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pww ' ; ., ' ' -. ; s = ,- V- SPI i I i i - - ' ' lifestyle melanie jacobson 66 limelight meg tracy sports spencer erman 130 greeks jane ryckman honoraries 182 betsy king 194 organizations jan class academics 242 dennis neumann The 1975 Desert Yearbook is published by the ASUA Publications Board L Brad Toland ! Nancy Engebretson Nancy Engebretson " .-V- ' . S ' ' ' ...-. i ' R -t -vt ' i. . ' ; -. .... : ; : ---; . ' ' - - -. , - T I ;; Nancy Engebretson Jeff McMillan i V - ' ' . 3 Jeff McMillan Cecily I Brad Toland Nancy Engebretson Cecily u rs y-s - Brad Toland Jeff McMillan Gilbert Wilhour Dave Bean if KM ?s Oave Bean Chaco Vargas K M i .i. ; j ' vT - . , . ' J w RsK vJ 2- V-rv : . : w M .1 ., A Chaco Vargas i - : |am a teurVam9.ter n 3: one lacking in experience and competence in ian art or science: one practicing an art without mastery of its essentials lifestyle 37 art ist art-est n1a: one who professes and practices an art in which conception and execution are governed by imagination and taste. artist series preservation hall jazz band prague chamber tra martha graham dance co, welsh guards and argyll marlo escudero, guii " gigi " univ and Sutherland highlanders claude kipnis mime theater los angeles philharmonic Spanish radiotelevision symphony orchestra of madrid amuse 9- ' myUz vb1: to occupy the attention of: absorb 2: to entertain or occupy in a light, playful, or pleasant manner: divert 3: to appeal to the sense of humor of 40 lifestyle n ; .. - : ' " ' . - SB S3 : - - ' X ' v " v : ' " i- - ' m - r 2 con-cert kan-S9rt 2: musical harmony: concord 3a: a musical performance of some length by several voices or instruments pleasing to the ear asua concerts spring kenny rankin bill cosby randy newman jerry jeff walker tim wiseburg tracy nelson lifoch lo At dra-ma ' dram-a n1: to tell a story through action and dialogue and designed for theatrical performance: play main stage playboy of the western world Jefferson and the wasp front page after magritte: the real inspector blithe spirit lyceum series the father the profligate st. joan ladies in retirement phaedra original one act plays 44 lifestyle --- " , irougf aloguf jatric? e:plt lays lifestyle 45 es cap ism is-ka-,piz-am n: habitual diversion of the I mind to purely imaginative I activity or entertainment I to escape from reality I or routine escapist. 1 46 lifestyle lifestyle 47 fresh-man fr9sh-m8n n1: novice, newcomer 2: a student in his first year or having chiefly first year standing - greek grek n2c: something unintelligible lifestyle 49 govern-ment guv9rn-m9nt n6c: a small group of persons holding simultaneously the principal ' J political executive offices of a nation and responsible | for the direction and supervision of public affairs 50 lifestyle hon.o.rar.y an-9.rer.e adj.1a: lihaving a conferring Idistinction 2a: conferred |iin recognition of achievement or service n. an honorary society lifestyle 51 " life-style lTf-sti ' (9)l n1: the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual n1: the condition or manner of being arranged into a whole of interdependent parts 54 lifestyle t. 2 limelight vt: to center attention on HM BCHB nanna edi parts lifestyle 55 pol-i-tics 3a: political affairs or business; spec: competition between competing interest groups or individuals for power and leadership ... k. c: political activities characterized by artful and often dishonest practices. : :; - -- .;- ; :., : " : ' ' ' ' 11 speech spech n1a: the communication of expression of thoughts in spoken words b: exchange of spoken words: conversation 2a: a public discourse: address speakers board first semester elliot richardson con pete me clusky jeremia collins vivica Imford second semester ' " who really killed JFK? " ' " martin luther king, sr. howard k. smith bill bonanno grijalva grivera david Steinberg sport spo(9)rt n1a:a source of diversion. recreation b: sexual pleasure c: a physical activity engaged in for pleasure 60 lifestyle lifestyle 61 Parent ' s Day 1: the handing down of information beliefs and customs by word of mouth or example without written instruction ELCOM Senior Day 62 lifestyle 3:cultural y 4 continuity in social f attitudes and institutions Av i aft Fairs Pumpkin Carving Contest Banana Eating Contest lifestyle 63 Las Vegas Nite 64 lifestyle Student Union Birthday Party University of Arizona Rodeo Homecoming lifestyle 65 Larry Lipsman administrative vice presiden 68 limelight attendants: Jackie Austin Diana Kramer E2 nobeo limelight 69 bocne cocniNg attendants Cyd Benton Ginnie Boltz Clarenita Diamond Marian Fetter Tricia Leasure 70 limelight limelight 71 cobo ' s o ho Sarah Martin Chi Omega, president ASUA secretary Chimes, treasurer Mortar Board Anne Fisher Wildcat, features editor Camp Wildcat Mortar Board Susan Hirales Red Key, president Kappa Delta Pi Mortar Board Diane Judge Chi Omega, vice president Camp Wildcat, secretary Spurs Mortar Board Mike Faucher Chain Gang Bobcats Traditions ASUA Cristy Power Varsity Tennis Pi Beta Phi, president Chimes 72 limelight 10 Ruth Glass Varsity Basketball Mortar Board, president Ann Stahmer Chimes Mortar Board, secretary DA Symphonic Choir Alpha Lambda Delta Margaret Schreiber Mortar Board Sigma Theta Tau Alpha Lambda Delta Laurence Peth Almeda Junior Chamber of Commerce ASUA David Osterman Phi Kappa Phi Camp Wildcat Academic Services limelight 73 Anne Amburgey Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Camp Wildcat Jay Sykes Bobcats Kappa Delta Pi ASUA Diane Johnsen Wildcat, editor Mortar Board Chimes Melanie Jacobson Desert, editor SUAB publications, chmn. Mortar Board Chimes Morgan Lamb Bobcats Chain Gang Sophos Phi Eta Sigma, vice president 74 limelight Debra Campbell Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Chi Theta Beta Gamma Sigma Roger Tokar Tau Beta Pi, president Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Constance Walters Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Lambda Theta Kappa Delta Pi SUAB Hostesses, president Tamra Whiteley Mortar Board Chimes Alpha Lambda Delta Pima Hall, president limelight 75 John Bickerstaff Delta Tau Delta-Treasurer Sophos Chain Gang Bobcats - vA v J - v Carl Sterling International Student Club Lisa Pickett Camp Wildcat Kaydettes-VP ASUA Kevin Welsh Public Adm. Student Assoc. -chairman BPA Council-VP 76 limelight Janis Lauber Chi Omega-VP Chimes Kappa Delta Pi Mortar Board-VP Ann Fabric Chi Omega-Sec. Angel Flight Mortar Board ASUA Appropriations Board Dave Smith Arnold Air Society- Vice-Commander SUAB-Pres. limelight 77 Richard Elphic Phi Kappa Phi Marvin Marlatt Alpha Zeta Phi Kappa Phi Chain Gang Leanne Burril Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Lambda Delta Chimes Treasurer Mortar Board X Michael Cianci Sophos Sigma Phi Epsilon VP Chain Gang Bobcats Helen Artus Chimes Mortar Board Alici Chi( 78 limelight Cal Potter III Phi Eta Sigma Delta Sigma Pi Pres. Beta Gamma Sigma Blue Key Rachel Gjerding Chi Omega Chimes Pres. Mortar Board Kappa Delta Pi s Mary Nell Jacobsen Delta Gamma Spurs Kappa Delta Pi Alicia Vitale Chi Omega Sec. Kappa Delta Pi Chimes Mortar Board Ken Sobel Phi Eta Sigma Chain Gang Pres. ASUA Pres. Bobcats limelight 79 Tim Hart Sigma Phi Epsilon Sophos Secretary Chain Gang Bobcats President Dennis Lassuy Academic All American Wrestling Sophomore Senator 80 limelight Denise Blommel ASUA Mortar Board Arizona Model U.N. Pres. Donna Homer Spurs New Start Program Camp Wildcat Mortar Board Treasurer Adalberto Araiza Kappa Delta Pi Blue Key Sigma Delta Pi New Start Program S- - -v, V ' t Steve Downing New Start Program Chain Gang ASUA Blue Key Secretary Richard Yost Alpha Phi Omega Sophos Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Martha Wallace Gamma Phi Beta Angel Flight Secretary Wayne Fishburn Phi Gamma Delta Chain Gang UA Debate Squad limelight 81 ,- ' " ' " Tijf ' isf-f " " " - ' - ' " . " _ ' i " : ' ' " 7 o, " v. - -z3 ' : " " ' ' S . ' ' " ' ' ' " ' j- rf f T s v n " :- ' ' W . , - -- . ..-. ' -., ;, .-: i v " ,-: ' I ' " .- ' - ' - r - 95!5g ' ' S IJjte " - V V- " B i ' - ' ' ' ' 1 " " ' - ' ' " ' ' JFO, C ' r J - -x. ' } :f - ' ; " - ' . X ' m s J ' - - ... i I - . - ,. , .,- . . ,. - " " 5 :?-- ..--. _ s?-f ' " - . ' ' ' arizonas 86 sports DAVE STRACK Athletic Director JIM YOUNG Head Football MIKE HANKWITZ Asst. Football BOB BOCKRATH Asst. Football JEFF GREEN Asst. Football CHARLIE LEE Asst. Football SHARKEY PRICE Asst. Football WILLIE PEETE Asst. Football JOHN MACKOVIC Asst. Football LARRY SMITH Asst. Football ncaa varsity coaches AVID MURRAY Cross Country JERRY KINDALL Baseball BOB DAVIS Swimming WILLIE WILLIAMS Track RICK LA ROSE Water Polo sports 87 88 sports how sweet it is After equalling the all-time win record in football in 1973, the slogan became " More in 74 " . This goal was ultimately achieved when the Wildcats whipped Arizona State 10-0 making the 1974 Wildcats I the winningest team in UA history with a 9-2 mark. [Winning more football games in the past two years than won during the four years before arrival, ' Head Coach Jim Young ' s two-year record was 17-5. sports 89 90 sports sports 91 ROW 1: Gus Brisco, Tom Camptell, Jay Bledsoe, Mitch Hoopes, Mike Shannon, Rousselt Williams, Vince Phason, Mike Battles, John Schuldti Jim Upchurch, Rex Naumetz, Bill Adamson, Tom Sather. Glen Greshanvi Allyn Haynes, Willie Hamilton. ROW 2: Bob Toon. Don Proietti, Mark Stribling, Jay Horney, Fred Mobley. Keith Jackson, Bob Windisch, John Muller, Grant Swanson, Derral Davis. Scott Piper, Leo Magers, Dan Howard, Brian Murray, Bill Parks, Make Bailey. Joe O ' Sullivan. 92 sports 1971 football team .ROW dez. S( ? eve Castle, P -. Gary Kocheran, Bill Baechler, Sam Hall, Gerhard Hoentsch, Mike Dawsop. WJiiis Barrett. ROW 4: Alvin Thompson, Van Coope Hall Greg Hodgeson. Rick Melendez, Carl Newman, Howard Gerb Sitter, John Stewart. Obra Erby, Wid Knight. Tom Meyer, ete Kowalchuk, George Greathouse, Larry Brown. ROW i, Marvin Baker, Harry Glass, Dennis eg Preston, Joe Colace. Mark Jacobs, Pat ond, Jeff Hantla, Duane Swanson, Raul Pina, -n Black. ROW 6: Daryl Seemayer, Jerry ;al, Di- rt Le, r. ROW 7: shard Peete, Grai =10W 8: Grad. Asst. Doug Redi Price, Grad. Asst Dave Cnpe, Asst. Coach Geis, Dave Ba 94 sports sports 95 Treddy the For Chapter M snowden ' s third wac chance Fred Snowden found himself in a rebuilding year after being UA basketball coach for only three years. With the core of his fast-moving team, Eric Money and Coniel Norman, lost to the pros as sophomores, Snowdon developed a slower game with team play em- phasized to ultilize the abilities of all players. Junior Al Fleming played his most mature year with Bob Eliot playing inconsistently throughout the season although he remained the strong man at the boards. Starting freshman Gilbert Myles was the greatest new contribution to the team as he steadily controlled the Wildcat offense with a style reminiscent of Money. The Wildcats lost a WAC championship bid for the third year of Snowden ' s tenure in mid-season with losses to CSU, Utha State, UTEP and ASU. sports 99 ua 1974-75 basketball team FRONT Graduate Asst. Dave Strack, Jr., Jim Rappis, Steve Kanner, Gary Harrison, Gilbert Myles, Marc Holt, Tom Elhmann, Tim Marshall, Asst. Coach Jerry Holmes. BACK Asst. Coach Ken Maxey, Herman Harris, Bob Elliott, Bob Aleska, Jerome Gladney, Jay Geldmacher, Phil Taylor, Mitch Jones, Al Fleming, Len Gordy, Dave Burns, Student Manager Ernest Valenzuela, Head Coach Fred Snowden (not pictured Student Manager Ed Sobansky) 100 sports fr Arizona will be hard put to improve its record of a year ago. The Wildcats set school records for victories in the WAG and wins overall with a 16-2 league slate and 58-6 overall mark. Arizona easily won the Western Athletic Conference title and only an upset in the District 7 playoffs kept the number one Wildcats out of the College World Series. The ' Cats figure to be one of the nation ' s top teams again this year. However they may fine it a bit nore difficult to dominate the WAC ' s Southern Division as easily as they did last year. sports 103 - -. -=- :-- ; ::.; B: : " A ; 104 sports ua 1975 baseball team FRO NT- Lawrence Ruiz, Ken Bolek, Bob Szczecinski, Co-Captains Dave Stegman and Scott Russell, Pat O ' Sullivan, Mitchell Harmatz, Mike Farenbaugh. ROW 2-Ron Hassey, Bill Simpson, Leslie Pearsey, Mike Gatlin, Phil Williams, Steve Powers, Mike Kirkpatrick, Dick Stagg, Perry Armstrong. ROW 3-Ray Murillo, Ron Bell, Don Houston, Craig Gioia, Al Lopez, Pete VanHorne, Chris Loafman. ROW 4-Asst. Coach Mark John- son, Grad. Assts. Jim Lawler, Jack Flitcraft, Arnie Marzullo and Orrin Freeman; Student Mgr. Dave Flatt, Equip. Mgr. Phil Gaines, Asst. Jim Wing, Head Coach Jerry Kindall sports 105 ua 1975 tennis team L-R: Bob Wolk, Warren Eber, Pat Kearney, Hakan Petersson, Leo Gillespie, Randall Clark, Tom Mazer, Rand Evett, Kurt Eddelbrock, Steve Briggs. 