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ER T PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA TUCSON, ARIZONA SPIRIT Events of ' 67- ' 68 ......... . 19 .............. 51 Queens. ............ . . 62 Activities. . ........... . 131 SC H0011 Administration . Colleges . . . 2 ST DFNTS Seniors . Organizations Greeks Dorms . Senior Activities • . ....... • 201 241 . 283 . 36 386 . 161 • 169 3 --- ' SAFFORD PK. --- J (.47V----,- . ' . ----N S a " ----14:11 ' .). PICTURE ROCKS -. " -- ' ' ' -- ( 14 M, ) . ._...- ' _, ' .-- -_ --- ' ' .7, -- --- WASSON ik • v - _-_ ... V - - - - ,........,_ 7 . 7 7 kiY " — C, . . ' ' . - - -, , , - ,... -.-- - --- -..-- -,. , - - - --_, : - - - - . . . ...-- - - - • ..._ . . __ • .:___ , _,,,„,. -7 ,____ .--r----- , t , 1 _;--- 7 - V Eel) i .- . - ' --4(1. ' " ?.- - SONORA - -47 i ., 1 MUSEUM ;42, 41i) 1) GATES PASS L A J ‘ ■ GOLDEN GATE MT • LN.:;44 " IR 1111 00L4LALS AIRCRAFT 03 TUCSON MUNICIPAL u •IRLINfi 7TRANOtAL (EL. Z 570) AIRPORT SAN XAVIER DEL BAC (YyzNsI Whether scattered between business and law offices among narrow downtown streets or rambling cross green- carpeted hills, a university perpetuates a unified service — to gather and synthesize, to generate and shape those ideas which mobilize a society. Living, moving systems are the source of ideas and a university must function to pat- tern these concepts in ever progressing links. The wonder of laughter and joined hands as well as the methodized study of technology and growth, mirror all the surfaces and needs of human interaction. The university can neither operate without these problems and questions of social interdependence, nor find justification for such processes unless to evolve frameworks for a better society. ❑ Tuc- son and the University of Arizona work together to open opportunities for Arizona business and growth. Arizona is farming, mining and ranching, health resorts and the Titan air missile base. The University of Arizona is a research center for these diverse projects. The College of Agriculture is involved with pesticide research, with arid- cando study to cultivate desert lands with irrigation sys- tems, with dairy farming and animal husbandry. The special project of Architecture students this year was to plan and build a scale model housing settlement for the local Papago Indians, under the direction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. ❑ And the significant element of these studies is that of J-- social contact. Agriculture students work out on the ex- perimental farms in close association with staff other than faculty. Faculty professors themselves often work summers with pesticide chemistry research for local firms. Architecture seniors designed roles involving a " man-in- the-field " who was to specifically gather from individual Papagos housing facets that adapt to their culture and tradition. ❑ Social contact is the basis of the Colleges of Nursing and Education, also. Upper division nursing labs convene in St. Mary ' s and St. Joseph ' s Hospital and the Tucson Medical Center, working along side aides in physio- therapy labs and out-patient clinics. This same practical ex- perience is gained through the student-observation and teaching programs in Public Schools in the College of Education. Even theoretical research through the Motiva- tional Research Center involves field-work through per- sonal questionnaires from specified income-bracket fami- lies, from participants in the Head Start Program, and classes in special education at the School for Deaf and Blind. The University is indeed a library of knowledge and practicable systems, and yet it is clearly seen that these systems evolve practically because they are applied to and structured within the surrounding community — Tucson. E But a university is much more than a reservoir of struc- tured knowledge — it provides a social perspective and 4 T , ' ' ' - ' Ni r(1440, :.4.. " ,- ' 1- i 1. N % ' •. ' 0 i N ,,......,„ , , .. -•?... 4 N ' 2% `9. VOt t 0 - •-, L. 14 • ---, - F V -44- , : • , f i, -. ,, ,,, ,,, ? S. 1. ..:4 - ' ' ' ' ' CANYON PICNIC AREA , 6 .. ' ' ' ' ,, I ' 4,; ? , (15 MO , , •, " ,,; ' ...... rX. ° 1 y ' ' ... , - ,), , L ,z; j 4 1 ..-- " 7 " ... ; v v 7, t a i ' - ,--- - JJJJ 1 . 4 RIK NO {AMINO HVED A ••4 AGUA 5 At. COUP MY W.A. fIJCSOM OLD FT. LOWELL(omo caTUCSON MEDICAL CENTER 11E010.670 ROAO OAV∎S MONTNAN A F 8 DOORMAN GUNNERY RANGE c-- COLOS BE TO BENSON DOUGLAS EL PASO human awareness that doesn ' s operate on a business scale. This is the knowledge of working with people, of being open to philosophies and culture and the occasions that just make people happy to be together. And this scale might be labeled The Arts — occasions, materials and thoughts projected in multitudinous individual patterns. ❑ Here the students of the University of Arizona are di- rectly exchanging with society. Departmental Drama pro- ductions combine student services, in specific, to offer Tucson a history and workshop of the literary fields. The campus gallery prepares programs of contemporary media — of artists who in turn attempt to project personal insight of social patterns. Politics, religion, guidelines of industry, and just fine entertainment are all areas offered Tucsonans through Speakers Board engagements and Artist Series contracts. In specific, then, the University works as the nucleus and standard of Tucson culture, of Tucson society. ❑ Perhaps the most vibrant and apparent role of the University of Arizona in Tucson, however, are the couples and triples and whole groups of young students who make Tucson alive, who boost local business, who paint and build their own atmosphere, who make the loud talk and party sounds which at least waken a town to moving and alive enthusiasm. Tucson is ... Sixth Street lined with poster galleries and donut shops; Movie theatres and " Paraphernalia " boutique shops; book stores and laundries and gas stations. The University of Arizona is ... Street dances and renovating shop spaces; midnight coffee breaks and weekends on Mt. Lemmon. kt • RE D4NVON The University of Arizona is lines of young people who may not be back, but who added somehow to the composi- tion of Tucson society and business. 5 THE UNIVERSITY A NUCLEUS F TUCSON CULTURE OPTICAL sciENcES_CENTER UNIVERSITrOF ARIZONA FOUNDATIOP i A n llE .id4. sii NAN 4v ' " ' - -,i„4,„ vs-so74r-ife-, ,e,_tT, 07.706_ kV+ ' ' ' ... , . co: ■744-1ti4t).1 ‘hrT 0 v 4 tv) , • –4•44, 4 !k641 t..- 4 P V ' ANY, • TUCSON AND THE UNIVERSITY COOPERATE IN A GROWING COMMUNITY The University College of Medicine was completed for the Fall semester 1968 Snow on the Santa Catalina Mountains 8 0 COMMUNITY SERVICE- EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS ON TRIAL Duval Copper and Potash Mine near Tucson THE TUCSON AREA- TOUCHSTONES FOR A DIVERSIFIED UNIVERSITY •0 _ ta " 0 " 2081111AB Historical San Xavier del Bac Mission 12 3 3 0 3 ' CD COMMERCE - SHARED GROUND OF CIVIC AND STUDENT VENTURES 4Dif.5 MENS ALTERATIONS CLEARERS At 0 LAUTIORY 14 15 Traditional colors accent Un iversity of Arizona fountain THE ULTIMATE GOAL A TOTAL INTERCHANGE OF MUNICIPAL AND EDUCATIONAL PATTERNS 16 GZ A spirited stallion is both a beautiful and fearful challenge to a rider. Break the horse, take away his spirit and he becomes an animal which would inspire few riders. Take away the autonomy of a university and it becomes a nursery school where every ity and thought are tightly controlled and where few students would be inspired. ❑ Autonomy does not require a university to exist independently of other social orders in a community. Defined as self-government with interdependent goals, auton- omy does require a university to form and inform the intellect, to recognize bo th the individual and the social natures of a student, and to provide him with specialized study, cultural education which prepares him for community life, and to insure him the freedom to inquire into any subject. Like the proud stallion which is beautiful when he is free, and dangerous when he is first caught, the spirit of a university can be to itself and the nity inspirational and socially harmonious when it is free, and ugly when it is suppressed. ❑ A visible example of social harmony and spirit is a football game; the team fights to win glory for its school, and the spectators roar with encouragement. Less visible but very present in an autonomous university is the spirit of inquiry; students are free to explore without censorship the natures of ism and communism, professors are free to penetrate t he core of any dogma, tear it a part and place it before their students for evaluation, and administrators are free to protect that spirit on the grounds that if it were taken away the university would become little more than a hobbyhorse. ❑ Corralling a university by outside institutions can begin with the administrators who in turn can confine the alumni and student body. Like the cornered stallion who bolts and snorts, the reaction by students against suppression may be in the form of written protests, verbal demonstrations, or finally in desperation, riots. If the suppression were successful, the community would observe a broken university complete with buildings and people but without spirit. ❑ Should a community or one of its political, religious or economic groups suspect disorder within the university, it may be vinced that the university is indeed in need of outside control. What is often interpreted as internal unity, may actually be that necessary tension which exists among people interested in civilized progress. REGISTRATION Endless lines, countless cards, familiar faces — a new semester. Registration is frustration (being pre-registered in five 7:15 a.m. classes) and a lot of hard work (get dean ' s signature on card No. 2 and report to station No. 1 in the PMM Building). Registration is bumping into old classmates and meeting new ones. It is waiting in line two hours only to find out a class has been cancelled. Regis- tration is having to walk two miles to find out your license plate number. It is discovering that you spent the entire past semester in the wrong class. But most of all, it is the beginning of a new year and the first in a long line of activities that create the " spirit " of the University of Arizona. 20 ALL STUDENTS CHECK HERE e O N SHORTEST LINE P)ESE T CARD V13 21 " A " DAY TO REMEMBER " A " Day Queen Charlene Sasnett. 22 As in past years, more whitewash landed on the freshmen than on the " A. " 23 University students seem to be real pros at gambling. LAS VEGAS NITE 24 Go-go dancers and cigarette girls livened up the evening consider- ably. 25 M U STATIONS T REGISTRATION 2 TEMPERATURE 3 JUICE SNACK 4 MED. HISTORY 5 PHYS.ED ROTC. 6 BOTTLE ISSUE 7 DONOR AREA 8 SIESTA BOTTLE TAKE-IN • 9 DONOR CANTEEN !O SIGN-UP Br4INI-1 SOME GAVE BLOOD 26 OTHERS PROTESTED r C)-( •1‘. A Rt 1 1 Ve+ Nam V 16, O.. Co me ON‘t ,) cro IOU or 2307 ' M CO( 27 TWIRP WEEK Tradition demands — the woman must pay! David Wilson — Most Eligible Bachelor. 28 HI AND SMILE WEEK Hi and Smile Week is no time for inhibitions. 29 U OF A RODEO A University cowboy shows ' em how it ' s done. 30 ENGINEER ' S DAY An Aggie cheers his team on. 31 SU BIRTHDAY Ramona Coulson — Miss University of Arizona. MISS U OF A 3 3 :• III IIIIIIMIIIIMON=MINII•11,t):1,-.,, bA NNW AINI111111=4:01.114 riellIllina: ,:.,snecoaso • al NOMMEHNOMMONIMINIEWANIN x V imeiwinisnitimff , IL ' 111.11111111111111111111MMINEW 1,:,,,`. Crilie: 1 e.`f 4111•1111•1111•MUIN Es (111111111•11•11111111MUNIIIV2411Eitsgwat,... 4111111111111.111UUM. Ma 1111111•W•11111111•111111111111 ,PIIIIIIISIMOSIEIC51 a IMINIII MIN =MOO MOINIMIINOMISIMMAIIIIREllpf ,cr...... " ' ---r........ 5...1 JON 1111111111101NIMINItismirriK _,____= ., inn 111•111MINININNIMOIRDT!d . ____ MN IIIIMMIIIIMINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE t,,VW " .,s " li, ' ' , Air,w-ar---IL..;771.1 111.11 MI MN NO il.r.14 " OAR a awl If Mitti 10 Ma II MN NM idtair, NOW 1 i- , Ai IN IN Mill• 14•01N11•111•11111•1111111111111•1111■11111111111 IN mliMMINNIIIMIIMINOMMINIIII MIHIMMOINIMI■1•11116•11111111111 IMINIMNIIIIMMINIIM111•1•1111•111=1 WINN 1111111011111MINIIMIIIIIMMIIII 11111•11111•=1•11•1•1111111■11=11•1 11•111•••111111111111•11111111111111111■1 MEI 1111111111111■1111111MIN IIIIIIIMIN•1111111111111111111•1111111111111 1111111111MIM1111111•11111111•11111111111 1.774V 111.111•111111111.1 ' ‘4 t , aVi: 4 Camp Wildcat staff members hosted campers at a reunion in October. Games and races made for hearty appetites. 34 CAMP WILDCAT Dir 1,11111111,,I,OR ' 1•11■11M1111111M1 The program couldn ' t work with- out the financial support of the student body. Anxious candidates check the election results. Happiness is winning! 36 UNIVERSITY OF FAIL 1967–IDENTIFICATION CARD I ii.- i . f u 4 kl . UOI-NT S S ' ' : " , . ' Election committee members count ballots behind closed doors. CLASSES ELECT OFFICERS 37 UA HOSTS HIGH SCHOOLS BANDS AND SENIORS 38 STUDENTS WELCOME MOM AND DAD Kneeling: Larry Yasmer. Bottom row: Tim Sandin, Jack Wilson, Perk Clark, Jerry Gardner, John Clow. Top row: Susie Stiles, Gail Peterson, Julie Dean, Nona Manning. CHEERLEADERS 40 POM-PON GIRLS Linda Bruce Keen McDonald Cheryl Bankes Barb Walker Vicki Bendinger Kathy Raymond Sue Orth April Thompson 41 4 SsiF Everett Sherwood Bob Ross Barb Roth Suellen Stattel Stevie Knowls Olivia Cabrera - _ Now ••••10Ney PAW :ANC. siao. 44444 .17 Randy Trudelle Bobbie McNeil Gary Gomez Charlie Brackney Adrienne Crane Joan Mclntee Linda Gaschinietz Head Coach Darrell Mudra, Cecil McGehee, Royal (Sharkey) Price, Walt Weaver, Eddie Wilson, Bob Weber, Gary Grouwinkel, Bill Belknap, and Lep Felner. 44 _ _ l ' " " " " I A . - 1 I I I I I I row: Ray Homesley, Jerry Thompson, Bill Lueck, Ron Higuera, Wally Scott, John Jones, Olden Lee, Tom Brenan, Marc Reed, Paul Robinson. 2nd row: George Tijerina, Ed Caruthers, John Komorowski, Bruce Radabaugh, Steve Sowders, Noki Fuimaono, Jim Coddington, Danny Jo Ryan, John Ray, Marshal White, Doug Klausen. 3rd row: Simon Escalada, Otis Comeaux, Wayne Edmonds, Charlie Davis, Bill Chavez, Dennis Maley, Roger Brautigan, Rich Moriarty, John Matishak, Gary Klahr. 4th row: Rich Crossman, Mike Aro, Bill Miller, Larry Rogge, Rex Macklin, Mike Moody, Bruce Lee, Ken Sarnoski, Barnes Parker, Lou Ramsey. 5th row: Gilbert Garcia, Mike Lansdown, David Barajas, Tom Cooley, Jim Farley, Doug Schlueter, Joe Aluise, Frank Jenkins, Tom Nelson. 6th row coaches: Darrel Mudra, Bob Weber, Bill Belknap, Gary Grouwinkel, Walt Weaver, Leo Feiner, Cecil McGehee, Royal Price. Not pictured are: Bill Neal, Tim DeWan, Marty Hutchinson, Bill Nemeth, Ron McElwee, and coach Eddie Wilson. 45 46 Jim Coddington makes a diving grab for an errant sideline pass. Dave Barajas cracks through Utah goal line defenses for another Arizona score. Paul Robinson goes down despite the blocking efforts of Wally Scott. End Frank Jenkins hefts a lengthy deterrent to Miner passing attack. Wayne Edmonds leads the interference as fullback Dave Barajas strides past Redskin defender. 47 WilLCPTS Ptif:YEIES Alpha Omicron Pi ' s homecoming float bears artistic testimony to Arizona ' s first Big Ten win. Wayne Edmonds (26) slashes off right tackle for a first down against the Buckeyes. WILDCATS DUMP BUCKEYES 14-7 Arizona, the pass happy upstart from an obscure little Western conference, had ventured into the football domain of Ohio State, and the Buckeyes were prepar- ing to send them packing, smarting with their audacity. Both teams were rated defensively strong, so the contest loomed as one of those traditional offensive clashes: Ohio State ' s hard-nosed rushing game versus Arizona ' s aerial wizardry. The Buckeyes exuded confi- dence. After all, this was only an easy opener, and Arizona had already been soundly beaten by Wyom- ing. The Wildcats appeared shakey, understandably so in Big Ten land. However, it was just one of those days. Arizona didn ' t fill the air with football, instead they borrowed a page from the coaching book of Ohio State mentor Woody Hayes. Then they proceeded to ram the ball down Ohio State ' s throat with little regard for wizardry of deception. Ohio Slate, the " three- yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust " team, had to go to the air and razzle-dazzle plays to score. Buckeye defenders stared across the line of scrimmage at one of their own red and silver helmets, and Arizona unknowingly ran away from its quarterback, leaving him to lope 9 yards unmolested for the winning touchdown while they carried an empty handed halfback into the OSU end zone. Initially Arizona appeared to be in for a long afternoon. On the first play Wildcat co-captain and center Bill Nemeth left the game with a gouged forehead. Neither team was able to move consistently and a stout wind kept the Cats deep in their own terri- tory. Finally a lofty pass rode the gusts over the head of Wildcat safetyman Otis Comeaux into the arms of Ohio State ' s Billy Anders. The play was good for 41 yards to the Arizona 10 yardline. Two Buckeye line thrusts yielded only thre yards as Arizona ' s defensive line refused to budge. A third down sideline play developed into six dazzling points as quarterback Gary Ersham lateraled the ball to his halfback, who turned around and tossed him a seven yard scoring strike. The extra point kick ricocheted off the left upright: Ohio State 7 — Arizona 0. The score held through the first quarter; then came the second quarter when Arizona unlimbered its football muscle. Backup quarterback Bruce Lee replaced the interception- plagued Marc Reed. Re-entering also was Nemeth, forehead swathed in tape and sporting a padded Ohio State helmet. Fifteen plays and 82 yards later, OSU might have regretted its amenity. Following the inside blocking of Nemeth and pulling guards Bill Lueck and John Matishak, Lee fed fullback Noki Fuimaono and running back Wayne Edm.onds, breaking the Buckeye def ense with brute power plays. A timely 23 yard pass from Lee to Roger Brautigan worked the ball down to the OSU one yard line, where Edmonds smashed over on the next play. Ken Sarnoski booted the extra point. Early game jitters forgotten and the wind blowing at their backs in the third quarter, the Wildcats soon con- trolled the game. Capitalizing on a poor Ohio State punt, they moved from the Buckeye 37, Fuimaono and Edmonds again leading the way. With first and goal on the OSU 9 yard line, Lee called another typical right side power play. Whispering " bootleg " to Edmonds as they broke the huddle, Lee faked to him and, hang- ing the ball on his hip, strode into the Ohio State end zone alone, assisted by a crisp block from end Tim DeWan. 48 Flag raising over Columbus. Coach Mudra and the Wildcat bench express the emotion released by Arizona ' s upset victory over Ohio State. 49 ATO ' s and PiPhi ' s worked into the early morning hours to finish their entry. HOMECOMING ' 67 Spirit and tradition were the keywords of Homecoming 1967, as the alumnae of 1917 and 1942 were honored on November 18 by traditional ceremonies. Colorful floats pa- rading through the streets of Tucson in the morning were the results of numerous " all-nighters. " Excited members of Alpha Chi Omega saw their float, " Snoopy Succeeds " named sweepstakes winner. The College of Medicine was dedicated in the afternoon, providing paths at the Univer- sity for future doctors to follow. Students and alumnus alike welcomed the new addition to the campus. Gila Hall resi- dents rejoiced as their candidate, Chris Belinn was crowned Homecoming Queen and the entire student body celebrated as the football team triumphed over the Air Force Academy. Pop McKale was a cherished memory at the 50th Annual Homecoming Game, as he was honored by floats and half- time ceremonies. The day ended with many memories for all concerned, as the lights on " A " Mountain burned on into the night. Members of Alpha Chi Omega put the finish- ing touches on their sweepstakes award winning " Snoopy and his Doghouse. " 50 The UA Band led the annual parade through downtown .Tucson. 51 ALUMS SEE PROGRESS University President Richard A. Harvill cuts the ribbon to officially open the Medical school. The new College of Medicine building enhances the U of A campus. r imi 52 An alum twirler shows she hasn ' t lost the touch. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity welcomed its alums with a colorful house decoration. The Alum Band keeps in step. 53 5 4 55 :q� t " : ' , � tl �; Many of the Homecoming activities were dedicated to Pop McKale. Members of the 1917 and 1947 Football teams were honored during half time. Scoreboard shows Homecoming victory. F ' ARIZONA I 4 QUARTER DOWN YDS.TO BALL ON YARD LINE Homecoming Queen — Chris Belinn Alpha Chi Omega ' s sweepstakes winner — " Snoopy Succeeds. " . 0. The Air Force Academy ' s mascot, the falcon, watches over his team. The " Best Band in the West " performs at halftime. 61 QUEEN CHRIS BELINN HOMECOMING ROYALTY VICKI ROBERTS 62 KATHI GRAHAM APRIL THOMPSON CONNIE FLETCHER 64 Wally Scott splits the air to make reception inside the Air Force 20. Arizona celebrated its 50th Homecoming Game before 27,300 sun baked fans with a 14-10 victory over a previously undefeatable Air Force team. Posting its first win over the Falcons in a five game series dating back to 1959, the Wildcats revenged a 1965 Homecom- ing loss while pushing their season record to 3-5-1. Homecoming ' 67 also witnessed the last home per- formance of 18 Wildcat seniors: Tom Brennan, Ed Caruthers, Tim De Van, Ron Higuera, Ray Homesly, John Jones, Jan Komorowski, Olden Lee, Bill Lueck, Bill Nemeth, Bruce Radabaugh, Marc Reed, Paul Rob- inson, Wally Scott, Steve Sowders, Jerry Thompson, and George Tijerina. The Air Force took an early 7-0 lead on a second quarter 30 yard touchdown aerial; the score breaking what had been a tight defensive battle. Arizona tied it up in the warming minutes of the first half going 86 yards in 17 plays on the passing arm of Bruce Lee and the line bucks of fullback Dave Barajas. Arizona ' s defense shrugged off a prolonged halftime of Homecoming festivities to thoroughly put the wraps on the Cadet ' s offense, allowing them a minus four yards rushing. Lead by ends Gary Klahr, Frank Jenkins, and safety Dennis Haley the defensive squad showed more offense and spent more time in the Air Force backfield than did the Cadets. Potent offensively as well as defensively the Cats rolled up 324 yards total offense. A Wildcat scoring stampede was averted by untimely penalties and errant field goal attempts. Though a third period touchdown march of 66 yards capped by Danny Jo Ryan ' s one yard plunge provided the margin of victory. A Falcon field goal intensified an exciting fourth quarter which saw the ball change hands 5 times in the last 3 minutes. Although to no avail as the game ended on the Air Force 42 with the Cats running out the clock. The scoreboard read: Arizona 14 - Air Force 10. Gary Klahr outruns an attempted block to corral an Air Force sweep. 65 FRESHMAN FORGE 3-1 SEASON Powerful running and potent passing typified the University of Arizona ' s 1968 freshman football team. The Wildkittens 3-1 season could be summarized as an explosive offense and a somewhat lacking defense. Rolling up big scores the Kittens lost only to a higher scoring Air Force team. Leading the frosh aerial attack was quarterback Mark Driscoll, while on the ground Jeff Arieta and Don Reynolds were the Wildkittens leading rushers. Combining this freshman offense with the varsity ' s defense should provide the nucleus for a well balanced team next year. Jeff Arieta cuts through Sun Imps defense. •-•••s, .. • . • • • . Left to right, bottom to top, first row: Robert Sheedy, George Smith, Franklin Roberts, Greg Woodword, Mark Driscoll, Jeff Arieta, Vince Rivas, Don Reynolds, Kim Thompkins, Bob LeDuc. 2nd row: John Keeler, Steve Hurley, Allen Rarnial, Ed Heuss, Bruce Martin, Gary Wall, Doug Rothery, Bob Sicilian, Bob Arnold, Kerk Lesh, Randy Baker. 3rd row: Bill McKinley, Gordon Roberts, Phil Becker, Hal Arnason, Mike Scheff, John Stellar, Jim Sherman, Ken Davis, Jay McClure, Steve Wolfe, Dick Prince, Manager Elmo Jones. 4th row: Coach Roger Calder- wood, Coach Woody King, Everett Hayen, Dick Leddy, Larry Hall, John Naegly, Mark Boche, Tim Sheedy, Coach Jerry Mordret, Coach Bill Belknap. 66 WILDCATS GARNER POST SEASON HONORS Bill Lueck, 1st Team All WAC, Toni Nelson, 1st team All WAC. Wally Scott, 2nd team All WAC, John Jones, 2nd team All WAC. Olden Lee, 2nd team Green Bay Packers, The Cincinatti Bengals. Bear Down Award. nor ' s Award. Bill Nemeth, Miami Dolphins. L Ed Caruthers, Detroit Lions. Ray Hornesley, the Jim Ewing Paul Robinson, Cincinatti Bengals. Scholarship. Arizona 17 Wyoming 37 Arizona 14 Ohio State 7 Arizona 3 Missouri 17 Arizona 9 UTEP 9 Arizona 29 Utah 33 Arizona 7 Indiana 42 Arizona 48 New Mexico 13 Arizona 14 Brigham Young 17 Arizona 14 Air Force 10 Arizona 7 Arizona State 47 RUSHING TC YG YL NYG AVG. PASSING PA PC HE YDS. TO PCT. David Barajas 87 346 9 337 3.7 Bruce Lee 137 57 8 635 5 .416 Paul Robinson 80 338 32 306 3.8 Marc Reed 139 54 14 759 4 .388 Wayne Edmonds 80 277 26 251 3.1 Noki Fuimaono 69 200 32 168 2.4 RECEIVING NO. YDS. TO Danny Jo Ryan 27 106 4 102 3.7 Wally Scott 15 243 1 Charlie Davis 13 27 2 25 1.9 Jim Coddington 15 182 1 Wally Scott 1 6 0 6 6.0 Roger Brautigan 14 247 1 Bruce Lee 19 47 80 33 —1.7 Wayne Edmonds 13 227 0 Marc Reed 43 102 232 —130 —3.1 Noki Fuimaono 1.1 90 0 67 wouirmurraw AND IN THE 68 Betty Everett, Pam Fortenberry, Marcia Kuy- kendall, Marcia Priest, Nancy Carrick, Judy Compton, Maureen O ' Conner, Zita Sem- ingson. TWIRLING CIRCUS 69 Traditional decorations and a swamped post office marked the coming of Christmas to the U of A. 70 CHRISTMAS ON CAMPUS Pajama Race Queen Molly Hargert. PLEDGE P.J. RACE John Vann wins the race for Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. 72 SIGMA CHI DERBY DAY Derby Darlings are judged by a studious Sigma Chi. 73 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS ELECT OFFICERS --vERTLIEE3 so, 75 DAVIS, TEAM SET RECORDS Bill Davis 6 ' -7 " Forward Mickey Foster 6 ' -5 " Guard Roland Stamps 6 ' -0 " Guard Dick Root 6 ' -5 " Forward Mike Kordik 6 ' -8 " Center John Harbour 6 ' -5 " Forward Bradley Greene 6 ' -3 " Guard Gordon Lindstrum 6 ' -5 " Forward Warren Anderson 6 ' -5 " Forward Jim Hansen 6 ' -2 " Guard Mike Welton 6 ' -2 " Guard Richard Barnes 6 ' -6 " Forward Jim Van Coevering 6 ' -9 " Forward Bill Wilson 6 ' -11 " Center Tony Hatch 6 ' -1 " Guard Dennis Rajsich 6 ' -0 " Guard Wayne McDonald 6 ' -3 " Forward Head Basketball Coach Bruce Larson. Enthusiastic dissatisfaction is evident of Coach Larson, members of the basketball team, and the fans. 76 Left to right, bottom to top, 1st row: Manager Joe Kentz, Tony Hatch, Roland Stamps, Jim Hansen, Mickey Foster, John Harbour, Mike Welton, Dennis Rajsich. 2nd row: Coach Bruce Larson, Manager Ken Brooks, Gordon Lindstrum, Richard Barnes, Bill Davis, Mike Kordick, Bill Wilson, Jim Van Covering, Warren Anderson, Dick Root, Coach Warren Rustand, Manager Lance Segal. Roland Stamps sets up for two against San Jose. Dick Root wins the battle of the boards with Houston playmate. 77 Mike (Moose) Kordik has sole possession as he hauls in rebound SEASON RECORD Arizona 94 San Jose State 59 Arizona 73 Weber State 67 Arizona 82 Northern Arizona 74 Arizona 66 UTEP 67 Arizona 66 Creighton 70 Arizona 65 Southern Illinois 50 Arizona 76 Colorado 67 Arizona 76 Houston 81 Arizona 62 North Texas 65 Arizona 71 St. Francis 85 Arizona 59 Villanova 75 Arizona 74 Arizona State 69 Arizona 62 Brigham Young 72 Arizona 77 Utah 83 Arizona 75 Air Force 68 Arizona 75 Northern Arizona 68 Arizona 85 Wyoming 90 Arizona 69 New Mexico 68 Arizona 75 New Mexico State 93 Arizona 61 Arizona State 78 Arizona 74 New Mexico 102 Arizona 69 Wyoming 79 Arizona 89 Utah 79 Arizona 96 Brigham Young 85 ROUNDBALLERS 13-11 Bill Davis stretches his 6 ' 7 " frame for a driving basket while Utah looks helplessly on. 78 FOR SEASON Mickey Foster outraces Houston for an easy layup. Gordie Lindstrum reaches out a preventive hand to aid win over Colorado. I I Mike Welton snuffs an attempted Spartan layup. 79 COURSE EVALUATION David Ostapuk Missy Leighton 80 Mike Goldstein Everett Sherwood Chaunci Chick 81 " THE LANDS DOWN UNDER " " The Lands Down Under " came up to the U of A campus the week of February 12-16, 1968, with the 10th annual International Forum and Fair. Under the direction of Forum Chair- man Richard Orr, the campus took on the ap- pearance of Australia and New Zealand, and students as well as Tucson residents took ad- vantage of the week to study the culture, econ- omy and traditions of the two countries. The University mall was transformed into a sheep grazing area, an aborigine village, a set for professional whip throwers, and a very tem- porary home for a native Australian wallaby. Native New Zealand Maori dancers enter- tained throughout the Forum and officially opened the week with a traditional greeting and a kiss for President Harvill. Students saw exhibits of products produced in the countries, heard Jack Linkletter speak on opportunity for youth in the lands down under, and sampled " down under " treats like passion fruit ice- cream in the Kookabura Cafe. The Australian and New Zealand Consul-Generals and the Australian ambassador to the United Nations felt right at home at the closing " Corroborree Banquet " eating Kangaroo Ta il Soup. 82 MODEL UNITED NATIONS 84 L A WELCO M E PLAY MATE k IV a 85 UGLY MAN CONTEST Arizona 171.1 New Mexico State 144.65 Arizona 178.55 Long Beach State 145.95 Arizona 173,0 Indiana State 182.05 Arizona 180,75 Illinois 185.3 Arizona 176.55 Southern Illinois 188,25 Arizona 181.55 New Mexico 185,40 Arizona 187.50 Los Angeles State 173,63 Arizona 184,1 Arizona State 186,0 Arizona 172,40 Colorado State 178.25 Arizona 175.50 Denver 177.25 Arizona 173.1 Brigham Young 178.1 Arizona 176.1 Utah 181.35 Arizona 179.35 Arizona State 182.1 Bob Shirk opens into an iron cross. Rudy Montenegro shows perfect balance in this skill test during his floor exercise routine. Jeff Bennon performs on the parallel bars. 86 ARNOLD TAKES NCAA RING TITLE Pat Arnold, the Western Athletic Conference 1967 and 1968 still rings champion finally caught up with an elusive NCAA championship. Arnold who held third place in last year ' s meet going into the last day duffed a dismount and had to settle for eighth place. Not so this year. Again sweeping to the WAC title the diminu- tive 5-5, 122 pound senior ran up a near perfect 9.50 score in the NCAA competition then had to sit back and watch all challengers battle to upset him. The wait was anticlimactical as only Southern Illinois ' Fred Dennis came close with his 9.40 runner-up showing. Arizona ' s Bobby Shirk registered a good 9.35 score to suprise everyone and take third place honors. Pat Arnold, NCAA ring champion, displays his winning form in an " L " cross. Left-right, bottom-top: Manager Charlie Miner, Rudy Montanegro, Prudencio Corrales, Corey Fox, Mike Weaver, Gene Voorhees, Jeff Bibb, Coach Glenn Wilson, Bob Shirk, Pat Arnold, Jeff Bennon, Bob Burd, Bruce Heidberg, Wes Wendling, Jay Bake, Mike Berry, Jim Stevenson, Kelly Spencer. 87 Team captain Gary Rushing. Keith Potter has an ASU opponent in trouble. Arizona 11 Mankato State 22 Arizona 19 New Mexico State 16 Arizona 16 New Mexico 20 Arizona 32 University of Southern Utah 3 Arizona 27 Colorado Mines 55 WRESTLERS FINISH 4-8 Arizona Arizona 20 5 Northern Arizona Arizona State 11 27 Arizona 10 Air Force 23 Arizona 2 Colorado 32 Arizona 8 Brigham Young 23 Arizona 6 Utah 25 Arizona 4 Arizona State 32 Jerry Bisignano in comtemplative wrestling pose. Gary Lewis uses riding time to catch his breath. 88 Varsity tankers explode from the starting blocks as the gun sounds. SWIMMERS TAKE TWO Arizona 60 New Mexico State 44 Arizona 21 New Mexico 83 Arizona 47 Colorado 57 Arizona 34 Denver 63 Arizona 28 Air Force 76 Arizona 68 New Mexico State 34 Arizona 50 Western States University 54 Arizona 19 Brigham Young 87 Arizona 28 Utah 76 Arizona 27 Wyoming 76 Arizona 44 Arizona State 60 NO PUNN N( tztrucTTrI Co-captain Jim Bly brings it home in the butterfly. Left to right, bottom to top, 1st row: Dan Ferrari, John Osterloh, Dick Bordwell, Rick Springstead, Peter Mangan, Allen Thomas, Richard Allen. 2nd row: Greg King, Mike Bennett, Jack Wright, Tom Leigh, Jim Bly, Jim Wandry, Timm Hackley, Bryan Ellis, Coach Charles Ott. Not pictured: Gordon Close, Keith Harris, Andy, Steve Wallece, Dave Schuman. 89 MILITARY BALL Queen Dede Wild 90 GREEK WEEK N CONCERT BAND AFTER THE FALL Quentin Terry lngstad Felice Barbara Duval Holga Mina O ' Dowd Mother Joan Mack Dan Al Taber Father Dan Yount Nurses Diane Meade, Carol Brickler Doctor Duane St. Charles Maggie Lynne Ogden 94 THE THREE SISTERS Andrey Robin Lee Olga Marcia Waterman Masha Tina Spiegel Irina Fran Roberts Kulygin Dale Fuller Vershinin David Williams Tusenbach Ben Smith Natasha Pamela Dudley Solyony James Nicoll 95 96 JON JUAN Don Juan Davi d Williams Sganarelle William Beattie Dona Elvira Angela Nine Don Gusman Robert Colston Charlotte Joan Mack Pierrot Craig Patrick Mathurine Danielle LaFountaine La Ramee Tony Orr Don Luis Davis Storti THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR Sir John Falstaff William E. Beattie Fenton Smith McClure Shallow William Damron Abraham Slender Bernard Sukowske Ford Dan Yount Page Paul Lauritzen Mistress Ford Claudia Beets Mistress Page Debbie Kronenberg Anne Page Yolanda Cagigas Mistress Quickly Joan Mack 98 BILLY BUDD Edward Fair Fax Vere David Williams Philip Michael Seymour Bernard Sukowske John Ratcliffe Kent Flodin Wyatt n a m d r Jan Czechowski Bord man Peter Sownie Gardiner Vernon Statler Jenkins Billy Budd Robert Sutton o (07Yloiciry ivAndlom MERRY WIDOW Nish Bill Damron, Jr. Popoff Dan Shakelford Natalie LuAnn Leist Sylvaine Yolanda Cagigas Olga Claudia Beets Novikovich Jan (jams Khadja James Shaeffer Captain Pierre de Jolidon Dan Parkerson Sonia Carolyn Monson Prince Danilo Phil Seigling 100 1 n1 LINKSTERS SET SIGHTS ON WAG Tabbed by Coach Roy Tatum as " potentially one of the greatest, " Arizona ' s 1968 golf team has so far played according to preseason expectations. Lead by All-American Drue Johnson, 1967 NCAA runner-up, and long driv- ing Chuck Colton, the U of A linksters have vaulted to a 6-1 record. Their only loss was to arch-rival and WAC powerhouse Arizona State. Strengthened by five returning letter- men, Ken Corcoran, Phil Bramsen, John Culler, Wes Mohr and team captain Tim Flood, plus a boost from top freshman hopefuls Bob Shallen- berger, Frank Padour and Kent Morris, Arizona maintains the depth necessary to stay in con- tention for the WAC championship. Phil Bromson drives one into the wind with his woods. Team captain Tim Flood swings into a tee shot as Wes Mohr waits All American Drue Johnson Ken Corcoran follows through on a putt. Chuck Colton swings into a long cup shot. Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona 2172 Pacific Pacific 13 Arizona State 14 Utah 11 Utah Northern Arizona 5th UCLA Invitational 8th New Mexico State Invitational Iowa 61 2 61 2 23 7 10 41 2 Left to right, bottom to top: Gilda Baxter, Robert Hettinger, Bev- erly Miller; top row, Pat Edwards, Cece Vasquez. VVOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION All university women may take advantage of the fun and excitement afforded by participa- tion in The Women ' s Recreation Association. The membership for this organization is based on the number of points gained by joining any of the following clubs: archery, badminton, basketball, bowling, fencing, folk dance, golf, gymnastics, modern dance, softball, swim- ming, tennis, and co-ed volleyball. 100 points are needed for initiation while 1000 points are needed to even be considered for the honorary " Arete Society " and the " A " jacket. And 1800 points are necessary for the " A " blanket, the highest honor. Left to right, bottom to top: Pat Vold, Kaye Chambers, Cherrie Brinlee; top row, Marilyn Bakarich, Anita Freeland ,Linda Hotchkiss Nancy Kaufman. Left to right, bottom to top: Bonnie Cox, Judy Schlobohm, Carolyn Whallon; top row, Carol Cummings, Marcy Starnes, Cece Valquez, Lynette Smith. ARETE SOCIETY Arete means " excellence. " The W.R.A. hon- orary, named the Arete Society, strives for this goal by basing the qualifications for mem- bership on: scholarship, sportsmanship, par- ticipation and service to the Women ' s Recrea- tion Association. The new members tapped at the end of both semesters are chosen by the current Arete members and the W.R.A. execu- tive board officers. Left to right: Cherrie Brinlee, Kaye Chambers, Terry Tarazon, Carolyn Whallon, Roberta Hettinger, Marcy Starnes, Pat Vold, Marcia Blute (pres.), Grace Stocksdale, Becky Pincus, Cece Valquez, Jean Metcalfe, Carol Cummings, Beverly Miller. Not pictured, Gilda Baxter. 103 FOLKLANDERS The Folklanders is a group of men and women who enjoy folk dancing. Besides the enjoyment they feel from the club ' s recreational value and its social opportunities, the members feel proud they are so often called on to perform for the University. Donna Jones, Steve Teague Linda Hotchkiss. GYMNASTICS Women interested in gymnastics have to work hard before they can join the Gymnastics Club. They must be able to perform well many stunts before they are admitted. The parallel bars, trampoline, and balance beam are used every week by the members, so they can improve their skill and be ready for competition. 1V.TIMMOn c;:•WRIMIIM 1MM Yolanda Broles, Sue Jollensten Left to right: Ruth Staples, Linda Knoche!, Hilary Joffe, Joanie Ramsower. 104 Roberta Hettinger Beverly Miller OUTSTANDING SPORTSWOMAN AWARD The Women ' s Recreation Association breaks precedent this year as it chooses to award the Outstanding Sportswoman honor to two of its members. Roberta Hettinger and Beverly Miller share this honor as they have shared in participation in an unusual variety of activi- ties. Highly skilled in a number of sports, both Roberta and Beverly have played a large role in placing the University of Arizona ' s name on the winners ' roster. But participation was only one of the many directions sport took them. They represented the University of Arizona at two regional conferences, were selected to membership in ARETE SOCIETY (W.R.A. hon- orary) and received the coveted " A " Blanket award. Continued positions of dedicated lead- ership were present throughout their college careers. Before Beverly became President and Roberta Vice President of The Women ' s Rec- reational Association, each served in positions and on committees which carried less prestige but were held with equal willingness. Perhaps their most outstanding quality is the joyful humility and gratefulness with which they receive the many honors sport has bestowed upon them. 105 PUTTERS Putters is the name of the club for the women interested in golf. While playing on municipal courses near the campus, the members try to improve their game and prepare for collegiate tournaments. Left to right: Becky Pincus, Christine Zivney, Judy Argue, Carol Kronenwetter, Jill Paskal. ORCHESIS Orchesis, the national dance honorary, has two of its own concerts a year, and also participates in the University musical. In order not only to dance but also to choreograph these shows, the members have to be outstanding in technique and improvisation. The hopeful new members try out at the beginning of each semester. Left to right, bottom to top: Emily Wright, Cinders Setzer, Joan Ram- sower, Mary Ann Sperling, Nira Wall, Liz Murray, Barbara Wolf, Marlys Knochel; top row, Cheryl Kluthe, Sherry Sacks, Pam Fergueson, Linda Knochel, Glenna Anderson, Connie Kloos, Ellen Moret. DESERT MERMAIDS Synchronized swimming is the common inter- est of the University women named the " Desert Mermaids. " Each April the members of the club perform the Aquacade, after completely planning and selecting the theme, music, and choreography. Each semester new members are chosen on the basis of ability and experi- ence. Left to right, bottom to top: Susan Kopstein, Cherill Morrison, Linda Sanborn, Christy Smith, Kate Bennett, Sue McLean, Nancy Putnam, Jane Webster, Becky Scanlon, Della Delany, Marilyn Betts, Martha Stevens; top row, Karen Benson, Ann Sawyer, Jeanne Roup, Susie Sipprell, Susie Dirken, Ann Lujack, Linn Youngren, Kathy Bedinger, Marybeth Moynes, Jill Paskal. 106 TENNIS The women in Tennis Club are kept very active and as a result their games often improve greatly. Besides their many meetings, they also participate in intramural and inter-collegiate competition and sponsor the University Mixed Doubles Tournament. Left to right, bottom to top: Patty Merritt, Kate Lenoir, Ingrid Bisschop; top row, Pam Ferry, Julie Hoffman, Yolanda Broles, Dr. Miller, Lynn Johnson, Chi Chi Walstad, Miss Morris, Mrs. Dorsy. BASKETBALL The popular sport of basketball has many university women fans. A great many of these fans hav e joined the W.R.A. Basketball Club and get to play every week. Often some of the club members play against other teams and thereby gain even more of the fun and experience. Left to right, bottom to top: Kathy Krucher, Connie Duenas, Carol Cummingers, Miss. Johnson, Berenice Figueira, Sue Cross, Pam Graves; top row, Orva Paulson, Nancy Oien, Pat Flynt, Roberta Hettinger, Marcy Starnes, Lynette Smith, Pat Vold, De Nelda Flint. BADMINTON Each week interested students, male and female, get together to play badminton. They improve their skills by consistent practicing so they can be ready for the Southwestern Inter- collegiate Tournament and other varsity-level games. Left to right, bottom to top: Linda LeRoy, Sheila Baize, Sherrie Brinlee, Connie Duenas; top row, Mrs. Palmer, Ronni Margolis, Grace Stocksdale, Pat Vold, Janet Streich. 107 THE ROGER WAGNER CHORALE THE FOUR ROMEROS DAVE BRUBECK .�: ill■ 1mi OLAETA BASQUE FESTIVAL iN GRANT JOHANNESEN RUDOLPH SERKIN IGOR GORIN LOU RAWLS GLEN YARBROUGH NATHAN MILSTEIN RUTH PAGE INTERNATIONAL BALLET THE FIFTH DIMENSION AL HIRT 116 HELSINKI PHILHARMONIC CATS RANKED SEVENTH Head Baseball Coach Frank Sancet. Frank Sancet entered his 19th season as Arizona ' s head baseball coach without two previously bountiful qualities a sure gloved, hard hitting, shortstop and a swinging, offen- sive-minded club batting in the 300 range. There were no worries, however, over a pitch- ing staff which featured five veteran hurlers who had accounted for 28 of Arizona ' s 35 1967 victories. Despite these two setbacks, after 31 games the Wildcats forged a 22-9 season on the strength of their impressive hitting and sound defensive play. Leading the way was shortstop Steve Ballard. Although not the unerring glove of his All-American predecessor, Ballard sparked the Cats at the plate, batting .377 while playing steady defensive ball. Others contrib- uting to Arizona ' s strong offensive showing were Danny Jo Ryan (.356) at first base, Jerry Stitt (.354) in center field, pitcher-outfielder Rich Hinton (.328), right. fielder Dennis Hunt (.364), catcher Ron McMackin (.317), and first baseman-outfielder John Wicklund (.313). Stitt rapped out 35 hits and is just two runs short of Terry DeWald ' s team-leading 23. DeWald is also Arizona ' s fleetest baserunner, stealing 14 extra bases. Ryan leads in RBIs with 22. Tim Plodinec is the ace of Arizona ' s injury-weak- ened mound corp, sporting a 6-1 record and a 1.43 earned run average. He has pitched two shutouts. Rich Hinton (1.83) has burned 64 strikeouts en route to his 6-2 mark in addition to his plate activity. As a team, Arizona ' s hurlers have limited the opposition to 2.09 earned runs a game. Left to right, bottom to top, 1st row: Mark Driscoll, Ron McMackin, Terry Nixon, Al Mieren, Fred Burns, John Wicklund, Jim Provezano, Mark Worley, Tim White. 2nd row: Manager Lee Wisdom, Dan Frisabee, Steve Ballard, Jerry Stitt, Dennis Malley, Terry De Wald, Mike Welton, Dan Ryan, Jay Rokey, Brian Shields. 3rd row: Coach Frank Sancet, Rich Hinton, Jim Hawkins, Dave Prest, Dennis Hunt, Tim Plodinec, Pat Anderson, John Hosmer, Pat O ' Brien, Don Cary, Coach Don Lee. 118 Jerry Stitt rambles home for another Wildcat run. Dave Prest readies himself for the ball. Maley slides safely back to first to thwart an attempted pickoff play. 119 Jerry Stitt lays down a strategic bunt to advance the Cat runner. BASEBALL SPORTS 22-9 RECORD Arizona 5 Pacific 2 Arizona 2 Pacific 0 Arizona 8 UTEP 0 Arizona 5 UTEP 0 Arizona 14 UTEP 5 Arizona 8 San Diego State 0 Arizona 3 San Diego State 10 Arizona 1 San Diego State 2 Arizona 6 Southern Illinois 3 Arizona 2 Southern Illinois 4 Arizona 4 Southern Illinois 6 Arizona 7 Southern Illinois 6 Arizona 5 Oklahoma 7 Arizona 9 Oklahoma 6 Arizona 15 Oklahoma 1 Arizona 6 Michigan 3 Arizona 8 Michigan 4 Arizona 3 Michigan 2 Arizona 9 Michigan 1 Arizona 1 Michigan 6 Arizona 7 Wyoming 3 Arizona 0 Wyoming 2 Arizona 3 Wyoming 1 Arizona 9 Air Force 3 Arizona 3 Air Force 5 Arizona 4 Iowa 3 Arizona 6 Iowa 1. Arizona 4 Iowa 6 Arizona 21 Iowa 2 Arizona 6 Iowa 2 1234567881ORNE CORNS 0 NUR IIIIONA 5 O I 11570 BALL sra OUT • • xs Steve Ballard raps out a hit against the Wolverines. 120 Catcher Ron McMakin ponders the problems of a night game. Tim Plodinec 121 Senior Southpaw Pat O ' Brien delivers his wind up. Mike Welton acrobatically sideslips catcher to score. Danny Jo Ryan puts the glove on a slow moving Sooner. Team captain Terry DeWa Id scoops up a hot one. 122 31 Games 122-0) Player, Pos. g ab r h rbi 21_, :31., hr th so bb sb po a e pct. Steve Ballard, ss ... 24 77 16 29 12 2 2 0 32 5 13 5 .377 25 64 6 .936 Danny Jo Ryan, lb .__20 59 15 21 22 13 2 34 14 10 5 .356 121 5 1 .992 Jerry Stitt, of 30 99 21 35 15 4 1 1 44 7 6 1 .354 57 3 4 .937 Rich Hinton, p-of _ .._21 67 14 22 12 1 4 0 31 8 8 6 .328 22 17 0 1.000 John Wicklund, lb-of 25 80 9 25 14 6 0 1 34 7 8 2 .313 78 9 2 .978 Terry DeWald, 2b ___ 26 80 23 23 7 5 0 0 28 4 10 14 .288 52 40 6 .938 Dennis Maley, 3b 20 53 8 14 6 3 2 0 21 8 4 1 .264 16 21 2 .948 Dave Prest, of 2:3 50 9 12 8 3 1 1 20 13 2 1 .240 19 2 0 1.000 LESS TITAN 50 AT RATS Pat O ' Brien, p 10 22 3 9 5 1 1 12 3 4 0 .469 6 11 3 .850 Dennis Hunt, of 16 44 10 16 15 3 3 25 4 2 0 .364 13 0 0 1.000 Mark Driscoll, 2b ..... .. 7 9 2 3 3 1 0 4 0 2 I .333 13 5 1 .947 Rich Alday, c 2 3 0 1 0 1 0 2 1 0 0 .333 4 1 0 1.000 Ron McMackin, c ___ _18 41 13 13 10 3 2 23 3 11 2 .317 115 8 3 .976 Alan Mieren, p 12 17 3 5 1 0 0 5 4 1 0 .294 0 9 0 1.000 Dan Frisbee, c 13 35 4 10 4 1 0 9 3 3 0 .286 86 7 0 1.000 Jim Provenzano, p 5 7 2 2 1 0 0 2 2 0 0 .286 0 2 0 1.000 Terry Nixon, ss-2b ... 17 48 5 13 9 3 0 15 4 5 2 .271 12 21 6 .846 Pat Anderson, 3b 17 42 6 11 5 2 1 15 5 2 1 .262 10 16 5 .838 WILDCATS BOAST Tim Plodinec, p 9 25 3 6 Mike Welton, c-lb 10 25 3 5 4 4 0 1 0 0 8 5 1 0 5 5 3 2 .240 7 .200 50 22 3 0 3 1.000 .946 John Hosmer, p 7 5 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 .200 0 2 3 .400 IMPRESSIVE STATS Mark Worley, of __. .... 18 31 7 6 Rich Moriarty, of 24 34 7 6 2 5 0 1 1 1 8 2 5 3 9 11 6 1 .194 9 .176 22 3 0 1 2 .923 .916 Tim White, c 9 18 7 3 1 0 0 3 4 3 3 .167 54 2 0 1.000 J. Ray Rokey, of 5 7 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 .142 2 0 0 1.000 Jim Hawkins, 3b 8 13 1 0 1 0 0 0 6 3 0 .000 4 2 0 1.000 Arizona Totals 31 1000 193 293 179 40 23 0 399 130 127 50 .291 801 284 51 .995 Opponents ' Totals _31 098 102 232 78 16 22 3 301 269 103 19 .232 739 354 73 .945 Pitching ap ' s gs cg w 1 ip Is r er bb so sho hp wp era Bryan Shields, R 3 0 0 0 0 621a 8 2 1 2 3 0 0 3 1.35 Tim Plodinec, R 9 7 5 6 1 62 17 11 18 55 2 3 2 1.43 Pat O ' Brien, L 6 5 3 3 2 39% 32 11 8 15 48 1 3 Q 1.81 Rich Hinton, L 8 8 7 6 2 64 48 20 13 21 64 1 2 2 1.83 Jim Provenzano, L 4 4 1 2 1 19 10 8 4 9 29 1 0 0 1.89 Alan Mieren, L 8 8 4 5 2 47% 41 20 12 18 40 0 1 0 2.26 John Hosmer, L .5 2 0 0 1 18?,a 22 13 11 9 18 0 0 2 5.40 Don Cary, R 5 0 0 0 0 4 8 10 4 8 8 0 1 0 9.00 Fred Burns, R 1 0 0 0 0 1 3 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 27.00 Arizona Totals 31 31 20 22 9 267 232 102 62 103 269 4 11 10 2.09 Opponents ' Totals 31 31 7 9 22 248 293 193 158 127 136 1 17 12 5.73 John Wicklund legs out a single for a hit. 123 Left to right, bottom to top, 1st row: Reid Ehlenburg, Bill Hickman, Fred Von Schrader, Gerry Kimball, Captain Dale Frederick, Art Brooks, Jim Garner, Jim McArdle, Jim Gormly. 2nd row: Gene Adams, Bob Saxon, Mark Klinkowski, Ken Gallo, Tom Edwards, Jim Malinowski, Steve Hair, Mario Castro. 3rd row: Kelton Aker, Joe Santa Cruz, Frank Tepper, Frank Lundin, Hank Boscia, Greg Tropea, Vince Rivas. 4th row: Coach Carl Cooper, Manager Jim McGeorge, John Wedel, Tim Tearin, Bill Tierney, Assistant Coach Dave Murray. TRACKSTERS SHATTER MEET MARKS Hurt by heavy graduation losses and lacking depth, Coach Carl Cooper ' s Arizona 1968 track picture has been one of individuals. Lead by All-American hurdler Dale Fredericks, quarter miler Jim Gormly and sprinter Gerry Kimball, the Wildcat thinclads sported a team of indi- vidual blue chip performers, only to yield meet-losing second and third place points. Strong field events were Jim McArdle in the discus, shotputter Tom Kearin and high jumper John Wedel, all of whom accounted for numer- ous meet records and Wildcat sweeps. Bowing in its first six meets to nationally ranked teams, Arizona came on strong in its last three meets, with steadily improving times and distances. Arizona 49 Occidental 66 Arizona State 66 Arizona 45 Southern California 98 Arizona 28 New Mexico 67 Arizona State 86 Arizona 56 Brigham Young 89 Arizona 64 Oklahoma 81 Arizona 41 New Mexico 104 Arizona 75 Colorado 69 Arizona 86 Long Beach State 58 Arizona 84 Iowa 51 Dale Frederick 124 Tim Kearin strains for extra effort in shot put. John Wedel rolls over for this high jump clearance. iIf allik W E; 14; Gerry Kimball matches 100 speed with NAU and Cal Poly sprinters. 125 Well ahead of Iowa, Gerry Kimball takes the baton from Fred Von Schrader for his leg of the mile relay. Bill Hickman edges out Dale Fredericks for first place in 440 yard intermediate hurdles. Miler Frank Tepper strains for the tape as a teammate shouts encouragement. 126 Broad jumper Hank Boscia kicks for extra distance. HARRIERS RUN 4-1 Arizona harriers compete against El Paso and New Mexico State. --- ' ' ' . ,------ ••- ' -..-----7.,.. - - ••..,.....w-•-_ -- " ,--•- ' ..__.,. -,■,..,- --•-•• _ • .....--•••: " -,-- " _ • ' ,..;_:-- -,----- ,..■.„..r..... „......• ,,.,....,- - -.___- ,--■-•,.. ..-•- " .,-,- _........- „...... " . " v 7--.......,,,,-- , -r- Cross Country team, left to right: Coach Carl Cooper Frank Lundin, Art Brooks, Gene Adams, Kelton Aker, Mario Castro, Frank Tepper, Joe Santa Cruz. ,,... •.■ " ,,.---r- r,,.,,._-•.,- ..,.-,...- .--r- " :7-■•■ .,._:,••••• •.--•- " , - ..-r- _ ,-,--■-1- _ ,____,,..--...- 127 NETTERS DEFEND WAC CROWN • Brian Cheney slams a return. fi.. Arizona 9 Pacific 0 Arizona 6 Pacific 0 Arizona Brigham Young 51 2 Arizona 8 Utah 1 Arizona 7 Oklahoma City 0 Arizona 3 Corpus Christi 4 Arizona 2 Texas 0 Arizona Trinity 51 2 Arizona 1 UCLA 8 Arizona 10 Pepperdine 0 Arizona 9 San Fernando Valley 0 Arizona 2 Southern California 7 Arizona 7 Iowa 3 Arizona Iowa 11 2 Mike Howard aims one to his opponents right corner. Coach Gene Templeton Dean Penero goes to his knee to return a low ball. Brian Cheney stretches tall to return a tight serve. 129 INTRAMURALS BANNER POINT STANDINGS 1. Pi Kappa Alpha 720 2. Sigma Nu 694 3. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 648 4. Phi Gamma Delta 638 5. Delta Chi 636 6. Sigma Chi 630 7. Beta Theta Pi 626 8. Alpha Tau Omega 566 9. Tau Delta Phi 564 10. Pinal Hall 562 As of April 20. Intramural athlete performs in the shotput. Pi Kappa Alpha ball carrier stays one step ahead of Zeta Beta Tau pursuit. Football Delta Chi Basketball Chicago Heights A.C. Swimming University Aquatic Club Cross Country Sigma Nu Track Sigma Nu Tennis Phi Gamma Delta Golf Delta Chi Soccer Sigma Nu 13illiarcis Delta Chi Bowling Acacia Rifle Cochise Hall Horseshoes Kappa Sigma Handball Independents Weightlifting Sigma Chi Wrestling Sigma Nu INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Butterfliers competing in swimming meet sprint to the finish. Intramural tennis action ' 14,- - Delta Upsilon and Sigma Nu struggle for ball control. Sigma Alpha Epsilon outstrides Sigma Nu 131 132 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS Rafael Arvizu, Vicki Bendinger, Jim Miller. 133 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS Stan Scoville, Dick Else, Paula Edgar, Don Rorlouemke, Mike Marshall. Mike Marshall and Stan Scoville 134 STUDENT PERSONNEL COMMITTEE (Bottom): Verne Saunders, Doug Paxton, Sharon Dieringer, Marvin Johnson, Odus Elliot, Frances Kunkle, Bob Wallace. (Top): Robert Svob, Dr. Newton James, William Foster, Sally Kilborn, Walt Rober- son, Dave Windsor, Louis Ennis, William Varney, Dr. Paul Matte, Tom Hassy, Frank Day, Charles Tribolet. 135 STUDENT SENATE Jim Miller, Myra Free man, Mark Ginsberg. 137 ELECTIONS Mary Ross, chairman, Rich Corbett, Ann Willyard, Joan Kinneberg, Burch Mollet. PUBLIC RELATIONS Barb Roth, Diana Baum, Bobby Gardenswartz, Sally Simmons, Kathy Yaeger, Larry Blume, Mitch Dorson. COMMUNITY SERVICE Linda Eaton, Donna Black, Stuart Thomas, Don Steinwach, Sheryl Sparkman, Larry Lindsey, chairman. PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE John ialdin, chairman 139 MUSIC AND LITERATURE Linda Jacobsen, Melinda Man- speaker, Debbie King, Martha McGeorge, chairman, Debbie Gib- son, Melissa Manley, Penny Price. ADVERTISING PUBLICATIONS Jane Bechtol, chairman, Dianna Lebrecht, Judi James, Marcia Metcalf Riska Platt, chairman, Bunny Thomas 141 INTERNATIONAL FORUM Andi Arthur, Sally Simmons, Bobbi Gardenswartz, Linda Romick, Bill Viner, New Zealand Consul-General Chapman, Bill Varney, Walt Roberson, Australian Consul-General Truscott, Charlie Johnston, Clark Gallagher, Jim Ferland, Richard Orr, chairman CULTURE Margaret Boice, Cheryl Charles, chairman, Karyl Jones, Barb Wild. 142 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Sally Kilborn Shari Kempton Cheryl Bankes Lynn Radmacher AWS OFFICERS Sally Kilborn — president Lynn Radmacher — first vice president Connie Fletcher — second vice president Shari Kempton — secretary Cheryl Bankes — treasurer 143 PUBLICATIONS PUBLIC RELATIONS Mary Alice Kellogg, chairman Sue Shetter, chairman ORIENTATION Nancy Speelman, chairman 144 CAMPUS ACTIVITIES PHILANTHROPY Mary Ann May, chairman Yolanda Caigas, chairman SCHOLARSHIP Margaret Boice, chairman 145 Ross Bagdasarian, president Rusty Long, vice-president Debby Gibson, secretary Debbie Scarborough, treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS 146 ' ' I . I arr..-4 " , . • 1 . _ , A.,, - . ' ' ' ' 4. ' ' • .. ' ' • ,. .. f ' , ' . r a 0 0 - a ' . 4 P. ' ' .. ' -0 ' it •49 • A i .... 1 OP ' •. 1 44 1-: , - ,!.. " ..., ..