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$ $ " ?-. 107Q , i am a part of all that i have met 1 Joyce when the snow fell on mount lemmon i rejoiced hot days are over but what would it be like to live in the andes cold forever with no furnaces are those things a part of me or are they only pictures like an artist would paint how can you paint a picture of f irey hot molten slag and still despise the pollution caused by smelter smoke r when i first saw her my mind leapt to the taste of her lipstick and the chords of a peaceful song struck in my heart while at the same time i could hear the cheers of a crowd around me applauding the matador ' s kill and i saw the blood and remembered my brother in Vietnam i wonder if he can smell flowers i take for granted i could feel the dejection as the cat eleven lost game after game and suddenly i realized that it isn ' t how you play the game but whether you win or lose somehow the words of doctor spock weren ' t so reassuring as the trickling waters in sabino i lay there on the mossy rocks and looked at the last leaves falling from a tree what is it like to die seeing men walk on the moon wasn ' t as awesome to me as our own bodies how could anything so wonderful be created i could smell christmas all around me pine needles turkey dinners perfume scenting the air and as i flew to Jamaica for the holidays i wondered what the kids whom i took to camp wildcat would be doing would they ever feel those plaintive blues of my favorite soul singer the lights around me are brilliantly flashing psychedelic moving twisting glowing as my mind flashes on and off who am i what is my matric what did he say the exam would cover meiosis what ' s that i wonder if all these people think like i do they just sit there laughing eating protesting running like ido I iv II OMHTERS I ; ' T 1 I t " " - . F W __ ia M since i came here i have become sensitive not that i am touchy but that i can be touched i am aware aware of all that is happening around me my senses are more acute than those of past generations i can see hear taste smell and feel things that wouldn ' t normally appeal to the senses I am a part of all that i have met r w 1 desert 1970 university life graduates academics organizations 16 174 220 270 desert 1970 is published by associated students of the university of arizona in tucson - volume sixty 15 university life 360742 HARLAN JANI 1 780 N. ME N. ED ABOVE ON ' OP IARG!h KEEP THIS RECEIPT CLASSIFICATION OTHER THAN REGUL;R STUKNT ( LEAVE kn-ANK r 1 I TOTAL DUE I FE-s PAID ARE SUBJECT TO computers contribute to registration chaos pre- registered encumbered or regular registration lines formed all over campus as 24726 students invaded the university first semester infallible computers placed students in two classes at the same hour or classified residents as foreign students the customary begging arguing pleading for class cards occurred despite pre- registration now available in all colleges l|Q3;i 3|47 i i 013 33 105 22 O3 69 BIRTH DATE C1T VET ARIZONA H.S. REL COL CL MO. YR. ;GNATURE : COPV SCHEDULE. BELOW FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE r c 4 I C c c L i rush - is just a beginning above: tri delt pledges find pleasure in seeing fellow frosh whitewashed right: freshmen find " a " experience a welcome change from first days of school 22 freshmen get welcome to ua from " a " mountain and whitewash hundreds of freshmen met on " a " mountain for its 53rd annual whitewashing following the traditional burning of the " a " which signifies a new school year traditions freshmen and unaccounted for others found themselves painting one another also a ua tradition in a get-acquainted spirit alpha phi denise turner reigned over the festivities as " a " - day queen above left: traditions organize chaos of " a " day left: freshmen scramble to be trucked to initiation 23 greeks keep tradition formally introduce pledges to ua men giving pledges their first taste of greek life sororities traditionally paraded their 361 pledges in front of hundreds of beautiful boys at the start of the school year the effort was intended as an introduction of their new pledges to ua men bands at each house provided music after the presentations above: being on the sidelines of pledge presents has its advantage right: a smile is not always successful in covering uneasiness 24 A ' ' - left: staircases add theatrical glamor to pledge presents below: loneliness is being alone with a girl in a crowd and not knowing what to say far left: pledge finds dancing a good way to forget tension of presents left: a pretty smile may mean a date for the weekend 25 the ua game regstraton run-a-round flunk first test, make first score. . . advance spaces homecoming game-buy a flask get involved! make appointment with harvill. . .lose 3 months home for xmas-get first hair- cut welcome to the university of spring formals. . . or. . .mating season arzona . this game is to be played by one r more persons . before beginning make sure: if ou are instate you have access to ' 2,000 per year out of state $3,000 er year . choose your own marker . use one die for rolling, only ad- ance the number of squares the ie shows . this game is to be completed within Ssemesters 9 semesters? 10 semesters? ould you believe . remember now. . .no cheating, ou ' re on your honor! open a charge account at franklins and win a " bunny " date forget the game and split for mazatlan w - rr ARIAN Wl ildcat get involved! join slam . . . advance 3 spaces what kind of peace do you think we mean country yes Virginia- there is a harvill tuition raised your advisor says you have to choose a what? your parents are coming to town - they want to meet your room- mate? you just found out the infir- mary will prescribe bcp ' s - too late wait 9 months your fraternity folds. . .going thru an identity crisis-lose 2 turns tucson ' s not a cow town more like a " pig " farm identify peter hubble . . .advance 1 space aws is all bottled up buy a yearbook struck by a flying frizbee in the mall . . .take finals in infirmary graduation - see harvill for the second time rallies pushups for points wilbur yell king hit ' em again - cheerleaders rufus inspire wildcats at games 28 above: sylvia navarette gail mauer nancy dysart mike ward mike Francis and mike moreland salute the wildcats below right: i can ' t hear you grimaces dan Ferrari above left: marcie king balances gracefully on danny nunez ' s shoulders above right: rufus wildcats ' mascot below right: give me an r yells nancy dysart below left: wilbur chats with songleaders cathy Stanley and wendy pfeil 29 cats face the most difficult season MHH f-.. n arizona ' s football history k ' entering the most difficult season in ua football history the 69 wildcats faced gridiron greats iowa houston and k-state and nationally ranked wac foes Wyoming and asu with new head coach bob weber the inexperienced sophomores and juniors led by top notch seniors gardin duke sherwood miller and macklin lost the openers to Wyoming k-state iowa and houston a lack of confidence costly fumbles interceptions and injuries to driscoll and busted were healed on home ground and the cats beat utep 26-10 and new mexico 52-28 the second half of the season saw losses to byu Syracuse and asu but the cats held them low statistically front row: rick Stevenson coach price rex macklin bruce partridge gary klahr rich houch charlie duke coach weber rich crossman ron gardin bill miller teed sherwood coach purvis lance segal-manager row 2: hal arnason coach mcgehee ken davis kim tompkins mark driscoll jack ashby John black steve hurley bob la due don reynolds ron harmon greg woodward bob jacobus doug rothery joe hannasch jim Johnson bob Sicilian henry harriaon coach rodriguez row 3: coach felner bob sheedy dan hustead bill cassarino John brown matt Williams steve wolfe rod benedict jim ventriglia kerk lesh larry mckee mark hopkinson jim sherman paul warren jim sheedy jim Jefferson mark roche brian o ' dorisio willie lewis coach belkny coach glick coach cochrane back row: warren lee trainer coach wilson bill mckinley ira sieders gary paske mike crum John eggold charles mckee mark arneson Justin lanne mike treadwell ron da lee doug klausen rich eckert tim gaffney brian linstrom paul humphrey clarence ferguson jerry stump John naegle weldon jones wildcats led by qb brian linstrom outrush outpass cowboys in opener anzona 7 214 184 10 for 21 1 35 19 first downs rushing yardage passing yardage passes completed passes intercepted yards penalized final score Wyoming 8 166 131 10 for 24 1 122 31 touchdown scorers: linstrom hurley players of the week: ron gardin, jim ventriglia anzona 14 18 248 17 for 40 1 Ifor2 66 27 first downs rushing yardage passing yardage passes completed passes intercepted fumbles lost yards penalized final score k state 16 187 131 12 for 30 1 3 for 3 129 42 touchdown scorers: brian linstrom charlie mckee, steve hurley 32 upper center: ron gardin aided by willie lewis and ted sherwood races by three cowboys lower center: coach leo felner conveys bill mckinley ' s message to the press box lower right: dick clausen honors benito suarez with a traditions plaque for playing arizona football 70 years ago below: brian linstrom heaves a pass over k state ' s defense 33 driscoll ' s injury sets responsibility on linstrom ' s shoulders 34 above: don reynolds tries to outrun iowa ' s defensive line below: in the iowa game ted sherwood displays his running ability which won him recognition as player of the week to : I i ' cats succumb to second half mistakes anzona 22 192 204 19 for 34 1 87 19 first downs rushing yardage passing yardage passes completed fumbles lost yards penalized final score lowa 22 253 236 14 for 26 3 30 31 touchdown scorers: sherwood arnason hurley players of the week: sherwood klahr arizona houston 22 first downs 23 146 rushing yardage 390 159 passing yardage 125 18 for 38 passes completed 6 for 14 passes intercepted 2 2 fumbles lost 5 124 yards penalized 109 17 final score 34 touchdown scorers: linstrom gardin hurley above: jack ashby receives a pass below right: larry davis bandages tim gafney as John black is treated for a sprained ankle below left: led by traditions and cheerleaders arizona fans welcome wildcats onto the field 35 36 left: an irate fan bellows his discontentment at the referee right: arizona ' s defense forms a stone wall against utep far right: ranking in the wac steve hurley kicks a field goal lower right: dan ferrari counts off points Pi anzona 19 191 144 10 for 24 3 for 5 126 26 first downs rushing yardage passing yardage passes completed fumbles lost yards penalized final score utep 17 107 229 23 for 53 2 for 4 65 10 touchdown scorers: gardin arnason hurley players of the week: gardin macklin 30000 apprehensive fans watch ua wildcats break losing record arizona 24 328 363 23 for 33 If or 2 62 52 first downs rushing yardage passing yardage passes completed fumbles lost yards penalized final score new mexico 24 238 140 13 for 24 Of or 2 47 28 touchdown scorers: gardin arnason linstrom mckee lewis hurley players of the week: linstrom mckinley 37 I v . cougars score on opening kickoff hands ua fifth loss arizona byu 13 first downs 17 111 rushing yardage 114 217 passing yardage 238 10 for 29 passes completed 19 for 26 passes intercepted 1 fumbles lost 2 80 yards penalized 62 21 final score 31 touchdown scorers: ashby gardin mckee hurley arizona 7 45 71 11 for 31 1 3 25 first downs rushing yardage passing yardage passes completed passes intercepted fumbles lost yards penalized final score Syracuse 18 117 136 13 for 22 87 23 left: rex macklin (61) and weldon jones (77) prevent byu from making a first down upper right: covered by ron Harmon brian linstrom attempts a pass lower right: mud wasn ' t the only discouragement the wildcats faced our place in space: homecoming soars to football win our place in space brought apollo 8 colonel frank borman to the ua for homecoming to receive an honorary science degree queen michelle brandt a record 115 yard banner a 17 to 16 victory over Utah rounded out the homecoming festivities honoring the classes of 19 29 44 and 59 40 top right: colonel frank borman receives an honorary doctor of science degree at ua homecoming right: a record setting 115 yard banner honors ua football seniors t V . ( . - ' -. ' - --.- ' - m left: a roaring bonfire warms spirits of ua homecoming fans UTAH ARIZONA DOWN YDS TO GO BALL ON YARD LINE - rf fc.J x arizona utah 24 first downs 12 255 rushing yardage 192 122 passing yardage 48 10 for 25 passes completed 12 for 30 2 fumbles lost 87 yards penalized 74 17 ' final score 16 touchdown scorers: gardin lewis hurley players of the week: lewis gardin 45 36 above: player of the week willie lewis churns up yardage in arizona state ' s stadium 44 arizona asu 19 first downs 23 215 rushing yardage 305 113 passing yardage 113 12 for 26 passes completed 8 for 22 2 f unbles lost 2 59 yards penalized 50 24 final score 38 touchdown scorers: duke lewis hurley sherwood players of the week : lewis duke cats end season with loss to sun devils above left: jim ventriglia gets oxygen after exhausting efforts on the field above right: wildcat defense cuts off joe spagnola-dan Buchanan option play below: charlieduke recovers a blocked kick 45 strong wildkitten defense and offense post 3-1 season record including 2 shutouts wildkittens characterized by great team spirit should be a strong addition to varsity next season the f rosh squad posted a 3-1 record with wins over utep new mexico state arizona state and loss to university of new mexico wildkittens averaged 191 rushing yards and 193 passing yards per game front row: jim allison larry wright bob klatt george martinez butch cross dennis jones torn hall bob white ray clarke lee bolen joe petro- shus row 2: gary sutton bil paris bill demory greg boyd henry sin- tay cliff atkinson bob sellari John dean ashland whitf ield torn crab- tree karl keierbler steve Jennings kim arnason back row: coach randy peterson malcolm herbert don duncan bob mccall melvin rjjaxwell don shields bob crum brad tit comb merrill potter marc rhea Jackie Wallace joe flajnik dave Courtney jim Wallace jim arneson terry hahne steve lehmann coach doug schlueter coach eddie wilson 46 above: greg boyd carries the ball down field toward towards a f rosh victory over utep below: joe petroshus sidesteps a utep tackier cowboys stir up dust hit ua for intercollegiate rodeo cowboys from 22 arizona and California schools rode into town for the annual ua rodeo in november along with the traditional roping and riding events girls got into the action with cow milking and cigar smoking events cal poly took first place in the rodeo with ua girls winning in their events top left: the first trick is to get him roped top right: next you try to get him down left: tie him up and he ' s yours 48 above: girls get into the action in barrel racing 49 all we are saying is give peace a chance 7000 straight ua students and townspeople marched to the federal building in downtown tucson as a part of the nationwide moratorium president nixon said the October event would not influence his decisions on the war it was the first of several monthly peaceful demonstrations to end the war speeches crosses naming war dead armbands symbolized students pleas to give peace a chance above: students sing songs and chant anti-war slogans at the candlelight vigil right: straight people make the long moratorium walk along with the more radical 50 - , % music of today- all around to our minds music of today is seeking to expand our thoughts whether we listen to professional musicians with their expensive guitars and amps or whether we stop on our way to class to spend a few moments discovering the sounds of a campus musician lounging in the grass we find that music has depth no longer is it of main importance that a song has a groovy beat to dance to rather what are they trying to say is on our minds like everything in our lives music will change again and again and again but what will come next will we go further into understanding life through music or will we regress to the surface and remain there accepting but never questioning students stage productions learn and entertain usa and mourning becomes electra and a bsu play made the cultural scene for the ua theater goers drama and speech students along with townspeople made fiction come to life on stage and made way for bigger shows bsu students give us a taste of black theater 54 above: snatches of life in the thirties is dramatized in usa left: electra character Christian miller consoles Barbara duval after her father ' s death 55 56 right: dolly susan ceasar is at home again opposite left: Harold Hancock reviews readers theater script opposite center: electra mother sylvia ruiz perfects delivery opposite right: reading made easy by al konow speech drama productions entertain offer experience readers theater productions opened its doors to any ua student who wished to take part in the dramatic readings no props were used leaving the reader with only his voice to use hello dolly swept across the ua musical production stage dazzling the audiences with scenery and choreography John kelly won the raves in review 57 losing season for basketballers new record for points per game wildcat basketballers were a pre-season pick for wac champions but ended in the 4th position despite fine qualities in all the players the team was unable to put it all together and ended the season 12 - 14 this year ' s team managed to average more points per game than any other ua squad bill warner became the third ua man to score more than 500 points in a season front: larry rote lanny mitchell mark scurich torn lawson mickey foster warren flagg dennis rajsich waiter mckinney manager robbie Jones back: coach bruce larson manager bill trask assistant coach bob hansen John ugrin bill warner richard barnes jim van coevering bill wilson eddie myers torn lee bruce anderson warren anderson rick alien assistant coach albert Johnson 58 above left: ua and texas tech men watch bruce anderson ' s shot come down above: wait mckinney drives down court past Florida state man left: guard mickey foster does his job ready to snatch ball from wildcat opponent 59 foster canned 100 of 117 free throws torn lee led ua ua opp 65 90 ucla 72 68 weber state 81 76 Baylor 78 65 iowa state 80 85 texas tech 83 98 north texas state 69 79 nebraska evansville tournament 72 104 Jacksonville 74 82 fordham 76 95 new mexico state 78 87 Florida state 90 77 brigham young 74 79 Utah 59 73 utep 78 72 new mexico 94 76 northern arizona 75 69 Colorado state 81 70 Wyoming 97 75 arizona state 75 92 Utah 78 93 brigham young 80 78 new mexico 86 72 utep 74 93 Wyoming 80 94 Colorado state 90 89 arizona state 60 above: eddie myers leaps to snare the rebound right: bill warner cat leading scorer shoots from the line far right: warner is fouled while shoofing against weber state with 258 rebounds right: eddie myers blocks a baylor shot below: fans and cheerleaders applaud a wildcat lead IWV s il 62 warner becomes number two single season scorer with 529 points above: arizona reserves and fans glue their eyes to the game left: bruce anderson gets the tip-off to start the game 63 wildcats end overall season 12 - 14 place 4th in wac 8-6 above: mickey foster brings a ball to ua territory right: bill warner gets another shot off to add to his record of season scores at ua 64 above left: bill warner and warren anderson congratulate one another on win left: eddie myers and torn lee jump to the board with myers coming down with the ball above: mickey foster keeps ball from ua opponent 65 f rosh basketball loss of men cost season the wildcat freshmen basketball team won only seven out of seventeen games getting caught second semester with fewer men and a lack of height phil edwards and John anderson were the leading scorers and rebounders for the f rosh the ua team won the three out of the first five games 66 above: varsity man eddie myers shoots against f rosh in intra squad game right: varsity and f rosh go for rebound 67 camp wildcat is J Of Vfie X. of . 68 Ane --:; ' ,, -- " -_ ' -:; .- . Iff 70 no white christmas at ua just sun books hid parties presents lived christmas at the ua meant making reservations months ahead for a plane out of sun-drenched tucson to go home to cold and snow it was the rush of formals and gift buying pinatas from alpha phi omega term papers loomed ahead but the sun said no to studies and christmas at ua 71 74 palo verde inmates disturbed by planned disturbance always quiet just ta ' s card players grad students foreign students and continuing ed people sit in the palo verde cafeteria the carpeted side so the suabies got together and planned a disturbance guess what a band appeared noise sis cum bah terrific 75 baseballers looked good at season open this year marked the 74th season for baseball at the ua and the 21st season here for coach frank sancet the favorable omen of thirteen returning lettermen seemed to hold through the first sixteen games of the season with the wildcats losing only four several of those victories were real runaways the cats looked good at the plate ua opp 5 cal poly 1 5 cal poly 4 4 cal poly 2 5 san diego state 8 3 san diego state 2 5 san f ernando valley 4 1 san f ernando valley 2 3 texas christian 4 7 texas christian 6 9 texas christian 6 5 texas christian 2 4 texas christian 3 25 weber state 6 10 weber state 7 1 weber state 4 25 weber state 3 scores as of 3-19-70 76 right: hurler larry dierks lets the ball sail far right: assistant coach don lee watches the play from the dugout front row: tim gump jim provenzano Icon hooten jim williams mark driscoll keith rhodes mickey o hara sieve milkulic j ray rokey jim hamlett frank campos row two: dave jacome harry ladge John glenn mark reutter dave prest sieve ballard nick estrada rod o ' brien pat anderson rick morache back row: manager marv smith fon formiller mike gray larrydierks lee cole dalebauman bryan shields darrin berger assistant coach don lee coach frank sancet mike grossman 77 Vf wildcats wallopped weber state more than 50 runs in two games above: wildcats complete the out at first right: wildcat opponent waits for the pitch far right: bryan shields is set to hurl the ball 78 79 .-. i A AV+V. ' -W i ' - - ' above: team members congratulate a homerun hitter above right: ua man slides in before opponent comes up with the ball right: the team watches a long fly ball 80 early wins raised hopes to college world series gymnastics lost season individual performances excelled varsity gymnastics finished the season with five wins and eight losses which was better than had been expected the team lacked depth to carry them further the lack of depth was overshadowed by several fine individual performances doug boger was ranked nationally in the floor exercise and long horse vaulting front row: gary hendrickson Herman waiters mike berry doug boger pat hattic steve kaplan prudencio corrales coach glenn wilson back row: bruce Humphrey randy reynolds steve kite scott mcgirr doug swartz 82 ua mankato state college new mexico state u of Colorado u of denver Colorado state southern Illinois kansas state long beach state college arizona state Utah brigham young u of new mexico arizona state indicated win opp left: hemo waiters inlocates a handstand in the floor exercises 83 84 ua gymnast receives national ranking left: scott whittaker does the iron cross on the rings above: doug boger performs a hand stand on the rings above left: bruce Humphrey does the scissors on the horse left: randy reynolds balances on the horse 85 guion palmer logan palmer headed wildcat netters front row: george mehl richard hoshaw paul bortolazzo bud guion manager lesdierking coach dave snyder back row: jim logan eric evett craig hardy mark hardy bill hoshaw John penero butch palmer faced with a tough schedule the wildcat tennis team counted on guion palmer logan and penero and the doubles team of hardy and evett last year ' s squad finished eighth in the ncaa tournament the team got off to a good start this year winning the first times out right: jim logan makes a move to return the ball 86 left: craig hardy bends down to make a return in a pre-game warm-up bottom: spaulding schedule mesa community college glendale community college Colorado state southern California san Fernando valley state ucla los angeles state red lands iowa brigham young arizona open arizona state cochise college corpus christi texas trinity Utah new mexico wac championships ncaa championships 87 bear down nine becomes eight becomes six mark ginsberg bill white gale dean John heard chuck mabry nelson barr sylvia goodwin bobby colston and frank wook were named the bear down nine after " riot " at byu game where bsu members and sympathizers had protested alleged racial discrimination students try administrators while nine go to court and 4000 rally to their support gap between students and administration widens continued unrest puts no end to discrimination far left: " riot ' yields broken window left: father fowler calls bear down aftermath an over-exaggeration above: asu prof starsky risks job to vent views left: one of bear down nine and other blacks try hold up to byu game below: rally speaker bill paleck questions lack of channels for communication 89 a growing changing expanding ua more cars more buildings more bricks the changing ua red brick going up everywhere down the long green mall past all the x lots full of cars a new computer center optical sciences biological science and math buildings and an addition to the student union 6AM5PM. Mon. thru Sat. noon speakers tell it like it is prophesy future of doom there are enough injustices in this country to warrant militancy on the part of protestors -dr benjamin spock 92 unless drastic action is taken shortly mankind can make this planet uninhabitable -morris kudall student protests are the last instinctive rebellion against a process of conformity -max raf ferty 93 politicians talked war unrest pollution poverty no solution the u s should quit trying to police this planet paul harvey destroying the university will merely end all hopes for improving society at large we must preserve the university as an arena for the pursuit of truth we must preserve the ruthless examination of realities however painful that may be if we are to have any hopes of mastering the larger dangers to society and to man ' s place in it hubert h humphrey 94 american broadcasting company