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1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT -{1E 1969 THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT THE 1969 DESERT u nn e 59 Published by the Associated Students " There can be no progress except in the individual and by the individual himself. " --Charles Baudelaire ndviduality Vs The Path To Vdentity Responsibility and purpose- fulness await the individual student upon entrance to his years at the U of A, years of discovery and growth, times of quest and maturity. Each man values his merits, prides himself on his accomplish- ments and creations. We all seek our pedestal in society on which we exhibit achieve- ment and efforts. So too, a- midst the campus environ- ment can each seek his pos- ition, his quest for personal accomplishment and self-sat- isfaction. N The Struggle To Achieve To Attain An Identity These years offer the gift of knowledge -- knowledge of scholars, teachers, wisemen of the centuries -- and also the practicality of wise gr emit Each to his special talents take hold, guard and use them. Commit yourself to self-ful- fillment and pride, the pride gained from seeking to be yourself, respecting the old, guarding and revering it, but bearing forth the new. 5 Rapid Pace Of Mega University Students, Provokes Individuality What is an individual? He is you or I seeking our goals, dreaming our pipedreams and molding our realities, be- ing Don Quixote when all others chase the masses. She is you or I, hair swept by the winds, proud conqueror of the moment, chaser of the stars, without satisfaction of the present or self-content- ment for the past. Ahead lie the years of plenty, the times of promise. Herein lies the hope that each will grasp the moment, seek out his goals and remain true to them. The individual is the creature of special talent, each to his ability and desires. We all can be the men of the moment, the searchers for our finest hour. The " mega-university in- dividual " p erhaps considers himself a different breed, no longer rare to be sure, and no longer unique. Have not we all asked how we could dis- tinguish ourselves from oth- ers, how to seek out identity? Solutions seem varied, but the best advice would state: " Be yourself. Enact the role of the individual. Display your tal- ents, be willing to be different as long as you believe in what you do. " QJ D 0 �� . y ' . ' J Complacency remains the sedative for the masses, but commitment and action re- main the goals of the individ- uaL Discover your worth and put it to use in whatever field possible on the campus for the campus remains a testing ground for the future, a place of a multiplicity of activities and events. Comp ace ncy Ver S 11 s Comm q:,m0nt 0 0 0 10 0 Actio ate F 0 . . .. • , ...• Tr .02..4 .0 • ,I ....... fr it—t. _ iiii0.0.• •• ... t. .0 . s.. ,..• • s 0 ... y s►v. • •fr " . ill. a . . • vie.0111114.• e• •• - O. V. 00 4 0 lot ' ell •••• - ' • . . . 111, —..— _ . • • 1 am TABLE OF CONTENTS The Year 18 Sports 76 Colleges 130 Administration 160 Seniors 178 Greeks 226 Residence Halls 300 Organizations 326 1101.L-=7 1 77 ' R ACTIVITIES-- Develop citizenship, character, leadership, involvement. Coordinate individuals to changes, to progress, to maturity. Produce meetings, entertainment, conventions, recreation, memories. Expand interest in life, music, drama, government, writing, speech. Registration-Chaos On Cards Shadows from people standing in lines were cast from the early hours of morning to the late hours of the afternoon as students waited to pick up either their packets, class cards, or pay their fees for the up-coming semester. 21 Sentine. Peak Freshmen To UA Continuing a tradition begun in 1916, the University year begins with the burning of the " A " by Sophos on the first Friday of the school year. The next day cheerleaders, the Uni- versity Band, Freshmen, and anyone else travel towards the " A " . White- wash lands more on freshmen rather than the rocks. It is another initia- tion to the UA life and the first in- troduction to belonging. One freshman finds that " A " Day means a whitened t-shirt, dust and aggravation. Lines and lines of cars and people form, waiting to travel the traditional route to the " A " . Traditions members surround Pi Phi pledge Patti Jones to choose her as " A " Day Queen. 23 d You Care? 24 Could you care about under- privileged children? Could you care enough to spend a weekend with them? You wonder what they will be like and you worry whether you can help them. You find out soon that each child has problems and they won ' t be solved in one weekend. So you try to make a dif- ference. Some learn how to float while others stop fighting. That too will end. He responds because of concern shown by someone. So you try to make a difference. Camp Wildcat is feeling the child is giving you more than you give him. F oats a nd ictory 0 m °line For A Homecom cr g Carried " Up, Up and Away " with the U of A during the 1968 Home- coming festivities were the classes of 1918, 1928, 1943 and 1958. The alumni and present students gath- ered for the annual parade and football game. SAE ' s took the prize in the floats, while the Wildcats took Washington State with a 28-14 score. Harold C. Schwalen, Thomas E. Diehl, and A.M. " Jake " Meyer were named honorary members of Bob- cats. A house decoration exemplifies the fighting spirit of this year ' s football team. Homecoming decorations required many hours of work putting together the intricate details. 26 The 1968 Homecoming Queen, Sue Lombaer, awaits her tour around the stadium. Left halfback Ron Gardin cools off during the heated game against Washington State. One of the many Tucson Police officers. Alpha Chi Omega and Phi Sigma Kappa took the mixed division honors during halftime. 27 . .• . ............ ........ • ............ .......... .. un " . Rhta ry Students To Partkdrpate 28 At a pre-game rally, Traditions members cir- culate anti-ASU posters to create a new spirit. Halfback Dan Hustead (38) charges to the Arizona 12-yard line as the Wildcat offense holds back the Sun Devils during the second quarter. 29 The newly remodeled and named UA Art Museum p laced focus upon the Edward Joseph lagher, Jr. Collection. His tion has been at the University since 1954 when it joined the C. Leonard Pfeiffer and Samuel H. Kress lections. Works by Archipenko, Rodin, Lipschitz, Maillol, Moore and many others can be seen in the Gallagher Collection, a memorial to his parents and son. The collections are claimed to be the only one of a kind at a university. Julian Bond, the 28-year-old black state representative from Georgia who was nominated for dent at the 1968 Democratic vention, spoke to more than 3,500 students during the politically portant fall of 1968. He told the stu: dents to look to themselves for the solutions of the problems of ca rather than waiting for leaders like Kennedy or McCarthy to come along and guide them. Bond called, such practices the " Snow White complex, " based upon the premise that " Someday my prince will come. " He said, " Leaders will pear if people take the initiative. " Bond called for the abolition of the draft, an end to the war in Vietnam and to " slogans and rhetoric " in attacking the problems of our ciety. He also advocated the ization of the •blacks, Americans, American Indians, and " the few whites who still retain some vestiges of liberalism. " Bond Proposes Joe (Sidney Dawson) presents his soulful rendition of " 01 Man River. " I 4 1,Nd Ar IP ■ 41 " 04 1 . • • • b • .. • • . 4 t A i 1 I • .• i bp 9 II 4 0. ■■•• % . • • . • 1 r , 1 • ,, 4 ■ i II% 664 " ‘;j1 LN1114 AO NJaiikii The classic favorite " 01 ' Man River " returned to the stage in the University ' s production of " Show- boat. " The Drama Department and the College of Music combined to present " Showboat " as the annual University musical in the Artist Series program. The somewhat drab story was kept alive through the fine efforts of Jane LeGrand, Robin Lee, Bill Damron Jr., Janice Felty, Carolyn Monson, Lucille Smith, Dan Parker- son, and Betty Scott, while Sidney Dawson, an administrator at Utter- back Junior High, stopped the show with his rendition of " 01 ' Man River. " AnnuaV Musical asp ays Pmfesskma S M ).,fin:117 " " .4...CP A 04,A9P •••••Tho • IT% CJA ' —ar _ ___ ,...._ _ , , --_,, ,-, - . ' - -- " ‘ (4 ' 2 ` . ' e ...--„•, %--), lp D13 51040 OTTO The reunion of Magnolia (Carolyn Munson) and Ravenal (Dan Parkerson) is a happy time for all. 35 CLASS OFFICERS—Freshman Class Officers (TOP TO BOTTOM): President Snow Peabody; Treasurer Nattette Sexton; Sophomore Class Officers: President Bill Jeffry; Secretary Marcie King; Treasurer Linda Ornelas; Junior Class Officers: Rex Macklin; Vice-President Freddie Kalil; Secretary Wendy Brooks; Treasurer Candy Garmire; Sen- ior Class Officers: President Mike Moody; Vice-President H. Stanton Jones; Secretary Bonnie Wright; Treasurer Myra Freeman. The " Fast for Biafra Week " was held early in the spring under the sponsorship of the Freshmen class. The purpose of the fund raising drive was to aid programs sending food and medical supplies to the starving Biafran population. The entire University community was asked to fast one meal and donated the money they would have spent to the Biafra fund. Films, speeches and photographs of the plight of the Biafrans were made available throughout the week. Campus or- ganizations, fraternities and sorori- ties assisted in the effort. The money was sent to the Christian Relief Fund which will send the aid to Biafra through the Red Cross and UNICEF. Fu Li d Raisng ajve Brings $2,728.24 The Campus Christian Center hosted the pre-Biafran fast at which Dr. Leland Scott spoke to interested students. 37 University GE Bowl Team Loses To Davidson, 250 - 130 _UNIVERSITY COLLEGE BOWL TEAM (TOP TO BOTTOM): Randy Holdridge, Scott Schaefer, Steve Crafton, and Ray Poliakoff, Donald Graham, English turer, was the team coach. Mar Hatfieki Barry Go dwater James Corbett 40 hey Came . . jstened Dick Gregory Entertainers Offer Rhythm, Sound, And Talent Al Hirt Carlos Montoya John Gary A blue fees card and an ID packet were presented by about 2,800 people during elections. MUM " Campus Conscience " Despite a very light voter turn out this year, Mark Ginsberg and Bill White succeeded in bringing the school ' s first joint ticket to victory. The slogan " Campus with a Con- science " underscored the two major goals of their platform; internal autonomy of student government and the placement of students on committees making University policy. During the campaign, Mark Ginsberg voiced dismay with the University ' s and Associated Student Government ' s lack of response to minority group demands. He felt the University should abandon the " old, white way " and become a " campus with a conscience in the 1970 ' s " . In other areas, Freddy Kalil easily bottled up the AWS presi- dential election. She hopes to seek liberalization of women ' s hours as well as improvement of dormitory living conditions for those women students unable to move off cam- pus. 44 The newly elected ASUA President, Mark Ginsberg, enthusiastically addresses the crowd after the announcement of his elec- tion. Bruce Eggers doubles over in excitement upon hearing of his top win in the Senate race. 45 Brazil ' 69 overwhelmed the cam- pus during the University ' s 11th annual International Forum. One hundred-thousand free cups of cof- fee were distributed during the week to exhibit the country ' s main export. Cocoa, tapioca, fruits, rub- ber and textiles, along with informa- tion about their production and importance were also on display. Brazilian music and dance were pre- sented at the all-night carnival held in the Student Union. Soccer and Brazilian foods were also available to students. Forum Attracts Many Visitors Standing in front of the Brazilian Trade Ex- hibit Governor Jack Williams, Mayor James Corbett, and Forum Chairman Charlie John- ston paused before the opening ceremonies. 47 Students enjoyed the specially flown in Bra- zilian bananas which were then chocolate covered. The magical art of voodoo was demonstrated to students of all ages at Brazil ' 69 International Forum. 48 Braz __Ayes Over 50,000 students viewed exhibits at the Brazilian Fair, and could buy some of them. Brazilian music and dancing were presented as part of the Forum ' s activities. 49 Greek Week Features Revised 0 ymOcs and Workshops 1969 Greek Week, held April 13 to 19, featured two new activities— a barbecue and a football game with half time activities including a tug- of-war pitting sororities against fra- ternities. The annual events in- cluded Olympic games, a concert, speakers, street dance and work- shops. A traditional torch lighting ceremony, the annual Olympics offered trophies in pogo stick racing, chariot beauty contest, steeplchase, and pyramid racing. Elaborate chariots and costumes typified the efforts and planning needed to produce the setting for the 1969 Greek Week. Playing blindfolded leap frog paired fraternities and sororities competed for trophies. A revised version of the Olympic games cli- maxed the annual Greek Week held April 13 to 19. 51 1 Sue torn oast gns As 96 H omecomng Queen Crowned Mks U of A 0 . cop 0 ,.2.0 • ..■° ' ' eN CI _ Peggy Wilson, ASUA Secretary Steve Malkin, ASUA President Art Vertlieb, ASUA Vice President Mitch Dorson, Administrative Aid and Chuck Mabry, Faculty Survey ASUA Attempts to Liberahze o A Po des As the end of the sixth year of Associated Student Government draws to a close, one can look back with a feeling of accomplishment. Successful projects have included voluntary ROTC, an optional Pass Fail system of grading and the end of the University ' s Search and Seiz- ure policy. In the area of entertain- ment such notables as Van Cliburn and Carlos Montoya were brought to campus by the Artist Series. For the first time students enjoyed speakers representing all points of view despite criticism from outside officials who felt students were be- ing exposed to " cesspool material " . The Student Senate spent long hours in sub-committees before passing bills pertaining to such issues as Search and Seizure, the Univer- sity ' s antiquated dress code, rules on the marriage of twenty-one year old women, and the charging of $5.00 extra per student to help im- prove the parking situation on cam- pus. Student Senate, Home Economics Auditori- um, Wednesday, 7:00 PM. Senators discuss the controversial Orange Blossom Festival bill. Dick Else, Administrative Aid Kay Anderson, Artist Series Mike Griffin, Administrative Aid 57 Bruce Eggers, ROTC: Joan Kinneberg, Elections. Bob Bayne, Publicity. John Nash, High School Relations, Terri bell. Grant Smith, Camp Wildcat 58 Margaret Maxwell, Special Research Bill White, Appropriations Board Judy Kent, People To People Fernando Salas, Bob Myhre, Speakers Board; center, Karl Hess. 59 AWS Executive Council: Mary Alice Kellogg, Secretary; Yolanda Cagigas, Vice President; Shari Kempton, President; Gloria Aguilar, Standards Board Chairman; Rose Ann Duenas, Standards Board Secretary; Ann Jerman, Rules Chairman Kathy Town Women; Mary Ann May, Women ' s Day. Jeanne Pace, Philanthropy. 60 Pam Ferry, Campus Service men ' s R: The plans have been laid for the future liberalization of women ' s rules on the U. of A. campus. Hope- fully, next year Arizona will join the ranks of those schools around the country with self-regulatory hours for women students. This year a dedicated few have worked closely with the administration in an at- tempt to implement suggestions for improvement of present sign-out procedures as well as numerous minor catalogue changes concern- ing University living conditions for women students. One of the high- lights of this years AWS sponsored activities was their Dollars ' till Dawn drive to raise money for the AWS scholarship fund. Many stu- dents, however, questioned the University ' s rational for women ' s hours if, in return for the payment of only a dollar, women could be allowed to stay out all night. hts oera zec) • W Linda Ornelas, Special Co-ordinating Com- mittee Mary Alice Kellogg, Secretary; Freddy Kalil, Standards Board Vice Chairman. Janice Black, Publications; Linda Jacobsen, Civic Activities 61 SL Ad Events Promnent The Student Union Activities Board, comprised of the officers and nine committee chairmen, worked to integrate the facilities and advantages of the Student Union in the student routine. Besides handling the daily usage of the Student Union, the Board sponsored Las Vegas Night, the International Forum, Student Union Birthday Party, Miss U of A pageant, dances, kite flying and pumpkin carving contests, art displays, and music and liter- ary contests. SUAB serves in the planning of activities as well as being able to participate in the activities themselves. Students prepared for the annual SUAB Hi- Lites which allows the individual to partici- pate. Suab Board 1. Linda Romick, Special Events 2. G. Walton Roberson, Assistant Director 3. Donna Black, suab Secretary 4. Mary Hendershott, Miss U. of A. 5. Margaret Boice, Culture 6. Naomi Bear, Advisor 7. Jim Boice, Entertainment 8. Debbie Gibson, Music and Literature 9. Andi Arthur, Publications 10. Judi James, Publicity 11. Tom Menaugh, SUAB Vice President 12. Bill Varney, Director 13. Bill Viner, Recreation 14. Tim Puntenney, SUAB President 15. Charlie Johnston, International Forum 63 64 n West " he " Best The University of Arizona " Super " Band which proudly boasts its motto " Best In the West " is one of the most active organizations on cam- pus. Lead by director Jack Lee and his two able assistants, Richard Peters and Floyd Weil, the band has performed at fifty-six events this 1968-1969 school year. The activi- ties include three parades, six foot- ball games, including the Sun Bowl during Christmas vacation, twelve basketball games, three assembly programs, eight pep rallies and team send offs, five campus concerts, eight state-wide concerts plus other events such as Mens ' night Football Banquet, Commencement, ROTC Reviews, etc. Our bandsmen have demonstrated great dedication to the University of Arizona and its student body and always display excellent school spirit. There is perhaps no other group on campus that meets the public as often as the Wildcat Bandsmen. The Disneyland Band joins the UA " Super " Band for a Sun Bowl halftime presentation. Motto o LJA Baum Twirling fire batons is one of the specialities of the University ' s Twirling Circus. The Wildcat bandsmen presented the Colors to an enthusiastic El Paso Sun Bowl crowd. 65 Yell King Don Doyle Gail Maurer Julie Dean and Kirk Williams PAPER-SHAKERS—FRONT ROW: Barb Molina, Paper-Shaker Leader Nancy Cauble, Barb Walker, Ellen Lamb, Diana Baum, Carol Brown. BACK ROW: Katie Craig, Diane Weir, Carol Olney, Linda Bruce, Wendy Pfeil, Penny Price, Leslie Ahern, June Goodson, Sharon Kempff. Cheerleaders And Paper-Shakers Jack Wilson and Ann Grose Connie Kloos Charlotte Edwards and Mike Moreland Perk Clark 67 Nationa Year book Com lany rints Desert Excedrin Headache 10631 how many pages am I going to get from you . did anyone take pics of Miss Arizona ulcers amidst a pile alive and living the yearbook office ... turkeys no barefeet ... we can get sued Uncle Phil called Phisohex " You guys! " Scripps is alive .. where is the radio munching on animal crackers Sonora sorority strong like Russian bull speed freak failure to municate why a yearbook brotherhood in action close the window tickles ... mom ' s flop house . don ' t cry down with flowery copy .. ask for Mother Mary and smile. you are getting paid. DeNise F lint, Layout Editor Gary Gomez, Co-Greeks Editor David Perry, Co-Editor Maggie McConnell, Co-Greeks Editor Kathy Ryan, Organizations Editor 68 Linda Ganschinietz, Co-Editor Niki Engelhardt, Office Manager and Girls ' Dorm Editor Timothy Lungern, Head Photographer Judi Schwartz and Suellen Stattel, Co-Colleges Editors Adrienne Crane, Administration and Research Editor John Hoge, Sports and Activities Editor 69 Wildcat Ealtors Win Awards Editor Bill Roberts City Editor Barbara Schuler Advertising Manager Jeannette Lasch Associate Editor Sheryl Kornman The University ' s official student newspaper, the Arizona Daily Wildcat, was the sounding board this year of many students. Month long discussions were carried on through the letters to the editor section about atheism, Christ- ianity, and morality. Bill Roberts was the editor of more than 148 editions of the Wildcat, published five times weekly. Special issues were pub- lished for Registration, Home- coming, Parents ' Day, and Senior Day. The thirty-two page spring fashion edition featured wear- ing apparel for men as well as women students. A feature article in the Wild- cat about a test thieving ring won awards for Charlie Waters and Bill Roberts for his article con- cerning " skin flicks. " 70 Associate Editor Marc Adams Sports Editor Tony Sauro Business Manager Don Salazar Feature Editor Patti LaSalle Managing Editor Charlie Waters 71 L of A Tongue Stirs Campus Controversy Under the guidance of Rich Tay- lor, The Tongue has become college Arizona ' s most successful and con- troversial magazine. The obscurity of the term " Ananke " , a misspel- ling of an anti-deluvian term for necessity, prompted the change of the magazine ' s name to The Tongue: a language, an instru- ment of language, and a flexible, muscular organ of articulation. With a new name and new ideas the staff set out to promote their publication. An Outstand- ing Contributors Award was in- itiated followed closely by plans for a scholarship. What was termed by many as a picture in very poor taste served to get the magazine ' s first issue out of the red financially for the first time in its history. The sec- ond issue, although it contained approved pictures, still managed to keep The Tongue in the cen- ter of campus controversy with the inclusion of a four-letter word. Definitely, The Tongue has succeeded in bringing to the students a periodical of art and literature that is entertain- ing for a fair percentage of the University population. TONGUE STAFF -- Eva Gordos, Editor Rich Taylor, Peter Allen, Linda Gray, and Dave Rauh. 72 Students View Academics Everett Sherwood, Director Elizabeth Thomas, Assistant Polling Dir- ector The third edition of the ASUA Course Evaluation was published this year in newspaper form. The program was conceived three years ago to provide a formalized state- ment from the student point of view concerning the courses and instructors at the University. Course Evaluation has three functions: to appraise students of the content Christine French and style of their courses; to pro- vide the faculty with a student view of teaching; and to stimulate in- terest in academic problems. Stu- dents evaluated their instructors with special IBM cards. The student opinions and information were transformed into the course ' s evalu- ation. Attention was drawn to both the student and the instructor. David Dodson, Associate Editor Judy James, Evaluator Lee Ure, Evaluator Al Curtis, Evaluator 73 SP SPORTS-- Rely on sportsmanship, versatility, enthusiasm. Encourage friendly competition, intramural or collegiate. Inspire team effort and interest, ability and alertness. Promote techniques, offense, tactics, defense. Train novice for champion, rookie for hero, unknown for star. Coac The second best record in the history of Arizona football, a major bowl bid, and the resignation of Darrell Mudra colored the 1968 football season. The season opened with the Wildcats taking the first four games over Iowa State, New Mexico, Texas at El Paso, and Brig- ham Young. Game number five saw defeat for the hard-driving Cats, a 16-13 loss to Indiana. However, vic- tories were gained at Homecoming over Washington State; the Air Force Academy; Utah, thanks to a field goal by Steve Hurley in the final three seconds of the game; and Wyoming. With this excellent showing, Arizona was asked to play Auburn in the Sun Bowl at El Paso, 2nd Best Season Ma or Bow_ Bolo Mudra Resigns Texas over the Christmas holidays, followed by a beating by ASU, 30-7. In the Sun Bowl, before 20 mil- lion viewers, Arizona lost to the Auburn Tigers, 34-10. Then Darrell Mudra, after being elected WAC Coach of the Year, unexpectantly announced his decision to quit as Head Coach, stepping down to Assistant Coach Bob Weber. Besides the honor presented to Mudra, many Wildcats were elected WAC Players of the Week. Two out- standing players were Tom Nelson, elected to second string All-Ameri- can and WAC Lineman of the Year, and Mike Moody, who won an NCAA Scholarship. ' an MOM " 411011 FOOTBALL TEAM AND COACHING STAFF--FRONT ROW: Mark P. Driscoll, Gary B. Paske, Richard A. Moriarity, James L. Coddington, Richard L. Houk, Ruben J. White, William S. Miller, Charles D. Sch- lueter, Don W. Reynolds, Nokise Fuimaono. SECOND ROW: Manager Lance Segal, Phillip A. Becker, Randall S. Peterson, Kenneth P. Sarno- ski, Robert J. Sicilian, Ronald J. Gardin, Donald G. Wall, Dan C. Hustead, Steven M. Wolfe, Robert R. LeDuc. THIRD ROW: Manager Barry Nel- son, Issac Jones, Charles L. Duke, John A. Matishak, Richard A. Cross- mann, Otis Comeaux, Nick C. Marette, John L. Ray, Richard A. Kriz, Bruce D. Lee. FOURTH ROW: Bruce K. Partridge, William F. Neal, Mark G. Boche, Ken L. Davis, William J. McKinley, Richard A. Stevenson, Jay D. McClure, Edward F. Mitchell, Matthew Giles. FIFTH ROW: Manager James Gresham, Ted W. Sherwood, John C. Naegle, K im L. Tompkins, Michael R. Aro, James T. Sherman, Michael F. Pritchard, Larry E. Hall, Timothy C. Sheedy. SIXTH ROW: Manager Robert Smith, Thomas W. Cooley, Hal G. Arnason, Laurence E. Rogge, William E. Tapp, Michael L. Harris, Richard D. Prince, Gregory E. Woodard, David Barajas Jr. SEV- ENTH ROW: Manager Jack Greenspan, William M. Moody, Rex N. Macklin, Thomas D. Nelson, Frank L. Jenkins, Lou H. Ramsey, Stephen C. Hurley, Doug E. Rothery, Kerk D. Lesh. BACK ROW: Gary D. Del- forge, Head Coach Darrell E. Mudra, Royal A. Price, Walter L. Weaver, Edward A. Wilson, Peter Rodriquez, Bob Weber, Cecil McGehee. Coach Darrell Mudra 77 Defeat bBes to owa State U A Overcomes 7 Fu Noki Fuimaono (21) plunges up the center for yardage in victory over Iowa State before a crowd of 21,000. As quarterback Mark Driscoll (19) leaves the field after his sensational performance over Iowa State teammates Bill Neal (12) and Jim Coddington (36) congratulate him. Scoring from the one-yard line at the end of the first quarter, full- back Eddie Mitchell opened the U of A football season at Ames, Iowa, September 21. But at the end of the first half, Iowa State led 12-7. How- ever Arizona moved quickly in front of the Cyclones with Mark Driscoll ' s seven yard pass to sophomore Hal Arnason. In the final quarter, the Wildcats scored again after almost giving the game away with seven fumbles. Quarterback Driscoll pass- ed to Mark Boche in the end zone. Rich Moriarty intercepted two pass- es to muff Iowa State ' s final scor- ing threats and conclude the game with a 21-12 victory. Driscoll had completed 17 of his 27 passes for a gain of 267 yeards. ARIZONA 7 0 7 7 - 21 IOWA STATE 0 12 0 0 - 12 tlit:vo4,Amtv4 UA EI Imiinates New Me)dco From WAC Com peadon Defeating the University of New Mexico, 19-8, September 28, the Wildcats eliminated New Mexico ' s Lobos from the Western Athletic Conference competition. The Cats ' first touchdown came in the first quarter when Ron Gardin received Mark Driscoll ' s touchdown pass. In the second quarter, Rick Steven- son took a fourth down punt from Lobo John Lennon and ran 68 yards for a touchdown. ARIZONA 6 6 7 0 -19 NEW MEXICO 0 0 0 8- 8 Attempting to receive a pass from Bruce Lee, flanker Jim Coddington (36) is blocked by a Lobo lineman in the fourth quarter. Quarterback Mark Driscoll (19) passed to Wildcat Ted Sherwood for a 31-yard gain. ARIZONA 0 3 9 13 _ 25 UTEP 0 0 0 0 _ 0 By the end of the Wildcats victory over UTEP, 25-0, Arizona had com- piled some unbelievable records: seven Texas passes were intercepted to break a WAC record; the first shut-out in thirty-five games was secured; the Miners had been held to 150 instead of their average 300 yards for rushing. The game itself was a slow start. Steve Hurley kicked one field goal, concluding the first half, 3-0. in the second half, he kicked two more field goals, Dan Hustead ran three yards for a touchdown, and Noki Fuimaono fought a yard for a TD. Strong Cat Defense Makes J n be I eva b e Records During the first quarter, defensive tackle Tom Nelson (77) rushes to stop BYU ' s Sanford. Netting BYU only thirty-six yards rushing, the BYU Cougars lost to Arizona, 19-3, after a furious fight against a strong Cat defense. Both teams were scoreless in the first quarter. Several fumbles and inter- ceptions later, the first half con- cluded with a 3-0 lead from Steve Hurley ' s twenty-yard field goal. In the second half, Arizona ' s tack- le, Frank Jenkins, intercepted a pass from Marc Lyons and ran eight- een yards for a touchdown. Another field goal by Hurley and a four-yard run by quarterback Mark Driscoll brought the score to 19-3. ARIZONA 0 3 6 10 _ 19 BYU 0 0 3 0 _ 3 80 cicats 71rop VVII.tiln[cig Streak To Iiod lona - Although Arizona held Indiana to its lowest score and fewest yards of the season, the Wildcats halted their four game winning streak due to a personal foul and lost to the Hoos- iers 16-13. The Cats led Indiana, de- fending co-champion of the Big Ten, 13-9, until the final 3 minutes of the game when Arizona was call- ed for tackling by the face mask. The only two touchdowns for Arizona were a 97-yard run by Rick Steven- son from a return kickoff, and a two- yard plunge by Stevenson in the third quarter. ARIZONA 0 6 7 0 _ 13 INDIANA 0 6 0 10 _ 16 At Bloomington, tailback Rick Stevenson (20) meets an Indiana defensive back after scoring eariler on a 97-yard kickoff return. 81 Second Quarter Spit it, 4 Fumbles, Beating Washington State 28-14, November 2, the Wildcats put vic- tory number five under their belt. Intercepting three passes, and re- covering four Cougar fumbles, Arizona set up their touchdowns. In the first eight minutes of the second quarter the Cats set off a 21-point explosion: Bruce Lee hit Rick Stevenson for a 3-yard touch- down plunge over a WSU right tackle; Rich Moriarty recovered a Cougar fumble at the WSU 15 and three plays later, the offense made it into the end zone; Lee hit Dan Husted who ran to the right side through a big Cougar hole and into the end zone. In the Cats final score, Stevenson went through the middle of the Cougars for a 3- yard touchdown run. Steve Hurley kicked his fourth extra point of the game. Dick Clausen, director of athletics, congr atulates University graduates Ed Caruthers and George Young for their efforts in the Olympic games held at Mexico City. Before a Homecoming attendance of 31,400, middle linebacker Otis Comeaux (31) tackles fullback Bob Ewen (33) at the Cougar 33-yard line. 82 83 ons rcept 3 me Homecoming VViin ARIZONA 0 21 7 0 - 28 WASHINGTON 0 0 6 8 - 14 STATE Near the end of the second quarter, right halfback Dan Hustead (38) heads through the right gaining the needed 8 yards to change the score to 21-0. F Scoreboard Stevenson ' s 93-Yard Run Puts L)A On A Quarterback Mark Driscoll (19) draws around the left end for a short yardage gain. ARIZONA 7 7 0 0 - 14 AIR FORCE 7 3 0 0 - 10 Although The Air Force Falcons scored the first touchdown, Arizona still managed to push its season re- cord to 6-1 when they overtook the Air Force Academy, November 9, with a 14-10 victory despite near freezing weather. The Wildcats first scored on the Falcon ' s return kick- off with a 93-yard touchdown run by Rick Stevenson. With a minute and a half left in the first half, Arizona trailed 10-7, due to a 46-yard field goal by the Falcons, but that didn ' t stop the Cats. Ted Sherwood carried the ball to the 15- yard line after receiving a 42-yard pass from quarterback Mark Dris- coll. Two plays later, Ron Gardin, waiting in the end zone, leaped to make a spectacular catch, one of Driscoll ' s 10 completed passes of 23 attempts for 160 yards. Falcon Dennis Leuthauser (31) stops fullback Noki Fuimaono (21) from behind at the 15-yard line in the first quarter. ARIZONA 0 0 0 16 - 16 UTAH 6 9 0 0 - 15 Wildcats and Father O ' Keeffe support Steve Hurley (90) after kicking his winning 27 yard field goal in the last three seconds. Cats Fight Yoish, Swi Redsildns Fed d Goa Overcoming the odds against them, the Cats came from behind to trounce Utah, 16-15, at Salt Lake City, November 16. In the last quart- er, the Cats trailed 15-0, playing in slush and freezing weather. Hopes of a Bowl bid spurred Bruce Lee ' s 63-yard pass to Ron Gardin. Later in the game, Ted Sherwood, using his familiar down-and-in pattern, shook off a Ute tackler and caught an icy ball passed by Lee. Steve Hurley brought the score to 15-13. With six seconds left in the game, disbelieving Utah fans found the Cats in field goal position after forcing the Redskins into a third down punt one minute earlier. A field goal by Hurley meant a 7-1 record. Doug Schleuter (35) moves to the Arizona 48-yard line after intercepting a Ute pass. Pass Ilnterference Costs Pokes Game Pushing their season record to 8-1, the Wildcats came from behind in the second quarter to pounce the Cowboys 14-7. A pass from Bruce Lee to Mark Boche and the extra point kick by Steve Hurley tied the score 7-7 in the second quarter. After the ball was knocked from Wyoming ' s Skip Jacobson, Charlie Duke jumped on the ball to give the Wildcats possession at the Wyoming 28. On a third down, pass interference, called against the Cowpokes, put the ball on the one-yard line for Arizona. Eddie Mitchell, reserve fullback, drove for the final score. From the Wyoming 11-yard line quarterback Bruce Lee (10) passes to left halfback Ron Gardin gaining 34-yards for a first down during the second quarter. Arizona 0 7 0 7 - 14 Wyoming 7 0 0 0 - 86 Cats End Season Wiithe 2 Record With a 30-7 loss to Arizona State, Mudra ' s Wildcats ended their sea- son with an overall 8-2 record and a tie for second place in the WAC. In the first ten minutes, ASU scored three touchdowns. Early in the sec- ond quarter, linebacker Larry Russe blocked an ASU punt, allowing line- backer Charlie Duke to recover the loose ball and race thirty-six yards to the end zone. Steve Hurley boot- ed the extra kick. The Cats ' defen- sive moves kept the Sun Devils from scoring all but one more touchdown and field goal. Arizona 0 7 0 0 - 7 Arizona State 27 0 3 0 - 30 Three Wildcats gang-tackle Sun Devil Art Malone (25) at the UA 34-yard line. Students ' expressions and actions show the general feeling about the UA-ASU game. 87 ARIZONA 0 10 0 0 - 10 AUBURN 10 0 14 10 _ 34 Sun Bowl bound Wildcats raise the victory sign before their departure for Auburn. THIS WAY TO VICTORY After intercepting a pass at the Arizona 29, Wildcat Doug Schlueter (35) runs to the Auburn 42, but Wildcat Comeaux was called for clipping. 88 c ats Get Bow Bid Before the second largest crowd to watch a Sun Bowl in El Paso, Au- burn beat Arizona 34-10. After a " Now or never " ultimatum to the Sun Bowl committee in November, the Wildcats lost to Arizona State, but were determined to redeem themselves in Texas over the Christ- mas holidays. Auburn had a 10-0 lead in the first quarter, but Mud- ra ' s team caught up before the half with a 37-yard field goal by Steve Hurley and a 12-yard pass from Bruce Lee to Hal Arnason in the end zone. In the second half, Auburn scored 24 points with three TDs and a field goal. With an estimated 20 million people watching on television a- cross the country and 3500 Arizona fans in the stands, the Wildcats had 234 yards total offense and four more downs than the Auburn Ti- gers. Wildcats Schlueter (35) and Moriarty (28) combine to crush an Auburn Tiger. 89 W all-at-tens Hagued By ll np..)1 rii es Wildkittens tried to block a field goal by New Mexico ' s Lobos. Plagued by foot injuries, the Wild- kittens opened their season with a 68-6 loss to New Mexico State ' s Aggies. However, they bounded back for a 35-20 win over UTEP, thanks to five interceptions and Coach Bill Belknap ' s running game strategy. Key to this attack plan, quarterback Brian Linstrom, threw a 13-yard touchdown pass to Danny O ' Dell for the only score in the 40-7 loss to the Sun Imps and a 65-yard pass to break a 10-10 tie against New Mexico ' s Lobos. The Kittens ended their season with a 2-2 record. 90 ARIZONA 6 NEW MEXICO STATE 68 ARIZONA 35 UTEP 20 ARIZONA 20 NEW MEXICO 10 ARIZONA 7 ASU 40 Quarterback Linstrom (10) evades Wolfpup Espinola to head for a 65-yard scoring run. FRESHMEN FOOTBALL TEAM--FRONT ROW: Brian T. Linstrom, Jim L. Hinch, Ron W. Harman, Mark Hopkinson, Larry C. McKee, Dan B. O ' - Dell, Ron E. Jackson, Tom E. Squire, Graduate Assistant Greg McMack- in. SECOND ROW: Robert T. Mount, James E. Johnson, James J. Ven- triglia, Mark E. Arneson, Paul B. Warren, Robert Jacobson, Justin R. Lanne, John F. Brwon, Richard A. Eckert, Graduate Assistant Walter Ridlon. BACK ROW: Timothy P. Gaffney, Weldon R. Jones, Ron A. Da- lee, Michael C. Treadwell, Jerry J. Stump, Paul E. Humphrey, James D. Doolittle, Richard S. Cohen, Head Coach William Belknap. 91 uce Larson 92 Cagers Overcome nexperience Wrapping up their 17-10 season, the sophomore-laden basketball team finished with a 5-5 record in WAC games. Despite the frustra- tion of inexperience, the team scored more points (2107), averaged more points (78.0), and made more field goals (807) than any other team in Arizona history. Amidst a few important road games losses, there were the home thrillers over Nebraska (68-63), ASU (81-80), Brigham Young (76-70), and New Mexico (77-75). But the next two years, with four returning starters, averaging 6 ' -5 " in height, the team will again display their individuality and team work: Tom Lee, an innate rebounder; Bill Warner, high aver- age scorer; Eddie Myers, leading rebounder; and Mickey Foster, defense player winning all-confer- ence honors. However, Head Coach Bruce Larson, concluding one of his best eight seasons, will miss senior Jim Hansen, third high scorer of the team. BASKETBALL TEAM AND COACHING STAFF —FRONT ROW: Manager Ken Brooks, Mickey Foster, John Ugrin, John Padelford, Walt McKinney, Jim Hansen, Mike Welton, Mike Crum. BACK ROW: Assistant Coach Albert Johnson, Assistant Bob Hansen, John Harbour, Warren Anderson, Jim Van Coevering, Eddie Myers, Tom Lee, Richard Barnes, Bill Warner, Student Assistant Roland Stamps, Head Coach Bruce Larson. 93 ARIZONA 86 NAU 69 ARIZONA 64 HOUSTON 85 ARIZONA 85 TEXAS TECH 80 ARIZONA 72 NEW MEXICO STATE 78 ARIZONA 73 NAU 76 ARIZONA 102 EVANSVILLE 88 Wildcat Jim Hansen (25) goes up for two point tip-in in the game against Evansville. 94 Cagers Take Opening-Game The Wildcats captured an opening-game victory over the Northern Arizona Axers in Bear Down Gym 86-69. Sophomore center Eddie Myers grabbed seven rebounds and led all scorers with 16 points. The sec- ond game of the season found the Cats unmercifully beaten in Houston by the 6th ranked Cou- gars, 85-64. Larson ' s crew bounced back to hand a 85-80 loss to Texas Tech in a double overtime game. It was a come- back win for the Cats, who trailed by eight at the half. Sophomore Bill Warner tallied 22 points against the Raiders in Texas. Next, the Wildcats came home to be defeated 78-72 at the hands of the New Mexico State Aggies. The absence of Warner was sidelined with the flu and Myers was temporarily benched for disciplinary action, giving the Axers a chance to avenge their earlier loss, sneaking by the Cats 76-73. The Wildcats then trounced Evansville, 102-88 with senior Jim Hansen in 27 points. Arizona center Eddite Myers (55) attempts to retain the ball from a New Mexico State player. 95 Cats Lose, Win Arizona ' s Wildcats ' hopes fell short as Colorado ' s cagers narrowly defeated them in a blistering con- test. Colorado held an 11 point lead late in the first half, but Wildcats performed brilliantly during the second half and almost defeated Colorado on its own court. Trailing by three points in the final two minutes Tom Lee and Bill War- ner closed the gap leading to the final score of 70-69. Wildcat Warner scored 25, his high for steriing Contests the season. Moving on the Wild- cats faced Nebraska ' s Cornhusk- ers at Bear Down Gym. Playing poorly in the first half the Cats were held down by the Huskers who held the lead at the half, 29-27. Arizona became super- charged during the second half closing the gap 62-60. The Husk- ers fouled repeatedly allowing Arizona to ring up its fourth victory of the season. ARIZONA 69 COLORADO 70 ARIZONA 68 NEBRASKA 63 It ' s a Wildcat scramble, and a New Mexico State player ' s flush of hair shows the tension as Guard Mickey Foster (30) gropes for the ball while two fellow teammates standby. 96 With hands touching, the Wildcats and Idaho State ' s Bengals form a " ring a- round the rosey " which lead to another Arizona victory and a record season. ARIZONA 92 IDAHO STATE 48 ARIZONA 75 SEATTLE 66 d cats Up Ar ' zona Record Outplaying the Idaho State Bengals in shooting, rebound- ing, and defense, the Arizona basketballers capped the eve- ning with a 92-48 win. Whereas the Bengals shot 27.3 per cent from the field, the Cats were ex- tremely hot, shooting 50 per cent. From the line the Cats reached a tremendous 74.3 fig- ure, outdistancing the Bengals o 8-5 54.5 per cent of free shots. Leading all scorers, reserve guard Mike Welton poured in 14 points, with 10 in the second half. Following him in points was junior Mickey Foster with 13, while Bill Warner and Jim Hansen each hit for 12. The next evening Arizona upped its rec- ord to 8-5 with a 75-66 victory over Seattle. 97 Wildcat Bill Warner (14) swings high elbows to get some room in the first half of the Arizona-Eastern Michigan contest. 98 Go! d cats Go Led by guard Walt McKinney ' s shooting, the Cats came from be- hind in the second half to upend Eastern Michigan, 89-72. Travel- ing to ASU the following week, the Cats opened WAC competition by slipping by the Sun Devils in an 81-80 thriller. Coming from hind again and again, Larson ' s boys won in the final five seconds when guard Jim Hansen, grabbed a loose ball and raced down the court for the final two points of the game. Next, following a non-conference win over Creighton, 72-63, the Cats brought their winning streak to eight straight wins, upsetting BYU, 76-70. Arizona ' s Tom Lee (23) gives Creighton ' s Jack Ilcisin (44) an idea of what it is like to tangle with a fierce Wildcat. ARIZONA 89 EASTERN MICHIGAN 72 ARIZONA 81 ASU 80 ARIZONA 72 CREIGHTON 63 ARIZONA 76 BYU 70 99 E even Straight W ns Up W Vdcat Season Streaking past Utah, 90-64, Ari- zona ' s Cagers went on to bomb Loyola, 93-65, and UTEP, 75-66. Dis- regarding a seven point lead by UTEP at the half, the Cats won their eleventh straight victory, the school ' s longest winning streak since 1947, and upped their season record to 15-5. Other record setters included high games for Mickey Foster (30) and Bill Warner (14). ARIZONA 90 UTAH 64 ARIZONA 93 LOYOLA 65 Shooting from the field Jim Hansen (25) set the pace in the Utah game leading to an Ari- zona victory, 90-64. 100 Cats Set WAC Record At 3-2 Despite the tight zone defense, excellent shooting, and aggressive rebounding, Arizona ' s basketballers fell to Wyoming, 73-72. The game was close up to the 70-70 score tie when the Cowboys began stalling until guard Harry Hall ' s final lay-in won the game in the last thirteen seconds. The Cats traveled to Al- buquerque to drop a WAC game to New Mexico, 79-94, despite the Cats ' out-rebounding the Lobos, to bring their WAC record to 3-2. ARIZONA 75 UTEP 66 ARIZONA 72 WYOMING 73 ARIZONA 74 NEW MEXICO 79 Mickey Foster (30) uses his 6 ' 5 " frame by stretching for that extra inch against Utah. 101 F owboys c0 f-A nate Cats COM WAC CompeCt or- After losing to the Utah Redskins, the Wildcats bowed to BYU in a 70-66 thriller. However, the Cats went on to avenge New Mexico ' s Lobos, beating them 77-75 in an- other exciting game in Bear Down Gym. With 3:39 minutes left, Bruce Larson ' s boys had a 76-67 lead, but in their attempt to run the clock out, New Mexico pushed the score to 76-75. John Harbor sunk a free ARIZONA 75 UTAH 105 ARIZONA 66 BYU 70 ARIZONA 77 NEW MEXICO 75 Walt McKinney (10) moves on through the New Mexico players heading for the basket. shot with just 12 seconds left to pull the Cats a slim 77-75 advantage to a victory. Then the Cats eliminated themselves in WAC competition by losing to Wyoming ' s Cowboys in a 68-67 overtime game, but not before dropping archrival ASU in a home game 90-73, thanks to high scorer and rebounder Tom Lee. The vic- tory earned them a third place tie in WAC competition with Utah, 5-5. 102 After ASU Coach Wulk ' s complaint, an Ari- zona heckler is confronted by the local police. Tom Lee (23) and John Ugrin (24) tie up the backboard scoring against Arizona State. ARIZONA 67 WYOMING 68 ARIZONA 90 ASU 73 103 C Defeat Frosh Cagers Playing junior colleges through- out Arizona, the frosh basketball team closed with a 7-11 record. Their thriller of the season was the home game with Eastern Arizona. After beating them on the road 77-63, Arizona and Eastern Arizona handed the lead back and forth until the final score, 79- 78, found the Wildkittens the victor. Another exciting game was a 90-74 win over NAU frosh after pulling away from a 46-45 halftime edge. Other games for the frosh basketballers included Phoenix College, Aizona Western, Fort Huachuca, Jameson ' s, and ASU freshmen. This year ' s starting line- up was Charlie McKee, forward- guard and one of the team ' s high scorers; Bruce Anderson, center and number one rebounder; Wen- dell Barnett, guard; Tom Larson and Jim Burnes, forwards. A guard from Eastern Arizona is almost squeezed out by an Arizona Wildkitten. ' ROSH BASKET 90 NAU 74 77 Eastern Arizona 63 71 Arizona Western 74 78 Arizona Western 84 84 Phoenix College 105 65 NAU 72 79 Jameson ' s 90 77 Mesa Community College 75 85 ASU 92 89 Glendale Community College 61 79 Eastern Arizona 78 104 Cochise College 97 88 Jameson ' s 77 52 Phoenix College 100 53 Cochise College 62 68 Mesa Community College 96 81 Fort Huachuca 86 75 ASU 84 Wildkittens wait and prepare for the result of the jump which begins the play. BALL A Wildkitten moves past Phoenix College ' s Bears and heads on route for a lay-up shot in Bear Down Gym. 105 MIldcats Attempt To WI Back Southern Dkiision Tit e Arizona ' s varsity baseball team won the Western Athletic Con- ference ' s Southern Division title back from rival Arizona State last spring but, for the first time in his- tory, failed to win the league ' s over- all title. Coach Frank Sancet was dealt several blows before the season ' s opener when two potential starters, Ed Avila and Tim White signed pro contracts, and Steve Bomse was ruled ineligible. Those losses did not keep the Wildcats from winning their opening games against Cal Poly. After that sweep, the only problems Sancet faced were establishing a starting lineup and putting together a pitching rotation. The winners of the first three games, Rich Hinton, Leon Hooten, and Bob Bridges turned in fine performances, but beyond them Sancet had problems finding more hurlers. Provenzano Jim was eliminated from the crew to undergo back surgery. The Cats whipped San Diego State the first two games of that ser- ies, but in the final game were handed their first loss. BASEBALL TEAM—FRONT ROW: Tim White, Leon Hooten, Rich Morache, Mike Grossman, Jim Johnson, John Hess, Jim Williams, Ed Avila, J. Ray Rokey, Keith Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Bryan Shields, Mark Wilson, Ernest Fimbres, Craig MacGregor, Rod O ' Brien, Dave Prest, Bob Bridges, Pat Anderson, Ferrell Genung, Fred Burns, Steve Allard. BACK ROW: Tim Gump, Dave Jacome, Jim Provenzano, Ken Dvis, Danny Jo Ryan, Rich Hinton, Don Cary, Steve Bomse, John Wicklund, Mark Discoll, Head Coach Frank Sancet. 106 An umpire attempts to explain a call to Head Coach Frank Sancet. Wildcat Fred Burns, a valuable asset to the Wildcat Nine, barely beats the ball to third against Cal Poly. 107 BASEBALL February 28 - Cal Poly (Pomona) March 1 - Cal Poly (Pomona) March 7-8 - Albuquerque March 14 - San Diego State March 14-15 - San Diego State March 20-22 - Ohio State March 24-25 - Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo) March 26-29 - Michigan April 3-9 - Iowa April 11-12 - Arizona State April 15 - Northern Arizona April 18-19 - New Mexico April 22 - Northern Arizona April 25-26 - UTEP April 29 - Grand Canyon May 2-3 - Arizona State May 9-10 - New Mexico May 13 - Grand Canyon May 16-17 - UTEP Sancet And Team Slide Into Fan ' s Hearts It ' s a close call as another U of A player heads towards first base. 108 A determined Wildcat slides into home amidst a cloud of dust during a game on March 26 against Michigan. 109 Wrestling captain Gary Rushing applies the pressure to an ASU opponent. Rus - aKes VAC ' irst After a fifth place in the WAC championship, the Wildcat wrest- lers finished their season. Gary Rushing, named the tournament ' s outstanding wrestler enabling him to move on to national finals, won his season-long unbeaten record while teammates Paul Betts won the 123-pound title and Chet Proctor took a third in the heavyweight di- vision. Under the direction of Coach Bill Nelson, the team provided stiff competition at the Arizona, ASU and New Mexico Invitationals. Harry Wilkins attempts to break loose during his match in Bear Down Gym. 110 WRESTLING TEAM—FRONT ROW: Jim Kitt, Paul Betts, Jeff Coolsaet, Felipe Cruz, Glenn Michel, Bob Dahlke, Jan Kleinman, Gary Ruoho. BACK ROW: Graduate Assistant Dick Chambers, Gary Gomez, Henry Martinez, Bill Schroeder, Harry Wilkins, Chet Proctor, John Eichelberger, Rob- ert Nation, Gary Rushing, John Fylling, Head Coach Bill Nelson. Interlocked grapplers methodically maneu- ver each other before their next move on the mat. WRESTLING December 5 - Mankato State December 6- Arizona Invitational December 20 - Sun Carnival Tourney January 10 - Northern Arizona January 11 - New Mexico State January 17 - Arizona State February 1 - Air Force Academy February 7-8 - New Mexico . Invitational February 14-15 - Arizona State Invitational February 21 - Arizona State February 28 - Colorado March 8 - New Mexico March 14-15 - WAC Champion- ships In the fourth lane a Wildcat surges ahead in the individual butterfly medley. SW MNUNG December 6 - Air Force December 7 - WAC Relays December 13 - Colorado January 10 - New Mexico State February 7 - Arizona State February 15 - Brigham Young February 21 - New Mexico February 22 - Utah March 6 - WAC Championships March 20 - NCAA Championships Cutting through the water the, swimmers move towards the finish in the 100-yard freestyle competition. Coach Ott On Underciassmen Concluding their season with losses in the late Athletic Association and WAC Championships, the swimming team turned in a 0-7 rec- ord. Relying heavily on underclass- men this past year, Coach Ott, con- cluding his twentieth year as coach, depended on Dan Dermyer, back- stroke; Andy Poore, freestyle and butterfly; Terry Sheehe, butterfly; Terry Newman, freestyle and but- terfly; Doug Boget and Jim Richey, diving; supporting returning letter- men Dan Ferrari, sprints; and John Osterloh, distance. The glory of victory, the agony of defeat affects this Wildcat merman. SWIMMING TEAM—FRONT ROW: Dan Ferrari, John Osterloh, Mike Bennett, Pete Mangan, Jim Wandry. BACK ROW: Dave Passey, Paul War- ner, Dan Dermyer, Terry Sheehe, Bob Motschell, George Membrila. 113 GYMNASTICS TEAM—FRONT ROW: Steve Kite, Head Coach Glenn Wilson. BACK ROW: Mike Ward, Doug Swartz, Jim Stevenson, Steve Kaplan, Scott McGirr, Corey Fox, Mark Peacock, Prudencio Corrales, Randy Reynolds, Mike Berry. The technique of a one-hand balance is dem- onstrated by Steve Kite. 114 Gymnasts Mn Over ASU Ending their season against con- ference champion New Mexico, the Wildcat gymnasts showed re- markable improvement throughout the year, the highlight being a win over Arizona State after a loss to the Sun Devils early in the season. Plagued by injuries and illness at the beginning, the team ironed out their problems quickly, thanks to Corey Fox (Arizona ' s all around and WAC champion two years ago on the parallel bars) and Doug Baer (floor exercise and vaulting) under the supervision of Coach Glenn Wil- son. Offering stiff competition in floor exercise, parallel bars and vaulting, the team concluded with a 3-8 season. Wildcat gymnast Steve Kite easily but perfectly executes a maneuver during competition. 115 -,iiairefigammin TRACK TEAM—FRONT ROW: Steve Hair, John Wedel, Joe Santa Cruz, Bob Szxon, Hank Boscia, Frank Tepper, Tim Kearin. SECOND ROW: John Alvarez, Isaac Williams, Bob Trout, Wayne Bradshaw, Dave Leggett, Vic Sargeant, Greg Kolstad, Jack Weaver, Gene Waddell. THIRD ROW: Carl Schwartz, Bill Tierney, Mario Castro, Jack McEwen, Roy Waddell, Carl Heier, Skip Peterson. TOP ROW: Dave Murry—Track Coach, Lorenzo Allen, Warren Robbins, Bob Menary, Joe Causey, Jim Lee. TRACK February 22 - Arizona Invitational Relays March 1 - Occidental Arizona State March 8 - USC ASU March 15 - Northern Arizona March 20 - Brigham Young March 22 - Santa Barbara Relays March 25 - Oregon St. Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo) March 29 - Idaho State San Diego State April 5 - Long Beach State Nebraska April 12 - California (Santa Barbara) New Mexico April 19 - UTEP April 26 - WAC Relays May 3 - Arizona State May 10 - West Coast Relays May 17 - ASU NAU May 23 - WAC Championships 116 JA -ackrnen Excel iln MRe Opening the season with the Arizona Invitational Relay in February, the track team dis- played their dexterity in the hurdles, relay, highjump, shot put, javelin, pole vault, discus, and long jump. But the out- standing events for Arizona were the mile and the two mile run by Joe Santa Cruz, Mario Castro, Steve Hair, John Alvarez, and Jack Weaver. In the field events, cinderman Lorenzo Allen and John Wedel collected points in high jump while Roy Waddell, Jack McEwen and Hank Boscia threw the Javelin. Tim Kearin and Bob Trout worked in the weights division. Despite injuries early in the sea- son, Dave Murray ' s Wildcats ex- celled in several dual and trian- gular meets besides the West Coast, and WAC Relays. A wildcat 880 ace with ease crosses the finish line far ahead of all his competitors. Arizona runners head toward the finish line in a close 100-yard dash. 117 all-American Dr ue Johnson follows the ball out of the c orner of his eye. GOLF March 1 - Arizona State March 21-22 - Utah March 26-29 - California State (LA) Invitational April 3-5 - New Mexico State Invitational April 7-9 - Iowa April 16-19 - All-America Tournament April 21-22 - California State (LA) April 23 - San Diego State April 24-26 - Sun Devil Classic May 9-10 - Pikes Peak Tournament May 23-24 - WAC Spring Champion May 23-24 - WAC Spring Championships MASI ' raw D 1 17 t : !ACULTY .4 OA GOLF T EAM—FRONT ROW: Chuck Colton, Drue Johnson, Al Perry, Jeff Tatum. SECOND ROW: Dave Engelking, Freshman Coach Rick Keel- er, Bob Molt, Rick TenBroeck, Head Coach Roy TatumbBACK ROW: Dave Wilder, Bob Mayer, Bob Shallenberger, Mike George, Ken Redfern, Rick Riddle, Bob Judson. Laden with underclassmen and six returning starters, the 1969 golf team got off to a slow start, losing to ASU and Utah, but bounced back in the New Mexico Invitational in Las Cru- ces over spring vacation against New Mexico, New Mexico State, Texas Tech, Colorado, Wyoming, and UTEP. Coach Roy Tatum chose All American Dr ue John- son, Wes Mohr, Bob Judson, Rick Tenbroeck, Al Perry, Dave Enkeling, Bob Molt, and Bob Shallenberger to participate in the Invitational, Sun Devil Clas- sic, and Pike ' s Peak Tournament. U Of A Go er,s n Arizona StatState At Skyline Country Club preparing to tee off, Rick Tenbroeck eyes the ball. GOLF March 1 - Arizona State March 21-22 - Utah March 26-29 - California State (LA) Invitational April 3-5 - New Mexico State Invitational March 7-9 - Iowa March 16-19 - All-America Tournament March 21 - California State (LA) March 22 - California State (LA), UTEP April 23 - San Diego State April 24-26 - Sun Devil Classic May 9-10 - Pikes Peak Tournament May 23-24 - WAC Spring Championships 119 March 7 - Michigan March 14-16 - Arizona Collegiate Championships March 21-23 - Thunderbird Tournament March 27-28 - Trinity March 31 - USC April 1 - UCLA April 2 - San Fernando Valley State April 4-7 - Iowa April 8 - Corpus Christi April 9 - Iowa April 15 - Northern Arizona May 2 - Brigham Young May 3 - Utah May 10 - New Mexico May 16 Arizona State May 17 - Arizona State May 23-24 - WAC Championships Butch Palmer makes a move to return the ball during the meet against Northern Arizona. TENNIS TEAM—FRONT ROW: Chuck Eaton, Dave Shanks, Butch Palmer, Robb Salant, Jeff Brown, Richard Hoshaw, Bob Lohsee. BACK ROW: John Penero, Eric Evett, Craig Hardy, Mike Howard, George Meale, Brian Cheney, Garth O ' Maley. 120 A Annercan Cheney Leads 969 Tennk Seaso After two wins over Big Ten de- fending champion Michigan (6-3 and 7-2), Coach Dave Snyder la- beled the 1969 tennis season as " one of the University ' s best ever. " Led by All-American Brian Cheney, the Cats were backed up by Jeff Brown, Craig Hardy, Eric Evett, Mike How- ard, and freshmen Bud Guion and Butch Palmer, both national juniors last year. The biggest upset of the season was Jeff Brown ' s win over teammate Brian Cheney in a special " open " tournament at the Tucson Racquet Club, just one of the tough contests and matches the tennis team faced. All-American Brian Cheney easily executes his backhand during competition. 121 - - I RAMURALS The intramural banner for the overall winners carries with it a great deal prestige, for it represents nine months of overall ability, unity, and physical conditioning. !IF The first fraternity-independent competition featured the SAE ' s versus Chicago Heights. FRATERNITY DORMITO RY INDEPENDENTS Sigma Alpha Epsilon 351 1 2 South 123 1 2 G. Grads 121 1 2 Delta Chi 260 Greenlee 117 1 2 1023 A.C. 120 Pi Kappa Alpha 257 1 2 Hopi 117 Lizards 100 Phi Gamma Delta 249 1 2 Pinal 107 80 University Athletic Club 183 1 2 Yavapai 93 1 2 I nsex 75 Sigma Chi 176 Navajo 84 Row 60 Zeta Beta Tau 147 1 2 Cochise 62 1 2 Yaquis 60 Kappa Sigma 134 Kaibab 30 Craig ' s Comets 59 Delta C7}1 o 24=21 V ctory Over Si ma Deciides ntramura F Footba Chanri nsh0 A quick scamper around the left end by a Sigma Chi flag football participant finds the Delta Chi defensive line unprepared as he heads for the down field. 124 As the Delta Chi quarterback calls the play the Sigma Chi defensive line prepares to dig in. Three Delta Chi brothers are congratulated by a referee after their victory over Sigma Chi. 125 Groups Pa- thcipate Dr. Mel Erickson, Supervisor of Intramurals. The University ' s intramural pro- gram, open to all male students ex- pressing desire to compete individ- ually or with a group, was headed by Dr. Mel Erickson. Soccer, golf, ten- nis, handball, weight-lifting, track, swimming, basketball, and volley- ball were some of the diversified sports within this year ' s program. Residence halls, fraternities, and independent groups participated. Participants in the backstroke event strived for banner points for their affiliations. Teke Frank Kohler pitched horseshoes in one of the intramural matches held beside Bear Down Gym. 126 Arab team member Faik Ale-Beedhasey of Iraq prepares to kick during the soc- cer championship. SWIMMING 1. University Aquatic Club 2. Pi Kappa Alpha 3. Sigma Alpha Epsilon GOLF 1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2. Kappa Sigma 3. Zeta Beta Tau BASKETBALL 1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2. Phi Gamma Delta 3. Delta Chi TRACK 1. University Athletic Club 2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3. Sigma Chi TENNIS 1. Phi Gamma Delta 2. Theta Chi and Law 1. University Athletic Club 2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3. Pi Kappa Alpha FOOTBALL 1. Delta Chi 2. Sigma Chi 3. Pi Kappa Alpha RIFLE 1. Phi Gamma Delta 2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Co- chise BILLIARDS 1. University Athletic Club 2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3. Sigma Nu SOCCER 1. Kappa Sigma 2. Sigma Nu 3. Phi Gamma Delta HORSESHOES 1. Craig ' s Comets 2. Hopi 3. Alpha Gamma Rho TABLE TENNIS 1. Acacia 2. Delta Chi 3. Hopi Lodge BOWLING 1.Acacia 2. Delta Chi 3. Sigma Nu WEIGHTLIFTING 1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2. Pi Kappa Alpha 3. Zeta Beta Tau and Alpha Epsi- lon Pi 127 COLLEGES-- Enable the individual to obtain wide ranges of knowledge. Help the individual find a field that will constantly interest him. Develop a sense of esteem in an individual ' s field of study. Prepare one for rigors in our modern day world. Offer individuals wisdom and research in their particular field of interest. One of the problems being worked on in Agriculture is the prevention of Stem Rot in soybeans caused Following the birth of a still-born calf, a post mortum examination is made by professors to determine the cause of the still-birth. by the fungus Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum. Co ege of Agricu tore Working side by side with inter- nationally recognized teachers and scientists of the College of Agricul- ture, students work in fields of ani- mal, plant and soil sciences, bio- chemistry, natural resource man- agement, marketing and agricultural engineering. Agriculture majors use their book knowledge in well- Dean Harold Edwin Myers: Professor of Agriculture; Dean of the College of Agriculture. B.S., 1928, Kansas State College; M.S., 1929, Univ. Illinois; Ph.D., 1937, U nib. Missouri. equipped laboratories, at the Agri- cultural Experimental Station, and at the college ' s lates project, Tele- menter. Located on Mt. Lemmon, the Watershed Management devise predicts stream flow, rain fall pat- terns, temperatures, solar radiation, snow depth and density. 