= • t i d,rAl • ste N ,..004e,ff .. ' . -..■ ' • - I T ,.. " I " " ... a ' . i ' , - ,ii 1 ' ' 4: • .1, • Ai ' , • . 1 t " ,, , ' ' .„, ak • ... ,, ,- a. . . ..,, .410 f ' , . . a 4 ei ' T- - . t e ■1 ' r 4 I • t :,,r- . , r • ' . ' ro, r - – UP ' . , •. 04 ' V4 • . it ,. -,..., ' 7 4 • % 1111 ' . -a... 1 41% Adteli, II.N. , It , 414 1r 4.... 4 . r , IP • • . e . . 1 - I ' " 11 . . ° ..,V . " t f . . " ' : • ' A • I 4,.. ' 0 ■ .,. re, . . • . . A a r f,,V,. ' t a . • , y ., • . . . ? - ..- ' ' ' AMU . A 4 , ' et• ,7 ,- .-• r , . e - . ;-1P ON■ • ' . 4 • . . , ■ • fif 11. t - 1 e , ; ,,,,, •., or .1. .• - - ,.? .• N 4 1 ' ' , At • 0 - , - ,i I1 .. r ., - " -. ' ... - ' :- ...t " 7 . , Y . ,_ ,•,, vry.,..ide id or g .1 •i ' - ilk , t- ' , • .1-07414 v f ii OP 0 I ,„ Mike Donnell, president Doug Davis, vice president Sue Keebler, secretary Sandy Lehmer, treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 147 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jay Greer, president Don Powell, vice-president Judy Olsen, secretary Lindsay Ade, treasurer 148 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Craig Dougherty, president Thomas Whitley, vice-president Jane Bechtol, secretary Katie Palmer, treasurer 149 PUBLICATIONS ADVISOR Lanny Rosenbaum BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Bill Sauro Tom Wilson Philip Mangelsdorf Lanny Rosenbaum Ed Curley Bob Ross Terry Valeski Charles Tribolet Mary Jo Stewart Marshall Townsend Rafael Arvizu ARIZONA DAILY WILDCAT Bill Sauro, editor Bill Roberts, city editor Tony Ledwell, managing editor Kay Ludeke, news editor 151 Margaret Bailey, associate editor Lynn Kamin, society editor Roger Miller, entertainment editor Charlie Waters, assistant news editor 152 Larry Samson, assistant city editor Virginia Nichols, assistant news editor Tony Sauro, sports editor WILDCAT ADVERTISING Terry Valeski, business manager, Don Salazar, Clark Gallagher, Perk Clark, Bob Garmon, Tom Stevens, Richard Wilson. The first actual university was founded in the Thirteenth Century in Paris, partly the result of public demand but also because of an intellectual ment begun in the Twelfth Century by Peter Abelard. That man, who dared in those times not only to think, but to think loudly, agitated many sleeping eval minds.D Like a university, Abelard attracted large audiences; he aroused the minds of men. A one-man university, he presented lectures in the ences, in theology and liberal arts. And like ideal students of a university, his pupils proceeded from his lectures with that germ of intellectual growth, called the spirit of inquiry. ❑ Endless inquiry in the form of dialectic debates which seemed at first nonsense to some citizens began to get attention from others. Political rulers consulted with universities on mat- ters of State while Popes reacted fondly to the students ' diligent study of theology. The communities finally welcomed the presence of a church and state-blessed university because it brought them prestige and commerce. ❑ However, the growing riotous and quarrelsome activities of the overly-protected students eventually drew nity censorship and led to severe discipline, not only in activities, but somehow in instruction as well. The university, with its glorious birth, faded into oblivion and it could not cope with the new and dent scientific discoveries of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth turies. ❑ In modern times, the university has again emerged as a center of learning and inquiry. Perhaps Peter Abelard would not approve of the double role of American State Universities with their responsibility to both the student and the community. Or perhaps he would approve and agree that a healthy situation exists between the university and the munity when they are linked in activities and purposes, when they par- ticipate in programs like educational television, agricultural extension, a poisoning control information center, civil defense information, a rehabilitation center, corres pondence instruction, concerts, art and drama presentations. ❑ It is no longer the ideal situation in our pragmatic society for a university to sit on a hilltop isolated from the practical world. Nor is it practical for a community to confine its thoughts and activities to the valley. ❑ Like Zarathustra, the university must walk among the townspeople but the townspeople must not cringe if they hear the uni- versity cry, " Something is rotten here! " Nor must the university cringe if it hears the townspeople cry, " Don ' t meddle in private affairs! " ❑ Inquiry and discussion on the part of both university and community lead to more democratic reforms than riot and mistrust. tions, " said Peter Abelard, " excite the minds to the search for truth. " DR. RICHARD HARVILL PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA As president of one of the largest state universities in the country, Dr. Richard A. Harvill ' s concern for the welfare of each student and the physical growth of the University is manifested by the cultivation of an outstanding faculty and the continual construction of new buildings on campus. He has succeeded in obtain- ing support from sources outside the state of Arizona in the form of research and instruction grants. Dr. Harvill ' s dedication to the University is demonstrated by his insistence of excellence on the part of the academic personnel. Even though the University is ranked among the top 25 in enrollment, Dr. Harvill is sincerely concerned with the academic success of each student. Dr. Harvill ' s ambitions and goals for the Uni- versity and its students will continue to contribute to the advancement of the University of Arizona. MARVIN D. " SWEDE " JOHNSON Vice President for University Relations SAMUEL C. McMILLAN VICE PRESIDENTS Vice President for Planning and Development DR. BOWEN C. DEES Vice President WALTER H. DELAPLANE Vice President for Academic Affairs DEAN OF MEN DEAN OF WOMEN ROBERT S. SVOB KAREN L. CARLSON Dean of Men Dean of Women BOARD OF REGENTS ASSISTANT DEANS FRANCIS A. KUNKLE Assistant Dean of Women JEAN W. SMITH Assistant Dean of Women WILLIAM T. FOSTER Assistant Dean of Men CECIL R. TAYLOR Assistant Dean of Men 160 DAVID L. WINDSOR Registrar and Director of Admiss ions KENNETH R. MURPHY Comptroller and Treasurer DR. JIM GIBSON, PHILIP VITO Directors of Alumni Association SHERWOOD E. CARR Associate Comptroller 161 PHOTO SERVICE NEWS BUREAU CHARLES " BUMPS " TRIBOLET HAL MARSHALL Director of Associated Students Affairs Director of News Bureau DIRECTOR OF ASSOCIATED STUDENTS 162 BILL VARNEY Director of Student Union WALT ROBERSON Assistant Director of Student Union ROGER ARMSTRONG Assistant Director of Associated Student Affairs LOUIS ENNIS Coordinator of Student Affairs 163 PHYSICAL PLANT ROBERT HOUSTON Director of Physical Plant DR. PAUL J. MATTE Director of Student Health HEALTH SERVICE ftbl DR. JOSEPH G. ANSFIELD Chief Psychiatrist 164 STUDENT HOUSING During February, 1968, Student Housing acquired and began leasing some of the finest married student hous- ing in the nation. Formerly a retirement center, the 420 apartments are close to the main campus. The new housing partially replaces Polo Village, a set of Quon- set huts acquired after World War II. A part of the Polo Village land is now being incorporated into the Medical Center. Student Housing also refurbished and refrigerated Maricopa, the oldest U of A dormitory, as well as adding a refrigeration system to Yavapai men ' s dormitory. WILLIAM H. WALLACE Director of Student Housing Christopher City, new married student housing 165 LIBRARY Students view American Association of University Presses Display at Science Library. ARIZONA STATE MUSEUM ROBERT K. JOHNSON University Librarian Arizona State Museum located on the University of Arizona RAYMOND H. THOMPSON Campus. Director of the Arizona State Museum 166 JUNE CALDWELL MARTIN Editor, Arizona Alumnus JAMES C. MARTIN Associated Students Bookstore Manager MARSHALL TOWNSEND Director and Editor of Arizona Press 167 V ' :Ink.4, • t • " C ' el( : Ask. 4 ' I • I " " . " ▪ tiKV,A14 ;•,,,• " " ••,ai ;:„.•■••• 1-nrr•-• `It .... . , ....,.. • .„ , V • • • • c. . • .. " ;•.4.4 ,. V . , • .;1 r 11 I , • ' t • • ' Irtt..90;,•;44,91kir: . er • 5 • ;44 Tzet. • • 4. ' 74 4. , . . ; 4 t:3:3:nr -•? 168 HOME ECONOMICS The College of Home Economics is working closely with Mexican-American families this year. All phases of low-income living patterns are providing data in tracing Interic Diseases, under the direction of the National and Local Health Service. Food is of primary interest, and detailed research is specifically concerned with balancing menu purchases, health stand- ards of produce outlets, and cooking and stor- ing procedures. Families in the Head Start Program are also providing information on clothing health precautions for a range of weather conditions, upkeep and percentage of second-hand items circulating, and also wash- ing routines which reveal overall sanitation standards. A third study area involves housing congestion of units, storage habits and age sanitation. Home Economics classes are working with the economics of housing essen- tials and supplies for the various income levels. RUTH C. W. HALL Dean of the College of Home Economics 169 GO _LEGS OF HAROLD E. MYERS Dean of the College of Agriculture Each year the personnel of the Arizona Agri- cultural Experimental Station is involved in almost 250 different research projects, cov- ering both applied and basic research. The growth and yield of cotton, a major Arizona product, is much influenced by the level of applied nitrogen fertilizer. Scientists from the Chemistry and Soils department have worked out a new procedure of soil and leaf petiole analysis which can be used together to form a basis for timing the nitrogen application on cotton. Arizona economics is the specific area boasted by the Agronomy department. The safflower has now become a major state crop through research which, as a source of un- saturated fatty acid for the human diet has added approximately $7,500,000 yearly since 1962 to Arizona farming economy. More im- portant, the seed can be crushed for oil here in the state, lending processing mills to Ari- zona ' s industry. The death of newborn calves 170 AGRICULTURE is a serious problem in Arizona and the Animal Pathology department has achieved beneficial experimental results by the introduction of citrated ram ' s blood in transfusions given to calves. Such success points to the increase gamma globulin percentage needed at the crit- ical period. The Dairy Science department is concerned with research in explanation of breeding inefficiency in dairy cattle during hot weather. By the end of the summer, scientists expect to have evidence on the practical possibilities of air conditioning for cows. Im- proved cultural management of lettuce, can- taloupe and potatoes have been the projects of the Horticulture department, highlighted with the development of a commercially feasi- ble production of plastic greenhouse-grown tomatoes. Other areas of study are concerned with tests for fiber strengths in cotton, poultry diets, and more efficient harvestry methods. 171 I A COLLEGE OF With the assistance of the Papago Tribal Coun- cil, the College of Architecture ' s fifth year students were involved in a unique experi- ment this year. Architecture is one facet in the integration of the socialization process, and this year ' s emphasis was directed to find- ing the basis by which social semantics and organic requirements could be translated into technical schemes — the highlight being the use of the computer and systems analysis as a part of the design process. The pressure has been for the student to become personally in- volved in the construction of architecture, to gain an experience not taught in the design lab, so groups were formed for the project, to take charge of items as methods synthesis, the project area, and building material. Personal interviews with members of the Papago Tribal Council, Indian Health Service, the Director 4010010011111.11.1° " -, ry-mr-trinrrini 4. " 0 ui IIIIIIIIII L. wimupjamir L ARCHITECTURE of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Phoenix, as well as councilmen, construction engineers, lawyers, and professors of Anthropology sup- plied the basis for the experimental system. The ultimate goal was to derive from the inter- view data housing and social requirements that would interact with each other to propose the most practical and useful unit guidelines. This was the role of the computer — to tab- ulate, record, and produce a matrix line which combined a majority of deduced requirements. Although this stage wasn ' t reached in the span of one semester, the academic exercise was in discovering a program aimed at " buildings for the individual, " adapted to specific needs and cultural absolutes. The result, then, would be computerized information feed-back for any future architectural of city-planning projects concerned with Arizona Papago Indians. SIDNEY W. LITTLE Dean of the College of Architecture CHARLES W. VORIS Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND The College of Business and Public Adminis- tration contains eight departments plus the Division of Economic and Business Research. BPA students comprise twenty percent of the total U. of A. undergraduates, while the grow- ing importance of a M.B.A. has enlarged the graduate program to 380 students. Two years ago the BPA college emphasized its concern with the growth of Tucson when the faculty and students began working with Tucson civic groups on a brochure entitled " Tucson Com- munity Goals. " This report established objec- tives for the community which serve as specific guideposts in the long range planning of Tuc- son ' s social, economic, physical and govern- mental goals. The BPA college is now involved in a series of follow-up seminars with com- munity leaders on the structure of plans for achieving these different aspects. Faculty members lecture at the seminars while BPA students research information necessary for 174 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION improving and supplementing Tucson ' s goals. Students also learn more about their fields of study while outside the classroom by attend- ing BPA functions such as the International Marketing Seminar, the Insurance Conference and the Advertising Seminar. The Executive Development Seminar, held in November, is only part of the college ' s aid to the continuing education of business and governmental offi- cials. As the business community changes, so must the BPA college. The increased emphasis on quantitative techniques of decision making in the business fields of modern America has forced a change in the curriculum of the col- lege, with particular stress on a greater knowl- edge of the field of mathematics. The Univer- sity ' s BPA college has gained pride in its local, national and international reputation for its activity in community affairs and research which is well deserved. 175 F. ROBERT PAULSEN Dean of the College of Education COLLEGE OF With the support of the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, the UA Col- lege of Education participated in the vastly enriching program this Fall under the Inter- national Teacher Development Program. In September, nineteen teachers from around the world began a three month course of Ameri- can teaching methods. Living in off-campus apartments, each foreign visitor had a host family to introduce them to American social traditions. Subjects covered the " new math, " new teaching methods, team-teaching tech- niques, and the art of teaching English as a second language. The Duo-Specialist Program provides an intern program for practicing teachers in the rural communities of Arizona. The theory behind the program finds it impor- tant that children in rural areas be given the same kind of educational opportunities as available elsewhere, the individual teacher ' s training being the key to the proposal. The U. of A. then selects intern teachers to receive 176 EDUCATION special training in course work to take back with them. The community also patterns the services of the College with its problems. The EPIC Program evaluates current local school programs, attempting innovation, working with the variables of objectives, the institu- tion, and effectiveness. In the Rehabilitation Center, complete out-patient facilities are pro- vided. Professional personnel offer services in: counseling, psychological testing, vocational evaluation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation nursing, social work, speech pathology, and audiology. The four major research projects currently under way are: a comprehensive analysis of community organization and resources for rehabilitation, a project to determine employment potential in chronically unemployed, a study of atti- tudes, interests and personality patterns of students from subculture groups, and a coor- dinated community education and rehabilita- tion program for in-school mentally retarded. 177 COLLEGE OF The College of Engineering is the oldest on the U of A campus. Excellent laboratories are maintained in the areas of Electronics, Electric Circuits, Analog-Hybrid Computers, Digital Logic Automatic Control, Energy Con- version, Semiconductor Devices, Microwaves, Coding and Modulation, and Instrumentation. The department ' s prized nuclear reactor pro- vides data for many research projects. In the field of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Stuart A. Hoenig has recently completed a significant invention. He has piloted an electrically con- trolled absorbent model which removes sul- phur dioxide from copper smelter smoke and retrives it for the manufacture of sulphuric acid. In operation, a series of metal plates coated with zinc oxide a semiconductor absorb and desorb gases. This is done by elec- trically drawing electrons to the zinc oxide surfaces and oxygen from the air, forming ox- ygenated ions. They are held to the surface by electrostatic forces, completing the separation STUART A. HOENIG Professor of Electrical Engineering 178 ENGINEERING process. Absorption or deabsorption is per- formed by alternating the plates between positive and negative voltages. Reliability En- gineering is working on two major projects under grants. This field develops the tools whereby the probability and capability of com- ponents, products and systems to perform re- quired functions without failure in specified environments and time-spans can be predicted, designed-in, tested, and demonstrated. Under a NASA grant, scientists are attempting to de- termine fatigue-strength surfaces from cycles of failure data at various combinations of re- versed bending stresses and steady-torque stresses. A Naval Plant contract supports re- search on equipment generating data concern- ing the reliability of components under fatigue loading. With the items shafts, bearings, springs, seals, and structures, they are deter- mining fatigue strength surfaces for a range of sizes, surface finishes, and stress concen- trations. HOWARD S. COLEMAN Dean of the College of Engineering 179 COLLEGE OF The College of Fine Arts works in the areas of drama, music, art, and speech. The Drama de- partment offers a range of study from stage craft and scenic design to playwriting and dra- matic criticism. Students participate in every phase of productions on the conventional stage. The theatre-in-the-round offers graduate students an opportunity to present and direct their own plays, and the experimental theatre samples dramatic-format styles as the Theatre of the Absurd. Music students participate in the symphonic band, marching band, sym- phony orchestra, the symphonic choir, and choral organizations. Activities also support chamber music and ensemble groups. Merry Widow was this year ' s musical production. Perhaps the broadest range of creative en- deavors is concentrated in the Department of Art. Extensive studio classes offer study in sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, painting and drawing, and commercial art. Students are privileged to use the U. of A. galleries for indi- ROBERT L. HULL Dean of the College of Fine Arts FINE ARTS vidual shows. Radio and TV Broadcasting, Debate, and Reader ' s Theatre highlight offer- ings of the Speech Department. Research in the Speech and Hearing Therapy clinic is con- cerned with two major projects this year. With the aid of an Easter Seal grant, the clinic is involved with an auditory-evoked potentials project. Using brain wave patterns occurring when a " beep " is administered through elec- trodes, scientists can test the hearing of infants and retarded children who do not otherwise respond to sound. A summary computer is used with a " time-lock " implementation which averages-out those wave patterns produced by external stimuli other than the " beep " sound. Research is also being conducted on the effects of noise on the ear in trying to answer why the pitch pattern at a given frequency changes after a time span of application to the ear. Nerve-sensitivity and fatigue is the ultimate object of analysis. 181 COLLEGE OF The College of Law is concerned with training the student in his public role as an advocate involved with official documents, corporate cases, assessment of monies and properties, and personal injury cases. This requires rigor- ous training in analytical reasoning, immersion in the history and growth of Anglo-American law, and exposure to a vast amount of legal information. More important, the student lawyer must understand the legal process, the relationship between the law and the social, economical and political forces that produce it. And here is the public element, one of personal research and function in community services. The Pima County Legal Aid Soci- ety serves citizens unable to afford private lawyers, and students participate as law clerks and investigators. Another student group formed to provide research assistance to at- torneys assigned to defend indigent persons falai 4.13 Sig A m4 - - 1 4 t am a ' ' , LAW charged with crime. A seminar with attached academic credit has also been offered in con- junction with this legal aid program. High- lighting student legal activity this year is the Pima County Bail Bond Issue Proposal. The present bail system, set at $500, often bears little relation to the question of whether or not the defendant is likely to appear in court, and discriminates against the poor. To deal with the problem, the college has set up a program whereby each morning a law student inter- views prisoners arrested the previous day who could not post bond. Information is organized concerning background, family. and place, length, and steadiness of jobs all issues in- dicating a defendant ' s community ties and probability of skipping bond. Along with re- search on criminal record and tendencies, the report is then presented to court with bail- bond proposal. CHARLES E. ARES Dean of the College of Law 183 COLLEGE OF The College of Liberal Arts maintains the same approach to her research grants as diverse as there are scientists and staff lending their knowledge and training. Archaeological sal- vage and age-determination of artifacts support part of the continuing work in Anthro- pology. Microbiology specialists are develop- ing programs in treating sewage disposal, the isolation and study of growth and disease pat- terns of mononeucleosis, valley fever and virus. Tests in the dependence patterns and nervous-structure adjustment in the smoking habit interest researchers in Psychology. In Organic Chemistry, investigations into the combinations of transition metals with carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, and nitrogen are con- ducted. The biochemical process of nitrogen fixation will be better understood with the results. Other studies sketch the manner in which metal compounds react in liquids and gases. In furthering the knowledge of organic living processes, isolation techniques of mir- 184 LIBERAL ARTS ror-image molecules are being expanded. Com- puters and ultracentrifugal techniques are empl oyed to study the heterogeneity of lipo- proteins and their relationship to diet changes in the Biochemistry field. The soil bacterium, Azotobacter vinelandii and Rhodospirillum rubrum are the objects of study in the metab- olism of oxygen and in the isolation of elec- tron transfer enzymes. Successful in isolating chloroplasts which fix CO2 at rates comparable to those of the intact plant, another scientist is now investigating the metabolic control of photosynthesis with these chloroplasts in or- der to regulate photosynthetic products pro- duced. Currently a physical biochemist is using grant monies in relating the chemical structure of lysozyme to the X-ray structure of the en- zyme. Study of energy conversion processes and the photochemical process involved in the movement of a Euglena toward light fill out the research calendar. FRANCIS A. ROY Dean of the College of Liberal Arts COLLEGE OF The newly completed College of Medicine now offers students the necessary library and labo- ratory facilities for pre-intern study. At the base of such programs still lies questions of teaching method and structuring learning. A new approach is under experimentation in Multidisciplinary labs. Here the graduate stu- dent carries on all phases of his lab and re- search work in one place. The Microbiology department is presently researching the me- chanisms of immunity effected by the human system during transplant surgery. Continuous study in the source, isolation and cultivation, prevention and medication of virus and viral infections remains the bulk of Microbiology projects. The metabolism of lipids begins the research files in the Biochemistry department. Viruses are important sources of data in this MERLIN K. DuVAL Dean of the College of Medicine MEDICINE field also, but here the problems concern the protein types and structures in viruses. Such research provides data on the nutrition re- quirements and sources for viruses. The coag- ulation mechanisms of blood is also a significant program. The Physiology depart- ment, being the science of the normal function of organs, is working on research in the flow of blood in single capillaries, the functions of the kidney, and the neurophysiology of the spinal cord. Animals provide the data in the department of Anatomy. The reproductive and kidney structures of bats concern several sci- entists while another is drawing up an atlas of the mousebrain. Of special interest to Ari- zonans is the research conducted in comparing the structures of kidneys of desert animals. Here creative efforts interpret the adaptation processes of animals to climate and diets. 187 JAMES D. FORRESTER Dean of the College of Mines COLLEGE OF The need for conservation of our land and mineral resources to assure continuing sup- plies for future generations places on the Col- lege of Mines the responsibility for developing maximum efficiency in usage of the land and mineral resources. In addition, they are con- tinuing technological development that will enable the industry to economically use lower concentrations of these resources. Research in Mining and Geological Engineering is directed toward development of better methods for dis- covery and extraction of valuable minerals from the earth ' s crust and toward the predic- tion, appraisal and control of those geological risks endangering engineering structures and human life. In the Departm ent of Metallurgical Engineering, mathematical models are devel- oped to describe grinding circuits and flotation circuits. The department researches problems central to Arizona ' s industrial interests, such as the control of impurities in electro-depos- 188 •.1.1.1filt 11. I - ;;4 MINES ited metals, like copper, and studies of the leaching of sulfide minerals. The objective of the department ' s Metallurgy research is to be able to make metals and alloys more effective in their ultimate use by knowing how to cor- rect defects in structure at the atomic level. X-ray equipment and a new 200,000 volt elec- tron microscope are a few of the tools used. The Department of Geology has described and named several new mineral species and is working on their crystal structures. Here again, X-ray studies are greatly facilitated by the University ' s digital computer. The Geology Department has an active program of investi- gation of the moon which has produced studies to assist in the selection of sites for the mannedlunar landings. New facilities in the College of Mines are the School of Earth Sci- ences, the Department of Geochronology, the Office of Arid Lands Research, and the Labo- ratory of Tree-Ring Research. 189 COLLEGE OF Of special interest this year in the College of Nursing is the construction of a new building on the College of Medicine site and initiation of a graduate study program toward a Master ' s degree. Undergraduate study centers around general science courses the first two years, with " intern " experience in local hospitals and Health Centers for upperclassmen. Whether in the schools teaching public health classes or assisting in out-patient clinics, the emphasis is always on the cultural background of patients and how the diversity affects health and sanitation habits. While working in the hospitals, student nurses are involved in total patient care. Diet checks are made, patients are followed through and pre- GLADYS E. SORENSON Dean of the College of Nursing NURSING pared for X-ray, with final assistance given in Physical-Therapy labs. Surge ry procedures are outlined and nurses are familiarized with the Recovery room. They learn to pass medi- cations, give injections and take blood pres- sures, and even catherize patients. Once a week field work in Sells and on the San Xavier Indian reservation fill out the program with experience in public health nurs- ing and home visits. Here they teach family health, personal hygiene, diet, care for preg- nant women, food care and diabetics for diet regulation. The Pima County Hospital and the Southern Arizona Mental Hospital also pro- vide valuable experience for the girls who serve a leaders in group psychotherapy. 191 COLLEGE OF In the College of Pharmacy, the graduate stu- dent is the significant element in the area of research. His new procedure introduces semi- nars, research planning, confirming data, re- search directors, research reports, and litera- ture search. An example research sequence is found in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry in the evaluation of a specific compound. The cluster of atoms depicted with a molecular model is produced in crystalline form in a laboratory flask, followed as spots or bands in chromatograms, projected as electronic images with spectrophotometers, formulated into prep- arations for analysis, observed in test-animal responses, and interpreted into statistical cal- culations which ultimately contribute to the treatment of disease. The cycle of study is concerned with the discovery and develop- ment of medicinal agents of synthetic and natural origin, determination of the biological 192 PHARMACY action of these agents in man and animal, and finally designing dosage forms for use of the medication. Present Pharmacy experimenta- tion is centered around plant study for cancer research. Plants are tested for their chemical agents, these chemical properties then admin- istered to cancerous animals. Another project is concerned with the second stage of chemical detection. Once small quantities of the drug are found beneficial, then analysis of the active chemical ingredients is undertaken. Synthetic laboratory production of the drug as a poten- tial anti-cancer agent is the ultimate goal. These projects are conducted with the cooper- ation of the American Cancer Society. Pro- grammed attempts are being made also to dis- cover an anti-inflammatory drug which would eliminate the symptoms of arthritis and rheu- matism. WILLIS R. BREWER Dean of the College of Pharmacy GRADUATE COLLEGE The Graduate College is unique, for of all the colleges, it is the only one concerned with the individual field of study a student is in, but the level of education he is striving for. The function of the college is the extension of a higher level of knowledge in any major; there- for, the Graduate College works closely with all other University colleges. The U of A offers Masters degrees in 98 majors and Doctorates in 56 fields; the otherwise unrelated men and women studying for these degrees are organ- ized under the Graduate College. While many teachers instruct only undergraduate students, the majority of the University ' s faculty teach both undergraduates and graduates, closely bringing the Graduate College to the remaining branches of the U of A. Hundreds of Univer- sity research projects provide wages for many of the 4,300 graduate students, while tuition scholarships, fellowships and trainee ship s help to finance advanced degrees for others. Teaching assistantships are available for about 500 graduate students. The students in the Graduate College are as varied as the programs the college supervises. F. PENDLETON GAINES Dean of Continuing Education and Summer Session The Division of Continuing Education recog- nizes its special obligation to adults, particu- larly those of the Tucson community. Many late afternoon and evening courses are of spe- cial interest to these citizens. Courses on Chan- nel 6, the University ' s television station, offer regular academic credit. The Saturday morn- ing classes are convenient for teachers outside metropolitan Tucson and businessmen unable to study in the evening. Non-credit courses HERBERT D. RHODES Dean of the Graduate College offer enrollment for those not necessarily striving towards degrees, but who realize the value of education for its own sake. A shorter work week, more leisure time and rapid tech- nological advances put an increased emphasis on higher education, which the U of A attempts to meet through its Division of Continuing Education and the Summer Session. In its fif- tieth year, the summer session has grown to a program of some 600 courses in 55 fields conducted on campus and throughout Arizona. More than 40 additional courses will be offered in the six-week residence program in Guada- lajara, Mexico, while credit-granting study tours will be conducted in Europe and Mexico. For the first time, the UA will offer evening courses on campus during its ten-week sum- mer session, which enrolled almost 13,000 on- campus students in 1967. Many students are finding it advantageous to begin their college career in June instead of September, and these evening courses are designed for such students as well as adults able to attend only at night. The seventeenth annual Fine Arts Summer Session for High School students will be held in 1968. CONTINUING EDUCATION 194 PLACEMENT OFFICE The Placement Service is involved in finding part time and summer jobs for undergraduates and career positions for graduating seniors. Interested students are interviewed for infor- mation on preferred employment. At the same time the placement service takes job orders from employers off campus and from the Uni- versity itself, then attempting to match up stu- dents with prospective employers. Also, the placement service keeps a bulletin board posted with part time job opportunities out- side the old Administration building. The Cen- ter is in contact with over 500 companies for whom they arrange interviews, along with 250 schools who need graduates to fill teaching positions. FRANK DAY Director of Placement TOM HASSEY Placement Assistant JERRY MURPHY Assistant Director of Placement RALPH MOORE Placement Assistant M. R. " DICK " CLAUSEN Director of the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Male students of the University have the oppor- tunity to engage in physical education, intramural sports and varsity and freshman athletics, all con- ducted by the Department of Health, Physical Edu- cation and Recreation. Two units of HYPER are required of all freshman men. A well-rounded varsity sports program is conducted, with intercol- legiate competition in the Western Athletic Confer- ence. A professional preparation program is offered to those who are interested in teaching health and physical education, coaching, or in directing recrea- tional programs. HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RECREATION MARY PILGRIM Director of the Department of Physical Education for Women The Department of Physical Education for Women at the University of Arizona provides excellent facilities for classes and recreational activities in and around the Physical Education Building. While enrolled in the two years P.E. required for gradua- tion, the student may choose from approximately twenty different activities ranging from Track and Field to Fencing. An extensive and outstanding year-round intramural, extramural and club pro- gram is an outgrowth of the activities of the de- partment. 196 ARMY ROTC The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps, an in- tegral part of the University of Arizona, is directed by Col. Walter H. Clifford, professor of military tactics. The R.O.T.C. program provides systematic military instruction with a two-fold purpose — pri- marily to qualify students for positions of leader- ship and secondly to provide the nation with an electorate informed of the purposes and necessity of a sane policy of national defense. At the U of A, a two-year program is required for all male students, while a four-year program leading to a commission is also offered. COL. WALTER H. CLIFFORD Director of Army ROTC AIR FORCE ROTC While Army R.O.T.C. deals with general military science, the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, under the leadership of Col. John W. Chap- man, studies military aero-space tactics. The four- year training, Professional Officers Course, enables the student to graduate from the University of Ari- zona with a direct commission into the U.S. Air Force Reserves. Regular commissions as second lieutenants in the Air Force may be tendered to Distinguished Military Graduates of the R.O.T.C. program. COL. ROBERT L. JONES Director of Air Force ROTC 197 Man lives simultaneously in many communities, from the microcosmic one within himself to the macrocosm of the universe, where he may not go self but where his thoughts may span a light year in a second. To a sociologist, " the community " means a group of persons with a common background or interest; to a mayor, it refers to a particular city; to a biologist, it includes the entire world of human beings and to an astronomer, " the community " is the universe, for he siders that where his thoughts are there he is also. When man is aware of his membership in these many communi- ties he can better make the effort to perfect his nature, better than can a hermit who is aware of no world beyond his own cave. ❑ The university student, though he may be aware of the vastness of " the community " is in a singular situation. He is at the same time paradoxically part of and apart from the community. From one community point of view, the university is merely a preparation for students who will ally enter professional community life. A business probably comes any prospective employee who knows his field and can think creatively regarding his occupation; beyond professional creative thought, employers may suspect that thinking is a waste of company time. A contracting firm might be wary of hiring a young civil engineer who delights in questioning the roundness of cylinders. Perhaps Socrates or Peter Abelard could have proved through the use of dialectics that ders are not round, but Socrates and Abelard were also notably among the unemployed. ❑ If, however, students confine free thought to practical ters only they would be sacrificing that spirit of inquiry for which the versity stands. Limiting the imagination would have censured such thinkers as Albert Einstein and Eric Hoffer. Nevertheless, the freedom to toy with thought is pregnant with responsibility to organize it before that thought is voiced. 171 Then like a traveling salesman, the student may neatly pack his organized thoughts and take them to the many communities around him, whether to local ones or to limitless destinations throughout the universe. 171 The earth hangs in space but it still moves toward some defined point; the student must also move toward his own defined point while keeping in balance with the whole " solar " system. Without the community, his thoughts and knowledge have no meaning; he is a lifeless meteor wandering through space. Without the student who is unafraid to use his knowledge and mind to better his world, the nity is a solar system with no sun. o 0 Richard Allen William Allen Laura Almada Thomas Alston Marvin Amerine Toni Ames Eric Andell Clifford Anderson Philip Anderson Sandra Anderson Robert Andrecht Anne Andresen Eric Andell University seniors named to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges are featured throughout this section. Gwendolyn Abbott Brian Acton Thomas Adam Patricia Adams Richard Adamson Vernon Aguirre Al Aichroth Sabainah Ajayl Mohamed Akhavan Taiwo Akinlosotu Karen Alderson Samuel Alfred Yousif Ali David Allbritton David Allen Lynda Allen 201 Jean Appogast Helenmaree Archbold Judy Armstr ong Lucy Arnold Alan Atwood James Au Ann Augur Andrea Averyt Manuel Avila, Jr. Don Axlund Warren Bachtel Janny Bacon Margaret Bailey Ray Bailey Allan Baker Gary Baker Craig Baldon Maliz Baldwin Connie Balsukot Irene Bamrick Donald Barbelrolan Herbert Barber JadV Barlow Susan Barr Rafael Arvizu Judy Bartholomeaux Deborah Bartlett Katherine Basmagy Jeannette Battan 202 Betty Battenfield Anna Bauer Gilda Baxter Janice Baxter Jane Bechtol Wayne Beck Leonard Beebe Virginia Bendinger Susan Bentley Louise Bergman Marsha Bergman Victor Berner Richard Berry Kenneth Bertin Larry Betts Andrew Bettwy Dharam Bhola Ann Bickerton Nancy Tuttle Trudy Bigham Carol Bishop Perry Bishop Donna Black Laura Black William Blakley Beverly Blank Shirley Blough 203 Franklin Blum Marcia Blute James Bly Lonettie Boardman Donna Bockius Philip Bodenhorn Arthur Boehm Joseph Boerum Susie Stiles Kathy Raymond Laura Bolles Christine Bondante Joe Boogaart John Bork Carole Born Donald Boss Donald Bottger Paul Bourret Frederick Bower, Jr. Barbara Bowers Susan Brafman Mary Bragg William Brandt Roger Brautigan Louie Bravo Roberto Breton Jendy Briggs Robert Briscoe, Jr. 204 Arthur Brooks Marcia Brown Robert Brown Roger Brown Sharyn Brown Walter Brown Nancy Browne Madelyn Bubala Charles Buel Gaye Bumsted Ann Burch Robert Burg Roger Calderwood Michael Callahan Warren Cambier John Campisano Melissa Carland Stephen Carlat Lou Burgess Michael Burke Francis Burns James Burns John Burross Diane Butler William Butler Olivia Cabrera William Cahn Tom Sundeen 205 Lee Carmichael Nicholas Carnevale Judith Carrington Philip Carrott Richard Carter Roger Carter Emmet Cashin Ernie Casillas Juanita Casillas Sam Castle Elizabeth Chalfont Helen Chatfield Chaunci Chick Vincent Ciampa John Claiborne David Clar k Larry Clark Nancy Clark Neil Clark Gordon Close Charles Cochran Larry Cohen Richard Cohn Michael Coleman Robert Collins Michael Combs Sally Combs James Comer Margaret Conway Michael Conway Vince Ciampa 206 Virginia Coulson Suzette Jackson Richard Daggett John Dahl Carol Damgar Aris Damiani Cindy Cook Mary Cordano Virginia Corngold Barbara Costin Virginia Coulson Ed Coutchie Stephen Cox Deborah Coyle Victoria Cranmer Catherine Crebs Patricia Crist Richard Crites James Crovello William Crumpler David Cruz Ronald Cummings Lynda Cuqua Sharron Currie Diane Curtis Michael Cylke Debra Darrow Richard David Barbara Davis Blaine Davis 207 Janet Davis Judith Davis Lee Davis LeRoy Davis Phil Davis Grady Deal Arthur Deiley Ardath Delforge Dorothy Dennis Geneva Dennis Richard Dennis Dennis De Vault Dorothy DeVoy Timothy DeWan Pamela Dewhirst lvonne Deyden Carmen Diaz Beverly Dineff Andrew DiRienzo Robert DiVa cca ro Jerome Dobracki Leonard Don Newton Don Paul Donahue James Donohue Richard Dorman Russell Dorn Lorraine Dorsey Marsha Umbenhaur 208 Al Butkus Craig Dougherty Dwight Dowell Dan Drachman Susan Drake Victoria Duncan Raul Duran John Duvivier Harvey Dye Cindy Earle Phyllis Edamatsu Kristina Edlund Helen Egbert Logan Eisele Ill Donald Ellermann Frances Ellig Steve Elliot Roy Ellis Carole Ellison Victor Elsberry Joyce Emerson William Engelmann John Entz Alma Epperson Kenneth Erickson Steven Erickson Robert Evans Augustine Ezenwa Mary Fabel Mohamed Farah Rouyenfan Farhadieh 209 Dick Keller Maria Figueroa Mark Fine Sheryl Firth John Fish Beverly Fisk Roy Flegenheimer Connie Fletcher Timothy Flood Patricia Floyd Kenneth Follett Kathleen Ford Michael Ford Sally Fornasero Mary Forrest Richard Franklin Dale Frederick John Farrall Dorothy Farrier Bruce Fassett Dar I Fassett Dene Fast Tina Feingold Christine Fellows Emilio Fernandez Catherine Fickas Robert Fickas Michael Fielder Richard Fields 210 211 Jane Bechtol Robert Gentry Robert Giacomazza Judith Gibson Robert Gillies Jerri Freedman Teri Freedman Lani Freeman Gary Frere Pamela Froebe David Fry Kerry Fuller Jacqueline Gable Harold Gamble David Gardner Jerry Gardner Robert Garman Amy Garrett Robert Gebhart Joseph Geis Mark Gemmill Marialyce Girdner Philip Giroux Bruce Goetze Sharon Goldenberg Wayne Beck Claire Ryan Stanley Goldenberg Jay Goldfarb Joel Goldman Lesley Golub Gerald Gonsalves Hector Gonzalez Nancy Good James Gordon Marvyn Gordon William Goring James Gormly David Gorrell Natalie Graff Kathleen Graham Linda Gramer Jean Gray Ronelle Gray Terry Gray Ronald Green Rusel Green Tomi Green William Gregor Judylynn Gries Linda Grimm 212 Ronald Grodsky Paul Gross John Grother Robert Guba Edward Guldner Freddie Guthrie John Guyader Edward Habich Ernest Haeger Sheryl Hall Suzan Hall Gail Hammonds Donna Hampton Robert Hampton Jean Hansen Sue Hardin Joseph Hardy Richard Hargrue Julia Harlow Barbaranne Harmash Mitchell Harper Robert Harris Donn Hartley Montgomery Hartley John Hartman Paula Harwell Wally Scott 213 Nancy Ruzicka Donald Haslam Jacquelyn Hatch Clayton Haugebak Mary Hawse Barry Haymore Lyman Hays Bartlett Heald Kim Hecker Richard Heggen Nancy Hehn Dale Henderson Carolyn Herkner Lynne Hermann Glenn Hermanson Craig Herring Bill Hess Roberta Hettinger Marcel Hetu Jean Hewlett Marlene Hexberg Donald Heyden Mildred Heyes Helen Hickey 214 Andrea Hopper John Hosmer Hervey Hotchkiss George Hover Larry Hoffman Christian Hofmann Zilpha Holden Karen Holm Don Holmes Hugh Holub Steven Hondrum Susan Hood Albert Hopper William Hickman Sandra Higgins Ronald Higuera Larry Hildebrand John Hileman John Hing Ronald Hinton Carole Hirose Theodore Hirshfeld Toby Hochstein Richard Hoehn Jon Hoffman Jim Mauge 215 Philip Hovey Claudia Howse Roger Hulett Kate Hume Richard Humphrey James Hunter, Jr. Martin Hutchison Thomas Hutson III Blake Hyfield Janet Ide Kathy Igoe Jeffrey Illston Robert Ingraham Angie Iregbulem Mary Jane Jackson Suzette Jackson, Ronald Jagodzinski Steven James James Janoviak Laura Jantolak Linda Jeens William JefFeries Emily Jenkins Priscilla Jenkins Leonard Jensen William Jensen Frances Jernigan Diana Jewell Candace Johnson John Johnson Eddie Leon 216 Riska Platt Phil Bodenhorn Gail Kearney Louie Kehl Sarah Keith Kenneth Johnson Roger Johnson Lorna Johnston Jerelyn Jones John Jones Richard Jones Viola Jones Angelita Jorquez Kathy Joseph George Jundt Sharon Kagna Toni Kalil Herb Kalish Roberta Kall Lynn Kamin Terry Kamrin Cheryl Karp Glen Kartchner Nancy Kaufmann John Kaye Thomas Kellen Richard Keller Kathleen Kennedy Kathryn Kennett Connie Kent 217 Janet Kerfoot Donna Kern Karen Kerr Dana Kerstitch Jack Kesler Rich Keye Joan Kikel Sally Kilborn Raymond Klein Steve Kleinsmith Richard Knapp Jan Komorowski Teck Kong Vivian Konopasek Jerry Koss Peter Kramer Rosalie Kreider Barry Kreisler Donna Kronauer Robert Kruse, Jr. Janice Kilthau Richard Kimmel! Arthur King Sandra King Michael Kinney Jerry Kirchner James Kirmse Priscilla Kishner Sally Kilborn 218 Yousif Kubba Gregory Kuczynski Sylvia Kuehl Tom Kuehn Joel Kunkel Delann Kurner Mary Kurtin Janie LaBenz Robert Laberge James LaDuc Janet LaJeunesse Carla Lamanna Stan Scoville Stephen Lang Kayla Langfitt Jim Langley Maxine Lantin Edwin Lantzer Margaret Larmour Paul Larmour Carol Larson Rose LaRue Lynn Lawless Richard Lazeres Larry Lebovitz Tony Ledwell Alfred Lee Candy Lee 219 Jim Miller Janet Lewis Kaye Liesch Marcia Liggitt George Liles David Limbert Barbara Lind Sharon Lind Thomas Lindberg William Linder Gordon Lindstrom Lois Linxwiler David Livingston Judy Livingston Debra Lloyd John Loder Lorraine Logan Olden Lee Robert Lee William Lee Margaret Leech Darrell Leigh Kurt Lemons Ricardo Leon Richard Leos Steven Levine William Levitt Christopher Lewis David Lewis 220 Vicki Bendinger Mary Jane Jackson Patricia Magee Robyn Magill Mitchell Maher John Mahoney Mary Lord Antoinette Louden Wava Lower Linda Lowry Virginia Luckard Sandra Ludeke Ron Ludvigson Ann Lujack Vance Luke Larry Lumpkin Richard Lust Steve Lynn James Lyon Man-Kin Ma Virginia MacGregor Annette Machalk Mary Makaus Leonard Maldonado Christopher Mallory John Mangham 221 Linda Mariani Michael Manion Daniel Mann Patricia Mann Alice Marchant William Mansfield Mary Marchant Marilyn Marsh Flavious Martin Ill James Martin Robert Martin Dan Martinez Lynda Cuqua Lorenzo Martinez Cynthia Matesic James Mathews Bob Matthews James Mauge Mouse Maurer Joyce May Walter May Harvey Mayerowitz Frank Mayne Philip McArthur Cris McBride 222 Loretta McCarthy Mary McClung Diana McClure Patricia McColm Nancy McCoy James McCutchan Cynthia McDonald James McGeorge Larry McKenna Ross McLachlan Carol McLane George McLaughlin Patricia McLing Georgia McMillen Roberta McNeil Sally McNicol Bonnie McPherson Francis McVey Lee Davis Brent McWhorter Sandra Meintzer Josette Melazzo Janet Memmott Ruben Mendez Allan Mense Melinda Mergard Linda Merikle 223 Jean Gray Penny Merrill Sally Jo Mertz Joseph Merz Forrest Metz Candace Metzgar Lee Meyer John Michela Betsy Middleton Bonnie Milan Beverly Miller James Miller Karen Miller Stephen Miller Vance Miller Charles Minner Matt Minor Jim Moffett Carlos Mogro-Campero Michael Montemayor Virginia Moon Louis Moore Edward Moos Marilyn Moreton 224 John Mumma Patrick Murphy Susan Murry Richard Nelson Ronald Nelson Bill Nemeth Virginia Neubauer James Morford Donald Morisky Christopher Morris Jerry Morris Michael Mulchay Carolyn Mumma Satoshi Nakamura Kenneth Nardi Walter Nash Charles Nathan Patricia Nau Bud Neal William Neeb Diane Neff son Eugene Neil Shannon Neil Craig Nelson Karen Nelson John Hileman 225 Robert Neuhausen Sieglinde Neuhauser Diane Neville Sandra Newburn John Newsome Nancy Newsome Cynthia Newton Karen Nicholas John Nichols Virginia Nichols Ronald Nomura William Nordman John Norris Randall Norstrom Lexie Oakes Suzette Oberlander Mary O ' Brien Patrick O ' Brien Nancy Specht Gordon Ochenrider David Ochoa Nancy Odell Michael Ogunlana Marcia O ' Harrow David O ' Hern Thomas Old James Oliver Marilyn Oltmans Israel Onigbogi Beatrice Onyejeli Pamela O ' Roke 226 Lupita Perez Walter Perius Donald Peters Ann Huffman Nancy Speelman Michael Peters Kim Petersen Sue Orth Willis Ouillette Ruth Over Mills Pace Emmie Padgett Kathryn Palmer Ruby Palmer Kurt Pany George Parker Jean Parker Gary Petras Ronald Partain Jeffrey Patrick Karen Pattison Alison Paul Paul Payette Darrell Petrie Thomas Payson Alan Pedersen Michael Peed Robert Peltzman Joseph Perazzo John Petrush 227 Stephen Phelps Steve Phillips Christopher Pickrell John Pierce Carlos Pinto Pamela Place Riska Platt Cecilia Plinski Karin Rabin Bruce Radabaugh Lynn Radmacher Vicki Raison Eloise Ramirez Horacio Ramirez Edgar Ramsey Lynn Rankin Paul Ranmar Kathy Raphun Peter Rathwell Joan Reed James Potts Sheryl Pratt Donald Priestley Ronald Priestley Gary Prigge Marilyn Prigge Edward Pritchett Donald Proulx Ken Erickson 228 Mark Reed Douglas Reynolds John Rhodes Ill Kathleen Rhorer Stanley Rice Harvey Riceberg Gerald Richardson Laura Richardson Leon Richardson, Jr. Sarah Richardson Dwight Ridenour Grace Riegert Lynn Radmacher Denny Rierson Olivia Riesgo Marion Riester William Risner Randall Rober Amy Roberts Raymond Roberts Vicki Roberts David Robertson John Robertson Paul Robinson Ann Rodenkirch Marilyn Rogel Peggy Rogers Raymond Rogers 229 Ronald Rovey Wayne Rowell Sharyn Rogers Daniel Roman Marilyn Romine John Rood Richard Root Andrew Ross Jane Ruby Nancy Ruzicka Carolyn Ross Mary Ross William Ross Claire Ryan Dudley Ryan John Rosso Barbara Roth Margie Roth Jesse Saar Gary Sakato Joe Salaz Mira nice Sales John Sanderson Joss Sanderson Hernan Santa-Coloma Tony Sapienza Samuel Scelso Louis Schaedler Jim Weeks 230 231 Kathy Raphun Ann Service Frank Shanta Joel Shapiro Charles Shaw Helene Schaefer Larry Schallock Albert Schenker Carol Schierenberg Roderic Schmidt Henry Schneider Ronald Schueman William Schwab Leslie Schwartz Susan Scott Wally Scott Stanley Scoville Clifford Sears Lynne Seidel Robert Selinger Francis Selph Geoffrey Shelden Richard Sherman Hiroki Shioji Suzy Shook Kent Morgan John Slier Karin Sillins Darlene Simek Mark Simson John Sirak Priscilla Skeie Michael Skully Jeffrey Slager Nancy Slavin Beverly Smart Bonnie Smith Burks Smith, Jr. Carol Smith Dennis Smith John Smith Marcia Smith Michael Smith Ruth Smyth Mary Jane Soifer Paul Soteriades Barbara Soto Mary Soulliard Steven Sowders Roxie Spaek 232 Pat Spagon Robert Spanyol Glenn Spar Nancy Specht Christina Spiegel Kenneth Spring Paul Stack Diane Stadler Richard Starr Edwin St. Clair Diane Steidl Russell Steinebach Donald Steinwachs Jere Stephan Ann Stephens James Stephenson Theodor Stern Michael Stiegel Pris Skeie Roy Stigers Charles Stoddard Ann Stoecker Barbara St. John Stuart Stoloff Gary Stone Helen Stone Janice Stone 233 Mary Stone Norman Storey Robert Storrs Samuel Stout Susan Stout Linda Strauss Stuart Strong Kim Stuart Steve Schwarting William Sublette Deboral Sulcer Daniel Summers Thomas Sundeen George Sutherland Christina Swanson Patricia Swanson Arlene Swartz Lil Swartz Carole Sweeney Senan Sweeney Andrea Taft Lena Tamboli Carlos Tapia Charles Taplin 234 Sharon Taurnan Carolyn Taylor Sherwood Tella Nancy Tempkin Bruce Tews Ellen Thien George Thomas Charles Thompson Clifton Thompson Don Thompson Jody Thompson Don Thorp Nancy Tuttle John Twitty Lester Tyrala Nadine Ukeiley Ronald Tom Thomas Tonks Ill Donald Torluemke Barbara Townsend Gary Triano Linda Trigg James Tripp Randall Trudelle Gordon Tuidstrom Marilyn Bernstein 235 Marsha Umbenhaur Ruth Unger Susan Unger Alice Urlie Peter Uyehara Mary Vallee Phyllis Vance Sally Vance Judith Vancil Allen Van Fredenberg Linda Van Scoyk Susan Van Wagner Joyce Van Zee William Vasko Cecilia Vasquez Frederick Veck Manuel Velez Lee Veltum Stephen Verkamp Stephen Vlahovich Karen Wade Chuck Waltman George Walker Virginia Walker Willie Waltner Charles Warner Gary Warner Edward Warnock Lee Ann Warren Paul Wason Terry Valeski 236 Richard Whiting Thomas Whitley Kent Whitson Mark Gemmill Jim Brophy Wendy Waterman Linda Watkins Toni Watson William Watson Sharon Weber James Weeks Jim Wehrman Maryann Weimer Alan Weiss Scott Welch Porter Weldon Ronald Weller James Wells Daniel Wenger Eileen Whalen Gary Wheeler Gary Whelpley Carla Whistler William Whitaker Jennifer White Thomas Wicar David Wick Nancy Wilcox Victor Wild 237 Janet Wolfe Ann Wood Mary Lou Wood John Witherspoon Susan Witt Marilyn Wolf Candace Wirkler Joe Wisdom Thomas Wise William Wilkinson Anthony Williams Boni Williams Doug Williams Gary Williams Lyn Williams Gary Williamson Albert Wilson Charles Wilson James Wilson Nancy Wilson Ronald Wilson Sandy Wilson Richard Winchell Alice Windish Betsy Winn Tom Adam 238 Wayne Wood Susan Woodruff Lynn Woods Wayne Wordon Alice Wright Judith Wright Kathleen Wright Linda Wright Newell Wright Connie Fletcher Janet Wrye Michael Wuest Clois Wynn, Jr. Lawrence Yasmer Marilyn Yeung Cynthia Young Steve Younggren Michael Zdon Eddie Zeitler Arlene Zepeda Richard Zerilli Kent Ziegenbein Greg Zieman Barbara Zion Christine Zivney 239 240 BLUE KEY Blue Key is composed of senior men recognized for outstand- ing qualities in character, scholarship, leadership and service. The honorary studies student problems and pro- motes the best interests of the University. The men sponsored High School Senior Day and all Mom and Dad ' s Day activities. Members are selected in the Spring. Bottom row: Ken Erickson, Tom Whitley, Richard Kelley, Jim Miller. Top row: Eric Andell, Don Thompson, Lee Davis, Craig Dougherty, Al Butkus, Joel Goldblatt. MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board, a national senior women ' s hon- orary, functions primarily to promote college loyalty, advance the spirit of service and fel- lowship among University women, and to pro- mote high scholarship. Projects include selling mums on Parent ' s Day and a special program presented at the regional conference at Ari- zona State University. Sitting: Nancy Speelman, Mary Bob Ross, Kathy Raymond, Virginia Coulson, Marsha Umbenhauer, Jean Gray, Riska Platt. Standing: Nancy Tuttle, Susie Stiles, Sue Orth, Lynne Hermann, Sally Kil- born, Kathy Raphun, Lynn Radmacher, Natalie Graff, Jane Bechtol, Ann Huffman. BOBCATS Men ' s Night and Homecoming preparations are a few of the activities of Bobcats, a thir- teen-member senior men ' s hon- orary. Selected on the basis of activities, scholarship, and leadership, their role is to help maintain the Arizona spirit in the student body. Bottom row: Kent Morgan, Rafael Arvizu Jr., Stan Scoville. Top row: Jim Mauge, Tim Flood, John Hileman, Tom Sundeen. 