panel of foreign correspondents george membrila david passey John osterloh terry sheehe peter mongan paul warn er ron rawson robert semelsberger 96 loss of men proved disastrous despite pre-season optimism the swim team started with fewer men than expected and lost two more during the season losses continued after an opening loss to asu the team ended the season wins 9 losses the one bright spot in the season was the setting of several new records terry sheehe set two records in breaststroke top right: accurate timing by officials is most important right: dives are an important part of the game above: the crawl is most popular 97 front row: chet proctor fernie mendoza andy dark John keeler row two: mike green steve warner jeff arrieta dan larkin glenn michel kim tompkins back row: assistant coach gary rushing jeff coolsaet doug kelly gary ruoho terry stuehrenbery coach bill nelson dale brumit wrestlers suffered tough breaks three placed in wac championships the wrestling team had a losing season this year but has brighter prospects next year with regaining several who had been ineligible and returning wrestlers three ua men brumit mendoza and ruoho placed in the wac championships where the team finished seventh above left: champions from cal poly and Oregon state compete at ua tourney above: terry stuehrenburg on the right grapples with mankato state man left: oregon state and arizona state heavyweight champions wrestle at ua match 99 wra promoted physical fitness ua 100 men and women kept active at co-rec nights above: wra executive board - kathy krucker carol cummings linda hotchkiss cherrie brinlee mary pavlich roby devrah wilson sue cross marilyn bakerich linda broughton women ' s recreation association purpose was to promote physical coordination and knowledge of physical activity wra sponsored co-rec nights this year with dancing pool ping pong volleyball or swimming available they also chose an outstanding sportswoman left: a conscious development of skills is attained 101 right: modern dancers improve coordination below: wra ideal of excellence is sought i 102 wra chose outstanding sportswoman strove for knowledge and performance top: improvement is continually sought in any sport above: tennis keeps members active bottom: ua outstanding sportswoman cherrie brinlee exemplifies that honor 103 104 ua coeds here for education husband shopping not an uncommon sideline LWAY D AL IDES HIRLIN marriage was often on the minds of ua coeds some were worried about being old maids while those close to matrimony were starting to wonder if they were ready to take the plunge an expression of love and a form of security of status symbol marriage was an admitted goal of most coeds at the university 105 speakers ' corner discusses and sometimes blasts campus issues and national Controversies speakers ' corner has always been a place to mouth off rap give your piece of mind argue or discuss the corner saw racism communication brutality the generation gap peace and war come and go teachers students f rat rats gdi ' s blacks straight guys hippies had their say I I I students fill mall signal spring spring will chase us through the summer into fall and find us beached upon some snowy shore waiting for the spring to come again. rod mckuen 108 II r . A .Si - - religion in life week examination of one ' s religion ' one ' s own way of acting thinking talking and living religion in life week had the usual speakers and panel discussions to bring religion to the minds of students but religion is more than one week in a year it is a part of every day the way each of us lives talks acts and thinks whether we know it or not 111 ua students had many outlets for service on campus and in the community fraternities | and sororities sponsored i their own projects cleaning up or being a child ' s tutor and friend the newman center sponsored project 400 at san xavier to clean-up and paint the mission many men on campus became involved in the big brother program they became friends with a fatherless tucson boy who needed a relationship with an adult male ua students volunteered to serve others the grass roots mean loud hard rock a steady beat a group who enjoys being on the stage birgit nilsson a voice that can caress or bewitch a radiant tone Jfl V josh white a total entertainer audience rapport a great voice and comedy equals excitement entertainers up with people students with a message not of protest but love of country and of man . I psychedelic light shows and hard rock filled with country and blues gary puckett and the union gap leaves no gap in the audience of young girl fame easy to listen to I Stockholm philharmonic with dorati conducting offers excellence in tone quality the national ballet of Washington is called one of nation ' s finest with excellent dancers and choreography glenn yarborough gives smoothness to folk songs and gives baby the rain must fall to the world ua dating game yielded revealing funny lines 120 eal dating scene has classical lines of its own 121 golfers challenging season faced best in wac strength found in both new and old team members ua golfers faced a challenging season losing some of their top lettermen of the wac and nation captain bob challenberger rik tenbroeck cyril shettleroe and bob judson gave the team its main strength with other returning and new golfers showing great promise front row: ken redfern assistant coach rick keeler dave engelking sieve stull mark northcraft bob judson domingo alverez back row: assistant coach jack frei bill wright bob mayer cyril shettleroe bob morris bob shall- enberger rik tenbroeck bob molt don pooley rick riddle steve keller coach tatum 122 left: rik tenbroeck comes out of the trap below left: cyril shettleroe follows through and watches ball fly below: bob shallenberger lines up with the ball for a putt arizona intercollegiate f resno invitational pasetiemps tournament iowa all-american invitational cal state sun devil classic conquistadores intercollegiate wac championships ncaa championships 123 track team rebuilding program right: wayne bradshaw and ashland whitf ield in the relays this season was considered a rebuilding year for the ua track team to return it back to prominence in collegiate track expected to play a major role in the season were lorenzo alien wac high jump champion pat abeln gus briso mario castro sieve gunzel ashland whitf ield and la mann front row: coach Williams vie moore wayne bradshaw joe causey dave leggett pat abeln bus briso fritz menninger ralph ortega John copeland todd tupper assistant coach murray row two: al mann lorenzo alien jack weaver ashland whitfield steve gunzel melvin maxwell ike Williams raul 124 nino scott giddings ron hall mario castro back row: jack mcewen bill mcguire dennis Jones dave tepper ben sanders eric barfield steve davidson bill Johnson bill tierney ray ortega schedule arizona relays wac indoor championships occidental - arizona state san diego state asu - southern California Colorado Wyoming - utep santa barbara relays iowa long beach state new mexico northern arizona wac relays arizona state west coast relays wac championships California relays compton - coliseum ustff championships ncaa championships left: jack mcewen gets ready to throw the javelin 125 wildcat track men left: gene waddell throws the shot put above: roy waddell lets the javelin fly above right: lorenzo alien clears the bar in the high jump began rebuilding process 127 olive blossom pit spittin ' olive blossom pit spittin ' young cross country placed 4th in wac championships cross country team had many young runners this season led by junior mario castro and senior scott giddings the team had three freshmen and a sophomore the cross country runners came in 4th in the wac championships and placed 3rd in the aztec invitational 130 front row: jack weaver ron hall scott giddings John copeland back row: coach mur- ray raulnino ralph ortega sieve davidson mario castro rayortega above left: runners get under way at ua invitational above right: mario castro trails in the 3 - miler left: scott giddings comes in first to win the 4.5 miler 131 sigma chi graham hall xxx led intramurals divisions intramural sports give ua men a chance to participate in a variety of sports they were divided into three divisions fraternities dorms and independents with sigma chi graham and xxx taking the leads in their divisions sports played were billiards tennis swimming basketball football Softball track golf volleyball horseshoes cross country and weight lifting 132 133 134 intramurals kept ua men in shape sigma chi ' s took first in swimming basketball and football sigma chi beat out f ijis in intramural swimming AC M 136 137 intramural soccer men take vengeance out on ball 139 140 exams rack students 7 brains determine final grade semester exams more often than not meant brooding over scribbled notes drinking coffee in the wee hours of the morning writing for two hours in a sweat-wrinkled blue book headaches bags under the eyes questions a genius couldn ' t answer a higher grade than you expect mm Ml 4500 don caps and gowns ua life becomes the past the last month dragged by for 4500 graduating seniors and advanced degree candidates some were nostalgic about leaving ua while others were more than anxious to leave and get started living their own lives when the big night came and the speeches were over it was hard to imagine four years had gone by o who ' s who m amencan colleges and universities Freddie kalil Howard king mary alite kell bill neal sue keebler judi j barb schuler 145 - who ' s who in amencan colleges and universities tf tr roseann duenas cathy kinsock larry blume steve soborof f bill palech pat anderson ron clif ton dave beaugureau . ' fc-W rt 3 4 v - -...1- ' fli s w in amencan colleges and universities roDPie terrv nathan torn |ont " - jeff handler dwavne burton becky Hfe mar art-t b terry i ng lynn perry mitch di ern porter 149 he ' s that - a J y ' their faces are familiar maybe you saw them at a student senate meeting in the coop or at the bayhorse maybe they just look like someone from back home their names you might recognize a friend mentioned it it ended an editorial in the wildcat you heard it during rush or greek week or at the moratorium now ' s your chance to identify the people of near fame 40 ua seniors were chosen for the newest honorary on campus they didn ' t make who ' s who so they created who ' s that the distinguished honorary for unrecognized people mark mesik mike hellwig marydailey gary gomez linda bark augustinegarcia hank gaiatz molly engle kathy polokas terry hart judy Schwartz jim engle nancy slavick dougdavis suedurkin horace dwiggins noni cearny laine harris mike harrison chris french James fissell melanie robinson gregg young chuck mcnamera claudia welsh leslie donge mary robey barb morris katie craig gail morley Jeanne good michelle brandt joan childs Jeanne yawger kay king homecoming qu en michele branch homecoming queen and finalists make voters ' job difficult 152 beauty abundant 153 154 queens running down sitting ntext to ea fflgin tfie - ' . ' --;,- ?-. " - in math ' % ; Lite?ri tlfe s " ;B 2i5iiK 155 kings queens had warmth personality military ball queen debi wadell maid of cotton lindy stearman 156 behind dazzling toothpaste smile left: hi and smile queen barbara klopp right: hi and smile king bruce bakrow 157 ou don ' t like bar-be-que saiu e K9 ite frock or blisters on yo 1 rryin heavy suitcase that thec, . , -irls-e choose queens leadership service (to the universi and numerous activities (need to at lea MV ' . . _: 1 U tL nun an me cuuuiuuees emu SUCH mai tarted all this) the members of spurs- umio re women sophos-sophomore men chain gang-junior men chimes-junioi women mortarboard and symposium-senior women I bob cats and blue key- senior men are annually successful in continuing long established traditions familiar to all traditions organized for perpetual spirit and such hostesses newly organized for university service phi eta sigma and alpha lambda delta showing booking pays off (at least for freshmen) are also mentioned when discussions turn (as they so often do) to hon or aries (a society etc) year after year after year (so you really want to be a member?) 158 work 159 . Pi? 160 bobcats and blue key top: bill neal nick pierson skip whitley below: sieve nathan jeff bar- tolino John bolt dave beaugureau bill Jackson Howard king torn Jones pat anderson front row: dave coatsworth bob anderson carl trinca bob venn bill viner back row: al stein bob black dave sharp larry blume dave lewis 161 mortar board and symposium front row: sue keebler mary alice kellogg becky fife barb schuler back row: roseann duenas kathy kinsock margaret boice front row: terry ong fern porter judi james second row: carol kinsock marcia clif ton robbie ferry back row: lynn perry 162 front row: candy garmire nira wall gail morley georgia becker katie peterson ann blouin ellen shenkarow row 2: susie feldman bonnie west merideth smith Barbara molina sandy lemar molly roberts karen eddy jan naughton susan maroney dede engdahl mary ellen mcloughlin terri cook back row: cathy matthews gabby dula barbara chriss nancy hoehn ., Bitdwecser front row: laine Harris linda romick colleen mccarthy susie durkin claudia welch bartender back row: gail maurer carol Johnson katie craig patty ferneding ellen shenkarow sue camou peggy bond mary robey linda bard 163 chimes and chain gang OCI top to bottom: pam ferry mike Fitzgerald linda ornelas John gemmill colien hefferan linda iacobsen bob gray front row: joan gissell barb yinger mary ann nordberg back row: jean gilbert sally rice chuck eaton david vance front row: bonnie munch debbie murphy windy michele sieve brown pam shuck torn Stevens back row: brad meyer melissa manley debbie gibson doug rothery evan hassiotis bruce bernard 164 paulericson June weigand John hoge julie huff man gay achen mark segal sandy chandler front row: linda robinson bruce gilkin bruce eggers row 2: Jennie torn lynn wood pam lane kathy fockler pat yohe kathy harning back row: bruce burke sieve fishbein John gemmill 165 front row: randi eisenberg barb bathe nancy shenkarow scott brandenburg row2: dianepowell carole bennon back row: dan heedy peggy palmer cathy Stanley sophos and spurs joe causey lynne reilly sandy rathbun marianne cox toby burgess cheryl zoback mary mixson marilyn f rohberg peggy rausher torn pollard carol yeoman mary jane wild ann kaufman rory westberg debbie ginter cheryl zoback chris linns earlene baum angie Wallace jeff derickson nancy knoerle cherry klof anda patti Jerome carol contes cece bartow 166 polly bayless pam kircher carol greg charlotte butler sally ryan gail lamb kathy roscoe kim stenerson kengoldberg steve brophy kevin miniat mark west jerry jones front row: Judy huntmgton linda bacchus gail weaver back row: torn harvey cathy f rey linda cole bob nation and then it rained , hostesses and traditions front row: Barbara wild anita conway sue keebler mary alice kellogg sue bush ellen shenkarow bobbee Jones row 2: debby Scarborough pam shuck debbie gibson sue kopstein linda ornelas debby murphy becky fife chris mahoney lynn perry back row: mary ellen mcloughlin toni mcleod debby king sally rice peggy rawn billie frye claudia welch Julie huffman linda bare barbara molina nira wall nancy walker fern porter 168 front row: torn kasper charlie buri dave smith row 2: dave sharp mike Fitzgerald jim boice doug davis bill lanus kevin miniat bottom: mike donnell dondoyle mike adams top: bob connolly richard rodgers f red buins bruce lawrence bruce eggers coleman anderson rich oesterle steve grulich steve f ishbein al scarsatto steve barasch craig rosenthal ron thompson John gemmill tomjones chuck eaton bill front row: dan mercer frank mascia mike donnell back row: Howard king torn Cleveland steve soboroff 169 alpha lambda delta and phi eta sigma front row: ellen cummings Janet arrara linda rodriguez Judy warner carol mates jacqueong row two: pat kenady jenny huerstel susan bailey marina riley bonnie blecha maureen donnelly sue Hermann nancy Strieker martha underwood back row: kathleen ryden Judy amburgey susan bishop shelly burrell Virginia ann Chester gretchen schroeder christy iverson mary kloth barbara steckel 170 front row: glenn strohm robert saide torn cochran jamie pennebaker f red tregakes eric goldin gilbert gonzales row two: kevin miniat Stephen brophy micheal Jennings martin Johnson Joseph garner bruce huckell tommy pollard richard schaefer back row: don wollheim larry cox george sief fert robert anderson craig perry edward farrell dan henry robert cubitto mark west 171 thanks to the little wife our thanks to terry and linda temple and their son Brian 172 173 graduates . u . f , -XT ; L- ' i david abbott Catherine adams sharon aga anita alien linda alien gary allhiser raymond allis jr james allmand emily alter alf red altuna thomas amacker bruce amster M CA : i t t V I 11 Fie APATA wan marching band - 1967 robert anderson ruth anderson ima angel Catherine armer ann armstrong joan aufderheide eric avery michael avrick paul baer linda bahula elizabeth baier james bailey lester baitzer sandra baizel linda bare barnes - bravo Stephen barnes larry barsamian kathy bartley jeff bartolino david bash lyle bashore jodi basinger scott bates dave beaugureau robert beck georgia Becker janet bell robert bell christine bellies karen bellios kenneth bergeron karen berman arthur bernardon janet bessey patti bierbaum Steven bjorlie robert blake mary blake ann blalock al blankenship Howard blitz william bianco albert bloom ann blouin lawrence blume richard bock armen bogosian margaret boice margaret boyce diana boyd william boylen monika boyles peggy boyles michele brand t edward bravo : brokaw chen Barbara brokaw kenneth brown kirn brown richard browning suzy brunswick marsh a burge zoreene burlin John burns minda burr barbara burruss luis bustamante patricia buttress tony cabrera donnetta cacek austin cadmus roy calcagino vickilyn callan edwin campion robert carey karen carpenter jose carrillo don cary suzanne cary steven casey noni cerny edward casanova alice chan ross chandler george chang waijun chen chesler - deerr sharyn chesler glory chew Barbara chriss shirley chu susan chu kenneth chute david clark Johnnie clark mary clark deborah clayton thomas Cleveland ron clif ton 4 william cluff martha cocking sue coff man dea coller patt conlin robert connolly Constance conrad norma contreras majorie cook terri cook pam coolidge michael cooper thomas copeland mary corbett rodney corson carol covillo marilyn coxon John craft katie craig mary cullison raymond curtis richard dahlke joedaniels donna daniels douglas davis henry davis marjorie davis rick davis carol davison anne deerr Clifford dewey John dickerson suzie dickey peggy dierking james dillard joan dille leslie dodge linda dod ridge michael donnelly cleora dornon dewey - eisenberg eileen dorsey robert dorsey sorority rush - 1966 mitchell dorson sherry downing don doyle marilee drown roseann duenas richard dugan arlin dulin james dupree suzi durkin ill kathleen eddy eugenia eide daniel eisenberg registration - 1966 the coop scene Martin Luther King - 1968 AH row y s. v marlena elbert sherry elsten angelita espino bruce evans donald eveleth eric evett david f alkner joan f arnum ralph f asanella Humberts federico susan feldman John feldmann william fenberg randee f endelman patricia fernedina ASdA fernedina - gay robbie ferry becky fife barbara f ishencord lauren fix charles flack barbara f lagg John flores ronald flores robert flood james flook f red foreman roger fox william f rancis david franco florence frank ellis f rankfort philip f rankfort robert f razier dana free william freeman linda f remming christine f rench william fritz william gabler rosamond gabriel hank galatz henry ganster augustine garcia ellen gardner thomas gay lillian gee suey gee waiter gee renee gekas muriel gerlach eugene gieseler judy gilliland nicki giroux richard gisi margery glass gee-grandy ' - S w ' , -. f. ' V. I 1 ' ML ' ' " V . J it . margie gonzalez Jeanne good caryn goodf riend sylvia good win Joseph gordon james goto nancy grais Stephen gran richard grandy greensweig - hanson diane greensweig Steven gregory richard grelotti suzannah grimm claudia hale mary habeeb betty hackathorn- porreca lajoyce hall ira halpern michael hamilton pat hanifen phylis hammer gina hannah louella hanohand martha hanson robert kennedy at tucson airport - april 1968 hardin -Jackson donna hardin laine Harris marjorie Harris Jessica Harrison jim Harrison michael Harrison karen hart james hart terry hart claudia haslauer mary hawley lee hayden lee hayden william haynes david hazeltine jill hemmings noel hendricks sharon hensley coralinda hernandez henry hernandez peter hill nicolas hiner gerald hintlian phyllis hobgood nancy hoehn marcia hoenle nancy holbert robert hooper brenda hopper holly howe Catherine hudson edmund hughes krista hume william huskey sally hutchinson margaret hyder max me ijams susan innes philip irvine earl itrich carolyn jackson Jackson - krebs loren jackson karl Jacobs Stephen Jacobs sandra jacobsen emory james Judith james david janis ann Jenkins dee Jimenez ann Johnson linda Johnson Joseph Johnston dale jones robert jones william jonnson norma joplin bill joslin james Joyce philip June don kain freddie kalil ronald kail jerry koss james krebs krieger - langert lloyd krieger nancy kane roy kroll gary kalyn nancy katz richard katz louis kaye sue keebler kelly keithly mary alice kellogg richard kepner carol kerr charles kiguli Howard king pete king betty kingston carol kinsock louise kirklosky david kirtley Frederick klein rority rush - 1966 jody klein lynn klimist Stephanie knowles eric kozan maryann kraynick nancy lambert richard lang sandra lang richard langert larson - mcever kim larson elyse larue lewis lawhon charles layne david lee roberta lee wendy leele sandy lehmer orman leighton waiter leonetti michael levine william levine t l n N pike snowman - 1967 Joyce lim stacey lippman donald litscher robert lochner clint locque james log an f rancine lomaglio leonardo lopez susan lough ridge vance luke william lumm timothy lungren f rantz lupton rick lussier elaine maass sheila mabry grace martinez John macek james madder alan manack linda mapes randolph mariotte suzi maroney jeff marta evelyn martinez ellie matter james mcalister james mcclenaghan randall mccrea lawrence mcever mcgivern - murray margaret mcgivern maryellen mcloughlin charles mcnamara gay mcnaughton milo meacham dan mercer mark mesik michael meyer gregory meyerson joan middleton ronald miely everett millard richard miller theresa miller kevin moodie cynthia moon michael moore gail morley barbara morris elizabeth morris terry moseley cherie mulder james murdoch steve mitrray v mixer- 1-oc nabhan - pershing Harold nabhan susan naegle richard natale joan nathan Stephen nathan Janice naughton bill neal kathleen neal susan needel khalil nehlawi thomas nelson richard newman suzanne newman robert newson david nicholas 5 l ft O durrell nielsen ronald nomura christine norrbom tim norris george novaky lucy nuck marjorie nuckols pamela nunamaker louis nunez eric nupen bruce oberson david ocepek Jeffrey ochs cynthia olds wendy oppel gregory opstad judy owens nancy palmer thomas palmer kathleen park gene pate James parker andrea parris berengar patterson judy paulson ronald payton estanislapo paz gary perry lynn perry jerry pershing wilhelmina pesqueira katie pete rsen cecilia pfeiffer Joseph pierson willis pike dennis preger leslie preston fern porter pam porter dale po well pesqueira - reden VICTORY v A ont A C marjorie preston benjamin quaye charles quimby maryellen rabogliatti Christopher randall sally ransburg dennis ray ellen reden Steven reden reeg - rose homecoming bonfire - 1968 robert reeg ivy reid dan renner John rennick ann richard shirley richard s cara richardson david richman karla richman T-i f loyd ring gregg roberson kathy roberson Howard roberts david robertson mary robertson molly robertson mary robey maryann robles ronald roehrborn sandra rogers elissa rose rose - shuhaibar kathleen rose sallie rosser frank rotolo elizabeth rowe thomas roylston Steven ruh guadalupe saldamando david saltzman gloria sanchez rafaela santacruz James santa-lucia bonita santagelo david sawyer adela saucedo peggy scaling Helen scheffler Bobbie schmidt jay schoald william schoal judi schwartz mark schwartz 1 alien scorsatto Beverly scott douglas seaver leonard shapiro bruce sharp david shelton ellen shenkarow bill sheppard nabeel shuhaibar shrauner - Stanley trudy shrauner jason siegel marvin silva ? andy silverman glen sitz marilyn sitze helene slaten nancy slavick george skinner brenda smith cheri smith linda smith sherry smith John smithson leonard snyder Steven soborof f Stephanie sontag linda sotirake V james spencer 1 donald spong thomas squires richard st denis larry Stanley lee Stanley starnes - vertlieb marcy starnes lindy stearman wayne steams charles stephenson martha Stevens robert stinson ute strahl susan straitif f douglas strock charles stuart ' ' . ' I ' ' ' ' . -; -. ' : : ' " , ' . , ' :;.: . -. . ' ' ' . .-: claries stury alan stutts patricia sutler eugene szafas thomas tarn lulianne tashnek Jiane teel sue tegtmeyer susan theiler janet thomas janie thorn pson bruce thurston william tierney ellen triem carl trinca brian troyer buff tsitouras michael tuinstra carol turner leonard turner nancy turner toni tvert thomas tyree jerry ulmer John ungvary diana uselman Judith vaughn luis vazquez robert venn jane vertlieb nancy walker nira wall watson - williams r - cathy walp katherine walstad willie waltner james wand rey richard ward rosalie ward John warne marie waterworth patricia watson theod ore watson . - . . .- I - " kathie way richard weakland arnie weiner peggy weiss kristin weisser claudia welch peter westby bonnie west Joanne whelton jill whitcomb patricia whitley ellen wichtrich min widartojo carol williams donald williams williams - zoller karen williams dwayne wilson david wilson janet wilson Virginia wilson bill wintrode jack wirth richard wolicki david wong dennis wong judy wong william woods re id woodward penny woon carol wray george wright david yeung gregg young larry young robert zeluf f robert ziegenbein beth zitko gayle zoller 218 were those the days what did i accomplish i made the grade and the riot scene and the honorary now i ' m leaving what will i have to show for it a diploma and a couple of scars what good will either of them do me did i learn anything can i think for myself now do i know how to relate to society as they say do i even want to relate to this society can i under- stand the problems of this world can i help solve them now that i am leaving this world of football and protests and parties where do i go like the song says maybe i should just follow the sunset. 