131 re Co ege of Arerftectui Dean Sidney Wahl Little: Professor of Architecture; Dean of the College of Architecture. B. Arch., Cornell; Diploma Ecole des Beaux Arts, Fontainebleau, M. Arch., Tulane University. T4vg-,.4.1 to F oweri►g o t1I Middle Ages VANISHED I i IL i ' ROIL.•. 1()N) IN II RI( ICVilAA IT, 014 An updated appearance for the University ' s west entrance is one of the futuristic improvements designed by architecture students. Doctor 011swang ' s Snake Oil and Tractor Repair Company is a " jug band " made up of professors and students in the College of Architecture. An architecture student prepares his project for juries and evaluation by his instructors. The College of Architecture delves into the urban problems of Tucson-refinement of the com- munity center, rehabilitation of the downtown area, low cost housing for disadvantaged m i norities, and plans for the Papago Indian reser- vation. Besides answering questions of various civic groups, the future architects have focused their atten- tion to completely remodeling the entrance to the University from Third Street and the redevelopment of Park Avenue from Sixth to Speed- way. 1 33 Dean W. Voris: Prof. of Management; Dean of the College of Business and Public Administra- tion. B.S., B.A., 1948, University of Southern California; Ph.D., 1951, Ohio State University. A geography student from the College of Business and Public Administration uses a compass to accurately draw a topographic map. The College of Business and Public Administration offers two graduate programs, the MBA and MS degrees. Usually a terminal degree for most business majors, it presents opportunities to students to work for salaries often larger than the PhD who teaches the de- gree requirements. But many of the holders of these degrees go on to work for their doctorate, es- pecially in Economics, since the University is the only school within 500 miles to offer a PhD in this par- ticular field. Co ege 3usness and Pub oc Admhstraflo Computer work sessions are an essential part of the vast business program at the University. 135 Conthnu ng Educaildo The college of Continuing Ed- ucation, offering more than 400 credit and non-credit courses, held classes for over two-thousand adults last semester in fields ranging from languages to business courses. These programs are held throughout the state during the fall, spring and summer semesters, in the Phoenix area, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, the Tucson Polic e Campus, and twenty-five other communities to permit busy adults in the state to continue their education on a year-round basis. Dean Francis Pendleton Gaines, Jr. (1959) Dean of the College of Continuing Education. B.A., 1942, Univ. of Ariz.; M.A., 1947, Univ. of Virginia; Ph.D., 1950, Univ. of Virginia. Students in the College of Continuing Education see the University of Arizona campus in an entirely different light than day students. 136 Extention courses taught at Davis-Monthan A.F. Base help servicemen work for college degrees. rok„,. A University of Arizona professor conducts an English class on the Tucson Police Campus. Engineers take a production control class. 1 37 Co ege Of Educadon Dean F. Robert Paulsen: (1964) Professor of Education; Dean of the College of Education. B.S. 1947, Utah State University; M.S., 1949, Univ. of Utah; Ed.D., 1956, Univ. of Utah. A professor outlines techniques and teaching methods for a grade school science class to education majors in a small discussion group. 138 The College of Education Library provides students with vast resourse material for research. Meeting the demands of school districts throughout the nation, the College of Education has provid- ed a multitude of teachers since 1922, trained in administration, counseling, elementary and second- ary education, and various fields of specialization. With a Bureau of Educational Research, and Service and Instructional Materials Library Experimental Learning Center, a Reading Development Center, and Rehabilitation Center, future educators can learn from exper- ience with a minimum of classroom work. 139 Co lege of igrieer ng Covering one of the broadest fields of mathematics and natural sciences, is the College of Engineer- ing, encompassing civil, aerospace, mechanical, nuclear, agricultural, systems, electrical and chemical engineering. Accredited by the Engineers Council for Professional Development with representatives from national and educational societies, the college offers a Bach- elor of Science, Master of Science, and PhD in each of these fields upon completion of classroom requirements and field studies. 1957, Case Inst. of Tech; M.S., 1959, Case Inst. of Tech; Ph.D., 1963, Case Inst. of Tech. A laboratory technician prepares a silicon wafer in which a circuit is to be fabricated by cutting a slice from a silicon crystal ingot. Dean W.J. Fahey: Professor of Electrical Engineering; Dean of the College of Engineering. B.S., Before fabrication of an integrated circuit begins a layout is made showing the surface geometry. The Arizona Circuit Laboratory contains sufficient equipment for complete processing of an integrated monolithic circuit. 141 One inspired sculpture student seems to find form hidden in the bowels of a glob of hard clay. Co liege of Nne Arts Divided into four departments, the College of Fine Arts offers de- grees in Art, Drama, Speech, and Music. Sculpting, painting and drawing occupy the time of Art majors. Drama instructs students in various aspects of the theater and motion pictures while Speech conducts research for the Voca- tional Rehabilitation Center. Two new courses have been offered in Music; a graduate course in music culture of Asia and Oceania and Colligium of Musicum, a course in ancient instruments and original manuscripts. A student works on the styrofoam base of his sculpture before covering it with plaster. Some materials are worked to soften them. 142 Artists in three demensional design work with a variety of materials to form sculptures. Melted wax is added little by little with a blade, smoothing out the surface of the sculpture. Dean Robert Leslie HULL: Professor of Music; Dean of the College of Fine Arts. B. Mus., 1939, M. Mus., 1941, University of Rochester; Ph.D., 1945, Cornell University. GradJate Co ege The Graduate College is the chief organized agency in the University of Arizona which is directly in pur- suit of truth and the extension of knowledge. Graduate studies were begun at the University in 1898 and organized independently in 1934 when the Graduate College was founded. Since then it has become possible to study for advanced de- grees in more than 80 departments and fields. The Graduate College stimulates and encourages the re- finement and development in the student of the spirit of independent investigation in his chosen field. The University offers excellent teaching and research facilities in departments with graduate pro- grams. An Agriculture student takes readings on the watershed management project on Mt. Lem- mon. Anthropology graduate students in archeology spend long hours at the Grasshopper dig on the White River Apache Reservation. 144 Many graduate students work as teacher assistants in laboratory and discussion classes. A nuclear engineering graduate student operates a computer on rocket propulsion systems. Dean Herbert Dawson Rhodes: (1943) Pro- fessor of Chemistry; Dean of the Graduate College. B.S., 1935, University of Arizona; M.S., 1936, University of Arizona; PhD, 1939, University of Illinois. e 0441614 a a 4I le •B c• ■• 011)196,040, 01000•000 o- .00100000, Vulip lbe • aie S S 4. • 00000000, •••••■••• g) s? • 10.0000, s Sanaa -40 A • a ad °le •-• A , iFte • - 0-0 gig, ofA IRO JO,s1folt • ft ft ft ft • s, • ' ,!tf In in ID ft SD no lb 0 O 4340 40 • • • r 4 araiiiiiiaTaa or aeera 00 0000 145 Co ege of _aw This past year, the College of Law initiated a new curriculum, requir- ing only two courses after the first year of enrollment, allowing the students discretion in selection of electives pertaining to his interests. Another outstanding aspect of the program is the clinical seminars conducted in research on past con- victs, conviction remedies at the Arizona State Prison, and juvenile probation department. To supple- ment these programs, speeches have been delivered by Ramsey Clark and Chief Justice Earl Warren. Dean Charles E. Ares: Professor of Law: Dean of the College of Law. Bachelor of Laws, 1952, University of Arizona. At a Moot Court trial the defendent is cross examined by his lawyer before a sceptical jury. Long hours are put in by law students. 146 The Moot Court bailiff swears in the undergraduate jury before a mock trial in which law students get practical trial experience. AIL aft jimagg MIL GT ' lax AIM .110 t4 " --111111111 ma 0, Students in Law study daily in the College of Law Library in order to keep up with large law reading assignments on decisions handed down. 147 Astronomers at the University ' s Catalina Observatory can observe the crater Capernicus and the Col ege of II Arts The College of Liberal Arts, the largest college on campus, offers over thirty fields of study for major and minor concentration. Con- cerned with a general education for students, it requires a language, Humanities, physical education, social science, and English com- position. Liberal Arts, also interested in future teachers, according to Dean Francis A. Roy, devotes much time and money to provide the help the beginning teacher needs to im- prove his own lectures and skill, gaining the confidence needed to motivate the students. Dr. Leon Blitzer, a professor in the Physics department adjusts his " Satellite Analot. " 148 rest of the surface of the Moon through the lenses of the sixty one inch solar telescope. Dean Francis Albert Roy: (1934) Professor of French; Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. A.B., Saint Anne College; Licencie es Lettres, Univ. of Paris; Ph.D., Univ. of Wisconson. Dr. Ewen Whitaker, lunar authority, talks with Dr. Ku iper, (left) director of the Lunar Lab. 149 Four Medical students work in a laboratory with a mechanical model of the circulatory system and study properties of the heart muscle. Dr. Christopher Matthews collects fractions for a sucrose grade on a centrifugation run. 150 Professor of Physiology, Dr. Paul Johnson, conducts a laboratory for first year students. Dean Merlin K. DuVal, Jr. (1964) Dean of the College of Medicine: A.B., 1943 Dartmouth College; M.D., 1946, Cornell University Medical College. College of Medicine In 1961 the Arizona Board of Regents granted the authorization to the University to develop a Col- lege of Medicine. The first building was completed in 1967. The Medical Library has under development a comprehensive collection of the world ' s biomedical literature for the use of the students and faculty of the University and of the prac- ticing physicians in Arizona. The College not only is engaged in teaching, but is involved in a consideration of the health prob- lems of Arizona and the various factors which may cause or con- tribute to them. 151 Excited children enjoy the College of Mines Rsearch soared in the several departments comprising the College of Mines during this past academic year. Researchers have been per- fecting metallic mirrors to provide less distortion in space travel. A slope-stability study was performed to reduce possible slides by sudden Co age Of storms in copper mining. The map- ping of the moon ' s surface and the study of the state ' s history of earth- quakes was undertaken by the Geology Department. Other re- searchers continued the archaeo- logical dating of excavation materi- als. Meteorological studies offer students an understanding of earths contours and their effects on other aspects of the physical earth. --- " ' " ■111111111111.11111mmil Altitude Thousannds of Feet (N r,L) 4= (3) co N N (-t=j I F I 1 r 7 I I T K) Museum while on a grade school field trip. Dean James D. Forrester: Prof. of Mining and Geol. Engr.; Dean of the College of Mines. B.S., 1928, Geol. E., 1956, University of Utah; M.S., 1929, Ph.D., 1935, Cornell University. 153 Dean Gladys E. Sorenson: Dean of the College of Nursing. B.S., University of Nebraska; M.S., University of Colorado; D. Ed., Columbia University. Hippocrates, mirrored in the pool of reflection, overlooks the newly constructed College of Nursing, completed in 1968. In shiny new Laboratories seniors in nursing study methods in distributing medicines. One of the techniques students practice in the College of Nursing is moving disabled patients. Co ege of Nursing The College of Nursing at the University of Arizona involves a four year academic program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It provides for substantial prep- aration in natural and behavioral sciences, general courses, and pro- fessional nursing education. This program prepares the student to function at a beginning level of professional competence wherever skilled nursing services are needed. It was designed to enable the stu- dent to undertake graduate study in order to achieve a position of leadership in nursing. Tucson ' s hospitals, clinics and public health agencies provide appropriate learn- ing experiences. 155 A pharmacy student pours a prepared medicine into its bottle after successfully completing his project. Col ege of Pharmacy Besides offering courses for future doctors, nurses and other pharma- ceutical careers, the College of Pharmacy conducts several pro- grams of research. One of these programs is the study of " cancer prophylaxis, " a theraputic treat- ment for cancer from extracts of plants native to the Southwest and Mexico. For all these projects, sev- eral much needed funds have been donated to the University from the government, fraternities, alumni, private contributors, and various foundations. Dean Willis Ralph Brewer: (1949) Professor of Pharmacy; Dean of the College of Pharmacy. B .S., 1942, South Dakota State College; Ph.D., 1948, Ohio State University. Air Force Air Force ROTC, no longer man- datory because of a 1968 ruling by the Board of Regents, briefs all underclassmen boys on branches of the Air Force through movies, guest speakers, a visit to the Air Force Base, and drills. Upperclassmen work for their second lieutenant commissions in the service. ROTC also spo nsors Angel Flight and AF Drill Team, which performs march- ing routines in the Veteran ' s Day and Rodeo Parades, at Homecom- ing, on Parents ' Day and at the State Fair. The Arnold Air Society, also sponsored by AFROTC, offer a Flight Instruction Program for senior cadets to obtain their FAA Pilot licenses. Colonel Robert Lewis Jones: Commander of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps: Arnold Air Society members and Angel Flight sing Christmas carols at a home for the aged. A University of Arizona Army ROTC cadet 158 Colonel Robert Dwan: Commander of Army Reserve Officer Training Corps: Army -.C. Exposing men to a career in the Army is the purpose of Army ROTC. The course, now a voluntary pro- gram trains officers through lec- tures, displays movies and drills. A division of the School of Military Sciences, it also sponsors a band, color guard, and ranger program. Their drill team won a first place in the 1968 Veteran ' s Day Parade and a first in the Tombstone Helldorado days. Another outstanding feature is the four rifle teams, including one women ' s team, supervised by the ROTC program. Under the leader- ship of Colonel Robert Dwan, the program commissioned ninety- four cadet officers last year. makes his way through the obstacle course during Summer Camp at Fort Lewis, Washington. 159 711 • ADMINISTRATION-- Employs the ability to supervise while advising. Guides social or academic organizations in order to develop the individual. Stresses the importance of individuals in relation to the campus. Promotes ties between the faculty and the student. Assists ASUA officers in building a unity within the framework of this institution. Unilverslit Ln arges Persona Experde ce Dr. Richard A. Harvill, President of the University of Arizona I think a dominant character- istic of the Class of 1969 is a reaf- firmation of the dignity of man, which is a basic concept of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Young people are more aware than ever before of the importance of the individual. In America, the en- largement of the educational op- portunities for increased number of students is evidence of the na- tion ' s concern for the develop- ment of the individual. The in- dividual student is the primary 162 purpose for the University ' s exis- tence. We award degrees to in- dividuals, not to computerized lists.The programs open to your choice were developed through the experience and wisdom of the individual scholars. Your guar- antee that these programs meet high academic standards is based upon their accreditation by ed- ucational and professional organ- izations. As a result, the degree you receive from the University of Arizona will be honored throughout the world. Your future will present many opportunities for individual achievements. In our era of technological and sci- entific advances, it is widely recog- nized that humanity ' s greatest chal- lenge--and hope--lies in the de- velopment of the human spirit. I hope each of you will make your own important and personal contri- bution to this task. May each of you find personla satisfaction and the full realization of your individual potential in the years ahead. Norman G. Sharber Wesley P. Goss Paul L. Singer Norma B. Rockfellow Regents Pass Vo untary Program Elwood W. Bradford Governor Jack Williams In addition to approv- i ng new campus con- struction for the three state universities, the Board of Regents has a- dopted the voluntary ROTC Program. This year the Board, led by Presi- dent Leon Levy, was faced with handling contracts between the universities and local firms when discrimina- tory charges arose. Arthur B. Schellenberg George W. Chambers Leon Levy 163 Marvin D. " Swede " Johnson ce-11E " Exam l ne Facets Of Mulflvershy Dr. Walter H. Delaplane Dr. Samuel C. McMillan 164 Dr. Bowen C. Dees Kenneth R. Murphy The schools of animal husbandry and agricultural economics bestow- ed upon Marvin D, " Swede " John: son the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees respec- tively during his studies at the Uni- versity of Arizona. Presently his capacities as Vice-President for University Relations have enabled him to present the University ' s im- age through the offices of Dean of Men and Women, Student Housing, and Student Activities. By way of the News Bureau and University Press, he has relayed facets of the Uni- versity to the community and to out- of-state universities. Constant planning for the future growth of the campus facilities has been undertaken by Dr. Samuel C. McMillan, Vice-President for Plan- ing and Development. Recipient of his Bachelor of Science degree in marketing at the University of Ari- zona, Dr. McMillan has devoted considerable time and effort in anticipating the impact of future enrollments on campus, and in the creation of programs of philan- thropy in the form of gifts and en- dowments to enhance the growth and development of the University facilities. Academic affairs and curriculum scheduling have come under the direction of Dr. Bowen C. Dees, Pro- vost of Academic Affairs. As the newest Vice-President on campus (1966), Dr. Dees, recipient of his Ph.D. from New York University, has served as head coordinator of instructional and research programs and as director of all campus educa- tional endeavors. His counterpart in the field of aca- demic affairs as relating to the stu- dents ' life has been Dr. Walter H. Delaplane, Vice-President for Aca- demic Affairs. With degrees from Oberlin College and Duke Univer- sity, he has concerned himself with establishing requirement functions and course planning. Separated as the world of finance might appear to the above duties, it has proven an integral function in relation to academic affairs. Kenn- eth B. Murphy, Vice-President and Treasurer for Business Affairs, an alum of the University, has been confronted with the " big business " aspect of the University and its many financial complexities. Robert S. Svob Dr. Karen L. Carlson Jea nd ns °romote vlld u a llsm Dean of Women Karen L. Carlson, Ph.D. recipient from Northwestern University, has functioned as liaison representative between adminis- tration, faculty, and students. Her duties have entailed counseling responsibilities and advisory capaci- ties, among others as advisor to Associated students and to Phrater- es, an honorary for undergraduate Tucson girls. Dean Carlson has been an active member of the Advisory Council on campus and has also participated as a faculty representa- tive to the Student Senate ' s govern- ing body. Complexities created by the vast- ness of the campus enrollment have been tackled by Robert S. Svob, Dean of Men and an alum of the University. His office has established divisions for student welfare, finan- cial advice, selective service data, and has maintained contact with all departments on campus. Linkage between school authorities and parents of students has been one of the concerns of his duties. Student counseling, whether for small groups or large, has also activated his office to a busy year. 166 Jean W. Smith William T. Foster Cecil R. Taylor Frances A. Parrott Assisting Dean of Women Carlson has been Jean W. Smith, holder of a master ' s degree from Colorado. Mrs. Smith has performed as advisor to women ' s residence halls and to Mortar Board. Another Assistant Dean of Women, Frances A. Parrott, with degrees from Miami and In- diana Universities, has advised the Panhellenic Conference of sorority women. Aiding Dean of Men Svob were Cecil R. Taylor, alum of Kansas State College and the fraternity advisor, and William T. Foster, advisor to men ' s residence halls. 167 Focus 0 n v ii dual And Hs Integrity Amidst the complexities of finan- cial transactions, former Associate Comptroller, Allan W. Mattingly, now an assistant Vice-President, has been given the responsibility of budget analysis preparations. Budgetary matters of awesome proportions have been tackled by Sherwood E. Carr, University Comp- troller. He has handled all matters of sponsored research and federally financed aid programs. Growing University admissions have required the energies of David L. Windsor, Director of Student Ad- missions, to handle such an enor- mous problem. A fellow alum of the University, William H. Wallace, has been co- ordinating the monumental task of being Director of Student Housing for twenty-three residence halls. Allan W. Mattingly Sherwood E. Carr David L. Windsor William H. Wallace From planning a concert of John Gary to supervising a project of Chain Gang, Mr. Charles " Bumps " Tribolet has handled a multitude of student activities as Director of Associated Students Affairs and gen- eral supervisor to student publica- tions. His Assistant Director for this field, Roger Armstrong, graduate of San Jose State, has handled specific special events such as Parents ' Day, Men ' s Night, Grid Reviews, and has also been an advisor in the schedul- ing of concerts. Coordination of these student activities has been handled by Lou Ennis, holder of educational degrees from Maryland and East Carolina Universities, who handles approval of all social events. A former Mar- ine, Ennis came to the University in 1962. He is the father of this year ' s Miss Arizona. Lou Ennis Charles " Bumps " Tribolet Roger Armstrong 169 S. L. Provildes Center of constant activity and excitement, the Student Union has been under the direction of Bill Varney, who has operated all func- tions at the Union and the Park Student Center, along with his As- sistant Director, Walt Roberson, University alum. These men have organized functioning of the Post Office, browsing room and games room. Alumni of the University have been able to keep link with the school and all its current happen- ings through the alumni Associa- tion, headed by Michael J. Harrold. G. Walton Roberson 170 Michael J. Harrold Bill Varney Marshall Townsend June Caldwell Martin Jniiversity Stresses Corn nnunk:ations Hal Marshall News making events at the Uni- versity have received the careful attention of Hal Marshall, Director of the News Bureau, whole duty has been to keep the general pub- lic well informed of the activities on campus. Marshall Townsend, graduate of Iowa State and now the Arizona Press Director, has been responsible for the publication and world wide distribution of manuscripts relating to the Southwest. June Caldwell Martin, alum of the University and editor of the Arizona Alumnus, the official publication of the Alumni Association, has assem- bled a staff of English and journalism students to specialize in alumni and current academic activities. 171 James C. Martin Frank R. H. Day Staffs Dea With Aspects Mth:n Jniiversity L fe Dr. William J. Pistor To aid students, Frank R. Day, Director of the Placement Service, has organized a highly efficient job bureau, able to secure employment on campus, in town and even out of state. Counselor of a different sort, Dr. William J. Pistor has acted as advisor to International Personnel and to foreign visitors on campus. He has advised the faculty-exchange pro- gram with Brazil and has been busy as a professor in animal pathology. Transferred from this realm in the biannual turmoil of registration one would find James C. Martin, Associ- ated Students Bookstore Manager, who has successfully managed the operation of the three campus bookstores. Robert L. Houston Ralph E. Deal Physica Plant, Purchasing And Secuthy Grapp e Mth Campus Problems Responsible for the care of build- ings, maintenance of supplies, in- spection of utilities and all general physical planning, Robert L. Hous- ton has devoted himself for twenty- one years as Physical Plant Director of his alma matter, where he re- ceived both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. Purchasing responsibility for the University has been handed to Ralph E. Deal, who has been at the University since 1937 as Purchasing Agent. Protection for all physical facilities has been handled by Douglas C. Paxton, Security Supervisor and alum of Arizona State. He has in- structed students seeking aid or in- formation and investigated dorm thefts and auto accidents. 173 Douglas C. Paxton Dr. Bart J. Bok Rok and Ku o per 11 m Dew hs Of nterste air Space Dr. Gerard P. Ku iper Vanguard of lunar and planetary probes into the depths of space, Dr. Gerard P. Kuiper has demon- strated a mind of infinite genius to seek the discoverable. Having re- ceived his Ph.D. from the University of Leiden, Netherlands, in 1933, he soon achieved world promi- nence as the discoverer of the satel- lites of Uranus and Neptune and the developer of one theory on the origin of the solar system. At the University Dr. Kuiper has directed the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory which has specialized in planetary atmospheric studies. Man ' s conquest of the unknown realms of outer space have been engineered by minds of vision, daring, and foresight. Among these would excel the brilliance of Dr. Bart J. Bok, director of Steward Observatory since 1966. A student at the Universities of Leiden and Gronongen, both in the Nether- lands, he dreamed of the times when men would skirt the fringes of planets and explore the hidden and the challenging. His contri- butions to America ' s space achieve- ments could only be lauded time and again. Dr. Raymond H. Thompson sthutes ' ransn-dt Man ' s Past Amidst a pile of bricks, steel, books and ever-struggling human- ity, Dr. Robert K. Johnson, Univer- sity Librarian, has endeavored to maintain a balance of personnel, budget, and methods of operation in keeping with the needs of the faculty and students. Library services have flourished under the guidance of Dr. Johnson, who graduated from the Universities of Washington and Illinois, receiving his Ph.D. from the latter. Cronicling the facinating and mysterious realm of Hohokam and Anasazi life, pinpointing the exact age of the stalwart redwood, or dis- playing prized Kachina Dolls has been the duty and love of Dr. Raymond H. Thompson, director of the Arizona State Museum. Gatherer of folklore, legend, relic or excavation piece, this exemplary individual has molded this museum and his anthropology department into a living guide of Arizona ' s past. The museum itself has captured the love of many, from elementary school child to passing visitor. Dr. Robert K. Johnson 175 Dr. Paul J. Matte Heaths eMce And Photo Benefit StL dent To handle a multitude of major and minor health problems, Dr. Paul J. Matte, Student Health Director, had equipped an efficient staff with medical equipment and skills need- ed to resolve any emergency. Dr. Matte received his Doctor of Med- icine degree at the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Laws degree from Stanford. Dr. Joseph Ansfield concerned himself with another aspect of stu- dent health. Last year he was engag- ed in the task of counseling students with their various psychological pro- blems. Dr. Ansfield, chief psychia- trist at the University, has been a past recipient of a research fellow- ship from Chicago Medical School. The A.S.U.A. Photo Service han- dles most photography for the Uni- versity ' s student and publications. Dr. Joseph Ansfield Photo Service Staff: Henk Moonen, Audrey Temple, Tony Barnard, Judy Gottfried, Bob Broder, John Tremaine, Mary Botsford, Stan Oaks. Margaret I. Good Charles F. Ritchie Frank R. Barreca Coverage ncreases A realm of technical mastery and eye-catching devices, from tape to transparency, the Audiovisual Ser- vices Bureau, under the direction of Charles F. Ritchie, has collected over forty-five hundred educational films for use by local school systems. Di- rector Ritchie has garnered a suc- cessful career of studies a, UCLA and the University of Indiana. Managing varied projects of tel- evision station KUAT at the Uni- versity has been the concern of Frank Barreca, an alum of the Uni- versity. He has headed radio station KUAT on campus and has directed closed broadcasts. In another information category, Margaret I. Good has served since 1942 as manager of the Mimeo- graphing and Multilithing Bureau. 177 �= SENIORS-- Survey four years of a swiftly moving flashback. Remember the groping, searching, seeking, of self and identity. Laugh at freshman years of bubbling confusion, maturing and development. Review sophomoric times and third year feelings of adult responsibility. Reminisce on senior days, fleeting moments of time, parting of the threshold to challenging duties. Enter now as explorer of new experiences into worlds of conflict yet of fulfillment. Carol Aanes Craig Abbott Cynthia Abbot William Abel Phil Abromowitz Carol Sue Adams Eugene Adams Henry Adams James Adams Lindsay Ade Jeff Adelstone Raymond Adkins David Adler Sonya Adler David Agena Dolores Aguero Leslie Ahern Gregory Akers Fadhel Al-Abbar Faik Al-Biedhany Ruben Alcocer Asad Al-Ibrahim Ali Al-Khayat Kenneth Allen Lawrence Allen Kathy Yaeger, president of Gama Phi Beta sorority, helps Santa distribute gifts at a part for underpriviledged children. Marilyn Allen Cynthia Allyn Chairman of the Intelligent Quotient Invitational, John Van Houten acts as judge for the compet- ing teams of Alpha Tau Omega and Phi Gamma Delta in tough intellectual competition. Saleh Alnaim Yousif Al-Sulaiman Sylvestre Alvarado Peter Ammon Kay Anderson William Andre Anthony Antonelli Barbara Arnold Adriana Arriaga Andrea Arthur John Ashcraft Robert Astleford Leslie Avant Gretchen Averitt Michael Avrick Stephen Backenkeller Terry Bacon Arthur Bailey Donald Bailey Larry Baker Armando Balderrama Susanne Baldrige Carolyn Balkema The Candid Photographs Are The Members Of Who ' s Who In American Colleges And Universities 181 Sandra Banas Cheryl Bankes Marvin D. " Swede " Johnson, Vice President for University Relations, and Dick Else, a chairman of Voluntary ROTC, discuss the Board of Regents ' passage of the ROTC bill. Brian Banner Frank Barcelo John Barelli Kathi Barnes Edward Barry Toni Barthels William Barton John Basmajian Gregory Bass tit Bruce Bates Robert Battaglia Diana Baum John Bauman Barbara Bazley Robert Beal Sarah Bearse Denis Beaugureau Jan Becker Stephen Becker Susan Beeler Margaret Beggs Patti Behr Susan Behn 182 Christina Belinn Harold Bell Mary Bell Michael Bell Ray Bell William Bennett Cheryl Benson Clyde Bentley Susan Berger Beth Bergshneider Ron Bergstrom Augustine Bernal John Bernal Julie Berne Harold Bert Judy Bessler John Betcher Sandra Bidwell Ronald Bierman Ted Biggs Robert Bilbey Scott Bills Thomas Bingham Barry Bitker Judith Bittner Donna Black Pamela Blackfield Stephen Blake Though Sherie Kempton is petite in size when she rides her bicycle to classes, she is big in leadership cap- ability when she directs AWS activi- ties as its president. Robert Blair Steve Blarney Pam Cohen, temporarily taking a leave of absence from her activities to student teach, uses the vis- ual aids of drawings to demonstrate, at Amphitheater, the French words for facial features. Stephen Blum Raymond Bock Jean Boddiger Mary Boehm Russell Booth William Borcherding Michael Borden Henry Boulton Gregory Bowlby Joan Braginsky Claire Bowlin William Boynton Susan Braden Jean Braginsky Joel Bramoweth Alan Brandell Richard Breiman Ann Bremond Keith Breon Carolyn Briggs Sharon Brigham Richard Bristol Anne Britt 1 84 Kenneth Brooks Robert Brosius Mark Brown Linda Bruce Robert Brumbaugh Barbara Bryant Janice Buchanan William Buckmaster Robert Bula Richard Bullock Richard Burke Beverly Burns Ralph Burns Rickey Burns Audrey Burr Melinda Burrill Peggy Burrows Ronald Busboom Budd Busche Barbara Bush John Cady Yolanda Cagigas Peter Calihan William Call Frank Calvert Nancy Cameron Susan Cameron Mike Moody, co-captain of the football team, screens the defense at the Wyoming game from the sidelines due to a knee injury incurred during the game against Bringham Young University. 185 Carlos Campos Edward Cappel Crowned last year as military ball queen, Dee Dee Wild expresses her surprise at the final outcome of the Pageant. This year she was president of Kaydettes, the auxiliary to Army ROTC. Jessie Carnevale Richard Carnevale Diane Carrillo Evelyn Carrillo Bruce Carter Michael Carter Susan Carter John Casey Gerald Cashman Linda Casoli Anne Cassidy Louis Castro Grady Catlett Nancy Cauble John Cerio Caryl Chamberlin Cheryl Charles Ann Chase John Chavez Brian Cheney Stephen Cherman David Christensen Jane Christie 186 Dennis Fenn, president of the Rock and Soils Club, views soil samples and records information about them for the National Soil Judging Contest at Kan- sas State University. The Arizona team placed fourth in the nation. William Christie William Christopher Michael Citron Barbara Clapp Carlton Clark Catherine Clark Steven Clark Thomas Clark Kenton Cleary Catherine Coates Gareth Cobb Michael Coffey Richard Cohan Barry Cohen Ronna Cohen Pamela Cohn Bruce Cole William Collier Robert Collins Robert Collins Warren Colton Sue Concannon Ruth Constantine 187 James Conway Nikki Coons Martina Cooper Bonnie Corol Mario Corral Juan Coss Robyn Coulson Willie Counts Gregory Covington Proposing the Intermural Athletic bill, Alex Kelter, Who ' s Who member, attempts to persuade other senators to vote affirm- atively. Revelle Cowen Priscilla Cowherd Caryl Cox David Cox Donna Cox Benjamin Crowder Nancy Croy Martha Cummin Jack Cunningham Carl Cupito Dianne Curtis James Curtis Paul Curto Milton da Costa 1 88 Abdul Dahash Mary Daily David Dalby Diane Daman Michael Danoff Ellen Dashiell Priscilla Davidson Donald Davis John Davis John Lee Davis Katherine Davis Richard Davis Stanley Davis Julie Dean Pennie DeHoff Lawrence Delafield Della Delany Jeanie Dent Bette Dettman Michael Dick Beverly Dickinson Lois Dimpfel Robert Dietrich Gail Diley Stephan Doimas Joanie Taylor, president of Delta Zeta, proudly shows everyone through the sorority ' s newly constructed house. Joseph Dolan Bruce Donaldson Terry Donaldson Mary Douglas Phyllis Dow Steven Dow Even people in Who ' s Who in American Colleges can indulge in Green Dolphin activities, a student senator David May mixes politics and pool on Thursday nights. 1 A 1111sraii. in. min um mow raillAISIONNIII1101111111111111111 for111117,1711:0111111111141110111.111111111 IMMO 111111111 111111111111111 ogit- ' - ' 11111111111111111111.-.... 1•11111111111 1111110111111111•111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1E111•1111111111111111111111101111111111111 111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111♦11111111111111111111111111♦ 211111.1♦1111111♦1111111 1111111•1111011•1111=11111 11111=11111111 INN= =MIME -s®- Jonathan Downing Marilyn Dredge Judith Drell Dawn Joy Drown Pamela Dudley Robert Duncan Gloria Durham Mark Durham Susan Dwyer John Dyer Susan Dym Linda Eaton John Eck Susan Eddy Susan Edmiston Richard Effland Andrea Eisenberg Ramona Elias Trudy Elkins Mark Elliott Bryan Ellis 190 Richard Else Craig Emerson D. Engebretson Barbara Engel Paulette Engel Eve England Kathleen Eskew James Espinosa Paul Euler Gail Evans Lee Evans Charles Everhart William Everist Richard Ewell Cathy Ewing Deanna Fadely Diane Fairchild Kathleen Farley Nancy Feinerman Bernard Fenimore John Ferguson Carol Ferko Richard Festger Dianne Fields Bruce Fiene Stephen Fienhold Gloria Fierro Artist Series chairman Kay Anderson chats with the famous vio- linist, Yehudi Mehuhin and his pianist sister, Hepzibah, in the dressing room. 191 Edward Fimbres James Fink Lawrence Finklein Salvatore Fiore Carol First Marsha Fishburn Richard Fishel James Fissell Lawdy Flanagan Munching on animal crackers, the audience listens to Karyl Jones in a speech production of " The Beastly Hour. " DeNelda Flint Gregory Folger Carol Folkins Karen Forler Cecile Fowler Rex Fowler William Frederick Dana Free Myra Freeman Ronald Frobel David Froemke Robert Fronske Arline Fry John Fye 1 92 Lillian Gabitzsch Elaine Gale Leslie Galt Marianna Gammon Linda Ganschinietz Raymond Garcia Roberta Gardenswarz Ellen Gardner Newton Gardner Gary Garland Margaret Garner Keith Garrett Kathy Gee Bill Gibney Rose Gieszl Georgianne Gifford Terrence Gillespie Constance Gilson Katherine Gin James Glasgow Pam Glassbrook Marshall Gleason James Glover Richard Goddu Joel Goldman Myla Goldman Gary Gomez A few seconds before half time, Tim Puntenney pauses to watch a play before joining the Traditions Committee to work on the half-time show. Richard Gomez Christine Gonzales Dennis Gonzales Ismael Gonzalez Jack Goodman Ramona Goodman Sandra Goodman Jill Goranson Marvyn Gordon Leon Gorman Bram Govaars Winnetta Grave s Rebecca Graul Thomas Gray Victoria Greek Martin Green Grace Greenberg Pam Greenwood Dyanne Greer Jason Greer Sara Greer Elizabeth Grinnell Sally Ground James Grygutis Suzanne Guard Richard Guelzow Mary Guiff Fred Sayre, executive assistant to Steve Malkin, ponders over issues brought forth by Senator Julian Bond at the informal reception held in the faculty lounge of the Student Union. Susan Gullander Mary Guptill Morgan Gust John Haas Assistant city editor, Lynne Olson, skans the paper for any journalistic or typograph- ical errors. Her stories have won her acclaim in the newspaper world of the Wildcat office. Steve Hackin Johanna Haden Leslie Hadra Philip Hagenah Eleanor Hall Sandra Ham Elizabeth Hamer Denton Hammond Harry Haraldsen John Haraldsen William Harding Stuart Hardman Linda Harness Mary Harrington Robert Harring Michael Harrington Sherryl Harris Kermit Harrison David Harrod John Hart Montgomery Hartley 195 Laurie Hauer Patricia Haugebak Bob Swan, past president of People to People and currently serving as president of Collegiate In- ternational pauses to talk with two students from the Far East. Robert Haugen Francis Haugh Suzanne Hausner Robert Hawke Scott Hays Dave Healey Jeffrey Heath Lawrence Hecker Randolph Hedges Grace Heffelfinger John Heide! Victor Hencken Mary Hendershott Carol Henderson Daniel Henderson Edward Henderson Glenn Hermanson Ray Herzog Terrence Hickey James Hicks Dale Hildebrand Charlotte Hilfiger Donald Hilliard 1 96 John Hinck Charles Hinman Barry Hinton Willis Hix William Hodder David Hodges Bernhard Hoenle Carol Hoff Beth Hoffman Cheryl Hogan Mary Hoger Randall Holdridge Charles Holman Judith Honer Michael Honomichl Danny Hood Joe Howell Lynn Howell David Hubbard Susan Hubbard John Hudson Maureen Hudson Anne Hopping David Hossler Rebecca House Richard Howell Denise Huckle John Valdin, a Who ' s Who member, prepares to measure phos- phoresence emission spectra at 77o K. Aside from laboratory endeavors, he is president of the American Chemical Society. 1 97 Ann Huffman Barbara Hughes As president of University Hostesses, Ronnie Pawloski appointed the hostesses to various assign- ments ranging from conducting senators on campus tours to greeting victorious football players. Richard Hulbert John Humphries Robert Hu ngerford John Hunnicutt Constance Hunt Kathleen Hunt Craig Huston Paul Hutchins Stuart Hutchinson Marilyn Ide John Illige Mary Ingram Bruce Rule Gary Jablonski Diane Jackson David Jacobs Gunnard Jacobson Patricia Jacobson Dionicia Jacome Pamela Jeffcott Wesley Jennings Blain Jensen Ann Jerman 198 Guy Jette Del Jimenez Mitchell Joffe Cindy Johnson Curtis Johnson David Johnson Harriet Johnson Lionel Johnson Lynda Johnson Michael M. Johnson Michael Johnson Robert Johnson Thomas Johnson Russell Johnsrud Charles Johnston Andi Jones Donna Jones Stanton Jones Judith Jones Karyl Jones Alan Joseph Nancy Joyner Cat herine Jucius Cindy Judson Sandra Julian Ronni Julius Elizabeth B. June Deanna Juvera Sally Simmons Ground, a pre-law major, listens intentively to a com- mittee report at the regular Wednesday Mortar Board meeting in the President ' s Dining Room in the Student Union. 199 Chester Kaslikowski Teri Kassmir Michael Katz Margo Kawin Thomas Kearney Brooks Keenan Jim Keenan Michael Keenan Kelly Keithly Brian Cheney, a Who ' s Who member and recent Wimbleton competitor, taught himself to win tennis matches lefthanded as well as right. Truman Kellam James Kelly Patrick Kelly Alexander Kelter Jack Kemp Linda Kennedy Cora Kenton Roger Kerr William Kessel Kris Kester Tanya Key Richard Keye Mohamed Khan Bill King 200 Edward King Karen King Raymond Kingston Robert Kinnaman Joan Kinneberg Barbara Klein Joanne Klein Terrence Klein James Kline Connie Kloos Natalie Knowles John Knudsen Bob Kocisko David Kodner Carol Komada Jan Komorowski Michael Konecny Nathaniel Koren Sharon Koren James Koshmider Jerry Koss Kevin Kowalski Frederic Kratochvil Cheryl Krause Susan Krieg Lloyd Krieger Bonnie Kruse Jim Puntenney, president of Bobcats and the man in charge of " A " Day festivities, directs traffic on the way to " A " mountain. David Kubo William Kuchel Geary Kull Mary Kunke David Kurdeka Alex Kwong Beverly Labahn Gary Laechelin Linda La Mott Connie Lancaster Sandra Lane Garvin Larson Kristin Larson Laureen Latcham Clifford Lavin Geoffrey Lawrence Julie Lawson Dolores Lawson Chris Leathy Steven Leff Joan Lefkowitz Marshall Lehman Susan Leigh Patricia Lemmon Barbara Lent Gloria Le Vine Karen Levitz Taking minutes at the weekly Senate meeting is an easy task for Linda Eaton, who was recently initiated into Phi Beta Kappa. Irene Lew Marcia Lewis Sharon Lewis Steve Lewis Even Carlton Clark ' s nickname " Perk " seemed to indicate all the pep and energy he expended while cheering for the Uni- versity of Arizona Wildcats. Linda Lievers Jacqueline Lincer Sharon Lind Stephen Lindstrom Thomas Linn Susan Linsenbard Tony Livingston John Lohse Susan Lombaer Jack Longmire Melodie Longmire Patrice Longwill Ventura Lopez Allan Lord John LoRusso Anthony Lovato Kenneth Lovstrom Frances Lowder DeLoris Lowman Kenneth Lowrance 203 David Lowry Vance Luke Frank Lundin Mary Lynch Sarah Lynn Bruce Macchiaverna Katie Maclntyre James Madden Denis Magoolaghan Kathleen Mahoney William Mains Arthur Mallamo Claudia Mallow James Maneval Irene Manheimer Pat Manley Peggy Maraschiello Thomas Marcuccilli Steven Margo Beverly Marks Edmund Marquez Priscilla Marquez John Marshall sF Marilyn Martin Manuel Mascarenas Toni Barthels, Panhellenic president, tells SUAB executivies of her upcoming mar- riage. 204 Frank Mascia Paul Massucco Rough and tough Who ' s Who member Jim Adams, president of the Interfraternity Council, rides a brama bull at Phi Delta Theta ' s annual spring formal called the " Highnooner. " Katie Matson Melvin Matsumura Gary Matthews John Mattison Ronald Maurer Dave May Mary Ann May Walter May Yolanda Maya Sue McArthur Alan McBride Paul McCallar Donna McConnell Joyce McCormick Virginia McCoy Michael McCreedy Edward McCullough David McDonald Kerry McDonald Skye McDonald Mary McFarlin Melinda McGeorge Emily McGuire 205 Colleen McHugh Francis McHugh Neil McHugh Marshall Mcltyre Linda McKinsey John McLeod Michaela McMahan Hal McMillen Therese McNally Stephen McNamee Merle McPheeters John McQuade Stanley Mead Tom Menaugh Sylvia Mendoza Margaret Merchant Gail Mercier Jean Mergard Charles Merrill Robert Merrill Marcia Metcalf Andrew Michalitsanos David Middleton Willard Mies Wearing his Stetson hat and cowboy boots, John Nash pushes a hand plow in living up to the image of his fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho. John serves as president of his fraternity. Sharon Mihelich Glen Miller John Miller John Miller Mark Miller Marsha Miller Sharon Miller Swishing her porn pons, Diana Baum, speech and education major, dances to the music of the Arizona Wildcat march- ing band at halftime. Susan Miller William Miller Barbara Millington Dale Millington Constance Mills Lenise Mincks Barry Minehart Ronald Minnich Gregg Mitchell Michael Mitchell Marcia Moberly Lois Moe Thomas Moebius Richard Mogy Hank Mohr Wesley Mohr Jr. Joseph Molina Oscar Montano Mike Moody Betty Moon Maureen Mooney 207 Myles Mooney Bess Moore Linda Moore Nelson Moore Pat Moore H. Moramontoya James Morford Jerry Morris Marie Morris Donna Black, a Who ' s Who member, as chairman of last year ' s Miss University of Arizona pagent, crowns the 1968 queen, Ramona Coulson, at the climax of the evening. Melba Morris Michael Morrison Dana Morrow James Mueller Robert Mueller Patty Mullen Kenneth Mullens Martin Muncy Christine Murf in Jan Murphy Maureen Murray Susan Muse P. Mutschler Barbara Myers 208 Carl Naegle Vicki Nagel John Nash Lewis Nefstead Christine Nelson Daniel Nelson Gary Nelson Gordon Nelson Tom Nelson Lee Netter Christine Newkirk Marilyn Nicholson Jean Niggle Robert Nixon Jean Nolan Carl Nordholm Linda Norman Larry Novinski Linda Nunn Carol Nuoffer D ' vorre Ober Kevin Oberg Francisco Obregon Patrick O ' Brien Stephen Ochoa Peggy Odell Karl Odgers Mary Ann May, president of Wranglers, the University ' s coun- seling honorary for women, presides over the first meeting of the new members who were initiated this fall. Art Vertlieb, speaker of the student senate, explains several strategies concerning future senate actions to be reviewed during the year. Holding the office of vice-president of Associated Stu- dents has aided Art in preparing for his future career in the business world. Terry Oglethorpe Carol Ogsbury John O ' Hare Thomas O ' Hare Bob Ohlfest Nancy Oien Joyce Okamoto Thomas Okita Judy Olsen Karen Olson Lynne Olson Robert O ' Maley Jr. William O ' Neal Eileen Ong William O ' Riordon Elaine Orman Diane Orr Kathleen Osborn Al, Michael Ostapuk Don Overall Starr Overlock Kerry Owens Janet Paccione Frederick Palmer Sally Palmer 210 Anthony Palmieri Grant Papanikolas Harry Parham Jr. Ronald Parham William Parks Barbara Parotino Randy Parrish William Parsons Rachel Paru James Passey Charles Patterson Gale Patterson Martha Patterson Judy Paulson Linda Pavlina Veronica Pawloski Pennilee Pearce Robin Pearse Lynn Pearlstein Daniel Pearson Robert Peckham Alper Pehlivanzade Don Pence Owen Pengelly Romona Pergrem Cindy Perkins Kit Perot Anne Perry As chairman of the AWS Rules Committee, Ann Jerman explains the newly proposed key dorm system to other student members of the University ' s Standard ' s Board. David Perry Elizabeth Perry Lisa Perry Patricia Pertuit William Peterson David Pettigrew David Pfeifle Pamela Pilcher Rebecca Pincus Harvey Platt Timothy Plodinec Henry Plog Sherry Pollyea Martin Porcelain Mariette Porton Steven Postil Victor Pottorff Diane Poulos Gene Poulter Eldra Power Randal Power Caren Prather John Prescott Stephen Price Phil Pritchard Randy Holdridge, L.A. Senator, competed in the G.E. College Bowl for the University on nati onal television. 212 Andi Arthur, a Who ' s Who member, presents her report as chairman of the publications commit- tee to the S.U.A.B. Executive Board. Andi is also a member of the Honors program and Mortar Board. Richard Pruitt Wanda Pruitt Jean Pugeat Jeff Pulford James Puntenney Timothy Puntenney Maxine Qualls Susan Qualls Robert Quinn Nancy Radmacher Ronald Rakickas Joan Ramsower Paul Ranmar Theresa Rashid Chris Rasmussen Gerald Rathbun Gayle Reay John Reed Thomas Reed Dougal Reeves Patsy Reinhold Joan Reining Rachel Resur Robert Reynolds Rosemary Reynolds 213 Thomas Rhodes Jerry Rhody Gene Ribas Howard Rich Leon Richardson Jr. Robert Richter Richard Ridenour Diane Riese Nancy Riley President of the American Society for Civil Engineers and track letterman, Arthur Brooks warms up before competing in the miler. Angel Rivero Orlenda Robbins Richard Roberts Sloan Robertson Douglas Robinson Efren Rodriguez Donald Rogers C. Roggeveen John Roll Irma Romero Irma Ronquillo Eugene Rose Ann Rosenbaum Arnold Rosenberg 214 Anthony Rossetti Douglas Rotolo Jeanne Roup Edward Rovey Dennis Rowe Ted Rozendal Eileen Rubenstein Kathryn Rubitz Richard Rucker D. J. Ryan Steve Ryciak Grant Sabin Raymond Sadowski Jim Sailer Gary Sakato Vicki Sakin Don Salazar Chuck Salzman Barbara Sampson Tim Sandin Teresa Sandlin Tony Sapienza Kenneth Sarnoski Robert Saxon Fred Sayre Edward Schaeffer Pat Schafer Joe Howell, of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, is active in such campus activities as Bobcats, Traditions, and president of Blue Key. Melvyn Schagren Astrid Scheetz Douglas Schenck Diane Schiele Judy Schlobohm R. Schlotterbeck Robert Schmitt Marcia Schrader Jerry Schuchardt Janis Schwien Michael Schwimmer John Scipio Gregory Scott Marcia Scott Stephen Scott Barry Scripps Gilbert Sedabres Steve Sedor Jeff Seidman Susan Seiler William Seitz Zita Semingson Cinders Setzer Willard Seymour Guy Shanks Connie Shannon Fred Shapiro As chairman of A.W.S. Standards Board, Gloria Aguilar has the duty of reviewing the facts of a case about to be presented be- fore the University Judicial Board. Linda Sher Andrea Shields Daniel Shoman Barbara Short Marcia Metcalf, relaxes at Old Main where she works with other girls in Angel Flight. Dean Short Terry Shreve Michael Shum Daniel Shuman Donald Siders George Siegel Ronald Siegel Andrew Silverman Barry Slavin Sheila Sloan Dorothy Slotnick Carter Smith Evelyn Smith Everett Smith Grant Smith Joyce Smith Lynette Smith Myra Smith Nancy Smith Paul Smith Spencer Smith 217 Stephany Smith Vivian Smith Yolanda Cagigas was active in the University production of " Misallance ' which was presented in California. She specialized in lighting techniques and scenery on the various productions. William Smith Yvette Smith John Snelham William Snow Lenny Snyder Rowena Snyder David Sogo Judith Sokolski Martin Solomon Edward Southern Heather Sowls Myrna Spalding Rodger Speas Darlene Spencer Lynn Spencer Marlene Spencer Philip Spruell Arlene Starr Martha Starsmann Suellen Stattel Richard St. Denis Gail Steelhammer Judy Steelsman 218 Beverly Stein Eileen Stein Lorna Stein Linda Stelljes Vicki Stephens Irvin Stephenson John Stephenson Klaus Stetzenbach Roberta Stevenson Elizabeth Stewart George Stewart Marshall Stewart Wanda Stewart Dawn Joy Still Paul Stine Wiley Stobaugh Richard Story Gail Stouffer Garry Strauser Danielle Strelnick Edward Stressman Stan Stromberg Thomas Strong Dawn Strout Michael Stryker Douglas Stucky Tom Stu hley Rod Stutman Who ' s Who member, Bruce Rule, taught Photo Journalism at Immac- ulate Heart High School. He was also the assistant photo editor of the Arizona Daily Star, and recip- ient of the Eugene C. Pullman Award. Robert Swan Richard Sucre Yousif Sulaiman Howard Supp Lynne Suttelle Robert Sutton Karen Swain Veronica Swanner Joyce Szudlo George Takagi Gwendolyn Talbot Louise Talmage Ronald Tanenbaum Lonnie Tang Richard Tannehill Joseph Tarnowski Jack Tarr Catherine Taylor Joanie Taylor Susan Tear Patricia Tebbetts Gerald Telep Kathryn Templeton Humberto Teran Patricia Terry Peggy Wilson and Judy Olsen discuss var- ious travel places for their spring vacation. 220 Ru sty Terry Thomas Thoma Myla Goldman, a Who ' s Who member, supervises the painting of the cafeteria ' s windows in the Student Union Mall, which advertised the International Forum, that this year feature d Brazil. Stuart Thomas Suzanne Thomas Virginia Thomas Connie Thompson Gerald Thompson Steve Thomson Sandra Thunstedt Jan Tiede Noreen Tirrell Gary Tiscornia Susan Tizard Larry Todd Madeline Tom Kay Tomamichel Susan Tomek Frank Tostado Barbara Treumann Sharron Troglia James Tronson Cynthia Trowbridge Elizabeth Trueblood Sheila Tucker Philip Tully 221 Timothy Tully Donald Turner Joan Turner William Turner Rochelle Ulrich Katherine Updegraft Carol Upham Janet Uvodich Drew Vactor Cheryl Charles, Commander of Angel Flight, worked closely with Arnold Air coordinating numerous hostessing activities. John Valdin Thomas Valeski Joyce Van Ert William Vasina Ronald Vaughan James Vermilyea Karen Vesely Richard Viau Carol Villar Charles Voelkl Suzanne Vollendorf Marcia Volpe Donna Voron Gary Wackerly 222 Christene Wade Henry Walker Barbie Walpole Kathleen Walsh Gerald Walters Kassi Walters Willie Waltner Karen Ward Larry Ward Steven Wasserman Diana Waters James Watson Kay Watterson Robert Waud Janet Weaver Alison Webster Arnold Weiner Jeffrey Weinstein Stanley Weinstein Ellen Wieser Kay Weisman Tonja Welding Laurie Welsh William Welter Weston Wendling Carolyn Whallon Douglass Whitaker Joan Kinneberg, president of Tri-Delt sorority, stops in front of her house on the way to an Elections meeting. Lynne Whitaker Richard Whitaker Cathleen White Cornelia White Who ' s Who member Diane Greer prepares for the usual hectic Saturday rush hour at Coronado Hall. Diane was quite active in International Relations Club ' s activities. Robert White Timothy White Judee Whitebook Carol Whitehead Kent Whitson Susan Wicker William Wigen Carol Wigginton Elizabeth Wild Debbie Wilden David Wilder Joan Willadson George Willcox Ann Williams Douglas Williams Marcia Williams Ronald Willke Kathryn Wilmer Eldra Wilson Jeanette Wilson Jennie Wilson 224 Peggy Wilson Thomas Wilson Anna Wing David Wing Gary Wing Sally Winkworth Beverly Winner Robin Winter William Wolfe Damian Woods Fred Woodworth Mark Worley Bonnie Wright Jack Wright Johneth Wrinkle Dorinth Wurzer Ginny Wyne John Wyss Catherine Yaeger Ghulam Yahya Linda Yedor May Jean Yee Susan Yee Alan Yeaton Carrze Yeung Gregg Young Sandra Young Jacob Yovanov Phillip Zahn Becky Zavala Anton Zeger David Zeiger Hugo Zettler Sandra Zimmerman Abram Zukor 225 {Z7E KS GREEKS-- Unite members in common bonds of brotherhood. Establish ties of cooperation and mutual understanding. Fulfill needs of friendship, fun and fellowship. Spark activity to aid campus and community and promote service. Guarantee times of pleasure and memory, days of wine and roses. Rus is Life Blood 0f Greek System Sorority rush at Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority convinces many rushees that Greek life is best. rush harder you guys ... is she a legacy? ... what sports does he play? quiet so we can get this vote over ... what time is the first smoker? ... is there a party tonight? ... will she hurt a party? ... he ' s a real gobbler ... i ' m glad preference starts today ... be sure to pick him up at the dorm ... it ' s coat and tie for dinner ... i hope my hair is done in time . . . do you think he ' ll pledge . how many bids can we give . . . should we give her one . . . how many pledges do you think we ' ll take i ' m glad its over! 228 Rushees are met at the door by members of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity during preference rush dinners. 229 ,d iid D ' versity ongng Sigma Chi ' s welcome a new pledge in the tra- ditional manner after formal bidding ceremon- ies. Although not as violent as men ' s rush, the Kappa ' s show their happiness over the acceptance of one of their bids. we ' re the best pledge class what ' s your name I ' m scared about pledge presents can you give me a hand on this house duty? . i signed up for three committees. wednesday is the first exchange.. how ' d you do on the pledge test? who are we with in the pajama race? .. i ' ve got a good idea for a prank . when ' s the meeting . can you set me up for saturday? let ' s try to win the canned food drive study tables are off during finals will you make grades? Sorority pledges are presented to the men of campus at Pledge Presents. Later, music is provided as an atmosphere for new acquaintances. Open house gives the new sorority pledges a chance to visit the fraternities and meet their me n. Fraternity open house illustrates yet another advantage of Greek life. DG pledges worked hard to provide this Christ- mas gift now being used by actives and pledges. The pledges of Pi Kappa Alpha worked throughout the night on this traditional " A Day " project. Later, it was used for a snowball fight. Sorority pledges joined together, talked, sang, socialized, and had refreshments at the Sudent Union annex during the annual elephant walk. edges L neidence lie Mea _11 ng Of Fraternal _rife Gamma Phi Beta pledges performed together for actives and visiting Phi Mu Alpha members. Pledge exchanges, such as this one at Delta Zeta, promote fraternity sorority relations. 233 Soda ife is An filegral Pan, of Greek Members -43 did he call yet? after game party at ed ' s do you have a double? tgif at everybody get dates for the intramural game . . where ' s the hasher party? they got pinned its a luau who ' s the exchange with? come on, he ' s getting pooled the formals next week let ' s go to the show fourth for bridge? thursday at the horse how about a coke after study tables? . . . greek week practice at 5:00 how about mazatlan for easter! Sweethearts 1. Beta Theta Pi, Shan Brown 2. Alpha Delta Pi, Jim Coddington 3. Acacia, Marjorie Nuckols 4. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Nathania Fingerhut 5. Alpha Omicron Pi, Charlie Cochran 6. Sigma Nu, Nancy Walker 7. Chi Omega, Dave Duval 8. Sigma Ohi Epsilon, Paula Evenson 9. Kappa Sigma, Sue Camou 10. Delta Tau Delta, Linda McGoon 11. Gusto, representing houses not shown. 12. Delta Zeta, Chip Parham 13. Sigma Chi, Jodi Basinger Meeks Recognize And Honor Spec oa ndkjd[ a s 4 " 4 AAA IA -4 to. 14StS 44444t44 ' ' f ' ' 41 .