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1967 DESERT 67 TABLE OF CONTENTS campus life 19 activities 83 sports 135 administration 195 individuals 243 dedication 435 Lines of people... 4 ...going places... 5 ...waiting... ...impatiently... ...tense... ...expectant... ...anticipating... ...participating. 7 Not only people... ...but things... ...bottles... ...bats... ...books. 9 Everywhere you look, ...once active field... empty street... 10 ...everything you do... ...lines form an part of us... 12 ...of our campus... ...of our community, 13 14 but nes take us beyond today. 15 How is the line... ...crooked as a dogs leg... ...straight as an arrow.. 16 ...but they both get there... tomorrow. 17 CAMPUS LIFE 19 New 20 new pople... 22 anticipations... 23 frustrations... 24 buy a 1967 Desert 25 comedy of errors... 26 27 participation... 28 29 night of action... 30 elections... 31 in the sportlight... 32 kids at play... 33 future freshman... 34 hello mudder... 35 wild wild west... 36 reunion... 37 38 and reunion... 39 tomorrow made possible... 40 Miss of A.... 41 spirit... 42 43 Bands, Bands, Bands... dance dance, dance... 45 Christmas near... 46 Vikings have landed... 47 48 Land of the midnight sun... 49 50 south of the border... 51 women sufferage... 52 53 St. Paddy triumphs.. 54 ENGINEERS ' DAY TODAY 55 Desert... 56 Joyce Ohl QUEEN Catherine Parry Mary Manning 57 58 crazy daze are here again... 59 student circus... 60 61 Fiesta Mexicana 62 Ali Akbar Khan Monterey Jazz Festival 63 Travis Edmonson 64 Royal Fusiliers and Highland Games 65 Dionne Warwick New Christy Minstrels 66 Ramsey Lewis 67 Petula Clark Paris Rive Gauche 68 Detroit Symphony Orchestra 69 Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra American Ballet Theater 70 Los Angeles Philharmonic 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 ACTIVITIES 83 ASUA PRESIDENT HARRY BONSALL 84 ASUA OFFICERS AND ASSSISTANT 85 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL SENATE 86 ASUA COURTS SUPREME COURT Gary Abromovitz, Chief Justice SOCIAL COURT Mike Aboud, Chief Justice MEN ' S JUDICIAL COURT Mike Upson, Chief Judge TRAFFIC COURT Steve Strasler, Chief Judge PUBLIC RELATIONS Mark Gemmill, Chairman PRE-REGISTRATION Woody Tella, Chairman TRADITIONS Jim Webb, President 88 ACADEMIC COMMITTEE Can Johnson, Chairman PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Karen Harper, Chairman TRAFFIC COMMITTEE 89 SOCIAL LIFE Richard Keller — Chairman PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Sam Stangl — Chairman ELECTIONS Bill Alden and Marsha Strassner Chairmen ARTIST SERIES Barbi Lynch — Chairman 90 RETREAT 91 STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD GINNY MANNING President MR. WILLIAM VARNEY Student Union Director BILL HESS Vice-president MR. WALT ROBERSON Student Union Assistant Director LORETTA McCARTHY Secretary-Treasurer 92 INTERNATIONAL FORUM John Schorr, Chairman MISS U OF A Bill Hess, Chairman ART EXHIBITIONS Don Powell, Chairman 93 RECREATION Jim Hunter, Chairman PUBLICITY Suki Leonard, Chairman PUBLICATIONS Josette Melazzo, Chairman ENTERTAINMENT Kassie Walters, Chairman SUAB HOOTENANNY 94 DISPLAYS Jean Gray, Chairman INFORMAL FORUM Randy Holdridge, Chairman MUSIC LITERATURE Terri Freedman, Chairman 95 BOBBI BARNES President LAURA LEE SHARP Rules Chairman EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS LUCY WING Vice President LYNN RADMACHER Treasurer MARILYN BERNSTEIN Secretary 96 AWS COMMTTEES AWS Council and President CAMPUS ACTIVITIES Lyn Williams — Chairman PUBLICITY Jane Bechtol — Chairman 97 ORIENTATION Kaye Vanskike — Chairman PHILANTHROPY Mary Ann May — Chairman PUBLIC RELATIONS Pris Skie, Chairman 98 PUBLICATIONS Kathy Ruphun, Chairman TOWN WOMEN Judy Olsen, Chairman SCHOLARSHIP Diane Stadler, Chairman 99 FRESHMAN OFFICERS MIKE HARRISON Vice-President CARL OLSEN President MARGIE DAVIS Secretary BARB WILD Treasurer 100 TYLER KENT Vice-President JIM ADAMS President SOPHOMORE OFFICERS CHERYL CHARLES Secretary LESLIE JAPP Treasurer EMMIE PADGETT Secretary TIM FLOOD President JIM COTE Vice-President JUNIOR OFFICERS SUE ORTH Treasurer 102 SENIOR OFFICERS JIM O ' NEIL President TERRY SELIGMAN Treasurer DOUG PATTERSON Vice-President SUE LEMMONS Secretary 103 FRESHMEN HONORARIES HONORARIES PHI ETA SIGMA BOB SWAN President ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA CHARLENE LEE President 104 SPURS PEGGY WILSON President SOPHOMORE HONORARIES SOPHOS BILL HAGENAH President 105 CHAIN GANG RALPH ARVIZU President JUNIOR HONORARIES CHIMES NANCY TUTTLE President 106 BOB CATS KEN HABER President BLUE KEY JAY OSBORN President MORTAR BOARD JANE VERKAMP President 107 Mark Ginsberg Gene leverty Kathy Mickey Bobbi Barnes Mike Aboud Connie Graham Don Booth Tom Pendergrass Jane Verkamp Seva Spanos Lucy Wing Marty Runstrom Karen Harper Bob Jackson Ginny Manning Jim Bruner 108 Jim Webb Laura Lee Sharp Jim O ' Neil Bob Hoffman Sue Needham Doug Major Mary Giltner Jim Johnson Nancy Darling Paula Kruger Harry Bonsall John Pattullo Barbi Lynch Dave Cooper Kay Vanskike 110 ...AND SONGS 111 SUPERBOWL 112 THE DESERT Molly Engle DESERT STAFF Editor-in-Chief Molly Assistant Editor Al Raffo Academics Melinda Burill Activities Judy Pusat eri, Joan Mclntee, Ann Burch Art Dave Meador Colleges Diana Baum, Laurie Hunter Copy Georgia Martinez Dorms Peggy Tuke, Bobbie McNeil Greeks Suzette Jackson, Natalie Graff Index Dianne MacPhee, Suellen Stattel Layout Olivia Cabrea, Karen McBride Research Marjie Walthier Sports Bob Ross, Fred Shapiro Don Alpert, Claudia Gicewitz Al Raffo 113 OLIVIA CABREA KAY WILLIAMS KAREN McBRIDE BOBBIE McNEIL PEGGI TUKE MARGIE WALTHIER BOB ROSS MELINDA BURRILL Fred Shapiro Ann Burch Judy Pusateri Dave Meador Suzette Jackson Diane Baum Natalie Graff Suellen Stattel Joan Mclntee THE ARIZONA WILDCAT WILDCAT STAFF Joe Sotelo Editor-in-Chief Michael Gottesman Managing Editor Lanny Rosenbaum Publications Manager Bill Sauro Asst. Managing Editor Susan Rabin News Editor Mary McKee City Editor Tom Babcock Assistant Tony Sauro Sports Editor John Brown Circulation Manager Hugh Holub Associate Editor Barbara Roth Society Editor C. A. Pantaleoni Photo Editor Dale Danneman Assistant Jim Berg Business Manager 116 Bill Sauro Barbara Roth Hugh Holub Mary-Seldon Stevens Susan Rabin Lanny Rosenbaum Mike Gottesman Joe Sotelo Chris Pantaleoni 117 WRANGLERS- WOMEN ' S SERVICE HONORARY PRESIDENT Janine Hernbrode SECRETARY Kathy Candiello TREASURER Kaye Vanskike ALPHA PHI OMEGA. MENS SERVICE HONORARY President, Frank Smith Vice President, Robert Selinger Perry Bishop Secretary, Richard Heggin Treasurer, Greg Bass 118 BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS APPROPRIATION BOARD COURSE EVALUATIONS Tom Wilson, Chairman 119 120 JAN JORALMON Editor ANANKE GIDNEY WINDAHL SUSAN RAMSEY 121 THE RIVALS CAST Sir Anthony Absolute Craig Nelson Captain Absolute David Williams Faulkland Shelby Taylor Acres Robin Lee Sir Lucius O ' Trigger Thomas Mann Fag Phillip Schopper David William Damron, Jr. Thomas (coachman) Douglas Nine Mrs. Malaprop Elaine Moe Lydia Languish Wendy Robie Julia Judy Gries Lucy Linda Anderson 122 THE BEGGAR ON HORSEBACK CAST Dr. Albert Rice James Cantrell Cynthia Mason Pamela Dudley Neil McRae George Moredock Mr. Cady Mike Neer Mrs. Cady Deborah Kronenberg Gladys Cady Louise Beal Homer Cady Dale Fuller Jerry Robert Colston Businessman Tim Gargiulo Usher Smith McClure Reporters Wayne Green, Bernard Sukowski Miss Hey Susan Stout Miss You Cynthia Hawk A Waiter Dennis Qualitiere A Guide Rich Pasterchek An Artist Mark Gluckman Novelist Smith McClure Poet Richard Lake Dancer Ralph DuPont Jurors Fred Sayer, Jeffrey Slager, Dan Huber, Angela Patton, Joan Mack, Sherry Sacks, Claudia Beets, Vandi Clark, Lorena Brown Ticketman Jim Clark Cigarette Girl Leslie Dodge Candy Boy Mark Gluckman Sightseers Cathy Taylor, Kathy Davis, Shirley Brooks, Dennis Qualitiere Singer Sue Jordan 123 EMPEROR JONES CAST Brutus Jones (Emperor) Robert Colston Henry Smithers (a Cockney Trader) Douglas Stewart A Native Woman Beverly Ex pose Lem (a Native Chief) McKinley Sterling Witch-Doctor Marc O ' Hara Crocodile God Polly Mikkelson Jeff Richard Moreno TIME REMEMBERED CAST Amanda Linda Anderson Le Prince Albert Vernon Statler La Duchesse de Pont-au-Bronc Jan Estes Schmidt Le Baron Hector Bernard Sukowski Ferdinand Dennis Wilkerson Theophilus James Cantrell Le Chauffeur de Taxi Bruce Schwimmer Le Marchand de Glaces Richard Corvino Le Patron de l ' Auberge Greg Covington Le Garde-Chasse, Jean Thomas Mann La Dame du Vestiare Carol Lamour Les Valets et Les Tziganes William Damron, Jr. Patrick Hurley Smith McClure Thomas Mann Chris Hall Richard Michael Neer OKLAHOMA! UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA, COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS AND ARTIST SERIES AUDITORIUM 8:00 P.M., FEB.22, 23, 24, 25: MATINEE: 2:00 P.M., FEB.25, 1967 126 OKLAHOMA! Aunt Eller Penny Phillips Curly David Williams Philip Siegling Laurey Christine Chesney Francis Roberts Ike Skidmore Gerald Atwater Fred Clay Green Slim Donald Day Will Parker Jeffrey Miller Jud Fry Dan Shackelford Michael Merrifield Ado Annie Carnes Susan Gunn Linda Herre Ali Hakim Arthur Berman Michael Neer 127 PRESENTATION OF THE MESSIAH Symphonic Orchestra Symphonic Choir UNIVERSITY DIRECTORS Mr. Lee, Mr. Bloom, Mr. Johnson CONCERT BAND MEMBER CONCERT BAND 128 UNI ERSITY CHORAL GROUPS Symphonic Choir University Singers Choraliers 129 SMHONIC STYMPHONCIC BAND HEPCAT BAND 130 TWIRLING CIRCUS 131 MARCHING BAND 132 133 SPORTS 135 Administration M. R. " Dick " Clausen completing his ninth year as Director of the Department of Health, Physical and Recreation, came to the University of after two years as head football coach at the University of New Mexico. Previous to his in New Mexico, he coached at Coe College for eight years where his teams won three Midwest Championships. While at Coe he was by being voted the nation ' s " small college coach of the year. " Dick Clausen, Athletic Director Prior to joining the Arizona staff in 1963, Cedric W. Dempsey was dean of men at College where he also coached cross country and basketball. While at Arizona he was freshman basketball coach before being elevated to his present position on February 1, 1966. He received his Ph.D. from the of Illinois in 1964. Cedric Dempsey, Assistant Athletic Director 136 Frank Soltys, Sports Information Director Phil McLaughlin, Business Manager Chuck Magness, Ticket Manager C. L. " Stub " Ashcraft, Athletic Events Coordinator 137 Football CONDITIONING AND PREPARATION WILL BEAT IOWA WIN YOU MUST THERE FIRST WITH THE MOST Arizona 20...Iowa 31 Scott and Calderwood lead Arizona defense. The first of many Reed to Greth passes Greth and King watch as first Big Ten encounter proves fatal to Greth moves ball into Jayhawk territory. Arizona 13...Kansas 35 DeWan snags a Reed pass. 139 Arizona 6...Wyoming 36 White displays defense. Hubbert picks up first down against tough Cowboy defense. 140 Wilhelm kicks record breaking 49 yard field goal. Coach ' Gentleman ' Jim tastes first ' 66 win. Scott leads defensive assault. Arizona 36... New Mexico 15 Wildcats regain Kit Carson rifle. 141 Hubbert blasts Utah line. Albert and Thompson drop Gehrke. Coach Jim LaRue. Brautigan catches for first Arizona TD. Arizona 19... Utah 24 142 Arizona 14..BYU 16 BYU encounters Wildcat defense. Adios my Friend A toss for the ball. 143 Arizona 12...Oregon St. 31 Soggy turf hampers UofA defense. Greth up for another Reed pass. Greth drives. 144 Arizona 28 Washington State 18 Powerful Reed arm leads UofA Homecoming Victory. Lee plunges for Wildcat touchdown. Arizona 27 Iowa State 24 Olden Lee flanks Reed for Arizona gain. Hargrave displays defensive talent. Gosh fellows it does look like rain. 146 Arizona 17 ASU 20 Jim " Hands " Greth Arizona inches in for Touchdown Interior Line Action 147 Football Honors Roger Calderwood, 1966 co-captain, Won Jim Ewing Scholarship award and led the team in defensive points. Woody King, 1966 co-captain Phil Albert, won Bear Down Award, and ranked second in defensive points. Jim Greth, won Governor ' s Award, set three school and three Western athletic conference records. Mark Reed set twelve school records and five Western Athletic Conference records. Varsity Football Team Freshman Football Team 149 BASKET BALL Arizona 79 San Jose State 68 Arizona 46 San Francisco 60 Arizona 80 Hardin Simmons 65 150 Bill Davis Arizona 64 Texas Tech 49 Arizona 62 Weber State 57 Arizona 67 NAU 82 Newsome drives tor two 151 Arizona 74 Colorado 91 Arizona 67 Stanford 82 Arizona 59 Harvard 58 Bradley Greene 152 Mike Aboud From Deep Down Under L.A. Classic Arizona 77 Illinois 93 Arizona 61 Arkansas 65 Arizona 77 Wisconsin 104 153 Welton Good for two A Determined Coach Arizona 73 ASU 67 Arizona 64 BYU 77 Arizona 74 Utah 7C A Long Arizona Reach 154 Davis stuffs for two Mike Weltor Arizona 75 NAU 82 Arizona 73 Wyoming 75 Moose Kordik 155 Arizona 50 New Mexico 81 Arizona 65 Texas Western 75 Arizona 61 New Mexico State 66 Arizona 70 New Mexico 64 Aboud muscles down rebound Welton and Davis up for rebound 156 Arizona 59 Wyoming 68 Arizona 92 ASU 65 Arizona 75 Utah 88 Arizona 58 BYU 70 157 Freshman Basketball Frosh Coach Warren Rustand with team. Arizona Wildkittens fight for the ball. 158 LACROSSE Coach Carl Runk and Seniors 159 Arizona heads for goal. Elliot Siegel cradles ball as teammates watch. 160 College World Series 1966 1966 Final Results: won 40 lost 15 WAC Play offs Arizona 10 Wyoming 2 Arizona 4 Wyoming 0 District Seven NCAA Playoffs Arizona 3 Idaho 2 Arizona 8 Idaho 5 College World Series Arizona 1 Texas 5 Arizona 8 Northeastern 1 Arizona 4 Southern Cal 8 Baseball record as of April 1, 1967 Won 16 Lost 6 Coach Frank Sancet Hall busts play at home 161 BASEBALL Arizona 8 Cal Poly-Pomona 7 Arizona 1 Cal Poly-Pomona 3 Arizona 4 Cal Poly-Pomona 2 Arizona 3 Pepperdine 1 Arizona 5 Pepperdine 4 Arizona 5 Pepperdine 1 Arizona 2 UCLA 3 Arizona 7 UCLA 8 Arizona 6 UCLA 2 Arizona 12 Chapman 4 Arizona 5 Santa Clara 3 Arizona 4 Chapman 5 Arizona 21 Michigan 1 Arizona 2 Michigan 0 Arizona 6 Michigan 5 Arizona 12 Michigan 8 Arizona 1 Michigan 7 Arizona 3 Michigan 5 Arizona 10 Colorado 2 Arizona 8 Iowa 3 Arizona 8 Colorado 2 Arizona 9 Colorado 3 Roger Bratigan 162 All-American shortstop Eddie Leon. 163 Jerry Stitt beats out infield hit Coach Sancet during a pensive moment. 164 Leon steals second. Big Strech nips Bronco runner. Mike Welton leans into one. 165 Muscular Lorry Gershon takes a healthy cut. DeWald scores again. 166 Pat O ' Brien Hit Run 167 Ron McMackin heads toward first 168 Peter Wolf smashes another shot. Freshman Baseball Coach Mike Paul 169 TRACK Track record as of April 1, 1967 Arizona 75 Arizona 100 Arizona 41 Arizona 90 Arizona 84 ASU 48 Occidental 58 Texas Western 42 NAU 39 USC 102 ASU 38 Wyoming 54 Iowa 60 Reid Ehlenburg takes off for long jump. Gerry Kimball wins 220 as Bill Massey follows. 170 Track Coach Carl Cooper Faster than the speed of light. Paul Robinson prepares for long jump. 171 Breather Jim Gormly wins another 440. 172 WRESTLING Wrestling 1966-67 won 4, lost 7, tied 1 Arizona 20 Mankato State 20 U of A Invitational: Arizona 40 (4th) Arizona 13 Arizona 11 Arizona 11 Arizona 8 Arizona 24 Arizona 30 Arizona 27 Arizona 29 Arizona 8 Arizona 14 Hiram Scott 58 Cal Poly 64 BYU 94 Utah 25 BYU 21 ASU 21 Wyoming 24 NAU 8 San Diego State 3 New Mexico 6 New Mexico State 6 ASU 24 Colorado 18 Gary Rushing puts opponent to the mat. GYMNASTICS A proud team Gymnastics: won 11 lost 2 Coach Glenn Wilson Arizona 175.65 Arizona 177 Arizona 180.9 Arizona 180.75 Arizona 178.4 Arizona 185.2 Arizona 186.20 Arizona 181.1 Arizona 180.5 Arizona 185.4 Arizona 184.9 Arizona 185.15 Arizona 186.55 Colorado 160.60 Denver 167 Utah 157.4 UCLA 177.4 Long Beach 170.5 UC at Berkeley 177.25 Southern Illinois 189.30 Los Angeles St. 176.3 San Fernando 179.75 Southern Cal 185.9 BYU 174.45 ASU 169.40 New Mexico 176.25 1st. in WA C championships with 181.6 points. 174 Mike Weaver on the side horse. Free Exercise Arizona standout Jack Kenan 175 Barry Headricks on parallel bars. 176 GOLF 177 SWIMMING Coach Charles Ott 178 Up and Over. Swimming: won 2 lost 8 Arizona 40 Arizona 39 Arizona 68 Arizona Arizona 23 Arizona 30 Arizona 59 Arizona 19 Arizona 20 Air Force 64 San Diego State 64 New Mexico State 36 New Mexico - Colorado State 77 Wyoming 71 ASU 45 BYU 85 Utah 84 11 points in WAC championships Critical analysis after a tough 200. TENNIS Tennis Record as of April 1, 1967 Coach Dave Snyder Arizona 9 Arizona 9 Arizona 9 Arizona 31 2 Arizona 1 Arizona 5 Arizona 9 Arizona 6 Arizona 6 Redlands 0 San Fernando 0 Pepperdine 0 U of Southern Cal. 51 2 UCLA 8 Trinity 4 Corpus Christi 0 Utah 3 Iowa 3 By April 1, the Tennis Team had lost only two of its dual meets: UCLA and Southern Cal. Excellent form of Dean Penero. 180 Gareth O ' Malley 181 INTRAMURALS Intramural Banner Points Fraternity Division: Sigma Chi 766 Delta Chi 761 Beta Theta Pi 7281 2 Phi Gamma Delta 684 Sigma Nu 675 Pi Kappa Alpha 6311 2 SAE 6231 2 ZBT 594 ATO 578 Delta Upsilon 568 Dormitory Division: Hopi 598 Navajo 533 Cochise 515 Yavapai 511 Pinal 493 Independent Division: Pharmacy 532 Chicago Heights Athletic Club 516 Amerind-African Athletic Assoc. 455 A ' s 420 7th Street Athletic Club 400 T D Phi 380 April 1 — 15 of 20 sports completed. 182 Sigma Chi defeated Fiji for the basketball championship. 183 Blacker and Robbins lead ZBT attack. 184 Alpert takes hefty swing. 185 Handball action. Africans win Soccer Championship. 186 Sigma Chi is victorious in handball. Dr. Mel Erickson, head of Intramurals. Beta wins Intramural swimming. 187 Most Valuable Player. Sprint to the finish. 188 WOMAN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION WRA Executive Council: Denise Gould, Cammy Walstad, Roberta Hettinger, Marcia White, and Beverly Miller. WRA President Denise Gould and Advisor Mary Paulich. 189 Sue Jones, Sponsor of Putters, advises golfers during Inter-Collegiate Tournament. 190 Peterson sinks one .. . We try harder . . . 191 A calm, composed, collected golfer. 192 193 $ 563.00 ADMINISTRATION THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA TUCSON OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT This year ' s DESERT will be a valued and permanent record of what campus life was like for members of the Class of 1967 and their contemporaries at the University of Arizona. I know you will cherish this record always and that you will refer to it frequently to enjoy the memories it will evoke when you check names, faces and events important to you. When you do, I hope you will be reminded that your Alma Mater extends continuing good wishes for your professional and personal success and happiness. The University will always be interested in your welfare and will be ready to assist you in any appropriate manner. There is a quotation from John Knowles ' book, " Indian Summer, " that is worthy of reflection by graduates. He wrote: " We never catch up in life. We are always behaving in a way very appropriate for the phase that has just ended. We are like actors in a repertory company, all our lives performing last week ' s play in front of this week ' s sets. " Margaret Mead, the distinguished anthropologist, in speaking of the rapidity of change in contemporary life, said, " Often only a few months elapse before something which was previously taken for granted must be unlearned or transformed to fit the new state of knowledge or practice. " This points up the importance of the fact that education must be a continuing endeavor after the completion of formal degree programs. The 1967 DESERT will be an accurate portrayal of the sets and the script of this era. I trust your university training will enable you to cope with life ' s changes in the years ahead. Mrs. Harvill and I extend our congratulations to those receiving degrees and our best wishes for your continued progress and welfare 196 PRESIDENT RICHARD A. HARVILL 197 Governor J. Williams BOARD OF REGENTS MR. K. R. MURPHY, MRS. C. V. ROBBINS, MRS. D. L. FOLSOM, DR. J. B. McCORMICK, MR. N. G. SHARBER, MR. T. L. HALL, MR. L. R. PITCHER, MR. G. W. CHAMBERS (president), MRS. J. P. ROCKFELLOW, DR. P. L. SINGER, MR. W. P. GOSS, MR. E. W. BRADFORD. absent: MR. L. LEVY, MR. A. B. SCHELLENBERG, GOVERNOR JACK WILLIAMS. 198 VICE PRESIDENTS Samuel C. McMillan MARVIN D. " SWEDE " JOHNSON Walter H. Delaplane 199 DEAN OF MEN Robert S. Svob DEAN OF WOMEN Karen L. Carlson 200 Nancy J. Schuyler Jean S. Smith ASSISTANT DEANS WILLIAM T. FOSTER Cecil R. Taylor 201 DAVID L. WINDSOR Registrar and Director of Admissions Kenneth R. Murphy Comptroller and Treasurer ROBERT L. HOUSTON Director of Physical Plant 202 CHARLES S. " BUMPS " TRIBOLET Director of Associated Student Affairs ROGER ARMSTRONG Assistant Director of Associated Students LOUIS ENNIS Coordinator of Student Affairs STAFFS MR. WALT ROBERSON Student Union Assistant Director MR. WILLIAM VARNEY Student Union Director STAFFS WILLIAM H. WALLACE Director of Student Housing 204 RAYMOND H. THOMPSON Director of the Arizona State Museum JAMES E. GIBSON Director of the Alumni Association Marshall Townsend Director and Editor of Arizona Press Alumni Staff 205 JUNE CALDWELL MARTIN Editor, Arizona Alumnus MORGAN C. MONROE Director of News Bureau Photo Service Our Helpers 206 In the Coop ROBERT K. JOHNSON, University librarian STAFFS At the Library 207 Health Staff at Work STAFFS Student Union Staff at Work 208 FACULTY 209 COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE The College of Agriculture offers a curriculum designed to meet the needs of students who desire a broad of agriculture, and also those who require greater specialization. Farms, plants, and branch stations where research is conducted are for the student ' s use and visits. Harold Edwin Myers B.S., 1928, Kansas State College; M.S., 1929, University of Illinois; Ph.D., 1937 University of Missouri. SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS The School of Home Economics five major fields of study to the undergraduate. The program ' s major objectives are general education for personal and family living, in various aspects of home in preparation for professional positions and courses planned to the professional preparation of students enrolled in other colleges. Ruth C. W. Hall B.S., 1947, Ohio State University; M.S., 1948, Ph.D., 1956, Purdue University. 210 The College of Architecture offers a five year program designed to prepare its graduates for the professional of architecture. The curricula aim is the development of the student ' s awareness of the broadest expression of architecture and its means of achievement. The general program is designed to develop, in its students, and ideas. COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Sidney W. Little B.Arch., 1926, Cornell University; M.Arch., 1941, Tulane University. 211 COLLEGE OF BUSSINESS The College of Business and Public Administration is an accredited of the American Association of Schools of Business. Students are urged to combine business education with cultural and interdisciplinary course work in other colleges of the University. They are encouraged to choose electives in other colleges during both the lower- and upper-division years. After completing lower division students may specialize in the fields of accounting, real estate, and public administration. AND PUBLLIC ADMINISTRATION Charles W. Voris B.S., 1947, M.B.A., 1948, University of Southern California; Ph.D., 1951, Ohio State University. 212 The basic aim of the College of Education is to prepare prospective counselors, school librarians, supervisors, and administrative school officers for certification in these fields. Students must present evidence of completion of fifty-six units of work toward a degree before entering the The college also maintains the University Rehabilitation Center, which is used as a clinical and laboratory facility by many campus and groups. It also offers in-service for professional workers in health and rehabilitation. Hobert Paulsen B.S., 1947, Utah State University; M.S., 1949, Ed.D., 1956, University of Utah. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 213 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Howard S. Coleman B.S., 1938; M.S., 1939; Ph.D., 1942; State University. The College of Engineering offers a broadly based education with rigorous training revolving about three central themes: the contemporary framework of human values; the state of scientific knowledge in relevant areas; and the technical definition of design and system function. The college requires its students to have a highly rounded in both the social and physical sciences, developed around a common core of knowledge pertinent to the engineering field. 214 Robert L. Hull B.Mus., 1939; M.Mus., 1941, University of Rochester; Ph.D., Cornell COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS The College of Fine Arts was in 1934 and comprises the of Art, Drama, Speech and the School of Music. The college offers courses for students with various talents and goals who wish to prepare for both professional activity and study. The college has its own library of over 38,000 volumes with a branch library maintained by the School of Music, used in connection with the music listening program. The college also maintains the University Art Gallery and produces dramatic, musical, and forensic performances. 215 Francis Albert Roy A.B., 1926, St. Ann College; Licencie es Lettres, 1930, University of Paris, Ph.D., 1934, University of Wisconsin. The College of Medicine, a and graduate school of the will offer four years of study leading to the M.D. degree. The College anticipates its first students in 1967. It will offer advanced training in the medical sciences to candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the University Graduate School. COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS 216 Merlin K. DuVal A.B., 1943, Dartmouth College; M.D., 1946, Cornell University Medical College. The College of Liberal Arts aims at the development of well rounded individuals acquainted with the best that humanity has produced, through the study of the natural sciences, arts, and social sciences. Both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of degrees are offered in fields of wide interest and selection. COLLEGE OF MEDICINE 217 COLLEGE OF MINES James D. Forrester B.S., 1928, Geol. E., 1956, University of Utah; M.S., 1929, Ph.D., 1925, Cornell University. As a result of the continued growth and development of mineral products in the state of Arizona, the College of Mines is ideally situated to give thorough instruction and research in mineral and chemical education. The college has an excellent physical plant with well-equipped laboratories and classrooms. The college has been an important part of the university since it was founded in 1891. 218 Pearl P. Coulter A.B., 1926, M.S., 1927, University of Denver. COLLEGE OF NURSING The four year academic program of the College of Nursing prepares the student to function at a beginning level of professional competence. This is designed to enable the student to undertake graduate study for a of leadership in nursing. Within the next five years, Dean Pearl P. Coulter anticipates developing a graduate in nursing, leading to a Masters degree. Facilities for graduate study in nursing will be provided in the Medical Center, currently being built. 219 Willis Ralph Brewer B.S., 1942, South Dakota State College; Ph.D., 1948, Ohio State University. COLLEGE OF PHARMACY The College of Pharmacy is fully accredited by the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education. It has a five year program and also offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The undergraduate curriculum is designed to prepare the graduate for the responsibilities of medical center pharmaceutical practice. The college also maintains the Poisoning Control Information Center as a part of the Arizona Medical Association ' s Poisoning Control a great aid to the state 220 CONTINUING EDUCATION Through the division of continuing education and correspondence courses for the general as well as to full time students are available. education courses consist of extension classes held away from campus, usually in 20-25 Arizona and in the late afternoon and eve- ning on campus. A maximum of 60 units of credit through continuing education courses, correspondence courses, or both, may be applied toward a degree. F. Pendleton Gaines B.A., 1942, University of Arizona; M.A., 1947, Ph.D., 1950, University of Virginia. Herbert D. Rhodes B.S., 1935, M.S., 1936 University of Arizona; Ph.D.,1939, University of Illinois. GRADUATE COLLEGE The Graduate College offers for those students working advanced degrees. The college offers Masters and Doctoral degrees in Fine Arts, the Humanities, Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, and the Physical Sciences. 221 COLLEGE OF LAW A member of the Association of American Law Schools, the University College of Law is highly rated by the American Bar Association. All law belong to the Student Bar which is patterned after bar associations and conducts the Moot Court. The members elect who decide cases in which rules have been broken. Charles Ares 222 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Marion R. Clausen B.A., 1937, University of Iowa; M.S., 1948, Northwestern University. The HPER (Health, Physical and Recreation) Department of the University requires all freshmen men to successfully complete two units of physical education activity courses in consecutive semesters during their first year of attendance at the The department, directed by R. Clausen, also offers programs leading to the Master of Education degree. The University requires all freshmen and sophomore women to take education. The program includes approximately twenty different designed to give students the to learn movement and fundamentals, sports, games and dance forms. Mary Pilgrim A.B., 1937, Brenau College; M.S., 1942, Louisiana State University. 222 R.O.T.C. provides military to qualify students for positions of leadership in time of national It also hopes to provide the with an electorate informed of the purposes and necessity of our national defense policy. The Army R.O.T.C., directed by H. Clifford, professor of military tactics, deals with general military while the Air Force R.O.T.C. deals with military aero-space studies and is directed by Col. John W. Chapman, of air science. R.O.T.C Walter H. Clifford Colonel, United States Army B.S.E.E., 1938, University of Oklahoma; B.E.E., 1950, M.E.E., 1951, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. John W. Chapman Colonel, United States Air Force; B.A., 1938, Princeton University. 224 RESEARCH 225 226 If the primary duty of a university is to educate, its second responsibilty lies in the field of research, the practical application of the tools of learning. At the University of Arizona research takes many forms and is found in every academic endeavor of the University, from the fine arts to the physical sciences. Research projects, coordinated at the University by Dr. Patrick and and financed in a variety of ways, were directed in one principal direction- the furtherment and intellectual development of mankind. 227 FINE ARTS 228 In the field of Fine Arts, research many unusual forms-from the more conventional inquiries to unstructured individual searches for new media of In drama, a laboratory theatered worked to establish a permanent repertory group; while, in the field of art students new forms and media through which to express their creativity. Music students also used the laboratory approach in their studies, as did students of dance and speech. Because of this use of workshops, the full student body and the general public were able to view the research done in fine arts by attending and seeing the displays presented by these departments. 229 230 SOCIAL SCIENCES Business, law, and government are immediate areas of concern to the individual. Each of them works for the benefit of mankind ' s role in society. Social science research evaluates man ' s behavior within his environment. Government studies the workings of the institutions man has erected to insure order in his life. Law is the concrete statement of the workings of government. Business and economics evaluate man ' s activities in the area of trade and commerce. New innovations in machines and skills, in approaching people, in all facets of their life, are being used and improved throughout the world. 231 LEARNING 232 The education department approaches research through a consultant service with the schools in the Tucson area. Two of their special projects are the reading development center which prepares special reading teachers and consultants, and the speech and hearing clinic, which works with both children and adults. The psychology department also works with children, but confines itself more to those with emotional problems. It is conducting research in comparative learning, correlating learning processes in animals and humans in learning-theory research. Other areas of psychological research include current problems such as smoking. 