, an explanation, " I ' m the only R.A. on Babcock ' s third floor. " Sampanes ' bubbly personality and sharp sense of humor make the difference between an " R.A. " and a Resident Assistant. " I get along with almost everyone because I try to add fun and humor to most situations. I want to show every resident I care by making them feel involved, like they belong. " Little things, like saying hello in passing and taking time out from a busy schedule to listen and talk to a resident, make the difference between Babcock being a hall and a home away from home for ... well, those away from home. For someone whose favorite dessert is cookie-o ' ice cream " with blueberries smooshed in, " and whose only pet peeve is " peope who ask ' Is the mail sorted yet? ' twenty times! " how hard can this be? A senior, Sampanes ' unique, easy going style helped her relate to everyone, including freshmen who were making the big transition. " I try to make Babcock seem more like a home by organizing fun events. " Activities such as trips to the Gallagher Theater, social events around the pool, and intramural sports gave residents the opportunity to meet one another. This pro- moted a sense of community and belonging. " Pepole comment about my sense of humor a lot. I have a different perspective on life, I don ' t take trivial things too serious- ly. I guess it ' s what makes me unique. " I laugh at my jokes . . . " she pondered. " Someone has to!, " Vesta added. Lauren Jones Taking a message . . . Office hours are just part of a Babcock R.A. ' s weekly schedule. Social interaction be- tween R.A. ' s and resi- dents builds a strong sense of community in residence halls. 236 . 1 ' ELTEEKAY Licensed to Kill: Bab- cock ' s team stomped Sigma Delta Tau 24-0 in intramural football. A different angle: distributing mail from the receiving end ' s point of view. A time for studying must be set aside in a resident assistant ' s busy schedule. Vesta, an aerospace engineering major, strives to maintain a balance between work and play. 237 An enthusiasm for Monday night football is shared by these Babcock residents. Cheering on the team are John Wiegel, Vesta, Wayne Burack, and Steve Nobe. Taking the time to drop in and say hello is Vesta ' s way of letting individuals know she cares. Business as usual for a Babcock R.A. means collecting and sorting the daily mail; a job which usually requires several trips from the second floor office to the ground floor mailroom. BEACHCOi y v I s JEFF DARBUT Exchanging ideas for sal- ad ingredients are Vesta and John Wiegle. Lunch and dinner time are an ex- cellent opportunity for R.A. ' s and residents to get acquainted. Vesta often goes beyond the call of duty, such as helping former resident George Mihalopoulos, whose mail was not for- warded from Babcock. " My main goal is to make sure all the residents are as happy as they can be. " 239 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DORM PHOTO ESSAY REMEMBER WHEN . Friendly Mr. Fireman raced to your hall in his big, flourescent, lime-green fire engine . . . _5 L_ iVfcOt it W SO sometimes he even came at three in the morning ... in the middle of the week . . . during finals . . The Unknown Zone " decorations on doors gave people a real sense of who (or what) could be found in a room. Scott Chambers and Dennis Trunfio work on part of the Graham Greenlee Apache Santa Cruz float for Homecoming ' 88. " Make Love, Not Noise At Three A.M. " A group of Apache Santa Cruz residents protest the construction taking place by the stadium during sleep- ing hours. 242 chcb 10 i r Ms is room ' ' , . , t ' : ' ' .- V ' tt " ' ' ' .N ' VK fs.ttQV PHOTO f ESSAY 243 o m C 3 244 RESIDENCE LIFE PHOTO ESSAY 245 246 PHOTO ESSAY 247 4 " A Momentary Lapse of I WORLD TOUR 196 249 in Zbiffi eren t ORGANIZATIONS LUBS ALPHABETICAL ADVERTISING REPRESENTA- TIVES Students who recruit busin- esses to advertise in the Arizona Daily Wildcat. AIR FORCE OFFICERS Officers of the Air Force who help to train the stu- dents in ROTC. THE ALLIANCE An Honorary Ser- vice organization which allows stu- dents to develo p through social and academic activities. AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Stu- dents who practice communications over the air waves of Tucson. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF INTERI- OR DESIGNERS Professional or- ganization which allows students inter- ested in a career in interior design an opportunity to gain experience outside the classroom. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCI- ATION Professional organization which helps students learn about mar- keting strategies and procedures. ARIZONA AMBASSADORS Ser- vice organization which provides guid- ed tours of the university. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY A social- honorary organization composed of Air Force officers and ROTC. ARMY ROTC Army Reserved Offi- cers Training Corps. ASAE American Society of Agricul- tural Engineers;Professional organiza- tion which allows students to study ag- riculture. ASUA Associated Students of Uni- versity of Arizona the student gov- ernment. Includes committees which plan concerts, Spring Fling, school dances, and other activities. ALPHA ZETA The Fraternity of Al- pha Zeta is a national agricultural fra- ternity. It strives to promote service, scholarship, and leadership. CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST A religious organization which al- lows students an opportunity to devel- op themselves through community ser- vice and social activity. CHAIN GANG An honorary service organization which stresses communi- ty service and academic excellence. CHIMES An honorary organization which emphasizes the role of a student as an individual. It works with students to maintain high academic standards. CHINA CLUB A cultural organiza- tion which aims to promote under- standing of the culture and customs of China. DEBATE CLUB Also known as For- ensics club. It is a social organization which works to promote confidence in public speaking through the organized debate of controversial topics. CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL A service organization which works closely with the Kiwanis International group. They stress leadership devel- opment through fundraisers and ser- vice projects. CLIFFHANGERS A social organi- zation for mountain climbers. Members are able to rent equipment and locate climbing partners through the club. D ELTA SIGMA PI Professional business fraternity which provides a social and academic outlet for busi- ness students. EMARS Electronic music and re- cording society. A social organization which provides its members with dem- onstrations and information on the lat- est equipment in the musical field. ETA KAPPA NU A national honor society which strives to provide an aca- demic outlet for exceptional students. FASHION DIMENSIONS CLUB A social club which gives students a chance to creatively express their de- signing skills. FIELD HOCKEY -- A social club which provides students an opportuni- ty to play field hockey. HISPANIC PROFESSIONAL ENGI- NEERS A professional organization which stresses ethnic strength in the engineering field. HONORS STUDENTS ASSOCI- ATION A honor society which pro- tects the integrity of honor students. HOSTS HOSTESSES A service group which provides hospitality to in- coming freshmen and football recruits. INDIA CLUB Social club working to promote the culture of India. INTERNATIONAL CLUB An orga- nization working to familiarize students with the cultures of other nations. They engage in fundraisers, community ac- tivities, and social awareness activi- ties. 252 ORGANIZATIONS Wilma the Wildcat chats with a student on the mall. the Wildcat chats with a student on the mall. KAPPA EPSILON A professional organization for pharmacy students. LAMBDA ALPHA BETA A profes- sional organization for medical stu- dents. MICROBIOLOGY CLUB An aca- demic organization providing students with an intrest in microbiology a chance to learn outside the classroom. MINORITY ACTION COUNCIL A service organization which works to protect the intrests and rights of minor- ities. MORTAR BOARD A honorary or- ganization which works to sustain aca- demic achievement. NAVY ROTC Naval Reserve Offi- cers Training Corps. N.S.A. A religious organization which aims for peace and harmony through Buddhist practices. NURSING STUDENTS A profes- sional organization which gives stu- dents studying nursing a social outlet. PHI ETA SIGMA A national honor society providing students with an op- portunity to achieve high academic standing. PROCRASTINATION GUILD So- cial club for those students who are unable to motivate themselves until the last possible moment. Members rarely achieve anything. PROJECT VOLUNTEER Service club which coordinates community ac- tivities such as fund raisers, hunger awareness, and helping the elderly. RAMBLERS HIKING CLUB Social club for students interested in hiking and caving. The club often teaches be- ginners about the wonders of nature. SINGAPORE STUDENTS SOCIETY Cultural organization which pro- motes the culture of Singapore. SKYDIVING CLUB Social organi- zation which teaches students the ba- sics of skydiving. They also teach les- sons and bring students out for their first jump. The U. of A. beach club. SOCIETY OF MINING ENGINEERS Professional organization which provides mining students an opportuni- ty to socialize and study together. SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS Professional organization for wom- en engineering students. SOPHOS A honorary organization which allows honor students to be- come involved in community activities. SPANISH CLUB A social club which allows students an opportunity to learn about latin cultures and speak Spanish. SPIRES Honorary society which helps students with high academic standing. STEP AHEAD A social organization which helps new students living in off- campus housing become involved in the university. STUDENT PUBLICATIONS Staff which co-ordinates the production of the Daily Wildcat and the Desert Year- book. STUDENT RAINFOREST ALLI- ANCE Social organization which works to save the world ' s rainforests from defoliation. They have lectures, movies, and informational meetings. SUAB The Student Union Activities Board. They plan social activities for the students, including trips to No- gales, concerts, lectures, and comedy nights. TAU BETA PI A service club which works within the community to provide help for charities. WILDCAT ARCHERY A social club for students interested in archery. They engage in competitions and intramural activity. WILDLIFE SOCIETY Social organi- zation for students interested in the preservation and appreciation of wild- life. WILDSPOKES A social club for students interested in bicycle racing and touring. WRANGLERS An honorary organi- zation which works to help students maintain an exceptional grade aver- age. ORGANIZATIONS 253 rims A X t T ASUA Officers FRONT ROW: Carrie Besnette, Dean Fink ROW 2: Craig Slender, Susan Weaver, Scott Bern- stein, Bruce Lerner, Pete Kresan ROW 3: Jim Martin, David Horowitz, Scoty Malm, Mike Lowery, Randy Papetti, Jay LaSalle Spring Fling FRONT ROW: Ann Parker, Laura Bellezu, Lisa Quigley, Anne Burns, Chris LaVene, Curt Euhus, Lori Mayer ROW 2: Luke Ford, Mark Hopkins, Rick RagerROW 3:Bill Carlson, Bob Denny, Rich- ard Brigstocke Academic Affairs FRONT ROW: Laura Leal, Jaimie Lee, Lauren Osorio, Susan Monahan, Jennifer Ragland, Kathy Fulton, Holly Hergenrader BACK ROW: Zachary Rudman, Chris Thomas, Shaun Kirkpat- rick, Jeffrey Kim, Peter Varnell 254 ORGANIZATIONS Switchboard Hotline FRONT ROW: Suzanne lannuzzi, Stephanie Cadwell, Kathe Miller, Mark Jablow ROW 2: Tara Stone, Laura Talarsky, Sarah Cohen, Barrie Pitts, Amy Kennedy BACK ROW: Rick Perkins, Ed Bernat, Buff Black, Sean Coy Concerts FRONT ROW: Greg Janis, Kevin Koziol, An- nette Moraga, Maggie Otis Hodge, Andrew Mor- tensen, Sean Girard, Advisor Reuben Mitchell BACK ROW: Tina Moschonas, Stephanie Scott, Paige Smith, Rich Perello Financial Management Association FRONT ROW: Joe Alegre, Rich Perello, Losa Lane, Mea Abraham, Christopher Lederer ROW 2: Marten Williams, Bance Johnson, Arturo Guer- rero, Kevin Gross, Russ Smith, Robert Ascher BACK ROW: Tom Duplain, Mark Taylor, John Heid, Gary Freeman, David Lattanzio, Myron Peabody, Joe Toledo ORGANIZATIONS 255 HONORARY he University of Arizona ' s extensive network of honor- ary clubs and organizations provided exceptional students with the opportunity to enhance person- al growth, as well as to aid the com- munity. Through various activities the students involved in these clubs helped the children, elderly, and the poor of Tucson. As Susan Athey, president of Circle K International stated, " They (the clubs) benefit the students through our leadership as- pects and all the friends we gain. " " " A 7 FRONT ROW: Steven Reiman, Natalie Chrisman, Kenneth Choi, Jeffery Black, Dave Kleanen, Dean Fink ROW 2: 1 O li Lj SPIRES FRONT ROW: Kirsten Eder, Stephanie Walker, Susan Monahan, Jodi Sander, Courtney StarK, Jacqueline Baird, Becky Bell ROW 2: Sarah Tobiason, Maureen Shea, Ruth Grumbling, Amy Johnson, Ju- lia Rauch, Josette Miko, Darcy Mellison, Demetria Zeniou ROW 3: Marcy Gill, Ka- ren Lamour, Cheryl Pendergrass, Mari- anne Lezeau, Stacey Barcoff, Michelle Mclntire, Julie Azimov, Angie Unser, Kathy Epperson, Katie Orf BACK ROW: Josef Schwartz, Lisa Bernal, Chrissy Le- vering, Kori Singleton, Tiffany Baehr, Pa- mela Otte, Bart Steiner, Pete McCarthy, Debbie Bohlender. 256 ORGANIZATIONS Edmund Pang, Phil Warbasse, Brad Butler, Matt Tuchi, Albert Callie, Jay Fernow, Robin Giebner BACK ROW: Marc Heiser, Matt Adamson, Greg Amado, Eric Carmichael, John Laurent, Michael Woodward CHIMES FRONT ROW: Megan Economidis, Car- rie Besnette, Nancy Berg, Jennifer Shin- y gler ROW 2: Giselle Chan, Courtney Som- 5 mer, Jenni Baum, Julie Baer, Melody Kessler, Anita Fortman, Mary Beiger BACK ROW: Fiona Dawson, Meg Ne- meth, Kirsten Olberhottzer, Annie Wal- ters, Kim Mosser. HONORS STUDENT ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: Ian Christiansen, Amber Settle, Meg Nemeth, Joey Schwartz, Clar- issa Cota, Robert Ashley, Niki Hale ROW 2: C.R. Oldham, Michael Hartigan, Pam Songer, Eric Jackson, Maureen Douglas, Tom Patterson, Danny Siciliano ROW 3: Barrie Pitts, Jim Blair, Tereza Marks, Lee Nights, Melanie Pesin, Kathrine Blom- quist, Clyde Jackson, Ka Chun Yu, James Gilmore BACK ROW: Joseph Sinclair, O Marc Engelsgjerd, Jeff Swanson, Jay McCallum, Bob Murphy, Joseph Wu, Mike CIRCLE K.. MERMfOM FRONT ROW: Maureen Hayof. Susan ' Athey, Becky Bell, Debbie Bohlender ROW 2: Sergio Gorilia, Lourdes Solano, Linnea Wahlstrom, Renee Mylek, Diane Richter, Kim Mane Smith, Lora Guerrier ROW 3: Mark Johnson, Pam Lemme, Ed- die Overland, Yvette Ramirez, Juleen Rickerson, Kathleen Dostalik, Margie Gee, Laure Vela, Renee Richard. Tamara Buskirk, Shelly Stephens, llene Hoffman, Suzanne Adams, Janine Marotta BACK ROW: Robert West, Melissa Cupchak, Tim Watson, Rick Anderson, David Hughes. Jon Overland, Kim Brooks, Eric Hunter, Mark Liftmann, Scott Anders, Tim Onstead, Brian Shepard, Marty Connor. MORTAR BOARD FRONT ROW: Carla Slater, Julie Landau, Delia Rosenblatt, Teresa Frits, Kerri Roll, Lisa Willett, Erika Carpenter ROW 2: Ka- ren Roth, Nancy Ridgway, Claire Bowey, Michael Hites, Kim Huffstidler, Lisa Muth, Dwayne St. Jacques, Christy Bulkeley, Hetal Shah, Kara Aquinlani, John Tan- nous, Lori McCamey, Berta Kong, Laura Jager, Noma Ladendorff PHI ETA SIGMA FRONT ROW: Laura Roosen, Judith Molin, Brian O ' Laughlin, Mark Cowen, Katie VanHulle, Rob Del Ghiaccio ROW 2: Moni- ca Pershall, Wen-Hsiang Lee, Jennifer Johnston, Irina Lewis, Ly Tran, Kristen Kiger, Felda Lim, Matt Adamson, Allon Kessel- man, Annatte Spychalski, Tricia Clark ROW 3: Scotty Malm, Mary Hauk, Jenny Szuter, Missy Jo Ramano, Julia Henery, Tanya Wyman, Stacy Mammo, Min-Hwei Liu, Chester Weiss, Susan Brooks, Karen Godwin ROW 4: Jackie Holton, Darci O Vlellison, Mary Small, Kastli Beck, Amy Brock, Ken Osorio, Gene Berry, Tom Abraham, Barbara Benson, Jessica Silvers GO ROW 5: Marianne Lezeau, Barbara Ebert, Lara Leedy, Kath- eryn Mcfarlin, Tom Patterson, Joey Schwartz, Timothy Croyle, Tyrone Vincent, Karen Kaplan, Karla Richman, Lori Lipetz, Thelma Buelna BACK ROW: Debbie Wright, Paul Mureiko, Kevin Williamson, James Suit, Bill Bangs, Alex Myer, Michalle Branch QUBS Fitness Nutrition FRONT ROW: Ashley Albin, Julie Snow, Ke Xu, Bernice Haro, Rosa Salazar BACK ROW: John Kelty, Mark Cowan, Careoline Trebowski, Lynne Smiley. WRANGLERS FRONT ROW: Matt Adamson, Caroline Wood, Terri Wambach, Jennifer Shingler, Elaine Leavens, Fong Tom BACK ROW: Maria Masune, Wendi Morfitt, Debbi Gansl, Kelly Johnson. PHRATERES FRONT ROW: Shannon Barker, Tricia Clark, unidentified, unidentified, Josette Powell, unidentified, Michelle Davila, Scharrone Ericksen, Kari Ecklund, Elisa Bernstein. ROW 2: Claudia Kaplan, Stephanie Branman, unidentified, uniden- tified, Marcy Mullvaney ROW 3: Jenny Sprung, unidentified, Candi Michael, un- identified, Jennifer Whiting, Sally Zimmer- man, Nancy Kzurcewski, Lou Rios, uni- dentified, unidentified, Meg Nemeth BACK ROW: unidentified, Anna Ro- tundo, unidentified, Annette Spyglowski. unidentified, Michelle Kielen, Cynthia Levy, Bell Nguyen, Holly Beachler 258 ORGANIZATIONS SOPHOS FRONT ROW: Judy Lee, Rich Smith, Pete McCarthy, Ben Kunde, Scott Rem- ington, Bryant Salt ROW 2 : Darius Moezzi, Eric Jones, John O ' Dowd, Tony Albanese, Shawn Kirkpatrick, Paul Klute, Tina Kwasnica ROW 3: Scott Malm, John Eaton, Matt Greenwald, Mark Sonneklar, Alisa Mabnick BACK ROW: Becky Bell, Debbie Bohleuder, Josef Schwartz. A.M.A. FRONT ROW:Chris Dawson ROW 2: Ka- ren Krzyanowski, Anne-Marie Westgaurd, Susan Paitts, Lisa Merchant, Nick Adara- kis, Mike Allen ROW 3: Jim A ells, Tara Burhans, Rachael Bierman, Cheryl Wieder, Alice Hardin, Keri Sorce ROW 4: Melody Wong, Danny Montilo, Karen Reel, Lisa Bowers ROW 5: Raj Sedeora, Christopher Lederer, Tana Eilers ROW 6: Jennifer Fergsuon, Jennifer Hird, Peter Frampton, Jim Penta ROW 7: Christina Marquez, James Horn, Steve Pankinson ROW 8: Mike Lame, Tami Sure, John Boone, Sean Girard BACK ROW: Greg Nzalaus, David Fawcett, Chris Bubrow. ORGANIZATIONS 259 c PROFESSIONAL he University of Arizona pro- vides an extensive network of organizations to provide stu- dents with professional and academic experience. Throughout the year, these clubs engage in profession-ori- entated activities including social and community awareness. These clubs give students a chance to explore their chosen professions outside of the classroom. FRONT ROW. SethAtatsJu FASHION DIMENSIONS FRONT ROW: Patti Eisner, Susan Silvermon Stacie Miller BACK ROW: Vicky de Ridder, Jes sica Laqarus, Kim Kulcer NOT PICTURED: Lau ra Grace AMERICAN SOCIETY OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS FRONT ROW: Lisa Graham, Me Nagara, Erin Covert, Maria Donofrio, Allyn Davis, Jennifer Bercy BACK ROW: Ena Panteluk, Julie Flindall, Michele Simmons, Shelly Parker, Tawhya Heu- berger 260 ORGANIZATIONS TAU BETA PI FRONT ROW: Sung Joe Scott Tomooka, Robert Herder, Charles Burke, Dan Rodina, Tim Richard, John R Patterson ROW 2: Pam McEowen, Tina Han Lana Bellus Gundrey, Seth Alberts, Julie Geng, John Gyllenhaal, Amy Wilson ROW 3: Brian O ' Laughlin, An- drew Lowman, Dan Hiett, Chris Thomas, J. Fisher, Jeff Brockmann DELTA SIGMA PI FRONT ROW: Jacqueline Lebow, Jill Pure, Becky Enderle, Christy Taylor, Susan Schultz, Greg Krawchuk, Amy Rische, Jason Summers ROW 2: Tania Imboden, Kathy Wardle, Melissa Demple, Paul Ondrejka, Greg Wright, Jim Wardle ROW 3: Scott Eckert, Khanh N. Nguyen, Julie Montana, Eric Anderson, Dana Maxey, Steven Rowe, Janelle Gordon ROW 4: Claudine Kuhlman, Madeline Hauck, Russell Blacklock, Lori Margerum, Karen Rowe, Lorry Lawritson, Dawn Kothe, Loanna Stone, Dave Baehr ROW 5: David Smith, Teresa Bradford, Ben Thomson, Morgan Korn, Brent Forbes, Mike Farrow, Julie Delforge, Lisa Zaklan ROW 6: Noel Jaronik, Brit Hanson, Jeff Fugita, Gary Kowalski, Melis- sa Johnson, Heather Hitzman ROW 7: Fred Deutsch, Lea Marquez, Jana Revell, Paul Segalini, Mark Garcia, Neil So- koloff ROW 8: Rene Tago, Frank Bedoya, Eva Bouldin, Karl Oxnam, Phaedra Anderson, Bill Grahmn, Scott Barrie ROW 9: Mari White, Pete Drozdowiez, Brent Dysktra, Stacy Beehler, Dan Muniz BACK ROW: Cheryl Davis, Brent Mathis, Debbie Brackman, Tim Raskins, Andrea Heding- ton. ORGANIZATIONS 261 ACADEMIC PROFESSIONAL ASAE FRONT ROW: Fang Zigang, Bernard Quintero, Magdalena Moreno, Tim Wodnch, Bill Shipp BACK ROW: Bill Hart, Jamie McLeod, Phillip Russell, Walt Cooper, David Frango, Gene Nordby MOOBIOLOBY FRONT ROW: Susan Crowell, Ed Mouaikel.Mary Wenc, Angle Cartwright BACK FRONT ROW: Brent McFarlane, David Pelletier, Bill Hausmaun BACK ROW: ROW: Mark Yanajihashi, Suresh Pillai, Thomas Lundberg, Brenda Baggett, Da- Gordon Swineford, Xavier Ochoa vid Belts 262 ORGANIZATIONS j ALPHA ZETA FRONT ROW: Deborah Strohmeyer, Yvette Thomas, Nancy Bradley, Courtney Stark, Melanie Marlatt, Caroline Fre- bowski ROW 2: Rosemary Geary, Mark Marlatt, Amy Cornell, Julie Sharman, Xu Ke, Dorothy Reiter ROW 3: Dr Donald Post, Debra Dahl, Mark Cowan, Paul Bush, William Carlson, Dana Caldwell BRICE SAMUEL WOMEN ENGINEERS FRONT R OW: Leslie Tamppari, Michelle de- Jong, Laura Yoerns, Sue Couillard, Laurie Bance, Maria Plaza ROW 2: Samantha Jackson, Loreen Prinz, lleana Rivera, Tina Han, Mandy McKee Jane White, Jean Weber ROW 3: Jennifer Putz, Kimberly Lopez, Martha Hightower Cindy McNal- ly, Brenda Tomlinson, Julie Barnes HISPANIC ENGINEERS FRONT ROW: Jerry Martinez, Mark Nunez, Rick Patino, Sandra Buelna, Brenda Martinez, Kimber- ly Lopez, Melissa Vasquez, Ana Velez ROW 2: Nanette Carrillo, Robert Vidal, Leticia Quintana, Carla Slater, Roxanne Durako, Yanka Burgos, Ra- mon Gutierrez, Michael Fimbres, Manuel Tapia ROW 3: Dominic Collier, Ana Madrid, Dr. Bill Ve- lez, Jim Martinez, Martin Burgos-Terrado, Karen Kohnke, Ruben Rascon ROW 4: Octavio Ba- buca, Roxanne Ruelas, William Islas, Richard Cordova, Gustavo Yanez, Rod Bork BACK ROW 5: Rueben Mendoza, Jorge McClees JEFF SEVER ORGANIZATIONS 263 Ginsberg Co-Organizations Mabry Co Portraits McKenna Co-Sports 264 V Greg Berg Photographer Diana Johnson Photographer - A Brice Samuel Photographer Don Case Photographer Howard Wilner Vicki Vancil Co-Photo Editors Jeniffer Kelly Greeks Art ' s Entertainment Ren c LUBS S.UA.B T he Student Union Activi- ties Board planned sev- eral events for the stu- dent body. Everything from con- certs to the UA ' s Wild West Week were the result of many hours of planning and hard work. SUAB was divided into many commit- tees, each with their own pur- pose and goal. Each staff strived to involve students in activities both on and off campus. OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Kristine Marsh, Serena Toy, Susan Wilke, Shaheen Mufti BACK ROW: Jim Drnek, Shawn Roubal, Adam Klein, Sangeeta Mishra. INTERNATIONAL FORUM FRONT ROW: Bronwyn Shone, Law- rence Ducceschi BACK ROW: Jim Druiek, Kristine Marsh, Elizabeth Cooney, Marc Holden. BRICE SAMUEL 266 ORGANIZATIONS PROMOTIONS STAFF Kathy Karezewski, Amanda Finkl, Aaron Menei, Brad Evans. Dan Miller works to organize an up- i coming SUAB event. ORGANIZATIONS 267 Serena Toy makes the final arrange- ments for an upcoming event. EAT TO THE BEAT LEFT TO RIGHT: Kristina Solner, Brad Lancaster, Jenn Shroyer. 268 ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT RADIO o FRONT ROW: Dave Miller, Andre Ariew, Michelle Barchuck, Tom McGuire ROW 2: c Brad Lancaster, Peter Catalanotte BACK P ROW: Brad Evans, Dave Rooney. SPECIAL EVENTS FRONT ROW: Carla Frascari, Alex Munoz, Elena Uournas, Tamara Reed, Vicki Szetzo BACK ROW: Tonya Fausey, Brad McCaw, Kep Rich, Shawn Roubal, Jeff Trohan. I RECREATION w I FRONT ROW: Peggy Carter, Amanda c Gibson BACK ROW: Adam Klein, Marc i- Holden. ORGANIZATIONS 269 c ARMY ROTC T | he Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC programs I provided students with several alternative career oppor- tunities and allowed them to graduate as officers in the armed forces. Students attended ROTC classes once a week and also participated in rigorous training programs which varied with each branch of service. Through these programs they learned leadership skills and gained valuable management ex- perience. In addition, many friendships were gained and a sense of loyalty was established among the groups. RANGERS FRONT ROW: Doug Maves, Steve Younes, Richard Knapp, Mario Olvera, Candice Puyana, Devin Huntley, Charles Cope, David Giffords, Kelly Maidman, Dan McDevitt. ROW 2: John Buck, Steve Wastek. Brian Bernot, Jonathan Baines, Jeff Gorres, Kevin Mahoney, Bill Tilley, Jeffrey Sing, Marc Griffiths, Julio Kollerbohm. Rene Chavez, Chris Cabanillas BACK ROW: Matt Laos, Maria Perez, Maher Hazine, Jennifer Begaye, Chris Cargile, Mike Lopez, McCann Utu, Julio Caperon, Matt Cyran. Captain Mrsny, Kevin Kennedy, Gabriela Miller, Tyler Fittz. CADET BATALLION FRONT ROW: Susan Duke, Robert Siegler Chris Wallace, Tim Reed, David Haroldson, Ja son Mervyn, Derek Dukes BACK ROW: Phil Ko tofskie, David Borlick, Andrew Elmer, Mia Pas quier, Jim Thorde, Rick Harris. A CO. 1st PLATOON FRONT ROW: Patricia Gallo, Vincent Best, Phil- ip Wong, Lisa Ledvina, Edward Warner, Christine Buchholz, Brian Bernot, Alan Notgrass. ROW 2: Steven Younes, William Safieh, Thomas Butler, James Sheehy, Michael Hyatt, Christopher Car- gile, Scott Purington, Alberot MacDonald ROW 3: Anthony Besimonte, Peter Clegg, Stuart Werner, Bryan Haver, Lynmarie Graham, Steve Wastek, Jonathan Baines, Richard Knapp, Dean Couvant, Andrea Scott, Craig Barton, Tim Quillin. CHAIN OF COMMAND FRONT ROW: Matt Cyran, Kevin Kennedy, Tim Johnson, TimQuillin, Peter Clegg, Tyler Fittz, Eric Harris, Dean Bertolmo BACK ROW: Major Sexton, Dean Trulock, Ken Walker. Tony Pitrat, Larry Leon, Gabriela Miller. Russ Godsil. Mark Lurie, William Guyan 270 ORGANIZATIONS A Co. 2nd PLATOON FRONT ROW: Michelle Carlson, Scott Zufelt, Melissa Day Giffords, Joshua Lobei, Rene Cha- vez. ROW 2: Julio Caperon, Chris Cabanillas, Kelly Maidman, Charles Cope, Jonathan Dalby, David Ristedt, Maria Perez BACK ROW: Tyler Fittz, Chad Berberich, Carl Westphal, Cyrus Shroff, Andrew Griffiths, Fred Owsley, Eric Harris. A Co. 3rd PLATOON FRONT ROW: David Gifford, Alan Hoefer, John Rivera, Dawn Clark, Kevin Mahoney, Brian Jones, John Wilson, Bill Cornick, Scott Bormanis. ROW 2: Jeff Sing, James Stevens, John Skoglund, An- drew SantaCruz, William Spada, Dowd Blaine, Utu McCann, Matt Laos. BACK ROW: Dean Ber- tolino, Jef Gorros, Candice Pugana, Marc Grif- fith, Beth Wolfe, Dennis Jerin, Due Killar, Albert Kelley, Dan McDevitt. B Co. 1st PLATOON FRONT ROW: William Peters, John Baker, Earl Armstrong, Chad Klein, Doug Maves, Juliette Benitez, Danny Petersen. ROW 2: Terry Ashton, Claude Davis, Brett Picard, Philip Spencer, Charles Krieger, Jack Quinlan. BACK ROW: Tony Ditrat, Maher Hazine, Chris Kalabus, Ben Costello, Bill Tilley, Mario Oluer, Jennifer Begaye. Beth Snyder, Ben Winegrad. B Co. 2nd PLATOON FRONT ROW: Mike Greer, Kim Smith, Christine Sperry, Leon Dame, Eva Kuhlman, J.K. Lacy, Sand;a Brown, Frank Hanson. ROW 2: David Burbank, Barbara Weinreich, Chad Jeffers, Sean Pyatt, Theron Keiso, Amy Hemovich, Dennis Loubal. BACK ROW: Russ Godsil, Ed Gray, John Buck, Mike Lopez, Casey Bauer, Dante Alegre, Rob Simmons, Luke Vodopia, Shane Hunt, Ga- briela Miller. ORGANIZATIONS 271 J. ELIZABETH RECTOR c LUBS AF ROTC CADET OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Mike Codington, Thomas Hos- kins, Tiffany Tribby, Sandra Edens, Ruth Kneale, Steve Shinkle, Randy VanDrew MIDDLE ROW: Brent Vosseller, E d Berdo. Paul Shelton, Amber Kosbeer, Tony Reill, Mark Smith, Ken Bruce. BACK ROW: Bob Knupik, Stuart Morrison, Brent Deen, Ken Sharp. Craig Wills, James Lee, Bren- don Smith. CADET OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Bobby Umstead, Todd Schollars, Mandly Rust, John McKenzie, Eric Jackson, Karl Klingler, Eric Yates, Bill Bommersbach. MIDDLE ROW: Richard Tauman, Bill Polokawske, Michael Coubrough, David Andrus, Nancy Rower, Matt Carrol, Richard Thibodeau, Mike Finch, John Varljen BACK ROW: Ryan Hall, Marcus Beau- monte, Mike Eads, Adam Bujak, Matt Etzmeiller, Tracy Castell, Chuck Vogt DIANA JOHNSON AGGRESSOR FLIGHT FRONT ROW: Derek Olsen, Lars Claussen, Gail Pfeiter, Daryl Leon Guerrero, Craig Wills. ROW 2: Larry Haas, Brent Rubinow. Rachel Debeare, Charlie Black, Derek Olson. ROW 3: Attila Somoshegyiszokol, Heidi Dahnke, Robert Hendrick, Russell Gill BACK ROW: James Walker, Jason Wyly, Cody Barden, William Waynick, David Tolman, Mark Love. DIANA JOHNSON BRAVO FLIGHT FRONT ROW: Julia Borowiak, Robert Matles, Angela Kreitzer, Kelly Coy, Ruth Kneale. ROW 2: Anthony White, Gail Lee, Richard Campbell, Mindy Rejba; Jennifer Wheeler ROW 3: Chris Guibert, Christian Otzen, Paul Resch, Matthev . McCutchen, Brendon Schwall BACK ROW: Mark Bigbey, Earnest Higuera Kenneth Folsom. Paul Castellano, David Buesser. 