-= +!14 ' 141;4 stikitit 14°30; $13 ° sv $ ' 4 141140 4 .N. 1.11,4 04.4v0 236 IVO Popullar Traaions g Qt let Moments To Va A A one Re Awls reeks 71e ong from Chu o Wills Float Competition As a national, founded in 1885, Alpha Chi Omega sorority was the initiator of a central office, a grade point average listing information, a social code book for members, and an Alumnae Advisory Board. In Tucson, the Beta Lambda Chapter with sixty members has marched for muscular dystrophy drives and worked for their national philan- thropy, has received their national ' s scholarship trophy award, and gar- nered the valued first-place for a truly lavish and co lorful Home- coming Sweepstakes float. Among many members in honoraries and student government, a distinction of merit would have to go to Pres- ident Lynn Olson, Collegiate Queen contestant from Arizona. Royal Order of the Red Carnation, the chapter ' s auxiliary, has been broad- ened to include fathers, brothers, pinmates, finances and hashers. Social festivities have centered a- round October and March parties, a Sweetheart Dinner, Christmas formal, and Apple Polisher Dinner. Sharon Adams Kathryn Anderson Janet Bell Louise Burger Peggy Burnett Dea Colter Anita Conway Vincenza Cosenza Mary Eastlick Diane Evans L. Gabitzsch Marci Genis Margaret Hauser Sharon Hunseker Cara Iles Sandra Julian Kris Kester Robyn Kotowski Carol McCoy Pat McCoy Jackie McLean Ana Mariscal Margaret Maxwell Mary Mincks Jan Ogsbury Christina Olson Sandra Padula Patricia Schafer Louise Small Vicki Sohn Karyl Sumner Dolores Takagi E. Unsgaard Carolyn Whallon Donna White Carole Whiton Marcia Williams Sally Winkworth Liz Wolf Heidi Wurst Patricia Yohe 241 A 3 P ' s ost A n ual Tandem Race Leading the sorority division last spring in the annual Women ' s Day Spring Sing and tying for first place in Sigma Chi ' s Derby Day competition, the Alpha Delta Pi ' s have enjoyed an exciting sea- son of honors. Homecoming and Christmas festivities were marked by activity in float-building and l ater, sorority parties. Being part of a long tradition has enabled the Delta Gamma chapter at Tuc- son to participate in secret so- ciety initiations and in centennial celebrations. The sorority was founded in 1851 at Wesleyan Fe- male College at Macon, Georgia. Since then one hundred and twenty-six chapters have spread across the country. Membership in the chapter swelled to seventy- six for this year, including twenty- four rushees. On campus the Alpha Delta Pi ' s have become re- nowned for their exciting tandem bicycle races, always filled with climatic finishes, and the Guides for Brides Fashion Show, whose contributions have aided many crippled children. Gail Anderson Judy Argue R. Bellantoni Susan Berger T. Bideganeta Carol Branom Shirley Byrd Judy Carver Barbara Clapp Rosemary Collins Cynthia Crawford C. Cunningham D. Danielson P. Davidson P. Davidson Judy Davis D. Dickinson Barba Foell Lori Foltz Marilyn Frohberg Kathy Ganem Elizabeth James Patricia Jerome Barbara Jones Teri Nelson Suzannah Grimm Gutzie Gutzmer Jill Hemmings Denise Lassalle Kandie Levitz Leslie McBride Abigail Palmer Penny Palmer B. Pennington Janis Henderson Martha Hood Lynn Howell Mary McFadyen Barbara McGrath Barbara Myers Joann Poshka Kit Perot Charlotte Pylant C. Newkirk Patricia Packham 242 In preparation for the upcoming annual Alpha Delta Pi tandem race, two ADP ' s have fun in the sun on " their bicycle built for two. " Rosemary Reynolds Judy Resseguie Tina Roome Elizabeth Rowe Marilyn Schafer Marcia Scott K. Shackelford Carola Tamarkin Florence Taylor Julia Teague C. Thompson Sharron Troglia Carol Villar Clare Walsh Diane Watkins Katherine Way Barbara Wells Carol Wood Darrelyn Wood 243 ores Educate AErri Pledges Traditionally Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s local chapter, Alpha Lambda, has captured many first-place awards for Homecoming floats. To these honors have been added a first- place finish in Sigma Chi ' s Derby Day. At Christmas the eighty-six members, including thirty-seven pledges, treated underprivileged children to a memorable cele- bration and later in the year an- other festive occasion was the Creme Puff with Delta Gamma. During Thanksgiving members delighted deprived youngsters with a turkey and trimmings din- ner. Socially, the house was stir- ring with activity for the Winter and Spring Formals, and Pledge Pre- sents. Founded in 1909 at New York ' s Barnard College, the sor- ority has grown extensively to include fifty-two chapters, includ- ing Alpha Lambda, founded in 1940. Throughout the year lecture programs on assorted topics were to serve as educational guides for the pledges and activities alike. The AEPhi ' s selected Biff Miller as their Dream Man. Adele Abbern Emily Alter Patti Behr Denise Berkett Julie Berne Sandra Bernstein Pam Blackfield Andrea Brown Mary Brown Patricia Bulitt Randi Eisenberg Nancy Citron Rob Cohen Cindy Cook R. Gardenswarz Elen Gerson Ivy Goldsand Lynn Cutler Pam Dauer Gabriella Dula Linda Goodman Sandra Goodman Gerri Gordon Trudi Bycel Lisa Calmenson Susan Feldman Randee Fendelman Wendy Halper Jill Harrison Fran Kahn Margo Kawin Barbara Keller Ellen Kremer Claudia Kreiger Teena Leben Mimi Mandell Sallie Manlin Susan Merzenbaum Jill Morrison Marilyn Morse Patricia Novorr Sharon Ochs Ilene Perlman Andrea Press Marcia Rogow Daryl Rosenberg Fran Rothman Deborah Sacks Susan Sadek Helen Scheffler Carole Schwartz Nancy Shenkaron I. Silverstein Nancy Slavick Toni Tvert Kay Weisman Mindy Wolf Two sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi work long hours on their float for homecoming activities. AOPVs Plan National Conventon Ambitious efforts and creativity paid off for Alpha Omicron Pi as it captured first place in Blood Drive for its division, and was awarded the distinction as the most improved sorority in scholarship. Among so- cial activities the most memorable would include the Christmas and spring formals. In addition, those girls with the lowest scholarship av- erage threw a party for those mem- bers with the highest average. A- mong goals for the year would be included aid to the Arthritis Founda- tion ' s projects. New York City ' s Barnard College has been given the honor of founding the sorority on January 2, 1897. Fifty-six enthusiastic members composed Upsilon Alpha chapter this year, including a pledge class bolstered by eighteen. Scholar- ship has been the constant aim of the girls, with an invigorating sense of sorority pride as summed up in the statement: " We are pure Greek. " Annual projects initiated this year were a house party and house Homecoming decorations. Joan Aufderheide Carol Aanes Diane Adams Annette Claypool Carolyn Cooper Pat Edwards Elaine Fernandez Cindy Ford Liz Grinnell Ellen Harp Beverly Hazeltine Linda Baker Linda Broughton Melinda Burrill Toni DuPont Pam Edwards Judy Foster Judy Gordon Sandy Gregory Margaret Holbrook Anne Huffman Julie Huffman Judi James Norma Joplin Freddie Jo Kalil 246 Chris Dietsch Virginia Daily Mary Ann Kraynick Kathy Kuhn Susan Levitz Joyce McCormick Colleen McHugh Candy Marshall Katie Matson Ellie Matter Ruth Mead B.J. Medley Marcia Moberly Vicki Neugebauer Kathy Nicodemus Judy Owens Kendra Pfisterer Kathy Roberson Mary Robey Kathy Roscoe Evelyn Siek Jan Smith Suellen Stattel Connie Thompson Karen Walker Linda Walker Ulla Warodell Lynne Wood AOPi ' s chat with their guests over dinner as the sororit y houses open for informal rush. 247 PhVs Assist leart r no Outstanding records in assorted activities have activated the Alpha Phi ' s season. Participating in the Spring Sing of Women ' s Day, the sorority was awarded the Sweep- stakes prize in conjunction with Sigma Phi Epsilon. Heart Fund fash- ion shows, State Day activities with Arizona State ' s Alpha Phi chapter, and a Thanksgiving party for benefit of underprivileged children have occupied the time, energy, and creative efforts of the girls. This year ' s social activities generated great fun, among them a Hawaiian touch to the spring luau,a western party with Gamma Phi Beta, and the memorable Chr- istmas formal. The Alpha Phis also cooperated with the International Forum by erecting a Brazil ' 69 sign. Syracuse University has been given the distinction of founding Alpha Phi sorority on October 10, 1872. Beta Epsilon, this univer- sity ' s chapter, began in 1926 and since then has multiplied in mem- bership to ninety energetic girls, including thirty-two pledges. Lindsay Ade Janet Arnerich Terry Bacon Sue Bergen Ingrid Bisschop Jean Boddiger 4 41t4 11611 WWI Gretchen Boehm Maren Bollman Sue Bowie Susan Camou Caron Chamley Joan Cerny Susan Braden loan Childs Nanci Clinch Judy Coffin Sally Coleman Nancy Conn Robyn Coulson Katie Craig Kathy Crawford Mary Culbertson C. da Cunha Diane Daman Juanita DeMont Debbe Dudley Suzi Durkin 248 Skits, songs music, dancing, flowers, and beautiful pledges abound at Pledge Presents. Marylyn Dustin Diane Fairchild Susan Fash Elaine Gale lane Goodman Karen Gregory Leslie Hadra Sheryl Hagemann Mary Hamlink Linda Harness Penny Hecock Kay Leftwich Susie Linsenbard DeLoris Lowman Chris Mitchell Bess Moore Mary Moore Margaret Holt Brenda Hopper Marilyn Ide Sarah Lynn Maggie McConnell Mary McEvers Pamela Morris Eris Mutschler Barbara Nogal Nancy Joyner Vicki Kidwell Judy Kul ahl Sally Mcwethy Kathleen Mahoney Marcia Metcalf Judy Noll C. Pierce Judy Pratt Susan Hardin Diane Riese D. Scarborough Susan Schafer Cindy Strembel Marti Swain Debbie Swanson P. Whitehead Susan Witzeman Janice Woodson Lucinda Shaw Marilee Shields Sheridan Smith Kristin Weisser Laurie Welsh Jill Whitcomb Bonnie Jeanne Yawger 249 6 a iquet Honors Ch 0 Seniors " Christmas Kindness ' brought joy to children as the Zeta Beta Chapter of Chi Omega gave a party for the underprivileged. They continued their service projects when the nine- ty women participated in their Easter Philanthropy Projects, also for the underprivileged. Scholastic honors and social activities play a " happen- ing " part in this sorority ' s life. The Christmas formal kicked off the holiday season, reaching a peak of excitement with the traditional top- hat crowning of the Southern Gentleman. Later, the members whooped it up at the Spring Wild Wild West formal, and a pledge-ac- tive party. Bidding farewell to grad- uating seniors, Chi Omega honored them with a Senior Banquet. With the aid of a thirty-one member pledge class the girls stormed the campus to earn honors in ASUA and three members in Who ' s Who. One of the charter members of the University ' s chapter of Chi Omega is Lorna Lockwood, Arizona Supreme Court Judge. Gay Achen Geraldine Baca Linda Barc Sarah Bearse laymie Bell Hallie Bills Patricia Brady Wendy Brooks laquelin Carter Cecelia Clark Deborah Clayton Linda Cole Jill Conlin Patricia Conlin Katherine Davis Jane Demlow Barbara Duval Kathleen Eddy Catherine Elias Eve England Ann Eversoll Margaret Ferriss Catherine Frey Marianna Gammon Nancy Garrison Roberta Gerlach Joyce Gibson Jeanne Good Jill Goranson Dorothy Grant Teresa Grote Carol Hoff Cheryl Hogan Denise Huckle Patricia Huffman Patty Huntington V. Hutchins Judith Jones Karyl Jones Barbara Klopp Kathy Krucker Bonnie Kruse Barbara Lacy Gail Lamb Sheryl Landis I ININIIIIMIIIIIMII •11111111•11MIBINI MIIIBIIII•111111111 - wr le•• TM MAI all .1114 11111111111111111111111111111111111 111 111111111111111•111111 1111111111111IIIIIII 11111111111•111111111 1111111111111111111 MIMI 11111111M111111111 • IIMINSICMANIMatel.310.011.117 11 11•••■•111.11MOINIelimliam arrrrrrrrrarsrrr 111M11.11.1.111011.1411111MINIMMIR RIMMII 111..11111niet INS NM 11•111111.1•1111111111111 • Ma MIN. SIMIN ISOM 1. During rush, members of Chi Omega wave a friendly good-bye to rushees and return to the house to prepare for the next group. Julie Lauber Irene Lesnick Deborah Linton K. Lockridge Lynda Mains Sharon Milhelic Marsha Miller Pamela Mroz Patty Muller Mary Northington Judy Olsen Nancy Palmer Pam Paver Lynn Perry Pamela Porter Sally Ransburg Mary Reeb Cynthia Ricker Michelle Sabo Diana Schiele Susan Schmidt S. Von Briesen Beverly Walker Janet Weaver Claudia Welch Carol Whitehead June Wiegand Lillie Shrigley Karen Taggart Sheri Thomas Gail Weaver Kathie Weaver Marilyn Webb Ann Williams Peggy Wilson Barbara Wyckoff Diana Uselman Deidre Vance Susan Vaughan 251 Tri-belts Win Homecoming Award Philanthropic qualities have been exceptionally exhibited by Delta Delta Delta sorority nationally for over 560,000 dollars have been do- nated in scholarships since 1943. Locally the Phi Beta Chapter has collected money for scholarships during its Tri-Delt Work Day, spon- sored a pledge car wash, and sent four delegates to the national con- vention at Miami Beach, Florida. In November, Founder ' s Day celebrat- ions were marked, and special din- ners held included the Apple Poli- shing and Scholarship Dinners. The sorority ' s Christmas formal was cele- brated atop snowy Mt. Lemmon, and a Parents ' Day Breakfast high- lighted activities for that occasion. During ' D ' - Week an ' Anchors Away ' Scholarship Dinner honored recipients of excellent intellectual ability. In conjunction with Alpha Phi Omega, a Halloween Party de- lighted a group of underprivileged children who were treated to candy and apples. Eighty-five thousand actives have claimed membership in the sorority. Nita Babcock Jan Becker Patti Bierbaum Millie Blackburn Janice Brown Linda Budinger Jan Burtt Susan Case Sharon Clark Susan Coffman Cox Mary Daily Diana Daniel Julie Dean Marianne DeBruyne D ' Arcy Dettner Joanne Dille Susan Eck Jeanine Grove Christine Haddad Anne Hannah Regina Hannah Claudia Haslauer Stephanie Hawxhurst Susan Earner Virginia Foltz Ann Fraser Rebecca Henderson Suzanne Hoff Sandra Jacobsen Pamela Jeflcott Gale Jensen Nancy Kay Kenna Kile Kay King Marcie King loan Kinneberg Nancy Knoerle Phyllis Lee 252 Susan Loisel Susan Loughridge Mary McAllister Jane Mount Peggy Odell Ruth O ' Neil Jane Raymond Lynn Reilly Sally Rice Colleen McCarthy Martha McCarty Mary Manly Carol Ogsbury Jill Paskal Becky Pilcher Linda Robinson Linda Romick Mary Rutherford Sherry Monolo Fran Powley Cynthia Presley lean Purcell Patti Ryan Jeanne Ryden Ann Sandlin Satterstrom ' Joan Simonds Christy Smith Joan Stearn Christine Taplett Patricia Thomas Susan Tizard Juliana Tracey Pamela Walker Diana Waters Sheila West Marcia Wishart Members, pledges, and guests prepare for some entertainment during their Christmas party. DG ' s State Benefit X Inas Party With clear sailing and smooth seas Delta Gamma marooned a pledge class of thirty-one girls. Then, docking up for the year, they staged a Christmas Party for the blind children at the Tuc- son School for deaf and Blind, a national philanthropy. Continuing in the holiday spirit Alpha Pi chapter floated through their Christmas Formal at the Statler Hil- ton. Rounding out their year ' s social calendar, actives and pledges col- laborated to " shipwreck " their dates at the Annual Spring Formal. Knowing that University life isn ' t all play, Delta Gamma also raised a few sails on campus by participating in Homecoming and having intel- lectual members in Chimes, Spurs, Mortar Board, and the celebrated Who ' s Who in American Colleges. For cheer and beauty they added cheerleaders and pom pon girls. A-Day Queen attendants and mili- tary Ball Queen finalists. Delta Gamma was founded nationally in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi. Catherine Armer Adriana Arriaga Carol Bauman Jo Ann Boyd Carolyn Briggs Patricia Brooks Carolyn Doran Janet Dumont Nancy Dysart Kathi Barnes Toni Barthels Betsy Belden Janet Chalmers Kimberly Cooper Noel Ray Coward Joan Ellis Deidre Engdahl P. Engebretson Cyndy Benefiel Georga Biocini Cynthia Blair Madelynn Creasy Judith Derickson Janice Devine Candyce Frailey Kathy Gee Vicki Greek Julie Hill Diane Jackson Anne Grose Johanna Haden Deborah Haefner Elizabeth Hamer Marolyn Hawk Lynn Jenkins Arden Jewett Diana Jorda G. Kernell Gail Kimes Laurie Larson Barbara Lent Kathy Lext Cathy Lindamood Sue Lyon Catherine Macintyre 254 With candles, Christmas carols, pretty faces, and Christmas spirit, Delta Gammas celebrated Christmas with caroling and a party afterwards. Christi McCarroll Ann McFadyen Toni McLeod Cynthia Moon Cherie Mulder Janice Naughton Liz Reilly Mollie Robertson Kathy Roggeveen Katherine Mann Suzi Maroney Margaret Marshall Jan Neubauer Adrienne Niblett Carla Ode Karen Shields Shelley Sims Yvette Smith Patricia Matz Elna May Barbara Miller Joanne Oitker Carol Olney Cynthia Phelps Teresa Snyder Mary Stewart Susan Staitiff Anne Strode Jan Struckmeyer Kathy Templeton Beryl Thomas Cathy Walp Diane Walther Mary Kay West Lynn Willis Amy Wright 255 AZ Features evvest Ouse As the largest national sorority in the country, Delta Zeta sorority has initiated the greatest number of pledges on campus. Beta Iota chap- ter has the newest house of all sororities, an attractive pink structure with grilled windows. Philanthropy services of the sorority have brought happiness to children of the School for the Deaf and Blind and to the Navajo Indians on their reservation. Delta Zeta celebrated a gala Founder ' s Day in December, and won a first in lawn decorations during Homecoming Week with a clever Space Days decoration in flowers. Social events included Christmas and spring formals and a pajama party. The sorority held an open house to display its decora- tive architecture, and also partici- pated in a pledge-active softball game. Spring Sing and Sigma Chi Derby Day activities kept many of the girls quite busy. With a member- ship of seventy-six, the girls were occupied with Hostesses, ASUA government and University royalty. Shari Arnold B. Baillargeon Beverly Baker Nancy Bates Rebecca Beatus Georgia Becker Diane Bianco Martha Coons Connie Corcoran Caryl Cox Nancy Croy Sylvia Evans Sharyn Frear Carol Gill Nicki Giroux Robin Glickley Caroline Goff Laura Golden Susan Gordon Carol Gregg Catherine Haines Candance Johnston Juanita Karons Sue Keebler Emily McGuire Juliet Miner Gail Morley Lisa Hardy Mary Harrington Deborah Hart Sharon Kinsey Alexandra Kollar Leslie Leber Christine Nelson Cynthia Noles Linda Norman Mary Ingram Judy Jackimczyk Trena Jewett Marjorie Luthardt Shelaugh McCauley Deborah McClughen Nancy Olson Romona Pergren Frances Phillips 256 Patricia Popof Linda Reed Patricia Relfe Linda S. Sampson Linda Sanborn Marcia Satterlee Linda Schuler Sylvia Setzer Carol Shannon Connie Shannon Dawn Sicher Joyce Smith Meyer Melody Smith Teryl Smith Veronica Smith Patricia Sobel Jennifer Steele Linda Stelljes Nancy Stewart Carolyn Stull Charity Sulcer Joan Taylor Pamela Toures Kathleen Walsh Betsy Weeks C. Trowbridge Diane Tregonis Preference rush parties at DZ are symbolic and beautiful. Entering the door are rushees, some of whom were soon to become new pledges. Retreat F d At Mt. Lemmon Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta sorority has had the unique pleasure of caring for a foster child in Argentina, and its concern for children has been further empha- sized by its annual children ' s party for the underprivileged. The soror- ity held a retreat on Mt. Lemmon this past year, as well as a Western Party in cooperation with Alpha Phi, and a Christmas formal. One hundred enthusiastic members have formed the core of the so- rority, with a constantly increasing pledge class. Historically, the soror- ity was founded on campus in 1922. Many members have been active in various fraternity auxiliaries, and other girls have participated in such honoraries as Angel Flight, Spurs, Chimes, and Symposium. Outstand- ing members would include Becky Fife, 1968 Greek Week Queen; Sally Ground, Chimes President; and Myra Freeman, Senior Class Treasurer; not to mention all the sorority sisters who worked to gain a scholastic ranking of second on campus. 0 se ' Leslie Ahern Marilyn M. Allen Kris Anderson Linda R. Bachus Linda H. Bahula Cynthia Bates Polly Bayless Allison D. Behle Suzanne Bennett Cindy Ann Black Donna Black Lindsey Blitch. Jo Anne Block Peggy L. Bond Judy L. Bugg Susan E. Bush Linda M. Casoli Nancy. Cauble Sue Charamza J. Childress Bonnie Coffin Gloria Cole Kathleen Corbett Mary E. Corbett J. Crawford Patricia Davis Susan Davis DeNise Flint Myra Freeman Billie Jane Frye Susan Dickey Karen Eddy Kathleen Farley Patricia Ferneding Pamela A. Ferry Rebecca Fife G. Gudenkauf Beth Hannley Charlotte Hanson Laine Harris Ebbie Hazlehurst Susan Hillyard Georgianne Gifford Natalie Gifford Michele Granger 258 Informal chats prelude dinner at Gamma Phi. Dionicia Jacome Cindy Judson Carolyn Keene Pam Kircher Ellen Lamb Janice Lemke Susan Hubbard Judy Huntington Roberta Jacoby Linda Kennedy Nancy Kelly Anita King Judy McCarthy Joan Mathew " Penelope A. Melick Melinda Michele Constance Mills Maureen Mooney Bonnie A. Munch Deborah L. Murphy Susie Nicholson Christine Norrbom J. Norton Starr Overlock Nancy Pearson Carolyn W. Pfeil Pamela Pirnie Doris Purcell Nancy Radmacher Peggy Rawn Nancy B. Reimold Sally Ryan Debbie Sears Jacqueline Short Pamela Shuck Deanie Smith P. Steffen Paulette Sukey Susan Tomek Mara Vitolins Marcia Ann Volpe Angie Wallace Alison Webster Dianne S. Weir Cornelia White Elizabeth Wyckoff Mary Ann Williams Cathy Yaeger 259 f ndy Stearman Named Miss UA One outstanding year behind them, the ninety-seven member Beta Delta colony at Kappa Alpha Theta buckled down to semesters of hard work. Thirty two pledges bolstered spirit and pride as the KAT ' s opened the year. With plans for a new philanthropic project the girls eagerly supported the In- stitute of Logopedic at Kansas, a nationally sponsored philanthropy. Bouncing into activities, Theta women walked off with members in Porn Pon ' s, Angel Flight and Kaydettes. They snowed the campus scene when the more a- cademically inclined were select- ed for honoraries and Margaret Boice captured the Most Out- standing Sophomore Women a- ward. Another Theta, Lindy Stear- man, was Miss University of Ari- zona and will represent the cam- pus in the Miss Arizona pageant. Confident of their power, Theta ' s challenged Pi Phis to the annual Powder Puff. A glittering Christ- mas formal and the rollicking in- formal W.C.T.U. Spring Rally were the focus of social events. Cathy Adams Christie Anawalt Barbara Bathe Sharon Brigham Trudie Brush Beverly Ann Burns ' 1 Mimi Flood Candyce Garmire Patricia Germann Sharon Gibney Linda Henderson Nancy Herman Edith Hopper Lisa Bluemke Margaret Boice Celeste Collings Marjorie Davis Jan Donau June Goodson Mimi Greenwood Pamela Greenwood Linda Jacobson Karen Jones Sherry Jenkins Deborah Bell Carole Bennon Janice Black Ann Blouin Susan Dwyer Diane Ensign Minda Burr Terry Cashill Karen Clifford Claudia Hardy Suzanne Hausner Sue Hearte Sharon Kempf ' Carol Kinsock Catherine Kinsock Margaret Laine Charlene Lakin Chris Leathy Patty Loftis Melissa Manley Janice Miles 260 Susan Miller Magie Miller Barbara Molina Nancy Netzorg Peggy Northcutt Kathy Osborne Linda Packard K. Petersen Gayle Potthoff Diane Powell Helen Roads Diane Spear Cathy Stanley Lindy Stearman Linda Strecker Susan Tear Stuart Thomas Janie Thompson After their first rush from the sorority side, Theta soph actives cut up at Pledge Presents. Diana Townley Susan Vance Nancy Vangsness Paula Voorhees Barbara Walker Carol Williams Carol Wood 261 Pare -Ws 3ang et Mar 5 Year Scholarship distinctions have marked the many activities of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, for the Gamma Zeta Chapter was presented the campus academic trophy both semesters this past year. Gaining second place at the Spring Sing ' s mixed division, plan- ning Christmas benefits for under- privileged children and Thanks- giving baskets for deprived young- sters, and aiding deaf children in Tucson also involved the time of many. Social events of all types marked the year, including Foun- der ' s and Parent ' s Day banquet, and open house with the new house mother, Mrs. Dorothy Ma- son, meeting with the Kappa chap- ter at Arizona State, and various formals held at holiday seasons. At the national convention the chapter was honored for first run- ner-up in scholarship and public- ations. Ninety-seven eager mem- bers have labored to uphold the tradition of this one hundred forty- nine year old sorority. Nationally the Kappas were the first to utilize graduate counselors. Andrea Arthur Virginia Bailey Cheryl Bankes Diana Baum Betty Baum Barbara Bell Kathy Bishop Cassie Boyd Carolyn Brown Nancy Cameron Susan Cameron Cheryl Charles Pamela Coolidge Candice Cooper Alison Crawfo rd AA IAA Cindy Cunningham Kathleen Dahlberg Diane Daniels Jeanie Dent Jean Deramus Terriann Detjen Virginia Dominick Pamela Eoff Roberta Ferry Marsha Fishburn Lynne Gallagher Jean Gilbert Debbi Ginter Joan Gissel Mary Guptill Blanny Hagenah Laloyce Hall Cynthia Harrell Mary Hendershott Molly Hergert Marsha Hoskins Barbara Hughes Ann Jerman Lynn Johnson Sue Jollensten Christine Kammer Anne Kaufmann Deborah King Sandra King Nairn Kirkpatrick 262 Christmas is a favorite season for actives and pledges alike at Kappa Kappa Gamma. Gifts and Christmas spirit are exchanged between the girls. Cherry Klofanda Elizabeth Lamar Connie Lancaster Pamela Lane Christine Lins Wendy Logan Susan Lombaer Skye McDonald Mary McFarlin Mary McLoughlin Melinda McMahan Michaela McMahan Martha McMillan Linda Mapes Vicki Martin Christine Murfin Portia Murry Carol Obrock Peggy O ' Malley Peggy Pertuit Patricia Pertuit Gail Peterson Nancy Pitman Fern Porter Linda Park Linda Ornelas Kay Pappas Susan Poynter Leslie Preston Penelope Price lane Rodman K Rousseau Ellen Ruth Becky Scanlon Nanette Sexton Beverly Shumaker Margaret Sizer Stephany Smith K Stenerson Susan Stolle Carol Upham Bonnie West Kassi Walters Virginia Wyne Carol Yeoman 263 arnng Ma fde Pa it Ma (es News Celebrated as the first national fraternity for women, founded in 18 67, Pi Beta Phi has been on cam- pus since 1917.The sorority was also the first nationally to establish an alumnae organization. At Home- coming the ninety-nine girls labor- ed to create a fine-looking float in conjunction with Sigma Chi. Spring Sing activities were held with Sigma Nu, and Greek Week festivities with Sigma Chi. This year the chap- ter sponsored an orphan from the Appalachian area and held their annual Founder ' s Day luncheon. Major social events covered such themes as " Oldies but Goodies " at the Flaming Mamie Party and the Monmouth Duo with Kappa Kappa Gamma at Old Tucson. Coached by the men of Kappa Sigma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, powder puff softball with the Thetas proved en- joyable. Outstanding sorority mem- bers have participated in fraternity auxiliaries, Kaydettes, Angel Flight, University Hostesses, various cam- pus honoraries, and campus queens. Deborah Autzen Leslie Ann Avant Celaine Bartow Melissa Bramsen Kathleen Bundy Katheryn Butcher Caryl Chamberlin C. Chambers Patricia Cohen Alice Crombie Sharon Crine Jill Deramus Karen Erickson Analee Funk Sara Greer Deborah Gibson Laurie Hauer Patricia Hazelett Leslee Howell Leslie Ann Hughes Laura Johnson Patricia Jones Katherine Kientz Karen Kircher Claudia Kitt Constance Kloos Mary Ann Knight g11.4411 Judy Lane Lynn Leff ingwell Sandra Lehmer Stephanie Light Mary Lynch Melinda McGeorge Gay McNaughton C. Mahoney Ann Maury Terri Mitchell Jean Nicholson Dana Overton Margaret Palmer Sally Palmer Beth Paulson Karen Peterson Laura Quinlan Sandra Rathbun 264 Gail Ritzinger Geri Rivard Mary Robertson Elizabeth Roman Carole Romer Peggy Scaling Barbara Schmidt Mary Sill Kimberlee Skold Kristina Skold Brenda Smart Laura Smith Suzanne Thomas Noreen Tirrell Kay Tomamichael Lindsay Treadwell K. Updegraff Karen Vandiver Nancy Walker Nira Wall Ellen Wieser Barbara Wild Elizabeth Wild Mary Jane Wild Debbie Wilden Susan Williams Dorothy Warner Amy Weber Ann Wieland Pi Beta Phi actives had a hard time calming down their enthusiastic pledges before they made their grand entrance during pledge presents. Piledges Afd C dren ' s , iosp114.a With an ever-increasing member- ship, presently seventy-three, plus constant building additions to the sorority house, Sigma Delta Tau has enhanced its campus reputation. Project Headstart ' s Food Bank was initiated by the Alpha Pi Chapter, and under the girls ' supervision, a Halloween party complete with popcorn and candy was sponsored for underprivileged children. Pan- hellenic officers awarded the Scholarship Improvement Trophy to the chapter this past season. At the national convention in the Grand Bahamas, Alpha Pi members were voted a third-place finish for philanthropy and top spot for their work in Parents ' Club. The girls labored busily for other campus activities, including a pledge car- wash to raise money, and a philan- thropy project involving the making of puppets to delight the many in children ' s hospitals. Social festivities were reeled off to the themes of a Pen Pal Party, Hallo- ween Party, Torchlight Ball, spring and winter formals. === Leslie Ancel Sherry Aron Pamela Bernstein Sue Blank Anne Borinstein Janis Bormaster Patricia Briskin Linda Bruce Abigail Chesler Sharyn Chesler Kaye Cohen Heidi Cornick Jill Fox Judy Galston Miriam Geigerman Diana Greensweig Linda Grimpas Laura Gross Linda Ehrlich Andrea Eisenberg Cynthia Feffer Donna Gelgur Carole Goldenberg Jill Golofsky Mary Heller Karen Herman Jill Hollander Gail Fisch! Amy Fisher L. Flegenheimer Sandra Goldstein Jane Gortikov Nancy Grais Ronni Julius Ellen Kallman Randy Katz Cyndy Kramer C. Kroenberger Sydney Lazarus Sharon Lesk Kathi Levi Randi Lohr Judy London Katheryn Maisel Andrea Marr 266 Cathy Okum Andrea Parris Elyse Peck Gail Maurer Adrienne Meltzer Judi Morgan Jane Pedroli Arlene Pearlman Sherry Pollyea Susan Poplack Beth Radetsky Jill Routman Helene Rubin Helene Scheiner Judy Schwartz Jan Seidel Ann Shniderson Judy Sklar Helene Slaten Janice Sobel Jane Solomon Sandra Sondock Julie Tashnek Jean Zinner Gayle Zoller Cynthia Topp Ronnie Ziegler Joanne Turkel Nanette Tashnek Members of Sigma Delta Tau are proud to come home to their modern house on First St. which houses all of the SDT activities during the year. 1LT 1111N O ' ' ' ' 17rt-Z1 ' A °N ' I -A„ % • N. 111 .tA ' 1 " A . •1 -9 % ' A Of ' t:4 )71 t ,1 ►eh • It lit lef tot ;of tot A AL 111 tt, A AV refrel OA NI .6 IA i •• • of III le I I " V " .• 1,11 Iry -r., t ' e Ae.4 Nit, • Olt pi Pry .01 I)) M u s f es If Sly e S how Katherine Adams Cynthia Allyn Sandy Baizel Gad Diley Joan Farnum Debra Fleming Sheryl Harris Karen Hartshorn Dawn Havanec Eta Iota ' s chapter of Phi Mu at the University of Arizona, which was founded on May 12, 1962, boasted an active year. The house ' s forty- two members and twelve pledges began the scholastic year with their open rush party, " Lost in the Bush. " After celebrating a successful work day, the Phi Mus went on to take second place in the Homecoming float contest with the Delta Chi fraternity. Phi Mus devoted a great deal of time in raising money for their national philanthropy, the S. S. Hope. In keeping scholastic excel- Barbara Bazley Cheryl Benson Frances Beyer Kathleen Fockler Deborah Formo Judith Gilliland Lee Hayden G. Heffelfinger Charlotte Luce Linda Miniat Linda Montgomery Zana Porreca lence, the Phi Mus were active in fraternity auxiliaries, Kaydettes, U of A Hostesses, and Panhellenic. Social activities included the Phi Mus annual Christmas and Spring formals, and Spring Style Show. As their goal for the year, the house hoped to obtain maximum member- ship. One of the house ' s prominent members this year was Cindy Allyn, who was involved in the U of A Hostesses, the Kaydettes, and Pledge and Fraternity Education of Pan- hellenic. Charlotte Butler E. Cunningham Camille Dehaven Marge Glass Pam Glassbrook Rebecca Graul Margaret Luce Terrilee McNally Karen Miller Linda Proctor Linda Rankin Joan Ridgley Candis Shelley Joan Stone E. Sullivan Sandy Thu nstedt Susan Witt Sandra Zimmerman 268 i Acaciia !Increases Numbe Fairly new on campus in com- parison to many fraternities, Acacia has built up an excellent reputation for itself. Activities for the food and Muscular Dystrophy Drives en- tailed campus and community ser- vice, and in addition, Masonic Work Day and Founder ' s Day ceremonies involved the time and effort of the Arizona fraternity chapter. The fraternity with fifty-six members selec ted Polly Fletcher of Phi Mu as their Sweetheart. Last year the chap- ter rearranged its finance and initi- ated a newer and more progressive pledge program. Goals that the fraternity hoped to achieve en- compassed an increase in member- ship, including a large pledge class of twenty-one; grade average im- provement; furnishing of a multi- purpose room; and carpeting for rooms and halls. Social activities celebrated a Night on the Nile, a White Wabbit Dance, a Combat Party, Purple Haze Party and the Christmas Black and Gold Formal. Acacia on a national level re- cently moved its headquarters to Boulder, Colorado, from Evanston, Illinois. Ross Arrington John Barelli Richard Blair Bruce Bouche Bruce Carter Craig Brown Stephen Catt William Chessell Edward Conklin I Robert Dietrich I. Kearney Fisher Donald Frevert Charles Guerreno John Haas Louis Hitter Robert Knight Jeffrey Lindley Kenneth Lowrance Dale Powell Douglas Rotolo Mark Scanlon Lyle Mann Henry Mohr Daniel Nunez Joseph Sember Scott Sheffield Dave Timmerman Some Acacias and their dates are resting up for the second half of their fraternity party. 270 Larry Watt Rick Wilson Gary Zeluff Mayor Corbett Speaks Pi ' s Proud bearers of rich heritage, the AE Pi ' s have enjoyed the distinc- tion of being the largest Jewish national fraternity. Their active participation in campus life included a fourth place finish in grades second semester of 1968, along with voluntary work at Arizona ' s Children ' s Home. With a new house as their headquarters, they genera- ted enthusiasm for projects includ- ing monthly speakers, contributions of circus tickets for Camp Wildcat, and an assortment of social activi- ties. Martin Brien Donald Cohen Ira Dankberg Craig Dick Mitchell Dorson Anthony Fell lack Friedman Richard Friedman Hank Galatz Melvin Gitler Joe Gold Ronald Greenberg Stephen Greenberg Mark Heller Kenneth Knobloch David Kodner rs Bruce Kramer Lloyd Krieger Andrew Lecher Eric Lepie Lee Lippmann Jeffrey Low Elliott Mallon Jeff Mandel Gregory Meyerson Richard Mogy Michael Morris Larry Novak Don Oppenheim Irwin Pasternack Barry Price Harry Prushansky Howard Reife Rob Richter Daniel Rosen William Sampson Nolan Schwartz Leonard Shapiro Barry Slavin Gerald Smiley Leonard Snyder Lawrence Starkopf Phillip Wallis Arnold Weiner Stephen Weiner Michael Zukowski 271 Having moved into a new house this past fall and thus engendering new spirit and excitement, the Alpha Pi chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho, initiated in 1959, spent much time collecting for the Pima County Mental Health Fund and putting finishing touches to the new house. The Pink Rose Formal at Christmas proved the high point of the social events. Most members have traditionally been agricultural majors, and this past year twenty- one men from this field helped one another in their agricultural studies. AGR Men Move Into New House Thomas Bennett Russell Davis Rex Fowler Ismael Gonzalez John Hart Del Jiminez Herb Kai Kelly Kiethly Rick Ladra Javier Ledesma Michael Meyer John Nash Gary Owens Edward Pierson Joseph Pierson Gary Sakato John Sanders Rocky Snyder Edward Stressman Tracy Webb Gary Wing For thirteen of the twenty-one years Lambda Chi Alpha has been active at the UA, Mrs. Bess Wester- berg has served the thirty men of the Zeta Teta Chapter as house- mother. These men, working closely with their alumni, were busy with plans for a new fraternity house, a more active alumni association, and many activities. They sponsored the White Rose Formal, a luau, Roaring 20 ' s Party, hayride, pool party, collection for the March of Dimes and fund raising activity for the Brun Clinic at St. Mary ' s Hospital. a Ahead _ambda Ch S David Aros Douglass Bartley Carl Cupito Richard Davis Thomas Davis Rees Hair Loren Jackson Stephen Jacobs Michael Keenan Paul Mears Ted Rozendal Roger Wolcott John Stanley Robert Sahrn 272 AKL ' s Knovvo For Kg lest GPA A ( Beginning with six members last year, Alpha Kappa Lambda has in- creased its membership to forty- two and has earned the distinctions of being the fastest growing frater- nity on campus and having the high- est grade average for any fraternity. Service activities have entailed extensive aid to children at the Tucson Deaf and Blind School. The Alpha Beta Chapter has distinguish- ed itself by barring pledge hazing and by emphasizing five goals in its programs: scholarship, Christian emphasis, leadership, self-support and loyalty. Kenneth Bergman William Call Craig Pugsley Terry Sagen Charles Thomas Jack Thompson Jeffrey Baron V. Philippopoulos Chris Summers Scott Claypool Frank Effland Royal Ellinger James Secan Kim Sheridan Wallace Shores S. Timberlake E. Tinting Richard Toelle David Francisco James Feldmayer Frank Harvey Steve Spease Donald Spong Michael Staniec Charles Van Ormer Larry Ward KA Chapter lI Improves Scho a r s h Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha has celebrated its twentieth anniversary on campus with goals toward improved rush and scholar- ship. The fraternity has moved from its old house recently. With a membership of eleven, the chapter won the award for the most im- proved scholarship record nation- ally. Social events of the year en- tailed a Christmas formal and the Old South Ball. Ninety-two active chapters of the fraternity have been established since 1865, with head- quarters located in Atlanta, Georgia. Peter Grimsley James Hallmark David Bish Robert Battaglia David Hill Dale Pederson Stanley Stromberg 273 ATO Men Help Yaqui Indians Winning Greek Week for the second time in a row, Alpha Tau Omega holds the record for five firsts in six years. This excellence is a goal for the Epsilon Beta Chapter as they strive to live up to the national ATO record as number one scholastically. Besides having the greatest number of chapters, in- cluding one in British Columbia, the Taus have one of the biggest houses on campus with 106 members. This past year, these men have been busy with a service project for the Yaqui Indians, Homecoming, select- ing Keen McDonald of Gamma Phi Beta as their Sweetheart and major social activities. The social events included Christmas and spring for- mals, Shipwreck Party and Psy- chedelic Party. Leadership is another accomplish- ment of the ATO ' s. Besides supply- ing lettermen to major sports teams, they house the Senior Class presi- dent, Tom Whitley; Junior Class president, Jay Greer; Most Eligible Bachelor, Dave Wilson; and Head of the Army ROTC, Scott Hays. Mike Adams Steven Barklis William Barton John Baston Frank Bitsko Fritz Bopp Dick Bordwell Ron Caviglia Brian Cheney lames Clarkson Carl Cole Robert Colville Kenneth Drake Dennis Elliott Jeffrey Ferber William Ferguson Cliff Gadway Robert Geever aga Robert Gillette Jason Greer Craig Hardy Jonathan Landeen Ralph Lidge Larry Livingston George Mehl Tom Menaugh Daniel Munzer Michael Horvat Bill Jackson Edwin Jacobs Bob Lohse John Long Frantz Lupton lames Nash Stephen Ochoa Mike Paulson William leffry Dennis Kuhl Michael Ladin Craig McGee lames McGlamery Anthony Marrs John Prefling Rick Reimold Frederick Ruby 274 John Schmidt Keith Shein Brian Shirk Gary Skawin Arthur Smith Dave Smith Robert Starek Michael Sullivan William Swanson W. Edwin Weigt Douglas Wright Charles Yancy Open house is one of the major events of fall life at the ATO house. At ATO the over-flow crowd of female visitors is cordially entertained. _Julau ' Same As ast Year Alpha Sigma Phi, known nation- ally as the ' Old Gal, ' has had an established chapter, Gamma Iota, on campus for fourteen years. For the last two years, this chapter has sponsored the largest non-sanction- ed car rally in the Southwest: Alpha Sigma Phi Saguaro Run. The Alpha Sigs have cont ributed to continued public service such as Tucson Boys ' Club and the Yaqui Indian Reserva- tion. Social functions have been numerous, including the Black and White formal, Cold Duck Party, and the fourth annual ' Same as Last Year ' Luau. Beginning as a fraternity at Yale University, 1845, the fraternity has spread across the country with sixty-five chapters. Actor Vincent Price is just one of the many distin- guished alumni. Twenty-eight men, initiated into the chapter last year, and eleven pledges demonstrated that they would adhere to the goals of the fraternity: improvement of grades, support of Greek brother- hood, and involvement in commun- ity service. Thomas Clark Robert Deshon Donald Dyer Kenneth her Richard Gross Arthur Hale Wesley Hand Charles Hinman Michael Hofer Alan Holmes Dean Kaniecki James Kelly David Lowry David May Allan Mense William Mitchell Gordon Nelson Ronald Nomura James Reynolds James Sailer Daniel Simon David Towne Richard Viau Craig Wakefield A late model Porsche ' signs in ' in preparation for the annual Alpha Sig sports car rally. 276 Beta ' s I adate Sister liar) With the distinguishing features of being the only Beta Chapter in the state, belonging to the first national fraternity in the country, and being the first chapter west of the Mississippi River, the Delta Beta ' s of the University of Arizona have increased membership over the year to sixty-eight members. Among their social events of the year were included the Beta Fog Cutter, Toga Party, Verde River Party, Train Party, Gangster Party, Founder ' s Day celebration, Phi-Delt Day activities, Inter-fraternity party, Christmas formal, and Forgeus Party. During the year plans were developed for the construction of a new active room in the basement. Among other hopes and goals were the capturing of the T. L. White Award for the third straight year in intramurals, initiating their Sisters of Beta Auxiliary, and working with underprivileged children. Last year the Beta ' s took them to the fun filled and memorable Shrine Circus. Ben Agee Michale Albright Bruce Bates Wayne Blum William Chrisler Brad Eidmann Bryan Ellis Richard Fishel lames Fissell Lawson Flanagan James Ford William Francis Joseph Galbraith Chris Guild Thomas Gray John Jones Jerry Koss N. Kovalcik Geary Kull S. Lindstrom Arthur Means Mike Mitchell Oscar Montano Thomas Nelson Jeff Pulford William Ralston William Regner Barry Scripps lames Shields Stephen Southard Jeff Swanson George Thomas Eric Walker Timothy White Bruce Wilmoth Metz Wright Gregg Young 277 Delia C fiVs ‘Mn ntramurai Title Beginning as a legal fraternity in 1890 at Cornell University, Delta Chi has established itself as a social fra- ternity, now of seventy chapters. This past year the chapter formed Chi Delphians Auxiliary, captured eighth place in the Banner Race and sponsored a Christmas party for orphans. Sixty energetic members engaged also in a food and toy drive and sponsor ed a fashion show. In sports, Delta Chi went undefeated in flag football and has been a per- ennial winner in sports banners during the semester. Eighteen girls have been initiated as members of Chi Delphians auxiliary. With a membership of sixty, such social events as the Bad Lands Blow-out, Arabian Nights, and Spring and Win- ter formals have been enjoyed. Many outstanding campus athletes such as Tim Plodinec and Ken Kurtz of the baseball team, and Charlie Duke of the football team have been active members. Gerald Allen Larry Anderson Hugh Birkland Richard Bock Gary Bram Oscar Bravo Edward Dye Gene Ballard Dexter Bennett Ted Dzuban Arthur Eberlein Terry Finefrock Gil Hoel Dale Johnson Russell Long , A -....; a to 4,..„ , 9 Ronald Payton David Penyak Howard Quinn Miles Fiala John Fye David Gardner Jay McEwen Dave McGuire Michael McNamara Thomas Restaino Roger Ritchie Gary Robson Timothy Gerking Geoffrey Goetz Patrick Goosherst Walter May Arthur Moore Jerry Morris Richard Rodgers Arnold Rosenberg Dennis Sanders Richard Sevenoaks David Siegel R. Springstead Timothy Studer Steven Torbeck D. VanBodergraven Alan Varalli 278 Debts nvo ved Sere ce Known as one of the strongest among fraternities scholastically and financially, Delta Tau Delta, has established itself on campus with forty members. It has been involved in public service for the urban re- newal commission of Tucson, has sponsored discussions during the political campaigns, and has had frequent candidates for scholastic and campus honors, including hav- ing one candidate for Phi Beta Kappa honors, Jeff Lawrence. The Delts have frequently captured first place in the annual Ugly Man con- test, where proceeds have gone to charity from the week-long affair sponsored by a service fraternity. Intramural improvement and con- certed efforts toward regaining the scholarship trophy for fraternities have activated the Delts frequently. Social functions were highlighted by the Christmas Formal, Home- coming, and the Delt Shipwreck. Pleidies auxiliary with a membership of twenty girls has proven a wel- come attraction to the fraternity. Neil Beaufait William Biles Kenneth Brooks A Lawrence Caskey Greg Clucas Rodney Corson Gordon Dickey lames Gantz Denton Hammond James Hanratty Robert Haugen William Jensen Richard Keye John Knudsen Geoffrey Lawrence Charles Lisherness Vance Luke Scott McQuide The Delta Tau Delta ' s house is the hub for their varied activities. Ross Magrane Brad Mayo Russell Murphy Scott Niel Thomas Padden Charles Rak Paul Ranmar Dan Remick Dennis Rose Richard St. Denis Nick Scalpone Joseph Schwarzer William Skanadore Henry Steers Daniel Stixrud Paul Wason James Wise Eric Yoshizumi 279 eamwork Ho ds Together The only fraternity with a mas- cot, Squidde, and a St. Bernard, Chi Phi fraternity has grown in its four years on campus to nineteen members. Their national has been honored as the oldest social fra- ternity, so the members on cam- pus have joked that their major goal would be staying alive. Their main concerns have been on initiating a revolutionary pledge training program, and in addition increas- ing membership. Social functions of the year included the Singapore Sling and Christmas Formal. William Bentzen Edward Bermingham Jeff Brown Mark Chucalo Karl Daro Glenn Dennis Bernard Fenimore Robert Furlong Dean Hill Guy Kirkland lames Morford John Sanderson Irwin Siegel Squidde Richard Stokes Truman Terry John Waxier DUs ight Up " A " MOL -1-ta°11 In its long and distinguished history since foundation in 1843, Delta Upsilon had the honor of having the first fraternity man to be named Associate Supreme Court Justice, Stephen J. Field Williams. Activities during the year have entailed lighting the " A " on A-Mountain during the Homecoming festivities, and look- ing for a new house to replace the recently evacuated one. Bimonth- ly theme parties have been held as well as a Christmas formal and Homecoming party during the year. Jeff Bartolino Robert Bayne Tom Binnion Michael Burke Robert Cryor Greg Dent Joseph Dukette Joseph Ensign Michael Hatcher Thomas Lee John Meloy Charles O ' Dowd Robert Shaw Jerome Weaver 280 Kap pa Sags Stress Sc 11 0 arship Granting more money in loans and scholarships than any other national fraternity, Kappa Sigma fraternity nationally has housed such Arizona citizens as Senator Paul Fannin. Since its foundation on campus in 1915, the Gamma Rho Chapter has excelled in many intramural activities, including first place finishes in wrestling, volleyball and horseshoes. Their fraternity has never dipped below all men ' s scholarship average, and it has further been honored as first runner-up in Greek Week and winner of the George B. Pottorff Sportsmanship Award in intra- murals. With a membership of forty-eight, activity has been cen- tered around drives for muscular dystrophy and assorted social func- tions such as the winter Formal and Spring Luau,and a powder puff soft- ball game with campus sororities. Stardusters Auxiliary, composed of twenty-five girls has grown in mem- bership and importance of late. The Gamma Rho Chapter is the oldest house founded in Arizona. Larry Areas Neil Belgiano Ray Bell David Boucke Vince nt Dean Donald De Nenno Rodney Foster William Freeman Michael Gallagher Robert Glew Douglas Gregg Gordon Holbrook Kappa Sigs arid their dates relax from the activities of the House Pajama Party. C. Hoxie Steve Job Ronald Johnson Steve Kirby Dave Lampert Bruce Lawrence Michael Logan Alan McBride Dan McBride Michael McCreedy Malcolm Mathes John Mattison Stephen Morris Steve Murray Laurance Rednor Carter Smith Kevin Smith Vance Sprecher Jeffrey Seidman Mark Sellers Sandy Tompkins Edward Truman John Savage 281 [11 Outs Coll lect For United Fu Founded at the University of Ari- zona in 1922, Alpha Arizona became one of the 133 chapters of the nat- ional fraternity Phi Delta Theta. Since the national initiation in 1848 the Phi ' s were the first with the pledge pin idea, first to have a mem- ber become President of the United States, and throughout the years has housed many actors, athletes and successful businessmen. On campus, the Phi ' s, with forty members and nineteen pledges, have worked hard for the food drive between Thanksgiving and Christ- mas, donated blood to the Univer- sity-Red Cross Blood Drive, pro- vided money for Camp Wildcat through a work day, collected for the United Fund campaign, and sold tickets for the Shrine Circus. These service projects have helped to ful- fill their house goals; improve frat- ernal relations within and outside the chap ter and maintain the high quality of the men of Phi Delta Theta Their social events were Home- coming, Christmas formal, High Nooner, and Founder ' s Day Dinner. James Adams Scott Amis John Bauman Ross Borneman Kevin Bowman Richard Burke Edward Cappel William Carnegie John Cochran Richard Cohan Anthony Corcoran Edwin Englebert Dana Free Jeff Grieve Cory Harper Bill Joslin Ronald Kobernik M. McIntyre John Madding Steven Million William Mitchell Robert Nixon John Padelford Victor Pottorff Raymond Reis Timothy Schmitt Edward Scott Reminiscent of southern tradition, the Phi Delta Theta ' s home tells of a gracious heritage. 282 Robert Stobaugh Wiley Stobaugh A ii lla y Formed .P3) Sigs Phi Pentaton Chapter has just completed its first year of exist- ence on campus and has already climbed in membership to forty- seven. It celebrated its induction as a chapter and received the Grand Chapter President ' s Special A- chievement Award. Much activity was absorbed in finding a location for their house, creating a name on campus that many could recog- nize, improving rush, forming an auxiliary, electing a Moonlight Girl and achieving high scholastic averages. New projects initiated Abe Adwon Gerald Birk Tim Blackwelder Mike Glass John Goodwin lames Heacock that hopefully will be annual ones included a pledge-active football game, a retreat, sponsorship of Homecoming Queen, and sponsor- ship of a float for that event. Among social events would be listed the Red Carnation Ball, Christmas Stag Party, Spring Party and Founder ' s Day Banquet. The fraternity has been a constant winner of the I nter- fraternity Council ' s scholarship trophy. Certainly much more will be heard from this newest of all campus fraternities, Phi Sigma Kappa. Peter Brady Ronald Busboom Kenneth Chute Hans Helley Chuck Hungerford Kevin King Scott McIntosh Lawrence McVeigh Carl Naegle ns John Rodgers Jack Schrader Bradley Smith John Waits Thomas Coolidge John Couris Fred Foreman Greg Kaonitzky George Ku nke Clarke Lambe Richard Newman Vincent Padula Kevin Perry Everett Smith William Snow Richard Turner James Logan Ventura Lopez Alan Lord Thomas Piccioli Steven Postil Sloan Robertson AA David Vance Gary Vance Gary Wackerly 283 Kee o Old Tradikk)ns IJ ve With the zest of an islander ' s spirit, the Fijis have netted quite a span of triumphs. Last year was no exception as the fraternity placed first overall in scholarship first semester and captured a third- place finish in intramurals. A sense of achievement also marked a top finish in the men ' s division for Homecoming floats. Projects during this past year encompassed a wide scope of social events such as a Mt. Lemmon steak fry, a Christmas formal, a Fiji Islander Spring, and a Purple Garter. Originating at Washington and Jefferson University, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1848, the frater- nity witnessed the growth of ninety-two chapters. UA ' s chapter, Upsilon Alpha, began on April 1, 1921. Membership locally has steadily increased to one hundred men. Distinguished as one of the country ' s most respected letter societies, Phi Gamma Delta has hosted the illustrious Calvin Cool- idge, Norman Vincent Peale, and Robert McNamara. Richard Allen Denis Beaugureau David Beaugureau David Calvert lames Carter Clark Cate James Boice John Bowden Scott Brandenburg Carbon Clark Dennis Davis Jeffrey Derickson Steven Dow Craig Emerson Dan Farrari Mike Fitzgerald Gregory Folger Ross Forbes ai• Geoffrey Foreman Robert Foster Michael Francis James Hendrickson Randall Holdridge David Hood William Gurley Terry Hanley Gary Harper Gerald Jones James Keenan Randall King William Meyer William Miller Gene Morrison Thomas Harvey Evan Hassiotis Robert Hawke Harry Lodge Jack Longmire Michael McCarroll Michael Morrison Robert Nation 284 William Paleck William Parks Rick Pensinger Ralph Phillips Steve Pierce James Puntenney Timothy Puntenney Rodney Roark Arthur Scarla John Shanley David Sharp Steven Smith John Stallings Robert Swan Paul llodd Definitely not a member but indeed a welcome guest, this lovely young lady attending the Fiji ' s formal at the Stockyards enjoyed one of the many activities available. David Westberg Kent Whitson James Wyss 285 Pikes Strive For itramural First 1 K Having celebrated its one-hund- redth anniversary this past August, the Pikes of Pi Kappa Alpha have embarked this year toward their second century of accomplish- ments. Whether it ' s capturing in- tramural runner-up spot in the sports department or capturing first p lace in the canned food drive, the Pikes mobilized their eighty members vigorously. For commun- ity and service the fraternity was a- warded first place for Pledge Week and second spot in Community Ser- vice. New Projects for this year have included an " A " -Day Snowman fight and an annual retreat for the house. Social festivities selected such assorted themes as the Roaring 20 ' s and Jungle Book, and other dances included Combat and Sup- pressed Desires Parties. Historically, Pi Kappa Alpha has representatives of many aspects of society who have distinguished themselves in the nation, including Senators Dirksen and Thurmond, and sports figures Lance Alworth and Lew Burdette. Peter Anderson Les Baitzer Thomas Bargmann Robert Beckelman Philip Becker John Begley Mike Bell Peter Bourret Larry Brown Paul Brown Ronald Clifton Robert Collins R. Cooperstein David Dalby John Davis Michael Davidson Walter Duke Michael Duncan Evan Evans William Everist Ralph Fasanella Robert Fischella Martin Fleischman Michael Flint Gary Gomez William Govaars Frederick Graff Stephen Grulich Gary Haag Michael Hall James Hamlett Duff Hearon Joe Howell John Hudson Stan Jones Dennis Kroft Frank Llamas Jim Lyon Frank Mascia Jeffrey Mason Michael Masters Robert Kevin Miniat Barry Minehart Michael Moreland 286 Ralph Fasanella is holding Pi Kappa Alpha high and justifiably so as the onslaught of people is the 31 pledges taken during formal rush. Thomas Morley William Near Robert Newsom Nick Nickols W Niestemski James Nuss Dale PelzI Dennis Preger Charles Pusateri Terry Reeves George Reiblich lack Schirmer William Schultz Thomas Seward Paul Smith Tom Snavely Paul Stockton Charles Stuart Robert Venn James Watson Robert Waud Mark West C Westerlund Scott Whitaker itA George Willcox Duane Wonacott Thomas Wonacott 287 rs Wake Hil llg its A Year Having the distinction of being the largest national and the first fraternity with a national leadership school, the SAE ' s have maintained an active season in the campus life. Their community service activities at South Tucson Boys ' Club certain- ly have brought added enjoyment to the days of many underprivileged children, as have the ' Big Brother ' programs, work for the United Fund and United Community Campaign, and Christmas parties for these youngsters. Social functions includ- ed a Paddy Murphy party, Spring Formal, Luau, and Christmas formal. Intramural activity revealed great success for the fraternity, especially in capturing first-place in basket- ball competition. In November, the prized sweepstakes trophy for Homecoming was awarded to SAE. Arizona Alpha, the SAE local on campus since March, 1917, has mul- tiplied in membership to sixty-nine actives and forty-one pledges. The chapter ' s auxil iary, Little Sisters of Minerva, has pledged twenty-two girls. Timothy Bass Lawrence Blume Fred Burns tek Robert Cristiano Dan Dains Bruce Donaldson Philip Hagenah Michael Harrington James Hart Steve Burns Peter Calihan Joe Causey Michael Donnell Donald Doyle John Ferguson Martin Hendren Dennis Hyder David Johnson James Chubb Robert Connolly Michael Cooper Ellis Frankfort Phillip Frankfort Jay Goldstein Robert Johnson Steven Jones James Kane David Kelly Kirk Knipmeyei Thomas Knoop Bruce Krigel Brad Lovitt Tom McGeorge James McLoone Rex Macklin Jim Manley Paul Manley 288 David Miner Pat Moore Mike Moody Stewart Morton Martin Muncy Dan Nelson Gary Paske Donald Pence David Prest Jim Provenzano Brad Quick jack Ragsdale Paul Rihs James Russell Ken Sarnoski Kent Sebring Jeff Selby John Shadegg John Stage William Steen Win Stephens James Suft Hoyt Tarola Barney Tearney John Turner Daniel Van Haren Peter Webster Dwight Whitley Joe Williams Dave Wilson Majestically guarding the SAE house, this lion symbolizes the pride the members take in it. Louis Young Phillip Zahn 289 Sororldes Co fin pete F o r ebes Besides the yearly Derby Day held throughout the United States and Flight Night, Sigma Chi sponsored the annual Christmas Party for un- derprivileged children in Tucson with the twenty-two members of Little Sigmas, women ' s auxiliary. The Theta Beta Chapter also held four outstanding social events-the Sweetheart Ball, the Western Party, South Sea Islanders and the Hallo- ween Party. In keeping w ith national tradition, they raised funds for Wal- lace Village in Denver, Colorado, a general philanthropic project. The fifty-five actives and thirty-four pledges worked for three goals: improving their overall grade aver- age, competing in intramural sports, and defending their honor as first place winner of the 1967-1968 UA- Red Cross Blood Drive. Sigma Chi, ranked second nationally in total alumni and undergraduate membership, has varsity athletes, alums on the Univ- ersity faculty, Sweetheart Chris Newkirk of Alpha Delta Pi, and their mascot named Lyon. Stanley Akers Michael Avrick Daniel Baranowski Michael Beers William Bennett Bruce Bernard Steve Brown Jerry Benson Larry Benson Don Cary Chris Christy Geoffrey Clifford James Coddington Warren Colton Michael Crum Donald Cummings James Curtis Robert Curtis Alan Durbin David Earnest Robert Farrar Michael Fate Robert Garmon Terry Hart Stuart Hardman William Gibney John Glassmoyer Lawrence Hecker Victor Hencken James Hesler Lee Higbie Peter Hill Martin Hinds John Humphries Mike Igoe Jigger James Howard Johnson Robert Judson Howard King Mark Klinkowski S Kruszalnicki Kerk Lesh 290 At their annual Haloween party, the Sigma Chi Fraternity and their dates dressed up and enjoyed apple cider, as is the custom of the season. William Lodge Christopher Low Lyon Richard Prince Douglas Rothery Arthur Russo Timothy Sheedy Ted Sherwood Harold Shiff Lee McCown Thomas McCormick Allan McPhail Donald Salazar Douglas Sandahl Daniel Scheihing Tom Stevens Steve Stone Steven Swift Wesley Mohr William Neal G Papanikolas Craig Schimmel lay Schlueter Rich Secrist Todd Tupper Robert Van Valer Robert White Warren Williams lack Wright Robert Zeluff 291 Const ruct At ledc Cou rt Distinguished for being founded on campus by the late J. F. ' Pop ' McKale, athletic director emeritus, in 1918, Sigma Nu has celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. In keeping with the athletic spirit, the Epsilon Alpha Chapter built a multi-purpose court behind the house and pro- vided stiff competition in intra- murals. After furnishing their living room with new carpeting, drapery, and furniture and carpeting the sec- ond and third floor hallways to cut down noise, the Nu ' s settled down to homework and improvement of grades. In their remodeled house, Sigma Nu also had a number of social activities: Sadie Hawkins Day, White Rose Formal, ' Suppress- ed Desires, ' Dougie Day and ' Beach-comber. ' Sigma Nu took pride in its parti- cipation in a number of national and community projects. They col- lected for Heart Fund and Muscular Dystrophy Drives, provided a Christ- mas party for some of Tucson ' s underprivileged kids, and co-spon- sored the national Mustang car rally. Richard Arrotta Tom Bingham Robert Blair Bradley Booke Charles Buri Budd Busche Richard Campbell Robert Casalis Ernest Cerussi Michael Colzani James Conway Edward Coutchie John Cunningham Donald Edwards James Foerstner Henry Ganster Bruce Gardner Newton Gardner Richard Gittin Charles Guion Allan Hammerel Stuart Hutchinson Maurice James Thomas Kearney Jeffery Matrician Daniel Mercer Scott Hannon John Hartley Glenn Hermanson Timothy Kessler William King Bruce Knapp William Miller Fred Mitchell Jr. Daniel Mooney David Hossler Bruce Howe Smitty Husted Robert Lewis Anthony Livingson Scott McIntosh Jan Murphy Gary Narramore Fred Nathan 292 Darrell Obert Edward Palmer John Ray David Reed Knox Rodgers Richard Roll Anthony Rossetti Douglas Schenck John Schiltz Gregory Scott Glen Strohm Charles Tarr Willie Waltner lames Ward Reid Wettersten Dancing to the enjoyable beats of the latest frug sound, during the Open House party at Sigma Nu, are Fred Mitchel, an active, and his guest, Debbie King. 293 ig Bps VVn S Dthlg C_J Sig Ep spirit captured second place in the Campus Blood Drive, acquired the Lambda Chi Alpha Community Service Award, re- ceived Sweepstakes trophy for Cam- pus Spring Sing, and gained the National Excelsior Award for Chap- ter Improvement last year. As a chapter of the second largest frater- nity in America, Arizona Beta parti- cipated in service to the Arizona Children ' s Colony, entered a float in the Homecoming parade, contri- buted Christmas trees and wreaths for sororities, and developed a strong pledge program. Their rush program out-distanced all expec- tations and excelled all programs of any fraternity as it emphasized new ideas infusing the Greek System. Social functions existed aplenty, including an Irma la Douce Party, Time Tunnel Party, and the season formals. The Sig Eps have also begun an auxiliary, the Golden Hearts, with a membership of thirty. In addition to other activities, the chapter constantly strived to strengthen its canon of traditions. George Ackerman Thomas Andersen William Andre Richard Andrews Robert Beck Paul Berry Steven Casey Joseph Cataldo Richard Cavanaugh Michael Chase Charles Clark Donald Currie Kenneth Haydis Randolf Hedges Thomas Herrick Charles Johnson Robert Jones Charles Eaton John Gemmill James Glover Charles Holman Robert Hooper Gregory Huff Dan Lang lack Lansdale Thomas Lewellen .1 . James McDougal Russell McDougal Mark McFaul M. Granatowski Tom Green Robert Harris Dick Huntsberger Van Jacobson Michael Johnson David Lewis John McCarthy William McCarty Hal McMillen Thomas Matthews Walter Milgroom 294 The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity enjoyed soul music and dancing during this exchange. The music was provided by the Generation. William Miller Clinton Moorehead Kent Morris David Passey lames Passey David Patton Ron Payne Phillip Petersen William Preston Stephen Price Daniel Renner Geoffrey Reuland Richard Ridenour Frank Ruley Wayne Rutschman David Saliba Stephen Sandin Les Stein James Tallori Stephen Thomas Brad Vandermark Jay Vinton Steve Ward Joe Webb Steve Werner William Wright Eugene Zuspann 295 Teke Be Becomes JA fraduL o Distinguished as the fraternity which ranks second scholastically on campus, Tau Kappa Epsilon has also been responsible for initiat- ing the sorority Woman of the Year Award. Two different community service projects sparked the Tekes to action, and in addition, one thousand dollars was collected for the housing fund. Forty members have mobilized the Kappa Tau chapter toward social and service activities, including the tradition of taking the Teke bell to all home football games. Pajama, Beach, Hippie, and Cave Parties proved engaging affairs for the fraternity along with special events such as the Ten-Tekes-for-a-Day celebra- tion and the Teke Luau. On a na- tional level Tau Kappa Epsilon has had the distinction of being the first international social fraternity, and nationally it has initiated the largest number of chapters. Al- though with only two years as an es- tablished social fraternity on cam- pus, it has increased in membership and activities rapidly. Stan Barry John Davis Jim Downey John Hoge Michael Isbutt Frank Kohler Bruce Renshaw David Rice Carlos Roman Ramon Elias Rick Flint Lloyd Gardiner Tim McPike James Maneval Edward Mitchell Tony Sapienza Russell Secor Paul Strobel Robert Gooch Lee Hayden Raymond Herzog Mike Moore Gale Patterson Andrew O ' Hara Gilbert Suckow Richard Sucre Ed Tanguay Pajama clad Tekes and their dates indulge in milk and cookies during their ' Slumber ' party. Joseph Tarnowski John Walker Weston Wendling Philip Wild 296 A U m You ri Mns Oiympiic Mach The Beta Iota Chapter of Theta Chi fraternity, the only house on campus to have a graduate couple, Kathy and Steve Schurling, serve as house parents, was chartered in 1941. Since their founding, they have worked to achieve a high de- gree of inter-chapter cooperation among the members in all areas of fraternity: social events, aca- demics and leadership. Theta Chi accomplished this goal with differ- ent projects and activities such as Mom and Dad ' s Day Program, Hal- loween Party, Homecoming, annual pledge-active football game, Spring Formal called Shipwreck Party and Founder ' s Day Ceremony. Individualism is an outstanding attribute of Theta Chi. George Young, a Theta Chi alum, won a bronze medal in the 1968 Summer Olympics at Mexico City. Beta Iota Chapter hosted the Theta Chi Fraternity Regional Cactus Conven- tion and beat ASU ' s chapter in an exchange football game. Theta Chi also won first place in the fraternity division for Homecoming floats. James Atwood Lyle Bashore Jeff Butler James Carpenter B. Christopherson Mike Clark Ernest Codere Ray Brundige Barry Berman Brian Corkill W. Eichenberger Charles Everhart James Faulkner Harold Gabitzsch Walter Gaby Bruce Heiberg Sidney Kellam B. Marcuccilli David Myers T. Marcuccilli Hugh M erritt Robert Merrill Anthony Palmieri Robin Pearse Michael Prigmore Frederick Rixton Earl Sanders R. Schlotterbeck Frank Milan George Milan Kenneth Mullens William Prigmore David Quantz Joe Quintana Roger Taylor lames Thrasher Arthur Wong 297 Zeebs Take Largest P edge Class With the impetus of being one of the largest and strongest fraternities in the nation, the Zeebs of Alpha Omicron Chapter have capped their achievements with the Best Spirit Award during 1968 Greek Week. During this year, prizes captured were fifth place in intramurals, second place in Greek Week Floats, and third finish in scholastic activ- ities of the larger houses. Social events included a Hell ' s Angels Party in October, a Christmas for- mal, a Spring Luau and the annual pledge—active party. Beginning in 1898 at City College of New York, Zeta Beta Tau has ex- tended throughout the United States and Canada with eighty na- tional chapters. Alpha Omicron has a total membership of eighty-two, fifty brothers and thirty-two pled- ges, one of the largest pledge class- es on campus. Among outstanding members are Bill Viner, 1968 Inter- national Forum Head; Lee Davis, Traditions; Al Stein, Chain Gang; and Steve Carlat of America ' s Olym- pic Volleyball Team. Philip Abromowitz Larry Allen Donn Alpert Steven Amols Warren Anapolsky Marc Berger LLoyd Bonner Harold Bell Tony Barkan Raa Norm Braverman Mark Brick Michael Bronner lames Fink Steven Fishbein Greg Gantman Allan Kalish Herbert Kalish Lee Casty Glenn Cohodes Bruce Cole Bruce Glikin Kenneth Goldberg Ken Gross Don Kain Dan Karp Richard Kay Mark Davis Albert Dover Harold Feder Jere Hausfater Richard Intrater Ron Kales Earl Labovitz Thomas Landy Larry Lichtman ir........ .. A,14 Thomas Magnus Ronald Maurer Paul Metchik Barry Nelson Howard Rich Marty Rosenberg 298 The Zeta Beta Taus groove to the sounds of the nationally famous group, the Grass Roots, during their annual Christmas formal. Craig Rosenthal Joseph Ruekberg Gerald Salberg Jeffry Schoenbaum Mark Seigel Bruce Shaffer Fred Shapiro Thomas Shapiro mar Gary Shapoff William Silverstein Johnathan Smith Steven Soboroff Mark Solomon Jeffrey Wagner Rick Weiner Steven Weiss Stewart White Peter Wolf David Zeinfeld Abram Zukor 299 J 4: RESIDENCE HALLS-- Create a sense of cooperation and fellowship among house members. Instill understanding of your fellow man, an appreciation of his worths and merits. 1 Promote friendship, fun, and interest in others. Aid when an opportunity offers itself-- which is always. Allow participation and action and sharing in events. Compete and excel, work for communication, spirit, sportsmanship, scholastics and fun. Apache With the fervor and zeal of its namesake, Apache Hall has partici- pated in Blood Drive, the Ugly Man Contest, social and athletic activi- ties, and has offered intra-hall tu- toring services and inter-hall scholastic aid. Richard Shapiro, president; Mitchel Katz, social chairman; Bill Christie, vice-president. Mr. Merlin Madsen Relaxing by the switchboard are Willis Meredith, Mark Poole, and Darrell Griffin. 302 Ajzona Miss Pam Kropf, head resident of Arizona Hall, may have started a new tradition in head residents. Miss Kropf was a student at the Univer- sity of Arizona working on her Masters Degree in student person- nel while she was Arizon ' s head resident. She also earned her Bache- lor of Arts degree from the U of A. Two industrious Arizona Hall freshmen start to study for first semester final exams. FRONT ROW: Georgene Gunter, president; Susan C. Kopstein, vice-president. BACK ROW: Pam Seltzer, social-scholarship chairman; Kathy Dortch, secretary-treasurer. Miss Pamela Kropf 303 Cochke Statel y in appearance, Cochise Hall has been the sponsor of varied forums on local, state, and national topics of interest. From its recreation room to lobby have echoed discus- sions on upcoming exchanges, the annual Senior Banquet, or steak fries. Concentrating on a vital move are Tony Weymer and Robin Rosaschi. John M. Hopkins, secretary-treasurer; Michael Wade, president. Mrs. George " Ma " Herrick 304 Coconino residents are full of holiday spirit as they decorate their Christmas tree. Donna K. Doi, second vice-president; Susan K. Sims, secretary; Rebecca A. Arnold, first vice- president; Stephanie Schaefer, treasurer; Nancy E. Black, president. Coco -vino The girls of Coconino Hall contri- buted to the Christmas spirit at the U of A by decorating their dorm. In the picture the girls are seen dec- orating the dorm ' s Christmas tree. Mrs. Isabelle Oliver 305 306 I 0 a do I L a Steve Malkin, student body pres- ident, spoke to the girls at Coronado Hall about student rights and ans- wered any questions. This was part of a program by Malkin to hear stu- dents and to give them an under- standing of his work and goals as president. Steve Malkin explains his views on women ' s rights on campus to students at Coronado. FRONT ROW: Claudia L. Hale, first vice-president; Gayle D. Reay, president; Astrid C. Scheetz, second vice-president. BACK ROW: Carolyn J. Teicher, scholarship chairman; Ann S. Needel, assistant social chairman; Anita C. Barbour, social chairman; Marilyn G. Barnard, treasurer; Jo- Ann Morgan, secretary. Co Mrs. Betty Kaylor 307 Tom Gerhart, vice-president; Jeff Supp, treasurer; Dave Fabb, president. With great care, one of the members of East Stadium ' s electronics room manipulates some of the equipment that many of the electronics engineering majors have gathered i n a special wing that is used in the evening to test equipment and to experiment. East Sta Whether seeking a hook-up shot in basketball competition, dancing to the music of Simon and Garfunkel at an exchange, or holding a dinner for underpriviledged children, the men of East Stadium have busily occupied their time incorporating campus activities into their lives. Mr. Wayne Kimball Gi Ha One of Gila Hall ' s activities this year was the annual Christmas dinner for all the girls of the hall. This year they had a buffet in the Student Union prior to the Christmas vacation. Mrs. Josephine Robertson Gila coeds celebrate Christmas at their annual holiday dinner in the Student Union. FRONT ROW: Carol J. Nuoffer, second vice-president; Teresa K. Thomas, student assistant head resident; Joan Braginsky, secretary; Gail J. Mercier, social chairman; Catherine E. Roush, treasurer. BACK ROW : Jean Braginsky, first vice-president; Molly Coston, president. 308 Mr. Seymour P. Steed. Martin Gordon, vice-president; Steve Nathan, president; Doug Whitaker, secretary-treasurer. G ana tin II a Hall government strengthen- ing, admission of women stu- dents for visiting privileges, im- proved academic programs, and social exchanges with women ' s halls have highlighted the ac- tivity of Graham Hall, an initia- tor of dorm rules giving its res- idents more trust and respon- sibility this year. Richard Hemisch. 310 Greenflee Bulletin: With rally cries of " Chicken Power, " the west wing " Chicken Coop " raided the eastern " Armies of Liberation " wing during a week- long war of intra-dorm competition which culminated in a massive water-balloon encounter. Greenlee men also launced interceptor bal- loons aimed at any U-2 violators of Greenlee air space. " Tweetie " salutes Greenlee resident Bill Enjoying the double pleasure of Playboy and the latest disc recording, Doug Matthews takes time out from a busy schedule for a moment of relaxation. FRONT ROW: Hiroki Shioji, Quentin Jones, Joe Hefler, head resident; Doug Matthews. BACK ROW: Roy Davis, Mike Middleton, Rich Houk, Mike Hall, Al Ranjel. Published courtesy of the Greenlee Granite Trask. 1111 111111 311 Attempting to eat, study, and meditate respectively against the blare of rock music are two res- idents of Hopi Lodge. A fourth member fondles B.R., the pet jackrabbit of the dorm. FRONT ROW: Berry Bertie, wing governor; Hal Hostettler, social chairman; BACK ROW: Rick Esque, wing governor; Gary Perry, treasurer; Leonard Turner, president; James Snitzer, vice-president. r Lodge Wings tilted in flight, model airplanes owned by the men of Hopi Lodge competed each week-end for aviation honors. Hopi was distinguished also by the presence of a jackrabbit dub- bed B. R. who resided in a cage in one room. Truman Kellam, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Robert Te rry Don Jensen, treasurer; Phil Gilbert, president; Jody Klein, vice-president. Ka]bab- ii kiachuca --fa In an age of increased student involvement, Kaibab - Huachuca has formulated its own foreign policy to express views on campus activities and stand for its rights. Aside from this, assorted intra- murals and a semi-formal have occupied their time. Standing by a telescope that he has transported from his home is Daniel Vukobratovich, engineering major who has been given special permission to work and study at Kitt Peak National Observatory out- side of Tucson. Mr. Vukobratovich carefully assembles each piece of the instrument, and has learned to carry what appears as a quite heavy telescope with ease. Mr. Gil Anderson e, • 4 NM Mimi 1 mussommemmowsiermii. Mit =sr ' pm 1 aiimmiliimilli•Iiliowll at om, 1 1 1111111111111111111miniumilliMMIN 111MI I 1111111=11111•01•••=10111 _am 1 1111111111Magnimsitaimlifil ,..00 1 1.1.11111111.11■11111111•1016X PM 1 ' " ` la LAIIIIIMIliwormer_ ...UM am. vat ACM Po " - al MP " ..,--,•• 312 FRONT ROW: S. Adonica Gong, secretary; June A Welborn, president; Carolyn A. Thompson, assistant head resident. BACK ROW: Joyce M. Okamoto, first vice-president; Lily Tom, second vice-president; Adrienne Holtz, social chairman. Elizabeth Tamson shares stories of Sweden with some of her friends from Manzanita. Manza L Elizabeth Tamson, an exchange student from Sweden, lived with the girls in Manzanita Hall. She shared with them the customs of her country and learned about the United States. Mrs. Hope Wright - • --Nr! J 11t gNIIIIIIIIIIHI =.. 1111111111111 11011 OO 313 Madcopa Fla Maricopa Hall was the U of A ' s experimental no-hours dorm for women over twenty-one. Maricopa, one of the older dorms on cam- pus, was completely remodeled to provide extremely fine accom- modations for its residents. Maricopa Hall ' s lounges provide areas for relaxation for coeds and their friends. FRONT ROW: Nadia Englehart, president. BACK ROW: Elizabeth J. Beard, fire captain; Diane M. Mrs. Cornelia Lininger (Right) Orr, social chairman; Janice C. Adler, secretary-treasurer; Margaret Haussmann, vice-president. 314 Students convert Mohave into a workshop just before finals for last minute projects. Mohave Hall Mohave Hall held a Christmas party this year for underprivileged children. They also decorated their hall for homecoming and held exchanges with several men ' s residence halls. FRONT ROW: Cathy Clark, president; Terrie L. Campbell, second vice-president. BACK ROW: Alena M. Clark, counselor; Patricia E. Watson, first vice-president; Harriet J. Bendalin, treasurer; Judy B. Brim, secretary. Mrs. Mildred Byrd 315 Bob Gray, president; John Que, secretary-treasurer; Greg Lorton, intramurals; Frank Gardanier, vice-president; Jack Armer, social chairman; Tim Lungren, scholarship chairman. Nava o Hal Endowed with the reputation of being a dorm for engineering majors, Navajo Hall has excelled in over-all scholastic records among all residence halls. Last year the men brightened the dorm with a beautiful color television set, and celebrated Christmas with a festive party. Mrs. Gordon Douglas serves refreshments to hungry-eyed residents at the dorm ' s Noel party. Robert Hurdle prepares to depart for home during holiday vacation as his father watches. Mr. Gordon A. Douglas. 316 317 Atop a bunk bed meditates Nehru-suited Don Register who is surrounded by an interesting pyramid of tin cans. Also pictured is Greg Opstad, dormitory president. Greg Opstad, president; David Mac Reynolds, vice-president; Bob Astleford, secretary-treasurer; Elwin Tilson, athletic chairman. Papago odge Throughout the corridors of Pap- ago Lodge have echoed the sounds of Lybian Independence Day cele- brations, aromas of Saturday ham- burger fries, movement of daily activities and the sounds of silence during study of an evening. Mr. Howard Burns Hma 1_1 Pima Hall, University ' s coopera- tive dorm for women, held several dinners this year. One was the Foun- ders Day Dinner to which the girls invited the founders of Pima Hall. Entertainment was provided by present residents of the dorm who sang original songs about Pima Hall. Mrs. Margaret Renfro FRONT ROW: Margaret Mangerich, social chairman; Marjorie D. Rice, historian; Karen E. Roland, second vice-president. SECOND ROW: Roseann M. Duenas, secretary; Judith Honer, scholarship chairman; Sandra J. Lang, president. BACK ROW: Faith D. Wharton, freshman representative; Linda L. Dodridge, house manager; Louise Kerklosky, business manager; Betty M. Hill, treasurer; Sandra J. Lane, first vice-president. Mrs. Herrick, one of Pima Hall ' s founders, joins present Pima residents for dinner. 318 PI NAL HALL mrp11.1111410.1011111,11W,.... FRONT ROW: Patrick O ' Brien, president; Herb Holden, vice-president. BACK ROW: Jack Macek, secretary; Bruce Burke, treasurer; Jack Mateyunas, athletic chairman. Phia Hai With a new head resident at the helm, Pinal Hall has generated a spirit of enthusiasm, for its residents have placed high in the Blood Drive, Homecoming decorations, and scholarship, and had full participa- tion in an in-service training pro- gram for resident assistants during the year. Eyeing their hands cautiously, five Pinal Hall residents wonder who is going to burst forth with " Gin " this time. Mr. Roy Armstrong 319 Santa C Ha!! September hot dog roast, Nov- ember exchange and Blood Drive, morning laziness, stay-in-bed days, quick cramming for a 1 2:40 exam, and 7 p.m. dates represent but a few thoughts passing through the mind of a Santa Cruz resident. FRONT ROW: William L. Talley; George S. Rallis. BACK ROW: Chuck Hurst, president; Allan C. Lord, wing king; Thomas R. Strong, wing king; Jeffrey V. Radin, treasurer; George E. Stewart, head wing king; James P. Murdock, wing king; Wesley A. Shonerd, wing king. Mr. Kevin Leman Over looked by an Australian aborigine, Ed Markle contemplates visions of South Sea paradises. 320 321 Sono I ' a a FL I President Harvill explains some of the problems faced by the University ' s administration to residents of Sonora Hall at one of the Sunday Breakfast Forums held at the dorm. Front Row: Emily Munves, Second Vice-President; Jill Neville, President; Susie Gamble, Secre- tary; Bac k Row: Barbara Wing, Treasurer; Vicki Nelson, Social Chairman; Sandy Rayl, Scholarship Chairman; Judy Krischer, First Vice-President. Mrs. Marcia Roberts The Sunday Breakfast Forum was one outstanding project of Sonora Hall. Each Sunday the girls invited guest speakers such as President Harvill to share breakfast with them. SOW ' a Among the top finishers in the Blood Drive, South Hall has distinguished itself by being the men ' s residence participant in the IQ Invitational and an active sponsor of ping-pong tourna- ments, car washes, three yearly exchanges and monthly steak fries. Gunnard Jacobson, vice-president; Frank Castrichini, treasurer; Dennis Magoolaghan, social Chairman; Joseph Alexander, president. Mr. Dennis Cramer. Steve Holz changes the line of his chute. 322 Doug Pillsbury gives himself a careful shave before an important date. Yava Flicking the radio dial on FM or AM, one would receive radio station KYVA, named by Michael Smith, which has served Yavapai Hall with music and news. Res- idents of the Hall have also colorfully decorated their doors for Homecoming and captured the Slowpitch Softball Cham- pionship. oa Phil Bidegain, vice-president; Mark Ginsberg, head resident; Rick Halek, intermurals; Dick Goddu, secretary-treasurer; Eric Schulte, president. Homecoming Wildcat decorates Yavapai Hall. 323 Yuma The girls of Yuma Hall collected food for the underprivileged this year at Thanksgiving for one of their philanthropic projects of the year. All of the girls in the dorm were asked to contribute canned goods to further the col- lection. Residents of Yuma Hall collect canned goods to help underprivileged families at Thanksgiving. FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Wood, treasurer; Carla J. Elder, first vice- president, Suzanne Sipprell, second vice-president; Georgia E. Malcolm, social chairman. BACK ROW: Carol E. Maples, philan- thropy chairman; Ramona Elias, scholarship chairman; Susan Yee, president; Beth Hamilton, secretary. A Christopher City mother plays with her children at a swing set which is one of the many recre- ational facilities provided for youngsters. Chi stop III CCU Oty Christopher City has served as a housing development for mar- ried students. It has provided very fine accommodations for adult and also recreational areas for children. Motorcycles provide practical and economical transportation for many of the young couples who are residents of Christopher City. cr n 3 n 0 a, 0 C 0 ,v) C ( " ). 3. cm CD 0 CD 0 N O (-P FRONT ROW: Diana Baum, Karyl Jones, Secretary; Mary Ann May, President; Yolanda Cagigas, Cathy Yaeger. SECOND ROW: Dede Wild, Eileen Ong, Shari Kempton, Andi Arthur, Donna Black. BACK ROW: Peggy Wilson, Treasurer; Mary Henershott, Pam Cohen, Vice President; Ann Jerman, Historian; Sally Ground, Linda Eaton, Lynne Olsen. Mo Jar 3oard FRONT ROW: Brian Cheney, Secretary; Bob Swan, John Wyss, Joe Howell, Carlton Clark. BACK ROW: Jim Puntenney, President; Don Salazar, Mike Mody, Don Powell, Tim Puntenney. Motar Board is a national senior women ' s honorary society. It pro- motes college loyalty, maintains a high standard of scholarship, and develops a finer type of college woman. Selection is based on scholarship, service, and leadership. ocats Bobcats, senior men ' s honorary, works on keeping the tradition and spirit of the U. of A. alive. They were in charge of Men ' s Night and all Homecoming events, including interviews with the Queen candi- dates and parade and float regu- lations. [Bo 328 FRONT ROW: Cheryl Charles, Bobbie Gardenschwartz, Ann Chase, Claire Ryan, Cindy Allyn, Myra Freeman, Bonnie Wright, Joan Kinne- berg, Marianne Gammon, Sue Kaufman, Sue Tomek, Cheryl Bankes. BACK ROW: Mary Cuptill, Diane Jackson, Gloria Aguilar, Suellen Stat- tel, Sue Lombaer, Toni Barthels, Ronnie Pawloski, Jan Becker, Donna Smith, Marcia Metcalf, Judy Olsen, Martha Caldwell. FRONT ROW: Jason H. Greer, David B. May, Weldon V. Howell, Jr., Donald Powell. BACK ROW: James N. Adams, William M. " Mike " Moody, William A. Gibney, Robert C. Swan, Brian A. Cheney. Syrrnposum In its first full year on the campus, Symposium tapped a number of senior women as members of the unusual honorary. In the spring and fall new members were selected and assigned tasks to do. Blue Key Blue Key members, outstanding senior men, have played an impor- tant role in campus affairs sponsor- ing A-Day, Senior Day, and many events of Parent ' s Day. Members have also studied special problems that confront U of A students. 329 FRONT ROW: Bob Anderson, Nick Pierson, Gene Morrison, Mitch Hatch, Wendell Tarwater. BACK ROW: Bill Paleck, Paul Blocher, Bill Dorson, President, Marc Adams, Bob Venn, Jerry Murphy, Advisor. Jackson, Larry Blume, Al Stein, Steve Nathan, Dave Sharp, Dave SECOND ROW: Skip Whitley, Mike Donnell, Bill Viner, John Bolt, Tony worth. Clra 0 n Gang The men of Chain Gang, National Junior Men ' s Honorary, burned energy many ways this year. In Sep- tember they aided girls moving lug- gage into the dorms. Other respon- sibilities included a booth at the State Fair and publicity for sports events. Nimes Chimes, National Junior Women ' s Honorary, pays tribute to women who have distinguished themselves in University activities. They sponsor projects throughout the year to fos- ter leadership and participation on campus. A primary project is the University Spring Sing. FRONT ROW: Jan Naughton, Ann Grose, Becky Fife, Barb Schuler, Pat Conlin, Susan Shetter, Pat Burns, Lynn Perry. SECOND ROW: Mary Robey, Robbie Ferry, Sandi King, Marcia McNutt, Teri Ong, Sheryl Sparkman, Barb Wild, Susan Feldman. BACK ROW: Sue Keebler, Karen Tullgren, C. Kinsock, Margaret Boice, Judi James, Mary Alice Kellogg, Diane Weir, Peggy Bond, Judy Coffin, Jeanne Pace. C 330 Ronnie Pawloski, Secretary; Anna Day, AWS Representative; Evie Carrillo, Program Chairman; Kay Anderson, Vice President; Mary Ann May, President; Paulette Engle, Historian; Jan Tiede, Treasurer. rang ers Wranglers is the counseling wom- en ' s honorary and service organiza- tion. It is composed of outstanding dorm counselors and other women chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service. The girls counsel and orientate new students as well as participate in all special campus events. FRONT ROW: Barbara Arnold, Ellie Matter, Pat Edwards, Linda Broug- ton, Kathy Kuhn, Elaine Fernandez, Ana Mariscal, Peggy Fischer, Kathy Nichols, Peggy Weber. SECOND ROW: Patti LaSalle, Becky Albrecht, Julie Huffman, Marie Waterworth, Kathy Harning, Mary Alice Kellog, Marcia McNutt, Anna Wing, Judi James, Rosie Clayton, Karen Tullgren, Mary Ann Nordberg. THIRD ROW: Judy Schwartz, Irene Lesnick, Pat Mercer, Janan Sicsco, Gail Morley, Vicki Nelson, Trina Jewett, Laurie Golden, Patricia Kim, Sharon Koff, Sandy Blanchard, Carol Thurston, Carol Koffman, Charlotte Pylant, Linda Norman, Caryl Cox, Kris Shaus, Pam Ginsbach, Mary Lou Wood. BACK ROW: Patti Lyons, Martha Toy, Lynn Wood, Lily Tom, Sandra Rayl, Veronica Smith, Janet Hallowax, Elizabeth Rowe, Susan Shetter, Lynne Olson, Janet Bell, Carol McCoy, Patricia Yohe, Nancy Turner. 331 S Distinguished sophomore women compose Spurs, which has become one of the most active service or- ganizations on the campus. This year they assisted at registration, distributed information to univer- sity visitors, and served at the All- University Picnic. phos Busy Sophos, members of the na- tional sophomore men ' s honorary, aided students during registration and carried on many other service projects. Each spring an initiation banquet is held to acquaint new members and kick off another active year. FRONT ROW: Stephanie Smith, Pam Shuck, Pam Ferry, Mindy Michele, Secretary; Karen Kircher, President; Linda Jacobson, Vice President; Linda Ornelas, Treasurer; Jean Gilbert, Felice Mosko- witz, Pat Edwards. SECOND ROW: Beth Hannley, Linda Robinson, Colien Hefferan, Kathy ing, Cathy Elias, Pat Yohe, Carole Schwartz, Jane Mount, Pam Engebretson, Elaine Fernandez, Lynn Wood, Geri Rivard, Brenda Brechan. BACK ROW: Joan Gissel, Melissa Manley, Janice Black, Lois Becher, Cindy Strembal, Maggie McConnel, Carla Ode, Sally Rice, Laurie Golden, Chris Mueller, Judy Carver, Linda Park, Penny Price, Julie Huffman. So F RONT ROW: Marty Klein, Mark Seigel, Mark Ptacek, Doug Sandahl, Tom Stevens, Chuck Eaton, President; John Shadegg, George Mehl, Knox Rodgers. BACK ROW: Mike Paulson, William Silverstein, Jon Bernstein, William Meyer, Kirk Knipmeyer, Steve Brown, Vice Presi- dent; Tom Herrick, Bruce Bernard, Secretary; Dave Beaugureau, Rich Rodgers, Sam Edwards, Ken Hayds. 332 FRONT ROW: Jody Klein, Ron Karp, Ron Williams, John Loyd, Bo Laws, chael Wright, Michael McCabe. BACK ROW: Pete Keller, Jeffrey Kea- Ken Mueller, Bob Gray, Jim Secan, Lim Davis Lee, Donald Brandt. SEC- ton, Bruce McCarthy, Ronald Pitts, Ed Vincent, Duncan Buell, David OND ROW: John Thames, Charles Swanland, Bob Anderson, Terry Vance, Steve Brown, Bruce Bernard, Bill Sheppard, Earl Labovitz, John Chu, Gar-Wing Wu, Dave Ocepek, Herb Holden, David Freehill, Mi- Littrell. FRONT ROW: Betty Hogan, Ilene M. Nicholas, Patricia Mercer, Mary Ann Nordberg, President; Karen Jacobson, Elizabeth Wolf, Elizabeth Matushino, Lorraine Rasp, Barbara Wing. BACK ROW: Linda Ornelas, Colien Hefferan, Adrienne Holtz, Ronnie Smith, Trena Jewett, Maggie McConnell, Karen Gregory, Pam Dale, Donna L. Spogen, Lynne Wood, Barbara Lindmark. Pirm Shama Phi Eta Sigma is a national men ' s honor society for freshmen stu- dents. Its members encourage new freshmen students on scholarship and participation in special projects and service to the University. Mpha Lambda beta Alpha Lambda Delta is a national scholastic honorary society for freshmen women. Its purpose is to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning and to encour- age superior scholastic attainment among women in the freshman year. 333 FRONT ROW: Gayle Reay, Sue Behn, Bob Gray, Carol Teicher, Marc Adams, President; Mary Lemieux, Secretary; Linda Ryden, Vice President; Phil Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Greg Opstad, Joanne Drazo- vica, Sue Vollendorf, Susan Bishop, Georgene Gunter, Sue Gamble, Linda Dickey. THIRD ROW: Mike Wade, Frank Zwolensky, Dennis Ryan, Bill Sheppard, Steve Nathan, Richard Shapiro, Tim Lundgren, Bryant Waiter. Resclence Ha Associatdon The Residence Hall Association was the coordinating link among all of the University residence halls. The group considered and publi- cized student complaints and spon- sored varied social events such as Crazy Daze in the Spring. A pha }Ili Omega Alpha Phi Omega is limited to men who have an interest in scout- ing, a 3.0 average, and are active in campus activities. This service or- ganization participates in a dozen or more projects which carry on its tra- dition of service. FRONT ROW: Jake Lewis, Treasurer; Gilbert McLaughlin, Recording Secretary; Jeffery Lock- wood, President; Donald Turner, Pledgemaster; David Pettrigrew, First Vice President; SEC- OND ROW: Pat Takagi, Charles Weiner, William Christie, Oscar Montano, Ron Tannembaum, John Roll, Pete Kremp. THIRD ROW: Jack Morrison, Jim Raviola, Charles Floyd, Hugh O ' Riord- ian, Edward Ducak, Garvin Larsen, Greg Bass. FOURTH ROW: Walt Maklusky, Tom Schnell, Robert Rosenberg, Gary Price, Tony Provenzale, Jon Rosell, John Howard, BACK ROW: Roy Waggoner, Hank Plog, Steve Stoner, William Shirley, Joe Molina, Bob Rosaldo, Hiliary Hervey, Greg Cox, Bill Vance. 334 FRONT ROW: Steve Beal, Ron Nomera, Dan Renner, Lee Thiessen, Scott Watson, Mike Moore, Dan Ferriari, Gil Suckhow. SECOND ROW: (seated) Bill Welter, Charlie Lasherness, Ken Drake, Lee Lipp- mann, Bob Venn, Secretary; Dave Sharp, Treasurer; Jim Adams, President; Don Powell, Vice President; Jim Sailer, Rich Tulle, Ernie Pierson. THIRD ROW: (standing) Frank Miner, Charles Guerreno, Nick Pierson, Bill Stein, Dave May, Reid Nathan, Hank Helly, Steve Grulich, John Nash, John Wyss, Joe Howell, Hugh Merritt, Bruce Cole, Larry Benson, Steve Fishbein, Dick Giever, Dan Nelson, Stan Stromberg, Kirk Knippmeyer, Ed Cappel, Niel Belgiano, Horace Dwiggins, John Sanderson, Cecil Taylor, Advisor. FRONT ROW: Janie Rosenblatt, Pat McCoy, Connie Thompson, Niki Engelhardt. SECOND ROW: Dee Dee Takagi, Secretary; Toni Barthels, President; Noni Cerny, Vice President; Dean Par- rott. THIRD ROW: Sandy Zimmerman, Cindy Allyn, Bobbie Schmidt, Diane Jackson, Pam Por- ter, Trina Jewett, Pat Yohe. FOURTH ROW: Starr Overlock, Kathy Kinsock, Bonnie Wright, Chris Leathy, Judy Carver. FC The Interfraternity Council seeks to advance cooperation and fellowship among its twenty seven member fraternities. Its schedule of activities for the year include a Christmas party for the community schools, a fund raising drive for Wildcat, and publications con- taining information about Greek system. Parthenenic Panhellnic is the coordinating or- ganization of the sororities on cam- pus. They sponsor Greek Week in conjunction with the Interfraternity Council which includes a banquet, dance, and the Olympics. They also contribute to the living expenses of an American Indian child through the Save the Children program. Nomme, --elvammervot rsow allimentiot imp !Mt 11274w inert ' MEW WA glEMESNOtt- ' 34 a a 335 FRONT ROW: Paul Glaze, Deanne Gundersen, Marci Kuhn. SECOND ROW: DC. Susan Stenhouse, Dianna Lebrecht, Rcording Secretary; Alan Lester, President; Margaret Miller, Vice President. BACK ROW: Suzi Woodruff, Karen Daub, Advisor; Susan Penfield, Marissa Hedges, Corresponding Sec- retary; Cheryl Dow, Christine Dye, Ted Arrington. C The Christian Science Organ- ization supports inter-religious activities and sponsors an Org workshop, films, and a lecture at least once a year. This year, Jane 0. Robbins, a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, presented a lec- ture entitled, " What Choice Do You Have? " erma Die Gesellschaft Zum Wunder- korn, the German Club, aided two German students to come to the United States and in re- turn three of the club ' s mem- bers were awarded scholarships and study in West Germany for one year at the school of their choice. n CC FRONT ROW: Augustine Gustillo, April Wise, Carla Doty, Janet Carrara, Beorge Tapia, Tillman Zorn, Larry Ward, Fritz Bopp, Ronald Hauser, Mary Ellen Robogliatti, Lee Ellen Marshall, Ruth Zeigler. BACK ROW; Bob Anderson, President; Dr. Royal Tinsley, Advisor; Linda Graciano. 336 FRONT ROW: Dr. Brent Theurer, Edward A. Hanlon, Edward J. Peckham, John F. Nash, Raymond L. Kingston. BACK ROW: Dr. Roger W. Fox, Gary S. Wing, Robert S. Cunningham, Terry L. Oglethorpe, Edward C. Grierman, Gregg, F. Mitchell, Richard Lindenmuth, Charles M. Quimby, Mark W. Thom- as, Dr. Robert L. Voight. A na Zeta Members of Alpha Zeta, agricul- ture honorary, had a busy year. They held several meetings featur- ing speakers in the various phases of agricultural activity, and held a steak fry to raise funds for scholarships. Ga mma S( ml DeRi-,a This year, Gamma Sigma Delta, national agriculture honorary, work- ed to raise scholastic standards a- mong men of the College of Agri- culture and women in Home Econ- omics by awarding certificates and sponsoring an awards banquet. FRONT ROW: Phil R. Ogden, Philip N. Knorr, David A. King, Hiroshi Muramoto, Robert L. Voight, Jack L. Stroehlein, Alcolm J. Zwolinski, H. Earl Bloss. BACK ROW: James F. Armstrong, Martin A. Massengale, Edward L. Nigh, Jr., Roy S. Rauschkolb, Jimmye S. Hillman, Walker E. Bryan, Robert E. Briggs, George P. Wene, Arden D. Day, Wilson E. Nolan, J. Allen Dunlap Ill. 337 ASRM The American Society of Range Management is concerned with the problems of range manage- ment and conservation of re- sources. Members prepare dis- plays for national conventions, plan field trips and relax with football and softball competitions. --1 o c ,( TD) - 13 (0_ Block and Bridle Club consists of students and faculty interested in livestock and animal husbandry. Members meet regularly to plan their activities, to encourage high standards of scholarship, and a- ward the Van Arsdale Scholarship to an outstanding student. FRONT ROW: Phil Ogden, Robert Cordell, Ted McRae, Cecil Perkins, Erwin Schmutz. BACK ROW: Gerald Raynor, John Ross, Morris Jacoby, Lee Ballard, Walter Meyer, Larry McKeighen, David Mbuvi. IJ FRONT ROW: Ann Porter, Janet Bessey, Secretary; Jane Rodgers, Julie Meyer, Jim O ' Haco, Miley Gonzalez. FIFTH ROW: Gary Scheall, Allen Middleton. SECOND ROW: Pam Stressman, Stephanie Hawxhurst, Kessler, Marvin Wertz. SIXTH ROW: Eric Dodd, John Sullivan, Karen Kathy Gary, Terry Schatzberg. THIRD ROW: Ed Stressman, Vice Presi- Dryden. BACK ROW: Dr. Marvin Selke, Advisor; Mike Mokeon, Forest dent; Dave Hartman, President; John Smithson. FOURTH ROW: Mike Dryden, Advisor. FRONT ROW: Betty Dreisen, Susan E. Goodman, Kathie L. O ' Haco, Barb L. Macdonald, Julene Smithson, Virginia S. VanCleve, Mary Jane Romanoski, Cinda Goodman, Lexa Wood. SECOND ROW: Barbara A. Bell, Page L. Bidegain, Anita R. Brenizer, Zena F. Mitchell, Betty M. Ersfeld, Terry Schatzberg, Carol L. Stevens, Dianne C. Allen, Barbra A. Spring, Katherine E. Gary, Muriel A. Gerlach, JoAnn Underdown, Linda Brow ining, Cecile Fowler, Julie A. Middleton, Jane L. Rogers, Vivian T. Rogacki. THIRD ROW: Vern Goodman, W. Lee Ballard, Ro- bert K. Holland, Michael J. Iliff, John R. Smithson, William J. Stevens, Dale B. Bidegain, Phillip H. Bidegain, Mike Howell, Ken Wright, Gary L. Kirkman, Bruce Gwynn, Mike McFarland, Don L. Thompson, Sara- beth Riklin. BACK ROW: Cy W. Remington, Robert J. Bradley, R. Tom Nelson, Robert A. Holman, Con J. Fitzgerald, Bill C. Kimble, Tom J. Lewis, Rick R. Snure, Robert M. Gentry, William T. Frerichs, William R. Blake, John R. Rauk, Ray L. Roripaugh, Chris L. Beck, Chris K na- gge, Ed Smith, Rex Fowler. FRONT ROW: Don Post, Advisor, Chris Hayes, Terry Oglethorpe, Loel Cooper, W. R. Kneebone, Advisor. BACK ROW: Ray Kingston, Peter Lester, Richard Maclntyre, Gregg Mitchell, Mike Mc- Cann. Rodeo C ub Rodeo Club members publicize and enter rodeo events both in the Tucson area and nationwide. Members received all of the hon- ors in the University Rodeo in December and celebrated the victories with a dance that ended Western Week on campus. Crops And s Cub Students of agronomy form the active Crops and Soils Club on campus. Members enter region- al and national contests in soil judging and related fields. The club has brought several awards to the University. 339 Richard Newton, John Micena, Rober Ultrich, Pompey Delafield, Milo Meacham. 0 A The American Institute of Archi- tects is the organization that unites and represents the students of the College of Architecture. Members take advantage of the club ' s con- nection with a sponsoring pro- fessional chapter to gain special insight into their field. _andscape Archlitecture Formerly called the Horticul- ture Club, the Landscape Archi- tecture Club concerns itself with developing interest in the various aspects of landscape design. Robert Alcumbrac, Advisor; Professor Jones, Advisor; Fadhel Al Abbar, Treasurer; Linda Callaghan, Secretary; Ed Weigt, Vice President; Tom Bingham, President. Not pictured Prof. Greene. 340 FRONT ROW: Robert E. Long, William H. Hibbs, Dr. June Morrison, slo, Charles P. Monroe, Charles E. Crist, William H. Ryerse, Kenneth Jesse B. Ralston, Dr. Raymond A. Mulligan. BACK ROW: Joseph Pobri- Yarbrough, Lt. Col. Felix L. Goodwin, Dr. Bela Rektor. FRONT ROW: William H. Hibbs, Paulette L. Engle, Sue Keebler. SECOND ROW: Paul G. Euler, Ronald A. Parham, Richard E. Bangle, Eugene P. Rose. BACK ROW: Bruce N. Tews, William P. Kuchel, Ruben C. Estrada, John E. Zowin. A oha DeFta Je to Alpha Delta Delta, National Public Administration Honorary, seeks to promote interest in the field of public administration and to sponsor research into the spec- ial problems of the field. BPA Council Students in the College of Bus- iness and Public Administration are united by the BPA Council. Among activities of the Council include tours on Senior Day and assistance during the Youth Pow- er Conference. Twenty eight stu- dents from twelve active organ- izations form the council. 341 FRONT ROW: M. A. Maza, R. J. Kelly Jr., John E. Yokum, A. S. Dubiak, James W. Gallaway, Frank Baumgardner. BACK ROW: Daniel R. Hender- son, Gregory H. Zienian, Roger L. Anderson, Roger R. Reuter, Bradford W. Hamel, Harry A. Nesteruk, Norman E. Qualtrough. 13e,.a FRONT ROW: Rosalie E. Jette, Teri L. Ong, Patricia A. Mercer, Eileen K. Ong. BACK ROW: Mary S. Northington, Mary A. Guiff, Wanda L. Mason, Paulette Engel, V. Sue Keebler. Members of Beta Pi Alpha, all graduate students in the College of Business and Public Adminis- tration, form an informal seminar to discuss problems and advances in their particular fields. The group meets several times each semester and holds several social events in addition. C ni Theta Phi Chi Theta is a national fra- ternity open to women students of business. This year the mem- bers took field trips, heard speak- ers and sponsored the Glamour Magazine Best Dressed Coed Contest. They also award a schol- arship to an outstanding woman business student. 342 PI Omega w Pi Omega Pi brought women business students into close con- tact with faculty and professional people this year. Members pub- lished The Southern Arizona Forum, a business education jour- nal. Sooty or he Advancement Of Manage Tlent One of the busiest organiza- tions connected with the College of Business and Public Adminis- tration is the Society for the Ad- vancement of Management. Member sponsored lectures and forums of interest to students, as well as several social meetings and smokers. FRONT ROW: R. A. Kidwell, Advisor, Mrs. Violet Thomas, Florence Toland, H. J. Langen. BACK ROW: Mrs. LaVerne Clausen, Linda Nunn, Alica Drudge, Pam May, Janis Schwien. FRONT ROW: Eugene Rose, John Hunnicutt, Kim Sheridan, Bill Boylan, John Birch, Jerry Rathbun. BACK ROW: Stan Davis, Thomas Monahan, Jim Erlandsan, Robert Harrington, Bill Borcherding. David Sirota, Ron Parham, President; Rick Cohen, Rick Burke, Maurice Briggs, Advisor. FRONT ROW: Larry W. Kittell, President; Helen Newcastle, Maureen Hudson, Secretary; LaMont McConnell. BACK ROW: Bernalea McDonald, Treasurer; Patricia Grames, Mrs. Mary Frobisher, Advisor; Macario Saldate; Suzanne Vollendorf, Historian-Recorder. Rea ' state C ub The Real Estate Club acted as a forum for dynamic leadership in real estate. At the club ' s meet- ings guest speakers discussed their methods of operation for the benefit of all students in the College of Business and Public Administration. Kappa De Upper class education students with high scholastic records are invited to join Kappa Delta Pi, National Education Honorary. Members met to exchange ideas and to hear outstanding speakers on the aspects of education. ° to 344 FRONT ROW: Edwin L. Lantzer, Chester F. Nolf, Paul A. Curto, Gary R. Reeves, Richard D. Whitaker, Fermen L. Dillon, Steven A. Leff. BACK ROW: Donald L. Arritola, James M. Hurson, Richard A. Johannsen, William H. Gabler, Frank A. Gardanier, Charles D. Emerson, Richard C. Stevens, Randy L. Parrish, Johnny Hernandez. FRONT ROW: Bill Gabler, Mary Kloth, Henry Boulton. BACK ROW: Richard Stevens, Dave Healy, Richard Johannsen. A AA Students interested in the to- morrow-sciences of astronautics and aeronautics find kindred spir- its in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Members sponsored several prac- tical projects this year and gained both theoretical and practical ex- perience in their fields. Engr. Council Student activities in the College of Engineering and College of Mines are promoted by the Engi- neers Council. The Council sponsors several social events, publishes " The Blarney Book " and the monthly newsletter " The Sham- rock. " The Council consists of representatives from each related campus organization. 345 FRONT ROW: Max Wankerl, Lyle Meier, Dave Ferg, Harold McDonald, Chris Lewis, Dr. Morton Wacks. BACK ROW: Sam Yee, Dr. Richard Ken Kearns, Jim Kendall, Gary Fleischman, Gary Schmid, Pete Engle. Brehm, Dr. George Nelson, Dr. Norman Hillberry, Ted Schmidt, George SECOND ROW: Dr. Dave Hetrick, Dr. Lynn Weaver, Bob Curtis, Dr. Walker, Harry Forehand, Vincent McGevna, Richard Hastings, John Keaton Keller, John DeClue, Manuel Rodriguez-Perazza, John Sackett, Pierce. American Nuclear Society This year, the American Nuclear Society attracted members in fields connected with nuclear science and technology. The group hosted several speakers from national research laboratories and also gathered socially. ASM Metallurgical engineering is the interest of members of the Ameri- can Society for Metals. Members heard several speakers who ac- quainted them with various as- pects of the field. There were also discussion seminars among the mem bers. 346 FRONT ROW: John Rodgers, Treasurer; Richard Chilson, SECOND ROW: Tod Nissle, Secretary; Jim Hathaway, Ken Edminston, Dr. Walt Walker, Advisor; BACK ROW: Jack Macek, Terry Waitt, President; Bill Mitchell, Vice President. FRONT ROW: F. C. Lange, David Yeung, Ronald Frobel, Stephen Davis, Charles Dabney, Gary Rice, Bruce Mitchell, Arthur N. Brooks, President; R. A. Jimenez, Adviser, Dave May, Fredi Madjar. SECOND ROW: William Ho, Edward Courtney, Douglas D. Lewis, James D. Kreigh, Clifford Anderson, Bob Lecoutour, Roger Schoenherr, Ro- berto Verdugo-Garza, Gary Comprini, Dave Healy, Paul Bleier, Tony Paez, Larry May, John Bernal. BACK ROW: Ramon B. Ochoa-R., Ken Lowrance, L. E. Maucher, William Johnson, David W. Fonken, Louis Bapes, Al-Rijab Jasim, Ghulam Yahya, Charles Freeland, Donald D. Hackert, John Knight. ASCE Men interested in civil engineer- ing and the related disciplines compose the membership of the American Society of Civil Engi- neers. They met to exchange ideas and problems and to hear speakers. In addition, there were several social outings for the rapidly grow- ing group. Tau Beta ull° Outstanding students in the Col- lege of Engineering are invited to join Tau Beta Pi, National Scholastic Engineering Honorary. The group tutored underclassmen in engi- neering and mathematics, and hon- ored outstanding students in these fields. FRONT ROW: James W. Glass, William J. Harding, Carl A. Naegle, Michael C. Glass, James B. Cecil, Mark A. Perlman, Paul A. Curto, John A. Ashcraft. SECOND ROW: Louis D. Tsosie, Thomas R. Strong, Antonio Urnado, Taylor Scanlon, Kent A. Whitson, David C. Healy, Steve Thompson. BACK ROW: David L. Kurdeka, Richard M. Edwards, Advisor, Dr. Dimitri B. Kececioglu, Advisor, John D. Dyer Ill, George D. Howell, Joel D. Walton, Edward M. Trujillo, James D. Mueller. seta Rho De to Women entering the field of en- gineering have gathered in Beta Rho Delta. The women involved held luncheons and field trips to help them in developing broad outlooks on their field. T seta Tau Men from all branches of engi- neering compose the University chapter of Theta Tau, National Pro- fessional Engineering Fraternity. The tightly knit group seeks to form professional and personal bonds a- mong its members. They participat- ed in many informative and social functions this year. FRONT ROW: Belle K. Tom, Betty L. Bass, Christine L. Wade, Sandra L. Miller, Marcia A. McNutt, Cynthia A. Fabris. BACK ROW: Milada C. Pajaczkowski, Mary K. Kloth, Barbara E. Neff, Sandra L. Ham, Linda A. Dahlke, Beverly L. Martin, Daren Seel. FRONT ROW: David C. Ford, Henry J. Boulton, Chester F. Nolf, Don M. Steinwachs, David B. May, Richard L. Fain. SECOND ROW: Donald L. Arritola, James M. Hurson, George R. McLaughlin, Edwin L. Lantzer, " William H. Schock, Billie N. Thomas, Ronald R. Miely, Daniel E. Borch- er. THIRD ROW: Howard Ong, John E. Flores, Bruce A. Stiver, Doanid L. Newman, Allan T. Mense, Leon S. Afek, William H. Gabler, Richard A. Johannsen, John T. Rivera, James B. Payne. BACK ROW: Roy T. Kawa- moto, Raymond C. Allis, Jr., Frank A. Gardanier, Jr., David C. Healy, J. William Grantham, William A. Mansfield, William R. Jones, John L. Lit- trell, Eddie L. Zeitler, Clifford E. Anderson. 348 Larry Griffiths, Treasurer; John Meibohn, President; Dr. E. J. Hill, Advisor; Tom Fladoos, Secretary. LEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers wishes to fur- ther their knowledge of electrical engineering and allied fields. They also presented speakers from elec- trical industries and participated in Engineers Day. A pha aJi pha Alpha Tau Alpha is composed of upper-division students interested in agriculture education. Members stressed the importance of pro- fessionalism in the field and trains apt and able teachers to fill the great needs of the community. FRONT ROW: Dr. James B. Hamilton, Advisor; Timothy D. Vensel, Charles E. Miller, Willard B. Barney, J. Richard Heward, Glen Miller, Bob Holland. SECOND ROW: Tom Jones, Harley Cox, Roger Kitterman, Larry Stanley, Robert Kempton, Kelly Keithly, James Boggs. BACK ROW: Richard Sawyer, Danny Bingham, David Cox, Robert Walaheur, Adrian Hinton, Gareth Cobb, Tom Bennett, Terry Kirkpatrick, Keith Mattox. 349 Kap Da Ps The men of Arizona ' s " Best in the West " band formed the mem- bership of Kappa Kappa Psi. They sponsored Band Day, held various picnics and parties, and raised money for four scholarships for worthy band members. The high spirits of these men was one of the leading factors in success. BeaStigma University bandswomen found a place in Tau Beta Sigma, Nation- al Women ' s Band Honorary. The women served as guides for Band Day, decorated the m usic building for Christmas, and presented a delightful program at the Arizona Children ' s Colony for the young- sters. FRONT ROW: Rick Holsclaw, Lynn Lybeck, Larry Paxton, Joe Kezele. SECOND ROW: Bob Fye, Bob Brumbaugh, Ross McLachlan, Pete Obligato, Dave Zajicek, Joe Mendoza. THIRD ROW: Mike Blommer, Jim Sheley, Ray Martinez, Stan Newman, Greg Bowlby, Hilbert Bernal, Fillmore Tellez. FOURTH ROW: Frank Gresham, John Neil, Larry Edwards, Rich Shelton, Jerry Gay, John Winniford, Jim Koshmider, Larry Young. FIFTH ROW: Bob Carpenter, Brian McKusick, Mike Young, Bob Ziegenbein, Keith Garrett, Don Holmberg, Mike Nielson, Bob Blommer, Ray Kings- ton, John Cady, Richard Cummins, Bill Richardson, Greg Mitchell, George Takagi. BACK ROW: Jack Wood, Tom Neil, Garvin Larson, Karl Broberg, Bill Sampson, Mark Mesik, Dennis Ray, Mike Pickart, Mike Miller, Terry Waitt, Bud Hilditch, Dave Newlin, Bob Lochner. aL FRONT ROW: Mrs. Jack Lee, Advisor, Marilyn K. Coxon, Phyllis M. Boardman, Krista Hume, Kathryn E. Anderson, Karla Kris Kester, Patric- ia L. Flynt. SECOND ROW: Pam Fortenberry, April P. Scurfield, Vicki C. Jacob, Celia R. Elias, Judy A. Collins, Irma M. Ronquillo, Sharon F. Koff, Rebecca A. Beckman, Sandy Paige, Colleen Morrissey, Elizabeth A. Perry. BACK ROW: Linda L. Hagen, Dolores P. Takagi, Patricia A. Merritt, Christine M. Hoenle, Betty L. Everett. 350 FRONT ROW: Pamela Dudley, President; Yolanda Caigas. SECOND ROW: Jack Goodman, Shari Haines, Judy Schakelford, Dan Oachs. THIRD ROW: Jane LeGrand, Pam Pitcher, Sylvia Ruiz, David Water- man, Tina Waterman. BACK ROW: Doug Anderson, Jon Hernmeter, Jan Czechowski. FRONT ROW: Sue McArthur, Treasurer; DeeDee Knapp, Secretary; Yolanda Cagigas, President; Pam Dudley, Vice-President. BACK ROW: Jan Czechowski, Sylvia Ruiz. University P ayers The projects of University Play- ers this year have included rais- ing money for two scholarships, selling season tickets and helping to finance a trip to Los Angeles for the semi-finals of the National College Theatre Contest. atk)iai Co e0ate P avers Dr ama students, members of National Collegiate Players, form- ed a nucleus for many of the University drama productions this year. Members also presented Best Actor and Actress awards and produced original plays written by graduate students. 351 FRONT ROW: Bill Sampson, Frank Rotolo, Walter Tholl, Glenn Harmon, Rick Burns, Ed Hughs, Chris Warren, Phil Siegling, Jeff Lowe. BACK ROW: Keith Garrett, Nic Hiner, Mike Young, Bill Melia, Bob Williams, Bill Richardson, Lynn Lybeck, Dave Evans ,P11 na Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, National Men ' s Music Honorary helped stage School of Music recitals, and performed many times throughout the school year. The men also high- lighted the year with the lavish Sin- fonia Ball and presented the Rollin Peace Memorial Scholarship. Sgrma A p iota The sweetest voices in the Music Department belonged to the wom- en of Sigma Alpha Iota, National Women ' s Music Honorary. Mem- bers held leading roles in the Uni- versity Musical and presented a Christmas vesper service. FRONT ROW: Carrie H. Yeung, Carole J. Hackworth, E. Ramona Goodman, V. Carole Smith, Bar- bara K. Bush, April P. Scurfield. BACK ROW: Janell S. Larson, Delores D. Dynneson, Margaret M. O ' Hara, Jane L. Barnes, Karen E. Jacobson, Linda A. Wiles, Denise M. Smith. A 352 FRONT ROW: Becky Carle, President; Ellen Gardner, Vice President; Lilia Dorame, Recording Secretary; Nancy Cameron, Treasurer; Judy Bessler, Corresponding Secretary. SECOND ROW: Katie Fitzgerald, Marie Waterworth, Marcy Genis, Anita Conway, Carol Burton, Cinda Goodman. THIRD ROW: Kalil Nehlawi, Susan Sims, Janet Waits, Holly Hwe, Caryn Goodfriend, Marissa Hedges, Peggy Miller, Nancy Kay. FRONT ROW: Vicki Larsen, Laura Black, Martina Cooper, Barbara Zeches, Advisor; Doris Mc- Alear. BACK ROW: Carol Merrill, Maureen Hudson. Amer can Home Economics Honorary The women of the American Home Economics Honorary, Beta Theta chapter, held a pie eating contest for Aggie Day. They also sponsored a faculty-student lunch- eon and a teaching service at Holy Cross House of Hospitality, and collected for underpriveledged children throughout the state. Ormilcror Nu Omicron Nu is a Home Economics Honorary composed of women who have compiled excellent scho- lastic records. The women held a tea for new women students, and founded International Home Eco- nomics Scholarships to aid girls in other countries. 353 Nat Koren, Karen Levitz, Paul Euler, Mario Corral. Chris H. Lewis, Robert E. Ehlers, Edgar Karst, H. Lyle Supp, Carolyn Ross. Ketil g C b Mar The Marketing Club, affiliated with the American Marketing Association, had a very active year. The group conducted research projects f or national and local companies, published a newslet- ter, held a seminar for Distributive Education students, and gave valu- able assistance to local merchants with various drives and special publicity projects. P Mu cps 0 In Upper-division students with special interest in mathematics form the membership of Pi Mu Epsilon, National Scholastic Math- ematics Honorary. This year mem- bers met to discuss special topics and to promote interest in math- ematical pursuits. 354 FRONT ROW: Sue Lombaer, Executive Officer; Jan Naughton, Drill Commander; Teri Ong, Information Officer; Carol Villar, Operations Officer; Susan Feldman, Cheryl Charles, Commander; Donna Black, Michele Granger, Terriann Detjen, Mary Hendershott. SECOND ROW: Barb Meyers, Mary Robey, Barb Walker,Bobbee Jones, Melinda Mc- George, Cookie Hanson, Bev Shumaker, Lynne Wood, Missy Ruth. THIRD ROW: Kathy Gee, Melinda Burr, Melissa Manley, Mindy Michele, Margaret Boice, Gay McNaughton, Debbie Sceli, Mary Lynch, Kassi Walters, Vicki Greek, Marcie King, Bonnie West, Capt. Alvarez Advisor. BACK ROW: Debi Wadell, Dee Dee Engdahl, Carol Olney, Windy Phelps, Marilyn Dredge, Carla Ode, Penny Pride, Margie Davis, Linda Haugen, Juanita DeMont. 11 F FRONT ROW: Ronald Willke, Brian Cheney, Frank McHugh, Dennis Gonzales, Karl Odgers, Commander; George Peabody. SECOND ROW: James Shiffrin, Kim Bennett, Marshall Grayson, David Perry, Dennis Rowe. THIRD ROW: Robert Swan, Robert Quinn, Steve Davis, Richard Viau, Bob Schultz. FOURTH ROW: Guy Jette, Bob Casalis, David Hodges, Bernard Hoenle. BACK ROW: Nicholas Hiner, Michael Moore, Steve Gregory, Richard Dahlke, Steve Pease, Bob Brosius, Bob Zeluff, David Faulkner. Ange The women of Angel Flight are proud representatives both of the University and of the Air Force ROTC program. They serve as guides and hostesses whenever needed, and their drill team per- forms many times throughout the year in parades and displays. Arnold Mr Sodety Men interested in an officer ' s career in the U.S.A.F. meet in the Arnold Air Society. The group is involved in creating qualities of leadership and professionalism. Among this year ' s projects were the Military Ball and assistance with high school ROTC. 355 m y C Ranger Co. The Army ROTC Ranger Com- pany is a voluntary organization of freshman and sophomore ca- dets with a limited number of juniors serving as officers and train- ing personnel. The program com- bines classroom instruction with regular field exercises designed to give training experience in com- bat situations. Si Silver Wing is an honorary organ- ization of basic AFROTC cadets. Members acted as military guards for football games and coordinat- ed the Arizona and Aerospace Drill Meet. FRONT ROW: Jere McDonough, Captain Jack Reinmiller, U.S. Army Advisor; Mike Farquhar, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Bruce Krause, Berney Velasco, Rich Heidt, James DuPree, Donald Will- iams, Scott Bearup, Chuck Floyd, Ed Beumler. THIRD ROW: Ed Cummings, Bob Chiffelle, Ron Keiser, Phillip Pankey. FOURTHH ROW: John Lippencott, Jimmy Marlow, Phil Gregoire, Dennis Williams, Dave Durkee. FIFTH ROW: Gary Cook, Paul Lawton, Dave Waddell, Walt Spaulding, Steve Rock, John Dwyer. SIXTH ROW: Doug Larson, Syver More, Rich Schaefer, Mike Pullen, John Hamp. SEVENTH ROW: Mike Blatti, Lee McCain, Jim Burke, George Foley. FRONT ROW: Otis Canupp, Dan Wingert, William Weiss, Fred Thourot, Horace Dwiggins, Brian Howard, Michael Goldstein, Mike Ronstadt, Commander. SECOND ROW: Marshall Ojerio, Dennis Kern, Gregg Moore, Eric Russell, Steve King, Mark Hayball, Joe Gribas, Hugh Birk- land, Jim Oliver, Donald Newman. BACK ROW: Ralph Damiani, Snow Peabody, Mike McAnnis, Barry Cossel, John Pixley, Andy Samples, Unidentified, Stan Busboom, Rocky Snyder, Capt. Marshall, U.S. Air Force Advisor. 356 FRONT ROW: DeDe Wild, President; Susan Case, Susan Tear, Jan Neu- bauer, Susan Burger, LaJoyce Hall, Lucy Kaldenbaugh, Drill Team Com- mander; Debbie Gibson, Pam Lane. SECOND ROW: Pam Shuck, Kathi Barnes, Secretary; Nira Wall, Jeani Dent, Wendy Brooks, Debbie Scarsborough, Susie Sipprel, Joan Ellis, Carol Williams, Katie Pearson, Becky Mannon, Peggy Odell. THIRD ROW: Sally Palmer, Sharon Cray- ton, Historian; Judy Argue, Sara Greer, Peggy Wilson, Leslie Ahern, Penny Dehoff, Treasurer; Nancy Pearson, Public Relations; Becky Fife, Vice President; Ann Gross, Cathy Armer, Addie Arriaga, Cindy Allyn. FRONT ROW: Major Deibel, Lee Maxwell, Treasurer; John Reed, Vice President; Dan Renner, President; Mike Bell, Secretary; Doug Longmire. SECOND ROW: Steve Swift, Lonnie Tang, Mike Keller, Craig Emerson, Steve Dow. THIRD ROW: Pete Ammon, Dave Zujicek, Mike Roda, Dave Stacy, Perk Clark. FOURTH ROW: Richard Rucker, Ed Rovey, Mike Danoff, Scott Hays, Brian Haggard, Don Steinwachs. Kaydettes Members of Kaydettes acted as hostesses at many Army ROTC ac- tivities and drilled in local parades. Kaydettes set up displays in Old Main for Parent ' s Day and Christ- mas. Activities of Scabbard and Blade included a training program for juniors in Army ROTC, several service projects, and the Military Ball. Elections were held in the spring. Scar And obard e 357 FRONT ROW: Bob Quinn, Ruben Estrada, President; Kim O ' Brien, John Reed, Ron Parham, John Feldman. SECOND ROW: Jeff Timan, John Eck, Myles Mooney, Randy Bartlett, Dennis Gonzales, Owen Pengally, Bob Copley, Don Rogers. THIRD ROW: John Hunnicutt, Charles Aut- rey, Steve Michener, Gerald Gaskins, Guy Jette, Gary Laechelin, Bruce Amsted, Ged Stewart, Steve Catt. BACK ROW: Paul Brown, Karl Odgers, Win Taylor, Harvey Platt, John Suelham, Bill Barychuk, Tom Linn, Gene Rose. De to Sigma Delta Sigma Pi is a professional organization established to foster the study of business in universities, to encourage scholarship, social activity, and the association of stu- dents for their mutual advancement by research and practice. Alpha Kappa Ps Alpha Kappa Psi, national ac- counting fraternity, seeks to further the individual welfare of its mem- bers and to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals in the fields of commerce, accounts and finance. FRONT ROW: Ed Beumler, Treasurer; Bernie Velasco, Secretary; John M. Hopkins, President; David Coatsworth, Vice President; John Morehouse, Dr. John Trimm, Advisor; Stephen Cooper. SECOND ROW: David Matiella, Jerry Rathbun, Steve Gran, Andy Malkin, Paul Hutchins Jr., Bart- lett D. Howard. BACK ROW: Eddie Casanova, Pat Durazzo, Willard R. Seymour, Robert Munger, Angel L. Rivero, Rodney Palmer. 