233 With all of his advanced knowledge and technological skill, there is still much that man does not know about himself, especially in regards to his health. In view of this, there are a number of research projects under way on campus in the area of health research. The pharmacy department is conducting canc er exploration through investigations of plant extracts. Microbiology is studying tissue cultures and is also working on a water reclamation project in with the college of Agriculture, which is studying the effects of amino acid utilization by animals. MEDICAL 235 EARTH SCIENCES Arizona ' s abundant endowments of resources make it among the leaders of the world in the fields of geological and anthropological research. In addition to the large and varied quantities of mineral deposits, its unique plants and animals valuable subjects for research. varied cultures that have inhabited the state, interest researchers who are delving into man ' s past. Because of the interest in these related fields, the University has constructed several areas where these may be studied. These areas include sites near Grasshoper, Arizona for geological research, Snaketown, and cooperative ventures with Mexico through the Guadalajara Summer School Extension. 236 237 ENGINEERING 238 239 240 SPACE SCIENCES Reaching outward from the earth-to the moon and beyond been one of scientific man ' s most cherished dreams. The research facilities of the University of Arizona are playing a part in making this dream a reality. In affiliation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the University was responsible for much of the scientific development of the Ranger program, which made detailed studies of the moon. In the area of ground the University excells with a variety of telescopes located on Kitt Peak. 241 INDIVIDUALS SENIORS 244 COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE Kathryn Baron, Tucson Arizona, Architecture Charles Bierce, Tucson Arizona, Architecture John Helin, Tucson Arizona, Architecture Maury Maurel, Tucson Arizona, Architecture Robert Morrow Jr., Morenci Arizona, Architecture Joseph Powers, Casa Grande Arizona, Architecture Richard Ulrich, Tucson Arizona, Architecture Jack White, Wheat Ridge Colorado, Architecture 245 COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Fred Amator, Tolleson Ariz, Agr. Ed. and Farm Mech. Woodie Claxton, Eloy Ariz, Agricultural Education David Clementz, Phoenix Ariz, Agr. Chem. and Soils Conway, Clint Texas, Agr. Chem. and Soils Waverly Duggar, Carrizozo NM, Soil Chemistry Kenny Evans, Yuma Ariz, Agr. Ed. and Horticulture Olasuji Fafowora, Ilesha-Nigeria, Animal Science Earle Franks, Tucson Ariz, Watershed Management Peter lbigbami, Abeokuta Nigeria, Agr. Economics Roger Kanerva, Scottsdale Ariz, Watershed Mgt. Peter Kaplan, Scarsdale NY, Horticulture Frank Knoop, Tucson Ariz, Agriculture Economics Gary Major, Yuma Ariz, Turf Grass Mgt. Allen Michael, Tucson Arizona, Economics John Moore, North Vermont, Business Charles Ramsburg, Tucson Ariz, Agr. Economics Gary Sakato, Phoenix Arizona, Horticulture Mendi Shafiei-Pour, Tehran Iran, Soil Chemistry James Shank, Urich Missouri, Watershed Mgt. Corinne Waterhouse, Kailua Hawaii, Horticulture Teodoro Wendlandt, Ciudad Obregon Mexico, Agronomy Tom Wildermuth, Coolidge Arizona, Economics SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS Carolyn Ahl, Douglas Arizona, Nutrition Claudia Armer, Globe Arizona, Home Economics Ed. Linda Barford, Phoenix Arizona, Merchandising Colleen Bauer, San Pedro Calif, Child Dev.-Fam. Rel. Jayne Behnken, Tucson Arizona, Nutrition Antoinette Cochran, Welton Arizona, Nutrition Jeannie Cohen, Elkhart Indiana, Interior Design Barbara Conway, Yuma Arizona, Home Econ. Education Marilyn Dalrymple, Tucson Arizona, Food and Nutrition Debbie Dunlap, Pasadena Calif, Child Dev.-Fam. Rel. Mary Ann Eaton, Douglas Arizona, Foods and Nutrition Patricia Gassert, Tucson Arizona, Home Econ. Ed. Ellen Hosking, Tucson Arizona, Home Econ. Ed. Angie lregbulem, Port Harcourt Nigeria, Nutrition Carolyn James, San Antonio Texas, Merchandising 248 Pamela Lewis, Tucson Arizona, Textiles and Apparel Art Lani Logan, San Diego Calif, Child Dev.-Fam. Rel. Sharon Nemoff, San Francisco Calif, Child Development Kay Odgers, Tucson Arizona, Child Dev.-Family Rel. Oludiya Ogunydye, Ijebu-Ode Nigeria, Home Economics Leann Pontius, Arcadia Calif, General Home Economics Jacqueline Poush, Tucson Arizona, Interior Design Elizabeth Reynolds, Waynesboro Virginia, Interior Design Marlene Rickenberg, Pasadena Cal, Child Dev.-Fam. Rel. Patricia Robinson, Dayton Wash, Home Economics Carolyn Ruman, Tucson Arizona, Home Economics Aduke Sodipe, Abeokuta Nigeria, Home Economics Marcia Sauerwein, Greka Krestena Greece, Nutrition Susan Schultz, San Diego Calif, Clothing and Textiles Julie Sebastian, Ruiru Kenya Republic, Home Ec. Ed. Betty Seiler, El Paso Texas, General Home Economics Dianne Smith, Thatcher Arizona, Home Economics Ed. Sally Starr, Douglas Arizona, Textile Research Janice Sugarman, San Diego Calif, Child Dev.-Fam. Rel. Suzanne Tate, Tucson Ariz, Clothing Text. and H.E. Ed. Lois Tatham, Santa Ana Calif, Home Economics Educ. Marsha Turkin, Tucson Ariz, Child Dev.-Family Relations Marcia Weeks, Tucson Arizona, Home Economics Educ. Lucy Wing, Superior Arizona, Home Economics Margaret Wong, Marana Ariz, Home Economics Educ. Barbara Woodson, Edinburgh Scotland, Child Dev. Pamela Wrathall, Southhampton LI NY, Interior Design Mollie Zimmerman, Prescott Ariz, General Home Econ. 249 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 250 Marshall Adams, Jacksonville Florida, Marketing Barton Adler, Brighton Massachusetts, Law Enforcement William Allen, Miami Arizona, Accounting Larry Anderson, Batavia Illinois, Real Estate Ned Anderson, Bylas Arizona, Law Enforcement Jan Anduiza, Boise Idaho, Social Administration Thomas Arboit, Long Beach California, Accounting John Armer, Globe Arizona, Law Enforcement Stephen Barneyback, Tucson Ariz, Transportation Econ. Charles Barnum, Tucson Arizona, General Business Raymond Benton Jr., Lakewood Colorado, Marketing James Berg, Scarsdale New York, Marketing Robert Bogle, Tucson Arizona, General Business David Bonsall, Glendale Arizona, Finance Dennis Boyles, Linton Indiana, Accounting Finance Robert Bretz, Kansas City Missouri, Marketing William Brown, Yuma Arizona, Marketing Grace Burrvel, Sonoyta Sonora, Correctional Admin. James Bush, Tucson Arizona, Finance Phil Calihan Jr., Phoenix Arizona, General Business John Cappucci, East Boston Mass, General Business Gerald Christensen, Fullerton Calif, General Business Donald Clark, Vallejo California, Accounting Clifford Coddington, Great Neck NY, Transportation Stuart Cofman, Clayton Missouri, Accounting Violet Coulter, Tucson Arizona, Marketing Dale Crockett, Pima Arizona, Production Management Asta Davids, Maplewood New Jersey, Marketing Ronald Detling, Tucson Arizona, Law Enforcement Ronald DiMino, Rochester NY, Production Management David Dingee, Old Greenwich Connecticut, General Bus. Dorothy Doriot, Phoenix Arizona, Accounting Roger Duclos, Palos Heights Illinois, Real Estate William Duffy, San Marino California, General Business Susan Eastland, Northville Michigan, Administration 251 Mary Erie, Phoenix Arizona, Accounting William Feldhacker, Tucson Arizona, Law Enforcement Dennis Fendo, Tucson Arizona, Marketing Management John Fink, DesPlaines Illinois, Finance Charles Firestein, Phoenix Arizona, Accounting Sheral Fogarty, Phoenix Arizona, Economics Gerold Foley, Miami Arizona, Accounting Michael Foran, Tucson Arizona, Accounting John Geary, Tucson Arizona, General Business Faithann Gilbert, Redondo Beach Calif, General Business Nancy Glidden, Kewanee Illinois, Office Management Donald Graney, Pasadena California, General Business Stuart Green, Teaneck New Jersey, Finance David Grimley, Worcester Mass, Actuarial 1 Math Kenneth Haber, Santa Cruz California, Marketing David Harris, St. Louis Missouri, Real Estate Donald Hausrath, Newport Beach Calif, Marketing Joseph Hoffman, Casa Grande Arizona, Accounting Linn Hodge, Pasadena California, Insurance John Hopkins Jr., Tucson Ariz, Production Management William Hurd, Akron Ohio, Foreign Marketing Gerald Jacobs, Wilmington NC, Correctional Admin. Roland Jarmvsch, Tucson Arizona, Marketing Stephen Joe, Tucson Arizona, Accounting Paul Jones, Phoenix Arizona, General Business Richard Jump, Newton New Jersey, General Business William Kay, Leawood Kansas, General Business James Kuhlman, Indianapolis Indiana, General Business Dennis Lacey, Detroit Michigan, Marketing Management Michael Lanagan, Wilmette Illinois, General Business Henry Lasker, Houston Texas, General Business Greg Lee, Phoenix Arizona, Finance Nellie Lichty, Tucson Arizona, Social Administration Vernon Leviege, Port Arthur Texas, Corrections Harriet Levin, Pine Bluff Arkansas, Marketing 252 Craig Liston, Phoenix Arizona, General Business Kenny Lloyd, Long Beach California, General Business Laurence Lof, Scottsdale Arizona, Finance Harry Lucky, Los Angeles California, Marketing William Lynch, Scottsdale Arizona, Marketing Mgmt. Sandra Marcus, Prairie Village Kansas, Marketing Ronald Mercaldo, Burlington Vermont, General Business David Metcalf, Tucson Ariz, General Business Admin. Herbert McKennett, Bowman North Dakota, Finance George McLain, Tucson Ariz, Business Administration Brian Milne, Christchurch New Zealand, Marketing Kathleen Molloy, Fort Hueneme Calif, Recreation Richard Moser, Oklahoma City Okla, General Business John Munro, Houston Texas, General Business James Neal, Glendale California, Marketing Mark Nelson, West Newton Mass, Business Admin. Harry Ness, Tucson Arizona, Marketing Cynthia Newman, Corona Del Mar Calif, General Bus. Lawrence Opel, Pacific Palisades California, Finance Martin Ordman, Elmwood Park Illinois, Law Enforcemen Richard Oseran, Phoenix Arizona, General Business Jim Paine, North Hollywood Calif, Production Mgmt. Joseph Payne III, North Hollywood California, Finance Joseph Peck, Tucson Arizona, Accounting Richard Philiponis, Amsterdam New York, Accounting Alfred Raffo, Cliffside Park New Jersey, Marketing George Renner, Glendale Ariz, Marketing Management Terry Reynolds, Brandon Fla, Personnel Management Brent Richards, Long Beach California, Insurance William Rittenberg, New Orleans La, Insurance Kenneth Romley, Phoenix Arizona, General Business Leo Roop, Rochelle Illinois, Finance Robert Ross, Tucson Arizona, Accounting Earl Ruth, Albany New York, Finance Mark Ryan, Riverside California, Marketing 253 Richard Sann, Phoenix Arizona, General Business Eugene Sarrels, Tucson Arizona, Finance Larry Satterthwaite, Helena Montana, Economics Edward Schaffer, Tucson Arizona, Finance Jeffrey Scheuren, Hingham Mass, Area Development Donald Schibel, Virginia Minn, Marketing-Retailing Dan Shay, Eloy Arizona, Accounting Sharen Sibley, Eloy Arizona, Accounting Shelby Silverman, Tucson Arizona, Accounting Douglas Smith, Bisbee Arizona, Accounting Dwight Smith, Aurora Illinois, Accounting Stephen Snakard, Skokie III, Marketing Management Gary Soper, Rockford Ill, Gen. Business Administration Michael Souyak, Pittsburgh Penn, Marketing-Advertising Sam Springer, Phoenix Arizona, Marketing Eugene St. Louis, Union New Jersey, Real Estate David Stoeckle, Tucson Ariz, Correctional Admin. Craig Stolburg, Tucson Arizona, Pre-Law Steve Stralser, Denver Colorado, Marketing Richard Stratton, Rawlins Wyoming, Accounting Eugene Tauber, Chicago Illinois, Finance Kenneth Taylor, Tucson Arizona, Finance Thomas Tigert, Toronto Can, Marketing Management John Tinklepaugh, Kansas City Kansas, Insurance Ronald Vokey, Newton Mass, Area Development Harvey Wasserman, Ringwood New Jersey, Marketing Loyd Wilbur, Yuba City California, Finance Edwin Williams, Wellesley Hills, Mass, Production Emily Wilson, Huachuca City Ariz, Secretarial Studies Jerry Wirth, Encino California, Accounting Cathine Woolery, Phoenix Arizona, General Business Richard Zelenka, Tucson Arizona, Accounting Alan Ziblat, Chicago Illinois, Accounting Sheldon Zimbler, Tucson Arizona, Finance 254 Hilda Acosta, Nogales Mexico, Spanish Business Ed. Carol Albert, Long Beach Calif, Elem. Education Joanne Allebrand, Yuma Arizona, History Grace Alvarez, Tucson Ariz, Business Education Margarita Aranda, Nogales Ariz, Journalism-Spanish Edward Arriaga, Tucson Arizona, History Balbi Atherton, Honolulu Hawaii, Elem. Education Samuel Averitt, Tucson Arizona, Governme nt Gabriela Barbara, Tucson Ariz, Special Ed. for Deaf Lillian Barr, Tucson Arizona, Special Education Linda Barrett, Fort Clayton Canal Zone, Elem. Ed. Beth Bartley, Indianapolis Ind, Elementary Education Leonard Basurto, Tucson Arizona, Spanish COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Diane Beckstrom, Seattle Washington, Economics Steven Bell, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Beverly Berk, Tucson Arizona, English Francine Bolas, Allentown Pa, Chemistry Betsy Bounds, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Julie Bradford, Yuma Arizona, Elementary Education Dee Bradley, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Janet Brandt, Bisbee Arizona, Elementary Education Glenna Briggs, Willcox Arizona, Business Education James Bruner, Tucson Arizona, Earth Science Anna Cadmus, Tucson Arizona, French Richard Caldwell, Elburn Illinois, Mathematics Marie Campoli, Piermont New York, Physical Education Linda Campos, Hudson Massachusetts, German Thomas Carpenter, Tucson Arizona, Social Studies Yvonne Carrasco, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Marietta Cate, Agana Guam, Spanish Sandra Causey, Douglas Arizona, Spanish Esther Cellier, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Marjorie Chase, Midland Texas, Art Education Christine Chesney, Lompoc Calif, Music Education Dianne Christ, Tucson Arizona, English Bruce Claffie, Hempstead NY, Social Studies Vandi Clark, Phoenix Arizona, Drama Genette Cline, Tucson Arizona, Deaf Education Chelle Cohen, Topeka Kansas, English Sherrill Coles, Lafayette Calif, Elementary Education Barry Cook, Phoenix Arizona, History Lorraine Cortez, Tucson Arizona, English Merry Jean Courtney, Phoenix Ariz, Elementary Ed. Karen Coxon, San Manuel Ariz, Elementary Education Diane Crayton, Phoenix Ariz, Elementary Education Patricia Cretcher, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Frank Cushing, Tucson Ariz, Physical Education Shirley Dahms, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education 256 Pamela Danenhauer, Clifton Ariz, Elementary Education Darlene Daniel, South Bend Ind, Physical Education Nancy Darling, Tucson Arizona, Business Education Marilyn Davis, Douglas Ariz, Elementary Education Nancy Davison, San Francisco Calif, Elem. Ed. Deanna Day, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Larry Dent, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Susan Dolginow, Kansas City Mo, Elem. Education Margaret Douglas, Tucson Ariz, Physical Education Pam Drake, Tucson Arizona, Speech Barbara Earnest, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Victoria Eastman, Waccabuc NY, Elementary Education Lil Eberhart, Wilmette Illinois, Deaf Education Georgeanne Emmerich, Tucson Ariz, Physical Education Ann Findley, Tucson Arizona, English Diane Fisher, Tucson Arizona, Art Linda Flake, Snowflake Ariz, Elementary Education Glenda Fogleman, Phoenix Ariz, Physical Education James Fogltance, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Lynn Ford, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Larry Frase, Doyestown Ohio, Elementary Education Susan Gale, Upper Montclair NJ, Elementary Education Carolyn Galloway, Tucson Ariz, Business Education Glenda Garrett, Tucson Arizona, History Isabelle Geary, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Patricia Gifford, Tucson Arizona, History Alice Glenn, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Lloyd Goldin, Scottsdale Arizona, Social Studies Gretchen Green, El Paso Texas, Elementary Education Susan Greenbaum, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Cherri Griffin, Phoenix Ariz, Elementary Education Eve Grzybowski, Tucson Arizona, English Lorraine Gyuro, Dumont NJ, French Gena Halley, Benson Arizona, English Laina Hanhila, Phoenix Ariz, Elementary Education 257 Marcia Harrington, Scottsdale Ariz, Elementary Ed. Joan Harsch, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Toby Hawkins, Coronado Calif, Elementary Education Ralph Hayton, Tucson Arizona, Social Studies Ann Hemmings, Pasadena Calif, Elementary Education Robert Hesler, Tucson Ariz, English-Journalism Carol Hillman, Tucson Arizona, Journalism Gloria Hirsch, Tucson Arizona, Elem. and Special Ed. Patricia Hirt, Sioux Falls SD, Elementary Education Janet Hoagland, Casa Grande Ariz, Elementary Ed. Sara Jean Holman, Tucson Ariz, Mathematics Bernardette Hooper, Tucson Arizona, Spanish April Hoots, Phoenix Ariz, Elementary Education Richard Hoyt, Tucson Ariz, Physical Education Sharon Iles, Casa Grande Ariz, Elementary Education Judith Jastromb, Chicago Illinois, Social Studies Laura Lee Jones, Tucson Arizona, Social Studies Susan Jones, El Centro Calif, Special Elem. Ed. Yvonne Jones, Chandler Ariz, Elementary Education Jacqueline Joseph, Elkhart Indiana, Speech Louise Juntiola, Douglas Arizona, Social Studies Janet Keller, Phoenix Ariz, Special Education Anne Kettlewell, Phoenix Ariz, Business Education John Kilfoyle, Price Utah, German Kathy Kolter, Phoenix Arizona, Education Susan Konecny, Sindelfingen Germany, English Paula Krueger, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Linda Lamoureux, Anchorage Alaska, English Roberta Lane, Tucson Arizona, Mathematics Winnie Larsen, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Susan Lee, Long Beach Calif, Elementary Education Joycelyn Leonard, Tucson Arizona, Elem. Ed. Gail Levitch, Kansas City Mo, Business Education Jane Lipson, Beverly Hills Calif, Social Studies Mary Loomis, Longview Texas, English 258 Consuelo Lopez-Reyes, Mexico City Mexico, English Sharon Lynch, Tucson Arizona, Special Ed. for Deaf Carol Ann Maehara, Honolulu Hawaii, Elem. Education Amelia Madero, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Ginny Manning, Arcadia Calif, Physical Education Sandra Mapes, Scottsdale Arizona, Primary Education Virginia Mastick, Nogales Ariz, Elementary Education George Maxwell, Globe Arizona, Government Phyllis McGinnes, Tucson Arizona, English Susan McIntosh, Grand Terrace Calif, Elem.-Spec. Ed. Carole McKee, Pittsburgh Pa, Primary Education Dawn McKenzie, Valinda Calif, Elem. Education Barbara McKim, St. David Arizona, Social Studies William McKinley, Tucson Arizona, English Patti McWenie, Phoenix Arizona, Social Studies Lynn Mehren, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Linda Meinema, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Mary Meisinger, Peoria Illinois, Special Education Kathleen Messer, Miami Arizona, Elementary Education Constance Meudell, Phoenix Ariz, Elem. Education Katherine Mickey, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Beverly Middleton, Tucson Arizona, Spanish Irene Middleton, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Sandra Miner, Tucson Arizona, Business Education Becky Moore, Tucson Arizona, English Norwood Morris, Tucson Arizona, Physical Education Nancy Mumper, Riverside Calif, Elementary Education Linda Myers, Fort Lauderdale Fla, Elem. Education Susan Needham, San Jose California, Government Kathryn Niemann, Glen Ellyn Illinois, Spanish Joyce Ohl, Dayton Ohio, English Diane Osilich, Bisbee Arizona, Elementary Education Susan Palder, Chicago Illinois, Social Studies Cathy Parry, Artesia New Mexico, Mathematics Mary Ann Pashkevich, Honolulu Hawaii, Elem. Ed. 259 Mary Perkins, Priest River Idaho, English Dorothy Perkuhn, Wichita Kansas, Elem. Education Susan Phillips, Chicago, Ill, Elementary Education Vade Phillips, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Judy Pilcher, Denver Colorado, Social Studies Carol Pope, Tucson Arizona, Tena Powley, Peoria III, Elementary Education Mary Raihofer, Valley Cottage NY, English Jacwin Rakow, Phoenix Arizona, English Robert Rapp, Bisbee Ariz, Geography-Romance Lang. Mike Regewovich, Chicago III, Social Studies Lorna Renshaw, Mesa Arizona, English Carolyn Rhuart, Carefree Ariz, Elementary Education Sue Richard, New York City NY, English Bryant Ridgway, Willcox Arizona, Social Studies Mary Anne Rippy, Glenwood Springs Col, Elem. Ed. Czarina Robles, Tucson Arizona, Elem. Education Jon Romanoski, Tucson Ariz, Special and Elem. Ed. Linda Rowan, Mesa Arizona, Elementary Education Marianne Russom, Glendale Calif, Elem. Education Marie Santos, Agana Guam, Elementary Education Rosanne Santos, Santa Rita Agana Guam, Elem-Spec Ed Patricia Savage, Douglas Arizona, Spanish Linda Scalise, Tucson Arizona, Elem. Education Barbara Scarborough, Merced Calif, Elem. Education Johnie Scofield, Phoenix Arizona, Speech-English Herminia Sepulveda, Douglas Arizona, Spanish Caroline Seward, San Gabriel Calif, Elem. Education Laura Lee Sharp, Anthony Texas, Education Maryellen Shea, Tucson Arizona, Elem. Education Peggy Sheffield, Huntington NY, Elem. Education Cordell Sikarskie, Manistique Mich, Mathematics Beverly Simpson, Marina California, French Nancy Sitts, Tucson Arizona, History Connie Smith, Kansas City Kansas, Elem. Education 260 Stanley Snyder, Tucson Arizona, Social Studies Kathleen Sobrio, Carson City Nevada, English Richard Spear, Tucson Arizona, Elem. Education Mindy Steckel, Chagrin Falls Ohio, Elementary Ed. Linda Stoddard, Roswell NM, Elem. Education Jackie Stewart, Phoenix Arizona, French Judy Strand, Tucson Arizona, Social Studies RL Strang, Santa Barbara Calif, Elementary Education Marsha Strasner, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Mark Taff, Tucson Arizona, Social Studies Lorna Taylor, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Marilyn Thomson, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Susan Thurber, Rochester Minnesota, Spanish Nancy Titt, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Susan Todd, Whittier California, Elementary Education Donald Udell, Tucson Arizona, Physical Education Maria Elena Urias, Tucson Ariz, Elementary Education Maria Armida Varela, Cananea Mexico, Elem. Education Barbara Vertun, Tucson Arizona, Mathematics Carmen Villa, Tucson Arizona, History Marsha Walters, Phoenix Arizona, Elem. Education Nina Wayne, Kansas City Missouri, Education Pamela Webb, Phoenix Arizona, English Julia Weckesser, Norwich NY, Special Education Gayle Wein, Phoenix Arizona, Spanish Evelyn Weiss, Tucson Arizona, Social Studies Elaine Wells, Alexandria Va, Elementary Education Marilyn Western, Bisbee Arizona, Elem. Education Suzi White, Houston Texas, Social Studies Pamela Wiers, Evansville Indiana, Social Studies Linda Wilson, La Mesa NM, Elementary Education Gladys Wilton, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education Diane Wolff, San Jose California, English Donna Zabik, Tucson Arizona, Spanish Gloria Zlaket, Tucson Arizona, Elementary Education 261 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Manuchehr Afari, Tehran Iran, Mechanical Engineering Mick Anna, Belleville Illinois, Aero-Space John Arnold, Palo Alto Calif, Mechanical Engineering Terry Bahill, Tucson Arizona, Electrical Engineering Robert Berry, Denver Colorado, Aero-Space John Braun, Tucson Arizona, Aero-Space George Brean, Tucson Arizona, Electrical Engineering Ernie Casillas, Superior Arizona, Mechanical Engineering James Caywood, Tucson Ariz, Mechanical Engineering Robert Chambers II, Tucson Ariz, Structural Engr. Philip Cluff, Pima Ariz, Agricultural Engineering Lance deSturolinski, Newport Oregon, Civil Engineering Michael Duncan, Galveston Texas, Mechanical Engr. Eric Ek, Tucson Arizona, Mechanical Engineering Andy Engelhardt, Northbrook III, Aero-Space John Evans, Tucson Arizona, Civil Engineering Bruce Farmer, Tucson Arizona, Systems Engineering Ron Franquero, Globe Arizona, Electrical Engineering Allan Fusler, Glendale Arizona, Civil Engineering Robert Goetz, Tucson Arizona, Electrical Engineering 262 Bill Goren, Bisbee Ariz, Mechanical Engineering Gary Gosse, Jesup Iowa, Civil Engineering Mohammad Hassanshahi, Shiraz Iran, Elec. Engineering William Hibbs, Tucson Arizona, Civil Engineering David Himes, Tucson Arizona, Engineering Physics Ken Humble, Mesa Arizona, Electrical Engineering Paul Ide, Tucson Arizona, Electrical Engineering Lynn LaGrone, Phoenix Arizona, Electrical Engineering Robert Leone, Newton Mass, Aero-Space Engineering Robert Long, Safford Arizona, Engineering Mathematics Joseph Massucco, Prescott Ariz, Civil Engineering Richard McKenna, Phoenix Ariz, Electrical Engineering John Milan, Miami Arizona, Electrical Engineering Mehran Mokhtarian, Tehran Iran, Elec. Engineering David Mooberry, Tucson Arizona, Civil Engineering Donald Mulligan, Shillington Pa, Mechanical Engr. Thomas Norvelle, Tucson Arizona, Mechanical Engr. Oluyemisi Olusola, Lagos Nigeria, Aero-Space James Peng, Hong Kong, Engineering Physics Warren Phelan, Tucson Arizona, Aero-Space Josaphat Plater-Zyberk, Paoli Penna, Mech. Engineering Roger Pratt, Denver Colorado, Electrical Engineering Alan Roberts, Beverly Hills Calif, Electrical Engineering Travis Rushing, Tucson Arizona, Aero-Space John Scofield, Inglewood Calif, Mechanical Engineering Douglas Sticht, Warren Arizona, Electrical Engineering Samuel Sutton, Tucson Ariz, Electrical Engineering Edward Teger, Brooklyn NY, Electrical Engineering Robert Thelander, Cave Creek Ariz, Mech. Engineering Jeffrey Vom Lehn, Huntington New York, Aero-Space Royden Ward, Tucson Arizona, Electrical Engineering Douglas Welker, Tucson Arizona, Civil Engineering Kent Whitson, Tucson Arizona, Civil Engineering Gary Wonalott, Tucson Arizona, Aero-Space Eugene Zimmerman, Tucson Arizona, Civil Engineering 263 264 Ann Bailey, La Jolla California, Drama Production Rafael Barrenda, Nogales Arizona, Music Education Judy Beatty, Anaheim California, Music Education Laura Coates, Tucson Arizona, Art History Sandra Cramblet, Huntington NY, Art Education Alan Ellis, Rutland Vermont, Speech Susanne Faulkner, Tucson Arizona, Speech Kathryn Federoff, Tucson Arizona, Art Education Rolland Heiss, Tucson Arizona, Drama Production Maryleta Henry, Palestine, Illinois, Art Education John Hopkins, Tucson Arizona, Drama Production Valerie Jackson, Tucson Arizona, Art History Sharon Lintzman, Omaha Nebraska, Art Education Charles Maraschiello, Tucson Ariz, Comm. Design Barbara Martin, Tucson Arizona, Commercial Art Michael McCarty, Tucson Arizona, Studio Art Lois Meadows, Leominster Mass, Art Education Sheila Mulligan, Delmar NY, Art History Joe Orton, Don Luis Arizona, Drama Theory Estella Pate, Tucson Arizona, Music Education Helen Pelkey, Oberlin Kansas, Piano Leonard Prager, Long Beach NY, Art and Drama Robert Rosas, New Rochelle NY, Drama Production Steven Rozan, Houston Texas, Speech Marty Runstrom, Oma ha Nebraska, Commercial Art Judy Sonderman, Pittsburgh Pa, Speech Science Steve Steele, Tucson Arizona, Music Education Janice Stromswold, Pendroy Montana, Art Education Darryl Takacs, Teaneck NJ, Art Education Murray Vale, New York City NY, Speech Lynn Van Ryswyk, Tucson Arizona, Commercial Art Terry Winet, Los Angeles California, Speech Arts 265 COLLEGE OF LAW 266 Kenneth Arrick, Manhattan Beach California, Law Jeffrey Bonn, Phoenix Arizona, Law Bill Brammer, Tucson Arizona, Law Gilbert Chester, Kansas City Missouri, Law Paul Colarich, Ajo Arizona, Law David Cox, Phoenix Arizona, Law Gerald Diddy, Tucson Arizona, Law William Garbarino, Flagstaff Arizona, Law Roger E. Garrett, Tucson Arizona, Law James C. Gries, Tucson Arizona, Law Harvey Jurkowitz, Tucson Arizona, Law John Kramer, Tucson Arizona, Law John Lacy, Tucson Arizona, Law Jack H. Lasseter, Tucson Arizona, Law John Lundin, Phoenix Arizona, Law Roy A. Mendoza, Florence Arizona, Law Thomas Miller, Phoenix Arizona, Law Richard Rice, Phoenix Arizona, Law R. Kent Shawver, Greeley Colorado, Law Stephen Silver, Phoenix Arizona, Law William Stevens, Tucson Arizona, Law Charles F. Sullivan, Tucson Arizona, Law Humberto Valenzuela, Eloy Arizona, Law George C. Wallach, Tucson Arizona, Law Douglas Zimmerman, Prescott Arizona, Law 267 Robert Adams, Whitney Point New York, Government Peter Alden, Concord Massachusetts, Geography William Archuleta, Warren Arizona, German Marilee Asel, Dallas Texas, Spanish-French Paul Auerback, Tucson Arizona, Psychology Sam Balslem, Tucson Arizona, Chemistry Georgia Barley, Phoenix Arizona, Psychology Roberta Barnes, Coolidge Arizona, Microbiology Carolyn Bayreder, Hydepark New York, Psychology Robert Beaudry, Tucson Arizona, Psychology David Bebo, Gallup New Mexico, History David Benton, Phoenix Arizona, Psychology Eric Bergersen, Phoenix Arizona, Fisheries Managemer Jaime Blake, Tucson Arizona, Spanish George Braidic, Tucson Arizona, Chemistry Raymond Branscom, Kelseyville California, Psychology George Bromley, Tucson Arizona, Government Econ. Jon Brooks, Tucson Arizona, Zoology Mary Brooks, Wyckoff New Jersey, History Harriet Brown, Houston Texas, Psychology Theodore Bryson, Tucson Arizona, Chemistry William Bunch, Superior Arizona, Zoology Jane Burgard, Tucson Arizona, Latin American Studies Richard Burgess, Phoenix Arizona, Math 268 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Barney Burns, Carlsbad New Mexico, Anthropology George Butte, Phoenix Arizona, English Literature Roger Camp, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Psychology Kathleen Candiello, Bisbee Arizona, Microbiology Walter Clifford, Safford Arizona, Microbiology Mischelle Coahn, Phoenix Arizona, Sociology Tim Cohelan, Berkeley California, History Charles Colonna, Tempe Arizona, Psychology Karen Conant, Port Huron Michigan, Microbiology Robert Custer, Albuquerque New Mexico, History Earl Cooper, Tucson Arizona, Sociology Constance Cullom, San Manuel Arizona, Math-Russian Carey Cummins, Buffalo Wyoming, Zoology Cheryl Curvo, Las Vegas Nevada, Sociology Barbar a Daboll, Las Vegas Nevada, Psychology Susan Dashiell, Phoenix Arizona, Government David Dearth, Mesa Arizona, Latin American Studies Judy DeGregory, White Plains NY, Microbiology Robert Desko, Endicott NY, Mathematics David Dewhurst, Houston Texas, History Patricia Dixon, Tucson Arizona, Zoology Danny Dunbar, Tucson Arizona, Government Sandra Dunphy, Palm Springs California, Zoology Richard Elliott, Tucson Arizona, History Roland Esquerra, Kingman Arizona, Mathematics 269 Arnold Fabrikant, Chicago Illinois, English Jeffrey Falk, Van Nuys California, Government Matthew Farnam, Bridgeport Connecticut, History Thomas Farnam, Tucson Arizona, Zoology Linda Fish, Freeport Illinois, French Patricia Floyd, Garden Grove California, English Patricia Foster, Tucson Arizona, Sociology Carl Fredman, Saulte Ste. Marie Ontario, Government George French, Barrington Illinois, Psychology Alan Frost, Tucson Arizona, Physics Geraldine Gable, Newton Centre Mass, Journalism Richard Garcia, Phoenix Arizona, Government Edison Gardner, Jr., Old Chatham New York, English Kaye Gardner, Roswell New Mexico, Psychology David Garofalo, Cranston Rhode Island, Government Barry Gehrman, East Meadow New York, Government Zima Ghoddoussi, Tehran Iran, English William Giese, St. Louis Missouri, History James Glasgow, Tucson Arizona, Psychology Diana Goldberg, Tucson Arizona, English Isa Goldman, Tucson Arizona, Zoology Bob Gonzales, Yuma Arizona, Government Maxine Goodman, Tucson Arizona, History Marilyn Graham, Walnut Grove Calif, Oriental Studies Mary Graser, Glen Ellyn Illinois, Economics 270 William Greenlee, Seattle Washington, Government Christine Gresham, Las Vegas Nevada, English Michael Griffin, Tucson Arizona, Psychology Terry Grimble, Tucson Arizona, Zoology Edward Groenert, Tucson Arizona, Zoology Gale Grogan, Guadalaja Jalisco, Spanish Ira Grossman, Tucson Arizona, Economics History Bill Hadley, Tucson Arizona, English Dennis Haid, Tucson Arizona, Government Arnold Hamala, San Jose California, Economics Edward Hamill, Bayside New York, Economics John Hanson, Jamestown New York, Anthropology Karen Harper, Phoenix Arizona, Literature Beverly Hatfield, Tucson Ariz ona, English Duane Harpet, Phoenix Arizona, Psychology Christy Hawes, Queen Creek Arizona, Journalism Peter Hellwig, Tucson Arizona, History Franz Herpok, Hamden Connecticut, Sociology Mary Hiestand, Battle Creek Michigan, Journalism Elizabeth Hodge, Lancaster Pennsylvania, Sociology Robert Hoffman, Tucson Arizona, Physics Molly Hoiberg, Montville New Jersey, Anthropology Sherill Holden, Short Hills New Jersey, Sociology James Holmberg, Tucson Arizona, Economics Carole Holsten, Phoenix Arizona, Government 271 Samuel Hosler, Winslow Arizona, English Judith Howland, Darien Connecticut, Psychology JoAnne Hudson, Phoenix Arizona, Psychology Hedy-Jo Huss, Wauwatosa Wisconsin, Psychology Stephen Ice, Milford Michigan, Political Science Stephen Ingraham, North Manchester Indiana, Physics Susan Jacobson, Tucson Arizona, Psychology Kathryn Jensen, Tucson Arizona, Psychology Eddie Joe, Tucson Arizona, Zoology Daniel Johnson, Phoenix Arizona, History James Johnson, Tucson Arizona, Government David Johnston, Phoenix Arizona, Psychology Jan Joralmon, Phoenix Arizona, Creative Writing James Jorgensen, Tucson Arizona, Mathematics Ronald Keippel, Chicago Illinois, Philosophy William Keller, Southfield Michigan, English Judy Kennedy, Phoenix Arizona, Anthropology Jill Klein, Phoenix Arizona, English Steven Krause, Woodland Hills, California, Zoology Gary Kuist, Whittier California, Government Julia Kurtz, Lancaster Pennsylvania, Sociology Kevin Leman, Williamsville New York, Psychology Sue Lemons, Phoenix Arizona, Physics Leo Leonard, Tucson Arizona, History 272 Paul Love, South Pasadena California, Mathematics Kristin Luepke, Tucson Arizona, Spanish Beverly Lyford, Grapevine Texas, Journalism Barbara Lynch, Tucson Arizona, English Gretta Martin, Tucson Arizona, English Literature Georgia Martinez, Tucson Arizona, Journalism James Marum, Tucson Arizona, Zoology Sandra Massetio, Phoenix Arizona, History Peter Matthews, Delaware Ohio, General Studies Sharyn McKay, Crete Illinois, Government Nancy McLeod, Phoenix Arizona, Anthropology Kathy Meidl, Aptos California, Government Robert Meyer, Tucson Arizona, Zoology Judith Mills, Willcox Arizona, Anthropology Suzanne Montazi, Piedmont California, English Carol Moore, Phoenix Arizona, Government Gerald Moore, Phoenix Arizona, Economics Montie Morgan, Tucson Ar izona, Government Carol Mueller, Tucson Arizona, English John Murphy, Jr., Tucson Arizona, History Daniel Nathan, Brooklyn New York, Chemistry Mary Neff, Tucson Arizona, German and French Nancy Neffson, Tucson Arizona, Psychology Kay Neill, Phoenix Arizona, Psychology Jay Nelson, Chicago Illinois, Physics Mathematics 273 Janet Newton, Tucson Arizona, Journalism Douglas Nine, Tucson Arizona, English and Drama Susan Offensend, Rochester New York, Government Jane Orient, Tucson Arizona, Chemistry Jacquelynn Otte, Grand Rapids Michigan, Government Stephen Pace, Safford Arizona, Government William Patch, Wolcott Vermont, History Douglas Patterson, Phoenix Arizona, English Thomas Pendergrass, Carlsbad New Mexico, Chemistry Susan Penfield, Camarillo California, Anthropology Don Pepo, North Hollywood, Calif, Latin-Amer. Studies Mary Pool, Carlsbad New Mexico, International Relations Billie Post, Orange California, Sociology Barbara Pratt, Omaha Nebraska, Government Richard Puk, Montrose Colorado, Mathematics William Rathoe, Wheaton Illinois, Anthropology Jewel Reason, Teaneck New Jersey, English Gail Recktenwald, Marina Del Rey Calif, Journalism Stephen Rich, Tempe Arizona, Anthropology Bill Richardson, Phoenix Arizona, Pre-Dentistry Howard Riffel, Tucson Arizona, History Charles Romaniello, New Rochelle NY, Anthropology Sidney Rubinow, Phoenix Arizona, Zoology Maria-Elena Sanchez, Mexico City Mex, Romance Lang. Barbara Sato, Mesa Arizona, Oriental Studies 274 Linda Schmitt, Tucson Arizona, Italian Terry Seligman, Hillsborough California, French MaryAnn Schaffer, St. Joseph Missouri, Psychology Daniel Shaw, Tucson Arizona, Anthropology Barbara Shumway, Phoenix Arizona, Journalism Cheryl Simpson, Anchorage Alaska, Sociology Christa Sitz, Tucson Arizona, Spanish and German Nancy Smith, Springerville Arizona, Psychology John Snell, Tucson Arizona, Zoology Sevasti Spanos, Wheaton Maryland, French German Richard Spining, Ganado Arizona, Psychology Michael Stern, Los Angeles California, History Mark Still, San Mateo California, History Clinton Stinson, Prescott Arizona, Government Ronald Stolkin, Wilmette Illinois, History William Summers, Wheaton Illinois, Economics Nelson Swartz, Tucson Arizona, Microbiology Sandra Swearingen, Grand Junction Col, Oriental Stud. 