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et. 41110 ‘•:,■:111. 1i • • _ ._ ' ‘, ' 0, k SA N4 ..C., ■ ‘1, ∎0,.. _,_ 1 q 10 III IN II • or ml ■ a • to IN • I I II NI N f ■ ■ ■ • • A ■ grulir r ' il 441 ut toi II liZ t I 1 a q 10 0 i 0 the hectic days of rush and registration, through every activity and tradition, till the last final is over and the last room emptied, an elusive but powerful esprit de corps exists throughout th e student body and pervades each university event. We dedicate the 1963 Desert to this unifying elan of campus life and hereby proudly present Odysseus Y. Boondgcher, personification of the true Arizona spirit, amateur twister, resident bon vivant and guide to the 1963 Desert.... rontents 1 administration 18 activities 30 publications 55 campus life 78 118 greek life 223 sports 314 organizations 369 -41111114k iti - 4 ‘■ —moor Before the start of school the Student Leader Retreat convened to discuss the burning issues of the times: Has the Artist Series gone high-brow? Is 17 inches really enough for the average football fan? " Is this the line for Station 5? " " I don ' t care if they have signed their bids already, you just can ' t pledge EVERYone in Manzanita Hall! " ::;,..., ,,... and I am deeply gratified that so many of you fine students have qualified this year for English X. " " Do you ever get the feeling that twisting is kind of antisocial? " Informal entertainment? Looks more like Louie ' s Licorice Lounge. 7 " Harvill. H-a-r-v-i-l-l. " Good planning and traffic management result in the usual short lines and small crowds at registration. First a line for the tickets, a line for validation and then the mash at Gate 13. Oh, to be a cheerleader! 8 Freshmen by the hundreds assem- bled at the Student Union as the Class of 1966 prepared for the tradi- tional A-Day observance. Cheerlead- ers led the car caravan through downtown Tucson and on up to Sen- tinel Peak — " A " -Mountain. 9 Theoretically, the purpose of A-Day is to paint the " A " which burned the night before. But with whitewash going everywhere but on the " A, " it ' s also traditional to paint the freshmen. 10 Pre-Med Club scouted members, or maybe victims, by locating its own headquarters conveniently near the Ski Club ' s. 11 " Yes, dear, freshmen have much nicer hours this year — two 9 o ' clocks a month if you make straight l ' s. " Angry mob s at the AWS Punch Party riot after noting that the refreshment consists of last year ' s punch. 12 " I know people keep kiping the Student Union silverware, but what an odd way to serve mashed potatoes! " Associated Women Student Watcher 13 Dedicated students attempt maneuver to determine the effect of fermentation of paper cups and pink punch. Some pledges make new friends . . . and some renew old hatreds at the annual Sorority Pledge Presents. 14 " Well, you see, we heard you were having Pledge Presents tonight and we ' re pledges so we ' ve come for our presents. " Another highlight of Pledge Presents: distribution of old sorority potion guaranteed to get a pin for every pledge. 15 " I ' m sure we can help you. What size false teeth do you wear? " They ' re happy; are they smiling? Dance climaxes annual Hi and Smile Week as weary smilers welcome the return of normalcy to campus. 16 " Okay. I buy you a coke; you give me your pin. " " Maybe I can ditch him and twirp that photographer. " " Wait a minute — I ' ll go and get the rest of them. " the confusion that arises when roles are switched led to mere conversation on the terrace at the Twirp Dance. 17 For the past twelve years Richard A. Harvill has been president of the University of Arizona. Dr. Harvill first came to the University in 1934 as an assistant professor of economics. From then until 1951, when he was appointed president, he held several positions here. From 1934-42 he was associate professor of economics and then Dean of the Graduate College from 1946-47. In 1947 he became Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. He served in that capacity until 1951, when on July 1 he was named presi- dent. Dr. Harvill was born in Centerville, Tennessee. He received his education at Mississippi State Col- lege, Duke, Chicago Uni- versity and Northwestern University. In addition to his un- ending responsibility to the University, he has found time to aid his community in many various ways. He is a member of Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, Ex- ecutives ' Club, Institute of International Educati on and The Council of Presi- dents of the American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Uni- versities. PRESIDENT RICHARD A. HARVILL I am pleased to extend hearty congratulations and warm greetings to seniors and other students who receive degrees in 1963. Your yearbook, the DESERT, contains much of the history of your class and records many scenes and events that occurred at the University which will always bring pleasant memories to you. The years that you have spent at the University will become more or less meaningful in the future, depending upon your own aspirations and endeavors. Education is always unfinished business. Changes in science and technology, in political systems, in the economic and social order and the increase in population are all inter-related elements of contemporary civilization. Transformations occurring in all countries of the world require much more than casual interest of citizens in a free society. For their understanding and resolution they require alert awareness and demand diligent study. Men and women of the University of Arizona are found in all parts of the world. They are assuming roles of leadership in every facet of human endeavor, and they are meeting the challenges that are presented by these unprecedented changes in a most exemplary way. I am confident than you who have just completed a phase of your educational endeavor will continue your educational experience in various ways and will add additional luster to the record of Arizona Alumni. Richard A. Harvill SAMUEL C. McMILLIAN Serving as Vice President for Planning and Development at the University of Ari- zona is Samuel C. McMillian. Samuel McMillian received his B.A. from the University of Arizona in 1935 and his M.B.A. from the University of Chi- cago in 1940. Before being appointed vice president he served as consultant to the European Economics Corporation. VICE PRESIDENTS ROBERT L. NUGENT Dr. Robert L. Nugent is Executive Vice President of the University of Arizona. Upon receiving his B.A. from the Univer- sity of Arizona, Dr. Nugent was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University. In 1928 he completed his Ph.D. in chemistry at Cornell. He has since served as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and of the Graduate College. WALTER H. DELAPLANE The position of Vice President of Aca- demic Affairs at the University of Arizona is held by Dr. Walter H. Delaplane. Dr. Delaplane received his A.B. and A.M. from Oberlin College and was awarded his Ph.D. at Duke University. He has served as Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Texas A M and as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at South- ern Methodist University. 22 PAUL J. FANNIN Governor of Arizona As Governor of Arizona, Paul Fannin serves as an ex-officio member of the Board of Regents. He is the first University of Arizona alumnus to achieve such a high executive position. While visiting the University for the 1962 Homecoming, Governor Fannin was notified of his selection as national Kappa Sigma Father of the Year. Governor Fan- nin ' s sons, Robert and William, who are both mem- bers of the University College of Law, were present for the presentation. The nine members and two ex-officio members of the Board of Regents devote many hours study- ing and evaluating programs involving education at the University of Arizona. Members of the board, who come from different parts of Arizona and diverse walks of life, continually study what is happening in higher education institutions throughout the country for ideas for improving Arizona ' s three educational institutions. BOARD OF REGENTS BOARD OF REGENTS: John G. Babbitt; Lynn M. Laney; Leon Levy; Vivian L. Boysen; Samuel H. Morris, president; Paul J. Fannin, ex officio; Richard A. Harvill; 0. D. Miller; W. W. Dick, ex officio. 23 DEAN OF WOMEN Karen Carlson Responsibility for the well-being of the women students is placed in the hands of Karen Car lson. She is adviser to Associated Women Students, Panhellenic Council and soro- rity presidents, Residence Hall Council, Social Life Com- mittee, Student Traffic Court, Phrateres, Student Life Com- mittee, three class honoraries and other organizations for women students. Much of the dean ' s time is also given to counseling women students on their personal problems, to the supervision of their housing and to their organiza- tions for student community government. The dean of women is aided in her work by two assist- ant deans. The three deans through their membership on several faculty committees and as faculty advisers for stu- dent organizations serve as a liaison between the faculty and students. DEAN OF MEN A. Louis Slonaker Counseling plays a large role in the responsibilities of the dean of men. A. L. Slonaker gives attention to financial, personal and social problems of students. The dean and his assistants handle certain administrative duties through service on thirty-five faculty committees. The committees cover areas of policies, activities and projects of the institution. The three deans correspond extensively with stu- dents, parents, alumni and fraternity representatives. They also handle student withdrawals and mail warning notices to men reported absent from class. Good citizenship and high standards are two goals toward which the deans strive to guide the University of Arizona students. ASSISTANT DEANS The dean of men and the dean of women are aided in their work by two assistant deans whose duties include counseling and advisory work. The assistant deans of women are Jane Kirby, the staff ' s newest member, and Jean Smith. Miss Kirby ' s duties in- clude advising the Panhellenic Council, Residence Hall Council and Alpha Kappa Lambda, freshman scholastic honorary. Jean Smith advises Mortar Board, Associated Women Students and Wranglers. The assistant deans of men, in addition to their com- mittee work, have many advisory duties. Elwyn Zimmer- man works with the Residence Hall Council and the Traffic Court. Edwin Gaines advises the campus fraternities through the IFC and IFPC. The counseling staff plays a vital ro le in handling the administrative responsibilities of the deans ' offices. 24 DAVID L. WINDSOR Registrar and Director of Admissions REGISTRAR ' S STAFF: David Butler, Warren Shirey, Margaret Husted, Aleen Keen, Douglas Ward. PHYSICAL PLANT STAFF: Robert Houston and John B. Trimble. BUSINESS STAFF: J. Kenneth Hayes and Sherwood Carr. AUDIO-VISUAL SERVICE: Row 1: Bill Mc- Leod. Row 2: Gordon Larsen, Venis Lind- say. Row 3: Robert Pierce, James Craig. KENNETH R. MURPHY Comptroller JACK CROSS Editor of Publications MAX VOSSKOHLER Director of Correspondence Instruction and Visual Aids RALPH DEAL WILLIAM STONE Purchasing Agent Director of Housing 25 Bill Varney, SUAB director; Robert Rodzen, assistant SUAB director. SUAB STAFF: Seated: Ann McCuish, Libby Capsuto. Standing: Darlene Rouse, Virginia Schumaker, Katherine Limperis, Louise Udall. BOOKSTORE STAFF: Maxine Cook; Mabel Condit; Jim Martin, manager; Harry Hayden; Jean Eidman, assistant manager; Lillian Harper. MAILING AND MIMEOGRAPH BUREAU: Margaret I. Good, manager; James Little. MUSEUM STAFF: William W. Wasley, Frances T. Slutes, Joan Y. Evans, Bernard L. Fontana, Vearl Galbraith, Ernest E. Leavitt, Alfred E. Johnson, Emil W. Haury, Mildred Oee, Lois Riesen, Edwen N. Ferdon Jr., Welma Kaemlein. 26 GRADUATE MANAGER STAFF: Seated: Lorna Marks. Standing: Jack Chalden, Jim Wilkes, Mary Norman Ross, Norma Veliz, Lois Greve. CHARLES " BUMPS " TRIBOLET Graduate Manager NEWS BUREAU STAFF: Seated: Jane F. Bonneville, James Dean Allen. Standing: MORGAN MONROE Dorothy Moreton, Royce Bond, Dick Haney, Morgan Monroe. Director of News Bureau ALUMNI STAFF: Row 1: Charmayne Gibbings, Alice Macdonald, Carol Lange, Betty MARVIN " SWEDE " JOHNSON Weatherly. Row 2: Mike Harrold, JoAnn Sudigala, Walt Roberson. Alumni Association Executive Secretary 27 ASUA PHOTO DIVISION: Henk Moonen, manager; Ron Goupil, portrait photographer; Leah Darr, receptionist; John Fogle, dark room technician; Stan Oaks, color technician; Bob Broder, photographer. LIBRARY STAFF: Fleming Bennett, librarian; STUDENT COUNSELING BUREAU: Row 1: Tally Gilhurson, Jean Cunningham, Louise Patricia Paylore, assistant librarian. Bronson. Row 2: Glenn Shean, Newton E. James, Lewis Hertz, Robert Wrenn. INFIRMARY STAFF: Grace Robinette, Martha Yerkes, Sue Ferrell, Doris Piper, Mary R. Weinkauf, Guy A. Klent, Lillian E. Lukena- meyer, Laura E. Sellers, Adeline R. Guiney, Jane Herman, Graciaoro Rogaldo, W. R. Chappel, M.D. tY. _Awn ;IS ADMINISTRATIVE PUBLICATIONS ARIZONA QUARTERLY: Albert E. Gegenheimer, editor; F. C. McCormick, assistant editor. The Arizona Quarterly contains articles of fiction, poetry, book reviews and some folk stories of the Southwest. ARIZONA AND THE WEST: Dr. John Carroll, editor; Harwood P. Hinton, assistant editor. This historical quarterly on the southwest gives brief, interesting facts which are related to the trials and characteristics of our past. ARIZONA ALUMNUS: June Caldwell, editor and Barbara Campbell, co-editor. The issues of the Arizona Alumnus make is possible for the past students of the University to keep in contact with the interesting facts and activities of the campus. This quarterly has the second largest volume of publication in the State of Arizona and goes to about forty thousand alumni. 29 activities t 32 Associated Students DON MIGRATE-1 President The purpose of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona is to enable stu- dents to assume the privileges and responsi- bilities of self-government and the direction and management of student activities and enterprises. The ASUA constitutional reforms impose an efficient and democratic form of government. The constitution provides for a student senate. All legislative powers, except as otherwise provided, are vested in that body. It is the one official group which formulates student policy and is the final determining student voice on any problems which arise concerning student policy. Appointments and formations of new committees by the presi- dent require consent of the student senate under the new law. The incentives and accomplishments of Don McGrath, ASUA President, can be sum- marized by his statement, " I found myself here at the University. " In addition to holding the office of student body president, he was a member of the Senate Appropriations Board, Card Stunt Chairman, participated in the Rally Committee, Traditions Committee and was one of the three drafters of the pres- ent constitution. He is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, business honorary, and his ambi- tion is to practice law. Don is a native of Los Angeles, Calif., but wishes to obtain perma- nent residence in Arizona. JIM SAKRISON Vice-President Jim Sakrison was vice-president of ASUA. As vice-president he presided over all regular and special sessions of the Senate. He also served on the Traditions Committee and Blue Key. Associated Students LaVERNE LAMB Secretary LaVerne Lamb, ASUA secretary, was in charge of keeping the minutes of the Executive Council. In addition she was a U of A twirler and vice-president of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. PETE DUNN Executive Assistant Pete Dunn, as an executive assistant, was speaker pro tempore of the Senate. He was also a member of the Executive Council and Senate Appropriations. 33 AL D ' ANCONA Executive Assistant Al D ' Ancona, an executive assist- ant, served as a special assistant to the president. He was also on the Senate Appropriations Board. JON UNDERWOOD Executive Assistant As an executive assistant, Jon Underwood was chairman of Senate Appropriations. He also served on the Executive Council and was a member of Chain Gang. Executive Council The Executive Council regulates and directs all student activities. In addition it reviews and recom- mends changes in the executive branch. It served as an assistant to the ASUA president and was respon- sible for introducing several measures later brought up before the Senate. Cabinet The ASUA president and the chairman of the standing committees constitute the Student Cabinet. While the cabinet seldom meets as a whole, each committee head has private consultations with the ASUA president. The president may create, alter, or abolish a committee with approval of the Senate. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Row 1: Charles " Bumps " Tribolet, Jim Sakrison, Jane Karmen, Carolyn Ewing, Karen Carlson, Edwin Gaines. Row 2: Jon Underwood, Al D ' Ancona, Doug Stanley, John Yount, Don McGrath. ASUA CABINET: Row 1: Jim Edwards, Mike Larriva, Al D ' Ancona, Bill Walker, Carolyn Bradley, Linda South, Louise Clark. Row 2: Ford Burk- hart, Butch Schumacher, Don McGrath, Casey Blitt, Ron Sadoff, Dan Keiller, Bob Fifield. 34 ASUA STUDENT SENATE Charles Tribolet Bill Varney Karen Carlson Edwin Gaines Jim Sakrison Pete D unn ' Frances Gonzola Warren Rustand ASUA Affairs Student Union Faculty Adviser Faculty Adviser Speaker Liberal Arts Clerk Parliamentarian Bonnie Anderson Barbara Booth Dan Breck Bob Christofk Russell Ewing Tom Finke Jan Glover Tom Hall Liberal Arts Liberal Arts BPA Liberal Arts Liberal Arts BPA Education Liberal Arts Mike Kelly Judie Kraft Tom Lange Bobbie Long john John Lyons Scott McCoy Sue McKenzie Jim Miller BPA Fine Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Graduate Fine Arts Mines Lou Morgan Pete Neumann Alex Padilla Lisle Payne BPA Law Engineering BPA Steve Pinnell Irene Rasmussen M. H. Richardson Charles Rush Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Agriculture Jon Underwood Don Wade Richard Wiedhopf Monte Clausen Wayne Benesch Bob Reed Clive Seal BPA Liberal Arts Pharmacy Class of 1963 Class of 1964 Class of 1965 Class of 1966 Odysseus Boondgcher Honorary This year the ASUA government is much like that of our own United States government. It consists of the executive, judicial and legislative branches. The Student Senate, or legislative branch, consists of 28 senators elected from the various colleges apportioned to the enrollment. It also includes the class presidents, the ex-officio members and the advisors. Jim Sakrison, ASUA vice-president, serves as speaker of the senate. Assisting Jim are Pete Dunn, speaker pro-tempore, Warren Rustand, parliamentarian, and Francis Gonzolo, clerk. Ex-officio members are presidents Doug Stanley of IFC, Carolyn Ewing of AWS, Jane Karman of Panhellenic, John Yount of RHC, Robbie Dicus of SUAB, and Richard Hess of Polo Village. 35 ASUA ASUA provides committees to stimulate interest in campus life among students. The activities stressing academic aspects of the campus, including the ASUA TV program, are arranged by the Academic Committee. The Artist Series Committee coordinates student and faculty efforts in scheduling and presenting the dramatic and musical productions. The Public Relations Committee promotes general pub- lic and student relations. Talent for all events sponsored by the University is provided by the Assembly Committee. The Campus Blood Drive and the Campus Chest are man- aged by the Community Service Committee. ACADEMIC COMMITTEE: Seated: Diana Corbett, Virginia Gee, Dan Keiller, Cheryl Evans, Sally Hahne. Standing: Gary Case, Phil Varney, Nancy Hood, Donna Church, Ed Danenhauer. L___ ARTIST SERIES COMMITTEE: Seated: Betty Burch, Carolyn Bradley, Carol Wangner, Sally Mitchell. Standing: Kathy Hayer, Nancy Tisdale, Suzanne Sato, Art Gardenswartz. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE: Seated: Louis Brichta, Carson Boice, Nanny Mathias, Lynda Nelson. Standing: Ron Sadoff, Audrey Fuller. ASSEMBLIES COMMITTEE: Seated: Lisa Long, Bob Fifield, Ann Lincoln, Margaret Wong. Sanding: Valerie Vance, Ed Beach. COMMUNITY SERVICE COMMITTEE: Jim Edwards, Ann Brownewell, Karen Fredrick- son, Annette Jelly, Pete Parker, Mac Rey- nolds, John Frannea. 36 PEOPLE TO PEOPLE COMMITTEE: Seated: Kathy Allen, Ford Burk- hart. Standing: Sandy Hodge, Kitsi Watterson, Suzi Sato. Committees PUBLICITY COMMITTEE: Seated: Louise Clark, Rogue Guirey. Standing: Lucy Richardson, Steve Moulton, Toby Knox, John Moffatt. The University established in 1962 the People-to-People Committee encouraging student participation and friendship on campus. American and foreign students work together on this new committee. The Publicity Committee handles publicity for ASUA, SUAB and AWS functions and activities. Jurisdiction over all campus elections is held by the Elections Committee. Promoting interest in University-sponsored events such as after-game dances and free Sunday movies is a job of the Social Life Committee. The Social Life Committee is also in charge of arranging the Associated Students concerts. ELECTIONS COMMITTEE: Seated: Nan Doubet, Joni Taranton, Diane Tully, Marilyn McDonald, Adria Later, Barbara Bolton, Christie Galloway, Gail Johns, Sybilla O ' Mara, K. Frances Daniel. Standing: John Nielsen, Frank Raymond, Sandy Cartmell, Mary Bienfang, Jan Wilson, Butch Schumacher, Susie Candkamer, Bonnie Andersen, Molly Arnold, Ron Bengamo, Nick Alsever. SOCIAL LIFE COMMITTTEE: Row 1: Karen Comegys, Gordon Medill, Chuck Doubet, Joanne Fenwick, Cindy Koshelek, Jeannie Kay Keiller, Molly Gimmestad, Carol Lang. Row 2: Don Ashton, Dave Payne, Roger Boll, Tom Bartholomew, Liz Krueger, Pat Thompson, Cindy Mon- roe, Diane Jeffries, Linda South, Jayne Pierson, Al Rothbardt. 37 STUDENT TRAFFIC COURT: E. E. Zimmerman, Assistant Dean of Men; Pat Thompson; Casey Blitt, Chief Justice; Jeff Mora. The Student Traffic Court reviews the appeals of students who have been cited for violations against the parking and traffic regulations of the University. Since the court is appellate in nature, all traffic fees must be paid before a hearing is granted. Student Courts MIKE LARRIVA Chief Justice The Supreme Court has vested in it the judicial power of the Associated Students. The Supreme Court receives appellate jurisdiction from the two lower courts which were established by the Student Senate. Cases arising under the Social Code and other regulations of student conduct are presented to the Social Court for original jurisdiction. After the Social Court issues temporary writs, the Supreme Court has review. STUDENT SUPREME COURT: Row 1: Ruth Ann Morse; Mike Larriva, Chief Justice; Sally Lawrence. Row 2: Larry Deutsch, Paul Ostroy, Gary Case, Carl Gindele. STUDENT SOCIAL COURT: Chuck Serlis; Dr. Edwin Gaines, Assistant Dean of Men; Norma Jean Pick; John Gaskin, Chief Justice; Sharon Turk; Lorie Carlson; Joseph Siegman. 38 BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS: Dr. Barney Childs, Don McGrath, Bruce Hemple, Vaughne Kowalski, Paul Kellogg, Charles Tribolet, Tom Manhard, Mal Terence. Board of Publications The Board of Publications, which supervises the journalistic activities on campus, is composed of the editors, business managers and faculty advisers of official publications, the head of the department of journalism, the director of the Press Bureau, the director of the Associated Students and the ASUA president. The board selects new editors and business managers. Senate Appropriations Board The Senate Appropriations Board regulates the finances of the Associated Students. The board appropriates funds for student affairs from the activity fee collections. The schedules of all divisions of student activities and awards for all activities are approved by the board. It has the authority to suspend any activity which is financially harmful to the Associated Students. SHERMAN R. MILLER Acting Chairman Board of Publications SENATE APPROPRIATIONS: Charles " Bumps " Tribolet, Jon Underwood, Mary Pavlich, Robert Svob, Bill Varney, Don McGrath, Jim Sakrison, A. L. Slomaker, Carolyn Ewing, John Lyons. 39 SU Coordinators The Student Union Activities Board acts as the adminis- trative body for the Student Union Building. Board mem- bers meet weekly to plan and coordinate the operations of the seven SUAB committees. Working with the committees and professional admin- istrators, SUAB sponsors the Student Union Birthday Party, the Spring Fiesta and the International Forum. The News and Events Committee arranges the Tall Tale Contest and edits the SU brochure and newsletters. Displaying art and photo exhibits and choosing books and records for the reading and listening rooms are among the Cultural Affairs Committee ' s projects. The Administration Committee maintains SUAB records and puts out a monthly calendar. BILL VARNEY SUAB BOARD: Seated: Vicki Carlson, Steve Copple, Linda South, Jo Ann Branham, Beth Earley, Rob Dicus, Al D ' Ancona. Standing: Bob Fifield, Jim Taylor, John Lyons, Barbara Knox, Dee Ann Scofield, Louise Clark. BARBARA KNOX DEE ANN SCOF IELD JO ANN BRANHAM Cultural Affairs News and Events Administration 40 STUDENT UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD ROB DICUS President These three SUAB committees, Public Relations, Recreation and Special Events and the office of secretary-treasurer are under the direction of the presi- dent, whose job it is to coordinate their various campus and board activities and insure their efficient running. Public Relations handles an information and guide service on special days such as Homecoming and Mom and Dad ' s Day. Recreation oversees national and university billiard, bowling and bridge tournaments. Special Events sponsors such activities as an annual photo contest and Chuck Wagon Dinners. Record keeping of all proceedings is the job of secretary-treasurer. BETH EARLY Secretary-Treasurer JIM TAYLOR STEVE COPPLE VICKI CARLSON Recreation Public Relations Special Events 41 STANDARDS BOARD: Sandi Wason, secretary; Joni Taranton, vice-chairman; Cha Kenan, chairman; Wanda Bailey, rules chairman; Carolyn Ewing, AWS president. The Standards Board is a four-member group consisting of a senior chairman of the board and the the rules committee and a junior secretary and vice chairman of the board. The Assistant Deans of Women serve as advisers, while the AWS president holds an ex-officio position. This board meets weekly in the Dean of Women ' s office to review cases which deal with major offenses and those referred to it by residence hall and sorority judiciary committees. Upon recommendation of the Board, women students may be suspended or placed on probation. The General Council is composed of five AWS officers, the chairmen of the committees, the members of the Standards Board and a repre sentative from each sorority and residence hall and Phrateres. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: Ann Hage, Patti Cohn, Edie Catlin, Barbara Goldman, Wanda Bailey, Judy Hauskins, Linda Lantin, Llew Howard. GENERAL COUNCIL: Row 1: Wanda Bailey, Barb Minas, Sandi Wason, Carolyn Ewing, Gail Johns, Charlotte Cleveland, Linda Lantin, Brenda Yudin, Dorothy Gaskill, Ann Brownewell, Evie Wing, Llew Howard. Row 2: Gage Dennett, Pat Sheridan, Ann Hage, Sue Walker, Sue Ravitz, Barbara Goldman, Jay Gordon, Kay Harper, Joy Angier, Karen Aronson, Judy Edgar. Row 3: Carol Wagner, Cha Kenan, Mary Shumway, Bev Anderson, Edie Catlin, Barbara Booth, Julie Babiars, Gloria Tuell, Mary Lou Benson, Susie Wearne, Patti Cohn, Judy Hauskins, Josephine Hillard. 