219 220 221 running a state university-a many sided problem money for mchale center and med school hospital topped with protest after protest against war and racism head list of harvill ' s problems student cries of lack of communication clash wit) conservative control of purse strings and strand harvill ir the middle left: at the dedication of the medical college dr harvill cuts a piece of sou- venir ribbon for a visitor, below: president harvill talks with junior high school students touring the campus 223 communcaton- a place to begin to solve problems administrators were plagued with the need to close the gap between students and ua officials vice-president marvin Johnson security chief doug pax ton and asua director charles tribolet faced students demands for a committee seat and access to records on crime and money above left: John heard and swede Johnson discuss the march left: mr Johnson hears bsu demands above center: doug paxton awaits the war protest march above: bumps tribolet hears asua plans 225 deans work with students coordinating organizations 226 above: dean svob interviews for u of a hostesses above right: dean foster meets with summer orientation committee right: dean murphy talks with rha representitives to facilities meeting the dean of men robert svob and the assistant deans taylor murphy and foster let students air opinions on the need for change at the ua and offered suggestions for those problems and also advised fraternities and counseled with individuals about personal problems 227 below: assistant dean smith works with aws executive counsel right: assistant dean parrott discusses possibility of freshmen pledges living in sororities far right: dean carlson has dinner with former dean of women hazel maccready 228 women ' s deans work to update rules dean of women karen carlson and assistant deans smith and parrott were advisors to several student groups they were a part of changes in women ' s rules and privileges they served as a sounding board for dorm and sorority problems and counseled with ua coeds 229 college of liberal arts with scientific programs in abu dhabi arabia in puerto penasco mexico and a ninety-inch telescope at kitt peak the college of liberal arts conducts research in such fields as apparatus for satellite flights high energy physics accelerators and cyclotrons 230 above: Francis a roy dean of the college of liberal arts above right: archeologists study drastic changes in pieces of ancient pottery right: research center teasts plant growth in controlled soil and atmosphere below: liberal arts students drill and drill foreign language skills left: grad students insure mechanism will give accurate measure below: night labs let students stargaze 232 college of pharmacy a branch of the poison control center provides antidote information while the college of pharmacy sponsors poison prevention week throughout the community a drug abuse program in local schools and clinical pharmacy seminars for pharmacists in the state left: willis r brewer dean of the college of pharmacy 233 234 above right: additive aids mixing of chemicals below right: white rat gets ready for testing left: pharmacy student performs menial task of pill-making below: labels must be checked in lab with care 236 college of nursing substantial preparation in natural and behavioral sciences general courses and professional nursing education is provided by the program of the college of nursing which prepares the student to function at a beginning level of professional competence above: student and teacher check on incubator baby right: gladyse sorensen dean of the college of nursing left: atst Joseph ' s hospital students learn patient care above: a nursing student stops to chat with some children at san xavier left: tmc students learn operating room procedures 237 right: student nurses discuss implications of patient ' s chart below: plastic models simplify learning parts of the heart college of medicine operating the neighborhood health center in tucson as a model of health care the college of medicine is concerned with the level of health in the state by supplying trained physicians public education and skilled patient care above: school of medicine professor emphasizes value of brain charts left: mechanical models of the circulatory system offer practical method of studying properties of the heart 239 right: merlin duval dean of the college of medicine right: dr jay b angevine phd of anatomy works on illustration for his atlas of a mouse ' s brain 240 above: drs Christopher matthews left and gloria lincoln demonstrate a sucrose gradient to med student peter marshal 241 right: Harold e myers dean of the college of agriculture below: grad students can separate gases with a chromatograph college of agriculture the college of agriculture a state and world wide service to people that includes cooperative extension service agricultural experiment station resident instruction and an exchange of faculty with the university of ceara in brazil above left: a plant pathology student checks cactus ' s temperature above: ua grown cotton is used in research left: ag students breed rets for experimentation 243 above right: precision in experimentation offers a break from the norm of chaos for an ag student below right: the task of labeling reagents might give vent to an artistic flair 244 emphasizing graduate training and research the college of engineering operates triga 1 the only nuclear reactor in the state and one of the country ' s outstanding integrated circuit labs the remote teaching system has been employed to facilitate the learning process college of engineering above left: w j fahey dean of the college of engineering above: dr nelson explains to nuclear engineering students the mechanics of delicate machines 245 far left: tiny ua made circuit is eyed by electronics student left: professor Stewart explains significance of meter reading below: systems engineering labs provide practical experience with machines above: jamesd Forrester dean of the college of mines, right: rock formation demands careful scrutiny 248 r- r . V 4 Jk educating the people of arizona about mineral and chemical engineering the college of mines provides instruction and research while the bureau of mines gives technical services concerning the nature and occurrence of minerals college of mines above: roger peebles a ta in geology la tells goals of field trip, left: mine complex of phelps dodge at morenci shows rock strata 249 left: a ta will help students find their own answers on rock identification below: origin of geological formations can be found through close study :ollege of architecture certain advanced students in the college of architecture participate in the advocacy planning program a student initiated project to provide planning and assistance by working in conjunction with central city neighborhood groups above: sidney w little dean of the college of architecture left: work tables in an architecture lab become more confused as the project nears its end 251 far left: bonnie evenchik junior in architecture looks out from the front of the college building above center: building plans are the work of an architecture student above right: contour maps precede plan of structure left: exchange of ideas is part of lab experience 253 college of fine arts opportunities for professional training are provided for the fine arts major while the entire student body may benefit from broader cultural experiences within the many activities of the college of fine arts including concerts productions exhibits and the readers theater above: robert hull dean of the college of fine arts right: oils require precision from student 254 left: mourning becomes electra draws out dramatic talent above: new techniques in sculpture are met as challenges 255 above: sculpture students develop technique in clay right: drama students assemble talent in usa 256 college of 1 aw the college of law conducts research in such legal problems as weather modification water rights the arizona bail system and corporations code while advanced students provide legal assistance to citizens through the post conviction clinic and legal aid clinic left: moot court jury listens to case of law student below: charles ares dean of the college of law above right: an important part of studying law is public speaking below right: law library offers solitude for long hours of study 258 I above: law student ponders over legal technicality 259 college of education providing the nation with teachers trained in administration counseling elementary and secondary education and various fields of specialization the college of education conducts a well-developed program of learning experiences for future educators 260 above right: students observe a physical therapist helping an amputee on the road to recovery right: rehab and special ed students learn how to increase function through exercising arthritic hands left: f robert paulson dean of the college of education below: those planning to teach the blind learn how it feels not to be able to see HI w.. a pegrad student offers criticism to a gymnast 262 college of business and public administration a division of research in the college of business and administration provides state and local economic trends as well as an evaluation of the status of the economy, in weekly programs, service clubs bring together business- men and students to discuss matters of mutual interest. above: william voris dean of the college of business and public administration left: student teacher Caroline rose finds junior high students are human too 263 above: bpa offers typing classes to all students so they can gain that often needed skill 264 above: dr. stockman offers phd candidate michael harvey advice on his thesis left: bpa continues to grow with the age of computers 265 above: ag grad student builds his own equipment for experiments 266 graduate college the graduate college shares the same faculty as the undergraduate colleges administers all advanced degree programs and is responsible for admissions registration credits transfer work graduate study abroad and assistance with student problems top left: Herbert rhodes dean of the graduate college left: grad students in art prepare for exhibition 267 above: george knecht graduate student does research in rocky point 268 above left: graduate student roger pe ebles adds practical experience to his education by being a ta below left: an anthropology grad student explains historic arizona to grade school visitors 269 or self-satisfaction in organizations organizations mean many things to different people to sheila crimmins: we are born with unshackled freedom with unbounded liberty we must extoll the beauties of living praise the preciousness of being and celebrate life to Steve f ishbein: i became interested in asua affairs with its expansion into new areas not limiting our concerns to student events we attempt to change inequities within ua to sue kopstein: being a hostess is a double challenge i work with my fellow students as well as represent them to politicians administrators and prospecti ve ua students to ron clif ton: it ' s like a warm fire on a cold snowy evening or an ice cream cone on a hot day it ' s pulling an all nighter when no one else is it ' s a long meeting knowing tests are tomorrow it ' s something you can ' t see just feel 272 left: ua chapter of national society of interior designers meets with president charles grife at a local shop to discuss trends in design below: slam member sheila crimmins defends views of the radical club if c and panhel above: panhellenic officers-secretary marilyn f rohberg advisor dean f rankie parrot president nonicerney vice president jane mount right: ifc officers- member at large ron clif ton presidentelect sieve gurlich treasurer dave sharp president nick pierson secretary John gemmill advisor dean corky taylor 274 evaluated their year if the greek system doesn ' t become more relevant in a few years there won ' t be a system to worry about in trying to answer this question ifc and panhel took a close look at what they had really been accomplishing through the years and came up with some ideas for improvement revising girl ' s rush to make it more informal allowing freshmen to live in houses the restructuring of ifc to the president ' s club a more open rush with rushees living in the houses motivating people to become active on campus again all aimed at bettering and strengthening the system and improving their image arizona in the opinion of many is fraternity country frat men and sorority girls try to look and act better than the rest of us but the ' rest of us ' are sick of it everybody ' s talking- will fraternities weather their woes fraternities have not made the change to fill the needs and desires of the new generation of college students i ' m not sure i can say what these things are but whatever they are very few fraternities have met a bunch of guys just pretending to be friends because sorority women tend to be so extremely conservative those ua men who have chosen to join a fraternity and who in turn the experiences resulting have been some of the warmest most satisfying and most intense of their college lives i would say that fraternity men are really fed up to the neck with sorority because sorority women are so extremely conservative without greeks the core of this school ' s spirit would be lost the winds of change are whistling down halls where once the only voices raised of the virtures of fraternity edited from Arizona Alumni 277 alpha delta pi known for hosting the annual tandem bike race which each women ' s living unit participates in is the oldest women ' s fraternity in the nation with this heritage the delta gamma chapter has become active in campus affairs such as spurs and asua senate guide for brides fashion show is their main philanthropic activity for crippled children involves the adpi ' s today tamarkin, suzannah grimm gail anolerso judy argue peggy bartley sanne beltantoni leslie blair carole branon laurie burns carla carter Judy carver cindy clivinger candy cole rolyn Cunningham Judy davis debbieJickinson linda farmer ann fassett mary filson barba foell iori folt marilyn frohberg patricia have nancy ruggin? mart ha hoop patti Jerome bobbee jo denise lassalle brenda lockwood . kie morales mary millet Ivnn marc teri nel valerie o julie or joann posh ingrid porton 278 279 IAAOA E IAON alpha epsilon phi founded in 1909 on barnard ' s campus will celebrate their 30th anniversary on the ua campus as a chapter as part of their social service to the community the phis entertained underprivileged children for thanksgiving and christmas dinners the creme puff with the dg ' s pledge presents the winter and spring formals add to the aephi year an rot 1 280 fall rush 1970 a e phi rush 1969 281 alpha omicron pi founded at barnard college and since grown to a large national organization installed upsilon alpha eleven years ago to see it grow into a house fifty two strong active members who cared enough to become involved each doing what she wanted to aws and mortar board presi- dents chimes spurs and year- book as here quality not quantity does a good house make asnley morrison, pk-ci.- Joan aurderheide phyllis boardman linda broughton claudia cleaver carolyn cooper pat ed wards debbie ellig laine fernande nancy grav lazeltine jean hauslei arm hubbert norma jopltn udia mary arm kraznii ellie mattei cheryl me farlane terry mo minn iudv 283 alpha phi took the largest pledge class during formal rush and began another year of activities ranging from the western party with gamma phis to sisterhood in action at state day with asu ' s chapter matched with ato ' s greek week took form yet the house was faced with the decision whether honor above all is more important than truth or whether honor was to be sacrificed in protection of truth 284 gmny nriai marv naattison monte me auiey rearet me connell 285 chi omega ' s zeta beta unified their house and strove to retain the individuality of their members tripping to phoenix for elevisnian feasts is getting to know our sisters at asu public service is easter kindness social fulfillment scholastic acievement ask the man who dates one cindy ashto Julie bennion Joanne benne hallie bills pat brady candy bulger teri bursik jacquelin carter mary christmas mary clark cathy clever linda cole ann deerr f ranees d? votie leslie donaldson bobbie dunn Catherine elias ann eversoll margaret ferriss cathy f rey nancy garrett nancy garrison roberta gerlach 287 delta delta delta ranked 5th scholastically on campus yet the tri delts co- sponsored a christmas party with the sig eps and won another 1st for homecoming decoration pledges provided instant entertainment during dinner but retaliated by hiding all the actives ' shoes except for one mismatched pair members were on suab board asua senate kaydettes angel flight chimes spurs pom pons and cheerleading ibinso preside assi annstro patti bierbaum iilie blackburn Janice brown mua Dudinger sue coffman ebbie colem Judith c n cox nport dillie ditto odg j onika farm onnie forsbe rgaret freema iu dd lee hender ayanne herd sue ho the phi beta chapter of delta delta delta had a busy year so- cial activities included a tri delta workday apple polishing dinner and the celebration of founder ' s day in november their social service project was to co-sponsor a haloween and christmas party for underpriv- iledged children tri delta par- ticipated in campus affairs by being in angel flight suab board and spurs 288 knoer hridc li , : - d nonolo mount ruth a 289 delta gamma founded on the ua campus 47 years ago as the alpha pi chapter and since have established themselves as one of the top houses though finally they were rid of their moustached neighbor but not sig chi karen shields was named miss arizona members were named to spurs chimes and mortar board the creme puff and the get ruined at the shipwreck party made a great year for a fantastic house a coney ie cravens cathi cross nidoukidis et dumoni advsari ncy dysart ikaeklartd chert eilison deidre engdahl pam engebretson kathy fitzpatrick cathy grubb vicki gustaf 291 delta zeta founded at maimi university in 1902 has grown to a national size of 180 chap- ters in keeping with their na- tional growth the beta iota chapter founded on the u of a campus in 1966 the newest sorority on campus has also grown to include a pledge class of 30 in addition to their own house functions delta zeta was also active in hostesses and desert mermaids 292 Frances philiip joellen ztiir 293 gamma phi beta spent the year in parties for the underprivileged as well as for fraternity men public service and social activities yes and campus too angel flight kaydettes and spurs goals are set socially spiritually and scholastically following through kept gamma phi in the thick of greek life for their forty-eighth year at the ua iroiyn KCC nancy kibu pain k ire ancy lau lens donna kappa alpha theta in pom pon spurs angel flight mortar board and kaydettes since 1917 atuaour philanthropy project helped the girls living center pi phi powder puff was a diversion from books if you win a pin go fly a kite helping each other decide not only what but why this is the year of the sister nancy he 1 hutch donna hungerfo 296 297 kappa kappa gamma sets its goal high in service school and the community spurs chimes and mortar board saw kappa participation christmas benefits for the under privileged food drives on thanksgiving and many happy boyfriends were the results of kappa doing its thing while keeping in mind that getting there is easier than staying there pam cathy acker earlene baum barbara bell Carolyn brown jane buchanan Cornelia cobb coiby katrin christensen alison crawford dndy Cunningham jean deramus holly detJLTi Ivnn dyer arah ell robbie ferry nan franks ne gallaghcr n gilbert debbit ' gin kathy gordon gormley 298 299 pi beta phi ' s alpha chapter which was founded on our campus in 1917 had a full year sponsored a child for the appalachian area this year as their social service project the goals of the pi phi ' s this year were scholarship and participation and so they were active and the ua had hostesses and angel flight had angels and the powder puff derby puffed anne barrett cece bar tow dolly burnh susan c therine chambers mary beth co frances crom pa 300 f thiskir. - rorl ndeno -chmidt 301 sigma delta tau involved in angel flight spurs and symposium record growth since 1959 brings us to 85 girls with social functions like pledge presents exchanges and pledge active party how can we help but go despite rumors to the contrary sdt stands for alpha pi chapter of sigma delta tau nancy Friedman y galston ivian go Id man nancy grais sueharri? mary heller Jill hollandei anne jaffe v kramei sharon lesk kathi Icvi fi:rn litton judy tondon kathy maisel andrea zoe n anne m and re a janie pedrol 302 303 PHI MU Phi M after recuperating from an exausting rush welcomed their pledges with a surprise breakfast for their social service project this year phi mu adopted a group of socially deprived youngsters and took them on monthly outings phimu ended the year with an easier party for underprivileged children and the spring formal a rrunia debi tlcnuii) ' , Judy ik ' tte butler candi ' Catherine ajams sandra baizel patricia baumann an brierton donna davi i tarnu ckle deborah for sheila gillul arge glass ee harden amy ock. wendy philbi ick zana f :ynthia porte jo ell jam joan susan vvi 305 if c and panhel cannot help the system unless the system is willing to help themselves before the system will see a betterment before they can worry about their image on the outside they will have to solve their individual problems by themselves in the past the greeks were special and the people came to them now the greeks have to go to the people to prove the system and themselves the system provides an avenue for meeting people to freshmen and sophomores and it probably services this group the best as juniors and seniors have found other things to occupy their time the hoUSeS mUSt meet their the greeks are definitely not the most . important group on campus but they play and needS tOO a beneficial role to the university too many people think that greeks are unconcerned about the world around them they believe a greek is a shiny new car nice clothes and a pin the greeks have to prove that there is something besides walls and rooms inside their houses some are realizing thi s and as with all societies some just don ' t care the lasting friendship and close ties are perhaps the most beneficial gained from being a greek 307 alpha epsilon pi who ' s that that ' s the house who has a yearly battle at the airport for rushees with the zbt ' s i heard 66 pi ' s collected money for muscular dystrophy did you hear about the mysterious $100 check under the mattress at their hippie party or the time the steward put ex-lax in the chocolate cake do they really give whirleys and melvins or what about the mad vasoliner wow what a start to the year jerry smiley via- president bill sampson secretary don cohen richard abelson paul balber david bash ichael bernstein martin brien ce cilo hovvard craine iradankberg craig dick peter edelstein elliot mallon david federhar hank galatz i ichael gibbons rdon gooan Harris goodman nald greenberg phen greenberg phen grossman r chthal dave karp bruce klein jeff kopelman kenneth kotl marc !ato drew lecher eric lepie robert levy lee lippmann sieve luchs Jeffrey low robert neches don oppenheim warren osher howard reife robert richter 308 leonard shapiro lack si k k k the acacia house saw a basement with hay sweating bodies dust epidemics of hay fevor f rowlicking the hay and a great time at the hill billie party given by the pledges who were 7 poolings behind and probably wouldn ' t get to them until next year the white rabbit the christmas formal not too many exchanges no walkouts a few service projects all in all a pleasing pleasant year at acacia ross arrington martin bailey villiam di roy conklin James : revision rkhard elsner frank long donald frevert barry greenberg chuck guerreno louish John button charles kondrat robert yro Steven r orris John norton daniel nunez roger scheurer richard tomcra aftergame party 310 alpha gamma rho is not the aggie house as what aggie could have a f erreri sitting outside they can ' t pull fat cat away from the dinner table but at pulling grades well . . . and del the pledge trainer felt like training something other than pledges last semester but the service the house performs for the ag college is invaluable ff a lunches serving as guides for field days and ag college tours michael nn gary o. coleman an torn bennett Clifford claridge russeli deljirr, herb keliey rick iadra Javier ledeema fred k nick pierson roger rosecrans John sanders ken skousen william stott dennis tellen paul wellman 311 alpha tau omega kept their silver home from germany this year but meanwhile a car rolled over mt lemon they helped the yaqui indians made black and white tracks around campus dropped drawers and said hello to ruthy the maltesians made a big splash with the house mother but the pledges were the crowning crashing glory on the way to nogales on their walkout and ato live through another year richard wrence : uenniskuhl robert larn ralph lidge 312 313 below: alethia kai-ann martin joan hoag vicky nelson chris rush chris satchel alpha kappa lamba lit the flame that ignited the ponderosa a month later at their christmas formal other than losing their chapter door to the pi mus and gaining a rock from the a on a mountain with their crest on it the cherry bombs still keep coming in at night michael george ttt a uin doriaid spong 314 dave gordon nathan gradk glenn htckf Jeff hogg im Johnston torn journey terry lambright richard lunn alan sagen schueneman ba charles mcnamara rry an b ' be; blenman aryl ward bravo amonio delta chi ' s determination pulled them through a rough y ear and living in the house was like solitary but the badlands blowout drew a cast of 400 dave turns on the brain power everybody says the housemother is just one of the guys 315 delta tau delta won the chi omega popularity contest with their award winning entry of an inebriated re- laxed duck but other than that it was a typical year blood drives christmas parties and muscular distrophy fund were among the better times also the eye in the sky on Sunday afternoon pleiades pledge active football games and the guys helped put things on the up and up right: the pleidas- patt conlin deborah linton cheryl shelton chris lopez jill pasquell debbie root ana sakellan sally rice presto n bealle phen browning paul brugman rodney cor david ns jensen , : . - ,-. n ieii man I 316 .den bru dtr joe s sieve Starr John ste John si law-it. ' 317 delta upsilon may consider buying a house when rich man broomhead pays his debts or if grade points were dollars that is the pit is gone so is the underage bouncer at the dolphin on st pat ' s day so is project 400 so are blackf oot buzzard ' s socks bartolino didn ' t get sick at the wine tasting party but at ensign ' s 21st birthday party euclid terrace replaced the carpets then replaced delta upsilon charles o do preside! Jeff bartolin robert baync wayne buzzard mike hatcher william huskey william kalt lurch lee robert pierson kevin reis jark specr ross Campbell charles cochran gregdent j duffy durkette phillip gregoive 318 malcolm mathes ed truman rdndy ami: dale hi robert Cornell pauldrech- georgc ron fci man j wade han dennif harper robin henx gordon holbrook nhart harry John turn kappa sigma what other house would cause some dean to miss church Sunday morn to drop in for a visit at the housemother ' s request or play peanut butter football or those nights when dinner is spagetti and as flood says don ' t drink the punch at our parties cause you never know what ' s in it the powder puff gordy ' s trick dog mad pooling pledges add to one straight tear for man one great trip for kappa sig -.. 