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Abdullatif Mugrin, Hofouf Saudi Arabia, Geology Jon Parsons, Erie Pennsylvania, Chemical Engineering Gary Rasmussen, Ida Grove Iowa, Geology David Sims, Inspiration Arizona, Metallurgical Engr. Joseph Sotelo, Miami Arizona, Metallurgical Engr. James Willock, Tucson Arizona, Chemical Engineering 278 COLLEGE OF NURSING 279 Vera Attwood, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Pamela Blitz, Grants New Mexico, Nursing Martha Cobb, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Janice Conley, Prescott Arizona, Nursing Anne Furrow, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Barbara Goodman, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Ann Hansen, Las Cruces New Mexico, Nursing Franz Herpok, Hamden Connecticut, Nursing Laurel Hobbs, Pleasantville New York, Nursing Sandra Hughes, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Dolores Kummer, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Nancy Kushmaul, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Barbara Kwic, Phoenix Arizona, Nursing Kathleen McGowen, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Anna McStroul, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Katherine Reznicek, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Carol Rovan, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Jane Schonaerts, Phoenix Arizona, Nursing Annette Smith, Aurora Colorado, Nursing Shirley Stein, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Teena Toombs, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Mary Watson, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Carol Wilson, Tucson Arizona, Nursing Gloria Wood, Douglas Arizona, Nursing Sally Wood, Minot AFB North Dakota, Nursing 280 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY 281 Jack Allen, Tucson Arizona, Pharmacy Thomas Bellis, Tucson Arizona, Pharmacy Bert Berman, Los Angeles California, Pharmacy Donald Bickford, Bakersfield California, Pharmacy Joseph Bonafede, Pomona California, Pharmacy Michael Cohen, Tucson Arizona, Pharmacy Robert Cohen, Sherman Oaks California, Pharmacy Roger Coit, Palo Alto California, Pharmacy Wyman Dickerson, Bakersfield California, Pharmacy Lawrence Dunskey, Ontario California, Pharmacy James Felling, Phoenix Arizona, Pharmacy Kerry Fuller, Scottsdale Arizona, Pharmacy James Gilbert, Tucson Arizona, Pharmacy Stephan Gillespie, San Diego California, Pharmacy John Heddaeus, Hawthorne California, Pharmacy Norma Hidalgo-Del Rio, National City Calif, Pharmacy Esther Jackson, Tucson Arizona, Pharmacy Stan Jue, Ventura California, Pharmacy Robert Kass, Tucson Arizona, Pharmacy Norman Levine, Beverly Hills California, Pharmacy Timothy Lind, Phoenix Arizona, Pharmacy Leo McStroul, Tucson Arizona, Pharmacy Scott Nielsen, Pocatello Idaho, Pharmacy Leslie Peterson, Tucson Arizona, Pharmacy Ernest Sandoval, Miami Arizona, Pharmacy James Schee, Santa Ana California, Pharmacy Ronald Selness, El Cajon California, Pharmacy Lewis Sherman, Canoga Park California, Pharmacy Stephen Simrin, Tucson Arizona, Pharmacy John Straw, Tucson Arizona, Pharmacy David Sutcliffe, Coolidge Arizona, Pharmacy John Viviano, Los Angeles California, Pharmacy Andy Ware, Beaumont California, Pharmacy 282 GREEKS 283 PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION: Bottom Row: Lynn Radmacher, Jane Schonaerts, Suzi White, Sharon Leigh, Nancy Specht, Laura Lee Sharp, Pris Skeie, Melodee Shade. Top Row: Kathy Raphun, Judy Olson, Joan Kinneberg, Mary Yawger, Jere Jones, Sherry Bee, Sue Orth, Karen Yeoman. A new system of rush which proved extremely successful was used this year for the first time by Panhellenic. The year ' s activities were varied and rewarding. The Panhellenic workshop, highlighted with discussions the influence of sorority life to the community and later life, was held in the Spring. Also in the Spring the tea was held to prepare and inform high school seniors on sorority life. The officers were: Nancy Specht, President; Sharon Leigh, and Melodee Shade, Secretary. PANHELLENIC OFFICERS: Kathy Raphun, Pris Skeie, Nancy Specht, Sharon Leigh, Laura Lee Sharp, and Melodee Shade. 284 PLEDGE PANHELLENIC PLEDGE PANHELLENIC OFFICERS: Bottom Row: Barbara Costin and Sharon Leigh. Top Row: Addie Arriaga and Annie Johnson. Pledge Panhellenic is an part of National PanHellenic which is designed to stabilize relations and foster good will between pledge groups. This year the officers were: Annie Johnson, Addie Arriaga, Vice-President; and Barbara Costin, Pledge Panhellenic worked with IFPC in the fall on the Pajama Race and in January for a joint dance. The year ' s activities also included a bonfire held after the elephant walk that the pledges had and many dinner exchanges. PLEDGE PANHELLENIC: Bottom Row: Bobbie Schmidt, Jan Morrison, Maliz Baldwin, Mary Cay McKeller, Linda Gray, Susan May. Top Row: Maryian Hall, Alex Miller, Linda Connor, Helen Sheffler, Diana Greensweig, Anita King, Mary Yauger. 285 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omega was founded October 30, 1930 at the University of Their national founding date wascelebrated October 15 at the Elks Club. Homecoming in November was by the house ' s work on house decorations. In December their Ball was held at the Executive Inn. Marty Runstrom was chosen ASUA Secretary. Alpha Chi Omega ' s officers were Suzanne Faulkner, president; Marty Runstrom, vice-president; Carol Victor, social chairman; and Judy rush chairman. Delia A. Amado Sue Balcom Julie Beck Janet Bell Nancy Browne Louise Burger Dea Coller Anita Conway WynneDei Cooper Bonnie Cox Margaret Douglas Diana Evans Susanne Faulkner Linda Feemster Margaret Furst Lillian Gabitzsch Nancy Good Mary Graser Janet Haire Maryleta Henry Bernice Henschel Dianne Jokson Sandra Julian Kristine Kester Aleta Laurence Carol McCoy Linda McKinsey Bonnie McPherson 286 Lenise Mincks Cynthia Newman Kathryn Niemann Christina Olson Jacqui Otte Kathryn Parker Chris Peterson Tasha Popof Gail Recktenwald Kathy Raphun Carolyn Rhuart Mary Riordan Martha Rogers Judith Runstrom Marthy Runstrom Barbara Schafer Pat Schafer Sandra Stevenson Ann Stoecker Carol Victor Saundra Weit Whallon Marcia Williams Marcia Willson Cynthia Wood Linda Woods Heidi Wurst Mary Yawger 287 ALPHA DELTA PI Seva Spanos headed Alpha Delta Pi with the aid of Judy Knott, Sharon Troglia, social chairman; and Trish Adams, rush chairman. Founded on the U of A campus March 9, 1957, Alpha Delta Pi has contributed to the campus social calendar by the annual ADPi Tandem Race and a " Guide for Brides " fashion show. Barb Meyers, representing ADPi, was Hi and Smile Queen and Mary Jo was first runnerup to Rodeo Queen. Cynthia Abbot Patricia Adams Maliz Baldwin Linda Barford Jady Barlow Jody Barlow Margie Beiser Susan Berger Sandra Blades Crystal Blelsoe Flo Ann Brown Barbara Brownell Sue Burdette Shirley Byrd Susan Carter Sandra Cayocca Barbara Clapp Darrell Coleman Sherrill Colis Penny Conser Susan Cook Nancy Copeland Sue Cox Diane Damschen Carol Doherty Barbara Dooley Mariie Entz Suzannah Grimm 288 Marlynne Gutzmer Mary Hansen E. Christy Hawes Ann Hemmings Jill Hemmings Karen Holm Susan Hood Lynn Howell Stevie Jacobson Martha Jenkins Toni Kalil Pamela King Judith Knott Martha Lane Kandie Levitz Linda Lovejoy Lynn Mangle Sandra Massetto Susie Mathes Susan Matthews Sue McAuliffe Joan McCloy McFadyen Barbara McGrath Mary McLean Pamela McSparran Mary Mikesell Lynda Mitchell Marianne Mosier Shawne Murphy Barbara Myers Christine Newkirk Mary Perot Mariette Porton Charlotte Pylant Barbara Ransower Rosemary Reynolds Ann Richard Katherine Ross Maren Ruksas Susan Saul Marilyn Schafer Marcie Scott Diana Smith Karen Smith Patsy Snedden Seva Spanos Cheryl Stallings Melinda Stevens Patricia Swanson Florence Taylor Linda Trigg Sharron Troglia Carol Villar Virginia Walker Christine Was Kathie Way Carla Whistler Linda White Judith Williams Barbara Woodson Linda Wright 289 ALPHA EPSILON PHI The AE Phi ' s this year had 54 active members and 36 pledges. They were headed by Lydia Lane, president; Peggy Husch, 1st vice-president; Lynn Kamin, 2nd vice-president; Kathy Lichter, chairman, and Chelle Cohen, rush chairman. The girls were chairman of ASUA Elections Committee, Speakers Board, Secretary and editor of Booklet. The AE Phi ' s were active in Spurs, Chimes, Honors Program, Little Sisters of Minerva, and Stardusters. Emily Alter Lois Arnold Sandra Barry Terye Baruh Patti Behr Marsha Bergman Harriet Bernstein Pamela Blackfield Patricia Blank Linda Blum Susan Brafman Chelle Cohen Betsy Coleman Barbara Costin Linda Eisenstatt Alice Feist Susan Feldman Randie Fendelman Janet Fireman Carol First Nan Frank Teri Freedman Susan Friedman Bobbi Gardenswartz Sandra Goodman Margaret Hirsch Lynn Kamin Margo Kawin Rosie Kidushim Susan Kolsky Maxine Lantin Muriel Leff 290 AE Harriett Levin Bobbe Lewis Carol Loewenstein Elaine Marcus Marilyn Marsh Laurie Maullin Cynthia Mayer Marilyn Mendelson Dianne Miller Judith Mitchell Pamela Nichols Judy Nisenson Debbie Peltzman Margie Paskin Susan Rabin Marcia Rogow Barbara Roth Sally Rothman Deborah Sacks Helen Scheffler Susan Schiller Susan Schick Deborah Schlozman Susan Schultz Andrea Schwartz Ellen Shenkarow Janice Simon Sandra Singer Nancy Slavick Nancy Slavin Myra Smith Stephanie Solar Gail Stark Marsha Strasner Tone Tvert Sue Ullnick Kay Weisman Peggy Weiss Donna Zee Marilynn Znaeda Myra Zorbis Linda Zukerman 291 ALPHA OMICRON PI Alpha Omicron Pi, led by Peggy Sheffield, president; Judy Carrington, vice-president; Bunny Wells, social chairman; and Kay Odgers, rush was honored with two private from Travis Edmonson. A party was given for Mexican children. The Annual Bridge Benefit was in the spring. The Christmas formal held at Arizona Inn, the spring formal, and kidnap breakfast for the actives were other activities. AO Pi ' s included Editor of the DESERT, of the ANANKE, chairman of ASUA, AWS, and Panhellenic committees, Spurs, Chimes, and Abigail Atkins Kerrin Berger Jane A. Bisbee Susan J. Bring Jane D. Burgard Melinda J. Burrill Judi A. Carrington Karen S. Compton Linda M. Conner Virginia E. Daily Karen L. Davis Charmaine D. DeMont Susan E. Eastland Victoria Eastman Linda J. Eaton Ann Ellsworth Molly Engle Amy S. Garrett Anita L. Gibbs Ellen J. Harp Kim Hecker Marianne Hicks Margaret L. Holbrook Ann E. Huffman Jan Hysong Judith M. James Kathryn A. Jarratt Jan Joralmon 292 Freddie Kalil Trish Lammie Donna M. Lynch Ellie Matter Mary K. Matson Jane L. Mays Joyce A. McCormick Colleen E. McHugh Dianne MacPhee Ruth E. Mead Armour F. Miller Karen J. Miller Carol L. Moore Diane Pledger Pamela J. Musgrave Linda C. Nunn Kay J. Odgers Marilyn L. Oltmans Margit M. Osri Judith A. Owens Jeanne L. Pace Cheryl A. Pledger Susan Ramsey Claire F. Ryan Susan K. Sargent Susan K. Schaeffer Melodee M. Shade Peggy A. Sheffield Nancy L. Sitts Suellen Stattel Connie G. Thompson Kathleen R. Waer Karen S. Walker Linda L. Walker Marjie N. Walthier Katherine A. Weir Elaine C. Wells Lesley A. Wiese Jeanette M. Wilson Karen E. Wood 293 ALPHA PHI Alpha Phi began 1966 with 59 active members and 35 pledges. Founder ' s Day was celebrated Oct. 10, by having dinner with the Tucson Alumni. Liz McMahon was chosen as A Day Queen and the Alpha Phi ' s again took first place in the Women ' s Recreation Swim Meet. Nov. 5th was their Western Party at Old Tucson and semester they held their annual Spring Luau. This year, instead of a float, a house decoration was built for Homecoming. The house officers this year were Murmie Graham, president; Becky Wright, vice-president; Sara Tipp, social chairman; and Betsy Hadge, rush chairman. Lindsay Ade Crissy Alexakis D ianne Allen Cathi Anderson Andrea Averyt Terry Bacon Nancy Ballard Sue Batchelder Barbara Bedell Jean Boddiger Susan Braden Ann Bremond Elizabeth Bremond Phyllis Cavanaugh Joan Cerny Linda Clark Jody Coffin Robyn Coulson Ellen Crowley Katie Craig Cathy Culbertson Diane Duman Darlene Daniel Judy DeGregory Kathie Dirickson Mary Elliott Diane Fairchild Judy Gabriel 294 Elaine Gale Karen Gardner Hope Garrett Marilyn Graham Pam Gray Leslie Hadra Maritean Hall Christine Hanson Karen Harper Linda Harness Jan Harris Carolyn Herkner Elizabeth Hodge Gayle Horton Elizabeth Hudson Marilyn Ide Carole Johnson Nancy Joyner Louise Junttola Missy Kenney Julia Kurtz Carol Larson Deloris Lowman Kathy Mahoney Linda Mariani Jody Maves Elizabeth McMahon Marcia Metcalf Marsha Muller Susan Penfield Loretta Poggi Judy Pratt Dorna Price Charlotte Raizk Diane Riese Barbara Scarborough Susan Scott Terry Seligman Lucinda Shaw Coco Skibinski Pris Skeie Susan Smart Bonnie Smith Connie Smith Susan Spicer Miki Steiser Debby Sulcer Sandra Swearingen Lauretta Tencich Karen Tinney Sara Tipp Denise Wade Corinne Waterhouse Kristin Weisser Laurie Welsh Kathy Wilmanns Sandra Wilson Susan Witzeman Diane Wolff Bonnie Wright 295 CHI OMEGA Chi Omega was founded here on Dec. 11, 1922, twenty-four years after its national founding at the University of Arkansas. This year the 66 actives and 23 pledges were led by Jan Anduiza, president; Clarlyn Whitehead, Sandi Anderson, social chairman; and Bonnie Bartley, pledge trainer. The girls ' acti vities on campus included: Three A W S committee chairmanships, President of (second semester), President of Spurs, Officers in Chimes and Mortar Board, Greek Week Publicity and Rodeo Attendant. played for their Christmas and the girls held their annual Christmas Kindness Party for children. Carolyn Ahl Sandi Anderson Jan Anduiza Nancy Arnold Beth Bartley Bonnie Bartley Sarah Bearse Penny Beck Claudia Bennett Susan Bentley Lesley Bitter Chris Budurin Gaye Bumsted Ann Burch Christine Chesney Mary Clark Greg Conwell Cynthia Cook Debby Coyle Lynda Cuqua Marcella Cwynar Deanna Day Ann Deerr Mary Douglas Junell Dunagan Dene Fast Daun Ferre Marianna Gammon 296 Jill Goranson Gena Halley Laina Hanhila Tamme Harrell Cheryl Hogan Pat Huffman Christi Jobusch Judy Jones Karyl Jones Bonnie Kruse Dayie Laizure Vicki Lanphier Lynda Mains Gretta Martin Cindy Matesic Kathy Mickey Marsha Miller Patty Mullen Joyce Ohl Judy Olsen Pam Parlett Alison Paul Pamela Paver Vade Phillips Sue Penkston Sally Ramsburg Joan Reining Sue Richard Kathy Richards Jeanne Rogel Marilyn Rogel Cathy Roy Vichy Shankling Susan Shetter Judy Sonyerman Nancy Specht Diane Stadler Marilyn Thomson Nancy Titt Judy Vancil Barbara Walpole Janet Weaver Kathie Weaver Carol Whitehead Carlyn Whitehead Barbara Wilson Peggy Wilson Barbara Wood s Nancy Woods 297 DELTA DELTA DELTA The Tri-Delts started this year with a pledge-active swimming party in Tubac and by taking second in the ADPi Tandem race. Leadership was under the direction of Pam Kasten, president; Anne Wyler, vice-president; Jocelyne Nash, social chairman; and Barb Rush, rush chairman. The girls were represented in Chimes, Angel Flight, Stardusters and the varsity cheerleading squad. This year the girls were hostesses for the DeGrazia Christmas card sale and their house decorations for homecoming won first place. Sydney Andrew Sally Apperson Rhoda Bogardus Vicki Brooks Harriet Brown Cathy Bryan Janice Burtt Susan Case Mary Daily Julie Dean Suellen Dickson Leslie Dodge Julie Duncan Kaye Liesch Kathryn Farsje Sally Fisk Lani Freeman Phyllis Galbraith Judi Gardner Diana Gibbs Claire Gibson Virginia Gray Gina Hannah Claudia Haslauer Mary Havenner Pamella Kasten Gayle Keyes Kay King 298 Joan Kenneberg Stephanie Knowles Constance Layman Kaye Loughridge Colleen McCarthy Kathy Meidl Pam Meier Cecile Munn Jocelyne Nash Nancy Odell Peggy Odell Cynthia Olds Shalyn Rogers Linda Romick Linda Ross Debi Roy Jane Royston Barbara Rush Ellen Ruuska Ann Sandlin Bea Schmidt Candace Shelton Nancy Slaughter Karla Sloan Jacquelyn Stoddard Karen Taylor Patricia Tidwell Susan Tizard Maria Elena Urias Sally Vukelich Diana Waters Anne Wylen Christine Zivney 299 DELTA GAMMA The sixty-three actives and thirty-six pledges of Delta Gamma were headed this year by Lil Eberhart, president; Glenda Garrett, vice-president; Nancy Wilcox, social chairman; and Emmie Padgett, rush chairman. The girls are well represented in campus honoraries and fraternity auxiliaries. In the fall a hayride was held and in Spring they had their annual Shipwreck Party. Also the DG ' s gave a Christmas party for blind children. Homecoming, Hi and Smile, and Military Ball Queen finalists were honors also awarded to the DG ' s. Carol Albert Anne Andresed Cathy Armer Adriana Arriaga Kathi Barnes Toni Barthels Jodi Basinger Sandra Causey Georgann Connally Barbara Conway Mary Cordano Karen Coxon Charlotte Crawford Lynn Creasey Judy Derickson Janice Devine Lorlaine Dorsey Debbie Dunlap Nancy Dysart Lil Eberhart Joan Ellis Pam Emerson Deedee Engdahl Elaine Eubank Anita Farris Linda Farris Linda Frey Glenda Garrett 300 Kathy Gee Ann Geesaman Vickie Greek Linda Grimm Johanna Haden Betsy Hamer Gail Hammonds Toby Hawkins Julie Hill April Hoots Jo Anne Hudson Tina Hutchinson Diane Jackson Andrea Jones Leslie Keith Susy Knight Kitty Kwic Janie Labenz Barbara Lent Janet Lajeunesse Cathy Maclntyre Robyn Magill Suzi Maroney Trish Matz Nancy McCoy Anne McFadyen Cathy McGoun Mary McKeller Sally McNicol Lynn Mehren Mary Meisinger Chris Moffett Cynthia Moon Ginny Moon Jan Naughton Sue Orth Emrnie Padgett Linda Postillion Sue Powers Tena Powley Angela Roberts Mollie Robertson Cathy Roggeveen Linda Rowan Cheryl Ryerse Jody Shoults Tasa Snyder Brenda Snyder Kathi Stewart Jackie Stewart Grace Stuckey Lil Swartz Carolyn Taylor Jinny Thomas Nancy Tuttle Viki Vag Voorhis Janie Watson Candy Weeks Nancy Wilcox Donna Zabik 301 DELTA ZETA On December 3, 1966 Beta Iota was installed as the 168th chapter of Delta Zeta Sorority ... the crowning glory of nine months of hard work by her 52 charter members. Officers are Kitty Johnson, president; Pat McColm, rush chairman; Cheri Moore, pledge trainer, and Linda Gregg, Social chairman. With the help of their National Betty Alger, DZ began the year by pledging 35 new members. The national philanthropy program the hard of hearing and Delta Zeta ' s first projects were a book for an audiology major and a plaque presented to a graduating senior in speech therapy. Virginia A. Adams Marsha E. Alger Nancy L. Avery Nancy C. Bates Judith L. Beatty Marcia A. Bertke Barbara J. Blackerby Deborah E. Bliss Marilee Brilhart Donna L. Campbell Karen J. Carpenter Juanita M. Casillas Vicki Cranmer Caryl K. Cox Robin G. Crouch Nancy C. Croy Janet E. Davis Laura L. Davis Julie E. Devitt June H. Dippel Gloria F. Durham Janie M. Edgeworth Nancy A. Evans Virginia K. Evans Carol A. Face Jaynelle V. Flowers Nicki S. Giroux Caroline R. Goff 302 Linda A. Gray Linda G. Gregg Mary Jo Hansen Mary L. Harrington Susan A. Harris Jessica A. Harrison Marilyn A. Hauptman Laurie Hawthorne Louise F. Herre Sharon M. Hetler Velda D. Higuera Mary B. Hoger Mary S. Ingram Nan cy E. John Candace A. Johnston Cynthia E. Johnson Kitty Johnson Juanita C. Karons Sue Keebler Barbara A. Klewer Lynn M. Massa Patricia S. McAlister Diana S. McClure Patricia A. McColm Emily E. McGuire M. Joy Midkiff Lois J. Mitchell Cheri C. Moore Gail P. Morley Diane A. Neffson Christine E. Nelson Mary M. Noon Linda L. Norman Romona Pergrem Rosemary E. Rhyan Lynne F. Relfe Marcia J. Satterlee Patricia A. Savage Cynthia L. Schafer Brookes A. Sganga Jeanne C. Shannon Dawn M. Sicher Sharon S. Simons Nancy Singer Cathy A. Skola Joyce M. Smith Margaret L. Springer Linda M. Stelljes Mickey M. Stone Penny L. Stoops Carolyn M. Stull Patricia M. Swanson Dorothy R. Swank Rosemary F. Swatsley Joanie B. Taylor Cynthia A. Trowbridge Patrcia C. Van Haaften Susan E. Waugh Maryann Weimer Barbara J. Williams 303 GAMMA PHI BETA The officers for Gamma Phi Beta this year were Eve Grzybowski, Suki Leonard, vice-president; and Barb Huey, social chairman. the year the Gamma Phi ' s held a Twirp Dinner and their annual Western Party at Old Tucson. Jean Gray was a Homecoming Queen finalist and the pledges placed 3rd in the ADPi tandem race. Pam Petty acted as President of Panhellenic first semester and Leslie Jaap was chosen Treasurer of the Sophomore class. The Gamma Phi ' s participated in many of the campus honoraries and auxiliaries. Leslie Ahern Terry Aune Linda Bahula Vichi Bendinger Suzanne Bennett Donna Black Joanne Block Joanne Bloomfield Pat Booth Carolann Brickler Belinda Buckley Judy Bugg Linda Cain Lainda Casoli Nancy Cauble Janet Childress Claudia Cohrt Gloria Cole Patti Cox Kathy Crowley Dixie Crum Susan Davis Susan Dickey Pat Dudkiewiez Karin Eckdahl Karen Eddy Helen Egbert Patience Fagginger-Auer Kathe Farley Karen Fiddyment 304 Bechy Fife Susan Finley Nancy Foster Georgianne Gifford Jean Gray Eve Grzybowski Susanne Guard Charlotte Hanson Laine Harris Joan Harsch Ginnie Hazlehurst Leslie Jaap Linda Jones Yvonne Jones Cindy Judson Anita King Susan Koster Susan Leonard Julia Lilly Lois Linxwiler Keen McDonnell Diane Meyer Connie Mills Susanne Montali Maureen Mooney Kathy Morales Christine Norrbom Marcia O ' Harrow Kay O ' Neill Beth Parker Nancy Pearson Lynn Radmacher Nancy Radmacher Christine Ragenovich Lorna Renshaw Judee Reynolds Kathy Rhorer Pam Rich Margie Roth Michelle Ryals Dana Schuster Sally Simmons Kristi Smith Pat Steffen Paulette Sukey Susan Tomek Marsha Umbenhaur Susan Van Wagner Ellen Venable Marcia Volpe Alison Webster Diane Weir Lyn Williams Ann Willyard Suzi Woodruff Cathy Yeager 305 KAPPA ALPHA THETA The Thetas this year had 77 actives, 37 pledges and 6 transfers. They were lead by Lillian Gonzalo, president; Marlene Rickenburg, vice-president; Kathy Parry, social chairman and Karen rush chairman. Their local was the making of paper flowers for an asthmatic foundation. In the Spring they held their annual Cat Ballou Party and their Powder Puff baseball game against the Pi Phi ' s. Ginny Manning was President of SUAB and Gordy Smith was a finalist for the Homecoming Queen. Chris Onerem was chosen as 1966-67 Miss University of Arizona. Karen Ackermann Cathy Adams Joanne Allebrand Susanne Amos Christie Anawalt Ann Blouin Margaret Boice Penny Boone Julie Bradford Sharon Brigham Shan Brown Susie Buchanan Beverly Burns Minda Burr Karen Clifford Celeste Collings Christine Conner M. Ann Corke Ramona Coulson Diane Crayton Sharon Crayton Patricia Crofoot Margie Davis Janis Donau Tory Duntley Patricia Driscoll Susan Dwyer Kristina Edlund 306 Ayne Gage Gretchen Green Christy Hanna Suzy Hausner Trudy Hoopstetter Molly Hunzicker Sallie Hurlbut Patricia Isaacs Carol Janssen Judy Kennedy Anne Kettlewell Carol Kinsock Cathy Kinsock Jill Klein Margaret Klep Cathy Ann Lammers Christina Leathy Laurie Leighton Debi Lloyd Nancy Lutes Barbara Lynch Ginny Manning Charline McCutcheon Susan McIntyre Barbara McKim Merrily McLellan Josette Melazo Barbara Molina Karen Monrad Linda Morton Nancy Mumper Dawn Nagel Christy Onerem Kathy Osborn Kathryn Palmer Catherine Parry Katie Petersen Suzy Phillips Pamela Place Carol Pope Anne Ralston Marlene Rickenberg Marianne Russom Sandi SceII Betty Shelton Linda Sloan Cindy Smith Gloria Smith Meredith Smith Tyra Sullivan Susan Tear Elizabeth Thomas April Thompson Janie Thompson Sally Vance Barbara Walker Carol Williams Ann Wood Susan Woods Vicki Wright 307 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Andi Arthur Ann Bailey Cheryl Bankes This year the Kappas were chosen the outstanding chapter in their and also the outstanding chapter in national for scholarship. Nancy was chosen as 1966 Homecoming Queen, Judy May was Pajama Race Queen, Cheryl Charles was voted sophomore secretary and Annie was President of Junior A party for underprivileged was given at Christmas and in the spring the Monmouth Duo was held with the Pi Phi ' s at Old Tucson. The Kappas were well represented in honoraries on campus. Kappa members participated at the University of the Seven Seas. Their officers were; Nancy Darling, Laura Lee Sharp, vice-president; and Suzi White, rush chairman. Debbie Bartlett Diana Baum Patty Bilby Jessie Bloch Susie Botsford D ' Arcy Bracamonte Margot Brown Jane Buchanan Susie Cameron Nancy Cameron Melissa Garland Ann Casto Joanne Castonguay Cheryl Charles Helen Chatfield Pam Coolidge Sheri Curtis Nancy Darling Jeanie Dent Ellie Douglas Paula Edgar Robbie Ferry Marsha Fishburn Bev Fisk Natalie Graff Mary Guptill Nancy Hall Marcia Harrington 308 Linda Hastings Nancy Havighurst Mary Hendershott Chris Hiner Patti Hirt Sherry Holden Martie Hudson Barbie Hughes Kathy Igoe Suzette Jackson Liz Jackson Ann Jerman Ann Johnson Laura Lee Jones Jere Jones Janet Keller Karen Kerr Paula Krueger Connie Lancaster Jennie Leigh Sue Lombaer Mary Loomis Linda Mapes Sandi Mapes Susan May Judy May Karen McBride Loretta McCarthy Martie McGeorge Michaela McMahan Patti McWenie Linda Merikle Kathy Messer Merry Naumetz Barbie O ' Neal Pammie O ' Roke Beth Palmer Kay Lou Pappas Jeannie Parker Gail Peterson Patti Pertuit Fern Porter Jane Rodman Nancy Ruby Barbara Russell Nancy Ruzicka Lisa Shaad Laura Lee Sharp Margie Siser Starr Smith Stevie Smith Judy Snodgrass Sally Starr Barbara St. John Betzi Stratton Kaye Sutphin Carol Upham Merry Vaughan Susan Virden Marcia Voigts Cathy Wade Janet Walmsley Kassi Walters Marsha Walters Bonnie West Suzi White Kathy Williams Wendy Wilson Ginny Wyne Lynn Youngren PHI MU Phi Mu, founded March 4, 1852, was brought to the U of A campus in May of 1961. This year under the of Carel Boggs, president; Witt, vice president; Cheryl social chairman; and Sue Sopko, rush chairman; sponsored their of Project Hope. They also had an Easter Party for the The girls held many campus positions and also had members of Chimes and Mortar Board. The program developed smoothly and the pledges did the planning and decorating for the annual Christmas Formal. Cynthia S. Allyn Jean L. Appogast Sandra M. Baizel Linda A. Barrett Cheryl L. Benson Ann E. Bickerton Suzy P. Bickford Joyce Bixler Carole A. Boggs Chaunci G. Chick Mary Lu Clark Patricia L. Coenen Dianne E. Eckert Paula J. Fletcher Sherry L. Fogarty Christine M. Gibbons Judy A. Gibson Judy E. Gilliland Margery E. Glass Pamela J. Glassbrook Sammy L. Glenn Cherri L. Griffin Sherry Harris Mary L. Heins Jean E. Hewlett Susan R. Jacobson Barbara A. Kwic Suzy E. Lee 310 Fran. M. Maurer Linda F. Meinema Aleyis J. Miller Carol J. Mueller P. Lynn Oxtoby Dede Payne Mary L. Perkins Susan B. Read Jane H. Sauve Barbara A. Scremin Mary J. Soffer Kathryn L. Stewart Linda A. Stockham Susan K. Taylor Sandra J. Thunstedt Karen A. Underwood Winifred F. Webb Susan R. Weitz Christel E. Weller Ann Welles Leslie A. Whitley Melia A. Wickham Susan L. Witt Mary L. Wood Sandra L. Zimmerman 311 PHI BETA PHI Pi Beta Phi was founded on this campus in 1917 and this year has 71 active members. Barbara Sato, Sue Lemons, vice-president; and Marcia White, social chairman acted as their officers. Pi Phi ' s were members of many campus organizations such as Spurs, Chimes, Mortar Board, Kaydettes and Angel Flight. The Monmouth Duo held at Old with the Kappas is one of the of the year and also the " powder puff " baseball game with the Thetas. Pi Phi ' s were active in the cheerleading and the PomPom line. Leslie Avant Janny Bacon Debby Blake Pat Block Marti Bravo Babbi Brumder Kristin Carlsen Carole Carpenter Caryl Chamberlin Nancy Chandler Marjorie Chase Pam Cohn Pat Cohen Carol Cords Maryannette Corneveaux Alice Crombie Bobette Delay Nancy Denton Betsy Downing Pam Edwards Paula Evenson Helen Fitchett Nancy Glidden Kathy Graham Sara Greer Barbara Harrison Jackie Hatch Laurie Hauer 312 Janni Hawkins Carole Holsten Deidre Jansen Laurie Johnston Susan Jones Jeanne Kientz Linda Kleinz Mary Kurtin Sandy Lehimer Luann Leisy Sue Lemons Marcy Liggitt Helen Lippi Janet Lickwood Janet Lynch Mary Lynch Chris Mahoney Mary Makaus Nona Manning Melinda McGeorge Vickie McKay Gay McNaughton Cathy Mathews Pat Montiel Karen Moody Mary Moore Susanne Nance Kay Neill Lelgh Ann Neill Brendan O ' Connor Sally Palmer Chris Papanikolas Nanette Pattee Riska Platt Barbara Pratt Kathy Raymond Ann Roberts Mary Sartell Barbara Sato Peggy Scaling Bobbie Schmidt Cinders Setzer Suzy Shook Sandi Simon Jere Stephen Bonnie Stewart Susie Stiles Susan Stout Marilyn Swinyard Suzanne Thomas Noreen Tlrrell Nancy Walker Nira Wall Susan Walp Dorothy Warner Susan Wendahl Marcia White Ellen Wieser Barbara Wild Dede Wild Kay Wild Marty Williams Susan Williams A. Susan Williams C. Ann Withers Dedise Woodman Lynn Woods 313 SIGMA DELTA TAU Sigma Delta Tau started 1966 by adding new bedrooms, a dining room and a recreation room to their house. Many of their social functions this year had an international flavor. Each month they honored a different foreign country by having a guest speaker at dinner. They also hosted a girl from the Sonoran Exchange. Their annual party for asthmatic children was given at Christmas. The officers were Gail president; Bobbi Kall, and Susie Dolginow, rush Susan Aaronson Barbara Aron Adria Baratt Nancy Baratz Hope Bittens Carol Black Abby Breslow Linda Bruce Sharyn Chesler Barbara Chriss Connie Cohen Jeannie Cohen Arlene Dobb Susan Dolglnow Barbara Donzinger Lynn Edelman Andy Eisenberg Joni Fishman Barbara Freiden Diana Greensweig Tina Heinemann Jacqueline Joseph Ronni Julius Terry Kirschbaum Diane Lebowitz Lovann Leeds Judy Levine Sandy Marcus 314 Gail Levitch Sue Mariam Judy Metz Shelly Miller Joan Mathan Andy Parris Elizabeth Perelstein Sue Phillips Sarabeth Riklin Jill Ronai Lynette Sacherman Naomi Schildkraut Jean Schnitzer Marcia Schrader Vicki Shwartz Debbi Segal Eileen Shenker Julianne Linda Thaler Nadine Ukeiley Karen Walker Nina Wayne Candy Weinberg Joan Whitebook Ellen Zelvy Gayle Zoller 315 RUSH... YES? 316 NO? 317 OHH....ANOTHER FUNCTION! TANDEM BIKE RACE PLED PRESENTS FRATERNITY OPEN HOUSE 318 POOLINGS PAJAMA RACE FORMALS THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS... 320 GREEK WEEK 321 Interfraternity Council This year IFC activities were directed by John Pattullo, pres.; Eric Andell, sec.; Mark and Ben Routi, treas. The Council consists of from each fraternity who discuss and establish policies which best serve the University and its representative fraternities. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS: Bottom Row: Ben Routi, John Pattullo, and Eric Andell. Row 2: Mark Gemmill and Cecil Taylor, advisor. 322 Interfratenity Pledge Council IFPC is composed of the pledge class president and one delegate from each of the member fraternities of the IFC and it provides a training for pledges. Some of their activities include the Pledge Pajama Race IFPC Help Week and the lnterfraternity Pledge Council Ball. INTERFRATERNITY PLEDGE COUNCIL OFFICERS: Ron Dammann, Jeff Fisher and Hank Gunn. ACACIA The men of Acacia fraternity were directed in the ideals of brotherhood this year by Dick Johns, president; Newell Wright, vice-president, and Jim Clark, social chairman. This past year Acacia was the winner of the Greek Week Olympics. An outstanding social calendar includes a winter and spring formal, White Rabbit party, an Auto Rally, and the Pledge-Active Party. Members of Acacia participated in many campus activities and honoraries. 