42 Under the leadership of President Carolyn Ewing, AWS tried to maintain the high standards and ideals of every woman student enrolled at the University of Arizona. Aiding Carolyn were Gage Dennett, vice president; Judy Edgar, secre- tary; and Bunny Bechtel, treasurer. The AWS committees were headed by Barbara Goldman, Philanthropy; Ann Hage, Civic Activti- ties; Linda Lantin, Freshman Orientation; Carson Boice, Publicity; Judy Hauskins, Social; Edith Catlin, Special Events; Llew Howard, Campus Activities; Wanda Bailey, Rules; and Patti Cohn, Scholarship. The General Council of AWS is composed of the five officers, the chairmen of the committees, the members of Standards Board and a represen- tative from each residence hall, sorority house and Phrateres. General Council meets once a week to enact rules and regulations and to coordinate the campus activities of women students. The AWS activities this year included the Acti- vities Mart, Punch Party, TWIRP Week, AWS For- mal and the Most Eligible Bachelor, a Halloween Project, Thanksgiving food drive, Christmas toy drive, clothing drives, and many other activities. Associated Women Students CAROLYN EWING President As AWS presiden t, Carolyn Ewing presided over AWS General Council, served as an ex-officio member of Standards Board, on Executive Council and Senate Appropriations Board. GAGE DENNETT BUNNY BECHTEL JUDY EDGAR Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 43 MONTE CLAUSEN President The Senior Class presented their traditional gift to the University and in May attended the senior break- fast. Working with Blue Key, Bobcats and Mortar Board, they tried to re-examine the possibility of lengthening the Easter vacation. The class also brought up the ques- tion of eliminating finals for graduating seniors. MARG!E TENCH Vice-President Senior Class SALLY CLEVENGER SALLY MYERS Secretary Treasurer 44 MORTAR BOARD: Row 1: Sandy Hodge, Sharon Turk, Dee Ann Gray, Kathy Hayer, Gloria Kalil, Patti Veliz. Row 2: Gage Dennett, Carolyn Ewing, Mary Helen Richardson, Cha Kenan, Sarah Walker, Margie Tench, Rita Mosiman, Jo Ann Branham. KATHY HAYER President Seniors who excel in leadership, scholarship and service on campus are honored each year by admittance into either Mortar Board, Bobcats, or Blue Key. Mortar Board, national senior women ' s honorary, through sponsoring many social and cultural activities, develops a finer type of college woman in its members. The Bobcats Society is the senior men ' s honorary on campus. Its thirteen members are dedicated to the promotion of student body spirit. Blue Key, national senior men ' s honorary, in cooperation with the administration, furthers the best interests of the students of the University of Arizona. BLUE KEY: Row 1: Andy Norris, Mike Larriva, Monte Clausen, Casey Blitt, Larry Stewart, Johnny Mansour, Butch Schumacher. Row 2: Doug Stanley, Mike Kelly, Bill Long, James Aiello, Tim Pennington, Jim Sak- rison, Leonard Karp. TIM PENNINGTON President BOBCATS: Row 1: Phil Edlund, Tom Tadano, John Gaskin, Jim Jone s, Mike Pretzer, Bill Walker. Row 2: Don McGrath, Jim Dalzell, Bob Hartman, Boots Bergstrom, Rob Dicus, Chuck Serlis, Ford Burkhart. PHIL EDLUND President 45 WAYNE BENESCH President The Junior Class sponsored the " Bring Jun in ' 63 " drive to bring a Japanese student, Jun Hisanaka, to the University next semester. Other projects by t he class included an attempt to relieve crowded conditions at the stadium gates before football games. An effort was also made to increase the school spirit at athletic events. DAVE AREGHINI Vice-President Junior Class SUZI SATO MARY CONROY Secretary Treasurer 46 DEE ANN SCOFIELD President CHIMES: Row 1: Dee Ann Scofield, Carolyn Bradley, Karen Caine, Barbara Booth, Edith Catlin, Daille Rupnik, Beth Early, Flighty Christy, Marjane Ryals, Amanda McCoy. Row 2: Mary Lou Bender, Barbara Knox, Ann Hage, Bunny Bechtel, Patti Jo Cohn, Ann Williams, Sandra Wason, Cindy Monroe, Mimi Riley, Judy Edgar, Nancy Beckly, Molly Gimmestad, Suzi Sato, Linda South. Chimes is the national junior wo- men ' s honorary whose members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership and activities. Chimes sponsor the annual Spring Sing and help with campus events. MIKE CARROLL President CHAIN GANG: Row 1: Gerald Bott, Chip U ' Ren, John Blom, Joel Stein, John Lyons, Tom Brown, Lisle Payne, Roger Boll. Row 2: Jon Underwood, Tom Russell, Tom Sawyer, Pete Dunn, Larry Harris, Danny Keiller, Dave Areghini, Gary Case, Bob Fifield. Row 3: Roger Garrett, Lou Morgan, Steve Pinnell, Don Wade, Jeff Quiggle, David Payne, Art Gardenswartz, Mike Carroll. Members of Chain Gang, junior men ' s honorary, are chosen for their scholarship, campus activities and school service. They assist in all cam- pus special events and act as hosts to visiting athletes. 47 BOB REED President Sophomore class officers Bob Reed, Dennis Orrock, Suzi Gallaher and Sandy Button were elected in Octo- ber to direct the class activities. The class sponsored a debate between the candidates for ASUA president before the spring elections. Sophomores also contri- buted to and participated in the Campus Blood Drive and the Campus Chest. DENNIS ORROCK Vice President Sophomore Class SUZI GALLAHER SANDY BUTTON Secretary Treasurer 48 " At Your Service " , the motto of Spurs, the sophomore wom- en ' s honorary, was once again demonstrated by the service Spurs gave at Orientation Week, Mom ' s and Dad ' s Day and A-Day. The members are tapped on Women ' s Day for their high character, scholar- ship and service. KATHY ROBINSON President SPURS: Row 1 : Cheryl White, Klaire Kaufman, Lynda Nelson, Jerry Shields, Kay Mickelsen, Virginia Gee, Donna Lambert, Donna Church, Rogue Guirey, Karen Perona, Sue Coppess. Row 2: Suzanne Sato, Agnes Garner, Royanna Lebrecht, Linda Lew, Diana Tully, Marilyn Corkhill, Christy Behrendt, Kathy Robinson, Nona Piziali, Stephanie Anderson, Toby Hyman, Ruth Ann Kent, Linda Bendixon, Michelle Murphy, Mary Shumway, Frances Gonzalo. Row 3: Gail Price, Suzanne Thompson, Randi Slaughter, Audrey Fuller, Linda Lantin, Vicki Carlson, Suzi Gallaher, Mary Ann McCue, Anne Armor, Kathryn Allen, Beverly Treible, Carol McCutchan, Sandy Button, Gail Rosenthal. SOPHOMORE HONORARIES Sophos, the national honor- ary for men, was chartered in 1933 to serve the University campus. The young men are selected on the basis of leader- ship, scholarship and activities during their freshman year. They participate in all campus special events as sophomore class members. MAC McCONNICO President SOPHOS: Row 1: Larry Tuella, Jim Goar, Sam Stout, Pepe Rathwell, Gordon Medill, Jim Fritsch. Row 2: Mike Friedman, Mac McConnico, Don Doran, Cole Thornton, Andy Dithridge, Fred Embry, Jack Frank, Jim Norman. Row 3: Steve Stanton, Steve Moulton, Ed Danenhauer, Phil Varney, Chuck Davis, Chuck Doubet. 49 CLIVE SEAL President The four thousand new students who registered this fall make up the largest freshman class in the history of the University. Members of the Class of 1965 began their year ' s activities by whitewashing the " A " on Sentinel Peak. This event was highlighted by the crowning of Nancy Hobbs as " A " -Day queen. Selection was based upon appearance and knowledge of University traditions. The freshman officers and council sponsored various projects during the year, including helping with the Campus Blood Drive and the Campus Chest and obtain- ing prominent personalities to speak on campus. PETE PARKER Vice-President FRESHMAN CLASS BARCLAY BALDRIDGE PAM SCHUMACHER Treasurer Secretary 50 To be elected to Alpha Lambda Delta, the scholastic honorary for freshmen women, a student must achieve a 1.5 grade average dur- ing either semester of her fresh- man year. This group helps freshmen adjust to University life and spon- sors speakers, teas and exchanges with other campus groups. The officers for 1962-63 were Rachel Lopez, president; Anne Irish, vice- president; Dorothy McCutcheon, corresponding secretary; Karen Perona, recording secretary; and Genie Elmore, treasurer. RACHEL LOPEZ President Phi Eta Sigma, the national men ' s honorary for freshmen, re- quires a minimum 1.5 scholastic average. The principal project of Phi Eta Sigma is to give University students helpful hints on studying in the pamphlet " How to Study. " They also help acquaint incom- ing freshmen with the various University activities. The offi- cers this year were Tom Waitman, president; Louis Brichta, vice- president; Bill Porter, secretary; and Jerry Gin, treasurer. TOM WAITMAN President FRESHMAN HONORARIES ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: Row 1: Dorothy McCutcheon, Virginia Gee, Cheryl White, Rachel Lopez, Anne Irish, Karen Perona, Genie Elmore. Row 2: Sheri Score, Toby Reynolds, Pamela Dedriek, Carol Schmidt, Sue Alexander, Diane Fernley, Lovell Yaeger, Sharon Utke, Donna Church, Diane Donahue, Sonnia Santee. Row 3: Sue Coppess, Molly Arnold, Kitty Podolsky, Randi Slaughter, Marilyn Corkhill, Sara Folk, Ann Schmid, Mary Coffey. PHI ETA SIGMA: Row 1: Jack Newsbaum, Louis Brichta, Roger Pecoraro, Larry Tualla, William Tadano, Pete Jensen. Row 2: Tom Waitman, Jerry Gin, Bruce Wooley, Ruddell Byrd, Robert Brook, Kent Keller, James Elliott, John Goltz. 51 CHARLES BERGSTROM Sophos; Chain Gang Pres.; Bobcats; Scabbard and Blade. CASEY BLITT Sophos; Chain Gang; Blue Key; Chief Justice, Traffic Court. JOANN BRANHAM Alpha Lambda Delta; Spurs; Chimes; Mortar Board; Angel Flight. FORD BURKHART Chain Gang; Bobcats; Tra- ditions; Wildcat Associate Editor. MONTE CLAUSEN Sophos; Chain Gang; Tra- ditions; Blue Key VP; Sen- ior Pres.; Basketball. WHO ' S WHO This year 36 outstanding University of Arizona seniors were selected for inclusion in Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. They were chosen on the basis of scholarship, service to the school and leadership in academic and extra-curricular activities. The names and activities of these students will appear in the 1962-63 publication along with those of seniors from approximately 750 other colleges and universities. The screening of names began in the Awards and Medals Committee of the Student Senate. Upon the committee ' s recommend ations, the entire Senate voted for the final selec- tions. This list was then given to the Senate Appropriations Board for approval. GAGE DENNETT Spurs; Chimes; Mortar Board; Home Ec. Club Pres.; AWS Treas., VP. ROBERT DICUS Sophos; Chain Gang; Bob- cats; Traditions Commit- tee; SUAB President. PHIL EDLUND Sophos; Chain Gang; Bob- cats Pres.; Traditions; People to People Chm. CAROLYN EWING Spurs Pres.; Chimes; Mor- tar Board; AWS Secretary; AWS President. JOHN GASKIN Sophos; Chain Gang; Bob- cats; Junior Pres.; Chief Justice, Supreme Court. PATTI GILBERT Alpha Lambda Delta; Spurs; Chimes; Mortar Board; Desert Editor. KATHY HAYER Mortar Board Pres.; Com- munity Service Chairman; Delta Delta Delta. 52 SANDY HODGE GLORIA KALIL JANIE KARMEN LEONARD KARP Mortar Board; Women ' s Alpha Lambda Delta; Chimes; Angel Flight; Sophos Treasurer; Chain Recreation Assn. Pres.; Chimes Treas.; Mortar Panhellenic Sec.-Treas. Gang; Blue Key; ASUA People to People Corn. Board Secretary. and President. Public Relations Chm. LaVERNE LAMB Phi Chi Theta; Pi Omega Pi; Tau Beta Sigma Sec.; Twirler; ASUA Sec. SALLY LAWRENCE Chimes; Angel Flight; Su- preme Court Justice; In- ternational Form Chm. DON McGRATH Bobcats; Traditions; Scab- bard and Blade; Alpha Kappa Psi; ASUA Pres. MARILYN MITCHELL Alpha Lambda Delta; Spurs; Student Religion Council Treasurer. LARRY MORRISON International Forum Chairman; People to Peo- ple Committee. RUTH ANN MORSE Spurs; ASUA Social Life Chm.; Desert Secretarial Manager; ASUA Cabinet. RITA MOSIMAN Mortar Board; Winner of Metropolitan Opera Au- ditions in Arizona. SUSAN PALMER Spurs; Soph. Treas.; ior Councilwoman; utive Council; Rep. Coun. MARY PATTERSON 1961 Homecoming Queen; University Play- ers President. TIM PENNINGTON Blue Key Pres.; Scabbard and Blade VP; Varsity Track; Traffic Court. 53 CARYL RAMBO Alpha Lambda Delta; Chimes; Mortar Board; Omricon Nu; Junior VP. MARY RICHARDSON Spurs; Chimes Pres.; Mor- tar Board; Soph. Sec.; Student Senate. JIM SAKRISON Sophos; Chain Gang; Tra- ditions Pres.; Blue Key; ASUA Vice-President. SUZANNE SATO Spurs President; Chimes; Artist Series; People to People. BUTCH SCHUMACHER Sophos; Chain Gang; Blue Key; Alpha Kappa Psi; ASUA Elections Chm. JIM SOURANT Sophos; Chain Gang; Bob- cats Pres.; IFC Rush Chm., Western Regional VP. DOUG STANLEY Traditions; Scabbard and Blade; Blue Key; IFC Pres. and Sec. THOMAS TADANO Phi Eta Sigma President; Chain Gang; Bobcats. MARGIE TENCH Spurs; Chimes VP; Angel Flight; Mortar Board; ert Organizations Editor. SHARON TURK Alpha Lambda Delta; Spurs; Chimes; Mortar Board; Soph. VP. KIT WALKER Traffic Court; Chimes; Angel Flight Pres.; Mor- tar Board Treasurer. KIRK YOUNG Sophos; Chain Gang; Blue Key; Phi Eta Sigma; Var- sity Basketball. 54 (i) 0 • Cd ANANKE Ananke, the University literary magazine, was founded last year by John Aborn and Bruce Hempel. Its name is the Greek word meaning " necessity. " This year the magazine published three issues under the direction of Bruce Hempel, editor; Drummond Hadley, poetry editor; Larry Blakey, short story editor; and Dennis Oliver, essay editor. Assistant editors were Kitty Lance, Bard Stebbins and Frank Watkins. At the end of the year Ananke presented $25 awards to student contributors for the best poem, short story and essay. Dr. Barney Childs of the English Depart- ment is Ananke adviser. FICTION EDITOR LARRY BLAKEY POETRY EDITOR DRUMMOND HADLEY Assistants Frank Watkins, Kitty Lance and Bard Stebbins talk to Dr. Childs. EDITOR BRUCE HEMPEL ADVISER DR. BARNEY CHILDS The Ananke is a delicate operation. 56 EDITOR VAUGHNE KOWALSKI DESERT The 1963 Desert is the product of many long hours of work by the editors, assistant editors, photographers and staff members. Policy and organizational decisions were made during the summer, and work continued throughout the school year, often late at night and during vaca- tions, as the editors struggled with pictures, idents, copy and captions to beat their deadlines. Several innovations make their appearance in the Desert this year, including a new type face, Spartan Book. In general, photography has been emphasized and copy kept at a minimum where ever possible. Reorganization of several sections has changed the format of the book. The Greek section has been expanded to include Greek campus life, roy- alty and other activities. The dedication theme is carried out with sec- tions of campus life candids at both the beginning and the end of the book. ASSISTANT EDITOR BOBBIE LONGJOHN ART EDITOR MIKE MOORE 57 PAUL KELLOGG Sales Manager YVONNE TELLEZ Colleges Editor GAIL PRICE Organizations Co-Editor LINDA WILKINSON MARTHA H I GL EY Organizations Co-Editor Portrait Editor 58 BOB JOHNSON Research Editor IVA JONES Administration and Activities Editor BARBARA SMITH Index Editor LUJUANA WOLFE Copy Co-Editor HUGH CONNOLLY JANE TREADWELL Sports Editor Copy Co-Editor 59 " Say anything you like in the captions — no one reads the Desert anyway! " ASSISTANT EDITORS: Vicki Grennen, portrait, and Marilyn Buck, administration and activities. Mary Lou Kleindienst, assistant art editor, Assistant organization editors Suzy Grossetta, Klaire Kaufman and and Betsy Grube, assistant sales manager. Suzanne Thompson. 0 0 C)Q 0 C11 COC9 MOOW: Suzanne Bambauer, layout assistant sports editor. Jackie Ross, assistant colleges editor, and Karen Harsch, second-semester in dex editor. consultant, and Jerene Friedman, BILL GOREN Photographer 61 ARIZONA WILDCAT Due to added efficiency of the staff and a 50-per cent increase in advertising, the 1962-63 Wildcat was able to maintain its recent policy of publishing three times a week. The Wildcat staff, under the direction of editor Mal Terence, started the year with a 24-page issue — the largest regular edition ever released. The homecoming edition also contained 24 pages and featured articles on the arid land projects, foreign students and the histories of University fraternities and sororities. On October 3, another first was added to the Wildcat ' s list. This was the special edition on the University of Missis- sippi crisis. It covered the story with personal interviews of Old Miss students and an Arizona professor, plus outlining the history and new developments of the case. In June of 1962, the Arizona Wildcat received the Colum- bia Scholastic Press Association ' s Medalist Award, naming it one of the top eight college newspapers in the nation. A paid political announcement. MAL TERENCE Editor CORD BURKHART TOM MANHARD CAROLE HAINES Associate Editor Business Manager Managing Editor SHARON BOILEAU GEORGE SOLLENBERGER LOIS FENSTERMAKER Society Editor News Editor Assistant Managing Editor " No, Ford. I ' ve decided NOT to invade Cuba. " 1011•1114.41110.3114441.411 4.411141311144,er, 194, -OW • 41 114me4440M14144 sevem........MI to ommom....erast aevnywasvmsOMISW 1111104 111911 mewensasseoffaxesow 141441141 M11111.1111 ' 4.118111111416.... Fortified by SU coffee and bicarb, the Wildcat staff readies the next edition. GENE SMITH Sports Editor 63 Tom manages to make business a pleasure. PAT MORAN Assistant Society Editor AVERY KEENER Assistant Society Editor PETE PARKER Circulation Manager JOE MANNING Photo Editor HAROLD COUSLAND Assistant Sports Editor 64 " There are only seven pages of letters to the editor this week, so we have to think of SOMETHING for Mal to write an editorial about " " Ford, you flunk Coffeemaking 110b. " Staff listens attentively to a Mal-adjusted attack on the cactus gardens. " Now who can we slam in the ' Offbeat Commentary ' this week? " ' Yeah. I smoke funny, but this weed has lasted two days. " 65 MICKEY TURKEN Chairman BILL WALKER President WILBUR COMMITTEE: Row 1: Toni Miller, Sallie Siegelman, Wilbur, Judy Mallin. Row 2: Mickey Turken, Sam Stout, Liz Tofel, Mark Pass, Silverman, Margaret McDole. TRADITIONS COMMITTEE The Traditions Committee, headed by Bill Walker, is responsible for organizing and promoting all aspects of school spirit. Composed of 25 members, the committee arranges such events as " A " Day, card stunts and rallies. Working with Traditions are the cheerleaders and the pom pon girls. The Rally Com- mittee, under the direction of Paul Ostroy, assists the Traditions Committee. WILBUR COMMITTEE Promoting school spirit is the Wilbur Committee ' s function. Five members alternate in playing Wilbur at the University football games, while the remainder of the commit- tee makes props for Wilbur ' s stunts. Wilbur Committee chairman Mickey Turken also serves as ex-officio member of the Traditions Committee. TRADITIONS COMMITTEE: Row 1: Gene Hildreth, Bart Hughes, Gary Chiate, Dave Payne, Bill Walker, Bob Kerrick, Bill Priebe, Jim Umbeck, Carl Gindele. Row 2: Monte Clausen, Paul Ostroy, Bill Hamilton, Dan Keiller, Warren Rustand, Tom LaVoy, Tex Elner, Jim Sakrison, Roger Boll. Row 3: Roy Stonecipher, Gary Case, Larry Stewart, Ron Saffer, Don McGrath, Doug Stanley, Bob Fifield, Pete Dunn, Dick Dow. 66 WRANGLERS: Row 1: Mariann Barry, Pam Frazer, Molly Gimmestad, Cheryl Higgins, Carolyn Ide, Jackie Weiss, Ruth Davis, Marsha Malone, Jean Buckwalter. Row 2: Cindy Koshelek, Ellen Yarnell, Pat Sheridan, Judy Smith, Toby Butler, Ellen Bernstein, Lee Weingarten, Rose- mary Jenkin, Alice Boyd, Wendy Tuch, Cheryl White, Terri Scremin, Sonnia Santee. Row 3: Linda Lantin, Angela Grove, Margaret Thompson, Margot Orona, Charlotte Cleveland, Eileen Wood, Pat Day, Mary Louise Rios, Rachel Lopez. WRANGLERS Wranglers, the counseling women ' s honorary, tapped both affiliated and independ- ent girls in mid-fall. Wranglers assist incoming freshmen during Orientation Week and serve as counselors in women ' s dormitories throughout the year. They help sponsor the Campus Blood Drive, High School Senior Day and Homecoming and Women ' s Day activ- ities. This year the organization honored various members for outstanding service and counseling. Wranglers can be recognized by the white blouses and green badges and skirts which they wear on Thursdays. RALLY COMMITTEE Pre-game rallies staged by the Rally Committee were interspersed throughout the football season. The organization ' s members also assisted the Traditions Committee in originating half-time card stunts. Stamping instruction cards, stapling them to the bleach- ers and decorating the goal posis were other duties undertaken by the committee mem- bers preceding each game. Row captains were chosen from the Rally Committee. Fred Bellman, head row captain, and Bart Chiate assisted chairman Paul Ostroy. CAROLYN IDE President PAUL OSTROY RALLY COMMITTEE: Row 1: Mike Eson, Ron Saper, Eric Jorgensen. Row 2: Butch North- Chairman ington, Butch Bauman, Bob Buckingham, Tom Constable, Jim Fritsch. 67 ' ••••7, ART the subject the materials the artist 68 The University draws many artists who come to study in the College of Fine Arts or to admire the campus and see the collections in the Uni- versity Art Gallery. The tall palm trees and wide lawns on cam- pus attract landscape artists with their sketch pads and charcoal. The library lawn seems to be a favorite spot to set up easels and paint. The gallery houses several permanent collections, frequently schedules temporary ex- hibiitions, and displays the work of University students and faculty members. The gallery ' s Samuel H. Kress Collection includes the surviv- ing panels of the Retablo of Cuidad Rodrigo by Fernando Gallego and is one of the finest col- lections of Renaissance and later art on display in any American university. Liberals prefer human models, while ... conservatives stick to still life subjects. 69 King Henry, his family and four conniving barons who are Becket ' s eventual assasssins, attend a banquet. BECKET Hal Landon Jr. as Henry and Rolland Heiss as Becket bargain for the peasant girl in Jean Anouilh ' s drama. Becket and Henry II hunt on the French plains in " Becket. " Thomas Becket is assassinated in " Becket, " a historical drama of the conflict between Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, and King Henry II of England. 70 In a production within a production, the cast of Cole Porter ' s " Kiss Me Kate " presents the parallel play, Shakespeare ' s " The Taming of the Shrew. " Carol Kirkpatrick and Bill McLaughlin as Katarin and Petruchio headed the cast of " Kiss Me Kate " by Cole Porter and Samuel and Bella Spewack in a University Artist Series production. PETER MARRONEY Director DRAMA PRODUCTIONS BECKET A Historical Drama JEAN ANOUILH December 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 KISS ME KATE A Musical Comedy COLE PORTER and SAMUEL and BELLA SPEWACK November 13, 14 15, 16, 17 A DOLL ' S HOUSE A Lariat Theatre Production HENRICK IBSEN April 30, May 1, 2, 3, 4 UNDER THE SYCAMORE TREE A Comedy in Three Acts SAMUEL SPEWACK October 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 RIGHT YOU ARE! IF YOU THINK YOU ARE A Lariat Theatre Production LUIGI PIRANDELLO October 30, 31, November 1, 2, 3 JULIUS CAESAR A Major Classic Production WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE March 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 DARK OF THE MOON A Musical Folk Legend HOWARD RICHARDSON and WILLIAM BERNEY February 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 71 In " Under the Sycamore Tree, " the enemy brown ant is captured. UNDER THE SYCAMORE TREE " Under the Sycamore Tree, " the first drama department pro- duction of the year, is a satire on the human race and its organiza- tion. The comedy points out, through ants ' activities, that human beings get little accomplished. Jan Watterson, Dennis Wilkerson and Roy Donohue starred in this October production. THE MIRACLE WORKER Jan Watterson and Rory Donohue plot together in the final scene of " Under the Sycamore Tree. " " The Miracle Worker " by William Gipson was one of a series of three University Summer Theater Workshop productions of the summer of 1962. The other productions included " Mouse Trap " by Agatha Christie and " All The Way Home " by Tad Mosel. Helen Keller runs to her mother for shelter from Annie Sullivan in the production " Miracle Worker. " Dramatists in " The Miracle Worker " portray the struggle in teaching Helen Keller to be obedient and to conquer her animalistic conduct. 72 SYMPHONIC CHOIR This year the Symphonic Choir, under the direction of Dr. John H. Bloom, presented Christmas Vespers and joined with the other choral groups to present the forty-sixth production of Handel ' s " Messiah " at the University of Arizona. The Christmas Vespers program was taped for the Mutual Broadcasting Com- pany to be used during the Christmas season. The choir assisted the Drama Department in its production of " Kiss Me Kate " and also presented other Tucson concerts. It not only participated in programs on the campus, but also traveled throughout Arizona. The carefully chosen Symphonic Choir practiced five days a week striving to present a variety of high quality vocal music. As director of choral activities at the University of Arizona, Dr. John H. Bloom guides the University choral groups through rehearsals and performances. Three years after receiving his B.A. at Cornell College in 1931, he was awarded his M.A. by the University of Iowa. Dr. Bloom is also an accomplished singer, having sung in the Heidelberg Octet at the Chicago World ' s Fair and in the NBC male quartet. DR. JOHN BLOOM Director SYMPHONIC CHOIR: Row 1: Molly Gimmestad, Judy Mecey, Donna Reese, Sharon Kartchner, Laurie Barc, Leslie Bell, Rita Mosiman, Kay Poore, Sue Wood, Theresa Troutman, Judith Pratt, Alice Boyd, Judy Rumple, Linda Younger, Judy Krivel, Nellie Hanson, Merle Huff, Kathleen King. Row 2: Carol Hull, Barbara Kimball, Dianne Nunnelly, Sara Carroll, Sally Rehfeldt, Beth Johnson, Bonnie Shelley, Augusta Felty, Judy Miller, Carol Kirkpatrick, Sue Coppess, Joan Weinzapfel, Jean Love, Elizabeth Swarting, Madeline Coffaro, Donna Duncan, Lynn Conrad, Jean Buckwalter, Rebecca Spencer. Row 3: William Aebersold, Phil Azelton, Alan Schultz, Dean Estabrook, Garland Kerns, Joe Hill, Lewis Phelps, Phil Stewart, Dave Lauritzen, John Miner, Ray Williams, Dave Locey, William Green, Kenneth Putnam, Steve Corkran, Terry Howell, George Moffatt, John Lim. Row 4: James Stiles, Phil Weatherspoon, Art Twomey, William McLaughlin, Maurice Skones, Harold Porter, John Thorup, Dale Burner, Scott Boyd, Steve Phillips, Charles Nixon, Maurice Staples, Frank Householder, John Davis, Berny Day, Tom Walker, Russ Ashley. 73 SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA The University Symphonic Orchestra, numbering approximately sixty-five stu- dents and faculty members under the direction of Dr. Henry Johnson, travels throughout the state performing in public and private concerts. Here at the Uni- versity the orchestra works with various groups including the Symphonic Choir, the opera workshop and student and faculty soloists to produce such shows as this year ' s Artist Series musical, " Kiss Me, Kate. " The orchestra plays modern contemporary pieces and students ' original com- positions in addition to the standard classics. This year ' s special performances included guest appearances by Andre Previn and conductors Howard Hanson, Carlos Chavez and Aaron Copeland. The planning and management of the rehearsals, concerts, social activities and honors and awards is handled by student officers and Dr. Johnson. Henry Johnson, from Tombstone, Arizona, received his Master and Bachelor of Music degrees from the University of Arizona. He also received a Master of Arts degree from Columbia. He has been at the University for eleven years as director of the Symphonic Orchestra. HENRY JOHNSON Director Director Henry Johnson seeks perfection from the Symphonic Orchestra in a rehearsal for an Artist Series performance with guest Andre Previn. Other guest appearances were made by conductors Howard Hanson, Carlos Chavez and Aaron Copeland. 74 CONCERT BAND Following the football season the Wildcat Marching Band is broken into the Symphonic Band and the Concert Band. Seventy-five members compose the Concert Band. This group practices three days a week and serves as a " feeder " to the Symphonic Band. Charles " Buddy " Sessions, a graduate assistant, directs the Concert Band. Playing for schools near the University is the main activity of the Concert Band. SYMPHONIC BAND The Symphonic Band consists of 90 members chosen from the top performers in the Wildcat Marching Band. Jack Lee, the Marching Band director, also directs this group which practices five days a week to keep in top form. The Symphonic Band tours the state as well as giving on campus concerts. One of its main duties is playing for the graduation exercises in the spring. JACK LEE Director 75 CHORALIERS: Row 1: Donna Reese, Leslie Bell, Laurie Barc, Rita Mosiman, Sue Coppess, Carol Kirkpatrick, Joan Weinzapfel, Nellie Hansen. Row 2: Phil Azelton, Steve Corkran, Bill McLaughlin, Dave Locey, Maurice Staples, Phil Stewart, Joe Hill, Terry Howell, George Moffatt. UNIVERSITY SINGERS: Row 1: Tonette Kososki, Sarah Livingston, Maureen Wiley, Mike Pol!man, Jean Berwick, Julia Swanick, Charlotte Shields, Sharon Beth Folk, Kathleen Klint, Helen Hicks, Janet Richards, Irene Rubin, Gloria Verweire, Linda Traister, Carmen Roberts, Sandy Hemsworth, Pam Dowling, Janice Traister; Gail Betts. Row 2: Rosario Vidal, Sharon Christensen, Alice Elhington, Polly Royer, Jane Burroughs, Myra Harsted, Marylyn Whisler, Jakelyn Fick, Theresa Coatsworth, Elese McLaughlin, Norma Valdin, Sharon Davis, Marty Foster, Peggy Frambach, Charlete Nebe, Gail Wyman, Sue Luecke, Wendy Tuch, Brooke Van Der Kar, Candy Ripley. Row 3: Pat Sheridan, Marilyn Ryan, Clara Babcock, Cris Crismon, Tom Rodman, Terry Ridgway, Donald Proulx, Nate Free, Harry Riland, Noel Rhodes, Cas Preston, Stan Margolis, William Van Deventer, Bruce MacDonald, Phil Hernandez, Janice Huddleston, Mary Morris, Claire Gross, Marlene Rogers, Linda Taraldson, Elizabeth Strauss. Row 4: Larry Webb, Jay Hoopes, Paul Jimenez, Robert White, Bill Bellah, Stewart Bloemer, Brant Foote, Richard Eckman, Mike Hawk, Norm Stafford, Fred Crawford, Barry Robertson, Mike Brimda, John Libby, Raymond Tess, Fred Beeston, Roy Morgan, Bruce Morris, Bill Damron, Jim Culbertson. CHORALIERS The University of Arizona Choraliers are a small group of selected voices, singing everything from musicals to madrigals. They rehearse weekly in order to maintain top quality in small group singing. They represent the Uni- versity by traveling throughout Arizona and performing to Tucson service clubs. The Choraliers are under the direction of Dr. John H. Bloom, professor of music and director of choral activities. UNIVERSITY SINGERS At the beginning of every fall semes- ter, tryouts are held for the University Singers. Eighty select voices under the direction of Maurice Skones represent the University by traveling to several local high schools and to Tucson service clubs to entertain. This year, one of their performances was the Yuletide Festival held in the Student Union. 