358 Joel M. Goldman, Phillip C. Jobe, Martha R. Patterson, President; Phillip B. McDoniel, Larry L. Broadie, Marty Green. Rho Chi, the pharmacy honorary fraternity, promotes scholarship and freindship. It also recognizes high attainment in the pharmaceutical sciences. Amerk:an I)) harmacetkca Assodadon Members of the American Phar- maceutical Association provided monthly Student Union displays and sponsored date processing in the hospital program. They also held the annual September mixer and the annual Pharmacy Awards Banquet. R FRONT ROW: David Sogo, Thomas Okita, Michael Levine, George Chang , Richard Katz, James Goto, Bruce Sharp, David Eerkes, Tad Wo- licki, President; Carl Trinca, Treasurer; James Mc Alister, Rebecca Pat- terson, Secretary; Dr. Richard Childs, Dr. Joseph Zapotocky, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Charles Flack, Johnny Rogers, Alberto Ranjel, Ira Hal- pern, Allen Leiboh, Truman Wong, Carl Nordholm, Barbara Campbell, Virginia Wilson, Dwayne Wilson, Allen Manack, Lillian Gee, Paul Baer, Second Vice-President. THIRD ROW: David Kubo, Richard Story, Sergeant-At-Arms; Blain Jensen, William Levine, David Franco, Jeffrey Marta, Ronald Bierman, Gene Poulter, Allen Entin, Larry Lawhon, John Warne, Becky McNally, Alice Chan, Dr. Vartkes Simonian. FOURTH ROW: Joseph Zoucha, Anthoney Antonelli, Damian Woods, Fist Vice- president; Michael Shum, Gary Kalyn, Michael Dick, Dennis Rajsich, Richard Weakland, Marilyn Swan, Harold Bert, Allen Scorsatto, Phillip Irvine, Ronald Roehrborn. BACK ROW: Lynn Collie, Ned Bondie, Ed- ward Horowitz, Martin Porcelin, Willie Counts, Marvin Silva, Paul Wal- ler, William Fritz, Dr. Henry Winship, Frank Tostado, Charles Gunther, Charles Stuart, Stephan Cherman, Terry Haldiman, John Morcom, Rob- ert Frazier. 359 Cfrc Circle K is a men ' s service organ- ization affiliated with local Ki- wanis Clubs. The members assist- ed various campus functions and participated in Kiwanis functions such as the Cowboy Breakfast. p ha - De Alpha Epsilon Delta, Inter- national Pre-Medical Honorary, was organized to enable its mem- bers to contact members of the medical profession and to create a close bond among medical stu- dents. Members heard speakers and held an installation banquet in the spring. FRONT ROW: Dr. George Howard, Chairman, Kiwanis Circle K Committee; Joseph Boerum, President. SECOND ROW: Jim Hurson, Bob Gray, Bob Black, Mike Wellman, Ed Ng, Martin An- drews, Stan Bambauer. BACK ROW: John Singley, Ken Boerum, Dave Pace, Ernie Kehl, Bob Jes- ter, Duncan Buell, Ron Pitts. e K S on ia FRONT ROW: Jerald L. Straw, John M. Haraldsen, Sloan L. Robertson, Peter H. Westby, Sharon A. Reiser, Alan L. Kon. SECOND ROW: Garry D. Strauser, Richard S. Breiman, Darrell K. Evans, Robert J. Blommer, E. Mike Kasum, Eugenia E. Eide, Susan P. Qualls. BACK ROW: Marc A. Tamaroff, Max B. Steingart, Kathleen M. Bents, Richard D. Rucker, Jr., Charles F. Merrill, Gregory M. Cox, Michael G. Bissell. 360 Members of Sigma Xi enjoy a luncheon meeting in the early Fall. FRONT ROW: Patricia McDougall, Anita Chu, DeEtta Lundell, Karen Clifford, Alice Chan. SEC- OND ROW: Marilyn Sevan, Virginia Wilson, Secretary; Jeanette Wilson, President; Linda Walker, Lillian Gee. BACK ROW: Janet Holloway, Treasurer; Jacqueline Lincer, Joann Drazovich, Therese Arenz, Barbara Campbell, Nancy Dillenback. Sigma Xi Begun on the campus of Cor- nell University in 1886, the Society of Sigma Xi has an active chapter on our campus. Membership is limited to faculty members and persons doing scientific research. Kappa :psi Kappa Epsilon, National Wom- en ' s Pharmacy Honorary is the voice of women studying pharmacy. The women held regular meetings and sponsored several social functions. 361 FRONT ROW: Chuck Flack, Richard Story, Recording Secretary; Gary Kalyn, Blain Jensen, Vice President; Bill Levine, Dr. Richard Childs, Advisor; Michael Shum, Ned Bonoie, Damian Woods, Corresponding Secretary; Willie Counts. SECOND ROW: Dave Ku bo, Mike Levine, Jim Goto, Mike Katz, Rich Weakland, Carl Nordholm, Truman Wong. THIRD ROW: Dave Sogo, Ira Halpern, Lynn Collie, Jeff Marta, Rich En- tin. FOURTH ROW: Tony Antonelle, Tom Okita, Dave Franco, Gene Poulter, Bill Fritz, Bus Bernal. BACK ROW: Martin Porcelain, Frank Tostado, Ed Horowitz, Chuck Gunther, Alo Silva, Paul Waller, Mike Dick, Dennis Rajcish, John Morcom. Not Pictured: Douglas Stucky, President; Mel Schagt en, Treasurer. Kappa Psii Students and faculty in the Col- lege of Pharmacy form the mem- bership of Kappa Psi, National Pro- fessional Pharmacy Fraternity. In addition to regular meetings, they sponsored numerous campus ser- vice and philanthropic projects. Phi Delta CH Phi Delta Chi, National Profes- sional Pharmacy Fraternity, was open to men pharmacy students and tried to promote interest in and knowledge about the profession of pharmacy. Members sponsored ser- vice projects and provided scholar- ships for pharmacy students. FRONT ROW: Frank Baker, Bruce Sharp, John Gallelos, Carl Trinca, Paul Baer, Pat O ' Brien, Al Manak. SECOND ROW: George Chang, Al Leiboh, Steve Cherman, Tom Reed, Phil Irvine, Tad VV.olicki. THIRD ROW: John Warne, Ron Bierman, Frank Melone, Bob Frazier, Charlie Stuart, Lou Hitter, Dave Eerkes. BACK ROW: Dr. Winship, Harold Bert, Terry Haldiman, Larry Lawhon, Joe Smith, Dwayne Wilson, Joe Perazzo, Tim Norris, Jim McAlister, Al Scorsatto. 362 FRONT ROW: Frank Llamas, Bos Saxon, Richard Hamlin. BACK ROW: Grant Smith, Mr. Picard, Adviser. St]gma Delta Ps Sigma Delta Psi, is the national men ' s fitness honorary. Anyone interested must pass fifteen physical fitness tests before being eligible for membership. Their program consists of training and testing the physical improvement of its members. to Kappa Delta Psi Kappa is the professional organization for women with ma- jors or minors in health, physical education, and recreation. This or- ganization stimulates fellowship among women in the above special- ized areas and promotes high edu- cational standards. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Whallon, Morie Annala, Joan Ramsower, Cheryl Kluthe, Lynn Whitaker, Dina Levin. BACK ROW: Pat Vold, Sue Cross, LindaCallison, Bev Walker, Kathy Krucker, Marcy Starnes. 363 Veteran Student Assodadon The Veteran Student Asso- ciation is a group of former vet- erans banded together to help the incoming veteran to get " back into the swing of things " . To help in this goal they pro- vide a tutoring service in some undergraduate courses. neta Omega Theta Omega improves con- ditions for handicapped students on campus. The members assist at registration and in orienta- tion. They also provide a richer social life for these students, and help them find suitable em- ployment during their under- graduate years. nahl Gang ......■••■■•■ 11■0‘. VETERANS STUDENT ASSO. C Lee Schiff auer, Jerry Fuller, Public Relations. Not Pictured: William Boynton, President; Gerald Rosser, Secretary, Treasurer; Michael Scott, Vice President. FRONT ROW: Kathleen Yde, Secretary, Treasurer; William Acorn, Joseph Dolan, Vice President; Mike Halek, President. BACK ROW: Carl Terry, Lee Brest. 364 Orchesis FRONT ROW: DeNelda Flint, Marcy Starnes, Joan Overton, Joyce Bond, Pattie Bierbaum, Vicki Hudson. BACK ROW: Judy Jorgenson, Janet Uvodich, Patsy Archie, Jill Paskal. VERTICAL ROWS BEGINNING FAR LEFT: Emily Miller, Melody Sears, Gail Sterling, Hannah Berhowitz. SECOND ROW: Molly McDermott, Elizabeth Murray, President; Dyan Miranda. THIRD ROW: Jackie Frew, Diane Koolhin, Joan Ramsower, Cinders Setzer. FOURTH ROW: Liz Whittle, Georgia Sorrell, Jan Wheaton. FIFTH ROW: Mary Kantz, Starr Overlock, Cheryl Kluthe. S IXTH ROW: Lynn Moeller, Ruth Staples, Becky Gorrell, Adrianne Greenberg. FAR RIGHT ROW: Marlys K noc- hel, Vice President. Orchesis is the women ' s group that has attempted to create great- er appreciation of modern dance as an art form. In order to do so, the members gave several performances throughout the year and conducted a symposium for high school stu- dents. Putters Club The members of Putters Club were familiar sights on Tucson golf courses this year as the members improved their golf skills and gained experience in competitions. They presented an award to the outstand- ing member. Joan Overton was president this year. 365 Gymnastics Cub The Gymnastics Club gives Uni- versity women an opportunity to enjoy the activity and better their skills in a recreational setting. Mem- bers also participated in the Nor- thern Arizona Invitational Gym- nastics Meet. udo Cub The Judo Club sponsored special judo demonstrations for the student body. They were host for the Ari- zona Junior Olympics Judo Tour- ney, and the Southern Arizona Judo Invitational Tourney. FRONT ROW: Diane Riese, Carolyn Whallon, Pat Vold. BACK ROW: Linda Callison, Kathy Kruc- ker, Marcy Starnes, Sue Cross, Lynne Whitaker. FRONT ROW: Glenn Sogo, Chief Instructor; Art Murray, Treasurer; Bill Kitt, Erich Draeger, Frank Seward, Eric Yoshizumi, Vice President. SECOND ROW: Tom Baron, Paul Wermuth, Gary Genser, Beverly Bo- haty, Barbara Engel, Ronald Niehus, Phil Anderson. BACK ROW: Robert Chiffelle, Earle G. Rowe, David Kurdeka, Patrick Henry, Tom Harmon, President; Terry Lea, Jon Powell, Instructor; Stephen Mueller. 366 Hugh O ' Riordan, Vice President; Hank Plog, President; Louise Kirklosky, Secretary; Jeffrey Kuchar, Treasurer. You Ag Democrats The Young Democrats educate their members and voters concern- ing the campaign issues and the candidates. They also work closely with other student Democratic organizations, such as Students for Roy Elson, to help their campaigns for election. heta Stigma Ph Theta Sigma Phi, the professional organization for women in journa- lism and mass communication had many activities. They included the Matrix Dinner, a Publicity Clinic, and High School Day. FRONT ROW: Claudia Mallow, Patti LaSalle, Diane Meece, Karen Ro- Betty Beard, Sheryl Kornman, Barbara Schuler, Terry Hodgers, Pam land, Mary Alice Kellogg. SECOND ROW: Lynn Olsen, Wendy Brooks, Ginsbach, Kay Lou Pappas. 367 You Repo 3 During the excitement of a close election year, the University Young Republicans were working for their favorite candidates. When the elec- tion returns came in, the group was already planning strategy for the next campaign. JniversRy Dames Wives of faculty members and stu- dents united in University Dames to form common bonds and to carry out various community projects. The women sponsored their annual Christmas party for Yaqui Indian children and gave a scholarship. rg icans Steven M. Crafton, Garyl L. Allhiser, Robert J. Myhre. FRONT ROW: Jacqueline Lindermann, Valerie S. Ebright, Olga G. Luc- cayolo, Advisor, Mary Jane Stoughton, Janet P. Ivancovitch, Linda E. kett, Jane M. Yivanov, Paula J. Gazzola. BACK ROW: Bonnie A. Ron- Maclntyre, Nancy H. Hu ndley. 368 FRONT ROW: Beverly A. Bambauer, Yvonne A. Rogers, Jacquelynn M. Bambauer, Anne E. Harvey. SECOND ROW: Elena Manire, Shirley A. White, Jean R. Caldwell, Karen Faust, Babette Luz, Adviser, Marge T. Dielin, Cinda L. Pentecost, Leslie E. Lischka, Caryl Chamberlain. BACK ROW: Larry E. Manire, Robert A. White, Joseph J. Lischka, William F. Faust, Daniel E. Schaven, Myron Smith, Patricia A. Schultz, George Reinhart, John L. Saba, Reba L. Lucier, Surath K. Banergee, Robert D. Campas, Mary Adam, Michael Owen. Versatile folklanders practice one of the world ' s traditional dances. linternational Folk Dance Cub The spirited members of the Inter- national Folk Dance Club met week- ly to dance and also presented pro- grams for community and University events. Their colorful costumes and authentic dances were a unique venture in international understand- ing and festivity. riders Folklanders met regularly to give its members a chance to relax and enjoy themselves with dances from all areas of the world. They perform- ed for various Arizona schools and numerous University events. Fo kla 369 FRONT ROW: David R. Gallagher, Bradley K. Vandermark, John C. Anderson, Thomas M. Okita, Shojiro Koyama, Peter D. Eisener, Frank L. Cole. SECOND ROW: William E. Price, Christopher R. Ram- sey, Phillip E. Kerr, R. Vaughan Pyle II, Migueal Y. Jauregui, Stephen J. Weiner, Franklin T. Roberts. THIRD ROW: Michele Cahn, Ronald Montmurri, Carlos Galvez, Vincent J. Pyle, Carl S. Kominsky. BACK ROW: Randal L. Walser, Gerald J. Puzo, Walter A. Kendrick, Thomas P. Mitchell. Karate C ub FRONT ROW: Helen J. Tang, Jacqueline J. Ong, S. Adonica Gong, Lila A. Lee, Roberta Lee. SEC- OND ROW: Irene Chin, Carol A. Wong, Nancy Wong. THIRD ROW: Katherine Cin, Lorena Kai, Suzan Yee, Judith D. Wong, Lilian Wong. BACK ROW: Dan M. Fung, Allen Lee, David D. Lee, Ron Lee, Eugene Chin. The Karate Club sponsored both instructional classes and public demonstrations on cam- pus this year. The members com- peted with other groups and worked to publicize the activity of this ancient art. ' finese Stud ems C Membership in the Chinese Students Club was open to all Chinese students. They met to promote fellowship in the Chi- nese community on campus and help foreign students be- come acquainted with our coun- try, yet savor delights of Chinese culture and its heritage. 370 FRONT ROW: Cherrie Brinlee, Pat Vold, Judy Schlombohm, Nancy Cummings, Lynette Smith, Kathy Krucker, Chichi Walstad, Mary Oun, Carolyn Whatlon, Miss Pavlich, Advisor. BACK ROW: Carol Blake, Marilyn Bakarich, Nancy Starnes, President. Bev Walker, Judy Scholobohm, Cherrie Brinlee, Pat Vold, Lynette Smith, Marci Starnes, Mar- ilyn Bakarach, Linda Hotchkiss, Miss Pavlich, Advisor. Arete Sod ety Arete Society selects it ' s mem- bers on the basis of scholarship, sportsmanship, and service to the Women ' s Recreation Association. Members hostessed the Fourth Stu- dent Leadership Conference for GAA-GRA for Arizona High Schools and held a punch party to introduce girls who are in WRA to the pur- poses of Arete Society. W R A The Womens Recreation Associa- tion sponsors recreational activi- ties as well as athletic tournaments. Intramural sports include archery, badminton, basketball, bowling, golf, gymnastics, hockey, recrea- tional games, swimming, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. WRA also consists of sports clubs in- cluding badminton, archery, bas- ketball, fencing, folk dance, modern dance, golf, gymnastics, softball, swimming, tennis, and volleyball. 371 um simumwoomm......, .... 1.11110111511.111111111 " .011111 NO SWIMMINCi IONIMOMENIMIIIIMIll 1111111 NOM 1111 DEPT. SWIM MI NM MI DEPT. A INN PE 0 FRONT ROW: Andrew Lecher, Karen Erickson, Ann Sawyer, Aquacade Director; Mary Jane Wild, Joan Farnum, Dawn Havanec, Sally Jones, Renay Weinrub, Harry Prushansky. SECOND ROW: Barbara McLean, Kathy Lockridge, Trich Whitehead, Sue Metzenbaum, Sue Brierton, Niki Engelhardt, Linda Procel, Jill Paskal. BACK ROW: Della Delany, Laura Villemez, Jane Webster, Susan Kopstein, Suzanne Sipprell, Peggy O ' Dell, Sharon Crine, Melody Smith, Nancy Wilder. Not Pictured: Martha Stevens, President. Desert Mermak) Desert Mermaids thru synchro- nized swimming strengthened their individual as well as creative abili- ties. The highlight of the year was the April Aquacade in which the Mermaids demonstrated their ability. Bad to C The Badminton Club encourages the development of skill in this sport through practice as well aslocal and re gional competition. Members participated in the Phoenix Open and the Pacific Southwestern Inter- collegiate. 372 FRONT ROW: Linda LeRoy, Jeremiah. SECOND ROW: Pat Vold, Shiela Baize, Sue Hermann. BACK ROW: Ronnie Margolis, Marcy Starnes, Dr. Pat Lawson, Advisor. S FRONT ROW: Pris Marquez, Maryjane Sheehy, Carol Ness, Marie Waterworth, Evie Carrillo, Margaret Hood. SECOND ROW: Judy Schlobohm, Judy Bessler, Karen Tullgren, Linda Allen, Darby Pry, Pris Smith, Mrs. Kirmse. THIRD ROW: Melanie Somers, Becky Zavala, Terri Quiros, Rosie Clayton, Kris Schaus, Marlyse Weerts. FOURTH ROW: Patty Vida, Sue Bach, Sandi Young, Jocelyn Reed, Kathy Harrison, Evie Siquieros. FIFTH ROW: Sue Bauer, Liz Clifford, Patty Lyons, Lynn Waterman, Brenda Smith, Linda Smith, Cheryl Pagel. SIXTH ROW: Connie Rollings, Kitty Clark, Erlinda Ramirez, Melodie Longmire, Tiela Childers, Peggy Weber. BACK ROW: Mary Barrins, Sharon Komadina, Danie Strelnick, Della Delany, Charlene Owens. ' ffi Lambda Phrateres Phi Lambda Phrateres, town girls organization, has been one of the busiest groups on campus this year. The girls sponsored " Hi and Smile Week " , distributed spirit streamers before the football games, and held a spring fashion show. Their biggest project is planned for June 1969, when they will be hostesses to the 20th biennial convention of Phra- teres International. Each girl in Phrateres has found an individual outlet for service to school and com- munity. FRONT ROW: Kay Johnston, Pat Sherlock, Cindy Hawley, Janice Ovren, Nancy Ginn, Becky Hendrix, Meg Giacalone, Eliza- beth Sippel. SECOND ROW: Joyce Drake, Patti Hacke, Pat Jimenez, Kay Tartt, Pat Clemans, Chris Gatchel, Linda Campbell, Vickie Rhoades. THIRD ROW: Kathy Hood, Sherry Gore, Sandi Stark, Sandy Cooper, Esther Montoya, Sandy Ybarra, Linda Love, Tomi Tilton.FOURTH ROW: Jane Holsinger, Lynn Half man, Chris Wil- kinson, Cindy Charvot, Lillian Del Cas- tillo, Vicki Jones. FIFTH ROW: Diane Rey- nolds, Tina Garcia, Janet Carrara, Edith Ramirez, Denise Debreceny, Barbara Yinger, Regina Whitlock. SIXTH ROW: Sue Jordan, Ruth McAlpine, Pat Swanick, Germain Peyton, Martha Cavaletto, Karen Greer. SEVENTH ROW: Pat Linkenbach, Krista Edmundson, Meg Dowdle, Nancy Grabow, Chris Bellios. BACK ROW: Babs Vetterlein, Peggy Jo Rauscher, Rita Brew- saugh, KristSmyth. 3 73 Large groups such as this one were the rule for meetings of the Ski Club. FRONT ROW: John Bradner, Steven W. Higgins, Fred C. Voight. SECOND ROW: Rita J. Wein- beck, Cindy A. Fabris, Gimli Nazgul, John E. Krimmel. THIRD ROW: Wesley K. Bilodeau, Ro- bert L. Lee, Milton S. DaCosta, George I. Cruz, Margaret C. Guidero, Sally M. Vidal, Thomas P. Harlan. BACK ROW: Jim B. Harsha, Richard S. Nelson, Alexis B. Long, Billie D. Donovan, Simon Q. Legree, Linda H. Bothwell, Gary K. Stiles, Legolas Greenleaf, W. John McLean, Ad- visor. Ski Club Always on the go, members of the Ski Club found ample op- portunity this year to practice their favorite activities. During the summer and warm months, they water-skied on Arizona lakes, and when winter snows came, frequented the slopes. They held regular meetings as well, and showed films. Ramblers, the University hik- ing group, spent many week-end hours exploring the natural beau- ties of Arizona. Members climbed all of the major peaks in the Tucson area, and some also hiked and ex- plored in northern Mexico. They were also involved in many rescue operations in the mountains. 01 374 Carolyn Whallon, the OUTSTANDING SPORTSWOMEN for 1969, rises to the challenge of being a top performer on the Basketball, Field Hockey and Tennis teams. All that Carolyn is, suggests the Greek term Arete a continual striving for excellence. Kiss Wfia llon Voted 969 ' s Outstanthng oortswomen These qualities of excellence are not limited to the sports arena alone. Her " joy of effort " is also evi- dent in her positions of service and leadership in ARETE SOCIETY (WRA honorary), on the Women ' s Recrea- tion Association Board and as a member of the Steering Committee for the national Athletic and Recrea- tion Federation of College Women ' s conference hostessed by the Uni- versity of Arizona. 375 Senor ActMiles AANES, CAROL Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi secretary and pledge trainer, Spurs, Desert, People,o-People, Alpha Lamboa Delta. ABBOT, CYNTH IA: Ross, Calif.; Fine Arts, Alpha Delta Pi, Spurs. ABBOTT, CRAIG; Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Alpha Phi Omega program chairman, treasurer. ABEL, WILLIAM: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts. ABROMOWITZ, PHIL: Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey; Business and Public Administration, Zeta Beta Tau. ADAMS, CAROL SUE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Alpha Theta. ADAMS, EUGENE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Newman Club, Letterman ' s Club, Track Scholar- ship, Beta Beta Beta Honorary. ADAMS, HENRY: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Ger- man Club. ADAMS, JAMES: Wadsworth, Ill.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Delta Theta, Sophos, Chain Gang, Blue Key, Interfraternity Council president. ADE, LINDSAY: Hindsdale, Ill.; Education, Alpha Phi, social chairman, Little Sisters of Pi Kappa Alpha president, ASUA Junior Class treasurer. ADELSTONE, JEFF: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Kappa Psi. ADKINS, RAYMOND: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Pre-Med Club, Camp Wildcat, Week-end Camps Chairman, Summer Board Chairman, Camp Di- rector of Camp Monzo and Camp Carrillo- Missions Vue. ADLER, DAVID: Phoenix, Ariz.; Law, Student Bar Association, American Jurisprudence Award. ADLER, SONYA: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Econom- ics, Praeteres. AGENA, DAVID: Algona, Iowa; Liberal Arts, Psi Chi Honorary. AOUERO, DOLORES: Casa Grande, Ariz.; Edu- cation MASA, Newman Club, General Resi- dence Scholarship. AHERN, LESLIE: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Gamma Phi Beta, AWS Women ' s Day publicity chairman, Kaydettes, UA Hostesses, Elections Committee, SUAB Special Events, ASUA Com- munity Service, Pom-Pon. AKERS, GREGORY: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineering. AL-ABBAR, FADHEL: Kuwait, Kuwait; Agricul- ture, OAS and ASLA, Kuwait government. AL-BIEDHANY, FALK: Tucson, Ariz.; Mines, Arab Student Organization. ALCOCER, RUBEN: Huancayo, Peru; Liberal Arts, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Wesley Foundation, In- ternational Students Club, People-to-People, Graduate Latin American Scholarship. AL-IBRAHIM, ASAD: Kuwait, Kuwait; Liberal Arts. ALKHATAT, ALI: Baghdad, Iraq; Mines. ALLEN, KENNETH: Tucson, Ariz.; Law, Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Association president, treas- urer, Moot Court competition. ALLEN, LAWRENCE: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Pubic Administration, Zeta Beta Tau, Business and Public Administration senator, Co-chair- man ASUA Concert Committee, ASUA Hospi- tality Committee, ASUA Rules, Procedure and Agenda Committee, ASUA Constitutional Re- visions Committee, Commissioner of Student Public Opinion Polls. ALLEN, MARILYN: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Gamma Phi Betas, Little Sigmas. ALLYN, CYNTHIA: Winnetka, Ill.; Education, Phi Mu, Social Chairman Kaydettes, UA Hostesses, Panhellenic Chairman of Pledge and Fraternity Education, Greek Week Publicity Committee, ASUA Community Service, AWS Community Service. ALNAIM, SALEM: Onaizu, Saudi Arabia; Mines. AL -SULAIMAN, YOUSIF: Al-Hassa-Hoffof, Saudi Arabia, Mines, Arab Student Organization, Ministry of Education Scholarships, ALVARADO, SILVESTRE: Tucson, Ariz.; Educa- tion, International Club. AMMON, PETER: Tucson, Ariz.; Agriculture, UA Forestry Club, UA Parachute Club, DMS Army. ANDERSON, KATHRYN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Educa- tion, Alpha Chi Mmega, Tau Beta Sigma presi- dent and vice-president, Wranglers vice-presi- dent, Kappa Delta Pi, Mortar Board, ASUA Ar- tist Series Chairman, UA Band secretary, Chimes, AWS Civic Activities, General Music Scholar- ship, Matriculation Honors, Girl Scout Troop assistant leader, VISTA, Church Childrens Choir director. ANDRE, WILLIAM: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bay Horse Correspondent .:lub. ANTONELLI, ANTHONY: Burbank, Calif.; Phar- macy, Phi Delta Chi, Alpha Mu Gamma. ARNOLD, BARBARA: Sierra Vista, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Camp Wildcat, Resident Assistant, Wrang- lers. ARRIAGA, ADRIANA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Deltar Gamma vice-president, Kaydettes, Spurs, Pi Lambda Theta. ARTHUR, ANDREA: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, SUAB Publications chairman, People-to-People Pu blications chair- man, Collegiate International rational secre- tary, Mortar Board, Spurs, Kappa Kappa Gam- ma Scholarship, Honors program. ASH:RAFT, JOHN: Glendale, Ariz.; Engineering, Tau Beta Pi recording secretary, Santa Fe Na- tional Merit Scholarship, University Orchestra, Yavapai Hall Resident Assistant, ASTLEFORD. ROBERT: Daly City, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Wildcat Archery Club vice-president, treas- urer, Papago Lodge secretary-treasurer. AVANT, LESLIE: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi, Little Sisters of Minerva. AVERITT, GRETCHEN: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Phi Lambda Phrateres, pledge class president, artistic chairman, program chairman. AVRICK, MICHAEL: La Canada, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. BACKENKELLER, STEPHEN: Rockford, Ill.; Lib- eral Arts, Ski Club, Parachute Club. BA:ON, TERRY: Seattle, Wash.; Home Econom- ics, Alph Phi pledge trainer, Junior Panhellenic secretary. BAILEY, ARTHUR: Du Quoin, Ill.; Fine Arts. BAILEY, Donald: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Debate Club. BAKER, LARRY; Ft. Worth, Texas; Engineering, Alpha Phi Omega, Arnold Air Society, Silver Wing vice commander, Arizona Model United Nations, Boy Scouts district commissioner, Tau Epsilon Phi. BALDERRAMA, ARMANDO: Ajo, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, UA Band, Newman Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Residence Hall Association social chair- man, Folklanders. BALDRIDGE, SUSANNE: Coldwater, Mich.; Bus- iness ard Public Administration, People-to- People vice-chairman, Phi Chi Theta treasurer, Alpha Kappa Lambda auxiliary. BALKEMA, CAROLYN: Seattle, Wash.; Liberal Arts, UA Intervarsity Christian Fellowship sec- retary, Honors program special Masters. BANAS, SANDRA: Springfield, Mass.; Home Economics, Alpha Omicron Pi, Beta Theta, International Film Socity. BANKES, CHERYL: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, president, AWS treasur- er, Symposium, Pomp Pon, UA Hostesses, BANNER, BRIAN: Chicago, Ill.; Business and Public Administration, Marketing Club, People- to-People, Special Events, Sopho ' s. BARCELO, FRANK: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Marketing Club, Kappa Kappa Psi Scholarship, UA Band. BARELLI, JOHN: Centereach, New York; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Acacia rush chairman, pledge trainer, interfraternity Coun- cil representative, Delta Sigma Pi, ASUA Com- munity Service, People-to-People, Consumer Service, Arizona and American Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. BARNES, KATHI, Coolidge, Ariz.; Education, Delta Gamma, recording secretary, Kaydettes secretary, UA Hostesses. BARRY, EDWARD, Tucson, Ariz.; Engineering, Tau Kappa, Epsilon, Theta Tau. BARTHELS, TONI, Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Delta Gamma, Panhellenic president, Special Education Traineship. BARTON, WILLIAM, Cheyenne, Wyoming; Lib- eral Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. BASMAJLAN, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, History Club, Arizona Model United Nations, Pacific Coast Model United Nations. BASS, GREGORY: Oak Park, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi Omega treasurer, UA Band, UA Orchestra. BATES, BRUCE, Birmingham, Mich.; Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. BATTAGLIA, ROBERT, Winter Park, Fla.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Kappa Alpha. BAUM, DIANA, Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Beta Beta Beta, Spurs, Chimes, Mortar Board, Peo- ple-to-People Executive Board, Panhellenic Board, Camp Wildcat Executive Board, Greek Week chairman, Pom Pon. BAUMAN, JOHN, Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Delta Theta, Real Estate Club. BAZLEY, BARBARA, Pottsville, Penn.; Education, Phi Mu, ASUA Social Life Phamphlet Committee, Ski Club. BEAL, ROBERT, Phoenix, Ariz.; Law, Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association, Moot Court. BEARSE, SARAH: Benson, Ariz.: Fine Arts, Chi Omega. BEAUGUREAU, DENIS: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Lib- eral Arts, Phi Gamma Delta, Rallies, Alpha Omicron Pi Guy, Baird Scholarship, Arizona Academy of Science School, Dean ' s List. BECKER, JAN: Morton, Ill.; Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, social chairman, International Forum Banquet Committee, ASUA Social Life, Symposium, Student Opinion Poll. BECKER, STEPHEN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. BEELER, SUSAN, Yuma, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Hohave Hall secretary, counselor, Arizona Home Eco- nomics Association Scholarship, General Resi- der t Scholarship. BEGGS, MARGARET: Casa Grande, Ariz.; Home Economics. BEHN, SUSAN, Bethesda, Maryland; Home Eco- nomics, Young Republican Club, RHA social chairman, council. BEHRI, PATTI: Rockford III.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Epsion Phi, BELINN, CHRISTINA, Studio City, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Phidelphia vice-president, Homecoming queen. BELL, HAROLD: Dallas, Texas; Business and Pub- lic Administration, Zeta Beta Tau. BELL, MARY: Tucson, Ariz.; Nursing American Association of Student Nurses, National Stu- dent Nursing Association, Resident Scholarships. BELL, MICHAEL: Camarillo, Calif.; Architecture, Pi Kappa Alpha, Scabbade and Blade. BELL, RAY: Prescott, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, BANNETT, WILLIAM: Porterville, Calif.; Agri- culture, Sigma Chi, Block and Bridle Club, Speakers Board, ASUA Community Service, Elections Committee, Intramurals, Swimming, Letter, Swimming Scholarship. BENSON, CHERYL: Geneva, Ill.; Home Econom- ics Phi Mu preside: t, social chairman, mem- bership chairman, Greek Week finalist, Greek Week Judges and concert committees, AWS Philanthropy. BENTLEY, CLYDE: Rochester, New York; En- gineering, ALAA representative to Engineering Council, Karate Club. BERGER, SUSAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Delta Pi, president, Kaydettes. BERGSCHNEIDER, BETH: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Economics, Omicron Nu, General Residence Scholarship, Marshall Foundation Scholarship, Home Economics Scholarship, PREP. BERGSTROM, RON: Glendale, Ariz.; Engineer- ing. BERNAL, AUGUSTINE: Tucson, Ariz.; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi. BERNAL, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineering, Student Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers, General Residence Scholarship, Ari- zona Structural Engineers Association Scholar- ship, M. M. Sundt Memorial Scholarship. BERNE, JULIE: Los Angeles, Calif.; Home Eco- nomics, Alpha Epsion Phi, Miss UA. BERT, HAROLD: Bakersfield, Calif.; Pharmacy, Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, American Pharmaceutical Association, Health Education Scholarship, BESSLER, JUDY: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Economics, Phi Lambda Phrateres, program co-chairman- ship, Beta Theta. B ETCHER, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Tau Kappa Epsilon. BIDWELL, SANDRA, Detroit, Mich.; Engineering, Tau Beta Pi. BIERMAN, RONALD: Bakersfield, Calif.; Phar- macy, Kappa Psi social chairman, American Pharmaceutical Association sargent at arms, second vice-president. BIGGS, TED: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. BILBEY, ROBERT: Rugby, Eng.; International Students Club officer. BILLS, SCOTT: Lewiston, Montana; Liberal Arts. BINGHAM, THOMAS: Novi, Mich.; Agriculture, Sigma Nu, Landscape Club-president. BITKER, BARRY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. B ITTNER, JUDITH: Anchorage, Alaska; Liberal Arts, Anthropology Club secretary, Honors pro gram. BLACK, DONNA: Yuma, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Gamma Phi Beta, rush chairman, SUAB Miss UA chairman, secretary, Mortar Board, Angel Flight Area Commander, UA Hostesses, ASUA Blood Drive Chairman. BLACKFIELD, PAMELA: Honolulu, Hawaii; Edu- cation, Alpha Epsilon Phi, pledge class presi- dent, Maltesians, Elections Committee. BLAKE, STEPHEN: Yuma, Ariz.; Agriculture, Al- pha Zeta. BLAIR, ROBERT: Morristown, New Jersey; Lib- eral Arts, Sigma Nu, Sopho ' s Chain Gang. BLAMEY, STEVEN, Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. BLUM, STEPHEN, Liberal Arts, Flying Club, Ski Club, Sky Diving Cub. BOCK, RAYMOND: Tucson, Ariz.; Agriculture. BODDIGER, JEAN: La Canada, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi president, AWS representative, Golden Hearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon. BOEHM, MARY: Short Hills, New Jersey; Edu- cation, Alpha Phi pledge class president, AWS representative, AWS Public Relations commit- tee, Collegiate International, Dean ' s List, B OOTH, RUSSELL: Douglas, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chess Club, Archery Club, Resident Scholarship. BORCHERDING, WILLIAM: Flagstaff, Ariz.; Bus- iness and Public Administration, Society for Advancement of Management, BORDEN, MICHAEL: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Dean ' s List, Scholastic Honors. BOULTON, HENRY: Morristown, New Jersey; Engineering, ASME vice-president, Theta Tau, Engineer ' s Council, Young Republicans, Veter- an Student Association. BOWLBY, GREGORY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, UA Chrirtial Fellowship treasurer, Kappa Kappa Psi Band Honorary, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Band, Psi Chi, General Residence Scholarship, child development work at Arizona Mental Health Center. Bo N, CLAIRE: Pomona, Calif.; Education, Phi Mu, Camp Wildcat, ASUA Blood Drive, Student National Education Association. BOYNTON, WILLIAM: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, USA, SAM. BRADEN, SUSAN: Watseka, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi, Delta Phi Alpha, AWS Public Re- lations Committee. BRAGINSKY, JEAN: Edwards, Calif., Educa- tion, French Club, Artist Series Committee, AWS representative, orientation Committee, General Henry H. Arnold Educational Fund. BRAGINSKY, JOAN: Tucson, Ariz., Home Eco- nomics, Gila Hall secretary, BRAMOWETH, JOEL: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Young Republicans, SAM, Water Ski Club, Marketing Club, Intermurals, Homecoming. BRANDELL, ALLEN: Highland Park, Ill,; Liberal Arts, Student Senate, Judiciary Committee Chair- man, International Students Club, Hillel. BREIMAN, RICHARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pi Eta Sigma, Sophomore Scholarship Slyer Bowl Award, Dean ' s List, Intermural football. BREMOND, ANN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi, Spurs, Chimes, ASUA Concert Chairman, ASUA Pre-registration chairman, ASUA Student Senate, SUAB Publicity secretary, Maltesians treasurer, ASUA Elections Com. mittee, AWS Special Events secretary, ASUA Medallion, Honors program BREON, KEITH: Tucson, Ariz.; Law, Phi Alpha Delta, president. BRIGGS, CAROLYN: Santa Monica, Calif.; Edu- cation, Delta Gamma. BRIGHAM, SHARON: Menlo Park, Calif.; Fine Arts, Kappa Alpha Theta. BRISTOL, RICHARD: Tempe, Ariz.; Agriculture. BRITT, ANNE: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. BROOKS, KENNETH: Los Angeels, Calif.; Busi- ness and Public Administration. BROSIUS, ROBERT: Goodyear, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Traditions president, Chain Gang, Sears and Roebuck Agriculture, Luke Air Force Base, Advanced ROTC. BROWN, MARK: Encino, Calif.; Business and Public Administration. BRUCE, LINDA: Los Angeles, Calif.; Fine Arts, Sigma Delta Tau, Pom Pon. BRUMBAUGH, ROBERT: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa, Honorary, General Resi- dence Scholarship. BRYANT, BARBARA: Tucson, Ariz.; Agriculture, Delta Delta Sigma president, Sigma Gamma Chi Sweetheart. BUCHANAN, JANICE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi, Honors program, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi. BUCKMASTER, WILLIAM: Northfield, Ill.; Fine Arts, BUCA, ROBERT: Antigo, Wis.; Law. BULLOCK, RICHARD: Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts. BURKE, RICHARD: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Delta Theta, social chairman, house manager, secretary, historian, alumni secretary, Real Estate Club, secretary, U of A Flying Club. BURNS, BEVERLY: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Kappa Alpha Theta. BURNS, RALPH: Bell, Calif; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi, Alpha Phi Alpha. BURNS, RICKEY: Tucson, Ariz,. Fine Arts, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, vice-president, University Symphony Orchestra, president, General Music Scholarship, David Murdock Memorial Scholar- ship. BURR, AUDREY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. BURRILL, MELINDA: Winnetka, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Beta Beta Beta, vice-president, Alpha Omicron Pi, treasurer, Desert, organizations and re- search, Alpha Lamda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa. BURROWS, PEGGY: Phoenix, Ariz.; Nursing, General Resident ' s Scholarship, Arizona Asso- ciation of Nurses. BUSBOOM, RONALD: Tucson, Ariz,; Agricul- ture; Phi Sigma Kappa. BUSCHE, BUDD: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Nu. BUSH, BARBARA: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Sigma Alpha Iota, president, vice-president, Pi Lambda Theta, MENC, student chapter secre- tary, U-iversity Symphony Orchestra, General Music Scholarship, Fine Arts Scholarship. CADY, JOHN: Marana, Ariz,. Fine Arts, Kappa Kappa Psi, U of A Band, General Music Scholar- ship. CAGIGAS, YOLANDA: Nogales, Ariz.; Education, AWS, vice-president; National Colegiate Play- AWS, vice-president; National Collegiate Play- ers, president, University Players, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, ASUA Service Medallion, Marshall Foundation Scholarship, AWS Scholar- ship, Pi Lambda Theta, U of A Hostess. CALIHAN, PETER: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sophos, Traditions. CALL, WILLIAM: Ajo, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Kappa Lambda. CALVERT, FRANK: Mercer Island, Wash,; Busi- ness Administration, Beta Pi Alpha. CAMERON, NANCY: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Beta Theta. CAMERON, SUSAN: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma. CAMIANO, MADELINE: Bisbee, Ariz.; Nursing, Arizona Association of Student Nurses, histori- an, American Legion 40 and 8 Nursing Scholar- ship. CAMPOS, CARLOS F.: Nagales, Ariz.; Agricul- ture. CAPPEL, EDWARD: Los Angeles, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. CARNEVALE, JESSIE BEVERLY: Tucson, Ariz.; Law, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Kappa Delta, Psi Chi, Pi Lambda Theta, American Law Students Association, American Student Bar Association. CARNEVALE, RICHARD: Levittown, Pa.; Liberal Arts, RHA, social chairman, Intramura Is. CARRILLO, DIANE: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. CARRILLO, EVELYN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal arts, Phrateres, treasurer, AWS representative, Wranglers, program chairman, ASUA, traffic committee secretary, Psi Chi, Mexican-Ameri- can Student Association, AWS, town women committee, philanthropy committee, orienta- tion, committee, Phrateres Scholarship, Woman Day Scholarship, General Resident Scholarship. CARTER, BRUCE: Merrick, N. Y.; Business and Public Administratio-, Acacia, treasurer. CARTER, MICHAEL: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Karate Club, secretary, Chi Rho Omega, vice-president, Tennis Infra- urals. CARTER, SUSAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Nursing, Alpha Delta Pi, American Association for Student Nurses. CASEY, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. CASHMAN, GERALD: Tucson, Ariz.; Mines, American Society for Metals, president, A.I.M.E. CASOUI, LINDA: Sumpter, S. C.; Home Econom- ics, Gamma Phi Beta. CASSIDY, ANNE: Sierra Vista, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chi Rho Omega, Newman Association. CASTRO, LOUIS: Safford, Ariz.; Law, Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Board. CATLETT, GRADY: Sierra Vista, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. CAUBLE, NANCY: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Gamma Phi Beta, secretary, Pom-pon, captain. CERIO, JOHN: Horseheads, N. Y.; Liberal Arts. CHAMBERLIN, CARYL: Houston, Texas.; Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi, International Premed Frater- n ' ty, Honors Program. CHARLES, CHERYL: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Angel Flight, command- er, SUAB, culture chairman, Spurs, vice.presi- dent, Chimes, Symposium, University Hostess, Little Sister of Minerva, Alumni Association General Scholarship, Honors Program. CHASE, ANN: Berkshire School Sheffield, Mass.; Education, Wranglers, Symposium, Campus Tour Guide, People-to-People, International Students Club. CHAVE Z, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHENEY, BRIAN: Santa Monica, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega, vice-president, Bob Cats, Chain Gang, Blue Key, Arnold Air So- ciety, administrative officer, AFROTC Scholar- ship, Athletic Scholarship, Outstanding Sopho- more Athlete, Varsity Tennis. CHERMAN, STEPHEN, Los Angeles, Calif.; Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Hillel Foundation, treasur- er, Health Professions Scholarship. CHRISTENSEN, DAVID: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Phar- macy, Alpha Phi Alpha. CHRISTIE, JANE: Iowa City, Iowa; Fine Arts. CHRISTIE, WILLIAM; Harriman, N. Y.; Educa- tion, Alpha Phi Omega, fellowship chairman, Young Republicans, United Campus Christian Fellowship. CHRISTOPHER, WILLIAM: Chevy Md.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. CITRON, MICHAEL: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Pi Sigma Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, historian, Honors Program, Public Opinion Poll, co-chairman, Legislative Relations, People- to-People. CLAPP, BARBARA: Fullerton, Calif.; Education, Alpha Delta Pi. CLARK, CARLTON: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Gamma Delta, Sophos, Chain Gang, presi- dent; Bobcats, Scabbard and Blade, People-to- People, Varsity Cheerleader, Arizon Daily Wildcat, advertising staff, ASUA, entertainment committee. CLARK, CATHERINE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Mohave Hall President, Rodeo Club. CLARK, STEVEN: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. CLARK, THOMAS: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Sigma Phi, secre- tary, Alpha Kappa Psi. CLEARLY, KENTON: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Semper Fidelis. COATES, CATHERINE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Artist Series Committee. GOBS, GARETH: Chandler, Ariz.; Agriculture. COPPERY, MICHAEL: Kearny, Ariz.; Mines, Phi Mu Alpha. COHAN, RICHARD: Encino, Calif.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Delta Theta, Real Estate Club, treasurer, Freshman Wrestling. COHEN, BARRY: Phoenix, Ariz.; Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Alpha, Drug Abuse Week Chairma , Outstanding Service Award of Alpha Phi Alpha. COHEN, RONNA: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Ski Club. COHN, PAMELA: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Pi Beta Phi, recording secretary, Mortar Board, vice-president, Student Senate, Pi Lambda Theta, Chimes, Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta. COLE, BRUCE: Glencoe, III.; Liberal Arts, Zeta Beta Tau, president. COLLIER, WILLIAM: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. COLLINS, ROBERT: Tucson, Ariz.; Mines, Pi Kappa Alpha, Varsity Wrestling. COLLINS, ROBERT: Shatter, Calif.; Pharmacy. COLTON, WARREN: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi, president, Traditions, ASUA Academic Committee, Greek Week Committee, Golf, Athletic Scholarship. CONSTANTINE, RUTH: Corpus Christy, Texas; Business and Public Administration. CONCANNON, CHARLES: Atherton, Calif.; Lib- eral Arts, Phi Delta Theta. CONWAY, JAMES: Yuma, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu, Freshman Basketball, COONS, NIKKI: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Lambda Phrateres. COOPER, MARTINA: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Eco- nomics, Beta Theta, recording secretary, Omi- cron Nu. COROL, BONNIE: North Hollywood, Calif.; Home Economics. CORRAL, MARIO: Nogales, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, International Marketing Club, secretary, International Students Club. COSS, JUAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, COULSON, ROBYN: Kemmerer, Wyo.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Phi, AWS, philanthropy, activities committee, Young Re- publicans. COUNTS, WILLIE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Pharmacy, Alpha Phi Alpha, Delta Phi Chi, National Health Professions Scholarship, Black Student Union. COVINGTON, GREGORY: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts. COWEN, REVELLE; Shawnee, Okla.; Business and Public Administration, Marketing Club. COWHERD, PRICILLA: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. COWHERD, PRICILLA: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. COX, CARYL: Phoenix, Ariz.; Home Economics, Delta Zeta, vice-president, Beta Theta, secre- tary, community service, 4-H Service Club, Agriculture Council Representative, secretary, Director ' s Committee, AWS Orientation Com- mittee, SUAB Displays Committee, Wranglers, Pi Kappa Delta, DebateSquad . COX, DAVID: Phoenix, Ariz.; Agriculture, Alpha Tau Alpha. COX, DONNA: San Manuel, Ariz.; Nursing, Arizona Association of Student Nurses, AWS Civic Activities Committee. CROWDER, BENJAMIN: Morristown, Ariz.; Lib- eral Arts, Assistant Head of Apache Hall. CROY, NANCY: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Economics, Delta Zet a. CUMMIN, MARTHA: Villanova, Pa.; Liberal Arts. CUNNINGHAM, JACK: Phoenix, Ariz.; Educa- tion, Sigma Nu, Phi Alpha Theta, University Scholarship Honors, University General Resident Scholarship. CUPITO, CARL: Los Angeles, Calif., Business and Public Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha. CURTIS, DIANNE: Winslow, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. CURTIS, JAMES: Winslow, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Chi, treasurer, Freshman Football, Elections Committee. CURTO, PAUL A.: Washington, D. C.; Engineer- ing, Tau Beta Pi, corresponding secretary, RHA, executive officer, chairman of the health educa- tion and welfare committee, AAIA, Guild of Advanced Christian Studies, chairman, ASUA Community Service Committee, Course Evalua- tion, Dean ' s List. DA:OSTA, MILTON: New Rochelle, N. Y.; Liberal Arts, Rambler ' s Hiking Club. DAHASH, ABDUL: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; En- gineering. DAILY, MARY: Brentwood, Calif.; Home Eco- nomics, Delta Delta Delta. DALBY, DAVID: El Paso, Texas; Education, Pi Kappa Alpha, Le Circle Francais. DAMAN, DIANE: Westfield, N. J.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi. DANOFF, MICHAEL: Albuquerque, N. M.; Lib- eral Arts, Rally Committee, People-to•People, Varsity Cross Country and Track, Scabbard and Blade, Scholastic Achievement Award from ROTC. DASHIELL, ELLEN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education. DAVIDSON, PRICILLA: Moreuci, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Delta Pi, recording secretary, SUAB Publications. DAVIS, DONALD: Glendale, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. DAVIS, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Marketing Club. DAVIS, JOHN LEE: Waukegan, III.; Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha, pledge trainer, intramurals, Sigma Delta Psi. DAVIS, KATHERINE: Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, ASUA. DAVIS, RICHARD: Miami, Fla.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Phi Alpha, presi- dent, Honor Student. DAVIS, STANLEY: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, U of A Band, Society of Advancement of Management, Real Estate Club. DEAN, JULIE: Tubac, Ariz.; Education, Delta Delta Delta, sponsor chairman, blood drive chairman, Greek Week chairman, Varsity Cheer- leader, Chi Delphia Auxiliary, president, ASUA Rallies, SUAB, International Forum Publicity, Publications Secretary, U of A Quadrille, Delta Chi Sweetheart, ASUA Service Award. DELTOFF, PENNIE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Eucation, Kaydette, treasurer. DELAFIELD, LAWRENCE: Tucson, Ariz.; Archi- tecture, Student Chapter A.I.A., treasurer, vice- president. DELANCY, DELLA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Phi Lambda Phrateres, corresponding secretary, vice-president, historian, Desert Mermaids, his- torian, WRA, sports leader. DENT, JEANIE: Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, corresponding secretary, Kaydettes,assistant treasurer, Little Sigmas of Sigma Ch i, treasurer. DETTMAN, BETTE: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. DICK, MICHAEL: Phoenix, Ariz.; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi. DICKINSON, BEVERLY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts DIETRICH, ROBERT: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Acacia, Interfraternity Council, La Crosse. DILEY, GAIL: Phoenix, Ariz.; Nursing, Phi Mu, Arizor a Association of Student Nurses. DIMPFEL, LOIS: McLean, Va.; Education, Stu. dent NEA, president, secretary, Student AEA, vice-president, historian, Student Advisory Council, College of Education, Canterbury, social chairman, histo rian, Alpha Lambda Delta. DOIMAS, STEPHAN: Holbrook, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, Camp Wildcat, treasurer. DOLAN, JOSEPH: Crosby, N. D.; Liberal Arts. DONALDSON, BRUCE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lori, Real Estate Club. DONALDSON, TERRY: Schenectady, N. Y.; Law, Phi Delta Phi. DOUGLAS, MARY: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Chi Omega. DOW, PHYLLIS: Tucson, Ariz.; Nursing, A.S NA., USPHS Traineeship. DOW, STEVEN: Pax, Ariz.; Agriculture, Fiji, Alpha Zeta, Scabbard and Blade. DOWNING, JONATHAN: Alton Bay, N. H.; Architecture. DR1DGE, MARILYN: Springfield, Ohio; Home Economics, Angel Flight, Maltesians, WRA Tennis Leader, Racquet Club. DRELL, JUDITH LEE: Skokie, III.; Education. DAWN, JOY DAWN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education. DUDLEY, PAMELA: Ft. Lauderdalt, Fla.; Fine Arts, University Players, president, National Collegiate Players, vice-president, secretary, Miller Foundation Scholarship. DUNCAN, ROBERT STANWOOD: Orange, N.J.; Liberal Arts, U of A Flying Club, Young Re. publicans, Silver Wing, Forestry Club. DURHAM, GLORIA: Education, AWS Orienta- tion Committee, sub-chairman, General Resi- dent Scholarship, Student Assistant Head Res- ident, Coronado Hall. DURHAM, MARK: Los Alamos, N. M.; Engineer- ing. DWYER, SUSAN, Colusa, Calif.; Education, Kap- pa Alpha Theta. DYER, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Baird Scholarship. DYM, SUSAN: Torn River, N. J.; Education. EATON, LINDA: Tucson, Ariz.; Mortar Board, Chimes, historian, Spurs, Senate Clerk, Stu- dent Producer of I. Q. Invitational, Legislative Relations Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta, General Resident Scholarship, Freshman Scholar- ship Award. ECK, JOHN: Tucson Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi. EDDY, SUSAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, New- man Center. EDMISTON, SUSAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Nugent Scholarship. EFFLAND, RICHARD: Tempe, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Kappa Lambda. EISENBERG, ANDREA: Highland Park, III.; Lib- eral Arts, Sigma Delta Tau, social chairman, treasurer, AWS representative, AWS, social special events, publicity, ASUA, Olive Blossom Queen Finalist. ELIAS, RAMONA: Douglas, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Yuma Hall, scholarship chairman, BBB, MASA. ELKINS, TRUDY: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts. ELLIOTT, MARK: Flagstaff, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, IFPC, publicity chairman. ELLIS, BRYAN: Franklin, Mich.; Liberal Arts, Swimming Scholarsh ip, Varsity Swimming. ELSE, RICHARD: Droitwich, Worchestershire, England; Liberal Arts, Chi Phi, Premed Club, Director of Student Academic Affairs, ASUA Presidential Aide, Vice-president of Santa Cruz Hall, Air Force Financial Assistance Grant, PHA Scholarship, University Honors, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Blue Key Award. EMERSON, CRAIG: Portland, Ore.; Liberal Arts, Phi Gamma Delta, secretary. ENGEBRETSON, DOUGLAS: Tucson, Ariz.; Ar- chitecture, Student Chapter of American In- stitute of Architecture, Evangelical Lutheran Fellowship, vice-president. ENGEI, BARBARA: San Jose, Calif.; Education. ENGLAND, EVE: Claremont, Calif.; Education, Chi Cmega, Spurs, Chimes, Symposium. ESKEW, KATHLEEN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. ESPINOSA, JAMES: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. EULER, PAUL: Normal, Ill.; Business and Public Administration, Marketing Club, president, BPA Council, Community Service Committee. EVANS, GAIL: Tucson, Ariz.; Nursing. EVANS, H. LEE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Law. EVERHART, CHARLES: Liberal Arts, Theta Chi, vice-president. EVERIST, WILLIAM: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. EWELL, RICHARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Dean ' s List, Intramurals. EWING, CATHY: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. FADELY, DEANNA: Ajo, Ariz.; Home Econom- ics, Mohave Hall Counselor, Beta Theta, AWE Orientation Committee, Danforht Award, second alternate. FAIRCHILD, DIANE: Palos Verdes Penin., Calif.; Home Economics, Alpha Phi, president, Spurs, Golden Hearts. FARLEY, KATHLEEN: Los Angeles, Calif.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Gamma Phi Beta, house manager. FEINERMAN, NANCY: Los Angeles, Calif.; Lib- eral Arts. FENIMORE, BERNARD: Tucson, Ariz Engineer. ing, Chi Phi, ASAE. FERGUSON, JOHN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineer- ing, Papago Hall President, AIAA. FERKO, CAROL: Tucson, Ariz.; Nursing, AASN, Student Nurse Choir, University Honors Pro- gram, General Resident Scholarship, Navy Scholarship. FESTGER, RICHARD: Edison, N. J.; Business and Public Administration. FIELDS, DIANNE: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. FIENE, BRUCE: Addison, III.; Liberal Arts, AFIT Scholarship. FIENHOLD, STEPHEN: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineer- ing. FIERRO, GLORIA: Morenci, Ariz.; Education. FIMBRES, EDWARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts. FINK, JAMES: Tucson, Ariz.; Mines, S.E.G., A.G.U., A.I.M.E., treasurer. FINKLEIN, LAWRENCE: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. FIORE, SALVATORE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, U of A Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Doug Holsclzuy Band Award, General Resident Scholarship. FIRST, CAROL: Los Angeles, Calif.; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Dean ' s Honor List. FISHBURN, MARSHA: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, treasurer, U of A Hostess, Piketts, Spurs. FISHEL, RICHARD: Columbus, Ohio; Business and Public Administration, Beta Theta Pi. FISSELL, JAMES: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Beta Theta Pi. FLANAGAN, LAWDY: Tucson, Ariz.; Agricul- ture, Beta Theta Pi, treasurer. FLINT, DENELDA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. FOLGER, GREGORY: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Gamma Delta, Rallies. FOLKINS, CAROL: Claremont, Calif.; Education, Ski Club. FOWLER, CECILE: Enid, Okla.; Agriculture, Delta Delta Delta, Block and Bridle, Rodeo Club, Student-Faculty Relations Committee, Honors Program. FORLER, KAREN: Malibu, Calif.; Education, Al- pha Omicron Pi, president, AWS Philanthropy Committee, Ski Club. FOWLER, REX: Phoenix, Ariz.; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. FREDERICK, WILLIAM: Joliet, III.; Liberal Arts. FREE, DANA: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. FREEMAN, MYRA: Florence, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Gamma Phi Beta, Sym- posium, Senate Clerk, Spurs, People-to-People, executive secretary, ASUA, community rela- tions, community service, SUAB International Forum, AWS, civic activities, CAV, special events, A-Blanket Award, General Resident Scholarship. FROBEL, RONALD: Deep River, Conn.; Engi- neering, American Society of Civil Engineers. FROEMKE, DAVID: Chicago, III.; Liberal Arts. FRONSKE, ROBERT: Flagstaff, Ariz.; Architec- ture, SCAIA, Friedmandobosch. FRY, ARLINE: Tucson, Ariz.; Nursing, Arizona Association of Student Nurses, Alpha Lambda Delta, Professional Nurses Honor Society, Mar- shall Foundation Scholarship, Kathleen Schueler Memorial Scholarship, Navy Nurse Scholarship, Newman Center, Nurses Chorus. FYE, JOHN: Presidio San Francisco, Calif., Busi- ness and Public Administration, Delta Chi, ROTC Scholarship. GABITZSCH, LILLIAN: Globe, Ariz.; Education, Alpha Chi Omega, corresponding secretary. GALE, ELAINE: Van Nuys, Calif.; Education, Alpha Phi. GALT, LESLIE: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Pub- lic Administration, U of A Table Tennis Club. GAMMON, MARIANNA: Wilcox, Ariz.; Home Economics, Chi Omega, Spurs, Chimes, Syrn- posium, AWS Publicity Chairman, Golden Sheaves, President Scholarship. GANSCHINIETZ, LINDA: Belleville, III.; Liberal Arts, Desert editor, girls dorm editor, Assistant Head Resident of Sonora Hall, ASUA Elections Committee, AWE Philanthropy Committee, Ski Club, International Students Club, Board of Publications. GARCIA, RAYMOND: Phoenix, Ariz:; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi Omega. GARDENSWARTZ, ROBERTA: Albuquerque, N. M.; Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, International Forum Publicity Chairman, ASUA Public Relations Chairman, Spurs, Chimes, ASUA Service Award, Ebebons Committee, Weldbur Committee. GARDNER, ELLEN: Snowflake, Ariz.; Home Eco- nomics, Beta Theta, Junior Danforth Award, Lambda Delta Sigma, 4-H Service Club, treasur• er. GARDNER, NEWTON, Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Nu, Marketing Club, Advanced ROTC, Delta Sigma Pi. GARLAND, GARY: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, ASCE. GARNER, MARGARET: Phoenix, Ariz.; Fine Arts, SAH, treasurer, 0E0 Grant. GARRETT, KEITH, Tucson, Ariz, Fine Arts, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, U of A Band, General Music Scholarship, Fine Arts Study Grant. GEE, KATHY: Sacramento, Calif.; Education, Delta Gamma, Angel Flight. GIBNEY, BILL: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sig- ma Chi, Sigma Chi Secretary, Rush Chairman, Freshman Class President, Class Council, Food Drive Chairman, High School Visitation Com- mittee, Sophos, Class Senator, Blue Key, Chain Gang, Education Senator, Chairman Blood Drive, Co-Chairman Greek Week. GIESZL, ROSE LYNNETTE: Gilbert, Ariz.; Educa- tion, Young Republicans. GIFFORD, GEORGIANNE: Casa Grande, Ariz.; Home Economics, Gamma Phi Beta. GILLESPIE, TERRENCE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi Omega, Wildlife Club. GILSON, CONSTANCE: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Phi Lambda Phrateres, Phi Lambda Phrateres Secretary, WRA, AWS. GIN, KATHERINE: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Chinese Students Club President, Vice Presi- dent, College of Education Student Advisory Council, Four-year General Resident Tucson Education Association, Education Scholarship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Lambda Theta, Kappa Delta Pi. GLASGOW, JAMES: Tucson, Ariz.; Law, Phi Delta Phi Law Fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Curia Regis Law Honorary, Ninth Circuit Re- view Editor of the Arizona Law Review, Chest- er Smith Memorial Scholarship, Law College Association Scholarship, Debate Team, Pi Kappa Delta, Phi Eta Sigma. GLASSBROOK, PAM: West Covina, Calif.; Home Economics, Phi Mu, Young Republicans, Ski Club. GLEASON, MARSHALL T. III: Wheeling, West Virginia; Liberal Arts. GLOVER, JAMES: Las Vegas, Ne vada; Business d Public Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon. GODDU, RICHARD: Somerset, Mass.; Engineer- ing, Yavapai Hall Treasurer, Neuman Club, ASUA Traffic Committee, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. GOLDMAN, JOEL MALCOLM: Memphis, Tenn.; Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Rho Chi, Beta Beta Beta, Dean ' s List. GOLDMAN, MYLA K.