241 CHIMES Chimes is the national honorary for junior women. Established in 1956, they base their memb ership on activities, scholarship, and leadership. They sponsor a University Spring Sing held on the evening of Women ' s Day. Bottom row: Karen Clifford, Cathy Yaeger, Cheryl Charles, Bobbi Gardenswartz, Eileen Ong, Mari- anna Gammon, DeDe Wild. Row 2: Marcia Metcalf, Linda Eaton, Mary Ann May, Pam Cohn, Mary Hendershott, Missy Leighton, Sally Simmons, Judy May, Karyl Jones. Top row: Judy Olsen, Leslie Jaap, Toni Barthels, Bonnie Kruse, Bonnie Wright, Peggy Wilson, Donna Black, Diana Baum. CHAIN GANG Chain Gang is primarily an honorary to recog- nize outstanding junior men. They assist in many campus special events and meet visiting athletic teams. They have twenty-nine active members. frrq :OH i1101110kWilitage in Bottom row: Rob Brosius, Rich Poynter, Rich Orr, David May, Mike Hatcher, Don Salazar, Laurence Blair, Tyler Kent. Top row: Carlton Clark, Terry Tucker, Mike Moody, Tim Puntenney, Bob Swan, Ed Johnson, Drue Johnson, Brian Chency, Jim Pun- tenney, Jim Van Houten, John Wyss. 242 SPURS Each Spring fifty outstanding freshman girls are chosen for Spurs, sophomore women ' s honorary. Their activities include helping with registration, assisting incoming freshman be- come acquainted with college life, and parti- cipating in Mom and Dad ' s Day. The local chapter was started in 1937. Bottom row: Nancy Ruby, Nancy Pearson, Cooky Hanson, Mary Alice Kellogg, Fern Porter, Ann Grose, Becky Fife, Jan Naughton, Barbara Roth, Susan Feldman, Arlene Dobb, Robbie Ferry. Row 2: Diane Weir, Carole Johnson, Judy Mitchell, Mar- garet Katie Craig, Sandy King, Barbara Walker, Maryannette Corneveaux, Pat Conlin, Pam Porter, Carol Aanes, Julianne Tashnek, Judy Nisen- sen. Top row: May Ling Ong, Cathie Roy, Judy Coffin, Carol Kinsock, Sheryl Sparkman, Margie Davis, Judy James, Paula Edgar, Leslie Whitehead, Cathy Kinsock, Betty Shelton, Sue Keebler. SOPHOS Begun in 1933, Sophos is the sophomore men ' s honorary. In the role of serving the university and its adm inistration, they assist at Band Day, Homecoming and Senior Day. Routine also includes chauffeur service for freshman from airports and train stations. Bottom row: Jerry Llewellyn, Rick Arrotta, Mike Donnell, Larry Blume, Howard King, Mitchell Dorson, Marc Tamaroff, Bob Sawdey, Marc Adams, Dave Coatsworth. Row 2: Dave Prest, Jeff Feldman, Dave Sharp, Gilbert Garcia, Mike Gray, Dave Lewis, Tom Cleveland, Jeff Fisher, Vaughn Strong. Row 3: Bill Viner, Jim Engle, Larry Workman, Bob Cryor, Chris Hillman, John Bolt, Mike Harrison, Stephen Nathan. Top row: Ted Sherwood, Bill Neal, Larry Benson, Jeff Lock- wood, Bob Jones, Rodney Miller, Tony Hatch, Bill Jackson, John Gemmill. 243 PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma is a national scholastic honorary for freshman men. It encourages high schol- astic attainment among these men and helps new students adjust to university life. Eligibil- ity is based on a 1.5 or better grade average. Memb ers counsel and tutor freshman and par- ticipate in special projects and service to the University. Bottom row: Man-Kin Ma, Elmer Grubbs, Byron McCormick, Tom Syndeen, Steve Davis, Christopher Lewis. Top row: Tim Peterson, R. J. Heggen, Frank Stith, Ted Carnevale, Rich Moret, Ronald Rovey, M. Stroke, Mike Platt. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta is a na- tional scholastic honorary for freshman women. It was created to promote superior scholastic attainment and a high standard of learning along with intelligent living. Mem- bership is based on first semes- ter or cumulative first year grades and is open to women who earn a 1.5 or better. Ac- tives, in their sophomore year, compile a tutor list for fresh- man students and counsel and register handicapped students. Bottom row: Lynn Radmacher, Beth Palmer, Marilyn Bernstein. Row 2: Nancy Lee Bray, Jerrie Suffecool, Eloise Ramirez, Cathy Carrith ers, April Townley, Beverly Blank, Pat Donnelly, Pris Skeie, Joyce Emer- son, Kathy Raphun, Carla Lamanna. 244 Bottom row: Laura Reyna, Joy Olson, Patti Vida, Peggy Weber, Susan Jacobs, Arlene Kutoroff, Karen Kiekebusch, Nancy Giacomazza, Barbara MacDonald. Row 2: Susan Needel, Lenora Frye, Patty Berger, Sandi Ybarra, Debbie Crowe, Sandra Rockey, Linda Ramirez, Becky Pollard, Cheryl Stricker. Row 3: Linda Ryan, Norma Zuniga, Susan Smith, Elizabeth Clifford, Evie Martinez, Kathy Dalgseth, Mary Jo Durako, Patty Flanagan, Luci Michel- sen, Kathy Nichols, Kathie Caldwell. Row 4: Kitty Clark, Marilyn Ancell, Michele Brandt, Carol Ness, Sharon Clayton, Pam Zurlinden, Rissy Martin, Monica Kyros, Mary Ann Nordberg. Top row: Sharon Komadina, Margaret Hood, Vivian Kudas, Mary Lou Dennerly, Donna Kisiel, Susan Vowels, Ronni Margolis, Linda Petersen, Kathy Harning, Lynn Waterman, Marilyn Mehl. PHRATERES Phi Lambda ' Phrateres is a social and service organization open to all undergraduate women students who are residents of Tucson. In pro- moting friendliness, Phrateres provides town girls an opportunity to participate more fully in campus scholastic, social and extracurric- ular activities. The outstanding spirit project of the group is making red and blue streamers, attached to student cars Friday afternoons be- fore football games. Other activities include Hi and Smile Week, Thanksgiving food drives and a Christmas caroling party. Bottom row: Penny Spicer, Amy Roberts, Gretchen Delonais, Lynne Hermann, Carol Wig- ginton, Mary Kellogg, Marilyn Bernstein. Row 2: Mrs. Marjorie Chilstrom, Pris Marquez, Judy Bessler, Judy Scholbohm, Marilyn Hasse, Connie Gilson, Cathy Carter, Peggy Boyles, Evie Carrillo, Brenda Smith. Row 3: Eloise Ramirez, Joanne Klein, Diana Jewell, Sandi Young. Top row: Delann Kurner, Becky Zavola, Marie Waterworth, Ruth Bennett, Judy Neulreich, Linda McDonnell, Charlene Owens, Anna Day, Melodie Longmire, Priscilla Cowherd, Barbara Baitzer, Linda Smith, Ann Blattman, Danielle Strebrick, Della Delany. 245 Bottom row: Jeff Lockwood, Bob Selinger, Joe Molina. Row 2: Charles Minner, Chuck Weiner, Paul Abel, Dave Pettigrew, Wes Creel, Ron Nomvra, Clem McLay, Steve Orrison, Bob Rosaldo, Scott Erickson, Garvin Larson. Row 3: Gil McLaughlin, Lyle Supp, Don Turner, Ron Tannenbaum, Wes Wilson, Lenny Felix, Bob Evans, Jake Lewis, Ed Ducak, Klaus Stetzenbach, Barry Haymore, John Howard. Top row: Greg Bass, Bill Christie, Greg Cox, Rich Heggan, George Walker, Jesse Simms, Pete Laudeman. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Established in 1949, Alpha Phi Omega ' s pur- poses are to develop friendship, leadership, and association among college men, and to promote service to the student body and fac- ulty, to youth and community, to members of the fraternity, and to the nation as participat- ing citizens. Its membership is sixty and is limited to men who have had a background in scouting, a 3.0 average for a semester and are active in campus activities. Members spon- sored an off-campus housing service and a local scout troop. WRANGLERS Wranglers, the women ' s counseling organiza- tion, strives to orient new women students to campus life. The honorary is composed of out- standing dorm counselors and other women chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service. The main activities of the organi- zation are assistance to incoming freshmen during Orientation Week and counseling in the women ' s dormitories, but members also assist in the Campus Blood Drive, High School Senior Day, Homecoming, and Women ' s Day. Front row: Anna Wing, Cindy Newton, Kathy Conover, Barbara Davis, Ann Augur, Caryl Cox, Dyanne Greer, Ellen Hollenstein, Lynne Herman, Nancy Speelman, Pam Ginsbach, Janet Holloway. Row 2: Mary Ross, Sally Kilborn, Susie Verkamp, Shari Kempton, Eileen Ong, Carole Hirose, Bev Smart, Ann Huffman. Top row: Charlene Lee, Claire Ryan, Diane Butler. 246 THETA OMEGA Established in 1962, Theta Omega promotes a richer social life for handicapped students and helps them find suitable employment during their undergraduate years. Any interested stu- dent is welcome to join. Special projects are assistance to the handicapped during registra- tion and orientation. Sitting: Jim Seals, Brenda Kemp, Lee Brest, Michael Halek, Frances Lowder. Standing: Tom Nelson. Sitting: Larry Williams, John Singley, Richard Reece, Mark Olsen, Michael Wellman, Bob Black. Standing: Robert Selinger, William Riekstins, Joe Boerum, Jim Lingerfelt, Ron Aker, Ernie Kehl. CIRCLE K CLUB This is a relatively new organization on cam- pus, established in 1966. The Circle K Club provides leadership training and serves the campus and the community. One of their im- portant services to students on campus is a job placement board maintained in the Student Union Arcade. Fund raising work days are also held by the club. UNIVERSI ' OF ARIZONA 247 ALPHA ZETA The fraternity of Alpha Zeta consists of students in agricul- ture who have maintained high standards of scholarship, lead- ership and character. The hon- orary offers assistance to stu- dents and the division of the Agricultural College. Among their activities are a steak fry and book exchange. Member- ship is open to upper-class men who are enrolled in the College of Agriculture and have a grade average of at least 2.5. Estab- lished in 1927, membership is now approximately thirty. ALPHA TAU ALPHA Alpha Tau Alpha is a national professional honorary of men studying agricultural educa- tion. They aim to develop a true professional spirit in the teach- ing of agriculture, to help train teachers who will be leaders in their communities, and to fos- ter a fraternal spirit among stu- dents in vocational agriculture. Members participate in Aggie Day activities. Open to upper- class men, membership is based on scholarship and is limited to sixteen. Bottom row: Clayton Haugebak, Sam Pericone, Greg Berthelson, Cecil Perkins, Taiwo Akinlosotu, Michael Ogunlana, Augustine Ezenwa. Row 2: Theo Hirshfeld, Ray Kingston, David Mbuvi, Rod- eric Schmidt, Kerry Knapp, John Nash, Wilson Nolan. Row 3: Bart Cardon, Brent Theurer, Austin Chiles, John Hart, Bruce Taylor, Bob Lee, Dick Lindenmuth, Terry Oglethorpe, Allan Pederson. Top row: Roy Holland, Jim Brock, Lee Stith, Bill Phinney. Bottom row: Timothy Vensel, James Watkins, Wayne Wise- man, Dr. James Hamilton. Row 2: Miley Gonzales, J. Douglas Hoopes, John Richard Heward, Everett Rhodes, Wallace Shores. Top row: Dave Cox, Charles Miller, Willard Barney, Glen Miller, Adrian Hinton, Robert Holland, Thomas Bennett. 248 AGGIE HOUSE The Aggie House is an independent coopera- tive living unit where male students majoring in agriculture may live for one semester. This living unit attempts to promote economy of living, cooperation, brotherhood, and fellow- ship. If a man makes a 3.0 average and is voted in by four-fifths of the active members, he becomes a member. The Aggie House sponsors a Christmas formal, a Spring informal, after game dances and desert picnics. Sitting: Clayton Haugebak, Wayne Beck, Jon Franzmeir, Fred Thourot, Steve Arnold, Steve Beier, Dave Hartman, Jim Shepard. Standing: V. J. Acosta, Buck Justice, Larry Jackson, Bob Furlow, Joe Robinson, Keith Mattox, Joe Holliday, Larry Robinson, George Rovey, Ed Smith, Ron Rovey. Sitting: Mary Price, Pam Desreen, Dianne Jobson, Susan Waugh, Garielle Likens. Row 2: Jim O ' Haco, Skip Bryans, Ed Stressman, Dave Hartman, Carlos Tapiasanchez, Eric Dodd, Bill Cahn. Top row: Gary Stone, John Sullivan, Mills Pace, Rick Hosking, Rick Pack, David Robertson, Dr. Marvin Selke, Stan Stromberg. BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB Livestock and animal husbandry are the inter- ests of the members of the Block and Bridle Club. Working to bring about a closer rela- tionship between students with these interests, the club also encourages a high scholastic standard. The organization was begun in 1959 and is open to any student. Membership is presently twenty. Members participate in Aggie Day, a yearly campus event, and present the Van Arsdale Scholarship. 249 AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING AND FARM MECHANIZATION Open to all students in agricul- tural engineering, the associa- tion provides members with a fuller knowledge of their re- spective fields. Monthly meet- ings and a faculty-student picnic are the main activities. Participation in Aggie Day con- tests highlighted the Fall ' s pro- gram. Sitting: Philip Davis, H. N. Stapleton, Jon Franzmeier. Standing: David Grenier, Harry Beck, John Gemmill, Ber. nard Fenimore, James Snitzer, Dennis DeVault. FORESTRY CLUB Established in 1962, the Uni- versity Forestry Club sponsors activities for the student body as well as those to promote unity among members. Activ- ities include cookouts, a Range- Forestry softball game and assistance in Aggie Day. Bottom row: Cecil Perkins, Paul Stewart. Top row: John Sotelo, Lynn Bryant, Terry Oglethorpe, Rick Jameson. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF RANGE MANAGEMENT The American Society of Range Management was organized to foster the art and science of range management, research for the promotion of conserva- tion, and group discussion of range management problems. Their varied activities include field trips, preparation of dis- plays for national meeting ex- hibition, an annual barbecue and picnic, and softball com- petition with the Wildlife and Forestry Clubs. Sitting: Ed Habich, Phil Ogden, W. G. Williams, Barry Wallace, Gene Goostree, Larry McKeighen. Standing: Walter Meyer, Bob Cordell, Ervin Schmutz, Cecil Perkins, Morris Jacoby. 250 OMICRON NU Omicron Nu recognizes supe- rior scholarship among stu- dents in Home Economics and strives to promote leadership and research in this field. They sponsor a tea for freshman girls and also give International Home Economics Scholarships. The honorary was established in 1958. Nancy Bagott, Carole Baldt, Kathy Rhorer, Vicki Raison, Carol Mayne, Mary Ross, Barbara Zeches. BETA THETA Beta Theta is an active home economics hon- orary established in 1957. Among its many activities are hosting the Towle Silver Com- pany for their study, a fashion show sponsored by the College Shop and several speakers. Ap- pearing this year were Mary Cardin, assistant fashion editor for the Arizona Daily Star and Mr. Martin, a specialist in extension and fam- ily relations. Membership is limited to forty home economics majors. Bottom row: Holly Howe, Linda Cosner, Linda Grossetta, Kerry Owens, Janet Bessey. Row 2: Judy Sesantis, Deanna Tadely, Andy Lujack, Gay Richards, Ellen Gardner, Sandy Meintzer. Top row: Nancy Kay, Sherry Monolo, Jan Caldwell, Barbara Bryant, Judy Bessler, Martina Cooper, Sharon Currie. 251 Sitting: Diane Neffson, Louise, Burger, Eileen Ong, Susanne Baldrige, Nancy Browne, Arlene Zepeda, Sharon Tauman. Row 2: Marla Bearman, Sandra Julian, Rosalie Borell, Jacki Mayhew, Sarah Rolfe, Alice Feist, Pamela Fortenberry. Top row: Sue Keebler, Lenette Mattice, Mary Jane Soifer, Paulette Engel, Barbara Tallis, Barbara Benz, Mary Guiff, Grace Riegert, Anita Tamboli, Mary Ann Goosheist. PHI CHI THETA Phi Chi Theta is a business women ' s honorary setting high standards and ideals for career women. The chapter promotes affiliation be- tween business students and the commercial world. Pledges are selected from among women majoring in Business and Public Ad- ministration with accumulative grade averages of 2.5 or above. The organization sponsored Glamour ' s Best Dressed College Girl Contest in the Spring. Members help with registration in the BPA college. PI OMEGA PI This organization, established in 1947, pro- motes a closer relationship among alumni, faculty, and students of business education. Activities included selling Informals to other chapters, publishing the Southern Arizona Forum for the business teachers in Arizona, and sending a representative to the national convention in Chicago. Membership is based on scholarship achievement. Elections are held in the Spring. Bottom row: Vern Linnaus, Mickey Lantin, Roger Gerdenics, Laverne Clausen, Florence Toland, Violet Thomas, Bruce Duffy. Top row: Herbert Langen, Richard Kidwell, Myrna Harris, Steve Sedor, Sally Price, Fran Kienaw, Susi Newbauer, Ellen Seefried, Jendy Briggs. 252 •.,.................k. ,J - - - ..-...-------- __- VIE 11 RCS U1113 ii itillErANIV11111110 rill Zit i ialiT 1311 lig1111111411311111110 1 I ISIAH in 11 liSiiklEinti111111334 PI AiL1111 31i 19i 1,1114 Ai (Milli il Malin i It vg r ' I It, ' .. inuffillot t „...401e„ BETA ALPHA PSI Beta Alpha Psi was established for students majoring in accounting and related fields on the principles of scholarship, practicality, and sociability. Such events as the annual Haskins and Sells awards banquet in the Spring and two major field trips comprised the society ' s activities. Accounting majors with high schol- arship are welcome to join. Elections are held in the Spring. BETA GAMMA SIGMA The national honorary scholastic fraternity for colleges that are members of the American As- sociation of Collegiate Schools of Business, Beta Gamma Sigma ' s main purpose is to grant recognition for high scholarship. There are two meetings annually, one to elect new mem- bers and the other an initiation banquet. Mem- bership is limited to forty with elections held in Spring. -4-• ' - 11 II ;aim kiittituitunt Sitting: Tom Bradley, Gerold Foley, Dr. Hollis Dixon, Kenyon Richard, Mary Erie, Kurt Pany. Row 1: Walter Swartz, Gene Ezell, William Pace, Thomas Campbell, David Ramras, Roy Flegen- heimer, Thomas Jones, Rod Graves, Lenise Mincks, June McClain. Top row: Dale Henderson, Dale Canfield, Don Chaney, Bruce Fassett, Leslie Me- gaw, Michael Combs, Dennis Brixius, John Sirak, Harvey Amster, Larry Schiever, Wilbert Hicks. 253 BPA COUNCIL The BPA Council acts as the official co-ordination commit- tee for all groups and organiza- tions of the BPA College. The twelve active campus organiza- tions all maintain representa- tives in the Council. They aid in Senior Day by providing tours of the Business College and also sponsor a book drive. ......... Sitting: Sharon Tauman, Jay Goldfarb, Fred Guthrie, Grady Deal, Robert Briscoe. Standing: Steve Lewensohn, Arlene Zepeda, Jendy Briggs, George Piercey, Patrick Charles. MARKETING CLUB Affiliated with the American Marketing Asso- ciation, the Marketing Club brings together the mutual interests of both undergraduate and graduate BPA students in the fields of market- ing and advertising, and coordinates practical interest and theoretical knowledge. The club sponsored several guest speakers and arranged a marketing seminar for Distributive Educa- tion students to acquaint them with the Busi- ness College. Regular assistance is given to local merchants with various drives and con- ventions. Art Vertlieb, Grady Deal, Dave Myers, Bruce Nasby, Al Weiss. 254 Bottom row: Robert Briscoe, Joseph Hardy, Grady Deal, Michael Covault, Paul Stack, Lynn Lawless. Row 2: Robert Sauve, Neal Shapiro, Rod Graves, Steve Weese, Andy Ross, Owen Pengelly, Dave Yost, Harvey Platt, Dick Nicholls. Row 3: John Sirak, Bruce Fassett, J. P. Feldmann, Ruben Estrada, Bruce Amster, Jeff Heath, Guy Jetie, Mike Skully, Bob Quinn, Ron Parham, Jim Barrett, Steve Michener. Top row: Don Priestley, Paul Brown, Eric Unangst, Kevin Kowalski, John Reed, Dennis Brubaker, Dennis Gonzales, Karl Odgers, Ged Stewart, Kim O ' Brien, John Zowin, Newton Gardner, Hal Lindquist, Ron Priestley. DELTA SIGMA PI The members of Delta Sigma Pi help with registration in the BPA College and enlist eye donors for the Arizona Eye Bank. Men in the BPA College must have a 2.5 grade average to be eligible for membership. They encourage scholarship, social activities, and associa- tion of students for their own advancement by research and practice. BETA PI ALPHA Since 1960, Beta Pi Alpha has created for graduate students in the College of Business and Public Administration a social and intel- lectual forum for the exchange of problems, policies and procedures of business. The year ' s activities consist of three meetings each semester, a picnic and a dinner. Elections are held in the Spring and membership is open to all graduate students in the College of Busi- ness and Public Administration. Sitting: Philip Hudson, George Piercey, Patrick Charles, Dennis O ' Neill. Standing: Norman Linn, Tom Kalinske, Richard Kelly, Rick Johnson, Monte Whitson, Doug Deines, Max Batzer, Victor Ong, Pedro Escudero, Jim Cavanaugh. 255 THETA TAU Membership in Theta Tau is based on unani- mous election by chapter actives. They seek to join together men from all fields of engi- neering with a common professional interest in a strong bond of fellowship. Theta Tau members can be found in all branches of Engi- neering and professional societies and are lim- ited to fifty. Bottom row: Bill Mansfield, Roy Kawamoto, Paul Stevens, Bill Thomas, Andy Rendes. Row 2: Ray Briggs, Jim Payne, Bill Gabler, Dave May, Dave Ramsower, Roy Ellis, Ed Lantzer. Row 3: Frank Broyles, Jim Seals, Dave Mooberry, Fred Tamlidi, Don Steinwachs, Stan Rice, Tom Rivera, Milt Lewis. Row 4: Cliff Anderson, Ken Williams, Ray Herzog, Don Hilliard, Hank Anderson, Gary Frere, Stan Berry. Top row: Joe Massucco, Don Ellermann, Jeff Patrick, John Hartman, Allen Mense, Dan Wenger, George Walker, Dave Healy. TAU BETA PI Engineering majors with high scholarship are eligible for Tau Beta Pi. Members tutor under- classmen in lower division engineering courses and honor the outstanding freshmen engineering student. They were established in 1926 to recognize those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by scholarship and character and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. 256 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS This is a professional society whose basic aim is to promote the development of professional attitudes in the undergraduate chemical engi- neering student. This is done through monthly meetings featuring speakers from the non- technical as well as technical fields. Another aspect of the program of professional develop- ment is the series of awards presented to out- standing freshmen and sophomores. These awards are sponsored jointly by the student chapter and the Department of Chemical Engi- neering, with financial support from the chemi- cal industry. Front row: David Hall, Andrew Ross, Dr. Emmett Laurson, Carl Sparks, Mike Kleinrock, Douglas Lewis. Row 2: Otto Steinhardt, Gail Buckmaster, Phillip Newlin, Bruce Mitchess, Haaren Miklofsky, Ann Ben- netch. Row 3: George Meza, Richard Heggen, Tony Landler, David Healey. Row 4: Dr. Alvin Malvick, Art Wilson, Newell Wright, Art Brooks, Dan Drachman, Clois Wynn. Row 5: Unidentified, David Boro- dawkin, Cuava Atwood. Back row: Louis Bapes-Bapes, Charles Dabney, Wayne Clark. AMERICAN NUCLEAR SOCIETY All efforts in the American Nu- clear Society are channeled to disseminating knowledge of the theory and practice of all phases of nuclear engineering. Speakers from various research laboratories honor meetings and participate in the Science Fair. Front row: Ed Conrow, Ken Kearns, Ted Morris, Ted Schmidt, John Sackett, Tom McLaughlin. Row 2: Vern Rooney, Bob Curtis, Max Wankerl, George Walker, Harold McDonald, Wilson Cooper, Chris Lewis. Back row: Dave Cusher, Bill Summa, Dr. Morton Wacks, Dr. Keaton Keller, Ferdinand Roas, John Foley, Dr. Robert Seale. INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS Presenting speakers from elec- trical industries and the Uni- versity faculty, and participat- ing in Engineer ' s Day are some of the activities of the IEEE. Their programs include re- search into the theory and prac- tice of electrical engineering and allied fields. Dr. F. J. Hill, Don Ellermann, Jeff Patrick, Paul Stevens, Gary Frere. 257 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Affiliation wit h the profession and friendship among students with shared interests are the primary offerings of the Society. Competent speakers attend meetings, providing a wide range of topics in the engineering field. Front row: Dr. D. H. White, Newton Don, Vicki Cranmer, Nick Jehott. Row 2: Chuck Waitman, James Glass, Mike Kinney, Michael Zigich. Back row: Steve Weber, George DeLodder, Dave Fry. ENGINEERS COUNCIL Elected officers as well as ASUA Senators and delegates from student organizations in the Colleges of Engineering and Mines make up the Engineers Council. The Council coordi- nates the student activities within these colleges and rep- resents the students to the fac- ulty and administration. The Council also sponsors several activities throughout the year, including an Engineers Lunch- eon, and special programs dur- ing Engineer ' s Week in March. The most interesting are the Knighting Ceremony and the Engineers ' Ball. Sitting: Richard Newman, Dave Healey, Pip Wales, Gary Frere, Marcia McNutt. Standing: James Snitzer, Allan Mense, Daniel Wenger, William Gabler, Newton Don, Cherri Goble, David Grenier. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Problems of teaching and education are the concern of the SNEA. The association holds regular meetings which discuss educational innovations, practice, and theory in motiva- tional research. These meetings culminated in the highly successful Student National Educa- tion Association convention. The association also participates in educational workshops and provides placement information for edu- James Gormly, Loveda Petrie, Kathy Raphun, Larry Kittell, Lamont McConnell, Helen Newcastle, cation majors. Membership in SNEA is open Doug Meux, Laura Jantolak, M. W. Frobisher, Paula Cude. to students in the College of Education. PI LAMBDA THETA Maintaining the highest stand- ards of scholarship, profes- sional preparation and spirit by working actively to further the cause of democratic educa- tion are the goals of Pi Lambda Theta, national women ' s edu- cation honorary. The organiza- tion sponsors scholarships for women students in the Col- lege of Education. Membership is comprised of upper-class women and numbers five-hun- dred. KAPPA DELTA PI This is the second year for the Kappa Pi chapter of Kappa Delta Pi. Their purpose is to promote educational ideals and professionalism in teaching. It is strictly an honorary society, having about fifty members. Last year they presented sev- eral speakers to the university among whom ' were Dr. Wilson and Hazel Archer. Front row: Helen Newcastle, Paula Cude, Laura Jantolak. Back row: James Gormly, Loveda Petrie, Kathy Raphun, M. Frobisher, Doug Meux, Larry Kittell, Lamont McConnell. 259 TAU BETA SIGMA Tau Beta Sigma honors women in the University band who have shown outstanding ability in technical achievement and music appreciation. They wel- come visiting bands, present a program at the Arizona Chil- dren ' s Colony, and hold Spring rush teas. Front row: Phil Uberuaga, Alice Burke, Unidentified, Sandy Newburn, Sandra DeLocio, Tammi Bower, Jan Giordano, Millie Roy, Corrine Hendrickson. Back row: Margaret Garner, Karen Swain, Barbara Aaron, Ellen Utoft, Paula Schode, Ruth Anderson, Jean Furnish. Bottom row: John Lyons, James Lee Stroud, Donald Rogers. Row 2: Don Rybacki, Liz Hanson, Paula Edgar. Top row: Doug Carter, Paula Mioduski, Tom Morron. KAPPA KAPPA PSI The national hand honorary, Kappa Kappa Psi, consists of men who have served in the band for one semester and have a grade average of 3.0 or better. The University ' s chapter boasts a ranking in the top ten of the nation ' s chap- ters. The organization sponsors activities as Band Day, the Varsity Show, Alumni Band Float, a Morn and Dad ' s Day reception, and helps sponsor an annual benefit show at the Arizona Children ' s Colony. The Omega chap- ter of Kappa Kappa Psi was brought to the campus in 1929. 260 SIGMA ALPHA ETA The fraternity of Sigma Alpha Eta was created to stimulate interest among college students in the field of speech and hearing. The members are majors in speech pathology, audiology, and deaf education, The eighteen members sponsor a Christmas party for children in the Speech Clinic. PI KAPPA DELTA A national speech honorary, Pi Kappa Delta was organized to stimulate progress in the speech fields and to encourage activities. Such programs in- clude welcoming visiting de- bate teams and providing exhibition debates for begin- ning speech classes. 261 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota, the national women ' s music honorary, strives to promote cooperation and friendliness among all women music students. A mu- sic program for the Asthmatic Foundation, Christmas Vesper services, and a donation of mu- sic to the college music collec- tion highlighted some of the services of this year. Member- ship is open to all women mu- sic majors with elections held in Spring. Sitting: Ramona Goodman, Judy Vancil. Front row: Linda Downs, Priscilla Jenkins, Carole Smith, Irene Bamrick, Carrie Yeung, LuAnn Leisy, Judy Armer, Barbara Kuhn. Top row: Carolyn Monson, Kimie Woodward, Lynne McCay, Barbara Bush, Janice Felty, Carole Hackworth, Carolyn Thompson, Gail Kearney. Front row: David Waterman, Ralph DuPont, Jon Hemmeter, Jack Goodman, Jan [jams. Row 2: Joan Mack, DeeDee Knapp, Yolanda Cagigas, Judith Shackelford, Pam Pitcher, Claudia Beets. Top row: Cathy Taylor, Judylynn Gries, Pamela Dudley, Tina Spiegei, Carol Smith, Lee Ann Warren, Maria Hughes, Nita Joy Mid- daugh, Jeffrey Slager. UNIVERSITY PLAYERS Members of the University Players promote dramatic activities on campus and assist in the production of plays. During the intermis- sions of drama productions the club sold punch to raise money for a drama major scholarship. Other projects include a hayride, swim party and sponsoring the drama department dessert at the end of the year. Cur- rently there are thirty-five members, all of them drama majors. 262 Front row: Nick Proffitt, Jeff Cartwright, Bill Roberts. Back row: Tony Ledwell, Steve Lang, Bill Sauro, John Lee. SIGMA DELTA CHI The society of Sigma Delta Chi was organized to associate journalists of talent, truth and energy into a more intimately organized unit of good fellowship; to assist the members in acquiring the noblest principles of journalism. Members helped the Tucson Press Club Grid- iron Banquet and established the Brewster P. Campbell Award for juniors. The group interested high school students in prospective journalism careers by sponsoring the annual Journalism Day. Membership is based on schol- arship with elections held in m id-May. THETA SIGMA PHI Theta Sigma Phi is a professional organization for women in journalism and communications. Senior, junior, and outstanding sophomore women are selected on the basis of scholar- ship, proficiency in the field, and future prom- ise. Pledging is in November and on Women ' s Day in the Spring. Theta Sigma Phi sponsors the Matrix Dinner, a Fall Publicity Clinic, High School Journalism Day, and a journalism banquet. Sitting: Margaret Bailey, Sue Rosenbaum, Donna Bockius, Ka y Ludeke, Lynda Cuqua. Row 2: Carol Bishop, Martha Jenkins, Marilyn Yeung, Carole Hirose. Back row: Betty Beard, Virginia Nichols, Claudia Mallow, Andrea Taft, Marialyce Girdner. 263 DELTA PHI ALPHA Delta Phi Alpha, a national German honor society, recognizes students who have distin- guished themselves in scholarship and leader- ship in their studies of the German language. Its purpose is to further German culture on the campus. Membership is attained by election made by the German faculty. Each year, Delta Phi Alpha awards a prize to the outstanding senior and holds an initiation party. The chap- ter was established in 1961, Sitting: Bob Matthews, Babette Luz, Fred Romero. Front row: Inge Wollner, Oskar Grunow, Ingeborg Kohn, Cyn- thia Newton, Carol Havenstein, Delores Jackmeyes, Karlinda Goering. Back row: R. L. Tinsley, John Robertson, Geraldine Ochs, George Bent, Norman Boyles, Charles Huffman. DIE GESELLSCHAFT ZUM WUNDERHORN The German language and cul- ture are represented on cam- pus by Die Gesellschaft Zum Wunderhorn. The club pro- vides movies and lectures dur- ing the year which are open to the public. This year, through a fund-raising campaign, they are sponsoring a foreign ex- change student. Front row: Karlinda Goering, Mary Ellen Rabogliatti, Ruth Zeigler, Inge Wollner, Shirley Borrum, Martha Morrison, Tony Burgess. Back row: Norman Boyles, Bob Darch, Wendell Tarwater, Bob Anderson. Front row: Craig Herring, Bill Levitt, Melinda Burrill, Nora Skeel, David Francis. Back row: Joel Gold- man, R. W. Hoshaw, Wayne Wood, Harold Margolis, Barbara Quinteng, Tom Griffin. BETA BETA ETA SIGMA PI SIGMA Beta Beta Beta was begun on campus in 1956. Members are selected from the biological sci- ences fields on the basis of scholarship. The organization sponsors an annual award given to the high school student who has submitted the best project in the biological sciences to the University Science Fair. This award is presented at the Spring banquet. This year, Harvard biology professor, Dr. Simpson, was one of the club ' s guest speakers. Established in 1958, Sigma Pi Sigma is the national physics honorary. The society was founded to serve as a means of awarding dis- tinction to students having high scholarship and promise of achievement in physics. Dur- ing the year, speakers and films were pre- sented for the twenty-one members. Elections are held in the Fall. Bottom row: Alan Frost, Jim Wholey, Lee McDonald, Jack Kesler, Paul Shubitz. Top row: Jay Treat, Robert King- man, Bill Rasmussen, Bob Brown, June Davidson, Lyle Supp. 265 PI DELTA PHI Membership in Pi Delta Phi is open to upper- class women who maintain high scholarship and are interested in the French language. They strive for a better feeling between the United States and French speaking nations through an understanding and study of the language and culture. This year is the twenty- sixth anniversary of their local chapter. Spon- soring a French contest annually and giving national fellowships for graduate study in French comprise some of the organization ' s activities. Sitting: Loyal Gryting, Ingeborg Kohn, Virginia Langhlin, Alphonse Roche. Row 1: J. L. Salvan, Ire! Urreiztieta, Tatiana Sykora, Fern Espino, Babette Luz, Deborah O ' Sullivan, Terry Mills, Jeanne Mills- Pont, Gerard Agnieray. Row 2: Charles Johnson, Charles Rosenberg, William Dunhouse, John Rob- ertson. PI MU EPSILON Students elected to Pi Mu Ep- silon have attained a high profi- ciency in mathematics. The society engages in activities de- signed to promote mathemat- ical and scholarly efficiency among students in academic in- stitutions. Members sponsor talks of interest in the field of mathematics such as a recent lecture on IBM systems pro- gramming. Front row: Alan Frost, Paul Love, Carolyn Ross. Back row: Jack Kesler, Aris Damiani, Brad Barber. 266 DOBRO SLOVO Dobro Slovo recognized under- graduate students excelling in the study of Slavic languages and literature. Members tu- tored students in Russian and sponsored several cultural events. Membership is twenty and based on scholarship. Elec- tions are held in the Spring. The organization was estab- lished in 1965. PHI BETA KAPPA The primary objective of Phi Beta Kappa is the promotion of scholarship and friendship among students and graduates of American colleges. Visiting speakers are engaged for lec- tures to the members. A Spring banquet was held, featuring Dr. Bowen Dees. Membership is open to students and faculty members with high scholar- ships. Elections are held in the Fall and in the Spring. 267 ARIZONA ASSOCIATION OF STUDENT NURSES Members of the Arizona Association of Stu- dent Nurses raised money for their organiza- tion by sponsoring many fund-raising projects during the year. In addition, members pre- sented a program concerning the legal aspects of nursing, and provided Christmas baskets to needy families. Membership is sixty-two and elections are held in the Spring. Front row: Karen Pattison, Carol Ferko, Gail Evans, Anna Bauer, Juanita Karons. Back row: Pat Corley, Karen McPeak, Joyce Hampton, Susie Leigh, Nancy White, Pam Coolidge, Marcie Luscaleet, Caroline Goff, Suzanne Rowe. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Alpha Epsilon Delta is the in- ternational pre-medical honor- ary, organized to recognize excellence in pre-medical scholarship. The honorary aims to promote cooperation and contact between medical and pre-medical students and edu- cators in developing an ade- quate program of pre-medical education. Membership has grown to forty-five since it was organized in 1926. Spring activ- ities include an installation banquet. Meetings feature vari- ous local doctors as speakers. Bottom row: Gregory Bowlby, Kathleen Bents, Tom Griffin, Susy Qualls, Joel Kunkel, Garry Strauser, Carol First, Salvatore Fiore. Row 2: Ernest Arnett, James Dillard, Geoffrey Lawrence, Joel Goldman, Jerald Straw, Larry Kelter, Albert Wendt, Edward Kauffman. Top row: Wayne Wood, Gregory Cox, Robert Perkin, Mike Bissell. 268 ANGEL FLIGHT The women ' s group of the Arnold Air Society is Angel Flight, consisting of sixty members chosen by application. Established in 1959, this year Angel Flight marched in the Cotton Bowl Festival at Dallas, Texas, ushered for Cleveland Indians ' baseball games, partici- pated in the Tucson National Golf Tourna- ment, and assisted the Tucson Chamber of Commerce at its luncheons. Bottom row: Tina Edlund, Jean Gray, Pris Skeie, Nancy Tuttle, Nancy Wilcox, Virginia Coulson, Susie Mathes, Susie Spicer. Row 2: Cathy Yaeger, April Thompson, Carol Villar, Ellen Shen- karow, Kathi Graham, Marcia O ' Harrow, Elaine Eubank, Katie Craig. Row 3: Kassi Walters, Nancy Ruzicka, Jan Naughton, Melinda McGeorge, Mary Lynch, Kathy Gee, Cheryl Charles. Row 4: Suzi Woodruff, Leslie Jaap, Marti McGeorge, Mary Stewart, Minda Burr, Marcia Metcalf, Ginny Moon, Marsha Umbenhaur, Carolyn Taylor. Top row: Jerry E. Marshall, Robyn Magill, Sue Lombaer, Barbara Costin, Nancy Hoehn, Margie Davis, Raven Yeoman, Sally Vance, Bev Blank, Sue Orth. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air Society promotes the concept and tradition of the United States Air Force and aids in the development of effective Air Force officers. Each year they send representa- tives to the Arnold Air Society National Con- clave and hold a Senior Appreciation Banquet. Front row: Bob Watson, Mike Cylke, Richard Viau, Richard Hoeninnger, Dave Hodges, Richard Quinn, Guy Jette, Dennis Gonzales, Bob La berge, Jim Bill Jefferies, Hervey Hotchkiss, Jim Oliver, Lynn Stephenson, Jeff Illston, Bob Giacomazza, Fred Bower, less, Frank McHugh, Brian Cheney, Charles Hinman, R. E. Brown, Karl Odgers, John Sanderson, Vince Allan Mense, Steve Erickson, Capt. R. L. Hummel. Ciampa. Back row: George McLaughlin, Aris Damiani, 269 KAYDETTES Kaydettes is the honorary women ' s auxiliary to Scabbard and Blade and Army ROTC. Mem- bers sponsored a Christmas party at Carrillo School, won the Drill Competition Trophy in Phoenix, and sold programs at football games. Membership is thirty and chosen from applica- tions submitted in the Spring. Elections are held in the Spring. Front row: DeDe Wild, Susie Smart, Susie Case, Lucky Kaldenbaugh, Sue Tear, Maliz Baldwin, Linda Merikle. Row 2: Trish Lammie, Sally Palmer, Jeannie Dent, Joan Ellis. Row 3: Keen McDonald, Ade Arriaga, Becky Fife, Katie Peterson, Melissa Carland. Back row: Lisa Schaad, Lorie Johnston, Riska Platt, Nancy Pearson, Connie Balsukot. SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is the Army Auxiliary Honorary at the University of Arizona. The active membership is comprised of twenty-five men from the senior advanced Army ROTC program. If provides a nucleus of organization and administration for such functions as regis- tration, Parent ' s Day, and the Military Ball. Scabbard and Blade ' s main goal is to enhance and promote the ROTC program. Botton row: Ronald Feld, James Maneval, George Meza, Edmund Tolliver. Row 2: Philip Bodenhorn, Leon Maldonado, Thomas Ellis, Kenneth Erickson. Row 3: James Weeks, William Johnson, Carl Legal, Russ Dorn, Patrick Hoffpauir. Row 4: Weston Wilson, Don Hartly, Tom Whitley, Steven Sowders. Row 5: John Hartley, John Aboud, Garry Swift, Robert Evans, Top row: William Clifford, Terry Valeski. 270 Bottom row: H. W. Winship, V. H. Simonian, Larry Schallock, Laura Almada, George Jundt, Robert Andrecht, Edward Pritchett. Top row: Victor Elsberry, Stan Goldenberg, Harvey Riceberg, Al Aichroth, Richard Humphrey. RHO CHI Rho Chi is a pharmacy honor- ary fraternity. The organization attempts to promote scholar- ship, friendship and the recog- nition of high attainments in the pharmaceutical sciences. Membership is twenty-five and by election. Elections are held in the Spring. SILVER WING Basic AFROTC cadets com- prise membership in Silver Wing honorary. Offering ser- vices to the community and the University of Arizona highlight specific goals. The society works in supplementing regu- lar ROTC by improving the cadet as an individual in his academic, social, military, men- tal, and physical activities. Ac- tivities include a color guard, group drills, tours of Air Force facilities, association with offi- cers, and work in furthering knowledge and interest in Air Force activities. Membership is open to cadets enrolled in Air Sciences I and II. Bottom row: J. H. Shiffrin, J. E. Noce, F. P. Selk, D. R. Coatsworth, R. L. Lee, J. D. Glassgow. Row 2: Ernest Pierson, Jerry Wooldridge, Jeffrey Coulter, Michael Kelly, Jon Laird, Mark Morgan. Row 3: Michael Goldstein, Joe Quiroz, Barry Sylvester, John Misiaszek, Robert Barr. Top row: Kim Ben- nett, Bill Campbell, Gary Beer, Dan Eskew, Richard Armenta, Mike Ronstadt, Gerald Becker, Sandy Stelzer, Terry Skagen, Rocky Snyder, Danny Wingert, Bill Shirley, Steven Clarke, Kim Veitch, Dave Falkner. 271 KAPPA EPSILON Kappa Epsilon was organized for the benefit of women phar- macy students. They strive to unite the women in pharmacy in forming a bond of lasting loyalty, interest, and friend- ship. The main objective is to foster a professional con- sciousness. Membership cur- rently stands at twenty. The group was organized in 1952. Janet Holloway, Sally Jo Mertz, Viola Jones, Jeanette Wilson, Imelda Gil, Barbara Klewer, Virginia Evans, Melba Morris, Laura Almada, Vivian Konopasek, Joyce Vanert, Barbara Campbell. Bottom row: W. Brewer, Dick Hoehn, Paul Baer, Joe Salaz, Richard Fields, Marty Green, Philip Hagan, V. Simonian, Frank Mangham, Al Aichroth, Pat O ' Brien, Carl Trinca, Kerry Fuller, Larry Cohen, Harvey Riceberg. Row 2: P. Partain, S. Cherman, B. Sharp, R. Gillies, R. Humphrey, H. Bert, Barry Cohen, Dale Hildbrand, Ron- ald Flores, Phil Irvine, Ron Nelson. Row 3: Jim M. Alister, Doug Ownbey, Roy Calcagno, Ed Campion, Tom Reed, Ron Bierman, John Mahoney, Joe Perazzo, Dave Eerkes, Steve Clement, Richard Wolicki. Top row: Bob Frazier, H. W. Hinship, J. A. Ziapotocky, Stan Goldenberg, Al Martinez, Randle Hill, Gary Prigge, Victor Elsberry, Pete Hill, Al Scorsatto, Gary Jablonski. KAPPA PSI Established in 1950, Kappa Psi fraternity pro- vides for the professional preparedness of its members. They are encouraged to take an ac- tive part in various projects. Members spon- sored guests at meetings, toured the Brunswick wholesale house in Tucson, and presented Dr. Cole ' s slides of Europe. Membership is sev- enty-one and open to students and faculty members in the College of Pharmacy. Elections are held in the winter. 272 Bottom row: Dick Hoehn, Peter Uyehara, Gail Steelhammer, Janet Holloway, Harold Bert, Phillip Hagan, Frank Mangham, Paul Baer, Harvey Riceberg, Joe Salaz, Pat O ' Brien, Steve Clement, Kerry Fuller, Ron Nelson. Row 2: R. Partain, J. R. Leon, R. W. Gillies, David Allbritton, S. Makamura, Sally Jo Mertz, Larry Cohen, Richard Fields, Edward Pritchett, Albert Aichroth, Steve Reden, Dale Hildebrand, Phil Irvine. Row 3: Robert Newhausen, Jeanette Wilson, Vivian Konopasek, Douglas Ownbey, Barry Lee Cohen, Ron Bierman, Lenny Don, Gerald Gonsalves, Laura Almada, Richard Hum- phrey, John Mahoney, Joe Perazzo, Dave Eerkes, Pete Hill. Row 4: Dean W. L. Brewer, Norma Hidalgo-Del Rio, Marilyn Prigge, Robert Andrecht, Doug Stucky, Larry Schal- lock, Stan Goldenberg, George Jundt, Gary Prigge, Al Scorsatto, Bob Frazier, Carl Trinca, Dr. V. H. Simonian, Richard Wolicki, Ronald Flores. Top row: Dr. J. A. Zapotocky, Albert Martinez, Damian Woods, Randle Hill, Victor Elsberry. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Begun in 1948, the American Pharmaceutical Association was founded to encourage in a liberal manner the advancement of pharmacy as a science and as a profession. They held a mixer in September and each month provided displays in the Student Union. Bottom row: Douglas Stucky, Larry Schallock, George Jundt, Lincoln Chin, Gerald Gonsalves, Dave Allbritton, Willie Counts, Lenny Don. Row 2: David Franco, Edward Pritchett, Henry Hernandez, Truman Wong, Wayne Rowell, Lynn Collie, Alan Turner, Raul Duran, Richard Katz, Carl Nordholm, Rick Weakland, Dennis Wong, Ralph Burns. Row 3: Thomas Tarr, Jim Goto, William Levine, Michael Dick, Mel Schagren, Michael Shum, Gene Poulter, James Chubb, Dave Kubo, John Miller. Row 4: Tony Cabrera, Jeff Marta, Marvin Silva, Damian Woods, Martin Porcelain, Dave Zeiger, Larry Todd, Robert Andrecht, Thomas Okita, David Sogo. Top row: Charles Flack, Richard Story, Blain Jensen, Chris McBride, Richard Berry. PHI DELTA CHI With fifty-six participating members, Phi Delta Chi works to promote a fraternal spirit among pharmacy students. Main activities cover preparing a display for National Phar- macy Week in the Science Li- brary and planning displays, contests and lectures during Poison Prevention Week. 273 MENSA Mensa is a round table society in which no member presides. The purpose of the organiza- tion is to stimulate contacts among diverse members of the University Intelligentsia. Com- posed of thirty members, the society is open to staff and faculty members whose score on a standard I.Q. test is above that of 98% of the general population. Activities include creative endeavors, films and parties. Guest speakers of this year included Ted de Grazia, William Woodin and Jack Young. Bottom row: Joan Kikel, Joann Reed, Nancy Roders. Top row: Jack Young, Ted Reed, Dave Hamory, Bob Chiasson, W. Wallace, Robb Huebsch. Sitting: Judith Percious, Alice Stanfield, William Bemis, Herbert Hull, Edward Wise, Bryant Bannister, Dorothy Marquart, Fay Farnum. Standing: Milton Zaitlin, Allen Hatheway, Stanley Alcorn, Andrew Wilson, Allen Mail, Ole Simley, Robert Kuehl, Willard Van Asdall, Robert Voigt, John Doughty, W. F. McCaughey, Fred Tschirley, Edwin Kurtz. SIGMA XI The motto of the Society of Sigma Xi is " companions in zealous research. " Their sole purpose is the " encouragement of original investigation in sci- ence, pure and applied. " Begun at Cornell University in 1886, the society now has one hun- dred and sixty-four chapters. Membership is limited to fac- ulty members or persons en- gaged in scientific research. 274 Officers: John Roll, Jean Mach, Lee Schaefer, Margaret Conway, Dorothy Flores, Laurie Cyrulik. YOUNG DEMOCRATS Objectives of the Young Demo- crats include stimulating an ac- tive interest in governmental affairs and acquainting voters with the issues and candidates of the Democratic Party. Led by President John Roll, the Young Democrats maintain a booth in the Student Union Ar- cade to announce meetings and speakers engagements. YOUNG REPUBLICANS 1956 saw the beginning of the Young Republicans on campus. Since then it has grown to some five-hundred members. Their studies have been on individual rights, free economy and a lim- ited government. All activities are to stimulate interest in poli- tics so that it may aid the bet- terment of the American way of life. Sitting: Lawrence Hawke, Robert Myhre, Gail Beth Steelhammer, Peter Bronson. Standing: Jim Kirmse, Jack Bonner, Lynne Thompson, Gary Allhiser, Steven Crafton, Pip Wales. 275 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Offering educational, recreational, and social opportunities for all graduate and under-grad- uate international students is the role of the International Students Club. Established in 1954, the club ' s programs included a presenta- tion of slides on the Middle East and Vene- zuela, sponsoring vacation trips to various areas in the Southwest, and their annual Inter- national Dinner. Member ship is presently three hundred and twenty and open to all students. DELTA PSI KAPPA The women ' s physical educa- tion fraternity had Peggy Steger for its president this year. They were organized in 1958 to further professional in- terest in student physical edu- cation majors. To fulfill this goal, they organized and spon- sored the State AAHPER mem- bership drive. Membership is open to upper-class women students with high scholarship. Sitting: Joan Gail, Steve Stryker, Lynn Williams. Standing: Dr. Peter Toma, Mike Stryker, Bruce Grogen, John Bolt. Sitting: Peggy Steger, Sally Davidson, Marcia Blute, Kaye Chameres, Roberta Hettinger, Peggy Rogers, Cecilia Vasques. Standing: Carolyn Whallan, Mrs. Palmer, Linda Calleson. 276 STUDENT RELIGION COUNCIL Each campus religious center has a representa- tive in the Student Religion Council. Their aim is to help promote a good relationship between denominational groups. The year ' s activities are highlighted by the all-University Picnic held at the beginning of the school year, Reli- gion In Life Week, and the University Bac- calaureate. Sitting: Judie Shor, Gwendolyn Talbot, Ellen Triem, Christine Call, Maryann Meyer, Andrea Shields, Dixie Randall. Standing: Dave Kaplan, Val Ripley, Tom Corn, Dwight Ridenour, Bob Mueller, Terry Tucker, Terry Lane, Leland Scott, Chuck Mabry. SIGMA ALPHA CHI The purpose of Sigma Alpha Chi is to promote in the lives of its members the ideals of reli- gion, intellectuality, culture, fellowship and leadership. The membership is composed of the men who are members of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Bottom row: Rodney Palmer, Roger Porter, Paul Petty, Lincoln Goodman, John Shelley, Richard Lines, Ralph Mayberry, Daniel Nolan, Jay Jensen. Row 2: Truman Hedbon, Keith Potter, Terry Maynard, Richard Martin, Jerrold Shelley, David Luke, Ron Daniels, Tim Vensel. Top row: Adrian Hinton, Larry Hulsey, Donald Gibson, Frank Knapp, Anthony Goodman, Tedd Bell, L. Richard Slade, Art Eager, Glen Kartchner. 277 Dr. Raymond E. Watts, Penny Vondrak, Charles Stillion, Susie Wilson, Anna Sakellar, John Rauk, Rick Wood, Linda Wolfe, Steve Uhler, Linda Anderson. PRE-VETERINARY CLUB Monthly speakers and films are the primary programs of the Pre-Veterinary Club. The club affords students the opportu- nity to survey the field of vet- erinary medicine and related vocations, and at the same time develop closer ties with their colleagues and the American Medical Association. An orien- tation program for freshmen is planned each Fall. Elections are held in the Spring. Bottom row: Kay Hamre, Kathie O ' Haco, Mike Howell, Vern Goodman, Lowell Croslin, Debbie Bryan, Doris Carson. Row 2: JoAnn Underdown, Marcheta McCain, Roys Mansur, John Carson, Janet Wolfe, Roger Riggs, Susan Conner, Amanda Oliver, Pat Preble, Linda Lowe. Top row: Cy Rem- ington, Nick Pierson, Gary DeFazio, Bob Holman, Phillip Bidegain, Robert Holland, Mike McGuckin, Gene Hoehne, Bill Snure, Dick Miller, Ray Roripaugh, Bruce Gwynn, Tom Acevedo, Bob Gentry, Mike Iliff, Steve Beier, Don Gerhardt. RODEO CLUB Tucson in February is Rodeo time and the season for the University Rodeo Club. Mem- bership is open to all interested students. The principal activity sponsored by the club is West- ern Week, which includes the Rodeo Dance and Chivaree. The events of this week are climaxed by the Intercollegiate Rodeo. The club was estab- lished in 1949. Sitting: Hassan M. Ilam, Ahmad I. Jado, Hassan Eshtiaghi, Ibrahim Sonbul, Osman Abdel Wahar, Dar- wish Jastaniah, Talate Anbare. Standing: Eltayeb Saeed, Tahir Mahmoud, J. K. Khattak, Ghazi AI-kawaz, Irfan Asici. MUSLIM ASSOCIATION ALPHA CHI SIGMA Alpha Chi Sigma is an organization designed for graduate students in chemistry. Members strive for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a profession. During the year members sponsored a new student orien- tation program for incoming graduate students in chemistry and allied fields, organized inter- departmental seminars, and developed depart- mental activities for the University open house program. Membership is presently twenty- three with elections held in the Fall. Bottom row: Victor Thalacker, Gary Megzger, David Newton, George Forsythe, Herbert Gollmar, George Vandenhoff. Row 2: James Dillard, Robert Ottaviani, James Foster, James Kudrna, Paul Scherer, Alan Jaworski. Top row: Harold Panzik, Thomas Kempe, Edward Errickson, Frank Palocsay, Kenneth Klaus, Richard Singler. 