76 RADIO-TV KUAT, Channel 6, is the non-com- mercial educational television station operated by the University in co- operation with the Tucson Public Schools. The station is housed in Herring Hall with its transmitter atop a 250-foot tower adjacent to the building. KUAT is under the direction of Ben C. Markland. Approximately thirty students work on a part-time basis at the station. They work as cameramen, floormen, sou ndmen and at other jobs associated with production. KUAT is on the air roughly 35 hours a week broadcast- ing both academic and general in- terest programs. RADIO AND TELEVISION: Row 1: Henry Plimack, Ronald Eastburn, Bill Porter, Bill Edmiston. Row 2: Bob Kersch, Robert Holub, Bill Wershing, Richard Ridgway, Cris Messec, Jan Simmons, Dave Held, Gary Sawyer. DEBATE TEAM Under the direction of Dr. Jack Howe, the University debate team toured nine states and participated in a total of nineteen tournaments. The debate squad is composed of 33 men and women who are selected at the beginning of each year. The University of Arizona sponsored the Desert Invitational in February which attracted teams from the leading debate schools in the southwestern part of the United States. During a briefing session the debate team prepares to represent the University in competition with other schools. 77 opus life [1 It takes freshmen a while to get it straight that that ' s the Student Union at left and the Old Main at right. FRESHMAN WEEK Freshman take exams designed to offset the vicious " party school " myth. " Can I put a few little things in your closet? " " WHAT exactly did you mean by that? " 80 " Yes, I agree that Bacon wrote the Shakespearian plays. " Freshman Nancy Hobbs reigned as " A " -Day Queen. Suzi Sloan leads a cheer at the Arizona-Brigham Young football game. W 81 Frank Watkins and Linda Beth Hill show why they were chosen King and Queen of Smiles. " What? Ted Kennedy for Yell King? " That scintillating personality at left is none other than the-one-the-only Tom Manhard, the late great Wildcat business manager, who is best remembered by the campus cognisetti for his shoddy, money-grubbing attempts to recruit unsuspecting innocents to be on his staff. During his illustrious career at the Uni- versity of Arizona, Tom has been art editor of the Ananke and staff member of a nameless publication which was subsequently thrown off campus. Perhaps Tom ' s greatest thrill was being chosen 1962 Least Eligible Bachelor by AMWS (Associated Myopic Women Students). Well, for Tom, it, was a thrill. " No, you don ' t sign up for THAT activity at the Activities Mart. " 82 Dick Ingraham was chosen Most Eligible Bachelor by girls attending the AWS Twirp Week Dance. Gary Golden Gary Morfit MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR Tim Penningt on " Sure we ' re taking you out after the dance — to Louie ' s. " Tom Sawyer 84 ROTC juniors and seniors elected Sue Rowton 1962 Military Ball Queen. MILITARY BALL QUEEN Diane McGarry Judy Watts Sue Mason Susan Woodruff There aren ' t many people who will sign petitions to do away with this kind of compulsory ROTC. Jack Lee smiles paternally at his solution to the recruiting problem. Drenched and angry out-of-state students gather for their annual riot at the Tucson Sunshine Climate Club. Automation eliminates all problems. " Yes, it should say ' WELCOME MOM$ and DAD$ ! " ' D-Week casts a strange academic pall over the campus. 88 Wait till he hears that Dr. Harvill has an X-lot sticker. " Gee, every time I start ' UofA Wildcats Almighty, ' they sing M-I-C K-E-Y ... " Competition at High School Band Day apparently got so fierce that one bandsman sort of forgot something. 89 " These drinks DO smell a little funny, but the Bobcats said they ' d help us be more relaxed for the interview. " Sylvia Feaster can ' t believe the Bobcats have elected her, a Tempe High student, as U of A Senior Day Queen. Coeds feed potential freshmen as part of Senior Day propaganda program. 1962 HOMECOMING QUEEN Suzy Randolph Linda Haas LaVerne Lamb 1962 HOMECOMING QUEEN ATTENDANTS Marjane Ryals Karen Sorenson In true Wildcat spirit, Wilbur sticks close to Suzy Randolph, 1962 Homecoming Queen. Arizona mascot Rufus II makes his debut. " Are you sure this is how Arthur Murray got started? " 94 TWA TICKET AND ' BAGGAGE " I have to run down to P aris a second to check my mail. " " But I can ' t twist; I ' m a music lover! " Students got a look at the swank faculty terrace by buying a " trip " to Hawaii. 96 Good taste and refinement were rampant at the " Beat Tempe Normal " rally. " It ' s just a little something we ran across on a trip to Phoenix. " WE RALLIED... " Keep ' em on their donkeys. " 97 " We ' ll have seven more cups of ice up here, please. " WE CHEERED... " Do you want Easter vacation??? " " NO-0-0-0!!! " 98 WE WON ... AGAI N Many students supplement their incomes with odd jobs. " Don ' t you think this is more fun than bridge or pool? " D-Week is over and real college life can begin again. 100 " I know you have a vein around here somewhere. " " I ' m the only guy in the house with 3.2 blood. " " Well, if you ' re sure I can fill all these bottles, I guess I can at least try. " 101 " Don ' t you just love these Fine Arts classes? " 102 University coeds, by merely filling out a few short forms, could—sometimes--visit local spots of scenic interest. 3TUVINI OE aNDICIM YJMO 1433WT3E1 MA a LM.AE • 1 03 Beth Earley Sandy Cartmell 1963 DESERT QUEEN ATTENDANTS Susie Webb Sandy Hodge 104 Mary Helen Richardson heard the announce- ment that she had been chosen 1963 Desert Queen and then stepped through the cover to be crowned by sales manager Paul Kellogg. 1963 DESERT QUEEN Mary Helen Richardson " But that ' s Wildcat money you ' re raking in ! " LaVERNE LAMB Far West Classic Queen LaVerne Lamb was chosen by the Arizona basketball team to be the University ' s candidate for queen of the Far West Classic basketball tournament. A group of Portland sportswriters selected her from among representatives of the six colleges in the tourna- ment. As queen, LaVerne attended the games with Oregon Gover- nor Mark Hatfield and Heisman Trophy winner Terry Baker, All- American quarterback from Oregon State University. TERRY GOLDENBERG Ugly Man KATIE I OHLSTAEDT Aggie Queen JOHNNA HART Engineering Queen 108 LLJ LU n cy LLJ F- 1963 RODEO QUEEN Fran Romanoski 1963 RODEO QUEEN ATTENDANTS Linda Salmon Dena Shaul Diana Surratt Carol Toreson The usually unobtrusive ASUA primaries took on an emotionally charged atmosphere this year. Two distinct and vocal factions emerged, and a convention-like rally, with girls, gibes and gim- micks, lent an air of big-time politics to the campaigning. A controversial ruling by the Elections Commission intensified the interest centered about the pres- idential contest and can- didates Pete Dunn, ATO; Tom Hall and Bruce Hem- pel, independents; and Lisle Payne, Sigma Chi. The ruling was vehe- mently assailed by edito- rials and letters in the Wildcat charging that un- less certain commission- ers disqualified them- selves, the decision could not be completely just and unbiased. At the order of the Supreme Court, the commission met again, but refused to change its previous de- cision. There were no dis- qualifications. In the elections March 28, Dunn and Payne won spots on the final ballot. 112 1963 KENNECOTT LECTURE SERIES During the academic year, a series of lectures at the University is presented by the Kennecott Copper Corporation. The lectures are given by outstanding persons on subjects of interest to the University and community residents. This year the series was titled, " The Impact of Nuclear Energy on Society. " The four speakers and their topics were Frank K. Pittman, " The United States Atomic Power Reactor Development Program " ; Willard F. Libby, " Benefits from Isotopes " ; Leon 0. Jacobson, " The Relation of Radiation and Radioactivity to the Advances in the Medical Sciences " ; and Samuel Schurr, " The Economics of Atomic Energy. " LEON 0. JACOBSON WILLARD F. LIBBY SAMUEL SCHURR FRANK K. PITTMAN 113 FERRANTE AND TEICHNER AS UA CONCERTS THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS THE BROTHERS FOUR THE HIGHWAYMEN 114 ARTIST SERIES Each year the University Artist Series Commit- tee selects and invites prominent artists in music and drama to appear on campus in public concerts. University students are entitled to tickets for per- formances offered by the series. Because of lim- ited facilities and a rapidly increasing student body, the 1962-63 series included the same num- ber of attractions offered in previous years but more of them were on a multiple-performance schedule. The Artist Series is integrated with similar com- munity events so that joint sponsorship can pro- vide a program of the broadest possible scope. SALLY BAILEY San Francisco Ballet RAMAT GAN-ISRAELI CHAMBER ORCHESTRA 115 VRONSKY AND BABIN Duo-Pianists FRED WARING Group ANDRE SEGOVIA Classic Guitarist 116 RAPSODIA ROMINA Singers and Folk Dancers EUGENE ISTOMIN ANDRE PREVIN TOSSY SPIVAKOVSKY University Orchestra Soloist Pianist Violinist 117 colleges �° . ,� ��� COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE DEAN HAROLD E. MYERS The U of A College of Agriculture is one of the outstanding agriculture schools in the nation. Its modernized curriculum is designed to give students broad knowledge in agri- culture as well as special training in research, industry, business, education, communica- tions, conservation and farming and ranch- ing. The University has already gained recog- nition throughout the world for pre-eminence in many fields, including arid land research. The College of Agriculture includes four broad areas of instruction, on campus teach- ing, research at the agricultural experiment station, agricultural extension and the School of Home Economics. Students can use the Dairy Research Cen- ter, Poultry Research Center, Wininghan Farm, Campbell Avenue Farm for animal and plant research and the Plant Materials Cen- ter. In addition, there are special farms for research work. A vast amount of scientific information has been developed for both home economics and agriculture and forms the basis for the institutional program in both areas. Dr. Harold Myers, who has been dean of the college since 1956, supervises the edu- cation of students in Agriculture and Home Economics, as well as directing the State Extension Service and State Agricultural Ex- periment Station system. Dr. Myers served as assistant dean of Agriculture at Kansas State College before coming to Arizona. He studied at Kansas State, the University of Illinois and the Uni- versity of Missouri. Dean Myers has been honored by more than 20 professional groups and retained by governors and many national groups for professional advice. DEPARTMENT HEADS: Harold E. Myers, George Gries, Walter Phillips, Elias Pressley, Bruce Taylor, Vearl Smith, Arthur Kemmerer, Dean Mc- Alister, Jimmye Hillman, Allen Kurnick, William Pistor, Wallace Fuller, Laurence Curruth, Lee Burkhart, Kenneth Barnes, Andrew McComb. Directing the Agriculture Experiment Station is Rich- ard K. Frevert. Research and experimental studies are un- dertaken in all fields of agriculture and home eco- nomics. The Agricultural Exten- sion Service is directed by George E. Hull. The Exten- sion Service prepares agri- culture and homemaking information for the rural communities of Arizona. Darrel S. Metcalfe is the director of the Resident In- struction program. Academ- ic and counseling policies are prepared by the Resi- dent Instruction division. AGGIE COUNCIL AGGIE COUNCIL: Row 1: Bob Robinson, Linda Auger, Gail Deal, Steve Fazio, Martin Massengale, Jerale Schnor, Thom- as O ' Kane. Row 2: Lee Jernigan, Dewain Lockwood, John Birch, Bill Kerr, Bob Blackman, Ira Beck, Don Miller Gilbert Martinez, Tony Mellor. CHARLES RUSH Agriculture Senator Aggie students Gary Foster and Ignacio Navarro cut meat during their meat processing lab. Farouk Ashek Kirk M. Barnette Denton R. Barney Boyd Wm. Bell Ben N. Bryce James Claridge Roberto Espinosa Hama, Syria Wickenburg, Duncan, Arizona Pomona, Calif. Pima, Arizona Safford, Ariz. Nogales, Mexico Poultry Arizona Agr. Educ. Animal Seience Farm Mech. Agr. Educ. Animal Science ISC Agr. Econ. AA, ATA AZ, AZ Award AA AA, ATA Sonorenses Block and Bridle Block and Bridle Newman Club ISC AGRICULTURE SENIORS AGRICULTURE FACULTY: Row 1: George Draper, Joseph McClelland,William Nutting, Elmer Menzie, Maurice Kelso, Thomas Stubblefield, Robert Angus, Graham Wrigh t, Thomas McIntosh, Stanley Buol. Row 2: Duwayne Anderson, Chauncey Stanberry, Howard Baker, Frank Wier- sma, Robert Humphrey, Robert Wagle, Henrietta Corrie, Marianne Capito, Kenneth Barnes, Howard Smith, Kenneth Olson, Harold Schreiber. Row 3: Aaron Nelson, George Hull, Henry Tucker, Robert McKnight, Andrew McComb, Percy Rowe, David Wilson, Gilbert Jordan, Ervin Schmutz, Philip Knorr, Jimmye Hillman. Susan Gustafson Gordon Hadden Richard Harris Joel Hayden Lee Jernigan William Johnson Steve Kientz Tucson, Arizona El Paso, Texas Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Safford, Ariz. Yuma, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Dairy Science Agronomy Horticulture Agr. Econ. Animal Science Horticulture Horticulture Phrateres AZ, Pistor- Aggie House APP House Mgr. Aggie House Pres. 4-H Service Club Stanley Sch. Rodeo Club Rodeo Club Agr. Council Standard Oil Sch. Crop-Soil Pres. AEA President Block and Bridle Sec. and VP James S. Korvah Pasolahun, Liberia Agr. Chem. ISC Charles Lane Tucson, Arizona Animal Science Block and Bridle Scott McEuen Thatcher, Ariz. Agr. Educ. AA, APA Gilbert Martinez Tucson, Arizona Animal Science APP, Ag. Coun. Block and Bridle Peter Neitz Phoenix, Arizona Agr. Econ. Horticulture Sears Scholarship Ellen Richmond Silver City, New Mexico Animal Science BBB, Block and Bridle Pres. Floyd Olen Sharp Mesa, Arizona Horticulture AZ, Vegetable Growers Association ANIMAL SCIENCE FACULTY: Row 1: Gerald Stott, Herbert Hinds, LaMonte Pischke, Raymond Watts, Roger Curnutt, Albert Siegel, Harold Nordby, Milton Smith. Row 2: Vearl Smith, Richard Diven, Beulah Cremer, Mitchell Vavich, William Pistor, Ralph Van Sant, Ernest Stanley, Arthur Kemmerer, William Hale, Otto Pahnish, Warren Stull. Row 3: Don Beavers, Raymond Reed, James Cramer, Robert Trautman, Leon- ard Dewhirst, William Brown, Milton Zaitlin, William McCaughey, RalphTaylor, Henry Kircher. 123 PLANT SCIENCE FACULTY: Row 1: Robert Dennis, Norman Oebker, William Bemis, Hiroshi Muramoto, Arden Day, George Gries, Edward Nigh, Merritt Nelson. Row 2: Robert Hoshaw, Melvin Schonhorst, Martin Massengale, Joseph Folkner, Rubert Streets, Steve Fazio, Robert Briggs, Edwin Kurtz, Alice Boyle, Lee Stith. Row 3: Robert Harris, Robert Ramage, Dean McAlister, Robert Charles, Walker Bryan, Elias Press- ley, Robert Mellor, Willard Van Asdall, Walter Phillips, Albert Ellis. AGRICULTURE SENIORS Howard Stauffer Tucson, Arizona Animal Science AlT Rush Chm. Block and Bridle Ralph Wong Ma rana, Arizona Farm Mechanization Cesar Vargas- Lechuga Cuzco, Peru Animal Science ISC John Yount Prescott, Ariz. Agr. Econ. Cochise Pres. ASUA Exec. Coun. Beef cattle production students Ronnie Thomas and Sunny Ehr comb and prepare a heifer for judging. 124 ALPHA TAU ALPHA National Professional Agriculture Education Fraternity The FFA Field Day, a fall Ham- burger Fry and Aggie Day highlight- ed this year ' s activities of Alpha Tau Alpha. Members must have a 3.0 grade average. ALPHA TAU ALPHA: Row 1: Phillip Bond, Scott McEuen, Lou Burleson, Jim Clar- idge, Bill Sanderson, Russell Cline. Row 2: Bob Robinson, Denton Barney, Tony Mellor, Alex Felix, David Parks, Phil Lewis, Charles Despain, Gail Deal. ALPHA ZETA National Scholastic Agriculture Honorary Alpha Zeta, an honorary frater- nity to advance the agricultural profession, is based on high standards of scholarship, leader- ship and character. ALPHA ZETA: Row 1: Edmond Martin, Stuart Anderson, Boyd Bell, E. B. Stanley, Bert Teskey, Dave Justice. Row 2: Phil Weatherspoon, Bill Skov, Lamonte Pischke, Christopher Williams, John Wilder- muth. Row 3: Eldon Buckner, Edward Moody, Jay Thomas, John Murphy, Mike Pretzer, Bill Sand- erson. GAMMA SIGMA DELTA National Agriculture Honorary Graduating seniors, graduate students, alumni and faculty in agriculture are eligible for mem- bership in Gamma Sigma Delta. The objective of this honorary is to encourage high scholarship. GAMMA SIGMA DELTA: Row 1: Hubert Hinds, Paul Keener, Robert Voigt, Arden Blatensperger, Robert Humphrey, L. Dewhirst. Row 2: Martin Massengale, Lamonte Pischke, R. B. Streets, E. B. Stanley, William Pistor, Thomas Stubblefield, Bobby Reid. Row 3: R. H. Diven, Robert Briggs, John Murphy, Melvin Schonhorst, Sol Resnick, 0. F. Pahnish, D. F. McAlister. 125 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION DEAN SHAW LIVERMORE The College of Business and Public Admin- istration is the second largest college on cam- pus with seventeen per cent of the total university enrollment. It includes the depart- ments of accounting, business administration, finance and real estate, geography and area development, secretarial studies and busi- ness education, sociology, marketing and economics. The newly formed public admin- istration department was previously a branch of the sociology department. Since decisions of modern businessmen concern many diverse subjects, business ma- jors must take at least half of their under- graduate work in other colleges. Specializing is encouraged only on the graduate level. The number of graduate courses offered in busi- ness is increasing rapidly. There are currently two hundred students working toward mas- ter ' s degrees in business administration, pub- lic administration and accounting. Dean Shaw Livermore received his M.A. with highest distinction from Harvard and his Ph.D from Columbia. Before coming to the University of Arizona in 1957, he served as assistant dean of the Harvard Business School, Professor of Finance and Business Policy at Cornell University and part-time staff member of the second Hoover Commission. Dr. Livermore is the author of several publica- tions and magazine articles. He is a member of the National Advisory Committee of the White House Office of Emergency Planning. DEPARTMENT HEADS: Row 1: Herbert Langen, Dean Shaw Livermore, Louis Myers. Row 2: Philip Hudson, Raymond Mulligan, Raymond Bowers, James Chace. Lauren W. Casady is the di- rector of the Bureau of Busi- ness and Public Research. The Bureau conducts basic and ap- plied research in business and public administration. BPA COUNCIL BPA COUNCIL: Row 1: Jim Kit- chin, Joe Gasca, Ken Coiner, Horst Linnemann, Bob Feldman. Row 2: Rachel Maynerd, June Morrison, Mary Lo re n a Merrill, Raymonda Wheless, Susie An- drew. BPA SENATORS BPA SENATORS: Mike Kelly, Tom Finke, Lisle Payne, Lou Morgan, Jon Underwood. 127 Patricia Ackley Olga Acosta Hollie Alker John R. Allen Susan Anderson Jay Antonitz Peter G. Backus Phoenix, Arizona Nogales, Mexico Vandergrift, Pa. Mesa, Arizona San Marino, Long Beach, Tucson, Arizona Marketing Marketing Social Adm. Marketing California California Finance KKr, Spurs Foreign Trade AOH General Business Production Mgmt. 2,2,N ASUA Exec. Coun. ISC, IRC Market Club Rodeo Club OX Lacrosse Club SUAB Board Newman Club ASUA Mohave Soc. Chm. BPA SENIORS MAMA Edward Baergen Detroit, Mich. Production Mgmt. AFIT, AECP, SAM John Baker Atherton, Calif. General Business Ralph D. Barclay Greenwich, Conn. General Business IoE Secretary Arnold Air Soc. ASUA Kenneth Barney Clifton, Arizona Production Mgmt. Stephen Barth Tucson, Arizona Accounting ZI3T Treasurer Stephen Becraft Tucson, Arizona Accounting Fr. and Varsity Yell Leader Dale M. Bergen Mattituck, N. Y. General Business A II VP ACCOUNTING DEPART- MENT: Row 1: Louis Myers, Fred Bogart, Kemper Mer- riam, John White. Row 2: Gordon Nielsen, Rich Feld- heim, Garven Videen, Ern- est Ray, Robert Hines, Dee Kleespie, Jack Foltz. 128 Robert Blassingame Phil J. Blumberg Linda A. Boileau Odysseus Seymour Broder Ted Brookhart Stephen Bubala Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Lake Arrowhead, Boondgcher Tucson, Arizona Washington, D. C. Tucson, Arizona Mkt. Sales Mgmt. Business Econ. California Milwaukee, Wis. Social Adm., Hillel Area Development Accounting Ski Club 1AM President Soc. Studies General Business Foundation AKT, ASUA SAM IFC, Hillel Foundation VP aOII KEI ' , AWS Watchers Sociology Club Var. Wrestling Debate Team Desert Staff Charles Buchanan Valerie Burkett John Burnite Sidney Cain George Campbell William Cassel Louise Clark St. Louis, Mo. Tucson, Arizona Dallas, Texas Urbana, III. Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Pomona, Calif. Finance Accounting Foreign Finance General Business Production Advertising HKA Marketing SAM Pres. AX VP, AK Management ASUA-SUAB Chr. Mkt. Club, ASUA AE Huachuca Sec. Mkt. Club Rodney Cleveland Leonard Coco Melvin Cohon Ken Coiner Frances Daniel Robert Darnel Philip Davidson Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Salinas, Calif. Twin Falls, Idaho Superior, Arizona Tombstone, Ariz. Morenci, Ariz. General Business Law Enforcement General Business General Business Mkt. Retailing Accounting Personnel Mgmt. AX Administration ZBT Rush Chm. AK President AX,Q, cp_Xe Treas. Treas. Production Mgmt. Pre-Law Sports Car Club BPA Council VP FAX VP and Sec. Treas. and Campus Democrats Float Committee Ski Club Pres. AWS Rep., ASUA Sec., ASUA BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEPART. MENT: Row 1: J. Allen Harlan, Richard Billings, Louis Ennis, Paul Loveday, Shaw Livermore. Row 2: Donald Freed- man, William Strube, Hollis Martin, Elmer Brown, Lloyd Billings, William Foster. Students check out the various social events of a group participating in BPA Day. Richard Davidson John DeLong Sheldon Diamond David Dillahunt James Dowd Phil Edlund Lee Eighmy Wytheville, Va. Chatham, N. J. Los Angeles, Calif. Tucson, Arizona Milwaukee, Wis. Phoenix, Arizona North Tarrytown, Production Finance Production Transportation Production Mgmt. Finance and Real New York Management Management ATC2 Intramural Estate Accounting AK,If 111:0E Chairman AE, Chain Gang :2;N Pledge Trainer Bobcats Pres. Paul Epp Joyce Fall Carol Fassnacht Donald Fickas Tom Finke Harold Fraser Mickey Freiberg San Francisco, Phoenix, Arizona South Bend, Ind. Arcadia, Calif. Tucson, Arizona Middletown, N. Y. Los Angeles, Calif. California Marketing Correctional Sales Management Accounting Finance General Business Real Estate 0X0 Administration II House Mgr. Ol ' A Secretary and ZBT Social Chm. ZBT Social General Motors Women ' s Rifle- AK , Mkt. Club McKale Sch. Treasurer of Fr. Class Coun. Chairman Scholarship Pistol Club Student Senate Cochise Hall Dean Frick Walter Garretson John F. Gilmour Michael Glendening George Goehrig John Goetz Lawrence D. Go o Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Barnet, Vermont Tucson, Arizona Wauwatosa, Wis. Ann Arbor, Mich. Honolulu, Hawaii Transportation Accounting Marketing Accounting Marketing Marketing Transportation Pub. Utilities E iv A II Pres. AT Chaplin Marketing Club Public Utilities AX Marketing, SAM Scabbard Blade Football Team ANA 130 William GundermanDanny Hale Donald Hall Terry Hanson Nancy Harris Sheldon A. Harris John Hart Kansas City, Kan. Phoenix, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Bismark, N. D. Ventura, Calif. Skokie, Illinois Glencoe, Ill. Marketing General Business Accounting Foreign Service Sec. Studies General Business Finance IRHC l ' AE House Mgr. 1 ' 0E, SAM ASUA, Wildcat E %ET Publications Chairman, ASUA Traffic Court Mkt. Club Tennis BPA SENIORS Dwight Hauptman Raymond Wesley, Iowa Heidemann Finance Tucson, Arizona Newman Club Accounting Emery Hirschler South Bend, Ind. AA::: Vice Pres. Secretary Newman Club Arthur Hulick Princeton, N. J. General Business ..1X. President A liNif Perry S. Huntoon Tucson, Arizona Transportation YAF Campus Republicans Fred A. Hutchison Tucson, Arizona Advertising and Marketing EX, Sophos Scabbard Blade Judy Ann Jagoda Tucson, Arizona Correctional Administration OX0 Pres., IIKA Newman Club ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT: Row 1: John Cordell, Lawrence Delucia, Leahmae Mc- Coy, Robert Marshall. Row 2: Vincent Boland, James Young, Andrew Schmidt, Helmut Frank. 131 Edwin Jeffries Michael Joehnk Gloria Kalil Glen Kaufman Paul L. Kellogg Mike S. Kelly Gaile Kenyon Rancho Santa Fe, Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Las Vegas, Nev. Phoenix, Arizona Scottsdale, Ariz. California Finance Mkt., Retailing Social Finance Finance Business Educ. Finance K .1KNI, Scabbard Blade AX Social Chm. AO, Mortar Board Young Republicans Spurs, Chimes Newman Club AA-1, BF Administration ATQ, Desert Sales Mgr. Brd. of Pub. :::;AE Vice Pres. Sophos, Blue Key Chain Gang, AK KKF Treasurer Spurs, AWS Cheerleader Robert Kerrick Donald Knapp Vaughne Kowalski David Krehnke Charles B. Lay William Lederer Alan M. Leeson Eloy, Arizona Oracle, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Port Edwards, Wis. Douglas, Arizona Glencoe, Ill. Tucson, Arizona Accounting Business Accounting Production Mgmt. Marketing and Marketing Accounting ATQ Treas. Sophos, ASUA BA , 0X° Pres., BPA Pres., Desert BPA Council SAM Vice Pres. Foreign Trade op FA, Mkt. Club ZBT A IT Haskins and Traditions, IFC Ed., Brd. of Pub., President Sells Award Tamblyn LeFebure Nelson Lehman Charles A. Lewis Thomas J. Lewis George Lewfon Jr. Sharon Kay Ley Horst Linnemann Fort Lauderdale, Evanston, Ill. Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Los Angeles, Cal. Frankfurt, Ger. Florida Marketing General Business Accounting Marketing Sec. Studies Foreign Trade Finance X, AK , Sophos Arnold Air Soc. OA° AAA, WRA Mkt. Club II KO Secretary Chain Gang AITI VP Republican Club ISC, BPA Council Scabbard Blade Silver Wing Ski Club President FINANCE, GEOGRAPHY, SEC- RETARIAL STUDIES DEPART- MENTS: Row 1: James Chace, Florence To I a n d, Bernadyne Aston, Walter Kirk, John O ' Neill, Louis Ditch. Row 2: Nestor Roos, Patience Wilson, Bobby McGough, James Wes- ton, Richard Kidwell, Charles Gildersleeve. Row 3: Pat West, Simon Baker, Erick Bleck, Mel- vin Hecht, Herbert Langen, Andrew Wilson. Marketing student Janet Schlosser shows a cus- tomer a bracelet as part of her retailing sales classwork at Bryce Waters clothing store. Joseph S. Logan Lance Long William Long James Lumpkin Larry Mack Raymond Malesic Leonard Mandig Tucson, Arizona Des Moines, Iowa Globe, Arizona Mexico City, Mex. Storm Lake, Iowa Tucson, Arizona Rolling Hills, Economics Area Development General Business Accounting General Business General Business California EX EX Treasurer AX Vice President Acacia Treasurer AT President General Business Sophos, Blue Key Scabbard Blade BAN ' , Scabbard Blade BPA SENIORS Muggsy Manning Lewis Marsten Don McGrath Reed McGrew Peter McMullen John C. Melton Paul Merriman Tucson, Arizona San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cal. Phoenix, Arizona Prescott, Arizona Whittier, Calif. Tucson, Arizona Social Adm. California Finance Marketing Production Mgmt. Production Mgmt. Finance and .x I ' Finance KE, Chain Gang ATC2 npE Pledge Business Econ. AK , ASUA Pres. Trainer ...110, AK Bobcats Susan L. Merritt Ralph P. Moore Edwin Morse Gary Munk James F. Muzzy Thomas Nash David Nathanson Los Angeles, Cal. Minneapolis, Minn. Alhambra, Calif. Yuma, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Social Adm. Marketing, Adv. General Business Marketing Business Econ. Business Econ. Accounting ASUA Secretary 0KO, AA , IFPC OA, Mkt. Club ATO AK , Debate Club EA M President Newman Club VP Traditions, ASUA Newman Club Pres. Silver Wing, BA IFC Arnold Air Soc. Arnold Air Soc. 133 Norman A. Nelson Hartley Newkirk Andy Norris Susan Palmer Dwight Paradise Ted Pasternack John Pendergrass Iowa Sity, Iowa Tucson, Arizona Portland, Oregon Phoenix, Arizona Hales Corners, Wilmette, III. Cottonwood, Ariz. Marketing Accounting Accounting Correctional Wisconsin Accounting Accounting AIM, Marketing BA , BBI, OH AT VP Administration General Business ZBT AIME, Rifle Club Club, Outstanding Silver Wing AK , Blue Key 1113o Rush Chrm. Marketing Student Arnold Air Soc. Track Spurs, Porn Pon Bill Pershing John R. Petrush Clyde Pierce Sheldon Publicover Kenneth Quanz Frank Raymond Arthur Sandridge Tucson, Arizona Vestal, New York Scottsdale, Ariz. New Rochelle, N. Y. Indianapolis, Rochester, III. Tucson, Arizona General Business General Business General Business Production Mgmt. Indiana Economics and Marketing and OFA, AK‘1, Arnold Air Soc. SAM, Rodeo Club Finance K Pre-Law ex, AIII Foreign Trade Debate Team ASUA, SUAB James Schneider Long Beach, Cal. Accounting ZBT, BA SUAB Neel Schmitt Freeport, III. Economics II K) Rush Chrm. Scholarship Chrm. Arnold Air Soc. Charles Schoenberg Palmer Schumacher Steven L. Seiler Charles H. Serlis Doyle Shipley Downers Grove, III. Long Beach, Cal. Tucson, Arizona Atherton Brawley, Calif. General Business Production Mgmt. General Business Marketing Marketing, Sales Baseball 1.5..:X Treas., Sophos IX Pledge Trainer IX, AK , AA Management Chain Gang, AK and Secretary Chain Gang, ASUA K I, AK Blue Key, ASUA AK Bobcats, SUAB Marketing Club PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT: Robert Short, Chester Chiles, Raymond Mulligan, Charles Hoffman, Stan ley Cheske, David Bingham. SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT: Row 1: Judith Zel rmann, Stuart Queen, Lorenzo Snow, Gary Buck, Susan Shrum. Row 2: Joseph Hambenne, Robert Stone, Jerry Miller, Fred- erick Conrad, Raymond Bowers, Roger Yoshino. Steven Shluker Beverly Hills, California Business Econ. ZBT Freshman Council Harry Neil Short Phoenix, Arizona Marketing and Advertising KA President Walter C. Slack Old Greenwich, Connecticut Finance SAM, Republican Club Herbert Smith Del Mar, Calif. Advertising and Marketing ATB Michael R. Smith Arcadia, Calif. General Business Robert W. Smith Tucson, Arizona Marketing ASE Marketing Club Michael Speyer Denver, Colorado Accounting BPA SENIORS Fred Spuhler Jr. Martin D. Stadler Al Starzee Russell Stevens Lawrence Stewart Ronald P. Stith George Stoesser Hinsdale, Ill. Chicago, Ill. Brooklyn, N. Y. Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Inglewood, Calif. Tucson, Arizona Mkt. Sales Mgmt. Accounting Industrial and General Business Finance Real Estate Finance AT, Mkt. Club N, SAM Personnel Rel. X Treasurer cp..10 Alumni Sec. AT, Mkt. Club Arnold Air Society AXA Pledge Sophos President Sophos, Blue Key All American Lacrosse Club Trainer, SUAB Chain Gang Traditions Varsity Tennis 1 35 Gordon Storjahann Thomas Strasburg David Stretmater John Sugden William Suhonen Clark Swartz Ronald Taisch Yuma, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Richmond, Virginia San Francisco, Tucson, Arizona Omaha, Nebraska Danville, III. Marketing Accounting Finance California Accounting Production Marketing Marketing Club AT ()X Treasurer Foreign Trade TIKA Treasurer Management ZBT Soc. Chairman Rallies Committee AXA Vice Pres. Secretary ZBT Marketing Club ASUA Corr. Secretary Sophos, A ASUA Paul Tosco Dale Tretschok Everett Upham Tim Vanek John Wallace Skip Ward Lonnie Weaver Brockton, Mass. Tucson, Arizona Needham, Mass. Menominee, Wis. Kingman, Arizona Ann Arbor, Mich. Tucson, Arizona General Business General Business Sales Management Foreign Trade Governmental Marketing, Sales General Business Newman Club Scabbard Blade 2 E Treasurer General Business Service Management ATQ, DMS Award AK Marketing Club Disciplinary cpAO Arnold Air Soc. Pan American Council, Cochise Varsity Track Robert Webb Douglas, Arizona Industrial Labor Relations IoE President James Williams Bisbee, Arizona General Business Sophos Cross-Country Track Terry D. Webb Tucson, Arizona Production Management cpli.0 President Lamon Wimmer Joseph City, Arizona Accounting LDS Club John Weber Long Beach, California Accounting Janet Wong Tucson, Arizona Governmental Service James Witaker Tucson, Arizona Accounting Heath Wright Tucson, Arizona Accounting AT Treasurer BPA seniors Joyce " Shades " Fall and Steve " Wa- tusi " Bubala get into the Twirp Week spirit. 136 ALPHA DELTA DELTA National Public Administration Honorary Alpha Delta Delta, a busi- ness honorary, strives to fur- ther a professional interest in public administration. It requires a 2.0 scholarship average in public adminis- tration. Field trips are among the activities of Al- pha Delta Delta. ALPHA DELTA DELTA: Row 1: Judy Tilt, June Morrison, Raymond Mulligan, Mary Wolanin, Penny Perkins. Row 2: Steward Robbins, Chester Chiles, Lionel Rombach, William McConnico, Robert Long, Joseph Pobrislo. Row 3: Daniel Sakall, Charles Hoffman, Bill Hibbs, Harold McKernan, James Henry. li ALPHA DELTA SIGMA National Advertising Honorary Advertising students with a grade average of 3.0 may belong to Alpha Delta Sig- ma. It strives to bridge the gap between textbook ad- vertising and the profes- sional field. Alpha Delta Sigma produces the radio show, " Sounds of Home- coming. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA: Row 1: Albert Gyuro, Art Tom, Terry Groener, Renie Bardeau, Anthony Chavez, Ronald Eastburn, Gilbert Aguilar. Row 2: Jim Magner, Tom Manhard, Ron Elias, Ralph Moore, George Rivera. ALPHA KAPPA PSI: Row 1: Walter Kirk, Dennis Orrock, Gene Royce, George Dea, Ken Coiner, Robert Darnell, Chuck Serlis, Don Fickas. Row 2: Dave Doolittle, Stewart Tener, Dick Strayer, Art Hulick, Jon Underwood, Steve Seiler, Mike Fitzgerald, Dick Davidson. Row 3: Jon Switzer, Bud Price, Michael Joehnk, Charlie Sullivan, Walt Van Dien, Fred Nystrom, Fred Embry, Phil Edlund, Ted Brookhart, Tom Hood, Harold Lefty, Roswell Roberts, Ed Beach, Jack Fry. ALPHA KAPPA PSI National Men ' s Business Honorary Alpha Kappa Psi strives to advance those courses in college institutions lead-. ing to degrees in business administration. Members must have a 2.5 grade average and be enrolled in a field of business. BETA ALPHA PSI National Accounting Honorary Beta Alpha Psi, an hon- orary requiring a 2.0 aver- age, stimulates interest among accounting students. The chapter sponsors the annual Haskins and Sells awards banqueteach spring. BETA ALPHA PSI: Row 1: Vaughne Kowalski, L. A. Myers, Robert Feldman, Hartley Newkirk, David Nathanson, James Lumpkin, William Suhonen, Ruth Helm. Row 2: E. E. Ray, Dee Kleespie, Donald Bule- chek, Karl Haushalter, Tom Finke, James Schneider, Steven Barth, Kemper Merriam, John White. Row 3: Garven Videen, Richard Howe, David McCargar, Harold Lefty, Lenton Merryman, James Jackson, Alan Leeson, Richard Loveday. BETA GAMMA SIGMA National Scholastic BPA Honorary Membership is gained in Beta GammaSigma by main- taining a high scholarship in the BPA college. Members are selected prior to gradua- tion. Dr. John Leonard is the president and Dr. Philip Hud- son is secretary-treasurer. BETA GAMMA SIGMA: Row 1: L. A. Myers, Robert Marshall, Nestor Roos, Shaw Livermore, James Chace, Walter Kirk, Donald Klaiss. Row 2: John White, Kemper Merriam, Hartley Newkirk, Elwin Wood, G. W. Strickler, John Leonard. BETA PI ALPHA: Row 1: William Moorhead, Dick Megerle, Tim Flemming, Jim Kitchin, Dean Shaw Liver- more, Bill Franklin, John Mittino, John Prokop, A. R. Hamidy. Row 2: Donald Stoldt, Ray Medina, Frank Porter, Robert Ironside, Kenneth Marcoux, Robert Hastings, Aniekumar Tigoriwala, Hamid Hatari, Richard Tallman, William Andrews. BETA PI ALPHA Graduate Fraternity Serving as a basis for so- cial and intellectual parti- cipation in the BPA college, Beta Pi Alpha is a graduate students fraternity. They conduct discussion groups and Graduate Students ' Day. DELTA SIGMA PI National Professional BPA Fraternity Delta Sigma Pi encourages the study of business in universities and promotes closer affiliation be- tween the commercial world and students of commerce. Eligibility for membership is a 2.5 grade average. DELTA SIGMA PI: Row 1: Jay Funderburg, Horst Linnemann, Thomas Miller, David McCargar, Dale Bergen, Ken Smith, Lenton Merryman, Jim Jackson. Row 2: Winston Rogers, Leonard Mandig, Ronald Stogstill, Richard Owensby, John Izatt, Fred Montgomery, John Weber, Paul Tosch, Bill Cook, Harry Huntoon, Warren Platt, Larry Cunningham. Row 3: John Azeltine, Dan Paluselli, Robert Chambers, Greg Robertson, Odysseus Y. BoondLher, Phillip Barnhard, Verne Loose, Rodney Miller, Neil Perlman. GAMMA ALPHA CHI National BPA Advertising Fraternity The members of Gamma Alpha Chi took field trips to advertising firms and sold advertisements in order to acquire a practical knowl- edge of advertising. The honorary is open to all stu- dents interested in advertis- ing with a 2.8 average. GAMMA ALPHA CHI: Row 1: Sallie Siegelman, Jo Langfitt, Nancy Black, Raymonda Wheless, Frances Daniel. Row 2: Linda Bulmon, Janie McKee, Dorothy Nemec, Janet Hamilton, Nelda Schrepel. PHI CHI THETA National Businesswomen ' s Fraternity Phi Chi Theta members are chosen from women en- rolled in the BPA college who have a 2.5 grade aver- age. This year the chapter received the highest effi- ciency rating for the south- western district of the national fraternity. PHI CHI THETA: Row 1: Joanne Lewis, Frances Daniel, Judy Jagoda, Debra Miller, Joyce Fall, Valerie Burkett, Pat Thompson. Row 2: Beverly Treible, Lynda Shaw, Laurie Stanton, Barbara Ward, Gloria Tuell, Donna Lynn, Donna Gilpin, Pat Gately, Cindy Koshelek. Row 3: Vaughne Kowalski, Karen Jacobsen, June Morrison, Linda Lieb, Barbara Frere, Carol Shober, Joni Taranton, Susie Andrew. 139 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DEAN HOLLIS A. MOORE The College of Education, headed by Dean Hollis A. Moore, Jr., is organized to meet the needs of the state of Arizona in the prepara- tion, training and certification of teachers and administrators. Majors offered include k i nderg a r ten- primary, elementary a nd secondary educa- tion, special education, guidance and counseling, health, library science and edu- cational psychology. There are also graduate degrees in supervision and administration. At registration each semester the college sponsors an orientation assembly for new education students. Under the direction of the Bureau of School Services, the college staff works with school officials in studying curricular patterns and supplying curriculum materials, conducting consultative and survey services and planning educational conferences and institutes. The staff is also concerned with the im- provement of instruction through experimen- tation, teacher education and field work in cooperation with school administrators and teachers. The new Education Building, scheduled for completion by fall of 1963, will provide more classrooms and special facilities for the expanding college. The building will include an experimental learning center where new teaching methods will be tested, a vocational rehabilitation cen- ter—the first in the Southwest—and a reading center which will help students to improve in both reading comprehension and speed. JiJ EDUCATION FACULTY: Row 1: Gordon Parsons, Dean Worcester, Edward Brown, Donald Bentz, Thadeus Johnston, Robert Calmes, Roger Daldrup, Harley Christiansen, Willie Mae Rice, Lloyd McCann, Virginia Anderson, Lillian Hickman, Mary Hocker, Harold Richey. Row 2: Paul Allen, Jacob Hunt, Donald Barnes, Emil Larson, Robert Cook, Amelia Melnik, John Kinzer, Herbert Wilson, Daniel Davies, Jerald Reece, Melvin Rhodes, Loren Downey, Arthur Steinbrenner. Row 3: Udo Jansen, Robert Crowell, Bill Ranniger, Milo Blecha, Betty Johnston, Mary Frobisher, Creighton Magoun, Norman Greenberg, Paul Danielson, James Gibson, Victor Kelley, Hollis Moore, Frank Saunders, John Greer. Row 4: Bob Johnson, Harold Brasell, Sidney Pressey, Emil Gavlak, Wilbur Yauch, Elinor Saltus, Raymond Klein, Curtis Merritt, Bernice Goidmark, Ruth Strang, Margaret Gillespie, Keith Schwyhart, David Smith, Wailand Bessent. Yolanda Araneta Frances Archer Julia Atkinson Nora Barden Toni Barrett Sally Bartels Patricia Bell Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Champaign, III. Flagstaff, Ariz. Tucson, Arizona Rockford, Ill. Detroit, Michigan Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Primary Ed. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Newman Club, Los roB KAe, Young SNEA .A..III X52 EAT Universitarios Republicans, Wesley Found. WRA, AWS SNEA EDUCATION SENIORS The new Education Building, located on Second Street, will be completed for the 1963 fall semester. •- - ; ; Ira In - .. P ' 1 1 e " Prfr-1.---•-,... - 1 . l ' il.: 4641-1140111P111-Ir III i 7 - , l - " II - ---1 - . ,• . 1 1 3; i - - :, 1 1 i 1_4.elijirCI " Ler ' JI.I ' llpet4ir .,I 7-_ii ' 7 ' ; - " ' :! ' . ' :Ii 1 ' 7 ' -- ; --- 147 1 i_kb. 7 jli r3 77- 1 1_ _ _ 1 K1 l ' T ■ j .,—iietwoolikb 7:-_ . ....- 141 s, V sPlu,:r;:- 4,, , ft c,,- , g 1 w.• P, I 7 -?1$ e t a il,$•-tsis 41 rt$pAiiC40: i 9 Fir alp,i " cob? Yip ' W tw 40, 4 ri 0 4 0 f..;, :fM, to ' e e- 00. , 44 ' t — - ' ' ` ' - ' , t " r 4 Mt n ft, .:04 JAN GLOVER Education Senator EDUCATION SENIORS Sandy Bennett Mesa, Arizona Elementary Ed. X1-2 Traffic Court ASUA Publicity Carol Jo Bledsoe Flagstaff, Arizona Education KA0 Charles Bergstrom Phoenix, Arizona Education ciSFA Pres., Sophos Chain Gang Pres. Bobcats, IFC Kay Bonsey Fullerton, Calif. Elementary Ed. KAO Corres. Sec. SUAB Charles T. Bishop Tucson, Arizona Social Studies SNEA Wesley Foundation President Sandra Boonstra Zeeland, Michigan Physical Ed. A Club, PEMM VP WRA Treasurer Diane Gail Brown San Marino, Cal. Elementary Ed. Al ' Vice President JoAnn Branham Mary Lynn Briggs Tucson, Arizona Santa Monica, English Ca lifornia KKF, AAA, Chimes Elementary Ed. Mortar Boa rd AI ' , HAO Spurs, SUAB VP AWS Rep. Donna Rae Brown Sharon J. Brugler Phoenix, Arizona Tucson, Arizona History Elementary Ed. KAO Standards General Resident Chm., Angel Flight Scholarship Mary Boyles Robin Brandt Eveleth, Minn. Tucson, Arizona Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Catherine Burneo Tucson, Arizona Elementary Ed. ASUA Publicity SNEA Barbara Burnett Pasadena, Cal. Kind.-Prim. Ed. AX0 Panhellenic, WRA SNEA, CAV Margaret Cadmus Tucson, Arizona Mathematics 0A Phrateres TIA0 Lucy A. Carrasco Nogales, Arizona Kind.-Prim. Ed. Newman Club, Marshall Foundation Irene Carrillo Sandra S. Cartmell Constance Chan Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Education Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. K A.111 Pres., SNEA HAO Spurs, Angel Flight Panhellenic Coun. Angel Flight, WRA 142 Judy Clark Palos Verdes Estates, Calif. Elementary Ed. Dee Clover Tucson, Arizona Elementary Ed. KKP, Carol Cochella Sacramento, Cal. Education Charles H. Cohen Tucson, Arizona Elementary Ed. Constance Connelly Charles A. Cook Betty G. Corn Tucson, Arizona Croton-on-Hudson, La Canada, Calif. Elementary Ed. New York Education AP VP, Spurs History Chimes Susan Cram Birmingham, Mich. Elementary Ed. House Mgr. Phyllis Craner Denver, Colorado Education AAA, A,IfK WRA, Brigadettes Margaret Crissey Dennis Crougham Lewistown, Ill. Tucson, Arizona Primary Ed. History, English IIBO, Desert WRA, Cheerleader Christina Dabney Sierra Vista, Ariz. Elementary Ed. Mohave President SNEA, Rodeo Club Susan Daggett Sharon Del Duca Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Physical Ed. Elementary Ed. ( ) A Phrateres AAII Newman Clb. SNEA, ASUA WRA Board, PEMM Larry E. Despain Susan M. Dishinger Phoebe Dow Janice M. Eagle Grace Edwards Betty Einspahr Kathleen English Prescott, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Coolidge, Arizona Bluefield, Va. Kenilworth, Ill. Tucson, Arizona Park Ridge, Ill. Elementary Ed. Primary Ed. Elementary Ed. English History Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. AA Treas. Xt2 SNEA AlA, HAO Xt-2 Aon Pledge Baird Scholarship Trainer, SNEA Maltese Club Lou-Ann English Ellie Ewald Diane Feldman Jacque Fiedler Dorothy Fisher Kent R. Fisher Vern Folley Douglas, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Spencer, Iowa Tucson, Arizona Casa Grande, Ariz. Benson, Arizona Elementary Ed. English Prim.-Kind. Ed. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Mathematics Elementary Ed. Desert, ISC, SNEA SNEA Gen. Res. Scholar 143 Student teacher Albert Loska examines the project that an as- piring scientist is preparing to present to his science class at Doolen Jr. High School. Carolyn Fotlz Phoenix, Arizona Spanish roB, H.10 SUAB Kenneth Fones Tucson, Arizona Physical Ed. ATA SNEA Diane Frank Harrisburg, Penn. Primary Ed. : ' AT AWS, WRA, SNEA Hillel Barbara Franklin Redondo Beach, California Primary Ed. Gretchen Gagoon Phoenix, Arizona roB, SNEA Racquet Club Wildcat Leonor Gallardo Tucson, Arizona Business Ed. PEMM Betty Gee Tucson, Arizona Elementary Ed. SNEA, CSC Arlene Glink Janice Glover Marilyn Goldman Jay Goodfarb Linda Gunther Robert Hamil Holly Hamson Chicago, Ill. Phoenix, Arizona Scottsdale, Ariz. Tucson, Arizona Galesburg, Ill. Hayden, Arizona Evanston, Ill. Kind.-Prim. Ed. Elementary Ed. 1AT Physical Ed. Kind.-Prim. Ed. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. SNEA, CAV IIAO, Campus Republican Student Senator PEMM, WRA TAO Asst. Athletic AAA _LIAO AMI Secretary ASUA, Greek Week WRA Board Trainer Comm. Norma Harrison Linda Hass Mary Hawke Martha Hayden Kathleen Hayer Linnea Hedlund Linda Hoak Tucson, Arizona Aanheim, Calif. Tucson, Arizona Prescott, Ariz. Sparta, Ill. Phoenix, Arizona Burbank, Calif. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Physical Ed. Elementary Ed. AKA Secretary Al ' KAO, LEAH Mermaids AAA Treas. XS2 Secretary K AO Secretary SNEA Greek Week Queen AAA President Soph. Council Chimes, Mortar Pres., PEMM ASUA, WRA Pom Pon ASUA Board President Treas., WRA VP Stardust Queen 144 Susanne Hoffman Katherine Horn Joan Huber Pamela Jameson Geraldine Johnson Barbara Juhl Jennifer Kagel Elmhurst, III. Moorehead, Minn. Pasadena, Calif. Santa Barbara, Casa Grande, Ariz. Northridge, Cal. Phoenix, Arizona Business Ed. Social Studies Elementary Ed. California Kind.-Prim. Ed. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Ao VP AP AXS2 Elementary Ed. SNEA SNEA SUAB RAO AOR RCM ASUA Alice Keene Molly Keil Mary Kinietz Mary Lynn Kinney Shirley Klaus Jean Klug Laurene Kortkamp Tucson, Arizona Tiburon, Calif. Fullerton, Cal. Tucson, Arizona Tucson, A rizona Elmhurst, Ill. Tucson, Arizona Social Studies Primary Ed. Education Elementary Ed. Education Elementary Ed. Kind.-Prim. Ed. Phrateres KK-1 AOH AXG VP, WRA SNEA SUAB CAV SN EA Wildcat Carole Kraftmeyer Judith Kramer Jeneene Krantz Susan Kreisler Jacqueline Kuber LaVerne Lamb Moline, Illinois Tucson, Arizona Galveston, Tex. Tucson, Arizona Jacksonville, Miami, Arizona Elementary Ed. Spanish Childhood Ed. Elementary Ed. Florida Business Ed. FOB, AAA KKF, EAR, AAA EAT Hillel, RHC Elementary Ed. A:KR VP HAO Spurs Secretary Hillel, SNEA SNEA KAO House Mgr. TBE,HOH, oXe Young Democrats CAV, WRA ASUA Secretary Annabel Lee Theodora Lee Nancy Lewis Betty Lim June Linkhart Angela Lopez Phoenix, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Brawley, Calif. Phoenix, Arizona Sapula, Oklahoma Tucson, Arizona Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Kind.-Prim. Ed. Elementary Ed. English Elementary Ed. Chinese Students ' SNEA Universitarios Club President Social Chairman Sally Lawrence Phoenix, Arizona Kind.-Prim. Ed. KAO President Chimes, SUAB Angel Flight Albert Lasko Flagstaff, Arizona Biology 145 Lorraine Loska Harold S. Love Patricia D. Mail Linda Matson Jana McKinney Pearle Meadows Rowene Medina Flagstaff, Ariz. Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tokyo, Japan Tucson, Arizona Alamosa, Colo. Mexicali, Mex. Kind.-Prim. Ed. Social Studies Physical Ed. Kind.-Prim. Ed. Education Elementary Ed. Speech HA° Treas., WRA AI ' Foundations AAA V. P., Women ' s A Chairman Club Pres. Mermaids Diane Mensch Mary Merrill Gloria Messina Connie Metcalf Mary Montiel June Morris Pamela Morris Tucson, Arizona St. David, Ariz. Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Chicago, Ill. Tucson, Arizona English AS_; Elementary Ed. History Elementary Ed. Physical Ed. Elementary Ed. KAO, AAA HHII roTi Recording Sec. Newman Club AE0 VP and Sec. Social Chm. Spurs, Chimes LDS Club ILSE) PEMM Club SUAB Racquet Club Rally Committee VP, WRA, Mermaids Ruth Ann Morse Theadora Muzzy Priscilla Myers Russ Nielsen Jane Oliver June Oltmans Jan Painter Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Los Angeles, Cal. Tucson, Arizona Manhasset, N. Y. Tucson, Arizona Los Angeles, Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Al ' President History Kind.-Prim. Ed. Elementary Ed. California House Mgr. KAO Jr. Class Treas. AX, IFC ASS A011 Elementary Ed. Spurs, ASUA, SUAB Angel Flight Rally Committee Sophos, ASUA ASUA AWS, Rally Comm. Desert Staff ASUA CAV Baird Scholarship Rep. Club, SUAB Judy Peltzer Stephanie Pence Olive Jean Perry Norma Jean Pick Linda Pixley Chuck Pomeroy Sue Radtke Anaheim, Calif. Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Santa Fe, N. M. Tucson, Arizona Kearney, Ariz. Alexandria,Va. Education Education Education Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Spanish Elementary Ed. SNEA It.10 ASUA Pledge Trainer AKA Treasurer ITAO SNEA SNEA Republican Club 146 Suzan Randolph Phoenix, Arizona Elementary Ed. AAA Schol. Chm. FBZ Sec., Twirler Sandra Reagan Aanheim, Calif. Elementary Ed. FOB Angel Flight Pamela Robinson Lake Bluff, Ill. Elementary Ed. KKI ' VP Mike Rombold Chula Vista, Calif. HPER ZAE Lettermen ' s Club Golf Esther Rombach Denver, Colo. Special Ed. Susan Rosenzweig New Haven, Conn. Elementary Ed. HAO University Dames SNEA Albert Loska grades a student as she presents her sci- ence project at Doolen Junior High. EDUCATION SENIORS Judith Rumple John Salvia Karla Sands Julie Schmielding Mary Elin Schrage Martha Schweich Sandy Shehan Fort Wayne, Ind. Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Grosse Point, Mich. Palmdale, Calif. La Jolla, Calif. Elementary Ed. History Primary Ed. Elementary Ed. English Spanish Physical Ed. Activity Chm. BSU Sec. SNEA IIAO, Yuma Hall AOII, Mermaids AWS Chm., SNEA SNEA Campus Treas., BBB Junior Sec. Symphonic Choir Republicans Porn Pon Alternate Richard Sherfey Jeam Simmons Natalie Slaughter Rose Marie Solomon Mary Ann Smith Sandra Stanford Beverly Stephenson Tucson, Arizona Skokie, III. Monterey Park, Yuma, Ariz. Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Pottsville, Penn. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. California Spanish Kind.-Prim. Ed. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. SNEA AAA VP Elementary Ed. AAA, SNEA AOII Secretary APT Sec. AXS2 Treas. Symphonic Choir 147 Kristine Stohl Rockford, Ill. Elementary Ed. WRA Mermaids AWS MaryLou Sturm Yosemite, Calif. Elementary Ed. X52, Newman Club Ski Club, AWS Young Rep. Ethel Jean Taylor Tucson, Arizona Business Ed. Barb Tillinghast Tucson, Arizona Special Education Sharon Ruth Turk Joan S. Turner E. Lansing, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Biology Elementary Ed. rcbB President KAO Spurs, Chimes, PENN Club Mortar Board, AWS Jim Umbeck Galesburg, Ill. Elementary Ed. 2N, Traditions Yell King Varsity Baseball Johnny Vergis Naoma, W. Va. Social Studies Ray VerVelde Tucson, Arizona Education Vivian Vickery Santa Barbara, California Education Ronnie Wacker Eloy, Arizona Elementary Ed. 01 Treasurer Manzanita Pres. RHC, SNEA Sharon Wait Tucson, Arizona Prim. Ed. lAH Mary " Kit " Walker Brenda Webb Phoenix, Arizona Douglas, Arizona Elementary Ed. Education FOB Rush Chm. AATI Historian Chimes, Mortar Bd. BO Secretary Angel Flight, AWS Queen of MOE Arleen Weinberger Patricia C. White Judie Wilder Karen Wilkison Anna L. Wong Susan Wood Carolyn Wurth Glendale, Arizona Silver City, N. M. Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Scottsdale, Ariz. Elementary Ed., AAII, TB , CAV, SNEA, Band, Music English XQ President Desert Staff, WRA Elementary Ed. AP Corres. Sec. HAO, ASUA Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. SNEA, Chinese Studenis Club Elementary Ed. KK1 ' Secretary Elementary Ed. Newman Club Huachuca Hall Scholarship Sweetheart of ATA Al ' Sr. Sch. Social Chm. Sandy Shehane, a practice teacher at Catalina High School, le ads her PE class in a fast game of speedaway. PI OMEGA PI National Business Education Honorary Business education majors who maintain a 2.5 grade average are selected for membership in Pi Omega Pi. The Beta Omicron chapter promotes and maintains a closer relationship among the alumni, faculty and stu- dents of business education. PI OMEGA PI: Row 1: Warren Singleton, Richard Kidwell, Charles Prentiss, James Weston, Herbert Langen, Wright Thomas. Row 2: Vicki Steinfeld, Gaile Kenyon, Joan Moody, Sharon Gale, Mary Bazzeta, Harriet Nichols, Lenore Elliott, Julia Swanick, Mary Megaw, Florence Toland, Pat Wilson, Lorena Merrill, Violet Thomas. PHI DELTA KAPPA: Row 1: Paul Danielson, William Berg, John Waite, Fred Thomas, Richard Force, Emil Gavlak, Norman Greenberg, Curtis Merritt, Victor Kelley. Row 2: Curtis Green, Morgan Tartt, Edwin Yoak- um, Elder James, L. F. Runion, Harry Spaulding, Harold Grieve, John McCormick, Charles Ott, A. R. Dun- sheath, Emil Larson. PHI DELTA KAPPA National Men ' s Education Honorary Phi Delta Kappa promotes research, service and leader- ship in the profession of education. Membership is based on a 1.5 grade aver- age and recommendation by a faculty member.Speak- ers are featured at each monthly meeting. PI LAMBDA THETA National Women ' s Education Honorary Members of Pi Lambda Theta are chosen for their high profes- sional standards and the recom- mendation of two faculty members. Each year the group sponsors a foreign student with a $900 scholarship. PI LAMBA THETA: Row 1: Elsie Dailey, Katherine Maxwell, Peg Cadmus, Mary Lynn Briggs, Char- lotte Genis, Barbara Burrows, Shirley Klaus, Row 2: Ruth Kennedy, Kathleen Hatcher, Sylvia Payette, Mary Elin Schrage, Kathy Strittmatter, Sharon Hovland. 149 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING DEAN THOMAS L. MARTIN JR. The College of Engineering, established in 1890, offers an ultra-modern curriculum lead- ing to the B. S. in aero-space engineering, agricultural engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, engineering mathe- matics, engineering physics, mechanical engi- neering and an extensive graduate program leading to the Master ' s and Ph.D. degrees. Special fields of study included in the Col- lege of Engineering are aerodynamics, high- ways, nuclear reactors, operations research, atomic data processing, electronics, nuclear engineering and numerical analysis. A cooperative program has been organ- ized for engineering students with a cumula- tive grade average of 2.5 or better. Under this program students study for one semester and work during the second semester, pro- viding them with on the job training by the practical experience of working in industry. Dr. Thomas L. Martin, Jr. was appointed dean of the College of Engineering in July 1958. Dean Martin received his bachelor ' s and master ' s degrees in electrical engineer- ing from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his Ph. D. in 1951 from Stanford Univer- sity. He also attended the Harvard-MIT Radar School. He taught at the University of New Mexico and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute before joining the University of Arizona faculty in 1953 as head of the Electrical Engineering Department. He is an ex-officio member of the Arizona State Board of Technical Registra- tion and a member of the American Institute of Electrical Engineering. Directing the Numerical Analysis Laboratory is Dr. Wayne Wymore. The laboratory provides complete electronic data-processing facilities, together with instruction for its use. The Director of Engineering Serv- ices is General Emil Lenzner. He co- ordinates special engineering proj- ects such as the cooperative and mili- tary student programs. Charles H. Peyton is the Research Administrator for the Engineering Research Laboratories. He supervises the distribution of research contracts and grants in the Engineering College. DEPARTMENT HEADS: Row 1: Emmett Laursen, Paul Russell, Lynn Weaver. Row 2: Wayne Wy- more, Harvey Christensen. ENGINEERING FACULTY: Row 1: Robert Waeker, Edward Roberts, Donald Haus, Arthur Gill, Carl Buckman, Emil Lenzner, Willard Rogers, Allen Joyce, Phillip Newlin, Donald Schultz, Jack Smith, Stanley Gale. Row 2: Terrill Eubank, Edwin Litt, Paul Russell, Robert Barnett, Wayne Wymore, Ben Mesick, Ralph Yappell, Lynn Weaver, David Hall, Darrow Dawson, Frank Perran. Row 3: Donald Linger, Quentin Mees, Emmett Larsen, Arland Foster, Harvey Christensen, Russell Petersen, Robert Baker, Robert Seahe, Paul Masser, Laurence Huelsman, Martin Uman, Quentin Thomson. ENGINEERING COUNCIL ENGINEERING COUNCIL: Row 1: Stan Perril, Ron Ledford, Alex Padilla, Rand Tuuri, Dan Paaterson, Clarence Kroh, Hans Jensen, Neil Kramer. Row 2: Fred Luyties, Bruce Emmons, Tom Anderson, Wayne Dawson, Carl Brown, Jeff LaVel I, Tom Lange. ENGINEERING SENATORS ENGINEERING SENATORS: Tom Lange, Steve Pinnel I, Alex Padilla. Tom Anderson Anthony Azure Jose Ballesteras Edwin Brooks Darrell Brunage Thomas Cargen Hans Churchill Phoenix, Arizona Renton, Wash. Douglas, Arizona Prescott, Ariz. Casa Grande, Ariz. Phoenix, Arizona Tuscon, Arizona Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Mechanical Engr. Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Engr., Physics AKA, OHL ' , IRE VP AIEE AX Secretary AIEE AIEE VP, Baird General Resident Scholarship Scholarship Frank Cota-Robles Robert Crum Charles Davis Wayne Dawson Thomas Dea Joseph Disabato Douglas Dowd Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Elm Grove, Wis. Mechanical Engr. Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Mechanical Engr. Mechanical Engr. Electrical Engr. Mechanical Engr. AKA Social Chm. ESE KA President CSC, ASME TIM, IRE, Newman ATL1 President IRE, AIEE Silver Wing TBH Sec., ' DIE, ASME VP, OM; Airesearch Scholarship Club, General Scabbard Blade Resident Sch. IFC 152 Robert Ellis Raphael John Glancy Michael Glancy Harlan C. Goudy Henri Guyader Larry Hall Little Valley, Finkelstein Kingman, Arizona Kingman, Ariz. Forestburg, Tucson, Arizona Scottsdale, Ariz. New York Tucson, Arizona Civil Engr. Cavil Engr. South Dakota Elec. Engr. Civil Engr. Civil Engr. Electrical Engr. ASCE Treas. ASCE Aero-Space Engr. Kiwanis Club OX, T1311, IIME .10E, ASCE HATE, T1311. Silver Wing IAS, ASME Scholarship Sophos, Scabbard and Blade ENGINEERING SENIORS Rickel Hanson August Hardt Charles Hayes Richard Hess Durrell Hillis Jay Nat Hoopes Edwin Hutchinson Tucson, Arizona Globe, Arizona Gray, Maine Philadelphia, Pa. Tucson, Arizona Thatcher, Arizona Alexandria, La. Mechanical Engr. Civil Engr. Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Civil Engr. Electrical Engr. IAS, ASME ASCE ' Hill, IRE IRE, AIEE AXA, AIEE, IRE AA, ASCE OAO, TBII Newman Club Student Senate Williams and Ellis Scholarship Ray Knight repairs an air conditioning unit which his mechanical engineering class is building. 153 Ronald Johnson Phoenix, Arizona Engr. Physics John Wait, Pearce O ' Grady and Robert Hampton, graduate engineering students, work out components for a project in hybrid computing sponsored by NASA and the Air Force. Dennis Krantz Clarence Kroh Thomas Lange Arlen Larson Ronald Ledford Mario Liddicoat Victor G. Lunell Tucson, Arizona Superior, Ariz. Janesville, Wis. Danvers, Mich. Douglas, Arizona Chihuahua, San Jose, Ca lif. Electrical Engr. Mechanical Engr. Aero-Space Engr. Mechanical Engr. Electrical Engr. Mexico Electrical Engr. AIEE, IRE ASME, Engineer ' s OT, TBH T 1311 OT, Engr. Coun. Mechanical Engr. OT, IRE Council Silver Wing IRE, AIEE IIKA VP, AIME Student Senate Newman Club Newman Club Juan Marianti Lima, Peru Mechanical Engr. AKA Latin American Scholarship Michael McGuire Tucson, Arizona Mechanical Engr. ASME President Monte Montierth Safford, Ariz. Mathematics Bernie Overland Tucson, Arizona Mechanical Engr. Sophos Varsity Golf Fr. Basketball John Patterson Tucson, Arizona Electrical Engr. T1311 Pres. DT, AIEE Robert H. Peck Tucson, Arizona Mechanical Engr. TBII AiResearch Scholarship Timothy Pennington San Francisco, California Mechanical Engr. 0_10 Pres., ASME Blue Key Pres. 154 Harlow Peterson John Reed Thomas A. Russel Lynn E. Sanders John Sansbury James Scussel Robert Stanbery Phoenix, Arizona Lewistown, Mont. Tucson, Arizona Ray, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Seattle, Wash. Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Mechanical Engr. Electrical Engr. Mechanical Engr. TBIT T OH, OT T1311 AIEE ASME OX T RE, ASME SUAB, Engr. Coun. AIEE, IRE Chrm. Orchestra, Band Navajo Hall Pres. Paul Ulmann Award ENGINEERING SENIORS William Stockton Tucson, Arizona Electrical Engr. TBIT Francisco Torres Tucson, Arizona Electrical Engr. Robert Valeski Berkeley, Calif. Aero-Space Engr. IAS, ASME Kenneth Wayne Yuma, Ariz. Mechanical IX Secretary ASME Mil Ronald Weiss Tucson, Arizona Civil Engr. TAcp, ASCE President Pershing Rifles Three nuclear engineering students experiment on a gas flow proportional counter to determine the stata aspects of radioactive decay. Judith Wise Helen Wong David Woodruff Phoenix, Arizona Marana, Ariz. Safford, Ariz. Mechanical Engr. Aero-Space Engr. Civil Engr. ASME Secretary AAA, ASME, IAS Orr 155 AIEE-IRE National Professional Electrical and Radio Engineering Association Electrical and radio engi- neers comprise the member- ship of AIEE-IRE. The aim of the organization is to broaden the scope of the engineering student in his chosen field. Jack Reed is the chairman; Tom Ander- son is vice-chairman; and Maurice Free is secretary. AIEE-IRE: Row 1: Jim Close, Gerald Fjetland, Maurice Free, Jack Reed, Robert Crum, Tom Anderson. Row 2: Mike Herrick, Leroy Earhart, Charles Hayes, Jose Ballesteros, Victor Lunell, Donald Young. THETA TAU National Professional Engineering Fraternity Chi chapter of Theta Tau, is composed of University men who are majoring in the various fields of engi- neering, as well as geology and mines students. Theta Tau sponsors the engineers ' breakfast, furnishes guides to the Engineering Building for Mom and Dad ' s Day and selects nominees for the out- standing engineering grad- uate student award. THETA TAU: Row 1: David Woodruff, Dennis Conradi, Leroy Earhart, Ron Wagar. Row 2: Ron Ledford, Tom Lange, Harlow Peterson, Larry Harrington, Dan Patterson, Maurice Free. TAU BETA PI National Scholastic Engineering Honorary A 2.0 grade average is required for membership in Tau Beta Pi. Members offer a tutoring service for under- classmen in engineering. Each year Tau Beta Pi hon- ors a freshman student who excels in engineering. TAU BETA PI: Row 1: David Woodruff, Robert Peck, Tom Lange, Harvey Brock, James Lindsay, Jack Reed, Donald Crede. Row 2: Habib Yaziji, Thomas Dea, Sam Ventres, Toby Teorey, Amer Chand, Arlen Larson, Mubashar Ahmad. Row 3: Clarence Kroh, James Jones, Edwin Hutchinson, Dan Patterson, Don- ald Young, Jereld Graeme, Tran VanKhoi, William Stockton. 156 SOCIETY OF SIGMA XI National Scientific Research Fraternity Members of the Society of Sigma Xi, graduate stu- dents with outstanding rec- cords in research, stimulate interest in scientific research. Officers of the society this year were Dr. R. M. Harris, president; Dr. Vartkes Simo- nian, vice president; Dr. Wil- liam McCauley, secretary and Dr. Alec Kelley, treas- urer. SOCIETY OF SIGMA XI: Row 1: Raymond Thompson, Jean Stewart, Emil Haury, Dorothy Marquart, Milne Thompson. Row 2: Milton Smith, Bill Bowles, R. B. Streets, Ole Simley, Allen Mail. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS The American Society of Civil Engineers sponsors the Engineers ' Day and Dance, the senior civil engineers ' breakfast and an annual scholarship to a deserving civil engineering student. The society brings to stu- dents a better understand- ing of engineering. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS. Row 1: Asamae Shirazi, Bill Lloyd, David Woodruff, August Hardt, John Glancy, Mike Glancy. Row 2: Jay Hoopes, James Kreigh, David Hall, Ronald Weiss, Randy Tuuri, Chuck Lytle. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS: Row 1: Darrell Block, Abraham Bjerano, H. A. Marcoux, Chris McGuire, Judy Wise, Juan Marianyi, Clarence Kroh. Row 2: Thomas Dea, Carleton Brown, Tom Lange, Robert Valeski, Rick Hanson, Harlen Goudy, B. S. Mesick, Wayne Dawson, Ar- len Larson. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS The American Society of Me- chanical Engineers acquaints students with the different fields and applications of engi- neering. The society sponsors Engineering Day and also the Engineering Dance. Officers this year were Chris McGuire, president; Carl Brown, vice- president; Judy Wise, secre- tary; and Wayne Dawson, treasurer. 157 COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS DEAN SIDNEY W. LITTLE Dean of the College of Fine Arts Sidney W. Little is a graduate of Cornell University, holds a master ' s degree from Tulane Univer- sity and has done further study at L ' ecole des Beaux Arts, Fonta inbleau, Paris. He has taught at Alabama Polytechnical Institute, Clemson University and served as dean of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of Oregon. As dean of the College of Fine Arts, Dean Little directs a constantly expanding part of the University. Its expan- sion is demonstrated by the new addition to Crowder Hall, the music building. This build- ing houses the music faculty and an extensive music library making available to all Univer- sity students a large number of records and musical scores. The school of music also spon- sors the University Marching Band, the Sym- phony Orchestra and the Choir. There is a concert hall for student recitals. The art gallery which has a permanent exhibition and various guest exhibits during the year is part of the art department. The drama department educates its stu- dents in the theatre. However, its advantages are not open only to drama students, for, at various times during the year there are all- campus tryouts for various productions of this department and the Readers ' Theatre which comes under the department of speech in the Fine Arts College. The newest department in this college is the department of architecture begun in 1958 with only 80 students. Since then, this num- ber has more than doubled. The College of Fine Arts provides for the entire University and Southern Arizona a full and exciting cultural life. DEPARTMENT HEADS: Andrew Buchhauser, William Steadman, Mark Voris, Dean Sidney Little, Klonda Lynn, Peter Marroney. ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT: Row 1: Lionel Chadwick, Duane Cote, Sidney Little, Samuel Williams, Row 2: Edwin Wilmsen, Ellery Green, Donald Johnson, James Gresham, Gordon Heck. FINE ARTS SENIORS Barbara Beadles Barbara Block Diane Cumerford Larry Deutsch Gail Goodman David Hibbert Janie Karmen Colorado Springs, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Mo. Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Scottsdale, Ariz. Colorado California Speech Therapy Art Art Art Education Speech Correction Speech Correction Drama AAA TAO Secretary AEcP Football AAII, f,AH KK Orchesis AE0 Soc. Chm. IAH Secretary ASUA APT, AWS Chimes, ASUA Angel Flight University Players WRA, AWS Orchesis Panhellenic Pres. 1 59 SUE McKENZIE and JUDY KRAFT Patti Wilcox works on a bowl at the potter ' s wheel. Fine Arts Senators ART DEPARTMENT: Row 1: Mark Voris, Carl Heldt, Mel Sauger, Maurice Grossman. Row 2: John Kish, Ed Strout, Eugene MacKaben, Sheldon Reich. Wayne G. King Judie Kraft Vancouver, Canada Highland Park, Art History Illinois Fine Arts rol3 ASUA Connie Kroll Harold Landon, Jr. Piedmont, Calif. Tucson, Arizona Speech Drama 11130 qsl ' A SUAB, German Club University Players Internat. Students Marcia C. Lewin Kansas City, Mo. Speech Therapy AF,q5 AWS Panhellenic Thomas McKean Marilyn Meyer Phoenix, Arizona Beverly Hills, Music Education C alifornia Sec., UA Band Drama Production OALA Sec., Hepcat AE0 Scholarship University Players 160 Judith A. Miller Barbara Moore Judith Morrison Rita Mosiman Jean Mount Mary Patterson Jewel Ann Pratt Anaheim, Calif. Chicago, Ill. Norfolk, Nebraska Phoenix, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Fort Worth, Texas Willcox, Arizona Music Education Music Speech Therapy Music Education Music Education Drama Production Music Education Symphonic Choir I, Band IAII Choraliers AAA, T13E, IA1 KK1 ' Rush Chm. U of A Singers Conservative Club Mortar Board Orchestra University Players Wranglers Symphonic Choir Ba nd Scabbard Blade FINE ARTS SENIORS ------- • .............................. ................ ............. 1- - - ..... ............. DRAMA DEPARTMENT: Row 1: Helen Currie, Robert Keyworth, Victoria Lucas, Channing Smith. Row 2: Peter Marroney, John Lafferty, John Mills, Robert Burroughs. SPEECH DEPARTMENT: Row 1: Henry Schmilz, Bar- bara Hutchinson, George Sparks, Carol Harmeson, William Bailey, Gail Jaffe, Klonda Lynn. Row 2: Jack Howe, Frank Barreca, Eldon Baker, Ben Mark- land, Gene England. 161 Sandra Ross Julie Rubel William Skidmore Edward Stuckenhoff Pamela Townsend Patricia Wilcox Ramon Wilson Oakland, Calif. Highland Pk., Ill. Edisto Island, Casper, Wyoming Elgin, Arizona Costa Mesa, Calif. Tonawanda, N.Y. Speech Correction kr,0 South Carolina Speech Art History Art Education Commercial Art Mermaids Mermaids Music Education .1T(..2, Wilbur Club l ' oB AAA President A PT Helen Ross Sch. I:Ksk, 0MA, Band Head Cheerleader Quadrille Team Mermaids Swimming Hepcats Traditions Rodeo Queen FINE ARTS SENIORS SCHOOL OF MUSIC: Row 1: Wendal Jones, Anita Sammarco, Kasper Malone, Elenore Altman, Eugene Conley, Emilio Osta. Row 2: John Bloom, Richard Faith, Carole Wilson, Rodney Mercado, Edward Murphy, James Anthony, Anna Sharp, Samuel Fain. Row 3: Robert Westrich, Edna Church, Henry Johnson, Andrew Buchhauser, Marguerite Ough, Robert McBride, Walter Smith, Frank Simon. An art student arranges a still-life which will be painted in class. 162 KAPPA KAPPA PSI National Men ' s Band Honorary A male University Band member who has a 3.0 grade average is eligible for membership in Kappa Kappa Psi. Members sponsor the annual Var- sity Show and assist the band director in directing the High School Band Day. KAPPA KAPPA PSI: Row 1: Marshall Olp, Robert Heinig, Marian Sangar, Terry Betts, Karl Johnson, Peter Cress, Tom McKean, Tom Patterson. Row 2: Ward Stevens, Paul Scott, Frank Eaton, Milt Dardis, George Birch, Jon Elliott, Thomas Russell, Jim Gibbons, Glenn Barnes. Row 3: Jim May, Jerry Jaccard, Lloyd Dalton, C. G. Page, Frank Housholder, Gerry Williams, William Skidmore, Stephen Phillips. TAU BETA SIGMA National Women ' s Band Honorary Tau Beta Sigma honors out- standing women in the band through privilege of membership extended as a reward for tech- nical achievement and apprecia- tion of the best in music. Mem- bers sustain a high average of attainment by the performance of good music and selection of worthwhile projects. TAU BETA SIGMA: Row 1: Anne McConnell, Margaret Hearn, Charlene Collins, Sandra Neese, Mar- cella Corona, Suzy Randolph. Row 2: LaVerne Lamb, Linda Younger, Joyce Holland, Gretchen Luepke, Virginia Robertson, Linda Lamb, Barbara Romero, Pat Clovis, Cecelia Aranda. Row 3: Gail Gunder- son, Irene Simko, Elyse Howard, Sue Waggoner, Linda Roberts, Arleen Weinberger. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA National Women ' s Music Honorary Sigma Alpha Iota stresses mu- sicianship, scholarship, personal- ity and character and promotes musical interest among college women. Among the activities sponsored by this group are Christmas caroling, Mom and Dad ' s Day open house and musi- cale and two recitals each year. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA: Row 1: Margaret Hearn, Adelaide Nelson, Sharon Falk, Rita Mosiman, Molly Gimmestad, Diana Nunneley. Row 2: Sarah Carroll, Julie Peters, Marty McCoy, Kitty Podolsky, Bar- bara Moore, Gail Gunderson, Joyce Holland. Row 3: Jean Buckwalter, Irene Simko, Marilyn Hulnick, Cecelia Aranda, Laurie Barc, Leslie Bell. 1 63 PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA National Men ' s Music Honorary Men students who have an active interest in music may become members of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Each year the group awards scholarships for the Fine Arts Summer Session. PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA: Row 1: Herbert Poetzl, Paul Scott, Page Williams, Marshall Olp, Tom Patter- son. Row 2: Bill Caddell, George Moffat, Jim Gibbons, Glenn Barnes, William Skidmore, Maurice Staples. Row 3: Phil Azelton, Steven Parker, Jim May, Tom McKean, Joseph LaRosa, Barry Barkan. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS National Drama Honorary National Collegiate Players is a college unit in a national move- ment for the betterment of the American theater. Membership requirements are junior or senior status with a 2.5 grade average, participation in dramatic activities and national office approval. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS: Row 1: Karen Kinkaid, Mary Patterson, Barbara Hayes, Barbara Block, Gail Jaffe. Row 2: Christopher Helms, Gail Goodman, Vance Vidal, Bill Wortman. UNIVERSITY PLAYERS: Row 1: Barbara Hayes, Karen Kinkaid, Meg Huntington, Marilyn Meyer, Bar- bara Block, Toby Butler. Row 2: Bill Wortman, Robert Burroughs, Roberta Bannon, Mina Barrett, James Farias, Rolland Heiss. UNIVERSITY PLAYERS Local Drama Honorary Membership in the University Players is based on interest, co- operation, 16 points of dramatic work and a 3.0 grade aver- age. The organization promotes dramatic activities on campus by sponsoring the season ticket sales and refreshments at University plays. The group awards a $100 scholarship to a drama major. 1 64 SIGMA ALPHA ETA Speech and Hearing Fraternity Sigma Alpha Eta ' s activities are designed to encourage growth in this new field by augmenting the curriculum with guest speakers, field and panel discussions. Students interested in speech and hearing may join as affil- iate, associate, key members. SIGMA ALPHA ETA: Row 1: Roger Reed, Barbara Beadles, Mary Krietz, Patricia Katz, Barbara Bouscher, Marcia Lewin, Diane Cumerford, Toby Dowling. Row 2: Dr. Gene England, Mrs. Gene England, Gloria Orloff, Judy Leenhouts, Suzie Wheeler, Barbara Tillinghast, Sloan, Carol Berman, Susan Ravitz, Bob Wahl. Row 3: Jane Chandler, Judith Morrison, Mary Gross, Mary Sayre, Ann Kaufman, Karen Joseph. PI KAPPA DELTA National Forensics Honorary Participation in intercol- legiate debating is the re- quirement for membership in Pi Kappa Delta. Members encourage participation in debate and extemporaneous speech and gives recogni- tion to those who excell in these areas. Off icers are Dennis Cox, president; Henry Kenski, vice-presi- dent; and Royanna Lebrecht, secretary. PI KAPPA DELTA: Row 1: Jack Howe, Len Bower, Royanna Lebrecht, Pat Whitehead, Tom Hall, Eldon Baker. Row 2: Dennis Cox, Mike Mulchay, Klonda Lynn, Hugh Blount, Jon Kyl. STUDENT CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS Architectural students broaden their architectural experiences outside the classroom by making excur- sions with local architects and engineers to sights such as Kitt Peak Observatory and San Xavier Mission. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS: Row 1: Roscoe Lawless, Bill Potts, Jay DeLong, Abdul Hamdan, Elizabeth Long, Katy Papageorgiou, Janey Hanson, Larry Morrison, Guy Weinzapfel, Lee Christensen. Row 2: John Clark, Larry Mathern, Phil Dinsmore, Wendell Johnson, Don Jackson, Bob Alcumbrac, Paul Dudek, Dennis St. John, Ed Sands, John Morrison, Dennis DeVault. Row 3: Wayne Federick, Rodger Hill, Kenneth Mayer, Dick Overfeld, Kenneth Hubbard, Ed Chambers, Dudley Cotten, John Riggs, Mike Powers. 165 GRADUATE COLLEGE Dr. Herbert D. Rhodes has been Dean of the Graduate College for six years. Prior to his appointment, Dean Rhodes was affiliated with the Stand- ard Oil Company until 1943 when he joined the University of Arizona chemistry department. Dean Rhodes has degrees from the University of Arizona and the University of Illinois. The main concerns of the Graduate College, like those of the other colleges in the University, are instruction and research. The area of interest is defined in terms of the level of instruction or degree of advancement, rather than by subject matter. While the completion of an undergraduate curriculum in any college leads to a bachelor ' s degree, this same bachelor ' s degree is a prerequisite for admission to the Graduate College for advanced work. One may obtain a master ' s degree in 76 fields of study and the Docto r of Philosophy degree is offered in 27 fields, in addition to the Doctor of Education degree and the Doctor of Musical Arts. In answer to the demands of an increasingly complex society, graduate work has been expanding rapidly throughout the entire United States in recent years. The rate of increase at the University of Arizona is even greater than the national average. DEAN HERBERT D. RHODES SCOTT McCOY Graduate Senator Anthropology graduate Ben Schwartz measures a ground-stone object which was found in the Lava Beds National Monument in California. Behavior research is done on the coati-mundi by wildlife management graduate Art Risser. 166 SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS Prior to her appointment as director of the School of Home Eco- nomics, Dr. Ruth Hall taught at the University of Tennessee, Ohio State University, Michigan State University, Oklahoma State Univer- sity, University of Colorado and Purdue. She received her bachelor ' s degree at Ohio State University and her master ' s and doctorate at Purdue University. The undergraduate program in home economics has as its major objectives general education for personal and family living, spe- cialization in various aspects of home economics in preparation for professional positions and courses planned to enrich the profes- sional preparation of students enrolled in other colleges. The five major fields of study are child development and family relations; clothing, textiles and related arts; family economics-home manage- ment; food and nutrition; and home economics education. Students have the use of the recently completed Home Eco- nomics Building, pre-school laboratory and the home management residence. The pre-school facility serves as a laboratory for students who observe the behavior of small children and learn to work with them. The home management residence is a laboratory where students apply principles of management to actual experience. DR. RUTH HALL DIRECTOR HOME ECONOMICS FACULTY: Row 1: Ethel Thompson, Wilma Johnson, Doris McGinty, Beatrice Kline, Ruth Allen. Row 2: Bessie Jean Ruley, Elizabeth Birong, Claire Lehr, Mary Adele Wood, Alice Books, Mildred Jensen, Katherine Scholl. 167 Nancy Lee Black Ann Bussey Barbara Chapman Virginia Claton Sally Cutter Zona Davis Gage Dennett Farmington, N.M. San Bernardino, Tucson, Arizona Tampa, Florida Phoenix, Arizona Tombstone, Ariz. Coronado, Calif. Merchandising California Food Nutrition Home Ec. Ed. Home Ec. Ed. Home Ec. Ed. Home Ec. Ed. l ' AX, BO Gen. Home Ec. roB, Spurs 130, Wranglers l ' oB, Spurs Aggie Council KA 0 Chimes, Angel Congregational Chimes, Mortar Marketing Club Flight, AWS Young Churchman Board, AWS HOME ECONOMICS SENIORS Dorothy May Diehl Ann Elliott Willcox, Arizona Fayetteville, Food Nutrition Arkansas AAA, BO Merchandising Anthropology Club Sylvia Franklin Tucson, Arizona Child Development Rush Chm. BO, Hillel Panhellenic Patricia Horton Melinda Hough Tucson, Arizona Palm Springs, Child Development California 130, SUAB Interior Design Orchesis VP BO, NSID Sec. Sherry Hering helps this young man with his paint- ing tools at the home management house. Bonnie Gong Yuma, Arizona Home Ec. Ed. Dorm Counselor International Students ' Club Patricia Goodwin Tucson, Arizona Food Nutrition 130, Rodeo Club Secretary Quadrille Mary Gibbons Chicago, Ill. Merchandising 168 Home Economics major Carolyn Greer participates in the pre-school laboratory as part of her Pre-school Education class. Nancy John Jane Johnson Nada Lambeth Helen Lytle Janet Ledford Judith Lohrey Jill Lowres Scottsdale, Ariz. Oracle, Arizona Casa Grande, Tempe, Arizona Nogales, Arizona Solana Beach, Santa Barbara, Home Ec. Ed. Home Ec. Ed. Arizona Home Ec. Ed. Home Ec. Ed. California California AAll Registrar Home Ec. Ed. BO, Women ' s Interior Design Consumer Service BO Wranglers Pistol Rifle Club ,M Pres., ASUA NSID, WRA BO, Parker Club, Spanish Club Dorothy McKissick Sandra Neese Sherry Norton Christina Powers Caryl Rambo Athalia Rochlin Marilyn Rollins Tucson, Arizona Yuma, Arizona Whittier, Calif. Fargo, N.D. Yuma, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Home Ec. Ed. Home Ec. Ed. TB:f Pres., BO VP, Band Sec. Cocnino Treas. Home Ec. Ed. X52 Pledge Trainer, BO Greek Week, RIL Clothing, Textile Arts SUAB, Newman Club, Rodeo Club Home Ec. Ed. FOB Scholarship, AAA, Chimes, Mortar Board Merchandising, Fashion Promotion ' EAT, BO, WRA Hillel House Food Nutrition 169 Shir ee A. Softer Margaret Schott Janet Seidenberg Carole Sickafoose Nanette Silvestri Jeanne A. Smith Lynne Smith Richmond, Indiana Yuma, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Silver Spring, Md. Tombstone, Ariz. Arcadia, Calif. Child Development Home Ec. Ed. Home Ec. Ed. Home Ec. Ed. Home Ec. Ed. Interior Design Merchandising BO, Rodeo Club AAR B ON Pres., Angel BO, CAV, AWS NSID XS2 BO, Rodeo Club ON, Spurs, Angel Flight, ASUA Flight VP, BO Wranglers Sec. Newman Club, SNEA, Altar Guild BO, Marketing Club HOME ECONOMICS SENIORS Sharon Boles examines various fibers under the mi- croscope in her Home Economics textile laboratory. Barbara StephensonSharee Stillman Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Home Ec. Ed. Interior Design FOB VP NKr BO, Freshman and NSID Student Sophomore Council President Linda Strickland Los Angeles, Cal. Child Development Jacquelyn Taylor Los Angeles, Cal. Interior Design KAO Kreszent Thuringer Cleveland, Ohio Food Nutrition BO Ralston Purina Scholarship Ruth Woods Tucson, Arizona Home Ec. Ed. 1 70 STUDENT CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF INTERIOR DECORATORS Promoting the professional field is the purpose of the National Society of Interior Design. Mem- bership requires that the student have a professional major in in- terior decoration. Officers were Sharee Stillman, president; and Christine Calvin, vice-president. NATIONAL SOCIETY OF INTERIOR DECORATORS: Row 1: Mary Davis, Christine Calvin, Sharee Stillman, Jeanne Smith, Karen Bloomquist. Row 2: Linda Taraldson, Charlene Anzinger, Marshall Troiano, Lynda Parlett, Sandra Schaub, Judy Lohrey. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Home Economics Honorary Beta Theta Chapter The 50 members of the Home Economics Club strive to build a fellowship of women devoted to the task of realizing in their lives those ideals of personal and fam- ily living to which they are com- mitted by their choice of vocation. The 1962-1963 officers are Gage Dennett, president; Sandy Neese, vice-president; and Miss Bessie Jean Ruley, adviser. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB: Row 1: Roxanna Reidy, Charlene Anzinger, Jane Johnson, Thelma Brown, Joyce Liggitt, Athalia Rochlin, Margaret Schott, Charlotte Cleveland, Larissa Hoffman. Row 2: Diane Gittlin, Mary Davis, Andrea Salter, Mary Lou Drummond, Becky Rosenthal, Julie Hansen, Brenda Young, Kay McCague, Cathy Bearse, Sharon Rovey, Barbara Thompson, Janelle Merrill, Linda Auger. Row 3: Jackie Traher, Sue Alexander, Barbara Bredlow, Carole Sickafoose, Margaret Gaines, Bonnie Gong, Evelyn Davis, Mary Ellen Curtis. OMICRON NU Home Economics Honorary Students who have a high scholastic standing in the School of Home Economics are chosen as members of Omicron Nu. The of- ficers are Carole Sickafoose, pres- ident; and Caryl Rambo, vice- president. OMICRON NU: Row 1: Nada Lambeth, Janet Seidenberg, Carole Sickafoose, Dorothy McKissick, Mary Davis, Patricia Rittgers. Row 2: Dr. Ethel Thompson, Dr. Ruth Hall, Mary Ann Kight, Doris McGinty, Karen Callaghan. MMI1IF,...0:1=11, I ' - ' AU I 11 COLLEGE OF LAW DEAN JOHN D. LYONS Dr. John D. Lyons has served as Dean of the College of Law since 1947. He was grad- uated from Cornell University with an A.B. degree and from the University of Arizona with a law degree. From 1945 to 1947 he was judge of the Superior Court of Pima County, after having been the city attorney of Tucson for four years. Dr. Lyons is a member of the State Bar Association, the American Bar Association and the American Law Insti- tute. Originally the College of Law was a de- partment in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences; however, it became a separate col- lege officially in 1925. The first law degrees were conferred in 1918, and since then over 1100 law studen ts have received degrees. At present forty-five per cent of the members of the Arizona Bar Association are graduates of this college. The new Law Building, completed in 1961, includes modern class and seminar rooms, a courtroom, offices for the law fac- ulty, Arizona Law Review and the Student Bar Association, large reading and study rooms and the law library. In addition to instruction, many oppor- tunities for experience in the legal profession are afforded students in the college. Mem- bers of the law student body publish the Ari- zona Law Review, participate in the National Moot Court competition and maintain a Stu- dent Bar Association modeled after the or- ganized bar. Second and third year students may become associated with cooperating Ari- zona law offices during the summer months under a clerkship program. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION The Student Bar Association is an organization composed of the Law College student body. The association is modeled after the organized bar and maintains liaison between the students and the faculty. It administers the honor system and moot court program and directs the governmental affairs of the students in the College of Law. STUDENT BAR OFFICERS: Row 1: Warren Ridge, president; Tom Cole, vice-president. Row 2: Jay Stuckey, recording secretary; Nancy Babel, corresponding secretary; Lou Crowder, treasurer. numnirma- BOARD OF GOVERNORS The Board of Governors is modeled after the State Board of Governors and is the primary ruling body in the College of Law. It makes rulings on cases in which Law College rules have been broken and recommends to the faculty disciplinary action. An additional responsibility of the Board is to hold hearings in instances of violations of the honor system. The Board of Governors is a division of the Student Bar Association. BOARD OF GOVERNORS: Dennis Blackhurst, Bob Fannin, Ed Morgan, Neal Kurn, Brent Moody. -,7 144 sail if ir LAW FACULTY: Row 1: James Lenoir, Charles Smith, Dean John Lyons, William Barnes, J. Byron McCormick. Row 2: Jack Rappeport, Wallace Baker, Thomas Hall, Claude Brown, John Irwin, Thomas Tormey, Chester Smith. 