319 lambda chi alpha undaunted by the lack of facilities and the excess of hair dryers took over lock stock and barrel the a chi o house finding the hazards of cherry and first to be the orange barrage from across the street in a year of rebuilding the pressure finally got to mad dog smith and loren ' s leg still hurts girl hashers and sponsoring a little league team all put together some year for them 320 A a above:crescents-marge glass mary straff in gary martin peggy burrows cathy nikademus mary lou thiesen sue aros --. atchiphi the guys say the view of the tri delt sun deck is great but squide faithful mascot seems to like the tri delt garbage dumpster better not much happened this year exciting or what else rick stokes got drafted ten guys were thrown in jail in nog ales but those are strange cokes in that coke machine and their garbage does occasionally go into the tri delt dumpster 321 phi gamma delta kicked the year off with the annual snake fry at mt lemon and followed it with the flaming purple garter party the ole ponderosa had a complete face lifting but the let ' s dance set almost lifted the roof off of pi mu during their initiation but turn about was the name of the game in greek week with over 113 service projects sammy knight and the islanders the year was one of their best eric av ballantint dale bautnan david baxcer beaugureau michael bingham steve boice Steven brady scott bradenburg bill burton donald dark richard cohen don crowell thornas day Jeff derickson rod drake sieve eddy richard evans joe {lores harry gard jack gardner jimglasser illiam shampton gary harper thomasharvey evangelos ha ssiotis urt Johnson ichael jones anclall king f rey klages thomas ladt lliam legg harry lodge alan luke david lynch doug mcallister ohn mclaughlin ido mariani 322 fH H 323 phi delta theta ' s second hand store had a brisk year trophies disappeared forever but there was a quick turn over in home furnishings phi delts thoughtfully donated blood to the blood drive before their prohibition party a food drive and ticket sales for the shrine circus this year the phi delts landed the first man on the moon neil armstrong and an anonymous pledge at their high nooner a c katms ichael kennedy arthur kerchhoff 324 warren 325 ,. Phi Si|cma Kappa phi sigma kappa permeating from the red and black room of its pres and his antique collection saw a wanton year from four brothers being ripped off at kevin to bill commander of rote harding ' s dog imitations a year of the weekly crisis club drinking in the digs and hank and John dancing oliver through jack never looked sober the homecoming float built with kappas won with aopi and big bertha survived another year 326 far right: little sisters of the signet front row- charlotte dempster karyl sumner terri bursick elenora westhauf back row - jo arm beckelhymer Joyce gibson kit sibly judy logan lauri mcedwards jeane ferns james sheeny bradle- ; runner gary vance jim vai John v. jack w jaime 327 pi kappa alpha alias fire engine company number sixty nine made another attempt at recapturing the community service award and its garish trophy no matter how many pieces its in their climax in this regard was the total destruction of a house in less than one day unfortunately the little old lady who lived there .... but all in all it was a great year hippie yell horseshoes sammy knight and debt greg currens alan dams mike deruiy uce d e e 328 1111 right: pikettes Janice woodren dede navel debbie hall janie hurvey sherri ellison kim yaggi val mcmahn cami chandler pam reulth penny pennington mary beth hoger 329 sigma alpha epsilon led by campus fashion model cleared a mountain of beer cans as a few palm fronds turned up missing at randolph it was the year of jungle ball and patio f risbee a broken ice machine replaced by one that didn ' t make snow balls the pajama formal more paint for the lion Connelly ' s date with his russian history grader and last but not least f red the cook quite a year for the lodge dries adams Jim alimand John boutsikaris Steve brophy budelman red burns scott burns woody burr pat calihan dark canright larry child ress robert connolly danny crobbe " michael donne mkhae) donnell_ dondoyle ruchael duncan John frank ellis f rankfort philip frankfort jay goldstei llv right: little sisters of minerva top to bottom according to railing-peggy palmer carol woods patty loftis minda burr lynn fryer diane powell pam kircher blanny hagenah linda dimmit peggy scaling patsy pickeral diane netz brenda smart christy anawalt melisa branson polly aston nirawall polly Johnson hart bob ha; pnri rr-n matt m 331 sigma chi is still planning the new sig hilton but with each trip to las vegas for the christmas formal well. . . neverless the ole sig hilton was again restored the walls repainted after the holes were patched and the living room carpeted intramurals the christmas party for underprivileged children the annual branding during derby week and yelling across at the sae ' s still remain as the interests of the house dougl rush donald anderson michael avrick miko beers jerry benson craig berger brute her armen sieve brown don cary will chappelow chrischtistv Jon : roberi c donald cummins michael j John glassmayer . hamrick terry harl k hencken 332 U r Cn " - j joelaf ItT T madd John rowland far left: little sigmas- robin maury merilee miller doris purcell debbie haf fner arm kapps cathy ganorn sherry bierrel lis riley becky fife cyndy Cunningham debbie king ruthy o ' neil pat hazelot lynn leff ingwell debbie murphy karen kircher 333 sigma nu saw its homecoming decoration win 3rd place only to fall on an alum later the puff lost out at pi phi and butch broke his arm for the 3rd time patting himself on the back the sky hawks are on the prey again and the pit was redecorated the unif ormal replaced the white rose and santa became Jewish for the christmas party willie got what . . . and charlie and daryl saw the other side during rush 334 bruce campbell cliff catljn William clay mas Cleveland scott ( bill ( Crawford david dowgin hank ganster edwin guiles don edwards george fangmann pete f erneli anthony horpek tester jordon thomas kasper ouglas kelly ny klump william iaird billlanus deryl mccain robertmann avid mehl an mercer im nankivell id nathan hard o drew . tch palmer y pollard pooley hard ralston vid teed ox rodgers n rolf phillip mark russell s seef ried hard shook m spitzer im stock well valtner david 335 sigma phi epsilon the only house with a cowboy for pres big John had a great year as everything came off well the golden hearts stole their underwear and the phrases in the halls was catch a train and if money ' s there bring plenty of paper money the christmas exchange with tri deltas the coolidge project lots of studying the spring formal at big surf a great pledge class made a great year is sigma phi epsilon thomas herrick bill hoke robin hondrum robert hooper robert jones 336 price dave schvvarz -mith -lanley tocker John Stuart top: golden hearts front row-cece barlow nancy slavick elaine Fernandez annzuspann middle row -karen pinnell sharon lesk Janet ruwitch mary robwrtson sheila moss kathy bedinger susie sadek kay corbett back row - Caroline greene gayle dekher cathy cox alicia lein Judy numbers beth hannley georgette haydis cindy ricker jan fooxe 337 dear mom and dad the tekes had a typical successful year the pres won a gourmet award for his flaming roast rump the ten tekes project brought in funds some of which was used to hire the other five guys the student union awarded the billie sol estes excellence in finance plaque and the pledge class pres was elected to a third term most of our time was spent catching rays at night on the roof love f erd 338 thita chi set a record for eating candy when the stove exploded and the meals were cancelled the pledge class gift a basketball backboard was stolen before it was put up despite losing some of their pledges the house pulled together with more spirit than ever the social calendar was finished off with a wine tasting party with delta upsilon and theta chi is looking for an even better year in seventy jerry kozloski president arthur wong vice-president james faulkner secretary george milan Steven ames patrick barney lyle bashore charles bates james brett george davis ' bruce evans waiter gaby albert gersten mitchell gluck gordon grosetta sam kellam scott lane thomas lloyd f red mcdonald frank milan 339 - 7.eta Beta Tau zeta beta tau helped to change the fraternity image this year by totally revising its pledge program to remove hazing and to concentrate on developing character other zebe firsts included a conspicuous absence of bona fide angels at its hells angels party and the beatles didn ' t show for the formal or maybe the zebes just were too engrossed to notice them paul metchik tony minikin steve newman marc pritcher Jon ratner craig rosenthal :. ' ruekberg frank sachs mark ... Steven soboroft rick Solomon goldfinger haustfatet Han kalish kalish pson 340 34? special people named as sweethearts by above: robin hodd- nutt ksig rick haleck aopi janie hervey pikt edcurley phi mi sherri bierrel sig ch bill Francis theti ' jan neubauer ate pete hill alpha prr merle imerman aep: John morehouse sdl 342 ua greeks at winter f ormals above: dave sharp kappa cathi cross sigma nu dan mercer dg frank mascia adpi george velasquez aephi bill duff y dz larry bergman chio 343 dorm life: four walls become a prison or a home 345 dorm living-one room your first home away from home there ' s something special and different about living in a dorm it ' s more than a place to sleep and keep your clothes and records you studied there after the library closed you hung your posters there you brushed your teeth there you laughed with your friends there it ' s a place to remember y dorm living no money no food food was not always easy to come by in a dorm either you were flat broke or the vending machine took your last quarter and no pepsi in return so you borrowed a buck and headed to the coop but nothing sounded good so back to the dorm and peanut butter and ice tea 348 349 350 dorm life-no hilton hotel as much a home as you made it dorm living was often compared to life in a prison drab walls narrow dim halls women ' s rules but upon closer look it was the individual who made his own prison no friends no will to make things better it was more like a pig pen not only living in your own filth but within your own mind 351 dorm life excellent way to waste time dorm living meant watching the boob tube more than you studied you watched harvill and swede Johnson talk on campus issues with some students you also watched mission impossible and laugh-in basketball was another excuse not to study catching someone else ' s germs and going to the infirmary for a few days was also a convenient way to ditch a few classes 352 353 exchange between dorms you rocked out met new people wanna dance sure this band isn ' t bad what ' s your major aeronautical engineering not too many girls in that field are there where are you from really so am i by the way my name is jim what ' s yours lisa boy it ' s getting warm in here how would you like to go to louie ' s I -I 354 356 , look for another home when the dorm is not the place ever get tired of the dorm one more red brick and it ' s all over it usually comes before a vacation or before an exam or just anytime head to the poc if you ' re 21 or call asua travel service three months before or convince yourself that nogales won ' t hurt you you just need a place to go for a little while dorm life the campus your world thousands of people for neighbors inT TV Kv ji t - ' --. by living in a dorm you probably knew the campus better than the gardeners what a neighborhood you knew the location of every bench and shortcut no other gatherings so many cops so many important people or moved so fast what a world Tranhlin Iniuersifi) hop Jen ' : - ' ffc . ' . 1LM J 359 studying in dorms isn ' t quite so easy the course outline says test march 19 you miss the entire week ' s lectures but the turkey next door went to everyone of them while you slept the night before comes and you panic your notes are incomplete and you swear to reform the test says ask three questions and answer them head back to the dorm and blame everyone but yourself 360 i apartment living world of sun your own hours food housekeeping an apartment and you thought at long last all the privacy i ever wanted then the friends came pouring in food phone a place to sleep and party euclid up a Saratoga all the sun you could soak up and a pool to cool off in an apartment eating your food living in your own dirt 362 363 ' 364 6th street where you went to blow your mind do your own thing so you wanted a book on zen buddhism or black magic or an old kerosene lamp or a black light a tie and dye t-shirt so you headed down to 6th street first you put on your sandals levi bells and beads so the hippies wouldn ' t stare at you 6th street it ' ll blow your mind 365 366 married housing- convenience with built in problems married students has usual hassles of part-time jobs classes and housework polo villiage and Christopher city residents were plagued with other problems rent hikes and building and faciltiy improvements aspirants to the mayorship of Christopher city made it a campaign issue but little resulted 367 asua stimulated change on campu 368 brief notes on the year free university classes begun steps toward women ' s equality faculty involvement all-university conference brings faculty students and administration together link gets on its feet viet nam moratorium and environmental teach-in involvement day of evaluation evaluation of ua future spock rafferty groppi humphrey speakers security information obtained lights improved on campus living unit visitation contact with regents women dorm keys lawyer hired to advise asua curriculum review off-campus housing service nearing control of asua funds mark ginsberg student involvement and participation sparked far left: chuck mabry howard king and mitch dorson asua executive assistants left: pres- ident mark ginsberg, secretary lynn perry vice-president bill white above: student volunteer assists in asua blood drive 369 student senate sought voice a tidal wave of concern on the part of students drastically affected the actions of student government at ua and across the nation students started to look at many of society ' s problems never before have they participated in their own self-government as much as they did this year student participation on committees keys for women students asua off-campus housing service link gave ua ties with the community all of this helped make an education at ua a meaningful experience with the world beyond the campus gate irene pierson said education is what you have left when you forget all the facts margaret maxwell 370 the student senate had several accomplishments this year link and the human relations board are two prime examples students served on college faculty committees and participated in faculty senate some did not agree with the senate action to boycott grapes to support the moratorium or to demand harvill ' s resignation by these actions all the good was forgotten --linda robinson in decisions asua attempted to promote more relevance to student government and to the students it represents it fostered more responsible and mature approaches and attitudes toward the student in regard to regulations and ua procedures by the exclusion of a social code pass-fail efforts to do away with activities and eligibility committee steve f ishbein 371 suab kept union busy displays contests parties dances the student union activities board worked together on las vegas night the student union birthday party talent contests and holiday decorations each individual committee within suab had their own functions such as selecting miss ua sponsoring billiards tournaments suab kept the union on the go 372 above: maggie mccon- nell advisor naomi bear jim boice bar- bara schuler marlo ginsberg bill varney Judy james cathy matthewsdavid lewis margaret boice linda jacobsen wait roberson claudia welch linda romick far right: suab dances feature top local bands right: pumkin carving turns out unusual sculp- turing J y left: suab cele- brates the 18th birthday of the student union above: suab ' s las vegas night offers lot of gam- bling and people to meet 373 aws moved on rules changes service project highlights of the year for aws were the bridal fair attended by 1800 and work done with underprivileged children aws was given an award for service for manning health center switchboard aws researched possibilities of pass-fail for women ' s pe volunteer sign outs and permanent possession of keys for dorms above right: secretary jeanie giltbert treasurer linda jacobsen president Freddie jo kalil vice-president robbie ferry right: aws from bridal fair modern bride magazine and local merchants drew 1800 374 left: student health center volunteers cheer up patients above: standards board chairman bonnie munch aws president Freddie jo kalil sarah hart secretary and hubbert 375 _ . V meet the board of publications the board of publications governing body of student publications established the qualifications for staff positions appointed editors and business managers and recommended budgets and salaries to appropriations board it picked the publishing companies and secured the desert card in the registration packet top left: dave ocepek student member middle left: phil mangelsdorf head of journalism department above: kathy fockler student member above right: pat sweeney secretary to the board far right: roger armstrong assistant asua director 377 wildcat news of campus and world sought objectivity duringunrest the arizona daily wildcat remained the fifth largest daily in arizona this year ' s paper was distributed in downtown tucson and at two eastside shopping centers to aid in closing the between the community and ua more attention was given to city and state politics and news top: editor jeff handler above left: business manager bill paleck above right: managing editor jan thiessen 378 top: city editor marc adams left: mitch dorson above: associate editor mary alice kellogg 379 wildcat stands went up downtown eastside informed tuscon on ua I lop: morgue center: sales staff right: copy editor merl reagle and assistant copy editor jean gilbert far left: wire editor barbara schuler 380 . top left: feature editor Jackie becker top right: vi Bradford above: associate editor richard gilman left: cheryl kornman 381 above: gary gomez business manager mary daily editorial assistant kathy pulakos office manager diane mccarthy staff assistant bill ferguson office manager barbara morris staff assistant linda miller organizations editor ferris smith copy editor molly engel achievements editor John hoge editor-in-chief judy Schwartz seniors editor margaret maxwell assistant business manager gregg young editorial assistant 382 the ' 70 desert was produced by the desert staff began work early in the summer haggling over publishing companies promoting and laying out the book several sections were combined to make university life to produce a more natural presentation of the year faced with the continuing problem of lack of sales the desert secured a computer card in the registration packet which boosted the year ' s sales the book tried to cover more aspects of ua living far left: desert photography staff left: activities editor niki engelhardt and sports editor bill cassarino above: academics editor adrienne crane 383 Volume 2, Number 2 February 1970 editor mike burwell editorial staff: bob baldwin val cavanaugh Jim Igfd harry robins secretary margo burwell business manager dave rauh staff: peter alien ginger araneta ron detzer reay dick peter villa verde kevin palmer torn pittenger kathy rishel nancy taylor f Evening Walk KSusif j rJ ' Even this plain of sand that never felt le surging of a root, E B ' , i-inding(Jur Legs SSL Like a mir ic beginning is vet to be made here. trees look to e ceremony , Jcnow that. I wander here without the old disgu hoping to begin wi waiting to nountaii VM ' . P B VT t ML " TB after a week tortured At home, wild begin to withen . Fresh it. P 1 Alone, but never so about being followed as now, and here 3 The desire to share my jr self,in this cooling twilig} flares in privatCTSunsel And I wait. - 9{n Wait for my own light to trace your hands and out of this formle?? night ! JP ' --Reid Woodward Words read by firelight ma e men One man stands at a party and says T m afraid. 1 run and hug him and somebody hugs and somebody him (and We explode disappear and find ourselves right ha where we were. Only the rr :. on we w - ' ondei mff iGorrt JJB . ' - , . course evaluation tells it like it is in classes this year ' s free course evaluation booklet gave more feedback to 10000 teachers and students on teaching methods and effectiveness the students opinion poll was aided by spurs and the sophomore class as a money raiser the atmosphere and format of the teachers and courses were checked by the staff which worked out of a 9 x 10 cramped office students graded text teacher and test above right: course evaluation editor christine French below right: business manager dave dodson and mike gold stein computer programmer confer with editor chris French u. ktlk to.. 386 2 : left: from top to bo ttom adrienne crane gary tenen and margaret maxwell serve as pollers and do leg work of book 387 ua band excelled on field known as best in west the ua band still claimed the title the best in the west performing it ' s usual excellent half time show at football games providing pep at basketball games and entertaining the community with its band concerts band leader jack lee composed a song to commemorate 100 years of football which was played nation-wide above: janie thompson diane weir penne melick June goodson earlene baum allison behle wendy pfeil cathy Stanley carol olney Janice lemke laurie larson melanie mages right: judy lee Janice bodycomb pam scott debbie palmer charlene f rick diana yellico marie weiss 388 above left: old tucson stunt men aid in half time show above: some ua band members formed jazz group left: lone band member watches the show 389 ua band continues as headliner above: a fallen drumstick adds action right: sun makes hours of practice seem longer far right: final performance yields extra effort quality 390 on the field scabbard and blade kaydetts served military and ua kaydettes army rote auxiliary hostessed parents day senior day and tuc son ' s national golf tournament the drill team performed in local events and competed in meets they sent supplies to a school in viet nam scabbard and blade aided during registration and served as guides on parents day their purpose was to better military education scabbard and blade sponsored the annual military ball above right: kaydettes and scabbard and blade work together right scabbard and blade promote military science 392 angel flight silver wing promoted ua and air force top: angel flight practices drills above: silver wing learn military science in the classroom angel flight members served as hostesses for the air force at davis monthan and performed services for the ua and arnold air society the drill team participated in local parades silver wing honorary organization of air force rote served as security guard at the model un had a display for rote at the pima county fair and marched in local parades 393 alpha phi omega served on campus worked with children in community alpha phi omega has been an active service fraternity the men took care of ua mascot rufus other projects sponsored a boy scout troop worked with link promoted beauty and beast partied underprivileged kids alpha phi omega men initiate one of the pledges into the group phraters front row: betty wittles patty bent barb haspod camille zappia jane torn babs vetterlain tina garcia nancy ginn diane gutierrez row two- karen vettorel nathalie novinski sandy soto holly howe candy Johnson jenny castro jams ovren jerque palmer carol ray sue bach meribah keleeb kay carlson back row: kathy harning pam clemans sue sandberg kathy kochendorfer carmen barazza barb otke gail hansen chris Wilkinson bonnie stockham carol caskey maureen carter phi lambda phrateres town girls served tucson and ua phi lambda phrateres service organization for town women promoted ua footballers with car s treamers hi and smile dance profits went to aid the burn center and camp wildcat phrateres ' girls ' and boys ' club project and the mini-model cities painted and cleaned up the tucson girls also visited nursing