279 Mark Kapel lush, Anita Freeland, Sue Loftis, Mark Vancas, Bob Astleford, Lisa Perry, Dorothy Ratcliff, Jim Neely, Mickey Rhein, Linda Dahlke. ARCHERY CLUB Members of the Archery Club attempt to pro- mote an interest in target archery, to provide an opportunity for participation, and to en- courage archery skills through practice and competitive events. Members held an archery antics tournament in the Spring. Front row: Kaye Chambers, Kathy Basmagy, Kay Watson, Laura Reyna, Lucia Rangel, Pat Schultz, Joline Bailey, Susie Crawford. Row 2: Darlene Clark, Kristina Ryder, Donna Jones. Back row: Steve Teague, Robert Hershberger, Netra Sanwal, Richard Fain, Leta Crawford, Mary Blake, Linda Young, Carol Schierenberg, Chester Kaslikowski, Kevin Kowalski, Christopher Lewis, Danny Nunez. FOLKLANDERS Folklanders have had a busy year. In addition to their yearly folk dance festival and concert, they were invited by the Uni- versity of Sonora to come and dance at the celebration of their twenty-fifth anniversary. They also give many performances for various civic and school groups. 280 Bottom row: Unidentified, Cindy Allyn, Jere Jones, Noni Cerny, Nancy Specht, Toni Barthels, Chris Ziveney, Trish Lammie, Connie Thompson. Row 2: Kathy Raphun, Lonnie Sheinart, Dianne Allen, Linda Postinlny, Julie Tashnate, Susan Shetter, Stuart Thomas, Mary Jane Jackson, Mary Douglas. Top row: Nancy Slaughter, Judy Olsen, Unidentified, Bonnie Wright, Marilyn Ide, Carol Kinsock, Nira Wall, Diane Baum, Ann Stoecker. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic Council is a coordinating body of the social sororities on the campus. The council acts as a forum for the discussion of problems among the fraternal organizations. The council sponsored formal and informal rush, pledge presents, and a panhellenic work- shop. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council derives its author- ity from the recognized social fraternities on the campus. It operates within the sanction of the University to promote fellowship and co- operation among the fraternities so that each organization and the University will best be served. Bottom row: Don Powell, Jim Adams, Eric Andell, Bill Welter, Dean Cecil Taylor. Row 2: Clifford Cox, Nick Pearson, Dave May, Barch Mollett, Elliot Miller, Lee Lipperman, Bob Venn. Row 3: Bob Jones, Lincoln Goodman, Jon Sanderson, Jay Greer, Jim Sailer, Dave Slattebo, Chuck Guerreno, Unidentified. Row 4: Skip Whitley, Larry Blurne, Pat Murphy, Joe Howell, Bob Walsh, Unidentified, Hotchkiss, John Nash, Charlie Waters. Top row: Larry Benson, Chuck Colton, Bill Christopher. 281 282 283 The Greek system of sororities and fraternities at the Univer- sity of Arizona offers numerous opportunities for students to develop the habits of self-discipline, leadership, involvement and tolerance not necessarily obtained in the strictly academic training of a campus. As Greek members of the U of A, men and women are offered challenging opportunities in many fields of endeavor -- leadership, scholarship, community ser- vice and social life. The system recognizes the necessity of developing the individual potential into personal and group achievement. It strives by precept and example for this devel- opment of mind and body. There is a lifetime reward to those who work, live and learn in the close relationship of those with similar goals and constructive aims — the members of their sorority or fraternity. ALPHA DELTA Pi Service projects and activities filled the Alpha Delta Pi calen- dar. The coeds put on the annual Guide for Brides fashion show, with the proceeds donated to the Muscular Dystrophy fund. The coeds also co-sponsored their annual Christmas party for underprivileged children with the men of Phi Gamma Delta. With a pledge class of 35, the A D Pi house worked toward repeating last year ' s first place finish during Greek Week. In the Fall the women sponsored the A D Pi Tandem Bike Race for all sorority and dormitory residents. In Spring, the coeds celebrated their tenth year as the Delta Gamma chapter at State Day celebrations at ASU. The Diamond-head Spring formal and the Christmal formal highlighted the social events of the year for the women. Cynthia Abbot Patricia Adams Judy Argue Malin Baldwin Judy Barlow Margie Beiser Roxy Bellantoni Susan Berger T. Bideganeta Kay Burnham Judy Carver Sue Cervantes A quite conversation is enjoyed by an Alpha Delta Pi and her afternoon date. Susan Drake Marjie Entz Terry Colford Nancy Copeland Sue Cox Cindy Crawford Martha Cummin P. Davidson Judy Davis Karen Diaz Robyn Diehl Carol Doherty Susan Fletcher Barba Foell Suzannah Grimm Gutzie Gutzmer Kathi Haensel Denise Jordan Karen Holm Lynn Howell Judy Irwin Bobbee Jones Sharon Haney Mary Hanson Jill Hemmings Jan Henderson 284 Larry Caldarano Diamond King Charla Pylant Judy Resseguie Barbara McGrath Mary McLean Pam McSparran Marianne Mosier Barbara Myers Pennie Palmer C. Papachriston Linda Pavlina Kit Perot Mariette Porton R. Reynolds Kelsey Robinson Janis Sanders K. Shackelford Chris Spiegel Anne Scully Marilyn Schafer Marcia Scott Libby Kellogg Kandie Levi tz Lynn Mangle Madalynn Mathes Mary McFadyen Teri Nelson Chris Newkirk Abby Palmer ALPHA DELTA PI Officers: Karla Whistler, scholarship; Mary Mazourek, vice- president; Susan Mathes, rush; Carol Villar, efficiency chairman; Sue Drake, president. Melinda Stevens Mary Stone Pat Swanson Carol Tamarkin Florence Taylor Sharron Troglia Carol Villar Susan Waitt Ginny Walker Clare Walsh Diane Watkins Kathie Way Sharon Webster Carla Whistler Linda White 285 ALPHA EPSILON PHI Local philanthrophy played a major part in the Alpha Epsilon Phi year. Many of the women worked du ring the Christmas vacation with the Family Service Program, helping where the head of a family was ill, or out of work. The coeds also aided the Y.W.C.A. A Christmas party for underprivileged children was held, along with other service projects throughout the year. Socially the Alpha Lambda chapter was active, with a Spring formal, a pledge-active luncheon and a pledge-active party. At the Christmas formal the A E Phi Dream Man was chosen. The 36-member pledge class helped the actives build a float for the Homecoming parade, commemorating " Pop " McKale .The float took first place in the sorority division. Emily Alter Terye Baruh Patti Behr Sue Berkowitz Julie Berne Karen Blackfield Pam Blackfield Jackie Brickman Susan Brafman Nancy Citron Work can be accomplished at the Alp ha Epsilon Phi house. Greta Coen Lynda Cohen Betsy Coleman Barbara Costin Lynn Cutler Edie Eisenberg Linda Eisenstatt Susan Feldman Sandra Fellman Carol First Teri Freedman Gaby Dula R. Fendelman Susan Friedman R. Gardenswartz Sandy Goodman Frann Gordon Karen Hudesman Sharon Kagna Lynn Kamin Leslie Kagson Wendy Kaufmann Margo Kawin 286 Biff Miller Dream Man Barbara Keller Rosie Kidvshim Muriel Leff Pat Lichtenstein C. Loewenstein Melanie Mages Elaine Marcus Leslie Margolian Judy Marks Marilyn Marsh Laurie Maullin Dianne Miller Felice Moskowitz Nancy Novogrod Judy Nisenson Ilene Perlman Patty Novorr Lynn Rankin ALPHA EPSILON PHI Officers: Patti Behr, A. W. S. representative; Lois Arnold, pledge trainer; Gail Stark, secretary; Barb Costin, rush; Lynn Kamin, president. Marcia Rogow Arlene Rome Barb Roth Al Deborah Sacks Susan Sadek Andi Saltzman Karen Sann Idelen Scheffler Naomi Schoichet Carole Schwartz Lezlie Schwartz Ellen Shenkarow Denise Silverman Janice Simon Sandra Singer Nancy Slavick Myra Smith Stephanie Solar Toni Tvert Kay Weisman Barbara Wolf Donna Zee Myra Zorbis 287 ALPHA OMICRON PI Carol Aanes Diane Adams Abigail Atkins Linda Baker Jane Bisbee Alpha Omicron Pi, a social sorority founded at Barnard col- lege, New York, has many interesting traditions. Pledge classes find out their pledge moms by following a ball of yarn wound throughout the house, and also plan a kidnap breakfast each year for the actives. Alpha Omicron Pi placed second in the sorority division for 1967 Homecoming floats and achieved highest percentage for a sorority in the annual Blood Drive. This year ' s Christmas formal was held at the Aztec Inn, with Spring parties at local guest ranches. Service is the mainstay of contributions to the Arthritis Foundation, Christmas parties for the Arizona Children ' s home, and Bridge Benefits to raise money for philanthropy projects. Alpha Omicron Pi also par- ticipates in the International Education Program, sponsoring a girl from Sweden this year. An outstanding feature of the sorority is the Pledge Class ' membership in Chi Rho Omega, an organization working with juvenile delinquents. Melinda Burrill Judi Carrington Annette Claypool Virginia Daily Karen Davis The Dearly Beloved incorporate the AOPi house mother into their act for variety. Toni DuPont Linda Eaton Patricia Edwards 1111kIA Elaine Fernandez Cyntheia Ford Karen Forler Amy Garrett Saundra Gregory Liz Grinnell Chris Molly Engle Judy Foster Roxanne Haefele Robin Hansen Ellen Harp LiIlio Hermanson Peggy Holbrook Ann Huffman Julie Huffman Judith James Freddie Kalil Kathy Kuhn 288 Denis Beaugureau AOPi Guy Trish Lammie Bobbie Levin Bonnie Lombardo Katy Matson Ellie Matter Joyce McCormick Ruth Mead Patricia Merrill Marcia Moberly Mary Moore Melanie Morgan Linda Nunn Margit Osri AOTT ALPHA OMICRON PI Officers: Judy Carrington, president; Ellen Harp, rush; Julie Huffman, pledge class president; Ann Huffman, pledge trainer. Marilyn Moreton Susan Ramsey Alpha Omicron Pi ' s look to see " what ' s cooking. " Mary Robey Claire Ryan Barb Seabright Suellen Stattel Betsy Thomas Connie Thompson Karen Walker Linda Walker Jeanette Wilson Lynne Wood Karen Zumwalt 289 ALPHA PHI Lindsay Ade Dianne Alley Andrea Averyt Terry Bacon Ann Batchelder Service, scholarship and spirit trademarked this Alpha Phi year. The coeds of the Beta Epsilon chapter supported cardiac aid with a Hearts of November fashion show and a Heart Fund Ball in February. The women also supported a Korean orphan. For the second year in a row the chapter was recognized for scholastic achievement by its national council. Social activ- ities rounded out the Alpha Phi year and provided a welcome break in the study routine. The sorority, with a thirty-member pledge class, built a Homecoming float with Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity. The coeds also held a Christmas formal, where the Phi-man was named, a Spring luau and the annual Western Party with Gamma Phi Beta sorority at Old Tucson in the Fall. The outstanding actives, Linsey Ade and Debbie Searborough, honor the house with election to the offices of Junior class and Freshmen class treasurer. Barbara Bedell Barbara Boddiger Gretchen Boehm Susan Braden Ann Bremond Debby Burler Susan Camou Noni Cerny Marilyn Crilly Ellen Crowley Cathe da Cunha Alpha Phi ' s need the aid of a Christmas tree to assist with an unruley friend. Peggy Brethour Katie Craig A Sally Coleman Robyn Coulson Debra Darrow Juanita DeMont Katie Dirickson Mary Elliott Susan Fasts Jane Goodman Karen Gregory Leslie Hadra Linda Harness Mary Hazleton 290 Gordy Close Phi Man Nancy Hehn Carolyn Herkner Gayle Horton Carole Johnson Patricia Jordan Nancy Joyner Sarah Keith Judy Kufahl Carol Larson Susan Linsenbard Sarah Lynn Linda Mariani Jeri M. McConnell Mary McEvers Liz McMahon Marcia Metcalf Linda Mullens Pris Mutschler Judy Pratt Diane Riese D. Scarborough Chris Mitchell Bess Moore ALPHA PHI Officers: Diane Fairchild, president; Linda Harness, pledge trainer; Bonnie Smith, standards; Susie Linsenbard, s ecretary. Cindy Shaw Pris Skeie Susan Smart Susan Spicer Bonnie Smith Jan Stephens Cindy Strembel Deborah Sulcer Christy Thayer Karen Wade Kristin Weisser Laurie Welsh Susan Witzeman Bonnie Wright Jeanne Yawger 291 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omega coeds worked to repeat their first place finish for the Panhellenic Scholarship trophy this year. High academic achievement, activities and many service projects earned the Beta Lambda chapter recognition by their national council for outstanding accomplishments. The sorority, bol- stered by a 25-member pledge class, worked with its Tucson alumni for the handicapped in Tucson. The coeds hel d a party and a picnic for the children of Carrillo school. Social activities made up the third aspect of the Alpha Chi ' s year with parties at Halloween and in the Spring. The sorority also won the sweepstakes prize for its Homecoming float, " Snoopy Suc- ceeds. " On Parents ' Day 20 men were initiated into the aux- iliary. Sandy Adams Kay Anderson Janet Bell Donna Black Nancy Browne Louise Burger Dea Coller Cheryl Cook Vincenza Cisenza Bonnie Cox Mary Eastlick Alpha Chi ' s share valentine candy. Diana Evans Lill Gabitzsch Peggy Hauser Cara Iles Sue Ivy Sandy Julian Kris Kester Doyle Lashlee Becky Mammen Ana Mariscal Marge Maxwell K. McClenahan Pat McCoy 292 Jim Boles Dream Man Linda McKinsey Bonnie McPherson Kathy Means Lenise Mincks Lynne Olson Kathy Parker Tasha Popof Kathy Raphun Mary Riordan Judi Runstrom ALPHA CHI OMEGA Officers: Kathy Raphun, A. W. S. representative; Nancy Good, first vice-president; Ann Stoecker, president; Nancy Browne, second vice-presi- dent. Louise Small Ann Stoecker Rochelle Swanson Alpha Chi Omega ' s put last minute touches on their prize winning float figures. Dolores Takagi Carolyn Whallon Vicky White Marcia Williams Marcia Willson Sally Winkworth Linda Woods Mary Yawger Pat Yohe Sue Yost 293 GAMMA P B TA The 104 women of Gamma Phi Beta sorority were busy socially this year, starting in the Fall with the Gamma Phi Beta-Alpha Phi Western Party. Formals at Christmas and in the Spring and fraternity exchanges rounded out the women ' s social calendar. Scholastic and extra-curricular achievement were stressed in the house, and banquets were held to honor outstanding mem- bers. Service for the Alpha Epsilon chapter centered around aiding summer camps for underprivileged girls. The coeds also held a Christmas party for underprivileged children. The coeds built a Homecoming float saluting the great days of Easter and held a Parents ' Day luncheon and program. In Spring the women worked to repeat their first place finish in the women ' s division of the 1967 Spring Sing. Toni Alderman Marilyn Allen Terry Aune Linda Bahula Connie Balsukot Allison Behle Vicki Bendinger Donna Black Joanne Block Peggy Bond J. Bloomfield Pat Brady Belinda Buckley Judy Bugg Janet Burner Linda Casoli Nancy Caubie Susan Davis Susie Dickey Karen Eddy Janet Childress Gloria Cole Marian Collins Kay Corbett Mary Corbett Judith Crawford Becky Fife Myra Freeman Billie Frye Helen Egbert Karen Emery Kathe Farley Debbie Feder Patty Ferneding Pam Ferry G. Gifford Natalie Gifford Michele Granger Jean Gray Beth Hannley C. Hanson Laine Harris G. Hazlehurst Susan Hubbard Leslie Jaap 294 Cynthia Judson Ellen Lamb Candy Lee Janice Lemke Lois Linxwiler Cindy Madison Judy McCarthy Keen McDonnell Marge McDonnell Diane Meyer Marilee Miller Connie Mills Mawreen Mooney Bonnie Munch C. Norrborn Starr Overlock Nancy Pearson Wendy Pfeil Lynn Radmacher N. Radmacher • •-• •••• - , - " sr ' - ■••• " - , 41- •••• 7,••••C ' - ' 4•••- ••••••••••• ••••• •••• • r Marcia O ' Harrow Melinda Michele Peggy Rawn Judee Reynolds Pamela Rich Margie Roth Michelle Ryals Pamela Shuck GAMMA PHI BETA Officers: Susan Woodruff, activities; Jean Gray, recording secretary; Allison Webster, pledge trainer; Kathy Yaeger, vice-president; Marsha Umben- haver, president. Sally Simmons Pat Steffen Paulette Sukey Dixie Tisdale Susann Tomek M. Umbenhaur Sue VanWagner Mara Vitolins Marcia Volpe Alison Webster Diane Weir Cornelia White Lyn Williams Ann Willyard Susan Woodruff Cathy Yaeger 295 DE LTA GAMMA The Alpha Phi chapter of Delta Gamma sorority sponsored a thirty-member pledge class this year. The house achieved highest participation in the annual Blood Drive, and had an in- interesting float idea — " Thank God It ' s Friday. " National philantrophy aids in educational grants and loans plus con- tr ibutions to National Sight Conservation Funds. Social cheer was in full swing with a Mt. Lemmon fling, the " Shipwreck " Spring formal and a Christmas formal at the Spanish Trail. A Christmas " ninos " fiesta for the Tucson Deaf and Blind school children and reading for campus blind students are several of the year ' s service projects for Delta Gamma women. They are also working on a scholarship for U. of A. blind and deaf stu- dents. An interesting house member is Miss Benenice Figuera from Rio de Janeiro, sponsored by the International Education program. Toni Barthels Carolyn Bauman Cynthia Blair Jo Ann Boyd Janet Chalmers Anne Andresen Cathy Armer Adriana Arriaga Kathi Barnes Iii I IL Lise Barth The living room mirrors provide amusement for DG ' s. Lynn Creasey Cathi Cross Diane Cupples Judy Derickson Jan Devine Lorraine Dorsey Janet DuMont Joan Ellis Deedee Engdahl Pam Engebretson B. Figueira Beth Fosse Mary Cordano Candy Frailey E. Garnett Kathy Gee Vickie Greek Linda Grimm Gail Hammonds Julie Hill Diane Jackson Andi Jones Kitty Kwic 296 Rich Arrotta Delta Gamma Man J. LaJeunesse Barbara Lent Katherine Lent C. Lindamood Mary Lyon Katie Maclntyre Robyn Magill Suzi Maroney Robin McCord Nancy McCoy Carla Ode Ginny Moon Barbara Miller Cynthia Moon Jody Oitker Anne McFadyen Sally McNicol Jan Naughton Cherie Mulder Carol Olney L. Postillion Shelley Sims DELTA GAMMA Officers: Sue Orth, vice-president; Robin McGill, pledge trainer; Emmie Padgett, president. Susan Orth Emmie Padgett Cynthia Phelps Angela Roberts M. Robertson C. Roggeveen Yvette Smith Tasa Synder Mary Stewart N Gari Strohm Lil Swartz Carolyn Taylor Jinny Thomas Nancy Tuttle Diane Waltner Karla Weik Nancy Wilcox Lynn Willis Janie La Benz 297 DE LTA DE LTA DE LTA The women of Delta Delta Delta were awarded recognition by the American Cancer Society for their outstanding work for the society in conjunction with the efforts of Tucson artist Ted de Grazia. Each year the coeds sell his personalized Christmas cards to aid the philanthrophy. This Christmas the Tri Delts and the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon sponsored a " ninos " party for the children of Pio Decimo Convent. Among other service projects the women gave a scholarship to an outstanding coed on Women ' s Day. The actives and the thirty-eight member pledge class worked at various jobs at a dollar an hour to aid the fund awarded a women not in the house. The Phi Beta chapter was also active socially with a Christmas formal and a Huck Finn party. Suzanne Adans Susan Bebber Jan Becker Jane Bogardus Vicki Brooks Susan Brooks Linda Budinger Cathy Clerou Susan Coffman Judith Cox Tri Delt ' s try Mark Eden bust developer. Ann Fraser Diana Gibbs B. Gillespie Patricia Gordon Virginia Gray Cheryl Gromer Mary Daily Carol Davenport Julie Dean Leslie Dodge Joyce Emerson Gina Hannah Claudia Haslaver Mary Havenner Steph Hawxhurst Sandra Jacobsen Pamela Jeffcott Marilyn Jelliff Gale Jensen Nancy Kabat Candice Kane 298 ■ Art Malamo Tri Deli- Man DELTA DELTA DELTA Officers: Chi Chi Terry, house man- Ruth O ' Neil ager; Joyce Emerson, marshall; Kay Liesch, rush; Nancy Slaughter, pledge trainer; Barb Stoddard, president. Joan Kinneberg Jane Kleinsmith Jacqueline Laos Marty McCarty Jane Mount Kay King Nancy Kay Phyllis Lee Kaye Liesch S. Loughridge Sandra MacRury C. McCarthy Jeanie Mitchell Sherry Monolo Nancy Odell Carol Ogsbury Cindy Olds 1 A Jill Paskal Becky Pilcher Fran Powley Sally Rice Jean Purcell Linda Robinson Linda Romick Linda Ross Barbara Rush Jeanne Ryden Charlene Sasnett Bea Schmidt Christie Smith Donna Smith B. Stoddard Cynthia Terry Patricia Tidwell Susan Tizard Diana Waters Christine Zivney 299 The newest sorority on campus, Delta Zeta, already boasts of eighty members. They are the largest national sorority. Tem- porarily housed in Gila Hall, Delta Zeta women helped the girls earn a first place in Homecoming Dorm Decoration for 1967. Last Spring they also achieved second place in women ' s divi- sion in the annual Spring Sing. Outstanding actives include Sue Keebler, elected sophomore class secretary and also Hi and Smile Queen, and Pat McColm who represented Pima County in this year ' s Miss Arizona Pageant. Delta Zetas are involved in several philanthropic projects which covered an Easter Egg Hunt in the Spring along with a picnic for local underprivileged children. Halloween and Christmas festas also livened the spirits of local children. An annual gift to Speech and Audiology research conclude service projects. " Fiesta de Los Angeles " was the theme for this year ' s Christ- mas formal. The most exciting event, however, was the com- pletion of Delta Zeta ' s new Spanish style sorority house. Mary Jo Hansen Kathy Anderson Nancy Avery Linda Barrow Nancy Bates Sally Broadman Martha Callicoat R. Catalano Delta Zeta ' s try ' do-it-yourself ' in building ther new house. Alison Chanik Laura Golden Connie Corcoran Caryl Cox Victoria Cranmer Janet Davis Laura Davis Virginia Evans Carol Face Carol Gill Nicki Giroux Caroline Goff Mary Harrington Susan Harris M. Hauptman L. Hawthorne Sharon Hetler Mary Ingram Trena Jewett Nancy John Kitty Johnson 300 James Glass Sweetheart Candy Johnston Juanita Karons Vivian Keebler Sharon Kinsey Lynn Massa Pat McAlister Gail Morley Diana McClure Patricia McColm Emily McGuire Kathryn Moodie Diana Neffson Christine Nelson Mary Noon Linda Norman Linda Sanborn Marcia Satterlee Brooks Sganga Romona Pergrem DELTA ZETA Officers: Caryl Cox, vice-president; Carolyn Stull, secretary; Barb William, pledge trainer; Carol Face, president; Joanie Taylor, secretary. f NEW SORORITY HOUSE DELTA ZETA 6:114N s NUTINIR CONS1 CONTRACT • Carol Shannon Jeanne Shannon Joyce Smith Sheryl Sparkman Peggy Springer Linda Steljes Penny Stoops Carolyn Stull Leona Summers Dorothy Swank Trisha Swanson Rosie Swatsley Joanie Taylor B. Townsend Diane Tregonis C. Trowbridge Kathleen Walsh Maryann Weimer Deborah Whelan B. Williams KAPPA ALPHA THETA The coeds of the Beta Delta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta celebrated their fiftieth year on campus this year. The sorority is the oldest at the University. The ninety-two members won their national ' s Chapter Efficiency award and a national award for their Fraternity Trends program. Locally the women aid the Girls Living Center in Tucson, which offers runaway and trou- bled girls a home situation. The sorority also supports the Institute of Togopedics. Socially the women were active with a Christmas and Spring formal highlighting the year. Thetas were honored this year with active, April Thomson, selected as a 1967 Homecoming Queen attendant. Another active, Sally Nance, is one of forty selected campus Pan-American repre- sentatives in the United States. Shan Brown Susie Buchanan Minda Burr Terry Cashill Karen Clifford Margie Davis Linda Dimit Janis Donau Susan Dwyer Mimi Flood Pam Greenwood Christy Hanna Suzy Hausner Karen Ackerman Cathy Adams Susanne Amos Deborah Bell Janice Black Beverly Blank Ann Blouin Margaret Boice Sharon Brigham Susan Collings Romana Coulson Virginia Coulson Candy Garmire June Goodson Joann Graham -A. .Atk,. Andrea Hopper Edith Hopper T. Hoppstetter Celeste Collings Ayne Gage Susan Heartc Pat Isaacs Linda Jacobsen Karen Jones Sharon Kempff Kathy Kennett Carol Kinsock Cathy Kinsock Dee Dee Knapp Charlene Lakin Sally Lamb 302 Eric Tuch Theta Man Lois Moe Barbara Molina Pamela Milks Susan Miller Cindy Miners Chris Leathy Missy Leighton Debra Lloyd Melissa Manley Randi Peterson Helen Roads Saucy Nason Suzi Nelson Kathy Osborn Katie Palmer Katie Peterson Pamela Place Anne Ralston Katie Rice Debi Sceli Betty Shelton Cindy Smith KAPPA ALPHA THETA Officers: Carol Mayne, scholar- ship; Tina Eduland, vice-president; Virginia Coulson, pledge trainer; Bev Blank, president; Anne Wood, standards. Meredith Smith Diane Spear Tyra Sullivan Thomas Stuart April Thompson Janie Thompson Diana Townley Nancy Vangsness Barbara Walker Carol Williams Susan Winter Ann Wood Carol Wood Vicki Wright 303 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA The Gamma Zeta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority is busy preparing for their 1970 Centennial Convention. Kappa women had a busy year with taking Sweepstakes at Spring Sing where they joined with Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and hard work to gain a third place in sorority division for their 1967 Homecoming float. Local underprivileged children received goodies and a fun time when sponsored at Christmas and Halloween parties by the Kappa women. The most excit- ing social event of the year is Monmouth Duo, planned at Old Tucson in conjunction with Pi Beta Phi sorority. " Kappa Man " is crowned at the annual Christmas formal. Kappa Kappa Gamma has many outstanding actives which include Con- nie Fletcher, 1967 Homecoming finalist, and Cheryl Charles, selected as Little Colonel from Angel Flight competition and also appearing in Who ' s Who. Andrea Arthur Cheryl Bankes Debbie Bartlett Diana Baum Patricia Bilby Kathy Bishop Jessica Bloch Susan Botsford Cassie Boyd Carol Brown Margot Brown Pam Coolidge Ellie Douglas KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Officers: Above, Lynn Youngren, second vice-president; Suzette Jackson, pledge trainer; Loretta McCarthy, president; Debbie Bartlett, first vice- president. Below: Fern Porter, assistant pledge trainer; Marty McGeorge, cultural chairman. Jane Buchanan Nancy Cameron Susan Cameron Melissa Carland Cheryl Charles Candi Cooper Sheri Curtis Diane Daniels Jeanie Dent Terriann Detien Roberta Ferry Marsha Fishburn Beverly Fisk Connie Fletcher Joan Gissel Natalie Graff Mary Guptill LaJoyce Hall Nancy Hall Cynthia Harrell M. Hendershott 304 Taylor Scanlon Kappa Man Molly Hergert Christine Hiner Kathy Igoe Susan tones Liz Jackson Mary Jackson Suzette Jackson Ann Jerman Lynn Johnson Sue Jollensten Jerelyn Jones Nancy Kaufmann Betsy Kelly Karen Kerr Deborah King Sandy King Connie Lancaster Pam Lane Cynthia Little Susan Lombaer Texas Luedtke Linda Mapes Judy May Susan May Cathy McCaslin Skye McDonald Mary McFarlin Marty McGeorge M. McMahan M. McMahan Linda Merikle Chris Murfin Peggy O ' Malley Pamela O ' Roke Linda Ornelas Kay Pappas Jean Parker Pat Pertuit Peggy Pertuit Gail Peterson Fern Porter Leslie Preston Penny Price Jane Rodman Barbara Russell Missy Ruth Becky Scanlon Lisa Schaad Bev Shumaker Stephany Smith Barbara St. John Gretchen Stolle Kaye Sutphin Cathy Wade Janet Walmsley Kassi Walters Toni Wayland Bonnie West Ginny Wyne 305 PI B Fi] TA The first national women ' s sorority, the Arizona Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi sorority boasts of ninety members. Friendliness and laughter are the themes for Pi Beta Phi ' s social activities which include the Spring formal " Flaming Mame Goes Hick, " the annual Monmouth Duo with Kappas at Old Tucson and the Powder Puff softball derby. Along with other sororities, Pi Beta Phi women help to add some fun to local underprivileged children with Halloween and Christmas parties. An exciting project for the sorority has been supporting their Settlement School which is connected with the University in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and provides art and craft classes for students. Lu Ann Leisey is an exciting active of the sorority who held the lead in the " Merry Widow " musical and will appear as a cham- pagne lady on the Lawrence Welk show. The house was also honored with the selection of Kathie Graham, as a 1967 Home- coming Queen attendant. Kitty Bundy Ann Calosio Kristin Carlsen C. Chamberlin Pamela Cohn Janny Bacon Jo Ann Bauer Carol Bishop Marti Bravo PI BETA PHI Officers: Marcy Liggett, house manager; Khris Carlson, his- torian; Kathy Raymond, president; Susie Stout, secretary; Susie Stiles, social; Sally Palmer, executive assistant. Mary Cooper M. Corneveaux Sharon Crine Alice Crombie Frances Crombie Jill Derarnus Betsy Downing Pam Edwards Paula Evenson Sheryl Firth Deborah Gibson Kathy Graham Sara Greer Liz Hanson Jacquelyn Hatch Lauri Hauer P. Hazelett Leslie Hughes Lori Johnston Claudia Kitt Karen Kircher Connie Kloos Mary Kurtin Sandra Lehmer LuAnn Leisy 306 Marcia Liggitt Mary Lynch Mary Makaus Nona Manning M. Manspeaker Cathy Mathews M. McGeorge Gay McNaughton Nancy Neath Sue Neubauer Pi Phi ' s give friendly greetings from their balcony. Suzy Shook Sally Palmer Nanette Pattee Donna Pearson Karen Peterson Kathy Raymond Wesley Rogers Nancy Rome!! Carole Romer Peggy Scaling Bobbie Schmidt Mary Sill Kimberlee Skold Bonnie Steward Pam Stewart Susie Stiles Chris O ' Connor Mary Robertson Susan Stout Marilyn Swinyard Noreen Tirreil Kathy Updegraff Deborah Wadell Nancy Walker Niro Wall Dorothy Warner Pamela Weedin Ann Weiland Ellen Weiser Barbara Wild Elizabeth Wild Debbie Wilden Denise Woodman Lynn Woods 307 SIGMA DELTA TAU The exciting climax to Sigma Delta Tau ' s plans for the year will be the national convention this summer in the Bahamas. Sorority women are involved in many campus activities, in- cluding Camp Wildcat drives, the Blood Drive, and Thanksgiv- ing and Christmas food drives sponsored by AWS and ASUA committees. Children are the recipients of SDT " Kindness " projects. Projects covered the annual Trick or Treat Party for children of the Tucson Nursery and the underprivileged from local schools. SDTs also made scrapbooks for the Arizona Chil- dren ' s Home. Social events are a definite part of Sigma Delta Tau ' s calendar with a winter formal, the annual Torchlight Ball, and a " Budy Block " party with Tau Delta Phi fraternity. The chapter participates in an international dinner and also sponsored an all-campus chicken dinner. Some outstanding actives are Judy Adler, a semi-finalist in Miss U. of A. Pageant, and Gail Maurer, a varsity cheerleader. Judy Adler Ronnie Alpern Cheryl Baer Barbie Bartgn Lee Berg Pamela Bernstein Carol Black Evelyn Blair Anne Borinstein Pegi Brotman Linda Bruce Sharyn Chesler Barbara Chriss Connie Cohen B. Danzinger Linda Davidson Cathy Dobris Linda Druck A. Eisenberg SIGMA DELTA TAU Officers: Gail Maurer, AWS representative; Judy Metz, Stand- ards chairman; Joanie Whitebook, first vice-president; Roberta Kall, president. Frieda Elster Ellen Epstein Bonnie Evenchik Susan Feinberg 161..- AilLcÀ Amy Feingold L. Flegenheimer Jill Fox Bobbie Freiden Cindy Goldstein Sandy Goldstein Jill Golofsky Judith Galstan Janie Gortikov B. Greenman 308 Buddy Black Dream Man Laura Gross Lauren Harwood Fran Jackson Roberta Kall Ronni Julius Jill Droloff Judith Levine Jan Levkowitz Kathy Maisel Gail Maurer Judy Metz 41v Bette Pedroli Sherry Pollyea Beth Radetsky Marilyn Raiffie M. Regenstrief Buff Richter Cindie Moss Jeanie Nathan Cathy Okum Andrea Parris Arlene Perlman Hoping that it is " him, " an SDT answers the phone. Sarabeth Riklin .4111Ä‘ Ruthie Schnadig Nancy Ross Barbara Sabin L. Sacherman Helen Scheiner N. Schildkraut Joanne Schneider Jean Schnitzer Marcia Schrader Sue Schwartz Debby Segal Lonnie Sheinart Helene Slaten Suzi Sneller Juli Tashnek Pamela Topper • Joann Turkel Erica Waxman Lauria Wechter Joan Whitebook Ronnie Zeigler 309 Members of the Eta Iota Chapter of Phi Mu had a full social calendar this year, starting with an Alum Swim Party and a Prisoners ' Ball. A pledge-active picnic and a Halloween Party brightened the year, along with annual Christmas and Spring formals. In the Fall the women feted their new house mother, Mom Schiefer, with a special dinner. Service projects include aid to the S. S. Hope hospital ship and a Christmas party at the Cerebral Palsy Foundation for Crippled children. In the Spring, the Phi Mu Mothers ' Club held their annual fashion show for the forty-two coeds, acompanied by a jewelry and china dem- onstration sponsored by the pledge class. Dr. Byrd Granger was awarded an honorary-member pin at the " Apple Polisher ' s Dinner " held also in the Spring. Three Phi Mu ' s find some leisure time to play with a friendly poodle. Cynthia Allyn Jean Appogast Sandra Baize! For a lingering moment, a Phi Mu reflects on her day. Barbara Bailey Cheryl Benson Ann Bickerton Mary Lou Clark Cathy Coates Debi Fleming Paula Fletcher Kathy Fockler 310 Raymond Roberts Phi Mu Gentleman Judy Gilliland Margery Glass Rebecca Graul Sherry Harris Karen Hartshorn Caniche Judith Gibson PHI MU Officers: Karen Underwood, recording secretary; Becky Graul, vice-president; Jean Hewlitt, treasurer; Judy Gibson, president. L Montgomery Cris Quiroz Susan Read Joan Stone A Phi Mu switch board operator tries to kill two birds with one stone. Helen Verna Linda Watkins Ann Welks Susan Wirt Mary Lou Wood S. Zimmerman 311 Scholastic achievement and social activities characterized the members of the Zeta Beta colony of Chi Omega. The sorority ranked third among other sororities in grade averages. The members had a Christmas formal, where the Southern Gen- tleman was crowned with the traditional top hat. They also sponsored a Wild Wild West Spring formal at Old Tucson. The Homecoming float, built in co-ordination with Delta Tau Delta fraternity won Honorable Mention for the Sweepstakes award. Service projects for the ninety women included a Christmas " Kindness " party for underprivileged children and a cash award to an outstanding woman in social siences. Bolstered by a thirty-five member pledge class the women supported their national philanthropy, aid to service fund publications. Sandra Anderson Linda Barc Sally Bearse Jane Bechtol Karen Benson Susan Bentley Patricia Brady Wendy Brooks Louesa Brown Karen Brown Chris Budurin Gaye Bumsted Chris Chrisman Deborah Clayton Patt Conlin Greg Conwell Cindy Cook Deborah Coyle Lynda Cuqua Katherine Davis In need of transportation, Chi Omega ' s become temporary mechanics. Anne Deerr Mary Douglas Kathy Eddy Catherine Elias Eve England Dene Fast Margaret Ferriss Linda Fitswater Nancy Fisher M. Gammon Nancy Garrison Charis Gordon Marcy Hager Carol Hoff Cheryl Hogan 312 Dave DuVal Southern Gentleman Kathleen Hogan Denise Huckle Judith Jones Karyl Jones Barbara Klopp Kathleen Krucker Bonnie Kruse Doyle Laizure Sheryl Landis Lynda Mains Cynthia Matesic Judy Olsen Pamela Porter Marsha Miller Sharon Minelich Cherrill Morrison Patty Mullen Mary North ngton Alison Paul Pamela Pauer Pam Parlett Mary Reeb Marilyn Rogel Diana Schiele Stephanie Smith Nancy Specht CHI OMEGA Officers: Jeanne Porter, president; Greg Conwell, secretary; Marianne Gammon, pledge trainer. Sheri Thomas Diana Uselman Judith Vancil Beverly Walker Barbie Walpole Diane Stadler Janet Weaver Kathie Weaver Claudia Welch Tonja Welding Carol Whitehead Ellen Wichtrich June Wiegand Ann Williams Margaret Wilson Nancy Woods 313 RUSH Both formal and informal rush brings the active Greek member and the prospective member into personal contact. Rush is exhausting and hectic, but it is also exciting and enjoyable. Not a dull moment creeps by during a rushee ' s last minute changes in plans and dress. Rush in the first encounter between the actives of a house and the student who will soon receive a bid and a warm welcome into their new sorority or frater- nity, a friendship which will endure for a lifetime. Talk is the most effective form of rush and the Sig Eps use it well. By picturing the sororities activities and outstanding members of last year, Alpha Omciron Pi introduces its house to the rushees. Here some of the rushees view the posters while members look on. Kappa Alpha Thetas greet rushees with chants and spngs in front of their house. As usual fraternity men look on and check out the prospective pledges. 314 At Sigma Delta Tau, as at the other sororities, rushees sit, chat, and view skits before selecting a house to pledge. Rushees are well fed with food and words like the Zeta Beta Tau dinner above. Cookies, cookies, and more cookies are stuffed down the rushees during sorority rush. Fraternities use many gimicks during rush to entice pledges. Of course the culmination of rush is pledging. Here the rushees make the traditional race from the auditorium into the arms of their new fraternity brothers. LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP House officerships and committee work lay a founda- tion of leadership that is invaluable for Greeks. As a member of a sorority or fraternity, the U of A student must accept responsibility for not only himself, but for his house. Leadership in college points the way to leadership after graduation. Supervision of study habits, study hours for pledges, and genuine interest in each student ' s work encourage outstanding schol- arship among house members. A good grade point average is encouraged by the IFC and Panhellenic scholarship trophies. Panhellenic officers are Top Row: Bonnie Wright, Lonnie Sheinart, Stuart Thomas, Mary Jane Jackson, Judy Olson, and Cindy Allen. Bottom Row: Frankie Kunkle, Panhel- lenic Advisor; Toni Barthels, vice president; Nancy Specht, president; Noni Cerny, secretary, and Diana Baum. Interfraternity Council officers are Don Powell, sec retary; Dean Cecil " Corky " Taylor, I.F.C. advisor; Eric Andell, president; Jim Adams, president elect; Bill Welter, treas- urer; and Don Thompson (not pictured), vice president. Phi Mu ' s, as other Greeks do, study a lot to keep up their typically high grades. Steve Malkin, ASUA president elect, a member of Tau Delta Phi, speaks to the crowd gathered to hear the election results. Another Greek, Peggy Wilson of Chi Omega, was selected ASUA secretary. COMMUNITY SERVICE Chuck Westerland, Santa Claus, and Rene Picaretto entertain some underprivileged children at the Pi Kappa Alpha house. During the party dinner, cartoons, and presents highlighted the children ' s evening. Fraternities and sororities are active, responsible mem- bers of the Tucson community. Each house stresses an interest in local affairs by its positive contributions to civic groups, charities and community organiza- tions. These projects emphasize involvement in poli- tical and community events and issues. Members with diverse interests are brought together to work toward a common goal — recognizing and promoting good cit- izenship through participation in community service. Many sorority booths, in addition to the Phi Mu booth shown above, were featured in the Rites of Spring, campus drive for charity. Two boxers punch it out at the first Sigma Chi amateur fight night. The event was sponsored to raise money for the Tucson Boys Club. 317 SOCIAL f IFE A social fraternity or sorority is by nature active in parties, exchanges, dinners and dances. Social aware- ness is a fundamental part of college and adult life, and the Greek system offers social events during the college years, the time of greatest social maturation. Students develop a social consciousness and a correct manner of conduct through the exciting world of Greek social life. The purpose of a college education is serious, but it does not have to be dull or boring to be successful. An unhappy calf fights a losing battle at the Phi Delt " High Nooner. " Two Phi Sig ' s have a vicious water fight. Members of Delta Zeta, Delta Tau Delta, and Acacia form a pyramid during part of the Greek Week activities. Participants of the ADPi Tandum Bike Race fight to complete their task at one of the several stations in the course. Exchanges are an integral part of the Greek social life. Above members of Alpha Tau Omega " shake a tail feather " during an exchange. Typical of the Christmas season in the U of A Greek system are formals like the Delta Upsilon formal above. Pledge presents is one of the highlights of first semester 319 A sorority serenades at Theta Chi probably to recover some misplaced item. But with all the rushing, studying, social events, and other activities of the Greek system, two people still find time for their own social life. At Old Tucson the annual Kappa Kappa Gamma - Pi Beta Phi Mon- mouth Duo provides high times for the members and their dates. Fraternity open house ... where apprehensive coeds may meet those " wild " fraternity men. 320 ALPHA SIGMA PHI Vickie Duncan Sweetheart Dennis Brubaker Michael Burke Jeff Cartwright Thomas Clark William Dunham Edward Frohling Wesley Hand Michael Hofer David Huet Gregg Kanon James Kelly Mike Leoford David May Allan Mense Gordon Nelson This year Alpha Sigma Phi introduced a different form of recreation to U of A students when its men sponsored the first sports car rally ever held at the University. As the third oldest men ' s national on this campus, the men of the Gamma Iiota chapter continued their long history of philanthropic service to the Boys ' Club through a series of projects helping young Tucson area boys. The twenty-eight members of Alpha Sigma Phi included the successful Roman Toga Party among their special social affairs. The largest event sponsored by the fraternity during the 1967-68 year was the Black and White Formal. ALPHA SIGMA PHI Officers: Mike Burke, secretary, Ken Musch, treasurer, Del Wakimoto, vice president, and Jim Sailer, president. Kurt Pany Ronald Parra Ronald Ray James Reynolds James Sailer D. Steinwachs Mark Still Del Wakimoto Victor Wakimoto Robert Walsh Ronald Weller Eddie Zeitler 321 ACACIA Polly Fletcher Queen of the Roses Up-to-the-minute theme parties were a feature of Acacia ' s social life at the University of Arizona. As well as the Nite on the Nile Party, the Arizona chapter also presented the White Wabbil, Cave Man and Purple Haze parties. After being awarded the Scholarship Improvement Award, Acacia men further strove to attain high scholastic achievement. Fifty-two men were active in the fraternity during the 1967-68 school year. Nationally established in 1904, the U of A chapter lists donations to Camp Wildcat as one of its service projects. Acacia men also worked for another community project, ser- vice to the Shrine Circus. Herbert Barber James Bartlein ACACIA Officers: Hank Moore, treasurer; John Rosso, president; Jim Bartlin, A shaving cream fight provides a good study break for the members of Acacia. pledge trainer; Doug Rotolo, house manager; John Haas, secretary; John BareIli, rush chairman. 1 71 aa K. Lowrance Hank Mohr Roger Pankey John Rosso Bruce Carter Stephen Catt Cliff Cooper Robert Dietrich John Haas 322 ALPHA GAMMA RHO Robert Alley Russell Davis Rocky Snyder catches a few winks before class. Alpha Gamma Rho, the National professional-social agricul- tural fraternity at the U of A campus, was active in the Univer- sity Blood Drive first semester. Members of the Alpha Pi chapter received a reward for their activity in Chivoree, the night of activities before the U of A Rodeo. Scholastically the twenty-three members rank ninth of all Alpha Gamma Rho fraternities in the nation. Members of the house participated in several rodeos and were also members of the livestock judging team. Social activities included the Rodeo Dance and the Pink Rose Formal. In April the U of A and ASU chapters of Alpha Gamma Rho held a joint formal dance. ALPHA GAMMA RHO Officers: Ed Stressman, treasurer; Miley Gonzalez, president; John Nash, vice president; and Gary Stone, house manager. John Hart Herb Kai John Nash Edward Pierson Joseph Pierson Gary Sakato Rocky Snyder Glenn Spar Gary Stone Gary Wing 323 ALPHA EPSILON PI Laura Dine Sweetheart As Big Brothers to the boys of the Arizona Children ' s Home, the men of Alpha Epsilon Pi continued their tradition of ser- vice to the Tucson community and its youth. Individual guid- ance from the thirty-three members of the fraternity as well as a series of group events during the year allowed the children of the Home to come in contact with the life of the University campus. A sequence of lectures by outstanding area spokes- men including Dr. Conrad Joyner, new Tucson city council- man, were organized and presented to the fraternity through- out the year. The Shipwreck and Roman Toga theme parties were two of the many creative social activities sponsored by the Upsilon Alpha chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi. ALPHA EPSILON PI Officers: Barry Slavin, vice president; Harry Prushansky, secre- tary; Ken Bertin, president; Rick Mogy, treasurer; David Kodner, member at large. Kenneth Berlin Don Cohen Mitchell Dorson R. Friedman John Gran S. Greenberg David Kodner Bruce Kramer Lee Lippman Jeffrey Low G. Meyerson Richard Mogy Irwin Pasternack Barry Perlin Barry Price Mark Leavitt Martin Levens Lloyd Krieger H. Prushansky Robert Richter Steven Rubin Daniel Seider Barry Slavin re ,4. Gerald Smileu Leonard Snyoer Jeffrey Sanstein L. Starkopf Arnold Weiner 324 ALP ' KAPPA LAMBDA Katie Weaver Sweetheart Ruben Alcocer Steve Beans Walter Brown John Davis Patrick Deehan Norman Cullen Alan Fillebrown David Francisco Keg Gamble David Hodges itift Stephen Hudson Walter Hyde Robert Kocisko Ronald Lamb Stephen Mackin John Mallory Walter Michael John Mumma Richard Parker Kim Peterson Reorganization within the Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity made the 1967-68 year hectic for the members. Alethia Kai, the women ' s auxiliary, kept its girls busy working as hostesses for barbeques and rush parties. The fraternity brothers par- ticipated in the University Intramural games. For the Stalag Party, the house was converted into a World War II prison camp and the men and their guests dressed as prisoners and guards. Highlight of of the holiday season for Alpha Kappa Lambda was the annual Christmas Formal. ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Officers: Pat Slack, treasurer; Tom Thoma, house man- ager; Steve Macklin, president. Doug Reeves Robert Rita Steven Ruh William Savoie David Schaller W. Schroeder Dennis Scremin Wallace Shares Michael Smith Michael Stoniec Michael Storms Stuart Strong Thomas Thoma Charles Thomas Steven Tracy 325 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alpha Tau Omega continued its national and local history of high academic standing by achieving its twentieth consecutive semester as the University of Arizona fraternity with the high- est scholastic average. As one of their philanthropy projects the fraternity brothers spent many hard but rewarding hours of labor helping the Yaqui Indians build their homes on the new reservation. The Maltesians, ATO ' s women ' s auxiliary, backed the efforts of the house in both service and social events. Special occasions for the men and their dates during the year included the Roaring 20 ' s, Toga and Muu Muu parties, as well as the annual Spring Formal. Nationally one of the largest fraternities, the Epsilon Beta chapter began the year with seventy-six actives, later pledging twenty-six new Alpha Tau Omegas. Ray Bailey Charles Barton Faust Bianco Mark Boccaccio P. Bodenhorn Dennis Bortin Mike Brady John Branch R. Campbell Thomas Carson Brian Cheney John Chiappetta James Clarkson Gary Cook Robert Crockett Jim Dolmas F air play abounds at art ATO skirmish. Russell Dorn Rick Eason Michael Falvey W. Ferguson Dale Frederick Rick Greever Ronald Green S. Greenberg Jason Greer Craig Hardy Robert Harrell Scott Hayes William Hein 326 Keen McDonnell Sweetheart John Hosmer Fog Johnson Kennith Johnson Dennis Kuhl Jim Langley Michael Lechner Ronald Linberg J. Llewellyn Frantz Lupton W. Mahnukopf ALPHA TAU OMEGA Officers: Brian Cheney, cur- rent vice-president; John Witney, past vice-presi- dent; Tom Whitley, past president; Bill Ferguson, current president. Rory McCarthy Tony Marrs K. McDonald George Mehl Lee Meyer Jim Moffett Tom Menaugh Louis Moore Frank Moson Stephen Ochoa Michael Paulson Roy Quinn 412 Rick Reimold Rick Ruby Arthur Smith Dennis Smith James Spark Geoffrey Stern William Via Edwin Weigt Tom Whitley John Whitney David Wilson Mike Wilson Douglas Wright 327 BETA THETA PT The enthusiastic suport of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity by its members at the U of A campus earned the house the Most Improved Chapter in the Western District Award this year. The Delta Beta chapter was later awarded the T. L. White Award for Most Improved Chapter in the National Fraternity. The sixty-five chapter members continued to support the Beta Scholarship Fund by their contributions during the school year. Donations to the Lukemia Foundation, another Beta service project, were also collected by the fraternity. Included in the weekend celebrations during the 1967-68 year for Beta Theta Pi men and their girls were the Beta Gangster and Beta Fogcutter theme parties. Mike Albright V. Armstrong Bruce Bates Carl Bernau John Browning Don Drake John Eaton Logan Eisele Bryan Ellis Richard Fishel Jim Fissell dig Bill Francis Timm Hackley Donn Hartley Lawdy Flanagan Glen Harwell A team effort on the part of the Beta ' s is needed to dislodge Fred Helwig Edward Heuss Lonnie Hicks Charles Johnson a stubborn basketball. John Kanan John Kirk Jerry Koss Geary Kull George Liles Steve Lindstrom 328 Nancy Wilcox Sweetheart G. Lindstrom Anson Lisk Kenneth Malo Clarence Martin Mike Mitchell Oscar Montano Craig Nelson Tom Nelson Brad Nicholson Jeff Pulford BETHA THETA PI Officers: Tim Hackley, vice president; Geary Kull, pledge trainer; Clem Martin, secretary; and Lanny Flanagan, treasurer. James Regens Paul Payette David Sawyer A Beta B.S. session. Tim White G. David Will Tom Wise Terry Wolf Gary Wheeler Barry Scripps Bill Simpson Jeff Stahl Mike Wagoner James Warner 329 DIA,LTA UPSILON Carol Loewenstein Sweetheart Richard Adamson Peter Allen Jeff Bartolino Larry Bensinger Robert Bohm Robert Cryor Richard Daggett Bob Deidrich Duffy Dukette DELTA UPSILON Officers: Scott Bates, vice president; Charlie Brachney, rush chairman; Bob Cryor, treasurer; Bud Walker, president. Charles Brackney Robert Brosius Marvin Brown ry Ron Detzer Darrel Ensign James Komorous ALT Kevin Flynn Mike Hatcher Tom Kuehn Terry McDonald dv A lid John Newsome David O ' Hern David Rauh Bruce Shlopack Craig Stehr Mike Stetser William Trask Henry Walker Larry Workman Robert Zeller 330 DELTA TAU DELTA Pam Pilcher Sweetheart Delta Tau Delta ' s watch unruly pledge burn. Delta Tau Delta fraternity had what appeared to be a model pledge class this school year. The class scored second highest in the country on the National exam covering their knowledge of the history and facts of Delta Tau Delta. By operating a late- into-the-night snack bar, polishing shoes and waxing cars, the pledges earned enough money to surprise the actives with a color television set. The Delta Tau Delta service work this year centered on the Community Chest Drive. Inspired by the pop- ular film, Delts chose a Bonny and Clyde theme for one of the year ' s house parties. Other entertainments at the fraternity were the Suppressed Desires and Hogan ' s Heroes parties, and the Christmas and Shipwreck Formals. DELTA TAU DELTA Officers: Tom Morron, president; Charlie Ashby, pledge trainer; Larry Forscheler, treasurer; John Knudsen, vice president; Rick Keye, rush chairman; Denton Hammond, social chairman. Gregory Davis Dan Dowell Larry Forschler Blake Hyfield Richard Jones Tom Kenney Mike Kinney G. Lawrence Alan Pedersen James Wise Bill Welker Bob Zwissler 331 The thirty-two new pledges chosen during rush came close to outnumbering Delta Chi ' s thirty-five actives. During the holi- day season the fraternity sponsored a Christmas Party for underprivileged children. Members also gave thirty youngsters a day to remember when the Delta Chi men supervised their adventures at the Pima Junior Chamber of Commerce Circus. Chi Delphia became the new women ' s auxiliary of the house with the initiation of sixteen girls this year. Athletically, the Arizona chapter strove to again become the Intramural Banner winners at the University. Delta Chis rounded out an active school year with special theme parties such as the Badlands Blowout, the Baghdad Blowout and the Pajama Party. James Ammons Larry Betts Richard Bock William Brandt Edward Bravo Louie Bravo Bradley Brown John Carroll Carey Cummins J. Douthitt P. Fetterman John Fye Tim Gerking DELTA CHI Officers: Larry Betts, president; Corky Hayes, sergeant-at-arms; John Beggs, corresponding secretary; John Fye, secretary. Craig Hayes David Ingram John Johnson Jay Kennedy Jeff Kimmel Tom Mardian 332 Patti Blank Sweetheart Walter May John Mollett Jerry Morris L. Mulcahy Jim McCarthy C. McNamara William Neeb Ronald Payton Thomas Restaino Roger Ritchie Pledges are kept busy at the Delta Chi house. Some lovely girls grace Delta Chi ' s auxiliary Chi Delthians. Gary Robson Richard Rodgers Arnie Rosenberg Dennis Sanders Robert Saxon Paul Scribner Mark Sewall Steven Silver James Vance Robert Young 333 ZETA BETA TAU Honors came to the house of Zeta Beta Tau when its men received the Most Improved Chapter Award from the ZBT national fraternity. The eighty-five members of the Alpha Omicron chapter donated to the United Jewish Appeal for the house philanthropy project. Scholastically, Zeta Beta Tau was ranked second among all fraternities at the University of Ari- zona campus. As well as the traditional Winter Formal, the fraternity members and their dates attended special theme parties throughout the year ,including the ZBT Luau and a Hell ' s Angels Party. Phil Abromwitz Larry Allen Donn Alpert Steve Amols W. Anapolsky Eric Andell Steve Ash Mike Bank Harold Bell A ZBT through the yellow pages for a good lawyer. Don Bachrach W. Bloomenthal Steve Brenner Richard Berns Jon Bernstein David Blacker Torn Carl Steve Carlat David Charlson Ron Cohen Glenn Cohodes Bruce Cole Lee Davis Al Dover Sanford Elias Harold Feder Tony Fell Mark Fine James Fink Steve Fishbein R. Flegenheimer Robert Gaines Art Gang er 334 Penny Marshall Sweetheart Bruce Glikin Mike Hirnovitz Richard Intrater Herb Kalish Steven Kandlis Dan Karp Martin Klein Craig Kronick Donald Kwasman Earl Labovitz Fred Shapiro J. Schoenbaum Charles Schultz Clifford Sears Mark Seigel Tom Landy Larry Lebovitz Robert Levin Donald Levinson M. Levenson ZETA BETA TAU Officers: Roy " Mascot " Flagenheimer, treasurer; Art Ganger, president; Fred " ' Monogram " Shapiro, vice president; Al Dover, house man- ager; Harold " Slob " Feder, pledge trainer. Charles Liebman D. Livingston C. M.