106 sports earn sports 107 track 108 sports i sports 109 .: - : . .- . 1 1 sports pniu sports 111 FRONT-Mike White, Ed Mendoza, Dave Heckaman, Mike O ' Callaghan John Bradford, Vic Scimo, A. Paul Lewis, George Peck, Gwen Millir, Mgr ' ROW 2-Dave Doxtater, Mgr., Doug Henderson, Ken Baier, Steve Shelley Tom Hamilton, Dan Gaul, Danny Villegas, Tim Hall, John Pfersdorf ROW 1 1 2 sports 1975 track team 3-Ed Arriola, Ron Ray, Norm Davis, Earl Hayes, Doug Heaberlin, Brad Johns, Asst. Coach Joe Fineman, Asst. Coach Dave Murray. ROW 4- Head Coach Willie Williams, Steve Held, Denny Arnold, Warden Gilbreath, Tony Lawson, Rossevelt Tolbert, Larry Brown. sports 113 gymnastics sports 11 I , I ua swimming " The University of Arizona ' s aquatic future should be bright, " swimming coach Bob Davis predicted at the beginning of his team ' s 1975 season. Davis cited the UA ' s excellent recruiting and the experience of the top returnees as factors that could win his team the WAG title in Spring 75. Top swimmers this year are: Gordon Clevenger, junior, 200 yd. back stroke and individual medley; Jerry Dohner, freshman, free and breast strokes; Juddson Soane, senior, defending conference title holder in the 100 yd. back stroke; Bart Morris, freshman, diver; Tom Olson, freshman, freestyle; Don Winant, freshman, 400 yd. individual medley and 200 yd. breast stroke. it % sports 11 ' women ' s sports 118 sports gymnastics " -C Bit SB f __ . " - " . . Debby Agard. Debbie Nordop, Susie Howe, Susan Warfield, Leslie Distefano, Rosemary Manchak. Jenny Hoffman, Rhonda Rawson, Susie Rayl, Judi Woods, Marie Barfield, Tanis Hyder. sports 119 SYNCRONIZED SWIMMING FRONT-Karen Runland, Susan Cymry Stone, Laurie Lounsberry, Susan Fischer, Melinda Baker, Korin Harkins, Celia Tostado. ROW 2-Candace Haney, Hallegren. ROW 3-Gail Glover, Mary Brunderman, Jan Pitre SWIMMING TEAM FRONT-Carol Hamauer, Megg Tubus, Marianne Bergan, Jull Barsch. BACK- Barbara Mero, Laury Adsit, Gail Glover, Sue Durand, Dana Shrader, Cinda Shroder, Sue Alex- ander. 120 sports I DIVING: Janet Leopold, Lynn Sawitzk, Kris Tritz swimmin g According to swimming coach Kathy Hawkins, the UA women ' s swimming team has " tougher teams, more depth, and higher quality swimmers. " Hawkins is hoping that this year the team can push its way into the top 10 in the Intermountain Regional Conference. With sisters Dana and Cindy Schraeder, Jill Strong, Sue Alexander, Carolyn Woods and Sue Durand all qualified for the Phoenix Nationals in two or more events, and divers Kris Tritz, Laurie Brunet and Janet Leopold qualified for the one and three meter boards, the 16th-ranked team has a good chance of finishing at least second in the region. sports 121 women ' s tennis H j WOMEN ' S TENNIS KNEELING, L. to R.: Coach ' s Ass ' nt Dawn Bow- man, Coach Pam Schroeder. STANDING: Jennifer Rader, Tina Scott, Jennifer Mayer, Susie Luchinger, Renee Cooper, Gail Rawn, Lisa Mickelson, Charlotte Francis, Marilyn Fogelsong, Pat Cunningham, Melanie Mann, Dana Lee. MISSING: Maria Bettwy, Debbie Findlay, Jill Mote, Sherri Stephens. 122 sports women ' s field hockey WOMEN ' S FIELD HOCKEY FRONT ROW: Kaki Sampson, Vicky Green, Robin Oury, Barb Chesler, Laurie Goldberg, Vallie Comisar, Ellen Bubridge, Debbie Cutrer. Jan Dunlap, Patti Digiacomo. SECOND ROW: Gena Wagaman, Jane Elder, Julie Lauchner, Joyce Trombley, Peggy Struthers, Liz Loeper, Margee Laakso, Martha Moxley, Linda Weiss, Kathy Patrick, Coach Peggy Anderson. MISSING: Pam Farnum. 124 sports Women ' s volleyball WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW: Betsy Davis, Anne Davenport, Juanita Hutto, Helen Kisthardt, Kathleen Hocks, Sherry Jackson, Chris Beebe. SECOND ROW: Ass ' nt Coach Kathy Rowlett, Janice Weichert, Gina Joseph, Shelley Aboud, Margaret Woods, Mary Kay Klein, Gayle McCue, Lori Jorgensen, Gwyn Harney, Nanci Reid, Cathy Taylor, Coach Kathryn Russell. sports 125 fall sports football tennis basketball cross country badminton swimming diving raquet balls billiards spring sports soccer table tennis bowling handball weight lifting Softball wrestling volleyball track horseshoes rifle chess .- 126 sports intramurals Bartsch, men- S director; VicKi Martin. student secretary; Dennis Brogna, student as s- tant; Dan Nordstrom, student assistant sports 127 Intramurals exists as a branch of, and is dependent on, the Athletic Department. In the past few years this mini student-serving organization has expanded to serve not only the greeks, but a large part of the student body. Intramurals includes everything from chess to table tennis to football, proving that competition exists in all aspects of student life. 128 sports m ' 4 sports 129 i A alpha delta pi I 1 t 1. Linda Peters 2. Charlene Schulemyer 3. Nancy Fishback 4. Joy Roepke 5. Camie Bennett 6. Tammy McElroy 7. Patty Morris 8. Mary Ging 9. Tricia Leasure 10. Elizabeth Braden 11. Julie Townley 12. Kim Plotz 13. Debbie Bentley 14. Rebecca Lightfoot 15. Holly Keating 16. Susan Lightfoot 17. Roni Weiner 18. Pam Kous 19. Tracey Hoover 20. Cindy Canterbury 21. Diana Barr 22. Sharon Koedyker 23. Nancy Leikvold 24. Sandy Ericson 25. Beth Peyton 26. Melissa Martin 27. Jan Butcher 28. Barb Mandle 29. Marcia Cellar 30. Patty McLaughlin 31. Pam Ware 32. Laurie McDonald 33. Mary Babbit 34. Susie McLaughlin 35. Sue Neiditch 36. Jill Model 37. Jo Romano 38. Lettice Jones 39. Callie Hummel 40. Holly Erwin 41. Peggy Dennis 42. Caye Johnson 43. Susie McDonald 44. Sue Dau 45. Sue Turley 46. Melanie Mosconi 47. Michelle Ovando 48. Kristy Poling 49. Mary Kielion 50. Lori Henning 51. Mary Montgomery 52. Debbie Ingraham 53. Leslie Freezer 54. Becka Eltzroth 55. Donna Drew 56. Lynn Lockerby 57. Mary Alstad 58. Merri Tierney 59. Lynette Breno 60. Helen Brooks 61. Sue Millet 62. Barbara Brooks 63. Gail Bray 64. Mrs. Pauline Edwards 65. Vicki Fischer 66. Melanie Chernin 67. Shelly Eltzroth 68. Debbie Chernin 69. Marci Ranniger 70. Denise Shimer 71. Shelly Metcalf 72. Anne Howe 73. Anne Brown 74. Amy Hopping NOT PICTURED: Sherry Bull Wendy Furst Kathleen Goodwin Susie Howe Lynn King Peggy Lucht Gail Lyle Becky O ' Conner Nancy O ' Hanian Tracey Phalen Janine Wagner Kathy Weiler Carol Weir greeks 133 alpha epsilon phi 1. Erline Schecter 2. Robin Topper 3. Marsha Alterman 4. Naida Darling 5. Susan Schwartz 6. Mary Jo Becker 7. Laurie Saltz 8. Marilyn Roos 9. Eileen Prager 10. Sonya Pitlon 11. Randy Garber 12. Audrey Grossman 13. Nancy Hurwitz 14. Mindy Udell 15. Cheryl Berkson 16. Carol Lefko 17. Bennye Seide 18. Eileen Roos 19. Harriet Levitt 20. Helene Meche 21. Patti Salonic 22. Nancy Harris 23. Holly Fishkin 24. Mrs. Becky Ingman 25. Karen Simon 26. Randee Kozak 27. Lisa Neadel 28. Dana Freedman 29. Hildy Bodker 30. Laurie Levkowitz 31. Ce Ce Greenberg 32. Lesley Moss 33. Marsha Misle 34. Andre Salant 35. Carol Quillman 36. Betti Pitlor 37. Stephanie Feldman 38. Hollis Sherman 39. Randi Moross 40. Beverly Chavin NOT PICTURED: Jo Anne Harris Anne Kenton Melody Schwartz 134 greeks - Jl f V ' k , . greeks 135 CE CREAM SANDWKIS alpha phi 1. Linda Longmire 2. Rita Willman 3. Vicki Segal Robin Pavlich Nicki Good Jan Koldewin Colleen Hanahan 8. Jeanne Loughlin 9. Molly Marchev 10. Joan Carey 11. Amy Eberhardt 12. Sally Fried 13. Michelle Folz 14. Lyn Edwards 15. Rodema Ashby 16. Kim Conover 17. Maryann Pribish 18. Peggy Meek 19. Lisa Probandt 20. Kathy Grundy 21. Sue Brodine 22. Nancy Betker 23. Mary Mundy 24. Marleen Logan 25. Clare Ferry 26. Mary Chartos 27. Debbie Sweet 28. Carol Wanty 29. K. C. Cagley 30. Kristen Lieser 31. Mary Beth Quinn 32. Loretta Peto 33. Joann Hubbard 34. Sue Tiernan 35. Karen Lovegrin 36. Joanna Wagner 37. Dee Dee Donaghue 38. Katy Taylor 39. Cathy Cress 40. Lyn Gillam 41. Maret Webb 42. Wendy Worrell 43. Karen Hayenga 44. Sherilyn Dwight 45. Linda Holthaus 46. Jean Baxxter 47. Sandy Farmer 48. Nancy Blech 49. Kerry Abele 50. Beth Lynch 51. Eva Woodworth 52. Sharon Moore 53. Debbie Davis 54. Roxanna Rivero-Taube 55. Mary Carmen Cruz 56. Karen Delaney 57. Pam Holcombe 58. Daryl Gordon 59. Jan Talmadge 60. Mari Preston 61. Sue Zowin 62. Marjo West 63. Harriet Chavez greeks 137 chi omega 1. Margaret Berry 2. Georgia Jobusch 3. Debbie Millenacker 4. Carol Thompson 5. Debbie Walsh 6. Lois Hall 7. Sue Hoist 8. Janis Lauber 9. Kathy Fox 10. Nancy Thornes 11. Susy Batt 12. Nita Torpats 13. Frances Nelson 14. Laura Wertz 15. Tara Roach 16. Rhonda Broach 17. Debbie Rucker 18. Missy Servos 19. Jennifer Hill 20. Rachel Gjerding 21. Julie Thrush 22. Kathy Hess 23. Bindy Smith 24. Marcia Aylesworth 25. Maria Bettwy 26. Karen Pruett 27. Claire Prather 28. Jeanette Christensen 29. Gloria Marin 30. Terry Bays 31. Caren Callen 32. Pam Pulido 33. Mary Ruth Denvir 34. Vicki Coppinger 35. Diane Judge 36. Linda Tipphardt 37. Ann Wheat 38. Karin Burklein 39. Lee Wiesner 40. Dolly Kelley 41. Harriet Hughes 42. Cindy Stitz 43. Dave Fenske 44. Linda Weberg 45. Betsy Unangst 46. Laurie Kelly 47. Judy LeFevre 48. Faith Reichert 49. Mary Beth Bunce 50. Sue Weldon 51. Linda Banner 52. Susie Riffel 53. Eric London 54. Sandy Sahlin 55. Linda Lincoln 56. Lynn Toschach 57. Kathie Shultz 58. Bill Lax 59. Weny Meyers 60. Kim Scott 61. Ann Fabric 62. Linda Pangle 63. Cynthia Reynolds 64. Laurie Lenihan 65. Laurie Laughlin 66. Cindy Robertson 67. Carlene Gingg 68. Melissa Wilson 69. Sue Petit 70. Cindy Cooper 71. Becca Gaughan 72. Maureen Andrews 73. Lauren Bode 74. Darlene Newsom 75. Alicia Vitale 76. Debbie Pennell 77. Maria Jordan 78. Debbie Campbell 79. Jane Ryckman 80. Barb Haake 81. Debbie Teaford 82. Jane Hill 83. Debbie Nodorp 84. Anne Busch 85. Linda Graham 86. Carole Tately 87. Shirley McMahan 88. Debbie Arrington 89. Jill Sanborne 90. Sam Skowsen 91. Linda Taylor 92. Jill Meeker NOT PICTURED: Elaine Baum Judy Bucholz Tamara Evans Polly Houle Denise Reynolds Shelley Shepard Lynne Connolly Cindy Hesser Marcia Menees Cathy Quesnel Sher Stover 138 greeks greeks 139 140 greeks delta delta delta 1 . Cindy Spence 2. Rocksy Karlebach 3. Sue Sampson 4. Jeannine Harvey 5. Caryn Rouhier 6. Janet Fuller 7. Carla Sudler 8. Patti Winkley 9. Mindy Svorny 10. Liz Kirkpatrick 11. Karen Ross 12. Lisa Morel 13. Lili Tubebis 14. Carol Estabrooke 15. Jan Koranda 16. Karen Raasch 17. Bernadette Selna 18. Nancy Langen 19. Nancy Thomas 20. Barb Pontius 21. Sissie Hubbard 22. Meg Gibney 23. Stephanie Hock 24. Connie Ostrenn 25. Cheryl Billingsley 26. Ingrid Peterson 27. Jody Cole 28. Mimi Colliflower 29. Sue Gulshen 30. Margy Pepper 31. Liz Lewin 32. Kim Phillips 33. Jan Ahlman 34. Mackleine Schlaier 35. Cathy Boat 36. Mrs. Erickson 37. Liz Works 38. Kitty Sargent 39. Robyn Burhans 40. Kathie O ' Neil 41. Stephanie Odell 42. Bonnie Barnes 43. Nancy Englert 44. Nancy Marian! 