272 ORGANIZATIONS CHARLIE FLIGHT FRONT ROW: Ray Comstock, Dwayne Burnett, Jasmine Daneri, Da- vid Shafer, Charles Vogt. ROW 2: Alton McCormick, Peter Holmstein, Melissa Bell, David Setzdorn, Michael Nadoleky. ROW 3: Shawn Western, Suchat Pederson, Edward Ochoa, Dale Collins. DELTA FLIGHT FRONT ROW: Walter Addesso, Stacey Childress, Virginia Cruz, Gor- don McQuillin, Paul Shelton. ROW 2: Robert Phillips, Thomas Louis, Charlie Hastings, Mark Brodnik, Jeff Fredricks. ROW 3: Brian Walker, James Nelson, Christopher Bartos. ECHO FLIGHT FRONT ROW: George Gregory, Gary Degeronimo, Ken Bruce. BACK ROW: James Oharra, James Cohill, Jeffrey Gagnon. FOXTROT FLIGHT FRONT ROW: David Wilson, Lisa Martinez, Jennifer Alexander, Tiffa- ny Brechron, Robert Knapik. ROW 2: Doug Knappe, Rodney Parrish, Timothy Thomas, Joseph Falter, Nilda Reinosa. ROW 3: Joseph Tut- tle, James Fox, William Countess, James Alexander. BACK ROW: Chris Tuttle, Brian Tucker, Gregory Williams, Vernon Webb, Steven Miles. DIANA JOHNSON ORGANIZATIONS 273 c LUBS- NAVY ROTC UNIT STAFF FRONT ROW: Lt. Quigley, Capt. Earnhardt, Lt Col. Farley. BACK ROW: Lt. Andrews, Lt. Nel- son, Lt. Dominguez, Capt. DeValle, Lt Boyle. GSgt. McKinney. BATALLION STAFF FRONT ROW: Saul Godinez, Tim Callahan, De- mos Geighbrazebrier, Jeff Gallagher, Oho Sieber, Michael Nicholson. ROW 2: Mark Ra- mirez, Mike Donnelly, Monte Ulmer, Debra Mon- roe, Lloyd Brown, George Fitts. BACK ROW: John Nokes, Jay Sprott, Tom Sawer, Henery Brice, Nicholas Marino, William Monroe. The Navy ROTC has helped me set goals for the future and has better prepared me for life after college. Monte Ulmer 274 ORGANIZATIONS ALPHA 1 FRONT ROW: William Monroe, Mathew Reilly, Kenneth Kissling, Octavio Babuca, Mark Nicho- las, Christopher Thorn, Craig Salmonson, Henry Brice. ROW 2: Tim Lund, Richard Te, Alice Bella- fiore, Ronald Vancourt, Kevin Ruder, Francisco Rosario, Tom Sawyer BACK ROW: Stephen Widen, Robert Blue, Kelly Corsette, Andrew Gil- lentine. ALPHA 2 FRONT ROW: Dan Heckler, Glenn Rempe, Rich- ard Martinez, Jo Cisnerds, Elena Soto, Marsha Fischer. ROW 2: Bill Coykendell, David Bostic, Paul Damphousse, David Kohnke, Todd Jeffery BACK ROW: Doug Stuffle, Charles Brown, Ralph Rodriguez Jr., Brenda Davey, Eric Schrott, Lowell Sneathen. ALPHA 3 FRONT ROW: Scott Howell, Edward Avila, James Mills, Leonard Philo, Kevin Ryan, Jon La- zaz. ROW 2: Lara Jackson, Mike Burianek, Joel Pedersen, Carlos Rascon, David Shake, Richard Thomas. BACK ROW: Steven Fischahs, Duncan Clendenin, Kenneth Doyle, Michael Nance, Robbi Peterson, Frances Yanez. DIANA JOHNSON Navy ROTC 275 c LUBS- NAVY ROTC BRAVO 1 Thomas Bettit, Alex Miller, J. Isernhagen, Mark Long, Stephen Cheely, Philip Mouw, Karen Staf- ford, Frank Cerney, Mark Roys, Michael Michaud, Davik Peling, Joseph Chernesky, Michael Muller, Sean Stallard, David Steele, Gary Bates, Harold Bruce, Robert Primo, Eric Wick, Richard Cooke, Ramiro Nafarrate, Mark BanWormer, Michael Varon BRAVO 2 Jason Gilbert, Christopher Roberts, Patrick Middleton, Khristian Leavy, James Creighton, David Montaperto, Christopher Shipp, Chris Still- ings, Paul Hillinger, Daniel Davis, Virginia Montei, Jason Stonefeld, Michael Villandre, Richard Hecht, Donald Mendler, Fabian Benjmain, Brian Evans, Scott Langston, Palu McMahon, Nathan- iel Morgan, David Wall. BRAVO 3 Stephen Stocking, Michael Woodward, William Powers, Daniel Wilson, Brian Lasagna, Trina Ca- milletti, Kevin Knowles, Greg Faust, Brian McKechnie, Brian Dehaan, Robert Bennett, Brent Capriotti, David Kleiner, Erik Frechette, Raymond Meicke, Michael Sullivan, Theodore Trevino, Todd Mullis, David Carter, Joel Kellen, Thomas Mitchell, Russell Stromberg, PL. Har- desty. 276 ORGANIZATIONS CHARLIE 1 John Marosi, John Emmert, David Halloran, The- resa Jauregui, Craig Martelle, Scott Uthe, Matt Pruitt, John McCord, Travis Tibbetts, Craig Rus- sell, Brian Gutshall, Jeff Carlton, Collins Reyn- olds, Todd Hohlenkamp, Ramon Hopkins, Thom- as Duff, Matthew Castro, Patrick McGee, Eric Higgins, Tim Rudy, Nathan Hanson, Robert Thomas. CHARLIE 2 Albert Briese, David Cappezpne, Ken Link, Mike Castle, Erich Schmikt, Don Llewellyn, Lisa Lega- spi, Richard Hecht, Chris Mayer, Doug Corlew, Mario Mifsud, Laurie Hackett, Scott Hendrix, Pa- mela Lemme, Charles BanPeenen, Scott Cox, Roger Lafaye, James Diamond, Brian Marshall, Steven Hoberecht, Matthew Witlin, William Starcher, Curtis Healton. CHARLIE 3 Don Clewelt, Bruce Grissom, Thomas Jorgen- son, John Gillespie, Anthony Delatorre, Windy Fluharty, Kathleen O ' Connor, Tracy Keenan, Chris Sheridan, Dave Downer, Andrew Jenkins, Mark Lamm, Paul Zupke, Terry Meier, Randy Sealy, Steven Landes, Adam Taylor. Malcolm Granville. :j NAVY ROTC 277 c LUBS RELIGIOUS everal religious groups on campus provided stu- dents with the opportuni- ty to share personal faith and be- liefs. Among these groups were Campus Crusade for Christ, Luth- eran Campus Ministries, NSA, and Interaction. The members of these groups developed many relationships that went beyond the boundaries of weekly ser- vices or meetings. In addition they provided students with sup- port in time of need. They aided new students in becoming ac- quainted with the campus, and helped to make them feel com- fortable at their home away from home. LUTHERAN CAMPUS MINISTRIES FRONT ROW: Rev. John D. Kautz, Todd Iverson, Emily Leuba, Chris Bridges, Shelly Newkirk, Jodee Lynn Kuske, Lynn Kautz, Jay Johnson, Dan Kautz, Paul McClellan ROW 2: Cindi Miller, Angie Roach, Peter Perry, Sam Matthews, Janna Kautz ROW 3: Laura Case, Jennifer Weber, Jonathon Isernhagen, Shan- non Lamb, Steve Sikorski, Michelle Averienti, Ken Davis, Bryan Johnson, Christopher Kautz ROW 4: Ian Christiansen, Eric Berg- strom, Dana Backman NSA FRONT ROW: Takeshi Miura, Kumiko Yoshi- hara, Kenji Kanemaru, Vicky Murphy, Michael Hicks, John Cobble, Junko Kano, Hisao Otsuka BACK ROW: Kaesumi Niwa, Lenny Friedman, Pat Olander, Jeff Farr, Itsumi Ishikawa, Jeannie Aander, John Hynes TO CREATE KOSEN-RUFU M ;A ni im IINIV nr ARITONA FRONT ROW Ronak C , Kelly Slracha W 4: Kevin Garto 278 ORGANIZATIONS INTERACTION FRONT ROW: Rachel Heln, Cricket Short, David Welworth, Valerie Muller, Eunice Burton, Vanessa Hough, Marianne Pezeau, Lou Rios, Kelli Armstorng, Sharon Williams, Stephanie He- bert, Eggbert the iguana BACK ROW: Dan Tin- land, Jane Tannous, Dave Colombo, Bob Graves, Sonya Walworth, Paul Ruiz, John Tan- nous CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST FRONT ROW: Ronald Odio, Elizabeth Baca, Atsuko Ota, Holly Krause, Naomi Miyamoto, Javier Mayorga ROW 2: Gabrielle Nicas, Malikah Shakir, Donna Camuos, Kelly Strachan, Michelle Bauman, Juan Maura ROW 3: Allan Bales, Marshall Bodway, Jennifer Wyatt, Janice Bouel, Julia Spining Candace Schroeder ROW 4: Kevin Garlow, Jose Ligo, Keith Long, Katherine Kramer, Steve Wedwick ROW 5: John Holmes, Brian Nagel, Mike Nelson ORGANIZATIONS 279 " if you don ' t let go of the rock, the rock won ' t let go of you ' Ray Schafer Mark Hathaway pounds a bolt into a new route. 280 ORGANIZATIONS Rod Curran belays a climber PHOTOS BY: FLASH HATHAWAY DAVE GRIER ANNE CARR AMY GINSBURG BILL RICHARDS Hitchcock Pinnacle makes a great climb! Anne Carr reaches for a hand- hold. ORGANIZATIONS 281 Hold on for your life! You ' re working without a net! Gravity ! " Dave Grier comes to the sudden realization that he has a very, very long way to go. Rod Curran meditates before he begins his climb. ts cool we ' ve got plenty of trees to land on. 282 ORGANIZATIONS ' . r " i , ' . N I H : ? ' ' ' . : Ropes or no ropes we told you never to look down! iffhangers: The organization for the destruc- tion of parents mental stability through the par- ticipation in death sports. n Mark Hathaway " Madman " Dave Grier reaches to new heights. Climbers prepare for the climb. ORGANIZATIONS 283 c LUBS Marching Band These band members perfect their show during an afternoon practice to prepare for an upcoming game. Practice is the only means to per- fect the band ' s awesome sound. __ he Pride of Arizona. In- deed, a name well de- served. Not only did it stand for a superb marching band, but also, dedication, re- sponsibility, and a good learning experience. Under the direction of Joseph Herman, the more than 300 mem- bers in the band devoted count- less hours of practice and perfor- mances during the football sea- son. In addition to performing at each home game, they were re- quired to attend a one week band camp during the summer, and also work at the high school band day on November 5th. Besides acquiring musical skills and learning time manage- ment, many meaningful relation- ships were developed amongst the group. After game parties gave members a time to forget about their hard work. Many of the musicians were members of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma, the academic fraternity and sorority for music students. Total concentration is required while performing on the field. BRICE SAMUEL 284 ORGANIZATIONS Three dedicated members per- form one of many complicated routines. The perfect ending to an excel- lent performance. ORGANIZATIONS 285 kfcT 1W " g 2! - . mc nmtmrmrmrmKM. PLUBS cpn7?r ; SPORTS eeping fit and having fun were two activities often high on the list of priori- ties to many U of A students. Ath- letic clubs not only enabled these students to participate in their fa- vorite sport, but also provided an escape from the burden of end- less homework. In addition many valuable friendships and a sense of comaraderie was formed. W1LDSPOKES FRONT ROW: Gary Bates, Jim Vidler, Joe Col- debella BACK ROW: Mark Pernerewski, Terry Wyman, Dave Kolb, Rob Cavallo, Greg Bimes- tefer, Joe Armstrong, Steve Whinston, Boyd Bosse, Claude Motile, Kevin Huckins. ARCHERY FRONT ROW: Beth Grady, Kim Ladd, Diana Tra- montane. BACK ROW: Lawrence Brady, Donald Croyle, Brian Campbell, Pete Salazar 288 ORGANIZATIONS SKYDIVING FRONT ROW: Jon Collette, Rob Griffin, Laura Kennedy BACK ROW: Matt Huusko, Greg Rouen, Omar Abdul Ghani BRICE SAMUE - !; Ill BRICE SAMUEI HIKING FRONT ROW: Mark Szulgit, Don Cox, Dave An- ning, Jeffrey Goronkin. ROW 2: Dirk Windolf, Kathy Clayton, Brenda Garland, Melissa Feld- man, Duana McKenna. ROW 3: Udo Schmid, John Heusinkveld, Sam Jorgensen, Steve Deasy, Julie Sherman, Amy Rudzinski. ROW 4: James Obereiner, Fran Dostillio, Gerald Goth- icher, Ery Frey. BACK ROW: Axel Laistner, Lanny McHargue, Udo Rein, Jim Colvin. CllFFHANGERS Millie Herron, Allan West, Matt Litchfie ld, Axel Caistner, Keith Tucker, Karen Stafford, Bill Rich- ardson, Craig Such, Chad Korb, Udo Schmid, Rob Keane, Sean McLachlan, Megan Tondry, Karen Chaney, M M McGuire, Rod Curran, Dave Grier, Steve Hoberecht, Marilyn Smith, Glen Inge- bretson, Wit Wisniewski, Tsuyoshi Yanhagi, Doug Tarico, Bruce Smith, Tim Perham, Russ Carr, Anne Carr, Kyle Bain, Donna Schmoker, Amy Ginsburg, Imma Spry, Joe Airtime, Bill Crater, Flash Hathaway, Betty Wall ORGANIZATIONS 289 c LUBS SOCIAL WILDLIFE SOCIETY FRONT ROW: Paul Krausman, Mark Maghini, Robert Forrest. Robert Martin BACK ROW: Bill Rosenberg, Deborah Strohmeger, Laurie Shomo DEBATE CLUB FRONT ROW: Kim England, Demie Canez, Bill Dycus, Dorene Lorentz ROW 2: Brant Baler, Ian Christiansen, Anthony Critchlow, Scott MacDonell, Maureen Douglas, Siobhan O ' Niell ROW 3: Darien Adams, Michael Eric Toubiason, Danny Siciliano, Niki Hale, Matt McGuire ROW 4: Mitch Ahnstedt, Darren Tosetto, Ron Mar- shall, Kiril Tomoft, Raj Gangadean R OW 5: J. Todd, Michaele McKenzie, Jenny Ferro, Ron Ferguson, Dawn Perry BACK ROW: Andrew Ching, Mark Akoelfgen. RADIO CLUB FRONT ROW: Terry Nash, Teresa Bip- pers-Plymate, Paul Hartman, Nancy Hull, William McGarvey, Erich Draeger BACK ROW: Lance Deaver, Bruce Betterley, Sean McLachlan, Chris Buchanan BRICE SAMUEL EMAILS. FRONT ROW: Rober Gamble, Todd Cross, Kent Yanagihashi, Rick McDaniel, O Sergio Bustamante, Anne Hamilton, Je- gj sus Contreras, Tatsya Tamaji, ROW 2: Russell Mitela, Raymond Brunner, Lisa Yanaghashi, George Grouse, Mark Yan- aghashi BACK ROW: Brent Sessions, Kris Burnquist, Mike Hrencecin, Jeff Far- ley, Bill Flavell, Jam Baar, Jeff Malena. 290 ORGANIZATIONS RAINFOREST ACTION FRONT ROW: Wes Hollercroft, Kris Berry, Dara Newman, Pete Smith, Jim Siegel ROW 2: Jennifer Budhalhetti, Oweta Josleyn, Roxanne Metz, David Jones, John Vahey ROW 3: Robin 03 Kropp, Michael Cucchiara, Jennifer =2|_awler, Douglas Boiler, David Goin, m Randall Gingrich, Lori Coletta, Peter Wilhelm BACK ROW: Dana Chap- man, Carrie Woolpert, Aaron Graham. HE 5MM FRONT ROW: Tony Lodestro, Alex Munoz, Elena Vournas, Mike Shelton, Bryan Parrish, Paul Sconti, Jessica CT ITTD A 1-7 T? A 7 ) Alandia, Jason Eaton, Carla Slater, Dalia Rock, Denise Daniels, Rafael Calcano ROW 2: Fadi Toutounay, Marie J L-iJ. 2lJ. JLliZ .l S Goolagong, David Elliot, Jennifer Hills, Angie Gaxiola, Tina Dalrymple, Brenda Bostic, Brian King, Nikki Jerome ROW 3: David Podwell, Kathleen Podwell, Bonn E. Bigg Boot, Irma Hernandez, Nora Silva, Beth Jackson, Lotta Couste, Ian Christiansen, Kevin Rentzsch ROW 4: Lorraine Graff, James Kern, Raul Gallego, Theresa Bedoya, Judee Macias, Cindy Sanchez, Brad Martin ROW 5: Rudy Aguilar, Travis Duran, Darrell Juan, Fred Myloyde, John Hiatt, Jennifer Vittas, Melissa Vittas ROW 6: Philip Parker, Arman Shah, Laurie Burgess, Loren Key, Melody Melon, Mimi Melon, J. Czechoslawakaui, Michael Richter, Michael Vickroy, Manish Shah BACK ROW: Alga Kotzambasis, Staci Smith, Mike Carroll, Greg Nisius, Derek Herquist, Jarradvon Schirach, Greg Nicklaus. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY PROCRASTINATION GUILD MEMBERS WHO ARE GETTING AROUND TO HAVING THEIR PHOTO TAKEN: Lauren Jones, Amy Ginsburg, Linda Carlson, Rod Curran. Jim Sampones, Brice Samuel, Genevieve Tregor. FRONT ROW: Joseph Fatter, Karl Klinger, Ruth Kneale, Tiffany Tribbey, Thomas Hoskins ROW 2: Michael Turbyfill, Larry Haas, Bobby Umstead, Michael Finch ROW 3: Dan McArthur, Joe Wolfe, Cody Barden ROW 4: James Cahill, Brent Vossello, Robert Knapik, Stuart Morrison, Craig Wills. ORGANIZATIONS 291 c LUBS INTERNATIONAL MINORITY ACTION FRONT ROW: Maria Romo, Luz Galarta, Lois Paredes, Jose Granados, Camille Ramos ROW 2: Kevin Woon, Dawn Iran, Nadine Marin, Maria Maza, January Es- qiuel, David Szeto, Maria Castillo. Jenni- fer Begaye, Tom McCowan, Christina Cuestas ROW 3: Charlie Lucero, Ruben Rillos, Yvone Gonzales, Mark Segawa, Naomi Mahoney, Jimmy Seto, Ana Maria Castro BACK ROW: Gloria Tostado, Rene Valdez, Jimmy Lister, John Martin Del Campo, Theresa Gonzalez, Yanka Burgas, Bill Hull. KazukoAdcock.Katnry -.;.; : .eirrK On, Yougcrn Chen, Ai BRICE SAMUEL SPANISH CLUB FRONT ROW: Ronald Odio, Elizabeth Baca, Atsuko Ota, Holly Krause, Naomi Miyamoto, Javier Mayorga ROW 2: Ga- brielle Nicas, Malikah Shakir, Donna Ca- muos, Kelly Strachan, Michelle Bauman, Juan Maura ROW 3: Allan Bales, Marshall Bodway, Jennifer Wyatt, Janice Bouel, Ju- lia Spining Candace Schroeder ROW 4: Kevin Garlow, Jose Ligo, Keith Long, Katherine Kramer, Steve Wedwick ROW 5: John Holmes, Brian Nagel, Mike Nelson Garoa. Jaime Garcia, H Hsu. Yung-Chen Hsu. Ji Jang. Chung-ing Jin. K Koda Steven Koons. Li .-.glil, Elaine oMatsuoka John Meli BiMen.8alitai.Mai Pe-lmgSun.Yueh-Ying tag, Kwauglel Wayne Andrea Yee.Dee-Hua! SINGAPORE STUDENTS FRONT ROW: L Pichit, Sau Chung Loh, Leongltin Tan, Kee Koon Chua ROW 2: Chin Ping Wu, Guat Keng Yap, Wei Lun Sung, Yyit Chinbarepe BACK ROW: Tong Guan Tan, Yeow Lam Lum, Roy Toh, Victor Lim, Kee-Huat Yeo. 292 ORGANIZATIONS CHINA CLUB Kazuko Adcock, Kathryn Ahi, Edward Amarisca, Sheri Ashbaugh, Martha Boltares, Michael Braden, Mike Buhl, Mary Louise Carroll, Ruth Ann Carter Eugenia Chang HueyChang, Jennifer Chang, Shang-Yi Chang, Steve Chang, Susan Chang, Gwaudar Ghen, Han-Shin Chen, Hsien Chid Chen, I Ping Chen, Li-Wen Chen, Ming Jun Chen, Yougchi Chen, An-Ru Cheng, Yu Cheung, Siou Ping Chew, Mei Hsio Chou, Tsung-Hui Chuang, Greg Clark, Leslis, Cohen, Tatiana Covington Daniel Crowell Tanya Dang, Anthony Delia Crocc, Damaris Diaz Chong, Choh Teck EE, Carol Ekstrom, Thomas Frakes, Cheng-Tsu Fu, Weizhen Fu, Robert Gallivan, Houng-We ' i Garcia, Jaime Garcia, Holly Goudy, Ymg Quo, Jiromi Hashimoto, Brian Heuane, Koji Hiyama, Simon Ho, Dr. John Hou, Helen Horn, Karrie Householder Seyh-Shyan Hsu, Yung-Chen Hsu, Jonathan Hu, Lucia Hu, Allen Huang, Ching-Sheng Huang, Tsongjy Huang, Robert Hunter Lailani Ingacio, Judith Jenkins, Su Ching Ji, Daisy Jiang, Chung-Ing Jin, Kirsten Jodorovich, Laurel Johnstone, Ching-Shan Jung, Komatsubara Kazutoshi, Maureen Kehoe, John Kerl, I Jaz Khan Yi-Li Ko Ritsuko Koda, Steven Koons, Lily Kuan, Ken Kunin, Julie Swan, Jackson Kwok, Chan Lai, Chan Phu Lai, Bonnie Lam, Lisa :e, Lina Lea Doug ' Lee Hen-wen Lee Wo-Lung Lee, Claire Light, Elaine Lim, Ralph Lim. Hao-Jan Lin, To-Hai Liou, Min-Hwei Liu, Shu-Ling Liu, Bill Lunsford, Guolin Ma, Jeff Markee, Staci Matlok Miyuki Matsuo Hir- oki Matsuoka, John Melendez, Lincoln Mergard, Hiroko Mizuno, Delia Morales, Gusana Ng, Kosho Okada, Dung-Ching Pern, Lucirn Phinney Emily Rakieten Michael Rakieten, Bali Ram, Mark Ray, Kenneth Reed, Kenneth Rohaly, Jeff Russell, Kanitta Saichan, April Seto, Jimmy Seto, Mina Shimada, Kok Ping Shin, Deborah Strange Pei-Ling Sun, Yueh-Ying Sun Chiung-Jue Sung, Davik Szeto, Morita Takio, Trace Tang, Satoru Tanimoto, Menxia Tong, Lucy Tse Kim-Chau Ung Shi Wang Xiaoiun Wang, Kwaugfel Wayne, Chin-Ping Wei, Becky Wenger, Scott West, Giles Wolak, Hsiao-Yu Wu, Hsien-Huako Wu, Meng-Hui Wu Teho Wu Jianfei Xin Shao-Shi Yana Andrea Yee, Dee-Huat Yeo, Lena Young, Lin-Yu Yu, Trin-Yow Yu, Ti Yu, Yiguang Zmou INTERNA TIONAL CLUB VI DIANA JOHNS! l FRONT ROW: Anita Pilch, Margaret LeMessurier, Misty Kochstas, Amy-Jocelyn Mandel ROW 2: Courtney Oakes, Firouzeh Manuchehri Natasha Johnson, Joey Schwartz, Ellen Gilmartin, Robin Olson, Marilyn Scherb, Noriko Deguchi, Zeza Zomeni ROW 3 ' Sarah Kelty Anita Bhappu Ellen Johanser, Salmanal Shaeaei, Theresa Habra, Majid Mahmoud, Young Kong, Gregory Carriker, Hiroki Matsuoka, Seiji Ando ROW 4 ' Michael Voyta Claes Nelson, Najam Jamali, Gerold Gottlicher, Rein Kilkeson, Dominique Blanched, Ted Larson, Mina Motamedi Maha Kosa Kate Kuhns ' Angelica Reiss, Clair Prefontame, Ren Egawa, Fouad Aboui, Harold Schaefer, Kim Kunasek, Mutasim Mofti ORGANIZATIONS 293 c LUBS SERVICE edication was the key word to the members of several service oriented clubs on campus. Students in- volved in these clubs devoted themselves to helping others through various campus and community activities. Project Vol- unteer, Women ' s Resource Cen- ter, Arizona Ambassadors, and the Host and Hostesses were among the many service organi- zations at the university. HOST AND HOSTESSES FRONT ROW: Stephanie Warin, Knsty Miller, Tom Falk, Tiffany Johnson, Giselle Chan BACK ROW: Lorry Lavoritson, Kelly Courier, Laura Grace, Rachel Power, Kara Aqui- lano, Lee Adams ARIZONA AMBASSADORS FRONT ROW: Karon Larmour, Diane Toy, Ruth Frenkel, Kim Huffstidler, Jenni Baum, Karen Cagle, Katia VanHulle, Patricia Palacio, Jodie Sander ROW 2: Diane Kocour, Jessica Silvers, Jennifer Chang, Cheryl Dunn, Melody Kessler, Shari Farineau, Jessica Alandia, Rachel White, Barbara Benson ROW 3: Darrin Schauble, Aimee Disser, Irene DeLeon, Chrissy Levering, Vanessa Fowler, Alison Ohl, Lorry Lawritson, Kirsten Oberholtzer, Barbara Abele ROW 4: Timothy Haskins, Dan Muniz, Rob Handy, Carrie Besnette, Mark T. Gills, Efram Ware, Frank Bedoya, Michelle Lilley ROW 5: Amy Scott, Jeff Zingler, Casey McCarthy, Scotty Malm, Mitchell Smith, Susan Barlow, Nancy Berg, Dawn Gabriel, Tracy Bonvino BRICE SAMUEL 294 ORGANIZATIONS : WOMEN ' S RESOURCE CENTER FRONT ROW: Gwynyth Huff, Jody Uberuaga, Kristine Doll BACK ROW: Michelle Maliniak, Hol- ly Avey, Kathy Dredge, Lisa Peters PROJECT VOLUNTEER FRONT ROW: Matt Hall, Mark McLear ROW 2: Amy Blenkard, Lesli Lamber, Kelly Tiffany, Toni Thomas ROW 3: J. Elizabeth Rector, Kim Stock- well, Leah Stoley, Lisa Domini, Mara Kelly, Bella Nguyen, Robert Denning, Tracy Warner ROW 4: Kristi Clarey, Mary Jacobs, Jenn Markley, Lisa Chamberlain, Jessica Teisch, Iris Eytan ROW 5: Bill Carlson, Phil Warbasse, Marc Heiser, Diane Crane, Michelle Gibbens, Sangeeta Mishra ROW 6: Yasser Alsafadi, Richard McNabb, Gary Rib, Dana Caldwell, Beth Kraft, Anne Pittman THE ALLIANCE FRONT ROW: Jay Lasalle, Junita Mishra, Ward Hamlet, Steve Holzer ROW 2: Roy Firestone, Andy Shrader, Marco Saucedo ROW 3: Michael Gillett, Dan McGourin, Ellen Roth ORGANIZATIONS 295 c LUBS Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, James McKnight, is so fast on the computer that he is but a blurr to the human eye. D ay after day, night after night, we worked and slaved to produce this book. We ' re not complaining, you understand, we just want you to re- alize that you are now reading, hold- ing ever so gently, our communal ' brain child. ' James, Mari, Alana, Jeniffer and Sandee have bent over backwards to make this book handy. To Vicki, Linda, Amy, Lauren, Kris, and Maureen, this is their true dream. Patrick, Tracy, Howard, Don- ald, Diana and Vicke seem to have done something special and rather tricky. They all helped out while Pam, Brice, Jeff, Kristy, and Carol hoped that all would fare well. Having a bad day Jeniffer? ' Of course I ' m working! Is anyone going to eat that last slice of Pepperoni? Lauren Jones BRICE SAMUEL " What do you mean you don ' t HAVE our pho- tos? " 296 ORGANIZATIONS HAVE OIK pho- BRIC DESERT YEARBOOK STAFF FRONT ROW: Traci Mabry, Jeniffer Kelly, James McKnight, Linda Carlson. BACK ROW: Brice Samuel, Kris McKenna, Jeff Sever, Diana Johnson, Mari Olson, Alana Garrop, Vicki Vancil. NOT PICTURED: Carol Rocha, Jill Rector, Pam Lewis, Howard Wilner, Donald Case, Lauren Jones, Amy Ginsburg, Maureen Shea, Sandee Demo- vie. Mari Olson, destined to become the next Hem- mingway. Remember, practice makes perfect! BRICE SAMUEL i SAMUEL ORGANIZATIONS 297 c LUBS- Publications An eager customer waits to place an ad in the Daily Wildcat. _ i hey were the roots of | both the Desert Year- book and the Arizona Daily Wildcat publications. The department of Student Publica- tions consisted of twelve men and women dedicated to provid- ing the University with reliable news. In addition, the Student Advertising Staff helped to raise funds necessary for the Wildcat and yearbook to continue. The editors and staff of the Dai- ly Wildcat worked long days and nights in order to provide the stu- dent body with reliable local, na- tional, and world news. As one staff member commented, " I spend more time here in the basement of the Student Union then I do at home! " ADVERTISING ADVERTISMENT STAFF FRONT ROW: Tony Ruiz, Anna Martinez, Scott Brouillette, Tony Dale, Gary Mendez, George Morley BACK ROW: Howard Brown, Kathleen Rochtord, Tim Condon, Ron Ref, Andy Julien, Ron Greeb A member of the Wildcat staff organizes the latest news scoop before a deadline. 298 ORGANIZATIONS WILDCAT STAFF WILDCAT STAFF FRONT ROW: Alisa Wabnik, Gabrielle Nicas, Christine Gow ROW 2: Chris- tine Scowley, Laura Plachecki, David Portnoy, Sheila McNulty, Tony Kuttner, William Glenn Cook, Paul Allvin. BACK ROW: Jerry Pratt, M. Eric Hood, Bob Einwech, Damon Gross, Michole Jensen, Michael Cadigan, Kurt Weller, Mich Haet, Joe Salkowski. STUDENT PUBLICATIONS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS FRONT ROW: Nancy Fetgatter, Faith Edman, Cindy Callahan, Clyde Lowery, Ed Spyra, Julia Ferganchick, Elaine Grimm. BACK ROW: Karen Tortorella-Notari, Barbara Ro- sensimon, Jim Turner, Susan Litviak, Hasson Kamel. " Isn ' t ' Vertigoing great to- day?! " " The Wildcat ' is like bootcamp. We will never have to work this hard in journalism again . Michael Cadigan J ORGANIZATIONS 299 9 ACADEMICS , DIANA JOHNSON 302 ACADEMICS ACADEMICS f Popular Opinion: Colleges of Arts and Sciences, BPA, Education, Nursing . . . Alternate Meanings: English, Math, Science Economics, Psychology, Media Arts . . . True Definition: Students, faculty, Advisors oo often we are grouped into Major, Minor, and what-classes-are-you-tak- ing-this-semester catagories. There ' s got to be something else. In this section, you won ' t find the number of majors the university offers, how many Merit Scholars we attract, or how well our library is ranked nationally all that belongs in a pamphlet or on page 32 of the General Catalog. You don ' t need statistics. You need experiences. Experience. An easy word to write. How do you capture it? By showing you things you may have missed as you walked from building to building, head buried in last weeks notes studying for this weeks test. This university is quite large. You can ' t get to know everybody, or even an eighth of everybody, so you pick and choose carefully. You may miss meeting some unusual, extraordinary people or having some wacky class experiences. It ' s not your fault, it ' s just too bad. Academics is here to pick jp some of the slack and show you some things you may have passed by on the way to the Union. Things you won ' t necessarily find in a pretty pamphlet, but they ' re important nonetheless Things you may regret you didn ' t notice. Or glad you missed. These things are not just the classes or the majors they ' re the people who make up the classes and the majors. After all, aren ' t they the most important part of the University? Alana Garrop ACADEMICS 303 Library Conjunction ' English 101, Sec. 1,001 know this was supposed to be a personal experience paper, but when I went to the library to write " How I Taught My German Shepherd to Destroy My Home- work, " I found a much better topic. The library. So, for this paper, I submit the personal experiences of myself and every other student who has ever gone to the Main Library. At least, a semi-paper. Look, it has words. 24 HOURS E F E E L E VATORS E N C R ECAL L A T A LOAN O E G U E BOOKS WH I S P E R S P A P E R S TUDY The library ' s green, blue, and purple chairs and its other chair; provide multi-colored incentive to sleep. An oh-so-common positio Parting the bookstack see. 304 ACADEMICS 306 ACADEMICS A or D? Freshman Peggy Carter studies her options. Computer Quiz Challenge M ath used to be easy. You ' d go to class, jot down a few notes, attempt your homework problems, fake your way through a couple tests, and the class would be over before you could say " Cotan- gent Function. " But all that was before . . . computer quizzes. Computer what? Three years ago, the Industrial Revolution arrived at the Math Department. A few computers were installed so students could practice the concepts they learned in class before a test. And the quizzes counted 1 00 points if they were all completed. At that time, only 1 17E (Algebra) students were allowed to wait in long lines and eventually push a few buttons. This year, all 1 1 6 and 1 1 7 students are required to do the work a mere 3,200 button-pushers. In order to avoid slight over- crowding in the Math Department, the lab is now housed in the Science Library. At the beginning of the semester there were forty-four computers, with the department hoping to add sixteen more in the near future. But the quizzes of today are not the same ones given to that 117E experimental group. There were some major bugs when the system started, and the Math Department heard about them. " When a substantial number of students say something ' s not right, we know it ' s not a fluke. If it ' s making students angry, it takes away the energy from the project, " says Dr. Elias Tou- bassi, Associate Head of Mathematics. And angry they were. When the system started, students were required to complete ten quizzes. That number is now eight. Today, a student can miss four questions before being " logged off " (translation: the computer stops the quiz and forces the student to re-take it at a later time) three years ago, that number was three. And according to students, some of the questions were " tricky and unfair. " The department examined the questions just before the fall semester and did some rewrit- ing. But the biggest change is in what was known as " Infamous E. " In the past, there were answers for choices A-D, with " E " being " none of the above (answers are correct). " Sometimes " E " was right. A bit fustrating you do a problem, get an answer that isn ' t listed ... did you figure wrong, or is it " E " ? Today, all of the letters have answers. If a student gets an answer that isn ' t listed, it ' s back to the scratch paper. The Math Department wanted to " take away the nasty part and retain the beneficial " part of the program, according to Dr. Toubassi. He believes the changes make the whole system an academic plus. And what do the students think? " I don ' t like them. It puts a lot of pressure on you to get so many right. I think the tests are an adequate measure of your ablities, " says freshman Mercedes Ellis. But not all students agree. " I liked it because of the way it was presented, and the friend- liness of the computer, " says freshman Nicole Davis. " It ' s kinda neat, " says Robin Olson, another freshman, " It ' s so personalized, I like it. " Wha tever the opinion, one thing ' s for sure: Math is no longer just paper, pencil, and chalkboard. Alana Garrop D , Fre siimao Scratch paper, anyone? Stu- dents battle algebra problems at the Science Library ' s Math Lab. MATH 307 ne 308 CAMERA! Roll ' em! Darla Kuhn, far left, directs her cast in " Theatrics " : from right to left, Ken Gottlieb, Larry Williams, and Deanne Kuhn. ACT ION! veryone knows you have to be a waitress to be an actress. But what if you want to direct? Be a cook? Darla Kuhn knows the answer. A Junior in the General Fine Arts, Cinema Option program, she ' s not frying eggs or waiting tables. She ' s making films. Not for Hollywood at least, not yet but for her film production classes. Her latest project was a 16mm black-and-white feature with background sound. Wait! There ' s no budget. No crew. No actors. Sound impossible? Not really. That ' s where friends, even little sisters, come in handy. Along with planning, a lot of planning. For a film shot in November, Kuhn had to be semi- prepared in September. Just what does a director do for a film class? The following is a timetable for " Theatrics, " the production mentioned earlier: September 26 Concept Due (the story idea) October 3 Outline Story Master Scene Script (exactly what happens when in the story) October 10 Storyboard Due (shot-by-shot drawings of what will be filmed) November 7-14 Prepare Shooting Script (the actual order that scenes will be shot. Often will not follow the story) Arrange location shooting find actors Rent camera, lights, any other equipment November 15-16 Actual filming Night of November 16 Send film overnight express for developing printing November 25 Get film back November 25 December 4 5 Editing (expected work time: 20 hours) Get sound on cassette for film o December 5 z Film Due o So while this may be a long, involved job ... it must be better than flipping hamburgers! Alana Garrop Kuhn 309 Percussive and watery . . . that ' s the sound ' CHRISTINE VIVONA how tunes, pop tunes, jazz, and classical pieces ... a piano, right? Wrong! A harp. No, not the small pretend one pictured with angels. A six foot, gold-layered, seventy-five pounder. Ever seen one? Christine Vivona has. She ' s got a Master ' s from Juliard and will be the third student at this universi- ty to receive a Doctorate in Harp. Requests, anyone? BEGINNINGS: " My sister wanted to play the harp, so my parents found a harp teacher and this harp that I have. They rented it for six months, and my sister didn ' t like it. My mother loved it in the living room so she started to cry the day the movers came to take [it away]. The harp teacher was there and said, ' Why don ' t you get Chris- tine to start? 