-Campero Mousi Maurer Art Morgan I Steven Morris Harmon Pitz David Ramras David Saltzman Lee Schneider W. Silverstein Jerry Smith Kit Smith Les Spear Jeffrey Swartz Jeffrey Tepper Gary Turner Drew Vactor Bill Viner Eric Wasserman %. t A Richard Weiner Gary Weiss Stewart White Peter Wolf David Zeinfeld 335 Rush as well as overall improvement of the Beta Iota chapter of Theta Chi won national recognition this year. The Home- coming float honoring the Miss U of A Pageant captured sec- ond place for Theta Chi in the fraternity division. The chapter and its women ' s auxiliary, Pallasians, worked together on fund raising drives for Camp Wildcat, while the men also donated their time to the Shrine Children ' s Circus. Instead of a single housemother, the fraternity is guided by a house cou- ple, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Willett. Theta Chi sponsored a series of after-game parties during the football season as well as a Halloween Party and the Protestor ' s Party. Highlight of the year ' s social events for the fraternity members was the Christ- mas Formal at the Statler-Hilton hotel. THETA CHI Officers: Jack Wilson, vice president; Dave Volvia, president; Chuck Everhart, secretary; Ken Mollies, treasurer. M. Anderson James Atwood Jeff Blackman Vincent Ciampa Clifford Cox Pretty guests are common at Theta Chi. Joe DeCollier Bruce Evans Chuck Everhart John Fricas H. Gabitzsch Bruce Goetze Randy Harp Bruce Heiberg George Henckel Glenn Hughes 336 Donna Black Dream Girl Jim Hughes Jeffrey Illston B. MarcucciIli Hugh Merritt Frank Milan George Milan Kenneth Mullens Mansell Myers Jay Nickolaus Lexie Oakes Robin Pearse Joe Quintana Jon Quistgard Dennis Romley Ray Roripaugh A couple of the officers have some pledges up in the air. Some of the Theta Chi ' s horse around for a photographer. Steve Ryciak R. Schlotterbeck James Sharkey Roger Taylor Don Thompson James Thrasher William Tupper John Voliva W. Whitaker Bill Wilkinson 337 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA The twenty-three Lambda Chi Alphas at the U of A began their service year with a Thanksgiving Party at the fraternity house for underprivileged children. Crescents, including the five ini- tiated into the women ' s auxiliary during the first semester, helped distribute snacks and presents to the youngsters. Crescents also urged the members of LXA to maintain their grade averages by helping their study habits during finals. The men donated to their National Scholarship Fund throughout the year. The fraternity sponsored a hayride in October and held a pledge vs. active football game in December. The Lambda Chi Alpha Luau was the feautred social event of the warm spring season. Other theme parties were the Playboy Party and the Mardi Gras. David Aros James Au Douglas Bartley D. Henderson L. Hildebrand Rudy Aguilar LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Officers: Jan Thiessen, house manager; Steve Jacobs, vice president; Doug Bartley, president; Doug Henderson, social chairman; Larry Hidabrand, secretary; Corkey Smith, pledge trainer. Steve Jacobs Loren Jackson Mike Keenan Bill Pemble Corky Smith Edwin St. Clair Jan Thiessen Peter Westby Roger Wolcott Randy Worstron 338 KAPPA ALPHA Kappa Alpha, founded at Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia, continued its southern tradition by pre- senting the annual Old South Ball. By January, 1968, the Gamma Epsilon chapter had doubled its September, 1967, membership. Members looked forward to a new home for Kappa Alpha, for the 1967-68 school year was spent rebuilding the old house. Upholding their tradition of community service, the fraternity men donated tickets to underprivileged children who otherwise would have been unable to attend the Tucson Shrine Circus. Robert Battaglia Dale Henderson James Kirmse Charles Knotts Peter Kramer Rusty Miller KAPPA ALPHA Officers: Mike Grace, secretary; Dale Henderson, vice presi- dent; and Stan Stromberg, president. In authentic uniform, Jim Kirmse assumes a similar pose to that of Robert E. Lee pictured behind Jim. SIP Burks Smith Stan Stromberg Paul Selberg 339 KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma men moved into their new fraternity house dur- ing January of 1968, ending months of social life in temporary housing. The handsome white building was dedicated on De- cember 10, 1967, by Texas Senator Tower, a Kappa Sigma national officer, and Arizona Senator Fannin. The sixty mem- bers of the Gamma Rho chapter, active in both civic work and student organizations, were also consistently one of the top teams in intramural sports. New members were initiated into the Stardusters, the fraternity ' s women ' s auxiliary, during the year. The Kappa Sigs considered the Christmas Formal, the Bowery Spring Luau, Pancho Villa and Pandora ' s Box to be their top parties of the holiday seasons. Kappa Sig ' s inspect the addition to their house. Jeff Arrieta Neil Belgiano John Bork KAPPA SIGMA Officers: seated, John Mattison, treasurer; Jeff Seidman, secre- tary; standing: Joe Cook, grand master of ceremonies; Pat Murphy, president; Jim Be Bop Ferris, vice president. David Boucke Roger Brown Phil Carrott Rich Carter Stuart Chatham John Emmanuel Russ Green Mark Elliott Richard Dalton 340 Jim Janoviak Joe Koch Bruce Lawrence Richard Leddy Malcolm Mathes Two Kappa Sig ' s catch the late show in the T.V. room. Kappa Sig ' s pocket a few before hitting the books for the night. John Mattison Pat Murphy Steve Murray G. Ochenrider Bill Risner Jeff Seidman Alan Smith David Stallings William Stewart Sandy Tompkins 341 PI KAPPA ALPHA Philanthropy projects and chapter honors made the Centennial Anniversary year of national Pi Kappa Alpha a busy and suc- cessful one for the local house. Pikes showed their concern for the needy by spearheading a canned food drive and helping in the City of Hope Fund Drive. As well, they contributed to Camp Wildcat and the Randolph Park Zoo. A Christmas party for thirty underprivileged children was sponsored by the house before the holiday vacation. These projects earned the Pikes the Lambda Chi Alpha Community Service Award and the runner-up position to the National Pi Kappa Alpha Community Service Award. They also received the Pottorff Intramural Sportsmanship Award. Seventy-five chapter mem- bers and their dates celebrated at the Jungle Party, the Roaring 20 ' s Party, the Dream Girl Formal and other festive occasions of the Pike social year. PI KAPPA ALPHA Officers: Tom VanSlyck, treasurer; Joe Howell, president; Bob Waud, vice president; Scott Watson, vice president. Thomas Adam Charles Allan Les Baitzer Phillip Becker Michael Carrol • .A Ronald Clifton Robert Collins David Dalby John Davis Phil Davis Walter Duke Paul Evans Ralph Fasanella Gary Gomez Bram Govaars Steve Grulich Michael Hall Darrel Harman David Hollender Joe Howell Jeffrey Isaacs Skip Joddin William Johnson Raymond Klein Dennis Kroft James Lyon Jim Malinowski Jeffrey Mason Vance Miller 342 Katie Petersen Dream Girl Daniel Pontious Charles Rhoades Robert Schimmel Paul Smith Hugh Speed Robert Moody Thomas Morley Kennith Nardi Nick Nichols W. Niestemski Polock, Pinneapple, Shy Tuna, and Doug pause during con- struction for the Jungle Party. Paul Stockton Charles Stuart Kirk Sylvester Butch Tallberg Don Thompson Several Pikes spend an evening looking for Doctor Livingston. R. Thompson Tom VanSlyck Bob Venn Randy Walser Scott Watson Robert Waud David Weaver Chick Westerlund George Willcox Duane Wonacott 343 SIGMA A PHA EPSILON The Arizona Alpha chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon adopted a child in Mexico this year. The men worked with area young- sters by coaching at the South Tucson Boys ' Club. Members also solicited funds for the United Community Campaign and a food drive for needy families. SAE members donated the largest amount of blood during the annual University Blood Drive. The Little Sisters of Minerva, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s women ' s Auxiliary, enthusiastically supported the fraternity ' s efforts in intramurals, pledge training and charter retreats. SAE, largest national fraternity, was the sponsor of many original house social events including the Luau, 49er, Las Vegas and Buddy Murphy parties. Of their parties, one of the most prominent and well-remembered by the fraternity mem- bers was the traditional Christmas Formal. Samuel Alfred Steve Amend David Barajas Larry Blume Scott Burton Ck,..: ' ..., iu Tom Brennan Pete Calihan John Chavez James Chubb Tim Curran SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Officers: Mark Watt, treasurer; Rick Whiting, vice presi- dent; Dan Pence, scholarship; Tim Flood, president; Bill Steen, public relations; Peter Calihan, secretary; Phil Zahn, chaplain. Frank Culin Ron Dammann Jim Donaldson Craig Dougherty Donald Doyle Mike Duncan Steve Edwards John Ent. John Ferguson Tim Flood Wally Forster Ellis Frankfort Mark Geiss Brian Gentner Ed Germans Michael Gray Bruce Gwynn Phil Hagenah Mike Harrington James Hart Bill Hess Jim Hunter Tom Hutson Dennis Hyder David Johnson 344 Kathy Graham Sweetheart aaa Robert Johnson Drue Johnson Steve Jones Jack Kane Kirk Knipmeyer Torn Knoop Steve Lewkowitz G. Lockwood Pali ick Lynch Tom Matz Mike Moody Martin Muncy Pat Moore Bud Neal Daniel Nelson Marty McGarry M. McLaughlin John No rris Don Powell Bill Ragsdale Mark Reed Denny Rierson Paul Rihs Rich Rix Dave Ross Jim Russell Bob Sawdey Stan Scoville Denton Simmons Jim Provenzano Ed Ronstadt AN SAE checks for a letter from his home- town sweetheart while calling his girl here. John Shodegg Dick Shean Bill Skinner Bill Steen Jim Suft Steve Thompson John Van Dan Van Haren Mark Watt Charlie Weldon Porter Weldon Culver White Rick Whiting D. Whitley David Wick David Wilson Phil Zahn 1 345 SIGMA NU The social life of Sigma Nu included the Sadie Hawkins, Dougie Day, Beachcomber and Surpressed Desires parties. Foremost of all parties, however, was the White Rose Formal held during December. Ninety Epsilon Alpha chapter members supported the University athletic activities, earning the Intra- mural Sportsmanship Award. A children ' s Christmas party and collections for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation were two of the fraternity ' s philanthropic projects. Work within the house itself included completely redecorating the living room and building a special " actives-only " room. This room is to be dedicated to the memory of the late " Pop " McKale. Richard Allen Richard Barnes H. Bevington Robert Blair Joe Boogaart Brad Booke Douglas Brien Charles Buri Brian Burns Budd Busche Tom Cleveland Ed Coutchie Bob Casalis Ham Catlin W. Christopher James Conway SIGMA NU Officers: Ed Couthie, house manager; Tony Livingston, president; Hank Ganster, recorder; Dan Moony, treasurer; Willie Waltner, social; Steve Eliot, pledge marshal]; Bill Christopher, vice president. J. Cunningham Steven Elliot Darl Fassett Henry Ganster James Gill Scott Hannon John Hartley G. Hermanson Robert Hunker Don Holmes S. Hutchinson Thomas Kearney Richard Keller 346 Lisa Schaad White Rose Queen William King Chris Vavagetto William Lee Steve Lewis A. Livingston Richard Lust Bruce Lyon Jeff Matrilian Dan Mercer Fred Mitchell Jan Murphy Frederick Nathan Duncan Osborn Thomas Payson Dan Mooney Richard Nelson Sigma Nu ' s rearrange their living room. Bartlett Peaslee Walter Perius Steve Phillips Don Reynolds Steven Rinek Knox Rodgers Jimmy Rogers Tom Rogers Richard Roll Tonny Rossetti Jack Wells Hector Vargas Jack Tarr Douglas Schenck Douglas Tally David Wilson Steve Wolfe R. Woodland Moose 347 SIGMA PHI EPSILON The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house was the home of the IFC All Men ' s Average Award trophy this year. Sig Ep projects during the school months included donations and personal help for the Children ' s Colony, the Boys ' Club and the Heart Fund Drive. The fraternity co-sponsored an exchange at the Arizona Children ' s Home with Delta Delta Delta sorority. There young Tucsonans received a visit from Santa Claus and presents. Sig Eps and the Porsche Club of America sponsored the U of A Chaparral ' 68 Sports Car Rally during the year. The fraternity was proud of its active women ' s auxiliary, Golden Hearts. Two of their contributions were a Halloween party for the pledges and occasional hashing at the house. Sigma Phi Epsilon parties included the Irma La Douce, Time Tunnel, Polish Wedding and Slave themes. G. Ackerman Bill Andre Bob Beck Art Camosy Reid Carney Steve Casey Joe Cataldo Rich Cavanaugh Bob Cavanaugh Bob Chapman The Sig Ep cannon begins its journey to the stadium in preparation for a football game. Charle s Clark Glenn DeBrocky Ed Dravo Chuck Eaton Eric Fields Jerry Gardner John Gemmill Mark Gemmill James Glover Ken Haydis Bob Harris Bob Hatcher Terry Hawk Jon Hays Tom Herrick Bernard Holly Chuck Holman Bob Hooper Greg Huff Jerry Hilliard Mike Johnson Tom Jones Monte Keltner John Knox Jack Lansdale 348 Marilyn Swinyard Queen of Hearts Dave Lewis Kelly McCarty Jim McDougal Larry McKinney Hal McMillen Kent Morris Mike O ' Brien Bob Pardee Ron Payne Jim Passey SIGMA PHI EPSILON Officers: Bob Cavanaugh, president; Rick Ridenour, vice president; Chris Pickrell, comptroller. Chris Pickrell Bill Preston Steve Price Mark Ptacek Dan Renner Rick Ridenour There seems to be nice odds at the Sig Ep house; their cloths are interesting too. Jeff Reulann John Robertson Frank Ruley W. Rutschman David Saliba Steve Sandin Alan Stutts Sherwood Tella AAA AA• Li Ed Tolliver Stan Wirick Joe Webb Wayne Wood Gene Zuspann 349 SIGMA CHI The Beta Phi chapter of Sigma Chi won national recognition when its men were chosen to receive the Outstanding Chapter Award. They were again brought to the national fraternity ' s attention when they were given honors for the chapter ' s alumni publication. Locally, Sigma Chi ' s showed their spirit when they won the campus blood drive. Their sponsorship of the Travis Edmondson Concert first semester enabled Univer- sity students to attend a top-rated show. Members donated their extra time to the Sigma Chi community service project, work at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind. Another project, the annual Christmas Party for the needy, was fun for the fraternity men, the Little Sigmas women ' s auxiliary, and the children. The names South Sea Islander, Derby Day, Hal- loween and Mount Lemmon set the moods for Sigma Chi ' s theme parties. SIGMA CHI Officers: Larry Hecker, pledge trainer; Mike Curtis, treasurer; Bill Richardson, vice president; Jim Cote, president. Benjamin Barton Mike Beers Mike Bennett Larry Benson Bruce Bernard Gordon Cook Sigma Chi ' s play with Lion during some of their spare time. James Cote Joseph Bruno ' , Chris Christy Bill Crowley Michael Crum James Curtis Robert Curtis Philip Custer G. DeLodder Stuart Hardman Terry Hart L. Hecker Pete Hill 350 Chris Newkirk Sweetheart Richard Hultgen John Humphries Gary Hygrell Robert Ingraham Jigger James Howard Johnson John Keeler Howard King Mark Klinkowski Stefan Krayk Bill Neal Dick Prince Douglas Rothery John Milling Wes Mohr Dougles Sandahl James Scott Ted Sherwood Lloyd Sigler Sigma Chi moves forward with rush. The pledges get the " works " at the Sigma Chi house. Thom Stevens John Stoops David Thomas Michael Ward Richard Warner Robert White Greg Woodward Jack Wright Bruce Yancey Robert Zeller 351 TAU DELTA PHI Roger Bamberger Steve Bard Jeff Berman Jack Bonner Scott Borowsky Tau Delta Phi men remained among one of the top ten Univer- sity Intramural athletics teams of the 1967-68 school year. The sixty house members worked on several community services with the Pima Jaycees and the Red Cross throughout the year. An original theme party presented by the Tau Delta chapter at the U of A was the Paper Party. The Spring Luau and the Bonny and Clyde Party became two of the most popular of the many Tau Delta Phi festivities. Nat Eisenpress James Eller Cameron Brown Tau Deli ' s try new money angle. A Tau Delt studies hard for an exam. Terry Hirsh Abe Johnson Bernhardt Jones Louis Kay Jeff Heinmann Gary Frank Jay Goldman Stuart Gordon Paul Gross Dave Handlemon 352 Willie Routman Sweetheart Marty Lassoff Irwin Malleck Brent Masel Richard Kittner Dave Koval William Meyer Ken Mirman Richard Morris Glen Muller Bob Novick Rat sky TAU DELTA PHI Officers: Jay Weinstein, treasurer; Dan Schuman, vice president; Jay Goldman, president; Rick Kitner, house manager. Louis Rosenthal Mike Roye Bruce Scacco Mark Schwartz Joel Shapiro Hard work went into the campaign for Tau Deli Steve Malkin but the victory was well worth it. Daniel Shuman Jim Sinsheimer Jay Slater Marc Snyder Michael Stern Barry Stuart Marc Tamaroff Doug Tuchin Jon Weinfeld Jay Weinstien 353 TAU KAPPA EPSILON The Kappa Tau chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon began its first year as an active chapter at the University of Arizona when it received National recognition during January of 1968. The fraternity had already been active in civic work and social events, however, for the house received a citation from its National office for outstanding public service during the first semester of the school year. Tekes and the A 0 Pi sorority co-sponsored a Christmas party at the Arizona Children ' s Home as one of their philanthropy projects. Highlight of the Red Carnation Ball in December was the formal introduction of the Order of Diana, Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s new women ' s auxiliary. Two girls from each campus sorority are tradi- tionally invited to the Teke Luau. The Roaring 20 ' s and Pajama parties rounded out the Teke social calendar. In a rare moment alone, a Teak finds enjoyment in playing his guitar. E. Stan Barry D. Coatsworth Carl Commenator Michael Covault David Cruz The traditional Teke bell is paraded before a football game. Jon Fultz E. Lloyd Gardiner Lee Hayden H. Hotchkiss Rollin Flower Charles Curradi Michael Cylke Douglas Davis James Downey Byron Foote 354 Linda Tucker Sweetheart Robert Laberge Henry Lee James Maneval G. McLaughlin Tim McPike Jeff Miller Stephen Miller Victor Neufeld Gale Patterson William Peach John Redavid Frank Rizzo John Robbins Tony Sapienza Russel Secor Teak pledges perform repair work on their house. TAU KAPPA EPSILON Officers: Joe Tarnowski, house manager; Lannie Tang, historian; Jim Manavil, treasurer; Victor Wild, president; Mike Couvalt, chap- lain; Tim McPike, vice president; Dave Cruz, pledge trainer; and George Mclaughlin, secretary. 4 Richard Sucre Paul Strobel Freedoon Tamiidi Lonnie Tang Joseph Tarnowski Dick Tillis Victor Juntunen Weston Wendling Philip Wild Victor Wild 355 PHI DELTA THETA The Arizona Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta worked hard to make their Hi-Nooned and Beach parties two of the most suc- cessful weekend social occasions of the house. Fifty-five men were active in both the social and civic projects sponsored by the Phi Deltas. Members contributed and solicited dollars for the United Fund, the chapter ' s main philanthropic effort. Also, donations were made to several organizations that help the underprivileged in the Tucson area. Ross Bagdasaian Ross Borneman Richard Burke Francis Burn Pretty girls and drink abound at Phi Delt parties. The Phi Delt High Nooner is always full of excitement. Edward Cappel Emmet Cashin John Cochran Richard David Art Dickson Bruce Dole David Domingo John Donaldson M. Donaldson John Espedal 356 Sharon Leigh Sweetheart John Fish Rick Franklin Brian Gurnee Albert Kairis Jim Lathrop John Madding K. McCusker Tony Orr PHI DELTA THETA Officers: Jon Velton, president; Ed Cappell, vice president; Chuck David, treasurer; and John Espedol, secretary. By being dressed in perfect taste, Phi Delt ' s sweep their dates off their feet. Tom Osborne John Paclelford Vic Pottorff Tim Pflueger Tim Schmitt Geoffrey Shelden Robert Starr Robert Stobaugh Wiley Stobaugh Julian Zebrowski 357 H I GAMMA DE LTA First place in the fraternity division of the Homecoming Parade was won by Phi Gamma Delta last fall. The ninety men of the Upsilon Alpha chapter, one of the largest fraternities on cam- pus, donated service time teaching and doing maintenance at the Tucson House of Neighborly Service. Contributions collected by the members allowed underprivileged children to attend the Shrine Circus. Other youngsters received pres- ents from the Fijis at a Christmas Dinner. The Peter Lowell Dryden Fellowship, originated this year and supported by the Arizona chapter, contributes to cardio-vascular research. Locas Fijis received the National Coon Plaque honoring their magazine, Campanilla, as the finest chapter publication in the nation. The chapter was also awarded an honorable mention for overall efficiency by the National. Traditional Phi Gamma Delta theme parties were the Purple Garter and the Islander. PHI GAMMA DELTA Officers: Wes Ground, corresponding secretary; John Byss, pledge trainer; Jim Mauge, president; Tim Mooney, vice president and treasurer. Bob Abodeely Pat Anderson D. Beaugureau Robert Bishop Jim Boice 1111 Philip Bramsen Dennis Boone Carlton Clark Charles Cochran Greg Dent Steven Dow Wes Ground Greg Foller Kenneth Erickson James Hansen ' Terry Hanley Charles Hampton A r , Charles Lamb Gary Harper Evan Hassiotis Robert Hawke John Hilernan James Keenan Steve Larson James Martin James Mauge Bill Meyer 358 Tim Mooney Gene Morrison Mike McCarroll Terry Nixon Richard Orr Bill Paleck R. Poynter J. Puntenney Tim Puntenney Steve Ramsdell Peter Rathwell J. Rokey Richard Root David Salant John Sullivan Fiji ' s prepare for their famous islander. Phi Gam ' s and their dates start off the Islander with a cool dip. Mike Whelan Kent Whitson Harry Wilkins Gary Williams Warren Young Paul Todd Bob Swan Peter Todd Torn Sundeen John Svob 359 PHI SIGMA KAPPA Buff Tsitouras Hostess Funds raised by Phi Sigma Kappa during service projects spaced throughout the year were donated by the fraternity to the new University of Arizona Medical School. Phi Sigs also showed their continuing interest in the improvement and sup- port of medicine when the men donated their time to raising contributions for the Pima County Mental Retardation Center. The Arizona chapter was honored by U of A officials when it received the President ' s Special Achievement Award for Scholarship. The Phi Sigma Kappa house also distinguished itself scholastically by acquiring the University Fraternity Scholarship Trophy. The fraternity ' s formal dance, the Red Carnation Ball, was one of the highlights of an active social season for the twenty-eight chapter members. Gary Allhiser Gerald Birk Ken Chute Michael Glass James Glass Bill Harding Hans Helley Mike Hawke PHI SIGMA KAPPA Officers. Music is appreciated at the Phi Sig house. Wayne Jordan James Logan Carl Naegle Steven Postil Charles Quirnbly Sloan Robertson T. Roundstream David Vance Gary Wackerly John Waits 360 Chi Phi, oldest social fraternity in the nation, is the home of twenty-two men at the University of Arizona. Members of the Lambda Delta chapter decided to make a construction project at the Southern Arizona School for Boys their philanthropy service during the 1967-68 school year. A sequence of theme parties, including the Luau in October and the Roaring 20 ' s Party in November, led up to the most important social event of the Chi Phi year, the Winter Formal, held in December. Vernon Aguirre Robert Brown John Claiborne James Comer CHI PHI Officers. Three mechanically minded Chi Phi ' s gave their chariot a tune-up. Glenn Dennis B. Fenimore Michael Ford Leonard Jensen James Morford Lee Netier John Sanderson Dan Shay Rusty Terry Squidde 361 362 APACH Beginning their social season with a pool party, dinner, and dance with Mohave, Apache Hall continued the year with ex- changes. The second was co-sponsored with Kaibab-Huachuca for Coronado on November 19. Many residents of Apache were members of the freshmen football squad, attending the U of A on athletic scholarships. Early in the year, a policy of a Sunday afternoon open house was inaugurated and visitation in the rooms by university coeds was permitted. Girl and guitar do not seem to be stirring up much enthusiasm. 363 Left to Right: Suzi Newman, second vice-president; Miss Lu Pontius, head resident; Vicki Paddock, first vice-president. Second row: Jan Memmott, assistant; Elizabeth Bieling, treasurer; Mee Mary Fain, assistant; Pam Citron, assistant; Gail Toomey, assistant; Linda Sher, president; Stevie Knowles, secre- tary; Carole Hirsse, assistant; Cathy Williams, assistant; Georgia Martin, assistant; Lois Greenberg, scholarship. Coed thinks the party is still going on at 1:00 o ' clock sign-in. ZO Miss Lu Pontius, former Area Director at The Uni- versity of Indiana, be- came Arizona ' s house mother second semester. Most of the 357 girls liv- ing in the hall this year were out-of-state fresh- men. The hall sponsored two Open House Ex- changes, a get-acquainted mixer in the Fall and one in the Spring. Second se- mester floor parties were planned for the new girls moving into the hall. NA 364 Cochite prepares for Tucson ' s monsoon. Cochise Hall began the school year by sponsoring an " Activities Day " at the YMCA and a bar-be-que for new and returning men of the dorm. At this event the men enjoyed lunch and such activities as swimming and basketball. The 150 men of the dorm had an ex- change with Coconino and also planned an open house. During the Christmas holidays, there was a dorm Christmas party. In the spring the hall has a tradi- tional Senior Banquet, honoring the seniors in the dorm and a steak fry at Sabino Canyon. The dorm had the high- est ranking IQ invitational team this year and plan to compete again next year. The head resident is the only woman to head a men ' s dorm. " Ma " Herricks or " Ma " as the men call her was honored with a birthday party by them. COCHISE HALL Officers: Left to right: Bruce Berg, vice-president; " Ma " Herrick, head resident; Paul Donahue, secretary-treasurer; Jim Potts, president. 365 GOGON Coconino, the first dorm to print personalized " Coconino Hall " tee-shirts, was voted last semes- ter as the most active member of the Resident Hall Association, Through the Associated Women Students program, Coconino do- nates money and food for Thanks- giving drives. The girls maintain second place in scholarship and hold the " outstanding activity participation " trophy for their an- nual Christmas Open House. The thirteen counselors and officers entertain visitors with skits. Ac- tivities included exchanges with Cochise, Pima, Yavapai, and South Hall men ' s dorms, Spring dorm parties, and officer and senior dinners. COCONINO OFFICERS: Left to right: Joanna Groseta, Freshman representative; Barbara Bowman, second Vice-President; Gloria Aguilar, President; Donna Doi, Secretary; Jenny Wilson, Counselor; Mrs. Isabelle Oliver, Head Resident; Paulette Engel, Historian; Emily Jenkins, assistant; Patti Turner, scholarship chairman; Marsha Betts, first Vice-President; Martha Peattie, Fire Marshall; Sherri Kempton, Counselor; Jan Brown, Treasurer; Karen Canto, Social chairman. No, it is not foggy, just a dopy dorm meeting. 366 Oops, lipstick brush missed. CORO Holding 800 girls, Coronado Hall stands as the largest dorm on campus. As a small community itself, Coronado finds it helpful to publish a newsletter of activities in the dorm and events on cam- pus. Social projects included a Street Dance with Kaibab-Hua- chuca in the Spring and with Santa Cruz, Graham, and Green- lee men ' s dorms in the Fall. Twice annually the house mother and her assistants hold a dinner for the dorm officers and their assist- ants. NA JO CORONADO OFFICERS: Seated: Joyce Tucker, President; Sharon Tauman, first Vice-President; Marilyn Foss, second Vice-President; Mrs. Mallard, head resident; Jennifer White, student assistant; Candy Howard, student assistant; Karen Grebles, student assistant. Row II: Mrs. Kaylor, assistant head resident; Eileen Rubenstein, co-social chair- man; Jan Schwien, student assistant; Diana Mc- Clure, student assistant; June Dippel, student assistant; Sarah Sundheimer, student assistant; Gloria Durham, student assistant; Cindy Newton, student assistant. Row III: Marlene Slonsky, social chairman; Sue Innes, scholarship chairman; Ginny VanCleve, student assistant; Carolyn Goff, student assistant; Jacqueline Lincer, student assistant; Pam Watt, student assistant. 367 Michaelangelo might have done better, but bet he did not have as much spirit. CMN EAST S J Charitable projects were listed high on the schedule of activities by the men of East Stadium this year. Hold- ing a car wash in October, the pro- ceeds going to radio station KTKT ' s Walk - For - The - Crippled - Children Fund, East continued their endeav- ors of charity at Christmas by Stag- ing a dinner for the under-privileged children living near the U of A cam- pus. The majority of residents in the hall are out of state residents and are predominantely engineering majors. EAST STADIUM Officers: Left to right: Don Williams, president; Cliff Dewey, vice-presi- dent; Ed Hudor, secretary; Bill Lindemann, head resident. 368 Left to Right: Nancy Vincent, president; Diane Butler, assistant head resident; Joan Braginsky, treasurer; Teresa Thomas, secretary; Mrs. Thelma Mills, head resident. Members of Delta Zeta decorated the front of Gila for Homecoming. The scene displayed a jack-in-the-box bandsman and saluted the Superbowl, a " Great Day " for the U of A Band. The decoration won first place for house decorations. LA The 150 coeds of Gila Hall had an active year beginning with Chris Belinn ' s successful campaign for Homecoming Queen. Delta Zeta so- cial sorority ' s 34 members added to the activity around Gila. After living in the dormitory for three semesters, the sorority moved into its newly completed house after finals in Jan- uary. This left almost one-third of Gila open for new coeds, most from other dormitories. The social calen- dar for the women of Gila included an exchange with Hopi Lodge, Santa Cruz Hall and Yuma Hall in the fall. The dorm also has an annual Christ- mas dinner and a spring party at a guest ranch in Tucson Part of Gila ' s social fees goes to an outstanding resident for a scholarship to cover dormitory rent for one semester. For Homecoming, the DZs decorated the front of the dorm. 369 Below: William Smitheran, head resident; Bob Aranda, president; Al Munguia, social chair- man; Gary Sawyer, vice-president; Steve Mat- han, secretary-treasurer. Right: Teams from Graham and Greenlee Halls compete in a game of volleyball. 7- ' ) IF A very active social calendar started this Graham year with spirit. Exchanges were held with Sonora, Manzanita, Mohave, Coronado and Arizona Halls. The men also boosted spirit with banners for the football team when they returned from the Ohio State victory and the Missouri game. The residents also made a float for the Homecoming celebration. The previous year ' s champions in volleyball and basketball intra- murals, the 150 residents tried to repeat their victories this year. After a rise last year from last place in scholarship to seventh place, the men were spurred on to try for a higher rise this year. 370 G The 140 men of Greenlee Hall were busy this year with exchanges and athletics. In the fall the dorm had exchanges with Coronado, Yuma and Mohave Halls. A spring dinner and a swimming party exchange were planned for the second semes- ter. The residents, who were very active this year in intramural sports, held their own weekly volleyball matches, challenging other men ' s dormitories. For governing purposes the dorm was split into six wings whose heads were wing assistants. The wing assistants and officers got together to decide dorm policy and discuss common problems in the dorm. For Christmas the men deco- rated the dorm and had a party for their head resident and his wife, who were expecting their first child in December. Top left: Jim Hoffmann, head resident; Peter Stroukoff, president; George Epstein, intra- murals chairman; Quinton Jones, vice-presi- dent, Bill Rey, treasurer. Left: Wash day was a new experience for many residents, but the men quickly learned how to have a " whiter, brighter wash. " r- - F H 371 )G Many of Hopi Lodge ' s 90 residents were active in some aspect of cam- pus life this year. Last year ' s second place winners, the men of Hopi were again active in the University ' s intra- mural program. Social activities for Hopi included cosponsoring an ex- change with Santa Cruz for Gila and Yuma Halls and an exchange with Phrateres in the fall. A new idea in dorm government was tried this year at Hopi with apparent success. Each of the three wings of the dorm had a governor who was the head of that wing. These governors had a dinner meeting once a week with the men of their wing to discuss problems and ideas, and each governor met once a week with the executive officers to act on the suggestions brought up at the wing ' s dinner meetings. Left to Right: Jim Bly, secretary-treasurer; Don Torluemke, president; Richard Fain, vice-president, Gary Delforge, head resident. 372 Seated: Herb Kalish, secretary, Randall E. McCrea, president. Stand- ing: Larry Backus, head resident; Kevin Leman, assistant head resi- dent, Bill Parsons, vice-president. A 11 r " AB+ Kaibab-Huachuca innovated many new programs this year. The residents decided to change from a system of exchange dances with one or two dorms, to larger functions. The first of these was a Halloween party, with almost 300 people attending. For Christmas the men had a dinner and formal dance at a downtown hotel. They also held a Christmas party for over HO little brothers from the Big Brothers of America pro- gram. Individuals from the dorm " adopted " a little brother for a day and showed them around the cam- pus. Social plans for the year included a picnic, bar-b- que and a day at Mount Lemmon. Kaibab-Huachuca also emphasized scholastic achievement by awarding trophies to men with the highest aver age in each class. The residents worked this year to help establish an official University policy on women ' s visitation to men ' s dormitory rooms. Kaibab-Huachuca began their own system of Sunday afternoon open houses last year. UAG-1 u GA 373 Left to Right: Judy Wollheim, assistant head resident; Susanne Baldridge, second vice-president; Barbara Tadano, social chairman; Sandy Anderson, assistant head resident; Mrs. Esther Spencer, head resident; Linda Barc, secretary, Eileen Ong, president. A WAN A " new look " greeted the 179 women of Manzanita when they re- turned to school this fall. The dor- mitory was completely redecorated during the summer vacation. Schol- arship and social activity made up the main part of the Manzanita year. High scholastic achievement charac- terized the coeds as they tried to win the MIA trophy for highest com- bined grade average among women ' s dorms for the second year in a row. This year social events included ex- changes with Kaibab-Huachuca, Pinal, East Stadium, Navajo and Graham Halls. The dorm also had a dinner each semester and a Christ- mas party. At Halloween the resi- dents treated children from the area around the University with candy, and packed Thanksgiving boxes for needy families in Tucson. A Manzanita coeds hold dinners throughout the year in their dormitory. 374 Left to Right: Pat Fowler, social chairman; Alys Conrad, second vice-presi- dent; Carol Eyster, assistant head resident; Margaret Bilson, treasurer; Terrie Campbell, secretary; Dorrean Graves, president, Mrs. Margaret Lea, head resident. The women of Mohave held an exchange with Greenlee Hall in the fall. Residents danced on Mohave ' s patio and met new acquaintances. Mohave ' s coeds also returned to a newly face lifted dorm in the fall. The new color television posed a problem for many of the 179 resi- dents who had trouble deciding be- tween study and Paul Newman in living color. Mohave had a socially active fall with an exchange with Greenlee Hall, and cosponsoring an exchange with Manzanita for Na- vajo, Pinal and East Stadium. The coeds also held a Christmas buffet and floor parties throughout the year. This year the residents partici- pated in the A D Pi Tandem Bike Race and in the annual Blood Drive. Mohave residents were busy schol- astically, trying to move up from their fourth place position in grade point standings for women ' s resi- dence halls. Mrs. Margaret Lea marked her tenth year as head resi- dent of Mohave. H 375 AV 1O Above: Residents found it less troublesome and expensive to do their own laundry by ironing the collar and cuffs of a shirt and wearing a sweater. Left to Right: Mr. Gordon A. Douglas, head resident; Greg Petras, athletic chairman; Tim Lungren, scholastic chairman; Mel Horne, social chairman; Bruce Uhl, vice- president; Salvador Aranda, president, Steve Girady, secretary-treasurer. The men left for their homes and 17 days of rest, home- cooked food and holiday cheer at Christmas. Navajo Hall ' s main activity this year was in the area of intramural sports. The men worked hard to try to repeat last year ' s first place showing. Navajo was also active socially with an exchange with Manzanita, Mo- have, Pinal and East Stadium in the fall. More ex- changes were held throughout the year. Most of the 87 men in the dorm were freshmen in engineering, so silent study was the typical atmosphere. The dorm was quiet except for an ocasional roar during football games, since Navajo is located in the southeast corner of the stadium. 376 Left to Right: Greg Opstad, vice-president; John Meaney, assistant head resident, Mitch Cantwell, head resident. Above: Papago ' s president was a proficient musician and gave the residents many hours of good listening in the lobby. A hamburger fry for their Moms and Dads highlighted the fall for the men of Papago Hall. The dorm has the smallest enrollment of any of the men ' s dorms on campus, with 44 men. Capacity for the dorm is 122. Because of its small size the men of Papago hold dorm parties instead of exchanges with other dormitories. Work and study finally caught up with one Papago resident, who took time out for a catnap. 377 A Pima Hall, the University ' s only cooperative dorm, is unique in many ways. The residents cook their own meals and clean the dorm themselves, reducing living expenses considerably. Pima houses 39 coeds, who are chosen on the basis of scholarship, character and financial need. Each woman must maintain a 3.0 cumu- lative grade average, one reason why Pima has won the scholarship trophy for the past seven years. Pima also won the trophy for women ' s dorms in the annual blood drive. This year the hall invited Arizona Gover- nor Jack Williams for a dinner in November. Social activities include a Founders Day celebration, faculty open house, a Christmas formal, and a party in the spring at a guest ranch. Pima had an exchange with South, Yavapai and Coconino Halls in the fall. At Thanksgiving and for installing new officers Pima has banquets in the Student Union. This year the dor m won first place in the A D Pi Tandem Bike Race. Above: This television season there was a " Night at the Movies " for almost every day of the week. Shows like " Hud " and ' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof " were a good way to relax from studies and house duties. Right: Pima coeds found the stairs a handy place to convene for talk sessions where the topic ranged from fashions to the war in Vietnam. 378 Row One: Loren Roland, social chairman; Andrea Taft, song leader; Kathy Bell, freshman representative, Mary Lynn Hawse, business manager. Row Two: Mrs. Frances Van Slyke, head resident; Pam Ginsbach, president; Betty Hill, treasurer; Yolanda Maya, house manager; Pattie La Salle, first vice-president; Roseann Daemas, second vice-president, Diane Meece, secretary. Left to Right: Dr. Mel Erickson, head resident; Stephen Poling, treasurer; Pat A. O ' Brien, vice president; David Shough, scholarship chairman, Mike Collins, secretary. Pinal ' s lounge provided a place for the residents to relax with a soft drink, watch television and catch up on current events. AL The men of Pinal Hall have won the RHA scholarship trophy four out of the last five semesters. Any dorm that wins three semesters in a row gets a permanent trophy, so Pinal ' s residents spent a lot of time this year studying. Although high in scholar- ship, the 74 residents also found time to be active in intramurals. They worked to improve their previous year ' s second place standing in the Blood Drive, in addition to scholar- ship and athletics. Many social acti- vities were planned for the men including an exchange with Manza- nita and Mohave in the fall. More exchanges, a steak fry and a hayride were planned for later in the year. N P 379 Santa Cruz got together with Gila, Yuma and Hopi for an exchange in the fall. Resi- dents danced to the New Generation and met new friends at the party. 1 Santa Cruz is one of few men ' s dorms which has its own judiciary board. The board reviews disciplin- ary cases within the dorm, and can fine an offender or put him on intra- mural or social probation. The resi- dents also published a weekly paper, the " Santa Cruzer, " which told the men what was happening in the dorm and around campus. The men held dorm breakfasts with the ASUA President. Wing breakfasts were held to get the men acquainted with each other and to discuss prob- lems related to the dorm. Scholastic achievement was fostered by a free dorm tutoring service covering a wide range of subjects. An exchange was held with Gila and Yuma, and one with Coronado was held behind the Administration Building. The men also held two barbeques at the dorm and planned a barbeque ex- change at Randolph Park. SA C Left to Right: Frank Mayne, president; Wesley Shonerd, secretary-treasurer; M. G. Wirth, head resident, Robert D. Garman, vice-president. 380 Left to Right: Vicki Roberts, assistant; Micki Rhein, second vice- president; Bees Plouson, RHA representative; Anna Wing, assist- ant; Phyllis Edmatsu, assistant; Marg Bailey, assistant; Nancy Speelm an, assistant; Khris Nichols, treasurer; Barbara Gelband, president; Carol Moleski, social chairman; Barbara Benz, secretary, Jo Bailey, scholarship chairman. SOKORA Service plays an important part in Sonora ' s activities each year. This year the women gave two scholarships to coeds in the dorm. The residents also donated to Camp Wildcat and participated in the Blood Drive. The coeds decorated their dorm for Homecoming in an attempt to boost spirit and win another award for dorm decorations this year. Many of the 347 residents also corresponded with American servicemen in Viet- nam. The dorm held an exchange with Graham Hall in the fall and had an open house. Each year the dormi- tory also holds a Christmas dinner and a Senior brunch. Above Left: A Sonora coed enjoys the exchange with Ari- zona and Graham Halls in the fall. Above: The coeds on the fourth floor get together for a weekly corridor meeting, a much easier process than cramming 347 women into the lobby at once. 381 r-)11 irry,) VI LI Competing with Pinal Hall for first place in the Blood Drive took up a large part of South Hall ' s activity in the fall. The residents won first place last year and the 50 men were out to repeat their accomplishment. Scholastically, the men ranked con- sistently in the top three in grade average ratings. Social activities in- cluded exchanges with Coconino, Pima and Yavapai Halls, after game parties at the dormitory, a steak fry at Mount Lemmon and another steak fry at Sabino Canyon. Left to Right: Tom Dugan, head resident; Jim Kline, vice-president; Bill Sheppard, secretary, Joe Alexander, president. 382 tr.] Seated: Mark Thomas, social chairman; Rick Miller, iniramurals chairman, Richard Nast, vice president. Standing: Robert Terry, head resident; Ed Johnson, president, Eric Schulte, treasurer. Y A VA PA The men of Yavapai had an active social fall with an exchange with Coconino, Pima and South Halls, and an open house. More open houses and exchanges were planned for later in the year. The residents decorated the dorm for Homecoming. The men were also active in intramurals and participated in the Blood Drive. Yavapai ' s residents worked to improve their fifth place in the RHA grade average standings this year. 383 Above: Rebecca Carle, scholastic .chairman; Joyce Szudlo, social chairman; Rebecca Pincus, secretary; Mary Lou Wood, philanthropy chairman; Barbara Burruss, treasurer; Ivonne Dey Den, first vice-president; Lillian Ruiz, president., Becky Davis, second vice-presideni.Below: Guitars and folk singing were a favorite excuse to stop work and get together. VI The coeds of Yuma use part of their social fees each semester to provide a scholarship for an outstanding resident to cover dormitory rent. The women also participated in the Blood Drive and treated underprivi- leged trick-or-treaters from Tucson at Halloween, This year the women made fudge and brownies to send to U.S. servicemen in Vietnam. Ex- changes in the fall were held with Greenlee Hall and with Hopi, Santa Cruz and Gila Halls. Dormitory get acquainted parties were held at the beginning of the semester. The resi- dents celebrated Christmas with a dorm dinner. Christopher City is the University ' s new housing development for married students. Residents enjoy one of the many pools which provide fun and relaxation. CH Christopher City, a 420 unit com- plex, was first opened for occu- pancy in February. The Univer- sity purchased the development to replace Polo Village in housing the 5,000 married students. The development cost $2.4 million, and includes many 1-bedroom apartments, 60 efficiency units and 120 two-bedroom occupan- cies. It is without a doubt the best accommodations for married stu- dents in any university. 9 0 ID 385 SEN OP A( ES Abbott, Gwendolyn, Tucson, Arizona; Education; International Students Club Secretary. Acton, Brian, Quebec, Canada; Educa- tion; Football. Adam, Thomas, Tempe, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha, Wrestling, Speaker Pro Tern of Senate, Intercol- legiate Debate Team. Adams, Patricia, Alameda, California; Fine Arts; Alpha Delta Pi, Orchestra, Band, Tucson Symphony. Adamson, Richard, Madison, New Jer- sey; Business and Public Administra- tion; Delta Upsilon. Aguirre, Vernon, Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; Chi Phi; Traffic Committee. Aichroth, Al, Anaheim, California; Phar- macy; Young Republicans, Kappa Psi Alpha, Rho Chi. Ajayi, Sabainah, I le-Oluji, Nigeria; Home Economics; Beta Theta. Akhavan, Mohamed, Tehran, Iran; Lib- eral Arts; International Students Club. Akinlosotu, Taiwo, Ondo, Nigeria; Agri- culture; African Students Union Vice President. Alderson, Karen, Pittsburgh, Pennsyl- vania; Liberal Arts. Alfred, Samuel, Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ali, Yousif, Elobeid, Sudan; Agricul- ture; International Students Club. Allbritton, David, Montclair, California; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association. Aller, David, Yuma, Arizona; Liberal Arts; Pre-Med Club. Allen, Lynda, Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics; Alpha Lambda Delta, Omi- cron Nu, Beta Theta President. Allen, Richard, Houston, Texas; Business and Public Administration; Sigma Nu; Rodeo Club. Allen, William, San Diego, California; Business and Public Administration. Almada, Laura, Nogales, Arizona; Phar- macy; Rho Chi Alpha Secretary, Wran- glers. Alston, Thomas L., Phoenix, Arizona; Liberal Arts. Amerine, Marvin K., Great Bend, Kan- sas; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi. Ames, Toni, Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts; Phrateres, Band Orchestra. Andell, Eric, Dallas, Texas; Business and Public Adimnistration; Zeta Beta Tau; Interfraternity Council President, Blue Key, Chain Gang, Traditions Com- mittee, Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities, Sophos, Elec- tions Commissioner. Anderson, Clifford, Tucson, Arizona; Engineering; Theta Tau. Anderson, Philip, Glendale, California; Education; Track and Cross Country. Anderson, Sandra S., Warrenville, Illi- nois; Education; Chi Omega. Andrecht, Robert, Los Angeles, Cali- fornia; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi, Rho Chi. Andresen, Anne, Burlingame, Califor- nia; Liberal Arts; D elta Gamma; Psi Chi. Appogast, Jean, Tucson, Arizona; Nurs- ing; Phi Mu; Associated Women Stu- dents Legislature. Archbold, Helenmaree, Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics; Phrateres, Beta Theta, Omicron Nu, Pi Lambda Theta. Armstrong, Judy, Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Ar ts. Arnold, Lucy, Cochran, Georgia; Nurs- ing. Atwood, Alan, Montville, New Jersey; Liberal Arts. Au, James, Yonkers, New York; Agri- culture; Lambda Chi Alpha; Block and Bridle. Augur, Ann, Phoenix, Arizona; Liberal Arts; Alpha Lambda Delta, Wranglers, President of Gila Hall. Averyt, Andrea, San Clemente, Cali- fornia; Education; Alpha Phi. Avila, Manuel F., Jr., Chicago, Illinois; Business and Public Administration; Spanish Club, Beta Phi Alpha, Interna- tional Club. Axlund, Don, Arcadia, California; Agri- culture; Horticulture Club. Bachtel, Warren; Tucson, Arizona; Law; Phi Alpha Delta. Bacon, Janny; Roswell, New Mexico; Fine Arts; Pi Beta Phi. Bailey, Margaret; Boise, Idaho; Jour- ilansm; Theta Sigma Phi, Vice-president; Residence Hall Association; WILDCAT Associate Editor. Bailey, Ray; Tucson, Arizona; Market- ing; Alpha Tau Omega; WILDCAT. Baker, Allan; Tucson, Arizona; General Business; Hillel Foundation, Social Chairman. Baker, Gary; Tucson, Arizona; General Business. Baldon, Craig; Phoenix, Arizona; En- gineering. Balsukot, Connie; Mesa, Arizona; Edu- cation; Gamma Phi Beta; Maltesians. Bamrick, Irene; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts; Band; Sigma Alpha Iota; Tau Beta Sigma. Barbel-RolSn, Donald L.; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Architecture; In- ternational Students Club; American In- stitute of Architects; People-to-People; Orchestra. Barber, Herbert; Tucson, Arizona; Psy- chology; Acacia; Psi Chi. Bar low, Jady; Phoenix, Arizona; Educa- tion; Alpha Delta Pi; University Host- ess; Mermaids; Varsity Cheerleader; Senate Secretary; Rallies; ASUA Public Relations; AWS; WRA; Miss Conge- niality. Barr, Susan; Tucson, Arizona; Nursing. Phrateres. Bartholomeaux, Judy; Tucson, Arizona; Nursing. Bartlett, Deborah; Prescott, Arizona; Microbiology; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Beta Beta. Basmagy, Katherine; Beloit, Wisconsin; Government; Folklanders. Battan, Jeannette A.; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts. Battenfield, Betty Ann; Tucson, Arizona; Education; Phrateres; ASUA People-to- People. Bauer, Anna; Tucson, Arizona; Nursing; Newman Association. Baxter, Gilda; Glendale, Arizona; Edu- cation; WRA. Baxter, Janice; Gadsden, Arizona; Edu- cation. Bearman, Marla; San Pedro, California; Business, Phi Chi Theta. Bechtol, Jane; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation; Chi Omega; Spurs; Chimes; ASUA Academic; AWS. Beck, Wayne; Glendale, Arizona; Agri- culture; Alpha Zeta; Senator; ASUA Judicial. Beebe, Leonard; Gilbert, Arizona; Engi- neering. Bendinger, Virginia; Milwaukee, Wis- consin; Liberal Arts; Gamma Phi Beta; ASUA Secretary; Porn Porn; Interna- tional Forum; SUAB Special Events; ASUA Elections. Bentley, Susan; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation; Chi Omega. Bergman, Louise; Huachuca City, Ari- zona; Nursing. Bergman, Marsha; Tucson, Arizona; Education. Berner, Victor; Phoenix, Arizona; Chem- istry. Berry, Richard; Phoenix, Arizona; Phar- macy. Bertin, Kenneth; Detroit, Michigan; In- surance; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Ugly Man. Betts, Larry; Phoenix, Arizona; Account- ing; Delta Chi ' . Bettwy, Andrew; Phoenix, Arizona; Law; DESERT. Bhola, Dharam; Nairobi, Kenya; Agri- culture; International Students Club. Bickerton, Ann; Indianapolis, Indiana; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Bigham, Trudy; Portland, Oregon; An- thropology; Phi Mu; Artist Series; AWS; People-to-People. Bishop, Carol; Overland Park, Kansas; Journalism; Pi Beta Phi; Theta Sigma Phi. Bishop, Perry; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts; Alpha Phi Omega. Black, Donna Placentia, California; Education; Alpha Chi Omega. Black, Laura; Tucson, Arizona; Home Education; Phrateres; Beta Theta; Pi Lambda Theta. Blakley, William; Phoenix, Arizona; Finance. Blank, Beverly; Phoenix, Arizona; Eng- lish; Kappa Alpha Theta; Angel Flight; Little Sisters of Minerva; Symposium. Blough, Shirley; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics; Beta Theta. Blum, Franklin; Falls Church, Virginia; Fine Arts. Blute, Marcia; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion; WRA; Delta Psi Kappa; Orchesis. Bly, James F., Jr.; Phoenix, Arizona; Engineering; Hopi Lodge Treasurer; Varsity Swimming. Boardman, Lonettie; Tucson, Arizona; History; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tau Beta Sigma; U of A Band. Bockius, Donna R.; Phoenix, Arizona; Journalism; Pima Hall Vice-president; Folklanders; Theta Sigma Phi; AWS. Bodenhorn, Philip; Phoenix, Arizona; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Delta Psi, President; Lacrosse Club; Scabbard and Blade; ROTC Brigade Commander. Boehne, Arthur; Schenectady, New York; Liberal Arts. Boerum, Joseph; Tucson, Arizona; Ac- counting. Bolles, Laura; Sacramento, California; Education. Bondante, Christine; Tucson, Arizona; Microbiology. Booganrt, Joe; Concordia, Kansas; Mar- keting; Sigma Nu. Bork, John; Arcadia, California; Fi- nance; Kappa Sigma. Born, Carole; Centerport, New York; Education; AWS. Boss, Donald; Garden Grove, Califor- nia; Architecture; Student Chapter American Institute of Architects. Bottger, Donald; Middletown, New Jer- sey; Education; Phi Kappa Theta; Silver Wing. Bourret, Paul; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Bowers, Barbara; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Bower, Frederick, Jr.; Emmitsburg, Maryland; Education; Arnold Air So- ciety; Silver Wing. Brafman, Susan R.; Stamford, Connec- ticut; Fine Arts; Alpha Epsilon Phi; People-to-People; Sigma Alpha Eta. Bragg, Mary Joann; Tucson, Arizona; Education; Conservative Baptist Stu- dents. Brandt, William; Brawley, California; Agriculture; Delta Chi. Brautigan, Roger; Bill ings, Montana; Education; Varsity Football, Baseball, and Basketball. Bravo, Lonie; Rochester, Minnesota; Lib- eral Arts; Delta Chi; IFC. Breton, Roberto; Guadalajara, Mexico; Business. Briggs, Jendy; Willcox, Arizona; Edu- cation; Pi Omega Pi. Briscoe, Robert C., Jr.; Phoenix, Ari- zona; Business; ASUA Traffic Commit- tee; Delta Sigma Pi. Broark, Barney McBloatus; Graystown, Missouri; Humanities; Eta Theta Pi. Brooks, Arthur; Tucson, Arizona; Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Pi. Brown, Robert; Tucson, Arizona; Zoo- logy; Chi Phi; Arnold Air Society. Brown, Roger W.; Scarsdale, New York; Marketing; Kappa Sigma; Rallies; La- crosse Club. Brown, Sharyn L.; Spokane, Washing- ton; Anthropology. Brown, Walter; Scottsdale, Arizona; His- tory; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Alpha Phi Omega. Browne, Nancy; Flossmoor, Illinois; Marketing; Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Chi Theta; University Hostess; Gamma Alpha Chi. Bubala, Madelyn; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness. Buel, Charles L.; Mountain Home, Idaho; Psychology; Psi Chi; Alpha Theta Kappa. Bumsted, Gaye; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation; Chi Omega; AWS; Camp Wild- cat. Burch, Ann; Phoenix, Arizona; Home Economics; Chi Omega; DESERT; AWS; Beta Theta; Wilbur Committee; Greek Week Publicity Chairman. Burg, Robert; Glencoe, Illinois; Busi- ness; Alpha Epsilon Pi. Burgess, Lou; Tucson, Arizona; Agri- culture. Burke, Michael L.; Cobleskill, New York; Law Enforcement; Alpha Sigma Phi. Burns, Francis; Phoenix, Arizona; Real Estate; Phi Delta Theta. Burns, James; Tucson, Arizona; Psy- chology; Alpha Phi Omega; Psi Chi. Burross, John; Glendale, Arizona; Agri- culture; ASUA Traffic Committee; ASUA Public Relations. Burstiner, Ruthellen; Fairborn, Ohio; Home Economics; Beta Theta. Butler, M. Diane; Phoenix, Arizona; Education; Wranglers; Gila Hall Social Chairman; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Lambda Theta. Butler, William; Woodlawn, Maryland; Anthropology. Cabrera, Olivia; Tucson, Arizona; Span- ish; Layout Editor of DESERT; Theta Chi Auxiliary; ASUA People-to-People. Cahn, William; Phoenix, Arizona; Agri- culture; Block and Bridle; Pre-Vet. Callahan, Michael; Tucson, Arizona; Law; Phi Delta Phi. Cambier, J. Warren; San Luis Obispo, California; Zoology; Phi Eta Sigma; Canterbury. Campisano, John; Norwood, Massa- chusetts; Architecture; American Insti- tute of Architects. Carland, Melissa; Claremont, Califor- nia; Physical Education; Zeta Beta Tau; Greek Week King. Carmichael, Lee; Tucson, Arizona; In- terior Design; Phrateres; Beta Theta. Carnevale, Nicholas T.; Tucson, Arizona; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi. Carrington, Judith; San Marino, Cali- fornia; Romance Languages; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. Garrott, Philip; Quincy, Illinois; Fi- nance; Kappa Sigma; Traditions. Carter, Richard; La Mesa, California; Marketing; Kappa Sigma; Traditions; Sophos; Chain Gang. Carter, Roger; Sullivan, Illinois; Eco- nomics; Wesley Foundation. Cashin, Emmet; Atherton, California; Real Estate; Phi Delta Theta; Public Relations Board; Varsity Swimming. Casillas, Ernie Y.; Superior, Arizona; Engineering; American Society of Me- chanical Engineers. Casillas, Juanita; Miami, Arizona; Ele- mentary Education; Delta Zeta. Castle, Sam E.; New Orleans, Louis- iana; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha Psi. Chatfield, Helen; Cincinnati, Ohio; Spanish; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Chick, Chaunci; Seattle, Washington; Spanish; Phi Mu; ASUA Artist Series; ASUA Course Evaluation; Sigma Delta Pi. Ciampa, Vincent M.; Tucson, Arizona; Production Management; Bobcat ' s; Sen- ator; Senate Student Affairs. Claiborne, John; New York, New York; Mathematics; Chi Phi. Clark, Allen; Phoenix, Arizona; Gov- ernment; Acacia. Clark, David; Phoenix, Arizona; His- tory. Clark, Larry; Tucson, Arizona; Produc- tion Management; Delta Sigma Pi; Soci- ety for the Advancement of Manage- ment. Clark, Nancy B.; Atlanta, Georgia; His- tory of Art. Clark, Neil; Novato, California; His- tory. Close, Gordon R.; Hinsdale, Illinois; English; Swimming; SUAB Displays; SUAB Music and Literature; ASUA Pub- licity; DESERT; Young Republicans. Cochran, Charles; Phoenix, Arizona; En- gineering; Phi Gamma Delta; ASUA Tradition; ASUA Publicity; Blue Key. Cohen, Larry; Phoenix, Arizona; Phar- macy; American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation; Kappa Psi. Cohn, Richard; Maplewood, New Jer- sey; Government; Zeta Beta Tau; Tennis. Coleman, Michael; Tucson, Arizona; Zoology; Phi Kappa Theta; ASUA Camp Wildcat. Combs, Christopher; Litchfield Park, Arizona; Law; Phi Delta Phi; Law Re- view. Combs, Michael; Point Arena, Califor- nia; Accounting. Combs, Sally A.; Tucson, Arizona, Eng- lish. Corner, James; Tucson, Arizona; Mar- keting Management; Chi Phi; Market- ing Club. Conway, Margaret E.; Douglas, Arizona; Government; Young Democrats. Conway, Michael; Douglas, Arizona; Psychology; Young Democrats. Cook, Cindy, Santa Ana, California; Nursing; Chi Omega; Golden Hearts. Cordano, Mary K.; Sacramento, Califor- nia; Elementary Education; Delta Gam- ma. Corngold, Virginia; Batavia, New York; Elementary Education; AWS Philan- thropy; French Club; AWS Orientation. Costin, Barbara; Tucson, Arizona; Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Angel Flight; Panhellenic; Pi Lambda Theta; SUAB Special Events Committee. Coulson, Virginia; Tucson, Arizona; Speech; Kappa Alpha Theta; Spurs; Chimes; Mortar Board; Angel Flight. Coutchie, Ed; Yuma, Arizona; Market- ing; Sigma Nu; AWS Publicity. 