45. Vangie Fahm 46. Bonnie McDonald 47. Alice Abramson 48. Terri Paag 49. Judy Ham 50. Dawn Swenson 51. Barb Schroader 52. Nancy Woodhull 53. Beth Hennessey NOT PICTURED: Ginger Busche Dee Carson Peggy Davidson Mary Lou Davis Polly Fasseh Audrey Gaskill Laura Kelch Nan Lennon Gratia McCallin Kathie O ' Neil Brenda Palelfore Laurie Snyder greeks 141 r 142 greeks delta gamma 1. Annie Bryant 2. Debbi Salmon 3. Monte Hubble 4. Randi Weber 5. Claudia Pogue 6. Jan Bloodworth 7. Cindy Skaugen 8. Wendy Shelton 9. Kevi Voights 10. Caryn Hildebrand 11. Linda Kyle 12. Linda Bivenour 13. Mary LDICIaire 14. Lisa Rehbein 15. Leslie Eichner 16. Sue Styrmoe 17. Lisa Newell 18. Dyan Abbott 19. Stacey Sanchez 20. Sharon Stasand 21. Cheryl Pontrelli 22. Oenise Pertill 23. Carol Anderson 24. Kim Kiley 25. Diana Enke 26. Debbie Ostengaard 27. Kim Alberts 28. Carolyn Schuer 29. Dana Sullivan 30. Marissa Klujinski 31. Nancy Nehis 32. Kyle Steenhof 33. Ann Emich 34. Marlou McBratney 35. Kay Michael 36. Janet Hire 37. Denise Standish 38. Debbie Havre 39. Denise Maynard 40. Michelle Dodson 41. Tracy North 42. Susie Ballard 43. Laurie Beulow 44. Maura Diener 45. Gina Lemler 46. Jan Terhune 47. Lisa Lecover 48. Nanette Cinco 49. Beth Wright 50. Cynthia Romely 51. Diana Winn 52. Pam Cooper 53. Chandra Welty NOT PICTURED: Betsy Bennett Joyce Blair Pam Boebinger Sue Bombach Karla Bredensteiner Sue Buetel Leslie Capin Kathy Conn Sally Dau Michelle Eberle Kevin Eddy Sue Eklund Nancy Engebretson Carol Gradillas Sue Newell Kathy O ' Neill Kim Osborn Mary Papanikolas Mindy Pellisier Gail Peterson Trisha Preble Olga Reisler Linda Rice Maryanne Ruman Laurie Schubert Judy Tazer Susan Warfield Melissa Williams Holly Young greeks 143 delta zeta . r 1. Sherri Edwards 2. Maggie Kunsemuller 3. Patty Burton 4. Kathy McConnell 5. Libbi Thomas 6. Shirley Miller 7. Mary Jensen 8. Ann Giansiracusa 9. Kathy McLane 10. Susie Yackley 11. Diane Dupuy 12. Candy Beumler 13. Janis Brett 14. Alexis Prokopis 15. Debbi Berliner 16. Karen Kester 17. Ann Stivers 18. Terri Million 19. Melanie Miller 20. Mrs. G. R. Sutherland 21. Marsha Ward 22. Gina Callozzo 23. Lori Figgins 24. Kim Abernathy 25. Barbara Satour 26. Jennifer Potis 27. Denise Boutin 28. Sue Hufford 29. Ellen Friedberg 30. Kim Donaldson 31. Sheri Goldberg 32. Vicky Brown 33. Barbara Else 34. Suzanne Stevenson 35. Lois Brooks 36. Nancy Rearick 37. Kim Hingten 38. Rosie Beamer 39. Sandy Visick 40. Joanne Monheim 41. Claudia Buford 42. Janis Rosenblum 43. Janelle Youtsey 44. Eve Arias NOT PICTURED: Thea Comitz Pam Farnum Tricia Mealka Laurie Schuh IP f x. i greeks 145 yi gamma phi beta 1. Becky Sprowl 2. Karen Linden 3. Cindy Sikorsky 4. Pam Bolton 5. Terri Snider 6. Mrs. Tracey Scoon 7. Anita Taubert 8. Ann Finney 9. Diana Davies 10. Amy Weigel 11. Glady Green 12. Martha Wallace 13. Renee Baffert 14. Sally Golden 15. Ann Murphy 16. Kathy McKee 17. Charis Schettino 18. Diana Byrd 19. Terry Lorbeer 20. Ann Brooke 21. Martha Mostyn 22. Jan Nielsen 23. Katie Fraser 24. Claudia Elliot 25. Tina Allen 26. Tricia Brucker 27. Nancy Beekman 28. Cathy Bloom 29. Jacque Sant 30. Jaci Birt 31. Nan Davies 32. Nancy Giltner 33. Pam Huckins 34. Celia Denny 35. Debby Wilky 36. Gina Lacagnina 37. Nancy Naegle 38. Connie Toth 39. Karen Brady 40. Sally Pollock 41. Anne DeVarrennes 42. Jill McCormack 43. Mary Helen Roberts 44. Jane Dowden 45. Dee Ann Tegt 46. Marty Dirst 47. Mary Bloom 48. Bonnie Fee 49. Casey Frauenfelder 50. Karen Mahoney 51. Judy Ludwig 52. Jan Plumley 53. Susie Keene 54. Betty Jensen 55. Sally Meier 56. Kim Abrutz 57. Margaret Wienold 58. Luann Eberle 59. Laurie Lounsbury 60. Corinne Klages 61. Terry Brewer 62. Jennifer Cherry 63. Andee Jones 64. Gail Reynolds 65. Mary Helen Hall 66. Mary Dean 67. Connie Callan 68. Mary Caryl Giltner 69. Pan Lindsay 70. Laurie Dresser 71. Diana Powles 72. Susie Hoeffer 73. Laurie Beene 74. Heather Boone 75. Kristin Larson 76. Janet Wilky 77. Laurie Hunter 78. Debbie Brown 79. Christy Geyer 80. Joanna Brown 81. Nancy Gunn 82. Anat Ariau 83. Sarah Cuson 84. Lin Schafer 85. Nance Helmick NOT PICTURED: Marji Andersen Laura Beekman Rose Bolduc Cheryl Bolton Dortha Buchanan Medelice Campbell Maureen Dewan Jackie Edwards Marian Feffer Adele Forsberg Erin Gilligan Kirk Hancock Kris Lepperd Lori Linaker Dee Dee Lippincott Anne Martin Stacey Petersen Debbie Quilici Nan Siggins Gwynne Smith Lisa Stevenson Amy Taylor Nancy Whiting Becky White Frances Zamar 146 greeks 4 i -. i fc .V kappa alpha theta 1. Michele Roberts 2. Lori Lane 3. Jane Doehrman 4. Barb Sharp 5. Shelly Farber 6. Jeanne Clark 7. Becky Voss 8. Dort O ' Donnell 9. Barb Teetor 10. Helen Meyer 11. Lassie Hanlon 12. Liz Matthey 13. Leann Correa 14. Barb Bidweli 15. Marilyn Regele 16. Clay Anderson 17. Laura Diebold 18. Marian Patterson 19. Carol Callander 20. Jane Derry 21. Pam Hadley 22. Carla Jeitz 23. Sallie Porter 24. Bev Blize 25. Candy Koederitz 26. Liz Stark 27. Sue Stern 28. Julie Martin 29. Sue Rhodes 30. Dianne Bonugle 31. Merry Van Dyne 32. Sissy Anderson 33. Karen Elmore 34. Heather Meyers 35. Laurie Espil 36. Colette Colerville 37. Martha Greer 38. Beth Angell 39. Cindy Katz 40. Kelly Allen 41. Susie Murphy 42. Liz Dempsey 43. Pam Wheatcraft 44. Lynn Henningsen 45. Mary Dawson 46. Suzanne Howitz 47. Susan Wright 48. Barb Stanley 49. Debbie Findley 50. Wendi Wood 51. Angle Bouten 52. Robin Prentice 53. Joyce Kliene 54. Lisa Mickelson 55. Pam Rees 56. Cherry Moon 57. Suzy Davis 58. Jere Simms 59. Lisa Pickett 60. Sue O ' Donnell 61. Sally Adams 62. Carrie Hoganson NOT PICTURED: Mary Budenger Emily Colter Leslie Doerfer Jane Elder Sally Ellis Sue Fischer Bridget Fitzpatrick Mindy Hallgre Nancy Healy Julie McLear Jan Pitrie Kay Ratcliff Cathy Teetor 148 greeks greeks 149 150 greeks kappa kappa gamma 1. Pennie Marcus 2. Carroll Sue Hayes 3. Molly Taber 4. Winnie Thexton 5. Grayson Martin 6. Joan Passey 7. Jan Percival 8. Ellen Petrie 9. Ellen Miller 10. Leslie Bianco 11. Terri Guinn 12. Kim Yeager 13. Cha Cha Donau 14. Cathy Whidden 15. Sherre Treat 16. Laura Walton 17. Jill Patch 18. Terri Oberg 19. Greta Seligman 20. Cindy Lincoln 21. Anne Mariucci 22. Cathy Hibner 23. Eileen Klees 24. Lindy Loundigan 25. Dena Martin 26. Sue Baronowski 27. Pam Simpson 28. Becky Theobald 29. Lori Ludden 30. Leslie Talmage 31. Charisse Snow 32. Nancy Colter 33. Ann Dunsmore 34. Tillie Tiller 35. Lynn Johnson 36. Sue Alston 37. Pam Peterson 38. Jill Strong 39. Cyd Benton 40. Janie Hoff 41. Jennifer Denton 42. Susan Shipley 43. Hollis Hemingway 44. Sara McCracken 45. Angela Carl 46. Martha Stedman 47. Jane McClintock 48. Patty Rueter 49. Cathi Page 50. Penny Greene 51. Eleanor Rauen 52. Gretchen Hurschman 53. Kim Taylor 54. Marilyn Flood 55. Pam Jarvis 56. Susie Lemke 57. Kim Simons 58. Kathy Brumfield 59. Sukey Roach 60. Jacquetta Leforce 61. Kelly Lane 62. Sue Rising 63. Melissa Biggs 64. Jan Rockoff 65. Carolyn Anderson 66. Janet Guptill 67. Debbie Hayward 68. Becky Simmons 69. Ann McClintock 70. Leslie Henry 71. Mary Maccloskey 72. Nancy Herman 73. Susie Hilton 74. Cheryl Keltner 75. Elaine Cacheris 76. Lisa Obstfeld 77. Polly Ellis 78. Kate Call 79. Andrea King 80. Diana DeHaven greeks 1 51 phi mu 1. Ellen Trueblood 2. Susan Caplan 3. Mary Jo Morton 4. Donna Simpson 5. Zorin Bhappu 6. Becky Burchell 7. Ellen Burbridge 8. Eloise Major 9. Karen Fink 10. Carolyn Lohr 11. Susan Dominguez 12. Marilyn Crosswhite 13. Jinx Castro 14. Kerri Beal 15. Monica Fontes 16. Tricia King 17. Denise Cowles 18. Bonnie Holmes 19. Risha Davis 20. Roddy Sue Fenz 21. Leslie MacKenzie 22. Patte Hlavin 23. Laurie Teninga 24. Suzanne Hickam 25. Kathy Lannello 26. Shelia Manning 27. Georgia Rogers 28. Deb Brinley 29. Debbie Cornelius 30. Sue Ernster 31. Janet Fisher 32. Mary Sue Christiansen 33. Kathy Klaasen 34. Debbi Clapp NOT PICTURED: Ellen Scheffler Sherri Peyton Gale Alexander Jody Bathey Janet McCoy Nancy Price Nancy Swanson Rebbie Ulloa 152 greeks 153 pi beta phi 1. Debbie Hutsell 2. Branda Lee 3. Cydney Bliss 4. Ann Tu Schmidt 5. Berksey Jones 6. Kim Becker 7. Sharon McCroskey 8. Faye Catlett 9. Cheryl Piercy 10. Susan Mills 11. Debbie Galloway 12. Janet Rhodes 13. Melinda Leal 14. Kathy Figley 15. Jacque Armstrong 16. Jennifer Burke 17. Mrs. Fredericks Gene Pyle Mer Rothel Donda Foran Jennie Schomp Gina Babunovic Laurie Bagwell Susie Gerhart Lorraine Smith Carolyn Woods Cindy Lehr 28. Judy Daine 29. Cathy Clements 30. Holly Gable 18 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 31. Debbie Sampson 32. Jolene Meyers 33. Julie Thompson 34. Julie Burroughs 35. Dana Steenhoff 36. Barb Hall 37. Maggie McWeeny 38. Carol Medwedeff 39. Kim Clark 40. Catherine Stark 41. Marnie Gordon 42. Melanie Mann 43. Cinda Shrader 44. Barb Howell 45. Nancy Kewin 46. Lorye Corbin 47. Chris McKeon 48. Susan Mitchell 49. Sheila Burke 50. Christy Powers 51. Vicki Thorne 52. Margie Rearick 53. Chris Pruneau 54. Joni Lipman 55. Terry Ropfogel 56. Mary Wirken 57. Lu Lullo 58. Cjndy Jobe 59. Charlotte Francis 60. Robin Ronstadt 61. Mary Ann Lekatsos 62. Todie Cloud 63. Debbie Wigington 64. Heidi Stilb 65. Lisa Stilb 66. Lindsey Hilbun NOT PICTURED: Ann Bruner Janis Crpwell Lesli Duling Judy Engel Julie Engel Pat Grant Shelley Hagen Robin Holtze Wendy Huck Stacy Kelly Claudia Koch Debbie Lee Pat McCulloch Lorrie O ' Brien Mary Ann O ' Brien Kaki Sampson Cynthia Shahian Dana Shrader Jan Telman Denise Tooley Lee Ann Williams 154 greeks greeks 155 alpha epsilon pi 1. Dave Blum 2. Lou Ciavarelli 3. Eric Feinberg 4. Alan Aintz 5. Jay Sukman 6. Dick Robinson 7. Mark Hunt 8. CeCe Greeneberg 9. Ellis Blank 10. Jan Goldberg 11. Scott Harris 12. Alan Waxman 13. Larry Rubin 14. Mark Darland 15. Randi Gaiber 16. Mark Vagnerini 17. Mike Coyne 18. Marlowe Huivila 19. Bill Trail 20. Andy Pells 21. Mike Barstack 22. John Zimmerman 23. Maury Feuerman 24. Gary Kipnis 25. Hope Burnstein 26. Alan Krieda 27. Carl Miller 28. Al Oppenheim 29. Val Miller 30. Jim Fiagenheimer 31. Leslie Moss 32. Suzy Schwartz 33. Steve Pollack 34. Sue Rising 35. Larry Lipsman 36. Suazanne Eber 37. Steve Rotblatt 38. Earl Mendenhall 39. Laurie Kaplan 40. Jeff Buka 41. Andy Hertzfeld 42. Vicki Thorn 43. Kenny Resenfeld 44. Larry Faiender 45. Kim Nagel 46. Randi Moross 47. Rick Brase 48. Randy Warner 49. Alex Froede 50. Jess Ruff 51. Stephanie Bordy 52. Larry Berkson 53. Sandy Molasky 54. Carol Quillman 55. Mark Fishman 156 greeks greeks 157 m i alpha gamma rho 1. David Holland 2. Beth Lynch 3. George Bolton 4. Michael Kirksey 5. Steve Areingdale 6. Jimmy Jones 7. Clay Riggs 8. Lynn Hancock 9. Susan Bessey 10. Sue Millet 11. Steve Goucher 12. Carlos Garcia 13. Dan Rigo 14. Noble Jackson 15. Scott Whitten 16. Jim Hawkins 17. Tillie Tiller 18. Cissie Hubbard 19. Andy Ng NOT PICTURED: Tyler Basinger Detmar Holly Joel Sweeten greeks 159 alpha kappa lambda 1. John Mull 2. Dennis Cronkhite 3. Steve Bohn 4. Scott Cudding 5. Chris Egan 6. Jay Schweitzer 7. Tom Bussell 8. Brian Collings 9. Steve Clifford 10. Darryl Jacobson 11. Gina Maio 12. Mike Schelter 13. Craig Horn 14. Baxter Martin 15. Bob Johnson 16. John Bull 17. Butch Emerson 18. Tom Hill 19. Lee Patterson 20. Steve Schafer 21. Rick Rowell 22. Vern Green 23. Scott Stewart 24. Mike Grivois 25. Greg Haas 26. Dave Carlson 27. Eve Vali 28. Paul Levitt 29. Toni Gagliardi 30. Steve Baird 31. Ellen Walcott 32. Tricia King 33. Eloise Major 34. Ken Koval 35. Douglas Muer 36. Ed Walerko 3 7. Rob Wilson 38. Jean Wilson 39. Cristi Wilson 40. George Compton 41. Tom Schlesinger 42. Fast Eddy 43. Bob Lipsy 44. Shelley Kaiser 45. L. J. McCreary 46. Judy Gyuro 47. Laurita Araiza 48. Jim Logan 49. Laurie Saltz 160 greeks . greeks 161 I DELTA CHI FRATERNITY 1701 EAST FIRST STREET 162 greeks delta chi 1 . Louis Coletta 2. Dave Gapp 3. Pete Shelley 4. Russell Anderson 5. Tony Jobusch 6. Craig Spencer 7. Jim Hymes 8. Doug Vinnes 9. Marty Reiss 10. Dean Buchannon 11. Jimmy Bullock 12. Chris Avery - 13. Mark Goodman 14. Tim Deagon 15. Danny Munoz 16. Ed West 17. Glenn Davis 18. Tim Vicario 19. Ben Mancuso 20. Kevin Anderson 21. Phil Bamberger 22. Morgan Cragin 23. Jim West 24. Danny Castrillo 25. Joe Sutton 26. John Shaw 27. John Cushman 28. Glenn Baird 29. Jack Bullock 30. Steve Anderson 31. Tom Fasset 32. Mark Stewart 33. Bill Crawford 34. Mike Mons 35. Leif Hartwig NOT PICTURED: Craig Behar Jim Bradley John Cooper Randy Cox Bill Evans Gary Hagedon Greg Hill David Hidsten Rich Kenny Jeff Kueffer Bobby Mackey Larry Meeks Denny Merritt Mike Millilo Tracy Moore Tom O ' Neil John Reyna Gary Rohling Paul Thuringer Dan Trieber Floyd Underhill greeks 163 delta tau delta 1. Donna Meeks 2. Chris Vanlandingham 3. Ric Ottenad 4. Halsey Wickser 5. Fran McFarllan 6. Sue Underwood 7. Brandon Lee 8. Nancy Sternwiess 9. John Westfall 10. Mark Vondestinon 11. Mike Flores 12. Hub Burton 13. Craig Romanowitz 14. John Sale 15. Peter Cook 16. Dave Thompson 17. Fred Speleki 18. Bob Eager 19. Beth Angell 20. Robin Jensen 21. Clark Johnson 22. Bob Dundee 23. Mark Goss 24. John Earll 25. Kurt Alcrumbac 26. Jim Froggatt 27. Fred Neitert 28. Wendi Wood 29. Becky Voss 30. John Bickersoff 31. Lee Ann 32. Chris Wilson 33. Bill Minor 34. Mark Berman 35. Dave Babcock 36. Kathy Page 37. Charles (Tex) Babcock I 164 greeks greeks 165 phi delta theta 1. Mike Houston 2. Brad Backer 3. John Neff 4. Stew Peeter 5. Dave Beaudette 6. Nick Thomas 7. Robert Richard! 