1 73 PETE NEUMANN Law Senator Gordon T. Alley Ajo, Arizona Law q5PA, 0A(15 Bobcats, SUAB Pres., Chain Gang James W. Atwood Kellogg, Ind. Law ZX Timothy Barton Phoenix, Arizona Law (PAO Law Review LAW SENIORS Robert Ray Bean Tom C. Cole Leo F. Corbet Samuel Costanzo Coolidge, Arizona Yuma, Arizona Yuma, Arizona Scottsdale, Ariz. Law Law Law K.■ VP, AAA Student Bar VP EX President Sophos, A Club Traditions Dennis DeConcini James E. Don John Ford Evans Paul R. Fannin Lillian Fisher Dale Haralson James H. Harries Tucson, Arizona Casa Grande, Ariz. Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Abilene, Texas Phoenix, Arizona Law Law Law Law Law Law Law 0A0 (PAO Student Bar 0A...‘ Law Review 0AA ATC2, Young Democrats 1 74 s mamma s me Pik L T I FTTITTTTTTTIiii ' f.f7,4.34,11 4. 211.1.1,g- 3 sew ft4 IIIP 11141 _ - - !i!Vis3!!!! ARIZONA LAW REVIEW: Row 1: Carl Hazlett, Timothy Barton, Neal Kurn, Jerry Jacobs, Lillian Fisher. Row 2: Jack Rappeport, Chris John- son, David Udall, Warren Ridge, Edward Morgan, Paul Fannin, Robert Riggs, Fred Ferguson, John Irwin, Don Kenney. ARIZONA LAW REVIEW The Arizona Law Review is a legal periodical published semi-annually by a student board of editors and the Arizona Law Review Board under the auspices of the College of Law. The publication includes case notes and comments, surveys of various Arizona cases and authoritative articles. It was first published in 1959 to replace a smaller publication, Survey of Arizona Case Law. Members of the editing board are Neal Kurn, editor; Carl Hazlett, Timothy Barton and Jerry Jacobs, assistant editors; and Jack Rappeport and John Irwin, faculty advisors. Donald W. Harris Phoenix, Arizona Law 0A0 Edward C. Hazlett William J. Hill Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Law Law 0 FA, 0A0 0A0 Bobcats 0 AO President Football Jerry Jacobs Phoenix, Arizona Law Ariz. Law Review Greg Kenaston Tucson, Arizona Law ATD, oAcb James D. Kenney Phoenix, Arizona Law 0,1A Pres.-Treas. 0K,I) Ariz. Law Review Neal Kurn Tucson, Arizona Law 7.13T, q5Kcp 0A0 Ariz. Law Review Stan Lehman Joseph Mayfield Richard Meyer Michael Mignella Doris Minden Alan Gordon Mohr Edward L. Morgan Tucson, Arizona Wichita Falls, Phoenix, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Law Texas Law Law Law Law Law 45A0 Law ATS2,95A0 A TC2 0 IA, 0A0 .1XA, 0AA Student Bar Blue Key, Board of Governors 175 Ronald H. Petica Phoenix, Arizona Law 0A.A Juliani Sch. John V. Riggs Phoenix, Arizona Law LDS Institute George Preston Phoenix, Arizona Law Paul Rosenblatt Prescott, Arizona Law Warren C. Ridge Tucson, Arizona Law chAO Student Bar Assoc. Pres., Law Review Alan Rubin Phoenix, Arizona Law 3.■T 0A..1 MOOT COURT TEAM: Neal Kurn, Jerry Jacobs, Ed Morgan. MOOT COURT The Moot Court affords law students an opportunity for expe- rience in briefing and arguing cases on appeal through competition. Law students compete for three years until a third-year Moot Court team is selected to participate in the regional division of the annual National Moot Court competition. This year the University Moot Court team placed second in the regional division. Martin F. Ryan Norman J. Sage Riney B. Salmon Dee-Dee Samet William Sargeant Dale Shumway Jerry L. Stahnke Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Greensboro, N.C. Tuscon, Arizona Taylor, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Law Law Law Law Law Law Law ,AA ( , rt, 0A0 yAA Moot Court 0A.. OAA Norman D. Thomas Robert E. Tindall David K. Udall James D. Webb William J. White Richard H. Whitney Charles M. Wilmer Traer, Iowa Ling Island, N.Y. Thatcher, Ariz. Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Law Law Law Law Law Law Law OKE, AO0 10 10AA, (1)K0 OM) 0-(10 cpAA Law Review 1176 PHI ALPHA DELTA National Law Fraternity Phi Alpha Delta provides professional and social activi- ties for law students. Members sponsor an extemporaneous speech contest and publish the Law College directory. Phi Al- pha Delta assists first year law students by providing a law library orientation and a prac- tice law examination. PHI ALPHA DELTA: Row 1: Dale Haralson, Howard Kashman, Alan Rubin, Ron Petica, Don Kenney, Mike Mignella. Row 2: Gary Lodmell, Pat Kelley, Guy Buckley, Mike Lipscomb, Mac Reynolds, Sid Rosen. Row 3: Joe Mayfield, Bill Sargeant, Marty Ryan, Riney Salmond, Gary Kl ahr, Dennis DeCon- cini, Dave Udall. Row 4: Bob Fannin, Charles Wilmer, Joel Rosenstein, Dave Leonard, John Riggs, Blake Willis, Bob Riggs, Dale Shumway. KAPPA BETA PI National Law Sorority Kappa Beta Pi provides social and pro- fessional activities for its members. The local chapter was reorganized after sev- eral years absence from the University campus. Activities for the year included an initiation banquet and monthly meetings with guest speakers. Mrs. Lillian Fisher serves as president. KAPPA BETA PI: Doris Mindell, Mary Stuart, Elaine Costanzo, Nancy Miller, Dee-Dee Sament, Lucinda Mickelsen, Lillian Fisher, Electra Shepis. PHI DELTA PHI National Law Fraternity Phi Delta Phi is organized to provide extracurricular occasions to learn about the legal profes- sion. This year the organization presented a forum on " The Oppor- tunities of Lawyers. " Pima County Attorney Norman Green was fea- tured as a speaker at a meeting. PHI DELTA PHI: Row 1: Max Palmer, 0. J. Wilkinson, Jim Corbet, Jim Hill, Tim Barton, Richard Woods, Jim Don, Dick Potts. Row 2: Jim Webb, Alan Hershey, Robert Lynch, Jay Stuckey, Brent Moody, Jim Gardner, Jerry Jacobs, John Evans, Chris Johnson. Row 3: Jim Harries, Neal Kurn, Charles Foster, Dick Sanders, Donald Poppe, Charles McCoy, Mike Murray, Bill Wilder, Art Green- field. Row 4: Harry Craig, Craig Kepner, Tom Quarelli, Pete Neumann, Jim Carter, Don Franson, Rod McDougall, Lou Crowder, Cordell Jones. Row 5: Bill Fannin, Fred Kay, Merrill Robbins, Morris Brownstein, Bill Robbins, Sam Moffat, Tom Cole, Paul Rosenblatt, Ed Morgan, Bob Murphy, Mike Moore, Bruce Irvin, Charles Dietch, Lee Bruno. 177 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS DEAN FRANCIS A. ROY The College of Liberal Arts, in addition to offering instruction in the basic skills required not only for general education but also as a necessary foundation for the programs of the more professionally oriented colleges on the campus, offers bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees in some 30 fields of spe- cialization. Graduate training at the master ' s and Ph.D. level is offered in most of the 19 departments in the College. In 1962, over 5,500 students were en- rolled in the College and the teaching staff numbered over 500. Dr. Francis A. Roy is completing his twelfth years as dean of the College. He received his bachelor ' s degree from St. Anne ' s College, Nova Scotia, and his doctorate from the Uni- versity of Wisconsin. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded Dean Roy a fellow- ship during 1926-1929 and he received a diploma from the University of Paris. Bob- cats, senior men ' s honorary, honored Dean Roy by awarding him the outstanding male faculty member plaque in the spring of 1961. Dr. Albert Weaver, head of the Depart- ment of Physics, serves as associate dean and Dr. Ralph Kauffman is the assistant dean in charge of the academic programs of fresh- man and sophomore students. DEPARTMENT HEADS: Row 1: Sherman Miller, Charles Wallraff, Albert Mead, Douglas Percy, Harvey Cohn, Richard Kassander. Row 2: Earl Pritchard, Frederick Schmitz, Laurence Muir, Russell Ewing, Renato Rosaldo. LIBERAL ARTS SENATORS: Row 1: Rusty Ewing, Pete Dunn, Barbara Booth, Tom Hall, Bob Christofk, Don Wade. Row 2: Bonnie Andersen, Irene Rasmussen, Mary Helen Richardson, Bobbie Long john, John Lyons. Francine Agron Armando Alday Jon Alquist Mary E. Amthor Chris Anderson Lauella Bailey Franklin Beckman Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona San Salvador, CA Las Cruces, N.M. Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Government Spanish Pan America Club Journalism A 0 President Latin Am. Rel., Spanish Astronomy A 0 President French Phrateres English AE UA Band, SRC Silver Wing, IFC AXL2, WRA Orchesis Desert, Wildcat Desert, ASUA French Club 1 79 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT: Row 1: Cecil Robinson, Florence Morgan, Frances Gillmor, Billie Jo Inman, Evelyn Kirmse, Della Diggs, Alice Senob, Laurence Muir. Row 2: Gene Koppel, Otis Bronson, Marie Hamilton, Vonceil McLendon, Jane Robinson, Ella Mae York, Inez Thrift, Alsie Schulman. Row 3: Jay Funston, Drew Pallette, L. D. Clark, Gerald McNiece, Sanford Schwartz, Paul Rosenblatt, John Nist, Desmond Powell. JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT: Frank Barreca, Lloyd Hamill, Douglas Martin, Sherman Miller, Brewster Campbell. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS Burton Berlowe George Birch Robert Blease Casey D. Blitt Hugh G. Blount Sharon Boileau Alexandra Tucson, Arizona Douglas, Arizona Trenton, N.J. Phoenix, Arizona Ajo, Arizona Lake Arrowhead, Bonnyman Journalism Physics Zoology Zoology Government California Santa Fe, N.M. AEII KIC Y, UA Band KA, BBB ' no VP IIKA President Journalism History AMI VP, Hillel Silver Wing Pre-Vet. Club Sophos, Blue Key IIKA AMI President _HBO Wildcat Chain Gang 0:1 ' 0, Wildcat 180 Gretchen Bort Loraine Braasch Judith Ann Bray Samuel Briedis Sara A. Bromley Judith Kay Brown Ford Burkhart Piedmont, Calif. Tucson, Arizona La Canada, Calif. Tucson, Arizona Kingman, Arizona Liberal, Kansas Tucson, Arizona Psychology History Geography Economics Government Journalism Journ., History AXS2 House Mgr. AAA, 0 A A011, e o N, Chain Gang SUAB, WRA IRC, ISC Greek Week Comm. Sophos, Bobcats Campus Republican Wildcat, ASUA BIOLOGY AND ZOOLOGY DEPARTMENTS: Row 1: Peter Pickens, William McCauley, Joseph Bagnara, Donald Sayner, Howard Gloyd. Row 2: Joe Marshall, Newell Younggren, William Heed, Albert Mead. Karin Carlson Dennis Ceizyk Robert Christofk Patricia Clack Sylvia Cornelius Roberta J. Dalton Ernest Damon Covina, Calif. Tucson, Arizona Northridge, Calif. Burkburnett, Tex. Mazatlan, Mexico Sacramento, Nogales, Arizona Psychology Latin Am. Studies Political Science German Spanish California Government A011, AKA cbKO President AXA Pledge Trainer TBZ, KK ' I ' Sch. Government II A, Desert, ASUA German Club Newman Club Student Senator UA Majorette 181 Patricia Dennis Robert Duman Harvey S. Durand Carolyn Ewing Russell Ewing Cynthia Fine Ann Fletcher Atherton, Calif. Tucson, Arizona Mesa, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Nogales, Arizona San Mateo, Calif. Spanish Political Science Geology History Zoology German Bacteriology IAll IRC KKF, AAA, Desert ol ' A, BBB, SUAB AAA Mortar Board Sophos Desert AWS President Pre-Med. Club PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT: Row 1: Ralph Wetzel, Newton James, Lewis Hertz, Salvatore Zagona. Row 2: Robert Wrenn, Neil Bartlett, Robert Lansing. GERMAN AND PHILOSOPHY DEPARTMENTS: Row 1: Frederick Schmitz, Babette Luz, Susan Wayland, Charles Wallraff. Row 2: Joe Malik, Arthur Coleman, Wayne Kleinman, Paul Macura, Peter Horwath. 182 ROMANCES LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT: Row 1: Chryssee Perry, Jane Bruce, Dolores Brown, Irene Stevens, Evelyn Copeland, Jane Hamilton, Patricia Gaede, Karlene Henderson, Charles Janssens. Row 2: Charles Olstad, Timothy Brown, Jack Davis, Agapito Rey, John Brooks, Guido Capponi, Renato Rosaldo, Robert Hammond, Carlos Porras. Row 3: William Manson, Leo Barrow, Dick Achzeh- ner, Loyal Gryting, Arthur Beattie, Rupert Allen, Robert Anderson, Burton Gavitt, Harry Dennis. Row 4: Oliver Luther, Gerard Agnieray, Gustav Segade, Carl Parham, William Kengla, Carlos Felix, John Keratzes, Alfred Atlee, Roberto Acevedo, Karl Sand- burg, Eddison Tatham. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS Jaye Lynda Frank Helen Fricas Cynthia Fuller Ruth Garrett Garry Golden Sandra Good Penelope Graf Park Forest, Ill. Nogales, Arizona Troy, New York St. Louis, Mo. San Francisco, Ft. Sumner, N.M. Tucson, Ariz. Anthropology Sociology English Government California History Zoology Ramblers Sec., Treasurer Newman Club Geography ZBT, ASUA AAA, Rodeo Club Sec. Pre-Med Club International Intramurals Club Thomas Grandin Margaret Greeley Susan Green Roberta Griffith David Gross Gary Guertner Richard Haag Scottsdale, Ariz. Tucson, Arizona Ashville, N.Y. McNabb, Illinois Tucson, Ariz. Denver, Colo. Tucson, Ariz. Botany Latin-American Anthropology Anthropology Physics Asian Studies Psychology BBB, Crops and Soils, Ramblers Studies ITB 5 Secretary All Scholarship Chairman XS2 IRC, History Club Pershing Rifles, IRE, DeMolay AT VP OM, Sociology Club, General Anthropology Club Scholarship Resident Sch. 183 GOVERNMENT AND HISTORY DEPARTMENTS: Row 1: Russell Ewing, Herman Bateman, John Carroll, Thomas Abernethy, Mario Rod- riguez, James Donohoe, John Vignery, Neal Houghton, Harwood Hinton, Clifton Wilson. Row 2: Robert Stevens, Thomas Parker, James Beatson, Currin Shields, Jerry Tobey, Rosendo Gomez, Clifford Lytle, Jorgen Rasmussen, Conrad Joyner, Hubert Farris. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS Carole Haines John Hanson Richard Harris Margaret Head Edie Heflin Jack Hendrix Dallas, Texas Tucson, Ariz. Chicago, Ill. Minneapolis, Flagstaff, Ariz. Phoenix, Ariz. Journalism Government Psychology Minnesota Government Government AOH, 010 Pres. ZBT, Publications Sociology AWS, Wildcat AAll VP Spurs, Chimes Newman Club Sandy Hodge Lancaster, Penn. Spanish A¢ President Mortar Board WRA Pres., ASUA Marylynn Hopkins Lee Irons William Ivey Julie Keith Robert Konczos John Kramer Susan Krebs Chicago, Ill. Nogales, Ariz. Phoenix, Ariz. Phoenix, Ariz. Thatcher, Ariz. Tucson, Ariz. Tucson, Ariz. History Spanish Physics Mathematics English English English, History Cercle Frances AIEE, IRE Aon, Orchesis Phrateres Salon Frances AAA, oBK 1 84 Pamela Kropf Bruce LaBrack William Lawrence David Lieberthal Felix Martinez Mary McComb William McNarie Greenwich, Conn. Johnstown, Penn. Aurora, Illinois Fairfield, Conn. Chinle Valley, Tucson, Ariz. Prescott, Ariz. Sociology English Chemistry English Arizona Psychology History 0M, AWS, Desert AEO, Ski Club ACS ZBT Mathematics AAA, TBE History Club Sociology Club Lacrosse Golf Newman Club Rodeo Club MICROBIOLOGY AND MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENTS: George Mail, Robert Janssen, Martha Pavlovich, Irving Yall, Lee Kelley. CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT: Row 1: Carl Marvel, Henry Freiser, Edward Wise. Row 2: John Schaefer, Reuben Harry Nunamaker. Tim Mikita Mary Miller Suzanne Miller Len Milling Jeffrey Minker Jeffrey Mora George Morrissey Grand Rapids, Phoenix, Ariz. Los Altos, Calif. LaJolla, Calif. Las Vegas, Nevada Chicago, Illinois Pittsfield, Mass. Michigan Psychology General Studies Sociology History History History Zoology AAA Newman Club 031 TAO ZBT Secretary N AT intramurals Anthropology Club History Club ASUA IFC Secretary LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS Daniel Muna Isabella Murphy Louis McDermott Kelly Neal Peter J. Nemeth Judy Newcomb Rosemary Northway Cameroon, Tucson, Arizona Gibbsboro, N.J. Douglas, Ariz. South Bend, Ind. Twin Falls, Idaho Tucson, Arizona West Africa Sociology Government Zoology History Sociology Microbiology Zoology II A, IRA Scabbard Blade History Club AAII Secretary qA Phrateres ISC VP History Club AWS, CAV, SRC Pre-Med Club ASTRONOMY DEPARTMENT: Polly Vanek, Edwin Carpenter, Barbara Middlehurst, Walter Fitch, Aden Meinel, Beverly Lynds, Ray Meymann. 186 PHYSICS DEPARTMENT: Row 1: Jay Treat, Jefferson Davis, Kurt Just, Roy Emrick, Alvar Wilska, Theodore Bowen. Row 2: Charles Francis, Ulrich Bents, John Ward, John Leavitt, Stanley Bashkin, Roald Wangsness. Carole Palmer James Patton Susan Pascoe Eddie Peabody Sam Pellicori Krista Perry Herbert Poetzl Pittsburgh, Pa. Washington D.C. Pittsburgh, Pa. Tucson, Arizona Kenosha, Wis. Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Ariz. Psychology Anthropology Anthropology History Physics French Zoology Yuma Hall Sch. AT Pledge Trainer Anthropology Club LIKA Desert Chairman Chain Gang Psychology Club AO2 Secretary French Club Anthropology Club History Club AWS Michael Powell Virginia Ragland Mary Richardson Robert Rowe Norma Riebling Mary Rucienski Melvyn Salmon Mesa, Arizona Phoenix, Ariz. Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Ariz. Detroit, Mich. Suffielo, Conn. Scottsdale, Ariz. History Psychology English History Government General Studies History AXA President IAA VP, Spurs IRC, History AP Chimes, Mortar Club Sec.-Treas. Board, LA Senator 187 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT: Row 1: Doris Klausner, Rosa Loftfield, Harvey Cohn, Louis Milne-Thomson, Louis Mordell, Gordon Pall, Patricia Styris, Pat Person, George Diamos. Row 2: Don Davis, Harry Rosenzweig, Donald Donohoe, Robert McConnel, Ronald Jacobowitz, Donald Myers, Donald Squier, Arthur Steinbrenner, Robert DeVore. Row 3: David Hoke, Charles Haskell, Herschel Bentley, Mohindar Singh Cheema, Donald Webb, Roger King, Stephen Cohen. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS Winifred Sandridge Suzanne Sato Janet Schneider Sidney Sealine Marilyn Sharpe Michele Shover Hector Sofelo Franklin, N.J. Mesa, Arizona Phoenix, Ariz. New York, N.Y. Manitowoe, Wis. Cedar Rapids, la. Alo, Arizona Sociology History Journalism General Studies Microbiology Government Government IRC, Rifle Club Oriental Studies D•cb IRC BBB Secretary XSt, HEA IRC 11130, Spurs Pres. Wildcat Young Democrats Young Democrats Chimes, AWS Susan Spoiler Wallace Spencer John Spurlock Carolyn Steil Helen Strand Carol Swartz Malcolm Terence Dallas, Texas Phoenix, Ariz. Shreveport, La. Tucson, Arizona Pueblo, Colo. Phoenix, Ariz. Tucson, Arizona History Government History English Oriental Studies Psychology Journalism KAH, HEA :SAE, Sophos, IFC Chain Gang, SUAB IRC, ISC, Pre-Law Club 11130 Spurs, Desert AWS, WRA, Desert Wildcat Editor Traditions 188 Christina Troller Charles Van Every Suzanne Walcott Lee Weingerten Francis Westhafer Bill Wortman John P. Wulffson Portal, Arizona Yuma, Arizona Blue Hill, Maine Lansing, Mich. Tucson, Arizona Willard, Missouri Palos Verdes Chemistry International English Sociology General Studies English Estates, Calif. 001 Wranglers Relations AKA Social Chm. Wranglers Mermaids Pres. EOE Secretary Newman Club FIKA, ILK 4, University Economics Bert, Arnold Silver Wing, IRC Ski Club VP Desert Players Air Society Judith Young Pasadena, Calif. History Myrna Zimbler Tucson, Arizona Mathematics AAA, Hillel General Resident Scholarship ANTHROPOLOGY AND CLASSICS DEPARTMENTS: Row 1: Richard Jensen, Bruce Parsil, Raymond Thompson, William Kelly, Emil Haury. Row 2: Douglas Percy, Donald Ayers, Frederick Hulse, Rich- ard Woodbury, Harry Getty, Malcolm McFee. ORIENTAL STUDIES COMMITTEE: James Mahar, Bernard Silberman, William Schultz, Earl Pritchard, Don Bailey, Edward Putzar. 1 89 BETA BETA BETA: Row 1: Elanny Luty, Jim Lowell, Marilyn Sharpe, David Thomas, Mary Elin Schrage, Don Rickert, Albert Ellis. Row 2: Robert Hoshaw, Russell Ewing, Natalie Davis, Thomas Grandin, Nancy Kessler, Bob Koningsor, Art Dennis, Mary Frances Hamilton. BETA BETA BETA National Biological Science Honorary Outstanding biological science students are chosen for membership in Beta Beta Beta. Officers are James Lowell, president; Don Rickert, first vice- president; Lon Luty, second vice-president; David Thomas, third vice-president; Marilyn Sharpe, sec- retary; Robert Young, treasurer; and Nancy Kessler, historian. PI MU EPSILON National Scholastic Mathematics Honorary Students who demonstrate proficiency in math are selected for membership in Pi Mu Epsilon. Members tutor underclassmen in math. Robert DeVore is the president; John Bunch, secretary- treasurer; John Sturgul, corresponding secretary; and Dr. D. E. Myers, faculty advisor. PI MU EPSILON: Donald Myers, Vuryl Klassen, Leroy Dickey, John Sturgul, Raphael Finkelstein, Robert DeVore. 190 PHI KAPPA PHI: Row 1: Mac Reynolds, Loyal Gryting, Dorothy Marquart, Babette Luz, Warren Shirey, Emil Haury. Row 2: Donald Klaiss, Wil- liam McGinnies, Martin Massengale, Otto Pahnish, David Windsor, David Patrick, Garnet Percy PHI BETA KAPPA National Liberal Arts Scholastic Honorary Phi Beta Kappa was organized on the University of Arizona campus in 1932. Membership require. ments are superior scholarship plus high character and service to the University. Final acceptance is based on a vote of the active members. Members are selected in their senior year. PHI KAPPA PHI National University Scholastic Honorary High scholastic achievement is the requirement for membership in Phi Kappa Phi. Its primary ob- jective is the recognition and encouragement of superior scholarship in all fields of study. The local chapter was established in 1916. Dr. Joseph Zapotocky is president. PHI BETA KAPPA: Row 1: Cedric Crofts, Joan Malone, James Beatson, Babette Luz, Donald Ayers, Dorothy Marquart, Warren Shirley. Row 2: Loyal Gryting, Charles Wallraff, Garnet Percy, Mac Reynolds. Arthur Beattie, David Windsor, Raymond Thompson. 191 THETA SIGMA PHI: Row 1: Sharon Boileau, Judy Brown, Avery Keener, Lois Fenstermaker. Row 2: Jan Schneider, Carole Haines, Katie Kohlstaedt, Stephanie Smith. THETA SIGMA PHI Women ' s Journalism Honorary Women communication majors who maintain a 2.5 grade average are eligible for membership in Theta Sigma Phi. Activities for the year included a publicity clinic, high school journalism day and the Matrix Table. Officers are Carole Haines, presi- dent; Stephanie Smith, vice-president; and Virginia Fraps, secretary. SIGMA DELTA PI National Scholastic Spanish Honorary Members of Sigma Delta Pi foster a wider knowledge of and a greater love for the Hispanic contributions to modern culture; provide a nucleus for Spanish language student activities and regional meetings; and reward those who show special attainments and interests. Activities in- clude an initiation banquet and dramatic readings in Spanish. SIGMA DELTA PI: Row 1: Roberto Acevedo, Dolores Brown, Kathleen Quinn, Gustav Segade, John Brooks. Row 2: Adalberto Guerrero, Gordon Porter, Richard Spock, Carlos Porras, Alfred Atlee. DELTA PHI ALPHA: Row 1: Karen Baumann, Judy Johnson, Sandra Schmitz, Susan Wayland, Susan Pare, Cynthia Fine. Row 2: Dennis Greene, David Greenfield, Erna Forrester, Babette Luz, John Bunch, Hans Churchill, Charles Janssens, Wayne Kleinman, Peter Horwath. DELTA PHI ALPHA National Scholastic German Honorary The French honorary Pi Delta Phi is composed of students with a 1.5 grade average in a French major or minor. Encouraging honor students and increasing interest in French culture are the objec- tives of this honorary. Chryssee Perry is president; Judy Beren, vice-president; and Evelyn Copeland, secretary-treasurer. PI DELTA PHI National Scholastic French Honorary Delta Phi Alpha was organized this year for the first time to recognize students who excel in the German language. Its purpose is to promote interest in the German language, literature and culture. Officers are Susan Wayland, president; John Bunch, vice-president; and Babette Luz, secretary. PI DELTA PHI: Row 1: Sandra Schmitz, Patti Cohn, Harriot Hutchins, Josiane D ' Alcomo, Babette Luz, Evelyn Copeland, Loyal Gryting. Row 2: Gerard Agnieray, Charles Janssens, Karl Sandburg, Eddison Tatham, John Brooks, Roberto Acevedo, Irwin Greenberg. 193 COLLEGE OF MINES DEAN JAMES D. FORRESTER The College of Mines ' ideal location at the hub of one of the world ' s greatest mineral producing areas gives its students excellent opportunities for research in mineral and chemical industry education. This college, di- rected by Dean James D. Forrester, offers bachelor ' s degrees in chemical, geological, metallurgical and mining engineering as well as geology and geophysics-geochemistry. Because there is great demand in this field for graduates who hold advanced degrees, the College of Mines also offers a program leading to the master ' s in geology, metal- lurgy and chemical, materials, mining and m etallurgical engineering and the doctorate in metallurgy and geology. The College of Mines, in addition to edu- cating over 300 graduate and undergrad- uate students, operates the Arizona Bureau of Mines which conducts research in mining and related fields and distributes information to the state ' s mineral industries. The work-study program, developed in cooperation with several engineering con- cerns throughout the state, gives students experience in their field and enough income to pay for their education while only length- ening the time spent in obtaini ng a bachelor of science degree to five years. After the freshman year is completed, the student alternates six months of work with six of study. Although this program is now limited to metallurgical engineering, the college is now working out plans for similar programs in chemical, geological and mining engineer- ing. Dean Forrester received his bachelor ' s de- gree from University of Utah and his master ' s and doctorate from Cornell University. Prior to his appointment he was Dean of the Col- lege of Mines at the University of Idaho. MINES FACULTY: Row 1: Elmer Drevdahl, William Horst, Paul Damon, Thomas Morris, Dean James Forrester, Donald White, Daniel Murphy, Neil Cox. Row 2: George Roseveare, Thomas Chapman, Richard Wilson, Evans Mayo, Spencer Titley, Kenneth Keating, John K. Anthony. Row 3: Jay Lehr, Joe Schreiber, Willard Pye, William Loerpabel, John W. Anthony, John Ferris, Harry Krumlauf, Edward Freeh, Charles Ratte. Row 4: Jay Dotson, Halsey Miller, Thomas Mitcham, Robert Dubois, Robert Damon, John Harshbarger. JIM MILLER Mines Senator DEPARTMENT HEADS: Thomas Morris, John Harshbarger, Donald White. Arthur Bayles George Calahan Ronald Fenelon lschaidir William McClellan Barry Minich Steve Simon Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Rockford, Ill. Diakarta, Tucson, Arizona Youngstown, Ohio Scottsdale, Ariz. Metallurgical Mining Engr. Metallurgical Indonesia Geology Mining Engr. Geophysics- Engineering ATS2 Engineering Metallurgical Geology Club AIME President Geochemistry Al;cp VP AIME Treasurer AIME, ASM Engineering AIME Secretary Engineers ' Coun. ASM, AIME Engineers ' Coun. AIME MINES SENIORS Mengkruy Ung Prey-Veng, Cambodia Mining Engr. Graduate Charles Miles and students examine a matrix. Donald Westhaver Carl Williams Trail, B.C., Can. Phoenix, Arizona Metallurgical Mining Engr. Engineering ErE AIME VP Phelps Dodge Scholarship Metallurgical engineering student lschaidir works on a micron at the flotation machine. 196 AIME: Row 1: Andrew Rendes, Mike Pizzuto, Damaso Pitpitan, Barry Minich, Bill McClellan, Bill Jameson, John Cesar, Robert Leitzman. Row 2: Len Ettinger, Ronald Kellner, Fred Kirchner, Lamar Todd, Carl Williams, James Richardson, Donald Westhaver, Paul Allsman, Thomas Morris, Affendi Arsad. Row 3: Ung Meng Kruy, Ischaidir, Ned Avary, Carlos Valenzuela, Arthur Bayles, Bill Stephens, Ed Calahan, Calbert Iles, Dave Beling, John Clark. AIME National Professional Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Association AIME, composed of students in mining, metal- lurgy and geology, strives to supplement the stu- dents ' knowledge and interest in the minerals industry. The organization acquaints students in the College of Mines with practicing professional engineers and geologists. Monthly dinner meet- ings are held with the Tucson sub-section of AIME. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR METALS The American Society for Metals provides its members professional information in the area of metallurgy and related fields. Professional speak- ers at monthly meetings and field trips are among the activities of the organization. Dr. Kenneth Keating is the adviser. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR METALS: Row 1: Phaothe Chotinughit, Daniel Albrecht, Kent Downey, Mike Pizzuto. Row 2: Thomas Morris, Ronald Kellner, Lamar Todd, Art Bayles. Row 3: Kenneth Keating, Carlos Valenzuela, Bill Stephens, Ischaidir. SCHOOL OF NURSING The School of Nursing was established in 1957 in order to provide high quality nursing training to the people of Arizona. It offers a four-year program leading to a B.S. in nursing. Most of the curriculum is composed of courses in clinical nursing and the natural and behavioral sciences. The goal of the Nursing School is to give students a sound under- standing of the basic principles of nursing and the ability to apply this knowledge in solving practical problems. Mrs. Pearl Coulter has been director of the School since it opened. She received her B.A. and M.S. degrees from the University of Denver. Before coming to the University she served as Nursing Education Director of the City Health Depart- ment in Nashville, Associate Professor of Public Health Nurs- ing at George Peabody College, and Director of Public Health Nursing at the University of Colorado. At present she is third vice-president of the National League for Nursing. MRS. PEARL COULTER DIRECTOR NURSING FACULTY: Row 1: Myra Tobiason, Jane Browder, Lillian Lynch, Inez Armstrong, Zella Bray, Frieda Smith, Agnes Aamodt, Melba Kooyman, Edna Ross. Row 2: Loretta Bermosk, Mary Wolanin, Katherine Mason, Nellie Redwood, Shirley Collins, Arlene Putt, Jane Furnas, Pearl Coulter, Mary Reed, Caroline Whitman, Joanne Rodier, Frances Huhnke. 