386 Cox, Stephen; Tucson, Arizona; Law; Phi Alpha Delta. Coyle, Deborah; Darien, Connecticut; Elementary Education; Chi Omega; Al- pha Gamma Rho; Golden Husks. Cranmer, Victoria; Clarkdale, Arizona; Chemical Engineering; Delta Zeta. Crebs, Catherine A.; Robinson, Illi- nois; History; Alpha Chi Omega; His- tory Club; Italian Club, Young Republi- cans. Crist, Patricia; Tucson, Arizona; Psy- chology. Crites, Richard; Phoenix, Arizona; Law; Phi Delta Phi. Crovello, James; Fall River, Massa- chusetts; Aerospace. Crumpler, William H.; Piedmont, Cali- fornia; General Business. Cruz, David; Tucson, Arizona; Psychol- ogy; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Arnold Air Society. Cummings, Ronald E.; Miami, Arizona; Greek. Cuqua, Lynda; Tucson, Arizona; Jour- nalism; Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi; ASUA People-to-People; Chimes. Currie, Sharron; Tacna, Arizona; Home Economics; Beta Theta. Curtis, Diane; Houston, Texas; Interior Design; Lambda Delta Sigma. Cylke, Michael; Tucson, Arizona; Zoo- logy; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Arnold Air Society. Daggett, Richard, Goodyear, Arizona; Business and Public Administration; Delta Upsilon. Dahl, John, Averill Park, New York; Agriculture. Damgar, Carol, Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Damiani, Aris, Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Liberal Arts; Arnold Air Society; Silver Wing; Pi Mu Epsilon. Darrow, Debra, Delta, Colorado; Lib- eral Arts; Alpha Phi. David, Richard; Newport Beach, Cali- fornia; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Sophos, Baseball. Davis, Barbara; McNeal, Arizona; Edu- cation; Wranglers. Davis, Blaine; McNeal, Arizona; Educa- tion; Wranglers. Davis, Janet; Albion, Michigan; Edu- cation; Delta Zeta; Student Advisory Council. Davis, Judith; Pomona, California; Lib- eral Arts. Davis, Lee H.; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Liberal Arts; Zeta Beta Tau; Who ' s Who in Amerrican Colleges and Universities, Blue Key President; Traditions; Sophos. Davis, LeRoy; Durand, Illinois; Engi- neer. Davis, Phil; Pasadena, Texas; Business and Public Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha. Deal, Grady; Hickory, North Carolina; Business and Public Administration; Delta Sigma Pi President; Marketing Club President. Deiley, Arthur; Phoenix, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration. Delforge, Ardath; Tucson, Arizona; Nursing; Faculty Women ' s Club. Dennis, Dorothy; Adrian, Michigan; Education. Dennis, Geneva; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Dennis, Richard; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. DeVault, Dennis; Tucson, Arizona; Agri- culture. DeVoy, Dorothy E.; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts. DeWan, Timothy; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football. Dewhirst, Pamela; Yuma, Arizona; Edu- cation. Deyden, lvonne; Nogales, Sonora; Home Economics; Yuma Hall Vice Presi- dent. Diaz, Carmen R.; Tucson, Arizona; Nursing. Dineff, Beverly E.; Argo, Illinois; Law. DiRienzo, Andrew; Elizaville, New York; Liberal Arts. DiVaccaro, Robert; Woodbury, New Jersey; Fine Arts. Dobracki, Jerome; Cleveland, Ohio; Business and Public Administration. Don, Leonard; Tucson, Arizona; Phar- macy; Phi Delta Chi, Chinese Student Club. Don, Newton; Tucson, Arizona; Mines. Donohue, James; Syracuse, New York; Liberal Arts. Donahue, Paul; Weymouth, Massachu- setts; Liberal Arts; Cochise Hall Secre- tary. Dorman, Richard; Boonton, New Jersey; Engineering. Dorn, Russell; Jersey City, New Jersey; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Dorsey, Lorraine; Phoenix, Arizona; Home Economics; Delta Gamma. Dougherty, Craig; Long Beach, Cali- fornia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Blue Key; Senior Class President; Traditions; Chain Gang. Dowell, Dwight; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts. Duvivier, John; Winnemucca, Nevada; Architecture. Drachman, Dan; Atlanta, Georgia; En- gineering. Drake, Susan; Garden Grove, Califor- nia; Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Dio- nysians; Sweetheart of Delta Upsilon. Duncan, Victoria; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Duran, Raul; Monterey Park, California; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. Dye, Harvey; Hayden, Arizona; Law; Phi Delta Phi Vice President. Earle, Cindy; Tucson, Arizona; Special Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Band. Edamatsu, Phyllis; Spokane, Washing- ton; Psychology; Alpha Lambda Delta; International Students Club. Edlund, Kristina; Scottsdale, Arizona; Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Angel Flight. Egbert, Helen; Tucson, Arizona; Ele- mentary Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Spurs. Eisele, Lugan; Phoenix, Arizona; Fi- nance; ASUA Music and Literary. Ellermann, Donald; Kingman, Arizona; Engineering; Theta Tau; Scabbard and Blade. Ellig, Frances; Tucson, Arizona; Ele- mentary Education. Elliot, Steve; Billings, Montana; Eng- lish; Sigma Nu; Sophos; Chain Gang. Ellis, Roy; Tombstone, Arizona; Engi- neering; Theta Tau. Ellison, Carole; Tucson, Arizona; Ele.. mentary Education. Elsberry, Victor A.; Tucson, Arizona; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Phar- maceutical Association; Rho Chi. Emerson, Joyce; Grand Junction, Col- orado; Government; Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Spurs; Chimes; Spring Sing Chairman, Tennis Club. Engelmann, William H.; Casa Grande, Arizona; Mechanical Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. Entz, John C.; Phoenix, Arizona; Gen- eral Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASUA Public Relations; SUAB Publica- tions. Epperson, Alma; Tucson, Arizona; Ele- mentary Education; Band. Erickson, Kenneth; Tucson, Arizona; Engineernig; Phi Gamma Delta; Chain Gang; Blue Key; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Student Senate. Erickson, Steven; Prescott, Arizona; Government; Silver Wing; Arnold Air Society. Evans, Robert; Tucson, Arizona; Psy- chology; Alpha Phi Omega; Scabbard and Blade; Psi Chi. Ezenwa, Augustine; Enugu, Eastern Nigeria; Entomology; International Stu- dents Club. Fabel, Mary; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics; Beta Theta; Newman Stu- dent Association. Farah, Mohamed; Mogadiscio, Somalia; Agriculture; Agriculture Engineering and Farm Mechanics; International Stu- dents Club. Farhadieh, Rouyentan; Tehran, Iran; En- gineering; Tau Beta Pi; Die Geselshcaft Zum Wunderhorn. Farrall, John; Liberal Arts. Farrier, Dorothy; Hayden, Arizona; Home Economics; Newman Student As- sociation. Fassett, Bruce; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Delta Sigma Pi. Fassett, Darl; Yuma, Arizona; Agricul- ture; Sigma Nu; Horticulture Club. Fast, Deno; Phoenix, Arizona; Educa- tion; Chi Omega; Spurs. Feingold, Tina; Hempstead, New York; Liberal Arts. Fellows, Christine; Tucson, Arizona; Agriculture; Beta Theta. Fernandez, Emilio; Tucson, Arizona; Mines. Fickas, Catherine; Tucson, Arizona; Spurs; Kappa Sigma Stardusters; Kappa Alpha Theta. Fickas, Robert; Arcadia, California; Business and Public Administration; Kappa Sigma; Marketing Club. Fielder, Michael; Phoenix, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Fields, Richard; Phoenix, Arizona; Phar- macy; Kappa Epsilon. Figueroa, Maria; Nogales, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Fine, Mark; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration; Zeta Beta Tau; People-to-People; Community Ser- vice; I.F.P.C. Firth, Sheryl; Phoenix, Arizona; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi; Quadrille Team. Fish, John; Madison, Wisconsin; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Fisk, Beverly; Manhasset, L.I., New York; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Flegenheimer, Roy; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration; Zeta Beta Tau. Fletcher, Connie; Ph oenix, Arizona; Fine Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortar Board; Associated Women Students; In- tercollegiate Association of Women Stu- dents; Zeta Phi Eta Flood, Timothy; Phoenix, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Bob- cats; Junior Class President. Floyd, Patricia; Garden Grove, Cali- fornia; Liberal Arts Follett, Kenneth; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; Robert L. Nugent Memorial Scholarship. Ford, Kathleen; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation; Gila Hall Treasurer. Ford, Michael; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Chi Phi. Fornasero, Sally; El Centro, California; Education. Forrest, Mary; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion; Pi Lambda Theta; S.N.E.A. Franklin, Richard; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Phi Delta Theta; Insurance Club. Frederick, Dale; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation; Alpha Tau Omega; All-American Track. Freedman, Jerri; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation; Hillel Foundation; S.N.E.A.; S.C.E.C. Freedman, Teri; Charlevoix, Michigan; Liberal Arts; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Stu- dent Union Activities Board; People-to- People; Spurs; Chimes; Psi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Phi Scholarship Committee; Alpha Epsilon Phi Activities Chairman; ASUA Infractions Secretary; Speakers Board Secretary. Freeman, Lani; Orinda, California; Edu- cation; Delta Delta Delta; AWS Pub- licity; Judicial; People-to-People; Pi Lambda Theta. Frere, Gary; Scottsdale, Arizona; Engi- neering; Theta Tau; U.C.C.F.; I.E.E.E. Froebe, Pamela; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Fry, David; Fennimore, Wisconsin; Mines; A.I.Ch.E. Fuller, Kerry; Scottsdale, Arizona; Phar- macy; Kappa Psi; Arizona Pharmaceuti- cal Association. Gable, Jacqueline; Pineville, Lousiana; Home Economics. Gamble, Harold; Green Valley, Arizona; Education. Gardner, David; Seligman, Arizona; En- gineering. Gardner, Jerry; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Varsity Cheerleader, Junior and Senior Years. Garman, Robert; Phoenix, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; General Resident Scholar 1964, 1965, 1966; Matriculation Honors; University Scholarship Award 1964. Garrett, Amy; Scottsdale, Arizona; Home Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi; Desert Staff; Student Member of Na- tional Society of Interior Design. Gebhart, Robert; Columbus, Ohio; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Mar- keting Club. Geis, Joseph; Tucson, Arizona; Agri- culture; Agriculture Economics Club. Gemmill, Mark; Peoria, Arizona; Engi- neering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Bobcats; Traditions; lnterfraternity Council, Sec- retary; Chain Gang. Gentry, Robert; Tucson, Arizona; Agri- culture. Giacomazza, Robert; Tucson, Arizona; Engineering; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Arnold Air Society, Wing 1 Commander; Cam- pus Democrats; General Resident Scholar. Gibson, Judith; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Phi Mu; SUAB Publicity Committee; ASUA Stu- dent Social Life Committee; AWS Phil- anthropy, Secretary; W.R.A. Gillies, Robert; La Crescenta, California; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association; Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Treasurer. Girdner, Marialyce; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts; Beta Sigma Phi. Giroux, Philip; Pacific Palisades, Cali- fornia; Agriculture. Goetze, Bruce; Overland Park, Kansas; Business and Public Administration; Theta Chi; International Relations Club. Goldenberg, Sharon; Los Angeles, Cali- fornia; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; College of Pharmacy Senator, 1965-1966; Rho Chi; Phi Lambda Upsilon. Goldfarb, Jay; Philadelphia, Pennsyl- vania; Business and Public Administra- tion; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Senate 1967- 1968; BPA Council; Real Estate Club, President; Marketing Club; Tucson Board of Realtors Scholarship. Goldman, Joel M.; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts; Beta Beta Beta; U. of A. honors; Dean ' s list two years; Phi Kappa Phi Award. Golub, Lesley; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation; ASUA Public Relations; Sonoran Exchange; Sonoran Representative; En- campment for Citizenship Scholarship. Gonsalues, Gerald, San Jose, California; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. Gonzalez, Hector; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts. Good, Nancy; Arcadia, California; Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; AWS Philanthropy Committee, Interior Design Club, first vice president of Alpha Chi Omega, Junior year at American Col- lege in Paris. Gordon, James; South Gate, California; Architecture; Student Chapter of Ameri- can Institute of Architects; M.M. Sundt Construction Co., Award; vice presi- dent of S.C.A.I.A. Gordon, Marvyn B.; Blue Point, Long Island, New York; Liberal Arts; Tau Epsilon Phi. Goring, William; Los Angeles, Cal i- fornia; Sigma Phi Epsilon social chair- man. Gormly, James; Riverside, Cal ifornia; Education; Kappa Alpha Pi; Sigma Al- pha Upsilon; Varsity Track; Advanced ROTC. Gorrell, David; Buckeye, Arizona; Agri- culture; Rodeo Club; Arizona Agricul- tural Engineering and Farm Mechaniza- tion Association President. Graff, Natalie; Independence, Missouri; Education; Pledge president and regis- trar of Kappa Kappa Gamma; AWS Philanthropy, Public Relations; ASUA Publicity; International Forum; People- to-People; Mortar Board; Dean ' s list; Greek Week Publicity; U. of A. Pageant; Twirp Week Publicity; Desert Greek assistant and College Editor. Graham, Kathleen, Ashtabula, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi; Vice president of Little Sisters of Minerva; Angel Flight; vice president of Pi Beta Phi. Gramer, Linda; Riverside, Illinois; Edu- cation. Gray, Jean; Ridgewood, New Jersey; Business and Public Administration; Ex- ecutive Officer of Angel Flight; Uni- versity Hostess; SUAB Board Displays Chairman; Little Sisters of Minerva; Alpha Lambda Delta; Chimes; Spurs; Mortar Board. Gray, Ronelle; Novato, California; Busi- ness and Public Administration. Gray, Terry; Skokie, Illinois; Business and Public Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Interfrater- nity Council. Green, Ronald; Safford, Arizona; Edu- cation. Green, Rusel; Sherman Oaks, California; Business and Public Administration; Kappa Sigma. Green, Tomi K., Safford, Arizona; Edu- cation; General Resident Scholarship 1967-1968; Drama Department. Gregor, William; Douglas, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; Phi Kappa Theta; Interfra- ternity Council; General Resident Schol- arship. Gries, Judylynn; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts; vice president and president of University Plays; National Collegiate Players; Mortar Board; Young Republi- cans. Grimm, Linda; Elcerrito, California; Education; Delta Gamma. Grodsky, Ronald; Springfield, Massa- chusetts; Business and Public Adminis.. trat ion. Gross, Paul; Cleveland, Ohio; Business and Public Administration; Tau Delta Phi; Cultural Events Chairman. Grother, John; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Ad- vanced Air Force ROTC. Guba, Robert; Merrick, New York; Business and Public Administration; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Silver Wing. Guldner, Edward; Bernardsville, New Jersey; Engineering; University Honors 1965-1966. Guthrie, Freddie; Burl ington, North Carolina; Business and Public Adminis- tration; Marketing Club; Society for Advancement of Management. Guyader, John; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Mar- keting Club. 387 Habich, Edward; Miami, Arizona; Agri- culture. Haeger, Ernest; Tucson, Arizona; Engi- neering. Hall, Sheryl; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion; United Campus Christian Fellow- ship. Hall, Suzan; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration. Hammonds, Gail; Scottsdale, Arizona; Education; Delta Gamma. Hampton, Donna; Waco, Texas; Home Economics; Beta Theta. Hampton, Robert; Waco, Texas; Grad- uate Electrical Engineering and Math. Hansen, Jean; Bellevue, Ohio; Home Economics; International Students Club. Hardin, Sue L.; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation; Tau Beta Sigma; University Band. Hardy, Joseph; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Delta Sigma Pi Chancellor; Marketing Club. Hargrue, Richard; Alta Loma, California; Business and Public Administration; Delta Chi. Harlow, Julia; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics. Harmash, Barbaranne; Syosset, New York; Education. Harper, H. Mitchell; Winnetka, Illinois; Business and Public Administration. Harris, Robert M.; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; Pi Sigma Alpha; Royal Papa- chudis; Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit 1966-1967. Hartley, Donn; Cos Cob, Connecticut; Business and Public Administration; Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Kay- dette coordinator. Hartley, J. Montgomery; Cos Cob, Con- necticut; Fine Arts; Sigma Nu pledge trainer and vice president; Symphonic Choir; People-to-People committee; Ral- lies committee. Hartman, John; Winslow, Arizona; En- gineering Theta Tau treasurer; Engi- neering Council treasurer; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. secretary; General Resident Scholarship; Theta Tau housemanager. Harwell, Paula; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Haslam, Donald; Pottsville, Pennsyl- vania; Business and Public Administra- tion; Society for the Advancement of Management. Hatch, Jacquelyn; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Education; Pi Beta Phi. Haugebak, Clayton D.; Glendale, Ari- zona; Agriculture; Aggie House vice president and president; Student-Faculty Relations Committee. Hawse, Mary; Eloy, Arizona; Liberal Arts; Tau Beta Sigma vice president; University Band; RHA social committee; Mohave Hall social chairman; General Resident Scholarship; Elks Scholarship; University Usher. Haymore, Barry; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; Alpha Phi Omega; Junior Af- filiate, American Chemical Society; Later Day Saints Institute. Hays, Lyman; Phoenix, Arizona; Engi- neering; Ski Club; Tau Beta Pi. Heald, Bartlett; Tucs on, Arizona; Fine Arts; Kappa Kappa Psi; Marching Band; University Singers. Hecker, Kim; Mission Hills, Kansas; Education; Campus Activities; Special Events, AWS Philanthropy, secretary Religious committee. Richard; Corvallis, Oregon; Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers treasurer, secretary Alpha Phi Omega, Theta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma. Hehn, Nancy; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion; Alpha Phi. Henderson, Dale; Globe, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Kappa Alpha; Beta Alpha Psi. Herkner, Carolyn; Encino, California; Nursing; Alpha Phi. Hermann, Lynne; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; Phrateres vice president and treasurer, Wranglers; Blaird Scholarship 1964-1966; AWS committees, Legislative and Judicial Council, Standards Board secretary. Hermanson, Glenn; Rapid City, South Dakota; Business and Public Adminis- tration; Sigma Nu; Marketing Club. Herring, Craig; Winslow, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; Beta Beta Beta. Hess, Bill; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration; SUAB presi- dent, Senate; Sophos. Hettinger, Roberta; Richland, Washing- ton; Education; WRA vice president, Delta Psi Kappa secretary; Arete So- ciety. Hetu, Marcel; San Mateo, California; Education; Track Scholarship. Hewlett, Jean; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion; Phi Mu treasurer; University Band, People - To - People special projects, Phrateres, Wesleyan Club. Hexberg, Marlene; New York City, New York; Education; Ski Club. Heyden, Donald; Portland, New York; Engineering; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Tau Beta Pi; John Lewis Memorial Scholarship Award 1967, University Dames Schol- arship 1967, Dean ' s list 1967. Heyes, Mildred; Tucson, Arizona; Nurs- ing; Honors Program, Phi Beta Phi Merit Certificate. Hickey, Helen; Miami, Arizona; Educa- tion; Phrateres. Hickman, William E.; Los Angeles, Cali- fornia; Liberal Arts; Track Scholarship, Track varsity. Higgins, Sandra; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics; Phrateres; Marshall Founda- tion for Arizona Women. Higuera, Ronald; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Ath- letic Scholarship football. Hildebrand, Larry L.; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts; Lambda Chi Alpha secretary; President Scholarship. Hileman, John; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; Phi Gamma Delta; Bobcats, Chain Gang, Co-chairman Exchange Committee of People-To-People, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Outstanding Scholarship sophomore class. Hing, John; Superior, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Alpha Sigma Phi; Army ROTC, Beta Gamma Sigma, ROTC scholarship. Hinton, William Ronald; Marana, Ari- zona; Liberal Arts. Hirose, Carole; Phoenix, Arizona; Home Economics; Wranglers, vice president Mohave Hall, Counselor, General Resi- dent Scholarship, Assistant head resi- dent Arizona Hall. Hirshfeld, Theodore; Nairobi, Kenya; Agriculture; Agriculture Economic Club vice president, Hillel; Alpha Zeta, presi- dent; University Waiver Institution Loeb Foundation. Hochstein, Toby; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation; Phrateres; Hillel; Federal Traineeship in Special Education for the Visually Handicapped. Hoehn, Richard; Chinook, Montana; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi, American Phar- maceutical Association. Hoffman, Jon; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts; president and vice president of Delta Upsilon, Sophos, Chain Gang, Phi Eta Sigma, ASUA Social Life; Phelps Dodge Scholarship, Elks Scholarship. Hoffman, Larry; Tucson, Arizona; Phar- macy. Hofmann, H. Christian; Tucson, Ari- zona; Liberal Arts; Arnold Air Society, Traffic Court, Water Safety committee. Holden, Zilpha; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts, Holm, Karen; Aurora, Colorado; Lib- eral Arts; Alpha Delta Pi; Women ' s Rifle Team. Holmes, Don; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration; Community Service, Social Life. Holub, Hugh; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts. Hondrum, Steven 0.; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts; Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Scabbard and Blade; University Scholarship Hon- ors, Distinguished Military Student; Young Republicans. Hood, Susan; Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. Hopper, Albert H.; Tucson, Arizona; Architecture; Student Chapter of Ameri- can Institution of Architecture. Hopper, Andrea; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts; Kappa Alpha Theta. Hosmer, John; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion; Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity base- ball. Hotchkiss, Hervey; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Arnold Air Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Interfraternity Council Re- search committee chairman; Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit, Air Force Times Award, Vice Commandants Award — Air Force. Hover, George; Tucson, Arizona; Mines. Hovey, Philip; Flagstaff, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Howse, Claudia; Rolling Hills, Cali- fornia; Business and Public Administra- tion; Wranglers, Phi Chi Theta. Hulett, Roger, Phoenix, Arizona; Engi- neering; American Society of Mechan- ical Engineers. Hume, Kate; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics; Alpha Lambda Delta, Omi- cron Nu, General Resident and Marshall Foundation Scholarship. Humphrey, Richard L.; Merced, Cali- fornia; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi, treasurer of American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion, Rho Chi, ASUA student senator. Hunter, James P.; Shaker Heights, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Scholarship Honors 1965. Hutchison, Martin; Anaheim, California; Liberal Arts; Football Scholarship. Hutson, Thomas M.; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Sophos, Distinguished Military Graduate. Hyfield, Blake; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Delta Tau Delta vice president, Ski Club. Ide, Janet; Tucson, Arizona; Law: Moot Court, ASUA Supreme Court, Student Bar Association corresponding secre- tary, Kappa Beta Pi president. Igoe, Kathy; Phoenix, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mermaids, Spurs. Illston, Jeffery; Glen Head, New York; Business and Public Administration; Theta Chi, Arnold Air Society, Inter- fraternity Council, Ski Club, Tucson Transportation Club Scholarship. Ingraham, Robert; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Sigma Chi, Sophos. Iregbulem, Angie; Port Harcourt, Ni- geria; Agriculture. Jackson, Mary Jane; Hobbs, New Mex- ico; Education: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Symposium vice president, ASUA Ser- vice Medallion, Who ' s Who In Ameri- can Colleges and Universities, Student Senate, Administrative Regulations Chairman, AWS Resolutions chairman, Women ' s Day General Chairman, Pan- hellenic Scholarship Chairman. Jackson, Suzette; Manawa, Wisconsin; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma pledge trainer, social chairman, Desert Editor of Greeks and Colleges, SUAB Pub- licity Chairman for International Forum, Spurs secretary, Student Opinion Poll Commission, ASUA Senate. Jagodzinski, Ronald; Linden, New Jer- sey; Engineering: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers, Freshman Council, Intramural Basketball and football. James, Steven; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Janoviak, James; Cleveland, Ohio; Edu- cation: Kappa Sigma, Intramural man- ager. Jantolak, Laura Jean; Phoenix, Arizona; Education: Kappa Delta Pi secretary, AWS Counselor, RHA Social Chairman, AMUN secretariat, University Honors, Baird Scholarship. Jeens, Linda; West Englewood, New Jersey; Fine Arts: SUAB Publicity Com- mittee, Art Committee, Ski Club, New Jersey State Scholarship, Course Evalua- tion. Jefferies, William; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration, Arnold Air Society. Jenkins, Emily; Prescott, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Alpha Lambda Delta, Resi- dence Hall Association, Scholarship Chairman, Arizona Model United Na- tions, Under Secretary for Hospitality, College Model UN for the Far West, Treasurer Coconino Hall, General Resi- dence Scholarship, University Honors, RHA Scholarship. Jenkins, Priscilla; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts: Sigma Alpha Iota, Student mem- ber Music Educators National Confer- ence, Student member of American Music Educators Association, Female Lead in " Tales of Hoffman, " Corre- sponding secretary of Sigma Alpha Iota. Jensey, Leonard; Minneapolis, Minne- sota; Liberal Arts: Chi Omega, Sigma Delta Pi Achievement Award. Jensen, William; Willcox, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Delta Tau Delta. Jernigan, Frances; Safford, Arizona; Education. Jewell, Diana; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion: Phrateres, Student National Educa- tion Association. Johnson, Candace; Pebble Beach, Cali- fornia; Liberal Arts. Johnson, _John M.; Tucson, Arizona; En- gineering: American Society of Me- chanical Engineers. Johnson, Kenneth; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Alpha Tau Omega, ASUA Chairman Legislative Relations, Semper Fideles. Johnson, Roger L.; Tucson, Arizona; Architecture. Johnston, Lorna; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation: Pi Beta Phi, Kaydettes, Mili- tary Ball Finalist, Elections Committee. Jones, Jerelyn; Tempe, Arizona; Edu- cation, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Golden Hearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Panhel- lenic Representative. Jones, John; Englewood, New Jersey; Business and Public Administration: Alpha Phi Alpha, Tri Captain 1967 Foot- ball Team. Jones, Richard; Greenville, Mississippi; Business and Public Administration: President Delta Tau Delta. Jones, Viola; Roll, Arizona; Pharmacy: Kappa Epsilon president 1966, American Pharmaceutical Association, General Residence Scholarship, Desert Staff. Jorquez, Angelita; Superior, Arizona; Education. Joseph, Kathy; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Jundt, George; La Canada, Cailfornia; Pharmacy: Phi Delta Chi corresponding secretary, Rho Chi, American Pharma- ceutical Association. Kagna, Sharon; Vancouver, British Co- lumbia, Canada; Liberal Arts: Alpha Epsilon Phi. Kalil, Toni; Phoenix, Arizona; Educa- tion: Alpha Delta Pi, Spurs. Kalish, Herb; Yonkers, New York; Lib- eral Arts: Zeta Beta Tau. Kall, Roberta; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts: Sigma Delta Tau President, Pi Lambda Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta. Kamin, Lynn; Houston, Texas; Educa- tion: Alpha Epsilon Phi President, Soci- ety Editor of Wildcat, University Calen- dar on KUAT. Kamrin, Terry; San Francisco, California; Pharmacy: Phi Delta Chi. Karp, Cheryl; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion: ASUA Rallies Committee, ASUA Special Events Committee, SUAB Rec- reation Committee, AWS Social Com- mittee, SUAB Forum Society, Freshman Council. Kartchner, Glen; St. David, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Lambda Delta. Kaufmann, Nancy; Phoenix, Arizona; Education: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Des- ert Mermaids President, Pi Lambda Theta, Dean ' s List. Kaye, John W. T.; Forest Hills, New York; Liberal Arts. Kearney, Gail; Lancaster, California; Fine Arts: Sigma Alpha Iota Chaplain and President, Student Music Education National Conference Secretary, Matricu- lation Honors, Scholarship Award, Young Republicans, Assistant Head Resident of Yuma Hall. Kehl, Louie E.; Yuma, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Circle K Club. Keith, Sarah L.; Las Vegas, Nevada; Liberal Arts: Alpha Phi. Kellen, Thomas; Bay Shore, New York; Liberal Arts: Young Democrats, Kaibab- Huachuca Dorm Judicial Chairman. Keller, Richard; Rapid City, South Da- kota; Business and Public Administra- tion: Sigma Nu, Sophos, Chain Gang, Blue Key, Traditions, Chairman ASUA Social Life Committee, Chairman Wilbur Committee, Sigma Nu Social Chairman, IFC representative, Senior Day General Chairman, Greek Week Chairman, In- formal Rush of Western Regional IFC Chairman. Kennedy, Kathleen; Kingman, Arizona; Education: Delta Psi Omega, Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Rho Pi, Phi Theta Kappa, University Singers, Debate Squad, Read- er ' s Theater. Kennett, Kathryn D.; Santa Barbara, California; Home Economics: Kappa Alpha Theta, Kaydettes. Kent, Connie; Tucson, Arizona; Nursing. Kerfoot, Janet; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics: Beta Theta, General Resi- dence Scholarship, Pima Co. Home- makers Scholarship, Tucson City Pan- hellenic Scholarship. Kern, Donna; Kingman, Arizona; Edu- cation: Rallies Committee, University Parties Committee. Kerr, Karen; Wickenburg, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Kappa Kappa Gamma, ASUA Elections Committee, Dallasians. Kerstitch, Dana; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: Gamma Phi Beta, Orchesis, SUAB Music and Literature Committee. Kesler, Jack M.; Kingman, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Sigma Pi Sigma President, Pi Mu Epsilon, General Residence Schol- arship. Keye, Rick; Pleasant Ridge, Michigan; Liberal Arts: Delta Tau Delta. Kikel, Joan; Glendale, New York; Lib- eral Arts: Mensa President, Die Gesell- schaft Zuni Wunderhorn. Kilborn, Sally; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Liberal Arts: AWS President, Mortar Board, Wranglers, ASUA Student Sen- ate, ASUA Appropriations Board, High School Relations Committee, AWS Standards Board. Kilthau, Janice; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Kimmel!, Richard L.; Akron, Ohio; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Market- ing Club. King, Arthur; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Newman Club. King, Sandra; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion. 388 Kinney, Michael L.; Mountain View, California; Mines: American Institute of Chemical Engineers Treasurer. Kirchner, Jerry; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Kirke Tonner Moore Schol- arship. Kirmse, James; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Kappa Alpha, Young Republi- cans President, Semper Fidelis Society. Kishner, Priscilla; Pewaukee, Wiscon- sin; Liberal Arts: Anthropology Club. Klein, Raymond K.; Phoenix, Arizona; Law: Phi Delta Phi, ASUA Supreme Court Justice and Chief-Justice. Kleinsmith, Steve; Tucson, Arizona; Education. Knapp, Richard; Centerport, New York; Business and Public Administration: Weight Lifting Club. Komorowski, Jan; Pittsburg, Pennsyl- vania; Education: Football team. Kong, Teck Kheng; Jesselton, Sabah, Malaysia; Business and Public Adminis- tration: International Student Club, So- ciety for the Advancement of Man- agement, International Non-residence Scholarship, Southern Arizona Bank and Trust Scholarship, Glen Strickler Memo- rial Scholarship. Konopasek, Vivian; Azusa, California; Pharmacy: Kappa Epsilon President, American Pharmacy Association. Koss, Jerry; Anaheim, California; Lib- eral Arts: Beta Theta Pi. Kramer, Peter; Waukegan, Illinois; En- gineering: Kappa Alpha President. Kreiner, Rosalie; Lititz, Pennsylvania; Home Economics. Kreisler, Barry; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Kronauer, Donna; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics. Kruse, Robert H.; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration. Kubba, Yousif; Baghdad, Iraq; Business and Public Administration. Kuczynski, Gregory; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Society for the Advance- ment of Management; General Resi- dence Scholarship. Kuehl, Sylvia; Long Beach, California; Home Economics: Beta Theta, Crescents. Kuehn, Tom; Los Angeles, California; Business and Public Administration: Delta Upsilon House Manager. Kunkel, Joel; Trumbull, Connecticut; Liberal Arts: Pre-Medical Club President and Vice-president; Alpha Epsilon Delta President, Beta Beta Beta, Dean ' s Honor List, General Residence Scholarship, Gorge F. Spaulding Scholarship. Kurner, Delann; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: Phi Lambda Phrateres Pledge Trainer and Recording Secretary, Wom- en ' s Recreational Association. Kurtin, Mary; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Pi Beta Phi. LaBenz, Janie; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation: Delta Gamma, SUAB Recreation Committee, ASUA Community Relations Committee. Laberge, Robert; New Smyrna, Florida; Liberal Arts: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Inter- national Relations Club, Arnold Air So- ciety, Silver Wing, Dean ' s List, Special Master ' s Program, University Honors, Phi Alpha Theta. LaDuc, James; Tucson, Arizona; Engi- neering: American Society of Mechan- ical Engineers. LaJeunesse, Janet; Tucson, Arizona; Education: Delta Gamma, Camp Wildcat Camper Selection Chairman. Lamanna, Carla; Arlington, Virginia; Liberal Arts: Prep, Camp Wildcat Com- mittee, International Students Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List. Lang, E. Stephen; Woodstock, Illinois; Liberal Arts: Sigma Delta Chi secretary- treasurer, Arizona Daily Wildcat city editor. Langfitt, Kayla; Mesa, Arizona; Home Economics. Langley, Jim; Phoenix, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Alpha Tau Omega public rela- tions, Newman Club parliamentarian, Student Senate, Chain Gang, Bobcats, Football. Lantin, Maxine; Globe, Arizona; Educa- tion: Alpha Epsilon Phi. Lantzer, Edwin; Willcox, Arizona; Engi- neering: Theta Tau scribe, correspond- ing secretary, American Institute of Aeronautic and Astronautic Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers treasurer, secretary, Engineers Council Editor, General Residence Scholarship. Larmour, Margaret; Coolidge, Arizona; Home Economics: Beta Theta, National Society of Interior Designers vice presi- dent, General Residence Scholarship, Wranglers Scholarships. Larmour, Paul; Tucson, Arizona; Engi- neering; American Society of Mechan- ical Engineers, Baird Scholarship. Larson, Carol; Sioux Falls, South Da- kota; Education: Alpha Phi, Physical Education for Major-Minor Women Club, Gymnastics Club, Ski Club, WRA, Young Republicans, Scuba Diving Club. La Rue, Rose; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Lawless, Lynn; Elmhurst, Illinois; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Delta Sigma Pi treasurer, Silver Wing, Arnold Air Society, Marketing Club. Lazeres, Richard; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration. Lebovitz, Larry; Las Vegas, Nevada; Liberal Arts: Zeta Beta Tau. Ledwell, Tony; Rome, Georgia; Liberal Arts: Sigma Delta Chi vice president, Wildcat managing editor. Lee, Alfred; Tucson, Arizona; Phar- macy: Phi Delta Chi, American Phar- maceutical Association. Lee, Candy; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Gamma Phi Beta. Lee, Olden; Fort Worth, Texas; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Alpha Phi Alpha, Varsity football. Lee, Robert; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts: University Players. Lee, William; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Delta Tau Delta, Student Opinion Poll. Leech, Margaret; Whiteriver, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Course Wesley Foundation. Leight, Darrell; Tucson, Arizona; Grad- uate. Lemons, Kurt; Westminster, California; Mines: RHA Council, Dorm Social Chair- man, American Institute of Chemical En- gineers. Leon, Jose R.; Tucson, Arizona; Phar- macy. Leos, Richard; Los Angeles, California; Architecture. Levine, Steven; Los Angeles, California; Business and Public Administration. Levitt, William L.; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Beta Beta historian. Lewis, Christopher; Seal Beach, Cali- fornia; Engineering: Folklanders Ameri- can Nuclear Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Mu Epsilon. Lewis, David; Wellsboro, Pennsylvania; Pharmacy. Lewis, Janet; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts: Gamma Phi Beta, Sigma Alpha Iota. Liesch, Kaye; San Bernardino, Cali- fornia; Education: Delta Delta, Panhel- lenic. Liggitt, Marcia; Los Alamitos, Califor- nia; Education: Pi Beta Phi. Liles, George; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration. Limbert, David; Surabaja, Indonesia; Engineering: Sigma Pi, American Soci- ety of Mechanical Engineers. Lind, Barbara; Whittier, California; Ag- riculture: National Society of Interior Designers. Lind, Sharon; Tucson, Arizona; Phar- macy: Kappa Epsilon, American Pharma- ceutical Association, Pepsodent Schol- arship. Lindberg, Thomas; Thief River Falls, Minnesota; Engineering: American In- stitute of Astronautical and Aeronau- tical. Linder, William; Phoenix, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: president American Chemical Society Student Affiliates, Hillel Foun- dation, Young Republicans. Lindstrom, Gordon; Phoenix, Arizona; Mines, Beta Theta Pi, Chemical Engi- neers Club, Student Chapter of Ameri- can Chemical Engineers, Basketball Scholarship, Varsity Basketball. Linxwiler, Lois; Kailva Oahv, Hawaii; Education: University Hostesses, Gamma Phi Beta, Women ' s Day Chairman. Livingston, David M.; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Liberal Arts: Zeta Beta Tau. Livingston, Judy; Tucson, Arizona; Nurs- ing; Christian Fellowship treasurer, Ari- zona A ssociation of Student Nurses, Aloha Lambda Delta, Marshall Scholar- ship. Lloyd, Debra; La Canada, California; Education: Kappa Alpha Theta. Loper, John; Phoenix, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Mar- keting Club. Logan, Lorraine; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation. Lord, Mary; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts. Louden, Antoinette; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration. Lower, Wava Jane; Tucson, Arizona; Nursing. Lowry, Linda; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion: Student National Education Asso- ciation, Advisory Council of College of Education. Luckard, Virginia; New York, New York; Liberal Arts. Ludeke, Sandra K.; Tombstone, Arizona; Education: Theta Sigma Phi, Douglas D. Martin Scholarship, Desert Organization Editor 1966-1967, Wildcat News Edi- tor 1967-1968. Ludvigson, Ron; Holstein, Iowa; Agri- culture; Ski Club. Lujack, Ann; Bethesda, Maryland; Home Economics: Mermaids president, presi- dent of Beta Theta, WRA, Newman Club, Directors of Committee for Home Economics. Luke, Vance; Goodyear, Arizona; Edu- cation: Delta Tau Delta. Lumpkin, Larry; Mexico City, Mexico; Liberal Arts. Lust, Richard; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Beta Beta Beta, Arnold Air Soci- ety, Sigma Nu, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Lynn, Steve; Phoenix, Arizona; Educa- tion: ASUA Public Relations Chairman. Lyon, James; Phoenix, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Pi Kappa Alpha, People-to-People, Publi- cations, Camp Wildcat, Campus Tours. Ma, Man-Kin; Hong Kong; Engineering: Tau Beta Pi, Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers, International Stu- dents Club, University International Scholarship, Tucson Gas and Electric Company Scholarship. MacGregor, Virginia; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts; Newman Cldub. Machalk, Annette; Milwaukee, Wiscon- sin; Liberal Arts: Anthropology Club, Scholarship. Magee, Patricia; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: Physical Education for Major- Minor Women, Folklanders, WRA. Magill, Robyn; Phoenix, Arizona; Agri- culture: Delta Gamma pledge trainer, Angel Flight, Military Ball Queen. Maher, Mitchell; Glendale, Arizona; En- gineering. Mahoney, John; Springfield, Ohio; Pharmacy. Makaus, Mary; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation: Pi Beta Phi. Maldonado, Leonard; El Paso, Texas; Liberal Arts. Mallory, Christopher; Bradford, Penn- sylvania; Business and Public Adminis- tration. Mangham, John; Bisbee, Arizona; Phar- macy: Kappa Psi, American Pharma- ceutical Association first vice president, Kappa Psi recording secretary and regent, Bisbee High School Alumni Scholarship, Tucson Optimist Club Scholarship, Staff of " The Balance " and " U of A Pharmacist. " Maniani, Linda; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Alpha Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescents Secretary, Beta Beta Beta. Manion, Michael; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts: Delta Chi, Alpha Delta Sigma. Mann, Daniel; Tucson, Arizona; Phar- macy: Beta Beta Beta, American Phar- maceutical Association. Mann, Patricia; Morenci, Arizona; Home Economics. Mansfield, William; Douglas, Arizona; Engineering: Theta Tau. Marchant, Alice; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Newman Club, Psi Chi, John and Helen Murphy Scholarship, Matri- culation Honors. Marchant, Mary; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Marsh, Marilyn; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation: Alpha Epsilon Phi ritualist, Alpha Lambda Delta honorary. Martin, Flavious B.; Mayfield, Kentucky; Liberal Arts. Martin, James G.; Overland Park, Kan- sas; Business and Public Administration: Marketing Club, Advertising Club, Golf Scholarship team captain. Martin, Robert W.; Tucson, Arizona; Agriculture. Martinez, Dan G.; Clifton, Arizona; Pharmacy. Martinez, Lorenzo; Tucson, Arizona; Engineering: Varsity Rifle team, Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers. Matesic, Cynthia; Phoenix, Arizona; Education: Chi Omega, Desert Staff, Delta Tau Delta Auxiliary, Judicial Board, General Residence Scholarship. Mathews, James; Sun City, Arizona; Liberal Arts: RHA vice president 1966- 67. Secretary-treasurer Papago Lodge 1967-68. Matthews, Bob; Santa Monica, Califor- nia; Education: Delta Chi, Athletic Scholarship. Mauge, James; Denver, Colorado; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Phi Gamma Delta, Bobcats vice president, Traditions, president of Phi Gamma Delta. Maurer, Ronald; Indianapolis, Indiana; Liberal Arts: Zeta Beta Tau, ASUA Com- mittee, ZBT Scholarship Award. May, Joyce; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: General Residence Scholarship. May, Walter; Los Angeles, California; Agriculture: Delta Chi. Mayerowitz, Harvey; Asbury Park, New Jersey; Engineering. Mayne, Frank; Clifton, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Dorm Junior Class Council, treasurer, Phelps Dodge Scholarship, Baird Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi. McArthur, Philip; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: People-to-People Brother-Sister Committee, Student National Education Association, Wesley Foundation, Cam- pus Democrats. McBride, Cris; Gila Bend, Arizona; Pharmacy. McCarthy, Loretta; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Kappa Kappa Gamma president, SUAB secretary-treasurer, Chairman of SUAB ' Displays, ASUA Movies Committee, Spurs, Speakers Board, ASUA Service Medallion, Gamma Alpha Chi secretary, Little Sisters of Minerva. McClung, Mary; Pittsburgh, Pennsyl- vania; Education. McClure, Diana; Veedersburg, Indiana; Engineering: American Society of Me- chanical Engineers vice president; Ma- triculation Honors, Dean ' s List, Assist- ant in Coronado Hall. McColm, Patricia; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts: Delta Zeta vice president, rush chairman, public relations, Orchesis, Fencing Club, Miss Pima County, Ten Best Dressed Coeds, Arizona College Queen Runnerup, Freshman, Junior Class Councils, AWS ASUA Commit- tees, Leading Dancer Tucson Civic Bal- let Co. McCoy, Nancy; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: Delta Gamma, Little Sisters of Minerva historian. McCutchan, James; Patagonia, Arizona; Business and Public Administration. McDonald, Cynthia; Glendale, Califor- nia; Education. McGeorge, James; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration; Camp Wildcat vice chairman and direc- tor, Track and foo tball manager. McKenna, Larry; Seattle, Washington; Business and Public Administration. McLachlan, Ross; Miami, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Kappa Kappa Psi, Interna- tional Relations Club. McLane, Carol; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Theta Sigma Phi treasurer, Hillel Foundation, General Residence Scholarship, Bernice Cosulich Scholar- ship, Assistant Wildcat news editor 1967-1968. McLaughlin, George; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Tau Kappa Epsilon secre- tary, Arnold Air Society Evecutive Officer. McLing, Patricia; Los Angeles, Cali- fornia; Business and Public Adminis- tration: Course Evaluation, Society of Corrections, Alumni Association Schol- arship. McMillen, Georgia; Tucson, Arizona; Education: Kappa Alpha Theta. McNeil, Roberta; Mason City, Illinois; Education: Desert Section Editor. McNicol, Sally; Battle Creek, Michigan; Education: Delta Gamma corresponding secretary and AWS representative. McPherson, Bonnie J.; Fairborn, Ohio; Home Economics: Alpha Chi Omega third vice president, Beta Theta his- torian, Publicity Chairman, pledge trainer, Camp Wildcat, People-to-Peo- ple, Kitten Klues, Home Economics Senior Danforth Award. McVey, Francis; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics: Student Chapter of Ameri- can Institute of Architects, Student Chapter of National Society of Interior Designers. McWhorter, Brent; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Symphonic Choir, Univer- sity Singers, Advanced ROTC. Meintzer, Sandra; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics: Beta Theta. Melazzo, Josette D.; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics: Kappa Alpha Theta, AWS Sub-chairman Civic Activities, AWS sub-chairman Women ' s Day , SUAB Board, Spurs treasurer, Home Eco- nomics Director ' s Committee, Beta Theta. Memmott, Janet; Glastonbury, Connec- ticut; Education: Arizona Hall social chairman, assistant head resident Ari- zona Hall. Mendez, Ruben; Douglas, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Mense, Allan; Phoenix, Arizona; Engi- neering: Alpha Sigma Phi, Blue Key, Arnold Air Society, Theta Tau, Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Univer- sities, General Residence Scholarship, Special Interfraternal Council Award for Outstanding Service, AFROTC Divi- sion Commander, Interfraternity Coun- cil Research Chairman, WRIFC Chair- man. 389 Mergard, Melinda; Tucson, Arizona; Education: University Singers. Merikle, Linda; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics: Kappa Kappa Gamma, rec- ording secretary, Pompon, Kaydettes. Merrill, Penny; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation: National Education Association, Arizona; Alumni Scholarship. Mertz, Sally Jo.; Upland, California; Pharmacy: Kappa Epsilon, American Pharmaceutical Association, Floa t Chair- man. Merz, Joseph; Glendale, New York; Liberal Arts: Psi Chi corresponding sec- retary. Metz, Forrest; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics: Student Chapter of National Society of Interior Designers, Student Chapter of American Institute of Ar- chitects. Metzgar, Candace; Arcadia, California; Home Economics. Meyer, Stann; West Covina, Georgia; Business and Public Administration. Michela, John; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration. Middleton, Betsy; Yuma, Arizona; Home Economics. Milam, Bonnie J.; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: Lambda Delta Sigma, Young