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, People-to-People Special Projects Com- mittee, Co-chairman Exchange Committee, In- ternatioral Forum Banquet Committee, Chair- man Brazilian Students Committee, Secretary to Regional Representative of Collegiate Interna- tional, Folklanders, NDEA Fellowship to Uni- versity of Wisconsin Portuguese Institute, French Competition prizes, General Resident Scholarship, Guadalajara Summer School. GOMEZ, GARY: Tulsa, Okla.; Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha, Desert Greek Editor 1968, 1969, Varsity Cheerleader, Freshman and Var- sity Wrestler, Letterman, Greek Week Sub- Chairman. GOMEZ, RICHARD L.: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. GONZALES, CHRISTINE: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Economics, Neuman Club, International Rela- tions Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Rotary Scholarship. GONZALES, DENNIS: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi, Marketing Club, Arnold Air Society, Comptrol• ler, Silver Wing, Comptroller. GONZALEZ, ISMAEL: San Simon, Ariz.; Agri- culture, Alpha Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle, Alpha Tau Alpha, Vice President, Student Fa- culty Relations Committee, Pistor-Stanley Scho- larship, Salt River Project Scholarship, Univer- sity Livestock Team. GOODMAN, JAC X: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, University Players Drama Honorary, Social Chairman, Hillele Foundation, Outstanding Junior Man for University Players. GOODMAN, RAMONA: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Delta Sigma, Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer, Sym- phonic Choir, Vice President, MENC Student Chapter, Secretary, Presser Foundation Scholar. ship, Post•Graharn Scholarship, Outstanding Symphonic Choir Member. GOODMAN, SANDRA: Corpus Christi, Texas; Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha lambda Delta, Zeta Beta Tau Sweetheart. GORANSON, JILL: Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin; Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, ASUA Social Life, ASUA Culture, AWS Scholarship. GORDON, MARVYN: Blue Point Long Island, N. Y.; Liberal Arts, Tau Epsilon Phi, Chancellor, New York Medica Scholarship. GORMAN, LEON PAPE III: Cape Elizabeth, Ma.; Liberal Arts, French Club. GOVAARE, BRAM: Pacific Pal isades, Calif.; Lib- oral Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. GRAVES, WINNETTA: Prescott, Ariz.; Educa- tios Wranglers, Pi Lambda Theta, President Mohave Hall, General Residence Scholarship, Yavapai County Sheriff ' s Posse Scholarship, Assistant Head Resident of Mohave Hall. GRAUL, REBECCA: Phoenix, Ariz.; Agriculture, Phi Mu. GRAY, THOMAS: Seacliff, N. Y.; Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. GREEK, VICTORIA: Bryan, Ohio; Education, Delta Gamma, President, Angel Flight, Chi Delphian, Elections Committee, AWS Civic Com- mittee, AWS Scholarship Committee, Rallies. GREEN, MARTIN: Los Angeles, Calif.; Pharm- acy, Kappa Psi Pharmacy Fraternity, Rho Chi Honorary, Phi Lambda Upsilon Honorary, Kap- pa Psi, Vice President, Charles E. Mee Award a d Heath Professions Scholarship. GREENBERG, GRACE: Hartsdale, N. Y.; Educa- tion. GREENWOOD, PAM: Houston, Texas; Element- ary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Spurs. CRIER, DYANNE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Mo: tar Board, Wranglers, Arizona Model United Nations, Model United Nations of the Far West, Collegiate Council for the U. N., AWE Orien- tation, Chairman, United Nations Association, Pi Sigma Alpha, Honors Program, Marshall Foun- dation Scholarship. GREER, JASON: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega, Junior Class President, Blue Key, Traditions Committee, Scabbard and Blade, Varsity Lacrosse Team, Letterman, Army ROTC Scholarship. GREER, SARA: Long Beach, Calif.; Education, Pi Beta Phi, Kaydettes, UA Flying Club, Los Angeles Alumnae Scholarship, Rallies, Com- munity Service, AWS Representative. GRINNELL, ELIZABETH: San Diego, Calif.; Ed- ucation, Alpha Omicron Pi, Treasurer, Ski Club, AWS Philanthropy, Quadrille Team, Greek Week Publicity Committee. GROUND, SALLY: Miami, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Gamma Phi Beta, SUAB Music and Literature Chairman, Mortar Board, Chimes President, Student Senate, Spurs, Kaydettes, University Hostesses, International Forum, Secretary, ASUA Public Relations, Secretary, Alpha Lambda Del- ta, Treasurer, AWS Women ' s Day Sub-Chairman. CRYGUTIS, JAMES: Tucson, Ariz., Architecture. GUARD, SUZANNE: Waddell, Ariz.; Business, Gamma Phi Beta, University Hostess, ASUA Elections Committee. GUELZOW, RICHARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, General Residence Scholarship. GUIFF, MARY: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Chi Theta, Vice-Pres- ident. GULLANDER, SUSAN: Costa Mesa, Calif.; Home Economics, People-to•People, Flying Club. GUPTILL, MARY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Chimes, Hostesses, Alpha Lambda Delta, 2nd Vice-President, Lambda Delta Theta, Symposium, General Resident Scho ' arship, Honors Program, Special Masters. GUST, MORGAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Ski Club, Real Estate Club, Omicron Epsilon Delta Economics Honor- ary, Dean ' s List. HAAS, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Acacia. HA:KIN, STEVE: Lavern, Ariz.; Business. HADEN, JOHANNA: Houston, Texas; Educa- tion, Delta Gamma, Italian Club. HADRA, LESLIE ANN: Shreveport, Louisiana; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi, Community Service, German Club, Vice-President. HAGENAH, PHILIP: Winneta, Ill.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HALL, El EANOR: Nursing, Arizona Student Nurses Association. HAM, SANDRA: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineering, Beta Rho Delta, Tau Beta Phi. HAMER, ELIZABETH: Alton, III.; Education, Del- ta Gamma, ASUA Public Relations. HAMMOND, DENTON: Northridge, Calif.; lib- eral Arts, Delta Tau Delta. HARALDSEN, HARRY: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. HARALDSEN, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta. HARDING, WILLIAM: Santa Fe, N. M.; En- gineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Sigma Kappa, President, Alumni Association Scholarship. HARDMAN, STUART M.; Monterey Park, Calif.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Chi. HARNESS, LINDA: Birmingham, Mich.; Educe- tioe, Alpha Phi. HARRINGTON, MARY LOUISE: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Delta Zeta, Activities Chairman, Neu- man Center, Secretary, Course Evaluation. HARRING, ROBERT RAY III: Highland Park, III.; Business and Public Administration. HARRINGTON, MICHAEL: Phoenix, Ariz.; Lib- eral Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer. HARRIS, SHERRY: Burbank, Calif.; Home Eco. nomics, Phi Mu, House Manager, Dean ' s List. HARRISON, KERMIT: Fullbrook, Calif.; Phar- macy, Acacia, American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion. HARROD, DAVID: Van Nuys, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Pinal Hall Intra•Mural Chairman. HART, JOHN: Rochester, N. Y.; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho, Secretary, Alpha Zeta Pres- ident, Co-editor of Handbook for Agriculture and Home Economics, Dairy Science Club Treasurer, Crops and Soils Treasurer, Student Faculty Relations Committee, Harper 4-H Scho- larships, UA Team to Agriculture USA. HARTLEY, J. MONTGOMERY: Cos Cob, Conn.; Fine Arts, Sigma Nu Vice President, Scabbard and Blade, Symphonic Choir, Intramurals. HAUER, LAURIE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. HAUGEBAK, PATRICIA P.; Tucson, Ariz.; Edu- cation, Rodeo Club Treasurer, U of A Quadrille Team Vice-Presider t. HAUGEN, ROBERT: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Tau Delta. HAUGH, FRANCIS: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. HAUSNER, SUZANNE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha Theta Social Chairman, Pom Pon. HAWKE, ROBERT: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Gamma Delta, Beta Beta Beta, ASUA Publicity SubChairman, Rallies, Freshman Num- erals, Scholastic Honors Certificate, ASUA Ser- vice Medallion, University Assistance Award, Dean ' s List. HAYS, SCOTT: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega, Young Rep ublicans, Scabbard and Blade, Traditions Committee, Miss U of A Committee, Lacrossee leam, Letterman, ROTC Scholarship, University Scholastic Honors. HEALEY, DAVE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honorary, Theta Tau Professior al Fraternity, ASCE, Engineers Coun- cil, Presider t, ASUA Senate. H=ATH, JEFFREY H.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. H=C:(7.N, LAWRENCE: Green ' s Farms, Conn.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. H:DGES, RANDOLPH: Silver City, N. M.; Busi- ness, Sigma Phi Epsilon. HUI ELFINGER, GRATE: Brownsburg, Virginia; Libt:al Arts, Phi Mu, Quadrille Team. HJIDEL, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Kappa Kappa Psi, Rifle Club President, Varsity Rifle Team. HENCKEN, VICTOR: St. Louis, Mo.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. HENDERSHOTT, MARY: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Chimes, Mortar Board, UA Hostess, Angel Flight, Area I Exe- cutive Officer, STAB Miss U of A Pageant Chairman. HENDERSON, :AROL: Freehold, N. J.; Educa- tion, Community Service, Young Republicans, High School Relations. HENDERSON, DANIEL: Tucson, Ariz.; Business a •d Public Admieistration, Beta Pi Alpha. HENDERSON, EDWARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Business, Young Republicans, Alpha Kappa Psi. HERMANSON, GLENN: Rapid City, S. D.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Sigma Nu, Marketing Club, Public Relations, HERZOG, RAY: St. Paul, Minn.; Mines, Tau Kappa Epsilon Pledge Tainer, Theta Tau, ATME. HICKEY, TERRENCE: La Oroya, Peru, S. A.; Lib- eral Arts, People-to-People Exchange Com- mittee, LaCrosse, Club and Varsity, Ski Club, International Students Club, International Re- lations Club, Mexico City Exchange, Sonora Exchange, Soccer. HICKS, JAMES R.; Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. HILDEBRAND, DALE: Tucson, Ariz.; Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Kappa Psi. HILFIGER, CHARLOTTE: Hornell, N. Y.; Fine Arts. HILLIARD, DONALD: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineer- ing, Theta Tau, ACM, Engineers Council, ASUA. HINCK, JOHN: Northville, Mich.; Business and Public Administration, Intramurals, Football, Track, Basketball. HINMAN, CHARLES: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Phi Gamma Delta. HINTON, BARRY: Tucson, Ariz.; Architecture, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. HIX, WILLIS: Cerritos, Calif.; Engineering. HODDER, WILLIAM: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Engineering Club, So- ciety for the Advancement of Management. HODGES, DAVID P.; Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Eta Sigma, Arnold Air Society, AFROTC Financial Assistance Grant, University Scholar- ship, Honors. HOENLE, BERNHARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Phi Mu Alpha Sin:o.Lia, Kappa Kappa Psi Band Honorary, Distrio II Secretary-Treasurer, Arnold Air Society, Music Educators National Coherence, Student Chapter Vice-President, General Music Scholarship, U of A Band. HOFF, CAROL: Fair Oaks, Calif.; Education, Chi Omega, VISTA, Dean ' s List. HOFFMAN, BETH: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Econom• ics, Phi Lambda Phrateres, Personal Relations Education Program. HOGAN, CHERYL: Atherton, Calif.; Home Eco- r omics, Chi Omega, People-to-People, In- ternational Forum, Camp Wildcat, Chi Omega Hospitality Chairman. HOGER, MARY BETH: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Young Republicans, Pi Kappa Alpha Auxiliary, Pikettes. HOLDRIDGE, RANDALL RODMAN: San Angelo, Texas; Liberal Arts, Phi Gamma Delta, SUAB I formal Forums Chairman, STAB Publicity Chairman, Sophos, Blue Key Vice-President, Student Senator, Senate Constitutional Revis- ions Committee, Chairman, Parent ' s Day Chain man. HOLMAN, :HARLES: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Silver Wing Deputy for Admi istration Personnel, Air Force Award Sophomore ROTC. HONER, JUDITH: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, General Resident Scholarship, Pima Hall Scholar- ship Zhairman. HONOMILHL, MICHAEL J.; Tucson, Ariz.; Busi- ness and Public Administration. HOOD, DANNY: Silver Bell, Ariz.; Architec- ture Friedman and Jobusch Scholarship; Project Rillito. HOPPING, ANNE L.; Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, AWS Civic Activities, Philanthropy, HOSSLER, DAVID: Yuma, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Nu, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Marketing Club, Sophos, TraditionsZommittee, Rallies Committee Chair- mae, Sy Rubel Memorial Scholarship, Wildcat Photo E Litor, Desert Sports Editor. HOUSE, REBECCA: Tarzana, Calif.; Education. HOWELL, JOE: Dallas, Texas; Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha President, Blue Key President, Bobcats Secretary, Traditions Committee Sec- retary-Treasurer, IFC Judicial Council Member, Scholarship Honors, Dean ' s List. HOWELL, LYNN: Burlingame, Calif.; Education, Alpha Delta Pi. HOWELL, RICHARD: Sacramento, Calif.; Busi• ress and Public Administration, Sigma Chi, De- bate Team. HUBBARD, DAVID: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. HUBBARD, SUSAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Gamma Phi Beta, Beta Sigma Sigma. HUCKLE, DENISE: San Manuel, Ariz.; Agri- culture, Chi Omega, Desert Mermaids, Miss Arizona Pageant, Miss Pinal County. HUDSON, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha Housemanager, Young Repub- licans, Varsity Wrestling, Letterman. HUDSON, MAUREEN: Agriculture, Omicron Nu, President, Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary, General Resider t Scholarship, Ruth Cowden Scholarship, U of A Twirler, HUFFMAN, ANN: Wilcox, Ariz.; Education, Alpha Omicron Pi Pledge Trainer, Mortar Board, Secretary, Wranglers, Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta, Baird Scholarship, Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities 1967-68, HUGHES, BARBARA: Yuma, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Little Sigmas. HULBERT, RICHARD: Sherman Oaks, Calif.; Ar- chitecture, Student Chapter ALA, National As- sociation of Home Builders Scholarship, Under- graduate Book Collection Award, Murray J. Shiff Corstruction Company Scholarship. HUMPHRIES, JOHN: Stanford, Conn.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Chi, Ski Club, Swim Team, Greek Week Events, Elections, Blood Drive. HUNGERFORD, ROBERT: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Young Republicans, Honors Programs, Philosophy, Oriental Studies. HUNNICUT, JOHN ALAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Society for the Advancement of Management Vice•President, Delta Sigma Pi. HUNT, CONSTANCE: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. HUNT, KATHLEEN: Pittsburgh, Penn.; Educa- tion, Symphonic Choir, NBEA. HUSTON, CRAIG W.: Malibu, Calif.; Liberal Arts. HUTCHINS, PAUL D. JR.: Tucson, Ariz.; Busi- ness and Public Administration. HUTCHINSON, STUART: Seattle, Wash.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. Beta Beta Beta, Dean ' s List. IDE, MARILYN: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Economics, Alpha Phi, NSID. ILLIGE, JOHN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Three year Scholarship. INGRAM, MARY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta, U of A Band, German Club, Alpha Lambda Delta. ITULE, BRUCE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Delta Chi, Arizona Daily Star, Assistant Photo Editor, Eugene C. Pullman Journalism Award. JABLONSKI, GARY: Las Vegas Nev.; Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Health Professions Scholarship. JACKSON, DIANE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Delta Gamma Treasurer, Panhellenic Represent- ative, Maltesians, Secretary, Symposium, Secre- tary, Liberal Arts Senator, Greek Week Publi- cations Chairman, Pi Sigma Alpha. JACOBS, DAVID: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Tau Delta Phi, Ski Club, Sky Diving Club, Rally Committee. JACOBSON, GUNNARD: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Beta Beta Beta, South Hall Vice President, Varsity LaCrosse, Arizona LaCrosse Club. JACOBSON, PATRICIA: Oracle, Ariz.; Educa- tio-, Residence Hall Social Committee, Rifle Club, Elk ' s Scholarship, General Residence Scholarship. JACOME, DION! CIA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Gamma Phi Beta, JEFFIOTT, PAMELA: Forest Hills, N. Y.; Fine Arts, Delta Delta Delta, Librarian and Standards Board, ASUA Academic Committee, STAB In- ternational Forum, ASUA Public Relations Com- mitten, Greek Week Publicity Committee, An- ;hropology Club. JENNINGS, WESLEY RONALD: Phoenix, Ariz.; Law, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, Student Bar Association, Moot Court Competition. JENSEN, BLAIN: Glendora, Calif.; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi, American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation APA Senior Class Vice-President, Phi Delta Chi Vice-President. JERMAN, ANN M.; Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Scholarship Chairman, AWS Rules Chairman and Standards Board, U of A Civil Rights Board Secretary, Mortar Board Historian, Wranglers, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors Program, U of A General Resi- dent Scholarship, Golden Hearts, AWS Civic Activities SubChairman, Woman ' s Day, Public Relations, ASUA Project Rillito. JETTE, GUY: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Pub- lic Administration, Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, Arnold Air Society. JIMENEZ, DEL: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho, 4-H Service Club, Vice•Presi- dent, Crops and Soils, Dairy Club, Neuman Club, Bloc and Bridle, Dairy Judging Team. JOFFE, MITCHELL: Skokie, Ill.; Business and Public Administration, Marketing Club. JOHNSON, CINDY: Tucson, Ariz.; Nursing, Delta Zeta, Phrateres, Arizona Association of Student Nurses, Matriculation Honors, Betty Pope Nursing Scholarship, Arizona Student Nurse of the Year 1968-1969. JOHNSON, CURTIS: Bakersfield, Calif.; Agri- culture. JOHNSON, DAVID H.: Carlsbad, Calif.; Busi- ness and Public Administration. JOHNSON, HARRIET: Phoenix, Ariz.; Educa- tion. JOHNSON, LIONEL Mesa, Ariz.; Engineering. JOHNSON, LYNDA: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Chi Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit, Beta Gamma Sigma, Dean ' s List. JOHNSON, MICHAEL M.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pre-Med Club, Beta Beta Beta. JOHNSON, MICHAEL: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineer- ing. JOHNSON, ROBERT: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. JOHNSON, THOMAS E.: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineer- ing, ASCE. JOHNSRUD, CHARLES L.: Tucson, Ariz., Phar- macy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Ten- nis Team. JOHNSTON, CHARLES L.: Saratoga, Calif.; Lib- eral Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Student Union Activities Board, International Forum Chairman. JONES, ANDI: Atherton, Calif.; Education, Del- ta Gamma, Sigma Alpha Eta, SCEC. JONES, DONNA: Douglas, Ariz.; Education, Falklanders Publicity Chairman, Scholarship to University of the Pacific Folk Dance Camp, Stockton 1968. JONES, H. STANTON: Pasedan, Calif.; Business and Public Administration, Pi Kappa Alpha, Ski Club, People-to-People, IFPC, Publications. JONES, JUDITH: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Econom- ics, Chi Omega, Beta Theta, Camp Wildcat. JONES, KARYL: Jackson, Mich.; Fine Arts, Chi Omega, Pi Kappa Delta Corresponding Secre- tary, Mortar Board Secretary, Chimes, Spurs, People-to-People Special Events Chairman, ASUA Social Life Research Chairman, SUAB Culture SubChairman, Meyer Rubinstein Award, Speech and Debate Awards, Honors program in Speech, Reader ' s Theatre. JOSEPH, ALAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Law, Hillel Foundation President, Marketing Club. JOYNER, NANCY: Vandenberg, AFB, Calif.; Education, Alpha Phi. JUCIUS, CATHERINE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Honors College, Special Masters Program. JUDSON, CINDY: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Gamma Phi. Beta. JULIAN, SANDRA: Pebble Beach, Calif.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Alpha Chi Omega. JULIUS, RONNI: Dallas, Texas; Liberal Arts, Sigma Delta Tau House Manager, Vice Presi- dent. JUVERA, DEANNA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. KASLIKOWSKI, CHESTER: Stanford, Conn.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Falklanders. KASSMIR, TERI: Van Nuys, Calif.; Business and Public Administration. KATZ, MICHAEL: Phoenix, Ariz.; Pharmacy, Alpha Epsilon Pi, American Pharmacy As- sociation. KAWIN, MARGO: Denver, Colo.; Elementary Education. KEARNEY, THOMAS: Rock Island, Ill.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Nu, Intramur- al Chairman, Ski Club. KEENAN, BROOKS: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Psi Chi. KEENAN, JAMES: Richmond, Ind.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Gamma Delta. KEENAN, MICHAEL: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman, Rush Chairman, Young Democrats. KEITHLY, KELLY: Tucson, Ariz.; Agriculture, University 4-H Club. KELLAM, TRUMAN: Yuma, Ariz.; Engineering. KELLY, JAMES: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Sigma Phi Presi- dent, Veterans Student Association. KELLY, PATRICK: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. KELTER, ALEXANDER: Sun City, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, RHA, President, Publicity Chairma n, Stu- dent Senator, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Psi Chi, ASUA Service Medallion. KEMP, JACK: long Beach, N. Y.; Liberal Arts, Acacia, ASUA Special Research Committee. KENNEDY, LINDA: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Gamma Phi Beta. KOMADA, CAROL: North Chicago, Ill.; Educa- tion, Newman Center. KOMOROWSKI, JAN: Pittsburgh, Penn.; Educa- tion, NCAA Football Scholarship. KONECNY, MICHAEL: Oltersheim, Germany; Liberal Arts, Greenlee Hall President, Beta Beta Beta. KOREN, NATHANIEL: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Hillel, Marketing Club, Treasurer. KOREN, SHARON: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Hillel. KOSHMIDER, JAMES: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Psi, Hep Cats, University of Orizona Band. KOSS, JERRY: Anaheim, Calif.; Libe ral Arts, Beta Theta Pi, Varsity Wrestling. KOWALSKI, KEVIN: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi, Folk- lar ders Treasurer, Newman Center. KRATOCHVIL, FREDRIC: Hialeah, Fla.; Education. KRAUSE, CHERYL: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Phi Lambda Phrateres. KRIEG, SUSAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. KRIEGER, LLOYD: Brooklyn, N. Y.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Epsilon Pi. KRUSE, BONNIE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Historian, Spurs, Chimes, Alethia Kai, Ski Club. KUBO, DAVID: Palo Alto, Calif.; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi, American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. KUCHEL, WILLIAM: Denver, Colo.; Business and Public Administration, Student Senator, Appropriations Board Member. KULL, GEARY: Lincolnwood, Ill.; Business and Public Administration, Beta Theta Pi. KUNKE, MARY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. KURDEKA, DAVID: Douglas, Ariz.; Engineering, Pi Beta Pi, Parachuting Club, Flying Club. KWONG, ALEX: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineering. LABAHN, BEVERLY: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Lambda Theta, PREP. LAECHELIN, CARY: Inglewood, Calif.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi. LAMATT, LINDA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Phi Lambda Phrateres, Membership Chairman, Pi Lambda Theta. LANCASTER, CONNIE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pledge Train- er, House Manager, Spurs. LANE, SANDRA: Mesa, Ariz.; Public Adminis- trations, Society of Corrections Secretary, Pro- ject Rillito, Program Chairman, Pima Hall, First Vice-President. LARSON, GARVIN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Alpha Phi Omega, University of Arizona Band. LARSON, KRISTIN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Lambda Phrateres, Beta Beta Beta, Phi Kap- pa Phi Award. LATCHAM, LAUREEN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Mexican-American Student Association. LAVIN, CLIFFORD: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Inter Fraternity Pledge Council Secretary, Marketing Club. LAWRENCE, GEOFFREY: Litchfield Park, Ariz.; Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta. LAWSON, JULIE: Fort Dondge, Iowa; Liberal Arts. LAWSON, DOLORES: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. LEATHY, CHRIS: Redlands, Calif.; Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, President, University Host- esse, Symposium. LEFF, STEVEN: Forest Hills, N. Y.; Engineering. LEFKOWITZ, JOAN: Willingbora, N. J.; Educa- tion, Karate Club. MARSHALL: Tucson, Ariz.; Law, Phi Delta Phi. LEIGH, SUSAN: Prescott, Ariz.; Nursing. LEMMON, PATRICIA: Newport, Rhode Island; Liberal Arts, AWS Publications Committee. LENT, BARBARA: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Econom- ics, Delta Gamma. LEVINE, GLORIA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. LEVITZ, KAREN: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Delta Pi, Market- ing Club Vice-President, People-to-People, Mex- ico City Exchange, Rifle Club. LEW, IRENE: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Whesley Foundation, Chinese Student Club. LEWIS, MARCIA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Newman Club. LEWIS, SHARON: Milwaukee, Wis., Education. LEWIS, STEVE: Tucson, Ariz.; Mines, Sigma Nu, Varsity Lacrosse. LIEVERS, LINDA: San Diego, Calif.; Home Economics. LINCER, JACQUELINE: Aurora, Colo.; Phar- macy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Al- pha Epsilon Delta. LIND, SHARON: Tucson, Ariz.; Pharmacy, Alpha Phi, Kappa Epsilon, American Pharmaceutical Association. LINDSTROM, STEPHEN: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Busi- ness, Beta Theta Pi Treasurer, Greenlee Hall Vice-President. LINN, THOMAS: Newburgh, N. Y.; Business and Public Administration. LINSENBARD, SUSAN: San Marino, Calif.; Edo- cation, Alpha Phi, Ski Club. LIVINGSTON, ANTHONY: Yuma, Ariz.; Engi- neering, Sigma Nu, President, Treasurer, Social Chairman, Speakers Board. LOHSE, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. LOMBAER, SUSAN: Cincinnati, Ohio; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Junior Panhellenic, President, Spurs, Angel Flight Vice President, University Hostesses, Symposium. LONGMIRE, JACK: Los Angeles, Calif.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Phi Gamma Delta, Scabbard and Blade. LONGMIRE, MELODIE, Tucson, Ariz.; Education. LONGWILL, PATRICE: E ' .cino, Calif.; Education. LOPEZ, VENTURA: Claypool, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Sigma Kappa, Speakers Board. LORD, ALLAN: Tamaqua, Penn.; Education, Phi Sigma Kappa. LORUSSO, JOHN: Nutley, N. J.; Engineering, Flying Club. LOVATO, ANTHONY: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. LOVSTROM, KENNETH: Congers, N. Y.; Mines. LOWDER, FRANCES: Des Moines, Iowa; Liberal Arts, Theta Omega, Secretary, Treasurer, Psi Chi. LOWMAN, DELORIS: Aramco Abgaig, Saudi Arabia, Education, Alpha Phi. LOWRANCE, KENNETH: Redlands, Calif.; En- gineering, Acacia. LOWRY, DAVID: Phoenix, Ariz.; Law, Alpha Sigma Phi, Social Chairman, Alpha Delta Sigma, Pi Alpha Delta. LUXE, VANCE: Goodyear, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Delta Tau Delta. LUNDIN, FRANK: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineering, Track and Cross Country Letterman. LYN:H, MARY: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Pi Beta Phi, Little Sisters of Minerva President, Angel Flight. LYNN, SARAH: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Alpha Phi. McHUGH, COLLEEN: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. McHUGH, FRANCIS: Barrington, Rhode Island; Liberal Arts, Air Force ROTC Drill Team Com- manders, Arnold Air Society Executive Board, Parachute Club Vice-President, Newman Center. McHUGH, NEIL: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Student Chapter Ameri- can Institute of Architects, People-to-People, Wildcat Photographer. McINTYRE, MARSHALL: Hemet, Calif.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Delta Theta, Area Development Club. McKINSEY, LINDA: River Forest, Ill.; Home Economics, Alpha Ch; Omega, Campus Activi- ties Volunteers, Artist Series. McLEOD, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. McMAHAN, MICHAEL: Anderson, Ind.; Educa- tion, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Marshall. McMILLEN, HAL: Pasadena, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. McNALLY, THERESE: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Phi Mo. McNAMEE, STEPHEN: Tucson, Ariz.; Law, Phi Delta Phi, Historian. McPHEETERS, MERLE: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. McOUADE, JOHN: Crugers, N. Y.; Business and Public Administration. MEAD, STANLEY: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineering. MASCARENAS, MANUEL: Nogales, Sonora, Mex- ico; Agriculture. MASCIA, FRANK: San Gabriel, Calif.; Archite, tore, Pi Kappa Alpha, Traditions. MASSUCCO, PAUL: Prescott, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. MATSON, MARY KAL: Glendale, Calif.; Educa- tion, Alpha Omicron Pi. MATSUMARA, MELVIN: Kappa, Kauai, Hawaii; Civil Engineering. MATTHEWS, GARY: Maxwell, N. M.; Architec- ture, Sigma Chi. MATTISON, JOHN: Menlo Park, Calif.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Kappa Sigma. MAURER, RONALD: Indianapolis, Ind.; Liberal Arts, Zeta Beta Tau. MAY, DAVE: Lcveland, Colo.; Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi, Theta Tau, American Society of Civil Engineers, Interfraternity Council, Ju- dicial Council, Magadini Associates Scholar in Structural Engineering, Blue Key, Student Sena- tor. MAY, MARY ANN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Lambda Phrateres, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chimes, AWS, Philanthropy Committee Chair- man, AWS Women ' s Day Chairman, Mortar Board, President, Wranglers President, Psi Chi, Tucson Kiwanis Club Scholarship. MAY, WALTER F. II: Yuma, Ariz.; Agriculture, Delta Chi. MAYA, YOLANDA: Ajo, Ariz.; Education, New- man Club, MASA, Camp Wildcat Project, House Rollito, Alumni Scholarship 68-69, American Citizens Social Club, AJO and PTA Scholar- ships. McARTHUR, SUE: Canfield, Ohio; Fine Arts, Alpha Chi Omega, National Collegiate Play- ers Treasurer, University Players, Ski Club, Flying Club. McBRIDE, ALAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Pharmacy, Kap- pa Sigma, American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion. McCALLAR, PAUL: Clifton, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. McCONNELL, DONNA: Tucson, Ariz.; Educa- tion. McCORMICK, JOYCE ANN: Muncie, Ind.; Lib- eral Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi, University Host- ess, Anthropology Club. McCOY, VIRGINIA B.: Columbus, Ohio; Busi- nss and Public Administration, Racket Club, Vice-President, Social Chairman Arizona Hall. MacCHIAVERNA, BRUCE: W. Millington, N. J.; Liberal Arts, Veterans Students Association, In- ternational Students Club, Newsletter Editor- in-chief. MacINTYRE, KATIE: Corona del Mar, Calif.; Education, Delta Gamma, People-to-People, Publicity. MADDEN, JAMES: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Silver Wing, Personnel Officer. MAGOOLAGHAN, DENIS: Bload Channel, N.Y.; English, Social Chairman, South Hall, Newman Club, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. MAHONEY, KATHLEEN: Greenbrae, Calif.; Edu- cation, Alpha Phi. MAINS, WILLIAM: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Social Life Committee, (ASUA), Ski Club. MALLAMO, ARTHUR: East Setauket, N. Y.; Ed- ucation, Arnold Air Society Information Offi• cer, AFROTC Financial Assistance Grant. MALLOW, CLAUDIA A.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Theta Sigma Phi Secretary, Wildcat, Asst. News Editor, Pacific Coast and Arizona Model UN, Young Republicans, Alpha Lambda Delta, Theta Sigma Phi. MANEVAL, JAMES R.: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineer- ing, Tau Kappa Epsilon. MANHEIMER, IRENE: Nevilly S Seine, France; Liberal Arts, People-to-People. MANLEY, PAT: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARASCHIELLO, PEGGY: Tucson, Ariz., Edu- cation, Phi Lambda Phrateres. MARCUCCILLI, THOMAS M.: Marion, Ind.; Bus- iness and Public Administration, Theta Chi, Real Estate Club. MARGO, STEVEN: Bayside, N. Y.; Liberal Arts, Young Democrats, International Relations Club. MARKS, BEVERLY: Blue, Ariz.; Education. MARQUEZ, EDMUND: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Kappa Theta, Mexican-American Student Association, Finan- cial Chairman. MARQUEZ, PRISCILLA: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Eco- nomics, Phi Lambda Phrateres Pledge Trainer, University Hostess, Prep. MARSHALL, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. MARTIN, MARILYN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, A lpha Lambda Delta, Honors Program in Clas- sics, National Junior Classical League Nugent Memorial Scholarship. McCREEDY, MICHAEL: Tacoma, Wash.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. McCULLOUGH, EDWARD LEE: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Professional, Kappa Kappa Psi Honorary Band, Frank Simon Award, Kappa Kappa Psi Award, General Music Scholarship, Hepcat Award, Marching, Hepcat and Symphonic Bands, Tucson Symphony Orchestra. McDONALD, DAVID: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education. McDONALD, KEARY: San Clemente, Calif.; Lib- eral Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. McDONALD, SKYE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, AWS Representative, Valley Bank Scholarship, General Residence Scholarship, Kappa Kappa Gamma Emergency Scholarship, SUAB Advertising Committee, SUAB International Form Committee. M‘FARLIN, MARY: Austin, Texas; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Racket Club, Vice-presi- dent. McGEORGE, MELINDA: Short Hills, N. J.; Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Little Sisters of Mi- nerva Historian, Angel Flight, Drill Team. McGUIRE, EMILY: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Delta Zeta Treasurer, AWS Philanthropy Com- mittee, Camp Wildcat Committee, Wranglers. MENAUGH, TOM: Bedford, Ind.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega, Student Union Activities Board Chairman, Vice-President, Chain Gang, Traditions Sub-Chairman, Student Union Policy Board and Union Planning. MENDOZA, SYLVIA: Florence, Ariz.; Education. MERCHANT, MARGARET: West Covina, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Canterbury Club Secretary and Treasurer, Young Republicans, Medical Tech- nology Club. MERCIER, GAIL: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Gila Hall Social Chairman. MERGARD, JEAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Nursing. MERRILL, CHARLES: San Diego, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Kappa Phi. MERRILL, ROBERT: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Theta Chi. METCALF, MARCIA: Costa Mesa, Calif.; Home Economics, Alpha Phi Secretary, Angel Flight, Spurs Secretary, Chimes Treasurer, SUAB Board, Symposium, Omicron Nu, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. MICHALITSANES, ANDREW: New York City, N. Y.; Liberal Arts, Concert Band, Wildcat Staff. MIDDLETON, DAVID: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. MIES, WILLARD: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Sigma Alpha, Wildcat Staff. MIHELICH, SHARON: Warren, Ariz.; Education, Chi Omega. MILLER, GLEN: Tucson, Ariz.; Agriculture, Alpha Tau Alpha Sargeant at Arms, Kappa Kappa Psi, University of Arizona Band. MILLER, JOHN: Flossmoor, Ill.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Upsilon. MILLER, JOHN: Los Angeles, Calif.; Pharmacy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Alpha Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association. MILLER, MARK: Riverside, Calif.; Business and Public Administration. MILLER, MARSHA: Long Beach, Calif.; Educa- tion, Chi Omega House Manager, Hospitality Chairman. MILLER, SHARON: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Prep. MILLER, SUSAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Kappa Alpha Theta. MILLER, WILLIAM: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Gamma Delta, Varsity Football, Traditions. MILLINGTON, BARBARA: Pasadena, Calif.; Lib- eral Arts. MILLINTON, DALE: Fenton, Mich.; Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association. MILLS, CONSTANCE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Gamma Phi Beta. MINCKS, MARY: Prescott, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Beta Alpha Psi. MINEHART, MARRY: Downers Grove, Ill.; Bus- iness and Public Administration, Pi Kappa Alpha. MINNICH, RONALD: Lakeview, Ohio; Education, Delta Sigma Phi. MITCHELL, GREGG: Marana, Ariz.; Agriculture, Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Zeta, Crops and Soils Club Vice-President, University of Arizona Band. MITCHELL, MICHAEL: Pacific Palisades, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi, Rush Chairman. MOBERLY, MARCIA: Sacramento, Calif.; Edu- cation, Alpha Omicron Pi. MOE, LOIS: Santa Cruz, Calif., Home Economics, Kappa Alpha Theta. MOEBIUS, THOMAS: Milwaukee Wis.; Business and Public Administration. MOGY, RICHARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Epsilon Pi Vice- President, Treasurer. MOHR, HANK: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Acacia Treasurer, Beta Beta Beta. MOHR, WESLEY: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business, Sigma Chi, Golf Team. MOLINA, JOSEPH: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi Omega First and Second Vice-Presi- dents, Liberal Arts Senator, Chain Gang. MONTANO, OSCAR: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi, Student Opinion Poll. MOODY, MIKE: Jefferson City, Mo.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chain Gang, Bob- cats, Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Psi Chi, WAC Outstanding Scholarship Award. MOON, BETTY: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Economics, University of Arizona Marching Band, Gila Hall Vice-President. MOONEY, MAUREEN: Marion, Ind.; Business and Public Administration, Gamma Phi Beta. MOONEY, MYLES: Highland Park, Ill.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi. MOORE, BESS: Hillsborough, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi. MOORE, LINDA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Prep. MOORE, NELSON: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineering. MORA MONLOYA, HORACIO: Medellin, Colum. bia; Business and Public Administration, In ternational Students Club. MORFORD, JAMES: Edina, Minn.; Business and Public Administration, Chi Phi, Marketing Club, Ski Club. MORRIS, JERRY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Delta Chi, Vice President, Pledge Trainer, Scab- bard and Blade, Advanced ROTC. MORRIS, MARIE: Elf rida, Ariz.; Education. MORRIS, MELBA: Sierra Vista, Ariz.; Pharmacy, Kappa Epsilon Secretary, American Pharma- ceutical Association. MORRISON, MICHAEL: Los Altos Hills, Calif.; Architecture, Phi Camma Delta. MORROW, CANA: Houston, Texas; Fine Arts, Kappa Alpha Theta, Young Republicans, Ski Club. MUELLER, JAMES: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineering, Newman Center, Amateur Radio Club, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma. MUELLER, ROBERT: Camarillo, Calif.; Business and Public Administration, Baha ' i Youth Club President, Student Religion Council President, Ex-Officio Senator, Executive Council, Social Life Committee, Social Infractions Committee Chairman, Wildcat Advertising Staff. MULLEN, PATTY: Council Bluffs, Iowa; Business a-cl Public Administration, Chi Omega. MULLEN, KENNETH: Winslow, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Theta Chi, Sophos, Miss University of Arizona Committee, Rallies, Young Republicans. MUNCY, MARTIN: Artesia, N. M.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rallies, Marketing Club. MURFIN, CHRISTINE: Decatur, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, International Relations Club. MURPHY, JAN: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Business, Sigma Nu, Rallies, Wilbur Committee. MURRAY, MAUREEN: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Marketing Club. MUSE, SUSAN: Parker, Ariz.; Education. MUTSCHLER, PRISCILLA: Phoenix, Ariz.; Home Economics, Alpha Phi, Stardusters of Kappa Sigma. MYERS, BARBARA: Fullerton, Calif.; Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Blood Drive Committee, Angel Flight, Hie and Smile Queen. NAEGLE, CARL: Benson, Ariz.; Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pi Beta Pi. NAGEL, VICKI: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Alpha Lambda Delta. NASH, JOHN: Chandler Heights, Ariz.; Agri- culture, Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta Scribe, Silver Wing Chaplain. NEFSTEAD, LEWIS: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. NELSON, CHRISTINE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta, Camp Wildcat, Women ' s Rec. reation Association. NELSON, DANIEL: Summit, N. J.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon President. NELSON, GARY: Darien, Conn.; Engineering Tau Alpha Pi, Tau Beta Pi. NELSON, GORDON: Jamestown, N. Y.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Alpha Epsilon Phi. NELSON, TOM: Tempe, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Beta Theta Pi. NETTER, LEE: Seaford, N. Y.; Agriculture, La- crosse Team. NEWKIRK, CHRISTINE: Pittsburgh, Penn.; Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Little Sigmas. NICHOLSON, MARILYN: Waukesha, Wis.; Edu- cation. NIGGLE, JEAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Fine Arts , Dionysions, People-to-People, ASUA Publicity. NIXON, ROBERT: Glenview, III.; Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta, French Club. NOLAN, JEAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Alpha Lambda Delta Honorary, Honors Program. NORDHOLM, CARL Monterey Park, Calif.; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity Social Chairman. NORMAN, LINDA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Delta Zeta Vice-President, Panhellenic, Guard, Pi Kappa Delta Secretary-Treasurer, Debate Squad, Wranglers. NOVINSKI, LARRY: Tucson, Ariz.; Mines, Amer- ican Institute of Chemical Engineers, General Residence Scholarship, Freshman Professional Development Award. NUNN, LINDA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Alpha Omicron Pi, Pi Omega Pi President, Rotary Scholarship, Sonoran Exchange. NUOFFER, CAROL: Lafayette, Calif.; Education, Gila Hall Vice-President. OBER, D ' VORRE: Tucson, Ariz., Education. OBERG, KEVIN: Park Ridge, III. ; Business and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi. OBREGON, FRANCISCO: Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexica; Agriculture, International Stu- dents Club. O ' BRIEN, PATRICK: Lake Forest, Ill.; Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Kappa Psi Secretary, Scholarship Chairman, Health Professions Scholarship, Pinal Hall President. OCHOA, STEPHEN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. ODELL, PEGGY: Millbrae, Calif.; Education, Delta Delta Delta, Kaydettes, Mermaids, Chi Delphia. ODGERS, KARL Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, AronId Air Society Commander, Delegate to National Convention in New York, Beta Gamma Sigma BPA Scholastic Honorary, Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit, AFROTC Drill Team. OGLETHORPE, TERRY: Tucson, Ariz.; Agricul- ture, Alpha Zeta, Forestry Club, Crops and Soils Club, Trans-Mississippi Golf Association Scholarship, Soil Judging Team, ROTC Drill Team. OGSBURY, CAROL: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta Treasurer, Spurs, Panhellenic. O ' HARA, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Law, Phi Delta Phi. O ' HARE, THOMAS: Tucson, Ariz.; Law, Phi, Delta Phi, Book Award in Equity. OHLFEST, BOB: Casa Grande, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. OIEN, NANCY: Aitkin, Minn.; Liberal Arts, WRA, Basketball and Softball Teams, Basket- ball Club President, U of A Marching and Symphonic Bands, Matriculation with Honors, " Honors " in Psychology, General Residence Scholarship, Fine Arts Scholarship, course Eval- uation Committee, Dean ' s List. OKAMOTO, JOYCE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, WRA, Manzanita Hall Vice-President, Counselor. OXITA, THOMAS: Los Angeels, Calif.; Pharm- acy, Phi Delta Chi, U of A Karate Club Presi- dent. OLSEN, JUDY ANNE: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Chi Omega, Chimes, Spurs Editor, Junior Class Secretary, Symposium. OLSON, KAREN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Home fun- r omics. OLSON, LYNNE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Chi Omega President, Treasurer, Mortar Board, Wranglers, Theta Sigma Phi, Choice ' 68 Public Relations Chairman, AWS Women ' s Day Publicity Chairman, Arizona College Queen, " Outstanding Beginning News Writer " , Doug- las Martin Journalism Scholarship, National Al- pha Chi Omega Scholarship. O ' MALEY, ROBERT JR.; Alameda, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Tennis Scholarship, WAC Tennis Singles and Doubles Champion, Executive Assistant to ASUA President. O ' NEAL, WILLIAM: Tucson, Ariz.; Law, Phi Delta Phi. ONG, EILEEN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Mortar Board, Chimes Treasure, Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta Secretary, Phi Chi Theta President and Vice-President, Wranglers, Manzanita Hall President, Univer- sity Honors, General Resident Scholarship, Wo- men ' s Day Scholarship. O ' RIORDON, WILLIAM HUGH: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi Omega, Young Demo- crats Vice-President, Publicity Chairman, Leg. islative Relations Committee, International Re- lations Club. ORMAN, ELAINE: Dallas, Texas; Educations, Head-Resident Assistant of Sonora Hall, Sonora Hall President, PREP, University Drama. ORR, DIANE: Shawnee Mission, Kansas; Busi- ness and Public Administration, AWS Judicial Chairman Coronado Hall, Maricopa Hall Social Chairman. OSBORN, KATHLEEN: Yuma, Ariz.; Education, Kappa Alpha Theta. OSTAPUK, MICHAEL: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Newman Center President, Camp Wildcat Chairman, Honors Convocation, General Resi- dence Scholarship, Downtown Optimist Scholar, Kiwanis Club of Sunshine Scholarship. OVERALL, DON: Tucson, Ariz.; Law. OVERLOCK, STARR: Greenwich, Conn.; Educa- tion, Gamma Phi Beta, Orchesis, PEEM, In- ternational Forum, Special Events, Blood Drive, Special Education. OWENS, KERRY: Tempe, Ariz.; Home Econom- ics, 4-H Service Club President, Golden Sheaves. PACCIONE, JANET: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Neuman Club, General Henry Arnold Award, NCO Wives Club. PALMER, FREDRICK D.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Law, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Symposium Editor, Ari- zona Law Review, Moot Court, Curia Regis, Pima County Bar Scholarship. PALMER, SALLY: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Pi Beta Phi, Kaydettes. PALMER, ANTHONY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Theta Chi, Legislative Committee, Spada( Events, Social Life, Miss U of A, General Resi- dence Scholarship. PAPANIKOLAS, GRANT: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Chi Pledge Trainer, Historian. PARHAM, HARRY C. JR.: Tucson, Ariz.; Mines, AICHE. PARHAM, RONALD A.: Tucson, Ariz.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi Business Honorary Chancellor, Real Estate Club President, BPA Council, Tucson Title Scholarship, Bob Weidler Real Estate Scholar- ship, Distinguished Military Student Army ROTC. PARKS, WILLIAM 0. III: Phoenix, Ariz.; Law, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Delta Phi Legal Fra- ternity. PAROTINO, BARBARA: Long Branch, N. J.; Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Community Service, High School Relations. PARRISH, RANDY: Bay Shore, N. Y.; Engineer- ing AIAA, Flying Club, Golf, Tennis. PARSONS, WILLIAM: Elmira, N. Y.; Fine Arts, RHA Campus Activities Chairman, Kaibab•Hu- achuca Vice-President. PARU, RACHEL: Tulsa, Okla.; Education, B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation. PASSEY, JAMES: Mesa, Ariz.; Agriculture, Sig- ma Phi Epsilon. PATTERSON, CHARLES C.: Tucson, Ariz.; Phar- acy. PATTERSON, GALE R.: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineer- ing, Tau Kappa Epislon. PATTERSON, MARTHA: Ellisville, Ariz.; Phar- macy, Rho Chi President, American Pharmaceuti- cal Association Corresponding Secretary, Kap- pa Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, American So- ciety of Hospital Pharmacists, Miss Pharmacy, Andrew P. Martin Scholarship, American Health Profession Scholarships, Balance Editor. PAULSON, JUD Y: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. PAVLINA, LINDA: Los Altos, Calif.; Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Miss U of A. PAWLOSKI, VERONICA: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, University Hostesses President, Symposium, Wranglers Secretary, Psi Chi, Phi Lambda Phrateres, AWS Secretarial Committee, AWS Civil Activities Committee, ASUA Camp Wild- Cat. PEARCE, PENNILEE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Young Democrats, International Relations Club. PEARCE, ROBIN: Atlanta, Geo.; Engineering, Theta Chi, Tau Beta Pi, Associati on For Com- puting Machinery, Elections Committee, General Dynamics Achievement Award, Air Force Times Award, AFROTC Drill Team, Lacrosse Team. PEARLSTEIN, LYNN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Law. PEARSON, DANIEL: Prescott, Ariz.; Architecture, Student Chapter American Institute of Archi- tects. PECKHAM, ROBERT C.: Pasadena, Calif.; En- gineering, Young Republicans, ACME. PEHLIVANZADE, ALPER: Istanbul, Turkey; Onto- space and Mechanical Engineering. PENCE, DAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon, Traditions Committee. PENGELLY, OWEN: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Della Sigma Pi. PERGREM, ROMONA, Tucson, Ariz; Education, Delta Zeta Corresponding Secretary. PERKINS, CINDY: Ontario, Calif.; Education, Symphonic Choir, Musicals, Operas. PEROT, KIT: Barrington, III.; Education, Alpha Delta Pi. PERRY, ANNE: Honolulu, Hawaii, Engineering. PERRY, DAVID: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Arnold Air Society, Desert Editor 1969, Board of Pub- lications, General Residence Scholarship. PERRY, ELIZABETH: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, U of A Band, Tau Beta Sigma Band Soroity, Secretary. PERRY, LISA: Benson, Ariz.; Education, Camp Wildcat Committee, People-to-People Commit. tee, PREP, Religion-in•Life Week Committee, Student Religion Council Secretary, Choral So- ciety, WRA Archery Club, Coconino Hall Historian, Conservative Baptist Student Center. PatTIVT, PATRICIA: Flagstaff, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, U of A Hostesses, People-to-People, International Education Sub- committee Chairman, People-to-People Execu- tive Council, Baird Scholarship. PETERSON, WILLIAM: Tucson, Ariz; Business and Public Administration, Real Estate Club. PETTIGREW, DAVID M. S.: Council Bluffs, Iowa; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi Omega Vice-President, Canterbury Club Treasurer, ASUA Art ists Series SubChairman, People-to-People, LINK, Phi Al- pha Theta. PFEIFLE, DAVID: Wisher, N. D.; Business Admin- istration, Ski Club, Young Republicans, SUAB. PILCHER, PAMELA LENORA: Tucson, Ariz.; Ed- ucation, Pleiades, Auxiliary to Delta Tau Delta, Presider.t, University Players, Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart PINCUS, REBECCA: Merion,Penn.; Education, WRA Secretary, Putters, Arete Society, Wrang- lers. PLATT, HARVEY B.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi, General Residence Scholarship. PLODINEC, TIMOTHY: Aliquippa, Penn.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Varsity Base- ball-All American 1st Team Pitcher 1968. PLOG, HENRY: Tucson, Ariz., Liberal Arts, Neuman Catholic Student Association, Young Democrats President, Alpha Phi Omega, Pi Sigma Alpha Government Honorary, General Residence Scholarship, Newton and Shirley Pfeffer Scholarship, University Honors Awards, ASUA Legislative Relations, University Honors Program in Government. POLLYEA, SHERRY: Los Angeles, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Delta Tau. PORCELAIN, MARTIN: Los Angeles, Calif.; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi Historian, U.S Public Health Scholarship. PORTON, MARIETTE: Mountain Lakes, N. J.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. POSTIL, STEVEN: Deerfield, Ill.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Sigma Kappa, Mar- keting Club. POTTORFF, VICTOR: Los Angeles, Calif.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Phi Delta Thet a Treasurer Secretary, General Scholarship-Alum- ni Fund. POULOS, DIANE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Beta Beta. POULTER, GENE R.: Santa Monica, Calif.; Phar- macy, Phi Delta Chi., American Pharmaceutical Association, APA, ASHP. POWER, ELORA: Fallbrook, Calif.; Fine Arts. POWER, RANDAL: Redondo Beach, Calif.; Fine Arts, Phi Mu Alpha, General Non-Resident Scholarship. PRATHER, CAREN JOELL: Phoenix, Ariz.; Nurs- ing, Arizona Association of Student Nurses, District Treasurer, State Treasurer, WRA, United States Naval Reserve, General Residence Scho- larship, Navy Nurse Corps Candidate Program. PRESCOTT, JOHN C.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. PRICE, STEPHEN: Hillsdale, N, J.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Var- sity Wrestling. PRITCHARD, PHIL: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, International Arts Society, Conservative Semi- nar, NDEA Scholarship, Dean ' s List. PRUITT, RICHARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. PRUITT, WANDA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. PUGEAT, JEAN BERNARD: Villefranche, Sur Saone, France; Liberal Arts, International Stu- dents Club, Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship. PULFORD, JEFF: Salinas, Calif.; Business and Public Administration, Beta Theta Pi, Social Chairman. PUNTENNEY, JAMES: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Gamma Delta House Manager, Bob- cats President, Chain Gang, Secretary, Sophos, Arizona Alumni Academic Scholarship. PUNTENNEY, TIMOTHY: Phoenix, Ariz.; Agri- culture, Phi Gamma Delta, SUAB President, Bobcats, Blue Key, Chain Gang, Sophos, Tra- ditions Committee, Alpha Zeta, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Miller Foundation Scholarship. QUALLS, MAXINE: Bricelyn, Minn.; Education. QUALLS, SUSAN: Tucson, Ariz.,; Liberal Arts, Pi Lambda Phrateres, Pre-medical club, Alpha Epsilon Delta Secretary, Beta Beta Beta Treasurer, Matriculation honors, Phi Kappa Phi Certificate, Dean ' s List, UA Scholarship Honors, Tucson Rotary Club. QUINN, ROBERT: Mesa, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi, Senior Vice President, M arketing Club, Arnold Air Society, Victor Myerson Memorial Scholarship. RADMACHER, NANCY: Tucson, Ariz.; Home Economics, Gamma Phi Beta. RAKICKAS, RONALD: Nogales, Ariz.; Agricul- ture. RAMSOWER, JOAN: Escondido, Calif.; Educa- tion, Orchesis, PEMM, WRA, Desert Dolphin member. RANMAR, PAUL: Mt. Vernon, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Delta Tau Delta, Intramural Chairman. RASHID, THERESA: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Arizona Broadcasters Association, Sorty Writ- ing Award, Radio-Television Bureau Secretary. RASMUSSEN, CHRIS: Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. RATHBURN, GERALD: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Society for the Advancement of Management, Veteran Students Association. REAY, GAYLE: Des Plaines, III.; Liberal Arts, PCMUN, AMUN, International Relations Club, RHA Representative, RHA Committee Chair- UCM, Coronado Hall President. REED, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Pub- lic Administration, Delta Sigma Pi Vice Presi- dent, Scabbard and Blade, Army Drill Team. REED, THOMAS: Tucson, Ariz.; Pharmacy, Kap- pa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity. REEVES, DOUGAL: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Fine Arts People-to-People, Varsity Committee, Varsity Cheerleader, PREP. REINHOLD, PATSY: Page, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. REINING, JOAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chiormega, SUAB International Forum, AWS Public Relations, Ski Club, ASUA Academic Committee, People-to-People Exchange, Rallies, AWS Re dCross, AWS Scholarship, Pre-medical Club, ASUA Academic Committee. RESUR, RACHEL: St. David, Ariz.; Home Eco- nomics. REYNOLDS, ROBERT: Tucson: Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, AMA, Cholla Choppers Model Airplane Club, SAM. REYNOLDS, ROSEMARY: Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. RHODES, THOMAS: Mesa, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Young Republicans, RHA, ASUA Elections Committee. RHODY, JERRY: Racine, Wis,; Engineering. RIBAS, IVAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. RICH, HOWARD: Highland Park III.; Business and Public Administration, RHA Social and Election Committees. RICHARDSON, LEON JR.: Houston, Texas, Lib- eral Arts, Kappa Alpha Psi, Worthing Scholar- ship. RICHTER, ROBERT: Evanston, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Amature Radio Club. RIDENOUR, RICHARD: Kingman, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. RIESE, DIANE: Oak Lawn III.; Education, Alpha Phi, Delta Psi Kappa, PEMM, Military Ball Queen finalist, Engineering Ball Queen Fin- alist. RILEY, NANCY: Cleveland, Ohio; Home Eco- nomics. RIVERO, ANGEL: Havana, Cuba; Business and Public Administration, UA Karate Club, Mar- keting Club. ROBBINS, ORLENDA: Casa Gran de Ariz.; Edu- cation. ROBERTS, RICHARD: Westminister, Md.; Liberal Arts. ROBERTSON, SLOAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Sigma Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta. ROBINSON, DOUGLAS: Mineola, N. Y. ; Archi- tecture, S.C.A.I.A., Thomas Simmons Scholar- ship. RODRIQUEZ, EFREN: Tucson, Ariz.; Pharmacy. RODGERS, DONALD: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Epsiion Pi, Lucky Economic Scholarship, Gen- eral Residence Scholarship. ROGGEVEEN, CATHERINE: Long Beach, Calif.; Education, Delta Gamma. ROLL, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi Omega, Your q Democrats President, Stu- dents for a Democratic Society, Newman Club, International Relations Club, National Honorary Government Fraternity. ROMERO, IRMA: Tucso a, Ariz., Education. RONQUILLO, IRMA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Tau Beta Epsilon, Band, PREP, PREP, SCEC, General Residence Scholarship, Band letter. ROSE, EUGENE: Tucson, Ariz., Business and Public Administration, Society for Advancement of Management, President, Associ ation for Computing Machinery, Delta Sigma Pi, Busi- ness and Public Administration. ROSENBAUM, ANN: Meridian, Miss.; AWS Spec- ial Events Committee, Rifle Team. ROSENBERG, ARNOLD: Far Rockaway, N. Y.; Education, Delta Chi. ROSSETTI, ANTHONY: Chicago Heights, Ill.