homes and gave parties for school children front row: barb leal mary rollins lorrie charvat kathy young nikki chayet sandy sias penny fossett row two: mary jane sheehy patty kittlewell patty linkenbach terry quiros arlene kutoroff mary alice kellogg kathy driscoll brenda smith kay tartt row three: ann walthier peggy weber katie sued- kamp kathie chadderdon michele brandt sue wells janet loska vickie jones mona Johnson sue bauer susie smith ellie Straus elsie hochstien back row: peggy jo rauscher diane reynolds patty thomasson chris scaus jo ellen gross sharon komadina loretta Jacob connie rollings pati hacke margaret hood debbie hopman miriam salonic betty lazeres raquel arnold 395 wranglers listened talked counseled front row: sharon koff ellie matter peggy weber patty lyons elaine Fernandez vicki nelson raquel arnold row two: barb roberts ellen cummings kathy nichols rita mcdonald mary alice kellogg ana meriscal kathy harning judi James pat kim back row: judy berge tina grotts debbie ellig ann hubbert vicki Jacob maryjane sheehy barbara moore nancy turner cris iverson barbara klopp kay tartt tina garcia barb wing martha toy pat vohe mary aravier marilyn protus misty premovich wranglers honorary for women counselors known best for work done during orientation and registration began this year a telephone answering service called open ear they talked to students who had problems or just needed to talk the open ear program helped wranglers help others 396 society of corrections problems of youth met head on the society of corrections gave law enforcement and correctional administration majors a chance to work with juveniles at the youth center st benedicts halfway house and the girls ' club they sponsored discussions on delinquency drugs paroles and probation front row: oscar morrison Sylvia good win janet wilson carol hammer dick grelotti robert orin row two: mike keyes robert grant sal edgars dr j carnavale John liepse back row: dr s gruber marcia bennett ann Jenkins george quigg ua presented world problems at model un ua students sponsored the eighth annual model un for high school students the delegates represented 126 nations it was sponsored by asua and research institute left: model united nations speaker presents world dilemma 397 senior activities abott david: columbus, ohio; bpa, cor- rectional administration: corrections club adams Catherine: tucson. ariz.; liberal arts; phi mu; phi mu social chairman; secretary, people-to-people; aws; public relations, ua quadrille team; symposium aga sharon: tucson. ariz.; nursing: young democrats; ariz. assn. of student nurses, 1st state vice-president; ua marching band; tau beta sigma alien anita: tucson, ariz.; fine arts, art education; alum, gamma phi beta; cast showboat alien linda: tucson, ariz.; la. microbiology; phi lambda phrateres; beta beta beta allhiser gary: phoenix, ariz.: la. govern- ment; state chairman, young repub- licans; president, conservative seminar: air force rote f.a.g. scholarship; speakers board allis raymond c. jr.: hornell, new york; electrical engineering; theta tau; in- stitute of electrical and electronic en- gineers allmand James: hermosillo. sonora, mexico: la, Spanish; sigma alpha epsilon alter emily: san antonio. texas: elemen- tary education: alpha epsilon phi altuna alfred jr.: lordsburg. new mexico; international marketing amacker thomas r.: poplarville, miss.; pharmacy; phi delta chi; pharmacy senior class vice-president; apha amster bruce: tucson. ariz.; bpa, market- ing; senior vice-president, delta sigma pi; bpa council: marketing club; hillel foun- dation anderson robert: willcox, ariz.: la, gov- ernment: vice-president, senior advisor, phi eta sigma; president, german club; chain gang; blue key. alumni secretary; junior officers rote council; arnold air society: ariz. model united nations; asua academic and legislative committee; elks; civil air patrol: baird, aptimist club scholarships: frosh, sophomore class awards; dean ' s list anderson ruth: tucson. ariz.; la german; german club angelo leonard: bakersfield. calif.; phar- macy armer Catherine: tucson. ariz.; elemen- tary education; delta gamma; kaydettes; sisters of beta: pi lambda theta armstrong ann: weaverville. calif.; la, government; ski club; international re- lations club; model united nations aufderheide joan: yorba linda. calif.; physical education: wra basketball club president; pemm-pe majors and minors club president: delta psi kappa; ina s. gittings scholarship: alpha omicron pi avery erfc: pecos, texas; fine arts; studio art; phi gamma delta avrick michael: la Canada, calif.; la, government; sigma chi baer paul: placerville. calif.; pharmacy; american pharmaceutical assn.; kappa psi: health professions scholarship bahula linda: scottsdale. ariz.; elemen- tary education; gamma phi beta baier elizabeth: royal oak, michigan; speech bailey James: tucson, ariz.; la. zoology; afrotc drill team officer baitzer tester c.: tucson. ariz .: phi kappa alpha baizel sandra: phoenix, ariz.; la, zoology; phi mu; general residence scholarship bare linda: phoenix, ariz.: bpa. social work; chi omega: camp wildcat: uni- versity hostesses: treasurer, chi omega barnes Stephen: fremont. calif.; phar- macy; phi delta chi. corresponding sec- retary barsamian larry: dmuba, calif.; phar- macy; apha. kappa psi hartley kathy: mdianapolis. mdiana: elementary education; alpha phi bartolino Jeff: phoenix, ariz.: govern- ment; delta upsilon; sophos; chain gang; bobcats: student senate bash david: buffalo, new york; govern- ment; alpha epsilon pi; bashore lyle: newmanstown. penn.; la, area development; theta chi basinger jodi: joliet, Illinois: home ec, fashion merchandising; delta gamma; little sigmas; sigma chi sweetheart bates scott: con all is. Oregon; bpa. finance and insurance beaugureau dave: scottsdale. ariz.: la. sociology; phi gamma delta: phi gamma delta vice-president, treasurer; bobcats; sophos; elections; honors program; afrotc scholarship; asua service medal- lion; ua resident scholarship beck robert: san bernardino. calif.; la, biology: sigma phi epsilon becker georgia: livermore, calif.; fine arts, commercial design; ua marching band: mermaids bell Janet: phoenix, ariz.; elementary education; wranglers bell robert: tucson. ariz.; architecture; pi kappa alpha; army scabbard and blade secretary; president, dinasours bellios Christina w.: tucson. ariz.; ele- mentary education bellios karen: tucson, ariz.; education. speech; ua reader ' s theatre bergeron kenneth: will i man tic. conn.; architecture berman karen: phoenix, ariz.; education, english; delta kappa gamma. 1966 b.b.y.o. scholarship bbernardon arthur: kenneth square, penna.; architecture; s.c.a.i.a.; mtra- murals bassey janet: mesa, ariz.; home ec; block and bridle; president, 4-h service club; rho mates, secretary; agriculture coun- cil, secretary bierbaum patth Cincinnati, ohio: ele- mentary education; delta delta delta; a.c.e. secretary treasurer; pi lambda theta; putters club bjorlie Steven k.: tucson. anz.; education, chemistry black robert: phoenix, ariz.; la. chemis- try; blue key; chairman, asua academic committee; suab international forum: fair trade committee; university honors; general motors college plan scholarship; circle k club; la faculty honors convo- cation committee; faculty-frosh reading list committee blake mary: tucson. ariz.; nursing; folk- landers blalock I. ann: waynesville. north Carolina; education. Spanish bianco william: tucson, ariz.; education, biological sciences blankenship al: tucson, ariz.; bpa. general business blitz howard: Sherman oaks, calif, bpa, business economics bloom albert: hewlett, new york ; archi- tecture; secretary. student chapter american institute of architects blouin ann: glendale. calif; elementary education; kappa alpha theta blume lawrence d.: shawnee mission, kansas; la. english; sigma alpha epsilon; asua senate: chairman student affairs committee: ifc leadership workshop chairman: asua supreme court justice: student personnel committee; asua special events committee chairman; ifc service key award; sophos: chain gang; blue key bock richard c.: bayside, new york; la. history; alphachi bogosian armen: new york city, new york: la. psychology; Sigma chi; scholar- ship honors; psi chi; dean ' s list; lacrosse: parachutingclub president boice margaret: phoenix, ariz.; elemen- tary education; kappa alpha theta; spurs; chimes; mortar board secretary; pres- ident suab; outstanding sophomore woman; dean ' s list; suab scholarship boyce margaret: carlsbad. new mexico; education. Spanish; chairman. free university; phi sigma iota boyd diana: tucson, ariz.; education. Spanish boylen william jr.: glendale. ariz.; bpa. accounting; beta alpha psi; society for advancement of management: general residence scholarship; ariz. society of cpa ' s scholarship; e.o.g. scholarship boyles monika e.: tucson. anz.; history, physical education; delta psi kappa, historian; kiwanis golden sunshine scholar; track club: wra; gymnastics club boyles peggy: tucson, ariz.; home ec.. child development and family relations; ahea; phi lambda phrateres: camp fire girls; i.o.j.d. bravo edward: aberdeen. maryland; bpa, area development; delta chi: ifc; ifc scholarshipcommittee; intramural offical brandt michele: tucson. ariz.: la. zoo- ology: phi lambda phrateres, president; community service chairman; camp wildcat: chi rho omega: l.i.n.k.. secretary: aws public relations; asua traffic com- mittee: matriculation honors: marsh all foundation scholarship; tucson retired officers scholarship: dar scholarship: desert mermaids. secretary; asua women ' s service team; ua model united nations: 1969 homecommgqueen brokaw barbara n.: morenci ariz.; phar- macy; kappa epsilon, president; apha. recording secretary: health professions scholarship brown kenneth: playa del rey. calif.; la. history; delta sigma pi; international relations club brown kim c: san diego, calif.; bpa. marketing browning richard: tucson, ariz.; la, gov- ernment brunswick suzy: long beach, calif.: ele- mentary education: ski club: people-to- people burge marsha: yuma. ariz.; education, history burlin zoreene: santa ana. calif.; edu- cation, speech burns John: tucson. ariz.; electrical engineering; tau kappa epsilon; teee. vice chairman burr minda: tucson. ariz.: education, p.e.; kappa alpha theta: angel flight; pompon burruss barbara: phoenix, ariz.; art edu- cation; yuma hall treasurer: scholastic honrs bustamante luis: cananea. sonora. mexico; agriculture, animal science buttress patrica i.: so. pasadena. calif.; bpa, area development; phi chi theta cabrera tony: pomona, calif.; pharmacy cacek donnetta: tacoma. Washington; la. anthropology and sociology; pres- ident, ua humanists; women ' s liberation front cadmus austin: tucson, ariz.: bpa. real estate calcagno roy: glendale calif.; pharmacy; kappa psi callan vickilyn: vmcentown, new jersey: nursing: general resident scholarship campion edwin: Stockton, calif., phar- macy; kappa psi; pho chi; health pro- fessions scholarship carey robert t.: tucson. ariz.; la. govern- ment cdrpetner karen: tucson. anz.; ele- mentary education carrillo jose: douglas. ariz.; mechanical engineering cary don: phoenix, ariz.; education, government; sigma chi cary Suzanne: phoenix, ariz.; education; gamma phi beta casanova edward jr.: tucson. anz . his- tory; phi kappa theta casey Steven: las vegas. nevada: bpa, business; sigma phi epsilon cerny noni: encino, calif.; education; english; alpha phi; panhellenic president: symposium; spurs; activities and eligibil- ities committee: high school relations committee chan alice: tucson, anz.; pharmacy; kappa epsilon; apha; Chinese students club; health professions scholarship chandler ross: hughson, calif.; bpa. pro- duction management; alpha kappa psi; afit scholarship chang george: pacific palisades, calif.; pharmacy chen waijun: hong kong; chemical engineering; american institute of chemical engineers; international gen- eral non-tuition scholarship Chester sharyn: phoenix, anz.; psychol- ogy; sigma delta tau; standards chair.. sigma delta tau chew glory: roswell. new mexico; la. microbiology chriss barbara: phoenix, ariz.. fine arts. speech science; sigma delta tau; pres- ident sigma delta tau: sigma slpha eta. vice-president; symposium chu Shirley: rnarana. ariz.; home ec. education; american home economics association: Chinese students club: directors committee, home economics department chu susan: ma ran a, ariz.: education. biology; Chinese students club; student national education assn. chute kenneth d.: phoenix, anz.; chem- ical engineering; phi sigma kappa clark david: tucson. ariz.; pharmacy dark Johnnie: tucson. ariz.: education, english; pi lambda theta: clark mary: tucson, ariz.; education, government; chi omega Cleveland thomas: tucson. anz.: bpa. personnel management; sigma nu: traditions, a-day chairman; alpha kappa phi; suab informal forums chairman Clifton ronald I.: oxford, mdiana; govern- ment; pi kappa al pha; student senate; vice-chairman, senate judicial com- mittee; ifc rush chairman, member at large of executive council; desert fratern- ity editor: student personnel committee: all university conference steering com- mittee; pi kappa alpha, social, intramural chairman; who ' s who m american col- leges and universities; ifc service key cluff william I.: chandler, ariz.; agri- culture cocking mart ha sue: Clifton, ariz.: nursing: general residence scholarship coffman sue: dubuque. iowa; nursing; delta delta delta: stardusters; greek week house chairman; greek week committee chairman; asna clayton deborah: yuma, ariz.; elementary education: chi omega coller dea: neenah. Wisconsin: fine arts, speech; aws civic activities committee: girl scout chairman: alpha chi omega sorority song leader conlin patt: tucson. anz.; education. history; chi omega; chi omega, secretary: spurs; treasurer, chimes: mortar board: general residence scholarship; pi lambda theta; pleiades Connolly robert: orinda, calif.; bpa, finance; sigma slpha epsilon; president, sigma alpha epsilon: traditions; ifc scholarship certificate; frosh baseball conrad Constance: tucson, ariz.: fine arts, art education; ua marching band: tau beta sigma; general residence, art scholarships contreras norma: tucson, ariz ; ele- mentary education cook marjorie: tucson. ariz.: education, benglish cook terri: denver. colo.; education. government: sigma delta tau; inter- national relations club; asua campus relations chairman: asua cabinet: sigma delta tau standards board chairman; symposium coolidge pam: tucson. ariz.; nursing; kappa kappa gamma: ariz. assn. student nurses: navy nurse corps candidate cooper michael: tucson. anz.; agricul- ture, animal science; sigma alpha epsilon copeland thomas: dover, mass.; bpa, marketing; vice-chairman, camp wild- cat; public relations chairman camp wildcat; asua service honors award; la- crosse club corbett man: marion. ind.; bpa. social administration; gamma phi beta corson rodney: fairhaven. mass.; delta tau delta; bpa. marketing: delta sigma pi covillo carol: denver. colo.; nursing coxon marilyn: superior, ariz ; la. micro- biology: ua marching band; ua symphonic band; tau beta sigma. treasurer; baird scholarship; elks most valuable student scholarship; mo have hall student as- sistant craft John jr.; phoenix, ariz.: bpa. market- ing craig katie: san diego. calif.: home ec.. child development: alpha phi; angel flight, commander, area comptroller: spurs. secretary: suab international forum, secretary; greek week olpmpics sub-chairman: alpha phi. rush chairman, activities chairman; suab entertainment committee, sub-chairman; symposium. royalty chairman: military ball queen finalist; greek week queen: asua social life: general residence scholarship cullison mary I. tucson. ariz.; education, elementary education curtis raymond jr.: tucson. anz.; elemen- tary education dahlke richard: bisbee. anz.; aerospace engineering; aiaa. secretary; a mold air society, chaplain daniels donna: phoenix, ariz.: nursing; ariz. assn. of student nurses; nurses choir: navy nurse corps candidate scholarship daniels joe: albuquerque. new mexico: education, social science davis douglas: phoenix, anz.: la. govern- ment; tau kappa epsilon: assistant speak- er, asua senate: vice-president, sopho- more class; traditions: camp wild- cat; ski club davis henry: tucson, ariz.: bpa. pro- duction management; dollars for schol- ars davis marjorie: tucson. ariz ; education; kappa alpha theta; freshman class sec- retary: spurs: angel flight davis rick: tucson. ariz.; bpa. transpor- tation; lambda chi alpha davison carol: tucson. anz : elementary education! frosh council; suab public relations committee: asua social life, public relations: rallies: aws social, state convention; sect ' y general assembly united nations club; forum secretary, international relations club deerr anne: tucson, anz.: elementary education; chi omega dewey Clifford: tucson. anz.: mines, geo- physics dickey suzie: phoenix, anz.; elementary education; gamma phi beta; gamma phi beta recording secretary: president, beta sigma sigma dtckerson John: mel bourne, flonda: architecture dierking peggy s.: safford. ariz.; la. government and journalism; interna- tional relations club: student national education club; general residence scholarship: douglas d. martin journal- ism scholarship dillard james: Oakland, calif.; la. chem- istry; aed. pre med; plu. chemistry; music scholarship; university orchestra dille Joanne: elkhart. ind.; la. Spanish: delta delta delta dodge leslie: mill in gt on. new jersey: drama education: delta delta delta; aws service committee, secretary; spurs: national collegiate players secretary; university players treasurer dodridge linda: phoenix, ariz.; nursing; pima hall house manager; general resi- dence scholarship donnelly michael: wilcox. anz ; la. gov- ernment: sigma alpha epsilon dorsey etleen: ma ran a. ' qriz.; special education; wesley foundation 398 dorsey robert a.: agusta. Kansas, la. zoology; weslev foundation dorson mttchell: tucson, ariz.; la. govern- metn; alpha epsilon pi; sophos; chain gang president; asua presidential aide; who ' s who in american colleges and uni- versities cornon cleora: tucson, anz.: elementary education; snea; dean ' s list doyle jon: glendale. calif.; sigma alpha epsilon downing sherry; tucson. anz.: la, math drown marilee: phoenix, anz.; zoology: beal memorial student center, vice- president, secretary; wildcat Christian fellowship, aed; marshal! foundation award; Stephen button scholarship duenas roseann: phoenix, ariz.; edu- cation, english; pima hall, secretary, vice-president; mortar board: standards board secretary; kappa delta pi; Virginia king scholarship; asua service medal- lion: general residence scholarship dugan richard: chandler, ariz.; agri- culture; dairy science club; dairy science scholarship dutin arlin: yuma. ariz.: agriculture education; alpha tau alpha; aggie house: pistor Stanley scholarship award; agri- culture, student faculty relations com- mittee dupree James: tucson. ariz.; la. govern- ment durkin suzi: newport beach, calif.: special education; alpha phi: suab recreation commitee; aws publicity committee; mermaids, ski club eddy kathleen: tucson. ariz.: home ec.. interior design; chi omega eide eugenia: tucson. ariz.; la. chem- istry: beta beta beta: alpha epsilon delta: alpha lambda delta; iota epsilon pi; uni- versity wide honors program; phi kappa phi certificate; general resident scholar- ship eisenberg daniel: tucson. ariz.: govern- ment; community service; desert, copy, men ' s residence editors; trafic court of appeals; suab advertising committee: baird scholarship; harris salonic me- morial scholarship; nsf political science institute; phi kappa phi: honors pro- gram eJbert marl en a: tucson. ariz.; education, english elsten sherry: tucson. ariz.; nursing espino angetita: sahuarita, ariz.; edu- cation. Spanish and government: inter- naional relations club, publicity chair- man evans bruce: ocean grove, new jersey: bpa. insurance: theta chi: insurance club evett eric: gardena. calif.; la. math; baird scholar; athletic scholarship: var- sity tennis team eveleth don aid: glen burnie. maryland: bpa. transportation falkner david: tucson. ariz.; education, enlish; kappa delta pi; am old air society: afrotc financial assistance grant famum joan: tucson. ariz.: physical edu- caion; phi mu; delta psi kappa; pres- ident; senior pemm club: wra board; ski club; gymnastics club: badminton club: desert sunfish. costume chairman: phi mu. social and activities chairman: vocational rehab grant fasnella ralph: sierra vista, anz.: la. gov- ernment; pi kappa alpha fedehco Humbert o: tucson. ariz.: phys- ical education feldmann John p.: e. monches. new york; bpa. economics and finance: delta sigma pi: delta sigma pi treasurer, chan- cellor fenberg william h.: findlay. Ohio: la. zology: alpha epsilon delta: beta beta beta: hillel foundation: campus tours committee fen del man ran dee: St. louis. mo.; fine arts. studio art; alpha epsilon phi; asua art committee: suab art. advertising committee; alpha epsilon phi social and scholarship chairman ferneding patricia: scottsdale. ariz.: home economics, fashion merchan- dising; gamma phi beta ferry robbie: tucson, ariz.: la. math; kappa kappa gamma: aws vice-president: chi historian: spurs historian: mortar boad. treasurer: alpha lambda delta; phi mu epsilon; general residence scholar- ship; suab advertising committee fife becky: phoenix, ariz.: elementary 399 education; gamma phi beta; mortar board: vice-president, kaydettes: pres- ident, university hostesses; gamma phi beta rush chairman; greek queen; little sigmas fishencord barbara: denver, colo.; home ec.. merchandising; delta zeta; ahea fishman karla: tousicout. ariz.; engin- eering; miss tucson; vice-president of coop; rote drill team; sweetheart of sigma alpha mu; little sister of sammies fix lauren: westbury. new york; elemen- tary education; dean ' s list; scholarship honors flack Charles: los angeles. calif.; phar- macy flagg barbara: tucson, ariz.; home ec., fashion promotion and merchandising flood robert m.: tucson. ariz.; bpa, general business administration flook John: miami, ariz.; electrical engin- eering; student senate; theta tau; engin- eering council, treasurer; ieee; masa; nra; resident assistant; judiciary com- mittee; general residence scholarship flores ronald: tucson. arizona; pharmacy; kappa psi, apha; health professions foreman fred: columbus, Ohio; mechan- ical, engineering; phi epsilon kappa: treasurer, phi epsilon kappa; honors program fox roger: tucson, ariz.; la. biology franciss william: atherton, calif.; agri- culture; landscape architecture; rugby club franco david: clifton, ariz.; pharmacy; phi delta chi: american pharmaceutical assn. frank florence: tucson. ariz.; bpa. social administration; beta gamma sigma: national council of Jewish women frankfort ellis: birmingham. alabama; bpa, marketing; sigma alpha epsilon frankfort philip: birmingham, alabama; bpa, marketing; sigma alpha epsilon frazier robert: Oakland, calif, phar- macy; kappa psi; american pharma- ceutical assn.; national committee chair- man, drug abuse education; ua college of p harmacy drug abuse education; nation- al health scholarship free dana: tucson, ariz.; la. psychology, sociology; phi delta theta freeman william: tucson. ariz.: liberal arts; kappa sigma fremming linda: tucson, ariz.; elemen- tary education; vice-president, assn. for childhood education french Christine: Wilmington, delaware; la, zoology; editor, course evaluation; assistant editor, course evaluation; beta beta beta fritz william: los angeles; calif.; phar- macy: vice-president, apha; phi delta chi. treasurer, vice-president; ashp gabler william: tucson, ariz.; aerospace engineering; theta tau; aiaa. secretary, vice-chairman Canterbury club gabhel rosamond: tucson, ariz.: anthro- polgy galatz hank: stony brook, new york; education; international relations; alpha epsilon pi; vice-president, wrtfc; asua public relations chairman; ifc public relations director; asua cabinet; ifc executive board; asua service award; producer, space out 69-70. kgun tv ganster henry: yuma. ariz.; bpa. general business; sigma nu garcia august in e: a jo. ariz.; la, inter- national relations; asua supreme court justice; .asua social life committee, sub- chairman; asua pass-fail committee; international relationsclub gardner ellen: snowflake. ariz.; home ec.. consumer services in flood, home ec. . education; lambda delta sigma; 4-h service club, treasurer; american home economics assn.. state vice-president, state president, local vice-president, national 1st vice-president, student advisor; 4-h standard oil scholarship; general residence scholarship; william h. danford fellowship: ahea outstanding member gay thomas: reading, penna.; la history; government gee lillian: tucson, ariz.; pharmacy: kappa epsilon treasurer; apha: senior class secretary, college of pharmacy gee sui ping: tucson, ariz.; elementary education; student national education assn. gee waiter: tucson. ariz,; pharmacy; kappa psi gekas renee: tucson, ariz.; fine arts, art education; phrateres. music chairman; ahepa district scholarship gerlach murieJ: tucson, ariz.; fine arts; art gieseler eugene c.: tucson, ariz.; law; phi alpha delta, treasurer; dean ' s list gilliland judy: denver, colo.; nursing: phi mu; ski club: crescents; assn giroux nicki $.: everett. Washington; education, french; alum, delta zeta; university orchestra; canterbury club; people-to-people; alpha lambda delta: pi lambda theta: university general music scholarship gisi richard: tucson, ariz.; la. zoology glass margery: west covina, calif.; nursing; phi mu; Imabda chi alpha, cres- cents, president, historian; assn: young republicans gonzales margie u.: alice, texas: home ec.; american home ec. assn. good Jeanne: villa park. Illinois: la. gov- ernment: chi omega; symposium; asua academic committee; women ' s choral; camp wildcat; honors program; show- boat cast; under-secretary for secretar- iate affairs, arizona model united nations; pacific coast model united nations: chi omega, political chairman goodfriend caryn: west des moines. towa; home ec.. food and nutrition; president, american home ec. assn.; omicron nu; gamma sigma delta goodwin sylvia: tucson, ariz.; bpa. correctional administration; society of corrections; treasurer, black student union gordon Joseph: tucson, ariz.; education, social studies goto james: altadena, calif.: pharmacy grais nancy; winnetka. ill.; elementary education; sigma delta tau; asua