Democrats, Association for Childhood Education. Miller, Beverly; Willcox, Arizona; Edu- cation: WRA president, Physical Educa- tion, Major-Minor Club Treasurer, Arete, Delta Psi Kappa secretary-treasurer, Residence Scholarship. Miller, James W.; Pasco, Washington; Liberal Arts: ASUA vice president, Blue Key, Traditions Chain Gang, ASUA Traf- fic Court Judge, ASUA Executive Coun- cil, ASUA Traffic Committee Chairman, University Honors, General Residence Scholarship, Alumni Association Grant, Shamrock Scholarship, ASUA " A " Blan- ket Service Award, ASUA Service Me- dallion, Tucson Regional Plan Board, Tucson Chamber of Commerce. Miller, Karen; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics. Miller, Stephen; Tucson, Arizona; Engi- neering: Arnold Air Society, Tau Beta Pi, Advanced ROTC. Miller, Vance; St. Joseph, Michigan; Liberal Arts: Pike Kappa Alpha, Young Republicans, Alpha Chi Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. Mintier, Charles; North Bellmore, New York; Education: Alpha Phi Omega cor- responding secretary, Rallies Commit- tee, RHA social chairman, New York State Vocation Rehabilitation Grant, Varsity Gymnastics Manager. Minor, Matt; Groveport, Ohio; Law: Delta Tau Delta, Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma president, Beta Alpha Psi, Pi Gamma Mu. Moffett, Jim; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Alpha Tau Omega, Legislative Relations Committee, Public Relations. Mogro-Campero, Carlos; Tarija, Bolivia; Architecture: Zeta Beta Tau, Latin American Scholarship. Montemayor, Michael; Sierra Vista, Ari- zona; Business and Public Administra- tion. Moon, Virginia; Mesa, Arizona; Agri- culture: D elta Gamma, Angel Flight, Agriculture Senator, ASUA Award. Moore, Louis; Phoenix, Arizona; Law: Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Alpha Delta. Moos, Edward; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Moreton, Marilyn; Wickenburg, Ari- zona; Liberal Arts: Alpha Omicron Pi. Morford, James; Edina, Minnesota; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Chi Phi, Ski Club. Morisky, Donald E.; Phoenix, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Newman Club, American Chemical Society, Phoenix College Scholarship. Morris, Christopher; Devon, Pennsyl- vania; Liberal Arts: Flying Club, Skiing Club. Morris, Jerry; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Delta Chi, Scabbard and Blade, Freshman football. Mulchay, Michael; Tucson, Arizona; Law: Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi, Pi Kappa Delta, Newman Club, Cam- pus Republicans, American Jurispru- dence Book Awards-Contracts Agency, Curia Regis, Student Bar Association recording secretary. Mumma, Carolyn; Phoenix, Arizona; Education: Phi Mu. Mumma, John; Phoenix, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Ad- vanced ROTC. Murphy, Patrick; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration, Kappa Sigma, Traditions, Rallies, Elec- tions. Murry, Susan; Tempe, Arizona; Nursing: Wranglers, Spurs, American Association of Student Nurses, U.S. Navy Nurse Candidate Scholarship, Nurses Choir. Nakamura, Satoshi; Phoenix, Arizona; Pharmacy: Phi Delta Chi. Nardi, Kenneth; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Pi Kappa Alpha social chairman and rush chairman, Society for Advancement of Management, Newman Club. Nash, Walter; Phoenix, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Nathan, Charles; Buffalo, New York; Liberal Arts: Dean ' s List. Nau, Patricia; Lansing, Illinois; Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma, French Club, Inter- national Students Club. Neal, Bud; Inspiration, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Delta Alpha, Chess Club. Neeb, William; Montrose, California; Agriculture: Delta Chi treasurer. Neffson, Diana A.; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Delta Zeta, Phi Chi Theta president, BPA Council, secretary-treasurer, Mar- keting Club. Neil, G., Eugene; Prescott, Arizona; Law: Phi Delta Phi. Neil, Shannon; Phoenix, Arizona; Lib- eral Atrs: Phi Theta Kappa, Phoenix Col- lege and Mills College Scholarships. Nelson, Craig; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Beta Theta Pi, lnterfraternity Coun- cil, IFC Judicial Committee, Rallies Committee, People-to-People, Pre-regis- tration Committee, Beta Beta Beta, Al- pha Epsilon Delta, Sophos, Chain Gang. Nelson, Karen; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics: Folklanders. Nelson, Richard; Billing, Montana; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Sigma Nu, Ski Club. Nelson, Ronald; Stockton, California; Pharmacy: Golf Team. Nemeth, Bill; Portland, Oregon; Liberal Arts: Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta, All-conference football team, Tri- captain 1967. Neubauer, Virginia Sue; Tucson, Ari- zona; Education: Pi Beta Phi, Kaydettes, Pi Omega Pi. Neuhausen, Robert; Granada, Califor- nia; Pharmacy: American Pharmaceuti- cal Association. Neuhauser, Sieglinde; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Model United Nations, Chi Omega. Neville, Diana; Tucson, Arizona; Agri- culture: Phrateres, Beta Theta, Pal- lasians. Newburn, Sandra; Tennessee; Fine Arts: Orientation Committee. Newsome, John; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: Delta Upsilon, Beta Beta Beta. Newsome, Nancy; Winchester, Massa- chusetts; Liberal Arts. Newton, Cynthia; Durham, Connecticut; Education: Wranglers, Pi Lambda Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Assistant Coro- nado Hall. Nicholas, Karen; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Nichols, John; Palo Alto, California; Education: Tennis Team. Nichols, Virginia; Tucson, Arizona; Agriculture: Wildcat assistant news edi- tor, Beta Theta, Art Award SUAB Art Contest, Captain of Journalism Agri- culture Team in Agriculture USA quiz program. Nomura, Ronald; Los Angeles, Califor- nia; Liberal Arts: Alpha Sigma Phi. Nordman, William; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration. Norris, John; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sophos, Chain Gang, General Residence Schol- arship. Norstrom, Randall; Phoenix, Arizona; Architecture: Lambda Chi Alph a, Stu- dent Senate. Oakes, Lexie; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Theta Chi. Oberlander, Suzette; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Dean ' s List, Junior Year Abroad Univer- sity of Vienna. O ' Brien, Mary K.; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Theta Sigma Phi secretary, General Residence Scholarship, Bernice Consuich Journalism Scholarship, Don- ald Eyck Scholarship, Douglas Martin Scholarship, Arizona Daily Wildcat As- sistant Social Editor and reporter. O ' Brien, Patrick; Phoenix, Arizona; En- gineering: Tau Beta Pi, American Soci- ety of Mechanical Engineers, Baseball Scholarship, Baseball. Ochenrider, Gordon H.; Centerport, New York; Business and Public Admin- istration: Kappa Sigma, Wrestling, Bob- cats, Interfraternity Council, Bowmen ' s Association of Arizona. Ochoa, David; Phoenix, Arizona; Law. Odell, Nancy; San Francisco, California; Home Economics: Delta Delta Delta, AWS representative. Ogunlana, Michael; Tede-oyo, Nigeria; Agriculture: African Students Univer- sity. O ' Harrow, Marcia; Mesa, Arizona; Home Economics: Gamma Phi Beta, ASUA High School Visitation, Angel Flight. O ' Hern, David G.; Vista, California; Liberal Arts: Delta Upsilon, Camp Wild- cat vice chairman, director, Arizona; Daily Wildcat. Old, Thomas; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration. Oliver, James; Cliton, Maryland; Lib- eral Arts: Arnold Air Society, Beta Beta Beta. Oltmans, Marilyn; Tucson, Arizona; Education: Alpha Omicron Pi. Onigbogi, Israel Ola; Ilesha, Nigeria; Agriculture: African Students Club sec- retary. Onyejeli, Beatrice; Ajalli-Biaera, East- ern Nigeria; Agriculture: Treasurer of African Students Club. O ' Roke, Pamela D.; Westlake, Ohio; Education: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Flash- board secretary. Orth, Sue; Phoenix, Arizona; Education: Delta Gamma vice president, Mortar Board, Angel Flight, Pompon. Ouillette, Willis; Hayden, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: SAM Club, International Students Club. Over, Ruth; Douglas, Arizona; Educa- tion: Dames, Newman Center. Pace, C. Mills; Tucson, Arizona; Agri- culture: President Agricultural Council, Block and Bridle Club, Livestock Judg- ing team. Padgett, Emmie; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: Delta Gamma, Spurs president, Chimes, Angel Flight, Outstanding Sophomore Woman. Palmer, Kathryn; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation: Kappa Alpha Theta recording secretary, Little Sisters of Minerva, president and treasurer, Porn Pon. Palmer, Ruby; Tucson, Arizona; Nurs- ing. Pany, Kurt; Montgomery, Minnesota; Business and Public Administration: Alpha Sigma Phi recording secretary, Beta Alpha Psi treasurer, Delta Sigma Phi, Course Evaluation Committee, Reli- gion-in-life Steering Committee. Parker, George; Jamaica, New York; Liberal Arts: Camp Wildcat Board of Directors, P.R.E.P. Board of Directors. Parker, Jean; Tucson, Arizona; Kappa Kappa Gamma, People-to-People, AWS representative, KK Gamma correspond- ing secretary. Parlett, Pamela; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: Chi Omega corresponding secre- tary. Partain, Ronald; Beaumont, California; Pharmacy. Patrick, Jeffrey L.; Sierra Vista, Ari- zona; Nursing: president of Arizona As- sociation of Student Nurses. Pattison, Karen; Tucson Arizona; Nurs- ing: President, Arizona Association of Student Nurses, District 3. Paul, Alison; Redlands, California; Edu- cation: Chi Omega, Camp Wildcat as- sistant director, Reunions Chairman, Crescents, Red Cross Friendship Mexico Participant, People-to-People Mexico Ex- change. Payette, Paul; Milford, Connecticut; Business and Public Administration: Beta Theta Pi. Payson, Thomas; Prescott, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Sigma Nu, Lacrosse. Pedersen, Alan; Los Altos, California; Agriculture: Delta Tau D elta, Alpha Zeta vice president, Crops and Soil secre- tary, Circle K Club, Course Evaluation. Peed, Michael; Winkelman, Arizona; Liberal Arts. Peltzman, Robert S.; Los Angeles, Cali- fornia; Pharmacy. Perazzo, Joseph; Bisbee, Arizona; Phar- macy: Kappa Psi, corresponding secre- tary and Scholarship Chairman. Perez, Lupita; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion: Alpha Lambda Delta. Perius, Walter; Yuma, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Sigma Nu, Freshman wrestling. Peters, Donald; North Babylon, New York; Liberal Arts: Pinal Hall secretary, treasurer. Peters, Michael; Tucson, Arizona; Ar- chitecture. Petersen, Kim; Waterloo, Iowa; Liberal Arts: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Alpha Phi Omega, Pre-Med Club. Petras, Gary; Tucson, Arizona; Architec- ture: Alpha Phi Omega treasurer. Petrie, Darrel; Seattle, Washington; Business and Public Administration: Sigma Phi Epsilon. Petrush, John R.; Vestal, New York; Business and Public Administration. Phelps, Stephen; Mesa, Arizona; Law. Phillips, Steve; Yuma, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Sigma Nu, Social Life and Public Relations. Pickrell, Christopher; Phoenix, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rallies Committee, Publicity Committee, Desert Staff, Alumni Association Scholarship, Sigma Phi Epsilon corresponding secre- tary, comptroller. Pierce, John; Tucson, Arizona; Engi- neering: Alpha Sigma Phi. Pinto, Carlos; Lima, Peru; Liberal Arts. Place, Pamela; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion: Kappa Alpha Theta, Pom Pon, SUAB Publicity, Greek Week judges committee, International Forum secre- tary. Platt, Riska; Wichita, Kansas; Home Economics: Mortar Board president, Kaydettes president, SUAB Publications Chairman, Honors Program, Omicron Nu, Pi B eta Pi social chairman. Plinski, Cecilia; Douglas, Arizona; Edu- cation. Potts, James; Glen Ellyn, Illinois; Busi- ness and Public Administration: presi- dent Cochise Hall. Pratt, Sheryl; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts: Alpha Lambda Delta treasurer, Lambda Delta Sigma president, Gen- eral Residence Scholarship, Arizona Federation of Music Clubs Scholarship, Stephan Bufton Memorial Fund Scholar- ship, University Singers, Saguaro Chap- ter American Business Women ' s Asso- ciation Scholarship. Priestley, Donald; Yuma, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Delta Sigma Pi. Priestley, Ronald; Yuma, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Delta Sigma Pi. Prigge, Gary W.; Ajo, Arizona; Phar- macy: Kappa Psi, Rho Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association Region sec- retary, Health Professionals Scholar. Prigge, Marilyn; Tucson, Arizona; Phar- macy: Kappa Epsilon, American Phar- maceutical Association, General Resi- dence Scholarship. Pritchett, Edward; Whittier, California; Pharmacy: Rho Chi, Phi Delta Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association. Proulx, Donald; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: German Club, General Resi- dence Scholarship, Residence Hall Men ' s Scholarship. Rabin, Karin; Scarsdale, New York; Nursing; AWS Philanthrophy, Arizona Association of Student Nurses. Radabaugh, Bruce E.; San Diego, Cali- fornia; Business and Public Adminis- tration; Delta Chi; Athletic Scholarship football. Radmacher, Lynn; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts; Gamma Phi Beta, AWS vice president, treasurer, Mortar Board, Wranglers, Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta vice president, ASUA Academic Com- mittee, SUAB International Forum Trade Exhibits, Freshman Scholarship Award, Baird Scholarship. Raison, Vicki; Newark, Ohio; Home Economics. Ramirez, Eloise; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: Phrateres social chairman, Ale- thiaki President, AWS Civic Activities Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta, UA Honors Program, Epsilon Sigma Alpha Scholarship, 1966 Arizona Dairy Prin- cess, 1966 Alpha Rho Lambda Sweet- heart. Ramirez, Horacio; Ajo, Arizona; Phar- macy: Phi Delta Chi. Ramsey, Edgar; Yonkers, New York; Business and Public Administration: President of Kaibab-Huachuca, Univer- sity Singers, Residence Assistant. Rankin, Lynn; Albuquerque, New Mex- ico; Education: Alpha Epsilon Phi. Ranmar, PaCil; Mt. Vernon, Illinois; Lib- eral Arts: Delta Tau Delta. Raphun, Kathy; Sierra Vista, Arizona; Education: Alpha Chi Omega; Chairman AWS Publications, Chairman Panhel- lenic Philanthropy, Mortar Board, Chimes, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Lambda Theta, AWS Legis- lative Council, AWS Rules Committee. Rathwell, Peter; Glendale, Arizona; Law: Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Farone Scholarship. Reed, Joan; Phoenix, Arizona; Educa- tion; Delta Gamma. Reed, Mark; Reseda, California; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Reynolds, Douglas A.; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Marketing Club. 390 Rhodes, John J.; Mesa, Arizona; Law: Phi Delta Phi Historian. Rhorer, Kathleen; Phoenix, Arizona; Agriculture: Omicron Nu President. Rice, Stanley; Phoenix, Arizona; Engi- neering: U of A Rifle and Pistol Club vice president. Riceberg, Harvey; Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada; Pharmacy: American Pharma- ceutical Association, Rho Chi Kappa Psi. Richardson, Gerald; Clovis, New Mex- ico; Education: CEC, SNEA. Richardson, Laura Kay; Globe, Arizona; Education: Christian Science Organiza- tion, Social Chairman of Arizona Hall. Richardson, Leon A.; Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts: Kappa Alpha Psi Secre- tary, Treasurer, Vice President, and President, Worthing Scholarship. Richardson, Sarah; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics. Ridenour, Dwight; Tucson, Arizona; En- gineering: Die Gesellschaft zung Wun- derborn President, Student Religion Council, Young Republicans, Ski Club. Riegert, Grace S.; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration. Rierson, Denny; Ft. Dodge, Iowa; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Riesgo, Olivia; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: Student National Education As- sociation. Riester, Marion; Chicago, Illinois; Home Economics. Risner, William; Tucson, Arizona; Law: Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi President, Moot Court, Stu- dent Bar, Law Senator. Reber, C. Randall; Tucson, Arizona; Education. Roberts, Amy; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Phrateres. Roberts, Raymond; Belmond, Iowa; Business and Public Administration. Roberts, Vicki; Grand Terrace, Cali- fornia; Nursing: Sonora Hall Vice Presi- dent, AWS Judicial Review, RHA Queen 1966, Military Ball Finalist 1967, Home- coming Queen Attendant 1967, Sigma Phi Epsilon Golden Heart, Sweetheart of Lambda Delta, National March of Dimes Scholarship, Assistant Head Resi- dent, Counselor, People-to-People, Pub- lic Relations. Robertson, David; Washington, D.C.; Agriculture: Block and Bridle. Robertson, John; Mesa, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Sigma Phi Epsilon President. Robinson, Paul; Rill ito, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Rodenkirch, Ann; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Newman Club. Rogel, Marilyn; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Chi Omega; Kaydettes. Rogers, Peggy; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion: University Band, PEMM Club, WRA, Tau Beta Sigma, Delta Psi Kappa. Rogers, Raymond; Uniontown, Pennsyl- vania; Engineering: Arnold Air Society president. Rogers, Sharyn; Carthage, Missouri; Fine Arts: Delta Delta Delta, AWS Com- mittees. Roman, Daniel; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Alpha Phi Lambda, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Silver Wing, German Club, General Resident Schol- arship. Romine, Marilyn; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Rood, John; Phoenix, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Phi Kappa Theta. Root, Richard; Torrance, California; Business and Public Administration: Phi Gamma Delta, Basketball Scholarship, Basketball team. Ross, Andrew D.; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Delta Sigma Pi, President Young Republicans 1964. Ross, Carolyn; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Treasurer Pi Mu Epsilon 1966, Secretary Die Gessellschaft Zum Wun- derhorn 1966, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List, General Resident Scholar- ship, U of A Honors. Ross, Mary; Avondale, Arizona; Home Economics: Co-Chairman ASUA Elec- tions Committee, ASUA Publicity Com- mittee, AWS Orientation, Mortar Board, Omicron Nu, Wranglers. Ross, William; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration. Rosso, John; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Acacia, In- terfraternal Council, President Acacia, Marketing Club, Greek Week Physical Committee Chairman, Freshman Class Council Representative. Roth, Barbara L.; Tucson, Arizona; Home Economics: Alpha Epsilon Phi. Roth, Margie; Scottsdale, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Gamma Phi Beta. Rovey, Ronald; Glendale, Arizona; Agri- culture: Aggie House, Treasurer Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta, Treasurer Agricul- ture Council, Sophos, Freshman Class Council, SUAB Public Relations Com- mittee, SUAB Special Events, Rodeo Chivaree Co-chairman, ASUA Student Senator, Agriculture Faculty Relations Committee, Standard Oil Scholarship, Thomas E. Campbell Award, Alpha Zeta Freshman Scholarship, Gamma Sigma Delta Award, Danforth Freshman Award, Danforth Senior Award. Rowell, Wayne; Santa Ana, California; Pharmacy: Phi Delta Chi. Ruby, Jane; Tucson, Arizona; Education. Ruzicka, Nancy; Leawood, Kansas; Edu- cation: Kappa Kappa Gamma, President UA Hostesses, Angel Flight, SUAB Spe- cial Events, Homecoming Queen 1966, Military Ball Queen 1965, TWA Campus representative, Seventeen Fashion Cor- respondent. Ryan, Claire; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion: Alpha Omicron Pi, Spurs, Chimes, Wrangles, AWS Standards Board, ASUA Social Court, ASUA Social Life, Junior Panhellenic Outstanding Pledge Award, Resident Scholarship. Ryan, Dudley J.; Paradise Valley, Ari- zona; Law: Student Bar Association, Police Internship Committee, Moot Court, Contributor Arizona Advocate, Vice-chairman Pre-Law Committee. Saar, Jesse; Burlington, Iowa; Engi- neering. Sakato, Gary; Phoenix, Arizona Agri- culture: Alpha Gamma Rho, Horticul- ture Club, General Residence Scholar- ship. Salaz, Joe; Tucson, Arizona; Pharma cy. Sales G., Miranice; Fortaleza, Brazil, Agriculture. Sanderson, John R.; Florissant, Missouri; Engineering; Chi Phi, Vice president Chi Phi, Ski Club, Traffic Court, Uni- versity Honors, Dean ' s List. Sanderson, W. Joss; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: People-to-People, Director Independents For Action Homecoming Float Chair- man, General Residence Scholarship, D.C. Jackling Award. Santa-Coloma, Herman; Manizales, Co- lombia; Liberal Arts: People-to-People, International Students Club, Pan Ameri- can Club, University Scholarship Hon- ors. Sapienza, Tony; Tucson, Arizona; Engi- neering. Scelso, Samuel; Ventnor City, New Jer- sey; Home Economics: Treasurer NSID Student Chapter. Schaedler, Louis; Portland, Maine; Engi- neering: American Institute of Aero- nautics and Astronautics. Schaefer, Helene; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Young Democrats, Independ- ents For Action, Model United Nations, Speakers Corner. Schallock, Larry; Santa Barbara, Cali- fornia; Pharmacy: Phi Delta Chi, Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association, Young Republicans, Rho Chi, Lutheran Students Association. Schenker, Albert; Casa Grande, Ari- zona; Mines: Arnold Air Society. Schierenberg, Carol; Pompano Beach, Florida; Nursing: Arizona Association of Student Nurses, Treasurer Arizona Hall, Secretary of Folklanders, Teagle Scholarship, Schmidt, Roderic; Trenton, New Jersey; Agriculture. Schneider, Henry; University City, Mis- souri; Business and Public Administra- tion. Schueman, Ronald; Blue Island, Illinois; Mines. Schwarb, William; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration. Schwartz, Leslie; Woodland Hills, Cali- fornia; Home Economics: Alpha Epsilon Phi. Scott, Susan A.; San Diego, California; Education. Scott, Wally; Kansas City, Missouri; Education: Sigma Chi, Interfraternal Council representative, Captain Foot- ball Team, President FCA. Scoville, Stanley; Phoenix, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bob- cats, Traditions, ASUA Executive As- sistant, A-Day Chairman, Chain Gang, Sophos, SAE rush chairman, and pledge trainer, Miss U of A Pageant Staging Chairman, Varsity Cheerleader. Sears, Clifford; Chicago, Illinois; Archi- tecture: Zeta Beta Tau. Seidel, Lynne; Milton, Pennsylvania; Education: Pi Lambda Theta. Selinger, Robert; Phoenix, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Alpha Phi Omega pledge trainer, first vice president and presi- dent, Young Democrats treasurer, Circle K, Director of Off Campus Housing. Se1ph, Francis; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Business and Public Administration: Secretary of Society For The Advance- ment of Management. Service, Ann; Berkeley, Cal ifornia; Home Economics: National Society of Interior Designers. Shanta, Frank; Tucson, Arizona; Engi- neering. Shapiro, Joel; Phoenix, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Tau Delta Phi, Traditions, Traffic Court Judge. Shaw, Charles W.; Coolidge, Arizona; Pharmacy. Shelden, Geoffrey; San Marino, Cali- fornia; Business and Public Administra- tion; Phi Delta Theta. Sherman, Richard, Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Shioji, Hiroki; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: International Students Club, Uni- versity Singers, International Scholar- ship, University Alumni Grant. Shook, Suzy; Scottsdale, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Pi Beta Phi pledge trainer, Little Sisters of Minerva. Siler, John; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts: Air Force ROTC Drill Team . Sillins, Karin; Scarsdale, Arizona; Nurs- ing: Philanthrophy Club, Arizona Asso- ciation of Student Nurses. Simek, Darlene; Phoenix, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts. Simson, Mark; Tucson, Arizona; Archi- tecture. Sirak, John; Trenton, New Jersey; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Delta Sigma Pi. Skeie, Priscilla; Thousand Oaks, Cali- fornia; Fine Arts: Alpha Phi, Vice presi- dent Mortar Board, First vice president of Alpha Phi, Chimes, Spurs Historian, Alpha Lambda Delta, Angel Flight Drill Commander, Dionysians, Chimes Schol- arship, Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities, AWS Public Relations Chairman, Desert Organiza- tions 1966, Panhellenic Fraternity Edu- cation Chairman. Skully, Michael; Oklahoma City, Okla- homa; Business and Public Administra- tion: Delta Sigma Pi, Organizer of First Territorial Land and Development Com- pany. Slager, Jeffrey; Hillsborough, Califor- nia; Fine Arts: De Molay, ASUA Sen- ator, Judiciary Committee, University Players, Alpha Gamma Sigma. Slavin, Nancy; Van Nuys, California; Education: Alpha Epsilon Phi. Smart, Beverly; Indianola, Iowa; Educa- tion: Vice president at Coronado Hall and an assistant, Wranglers, Pi Lambda Theta, International Students Club. Smith, Bonnie M.; Palos Verdes Estates, California; Education: Alpha Phi, So- noran Exchange. Smith, Burks A.; Shawnee Mission, Kan- sas; Business and Public Administra- tion: Kappa Alpha. Smith, Carol L.; Minneapolis, Minne- sota; Fine Arts: University Players. Smith, Dennis; Hot Springs, Arkansas; Business and Public Administration: Secretary of Alpha Tau Omega. Smith, John L.; Gilbertsville, Pennsyl- vania; Engineering: President Lutheran Student Association. Smith, Marcia; Monrovia, California; Education: Ski Club, Student National Education Association. Smith, Michael; San Anselmo, Califor- nia; Liberal Arts: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Young Republican Executive Board, Intramurals. Smyth, Ruth; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion: Sigma Alpha Iota. Soffer, Mary Jane; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Phi Mu, Phi Chi Theta, AWS representa- tive. Soteriades, Paul E.; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Conservative Baptist Stu- dent Center, German Club. Soto, Barbara; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion. Soulliard, Mary Carol; Irving, Texas; Liberal Arts: Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Newman Club, University Honors, General Residence Scholarship. Sowders, Steven; Los Angeles, Cali- fornia; Liberal Arts: Scabbard and Blade, football. Spaek, Roxie Ann; Holland, Michigan; Education: Publicity Club, Social Chair- man of Dormitory Activities. Spagon, Pat; Youngtown, Arizona; Engi- neering: Tau Beta Pi, Institute of Elec- tronics and Electrical Engineers. Spanyol, Robert; Honolulu, Hawaii; En- gineering: Silver Wing, Arnold Air So- ciety, Air Force ROTC Vice Command- ant Award, AFROTC FAP Scholarship. Spar, Glenn; Roll, Arizona; Agriculture: Alpha Gamma. Rho, Crops and Soil Club, Circle K Club, Agriculture Coun- cil, Alpha Gamma Rho Rush Chairman and treasurer. Specht, Nancy; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation: Chi Omega, Panhellenic Presi- dent, Spurs, Senate, SUAB, ASUA, Pledge Panhellenic Advisor and Schol- arship Chairman, Phoenix Panhellenic Scholarship, AWS Scholarship, General Residence Scholarship. Spiegel, Christina; Daahran, Saudi Ara- bia; Fine Arts: Alpha Delta Pi, Inter- national Students Club, French Club, University Players. Spring, Kenneth B.; Tucson, Arizona; Law: Phi Delta Phi, Sigma Alpha Mu, Alpha Delta Sigma, Moot Court finalist, Moot Court Board, Interfraternal Coun- cil, Interfraternal Pledge Council, Pub- licity Chairman. Stack, Paul; La Grange Park, Illinois; Business and Public Administration: Vice president Delta Sigma Pi. Stadler, Diane; Wickenburg, Arizona; Education: Chi Omega, Chimes, AWS Scholarship Committee Chairman, Vice President Chi Omega, President of Crescents. Starr, Richard; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Arnold Air Society, football. St. Clair, Edwin F.; Wickenburg, Ari- zona; Liberal Arts: Lambda Chi Alpha. Steidl, Diane; Chicago, Illinois; Educa- tion: French Club. Steinebach, Russell G.; Tucson, Ari- zona; Engineering. Steinwachs, Donald; Tucson, Arizona; Engineering: Alpha Sigma Phi, Presi- dent Baha ' i Youth Organization, Asso- ciation for Computing Machinery sec- retary, Theta Tau, Chairman Red Cross Committee for ASUA, ASUA Vice Chair- man Community Services Committee, Tau Beta Pi, University Honors, Dean ' s List. Stephan, Jere; Munster, Indiana; Home Economics: Pi Beta Phi. Stephens, Ann; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation. Stephenson, James; Prescott, Arizona; Education: Arnold Air Society, French Club, Silver Wing Executive Officer and Administration Officer. Stern, Theodore; Rockville Centre, New York; Business and Public Administra- tion. Stiegel, Michael; Skokie, Illinois; Lib- eral Arts; People-to-People, Community Service Organization. Stigers, Roy H.; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Delta Upsilon, People-to-People, Marketing Club. Stoddard, Charles; Tucson, Arizona; Law: Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar As- sociation. Stoecker, Ann; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Alpha Chi Omega, WRA Board, AWS Girl Scout Committee Chairman, University Hostesses, Wranglers, Phi Chi Theta, General Residence Scholarship. St. John, Barbara; Phoenix, Arizona; Education: Kappa Kappa Gamma. Stoloff, Stuart; Phoenix, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Men ' s Judicial Board, Psi Chi, Stone, Gary; Scottsdale, Arizona; Agri- culture: 4-H Agricultural Council, Block and Bridle president and treasurer, ATP house manager and pledge trainer, Live- stock Judging. Stone, Helen; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion: International Students Club, Pi Kappa Delta. Stone, Janice; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts, Stone, Mary K.; North Hollywood, Cali- fornia; Liberal Arts: Alpha Delta Pi, Civic Activities Committee, Poster Com- mittee, Le Circle Francais, French Writ- ing Award. Storey, Norman; Phoenix, Arizona; Law: Phi Delta Phi, Richard Grand Foun- dation, Arizona Advocate. Storrs, Robert; Phoenix, Arizona; Law: Phi Delta Phi. Stout, Samuel; Glendale, Arizona; Law: Phi Delta Phi. Stout, Susan; Lancaster, California; Lib- eral Arts: Pi Beta Phi recording secre- tary, AWS Scholarship. Rallies, Greek Week Committees. Strauss, Linda; Flagstaff, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: University Symphonic Or- chestra. Strong, Stuart; Indianapolis, Ind iana; Mines: Alpha Kappa Lambda, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Alpha Kappa Lambda secretary and president, Baird Scholarship. Stuart, Kim; Phoenix, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Young Democrats, Independents For Action, International Relations Club. Sublette, William R.; Lancaster, Cali- fornia; Mines: Daniel J. Jackling Award. Sulcer, Deborah; Short Hills, New Jer- sey; Liberal Arts: Alpha Phi, Publicity Chairman SUAB International Forum, Alpha Phi Rush Chairman, SUAB secre- tary of Special Events, ASUA Service Award. Homecoming Queen Semi-final- ist 1967. 391 Summers, Daniel; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Sundeen, Thomas; Superior, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Phi Gamma Delta, Bobcats, Traditions, Cele Peterson Scholarship. Sutherland, George; Warren, Rhode Is- land; Architecture: Student Chapter of American Institute of Architects presi- dent. Swanson, Christina; Cobalt, Idaho; Lib- eral Arts: University Honors. Swanson, Patricia; Manhattan Beach, California Business and Public Adminis- tration: Alpha Delta Pi. Swartz, Arlene; Toledo, Ohio; Educa- tion. Swartz, Lil; San Antonio, Texas; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Delta Gamma. Sweeney, Carole; Tucson, Arizona; Nursing: Newman Association. Sweeney, Senan; White Plains, New York; Business and Public Administra- tion: Alpha Tau Omega, Football, In- surance Club, Ski Club. Taft, Andrea; Kearny, Arizona; Educa- tion: Student National Education Asso- ciation, Camp Wildcat, Prep, Theta Sigma Phi, General Residence Scholar- ship, William R. Mathews Scholarship, Wildcat Photographer. Tamboli, Lena Anita; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Marketing Club, Phi Chi Theta. Tapia, Carlos R.; Hermosillo, Mexico; Agriculture: Agricultural Council repre- sentative, Block and Bridle. Taplin, Charles; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration. Tauman, Sharon; Phoenix, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Phi Chi Theta, BPA Council representative, University Society of Corrections secre- tary, AWS Scholarship Committee sec- retary, RHA Historian, RHA Co-Schol- arship chairman. Taylor, Carolyn; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation: Delta Gamma, SUAB Informal Forums, Angel Flight, Little Sisters of Minerva, Pi Lambda Theta. Tella, Sherwood; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Greek Week Chairman, ASUA Cabinet Posi- tion, Pre registration Chairman Social Life Chairman, Varsity Track, Sophos, Chain Gang, Bobcats. Temkin, Nancy; Phoenix, Arizona; Nurs- ing: Wranglers, Spurs, District Officer Arizona Association of Student Nurses, AWS Scholarship Committee, Nursess ' Chorus, ASUA Publicity Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta. Tews, Bruce; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Society For Advancement of Management. Thien, Ellen; Phoenix, Arizona; Liberal Arts. Thomas, George; Summit, New Jersey; Liberal Arts: Cross Country, Anthro- pology Club. Thompson, Charles E.; Newburgh, New York; Liberal Arts. Thompson, Clifton; Englewood, New Jersey; Business and Public Adminis- tration: Kappa Alpha Psi. Thompson, Don; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Pi Kappa Alpha, Interfraternal Council vice president, Blue Key, IFC Service Key, ASUA Service Key, American Mar- keting Association, Marketing Club. Thompson, Jody; Clovis, California; Lib- eral Arts. Thorp, Don; Bisbee, Arizona; Fdunation. Tom, Ronald; Los Angeles, California; Fine Arts: Chinese Club. Tonks, Thomas; Schenectady, New York; Business and Public Administration. Torluemke, Donald; Sierra Vista, Ari- zona; Engineering: President Hopi Lodge, Scabbard and Blade, Intramurals. Townsend, Barbara; Wayne, Pennsyl- vania; Mines: Delta Zeta, Secretary of American Institute of Mechanical En- gineers. Triano, Gary; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration. Trigg, Linda; Yuma, Arizona; Education: Alpha Delta Pi, Traffic Court, General Residence Scholarship. Tripp, James; Orangevale, California; Liberal Arts. TrudeIle, Randall E.; New Bedford, Mas- sachusetts; Architecture: Treasurer Stu- dent Chapter of American Institute of Architects, Desert. Tuidstrom, Gordon; Engineering. Tuttle, Nancy; Mesa, Arizona; Educa- tion: Delta Gamma, Angel Flight Com- mander, Liberal Arts Senator, Chimes president, Spurs. Twitty, John; Merced, California; Phar- macy: Kappa Psi, Rho Chi. Tyrala, Lester; Weymouth, Massachu- setts; Mines. Ukeiley, Nadine; Las Vegas, Nevada; Business and Public Administration; Second vice president of Sigma Delta Tau, Phi Chi Theta, Jewish War Vet- erans Scholarship. Umbenhaur, Marsha; Phoenix, Arizona; Liberal Arts: President and Rush Chair- man Gamma Phi Beta, Chimes, ASUA Traffic Court, Angel Flight, Mortar Board, AWS Special Events, SUAB En- tertainment Committee, ASUA Service Award. Unger, Ruth; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts. Unger, Susan; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion: ASUA Sonoran Exchange repre- sentative, People-to-People Exchange Committee, French Club, Student Na- tional Education Association, Camp Wildcat, Alpha Lambda Delta. Urlie, Alice; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion: Student National Education. Uyehara, Peter; Los Angeles, California; Education: Pi Lambda Theta Sigma Delta Pi, Student National Education Asso- ciation. Vallee, Mary. Vance, rhyllis; Scottsdale, Arizona; Education: Pi Lambda Theta, Student National Education Association, Asso- ciation of Childhood Education, Inde- pendents For Action, General Residence Scholarship. Vance, Sally; Tucson, Arizona Fine Arts: Kappa Alpha Theta, Angel Flight, Pan American Airlines representative. Vancil, Judith; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts: Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Iota rec- ording secretary, SUAB Music and Lit- erature Committee, AWS Scholarship. Van Fredenberg, Allen; Phoenix, Ari- zona; Education. Van Scoyk, Linda; Tucson, Arizona; Education: Camp Wildcat, Tucson Gas and Electric Scholarship. Van Wagner, Susan; Tucson, Arizona; Education: Gamma Phi Beta. Van Zee, Joyce A.; Rose Hill, Iowa; Education. Vasko, William D.; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Newman Center. Vasquez, Cecilia; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: Delta Psi Arete secre- tary, Physical Education Club for Major- Minor Women. Veck, Frederick; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation. Velez, Manuel; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts. Veltum, Lee; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Fine Arts: Vice president Kappa Kappa Psi. Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Orchestra, General Music Scholarship, Hepcats Scholarship. Verkamp, Stephen; Grand Canyon, Ari- zona; Law: Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Phi. Vlahovich, Stephen; Warren, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Delta Sigma Pi president. Wade, Karen D.; Menlo Park, California; Nursing: Alpha Phi. Waitman, Chuck; Prescott, Arizona; Mines: American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Walker, George; Tucson, Arizona; Engi- neering: Theta Tau, United Campus Christian Fellowship, Alpha Phi Omega, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Engineering Senator, Engi- neer ' s Council. Walker, Virginia; Phoenix, Arizona; Home Economics: Alpha Delta Pi cor- responding secretary, Sears Roebuck and Co., Home Economics Scholarship. Waltner, Willie; Los Angeles, Califor- nia; Liberal Arts: Sigma Nu, Varsity LaCrosse. Warner, Charles; Oakwood, Ohio; Busi- ness and Public Administration. Warner, Gary; Coatsevill, Pennsylva- nia; Engineering: Tau Beta Pi, Airre- search Manufacturing Company Schol- arship, American Institute of Aero- nautics and Astronautics, Toastmasters Club, University Seminar Ins titute, United Campus Christian Fellowship, Intramural softball. Warnock, Edward J.; Portland, Oregon; Engineering: Tau Beta Pi. Warren, Lee Ann; Scottsdale, Arizona; Education: University Players, French Club, AWS Publicity, AWS Public Rela- tions, Delta Tau Delta Auxiliary. Wason, Paul; Winslow, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Delta Tau Delta. Waterman, Wendy; Greenwich, Con- necticut; Education: Ski Club. Watkins, Linda; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: Phi Mu. Watson, Toni; Modesto, California; Edu- cation: Ski Club. Watson, William S.; Tucson, Arizona; Engineering: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Weber, Sharon; Stanford, Connecticut; Business and Public Administration: Orches is historian. Weeics, James; Arlington, Virginia; Liberal Arts: Pi Sigma Alpha, Sophos, Chain Gang, Liberal Arts Senator. Wehrman, Jim; Tucson, Arizona; Engi- neering. Weimer, Maryann; Miami, Arizona; Edu- cation: Delta Zeta. Weiss, Alan B.; Des Moines, Iowa; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Mar- keting Club. Welch, D. Scott; Tucson, Arizona; Engi- neering. Weldon, J. Porter; Mesa, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Weller, Ronald; Phoenix, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Alpha Sigma Phi, Canterbury Club president and chaplain, ASP Rituals Chairman, Student Religion Council, Picnic Chair- man, University honors. Wells, James; Sierra Vista, Arizona; En- gineering. Wenger, Daniel; Quarryville, Pennsyl- vania; Engineering. Whalen, Eileen R.; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Newman Center. Wheeler, Gary; San Diego, California; Liberal Arts: Beta Theta Pi. Whelpley, Gary; Tucson, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Chi Phi. Whistler, Carla; Torrance, California; Education: Alpha Delta Pi. Whitaker, William; Mercer Island, Washington; Business and Public Ad- ministration: Theta Chi. White, Jennifer; Scottsdale, Arizona; Liberal Arts. Whiting, Richard; Chevy Chase, Mary- land; Liberal Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SUAB Public Relations, Student Senate. Whitley, Thomas; Globe, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration: Alpha Tau Omega president and treasurer, Blue Key treasurer, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, Presi- dent Greenlee Hall, Men ' s Judicial Council. Whitson, Kent; Tucson, Arizona; Engi- neering: Phi Gamma Delta, American Society of Civil Engineers, Intramurals, Associated General Contractors of America Scholarship, Williams and Ellis Scholarship. Wiear, Thomas M.; Riverside, Califor- nia; Business and Public Administration. Wick, David; San Mateo, California; Liberal Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Dis- plays Committee, Special Events Com- mittee co-chairman. Wilcox, Nancy; Nogales, Arizona; Edu- cation: Delta Gamma. Wild, Victor; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration. Wilkinson, William; Prescott, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Theta Chi, Rodeo Club. Williams, Anthony; Tucson, Arizona; Mines: American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers, R.ta Pi president. Williams, Boni; Novato, Education. Williams, Douglas; Riviera Beach, Flor- ida; Engineering. Williams, Gary; Tucson, Arizona; Fine Arts: Phi Gamma Delta. Williams, Lyn Marie; Globe, Arizona; Liberal Arts: Gamma Phi Beta, AWS Campus Activities Chairman, Gamma Phi Beta vice president, activities chair- man, International Relations Club vice president, SUAB International Forum Speaker, People-to-People Secretary, Chimes Secretary, Spurs, Symposium Rituals Vice President, Beta Sigma Sig- ma President, Pi Sigma Alpha. Williamson, Gary; Tucson, Arizona; En- gineering: Pi Kappa Alpha, Silver Wing, Association for Computing Machinery. Wilson, Albert W.; Shafter, California; Pharmacy. Wilson, Charles; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Theta Omega, Dean ' s List, Drufers Foundation. Wilson, James M.; Aurora, Illinois; Business and Public Administration. Wilson, Nancy Ruth; Tucson, Arizona; Nursing: Golden Hearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon, University Orchestra, General Music Scholarship. Wilson, Ronald; Tucson, Arizona; Archi- tecture. Wilson, Sandy; El Paso, Texas; Educa- tion: Alpha Phi, Spurs, Pikettes Treas- urer. Winchell, Richard A.; Harrisburg, Penn- sylvania; Mines: American Society of Metals, American Institute of Mining. Windish, Alice; Trivoli, Illinois; Nurs- ing. Winn, Betsy; Tucson, Arizona; Educa- tion. Wirkler, Candace; Tucson, Arizona; Nursing. Wisdom, Joe; Gilbert, Arizona; Engi- neering: Sigma Nu, Sigma Delta Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Baird Schol- arship. Wise, Thomas; Yardley, Pennsylvania; Business and Public Administration: Beta Theta Pi. Witherspoon, John; Manhasset, New York; Liberal Arts. Witt, Susan; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Liberal Arts: Phi Mu. Wolf, Marilyn Gail; Tucson, Arizona; Business and Public Administration: Phi Chi Theta, Pi Kappa Delta, University Debate Squad, University General Resi- dent Scholarship, Phi Chi Theta Schol- arship. Wolfe, Janet; Williams, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Quadrille Team, Rodeo Team, Rodeo Club Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta, General Resident Scholarship, Old Ft. Lowell Scholarship. Wood, Ann; La Canada, California; Education: Kappa Alpha Theta, Univer- sity Hostesses. Wood, Mary Lou; Tucson, Arizona; Edu- cation: AWS Committee, ASUA Com- mittee. Wood, R. Wayne; Mesa, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pre-Med Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta. Woodruff, Susan; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Gamma Phi Beta, Chimes, Spurs, ASUA Senate, Angel Flight, Gamma Phi Beta Social Chairman, Fresh- man Class Secretary, Honors Special Masters Program, Greek Week Queen, White Rose Queen of Sigma Nu. Woods, Lynn; Phoenix, Arizona; Edu- cation: Pi Beta Phi, SUAB Public Rela- tions. International Forum Publicity, ASUA Publicity. Wordon, Wayne. Wright, Alice; Mentor, Ohio; Law: Kappa Beta Pi Marshall. Wright, Judith, Placentia, California; Education: Sigma Alpha Iota. Wright, Kathleen; Tucson, Arizona; Agriculture: Newman Club, Belles of Phi Kappa Theta, Beta Theta. Wright, Linda; Miami, Arizona; Educa- tion: Alpha Delta Pi. Wright, Newell W.; Placentia, Califor- nia; Engineering: American Society of Civil Engineers. Wyre, Janet; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts. Wuest, Michael; Rome, New York; En- gineering: Theta Tau, American Insti- tute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Wynn, Clois; Tucson, Arizona; Engineer- ing: Tau Beta Pi Vice President, Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers. Yasmer, Lawrence; Tucson, Arizona; Tri Beta, Traditions, Head Cheerleader. Yeung, Marilyn; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Theta Sigma Phi, People-to- People, Chinese Students ' Club, Interna- tional Students ' Club, Douglas Martin Scholarship, Theta Sigma Phi Scholar- ship, Scripps-Howard Scholarship, Ari- zona Press Women ' s Award, Wildcat Staff Reporter. Young, Cynthia; Los Angeles, Califor- nia; Liberal Arts. Younggren, Steve; Tucson, Arizona; Pharmacy. Zdon, Michael; Minneapolis Minnesota; Education. Zeitler, Eddie; Tucson, Arizona; Liberal Arts. Zepeda, Arlene; Superior, Arizona; Busi- ness and Public Administration; Phi Chi Theta Vice President and President, Manzanita Hall Vice President, 4-1-1 Club, Marketing Club, General Resident Scholarship. Zerilli, Richard; Tucson, Arizona; Lib- eral Arts: Phi Kappa Theta Vice Presi- dent, I.F.0t, Editor and Scholarship Chairman, French Club, Western Re- gional Expansion Chairman of Phi Kappa Theta. Ziegenbein, Kent; Ashland, Nebraska; Engineering: Symphonic Marching Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, General Music Scholarship. Zieman, Greg; Okoboji, Iowa; Business and Public Administration: Marketing Club. Zion, Barbara; Woodcuff Lake, New Jersey; Fine Arts. Zivney, Christine; Phoenix, Arizona; Fine Arts: Delta Delta Delta, President of Putters, Desert Staff, Ski Club, Chap- lain of Delta Delta Delta, Varsity Golf, SUAB Public Relations, ASUA Public Relations, AWS Publicity, Marshall Scholarship. 