8. Bruce Stone 9. Le Anderson 10. Bob Douglas 11. Jerry Rhen 12. Ken Matesich 13. Jim Shirven 14. Jeff McCollum 15. Bob Smith 16. Tom Troller 17. Jeff Oliver 18. Dave Graves 19. Andrew Romano 20. John Martocchio 21. Pete Kline 22. Bob Amsani 23. Rob Ludden 24. Mike Adamson 25. Rich McKeever 26. Mark Smith 27. Lou Schloderback 28. Brian McConnell 29. John Lansdale 30. Grag Shannon NOT PICTURED: Al Buccierelli Wil Corre Jace Hall Phelin James Jim Karras Cap Pinkerton Jim Root Scott Simpson Paul Tozer William Tretbar Pat Ward Pete Zorrial 166 greeks greeks 167 t ' 168 greeks phi gamma delta 1. T. D. Romero 2. Dewey Stevens 3. Mark Newton 4. Stu Duncan 5. Mark Holahan 6. Rex Allen Applegate 7. Mark Folger 8. Chuck Schneider 9. John Rehing 10. Dave Wilhelmson 11. Sam Rehling 12. Jack Derikson 13. Jeff Phalen 14. Dan Bailey 15. Mark Dember 16. Rick Johnson 17. B. J. Welch 18. John Tolley 19. John Jennings 20. Ron Stauffer 21. Bob Fee 22. Jim Washington 23. Mike Merback 24. Scott Gibson 25. Chris Cacheris 26. Mark Mittelstaedt 27. Mike Monier 28. Tony Allen 29. Dan Hoskin 30. Bill Tolley 31. Phil Wagner 32. Wain Fishburn 33. Rich Flitcraft 34. Graig Smith 35. Bill Lundeen 36. Kevin Biggs 37. Ken Peterson 38. Dave Ward 39. Nick Davidson 40. Rob Ryan 41. Bob Ludden 42. Ken Koser 43. Mark Dailey 44. Jim Bennett 45. Tom Reed 46. John Hudson 47. Sam Simms 48. Mark Olbin 49. Steve Stevens 50. John Sivo 51. Randy Hilton 52. Chip Harrell 53. Don Connelly 54. Scott Wonacott 55. Steve Elliott 56. Paul Hammond 57. Randy Smith greeks 169 phi sigma kappa 1. L. Jeffrey Blankenbury 2. Aaron Zornes 3. Allen Roy Kampmeyer 4. Mike Passante 5. Greg Malley 6. Dennis R. Matuscsak 7. Misty 8. Richard Hart 9. Wayne P. Johnson NOT PICTURED: Ken Curry Lou DeMola Bill Fowler Bruce Moskawltz John Rogers Dave Tebo Bruce Tretbar Danny Walls Don Wilde 170 greeks greeks 171 rV , tt i :i i ; 3 s . ' ' ,.. M h i - M e Vf " . MB 172 greeks pi kappa alpha 1 . Bob Welge 2. Kirk Costich 3. Ron Foeldi 4. Pat Derksen 5. Gary Fetter 6. Frank Martinez 7. Lance Henderson 8. Stan Jones 9. Fred Hotmann 10. Jerry Braum 11. Steve Yannalto 12. Tom Johnston 13. Terry Michel 14. Bill Waldheim 15. Bob Baran 16. Skip Roberts 17. Frank Andrews 18. Randy Shouse 19. Bernie Conn 20. Steve Duft 21. Mike Gurtler 22. Mark Novak 23. John Freeman 24. Roger Belsher 25. Jim Caley 26. Chris Munhall 27. Brad Miller 28. John Higgins 29. Bruce Fairchild 30. Larry Mutter 31. Pat Gaffney 32. Marc Patterson 33. Scott McCullough 34. Steve Dolan 35. Dave Land 36. Bill Brindley 37. Rob Skinner 38. Ooug McMaster 39. Mike Cronin 40. Tom Rowan 41. Rich Rowan 42. Jerry Collins 43. Charlie Agee 44. Rick Stubbs 45. Steve Misner 46. Will Yeaton 47. Craig Lea 48. Bill Mutton 49. Steve Lass NOT PICTURED: Steve Burke Tom Dorgan Craig Hyslop Gardner Lahet Jeff Walser Mark Whitcomb Keith Wold Kip Thompson greeks 173 174 greeks - sigma alpha epsilon 1. John Heitel 2. Roy Siebeck 3. Jim Mincks 4. Jim Besse 5. Jim Laugharn 6. Jon Anderson 7. Steve Daley 8. Bob Howell 9. Rob Sherman 10. Bill Day 11. Scott Young 12. Emilio louche ' 13. Bill Burton 14. Al Grabb 15. Charlie Carson 16. John Simmons 17. Clark Rorbach 18. Jim Warren 19. Dave Hubbard 20. Kerry Smith Gary Minor Dave Overstreet Jim Drachman Dan Jacob 25. Jock Taylor 26. Scott Simons 27. Kurt Johnson 28. Chris Browning 29. Wood Hull 30. Dave North 31. Mark Grotefeld John Isaacson Clay Stuard Paul Burns Joe Abrutz 36. Jim Rubenstein 37. Bob Gossett 21 22 23 24 32 33 34 35 38. Eric Kinneberg 39. Tim Cleary 40. Jim Budelman 41. Eric Hildebrand 42. Doug Wilson 43. Todd Remington 44. Bill Olsen 45. Keith Manson NOT PICTURED: Gary Anawalt Jim Anawalt Scott Anderson Bob Baffert P. A. Baffert Brad Burr Jack Campbell Sam Clay Bill Clifford Andy Cloud Bob Confer Pat Cunningham Al Dineff Frank Frong John Hagenah Jim Moore Russel Morton Mark McMahan Jay Phillips John Phillips Dave Shook Doug Shook Charlie Touche ' Craig VanDerVoort Tom Watson Steve Woodward greeks 175 176 greeks sigma nu 13. 14. 15. 1 . Paul Croley 2. Mark Helms 3. Tom Henry . Stewart Shulman Frank Gordine Parker Cornell Tim Mejdrich 8. Loren Aldrich 9. Tom Spicer 10. Jeff Krich 11. Kasey 12. Rick Qeerling Sigh Marty Butler Jim Heald 16. Jay Krich 17. Miles Keegan 18. Scott Zale 19. Paul Schmaker 20. Don Jacob 21. Day Rhodes 22. Craig Rouhier 23. Dan Dobric 24. Chris Russell 25. Leslie Duling 26. Mom Gee 27. T. Carson Finical 28. Steve Saiazar 29. Bill Greene 30. Mark Wheeler 31. Rick Schmidt 32. Carl Sandberg 33. Miles McMahan 34. Grant Gill 35. Phil Brune 36. Rye Nelson 37. Jim Gijan 38. Paul Gronley 39. Jim Deroon 40. Randy Holm 41. Kirk Amster 42. Mark Wassell 43. Zeke Woolley 44. Scott Yaeger 45. John Kelly 46. Tim Sawley 47. Juddson loane 48. Chuck O ' Connor 49. Shawn Peres 50. Terry Hedger 51. Tad Doubet 52. Bob Rierson 53. George Roylston 54. Doug Finney 55. Bob Curadwohl 56. Bill Tunnell 57. Doug Freeman 58. Mike Hays 59. Phil Pierson 60. Rick Gean 61. Tony Kaehr 62. Ken Doyle NOT PICTURED Rick Adrianse Steve Bennett Mike Biehn Jim Black Jim Bouley Rob Cunningham Jerry Dodson John Eller Scott Foell Steve Hawley Jay Ladd Jeff Lewis Mark Pecar Reed Simpson Jim Smith Keith Smith Rick Stasand Mike Tomlinson Bill Watkin greeks 177 sigma phi epsilon 1. Mike Kimball 2. Mark Vest 3. Mike Cianci 4. Bob Ford 5. Jim Marsh 6. Pat Harrington 7. Don Fischer 8. John Nazelbaker 9. Pat Holcombe 10. Rudy Frankaovic 11. Jim Smith 12. Jeff McGlaughlon 13. Mark Soble 14. Dan Stern 15. Dean Cain 16. Mike Smith 17. Dave Berry 18. Mike Mucman 19. Bob Hymen 20. John Woodford 21. Tim Smith 22. Scott Holmes 23. Jim Rehbine 24. John Moving 25. Pat McGuckin 26. Bob Olsen 27. Brock Thomas 28. Dave Thornally 29. John Goonlich 20. Chip Kettle 31. Mike Franks 32. Steve Wyatt 33. Larry Lippow 34. Bob Cummings 35. Doug Heckle 36. Scott Agnew 37. Jay Baum 38. Pete Rich 39. Jim Todd 40. Mike Kennedy 41. Ed Anderson 42. Greg Lucky 43. Dominic Carronna 44. Dave Looft 45. Joe Mitchell 46. Staff Thurman 178 greeks greeks 179 KE PARKING ONLY UNAUTHORIZED VEUfiLES WILL BE D AWT a tau kappa epsilon 1. Brian Nye 2. Jim Burke 3. Barb Lobin 4. Jim Schleiger 5. Mike Van Loo 6. Chris Voutsas 7. Carl Commenator 8. Jim Rudy 9. Phil Gutt 10. " Wolfman " Gardner 11. Bill Ruebsamen 12. Dan Davids 13. Tracy Tweeten 14. Greg Grace 15. Mike Bloss 16. Mark Hestor 17. Dave Byard 18. Bob Selby 19. Stu Desmond 20. John Vassor 21. Sher Stover 22. Paul Holmes 23. Doug Trewhitt 24. Norm Gobeil 25. Joe Yurgiewicz 26. Mike Blume 27. Greg Bodell 28. Paul Louk 29. Betsy Ugnanst 30. Harry Wilcox 31. Ken Lancaster 32. " Cowboy " Hollaway 33. Dean Raizman 34. Mike Cambell 35. Bob Heiser 36. Bob Rutherford 37. Doug Calling 38. Mark Loftin 39. Greg Bastian NOT PICTURED: Scott Donor Steve Grande Jay Keating John Klock greeks 181 freshmen women ' s honorary ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA FRONT ROW Ann Giansiracusa, Kathryn Kreimeyer, Stefanie Feldman, Gladys Tye, Susan Schutzman, Laurie Schnebly, Laurie Han- son, president. ROW 2 Elsa Jauregui, Susanne Chamberlain, Ellen Liebhaber, Linda Holleman. ROW 3 Ruth Aguilar, Kathy O ' Conner, Patti-Ann Schaeffer, Jody Jacobson, Kathy McConnell, Barbara Comess. ARETE SOCIETY FRONT ROW - Chris Beebee, Jan Dunlap, Leslie Kopman, Sherry Jackson, Peggy Struthers. ROW 2 Leslie Distefano, president; Helen Kisthardt, Janice Welchert, Bess Maxwell, Gail Gault, Marie Farfield, Betty Barber. sportswomen ' s honorary 184 honoraries national senior men ' s honorary bobcats BLUE KEY FRONT ROW Doug Clark, Jim Dyre, Harry Munion, president; Al Ariaza, Mark Olbin. ROW 2 Cliff Holt, advisor; Mike Stamps, Cal Potter. BOBCATS FRONT ROW Mike Cianci, Larry Lipsman, Tim Hart, presi- dent; Mark Folger, Dan Stern. ROW 2 John Bickerstaff, Morgan Lamb, Mike Faucher, Ken Sobel, Mike Glorioso, Doug Kuhn, Jay Sikes. ROW 3 Scott Nation. honoraries 185 junior men ' s honorary chimes junior women ' s CHAIN GANG FRONT ROW Mark Dember, Steve Mar- tin, William Olson, Andrew Ng, Richard Robinson, Gary Kipnis, Tony Hassiotis, Erik Johnson, Daniel Malinski. ROW 2 Detmar Holly, James Bennett, George Bolton, Jerry Murphy, advisor; Christopher Cacheris, president; Dr. John P. Schaefer, Chris Wootan, William Day, Marc Sobel, David Hammeroff, Owen Taranta, Douglas MacKenzie. CHIMES FRONT ROW Leeann Jones, Deb Brinley, Margie Bernal, Sherilyn Dwight, Carol Disbrow. ROW 2 Pam Voekler, Cyd Benton, Karen Fink, Leslie Talmage, Sheri Goldberg, Candyce Beumler, Carolyn Lohr, president; Suzette Chambers, Margaret Kevane. ROW 3 Emily Colter, Diane Dutson, Nancy Miles, Leslie Wooton, Sara Hartzler, Jody Jacobson, Virginia Tom, Valerie Bodman, Linda Peters, Diane Bracht, Joan Glaus, Margaret Duffner, Susan Fifer. 186 honoraries DOBRO SLOVO FRONT ROW Ritchie Holmes, Joseph Trowcale, president; Boris Roberts, Dan Winters. ROW 2 Del Phillips, Al Cannon, Dr. Alex Dunkel. dobro slovo honors student association HONORS STUDENT ASSOCIATION Dr. Vaughn Huff, advisor; Cliff Morgan, Doug Clark, Wendy Coatsworth, John McLean, Mahmood Karin, Jim Mulcahy, Jim Miller, Bonnie Sedlmayr, Linda McNamera, Linda Holliman, Denise Blommel, Elsmarie Heimpel, Gretchen Heimpel. honoraries 187 0 ) 03 TJ 0) national men ' s band honorary KAPPA KAPPA PSI FRONT ROW Scott Braucher, Jim Mitchell, president; Pete Johnson, Loyell Farler, Randy Page, Bruce Ammann, Mark Fulcher, Dave Roth, Pete Worden, Kent Harvey. ROW 2 John Baker, Lee Murray, Steve Murray, Drew Ritter, Lee Termini, Bruce Trumbo, Gary Overstreet, Sam Cohen, Rick Moffett, Steve Schacterle, Ben Rameriz. ROW 3 Ed Bloom, Larry Hjlamarson. MORTAR BOARD FRONT ROW Jennifer Hill, Janis Lauber, Ruth Glass, president; Donna Horner, Margaret Sexton, Diane Johnsen. ROW 2 Elizabeth Saldinger, Alicia Vitale, Rachel Gjer- ding, Denise Blommel, Ann Fabric, Diane Judge, Margaret Schreiber, Carol Clemit, Susan Hirales. mortar board 188 honoraries omicron nu o 3 CD CD O O o o o 3 OMICRON NU Rosalie Vroman, Dr. Janet L. Vaughn, advisor; Beth Busick, Sharen Owens, Beverly Gin, president; Susan Wilson. PI OMEGA PI FRONT ROW Suella Oevine, Roggie Wilson, ROW 2 Dr. R.A. Kidwell. advisor; Jill Carrara, Elayne Abelkop. Linda Tansik, Pam Voelker, Dr. H. Langen. .: business education honorary honoraries 189 sophomore men ' s honorary ,i SOPHOS FRONT ROW Steve Harnden, Eric Witten, Doug Finney, Pat Mitchell, Steve Emerson, Phil Gutt, Steve Salazar. ROW 2 George Royalston, Mark Smith, Don Fisher, Jim Mullins. ROW 3 Charles O ' Connor, Kurt Amster, Alan Krieda, Pat McGuckin, Ken Everett, Mike Smith, Dave Houk, Wayne Peale, Earl Mendenhall, Dave Blum, Mike Ceballos, president; Tom Fasset, Kevin Clinch. ROW 4 Mack Bandler, Jim FlegenheimerAernie Yee, Pat Gaffney, Charles Agee, Steve Duff. SPURS FRONT ROW Robin Ronstadt, Carol Medwedeff. Stefanie Feldman, Laurie Schnebly, Susanne Chamberlain, Linda Holthaur. ROW 2 Gladys Tye, Irene Lopez, Mary Beth Bunce, Wendy Meyer, Susan Schu tzman, Carolyn Allred, Lin- da Graham, Linda Lippart, Susan Shipley, Elaine Baum, Mary Carmen Cruz, Ann Giansiracusa, Ellen Liebhaber, Sharon Moore. ROW 3 Kelley Ethridge, Cindy Coffer, Nancy Stanley, Tara Roach, Susan Kivett, Nancy Colter, Donna Meeks, Terry Smith, Jill Patch, Mary Ging, Becky Voss, Rosalie Beamer, Kathy Brumfield, Janis Crowell, Judy Olson, Kathy McConnell, Linda Holleman, Jill Strong, Dot Wilmot, Karol Levko. r H- D C sophomore women ' s honorary : ' . 