1 . I never really had the desire to play I was just forced into it. My mom quit after a year and I just kept playing. I was eleven. " IT WASN ' T FUN: " All my education, from eleven to the first year of college, was with one harp teacher. I rarely had interac- tion with other musicians. I never knew how much fun it was. I always thought it was boring. My father wouldn ' t let me give it up! He made me a Lifetime Harp Society Member while I was in high school. " SUDDENLY: " I got to college and my [new] teacher had such joy of music in her . . . she showed me how much fun it could be. I realized that people like my teacher had so much determination, so I thought, ' all I need for determination is to tell myself I ' m determined, I ' m really going to take this seriously. ' From that moment on, it was a total trans- formation. I changed my whole focus from something that I did to something that was my life. " BEST PARTS: " Performing. I hate practicing, but I love playing. With the harp, your fingers hit the string and there ' s an intima- cy. That ' s what I ' ve always liked about the harp. I love chamber music. I love playing with other instru- ments, like the cello and flute. I love working with other musicians. " SPECIALNESS: " I like the fact it ' s so unusual, and when I was little, that ' s what I hated about the harp . . . you ' d go to a party and people would whip out their guitar and play tunes on it. I hated the fact that when you sat down to play the harp, everyone would listen because it was so formal. It made me more classical, and I wanted to have that pop element with it. Now I play pop, just as much as classical. And jazz. So now I ' ve got the best of both worlds. I love taking a piece that other people have done, and making it my own. A classical piece is the same piece, the same notes, timing, phrasing, but is so different from one person to another. It ' s fascinating for me to be looking at the notes and playing them and hearing something that I ' ve never heard anyone else do. That ' s what ' s really neat. " Alana Garrop 310 ACADEMICS After graduation, Chris- tine Vivona hopes to tour with the American Harp Society ' s Young Artist Se- ries, then teach harp at the college level. VIVONA CAMERA + SKY r V Star trails Photographed on Mt. Lem- mon. Equip- ment: tripod, camera, and cable release. Lens: 24mm (wide angle). Exposure time: 30 minutes. JAMES LOWENTHAL t ' s not often you meet someone who has traveled to India not for a vacation, but to catch a solar eclipse. James Lowenthal did just that. A Ph.D. candidate in Astronomy, Lowenthal has combined the camera and the sky for some pretty incredible results: Astrophotography. An initial interest in photography led him to borrow his school ' s telescope in the eighth grade. " My first real telescope pictures were through that, " says Lowenthal. " Really out-of-focus pictures of the moon, but it was really exciting because the objects were recognizable. " He ' s improved since then. Solar eclipses are his favorite things to photograph because they ' re " rare and don ' t last long. You have to travel to see them. It ' s exciting because there ' s always a risk you ' ll get clouded out. " Although astrophotography can be done with just a tripod, camera, and cable release, Lowenthal often uses telescopes for his pictures, including a " home-made " one. He shares some of his methods and stories in his book, " The Hidden Sun: Solar Eclipses and Astrophotography, " published in 1985,-Alana Garrop ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY 312 ACADEMICS 9 Total Solar Eclipse with Full Corona m Snapped in India, 1980. Equip- H ment: Two-inch refracting telescope. st real telescope pictures lecause the objects Crescent moon and earthshine Equipment: four- 5 inch James refrac- tor. r i it i i ti A 1 .? " Wr f f : ; ; ' i ivtf l " . 1 1 I " When I got here, there was nothing to teach, " said Dr. Robert Burns, who came to the University in 1971. Since then, the Religious Studies program has grown to over 190 units. He teaches three classes a semester. 14 ACADEMICS People are the most fascinating thing ' ROBERT BURNS 1 eople show up to his classes even on Fridays. There ' s a line at his door during office hours. What is this, Bartending 101? No, it ' s Dr. Robert Burns, Roman Catholic priest and Chairman of the Reli- gious Studies Program. A winner of the student nomi- nated " 5 Star Faculty Award " (1986-87), he is one of THE most popular instructors on campus. He doesn ' t just teach. He cares. ON BECOMING A PRIEST: " It was just like anyone would decide on being a journalist, or being a historian, whatever. It was the alter- native that seemed to be the most correct option. When I made the decision, it just seemed right. It was either going to be that or a lawyer. " A LAWYER? " I see law as a tool for the betterment of the human race, if you want it to be. You ' re working with people in need and helping out in a crisis. That was always intrigu- g ing to me. The priesthood and the law are both service 2 oriented, people oriented, ethically oriented, all of that. z So they ' re not as far apart as some people think. " 5 ON TEACHING: " In a way, it ' s like baking a cake. There ' s a lot of ingredients. You try to make it so that the cake doesn ' t fall, that it ' s cohesive. And you try to put a little topping on it, a little spice, so that it ' s an enjoyable experience. o It ' s rich, still has to have moisture, it ' s not dry. " BEST PART OF TEACHING: " Watching people grow. Giving them enough that they can think it through and see things that they didn ' t see before. It opens them up to aspects of life they might not have known about. " FREE TIME: " The busiest people have the most free time, in a sense. You make time. I love theatre, music, movies if they ' re good, sports. I love to read. Anything on the bestseller list I ' ve probably read. I especially like histori- cal novels, detective stories ... for me, reading is a relaxation. And I love politics. I ' ll spend time on vacation watching friends of mine who are lawyers do their job in court. " ON TRAVELING: " I ' ve been to Jerusalem a number of times, all throughout Europe, the Vatican ... I don ' t like to go on tours. I like to go on my own with friends or go visit friends in another country and get to know the people instead of being on a bus just looking at them. Getting to talk to them and pick their brains and let them pick yours. Let them tell you how rotten American politics are . . . Next summer, I think I ' m going to Spain for the first time. I look forward to that. " Alana Garrop " I came in to learn, " says Sergeant Ed Warner. But the National Guard gave him more than just education of the books. The Guard made him, " grow up a considerable amount, " by giving him, " a lot of responsibility. " A member of the Guard for three years (in January he ' d have to decide on re-enlist- ment), Sgt. Warner has speciliza- tions in several areas, including ar- tillery, chemical, and infantry. 316 ACADEMICS -The Guard is (but there ' s also) The Guard cat job you can toe The Guard is ni Studies sophomoi the Arizona AirNi Staff Sergeant Robert O ' Day, far left, and another Guardsman on the Mall. Attn- tl0n!Th| Inclu Howitzer, WEEKEND JOB National Guard Offers Students Opportunity t ' s not often when walking to class you find yourself face-to-face with a Howitzer. But that ' s what happened on September first, when the Arizona Army National Guard set up camp on the Mall. The brainchild of Staff Sergeant Robert O ' Day and sponsored by the UA ROTC program, the Second Battalion 180th " A " Battery wanted to get students interested in the Guard system. " The Guard is a good thing, " says Sgt. O ' Day, a member of the Guard for six years. " You learn different things, especially artillery, (but there ' s also) rangers, infantry, chemicals ... it helps with school. " " The Guard caters to students, " says Specialist J. Fruean, a sophomore at the U of A majoring in Astronomy. " It ' s the best part-time job you can have. " Specialist Fruean has been with the Guard two years. The Guard is national defense and comes " directly under the supervision of the governor, " says Sergeant Ed Warner, a General Studies sophomore. " So if there were floods, when they come, we can go out and sandbag roads or whatever. When it snows up north, the Arizona Air National Guard flies in hay and food supplies. (There ' s also) search and rescue, forest fire duty, boarder patrol . . . " From all the activity, it ' s hard to believe the job is only one weekend a month and two weeks a year. But if there ' s one thing the " A " Battery was able to prove, it ' s that National Guard is a synonym for opportunity. Alana Garrop Atten-tion! The Arizona Army National Guard on the Mall, including artillery. That ' s not a tank it ' s a Howitzer. SCOTT WEBER NATIONAL GUARD 317 -r- ' .. " Aft Advar tatec 1w I at one peopli thefe LES " Th vv lt ' s not all rolling around in the mud. M A R L E E BLASCAK t ' s easy to think of Army ROTC as a bunch of people wearing strange outfits and marching around campus at odd hours. But for Media Arts major Marlee Blascak, it ' s more than that. Or, should I say Cadet Second Lieutenant Marlee Blascak. She ' s been in ROTC four years and loves it. So what if her hands get muddy once in a while? BEGINNINGS: " To begin with, I ' m an army brat. My father was in the military, he was also an officer, so that had a lot to do with my decision. I had seen the Army from my father ' s point of view, or as being his daughter, for nineteen years, so I wanted to see a little bit of what it (would be) like for me. " ADVANCE CAMP: " After your third year of ROTC you go to what ' s called Advance Camp. You ' re a leader for six weeks. You ro- tate different positions, you learn about different branches. I drove a tank this summer. I got to be on a fire i! squad and lead a call for fire. I had a blast. " " I was in charge of thirty-six people in my platoon and at one point in time I was in charge of approximately 1 50 c j people in my company. After the six weeks were over, the feeling of accomplishment . . . ' Yeah, I did it! ' " LESSONS: " There are times you go through it and you ' re thinking ' this isn ' t for me. ' But it teaches you a lot. It shows you exactly what you can do, and it shows you exactly what you have the possibility of doing. There are things at one point in time you ' re looking at, ' there ' s no way I can do that, ' but I did it. So I don ' t think there will be anything that I ' ll look at and say ' I can ' t do that, ' because I know I have overcome some pretty hairy obstacles. " OPPORTUNITY: " (After graduation) you can go into regular army, like nine to five Monday through Friday. You can go into the reserves. After college you are required to stay in the army four years. The army is much more than just field and weapons and things like that. In Europe they have what ' s called Armed Forces Network. You have both television and radio. That ' s what I ' d like to do because of my major. There ' s so much more than just rolling around in the mud . . . the Army is a big corporation. " REWARD OF ROTC: " The ultimate goal for any ROTC candidate is to be commissioned as Second Lieutenant, and that in itself is the most rewarding aspect of being in ROTC. And that ' s true for any of the services. To actually have the President and his commission say, ' You ' re worthy of being a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army, " Blascak said. Alana Garrop BLASCAK 319 " Major " Discovery or many years, the University had a flaw. There were academic advi- sors, departmental advisors, adjunct advisors, advisors to advise how to advise ... but what about advisors specifically to help students who, frankly, had no idea what to do with their lives? Those students were on their own. All that changed this year. The Advising Center for Exploratory Students (ACES) swung into action in Fall, 1988. ACES? Sounds like a card game. Maybe. Only here you ' d get a winning hand. Created in Spring, 1988 by students and under the supervision of Arts and Sciences Advisor Nancy Gedney, ACES reached out to undecided undeclared students to help them find a major. Consider the process like a recipe: Mix: 22 Peer Advisors (students of the U of A) 170+ Mentors (faculty, staff, and administrators) Exploratory Students Stir in: 4-semester exploration program to help students discover their skills, inter- ests, and strengths Sprinkle on: Friendliness, Patience, Enthusiasm, and Dedication Bake: Approximately two years Finished product: Each exploratory student emerges with a major that is right for them a major that will lead to an enjoyable and successful career. Serves: All exploratory students on campus, especially freshmen. ACES helped hundreds of students during its first year, and when the number of undecided students increases, more peer advisors will have to be added. But that ' s okay. These advisors have really made a difference. Alan Garrop Peer Advisor Jim Hart works with an explora- tory student. Peer Advisor Alison Hamlet " doing the books " during a quiet minute. 320 ACADEMICS Peer Advisor Alison Hamlet " doing books " during a quiet minute. ACES 321 A GLANCE IN THE DAY OF AN ADVISOR ust what can you do with a B.S. in Business Administration and Economics? Become an Academic Advisor! An unusu- al route? Not for Paul Harlos, one of the five full-time advi- sors in the College of Arts and Sciences. And when there are 16,000 student contacts a year between them, it ' s no easy job. After his undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin, he came to the UA for his Masters in Counseling and Guidance. Harlos started part-time advising here in April 1984 and moved to full-time status that September. But just what does an Academic Advisor DO? Sure, we ' ve seen the lines at the reception desk, especially at registration time, so we might assume all the time is spent advising students. Not nec- essarily. What is a " typical day " at the office? " I usually arrive on campus around 7:30, " Harlos says. " The work whistle blows at 8:00. From 8 to 9 1 don ' t have students. It ' s my time to work on administrative things, like return student ' s phone calls, work on general studies proposals, senior checks, breaking the day with other advisors . . . and other things. " " From 9 until noon, it ' s students straight through: student advis- ing, student phone calls, students at the front desk, as well as faculty members calling and asking questions, other advisors ask- ing questions . . . During the month of registration, in the last two weeks I don ' t remember a full sixty-minute lunch hour. But for the most part, it ' s lunch from 12:00 - 1 :00. From 1 :00 until 4:30 it ' s more students, more of the same. Theoretically, we ' re supposed to have thirty minutes at the end of the day, 4:30 to 5, to work on paper- work, but I don ' t remember the last time I was done with my last student by 4:30. And that ' s the day. " When there is no registration there are meetings and projects, but the bulk of the time is still spent with students. According to Harlos, the main reason for a student seeing an advisor is " confu- sion caused by misinformation. " And the best part of the job? " The satisfaction of knowing that I ' m contributing to an individual ' s personal and academic growth . . . and the hugs! " Harlos said Alana Garrop ; VICKI VANCII ! AY , as we as , other advisors ask- ' ' n. in the last two ute ton hour. But for the Nre supposed totiave 30 to 5, to work on paper- ei was done with lf e meetings and projects. students. According io ig an advisor is " confu- atefacfon of knowing that ma! and academic growth Appointment: One of the many students who come for help. Below: Paul Harlos using his hour in the morning to contact a student. Opposite page: Lunch Break! Harlos finally has some time for a bit of relaxation. o HARLOS 323 Qtsnotas Sure, or ' DeepSoi tnepradud What; motion for weeks: imagine (of a mo part ol the REALi A) Finding a dm self and at th C) Casting D) Set Construe E) Blocking the H) Practice J) Practice K) Dress Reheai L) Opening Ni Graduate studer many plays giving ( tne activities), " Am City, from auditii VICKI V 324 ACADEMICS Auditioning one of th hardest parts of performin Here, an actress tries for place in " Angel City. " STAGING A SMASH SHOW 14 t ' s not as easy as it looks. Sure, on Opening Night everything seems to be all together: the actors, lighting, set, and costumes take you to the " Deep South " of 1900 or modern-day America, depending on the show and the budget. What you see onstage isn ' t half the product. What you see is the result of a complicated, sometimes hair-raising, wonderful, energizing process that has been in motion for weeks: Opening Night is actually the beginning of the end. Imagine for a moment that you ' re not in the darkened theatre in a seat instead, you ' re behind the stage. You have become a part of the REAL action: putting together a play. It ' s a step-by-step process, perhaps a formula . . . don ' t know, praying you ' re not making a fool of your- A) Finding a director crazy enough to take on such a project. B) Auditions (a nice term for " standing in front of a bunch of people you self and at the same time proving you ' re a terrific actor. " ) C) Casting D) Set Construction (Part A slides into part B . . . ) E) Blocking the script (Left. Left. Left-right-left.) F) Working the light board (Spotlight. Spotlight, please. SPOTLIGHT!) G) Costuming (Ouch! Watch those pins!) H) Practice I) Practice J) Practice K) Dress Rehearsals L) Opening Night (We made it!) Graduate student T. Greg Squires was at the helm of the Drama Department ' s Studio Series ' play " Angel City, " one of the many plays giving drama students a chance to practice their craft. Directing a cast of five and a crew of 20 to 40 (depending on the activities), " Angel City " was performed at Studio A October 5-8. The following pages are a glance behind the scenes of " City, " from auditions to Opening. It ' s not as easy as it looks! Alana Garrop n It ' s rehearsal time again! Left to right, Stan Freitag, Kendell McKnight, and David Lee Croft. Director T. Greg Squires left, and Assistant Director Timna Guerchon working with a cast member. Squires is required, like all graduate drama students, to direct a play as part of their graduate program. Part of the ever-so-important tech crew, responsible for such minor details as lighting, sound, and technical i problems . . . left to right, Jason Paul, Allen Marshall, and Norman Testa. o Cast members Christine Wiegers left, and Betty Ginsberg in the makeup room. All the cast members are required to come one-and-a-half hours before curtain to put on makeup, warm up, run-through lines, and do any other last-minute preparations. All dressed up and somewhere to go! Costumer Ian Bugler making sure there are no split seams. ANGEL CITY 327 o Stan Freitag (with sun- glasses) as " Lanx " and David Lee Croft as " Rabbit " performing at last! David Lee Croft sur- rounded by the set in " City. " Lf Crolt sur- 3 " y the set in H - The result of cramming: brain overload! Artwork by Robert Case. 330 Oh no! It Highly rat FINALS . . Oh no! It can ' t be so early. I haven ' t even touched my Econ! Highly rated for a study snack they don ' t melt in your books. FINALS 331 FINAL FRUSTRATION Art work by Rob- ert Case. t ' s the end of the semester we ' ve gone to forty-five hours worth of labs, pulled eight all-nighters, struggled through fifty hours of test preparation, scribbled on three-thou- sand sheets of notebook paper, and have high- lighted our books to death. We ' re exhausted. But there ' s one little word that keeps us from slowing down: Finals. The American Heritage Dictionary defines ' final ' as " the last examination of an academic course. " If only it were that simple. For us, Finals have many more meanings: panic, anxiety, a trip to the store for a pound of M M ' s, stress, near OD ' s on No-Doz, frequent bathroom trips due to coffee consumption, emergency mid- night calls for pizza delivery, more trips to the store for more M M ' s. . . . You get the picture. And as much as we complain and declare there is no logical reason on this planet for trying to remember fifteen weeks of material for one two- hour test, finals are a way of life. At least until we graduate. Then the real test begins. Alana Garrop 332 ON DIANA JOHNSON FINALS 333 ometk Diffe omena erent PORTRAITS JEFF SEVER - ,- 336 PORTRAITS BL; ' : . : , , 2 i FRESHMEN DIVISION 337 Michelle Abraham William Abt Jenni Adleman Kimberly Ainsworth Heather Aizenshtat Fahmi AI-Meskari Anissa Albert Abdulhusain Aleimani Jennifer Alaxander Sagirah Ali Amy Alper Joseph Andel Dawn Anderson Michelle Anderson James Arth David Ashcraft Rachel Astor Paul Atkinson Robert Atwell Cameron Atwood John Auvenshine Jennifer Baker Michael Balmer William Balyoz Shane Barnes Flash Bartnek Diane Bay Connie Becker Steve Beeghley Richardson Begay Rikki Begay Jennifer Bell Olanethia Bell Dante Beltran Natalie Benbow Matthew Benson Tamara Benson Belinda Bentzin Kerry Beranich Jennifer Bercy Daniel Berman Ken Berry Daniel Biehl Eurica Billiner David Birmingham Billy Bishop Lee Bizik Christina Blasius Gretta Blatner David Bleaman Kathrine Blomquist Ted Bock Rayann Bolte Austin Bonn Julia Borowiak Beth Borucki Dana Bowersock Joseph Brabant Sammy Bradford Christopher Brady Stephanie Branch Eric Brandt Paul Brandt Tracy Brechbiel Jason Bredimus Charles Breen September Brees Christy Brenner Mark Brodnik Sandra BrooKes Danielle Brooks Kimberty Brower Scott Brower Andrew Brown Megan Brown David Bruce Baron Bruno Andrew Bryant Louis Burgess Michael Burianek John Burrows David Burtless Jeffrey Bussell Kevin Byrns ivan Caffee Keith Cagan Catherine Calanni Joshu Calapini John Campbell Alan Campos Yvette Campos Laura Canty Greg Carlson Romi Carrell Brian Carroll Peggy Carter William Carter Ysabel Castanva Lisa Cataldi David Chait Theadore Chapman Careylyn Chery Ann-Marie Chischilly Ian Christiansen V Edward Christie III Sharon Chudd Adam Cohen Grace Contreras F R E S H M E N C 341 r Daniel Clark Dawn Clark Holli Clark Bernadette Clarkson Duncan Clendenin Douglas Cloud Heather Coates Ryan Coburn Kym Cohen Mitchell Cohen Phillip Cojanis Shanda Colton Kristen Cook Daniel Copley Michelle Corbett Greg Corman Linda Corsey Terry Cortez Chnstel Costello Kelli Grain Valerie Cramer Andrew Creighton Clayton Cridlebaugh Jennifer Crocker Katherine Crosswhite Eileen Crowley Jennifer Crum Sandra Cruz Damian Cuffel Stephanie Cummins T 342 C Matt Curley William Curtis Carrie Curtiss Sajid Dadabhoy Paul Dajic Mike Daniel Denise Daniels Glen Danzig Darbut Daniel David Jonathan Davis Steve Davis Steve Dean Kevin Devine Renee Dewalt Dina Dicenso Tim Dietz Theresa Dimercurio Anastasya Dobryansky Peter Domahoski F R E S H M E N tephen Donahue Maureen Douglas Sean Drummond Rob Duggan r Michelle Duncan Travis Dunford Jason Dulcher Geoff Dye Brad East Robert Edwards III James Egelston Ashley Embry Wendy Emerson Mark Engelsajerd Eric Engleman Tobey Erskine January Esquivel Constance Ewell Fami Fachrudin Ann Fallgren Julie Fagerson Greg Faust Jodi Feinstein Lissette Fernandez Traci Fernandez Christy Ferris Jose Figuero Jr. Cynthia Finne Darren Finneral Steve Fischman Geoffrey Fish Carrie Fitzgerald Jason Fleisher Kenneth Folsom IAA rift Forester Ingrid Forslund David Foster ,wn Fransen Gary Freeman Jason Freeman Rachel Friedman Scott Friedson Gregory Froehlich April Fuller Thomas Fulton David Fye Luz Galarza Jennifer Gallego Manny Gamez Ramon Garcia Teri Garrity Scott Gee Rebecca Gentry Kelly Gerle Jodie Gesuale Rebecca Gibson Theresa Gilboy Scott Gimple F R E S H M E N FC. 345 Katey Gipson David Gladden Scott Gohus Debra Goldfaden John Goldman Amy Goodsite Lili Gordon Stacy Gordon Margaret Gornik Reva Cover James Gowdy Anthony Graziano Kelley Green Taylor Green Mary Groth Nichole Guccini Angela Guevara Greg Guss Robert Gutierrez Michael Haber Kelly Haddad Niki Hale Randy Hall Hilary Hamilton Matt Hamilton Douglas Hanks Mark Hanson Stacey Harbour Jeffrey Hardee Amy Harper John Hartigan Michael Hartigan Michealla Hasan Melanie Hastings Craig Hauesin David Hauff Mike Hauser Darick Haverland Karen Hawn Sandy Haymann Jane Heaverlo David Hecht Trent Heckmaster Mike Hedgecock Jaqueline Heiss Alicia Heller Matthew Helmke Amy Hemovich Doug Hengehold Derek Hernquist Marilee Herrea Michele Herring Elisabeth Higgins Kristine Hill F R E S H M E N w 1A7 Thomas Hills Rudi Himawan Sandra Hochstein Keri Hodson Neal Hoffman Bernhard Hoffmann Sandra Hopkin Jeff Hosea Jim Hosted Dina Hosteen Ashley Hough Paige Houlsby Cynthia Howard Andrew Huber Susan Huber Kathryn Huey David Hughes Nancy Hull Scott Humphrey Shawn Hungate Andrea Hunter Jennifer Hunter Amy Hurt Huong Huynh Scott Hyder Katrina Ingole Jim Irvin Tanya Iverg Todd Iverson E. Jaber R 34ft HI I Kimberley Jackson Lisa Jacome Edward Jankowski Jeffery Jeannette Craig Jennings Eric Jeppesen Darryl Jim Justine Jimmie Kirsten Johnsen Cordelia Johnson Lauren Jones Michael Jones teven Jones Cynthia Joost Kristina Jordan Bob Joyce Harold Joyce Ranjit Kahlon Hiro Kaishoin Alex Kaluu Debra Kane Kim Karban Lassanna Karrim Alan Kassoff F R E S H M E N Chris Katchner Mike Kattenburg Matt Keck Becky Kennan Jeniffer Kelly P. Kelly Allison Kemper Carolyn Kenney James Kern Darby Killeen Jennifer King Thomas Kinnevy Jarrod Kniff Fred Koh D. Kozinn Zlata Kozui Glenn Kramer Jill Krasker Michael Kreps Nadine Kruse 350 K Chris Kupcha Tracey Kurtzman Lisa Kyle Lisa Lamontagne Steven Lampert Cynthia Lancaster Brian Landa Julie Landt Lisa Larned Stephen Larsen Eric Larson David Lattanzio Jr. Scott Lauritzen Sean Leahy Christopher Lee Michael Leshowitz Bryan Levinson Brad Lewellyn Jesus Leyva Jason Li F R E S H M E N Ralph Lim Carl Lindblad Thomas Linn Ian Littman KL 351 Marc Littmann Margaret Loeffler Edward Logan John Luciani Patricia Lujan Elizabeth Lutz Guy Lydick Kelli Lyon Scott MacDonell Lezette Mack Sean Madden Michelle Maisto Tagg Maiwald Nathan Majean Steven Manross Lori Marchese Sharon Marconi Holly Margraf Nadine Marin Greg Markee Leticia Marquez Kyle Marsh Cliff Martin Robert Martin Pilar Martinez I Kenichi Matsumiya i Ty Maynard I Carrie McBride H James McCallum I Matthew McCutchen |r O OCO I k X Mark McDonald Dan McElhattan Patrick McGee Kevin McGibben Brian McKechnie Jennifer McKeever John McGoldrick Joe Mclntosh Paul Mclaughlin Kelsey McNeal Stephanie McWherter Samuel Medrand Luis Mendoza Lisa Merrell Rob Michael Ari Michaels Rick Michod Christie Millar Kristen Miller Tarah Mitchell Jalal Mitri Kimberly Mitru Eileen Mone Erin Moore F R E S H M E N Heather Moore Jennifer Moore Kraven Moorehead Stephanie Morton Nathan Moser Brian Muff John Mulchay An id Munson Nicole Murad William Murphy John Musil Brett Myers Robin Myers Renee Mylek John Nagy Daniel Nersveen Mark Nielsen Scott Niemann Craig Noah Craig Nochumson Amir Nomani Jeffrey Noppenberg Sterrin Northrop Susan Nott Jill Nunamaker Jack Okabayashi Katherine Olmstead Jamie Onate : n Pacioni nnifer Palmer Ferdinad Pardede Steven Park Alphonso Parks Bryan Parrish Kindra Patriarche Michael Patterson Jason Paul Valerie Paxton Jenell Payne Matthew Payton Claudia Peck Paul Perkins Philip Perlmutter Rebecca Pfoff Brian Pickard Donald Pierce Jr Chamois Pierson Jeffrey Pilch Brad Pittiglio Barrie Pitts Podewell Kathleen Podewell Laura Polheber Danielle Pond Christopher Poole Geric Poore Lee Poteet Jeff Poulin Adam Powell Jenny Preest Claire Prefontaine Paul Provencio III Colleen Purtell Elizabeth Quinn Margo Rady M ' Athotoame Ramasike Jesus Ramirez Christopher Ratliff Jason Ray Tamara Read Hope Reber Bruce Rechichor Cris Reid Craig Reines Nilda Reinosa Angelika Reiss Kevin Rentzsch Rachel Resnick Julie Richardson Ronald Richardson Julie Riddle David Rinegimer Shawn Rios Jamie Rittoff Matthew Roberts Diane Robertson Anne Robinson Mary-Loly Rodarte Mirelle Roddier David Rodriguez Mario Rodriguez Kristin Roeder Randy Rogers Catherine Romero Nicole Rosenberg Susan Rosenberg Jason Rosenfeld Dawn Roth James Rowland Brent Rubinow Amy Rubinroit Amy Rudzinski Diana Ruiz Jill Rustad William Safieh Nicole Sakoun Glenn Saks Beth Salway F R E S H M E N RS 357 Brice Samuel Jay Sander Paul Sandoval Dina Santos Mohal Sarabnai Manuel Sauer Elizabeth Savage James Schauer Marc Scher Michael Scherotter Rachel Schmidt Marie Schrage William Schubert Jr. Roberta Schultz Brett Scott Roland Scott Andrew Seal David Selander April Seto Jimmy Seto Marci Seward Kamal Shaath David Shafer Steve Shaft Scott Shamblott Dilli Sharma Daniel Sharp Scott Sheafe Todd Sheets David Shefferly m r 358 S Daniel Sherwood Suanne Shultz Caroline Shurrab Brandon Siefken Steve Sikorski Keneth Silver Eric Silvernail Andre Simon Kurt Sinclair Stephanie Skadsberg Kathleen Skemp Deanna Smith Matthew Smith Kimberly Snider Philip Snyder Michael Soehl David Solomon Lauren Sonnenberg William Sorg Glenn Soukup Moussa Soumaine Sabrina Sourk Jennifer Spiegel Julia Spining F R E S H M E N S 359 Brandie Spratlen Bryon Stankus Todd Stein Ramses Stevens Brian Stewart Lisa Stewart Skip Stinson Eric Stockmann Andy Stone Tara Stone Curtis Strain Kathy Stuppy Benjamin Super Jeffrey Sutherlin Ray Sutherlund Deanna Swett Victoria Szeto Anita Szoke Delores Tahy Nicole Tankersley 360 ST Jeffrey Tarsha Cynthia Tenney Douglas Tepper Brian Terrizzi Mike Teufel Debbie Thelander Tracey Thomas Corey Thompson Matthew Thompson Scott Toland David Tolman Lisa Toole Greg Trapp Pamela Trice John Trostle Elizabeth Tucker Dan Twibell Peter Udall Bret Undem Todd Ungard Steven Valentine Yunuen Valenzuela Charles Van Peenen James Van Vorst F R E S H M E N TUV 361 Petrina Vandever Josef Vann Dana Vaughn Ana Velez Toni Venega Manuela Verastegui Stephanie Verderame Nguyettnu Vo Robert Vosbein Dolly Wagoner Regina Walker Sharon Wallace Mike Walsh Spencer Walters Michael Ward Twila Ward Dirk Warner Franck Warnod Jeff Warren Dave Wayne Margaret Weaver Eric Weber Sara Weber Gavin Weidman Kimberley Wells Brian Wenham Shawn Western N. Rachelle Westfall Carl Westphal Michael Whalen 362 vw Jonanes Wibowo John Wilkins Carrie Williams Dan Williams Hick Williams Scott Williams Gina Williamson Victoria Willis Benjamin Wilson Amy Wimp Craig Wisnam Randy Woloshin Patnna Woodson Thomas Wright Lisa Yerke Stefan Youngs Jay Yparraguirre Dan Zapier Rodolfo Zepeda Valerie Zieglowski WXYZ 363 364 PORTRAITS O! JI! I il Isnl 3 3 S5 SOPHOMORE DIVISION 365 Naeem Abdulmalik Joey Acedo Jill Adams Jamal AI-Mousawi Richard Alcala Tylene Aldridge Hussain Alimwail Nabil Alyousuf Vernom Anders Eric Anderson Richard Anderson Mark Apo Leta Arteaga Josey Axt Kristina Baker Bob Barnhill Stacy Beehler Mary Berger Charles Berkman Jennifer Berry Tina Berryhill Pamela Booth Scott Bormanis Christina Brine John Buck Matthew