speak- ers board: aws publication and publicity gran Stephen: arlington hts.. ill.: bpa. marketing; vice-president, alpha kappa psi. beta gamma sigma; donald w. moore scholarship grandy richard h.: skaneateles. new york; bpa, production management greensweig diana: phoenix, ariz.: edu- cation, speech; sigma delta tau: house manager, sigma delta tau; Wilbur com- mittee; elections committee gregory Steven: san bernardino, calif.; la. russian; arnold air society, exec, office; parachute club, vice-president; afrotc financial assistance grant: reserve officers assn. award; afrotc drill team commander grelotti richard: framingham. mass.; bpa. correctional administration; society of corrections, president; senate offic- iator. taison officer to presidential aide, bpa council grimm suzannah: santa monica. calif.; fine arts, commercial design: alpha delta pi; stardusters; wra representative: alpha delta pi, secretary and reporter historian habeeb mary: mesa, ariz.; chemical engineering; american institute of chemical engineers hackathom-porreca betty I.: tucson. ariz.: la. enghsh hale Claudia: phoenix, ariz , anthro- pology; alpha lambda delta; suab public- ity committee; honors program; honors student planning board; 1st vice-pres- ident, coronado hall; legislative council hall lajoyce: phoenix, ariz.; elementary education; kappa ka ppa gamma; kay- dettes hat pern ira: los angeles, calif.; phar- macy Hamilton michael: tucson, ariz.: archi- tecture; american institute of architects; traveling scholarship, national council of arts; monarch tile scholarship hammer phylis: tucson, ariz.: bpa. cor- rections; society of corrections h an if en pat: hayward, calif.; pharmacy: kappa psi; health professions scholar- ship; walgreen ' s scholarship hannah gina: scottsdale. ariz.; bpa. social administration; delta delta delta hansen barbara: la hambra. calif.: ele- mentary education; ski club; camp wild- cat; head resident assistant, arizona halt hanson martha: flossmoor, ill.; edu- cation, social studies hardin donna: tucson, ariz.; nursing harris laine: tucson, ariz.; education. english; gamma phi beta: symposium; asua social court justice; gamma phi beta, activities chairman; suab design chairman; greek week royalty chairman: asua service medallion harris marjorie: tucson. ariz.: education, history: phrateres harrison Jessica: anderson. md.; la. anthropology harrison jim: oceanside, calif.; pharmacy harrison michael: tucson, ariz.; la, his- tory; freshman class president; sophos; student senate; colonial dames scholar- ship hart j. terry: phoenix, ariz.; bpa, adver- tising and marketing; sigma chi; sigma chi. president; assistant business man- ager, ariz. daily wildcat; asua blood drive. elections committees; ifc; playboy representative hart james: phoenix, ariz.; la. history; sigma alpha epsilon; senior vice-president a-society hart karen: wenatchee. Washington; horticulture; bur pee award: davey scholarship; general residence scholar- ship haslauer Claudia Cairo, ill.: elementary education; delta delta delta hayden tee: Cleveland, ohio: elementary education: phi mu hayden lee: tucson, ariz.; bpa. govern ment service; tau kappa epsilon haynes william: tucson. ariz.; phar- macy hawley mary diane: los angeles. calif.: la. Spanish hazeltine david: santa paula. calit.: architecture; president, chi rho omega; international students club; american institute of architects hemings Jill: pasadena. calif.: elementary education; alpha delta pi; president. social chairman; little sigmas hendricks nod: deming. new mexico; elementary education hensley sharon: petersburgt. indiana; elementary education: student national education assn. hernandez coralinda: phoenix, ariz.; special education; public relations, publicity, rha-health and welfare; general residence scholarship hernandez henry: los angeles. calif.; phar- macy; phi delta chi hill peter: sebastopol, calif.; pharmacy; sigma chi: kappa psi hiner nicholas: tucson. ariz.; fine arts, music education; kappa kappa psi; phi mu alpha hintlian gerald: van nuys, calif.; bpa, accounting: treasurer, south hall hobgood phyllis: phoenix, ariz.; edu- cation, social studies hoehn nancy: tucson, ariz.; la. history; angel flight; alpha lambda delta; sym- posium hoenle marcia j.: tucson. ariz.; elemen- tary education; ua twirling circus twirler: ua marching band holbert nancy: tucson, ariz.; la. Spanish; ua twirling circus twirler; honors pro- gram; alpha lambda delta hooper robert f. jr.: farmingham, mass.; elementary education; sigma phi epsilon; young democrats; baseball; greek week; rallies committee; international forum hooper brenda: atherton, calif.; fine arts. studio art; alpha phi; ski club; chi rho omega howe holly: tucson. ariz.; home ec.. edu- cation; phi lambda phrateres. social chair- man; beta theta. program chairman, agr. representative: omicron nu. treasurer; 1st runner up danforth award: daughters pf diana hudson Catherine: phoenix, ariz.; edu- cation mathematics; putters; ski club; international students club hughes edmund: tucson. ariz.; fine arts, music education; choir, choraliers. phi mu alpha sinfonia; choir president: general music, van cliburn pamo scholar- ships hume krista: tucson. ariz.; elementary education; secretary, tau beta sigma: ua marching and symphonic bands: united liberal religious youth, treasurer huskey william j.: anchorage, alaska; mechanical engineering: delta upsilon: tau beta pi hutchinson sally: palos verdes estates, calif.; la. journalism hyder margaret: tucson. ariz ; elemen- tary education ijams v. maxine: tucson, ariz.; la. psy- chology: psi chi innes susan: phoenix, ariz.; bpa. general business irvine philip: phoenix, ariz.: pharmacy; kappa psi, vice-president; apha; rho chi. secretary-treasurer; ashp itrtch earl: tucson. ariz.; la. philosophy jackson carolyn d.: dallas, texas; la. psychology and sociolo gy; kaydettes; psi chi: general study grant; student assis- tant jackson loren e. jr.: lompoc. calif.; edu- cation: social studies: lambda chi alpha, vice-oresident Jacobs karl: san diego, calif.; pharmacy: kappa psi; american pharmaceutical assn. Jacobs Stephen: calabasas. calif.; bpa, general business; lambda chi alpha; pres- ident, pledge trainer, lambda chi alpha; rush chairman jacobsen sandra: lake geneva, wis.; bpa. production management; delta detla delta; treasurer, tri delt; mermaids; rush councilor james emory: shawnee mission, kansas; bpa. marketing; sigma chi james Judith: tucson. ariz.: fine arts. speech; alpha omicron pi; president, mortar board; vice-president, chimes; spurs; program chairman, wranglers; suab advertising chairman; suab hos- pitality chairman; camp wildcat public relations chairman; camp wildcat re- cording secretary; readers theatre; course evaluation publicity chairman: pan hell en ic representative; theta sigma phi: senior day publicity chairman; blood drive publicity chairman; greek wekk publicity chairman; honors program; asua service awards; rubinstem cultered dictation award; alpha omicron pi, ac- tivities and public relations chairman janis david: medan, indonesia: bpa, finance: j.s.c. Jenkins ann I.: tucson. ariz.; bpa, social administration; corrections club; alpha delta delta; mcconmco award; tucson. breakfast lions club scholarship Jimenez del: scottsdale, ariz.: agri- culture, agronomy; alpha gamma rho; block bridle, president: crops and soils; dairy club Johnson ann: tucson, ariz.; education: kappa kappa gamma; ua hostesses; kappa kappa gamma, social chairman, vice- president: president. pikettes; sym- posium; general residence scholarship: kappa undergraduate scholarship Johnson linda: tucson. ariz.; education, english; pi lambda theta Johnson william I.: san jose, calif.; civil engineering; vice-president, dsce Johnston Joseph: tucson. ariz.; bpa. ac counting and production management jones dale: safford, ariz.; mining engm eering; aime. vice-president; baird. daniel c. jacklmg. phelps-dodge scholar- ships; matriculation honors; university scholarship honors jones robert: coolidge. ariz.; agriculture, ag. education; sigma phi epsilon: sigma phi epsilon. president, vice-president; alpha tau alpha, vice-president; alpha zeta; sophos; chain gang; bobcats; tra- ditions: agr. council; ifc. judiciary coun- cil; general residence, pistor-stanley. and sears-roebuck scholarships joplin norma: tucson, ariz.; education, french; alpha omicron pi; student na- tional education assn. joslin bill: phoenix, ariz.; bpa. general business; phi delta theta: president, phi delta theta Joyce james j.: Pittsburgh, penna.; bpa. finance; frosh football June philip j.: hornell, new york; account- ing; zeta beta tau; president, zeta beta tau; director, project rillito, asua spon- sored katil freddie: tucson, ariz.; alpha omicron pi; newman center; aws. president; alpha omicron pi. president; junior class, vice- president kalyn gary; granada hills, calif.; phar- macy kane nancy: omaha. nebraska; elemen- tary education katz nancy: Portland. Oregon; elementary education; alpha epsilon phi katz richard: arcadia, calif.: pharmacy; phi delta chi. apha kaye louis: los angeles. calif.; bpa, business administration keebler sue: phoenix, ariz.; bpa. market- ing; delta zeta: student senate; mortar board; ua hostesses; bpa council; beta gamma sigma keehn ron: phoenix, ariz.; pharmacy: apha; phi delta chi: american foundation for rx education keithly kelly: tucson. ariz.; agriculture; alpha gamma rho kellogg mary alice: tucson. ariz .; la, journalism; phi lambda phrateres; president, chimes; president, wranglers: president, theta sigma phi; spurs; mortar board; aws secretary: aws executive assistant; wildcat, assoc. editor; ua hostesses; general residence scholarship: douglas d. martin: tucson press club: homecoming finalist, 1968 kepner richard: tucson. ariz.; bpa. busi- ness administration kerr carol: tustm. calif.; nursing kiguli Charles: bkampala. maganda: arch- itecture king Howard: tucson, ariz.; la. history king pete: florence. ariz.. philosophy kingston betty: gilbert, ariz.; elementary education; ua twirling circus; tau beta sigma kinsock carol: tucson. anz.; la. history; kappa alpha theta: mortar board: chimes; spurs; suab advertising, sub-chairman; asua academic committee, secretary kirklosky louise: morenci, ariz.; la. gov- ernment; young democrats, secretary; honors kirtley david: crawfordsville. ind.; fine arts; speech arts klein frederick: joliet. ill.: la. zoology; ua marching and symphonic band; kappa kappa upsilon: beta beta beta; alpha epsjlon delta " klein jody: Williams, ariz.: la. psychology, government; scholarship chairman, vice- president, kaibab hall: phi eta sigma: gen- eral residencescholarship klimist lynn: tucson. anz : la. psychology: general residencescholarship knowles Stephanie: lancaster. calif.: home ec.. child development: (udicial committee, dorm secretary, arizona hall; desert staff promotion manager koll ronald: babylon. new york; archi- tecture; student chapter. american institute of architects; tucson youth group koss jerry: anaheim, calif.: la, psychol- ogy: beta theta pi: varsity wrestling kozan eric t.: tucson. ariz.; architecture: student chapter, american institute of architects; southern anz. chapter of american institute of architects scholar- ship kraynick maryann: edison, new jersey; 400 la. sociology and anthropology: alpha omtcron pi; alpha omicron pi. special events chairman kreb james: sagmaw. mich.: bpa. ac- counting: psi upsilon kretger Hoyd: neponsit. new york bpa. marketing: alpha epsilon pi kroll roy: encmo. calif ; architecture lambert nancy: redwood city, calif: home ec apparel design and merchan- dising lang richard .: Sherman oaks, calif.: fine arts, speech arts; symphonic choir, university smgers lang sandra: aio. ariz: nursing: pro- fessional nursing honor society, pres- ident, valley national bank scholarship langert richard: phoenix, anz.: la. psy- chology, vice-president, alpha epsilon delta larson kirn: tucson. ariz.: la. zoology: beta beta beta la rue b. dys yuma. ariz: pharmacy; kappa espilon: apha. alpha zeta omega: health professions scholarship lawhon lewis g.: bakersfield. calif.: pharmacy: kappa psi. secretary: apha: health professions scholarship layne Charles: tucson. ariz : mines geol- ogical engineering: kappa kappa upsilon toe davki: tucson. ariz: la. zoology, oriental studies: Chinese students club, social chairman lee roberta: tucson. anz.; elementary education: student national educational assn ; Chinese student ' s club, recording secretary, vice-president: general resi- dence scholarship leele wendy b.: tucson. anz.: education, loumalism; chi omega: treasurer, theta sigma phi: rush chairman, chi omega: kay dettes: douglas martin journalism scholarship: chi omega junior woman loyalty award lehmer sandy: fullerton. calif.: education, social studies: pi beta phi; forsh cheer- leader: sophomore class treasurer: symposium; pi phi rush chairman: dean ' s lot leighton orman: woodstock, new york: la. zoology leonetti waiter I.: atlantic city, new jersey: fine arts: speech arts levine mfchael: van nuys. calif : phar- macy: phi delta chi: apha: health pro- fessions scholarship levine uglljiii: los angefes. calif : phar- macy: phi delta chi. apha lim Joyce tucson. anz.: elementary edu- cation lippman stacey: new york city, new york; la. history litschner donald: milwaukee. wis : aero- space engineering: aiaa: scca lochner robert tucson, ariz : agriculture, forest management: kappa kappa psi: forestry club lockwood jeffery: newfairtield. conn.: education, earth science: alpha phi omega, president, vice-president, pledge- master togan James w.: tucson. anz : bpa. gen- eral business: phi sigma kappa: phi sigma kappa, vice-president lomagKo frandne: tucson. anz.: edu- cation. Spanish: pi lambda theta lopez leonardo: yuma. ariz.: education. Spanish lougtiridge sutan: mornstown. new jersey; bpa. production management: delta delta delta: beta gamma sigma luke vance: goodyear. anz.: fine arts, art education: delta tau delta: delta tau delta resident.advisor lurnm iin: seal beach, calif.: bpa. personnel management: german club: marketing club: ramblers, hiking club lungren timothy k.: scottsdale. ariz.: electrical engineering: scholarship chair- man, navajo hall: scholarship co-chair- man, rha: head staff photographer 1969 desert; silverwing: leee lupton frantz jr scottsdale. ariz.: bpa. real estate: alpha tau omega: real estate club, president: solot reality scholar- ship lussier rick: tucson. anz.: architecture. student chapter of american institute of architects: a.i.a. scholarship maass elaine-. tucson. ariz.: la. history: phi alpha theta mabry shiela: pendleton. Oregon, la. enghsh literature, writing macek John: webster. mass.: metallurgi- 401 cal engineering; asm; aime; newman club madden james: tuc son. ariz.; la. chem- istry; biology; silverwing personnel of- ficer: newman club manack alan: tornngton, conn.; phar- macy: kappa psi; apha. treasurer mapes linda: scottsdale. ariz.; elemen- tary education; kappa kappa gamma mariotte randotph: tucson. ariz.: la, microbiology maroney suzi: psimo beach, calif.; home ec.. child development; delta gamma: agnel flight mart a jeff: orange, calif.; pharmacy: phi delta chi martinez evelyn: tucson. ariz.: la. soci- ology: phi lambda phrateres martinez grace; tucson. ariz.; elementary education; student national education assn., secretary matter ellie: arlington, Virginia: la. anthropology: alpha o micron pi; aws. scholarship, publicity, publications: asua. legislative relations, traffic committee; wranglers mcalister james e.: tucson, ariz.: phar- macy; kappa psi mcclenaghan james: oceanside. calif.; pharmacy; apha mccrea randall: mesa, arizona; la, chemsitry: hauchuca-kaibab hall, presi- dent, scholarship chairman; general residence scholarship; rote scholarship; resident assistant, kaibab hall mcever lawrence: tru mans burg, new york; bpa, accounting mcgrvern margaret: highland park, ill.; special education: student council ex- ceptional children; university scholarship honors mcloughlin mary ellen: asbury park, new jersey; education, english; kappa kappa gamma mcnamara charles: plattsbury. new york; la. journalism; delta chi; sigma delta chi: scabbard and blade; past president, vice-president, pledge trainer, delta chi; ua marching band; wildcat reporter: asua press release committee: ua rugby club: vice-president, kaibab huachuca halhsoutmaster mcnaughton gay: pekin, ill.; pi beta phi meacham milo: van nuys, calif.: arch- itecture; student chapter american architects assn., president, secretary: university general honors mercer dan: satellite beach, florida; bpa. marketing; sigma nu; traditions, pres- ident; social life committee; rallies committee; pledge trainer; ifc represent- ative; ifpc; outstanding junior: special events chairman mesik mark: tucson, ariz.; fine arts, ap- plied percussion; kappa kappa upsilon; phi mu alpha: ua marching band; drum major; general residence scholarship; orchestra, general music scholarship meyer michael: wilcox. ariz.; animal science; alpha gamma rho; a.g.r. treas urer; rho mates: arnold air society; black and bridle; civil air patrol meyerson gregory: brooklyn, new york; la, history; alpha epsilon pi; history honorary mid diet on Joan: tucson, ariz.; elementary education; assn. for childhood education; student national education assn. mtely ronald: hershey, penna.; mechan- ical engineering: theta tau: astme; same, vice-president; engineers council mil lard everett: monrovia. calif.; bpa, government service: asua press relations: young republicans; peopel-tp-people contract chairman; international forum; liberal arts alumni scholarship miller richard: phoenix, ariz.: agriculture; phi eta sigma; honors student planning board; miller scholarship; danford scholar miller theresa: el paso. texas; education, drama moodle kevin: new york city, new york; la. anthropology moon eynthia: tucson, ariz.; elementary education; delta gamma moore michael: tucson. ariz.; la, chem- istry: general residence scholarship morley gaU: tucson, ariz.; education, Spanish; delta zeta: delta zeta, social chairman; judicial board, community service, work projects chairman; sym- posium; wranglers: student senate; peoole-to-peoDle: international studpnts morris barbara: fairlawn, new jersey; education, history; election committee: campus tours: camp wildcat: young democrats club; senate secretary: desert: who ' s that ' queen of the coop morris elizabeth: scottsdale, ariz.; edu- cation, social studies; pi lambda theta; dean ' s list mosdey terry: kansas city, mo.; fine arts, art education: ski club mulder cherie: Chicago, ill.; home ec.. fashion merchandising; delta gamma; pan hell en ic murdock James: akron, ohio; la, govern- ment, english murray steve: phoenix, ariz.; mines, geology; paisley society: sigma gamma epsilon: texaco scholarship nabhan harold g.: allentown, penna.; law naegle susan: benson, ariz.; elementary education; prep; pi lambda theta natale richard: wyckoff, new jersey; architecture; student chapter american institute of architects nathan joan: farrell. penna.; home ec.. child development; sigma delta tau nathan Stephen: scottsdale. ariz.: la zoology; graham hall president, secretary- treasurer; general music scholarship; dean ' s list; alpha epsilon delta; beta beta beta: sophos; chain gang; bobcats; who ' s who in american colleges and univer- sities; university orchestra; traditions committee; asua student senate naughton Janice: phoenix, ariz.; edu- cation. Spanish; delta gamma; angel flight. drill commander; university hostesses: alpha lambda delta: spurs: chimes; symposium; asua senate; general residence scholarship; dean ' s list neal bill: prairie village, kansas; la, government; sigma chi; traditions; spnhos: bobcats; chain gang neal Kathleen: tucson, ariz,; home ec.. child development and f nijiv relations: _n_atio n; i honor society needel a. susan: tucson. ariz.: educatio social studies: phi lambda phraterc asua senate secretary nehlawi khalih damascus. Syria; agri- culture; o.a.s.; i.s.c.; n.s.i.d, nelson r. thomas: montpelier. idaho; bpa. marketing newman richard: tucson. ariz.; engin eering math; phi sigma kappa; engineer council newman suzanne e.: lowed, mass.; la. german; wranglers newsom robert: palos verdes estates, calif.; architecture; student chapter american institute of architects: a.i.a.: blumcraft of Pittsburgh scholarship nteholas david: elgin. ill.; geological engineering nielsen w. durrell: tucson, ariz.; law; beta alpha upsilon nomura ronald: los angeles. calif.; la, history; alpha sigma phi; ifc; rallies; archaeological institute of america norrgom Christine: la Canada, calif.; home ec., fashion merchandising; gamma phi beta; malyasians, vice-president norris tlm: tucson. ariz.; pharmacy; kappa psi; rho chi, vice-president novaky george: las vegas. nevada; la, government nuckolls tracy: phoenix, ariz.; la, german, international relations; arizona model united nations; model united nations of the far west; president, internationaler freundeskreis of bonn; german club; circle k; exchange scholarship to uni- versity of bonn; central newspapers foundation; general residence scholar- ship; evangelische studenten gemeinde-- bonn; ua marching band nuckols marjorie: tucson, ariz ; ele- mentary education; acacia sweetheart; mohave hall counselor nunmaker pamela: tucson, ariz.; fine arts, commercial art; alpha lambda delta: beta sigma phi; ua fencingteam nunez louts: tucson, ariz.; civil engin- eerinp veteran student association; _. . iencan society of civil engineers nupen eric g.: casa grande, ariz.; geology oberon bruce: phoenix, ariz.: bpa, finance ocepek david: phoeniz, ariz.: la. zoology; phi eta sigma. beta beta beta: alpha epsilon delta; asua board of publications: dean ' s list ochs jeffery: newfoundland. new jersey; bpa, correctional administration, society of corrections; young republicans; chairman choice olds eynthia: wauwatosa. wis.; la. psy- chology; psi chi oppel wendy: wilton, conn.; art; racket club opstad gregory: st. paul, minn.; fine arts, speech arts: papago lodge, president owens Judy: Seattle, wash.; home ec.; interior design; alpha o micron pi; phi sigma kappa auziliary palmer nancy: coolidge. ariz.; home ec., interior design; chi omega; chi omega, house manager; national society of interior designers, vice-president; pledge class, secretary; runner-up, aggie queen palmer thomas: akron, ohio; la, zoology; lambda chi alpha park kathleen: tucson, ariz.; la. sociology ' parker james: tucson. ariz.; bpa. finance parris andrea: denver, coio.; elementary education; sigma delta tau; sigma delta tau, secretary: aws, publicity: aws public relations ' pate gene; alpine, texas; home ec.. inter ior design: n.s.i.a. patterson berengar: scottsdale. ariz. bpa, finance; lutheran parish council wall street journal award paulson Judy: tucson, ariz.: elementary education; president, assn. for childhood education payton ronald: moorestown, new jersey: bpa. area development paz estanislado: moreno. ariz.; edu- cation. Spanish; general residence scholarship perry gary: phoenix, ariz.; bpa. pro- duction management; treasurer, hopi lodge prry lynn: tucson, ariz.; la, Spanish; chi omega; asua secretary; ua hostesses, vice-president: mortar board; alpha tau omega, malterians. treasurer; asua senator; chimes; model united nations, bloc chairman; asua service medallion; greek week queen finalist per sh ing jerry: phoenix, ariz.; mechan- ical engineering pesqueira wilhemina: tucson. ariz.; nursing; general residence. John lewis memorial, nursing grant scholarships peters en katie: vittanova, penna.; la, gov- ernment; kappa alpha theta; kaydettes; pikettes. treasurer; assistant pledge trainer, kappa alpha theta pfeiffler cecilia: san manuel. ariz.; ele- mentary education pierson Joseph: whiteriver, ariz.; agri- cultural business; alpha gamma rho; president, ifc; suab; alpha zeta; bobcats; chain gang: people-to-people; student activities eligibilities pike wfllis: tucson, ariz.; agriculture, arm mechanization wrter fern: ft. huachuca, ariz.; edu- cation, english; kappa kappa gamma;b alpha lambda delta; spurs, vice-president; university hostesses; angel flight, sec- retary; mortar board; suab board; baird scholarship; rush chairman, kappa kappa gamma porter pam: tucson. ariz.; education, english; chi omega; president, chi omega; spurs; symposium; alpha lambda delta; panhellenic scholarship chairman; fresh- man scholarship award po well dale: tucson, ariz.; bpa. pro- duction management; acacia preger denrm: tucson, ariz.; bpa, mar- keting; pi kappa alpha; dinasour ' s social chairman presion leslie: prescott, ariz.; la, english. literature; kappa kappa gamma; univer- sity honors program; golden hearts of sigma phi epsilon preston marjorie: tucson, ariz.: phar- macy; kappa epsilon quaye benjamin: assra, ghana, west africa; civil engineering: w.h.o. scholar- ship quimby Charles: tucson. ariz.; agricul- ture, range management; secretary- treasurer, range management club: alpha zeta rabogliatti mary ellen: globe, ariz.; la. math; alpha lambda; die gesellschaft zum wunderhorn. secretary, treasurer randall Christopher: agawam. mass.: nuclear engineering; nuclear society: institute of electrical and electronic engineers; rifle club; theta tau ransburg sally: indianapolis. ind.; ele- mentary education; chi omega; camp wildcat, secretary reunion committee; aws publicity committee; chi omega, special events chairman, communication chairman, hospitality chairman ray denniv tucson. ariz,: la, zoology; ua marching band; kappa kappa psi, vice- president; beta beta beta; university scholastic honors reden ellen: los angeles. calif.; education, physical education reden Steven: los angeles. calif.; phar- macy reeg robert: wayne. neb.; bpa. finance reta ivy: new york city, new york; home ec.. merchandising renner dan: los altos, calif.; bpa. person- nel; sigma phi epsilon rennick John h.: el paso, texas; la. zo- ology; dean ' s list richard ann: la jolla. calif.; la, english literature; president, delta tau delta, pleiades richards Shirley: tucson, ariz.: education rtchardson cara: tucson, ariz.; la. Span- ish; international students club; italian club; alpha lambda delta; general res- idence, pilot ' s club scholarships; dean ' s list richman david: tucson, ariz.; la. zoology; beta beta beta; general residence scholar- ship ring floyd jr.: tucson. ariz.; pharmacy; phi gamma delta; kappa psi; alph; health professions scholarship roberson gregg: tempe. ariz.; pharmacy: kappa psi roberson kathy: tucson. ariz.; la, his- tory; alpha omicron pi; phi alpha theta: symposium roberts Howard: phoenix, ariz.; la. his- tory; phi gamma delta robertson david: florence, ariz.: agri- culture rcbertson mary: mesa, ariz.; education; pi beta phi; golden hearts, president; secretary coronado hall; counselor; scholarship committee; civics committee robertson molly: san diego. calif.; edu- cation; social studies; delta gamma; angel flight drill; delta gamma, social chair- man, president; symposium robey mary: tucson. ariz.; education; geography; alpha omicron pi president; chimes; angel flight; symposium; people to people hospitality robin maryann: tucson. ariz.; edu- cation, english; general resident scholar- ship; hubert crouse heffner roehrbom ronald: tucson, ariz.; phar- macy rogers sandra: tucson, ariz.; education, business education rose elissa: phoenix, ariz.; elementary education; coronado judicial board; prep; aws orientation rose kathleen: tucson. ariz.; elementary education; phi lambda phrateres; pi lambda theta honorary rosser sallie: tucson, ariz.; elementary education rotolo frank: tucson, ariz.; fine arts, music; phi mu alpha: general music scholarship rowe elizabeth: la jolla, calif.: la, anthro- pology; alpha delta pi; wranglers; year- book 1969 roylston thomas jr: tucson, ariz.; elec- trical engineering; ieee; arrl ruh Steven: farmingdale. new york; bpa. area development saldamando guadalupe: nogales. anzona; nursing sattzman david: shaker heights, ohio: la, psychology; zeta beta tau Sanchez gloria: tucson, ariz.; bpa, accounting; phrateres: alpha lambda delta; phi chi theta: beta gamma sigma: beta alpha psi recording secretary; gen- eral resident scholarship; aicpa scholar- ship; american society of women ac- countants scholarship; dean ' s list santa cruz rafaela: tucson, ariz.: edu- cation, mathematics and Spanish; alpha lambda delta vice president; pi lambda theta; pi delta kappa; bairds scholarship; Jewish women ' s club; tucson education association; aws campus service com- mittee; camp wildcat santa-lucia james: endwell. new york; la. psychology; kappa kappa psi honor- ary; band; general music scholarship santangeio bonrta: phoenix, ariz.; nursing; arizona association of student n urses; amold air force aid society scholar- ship; student nurse of the year saucedo adela: phoenix, ariz.; elemen- tary education saywer david: grand rapids, mich ; bpa, law enforcement; beta omicron pi: var- sity wrestling: frosh football scaling peggy: fullerton. calif.: fine arts, speech; pi beta phi; pi beta phi. recording secretary; president, little sisters of sae; elections committee; engineering queen finalist; twa junior representative scheffler helen: phoenix, ariz.; fine arts, commercial art; alpha epsilon phi schmidt bobbie: leawood. kansas: la. history; pi beta phi c hock william: elgin. ariz.; mechanical engineering; theta tau; same, treasurer; engineers council scholl william: south Holland, ill.: bpa. general business Schwartz judi: phoenix, ariz.; fm arts, speech: sigma delta tau; rush coun- selor; assistant house manager; greek week event chairman; tandem race com- mittee; camp wildcat; desert 1969. 