392 I N ) Aanes, Carol L., 288-89 Army ROTC, 197 Bell, Tedd, 277 Boyd, Cassandra L., 304 Abbot, Cynthia H., 284 Arnold Air Society, 269 Bellantoni, Rosanne, 284 Boyd, Judy Kay B., 297 Abodeely, Robert E., 358 Arnold, Lois S., 286 Bemis, William, 274 Boyles, Norman, 264 Aboud John E., 273 Aro, Michael R., 45 Bendinger, Virginia, 294 Brackney, Charles J., 325, 330, Abromowitz, Philip S., 334 Aros, David B., 238 Bennet, Kim 0., 265 155, 400 Acacia, 322 Arriaga, Adriana A., 273, 297 Bennet, Michael, 327 Braden, Susan R., 290 Ackerman, George S., 348 Arrieta, Jeffrey J., 340 Bensinger, Larry H., 330 Brady, Michael G., 326 Ackerman, Karen L., 302 Arthur, Andrea L., 304 Benson, Cheryl L., 310-11 Brady, Patricia, 312, 294 Adam, Thomas E., 242 Ash, Stephen P., 334 Benson, Karen S., 312 Brafman, Susan R., 286 Adams, Catherine, 302 Ashby, Charlie, 352-53 Benson, Larry S., 281, 327 Braginsky, Joan, 369 Adams, Diane J., 288-89 Assistant Deans of Men and Bent, George H., 264 Bramsen, Philip D., 358 Adams, James, N., 316, 281 Women, 160 Bentley, Susan A., 312 Branch John W., 326 Adams, Patricia J., 284 Astleford, Robert D., 280 Benz, Barbara L., 381 Brandt, William, 332 Adams, Sanoy, 292 Atkins, Abigail, 288-89 Berg, Lee M., 308 Branom, Joseph M., 330 Adams, Suzanne D., 298 Atwood, James, C., 336-37 Berger, Susan R., 284 Brautigan, Roger L., 45, 54 Adamson, Richard W., 330 Au, James K., 238 Berkowitz, Susan S., 286 Bravo, Luis A., 332 Ade Lindsay D., 290 Aune, Teresa S., 294 Berman, Jeffrey J., 352-53 Bravo, Martha A., 306 Adler, Judith L., 308 Avery, Nancy L., 300 Bernard, Bruce D., 330 Bravo, Edward, 332 Aggie House, 249 Averty, Andrea M., 290 Bernau, Carl L., 328 Bremond, Ann G., 290 Agriculture, College of, 170-71 Berne, Julie, 286 Brennan, Thomas R., 45, 344 Aguilar, Rudy Lewis, 238 Bachrach, Donald B., 334 Berns, Richard A., 334 Brenner, Steven B., 334 Ahern, Leslie A., 294 Backus, Laurence D., 373 Bernstein, Jonathan, 334 Brethour, Margaret, 290 Aichroth, Albert A., 271, 272, 273 Bacon, Jeanette H., 306 Bernstein, Pamela A., 308 Brewer, W., 272, 273 Air Force ROTC, 197 Bacon, Terry P., 290 Berry, Richard E., 273 Brickman, Jacqueline, 286 Albright, Michael B., 328 Baer, Cheryl B., 308 Bert, Harold J., 272, 273 Brien, Douglas P., 346 Alcocer, Ruben A., 325 Baer, Paul J., 272, 273 Bertin, Kenneth M., 324 Brigham, Sharon L., 302 Alcorn, Stanley, 274 Bagdasarian, Ross D., 356 Beta Alpha Psi, 253 Broadman, Sally, 300 Alderman, Toni J., 294 Bahula, Linda H., 294 Beta Beta Beta, 265 Bronson, Peter R., 265 Alexander, Joseph W., 382 Bailey, Joan M., 294 Beta Gamma Sigma, 253 Brooks, Susan, 298 Allan, Charles S., 242 Bailey, Joline J., 381, 277 Beta Pi Alpha, 255 Brooks, Vicki L., 298 Allbritton, David W., 273 Bailey, Margaret M., 381, 263 Beta Theta, 251 Brooks, Wendy L., 312 Allen, Larry V., 334 Bailey, Ray J., 326 Beta Theta Pi, 328-29 Brosius, Robert C., 330 Allen, Linda D., 281 Baitzer, Lester C., 242 Betts, Larry B., 332-33 Brotman, Pegi A., 308 Allen Marilyn M., 294 Baizel, Sandra M., 310-11 Bevington, Holmes H., 346 Brown, Bradley P., 332 Allen, Peter A., 330 Baker, Linda K., 288-89 Bianco, Faust Jr., 326 Brown, Cameron Jr., 352-53 Allen, Richard F., 346 Baldridge, Susanne E., 374 Bickerton, Ann E., 310-11 Brown, Carolyn L., 304 Alley, Dianne E., 290 Baldwin, Mary E., 273, 284 Bideganeta, Teresa L., 284 Brown, Karen, 312 Alley, Robert M., 323 Balsukot, Connie J., 273, 294 Bieling, Elizabeth H., 366 Brown, Louesa, 312 Allhiser, Gary L., 265, 360 Bamberger, Roger S., 352-53 Bierman, Ronald J., 272, 273 Brown, Margot A., 304 Allyn, Cynthia S., 281, 316, 310-11 Bamrick, Irene F., 262 Bilby, Patricia L., 304 Brown, Marvin R., 330 Almada, Laura, 271, 272, 273 Bank, Michael S., 334 Bilson, Margaret E., 375 Brown, Robert, 265, 341 Alpern, Ronnie J., 308 Bankes, Cheryl L., 304 Birk, Gerald S., 360 Brown, Roger, 340 Alpert, Donn S., 334 Bannister, Bryant, 274 Bisbee, Jane A., 288-89 Brown, Shan Lee, 302 Alpha Chi Omega, 292-93 Barajas, David, 45, 54, 64, 345 Bishop, Carol, 263, 306 Brown, Walter B., 334 Alpha Chi Sigma, 277 Barber, Herbert, 322 Bishop, Kathleen, 304 Browne, Nancy K., 202, 292 Alpha Delta Pi, 284-85 Alpha Epsilon Delta, 204 Barc, Linda J., 374, 312 Bard, Steven M., 352-53 Bishop, Robert, 358 Black, Carol A., 308 Browning, John W., 328 Brubaker, Dennis L., 321 Alpha Epsilon Phi, 321 Barelli, John F., 322 Black, Donna L., 295 Bruce, Linda C., 308 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 286-87 Barlow, Judy, 284 Black, Donna R., 292 Buchanan, Jane A., 304 Alpha Gamma Rho, 323 Barnes, Katherine L., 297 Black, Janice G., 302 Buchanan, Susannah, 302 Alpha Kappa Lambda, 325 Barnes, Richard, 346 Blacker, David E., 334 Buckley, Belinda M., 294 Alpha Lambda Delta, 244 Alpha Omicron Pi, 288-89 Barr, Robert, 265 Barrow, Linda K., 300 Blackfield, Karen A., 286 Blackfield, Pamela E., 286 Budinger, Linda J., 298 Budurin, Chrisandra, 312 Alpha Phi, 290-91 Barry, Edward S., 354 Blackman, Jeffrey W., 310-11 Bugg, Judith L., 294 Alpha Phi Omega, 246 Bartgn, Barbie, 308 Blair, Evelyn S., 308 Bumsted, Gaye, 312 Alpha Tau Alpha, 248 Barth, Lise A., 297 Blair, Cynthia D., 297 Bunday, Kathleen L., 306 Alpha Tau Omega, 326-27 Barthels, Mary A., 316, 281, 297 Blair, Robert, 346 Burger, Louise H., 292 Alpha Zeta, 248 Bartlein, James W., 322 Blake, Mary E., 277 Burgess, Tony L., 264 Alter, Emily Jean, 286 Aluise, Joseph R., 45 Alumni Director, 161 Bartlett, Deborah E., 304 Bartley, Douglas H., 338, 238 Bartolino, Jeff D., 330 Blank, Beverly G., 269, 302 Bloch, Jessica L., 304 Block and Bridle Club, 249 Buri, Charles E., 346 Burke, Michael, 321 Burke, Richard S., 356 American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 257 American Society of Civil Engineers, 258 American Pharmaceutical Association, 273 Ammons, James R., 332 Amols, Steven A., 334 Amos, Susanne I., 302 Anapolsky, Warren C., 334 Andell, Eric G., 316, 281, 334 Anderson, Anne M., 297 Anderson, Kathleen, 300 Anderson, Kay, 292 Anderson, Michael, 336-37 Barton, Benjamin G., 350 Barton, Charles R., 326 Baruh, Terye E., 286 Basmagy, Katherine J 277 Batchelder, Ann, 290 Bates, Bruce B., 328 Bates, Nancy C., 300 Bates, Scott E., 330 Battaglai, Robert E., 339 Bauer, Jo A., 306 Baum, Diana L., 316, 281, 304 Bauman, Carolyn A., 297 Bazley, Barbara A., 310-11 Beans, Stephen J., 334 Beard, Elizabeth J., 263 Block, Jo A., 294 Bloodworth, Rebecca, 306 Bloomenthal, Walter, 334 Bloomfield, Joanne E., 294 Blouin, Ann V., 302 Blue Key, 241 Blume, Lawrence D., 281, 344 Blute, Marcia T., 265 Bly, James F., 372 Board of Regents, 159 Bobcats, 241 Boccaccio, Mark A., 326 Bock, Richard C., 332 Bockius, Donna R., 263 Boddiger, Barbara J., 290 Burler, Debby, 290 Burner, Janet K., 294 Burnham Kay L., 284 Burns, Brian K., 346 Burns, Francis B., 354 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Jack, 265, 352-53 Callicoat, Martha C., 300 Aranda, Robert, 370 Beer, Gary L., 265 Boogaart, Joseph D., 346 Callison, Linda L., 265 Aranda, Salvador P., 376 Beers, Michael F., 350 Booke, Bradley L., 346 Calosio, Annette L., 306 Archery Club, 280 Beggs, John E., 332-33 Boone, Dennis J., 358 Cameron, Nancy J., 304 Architecture, College of, 172-73 Behle, Allison D., 294 Borinstein, Anne K., 308 Cameron, Susan G., 304 Argue, Judy A., 284 Behr, Patti L., 286 Bork, John F., 340 Camosy, Arthur M., 348 Arizona Association of Student Beiser, Margery N., 284 Borneman, Ross B., 358 Campbell, Helen B., 272 Nurses, 268 Belgiano, Neil J., 340 Borowsky, Scott C., 352-53 Campbell, Terrie L., 375 Arizona Hall, 364 Belknap, William, 44, 45 Borrum, Shirley, 264 Campbell, William J., 265 Armenta, Richard R., 265 Bell, Deborah S., 302 Bortin, Dennis F., 326 Campion, Edwin J., 272 Armer, Catherine S., 297 Bell, Harold, 334 Botsford, Susan E., 304 Camou, Susan, 290 Armer, Judith A., 262 Bell, Janet S., 292 Boucke, David F., 340 Cantwell, Richard J., 377 Armstrong, Vincent G., 328 Bell, Kathy, 378 Bower, Frederick B., 269 Cappel, Edward H., 356 393 Carl, Thomas M., 334 Colford, Terry R., 284 Darch, Bob, 264 Dukette, Joseph D., 330 Carl an, Melissa A., 273, 304 Coller, Dea B., 292 Darrow, Debra A., 290 Dula, Gabriella, 286 Carlat, Stephen P., 334 Collie, Lynn D., 273 Davenport, Carol, 298 Dumon, Janet A., 297 Carle, Rebecca S., 384 Collings, Celeste L., 302 David, Richard C., 356 Duncan, Michael F., 344 Carlsen, Kristin L., 302, 306 Collings, Susan M., 302 Davidson, June F., 265 Duham, William J., 321 Carlson, Karen, 159 Collins, Marian P., 294 Davidson, Linda P., 308 Dupont, Maria A., 288-89 Carney, Reid, 348 Collins, Michael T., 379 Davidson, Priscilla, 284 Duran, Raul R., 273 Carrington, Judith A., 288--89 Collins, Robert, 242 Davidson, Sally A., 265 Dwyer, Susan M., 302 Carroll, John L., 332 Colton, Chuck, 281 Davis, Charles A., 45 Carroll, Michael J., 242 Comeaux, Otis, 45 Davis, Douglas W., 354 Eagar, Arthur L., 277 Garrott, Philip W., 340 Comer, James E., 341 Davis. Gregory E., 331 Eason, Richard C., 326 Carson, Thomas D., 326 Commenator, Carl D., 354 Davis, Janet, 300 Eastlick, Mary A., 292 Carter, Bruce F., 322 Comptroller, 161 Davis, John, 325 East Stadium Hall, 368 Carter, Richard, 340 Conlin, Patricia M., 312 Davis, John L., 242 Eaton, Charles E., 348 Cartwright, Jeffrey, 263, 321 Conrad, Alys M., 375 Davis, Judy, 284 Eaton, John H., 328 Caruthers, Edward J., 45, 67 Conway, James, 346 Davis, Karen, 288-89 Eaton, Linda J., 288-89 Carver, Judith E., 284 Conway, Margaret E., 275 Davis, Katherine H., 312 Edamatsu, Phyllis Y., 381 Casalis, Robert N., 346 Conwell, Gregory A., 321, 312 Davis, Laura, 300 Eddy, Karen A., 294 Case, Susan P., 273 Cook, Cheryl D., 292 Davis, Lee H., 334 Eddy, Kathleen A., 312 Casey, Steven S., 348 Cook, Cynthia A,, 312 Davis, Marjorie A., 269, 302 Edlund, Kristina K., 269, 302 Cashill, Terry C., 302 Cook, Gary R., 326 Davis, Phillip, 242 Edmonds, Wayne, 45, 48, 55 Cashin, Emmet J., 356 Cook, Gordon Jr., 350 Davis, Rebecca S., 284 Education, College of, 176-77 Casoli, Linda M., 294 Cooley, Thomas W., 45 Davis, Russell, 323 Edwards, Pamela A., 306 Catalano, Rosanne, 300 Coolidge, Pamela A., 304 Davis, Susan, 294 Edwards, Patricia, 288-89 Cataldo, Joseph M., 348 Cooper, Candace R., 304 Davis, William D., 78, 81 Edwards, Stephen S., 344 Catlin, Hamilton R., 346 Cooper, Cliff L., 322 Day, Frank, 195 Eerkes, David L., 272, 273 Catt, Stephen E., 322 Cooper, Mary J., 306 Dean, Julie A., 298 Egbert, Helen D., 294 Cauble, Nancy A., 294 Copeland, Nancy L., 284 Dean of Men, 159 Eisele, Logan III, 328 Cavanaugh, Richard T., 348 Corbett, Kathleen L., 294 Dean of Women, 159 Eisenberg, Andrea R., 308 Cavanaugh, Robert D., 348-49 Corbett, Mary E., 294 Debrocky, Glenn D., 348 Eisenberg, Edith S., 286 Cerny, Noni, 316, 281, 290 Corcoran, Connie P., 300 Decallier, Joseph M., 336-37 Eisenpress, Nathan, 352-53 Cervantes, Suzanne K., 284 Cordano, Mary K., 297 Deehan, William P., 325 Eisenstatt, Linda S., 286 Chain Gang, 242 Corn, Thomas A., 277 Deerr, Ann E., 312 Elias, Catherine M., 312 Chalmers, Janet P., 297 Corneveaux, Maryanne, 306 Dees, Bowen C., 158 Elias, Sanford F., 334 Chamberlin, Caryl J., 306 Cosenza, Vincenza A., 292 Delapiane, Walter H., 158 Eller, James A., 352-53 Cambers, Kaye, 265, 277 Costin, Barbara E., 269, 286 Delforge, Gary D., 372 Elliott, Mark G., 340 Chanik, Alison Z., 300 Cote, James A., 350 Delodder, George, 350 Elliott, Mary L., 290 Chapman, Nancy C., 348 Coulson, Ramona C., 302 Delta Chi, 332-33 Elliott, Stephen C., 346 Charles, Cheryl L., 269, 304 Coulson, Robyn L., 290 Delta Delta Delta, 298-99 Elliott, Thomas R., 273 Charlson, David H., 334 Coulson, Virginia L., 269, 302 Delta Gamma, 296-97 Ellis, Bryan J., 328 Chatham, Stuart L., 340 Coulter, Jeffrey M., 265 Delta Phi Alpha, 264 Ellis, Joan, 297 Chavez, John F., 344 Counts, Willie R., 273 Delta Psi Kappa, 272 Ellster, Frieda, 308 Chavez, William E., 45 Coutchie, Edward T., 346 Delta Sigma Pi, 255 Elsberry, Victor A., 271, 272, 273 Cheney, Brian A., 326, 269 Covault, Michael J., 354-55 Delta Tau Delta, 331 Emerson, Joyce L., 298 Cherman, Stephen A., 272 Cowan, Patricia A., 375 Delta Upsilon, 330 Emery, Karen A., 294 Chesler, Sharyn E., 308 Cox, Bonnie L., 292 Delta Zeta, 300-301 Emmanuel, John V., 340 Chiappetta, John H., 327 Cox, Caryl K., 300 Demont, Juanita A., 290 Engdahl, Deidre R., 297 Chiasson, Robert F., 274 Cox, Clifford N., 281, 336-37 Dennis, Glenn F., 341 Engebretson, Pamela, 297 Childs, Joan S., 290 Cox, Judith J., 298 Dent, Greg T., 358 Engineering, College of, 178-79 Cildress, Janet S., 294 Cox, Susan W., 284 Dent, Mary J., 273, 304 England, Eve C., 312 Chimes, 242 Coyle, Deborah S., 312 Dermus, Jill W., 306 Engle, Molly A., 288-89 Chin, Lincoln, 273 Grafton, Steven M., 265 Derickson, Judith A., 297 Engineers Council, 258 Chi Omega, 312-13 Craig, Katie C., 269, 290 Detjen, Terriann, 304 Ensign, Darrel, 330 Chi Phi, 361 Crammer, Victoria Detzer, Ronald J., 330 Entz, John C., 345 Chrisman, Christina, 312 Crampa, Vincent, 336-37 Devine, Janice K., 297 Entz, Marjie C., 284 Chriss, Barbara R., 308 Crane, Adrienne E., 155, 400 Dewan, Timothy D., 55 Epstein, Ellen C., 308 Christopher City, 385,285 Crawford, Cynthia M., 284 Dewey, Clifford N., 368 Epstein, George R., 371 Christopher, William, 281, 346 Crawford, Judith A., 294 Deyden, Gloria I., 384 Erickson, Kenneth L., 273, 358 Christy, Chris, 350 Crawford, Leta K., 277 Diaz, Karen Louise Erickson, Steven R., 269 Chubb, James M., 273, 344 Crawford, Susan M., 277 Dickey, Susan E., 294 Escalada, Simon J., 45 Chute, Kenneth D., 360 Creasey, Madelynn, 297 Dickson, Arthur W., 356 Esken, Daniel T., 265 Ciampa, Vincent M., 269 Crilly, Marilyn J., 290 Diedrich, Robert J., 330 Espedal, John C., 356 Circle K Club, 247 Crine, Sharon L., 306 Diehl, Robyn Y., 284 Eubank, Elaine T., 269 Citron, Nancy S., 286 Crockett, Robert J., 326 Dietrich, Robert E., 322 Evans, Bruce E., 336-37 Citron, Pamela L., 366 Crombie, Alice H., 306 Dietsch, Christine B., 288-89 Evans, Diana, L., 292 Claiborne, John H., 341 Crombie, Frances, 306 Dimit, Linda A., 302 Evans, Paul E., 242 Clark, Carlton F., 358 Cross, Catherine, 297 Dirickson, Kathryn P., 290 Evans, Robert J., 27 Clark, Charles L., 348 Crossman, Richard A., 45 Dobris, Cathy J., 308 Evans, Virginia K., 272, 300 Clark, Darlene W., 277 Crowley, Ellen B., 290 Dodge, Leslie J., 298 Evenchik, Bonnie R., 308 Clark, Mary L., 310-11 Crowley, William E., 350 Doherty, Carol J., 284 Evenson, Paula A., 306 Clark, Steven, 265 Crum, Michael J., 350 Doimas, James, 326 Everhart, Charles P., 336 Clark, Thomas, 321 Cruz, David J., 354-55 Domingo, David R., 356 Eyster, Carol I., 375 Clarkson, James W., 326 Cryor, Robert C., 330 Don, Leonard W., 273 Claypool, Annette L., 288-89 Culin, Frank L., 344 Donahue, Paul F., 365 Face, Carol A., 300 Clayton, Deborah J., 312 Cullen, Norman L., 325 Donaldson, James B., 344 Fain, Mee Mary E., 366 Clement, Stephen J., 272, 273 Cummin, Martha F., 284 Donaldson, John W., 356 Fain, Richard L., 372, 277 Clerou, Catherine M., 298 Cummins, Carey L., 332 Donaldson, Macfarlan, 356 Fairchild, Diane E., 290 Cleveland, Thomas E., 346 Cunningham, John R., 346 Dobro Slovo, 267 Falkner, David A., 265 Clifford, Karen A., 302 Cupples, Diane, 297 Dorn, Russell, W., 273, 326 Falvey, Michael P., 326 Clifford, William H., 273 Cuqua, Lynda L., 263, 312 Dorsey, Lorraine E., 297 Farley, James, 45 Clifton, Ronald L., 242 Curley, Edward F., 157 Dorson, Mitchell C., 324 Farley, Kathleen, 294 Coates, Catherine D., 310-11 Curradi, Charles S., 354 Dougherty, Craig R., 344 Farm Management, 250 Coatsworth, David R., 265, 354 Curran, Timothy C., 344 Doughty, John R., 274 Farnum, Fay, 274 Cochise Hall, 365 Curtis, James M., 350 Douglas, Elizabeth, 304 Fasanella, Ralph T., 242 Cochran, Charles, 358 Curtis, Robert, 350 Douglas, Gordon A., 376 Fash Susan Maryel, 290 Cochran John E., 356 Curtis, Sheri A., 304 Douglas, Mary, 312 Fassett, Darl T., 346 Coconino Hall, 366 Custer, Philip E., 350 Douthitt, John S., 332 Fast, Dene H., 312 Coronado Hall, 367 Cutler, Teresa, 286 Dover, Albert P., 334 Fatcliff, Dorothy, 280 Cuddington, James L., 45 Cylke, Michael W., 269, 354 Dow, Steven Hugh, 358 Feder, Deborah R., 294 Coen, Greta R., 286 Cyrulik, Laurelyn V., 275 Doway, Janis, 302 Feder, Harold J., 334 Coffin, Judith M., 290 Dowell, Daniel J., 331 Feinberg, Susan J., 308 Coffman, Susan E., 298 Dacunha, Catherine M., 290 Downey, James T., 354 Feingold, Amy, 308 Cohen, Barry L., 273 Daggett, Richard G., 330 Downing, Mary E., 306 Felde, Ronald W., 27 Cohen, Constance A., 308 Dahlke, Linda A., 280 Downs, Linda M., 262 Feldman, Susan H., 286 Cohen, Donald F., 324 Daily, Mary L., 298 Doyle, Donald M., 344 Fell, Anthony S., 234 Cohen, Lawrence, 272, 273 Daily, Virginia E., 288-89 Drake, Don P., 328 Fellman, Sandra D., 286 Cohen, Lynda S., 286 Dalby, David G., 242 Drake, Susan E., 284 Feiner, Leo H., 44, 45 Cohen, Ronald S., 334 Dale, Bruce, 356 bravo, Edward J., 348 Felty, Janice W., 262 Cohn, Pamela, 306 Dalton, Richard J., 340 Drama Club, 262 Fendelman, Randee E., 286 Cohodes, Glenn H., 334 Damiani, Aris E., 269 Droloff, Jill, 309 Fenimore, Bernard C., 341 Cole, Bruce B., 334 Dammann, Ronald W., 344 Druck, Linda, 308 Ferg, Bruce M., 365 Cole, Gloria, 294 Daniels, Diane V., 304 Duenas, Roseann M,, 378 Ferguson, John, 344 Coleman, Betsy, 286 Daniels, Ron, 277 Dugan, Thomas F., 382 Ferguson, William G., 326 Coleman, Sally A., 290 Danzinger, Barbara R., 308 Duke, Walter Reginal, 242 Fernandez Elaine, 288-89 394 Ferneding, Patricia, 294 Ferris, James W., 340-41 Ferriss, Margaret A., 312 Ferry, Pamela A., 294 Ferry, Roberta J., 304 Fetterman, Phillip S., 332 Fickas, Robert A., 340 Fields, Eric W., 348 Fields, Richard S., 272,273 Fife. Rebecca R., 273,294 Figueira, Berenice S., 297 Fillebrown, Alan, 325 Fine Arts, College of, 180-81 Fine, Mark L., 334 Fink, James, 334 First, Carol M., 286 Firth, Sheryl L., 306 Fish, John W., 357 Fishbein, Steven C., 334 Fishburn, Marsha L., 304 Fishel, Richard H., 328 Fisher, Nancy A., 312 Fisk, Beverly A., 304 Fissell, James C., 328 Fitzwater, Linda J., 312 Fiagenheimer, Roy, 334-35 Flanagan, Lawson H., 328 Flegenheimer, Lynn T., 308 Flegenheimer, Roy A., 334 Fleming, Deborah A., 310-11 Fletcher, Connie D., 304 Fletcher, Paula J. ,310-11 Fletcher, Susan R., 284 Flood, Maureen A., 302 Flood, Timothy E., 344 Flores, Dorothy A., 275 Flores, Ronald R., 272,273 Flower, Rollin E., 354 Flynn, Kevin J., 330 Fockler, Kathleen A., 310-11 Foell, Barba P., 284 Folklanders, 280 Foller, Greg, 358 Foote, Byron N., 354 Ford, Cynthia T., 288-89 Ford, Michael E., 341 Forler, Karen L., 288-89 Forestry Club, 250 Forschler, Larry A., 352-53,331 Forster, Walter L., 344 Fosse, Beth, 297 Foster, Judy L., 288-89 Foster, Michael, 79 Foster, William T., 160 Fowler, Patricia N., 375 Fox, Jill D., 308 Frailey, Candyce H., 297 Francis, David J., 265 Francis, William D., 328 Francisco, David H., 325 Franco, David P., 273 Frank, Cary D., 352-53 Frankfort, Ellis M., 344 Franklin, Richard, 357 Fraser, Ann J., 298 Frazier, Robert A., 272-73 Frederick, Dale E., 326 Freedman, Teri L., 286 Freeland, Anita D., 280 Freeman, Myra L., 294 Freiden, Barbara L., 308 Fricas, John, 336-37 Friedman, Richard E., 324 Friedman, Susan A., 286 Frohling, Edward S., 321 Frost, Alan P., 265 Frye, Billie J., 294 Fuimaono, Nokise S., 45 Fuller, Kerry G., 272,273 Fultz, Jon W., 354 Fye, John H. IV, 332-33 Gabitzsch, Harold W., 336-37 Gabitzsch, Lillian S., 292 Gage, Anne C., 302 Gail, Joan, 276 Gaines, Robert A., 334 Galston, Judith I., 308 Gamble, Keg, 325 Gamma Phi Beta, 294-95 Gammon, Mariana J., 321,312 Ganger, Arthur L., 334 Ganschinietz, Linda K., 155,400 Ganster, Henry K., 346-47 Garcia, Gilbert B., 45 Gardenswarz, Roberta, 286 Gardiner, Edward L., 354 Gardner, Jerry A., 348 Garman, Robert D., 380 Garmire, Candyce, 302 Garnett, Elisabeth A., 297 Garrett, Amy S., 288-89 Garrison, Nancy L., 312 Gee, Kathy A., 269,297 Geiss. Mark V., 344 Gelband, Barbara S., 381 Gemmill, Alan M., 348 Gemmill, John C., 348 Gentner, Brian H., 344 Gerking, Timothy C., 332 German Club, 264 German, Ed, 344 Giacomazza, Robert, 269 Gibbs, Diana L., 298 Gibson, Deborah A., 306 Gibson, Donald R., 277 Gibson, Judith A., 310-11 Gifford, Georgianne, 294 Gifford, Natalie, 294 Gil, Imelda, 272 Gila Hall, 369 Gill, Carol A., 300 Gill, James, 346 Gillespie, Bernadett, 298 Gillies, Robert W., 272,273 Gilliland, Linda E., 310-11 Ginsbach, Pam D., 378 Girdner, Maryalyce, 263 Giroux, Nicki S., 300 Gissel, Joan E., 304 Glass, James W., 360 Glass, Margery E.. 310-11 Glass, Michael C., 360 Glassgow, Johnny D., 265 Glikin, Bruce I., 235 Glover, James M., 348 Goering, Carlinda C., 264 Goetze, Bruce W., 336-37 Goff, Caroline R., 300 Golden, Laura L., 300 Goldenberg, Stanley, 271,272,273 Goldman, Jay S., 352-53 Goldman, Joel M., 265 Goldstein, Cindy E., 308 Goldstein, Michael R., 265 Goldstein, Sandra S., 308 Golofsky, Jill M., 308 Gomez, Gary B., 242,400,155 Gonsalves, Gerald 0., 273 Gonzales, Dennis M., 269 Gonzalez, Ismael, 322-23 Good, Nancy J., 202 Goodman, Anthony V., 277 Goodman, Jane A., 290 Goodman, Lincoln R., 281,277 Goodman, Roma L., 262 Goodman, Sandra L., 286 Goodson, June C., 302 Gordon, Charis A., 312 Gordon, Frann, 286 Gordon, Patricia, 298 Gordon, Stuart M., 352-53 Gortikov, Jane K., 308 Goto, James T., 273 Govaars, William B., 242 Grace, Michael A., 338-39 Graduate College, 194 Grady, Robert S., 376 Graff, Natalie A., 304,400 Graham, Joann, 302 Graham Hall, 370 Graham, Kathleen L., 269,306 Gran, John J., 325 Granger, Michele K., 294 Graul, Rebecca A., 310-11 Graves, Winnetta D., 375 Gray, Jean B., 269,294 Gray, Michael L., 344 Gray, Virginia A., 298 Greek, Victoria S., 297 Green, Martin M., 272 Green, Ronald, 326 Green, Rusel E., 340 Greenberg, Lois G., 366 Greenberg, Stephen, 324,326 Greenlee Hall, 371 Greenman, Barbara A., 308 Greenwood, Pamela A., 302 Greer, Jason ., 281,326 Greer, Sara D., 306 GreeveCRick, 326 Gregory, Karen A., 290 Gregory, Saundra K., 288-89 Griffin, Thomas F., 265 Grimm, Linda C., 297 Grimm, Suzannah, 284 Grinnell, Elizabeth, 288-89 Grogan, Bruce E., 276 Gromer, Cheryl A., 298 Gross, Laura S., 309 Gross, Paul N., 352-53 Ground, John W., 358 Grouwinkel, Gary, 44,45 Grulich, Stephen N., 242 Grunow, Oskar, 264 Guerreno, Charles J., 281 Guptill, Mary F., 304 Gurnee, Brian H., 357 Gutzmer, Marlynee D., 284 Gwynn, Bruce A., 344 Haas, John R., 322 Hackley, Timm T., 328 Hackworth, Carole J., 262 Hadra, Leslie A., 290 Haefele, Roxane, 288-89 Haensel, Katherine M., 284 Hagan, Phillip L., 272,273 Hagenah, Philip W., 344 Hager, Martha L., 312 Hall, LaJoyce, 304 Hall, Leslie A., 284 Hall, Michael A., 242 Hall, Nancy K., 304 Hammond, Denton R., 352-53 Hammonds, Gail E., 297 Hamory, David L., 274 Hampton, Charles M., 358 Hand, Wesley M., 321 Handleman, David, 352-53 Haney, Sharon C., 284 Hanley, Terry J., 358 Hanna, Christia, 302 Hannah, Regina A., 298 Hannley, Elizabeth A., 294 Hannon, Scott R., 346 Hansen, James E., 358 Hansen, Mary J., 300 Hansen, Robin S., 288-89 Hanson, Charlotte A., 294 Hanson, Elizabeth, 306 Hanson. Mary L., 284 Harding, William J., 360 Hardman. Stuart M., 350 Hardy, Craig, 326 Harman, Darrel L., 242 Harness, Linda J., 290 Harp, Ellen J., 288 Harp, Randolph H., 336-37 Harper, Gary W., 358 Harrell, Cynthia A., 304 Harrell, Robert A., 326 Harrington, Mary L., 300 Harrington, Michael, 344 Harris, Laine C., 294 Harris, Robert, 348 Harris, Sherryl P., 310-11 Harris, Susan, 300 Hart, James R., 344 Hart, John, 323 Hart, Terry, 350 Hartley, Donn L., 273,328 Hartley, John M., 273,346 Hartshorn, Karen A., 310-11 Harvill, Richard, 157 Harwell, Glen S., 328 Harwood, Lauren S., 309 Haslauer, Claudia M., 298 Hassey, Thomas E., 195 Hassiotis, Evangelos, 358 Hatch, Jacqueline I., 306 Hatcher, Michael M., 330 Hatcher, Robert C., 348 Hatheway, Allen W., 274 Hauer, Laurie E., 306 Hauptman, Marilyn A., 300 Hauser, Margaret E., 292 Hausner, Suzanne, 302 Havenner, Mary J., 298 Havenstein, Carol, 264 Hawk, Terry R., 348 Hawke, Lawrence M., 265 Hawke, Michael F., 360 Hawke, Robert F., 358 Hawse, Mary L., 378 Hawthorne, Laurel J., 300 Hawthurst, Stephanie, 298 Hayden, Lee E., 354 Haydis, Kenneth G. Jr., 348 Hayes, Craig W., 332-33 Hayes, John R., 348 Hays, Scott L., 326 Hazelett, Patricia J., 306 Hazleton, Mary J., 290 Hazlehurst, Virginia, 294 Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Men Women, 196 Health Service, 164 Hearte, Susan L., 302 Hecker, Lawrence M., 350 Hedbon, Truman, 277 Hehn, Nancy M., 291 Heiberg, Bruce K., 336-37 Hein, William B., 326 Heinemann, Jeffrey S., 352-53 Helley, Hans H., 360 Helwig, Frederick G., 328 Hemmings, Jill D., 284 Henckel, George C., 336-37 Hendershott, Mary H., 304 Henderson, Dale R., 338-39 Henderson, Douglas M., 238 Henderson, Janis A., 284 Hergert, Molly A., 305 Herkner, Carolyn M., 291 Hermanson, Lilljo, 288-89 Hermanson, Glenn R., 346 Hernandez, Henry A., 273 Herrick, Thomas C., 348 Herring, Craig M., 265 Hershberger, Robert, 277 Hess, William, 344 Hetler, Sharon M., 300 Hettinger, Roberta J., 265 Heuss, Edward C., 328 Hewlett, Jean E., 310 Hicks, Lonnie W., 328 Hidalgo del Rio, Norma, 273 Higuera, Ronald J., 45 Hildebrand, Larry L., 238 Hildebrand, Robert D., 272,273 Hileman, John, W., 358 Hill, Betty M., 378 Hill, Julie A., 297 Hill, Peter I., 272,273,350 Hill, Randle W., 272,273 Hilliard, Jerry, 348 Himovitz, Michael H., 235 Hiner, Christine I., 305 Hinman, Charles C., 269 Hiruship, H. W. , 272 Hinton, Adrian C., 277 Hirose, Carole Y., 263 Hirsh, Terry M., 352-53 Hirsse, Carole, 366 Hitter, Louis H., 322 Hodges, David P.. 269,325 Hoehn. Nancy Ruth, 269 Hoehn, Richard J., 272,273 Hoenninger, Richard, 269 Hofer, Michael M., 321 Hoff, Carol L., 312 Hoffman, Fred J., 371 Hoffpauir, Patrick L., 27 Hogan, Cheryl L., 312 Hogan, Kathleen M., 313 Holbrook, Margaret L., 288-89 Hollender, David, 242 Holloway, Janet M., 272,273 Holly, Bernard J., 348 Holm, Karen J., 284 Holman, Charles N., 348 Holmes, Donald J., 346 Home Economics, School of, 169 Homesley, Ray R., 45,67 Hooper, Robert F., 348 Hopi Hall, 372 Hopper, Andrea, 302 Hopper, Edith, 302 Hoppstetter, Trudy K., 302 Horne, Melvin A., 376 Horton, Gayle F., 291 Hoshaw, Richard A., 265 Hosmer, John H., 327 Hotchkiss, Hervey A., 281,269,354 Howell, Joe, 242 Howell, Lynn M., 284 Hubbard, Susan, 294 Huckle, Denise E., 313 Hudesman, Karen L., 286 Hudor, Ed, 368 Hudson, Stephen L., 325 Huebsch, Robb A., 274 Huet, David A., 321 Huff, Gregory, 348 Huffman, Ann E., 288 Huffman, Charles L., 264 Huffman, Julie D., 288 Hughes, Glenn S., 336-37 Hughes, James P., 336-37 Hughes, Leslie A., 306 Hull, Herbert, 274 Hulsey, Larry, 277 Hultgen, Richard J., 351 Hummel, Ronald L., 269 Humphrey, Richard L., 271,272, 273 Humphries, John E., 351 Hunker, Robert W., 346 Hunter, James, 344 Hutson, Thomas M., 344 Hyde, Walter B., 325 Ryder, Dennis P., 344 Hyfield, Blake, 331 Hygrell, Gary L., 351 de, Marilyn E., 281 goe, Kathleen H., 305 les, Cara L., 292 Ilston, Jeffrey C., 269,336-37 ngram, David W., 332 ngram, Mary S., 300 nnes, Susan J., 305 nstitute of Electrical and Electronics, 257 395 nternational Relations Club, 276 Kappa Sigma, 340-41 Labenz, Jane, 297 Luedtke, Texas A., 305 ntrater, Richard L., 235 Kapson, Leslie S., 286 Laberge, Robert V., 269, 355 Luke, David M., 277 rvine, Philip D., 272, 273 Karons, Juanita C., 301 Labovitz, Earl A., 235 Lungren, Timothy K., 376 rwin, Judith A., 284 Karp, Dan N., 235 Laird, Jon P., 265 Lupton, Frantz R., 327 saacs, Jeffrey P., 242 Kartchner, Glen R., 277 Laizure, Dayle C., 313 Lust, Richard, 347 saacs, Patricia K., 302 Kaslikowski, Chester, 277 Lajeunesse, Janet M., 313 Luz, Babette, 264 vy, Susan R., 292 Katz, Richard I., 273 Lakin, Charlene J., 302 Lynch, Mary E., 269, 307 Kaufmann, Nancy G., 305 Lamb, Charles, 358 Lynch, Patrick J., 345 Jaap, Leslie K., 269, 294 Kaufman, Wendy S., 286 Lamb, Ellen C., 295 Lynn, Sarah E., 291 Jablonski, Gary E., 272 Kawin, Margo H., 286 Lamb, Ronald, 325 Lyon, Bruce H., 347 Jackemeyer, Delores, 263 Kay, Nancy J., 299 Lamb, Sally J., 302 Lyon, James S., 242 Jackson, Diane P., 297 Kaydettes, 270 Lambda Chi Alpha, 338 Lyon, Mary S ., 297 Jackson, Elizabeth H., 305 Jackson, Francine A., 309 Kaye, Louis I., 352-53 Kearney, Gail L., 262 Lammie, Patricia A., 281, 273, 288-89 Mabry, Charles R., 277 Jackson, Loren E., 238 Kearney, Thomas J., 346 Lancaster, Connie L., 305 Mach, Jean M., 275 Jackson, Mary J., 316, 281, 309 Keebler, Vivian S., 301 Landis, Sheryl A., 313 Macintyre, Catherine, 297 Jackson, Suzette K., 304, 305 Keeler, John, 351 Landy, Thomas M., 235 Mackin, Stephen K., 325 Jacobs, Stephen E., 238 Keenan, James G., 354 Lane, Pamela S., 305 Macklin, Rex N., 45 Jacobsen, Linda M., 302 Keenan, Michael J., 238 Lane, Terry L., 277 Macrury, Sandra A., 299 Jacobsen, Sandra C., 298 Keith, Sarah L., 291 Lang, E. Stephen, 263 Madding John W., 357 James, Jigger, 351 Keller, Barbara S., 287 Langley, James W., 327 Madison, Cynthia E., 295 James, Judith M., 288-89 Keller, Richard E., 346 Lansdale, Jack L. Jr., 348 Mages, Melanie J., 287 Janoviak, James P., 340 Kelly, Besty, 305 Lansdown, David M., 45 Magill, Robyn J., 269, 297 Jeffcott, Pamela G., 298 Kellogg, Libby S., 285 Larson, Bruce, 76 Mahnkopf, Wolfgang, 327 Jeffries, William J., 269 Kelly, James, 321 Larson, Carol J., 291 Mahoney, John Patric, 273 Jelliff, Marilyn, 298 Kelly, Michael J., 265 Larson, Stephen, 358 Mail, Allen, 274 Jenkins, Frank III, 45, 54 Keltner, Monte R., 348 Lasalle, Patricia A., 378 Mains, Lynda G., 313 Jenkins, Martha C., 263 Kempff, Sharon D., 302 Lashlee, Dayle A., 292 Maisel, Kathryn L., 309 Jenkins, Priscilla F., 262 Kennedy, Jay S., 332 Lassoff, Martin P., 352-53 Makaus, Mary V., 307 Jensen, Blain A., 273 Kennett, Kathryn D., 302 Lathrop, James C., 357 Maldonado, Leonard N., 273 Jensen, Gale M., 298 Kenney, Thomas J., 331 Law, College of, 182-83 Maley, Dennis D., 45 Jensen, Jax, 277 Kerr, Karen, 305 Lawrence, Bruce B., 340 Malinowski, James E., 242 Jensen, Leonard R., 341 Kesler, Jack M., 265 Lawrence, Geoffrey T., 331 Malkin, Stephen Z., 316, 325, Jerman, Ann, 305 Kester, Karla K., 292 Leathy, Christina E., 303 352-53 Jette, Guy E., 269 Keyer, Richard D., 352-53 Leavitt, Mark K., 324 Malleck, Irwin, 352-53 Jewett, Trena M., 300 Kidushim, Rose R., 287 Lechner, Michael, 327 Mallory, John Scott, 325 Jodoin, Adelard E., 242 Kikel, Joan E., 274 Leddy, Richard J., 340 Mallow, Claudia A., 263 John, Nancy E., 300 Kimmel, Richard A., 332 Ledwell, Tony H., 263 Malo, Kenneth, 329 Johnson, Abraham, 352-53 King, Deborah D., 305 Lee, Robert L., 265 Mammen, Rebeca J., 292 Johnson, Candace, 301 King, Howard A., 351 Lee, Bruce D., 45 Maneval, James R., 273, 354-55 Johnson, Carole W., 291 King, Kay S., 299 Lee, Cynthia Q., 295 Mangham, John F., 272, 273 Johnson, Charles, 328 King, Sandra, 305 Lee, Henry M., 355 Mangle, Irene L., 285 Johnson, Daryl, 344 King, William P., 347 Lee, Johnny A., 263 Manley, Melissa B., 303 Johnson, Drue, 345 Kingman, Robert E., 265 Lee, Olden Caldwell, 45, 64, 67 Manning, Nona J., 307 Johnson, Edward Jr., 383 Kinneberg, Joan A., 299 Lee, Phyllis A., 299 Manspeaker, Melinda, 307 Johnson, Fon E., 327 Kinney, Michael L., 331 Lee, William G., 347 Manzanita Hall, 374 Johnson, Howard M., 351 Kinsey, Sharon J., 301 Leff, Muriel A., 287 Mapes, Linda A., 305 Johnson, John, 332 Kinsock, Carol A., 281, 302 Legal, Carl, 27 Marcuccilli, Bernard, 336-37 Johnson, Kenneth, 330 Kinsock, Catherine E., 302 Lehmer, Sandra G., 306 Marcus, Elaine R., 287 Johnson, Kitty, 300 Kircher, Karen C., 306 Leighton, Laurie, 303 Mardian, Tom L., 333 Johnson, Lynn E., 305 Kirk, John C., 328 Leisy, Luann K., 262, 306 Margolian, Leslie B., 287 Johnson, Marvin D., 158 Kirmse, James T., 338-39, 265 Leman, Kevin A., 373 Margolis, Myron S., 265 Johnson, Robert, 345 Kitt, Claudia, E., 306 Lemke, Janice L., 295 Mariani, Linda P., 291 Johnson, William, 242 Kittner, Richard H., 352-53 Lent, Barbara E., 297 Mariscal, Ana M., 292 Johnston, Lorna L., 273, 306 Klahr, Gary H., 45, 54, 64, 65 Lent, Katherine A., 297 Marketing Club, 254 Johnston, Michael H., 348 Klausen, Douglas J., 45 Leoford, Mike, 321 Marks, Judith, 287 Jollensten, Sue E., 305 Klein, Martin S., 235 Leon, Jose R., 273 Maroney, Suzi M., 297 Jones, Andrea L., 297 Klein, Raymond K., 242 Levens, Martin J., 324 Marquart, Dorothy, 274 Jones, Bernhardt E., 352-53 Kleinsmith, Jane E., 299 Levenson, Michael J., 235 Marrs, Anthony W., 327 Jones, Boobee, 284 Klewer, Barbara A., 272 Levin, Robert A., 235 Marsh, Marilyn, 287 Jones, Donna M., 277 Kline, James H., 382 Levin, Roberta M., 288-89 Marshall, Jerry E., 269 Jones, Jerelyn N., 281, 309 Klinkowski, Mark J., 351 Levine, Judith E., 309 Marta, Jeffrey J., 273 Jones, John, 45, 67 Kloos, Constance K., 306 Levine, William A., 273 Martin, Clarence E., 329 Jones, Judith L., 313 Klopp, Barbara E., 313 Levinson, Donald E., 235 Martin, Georgia L., 366 Jones, Karen G., 302 Knapp, Dee D., 302 Levitt, William L., 264 Martin, James, 358 Jones, Karyl L., 313 Knapp, Frank, 277 Levitz, Kandie, 285 Martin, Richard, 277 Jones, Quentin B., 371 Knipmeyer, Kirk M., 345 Levkowitz, Jan C., 309 Martinez, Albert, 272, 273 Jones, Richard, 345 Knoop, Thomas A., 345 Lewis, Christopher H., 277 Masel, Brent E., 352-53 Jones, Steven H., 331 Knotts, Charles M., 339 Lewis, David, 349 Mason, Jeffrey W., 243 Jones, Thomas W., 348 Knowles, Stephanie A., 366 Lewis, Stephen, 347 Massa, Lynn M., 301 Jones, Viola E., 272 Knox, John E., 348 Lewkowitz, Stephen R., 345 Matesic, Cynthia L., 313 Jordan, Denise A., 284 Knudsen, John S., 353 Library, 166 Mathan, Steve, 370 Jordan, Patricia A., 291 Koch, Joseph W., 340 Liberal Arts, College of, 184-85 Mathes, Madalynn S., 269, 284-85 Jordan, Wayne R., 360 Kocisko, Robert J., 325 Libovitz, Larry, 235 Mathes, Malcolm K., 341 Joyner, Nancy J., 291 Kodner, David E., 324 Lichtenstein, Patric, 287 Mathews, Catherine A., 307 Judson, Cynthia L., 295 Kohn, Ingeborg M., 264 Liebman, Charles S., 235 Matishak, John A., 45 Julian, Sandra S., 292 Komorous, James M., 330 Liesch, Kaye C., 298, 299 Matrician, Jeffrey L., 347 Julius, Ronni L., 309 Komorowski, Jan W., 45 Liggitt, Marcia J., 302, 307 Matson, Mary K., 288-89 Jundt, George W., 271, 273 Konopasek, Vivian J., 272, 273 Liles, George D., 328 Matter, Matha E., 288-89 Juntunen, Victor A., 355 Kordik, Michael W., 78 Linberg, Ronald 0., 327 Matthews, Robert J., 264 Koss, Jerry E., 328 Lindamood, Cathie A., 297 Mattison, John R., 340-41 Kabat, Nancy M., 298 Koval, David L., 352-53 Lindstrom, E. Gordon, 79, 329 Matz, Thomas M., 345 Kagna, Sharon, 286 Kowalski, Kevin R., 277 Lindstrom, Stephen A., 328 Mauer, Michael D., 235 Kai, Herbert, 323 Kramer, Bruce B., 324 Lines, Richard B., 277 Mauge, James, 358 Kaibab-Huachuca, 373 Kramer, Peter G., 339 Linsenbard, Susan J., 290, 291 Maullin, Laurie J., 287 Kairis, Albert C., 357 Krayk, Stefan A., 351 Linxwiller, Lois A., 295 Maurer, Gail L., 309 Kaldenbaugh, Lucy F., 27 Krieger, Lloyd I., 324 Lippmann, Lee N., 281, 324 Jeri L., 291 Kalil, Freddie J., 288-89 Kroft, Dennis J., 242 Lisk, Anson, 329 Maxwell, Margaret L., 292 Kalish, Herbert W., 373, 235 Kronick, Craig, 235 Little, Cynthia A., 305 May, David B., 281, 321 Kall, Roberta L., 309 Krucker, Kathleen A., 313 Livingston, Anthony, 347 May, Judy L., 305 Kamin, Lynn P., 286 Kruse, Bonnie J., 313 Livingston, David M., 235 May, Susan A., 305 Kandlis, Steven R., 235 Kubo, David K., 273 Llewellyn, Jerry L., 327 May, Walter F., 333 Kane, Candice C., 298 Kuehi, Robert, 274 Lloyd, Debra A., 303 Maya, Yolanda G., 378 Kane, Jack, 345 Kuehn, Thomas C., 330 Lockwood, George K., 345 Mayberry, Ralph E., 277 Kanon, Gregg M., 321, 328 Kufahl, Judy E., 291 Loewenstein, Carol A., 287 Maynard, Terry E., 277 Kapellusch, Mark E., 280 Kuhl, Dennis A., 327 Loftis, Susan E., 280 Mayne, Carol J., 302 Kaplan, David B., 277 Kuhn, Barbara M., 262 Logan, James W., 360 Mazourek, Mary L., 284 Kappa Alpha, 339 Kuhn, Kathryn, 288-89 Lombaer, Susan M., 269, 305 McAlister, James E., 272 Kappa Alpha Theta, 302-303 Kull, Geary W., 328 Lombardo, Bonnie L., 288-89 McAlister, Patricia, 301 Kappa Delta Pi, 259 Kunkle, Frances, 160, 316 Loughridge, Susan, 299 M., Campero C., 235 Kappa Epsilon, 272 Kurtin, Mary L., 306 Low, Jeffrey A., 324 McBride, Cris D., 273 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 304-305 Kurtz, Edward, 274 Lowrance, Kenneth F., 322 McCarroll, Michael P., 359 Kappa Kappa Psi, 260 Kwasman, Donald L., 235 Ludeke, Kay W., 264 McCarthy, Colleen C., 299 Kappa Psi, 272 Kwic, Katherine H., 297 Lueck, William M., 45, 47 McCarthy, James, 333 396 McCarthy, Judith, 295 Mines, College of, 188-89 McCarthy, Kevin T., 349 Mirman, Kenneth A., 352-53 McCarthy, Loretta M., 304, 305 Misiaszek, John J., 265 McCarthy, Rory, 327 Mitchell, Christine, 291 McCarty, Martha M., 299 Mitchell, Fred Jr., 347 McCaslin, Catherine, 305 Mitchell, Jeanie, 299 McCaugney, W. F., 274 Mitchell, Michael, 329 McCay, Cathie L., 262 Moberly, Marcia M., 288-89 McClenahan, K., 292 Moe, Lois A., 303 McClure, Diana S., 301 Moffett, James, 327 McColm, Patricia A., 301 Mogy, Richard J., 324 McConnell, Margaret, 291 Mohave Hall, 375 McCord, Robin, 297 Mohr, Henry Clifford, 322 McCormick, Joyce A., 288-89 Mohr, Wesley G., 351 McCoy, Nancy D., 297 Moleski, Carol M., 381 McCoy, Patricia A., 29 2 Molina, Barbara B., 303 McCrea, Randall E., 373 Mollett, John B., 281, 333 McCusker, Cornelius, 357 Mollins, Ken, 336 McDonald, Kerry A., 327 Monolo, Sherry P., 299 McDonald, Lee H., 265 Monson, Carolyn L., 262 McDonald, Skye D., 305 Montano, Oscar W., 329 McDonald Terry R., 330 Montgomery, Linda, 310-11 McDonnell, Kathleen, 295 Moodie, Kathryn L., 301 McDonnell, Margie A., 295 Moody, Robert C., 243 McDougal, James N., 349 Moody, Michael, 45, 345 McEvers, Mary B., 291 Moon, Cynthia, 297 McFayden, Anne M., 297 Moon, Virginia E., 269, 297 McFayden, Mary K., 285 Mooney, Daniel J., 347 McFarlin, Mary P., 305 Mooney, John T., 359 ' McGarry, Martin M., 345 Mooney, Maureen A., 295 McGehee, Cecil, 44, 45 Moore, Bess, 291 McGeorge, Martha E., 269,304,305 Moore, Louis A., 327 McGeorge, Melinda E., 269, 307 Moore, Mary, 288-89 McGill, Robin, 296 Moore, Pat, 345 McGrath, Barbara L., 285 Moore, Ralph, 195 McGuire, Emily E., 301 Moreton, Marilyn F., 288-89 McHugh, Francis J., 269 Morford, James W., 341 Mclntee, Joan T., 155, 400 Morgan, Arthur J., 235 McKinney, Larry D., 349 Morgan, Mary R., 265 McKinsey, Linda E., 293 Morgan, Melanie J., 288-89 McLaughlin, George R., 269, 354, Moriarty, Richard A., 45 355 Morley, Gail P., 301 McLaughlin, Michael, 345 Morley, Thomas W., 243 McLean, Mary K., 285 Morris, Jerry R., 333 McMahan, Melinda A., 305 Morris, Kent F., 349 McMahan, Michaela L., 305 Morris, Melba L., 272 McMahon, Elizabeth A., 291 Morris, Richard A., 352-53 McMillan, Samuel C., 158 Morris, Steven E., 235 McMillen, Georgia L., 303 Morrison, Cherill B., 313 McMillen, Hal T., 349 ' Morrison, Gene C., 359 McNamara, Charles E., 333 Morrison, Martha J., 264 McNaughton, Gay, 307 Morron, Thomas D., 352-53 McNeil, Roberta L., 155, 400 Mortar Board, 241 McNicol, Sally, 297 Mosier, Marianne R., 285 McPherson, Bonnie J., 293 Moskowitz, Felice L., 287 McPike, Timothy K., 354-55 Moson, Frank B., 327 McSparran, Pamela A., 285 Moss, Cynthia A., 309 Mead, Ruth E., 288-89 Mount, Jane E., 299 Meaney, Francis J., 377 Mudra, Darrell, 44, 45 Means, Katherine A., 293 Mueller, Robert B., 277 Medicine, College of, 186-87 Mulcahy, Lawrence L., 333 Meece, Diane K., 378 Mulder, Cherie E., 297 Mehl, George P., 327 Mullen, Patricia A., 313 Meier, Pam, 299 Mullens, Kenneth R., 336-37 Meloy, John C., 327 Mullens, Linda C., 291 Memmott, Janet C., 366 Muller, Glenn A., 352-53 Menaugh, Paul T., 327 Mumma, John H., 325 Mensa, 274 Munch, Bonnie A., 295 Mense, Allan T., 269, 321 Muncy, Martin B., 345 Mercer, Daniel J., 347 Munguia, Albert, 370 Merikle, Lind a L., 273, 305 Murfin, Christine A., 305 Merrill, Patricia A., 288-89 Murphy, Jan A., 347 Merritt, Hugh E., 336-37 Murphy, Jerry B., 195 Mertz, Sally J., 272, 273 Murphy, Patrick, 341 Metcalf, Marcia S., 269, 291 Murray, Steve C., 341 Metz, Judith J., 309 Museum, 166 Meyer, Diane C., 295 Muslims, 279 Meyer, Lee, 327 Mutschler, Pris, 291 Meyer, Maryann, 277 Myers, Barbara, 285 Meyer, William, 358 Myers, Mansell D., 336-37 Meyer, William 352-53 Myhre, Robert J., 265 Meyerson, Gregory Z., 324 Meza, George M., 273 Naegle, Carl A., 360 Michael, Walter S., 325 Nardi, Kenneth F., 243 Michele, Melinda, 295 Nash John F., 281, 322-23 Milan, Frank C., 336-37 Nason, Sancy A., 303 Milan, George M., 336-37 Nast, Richard D., 383 Milks, Pamela L., 303 Nathan, Frederick R., 347 Miller, Barbara J., 297 Nathan, Jeannie, 302 Miller, Dianne W., 287 Nathan, Stephen P., 370 Miller, Elliot, 281 Naughton, Janie F., 269, 297 Miller, Jeffrey B., 355 Navajo Hall, 376 Miller, John E., 273 Neal, William F., 351 Miller, Marilee A., 295 Neath, Nancy A., 307 Miller, Marsha, 313 Neeb, William L., 333 Miller, Richard P., 383 Neely, James A., 280 Miller, Stephen A., 355 Neffson, Diane A., 301 Miller, Susan J., 303 Nelson, Christine, 301 Miller, Vance B., 242 Nelson, Craig, 329 Miller, William, 45 Nelson, Daniel G., 345 Milling, John A., 351 Nelson, Gordon, 321 Mills, Constance G., 295 Nelson, Lani, 303 Mincks, Mary L., 293 Nelson, Richard, 347 Minelich, Sharon, 313 Nelson, Ronald E., 272, 273 Miners, Cynthia L., 303 Nelson, Susan M., 303 Nelson, Teri R., 285 Nelson, Thomas, 45, 67, 329 Nemeth, William C., 67 Netter, Lee E., 341 Neubauer, Sue, 307 Neufeld, Victor A., 355 Newhausen, Robert, 273 Newkirk, L. Christine, 285 Newman, Suzanne E., 366 News Bureau, 167 Newsome, John A., 330 Newton, Cynthia F., 264 Nichols, Kristine A., 381 Nichols, Nick, 243 Nichols, Virginia A., 263 Nicholson, Bradley A., 329 Nickolaus, Jay R., 336-37 Niestemski, Walter S., 243 Nisenson, Judith I., 287 Nixon, Terry A., 359 Nolan, Daniel L., 277 Noon, Mary M., 301 Nordholm, Carl D., 273 Norman, Linda L., 301 Norrbom, Christine, 295 Norris, John, 345 Northington, Mary S., 313 Novick, Robert D., 352-53 Novogrod, Nancy J., 287 Novorr, Patricia L., 287 Nuclear Society Nunez, Daniel E., 277 Nunn, Linda C., 288-89 Nursing, College of, 190-91 Oakes, Lexie B., 336-37 O ' Brien, Michael, 349 O ' Brien, Patrick A., 379, 272, 273 Ochenrider, Gordon H., 341 Ochoa, Stephen M., 327 Ochs, Geraldine E., 264 O ' Connor, Chris, 307 Ode, Carla, 297 Odell, Nancy E., 299 Odgers, Karl J., 269 Ogsbury, Carol A., 299 Oharrow, Marcia A., 269, 295 Ohern, David G., 330 Oitker, Joanne L., 297 Okita, Thomas M., 273 Olds, Cynthia J., 299 Oliver, James D., 269 Olney, Carol L., 297 Olsen, Judith A., 313 Olson, Christina L., 293 Olson, Judith Anne F., 281, 316 Omalley, Peggy, 305 Omicron Nu, 251 Oneil, Ruth A., 299 Ong, Eileen K., 374 Opstad, Gregory J., 377 Ornelas, Linda A., 305 Oroke, Pamela D., 305 Orr, Anthony T., 357 Orr, Richard A., 359 Orth, Susan A., 269, 296, 297 Osborn, Duncan F., 347 Osborn, Kathleen, 303 Osborne, Thomas N., 357 Osri, Margit M., 288-89 Overlock, Starr, 295 Owens, Judith A., 288-89 Ownbey, Douglas A., 272, 273 Paddock, Victoria R., 366 Padelford, John C., 357 Padgett, Emmie G., 296, 297 Paleck, William F., 359 Palmer, Abigail L., 285 Palmer, Kathryn A., 303 Palmer, Nancy K., 313 Palmer, Pennie L., 285 Palmer, Rodney D., 277 Palmer, Sally M., 272, 302, 307 Panhellenic, 281 Pankey, Roger, 352-53 Pany, Kurt J., 321 Papachristou, Chryss, 285 Papago Lodge, 377 Pappas, Kay L., 305 Pardee, Robert M., 349 Parker, Barnes R., 45 Parker, Jean A., 305 Parker, Kathryn A., 293 Parker, Richard E., 325 Parlett, Pamela A., 313 Parra, Ronald G., 321 Parris, Andrea, 309 Parsons, William R., 373 Partain, Ronald E., 272, 273 Paskal, Jill K., 299 Passey, James M., 349 Pasternack, Irwin G., 324 Pattee, Nanette S., 307 Patterson, Gale R., 355 Pauer, Pamela, 313 Paul, Alison V., 313 Paulson, Michael, 327 Pavlinda, Linda J., 285 Payette, Paul F., 329 Payne, Ronald C., 349 Payson, Thomas A., 347 Payton, Ronald L., 333 Peach, William E., 355 Pearse, Robin, 336-37 Pearson, Donna A., 307 Pearson, Nancy G., 273, 295 Peaslee, Bartlett N., 347 Pedersen, Alan R., 331 Pedroli, Bette J., 309 Pemble, William F., 238 Pence, Donald J., 344-45 Perazzo, Joseph L., 272, 273 Percious, Judith P., 274 Pergrem, Romona J., 301 Perius, Walter L., 347 Perlin, Barry M., 324 Perlman, Arlene L., 309 Perlman, Ilene R., 287 Perot, Mary K., 285 Perry, David G., 155, 400 Perry, Linda, 313 Perry, Lisa, 280 Pertuit, Patricia, 305 Pertuit, Peggy, 305 Peterson, Gail Y., 305 Peterson, Karen E., 307 Peterson, Katharine, 273, 303 Peterson, Kim, 325 Peterson, Randi E., 303 Petras, Gregory J., 376 Petty, Paul A., 277 Pfeil, Wendy, 295 Pflueger, Timothy N., 357 Pharmacy, College of, 192-93 Phelps, Cynthia C., 297 Phi Beta Kappa, 267 Phi Chi Theta, 252 Phi Delta Chi, 273 Phi Eta Sigma, 244 Phi Gamma Delta, 358-59 Phi Mu, 310-11 Phi Sigma Kappa, 360 Phillips, Steve W., 347 Phrateres, 245 Pi Beta Theta, 306-07 Phi Delta Phi, 266 Pi Kappa Alpha, 342-43 Pi Kappa Delta, 261 Pi Lambda Theta, 261 Pi Mu Epsilon, 266 Pi Omega Pi, 252 Photo Service, 162 Physical Plant, 164 Piccarreto, Rene J., 317 Pickrell, Christopher, 349 Pierce, John T., 321 Pierson, Edward E., 265, 323 Pierson, Joseph N., 323 Pilcher, Rebecca R., 299 Pima Hall, 378 Pincus, Rebecca B., 384 Pitz, Harmon, 235 Placement Service, 195 Place, Pamela, 303 Platt, Riska R., 27 Poling, Stephen J., 379 Pollyea, Sherry H., 309 Pontious, Daniel P., 243 Popof, Natasha L., 293 Porcelain, Martin E., 273 Porter, Fern A., 304, 305 Porter, Jeanne V., 321 Porter, Pamela E., 313 Porter, Roger S., 277 Porton, Mariette C., 285 Postill, Steven, 360 Postillion, L., 297 Potter, Keith D., 277 Pottorff, Victor S., 357 Potts, James C., 365 Poulson, Elees L., 381 Poulter, Gene R., 273 Powell, Don W., 281, 316, 345 Powley, Frances C., 299 Poynter, Richard L., 359 Pratt, Judith S., 291 President of the University, 157 Prest, David G., 345 Preston, Leslie J., 305 Preston, William R., 349 Pre-Vet Club, 278 Price, Barry D., 324 Price, Penelope, 305 Price, Royal " Sharkey, " 44, 45 Price, Stephen M., 349 Prigge, Gary W., 272, 273 Prigge, Marilyn J., 273 Prince, Richard D., 351 Pritchett, Edward L., 272, 273 397 Proffitt, Nicholas C., 263 Rodeo Club, 278 Scheffler, Helen S., 287 Simmons, Denton, 345 Provenzano, James M., 345 Roders, Nancy, 274 Sche finer, Helene R., 309 Simmons, Sally, 295 Prushansky, Harry A., 324 Rodgers, Knox, 347 Scheinhart, Lonnie, 381 Simon, Sandra K., 287 Ptacek, Marcus J., 349 Rodgers, Richard T., 333 Schenck, Douglas L., 347 Simonian. V. H., 271, 272 Pulford, Jeffrey L., 329 Rodman, Jane H., 305 Schiele, Diane E., 313 Simons, Sharon S., 308 Puntenney, James W., 359 Rogel, Marilyn, 313 Schierenberg, Carol, 277 Simpson, William S., 329 Puntenney, Robert A., 359 Rogers, James E., 347 Schildkraut, Naomi, 309 Sims, Shelley A., 297 Purcell, Jean E., 299 Rogers, Peggy J., 265 Schimmel, Robert J., 243 Singer, Sandra A., 287 Pylant, Charlotte R. 285 Rogers, Tim, 347 Schlotterbeck, Robert, 336-337 Sinsheimer, James A., 352-353 Rogers, Wesley, 307 Schleuter, Charles D., 45 Skagen, Terry, 265 Quimby, Charles M., 360 Rogge, Laurence E., 45, 54 Schmidt, Barbara J., 307 Skeel, Elinor E., 265 Quinn, Richard W., 269 Roggeveen, Catherine, 297 Schmidt, Beatrice J., 299 Skeie, Priscilla A., 269, 291 Quinn, Roy J., 327 Rogow, Marcia A., 287 Schmitt, Timothy W., 357 Skinner, William G., 345 Quintana, Joe J., 336-337 Rokey, J. R., 359 Schnadig, Ruth J., 304 Skold, Kimberlee J., 307 Quintenz, Barbara J., 265 Roland, Karen E., 378 Schneider, Joanne I., 309 Slack, Patrick E., 325 Quiroz, Cristina 0., 310-311 Roll, John P., 275 Schneider, Lee F., 235 Slade, Richard, 277 Quiroz, Joseph R., 265 Roll, Richard L., 347 Schnitzer, Jean M., 309 Slaten, Helene I., 309 Quistgard, Jon E., 336-337 Rome, Arlene M., 287 Schoenbaum, Jeffry F., 235 Slater, James L., 352-353 Romell, Nancy L., 307 Schoichet, Naomi I., 287 Slattebo, David L., 281 Rabogliatti, Mary E., 264 Romer, Carole J., 307 Schrader, Marcia E., 309 Slaughter, Nancy J., 281, 298 Radabaugh, Bruce E., 45 Romero, Frederick P., 264 Schroeder, William L., 325 Siavick, Nancy J., 287 Radetsky, Beth E., 309 Romick, Linda J., 299 Schulte, Eric B., 383 Slavin, Barry M., 324 Radmacher, Lynn, 295 Romley, Dennis D., 336-337 Schultz, Charles R., 235 Smart, Susan L., 273, 291 Radmacher, Nancy A., 295 Ronstadt, Edward A., 345 Schultz, Pat, 277 Smiley, Gerald F., 325 Rafsky, David, 352-353 Ronstadt, Michael T., 265 Schuman, Dan, 352-353 Smith. Alan C., 341 Ragsdale, William J., 345 Root, Richard A., 80, 359 Schwartz, Carole A., 287 Smith, Arthur C., 327 Raiffie, Marilyn, 309 Roripaugh, Ray L., 336-337 Schwartz, Lezlie B., 287 Smith, Bonnie F., 291 Ralston, Anne R., 303 Rosenbaum, Susan F., 263 Schwartz, Mark J., 352-353 Smith, Burks A., Jr., 339 Ramras, David N., 235 Rosenberg, Arnold S., 333 Schwartz, Suzanne F., 309 Smith, Carol L., 262 Ramsdell, Stephen L., 359 Rosenthal, Louis E., 352-353 Scorsatto, Allen F., 272, 273 Smith, Christie F., 299 Ramsey, Louis A., 45 Ross David, 345 Scott, James, 351 Smith, Cindy L., 303 Ramsey, Susan, 288-289 Ross, Linda K., 299 Scott, Wallace, 45, 65, 67 Smith, Corky R., 338 Randall, Doxie D., 277 Ross, Nancy J., 309 Scott, Lel and, 277 Smith, David A., 327 Rangel, Lucia, 277 Ross, Robert W., Jr., 155, 400 Scott, Marcia V., 285 Smith, Denise M., 327 Range Management Club, 250 Rossetti, Anthony J., 347 Scoville, Stanley E., 345 Smith, Donna D., 299 Rankin, Lynn D., 287 Rosso, John A., 352-353 Scremin, Dennis L., 325 Smith, Jean W., 160 Raphun, Kathleen S., 281, 202, 293 Roth, Barbara L., 155, 287, 400 Scribner, Paul C., 333 Smith, Jerrold E., 235 Rasmussen, William 0., 265 Roth, Margaret L., 295 Scripps, Barry H., 329 Smith, Joyce M., 301 Rathwell, Peter J., 359 Rothery, Douglas E., 351 Scully, Anne E., 285 Smith, Michael D., 325 Rauh, David S., 330 Rotolo, Douglas F., 322 Seabright, Barbara A., 288-289 Smith, Myra B., 287 Rawn, Peggy A., 295 Roundstream, Terry C., 360 Sears, Clifford, 235 . Smith, Paul F., 243 Ray, John L., 45, 347 Rowell, Wayne C., 273 Secor, Russell P., 355 Smith, Stephany ., 313, 305 Ray, Ronald J., 321 Roye, Michael D., 352-353 Segal, Debora G., 309 Smith, Yvette A., 297 Raymond, Kathryn F., 302, 307 Rubin, Steven I., 324 Seider, Daniel, 325 Smitheran, William R., 370 Read, Susan B., 310-311 Ruby, Rick, 327 Seidman, Jeffrey H., 341 Sneller, Suzi, 309 Reay, William G., 371 Ruh, Steven A., 325 Seigel, Mark D., 235 Snyder, Leonard M., 324 Reden, Steven D., 273 Ruiz, L illian C., 384 Selberg, Paul D., 339 Snyder Marc 352-353 Redavid, John F., 355 Ruley, Frank M., 349 Selk, Frederick P., 265 Snyder, Rocky W., 322-323, 265 Reeb, Mary M., 313 Runstrom, Judith L., 293 Sewall, Mark A., 333 Sogo, David T., 273 Reed, Joann J., 273 Rush, Barbara H., 299 Sganga, Brookes A., 301 Solar, Stephanie D.. 287 Reed, Mark A., 45, 345 Russell, Barbara A., 305 Shackelford, Kathryn. 385 Sonora Hall, 381 Reed, Theodore P., 274 Russell, James A., 345 Shadegg, John B., 345 Sonstein, Jeffrey, 325 Reed, Thomas C., 272 Ruth, Ellen J., 305 Shannon, Carol A., 301 Sophos, 243 Reeves, Dougal B., 325 Rutschman, Wayne R., 349 Shannon, Jeanne C., 301 South Hall, 382 Regens, James L., 329 Ruzicka, Nancy J., 269 Shapiro, Fred A., 334-335, 235 Sowders, Steven A., 45, 273 Regenstrief, Marcia, 309 Ryals, Michelle E., 295 Shapiro, Joel, 352-353 Spar, Glenn A., 323 Registrar, 161 Ryan, Claire F., 288-289 Sharkey, James T., 336-337 Spark, James C., 327 Reimold, Rick C., 327 Ryan, Daniel J., 45 Sharp, Bruce W., 272 Sparkman, Sheryl J., 301 Relfe, Lynne F., 301 Ryciak, Steve D., 336-337 Shaw, Cindy, 201 Spear, Diane, 303 Renner, Daniel W., 349 Ryden, Jeanne M., 299 Shay, Daniel M., 341 Spear, Leslie, 235 Resseguie, Judith M., 285 Ryder, Kris tina M., 277 Shean, Richard S., 345 Specht, Nancy E., 281, 313, 316 Restaino, Thomas A., 333 Sheinart, Lonnie C., 316, 309 Speed, Hugh B., 243 Reuland, Jeff, 349 Sabin, Barbara L., 309 Shelden, Geoffrey H., 357 Speelman, Nancy J., 381 Reyne, Laura E., 277 Sacherman, Lynette M., 309 Shelley, Jerrold F.. 277 Spicer, Susan, 269, 291 Reynolds, Donald W., 347 Sacks, Deborah B., 287 Shelley, John F., 277 Spiegel, Christina E., 285 Reynolds, James W., 321 Sadek, Susan F., 287 Shelton, Betty J., 303 Springer, Margaret L., 301 Reynolds, Judith A., 295 Sailer, James W., 281, 321 Shenkarow, Ellen M., 269, 287 Spurs, 243 Reynolds, Rosemary, 285 Sakato, Gary M., 323 Sheppard, William A., 382 Stadler, Diane D., 313 Rhein, Michael A., 280, 381 Salant, David R., 359 Sher, Linda S., 366 Stahl, Jefferson S., 329 Rhoades, Charles F., 347 Salaz, Joe R., 272, 273 Sherwood, Everett M., 155, 400 Stallings, David J., 341 Rho Chi, 271 Saliba, David L., 349 Sherwood, Ted W., 351 Stamps, Roland A., 80 Rice, Kathleen, 303 Saltzman, Andrea L., 287 Shelter, Susan Q., 281 Stanfield, Alice, 274 Rice, Sally G. 299 Saltzman, David L., 235 Shields, Andrea L., 277 Staniec, Michael D., 325 Riceberg, Harvey B., 271, 272, 273 Sanborn, Lynne, 301 Shiffrin, James H., 265 Stark, Gail R., 286 Rich, Pamela J., 295 Sandahl, Douglas C., 351 Shirley, William A., 265 Starkopf, Lawrence S., 325 Richter, Robert H., 324 Sanders, Dennis H., 333 Shlopack, Bruce R., 330 Starr, Robert L., 357 Richardson, William, 350-351 Sanders, Janis, 285 Shonerd, Wesley A., 380 Stattel, Suellen, 155, 288-289, 400 Richter, Barbara J., 309 Sanders, John C., 281 Shook, Susan M., 307 St. Clair, Edwin F., 238 Ridenour, Dwight F., 277 Sanderson, John R., 269, 341 Shor, Judith B., 277 Steelhammer, Gail B., 265, 273 Ridenour, Richard A., 349 Sandin, Stephen T., 349 Shores, Wallace J., 325 Steffen, Patricia M., 295 Rierson, Dennis A., 345 Sann, Karen B., 287 Shough, David E., 379 Steger, Margaret F., 265 Riese, Diane K., 291 Santa Cruz Hall, 380 Shubitz, Paul J., 265 Stehr, Craig L., 330 Rihs, Paul W., 345 Sanwall, Netra, 277 Shuck, Pamela D., 295 Steinwachs, Donald M., 321 Riklin, Sarabeth, 309 Sapienza, Tony J., 355 Shum, Michael P., 273 Stelijes, Linda M., 301 Rinek, Steven W., 347 Sarnoski, Kenneth P., 45 Shumaker, Beverly J., 305 Stelzer, Sandy M., 265 Riordan, Mary L., 293 Sasnett, Charlene R., 299 Shuman, Daniel W., 352-353 Stephens, Janine, 291 Ripley, Valard P., 277 Satterlee, Marcia J., 301 Sicher, Dawn M., 301 Stephenson, James F., 269 Risner, William J., 341 Sauro, William H., 263 Sigma Alpha Chi, 277 Stern, Geoffrey A., 327 Rita, Robert M., 325 Savoie, William Anth, 153, 325 Sigma Alpha Eta, 261 Stern, Michael A., 352-353 Ritchie, Roger S., 333 Sawdey, Robert E., 345 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 344-45 Stetser, Michael, 330 Rix, Richard M., 345 Sawyer, David H., 329 Sigma Alpha Iota, 262 Stevens, Thom, 351 Rizzo, Francis J., 355 Sawyer, Gary G., 370 Sigma Chi, 350-51 Stevens, Melinda D., 285 Roads, Helen M., 303 Saxon, Robert L., 333 Sigma Delta Chi, 263 Stewart, Bonnie J., 307 Robbins, John R., 355 Scabbard Blade, 270 Sigma Delta Tau, 308-09 Stewart, Mary J., 297 Roberts, Angela L., 297 Scacco, Bruce F., 352-353 Sigma Nu, 346-47 Stewart, Pamela, 307 Roberts, Vicki L., 381 Scaling, Peggy E., 307 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 348-49 Stewart, William, 341 Roberts, William C., 263 Scanlon, Becky, 305 Sigma Pi Sigma, 265 Stiles, Susan J., 302, 307 Robertson, John A., 264, 349 Scarborough, Deborah, 291 Sigma Xi, 274 Still, Mark S., 321 Robertson Mary E., 307, 297 Sceli, Debbie H., 303 Sill, Mary M„ 307 St. John, Barbara L., 305 Robertson, Sloan L., 360 Schaad, Lisa A., 273. 305 Silva, Marvin Z., 273 Stobaugh, Robert W., 357 Robey, Mary C., 288-289 Schaefer, Lee, 274 Silver, Steven J., 333 Stobaugh, Wiley J., 357 Robinson Kelsey, 285 Schafer, Marilyn J., 285 Silverman, Denise C., 287 Stockton, Paul B., 243 Robinson, Linda K., 299 Schagren, Melvyn, 273 Silverstein, William 235 Stoddard, Barbara J., 298, 299 Robinson, Paul H., 45, 65, 67 Schaller, David A., 325 Silver Wing, 271 Stoecker, Ann, 202, 281, 293 Robson, Gary S., 333 Shallock, Larry W., 271, 273 Simley, Ole, 274 Stolle, Gretchen M., 305 398 Stone, Gary W., 322-323 Thompson, Don M., 243 Walmsley, Jeannette, 305 Williams, Carol A., 303 Stone, Joan G., 310-311 Thompson, Donald L., 336-337 Walpole, Barbara L., 313 Williams, Catherine, 366 Stone, Mary K., 285 Thompson, Jane B., 303 Walser, Randal L., 243 Williams, Donald L., 368 Stoops, John N., 351 Thompson, Jerry, 54, 64 Walsh, Clare E., 285 Williams, Gary A., 359 Stoops, Penelope J., 301 Thompson Lynne M., 265 Walsh, Kathleen E., 301 Williams, Lyn M., 276, 295 Storms, Michael A., 325 Thompson Ronald G., 243 Walsh, Robert T., 281, 321 Williams, Marcia J., 293 Story, Richard D., 273 Thompson, Stephen W., 345 Walters, Kathryn A., 305 Willis, Lynn A., 297 Stout, Susan F., 302, 307 Thrasher, James R., 336-337 Walther, Diane L., 297 Willson, Marcia A., 293 Strimbel, Cynthia A., 291 Tidwell, Patricia A., 299 Walthers, Karen K., 269 Willyard, Ann, 295 Stressman, Edward J., 322-323 Tijerina, George, 45 Waltner, William P., 346-347 Wilson, Andrew, 274 Strobel, Paul S., 355 Tullis, Dick, 355 Ward, Miechael E., 351 Wilson, David, 345 Strohm, Gari M., 297 Tinsley, R. L., 264 Warner, Dorothy A., 307 Wilson, David A., 327 Stromberg, Stanley A., 338-339 Tirrell, Noreen E., 307 Warner, James D., 324 Wilson, David H., 347 Strong, Stuart A., 325 Tisdale, Dixie L., 295 Warner, Richard E., 351 Wilson, Jack R., 336 Stroukoff, Peter, 371 Tizard, Susan K., 299 Wasserman, Eric T., 235 Wilson, Jeanette M., 272, 273, Stryker, Michael 0., 276 Todd, Lawrence E., 273 Waters, Charles R., 281 288-289 Stryker, Stephen B., 276 Todd Paul A., 359 Waters, Diana, 299 Wilson, Margaret A., 313 Stuart, Barry J., 352-353 Todd, Peter W., 359 Watkins, Diane L., 285 Wilson, Michael A., 327 Stuart, Charles C., 243 Tolliver, Edmund R., 273, 349 Watkins, Linda S., 310-311 Wilson, Weston W., 273 Stuart, Thomas, 303 Tomek, Susan, 295 Watson, James S., 342-343 Wing, Anna S., 381 Stucky. Douglas K., 273 Tompkins, Sandy, 341 Watson, Kay, 277 Wing, Gary S., 323 Student Housing, 165 Toomey, Gailbraith, 366 Watson, Scott, 243 Wingert, Daniel E., 265 Student National Education Topper, Pamela J., 309 Watt, Mark A., 345 Winkworth, Sally L., 293 Association, 259 Torluemke, Donald A., 372 Waud, Robert M., 243 Winship, H. W.. 271 Student Religion Council, 277 Townley, Diana, 303 Wayman, Erica, 309 Winter, Susan, 303 Student Union Staff, 163 Townsend, Barbara, 301 Way, Katherine G., 285 Wirick, Stan E., 349 Stull, Carolyn M., 300, 301 Tracy, Steven M., 325 Wayland, Toni S., 305 Wirt, Susan, 310-311 Stutts, Alan T., 349 Trask, William T., 330 Weakland, Richard E., 273 Wirth, Marion G., 380 Sucre, Richard P., 355 Treat, Jay, 265 Weaver, David F., 243 Wisdom, Joe B., Jr., 347 Suft, James W., 345 Tregonis, Diane E., 301 Weaver, Janet L., 313 Wise, Edward, 274 Sukey, Paulette B., 295 Triem, Ellen C., 277 Weaver, Kathleen A., 313 Wise, James A., 331 Sulcer, Deborah L., 291 Trinca, Carl E., 272, 273 Weaver, Walt, 44, 45 Wise, Thomas J., 329 Sullivan, John J., 359 Troglia, Sharron L., 285 Webb, Joe D., 349 Witney, John, 326 Sullivan, Tyra A., 303 Trowbridge, Cynthia, 301 Weber, Bob, 44, 45 Witschi, Christina, 155, 400 Summers, Leona R., 301 Trudelle, Randall E., 151, 400 Webster, Alison C., 294 Witzeman, Susan E., 291 Sundeen, Thomas R., 359 Tschirley, Fred, 274 Webster, Sharon G., 285 Wolcott, Roger L., 238 Supp, Howard L., 265 Tuchin, Douglas A., 352-353 Wechter, Laurie J., 309 Wolf, Barbara M., 287 Sutphin, Kathryn, 305 Tucker, Terry L., 277 Weedin, Pamela R., 307 Wolf, Peter S., 235 Svob, John D., 359 Tupper, William B., 336-337 Weeks, James L., 272 Wolf, Terry J., 329 Svob, Robert S., 159 Turkel, Joann D., 309 Weigt, Edwin D., 327 Wolfe, Stephen M., 347 Swan, Robert C., 354 Turner, Alan F., 273 Weik, Karla V., 297 Wolicki, Richard J., 272, 273 Swank, Dorothy R., 301 Turner, Gary N., 235 Weiland, Ann L., 307 Wollheim, Judy L., 374 Swanson, Patricia A., 285, 301 Tuttle, Nancy J., 269, 297 Weimer, Maryann, 301 Wolner, Ongeborg E., 264 Swanson, Rochelle A., 293 Tvert, Toni L., 287 Weiner, Arnold B., 325 Wonacott, Duane M., 243 Swartz, Jeffrey D., 235 Weiner, Richard H., 235 Wong, Dennis D., 273 Swartz, Lillian, 297 Uhl, Bruce E., 375 Weinfeld, Jon M., 352-353 Wong, Truman, 273 Swatsley, Rosemary F,, 301 Umbenhaur, Marsha C., 269, 294 Weinstein, Jay E. 352-353 Wood, Anne, 302, 303 Swift, Gary T., 27 Underwood, Karen A., 310 Weir, Diane S., 294 Wood, Carol M., 303 Swinyard, Marilyn, 307 Updegraff, Katherine, 307 Weiser, Ellen, 307 Wood, Lynne 0., 288-289 Sylvester, Barry R., 265 Uselman, Diana L., 313 Weisman, Kay, 287 Wood, Mary L., 310-311, 384 Sylvester, Kirk C., 243 Uyehara, Peter Y., 273 Weiss, Gary L., 235 Wood, Wayne, 265, 345 Synder, Tasa, 297 Weisser, Kristin L., 291 Woodland, Robert W., 347 Szudlo, Joyce K., 384 Vactor, Drew K., 235 Welch, Claudia J., 313 Woodman, Denise S., 307 Valeski, Terry E., 273 Welding, Tona L., 313 Woodruff, Susan C., 269, 294 Van John, Edgar, 345 Weldon, Charles A., 345 Woods, Damian L., 273 Tadano, Barbara Y., 374 Van Asdall, Willard Weldon, Porter, 345 Woods, Linda L., 293 Taft, Andrea L., 263, 378 Vancas, Mark F., 280 Welker, William V., 331 Woods, Lynn E., 307 Takagi, Dolores P., 293 Vance, David B., 360 Weeks, Ann, 310-311 Woods, Nancy H., 313 Talbot, Gwendolyn E., 277 Vance, James, 333 Weller, Ronald E., 321 Woodward, Gregory E., 351 Tallberg, Ellis A., 243 Vance, Sally M., 269 Wells, Jack A., Jr., 347 Woodward, Kimie K., 262 Tally, Douglas, 347 Vancil, Judith A., 262, 313 Welsh, Laurie, 291 Wooldridge. 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A., 272 Thomas, Teresa K., 369 Walker, Linda L., 288-289 Will, George D., 329 Zivney, Christine A., 281, 299 Thompson, April E., 269, 303 Walker, Nancy E., 307 Willcox, George L.., 243 Zorbis, Myra E., 287 Thompson, Carolyn A., 262 Walker, Virginia L., 285 William, Barb, 300 Zumwalt, Karen L., 288-289 Thompson, Constance, 281, 288-289 Wall, Nira J., 281, 307 Wallace, William H., 274 Williams, Ann K., 313 Williams, Barbara J., 301 Zuspann, Eugene P., 345 Zwissler, Robert W., 331 399 DESERT ' 68 STAFF Editor-in-Chief Bob Ross Assistant Editor Joan Mclntee Advisor Lanny Rosenbaum Layout Editors Olivia Cabrera Randy Trudelle Copy Editor Chris Witschi Art Work Dennis Thompson Activities Editor Barb Roth Sports Editor Charlie Brackney Administration Editor Adrienne Crane Seniors Editor Natalie Graff Organizations Editor Bobbie McNeil Greek Editors Gary Gomez Randy Trudelle Suellen Stattel Dorm Editors Linda Ganschinietz David Perry Index Linda Ganschinietz David Perry Margaret McConnell Photographers Everett Sherwood Philip S. Van Ness Promotion Manager Stevie Knowles Paste-up Norma McLaughlin Three major division page essays written by Theresa Rashid I wish to express a special personal thanks to Lanny Rosenbaum, Randy Trudelle, Linda Ganschinietz, David Perry, the members of the ASUA Photo Service, and to my wife Ginny and daughter Amy. Without the moral support of these people, DESERT ' 68 would not exist. Bob Ross Editor-in-Chief DESERT ' 68 THE E 400

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