Burgess Lisa Carlson Michele Carpenter Todd Carter Julianne Celmer Karen Chaney Wendy Chase Robert Cherouny Jr. Barbara Colmenero Coons Scott Cote Donald Croyle Jr. Timothy Croyle Kevin Davis Francisco Delgado Scott DiBiase Chris Difiore Mark Donahue Chester Dubaj Jr. Kelly Dumas Greg Economidis Travis Edge Jeff Engle Tammi Eyer Shari Farineau m s o p H O M O R E S I Steven Fischahs Troy Fisher Kelly Follette Natacha Friedma Ben Friedman Shannon Garrels Jennifer Genovese J. Gomez-Rasadore Mario Gonzalez Jennifer Gooch Diane Greenberg Michael Greenberg Douglas Hamblin Christina Haner Steve Hanragan Homer Hansen Shahram Hassanshani Joel Hauff David Haydon Todd Haynes Todd Heck Christina Henry Tammy Heppard Gloria Herring Preston Hickman Arlette Hilverda Laura Hnilo Duncan Hudson Elizabeth Hunt Vicki Hunt Devin Huntley Rebecca Hyde Kerri Imblum Julie Jakubek FGHIJ 368 Brewer Johnson Diana Johnson Jacqueline Johnson Amy Johnston Erik Jolly Patrick Kaestner Claudia Kaplan Mark Kistner _Jft vpL BBn f ' .7 I I I Dirk Klein Holly Krause Scott Langston Kelly Leonard James Leos Chrissy Levering Irina Lewis Jenny Li JKL 3RQ Janice Lombard Shane Lopez Robert MacDonald Robert Macejak Emma Magidson Ccotty Malm Ronit Marhoffer Tereza Marks Tricia Marrapodi Jennie Martin Michelle Mattheiss Kathryn McFarlin Scott McKenzie Paul McMahon Lydia McMillian Darcy Mellison Richard Micelli John Millam Colin Miller Scott Miller Christopher Minyard Richard Murdick Brian Nagel Carolina Nelson Brian Nicolson Charles Oldham Susan Oleson Ladonna Oliver Lisa Oliver Siobhan O ' Neill Ken Osorio John Pace Hobart Paine Cherelle Paoletti Mark Paulson John Payne Monica Pershall Phil Planto Frank Ragasa Laura Rankin Barbara Ratajczak Michael Rich nneth Richardson II Tim Rivas Dominique Roddier Kimberly Rohrbahcer Shawn Roubal Tracyanne Rychlyk Jim Sampanes Tami Schlabs Darlene Schouten James Schreyer Samuel Schwald Josef Schwartz i s o p H O M O R E S L. Clariza Scimone Paul Scionti Jeff Sever Lukas Sidarta Larry Silver Terri Sinclair Fabien Sivirine Mary Small Paige Smith David Sourk Teresa Soza Theresa Statler Shelby Stephens Loanne Stone John Straus Sandy Straus Eric Sundstrom Deborah Swift Bob Switzer David Szeto Mitch Szeto Doug Tarico John Tejada Beth Terrio Teri Thene Keith Tucker Carla Turner Robert Umstott Dan Vanyo Julie Vercic f Wfc H fcdH P7y T 1 - m 9 r I r ' T STUV James Walters Ernest Ward Efram Ware Scott Weber Parrel Weil Barbara Weinreich Jennifer Wheeler Wendy Wiewel Sheri Wigal Betsy Willen Judd Williams Andrea Wilson David Wilson Donald Winchester Rita Yazzie Jeremy Zamora WXYZ 373 . . . oi petit dgic 374 PORTRAITS 3aitc cjrowincj CD 2 o m m uniors JUNIOR DIVISION 375 Kamal Abdu Matthew Adamson Kenneth Adelson Kaushal Agrawal Jousef Almarzoog Fahad AI-Raisi Joan Alday Aaron Alpher Seigi Ando Corinna Andrews Michael Aristizabal Elizabeth Baca Todd Bader Alice Bagley Sarah Barber Tracy Barber Julie Beck Beth Becker Carolyn Beer Bianca Bentzin 376 AB Jodi Berman Carrie Besnette Gheilene Bouali Christina Buckman Wayne Burack Philip Calderone Richard Carrillo Rochne Carter Julio Cassels Geoffrey Cueddy Damaris Chong Woody Clark Vanessa Cohorn Richard Conway Robert Copyak u N I O R S BC 377 Tatiana Covington Mark Cowan Leslie Duberstein Kevin Endresen Scott Espen Auneer Farrjoon John Fawk Matt Federoff Patrick Fenimore Vicki Ferry Dean Fink Bonnie French Susan Gibbs Mike Gonneville Charles Greenlee Tim Greve B. Patricia Gerardo Nancy Gardner Gregory Gavel Sabin Gershweir ft 378 CDEFG Roger Griggs Lora Guerrieri Theresa Habra M. Sjaiful Halimun Thomas Hill Shirley Hodsden James Hollcroft Sylvia Hoyos Michelle Huizdos Eric Hunter Judy Jackson Scott Jones Karen Jordan Hassan Kamel Jacqueline Kennedy Bradley Kirton Mark Klink Michael Kud-Kudijaroff Gary Larsen Wen-Hsiang Lee John Liosatos Qadir Lodi Kelly Lusk Jeff Markee Rosemary Marquez Dana Masters 380 HIJKLM George Matthews 0. Mawas Janice Mazza Mark McCune Edward McEllin James McKnight Maria McWilliams Bryan Moreno Wade Nafzger Jennifer Neel Cheryl Nevers David Nilsen Alison Ohl Brian Olaughlin Scott Olsen J u N I O R S MNO 381 Mary Patton Carlos Peralta William Peters Lori Phillips Susan Platt Velma Powell Holly Price Meri Randolph Jody Ranus Raquel Redlin April Reid Paul Reinhardt 382 PQR ephanie Rivera Katherine Rodda Veronica Romero Delia Rosenblatt Michelle Rubenstein Marta-Karin Sagastune Samantha Sandier Jody Sanford David Schafer Rebecca Scholssberg Joan Sedik Tanya Settle Rochellle Shearn Deborah Simmons Carla Slater RS 383 Erica Stebbins Lana Stedman Kyle Stewart Fess Stone Julie Slocum Channen Smith Veronica Smith Brett Stallworth Robert Thomas Scott Tomsen Lara Thornton Diane Toy John Trohan Peter Vasiljevic James Waddill Laura Walters William Wardlow Johnnye Washington Ronald Webb Brad Welcher 384 STUVW Lisa Whitehead Renee Whitehead Rudy Williams ne Wood Brandon Woods Wayne Worthington Roje Yap Ben Yitayew Hongfu Yow WXYZ 385 386 PORTRAITS SENIOR DIVISION 387 Melisa Abalos Elem. Education Kamaruzzaman Abbas Mining Engineering Marie Abbs Elem. Education Umar Abdulhamid Elec. Engineering Mazariah Abdulmajid Architecture Mohammad Abubakar Watershed Mgmt. Kamran Aflatoon Bio-Chemistry Saleh Al-Alawi Geophysics Ahmed AI-Busaidi Indust. Engineering Mohammed AI-Rawi Engr. Mechanical Sultan Al-Shidhani Elec. Engineering Seth Alberts Mech. Engineering Adel Albureimi MIS Patricia Alexander Physics Salim Alfarisi Mech. Engineering Gerald Alfieri Elem. Education Saad Alqahtani Systems Engineering Jacqueline Aller General Studies Mohammad Almasri Computer Engineering Abdulsalam Almurshidi Geophysics " f r C f r w Abdulla Alrashdy Civil Engineering Brenda Amante Psychology David Anderson Business Economics Karla Ardon Rehabilitaion Erik Andresen BPA Pierre Arnaud Accounting Adam Atherly Economics Octavio Babuca Norman Baker BPA Marcheta Baldwin Elem. Education Suzanne Balke General Business Clayton Barnett Systems Engr. Pol. Ronald Bates Aero Space Engr. Carol Baugh Acct. Finance Frank Bedoya Finance s E N I O R S AB 389 Catherine Behling General Business Willie Benson Performance Wind Kelly Bialik MIS Brian Bohan Journalism Walid Boukarroum Engineering Janice Bovee Psychology Lawrence Brady General Studies Albert Briese Political Science Jeff Brockmann Aero Space Engr, Lynda Brodier Liberal Arts Meredith Brose Psychology Nancy Bryant Sociology John Buchan Psychology Andi Bumgarner Omar Cabrera Agriculture James Calhoun Mech. Engineering Vitaliano Cama DVM Jose Cardenas Public Admin. Steven Carls General Studies Thomas Carlson Mech. Engineering Marian Carr Veterinary Science Matthew Carroll Personal Mgmt. David Cartwright Communication Maria Carvajan Elementary Education Michael Castellano Elec. Engineering Latrisha Centers Family Relations Peter Chan General Business Patricia Christie English Education Bradley Cloud Finance Bus. Econ. Jill Cluff Education Paul Colantuno General Studies Laura Conway Mathematics Ken Coppola Agriculture Jodie Cose Food Service Mgmt. Ron Couturier General Business s E N I O R S C 391 Daniel Crowell Computer Engineering Susan Crowell Microbiology Kathy Crowley Nutrition Joel Davis Robert Davis Plant Science Brent Deen Aero Space Engr. Jacob Delarosa Pre-Med. Joseph Desimone Philosophy Michelle Dickerson Rehabilitation Lawrence Djaja Elec. Engineering Kimberly Dorris General Studies Michael Downing Political Science Daniel Drury Aero Space Engr. David Druzisky Landscape An Holly Dundy Creative Writing Emad Durubi Civil Engineering Deborah Early Accounting Scott Eckert Finance William Eckler Psychology Salah EI-Raas MIS Beth Engles Political Science Mark English Dance Kenneth Ernstein MIS Bill Evans MCB Heidi Field Nursing huong Forbes-Luong Elec. Engineering Raima Forte Psychology Elisa Fortes Plant Pathology David Foster Drama Education Norman Franzen Accounting Felicia Froehlich MIS Karen Fulton Linguistics Mark Funair General Studies Jefferey Gallagher General Business Adam Gallo Economics EFG 393 Melchizedec Garcia Medical Technology Jill Garland Elementary Education Tamara Gascoigne Classics Thomas Geier Finance Acct. Ali Ghanim MIS Jason Gilbert Oriental Studies Oavid Glass Biochemistry Melody Goble MIS Jeffrey Goldberg Accounting Jeff Golliver MIS Rod Gorrell Accounting Ann Gossman Animal Science Kenneth Gottlieb Media Arts Diana Hall Nursing Steve Hamilton Computer Engineering Ward Hamlet Beth Hardee Fashion Merch. Steven Hare Communication Econ. Stacie Harris Speech Hearing Sci. Karen Haskell General Studies 394 GH Ashley Hathaway Speech Comm. Renee Hay ward Marketing Jeff Heath Drama Ari-Jadikin Hendra Sue Ann Hergesheimer Biology Tresna Hidayat Elec. Engineering Hikasa Marketing Kathleen Hill Journalism Jeffrey Hiller Mathematics Spanish Michael Hillman Personal Mgmt. Steve Hite Business Admin. Chris Hogan Fashion Merch. Pamela Holtz Elementary Education Mary Howard Elec. Engineering Margaret Hoyos Education Bilingual s E N I O R S HI 395 Salvalore Insana B.P.A. Terrence Jackson Biology Laura Jager Accounting Finance Yusof Bin Jasman Mining Engineering Jane Johnson Personnel Mgmt. John Johnson Mech. Engineering Joyce Johnson Medical Technology Teresa Johnson Psychology Jayme Kahle Personal Management Kris Kalkowski Mech. Engineering Norman Karkos Media Arts Haslinda Khalid Landscape An David King Aero Space Engr. Laurie King Anthropology History Kelly Kish Nursing Alan Klein Anthropology Keith Koppes Media Arts Dee Korich Mathematics Basel Kotob Architecture Nancy Kurczewski Business Mgmt. n Kwee Elec. Engineering hew Lai iconomics Yien Lam Accounting Shannon Lamb Speech Hearing Sci. Paul Lang Wildlife Ecology Hashim Lari Elec. Engineering Kirsten Larsen Merch. Fashion Lingo Lau Computer Engineering Anne Lavance Food Service Mgmt. Tamula Leadil Marketing John Lebeter Genera! Studies Jesus Ledesma M.I.S. Debbie Lee Finance Heeyeol Lee Biochem. Oriental Janis Lee Public Admin. s E N I O R S KL 397 Casey Leidner Psychology Gloria Limon Education Kunyu Lin Elec. Engineering Christopher Lipnitz Elec. Engineering Dario Lizarraga Microbiology Joe Loga General Studies Jack Lou Elec. Engineering Andrew Lowman Engineering Physics Maria Lujan General Business Chris Mac Donald Finance Tom Mangelsdorf Marketing Khalid Malik M.I.S. O.M. Haslan Manja Chemical Engineering Marianne Marsh Merd Fash Prom Julie Martin Veterinary Scieni Martha Martin Elementary Education Cheryl Martynec Art Education Kevin Marvel Astronomy Physics Chipper Matthews Pre-Law Stacey Mayhall Political Science 398 LM Mary Mazon Finance Megan McCullough Elementary Education Kimberly McDonald Public Management Gwendolyn McKinney M.I.S. John McNew Business Robert Meier Pol. Sci. Economics Mansour Mohamed Elec. Engineering Debora Monroe General Business William Monroe General Business Michael Morales Civil Engineering Kevin Moynahan Anthropology James Murphy General Studies Lisa Muth Political Science Ted Newman Phuong Nguyen Mech. Engineering s E N I O R S MN 399 Jeff O ' Brien Finance Richard Odenweller Aero Space Engr. Ronald Odio System Engineering Paul Ondrejka Marketing Steve Oppenheimer Political Science David Osburn Finance Nizam Othman Civil Engineering John Palko MIS Tracey Pardo Political Science John Patterson Mech. Engineering Carla P axton Indust. Engineering William Peck Accounting Candy Peed Accounting Anita Pilch Political Science Gregory Piraino Mech. Engineering William Polakowski Elect. Engineering Beverly Polley Psychology Frank Pones Music Education Loreen Prinz Engr. Mathematics Judy Pshak Journalism 400 OP Lynn Pugh Secondary Education Mark Pugh Regional Development J. Bernardo Quintero Agri. Engineering Arshad Qureshi Pharmacy Lubna Qureshi BPA Tony Qutu Aero Space Engr Julie Razon Nursing Elaine Reah Marketing George Redheffer Finance Philip Renner Studio Art Photo Michelle Richardson General Fine Arts C. Scott Riffle Finance PQR 401 Lou Rios Political Science Nicolas Roddier Elec. Engineering Howard Rosenblum Computer Engineering Michele Rossman Elementary Education John Royba l Nursing Maher Salah Civil Engineering Vesta Sampanes Aero Space Engr. James Samuelson Media Arts Lawrence Sanchez Education Marco Saucedo Psychology Craig Schill Marketing Ronald Schramm Psychology Christopher Scrivano Anthropology Ron Seketa Political Science Elke Selby Elementary Education Yousif Shamsi B.P.A. Barbara Shipman Math Orlinda Shirley Operational Mgmt. John Shroeck Marketing Ingrid Sikora Nutritional Science 402 RS I Jose Silva General Agriculture Dana Simpson Accounting Mary Sindorf Fashion Merch. Jefrey Sipple Microbiology John Snyder Finance Luis Scares Elec. Engineering Michael Socaciu General Biology Juliet Soltero Personal Mgmt. David Sorensen Sociology Tor Sorensen Animal Science Dwayne St. Jacques Bio-Chemistry Carole Stack Elementary Education Liane Stacy Graphic Design R. Steiner Civil Engineering Nancy Sterba Psychology s E N I O R S S 403 Chris Stevens History Pol. Sci. Scott Stewart Russian Tanya Stolz General Studies Scott Strassels Pharmacy Laura Suriano Elec. Engineering Michael Suriano Accounting Finance Scott Sutch Regional Development Ricky Takayama General Business Charles Tallman Business Leslie Tamppari Mathematics Jane Tappan Agriculture Syed Taqi Mech. Engineering Jon Thomas Elec. Engineering April Thomison Elem. Education Teresa Tokar Journalism Sociology Willis Tolley Finance Economics Terry Turner Personal Management John Valdez Civil Engineering Rodi Vehr Elem. Education Karyn Vick Elem. Education 404 STUV Zul Wagimim Mech. Engineering David Walker Drama Production Roger Webb Nuclear Engineering Dean Webster Animal Science Melissa Widick Geological Engr. Cheryl Wieder Marketing Marty Wojciechowski George Wong Elec. Engineering Chin Ping Wu Elec. Engineering Tsuyoshi Yahagi Undeclared Renee Yalen Communications Chang Yi Architecture Joseph Zaepfel Computer Engineering Zailam Zai Chemical Engineering Sally Zimmermann Art Education s E N I O R S WXYZ 405 406 PORTRAITS GRADUATE DIVISION 407 Robert Abugov SIE Jessica Adee Indust. Engineering A. AI-Abdullatif Political Science Reshod Al-Shagrawi Nutri. Science A. Alabdul-latif Political Science Saleh Aldosari Plant Protection Eisa Alharatani Watershed Mgmt. Abdourahamane Alou Agricultural Econ. Luis Alves SWE Kama! Alyousfi Civil Engineering Khalid Arkanji Watershed Mgmt. Yu-Loi Au-Yeung Electrical Engr. Victor Banta Elecrical Engr. Rambabu Bavirisetty Civil Engineering Andrew Beckwith Applied Mathmatics Andrew Binder Reliability Engr. Filomena Brooks Elementary Eduacation Penny Chan Oriental Studies Donald Chatfield Policy Planning Myung Cho Microbiology 408 ABC James Delange English Sec. Lang Maher Elsalti CE Marcus Epstein I Danielle Foster Theatre Arts Sherry Fox Forensic Anth. Roberto Freire Elec. Engineering Hagberg inguistics Mark Hallaq Undecided Paul Hartvigson Latin-Amer. Studies DEFGH 409 Hassan Hijazi International Pel. Matthew Johnson Horticulture Jeff Johnston Benedict Kanu MSC Ag. Economics Eric Kinsolving Journalism Chinken Ko E.C.E. James Koumpouras Axel Laistner Energy Engineering Elajoy Lehrman Nursing John Leonard Classical Arch Jong Shing Liang E.S.L. Jen Chyi Liao Elec. Engineering Jigeng Lin Economics Jose Luna-Ruiz Agricultural Econ Meta Mobula Economics Husni Muadz Linguistics Jose Natividad Fisheries Science Claes Nelsson Optical Sciences Ynes Ortega Micro. Bio. lmmun, Martin Pina Spanish Literature 410 HIJKLMNOP Francisco Quintero Electrical Computer Zia Rahman Animal Physiology Ananda Rakshit Systems Engineering King Randell Rehabilitation P.S. Debby Rasadore Law Lauren Sanders Exercise Sports Sci. Sangadji Mathematics Mohamed Siddiqui Environmental Andre Sudjono Accounting Rex Torres Media Arts Sywan Voranantakyl Elec. Engineering M.C. Williams Dennis Woo Communication Jon Zaerr Mech. Engineering Muhammed Zubair Elec. Engineering G R A D U A T E S QRSTUVWXYZ 411 412 PORTRAITS dministration ADMINISTRATION DIVISION 413 Henry Koffler President of the University Allan Beigel, M.D. Vice President for University Relations Sarah G. Blake Vice President for Planning and Budgeting Nils Hasselmo Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Pro- vost To Januar A.J. Pfiste SaltRiv Donald G, Tucson To Januar Edith S. A Tucson Herman C Chaner Ben J. Tuchi Senior Vice President for Finance Administration Dudley B. Woodard, Jr. Vice President for Student Affairs Michael A. Cusanovich Vice President for Research Andrew M. Ives, Jr. I General Counsel Rose Mon Governc C. Diane Supennl College of Ai Dean, Eugi College of Ai Dean, Robi College of Ai Dean of thi Donald Deanofthf Annefte Ko Dean of the Edgar J, Me Dean of the 1-eeSigelme an, Kenr College of E ( Dean, Garj Dean, E rne 414 PORTRAITS BOARD OF REGENTS EX OFFICIO Rose Mofford Governor of Arizona C. Diane Bishop Superintendent of Public Instruction APPOINTED To January 1990: A.J. Pfister Salt River Project Donald G. Shropshire Tucson Medical Center To January 1992: Edith S. Auslander, President-Elect Tucson Newspapers, Inc. Herman Chanen, President Chanen Construction Co., Inc. To January 1994: Esther Capin, Treasurer Donald Pitt, Secretary To January 1996: Andrew D. Hurwitz Meyer, Hendricks, Victor, Osborn Maledon, PA. Douglas J. Wall To June 1989: Patrick McWhorter, Student Regent, Asst. Treasurer INTERNAL AUDIT STAFF Dee Harkins, Chief Internal Auditor COLLEGES AND DIVISIONS College of Agriculture Dean, Eugene G. Sander College of Architecture Dean, Robert G. Hershberger College of Arts and Sciences Dean of the Fine Arts Faculty, Donald J. Irving Dean of the Humanities Faculty, Annette Kolodny Dean of the Sciences Faculty, Edgar J. McCullough, Jr. Dean of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty, Lee Sigelman College of Business Public Administration Dean, Kenneth R. Smith College of Education Dean, Gary Fenstermacher College of Engineering and Mines Dean, Ernest Smerdon College of Law Acting Dean, Kenney F. Hegland College of Medicine Dean, James E. Dalen, M.D. College of Nursing Dean, L. Claire Parsons College of Pharmacy Dean, Jack R. Cole Graduate College Dean, Michael A. Cusanovich Division of Extended University and Summer Session Director, B. June Dempsey Dean of Students Dean, Rosalind E. Andreas University Registrar David A. Butler A D M 1 N I S T R A T I O N ADMINISTRATION 415 Phototrailer Is Successful T wo hour waiting lines were a thing of the past. Students this year had to wait, at the most, a half-an hour to have their portraits taken for the yearbook, and the only reason for that being the photographer ' s lunch break. During the two weeks, the photographer was easily able to capture the visages of the 1 ,500 stu- dents who took time out to stop in at the phototrailer. The Cadillacs ' , a local 50 ' s rock band, were hired to help promote awareness of portraits week and were successful in their promotional concert on the mall. Their ef- forts boosted the number of subjects for the rest of that afternoon and the next day. The hardest and most time ' consuming part of the portraits process was the filling out of the information form. Within minutes of having completed the form students were escorted to the sitting area. Once students finished their poses, they returned to the sign-in area for their ' reward ' . A bright blue button for them to proudly to display upon their shirts, backpacks, or any other imagina- tive place they could pin it on. The slogan of the button summed it all up, " I DID IT TODAY AND I ' M PROUD! " Patrick Fenimore FREB SP I YK PRESS HARD - MAKING 2 COPIES 416 PORTRAITS Idid it Today am L I ' m Proud! in m P H O T O E S s A Y PORTRAITS ' WEEK 417 Jn eren t INDEX VS ,4 - - ;,. . ? FF SEVER A Aander, Jeannie 278 Abalos, Melisa 388 Abbas, Kamaruzzaman 388 Abbott, Kit 191 Abbruscato, Tom 216 Abbs, Marie 388 Abdu. Kamal 376 Abdul Ghani, Omar 288 Abdulhamid, Umar 388 Abdulmajid, Mazariah 388 Abduimalik. Naeem 366 Abele, Barbara 223, 294 Abele, Sharon 167 Abens, Amanda 279 Aboloff, Molly 193 Aboud, Jay 1 88 Aboui, Fouad 293 Abraham, Mea 221, 255 Abraham, Michelle 199, 338 Abraham, Tom 257 Abrecht, Anne 170 Abt, William 338 Abubakar, Mohammad 388 Abugov, Robert 408 Acedo, Joey 366 Achen, Jim 178 Achey, Tim 189 Achilla. Joseph 204 Ackerley. Chris 196 Ackewlate, E.V. 204 Adams, Darien 290 Adams, Jill 279, 366 Adams, Lee 294 Adams. Lesli 213 Adams, Rob 196 Adams, Suzanne 257 Adamson, Matt 217, 256, 257, 258 Ad am son. Matthew 376 Adarakis, Nick 259 Adcock, Kazuko 293 Addesso, Walter 217, 273 Adee, Jessica 408 Adelberg, Kenny 165 Adelman, Jenni 338 Adelson. Kenneth 376 Adkins, Kris 206 Adler, Stephanie 205 Afek, Elaine 192 Aflatoon, Kamran 388 Agajanian, Aaron 228 Ager, Andrea 181 Agner, Bill 140 Agnew. Steve 188 Agrawal, Kaushal 376 Aguayo, Ruben 220 Aguilar, Rudy 291 Ahearn, Z. Michael 191 Ahern, John 198 Ani, Kathryn 293 Ahmed, Qiauddin 145 Ahnstedt, Mitch 290 Ainsworth, Kimberly 21 1 , 338 Airtime, Joe 289 Aizenshtat, Heather 338 Ajami, Bahareh 228 Akey, Mike 141 Akoelfgen, Mark 290 Ai-Abdullatif. A. 408 AI-Alawi, Saleh 388 AI-Busaidi, Ahmed 388 AI-Marzooq, Yousef 376 AI-Meskari, Fahmi 338 AI-Mousawi. Jamal 366 AI-Raisi, Fahad 376 Ai-Rawi, Mohammed 388 Al-Shagrawi, Reshod 408 Al-Shidhani, Sultan 388 Alabdul-Latif, A. 408 Alandia, Jessica 291 , 294 Albanese, Tony 196, 259 Albert, Anissa 338 Alberts, Seth 261 , 388 Albertson, Pam 181 Albin, Ashley 258 Albureimi, Adel 388 Alcala, Richard 366 Alday, Joan 376 Alden, Karia 181 Aldosan, Saleh 408 Aldndge. Tylene 366 Alegre, Dan 222 Alegre, Dante 271 Alegre. Joe 255 Aleimani, Abdulhusain 338 Alexander, James 273 Alexander, Jennifer 273, 338 Alexander, Patricia 388 Alexander, Tom 196 Alfarisi, Salim 388 Alfieri. Gerald 388 Alharatani, Eisa 408 All, Sagirah 224, 338 Alimwail, Hussain 366 Allen, Heather 164 Allen, Jennifer 193 Allen, Karise 181 Allen, Lari 213 Allen. Mike 259 Allen, Stephanie 181 Aller, Jacqueline 388 Allgyer, Taylor 182 Allison, Jo Ann 164 Allison, Leslie 164 Allvin, Paul 299 Almasri, Mohammad 388 Almurshidi, Abdulsalam 388 Alou, Abdourahaman 408 Alper, Amy 192, 338 Alper, Mara 206 Alpher, Aaron 376 Alqahtam. Saad 388 Alrashdy, Abdulla 389 Alsever, Dave 183 Alsever, David 229 Alston, Jay 206 Altman, Sharon 167 Alves, Luis 408 Alyousfi, Kamal 408 Alyousuf, Nabil 366 Amado, Greg 197, 256 Amante, Brenda 389 Amarisca, Edward 293 Amberg, Fred 178 Ambre, Matt 188 Amin, Mohd 145 Anable, Sarah 167 Anagnopoulos, John 191 Anastio, Christa 167 Andeen, Richard 220 Andel, Joseph 338 Anders, Scott 257 Anders, Vernom 366 Anderson, Cori 221 Anderson, David 389 Anderson, Dawn 224, 338 Anderson, Eric 366 Anderson, Jill 164 Anderson, John 155 Anderson, Kathy 225 Anderson, Lori 205 Anderson, Michelle 338 Anderson, Richard 366 Anderson, Rick 257 Anderson, Robert 229 Anderson, Stephanie 170 Anderson, Trev 133 Ando, Seiji 293, 376 Andresen, Erik 389 Andrews, Corinna 376 Andriano, Jana 164 Andrus, David 272 Angell, Mike 197 Anger, Pat 191 Anger, Scott 182 Angle, Cliff 228 Angle, Julie 279 Angulo, Edward 217 Angus, Jay 148 Anning, Dave 289 Antinucci, David 165 Antoniades, Stephanos 51 Anwar, Mohammad 216 Aono, Roberta 21 1 Apo, Mark 366 Apodaca, Sonia 192 Apostle, Susan 179 Aquilano, Kara 294 Aquinlani, Kara 257 Arakaki, Allen 221 Aranda, Don 279 Archiniaco, Rosi e 206 Ardon, Karla 389 Ariew, Andre 269 Aristizabal, Michael 376 Arkanji, Khalid 408 Armbruster, Jolene 199, 279 Armbruster, Mike 162 Armstrong, Earl 271 Armstrong, Joe 288 Armstrong, Kelli 279 Armstrong, Shawn 192 Arnaud, Pierre 150, 389 Arnell, Robyn 199 Arnold, Jim 218 Arnold, Jody 181 Arnold, Mimi 181 Aronson, Brian 176 Arrendo, Jose 225 Arteaga. Leta 366 Arth, James 338 Arvay, Janine 224 Ascher, Rob 190 Ascher, Robert 255 Ashbaugh, Sheri 293 Ashcraft, David 338 Ashike, Kerri 221 Ashley, Jon 221 Ashley, Robert 257 Ashmore, Lisa 181 Ashton, Jeff 191 Ashton, Terry 271 Askar, David 171 Astor, Rachel 338 Athan, Mark 216 Atherly, Adam 216, 389 Athey, Susan 257 Atkinson, Paul 338 Atwell, Robert 198, 338 Atwood, Cameron 338 Au-Yeung, Yu-Loi 408 Aughenbaugh, Janice 224. 225 Aust, Dionne 213 Austin, Brian 191 Austin, Melissa 214 Auvenshine, John 338 Averienti, Michelle 278 Avery, Chris 196 Avery, Dawn 181 Avey, Holly 295 Avila, Edward 275 Axt, Josey 177, 366 Ayer, Mike 196 Azimov, Julie 164, 256 Baar, Jam 290 Babuca, Octavio 275, 389 Baca, Elizabeth 292, 376 Bach, Dan 183 Bachus, Dan 176 Bacigalupi, Rich 178 Backman, Dana 278 Bacon, Sarah-Jane 213 Bader, Todd 376 Badger, Becca 179 Baehr, Tiffany 177, 256 Baer, Aimee 215 Baer, Julie 256 Baggett, Brenda 262 Bagley, Alice 376 Bagley, John 279 Bagley, Liz 279 Bahou, Tony 197 Bailey, Caralyn 170 Bailey, Tim 228 Bain, Kyle 289 Baines, Jonathan 270 Baird, Jackie 179, 256 Baker, Chris 166 Baker, Jennifer 338 Baker, John 178, 271 Baker, Kristina 366 Baker, Norman 389 Baker, Pennie 167 Baker, Roberta 155 Baker, Tom 194 Balantine, Cliff 188 Baldwin, Marcheta 389 Baler, Brant 290 Bales, Allan 292 Balke, Suzanne 389 Ballard, David 204 Balmer, Michael 338 Balogue, Mookie 174 Balyoz, William 338 BanPeenen, Charles 277 BanWormer, Mark 276 Bance, Laurie 263 Bangs, Bill 257 Bannen, Cindy 181 Banner, Ryan 148 Banta, Victor 408 Baratz, Janet 164 Barber, Andy 148 Barber, Sarah 376 Barber, Tracy 223 Barchuck, Michelle 269 Barclay, Kevin 174 Barcoff, Stacey 173, 256 Bardel, Keith 166 Barden. Cody 272, 291 Barech, Inayat 219 Barker, Anita 127 Barker, Jeff 228 Barker, Mike 176 Barker, Shannon 258 Barkin, Stacey 193 Barkley, John 178 Barlow, Susan 217, 294 Earner, Ryan 191 Barnes, Julie 263 Barnes, LaShun 220 Barnes, Lee 279 Barnes, Shane 202, 338 Barnet, Andy 205 Barnett, Clayton 389 Barnhill, Bob 148, 366 Baron, Kim 221 Barreda, Joe 143 Barreto, Chris 191 Barrett, Peter 188 Barrett, Tina 181 Barrens, Grady 221 Barrow, Tom 196, 220 Barry, Collin 204 Barry, John 148 Barter, Kent 178 Bartlett, Heather 170 Bartnek, Flash 338 Barton, Craig 270 Barton, Kirsten 181 Bartos, Chris 140 Bartos, Christopher 273 Bartuska, Kathleen 177 Bary, Colin 148 Bateman, Larry 228 Bates, Barbara 177 Bates, Gary 276, 288 Bates, Ronald 389 Battist, Loren 228 Bauer, Casey 271 Baugh, Carol 221, 389 Baum, Jenni 256, 294 Bauman, Michelle 292 Bautista, Lisa 116 Bavirisetty, Rambabu 145, 408 Baxter, Barnie 146 Bay, Diane 181, 223, 338 Bayless, Bill 197 Bays, Greg 279 Bazua, Lorena 221 Beachler, Holly 224, 258 Beagley, Steve 171 Beall, Bev 164 Beaton, Mike 148 Beaumonte, Marcus 272 Beaver, Tracy 167 Bechtold, Pete 202 Bechtold, Peter 148 Beck, Julie 376 Beck, Kastli 257 Becker, Beth 376 Becker, Connie 205, 338 Becker, Tracy] 199 Beckwith, Andrew 408 Bedinger, Susanne 170 Bednard, Ted 166 Bedoya, Frank 223, 294, 389 Bedoya, Theresa 291 Beebe, Kim 173 Beeghley, Steve 338 Beehler, Stacy 211, 366 Beem, Dan 182 Beer, Carolyn 21 1 , 376 Begalman, Leslie 167 Begalman, Steve 176 Begay, Richardson 338 Begay, Rikki 339 Begaye, Jennifer 270, 271, 292 Behling, Catherine 390 Beigel, Allan 414 Beiger, Mary 256 Beilfuss, Doug 202 Belcher, John 188 Belden, Dan 133 Belgrad, Tom 176 Bell, Becky 125, 256, 257, 259 Bell, James 202 Bell, Jennifer 339 Bell, Jenny 167 Bell, Ken 205 Bell, Melissa 273 Bell, Olanethia 339 Bellafiore, Alice 275 Seller, Beth 173 Bellezu, Laura 254 Bellus Gundrey, Lana 261 Belows, Pat 178 Beltramo, Diohonne 170 Beltran, Dante 339 Benbow, Natalie 213, 339 Bender, Betsy 181 Bender, Scott 1 97 Bengstrom, Eric 218 Benitez, Juliette 271 Benjamin, Fabian 276 Benjamin, Jim 204 Benitez, Virginia 279 Bennet, Amy 167 Bennett, Robert 276 Bennett, Whitney 181 Benson, Barbara 257, 294 Benson, Matt 205 Benson, Matthew 339 Benson, Mike 205 Benson, Tamara 339 Benson, Willie 390 Bentley, Bay 279 Bentson, Tamara 179 Bentzen, Amy 177 Bentzin, Belinda 339 Bentzin, Bianca 376 Bentzin, Liz 216 Benz, David 214, 219 Beranich, Kerry 205, 339 Berberich, Chad 271 Bercy, Jennifer 207, 339 Berdo, Ed 272 Beres, Lex 183, 228 Beresford, Andy 148, 191 Berg, Greg 222 Berg, Kim 215 Berg, Nancy 199, 256, 294 Bergdolt, Sharon 225 Berger, Mary 177, 366 Bergquist, Kristin 199 Bergsma, Rich 223 Bergstrom, Eric 278 Bergstrom, Jenifer 170 Berkman, Charles 366 Berkowitz, Joel 189 Berman, Daniel 339 Berman, Jodi 203, 377 Bermant, Alison 213 Bernal, Lisa 224, 256 Bernat, Ed 255 Berndsen, Cyndy 164 Bernie, Arico 279 Bernot, Brian 270 Bernstein, Elisa 258 Bernstein, Lisa 116 Bernstein, Scott 176, 254 Bernstein, Susan 181 Berridge, Martha 192 Berry, Gene 257 Berry, Jennifer 21 1 , 366 Berry, Ken 339 Berry, Kris 291 Berry, Sandi 279 Berryhill, Tina 366 Berschauer, Becky 143 Berta, Jeff 206 Bertelli, Allison 213 Bertocci, Tracey 192 Bertolino, Dean 270, 271 Bertz, Jennifer 213 Berwick, Dave 191 Besimonte, Anthony 270 Besnette, Carrie 216, 254, 256, 294, 377 Bessey, Andy 162 Best, Roger 196 Best, Vincent 204, 270 Betterley, Bruce 290 Bettit, Thomas 276 Belts, David 262 Beuchler, Jud 102, 108 Bhappu, Anita 293 Bialik, Kelly 390 Bianco, Erica 170 Bias, Kelvin 205 Bickel, Rob 204 Bickel, Robert 148 Bickel, Ryan 220 Biehl, Dan 148 Biehl, Daniel 339 Biehl, Mary 221 Biehl, Terrence 148 Bierly, Paige 173 Bierman, Rachael 259 Bierman, Rachel 170 Bigbey, Mark 272 Bihler, Gary 223 Bill, Dan 197 Bill, Mike 197 Billiner, Eurica 339 Billo, Bruce 174 Bilsens, leva 203 Bimestefer, Greg 288 Binder, Andrew 408 Binder, Julie 193 Binney, Dave 188 Binzer, Gavin 150 Biondollilo, Paul 175 Bippers-Plymate, Teresa 290 Bird, Dave 178 Birmingham, David 339 Birnach, Melissa 222 Birnkrant, Karen 170 Bishop, Billy 339 Bittman, Ashley 179 Bizik, Lee 339 Black, Buff 255 Black, Charlie 272 Black, Jeffery 256 Black, Jim 174 Blackburn, Carlos 222 Blackman, Damon 137 Blackmore, Katie 221 Blaine, Dowd 271 Blair, James 230 Blair, Jim 257 Blake, Sarah 414 Blakslee, Bleu 177 Blanchard, John 223 Blanchard, Kara 179 Blanchard, Matt 191 Blanched, Dominique 293 Blanchette, Steve 223 Bland, Adam 166 Bland, Peter 146 Blaney, Holly 181 Blankenberg, Kim 173 Blasius, Christina 339 Blaskowsky, Cliff 194 Blatner, Gretta 339 Bleaman, David 339 Bliss, Josh 175 Blobner, John 146 Blomquist, Kathrine 339 Blomquist, Kathy 225, 257 Blue, Robert 275 Bluff, Jeff 120 Blum, Jodi 193 Blum, Lawrence 165 Bock, Ted 339 Bodway, Marshall 292 Bohan, Brian 198, 390 Bohl, Clint 140 Bohlender, Debbie 256, 257, 259 Bold, John 182 Bolin, Lisa 214 Boiler, Douglas 291 Boltares, Martha 293 Bolte, Rayann 339 Bolze, Nicole 214 Bommersbach, Bill 218, 272 Bondi, C.J. 217, 233 Bonham, Jennifer 206 Bonn, Austin 174, 339 Bonner, Jennie 181 Bonow, Dan 217 Bonvino, Tracy 181, 294 Bookspan, Neal 165 Bookspan, Todd 165 Boone, John 259 Booth, Dwayne 218 Booth, Pamela 366 Boozer, Dawn 225 Borders, Kristi 216 Borek, Chris 150, 206 Borer, Becky 205 Borgeas, Heidi 199 Borlick, David 270 Bormanis, Scott 271 , 366 Borowiak, Julia 