1970; wranglers; prep; student senator; student affairs committee: senate appointments committee: honors program; 1969 miss u of a contestant; model un of far west 1969. 1970: coordinator of no-signout procedure; aws publicity; symposium Schwartz mark: phoenix, ariz.; bpa. ac- counting; president, delta sigma pi: beta alpha psi; tau delta phi scorsatto alien: Ontario, calif.; pharmacy; kappa psi. regent, vice-president, sec- retary; american pharmaceutical assn.: traditions committee; senior class, sergant-at-arms scott beveriy ann: mesa, ariz.: nursing seaver douglas: monastery of Christ in the desert abiquin, new mexico; archi- tecture: concrete products scholar- ship; big brother Shapiro leonard: phoenix, ariz.: la, soci- ology, psychology; alpha epsilon pi sharp bruce: mesa, ariz.; pharmacy: kappa psi; rho chi, president; president, american pharmaceutical assn.; health progessions scholarship: andrew p. martin scholarhip; phi kappa phi award; university scholarship award theO on david: yuma. ariz.; agriculture, animal nutrition shenkarow ellen: tucson, ariz.: la. Span- ish; alpha epsilon phi; angel flight; university hostesses: symposium; pom- pon sheppard bill: globe, ariz.; la, govern- ment; south hall, chief justice, secretary, scholastic chairman; phi eta sigma: henry I. dougherty scholarship: young republicans shrauner trudy: tucson, ariz.; home ec. education; phrateres. young democrats; student national education; american home ec. assn. shuhaibar nabeef k.: Kuwait; bpa, law enforcement 402 Jason: cedar rapids. lowa: la. sociology; phi delta theta t a manrin: wailuki. hawaii: pharmacy: phi delta chi siverman andy: irvington. new york: bpa. marketing tttz glen: nchardson. texas; la. physics: Mt mariryn: tucson. ant.: special education: beta Sigma phi skinner georg : san francisco. calif: aia: fountain bleau scholarship: masoney scholarship slaten helene: beverfy hills, calif.: fine arts, art history: Sigma delta tau itavick nancy: san mateo. calif : la. gov- ernment: alpha epsiion phi: golden hearts: treasurer; alpha epsiion phi: anz. model un: people-to-people: project rillito: suab music, and literature committee smith brenda: tucson. anz : business education: phi lambda phrateres smith chart tucson. ariz : la. math: delta zeta: vice-president, delta zeta: alpha: lambda delta tmith linda: tucson. anz: elementary education: phi lambda phrateres smith sherry: prescott. anz.: home ed education : 4-h service cl ub: ahea smrthson John: valentine, ariz.: agri- culture, animal science: president, agri- culture council: block and bridel: rodeo club snyder leonard: canton, mass : bpa. mar- keting: alpha epsiion pi: alpha epsiion pi. president: ifc soboroff Steven: encmo. calif.: bpa. finance: zeta beta tau: vice-president. zeta beta tau: traditions committee: chairman, rallies: anson a- voorhees scholarship: who ' s who m american colleges and universities: big brother of tucson sontag Stephanie: cubi point, philipmes: la. psychology sotirake linda: glendale anz.: education, history spencer James r.: goodland. 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Ohio; home ec.. fashion merchandising; alpha epsilon phi tyree thomas: yuma. ariz.; education, social studies ulmer jerry: anchorage, alaska; phar- macy; kappa psi ungvary John: norwalk, conn.; bpa. per- sonnel management, industrial and labor relations; alpha kajJpajJSi uselman diana: phoenix, ariz.; home ec. education; chi omega: o micron nu; beta theta; forum speakers committee; secretary; aws publications; matric- ulation honors; general residence schol- arship vasquez lute: nogales, ariz.; bpa. person- nel management; international students club: general mexican scholarship vaughn Judith: tucson, ariz.; engtish education; baptist student union, mis- sions, dinners chairman; alpha lambda delta: pi omega pi; phi lambda__delta_ venn robert: modesto, calif.; mechanical engineering; pi kappa alpha; blue key. vice-president; ifc, vice-president; asme; astme; ashrae: traditions; national student register; ifc service key; fresh- man golf numeral; dean ' s list vertieb jane; tucson, ariz.; fine arts, music education; sigma alpha tota. music scholarship; honors program; concert choir; choraliers walker nancy: el paso, texas; elementary education: pi beta phi. ua hostesses, secretary; tau beta phi. vice-president: kaydettes. drill team; sigma nu white rose queen wall nira: phoenix, ariz.; education; pi beta phi; kaydettes. pio officer, drill team: ua hostesses walp cathy: tucson. ariz.; elementary education; delta gamma; suab. culture committee. sub-committee displays: publicity committee walstad katherlne: excelsior, minn.; com- mercial arts: areta; wra; president, racket cluh waltner wlllie: los angel es. calif.; la, psychology; sigma nu; sigma nu, social chairman, pledge trainer; varsity lacrosse wandrey james: Imcoln. nebraska: aero- space, mechanical engineering; swim- ming team 404 ward ricnara: lockport. ill.: electrical engineering: ,eee. secretary ward rosalie: lockport. ill : bpa. law enforcement administration wame John: Westminster, calif.: phar- macy: a pha: kappa psi waterworth man lucson. ariz.: home ec education: phi lambda phrateres: phi lambda phrateres. assistant pledge trainer, pledge trainer: wranglers: uni- versity singers: beta theta watson patricia: guadlajara. jalisco. mxico; la. Spanish watson susan: scottsdale. ariz.: la. his- tory: kappa alpha theta: frosh cheerleader watson theodore jr.: xeniz. Ohio: bpa. marketing: marketing club: veterans club way nane-. glendale. calif.: home ec. ' education: alpha delta pi: alpha delta pi. rush chairman weikland richard: orange, calif : phar- macy: phi delta chi: alpha; sho weiner amie boston, mass.: bpa. general business: alpha epsilon pi weisj peggy: el paso. texas: home ec. education: alpha epsilon phi weater kristin: phoenix, ariz.: education, Spanish: alpha phi: alpha phi. scholar- ship vice-president: spurs: people-to- people welch Claudia: green valley, ariz.: ele- mentary education: chie omega: sym- posium, president: suab. entertainment chairman: university hostesses: malter- ians. president: greek week chairman: chi omega rush chairman: engineering queen west bonnie: minneapolis. minn.: ele- mentary education: kappa kappa gamma, recording secretary: angel flight westby peter tucion, anz.: la, zoology: lambda chi alpha; phi eta Sigma: alpha epsilon delta: general residence scholar- ship wherton Joanne: tucson. ariz.; elementary education; barristers biddies whitcomta jW: alamo, calif.: education, biology: alpha phi whrttey patricia: tucson. anz.: nursing wfchtrich ellen: mexico city, mexico: edu- cation. Spanish; chi omega: newman club: chi omega, personal chairman widartoio mhi: djakarta. indonesia: mining engineering: people to people wiHand georg tucson. ariz.: bpa. transportation management: delta nu alpha, secretary: alpha epsilon pi; air force scholarship wHiam carol: phoenix, ariz.: elementary education: kappa alpha theta: Kaydettes: public relations chairman: philanthropy: kappa alpha theta. editor, house manager wWiams don ad wngntwood. calif.: bpa. business administration: range co.: army rote; civil defense rescue: army rote scholarship karen: globe, ariz.: commercial art: work study program wtson david: phoenix, maryland: la. history: Sigma alpha epsilon wilson dwayne: sharter. calit.: pharmacy: kappa psi: apha: health professions scholarship son Janet: tucson. ariz.: bpa. cor- rectional administration: society of corrections ton Virginia: tucson. ariz.: pharmacy: delta zeta: kappa epsilon. secretary, vice-president; apha: rho chi wwitrode wMiam: tucson. anz.: market- ing advertising: golf team wirth jack: artmgton. Virginia: bpa. law enforcement: afrotc drill team , silver wing: german club wolieki richard: san diego. calif.; phar- macy: phi mu alpha, secretary, vice- president: kappa psi. historian: american pharmaceutical assn.. president: resident assistant, greenlee hall wong david: flagstaff, ariz.: pharmacy: apha wong dennfe: bakersfield. calif.: phar- macy: phi delta chi: health progessions scholarship wong Judy: tucson. anz.: la. psychology woods william: tucson. ariz : la. zoology: ua marching band: kappa kappa psi woodward raid: scottsdale. ariz.: la. creative writing: sigma phi epsilon: chair- man, honors student _ pj an mn.E x ad: ruth stephan poetry board woon penny: yuma. ariz.: education, math wray carol dettering: tucson. ariz.: home ec. education: kappa delta pi; omicron nu: general residence scholarship: rak. scholarship in home ec. wright george: btsbee. ariz.: mining engineering: aime. president; kennecott scholarship yeung david: tucson. ariz.: civil engin- eering:, asce. program chairman: tau beta young gregg: ortonville. mich.: la. psy- chology: beta theta pi: campus tours: desert staff: ski club: coop president: academic achievement board: who ' s that: readers theater young larry: tucson. ariz.: electrical engineering: kappa kappa psi: ua march- ing band ZMuff robert: phoenix, ariz.: bpa. per- sonnel management: sigma chi: amold air society: yaf: young republicans: afrotc financial assis. grant: campus tours, community relations: blood drive ziegenbein robert lakewood. colo.: la. general studies: kappa kappa psi: ua marching band zttko beth alien: tucson. ariz.: home ec. education: american homeec. assn. zoller gayte: new Orleans, louisiana: special and elementary education: community service: student national education assn.: publicity chairman: student council of exceptional ' children 405 general index Abbott David 176 Abeln Patrick 124 Abelson Richard 308 Abern Adele 280 Achen Celia 165 286 Achen John 334 Acker Barbara 290 Acker Catharine 298 Adams Catherine 176 304 Adams Charles 330 Adams Marc 379 Adams Michael 169 312 Aga Sharon 176 Ahmann Catharine 290 Allen Linda 176 Allen Lorenzo 124 126 Allen Michael 334 Allen Peter 384 Allen Richard 58 322 Allen Wendy 300 Allhiser Gary 176 Allis Raymond 176 Allmand James 176 330 Alter Emily 176 280 Altuna Alfred 176 Alvarez Domingo 122 Amacker Thomas 176 Amburgey Julia 170 Ames Steven 339 Amster Bruce 176 Ancel Leslie 302 Anderson Brett 336 Anderson Bruce 58 59 63 Anderson Coleman 169 311 Anderson Donald 332 Anderson Gail 278 Anderson James 328 Anderson John 66 Anderson Pat 147 77 Anderson Robert D 177 Anderson Robert G 171 Anderson Ruth 177 Anderson Thomas 336 Anderson Warren 58 65 Andrews Richard 336 Angel Armando 177 Anixter Jo Ann 302 Antweil Julie 302 Araneta Elvia 384 Aravier Mary 396 Argue Judy 278 Armer Catherine 177 Armstrong Ann 177 Armstrong Cassondra 288 Armstrong Robert 319 Ameson Mark 31 Amason Hal 31 Arneson Mark 31 Arnold Raquel 395 396 Amtzen Michael 312 Aron Sherry 302 Arrieta Jeffrey 98 Arrington Ross 310 Arthur Karen 300 Ashby Jack 31 35 Ashton Cindy 286 Aufderheide Joan 177 Avery Eric 177 322 Avrick Michael 177 332 Bach Linda 394 Bachus Linda 167 Baer Paul 177 Baffert Elinor 290 Bagwell Alan 336 Bahlman John 312 Bahula Linda 177 Baier Elizabeth 177 Bailey James 177 Bailey Martin 310 Bailey Susan 170 Baillargeon Benita 292 Baird Patricia 292 Baitzer Lester 177 328 Baizel Sandra 177 304 Bakrow Bruce 157 338 Balber Paul 308 Baldwin Robert 384 Ballantyne Joseph 322 Ballard Steven 77 Ballenger Jill 278 Barasch Stephen 169 Bare Linda 151 168 177 Bark Stuart 328 Barnes Richard 58 Barnes Stephen 178 Barney Patrick 339 Barreda Amalia 290 Barrett Suzanne 300 Barsamian Larry 178 Bartley Kathleen 178 Bartley Margaret 276 Bartolino Jeff 178 318 Barlow Celaine 166 300 Bash David 178 308 Bashore Lyle 178 339 Basinger Jodi 178 290 Bates Charles 339 Bates Walter 178 Bathe Barbara 166 Bauer Susan 395 Baum Betsy 280 Baum Betty 166 298 390 Bauman Dale 77 322 Baymann Patricia 304 Baxter David 322 Baxter Robert 334 Bayless Pauline 167 Bayne Robert 318 Bealle William 316 Beaugureau Dave 147 178 322 Beaumont Paul 336 Beck Robert 178 336 Becker Georgia 163 179 292 Becker Jacklyn 381 Beers Michael 332 Behle Allison 390 Bell Barbara 298 Bell Janet 179 Bell Robert 179 328 Bellantoni Rosanne 278 Bellios Christine 179 Bellies Karen 179 Benedict Rodney 31 Benisch Robyn 302 Bennett Joanne 286 Bennett Marsha 397 Bennett Thomas 311 Bennion Julie 286 Bennon Carole 166 Benson Bryan 336 Benson Jerry 332 Bent Patricia 394 Berge Judy 396 Berger Darrin 77 Berger William 332 Bergeron Kenneth 179 Berman Karen 179 Bernard Bruce 164 332 Bernardon Arthur 179 Bernstein Michael 308 Bernstein Sandra 280 Berry Michael 82 Berry Paul 336 Bessey Janet 179 Bierbaum Patti 179 288 Biercz Witold 338 Biggs John 312 Biles William 31 6 Bills Hallie 286 Bingham Michael 322 Bishop Eleanor 170 Bjorlie Steven 179 Black John 31 35 Blackburn Mildred 288 Blacker Lynn 280 Blackwelder Timothy 326 Blair Leslie 278 Blake Mary 179 Blake Robert 179 Blalock Laura 179 Blanco Bill 179 Blankenship Albert 179 Blatt Laura 280 Blecha Bonnie 170 Blitz Howard 179 Bloom Albert 179 Blouin Ann 163 179 Blume Lawrence 147 179 330 Bock Richard 179 Bodycomb Janice 390 Boger Douglas 82 85 Bogosian Armen 179 332 Boice James 169 322 372 Boice Margaret 149 162 179 372 Boice Steve 322 Bond Peggy 163 Bookatz Madlyn 280 Boone Andrew 312 Borror Dale 319 Bortolazzo Paul 312 86 Boutsikaris John 330 Boyce Margaret 179 Boyd Cassandra 298 Boyd Diana 179 Boyd Gregory 47 Boylen William 179 Boyles Monika 179 Boyles Peggy 179 Braden Albert 316 Bradford Viola 381 Bradley Laird 336 Bradshaw Wayne 124 Brady Patricia 286 Brady Peter 326 Brady Steven 322 Branch John 312 Brandenburg Scott 166 322 Brandt Michele 40 151 179 395 Branom Carolyn 278 Bravo Oscar 179 Brett James 339 Brien Martin 308 Brierton Susan 304 Bright Harold 326 Briso Gus 124 Briskin Patricia 302 Brokaw Helen 181 Bromberg David 312 Brooke Bradley 334 Brooks Patricia 290 Brophy Stephen 167 171 330 Brown Carolyn 298 Brown Janice 288 Brown John 31 Brown Kenneth 181 Brown Kimberly 181 Brown Mary 280 Brown Steven 168 332 Browning Richard 181 Browning Steve 316 Brugman Paul 316 Brumit Dale 98 Brunswick Susan 181 Bubala Diane 292 Buchanan Dan 45 Buchanan Jane 298 Budelman Ralph 330 Budinger Linda 288 Bulger Candace 286 Burge Marsha 181 Burgess Tony 166 Buri Charles 169 Burke Bruce 165 Burlin Zoreene 181 Burnham Dolly 300 Burns Jack 169 330 Burns John 181 338 Bums Lauri e 278 Burns Scott 330 Burr Minda 181 Burr Sherwood 330 Burrell Shelley 170 Burruss Barbara 181 Bursik Teri 286 Burton Joe 149 Burton William 322 Burwell Marguerite 384 Bruwell Michael 384 Bush Susan 168 Bustamante Luis 181 Butler Charlotte 167 304 Buttress Patricia 181 Buzzard Wayne 318 Cabrera Tony 181 Cacek Donnetta 181 Cadmus Austin 181 Calcagno Roy 181 Calihan Patrick 330 Callan Vickilyn 181 Calosio Marcia 290 Camou Susan 163 Campau Kevin 326 Campbell Bruce 334 Campbell Ross 318 Campion Edwin 181 Campos Frank 77 Campos Susan 300 Canright Clark 330 Capas Sisfredo 338 Carey Robert 181 Carlberg Douglas 336 Carlson Kathleen 394 Carpenter Karen 181 Carrillo Jose 181 Carter Carla 278 Carter Jacquelin 286 Carter Maureen 394 Carver Judith 278 Cary Don 181 332 Cary Suzanne 181 Casanova Edward 181 Casey Steven 181 336 Caskey Carolyn 394 Cassarino William 31 383 Castro Jenny 394 Castro Mario 124 131 Catalano Rosanne 292 Catlin Clifford 334 Causey Joe 124 166 330 Cavanaugh Valerie 384 Cerny Joan 151 181 274 Chadderdon Kathie 395 Chambers Catherine 300 Chan Alice 181 Chandler Ross 181 Chandler Sandra 165 Chang George 181 Charvat Lorraine 395 Chase Michael 336 Chatham Steven 312 Chayet Beverly 395 Chen Wai 181 Chesler Sharyn 181 302 Chessell William 310 Chester Virginia 170 Chew Glory 181 Childress Larry 330 Childs Joan 151 Chriss Barbara 163 181 302 Christensen Kathrin 298 Christmas Mary 286 Christy Marshall 332 Chu Shirley 181 Chu Susan 181 Chute Kenneth 181 326 Cilo Bruce 308 Cirrincione Frances 292 Clapp Robert 328 Claridge Clifford 311 Clark Andrew 98 Clark David 181 Clark Donald 322 Clark Johnnie 181 Clark Mary 181 286 Clay William 334 Clayton Deborah 181 Clemans Pamela 394 Cleveland Thomas 169 181 Cleven Cathy 286 Clevenger Cynthia 278 Clifton Marcia 162 Clifton Ronald 147 181 272 328 275 Cline Annette 290 Cluff William 183 Cobb Cornelia 298 Cochran Charles 318 Cochran Thomas 171 Cocking Martha 183 Coen Greta 280 Coffeen Scott 334 Coffman Susan 183 288 Cohagen John 332 Cohen Donald 308 Cohen Richard 322 Cohen William 334 Cole Candace 278 Cole Lee 77 Cole Linda 167 286 Coleman Debora 288 Coller Dea 183 Collier Mary 300 Comitz Margaret 292 Condit Randy 336 Conklin Edward 310 Conlin Patricia 183 Connolly Robert 169 183 330 Conrad Constance 183 Contes Carol 166 Contreras Norma 183 Conway Anita 168 Cook Marjorie 183 Cook Terri 163 183 302 Coolidge Pamela 183 Coolidge Thomas 326 Coolsaet Jeffrey 98 Cooper Kimberly 290 Cooper Michael 183 Copeland John 124 Copeland Thomas 183 Corbett Mary 183 Corby Margaret 298 Corley Flora 290 Cornell Robert 319 Corrales Prudencio 82 Corson Rodney 183 316 Couch David 316 Covillo Carol 183 Cox Joan 328 Cox Judith 288 Cox Larry 171 Cox Marianne 166 288 Cox Meredith 288 Coxon Marilyn 183 Craft John 183 Craig Katie 151 163 183 Crane Adrienne 381 383 Crane Howard 308 Cravens Catherine 290 Crawford Alison 298 Crawford Craig 334 Crevison James 310 Crobbe Danny 330 Crombie Frances 300 Cross Catherine 290 Crossman Richard 31 Crow Pamela 300 Crowell Donald 322 Crum Michael 31 Crum Robert 332 Cubitto Robert 171 Cullison Mary 183 Cummings Donald 332 Cummings Ellen 170 396 Cunningham Carolyn 278 Cunningham Cynthia 298 Cunningham Elizabet 304 Currens Gregory 328 Curtis Raymond 183 Cutler Lynn 280 Dahlke Richard 183 Daily Mary 151 282 Dalee Ronald 31 Dall James 316 Daniels Donna 18 " Daniels Joe 183 Danis Alan 328 Dankberg Ira 308 Dann Debra 302 Davenport Carol 288 Davidson Steven 124 Davis Donna 304 Davis Douglas 151 169 183 338 Davis George 339 Davis Henry 183 Davis Judy 278 Davis Kenneth 31 Davis Larry 35 Davis Marjorie 183 Davis Richard 183 Davis Russell 311 Davison Carol 183 Day Thomas 322 Deane Hallie 292 Deerr Ann 183 286 Denny Michael 328 Dent Greg 318 Deramus Jean 298 Derickson Jeffrey 166 322 Detjen Holly 298 Detzer Ronald 384 Devotie Frances 286 Dewey Clifford 184 Dick Craig 308 Dick Jeff 312 Dick Reay 384 Dickerson John 184 Dickey Gordon 316 Dickey Susan 184 Dickinson Debbie 278 Dicks George 319 Dierking Peggy 184 Dierks Larry 76 77 Dillard James 184 Dille Joanne 184 288 Dipalermo Paul 312 Ditto Christina 288 Dodge Leslie 151 184 288 Dodridge Linda 184 Dodson David 386 Donaldson Leslie 286 Donnell Michael 169 184 330 Connelly Maureen 170 Donnelly Michael 330 Dornon Cleora 184 Dorsev Eileen i4 Dorsey Robert 184 Dorson Mitchell 149 184 308 379 369 Doukidis Eleni 290 Dowgin David 334 Downing Sherry 184 Doyle Donald 169 184 330 Drake Rodney 322 Drechsler Paul 319 Driscoll Mark 31 77 Drown Marilee 184 Duenas Roseann 147 162 184 Dugan Richard 184 Duke Charles 31 45 Dula Gabriella 163 280 Dulin Arlin 184 Dumont Janet 290 Duncan Bruce 328 Duncan Michael 330 Dunn Bobbie 286 Dupree James 184 Durant Raymond 316 Durkette Duffy 318 Durkin Suzanne 151 163 184 Dutzen Debbie 300 Duval Barbara 55 Dwiggins Horace 151 Dyer Lynn 298 Dysart Laura 290 Dysart Nancy 28 ' 9 290 Eason Richard 312 Eaton Charles 164 169 336 Eckert Richard 31 Eddy Karen 163 Eddy Kathleen 184 Eddy Stephen 322 Edelstein Peter 308 Edgar Sally 397 Edwards Donald 334 Edwards Phillip 66 Eggers Bruce 165 169 Eggold John 31 Hide Eugenia 184 Eisenberg Daniel 184 Eisenberg Randi 166 Eisttencoro Barbara 292 Eklund Annika 290 Elbert Marlena 186 Elias Catherine 286 Elias Ramona 338 Elledge Sarah 298 Ellig Deborah 396 Ellison Cheryl 290 Eisner Richard 310 Elsten Sherry 186 Emich Fred 332 Engdahl Deidre 163 290 Engebretson Pamela 290 Engel Molly 282 Engelhard! Niki 383 Engelking David 122 Engle James 151 Engle Molly 151 Epton Karen 302 Erickson Paul 165 Espil Elizabeth 288 Espino Angelita 186 Esposito Daniel 319 Estling Thomas 77 Evans Bruce 186 339 Evans Richard 322 Evans Sylvia 292 Eveleth Donald 186 Evenchik Bonnie 253 Eversoll Ann 286 Evett Eric 86 Falkner David 186 Falvey Lawrence 312 Fangmann George 334 Farman Monika 288 Fanner Linda 278 Farnum Joan 186 304 Farrell Edward 171 Fasanella Ralph 186 328 Fassett Ann 278 Faulkner James 339 Federhar David 308 Federico Humberto 186 Feigel James 336 Feld Cynthia 280 Feldman Janis 302 Feldman Susan 163 186 280 Feldmann John 186 Fellman Sandra 280 Fenberg William 186 Fendelman Randee 186 Fergerson Clarence 31 Ferguson William 282 Fernandez Elaine 396 Ferneding Patricia 163 186 Ferneel Pete 335 Ferrari Dan 28 36 322 Ferraro Ron 319 Ferriss Margaret 286 Ferry Roberta 149 162 164 187 298 374 Fife Rebecca 149 162 169 187 Filson Mary 278 Finkelstein Judith 302 Fishbein Steven 165 169 Fishencord Barbara 187 Fitzgerald Michael 164 169 Fitzpatrick Kathlee 290 Fix Lauren 187 Flack Charles 187 Flagg Barbara 187 Flagg Warren 58 Fleming Deborah 304 Flint Richard 338 Flitner David 332 Flood Raymond 319 Flood Robert 187 Flook James 187 Flores John 187 322 Flores Ronald 187 Fockler Kathleen 165 304 377 Foell Barba 278 Foltz Lori 278 Foreman Fred 187 326 Foreman Geoffrey 322 Formiller Don 77 Formo Deborah 304 Forsberg Corinne 288 Fossett Penelope 395 Foster Michael 58 59 64 65 Foster Rodney 319 Fox Jill 3O2 Fox Roger 187 Francis Michael 28 Francis William 187 Franco David 187 Frank Florence 187 Frank Harris 330 Frankfort Ellis 187 330 Frankfoit Philip 187 300 Fransk Nan 298 Frazier Robert 187 Frear Linda 292 Frear Sharyn 292 Free Dana 187 Freeman Margaret 288 Freeman William 187 319 Fremming Linda 187 French Christine 151 187 386 F revert Donald 310 Frey Cathherine 167 286 Frey Michael 328 Fricas Cristina 292 Frick Charlene 390 Friedeberg Susan 280 Friedlander Deborah 302 Friedman Nancy 302 Friedrichs Charles 328 Fritz William 187 Frohberg Marilyn 166 278 274 Frye Billie 168 Frye Michael 336 Gabler William 187 Gabriel Rosamond 187 Gaby Walter 339 Gaffney Timothy 31 35 Galatz Henry 151 187 308 Gallagher Lynne 298 Gallant Stephen 328 Galston Judith 302 Ganster Henry 187 334 Garcia Augustine 151 187 Garcia Tina 394 396 Card Harry 322 Gardin Ronald 31 32 Gardner Ellen 187 Gardner John 322 Garmire Candyce 163 Garner Joseph 171 Garret! Nancy 286 Garrison Nancy 286 Gay Thomas 187 Gee Lillian 188 Gee Suey 188 Gee Suey Sing 188 Gee Sui Ping 188 Gekas Renee 188 Gemmill John 164 165 169 336 275 George Micheal 332 Gerlach Muriel 188 Gerlach Roberta 286 Germain Judith 292 Gersten Albert 339 Gibbons Michael 308 Gibson Deborah 164 168 300 Gibson Fred 336 Gibson Joyce 287 Giddings Scott 124 131 Gieseler Eueene 188 Gilbert Alison 306 Gilbert Karol 164 298 374 380 Gilkin Bruce 165 Gilliland Judy 188 304 Gilluly Sheila 304 Gilman Richard 381 Ginn Nancy 394 Ginsberg Mark 372 369 Ginter Deborah 166 299 Giroux Nicki 188 Gisi Richard 188 Gissel Joan 164 Glass Margery 188 304 Glass Michael 326 Glasser James 322 Glassmoyer John 332 Glenn John 77 Glickman Charles 338 Gluck Mitchell 339 Goldberg Kenneth 167 Golden Ellen 280 Golden Laura 292 Goldin Eric 171 Goldman Vivian 302 Goldstein Jay 330 Goldstein Michael 386 Gomez Gary .151 282 Gonzales Gilbert 171 Gonzalez Margie 189 Gooch Robert 338 Good Jeanne 151 189 Goodfriend Caryn 189 Goodman Gordon 308 Goodman Harris 308 Goodman Linda 280 Goodson June 390 Goodwin Gayle 300 Goodwin John 326 Goodwin Sylvia 189 397 Gorbell Richard 316 Gordon Joseph 189 Gordon Kathy 298 Gordon Susan 292 Gormley Gayle 298 Goto James 189 Gotta Michael 338 Graf VVendi 280 Grais Nancy 189 302 Gran Stephen 189 338 Granatowski Michael 336, Grandy Richard 189 Grant Dorothy 287 Grant Edwin 328 Grant Robert 397 Gray Michael 77 Gray Robert 168 Green Gregory 328 Green