190 honoraries i tau beta pi women ' s national band honorary iorai! TAU BETA PI FRONT ROW Chen K. Jeang, Dale Mack, Bob Reader, president; Raymond Knepper. ROW 2 Nancy Norem, Phil Mclaughlin, David Mobley, Gary Williams, Les Haldane, Dennis Kovach. ROW 3 Chris DeMars, Gary Barrass, Bill Beggs, Harry Hillman, Mike Maceyko, Mike Mitchell, Ron Hartman, Glenn Lane, Dr. Allen Malvick, advisor. TAU BETA SIGMA FRONT ROW Joan Simpson, Sandy Lohman. Cathy Lynn, Marcia Poletovich, Judy Morris, Mary Jensen, Linda Foresse, Annetta Fullmer, Shirley Stapleton. ROW 2 Barb Grijalva. Janet Jones. ROW 3 Nan- cy Woodhall, Carol Disbrow, Diane Dutson, Leslie Wootan. ROW 4 Leeann Jones, Becky Boelter, Kay Manship, president; Melanie Morrison, Ann Hawkins, Kathi Dzuban, Rosanna Giodano, Fran Cox, Stefanie Feldman, Cheri Schaeffer, Anita Curtis, Sue Pettit. honoraries 191 spirit committee CO wranglers women ' s counseling TRADITIONS SPIRIT COMMITTEE FRONT ROW Doug Hatcher, Scott Witter, Steve Stevens, Randall Holm, Scott Nation, Larry Lipsman, Dou Kuhn, president. ROW 2 Gary Shellhorn, Dan Jacob, Doug Finney, Don Jacob, John Hall, Bill Olson, Jim Drachman, Mike Cianci. ROW 3 Rick Stubb, Tom Sather, Jorge Reyes, Doug Clark, Andy Ng, Paul Monier, Ken Sobel, Morgan Lamb, Noble Jackson. ROW 4 Mike Faucher, Gordon Bourgeois, Rick Swenson, Mike Kirksey, Dick Robinson, Rick Stasand, Steve Martin, Judd loane, Mike Franks. ROW 5 Bill Day, Dave Berry, Tyler Basinger, John Tolley, Chris Wootan, Dan Stern, Carson Finical, Chris Cacheris. David Hammeroff. WRANGLERS FRONT ROW-Sheri Goldberg, Linda Lincoln, Candy Beumler, Debbie Arrington, Sally Hodges, Ellen Friedburg, Wendy Meyer, Dolly Kelley, Jane Hill, Missy Servos, Kathy Hansen, Peggy Bower. ROW 2 Jennifer Hill, president; Merilee Florence, Suzanne Fravenfeld, Mary Beth Bunce, Libby Farris, Edie Nelson, Ellen Walcott. ROW 3 Nancy Smith, Sharon Lamprecht, Jill Sparr, Dr. James R. Hine, ad- visor, Sandy Sahlin, Laurie Laughlin, Melissa Wilson. 192 honoraries beta alpha psi national accounting honorary c co co 3; i | E CO Walter Bachman Geraldo Mala Robert Briggs John McClain Marvin Burns Danny Montgomery Dwayne Buxton David Nitzel CO QJ Lindbergue Crisostomo Donald Post 3 David Cutler Shirley Strembel c CO - Gurmu Dabi Osman Tahir Leonard Francl Francisco Teles E Paula Gregg Deborah Hoscheidt Michael Timmer Margaret Wing CO O) O) Edwin Kiesel Paul Wulff 0) " co CO Katherine Lambert pi delta pi trench honorary . phi mu alpha sinfonia men ' s national music honorary phi beta kappa liberal arts scholastic honorary Kevin Ahern Gregory Aitchison Deborah Alquist Sherry Barker Susan Blanchard Adrienne Brian Marilyn Brown Mark Caldwell John Call Sylvia Sanchez Helen Clack Patrice Confer Margrit Cromwell Jodv Daggett Michael Davies Margaret Dean Stephanie Denkowicz Allen Dombrow Carol Eley Janet Emery Ronald Errico Mark Ethridge Anique George Patricia Grady Charles Hott Carol Hubbard James Jones Joyce Kapsal Helen Kassander Marilyn Lake Marta Lopez-Urrutia Brigitta Ludgate Loring McAuley Polly Mar Kathy Marie Marsha Martin Donald Nessman Roger Nocera Mark O ' Hare Douglas Perkins Jonathan Pfautsch Carol Post Nadine Pultman Diane Ramirez Ruben Ramirez Terry Reeves Kathleen Rens William Roberts Norma Rosner Thomas Rusing Donna Schwab Rona Shreve Barry Sipe Cindy Smith Helen Smith Brigitte Sokolowsky Gerald Stanley Laurence Swan Jean Ting Roger Tokars Sterling Torrance Linda Traher Rachel Turner Jonathon Venzie Judith Wellman Linda Whitaker Carol Wittels Sylvia Wittels Roland Wong Craig Abts Jay Ackerly Bruce Ammann Arnold Arenas Loyell Farler Gary Holt Doug Huie Stan Kruggel Dave Lersch Mark Louttit Steve Razo Drew Ritter Tim Santeyan David Shaul Garrett Soulen Gerald Sowers Lee Termini Terry Tom o CO 5 lilt (DaiW s m 03 -co eo = 85 g as. s ,, . honoraries 193 II $. . . . I " This is the year of the ASUA renaissance, " according to Associated Students President Ken Sobel. ASUA was restructured this year with emphasis on efficiency, communications, services, public relations and the Arizona Student Association. By rearranging office space to make room for a comprehensive filing system and by hiring two full-time secretaries, the administration brought a sense of continuity to ASUA. A Student Legal Advisory Program was set up to give free legal advice from a qualified attorney to any students with problems. ASUA representatives met with students from NAU, ASU and the Board of Regents during the year to get more voice in state legislation. " We ' ve set up a solid base, " Sobel said. " This will be remembered as the year in which ASUA reorganized the ASUA renaissance. " 196 organizations associated student ' s executive council Mary Jane Crist, assistant director; Ken Sobel, president; Larry Lipsman, administrative vice-president; Scott Nation, ex- ecutive vice-president: Corky Taylor, director. organizations 197 services Arizona Student Services Corporation (ASSC) Camp Wildcat Birth Control Service Consumer Protection Association Legal Advice L.I.N.K. (Liason In Neighbor- hood Knowledge) Housing Referrals Book Exchange Student, Legislative and City Relations Student Publications Swap Meet Switchboard (Student Referral Association University Tenant Association appropriations board Doug Finney, Dave Hammeroff, Ann Fabric, George Reyes. Not Pictured; Doug Clark and Marian Feffer. Mary Hendrickson Head Clerk Elizabeth Phillips ASUA Secretary Diane Prosser ASUA Secretary 198 organizations associated student ' s committees Academic Services Athletic Committee Committee for Women Concerts Committee Dorm Relations Elections Commission Greek Relations Handicapped Services High School Relations Human Relations Legislative Relations Library Committee Liquor Committee Media Relations President ' s Advisory Regent Relations Speaker ' s Board Special Projects asua committee chairmen John Rodgers. Handicapped Services; Gary Randall, Liquor Committee; Trisha Preble, Public Information Director; , Schomp, Community Relations; Larry Lipsman, Administrative Vice President; Randy Gahen, Committee for. Women; Larry Triester. Concerts Committee; Kevin Welsh, Health Services Advisory Committee; Alan Krieda, Legislative Relations; Pete Woods, Speakers Board: Jim Meecham, High School Relations; Cliff Morgan, Book Exchange Chairman. organizations 199 The Student Union Activities Board is the programming organization for the U of A. Its nine committees plan events like Las Vegas Night, crafts fairs, dances, Desert Con science fiction and horror film festival, UXB a pumpkin-carving contest, concerts, the International Forum, pool tournaments, dinner theatres, fashion shows, political forums, creative writing contests, kayaking lessons and many other activities. (I) c D (5 FRONT ROW Dave Smith, president; Laurie Schnebly, publications; Deb Ramsay, creative arts; Sara Sammetinger, international forum. ROW 2 Margaret Vescovi, special film projects; Connie Walters. hostesses; Anne Busch, pop-ups. ROW 3 Mark Phelps, special events; Paul Louk, recreation; Linda Spell, secretary; Phil Gutt, entertainment. NOT PICTURED Frances Nelson, executive assistant; Art Kleinpell, in- formal forums; Judy Babcock, program advisor. 200 organizations creative arts craft fairs songwriting contest ballet art exhibitions dinner theatres craft demonstrations sandwich seminars on everything from hang gliding to belly dancing Arizona 74 forums on political candidates r O 3 3 CO 0) CD 0) o 0) Q. las vegas night forum on dorm survival SUAB in the dark activities mart bike rally organizations 201 CO c CO o J semester calendars O. creative writing contests SUAB promos slide show s entertainment Stan Kenton Red White Bluegrass Summerdog Colours folk singers after-game dances impressionists dance marathon pool party 05 0) O CD billiards tournaments ping-pong tournaments foosball tournaments chess tournaments kayaking lessons fishing lessons backpacking lessons rock climbing lessons orienteering lessons nostalg Barrjf SUABs cartoon ;ersona jesertc Colorado riverboat trip caving expeditions overnight hikes fishing trips Havasupai trail trip Disneyland trip Grand Canyon trip Mazatlan trip Nogales trip 202 organizations DESERT visual media show nostalgia night Barry Newman night SUAB spookarama cartoon festival personality night desert con III science fiction and horror film festival 0) O 0) ' CD O 5T o c O Switzerland March 9-14 exhibitions mall events films travel booth trade fair food booth hostesses Union tours western fiesta fashion shows sex seminar tree-trimming party FRONT ROW Gina Maio. Connie Walters, Laurie Schnebly, Jill Sparr. ROW 2 Cindie Jobe, Barbie King, Margi Manning, Carol Folley, Laurie Lenihan, Tracy Grosser. ROW 3 Diana Barr, Shirley McMahon, Jeanne Fenn, Margo Laborin, Jane Hill, Donna Rubin, Linda Shulman. ROW 4 Ginnie Boltz. ROW 5 Kathy Franklin. or ganizations 203 arizona daily wildcat ABOVE LEFT Rob Lowy, Photo Editor; Diane Johnsen, Editor. BELOW LEFT Ernie Sotomayor, Sports Editor; Cecilia Goodnow, City Editor. 204 organizations Broadening the scope of news for the students at the University of Arizona has been one goal of the Arizona Daily Wildcat this year. By assuming the responsibility of keeping the campus up-to-date on domestic and foreign affairs as well as university events, the Wildcat hoped to make the latest news within easy reach of both the students and the faculty. The Wildcat, with a circulation of 16,000, has maintained high journalistic standards in keeping with its image as a professional publication. Staffed by 30 paid members, the Wildcat does not require its reporters to be journalism students. organizations 205 While yearbooks all over the U.S. are folding, the University of Arizona ' s Desert is alive and well. Having to change from a copy- filled, hardbound newspaper to a modern day magazine, the Desert this year is a pictorial representation of the school year ' s events. ' 1 206 organizations desert CLOCKWISE: Section editors FRONT ROW Betsy King, honoraries; , ' Donna Meeks, supervisor; Jan Class, organizations. ROW 2 Carla Carter, Laurie Schnebly, supervisor; Spencer Erman, sports; Susie Rayl, , features; Pattie Armstrong Melanie Jacobson, editor-in-chief Jane Ryckman, greeks Photographers William Ferguson, Steve Morris, Brad Toland, darkroom manager; Mary Brunderman, Steve Lee, Larry Lauser, photography editor; Mike Casey, Aaron Morris Ronnye Russell, graphic arts editor. organizations 207 co-ordinating councils agriculture council I FRONT ROW George Grosetta, Barbara Torney, Lawson Spicer, Barbara Glenn, Eddie Browning, Beth Lymeh, Mary Jen- son. ROW 2 Robert E. Briggs, Walter Beya, William H. Brown, David Holland, Pat Kirkpatrick, James Zimmerman, Steve Martin. bpa council T FRONT ROW Rod Hunter, Dorothy Cisler, Larry Bebee, Kit Trimm, Robyn Burhans, Marjo West, Carla Sudler, Mary Skog. ROW 2 Greg Bennett, Ray Kaplan, Dave Dauanzati, Gary Fernaays, Dave Carlsonk, Max Makles, Rick McElroy, Bruce Lange, Curt Azcharios, Scott Meyer. 208 organizations CD. CD " D o ' 7 _-;.. |.; FRONT ROW Vicki Good, Mary Jane Crist, Barbara Stanley, Marcia Raeber, Ann Samper, Kim Taylor, Mari Preston. ROW 2 Debbie Churnen, Judy Daine, Christy Power, Susan Yackly, Liz Mathey, Lauire Luden. ROW 3 Rachael Gjerding, Marlene Logan, Peggy Davidson, Vicky Brown. service organizations university hostesses MEMBERS ARE Sally Adams, Bonnie Barnes, Susy Batt. jdarti Bauer, Jean Baxter, Terry Bearman, Cyd Benton, Molisa 3iggs, Janet Bingham, Debbie Chernin, Emily Colter, Donna Orew, Ann Dunsmore, Sherilyn Dwight, Ann Fabric, Leslie r eezer, Susie Fischer, Kathy Freidell, Sally Golden, Nicki jood, Kirk Hancock, Jeannine Harvey, Gail Hoffing, Donna Corner, Pam Huckins, Laurie Hunter, Lynn Johnson, Leeann - V Jones, Patti Jost Vice President, Diane Judge, Rockey Karlebach, Debbie Kesler, Susan Kruizenga, Jane McClintock, Frances Nelson, Linda Peters, Lisa Pickett, Christy Power, Lisa Rehbein, Denise Reynolds, Jane Ryckman, Jill Sanborne, Lin Schafer, Madeleine Schleier, Leslie Talmago, Cynthia Vanessacos, Martha Wallace, Linda Weberg, Nancy Whiting, Margaret Wienold President, Susie Wilson, Margo Wilton. organizations 209 professional organization " 1 alpha kappa psi FRONT ROW Scott Meyer (Vice President), Tony Gin, Kelly O ' Neil, Mike McGovern, Mike Maudig, Ray Horn, Steve Lyding, Randy Evens, Paula Carol (Secretary). ROW 2 Gary Wong, Bob Bradly, Dave Nielsen, George Wallace, Jr., (Senior Vice President), Max Mikles, David Spivack, Jack Stott, Rick Pacelett (President). nautics astronautics amen 0) CO 03 o CD m ' IIO .G FRONT ROW Mike Mackowski, Bob Smith. ROW 2 Richard Ferris, Jody Hoenninger. ROW 3 Prof. R. E. Petersen, Ed Norcomb, Richard Hightower. 