324 Herbert Barber John Barelli James Bartlein George Braidic Mark Campbell Robert Dietrich Bud Dragoo Waverly Duggar Mark Foster Charles Guerreno John Haas Gene D ' Autremort Kermit Harrison Robert Headrick Jon Hemmeter David Herrman Guy Jette Richard Johns Csaba Kerekes David Kern Jeffrey Lindley William Lindley George Maywell Jim McClenaghan Terry Mendenhal Stuart Moore Hank Mour Robert Reid Alan Roberts John Rosso Douglas Rotolo Ed Sanders Bill Schroeder Randolph Stroud Glenn Turner Bobo Warmouth William Welter John Winniford 325 ALPHA EPSILON PI The AEPis this year were lead by Steven Krause, president; Richard Mogy, vice-president; Burton Shanoff, social chairman; Steven Leff, rush chairman. The AEPis were busy this year with social events which included a Shipwreck Party, Christmas formal, Homecoming Dance and Dinner, Spring Fling, Pledge-Active dance, and Annual Toga Party. The National award for Fraternities with 50 or more chapters has been won by AEPis for the last 6 years. The AEPis have outstanding members of the debate team and treasurer of IFPC. George Bromley Mitchell Dorson Jeffrey Fisher Jack Friedman Frederic Ginsburg Craig Herold Harvey Jurkowitz Frank Kaufman David Kodner Steven Krause Steven Leff Richard Mogy Leonard Prager Barry Price Harry Proshansky Burton Shanoff Lennard Shapiro Shelby Silverman Barry Slavin Leonard Snyder David Spitalny Edward Teger Arnold Weiner 326 ALPHA GAMMA RHO The Alpha Pi chapter was off to a good start this year with eleven pledges all from informal rush. Alpha Gamma Rho being a fraternity takes students only in Agriculture or from an agriculture background. This year Miley Gonzales and Richard Morrison were honored by being presented the American Farmer Award, and Richard Morrison was elected National Vice President of the Southwest region. The Alpha Gamma Rhos were also very active in other campus organizations and ASUA John Ahl Fred Amator Larry Beck James Fowler Miley Gonzalez John Hart Peter Kaplan William Kimble William Lavor Thomas Lewis John Nash Nick Pierson Cy Remington Gary Sakato Rick Snure Glenn Spar Edward Stressman Steven Watkins 327 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA With 75 men Alpha Kappa Lambda started the year with a new basketball court in their backyard and wood downstairs. Stewart Strong, Gherld Hoopes, vice-president; Scott Reeves, social chairman; and Wally Brians, rush chairman led the year in all phases of campus life. AKLs were active in Associated Students, professional honoraries, Student and U of A band. They had an officer of the IFC, varsity cheerleader, and freshman cheerleader. Ruben Alcocer Thomas Alman Stephen Beans Wallace Brians Richard Burgess Roger Camp Thomas Copeland John Davis Howard Egbert Andrew Enjelhardt David Hodges John Hopkins Walter Hyde Ronald Lamb David Malcolm John Mallory James Markus William Markus Jack McFarland Kim Petersen Charles Post Dougal Reeves Jon Reynolds Ben Ruoti Benjamin Smith Richard Spining Alan Steinway Douglas Sticht Stuart Strong Barry Sundermeier Thomas Thoma David Wilder 328 PHI KAPPA THETA Phi Kappa Theta is an organization dedicated to higher learning, and social participation. As a fraternity, the Phi Kaps hold a Roman party when Phi Kaps turn into Romans and their dates into Goddesses. The spring semester is highlighted by a " Luau. " Each year the members volunteer their services in the maintenance of Villa Maria home for the aged. Phi Kaps also are active in many campus organizations Theodore Angermeier John Avellar Donald Bottger Joe Bruns Edward Casanova Anthony Crudo Frank Crudo Phil-Cruz Randall DeAngelis Ronald DiMino Leo Duffner Robert Eckstrom John Goetz William Gregor John Hyde Robert Jozwiak James Kleman Stephen Koerber William Lane Robert Leone David Marks James McEwen Jesus Moulinet William Ronan Paul Rood Daniel Southard Robert Suedkamp Raymond Tallis Samuel Torres Tom Whitmer David Williams Richard Zerilli 329 ALPHA TAU OMEGA The men of Alpha Tau Omega returned this year, strong with 82 active members, to a newly redecorated living room, paneled basement with game room facilities, and an active lounge. The chapter had a tremendous year under the leadership of Pat Graney, President; Rusty Buss, vice president; Dave McAuliffe, secretary; Tom Waitley, treasurer. Being very active on campus ATO had men in Sophos, Chain Gang, Bobcats, and President of Blue Key. The Christmas formal was highlighted by having the famous Knickerbockers play. Richard Allen Larry Anderson Bruce Bailey Ray Bailey Bob Barber Charles Barton Charles Begley Mark Boccaccio Mark Boyer Mike Brady Rusty Buss Ronald Campbell Brian Cheney James Clarkson Jeffrey Corbett Collins Couch Robert Crockett John Culler Tom Cunningham Russ Durn Rick Eason Richard Elliott Robert Esposito William Evans William Ferguson Frederick Fox James Galvin Richard Geever Donald Graney Jason Greer 330 Keith Halden Robert Harrell William Hibbs Jim Hosmer John Hosmer Gary Hursh Robert Jackson William Jackson Craig Jennings Kenneth Johnson James Langley Ronald Linberg Jerry Llewellyn Hollis Logue Frantz Lupton Tony Marrs James Marum David McAuliffe Kerry McDonald Rick McGowen Edward McLaughlin Tom Menaugh Stann Meyer Brian Milne Dennis Mobley Gerald Moore Jeff Moore Barry Porta Rich Quinn Slats Quinn Edwin Ragone Rick Reimold Mark Rogers Raymond Rogers Andy Romo Timothy Root Rick Ruby Rick Rupkey John Schorr Dennis Smith Dwight Smith Mike Smith James Spark Reid Steiner Robert Stetten George Thomson Don Thorp George Valeur Beau Van Deren James Van Houten Thomas Whitley John Whitney Gary Wilhelmy David Wilson Ralph Wolter David Zeiger 331 BETA THETA PI Advancing the diverse interests of Beta Theta Pi were Bob Putney, Lee Green, vice president; Lawdy Flanagan, treasurer; and Paul Payette, secretary. Social events included their traditional Combat, Fogcutter, and Gangster parties, which were climaxed by the Christmas formal. Beta Theta Pi was well represented in both intramural and varsity athletics with members on the football, basketball, swimming and baseball teams. 332 BOTT David Belding Alan Binkerd Craig Braccia Bill Brammer James Brumer John Carson Edward Chandlee William Conroy John Browning David Dewhurst Bill Dolph John Eaton Bryan Ellis Richard Fishel James Fissell Lawdy Flanagan William Doyne Francis Jeffrey Garrison Timm Hackley Donn Hartley Perry Headley Kenneth Healing Frederick Helwig Bill Hopkins Jerry Koss Geary Kull George Liles Gordon Lindstrom Stephen Lindstrom Fred Mitchell Craig Nelson Brad Nicholson Richard Rice Robert Putney Sam Roberts David Sawyer Barry Scripps David Slattebo William Stevens Gary Wheeler Thomas Wise Emory Wright 333 ALPHA SIGMA PHI Founded December 6, 1845, ASPi was brought to the U of A May 7, 1955. Under the capable direction of Allan Mense; vice-president Mark Still; secretary Bob Heler; and treasurer John Dunham. With 20 actives, Alpha Sigma Phi was active on campus in service organizations, professional clubs and committees. Their social calendar consisted of informal get-togethers, exchanges, the Black and White Formal, Spring Luau, the Mountain Madness Party, and the Duck Dance. Manuel Alvarez Stephen Avery William Boylen, Jr. Marvin Bradley Jeffrey Cartwright John Clere William Dunham Jeffrey Feld Edward Frohling Ronald Green Andrew Grey Wesley Hand Edward Harinett Robert Hesler Michael Hofer David Huet David Lowry Kenneth Matthews David May Allan Mense Gary Richardson Jim Sailer Glen Sitz Mar k Still Robert Weiller Ronald Weller 334 CHI PHI The officers of Chi Phi this year were Steve Steele, president; Bob Steele, vice-president; Ed Bailey, social Dave Dearth, rush chairman. The Chi Phi ' s this year had men active in Scabbard and Blade, Traditions, Kappa Kappa Psi, and Rallies. This spring an Easter Egg Hunt was given for handicapped children with Phi Mu. Also in the making were plans to build a new house within two years along with a small dog house for their St. Bernard mascot " Squidde. " Robert Brown John Claiborne James Comer David Dearth Dick Else Michael Fels Bernard Fenimore Michael Ford Richard Haas Leonard Jensen John Lindholtz Randy Mariotte Peter Matlhens Stuart Oltman Richard Patterson Larry Pfeiffer George Price John Sanderson Dan Shay Mitchell Smith Bob Steele Steve Steele Nelson Swartz Rusty Terry Geoffrey White 335 DELTA CHI Phil Calihan led, the 50-man house with Walt Lovejoy as vice-president, Larry Lof and Bill Brandt as social chairmen, and John Johnson, rush chairman. Founded on our campus May 2, 1925, DX has continuously been active in school committees and in sports. Members of Delta Chi participate in Traditions, Service business honoraries, Student Union Activities Board, and Scabbard and Blade. Social activities included the Christmas Formal, the Arabian Nights Spring Formal, and the Blowout. Patrick Arnold Bayard Atwood Byron Batey Max Batzer John Beggs Larry Betts Paul Bradshaw William Brandt Edward Bravo Louie Bravo Terry Brown Phil Calihan John Carroll Jeffrey Coffing David Cox Bruce Cratty Russell Dees Gerold Foley John Fye Richard Golden Dennis Gonzales Raymond Harshbarger Thomas Heineman John Hopkins, Jr. John Johnson Walter Johnson John Karansky Jeffrey Kimmel 336 Laurence Lof Walt Lovejoy Michael Manion Sam Mardian Larry McClue George Mintz John Mellett Roy Moore Jerry Morris Michael Nastasi William Neeb Gregory Noel Robert Porter Daniel Post James Regens Gary Robson Albert Sheibels Michael Sowyak Louis Storm Jerry Townsend Randall Trausch Frank Vergara James Vieregg Clyde Wells Jerry Wirth 337 DELTA TAU DELTA The fifty-five active members of Delta Tau Delta had a very successful year led by Tom Newell, president; John Gregg, vice-president; Denton Hammond, Social Chairman and Rich Jones, rush chairman. The shipwreck Party, Christmas Formal, Polo Village Halloween Party, and Suppressed Desires Night were highlights in this year of the seven year old University chapter. The Delts participated in many university activities and had a member, Tom Winkler, in the Senate. 338 John Baer James Beres Chris Clark Jim Clark Rodney Corson Robert Dean Steve Ellis Ric Eldred Robert Fitch Larry Forschler David Freed Steve Garrick James Goldman Roger Greene Denton Hammond John Hanson John Howe Blake Hyfield Carl Keller Rick Keye Geoffrey Lawrence Tom Marshall Henry Meador Clarence Mette Thomas Miller Thomas Morron Richard Moser Gregory Murphy Richard Newell Alan Pedersen Al Raffo Paul Ranmar Dean Reynolds John Ruhzin John Seaborn William Seewald Benjamin Strickland Charles Trombold Mark Von Buelow William Welker Jim Winkler Douglas Welker 339 DELTA UPSILON " Justice our Foundation " is the motto of the eighty men of Delta Upsilon. Led by Gene Leverty, president; Jon Hoffman, vice-president; Rich treasurer; and Brown, pledge trainer, the fraternity had a successful year. Aside from gaining recognition in intramural athletics and community services D. U. ' s were represented in Phi Eta Sigma, Sophos, Chain Gang, Blue Key and Traditions. For the year in a row the D.U. ' s lit " A " Mountain for homecoming. Also this year, nine new members were initiated into Dionysians, D.U. ' s women Richard Adamson Dwight Babcock Frank Balcom Ron Barraclough Jeff Bartolino Scott Bates Stephen Blum Robert Bohm Charles Brackney James Brophy Robert Brosius Marvin Brown Austin Cadmus Stuart Calder Ed Chambers James Chapman Robert Cryor Theodore Cwynar Richard Daggett Paul Dull F. Gonious Michael Harrison Michael Hatcher Richard Hibner Jon Hoffman Mike Italiano Greg Jernigan Jack Jewett 340 James Johnson Thomas Kearney Jim Kingston James Konorous Carl Koring Gene Leverty Lawrence Lindsey Richard Lurty Pat McAndrew Peter McLaurin John Macy, Jr. William Mefford Mark Mers Wallace Miller John Miller Philip Moore James Neal John Newsome Terry Nygren Jim Saliba Bruce Shlopack David Shurtz James Stallman Samuel Stanol Cam Stanton Roy Stigers Robert Sutton Robert Sypult Alan Thomas Ralph Tiz Terry Tucker Richard Turk Henry Walker Larry Workman Ron Workman 341 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tau Kappa Epsilon was formally colonized February 18, 1965 as Beta Nu Colony. Leading the 41 men were Gene Tauber, president; George Meza, vice-president; Gary Tucker, social chairman; and Jim Conway, rush TKE was very active in service by conducting a detailed survey for the Tucson Vocational Bureau, taking youngsters from the Children ' s Home to the Desert Museum and on a picnic, and holding a baseball game with asthmatic children. The members of TKE were active on campus in Rallies, Theta Tau and debate team. James Conway John Fink Lloyd Gardiner Bill Goren Lee Hayden Ray Herzog Hervey Hotchkiss Victor Juntunen Richard Latorre James Maneval George Meza Jeffrey Miller Gale Patterson William Peach Tom Pendergrass Geoffrey Potter Richard Puk John Robbins Tony Saplenza Robert Soelter Howard Taft Lonnie Tang Eugene Tauber Eugene Yojo 342 KAPPA SIGMA The Kappa Sigma social fraternity was lead this year by Bob Fickas, Rich Carter, vice-president; Smith, secretary; and Rich Wattson, treasurer. The Kappa Sigs were active in campus activities as well as in the Social Court and Senate. The Kappa Sigs held many social events the year which brought them in with many of the other social organizations on the cam pus. The members participated in intramurals in which they were one of the top thirty teams. Parker Adams Steven Alessio Gerry Altman John Bork Roger Brown Philip Carrott Richard Carter Mile Coleman Vincent Dean Jim Ferris Gary Gifford Ted Goodridge Russ Green Robert Hadeler Jim Janoviak Steve Job Steve Johnson Gene Kester Bruce Lawrence Jerry Mathews Malcolm Mathes John Mattison Pat Murphy Lawrence Opel Frank Osborne Richard Owen Jeff Seidman Dave Stallings Charles Sullivan John Tinklepaugh Sandy Tompkins Richard Wattson 343 PHI SIGMA KAPPA The Arizona Colony of Phi Sigma Kappa was under the leadership of Bill Harding, president; Sloan Robertson, Bill Moore, social chairman; and Jim Glass, rush chairman. Phi Sigs were active in art shows, band, and in their traditional civic and philanthropic projects. The many social functions included the Christmas Moonlight Ball, and the Red Carnation Spring Formal. Ernest Barletta Parker Foley James Glass Kim Glidden David Gundersen William Harding John Hart William Ivers Robert Kubicek Bruce Lee Steven Lynn William Moore Rick Pinney Sloan Robertson Ray Seidel Everett Smith William Snow Steven Young 344 LAMBDA DELTA The men of Lambda Delta this year were led by Steve Rich, president; Dale Crochett, vice-president; Adrian secretary; and John Varga, Lambda Delta has received the IFC Scholarship Award for the last 5 semesters for the best fraternity average on campus. Their annual Western dances were held again in and March along with their two formals and their Thanksgiving Service. Ronald Colvin James Craig Kenny Evans Donald Gibson Larry Hulsey James Jones Richard Martin Robert Meyer Stephen Pace Jack Pickett Roger Porter Ronald Reisner Stephen Rich Bob Saxon John Varga James Woolley 345 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha ' s service project this year was a Halloween and party for the underprivileged The fraternity ' s woman ' s The Crescents, helped with the project. The 25 men of Zeta Beta were led by Ray Benton with the aid of Tim Arthur, vice-president; Ted Rozondal, social chairman; and Jim Wirth, rush chairman. The members of LXA were active on campus in various organizations which included a cheerleader, Freshman Class President, and lnterfraternity Pledge Council President. Social activities the Christmas party and formal, the spring luau, and pool parties. 346 Allen Abrahamson David Aros Tim Arthur Douglass Bartley Patrick Baysinger Raymond Benton, Jr. Bill Blake Steven Burford James Cook Carl Cupito Donald Davis Steven Davis Stephen Dias W. Steven Fielding Fred Fischer William Frederick George French Gregory Gilbert J. Mark Goffinex Harry Gunn Rees Hair Thomas Hayden Douglas Henderson Larry Hildebrand Thomas Kallal Michael Keenan Peter Lippincott Don Leeburg Tom Morgan Kevin Oberg Carl Olson Edward Ovsevitz Thomas Palmer Robert Paray Nicholas Rochester Ted Rozendal Edwin St. Clair Paul Smith Jan Thiessen Lafayette Utter John Webb Peter Westby Larry Williams James Wirth Roger Wolcott 347 PHI DELTA THETA The Phi Delts again had a year with Mike McCormick, and Jim McCuster as vice-president. John Goetz was intramural of the Year for the 65-66 season. Being sixth on campus scholastically is an example of the Phi Delts Members of Phi Delta Theta holding campus officers were Jim Adams, Sophomore president and John Plutello, president of the Council. 348 Jim Adams Joe Augustine David Beauchamp David Basham Larry Bossler Richard Browning Richard Burke F. Britt Burns Edward Cappel John Cheney Rick Coleman Gregory Cookson Richard David James Davis Chuck Deutschman Arthur Dickson Richard Dole Macfarland Donaldson John Espedal John Fish Duke Francis Gary Garland James Graves Brian Gurnee Donald Hausrath David Hopkins Gary Hummel John Johnston James Mansene Michel McCord Michael McCormick Kim McCusker John McGinn Michael Mitchell Tom Moore David Morris Steve Mortori Geoffrey Shelden William Squires Michael Stilb Jeff Stobaugh John Pattullo William Quinn Jon Velten William Wanago 349 PHI GAMMA DELTA The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta was lead this year by Mike Aboud, Terry Grimble, vice-president; John Campbell, secretary; and Jim Webb, historian. The Fiji ' s participated in intramural sports, ASUA activities, SUAB activities, campus honoraries and the senate. Harry Bonsall, Student Body President, is also a Fiji. In to all these activities, the Fijis held their annual steak fry on Mt. Lemmon in the fall and an Islander Purple Garter in the Spring. Robert Abodeely John Aboud Michael Aboud Craig Arbon Patrick Beale Denis Beaugureau Brian Bell Robert Bess Orren Biesterfeld Robert Bishop William Blakley Harry Bonsall Phil Bramsen Joseph Butner Carlton Clark Charles Clester Gilbert Chester Charles Cochran Gregory Daniels Stuart Demarcus Charles Dent Terry Dewald Paul Dicus Steve Dow Peter Dryden Craig Emerson Kenneth Erickson Harold Fenner 350 Greg Folger Gregory Garrett Roger Garrett Paul Gissel Terry Grimble Thomas Groom John Ground William Gurley Charles Hampton Howard Harlan John Hausner Bob Hawke Jim Heflin Lynn Hoffpauir Randy Holdridge James Keeman James Korinek Daniel Johnson Larry Lawrence Tom Leigh Thomas Lyons James Martin Jim Mauge Michael McCarroll Robert Meyer William Miller Richard Oglesby Richard Orr Roger Pelton James Petty Warran Phelan James Puntenney Tim Puntenney Michael Reilly George Renner Rodney Roark Charles Roberts Howard Roberts James Rohen Ronald Rozycki David Salant David Sharp Charles Smith Cleve Smith Ronald Stolkin Tom Sundeen Bob Swan Peter Todd John Wallace Jim Webb Winter Larrabee Jim Wyss John Wyss 351 PI KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia in 1869 and came to the U of A as Gamma Delta chapter in 1924. Since that time it has grown and prospered until reaching a membership of 90 men this year. Leading PiKA into its 43rd year is Don Thompson, president; Bob Berry, vice-president, Lloyd Wilbur, secretary; and Bill Zar, treasurer. Pikes were again active on the University in athletics, honoraries, politics, and activities. Also they finished in the top 5 fraternities in standings, and were listed high in academic standings. Paul Abernathy Tom Adam Ron Aurich Lester Baitzer Robert Bell Bob Bepko Robert Berry Andrew Black Eric Borbe Al Butkus Andrew Campbell David Dalby John Davis Phil Davis Walter Duke Michael Duncan William Giese Bram Govaars Ernie Gradillas Robert Hoffman Joe Howell Adelard Jodoin Stan Jones Scott Koerner James Lawson Brad Lowevy Kenneth Luza Jim Lyon 352 Vance Miller Barry Minehart Kenneth Nardi Jay Nelson Nick Nichols Bennett Olson Daniel Pontious Dennis Preger Rick Rhoades William Rudolph Jim Short Paul Smith Hugh Speed Vauahn Strong Charles Stuart Butch Tallberg Don Thompson Ronald Thompson Thomas Van Slyck George Velasquez Robert Venn Larry Watkins David Weaver Charles Westerlund Loyd Wilbur George Willcox Gary Wonacott William Zar 353 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON The officers of SAE social fraternity this year were Jim Paine, president; Mike Lanagan; vice-president, Lynn Hodge, secretary; and Stan Scoville, rush chairman. The men were in ASUA committees, SUAB campus honoraries and sports. Every fall they hold a Luau and a Hell ' s Angel ' s party in the spring. Jim O ' Neil and Tim Flood were presidents of the senior and junior classes. Outstanding members of the U of A varsity football team were also SAE ' s. Sam Alfred Timothy Bass Barron Bingen Steve Bland Larry Blume John Browning Scott Burton Peter Calihan Thomas Caniglia Steve Carpenter John Chavez David Clark Tim Cohelan Frank Culin Dan Dains Ron Dannann Richard DeNinno David Denton James Donaldson Michael Donnell Craig Dougherty Rick Evans John Ferguson Daniel Fick Timothy Flood Steven Gamble William Getzwiller Michael Gray 354 R. Peter Haentjens Philip Hagenah John Haldiman Richard Hargrave Michael Harrington Richard Hazelett Bill Hess Linn Hodge James Hunter Richard Hyde Peter Jackson R. Drue Johnson Gary Johnson Steven Jones Dave Kelley Tyler Kent Jim Kominek John Kusian Jimmy LaBenz Michael Lanagan Craig Liston Aaron Lueck Rex Macklin Pat Manley Stephen McKendry John Miller William Moody Kent Morgan Martin Muncy Jeff Ogg James O ' Neil Jim Paine Dan Pence Jeffrey Perkins Don Powell David Prest James Provenzano William Pulice Norm Pullman Terry Ray Denny Rierson Jack Roberts Eddie Ronstadt James Russell Robert Sawdey John Scofield Stanley Scoville Dave Shadegg Richard Shean William Steen Stuckey Jim Suft Mike Talla James Thompson Stephen Thompson Lee Tregaskes John Trost Daniel Van Haren Peter Van Haren Mark Watt W. Culver White David Wick Mike Williams Paul Williams David Wilson Nicholas Woodward Philip Zahn Frank Ziska SIGMA CHI Beta Phi chapter of Sigma Chi was founded on the university campus in 1921. The officers, Bob Bretz, Bob Custer, vice-president; Bill Wamsley, Social Chairman; and Don Salaza, rush chairman and the 80 active members held many social functions. Among them, the annual Christmas Party for underprivileged children, the South Sea Islander, and the Dance. The Sigma Chi ' s were also extremely active in campus honoraries and activities. Benjamin Barton Chuck Bellsmith Mile Bennett Larry Benson Joseph Branom, Jr. Robert Bretz James Butler Don Carey Warren Colton Douglas Cook Thomas Cooley James Cote Mile Curtis Robert Custer George Delodder Jack Elliott Edward Fahlen James Flanagan Robert Garman Bill Gibney Robert Gonzalez George Goodpasture Bill Hadley Stu Hardman John Hart Larry Hecker Robert Heldo Peter Hill John Humphries Robert Ingraham 356 Jigger James Jack King Mark Klinkowski William Knickerbocker Nval Leslie William Lintner Richard McVety Stephen Magill Robert Nairn Bill Neal David Noble Thomas Norvelle Grant Papanikolas Douglas Patterson Charles Rapp John Ritchie Don Salazar Stephen Seidlinger Richard Seminoff William Smith William Summers William Wamsley Charlie Webb Robert White Michael Williams Jack Wright Robert Zeller Bob Zeluff 357 SIGMA NU Sigma Nu ' s officers were Jim Berg, president; John Brown, vice-president; Steve Elliot, treasurer; and Bill Brown, secretary. The members participated in many ASUA and SUAB committees, campus honoraries and varsity Among their many social events was the annual White Rose Formal in December. A Christmas party was given for underprivileged children as a community service project for the Richard Allen Richard Arrotta Robert Bayne James Berg Robert Blair Joe Booghart William Brown Brian Burns Frederic Carter Bob Casailis Ham Catlin Thomas Cleveland James Conway Tim Cooper Ed Coutchie Jack Cunningham Marshall Dean Black Dog Steve Elliot Gary Epping Her bert Eshelman James Foerstner Clark Gallagher Hank Ganster James Gill David Handschumacher Douglas Hargrave John Hartley 358 Anthony Helm Glenn Hermanson Chris Hillman James Holmberg John Hutchinson Stuart Hutchinson William Jubb Rob Kasulaitis Richard Keller Gregory Lewis Bruce Lindeke James Lionberger Richard Lust William Lynch Gary Major Joseph McGill Dan Mercer Fred Mitchell Dan Mooney Jan Murphy Louis Hock Richard Parrent Walter Perius Tim Peterson Phillips Steve John Ray Mile Regenouich Tony Rossetti Gergory Scott Stephen Snakard Jack Tarr Hector Vargas William Waltner Joe Wisdom 359 SIGMA PHI EPSILON The officers of the Sigma Phi Epsilon social fraternity this year were Mike Martin, president; John Robertson, vice president; Tom Wildermuth, and Bob Young, secretary. The Sig Eps sought scholastic and athletic achievements this year. Having in ASUA committees, SUAB Campus honoraries, they have greatly contributed to the campus life. Also, many enjoyable and memorable social events were held throughout the year. Charles Andre Mick Anna Kim Burns Steven Casey Robert Cavanaugl Robert Chapman Charles Clark James Engle Dennis Fendo Larry Frase John Gemmill Mark Gemmill James Glover Chuck Gould Robert Harris Terry Hawk John Hay Randy Hedges William Hilliard Robert Hooper Roger Horton Richard Horvath David Johnston Robert Jones Monte Keltner Gary Kuist Steven Light Roger Lovejoy 360 John Lundgren James McDougal Larry McKinney Jeff Marta Mike Martin Gary Moore Darrell Petrie Chris Pickrell Stephen Price Dan Renner Richard Ridenour Howard Riffel John Robertson Wayne Rutschman Stephen Sandin Edward Schaffer Stephen Scott Frederick Skeels Alan Stutts Woody Tella Ed Tolliver James Tallon Charles Waters Jeffrey Wieman Tom Wildermuth Robert Wood Reid Woodward 361 TAU DELTA PHI The eighty men of Tau Delta were again led to a banner year as the runner-up for the best all-around national chapter. Tau Delts also participated in University activities with as administrative assistant to the ASUA president, president of Bobcats, secretary of Traditions and many other organizations. Tau Delts were helpful in community service projects with a food drive for needy families. Officers were Chuck Firestein, president; Steve Kossack, vice-president; and Rich Gross, social chairman. Vincent Armstrong Roger Bamberger Barry Barnow Thom Bergin Jeff Berman Buddy Block Howard Cohen Chris Corday Nathan Eisenpress Jeffrey Feldman Charles Firestein Cary Frank Lew Garrett Joel Goldblatt Paul Goldenberg Jay Goldman Gary Goodman Dicki Goldstein Stuart Gordon John Gross Paul Gross Richard Gross Jeff Guerrant Kenneth Haber Bucky Hazan Daniel James Anthony Kandel Edward Karesky 362 Pledge Richard Kittner Steve Kossack Stephen Kulp Marty Lassoff Steve Lehman Thomas Lilienthal Richard Lindenberg Stephen Malkin Steve Marden Brent Masel Joel Maslow Ken Mirman Sanford Mohr Donald Monheit Bruce Oberon Jame Patterson Alber Raff Louis Rosenthall Kim Rothschild Les Schwartz Marc Schwartzman Chuck Seideman Joel Shapiro David Sheffel Lewis Sher Daniel Shuman James Slater Steve Stralser Marc Tamaroff Ronald Tesler Gary Thomas David Turk Jay Weinstein Kenneth Weiss Gary Zimbler Walter Zipperman 363 THETA CHI Theta Chi this year was headed by Bill Allen, president; Paul John Kewble, social chairman; and John Fricas, rush chairman. The Theta Chi ' s this year had their house decorated with a maze for their annual Halloween Party. Their Christmas Formal was held at the Ponderosa on Mt. Lemmon and their Spring Formal was held at Rancho del Lago. At Christmas a party was given for underprivileged children, and at Homecoming a was held to celebrate the Theta Chi ' s 25th year on campus. 364 Marshall Adams William Allen William Archuleta James Atwood Samuel Balsley Phillip Branning Paul Brown Warren Butler James Carpenter Vincent Ciampa Clifford Connington Joseph DeCallier John Elliott Chuck Everhart David Foster John Fricas David Gallagher David Garofalo Dave Hockema Jeffrey Illston John Kemble Francis McHugh Thomas Maccuccilli Hugh Merritt John Milan Kenneth Mullens Lexie Oakes Jon Quistgard Kenneth Romley Ray Roripaugh Robert Schlotteleck Robert Thelander Jackson Wilson KAPPA ALPHA PSI Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, founded nationally in 1911, was established on the University of Arizona campus in 1959. The eleven active members were led by James Hollin, president; Leon Richardson, vice president; and Calvin Grigsby, rush chairman. Members were active in campus organizations and particularly outstanding in intramural and sports. Robert Barker Fro Brigham Sam Castle James Hollin Joe Payton Theodis Pickett Leon Richardson, Jr. 365 ZETA BETA TAU Zeta Beta Tau is enjoying another productive year under the leadership of president Lee Davis and Dave Ramras. Athletically, ZBT is led by twice Intramural Athlete of the year, Steve Carlot. The highlight of ZBT social calendar was the Winter Formal which featured music by the nationally famous Turtles. ZBT had in the campus honoraries, Sophos, Chain Gang, Traditions, and Blue Key. 366 ZBT Harold Bell Walt Bloomenthal Ray Bograd Jeffrey Bonn Stuart Cofman Ronald Cohen Vruce Cole Lee Davis Al Dover Jeffrey Falk Harold Feder Roy Flegenheimer Art Ganger Lorry Gershon Stuart Green David Harris William Kay Harris Klein Michael Krause John Johnson Henry Lasker Mike Lipson David Livington Kenny Lloyd Michael Margucles Rafe Mariscal Ronald Maurer Campero Mogro Richard Oseran Richard Sann Cliff Sears Fred Shopiro Steve Soboloff Drew Vactor Bill Viner Gary Weiss Steve Winard Peter Wolf 367 PARTIES...WILL THEY NEVER CEASE? 368 LIVING UNITS HALL ASSOCIATION The Residence Hall Association is the unifying organization of the residence halls. It promotes high scholastic standards, co-ordinates social activities among halls, encourages participation in university functions, and furthers the health and welfare of the residence hall students. Social events include two formals, Crazy Daze events, commemoration of RHA Week, Homecoming and encouragement of individual hall social events. Bottom Row: Nancy Vincent, Joni Dreyfuss, Mee Mary Fain, Judy Howland, Ann Augur, Joanie Taylor. Top Row: Jim Dick, Paul Curto, Charles Dabney, Mike Stern, Kurt Lemons, Stuart Stoloff. Officers: Nancy Vincent, Secretary Joanie Taylor, Treasurer Mike Stern, President 370 371 CORONADO Bottom Row: Diane Hanson, Linda Hochman, Linda Vedor, Chris Scheetz, Joyce Tucker, Colleen Bauer. Top Row: Sue lanes, Bobbie McNeil, Betty Berger, Mary Daily, Linda Lanker, Araceli Marin, Sheryl Sparkman, Willie Routman, Shelagh Condrey, Judee Whitebook, Lisa Perry. ARIZONA Bottom Row: Arlyne Walsh, Sheila Rae Parker, Anne Bleu, Kathie Way, Sarah Raefe. Top Row: Cindy Hummel, Wendy Oppel, Sheryl Silva, Vickie Skow. SONORA Bottom Row: Constance Oldham, Penny Pfaelzer, Vicki Roberts, Debbie Shaw, Nancy Marotta, Margot Miller. Row 2: Charolette Merritt, Beth Handy, Marsha Muller, Beth Witrogen, Barbara Poole. Top Row: Hedy-Jo Huss, Mimi Battin, Susie Chu, Tamki Hershey, Barb Molina, Debbie Sacks, Janie Buchanan, Terye Baruh, Valerie Ossetynska, Pat Fleming. MOHAVE Bottom Row: Diana Uselman, Mary Lou Knauff, Claudia Welch, Armida Varela, Sabainah Ajayi, Parker. Row 2: Susan Konecny, Karen Hanson, Rosanne Catalano, Sherry Hirt, Claire Yacavino, Nancy Evans, Charmaine Meier. Row 3: Barbara Chapman, Maureen O ' Connor, Dawn Drown, Gilda Baxter, Marlys Knochel, Olivia Arrieta, Gloria Alvarez, Martha Paquette, Sharon Simons. Top Row: Linda Strauss, Jayne Patrick, Sally Jo Mertz, Deanna Fadely, Macy Torres, Diane Taft. MANZANITA Botto m Row: Viviane Itule, Betty Onyejeli, Ginger Sandy Swartz, Barbara Jadano. Row 2: Arlene Zepeda, Marcia Rogow, Ginnie Hazelhurst, Diane Osilich, Sharon Allbritten, Glenda Fogleman, Charlene Lee. Top Row: Carolyn Gutterman, Pam Lancey, Karen Van Arsdell, Mary Wong, A. Ruth Danehy, Cathy Lynda Mains, Susanne Baldrige, Frankie Keller, Katherine Sweeney. 375 COCONINO Bottom Row: Maradel Knapp, Denise Taylor, Janet Lynne Thompson, Pam Emerson, Michele Kepers, Beverly Marks, Andrea Aguilar, Margie Figueroa. Top Row: Becky Fife, Paulette Engel, Martha Forsyth, Nancy Spulman, Viki Van Voorhis, Beverly Stein, Charlene Treat, Gloria Aguilar, Charene Crawford, Cara Iles, Barbara Bowman, Susan Sims, Susie Verkamp, Marilyn Bakarich, Janet Uvodich. PIMA Bottom Row: Lynda Rojas, Donna Betty Hill, Dixie Lee Powers, Cecilia Navarro, Wendy Adams. Row 2: Faye Shaw, Patti La Salle, Joni Dreyfuss, Irene Delgado, Sandra Lang, Sharon Glenn, Ellen Hollenstein, Yolanda Maya. Top Row: Roseann Duenas, Judy Pappin, Diane Meece, Karen Roland, Susan Mrs. Van Slyke, Pam Ginsbach, Jana Shields, Sieglinde Bayol, Irma Mary Lynn Hawse, Mary Harrold, Ana Uribe. Bottom Row: Marcia Congdon, Nanette Pattee, Maggie Swenson, Candee Metzgar, Anne Berkeley, Suzanne Thomas, Orlenda Robbins, Jean Braginsky, Suzi Durkin. Row 2: Ruth Kartchner, Harriet Johnson, Sally Kent, Ruth Smothers, Barbara Miller, Mimi Cummin, Mary Jo Hansen, J udith Beatty, Mimi McClure, Cassandra Heinemann. Top Row: Teresa Harrison, Joe Rice, Carola Craig Kimball, Betty Liefer, Janet McCloud, Merry Naumetz, Ann Augur, Diane Butler, Susie Merrill, Diane Niemann, Kathie Volkmar, Georgetta Lofgreen, Beth Curtis, Cassandra Goodman. GILA YUMA Bottom Row: Sarma Grasis, Nancy Welch, Sharon Snook, Barbie Brown, Rita Lowe, Ivonne Deyden, Dolores Aguero. Top Row: Patricia Moore, Yvonne Preston, Dianne Smith, Kathryn Williams, Lenette Mattice, Carla Elder, Sandi Baizel, Cindy Wood, Roma Goodman, Pamela York, Judie Shor, Charlene Cobbins, Barbara Burruss. MARICOPA KAIBAB Bottom Row: Bill Florence, Don Hodges, Romaguera. Top Row: Galal Abdel Mendel Rabinowitch, Charles Marsh, Jr., David Eerkes. Bottom Row: Alan Fishleder, Richard Ducote, William Parsons, Steve Arnold, Peter Meckler. Row 2: Don Thompson, Howard Blitz, David Ward, George Novaky, C. J. Chrzan, Bob Hatcher. Top Row: Jack Baurd, Todd Chivardi, Robert Schiff, Bill Tupper, Larry Ward, Malcolm Goekler, Dave Laurino, Bob Hodges. 