Mike 98 Green Thomas 331 Greenberg Barry 310 Greenberg Ronald 308 Greenberg Stephen 308 Greene Caroline 300 Greensweig Diana 190 Gregg Carol 167 292 Gregoire Phillip 318 Gregory Steven 190 Grelotti Richard 190 397 Grimm Suzannah 278 Gross Joetlen 395 Gross Laura 302 Grossetta Gordon 339 75rossetta Warren 312 Grossman Mike 77 Grossman Stephen 308 Grort Gregg 336 Grotts Elizabeth 396 Grubb Catherine 290 Grulich Stephen 169 328 275 Guerreno Charles 310 Guiles Edwin 334 Guion Charles 86 Gump Timothy 77 Gunther Martha 292 Gunzel Stephen 124 Gustafson David 336 Gustaf son Vicki 290 Gutierrez Diane 394 Habeeb Mary 190 Haber Joyce 28O Hacke Patricia 395 Haddad Christine 288 Hadra Douglas 319 Hagan Barbara 291 Hagenah Blanny 298 Haines Catherine 292 Haider Jacob 328 Hale Claudia 190 Hale Mary 300 Hall Lajoyce 190 298 Hall Michael 328 Hall Ronald 124 Halper Wendy 280 Halpem Ira 190 Hamilton Terry 190 Hamlett James 77 328 Hammer Phylis 190 397 Hammett William 322 Hampton Charles 322 Hampton James 319 Hamrick Joseph 332 Handler Jeffrey 149 378 Hanifen Patrick 190 Hannah Regina 190 288 Hannan Donald 312 Hannasch Joseph 31 Hannon Scott 334 Hansen Barbara 190 Hansen Eric 316 Hansen Gail 394 Hanson Martha 190 Hardin Donna 192 Hardy Craig 312 86 Hardy Mark 312 86 Harmon Ronald 31 39 Haming Kathleen 165 394 396 Harper Dennis 319 Harper Gary 322 Harris Gerald 336 Harris Laine 151 163 192 Harris Marjorie 192 Harris Pamela 302 Harris Robert 318 Harris Sue 302 Harrison James 192 Harrison Jessica 192 Harrison Michael 151 Harshman Bruce 328 Hart James 192 331 Hart John 151 192 332 Hart Karen 192 Hart Sarah 375 298 Hartnack Robert 331 Harvey Michael 265 Harvey Thomas 167 322 Haslauer Claudia 192 288 Haspod Barbara 394 Hassiotis Evangelos 164 322 Hatcher Michael 318 Hartic Charles 82 Havranek William 312 Hawk Marolyn 291 Hawke Michael 326 Hawley Mary 192 Hayden Lee A 192 304 Hayden Lee E 192 338 Haydis Kenneth 336 Hayes Patricia 278 Haynes William 192 Hazelet t Patricia 30O Hazeltine David 192 Heacock James 326 Heard John 225 Hearon Duff 328 Heedy Dan 166 Heeren David 312 Hefferan Colien 168 Heinecke Richard 316 Heitman Wayne 308 Heller Mary 302 Helley Hans 326 Hellwig Mike 151 ,- -- Hemmings Jill 192 278 Hencken John 332 Henderson Rebecca 288 Hendren Martin 331 Hendricks Noel 192 Hendrickson Gary 82 Hendrickson James 322 Hendry Scott 336 Hengsteler Robin 319 Henry Dan 171 Hensley Sharon 192 Heringer William 333 Hermann Susan 170 Hernandez Coralinda 192 Hernandez Henry 192 Herrick Bayanne 288 Herrick Thomas 336 Herschthal David 308 Higgins Nancy 278 Hill Peter 192 333 Hiner Nicolas 193 Hinote Roni 291 Hintlian Gerald 193 Hitter Louis 310 Hoag Judith 292 Hoag Thomas 326 Hobgood Phyllis 193 Hochstein Elise 395 Hoehn Nancy 163 193 Hoenle Marcia 193 Hoff Suzanne 288 Hoge John 165 282 338 Hoke Wi lliam 336 Holbert Nancy 193 Holbrook Gordon 319 Hollander Jill 302 Holliday William 331 Holmstrom Leslie 298 Home Teresa 288 Hondrum Robin Leigh Hondrum Robin 336 Hood Cynthia 298 Hood Margaret 395 Hood Martha 278 Hood Susan 298 Hooper Robert 193 336 Hoopes Danny 322 Hooten Michael 77 Hopkinson Mark 31 Hopman Deborah 395 Hopper Brenda 193 Horpel Anthony 335 Hoshwa Richard 86 Hoshaw William 86 Hoskins Marsha 298 Howe Holly 193 394 Howell Leslee 300 Hubbert Ann 375 396 Huckell Bruce 171 Hudson Catherine 193 Huerstel Genevieve 170 Huffman Julie 165 168 Hughes Joseph 193 Hume Krista 193 Humphrey Burton 82 85 Humphrey Patricia 288 Humphrey Paul 31 Hungerford 326 Huntington Judy 167 Huntipgton Patricia 287 Hurley Stephen 31 36 Huskey William 193 318 Hutchins Victoria 287 Hutchinson Sally 193 Hutton John 310 Hyder Margaret 193 Ijams Vivian 193 Ikard Demetra 298 Innes Susan 193 Irvine Philip 193 Itrich Earl 193 Iverson Cristy 170 396 Jackson Car olyn 193 Jackson Loren 194 Jacob Loretta 395 Jacob Victoria 396 Jacob! Robert 331 Jacobs Edwin 312 Jacobs Karl 194 Jacobs Stephen 194 Jacobsen Jac 331 Jacobsen Linda 168 372 374 Jacobsen Sandra 194 288 Jacome Carlos 77 Jaffe Anne 302 Jallo Martin 312 James Emory 194 333 James Judith 145 162 194 396 372 Janis David 194 Jefferson James 31 Jeffry William 312 Jenkins Ann 194 397 Jennings Michael 171 Jensen Gale 288 Jensen William 316 Jerome Patricia 166 278 Jewett Trena 292 Jimenez Del 194 311 Jimenez Judith 292 Job Sarah 291 Johnson Ann 194 298 Johnson Candace 394 Johnson Carole 163 Johnson Everett 194 Johnson Gregory C 333 Johnson Gregory V 333 Johnson James 31 Johnson (Catherine 287 Johnson Kurt 322 Johnson Laura 300 Johnson Linda 194 298 Johnson Martin 171 Johnson Marsha 288 Johnson Mona 395 Johnson Nellie 287 Johnson William 124 Jones Barbara 168 Jones Bobbee 278 Jones Brian 326 Jones Dale 194 Jones Dennis 124 Jones Gregory 322 Jones Jerry 167 Jones Karen 297 Jone Marjorie 297 Jones Michael 322 Jones Rebecca 300 Jones Robert 194 Jones Robert T 149 169 336 Jones Vicki 395 Jones Weldon 31 39 Joplin Norma 194 Jorda Diana 291 Jordan James 336 Jordan Lester 335 Jorgensen Edward 331 Joslin James 194 Jost Deborah 300 Joyce James 194 Judson Robert 122 June Philip 195 Kable Kristine 300 Kahn Claudia 280 Kahn Shellie 280 Kai Herbert 311 Kain Don 195 Kalil Freddie 145 195 374 375 Kail Ronald Ivan 195 Kalnitzky Gregory 326 Kalt William 318 Kalyn Gary 196 Kane Nancy 196 Kaplan Steven 82 Karp David 308 Kasper Thomas 169 335 Katz Nancy 196 Katz Richard 196 Kaufmann Ann 166 298 Kaufmann Wendy 280 Kaye Louis 196 Keebler Vivian 145 162 196 168 292 Keehn Ronnie 196 Keeler John B 333 Keeler John S 98 Keil Sharon 300 Keithly Kelly 196 311 Kellam Sidney 339 Keller Stephen 122 Kelley Doug 98 Kellogg Mary 145 162 196 168 379 395 396 Kelly Douglas 335 Kelso Karen 288 Kenady Patricia 170 Kengla Polly 291 Kepner Richard 196 Kerr Carol 196 Kestner Trudy 280 Keyes Michael 397 Kidushim Deborah 280 Kiguli Charles 196 Kim Patricia 396 Kinder Colin 312 King Deborah 168 298 King Howard 145 196 169 369 333 King Kay 151 288 King Marcia 29 288 King Peter 196 King Randall 322 Kingston Betty 196 Kinsey Sharon 292 Kinsock Carol 196 162 297 Kinsock Catherine 147 162 Kircher Karen 300 Kircher Pamela 167 Kirklosky Louise 196 Kirtley David 196 Kite Steven 82 Klages Jeffrey 322 Klahr Gary 31 Klausen Douglas 31 Kleeb Meribah 394 Klein Bruce 308 Klein Frederick 196 Klein Jody 197 Klimist Diana 197 Klofanda Cherry 166, 298 Klopp Barbara 157 396 287 Kloth Mary 170 Klumpe Franklin 335 Klyn Jeanne 297 Knecht George 268 Knickerbocker Brad 316 Knipmeyer Kirk 331 Knoerle Nancy 166 288 Knowles Stephanie 197 Knowlton Nancy 300 Kochendorfer Kathle 394 Koff Sharon 396 Kohler Frank 338 Koller Edward 331 Komadina Sharon 395 Kondrat Charles 310 Konen Sharon 298 Konow Albert 56 Kopstein Susan 168 Kornman Sheryl 381 Kortz Barbara 298 Koss Jerry 195 Kotler Kenneth 308 Kozan Eric 197 Kozloski Jerry 339 Kram Mark 308 Kramer Cynthia 302 Kraynick Maryann 197 Krebs James 195 Krieger Lloyd 196 308 Krigel Bruce 331 Kroll Roy 196 Krucktr Kathleen 287 Kuhl Dennis 312 Kunke George 326 Kutoroff Arlene 395 Kuykendall Cynthia 301 Luke Alan 322 Luke Vance 199 316 Lumm William 199 Lungren Timothy 199 Lupton Frantz 199 Lupton Lance 313 Lussier Rick 199 Luthardt Marjorie 292 Lynch David 322 Lynch Patrick 331 Lynn Alice 297 Lyons Patricia 396 Maass Elaine 199 Mabry Charles 369 Mabry Sheila 199 Macek John 199 ' Machen " Michael 316 Macklin Rex 31 39 Madden James 199 Maddox Winston 333 Mages Melanie 390 Mahoney Christine 168 Mahoney Donna 299 Maisel Kathryn 302 Mallon Elliott 308 Manack Alan 199 Mande! Bonnie 280 Manley Melissa 297 Manlin Sallie 280 Mann Alan 124 Mann Candace 292 Mann Lyle 310 Mann Robert 335 Manning Ann 299 Mannly Melisa 168 Manspeaker Melinda 301 Mapes Linda 199 299 Mariani Guido 322 Marinoff Marc 336 Mariotte Randolph 199 Mariscal Ana 396 Marlow Arthur 329 Maroney Suzi 163 199 291 Marr Andrea 302 Marsh Sherri 27 Marta Jeffrey 199 Martin Ann 292 Martin Vicki 299 Martindell Elizabet 287 Martinez Evelyn 199 Martinez Grace 199 Mascia Frank 169 Mateme Earl 331 Mates Carol 170 Mathes Malcolm 319 Matter Martha 199 396 Matthews Cathy 163 372 Matthews Thomas 336 Maurer Gail 163 Maury Ann 301 Maxwell Margaret 387 282 Maxwell Melvin 124 May Nancy 301 Mayer Robert 122 Mayfield Margaret 3O1 Maykulsky Walter 331 Mayo_Bradford 316 Mayo Jeanette 292 McAlister James 199 McAllister Doug 322 McAfee Karen 287 McCain Deryl 335 McCarthy Colleen 163 McCarthy Diane 282 288 McCarthy John 336 McCarty Martha 288 McCausland Mary 297 McClenaghan James 199 McConnell Margaret 372 McCorkle Tazeweltl 336 McCormick Timothy 316 McCrea Randall 199 McDonald Enfred 339 McDonald Rita 396 McDougal Russell 336 McDowell Mary 299 McEdwards Laurie 287 McEver Lawrence 199 McEwen Jack 124 125 McFadyen Mary 291 McGeorge Louis 331 McGeorge Thomas 331 McGirr Scott 82 McGivem Margaret 200 Mclntosh Scott 327 McKane Shannon 299 McKee Charles 31 McKee Lawrence 31 McKeon Michael 336 McKinlev William 31 32 McKinney Walter 58 59 McLaughlin John 322 McLeod Antoinette 168 291 McLoone James 331 McLoughlin Mary 163 200 168 299 McMahon Valerie 291 McMillan Martha 299 McNally Michael 329 McNamara Charles 157 200 McNamara Gerald 333 McNary Candi 299 McNaughton Gay 200 301 McPhail Allan 333 McPike Timothy 338 McQuide Scon 316 McReynolds Diane 297 McVeigh Lawrence 327 McWilliams Michael 333 Meacham Milo 200 Meade Susan 288 Meehan Matthias 331 Mehl David 335 Mehl George 86 Melick Penelope 390 Meltzer Adrienne 302 Membrila George 96 Menary Robert 328 Mendoza Fernanndo 98 Menninger Fredrick 124 Mercer Daniel 200 169 335 Mesik Mark 151 200 Meyer Brad 168 322 Meyer Michael 200 311 Meyers Brenda 287 Meyersoon Gregory 2OO 3O8 Michel Glenn 98 Michele Melinda 168 Mickey Debra 287 Middletoon Joan 200 Miely Ronald 200 Mikulecky Thomas 323 Mikulic Steve 77 Milan Frank 339 Milan George 339 Mileham Francis 336 Miles Janice 297 Millard Everett 200 Miller Christopher 55 Miller Kimberly 287 Miller Linda 282 Miller Margaret 297 Miller Nancy 287 Miller Richard 201 Miller Theresa Anne 201 Milder William 31 Miniat Kevin 167 169 171 Miniat Linda 304 Mirisch Anne 302 Mitchell Lanny 59 Mitchell Terri 3O1 Mixson Mary 166 Molina Barbara 163 168 297 Molt Robert 122 Monnette Jane 299 Monolo Sherry 288 Montano John 317 Montesano Daniel 333 Moodie Kevin 201 338 Moon Cynthia 201 Moore Barbara 396 Moore Mark Melby 323 Moore Michael 201 Moore Vic 124 Morache Richard 77 329 Morales Beckie 278 Morehouse John 334 Moreland Michael 28 329 Morgan Richard 331 Morley Gail 151 163 201 292 Morris Barbara 151 201 282 Morris Elizabeth 201 Morris Kent 336 Morris Robert 122 Morrisey Mary 299 Morrison Jill 280 Morrison Oscar 397 Morton Stewart 331 Moseky Terry 201 Moulinier William 336 Mount Jane 288 274 Mount Michael 336 Mulder Cherie 201 291 Multin Linda 280 Munch Bonnie 168 375 Murdoch James 201 Murphy Deborah 164 168 Murray Steve 201 Murry Portia 299 Muse Elizabeth 297 Musser Kay 301 Myers Eddie 58 60 61 65 66 Myrose Robert 310 Nabhan Harold 202 Naegle John 31 Naegle Susan 202 Nankivell Kimberly 335 Nash Hames 312 Nass Michael 336 Nathan Frederick 335 Nathan Joan 204 Nathan Stephen 149 204 Nation Robert 167 Naughhton Janice 163 202 291 Navarrette Sylvia 28 Neal Kathleen 202 Meal William 145 202 332 Neavitt James 336 Neches Robert 3O8 Needel Ann 202 Nehlawi Khalil 202 Neils Kurt 313 Nelson Teri 278 Nelson Thomas 202 Nelson Vicki 396 Nesemeier Susan 291 Neubauer Jan 291 Newman Richard 202 327 Newman Suzanne 202 Newsom Robert 202 Nichollas David 202 Nichols Kathleen 396 Niel Scott 328 Nielsen William 203 Nino Raul 124 Nissen Steven 335 Moles Cynthia 292 Nomura Ronald 203 Nordberg Mary 164 Norman Christine 292 Norrbom Christine 203 Norris Steven 310 Nonis Timothy 203 North Morgan 3z3 Northcraft Mark 122 Norton John 310 Novaky George 203 Novinski Nathalie 394 Novorr Patricia 280 Nuckolls Tracy 203 Nuckols Marjorie 203 Nunamaker Pamela 203 Nunez Daniel 29 310 Nunez Louis 203 Nupen Eric 203 Oakes Valerie 278 Oberon Bruce 203 Obrien Rodney 77 Ocepek Daviid 203 377 Ochooa Jesse 327 Ochs Jeffrey 203 Odorisio Bryan 31 Odowd Charles 318 Oesterle Richard 169 Ohara Andrew 77 Olds Cynthia 203 Olney Carol 291 390 Olson Nancy 292 Oneil John 331 Ong Teresa 149 162 Oppel Wendy 203 Oppenheim Donald 308 Opper Shelley 281 Opstad Gregory 203 Orin Robert 397 Omelas Linda 164 168 299 Ortega Ralph 124 Ortega Raymond 124 Orth Johnston 333 Ortlieb Julie 278 Osher Warren 308 Osterle Richard 335 Ostetloh John 96 Osterloh Karen 289 Otke Barbara 394 Otto Andrew 335 Overstreet Reading 331 Overton Dana 301 Ovren Janice 394 Owens Gary 311 Owens Judith 203 Padden Thomas 317 Paden Cindy 291 Padula Joseph 327 Pakenham George 331 Paleck William 147 323 378 Palmer Bruce 335 86 Palmer Debbie 390 Palmer Jacqueline 394 Palmer Kevin 384 Palmer Margaret 166 301 Palmer Nancy 203 Palmer Pennie 279 Palmer Thomas 203 Pankey Philip 310 Paquette Stephen 316 Park Kathleen 203 Parker Constance 301 Parker Frazer 329 Parker James 203 Parris Andrea 203 302 Parsons Clinton 327 Partridge Bruce 31 Paskal Jill 289 Paske Gary 31 Passey David 96 Pate James 203 Patterson Berengar 203 Patton David 336 Paul Stephen 322 Paulson Judy 203 Payton Ronald 203 Paz Estanislado 203 Pedroli Bette 302 Peeples Roger 248 Peilman Mene 281 Pelzl Dale 329 Pence John 333 Penero John 86 Pennebaker James 171 Pennington Penny 379 Pennington Edward 329 Perlman Ariene 302 Peron David 327 Perry Craig 171 Perry Edith 149 162 203 168 369 Perry Gary 203 Pershing Jerry 203. Pesqueira Wilhelmina 204 Peters Steven 319 Petersen James 331 Petersen Katharine 163 204 297 Petersen Phyllis 297 Petroshus Joseph 47 Pfanner Susan 291 Pfeilfer Cecilia 204 [Pfeil Carolyn 29 390 Philbrick Wendy 304 Phillips Frances 293 Phillips Laurie 289 Pierce Steve 322 Pierson Bobby 204 Pierson Edward 311 Pierson Joseph 311 275 Pierson Robert 318 Pike Willis 204 Pilcher Rebecca 289 Pinnell Karen 291 Pinson Ernest 331 Pitman Nancy 299 Pittenger Thomas 384 Pluemer Jill 278 Pollard Thomas 166 171 335 Pooley Sheldon 122 Pooley Dan 335 Porreca Betty 190 Porreca Zana 304 Porter Cynthia 304 Porter Fern 149 162 204 168 299 Porter Pamela 204 Powell Dale 204 310 Powell Diane 297 Powell Douglas 331 Powell Linda 303 Powell Nancy 166 Powely Frances 289 Powley Margaret 289 Praver Mona 281 iPreger Dennis 204 329 Premovich Misty 396 Prest David 330 77 Preston Leslie 204 299 Preston Marjorie 205 Price Penelope 299 Pringle Amy 289 Proctor Chester 98 Protus Marilyn 396 Provenzano James 331 77 Pulakos Kathy 151 282 Purvis Charles 329 Pusateri Charles 329 Quaye Benjamin 205 Quigg George 397 Quigg Thomas 327 Quimby Charles 205 Quiros Theresa 395 Rabogliatti Mary 205 Rafferty Nancy 279 Rajsich Dennis 58 Ralston Richard 335 Randall Christopher 205 Ransburg Sally 205 287 Rathbun Sandra 166 Rauh David 384 Rauscher Margaret 166 395 Rawn Peggy 168 Rawson Ronald 96 331 Ray Carol 394 Ray Dennis 205 Rayl Salley 279 Raymond Jane 289 Reagle Merl 380 Reden Ellen 205 Reden Steven 205 Redtern Kenneth U2 Reed David 335 Reeg Robert 206 Rehling Charles 323 Reich Harriet 293 Reid Ivy 206 Reife Howard 308 Reilly Lynn 166 289 Reis Kevin 318 Remenyi Susan 293 Remick Dan 317 Renner Daniel 206 Rennick John 206 Resseguie Joan 279 Reutter Mark 331 Reynolds Diane 395 Reynolds Donald 31 34 Reynolds Randall 82 85 Reznik Randi 280 Rhodes Raymond 77 Rice " David 338 Rice Patricia 283 Rice Sally 164 168 Richard Annaudley 206 Richards Shirley 206 Richardson Cara 206 Richman David 206 Richter Robert 308 Ricker Cynthia 287 Riddle Ricky 122 Riederer Bruce 317 Rifkin Philip 309 Riley Marina 170 Ring Floyd 207 322 Rishel Kathleen 384 Ritter Maureen 279 Ritzinger Gail 301 Roark Cathleen 287 Roark Rodney 323 Roberson Ethel 283 Roberson Gregg 207 Roberts Barbara 396 Roberts Howard 207 323 Roberts Molly 163 Robertson David 207 Robertson Gayle 291 Robertson Mary 207 301 ' ; . L Robertson Molly 290 Robey Mary 151 163 207 2S3 Robins Harry 384 Robinson Keith 333 Robinson Linda 165 288 Robinson Melani 151 Robles Mary 207 Rocker Elizabeth 2B1 Rodgers John 317 Rodgers Knoxlis Rodgers Richard 169 Rodney Michael 323 Rodriguez Una 170 Roecker Robert 207 Rogers John 327 Rogers Nels 335 Rogers Richard 331 Rogers Sandra 207 Rokey Ray 77 Rolf Stanton 335 Roll Richard 335 Rollings Connie 395 Rollins Mary 395 Rollins Phillip 335 Roman Carlos 336 Romick Linda 163 372 Root Candace 299 Root Cynthia 299 Rorbach Elizabeth 301 Roscoe Kathy 167 283 Rose Dennis 317 Rose Elissa 207 Rose Kathleen 208 Rose Sherry 303 Rosecrans Roger 311 Rosen David 309 Rosenberg Daryl 281 Rosenthal Craig 169 Rosing Barbara 303 Rosman Lynne 303 Rosser Sallie 208 Rote Larry 58 Rothery Douglas 31 168 332 Rothman Brian 313 Rothman Frances 280 Rotolo Frank 208 Rousseau Katherine 299 Rowe Elizabeth 208 279 Rowland John 333 Roylston Thomas 208 Rubens Mitchell 3O9 K " ubin Sherry 303 Ruetter Mark 77 Ruh Steven 208 Ruiz Sylvia 56 Ruoho Gary 98 Russell Mark 335 Russell Robyn 299 Ruth Ellen 299 Ryan Daniel 329 Ryan Sally 167 Rybak Marilyn 281 Ryden Kathleen 170 Sadek Susan 280 Sadler Stephen 333 Saide Robert 171 Saldamando Guadaiup 208 Salonic Miriam 395 Saltzman David 208 Sampson W ilium 308 Sanbom Linda 292 Sanchez Gloria 208 Sandahl Douglas 332 Sandberg Susan 394 Sandeno Betty 301 Sanders Benny 124 Sanders Earl 339 Sanders John 311 Santacruz Rafaela 208 Santalucia James 208 Santangelo Bonita 2O8 Sattersrrom Cindy 289 Saucedo Adela 208 Sawdey Sue 297 Sawyer David 208 Scaling Peggy 2O8 301 Scarborough Deborah 168 Scarla Arthur 323 Scarsatto Al 169 Scaus Chris 395 Schaefer Richard 171 Scheffler Helen 208 281 Scheihing Daniel 333 Scherer Karen 297 Scherrer Michael 338 Scheuer Roger 310 Schlesinger Louis 327 Schlueter Jay 333 Schmidt Barbara 208 301 Schmidt John 312 Schmidt Susan 287 Schneider Steve 304 Schock William 2O8 Schoenfeld Susan 281 Scholl William 208 Schou Rolf 335 Schrader Jack 327 Schrader Marcia 301 Schroeder Gretchen 170 Schuetle Carolyn 299 Schuler Barbara 145 162 380 Schuler Linda 293 Schull Derek 323 Schw Schw Schw Schw Schw Schw b Jean 301 rtz Judy 151 2O8 282 rtz Mark 208 rtz Neil 3O9 rtz Nolan 338 rtz Renee 283 Scmiker Cheryl 303 Scorsatto Allen 209 Scott Beverly 209 Scott Candice 283 Scott Kathleen 299 Scott Pamela 390 Scuman Annette 293 Scurich Mark 59 Seaver Douglas 209 Secor Russell 338 Seefried James 335 Segal Lance 31 165 Seidel Jan 303 Setter Deborah 297 Sellaro Richard 313 Sellers Mark 319 Sellers Rkk 313 Semelsberger Robert 96 Shadegg Stephen 331 Shallenberger Rober 122 123 ShanedEhg David 3O9 Shannon Carol 293 Shapiro Joel 317 Shapiro Leonard 209 309 Sharp Bruce 209 Sharp David 169 275 Sheedy Robert 31 Sheedy Timothy 31 Sheehe Terrance 96 97 Sheehy James 327 Sheehy Maryjane 395 396 Shelley C and is 304 Shelton David 209 Shenkarow Ellen 163 209 168 281 Shenkarow Nancy 166 281 Sheppard Frank 2O9 Sherman J.-mes 31 Sherwood Ted 31 34 Shetderoe Cyril 122 123 Shields Bryan 77 Shields Dennis 333 Shields Karen 72 291 Shilling Jack 309 Shindoler Joella 304 Shirk Brian 312 Shniderson Ann 303 Shook Richard 335 Shrauner Trudy 210 Shrigley Lillie 287 Shuck Pamela 164 168 Shuhaibar Nabeel 209 Sus Sandra 395 Skher Dawn 293 Sicilian Robert 31 Sieffert George 171 Siegel Nancy 3O3 Siegel Stuart 210 Siek Evelyn 283 Silva Marvin 210 Silverman Andrew 210 Silverman Stuart 3O9 Silverstein Janice 281 Simonds Joan 289 Simonds William 329 Sims George 323 Singel Kenneth 309 SittVr Tobey 297 Sitz Glen 210 Sitze Marilyn 210 Skinner George 210 Skold Krisrina 301 Skousen Kenneth 311 Slaten Helen 21O Slavick Nancy 151 210 281 Slavin Craig 309 Sloan Leon 3O9 Smart Brenda 301 Smee Janet 304 Smiley Gerald 308 Smith Bradley 327 Smith Brenda 210 395 Smith Cheri 210 293 Smith David 169 Smih Ferris 282 Smith Laura 3O1 Smith Lawrence 329 Smith Linda 210 297 Smith Marvin 77 Smith Meredith 163 Smith Susan 395 Smith Teryl 293 Smith Veronica 293 Smithson John 210 Snider Joseph 333 Snyder Craig 3O9 Snyder Leonard 210 Snyder Rebecca 291 Snyder Rocky 311 Snyder Teresa 291 Sobel Patricia 293 Soboroff Steven 147 210 169 Somers Nancy 279 Sommerfield Steven 338 Sondock Sandra 303 Sontag Stephanie 210 Sotirake Linda 210 Spear Diane 297 Speer Jack 318 Spencer James 211 Spencer Margo 289 Spitzer Thomas 335 Spong Donald 211 Squires Thomas 211 Stanley Catherine 29 166 390 Stanley John 323 Stanley Larry 211 Stanley Loyd 211 Stanley Margie 293 Starkopf Lawrence 3O9 Stames Marcy 212 Starr Steven 317 Stdenis Richard 211 Stearman Linda 156 212 297 Steam loan 289 Steams Wayne 212 I i Steckel Barbara 170 Steele Jennifer 293 Steffy John 317 Stenerson Kimberly 167 299 Stephens Roberta 291 Stephenson Charles 212 Stern Randall 309 Stevens Carlos 168 Stevens Martha 212 Stevenson Ricky 31 Steward Thomas 332 Stiner Kathryn 299 Stinson Robert 212 Stiteler William 317 St. Dennis Rick 317 Stockham Bonnie 394 Stockwell James 335 Stolle Susan 299 Stone Cynthia 303 Stone Joan 304 Stoaer Patricia 289 Stoops Tho mas 323 Stott William 311 Strahl Ute 212 Straight Bonnie 279 Straitiff Susan 212 291 Straus Ellen 395 Strieker Nancy 170 Strock Douglas 212 Strode Margaret 291 Strohm Glen 171 334 Struckmeyer Jan 291 Stuart Charles 212 329 Stuehrenberg Terry 98 99 Stull Stephen 122 331 Stump Gerald " 31 Stury Charles 213 Stutts Alan 213 Suarez Robert 331 Suedkamp Kathryn 395 Sullivan Michael 313 Sutler Patricia 213 Sutton Mary 293 Swartz Douglas 82 Szafas Eugene 213 Talbott Lawrence 317 Tarn Thomas 213 Tamarkin Carola 278 Tartt Kathryn 395 396 Tashnek Julianne 213 303 Taylor Florence 279 Taylor Nancy 384 Teague Julia 279 Teel Diane 213 Tegtmeyer Virginia 213 Telleen Dennis 311 Temple James 172 Tenbroeck Richard 122 123 Tenen Gary 338 387 Tepper David 124 Theiler Susan 213 Thiessen Jan 378 Thomas Janet 213 Thomas Laurel 293 Thomasson Patricia 395 Thompson Jane 213 390 297 Thompson Ronald 169 Thompson Sherry 287 Thomson David 317 Thurston Bruce 213 Tiahnybik Cynthia 289 Tierney William 124 213 Tom Jane 394 Tom Jennie 165 299 Tomera Richard 310 Tompkins Kim 31 98 Touche Charles 331 Toures Pamela 293 Townley Diana 297 Toy Martha 396 Tracey Juliana 289 Trafford Charles 313 Treadwell Mike 31 Tregaskes Fred 171 Tregonis Diane 293 Triem Ellen 213 Trinca Carl 213 Troyer Brian 213 Truman Edward 319 Tsitouras Buff 213 Tuinstra Michael 213 Tupper Todd 124 333 Turbeville Pamela 301 Turner Carol 213 Turner Claude 213 Turner John 319 Turner Nancy 213 396 Turner Richard 327 Turner Sara 299 Tvert Toni 213 281 Tyree Thomas 213 Ugrin John 58 Ulmer Jerry 213 Underwood Martha 170 Underwood William 313 Ungvary John 213 Ure Louise 299 Usel.nan Diana 213 Vance David 164 326 Vance Gary 327 Vancoevering James 58 Vangsness Nancy 297 Vanharen Daniel 331 Vansickle James 327 Varga James 319 Vaughan Ellen 279 Vaughn Judith 213 Vazquez Luis 213 Venn Robert 213 329 Ventriglia James 31 40 Verdon Charles 338 Verdugo Preston 331 Vertlieb Jane 213 Vetterlein Barbara 394 Vettorel Karen 394 Viger Nina 279 Villaverde Pete 384 Vincent Maeve 279 Viner William 169 Vito Melissa 299 Vohe Pat 396 Voigt John 333 Waag Robert 323 Waddell Gene 126 Waddell Roy 126 Wadell Deborah 156 301 Waits John 327 Walker Beverly 287 Walker Nancy 214 168 301 Walker Pam 289 Walker Susan 297 Wall Nira 163 214 168 Wall Peggy 301 Wallace Angela 166 Walley Karen 293 Walp Cathy 214 291 Walske Kathleen 283 Walstad Katherine 214 Walters Herman 82 83 Walthier Anne 395 Waltner William 214 335 Wandel Mark 339 Wandrey James 214 Ward Michael 28 333 Ward Richard 214 Ward Rosalie 214 Warne John 214 Warner Judith 170 Warner Paul 96 Warner Steve 98 Warner William 58 60 64 65 Warren Paul 31 Wason Paul 317 Waterworth Marie 214 Watson Patricia 214 Watson Susan 297 Watson Theodore 214 Watts Douglas 331 Way Katherine 215 279 Weakland Richard 215 Weaver Gail 167 287 Weaver Jack 124 Weaver Thomas 317 Weber Amy 301 Weber Peggy 395 396 Weber Robert 323 Weeks Elizabeth 293 Weigand June 165 Weiner Arnold 215 309 Weiner Riki 291 Weiner Stephen 309 Weingrow Robert 309 Weinrub Renay 289 Weinstein Beth 281 Weir Diane 390 Weiss Marie 390 Weiss Peggy 215 Weisser Kristin 215 Weisz George 309 Welch Claudia 163 215 168 372 Wellman Paul 311 Wells Barbara 279 Wells Susan 395 Wells Susan R 297 Welsh Claudia 151 West Bonnie 163 215 299 West Mark 167 171 Westberg Rory 166 WestbyTeter 215 Wetherell Barbara 297 Wheeler John 317 Whelton Joanne 215 Whitcomb Jill 215 White Jacques 333 White William 369 Whitfield Ashland 124 Whitley Dwight 3J1 Whitley Patricia 215 Whittaker Scott 85 Whittemore David 323 Whittle Elizabeth 394 Wichtrich Ellen 215 Widartojo Min 215 Wiegand June 287 Wieland George 216 Wienstock Erlene 303 Wild Barbara 168 301 Wild Mary 166 Wilc ' man Virginia 289 Wilken Sandra 287 Wilkinson Christina 394 Williams Carol 215 297 Williams Donald 215 Williams Gary 323 Williams Isaac 124 Williams James 77 Williams Karen 216 Williams Matthew 31 Williams Warren 333 Willis Leigh 291 Wilson David A 335 Wilson David 216 331 Wilson Dwayne 216 Wilson Janet 216 397 Wison Marion 279 Wilson Virginia 216 293 Wilson William 58 Wing Barbara 396 Wingfield Anne 289 Wingfield Geoffrey 333 Wintrode William 216 Wirthjack 216 Wise James 317 Wissen Jack 327 Witt Janet 304 Wolf Gayl 279 Wolfe Stephen 31 Wolicki Richard 216 Wollheim Donald 171 Wong Arthur 339 Wong David 216 Wong Judy 216 Wood Carol 297 Wood Leigh 283 Wood Lynne 165 Wood William 216 Woods Thomas 331 Woodward Gregory 31 Woodward Reid 216 Woon Penny 216 Wray Karen 216 Wright Bill 122 Wright George 216 Wright William 336 Wuertz Karen 287 Wuesthoff Ellenora 283 Yawger Jeanne 151 Yellico Diana 390 Yeoman Carol 166 299 Yeoman WUliam 317 Yeung David 216 Yinger Barbara 164 Yohe Patricia 165 Yoshizumi Eric 317 Young Gregg 151 216 282 Young Katherine 395 Young Larry 217 Yslas Jaime 327 Zappia Camille 394 Zarnes Scott 339 Zeluff Robert 217 333 Ziegenbein Robert 217 Zitko Beth 217 Zoback Cheryl 166 Zoller Gayle 217 Zukowski Michael 309 Zumberge Joellen 293 tar is not thlrws F? I 3 A V , . mattheu scn ' neck ouis s! jnal| - : ' omas sm betsy baum Stephen g iarnes h hin a year at ua you met many people some who meant a lot more than others to you but all influenced you in some way you decided to either be for or against the protests you learned more from others than you did in class you learned from them how to think how to live acknowledgements: chichi walstad for the cover susie gamble and karen Williams for the artwork ray manley for the color picture on page two henk moonen stan oaks tony barnard bob broder of asua photo service phil dering of american yearbook company torn cooper jeannette lasch tim mcpike freeman hover as friends to the editor and a special thanks to phelps dodge and ajo

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University of Arizona - Desert Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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