272, 340 Borowiak, Julie 216 Borrelli, Paul 148 Borucki, Beth 220, 340 Bosco, Matt 175 Boshara, Kim 177 Bosse, Boyd 288 Bostic, Brenda 291 Bostic, David 275 Botrill, Dave 196 Bott, Chris 205 Bottijliero, John 174 Bottrill, Collin 196 Bouali, Gheilene 377 Bouel, Janice 292 Boukarroum, Walid 390 Boutin, Trish 116 Bovee, Janice 390 Bovre, Jeff 119 Bowdish, Bob 166 Bowers, Angle 173 Bowers, Joe 183 Bowers, Lisa 259 Bowersock, Dana 224, 340 Bowey, Claire 216, 257 Bowler, Betsy 177 Bowley, Liddy 173 Bowley, Shad 190 Bowman, Gina 199 Sown, Megan 199 Box, Ingrid 179 Boxer, Allison 193 Boxler, Nina 192 Boyce, John 204 Boyd, Karen 215 Boyd, Steve 228 Boyle, Mary 223 Brabant, Joseph 340 Braccia, Baron 197 Braden, Michael 293 Bradford, Sammy 340 Bradley, Nancy 263 Brady, Chris 205 Brady, Christopher 340 Brady, Ed 183 Brady, Lawrence 288, 390 Branch, Michelle 257 Branch, Stephanie 340 Brandt, Eric 228, 340 Brandt, Paul 340 Branman, Stephanie 213, 258 Brannon, Jon 190 Braun, Beth 193, 221 Braver, Mike 229 Bray, Heath 202 Brazy, Randy 229 Bream, Devon 183 Brechbiel, Tracy 340 Brechron, Tiffany 273 Breckbill, Stephanie 170 Breckon, Tiffany 222 Bredimus, Jason 197, 340 Breen, Charles 340 Breen, Chuck 204 Brees, September 340 Bregman, Kirk 176 Breg stone, Pam 193 Brehm, Dena 181 Breichbel, Tracy 223 Brel, Scott 279 Brennan, Marshall 180 Brennan, Paul 180 Brennen, Mary 167 Brenner, Amy 192 Brenner, Christy 205, 340 Breslow, Lon 182 Brewer, Amy 217 Brian, Derek 194 Brice, Henery 274 Brice, Henry 275 Brickner, Jason 166 Bridge, Larry 220 Bridges, Chris 278 Briese, Albert 277, 390 Brigstocke. Richard 254 Brine, Christina 366 Brink, Jenny 230 Brinlee, Brant 279 Bristal, Jeff 137 Britsch, Brenda 279 Brocbank, Taylor 216 Brock, Amy 257 Brockmann, Jeff 261 , 390 Brodier, Lynda 390 Brodkin, Amy 164 Brodnik, Mark 273 Brogna, Mike 279 Bromley, Jon 165 Bronson, Erick 176, 204 Brooke, Jason 223 Brookes, Sandra 340 Brooks, Danielle 223, 340 Brooks, Filomena 408 Brooks, Julie 134 Brooks, Kim 257 Brooks, Susan 211, 234, 257 Broome, Mike 189 Brophy, Kerri 224 Brose, Meredith 390 Brough, Amy 177 Brouillette, Scott 298 Broulette, Scott 188 Brower, Kimberly 340 Brower, Scott 340 Browkaw, Beth 181 Brown, Amy 279 Brown, Andrea 204 Brown, Andrew 165, 340 Brown, Charles 275 Brown, Dan 176 Brown, Heather 230 Brown, Howard 298 Brown, Jacque 143 Brown, Jenni 199 Brown, Jennifer 192, 199, 213 Brown, Jerod 178 Brown, Jim 174 Brown, Lloyd 274 Brown, Marnie 204 Brown, Megan 213, 340 Brown, Mychael 222 Brown, Sandra 271 Brown, Shelly 205 Brown, Tiffany 221 Brown, Timi 127 Bruce, Dave 174 Bruce, David 340 Bruce, Harold 276 Bruce, Ken 272, 273 Bruckner, Mark 165 Brue, Julie 177 Brugioni, Andrea 221 Brunner, Raymond 290 Bruno, Baron 205, 340 Brunswig, Caryn 167 Brunton, Curtis 178 Bruse, Mike 174 Bryan, Jeff 279 Bryan, Steve 175 Bryant, Andrew 340 Bryant, Nancy 390 Bryson, Mike 221 Bubrow, Chris 259 Buchan, John 390 Buchanan, Chris 290 Buchholz, Christine 270 Buck, Curtis 188 Buck, John 270 , 271, 366 Buckley, Bill 148 Buckman, Christina 377 Budhalhetti, Jennifer 291 Budzynski, Liz 215 Bueller, Ferris 223 Buelna, Thelma 257 Buesser, David 272 Bugler, Ian 327 Buhl, Mike 293 Bujak, Adam 218, 272 Bujak, Carol 279 Bulkeley, Christy 257 Bull, Jack 197 Bui I it a. Jim 218 Bullock, Matt 196 Bulman, Brian 189 Bulmer, Chris 182 Bumb, Frank 279 Bumgarner, Andi 390 Bumpers, Beth 170 Bunce, Martha 199 Bundy, Mike 98 Bunge, Greg 55, 194 Bunn, Matt 223 Burack, Wayne 238, 377 Burbank, David 271 Burchfiel, Corin 222 Burchfield, John 217 Burdorf, Debra 213 Burell, Dean 140 Burford, Chris 183 Burgas, Yanka 292 Burgess, Blake 279 Burgess, Laurie 291 Burgess, Louis 340 Burgess, Matt 218 Burgess, Matthew 366 Burggraaf, Jennifer 225 Burhans, Tara 259 Burianek, Michael 340 Burianek, Mike 275 Buringrud, Kris 148 Burke, Charles 261 Burke, Jennifer 173 Burmeister, Rebecca 214 Burnett, Dwanye 273 Burnite, Steve 191 Burnquist, Kris 290 Burns, Anne 254 Burns, Elizabeth 177 Burns, Mark 223 Burreson, Shannon 217 Burrows, John 340 Burtless, David 141, 216, 279, 340 Burton, Eunice 279 Burton, Julie 173 Burtt, Allison 222 Busch, Carolyn 173 Bush, Paul 162, 263 Bush, Susan 199 Buskirk, Tamara 217, 257 Bussel, Jeff 216 Bussell, Jeffrey 340 Bussey, Matthew 202 Bustamante, Sergio 290 Butler, Brad 196, 256 Butler, Debbie 212 Butler, Teri 173 Butler, Thomas 270 Buttermiller, John 204 Butterworth, Chris 190 Buttke, Maria 219 Butwin, James 140 Byers, Gretchen 213, 279 Byrns, Kevin 148, 340 c Cabanillas, Chris 218, 270, 271 Cabney, J.R 150 Cabrera, Omar 390 Cadigan, Michael 299 Cadwell, Stephanie 255 Cady, Mike 178 Caffee, Evan 341 Cagan, Keith 341 Caggiano, Matt 190 Cagle, Karen 294 Cagnilia, Jerry 191 Cagnina, Mike 183 Cahill, James 291 Cahill, Peter 202 Caistner, Axel 289 Calanni, Catherine 341 Calapini, Joshua 341 Calcano, Rafael 152, 153, 291 Calden, Lisa 279 Calderon, Philip 377 Caldwell, Dale 196 Caldwell, Dana 263 Calfe, Sarah 173 Calhoun, Carre 164 Calhoun, James 390 Callahan, Cindy 299 Callahan, Tim 274 Callden, Lisa 216 Calley, Rebecca 215 Callie, Albert 256 Callie, Tony 188 Calzada, Ima 225 Calzada, Stella 225 Cama, Vitaliano 390 Cambigue, Heather 213 Camero, Fran 214 Camilletti, Trina 276 Campanile, Barrie 167 Campbell, Brian 288 Campbell, Harold 220 Campbell, Heather 199 Campbell, Jenny 167 Campbell, Jerry 197 Campbell, John 341 Campbell, Nicole 173 Campbell, Richard 272 Cmpo, Del 292 Campos, Alan 341 Campos, Anthony 217 Campos, Yvette 179, 341 Camuos, Donna 292 Canady, Michelle 222 Canady, Paulette 222 Candrea, Mike 116 Canel, Stacey 170 Canez, Demie 290 Canfield, Doug 140 Canicelli, Larry 148 Cannon, Jeff 188 Canty, Laura 213, 341 Caoley, Jean 279 Capek, Lauri 199 Caperon, Julio 270, 271 Caplan, Lisa 170 Cappezpne, David 277 Capriotti, Brent 276 Caputo, Tony 1 75 Cardea, Dominic 141 Cardenas, Jose 390 Cardenas, MaryAnn 145 Carfagno, Christy 167 Cargile, Chris 270 Cargile, Christopher 270 Carleson, Chris 166 Carleton, Jason 150 Carls, Steven 229, 390 Carlson, Bill 191, 254 Carlson, Don 146 Carlson, Greg 341 Carlson, Linda 192, 224, 225, 291, 297 Carlson, Lisa 164, 366 Carlson, Michelle 271, 279 Carlson, Thomas 390 Carlson, Tom 175 Carlson, William 263 Carlton, Jeff 277 Carmichael, Eric 256 Carmichael, Kym 145, 204 Cams, Dan 178 Carpenter, Erika 257 Carpenter, Jennifer 221 Carpenter, Michele 366 Carpenter, Michelle 222 Carpenter, Mike 175 Carpenter, Pete 216 Carpenter, Sheridan 181 Carr, Anne 225, 281, 289 Carr, Kathleen 223 Carr, Marian 391 Carr, Rob 178 Carr, Russ 289 Carranza, Rueben 196 Carrell, Romi 341 Carriker, Gregory 293 Carrillo, Richard 377 Carro, Mike 143 Carrol, Matt 272 Carroll, Brian 341 Carroll, Mary Louise 293 ' Car Carr Carr Car Ca ' ! cm Ca ' i Cart cx Cart Cart Cart Cart Cart Cart cm ori Car 1 ' Cas CM Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas Ca! Ca! Cat Cat Cat Cat Ca. Cai Ca, Ca Ca) M Cell Ce- Ce- fe On Ci; On Chi Gh Cl Ch Ch; Ch: Ch Cdi Cha CSS Cra Cla C h a Cha Cha Cia C ' :a: Chal Dai Cia; Ciec ON One- On Chei Cfe Che Ck Ch Ch Ch Ch Cr Cf Carroll, Matt 221 Carroll, Matthew 391 Carroll, Mike 291 Carroll, Sara 223 Carson, Ken 233 Cartar, Paul 216 Carter, David 276 Carter, Jean 224 Carter, Kevin 188 Carter, Peggy 269, 306, 341 Carter, Rochne 377 Carter, Ruth Ann 293 Carter, Todd 223, 366 Carter, William 341 Cartwright, Angie 222, 262 Cartwright, David 391 Cartwright, Katherine 205 Carvajan, Maria 391 Casanders, Ed 166 Case, Laura 278 Casey, Kendal 179 Casper, Katha 173 Casper, Lisa 173 Cassels, J.C. 178 Cassels, Julio 377 Castagna, Lisa 167 Castanva, Ysabel 341 Castaros, Pos 166 Castell, Tracy 272 Castellano, Michael 391 Castellano, Paul 202, 272 Castillo, Maria 292 Castillo, Ulyses 229 Castle, Mike 277 Castro, Ana Maria 292 Castro, Matthew 277 Castro, Roland 148 Catalanotte, Peter 269 Cataldi, Lisa 207, 341 Gate, Rebecca 221 Cathcart, Laura 214 Cattan, Katya 225 Cattano, Ann 167 Caum, Doug 223 Caurent, Jon 175 Cavallo, Rob 288 Cave, Mike 220 Cavender, Aaron 229 Caviness, Heather 173 Cay, Bernadette 143, 167 Celaya, Jimmy 196 Celmer, Julianne 366 Centers, Latrisha 21 1 , 391 Cerney, Frank 276 Chabina, Irene 164 Chait, David 341 Chalfant, Dave 183 Chamberlain, Lisa 199 Chambers, Scott 166, 241 Chan, Giselle 256, 294 Chan, Penny 408 Chan, Peter 391 Chan, Victor 145 Chandler, Heather 213 Chandler, Joe 190 Chaney, Karen 289, 367 Chang, Andy 180 Chang, Eugenia 293 Chang, Genie 213 Chang, Huey 293 Chang, Jennifer 293, 294 Chang, Shang-Yi 293 Chang, Steve 293 Chang, Susan 293 Chapman, Dana 220, 291 Chapman, Ted 165 Chapman, Theadore 341 Charlton, Christian 183 Charlton, Paige 181 Chase, Wendy 217, 367 Chatfield, Donald 408 Chavez, Rene 270, 271 Chazkel, Robin 220 Cheddy, Geoffrey 377 Cheely, Stephen 276 Chemers, Susan 206 Chen, Gwaudar 293 Chen, Han-Shin 293 Chen, Hsien Chid 293 Chen, I Ping 293 Chen, Li-Wen 293 Chen, Ming Jun 293 Chen, Yougchi 293 Cheng, An-Ru 293 Chernesky, Joseph 276 Chernett, Cindy 193 Cherouny, Robert Jr. 367 Chery, Careylyn 341 Chesnosky, Mike 174 Chester, Travis 197 Cheung, Yu 293 Chew, Siou Ping 293 Chi-on, Wong 145 Chikles, Torie 181 Childress, Stacey 273 Childs, Kristen 167 Chin, David 220 Chin, Lara 205 Chinbarepe, Yyit 292 Ching, Andrew 290 Chinichian, Ginette 179 Chinichian, Michelle 181 Chinnock, Kevin 175 Chinock, Brian 198 Chiprin, Stephanie 173 Chischilly, Ann Marie 206 Chischilly, Ann-Marie 341 Chiu, Rob 228 Cho, Myung 408 Choate, Mark 176 Choi, Ken 196 Choi, Kenneth 256 Chong, Damaris 377 Chou, Mei Hsio 293 Chrisman, Kathleen 170 Chrisman, Natalie 256 Christensen, Lisa 119 Christensen, Randy 180 Christiansen, E.C. 197 Christiansen, Ian 257, 278, 290, 291, 341 Christie, Colby 194 Christie, Edward III 341 Christie, Patricia 391 Christofferson, Carl 279 Christy, Ed 229 Chu, Alan 228 Chua, Kee 221 Chua, Kee Koon 292 Chuang, Tsung-Hui 293 Chudd, Sharon 341 Church, Chip 143 Church, Dave 196 Churchill, Cathy 179 Churchill, William 202 Ciccaroni, Tina 225 Cicenauer, Shawn 199 Cisnerds, Jo 275 Cisneros, Jose 148 Clancy, Mike 191 Clarey, Kristie 177 Clark, Chip 196 Clark, Crispy 167 Clark, Dan 202, 342 Clark, Daniel 342 Clark, Dawn 271 Clark, Greg 293 Clark, Holli 342 Clark, James 191 Clark, Kyle 229 Clark, Lennie 119 Clark, Mari Jo 164 Clark, Scott 196 Clark, Tricia 257, 258 Clark, Vince 218 Clark, Woody 377 Clarke, Holli 173 Clarke, Tim 191 Clarkson, Bernadette 342 Claussen, Lars 272 Clawson, Rochelle 164 Clayton, Kathy 289 Clayville, Mike 202 Clegg, Peter 270 Clements, Andy 219 Clements, Jon 197 Clements, Mike 175 Clemmens, Jim 155 Clendenin, Duncan 275, 342 Clevenger, Jeremy 207 Clewelt, Don 277 Click, James 222 Clink, Linda 212 Cloud, Bradley 391 Cloud, Douglas 342 Cluff, Jill 391 Clute, Paul 183 Cnota, Jim 175 Coa, Toan 218 Coakley, Sean 150 Coates, Heather 342 Cobb, Alex 171 Cobb, Gary 119 Cobble, John 278 Coburn, Ryan 166, 342 Cochran, Lisa 225 Cocke, Caitlin 225 Coco, Pat 222 Codington, Mike 272 Coe, John 165 Coen, Catherine 207 Cogley, Kate 206 Cohen, Adam 341 Cohen, Adrienne 193 Cohen, Allison 193, 206 Cohen, Andrew 165 Cohen, Dan 165 Cohen, Dave 191 Cohen, Eileen 136 Cohen, Ester 193 Cohen, Julie 193 Cohen, Kym 205, 342 Cohen, Leslie 293 Cohen, Lisa 173 Cohen, Margo 167 Cohen, Mark 176 Cohen, Mike 176 Cohen, Mitch 189 Cohen, Mitchell 342 Cohen, Randy 176 Cohen, Rob 176 Cohen, Ron 166 Cohen, Sarah 255 Cohen, Scott 202 Cohen, Shawn 218 Cohen, Stacey 206 Cohill, James 273 Cohorn, Vanessa 377 Cojanis, Phillip 342 Colantuno, Paul 391 Colavito, Rocky 140 Colborn, Matt 137 Colburn, Casey 188 Coldebell, Joe 288 Coldebella, Joseph 216 Cole, Gregg 197 Cole, Sherry 1 1 6 Coleman, Bill 180 Coleman, Lindsey 119 Colemen, Lauren 164 Coletta, Lori 291 Collette, Jon 223, 288 Collins, Dale 273 Collins, Jamie 205 Collins, Jodi 212 Collins, Pat 218 Collon, Kati 192 Colmenero, Barbara 367 Colnan, Bryant 188 Coloccia, Laura 217 Colombo, Dave 279 Colton, Shanda 342 Colvin, Jim 289 Comstock, Ray 273 Condon, Steve 102 Condon, Tim 298 Congdon, Anjee 170 Conjanis, Phil 205 Conn, Scott 146 Connor, Marty 257 Conover, Paige 177 Considine, Patty 192 Contino, Andrea 204 Contorno, Ron 204 Contreras, Carlos 216 Contreras, Grace 341 Contreras, Jay 1 82 Contreras, Jesus 290 Conway, Laura 391 Conway, Rich 220 Conway, Richard 377 Cook, Anthony 102, 103, 105 Cook, Kristen 342 Cook, Susan 164 Cook, William Glen 299 Cooke, Richard 276 Coombs, Courtney 179 Cooney, Elizabeth 266 Coons, Bradford 367 Cooper, Brad 218 Cooper, Carl 279 Cooper, Jim 197 Cooper, Rick 190 Cooper, Walt 262 Cope, Charles 270, 271 Cope, Jenny 181 Copeland, Pat 190 Copeland, Vicki 213 Copley, Dan 182 Copley, Daniel 342 Coppola, Ken 391 Copyak, Robert 377 Corbett, Michelle 342 Corderma, John 228 Cordova, Amy 181 Cordova, Cathy 181 Corlew, Doug 277 Corley, Jean 211 Gorman, Greg 342 Cornell, Amy 263 Cornick, Bill 271 Cornick, Christine 173 Corradini, Alan 182 Corral, JoAnn 221 Corrales, Frank 194 Corsette, Kelly 190, 275 Corsey, Linda 221 , 342 Cortez, Terry 342 Cortis, Jennifer 221 Corvetti, Jeff 216 Cose, Jodie 391 Costellino, Tony 197 Costello, Ben 271 Costello, Chnstel 342 Cota, Clarissa 257 Cote, Scott 367 Cotter, John 174 Coubrough, Michael 272 Coughlan, Brian 174 Cougnet, John 183 Couillard, Sue 263 Countess, William 273 Courier, Carrie 179 Courier, Kelly 179, 294 Couste, Lotta 291 Couturier, Ron 391 Couvant, Dean 270 Covington, Tatiana 293, 378 Cowan, Mark 258, 263, 378 Cowen, Mark 257 Cox, Alan 279 Cox, Bobbie 206 Cox, Don 289 Cox, Jason 166, 217 Cox, Jim 141 Cox, Leslie 279 Cox, Scott 277 Coy, Kelly 225, 272 Coy, Sean 255 CoykendMII, Bill 275 Craft, Carolyn 199 Craig, Bob 127 Craig, Debby 145 Crain, Kelli 342 Cram, Brian 197 Cramer, Valerie 342 Cran, Kelli 213 Crank, Jason 202 Crater, Bill 289 Crawford, Johanna 21 1 Crawford, Wendi 164 Creighton, Andrew 342 Creighton, Andy 207 Creighton, Gretchen 279 Creighton, James 276 Cressy, Jen 164 Crews, Randall 220 Cridlebaugh, Clayton 342 Crissan, John 279 Crissi, Joe 171 Crist, Lisa 181 Critchlow, Anthony 290 Crocker, Jennifer 342 Croft, David Lee 325, 328 Cromer, Glen 223 Crosby, Kim 279 Crosby, Mellissa 167 Cross, Todd 230, 290 Crosswhite, Katherine 230, 342 Grouse, George 290 Crowe, Matt 188 Crowe, Pamela 220 Crowell, Daniel 293, 392 Crowell, Susan 262, 392 Crowley, Eileen 342 Crowley, Kathy 392 Croyle, Donald 288 Croyle, Donald Jr. 367 Croyle, Timothy 257, 367 Crum, Jennifer 342 Crum, Jody 181 Cruz, Sandra 342 Cruz, Virginia 273 Cucchiara, Michael 291 Cuestas, Christina 292 Cuffel, Damian 342 Cullison, Brad 205 Culver, David 190 Cummins, Stephanie 342 Cummins, Stevie 164, 203 Cunningham, Jim 182 Cunningham, Randy 205 Cupchak, Melissa 257 Curcio, J.J. 183 Curley, Matt 343 Curran, Kim 177 Curran, Rod 281, 282, 289, 291 Currier, Jeff 119 Curry, Ron 102, 107 Curtis, John 257 Curtis, William 343 Curtiss, Carrie 343 Cusanovich, Michael 414 Cusner, David 164 Cusumano, Bob 140 Cuzzocrea. Christine 21 1 Cyran, Matt 270 Czechoslawakaui, J. 291 Czuzak, Maria 214 D ' Alessandro, Jo Lynn 213 D ' Amico, Valerie 213 D ' Arbeloff, Matt 150 Da Vec, Matt 148 Dadabhoy, Sajid 343 Daddario, Nick 183, 228 Dahl, Debra 263 Dahmer, Dave 191 Dahnke, Heidi 272, 279 Dajic, Paul 343 Dalby, John 166 Dalby, Jonathan 271 Dale, Linda 173 Dale, Tony 298 Dalrymple, Tina 291 Daly, Caroline 181 Dame, Leon 271 Damphousse, Paul 275 Dana, Jill 170 Daneri, Jasmine 273 Dang, Tanya 293 Daniel, Mike 343 Daniels, Darren 191 Daniels, Denise 291, 343 Daniels, William 202 Dankey, Jeff 183 Danzing, Glen 343 Darbut, Jeff 343 Darling, Katie 173 Darling, Sally 181 Darosa. Dave 228 Darveaux, Jackie 215 Dasse, Cal 198 Davee, Matt 174 Davenport, Dave 174 Davey, Brenda 275 David, Brian 102 David, Charlie 119 David, Daniel 343 Davidson, Peter 148, 195 Davies, Heidi 167 Davila, Michelle 258 Davis, Amy 170 Davis, Brian 279 Davis, Claude 271 Davis, Dan 178 Davis, Daniel 276 Davis, Diana 221 Davis, Elizabeth 167, 224 Davis, Joel 392 Davis, Jonathan 343 Davis, Kara 211 Davis, Ken 278 Davis, Kevin 367 Davis, Lee 196 Davis, Marc 119, 182 Davis, Mike 191 Davis, Mindy 154, 211 Davis, Robert 392 Davis, Steve 182, 343 Davis, Sybil 221 Davis, Vern 203 Dawes, Bill 190 Dawson, Chris 259 Dawson, Emily 177 Dawson, Fiona 256 Dawson, Gin 192 Dawson, Helen 199 Dawson, Robert 202 Day, Kelly 177 Day, Mike 218 Day, Valerie 167 Day Giffords, Melissa 271 De Gracie, DAn 1 96 DeBoer, J.C. 178 DeChamplain, Valarie 126, 127 DeJong, Michelle 263 DeLaix, Andrew 217 DeLeon. Irene 294 DeMay, DaZe 148 DeMeulenere, Cynde 173 DeWinter, Anne 167 Dean, Robbie 197 Dean, Steve 343 Dean, Tom 148 Deasy, Steve 289 Deaver, Lance 290 Debeare, Rachel 272 Decort, Yvonne 212 Decoursey, Jen 164 Deen, Brent 272, 392 Defabio, Rich 182 Degeronimo, Gary 273 Deguchi, Noriko 293 Dehaan, Brian 276 Deines, Greg 190 Dejong, Ann 225 Del Carro, Steve 150 Del Ghiaccio, Rob 257 DelDuca, Amy 199 DelGhaccio, Rob 197 Delange, James 409 Delarosa, Jacob 392 Delatorre, Anthony 277 Delcarlo, Steve 204 Delgado, Francisco 367 Delia Crocc, Anthony 293 Delman, Penny 222 Delshad, Michelle 193 Demodica, Capri 199 Demoratz, Steven 229 Demore, Brian 191 Demoski, Rosetta 203 Demovic, Lee 199 Dempsey, Vikki 214 Demski. Mark 228 Denison, Blake 178 Denko. Brent 148 Denning, Robert 175 Dennis, Nicki 116 Denny, Bob 254 Dent, Dave 190 Denton, Kendal 179 Denzer, Rod 175 Derby, Nate 175 Dereniak, Teresa 224 DesRosier, Clair 199 Desimpne, Joseph 392 Desrosiers, Claire 212 Devault, Kim 167 Dever, Russ 194 Devereaux, Todd 110, 112 Devine, Kevin 343 Devore, Wendy 223 Devries. Doug 218 Dewalt, Renee 343 Di Giovanni, George 202 DiBiase, Scott 367 Dilorio, Keith 178 Diamond, Drew 222 Diamond, James 277 Dian, Phil 190 Diaz, Marc 150 Diaz Chong, Damaris 293 Dicenso, Dina 343 Dick, Sara 192 Dickerson, Michelle 392 Dickinson, Jean 177 Dickinson, Nancy 177 Diehl, David 165 Diersen, Shelly 223 Dietz, Tim 343 Difiore, Chris 223, 367 Dikman, Ziya 220 Dillan. Jarwan 145 Dillman, Catherine 230 Dillon, Jeff 196 Dillon, Mike 166 Dimercurio, Theresa 343 Dion, Scott 150 Dipasquale, Jill 167 Dipierro, Chris 188 Dirks, Denay 179 Dirren, Dennis 223 Disilvestro, Carmen 196 Disser, Aimee 294 Ditrat, Tony 271 Divito, Monica 173 Djaja, Lawrence 392 Doan, Vananh 213 Dobry, Karen 222 Dobryanski, Anastasya 223 Dobryansky, Anastasya 343 Dobson, Lisa 192 Dobson, Vicki 170 Doe, Jane 212 Dokson, Matthew 165 Dolan, John 180 Doll, Kristine 295 Domahoski, Peter 343 Dominguez, Maria 164 Domini, Keith 190, 216 Don, Debbie 217 Donahue, Julie 164 Donahue, Kevin 183 Donahue, Mark 166, 367 Donahue, Stephen 343 Donaldson, Jason 207 Donalies, Danica 213 Donart, Genny 225 Donato, Mario 181 Donneley, Aeryn 199 Donnell, Kathy 164 Donnelly, Mike 274 Donofrie, Maria 223 Dooley, Sean 182 Doolittle, Andrea 164 Dorn, ' Don Dorris, Dorris, Dorwa Dostal Dos Doud, Dough Dougli Dougli Dover, Do , ' Do Do n Downi Doyle. Doyle, Draeg 1 Draeg ' Drake Drake Drape Drath, Dredg Dree Drew, Drisct Drodc Dropp Druiel Drumi Drury Druss Druzii Druzi! Dubaj Dubei Dubin Duco Duff, Dugg Duke, Duke Oulin, Durni Dune Dune u.i: Dune Dund Dun Dunif Dunn Dupli Durai Dura; Dura; Durul Duryi Dus ' e Dulct Dulct Duty, Dm Dycu Dye, Dzw EE.CI Eades Eads. Eagle, Earl, I Eany Eator Eatot Eatoi EW! Etw Ebe, Ebei Erw Ecki Etk Eck Eck Ecc Ecc E Dorinbush, Scott 145 Dorn, Jeanette 222 Dornbusch, Scott 228 Dorris, Kim 167 Dorris, Kimberly 392 Dorward, Charlie 191 Dostalik, Kathleen 257 Dostillio, Fran 289 Doud, Joe 174 Dougherty, Katie 164 Douglas, Chris 213 Douglas, Maureen 257, 290 , 343 Dover, Bert 196 Dow, Scott 228 Dowling, William 206 Downer, Dave 277 Downing, Michael 392 Doyle, Gayle 167 Doyle, Kenneth 275 Draeger, Dan 194 Draeger, Erich 290 Drake, Heather 213 Drake, Pam 134 Draper, Cheryl 279 Drath, Eric 207 Dredge, Kathy 295 Drever, Jay 188 Drew, Alex 204 Driscoll, Tim 230 Drodowica, Pete 148 Dropps, Laura 167 Druiek, Jim 266 Drummond, Sean 343 Drury, Daniel 392 Druss, Lissa 192 Druzisky, Dave 162 Druzisky, David 392 Dubaj, Chester Jr. 367 Duberstein, Leslie 223, 378 Dubin, Mike 230, 257, 279 Ducceschi, Lawrence 266 Duff, Thomas 277 Duggan, Rob 343 Duke, Susan 270 Dukes, Derek 270 Dulin, Eddie 197 Dumas, Kelly 223, 367 Duncan, Chris 191 Duncan, Donna 164 Duncan, Doug 145 Duncan, Michelle 344 Dundy, Holly 392 Dunford, Travis 344 Dunipace, Ken 183 Dunn, Cheryl 294 Duplain, Tom 255 Duran, Travis 291 Durazo, Chuck 148 Durazo, Lori 177 Durubi, Emad 392 Duryea, Doug 279 Dusenberry, Scott 171 Dutcher, Jason 202, 344 Dutcher, John 148 Duty, John 191 Duwelius, Donald 221 Dycus, Bill 290 Dye, Geoff 183, 344 Dzendzel, Joe 218 EE, Choh Teck 293 Eades, Cari 222 Eads, Mike 272 Eagle, Jeni 217 Earl, Tracy 165 Early, Deborah 392 Easley, Kevin 137 East, Brad 197, 344 Easton, Bill 222 Eaton, Greg 191 Eaton, Jason 291 Eaton, John 259 Ebeltoft, Todd 182 Eberhardt, Carmen 164 Ebert, Barb 213 Ebert, Barbara 257 Ebmeyer, Kevin 166 Eckert, Scott 392 Eckler, William] 392 Ecklund, Kari 258 Eckstein, Rob 150 Economidis, Greg 367 Economidis, Megan 256 Economopoulos, Chris 177 Edeiheit. Dena 192 Edelman, Aimi 193 Edens, Sandra 272 Eder, Kirsten 177, 256 Edgar, Bret 218 Edgar, Brian 122 Edgar, Jeff 182 Edgar, Stacey 207 Edgar, Stacy 279 Edge, Travis 229, 367 Edgell, Eric 202 Edgington, Clo 175 Edman, Faith 299 Edmonton, Bruce 196 Edwards, Angela 167 Edwards, Nichole 167 Edwards, Robert III 344 Edwards, Scott 175 Edwards, Tina 170 Effrain, Cynthia 211 Egan, Julie 221 Egan, Kathy 177 Egawa, Ren 293 Egelston, James 344 Eijman, Emily 221 Eilers, Jana 199 Eilers, Tana 259 Einwech, Bob 299 Eislee, Cindy 225 Eissler, Kris 167 Ekstrom, Carol 293 EI-Raas, Salah 50, 392 Elder, Kevin 214 Eldridge, David 94 Elermann, Anna 222 Elley, Heather 222 Elley, Stu 166 Elliot, David 291 Elliot, Garnet 221 Elliot, Pat 127 Elliot, Rachel 193 Elliot, Sean 102, 103, 106, 109 Elliott, John 207 Elliott, Lara 216 Ellman, Scott 206 Ellner, Steve 1 66 Elmer, Andrew 270 Elsalti, Maher 409 Embry, Ashley 344 Emerson, Wendy 344 Emmert, John 277 Encinas, Rico 204 Endresen, Kevin 378 Engels, Beth 393 Engelsajerd, Mark 344 Engelsgjerd, Marc 257 Enger, Stacy 116 Engerman, Julie 193 England, Chris 170 England, Kim 290 Engle, Jeff 367 Engleman, Eric 344 English, Mark 393 English, Mary 203 Entz, John 197 Epley, Kelly 214 Eppel, T.R. 166 Epperson, Kathy 199, 256 Epstein, Dan 204 Epstein, Jeff 176 Epstein, Marcus 409 Eribes, Kathy 213 Ericksen, Scharrone 258 Erikson, Rick 197 Erlich, Jon 182 Ernstein, Char 136 Ernstein, Julie 205 Ernstein, Kenneth 393 Erskine, Tobey 344 Ervine, JJ 220 Eskind, Becky 213 Esparza, Gina 177 Espen, Scott 378 Esqiuel, January 292 Esquivel, January 215, 344 Este, Marty 190 Esteban, Ruiz 218 Estensen, Mike 202 Etzmeiller, Matt 272 Euhus, Curt 254 Evans, Bill 216, 235, 393 Evans, Brad 267, 269 Evans, Brian 276 Evans, Cami 199 Evans, Chris 216, 235 Evans, Cyonee 213 Evans, Garrett 190 Evans, Jessie 102 Evans, Michele 179 Everroad, Andy 171 Evers, Lisa 212 Ewell, Constance 344 Ewers, Michelle 224 Ewing, Danita 225 Eyer, Tammi 367 F Fachrudin, Fami 344 Fagerson, Julie 221, 344 Fairbank, Arthur 221 Falk, Melissa 193 Falk, Tom 294 Falletta, Jeff 202 Fallgren, Ann 181, 344 Falter, Joseph 273 Fanger, Mary Jane 181, 216 Farineau, Shari 215, 294, 367 Paris, Phil 171 Farley, Jeff 290 Farling, Scot 137 Farr, Jeff 278 Farre, Christy 173 Farre, Cory 173 Farrell, Kirsten 192 Farris, Lisa 228 Farrjoon, Auneer 378 Farro, Joe 148 Farrow, Missy 177 Fasio, Frank 196 Fass, Rachel 222 Fatter, Joseph 291 Fausey, Tonya 269 Faust, Greg 276, 344 Fawcett, David 259 Fawk, John 378 Fazid, Frank 222 Fearl, Erin 164 Federico, Marco 180 Federico, Rick 166 Federoff, Matt 219, 378 Feeney, Colleen 199 Fehr, Karen 164 Feigenbutz, Christy 119 Feinberg, Rob 188 Feinstein, Jodi 344 Feit, Clare 119 Feldgys, Amy 193 Feldman, Andy 171 Feldman, Gary 165 Feldman, Melissa 289 Feldman, Richard 150 Fell, Paul 191 Fellows, Roberta 215 Felton, Mickey-Miles 150 Fenderson, Fred 174 Fenimore, Patrick 378 Fenster, Adam 216 Fenstermacher, Derek 188 Fenton, Kris 199 Ferganchick, Julia 299 Fergsuon, Jennifer 259 Ferguson, Jay 180 Ferguson, Julie 164 Ferguson, Ron 191, 290 Ferkenhoff, Chris 197 Fernandez, Lissette 204, 344 Fernandez, Traci 344 Fernow, Jay 178, 256 Ferraro, Sue 225 Ferrell, Jody 222 Ferrin, Rayna 211 Ferris, Christy 205, 344 Ferro, Jenny 290 Ferry, Kris 173 Ferry, Vicki 378 Fetgatter, Nancy 299 Fett, Mike 221 Fetters, Jill 181 Few, Katie 164 Ficcaglia, Matt 279 Fichtl, Erin 192 Fieger, Henry 206 Field, Heidi 393 Fields, Melissa 206 Figuero, Jose Jr. 344 Figuerola, Pilar 181 Filar, Tom 178 Finch, Michael 291 Finch, Mike 272 Fine, Jill 203 Fink, Dean 196, 254, 256, 378 Finkel, Joli 193 Finkl, Amanda 267 Finley, Troy 194 Finn, Laurie 173 Finn, Maureen 164 Finne, Cynthia 344 Finneral, Darren 216, 344 Finnerty, Mary Beth 224 Finney, Suzi 212 Firestone, Roy 295 Fisch, Carrie 217 Fischahs, Steven 275, 367 Fischer, Marsha 275 Fischman, Steve 176, 344 Fish, Geoffrey 344 Fisher, Andrea 181 Fisher, Anthony 195 Fisher, Craig 150 Fisher, Eric 195 Fisher, J. 261 Fisher, Troy 367 Fisk, Travis 146 Fiskin, Jill 193 Fite, Lance 162 Fitspatrick, Jan 216 Fitting, Lara 173 Fitts, George 274 Fittz, Tyler 270, 271 Fitzgerald, Carrie 344 Fitzgerald. Melissa 217 Flaata, Susan 164 Flann, Matt 189 Flavell, Bill 290 Flavio. Todd 175 Fleck, Susan 203 Fleisher, Jason 344 Fleming, Kelly 212 Fleming, Rob 171 Fletcher, Joe 155 Flores, George 122 Flores, Pedro 143 Flory, Robert 97 Floryance. Jill 222, 223 Floyd, Wayne 229 Fluharty, Windy 277 Fogliani, John 223 Foley, Janet 207 Foley, Nils 279 Follette, Kelly 367 Folsom, Ken 205 Folsom, Kenneth 272, 344 Fons, Jenny 212 Foppe, Jerry 188 Foppiano, Joe 221 Forbes, Chris 218 Forbes-Luong, Chuong 393 Ford, Charlotte 179 Ford, Holly 177 Ford, Kathleen 213 Ford, Luke 188, 254 Forester, Joe 345 Forester, Paul 191 Forrest, Glen 222 Forrest, Robert 290 Forrest, Tom 150 Forslund, Ingrid 345 Forst, Rob 165 Forte, Palma 393 Fortes, Elisa 393 Fortman, Anita 256 Fortune, Paul 174 Foster, Andrew 221 Foster, Anne 136 Foster, Danielle 409 Foster, David 180, 345, 393 Foster, Jodi 228 Foster, Sarah 221 Foster, Scott 176 Fowler, Vanessa 294 Fox, James 273 Fox, Jaque 171 Fox, Sherry 409 Frakes, Diane 164 Frakes, Thomas 293 Frampton, Peter 259 Frango, David 262 Frankel, Paul 189 Franklin, Leslie 214, 279 Fransen, Shawn 345 Frantz, Glenn 279 Franzen, Norman 393 Frascari, Carla 269 Fraser, Bruce 102 Frazar, Nairne 205 Frebowski, Caroline 263 Frechette, Erik 276 Fredricks, Jeff 273 Freedberg, Doug 176 Freedman, Shaun 165 Freeland, Erik 180 Freeman, Cary 255, 345 Freeman, Jason 165, 345 Freeman, Rhona 199 Freire, Roberto 409 Freitag, Stan 325, 328 French, Bonnie 378 French, Stacey 181 Frenkel, Ruth 167, 294 Fresse, Brenda 127 Frey, Ery 289 Friedma, Natacha 367 Friedman, Ben 368 Friedman, Billy 176 Friedman, Donald 204 Friedman, Eva 206 Friedman, Jen 192 Friedman, Lenny 278 Friedman, Rachel 345 Friedman, Ron 230 Friedson, Craig 176 Friedson, Scott 345 Frisch, Gary 176 Frith, Dave 196, 279 Frits, Teresa 257 Fritts, Teresa 205 Froehlich, Felicia 211, 393 Froehlich, Gregory 345 Frohberg, Jay 174 Fromm, Gary 166 Fry, Nicole 213 Fu, Cheng-Tsu 293 Fu, Weizhen 293 Fuchs, Beth 205 Fuerst, Eric 96 Fulford, Lisa 179 Fuller, April 213, 345 Fuller, Cindy 213 Fuller, Glenn 202 Fuller, John 202 Fuller, Kristi 199, 279 Fuller, Paul 205 Fulmer, Michelle 228 Fulton, Karen 393 Fulton, Kathryn 205 Fulton, Kathy 254 Fulton, Thomas 345 Funair, Mark 223, 393 Fung, Anita 219 Fung, Wan 219 Furhman, Danny 176 Furlong, Cindy 203 Furry, Greg 150 Furyk, Jim 133 Fye, David 345 Fyfe, Gail 170 Gable, Scott 190 Gabriel, Dawn 294 Gabroy, Chris 174 Gagnon, Jeffrey 273 Gain, Bob 196 Gaines, Brent 191 Galarta, Luz 292 Galarza, Luz 215, 345 Gallagher, Jeff 274 Gallagher, Jefferey 393 Gallagher, John 175 Gallego, Jennifer 345 Gallego. Raul 291 Gallivan, Robert 293 Gallo, Adam 190, 393 Gallo, Deb 216 Gallo, Patricia 270 Gamberg, Jill 192 Gamble, Amy 127 Gamble, Robert 290 Gambrell, Rand 182 Gamez, Manny 345 Gancz, Alberto 178 Gandolfo, Matt 166 Gangadean, Raj 290 Gangl, Denise 279 Gansl, Debbi 258 Garber, Jolie 207 Garber, Julie 213 Garces, Jenny 173 Garcia, Anne 223 Garcia, Cris 220 Garcia, Hpung-Wei 293 Garcia, Jaime 293 Garcia, Melchizedec 394 Garcia, Paul 222 Garcia, Ramon 345 Gardner, Corey 178, 279 Gardner, Darrin 174 Gardner, Donna 181 Gardner, Nancy 378 Gardner, Teri 181 Garland, Brenda 289 Garland, Burt 165 Garland, Jill 394 Garlovsky, Lauren 204 Garlow, Kevin 292 Garner, Erin 221 Garrels, Shannon 368 Garrett, Marc 155 Garrity, Chris 183 Garrity, Teri 345 Garrop. Alana 297 Gasche, Annalise 179 Gascoigne. Tamara 394 Gaskins, Bob 174 Gasset, Greg 196 Gates, Don 202 Gates, Julie 217 Gates, Sharon 223 Gatestein, Andy 189 Gather, Rob 180 Gator, Rodriguez 228 Gault, Jim 115 Gault, Shelly 115 Gauther, Kristin 116 Gavel, Gregory 378 Gaxiola, Angie 291 Geary, Kevin 223 Geary, Rosemary 263 Gee, Dan 166 Gee, Margie 257 Gee, Scott 345 Gehan, Gerrit 175 Gehlsen, Paul 196 Geier, Thomas 394 Geighbrazebrier, Demos 274 Gelfand, Mike 223 Gelnett, Jay 194 Gelwix, Carrie 179 Geng. Julie 261 Genovese, Jennifer 368 Gentry, Rebecca 345 George, Casey 216 Georgeson, Mark 102 Gerard, Guylaine 225 Gerardo. B. Patricia 378 Gerhardt, Shannon 225 Gerle, Kelly 345 Gershon, Jeff 174 Gershweir, Sabin 378 Gertz, Scott 165 Gesuale, Jodie 179, 345 Ghanim, AN 394 Giallonardo, Gina 181 Giammara, John 197 Gibbens, Michelle 181 Gibbs, Pamela 199 Gibbs, Paula 192 Gibbs, Susan 378 Gibeault, Pat 212 Gibson, Amanda 170, 269 Gibson, Kate 173 Gibson, Rebecca 224 Giebner, Deena 207 Giebner, Robin 256 Giedt, Marybeth 207 Giess, Tim 191 Gifford, David 271 Giffords, David 270 Gilbert, Brian 223 Gilbert, Jason 276, 394 Gilbert, Robb 176 Gilbert, Sheila 223 Gilboy, Theresa 345 Gill, M.S. 145 Gill, Marcy 256 Gill, Michelle 170 Gill, Russell 272 Gillentine, Andrew 275 Gillespie, John 277 Gillett, Michael 295 Gillett. Mike 182 Gillies, Morgan 220 Gills, Mark T. 294 Gilmartin, Ellen 293 Gilmore, Beth 229 Gilmore, Eric 1 82, 228 Gilmore, James 257 Gilmore, Steve 229 Gimple, Scott 207, 345 Ginch, Barry 175 Gingrich, Randall 291 Ginn, Leighton 194 Ginniani, Cara 179 Ginsberg, Betty 327 Ginsburg, Amy 289, 291 Ginsburg, Cory 165 Ginsburg, Jay 148 Giordano, Tina 127 Giovanini, Bobby 207 Gipson, Katey 173, 346 Girard, Sean 255, 259 Gissom, Bruce 207 Gist, Jon 178 Gladden, David 346 Glancey, Elizabeth 207 Glarner, Robert 196 Glasco, Laura 170 Glaser, Jeff 176 Glass, David 394 Glava, Erin 177 Glaze, Tom 119 Glennon, Julie 225 Glosser, Danielle 177 Glover, Steve 182 Goble, Melody 394 Godinez, Saul 274 Godsil, Russ 218, 270, 271 Godwin, Karen 257 Gohus, Scott 216, 346 Goin, David 291 Goldberg, Adam 165 Goldberg, Evan 190 Goldberg, Jeffrey 394 Goldfaden, Debi 206 Goldfaden, Debra 346 Goldman, Heath 176 Goldman, John 346 Goldman, Steve 