378 Bottom Row: Bill Yager, Bob Chiasson, Fred LaMaster, Bill Creager, Francis Brown, Bruce Uhl. Row 2: Robert Hawley, Harvey Mayerowitz, Salvador Aranda, Dennis Binick, Michael Peed, Alan Boeckmann, Carl Woolley. Top Row: Bill Sublette, Steven Presser, Tim Lungren, Quintin Ochoa, Michael Mercer, Mike Bloomer, Clyde Bentley, Rick Hyde, Gordon Graies, Joe Mangino, Leonard Beebe, Robert Blommer. PINAL EAST Bottom Row: William Gabler, Eric Noeldechen, Joseph Tarnowski, Patrick D. Spagon, John Nichols, Douglas Martone. Top Row: John Macek, Mike Schwimmer, Robert Jones, R. Bruce Johnson, Charles Dabney, Ted Wendlandt, Mike Groves. Bottom Row: Carl Zuelke, Jake Lewis, Jim Smith, Steve Job. Top Row: Walter Shew, Russ Schultz, Francis Keenan, Omar Ercolino. 379 PAPAGO Bottom Row: Chip Maldonado, Kim O ' Brien, David Mizer, Roger Brooks, Greg Opstad, James DeWeese, Chris Benner. Top Row: F. John Meaney, Charles Crider, Hal Hofmann, Michael Stinson, Walter Wirtz, Hamish Osborne, Lloyd Foreman, John Roventini, Robert Gebhart. HOPI Bottom Row: H. Lyle Supp, Tom Rivera, Ken Remington, Dennis Rowe. Top Row: Rick Miller, Glenn Todd, Bob Pfister, Walter Seal, Ricard Schuster, Jerry Kunkel, Victor McDonald. 380 GREENLEE Bottom Row: David Prest, Unidentified, Mike Keller, Quentin Jones, Rick Bock, Carey Cummins. Top Row: Billy Bates, Spencer Harrison, Bill Pala, Doug Rhodes, Denny Rajsich, Michael Danoff, Steve Spalsbury, King Driscoll, Jim Wholey, Rudy Gonzalez. GRAHAM Bottom Row: Johnny Hidalgo, Carl Milliken, Rick Weakland, Alex Kelter. Top Row: Bruce Evans, Leo Schwamm, Ken Moore, Rory McCarthy, Gary Nicholson, Richard Moreno, Eric Fields, Tracy Nuckolls, Steve Nathan, Albert Kong. APACHE Bottom Row: Kevin Poo, Roger Hulett, J oe Hatch, Jeff Weber, Greg Zneyerson, Unidentified, Rick Sherman. Row 2: Steve Sugarman, Steven Clarke, John Valdin, William Malone, Tom Edwards. Row 3: Arty Sideris, Ron Zundel, Tom Bethard. Row 4: Thomas Van Loon, William Peachey, Tim Calcagno, David Franco, Jess Clifford. Top Row: Ronald Clifton, William Ross, Jack Dahl, Mike Reding. SANTA CRUZ Bottom Row: Larry Pfeiffer, Hugh Lemen, John Kilfoyle, Chip Bogosia n. Row 2: Richard Dugan, Kenneth Harrison, Mike Stern, Bill Scholl, Bill Kanitz. Top Row: Al Scorosatto, Ed Rovey, Ged Stewart, David McMullen, Steve Magill, Rick Reimold, Grant Anderson, Joe Crank. 382 YAVAPAI Bottom Row: Rick Miller, Charles Downs, Robert Welch, Kheng Teck Kong, Dave Basham, Andre Garcia, Ed Johnson. Top Row: Gordon Nelson, Tom Schnell, Jim Warrick, Phil Bodenhorn, Allen Creighton, Alan Lester, Thomas Squires, Douglas Strock, Bill Call. COCHISE Bottom Row: Jose Reynoso, Christopher Warren, Dave Evans, Mrs. Herrick, Tune Pong, Ka Chung Fogg, Tom Abellera, Paul Massuco, Paul Goss, Row 2: Steve Gross, Wendell Tarwater, Walt Salazar, Jack Kesler, Robert Wallace, Joe Hefler, Kirk Leonard. Row 3: Gerald Chew, Steve Peters, Bart Calkins, Peter Burgard, Ed Beunler, R. Graves, Ken Hann. Row 4: Rod Smidt, Bob Fortner, George Thomas, Clarence Stillwell, Ray Endfield, Kurt Lemons. Row 5: Tony Ard, Kent Golightly, Fred Sacksteder, David Buckles, Richard Heggen, Stephen Keil, Edwin Weigt, Bill Johnson, Andy Ebner, Kent Duncan, Scott Thybony. Top Row: Fred Rickman, Don Demeritt, Steve Ferg, Bruce Ferg, Martin Gold, Al Konow, Paul Donahue, Jim Potts. Bottom Row: Jim Campbell, Rick Lurty, Bob Gundersen. Row 2: Jake Shoham, Unidentified, Terry Smith, Richard Tope. Top Row: Joe Ringer, Bob Clark, Gunnard Jacobson, Jim Dick. SOUTH 383 OFF CAMPUS Off campus housing offered freedom — from late minutes, sign-out sheets and other regulations of campus life. Students able to live off campus include married students, male students, Tucson residents living at home and, beginning this year, women over Housing included houses and for the final year, the remaining quonset huts of Polo Village. CLUB HOUSE ORGANIZATION BPA STUDENT COUNCIL BPA STUDENT COUNCIL: Bottom Row: Sandra Marcus, Violet Coulter, Gail Recktenwald, June Morrison, Diane Neffson. Row 2: George Ripps, John Munro, William H. Wunder, Michael Foran, Hansford Young, Leo Roop, Vince Ciampa, Sam Springer. Row 3: Jim Winkler, F. F. Lamont, Jr., Bernard P. Herber, Douglas Major, Dean Richter, Douglas Bell, Stephen Bahre, Simon K. Stannish, William H. Hibbs. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION The BPA Student Council is composed of the president and one representative from each of the BPA college organizations and the five BPA senators. Its purpose is to co-ordinate the activities of the BPA college organizations. The Council has charge of assisting the BPA college during registration and acts as host to visitors during Parent ' s Day, Senior Day and University Open House. A luncheon is held for the Council each month by the BPA college dean. The organization was begun on the campus in 1961. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION: Bottom Row: Bill Brammer, Janet Ide, Jeremy Toles, Dee Flake, Wayne Benesch. Top Row: Hamilton McRae, John Morley Greacen, Sandra Day, Andrew Bettwy, Peter Dunn. The Student Bar Association represents the law students in the University community. All students enrolled in the College of Law are eligible for The organization sponsors the Moot Court and Moot Court Convention, student legal internships, Law Day, and a speakers program. It presently plans to provide for more thorough education through speakers, serve as clerks for the Legal Aid Society and the City Attorney. The Student Bar Association sponsors the Arizona Law Review. 386 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The Student National Education was formed to promote the improvement of the schools in America and the betterment of the individual. Any student of the University may join by paying dues by December 15. The group sponsors a Christmas dance, an Easter party, an End-of-the-Year party, as well as a guest speaker each month. The president of the University ' s SNEA served as this year ' s State SAEA SNEA was established in 1958 on our campus. The purpose of the American Association serves to the advancement of pharmacy as a science and as a profession, in the areas of public health and welfare. Pharmacy and pre-pharmacy students are eligible for membership. The association sponsors a spring mixer and the Lyman ' s Day Awards Banquet. It was established in 1947. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION: Bottom Row: Lois Dimpfel, Elizabeth Jaskoski, Gloria Zlaket, Susan Koneony. Top Row: Bryant Ridgway, Dorothy Perkuhn, Laura Jantolak, Raymond L. Klein. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION: Bottom Row: Les Peterson, Scott Nielsen, Tim Lind, Dick Wiedhopf, Leo McStroul, Bob Kass, John Twitty, Pat O ' Brien, Jim Schee, Jay Mahoney. Row 2: Pete Uyehara, Alan Turner, Bob Andrecht, Steve Simrin, Bob Cohen, Phil Hagen, Mike Cohen, Jim Gilbert, Frank Manghan, Bert Berman, Bob Gillies, Dick Humphrey, Joe Perazzo, Dr. Joseph Zapotocky. Row 3: Ron Selness, Ed Pritchett, Norm Levine, Viola Jones, Sheri Lind, Imelda Gil, Susan Angus, Melba Morris, Sally Mertz, Virginia Evans, Martha Patterson, Marilyn Prigge, Laura Almada, Jeanette Wilson, Norma Hidalgo Del Rio, Vivian Konopasek. Row 4: Don Dunskey, Steve Geden, Ron Bierman, Jim Fell ing, John Heddaeus, Gerry Gonsalves, Dave Albritton, Lenny Don, Al Aichroth Larry Cohen, Harold Bert. Top Row: Ken Coit, Dave Zeiger, Terry Kamrin, Paul Duran, Grant Sabin, Lew Sherman, Randy Hill, Gene Poulter, Tad Wolicki, Larry Schallock, Ernie Sandoval, Gus Bernal, Ron Nelson, Marty Porcelain. 387 SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT The Society for the Advancement of Management serves the University by providing students with an insight into the actual practice of the management profession. Members are prepared for future jobs by providing speakers, films, field trips and discussions by persons currently engaged in the field. Membership is open to any student who has an interest in management. This organization was established at the University in 1958. SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT: Leo Roop, Allan Brown, William H. Wunder, Rodger Ford, Hansford Young, Gordon Lewin. MARKETING CLUB The Marketing Club provides interested University students with an outlet for practical experience in marketing. Graduate or BPA students may become students by signing up during registration or at any meeting. The organization sponsors seminars, visiting speakers, discussion groups, and field trips. Established in 1950, the Marketing Club is a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association. CLUB: Bottom How: Brian Mime, Sandra Marcus, Harry Ness. Top How: Liz Cressler, Robert M. Smith, Violet E. Coulter. 388 QUADRILLE TEAM QUADRILLE TEAM: Diedre Jansen, Linda Lowe, Liz Grinnell, Sheryl Firth, Maryletta Henry, Sandy Smith, Carla Ingwer, Mary Jane Romanoski, Hacklene Harogrove, Carol Turner, Kathy Crook, Vicki Welch, Cheri Lynn Blair. The University Quadrille Team is an organization for women students interested in horses and horsemanship. The team performs fast-loping, precision drills to the tune of square dance music. Performances are given at various rodeos and the team also rides in the several parades of the area. Quadrille members sponsor barbeques, gymkanas and an annual Fun Day. Each member must provide her own horse or have access to one. The group, which was founded in 1957, practices four times a week to perfect their drills. Phi Lambda Phrateres, town women ' s organization, is one of eleven such organizations internationally. Its purpose is to promote a spirit of friendliness, and to provide Tucson girls an opportunity to participate more fully in campus scholastic, social and extracurricular activities. Phrateres sponsors the Hi and Smile Week and Dance, sells chenille Wildcats, and makes red and blue aerial streamers to promote school spirit. The also sponsors a Christmas Formal, a fashion show and a dinner to honor Founder ' s Day. Phrateres was founded in 1938. PHI LAMBDA PHRATERES PHI LAMBDA PHRATERES: Bottom Row: Lynne Hermann, Diana Jewell, Janelle Forcier, Connie Gilson, Delann Kurner, Linda Scalise Judy Schlobohm, Amy Roberts, Evie Carrillo, Peggy Harrell, Nancy Aley, Helenmarree Archbold, Laura Black, Melodie Longmire, Eloise Ramirez, Christine Motschaii, Joan Willadson, Toby Hochstein. Row 2: Marjie Moreno, Marti Lujan, Kathy Reznicek, Carol Wilson, Dina Levin, Jan Bayles, Holly Howe, Cara Richardson, Linda Pace, Cathy Carter, Della Majewski, Diana Kenady, Linda Veith, Marilyn Hasse Sandra Young, Wanda Stewart, Marcia Bertke, Ruth Bennett. Row 3: Kathy White, Della Delany, Sue Brooks, Sandi Mayberry, Melinda Chamness, Marie Waterworth, Penny Heston, Karen Brown, Judy Guinand, Diane Geiger, Brenda Smith, Linda Allen, Darby Pry, Barbara Chilson, Marilyn Bauer, Terri Drake, Ann Meyer, Michele Aley, Linda Willerup, Marsha Burnett. Row 4: Marilyn Bernstein, Sally Holman Lenora Frye, Kathy Ennis, Cindy Harch, Gloria Sanchez, Linda Smith, Ann Blattman, Sheri Resnick, Nancy Golson, Patti Foster, Danielle Strelnick, Charlotte Schroeder, Connie Clifton, Libby Poe, Barbara Flagg, Sheila Neumann, Vicki Nagel, Esterita Rabin. UNIVERSITY PLAYERS The University Players is a dramatic service and an honorary formed on the campus in 1922. Its purpose is to promote an interest in dramatic activities and to assist with the production of University drama. Membership is open to upper class drama majors. The group, along with its social functions, sells punch at each drama to raise funds for a scholarship which is awarded each year to a drama major. UNIVERSITY PLAYERS: Bottom Row: John Hopkins, Ann Bailey, Vandi Clark, Janet Singer, Judylynn Gries, Christina E. Spiegel Robin Lee. Top Row: Cathy Davis, Arthur Berman, Sandy Simmett, Sue McArthur, Nita Joy Middaugh. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CLUB INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CLUB: Bottom Row: Gwendolyn Abbott, Irel Urreiztieta, Mary Hiestand, Kathy Jensen, Maria Sara Campos, Deborah Berkowitz, Oludiya Ogunyoye, Titilayo Ladipo, Billie Donovan. Row 2: Carlos Pinto, Marsha Schaus, Ellie Ewald, J. K. Khattak, N. B. Sanwal P. B. Bist, Joseph K. Kwl Abdul M. Hashml Radha R. Upadhyay. Row 3: Fazal Ahmed Khan, Herbert B. Wilson, Jan Dirk Banga, John E. Arnold, Ray Cecil Parke, Jimi Olusola, G. Edward Njock, lyiola A. Ladipo. The International Students Club was formed to promote the cause of lasting among international students, American students and faculty members. Anyone eligible may join by paying the dues any time during the year. The club sponsors educational, recreational, social and cultural events, including a dance and a picnic each semester, trips to Mexico and the Grand Canyon, and the International Students Dinner. The club was founded in 1954. 390 STUDENT RELIGION COUNCIL The Student Religion Council is the co-ordinating body for all religious activities on the campus. Membership of the club consists of one from each of the religious centers. The Council sponsors Religion in Life Week, an All-University picnic, Baccalaureate Service, and the Thanksgiving Speakers Program. The Student Religion Council seeks to a religious interest among the students of the University. STUDENT RELIGION COUNCIL: Bottom Row: Chris Call Delores Dynneson, Dawn Drown, Katie Matson, Maryann Meyer, Mark S. Still. Top Row: Dwight Ridenour, Tom Corn, David Martin, Robert Mueller, Richard Haines, Richard Fridena. CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club, a national organization in the structure of the Episcopal Church, provides a religious environment for students as its main goal. The organization sponsors a weekly dinner, and various social functions. Activity plans for the year include a Homecoming float and a pancake supper on Shrove Tuesday. The Canterbury Club was established in 1947 and any University student is eligible for membership. CANTERBURY CLUB: Bottom Row: Roxane Courtney, Maureen McKeon, Joy Merchant, Nicki Giroux, Kathy Kolter, Katie Matson, Lois Dimpfel. Row 2: Samuel Hosler, Geoffrey Elston, John Steele, George E. Price, Lloyd Gardiner, Jim Stapleton. Row 3: William M. Gabler, Ronald Weller, Peter Laudeman, Pete King, Richard T. Stratton, Jeff Miller, Victor Juntunen. 391 DIE GESELLSCHAFT ZUNI WUNDERHORN Die Gesellshaft Zum the German club, promotes an interest in the German language and culture by encouraging the use of the language among its members and by sponsoring German culture programs. Attendance and interest are the basic requirements for joining. To further the club ' s aims, German films are shown at meetings. The organization is quite new at the University and was formed in 1966. Any student, faculty member, or staff of the University may join. GERMAN CLUB: Bottom Row: Michael Russo, Babette Luz, Carolyn Ross, Mary Neff. Row 2: Bill McNabb, Dwight Ridenour, Dick Adams. Row 3: Norman Boyles, Roy Tinsley, Farhadieh Rovintan, Jan Dirk Banga. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Le Cercle Francais, the French club, was formed on the campus to promote an interest in the French language and French literature. Membership is open to second year French students with elections being held in the spring and fall. Meetings are conducted in French and often consist of music, skits or narrated slides. The organization has been on the University campus for over thirty years. FRENCH CLUB: Bottom Row: John Gesell Jean Braginsky, Jan Davis, Mary Jo Hansen, William B. Dunhouse. Row 2: Alphonse V. Roche, Frederic Gray, Loyal Gryting, John Washington, Enrique Romaguera. 392 AMERICAN NUCLEAR ASSOCIATION AMERICAN NUCLEAR ASSOCIATION: Bottom Row: Dr. Hilberry, Dr. Wacks, Ned Butt, Dave Ferg. Row 2: Dr. Seale, Daves Himes, Willy Cooper, Joe Angelo, Dr. Post. Row 3: Tom Richard P. Remshaw, Mike Peters, Barry Green, Gary Stein. Row 4: Ted Schmidt, Jim Guppy, Ed Kielkopf, Dr. Brehm. Lambda Delta Sigma provides education and social activities for Latter Day Saints students attending the University. The organization sponsors a spring rodeo, Christmas party, closing picnic, and Religion in Life Week activities. The organization started on the University campus in 1937. All Latter Day Saints students and their friends are eligible for The American Nuclear Society is a professional society the progress of nuclear energy and the association of people involved in the nuclear engineering field. Those eligible for membership include all students, except freshmen, who are following a program in nuclear engineering or related sciences. Prominent speakers in the field of nuclear present informative talks at regularly scheduled meetings. The society sponsors a program of public information and lectures to students in Tucson ' s various high schools. Annual fall and spring picnics are held for the members of the local chapter. LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA: Bottom Row: Cassandra Goodman, Annette Tucker, Carol Sue Merrill Beth Curtis, Pamela McCuan, Teresa Jordan, Darline Later. Row 2: Mary Joyce Maynard, Ellen Gardner, Maradel Knapp, Loraine Miachell Cheryl McRae, Marsha Hughes, Jeanette Hanson. Row 3: Jacque Terrell Susan Theiler, Lorene Hill Ruth Kartchner, Mary Grace Young, Georgetta Lofgreen. 393 FOLKLANDERS FOLKLANDERS: Bottom Row: Kay Watson, Katherine Basmagy, Leta Crawford, WynneDei Cooper, Diane Riese, Vicki Nagel, Carol Wilson, Ronnie Vawter. Row 2: Nancy Woods, Susie Crawford, Darlene Clark, Dawn McKenzie, Peggy Springer, Mary Blake, Joan Shidisky, Agnes Garner. Row 3: Bruce Bradley, R. W. Neill Gary Carstensen, Linda Curtis, Robert Hershberger, Sheila Neumann, Richard L. Fain, Glenn Jonas. INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCERS Folklanders provides a weekly social activity for students in folk-dancing and it provides an opportunity for development of poise, and administrative skills in dealing with people. A busy group, Folklanders has an annual picnic at the beginning of the fall semester. The group also gives folk dancing exhibitions at various Tucson civic functions. In the summer of 1967 the organization plans an exhibition folk dance tour of national parks. It was established in 1963 on the University campus. INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCERS: Bottom Row: Rick Luttmann, Gail Luttmann, Karen Faust, Claire Deutsch, Larry Manire. Top Row: Mary Neff, William F. Faust with June Ann Faust, Lucinda Somerville, Eleanor Manire. The purpose of the International Folk Dancers is to provide an opportunity for recreation and social accomplishment in folk dancing and to encourage the development of performing and teaching skills in folk dance. They sponsor a folk dance concert and the annual University Folk Dance Festival. The members have performed nationally on television and at the University of Sonora. This year they are planning a performance at the Arizona state fair, University open house and the Tucson festival. 394 DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB: Bottom Row: Dr. James D. Schuh, Rene James Cobos, Alle n E. Bayles, Richard Dugan, Warren Tenney, Adrian C. Hinton. Row 2: Don Ulmer, John Hart, Foster Cheatham, Ken Halbach, Fred Amator. Broadening the outlook of students in Dairy Science is the goal of the Dairy Science Club. It also seeks to develop a fraternal spirit, leadership, and scholarship among its The club sponsors a weekly cheese and butter sale, supports the Dairy Science Judging Team, and awards a $100.00 scholarship to an members. Activities include a fall get-acquainted cook-out, dinner meetings, and an annual spring banquet. An affiliate chapter of the National Student Branch of ADSA, the Dairy Science Club holds its elections in the fall. is open to any graduate or undergraduate interested in dairy science. FORESTRY CLUB The purpose of the Forestry Club is to promote fellowship among students and faculty in the department. The club sponsors an annual Christmas tree sale and participates in the Western Association of Forestry Clubs Conclave. It also holds a fall cookout, celebrates Foresters Field Day, and has an annual Members also participate in intramurals. Anyone with an interest in the field may join by paying semester dues. The Forestry Club was founded on the University campus in 1962. FORESTRY CLUB: Bottom Row: Earle Franks, Terry C. Ellis, John Donaldson, Malcolm Zwolinski. Row 2: Russ Nebbia, Jim Shank, Warren L. White, Jr., Paul Stewart, Collis Lovely. Row 3: Rusty Nelson, Richard Jameson, Lynn Bryant, Frank Frame. 395 P.E.M.M. CLUB The Physical Education Major and Minors Club serves to promote friendship and further professional interests among physical education students. Any women majoring or in health, physical education or recreation is eligible for membership. The organization sponsors an annual taco party and Senior Banquet. They also plan a variety of professional functions. Selection is made throughout the year. P.E.M.M.CLUB: Bottom Row: Terry Tarazon Sharon Lintzman, Cecelia Vasguez, Charlene Pleger, Beverly Miller. Top Row: Glenda Fogelman, Jean Metcalfe, Margie Lock, Berta Hettinger, Sally Davidson. ARCHERY CLUB The Archery Club was organized to promote interest, and participation in target archery and all other types of archery. Any man or woman enrolled at the University is eligible for membership. The organizatio n helps conduct the High School Archery Meet in Tucson, participates in WRA Sportsday and many competitions. The Archery Club sponsors " Archery Antics " as their yearly social event. ARCHERY CLUB: Bottom Row: Karla Nyhuis, Alice Bales, Anita Freeland, John Hibbs. Top Row: Gayle Dillenback, Marcy Starnes, Carol Wilson, Kathryn Harshman. 396 WOMAN ' S RIFLE PISTOL CLUB WOMEN ' S PISTOL CLUB: Bottom How: Louise H. Hardman, Sandra Heidel, Sally Carr, Gayle Wilson. Top Row: Sheila C. Mulligan, Kathryn Conover, Sharyn Brown, Karen Holm. AGGIE HOUSE The Women ' s Rifle and Pistol Club has as its purpose the promotion of an active marksmanship for all interested women on campus. It also promotes a better knowledge of handling and care of firearms. The club helps sponsor the Old Pueblo Rifle Match, the University Turkey Shoot and the Arizona State Gallery Championship. Founded in 1957, the club presently boasts three marksmanship instructors among its membership. Any woman student may join the club. The Aggie House is an cooperative living unit to promote economy of living, cooperation, brotherhood, and fellowship. Male students in agriculture may make application and live in the house for one semester. If he makes at least a 3.0 average and is voted on by 4 5 ' s of the active members. he becomes a member. The Aggie House sponsors a Christmas formal, a spring informal, a spring game dinner, aftergame dances and desert picnics. Founded in 1937, the Aggie House has been awarded the trophy for the most support, participation and winnings in the University Rodeo for many years. AGGIE HOUSE: Bottom Row: Rene Cobos, Steve Beier, V. J. Acosta, Bob Gould, Bob Furlow. Row 2: Jan Dirk Banga, Bill Smith, Ed Smith, Jim Farley, Thomas J. Niethammer, Alfred A. DeWall. Row 3: Dave Osborn, Jim George Rovey, John Sotelo, Lynn Smith, Scott Bagshaw, Marlin Schweigert. 397 HONORARIES 398 PHI KAPPA PHI Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic honorary, emphasizes scholarship and character in the thought of college students and seeks to stimulate mental achievement by recognition. To be eligible, a student must have a 1.8 average and be a graduating senior. During the year Phi Kappa Phi holds a fall initiation tea, a spring initiation banquet and awards certificates of merit at the Honors Convocation. The University ' s chapter of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1916. PHI KAPPA PHI: Bottom Row: Linda Flake, Babette Luz, Clara F. Bloom, Cheryl Densmore, Carol Rovan, Anne N. Bethune, Dorothy V. Fuller. Row 2: Marlene Posedly, Susan Jacobson, Lutie Higley, Mary Neff, Mary Greene, William Little, W. G. McGinnies. Row 3: Joseph Foster, Charles T. Mason, Jr., Martin A. Massingale, R. B. Streets, James M. Willock. PHI BETA KAPPA Phi Beta Kappa, national liberal arts scholastic honorary, has as its main purpose the promotion of scholarship and friendship among students and graduates of American colleges and To become a member of Phi Beta Kappa, a person must achieve high scholastic attainment. Elections are held in the spring and fall. PHI BETA KAPPA: Raymond V. Bowers, Lutie L. Higley, Dan Stanislawski A. 399 ANGEL FLIGHT ANGEL FLIGHT: Bottom Row: Barbara Sato, Chelle Cohen, Suzi White, Suki Leonard, Kathy Raymond, Marcia O ' Harrow, Donna Zabik. Row 2: Constance Graham, Kathleen Graham, Virginia Coulson, Marsha Umbenhaur, Marcia White, Cheryl Charles, Nancy Tuttle, Pris Skeie. Row 3: Kristina Edlund, Helen Lippi, Karen Yeoman, Sue Orth, Carol Pope, Nancy Susie Mathes, Nancy Wilcox, Karen Taylor. Row 4: Jean Gray, Mary Ann Neasham, Susan Finley, Leslie Keith, Karen Harper, Susie Spicer, Bev Blank, Cathy Parry, Sue Lombaer, Robyn Magill, Captain Jerry E. Marshall. Angel Flight is the women ' s to Arnold Air Society. Its purpose is to promote college men ' s interest in Air Force ROTC. Women students must have a 2.5 average and are selected at teas and interviews. Members serve as ushers for Air Force activities, a float with Silver Wing for and have a drill team. Delegates are sent each year to the Conclave, which was held this year in Miami, Florida. Angel Flight was begun at the University in 1959. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Arnold Air Society is a national organization composed of, and controlled by, Air Force ROTC cadets in the Advanced ROTC program. The main goals of the organization are to further the purpose, mission, tradition and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national defense; to promote American citizenship, and to create a closer and more efficient relationship among AFROTC cadets. Arnold Air Society helps sponsor the Military Ball. The organization was established in 1952 on the campus. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY: Bottom Row: Dennis Crowe, Michael O ' Cleary, Henry Schulte, Jr., Robert Spanyol, David Johnston, Alan Frost, Robert Giacomazza, Richard Stratton, Edwin Lantzer. Row 2: Allan Mense, James Medford, Stephen Barneyback, Richard Starr, A. R. Hoenninger III, Bruce Lunstrom, Hervey Hotchkiss, David Cruz. Ro w 3: Roger Brooks, Ronald Berry, George McLaughlin, Lynn Lawless, Mike Cylke, Jim Stephenson, Bob LaBerge, Aris Damiani. SILVER WING: Bottom Row: Thomas L. Lippolt, Mark A. Perlman, Burton H. Jackson, Guy E. Jette, D. M. Gonzales, Steven A. Clarke, Ray Corral, Robert S. Duncan, Jr., Albert Barreuther. Row 2: Leonard Mirazo, Frederick Selk, Joe Molina, Jack A. Wirth, Marshall Grayson, George Gee, John Curtis, Kim Bennett, Kevin Kowalski, Michael F. Hawke. Row 3: Stephen C. Hutchins, David A. Falkner, George Lespron, John M. Jensen, Dale A. Walker, James E. Evans, Richard C. Stevens, Thomas M. Babcock, Thomas T. Skinner, Ill, Elwin P. Florance. Row 4: Michael D. Roth, Larry M. Baker, John F. Nash, Stephen E. Pease, Eric B. Schulte, David M. Dryden, Robert J. Kocisko, Gerald A. Hasen, James A. Madden, Walter Tellez, Tyler Herring. Kneeling: David Goodyear, Michael J. Kreppel, Kenneth Helmick, Jeffrey B. Timar, Ronald Parra. SILVER WING KAYDETTES KAYDETTES: Bottom Row: Janet Walmsley, Maliz Baldwin, DeDe Wild, Kathi Barnes, Peggy Sheffield, Marty Runstrom, Susie Neubauer. Row 2: Patricia Van Haaften, Laurie Johnston, Ann Grosse, Linda Merikle, Becky Fife, Lisa Schaad, Trish Lammie. Silver Wing is an Air Force ROTC honorary which provides a atmosphere where cadets may learn more about the Air Force. Cadets must have a 2.0 in AFROTC courses and serve a semester of pledgeship to be a The honorary holds an initiation banquet at the Davis-Monthan Club, and presents displays for Aerospace in Arizona Days. Silver Wing was formed in 1959. Kaydettes is the women ' s auxiliary for Army ROTC. It serves to promote an interest in the ROTC The auxiliary accepts only single women with a 2.7 or better average. Members will appear in reviews and ushering projects. Assisting with the Military Ball was this year ' s main social project. The chapter was begun on October 24, 1966. 401 DOBRO SLAVO Dobro Slavo, national Slavic honors outstanding University of Russian and other Slavic languages and literature. A student must be at least a junior to be eligible for membership. A grade average of 2.0 in all University work and a 1.5 in is also required. Dobro Slavo, also known as the Russian Club was at the University in 1964. DOBRO SLAVO: Top Row: Joe Molik, J. G. Oswald, Savel Kliachko, Gerard Ervin. Bottom Row: Constance Cullom, Alice Ervin, Susan Woods. BETA THETA Beta Theta, Home Economics honorary, provides for development of college Home Economics students and any student interested in the field. The organization sponsors programs on professions in Home Economics, reports on awards and national conventions, and holds money-raising projects. Beta Theta sends supplies to the Home Economics division of the University in Viet Nam. The local group is a college chapter of the American Home Economics Association. BETA THETA: Bottom Row: Patricia See, Josette Melazzo, Martina Cooper, Joanne Carolyn James, Lynda Allen. Top Row: Veronica Elliott, Pat Gassert, Caryl Cox, Carolyn Ruman, Colleen Bauer, Ellen Gardner. 402 DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi, national BPA fraternity, was established in 1951 to foster the study of business through actual practice. Male BPA students with a grade average of 2.5 or better are eligible for membership. The fraternity sponsors professional speakers and professional tours. It also assists the Lions Club with the Arizona Eye Bank Drive in November. Delta Sigma Pi is the only professional men ' s business fraternity at the University. DELTA SIGMA PI: Bottom Row: George Ripps, James Rose, Guy Jette, Richard Rosen, Robert Briscoe, John Munro. Row 2: Grady Deal, Alan Smith, Hansford Young, Gary D. Soper, Sam Springer. Row 3: Joe Payne, Robert H. Rohrer, Jim Winkler, Martin Collier, Douglas Bell, Bernard P. Herber, Robert H. Marshall. Pi Delta Phi, National Scholastic French was formed to scholarship and interest in the French language and culture. Membership is based on scholarship with the elections being held in the fall. Medals are awarded by Pi Delta Phi to seniors who have the highest grade average and to the most member of the group. Members seek a better feeling between our nation and French speaking countries. PI DELTA PHI PI DELTA PHI: Bottom Row: Alphonse Roche, Miss Gardner, Janike Baker, Penny Million, Inge Kohn, Virginia Laughlin, Anne McConnell. Row 2: John Washington, Loyal Gryting, John Gesell, John B. Robertson, Frederic Gray, William B. Dunhouse. 403 Kappa Epsilon, national women ' s pharmacy honorary, was organized to unite the women students in the College of Pharmacy and to stimulate a desire for high scholarship among its members. To join the honorary, a woman in pharmacy must have had one semester in college with a 3.0 or better average and be voted on by the membership. Kappa Epsilon sponsors a TGIF at the pharmacy college, a Christmas party, and the pharmacy women ' s tea. They also raise money for the annual pharmacy scholarship. KAPPA PSI A national professional pharmacy fraternity, Kappa Psi, strives to provide for the professional development of its members. Members sponsor National Pharmacy Week and assist in new students. The fraternity is also in charge of the display case in the College of Pharmacy. Students and faculty members of pharmacy are for membership. Elections are held in the winter. Kappa Psi was founded in 1950. KAPPA EPSILON KAPPA EPSILON: Bottom Row: Sheri Lind, Sally Jo Mertz, Martha R. Patterson. Row 2: Viola Jones, Melba Morris, Imelda Gil. Row 3: Laura Almada, Vivian Konopasek. KAPPA PSI: Bottom Row: Richard Wiedhopf, Michael A. Cohen, James L. Gilbert, Marty Green, Bob Gillies, Richard Fields, Robert Kass, Bert Berman, Richard Hoehn, Pat A. O ' Brien, Yoichi Yamamoto. Row 2: Larry Cohen, Ronald Selness, James Schee, Tom Reed, Richard Humphrey, Phillip L. Hagan, Harold Bert, Joe Bonafede, Stan Jue, Les Peterson. Row 3: John Straw, Al Aichroth, Frank Mangham, John Mahoney, Larry Dunskey, Ken Coit, Ron Bierman, Scott Nielsen, Norm Levine, Albert Martinez. Row 4: Dave Lewis, Joe Perazzo, Don Bickford, Lewis Sherman, Randle Hill, Tim Lind, Leo McStroul, Ron Morhar, John Viviano, John Twitty, J. A. Zapotocky. 