210 organizations tiOnOamerican institute of architects Carl Cadoras, Jerry Hann, Lee Zekter american institute of mining 3 CD r-H DO lautic; ! FRONT ROW Greg Boyce. treasurer; Ron Loomis, president. ROW 2 Doug Johnson, secretary; Chuck McGhee, vice president. CD CD 0) organizations 211 delta sigma p FRONT ROW Dean Powell, Kurt Woodburn, Scott Tipling, Mark Conley, Frank Comacho, Jim Newman, Dr. Marshall. ROW 2-Mark Wells, Doug Clark, David Browning, Ralph Tipling, Craig Ruben, Vic Rodriguez, Caly Potter, Mitch Stotes, Mike Moore. ROW 3-John Huber, Jim Rucker, Jeff Chernin, Mark Clyne, Greg FitzMaurice, Paul Blunt, Jim Buck ROW 4-Frank Auletta, Bill Pinkerton. kappa psi kappa epsilon MEMBERS ARE Dr. Varkes Simonian, advisor; Dave Bartlett, sergeant-at-arms; Terry Chin, Chuck Daniels, vice-president; Dennis Fearno, Kent Flem- ing, Larry Klarer, treasurer; James Morrison, Gary Thomas, Peter Vaccari, John Walker, Ron Watanabe, Al Wray, Neal Goldblatt, Ed Juarez, Bill Losee, Jim Loui, Ken Morgan, John Olmstead, historian; Randy Skirvin, president; Calvin Thomp- son, Lyle Unruh, David Valenzuela, Charlie Wheeler, Ames Yee, Hoyt Yee, Ricardo Flores, Chris Nartus, John Schwartz, Mike Wray, secretary. FRONT ROW Helene Katzman, Lois Claridge, Parthene Laetherman, Sandra Berdon. ROW 2 Sheryl Fagerholt, Phillis Naber, Jan VanHoeser. ROW 3 Susan Walker, Julie Camp, Jodie Jacobson, Barb Strong, Leigh Reiter, Barbara Wood, Judy Bernal. 212 organizations Smansigma alpha iota Melanie Jacobson, Nancy Shortidge, Laurel Froemke, Kim Shipp, Arlene Moser, Ruth Haddock, Christine Sotomayor, Robin Hanna, Becky Falk, Cris Jarris. ,, student american pharma- inoiW r CD o 0) 0) o o 0) ' organizations 213 student bar associatio Randolph A. Bartlett, Treasurer; Stephen C. Bergsten, Vice President; Nancy Lewin, Corresponding Secretary; Gary Tate, Recording Secretary; Hector Estrada, President. theta tau LEFT TO RIGHT Steve Hall, Regent; Pat Boyle, Grand Zurkie; Charley Vesley, Secretary; Bob Semelsberger, Art Golderberger, Rich McDonald, Dave Milliken, House Manager; Eric Pittelkan, Vice Regent; James Jones, Bart Belzner. 214 organizations ciation activity organizations african student union FRONT ROW Adam Hassan. Rwabukahi Charles, Solama Danuma, Irechkwu Ordor, Okundji N ' Konjo. ROW 2: Tena-Tena-Delonn, Moh Aminu Gwarzo, Elmardi Osmah Mahdi, Joseph Gichuhi, El Fahal, El Awad. Benjamin Okech. amerind club Williams, Jerry Curley, Martha Sorrell. Sara Stevens, Ernie Quiroga. organizations 215 air force rote precision drill teai FRONT ROW Michael Barrett, William Heath, William Moses Samuel Drake, Thomas Robertson, Robert Benson, Less Muchmore llona Sheets, Larry McFarland, Timothy Quinn, Allen Pixley, Kenneth Curry, Commander Rudy Esquivel. angel flight FRONT ROW Susan Shipley, Sue Brodine, Nancy Engebretson, Ann Busch, Sherlin Dwight, Julie Rigol, Carol Folley, Cindy Spence. ROW 2 Jan VanHoesen, Martha Wallace, Georgia Jobusch, Elaine Baum, Terry Bearman, Mary Ruth Denver, Rocksy Karlebach, Liz Morrison. ROW 3 Terry Guinn, Laurie Dresser, Sally Meier, Sandy Sahlin, Mary Giltner, Jan Ryckman, Mary Beth Bunce, Tara Roach, Ellen Shefler, Cindy Coffer, Karen Fink, Donda Foran, Bonnie Barnes, Rosie Beamer, Robin Burhans, Jeanine Harvey, Margo Wilton, Mindy Svorny. ROW 4 Jeff Ard, Debbie Chernin, Susan Howe, Alicia Vitale, Ann Fabric, Frances Nelson, Tamara McElroy, Tamara Evans, Liz Kirkpatrick, Advisor Major Long. ' .-= - . Fr 216 organizations I tear arizona crossed sabres FRONT ROW Vince Destutio, Rick Connins, Mike Johns, Jeff Pino, Jay Horney, Glen Floe. ROW 2 Carl Hendricks, Bob Stroxtile (Executive Of- jficer), James Higgins, Mike Walsh, Glen Barlow, Shawn Tierney, Charlie Stead, John Fritts, Mike Conley, Mike Liga. ROW 3 Commander Marty Siordia, Andy Ng (Adjutant), Jim Stockey, Steve Neff , Mike Borzick, Gary Murphy, Mike Needham. ROW 4 Finance Officer Ted Cheatham, Chip Blake. army rote ranger training company FRONT ROW Robert Braveuce, Stanley Hoffman, Robert Craven, Dun Varner, Titus Ammon, Bob Hester, Bob Zrtz, Charlie Weeks, Alex Froede, Frederick Mobley, Mark Timms, Charles Stead. ROW 2 Wesley Pierce, Lorinzo Mares, Kirk Newell, Mike Walsh, Anthony Desris, Rocky Bernal, Jerry Hawkes, John Fritts, David Ulrey, Jeff Pino, David Haider, Bob King, Tom Kelley, Mike Borzcik. ROW 3 Stephen Wootton, Glen Floe, Jeff Forry, John Sepp, Donald Timia, Michael Conley, Gary Hotchkiss, Michael Needham, Walter Kretchi, Brent Swart, Gary Clare, Donald Hotchkiss, Carl Webb, James Joff- man, MSgt. Bob Ramsey, Capt. T. L. Cook. organizations 217 arnold air society 71, ' FRONT ROW Dave Smith, C Maj., Wing Ex. Off.; Chuck Robertson, C Maj., Admin.; ROW 2 Larry Lawver, C Lt. Col., Pledge Trainer; Pete Will, C Maj., Vic-Corn.; Dave Wintermute, C 1st Lt. ROW 3 John Wharton, C 2nd Lt., Pledge Commander; Greg Furcker, C Capt. FRONT ROW Michael Jawors. ROW 2 Karen Kinnebrew, Don King, Kavid Kapley, Tim J. Rosio, Elaine Kolp. independence of the disabled fe 218 organizations to lack student union Refused to be identified. block and bridle club FIRST ROW Charlie Roe, Tom Weber. ROW 2 Steve Fenn, Ed Monroe, Paul Raul Rouey, Susan Bessey, Reed White, Jamie Wesner, Maureen Heet, Shannon Nicholson, George Groset, Deedee Smith, Waher Begay. ROW 3 Ken Bickman, Isabel Olsen, Valery Phillips, Natalie Lawrence. ROW 4 Dr. Forrest Dryden, Brad Todd, Lorali Ward, Andy Phillips, Frank Ramirez, Lynn Claridge, Mary Mon- zingo, Jack Doughty. ROW 5 Pete Jepsen, Joel Sweeten, Mike Lahar, Steve Martin, Bill Sawyers, Dan Rigo, Rick Hanger. organizations 219 220 organizations m j Scamp wildcat Damp Wildcat, an all-volunteer organization, sponsored several outdoor activities for underprivileged and smotionally handicapped children. Raising funds by sponsoring a bike-a-thon, selling Hallmark cards and -eceiving donations, Camp Wildcat was able to plan four ;ampouts and two picnics over the first semester. By xoviding camps throughout the state, it was the goal of Camp Wildcat to give these children a chance to experience positive group activities such as dances, hikes and Olympic games as well as providing opportun- ities to study outdoor life in natural surroundings. Due to an ever-increasing campus support, Camp Wildcat membership open to any university student or employee- continues to grow steadily each year. organizations 221 concerned chicano students sck The Concerned Chicano Students planned events for Cultural Week, discussed recruit- ment of Chicano professors, obtained Presi- dent Schafer ' s approval of Chicano studies and elected new affirmative action officer. II.,:. dairy science club " j " i MEMBERS ARE Walter Begay, Dave Evans, Judy Donaldson, George Groseta, John Hudson, social chair- man; Dorthy Janse, Almah Jury, Molly Kirkpatrick, Lucy Kacer, historian; Tom Kacer, treasurer; Pat Kirkpatrick, president; Mary Beth Kloos, Jim Martin, vice-president: Mary Murphy, Mike Palmbach, Renee Peck, Paul Perry Sue Pie trzyk, secretary; Barb Torrey, Stephanie Wiltcher Karen Lim, John Gross. ' 222 organizations i.s. : RONT ROW Giro Graziano, Ernest Craven, Lyn Crawford, Bob Crawford, Lin- Jujanda. Bob Craven. Bob Winslow. ROW da O ' Flahrity, Ed Marx. ! Scon Fabling, Mike Ehrlinger, Bill flying team FRONT ROW Jim Goebet. ROW 2 Roger Bloom, assistant regional meet sponsor; Paul Briggs. team captain; Wendy Meyer, Nancy Engebretson, Jan Allbeck. regional meet sponsor; Barbara Testor, Sue Rhodes, Betty Anderson. organizations 223 international students ' club FRONT ROW Mary Mack, Carlos Claudes, Laura Dacelli, vice-president; Marilee Irvine, secretary; Ann Ashton. ROW 2 Fiona Whitaker, Eduardo Romero, Vioffi Yau, president; Bruce Barrett, faculty advisor; Rein Kilkson. ROW 3 F Ackerman, Brian Simons, Peter Stoss, Skeet Holland. FRONT BO !-.. " = Etas, ft karate club FRONT ROW Bruce Johnson, Jeff Jolly, Tom Magner, Tim Magner, Todd Gibson, unidentified, Tayna Tod, Lee Cox, Carolyn Eng, Ed Eng, vice president; Rose Harding. ROW 2 Mike Jennings, Michael Johnson, Michael Hoover, Ken Krohn, Roger Bershire, Chris Licence, president; Howard Bradley, Jim Farring, Johnny Ruiz, Jim Peterson, Carren Johns, Lucien Zevec. Not Pictured: Cindy Ginal, secretary treasurer. )NT 224 organizations clot kaydettes FRONT ROW Vicki Nichols, Barbara Schnarr, Mary Jesen. Pam Rees. Harriet Hughes, Linda Lincoln, Denise Boutin, Kelly Allen, Ann Ginasiracusa, Wendy Furst. ROW 2 Lynne King, Sue Soestokke, Mary Beth Quinn, Sherri Edwards, Beth Peyton, Roni Weiner, Lisa Plckett, Shelly Farber, Vicki Fischer. ROW 3 Major Doug Ely, advisor; Joan Bray, Donna Drew, Candy Beumler, pledge trainer; Tricia Mealka, drill team commander; Sharon Owens, Camie Bennett, Emily Colter, Diane Quinn, Linda Peters, com- mander. leclu: lambda delta sigma : RONT ROW Vicki Nelson, president; Dorothy Cavender, vice- president; Andrea Johnson, Kerry Dickson, Dee Carson. ROW 2 Janet OiPastena, Ivan Vinson, Leana Busby, historian; Judy Griswold, treasurer; Melanie Filichia. i organizations 225 natural resources club i;fl fli- rt W ;-i? 53, fetogn .-. " (S It The volleyball players are part of the new Natural Resources Club which was formed from the Society for Range Management and the Forestry Club to give students an opportunity to experience both facets of nature. parachute club Rt ' Shogo Soga, Tad Shimomura, Mitsu Abe, Susumu Douguchi, John Lust- torson, Arthur Hubbard, Steve Belchem, Bob Iverson, Mark McCausland, Barb Bollum, Donna Lebrato, Lanier Yarbrough, Yoshiyuki Takahashi, Linda Tromblay, Debbie Burns, Gary Hinchman, Jim Preston, Mike Harder. 226 organizations Sclu t)phi lambda phrateres FRONT ROW Lynn Witman, Vicki Cuqua, president. ROW 2 Ann Hoshaw, Sally Adamson, advisor; Kathy Hausen, Norma Billey, Margaret Smith, pledge trainer; Lee Ann Jones, recording secretary; Diana Daney, Kathy Wilson, Susan Kiefer, Charlene Smith, Gladys Tye. ROW 3 Jeanine Orren, Pat Sellers, Elisa Kaplan, Mary Pahissa, Marty Ledyard, Carolynne Muesharn, Nancy Cun- ningham, Lisa Keppel, Sherry Puffenbarger, Galen Aubeny. ROW 4 Sheila Kammert, Debbie Zschech, Lorna Gay, Robin Puffen- barger, treasurer; Mollie Scott, Vickie Venables, Karen Haggard, Tricia Ott, Ann Burton, Margi Harning, Sandie Kammert. ramblers e clut h .-: " . MEMBERS ARE Joan Bend, Barbara McCool, Gail Braten, Chuck Cunningham, Richard Pekny, Ron Marcotte, Bruce Hessemer, Dave Kreamer, Tom Houston, Ann Morrison, Ann Sasahara, Paul Jehle, Vicki Ackerman, Steven Kessler, Steve Conner, Britt Bassett, Mike Dritschel, Ed Berkeley, Tony Fogle, Jane Svenson, Dan Hoff- man, Ed Jennings, Edson Bourn, James Messerich, Wanda Collomchek, Jim VanDorn, Deb Bernini, Ann Josephson, Daniel McCool, Bruce Taylor. organizations 227 rugby club BOTTOM ROW Brad Cox, Rick " C. C Biggs " Ren- done. ROW 2 Tim Lassay, Bill Vail, Chuck Kiven, Peter Kelly, Jeff, " Grunt " Krich, Jeff " Perfect " Lewis, Matt Preston, Davey Sitton. ROW 3 Chuck Kempton, Richard Lopez, Bill " Cowboy " Swirez, Tom, Harold " Butch " Heckel, Rich " Tank " Larson, Rich Danielson, Arnold, Gary Shellhorn. BACK ROW: Ross Sotello, John " Kiwi " , Cal Keith, Pete Jorgensen, Gary Drowbay, Dan Cross, Mark Hanshaw, Mark " Earthman " Lewis. NOT PICTURED Rich Cortesi, Richard " Arm " Gean, Ron Hendricks, Art Inserro, Ed Jorgensen, Roger Leonard, Dave Ramirez, Dave Smith, Doug Taren. russian club FRONT ROW David Toutt, Dick Vohlers, Kevin Malloy. ROW 2 Joe Malik, Gary Kooney, Steve Danloe, Mary Pat Sloan, Eileen Prager, Maria Gonzales, Becki Solomon, Hol- ly Gast. ROW 3 Craig Barker, Mike Amundson, Tom Low, Jeff Peifer, Harriet Levitt, Allen Cannon, Julie Amad, Florence Borzan, Ann Burton. ROW 4 Valarie Paul, Lorin- da Bailey, Inga Jenson, Delbert Philips. ROW 5 Christopher Daniel, Jim Jones, Carol Leadenham, Gene Sumbdisty, Augusta Simpson. ROW 6 Curt Thompson, Zoltan, Charles Barry, Ron Masfuler, Damon Anderson, Chris Lawrence. C CD . D CO FRONT ROW Steve Chavez, Tom Robertson, Michael Miller, commander; Mike Delitta, Greg Wafer. ROW 2 Andrea Mersereau, Les Muchmore, Bob Adkisson, Laraine Lekawa, com- ptroller; Floyd Ginn. ROW 3 Murray Stein, Mark Bruggeman, John Selby. Gilbert Ruelas, Meg Tracy. ROW 4 Stephen In- salaco, William Moeur, Randy Baareman, Kurt Kuwlman, training officer. ROW 5 Charles Chatfield, Kim Alfred, vice-commander; Janis Anerson, Timothy Quinn. ROW 6 Wkillima Moses III, Timothy Hood, Brian Kennedy, Mark Light. ROW 7 Robert Ben- son, John Sepp, operations officer; Samuel Cohen, administra- tion officer; Travis Murphy. ncli soccer club FRONT ROW Cosimo DeMasi, coach; George Suarez Piazza, John Wooden. Roger Laine, Jose Gomez, Mike Miller, George Luna, George, Taher Yahia, Homayoun Mohajeri, Ali Navabi. ROW 2 Mar- tin Gonzales, Rene, Mike Hubbard, Ali Tahir. organizations 229 strategic games society FRONT ROW Andy Howard. ROW 2 Dick Volhers, Craig Williams, Myron Hazen. ROW 3 Pete Sarenoff, Scott Enderle, president. ROW 4 Scott Bohle, Jim Hambacher, Phil Ekyund, Steve Pilcher, secretary-treasurer; Dave n oi|Tpo Oberphiller, Alfred Curtis, Dan Harper. : ; nU 1. 