228 Goldsmith, Lori 177 Goldstein, Beth 164 Goldstein, Greg 176 Goldstick, Larry 176 Goldwasser, Ron 165 Golliver, Jeff 394 Gomez, Robert 133 Gomez, Stephanie 221 Gomez-Rasadore, J. 368 Gong, Hao 218 Gonneville, Mike 378 Gonzales, Mario 148, 205 Gonzales, Theresa 213 Gonzales, Tony 214 Gonzales, Yvone 292 Gonzalez, Mario 368 Gonzalez, Theresa 292 Gooch , Jennifer 217, 368 Goodkin, Jarett 146 Goodman, Jim 166 Goodman, Julie 213 Goodsite, Amy 223, 346 Goodsite, Michael 279 Goodwin, Laura 119 Goolagong, Marie 291 Goorian, Brad 223 Goosherst, Kimberly 213 Gordon, Jason 165 Gordon, Lili 207, 346 Gordon, Lisa 212 Gordon, Mary Ellen 164 Gordon, Sarah 179 Gordon, Stacy 346 Gordon, Traci 207 Gorilla, Sergio 257 Gorin, Amy 199 Gorin, Wes 189 Gorman, Andy 189 Gorman, Brian 191 Gorman, Greta 179 Gornick, Margie 225 Gornik, Margaret 346 Goronkin, Jeffrey 289 Gorrell, Rod 394 Gorres, Jeff 270 Gorros, Jef 271 Gossman, Ann 394 Goswick, Cody 162 Gothicher, Gerold 289 Gottlicher, Gerold 293 Gottlieb, Ken 309 Gottlieb, Kenneth 394 Goudy, Holly 177, 293 Goulden, Mimi 179 Cover, Reva 346 Govett, Steven 207 Gow, Christine 21 1 , 299 Gowdy, James 346 Gower, Scott 216 Grace, Laura 294 Grady, Beth 288 Graff, Lorraine 291 Graham, Aaron 291 Graham, Lyn Marie 170 Graham, Lynmarie 270 Graham, Mike 202 Grahm, Courtney 179 Granados, Jose 292 Grant, Darren 182 Grant, Justine 164 Grant, Kim 164 Granville, Malcolm 277 Grass, David 202 Graves, Bob 279 Gray, Christopher 204 Gray, Deidre 225 Gray, Ed 271 Gray, Kory 196 Grayson, Jeff 216 Graziano, Anthony 346 Graziano, Dave 196 Greason, Nicole 54 Greathouse, Art 101 Greeb, Ron 165, 298 Green, Allsion 167 Green, Garth 196 Green, Kelley 346 Green, Kelly 164 Green, Taylor 346 Greenberg, Diane 228, 368 Greenberg, Joel 176 Greenberg, John 176 Greenberg, Michael 368 Greenberg, Robyn 193 Greene, Barbara 21 1 Greene, Lauren 203 Greene, Mary Ann 215 Greene, Shari 193 Greenleaf, Phil 150 Greenlee, Charles 378 Greenlee, Geoff 191 Greenrock, Jacqueline 21 1 Greenwald, Matt 259 Greer, Heather 220 Greer, Mike 271 Gregor, Karl 148 Gregory, George 273 Gregson, Brooke 179 Greinke, Mike 217 Grenland, Matt 197 Grennan, Regina 127 Greve, Tim 194, 378 Grey, Andy 228 Grier, Dave 282, 283, 289 Griffin, Rob 288 Griffith, Marc 271 Griffiths, Andrew 271 Griffiths, Marc 270 Grifith, Jen 164 Griggs, Roger 379 Grimes, Carrie 181 Grimes, Randy 189 Grimm, Elaine 299 Grissom, Bruce 277 Groh, J.B. 174 Groppenbacher, Rich 99 Gross, Andy 166 Gross, Christopher 165 Gross, Damon 299 Gross, Kevin 255 Grossman, Randy 197 Grossman, Sarah 167 Groth, Mary 202, 346 Grumbling, Ruth 177, 256 Grunner, Jeff 223 Grzegorczyk, Jill Marie 228 Guadaldoni, Kim 212 Guccini, Nichole 346 Guerchon, Timna 326 Guernsey, Jessica 221 Guerrero, Arturo 255 Guerrero, Betina 221 Guerrero, Daryl Leon 272 Guerrier, Lora 257 Guerrieri, Lora 379 Guevara, Angela 346 Guibert, Chris 204, 272 Guinn, Joe 148 Gullickson, Shelly 181 Gunners, Rick 197 Gunther, Mauri 221 Quo, Ying 293 Gupta, Dipti 219 Guss, Greg 228, 346 Gustaveson, Andy 182 Gustaveson, Erin 213 Guterman, Robin 173 Guthrie, Rob 178 Gutierrez, Robert 346 Gutow, Taylor 167 Gutshall, Brian 277 Gutzler, Kim 181 Guyan, William 270 Gwinner, Steve 176 Gwyn, Will 180 Gwynn, Will 146 Gyllenhaal, John 261 Haas, Larry 272, 279, 291 Haber, Michael 346 Habra, Teresa 51 , 379 Habra, Theresa 293 Habros, Brad 195 Hack, Cindy 164 Hackett, Laurie 277 Hackett, Maria 119 Haddad, Erin 179 Haddad, Kelly 346 Haddow, Kim 134 Haet, Mich 299 Hagberg, Larry 409 Hageman, Mette 134 Hager, Dave 174 Hagerty, Lara 192 Haggerty, Ken 178 Hahn, Lindsay 131 Halbwacks, Heidi 116 Hale, D.C. 225 Hale, Niki 230, 257, 290, 346 Halimun, M. Sjaiful 379 Hall, Diana 394 Hall, Jenn 164 Hall, Kim 207 Hall, Matt 194 Hall, Norman 197 Hall, Randy 346 Hall, Ryan 272 Hallaq, Mark 409 Halloran, David 277 Hamblin, Douglas 368 Hamilton, Anne 290 Hamilton, Anne Marie 211 Hamilton, Brandon 228 Hamilton, Hilary 221, 346 Hamilton, Hillary 220 Hamilton, Jean 223 Hamilton, Matt 346 Hamilton, Paul 171 Hamilton, Steve 55, 194, 394 Hamlet, Alison 279, 320 Hamlet, Ward 295, 394 Hammerstein, Alex 197 Hammit, Mark 279 Hammitt, Susie 279 Hammond, Jeff 188 Hammond, Samantha 211 Hammonds, Denee 222 Hampton, Laura 214, 279 Hampton, Laurie 179 Hampton, Mario 159 Hamway, Rose 55 Han, Jae 217 Han, Tina 261, 263 Handler, Stephanie 193 Handley, Melissa 127 Handy, Rob 294 Haner, Christina 368 Haner, Christine 228 Hankel, Todd 183 Hanks, Douglas 346 Hanks, Ken 95 Hanragan, Steve 368 Hanrahan, Steve 222 Hansel, Lara 167 Hansen, Andrew 195 Hansen, Beth 115 Hansen, Deborah 140 Hansen, Heather 181 Hansen, Homer 368 Hansen, Jeanne 173 Hansen, Sarah 179 Hanson, Douglas 140 Hanson, Frank 271 Hanson, Mark 346 Hanson, Nathan 277 Hapgood, Tom 279 Hara, Mark 228 Harbison, Rob 197 Harbour, Stacey 346 Hardee, Beth 394 Hardee, Jeffrey 346 Hardesty, P.K. 276 Hardin, Alice 259 Hare, Steven 394 Harkin, Jeremy 152 Harlan, Dan 220 Harlos, Paul 323 Haro, Bernice 258 Haroldson, David 270 Harper, Amy 346 Harper, Ginger 177, 279 Harper, Steve 191 Harper, Ted 196 Harrel, Jason 182 Harrington, Pat 148 Harris, Alex 189 Harris, Bonnie 213 Harris, Eric 270, 271, 279 Harris, Jeff 150 Harris, Jonathon 217 Harris, Matt 174 Harris, Patricia 230 Harris, Paul 279 Harris, Rick 188, 270 Harris, Rob 137 Harris, Stacie 394 Harris, Steve 228 Harris, Wendy 145 Harrison, Dawn 164 Harrison, Sue 181 Harron, Camilla 119 Harron, Steve 202 Harshman, Kim 193 Hart, Bill 262 Hart, Jim 320 Hart, Karen 225 Hart, Kevin 196 Hartigan, John 347 Hartigan. Michael 257, 347 Hartigan, Mike 230 Hartman, Paul 290 Hartvigson, Paul 409 Harvey, Steve 162 Hasan, Michealla 347 Hashimoto, Jiromi 293 Haskell. Karen 394 Haskell, Steve 183 Haskins, Tim 216, 235 Haskins, Timothy 294 Hassan, Noraini 50 Hassanshani, Shahram 368 Hasselmo. Nils 414 Hassenmiller, Susan 181 Hastey, Heather 222 Hastings, Charlie 273 Hastings, Melanie 347 Hatcher, Ron 196 Hathaway, Ashley 395 Hathaway, Flash 289 Hathaway, Mark 280 Hauesin, Craig 347 Hauff, Dave 202 Hauff, David 347 Hauff, Joel 368 Haug, Tamara 136 Hauk, Mary 257 Hauschildt, Keri 116 Hauser, Mike 166, 347 Hausmaun, Bill 262 Haver, Brian 228 Haver, Bryan 270 Haverland, Darick 207, 347 Hawkins, Gary 197 Hawn, Karen 225, 279, 347 Hayden, Cherie 170 Hayden, Scott 220 Haydon, David 368 Hayes, Beth 213 Hayes, Maureen 203 Haygood, Chuck 279 Haymann, Sandy 347 Haynes, Dan 197 Haynes, Jen 164 Haynes, Todd 368 Hayof, Maureen 257 Hayum, Alyse 213 Hayutin, Gina 177 Hayward, Rachelle 220 Hayward, Renee 395 Hazara, Ghulam Abbas 51 Hazelwood, Heidi 179 Hazine, Maher 270, 271 Heady, Kim 170 Healton, Curtis 277 Hearn, Peter 191 Heath, Holly 192 Heath, Jeff 395 Heathy, Alex 177 Heaton, Sherley 199 Heaverlo, Jane 347 Hebert. Stephanie 279 Hecht. David 347 Hecht, Richard 276, 277 Heck, Todd 368 Heckart, Diana 199, 279 Heckler, Dan 275 Heckmaster, Trent 347 Hedgecock, Mike 347 Hegarty, Jack 119 Hegarty, Laura 279 Heglie, Lisa 173 Heid, John 255 Heidbreder, Ann 164 Hein, Michael 51 Hein, Mike 202 Hein, Paige 167 Hein, Tiffany 167 Heiner, Kent 178 Heinicke, Kevin 204 Heinrich, Laura 217 Heinte, Todd 143 Heiser, Marc 256 Heiss, Beau 192 Heiss, Jaqueline 347 Heitmann, Robert 223 Helies, Mike 166 Heller, Alicia 216, 347 Heller. Steven 206 Heller, Tom 188 Helm, Steven 220 Helming, Brian 122 Helmke, Matt 202 Helmke, Matthew 347 Hein, Rachel 279 Helston, Dave 196 Hemovich, Amy 271 , 347 Hemwall Drew 223 Henderson, Dan 166 Henderson, Jay 229 Henderson, Kevin 279 Hendra, Ari-Jadikin 395 Hendrick, Robert 272 Hendricksen, Michelle 215 Hendrickson, Alan 279 Hendrickson, Cathy 279 Hendrix, Scott 277 Henery, Julia 257 Hengehold, Doug 347 Henman, George 178 Henry, Christina 368 Henshall, Dave 175 Henson, Frank 229 Heppard, Tammy 368 Herbert, Dave 174 Herbst, Annie 170 Herder, Robert 261 Hergenrader, Holly 212, 254 Hergesheimer, Sue Ann 395 Herk, Jacquline 179 Herk, Tracy 179 Herman, Patrick 137 Hernandez, Irma 291 Hernquist, Derek 347 Herquist, Derek 291 Herr-Cardillo, Dave 152 Herrea, Marilee 347 Herrera, Marilee 220 Herrera, Rene 145 Hernck. Beth 199 Herring, Gloria 368 Herring, Michele 347 Herring, Michelle 221 Herron, Doug 119 Herron, Dwain 218 Herron, Millie 289 Hershede, Eric 197 Herst, Hayley 164 Herst, Rochelle 164 Hertel, Erica 279 Hertneky, John 174 Hesse, Mike 194 Hessler, Angie 164 Hessler, T.J. 190 Heuane, Brian 293 Heusdens, Michael 180 Heusinkveld, John 289 Heydari, Mel 207 Hiatt, John 291 Hickerson, Angela 216 Hickman, Preston 368 Hickman, Todd 137 Hicks, Colleen 181 Hicks, Grady 174 Hicks, Laura 181 Hicks, Michael 278 Hicks, Michelle 199 Hicks, Todd 221 Hickson, Kristy 220 Hickson, Lori 181 Hidayat, Tresna 395 Hiett, Dan 223, 261 Hiett, John 222 Higgins, Elisabeth 347 Higgins, Elizabeth 222 Higgins, Eric 277 Higgins, Karen 170 Hightower, Martha 263 Higuera, Earnest 272 Hijazi, Hassan 410 Hikasa, Chris 395 Hildebrand, Lorraine 221 Hill, Derek 99 Hill, Judy 222 Hill, Kathleen 395 Hill, Kelli 177 Hill, Kim 228 Hill, Kristi 205 Hill, Kristine 347 Hill, Mark 216 Hill, Mike 183,204 Hill, Thomas 379 Miller, Jeff 223 Miller. Jeffrey 395 Hillman, Michael 395 Hills, Jennifer 291 Hills, Thomas 348 Hillstrand, Mike 146, 180 Hilsman, Tammi 221 Hilverda, Arlette 368 Himawan, Rudi 348 Himel, Doug 165 Hinchcliffe, Rob 190 Hinds, Kim 213 Hinedi, Sam 165 Hinsberg, Suzi 223 Hird, Jennifer 259 Hirsch, Alison 167 Hirsch, Fred 183 Hirsh, Erika 167 Mirth, Mike 175 Hirth, Suzy 164 Hitchman, Curtis 279 Hite, Steve 395 Hites, Michael 257 Hiyama, Koji 293 Hnilo, Laura 368 Ho, Simon 293 Hobbs, Melanie 177 Hoberecht, Steve 289 Hoberecht, Steven 277 Hochler, Robin 170 Hochstein, Sandra 348 Hockstad, Misty 205 Hoden, Mark 148 Hodsden, Shirley 379 Hodson, Keri 348 Hoefer, Alan 271 Hoffman, Carrie 205 Hoffman, Damon 217 Hoffman, Darin 279 Hoffman, Hilary 167 Hoffman, llene 257 Hoffman, Jeffrey 141 Hoffman, Neal 348 Hoffman, Neil 174, 216 Hoffman, Shellie 192 Hoffmann, Bernhard 348 Hogan, Chris 395 Hogedorn, Tom 122 Hohlenkamp, Todd 277 Hohman, John 175 Hohman, Valerie 214 Holbrook, Dean 279 Holden, Marc 266, 269 Hollcroft, James 380 Hollencamp. Danielle 170 Hollercroft. Wes 291 Hollett, Kristine 207 Holley, Rick 174 Holley, Suzie 221 Hollinger, Paul 276 Holm, Vivian 116 Holmes, Jennifer 213 Holmes, John 292 Holmes, Tracy 181 Holmstein, Peter 273 Holt, Michele 225 Holtby, Mark 175 Holton, Jackie 257 Holtry, Lee 221 Holtz, Pamela 395 Holzer, Steve 295 Horn, Helen 293 Homerin, Tracey 205 Honig, Glen 175 Hood, M. Eric 299 Hook, Chris 188 Hook, Piper 177 Hooper, Scott 162 Hopkin, Sandra 348 Hopkin, Sandy 213 Hopkins, Mark 175, 254 Hopkins, Ramon 277 Hopp, Jeff 223 Horasanian, Doreen 222 Horkai, Mike 222 Horkal, Mike 279 Horn, Chris 222 rn, James 259 Horn, Kim 179 Horn, Rod 222 Horowitz, David 254 Hosbach, Heather 205 Hosea, Jeff 348 Hoskins, Thomas 272, 291 Hosted, Jim 348 Hosteen, Dina 348 Hou, John 293 Hough, Ashley 204 Hough, Vanessa 279 Houghland, Heather 181 Houghton, Katy 167 Houghton, Lisa 167 Houlsby, Paige 212, 348 Householder, Karrie 216, 293 Houston, Sean 174 Hoverman, Bruce 140 Howard, Cynthia 348 Howard, Jen 177 Howard, Jill 181 Howard, Mary 395 Howard, Timothy 221 Howe, Alisa 224 Howe, Sheryl 230 Howell, Scott 275 Howell, Tiffany 181 Hower, Nick 196, 228 Howland, Rich 196 Howsan, Erik 188 Hoyos, Margaret 395 Hoyos, Sylvia 380 Hrencecin, Mike 290 Hryciw, Mike 119 Hsu, Seyh-Shyan 293 Hsu, Yung-Chen 293 Hu, Jonathan 293 Hu, Jonathan 222, 279 Hu, Lucia 293 Huang, Allen 293 348 Huang, Ching-Sheng 293 Huang, Tsongjy 293 Hubbard, Anne 170 Hubbard, Bill 197 Hubbard, Jason 180 Hubbard, Jen 279 Hubbard, Paul 196 Hubble, Paul 198 Huber, Andrew 221, Huber, Bill 197 Huber, Christie 170 Huber, Eric 202 Huber, Mike 188 Huber, Susan 199, 348 Huckins, Kevin 288 Hudish, Dana 213 Hudson, Duncan 368 Huebner, Gretchen 206 Hueghefeld, Eric 150 Huelster, Jennifer 228 Huey, Kathryn 348 Huff, Gwynyth 295 Huffstidler, Kim 257, 294 Hug, Lori 199 Hughes, David 257, 348 Hugus, Jeff 218 Huizdois, Michelle 167 Huizdos, Michelle 223, 380 Huizdos, Stacey 173 Hulder, Gannon 195 Hull, Bill 292 Hull, Nancy 203, 290, 348 Hummel, Chris 148 Humphrey, Cheryl 127 Humphrey, Scott 223, 348 Hungate, Shawn 348 Hunt, Elizabeth 368 Hunt, Shane 271 Hunt, Sheila 181 Hunt, Vicki 368 Hunter, Andrea 164, 348 Hunter, Eric 257, 380 Hunter, Jennifer 348 Hunter, Robert 293 Huntley, Devin 202, 270, 368 Hurley, Kerstin 217 Hurt, Amy 212, 348 Hurvitz, Scott 176 Husted, Tom 182 Hutton, J.J. 176 Hutton, Sherry 279 Huusko, Matt 288 Huxford, Marissa 177 Huynh, Houng 230 Huynh, Huong 348 Hyatt, Michael 270 Hyde, Rebecca 368 Hyder, Scott 230, 348 Hynes, John 278 I lannuzzi, Suzanne 255 Iberg, Tanya 216 Idris, Sulaman 145 Igbal, Qasim 229 Ignacio, Ed 204 Her, Chris 178 Imblum, Kerri 368 Immerman, David 165 Imrie, Kathry n 134 Imwalle, Brian 202 Ingacio, Lailani 293 Ingebretson, Glen 289 Ingle, Jamie 202 Ingmire, Gordon 218 Ingole, Katrina 348 Ingram, Curt 197 Iniguez, Diana 215 Injeian, Taleen 21 1 Inorio, Brett 188 Insana, Salvatore 396 lovino, Robert ' Sal ' 205 Iriate, Mark 174 Irick, Karen 167 Irvin, Jim 348 Isernhagen, Jonathon 140, 276, 278 Ishaque, Amir 219 Ishikawa, Itsumi 278 Ison, Dave 175 Isrow, Adam 176 Iverg, Tanya 348 Iverson, Terry 173, 348 Iverson, Todd 278 Ives, Andrew Jr. 414 Jaber, E. 348 Jablow, Mark 255 Jackman, Guy 217 Jackson, Beth 291 Jackson, Clyde 257 Jackson, Eric 230, 257, 272 Jackson, Jeanne 205 Jackson, Judy 380 Jackson, Kim 204 Jackson, Kimberley 349 Jackson, Lara 275 Jackson, Samantha 263 Jackson, Terence 396 Jaco, Jeff 194 Jaco, Sherlene 213 Jacob, P.K. 228 Jacobi, Dan 223 Jacobs, Stacie 221 Jacobson, Jim 182 Jacobson, Shannon 146 Jacome, Lisa 349 Jacoway, Leslie 192 Jager, Laura 115, 257, 396 Jaggers, Mario 205 Jakubek, Julie 213, 368 Jamali, Najam 293 James, Craig 174 James, Mike 122 Jameson, Doug 175 Jamieson, Shelly 222 Janis, Greg 255 Jankowski, Edward 349 Jaramillo, Rudy 174 Jaronik, Noel 215 Jaroz, Lavonne 225 Jarrett, Robin 179 Jarzabek, Mark 174 Jasman, Yusof Bin 396 Jauregui, Theresa 277 Jayassi, Lupita 225 Jeannette, Jeffery 349 Jefferies, Jenni 167 Jefferies, Tami 167 Jeffers, Chad 271 Jeffers, Steve 223 Jeffery, Todd 275 Jelniker, Greg 228 Jenkens, Kristie 173 Jenkins, Andrew 277 Jenkins, Judith 293 Jenkins, Julie 164 Jenks, Christie 221 Jennings, Craig 349 Jennings, Rhoda 205 Jensen, Michole 299 Jensen, Tim 191 Jeppesen, Eric 349 Jerin, Dennis 271 Jerome, Nikki 291 Jewell, Eric 188 Ji, Su Ching 293 Jiang, Daisy 293 Jim, Darryl 349 Jimenez, Delissa 279 Jimmie, Justine 349 Jin, Chung-Ing 293 Jodorovich, Kirsten 293 Joe, Sung 202, 261 Johanser, Ellen 293 Johns, Christy 228 Johns, Sherry 228 Johnsen, Kirsten 219, 349 Johnson, Amy 256 Johnson, Bance 255 Johnson, Brewer 221 , 369 Johnson, Bryan 278 Johnson, Chad 218 Johnson, Charlie 197 Johnson, Cheryl 177 Johnson, Cody 216 Johnson, Cordelia 349 Johnson, David 218 Johnson, Diana 297, 369 Johnson, Eric 221 Johnson, Holton 222 Johnson, Jack 216 Johnson, Jacqueline 369 Johnson, Jacquie 224 Johnson, Jane 396 Johnson, Jay 278 Johnson, Jill 228 Johnson, John 396 Johnson, Joyce 396 Jo nson, Kelly 258 Johnson, Keros 204 Johnson, Kevin 188 Johnson, Kirsten 192 Johnson, Laura 220 Johnson, Mark 257 Johnson, Matthew 410 Johnson, Milton 228 Johnson, Natasha 140, 225, 293 Johnson, Rebecca 21 1 Johnson, Rob 174 Johnson, Scott 196 Johnson, Teresa 396 Johnson, Tiffany 294 Johnson, Tim 270 Johnson, Travis 202 Johnston, Allison 206 Johnston, Amy 225, 369 Johnston, Jeff 410 Johnston, Jennifer 257 Johnston, Shelly 179 Johnstone, Jackie 179 Johnstone, Laurel 293 Joiner, Cindy 170 Jolly, Erik 148, 369 Jones, Alison 216 Jones, Andy 188 Jones, Brad 175 Jones, Brian 271 Jones, David 221, 291 Jones, Eric 220, 259 Jones, Gordon 150 Jones, Jennifer 221 Jones, John 148 Jones, Julie 116 Jones, Katie 177 Jones, Katy 279 Jones, Lance 188 Jones, Lauren 203, 223, 291 , 349 Jones, Michael 349 Jones, Scott 216, 380 Jones, Shelly 164 Jones, Steve 202, 279 Jones, Steven 349 Joost, Cynthia 164, 349 Jordan, Karen 380 Jordan, Kristina 349 Jordan, Suzanne 145, 167 Jorgensen, Rex 175 Jorgensen, Sam 289 Jorgenson, Thomas 277 Josephs, Jay 175 Josleyn, Oweta 291 Jouman, Cline 279 Joyce, Bob 349 Joyce, Harold 349 Joyce, Pat 216 Juan, Darrell 291 Juarez, Doreen 116 Judday, Crissy 199 Judge, John 194 Jue, Meredith 170, 221 Julian, Jeff 120 Julien, Andy 298 Jung, Ching-Shan 293 Jung, Ron 222 Jznicke, Joe 148 K Kaestner, Patrick 369 Kahle, Jayme 396 Kahlon, Ranjit 349 Kahwaty, Ely 174 Kahwaty, Mark 174 Kai, Jason 162 Kaisnoin, Hiro 349 Kalabus, Chris 271 Kalkowski, Kris 396 Kaluu, Alex 349 Kamel, Hassan 380 Kamel, Hasson 299 Kaminsky, Krissy 167 Kaminsky, Mary 214 Kamisnky, Mary 279 Kammann, Trevor 162 Kanban, Kym 213 Kander, Faryl 164 Kane, Debra 349 Kanemaru, Kenji 278 Kano, Junko 27B Kanu, Benedict 410 Kaplan, Claudia 224, 225, 258, 369 Kaplan, Jaime 189 Kaplan, Karen 257 Kaplan, Lisa 220 Kaplan, Marc 206 Kaplan, Tracy 164 Kaplan, Wynn 179 Kapner, Michael 165 Kapp, Kristina 225 Karban. Kim 349 Karber, Bob 191 Karezewski. Kathy 267 Karg, Randy 202 Karkos, Norman 396 Karras, Chuck 223 Karrim, Lassana 21 1 Karrim, Lassanna 349 Kasak, Jeff 216 Kasin, Maureen 179 Kass, Pete 165 Kassman, Kristine 181 Kassoff, Alan 349 Katchner, Chris 350 Kates, Michelle 173 Kath, Dan 196 Kattenburg, Mike 350 Katz, Jeff 182 Katz, Mary 181 Katzenbach, Ann 177 Kaufman, Karen 167 Kautz, Christopher 278 Kautz, Dan 278 Kautz, Janna 278 Kautz, John D. 278 Kautz, Lynn 278 Kay, Heidi 220 Kazutoshi, Komatsubara 293 Ke, Xu 263 KeKeizer, Dan 141 Keane, Rob 289 Keck, Matt 350 Keenan, Becky 350 Keenan, Guy 152 Keenan, Tracy 277 Kehl, Kenyon 279 Kehl, Kevin 279 Kehoe, Maureen 192, 293 Keilin, Michelle 225 Keiso, Theron 271 Kellen, Joel 276 Keller, Chrissy 205 Kelley, Albert 271 Kelley, Anne 181 Kelley, Dana 167 Kelley, Matt 197 Kellogg, Kristi 164 Kelly, Chrissy 221 Kelly, Dana 213 Kelly, Gina 212 Kelly, Jeniffer 296, 297 Kelly, Jennifer 350 Kelly, Mara 199 Kelly, P. 350 Kelly, Pat 218 Kelly, Sarah 199 Kelly, Tim 218 Kelso, Robyn 179 Kelty, John 258 Kelty, Sarah 293 Kemper, Allison 350 Kennan, Rod 145 Kennedy, Amy 177, 255 Kennedy, Brian 230 Kennedy, Charlie 188 Kennedy, Jacqueline 380 Kennedy, Katie 170 Kennedy, Kevin 270 Kennedy, Kris 181 Kennedy, Laura 288 Kennedy, Lisa 21 1 Kennedy, Mike 196 Kennedy, Tara 203 Kennedy, Tracy 119 Kennelly. Matt 196 Kenney, Carolyn 203, 350 Kent, Jim 148 Keppel, Morty 166 Kerl, John 293 Kerman, Scott 204 Kern, Brad 165 Kern, James 291 , 350 Kern, Mark 190 Kerns, Pam 181 Kerr, Steve 182 Kersey, Kathy 199 Kesselman, Allon 257 Kessler, Lynne 216 Kessler, Melody 256, 294 Ketchum, Hank 196 Ketchum, John 196 Key, Loren 291 Keyes, Scott 178 Khalid, Haslinda 396 Khan, I Jaz 293 Khan, Sonia 145 Kibsey, Kevin 222 Kidd, Greg 202 Kidokoro, Tetsu 182 Kielen, Michelle 258 Kielman, Matt 188 Kiger, Kristen 257 Kilkeson, Rein 293 Killar, Due 271 Killeen, Darby 350 Killeen, Kristen 173 Kilroy, Greg 183 Kim, Jeffrey 254 Kim, Min 170 Kim, Sam 205 Kim, Tae Jin 214 Kimball, Ann Eve 199 Kincade, Rick 196 Kindall, Jerry 110 Kindel, Charles 188 Kinderman, Kara 181 King, Brian 291 King, David 148, 396 King, Jennifer 350 King, Laurie 396 King, Lisa 164 King, Scott 191 Kingery, Jeff 228 Kingsley. George P. 198 Kinnamon, Mollie 177 Kinne, Patti 206 Kinnevy, Thomas 350 Kinoshita, Kelly 212 Kinsey, David 152 Kinsler, Rhonda 164 Kinsolving, Eric 410 Kipperman, Fred 189 Kirkpatrick, Shaun 254, 259 Kirkpatrick, Shawn 196 Kirkwood, Courtney 199 Kirschner, Lisa 223 Kirst, Kristen 192 Kirton, Bradley 380 Kish, Kelly 396 Kisiel, Karla 170, 223 Kissling, Kenneth 275 Kistner, Mark 369 Kitan, Ishak 145 Kitchen, Scott 216 Kleanen, Dave 256 Kleckner, Allan 178 Klefer, Michael 279 Klein, Adam 189, 266, 269 Klein, Alan 166, 396 Klein, Alyson 193 Klein, Chad 271 Klein, David 141, 369 Klein, Dirk 194 Klein, Michael 229 Kleiner, David 276 Klembith, David 122 Klemm, Mary 127 Kliener, Dave 188 Kline, Adam 229 Klinger, Karl 291 Klingler, Karl 272 Klink, Mark 279, 380 Kiocko. Daniel 165 Klum, Joann 167 Klute, Paul 223, 259 Klute, Pete 175 Knapik, Robert 273, 291 Knapp, Richard 270 Knappe, Doug 273 Kneale, Ruth 272, 291 Kneil, Ruth 225 Kniff, Jarrod 350 Knight, Kirsten 173 Knight, Lance 146 Knipfer, DeAnna 223 Knols, Henriette 125 Knotek, Kristen 179 Knowles, Kevin 276 Knupik, Bob 272 Ko, Chinken 410 Ko, Yi-Li 293 Koblin, Amanda 221 Kobriger, Lori 173 Koch, Dana 181 Koch, Dave 229 Koch, Martina 134 Kochstas, Misty 293 Kocour, Diane 294 Koda, Ritsuko 293 Koen, Dan 148 Koeneke, Alan 279 Koffler, Henry 414 Kogen, Jeri 279 Koh, Fred 350 Kohn, Jill 199 Kohnke, David 275 Kolb, Dave 288 Kollerbohm, Julio 270 Komatsubara, Kazu 205 Kon, Fred 204 Koneval, Willy 204 Kong, Berta 257 Kong, Young 293 Koons, Steven 293 Koppes, Keith 396 Kopycienski, Dan 191 Korb, Chad 198, 289 Korich, Dee 396 Kort, Rob 191 Kosa, Maha 293 Kosbeer, Amber 272 Kosinski, Hank 196 Kosjorowski, Mary 211 Koste, Dave 197 Kotch. Ken 205 Kotob, Basel 396 Kotofskie. Phil 270 Kotzambasis, Alga 291 Koumpouras, James 410 Koumpouras, Jim 214 Kovach, Kari 192 Kovalenko, Kurt 223 Kozak, Greg 175 Kozinn, D. 350 Koziol, Kevin 255 Kozul, Zlata 220, 350 Kozzin, Doug 202 Krall. Julie 173 Kramer, Dave 188 Kramer, Doug 279 Kramer, Eric 197 Kramer, Glenn 222, 350 Kramer, Katherine 292 Kramer, Ken 279 Kramer, Mike 228 Kramer, Steve 150 Krasker, Jill 350 Krause, Holly 292, 369 Krausman, Paul 290 Krebs, Niciole 181 Kreiche, Kevin 175 Kreiner, Tobie 170 Kreitzer, Angela 272 Kreitzer, Angie 203 Krepps, Amme 279 Krepps, Bob 279 Kreps, Michael 204, 350 Kresan, Pete 254 Krewson, Doug 183, 228 Kreznarich, Teri 164 Kriebl, Jennifer 192 Krieger, Charles 271 Kristofl, Joseph 195 Kropp, Robin 291 Kruse, Nadine 350 Kruse, Steve 171 Krzyanowski, Karen 259 Kuan, Lily 164, 293 Kud-Kudijaroff, Michael 380 Kuhlman, Eva 271 Kuhlmann, Jeff 228 Kuhn, Darla 309 Kuhn, Deanne 309 Kuhn, Michelle 164 Kuhns, Kate 293 Kumar, Ajeet 216 Kunasek, Kim 293 Kunde, Ben 259 Kunin, Ken 293 Kunst, Kirsten 215 Kupcha, Chris 351 Kur, Norm 202 Kura, Brian 146 Kurcos, Bill 171 Kurczewski, Nancy 396 Kurinsky, Kathryn 21 1 Kurtz, Mitch 146 Kurtz, Steve 119 Kurtzman, Tracey 351 Kurzman, Matt 176 Kuser, Sarah 140 Kuske, Jodee Lynn 278 Kuttner, Tony 299 Kwan, Julie 293 Kwasman, Marcia 167 Kwasnica, Tina 259 Kwee, Tjen 397 Kwok, Jackson 293 Kyle, Lisa 351 Kyle, Melanie 225 Kyle, Sallie 181 Kzurcewski, Nancy 258 L La Fairve, Paul 148 LaBounty, Beth 167 LaRose, Rick 133 LaSalle, Jay 254, 295 " 214 e 223 350 e!92 i3,22! N 2 71 i " 259 LaVene, Chris 254 Lace, Rich 194 Lacy, J.K. 271 Ladd, Kim 288 Ladd, Kimberly 207 Ladendorff, Lisa 279 Ladendorff, Noma 257, 279 Ladvina, Lisa 211 Lady, Suzie 116 Lafaye, Roger 277 Lagamarsino, Tom 191 Laguna, Chris 212 Lai, Chan 293 Lai, Chan Phu 293 Lai, Mathew 397 Laird, Rick 206 Laistner, Axel 289, 410 Lake, Jeff 183 Lam, Bonnie 293 Lam, Yien 397 Lamais, Tina 167 Lamb, Shannon 228, 278, 397 Lambesis, Niko 197 Lame, Mike 259 Lamm, Mark 277 Lamontagne, Lisa 351 Lamour, Karen 256 Lampart, Steven 351 Lampiris-Tremba, Brett 228 Lancaster, Brad 268, 269 Lancaster, Cynthia 351 Landa, Brian 351 Landau, Julie 164, 257 Landes, Steven 277 Landis, Traci 143 Landon, Craig 175 Landt, Julie 215, 351 Lane, Barry 188 Lane, Losa 255 Lane, Molly 164 Lane, Wendy 170 Lang, Paul 397 Langdon, Adam 207 Langford, Thad 122 Langley, Marina 177 Langston, Scott 276, 369 Lantz, Edie 213 Laos, Matt 270, 271 Lari, Hashim 397 Larkin, Troy 176 Larmour, Karen 192 Larmour, Karon 294 Larned, Lisa 351 Larraber, Mike 148 Larsen, Gary 380 Larsen, Kirsten 397 Larsen, Stephan 351 Larson, Becky 143 Larson, Eric 351 Larson, Mark 223 Larson, Ted 293 Larzelere, Valencia 224 Lasagna, Brian 276 Lasher, Jeff 222 Lasman, David 189 Lategano, Evening 193 Lattanzio, David 222, 255 Lattanzio Jr., David 351 Lau, Lingo 397 Laube, Anthony 182 Lauf, Chris 182 Laurence, Amy 167 Laurent, John 256 Laurino, David 148 Lauritzen, Scott 351 Lavance, Anne 397 Laver, Matt 204 Laves, Lauren 213 Lavine, Shaun Paul 223 Lavoritson, Lorry 294 Lawler, Jennifer 291 Lawrence, Alison 173 Lawrence, Tim 166 Lawritson, Lorry 199, 294 Lawyer, Jimmy 165 Lay, Christy 167 Layne, Kim 170 Lazaz, Jon 275 Le, Lisa 293 Le Compte, Gabi 179 Le Cours, Andrea 181 Le Messurier, Margaret 141 LeClerc, Dana 177 LeMessurier, Margaret 293 Lea, Lina 293 Leader, Betsy 170 Leadil, Tamula 397 Leahe, Sean 175 Leahy, Sean 351 Leal, Laura 254 Lease, Darin 230 Leatherman, Tori 119, 179 Leavens, Elaine 216, 258 Leavy, Khristian 276 Lebeter, John 397 Lebowitz, Marc 165 Lecompte, Carrie 216 Lecours, Andrea 213 Ledbett, Barry 1 1 1 Lederer, Christopher 255, 259 Lederman, Trisha 193 Ledesma, Jesus 397 Ledvina, Lisa 270 Lee, Chris 202 Lee, Christopher 351 Lee, Debbie 397 Lee, Denise 213 Lee, Doug 293 Lee, Eileen 222 Lee, Erica 216 Lee, Gail 272 Lee, Heeyeol 397 Lee, Hen-wen 293 Lee, James 272 Lee, Jamie 212, 254 Lee, Janis 397 Lee, Judy 259 Lee, Michelle 167 Lee, Thao 220 Lee, Wen-Hsiang 217, 257, 380 Lee, Wo-Lung 293 Leeds, Lindsey 193 Leedy, Lara 257 Leeson, Terri 164 Legaspi, Lisa 277 Lehrman, Elajoy 410 Leidner, Casey 224, 398 Leiker, Kretice 192 Leivian, Bob 174 Lejard, Francois 218 Lemme, Pam 257 Lemme, Pamela 277 Lemon, Dale 175 Lemon, Shelly 213 Lenezewski, Melissa 222 Lenkoff, Lana 115 Lentz, Casey 190 Lentz, Trisha 199 Leon, Larry 270 Leonard, John 410 Leonard, Kelly 369 Leos, James 369 Lepkee, Greg 171 Lerch, Mike 190 Lerner, Bruce 254 Lerner, Linda 279 Lerner, Robin 177 Lerude, Leslie 177 Leshowitz, Michael 351 Leslie, Lori 177 Leslie, Scott 150 Lett, Hillary 192 Leuba, Emily 278 Leve, Elise 193 Levenson, Brian 176 Leverant, Jamie 228 Levering, Chrissy 256, 294, 369 Levesque, Paul 230 Levin, Joe 176 Levin, Mark 176 Levin, Robyn 193 Levine, Jay 165 Levinos, Debbie 204 Levinson, Benjy 189 Levinson, Bryan 351 Levinson, Randy 196 Levinthal, Dan 189 Levitt, Craig 191 Levitt, Darrin 188 Levy, Alison 204 Levy, Cynthia 258 Levy, Dana 192 Lewellyn, Brad 351 Lewis, Andey 170 Lewis, Irina 257, 369 Lewis, Linda 119 Lewis, Mark 174 Lewis, Rob 197 Lewison, Shelley 164 Leyva, Jesus 351 Lezeau, Marianne 256, 257 Li, Jason 180,351 Li, Jenny 369 Liang, Jong Shing 410 Liao, Jen Chyi 410 Libby, Brent 171 Liebman, Ruth 204 Liefer, Ann 225 Lierurance, Jim 188 Liftmann, Mark 257 Light, Claire 293 Ligo, Jose 292 Lilley, Michelle 199, 223, 294 Lim, Elaine 293 Lim, Felda 257 Lim, Felida 216 Lim, Ralph 293, 351 Lim, Victor 292 Limon, Gloria 398 Lin, Hao-Jan 293 Lin, Jigeng 410 Lin, Kunyu 398 Lind, Jalee 173 Lindblad, Carl 351 Lindenberg, Kristi 221 Linder, Steve 1 1 6 Linderman, Tricia 177 Lindley, Jennifer 222 Lindner, Jenni 213 Lineweaver, Jeff 198 Link, Ken 277 Link, Tracy 146 Linn, Thomas 351 Liosatos, John 380 Liou, To-Hai 293 Lipetz, Lori 257 Lipinski, Alex 179 Lipman, Dave 194 Lipnitz, Christopher 398 Lipp, Eric 176 L ippman, Mike 191 Lippman, Steve 191 Lipschultz, Dave 176 Lipson, Rami 176 Lister, Jimmy 292 Litchfield, Matt 289 Litman, Steve 222 Littman, Ian 202, 351 Littmann, Marc 352 Litviak, Susan 299 Liu, Min-Hwei 257, 293 Liu, Shu-Ling 293 Liukkonen, Peter 216 Livermore, Caleb 220 Livingstion, Amy 127 Livingston, Doug 122 Lizardi, Len 204 Lizarraga, Dario 398 Llaauw, Sandy 279 Llewellyn, Don 277 Llyod, Leroy 217 Lobei, Joshua 271 Locke, Cami 164 Lockley, Kate 216 Lock wood, Todd 140 Lodestro, Tony 291 Lodge, Tom 176 Lodi, Qadir 380 Loeffler, Margaret 352 Lofquist, Jennifer 221 Lofton, Kenny 102, 104, 105 Loga, Joe 398 Logan, Edward 352 Logan, Natalie 222 Loh, Sau Chung 292 Lohmani, Lyle 204 Lolling, Keith 198 Lombandi, Doug 218 Lombard, Janice 203, 370 Long, Bill 194 Long, Brett 194 Long, George 279 Long, Josephine 212 Long, Keith 292 Long, Kevin 110 Long, Mark 196, 276 Long, Scott 1 88 Loomstein, Debra 204 Lopez, Aaron 119, 196 Lopez, Kimberly 263 Lopez, Lupita 220 Lopez, Mike 270 Lopez, Patty 143 Lopez, Ray 152 Lopez, Shane 178, 370 Lorentz, Dorene 290 Lorentzen, Julie 279 Lorenz, Tracy 222 Lorenzen, Julie 217 Loscialpo, Lisa 164 Loskutoff, Erinn 206 Lott, Bruce 141 Lou, Jack 398 Loubal, Dennis 271 Louis, Thomas 273 Lourant, Dean 205 Love, Mark 272 Loveland, Heather 205 Lovitch, Mike 166 Low, Hang 195 Lowdry, Tim 196 Lowe, Stacy 199 Lowery, Clyde 299 Lowery, Mike 254 Lowman, Andrew 261 , 398 Luber, David 229 Lubin, Justin 176 Lubke, D.J. 196 Lubody, Karen 170 Lucero, Charlie 292 Luciani, John 352 Ludwig, Cimmarron 222 Lueken, Joe 115 Lujan. Maria 398 Lujan, Patricia 352 Lujan, Patti 205 Luks, Jodi 21 1 Lum, Yeow Lam 292 Lumer, Mary 279 Luna-Ruiz, Jose 410 Lund, Tim 275 Lundberg, Thomas 262 Lundquist, Bear 171 Lunnen, Michelle 213 Lunsford, Bill 293 Lurie, Mark 162, 270 Lusk, Kelly 380 Lutz, El izabeth 352 Lydick, Guy 352 Lynch, Katie 179 Lyndes, John 145 Lynn, Shannon 173 Lyon, Kelli 352 Lyons, Jeff 133 Lyons, Mary 140 Lytle, Andy 191 M Ma, Goulin 279 Ma, Guolin 293 Mabnick, Alisa 259 Mabry, Traci 297 MacDonald, Alberot 270 MacDonald, Chris 398 MacDonald, Robert 370 MacDonell, Scott 290, 352 MacLennan, Grant 175 Macdonell, Scott 230 Macejak, Robert 370 Macias, Judee 291 Mack, Lezette 352 Mackenzie, Poppy 170 Mackoff, Andrew 202 Maclean, Kathryn 21 1 Macmanus, Daniel 229 Macy, Dan 137 Madden, Sean 352 Maddock, Maura 177 Mader, Christina 21 1 Madere, Danielle 170 Magee, Maggie 170 Maghini, Mark 290 Magidson, Emma 370 Mague, Brent 174 Mague, Brian 174 Mahaffe, Cherise 224 Mahamane, Ibrah 51 Mahemed, Emrbem 145 Mahmoud, Magid 51 Mahmoud, Majid 293 Mahoney, Kevin 270, 271 Mahoney, Naomi 292 Mahoney, Robert 196 Maidman, Kelly 270, 271 Maisto, Michelle 225, 352 Maiwald, Tagg 352 Majean, Nathan 352 Malarney, Bridget 170 Malatin, Jody 207 Malena, Jeff 290 Malghani, Naeem 223 Malik, Khalid 398 Maliniak, Michelle 295 Malkasian, George 202 Malkovitch, Kent 166 Mallard, Andi 170 M alley, Craig 218 Mallin, Mara 177 Malloy, Amy 170 Malm, Brian 140 Malm, Scotty 254, 257, 259, 294, 370 Malmros, Alissa 206 Mammo, Stacy 216, 257 Man, Sek Ong219 Manchester, Coleman 190 Mandala, Charlie 197 Mandala, Mike 197 Mandel, Amy 206 Mandel, Amy-Jocelyn 293 Mandigo, Glenn 180 Mane Smith, Kim 257 Manese, Eric 180 Mangan, Liddy 179 Mangelsdorf, Tom 398 Mangum, Ramona 217 Manja, Haslan 398 Mann, Kathy 170 Mann, Mike 189 Manno, Monica 167 Manross, Steven 352 Manseur, Theresa 179 Manson, Jeff 133 Manuchehri, Firouzeh 293 March, H.J. 162 Marchese, Lori 352 Marconi, Sharon 352 Mares, Alan 194 Margerum, Tami 199 Margolis, Jeff 176 Margraf, Holly 352 Marhoffer, Ronit 370 Marietti, Mona 177 Marin, Nadine 292, 352 Marino, Nicholas 274 Mark, John 175 Markee, Greg 352 Markee, Jeff 223, 293, 380 Markoski, Sonja 224 Marks, Maria 179 Marks, Randi 207 Marks, Tereza 257, 370 Marlatt, Mark 263 Marlatt, Melanie 263 Marosi, John 277 Marotta, Janine 257 Marquez, Christina 259 Marquez, Lea 279 Marquez, Leticia 352 Marquez, Rosemary 380 Marrapodi, Tricia 370 Mars, Mary 230 Marsh, Kristine 51, 266 Marsh, Kyle 166, 352 Marsh, Marianne 398 Marshall, Allen 326 Marshall, Brian 277 Marshall, Gaye Lynn 279 Marshall, Ron 290 Martelle, Craig 277 Marthens, Mike 194 Martin, Beth 134 Martin, Brad 291 Martin, Cliff 279, 352 Martin, Jennie 370 Martin, Jim 254 Martin, John 292 Martin, Julie 398 Martin, Kelly 181, 213 Martin, Kevin 182 Martin, Martha 398 Martin, Robert 290, 352 Martinez, Anna 298 Martinez, Dave 166 Martinez, Lisa 273 Martinez, Mike 148 Martinez, Pilar 352 Martinez, Richard 275 Martori, Joe 162 Martynec, Cheryl 398 Maruri, Fernando 188 Marvel, Kevin 398 Mascorro, Jose 279 Mason, Harvey 102, 107 Mason, John 191 Mass, Andy 176 Mass, Lee 192 Masters, Dana 380 Masune, Maria 258 Mather, Neil 222 Mathers, Meredith 164 Mathur, Archana 145 Mathur, Revindra 145 Matles, Robert 206, 272 Matlok, Staci 293 Matsumiya, Kenichi 352 Matsuo, Miyuki 207, 293 Matsuoka, Hiroki 293 Matteoni, Jim 178 Mattheiss, Michelle 370 Matthews, Chipper 398 Matthews, George 381 Matthews, Sam 278 Matthews, Samra 119 Matthews, Simon 148 Matusik, Andrew 206 Matzner, Robert 214 Maura, Juan 292 Maurer, Leanne 199 Maves, Doug 270, 271 Mawas, 0. 