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Nu, Secretary. ROTOLO, DOUGLAS: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Acacia, House Manager and Intramural Chair- OP, JEANNE: Alhambra, Calif.; Fine Arts, Desert Mermaids Vice President and Treasur- er, University Players. ROVEY, EDWARD: Phoenix, Ariz.; Mines, Scab- bard and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, Class Scholar- ship Award, Baird Scholarship, Banner Mining Company Scholarship. ROWE, DENNIS: Elko, Nev.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi, Arnold Air Society, Karate Club, Honors, Air Force Re- serve Officers Association Award. ROZENDAL, TED: Aberdeen, S. D.; Liberal Arts, Lambda Chi Alpha. RUBENSTEIN, EILEEN: Skokie, Ill.; Education, Coronado Social Chairman, Ski Club, Hillel, Traffic Committee, Young Democrats, People- to-People. RUBITZ, KATHRYN: Bayonne, N. J.; Liberal Arts, Ski Club. RUCKER, RICHARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Eta Sigrna, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Army ROTC Drill Team, Staff Officer, Sons of American Revolution Award, Reserve Officers Association Medal, Association of United States Army Award, Supporters of American Revolution Scholarship. RYAN, D. J.: Portland, Ore.; Business asnd Public Administration, Varsity Football, base- ball. RYCIAK, STEVE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Agriculture. SABIN, GRANT: St. David Ariz.; Pharmacy. SADOWSKI, RAYMOND: Phoenix, Ariz.; Mines, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, General Resident, Daniel C. Jackiing and Texaco Incorporated Scholar- ships. SAILER, JIM: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Pub- lic Administration, Alpha Sigma Phi, President, IFC Rush Chairman, ASTME. SAKATO, GARY: Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho, Horticulture Club, Landscape Architecture Club, General Residence Scholarship. SAKIN, VICKI: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. SALAZAR, DON: Albuquerque, N. M.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi, Sophos Vice-President, Chain Gang, Vice-President, Bobcats, Traditions Com- mittee, IFC Judiciary Committee, Wildcat, Bus- iness Manager. SALZMAN, CHUCK: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, General Residence Scholarship. SAMPSON, BARBARA: Warren, Ariz.; Education, Pi Lambda Theta, NEA, ACTS. SANDIN, TIM: Green Valley, Ariz.; Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Varsiety Cheerleader. SANDLIN, TERESA: Oklahoma City, Okla.; Lib- eral Arts, Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain and AWS Representative. SAPIENZA, TONY: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon President. SARNOSKI, KENNETH: Wilkes-Barre, Penn.; Ed- ucation, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Varsity football. SAXON, ROBERT: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Sigma Delta Psi, President, Track letterman, SAYRE, FRED: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, ASUA Presidential Assistant, Liberal Arts Senator, Personnel Committee, Readers Theatre, De- bate, Newman Center, Legislative Relations Committee Chairman, Sonoran Exchange Chair- man, Dean ' s List, Government Honorary, Na- tional Diologuist Motorola Company, UA Col- lege Bowl Team. SCHAEFFER, EDWARD: Pitman, N. J.; Educa- tion, Assistant Head Resident. SCHAFER, PAT: Aberdeen, Wash.; Alpha Chi Omega. SCHAGREN, MELVYN: North Hollywood, Calif.; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi Treasurer. SCHEETZ, ASTRID: Waukegan, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Coronado Vice-President, AWS Representative. SCHENCK, DOUGLAS, Tucson, Ariz.; Engineer- ing, Sigma Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Delta Psi. SCHIELE, DIANE: Mexico City, Mexico; Fine Arts, PREP. SCHLOBOHM, Judy: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Lambda Phra- teres, WRA, Representative Council Chairman, Phi Chi Theta. SCHLOTTERBECK, ROBERT: Tucson, Ariz.; Lib- eral Arts, Theta Chi, People-to-People, ASUA Publicity Committee. SCHMITT, ROBERT: Tucson, Ariz.; Architecture. SCHRADER, MARCIA: North Hollywood, Calif.; Education. SCHUCHARDT, JERRY: Tucson, Triz.; Business and Public Administration. SCHWIEN, JANIS: Hartley, Iowa; Education, Coronado Student Assistant, Pi Lambda Pi, Secretary. SCHWIMMER, MICHAEL: Phoenix, Airz.; Mines, AICHE, General Residence Scholar, Resi- dence Assistant. SCHPIO, JOHN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education. SCOTT, GREGORY: Tucson Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. SCOTT, MARCIA: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. SCOTT, STEPHEN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Law, Curia Regis, Law Review writer, Moot Court, Rich- ard Grant Foundation Scholarship, American Jurisprudence Award. SCRIPPS, BARRY: Hillsborough, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Delta Chi, DESERT. SEDABRES, GILBERT: Walshville, Ill.; Business and Public Administration. SEDOR, STEVE: Education, Pi Omega Pi. SEIDMAN, JEFF: Great Barrington, Mass.; Bus- iness and Public Administration, Kappa Sigma President. SEILER, SUSAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Senior level traineeship in Special Education. SEITZ, WILLIAM: Yuma, Ariz.; Agriculture, Ari- zona Association of Agricultural Engineering and Farm Mechanization, Ski Club, Marketing Club. SEMINGTON, ZITA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Band Twirler. SETZER, CINDERS: Sacramento, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi, Orchesis, Publicity Chairman, Young Republicans. SEYMOUR, WILLARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. SHANKS, GUY: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. SHANNON, CONNIE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta, ASUA Social Life Committee, ASUA Publicity Committee, International Re- lations Club, Rallies, Mrs. L. H. Raines Scholar. ship, Honors Program. SHAPIRO, FRED: Dallas, Texas; Business and Public Administration, Zeta Beta Tau, DESERT Sports Editor, IFC, Elections Committee, Rallies. SHER, LINDA: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education. SHIELDS, ANDREA: Scottsdale, Aria.; Liberal Arts, Psi Chi, SRC, Treasurer, RIL, Executive Assistant, Luthern Parish Council, Secretary- Treasurer. SHORT, BARBARA: Phoenix, Ariz.; Agriculture. SHORT, DEAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, Baseball. SHREVE, TERRY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. SHUM, MICHAEL: West Covina, Calif.; Phan many, Phi Delta Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association, Chinese Student Club, General Residen Foreign Student Scholarship. SHUMAN, DANIEL: Philadelphia, Penn.; Tau Delta Phi, Traditions, Traffic Appeals Board. SIDERS, DONALD: Rock Island, Ill.; Business and Public Administration. SIEGEL, GEORGE: Bronx, N. Y.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Pi. SIEGAL, RONALD: Tucson, Ariz.; Law, Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Associa tion. SILVERMAN, ANDREW: Phoenix, Ariz.; Law, Moot Court, Arizona Advocate. SLAVIN, BARRY: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Alpha Epsilon Pi. SLOAN, SHEILA: Burbank, Calif.; Education. SLOTNICK, DOROTHY: New Rochelle, N. Y.; Liberal Arts. SMITH, CARTER: Vancouver,. Canada; Business and Public Administration, Kappa Sigma, Sec- retary, Kitchen Manager. SMITH, EVELYN: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, UA Symphony Orchestra, General Music Scholar. ship. SMITH, EVERETT: Safford, Ariz.; Pharmacy, Phi Sigma Kappa, A. Ph. A. SMITH, GRANT: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Camp Wildcat Chairman, ASUA Advertising, SUAB Public Relations, Arizona Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. SMITH, JOYCE: Northport, N. Y.; Nursing, Del- ta Zeta. SMITH, LYNETTE: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, PEMM, Program Co-ordinator, WRA, Points Recorded, ARETE. SMITH, MYRA: Phoer ix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Epsilon Phi. SMITH, NANCY: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Pi Lambda Phrateres, AWS Philanthropy Commit. tee, Alpha Lambda Alpha, Dollars for Scholars, Panhellenic Scholarships. SMITH, PAUL: Tucson, Ariz.; Mines, Pi Kappa Alpha, AICHE, Matriculation with Honors, Gen- eral Residence Scholarships. SMITH, SPENCER: Tucson, Ariz.; Mines, Varsity Cross Country Team Captain, Track, Duval Scholarship, General Athletic and Track Scholar- ships. SMITH, STEPHANY: Clifton, Ariz.; Home Eco- comics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Speakers Board, Philanthropy. SMITH, VIVIAN: Russellville, Ark.; Fine Arts, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Iota, Record- ing Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Music Educators National Conference, McCall Scholar- ship. SMITH, WILLIAM: Yuma, Ariz.; Law, Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association Secre- tary. SMITH, YVETTE: San Francisco, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. SNELHAM, JOHN S.: Kentfield Calif.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi. SNOW, WILLIAM: Valhalla, N. Y.; Fine Arts, Phi Sigma Kappa, Ski Club. SNYDER, LENNY: Canton, Mass.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Epsilon Pi. SNYDER, ROWENA: New York City, N. Y.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, U of A Cor- rections Club. SOGO, DAVID: Bakersfield, Calif.; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi, Health Professions Scholarship, Dean ' s List. SOKOLSKI, JUDITH: Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.; Home Economics, NSID Vice-President. SOLONOM, MARTIN: Bronx, N. Y.; Law, Phi Alpha Delta. SOUTHERN, EDWARD REED: Tempe, Ariz.; Law, Phi Delta Phi, Arizona Advocate Editor, Arizona Journal of law and Society, Federal Intern Program, Legal Air Intern Program. BOWLS, HEATHER: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Lambda Phrateres, Anthropology Club, People-to-Peo ple. SPALDING, MYRNA: Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada; Law. SPEAS, RODGER L.: Buckingham, Virg.; Archi- tecture, SCAIA. SPENCER, DARLENE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, NEA. SPENCER, LYNN: Lafayette, Calif.; Business and Public Administration. SPENCER, MARLENE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, NEA. SPRUELL, PHILIP: Show Low, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. STARR, ARLENE: Tucsoil, Ariz.; Education. STARSMANN, MARTHA: Phoenix, Ariz.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Choice ' 68 Sec- retary, National University Forum Chairman, Students for Humphrey Chairman, Legislative Relations, Hillel Foundation, Young Democrats. STATTEL, SUELLEN: Garden City, N. Y.; Fine Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi Social Chairman, Acti- vities Chairman, Symposium, Desert Greek Editor, Senior Editor, Index Editor, Golden Hearts, Ski Club, International Students Club, People-to-People, International Forum, ASUA Publicity Committee. ST. DENIS, RICHARD: St. Louis, Mo.; Engineer- ing, Delta Tau Delta. STEELHAMMER, GAIL BETH: Chicago, Ill.; Phar- macy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Rho Chi Vice-President, Young Republicans Secre- tary. STEELSMAN, JUDY: Atlanta, Geo.; Liberal Arts, Zeta Beta Tau Sweetheart, Sigma Alpha Mu, Miss U of A Pageant. STEIN, BEVERLY: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, STEIN, EILEEN: Tucson, Ariz;. Education, Phra- teres, U of A Symphonic Choir. STEIN, LORNA: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Mar- shall Foundation Scholarship for Women. STELLJES, LINDA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Del- ta Zeta, Alpha Lambda Delta, People-to-People, General Residence Scholarship. STEPHENS, VICKI: Midland, Mich.; Education. STEPHENSON, IRVIN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. STEPHENSON, JOHN: Villanova, Penn.; Busi- ness and Public Administration. STETZENBACH, KLAUS: New Fairfield, Conn.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi Omega. STEVENSON, ROBERTA: Tucson, Ariz.; Agri- culture, Crops and Soils Club Secretary, Pister- Stanley Scholarship in Agriculture. STEWART, ELIZABETH: Carmichael, Calif.; Law, Student Bar Association, Kappa Beta Pi. STEWART, GEORGE: Manila, Philippines; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, Assistant Head Resident Dormitory. STEWART, MARSHALL: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Artist Series Committee, Fine Arts Study Grant, U of A Band. STEWART, WANDA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Pi Lambda Phrateres. STILL, DAWN JOY: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, RS Beal Memorial Student Center, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Lambda Theta Education, Baird Scholar- ship, Phi Kappa Phi Certificates of Merit, William Paddy Tucker Memorial English Scholar- ship, American Business Women ' s Scholarship. STINE, PAUL: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Pub- lic Administration STOBAUGH, WILEY JEFFERSON, JR.: Odessa, Texas; Business and Public Administration, Phi Delta Theta Vice-President, Pledge Trainer, In•• tramurals. STORY, RICHARD: Ventura, Calif.; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi Corresponding Secretary, Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Health Professions Scholarship. STOUFFER, GAIL: Tucson, Ariz.; Agriculture. STRAUSER, GARRY D.: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Epsilon Delta President, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Camp Wildcat Counselor, ASUA Group Travel, General Residence Scholarship, Elks National Scholarship, Mr. and Mrs. Ott Scholar ship. STRELNICK, DANIELLE: Tucson, Ariz.; Educa- tion, Phi Lambda Phrateres Membership, Pub- licity Chairman, AWS Town Women, Philan- thropy. STRESSMAN, EDWARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Agri- culture, Alpha Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle Vice-President Student Faculty Relations STROMBERG, STAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Agriculture, Kappa Alpha President, Block and Bridle Club. STRONG, THOMAS: Indianapolis, Ind.; Mines, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, National Merit Scholar- ship, Banner Mining Company Scholarship, Resider-,t Assistar.t - Dormitory. STROUT, DAWN: Orno, Ma.; Liberal Arts, Beta Beta Beta STRYKER, MICHAEL: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, International Relations Club Publicity, respondence Chairman, People-to-People. STUCKY, DOUGLAS: Crete, Ill.; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi Vice-President, President, President Senior Class in Pharmacy, American Pharma- ceutical Association. STUHLEY, TOM: Fullerton, Calif.; Fine Ar ts. STUTMAN, ROD: Encino, Calif.; Architecture. SUCRE, RICHARD: Caracas, Venezeula, Liberal Arts, Tau Kappa Epsilon. SULAIMAN, YOUSIF: Saudi Arabia; Mines. SUPP, HOWARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon President, University Scholarship Hon- .,. SUTTELLE, LYNNE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Neuman Center Vice-President, AWS Public Relations, ASUA Student Rights. SUTTON, ROBERT: Los Angeles, Calif.; Fine Arts. SWAIN, KAREN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chi Rho Omega Secretary, Sigma Alpha Eta, Newman Center Treasurer, Secretary, ASUA Campus Tours, Artist Series, Student Rights, AWS Public Relations. SWAN, ROBERT: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Gamma Delta, Bobcats, Blue Key, People- to-People, National President of Collegiate International, Arnold Air Society, Phi Eta Sigma President, Administrative Assistant to ASUA President, Chain Gang, Sophos, Interfraternity Council, Rawson-McRae Award, Scholarships, Rotary, National Merit, Air Force ROTC, Uni- versity Honors Program. SWANNER, VERONICA: Bisbee, Ariz.; Home Economics, College Cheerleader. SZUDLO, JOYCE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Yuma Hall Social Chairman, General Residence Scholarship. TAKAGI, GEORGE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia Music Honorary, Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity, Music Scholarship. TALBOT, GWENDOLYN E.: Lowell, Mass.; Fine Arts, Canterbury Club, Folklanders Counselor, Student Religion Council, Sigma Alpha Eta, Speech Pathology Professional Organization, Arizona Speech and Hearing Association, Office of Education Senior Scholarship, U of A Speech and Hearing Clinic. TALMAGE, LOUISE: New Canaan, Conn.; Fine Arts, Sonora Hall Social Chairman. TANENBAUM, RONALD J.: Hackensack, N. J.; Mines, Alpha Phi Omega, Hillel Foundation, AIME. TANG, LONNIE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Tau Kappa Epsilon Historian, Scabbard and Blade, Army ROTC Drill Team. TANNEHILL, RICHARD: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineer- ing, U of A Radio Club. TARNOWSKI, JOSEPH W.: La Jolla, Calif.; Lib- eral Arts, Tau Kappa Alpha. TARR, JACK: Yuma, Ariz., Business and Public Administration, Sigma Nu. TAYLOR, CATHERINE: Valencia, Calif.; Fine Arts, University Players Treasurer, Secretary. TAYLOR, JOANIE: Brandywine, Md.; Educa- tion, Delta Zeta President, Corresponding Sec- retary, RHA Treasurer, Arizona Hall President, Wildcat, Desert, ASUA Legislative Relations, SRC Retreat, Campus Activities Chairman. TEAR, SUSAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Kap- pa Alpha Theta Social Chairman, Kaydettes Historian, Spurs. TEBBETTS, PATRICIA: Whittier, Calif.; Liberal Arts. TELEP, GERAL: Caca Grande, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, U of A Scholarship Award, Karate Club. TEMPLETON, KATHRYN: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Delta Gamma. TERAN, HUMBERT: Tucson, Ariz.; Mines, Tau Beta Pi, MASA, AICHE. TERRY, PATRICIA A,: Valley Farms, Ariz.; Ed- ucation, General Residence Scholarship. TERRY, RUSTY: Charleston, S. C.; Business and Public Administration, Chi Phi, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, U of A Marching and Sym- phonic Bands, General Music Scholarship, Out- standing Percussion Award, " The Poppies " , Tucson, Symphony. THOMA, THOMAS: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineering, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Kappa Kappa Psi, U of A Band. THOMAS, E. STUART: Phoenix, Ariz.; Educa- tion, Kappa Alpha Theta Vice-President, Pan- hellenic Tea Chairman, ASUA Campus Chest Chairman, AWS Tucson Nursery Committee, ASUA Course Evaluation Polling Secretary, SUAB Recreation Committee, ASUA Social Life Committee, AWS Scholarship, ASUA iervice Medallion. THOMAS, SUZANNE: Pacific Palisades, Calif.; Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Phi Delphia, Pi Phi Times and Programs, Board of Elections, Miss U of A Pageant. THOMAS, B. VIRGINIA: San Diego, Calif.; Ed- ucation, Delta Gamma. THOMPSON, CONNIE: Glenview, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi, University of Arizona Hostesses, Panhellenic Council. THOMPSON, GERALD: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta, Tucson Gas and Electric Scholarship, Colonial Dames, University Scholarship Award. THOMSON, STEVE: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi. THUNSTEDT, SANDRA: Phoenix, Ariz.; Nursing, Phi Mu, National Association of Student Nurs- ing, Ski Club. TIEDE, JAN: Tucson, Ariz.; liberal Arts, Epsilon Beta, Wranglers Treasurer. TIRRELL, NOREEN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Pi Beta Phi, Pi Lambda Theta Campus Repre- sentative, General Residence Scholarship, Pi Lambda Theta Scholarship. TISCORNIA, GARY: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, AFROTC Rifle Team. TIZARD, SUSAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Delta Delta. TODD, LARRY: Huntington Beach, Calif.; Phar- macy, American Pharmaceutical Assication, Phi Delta Chi, Health Professions Scholarship, PLU. TOM, MADELINE: Berkeley, Calif.; Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Eta, SCEC. TOMAMICHEL, KAY: Belvideer, III.; Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. TOMEK, SUSAN: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education. TOSTADO, FRANK: Tucson, Ariz.; Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Chi, American Pharma- ceutical Association, APA, Health Professions Scholarship. TREUMANN, BARBARA: Tucson, Ariz.; Educa- tion, Symphonic Choir, General Residence Scho- larship. TROGLIA, SHARRON: Globe, Ariz.; Business, Alpha Delta Pi Social Chairman, Community Service Committee Secretary, Stardusters, AASN. TRONSON, JAMES: Tucson, Ariz.; Architecture, SCAIA, American Home Builder Scholar, Ariz- ona Masonry Scholar. TROWBRIDGE, CYNTHIA: Kansas City, Mo.; Fine Arts, Delta Zeta, Italian Club, University Players. TRUEBLOOD, ELIZABETH ANN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. TUCKER, SHEILA: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Education, Rallies Committee, Elections Committee, SNEA. TULLY, PHILIP: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. TULLY, TIMOTHY: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Phi Mu Alpha Music Fraternity, General Music Scholarship. TURNER, DONALD M.: Sierra Vista, Ariz.; Lib- eral Arts, Wildlife Club, Varsity Rifle Team, Alpha Phi Omega Vice-President. TURNER, JOAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education. TURNER, WILLIAM J.: Brookfield, Wis.; Busi- ness and Public Administration. ULRICH, ROCHELLE: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Ski Club Secretary-Treasurer. UPDEGRAFF, KATHERINE: Tucson, Ariz.; Educa- tion, Pi Beta Phi, Student Senator. UPHAM, CAROL: San Francisco, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta. UVODICH, JANET: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts. VACTOR, DREW: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration. VALDIN, JOHN: Superior, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, People-to-People Chairman, Board of Publica- tions, American Chemical Society Student Affil- iates, Sophomore Class Scholarship Award, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Outstand- ing Chemistry Junior Award, ASUA Service Medallion, Apache Hall Scholarship Award, Honors Program. VALESKI, THOMAS: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, University Scholarship Honors, Dean ' s List. VAN ERT, JOYCE E.: Santa Ana, Clafi.; Phar• macy, Kappa Epsilon Vice-President, American Pharmaceutical Association, American Society of Hospital Pharmacists. VASINA, WILLIAM: Binghamton, N. Y.; Agri- culture. VAUGHN, RONALD: Yuma, Ariz.; Law, Phi Alpha Delta. VERMILYEA, JAMES L.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Football. VESLEY, KAREN: Downers Grove, Ill.; Fine Arts. VIAU, RICHARD N.: Syracuse, N. Y.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Sigma Phi, Arnold Air Society, AFROTC Drill Team, Pi Sigma Alpha. VILLAR, CAROL: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Al- pha Delta Pi, Angel Flight Operations Officer, Spurs. VOELKI, CHARLES: Rochester, N. Y.; Liberal Arts. VOLLENDORF, SUZANNE: Yuma, Ariz.; Educa- tion, Kappa Delta Pi Historian, RHA Repre- sentative of Manzanita Hall, AWS Orientation Committee, Counselor, PREP. VOLPE, MARCIA: Yuma, Ariz.; Education, Gem- ma Phi Beta. VORON, DONNA: Philadelphia, Penn.; Educa- tion. WACKERLY, GARY R.: Tucson, Ariz.; Educa- tion, Phi Sigma Kappa Social Chairman, Young Democrats. WADE, CHRISTENE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineer- ing, American Institute of Physics, Beta Rho Delta Engineering Sorority Vice-President, Gen- eral Residence Scholarship. WALKER, HENRY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Delta Upsilon President. WALPOLE, BARBIE: Monroe, La.; Education, Chi Omega. WALSH, KATHLEEN: Tucson, Ariz.; Nursing, Delta Zeta, Camp Wildcat, Community Service, Neuman Center. WALTERS, GERALD: Tucson, Ariz., Education, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Hiking. WALTERS, KATHRYN A.: Phoenix, Ariz.; Edu- cation, Kappa Kappa Gamma Vice-President, Co-Rush Chairman, Angel Flight, U of A Host- esses, SUAB Secretary, Chairman of Entertain- ment, Symposium, Little Sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WALTER, WILLIE: Los Angeles, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu Social Chairman, Varsity La- crosse. WARD, KAREN: Arlington, Virg.; Education, Pi Lambda Theta Education Honorary. WARD, LARRY: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Kappa Lambda Chaplain, Judicial Board Chairman, U of A Christian Fellowship Presi- dent, Baird Scholar, Free Methodist Youth, Evangelical Sign Council Chairman. WASSERMAN, STEVEN: Van Nuys, Calif.; Lib- eral Arts. WATERS, DIANA: Dover, Mass.; Business and Public Administration, Delta Delta Delta, AWS Chairman of Resolutions, Symposium. WATSON, JAMES: Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.; Education, Pi Kappa Alpha President. WATTERSON, KAY: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Honors Program. WAUD, ROBERT, Waukegan, III.; Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha Vice-President, Freshman Bas- ketball. WEAVER, JANET: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Chi Omega, Camp Wildcat, People-to-People, Al- pha Lambda Delta. WEBSTER, ALISON: South Pasadena, Calif.; Ed- ucation, Gamma Phi Beta Pledge Trainer, U of A Hostesses. WEINER, ARNOLD: Winthrop, Mass.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Epsilon Pi. WEINSTEIN, JEFFREY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, American Nuclear Society, U of A Or- chestra. WEINSTEIN, STANLEY J.: Tucson, Ariz.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Phi Epsilon Pi, Alpha Kappa Psi. WIESER, ELLEN: Kectfield, Calif.; Education, Pi Beta Phi, Maltesians Vice-President. WEISMAN, KAY: Corpus Christi, Texas; Edu- cation, Alpha Epsilon Phi. WELDING, TONJA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Chi Omega. WELSH, LAURIE: San Francisco, Calif.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Phi Vice- President, Treasurer, Phi Chi Theta, Interna- tional Relations Club, ASUA Elections Com- mittee, Junior Class Council, Young Republicans, Crescents, Social Life Committee. WELTER, WILLIAM: So. Charleston, W. Virg.; Business and Public Administration, A.:acia Pres- t, I nterfraternity Council Treasurer. WENDLING, WESTON J.: Prescott, Ariz.; Educa- tion, Tau Kappa Epsilon Treasurer, Gymnastics. WHALLON, CAROLYN: Lancaster, Penn.; Edu- cation, Alpha Chi Omega, PEMM, Delta Psi Kappa President, Arete Society, WRA Vice Pres- ident, AAHPER Award, Sports Woman of the Year. WHITAKER, DOUGLASS: Palm Springs, Calif.; Liberal A rts, Graham Hall Secretary-Treasurer, First Territorial Land and Development Com- pany Investment. WHITAKER, R. LYNNE: Sierra Vista, Ariz.; Edu- catjon, Delta Psi Kappa Secretary, Arete So- ciety Secretary-Treasurer, WRA, PEMM, General Resident Scholarship. WHITAKER, RICHARD: Phoenix, Ariz.; Engineer- ing, American Society of Mechanical Engineers Treasurer, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics President, General Residence Scholarship. WHITE, CATHLEEN: Pittsfield, Mass.; Liberal Arts, Pi Sigma Alpha, International Relations Club. WHITE, CORNELIA: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Gamma Phi Beta, Golden Hearts President, U of A Hostesses. WHITE, ROBERT: Fullerton. Calif.; Business and Public Administration, Sigma Chi. WHITE, TIMOTHY: Toledo, Ohio; Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi, People-to-People, Sophos, La- crosse. WHITEBOOK, JUDEE: Rock Island, Ill.; Liberal Arts. WHITEHEAD, CAROL: Tucson, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Chi Omega. WHITSON, KENT A.: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineer- ing. Phi Gamma Delta, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honorary, American Society of Civil Engineers. WICKER, SUSAN: Pittsfield, Mass.; Liberal Arts, Desert, Neuman Center, International Relations Club. WIGEN, WILLIAM J.: Tucson, Ariz.; Law, Phi Delta Phi, Arizona Advocate, Arizona Journal of Law and Society. WIGGINTON, CAROL: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Phrateres, Wranglers. WILD, ELIZABETH: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Pi Beta Phi President, U of A Hostesses Kay- dettes Commander, Mortar Board, Chimes Secretary, Spurs, Liberal Arts Senator, Military Ball Queen, Pi Lambda Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta. WILDEN, DEBBIE: Litchfield Park, Ariz.; Busi- ness and Public Administration, Pi Beta Phi, Little Sisters of Minerva. WILDER, DAVID: Phoenix, Ariz.; Business and Public Administration, Alpha Kappa Lambda President, Arnold Air Society, Real Estate Club President, Appraiser ' s Scholarship, IFC Service Key, ASUA Corporation Board Chairman, Greek Week Chairman, Publications Editor IFC. WILLADSON, JOAN: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Phi Lambda Phrateres. WILLCOX, GEORGE: Pasadena, Calif.; Business and Public Administration, Pi Kappa Alpha, ASUA Senate, Senate Judicary Committee, BPA Council, Young Republicans, Rallies. WILLIAMS, ANN: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Chi Omega, Pleiades Vice-President, Spurs, AWS Philanthropy Co-Chairman, PREP, Chi Omega Rush Co-Chairman, AWS Civic Activities, Scho- larship, SUAB Campus Tours. WILLIAMS, DOUGLAS: Riviera Beach, Fla.; En- gineering. WILLIAMS, MARCIA: Youngstown, Ohio; Edu- cation, Alpha Chi Omega Recording Secretary, ASUA Social Life Research Sub-Committee Chairman. WILLKE, RONALD: Bloomington, Ill.; Business and Public Administration, Arnold Air Society, Operations Officer, Beta Gamma Sigma, Uni- versity Scholastic Honors, AFROTC Division Commander. WILMER, KATHRYN: Willa Park, Calif.; Educa- tion, Pi Beta Phi, Symphonic Choir. WILSON, ELDRA: Fallbrook, Calif.; Fine Arts. WILSON, JEANETTE: Wilcox, Ariz.; Pharmacy, Alpha Omicron Pi, Kappa Epsilon President, Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, American Pharmaceutical Association, Miss Alpha Omicron Pi Rush Chairman 1967. WILSON, JENNIE: Oracle, Ariz.; Education, Wranglers, Pi Lambda Theta, Coconino Hall Vice-President, Honors Convocation, General Residence Scholarship. WILSON, PEGGY: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Chi Omega Secretary, Academic Committee, ASUA Secretary Mortar Board Treasurer, Kay- detes, U of A Hostesses, Outstanding Sopho- more Woman. WILSON, THOMAS B.: Milwaukee, Wis.; Lib- eral Arts. WING, ANNA: Superior, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Wranglers, Student Senator, AWS Rules Com- mittee, Dorm Representative, Sonora Hall Scholarship Chairman, Vice-President, Assistant Head Resident, People-to-People Public Rela- tions Committee, General Residence Scholar- ship, Samuel Latta Kingan Scholarship, ASUA Service Award. WING, DAVID: Superior, Ariz.; Architecture, Chinese Students Club President, Baird Scholar- ship. WING, GARY: Tucson, Ariz.; Agriculture, Al- pha Gama Rho Vice-President, Alpha Zeta, U of A Forestry. WINKWORTH, SALLY: Short Hills, N. J.; Edu- cation, Alpha Chi Omega Social Chairman. WINNER, BEVERLY L.: Philadelphia, Penn.; Ed- ucation. WINTER, ROBIN: Tucson, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Ruth Stephan Poetry Center Board, Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tri Hi Advisor, Culiacan Exchange. WOLFE, WILLIAM D.: Tucson, Ariz.; Business. WOODS, DAMIAN: Brea, Calif.; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association, Health Professions Scholarship, APHA Service Award. WOODWORTH, FRED: Show Low, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, University Scholastic Honors, General Resider.t Scholarship. WORLEY, MARK: Springfield, Mo.; Business and Public Administration, U of A Baseball • Letter- man, Baseball Scholar. WRIGHT, BONNIE: Aurola, Ill.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Phi, Chimes, Spurs, Symposium Presi- dent, Spring Sing Chairman, ASUA Publicity Secretary, ASUA Newsletter Chairman. WRIGHT, JACK: Los Angeles, Calif.; Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi, Swimming Letterman. WRINKLE, JOHNETH ANN: Tucson, Ariz.; Lib- eral Arts. WURZER, DORINTH: Henderson, Nev.; Liberal Arts, Camp Wildcat, People-to-People, Arizona Hall Assistant Head Resident. WYNE, GINNY: Macomb, Ill.; Liberal Ar ts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. WYRS, JOHN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Phi Gamma Delta President, Sophos, Chain Gang, Bobcats. YAEGER, CATHERINE: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Gamma Phi Beta President, U of A Hostesses Vice-President, Angel Flight, Mortar Board, Chimes, Spurs, Pi Lambda Theta. YAHYA, GHULAM: Kabul, Afghanistan; Engi- neering. YEDOR, LINDA: Glencoe, Ill.; Education, Mal- tesians, Ski Club. YEE, MAY JEAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Liberal Arts, Baptist Student Union. YEE, SUSAN: Phoenix, Ariz.; Education, Yuma Hall President, Chinese Students Club. YEATON, ALAN: Rye, N. H.; Architecture. YEUNG, CARRIE: Tucson, Ariz.; Fine Arts, Chi- nese Students Club, SAL. YOUNG, GREGG: Ortonville, Mich.; Fine Arts, Beta Theta Pi, Campus Tours Committee. YOUNG, SANDRA: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Phi Lambda Phrateres Special Events Chair- man, Camp Wildcat Counselor. YOVANOV, JACOB: Tucson, Ariz.; Engineer- ing, U of A Flying Club President, Vice-Presi- dent, AIAA. ZAHN, PHILLIP: Des Moines, Iowa; Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Marketing Club. ZAVALA, BECKY: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Phi Lambda Phrateres, Neuman Center, PREP. ZEGER, ANTON: Tucson, Ariz.; Education, Navy Reserve, Masons. ZEIGER, DAVID: Pomona, Calif.; Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi, American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. ZETTLER, HUGO: Tempe, Ariz.; Law, Alpha Gamma Omicron, Phi Delta Phi. ZIMMERMAN, SANDRA: Denver, Colo.; Fine Arts, Phi Mu, Ski Club, Panhellenic Delegate, Junior Class Council, BPA Fashion Show Model. ZUKOR, ABRAM: Beverly Hills, Calif.; Business and Public Administration, Zeta Beta Tau. NDEX Lanes, Carol L., 180, 246 Apache Hall, 302 Beatus, Rebecca Gail, 256 Blake, Stephen R., 183 Abbar, Al Fadhel, 340 Archie, Patsy Lavern, 365 Beaufait, Neil J., 279 Blake, William R., 339 Abbern, Adele, 244 Areas, Larry, 281 Beaugureau, David L., 284, 332 Blarney, Steve Paul, 184 Abbot, Cynthia H., 180 Ares, Charles, 146 Beaugureau, Denis F., 182, 264 Blanchard, Sandra K., 331 Abbott, Craig J., 180 Argue, Judy Ann, 242, 252 Becher, Lois Jean, 332 Blank, Susan, 266 Abel, William Hugh, 180 Arizona Hall, 303 Beck, Chris Leroy, 339 Blatti, Michael Alan, 356 Aoromowitz, Philip S., 180, 298 Armer, Catherine S., 254, 357 Beck, Robert William, 294 Bleur, Paul, 347 Acacia 270 Armer, Jack Louis, 316 Beckelman, Robert K., 286 Blitch, Lindsey Anne, 258 Ashen, Celia Gay, 250 Armsted, Bruce, 358 Becker, Jan, 182, 252, 329 Blitzer, Leon, 148 Ackerman, George 501, 294 Armstrong, James E., 337 Becker, Phillip, 76, 286 Blocher, Pavl E., 330 Adam, Mary Kennel] E., 369 Armstrong, Roger E., 169 Becker, Stephen Lee, 182 Block and Bridle, 338 Adams, Carol Sue CAS, 180 Armstrong, Roy, 319 Beckmann, Rebecca A., 350 Block, Jo Anne, 258 Adams, Catherine, 260 Arneson, Hal Gregory, 76 Beeler, Susan Ruth, 182 Blommer, John M., 350 Adams, Catherine, 268 Arnerich, Janet E., 248 Beers, Michael F., 290 Blommer, Robert J., 350, 360 Adams, Diane Jacquel, 246 Arnez, Theresa, 361 Beggs, Margaret J., 182 Blocs, H. Earl, 337 Adams, Eugene Joseph, 180 Arnold Air Society, 355 Begley, John Homer, 286 Blouin, Ann Virden, 260 Adams, Henry B., 180 Arnold, Barbara Ann, 181, 331 Behbehani, Ali, 127 Blue Key, 329 Adams, James Noland, 180, 205, Arnold, Rebecca Ann, 305 Behle, Allison Dee, 258 Bluemke, Lisa Marie, 260 329 Arnold, Shari Alice, 256 Behn, Susan Ellen, 182, 359 Blum, Stephen M., 184 Adams, Mark, 71, 330, 334 Aro, Michael Ray, 76 Behr, Patti Lynn, 182, 244 Blume, Lawrence D., 288, 330 Adams, Michael Franc, 274 Aron, Sherry Lynne, 265 Belden, Betsy Ann, 254 Boardman, Phyllis M., 350 Adams, Sharon Lea, 241 Aros, David Bernard, 272 Belgiano, Neil James, 281 Bobcats, 328 Ade, Lindsay Daniel, 180, 248 Arriaga, Adriana A., 181, 254, Belinn, Christina Ma, 183 Boche, Mark Gregory, 76 Ade!stone, Jeffrey A., 180 357 Bell, Barbara Ann, 262, 339 Bock, Raymond F., 184 Adkins, Raymond Jose, 180 Arrington, Ross E., 270 Bell, Deborah Susan, 260 Bock, Richard C., 278 Adler, David William, 180 Arritola, Donald Lou, 345, 348 Bell, Harold, 183 Boddiger, Barbara J., 184, 248 Adler, Janice C., 314 Arthur, Andrea Lynn, 63, 181, Bell, Janet Sue, 241, 331 Boehm, Mary Gretchen, 184, Adler, Sonya Lynne, 180 213, 262, 328 Bell, Jaymie, 250 248 Afek, Leon Stanley, 34P Ashcraft, John A., 181, 347 Bell, Mary Margaret, 183 Boerum, Joseph Ellis, 360 Agee, Benjamin R., 277 Astleford, Robert D., 181, 317 Bell, Ray Leslie, 183, 281 Boerurn, Kenneth, 360 Agena, Dave Earl, 180 Atwood, James, 297 Bell, Robert Michael, 183, 256, Boggs, James Robert, 349 Aguero, Dolores, 180 Aufderheide, Joan M., 246 387 Bohaty, Beverly Ann, 366 Aguilar, Gloria, 60, 216, 329 Autrey, Charles, 358 Bellantoni, Rosanne, 242 Boice, James Bryan, 63, 284 Ahern, Leslie Ann, 66, 180, 256, Autry, Fauntine L. F., 358 Bellies, Christine, 373 Boice, Margaret Lang, 63, 260, 357. Autzen, Deborah Jane, 264 Bendalin, Harriet Jo, 315 330, 335 Akers, Gregory Duane, 180 Avant, Leslie Ann, 181, 264 Benefiel, Cynthia Le, 254 Bok, Bart Jan, 174 Akers, Stanley W., 290 Averitt, Gretchen I., 181 Benergie, Surath K., 369 Bollman, Maren Joann, 248 Alabbar, Fadhel S., 180 Avrick, Michael G., 181, 290 Bennett, Dexter G., 278 Bolt, John Robert, 330 Albiedhany, Faik A., 180 Bennett, Kim O ' Brien, 355 Bond, Joyce Rhoda, 365 Albrecht, Rebecca A., 331 Bennett, Mike 113 Bond, Peggy Lee, 228, 330 Albright, Michael B., 277 Babcock, Margaret A., 252 Bennett, Suzanne Lou, 258 Bondie, Ned Richard, 359, 362 Alconer, Ruben A., 180 Badmitton Club, 364 Bennett, Thomas, 272, 349 Booth, Russell, E., 184 Alcurnbrac, Robert S., 340 Baca, Geraldine F., 250 Bennett, William M., 183, 290 Bopp, Fritz, Wilhelm, 274 Alexander, Joseph W., 322 Bach, Linda Sue, 373 Bennon, Carole Rae, 260 Borcher, Daniel E., 348 Alibrahim, Asad A., 180 Bachus, Linda Ruth, 258 Benson, Cheryl, 183, 268 Borcherding, William, 184, 243 Alkhayat, Ali Sadik, 180 Backenkeller 5., 181 Benson, Jerry Thomas, 290 Borden, Michael D., 184 Allen, Dianne Clarke, 339 Bacon, Terry Payne, 181, 248 Benson, Larry Stuart. 290 Bordwell, Richard W., 274 Allen, Gerald C., 278 Baffert, William J., 359, 362 Bentley, Clyde Frank, 183 Borinstein, Anne K., 266 Allen, Kenneth Lee, 180 Bahula, Linda Helen, 258 Bents, Kathleen Mari, 360 Bormaster, Janis D., 266 Allen, Lawrence K., 180 Bailey, Arthur, 181 Bentzen, William Lyl, 280 Bosnia, Henry Thomas, 116 Allen, Linda, 373 Bailey, Donald Duane, 181 Bergen, Susan W., 248 Bothwell, Linda H., 374 Allen, Lorenzo Jr., 116 Bailey, Mary V., 262 Berger, Susan Rose, 183, 242 Botke, Mary C., 252 Allen, Marilyn Marie, 181, 258 Baillargeon, Recite, 256 Bergman, Kenneth L., 273 Bouche, Bruce R., 270 Allen, Peter Anthony, 72 Baitzer, Lester C., 286 Bergschneider, E., 183 Boucke, David F., 281 Allen, Richard, 284 Baize, Sheila Jo, 364 Bergstrom, Ronald R., 183 Boulton, Henry John, 184, 345, Allhiser, Gary Lee, 368 Baizel, Sandra Mary, 268 Berkett, Denise E., 244 348 Allis, Raymond C., 348 Baker, Beverly, 256 Berkowitz, Hannah L., 365 Bourret, Peter M., 286 Allyn, Cynthia Sue, 181, 268, Baker, Frank A., 362 Berman, Barry Alan, 297 Bowden, John L., 284 329, 357 Baker, Larry Marshal, 181 Bermingham, Edward J., 280 Bowie, Sue, 248 Alnaim, Saleh Abdull, 181 Baker, Linda Kay, 246 Bernal, Augustine N., 183 Bowlby, Gregory F., 184, 350 Alpert, Donn S., 29B Balderrarna, Armando, 181 Bernal, Bus, 362 Bowlin, Claire E., 184 Alpha Chi Omega, 241 Baldridge, Susanne E., 181 Bernal, Hilbert 5., 350 Boyd, Joann, 254 Alpha Delta Pi, 242, 243 Balkema, Carolyn Jo, 181 Bernal, John M., 183, 357 Boylen, William D., 343 Alpha Delta Delta, 341 Ballard, Gene C., 278 Bernard, Bruce Dulin, 290, 332, Boynton, William W., 184 Alpha Epsilon Delta, 360 Ballard, Wilbert Lee, 338, 339 333 Braden, Susan Rue, 184, 248 Alpha Epsilon Phi, 244, 245 Bambauer, Beverly A., 369 Berne, Julie, 183, 244 Bradford, Elwood W., 163 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 271 Barnbauer, Jacguelynn, 369 Bernstein, Jonathan, 332 Bradley, Robert John, 339 Alpha Gamma Rho, 272 Banes, Sandra Ann, 182 Bernstein, Pamela A. R., 266 Bradner, John, 374 Alpha Kappa lambda, 273 Bangle, Richard E., 341 Bernstein, Sandra J. E., 244 Bradshaw, Wayne Kent, 116 Alpha Kappa Psi, 358 Banker, Cheryl Lynn, 182, 262, Berry, Michael, 114 Brady, Patricia, 250 Alpha lambda Delta, 338 329 Berry, Paul Francis, 294 Braginsky, Jean, 184, 308 Alpha Omicron Pi, 246, 247 Banner, Brian Edward, 182 Bert, Harold John, 183, 359, Braginsky, Joan, 184,308 Alpha Phi, 248, 249 Bapesbapes, Louis, 347 362 Bram, Gary Steven, 278 Alpha Phi Omega, 334 Barajas, David, 76 Berrie, Berry Keith, 311 Bramoweth, Joel, 184 Alpha Sigma Phi, 276 Baranowski, Daniel F., 290 Bessey, Janet Elizab, 338 Bramsen, Melissa E., 264 Alpha Tau Alpha, 349 Barbour, Anita Carol, 306 Bessler, Judith Ann, 183, 353, Brandell, Alan Mark, 184 Alpha Tau Omega, 274, 275 Bare, Linda June, 250 373 Brandenburg, Scott E., 284 Alpha Zeta, 337 Barcelo, Francisco R., 152 Beta Pi Alpha, 342 Brandt, Donald Ralph, 333 Al-Sulaiman, Yousif, 181 Barelli, John F., 182, 270 Beta Rho Delta, 348 Branizer, Anita R., 339 Alter, Emily Jean, 244 Bargmann, Thomas M., 286 Beta Theta Pi, 277 Branom, Carolyn F., 242 Alvarado, Sylvestre, 181 Barklis, Steven Nils, 274 Betcher, John Frank, 183 Bravo, Oscar Edward, 278 Alvarez, Arturo F. Capt., 355 Barnard, Marilyn G., 306 Betts, Paul J., 111 Brechan, Brenda Lea, 332 Alvarez, John Anthon, 116 Barnes, Jane L., 352 Beurnler, Edward Coll, 356, 358 Brhem, Richard, 346 American 1-1-nne Economics Hon• Barnes, Katherine Lo., 182, 254, Beyer, Frances Made!, 268 Breiman, Richard S., 184 orary, 353 357 Bianco, Diane Joan, 256 Brernond, Ann Gray, 184 American Inst:tute of Aeronau• Barnes, Richard, 93 Bidegain, Page Lynn, 339 Breon, Keith Verl, 184 tics and Astronautics, 345 Barney, Willard B., 349 Bidegain, Phillip Ho, 323, 339 Brewer, Willis R., 157 American Institute of Archi- Baron, Jeffrey Alan, 273 Bideganeta, Teresa L., 242 Brewsaugh, Rita, L., 373 feels, 340 Baron, Torn, 366 Bidwell, Sandra K., 183 Briemen, Richard S., 360 American Nuclear Society, 346 Barrins, Mary Elaine, 373 Bierbaurn, Patti Ann, 252, 365 Brein, Martin Joseph, 271 American Pharmaceutical Assn- Barry, Edward S., 182, 296 Bierman, Ronald Joe, 183, 359, Brierton, Susan, 364 ciation, 359 Barthels, Mary A., 182, 204, 362 Briggs, Carolyn Jean, 184, 254 American Society for Metals, 346 254, 329 Biggs, Theodore H., 183 Briggs, Maurice, 344 American Society of Civil En- Bartlett, Randolph A., 358 Bilbey, Robert C., 183 Briggs, Robert E., 337 gineers, 347 Bartley, Douglass H., 272 Biles, William Shore, 279 Brigham, Sharon L., 184, 260 American Society of Range Bartolino, Jeff D., 281 Bills, Nellie Lynn, 250 Brim, Judy Beryl, 315 Management, 338 Barton, William H., 182, 274 Bills, Scott Sanford, 183 Briskin, Patricia L., 266 Ammon, Peter Jeffrey, 181, 357 Bartow, Celaine Gay, 264 Bilodeau, Wesley K., 374 Bristol, Richard H., 184 Amols, Steven Adler, 298 Barychuck, Bill, 358 Bingham, Danny Kay, 349 Britt, Anne K., 184 Anapolsky, Warren C., 298 Bashore, Lyle Owen, 297 Bingham, Thomas Dean, 183, 340 Broadie, Larry Lewis, 360 Anawalt, Christie M., 360 Basinger, Jodi Suzet, 236 Binnion, Thomas R., 280 Broberg, Karl Eugene, 350 Ansel, Leslie Adrian, 266 Basmajian, John, 182 Biocini, Georgia Ann, 254 Brooks, Arthur Neal, 214, 347 Andersen, Thomas M., 294 Bass, Betty Lou, 348 Birch, John Milo, 343 Brooks, Kenneth, 93 Anderson, Clifford E., 348 Bass, Gregory Russel, 182, 334 Bird, Mildred King, 315 Brooks, Kenneth Wayn, 185, 279 Anderson, Gail Lynn, 242 Bass, Timothy, John, 288 Birkland, Hugh H., 278, 356 Brooks, Patricia K., 254 Anderson, Gilbert, 312 Barton, John F., 274 Bish, David Joseph, 273 Brooks, Wendy Lee, 36, 357, Anderson, John C., 370 Bates, Bruce B., 182, 277 Bishop, Kathleen, 262 367 Anderson, Kathryn E., 24, 57, Bates, Cynthia Vera, 258 Bishop, Susan, 334 Brosius, Robert Camp, 185, 355 181, 191, 350 Bates, Nancy Catheri, 256 Bisschop, Ingrid M., 248 Broughton, Linda Lee, 246, 373 Anderson, Keith D., 351 Bathe, Barbara Ann, 260 Bissell, Michael G., 360 Brown, Andrea Jill, 244 Anderson, Kristin AA., 258 Battaglia, Robert E., 182, 273 Bissle, Tod, 346 Brown, Carolyn Louis, 66, 262 Anderson, Lawrence C., 278 Bauer, Susan Marie, 373 Bitker, Barry Lea, 183 Brown, Craig Douglas, 270 Anderson, Kay, 331 Baum, Betty Earlene, 262 Bitsko, Frank John, 274 Brown, Janice Rae, 252 Anderson, Peter John, 286 Baum, Diana Lee, 66, 182, 207 Bittner, Judith Elle, 183 Brown, Jeffery, 120, 280 Anderson, Phillip B., 366 328 Black, Cynthia Ann, 258 Brown, Jeffery L. Anderson, Robert Dan, 330 Bauman, Carolyn Arme, 254 Black, Donna Ruth, 63, 183, 208, Brown, Larry Lynn, 286 Anderson, Robert, 333 Bauman, John Charles, 182 258, 328, 355 Brown, Mark Alan, 185 i. " ' Anderson, Roger Lee, 342 Baumgardner, Frank H., 342 Black, Janice Gail, 61, 260, 332. Brown, Mary Ann, 244 Anderson, Warren A., 93 Bayless, Pauline Lyn, 258 Black, Laura Sue, 353 Brown, Paul, 358 Andre, William Dale, 181, 294 Bayne, Robert Hugh, 58, 281 Black, Nancy Elise, 305 Brown, Paul, 286 Andrews, Martin A., 360 Bailey, Barbara Ann, 182, 268 Black, Robert B., 360 Brown, Shan Lee, 236 Annala, Ethyl Marie, 363 Beal, Robert Lee, 182 Blackburn, Mildred E., 252 Brown, Steven Grant, 290, 332, Ansfield, Joseph G., 176 Bear, Naomi, 63 Blackfield, Pamela E., 183, 244 333 Antonelli, Anthony M., 181, 359, Beard, Elizabeth J., 314, 367 Blair, Cynthia Diane, 254 Browning, Linda Mae, 339 362 Bearsa, Sarah Joseph, 182, 250 Blair, Laurence R., 184 Bruce, Linda Clair, 66, 265, 188 Aoucha, Joseph, 359 Bearur, Eugene Scott, 356 Blair, Richard M., 270 Brumbaugh, Robert W., 185, 356 Brundige, Ray H., 297 262, 329, 355 Cooper, Carolyn Ann, 246 Davis, Thomas, 272 Brush, Nancy Gertrud, 260 Charvat, Cynthia Rae, 373 Cooper, Kimberly L., 254 Dawson, Sidney Lee, 34 Bryan, Walker E., 337 Chase, Ann Car ton, 186, 329 Cooper, Loel Roscoe, 339 Day, Arden D., 337 Bryant, Barbara Jean, 185 Chase, Michael A., 294 Cooper, Martina, 188, 353 Day, Anna Marie, 331 Buchanan, Janice Kay, 185 Chavez, John Felix, 186 Cooper, Michael W., 288 Day, Frank R. H., 172 Buckmaster, William, 185 Cheney, Brian Arthur, 120, 121, Cooper, Sandra L., 373 Deal, Ralph E., 173 Budinger, Linda, 252 186, 200, 274, 328, 329, 355 Cooper, Stephen Mark, 358 Dean, Julie Ann, 66, 189, 252 Buell, Duncan Alan, 333, 360 Cherman, Stephen A., 186, 359, Cooperstein, Robert, 286 Dean, Vincent W., 281 Bugg, Judith Lynn, 258 362 Copley, Robert E., 358 Debreceny, Denise E., 337 Bula, Robert Michael, 185 Chasler, Abigail E., 266 Corbett, Kathleen L., 258 Debruyne, Marianne J., 252 Bulitt, Patricia Ann, 244 ChasseII, William S., 270 Corbett, Mary E., 258 Declue, John Fredric, 346 Bullock, Richard P., 185 Chi Omega, 250, 251 Corbett, Mayor James, 17 Dees, Bowen C., 165 Buns, Howard, 317 Chi Phi, 280 Corcoran, Connie P., 256 Dehaven, Camille 5., 268 Bundy, Kathleen Lynn, 264 Chiffelle, Robert L., 356, 366 Cordell, Robert Dean, 338 Dehoff, Frances P., 189, 357 Burger, Louise Helen, 241 Childers, Teila Y., 373 Corkill, Brian Lee, 297 Deible, May F., 357 Burger, Susan, 357 Childress, Janet Sue, 258 Cornick, Heidi, 266 Delafield, Lawrence, 189 Burke, Bruce Alston, 319 Childs, Joan Stillso, 248 Carol, Bonnie Merle, 188 Delafield, Pompey, 340 Burke, James, 356 Childs, Richard, 359, 362 Coronado Hall, 305 Delany, Della Maria, 189, 364, Burke, Michael, 280 Chilson, Richard E., 346 Corral, Mario A., 188, 354 373 Burke, Richard S., 185, 344 Chimes, 330 Corrales, Francisco, 114 Delaplane, Walter H., 164 Burnett, Margaret A., 241 Chin, Eugene, 370 Corson, Rodney Kerr, 279 Delcastillo, Lillian, 373 Burns, Beverly Ann, 185, 260 Chin, Irene, 370 Cos, Harley, 349 Delforge, Gary Don, 76 Burns, Fred, 107 Chin, Katherine, 370 Cosenza, Vincenza A., 241 Delta Chi, 278 Burns, Jack F., 288 Chinese Students Club, 370 Coss, Juan Manuel, 188 Delta Delta Delta, 252, 253 Burns, Patricia Lee, 330 Chrisler, William P., 277 Cossel, Barry Scott, 356 Delta Gamma, 254, 255 Burns, Ralph Allen, 185 Christensen, David M., 186 Colton, Mary Lee, 308 Delta Psi Kappa, 363 Burns, Rickey Lee, 185 Christie, Jane H., 186 Coulson, Robyn Lu, 188, 248 Delta Epsilon Pi, 358 Burns, Lloyd, 288 Christie, Wiliam E., 302, 334 Counts, Willie R., 188, 359, 362 Delta Tau Delta, 279 Burr, Audrey Frances, 185 Christie, William, 187 Courtney, Edward, 347 Delta, Upsilon, 280 Burr, Minda Louise, 260, 355 Christopher, William, 187 Covington, Raymond G., 188 Delta Zeta, 56, 257 Burrill, Melinda J., 185, 246 Christopherson B., 297 Coward, Noel Rae, 254 Dernlow, Jane E., 250 Burrows, Peggy D., 185 Christy, Chris, 290 Cowen, Marie Revelle, 188 Demont, Juanita Ann, 248, 355 Burton, Carol Mae, 353 Chu, Anita, 361 Cowherd, Priscilla L., 188 Denenno, Donald E., 281 Burtt, Janice E., 252 Chu, Terry C., 333 Cox, Caryl King, 188, 256, 331 Dennis, Glenn F. ,280 Busboom, Ronald L., 185 Chubb, James Michael, 288 Cox, David Eugene, 188, 349 Denoff, Mike, 357 Busboom, Stanley L., 356 Chucalo, Mark Thomas, 280 Cox, Donna Carol, 188 Dent, Greg Thomas, 280 Busche, Budd Eugene, 185 Circle K Club, 360 Cox, Gregory McKay, 334, 360 Dent, Mary Jean, 189, 262, 357 Bush, Barbara Kay, 185, 352 Citron, Michael H., 187 Cox, Judith Jean, 352 Deramus, Jean Watson, 264 Bush, Susan Ellen, 258 Citron, Nancy Susan, 244 Conon, Marilyn Kay, 350 Deramus, Jill, 264 Business and Public Adminis. Clapp, Barbara Ann, 187, 242 Crafton, Steven Mark, 368 Derickson, Jeffrey C., 284 nation Council 341 Clark, Alena Marie, 315 Craig, Katie C., 66, 248 Derickson, Judith A., 254 Butcher, Kathryn W., 264 Clark, Carlton F., 67, 187, 203, Cramer, Dennis, 322 Dermyer, Daniel E., 113 Butler, Charlotte G., 268 234, 328, 257 Crawford, Alison, 262 Desert Mermaids, 364 Butler, Warren J., 297 Clark, Catherine, 187, 315 Crawford, Cynthia, 242 Deshon, Robert C., 276 Bycel, Trudy Monique, 244 Clark, Charles, 294 Crawford, Judith Ann, 258 Darien, Terriann, 262, 355 Byrd, Shirley Ann, 242 Clark, Kitty, 373 Crawford, Kathleen N., 248 Dettman, Bette Jo, 189 Clark, Mary Cecilia, 250 Crayton, Sharon L., 260, 357 Dettner, Darcy Marie, 252 Clark, Michael, 297 Creasey, Madelynn, 254 Devine, Janice Kay, 254 Cady, John Leslie, 185, 350 Clark, Sharon Jacqua, 252 Crine, Sharon Louise, 264, 364 Dick, Craig, 271 Cagigas, Yolanda, 60, 185, 218, Clark, Steven Edward, 187 Crist, Charles E., 341 Dick, Michael L., 189, 359, 362 351 Clark, Thomas Talbot, 187, 276 Cristiano, Robert J., 288 Dickey, Gordon F., 279 Cahn, Michele, 370 Clarkson, James W., 274 Crombie, Alice Hayes, 264 Dickey, Linda Lee, 321, 334 Caldwell, Jean Rix, 369 Clausen, Connie L., 343 Crops and Soils Club, 339 Dickey, Susan E., 238 Caldwell, Martha, 260, 329 Clausen, Richard M., 82 Cross, Susan Diane, 363 Dickinson, Beverly J., 189 Calihan, Peter Elwin, 185, 288 Claypool, Annette L., 246 Crossman, Richard A, 76 Dickinson, Debbie 5., 242 Call, William Ray, 185, 273 Claypool, Scott Eric, 273 Crowder, Benjamin G., 188 Dietin, Marge T., 369 Callaghan, Linda J., 340 Clayton, Deborah J., 250 Croy, Nancy Carol, 188, 256 Dietrich, Robert E., 189, 270 Callison, Linda L., 363, 366 Clayton, Rosalia Ann, 331, 373 Crum, Michael James, 93, 290 Dietsch, Christine B., 246 Calmenson, Lisa R., 244 Cleary, Kenton P., 187 Cruz, Felipe Armando, 1 1 1 Diley, Gail Angeline, 189, 268 Calvert, David W., 284 Cleman, Pat, 373 Cruz, George Louis, 374 Dille, Joanne P., 252 Calvert, Frank, 185 Clifford, Geoffrey C., 290 Cryor, Robert C., 280 Dillenback, Nancy J., 361 Cameron, Nancy Jean, 185, 262, Clifford, Karen Ann, 260, 261 Culbertson, Mary E., 248 Dillon, Fermen Louis, 345 353 Clifford, Mary E., 373 Curnmin, Martha, 188 Dimpfel, Lois Ann, 189 Cameron, Susan Gail, 185 Clifton, Ronald Lynn, 286 Cummings, Donald G., 290 Dodd, Eric Robert, 338 Carnou, Susan Louise, 236, 248 Clinch, Nanci G., 248 Cummings, Edward R., 356 Doddu, Dick, 323 Campbell, Helen B., 359, 361 Clucas, Greg Robert, 279 Cummins, Peggy Lee, 188 Dodge, Leslie Joanne, 252 Campbell, Linda, 373 Coates, Catherine D., 187 Cummins, Richard M., 350 Dodridge, Linda Lou, 318 Campbell, Terrie L., 58, 315 Coatsworth, David R., 330, 358 Cimningham, Candy, 242 Doi, Donna Kei, 305 Campos, Carlos Fe rna, 186 Cobb, Gareth Mackray, 187, 349 Cunningham, Cynthia, 262 Doimas, Stephan J., 189 Campus, Robert D., 369 Cochise Hall, 304 Cunningham E., 268 Dolan, Joseph Alfred, 189 Canupp, Otis C., 356 Cochran, Charles W., 236 Cunningham, John R., 188 Dominick, Virginia A., 262 Cappel, Edward H., 186 Coconino Hall, 305 Cunningham, Robert S., 337 Donaldson, James B., 189, 288 Carle, Rebecca Suzan, 353 Coddington, James L., 76, 78, Cupito, Carl David, 188, 272 Donaldson, Terry G., 190 Carlson, Karen L., 166 79, 290, 336 Currie, Donald Bruce, 294 Donau, Janis Aline, 260 Carnevale, Richard A., 186 Codere, Ernest E., 297 Curtis, Dianne Young, 188 Donnell, Michael C., 288, 330 Carpenter, James L., 297 Coffey, Michael Vern, 187 Curtis, James M., 188, 290 Donovan, Billie D., 374 Carpenter, Robert O., 350 Coffin, Bonnie S., 258 Curtis, Robert, 346 Dorame, Lilia O., 353 Carr, Sherwood E., 168 Coffin, Judith Mario, 248, 330 Curtis, Robert, 290 Doran, Carolyn Anne, 254 Carrara, Janet Ellen, 373 Coffman, Susan E., 252 Curto, Paul Allen, 188, 345, 347 Dorson, Mitchell C., 56, 271, Carrillo, Diane M., 186 Cohan, Richard James, 187 Cutler, Lynn Violett, 244 330 Carrillo, Evelyn 5,. 