404 PHI DELTA CHI: Bottom Row: Doug Stucky, Edward Pritchett, Leonard Don, Jim Clement, Jim Felling, George Jundt, Larry Schallock, Dave Allbritton, John Heddaeus, Ernie Sandoval, Steve Simrin. Row 2: Lincoln Chin, Peter Uyehara, Gerald Gonsalves, Alan Turner, Robert Andrecht, Augustine Bernal, Sat Nakamura. Row 3: Mel Schagnen, David Sogo, Thomas Okita, Alfred Lee, Michael Shum, Bob Cohen, Vincent Forshan. Row 4: Ralph Burns, Evan Kopald, Martin Poreclain, Willie Counts, Horacio Ramirez, Raul Duran, Terry Kamrin, Wayne Rowell. PHI DELTA CHI Phi Delta Chi, national professional pharmacy fraternity, serves to advance the science of pharmacy and its allied interests, and to foster a fraternal spirit among its members. Male students in the College of Pharmacy with at least a 3.0 grade average go through a rush program and are selected by present members. The fraternity assists with National Pharmacy Week and promotes Poison Control Week. Phi Delta Chi was brought to the campus in 1950. PHI DELTA PHI Phi Delta Phi, national law has as its aim the promotion of a higher standard of ethics and culture in law school and in the profession at large. Membership is open to law students and is based on and the receiving of a bid. Phi Delta Phi sponsors parties throughout the school year, and also provides a number of guest speakers. The fraternity was established on the University campus in 1929. PHI DELTA PHI: Bottom Row: Gig Franecke, Bill Risner, Richard Crites, Ship Wallach, Sam Stout, Pete Rathwell, Charlie Sullivan, Roy A. Mendoza. Row 2: Doug Zimmerman, Leonard Bell. Humberto A. Valenzu ela, J. C. Gries, Ken Skiff, Jay Rhodes, Tom Miller, Randy Stevens. Row 3: Bill Brammer, Don Anderson, Don McGrat, Ron Meitz, Bob Sheffing, Michael Fitzgerald, Harvey Dye, Emil Chadrasky. Row 4: Jim Flickinger, Thomas A. J. O ' Hare, Philip Edlund, Hamilton E. McRae, Michael Mulchay, Christopher Combs, Jim Keppel, Roger Garrett. 405 KAPPA DELTA PI: Evelyn Carswell, LaMont McConnell, Joycelyn Leonard, Larry Kittell, Oludiya Ogunyoye. KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, strives to further scholarship in education. All students entering the teaching are eligible for A minimum grade average of 1.9, a letter of recommendation from two faculty members, and approval of the national are required before a person can become a member. Selection is made in the spring. Kappa Delta Pi was established at the University in 1966. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota, national women ' s music honorary, strives to uphold the standard of music in the community and throughout the world. Music majors and minors with at least a 2.5 average are eligible for membership. The group sponsors music education programs in public schools of neighboring communities and institutions such as the Asthmatic Children ' s Foundation and the Children ' s Colony. They also sponsor the " American Musical, " which features music by different composers, especially University faculty compositions. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA: Bottom Row: Helen Pelkey, Kathy Jarratt, Gail Wyman, Naomi Kritzberger, Becky Moore. Row 2: Estella Pate, Judy Armer, Gail Lynn Kearney, Carole Smith. Row 3: Marjorie Black, Penelope Atha, Judith Beatty, Lynne Relfe, Judy Vancil. 406 THETA TAU Theta Tau, national professional engineering fraternity, was formed in 1930 at the University to join together, in a fraternal bond of friendship, men with a similar professional interest. Male students in the Colleges of Engineering and Mines become eligible for membership upon receiving an invitation. Selection is made twice a year by a vote of all present Theta Tau is the first and largest engineering fraternity in the nation. Each year the presents an award to the outstanding graduating engineer at Men ' s TAU: Bottom Row: Robert Ault, Jr., Ray Briggs, Ron Franquero, Bruce Farmer, Edwin Lantzer, David L. Manion, Jim Seals. Row 2: Ken Van Horn, Robert Darwin, Dave May, Larry R. Cooper, Roy F. Ellis. Row 3: Bill Goren, Ray Wilsey, Ben Smith, Joe Massucco, Allan Mense, Allan Fusler. Row 4: Ray Herzog, Walt Love, Don Ellermann, John E. Arnold, Gary Frere, David Mooberry. TAU BETA PI Tau Beta Pi, national scholastic engineering was founded to recognize exceptional academic achievement by undergraduate engineering students and alumni in engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture among engineering Potential members must meet the academic requirement and possess exemplary character. Final membership is subject to election by the chapter. The honorary sponsors a free tutoring program in lower division engineering, mathematics, and science courses. Tau Beta Pi was established in 1926. TAU BETA PI: Bottom Row: Don Biggs, Mankin Ma, Bert Bloom, Pat Spagon, James M. Willock, Legler. Row 2: Robert Moon, Douglas J. Sticht, Roger D. Pratt, John P. Diaz, Timothy L. Holmes, Phil McHale. Row 3: David Himes, John M. Milan, Terry Bahill, Eric Ek, Bob Berry, C. Chike Okoro. 407 SIGMA PI SIGMA Sigma Pi Sigma, national physics honorary, was established in 1961 to honor high scholastic attainment by physics majors. Its aims are to promote students interest in research in physics and to gain public interest in the field. Membership is based on scholarship and the receiving of an invitation. SIGMA PI SIGMA: Bottom Row: Larry Neuweg, Sue Lemons, John Freeouf. Top Row: Steve Ingraham, Jesse Cude, Jim Peng, Alar Frost. SOCIETY OF THE SIGMA XI The Society of the Sigma Xi, national scientific research fraternity, strives to encourage and recognize original scientific research. Members of the society join together in discussions of their findings and publish material they feel is worthy. Graduate students and others showing potential may become members in the spring by being recommended and accepted. The Society of the Sigma Xi is an affiliate of a nation-wide organization. SOCIETY OF THE SIGMA XI: Bottom Row: Allen Mail, Philip Knorr, Malcolm Zwolinski, Ole Simley, Kenneth Frost, Joseph Foster. Row 2: W. F. McCaughey, Charles Mason, Jr., Larry White, Herbert Hull, Martin Massengale, Thomas Saarinen. Row 3: W. G. McGimmies, C. W. Ferguson, Edward Wise, Bryant Bannister, Andrew Wilson, Sol Resnick. 408 PHI LAMBDA UPSILON PHI LAMBDA UPSILON: Bottom Row: Dave Newton, Dave Feld, Curt Schilling, Richard Markham, Dr. J. E. Mulvaney, Skip Nelson, George Braidic. Row 2: Vic Thalacker, Glenn Wolfe, Gary Metzger, William Lancaster, George Forsythe. Row 3: Herb Gollmar, Frank Palocsay, Robert White, Robert Ottaviani, Wai Cheung, Paul Sangster. An honorary chemical society, Phi Lambda Upsilon, serves the University by promoting high scholastic achievement and original investigation in all branches of pure and applied chemistry. Undergraduates and graduate students with twenty units of chemistry or chemical engineering and at least a 2.0 grade average are eligible for membership. Phi Lambda Upsilon sponsors the C. S. Marvel lecture, chemistry demonstrations during University open house and a fall mixer. PI MU EPSILON Pi Mu Epsilon, national scholastic mathematics was organized on the University campus to provide tutoring in mathematics, and to sponsor contests. Eligibility for membership is determined on the basis of a major in accumulative and mathematical grade average, and by invitations issued in the spring. The honorary seeks to promote and scholarly efficiency among students in academic institutions. PI MU EPSILON: Stephen B. Cohen, Paul Love, John Freeouf, Carolyn Koss, Alan Frost 409 Alpha Delta Delta, national public administration honorary, honors majors in public who have 2.0 grade averages. Each year Alpha Delta Delta provides and awards the William H. McConnico Memorial Scholarship to a junior in public administration who is in character, scholarship, and interest in professional advancement. The honorary strives to promote public interest in the aims and ideals of the field. Selection is made each year during the spring and fall. A relatively new organization, the honorary was founded in 1962 on the University campus. Beta Pi Alpha, graduate fraternity, was formed to promote a closer relationship between the graduate students and members of the staff and faculty of the BPA College. Graduate students may become eligible for membership by an invitation from an active member and paying the required dues. The organization sponsors monthly meetings with prominent guest speakers, an annual picnic and softball game with the faculty and a Christmas party for all members. Beta Pi Alpha endeavors to maintain a strong active membership and improve its programs and The fraternity was founded in 1959. ALPHA DELTA DELTA ALPHA DELTA DELTA: John F. Kohl, June Morrison, R. A. Mulligan, W. H. Hibbs, J. B. Ralston. BETA PI ALPHA BETA PI ALPHA: Bottom Row: Manuel F. Avila, Jr., Eugene L. Fujil, Beverly D. Shipka, George G. Donovan, Donald L. Behnke, Simon K. Stannish, William H. Wunder, Lovell L. Welsh, Robert J. Bublitz, Bruce E. Pecon. Row 2: James C. Lawson, Arnold M. Sargeant, James N. Seeright, Carl C. Block, Norman S. Kumura, Dan L. Swango, Nat D. Pendleton. Row 3: Carl D. Pletcher, Harry W. Brown, Jerome W. Driscoll, John A. Elliott, Sanford C. Hardinger, Norman C. Linn, James L. Peyton, William B. Worthington. Row 4: Susan Finch, Jim Cavgnaugh, Roger L. Brown, Dave Yarnes, Rodger Ford, Dale Rosen, M. D. Sloane, Archibald Brown, E. L. Scouten. DELTA PHI ALPHA Delta Phi Alpha, a national honor society, recognizes students who have distinguished themselves in scholarship and leadership in their studies of the German language. Its purpose is to further German culture on the campus. Membership high attainment in studies and overall work; election is made by the German faculty. Each year, Delta Phi Alpha awards a prize to the graduating senior in German and holds an initiation party. It was established in 1961. DELTA PHI ALPHA: Bottom Row: Babette Luz, Bill McNabb, Mary Neff. Row 2: Ralph Johnson, Roy Tinsley, Norman Boyles. SIGMA DELTA PI SIGMA DELTA PI: Bottom Row: Guillermo Campos, Charles Param, Susan Lytle, Jane E. Hamilton, Winifred H. Osta, Dolores Brown. Row 2: Bill Enriquez, William Forbes, Charles Carlisle, John Brooks, Harry Dennis, Lorum Stratton. Sigma Delta Pi, national scholastic Spanish honorary, was formed to give recognition to outstanding students in the field of Spanish language and culture. Members may be selected in the fall and spring semesters after completing at least one 200 level course. The honorary sponsors the dramatic reading of Don Juan Tenoris and holds literary discussions. After initiation of new members, a social banquet is held. Sigma Delta Pi also presents awards to outstanding students. 411 ALPHA TAU ALPHA ALPHA TAU ALPHA: Bottom Row: Kenny Evans, M. Dean Merrell, Fred L. Amator Woodie Claxton, Vincent M. Salman. Row 2: Doug Hoopes, Don Parker, Wayne Osborne Glen Miller. Alpha Tau Alpha, national agricultural education honorary, was established to join together students who have selected the teaching of vocational agriculture as a career. Membership is achieved by majoring in education and acceptance by the group. Alpha Tau Alpha along with the of Agriculture, the annual F.F.A. Field Day in the spring. The group also assists with the annual Cotton Field Day and holds a spring steak fry. This honorary was in 1951. PI OMEGA PI Pi Omega Pi, national education honorary, an opportunity for prospective teachers in education to join To be eligible for the honorary, a student must have junior or senior standing, a minimum grade average of 2.5, and be invited to join. Pi Omega Pi seeks to achieve a closer relationship among alumni, faculty and students of business education. The honorary, established in 1947, assisted with the State Education Convention and helps with registration. Selection is made at the beginning of each semester. PI OMEGA PI: Bottom Row: Olga Guerra, Florence Toland, Sandra Miner, Margaret Chambers, Gail Levitch, Nancy Darling. Row 2: Sharon Welch, Violet Thomas, Myrna Harris, Beverly Thompson, Jendy Briggs, Anne Kettlewell. Row 3: Dr. R. A. Kidwell, Charles Rohr, Dr. J. F. LaSalle, Dr. H. J. Langen. 412 SIGMA DELTA PSI SIGMA DELTA PSI: Bottom Row: George French, Jr., Gerry Kimball, Paul Robinson, Richard Boyd, Tom Edwards, Wyck Coddington. Row 2: Kelton Aker, Jerry Hamm, Philip Bodenhorn, James Gormly, Bob Saxon, A. R. Hoenninger, Ron Clifton. Row 3: J. L. Picard, Allan Teasey, Clifford Franzel, Frank Knoop, Kurt Radtke, Jr., Dave Seckman, Tom Adam. Sigma Delta Psi, national athletic honorary fraternity, serves the by promoting physical fitness among male students through an test in numerous physical skills. All undergraduate and graduate men students are eligible for membership. There are specified physical that a student must achieve to become a member. The University ' s Nu chapter of Sigma Delta Psi ranked second last year in National Team Competition. It was estiblished in 1916. A women ' s physical education Delta Psi Kappa, seeks to the ideals of the field of physical education among women. The group sponsors professional speakers, and projects in the field. Also scheduled are films on the World Gymnastics Tournament. To become a member, a woman must have a 2.5 grade average, and be voted in by present members. Delta Psi Kappa was formed at the University in 1958. DELTA PSI KAPPA DELTA PSI KAPPA: Bottom Row: Jean Metcalfe, Ellen Douglas, Margaret Lock, Diane Riese, Carolyn WhalIon, Cecilia Vasquez. Row 2: Marcia White, Peggy Aufdermauer, Beverly Miller, Glenda Fogleman, Kaye Chambers, Roberta Hettinger. 413 KAPPA KAPPA PSI Kappa Kappa Psi, national men ' s band honorary, offers membership to men who have served in the band for one semester and have a grade average of 3.000 or better. Its main function is service to the band. The University ' s chapter boasts a ranking in the top ten of the nation ' s chapters. The organization sponsors Band Day and helps an annual benefit show at the Arizona Colony. Kappa Kappa Psi was brought to the campus in 1929. KAPPA KAPPA PSI: Bottom Row: Jack Lee, Ross McLachlan, Dennis Boyles, Ray Martinez, Steve Davidson, Richard Holsclaw, Pete Obligato, Mike Nielson, Richard Peters. Row 2: John Heidel, Jerry Gay, Larry Parker Foley, Hilbert Bernal, Bart Heald, Kent Fiegenbein, Dick Dennis. Row 3: Bob Newman, Lee Medinger, Ernie Parks, John Cady, Rich Rower, Ken Rasner. Row 4: Dan Easley, Sam Hosler, Richard Zelenka, Gary Sawyer, Jim Koshinider, Dave Zajicek, Sal Fiore. Row 5: Richard Cummins, Les Bond. TAU BETA SIGMA Tau Beta Sigma, national women ' s band honorary, was organized in 1950 to raise the level of the band and to further with other university bands. Its are enrolled in the University band and are elected on the basis of scholarship, musical and interest in band work. The honorary helps sponsor a program for the Children ' s Colony in the Spring and publishes " The Leaky Bugle, " the University band paper. It also decorates the music building at Christmas. TAU BETA SIGMA: Bottom Row: Kay Anderson, Jan Stone, Irma Ronquillo, Sylvia Holly, Elizabeth Reynolds, Diane L Wertheimer. Row 2: Maryann Peterson, Lonettie Boardman, Sue Hardin, Peggy Rogers Mary Lynn Hawse, Elizabeth Perry. 414 PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta, national speech honorary, was organized to forensics on the University campus. Anyone may become eligible for membership by participating in forensics. are made in April. The organization sponsors the Pi Kappa Delta Banquet and participate in the National Pi Kappa Delta Debate. It was established in 1961. PI KAPPA DELTA: Bottom How: Jane Orient, Linda Norman, Cynthia Saylor, Joan Lukert, Donna Doi, Rachel Ruskin, Anne Patrick Row 2: Dick Garcia, Larry Cantrell, Don Ryloacki, Liz Hanson, Jim Stroud, Mike Price, Dave Nott. SIGMA ALPHA ETA Sigma Alpha Eta, speech and hearing fraternity was established to further the interest of students in training individuals by speech or acoustic problems. To be eligible for membership a student must be in speech audiology, or deaf education, have a 2.5 cumulative grade average and spend one semester in associate membership. Selection is made in the fall and spring of each academic year. SIGMA ALPHA ETA: Bottom Row: Marilyn Stevenson, Sharon Lynch, Beverly Seeds, Genette Cline, Gabriela Barbara, Madeline Tom. Row 2: Roslyn Mintz, Jean Furnish, Susan Strickland, Corinne Janice Giordano, Ruth M. Anderson. Row 3: Jo Frances Wilson, Susan McIntosh, Paula Lawrence Dibble, Michael T. Seilo, Phil Uberuaga, Valerie Unander. 415 GAMMA ALPHA CHI GAMMA ALPHA CHI: Linda Feemster, Sandra Marcus, Marti Tombaugh, F. F. Lamont, Jr., Betty Ann Seiler, Marty Runstrom, Gail Recktenwald. Gamma Alpha Chi, national BPA advertising fraternity, is an advertising honorary for women. Membership is open to women students. Rush is held twice a year by invitation. The organization sponsors the Best Dressed Style Show and this year will attend a national convention at ASU. The was established at the University in 1960. PHI CHI THETA Phi Chi Theta, national business women ' s organization, was formed in 1961 to promote the cause of higher business and training for all women; to foster high ideals for women in business; to encourage and co-operation among women preparing for such careers; and to stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ideals. All women in BPA or economics maintaining a 2.5 or better average are eligible for membership upon invitation. The organization serves coffee and cookies to the BPA faculty during registration. It also the " Step into Spring " fashion show, professional meetings and field trips. PHI CHI THETA: Bottom Row: Ann Corke, Sharon Tauman, Arlene T. Zepeda, Pamela Musgrave. Row 2: Diane Neffson, Sharon Fulton, Susanne Ba!dridge, Dorothy Doriot. Row 3: Ann Stoecher, Nancy Browne, Lynda Johnson, Violet Coulter. 416 INDEX 417 ACTIVITY INDEX Acacia 324 Activities Mart 28 A-Day 29 Aggie House 397 Alpha Chi Omega 286 Alpha Delta Delta 410 Alpha Delta Pi 288 Alpha Epsilon Phi 290 Alpha Epsilon Pi 326 Alpha Gamma Rho 327 Alpha Kappa Lambda 328 Alpha Omicron Pi 292 Phi 294 Alpha Phi Omega 118 Alpha Sigma Phi 334 Alpha Tau Alpha 312 Alpha Tau Omega 330 American Nuclear Association 393 American Pharmaceutical Association 387 Ananke 24,120 Angel Flight 400 Apache Hall 382 Archery Club 396 Arizona Hall 375 Arnold Air Society 400 Art Exhibitions Committee 93 Artist Series 62-71 A.S.U.A. Appropriations Board 119 A.S.U.A. Concert Series 62-71 A.W.S. Officers 44 Band Day 44 Baseball 160,162 Basketball 150 Beta Pi Alpha 401 Beta Theta 402 Beta Theta Pi 332 Blood Drive 40 Blue Key 107 Board of Publications 119 Board of Regents 198 Bobcats 107 B.P.A. Student Council 386 Camp Willdcat 33 Canterbury Club 391 Chi Omega 296 Chi Phi 335 Chivaree 36 Cochise Hall 383 Coconino Hall 376 College of Agriculture 210,245,246 College of Architecture 211,249 College of Business and Public Administration 250-254,212 College of Education 255-261,213 College of Engineering 214,262,263 College of Fine Arts 215,264,265 College of Law 222,266,267 College of Liberal Arts 216,268-275 College of Medicine 217 College of Mines 218,277,278 College of Pharmacy 220,281,282 Coronada Hall 373 Course Evaluations 119 Crazy Daze 58,59 Dairy Science Club 395 Delta Chi 336 Delta Delta Delta 298 Delta Gamma 300 Delta Phi Alpha 411 Delta Psi Kappa 416 Delta Sigma Pi 403 Delta Tau Delta 338 Delta Upsilon 340 Delta Zeta 302 Dobo Slave 402 Desert Staff 115 Drama Productions 123-127 East Stadium Hall 379 Elections 31,52,60 Engineer ' s Day 214 Faculty 209 Fall Arrival 20 Folk Dance Festival 45 Folklanders 394 Forestry Club 394 Formals 46 Fraternity Open House 26,27,318 French Club 392 Football 148,149 Gamma Alpha Chi 416 Gamma Phi Beta 304 German Club 392 Gila Hall 377 Golf 177 Graduate College 221 Graham Hall 381 Greenlee Hall 381 Gymnastics 174 Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Department 223 Homecoming 37,38,39 Hopi Lodge 380 Huachuca Hall 378 International Folk Dancers 394 International Forum 47,48,49,93 International Students Club 390 Intramurals 182 Kaibab Hall 37 Kaibab Hall 378 Kappa Alpha Theta 306 Kappa Delta Pi 406 Kappa Epsilon 404 Kappa Kappa Gamma 310 Kappa Kappa Psi 414 Kappa Psi 404 Kappa Sigma 343 Kaydettes 401 Lambda Chi Alpha 346 Lambda Delta Sigma 393 Las Vegas Night 30 Manzanita Hall 374 Maricopa Hall 378 Marketing Club 388 Messiah 46 Miss University of Arizona Beauty Pageant 41,93 Mohave Hall 374 Mortar Board 107 Navajo Hall 379 Off Campus Housing 384 Orchesis Concert 45 Officers Retreat 91 Orchesis Concert 45 Pajama Race 318 Papago Hall 380 Parents Day 35 P.E.M.M. Club 396 Phi Chi Theta 416 Phi Beta Kappa 399 Phi Delta Chi 405 Phi Delta Phi 405 Phi Delta Theta 348 Phi Gamma Delta 350 Phi Kappa Phi 399 Phi Kappa Theta 329 Phi Lambda Phrateres Phi Lambda Upsilon 409 Phi Mu 310 Pi Beta Phi 312 Pi Delta Phi 403 Pi Kappa Alpha 352 Pi Kappa Delta 41 Pi Kappa Delta 415 Pi Mu Epsilon 409 Pima Hall 376 Pinata Presents 46 Pi Omega Pi 412 Pledge Presents 32,318 Presidents Assembly 21 Quadrille Team 389 Registration 25 Research 225-241 Residence Hall Association 372 Rodeo 36 R.O.T.C. 224 Royalty 56,57,29,37,38 Rush 22,23,316 Santa Cruz Hall 382 School of Home Ecnomics 210,247,248 Senate 86 Senior Day 34 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 354 Sigma Alpha Eta 415 Sigma Alpha Iota 406 Sigma Chi 356 Sigma Delta Pi 411 Sigma Delta Psi 413 Sigma Delta Tau 314 Sigma Nu 358 Sigma Phi Epsilon 360 Sigma Pi Sigma 408 Silver Wing 401 Society for the Advancement of Management 388 Society of the Sigma Xi 408 Sonora Hall 375 Sonoran Exchange 50,51 South Hall 383 Student Bar Association 386 Student National Education Association 387 Student Religion Council 391 Student Union Activities Board 92 Student Union Birthday Party 40 Swimming 178 Table of Contents 2,3 Tandem Bike Race 318 Tau Beta Pi 407 Tau Beta Sigma 414 Tau Delta Phi 362 Tau Kappa Epsilon 342 Tennis 180 Theta Tau 407 Track 170 University Players 390 Who ' s Who 108 Wildcat 117 Woman ' s Recreation Association 189 Women ' s Rifle and Pistol Club 396 Wranglers 118 Wrestling 173 Yavapai Hall 383 Yuma Hall 377 Zeta Beta Tau 366 418 REGENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF Ares, Charles E. 222 Ashcraft, Clarence L. 137 Bannister, Bryant 408 Bowers, Raymond V. 399 Boyles, Norman I. 392 Bradford, E. W. 198 Brehm, Richard L. 393 Brewer, Willis R. 220 Chambers, G. W. 198 Chapman, John W., Col. Clausen, M. Richard 136,223 Clifford, Walter H., Col. 224 Cooper, Wilson E. 393 Coulter, Esther P. 219 Dempsey, Cedric W. 136 Dunhouse, William B. 392,403 Du Val, Merlin K. 217 Ferguson, Charles W. 4 08 Folsom, D. L. 198 Forrester, James D. 218 Forester, Leslie S. 407,408 Foster, Joseph F. 399 Frost, Kenneth R. 407,408 Fuller, Dorothy V. 399 Gaines, F. Pendleton 211 Gesell, John L. 392,403 Goss, W. P. 198 Gray, Frederick C. 392 Gries, George Alexander 399 Gryting Loyal A. T. 392,403 Hall, T. L. 198 Higley, Lutie L. 399 Hilberry, Norman 393 Hull, Herbert M. 408 Kidwell, Richard A. 412 Knorr, Philip N. 407,408 Lamont, Frederick F. 416 Langen, Herbert J. 412 La Rue, Jim E. 141,142 La Salle, James F. 412 Lee, Jack K. 414 Levy, L. 198 Little, Sidney W. 211 Luz, Babette 392,399 Magness, Charles L. 137 Mail, G. Allen 408 Mason, Charles T. 408,399 Massengale, Martin A. 408,399 McCaughey, William F. 407,408 McCormick, J. B. 198 McGinnies, William G. 408,399 McLaughlin, Philip I. 37 Million, Penny 403 Mulvaney, James E. 409 Murphy, K. R. 198 Myers, Harold E. 210 Nott, Frederick D. 415 Paulsen, F. Robert 213 Peters, Richard E. 414 Picard, Joseph L. 413 Pilgrim, Mary 223 Pitcher, L. R. 198 Post, Roy G. 393 Resnick, Sol D. 408 Rhodes, J. Melvin 211 Robbins, C. U. 198 Roberson, G. Walton 92 Roche, Alphonse V. 392,403 Rockfellow, J. P. 198 Romaguera, Enrique 392 Roy, Francis A. 216 Saarinen, Thomas F. 408 Schellenberg, A. B. 198 Schuh, James D. 395 Seale, Robert L. 393 Sharber, N. G. 198 Simley, Ole A. 407,408 Singer, P. L. 198 Soltys, Frank W. 137 Stanislawski, Dan 399 Tinsley, Royal L. 392 Toland, Florence W. 412 Van Slyke, Frances 376 Varney, Bill J. 93 Voris, William 212 Wacks, Morton E. 393 Washington, John S. 392 White, Larry D. 408 Williams, Jack 198 Wilson, Andrew W. 408 Wise, Edward N. 408 Zwolinski, Malcolm J. 407,408,394 419 STU DENTS A Aaronson, Susan Lyn 314 Abbott, Cynthia Hall 288 Abbott, Gwendolyn G. 390 Abdelghaffar, Galal 378 Abellera, Thomas Jr. 383 Abernathy, Paul Will 352 Abodeely, Robert Edw. 350 Aboud, Michael Josep 350,108 Aboud, John Eli 350 Abrahamson, Allen A. 347 Ackermann, Karen L. 306 Acosta, Gabriel 255 Acosta, Vincent S. 397 Adam, Thomas Elliott 413,352 Adams, Catherine Ann 306 Adams, Frederick M. 251 Adams, James Noland 349 Adams, Parker 343 Adams, Richard Paul 392 Adams, Robert Langdo 268 Adams, Patricia Joan 288 Adams, Virginia Ann 302 Adamson, Richard W. 340 Ade Lindsay Daniel 294 Adler, Barton M. 251 Afari, Manuchehr 262 Aguero, Dolores 377 Ahern, Leslie Ann 304 Aguilar, Gloria 376 Ahl, Carolyn M. 296 Ahl, John Stephen 327 Aichroth, Albert A. 404 Ajayi, Sabinah Olus 375 Aker, George Kelton 413 Albert, Carol Ann 254,300 Alcocer, Ruben A. 328 Alden, Peter C. 268 Alessio, Steven A. 343 Alexakis, Christine 294 Aley, Jo Michele 389 Aley, Nancy G. 389 Alfred, Samuel D. 354 Alger, Marsha E. 302 Allbritten, Sharon L. 375 Allbritton, David W. 405 Allebrand, Joanne C. 254,306 Allen, Jack A. 280 Allen, Linda D. 389 Allen, Richard F. 330,358 Allen, William D. 251 Allyn, Cynthia S. 310 Almon, Thomas B. 278,328 Almuhanna, Abdulrahm 278 Alter, Emily J. 290 Altman, Gerald B. 343 Alvarez, Grace H. 255 Alvarez, Manuel F. 334 Amado, Delia A. 284 Amator, Freddie Lloyd 246,327,395,412 Amos, Susanne 306 Anawalt, Christie M. 306 Anderson, Catherine 294 Anderson, Don W. 405 Anderson, Grant P. 382 Anderson, Larry R. 251, 330 Anderson, Ned 251 Anderson, Sandra L. C. 296,415 Andre, Charles R. 360 Andrecht, Robert D. 405 Anderson, Anne R. 300 Anduiza, Janet M. 251,296 Andrew Sydney D. 298 Angelo, Joseph A. 393 Angermeier, Theodore 329 Anna, Michael L. 262,360 Apperson, Sally F. 298 Appogast, Jean L. 310 Aranda, Margarita 255 Aranda, Salvador P. 379 Archbold, Helenmaree 389 Arboit, Thomas M. 251 Armer, Judith Ann 406 Armstrong, Vincent G. 362 Arnold, John E. 262,390,407 Arnold, John S. 378 Arnold, Lois S. 289 Arnold, Patrick E. 336 Aron, Barbara J. 314 Aros, David B. 347 Arriaga, Adriana A. 300 Arriaga, Edward R. 255 Arrick, Kenneth M. 265 Arrotta, Donald L. 358 Arthur, Andrea L. 308 Arthur, Timothy C. 347 Asel, Marilee 268 Atha, Penelope M. 406 Atherton, Burta L 255 Atkins, Abigail 292 Attwood, Vera G. 280 Atwood, Bayard M. 336 Auerbach, Paul D. 268 Aufdermauer, Margare 413 Augur, Ann Lynn 370,377 Augustine, Joseph W. 349 Ault, Robert W. 407 Aune, Teresa S. 304 Avant, Leslie A. 312 Avellar, John R. 329 Averitt, Samuel W. 255 Avery, Nancy L. 302 Avery, Stephen R. 334 Averyt, Andrea M. 294 Avila, Manuel F. 410 B Babcock, Dwight W. 390 Babcock, Thomas M. 401 Bacon, Jeanette H. 312 Bacon, Terry P. 294 Baer, John M. 339 Bagshaw, Scott R. 397 Bahill, Andrew T. 262,407 Bahre, Stephen A. 386 Bahula, Linda H. 304 Bailey, Ann C. 265,390,308 Bailey, Bruce F. 330 Bailey, Ray J. 330 Baitzer, Lester C. 352 Baizel, Sandra M. 377,310 Bakarich, Marilyn 376 Baker, Janine L. 403 Baker, Larry M. 401 Balcom, Frank M. 340 Balcom, Susan P. 284 Baldridge, Susanne E. 375,416 Baldwin, Mary E. 288,401 Bales, Alice F. 396 Ballard, Nancy J. 294 Balsley, Samuel L. 268 Bamberger, Roger S. 362 Banga, Jan D. 392,397,390 Bankes, Cheryl L. 308 Baratt, Adria E. 314 Baratz, Nancy G. 314 Barbara, Gabriela A. 255,415 Barber, Herbert B. 325 Barfels, Howard R. 325 Barber, Robert 330 Barford, Linda J. 247,288 Barlow, Jady B. 288 Barlow, Jodeane R. 288 Barnes, Katherine L. 300,401 Barnes, Roberta 268,108 Barneyback, Stephen 251,400 Barnow, Barry M. 362 Barnum, Charles W. 251 Baron, Kathryn M. 249 Barr, Lillian M. 255 Barraclough, Ronald 340 Barrett, Linda A. 255,310 Barreuther, Albert G. 401 Barry, Sandra E. 290 Barthels, Mary A. 300 Bartlein, James W. 325 Bartlett, Deborah E. 307 Bartley, Beth L. 255,296 Bartley, Douglass H. 347 Bartolino Jeff D. 340 Barton, Benjamin G. 356 Barton, Charles R. 330 Baruh, Terye E. 374,290 Basham, David W. 349 Basinger, Jodi S. 300 Basmaay, Katherine J. 394 Bass, Timothy J. 354 Basurto, Leonard E. 255 Batchelder, Sue Ann 294 Bates, Roger W. 381 Bates, Scott E. 302,340 Batey, Byron F. 336 Batzer, Max W. 336 Bauer, Colleen E. 373,247,402 Bauer, Marilyn M. 389 Baxter, Gilda J. 375 Baum, Diana L. 115,307 Bayles, Allen E. 395 Bayles, Janice E. 389 Bayne, Robert H. 358 Bayol, Sieglinde D. 376 Baysinger, Patrick J. 347 Beale, Patrick L. 350 Beans, Stephen J. 328 Bearse, Sarah J. 296 Beatty, Judith Lynn 265,377,302,406 Beauchamp, David T. 349 Beaudry, Robert M. 268 Beaugureau, Denis F. 350 Bebo, David K. 268 Beck, Julie M. 284 Beck, Lawrence W. 327 Beck, Penny 296 Beck, Wayne E. 397 Beckstrom, Diane J. 255 Bedell, Barbara A. 294 Beebe, Leonard G. 379 Beggs, John E. 336 Begley, Charles E. 330 Behnken, Jayne E. 247 Behr, Patti L. 290 Beier, Stephen J. 397 Beiser, Margery N. 288 Belding, David R. 333 Bell, Douglas C. 386,403 Bell, Janet Sue 284 Bell, Leonard M. 405 Bell, Robert A. 352 Bell, Stephen P. 256 Bell, William B. 350 Bellis, Thomas R. 280 Bellsmith, Charles T. 356 Bendinger, Virginia 304 Benesch, Wayne C. 386 Benner, Drayton C. 380 Bennett, Frances R. 389 Bennett, Kim 401 Bennett, Claudia A. 296 Bennett, Suzanne L. 304 Benson, Cheryl L. 310 Benson, Larry S. 3 56 Bentley, Clyde F. 379 Benton, David L. 268 Benton, Raymond L. 251,347 Bepko, Robert J. 352 Berg, James R. 251,358 Berger, Betty L. 373 Berger, Kerrin E. 292 Berger, Susan R. 284 Bergersen, Eric P. 268 Bergin, Thomas M. 362 Bergman, Marsha B. 290 Berk, Beverly A. 256 Berkeley, Anne C. 377 Berkowitz, Deborah A. 390 Berman, Arthur R. 390 Berman, Bert Z. 280,404 Berman, Jeffrey J. 362 Bernal, Auguistine N. 405 Bernal, Hilbert S. 414 Bernstein, Harriet 290 Bernstein, Marilyn 389 Berry, Robert L. 262,407,352 Berry, Ronald J. 400 Bertke, Marcia A. 389 Bess, Robert J. 350 Bethard, Charles T. 382 Bethune, Anne N. 399 Betts, Larry B. 336 Bettwy, Andrew W. 386 Beumler, Edward C. 383 Bickerton, Ann E. 310 Bickford, Doriald A. 280,404 Bickford, Suzanne P. 310 Bierce, Charles R. 249 Bierman, Ronald J. 404 Biesterfeld, Orren G. 350 Biggs, Donovan R. 407 Bilby, Uatricia L. 308 Bingen, Barron G. 354 Binick, Dennis 379 Binkerd, Alan C. 333 Bisbee, Jane A. 292 Bishop, Robert S. 350 Bist, Puran B. 390 Bittens, Hope P. 314 Bitter, Lesley C. 296 Bixler, Joyce 310 Black, Andrew J. 352 Black, Carol A. 314 Black, Donna L. 304 Black, Laura S. 389 Black, Marjorie L. 406 Blackberry, Barbara J. 302 Blackfield, Pamela E. 290 Blades, Sandra G. 288 Blair, Cheri, L. 389 Blair, Laurence R. 358 420 Blake, Deborah K. 312 Blake, Jaime, K. 268 Blake, Mary E. 394 Blake, William R. 347 Blakely, William C. 350 Bland, Steve V. 354 Blank, Beverly G. 400 Blank, Patricia M. 290 Blattman, Ann M. 389 Bledsoe, Crystal L. 288 Bliss, Deborah E. 302 Blitz, Howard J. 378 Blitz, Pamela 280 Bloch, Jessica 308 Block, Jo Anne 304 Block, Patricia 312 Blommer, John 379 Blommer, Robert 379 Bloom, Bert 407 Bloomfield, Joanne 304 Blouin, Ann 306 Blum, Linda 290 Blum, Stephen 340 Boardman, Lonettie 414 Boccaccio, Mark 330 Bock, Richard 381 Bockius, Donna 376 Boddiger, Barbara 294 Bodenhorn, Philip 383,413 Boeckmann, Alan 379 Bogardus, Rhoda 298 Boggs, Carole 310 Bogosian, Armen 382 Bohm, Robert 340 Bogle, John 251 Boice, Margaret 306 Bolas, Francine 256 Bonafede, Joseph 280,404 Bond, Leslie 414 Bonn, Jeffrey 267 Bonsall, David 251,350,108,40 Boogaart, Joseph 358 Boone, 306 Booth, Donald 108 Booth, Patricia 304 Borbe, Eric 352 Borbon, Irma 376 Bork, John 343 Botte, Lucille 308 Bossler, Lawrence 349 Bounds, Marion 256 Bowman, Barbara 376 Boyd, Richard 413 Boylen, William 334 Boyles, Dennis 251,414 Bracamonte, Dorcy 308 Braccia, Craig 33 Brackney, Charles 340 Braden, Susan 294 Bradford, Julie 256,306 Bradley, Bruce 394 Bradley, Dee 256 Bradley, Marvin 334 Brafman, Susan 290 Braginsky, Jean 392,377 Braidic, George Brammer, James 267,386,405,333 Bramsen, Philip 350 Brandt, Janet 256 Brandt, William 336 Branom, Joseph 356 Branscom, Raymond 268 Braun, John 262 Brautigan, Roger 142 Bravo, Luis 336 Bravo, Martha 312 Bravo, Oscar 336 Brean, George 262 Bremond, Ann 294 Bremond, Elizabeth 294 Breslow, Abby 314 Bretz, Robert 251,356 Brice, James 328 Brickler, Carol 304 Briggs, Earl 407 Briggs, Glennt 256,412 Brigham, Sharon 306 Brilhart, Marilee 302 Bring, Susan 292 Briscoe, Robert 403 Bromley, George 268,326 Brooks. John 411 Brooks, Jon 268 Brooks, Mary 268 Brooks, Susan 389 Brooks, Roger 380 Brooks, Vicki 298 Brophy, James 340 Brosius, Robert 340 Brown, Allan 387 Brown, Archibald 410 Brown, Barbara 377 Brown, Bargot 308 Brown, Flo 288 Brown, Francis 39 Brown, Harriet 268,298 Brown, Harry 410 Brown, Karen 389 Brown, Marvin 340 Brown, Robert 335 Brown, Roger 343,410 Brown, Shan 306 Brown, Sharyn 396 Brown, Terry 336 Brown, William F. 358 Brown, William H. 251 Browne, Nancy 284,416 Brownell, Barbara 288 Browning, John 354 Browning, Richard 349 Bruce, Linda 314 Brumder, Thekla 312 Bruner, James 256,333,108 Bruns, Joseph 329 Bryan, Catherine 298 Bryant,Robert 394 B ryson, Theodore 268 Bublitz, Robert 410 Buchanan, Jane 308 Buchanan, Janice 374 Buchanan, Susannah 306 Buckles, David 383 Buckley, Belinda 304 Budurin, Chrisandra 296 Bugg, Judith 304 Bumsted, Diana 296 Bunch, William 268 Burch, Ann 296,115 Burdette, Susan 288 Burford, Steven 347 Burgard, Jane 268,292 Burgard, Peter 383 Burger, Louise 284 Burgess, Richard 268,328 Burke, Richard 349 Burnett, Marsha 389 Burns, Barney 269 Burns, Brian 388 Burns, Francis 349 Burns, Kim 360 Burns, Ralph 405 Burr, Minda 306 Burrill, Melinda 292 Burruel, Grace 251 Burruss, Barbara 377 Burton, Scott 354 Burtt, Janice 298 Bush, James 251 Buss, Clarke 330 Butkus, Albert 352 Butler, James 356 Butner, Joseph 350 Butler, Mary 377 Butte, George 269 Byrd, Shirley 288 C Cadmus, Austin 256,340 Cain, Linda 304 Calcagno, Roy 382 Calderwood, Roger 138 Caldwell, Richard 256 Calihan, Peter 354 Calihan, Philip 251,336 Calkins, Barton 383 Call, Christise 391 Call, William 383 Cameron, Nancy 308 Cameron, Susan 308 Camp, Roger 269,328 Campbell, Andrew 352 Campbell, Donna 302 Campbell, James 383 Campbell, Mark 325 Campbell, Ronald 330 Campoli, Marie 256 Campos, Guillermo 411 Campos, Linda 256 Campos, Maria 390 Candiello, Kathleen 269,118 Canigia, Thomas 354 Cantrell, Larry 415 Cappel, Edward 349 Carland, Melissa 308 Carlisle, Charles 411 Carlsen, Kristin 312 Carpenter, Carole 312 Carpenter, Karen 302 Carpenter, Eteve 354 Carpenter, Thomas 256 Carr, Sally 396 Carrasco, Yvonne 256 Carrillo, Carole 389 Carrington, Judith 292,5 Carroll, John 336 Garrott, Philip 343 Carson, John 333 Carstensen, Leone 394 Carswell, Evelyn 406 Carter, Catherine 389 Carter, Frederic 358 Carter, Richard 343 Carter, Susan 288 Cartwright, Jeffery 334 Casalis, Robert 358 Casanova, Edward 329 Case, Susan 298 Casey, Steven 360 Casillas, Juanita 262,302 Casoli, Linda 304 Castonguay, Joanne 308 Catalano, Rosanne 375 Cate, Marietta 256 Catlin, Hamilton 358 Cauble, Nancy 304 Causey, Sandra 256,300 Cacanaugh, Phyllis 294 Cavanaugh, Robert 360 Cavanaugh, W. James 410 Cayocca, Sandra 288 Caywood, James 262 Cellier, Esther 256 Joan 294 Chambers, Margaret 413,412 Chambers, Robert. 