198 Linda M. Alpert Mary B. Bentley Diane G. Byrne Dixie E. Goodman Ina Gross Andrea C. Haas Kathleen McCarthy Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Bisbee, Arizona Whittier, Calif. Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing SNA SNA A011 Secretary SNA SNA AATI Rush Chm. BBB, Newman Club BBB, SNA, ASUA BBB, SNA AASN VP NURSING SENIORS Sylvia S. Polasek Tucson, Arizona Nursing Rodeo Club AASN Secretary Joey Stewart Phoenix, Arizona Nursing BBB, SNA Nursing student Julie Mouer rocks a child to sleep Nursing instructor Miss Mary Reed supervises a discussion in her maternal and child nursing class. session with student nurses at Tucson Medical Center. 199 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY DEAN WILLIS R. BREWER The College of Pharmacy was established in 1929 and is at present the newest college at the University. It offers the degree of bachelor of science based on one year of pre- pharmacy and four years of professional pharmacy study, in addition to a graduate program for the degrees of master of science and doctor of philosophy. The undergraduate program is designed to prepare the student to meet the responsi- bilities of medical center pharmaceutical practice and to provide flexibility in meeting the interests of the student in urban, rural, industrial, or promotional pharmacy. Stu- dents must complete fifty-two weeks of phar- macy internship before taking the licensing examination. The College maintains the Poisoning Con- trol Information Center which serves a state- wide network of treatment centers located in major Arizona hospitals. It has been a part of the College since 1957. Chapters of two national pharmaceutical honoraries, Kappa Epsilon and Kappa Psi, are associated with the College. The pharmacy students also have organized a student branch of the National American Pharma- ceutical Association which is active as a pub- lic relations medium. Dr. Willis R. Brewer has been dean of the College of Pharmacy since 1952. He was graduated from South Dakota State College in 1942 with a B.S. degree and six years later received his doctorate from Ohio State University. He has pharmacy registrations in five states and has been a member of the fac- ulties of three universities. He has served as consultant to the Poisons Control Committee of the Arizona Medical Association since 1957 when the comm ittee was established. PHARMACY FACULTY: Row 1: Joseph Zapotocky, Lloyd Burton, Dean Willis Brewer, Mary Caldwell, Jack Cole. Row 2: Vartkes Simonian, Lincoln Chin, William Roemer, Richard Childs. Albert Picchioni. RICHARD WIEDHOPF Pharmacy Senator PHARMACY SENIORS Norman Algert Richard Beaufeaux Charles Bird Charles Borsic Rudolph BustamanteJudy Collins Vance Davidson Chula Vista, Cal. Phoenix, Arizona Tucson, Arizona New Castle, Pa. Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Chandler, Ariz. Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy (pAX Secretary APA c5AX, BOB APA Treasurer VP APA PX, BBB, rp.AX Sec. PX President APA President AAA VP, KE Pres. PX, Band Newman Club Chimes, Spurs 201 Richard Eckert Jean Eng William Endert Walter H. Gross Henry C. Higuera Mark A. Horne Nancy L. Kessler Goleta, Calif. Kingston, N.Y. San Jose, Calif. Tucson, Arizona Yuma, Arizona Los Angeles, Cal. Somis, California Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy 0AX, APA (pAx, APA oAx President APA ZBT President KE Treasurer APA BBB, Newman Club APA PHARMACY SENIORS Donald Kopec Norman Kramer Gordon Lavitt Ping Lee Oscar Martinez Gonzalo Morales Gerald Obermayr Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona San Bernardino, Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Milwaukee, Wis. Pharmacy Pharmacy California Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy 0.AX, APA APA Pharmacy PX, KE oAx, ISC, APA APA APA BBB, APA, ACS APA Secretary Newman Club Concert Choir Universitarios Pharmacy seniors prepare prescriptions in dispensing lab. 202 Al Davidson examines a solution in pharmacy lab. Frank J. Phillips Robert Pittman William Russell Daniel Saldamando Nogales, Arizona Columbus, Indiana Tucson, Arizona Nogales, Arizona Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy rpAX rpAX Af4,0.. x, APA rpAx Scholarship Pepsodent Sch. Gene Scarborough Louis F. Siordia Frank E. White Chandler, Ariz. Tucson, Arizona San Bernardino, Pharmacy Pharmacy California PX, cpA,X Treasurer IX President APA APA Judy Collins uses a pharmaceutical scale to weigh her solution of potassium iodine. 203 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION The student chapter of the American Pharmaceut- ical Association provides further professional knowl- edge and activities for phar- macy students. President is Rudy Bustamante. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION: Row 1: Caroline Edmonds, Nancy Kessler, Judy Collins, Sheri Arentz, Ping Lee. Row 2: Valdemar Maaya, Richard Beaufeaux, Robert McClendon, Rudy Busta- mante, Reginald Sellas, Stanley Gilliland, Philip Cogan. Row 3: Richard Wiedhopf, Tom Wachter, Gor- don Lavitt, Mark Lind, Garrett White, Robert Rodriguez, Robert Wilson, James Doolan, Russell Lee. KAPPA PSI National Scholastic Pharmacy Honorary High academic achieve- ment in pharmacy is the basis for membership in Kappa Psi. Activities include an initiation banquet and guest speakers at monthly meetings. KAPPA PSI: Row 1: John Lim, Richard Wiedhopf, Barrie Mayes, Gary Spelbring, Stan Gilliland, Reginald Sellas, Bob Roberts. Row 2: Rick Matey, Jim Haveman, Tom Wachter, Darrell Bennett, Charles Mee, Ed Gatti, James Doolan, Rob Andrews. PHI DELTA CHI National Professional Pharmacy Fraternity Members of the Alpha Nu chapter of Phi Delta Chi must maintain a 3.0 grade average in pharmacy. The organization awards a scholarship to a pharmacy student. Officers are Walter Gross, president; Charles Borsic, vice-president; and Louis Siordia, treasurer. PHI DELTA CHI: Row 1: Louis Siordia, Rudy Bustamante, Lincoln Chin, Walter Gross, Dr. Dick Childs, William Russell, John Jennings. Row 2: Mark Lind, Valdemar Amaya, David Nutley, Robert Rodriguez, Garrett White, Richard Eckert, Gary Gray, Charles Borsic. 204 RHO CHI National Professional Pharmacy Honorary To be eligible for membership in Rho Chi, a pharmacy student must complete 105 units with a 2.0 grade average or better. Each year the honorary honors the pharmacy student who has the highest grade average. Officers are Judy Anne Collins, president; Rudy Bustamante, vice- president; Gloria Niell, secretary-treasurer; and Ping Lee, historian. RHO CHI: Row 1: Ping Lee, Judy Anne Collins, Gloria Niell. Row 2: Gene Scarborough, Rudy Bustamante, Vance Davidson. KAPPA EPSILON National Women ' s Pharmacy Honorary Members of Kappa Epsilon partici- pate in the annual fund-raising drive of the Arizona Children ' s Home. Profes- sional and social projects are held throughout the year. Membership is based on 12 units of pharmacy with a high scholastic average. KAPPA EPSILON: Row 1: Jean Eng, Nancy Kessler, Maude Lim. Row 2: Ping Lee, Judy Anne Collins, Margaret Lewis. 205 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR WOMEN The Department of Physical Education offers women students the opportunities to learn movement and exercise fundamentals, dance forms, sports and games. The student is afforded activities according to her abilities and is allowed to fulfill the physical education requirement by taking courses of her choice. Advanced courses are offered to those students who possess greater abili- ties in certain areas. A professional preparation program is offered to those who are interested in teaching physical educa- tion or related career activities. The department also provides voluntary year-round intramural, extramural, and club programs for all University women. Miss Mary Pilgrim is completing her fourth year as director of the department. She has received degrees from Breriau Col- lege and Louisiana State University. MARY PILGRIM Director WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY: Row 1: Agnes Garner, Mary Littlewood, Nelda Knopp, Betty Ann Dial, Marjorie Price, Barbara Wechsler, Mary Pilgrim. Row 2: Donna Mae Miller, Ethel Hibbs, Mary Pavlich, Patricia Bonner, Shirley Gor- man, Ruth Wynn, Mary Lee Rabke, Leona Vandre, Anne Natonek. DELTA PSI KAPPA: Row 1: Lucia Jones, Virginia Romero, Beverly Gorlin, Patricia Mail, Sandy Shehan, Arline Green. Row 2: Agnes Garner, Sarah Brooks, Sue Daggett, Brenda Mills, Linnea Hedlund, Lynn Howard, Mary Conroy, June Morris. DELTA PSI KAPPA Women ' s Physical Education Fraternity Women who are majoring in health, physical education or recreation and have a high scholastic average are eligible for membership in Delta Psi Kappa. Linnea Hedlund is the president. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RECREATION The Department of Health, Physical Education and Recrea- tion provides for men students basic activity courses required of freshman, professional training in the areas of physical education and health, inter-collegiate athletics and an intra- mural program. The basic activity program is composed of 18 different sports. Varsity competition includes football, basket- ball, baseball, track, tennis, swimming, golf, wrestling, gym- nastics, cross-country and rifle shooting. Facilities include the football stadium, gymnasium and baseball field and stadium. In addition students are provided with the use of a swimming pool, standard quarter-mile track, tennis courts, wrestling and weightlifting rooms and four handball courts. Directing the department ' s extensive activities is Richard Clausen. He received his degrees from the University of Iowa and Northwestern University. Prior to his appointment, he was head football coach at the University of New Mexico. M. RICHARD CLAUSEN Director HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RECREATION FACULTY: Row 1: Fred Enke, Bruce Larson, Fred Roby, Robert Svob, Richard Clausen, William King, James LaRue, Carl Cooper. Row 2: Sam Bailie, Charles Ott, Frank Sancet, Ronald Marciniak, Phillip McLaughlin, James Speight, Charles Magness, Ed Cavanaugh, Frank Soltys. Row 3: James Gilbert, William Harris, Jack Hansma, Norm Dupon, Joseph Picard, Ken Coop- wood, Jake Rowden, Phil Ramsey. 207 SCHOOL OF MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS The Reserve Officers ' Training Corps provides systematic military instruction with a two-fold purpose primarily to qualify students for positions of leadership in time of national emergency and to provide the nation with an electorate informed of the purposes and policy of defense. The School of Military Science and Tactics consists of two departments, the Department of Military Science and Tactics (Army) and the Depart- ment of Air Science (Air Force). These two departments are under the administrative control of the military coordinator and an official of the University. Graduates are commissioned as second lieutenants in the United States Army Reserve or the United States Air Force Reserve. Army unit commander Col. Thomas L. Fortin is an ROTC graduate of the Uni- versity of Rhode Island where he re- reived a degree in business adminis- tration in 1934. Col. John W. Chapman, Air Force unit commander, won his commission through the ROTC program at Princeton University from which he received a degree in psychology in 1938. ARMY FACULTY AND STAFF: Row 1: Mary Arford, Maj. Edward Williamson, Lt. Col. Edward Wilkie Jr., Col. Thomas Fortin, Maj. Minor Kelso, Maj. George Whitney, Nina Huhn. Row 2: Capt. James Elites, Capt. Lloyd Ruttman, Maj. John Keyser, Capt. Niven Baird, Capt. Roy Holck. Row 3: M Sgt. Ancel Carmichal, S Sgt. Ralph Lewis, M Sgt. Cecil Harper, M Sgt. Thomas Walsh, S Sgt. John Lown, M Sgt. John Schaefer, Sgt F.C. Albert McDermott. AIR FORCE FACULTY: Row 1: Maj. Clifford Bueche, Maj. Edwin Yoakum, Col. John Chapman, Lt. Col. Carl Paige, Capt. Vincent Tocci. Row 2: Maj. Jimmy Wilkinson, Capt. Frederick Ricketts, Capt. Arnold Schmucker, Maj. Wayne Swegle, Capt. James Sampson. Row 3: S Sgt. James Cahill, S Sgt. Billy Huffman, T Sgt. Charles Irwin, M Sgt. Eugene Matt. iskulto‘ .-.1.011113 WM. am,•0111010,11¢ AMMO. UM W.: =MM.. 4.0110011r ARMY SENIORS: Row 1: Chuck Olyphant, Larry Hall, Joe Gasca, Larry Stewart, Charles Bergstrom, Dan Patterson. Row 2: Tom Fraser, Jim Sakrison, Mike Anderson, Don McGrath, Len Copple, Mike Glendening, Curtis Christianson. Row 3: Jerry Mordret, Mike Stewart, Doug Stanley, Kelley Neal, Jim Lumpkin. Row 4: Joe Shea, Phillip Hall, Jim Chiles, Dale Tretschok, Bob Hartman, Ed Jeffries, John Nielson. Row 5: Jim Scussel, Stewart Elner, Jim Wolfe, Har- low Peterson, Dave Gates, Lance Long, Jim Jones. LARRY HALL TOM LANGE Brigade Commander AF Cadet Commander AIR FORCE SENIORS: Row I: David Reuther, Toby Teorey, Charles Van Every, Gary Doty, Thomas Swartz, Mike Pierce, Lonnie Weaver, Tom Lange, Fred Spuhler, Thomas Simondi, James Waters. Row 2: Howard Stagg, Francis Bastis, Robert Kipperman, Jim Dalzell, Harris Arlinsky. Row 3: Gary Munk, Phillip Rees, Travis Meador, John Wulffson, Ed Meyer, David Nathanson, Jack Hudson, Neel Schmitt, Jim Swayze, Larry Baker, Robert Berryhill, Charles Lewis. SCABBARD AND BLADE: Row 1: Major Norman Overton, Chuck Olyphant, Charles Bergstrom, Phillip Hall, Dave Gates, Dan Patterson, Len Copple, John Nielsen, Tom Fraser, Jim Childs, Mike Anderson, Jerry Mordret, Joe Shea, Larry Stewart, Jim Wolf, Larry Hall. Row 2: Jim Jones, Jim Sakrison, Mike Stewart, Kelly Neal, Don McGrath, Lance Long, Dale Tretschek, Doug Stanley, Curt Christianson, Ed Jefferies, Jim Scussel, Mike Glen- dening, Jim Lumpkin, Joe Gasca, Harlow Peterson. SCABBARD AND BLADE National Advanced Military Honorary Scabbard and Blade is a military honorary for seniors in the advanced ROTC program. This na- tional organization informs senior cadets of their duties and obligations during a tour of duty in the Army. Its major activity is sponsoring the annual Military Ball. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY National Air Force Student Honorary Arnold Air Society promotes the development of efficient and responsible Air Force officers. Members sponsored an afternoon dance for the Air Force Academy cadets who were in Tucson for the UA-Air Force football game. Spring activi- ties included sponsorship of Aerospace Days and a Senior Appreciation Banquet. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY: Row 1: Tom Simondi, Harris Arlinsky, Edward Meyer, Victor Wong, Jim Dalzell, Charles Lewis, Gary Munk, Toby Teorey, Travis Meador, Richard Falkow, David Nathanson, Martin Cole. Row 2: Clifford Bueche, Jerry Hoover, Alan Maltenfort, Wayne Benesch, Charles Monroe, Gary Doty, Sigvard Smitt, Tom Swartz, Willard Webster, Tom Lange, Edward Lans- dale, Logan Wren, Donald Kelley. Row 3: Howard Stagg, Larry Baker, Dan Slagle, Karl Haushalter, Bob Boyd, Dale Retrum, John Izatt, Linn Harbour, Ronald Riggs, Peter Daly, Neal Schmitt, Fred Herre. 210 Jr ANGEL FLIGHT: Row 1: Donna Rae Browne, Challis McPheeters, Kit Walker, Joyce Baker, Nan Doubet. Row 2: Joni Heddon, Patti Cohn, Margie Tench, Stephanie Anderson, Carolyn Bradley, Mar-lane Ryals. ANGEL FLIGHT AFROTC Women ' s Honorary University women in Angel Flight are required to have a 2.5 grade average. They promote inter- est in the AFROTC and support activities of the Arnold Air Society. Angel Flight members serve as hostesses for Moms ' and Dads ' Day, Veterans ' Day and Aerospace Days. SILVER WING Sophomore Air Cadets Silver Wing works to acquaint air cadets with the opportunities of USAF. Membership is based on a 3.0 cumulative and 2.0 air science grade average. Activities include the coordination of Arizona and Aerospace Days Drill Meet and color guard for football games. SILVER WING: Row 1: Richard Hornby, Frederick Kern, Thomas Jensen, Fred Crawford, Mike Hare, Bill Dabney, John Moffatt, Jay Grenig, Nat Free, Cliff Wright, James Elliott, Ernest Clish. Row 2: Carl Junk, John Huff, Gilbert Flores, Michael Prime, Richard Bierce, Thomas Clauser, Jim Lamon, Ken Rossman, Clarence Eccleston, Don Kaler, Don Chandler, Bob Hoffman, Neil Froemming. Row 3: Richard Marshall, Jay Milstead, Robert Larson, Larry Joseph, Lyle Johnsen, Doug Daniels, Tony La Rocco, Michael Bennett, Lewis Hudson, Dave Hubbard, Lynn Bryant, Andy Krupski, Gary Burgner. 211 DEAN F. PENDLETON GAINES, JR. SUMMER SCHOOL The University of Arizona offer s academic programs during its two regular five-week summer sessions held on campus. The summer program provides for students who wish to accelerate progress toward bachelor ' s, master ' s, or doctor ' s degrees, for those who wish to concentrate on one or more subjects or for members of the general public. Special graduate programs along with over five hun- dred regular courses are offered. The University Library and other facilities are available for use. A six-week residence program in Guadalajara, Mexico, and a humanities study tour to Europe are held in addition to oth er special programs held in Phoenix, Prescott, Bisbee. Scheduled recreational and informal educational events are planned to enrich formal educational activities. Escorted week-end trips and day-long excursions to famous sights and places of interest are planned as highlights. Pendleton Gaines has been dean of Continu ing Education and the Summer Session since 1959. He has served as president of Wofford College and dean of students at Southern Meth- odist University. Dean Gaines is a member of the Governor ' s Committee on Technical-Vocational Education and the Arizona Civil War Centennial Commission. The beauty of Guadalajara, Mexico, invites students to summer study. A summer school student pauses from study to enjoy the coolness of a Guadalajara evening. 212 Students saw the Erectheum on the Acropolis at Athens. Humanities study tour students view the Fountain. For further cultural information consult Triak. tit 44, „„,,,, --rr 11731111 .; • r lid .144- 77— ter . - . r i rrrrr-r-:r ........._ . ' r rum f f ..7 t..........1.111MNIN ir r f : %;, [•., at, % 4iL8,41, 213 Aenea)rch, RESEARCH Greater knowledge of all things, in the classic sense, is the intent of education. A key segment of this concept is research since it concerns itself with increasing man ' s knowledge of his surroundings and of his environmental relationships. The scope of these studies at the University of Arizona extends from basic phenomena investigations such as the properties of lightning to applied research projects such as types and causes of air pollution. The range of size varies from studies on viruses, which are the smallest known organisms, to observing the solar system with immense lenses. Related to research are a number of disciplines which provide support for other areas besides being research activities in themselves. Libraries containing background information, laboratory equipment for experiments and data analyzers including computers are some of the im- portant peripheral investments which have been made to support various research projects. State funds provide much of the initial money to build major facilities, but other grants have been made such as the National Science Founda- tion grants providing a fourth floor for the anthropology building. Even more significant is the amount of research equipment paid for by grants. By the end of the first four months of this fiscal year, $1,643,318.07 in research grants were announced. A large part of this was for research tools. Remodeling of the main library will increase access to reference works and enlarge its capacity. A successful research program is more than just physical facilities and equipment. It is the right combination of researchers, administrators, interested supporters and " hard- ware. " Providing an atmosphere conducive to intensive study without sacrificing teaching aspects of the University ' s function is important in maintaining an even balance in the emphasis placed on research. Parallel growth in educational and research facilities demonstrates that this perspective is being used in expansion planning. The success of any endeavor is measured in terms of results. Gaining international recognition in several fields, attracting prominent people whose work is well known and receiving numerous grants from national organizations clearly indicates the level of success enjoyed by the Univer- sity of Arizona. A sample of some of the research projects and asso- ciated support in progress will provide a few insights into what is being done today, but rapid advances and sheer numbers of projects prevent more than a glance. New science library will enhance scientific research. 215 VIROLOGY Virology, a branch of microbiology, is the study of all disease-producing intra- cellular parasites especially the viruses and rickettsiae. A number of investiga- tions being conducted at the University of Arizona are supported by prominent organizations. Enteroviruses studies con- ducted by Dr. Hugh H. Smith are the re- sult of funds from the Polio Immunization Program under the auspices of the Pima County Medical Society. The U.S. Public Health Services National Institute of Health supports the study of arbovirus infections by Dr. Smith. A polyoma virus study by Dr. Irving Yall has an American Cancer Society grant. Very young mice are subjected to derivatives of powdered mosquitos to determine if the mos- quitos are carryng any diseases. Allen Mail examines a mosquito suspected of carrying encephalitis. Graduate student Norman S. Swack candles eggs for rickettsiae (Rocky Mountain spotted fever) study. 216 • A centrifuge is used to separate serum from blood. Mice are injected with serum to detect viruses. Dark lines of rickettsiae-infected embryo are readily seen by use of egg candler. 217 An antenna tower detects lightning bolts. LIGHTNING Dr. Evans checks correlation equipment. Lightning, one of the least understood of nature ' s phenomena, is being studied by a number of University researchers. One of the projects, under the direction of Drs. Walter P. Evans and Robert L. Walker, is measuring lightning and its effects on the earth ' s magnetic and electrical fields. The study is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Other projects are undertaking optical studies of lightning phenomena. Dr. Walker adjusts a recorder used in study. 218 Particle accelerator is readied ... its housing installed ... ... and a safety vent added. The nuclear engineering department scored another first among universities in the United States when its particle accelerator was put into operation. The University of Arizona was the first to install a TRIGA nuclear reactor and is now the first to have an accelerator of this type. The department is further enhanced by its recent affiliation with AMU, Associated Midwest Uni- versities, which is closely related to Argonne National Laboratories. The $86,000 installation was purchased with- out outside funds and is being used for research and instruction. It is capable of producing high voltages and controlled intense temperatures as well as high speed electrons. Graduate student Subin Banharnsupvat from Thailand studies the effect of radiation on different materials. 219 The installation of a complex system requires numerous inconnection diagrams and involved cabling lists. DATA ANALYSIS The largest computer system in a United States university has been put into operation by Arizona ' s system engineering department to pro- vide rapid analysis of data. Several University research projects have tremendous quantities of information whi6h need a large, high-speed sys- tem for reduction of data to a useable form. The 16-unit system is located in the Engineer- ing Building. It cost $15,000 just to remodel the rooms and build a false floor for cabling. It almost takes a computer to figure out where everything is to go during installation. Inter-machine cables are routed under a false floor. Machine hookup requires a contortionist. 220 Computer is controlled by main console. System status is displayed. Computer operator ' s console controls the system operations. The UP, computer system consists of an IBM 7072 high-speed computer, an IBM 1401 to convert data on IBM cards to magnetic tape and other input-output equipment. The system is worth 1.5 million dollars but educational discounts will reduce the cost to the University. A National Science Foundation grant and other federal grants will pay for much of the computer. Machine time will be available to all colleges, cer- tain private research organizations and some university groups. Registration and rush will also make use of its large volume capabilities. Computer cost necessitates maximum utilization of computing time including night operation. 221 Spectrophotograph results (upper right corner) are plotted. Graduate Joyce Cerwin uses a fraction col- lector to separate constituents of solutions. RADIOACTIVE TRACERS Radioactive carbon is separated from yeast. The use of radioisotopes to trace unobservable action probably has not been put to more uses than by bological researchers. Investigations by Drs. Ken- neth F. Wertman and Irving Yall use radioisotopes to determine intracellular processes. Included in these studies are S-adenosylmethiomine and purine metab- olism in yeasts research conducted by Dr. Yall. This project is supported by the National Science Foundation. Radioisotopes are also used in several studies into cancer and its causes. Considerable research is also being conducted on cancer in a number of other de- partments, giving a total of over twenty cancer studies now in progress at the University. Radiation counter determines radioactivity of a filtrate. 222 ,c, --- ----- -,0 ------,A, ) 1JA ,, ) ° --- " ._,,, ___.0 V 2- ' -:, y,r, -, c- r -----...: - -,...— _... -- ---------- -- -- : ' ' ),;!ci)),. ' , ' : " II-- - li--ii :71 iii-7 tir ' -_-_:-_-_-_ --- 1 °- --JA-)-Tf1(°±:1 ° o91_ ' --YAT-----1)Iill ' ---ri ' if - ' -°_-T_° `- ' 11P- 1 7T -1.:, tt (_ij---_-_-_( E),-,--:--___i_-, II---_------- 1 9-_,u- ( 1 _.-=L ' -----__7 ' l•-ja—Lf...)V---- ---- --, E=-_),[1------il GREEK WEEK QUEEN CHALLIS McPHEETERS Delta Gamma TOM STRASBURG Delta Upsilon GREEK WEEK KING i ' u� Which quadruplet got the Lady Gillette for Christmas? " This is the perfect spot for a quiet stay-at-home boondocker. " " Well, we ' ve got to find a quiet place to study. " " Now come on and hustle. Somebody ' s got to get you flabby Tau Delt ' s into shape. " 226 She ' s knitting a pair of socks for her boy friend. " You jump first so I ' ll have a soft place to land. " Eager pledges show their gratitude to the benevolent active in charge of their IFPC Help Week project. " Me pinned? That ' s ridiculous ... a vicious rumor ... c ' mon, let ' s go back to the house ... we ' ll miss dinner ... hey!! " You ' ll be sorry when I catch pneumonia ... I can ' t swim ... I LOST my pin ... HEY! " " But I ' m an active ... you can ' t glub glub do this to an active! " " Oops, look! He DOES still have it! " 228 sigma chi derby day A failure! Sigma Chi judges seem to take sadistic pleasure when coeds lose this event. AKL ' s have a little cleaning up to do before moving into the old Phi Psi house. Mighty Lambda Delta displays a unique one-arm two-hand grip. It ' s something no Delta Chi housemother ' s apartment should be without. 