186 Cohen, Barry Lee, 187 Czechowski, Jan C., 351 Dortch, Catherine R., 303 Carrith, Evie, 331, 373 Cohen, Donald Frank, 271 Doty, SUS., 321 Carter, Bruce Farrar, 186, 270 Cohen, Kaye Suzanne, 266 Douglas, Gordon A., 316 Carter, Jacquelin M., 250 Cohen, Patricia L., 264 Dabney, Charles Pope, 346 Douglas, Mary Susan, 190 Carter, James Evans, 284 Cohen, Richard, 344 DaCosta, Milton S., 188, 374 Dow, Phyllis L. D., 190 Carter, Peter M., 186 Cohen, Robin Dianne, 244 Dacunha, Catherine M., 248 Dow, Steven Hugh, 190, 284, Carter, Susan Lynn, 186 Cohen, Ronna Lee, 187 Dahash, Abdulrahman, 189 357 Carver, Judith E., 242, 332 Cohn, Pamela Hilary, 184, 187, Dahlberg, Kathleen A., 252 Dawdle, Margaret Ann, 373 Cary, Don Lee, 290 328 Dahlke, Linda Anne, 348 Downey, James T., 296 Casanova, Edward V., 358 Cole, Bruce Bernard, 187 Dahlke, Richard G., 355 Downing, Jonathan H., 190 Case, Susan P., 252, 357 Cole, Carl Anthony, 274 Dahlke, Robert W., 111 Doyle, Donald Mark, 66 Casey, John Joseph, 186 Cole, Frank D., 370 Daily, Mary Louise, 189, 252 Draeger, Eric, 366 Casey, Steven 5., 294 Cole, Gloria, 258 Daily, Virginia E., 246 Dragovich, Joann, 361 Cashill, Terry Clark, 260 Cole, Linda Jean, 250 Dains, Dan Orth, 288 Drake, Joyce Mary, 373 Cashman, Gerald T., 186 Coleman, Sally Ann, 248 Dalby, David Gregory, 189, 286 Drake, Kenneth W., 274 Caskey, Lawrence H., 279 Caller, Dea Bonnet, 241 Dale, Pamela, 333 Dredge, Marilyn Jean, 190, 355 Casoli, Linda Marie, 186, 258 Collie, Lynn David, 362 Daman, Diane C., 189, 248 Dreisen, Betsy Ruth, 339 Cassles, Bob, 355 Collier, William S., 187 Damiani, Ralph Peter, 356 Drell, Judith Lee, 190 Castro, Louis Camarg, 186 Collings, Celeste L., 260 Daniel, Diana Marie, 252, 262 Driscoll, Mark Paul, 76, 78, 80, Castro, Mario A., 116 Collins, Judy Ann, 350 Danielson, Deborah A., 242 84 Castuchini, Frank, 322 Collins, Robert, 286 Dankberg, Ira J., 271 Drown, Dawn Joy, 190 Cataldo, Joseph, Marc, 294 Collins, Robert F., 187 Danoff, Michael L., 189 Drucker, Kathy, 250 Cate, Clark, 234 Collins, Robert S., 187 Daro, Karl Meyer, 280 Drudge, Alice L., 343 Catlett, Grady F., 186 Collins, Rosemary M., 242 Dashiell, Ellen, 189 Dryden, Forrest Dean, 338 Cart, Stephen Earl, 270, 358 Colton, Chuck, 118 Dauer, Pamela Ellen, 244 Dryden, Karen, 338 Cauble, Nancy Ann, 66, 186, Colton, Warren A., 187, 290 Davidson, Michael 5., 286 Dubiak, Albin S., 342 258 Colville, Robert A., 274 Davidson, Patricia A., 242 Ducak, Edward Luke, 334 Causey, Joe Francis, 116, 288 Comeaux, Otis, 76, 82 Davidson, Priscilla, 189, 242 Dudley, Deborah Jean, 248 Cavaletto, Martha C., 373 Comprini, Gary, 347 Davis, Dennis Paul, 284 Dudley, Pamela Lee, 190, 351 Cavanaugh, Richard T., 294 Concannon, Charles W., 187 Davis, Donald Eugene, 189 Duenas, Roseann M., 60, 318 Caviglia, Ronald Ray, 274 Conklin, Edward Roy, 270 Davis, John C., 286 Duke, Charles L., 76 Cecil, James B., 347 Conlin, Jill Marie, 250 Davis, John, 296 Duke, Walter Regina!, 286 Cerio, John Joseph, 186 Conlin, Patricia M., 250, 330 Davis, John Lee, 189 Dukette, Joseph Duff, 280 Cerny, Joan Margaret, 248 Conn, Nancy Gregory, 248 Davis, Judith E., 242 Dula, Gabriella, 244 Chain Gang, 330 Connolly, Robert B., 288 Davis, Katherine H., 189, 250 Dumont, Janet Akers, 254 Chalmers, Janet P., 254 Constantine, Ruth, 187 Davis, Kenneth Leroy, 76 Duncan, Michael D., 286 Chamberlin, Caryl J., 186, 264, Conway, Anita Doris, 241, 353 Davis, Marjorie Ann, 260, 355 Duncan, Robert S., 190 369 Conway, James, 188 Davis, Patricia, 258 Dunlap, J. Allen, 337 Chambers, Catherine, 264 Cook, Cynthia Ann, 244 Davis, Richard, 189 DuPont, Maria A., 246 Chambers, George W., 163 Cook, Gary Murchison, 356 Davis, Richard, 272 Dupree, James V., 356 Chambers, Richard L., 111 Cooley, Thomas W., 76 Davis, Roy Gilbert, 310 Durazzo, P atric E., 358 Chamley, Caron D., 248 Coolidge, Pamela Ann, 262 Davis, Russell, 272 Durbin, Alan Keith, 290 Chan, Alice May, 359, 361 Coolsaet, Jeffrey A., 111 Davis, Stanley L., 189, 343 Durham, Gloria Faye, 190 Chang, George Joon, 359, 362 Coons, Martha Jane, 256 Davis, Stephen E., 346 Durham, Mark F., 190 Charm., Susan D., 258 Coons, Nikki Ellen, 188 Davis, Steven, 355 Durkee, David C., 356 Charles, Cheryl L., 186, 222, Cooper, Candace Ruth, 262 Davis, Susan, 258 Durkin, Suzanne E., 248 Dustin, Marlyn F., 249 Feinerman, Nancy B., 191 Galston, Judith I., 266 Gray, Linda, 72 Duval, Albert W., 151 Feldman, Susan Helen, 244, 330 Gant, Leslie, 193 Gray, Robert P., 316, 333 Duval, Barbara Leigh, 250 Feldmayer, James E., 270 Gamble, Susan T., 334 Gray, Thomas K.. 194, 277 Duval, David K., 236 Fell, Anthony Scott, 271 Gamma Phi Beta, 258, 259 Greek, Victoria S., 194, 254 Dwan, Robert D. Col., 159 Fendleman, Randee E., 244 Gamma Epsilon Delta, 337 Green, Martin M., 194 Dwiggins, Horace G., 356 Feneding, Patricia, 258 Gammon, Marianna Jen, 193, Green Thomas J., 294 Dwyer, John Patrick, 356 Fenimore, Bernard C., 191, 280 250, 327 Greenberg, Grace E., 194 Dwyer, Susan Mary, 190, 260 Fenn, Dennis Bryon, 187 Dancer, Mary K., 242 Greer berg, Ronald E., 271 Dye, Edward Oneal, 278 Ferber, Jeffrey, John, 274 Ganschinietz, Linda K., 193 Greenlee Hall, 310 Dyer, Donald Mason, 276 Ferg, David Alvin, 346 Gantz, James P., 279 Greenspan, Jack S., 76 Dyer, John Douglas I., 190, 347 Ferguson, John, 191 Garcia, Raymond, 193 Greensweig, Diana L., 266 Dyer, M. Susan, 1 90 Ferguson, William G., 277 Gardanier, Frank A., 316, 345, Greenwood, Mimi M., 260 Dynneson, Delores D., 352 Ferko, Carol Ann, 191 348 Greenwood, Pamela A., 194, Dysart, Nancy Lee, 254 Fernandez, Elaine, 246 Gardenswarz, Roberta, 193, 244, 260 Dzuban, Ted Edward, 278 Ferrari, Dan F., 113 329 Greer, Dyanne C., 194, 224 Ferriss, Margaret A., 250 Gardin, Ronald L., 27, 76, 86 Greer, Jason H., 194, 274, 329 Ferry, Pamela A., 61, 258 Gardiner, Edward L., 296 Greer, Sara D., 194, 264 Earnest, David, 290 Ferry, Roberta, 262, 330 Gardner, David L., 278 Gregg, Carol J., 256 East Stadium Hall, 307 Festger, Richard C., 191 Gardner, Ellen S., 193, 353 Gregg, Douglas G., 281 Eastlick, Mary Ann, 241 Fiala, Miles F., 278 Gardner, Newton L., 193 Gregory, Koren A., 249, 333 Eaton, Charles E., 120, 294, 332 Fields, Diane K., 191 Garland, Gary I., 193 Gregory, Saundra K., 246 Eaton, Linda Joyce, 190, 202, Fiene, Bruce, 191 Garrnire, Candyce, 36, 260 Gresham, Frank L., 350 328 Fienhold, Stephen C., 191 Garmon, Robert R., 290 Gresham, James W., 76 Eberling, Ernest W., 278 Fierro, Gloria J., 191 Garner, Margaret L., 193 Grierman, Edward C., 337 Ebright, Valerie S., 368 Fife, Rebecca R., 258, 330 Garrett, Keith 5., 193, 350, 352 Griffin, Michael L., 57 Eck, John August, 190, 358 Fimbres, Edward S., 192 Garrison, Nancy L., 250 Griffith, D., 302 Eck, Susan Linda, 252 Finefrock, Terrance, 278 Gary, Katherine E., 338, 339 Griffith, Darrell, 302 Eddy, Kathleen Ann, 270 Fingerbut, Nathania, 236 Gay, Jerry, 350 Griffiths, Larry 0., 349 Eddy, Susan E., 190, 258 Fink, James B., 192 Gee, Kathy A., 193, 254 Grimm, Suzannah, 242 Edmiston, Kenneth J., 356 Finklein, Lawrence S., 192 Geever, Robert F., 274 Grimpas, Linda, 266 Edmiston, Susan, 190 Fiore, Sa:vatore J., 192 Geigerman, Miriam R., 266 Grimsley, Peter 0., 273 Edmondson, Krista A., 373 First, Carol M., 192 Gelgur, Donna S., 266 Grinnell, Elizabeth, 194, 246 Edwards, Charlotte J., 67 FischeIla, Robert R., 286 Gemmill, John C., 294 Grose, Anna L., 67, 254, 330 Edwards, Larry Wayne, 350 Fischl, Gail R., 266 Genis, Marcy J., 241, 353 Gross, Laura S., 266 Edwards, Pamela Lynn, 246 Fishburn, Marsha L., 192, 262 Gentry, Robert M., 339 Gross, Richard P., 276 Edwards, Patricia, 246, 331, 332 Fishel, Richard H., 192, 277 George, Michael D., 118 Grote, Teresa A., 250 Edwards, Richard, 347 Fisher, J. Kearney, 270 Gerhart, Tom E., 307 Ground, Sally, 194, 199, 328 Edwards Stephen S., 332 Fissell, James C., 192, 277 Gerking, Timothy C., 278 Grove, Jeanine C., 252 Effland, Frank Lyle, 273 Fitzgerald, Catherin, 353 Gerlach, Muriel A., 337 Grulich, Stephen N., 286 Effland, Richard W., 190 Fitzgerald, Coneilus, 339 Gerlach, Roberta L., 250 Grygutis, James E., 194 Eggers, Bruce James, 45, 58 Fitzgerald, Michael 284 Germann, Patricia J., 260 Guard, Suzanne C., 194 Ehlers, Robert E., 354 Fladoos, Torn E., 349 Gerson, Eleonore J., 244 Gudenkauf, Gretchen, 258 Ehrlich, Linda, 266 Flanagan, Lawson H., 192, 277 Gibney, Sharon L., 260 Guelzow, Richard A., 194 Eichelberger, John J., 111 Flashman, Gary, 346 Gibney, William A., 193, 290, Guerreno, Charles J., 270 Eichenberger W., 296 Flegenheimer, Lynn T., 266 329 Guiff, Mary A., 194, 342 Eide, Eugenia Ellen, 360 Fleischman, Martin J., 286 Gibson, Deborah A., 63, 264 Guild, Christopher P., 277 Eidmann, Bradley Roc, 277 Fleming, Deborah A., 268 Gibson, Joyce R., 250 Gullander, Susan C., 195 Eisen, Peter D., 370 Flint, Denelda Mary, 192 Gieszl, Rose, 193 Gunter, Georgene A., 303, 334 Eisenberg, Andrea R., 190, 266 Flint, Denise Marsha, 258 Gifford, Georgianne, 193, 258 Guptill, Mary F., 195, 262, 329 Eisenberg, Randi L., 244 Flint, Mike P., 286 Gifford, Natalie, 258 Gurley, William D., 284 Elder, Carla Joan, 324 Flint, Richard B., 296 Gila Hall, 308 Gust, Morgan M., 195 Elias, Catherine M., 250, 332 Flood, Maureen A., 260 Gilbert, Karol J., 262 Gutzmer, Marlynne D., 242 Elias, Celia Rebecca, 350 Flores, John E., 345 Gilbert, Philip, 312, 334 Gwynn, Bruce A., 349 Elias, Ramon, 190, 296, 324 Floyd, Charles W., 339 Giles, Matthew, 76 Gymnastics Club, 366 Elkins, Gertrude F., 190 Flynt, Patricia L., 35() Gill, Carol A., 256 Ellinger, Royal F., 273 Fockler, Kathleen A., 268 Gillette, Robert 5., 274 Elliott, Dennis Dean, 274 Foell, Barba P., 242 Gilliland, Judy E., 268 Haag, Gary L., 286 Elliott, Mark G., 190 Folger, Gregory L., 192, 284 Gilson, Constance S., 193 Haas, Joh n R , 195, 270 Ellis, Bryan John, 190 Folkins, Carol J., 192 Gin, Katherine, 193 Hackett, Donald D., 347 Ellis, Joan Russell, 254, 357 Folklanders, 369 Ginsbach, Pan, D., 367 Hackie, Steve, 195 Else, Richard Irwin, 57, 182, Foltz, Lori, 242 Ginsberg, Mark B., 323 Hackworth, Carole J., 352 191 Foltz, H., 252 Ginter, Deborah A., 262 Haddad, Christine A., 252 Emerson, Charles D., 345 Fonken, David W., 347 Giroux, Nicki S., 256 Haden, Johanna, 195, 254 Emerson, Craig P., 191, 284, 357 Forbes, Ross E., 284 Gissel, Joan E., 262 Hadra, Leslie A., 195, 249 Engdahl, Deidre R., 254, 355 Ford, Cynthia T., 246 Gitler, Melvin J., 271 Haefner, Deborah J., 254 Engebretson, Douglas, 191 Ford, David C., 348 Glasgow, Jame A., 193 Hagemann, Sheryl L., 249 Engebretson, Pamela, 254, 332 Ford, James M., 277 Glass, James W., 347 Hagen, Linda L., 350 Engel, Barbara L., 191, 336 Forehand, Harry M., 346 Glass, Margery E., 268 Hagenah, Blaney A., 262 Engel, Paulette L., 191 Foreman, Geoffrey H., 284 Glass, Michael C., 347 Hagenah, Philip W., 195 Engelhardt, Niki Lee, 364 Forler, Karen L., 192 Glassbrook, Pamela J., 268 Haines, Catherine C., 256 Engelking, David L., 118 Forme, Deborah L., 268 Glassmoyer, John R., 290 Haines, Sharyn L., 351 Engineers Council, 345 Forrester, James D., 153 Glew, Robert A., 281 Hair, Rees Andrews, 272 England, Eve Celeste, 191, 250 Fortenberry, Pamela, 350 Glickley, Roberta L., 256 Hair, Stephen W., 116 Engle, Paulette L., 331, 341, Foster, Judy L., 246 Glover, James M., 294 Hale, Arthur J., 276 342 Foster, Michael E., 93, 100, 101 Goddu, Richard D., 193 Hale, Claudia L., 306 Engle, Peter, 346 Foster, Robert S., 284 Goetz, Geoffrey W., 278 Halek, Richard J., 323 Englehart, Nadia, 314 Foster, Rodney W., 281 Goff, Caroline R., 256 Hall, Eleanor E., 195 Ennis, Kathleen Ann, 54 Foster, William T, Jr.. 167 Gold, Joseph, 271 Hall, LaJoyce, 262 Ennis, Louis A., 169 Fowler, James R., 192, 272, 337 Golden, Laura L., 256 Hall, Larry E., 76 Ensign, Diane Gail, 260 Fowler, Virginia C., 192, 339 Goldenberg, Carole A., 266 Hall, Michael W., 286, 316 Ensign, Joseph D., 280 Fox, Corey D., 114 Goldman, Joel M., 193 Hallmark, James D., 273 Entin, Allen Melvin, 359 Fox, Jill D., 265 Goldman, Myla K., 193, 221 Helper, Wendy J., 244 Entin, Rich, 362 Fox, Roger A., 337 Goldsand, Ivy L., 244 Ham, Sandra L., 195, 348 Eoff, Pamela Sue, 262 Frailey, Cardyce Fl., 254 Goldstein, Sandra 5., 266 Hamel, Bradford W., 342 Erickson, Karen Lyn, 264, 364 Francis, Michael C., 284 Golofsky, Jill M., 266 Hamer, Elizabeth, 195, 254 Erickson, Melvin C., 126 Francis, William D., 277 Gomez, Gary B., 111, 193, 286 Hamilton, Beth, 324 Erkes, Dave, 359, 362 Francisco, David H., 273 Gomez, Richard L., 193 Hamilton, Dr. James B., 349 Erlandsen, James F., 343 Fraser, Ann J., 252 Gong, Sylvia A., 313 Hamlett, James D., 286 Ersfeld, Elizabeth M., 339 Frear, Sharyn E., 256 Gonzales, Christine, 194 Hamlink, Mary M., 249 Eskew, Kathleen, 191 Frederick, William L., 192 Gonzales, Dennis M., 194 Hammond, Denton R., 195, 279 Eskue, Rick Dean, 311 Free, Dana E., 192 Gonzales, Miley, 338 Hand, Wesley M., 276 Espinosa, James R., 191 Freehill, David A., 333 Gonzalez, Ismael, 194, 272 Hanley, Terry J., 284 Estrada, Ruben C., 341, 358 Freeland, Charles L., 347 Gooch, Robert S., 296 Hanlon, Edward A., 337 Euler, Paul George, 191, 341 Freeman, Myra Lou, 36, 192, Good, Jeanne, 250 Hannah, Anne L., 252 Evans, Darrell K., 360 258, 329 Good, Margaret I., 177 Hannah, Regina A., 252 Evans, David Francis, 352 Freeman, William J., 281 Goodman, Cinda 5., 339, 353 Hannley, Elizabeth A., 258 Evans, Diana L., 241 Frerichs, William T., 339 Goodman, Barbel R., 194, 352 Hanratty, James P., 279 Evans, Evan Bruce, 286 Frevert, Donald K., 270 Goodman, Jack M., 194, 351 Hansen, James E., 93 Evans, Gail Ruth, 191 Frey, Catherine, 250 Goodman, Jane A., 249 Hansen, Robert B., 93 Evans, Hollis Lee, 191 Friedman, Richard E., 271 Goodman, Linda J., 244 Hanson, Charlotte A., 258 Evans, Sylvia Elaine, 256 Frobel, Ronald K., 192, 347 Goodman, Rulon V., 332 Haraldsen, Harry R., 195 Evenson, Paula Ann, 236 Frobisher, Mary, 344 Goodman, Sandra L., 194, 244 Haraldsen, John M., 195 Everett, Betty Lou, 350 Froemke, David L., 192 Goodman, Susan E., 339 Harbour, John L., 93 Everhart, Charles P., 191, 297 Frohberg, Marilyn J., 242 Goodson, June C., 66, 260 Hardin, Susan M., 249 Everist, William, 286 Fronske, Robert D., 192 Goodwin, Lt. Col. Felix L., 341 Harding, William J., 195, 347 Everist, William M., 191 Fry, Arline P., 192 C ' oosherst, Patrick J., 278 Hardman, Stuart M., 195, 290 Eversoll, Ann W., 250 Frye, Billie J., 258 Goranson, Jill 1., 194, 250 Hardy Claudia B., 260 Evett, Eric Audley, 120 Fuimaono, Nokise 5., 76, 78, 84 Gordon, Gerri L., 244 Hardy, Craig, 120, 274 Ewell, Richard C., 191 Fulcher, Kenneth M., 276 Gordon, Judith C., 246 Hardy, Lisa P., 256 Ewen, Bob, 82 Fuler, Paul, 354 Gordon, Martin, 309 Harmon, Glenn A., 352 Ewing, Catherine Ann, 191 Funk, Analee, 264 Gordon, Marvyn B., 194 Harness, Linda J., 195, 249 Furlong, Robert J., 280 Gordon, Susan C., 256 Harning, Kathleen A., 60 Fye, John Harvey I., 192, 278 Gordos, Eva, 72 Harp, Ellen J., 246 Fabb, Dave, 307 Fye, Robert W., 350 Gorman, Leon P., 194 Harper, Gary W., 284 Fabris, Cynthia Anne, 348 Fylling, John W., I 1 1 Gortikov, Jane K., 266 Harrell, Cynthia A., 262 Fadely, Deanna Joyce, 191 Goss, Wesley P., 163 Herring, Robert R., 195 Fahey, W. 1., 140 Govaars, William B., 194, 286 Harrington, Mary L., 195, 256 Fain, Richard L., 348 Gabitzsch, Harold W., 297 Graff, Frederick H., 286 Harrington, Michael, 195 Fairchild, Diane E., 191, 248 Gabitzsch, Lillian S., 193, 241 Graham Hall, 309 Harrington, Robert, 343 Farley, Kathleen, 191, 258 Gabler, William H., 345, 348 Grais, Nancy J., 266 Harris, Laine C., 258 Farner, Susan C., 252 Gadway, Clifford C., 274 Graves, Patricia A., 344 Harris, Michael L., 76 Farnum, Joan Allison, 268 Gaines, F. Pendleton, 136 Granatowski, Michael, 294 Harris, Robert A., 294 Farrar, Robert K., 290 Galati, Henry F., 271 Granger, Michele K., 258 Harris, Sherryl P., 195, 268 Farrari, Dan, 284 Galbraith, Joseph, 277 Grant, Dorothy 5., 250 Harrison, Jill E., 244 Fasanella, Ralph T., 286 Gale, Elaine E., 193, 249 Grantham, James W., 348 Harrison, Kermit L., 195 Fash, Susan Maryel, 249 Gallagher, Lynne A., 262 Graul, Rebecca A., 194, 268 Harrod, David M., 195 Fate, Michael G., 290 Gallagher, Michael J., 281 Graves, Winnetta D., 194 Harrold, Michael J., 170 Feffer, Cynthia Ann, 266 Gallaway, James W., 342 Gravitt, Robert D., 334 Hart, Deborah M., 256 Hart, John M., 195 Holz, Steven Robert, 323 Joffe, Mitchell Leon, 199 Kessel, William B., 200 Mart, John T., 290 Honer, Judith, 197, 318 Johannsen, Richard A. 345, 348 Kessler, Alan Wayne, 338 Hartley, John M., 195 Honomichl, Michael J., 197 Johnson, Albert, 93 Kester, Karla K., 200, 241, 350 Hartman, David M., 338 Hood, Danny O ' Keefe, 197 Johnson, Curtis M., 199 Key, Tanya Lynn, 200 Hartshorn, Karen A., 268 Hood, Martha C., 242 Johnson, Cynthia E., 199 Keye, Richard Denney, 200, 279 Harvey, Andrew F., 273 Hood, Wesley David, 284 Johnson, David, 199 Kezele, Joseph M., 350 Harvey, Thomas L., 284 Hooper, Robert F., 294 Johnson, Dennis Dale, 278 Khan, Mohamed H., 200 Harvill, Richard A., 180 Hopi, Lodge 311 Johnson, Drue, 118 Kidwell, R. A., 343 Haslauer, Claudia M., 252 Hopkins, John Mark, 304 Johnson, Harriet M., 199 Kidwell, Vicki Ellen, 249 Hassiotis, Evangelos, 289 Hopper, Brenda E., 249 Johnson, Howard M., 290 Kientz, Jean K., 264 Hastings, Richard M., 346 Hopper, Edith, 260 Johnson, Laura E., 264 Kile, Kenna Mae, 252 Hatch, Tony W., 330 Hopping, Acne Louise, 197 Johnson, Lionel H., 199 Kimble, William C., 339 Hatcher, Michael M., 280 Horticulture Club, 340 Johnson, Lynda A., 199 Kimble, Wayne, 307 Hathaway, James A., 346 Horvat, Michael Lee, 274 Johnson, Lynn E., 262 Ones, M. Gail, 254 Hauer, Laurie E., 196, 264 Hoshaw, Richard Alan, 120 Johnson, Marvin D., 164, 182 King, Anita, 259 Haugebak, Patricia J., 196 Hoskins, Marsha Kay, 262 Johnson, Michael M., 199, 294 King, David A., 337 Haugen, Robert E., 196, 279 Nossler, David J., 197 Johnson, Michael T., 199 King, Deborah Diane, 262 Haugh, Francis W., 196 Hostetler, Hal Hoyt, 311 Johnson, Paul FL, 151 King, Edward Alonzo, 201 Hauser, Margaret E., 241 Houk, Richard Lynn, 76, 310 Johnson, Robert, 175, 199 King, Howard Arthur, 290 Hausner, Suzanne, 196, 260 House, Rebecca Lea, 197 Johnson, Ronald, 281 King, Karen Sue, 201 Haussmann, Margaret, 314 Houston, Robert J., 173 Johnson, Thomas Eric 199 King, Marcia Lee, 36, 252 Havanec, Dawn M., 268 Howard, J. Richard, 349 Johnson, William, 347 King, Randall G., 284 Hawk, Marolyn S., 254 Howard, John Joseph, 334 Johnsrud, Russell N., 199 King, Sandra Lee, 262, 330 Hawke, Robert F., 196, 284 Howard, Michael J., 120 Johnston, Candace A., 256 King, William P., 200 Hawxhurst, Stephanie, 252, 338 Howe, Holly Sue, 353 Johnston, Charles L., 47, 63, Kingston, Raymond L., 201, 339, Hayden, Lee Ann, 268 Howell, George D., 347 199, 244 350 Hayden, Lee Eric, 296 Howell, Leslee, Ann, 264 Jollensten, Sue E., 262 Kingstron, Raymond L., 337 Haydis, Kenneth G. Jr., 294 Howell, Lynn M., 242, 197 Jones, Andrea Lynn, 199 Kinnaman, Robert E., 201 Hayes, Chris Lin, 339 Howell, Michael Jose, 197, 215, Jones, Barbara Ann, 242 Kinneberg, Joan Ann, 58, 201, Hays, Scott Lee, 196 286, 328, 339 Jones, Donna Marie, 199 202, 223, 252, 329 Hazelett, Patricia J., 264 Howell, Richard, 197 Jones, Gary, 276 Kinsey, Sharon Jean, 256 Hazeltine, Beverly A., 246 Howell, Weldon U., 329 Jones, Gerald, 284 Kinsock, Carol Ann, 260, 330 Hazlehurst, E., 258 Hoxie, Christopher F., 281 Jones, Herbert S., 36, 199, 286 Kinsock, Catherine, 260, 330 Healey, David C., 196, 345, 347, Hubbard, David M., 197 Jones, Isaac Jr., 76 Kirby, Stephen Henry, 281 348 Hubbard, Kathy Sue, 197 Jones, John, 277 Kircher, Karen Cole, 264 Hearon, Duff C., 286 Hubbard, Susan, 259 Jones, Judith L., 199, 250 Kircher, Pamela Jane, 259 Hearte, Susan L., 260 Huckle, Denise E., 197, 250 Jones, Karen Genia, 260 Kirkland, Guy Robins, 280 Heath, Jeffrey H., 196 Hudson, John Arthur, 197, 286 Jones, Karyl Lynn, 192, 199, Kirklosky, Louise L., 367 Hecker, Lawrence M., 196, 290 Hudson, Maureen O., 197, 344, 250, 328 Kirkman, Gary Lynn, 339 Hecock, Penny L., 249 353 Jones, Patricia C., 23, 264 Kirkpatrick, Nairn, 262 Hedges, Marissa J., 353 Huff, Gregory, 294 Jones, Quentin B., 310 Kirkpatrick, Terry W., 349 Hedges, Randolph B., 196, 294 Huffman, Ann E., 198, 246 Jones, Robert, 158, 244 Kite, Steven Bernard, 114, 115 Heffelfinger, Grace, 196, 268 Huffman, Julie Diane, 246 Jones, Thomas W., 349 Kitt, Claudia E., 264 Hefferan, Cohen J., 333 Huffman, Patricia, 250 Jones, William R., 348 Kitt, James Calvin, I 1 I Heiler, Joe, 310 Hughes, Barbara A., 198, 262 Joplin, Norma L., 246 Kittell, Larry W., 344 Heide!, John James J., 196 Hughes, Leslie Ann, 2b4 Jorda, Diana June, 254 Kitterman, Roger L., 349 Heir, Carl, 116 Hughs, Ed, 352 Joseph, Alan Aaron, 199 Kleiman, Ladd M., 111 Heller, Mark Lawrenc, 271 Hulbert, Richard E., 198 Joyner, Nancy Jean, 199, 249 Klein, Barbara C., 201 Heller, Mary Beth, 266 Hull, Robert L., 143 Julius, Catherine U., 199 Klein, Joanne Caroly, 201 Hernisch, Richard, 309 Hume, Krista, 350 Judo Club, 336 Klein, Jody Ned, 312, 333 Hemmings, Jill D., 242 Humphries, John E., 198, 290 Judson, Cynthia, 199, 258 Klein, Terrence E., 201 Hencken, Victor E. II, 196, 290 Hungerford, Robert T., 198 Judson, Robert Drake, 118, 290 Kline, James Hartnes, 201 Hendershott, Mary H., 63, 196, Hunnicutt, John Alan, 198, 343 Julian, Sandra Sue, 199 , 241 Klinkowski, Mark J., 290 262, 328 Hunseker, Sharon, 241 Julius, Ronni Lee, 199, 266 Klnlanda, Cherry K., 262 Henderson, Carol Ann, 196 Hunt, Constance Jean, 198 June, Elizabeth B., 199 Kloos, Constance Kay, 67, 201, Henderson, Daniel R., 196, 342 Hunt, Kathleen Diane, 198 Juvera, Deanna Mae S., 199 264 Henderson, Edward, 196 Huntington, Judy Ann, 259 Klopp, Barbara E., 250 Henderson, Janis A., 242 Huntington, Patricia, 250 Kloth, Mary K., 345, 348 Henderson, Linda Sue, 260 Huntsbergcr, Richard, 294 Kahn, Frances Anne, 244 Knapp, Dee, Dee, 351 Henderson, Rebecca L., 252 Hurdle, Robert Cecil, 316 Kahn, Paul M., 200 Kn eebone, W. R., 339 Hendrickson, James A., 284 Hurley, Stephen C., 76, 85 Kaibab-Huachu‘a Hall, 312 Knight, John Steven, 347 Hergert, Molly Ann, 262 Hutson, James M., 345, 348 Kai, Herbert, 272 Knight, Maryanne, 264 Herman, Karen Sue, 266 Hurst, Jon C., 320 Kalil, Freddie Jo., 36, 61, 246 Knight, Robert Paul, 270 Herman, Nancy C., 260 Hustead, Danny Carl, 29, 76, 83 Kallman, Ellen, Ruth, 266 Knobloch, Kenneth M, 271 Hermanson, Glenn R., 196 Huston, Craig Wright, 198 Kammer, Christine M., 262 Knoerle, Nancy Anne, 252 Hernandez, Johnny, 345 Hutchins, Paul D., 198 Kaniecki, Dean T., 276 snoop, Thomas Alex, 288 Hernmeter, Jon, 351 Hutchins, Virginia, 250 Kaplan, Steven Mark, 114 Knorr, Phillip N., 337 Herrick, Emma B., 304 Hutchinson, Stuart R., 198 Kappa Alpha, 273 Knowles, Natalie Ann, 201 Herrick, Thomas C., 294 Kappa Alpha Theta, 260, 261 Knudsen, John S., 201, 279 Hervey, Hilary H., 334 Kappa Delta Pi, 344 Kocisko, Robert John, 201 Herzog, Raymond H., 196, 296 abouitz, Earl, 333 Kappa Epsilon, 361 Kodner, David Erwin, 201, 271 Hesler, James Finley, 290 de, Marilyn Elaine, 198, 244 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 262, 263 Koehler, Frank, 261 Hess, Karl, 59Igoe, Michael C.. 290 Kappa Kappa Psi, 350 Koff, Sharon F., 350 Hetrick, Dave, 346 !Grin, Jack, 99 Kappa Psi, 362 Kohler, Frank Louis, 126, 296 Hibbs, William H., 341 les, Cara lyn, 241 Kappa Sigma, 281 Kollar, Alexandra, 256 Hickey, Terrence, 196 liff, Michael James, 339 Karate Club, 370 Kolstad, Gregory N., 116 Hicks, James Robert, 196 Ilige, John Denis, 198 Karons, Juanita C., 256 Komada, Carol Ann, 201 Higbie, Lee Charles, 290 ngram, Mary Schalee, 198, 256 Karp, Ron, 333 Kornorowski, Jan W., 201 Hildebrand, Robert D., 196 estitute of Electrical andEle‘• Karst, Edgar, 354 Konecny, Michael J., 201 Hilditch, Hugh F., 350 tronir Engineers, 349 Kaslikowski, Chester, 200 Kopstein, Susan C., 303 Hilfiger, Charlotte, 196 nternational Folk Dance Club, Kassmir, Teri Ruth, 200 Koren, Nathaniel I., 201, 354 Hill, Betty Marie, 318 369 Katz, Michael Darrel, 200 Koren, Sharon M., 201 Hill, David O., 273 sbutt, Michael Elli, 296 Katz, Mitchel, 302 Kornman, Sheryl Rose, 367 Hill, Dean C., 280 tule, Bruce Dennis, 198, 219 Katz, Randy Carol, 266 Koshmider, James K., 201, 350 Hill, F. J., 349 Kaufman, Sue Lynn, 329 Koss, Jerry Eugene, 201, 277 Hill, Julie Anna, 254 Kaufman, Anne S., 262 Korowski, Robin J., 241 Hill, Peter I., 290 Jablonski, Gary E., 198 Kawamoto, Roy Tadash, 348 Kovalcik, Nicholas F., 277 Hillberry, Norman, 346 Jarkiinczyk, Judith A., 256 Kawin, Margo Helen, 200, 244 Kowalski, Kevin R., 201 Hilliard, Donald D., 196 Jackson, Diane C., 329 Kaydettes, 357 Kramer, Bruce B., 271 Hillman, Jimrnye, 337 Jackson, Diane P., 198 Kay, Nancy Jeanne, 252, 353 Kramer, Cynthia Faye, 266 Hillyard, Susan Anne, 258 Jackson, Loren E., 272 Kaylor, Elizabeth, 306 Kratochvil, Fredric, 201 Hinck, John F., 197 Jackson, William D., 274, 330 Kearin, Timothy D., 116 Krause, Cheryl Ann, 201 Hinds, H. Martin, 290 Jacob, Victoria, 350 Kearney, Thomas Jose, 200 Kraynick, Maryann M., 247 Hiner, Nicolas, James, 350, 352 Jacobs, David Harvey, 198 Kearns, Kenneth D., 346 Kreigh, James D., 347 Hinman, Charles C., 197, 276 Jacobs, Edwin M., 274 Keaton, Jeffrey Ray, 333 Kremer, Ellen Louise, 244 Hinton, Adrian C., 349 Jacobs, Stephen E., 272 Kececioglu, Detnitri, 347 Kremp, Peter Gerhard, 339 Hinton, Barry Allen, 197 Jacobsen, Sandra C., 252 Keebler, Vivian Sue, 256, 330, Krieg, Susan Cochran, 201 Hitter, Louis Henry, 270 Jacobson, Gunrard K., 198, 322 341, 342 Krieger, Claudia B., 244 Hix, Willis George J., 197 Jacobsen, Karen E., 333, 352 Keeler, Richard Lee, 118 Krieger, Lloyd I., 201, 271 Ho, Kwok Hung W., 347 Jacobson, Linda L., 61, 260 Keenan, Brooks A., 200 Kriz, Richard Arthur, 76 Hodder, William A., 197 Jacobson, Patricia A., 198 Keenan, James G., 200, 284 Kroft Dennis John, 286 Hodgers, Teresa Jean, 367 Jacobson, Van Lynn, 294 Keenan, Michael J., 200, 272 Kronenberger, Carol, 266 Hodges, David P., 197 Jacoby, Morris Lee, 338 Keene, Carolyn E. 259 Kronick, Cynthia Ann, 321 Hoel, Gilford Carver, 278 Jacoby Roberta 1., 258 Keithly, Kelly Grant, 200, 272 Kropf, Pamela, 303 Hoenle, Bernard S., 197 Jacome, Dionici a T., 198, 258 Kellam, Truman B., 200, 311 Krucker, Kathleen A., 250 Hoenle, Christens M., 350 James, Elizabeth W., 242 Keller, Barbara Sue, 244 Kruse, Bonnie Jean, 201, 250 Hofer, Michael M., 276 James, Jigger, 290 Keller, Keaton Kruszalnicki, Stephen, 290 Hoff, Carol Louise, 197, 250 James, Judith May, 63, 246, 330 Keller, Peter Byrne, 333 Kuchar, Jeffrey, 367 Hoff, Suzanne, 252 Jasim, ATRyab, 347 Kellogg, Mary Alice, 60, 61, Kuchel, William P., 202, 341 Hoffman, Elizabeth A., 197 Jeffcott, Pamela Gay, 198, 252 330 ,367 Kufahl, Judy E., 249 Hogan, Bety Ann, 333 Jeffry, William A., 36, 274 Kelly, James L., 200, 276 Kuhl, Dennis Aloys, 274 Hogan, Cheryl Lea, 197, 250 Jenkins, Frank III, 76 Kelly, Kathy Lou, 349 Kuhn, athryn Marie, 247 Hoge, John Ernest, 296 Jenkins, Lynn Marie, 254, 260 Kelly, Nancy Louise, 258 Kuiper, Gerald P., 174, 149 Huger, Mary Beth, 197 Jennings, Wesley R., 198 Kelly, Patrick E., 200 Kull, Geary Wayne, 202, 277 Holbrook, Gordon Lee, 281 Jensen, Blain A., 198 Kelly, Richard James, 342 Kunke, Mary Margaret, 202 Holbrook, Margaret L., 246 Jensen, Donald Carl, 312 Kelter, Alexander, 188, 200 Kurdeka, David L., 202, 347 Holden, Herbert C., 333, 319 Jensen, Gale Marie, 352 Kemp, Jack, 200 Kwong, Alex Kwokchin, 202 Holdridge, Randall R,, 197, 212, Jensen, William C., 279 Kernpff, Sharon D., 66, 260 284 Jerman, Mary Ann, 60, 198, 211, Kempton, Robert G., 349 Holland, Robert Karl, 339, 349 262, 328 Kernpton, Sharon F., 66, 183, LaBahn, Beverly Jean, 202 Hollander, Jill Dory, 266 Jerome, Patricia Ann, 242 328 Lacy, Barbara Jo, 250 Holman, Charles N., 294 Jette, Guy Elmer, 199 Kendall, James M., 346 Ladin, Michael P., 274 Holman, Robert A., 339 Jette, Rosalie E., 342 Kennedy, Linda Chase, 200, 258 Ladra, Richard Bruce, 272 Holmberg, Donald D., 350 Jewett, Arden, 254 Kent, Judith, 59 laechelin, Gary Lee, 202 Holmes, Alan Wright, 276 Jewett, Trena May, 256, 333 Kenton, Cora Fern, 200 Leine, Margaret Ann, 260 Holsulaw, Richard H., 350 Jimenez, Del Donald. 199, 272 Kerklosky, Louise, 318 Lakin, Charlene Jean, 260 Holt, Margaret Audre, 249 Jimenez, R. A., 347 Kernell, Georgette A., 254 Lamar, Elizabeth Ann, 262 Holtz, Adrienne, 313, 333 Job, Steve Edmund, 281 Kerr, Roger Eliot, 200 Lamb, Ellen Crable, 66, 259 Lamb, Gail Susan, 250 Lorusso, John A., 203 Mayer, Robert D.,118 Meyer, William, 284 lambda Chi Alpha, 272 Loughridge, Susan, 253 Mayo, Bradford W., 279 Meyer, William W., 338 Lamott, Linda Ann, 202 Lovato, Anthony L., 203 Maze, Manuel A., 342 Meyerson, Gregory Z., 271 Lampert, David M., 281 Lovstrom, Kenneth A., 203 Mbuvi, David M., 338 Micena, John Albert, 340 Lancaster, Connie L., 202, 262 Low, Christopher P., 291 Mcalear, Doris E., 353 Michalitsanos A., 206 Landeen, Jonathan F., 274 Low, Jeffrey Allan, 271 McArthur, Sue S., 205, 351 Michel, Glenn Alan, 1 1 1 Landis, Sheryl Ann, 250 Lowder, Frances P. H., 203 McBride, Alan W., 205, 281 Michele, Melinda, 259 Lane, Judith Louise, 264 Lowe, Jeff, 354 ' ,Bride, Daniel E., 281 Middleton, David Lee, 206 Lane, Pamela Suzanne, 262 Lowman, Deloris E., 203, 249 McBride, Leslie A., 242 Middleton, Julie Ann, 338, 339 Lane, Sandra Judith, 202, 318 Lowrances, Kenneth F., 203, McCabe, Michael W., 333 Middleton, Michael E., 310 Lang, Dan Anthony, 294 270, 347 McCallar, Paul, 205 Miely, Ronald Robert, 348 Lang, Sandra Jean, 318 Lowry, David B., 209, 276 McCann, Michael R., 339 Mies, Willard E., 206 Lange, F. C., 347 Loyd, John Charles, 333 McCarron, Christi J., 255 Mihelich, Sharon D., 206 langen, H. J., 343 Luce, Charlotte, Ann, 268 McCarroll, Michael P., 284 Miles, Janice Marie, 260 Lansdale, Jack L. Jr., 294 Luce, Margaret M., 268 McCarthy, Bruce E., 333 Milgroom, Walter H., 294 Lantzer, Edwin Lee, 345, 348 Luke, Vance Hopfner, 204, 279 McCarthy, Colleen C., 253 Milhelic, Sharon, 251 Larson, Bruce A., 73 Lundin, Frank A., 204 McCarthy, John G., 294 Miller, Charles, 349 Larsen, Garvin, 334 Lungren, Timothy K., 316, 334 McCarthy, Judith L., 259 Miller, Glen Michael, 206, 349 Larsen, Vicki, 353 Lupton, Frantz R., 274 McCarty, Martha M., 253 Miller, John Earl, 207 Larson, Garvin Gunna, 202, 350 Luthardt, Majorie J., 256 McCarty, William K., 294 Miller, John Orville, 206 Larson, Janell, Susan, 352 Lybeck, Lynn Vernon, 350, 352 McCauley, Shelagh K., 256 Miller, Karen, 268 Larson, Laurel Marie, 254 Lynch, Mary E., 204, 264 McClughen, Deborah L., 256 Miller, Margaret K., 260, 353 Larson, Mary K., 202 Lynn, Sarah Ellen, 204, 249 McClure, Jay D., 76 Miller, Mark Edmond, 207 LaSalle, Patricia An, 71, 367 Lyon, James, 286 McConnell, Donna L., 205 Miller, Marsha Chi, 207 Lassalle, Denise R., 242 Lyon, Mary Susan, 254 McConnell, Lamont R., 344 Miller, Marsha Ellen, 251 Latcham, Laureen F., 202 McConnell, Margaret, 249, 333 Miller, Michael Alan, 350 Lauber, Julie Ann, 251 McCormick, Joyce A., 205, 247 Miller, Sandra L., 348 Lavin, Clifford M., 202 Mabry, Charles R., 56 McCormick, Thomas P., 291 Miller, Sharon Louis, 207 Lawrence, Bruce B., 281 MacChiaverna, Bruce, 204 McCown, Lee, 291 Miller, Susan Jean, 207, 260 Lawrence, Geoffrey T., 202, 279 MacDonald, Barbara L., 339 McCoy, Carol V., 241 Miller, William, 207, 284 Laws, Bo, 333 Macek, John Adam, 346, 379 McCoy, Patricia A., 241 Miller, William S., 76 Lawson, Dolores Thom, 202 Maclntyre, Catherine, 204, 254 McCoy, Virginia B., 205 Millington, Barbara, 207 Lawson, Julie Ann, 202 Maclntyre, Richard B., 339 McCreedy, Michael J., 205, 281 Millington, Dale E., 207 Leathy, Christina E., 260, 202 MacKlin, Rev N., 36, 76 McCullough, Edward C., 205 Mills, Constance G., 207, 259 Leben, Teena Jean, 244 MacReynolds, David, 317 McDonald, Bernalea C., 344 Mincks, Mary Lenise, 207, 241 Leber, Leslie Susan, 256 Madden, James A., 204 McDonald, David E., 205 Minehart, Barry Neal, 207, 286 Lecher, Andrew C., 271 Madsen, Merlin, 302 McDonald, Harold L., 346 Miner, Juliet F., 256 Lecoutour, Robert W., 347 Magoolaghan, Denis F., 204, 322 McDonald, Kerry A., 205 Miniat, Kevin Edmond, 286 Ledesma, Javier Jr., 272 Magrane, Ross W., 279 McDonald, Skye D., 205, 263 Miniat, Linda B., 268 Leduc, Robert Roger, 76 Mahoney, Christine A., 264 McDougal, James N., 294 Minnich, Ronald Lee, 207 Lee, Bruce David, 76, 79, 86 Mahoney, Kathlee n S., 204, 249 McDougal, Russell T., 294 Mitchell, Bruce A., 347 Lee, Mrs. Jack, 350 Mains, Lynda Grace, 251 McEvers, Mary B., 249 Mitchell, Christine, 249 Lee, James Richard, 116 Mains, William P., 204 McEwen, Jack E., 116 Mitchell, Edward F., 76, 296 Lee, Lim Davis, 333 Maisel, Kathryn L., 266 McEwen, Jay W., 278 Mitchell, Gregg F., 207, 337, Lee, Phyllis Anne, 252 Malcolm, Georgia E., 324 McFadyen, Anne M., 255 339, 347 Lee, Thomas Charles, 93, 99, Malkin, Stephen Z., 56 McFadyen, Mary K., 242 Mitchel, Michael F., 207, 277 103, 280 Mallamo, Arthur Jose 204 McFarland, Michael A., 339 Mitchell, Terri S., 264 Leff, Steven Alan, 202, 345 Mallon, Elliott Mark, 271 McFarlin, Mary P., 205, 263 Mitchell, William A., 276, 346 Leffingwell, Lynn A., 264 Mallow, Claudia Ann, 204, 367 McFaul, Mark S., 294 Mitchell, Zena F., 339 Lefkowitz, Joan Lois, 202 Mandel, Jeffrey H., 271 McGowan, Vincent, 346 Moberly, Marcia M., 207, 247 Leftwich, Kay Debora, 249 Mandell, Miriam Hope, 244 McGee, Craig, 274 Moe, Lois Ann, 207 Leggett, David Neal, 116 Maneval, James R., 204, 296 McGehee, Cecil, 76 Moebius, Thomas W., 207 Legrand Jane F., 351 Mangan, Peter A., 113 McGeorge, Melinda E., 205, 264 Mogy, Richard Jon, 207, 271 Lehman, Marshall A., 202 Mangerich, Margaret, 318 McGirr, Scott C., 114 Mohave Hall, 315 Lehmer, Sandra Gail, 264 Manheimer, Irene, 204 McGlamery, James A., 274 Mohr, Henry Clifford, 207, 270 Leigh, Susan Ann, 202 Manley, Melissa B., 260 McGoon, Linda W., 236 Mohr, Wesley George, 207, 291 Leman, Kevin, 320 Manley, Paul P., 204 McGrath, Barbara L., 242 Mokeon, Mike, 338 Lemieux, Mary Lee, 334 Manlin, Sallie B., 244 McGuire, Emily E., 205, 256 Molina, Barbara B., 66, 260 Lemke, Janice L., 259 Manly, Mary C., 253 McHugh, Colleen E., 206, 247 Molina, Joseph C., 207, 334 Lemmon, Patricia Lou, 202 Mann, Katharine S., 255 McHugh, Francis J., 206 Molt, Robert William, 118 Lent, Barbara Ellen, 202, 254 Mann, Lyle W., 270 McHugh, Neil F., 206 Monahan, Thomas Luke, 343 Lepie, Eric Jonathan, 271 Mansfield, William A., 348 McIntosh, Scott L., 283 Monolo, Sherry Paula, 253 Lesh, Kerk Damon, 76, 290 Mankanita Hall, 313 McIntyre, Marshall L., 206 Monroe, Charles P., 341 Lesk, Sharon Donna, 266 Mapes, Linda A., 263 McKeighen, Larry M., 338 Montano, Oscar, 207, 277 Lesnick, Irene Mary, 251 Maples, Carol E., 324 McKinley, William J., 76 Montano, Oscar, 334 Lester, Peter A., 339 Maraschiello, Mary M., 204 McKinney, Walter Jr., 93, 102 Montgomery, Linda D., 268 Levi, Katherine H., 266 Marcuccili, Thomas, 204 McKinsey, Linda E., 206 Moody, William M., 36, 76, 185, Levine, Gloria Ann, 202 Marette, Nicholas C., 76 McKusick, Brian D., 350 207, 328, 329 Levitz, Karen Alice, 202, 242, Margo, Steven L., 204 McLachlan, Ross W., 350 Moon, Cynthia, 255 354 Maricopa Hall, 314 McLaughlin, George R., 348 Moon, Elizabeth P., 207 Levitz, Suzanne M., 247 Mariscal, Anna M., 241 McLaughlin, Gilbert, 334 Mooney, Mauree n Ann, 207, 258 Levy, Leon, 163 Marketing Club, 354 McLeod, Antoinette L., 255 Mooney, Myles G., 208 Lew, Irene Bigghah J., 203 Markle, Edward D., 320 McLeod, John M., 206 Moore, Arthur Burton, 278 Lewellen, Thomas Jay, 294 Marks, Beverly I., 204 McLoone, James B., 288 Moore, Elizabeth C., 208 Lewis, Christopher H., 346, 357 Maroney, Suzi M., 255 McLoughlin, Mary E., 263 Moore, Linda Marvele, 208 Lewis, David, 294 Marquez, Edmund G., 204 McMahan, Melinda A., 263 Moore, Margaret E., 249 Lewis, Douglas D., 347 Marquez, Priscilla, 204 McMahan, Michaels L., 206, 263 Moore, Mary Hallie, 249 Lewis, Jacob Richard, 334 Marr, Andrea J., 266 McMillian, Martha L., 263 Moore, Michael, 296 Lewis, Marcia, Ruth, 203 Marrs, Anthony W., 274 McMillen, Hal T., 206, 294 Moore, Nelson Eugene, 208 Lewis, Sharon Jane, 203 Marshall, Candace, 247 McMillan, Samuel C., 164 Moore, Patrick Lloyd, 208 Lewis, Steven Alan, 203 Marshall, Darrel, 356 McNally, Therese L., 206, 268 Moorehead, Clinton F., 295 Lewis, Thomas, 339 Marshall, Harry L., 171 McNamara, Michael, 278 Moramontoya, Horacio, 208 Ley, Kathy, 254 Marshall, John G., 204 McNamee, Stephen M., 206 Moreland, Michael D., 67, 286 Lidge, Ralph T., 274 Marshall, Margar et S., 255 McNaughton, Gay, 264 Morford, lames W., 208, 280 Lievers, Linda Lee A., 203 Martin, Beverly L., 348 McNutt, Marcia A., 330, 348 Morgan, Jo Ann, 306 Light, Stephanie A., 264 Martin, James C., 172 McPhai l, Allan K., 291 Morgan, Judith E., 267 Lincer, Jacqueline A., 203 Martin, June C., 171 McPheeters, Merle R., 206 Moriarty, Richard A., 76, B9 Lind, Sharon Frances, 203 Martin, Marilyn J., 204 McPike, Timothy K., 296 Morley, Gail P., 256 Lindamood, Cathie A., 254 Martinez, Henry M. Jr., 111 McQuade, John H., 206 Morley, Thomas W., 287 Lindemnuth, Richard, 337 Martinez, Raymond J., 350 McQuide, Scott L., 279 Morressey, Colleen, 350 Lindley, Jeffrey A., 270 Mascarenas, Manuel, 204 McRae, Bingham T., 338 Morris, Jerry Ray, 208, 278 Lindmark, Barbara S., 333 Mascia, Frank, 205, 286 McWethy, Sarah A., 249 Morris, M. Pamela, 249 Lindstrom, Stephen A., 91, 203, Mason, Jeffrey W., 286 Meacham, Milo L., 340 Morris, Marie Ann P., 208 277 Mason, Wanda L., 342 Mead, Ruth E., 247 Morris, Melba Louise, 208 Lininger, Cornelia, 314 Massengale, Martin A., 337 Mead, Stanley C., 206 Morris, Michael Dan, 271 Linn, Thomas Edward, 203 Massucco, Pauldean L., 205 Meal., George, 120 Morris, Stephen Lee, 281 Lins, Christine D., 263 Masters, Michael A., 286 Means, Arthur W., 277 Morrison, Gene C., 284, 330 Linsenbard, Susan J., 203, 249 Mateyunas, Jon P., 319 Mears, Paul A. Jr., 272 Morrison, Jack, 334 Linton, Deborah Ann, 251 Mathes, Malcolm K., 281 Medley, Bette J., 247 Morrison, Jill S., 244 Lippmann, Lee N., 271 Mathew, Joan E., 259 Meece, Diane K., 367 Morrison, June, 341 Lisherness, Charles, 279 Mathews, Christopher King, 150 Mehl, George P., 274 Morrison, Michael 5., 208, 284 Little, Sidney W., 132 Matishak, John A., 76 Meibohrn, John D., 349 Morrow, Dana, 208 Littrell, John Lewis, 333, 348 Matson, Mary K., 205, 247 Meier, Lyle D., 346 Morse, Marilyn Ruth, 244 Livingston, Anthony, 203 Matsumura, Melvin E., 205 Mela, Bill, 352 Mortar Board, 328 Livingston, Lawrence, 274 Matte, Paul J. Jr., 176 Melick, Penelope A. ,259 Motschall, Robert M., 113 Llamas, Frank Ramon, 286 Matter, Martha E., 247 Meloy, John C., 280 Mount, Jane E., 253 Lochner, Robert H., 350 Matthews, Gary D., 205 Meltzer, Adrienne Z., 267 Mroz, Pamela Ann, 251 Lockridge, Katherine, 251 Matthews, Phillip D., 310 Membrila, George, 113 Mudra, Darrell Eugene, 77, 76 Lockwood, Jeffrey F., 334 Matthews, Thomas G., 294 Menary, Robert F., 116, 286 Mueller, James David, 208, 347 Lodge, Harry Stephen, 284 Mattingly, Allan W., 168 Menaugh, Paul T., 63, 206, 274 Mueller, Kenneth A., 333 Lodge, William E., 291 Mattison, John R., 205, 281 Mendoza, Joe R., 350 Mueller, Robert B., 208 Lottis, Patricia S., 260 Mattox, Keith E., 349 Mendoza, Sylvia A., 206 Mulder, Cherie Ellen, 255 Logan, Michael, 281 Matushino, Elizabeth, 333 Mense, Allan T., 276, 338 Mullen, Patricia Ann, 20B Logan, Wendy C., 263 Matz, Patricia L., 255 Mercer, Patricia A., 333, 342 Mullens, Kenneth Ray, 208 Lohr, Randi Allison, 266 Maucher, Lawrence E., 347 Merchant, Margaret J., 206 Muller, Patty, 251 Lohse, John Allen, 203 Maurer, Gail L., 66, 267 Mercier, Gail J., 206, 308 Munch, Bonnie Anne, 259 Lomshe, Robert David, 120, 274 Maurer, Ronald L., 205 Meredith, Willis C., 302 Muncy, Martin Bert, 20B Loisel, Sue Rae, 253 Maury, Ann R., 264 Mergard, Jean C., 206 Munson, Carolyn, 35 Lombaer, Susan M., 27, 52, 203, Maxwell, Margaret L., 59, 241 Merrill, Carol S., 353 Munzer, Daniel W., 274 263, 329 May, David L., 190, 205, 276, Merrill, Charles F., 206 Muramoto, Hiroshi, 337 London, Judy Hess, 266 329, 348, 349 Merrill, Robert L., 206 Murdoch, James P., 320 Long, Robert, 341 May, Elna M., 255 Merritt, Patricia A., 350 Murfin, Christine A., 208, 263 Long, Russell P., 278 May, Leland M., 347 Merzerbaum, Susan, 244 Murphy, Deborah L., 259 Longmire, Jack D., 203, 284 May, Mary A., 60, 208, 209, Mesik, Mark Edw ard, 350 Murphy, Jan Alan, 208 Longwill, Patrice E., 203 328 Metcalf, Marcia Sue, 206, 217, Murphy, Jerry Bob, 330 Lopez, Ventura G., 203 May, Pamela, 343 249, 329 Murphy, Kenneth R., 165 Lord, Allan Charles, 203, 320 May, Walter F., 205, 278 Metzenbaum, Susan L., 244 Murphy, Russell Reed, 279 Lorton, Gregory A., 316 Maya, Yolanda G., 205 Meyer, Michael Don, 272, 338 Murray, Maureen Anne, 208 Murray, Steve Claude, 281 Olsen, Lynne Belle, 195, 328, Murry, Portia Merle, 263 367 Muse, Susan Ann, 208 Olson, Christina L., 210, 241 Mutschler, Lean P., 208, 249 Olson, Karen Sue, 210 Myers, Barbara Toby, 208, 242 Olson, Nancy Sue, 256 Myers, Eddie Morris, 93 OWialey, Robert G., 120, 210 Myers, Harold, 131 O ' Malley, Peggy, 263 Myhre, Robert James, 59 Omicron Nu, 353 O ' Neal, Wm. Pierce, 210 Naegle, Carl Anthony, 209, 347 O ' Neil, Ruth Anastasi, 253 Ong, Eileen Kay, 210, 328, 342 Naegle, Johnny Clyde, 76 Ong, Howard, 348 Nagel, Vicki E., 209 Ong, Teresa Lynn, 330, 342 Nankerl, Max, 346 Oppenheim, Donald J., 271 Nash, James Patrick, 274 334 7, 1 3 J., . J ry ego r G Opstad, Nash, John F., 58, 206, 209, Orchesis, 365 272 339 P., , Griordan, William H., 210, 334, Nathan Stephen P. 309, 330, 367 334 Orman, Elaine Rene, 210 Nation, Robert S. 111, 284 Ornelas, Linda Anne, 36, 61, National Collegiate Players, 351 333 263, Naughton, Janice F., 225, 330 316 31 , ll Ha o j Nava Osrb r, Osborn, Diane Mary,n, 221100, 314 O Neal, William F., 76, 78, 291 Ostapuk, Michael A 210 Near, William, 287 Osterloh, John D., 113 Needel, Ann Susan, 306 Overall, Don Bearden, 210 Neff, Barbara E., 348 Overlock, Starr, 210, 259 Nefstead, Lewis C., 209 Overton, Dana Claire, 262 Nehlawi, Kalil, 353 Owens, Gary Walter, 272 Ueil, John Charles, 350 Owens, Judith Ann, 247 Neil, Thomas Robert, 350 Owens, Kerry Jean, 210 Nelson, Barry, 76 Nelson, Christine E., 209, 256 Nelson, Daniel G., 209 Paccione, Janet Vict, 210 Nelson, Gary Ralph, 209 Pace, Jeanne Lavonne, 60, 330 Nelson, George, 346 Packard, Linda Lee, 260 Nelson, Gordon P., 209, 276 Peckham, Patricia Lo, 242 Nelson, R. Thomas, 339 Padden, Thomas Henry, 279 Nelson, Teri Rae, 242 Padelford, John Carl, 93 Nelson, Thomas Dean, 76, 80, Padula, Sandra Lyn, 241 209, 277 Paez, Antonio Centre, 347 Nelson, William, 111 Paige, Sandy, 350 Nesteruk, Harry A., 342 Pajaczkowski, Milada, 348 Netter, Lee Edwin, 209 Paleck, William Fran, 285, 330 Netzorg, Nancy Ellen, 260 Palmer, Abigail Loui, 242 Neubauer, Jean Eve, 255 Palmer, Bruce Edward, 120 Neugebauer, Victoria, 247 Palmer, Fred Downey, 210 Neville, Jill Alison, 321 Palmer, Margaret Joa, 264 Newcastle, Helen P., 344 Palmer, Nancy Kathie, 251 Newkirk, L. Christine, 209, 242 Palmer, Pennie Lee, 242 Newlin, David Morris, 350 Palmer, Sally Marie, 210, 264 Newton, Richard S., 340 Palmieri, Anthony S., 211, 297 Newman, Donald Lee, 348 Papago Hall, 317 Newman, Stanley R., 350 Papanikolas, Grant S., 211, 291 Newsom, Robert Lee, 287 Pappas, Kay Lou, 263, 367 Niblett, Adrienne, 255 Parham, Harry Crossw, 211, 236 Nicholas, Ilene M., 333 Parham, Ronald Allen, 341, 344 Nicholson, Jeanne D., 264 Park, Linda Marie, 263 Nicholson, Marilyn, 209 Park, William Gene, 211 Nicholson, Susan E., 259 Parkerson, Daniel El, 35 Nickels, Nick, 287 Parks, William 0. III, 285 Nicodemus, Kathy M., 247 Parotino, Barbara Fr., 211 Niel, Scott Lynn, 279 Parris, Andrea, 267 Nielson, Michael A., 350 Parrish, Randy Leigh, 211, 345 Niestemski, Walter S., 287 Parrot, Frances A., 167 Niggle, Jean Grace, 209 Parsons, William Rog, 211 Nigh, Edward L., 337 Patridge, Bruce, 76 Nixon, Robert George, 209 Paru, Rachel Joy, 211 Nogal, Barbara, 249 Paskal, Jill Karen, 253 Nolan, Nellie Jean, 209 Paske, Gary Bruce, 76 Nolan, Wilson Edwin, 337 Passey, David Earl, 113, 295 Noles, Cynthia E., 256 Passey, James Martin, 211, 295 Nolf, Chester F., 345, 348 Pasternack, Irwin G. E., 271 Noll, Judy Lyn, 249 Patterson, Charles C., 211 Nomura, Ronald N., 276 Patterson, Gale Robe, 211, 296 Nordberg, Mary Ann, 333 Patterson, Martha R. U., 211 Nordholrn, Carl David, 209 Patton, David James, 295 Norman, Linda L., 209, 256 Paulson, Beth Ann, 264 Norrbom, Christine, 259 Paulson, James Micha, 274 Northcutt, Peggy R., 260 Paulson, Judy Jean, 211 Northington, Mary S., 251, 342 Paulson, F. Robert, 138 Norton, Jacqueline R., 259 Paver, Pamela Jo, 251 Novak, Laurence Joel, 271 Pavlina, Linda Janic, 211 Novinski, Norbert L., 209 Pawloski, Veronica A., 198, 211, Novorr, Patricia L., 244 329 Nockols, Marjorie M., 236 Pastors, Douglas C., 173 Nunez, Daniel Edward, 270 Nunn, Linda C., 209, 343 Paxton, Larry Charle, 350 Nuoffer, Carol Jean, 209, 308 Payne, !ernes Bernard, 348 287 Joseph, J James m a J , ss u Payton, Ronald Louis, 278 N Peabody, Raymond Sno, 36 Peacock, Mark, 114 Oachs, Dan, 351 Pearce, Pennilee F., 211 Ober, Dvorre, Rofey, 209 Pear ' stein, Lynn M., 211 Oberg, Kevin Walter, 209 Pearse, Robin, 211, 297 Obert, Darrell Lee, 293 Pearson, Daniel Lee, 211 Obligato, Peter R., 350 Pearson, Nancy Kirst, 259 °Oregon, Francisco, 209 Peck, Elyse Rochelle, 267 O ' Brien, Patrick A., 209, 319 Peckham, Edward John 337 Obrock, Carol Lee, 262 Peckham, Robert Carne, 211 Ocepek, David Brent, 333 Pederson, Dale Vince, 273 Ochoa, Stephen, 209, 274 Pedroli, Bette Jane, 267 Ochoaromero, Ramon B., 347 Pehlivanzade, Alper, 211 Ochs, Sharon P., 244 Pe1.1, Dale Richard, 287 Ode, Carla, 255 Pence, Dan 211 O ' Dell, Peggy Ann, 209 Penero, John, 120 Odgers, Karl John, 209 Pengelly, Owen Ulyss, 211 Odowd, Charles K., 280 Pennington, Barbara, 242 Ogden, Phil, 337, 338 Pensinger, Richard W., 285 Oglethorpe, Terry L., 210, 337, Pergrem, Romona June, 211, 256 339 Perkins, Cecil Dale, 338 Ogsbury, Carol Anne, 210, 253 Perkins, Cynthia Sue, 211 Ogsbury, Janice Lynn, 241 Perlman, Ilene Rober, 244 Ohaco, James Francis, 338 Perlman, Mark Albert, 347 Ohaco, Kathleen L., 339 Perot, Mary Katherin, 211, 242 O ' Hara, Andrew Hugh, 296 Perry, Allan Ross, 118 O ' Hara, Margaret M., 352 Perry, David Glenn, 212, 392 O ' Hare, John Edward, 210 Perry, Edith Lynn, 251, 330 O ' Hare, Thomas A. J., 210 Perry, Elizabeth Ann, 212, 350 Ohlfest, Robert M., 210 Perry, Gary, 311 Oien, Nancy Elaine, 210 Perry, Lisa, 212 Oitker, Joanne Lee, 255 Pertuit, Patricia, 212, 263 Okamoto, Joyce M., 210, 313 Pertuit, Peggy, 263 Okita, Thomas M., 210 Petersen, Katharine, 261 Okum, Cathy Louise, 267 Petersen, Phillip C. A., 295 Oliver, Isabelle, 305 Peterson, Gail Yvett, 263 Olney, Carol Louise, 66, 255 Peterson, Karen, 264 Olsen, Judith Anne, 210, Peterson, Randall 5., 76 251, 329 Peterson, Skiys, 116 Peterson, William, 212 Romsower, Joan Louis, 213 Pettigrew, David M., 212, 234 Ranjel, Alberto Jr., 310 Pfeifle, David Lee, 212 Rank , John R., 339 Pfeil, Carolyn Wendy, 66, 259 Rankin, Linda Jean, 268 Pfisterer, Kendra J. A., 247 Ranmar, Paul Everett, 213, 279 Phelps, Cynthia Caye, 255 Ransburg, Sally L., 251 Phi Chi Theta, 342 Rashid, Theresa M. St., 213 Phi Delta Chi, 362 Rasmussen, Hans Chris, 213 Phi Delta Theta, 282 Rasp, Lorraine Marie, 333 Phi Eta Sigma, 333 Rathbun, Gerald Will, 213, 343 Phi Gamma Delta, 284, 285 Rathbun, Sandra Lee, 264 Phi Larnba, Phrateres, 373 Rauh, David Stiles, 72 Pi Mu, 268 Rauschkold, Roy S., 337 Phi MI, Alpha Sinfonia, 352 Raviola, James Bruce, 334 Phi Sigma Kappa, 283 Rawn, Peggy Anne, 259 Pnilippopoulos, Vass, 273 Ray, Dennis Tad, 350 Phillips, Frances E. L., 256 Ray, John Lewin, 76 Phillips, Ralph Merr, 285 Rayl, Sandra Lee, 321 Pi Beta Phi, 264, 265 Raymond, Jane Ann, 253 Pi Kappa Alpha, 286, 287 Raynor, Gerald S., 338 Pi Mu Epsilon National, 354 Real E Club, 344 Pi Omega Pi, 343 Reay, Gayle Donna, 306, 213, Pickart, Michael J., 350 334 Pierce, Chaillemar, 249 Redfern, Kenneth Cha., 118 Pierce, John Tracy, 346 Rednor, Laurance, Jam, 281 Pierce, Steve Morris, 285 Reeb, Mary, Margaret, 251 Pierson, Edward Erne, 272 Reed, John Hunter, 213 Pierson, Joseph Nich, 272, 330 Reed, Linda Eilene, 257 Pi!cher, Pamela Leno, 212, 351 Reed, Thomas Chancel, 213 Pitcher, Rebecca Rus., 253 Reeves, Dougal Bisse, 213 Pillsbury, Douglas R., 323 Reeves, Gary Ray, 345 Pima Hall, 318 Reeves, Terry Dale, 287 Pinal Hall, 319 Register, Don, 317 Pincus, Rebecca Bass, 212 Regner, William John, 277 Pirnie, Pamela Jane, 259 Reiblich, George W., 287 Pistor, William J., 172 Reife, Howard Bruce, 271 Pitman, Nancy Jayne, 263 Reilly, Elizabeth P. A., 255 Pitts, Ronald Eugene, 333 Reilly, Lynn L., 253 Platt, Harvey Bennet, 212 Reimold, Nancy Eggle, 259 Plodinec, Timothy A., 212 Reimold, Rick Cherie, 274 Plog, Henry John Jr., 212, 334, Reinhold, Patsy Ann, 213 367 Reining, Joan McDani., 213 Pobristo, Joseph, 341 Reinmiller, John P. Capt., 356 Pollyea, Sherry Hope, 212, 267 Rektor, Dr. Bella, 341 Poole, Francis Mark, 302 Relfe, Patricia Gail, 257 Poplack, Susan Lynn, 267 Remick, Dan Morris, 279 Popof, Patricia Robi, 257 Remington, Cy Will., 339 Porcelain, Martin E. N., 212 Renfro, Margaret M., 318 Porreca, Zane Sue, 268 Renner, Daniel Waite, 295 Porter, Anna Marie, 338 Renshaw, Neil Bruce, 296 Porter, Fern Augusta, 263 Reserve Officer Training Core Porter, Pamela Eugen, 251 Ranger Company, 356 Porton, Mariette C., 212 Resident Hall Association, 334 Poshka, Joann, 242 Resseguie, Judith M. A., 243 Post, Don, 339 Restaino, Thomas Ala., 278 Postil, Steven, 212 Resur, Rachel Ann, 213 Potthoff, Diana Gayl, 261 Reuland, Geoffrey V. A., 295 Pottorff, Victor S., 212 Reuter, Roger Ralph, 342 Poulos, Diane Eudoxi, 212 Reynolds, Donald W., 76 Poulter, Gene Raymond, 212 Reynolds, James Wind, 276 Powell, Dale Alan, 270 Reynolds, Randy 114 Powell, Don Wayne, 328, 329 Reynolds, Robert Dan, 213 Powell, Nancy Diane, 261 Reynolds, Rosemary, 213, 242 Power, Eldra, 212 Rho Chi, 359 Power, Randal Larry, 212 Rhodes, Dr. Herbert D., 145 Powley, Frances Caro, 253 Rhodes, Thomas Harve, 214 Poynter, Susan Jane, 263 Rhody, Jerome, Joseph, 214 Prather, Caren JoeII, 212 Ribas, Ivan Gene, 214 Pratt, Judith S., 249 Rice, David Earl, 296 Prefling, John Thomas, 274 Rice, Garry Wayne, 346 Preger, Dennis Robert, 287 Rice, Marjorie Diana, 318 Prescott, John Curry, 212 Rice, Sally Gibbs, 253 Presley, Cynthia, 253 Rich, Howard Ivan, 214 Press, Andrea Judith, 244 Richardson, Leon And, 214 Preston, William R., 295 Richardson, William, 350, 352 Price, Barry Dean, 271 Richter, Robert, 271 Price, Gary, 334 Richter, Robert John, 214 Puce, Penelope, 66, 263 Ricker, Cynthia Lee, 251 Price, Royal A., 76 Riddle, Ricky Lynn, 118 Price, Stephen Murra, 212, 295 Ridenour, Richard Al, 214, 295 Prigmore, Michael J. A., 297 Ridgley, Joan Elise, 268 Prigmore, William D. A., 297 Riese, Diane Kathlee, 214, 249 Prince, Richard Dale, 76, 291 Riklin, Sarabeth, 339 Pritchard, Michael F., 76 Riley, Nancy Claire, 214 Pritchard, Neal, 212 Ritchie, Charles F., 177 Proctor, Chester Les., 711 Ritchie, Roger Steve, 278 Proctor, Linda Lee, 268 Ritzinger, Gail Elle, 265 Provenzale, Anthony, 334 Rivard, Geri Catheri, 265 Pruitt, Richard Wayne, 213 Rivera, John Thomas, 348 Pruitt, Wanda Fay, 213 Rivero, Angel Lorenz, 214 Prushansky, Harry A. A., 271 Rixton, Frederick, H. E., 297 Pugeat, Jean Bernard, 213 Roads, Helen Marie, 261 Pugsley, Craig Richard, 273 Roark, Rodney Douglas, 284 Pulford, Jeffrey Lou., 213, 277 Robbins, Orlenda Fay, 214 Puntenney, James W., 201, 213, Robbins, Warren G. Jr., 116 285, 328 Roberson, Ethel Kath, 247 Puntenney, Timothy P., 63, 193, Roberson, G. Walton, 63, 170 213, 285, 328 Roberts, Franklin Th, 302 Purcell, Doris Ann, 259 Roberts, Richard All, 214 Purcell, Jean Elizabeth, 253 Roberts, Marcia B., 321 Pusateri, Charles P. E., 287 Robertson, Mary, 265 Putters Club, 365 Robertson, Sloan Lin, 214 Pylant, Charlotte R. U., 242 Robey, Mary Catherin, 247, 330 Robinson, Douglas Jo, 214 Robinson, Elizabeth, 261 Qualls, Maxine Heste, 213 Robinson, Linda Kay, 253 Qualls, Susan Patrick, 213 Robson, Gary Stephen, 278 Qualtrough, Norman E., 342 Roafellow, Norma B., 163 Ouantz, David Monroe, 297 Rodeo Club, 339 Que, John Ngaysin, 316 Rodgers, Jane Lizbet, 338, 339 Quimby, Charles M., 337 Rodgers, John Michae, 346 Quinlan, Laura Anne, 264 Rodgers, Richard Tho, 278 Quinn, Howard, Bartho., 278 Rodman, Jane Heirs, 263 Quinn, Robert Gamble, 213 Rodriguez, Efren Jos, 214 Quintana, Joe James, 297 Rodriguez, Perazza M., 346 Rodriguez, Peter P., 76 Rogacki, Vivian, 339 Radetsky, Beth Ellen, 267 Rogers, Donald Petri, 214 Radin, Jeffrey, Victor, 320 Rogge, Laurence E., 76 Radmacher, Nancy Ann, 213, Roggeveen, Catherine, 214, 255 259 Rogow, Marcia Ann, 244 Rak, Charles Howard, 279 Roland, Karen Ellen, 318, 367 Rakickas, Ronald Jud, 213 Roll, John Paul, 214, 334 Rallis, George Sater, 320 Roloto, Frank, 352 Ralston Jesse B., 341 Roman, Carlos Domini, 296 Ralston, William Alan, 277 Roman, Elizabeth Ann, 265 Ramblers, 374 Romanoski, Mary Jane, 339 Ramsey, Louis Albert, 76 Romer, Carole Joan, 265 Romero, Irma Molina, 214 Schlueter, Charles D., 76, 83, Simonds, Joan, 253 Stetzenbach, Klaus J., 219 Ro mick, Linda Jo., 63, 253 88, 89 Sims, Shelley Ann, 255 Stevens, Carlos T., 291 Ronquillo, Irma Marg, 214, 350 Schlueter, Jayd, 291 Sims, Susan K., 305, 353 Stevens, Carol, 339 Roome, Christina Phy, 243 Schmid, Gary, 346 Singer, Pau l L., 163 Stevens, Richard C., 345 Roripaugh, Ray Louis, 339 Schmidt, Barbara J. 0., 265 Sipprell, Suzanne, 324 Stevenson, James, 114 RosaIdo, Robert Will, 334 Schmidt, John Brian. 275 Sirota, David, 344 Stevenson, Ricky A., 76, 81 Rosaschi, Robin Lynn, 304 Schmidt, Susan Franc, 251 Sizer, Margaret Mary, 263 Stevenson, Roberta J., 219 Roscoe, Kathy Jean, 347 Schmidt, Theodore R. E., 346 Skanadore, William R., 279 Stevenson, William J., 339 Rose, Dennis James, 279 Schmitt, Robert Chri, 216 Skawin, Gary Eugene, 275 Stewart, Elizabeth J., 219 Rose, Eugene Paul, 214, 341, Schinutz, Erwin, 338 Ski Club, 374 Stewart, George E., 219, 320 343 Schrock, William Howe, 348 Sklar, Judy M., 267 Stewart, Marshall C., 219 RoseII, Jon Ericson, 334 Schoenherr, Roger El., 347 Skold, Kimberlee J., 265 Stewart, Nancy Sue, 257 Rosen, Daniel Bernar, 271 Schrader, Marcia Ell, 216 Skold, Kristina Anne, 265 Stewart, Wanda Gail, 219 Rosenberg, Aronld St., 214, 278 Schroeder, William L., 111 Slaten, Helen I., 267 Stine, Paul F., 219 Rosenberg, Daryl Sue, 245 Schuchardt, Gerald A., 216 Slavick, Nancy Joy, 245 Sliver, Bruce, Alan, 348 Rosenberg, Robert P. I., 334 Schuler, Barb, 330, 367 Slavin, Barry Mark, 217, 271 Stixrud, Daniel Greg, 279 Rosenblum, Ann, 214 Schuler, Linda Ruth, 257 Sloan, Sheila Lynn, 217 Stobeugh, Wiley J., 219 Ross, Carolyn, 354 Schlute, Eric Bernar, 323 Slotnick, Dorothy, 217 Stockton, Paul B., 287 Ross, John Stricker, 338 Schultz, William Ken, 287 Small, Louise, 241 Stokes, Richard H., 280 Rossetti, Anthony Jo., 215 Schwartz, Carl Wesle, 116 Smart, Brenda Ann, 265 Stolle, Susan Ellen, 263 Rothery, Douglas Eug, 76, 291 Schwartz, Carole Ann, 245 Smiley, Gerald F., 271 Stone, Joan Marie, 268 Rothman, Frances Bet, 245 Schwartz, Judy Lynn, 267 Smith, Arthur, 275 Stone, Steven Lee, 291 Rotolo, Douglas Fran, 215, 270 Schwartz, Nolan Jay, 271 Smith, Carter M., 217, 281 Stoner, Stephen John, 334 Roup, Jeanne Louise 215 Schwarzer, Joseph K. A., 279 Smith, Christie Fox, 253 Story, Richard Dale, 219 Roush, Catherine Eli, 308 Schwien, Janis Annet, 216, 343 Smith, David, 275 Stouffer, Gail L., 219 Rousseau, Katherine, 263 Schwiminer, Michael F., 216 Smith, Deeann, Robert, 259 Strauser, Garry D., 219 Routman, Jill Beth, 267 Scipio, Johnny David, 216 Smith, Denise M., 352 Strecker, Linda Joy, 261 Rovey, Edward Willie, 215 Scott, Greg Michael, 216 Smith, Donna Duryea, 329 Strelnick, Danielle, 219 Rowe, Dennis William, 215 Scott, Marcia Virgin, 216, 243 Smith, Edward W., 339 Strembel, Cynthi 3 A., 249 Rowe, Elizabeth Jane, 243 Scott, Stephen Haley, 216 Smith, Evelyn Marie, 217 Stressman, Edward J., 219, 272, Roy, Frances A., 149 Scripps, Barry Hower, 216, 277 Smith, Everett F. Jr., 217 331 Rozendal, Theodore N., 215 Scurfield, April Pri, 350, 352 Smith, Grant Edward, 58, 217 Stressman, Pam, 338 Rubenstein, Eileen, 215 Sears, Deborah Anne, 259 Smith, Janm, 347 Strobel, Paul S., 296 Rubin, Helen Beth, 267 Secan, James Alan, 273, 338 Sm ith, Jean W., 167 Strode, Margaret Ann, 255 Rubitz, Kathryn Mela, 215 Senor, Russell Peter, 296 Smith, Joyce Mitchel, 217, 257 Stroehlein, Jack L., 337 Ruby, Frederick Robe, 274 Secrist, Richard Lew, 291 Smith, Kevin Paul, 281 Stromberg, Stanley A., 219, 273 Rucker, Richard Doug, 215 Sedabres, Gilbert Vi., 216 Smith, Laura Lee, 265 Strong, Thomas Ralph, 219, 320, Ruiz, Sylvia Alice, 351 Sedor, Steve John Jr., 216 Smith, Lynette Lea, 217 347 Ruley, Frank Mark, 295 Seel, Karen A., 348 Smith, Melody Kae, 257 Strout, Dawn Carol, 219 Ruoho, Gary William, 111 Segal, Lance Edward, 76 Smith, Myra Blanche, 217 Struckmeyer, Jan H., 255 Rushing, Garold Melt, 110, 111 Seidel, Jan Elyse, 267 Smith, Nancy, 217 Stryker, Michael 0., 219 Russo, Arthur Rhodes, 291 Seidman, Jeffrey Har, 216, 281 Smith, Paul, 287 Stuart, Charles C., 287 Ruth, Ellen Jester, 263 Seiler, Susan, 216 Smith, Paul, 217 Stucky, Douglas Kent, 219 Rutherford, Mary Ann, 253 Seitz, William Josep, 216 Smith, Robert Paul, 76 Studer, Timothy R., 278 Rutschman, Wayne R., 295 Selke, Dr. Marutn, 338 Smith, Ronnie Lynn, 338 Stuhley, Tommy T., 219 Ryan, Claire Farrell, 329 Sellers, Mark Garver, 281 Smith, Sheridan E., 249 Stull, Carolyn Mahe, 257 Ryan, D. J., 215 Seltzer, Pamela Elai, 303 Smith, Spencer A., 217 Stutman, Rod Alan, 219 Ryan, Dennis, 334 Sember, Joseph A., 270 Smith, Stephany H., 218 Suckow, Gilbert Lee, 296 Ryan, Patty Joann, 253 Semingson, Zita Alet, 216 Smith, Steven Lewis, 285 Sucre, Richard P., 220. 296 Ryan, Sally Jane, 259 Setzer, Cinders Hope, 216 Smith, Teryl Lynn, 257 Sukey, Paulette Barb, 259 Ryciak, Steve D., 215 Setzer, Sylvia Miche, 257 Smith, Veronica E., 257 Sulaiman, Yousif S., 220 Ryden, Jeanne Mahe, 253 Sevenoaks, Richard C., 278 Smith, Vivian Carole, 218, 352 Sulcer, Charity Lee, 257 Ryden, Linda Ruth, 334 Seward, Thomas Arthu, 287 Smith, William, 218 Sullivae, Elizabeth, 268 Ryerse, William Herb, 341 Sexton, Nanette Bard, 36, 263 Smith, Yvette Ann, 255 Sullivan, John, 338 Seymour, Willard Ren, 216 Smithson, John Ray, 338, 339 Sullivan, Michael, 275 Shackleford, Kathryn, 243 Smithson, Jolene, 339 Summers, Christopher, 273 Sabin, Grant Burr, 215 Shanks, David W., 120 Smitzer, James 311 Sumner, Karyl Ann, 241 Sabo, Lynn Michelle, 251 Shanks, Guy William, 216 Snavely, Thomas A., 287 Supp, Howard Lyle, 220, 354 Sackett, John Irvin, 346 Shanley, John Michae, 285 Snelharn, John Sydney, 218 Supp, Jeffrey Samuel, 307 Sacks, Deborah Beth, 245 Shannon, Carol Ann, 257 Snow, William R., 218 Suttelle, Lynne E., 220 Sadek, Susan Florenc, 245 Shannon, Jeanne Cons, 216 Snore, Rick Ralph, 339 Sutton, Robert M., 220 Sadowski, Raymond M. I., 215 Shapiro, Fred Alvin, 216 Snyder, Leonard M., 218, 271 Swain, Karen Ann, 220 Sagen, Alan Terry, 273 Shapiro, Leonard Isr, 271 Snyder, Rocky Wayne, 272 Swain, Martha Louise, 249 Saber, Robert Frankli, 272 Shapiro, Richard Con, 302, 334 Snyder, Rowena N., 218 Swan, Robert, 196, 220, 285, Sailer, James Ward, 215, 276 Sharber, Normang, 163 Snyder Teresa Ann, 255 328, 329 Sekato, Gary Masami, 215, 272 Sharp, David Ponder, 285, 330 Sobel, Janice Faye, 267 Swanland, Charles M., 333 Sakin, Victoria L., 215 Shaw, Lucinda Jane, 249 Sobel, Patricia Leon, 257 Swanner, Veronica F., 220 Salant, David Robb, 120 Shaw, Robert, 280 Society for the Advancement of Swanson, Deborah L., 249 Salazar, Donald Mart, 71, 215, Sheedy, Timothy Corb, 76, 291 Management, 343 Swanson, Jeffrey M., 277 291, 328 Sheehe, Terrance All, 113 Sogo, David Takaji, 218 Swanson, William J., 275 Saldate, Morcario, 344 Sheffield, Scott Ala, 270 Sohn, Vicki Lee, 241 Swartz, Douglas B., 114 Saliba, David Lewis, 295 Shein, Keith L., 275 Sokolski, Judith Ann, 218 Symposium, 329 Salzman, Charles Ben, 215 Sheley, James Walter, 350 Soloman, Jane Mara, 267 Szudlo, Joyce Karen, 220 Sampson, Barbara Ann, 215 Shelley, Candis Rene, 268 Solomon, Martin J., 218 Sampson, Linda Susan, 257 Shelton, Richard Ala, 350 Sondock, Sandra Gene, 267 Sampson, William M., 271, 350, Shenkarow, Nancy Jan, 245 Sonora Hall, 321 Taggart, Karen Lynn, 251 352 Sheppard, William S. C., 333, Sophos, 332 Takagi, Dolores P., 241, 350 Sanborn, Linda Susan, 257 334 Sorensen, Gladys E., 154 Takagi, George T., 220, 350 Sancet, Frank, 107 Sher, Linda Sue, 217 South Hall, 322 Takagi, Patrick, 334 Sandahl, Douglas C., 291 Sheridan, Kim Alan, 273, 143 Southard, Stephen R., 277 Talbot, Gwendolyn E., 220 Sanders, Dennis, 278 Sherman, James Theod, 76 Southern, Edward R., 218 Talley, William L., 320 Sanders, Earl Jackso, 297 Sherwood, Ted Wheele, 76, 80, Sowls, Heather Lynn, 218 Tallon, James C., 295 Sanders, John, 272 291 Spalding, Myrna Joan, 218 Talmage, Louise D., 220 Sanderson, John Reic, 280 Shetter, Susan Quade, 330 Sparkman, Sheryl Jay, 330 Tamarkin, Carole, 243 Sandin, Stephen Tinto, 215, 295 Shields, Andrea Lyn, 217 Spear, Diane, 261 Tanenbaum, Ronald J., 220 Sandlin, Teresa Anna, 215, 253 Shields, James Micha, 277 Speas, Rodger Lee, 218 Tang, Lonnie, 220 Santa Cruz Hall 320 Shields, Karen Joy R., 255 Spease, Steven John, 273 Tanguay, Edward, 296 Santacruz, Joseph, 116 Shields Marilee, Pau, 249 Spencer, Darlene Jo, 218 Tannehill, Richard L., 220 Sapienza, Tony James, 215, 296 Shiff, Harold Hampto, 291 Spencer, Lynn Nora, 218 Tannenbaum, Ron, 334 Sergeant, Victor Woo, 116 Shioji, Hiroki, 310 Spencer, Marlene J., 218 laplett, Christine K., 253 Sarnoski, Kenneth P. A., 76, 215 Shirk, Brian Jackson, 275 Spogen, Donna Lee, 333 Tappy, William Ernest, 76 Satterlee, Marcia J. E., 257 Shirk, Robert Wayne, 278 Spong, Donald A., 273 Tarnowski, Joseph W., 220, 296 Satterstrom, Cindy, 253 Shirley, William Art., 334 Sprecher, Vance John, 281 Tarr, Charles Jack, 220 Sauro, Anthony Edwar, 71 Shniderson, Ann Joyc, 267 Spring, Barbra Ann, 339 Tarwater, Wendell L., 330 Savage, John Bruce J., 281 Shoman, Daniel, 217 Springstead, Richard, 278 Tashnek, Julianne E., 267 Sawyer, Richard Clai, 349 Shonerd, Wesley Alan, 320 Struell, Philip AA., 218 Tashnek, Nanette C., 267 Saxon, Robert Lee, 116, 215 Shores, Wallace J., 273 Spurs, 332 Tatuin, Jeffrey G., 118 Sayre, Frederick, bill, 194, 215 Short, Barbara, Jeann, 217 Staitiff, Susan, 255 Tatum, Roy, 118 Scabbard and Blade, 357 Short, Dean Chilton, 217 Stallings, John C., 285 Tau Beta Pi, 347 Scaling, Peggy Ellen, 265 Short, Jacequeline L. E., 259 Stamps, Roland A., 93 Tau Beta Sigma, 350 Scalpone, Nickey Lou, 279 Shreve, John Terrenc, 217 Stanley, Michael D., 273 Tau Kappa Epsilon, 296 Scanlon, Becky, 263 Shrigley, Lillie Ann, 251 Stanley, Catherine A., 261 Taylor, Catherine H., 220 Scanlon, Franklin T. A., 347 Shuck, Pamela Dee, 259 Stanley, John L., 272 Taylor, Florence E., 243 Scanlon, Mark Nichol, 270 Shunt, Michael Puikwa, 217 Stanley, Larry Joe, 349 Taylor Joan B., 189, 220, 257 Scarborough, Deborah, 249 Shurnaker, Beverly Jo, 263 Starek, Robert John, 275 Taylor, Richard V., 72 Scarla, Arthur Louis, 285 Shuman, Daniel Wayne, 217 Starkopf, Lawrence S., 271 Taylor, Roger E., 297 Schaefer, Stephanie, 305 Sicher, Dawn Marie, 257 Starr, Arlene, 218 Teague, Julia A., 243 Schaeffer, Edward C. H., 215 Sicilian, Robert Joh, 76 Starsman, Marsha S., 218 Tear, Susan, 220, 261 Schafer, Marilyn lea, 243 Siders, Donald Lee, 217 Stattel, Suellen, 329, 218, 247 Tebbetts, Patricia J., 220 Schafer, Patricia J. A., 215, 241 Siegel, George, 217 Stdenis, Richard W., 218, 279 Teicher, Carolyn J., 306, 334 Schafer, Susan, 249 Siegel, Irwin Sonny, 280 Stearman, Linda D., 53, 261 Telep, Gerald N., 220 Schagren, Melvyn, 216 Siegel, Ronald David, 217, 278 Stearn, Joan S., 253 Templeton, Kathryn A., 220, 255 Schakelford, Judy, 351 Siegling, Philip Lou, 352 Steed, Seymour P., 309 Tenbroeck, Richard L., 118 Schallenberger, Bob, 118 Siek, Evelyn Elizabe, 347 Steele, Jennifer Sue, 257 Tepper, Frank Paul, 116 Schatzberg, Terry I. R., 338, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 123, 288, Steelhammer, Gail 8., 218 Teran, Humberto F., 220 339 289 Steers, Henry III, 279 Terry, Patricia Ann, 220 Scheel!, Gary Richar, 338 Sigma Alpha Iota, 352 Steffen, Patricia M., 259 Terry, Truman S., 221, 280 Scheetz, Astrid Chri, 216, 306 Sigma Chi, 290, 291 Stein, Alan Lee, 330 Thames, John Long, 333 Scheffler, Helen Sam, 245 Sigma Epsilon Chi, 361 Stein, Beverly D., 219 Theta Chi, 297 Scheihing, Daniel P. A., 291 Sigma Delta Psi, 363 Stein, Eileen Marcia, 219 Theta Sigma Pi, 367 Scheiner, Helene Rut, 267 Sigma Delta Tau, 266, 267 Stein, Leslie 5., 295 Theta Tau, 348 Schellenberg, Arthur, 163 Sigma Nu, 292, 293 Stein, Lorna Mae, 219 Theurer, Brent, 337 Schenck, Douglas Lee, 216 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 294, 295 Steinwachs, Donald M., 348 Tholl, Walter Lee, Jr., 352 Schiele, Dame Elain, 216, 251 Sill, Mary M., 265 Stelljes, Linda M., 219, 257 Thorne, Thomas Frank, 221 Schimmel, Craig Barn, 291 Silverman, Andrew, 217 Stenerson, Kimberly, 263 Thomas, Beryl V., 255 Schirmer, Jack Lloyd, 287 Silverstein, Janice, 245 Stephens, Vicki Ann, 219 Thomas, Billie Neal, 348 Schlobohm, Judy Lynn, 216 Silver Wing, 356 Stephenson, Irvin L., 219 Thomas, Charles T., 273 Schlotterbeck, Rober, 216, 297 Simon, Daniel John, 276 Stephenson, John T., 219 Thomas, George, 277 „ g ul CO cLq, -65 -oc z 2§4 ;0-2 • clejg 01 -0 0; 4; 41 31 „ 4 ow -0-0-C3M, CD L,VW 7 • • - . 33333333.333333§§§§ , 012,2,c 333333333333333333333333333 33 3333333N33333333 -,:9 ' , ' 4 ,-, ,- n L6 2 .§ k _ ,.., . , ,: „, ,!; 7!.,;i?;=„,,, — ' °‹ ' ' ' ,]0” ,-:, , , ' ' . - ' ; T,,-,„3, 0 ks7 1969 Desert The making of the 1969 DESERT was indeed a difficult task. If not for the cooperation of a dedicated staff, this yearbook would not exist. To even estimate the number of people involved in the production of this yearbook would be impossible. Directly and indirectly many hundreds of people were concerned with the 1969 DESERT. We would like to take this opportunity to thank some of those people. To the staff: John, Niki, Adrienne, DeNise, Gary, Maggie, Judy, Dan, Suellen, Kathy, Tim, Linda, Cthy, Ferris, Zana, Steve, Karen, Bert, and Jill .. a most sincere thanks for a job well done. To ASUA Photo Service: thanks for doing the impossible. To Mr. Charles Tribolet: thanks for being so patient and understanding. Lastly, to Mr. Phil Dering, American Yearbook Company representative: thanks for being the meanest man on earth and for giving us your invaluable help in the production of the 1969 DESERT. We would like to also extend our thanks to the many others involved in the production of this yearbook. We have set many new trends in this year ' s DESERT, trends which we hope you ' ll enjoy and save. The 1969 DESERT is for you THE INDIVIDUAL . David Perry Linda Ganschinietz Co-Editors, 1969 DESERT David Perry Co-Editor-in-Chief Linda Ganschinietz Co-Editor-in-Chief DeNise Flint Layout Editor John Hoge Activities and Sports Editor Adrienne Crane .. Administration Colleges Editor Dan Eisenberg Copy and Men ' s Dorm ' s Editor Gary Gomez Greek ' s Co-Editor Maggie McConnell Greek ' s Co-Editor Suellen Stattel Senior ' s Co-Editor Judy Schwartz Senior ' s Co-Editor Niki Engelhardt Women ' s Dorm ' s I ndez Editor Kathy Ryan Organization ' s Editor Tim Lungren Head Photographer Steve Bard Photogrzpher Karen Dickey Photographer Bert Rosenbluth Photographer Cathy Thompson Asst. Copy Editor Ferris Smith Asst. Copy Editor Zana Porreca Asst. Copy Editor Linda Miller Admin.-Colleges Asst. Jill Neville Asst. to the Editors Susan Gamble Cover Design 392 696L VNOZINV AO 11S213AIN11

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