381 Mayer, Charisse 167 Mayer, Chris 277 Mayer, Lori 254 Mayhall, Stacey 398 Maynard, Ty 352 Mayo, Renae 179 Mayorga, Javier 292 Maza, Maria 292 Mazon, Mary 399 Mazon, Todd 191 Mazza, Janice 381 Mazzucco, John 218 McAndrews, Tony 102 McArthur, Dan 291 McArthy, Casey 196 McAurther, Paul 219 McBride. Carrie 352 McCallum. James 230, 352 McCallum, Jay 257 McCamey, Lori 257 McCann, Utu 271 McCarter, Scott 188 McCarthy, Casey 294 McCarthy, Dave 174 McCarthy, Pete 174, 256, 259 McCaw, Brad 269 McClanahan, Dave 195 McClanahan, Steve 196 McClean, Erin 173 McClellan, Paul 278 McClellen, Paul 220 McCliment, Michael 140 McCloud, Alex 148 McCollough, Dan 198 McCollough, Mike 198 McCord, John 277 McCormick, Alton 273 McCormick, Bob 183 McCormick, Kettie 212 McCowan, Tom 292 McCracken, Bridgette 193, 220 McCullough, Megan 399 McCune, Mark 381 McCutchen, Matthew 272, 352 McDaniel, Brett 133 McDaniel, Rick 290 McDermott, Marno 188 McDevitt, Dan 270, 271 McDonald, Jeff 229 McDonald, Kim 212 McDonald, Kimberly 399 McDonald, Mark 353 McDonald, Patrick 196 McElhattan, Dan 353 McEllen, Ed 228 McEllin, Edward 381 McEnaney, Andy 174 McEowen, Pam 261 McEuen, Kevin 178 McFarland, Kristine 204 McFarlane, Brent 262 McFarlin, Kat 203 McFarlin, Kathryn 370 McFetters, Scott 196 McGarvey, William 290 McGee, Patrick 277, 353 McGenee, Lael 212 McGibben, Kevin 218, 353 McGill, Mindy 173 McGinley, John 202 McGoldrick, John 353 McGolorick, John 221 McGourin, Dan 295 McGuire, Dan 178 McGuire, Jude 170 McGuire, M M 289 McGuire, Matt 290 McGuire, Ted 279 McGuire, Tom 269 McHargue, Lanny 289 McHenry, Peter 198 McHugh, Kristen 205 Mclntire, Michelle 256 Mclntosh, Joe 353 Mclver, Rob 133 McKechnie, Brian 182, 276, 353 McKechnie, Leslie 192, 204 McKee, Mandy 263 McKeever, Jennifer 211, 353 McKenna, Duana 289 McKenna, Kelly 192 McKenna, Kris 55, 297 McKenzie, John 272 McKenzie, Michael 290 McKenzie, Scott 229, 370 McKeon, Dennis 162 McKercher, Robert 217 McKinley, Lyle 223, 279 McKinney, Gwendolyn 399 McKnight, James 194, 296, 297, 381 McKnight, Kendell 325 McKone, Dan 197 McLachlan, Sean 289, 290 McLaughlin, Mary Ann 177 McLaughlin, Paul 353 McLaughlin, Robin 173 McLear, Mark 180 McLeod, Jamie 262 McMahon, Megan 164 McMahon, Palu 276 McMahon, Paul 370 McMillan, Craig 102 McMillan, Kent 178 McMillian, Lydia 370 McMutchen, Matt 222 McNa ' McNa McNa McNa McNe McNe McNe McNo McNu Mctt McRa McW! McW McW M Meat Wear Medf Medl Me Mac Meie Meie Meie Meie Meis Meie Melli Melt Ml Mek ME Mer Mer Mer Mer Mer Mer Met Mer Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me ME ME ME ME M; Mi Mi ME ME Mi Mf ME Mi Mi Mi Mil M Mi MIC Mic Mid Mi Mtt Wide Mifsi Mgd Miha Miko Wt Ml I II I J ' 02 McNabb, Rich 178 McNally, Cindy 263 McNamara, Steve 216 McNaughton, Jody 181 McNeal, Kelsey 353 McNeff, Sara 207 McNew, John 399 McNolt, Sheila 298 McNulty, Sheila 299 McNutt, Marcia 207 McQuaid, Mike 188 McQuillin, Gordon 273 McRae, John 182 McWherter, Stephanie 353 McWilliams, Maria 141, 205, 381 McWilliams, Mike 204 Mcfarlin, Katheryn 257 Mead, Martha 199, 279 Meantz, Amy 199 Medeacis, Kassandra 223 Medlin, Larry 174 Medrand, Samuel 353 Meicke, Raymond 276 Meier, Bob 194 Meier, Deedee 228 Meier, Robert 399 Meier, Terry 277 Meister, Matt 122, 196 Melendez, John 293 Mellison, Darcy 213, 256, 257, 279, 371 Mello, Jen 192 Mellow, Heather 164, 206 Melon, Melody 291 Melon, Mimi 291 Mendel, Ed 189 Mendell, Annie 167 Mender, Gary 191 Mendez, Gary 298 Mendler, Donald 276 Mendpza, Luis 353 Menei, Aaron 267 Meneke, Scott 137 Menges, Carolyn 207 Menke, Brent 196 Menner, Matt 218 Menzics, Graeme 148 Merchant, Lisa 259 Meredith, Kurt 216 Mergard, Lincoln 279, 293 Merger, Marilyn 224 Merill, Lee 191 Merino, John 148, 204 Merrell, Lisa 353 Merrell, Scott 183 Merrill, Cristina 179 Merrill, Janet 192 Mersiowsky, Andy 196 Mertz, Adam 220 Mervyn, Jason 270 Merz, Jenny 181 Metcalf, Tracey 170 Metz, Roxanne 291 Metzinger, Charisma 164 Meuller, Astrid 179 Meyer, Eileen 164 Meyer, Julie 127 Meyerhoeffer, Jason 133 Meyers, Amy 164 Meyers, Bob 223 Meyers, Karen 212 Meyers, Mike 223 Meyers, Stephanie 173 Mian, Humi 145 Micelli, Richard 370 Michael, Candi 258 Michael, Glenn 175 Michael, Rob 353 Michaels, Ari 353 Michaud, Michael 276 Michlitsc, Jason 223 Michpd, Rick 353 Micsion, Kristen 115 Middleton, Kent 146 Middleton, Patrick 276 Mifsud, Mario 277 Migdall, Greg 188 Mihalopoulos, George 239 Miko, Josette 256, 279 Milanese, Anmarie 225 Miles, Steven 223, 273 Milke, Chris 196 Millam, John 230, 370 Millar, Christie 353 Millard, Andy 174 Millard, Catherine 211 Miller, Alex 276 Miller, Allen 146 Miller, Amy 173 Miller, Brad 175 Miller, Brian 137 Miller, Charles 279 Miller, Cindi 278 Miller, Colin 370 Miller, Dan 267 Miller, Dave 269 Miller, Doug 189 Miller, Gabriela 270, 271 Miller, J.C. 175 Miller, Jody 116 Miller, Julia 199 Miller, Kate 167 Miller, Kathe 255 Miller, Kristen 353 Miller, Kristy 294 Miller, Meredith 170 Miller, Mike 183 Miller, Paula 170 Miller, Scott 370 Miller, Troy 166 Mills, James 275 Mills, Marcy 179 Millsap, Bob 196 Millstein, Adam 191 Mings, Mike 218 Minifie, Jen 164 Minnich, Lori 205 Mintz, Elysia 164 Minyard, Christopher 370 Miranda, Alfred 218 Mishad, Mike 216 Mishra, Junita 295 Mishra, Sangeeta 266 Mistak, Marc 176 Mitchell, Brad 188 Mitchell, Clay 190 Mitchell, Craig 214 Mitchell, Drew 221 Mitchell, Jeff 218 Mitchell, Kelley 228 Mitchell, Meg 127 Mitchell, Pat 148, 190 Mitchell, Reuben 255 Mitchell, Tarah 205, 353 Mitchell, Thomas 276 Mitela, Russell 290 Mitri, Jalal 353 Mitrick, Joe 178 Mitru, Kim 170, 214 Mitru, Kimberly 353 Miura, Takeshi 278 Miyamoto, Naomi 222, 292 Miyazaki, Sawako 219 Mizrahi, Elan 189 Mizuno, Hiroko 293 Mnichowicz, Matt 196 Mobula, Meta 410 Moezzi, Darius 259 Moff, Jaque 137 Mofti, Mutasim 293 Mogro, Stephanie R. 224 Mohamed, Mansour 399 Mohr, Michelle 216 Molin, Judith 257 Mollica, Jim 174 Moloff, Lisa 220 Molzahn, Andy 216 Monahan, Susan 254, 256 Monden, Hiromi 225 Mone, Eileen 353 Monheit, Michelle 164 Monks, Joe 174 Monroe, Debora 399 Monroe, Debra 274 Monroe, William 274, 275, 399 Monson, Lyle 228 Montaperto, David 276 Montegue, Stan 188 Montei, Virginia 276 Montgomery, Mike 133 Montilo, Danny 259 Monty, Diane 115 Mooney, Kelli 167 Moore, Clem 148, 174 Moore, Erin 353 Moore, Heather 199, 354 Moore, Jennifer 170, 354 Moore, Julie 177 Moore, Lesa 193 Moore, Renee 206 Moorehead, Kraven 354 Moormann, Tom 196 Moraga, Annette 255 Morales, Beatriz 219 Morales, Delia 293 Morales, Michael 399 Moran, Julio 145 Morba, Cristy 164 Moreno, Bryan 381 Moreno, Magdalena 262 Morfitt, Wendi 258 Morgan, Carter 196 Morgan, Jen 164 Morgan, Nathaniel 276 Mori, Teruyo 51 Mori, Truyo 225 Morley, George 298 Morley, Jennifer 222 Morris, Debra 207 Morris, Denise 164 Morris, Matt 166 Morris, Rob 183 Morris, Todd 122 Morrison, Brett 190 Morrison, Stuart 272, 26 Morse, Jenny 167 Mortensen, Andrew 255 Morton, Harrison 175 Morton, Jacelyn 167 Morton, Stephanie 354 Moscatel, Margaret 177 Moschonas, Tina 255 Moser, Nathan 354 Moser, Pete 204 Moses, Nanci 213 Mosh, David 204 Moss, Karen 204 Mosser, Kim 256 Motamedi, Mina 293 Motite, Claude 288 Mouaikel, Ed 262 Mouw, Philip 276 Moyers, Robyn 170 Moynahan, Kevin 399 Mqrublian, Ron 148 Mroch, Courtney 205 Mrsny, Captain 270 Muadz, Husni 410 Muehlebach, Matt 102, 107, 108 Muehrce, John 180 Mueller, Susan 179 Muff, Brian 221, 354 Muff, Jeannie 179 Mufti, Shaheen 266 Mulchay, John 354 Mulholland, Chris 179 Mulia, Zuber 221 Mullen Michael 276 Mullen Michelle 192 Muller, Valerie 279 Mullis, Todd 276 Mullvaney, Marcy 258 Mulvaney, Jim 188 Mummaw, Pamm 173 Mumola, Pete 222 Mun, Patrick 198 Munies, Martha 225 Muniz, Dan 294 Munoz, Alex 269, 291 Munson, Arvid 354 Munzinger, Kurt 175 Murad, Nicole 354 Murdick, Richard 162, 370 Murdock, Craig 219 Mureiko, Paul 257 Murphy, Bob 257 Murphy, Chrissy 212 Murphy, Dave 188 Murphy, James 399 Murphy, Mike 174 Murphy, Missy 213 Murphy, Paula 181 Murphy, Susan 217 Murphy, Vicky 278 Murphy, William 354 Murray, Chris 119 Murray, Dave 119 Murray, Dennis 228 Musgrove, Mark 166 Musil, John 354 Must, Ryan 166 Mustafawi, Hakeem 50 Mutch, Bob 222 Muth, Lisa 257, 399 Muzzy, Steve 178 Myer, Alex 257 Myers, Brett 354 Myers, Cheryl 211 Myers, Robin 354 Myethen, Steve 145 Mylek, Renee 257, 354 Myloyde, Fred 291 Naanes, Cheryl 211 Nadir, Nadeem 223 Nadoleky, Michael 273 Nafarrate, Ramiro 276 Nafzger, Wade 381 Nagel, Brian 292, 370 Nagy, John 354 Nagy, Matt 218 Nahoom, Neal 165 Naimo, Julie 220 Nakamura, Shelly 212 Nanberg, Stevie 189 Nance, Michael 275 Naranjo, Greta 127 Nash, Terry 290 Nason, Michael 137 Nasser, Ted 223 Nathan, Darin 165 Natividad. Jose 410 Navaso, Greg 166 Nechtman, Warren 165 Needham, Amy 173 Neel, Jennifer 381 Neigocki, Tim 279 Neil, Theresa 167, 223 Nelsh, Tracy 206 Nelson, Alex 197 Nelson, Amy 221 Nelson, Andy 188 Nelson, Brett 198 Nelson, Carolina 370 Nelson, Charles 191 Nelson, Claes 293 Nelson, David 218 Nelson, James 273 Nelson, Jeff 183 Nelson, Jill 173 Nelson, Kevin 119 Nelson, Laurie 179 Nelson, Melody 205 Nelson, Mike 292 Nelson, Pam 279 Nelson, Stacy 220 Nelson, Steve 223 Nelson, Sue 177 Nelsson, Claes 410 Nemeth, Meg 256, 257, 258 Nersveen, Daniel 354 Neuer, Kelli 199 Nevers, Cheryl 381 New, Justin 174 Newell, Corey 223 Newell, Doris 225 Newell, Matt 221 Newkirk, Shelly 278 Newman, Dara 291 Newman, Eric 176 Newman, Kevin 137, 191 Newman, Kirk 191 Newman, Robin 179 Newman, Ted 399 Ng, Gusana 293 Ngoy, Mutamba 140 Nguyen, Bell 258 Nguyen, Phuong 399 Nicas, Gabrielle 292, 299 Nicholas, Mark 275 Nicholas, Suzanne 199 Nicholson, Kris 214 Nicholson, Michael 274 Nickl aus, Greg 291 Nicolson, Brian 370 Nicoluzakis, Steffani 212 Niederauer, Chris 183 Niegocke, Dann 279 Nielsen, Dave 196 Nielsen, Mark 354 Niemann, Scott 354 Nies, John 97 Nights, Lee 257 Nilsen, David 381 Nishida, Masato 204 Nisius, Greg 291 Niswender, Cari 170 Niwa, Kaesumi 278 Nixon, Noel 173 Noah, Craig 354 Nobe, Steve 238 Nochumson, Craig 354 Nokes, John 274 Nold, Mark 178 Nolen, Peter 190 Noller, Kim 203 Nolta, Amy 173 Nomani, Amir 354 Noon, Zena 164 Noppenberg, Jeffrey 354 Nordby, Gene 262 Nordmeyer, Matt 141, 206 Norling, Pamela 215 Northrop, Sterrin 354 Norton, Ed 223 Norwich, Fred 197 Notgrass, Alan 270 Nott, Susan 119, 354 Novak, Jason 206 Nowak, James 180 Nunamaker, Jill 167, 354 Nunez, Mark 194 Nurczyk, Denise 21 1 Nutt, Kim 181 Nzalaus, Greg 259 o O ' Blonsky, Eran 165 O ' Brian, Brendon 171 O ' Brien, Jeff 400 O ' Brien, Kelly 206 O ' Brien, Pam 167 O ' Brien, William 221 O ' Connell, Sean 217 O ' Connor, Kathleen 277 O ' Connor, Paul 146 O ' Day, Robert 316 O ' Dord, John 191 O ' Dowd, John 259 O ' Dowd, London 188 O ' Hanning, Kirk 146 O ' Hara, Kathy 212 O ' Hara, Pat 182 O ' Kelly, Erin 225 O ' Kief, Coley 197 O ' Laughlin, Brian 257, 261 O ' Melia, Amy 173 O ' Neil, Colleen 181 O ' Neil, Kevin 102 O ' Neill, John 204 O ' Neill, Siobhan 230, 290, 370 O ' Sullivan, Terri 199 O ' Connel, Brian 148 Oakes, Courtney 293 Oatman, Mary 212 Obereiner, James 289 Oberholtzer, Kirsten 170, 294 Ocdre, Chris 191 Ochoa, Edward 273 Ochoa, Xavier 148, 202, 262 Odenweller, Richard 400 Odgers, Matt 188 Odio, Ronald 292, 400 Oelze, John 191 Oharra, James 273 Ohl, Alison 220, 294, 381 Ohme, Chris 183 Ohms, Julie 181 Okabayashi, Jack 354 Okada, Kosho 293 Olander, Pat 278 Olaughlin. Brian 381 Olberg, Dan 146 Olberhottzer, Kirsten 256 Oldham, C.R. 257 Oldham, Charles 370 Oldham, Derek 204 Oldt, Jeff 178 Oleson, Susan 370 Olexsak, Ron 222 Olivas, Elaine 212 Oliver, Bobby 228 Oliver, Ladonna 370 Oliver, Lisa 370 Oliver, Rob 217 Olkowski, June 127 Olmstead, Katherine 354 Olsen, Anna 164 Olsen, Dale 146 Olsen, Derek 272 Olsen, Garth 188 Olsen, Scott 381 Olson, Brian 202 Olson, Dale 197 Olson, Derek 272 Olson, Doug 188 Olson, Erik 195 Olson, Karen 173 Olson, Lute 102, 105 Olson, Mari 297 Olson, Michael 148 Olson, Mike 133 Olson, Robin 293 Olson, Susan 167 Olson, Tina 177 Olson, Trina 177 Olstad, Patty 136 Oluer, Mario 271 Olvera, Mario 270 Onate, Jaime 220 Onate, Jamie 354 Ondrejka, Paul 400 Ong, Tim 148 Onstead, Tim 257 Oppenheimer, Steve 400 Orchard, Jennifer 223 Orcutt, Tammy 204 Orf, Katie 192, 256 Orlich, Todd 216 Orlick, Amee 167 Ornstein, Susan 164 Ortega, Ynes 410 Osborn, Marc 178 Osborne, Robert 218 Osburn, David 400 Osorio, Ken 257, 371 Osorio, Lauren 254 Osumi, Scott 182 Oswald, Lisa 173 Ota, Atsuko 292 Otero, Eddie 198 Othick, Matt 102 Othman, Nizam 400 Otis Hodge, Maggie 255 Otsuka, Hisao 278 Otte , Pamela 256 Otte, Valerie 164 Ottey, Melissa 193 Otzen, Christian 272 Overland, Eddie 257 Overland, Jon 257 Owsley, Fred 222, 271 P Pace, John 371 Pace, Marc 195, 223 Pacioni, Ron 162, 354 Page, Rebecca 21 1 Paine, Hobart 371 Paisley, Lauren 173 Paitts, Susan 259 Pakka, John 217 Pal, Darren 222 Palacio, Patricia 294 Palant, Brian 188 Paling, Cami 223 Palko, John 400 Pallasch. Mike 202 Palma, Amy 173 Palmatier, Jay 127 Palmer, Jennifer 354 Panelli, Manuela 136 Pang, Derek 216 Pang, Edmund 256 Pankinson, Steve 259 Pantoja, Mark 217 Paoletti, Cherelle 371 Papa, Patrick 222 Papciak, Chris 173 Papetti, Randy 174, 254 Papol, Vincent 229 Pappas, Gretchen 212 Pardede, Ferdinad 355 Pardo, Tracey 400 Paredes, Lois 292 Park, John 175 Park, Steven 355 Parker, Anita 181 Parker, Ann 254 Parker, Don 216 Parker, Erin 170 Parker, Jason 279 Parker, Julie 199 Parker, Melissa 206 Parker, Mike 119 Parker, Pete 1 80 Parker, Philip 291 Parker, Stu 176 Parker, Vince 1 82 Parks, Alphonso 355 Parmele, Russell 122 Parmelee, Barbara 221 Parrish, Bryan 291, 355 Parrish, Rodney 273 Parrish, Tami 207 Parten, Ty 202 Parvey, Kim 177 Pasek, Amy 177 Pasik, Michael 214 Pasquier, Mia 270 Paton, Laura 173 Patriache, Kindra 221 Patriarche, Kindra 355 Patterson, Amy 192 Patterson, Jacki 181 Patterson, Jasen 166 Patterson, John 400 Patterson, John R. 261 Patterson, Michael 355 Patterson, Tom 257 Patton, Lori 199 Patton, Mary 382 Paul, Drew 197 Paul, Jason 326, 355 Paulik, Jeff 207 Paulson, Mark 371 Pavlik, Jeff 182 Pavone, Dave 174 Pawlikowski, Dennis 148 Paxton, Carla 400 Paxton, Valerie 355 Payne, Jenell 355 Payne, John 371 Payton, Matthew 355 Peabody, Myron 255 Pearlman, Grenda 164 Pecar, Mark 137 Pecha, Mark 202 Peck, Claudia 215, 355 Peck, Mara 193 Peck, William 400 Pedegana, Rob 191 Pedersen, Joel 275 Pederson, Mike 174 Pederson, Suchat 273 Pedraza, Claudia 215 Peed, Candy 400 Pegelow, Debi 177 Pehrson, Lisa 199, 213 Peling, Davik 276 Pella, Janene 192 Pella, Stacy 173 Pelletier, David 262 Pember, Patty 215 Pena, Christian 132, 133 Pena, Lissa 230 Pendergrass, Cheryl 230, 256 Penee, Brian 220 Penland, Laura 173 Penson, Jenny 222 Penta, Jim 259 Peralta, Carlos 382 Percari, Nancy 145 Percario, Nancy 21 1 Perello, Rich 255 Perez, Christie 181 Perez, Craig 194 Perez, John 188 Perez, Maria 270 Perham, Tim 289 Perkins, Cindy 228, 279 Perkins, Eric 228 Perkins, Kari 279 Perkins, Paul 355 Perkins, Rick 255 Perlmutter, Phil 216 Perlmutter, Philip 355 Pern, Dung-Ching 293 Pernell, Sally 173 Pernerewski, Mark 288 Perptti, Dave 204 Perrish, Jennifer 215 Perry, Dawn 290 Perry, Peter 278 Pershall, Monica 257, 371 Persi, Steve 197 Person, Ray 222 Peshek, Chris 191 Pesin, Melanie 257 Peters, David 218 Peters, Lisa 164, 295 Peters, William 271, 382 Petersen, Danny 271 Peterson, Christopher 204 Peterson, Greg 148 Peterson, Hayley 164 Peterson, Paige 175 Peterson, Robbi 275 Peterson, Stacey 204 Petit, Craig 178 Petito, Anthony 196 Petullo, Scott 190 Petullo, Steve 190 Petz, Jennifer 203 Pezeau, Marianne 279 Pfeiter, Gail 272 Pfoff, Becky 220 Pfoff, Rebecca 355 Phalen, Kathy 179 Phelps, Dawn 213 Phillips, Blake 206 Phillips, Carrie 179 Phillips, Cathy 199 Phillips, Janai 181 Phillips, Jay 188 Phillips, Lori 192, 382 Phillips, Robert 273 Phillips, Tim 196 Philo, Leonard 275 Phinney, Lucirn 293 Phipps, Joe 204 Phippsberg, Joseppi 189 Piar, Diane 225 Piazza, Tom 183 Picard, Brett 271 Pickard, Brian 355 Piechota, Ania 221 Pierce, Clark 202 Pierce, Donald Jr. 355 Pierce, Mike 175 Pierson, Chamois 220, 355 Pilch, Anita 293, 400 Pilch, Jeffrey 355 Pillai, Suresh 262 Pina, Martin 410 Pine, Steve 189 Pinnacle, Hitchcock 281 Pino, Jan 212 Pinto, Phil 194 Piper, Krissy 167 Piraino, Gregory 400 Pitchford, Raquel 170 Pitrat, Tony 270 Pittiglio, Brad 221, 355 Pitts, Barrie 230, 255, 257, 355 Plache, Ken 175 Plachecki, Laura 299 Planto, Phil 371 Planto, Robert 148 Platt, Susan 382 Plaza, Maria 263 Pleasant, Lisa 228 Pleggenkuhle, Robyn 216 Plescia, Allison 199 Plescia, Gina 199 Plummer, Meg 223 Podewell, David 355 Podewell, Kathleen 355 Podobnik, Kim 223 Podwell, David 291 Podwell, Kathleen 291 Pokorny, Misha 215 Polakowski, Bill 218 Polakowski, William 400 Polheber, Laura 355 Poling, Crystal 164 Poling, Greg 218 Politico, Josie 164 Polk, Laura 181 Polk, Sandy 193 Pollen, Tricia 167 Polley, Beverly 400 Polokawske, Bill 272 Polston, Scott 180 Pond, Danielle 355 Pones, Frank 400 Poole, Christopher 356 Poole, Glenn 216 Pooley, Steve 171 Poore, Garrick 166 Poore, Geric 356 Popper, Alicia 164 Pordell, Paran 207 Porter, Cate 181 Porter, Chris 183 Porter, Nancy 181 Porter, Tony 140 Portnoy, David 299 Possehl, Jeff 150, 178 Post, Donald 263 Poteet, Lee 279, 356 Poteet, Stuart 279 Potter, Cori 221 Potter, Corilynn 279 Potts, Deana 279 Potts, Leah 279 Poulin, Jeff 356 Powell, Adam 356 Powell, Josett 258 Powell, Kristi 164 Powell, Velma 382 Power, Rachel 294 Powers, Dede 181 Powers, Stephanie 230 Powers, William 276 Poynton, John 194, 202 Poysky, Kim 170 Prath, Eric 150 Pratt, Jerry 299 Pravse, Michael 204 Preest, Jenny 164, 356 Prefontaine, Clair 293 Prefontaine, Claire 356 Prentice, Craig 279 Price, Cheryl 51, 223 Price, Dan 197 Price, Dani 192 Price, Debbie 21 1 Price, Holly 179, 382 Primo, Robert 276 Prinz, Loreen 263, 400 Prochello, Tom 175 Prosserm, Jason 150 Protass, Rob 174 Provencio, Paul III 356 Prudler, Leslie 177 Pruitt, Matt 218, 277 Pruter, Suzan 167 Pryzbicien, Candice 216 Pshak, Judy 224, 400 Puga, Joanna 170 Pugana, Candice 271 Pugh, Jim 202 Pugh, Lynn 401 Pugh, Mark 401 Pulicicchio, Mark 223 Puma, Donna 193 Purcell, Ben 127 Purcell, Ted 188 urington, Scott 270 Purinton, Dianne 192 Purtell, Colleen 356 Putthoff, Michelle 181 Putz, Jennifer 263 Puyana, Candice 270 Pyatt, Sean 271 Pyle, Dave 202 Pyle, Scott 205 Qeubedeaux, Rachel 167 Quade, John 119 Quam, Mark 197 Quigley, Lisa 254 Quillin, Tim 270 Quinlan, Jack 271 Quinn, Chris 218 Quinn, Elizabeth 356 Quinn, Kristie 228 Quintero, Bernard 262, 401 Quinterp, Francisco 41 1 Qureshi, Arshad 401 Qureshi, Lubna 401 Qutu, Tony 401 Rabago, Vincent 217 Raddatz, Mark 178 Radke, Susan 179 Rady, Margo 356 Raffo, Staci 170 Ragasa, Frank 371 Rager, Rick 254 Ragghianti, Matt 204 Ragland, Jennifer 254 Rahman, Zia 411 Raimondi, Bob 223 Rainer, John 175 Raisler, John 162 Rajanen, Scott 222 Rakieten, Emily 293 Rakieten, Michael 293 Rakshit, Ananda 411 Ram, Bali 293 Ramano, Missy Jo 257 Ramasike, M ' Athotoame 356 Ramaut, Keith 221 Ramirez, Jesus 356 Ramirez, Luis 140 Ramirez, Mark 274 Ramirez, Yvette 257 Ramone, Anthony 166 Ramos, Camille 292 Rana, Angelo 165 Randell, King 411 Randolph, Meri 382 Randolph, Wright 198 Raney, Aaron 174 Rankin, Laura 371 Ransford, Beth 279 Ransom, Michelle 204 Ranus, Jody 382 Rapp, Joel 180 Rasadore, Debby 41 1 Rasche, Eric 166 Rascon, Carlos 275 Rasmus, Dan 175 Rasmussen, Dave 216 Raspol, Tario 140 Ratajczak, Barbara 371 Ratcliff, Terry 222 Rather, Ashley 164 Ratley, Emily 213 Ratliff, Christopher 356 Ratner, Stuart 155 Rauch, Julia 256 Rauch, Julie 181 Ravitz, Ashley 167 Ray, Jason 356 Ray, Larry 116 Ray, Mark 293 Raymond, Beth 279 Rayner, Kris 167 Razon. Julie 401 Rea, Michelle 213 Read, Tamara 356 Reah. Elaine 401 Real, Bethann 215 Reasner, Heather 181 Reasoner, Joanne 223 Reber, Hope 356 Recely, Morgan 170 Rechichar, Bruce 205 Rechichor, Bruce 356 Reckman, Amy 170 Redeihs, John 143 Redhair, Banni 125 Redheffer, George 178, 401 Redlin, Raquel 382 Redondo, Stacy 116 Reed, Cheri 279 Reed, Joel 218 Reed, Kenneth 293 Reed, Scott 279 Reed, Tamara 269 Reed, Tim 270 Reed, Tony 218 Reel, Karen 259, 279 Reely, Ryan 178 Ref, Ron 188, 299 Regener, John 146 Reichert, Steffani 181 Reid, Amy 164 Reid, April 223, 382 Reid, Chris 175 Reid, Cris 356 Reid, Danielle 193 Reid, Kris 202 Reill, Tony 272 Reilley, Dianne 206 Reilly, Karen 167 Reilly. Mathew 275 Reiman, Adam 191 Reiman, Steven 256 Reimer, Marty 181 Reimers, Jerry 194 Rein, Debbie 193 Rein, Udo 289 Reines, Craig 206, 356 Reinhardt, Paul 382 Reinosa, Nilda 273, 356 Reinsdorf, John 165 Reinsdorf, Michael 165 Reiss, Angelica 293 Reiss, Angelika 356 Reiter, Dorothy 263 Reitman, Andie 167 Rejba, Mindy 272 Relph, Steve 228 Remington, Scott 259 Remmington, Christine 179 Remmington, Scott 175 Remo, Tara 170 Rempe, Glenn 275 Randall, Diana 115 Rendon, Jorge 122, 123 Reneker, Sarah 225 Renfro, Darcy 164 Renfro, Maria 222 Renner, Philip 401 Renteria, Anita 207 Rentzsch. Kevin 291 , 356 Resch, Paul 272, 279 Resnick, Erik 218 Resnick, Rachel 356 Resnick, Stephanie 193 Retterer, Debbi 177 Rex, Scott 230 Reynolds, Becki 181 Reynolds, Collins 277 Reynolds, Paul 175 Rhoades, Bruce 279 Rhodes, Emily 225 Rhodes, Nancy 199 Riccelli, Brian 166 Rice, Charlice 173 Rice, Leigh Anne 179 Rice, Matt 188, 218 Rice, Scott 188 Rice, Tamara 206 Rich, Heather 173 Rich, Ken 269 Rich, Michael 371 Richard, Renee 257 Richard, Tim 261 Richards, Steve 197 Richardson, Bill 289 Richardson, Jim 113 Richardson, Julie 207, 356 Richardson, Kenneth III 371 Richardson, Michelle 401 Richardson, Ronald 356 Richman, Karla 257 Richter, Diane 257 Richter, Michael 291 Rickerson, Juleen 257 Riddle, Julie 199, 356 Ridge, Jen 213 Ridgway, Brett 162 Ridgway, Nancy 257 Riebe, Debbie 192 Riebe, Rebecca 207 Riess, Angelika D. 51 Riffle, C. Scott 401 Rigali, Chris 225 Rigwan. liana 230 Riley, Robin 203 Rillos, Ruben 292 Rinde, Adam 197 Rindels, Sheila 21 1 Rinegimer, David 356 Ringsby, Alex 191 Rink, Brian 171 Rink, Gary 175 Rink, Linnea 212 Rios, Lou 224, 258, 279, 402 Rios, Paul 166 Rios, Shawn 356 Rippy, Betty 179 Ristedt, David 271 Ritacco, Millie 173 Ritchey, Kevin 204 Rittoff, Jamie 205, 356 Rivas, Tim 371 Rivera, lleana 263 Rivera, John 271 Rivera, Stephanie 383 Roach, Angela 230 Roach, Angie 278 Roberts, Christopher 276 Roberts, Christy 204 Roberts, Cindy 219 Roberts, Cooper 197 Roberts, Eric 175 Roberts, Matt 207 Roberts, Matthew 357 Roberts, Stacey 193, 204 Roberts, Steve 220 Robertson, Diane 357 Robeson, Carolyn 212 Robinson, Anne 199, 357 Robinson, Brett 191 Robinson, Ed 166 Robinson, Krista 143 Robinson, Todd 279 Robison, Eric 137 Robison, Rob 190 Rochford, Kathleen 298 Rock, Dalia 291 Rodarte, Mary-Loly 357 Rodarte, Maryloly 212 Rodda, Katherine 383 Roddier, Dominique 371 Roddier, Mirelle 357 Roddier, Nicolas 402 Rodgers, Robert 221 Rodina, Dan 261 Rodnar, Anthony 218 Rodriguez, David 357 Rodriguez, Mario 357 Rodriguez, Ralph 275 Rodwell, Kristin 181 Roeber, Candy 170 Roeder, Karen 21 1 Roeder, Kristin 206, 357 Roever, Scott 180 Roffman, Linda 179 Rogers, Chris 279 Rogers, Emily 206 Rogers, Randy 357 Rogers, Rich 180 Rohaly, Kenneth 293 Rohrbacher, Kim 212 Rohrbahcer, Kimberly 371 Rojas, Kurt 166 Rolff, Laura 222 Roll, Kerri 257 Roloson, Bob 191 Romano, Don 191 Romero, Catherine 357 Romero, Veronica 383 Romley, Kathi 179 Romo, Maria 292 Roney, Bill 191 Rooks, Sean 102, 108 Rooney, Dave 269 Roosen, Laura 257 Root, Robert 148 Roque de Escobar, Giselle 222 Rosario, Francisco 275 Rosario, Frank 220 Rosas, Barb 206 Rose, Gregg 207 Rose, Kristel 179 Rose, Sabina 212 Rosely, Steve 176 Rosenberg, Bill 290 Rosenberg, Daryl 165 Rosenberg, Glenn 152 Rosenberg, Jon 165 Rosenberg, Melanie 193 Rosenberg, Nicole 357 Rosenberg, Susan 193, 357 Rosenblatt, Alexis 173 Rosenblatt, Delia 211, 257, 279, 383 Rosenblum, Howard 402 Rosenblum, Rachel 193 Rosenfeld, Jason 357 Rosenquist, Karin 230 Rosensimon, Barbara 299 Rosett, Ryan 176 Ross, Brady 167 Ross, Greg 196 Ross, Keith 188 Ross, Kerri 177 Ross, Peter 176 Ross, Tiffanie 204 Rossen. Bret 220 Rossiter, Jennifer 170 Rossman, Michele 402 Roth, Dawn 357 Roth, Ellen 177, 295 Roth, Karen 257 Rothbart, Nancy 205 Rothberg, Jami 164 Rothbut, Nancy 164 Rothwell, Stacy 205 Rotondo. Anna 224 Rotundo, Anna 258 Roubal, Shawn 266, 269, 371 Rouder, Mitch 228 Rouder, Rich 182 Rouen, Greg 288 Roussos, George 175 Routi, Vicki 170 Rower, Nancy 272 Rowland, James 195, 357 Rowland, Megan 177 Roy, Shirley 162 Roybal, John 402 Roys, Mark 276 Rubble, Barney 223 Rubens, Jason 202 Rubenstein, Maria 193 Rubenstein, Michelle 383 Rubin, Gabby 207 Rubin, Jennifer 204 Rubin, Lisa 207 Rubin, Mark 191 Rubinow, Brent 272 Rubinroit, Amy 357 Rubinstein, Joey 176 Ruder, Kevin 275 Rudman, Zachary 254 Rudolph, Jen 221 Rudolph, Jennifer 220 Rudow, Jill 213 Rudy, Tim 277 Rudzinski, Amy 289, 357 Ruedeman, Dave 166 Ruedy, Deanne 170 Ruffin, Brenda 228 Ruffin, Sarah 206 Rugg, Steve 230 Ruiz, Anna 179 Ruiz, Diana 357 Ruiz, Paul 279 Ruiz, Tony 298 Running, Christina 181 Rush, Mike 148 Rusiecki, Dannitlle 217 Russ, Blake 122 Russell, Craig 277 Russell, Jeff 293 Russell, Phillip 262 Russell, Scott 182 Rust, Mandley 217 Rust, Mandly 272 Rustad, Jill 357 Rustan, Trent 175 Rutledge, Sherri 225 Ryan, Dan 194 Ryan, Kevin 188, 275 Ryan, Stephanie 170, 216 Rychlyk, Tracyanne 371 s Sachs, Kelly 164 Sachson, Seth 176 Sacks, Charles 175 Saffran, Jason 220 Safieh, William 270, 357 Sagastune, Marta-Karin 383 Saichan, Kanitta 293 Saken, Jennifer 212 Sakoun, Nicole 357 Sakrison, Holly 177 Sakrison, John 148 Saks, Glenn 176, 357 Salah, Maher 402 Salaway, Beth 193 Salazar, Pete 288 Salazar, Rosa 258 Salber, Jason 119 Salcido. Stephanie 116 Salem, Dino 171 Salkowski, Joe 299 Sally, Chris 194 Salmonson, Craig 275 Salt, Bryant 259 Salter. Carrie 215 Salwani Wan Yusof, Wan 50 Salway, Beth 357 Sammon, Stephanie 192 Sampanes, James John 217 Sampanes, Jim 371 Sampanes, Vesta 402 Sampones, Jim 291 Samuel, Brice 291, 297, 358 Samuels, Geoff 195 Samuels, Lisa 173 Samuels, Rob 178 Samuelson, James 402 Sanchez, Cindy 291 Sanchez, Lawrence 402 Sander, Jennifer 179 Sander, Jodi 256 Sander, Jodie 294 Sander, Kathy 216 Sanders, Carla 164 Sanders, Gail 164 Sanders, Jay 176, 358 Sanders, Karen 164 Sanders, Lauren 411 Sandier, Jenifer 170 Sandier, Rob 176 Sandier, Samantha 383 Sandoval, Paul 358 Saneholtz, Jennifer 211 Sanford, Jody 383 Sanft, Izzy 175 Sangiacomo, Stacy 213 SantaCruz, Andrew 271 Santos, Dina 358 Sarabhai, Mohal 358 Sarabia, Mike 188 Saroni, Dominic 194 Sato, Hidetaka 205 Satterthwaite, Tom 178 Saucedo, Marco 295, 402 Sauer, Joe 146 Sauer, Manuel 358 Saunders, Jennifer 214 Savage, Elizabeth 358 Savage, Kim 207 Sawer, Tom 299 Sawyer, Emily 177 Sawyer, Nathan 191 Sawyer, Tom 275 Saxe, Kevin 176 Scanlon, Becky 221 Scanlon, Erin 181 Sceller, Ginnie 116 Schaad, Sandy 164 Schaefer, Harold 293 Schafer, David 383 Schaffer, Caral 170 Schauble, Darren 143 Schauble, Darrin 294 Schauer, James 358 Schecter, John 217 Scher, Marc 358 Scherb, Marilyn 293 Scherotter, Michael 358 Scnettk, Jeff 146 Scheyli, Karen 213 Schilk, Mike 174 Schill, Craig 402 Schill, Suzanne 164 Schindehette, Rich 174 Schindette, Rob 174 Schirach, Jarradvon 291 Schischa, Tamara 164 Schlabs, Tami 164, 371 Schlegel, Laura 164 Schlegel, Suzi 164 Schlender, Diana 164 Schlenker, Paul 194 Schlicting, Laura 206 Schlifke, Lou 176 Schlossberg, Beck! 192 Schlossberg, Margo 170 Schmaltz, Chris 207 Schmeiser, Stacey 179 Schmid, Shannon 213 Schmid, Udo 289 Schmidt, Rachel 358 Schmikt, Erich 277 Schmit, Brad 171 Schmitt, Mike 190 Schmoker, Donna 289 Schneider, Dirk 221 Schneider, John 191 Schneider, Meredith 192 Schneider, Merry 212 Schneider, Rob 197 Schneider, Tania 115 Schnek, Lee 197 Schnurpfeil, Noelle 115 Schoenherr, Jerry 174 Schollars, Todd 218, 272 Scholssberg, Rebecca 383 Schouten, Darlene 371 Schrage, Marie 358 Schramm, Ronald 402 Schreiber, Jim 190 Schrer, Andy 171 Schreyer, James 371 Schroeder, Candace 292 Schroeder, Heather 214 Schroeder, Mike 166 Schroeder, Pete 206 Schroll, Janet 199 Schrott, Eric 207, 275 Schubert, William Jr. 358 Schuler, Cari 199 Schulman, David 165 Schulman, Jessica 213 Schultheis, Lisa 216 Schultz, Bobbi 222 Schultz, LaDonna 223 Schultz, Mike 182 Schultz, Roberta 358 Schumaker, Dave 196 Schumaker, Jim 196 Schwab, John 198 Schwald, Samuel 371 Schwall, Brendon 272 Schwartz, Joey 257, 293 Schwartz, Jon 165 Schwartz, Josef 230, 256, 259, 371 Schwartz, Leslie 173 Schwartz, Rich 165 Schwartz, Stephanie 179 Schwartz, Susan 170 Schwarze, Tom 175 Schweiger, Scott 182 Scimone, L. Clariza 372 Scolnik, Meryl 193 Sconti, Paul 291 , 372 Scott, Amy 294 Scott, Andrea 204, 270 Scott, Brett 358 Scott, Danielle 125 Scott, Evonne 127, 217 Scott, Greg 137 Scott, Joycelyn 217 Scott, Lori 179 Scott, Roland 358 Scott, Stephanie 255 Scowley, Christine 167, 299 Scrivano, Christopher 402 Seader, Amy 206 Seal, Andrew 358 Sealy, Randy 277 Sedeora, Raj 217, 259 Seder, Dren 165 Sedik, Joan 383 Segawa, Mark 292 Sego, Sam 229 Segura, Renee 225 Seidel, Annette 164 Seidman, Sondra 179, 211 Seigel, Steve 176 Seketa, Ron 402 Selander, Dave 204 Selander, David 358 Selby, Elke 199, 402 Seldess, Brian 165 Selig, Scott 176 Selzer, Amy 212 Selznick, Sanford 222 Semchyshyn, Lara 21 1 Semel, Ron 202 Semler, Bernie 119 Semon, Thad 228 Senator, Jacqueline 179 Senevitatne, Sujeeva 145 Sessions, Brent 290 Seto, April 293, 358 Seto, Jimmy 292, 293, 358 Settle, Amber 257 Settle, Tanya 383 Settlemeier, Weston 191 Setzdorn, David 273 Sever, Jeff 297, 372 Severino, Mike 228 Seward, Marci 204, 358 Sexton, Major 270 Seyer, Scott 194 Seyler, Owen 198 Sgrillo. Alexia 204 Shaath, Kamal 358 Shackman, Darren 176 Shaeaei, Salmanal 293 Shafer, Beth 21 1 Shafer, David 221, 273, 358 Shaff, Steve 182, 358 Shaffer, Kathryn 224 Shaffer, Noelle 164 Shah, Arman 291 Shah, Hetal 202, 257 Shah, Manish 291 Shaieb, Dave 165 Shaikh, Muhammad 214 Shain, Mike 165 Shake, David 275 Shakir, Malikah 214, 292 Shamblott, Scott 358 Shamsi, Yousif 402 Shane, Jill 225 Shanklin, Steve 218 Shanks, Christ! 