1 .a. K.a. i -,. it! I FRONT ROW Priscilla Bryant, Sandra Scott, RoseMary Wright, Sherri Farrington, Regina Ponder. ROW 2 Joyce Flannigan, Debra McCullough, Chrystal Todd, Barbara Stansell, Karen Todd. 230 organizations Met )u Diversity rifle club FRONT ROW Dennis Gilbert, Jim Holmlund, David Ulrey. Nathan Beneze, Arthur Hubbard, Jim Walsh. ROW 2 Captain West III, Jon Harting, Charles Irvin, Laurie Lane, Addison Looney, Clark Braten. Vince DeStasio. La ' k : young socialist alliance VOUR FIGHT 15 OUR FIGHT organizations 231 CO o -Q O C ) 232 organizations NEED HELP probems cheerleaders K ' I ffly. . fp BOTTOM Sandy Allwine, Randy Shouse, Lisa Reb- Dan Hoskins, Angela Carl, Will Yeaton, Alma Felton, bein, Jay Burton, Sandy Scott, Al Kazal, Yvonne Hieght, Steve Emerson. r pom pon line FRONT ROW Regina Ponder, Sheri ;Farrington, Debbie Lauson, Rose Wright, hris Mize, Sue Pettit. ROW 2 Mary Ann Ruman, Stefanie Feldman, Judy Daine, Cheri Schaefer. ROW 3 Twinkle Nevelle, Marian Patterson, Jane Endres, Jacque Florez, Stacey Peterson, Chris Yadao, Debbie Som, Anita Curtis. twirling circus Kerry Dickson, Laura Schuh, Shirley Stapleton, Shelia McVeigh, Sue Harris, Phyllis Van Arsdale, Lorrie Thomas. organizations 233 university of arizona FRONT ROW Jack Lee, director; Ualerie Morsch, Kimberlei Hurst, Lynnell Lage, Carol Butler, Fran Cox, Alan Dale Little, Scott Hamilton, Robert Rawdin, Benjamin Ramirez, Tom Brady, Eric Wacker, Steve Murray, Scott Braucher, MaryAnn Ryelas, Bennanita Good- man, Benny Goodman, Ken Calkins, Rex C. Anderson, Ed Matthew, Betsy Finkle, Cindy Koch, Noel Doescher, Cathy Cress, Michael Rubin, Linda Almond, Kathryn Stevenson. ROW 2 Franses Arnesen, Diane Dutson, Leslie Wootton, Jerrie Jean Bachmann, Cynthia Bakko, Mary Longoria, Anne Hawkins, Kenneth Boyd, John Nowak, Jodie McBride, Annetta Follmer, Kenneth Genung, Linda Bigelow, Jeffery Macek, Peter F. John- son, Gregory T. Matties, Leeann M. Jones, Cathe Dzuban, Debbie Weiss, Ann Stanley, Nancy Jancek, Viki Branum, Barbara Else, Kathleen Chaves, Rene Collier, Judy Donald- son, Polly Jones, Ronda Bitterli, Steve Owens, assistant director. ROW 3 Chris Morris, drum major; Marcus La Fayette Warren Pam J. Crane, Waldo Wynkyn, K. Lawrence Lamb, Augusta Amelia Adelaide Simpson II, Geoffrey R. S. Uyehara, Cliff Swinney, Ron Rivera, Marty Loy, Wadd Reynolds, Kim Bennett, Aaron Morris, Maynard Fergison, Cay Anderson, Freddie Hubbard, Lyn Nicholsen, Don Ellis, Doc Severinson, Miles Davis, Bert, Bill Chase, Thad Jones, Harry James, Herb Alpert, Dizzy Gillespe, Cannon- tall Atkrly, Boots Randolp. ROW 4 Tom ' .:, ; :: : 234 organizations " izor symphonic marching band Hunt, Salomon W. Garcia, Norman Begody, Bruce Conger, Diane Esterly, Russ Vogt, Daryl Durran, David Mauren, Judy Morriss, John Baker, Jack Doyle, Claire Johnson, uniden- tified, Kristine Crandall, Lee Murray, Jim Holsinger, April Veness, Monica Mack, Jim Bush, Brian Pfitzer, Jim Kay, Carl Gibbens, Sue Wallman, Chris Kotouc, Dana Van Wey, Mary Flesch, Mark Fulcher. ROW 5 Marcia iPolitovich, Mike Porter, Sheryl Gordon, Arthur Moulinet, Steve Smith, Jeff Laresen, Drew Ritter. Melanie Morrison, Donald J. Walters, Steve Baron, Sam Cohen, Kent L. Harvey, David Olsson, Carl Kircher, Gary Overstreet, Dave Roth, Henry Morgen, Jon Marling. Rick Moffett, Stan Kruggel, David Evans, Mark Hodges, Stephen Wootton, Louie Castro, Sandy Lohman, Philip Quintanilla, Randy Page. ROW 6 Joan Simpson, J. L. Reisner, Eugene Sandoral, Victor Battista, Jim Stuart, Charles Horley, Jill Rhimesmith, Dave Blanc, Tom Rogers, Linda Forisse, Roseanna Gior- dano, Tom Aughenbaugh. Richord M. Jones, Jr., Mark Bunning, Charles Lyon, Tom Bat- tista, Janet Jones, Congolia Brechenwitch, Roberta Peters, Susan Brown, Bill Hamilton, Hanley Strappman, Kim Hamilton, Paul Reed, Face Janton, Le Beau Burton, Gussie Tolver, Pete Warden. organizations 235 delta iota CO i_ o c o o c CD " o to " co o o Q. It Wains FRONT-President Brian R. Fagin, Vice President Bob Breiman. ROW 2-Kerry Flanagan, Laurie M. Nelson, Secretary Laura Hennington, Robin Prentice, Tom Kinsella. ROW 3-Aaron Hellman, Larry Greenfeld, Treasurer Sam Ciulla 236 organizations religious organizations 3ob Williams. i baptist student union Harry Deldhag. organizations 237 beal memorial center i 238 organizations lampus Christian center nda Suttan, administration secretary. Reverend Ray Smith. organizations 239 episcopal campus fellowshi Reverend Womble and Donna Klausman. Nick Hansen and dog. Marcia Armbruster and Mrs. Janet Womble. 240 organizations newman center arizona board of regents . ; t : VlJ ' f SITTING: Paul L. Singer, Margaret M. Christy, James E. Dunseath, President, Gordon D. Paris, Secretary, Sidney S. Wood ,; Treasurer. STANDING: Rudy E. Campbell, K.Q. Bentson, Ralph M. Bilby. ademics John P. Shaeffer president academics 245 Dr. Albert B. Weaver Executive Vice President Dr. Merlin K. DuVal . Health Sciences Sherwood E. Carr, Business Affairs mm Dr. A. Richard Kassander, Research Marvin " Swede " D. Johnson University Relations Dr. Richard M. Edwards Student Relations Samuel C. McMillan Planning and Development 246 academics deans of Gary M. Munsinger. Dean of Continuing Education. Robert S. Svob, Dean of Students : V =:: David L. Windsor, Dean of Admissions Dr. F. Pendleton Gaines, Dean of Administration 0) Q. 3 CO CO CO academics 247 CO .0 " c (S) Elizabeth Adams Kathy Allen Helen Artus Galen Aubeny Alexandra Austin Jack Bahlman Bonnie Barnes Diana Barr Robert Bead James Begley Melinda Berger Richard Bissegger 248 academics Denise Blommel Carol Bodine Kay Bridger Sherri Broad Linda Brodsky Jim Brooker Virginia Brown Barbara Bush Jeannette Camacho Julie Camp Cindy Canterbury Ed Cardans Shelly Carldon Bob Carroll Diana Casey Mike Casey Linda Castro Stephen Chansley Jeffery Chernin Lois Claridge Jim Class Ronald Cleveland Charles Coates Bernard Conn Helen Coltrin academics 249 CO o " c CO Michael Conder Bob Cordis Bob Cross Cynthia Currie Mark Dahmen Charles Davis Cathy Dawzson Ed Deberry James Desarno Raymond Desmond Michele Devlie Mary Dietzman Carolyn Dong David Dong Jane Dong Jon Dorsehner Sr. Clarita Downey Donna Drew Richard Dubis Glen Ellis 250 academics college of a Dean Gerald R. Stairs 03 (Q 5 ' CD academics 251 Kathy Eppley Jose Escalante Brenda Evans Brian Fagin Michael Fahey Sandy Falls Tom Farr Rene Faucheer Deborah Flood Allison Futterman Dick Gamble Isabel Garcia Rosie Garcia Yolanda Garcia-Carreon Dave Geerder Mike Gelman 252 academics Bonnie Gentry Mary Giltner Beverly Gin Denise Girouard Ruth Glass Robert Gomez Maria Gonzales Jim Green Carlos Gross April Gulbrandson Chuck Guynn John Haas Mamdru Hagimoto Les Galdane Rita Hall Lise Hammond Nancy Harris Cheryl Harshey Sara Hartzler Jeffrey Hecktman academics 253 CO o " c CD CO Joanne Helmer David Hemmeter Laurie Hendry Larry Hillman Jeff Hino Cheri Hogg Maxine Holub Charles Hong Donna Horner Mark Hughey Laurie Hunter Robert Hymen Melanie Jacobson Sant Jacque Tom James Bobbie Jancek Charles Jankiewicz Gary Jerman Casa Jerrels Marta John 254 academics college of Dean Robert Eastwood McConnell 0) o CD O CD academics 255 CO v_ o " c CD CO Lisa Johnson Diane Judge Shelley Kaiser David Kapley Francine Kauffman Eric Kehl Peter Kelly Cheryl Keltner Dortha Kempton Mallory Ketchum Mindy Kirkman Larry Kivela Rich Kowalski Michelle Krasny Doug Kuhn Ellen Ladenburg Glenn Lane Wayne Laskin Janis Lauber Larry Lauser 256 academics Patricia Leasure James Lee Gene Letson Peggy Lewis Morgan Light Elaine Lim Susan Lockshin Janice Lowenberg David Lutz Robert Lytle Dale Mack Mickey Magee Michael Mague Mike Majewski Carol Mandig Mike Mandig Elizabeth Marcus Mike Marschinke CO o " c CD CO Jim Martin Tim Martin Emma Martinez Elizabeth Matthey John Mayer Beth McClure Jim McDowell David Miller G. Richard Montenegro Annette Moritt Steve Morris James Morrison William Morrison Arthur Moulinet Margy Mowrey Suzanne Mumma William Munyon Phyllis Naber Debra Naman Jerry Nelson 258 academics ABOVE: Dean Rene Manes; Dr. Joseph Walka, assistant dean; Dr. John Buehler. economics dept. head; Dr. Joseph New- man, marketing dept. head; Dr. Leahmae McCoy, BPA graduate studies director; Dr. James Wert, finance, in- surance and real estate dept. head; Dr. Herbert Langen, office edu- I cation business ad- ministration dept. head; ; Dr. Leland Pederson, geography, area develop- I ment and urban planning dept. head; Dr. George Summers, management dept. head; Dr. Clark Bloom, public administra- , : tion dept. head; Steven L. Dowdle, assistant to the dean; Dr. William Barrett, accounting dept. head. RIGHT; Dean Rene Manes. college of CO CD CO CO Q. Q. 3 co academics 259 Jane Neville Joni Newman Karen Nitka David Nitzel Leslie Nixon Barbara Oja Roberta O ' Meara Nancy Orr Jeannie Osment Karen Owens Sharen Owens Richard Pekny Alindra Phillips Mary Poulos Patricia Preble Diane Quinn Janey Ramenofski Gus Ramirez Gary Randall Paul Rauls Tom Rayhel Robert Reader Susie Rekucki Kathy Renner Ray Robertson Vo Van Robertson Jeff Rosenberg Susan Rosenholtz Mark Ross Craig Rubin Ronnye Russell Jane Ryckman Steve Schachterle Cheryl Schaefer Charles Schau Carol Schiller academics 261 o " c CD Jackie Schlepp Barbara Schmidt Marilyn Schneid Carole Schneider Vicki Schram Margaret Schreiber Elaine Schwartz Mary Shade Marty Shapiro Gary Shellhorn Kim Shiveley Randy Shouse Edward Simpson David Smith Robert Smith Linda Smoot Leah Spora Yolanda Soltero Eric Sorenssen Jeanette Stanford 262 academics college of Dean Hugh Odishaw CD 03 CO O CD ' O CD O Dean Odishaw, Jack D. Johnson, Edgar J. McCullough, Jr., Eugene S. Simpson, Bryant Bannister, John A. Anthony. academics 263 CO o " c CD CO Ron Stein Carol Stengel Ann Stivers Laurie Strauss M fe Jay Sullivan Jay Sykes Helen Takessian Mike Tesch Kathleen Tichy Chrystal Todd Lynn Toshach James Turner Irma Tye Jannis Vanhoesen Lydia Verdugo Alicia Vittale George Wallace Connie Walters Alan Webb Marie Welch 264 academics Matt Welch Gary West I Evelyn Wheat Sharon Whelan Tammy Whiteley Alice Whittaker Melissa Wilson Anita Wong David Wong Patricia Woods Stephen Wren Marilyn Wynn Lanier Yarbrough Andrew Yee Marja Zechter Aaron Zornes academics 265 CO o Jan Ahlman Michelle Albers Kathleen Anderson Jimmy Angel Diana Armstrong Jacqueline Armstrong Steve Baird Rick Barnard Anne Beck Cheryl Billingsley L. Jeffrey Blankenburg Esther Bojorquez Denise Boutin Patricia Burk Eric Burklein Rick Canney Carla Carter Thomas Chivers Phil Cianciolo Bob Clark 266 academics college of CD o. c o OVE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT HEADS. FRONT ROW Dr. Paul Ll. Danielson, Counseling and Guidance; Dr. Henry E. Butler, Jr.; Educational Foundations and Administration; Dr. George Leshin, Special Education; Dr. Roy E. Claridge, Admissions and Teacher Certification; Dr. Glen I. Nicholson, Educational Psychology; Dr. Kenneth J. Smith, Reading. ROW TWO Dr. Herbert J. Langen, Business and Career Education; Dr. Marsden B. Stokes, Associate Dean; Mrs. Barbara R. Hedglen, Administrative Assistant; Dr. Bob G. Johnson, Rehabilitation Center Director; Dr. M.M. Gubser, Assistant Dean; Dr. Joseph M. ' Fillerup, Early Childhood Unit Director. ROW THREE Dr. F. Robert Paulsen, Dean; Dr. Howard T. Roberts, Bureau of School Services Direc- tor; Dr. Fred F. Harcleroad, Higher Education; Dr. Richard C. Krebs, Secondary Education; Milo K. Blecha, Elementary Education; Dr. Howard W. Leigh, North Central Accrediting Office; Dr. Donald C. Dickin- ' son, Graduate Library Director. LEFT Dean F. Robert Paulsen. academics 267 Tim Clashin Rhonda Clemens Lyn Collins Deb! Cornelius Richard Deyo Judy Donaldson Don Dudgeon Kristina Erickson Mary Forszt Cindy Fullerton Amy Gillespie Linda