262,340 Chamness, Melinda 389 Chandlee, Edward 333 Chandler, Nancy 312 Chapman, Barbara 375 Chapman, Robert 360 Charles, Cheryl 308,400 Chase, Marjorie 256,312 Chateld, Helen 308 Chavez, John 354 Cheatham, Leonard 395 Cheney, Brian 330 Cheney, John 349 Chesler, Sharyn 314 Chesney, Mary 256,296 Chester, Charles 350 Chew, Gerald 383 Chiasson, Robert 379 Childress, Janet 376,304 Chilson, Barbara 389 Chriss, Barbara 314 Christ, Dianne 256 Christensen, Gerald 251 Chrzan, Casmier 378 Chu, Susan 374 Ciampa, Vincent 386 Claffie, Bruce 256 Claiborne, John 335 Clapp, Barbara 288 Clark, Carlton 350 Clark, Charles 360 Clark, Christopher 339 Clark, Darlene 394 Clark, Donald 2 51 Clark, James 337 Clark, Linda 294 Clark, Mary 296 Clark, Mary 310 Clark, Vandi 256,390 Clarke, Steven 382,401 Clarkson, James 330 Claxton, Wood ie 246,412 Clement, Jimmie 405 Clementz, David 246 Clere, John 334 Cleveland, Thomas 358 Clifford, Karen 306 Clifton, Connie 389 Clifford, Walter 382,269 Clifton, Ronald 382,413 Cline, Genette 256,415 Cluff, Philip 262 Coahn, Mischelle 269 Coates, Laura 265 Cobb, Martha 280 Cobbins, Charlene 377 Cobos, Rene 395 Cochran, Antoinette 247 Cochran, Charles 350 Coddington, Clifford 251,413 Coehen, Patricia 310 Coffin, Judith 294 Coffing, Jeffrey 336 Cofman, Stuart 251 Cohelan, Timothy 269,354 Cohen, Constance 314 Cohen, Howard 362 Cohen, Lawrence 404 Cohen, Michael 404 Cohen, Patricia 312 Cohen, Phyllis 247,314 Cohen, Robert 280,405 Cohen, Rochelle 256,290,400 Cohen, Stephen 409 Cohn, Pamela 312 Cohrt, Claudia 304 Coit, Roger 280,404 Colarich, Paul 267 Cole, Gloria 304 Coleman, Betsy 290 Coleman, Darrell 288 Coleman, Michael 343 Coleman, Rick 349 Coles, Sherrill 256,288 Coller, Dea 284 Collier, Martin 403 Collings, Celeste 306 Colonna, Charles 269 Colton, Warren 356 Combs, Christopher 405 Comer, James 325 Compton, Karen 292 Conant, Karen 269 Condrey, Shelagh 373 Congdon, Marcia 377 Conley, Janice 280 Connally, Georgann 300 Conner, Christine 306 Conner, Linda 292 Conover, Kathryn 396 Conroy, William 333 Conser, Penelope 288 Conway, Anita 284 Conway, Barbara 247,300 Conway, James 342,358 Conway, James 246 Conwell, Gregory 296 Cook, Barry 256 Cook, Cynthia 296 Cook, Douglas 356 Cook, James 347 Cook, Susan 288 Cookson, Gregory 349 Cooley, Thomas 356 Coolidge, Pamela 308 Cooper, David 108 Cooper, Earl 269 Cooper, Frances 402 Cooper, Larry 407 Cooper, Timothy 358 Cooper, Wynnedei 284,394 Copeland, Nancy 288 Copeland, Thomas 328 Corbett, Jeffrey 330 Cordano, Mary 300 Corday, Christopher 362 Cords, Carol 312 Corke, Ann 306,416 Corn, Thomas 391 Corneveaux, Maryanne 312 Corral, Raymond 401 Corson, Rodney 339 Cortez, Lorraine 256 421 Costin, Barbara 290 Cote, James 356 Couch, Robert 330 Coulson, Ramona 306 Coulson, Virginia 400 Coulter, Violet 251,388,386,416 Counts, Willie 405 Courtney, Merry 256 Courtney, Roxane 391 Coutchie, Edward 358 Cox, Bonnie 284 Cox, Caryl 302,402 Cox, David 267,336 Cox, Patti 304 Cox, Susan 288 Coxon, Karen 256,300 Coyle, Deborah 296 Craig, Katie 294 Cramblett, Ann 265 Crank, Joe Newlin 382 Crammer, Anna 302 Cratty, Bruce 336 Crawford, Charlotte 300 Crawford, Leta 394 Crayton, Diane 256,306 Crawford, Susan 394 Crayton, Sharon 306 Creasey, Madelynn 300 Creighton, Allen 383 Cressler, Elizabeth 388 Cretcher, Patricia 256 Crider, Charles 380 Crockett, Dale 251 Crockett, Robert 330 Crofoot, Patricia 306 Crombie, Alice 312 Crook, Kathryn 389 Cross, James 333 Crouch, Robin 302 Crowe, Dennis 400 Crowley, Ellen 294 Mary 304 Croy, Nancy 302 Crudo, Anthony 329 Crum, Margaret 304 Cruz, David 400 Cruz, Philip 329 Cryor, Robert 340 Cude, Jesse 408 Culbertson, Steve 294 Culin, Frank 354 Culler, John 330 Cullom, Constance 269,402 Cummin, Martha 377 Cummins, Carey 269,381 Cummins, Richard 414 Cunningham, Cathleen 375 Cunningham, Cathleen 375 Cunningham, John 358 Cunningham, Thomas 330 Cupito, Carl 347 Cuqua, Lynda 296 Curtis, Beth 377 Curtis, Diane 393 Curtis, James 356 Curtis, John 401 Curtis, Linda 394 Curtis, Sheri 308 Curto, Paul 370 Curvo, Cheryl 269 Cushing, Frank 256 Custer, Robert 269,356 Cwynar, Marcella 296 Cwynar, Theodore 340 Cylke, Michael 400 D Dabney, Charles 370,379 Dabol I, Barbara 269 Daggett, Richard 340 Dahl, John 382 Dahms, Shirley 256 Daily, Mary 373,298 Daily, Virginia 375,292 Dains, Dan 354 Dalrymple, Marilyn 247 Dalby, David 352 Damiani, Aris 400 Dammann, Ronald 354 Damschen, Diana 288 Danehy, Alma 375 Daniel, Joy 257,294 Daniels, Gregory 350 Danoff, Michael 381 Darling, Nancy 257,308,412,108 Darwin, Robert 407 Dashiell, Susan 269 Dautremont, Eugene 325 David, Richard 349 Davids, Asta 251 Davidson, John 414 Davidson, Sally 396 Davis, Donald 347 Davis, James 349 Davis, Janet 392,302 Davis, John 328,352 Davis, Karen 292 Davis, Laura 302 Davis, Kathleen 390 Davis, Marilyn 257 Davis, Marjorie 306 Davis, Philip 352 Davis, Steven 347 Davis, Susan 304 Davison, Nancy 257 Day, Deanna 257,296 Day, Sandra 386 Deal, Grady 403 Dean, Julie 298 Dean, Marshall 358 Dean, Robert 339 Dean, Vincent 343 Deangelis, Randall 329 Dearth, David 269,335 Deerr, Ann 296 Dees, Russell 336 Degregory, Judith 269,294 Delany, Della 389 Delay, Bobette 312 Deleon, Susan 376 Delgado, Irene 376 Delodder, George 356 Demarcus, Stuart 350 Demeritt, Donald 383 Demont, Charmaine 292 Deninno, Richard 354 Dennis, Harry 411 Dennis, Richard 414 Dent, Charles 350 Densmore, Cheryl 399 Dent, Larry 257 Dent, Mary 308 Denton, David 354 Denton, Nancy 312 Derickson, Judith 300 Desko, Robert 269 Destwolinski, Lance 262 Detling, Ronald 251 Deutsch, Claire 394 Deutschman, Charles 349 Devine, Janice 300 Devitt, Julie 302 Dewald, Terry 350 Dewall, Alfred 397 Dewan, Timothy 139 Deweese, James 380 Dewhurst, David 269,333 Deyden, Gloria 377 Dias, Stephen 347 Diaz, John 407 Dibble, Lawrence 415 Dick, James 370,383 Dickerson, Wyman 280 Dickey, Susan 304 Dickson, Arthur 349 Dickson, Suellen 298 Dicus Paul 350 Diddy, Gerald 267 Dietrich, Robert 325 Dillenback, Nancy 396 Dimino, Ronald 251,329 Dimpfel, Lois 387,391 Dingee, David 251 Dippel, June 302 Dirickson, Kathryn 394 Dixon, Patricia 269 Dobb, Arlene 314 Dodge, Leslie 298 Doherty, Carol 288 Doi Donna 415 Dole, Richard 349 Dolginow, Susan 257,314 Dolph, Wilbert 333 Don, Leonard 405 Donahue, Paul 383 Donaldson, James 354 Donaldson, John 394 Donaldson, Macfarlan 349 Donau, Janis 306 Donnell, Michael 354 Donovan, Billie 390 Donovan, George 410 Dooley, Barbara 288 Doriot, Dorothy 251,416 Dorsey, Lorraine 300 Dorson, Mitchell 325 Dougherty, Craig 354 Douglas, Elizabeth 308,413 Douglas, Margaret 257,284 Douglas, Mary 296 Dow, Steven 350 Downing, Mary 312 Downs, Charles 383,278 Dragoo, Lynn 325 Drake, Pamela 257 Drake, Teresa 389 Dreyfuss, Joni 370,376 Driscoll, Jerome 410 Driscoll, Lawrence 381 Driscoll, Patricia 306 Drown, Dawn 375,391 Dryden, David 401 Dryden, Peter 350 Duclos, Roger 251 Ducote, James 378 Dudkiewicz, Patricia 304 Duenas, Roseann 376 Duffner, Leo 329 Duffy, William 251 Dugan, Richard 382,395 Duggar, Waverly 246,325 Duke, Walter 352 Dunagan, Junell 296 Dunbar, Danny 269 Duncan, Julie 298 Duncan, Kent 383 Duncan, Michael 262,352 Duncan, Robert 401 Dunham, William 334 Dunlop, Deborah 247,300 Dunn, Peter 386 Dunphy, Sandra 269 Dunsky, Lawrence 280,404 Duntley, Victoria 306 Duran, Raul 405 Durham, Gloria 302 Durkin, Suzanne 377 Dwyer, Susan 306 Dye, Reginald 405 Dynneson, Delores 391 Dysart, Nancy 300 E Earnest, Barbara 257 Easley, Daniel 414 Eason, Richard 330 Eastland, Susan 251,292 Eastman, Victoria 257,292 Eaton, John 333 Eaton, Linda 292 Eber, Andrew 383 Eberhart, Elizabeth 257 Eckdahl, Karin 304 Eckert, Dianne 310 Eddy, Karen 304 Edelman, Lynn 314 Edgar, Paula 308 Edgeworth, Jane 302 Edlund, Kristina 306,400 Edlund, Philip 405 Edwards, Pamela 312 Edwards, Thomson 382,413 Eerkes, David 378 Egbert, Helen 304 Egbert, Howard 328 Eisenberg, Andrea 314 Eisenpress, Nathan 362 Eisenstatt, Linda 290 Ek Eric 262,407 Ekstrom, Robert 329 Elder, Carla 377 Eldred, Richard 339 Ellermann, Donald 407 Elliott, Jack 356 Elliott, Mary 294 Elliott, Richard 269,330 Elliott, Stephen 358 Elliott, Veronica 402 Ellis, Alan 265 Ellis, Bryan 333 Ellis, Joan 300 Ellis, Roy 407 Ellis, Stephen 339 Ellis, Terry 394 Ellsworth, Ann 292 Else, Richard 335 Elston, Goeffrey 391 Emerson, Craig 390 Emerson, Pamela 376,300 Emmerich, George 257 Endfield, 383 Engdahl, Deidre 300 Engel, Paulette 376 Enaelhardt, Andrew 262, 328 Engle, James 360,26 Engle, Molly 292,113,119, 20, 26 Ennis, Kathleen 389 Enriquez, Bill 411 Entz, Marjie 288 Epping, Gary 358 Ercolino, Frederick 379 Erickson, Kenneth 350 Erie, Mary 252 Ervin, Gerard 402 Eshelman, Herbert 358 Espedal, John 349 Esposito, Robert 330 Esquerra, Roland 269 Evans, Bruce 381 Evans, Diana 284 Evans, James 401 Evans, John 262 Evans, Kenny 246,412 Evans, Nancy 375,302 Evans, Richard 354 Evans, Virginia 302 Evans, William 330 Evenson, Paula 312 Ewald, Doris 390 F Fabrikant, Arnold 270 Face, Carol 302 Fadley, Deanna 375 Fafowora, Olasuji 246 Faggingerauer, Patie 304 Fahlen, Edward 356 Fain, Mee 370 Fain, Richard 394 Fairchild, Diane 294 Falk, Jeffrey 270 Falkner, David 401 Farley, James 393 Farley, Kathleen 304 Farmer, Bruce 262,407 Farnam, Thomas 270 Farris, Anita 300 Farsje, Kathryn 298 Fast, Dene 296 Faulkner, Susanne 265,284 Faust, William 394 Federoff, Kathryn 262 Feemster, Linda 284,416 Feist, Alice 290 Feld, Jeffrey 334 Feldhacker, William 252 Feldman, Jeffrey 362 Feldman, Susan 290 Felling, James 280,405 Fels, Michael 335 Fendo, Dennis 252,360 Fenimore, Bernad 335 Fenner, Harold 350 Ferg, Bruce 383 Ferg, David 393 Ferg, Stephen 383 Ferguson, John 354 Ferguson, William 330 Ferre, Duan 296 422 Ferris, James 393 Ferry, Roberta 308 Fick, Daniel 354 Fiddyment, Karen 304 Fielding, William 347 Fields, Eric 381 Fields, Richard 404 Fife, Rebecca 376,304,401 Figueroa, Marjorie 376 Finch, Susan 410 Findley, An 257 Fink, John 252,342 Finley, Susan 304,400 Fiore, Salvatore 414 Firestein, Charles 252,362 First, Carol 290 Firth, Sheryl 389 Fischer, Fred 347 Fish, John 349 Fishburn, Marsha 308 Fishel, Richard 333 Fisher, Diane 257 Fisher, Jennifer 326 Fishleder, Alan 378 Fisk, Beverly 308 Fisk, Sally 298 Fissell, James 333 Fitch, Robert 339 Fitchett, Helen 312 Fitzgerald, Michael 405 Flagg, Barbara 389 Flake, Jordon 386 Flake, Linda 257,399 Flanagan, James 356 Flanagan, Lawson 333 Fleming, Patricia 374 Fletcher, Paula 310 Flickinger, James 405 Flood, Timothy 354 Florance, Elwin 401 Florence, William 378 Flowers, Virgie 302 Floyd, Patricia 270 Foerstner, James 358 Fogarty, Sheral 251,310 Fogg, Ka Chung 383 Fogelman, Glenda 375,251,413,396 Fogltance, James 257 Foley, Gerold 252,336 Foley, James 414 Folger, Gregory 351 Foran, Michael 252,386 Forcier, Janelle 389 Ford, Lynn 257 Ford, Michael 335 Ford, Rodger 388,410 Foreman, Lloyd 380 Forsyth, Martha 376 Forsythe, George 409 Fortner, Robert 383 Foster, Mark 325 Foster, Nancy 305 Foster, Patricia 270,389 Fowler, James 327 Fox, Frederick 330 Frame, Clarence 394 Francis, Duke 349 Francis, William 333 Franco, David 382 Franecke, Louis 405 Frank, Cary 362 Frank, Nan 290 Franks, Earle 246,394 Franquero, Ronald 262,407 Franzel, Clifford 413 Frase, Larry 257,360 Fredman, Carl 270 Freed, David 339 Freedman, Teri 290 Freeland, Anita 396 Freeman, Lani 298 Freeouf, John 408,409 Freiden, Barbara 314 French, George 270,413,347 Frere, Gary 407 Frey, Linda 300 Fridena, Richard 391 Friedman, Jack 326 Friedman, Susan 290 Frost, Alan 270,400,408,409 Frohling, Edward 334 Fujii, Eugene 410 Fulton, Sharon 416 Furlow, Robert 397 Furnish, Sarah 415 Furrow, Anne 280 Furst, Margaret 284 Fusler, Allan 262,407 Fye, John 336 G Gabitzsch, Lillian 284 Gabitzsch, Ronald 278 Gabler, William 391,379 Gabriel, Judith 294 Gado, Abdul 278 Gage, Anne 307 Galbraith, Phyllis 298 Gale, Elaine 295 Gale, Susan 257 Gallagher, Wendell 358 Galloway, Carolyn 257 Galvin, James 330 Gamble, Steven 354 Gammon, Marianna 296 Ganster, Henry 358 Garbarino, William 267 Garcia, Richard 270,415 Gardenswartz, Robert 290 Gardiner, Edward 342 Gardner, Ellen 402,393 Gardner, Judy 298 Gardner, Karen 295 Gardner, Kaye 270 Gardner, Lloyd 391 Garland, Gary 349 Garman, Robert 356 Garner, Margaret 394 Garofalo, David 270 Garrett, Amy 292 Garrett, Glenda 257,300 Garrett, Gregory 351 Garrett, Hope 295 Garrett, Lewis 362 Garrett, Roger 267,405,351 Garrick, Charles 339 Garrison, Jeffrey 333 Gassert, Patricia 247,402 Gay, Jerry 414 Geary, Isabelle 257 Geary, John 252 Gebhart, Louis 380 Gee, George 401 Gee, Kathy 301 Geesman, Ann 301 Geever, Richard 330 Gehrman, Barry 270 Geiger, Diane 389 Gemmill, Alan 360 Gemmill, John 360 Getzwiller, William 354 Ghoddoussi, Sima 270 Giacomazza, Robert 400 Gibbons, Christine 310 Gibbs, Anita 292 Gibbs, Diana 298 Gibney, William 356 Gibson, Claire 298 Gibson, Judith 310 Gifford, Gary 343 Gifford, Georg ianne 305 Gilbert, Gregory 347 Gifford, Patricia 257 Gilbert, Faithann 252 Gilbert, James 280,404 Gill, James 358 Gillespie, Stephen 280 Gillies, Robert 404 Gilliland, Judy 310 Gilson, Constance 389 Giltner, Mary 107 Ginsbach, Pam 376 Ginsberg, Mark 108 Ginsburg, Frederic 326 Giordano, Janice 415 Giroux, Nicki 391,302 Gissel, Paul 351 Glasgow, James 270 Glass, Margery 310 Glassbrook, Pamela 310 Glenn, Alice 257 Glenn, Sammy 310 Glenn, Sharon 376 Glidden, Nancy 252,312 Glover, James 360 Goekler, Malcolm 378 Goetz, John 329 Goff, Caroline 302 Goetz, Robert 262 Goffinet, Joseph 347 Gold, Martin 383 Goldberg, Diane 270 Goldblatt, Joel 362 Golden, Richard 336 Goldenberg, Paul 362 Gol din, Lloyd 257 Goldman, Isa 270 Goldman, James 339 Goldman, Jay 362 Golightly, Richard 383 Gollmar, Herbert 409 Golson,Nancy 389 Gonsalves, Gerald 405 Gonzales, Dennis 401,336 Gonzales, Ismael 327 Gonzales, Raul 381 Gonzales, Robert 356 Gonzales, Robert A. 270 Good, 284 Goodman, Barbara 280 Goodman, Cassandra 377,393 Goodman, Gary 362 Goodman, Roma 377 Goodman, Sandra 290 Goodpasture, George 356 Goodridge, Edwin 343 Goodyear, David 401 Goranson, Jill 297 Gordon, Stuart 362 Goren, Wm. 263,407,342 Gormly, James 413 Goss, Paul 383 Gosse, Gary 263 Gould, Charles 360 Gould, Robert 397 Govaars, William 352 Gradillas, Ernest 352 Graff, Natalie 308,115 Graham, Constance 400,108 Graham, Kathleen 400,312 Graham, Marilyn 270,295 Graney,Donald 252,330 Graser, Mary 270,284 Grasis, Sarma 377 Graves, James 349 Graves, Rodney 383 Gray, Frederic 403 Gray, Jean 305,400 Gray, Linda 303 Gray, Michael 354 Gray, Pamela 295 Gray, Virginia 298 Grayson, Marshall 401 Greacen, John 386 Greek, Victoria 301 Green, Barry 393 Green, Gretchen 257,307 Green, Martin 3, 404 Green, Ronald 334 Green, Rusel 343 Green, Stuart 252 Greenbaum, Susan 257 Greene, Roger 339 Greene, Mary 399 Greenlee, William 271 Greensweig, Diana 314 Greer, Jason 330 Greer, Sara 312 Gregg, Linda 303 Gregor, William 329 Greshem, Christine 271 Greth, James 38,139,144 Grey, Andrew 334 Gries, James 267, 405 Gries, Judy 390 Griffin, Cheryl 257, 310 Griffin, Michael 271 Grimble, Luther 271, 351 Grimley, David 252 Grimm, Linda 301 Grimm, Suzannah 288 Grinnell, Elizabeth 389 Grogan, Gale 271 Groom, Thomas 351 Grosse, Anna 401 Gross, John 362 Gross, Paul 362 Gross, Richard 362 Gross, Stephen 383 Grossman, Ira 271 Ground, John 351 Groves, Michael 278,379 Grzybowski, Eve 257, 305 Guard, Suzanne 305 Guerra, Olga 412 Guerrant, Jeffrey 362 Guerreno, Charles 325 Guinand, Judith 389 Gundersen, Robert 383 Gunn, Harry 347 Guppy, James 393 Guptill, Mary 308 Gurley, William 351 Gurnee, Brian 349 Gutterman, Carolyn 375 Gutzmer, Marlynne 289 Gyuro, Lorraine 257 H Haas, John 325 Haas, Jon 335 Haber, Kenneth 362,252,107 Hockley, Timm 333 Hadeler, Robert 343 Haden, Johanna 301 Hadley, William 271,356 Hadra, Leslie 295 Haentjens, Richard 355 Hagan, Phillip 404 Hagenah, Philip 355 Haid, Dennis 271 Haines, Richard 391 Hair, Rees 347 Halbach, Kenneth 395 Halden, Herbert 331 Haldiman, John 355 Hall, Marijean 295 Hall, Nancy 308 Halley, Gena 257, 297 Hamala, Arnold 271 Hamer, Elizabeth 301 Hamilton, Jane 411 Hamm, Jerry 278, 413 Hammond, Denton 339 Hammonds, Gail 301 Hampton, Charles 351 Hand, Wesley 334 Handschumacher, David 278,358 Hanhila, Laina 257,297 Handy, Mary 374 Hann, Kenneth 383 Hanna, Mary 307 Hannah, Regina 298 Hansen, Ann 280 Hansen, Christine 295 Hansen, Mary 377, 392, 302, 289 Hanson, Charlotte 305 Hanson, Diane 373 Hanson, Gun 415 Hanson, Jeanette 393 Hanson, John 271,339 Hanson, Karen 375 Harck, Cynthia 389 Hardgrove, Hacklene 389 Hardin, Sue 414 Hardman, Louise 396 Hardinger, Sanford 410 Hardman, Stuart 356 Hargrave, Douglas 358 Hargrave, Richard 355 Harlan, Howard 351 Harness, Linda 295 Harp, Ellen 292 Harper, Karen 271, 295, 400,108 Harpet, Duane 271 Harrell, Patricia 389 Harrell, Robert 331 Harrell, Tamme 297 Harrington, Marcia 258,308 Harrington, Michael 355 Harris, David 252 Harris, Laine 305 423 Harris, Robert 360 Harris, Myrna 412 Harris, Sherryl 310 Harris, Susan 303 Harrison, Barbara 312 Harrison, Jessica 303 Harrison, Kenneth 382 Harrison, Kermit 325 Harrison, Michael 340 Harrold, Mary 376 Harrison, Teresa 377 Harsch, Joan 258,305 Harshbarger, Raymond 336 Harshman, Kathryn 396 Hart, John 327,395,356 Hartley, Donn 333 Hartley, John 358 Hasen, Gerald 401 Hashmi, Abdul 390 Haslauer, Claudia 298 Hassanshahi, Mohammad 263 Hasse, Marilyn 389 Hastings, Linda 308 Hatch, Jacquelyn 312 Hatch, Joseph 382 Hatcher, Michael 340 Hatcher, Robert 378 Hatfield, Beverly 271 Hauer, Laurie 312 Hauptman, Marilyn 303 Hausler, Gary 278 Hausner, John 351 Hausner, Suzanne 307 Hausrath, Donald 252, 349 Havenner, Mary 298 Hawes, Elisabeth 289 Hawk, Terry 360 Hawke, Michael 401 Hawke, Robert 351 Hawkins, Janis 312 Hawkins, Toby 258, 301 Hawley, Robert 379 Hawse, Mary 376,414 Hawthorne, Laurel 303 Hay, John 360 Hayden, Lee 342 Hayden, Richard 379 Hayden, Thomas 347 Hayton, Ralph 258 Hazan, Morris 362 Hazelett, Richard 355 Hazenbush, George 305 Hazelhurst, Virginia 375 Headley, Perry 333 Headrick, Robert 325 Heald, Bartlett 414 Healing, Kenneth 333 Hecker, Clare 292 Hecker, Lawrence 356 Hedges, Randolph 300 Heddaeus, John 280,405 Heflin, James 351 Heggen, Richard 383 Heidel, John 414 Heidel, Sandra 396 Heineman, Thomas 336 Heinemann, Cassandra 377 Heinemann, Tina 314 Heins, Mary 310 Nelda, Robert 356 Heiss, Rolland 265 Helin, John 249 Hellwig, Peter 271 Helm, Anthony 358 Helmick, Kenneth 401 Helwig, Frederick 333 Hemmeter, Jon 325 Hemmings, Ann 258,289 Hemmings, Jill 289 Hendershott, Mary 309 Henderson, Douglas 347 Hendrickson, Corinne 415 Henry, Marvleta 265,284,389 Henschel, Bernice 284 Herkner, Carolyn 295 Hermann, Lynne 389 Hermanson, Glenn 358 Hernbrode, Sylvia 118 Herold, Craig 326 Herpok, Franz 271,280 Herre, Louise 303 Herring, Tyler 401 Herrman, David 325 Hershberger, Robert 394 Hershey, Christina 374 Herzog, Raymond 407,342 Hesler, Robert 258,334 Hess, William 355,92,93 Heston, Penny 389 Hetler, Sharon 303 Hettinger, Roberta 413,396 Hewlett, Jean 310 Hibbs, Wm. 262,396,386,410,331 Hibner, Richard 340 Hicks, Marianne 292 Hidalgo, John 381 Hidalgodelrio, Norma 280 Hiestand, Mary 271,390 Higuera, Velda 303 Hildebrand, Larry 347 Hill, Betty 376 Hill, Julie 301 Hill, Peter 356 Hill, Randle 404 Hill, Velda 393 Hilliard, William 360 Hillman, Carol 258 Hillman, Christopher 358 Himes, David 263,407,393 Hiner, Christine 309 Hinton, Adrian 395 Hirsch, Gloria 258 Hirsch, Margaret 290 Hirt, Patricia 258,309 Hirt, Sherry 375 Hoagland, Janet 258 Hobbs, Laurel 280 Hochman, Linda 373 Hochstein, Toby 389 Hock, Louis 358 Hodge, Elizabeth 271,292 Hodge, Linn 252,355 Hodges, David 328 Hodges, Donald 378 Hodges, Robert 378 Hoehn, Richard 404 Hoenninger, Augustin 413,400 Hofer, Michael 334 Hoffman, Jon 340 Hoffman, Joseph 352 Hoffman, Robert 271,352,108 Hoffpauir, Patrick 351 Hofmann, H. Christian 380 Hogan, Cheryl 297 Hoger, Mary 303 Hoiberg, Molly 271 Holbrook, Margaret 292 Holden, Sherill 271,309 Holdridge, Randall 351 Hollenstein, Ellen 376 Holly, Sylvia 414 Holm, Karen 289,396 Holman, Sara 258,389 Holmberg, James 271,358 Holmes, Timothy 278,407 Holsclaw, Richard 414 Holsten, Carole 271,312 Hood, Susan 289 Hooper, Bernardette 258 Hooper, Robert 360 Hoopes, James 412 Hoots, April 258,301 Hopkins, David 349 Hopkins, John M. 328 Hopkins, John W. 265 Hopkins, John Wm. 252,336 Hopkins, William 333 Hoppstetter, Trudy 307 Horton, Gayle 295 Horton, Roger 360 Horvath, Richard 360 Hosking, Ellen 247 Hosier, Samuel 272,391,44 Hosmer, James 331 Hosmer, John 331 Hotchkiss, Hervey 400,342 Howe, Holly 389 Howe, John 339 Howell, Lynn 289 Howland, Judith 370,272 Hoyt, Richard J. 258 Hubbert, Bradley 140,142 Hudson, Elizabeth 295 Hudson, Jo Anne 272,301 Hudson, Martha 309 Huet, David 334 Huffman, Ann 292 Huffman, Patricia 297 Hughes, Barbara 309 Hughes, Marsha 393 Hughes, Sandra 280 Hulett, Roger 382 Humble, Ken 263 Hummel, Cynthia 374 Humphrey, Richard 404 Hummel, Gary 349 Humphries, John 356 Hunter, James 355 Hurd, William 252 Hunzicker, Mary 307 Hurlbut, Sara 307 Hursh, Gary 331 Huss, Hedy 374,272 Hutchins, Stephen 401 Hutchinson, John 358 Hutchinson, Stuart 358 Hutchinson, Tina 301 Hyde, Kathryn 329 Hyde, Richard 355 Hyde, Walter 328 Hysong, Janice 292 I Ibigbami, Peter 246 Ice, Stephen 272 Ide, Janet 386 Ide, Marilyn 295 Ide, Paul 263 Igoe, Kathleen 309 Iles, Cara 376 Iles, Sharon 258 Ingraham, Robert 356 Ingraham, Stephen 272,408 Ingram, Mary 303 Ingwer, Carla 389 Innes, Susan 373 Iregbulem, Angelina 247 Isaacs, Patricia 307 Italiano, Michael 340 Itule, Viviane 375 Jaap, Leslie 305 Jackson, Burton 401 Jackson, Diane 301 Jackson, Elizabeth 309 Jackson, Esther 280 Jackson, Peter 355 Jackson, Robert 331,108 Jackson, Suzette 309,115 Jackson, Valerie 265 Jackson, William 331 Jacobs, Gerald 252 Jacobson, Gunnard 383 Jacobson, Stephanie 289 Jacobson, Susan 272,310,399 James, Carolyn 247,402 James, Daniel 362 James, Emory 357 James, Judith 292 Jameson, Richard 394 Janoviak, James 343 Jansen, Deidre 389,312 Janssen, Carol 307 Jantolak, Laura 387 Jarmusch, Roland 252 Jarratt, Kathryn 292,406 Jaskoski, Elizabeth 387 Jastromb, Judith 258 Jenkins, Martha 289 Jennings, Craig 331 Jensen, John 401 Jensen, Kathryn 272,390 Jensen, Leonard 335 Jerman, Mary 309 Jernigan, Gregrey 340 Jette, Guy 325,401,403 Jewell, Diana 389 Jewett, Jack 340 Job, Steve 379,343 Jobson, Dianne 284 Jobu sch, Lizette 297 Jodoin, Adelard 352 Joe, Edwin 272 Joe, Stephen 252 John, Nancy 303 Johns, Richard 325 Johnson, Ann 309 Johnson, Carole 295 Johnson, Daniel 351 Johnson, Edward 383 Johnson, Gary 355 Johnson, Harriet 377 Johnson, James 340,107 Johnson, John 336 Johnson, Kathlyn 303 Johnson, Kenneth 331 Johnson, Lynda 416 Johnson, Ralph 411 Johnson, Robert B. 379 Johnson, Robert 355 Johnson, Stephen 343 Johnston, Candace 303 Johnston, David 272,400,360 Johnston, John 349 Johnston, Lorna 401,312 Jonas, Glenn 394 Jones, Andrea 301 Jones, Jerry 309 Jones, Judith 297 Jones, Karyl 297 Jones, Laura 258,309 Jones, Linda 305 Jones, Paul 252 Jones, Quentin 381 Jones, Robert H. 379 Jones, Robert T. 360 Jones, Stanley 352 Jones, Steven 355 Jones, Susan 258,312 Jones, Viola 404 Joralmon, Jan 272,292,120 Jordan, Teresa 393 Jorgensen, Jim 272 Joseph, Jacqueline 258,314 Joyner, Nancy 295 Jozwiak, Robert 329 Jubb, William 358 Judson, Cynthia 305 Julian, Sandra 284 Jue, Stanley 280,404 Julius, Ronni 314 Jump, Richard 252 Jundt, George 405 Junttola, Louise 258,295 Juntunen, Victor 391,342 Jurkowitz, Harvey 267,326 K Kalil, Freddie 293 Kalil, Toni 289 Kallal, Thomas 347 Kamin, Lynn 290 Kamrin, Terry 405 Kandel, Anthony 362 Kanerva, Roger 246 Kaplan, Peter 246,327 Karansky, John 336 Karesky, Edward 362 Karons, Juanita 303 Kartchner, Lois 377,393 Kass, Robert 280,404 Kasten, Pamela 298 Kasulaitis, Robbie 358 Kaufman, Frank 326 Kawin, Margo 290 Kay, William 252 Kearney, Gail 406 Kearney Thomas 341 Keebler, Vivian 303 Keenan, Francis 379 Keenan, Michael 347 Keil, Stephen 383 Keith, Leslie 301,400 Keller, Carl 339 Keller, Frances 375 Keller, Janet 258,309 Keller, Michael 381 Keller, Richard 358 424 Keller, William 272 Kelley, David 355 Kelter, Alexander 381 Keltner, Monte 360 Kenady, Diana 389 Kennedy, Judith 272,307 Kent, Sally 377 Kent, Tyler 355 Kepers, Michele 376 Keppel, James 405 Kerekes, Csaba 325 Kern, David 325 Kerr, Karen 309 Kesler, Jack 383 Kester, Eugene 343 Kester, Karla 284 Kettlewell, Anna 258,307,412 Keye, Richard 339 Keyes, Gayle 298 Khan, Fazal 390 Khattak, Jahangir 390 Kidushim, Rose 290 Kielkopf, Edward 393 Kientz, Jean 312 Kilfoyle, John 382,258 Kimball, Carola 377 Kimball, Gerry 413 Kimmel, Jeffrey 336 King, Anita 305 King, John 357 King, Kay 298 King, Pamela 289 King, Peter 391 Kingston, James 341 Kinneberg, Joan 299 Kinsock, Carol 307 Kinsock, Catherine 307 Kirschbaum, Terry 314 Kittell, Larry 406 Kittner, Richard 363 Klein, Patricia 272,307 Klein, Raymond 387 Kleinz, Linda 312 Kleman, James 329 Klep, Margaret 307 Klewer, Barbara 303 Klinkowski, Mark 357 Knapp, Maradel 376,393 Knauff, Mary 375 Knickerbocker, William 357 Knight, Susan 301 Knochel, Marlys 375 Knoop, Frank 246,413 Knorr, Robert 407,408 Knott, Judith 289 Knowles, Stephanie 299 Kocisko, Robert 401 Kodner, David 326 Koerber, Stephen 329 Koerner, Scott 352 Kohn, Ingeborg 403 Kolsky, Susan 290 Kolter, Kathy 258,391 Kominek, James 355 Konecny, Susan 375,258,387 Kong, Teck 383 Konopasek, Vivian 404 Konow, Albert 383 Kopald, Evan 405 Korinek, James 357 Koring, Carl 341 Koss, Jerry 333 Kossack, Steven 363 Koster, Susan 305 Kowalski, Kevin 401 Kramer, John 267 Krause, Richard 278 Krause, Steven 272,326 Kritzberger, Naomi 406 Krueger, Paula 258,309,108 Kruse, Bonnie 297 Kuhlman, James 252 Kuist, Gary 272,360 Kull, Geary 333 Kulp, Stephen 363 Kummer, Dolores 280 Kumura, Norman 410 Kunkel Jerald 380 Kurner, Delann 389 Kurtin, Mary 312 Kurtz, Julia 272,295 Kushmaul, Nancy 280 Kusian, John 355 Kwi Konglimnyuy 390 Kwic, Barbara 280,310 Kwic, Katherine 301 L Labenz, Arnold 355 Labenz, Arnolda 301 Laberge, Robert 400 Lacey, Dennis 252 Lacy, John 267 Ladipo, lyiola 390 Lagrone, Lynn 263 Laizure, Dayle 297 Lajeu nesse, Janet 301 Lamaster, Frederick 379 Lamb, Ronald 328 Lammers, Catherine 307 Lammie, Patricia 293,401 Lamont, Harry 386 Lamoureux, Linda 258 Lanagan, Michael 252,355 Lancaster, Connie 309 Lancaster, William 409 Lancey, Pamela 375 Lane, Martha 289 Lane, Robert 258 Lane, William 329 Lang, Sandra 376 Langley, James 331 Lanker , Linda 373 Lanphier, Victoria 297 Lantzer, Edwin 400,407 Larson, Winnie 258 Larson, Carol 295 LaSalle, Patricia 376 Lasker, Henry 252 Lasseter, Jack 267 Lassoff, Martin 363 Later, Darline 393 Latorre, Richard 342 Laudeman, Peter 391 Lauglin, Virginia 403 Laurence, Aleta 284 Laurino, David 378 Lavor, William 327 Lawless, Lynn 400 Lawrence, Bruce 343 Lawrence, Geoffrey 339 Lawrence, Larry 351 Lawson, James C. 410 Lawson, James W. 352 Layman, Constance 299 Leathy, Christina 307 Lebowitz, Diane 314 Lee, Alfred 405 Lee, Charlene 375 Lee, Gregory 252 Lee, Susan 258,310 Leeburg, Donald 347 Leeds, Louann 314 Leff, Muriel 290 Leff, Steven 326 Legler, Lawrence 278,407 Lehman, Armand 363 Lehmer, Sandra 312 Leiber, John 272 Leigh, Jennie 309 Leigh, Thomas 351 Leighton, Laurie 307 Leisy, Luann 312 Leman, Kevin 272 Lemen, Hugh 382 Lemons, Kurt 370,383 Lemons, Susan 272,312,408 Lent, Barbara 301 Leonard, Joycelyn 258,406 Leonard, Ralph 383 Leonard, Susan 305,400 Leone, Robert 263,329 Leslie, Nyal 357 Lester, Alan 383 Leverty, Vernon 341,108 Leviege, Vernon 252 Levin, Dina 389 Levin, Harriett 252,291 Levin, Judith 314 Levin, Norman 404 Levitch, Gail 258,314,412 Levitz, Karen 289 Lewin, Gordon 388 Lewis, Barbara 291 Lewis, David 404 Lewis, Gregory 358 Lewis, Jacob 379 Lewis, Pamela 247 Lewis, Thomas 327 Liefer, Betty 377 Liesch, Kaye 298 Liggitt, Marcia 312 Light, Steven 360 Liles, George 333 Lilienthal, Thomas 363 Lilly, Julia 305 Linberg, Ronald 331 Lind, Sharon 404 Lind, Timothy 280,404 Lindeke, Bruce 358 Lindenberg, Richard 363 Lindholtz, John 335 Lindley, Jeffrey 325 Lindley, William 325 Lindsey, Lawrence 341 Lindstrom, E. Gordon 333 Lindstrom, Stephen 333 Linn, Norman 410 Lintner, William 357 Lintzman, Sharon 265,396 Linxwiler, Lois 305 Lionberger, James 358 Lippi, Helen 400,312 Lippincott, Peter 347 Lippolt, Thomas 401 Lipson, Jane 258 Liston, Craig 253,355 Little, William 278,399 Llewellyn, Jerry 331 Lloyd, Debra 307 Lloyd, Kenneth 253 Lock, Margaret 413,396 Loewenstein, Carol 291 Lof, Laurence 253,337 Lofgreen, Georgetta 377,393 Logan, Lanita 247 Logue, Hollis 331 Lombaer, Susan 309,400 Long, Robert 263 Longmire, Melodie 389 Loomis, Mary 258,309 Lopezreyes, Consuelo 259 Loughridge, Alice 299 Love, Elias 273,409 Lovejoy, Linda 289 Lovejoy, Roger 360 Lovejoy, Walter 337 Lovejoy, Collis 394 Lowe, Linda 389 Lowe, Rita 377 Lowrey, Brad 352 Lowman, Deloris 295 Lowry, David 334 Lucky, Harry 253 Lueck, Aaron 355 Luepke, Kristin 273 Lujan, Martha 389 Lukert, Joan 415 Lundgren, John 361 Lundgren, Jon 379 Lundin, John 267 Lundstrom, Bruce 400 Lupton, Frantz 331 Lurty, Richard 373,341 Lust, Louis 358 Lutes, Mary 307 Luttmann, Frederick 394 Luza, Kenneth 278,352 Lyford, Beverly 273 Lynch, Barbara 273,108 Lynch, Deborah 307 Lynch, Donna 293 Lynch, Janet 312 Lynch, Mary 312 Lynch, Sharon 259,415 Lynch, William 253,358 Lyon, James 352 Lyons, Thomas 357 Lytle, Susan 411 M Ma Man Kin 407 Macek, John 379 Maclntyre, Catherine 301 Macklin, Rex 355 Macphee, Dianne 293 Macy, John 341 Madden, James 401 Madero, Amelia 259 Maehara, Carol 259 Magill, Robyn 301,400 Magill, Stephen 382,357 Mahoney, Christine 312 Mahoney, John P. 404 Mahoney, Kathleen 295 Mains, Lynda 375,297 Majewski, Della 389 Major, Douglas 386,107 Major, Gary 246,358 Makaus, Mary 312 Malcolm, David 328 Maldonado, Ignacio 380 Malkin, Stephen 363 Mallory, John 328 Malone, William 382 Maneval, James 342 Mangham, John 404 Mangle, Irene 289 Manion, David 407 Manion, Mike 337 Man ire, Eleanor 394 Manire, Lawrence 394 Manley, Paul 355 Manning, Mary 259,307,108,92 Manning, Nona 312 Mansene, James 349 Mapes, Linda 309 Mapes, Sandra Lynne 259,309 Maraschiello, Charlie 265 Marcus, Elaine 291 Marcus, Sandra 253,388,314,416,386 Marden, Steven 363 Mardian, Samuel 337 Mariam, Susan 314 Mariani, Linda 295 Marin, Araceli 373 Mariotte, Randolph 335 Markham, Richard 409 Marks, Beverly 376 Markus, James 328 Markus, William 328 Maroney, Suzi 301 Marotta, Nancy 374 Marrs, Anthony 331 Marsh, Charles 378 Marsh, Marilyn 291 Marshall, Jerry 400 Marshall, Thomas 339 Marta, Jeffrey 361 Martin, Barbara 265 Martin, David 391 Martin, Gretta 273,297 Martin, James 357 Martin, Michael 361 Martin, William 278 Martinez, Albert 404 Martinez, Georgia 273 Martinez, Raymond 414 Martone, Douglas 278,379 Marum, James 273,331 Masel, Brent 363 Maslow, Joel 363 Massa, Lynn 303 Massetto, Sandra 273,289 Massucco, Joseph 263,407 Massucco, Pauldean 383 Mastick, Virginia 259 Matesic, Cynthia 297 Mathes, Madalynn 289,400 Mathes, Malcolm 343 Matson, Mary 391,293 Matter, Martha 293 Matthews, Cathy 312 Matthews, Jerry 343 Matthews, Kenneth 334 Matthews, Peter 273,335 Matthews, Susan 289 Mattice, Lenette 377 Mattison, John 343 Matz, Patricia 301 Mauge, James 351 Maullin, Laurie 291 Maurel, Maury 249 Mauer, Fracis 311 Jeri 295 425 Maxwell, George 259 May, David 407,334 May, Judy 309 May, Susan 309 Maya, Ylanda 376 Mayberry, Sandra 389 Mayer, Cynthia 291 Mayerowitz, Harvey 379 Maynard, Mary 393 Mays, Lola 293 McAlister, Patricia 303 McAndrew, Patrick 341 McArthur, Sue 390 McAuliffe, David 331 McAuliffe, Susan 289 McBride, Karen 309 McCarroll, Michael 357 McCarthy, Colleen 299 McCarthy, Loretta 309,392 McCarthy, Rory 381 McCarty, Michael 26 McClenaghan, James 325 McCloud, Janet 377 McCloy, Joan 289 McClue, Larry 337 McClure, Diana 303 McClure, Margaret 377 McColm, Patricia 303 McConnell, Anne 403 McConnell, Lamont 406 McCord, Michel 349 McCormick, Joyce 293 McCormick, Michael 349 McCoy, Carol 284 McCoy, Nancy 301 McCuan, Pamela 393 McCusker, Cornelius 349 McCutcheon, Charline 307 McDonald, Charles 380 McDonald, Kerry 331 McDonnell, Kathleen 305 McDougal, James 361 McEwen, James 329 McFadyen, Anne 301 McFarland, Jack 328 McGeorge, Martha 309 McGeorge, Melinda 312 McGill, Joseph 358 McGinn, John 349 McGinnis, Phyllis 259 McCoun, Catherine 301 McGowan, Kathleen 280 McGowen, Richard 331 McGrath, Barbara 289 McGrath, Donald 405 McGuire, Emily 303 McHale, Philip 407 McHugh, Colleen 293 Mclntee, Joan 115 McIntosh, Susan 259,415 McIntyre, Susan 307 McKay, Sharyn 273 McKay, Victoria 312 McKee, Carole 259 McKellar, Mary 301 McKendry, Stephen 355 McKenna, Richard 263 