223 Shanton, Kim 192 Shapiro, B.J. 191 Shapiro, Tracy 143 Sharma, Dilli 358 Sharman, Julie 263 Sharp, Daniel 358 Sharp, Ken 272 Shaver, Staci 173 Shea, Maureen 256 Sheafe, Scott 358 Shearn, Rochelle 383 Shedd, Gina 167 Sheehan, Maureen 167 Sheehey, Walter 194 Sheehy, James 270 Sheehy, Jim 216 Sheets, Todd 358 Shefferly, Dave 178 Shefferly, David 358 Shelby, John 223 Shelton, Mike 291 Shelton, Paul 272, 273 Shelton, Terri 193 Shelven, Pat 190 Shepard, Brian 257 Shepher, Ofer 162 Shepherd, Kelcy 203 Shepherd, Steven 150 Sher, Ivan 176 Sher, Nicole 193 Sher, Nikki 206 Shereshovech, Mark 206 Sheridan, Chris 277 Sheridan, Julie 212 Sheridan, Kevin 188 Sheriff, Brett 137 Sherman, Ann 179 Sherman, Eric 176 Sherman, Julie 289 Sherman, Matt 165 Sherry, Kerryn 206 Sherwood, Daniel 359 Sheu, Dale 221 Sheydayi, Sergei 166 Shieh, Mike 279 Shields, Joe 166 Shimada, Mina 293 Shin, Kok Ping 293 Shingler, Jennifer 256, 258 Shinkle, Steve 272 Shinnick, Danny 202 Shiobara, Satoko 205 Shipman, Barbara 402 Shipp, Bill 162, 262 Shipp, Christopher 276 Shippel, Mike 176 Shirayama, Haruhisa 140 Shirley, Orlinda 402 Shively, Mark 148 Shoenburg, Brad 188 Shoeris, William 175 Shomo, Laurie 290 Shone, Bronwyn 266 Shor, Jon 165 Shore, Heather 170 Short, Cricket 279 Shostack, Andrew 165 Shosted, Tracey 212 Shou, Dirck 150 Showell, Doug 202 Shrader, Andy 295 Shroeck, John 402 Shroff, Cyrus 271 Shroyer, Jenn 268 Shuffner, Bill 279 Shulak, Brad 176 Shultz, Suanne 359 Shum, Cigena 214 Shumaker, Sheri 154 Shumaker, Sherri 222 Shupala, Nanette 228 Shupe, Cris 179 Shurrab, Caroline 359 Shurtz, Larry 183 Sibley, Kirk 279 Siciliano, Danny 230, 257, 290 Sidarta, Lukas 372 Siddiqui, Mohamed 41 1 Sidebotham, Mike 216, 235 Sieber, Oho 274 Siefken, Brandon 359 Siegel, Bruce 204 Siegel, Carrie 213 Siegel, Jim 291 Siegel, Tim 148 Siegler, Robert 270 Sieminski, Razor 140 Sierra, Fernando 218 Sigerseth, Scott 122 Sikora, Ingrid 213, 402 Sikorski, Steve 228, 278, 359 Silva, David 204 Silva, Jose 403 Silva, Nora 291 Silver, Ann 173 Silver, Keneth 359 Silver, Larry 372 Silver, Lisa 164 Silverman, Mike 176 Silverman, Steve 204 Silverman, Susan 181 Silvernail, Eric 190, 359 Silvers, Jessica 257, 294 Silverstein, Al 165 Simchac, Elizabeth 199 Simmonds, Melissa 179 Simmons, Deborah 383 Simmons, Laura 222 Simmons, Rob 271 Simmons, Shari 221 Simms, Colin 222 Simms, Doug 175 Simon, Amy 167 Simon, Andre 359 Simonds, Kristin 228 Simoneau, Carolyn 170, 205 Simons, Josh 165 Simpson, Dana 403 Sims, Colin 222 Sin, Chi Hung 219 Sinatra, Chris 175 Sinclair, Joseph 257 Sinclair, Kurt 216, 279, 359 Sinclair, Terri 372 Sinderbrand, Greg 176 Sindorf, Mary 403 Sing, Jeff 271 Sing, Jeffrey 270, 279 Singleton, Chris 96 Singleton, Kevin 96 Singleton, Kori 256 Sinner, Michelle 164 Sipple, Jefrey 403 Siroky, Gary 196 Siroky, Larry 196 Sissong, Jeffrey 165 Sitton, Dave 148 Sivirine, Fabien 372 Skadsberg, Stephanie 359 Skall, Jeff 176 Skemp, Kathleen 359 Skinner, Jana 177 Skinner, Kevin 196 Skoglund, John 176, 271 Slaninka, Lisa 179 Slater, Adrian 194 Slater, Carla 257, 291, 383 Slater, Keith 279 Slattery, Teri 170 Slaughter, Susan 134 Slavett, Gary 176 Slavin, John 204 Slepian, Mark 191 Sloan, Matt 189 Slocum, Julie 384 Slonsky, Wendy 170 Slotneck, Steve 188 Small, Mary 257, 372 Smally, Alison 173 Smiley, Anne 192 Smiley, Lynne 258 Smit, Tom 143 Smith, Bicki 170 Smith, Brandon 182 Smith, Brendon 272 Smith, Brent 191 Smith, Bruce 289 Smith, Bryan 220 Smith, Channen 191, 384 Smith, Dave 279 Smith, Deanna 359 Smith, Jason 223 Smith, Jennifer 199 Smith, Kim 271 Smith, Kim Marie 279 Smith, Kiva 213 Smith, Marie 215 Smith, Marilyn 289 Smith, Mark 272 Smith, Matthew 359 Smith, Mitch 216, 235 Smith, Mitchell 294 Smith, Monica 199 Smith, Paige 255, 372 Smith, Pete 291 Smith, Rich 259 Smith, Rick 178 Smith, Russ 255 Smith, Scott 115 Smith, Shannon 148 Smith, Shari 119 Smith, Staci 291 Smith, Stephanie 179 Smith, Suzi 167 Smith, Tiffany 181 Smith, Todd 221 Smith, Tom 150 Smith, Traci 211 Smith, Veronica 384 Smith Cambron, Kirsten 127 Smock, Katrina 21 1 Smutny, Bill 202 Smyth, Bridget 119 Snazzets, Rick 196 Sneathen, Lowell 275 Snetzky, Wendy 167 Snider, Kimberly 359 Snipes, Kathy 164 Snow, Alicia 224 Snow, Julie 258 Snowden, Shannon 164 Snyder, Beth 271 Snyder, John 403 Snyder, Neeley 167 Snyder, Philip 359 Snyder, Sharon 214 Soal, Tracy 211 Scares. Luis 403 Sobelman, Howard 188 Sobotka, Joel 197 Sobotko, Jeff 197 Socaciu, Michael 403 Soderstrom, Matt 222 Soehi, Michael 359 Sohus, Chris 279 Sokoloff, Neal 189 Solano, Lourdes 257 Solner, Kristina 268 Soloman, Danny 176 Soloman, Lanie 179 Solomon, Amy 207 Solomon, David 359 Soltero, Julie 279 Soltero, Juliet 403 Sommer, Courtney 256 Somoshegyiszokol, Attila 272 Song, Jim 166 Songer, Pam 230, 257 Sonneklar, Mark 259 Sonnenberg, Lauren 359 Sorce, Keri 259 Sorensen, David 403 Sorensen, Tor 162, 403 Sorg, Bill 198 Sorg, William 359 Sorrentino, Manfredi 165 Sotak, Sonya 215 Soto, Elena 275 Soukup, Cheryl 181 Soukup, Glenn 359 Soumame, Moussa 140, 359 Sourk, David 218, 372 Sourk, Sabrina 225, 359 Sowden, Anthony 198 Sowders, Dave 145 Soza, Teresa 372 Spada, William 271 Spahr, Tim 202 Spark, Nick 231 Spellman, Chip 197 Spellman, Jennifer 173 Spence, Amy 167 Spencer, Monica 170 Spencer, Philip 165, 271 Sponger, John 150 Spengler, John 205 Sperduti, Robin 222 Sperry, Christine 271 Spiegel, Jennifer 230, 279, 359 Spiegler, Stacey 220 Spiere, Jeff 122 Spillman, Rick 197 Spining, Julia 230, 279, 292, 359 Spitz, Gerilynn 213 Spooner, John 148 Spratlen, Brandie 225, 360 Spring, Mallory 204 Sprott, Jay 274 Sprung, Jenny 258 Spry, Imma 289 Spychalski, Annette 223, 257 Spyglowski, Annette 258 Spyra, Ed 299 Squires, T. Greg 326 Srivastava, Rajesh 145 St. Jacques, Dwayne 257. 403 St. John, Todd 196 Stack, Carole 403 Stacy, Liane 403 Stacy, Sean 220 Staderzing, Julie 116 Stadweiser, Mark 189 Stafford. Karen 220, 276, 289 Stallard. Sean 276 Stallworth, Brett 384 Stangl, Tracy 177 Stankus, Biz 150 Stankus, Bryon 360 Staples, Deniece 215 Starcher, William 277 Stark, Courtney 256, 263 Starr, Rich 197 Starr, Victoria 221 Statler, Theresa 372 Stattenfield, Boyce 198 Stauffer, Dan 148 Stebbins, Eric 192 Stebbins, Erica 384 Steckner, Ma tt 197 Stedman, Lana 225, 384 Stedman, Todd 171 Steele, David 276 Steidlmayer, Amy 181 Stein, Dave 171 Stein, Jason 207 Stein, Todd 189, 360 Stein, Valerie 181 Steinbach, Kevin 196 Steinberg, Holly 164 Steiner, Bart 217, 256 Steiner, R. 403 Steinman, Page 167 Steinmetz, Jay 190 Stemmler, Kim 216 Slender, Craig 254 Stephens, Shelby 372 Stephens, Shelly 257 Stephenson, Kerry 181 Stephenson, Tara 192 Sterba, Nancy 403 Stermole, Julie 181 Stern, Eric 222 Sternberg, Colette 167 Sterosky, Kirsten 170 Stetson, George 146 Stevens, Chip 198 Stevens, Chris 148, 405 Stevens, James 271 Stevens, Jim 148 Stevens, Ramses 360 Stevens, Ray 148 Stewart, Andy 191 Stewart, Brian 229, 360 Stewart, Kyle 384 Stewart, Lisa 360 Stewart, Odel 235 Stewart, Scott 404 Sticht, John 221 Stickney, Park 223 Stiles, Alexander 137 Stiles, Patrick 137 Stillings, Chris 276 Stilphen, Shawn 150 Stine, Katie 181 Stinnet, Roger 175 Stinson, Skip 360 Stocking, Stephen 276 Stockmann, Eric 360 Stoll, Kristy 173 Stoll, Steve 174 Stolz, Tanya 404 Stone, Andy 193, 216, 360 Stone, David 216, 222 Stone, Fess 384 Stone, Loanne 372 Stone, Morgan 197 Stone, Robin 205 Stone, Stephanie 173 Stone, Tara 255, 360 Stonefeld, Jason 202, 276 Storey, Tim 188 Stoss, Doug 175 Stoyanof, James 217 Strachan, Kelly 292 Strain, Curtis 360 Strange, Chrissy 211 Strange, Deborah 293 Strasbaugh, Sheri 192 Strassels, Scott 404 Stratz, Don 182 Straus, John 372 Straus, Sandy 372 Strohmeger, Deborah 290 Strohmeyer, Deborah 263 Stromberg, Russell 276 Stroup, Tony 182 Stubblefield, Mark 279 Stucker, Michelle 230 Stutfle, Doug 275 Stuhr, Garrick 162 Stuppy, Kathy 212, 360 Sturtz, Linda 199 Such, Craig 228, 289 Sudjono, Andre 411 Sukin, Michelle 167 Sullivan, Ben 183 Sullivan, Brian 220 Sullivan, Kathryn 217 Sullivan, Michael 276 Suit, James 257 Suiter, Craig 279 Summa, Carla 224 Summers, Meredith 170 Summey, Justin 173 Sumoski, Jim 182 Sun, Pei-Ling 293 Sun, Yueh-Ying 293 Sunblad, Ralene 181 Sundstrom, Eric 372 Sundt, Jerry 191 Sung, Chiung-Jue 293 Sung, Wei Lun 292 Super, Benjamin 360 Supnik, Heather 170 Sure, Tami 259 Suriano, Laura 404 Suriano, Michael 404 Suriano, Tony 175 Sussman, Adam 165 Sutch, Scott 404 Sutherlin, Jeff 207 Sutherlin, Jeffrey 360 Sutherlund, Ray 360 Suzuki, Ann 211 Swanson, Jeff 257 Swanson, Laura 173 Swanton, Mary 170 Swarts, John 166 Swartz, Danny 165 Swartz, Jody 181 Swartz, Lori 213 Sweeney, Tim 197 Sweet, Joe 198 Swett, Deanna 213, 360 Swift, Deborah 372 Swineford, Gordon 262 Swinford, Tim 119 Switzer, Bob 372 Szegrari, Ingo 140 Szegvari, Ingo 150 Szeto, David 292, 372 Szeto, Davik 293 Szeto, Mitch 229, 372 Szeto, Victoria 21 1 , 360 Szetzo, Vicki 269 Szlasa, Jill 228 Szoke, Anita 215, 360 Szoke, Eric 175 Szoke, Michael 220 Szokol, Attila 178 Szulgit, Mark 289 Szuter, Jenny 225, 257 Tacovelli, Brian 204 Tahy, Delores 360 Takayama, Ricky 404 Takio, Morita 293 Talarico, Lori 213 Talarsky, Laura 255 Talge, Carrie 181 Tallman, Charles 404 Tamaji, Tatsya 290 Tamarkin, Heidi 193 Tamppari, Leslie 263, 404 Tan, Leongltin 292 Tan, Tong Guan 292 Tanaka, Kiyomi 136 Tang, Scott 230 Tang, Trace 293 Tanimoto, Satoru 293 Tankersley, Nicole 360 Tannous, Jane 279 Tannous, John 257, 279 Tappan, Jane 404 Taqi, Syed 404 Tarico, Doug 279, 289, 372 Tarsha, Jeff 279 Tarsha, Jeffrey 361 Tartaglio, Tricia 212 Tarver, Steve 197 Tate, Ned 148 Tatum, Danielle 179 Taule, Tim 150 Tauman, Richard 272 Taylor, Adam 277 Taylor, Fred 183 Taylor, Heidi 192 Taylor, Janell 167, 216 Taylor, Jill 212 Taylor, Kevin 188 Taylor, Lana 199 Taylor, Mark 255 Taylor, Neil 206 Te, Richard 275 Teisch, Jessica 181 Teixeira, Joe 183 Tejada, John 228, 372 Tempone, Kathleen 21 1 Tenney, Cynthia 361 Tepper, Douglas 361 Terrio, Beth 372 Terrizzi, Brian 361 Terry, Shannon 164 Teske, Debbie 127 Testa, Norman 326 Teter, Ken 230 Teufel, Mike 207, 361 Tevebaugh, Dave 146 Thaeler, Carolyn 279 Thall, Allison 164 Thallam, Sai 213 Thayer, Monica 206 Thelander, Debbie 361 Thene, Teri 223, 372 Theodoropoulos, Sandy 213 Tnibaudeau, Nicole 216 Thibedou, Rich 171 Thibodeau, Richard 272 Thorn, Christopher 275 Thomas, Brian 229 Thomas, Chris 221, 254, 261 Thomas, Dave 145 Thomas, DeAun 212 Thomas, Drew 183 Thomas, Eric 196 Thomas, Glen 191 Thomas, Hale 202 Thomas, Jon 404 Thomas, Nicole 212 Thomas, Pasha 174 Thomas, Pete 180 Thomas, Renee 206 Thomas, Richard 275 Thomas, Robert 277, 384 Thomas, Timothy 273 Thomas, Tracey 361 Thomas, Yvette 263 Thomison, April 404 Thompson, Corey 361 Thompson, Kathy 179 Thompson, Kris 173 Thompson, Kym 177 Thompson, Matthew 361 Thompson, Steve 183, 195 Thomson, Angie 206 Thomson, Scott 140 Thorde, Jim 270 Thorley, Brent 178 Thornton, Lara 384 Thorsell, Magdalena 119 Thorson, Jennifer 230 Threlfall, Brad 279 Tibbetts, Travis 277 Ticknor, Kerrie 219 Ticktin, Steve 176 Tiffany, Chris 191 Tilford, Doug 196 Tilley, Bill 270, 271 Tillman, Glen 190 Tilus, Troy 229 Timberlake, Matt 191 Tininenko, Jason 230 Tinland, Dan 279 Toberman, Angie 213 Tobias, Cheryl 216 Tobias, Gary 165 Tobiason, Sarah 199, 256 Todd, Andrea 115 Todd, J. 290 Todd, Stacey 181 Todorovich, Kirsten 167 Toh, Roy 292 Tokar, Teresa 404 Toland, Scott 361 Toledo, Joe 255 Tolley, Willis 404 Tolmachoff, Heather 199 Tolman, David 217, 272, 361 Tom, Fong 258 Tomason, Tom 188 Tomlinson, Brenda 263 Tomoff, Kiril 290 Tomooka, Scott 261 Tompkins, Linda 213 Tomsen, Scott 384 Tondry, Megan 289 Tonelli, Carlo 152 Tong, Menxia 293 Tonkin, John 180 Toole, Evelyn 203 Toole, Lisa 361 Toplitz, Jill 164 Tore, Adrienne 170 Torres, Elizabeth 214 Torres, Rex 41 1 Torrington, Mimi 181 Tort, Mike 174 Tortorella-Notari, Karen 299 Tosetto, Darren 290 Tostado, Gloria 292 Toth, Stephen 206 Toubiason, Michael Eric 290 Toutounay, Fadi 291 Toutoungy, Michael 279 Towne, Susan 207 Townsend, Tammie 173 Townsend, Tia 207 Toy, Diane 167, 294, 384 Toy, Serena 266, 268 Trachtenberg, Jeff 176 Traff, Bill 174 Traina, Lynda 279 Tramontano, Diana 207, 288 Tran, Dawn 292 Tran, Ly 257 Trapp, Greg 165, 361 Trebowski, Careoline 258 Tredway, Rick 150 Tregor, Genevieve 291 Tremonti, Scott 196 Treptow, Brian 202 Tretschok, Tully 183 Trevino, Theodore 276 Tribbey, Tiffany 272, 291 Trice, Pamela 361 Trigas, Phill 222 Trigg, Nancy 170 Trimarchi, Steve 228 Trinidad, Tom 229 Tripp, Emily 119 Trohan, Jeff 269 Trohan, John 384 Trostle, John 221 , 361 True, Alyssa 167 Trulock, Dean 270 Trunfio, Dennis 241 Truxell, Tenley 221 Tse, Lucy 293 Tsuji, Karl 279 Tucci, Dana 223 Tuchi, Ben 414 Tuchi, Matt 196, 256 Tucker, Brian 273, 279 Tucker, Elizabeth 223, 361 Tucker, Keith 228, 289, 372 Tuite, Ann 164 Tulin, Matt 148 Tulloch, Don 174 Tulp, Frank 183 Turbyfill, Michael 291 Turley, Michelle 213 Turner, Carla 372 Turner, Jim 299 Turner, Joe 102 Turner, Laura 216 Tu rner, Pam 193 Turner, Pamela 164 Turner, Rob 191 Turner, Terry 404 Turner, Vicky 212 Turney, Lori 167 Turnquist, Tom 218 Turton, Bobbie 170 Tuttle, Chris 273 Tuttle, Joseph 273 Twibell, Dan 361 Tygiel, Jordana 213 Tyler, Nicole 225, 279 Tyree, Renee 152 Uberuaga, Jody 295 Udall, Peter 361 Udolph, Brent 202 Udstuen, Nelson 175 Uhl, Jean 216 Ulmer, Monte 207, 230, 279 Umstead, Bobby 272, 291 Umstott, Robert 372 Undem, Bret 221, 361 Ung, Kim-Chau 293 Ungard, Todd 361 Unser, Angle 177, 256 Uournas. Elena 269 Urban, Craig 175 Urban, John 229 Urban, Kirsty 213 Urban, Scott 175 Urdahl, Ken 178 Urtuzuastegui, Alexis 207 Usaforest, Mark 183 Usdan, Greg 176 Usher, Betsy 179 Uthe, Scott 277 Utu, McCann 270 Vahey, John 291 Valdez, John 404 Valdez, Rene 292 Valentine, Billy Ray 191 Valentine, Jeff 191 Valentine, Steven 361 Valenzuela, Yunuen 279, 361 Valez, Marcia 179 Van Arsdale, Jill 177 Van Bajader, Baja 165 Van Drew, April 179 Van Mill, Debbie 225 Van Peenen, Charles 361 Van Vorst, James 361 Van Wormer, Mark 218 Van Zyll, William 189 VanDrew, Randy 272 VanHulle, Katia 294 VanHulle, Katie 257 VanVorhees, Sean 178 VanWie, Amy 223 Vanbenthsysen, Jay 148 Vancil, Vicki 223, 297 Vancourt, Ronald 275 Vanderford, Beau 182 Vanderhoff, Van 197 Vanderhoff, Vicki 179 Vandernoot, Andrew 176 Vandever, Petrina 362 Vanert, Lisa 221 Vanlandingham, Ben 230 Vann, Josef 362 Vanyo, Dan 166, 372 Varley, Meb 140 Varljen, John 272 Varnell, Peter 254 Varon, Michael 276 Varty, Ginger 181 Vasiljevic, Peter 218, 384 Vasiloff, David 220 Vasquez, Linda 222 Vaughn, Brenda 181 Vaughn, Dana 206, 362 Vaughn, Wesley 219 Veal, Ronnie 95 Vehr, Rodi 206, 405 Vela, Laure 257 Velde, Jenifer 170 Velez, Ana 362 Velez, Dennis 176 Venega, Toni 362 Venegas, Javier 279 Venenga, Toni 220 Venor, Scott 165 VerKamp, Melanie 216 Verastegui, Manuela 362 Vercic, Julie 222, 372 Verderame, Stephanie 21 1 , 362 Verkamp, Melanie 199 Vernon, Doug 182 Vesterdal, Susan 222 Veth, Mike 148 Viapiano, Kathy 205 Vick, Holly 279 Vick, Karyn 404 Vickroy, Michael 291 Victor, Deborah 228 Vidler, Jim 288 Vieira, Annika 207 Villandre, Michael 276 Villano, Carol 173 Villano, Jerry 197 Villareal, Kara 199 Villeneuve, Jef 166 Vincent, Tyrone 257 Vincze, Brian 220 Vinnecour, Lisa 170 Visnic, Mandy 167 Vittas, Jennifer 291 Vittas, Melissa 291 Vivona, Christine 311 Vo, Nguyetthu 362 Vodopia, Luke 271 Vogel, David 218 Vogel, Jim 188 Vogel, Pete 188 Voght, James 198 Vogt, Charles 273 Vogt, Chuck 272 Vogt, Emily 181 Volin, Vanessa 211 Voranantakyl, Sywan 411 Vosbein, Robert 362 Voss, Joan 214 Vosseller, Brent 272 Vossello, Brent 291 Vournas, Elena 291 Voyles, Kurt 188 Voyta, Michael 293 Vucurevich, Dave 166 Vyvial, Leslie 21 1 Wabnik, Alisa 299 Wachs, Brad 178 Wachtler, Dan 206 Waddell, Laura 279 Waddill. James 384 Wade, Alicia 228 Wadlow, Ted 162 Wagimim, Zul 405 Wagner, Lisa 212 Wagner, Shelley 192 Wagoner, Dolly 362 Wahlstrom, Linnea 230, 257, 279 Wait, Holly 181 Walbert, Debbie 179 Waldvogel, C.R. 175 Walker, Brian 273 Walker, Craig 196 Walker, David 405 Walker, James 272 Walker, Ken 270 Walker, Lauce 150 Walker, Laurie 167 Walker, Lisa 206, 213 Walker, Regina 206, 362 Walker, Stephanie 256 Walker, Tom 180 Walker, Trey 220 Wall, Betty 289 Wall, David 276 Wallace, Chris 270 Wallace, Mary Beth 279 Wallace, Sharon 167, 362 Wallis, Todd 175 Walsh, Kevin 214 Walsh, Mike 362 Walstad, Jennifer 215 Walters, Andrea 115 Walters, Annie 256 Walters, Fonda 225 Walters, James 373 Walters, Jessie 222 Walters, Laura 384 Walters, Sean 166 Walters, Spencer 174, 362 Walton, Adam 205 Walworth, Sonya 279 Wambach, Terri 258 Wanderer, Dave 176 Wang, Shi 293 Wang, Xiaojun 293 Wangenheim, Mike 176 Wann, Christi 167 Warbasse, Phil 188, 256 Ward, Ernest 373 Ward, Leslie 199 Ward, Michael 362 Ward, Mike 148 Ward, Tammi 228 Ward, Tooshdi 211 Ward, Twila 362 Wardlow, Shannon 224 Wardlow, William 384 Ware, Efram 294, 373 Wargula, Dave 121 Warin, Stephanie 294 Warner, Dirk 362 Warner, Ed 150 Warner, Edward 270 Warner. Tami 199 Warner, Tracy 199 Warnod, Franc 218 Warned, Franck 362 Warren, Barkie 173 Warren, Jeff 362 Warren, Jill 179 Warren, Jo Lynn 164 Warren, Melanie 173 Washington, Johnnye 384 Wasko, Elizabeth 222 Wastek, Steve 270 Waters, Annie 199 Waters, Scott 102 Watkins, Cam 177 Watkins, Dan 197 Watkins, Julia 173 Watson, Corey 196 Watson, Kelly 171 Watson, Lisa 54 Watson, Tim 257 Walters, Bobby 96 Wattor, Kenneth 137 Watts, Jeff 180 Watts, Rob 222 Wayne, Dave 362 Wayne, Kwaugfel 293 Waynick, William 272 Weaver, Margaret 225, 362 Weaver, Susan 199, 254 Webb, Bea 215 Webb, Roger 222. 405 Webb, Ron 223 Webb, Ronald 384 Webb, Vernon 273 Weber, Brent 148 Weber, Eric 362 Weber, Jean 263 Weber, Jennifer 278 Weber, Mara 181 Weber. Matt 148 Weber, Sara 212. 362 Weber, Scott 228. 373 Webster, Dean 405 Webster, James 188 Webster, Scott 196 Wedwick, Steve 292 Wei, Chin-Ping 293 Weidman, Gavin 362 Weier, Bill 223 Weil, Farrel 373 Weinberg, John 174 Weinberg, Mark 223 Weiner, Darren 206 Weiner, Robyn 207 Weinrach, Jon 176 Weinreich, Barbara 271, 373 Weinstein, Chad 176 Weiss, Amy 173 Weiss, Chester 257 Weiss, Gary 176 Weissman, Steph 216 Weissman. Stephanie 217 Weitzel, Ashley 164 Welcher, Brad 384 Weller, Kurt 299 Weller, Ross 148 Wells, Alan 198 Wells, Allison 193 Wells, Jim 259 Wells, Kim 192, 213 Wells, Kimberley 362 Wells, Liana 21 3 Wells, Tom 228 Weltman, Kim 205 Welworth, David 279 Wenc, Mary 262 Wenger, Becky 293 Wenham, Brian 202, 362 Werner, Eden 173 Werner, Lou 174 Werner, Stuart 270 Werz, Jon 150 Wesch, Scott 162 West, Allan 289 West, Christine 170 West, Jim 148 West, Robert 257 West, Scott 293 Western, Shawn 273, 362 Westfall, N. Rachelle 362 Westfield, Will 174 Westgaurd, Anne-Marie 259 Westover, Shelly 179 Westover, Tiffany 164 Westphal, Carl 271, 362 Westwater, Marcie 173 Wexler, Randy 204 Weygandt. Matt 202 Whalen, Michael 362 293 272 1225,362 254 a 271,373 175 216 me 217 i- I 3 G.362 71362 ft 362 79 164 1,362 m i i B Wheeler, Jennifer 272, 373 Wherry, Brian 279 Whinston, Steve 288 Whiskeman, Sean 175 White, Andy 182 White, Anthony 272 White, Jane 263 White, Juanita 219 White, Lisa 225 White, Nancy 179 White, Paul 197 White, Rachel 294 White, Rob 206 White, Sally 173 Whitehead, Lisa 385 Whitehead, Renee 385 Whiting, Jennifer 258 Whiting, Lisa 279 Whitnall, Lawrence 191 Whittaker, Jennifer 179 Whitten, Kristy 215 Whittle, Lanie 173 Wibowo, Johanes 363 Wick, Eric 148, 162, 276 Wickerman, Bill 188 Wickman, Liz 192 Widen, Stephen 275 Widen, Steve 150 Widick, Melissa 405 Widman, Alan 165 Widmer, Stephanie 213 Wieder, Cheryl 259, 405 Wiegers, Christine 327 Wiegle, John 238, 239 Wiegle, Vesta 238, 239 Wiewel, Wendy 373 Wigal, Sheri 167, 373 Wikins, Kemberly 279 Wilcox, Patricia 199 Wilhelm, Peter 291 Wilke, Susan 266 Wilker, Christine 181 Wilkins, John 202, 363 Wilkinson, Troy 175 Willen, Betsy 373 Willett, Lisa 257 Willett, Meisha 164 Williams, Brian 102 Williams, Carrie 363 Williams, Chuck 174 Williams, Dan 363 Williams, Dave 205 Williams, Gregory 273 Williams, Judd 373 Williams, Larry 309 Williams, M.C. 411 Williams, Marten 255 Williams, Rick 190, 363 Williams, Rudy 279, 385 Williams, Scott 363 Williams, Sharon 279 Williams, Steve 188 Williams, Tonya 207 Williamson, Gina 363 Williamson, Kevin 257 Willis, Victoria 363 Wills, Craig 229, 272, 291 Wilner, Howard 190 Wilson, Amy 261 Wilson, Andrea 373 Wilson, Benjamin 363 Wilson, Daniel 276 Wilson, David 273, 373 Wilson, John 271 Wilson, Juhn 198 Wilson, Laura 223 Wilson, Mark 196 Wilson, Mike 145 Wilson, Ron 174 Wilson, Steven 166, 207 Wilt, Jon 183 Wilt, Stephanie 215, 279 Wimbly, Ron 176 Wimp, Amy 363 Winchester, Donald 373 Windolf, Dirk 288 Winegrad, Ben 271 Winick, Jon 229 Winski, Lisa 164 Winslow, Amy 181, 211 Winter, Jay 174 Wise, Howard 176 Wishengrad, Evan 228 Wisler, Adam 165 Wisly, Cyndi 170 Wisnam, Craig 363 Wisniewski, Wit 289 Wisun, Gail 206 Witlin, Matt 218 Witlin, Matthew 277 Witt, Bryon 182 Witt, Heather 164 Wittaker, Jennifer 203 Wixon, Amy 212 Wodrich, Tim 262 Wojciechowski, Marty 405 Wojciehowski, Katie 213 Wolak, Giles 293 Wolf, Alex 176 Wolf, Kara 211 Wolf, Sarah 167 Wolfe, Beth 271 Wolfe, Dean 162 Wolfe, Joe 291 Wolfer, Jill 167 Wolfers, Kenton 197 Wolff, Eric 195 Wolin, Gregg 174 Woloshin, Randy 363 Womack, Wayne 102 Wong, Edwin 190 Wong, George 405 Wong, Melody 259 Wong, Philip 270 Woo, Dennis 411 Wood, Caroline 115, 258, 385 Wood, Derrick 188 Wood, Jennifer 215 Wood, Jessica 220 Wood, Lome 177 Wood, Shannon 279 Woodard, Dudley Jr. 414 Woodard, Jonathan 175 Woodard, Michael 191 Woodfill, Daphne 230 Woodley, Doug 188 Woods, Brandon 385 Woods, John 194 Woodson, Patrina 363 Woodward, Ann 179 Woodward, Michael 175, 256, 276 Woolard, Rob 178 Woolpert, Carrie 291 Woon, Kevin 292 Woonan, Stephanie 173 Word, Lori 213 Worrell, Kelly 167 Worth, James 166 Worthington, Kelly 188 Worthington, Wayne 385 Wright, Bill 122 Wright, Dana 167 Wright, Debbie 220, 257 Wright, Karlyn 21 1 Wright, Thomas 363 Wright, Tom 207 Wright, Wenda 207 Wu, Chin Ping 292, 405 Wu, Hsiao- Yu 293 Wu, Hsien-Huako 293 Wu, Joseph 257 Wu, Meng-Hui 293 Wu, Teho 293 Wu, david 279 Wulfsberg, Chris 279 Wyant, Kathleen 216 Wyatt, Jennifer 292 Wylie, Lauren 177 Wyly, Jason 272 Wyman, Tanya 211, 257, 279 Wyman, Terry 279, 288 Wyne, Jeff 175 Xin, Jianfei 293 Xu, Ke 258 Yahagi, Tsuyoshi 405 Yahn, Heidi 217 Yakowenko, Bill 214 Yalen, Renee 405 Yanagihashi, Kent 290 Yanagihashi, Lisa 290 Yanagihashi, Mark 290 Yanajihashi, Mark 262 Yancy, Holly 170 Yanez, Frances 275 Yang, Shao-Shi 293 Yanhagi, Tsuyoshi 289 Yap, Guat Keng 292 Yap, Roje 205, 385 Yarger, Holly 170 Yates, Eric 272 Yazzie, Rita 373 Yeakel, Julie 212 Yee, Andrea 293 Yeo, Dee-Huat 293 Yeo, Kee-Huat 292 Yerke, Lisa 363 Yesinko, Christine 203 Yi, Chang 405 Yitayew, Ben 385 Yoblon, Andrew 165 Yoblou, Andrew 220 Yoder, Sue 204 Yoerns, Laura 263 Yohe, Dave 175 Yoshihara, Kumiko 278 Younes, Steve 175, 270 Young, Bill 196 Young, Lena 293 Young, Melanie 192 Young, Mike 182 Young, Robin 197 Youngs, Stefan III 363 Yousif, Katie 164 Yow, Hongfu 385 Yparraguirre, Jay 363 Yres, Mutamba 140 Yu, Ka Chun 231, 257 Yu, Lin-Yu 293 Yu, Ti 293 Yu, Trin-Yow 293 Yuen, Patrick 214 Yun, Tom 204 Yuran, Nicholas 223 Yuriar, Hilario 219 z Zaepfel, Joseph 405 Zaerr, Jon 41 1 Zager, Mary Ann 214 Zah, Brian 220 Zai, Zailam 405 Zaidi, Ashfaq 222 Zaleski, Katie 164, 206 Zamora, Jeremy 373 Zapier, Dan 363 Zashin, Todd 189 Zaslavsky, Neal 178 Zeniou, Demetria 216, 256 Zepeda, Rodolfo 363 Zermoglio, Gabby 114, 115 Zetcher, Jennifer 207 Zieglowski, Valerie 363 Zieglowsky, Vallerie 228 Zigang, Fang 262 Zimmerman, Sally 258 Zimmerman, Scott 148, 191 Zimmerman, Stacey 204 Zimmerman, Todd 189 Zimmermann, Sally 405 Zingler, Jeff 294 Zinman, Tony 55 Zinter, Alan 112 Zipser, Dana 193 Zmou, Yiguang 293 Zohnnie, Harrietta 216 Zomeni, Zeza 293 Zomeni, Zomenia 51 Zubair, Muhammed 411 Zubia, Felipe 174 Zuckerman, Traci 213 Zuercher, Todd 221 Zufelt, Scott 271 Zuniga, Ana 223 Zupke, Paul 277 Zuzi, Keith 196 Juiif eren t 442 CLOSING 443 THE 1989 DESERT YEARBOOK STAFF FRONT ROW: Mari Olson, Alana Garrop, Jeniffer Kelly, Kris McKenna, Amy Ginsburg, James McKnight BACK ROW: Jeff Sever, Greg Berg. 444 CLOSING 1989 DESERT STAFF Editor in Chief JAMES MCKNIGHT Assistant Editor MARI OLSON Co-Photo Editor HOWARD WILNER Co-Photo Editor VICKI VANCIL SECTION EDITORS LINDA CARLSON Organizations PATRICK FENIMORE Portraits ALANA GARROP Academics AMY GINSBURG Organizations VICKI HEISMAN Index LAUREN JONES Residence Life JENIFFER KELLY Greeks, News and Arts Enter- tainment TRACI MABRY Portraits KRIS MCKENNA Sports JAMES MCKNIGHT Opening, News and Closing MARI OLSON Student Life MAUREEN SHEA Sports PHOTOGRAPHERS GREG BERG DONALD CASE JEFF DARBUT DIANA JOHNSON JILL RECTOR CAROL ROCHA BRICE SAMUEL JEFF SEVER Director of Student Publications CLYDE D. LOWERY Printer THE DELMAR COMPANY STAFF PHOTO 445 COLOPHON The 1 989 DESERT Yearbook was printed by the Delmar Company in Charlotte, North Carolina with a total press run of 2200 books. Our Delmar representative was Frank Myers. The cover was designed by James D. McKnight and Susan Koehnlein. The material is Blue Lexotone 41049, red embossed and backbone embossed. The colors are silkscreened in blue AC-3 and red AC-1 . The book was printed on 80 Ib. Westvaco Gloss Enamel. Spot Colors are yellow D-1 and red D-6. Processing of color transparencies submitted to Delmar was done by the UA Photo Center. Headlines are set in Optima and Palantino Italic in a variety of sizes Body copy is set in ten point Helvetica Light, leaded two points. Captions and page folios are set in ten point Helvetica Medium, leaded one point. Division pages were designed by James and Jean E. McKnight. Student portraits were taken by Yearbook Associates, located in Mukilteo, Washington in September. Jim Mays was our representa- tive. Photos of greek houses were taken by Silver Image Photography and residence halls were taken by Dodson Photography. The 1989 DESERT Yearbook was published by the 1988-89 DE- SERT Yearbook Staff. Copyright 1989. The University of Arizona, All rights reserved. Opinions expressed in the DESERT Yearbook are not necessarily the opinions of the University of Arizona. All comments and inquiries should be addressed to: Editor-in-Chief DESERT Yearbook University of Arizona Student Union Basement, Room 5 Tucson, AZ 85721 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The 1989 DESERT Yearbook Staff would like to thank the following people who helped and assisted us in the production of this book. We couldn ' t have achieved the high quality of this publication without your help. Clyde D. Lowery, Director of Student Publications; Gina Purkerson, Delmar Customer Service; Frank Myers Delmar Sales Representative; Faith Edman, Susan Litviak, Jim Mays, Yearbook Associates; John Covington, Delmar Computer Programmer; UA Photography Center; Jack and Nancy Dodson, Dodson Photography; Nancy Schroeder and Matt Cook, Silver Image Photography; Fred Smith and UA Typesetting Staff; George B. Morley III, Student Publications Advertis- ing Coordinator; Kevin Koziol, ASUA Concerts; Student Union Activ- ities Board, Associated Students of the University of Arizona; Michael Sterling Public Relations; UA Sports Information; Sunset Photo; Susan Koehnlein; and of course the faculty, staff and students of the University of Arizona whom we produced this book for. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 447 Student Publications Director Retires After Seventeen Years at UA CLYDE LOWERY Clyde D. Lowery came to the University of Arizona in 1973, taking the newly created job of Director of Student Publications, after working on the Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen for seventeen years. On the Star he was assistant news editor and on the Citizen, which he worked the longest, he was managing editor. Before Lowery took the job as director, the job didn ' t exist. He began without any predecessors and he began by trusting the student. " I just trusted the students to do it right, " Lowery said. " I told them we had to be professionals when doing this, even though you ' re students. I gave them the challenge and they met it. " One challenge for Lowery was making students on the Arizona Daily Wildcat realize they were a daily community newspaper. Lowery said, " They took that idea and ran with it. " He brought the Desert Yearbook to its fullest potential. Before it was only 200 pages and selling 2,000 copies. The yearbook grew to 500 pages and selling 4,000 copies. When he first arrived the year- book was funded by ASUA and then the office of Vice President and Student Relations. This is no longer the case. The yearbook and newspaper now run on their own budgets and have been for sometime. Lowery leaves with fond memories, and a few humorous antecdotes he ' ll never forget. " My first year I ' ll always remember an arts writer on the Wildcat who interviewed a rock band using a tape recorder and running the interview verbatum. The interview, printed, ended up being filled with obscenities. Unfortunately someone in Administra- tion read it before I did. " There was a Board of Publications meeting and the poor writer even offered to resign. From now on the first thing I do every morning when I come to the office is read the paper every morning. " " I have many wonderful memories and will miss it. I ' ve seen many talented journalists leave here doing very well for themselves and that makes me feel good. " Lowery, who retires July 1, plans " to write a little bit, work in the shop in my house and even travel. I may even write letters to the editor of the Wildcat, just so I ' m not missed. " There is no doubt Clyde Lowery will be missed. The publications he leaves behind are at there highest peak professionally. The experience stu- dents have earned on the publications has been invaluable and Lowery has made this possible. Though he leaves publications in wonderment of their future, he also leaves behind a yearbook and newspaper staff that he has strived to work closely with, who respect him in earnest. His office door was always open to those with problems or questions. He was there for a good joke, serious professionalism, and wanting the best for his students and full-time employees. Mari Olson 448 STUDENT PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR ,.,. 450 ' 2IBM5M med white tedtoand i a nestalf. i publication yeans n lemosttmely tant aspect ' -- ' 451 V I ornzknina LS

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