Graham Pat Grant Tracey Grosser Jarold Hayden Guillermo Hernzdez 268 academics John Higgins Richard Hill Amy Hopping Mark Jacobson Carmella Jensen Georgia Jobusch Frederick Johnson Richard Johnson Stan Jones Dolly Kelley George Kelly Mary Kloos Maria Koch Diane Kotz Marija Krapcevic Douglas Larson Ann Lautenbach Lana Lentz Sandra Lepinski Michael Loftus academics 269 Addison Looney Doug MacKenzie Jo-Ann Mandalfino Geryl Mann John Manship Rennie Mariscal Marion Meinhardt Marylene Minter Jan Moats Susie Munroe Andrew Ng Bill Nieman Nancy Nonnemacher Kenneth Oistad Beth O ' Laughlin Dave Ortega Jon Osborn Marc Osborn Deborah OToole Patty Parlstein 270 academics college of Dean Walter J. Fahey CD eg CD CD CQ FRONT Roy H. Mattson, Electrical Engineering; Robert L. Seale, Nuclear Engineering; Donald G. Schultz, Systems and Industrial Engineering; BACK Kenneth K. Barnes, Soils, Water and Engineering; George W. Howard, Engineering Experimental Station; Larry B. Scott Jr., Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering; Quentin M. Mees, Civil Engineering. academics 271 Linda Peters Susan Pettit Cheryl Piercy Karen Pruett Barbara Quiring Mark Robinson Michele Roncevic Robyn Roth Patti Salonic Sara Sammetinger Charlene Schulmeyer Elyse Shaffer Craig Smith Bertrande Spangler 272 academics Shirley Stapleton Kathryn Stewart Greg Stringer Melissa Taylor Celia Tostado Elizabeth Tubekis Carol Unger Rick Valdez Daniel Varon Gena Wagaman Tom Weber Robert Whiteaker Scott Whitten Keith Williams Johnna Wills Wendi Wood Pete Worden Steve Yannalfo Richard Zepp Robert Zucker Jr ' .! I .; academics 273 CO 0) o o Q. O Michael Adamson Viola Aguirre Lisa Amos Kenneth Anders Eve Arias Harriet Arzu Cynthia Bakko Mack Bandler Bob Baran Richard Bartholomew Norman Begody Arthur Berger Dave Beigle Donna Best Maria Bettwy Mike Block Rick Brase Mary Bridge Victoria Brown Alice Campbell 274 academics college of ABOVE: FRONT ROW Dr. Frank LaBan, speech - communication dept. head; Dennis Sporre, assistant dean; Dr. Robert Werner, school of music director; Bruce Fowler, assistant dean. ROW 2 Frank Barreca, radio-TV dept. head; Philip Swanson, school of music assistant director; Dr. Robert McMillan, art dept. head; Dean Robert Hull; Dr. Paul Skinner, speech and hearing sciences dept. head; Peter Marroney, drama dept. head. RIGHT: Dean Robert Hull. (D 0) 0) 275 academics CO 0) o E o Q_ O i f. .. ' . ' .VI. .. ' -. Donald Campbell Steve Castle A. Peter Catinella Michael Clinton Samuel Cohen Andrew Cox Renee Crabtree Leslie Cummings Rick Danielson Risha Davis Steve Davis Charlie Dodson Steven Eppley David Evans Lynn Evenchik Stephanie Feldman Maria Figueroa Janet Fiorina 276 academics Krista Flickinger Linda Pousse Amy Frye Pat Gatfney Marilyn Gagne Carol Geisler Robert Granillo Jennifer Griffith Manuel Guerrero Phillip Gutt Stephen Harnden CO Q. O CO John Hazelbaker Lisa Heist Steve Held Harriet Hughes Candy Irwin Jody Jacobson Emma Jim Claire Johnson Janet Jones Sharon Kimmel Betsy King Pattie Klein Jim Kliewer Cherie Kristoff Lyne Landro J. Bradley Landseadel Elizabeth LeBlanc Judy Lefevre Mary Lekatsos Leslie Lewis 278 academics college of B Dean Joseph N. Livermore academics 279 Linda Lincoln Joni Lipman Linda Lipphardt Don Long Rosemarie Lullo Gina Maio Elizabeth Manley Martha Martin Kathryn Martinjak Kathleen McConnell John McGahan Theresa McMurrin Earl Mendenhall Michael Mitchell Mary Mixon Marti Moritz 280 academics Mark Novak James Olson Matilde Perez Steven Pitzel Leslie Priest Nancy Rearick Shelley Richard Clay Riggs Donna Rubin Steven Rusch Sandra Sahlin Laurie Schnebly Catherine Shaw Brad Shipley Jeri Sigman Mark Simley academics 281 CO CD O O Q. O CO Donna Simpson Joan Simpson W. Dave Sitton Michael Smith Timothy Smith Steve Snider Susan Sullivan Regina Sweet Gladys Tye Deanna Urlie Diane Varker Scott Vierck Lise Vincenti Becky Voss Linda Washington Sue Watkins Bennie Wheelis Ann Wiseman Sandra Zent Linda Zollman 282 academics college of Dean Herman Bleibtreu ANTHROPOLOGY dr. raymond thompson ASTRONOMY dr. ray weymann ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES sr. louis battan BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES dr. george dawson CHEMISTRY dr. lee Jones CLASSICS dr. richard Jensen ENGLISH dr. richard hosley ETHNIC RESEARCH BUREAU dr. thomas weaver GERMAN dr. max dufner GOVERNMENT dr. james clarke HISTORY dr. robert browder HUMANITIES dr. fredd dye JOURNALISM prof. g. w. ridge INSTITUTE OF GOVERNMENT RESEARCH dr. h.m. ingram LUNAR PLANETARY LAB dr. Charles sonett MATHEMATICS dr. hanno rund MICROBIOLOGY AND MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY dr. wayburn jeter ORIENTAL STUDIES dr. william schultz PHILOSOPHY dr. Jeffrie murphy PHYSICS dr. carl tomizuka PLANETARY SCIENCES dr. charles sonett PSYCHOLOGY dr. neil bartlett ROMANCE LANGUAGES dr. paul rosenblatt RUSSIAN dr. joe malik SOCIOLOGY dr. robert hamblin STEWARD OBSERVATORY dr. ray weymann academics 283 CD E CO Kerry Abele Sue Alexander Nassir Alsubaiei Mark Alzado Kevin Anderson Laura Anderson Rex Anderson Carol Angland Jean Angus William Archer Pattie Armstrong Margaret Atkins Gary Atwood Ken Baldwin Lynne Bartholomew Karol Basel Dale Basescu Brandon Beard Kim Becker Julie Bennick Robert Benson Cheryl Berg Ken Berry Ken Bickman Thomas Birholz Sydney Bliss Randolph Bohn Terry Boswell Angle Boutin Debra Bowie Mary Brundernman William Burton Starla Carpenter Claudia Carter Terry Catron Charles Chatfield academics 285 E CD Steven Chavez Jim Christy Jan Class Bruce Cohen Steve Cohen David Cohn Marianne Collins Vicki Coppinger Julie Corbett Lisa Cornell Steve Cornwell Colette Courville Denise Cowles Zanteen Cram Alice Croak Mike Cronin Connie Cross Rebecca Davis Larry Davisson Allison Deluca 286 academics anesthesiology dr. burnem brown ' family and community medicine dr. herbert k. abram internal medicine dr. William f. benny neurology dr. william a. sibley obstetrics and ; gynecology dr. c.d. Christian pathology dr. jack m. layton pediatrics dr. vincint a. fulginiti psychiatry dr. alan I. levenson radiology dr. paul m. capp college of CD Q. academics 287 Pete Dernier Steve Dolan Kim Donaldson Kathy Downing Bob Dudley Jim Echols Steven Eck Fred Ecklund Lennee Eller Jamie Elliot Barbara English Sandy Erickson Spencer Erman Ed Errante Ernest Espinoza John Fabling Linda Felts Lori Figgins Debbie Findlay Byron Flanders 288 academics Mike Flores Marsha Fouks Mary Fedlake Sunny Frey Ellen Friebert Jack Fulkerson Jim Fuller Anica Gerlack Scott Giblon Tim Gittus Mary Glenday David Goff Eadie Golofsky M. Andre Goodfriend Sheryl Gordon Stephen Goucher Kathy Grundy academics 289 CD CO CD Karen Gwozdz Pam Hadley Adrian Hall James Hann Mark Hansen Leopoldo Hau Julie Heilman Kathy Hess Bruce Hessemer Dave Hillstrom Kevin Holderness Scott Horan Glen Howard Greg Howland Lisa Hughes Lorri Humbert Bob Huntington Kimberlei Hurst Gail lida Ryuhei Ishikawa 290 academics college of 3 i I Dean William H. Dresner (Q metallurgy: dr. gordon geiger chemical engineering: dr. thomas rehm mining and geological engineering: dr. thomas o ' neil academics 291 Martha Isom Lester Jackson Nancy Jancek Peter Jarosz Tom Johnston Elizabeth Jones James Jones Susan Jones S 1 BillKi Denis Kerry John I JimK! Annb Ann Josephson Anne Joyce Joe Kay Robert Keplinger Scott Kerr Sandy Kleen Sally Klein Bill Kordsienon Denise Kovacevic Kerry Kreutz John Kristofl Jim Kreuger Frederick Landro Ann Lehnker Sue Leicht Tina Leonard Raymond Levesque Blake Libby Mark Light Evelyn Lisitzky Sue Loose Patricia Lopez Nancy Love David Luna Monica Mack Lawrence Maney academics 293 0) E c Mar ' Sue Mangelsdorf Mark Mapston Greg Markling Marty Martin Paul Martinez Joe Maurer Cookie May Larry McBiles Jodie McBride Marc McClenahan Gomel McDaniel Laurie McDonald Patricia McElroy Mark Meddleton Ronaldo Mercado Susan Meyer Ann Michels Lisa Mickelson Brad Miller Pam Mirich 294 academics college of Dean Gladys Sorenson (Q academics 295 r 0) E ( ) 0) Denise Mitchell Marion Mitchell Susan Mitchell Michael Molina Ric Moran Andrew Moulis Cherie Muma Walter Murphy Doug Myer James Nader Kristen Nelson Lois Nelson m V Dennis Neumann Ronald Nicoll Fred Nietert Richard Noriega Cheri Nuckolls Linda Oesterle Dee Olander Isabel Olsen 296 academics Richard Ottenad Robin Oury Paula Paisano Hyo Pak Russell Parker Gloria Pate Thomas Pino Ken Pitts Laura Popik Eve Poulos Gail Pullen Gena Pyle Susie Rayl Margy Rearick Royce Richardson Michael Riley academics 297 CD E C ) Catherine Risch Kathi Rise Ana Resales Terri Rossi Toni Rossi Jason Roth Jerry Roth Robert Rutherford John Sale Dave Sanborne Barbara Satour Jamie Schembri Maureen Schmelzer Henry Schmidt Karen Schmidt Norbert Schmidt Steve Schmidt Roberta Schulte Barbara Search Chris Searles 298 academics college of 0) o Dean Willis R. Brewer academics 299 Chuck See Benette Seide Mary Shepard Sandra Shestko Pam Simpson Karen Siroky Charlene Smith Lorraine Smith Sherri Smith Gary Smoot Laurie Snyder Michelle Sollace Nancy Sollinger Brian Stegall Suzy Stephens A f Chris Stevenson Ed Stewart Jonathan Streng Pam Stroud Melodie Swartz Jeffrey Sykes Dan Tarnoff Bob Taylor Connie Taylor Lynn Thorsrud Scott Timberlake Stuart Timberlake Sharon Tobin Bill Tod Patricia Towne Teri Traaen Meg Tracy Rob Trenda Bruce Tretbar Yvonne Trujillo academics 301 0) E C Joseph Twohig Pamela Ulsher Megg Uthus Stephen Vanderbeck Sue Vaughan Mark VonDestinon Glen Vondrick Carroll Wauters Caryl Wayte Mark Webb Debbie Weidenborner Susan Weller Marnie Wheaton Jill Wien Linda Wilcox Donald Wilde Richard Willett Belinda Wong Mary Zapor Greg Ziebell 302 academics college of William J. McCauley, Frank A. Bonneville, Dean Herbert D. Rhodes, C.B. Merritt. CQ 3 Q. 0) academics 303 U J Lois Gilbert Rick Gonzales Lareth Goslar Margery Greenberg Scott Harlan Ronda Harris H. Hausmann Kyoko Hayashida Randolph Bartlett Nona Berger Robert Berger Karen Chatterton Esther Cook David Davis Nat DeGennaro Maria DeLacerda Emily DeWitt Susumu Douguchi E. Evans Maria George I i n 304 academics Nancy Higbee Margaret Higgins Ed Holland Dan Iser Charles Knight Barbara Lackman Lars Leader Peter Philley Dennis Priest Steven Rowe Joseph Shanahan Rita Smith Liz Stecher Sherilyn Tacia Sviend Thorornsson David Vesole John Weems Karen White Cecily Hartmeyer 75 Larry Lipsman 75 Antione D. Johnson 75 academics 305 alpha omicron pi 1. Clarenita Diamond 2. Barbi Karp 3. Dori Scares 4. Kathy Hawken 5. Tracey Grosser 6. Andy Nelson 7. Sheila Boxley 8. Stacey Smith 9. Pam Osran 10. Peggy Pearson 11. Glori Guarino 12. Lois Nelson 13. Judy Nicola 14. Linda Bigelow 15. Tricia Clapp 16. Anne Samper 17. Lisa Hughes 18. Allison Deloach 19. Libby Farris 20. Liz Jones 21. Lydia Buchanan 22. Margy Mowrey 23. Melanie Schaaf 24. Cherie Muma 25. Lisa Tewksbury 26. Bryn Reese 306 307 in memorium zane dark baker, 19 nelson pablo leon, 26 maria louisa ochoa, 20 Joyce rideout, 23 Charles lee rupert, 27 leslie ann rupert, 22 robert William scott, 22 roy longley whitman, 22 f this yearbook was brought to you by: editor: melanie jacobson photo editor: larry lauser supervisors: donna meeks, laurie schnebly graphics by ronnye russeli section editors jan class spencer erman betsy king dennis newmann jane ryckman meg tracy phc photographers dave bean vicki brown mike casey bill ferguson steve lee ray levesque aaron morris steve morris brad toland cindy viejo art photography dave bean nancy engebretson cecily nartmeyer jeff me millan brad toland darkroom technicians brad toland, head aaron morris mary brunderman right-hand-ladies patti armstrong carla carter you shall above all things be glad and young for if you ' re young whatever life you wear it will become you; and if you are glad whatever ' s living will yourself become girlboys may nothing more than boygirls need; i can her only love whose any mystery makes every man ' s flesh put space on; and his mind take on time that you should ever think; may god forbid and (in his mercy) your true lover spare: for that way knowledge lies, the foetal grave called progress, and negation ' s dead undoom, I ' d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance e e cummmgs fit " H)i l , - w Vv : J ; J 1 -. at .- .2 1: , ,

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