McKennett, Herbert 253 McKenzie, Dawn 259,394 McKeon, Maureen 391 McKim, Barbara 259,367 McKinley, William 259 McKinney, Larry 361 McKinsey, Linda 284 McLachlan, Ross 414 McLain, George 253 McLaughlin, George 400 McLaughlin, Thomas 393 McLaurin, Peter 341 McLean, Mary 289 McLellan, Merrily 307 McLeod, Nancy 273 McMahan, Michaela 309 McMahon, Elizabeth 295 McMullen, David 382 McNabb, William 392,411 McNaughton, Gay 312 McNeil, Robert 373 Mcnicol, Sara 301 McPherson, Bonnie 284 McRae, Cheryl 393 McRae, Hamilton 386,405 McSparran, Pamela 289 McStroul, Anna 280 McStroul, Leo 280,404 McVety, Richard 357 McWenie, Patricia 259,309 Mead, Ruth 293 Meador, Henry 339,115 Meadows, Lois 265 Meaney, Francis 380 Meckler, Peter 378 Medford, James 400 Medinger, Joseph 414 Meece, Diane 376 Mefford, William 341 Mehren, Lynn 259,301 Meidl, Kathleen 273,299 Meier, Pamela 299 Meinema, Linda 259,312 Meisinger, Mary 259,301 Meitz, Ronald 405 Melazzo, Josette 307,402 Menaugh, Paul 331 Mendelson, Marilyn 291 Mendenhall, Terry 325 Mendoza, Roy 267,405 Mense, Allan 400,407,334 Mercaldo, Ronald 253 Mercer, Michael 379 Merchant, Margaret 391 Merikle, Linda 309,401 Merrill, Carol 377,393 Merritt, Charlotte 374 Mers, Mark 341 Mertz, Sally 375,404 Messer, Kathleen 254,309 Metcalf, David 253 Metcalf, Marcia 295 Metcalfe, Jean 413,396 Mette, Clarence 339 Metz, Judith 314 Metzgar, Candice 377 Metzger, Howard 409 Meudell, Constance 259 Meyer, Ann 389 Meyer, Diane 305 Meyer, Maryann 391 Meyer, Michael 351 Meyer, Stann 331 Meza, George 342 Michael, Allen 246 Mickey, Katherine 29,297,108 Middaugh, Anita 390 Middleton, Beverly 259 Middleton, Irene 259 Midkiff, Mary 303 Mikesell, Mary 289 Milan, John 263,407 Miller, Alexis 311 Miller, Armour 293 Miller, Barbara 377 Miller, Beverly 396 Miller, Bruce 341 Miller, Dianne 291 Miller, Glen 412 Miller, Jeffrey 391,342 Miller, John 341 Miller, John 355 Millikin, John 381 Mills, Constance 305 Mills, Judith 273 Milne, Brian 253,388,331 Mincks, Mary 284 Minehart, Barry 353 Miner, Sandra 259,412 Mintz, George 337 Mintz, Roslyn 415 Mirazo, Leonard 401 Mirman, Kenneth 363 Miller, Karen 293 Miller, Margot 374 Miller, Marsha 297 Miller, Richard 383 Miller, Thomas A. 267,339 Miller, Thomas J. 405 Miller, Vance 353 Miller, William 351 Mitchell, Fred 333 Mitchell, Frederick 358 Mitchell, Judith 291 Mitchell, Lois 303 Mitchell, Lynda 289 Mitchell, Michael 349 Mizer, David 380 Mobley, Dennis 321 Moffett, Christine 301 Mogrocampero, Carlo 366 Mogy, Richard 326 Mohr, Sanford 363 Mokhtarian, Mehran 263 Molina, Barbara 374,307 Molina, Joseph 401 Molloy, Kathleen 253 Monheit, Donald 363 Monrad, Karen 307 Montali, Suzanne 305 Montgomery, Paula 415 Montiel, Patricia 312 Mooberry, David 263,407 Moody, Karen 312 Moody, William 355 Moon, Cynthia 301 Moon, Robert 407 Moon, Virginia 301 Mooney, Daniel 358 Mooney, Maureen 305 Moore, Becky 259 Moore, Carol 273,295 Moore, Cheri 303 Moore, Elizabeth 406 Moore, Gary 361 Moore, Gerald 273,331 Moore, John 246 Moore, Kenneth 381 Moore, Mary 312 Moore, Patricia 377 Moore, Philip 341 Moore, Roy 337 Moore, Stuart 325 Moore, Thomas 349 Morales, Kathy 305 Moreno, Margaret 389 Moreno, Richard 381 Moreton, Marilyn 293 Morgan, Kent 355 Morgan, Montie 273 Morgan, Tom 347 Morhar, Ronald 404 Morley, Gail 303 Morris, Barbara 296 Morris, David 349 Morris, Jerry 337 Morris, Melba 404 Morris, Norwood 259 Morrison, Janet 386 Morron, Thomas 339 Morrow, Robert 249 Morton, Linda 307 Moser, Richard 253,339 Mosier, Marianne 289 Motschall, Christine 389 Mouer, John 325 Moulinet, Jesus 329 Mueller, Carol 273,311 Mueller, Robert 391 Mugrin, Abdullatif 278 Mullen, Patricia 297 Muller, Marsha 374,295 Mulligan, Donald 263 Mulligan, Sheila 265,396 Mumper, Nancy 259,307 Muncy, Martin 355 Munn, Virginia 299 Munro, John 253,386,403 Murphy, Gregory 339 Murphy, John 273 Murphy, Patrick 343 Murphy, Shawne 289 Musgrave, Pamela 293,416 Myers, Barbara 289 Myers, Linda 259 N Nagel, Dawn 307 Nagel, Vicki 389,394 Nairn, Robert 357 Nakamura, Satoshi 405 Nance, Susanne 312 Nardi, Kenneth 353 Nash, Anna 299 Nash, John 327,401 Nastasi, Michael 337 Nathan, Daniel 273 Naughton, Janice 301 Naumetz, Meredith 377,309 Navarro, Cecilia 376 Neal, James 253,341 Neal, William 357 Nebbia, Russell 394 Neeb, William 337 Needham, Susan 259,108 Neff, Mary 273,392,394,399 Neffson, Diane 303,386,416 Neill, Kay 273,312 Neill, Roger 394 Nelson, Christine 303 Nelson, Craig 333 Nelson, Gordon 383 Nelson, Jay 273,353 Nelson, Mark 253 Nelson, Ronald 394 Nemoff, Sharon 248 Ness, Harry 253,388 Neubauer, Virginia 401 Neumann, Sheila 389,394 Newell, Richard 339 Newkirk, L. Christine 289 Newman, Cynthia 23,287 Newsome, John 341 Newton, David 409 Newton, Janet 274 Nichols, John 379 Nichols, Pamela 291 Nicholson, Bradley 333 Nicholson, Gary 381 Nielson, Ezra 280 Nielson, Michael 414 Niemann, Diane 377 Niemann, Kathryn 259,287 Niethammer, Thomas 397 Nine, Douglas 274 Nisenson, Judith 291 Njock, Edward 390 Noble, David 357 Noel, Gregory 337 Noeldechen, Eric 379 Noon, Mary 303 Norman, Linda 303,413 Norrbom, Christine 305 Norvelle, Thomas 263,357 Novaky, George 318 Nunn, Linda 293 Nussbaum, Patricia 296 Nygren, Terry 341 Nyhuis, Karla 396 O Oberg, Kevin 397 Oberon, Bruce 363 Obligato, Peter 414 Obrien, Patrick 404 Ochoa, Quintin 397 Oconnor, Brendan 312 Oconnor, Maureen 375 Odell, Nancy 299 Odell, Suzanne 299 Odgers, Kay 248,293 Offensend, Susan 274 Ogg, Jeff 355 Oglesby, Richard 351 Ogunyoye, Oludiya 248,390,406 Ohare, Thomas 405 Oharrow, Marcia 305,400 Ohl, Joyce 259,297 Okita, Thomas 465 Okoro, Bogart 407 Oldham, Constance 374 Olds, Cynthia 299 Olsen, Carl 347 Olsen, Judith 297 Olson, Bennett 353 Olson, Christina 287 Oltman, Stuart 335 Oltmans, Marilyn 293 Olusola, Oluyemisi 263,390 Oneal, Barbara 309 Oneil, James 355,108 Oneill, Kay 305 O ' Brien, Patrick 404 O ' Connor, Brendan 312 O ' Connor, Maureen 375 O ' Dell, Nancy 299 O ' dell, Suzanne 299 426 O ' Hare,Thomas 405 O ' Harrow,Marcia 305,400 O ' Neal, Barbara 309 O ' Neil, James 355,108 O ' Neill, Kay 305 O ' Nerem, Christine 307 Onyejeli, Beatrice 375 Opel, Lawrence 253,343 Opstad, Gregory 380 Ordman, Martin 253 Orient, Jane 274,415 O ' Roke, Pamela 309 Orr, Richard 351 Orth, Susan 301,400 Orton, Joe 265 Osborn, David 397 Osborn, John 108 Osborn, Kathleen 307 Osborne, Frank 343 Osborne, Hamish 380 Osborne, Wayne 412 Oseran, Richard 253,366 Oslich, Diane 375,257 Osri, Margit 293 Ossetynska, Valerie 374 Osta, Wenifred 411 Oswalt, James 402 Ottaviani, Robert 409 Otte, Jacquelynn 274,287 Ovsevitz, Edward 347 Owen, Richard 343 Owens, Judith 293 Oxtoby, Phyllis 311 P Pace, Jeanne 293 Pace, Linda 389 Pace, Stephen 274 Padgett, Emmie 301 Paine, James 253,355 Pala, William 381 Palder, Susan 259 Palmer, Kathryn 307 Palmer, Sally 312 Palmer, Thomas 347 Palocsay, Frank 409 Papanikolas, Christine 312 Papanikolas, Grant 357 Pappas, Kay 309 Pappin, Judith 376 Param, Charles 411 Paray, Robert 347 Parke, Ray 390 Parker, Beth 305 Parker, Donald 412 Parker, Frances 375 Parker, Jean 309 Parker, Kathryn 287 Parker, Sheila 374 Parks, Ernest 414 Parlett, Pamela 297 Parra, Ronald 401 Parrent, Richard 358 Parry, Catherine 259,307,400 Parsons, Jon 278 Parsons, William 378 Pashkevich, Mary 29 Patch, William 274 Pate, Estella 265,406 Patrick, Carol 415 Patrick, Jayne 575 Pattee, Nanette 377,312 Patterson, Douglas 274,357 Patterson, Gale 342 Patterson, James 363 Patterson, Martha 404 Patterson, Richard 335 Pattullo, John 349,108 Paul, Alison 297 Paver, Pamela 297 Paxton, Larry 414 Payne, Deirdre 310 Payne, Joseph 253,403 Peach, William 342 Peachey, William 382 Pearson, Nancy 305 Pearlstein, Lynn 314 Pease, Stephen 401 Peck, Joseph 253 Pecon, Bruce 410 Pedersen, Alan 339 Peed, Michael 379 Pelkey, Helen 265,406 Pelton, Roger 351 Peltzman, Deborah 291 Pence, Donald 355 Pendergrass, Thomas 274,342,108 Pendleton, Nathaniel 410 Penfield, Susan 274,295 Peng, James 263,408 Pepo, Don 274 Perazzo, Joseph 404 Perelstein, Elizabeth 314 Pergrem, Romona 303 Perkins, Jeffrey 355 Perkins, Mary 260,310 Perkuhn, Dorothy 260 Perlman, Mark 401 Perot, Mary 289 Perry, Elizabeth 414 Perry, Linda 373 Pertu it, Patricia 309 Peters, Michael 393 Petersen, Kim 328 Peterson, Gail 309 Peterson, Katharine 307 Peterson, Leslie 280,404 Peterson, Maryann 414 Peterson, Timothy 358 Petrie, Darrell 361 Petty, James 351 Pe yton, James 410 Pfaelzer, Penny 374 Pfeiffer, Larry 382,335 Pfister, Robert 380 Phelan, Warren 263,357 Phillips, Steve 358 Phillips, Susan 260,307,314 Phillips, Vade 260,297 Pickrell, Christpoher 363 Pierson, Joseph 327 Pilcher, Judy 260 Pinto, Carlos 390 Place, Pamela 307 Platerzyberk, Joseph 263 Platt, Riska 312 Pledger, Cheryl 293 Pledger, Diane 293 Pleger, Charlene 396 Pletcher, Carl 410 Poe, Elizabeth 389 Poggi, Loretta 295 Pong, Law Kong Tune 383 Pontious, Daniel 353 Pontius, Leann 248 Pool, Mary 274 Poole, Barbara 374 Pope, Carol 260,307,400 Popof, Natasha 287 Porcelain, Martin 405 Porta, Barry 331 Porter, Fern 309 Porter, Robert 337 Porton, Margaretha 289 Posedly, Marlene 399 Post, Charles 328 Post, Daniel 337 Post, William 274 Postillion, Helene 301 Potter, Goeffrey 342 Potts, James 383 Poush, Jacqueline 248 Powell, Don Wayne 355,108 Power, Dixie 376 Powers, Joseph 249 Powers, Susan 301 Powley, Tena 260,301 Prager, Leonard 265,326 Pratt, Barbara 274,312 Pratt, Judith 295 Pratt, Roger 263,401 Preger, Dennis 353 Presser, Steven 379 Prest, David 381,355 Preston, Yvonne 377 Price, Barry 326 Price, Dorna 295 Price, George 391,335 Price, Michael 415 Price, Stephen 361 Pritchett, Edward 405 Provenzano, James 355 Pry, Darby 389 Puk, Richard 274,342 Pulice, William 355 Pullman, Norman 355 Puntenney, James 351 Puntenney, Timothy 351 Pusateri, Judy 115 Putney, Robert 333 Pylant, Charlotte 289 Quinn, Richard 331 Quinn, Robert 331 Quinn, William 349 R Rabin, Susan 291,389 Rabinovitch, Mendel 378 Radmacher, Lynn 305 Radtke, Kurt 413 Raff, Albert 363 Raffo, Alfred 253,339 Ragenovich, Christine 305 Ragone, Edwin 331 Raihofer, Mary 260 Raizk, Charlotte 295 Rajsich, Dennis 381 Rakow, Jacwin 260 Ralston, Anne 307 Ralston, Jesse 410 Ramirez, Eloise 389 Ramirez, Horacio 405 Ramsburg, Chas. 246 Ramsey, Susan 293,120,32 Ranmar, Paul 339 Raphun, Kathleen 387 Rapp, Charles 357 Rapp, Robert 260 Rasmussen, Gary 278 Rasnr, Kenneth 414 Rathwell, Peter 405 Ray, John Lewin 358 Raymond, Kathryn 312,400 Read, Susan 310 Reason, Jewel 274 Recktenwald, Gail 274,287,416 Reding, Michael 382 Reed, Mark 144,138,139 Reed, Thomas 404 Reeves, Douglas 328 Regenovich, Michael 260,358 Reid, Robert 325 Reilly, Michael 351 Reimold, Rick 382,331 Reining, Joan 297 Relfe, Lynne 303,406 Remington, Cy 327 Remington, Kenneth 380 Remshaw, Richard 393 Renner, Daniel 361 Renner, George 253,351 Renshaw, Lorna 260,305 Resnick, Sharon 389 Reynolds, Elizabeth 248,414 Reynolds, Jon 328 Reynolds, Judith 305 Reynolds, Rosemary 289 Reynolds, William 253 Reynoso, Jose 383 Reznicek, Katherine 280,389 Rhodes, Douglas 381 Rhodes, John 405 Rhorer, Kathleen 305 Rhuart, Carolyn 260,287 Rhyan, Rosemary 303 Rice, Joseph 377 Rice, Richard 267,333 Rich, Pamela 305 Rich, Stephen 274 Richard, Annaudley 289 Richard, Sue 260,297 Richards, Brent 253 Richards, Kathryn 297 Richardson, Cara 389 Richardson, Gary 334 Richter, Dean 386 Rickenberg, Marlene 248,307 Rickman, Frederick 383 Ridenour, Dwight 391,342 Ridenour, Richard 361 Ridgway, Bryant 260,387 Rierson, Dennis 355 Riese, Diane 295,413,394 Riffel, Howard 274,361 Riklin, Sarabeth 314 Ringer, Joseph 383 Riordan, Mary 287 Ripps, George 386,403 Rippy, Mary 260 Risner, Wm. 405 Ritchie, John 357 Rittenberg, William 253 Rivera, John 380 Roark, Rodney 351 Robbins, John 342 Robbins, Orlenda 377 Roberts, Alan 263,325 Roberts, Angela 301 Roberts, Ann 312 Roberts, Amy 389 Roberts, Charles 351 Roberts, Howard 351 Roberts, Jack 355 Roberts, Sam 333 Roberts, Vicki 374 Robertson, John A. 361 Robertson, John B. 403 Robertson, Mary 301 Robinson, Patricia 248 Robinson, Paul 413 Robles, Czarina 260 Robson, Gary 337 Rochester, Nicholas 347 Rodman, Jane 309 Rogel, Jeanne 297 Rogel, Marilyn 297 Rogers, Mark 331 Rogers, Martha 287 Rogers, Peggy 414 Rogers, Roger 331 Rogers, Sharyn 299 Roggeveen, Catherine 301 Rogow, Marcia 375,291 Rohen, James 351 Rohr, Charles 412 Rohrbacher, Joanne 402 Rohrer, Robert 403 Rojas, Ida 376 Roland, Karen 376 Romaguera, Enrique 378 Romaniello, Charles 274 Romanoski, Jon 260 Romanoski, Mary 389 Romick, Linda 299 Romley, Kenneth 253 Romo, Andrew 331 Ronai, Susan 314 Ronan, William 329 Ronquillo, Irma 414 Ronstadt, Edward 355 Rood, Paul 329 Roop, Leo 253,388 Roop, Sara 386 Root, Timothy 331 Rosas, Robert 265 Rose, Carolyn 409 Rose, James 403 Rosen, Dale 410 Rosen, Richard 403 Rosenbaum, Alan 117 Rosenthall, Louis 363 Ross, Carolyn 392 Ross, Katherine 289 Ross, Linda Kay 299 Ross, Robert 253 Rossetti, Anthony 358 Rosso, John 325 Roth, Barbara 291,117 Roth, Margaret 305 Roth, Michael 401 Roth man, Sally 291 Rothschild, Kim 363 Rotolo, Douglas 325 Routman, Wilma 373 Rovan, Carol 280,399 Roveritini, John 380 Rovey, Edward 382 427 Rovey, George 397 Rovey, Ronald 397 Rowan, Linda 260,301 Rowe, Dennis 380 Rowell, Wayne 405 Roy, Catherine 297 Roy, Deborah 299 Royston, Jane 299 Rozan, Steven 265 Rozendal, Theodore 347 Rozycki, Ronald 351 Rubinow, Sidney 274 Ruby, Frederick 331 Ruby, Nancy 309 Rudolph, William 353 Ruhlin, John 339 Ruksas, Maren 389 Ruman, Carolyn 248,402 Rustrom, Judith 287 Runstrom, Martha 265,287,413,401,108 Ruoti, Benjamin 328 Rupkey, Richard 331 Rush, Barbara 299 Rushing, Travis 263 Ruskin, Rachel 415 Russell, Barbara 309 Russell, James 355 Russo, Michael 392 Russom, Marianne 260,307 Ruth, Earl 253 Rutschman, Wayne 361 Ruuska, Ellen 299 Ruzicka, Nancy 309,400 Ryals, Michelle 305 Ryan, Claire 293 Ryan, Mark 253 Ryerse, Cheryl 301 S Sacherman, Lynette 314 Sacks, Deborah 374,291 Sacksteder, Frederick 383 Sailer, James 334 Sakato, Gary 246,327 Salant, David 351 Salazar, Donald 357 Salazar, Walter 383 Saliba, James 341 Salmon, Vincent 412 Sanchez, Gloria 389 Sanchez, Maria 274 Sanders, Edward 325 Sanderson, John 335 Sandin, Stephen 361 Sandlin, Ann 299 Sandoval, Ernest 280,405 Sangster, Paul 409 Sann, Richard 254,366 Santos, Marie 260 Santos, Rosanne 260 Sapienza, Tony 342 Sargeant, Anold 410 Sargent, Susan 293 Sarrels, Eugene 254 Sartell, Mary 312 Sato, Barbara 274,312,400 Satterlee, Marcia 303 Satterthwaite, Larry 254 Sauerwein, Maria 248 Saul, Susan 289 Sauve, Jane 310 Savage, Patricia 260,303 Sawdey, Robert 355 Sawyer, David 333 Sawyer, Gary 414 Saxon, Robert 413 Saylor, Cynthia 415 Scaling, Peggy 312 Scalise, Linda 260,389 Scarbrough, Barbara 260,295 Sceli, Sandre 307 Schaad, Lisa 401 Schaeffer, Edward 361 Schaeffer, Susan 293 Schafer, Barbara 287 Schafer, Cynthia 303 Schafer, Marilyn 289 Schafer, Patricia 287 Schaffer, Edward 254 Schallock, Larry 405 Schaus, Marsha 390 Schee, James 280,404 Scheetz, Astrid 373 Scheffler, Helen 291 Scheuren, Jeffrey 254 Schibel, Donald 254 Schick, Susan 291 Schierenberg, Carol 394 Schiff, Robert 378 Schildkraut, Naomi 314 Schiller, Susan 291 Schilling, Curtis 409 Schlobohm, Judy 389 Scholzman, Deborah 291 Schmidt, Barbara 312 Schmidt, Beatrice 299 Schimdt, Roderic 383 Schmidt, Theodore 393 Schmitt, Linda 275 Schnell, Thomas 383 Schnitzer, Jean 314 School, William 382 Schonaerts, Jane 280 Schorr, John 69,331,108 Schrader, Marcia 314 Schroeder, Charlotte 389 Schroeder, William 325 Schulte, Eric 401 Schulte, Henry 400 Schultz, Russel 379 Schultz, Susan 248,291 Schuster, Dana 305 Schuster, Richard 380 Schwamm, Leo 381 Schwartz, Andrea 291 Schwartz, Leslie 363 Schwartz, Victoria 314 Schwartzman, Marc 363 Schweigert, Marlin 397 Schwimmer, Michael 379 Scofield, John 260,263,355 Scorsatto, Allen 382 Scott, Gregory 358 Scott, Marcia 289 Scott, Stephen 361 Scott, Susan 295 Scouten, Elbert 410 Scremin, Barbara 310 Scribner, Sherwood 333 Seaborn, John 339 Seal Walter 380 Seals, James 407 Sears, Clifford 366 Sebastian, Juliana 248 Seckman, David 413 See, Patricia 402 Seeds, Beverly 415 Seeright, James 410 Seewald, William 339 Segal, Debora 314 Seidman, Charles 363 Seidlinger, Stephen 357 Seidman, Jeffrey 343 Seiler, Betty 248,413 Seilo, Michael 415 Seligman, Terry 275,295 Selk, Frederick 401 Selness, Ronald 280,404 Seminoff, Richard 357 Sepulveda, Herminia 260 Setzer, Cinders 312 Sganga, Brookes 303 Shade, Melodee 293 Shadegg, Stephen 355 Shaffer, Mary 275 Shafieipour, Mehdi 246 Shank, James 246,394 Shankling, Victoria 297 Shannon, Jeanne 303 Shanoff, Burton 326 Shapiro, Fred 366,115 Shapiro, Joel 363 Shapiro, Leonard 326 Sharp, David 351 Sharp, Laura 260,309,108 Shaw, Faye 376 Shaw, Lucinda 295 Shawver, Richard 267 Shay, Daniel 254,335 Shea, Mary 260 Shean, Richard 355 Sheffel, David 363 Sheffield, Marguerite 260,293,401 Sheibels, Albert 337 Sheldon, Geoffrey 349 Shelton, Betty 307 Shelton, Candace 299 Shenkarow, Ellen 291 Shepard, James 397 Sherman, Alan 382 Sherman, Lewis . 280,363,404 Sherwood, Everett 5 Shetter, Susan 297 Shew, Walter 379 Shidisky, Joan 394 Shields, Jane 376 Shipka, Beverly 410 Shlopack, Bruce 341 Shoham, Jacob 383 Shook, Susan 312 Short, James 353 Shoults, Jody 301 Shulock, David 391 Shum, Michael 40 Shuman, Daniel 363 Shumway, Barbara 275 Sibley, Sharen 254 Sicher, Dawn 303 Sideris, Aristides 382 Sikarskie, Jerome 260 Silva, Sheryl 374 Silver, Stephen 267 Silverman, Shelby 24,326 Simmet, Sandra 390 Simmons, Sarah 305 Simon, Janice 291 Simon, Sandra 312 Simons, Sharon 375,303 Simpson, Beverly 260 Simpson, Cheryl 275 Simrin, Stephen 280,405 Sims, David 278 Sims, Susan 376 Singer, Janet 390 Singer, Nancy 303 Singer, Sandra 291 Sitts, Nancy 260,293 Sitz, Christa 275 Sitz, Glen 334 Skeels, Frederick 361 Skeie, Piscilla 295,400 Skibinski, Barbara 295 Skiff, Kenneth 405 Skinner, Thomas 401 Skoda, Cathy 303 Skow, Victoria 374 Slater, James 363 Slattebo, David 333 Slaughter, Nancy 299 Slavick, Nancy 291 Slavin, Barry 326 Slavin, Nancy 291 Sloan, Karla 299 Sloan, Linda 307 Sloane, Medwyn 410 Smart, Susan 295 Smith, Annette 280 Smith, Benjamin 328,407 Smith, Bonnie 295 Smith, Brenda 389 Smith, Bruce 403 Smith, Carol 406 Smith, Charles 351 Smith, Cindy 307 Smith, Cleveland 351 Smith, Connie 260,295 Smith, Dennis 331 Smith, Diana 289 Smith, Dianne 248,377 Smith, Douglas 254 Smith, Dwight 254,331 Smith, Edward 394 Smith, Gloria 307 Smith, Joyce 303 Smith, Karen 289 Smith, Kristi 305 Smith, Linda 389 Smith, Lynn 397 Smith, Meredith 307 Smith, Michael D. 335 Smith, Michael R. 331 Smith, Myra 291 Smith, Paul 347,353 Smith, Robert 388 Smith, Sandra 389 Smith, Starr 309 Smith, Stephany 309 Smith, Terry 383 Smith, Victoria 393 Smith, William 357 Smith, William 394 Smothers, Ann 377 Snakard, Stephen 358 Snedden, Patsy 289 Snell, John 275 Snodgrass, Judy 309 Snook, Sharon 377 Snure, Rick 327 Snyder, Brenda 301 Snyder, Leonard 326 Snyder, Stanley 261 Snyder, Teresa 301 Sobrio, Kathleen 261 Soboroff, Steven 366 Sodipe, Aduke 248 Soelter, Robert 342 Soffer, Mary 310 Sogo, David 405 Solar, Stephanie 291 Somerville, Lucinda 394 Sonderman, Judith 265,297 Soper, Gary 254,403 Sotelo, Joseph 278,397,117 Southard, Ernest 329 Sowyak, Michael 254,337 Spagon, Patrick 379,407 Spalsbury, Steven 381 Spanos, Sevasti 275,289,108 Spar, Glenn 327 Spark, James 331 Sparkman, Sheryl 373 Spear, Richard 261 Specht, Nancy 297 Speed, Hugh 353 Spicer, Susan 295,400 Spiegel, Christina 390 Spining, Richard 275,328 Spitalny, David 326 Springer, Margaret 303,394 Springer, Samuel 254,386,403 Squires, Thomas 383 Squires, William 349 Stadler, lane 297 Stallings, Cheryl 289 Stallings, David 343 Stallman, James 341 Stangl, Samuel 341 Stannish, Simon 386,410 Stanton, C. Campbell 341 Stapleton, James 391 Stark, Gail 291 Starnes, Marcy 396 Starr, Sally 248,309,400 Stattel, Suellen 293,115 St. Clair, Edwin 347 Steckel, Melinda 260 Steele, John 391 Steele, Robert 335 Steele, Steve 265,335 Steen, William 355 Steffen, Patricia 305 Steiger, Susan 295 Stein, Beverly 376 Stein, Gary 393 Stein, Shirley 280 Steiner, Reid 331 Steinway, Alan 328 Stelljes, Linda 303 Stephan, Jerelee 312 Stephenson, James 400 Stern, Michael 370,382,275 Stevens, Donald 405 Stvens, Melinda 289 Stevens, Richard 401 Stevens, William 267,333 Stevenson, Marilyn 415 Stevenson, Sandra 287 Stewart, Bonnie 312 Stewart, George 382 Stewart, Jacquelyn 261,301 Stewart, Kathleen 301 Stewart, Kathryn 310 Stewart, Paul 394 Stewart, Wanda 389 Sticht, Douglas 263,328,407 Stigers, Roy 341 428 Stilb , Michael 349 Stiles, Susan 312 Still, Mark 275,391,334 Stilwell, Clarence 383 Stinson, Clinton 275 Stinson, Michael 380 St. John Barbara 309 St. Louis Eugene 254 Stobaugh, Wiley 349 Stoddard, Jacquelyn 299 Stockham, Linda 310 Stoddard, Linda 261 Stoecker, Katherine 416 Stoeckle, David 254 Stolburg, Craig 254 Stolkin, Ronald 275,351 Stoloff, Stuart 370 Stone, Janice 414 Stone, Mary 303 Stoops, Penelope 303 Storm, Louis 337 Stout, Samuel 405 Stout, Susan 312 Stralser, Steven 24,363 Strand, Judith 261 Strang, R. 261 Strasner, Marsha 261,291 Stratman, Elizabeth 309 Stratton, Lorum 411 Stratton, Richard 24,391,400 Strauss, Linda 375 Straw, John 280,404 Streets, Paul 399 Strelnick, Danielle 389 Stressman, Edward 327 Strickland, Benjamin 339 Strickland, Susan 415 Strock, Douglas 383 Stromswold, Janice 265 Strong, Stuart 328 Strong, Vaughn 353 Stroud, James 415 Stroud, Randolph 325 Stuart, Charles 353 Stuckey, Grace 301 Stuckey, Larry 355 Stucky, Douglas 405 Stull, Carolyn 303 Stutts, Alan 361 Sublette, William 379 Suedkamp, Robert 329 Suft, James 355 Sugerman, Janice 248 Sugerman, Steven 382 Sukey, Paulette 305 Sulcer, Deborah 295 Sullivan, Charles 267,405,343 Sullivan, Tyra 307 Summers, William 275,357 Sundeen, Thomas 351 Sundermeier, Barry 328 Supp, Howard 380 Sutcliffe, David 280 Sutphin, Kathryn 309 Sutton, Robert 341 Sutton, Samuel 263 Swan, Robert 351 Swango, Daniel 410 Swank, Dorothy 303 Swanson, Patricia 289,303 Swartz, A. Nelson 275,335 Swartz, Lillian 301 Swartz, Sandra 375 Swatsley, Rosemary 303 Swearingen, Sandra 275,295 Sweeney, Katherine 375,275 Swenson, Margaret 377 Swinyard, Marilyn 312 Symmes, Susan 275 Sypult, Robert 341 T Taft, Howard 342 Taff, Mark 261 Taft, Willa 375 Takacs, Darryl 265 Talla, David 355 Tallberg, Ellis 353 Tallis, Raymond 329 Tallon, James 361 Tamaroff, Marc 363 Tang, Lonnie 342 Tarazon, Socorro 396 Tarnowski, Joseph 379 Tarr, Charles 358 Tarwater, Wendell 383 Tashnek, Julianne 314 Tate, Suzanne 248 Tatham, Lois 248 Tauber, Eugene 254,342 Tauman, Sharon 416 Taylor, Carolyn 301 Taylor, Dale 376 Taylor, Florence 289 Taylor, Joan 370,303 Tauber, Eugene 254,342 Tauman, Sharon 416 Taylor, Carolyn 301 Taylor, Dale 376 Taylor, Florence 289 Taylor, Joan 370,303 Taylor, Jonathan 275 Taylor, Karen 299,400 Taylor, Kenneth 254 Taylor, Lorna 261 Taylor, Susan 275,310 Tear, Susan 307 Teasley, Allan 413 Teger, Edward 263,326 Tella, Sherwood 361 Tellez, Walter 401 Tencich, Lauretta 295 Tenney, Warren 395 Terrell, Jacqueline 393 Terry, Wilmer 335 Tesler, Ronald 363 Thalacker, Victor 409 Thaler, Linda 314 Theiler, Susan 393 Thelander, Robert 263 Thiessen, Jan 347 Thoma, Thomas 328 Thiessen, Jan 347 Thoma, Thomas 328 Thomas, Alan 341 Thomas, Beryl 301 Thomas, Elizabeth 307 Thomas, Gary 363 Thomas, Suzanne 377,312 Thomas, Violet 412 Thompson, April 307 Thompson, Beverly 412 Thompson, Constance 293 Thompson, Don 353 Thompson, James 355 Thompson, Jane 307 Thompson, Lynne 376 Thompson, Ronald 353 Thompson, Stephen 355 Thomson, George 275,331 Thomson, Marilyn 261,297 Thorp, Don 331 Thunstedt, Sandra 310 Thybony, William 383 Tidwell, Patricia 299 Tigert, Thomas 254 Timan, Jeff 401 Tinklepaugh, John 254,343 Tinney, Karen 295 Tipp, Sara 276,295 Tirrell, Noreen 312 Titt, Nancy 261,297 Tiz, Ralph 341 Tizard, Susan 299 Todd, Glenn 380 Todd, Peter 351 Todd, Susan 261 Toles, Mason 386 Tolliver, Edmund 361 Tom, Madeline 415 Tombaugh, Martha 416 Tomek, Susan 305 Tope, Richard 383 Torres, Samuel 329 Towne, Sarah 276 Townsend, Jerry 337 Trausch, Randall 337 Trawick, Joyce 276 Treat, Charlene 376 Tregaskes, Lee 355 Trigg, Linda 289 Troglia, Sharron 389 Trombold, Charles 276,339 Trost, John 355 Trowbridge, Cynthia 303 Tucker, Florence 393 Tucker, Joyce 373 Tucker, Tterry 341 Tuell, Gary 276 Tupper, William 378 Turk, David 363 Turk, Richard 341 Turkin, Marsha 248 Turner, Alan 405 Turner, Carol 389 Turner, Glenn 325 Tuttle, Nancy 301,400 Twitty, John 464 U Uberuaga, Philip 415 Udell, Donald 261 Ukeiley, Nadine 314 Ullnick, Susan 291 Ulmer, Don 393 Ulrich, Richard 249 Umbenhaur, Marsha 305,400 Unander,Valerie 415 Underwood, Karen 310 Upadhaya, Radha 390 Upham, Carol 309 Urias, Maria 261,291 U rreiztieta, Irel 276,390 Uselman, Diana 375 Utter, Lafayette 347 Uvodich, Janet 376 Uyehara, Peter 405 V Vactor, Drew 366 Valdin, John 382 Vale, Murray 265 Valenzuela, Humberto 267,405 Vanarsdell, Karen 375 Valeur, George 331 Vance, Sally 307 Vancil, Judith 297,406 Vanhaaften, Patricia 303,401 Vanharen, Daniel 355 Vanharen, Peter 276,355 Vanhorn, Kenneth 407 Vanhouten, James 331 Vanloon, Thomas 382 Vanskike, Linda 108,118 Vanslyck, Thomas 353 Vanvoorhis, Vikiann 301 Vanwagner, Susan 305 Varela, Maria 375,261 Vargas, Hector 276,358 Vasquez, Cecilia 413,396 Vaughan, Merry 309 Vawter, Ronald 394 Veith, Linda 389 Velasquez, George 353 Velten, Jon 349 Veltum, Lee 414 Venable, Margaret 305 Veen, Robert 353 Vergara, Frank 337 Verkamp, Jane 376,108,107 Vertun, Barbara 261 Victor, Carol 278 Vidal, Maryann 276 Vieregg, James 276 Villa, Carmen 261 Villar, Carol 289 Vincent, Nancy 370 Viner, William 366 Virden, Susan 309 Viviano, John 280,404 Voigts, Marcia 309 Vokey, Ronald 254 Volkmar, Katherine 377 Vomlehn, Jeffrey 263 Vonbuelow, Mark 339 Vukelich, Sally 299 W Waddell, Seid 276 Wade, Catherine 309 Wade, Karen 295 Waer, Kathleen 293 Walker, Barbara 307 Walker, Henry 341 Walker, Karen 314 Walker, Karen S. 293 Walker, Linda 293 Walker, Nancy 312 Walker, Virginia 289 Wall, Nira Jo 312 Wallace, John 351 Wallach, George 267,405 Walmsley, Jeanette 309,401 Walpole, Barbara 297 Walp, Susan 312 Walsh, Arlyne 374 Walters, Kathryn 309 Walters, Mary 261,309 Walthier, Margaret 293 Waltner, William 358 Wamsley, William 357 Wanago, William 349 Ward, David 378 Ward, Larry Thomas 378 Ward, Royden 263 Ware, John 280 Warmouth, Robert 325 Warner, Dorothy 312 Warren, Bacil 383 Warren, Michael 276 Warrick, James 383 Was, Christine 289 Washington, John 403 Wasserman, Harvey 254 Waterhouse, Corine 246,295 Waters, Charles 361 Waters, Diana 299 Waterworth, Marie 389 Watkins, Larry 353 Watkins, Steven 327 Watson, Brenda 394 Watson, Marjorie 301 Watt, Mark 355 Wattson, Richard 343 Waugh, Susan 303 Way, Katherine 374,389 Wayne, Nina 261,314 Weakland, Richard 381 Weaver, David 353 Weaver, Janet 297 Webb, James 276,357,108 Webb, John 276,347 Webb, Pamela 261 Webb, Winifred 310 Weber, Jeffrey 382 Webster, Alison 305 Weckesser, Julia 261 Weekes, Candace 301 Weeks, Marcia 248 Weigt, Edwin 383 Weiller, Robert 334 Weimer, Maryann 303 Wein, Gayle 261 Weinberg, Candace 314 Weiner, Arnold 326 Weinstein, Jay 363 Weir, Diane 305 Weir, Katherine 293 Weisman, Islla 291 Weiss, Evelyn 261 Weiss, Gary 366 Weiss, Kenneth 276,363 Weiss, Peggy 291 Weisser, Kristin 295 Weit, Saundra 287 Weitz, Susan 310 Welch, Nancy 377 Welch, Sharon 412 Welch, Vickii 389 Welch, William 383 Welker, Douglas 263,339 Weller, Christel 310 Welker, William 339 Weller, Ronald 391,334 Welles, Ann 310 Wells, Clyde 337 Wells, Elaine 261,293 Welsh, Laurie 295 429 Welsh, Lovell 410 Welter, William 325 Wendahl, Susan 312 Wendlandt, Teodoro 246,379 Wertheimer, Diane 414 West, Bonnie 309 Westby, Peter 347 Westerlund, Charles 353 Western, Marilyn 261 Whallon, Carolyn 287,413 Wheeler, Gary 333 Whistler, Carla 289 White, Geoffrey 335 White, John 249 White, Katherine 389 White, Linda 289 White, Marcia 312,413,400 White, Robert 409,357 White, Suzanne 261,309,400 White, Warren 394 White, William 355 Whitebook, Judee 373,314 Whitehead, Carol 297 Whitehead, Clarlyn 297 Whitley, Leslie 276,301 Whitley, Thomas 331 Whitmer, Thomas 329 Whitney, John 331 Wholey, James 381 Wick, David 355 Wickham, Nelia 310 Wiedhopf, Richard 404 Wieman, Thomas 361 Wiers, Pamela 261 Wiese, Lesley 293 Wieser, Ellen 312 Wilbur, Loyd 254,353 Wilcox, Nancy 301,400 Wild, Barbara 312 Wild, Elizabeth 312,401 Wild, Kathryn 312 Wilder, David 328 Wildermuth, Tom 246,361 Wilhelm, Donald 141 Wilhelmy, Gary 276,331 Willadson, Joan 389 Willcox, George 353 Willerup, Linda 389 Williams, Barbara 303 Williams, Carol 307 Williams, David 329 Williams, Edwin 254 Williams, Judith 289 Williams, Kathleen 309 Williams, Kathryn 377 Williams, Larry 347 Williams, Lyn 305 Williams, Marcia 287 Williams, Martha 312 Williams, Michael 355 Williams, Michael 357 Williams, Paul 355 Williams, Susan 312 Williams, Susan 312 Williamson, Lance 276 Willis, Harriet 276 Willock, James 278,407,399 Willson, Marcia 287 Willyard, Ann 305 Wilmanns, Kathryn 276,295 Wilsey, Raymond 407 Wilson, Barbara 297 Wilson, Carol 389,396,394 Wilson, David 357 Wilson, David 331 Wilson, Emily 254 Wilson, Harold 390 Wilson, Jeanette 293 Wilson, Laura 396 Wilson, Linda 261 Wilson, Margaret 297 Wilson, Sandra 295 Wilson, Thomas 119 Wilson, William 415 Wilton, Gladys 261 Winard, Stephen 366 Windahl, Walter 120 Winet, Terry 265 Wing, Lucy 248,10 8 Winkler, Jerry 386 Winniford, John 325 Wirth, Jack 401 Wirth, James 276,347 Wirth, Jerald 254,337 Wirtz, Walter 380 Wisdom, Joe 358 Wise, Thomas 333 Withers, Ann 312 Witrogen, Beth 374 Witt, Susan 310 Wittmann, Lynn 295 Wolcott, Roger 347 Wolf, Peter 366 Wolfe, Glen 409 Wolff, Diane 261,295 Wolter, Ralph 331 Wonacott, Gary 263,353 Wong, Margaret 248 Wong, Mary 375 Wood, Cynthia 377,287,307 Wood, Gloria 280 Wood, Karen 293 Wood, Mary 310 Wood, Robert 361 Wood, Sally 280 Woodman, Denise 312 Woodruff, Susan 305 Woods, Barbara 297 Woods, Linda 287 Woods, Lynn 312 Woods, Nancy 297,394 Woods, Susan 276,307,402 Woodson, Barbara 248,289 Woodward, Nicholas 355 Woolery, Robert 254 Woolley, Carl 379 Workman, Larry 341 Workman, Ronald 341 Worthington, William 410 Wrathall, Pamela 248 Wright, Athena 276 Wright, Bonnie 295 Wright, Emory 133 Wright, Jack 357 Wright, Linda 289 Wright, Victoria 307 Wunder, William 388,386,410 Wurst, Heidi 287 Wyler, Anne 299 Wyman, Gail 406 Wyne, Virginia 309 Wyss, James 351 Wyss, John 351 Y Yacavino, Claire 375 Yaeger, Mary 305 Yager, William 379 Yamamoto, Yoichi 404 Yarnes, Thomas 410 Yawger, Mary 287 Yeoman, Karen 400 Yojo, Eugene 342 York, Pamela 377 Young, Hansford 388,386,403 Young, Mary 393 Young, Sandra 389 Young ren, Carol 309 Yuska, Kenneth 276 Z Zabik, Donna 261,301,400 Zahn, Phillip 355 Zajicek, David 414 Zapotocky, Terry 404 Zar, William 353 Zee, Donna 291 Zeiger, David 331 Zelenka, Richard 254,414 Zeller, Robert 357 Zeluff, Robert 357 Zelvy, Ellen 314 Zent, Don 276 Zepeda, Arlene 375,416 Zerilli, Richard 329 Ziblat, Alan 254 Zimbler, Sheldon 254,363 Zimmerman, Douglas 267 Zimmerman, Eugene 263 Zimmerman, Mollie 248 Zimmerman, Sandra 310 Zipperman, Walter 363 Ziska, Frank 355 Zivney, Christine 299 Zlaket, Gloria 261,387 Znaida, Marilynn 291 Zoller, Gayle 314 Zorbis, Myra 291 Zuehlke, Alvin 379 Zukerman, Linda 291 430 5.14.67 dear all — we ' re pausing, in that continuous line ... our part is complete ... after today we ' ll each follow our separate lines .. . but now a few expressions of thanks to you who worked together for something we felt worthwhile ... as a staff — you were probably one of the best — and you ' re at the proof. Each section used its own individuality and tied together the book ... campus life was truly a pictorial of the living campus ... a hectic line, wasn ' t it ... activities — suab presented problems, didn ' t they ... a small trial for a final tribulation ... sports — forty-eight pages in eight days. that ' s better than last year ... what can i say — you deserve more than i can give you with words ... administration — to make a casual administration without posing anyone was truly an obstacle to overcome — how you ever managed i ' ll never, never know ... research — without copy — they said it couldn ' t be done — so we compromised — minimal — who knows what the judges will say this year ... seniors — to wade through the entire, well almost the entire class, and still come out on the right side was surely exhausting ... greeks — you took on an immense job — how did you ever manage to make heads or tails of them ... living units — exasperating wasn ' t it — boys will be boys, won ' t they — and the line continues ... organizations - now you can set up ' risers ' and take down names -- you ' ll never know how i appreciate it all ... index — frustrating, wasn ' t it . . . but so necessary, so vital for any good book ... that ' s the book no, not quite — dave, so we ' re sophisticated — cool, isn ' t it ... raf — an extra pair of hands is always welcomed — you were that and so much more ... phil — more than thanks ... Mr. Hulderman, stanfabe, Henk, Bob, Mary, Ted, Stan, Jeannette, Bumps — what would i have ever done without you ... and the line continues ... forever . . . to an end... thank you — so very, very much — Molly Engle 431 Life is a narrow vale between the cold and barren peaks of two eternities. We strive in vain to look beyond the heights. We cry aloud — and the only answer is the echo of our wailing cry. From the voiceless lips of the unreplying dead there comes no word. But in the night of death Hope sees a star, and listening Love can hear the rustling of a wing. He who sleeps here, when dying, mistaking the approach of death for the return of health, whispered with his latest breath, " I am better now. " Let us believe, in spite of doubts and fears, that these dear words are true of all the countless dead. — Robert G. Ingersol, at his brother ' s grave, June 2, 1879. 433

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