231 Sigma Chi ' s get a lot of practice at this — because they win lots of Pledge Pajama Races, of course! • " I wonder if it ' s too late yet to depledge ... " Guess where the Fiji team was during the pajama race. " Lose the race for us, will you? Take that, you traitor! " 232 Thoughtful Delts help a brother stay " cool, calm and collected " for his 740. About the campus parking problem ... " Now all we have to do is change the license plates ... " Theta Karen Fredrickson was IFPC Queen. " His wallet ought to be around here someplace. " " Are you sure they ' ve changed the name to HELP Week? " 234 Our four favorite brothers: three closet cases and a deadpan. Kappa Sigs alternate at Chi() reconnaissance duty. " The President says we should drink milk, Republican or not. " ' Push harder. It ' s taken me a whole semester to get him cornered. " Sigma Nu encourages intellectual growth and cultural development. " I demand to know which one of you has my pin ! " 236 " Sure I can keep a secret; I wouldn ' t dream of telling a soul. " " ZBT ... Vote Bullwinkle for Greek Week King. " Economic Kappa Alpha ' s distill their own. " Look — the next time I send you for help, pick a fraternity house. " 237 " But it ' s wrecking my manicure scissors. " " Hey, you guys — get out from behind there and get back to work. " KAPPA ALPHA THETA First Place Women ' s Division SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON First Place Men ' s Division ALPHA OMICRON PI Sweepstakes Award " It ' s the Jackie Kennedy fox-hunt kit we sent for last month. " Alpha Sigs sing the hit " Where Have All the Phi Psi ' s Gone? " 239 DOUG STANLEY IFC President JANE KARMEN Panhellenic President ELAINE MOE Junior Panhellenic President DAVE WEINBERG IFPC President 241 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: Row 1: Susan Simpson, Sanya Wright, Janie Karmen, Frances Daniel, Linda Lew, Stephanie Anderson, Flighty Christy. Row 2: Sally Contzen, Diane Varnum, Maureen McKeever, Krista Perry, Penny Conroy, Pam Bauman, Pat White, Susie Contzen. PANHELLENIC IFC The Panhellenic Association is the On the Interfraternity Council, each coordinating, governing and integrating campus fraternity is represented by its body for all national sororities recognized president and an elected delegate. The on campus. President Janie Karmen direc- 1962-63 council officers were Douglas ted the council meetings, assisted by Caro- Stanley, president; Rich Rea, vice-presi- lyn O ' Neil, vice-president, and Frances dent; Jeff Mora, secretary; and Mike Gonzalo, secretary-treasurer. Pretzer, treasurer. Pendleton Gaines, The 31 members, delegates from each assistant dean of men, is IFC adviser. of the university sororities, work to im- The council ' s purpose is service to mem- prove and maintain high standards of ber fraternities, to the university and to scholarship. Houses with the highest grade the community. IFC sponsors Greek Week, averages are awarded trophies. Panhel- High School Senior Day, Mom and Dad ' s lenic ' s annual social event, Greek Week, Day, the Homecoming parade and the an- encourages fraternal spirit. nual Campus Chest drive. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL: Row 1: Tex Elner, Frank White, Ron Hooper, John Walker, Art Colangelo, Gilbert Lopez, Bob Kasten. Row 2: Mike Friedman, Gary Chiate, Mike Stanley, Bill Priebe, Gary Abromovitz, Marshall Pilkington, Ed Danenhauer, Dave Baird, Dennis Orrock, John Lyons, Dick Freedman, Ron Batiste, Pat Jacobs, Harry Short, Howard Stagg. Row 3: Chris Anderson, Hal Tokuyama, Dewain Lockwood, Art Hulick, 0. W. Mortenson, Jay Harness, Gary Case, Gene Hildreth, Wally Chester, Boots Bergstrom, Rob Roberts, Jon Kyl, Dave McKay, Frank Howell, Barry Hirsch, Jay Lippman, Bill Hall, Doug Dowd, Ed Vallone, Mike Dickson. Row 4: Jeff Mora, secretary; Douglas Stanley, president; Mike Pretzer, treasurer; Richard Rea, vice-president. 242 JUNIOR PANHELLENIC Junior Panhellenic was formed to famil- iarize sorority pledges with Panhellenic ' s purpose and activities. Each sorority sends one representative from Panhellenic council and one elected within its pledge class to make up the 28-member council. Its officers for 1962-63 were Elaine Moe, president; Nancy Cozad, vice-president; and Karen Joseph, secretary. Junior Panhellenic awards a scholar- ship trophy and assists Panhellenic with its activities in addition to sponsoring projects with both IFPC and the various sorority pledge classes. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC: Row 1: Margie Taylor, Liz Tofel, Nancy Cozad, Elaine Moe. Row 2: Highly Christy, adviser; Debbie McMillan, Karen Joseph, Nancy McCullough, Judy Miller. INTERFRATERNITY PLEDGE COUNCIL The Interfraternity Pledge Council is made up of each pledge class president and an elected delegate. IFPC ' s 1962-63 officers were Dave Weinberg, president; Don Bud- inger, vice-president; Silvio di Gregorio, secretary; and Gary Parker, treasurer. The council held formal meetings twice each month. IFPC tries to increase the proportion of pledges who become actives by raising the standards of scholarship and fraternal unity among pledges. The pledge council ' s four annual activities are the Memor- ial Fountain clean-up, the Pledge Pajama Race, Help Week and the IFPC Ball. This year the ball was held February 9 and the pledges elected Karen Fredrickson IFPC Queen. IFPC derives its authority from the Interfraternity Council and was created to promote fellowship, develop leadership and foster better relations between the University, the com- munity and the campus fraternities. INTERFRATERNITY PLEDGE COUNCIL: Row 1: Bill Priebe, IFC adviser; Silvio di Gregorio, secretary; Dave Weinberg, president; Gary Parker, treasurer; Don Budinger, vice-president; Ken Billings, Ted McKay, Bart Hackley, Winslow Collins, Bob Hughes. Row 2: Stanford Cloud, Judd Stanley, Al Clement, Clark Root, Pete Pershing, Jim Wind, Bob Schull, John Sicafoose, Robert E. Clark, Ted Fahs, Mike Farley. Row 3: John Yeoman, Bill Terry, Mark Levine, Bob Best, Steve Burrill, Harold Moe, Marshall Lehman, Mike Harris, Tom Sheridan, Siedelman, Mike Massey. Row 4: Dick Wiersema, Tom Gasket, Dan Heath, Dean Downing, Way Stevens, Barry Robertson, Pendleton Gaines, Mike Tancredi, Steve Mathey, David Sims, Jim Dean, John Fountain, Bob Hoffman. 243 Maria Amado Mary Amthor Jane Angelus Penny Barrington Sidney Bond Kathleen Borchers Coordinating the AChiO house activities this year were Barbara Burnett, president; LaVerne Lamb, vice-president; Jean Klug, second vice-president; Betsy Simmons, recording secretary; Barbara Kegg, corresponding secretary; and Diane Cooper, treasurer. AChiO " Dream Man " Gary Britton was crowned at the Christmas Carnation Ball. Also during the Christmas season the Alpha Chi Omega ' s brought cheer to the Hera Day under- privileged children with a party and Christmas carols. Active on campus were LaVerne Lamb and Fran Daniel, Phi Chi Theta; Mary Amthor, Sigma Delta Pi; Lorie Carlson, Social Court and SUAB Administration Committee; and Martha Higley, portrait editor of the Desert. LaVerne Lamb was a Homecoming Queen attendant and served as secretary of the Associated Students. Miss Lamb was also named to Who ' s Who. Social events included the Carnation Ball, spring formal, Houseboy ' s Turnabout, Polynesian Party, " 0 Great Pumpkin " party and the Alpha Chi Rumble. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Laurie Kihm Cherry Klock Jean Klug Laverne Lamb Natalie Slaughter Marjorie Taylor Elizabeth Van Buskirk Susie Wearne Nelda Schrepel Karen Shelton Rona Shields Glenna Simmons Nelda McLaughlin Cynthia Owen Diane Reynolds Judy Rowan Judith Bray Sandy Bryan Barbara Burnett Lorie Carlson Karen Christensen Diane Cooper Fran Daniel Nancy Dean Betty Dickerson Ann Goodall Martha Higley Joan Huber Sondra Johnson Barbara Kegg 244 PHI MU Starting off their second successful year on the Univer- sity of Arizona campus, the Eta Iota chapter of Phi Mu pledged 31 new members. Activities during December in- cluded a Christmas party for the deaf children of the First Methodist Church School and the Christmas formal, held this year at the Desert Inn. The Spring Carnation Ball was held second semester at the Pioneer Hotel. Chosen by honoraries were Pat Gately, Phi Chi Theta; Cindy Koshelek, Wranglers; Molly Arnold and Stephanie Cooke, Alpha Lambda Delta; and Harriot Hutchins, Pi Delta Phi and president of the Cercle Francais. The Phi Mu officers this year were Harriot Hutchins, president; Barbara Noon, vice-president; Cindy Koshelek, recording secretary; Judy Person, corresponding secretary; Linda Lamb, treasurer; and Parralee Chestnut, pledge trainer. The Phi Mu ' s are presently planning their new house which will be ready for occupancy in the fall. Molly Arnold Helen Bloomquist Carole Boggs Genevieve Bouziden Margaret Burges Barbara Busacker Parralee Chesnut Stephanie Cooke Elizabeth Coppins Frances Correll Fallon Curtis Alma Danehy Lauralee Eddy Harriette Egan Jayne Elley Charlotte Ewing Betsy Garland Pat Gately Pat Goode Melanie Hamm Nancy Harris Karen Ann Harsch Johnna Hart Josephine Hilliard Mary Jane Hobbs Harriot Hutchins Judi Ann Jackson Cindy Koshelek Pamela Kropf Charlotte Kwic Judith Lohrey Paula Marshall Len Milling Judy Moore Linda Nelson Barbara Noon Mike O ' Bannon Jo Paine Ann Pedersen Krista Perry Judy Person Linda Pixley Nancy Robertson Barbara Scott Nancy Sloane Virginia Stout Susan Lee Taber Virginia Taylor Christina Troller Ronnie Wacker 245 ALPHA DELTA PI The Alpha Delta Pi ' s got off to a good start this year by winning the Derby Day Sweepstakes at the annual Sigma Chi Derby Day. The Christmas formal, " Diamonds in the Snow, " was held this year at the Tidelands, where Bill Cunningham was crowned Alpha Delta Pi Man. Other social func- tions included the spring formal and the Oakie Stomp. The Alpha Delta Pi philanthropy is the Square and Cross Crippled Children ' s Home, and sorority members undertook several projects this past year. ADPi ' s named to honoraries were Cheryl White, Randi Slaughter and Audrey Fuller, Spurs; Sandi Cartmell and Janie Karmen, Angel Flight; and Barbara Schroll was chosen for Mermaids. Janie Karmen served as Panhellenic president this year and Sandi Cartmell was an elections com- missioner. Janie Karmen was also chosen to Who ' s Who. ADPi officers were Sandi Cartmell, president; Margie Head, vice-president; Judy Newcomb, sec- retary and Lynn Sherman, treasurer. Ruth Alley Danitza Angius Charlene Anzinger Catherine Ballard Toni Barrett Pam Bauman Ellen Ann Berkshire Sigrid Borge Barbara Bredlow Patricia Carlson Sandra Cartmell Carole Chandler Charlaine Curtis Mary Davis Paula De Back Sharon Del Duca Alice Donovan Judy Dow Genie Elmore Sheri Farnsworth Sharyn Fleetham Gail Foster Susan Fried Audrey Fuller JoAnn Ganem Dorothy Gaskill Linda Goar Rebecca Goodman Mimi Graham Susan Green Dawn Grinnell Cheryl Gunn Andrea Haas Carol Harrison Sara Harrison Salli Hively Annette Jelley Gail Johns Jane Ellyn Johnson Janie Johnson Janie Karmen Cynthia Kershner Margaret Kimball Katie Kohlstaedt Susan Koster Sally Ladd Pam Loper Judy Martin Judy McClanathan 246 ALPHA DELTA PI Kathy Mills JoAnn Moebius Judy Newcomb Mary Nowlin Patricia Olbert Cathy O ' Rourke Judy Parker Kitty Podolsky Kathleen Pylant Linda Ray Suzanne Rodgers Suzanne Sadler Margaret Schott Barbara Schroll Marsha Scibella Cindy Shadegg Leslie Shaw Lynn Sherman Betty Shipman Randi Slaughter Karen Smith Barbara Snedden Cristy Steele Patti Stevens Barbara Swartwout Ann Thornton Christie Towle Connie Trower Sarah Tunnell Pam Twist Kitty Walker Arleen Weinberger Judy Werner Cheryl White Elaine Williams Penny Wilson Jette Wyman 247 Joyce Alexander Carol Berman Elayne Bernstein Barbara Block Rozann Brodney Linda Chapman Sandy Cohen Ronnie Cole Ruth Courtland Joy Dennen Sharon Deutsch Joan Ehrlich Sandi Feintesh Janie Freeman Barbara Fromn Reva Gaines , Donna Galamba Joy Geller Toni Glick Barbara Goldman Gail Goodman Joan Greenbaum ALPHA EPSILON PHI Alana Greenberg Margaret Greenwood Sharon Greenwood Carla Gross Mady Gross Susan Haimes Susan Hart Sherri Hendler Marietta Hillson Karen Jacobson Ellen Kahn Sandy Kahn The new Alpha Epsilon Phi house at 1071 N. Mountain Avenue was completed and ready for occupancy on September 1, 1962. Social events included two pledge-active par- ties, the winter formal held at the Desert Inn and the spring formal. Larry Deutch was chosen AEPhi Man. The 1962-63 school year saw the Alpha Epsi- lon Phi ' s as busy as ever, with the following members active in campus organizations: Kay Raben and Barbara Goldman, AWS philanthropy; Linda Lantin, AWS freshman orientation committee chairman and SUAB special events secretary; Linda Lew, Liz Tofel, Toni Glick and Margaret Greenwood, Wilbur Committee; Adria Later, Carla Gross and Susie Sloan, Elections Committee; and Lois Lantin, Terry Morris and Ellen Kahn, Desert staff. June Morris was chosen to Mermaids, Reva Gaines was a member of the Twirling Circus and Susie Sloan served as a cheerleader. Many Alpha Epsilon Phi members were named to honoraries, among them Linda Lew and Linda Lantin, Spurs; Marcia Lewis, Sigma Alpha Eta; June Morris, Delta Psi Kappa; and Joyce Alexander, Or- chesis. Marilyn Mitchell was named to Who ' s Who. 1962-63 officers of AEPhi were Marilyn Mitch- ell, president; Susie Sloan, first vice-president; Alana Greenberg, second vice-president; Linda Lew, rush chairman; June Morris, secretary; and Linda Lantin, treasurer. 248 ALPHA EPSILON PHI • Brenda Katcher Sally Kawin Judy Klein Ellen Kositchek Marilyn Koskoff Linda Lantin Lois Lantin Adria Later Miriam Lehman Linda Lew Marcia Lewin Nina Madden Judy Mallin Linda Marks Marilyn Meyer Barbara Miller Marilyn Miller Marilyn Mitchell Terri Morris Pat Newman Sharon Kay Raben Sue Ravitz Ann Resnikov Cathy Rose Jane Rosenfeld Sherry Rottersmann Julie Rubel Barbara Russell Nancy Schpok Jane Seff Joan Seligman Bonnie Shenkarow Sallie Siegelman Gene Simon Suzi Sloan Bonnie Slotky Vicki Steinfeld Bunni Stone Jennifer Young Carol Zaban 249 ALPHA OMICRON PI Hollie Alker Cathy Andrews Judy Bair Susan Barstis Janet Bausser The Alpha Omicron Pi float, " It ' s a Small World, " won the sweepstakes trophy in the Homecoming parade. Social events included the Christmas and spring formals, the annual Home- coming float party on November 9 and the Montmarte party given by the actives for the pledges. Alpha Omicron Pi officers this year were Sharon Boileau, president; Sandy Shehan, vice-president; Mary Lou Klein- dienst, pledge trainer; Holly Hamson, corresponding secre- tary; Sandy Stanford, recording secretary; and Julie Keith, scholarship chairman. Many AOPi ' s were claimed by honoraries including Mari- lyn Corkhill, Alpha Lambda Delia and Spurs; Lana Gallup and Carol Haines, Spurs; Carol Haines, Sharon Boileau and Judy Brown, Theta Sigma Phi; Lana Gallup, Tau Beta Sigma; Carol Haines, Chimes; Pat Thompson, Phi Chi Theta; Sandy Shehan, Pam Mitchell and Sandy Sponheimer, Mermaids; Ann Ray- nolds, Orchesis; Judy Bair, Beta Theta; and Sue McFarland, Jane Thomas and Nancy Coles, Student Nurses Association. Active in campus organizations were Carol Haines, man- aging editor of the Wildcat; Sharon Boileau, society editor of the Wildcat; Pat Thompson, traffic court judge; Jo Ann Kinney, Ellen Van Wagner, Mayre Cosper, Traffic Court; Marilyn Cork- hill, Traffic Court secretary, traffic safety committee and SUAB art chairman; and Mike Pollman, University Singers. Lana Gallup served on the senate for the junior class. Kathryn Bergner Nanette Bettis Linda Boileau Sharon Lynn Boileau Kathie Brant Judith Brown Shirley Bruner Diane Byrne Roberta Carlson Mayre Casper Mimi Christensen Louise Ciampa Nancy Lynn Coles Marilyn Corkhill Susan Creel Lynn Derby Dorothy Dickson Sharon Dieringer Kathleen English Sherry Erickson Sara Folk Lana Gallup Marcia Gordon Betsy Grube Tracy Hagan Carole Haines Helen Harper Pat Hampson Holly Hamson Stefanie Hoag Susan Hodson Mary Jakle Pam Jameson Mary Johnson Julie Keith 250 ALPHA OMICRON PI Pat Keysar JoAnn Kinney Mary Lynn Kinney Mary Lou Kleindienst Carol Markland Sue McFarland Elaine McHugh Linda Netterblad Alice Oltmans June Oltmans Joan Paciunas Diane Peters Michele Pollman Sue Prater Ann Reynolds Leslie Rhoades Lorraine Rhodes Helene Riccobono Shirlee Richter Sharon Riordan Karen Robinson Sandra Schaub Sandy Schlentz Terri Scremin Sandy Shehan Linda Simanton Linda Smith Elizabeth Spencer Sandy Stanford Jane Thomas Pat Thompson Janis Tremble Ann Turner Brooke Van Der Kar Ellen Van Wagner Kathryn Vanice Linda Vaughan Judi Watkins Pam Weber Lillian Wolter 251 Susan Asbury Martha Baird Chris Barber Pat Barnett Betsy Binns Sue Bledsoe Nancy Boyd Virginia Brand Susan Burpee Bonnie Byrne Karen Caine Sheila Carter Donna Clancy Ashleigh Coldiron Leslie Compton Gail Conwell Margaret Costich Susan Cram Pat Crosby Donna Dehlinger Kathleen Featherstone Garrie Glick Gwen Griffin Pat Hancock ALPHA PHI The Alpha Phi ' s, in addition to service projects and campus activities, sponsored many social events in 1963, among them the Western Party at Old Tucson, the Christmas formal and the spring formal. Their service project being Cardiac Aid, the members of Alpha Phi participated in the Heart Fund Drive February 24. Chosen by honoraries were Robin McCormick and Georgia Ray, Spurs; Karen Caine, Chimes; Sandy Hodge and Gloria Kalil, Mortar Board; Julie Peters and Judy Krivel, National Music Honorary; and Barbara Hayes, president of the National Collegiate Players. Also active were Sandy Hodge, secretary of the People-to- People committee and president of WRA; Irene Rasmussen, secretary of the International Forum and a member of the Student Senate; and Robin McCormick, WRA sportsleader. Gloria Kalil and Sandy Hodge were named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. The UA chapter of Alpha Phi functioned under the leader- ship of Sandy Hodge, president; Kim Elliott, pledge trainer; Susie Hoffman, scholarship chairman; Diana Smith, corre- sponding secretary; Jackie Kennedy, Panhellenic; Sue Bled- soe, treasurer; Loraine Quebedeaux, rush chairman; Pat Caine, activities chairman; Pam Merrill, social chairman; and Gloria Kalil, efficiency chairman. Tom Houghton was crowned Alpha Phi Man at the Christ- mas formal at the El Conquistadore Hotel. 252 A A Milk Mai - n A ItaIlili ak AA et rilo driAigi 101 Julia Hansen Margaret Harris Barbara Hayes Carol Hensz Sandy Hodge Susanne Hoffman Pam Homme Elizabeth Hutton Rebecca Iman Beth Irighram Judy Ann Johnston Gloria Kalil Terry Kearney Jacqueline Kennedy Nancy Lee Lewis Maiya Marshall Edie McConnell Robin McCormick Becky McQuary Pamela Merrill Nancy Moore Jo Ann Morse Jennifer Nelson Diane Parker Jayne Pierson Sue Poole Georgia Ray Judith Russler ALPHA PHI Sally Saunders Mary Jo Shaffer Suzanne Smardon Joan Smillie Diana Smith Susan Spencer Nancy Stiles Suzy Straub Judy Stubbs Camilla Vincent Margy Wheeland Judy Williamson 253 CHI OMEGA In 1962 a new addition was added to the Chi Omega house, the first since the house ' s completion in 1929. As a service project, the Chi Omega ' s gave a Christmas Kindness party to children in the Tucson Public Schools. At the Christmas formal, Ron Briggs was crowned Chi Omega Southern Gentleman. Other activities included a Mom and Dad ' s Day banquet, the pledge-active party and the spring formal. In spring of 1962 the Chi Omega ' s won first place in the women ' s division of the Spring Sing and, teaming with Delta Upsilon, won the sweepstakes at the Varsity Show. Cha Kenan was tapped by Mortar Board, Ann Hage was chosen by Chimes and served as its historian and Spurs selected Donna Church, May Michelsen, Diane Tully, Francis Baker and Jeri Shields. Chi Omega ' s in Alpha Lambda Delta were Donna Church and Diane Donahue. Cha Kenan was also Standards Board Chairman with Joni Taranton as Standards Board vice-chairman. Linda Shaw was a member of Phi Chi Theta. Linnea Hedlund was Delta Psi Kappa president and also vice-president of WRA. In other activities were Jennifer Winn and Sheila Tatroe, Orchesis; Kris Stohl and Mary Wise, Mermaids; Ann Hage, chairman of AWS civic activities committee; Judy Rumple, Beedee Kimble, Jana Deddens and Sandy Bennett, Symphonic Choir. Nancy Cozad was vice-president of Junior Panhellenic and May Michelsen ranked third in the National Women ' s Rifle Championships. Serving were Patsy White, president; Cha Kenan, vice- president; Dottie Nemac, secretary; Ann Hage, treasurer; and Sandy Bennett, corresponding secretary. Bev Anderson Kitty Ascher Suzanne Bambauer Barbara Brunner Caryl Bumpus Linda Bunting Betty Burch Donna Church Carole Comeau Terri Conner Sally Contzen Susie Contzen Nancy Cozad Vicki Crosswell Jana Deddens Sally Bartels Cathy Bearse Connie Bennett Sandy Bennett Susan Brainard Sally Brown 254 Susan Dishinger Diane Donahue Pamela Dowling Grace Edwards Cathy Ellis Katherine Engelhard Diane Farley Carol Frailey Ginna Froelich Linda Gardner Cheryl Gibson Holly Graham Roberta Griffith Ann Hage Jane Hanson Ann Harris Donna Harshbarger Janice Hauer Linnea Hedlund Joni Hornecker Sally Hucker Judy Jennings Janet Jones Charlotte Kenan Lynn Kennedy Bee Dee Kimball Maribeth Kominek Lyn Krueger Nicki Larrabee Joyce Liggett Ginny Mayne Peggy McCarthy Margaret McDole Dorsey Mefford Carolyn Mickelsen May Mickelsen Julie Mullinax Dorothy Nemec Linda Nerrie Sherry Norton Ann O ' Connell Suzanne Oesterling Sally Ordway Carole Oshry Sharon Pejsa Kelly Peters Janet Richards Penny Roche Lynne Smith Sara Stark Kristine Stohl Helen Strand Mary Lou Sturm Joni Taranton Sheila Tatroe Rise Taylor Judy Rumple Judy Schicktanz Jane Sebolt Lynda Shaw Mary Shevlin Jerry Shields Linda Shoemake Michele Shover Janie Thomson Karin Tomek Donna Treharne Diane Tully Pat Tully Mary Lou Vocale Ann Walpole Sally Warren Nancy Wells Kenith Wertman Patricia White Sue Williams Ann Wiltrout Jennifer Winn Mary Wise Linda Young 255 DELTA DELTA DELTA Gail Abbott Judy Allen Maxine Allen Sally Anderson Sandra Banger Christy Behrendt Mary Lou Bender Gayle Berry Karen Bloomquist Virginia Boatman Judy Boetcher Margaret Brownewell Leading the Tri-Delt ' s through another successful year were Patti Wilcox, president; Sybil Cappelletti, vice-president; Mary Ann Hughes, recording secre- tary; Maxine Allen, treasurer; Mary Ann Smith, cor- responding secretary; and Linda Wilkinson, house manager. Chosen to honoraries were Kathy Hayer, Mortar Board president; Mary Lou Bender, Chimes; and Suzanne Thompson, Christy Behrendt and Lynda Nelson, Spurs. Quadrille members were Carolyn Whitaker, Rebecca Herring, Tai Gearhart, Julianne Williams, Lynda Morse and Carla Ingwer. Mermaids members were Patti Wilcox, Carolyn Whitaker, Carla Ingwer and Nancy McCullough, with Diane Sunkel and Sanya Wright participating in Orchesis. Kathy Hayer was chosen to Who ' s Who. Many Tri-Delt ' s were active in campus organiza- tions: Linda Wilkinson, Desert Organizations Editor; Christy Behrendt, secretary of ASUA Public Relations; Diane Cumberford, secretary of Sigma Alpha Eta; Lynn Howard, Delta Psi Kappa; Dorothy McKissick, Omicron Nu secretary; Jay Simmons, Alpha Rho Tau secretary; and Lynda Nelson, sub-chairman of ASUA Public Relations. Social events included the Christmas and spring forrnals, Founders ' Day Dessert, Pansy Ring Dessert and the Mom and Dads ' Day Luncheon. Linda Beth Hill was chosen " Hi and Smile " Queen with Suzy Randolph reigning as Homecoming Queen. The Tri-Delt float won third place in the women ' s divi- sion of the Homecoming floats. Ann Brownewell Nancy Butler Sybil Cappelletti Sharon Christensen Susan Collins Phyllis Craner Diane Cumerford Carmen Dailey Karen Daniels Diana Davison Susanne Desbrow Dot Diehl Janet Dorr Ann Fletcher Tai Gearhart Candis Good Sandra Good Linda Gunther Sally Hahne Kathleen Hayer Linda Beth Hill Wandie Hill Patricia Hardin Lynn Howard Mary Ann Hughes Carla Ingwer Mary Jenkins Joy Johnson Vicki Johnson Jovel Kane Kay Kulp Janet LaValle 256 Teresa Lindell Jane Leiby Sharon Ley Melinda MacLeod Lynda Marquess Nancy Mathias Nancy McCullough Elizabeth McKee Dorothy McKissick Mary Kay Mead Rowene Medina Melanie Morris Lynda Morse Anne Ogden Cheryl Parker Dolly Pasco Diana Pendl Pamela Pilkington Francine Raborn Suzan Randolph Joan Redd Kathy Reed Patricia Ritter Nancy Rueffell Mary Sasse Susan Shea Maggie Shook Jean Simmons Susan Simpson Mary Ann Smith Ronna Stern Diane Sunkel Sally Anne Swisher Suzi Taylor Suzanne Thompson JoAnn Titus Carolyn Traynham Lynn Vassallo Carolyn Whitaker Margaret White Patricia Wilcox Linda Wilkinson Julianne Williams Sanya Wright DELTA DELTA DELTA 257 DELTA GAMMA Delta Gamma began the year with 103 members and entered into all phases of campus activity. In November Linda Haas was honored by being elected a 1962 Homecoming Queen Attendant. Athletics showed a high level of participation with Terry Reist, WRA minor sports leader, and Val Card, volleyball leader. Other active DG ' s included cheer- leader Marie Jenks and pom pon girls Maureen McKeever, Linda Haas, Challis McPheeters and Katie Lewis. Bonnie Pierce and Liz Krueger danced in Orchesis. Mermaids were Pat Barden and Susie Schwerin. In campus activities were Micki Murphey, AWS publicity art chairman; Liza Long, secretary of the Assemblies Committee; and Becky Heil, first vice-president of the Arizona State Student Nurses Association District 3. Pam Oiler was a Wildcat reporter. Sally Meyers was elected senior class treasurer. DG ' s were also members of Spurs, Angel Flight and Brigadette. Judy Wilder won the Delta Gamma National Scholarship Award. Delta Gamma ' s continued their philanthropic project of supervising and amusing the children each week at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind. Social events that brightened the year were the spring and Christmas formals, the spring Shipwreck Party and the Founders ' Day banquet. DG house officers for 1962-63 were Sally Meyers, president; Gail Brown, first vice-president; Connie Connelly, second vice-president; Judy Peltzer, treas- urer; Judy Wilder, corresponding secretary; Judy Schmeidling, recording secre- tary; and Terry Reist, social chairman. Darlene Anderson Susan Anderson Patty Arnsberg Pat Barden Carole Sue Barry Barbara Bolton Mary Lynn Briggs Pam Brightman Gail Brown Florrie Burke Elizabeth Burkman Valerie Card Carol Coehella Constance Connelly Catherine Daniels Bonnie Denn Dale Duncan Paula Dutoit Marilyn Duwe Mary Gibbons Linda Haas Jane Harper Sarah Naught Vicki Hazelett Joni Heddon Gael Hendricksen Gerry. Hickerson Cindy Hoppstetter Katherine Horn Elizabeth Hull Barbara Hyink Pat Inglis Joan Jean Marie Jenks Judy Ann Johnson Liz Krueger Suzie Landkamer Judith Lee Katie Lewis Lisa Long Mary Maclntyre Muggsy Manning 258 Linda Matson Terry Maul! Mary McFarland Maureen McKeever Judy McLeod Sally McMullin Challis McPheeters Carol Mohr Carolyn Morris Michelle Murphy Sally Myers Sharon Myers Mary Oakford Pam Oiler Charlene Pearce Wendy Pearse Judy Peltzer Susan Penney Bonnie Pierce Sara Rea Judie Reece Terry Reist LeeAnn Rewick Mary Ann Rucienski Julie Schmieding Suzi Schwerin Suzy Smith Cynthia Stonefield Margie Veitch Sue Walker Nancy Weitzel Penny West Judie Wilder Jo Anne Willmeng Lucy Wilson Gail Ann Wyman DELTA GAMMA Donna Swisher Carol Toreson Adrian Turner Pam Svob Peggy Swain GAMMA PHI BETA All active Gamma Phi Beta members enjoyed living in the house this year as the result of a new addition. The entire house was redecorated and nine new rooms added. They also added a sleeping porch, a new library and chap- ter room and a serenading balcony. Coordinating house activities were Sharon Turk, presi- dent; Bobbi Stephenson, vice-president and social chair- man; Gage Dennett, treasurer; Kit Walker, rush chairman; and Judy Havelaar, pledge trainer. On the social calendar for the year were a trip to Mt. Lemmon for Gamma Phi ' s and their dates and the annual Christmas and spring formals. As a service project, the house helped underprivileged children and treated them to parties at Christmas and during the year. Many Gamma Phi ' s were leaders on campus. Judy Edgar received the Thomas E. Campbell award as the 1961-62 outstanding sophomore woman. Judy was also elected AWS secretary. Gage Dennett served as AWS vice- president. Suzi Gallaher was elected sophomore class secretary and Judy Kraft was a Fine Arts senator. Gamma Phi Beta spent an active- year as members received honors in other ways including membership in Mortar Board, Chimes and Spurs. Barbara Knox was SUAB Cultural Affairs chairman and chairman of the Greek Week dance. Vicki Carlson was Special Events chairman and Wanda Bailey served on the AWS Standards Board. Carolyn Bradley was ASUA Artist Series chairman. Gamma Phi Beta ' s were also active in Angel Flight, Mermaids, Quadrille, Beta Theta, Pi Lambda Theta and Omicron Nu. In addition, Gamma Phi Beta Paula Welch represented Arizona in the 1962 Miss America Pageant. Jean Anderson Frances Archer Anne Armor Diane Backus Wanda Bailey Judy Baisinger Janet Barrett Libby Bate Betsy Bayless Nancy Beckley Mary Bienfang Diane Bilby Meg Bilby Carolyn Black Joanne Black Linda Burns Carol Campbell Vicki Carlson Janet Clark Sherri Crockett Susan Davis Gage Dennett Susan Eggleston Cheryl Evans Elaine Farris Andrea Fitzpatrick Roberta Folk Carolyn Foltz Gretchen Gagnon Susan Gallaher Patricia Gibson Katherine Grant Ellen Gurley Carolyn Haas Susan Hall Nancy Harris Kay Hatcher Julienne Hespen Linda Holmes Lynne Ingraham 260 Gail James Teri Kavanaugh Sally Kegaries Ruth Ann Kent Mary Rae Kimberlin Barbara Knox Judie Kraft Carole Kraftmeyer Joyce Kraftmeyer Lucie Ann Kyle Nancy Leach Judi Mahan Mandy McCoy Carol McCutchan Melinda McGrane Patricia Mardian Linda Merritt Connie Metcalf Mary Morris Ruth Ann Morse Dana Noll Nancy Noyes Pamela Nuetzel Mary Pool Peggy Putenney Caryl Rambo Sandra Reagan Mimi Riley Gail Rosenthal Sue Rowton Patricia Russell Marlene RyaIs Diane Seaman Kit Walker Carol Wangner Jan Wilson Susan Yeates Janet Seidenberg Jo Ann Seidenberg Karen Smith Bobbi Stephenson Linda Stern Pat Sullivan Nancy Tisdale Pam Townsend Sally Townsend Nancy Turner Sheryl Tuttle Judy Vaughan 261 In 1962-63 the Theta ' s were well repre- sented in campus activities, honoraries and royalty. Linda Hoak was chosen Kappa Sigma Stardust Queen, Karen Sorenson was a Homecoming Attendant and Sherry Grimes was a runner-up for " A " -Day Queen. At the Christmas formal at the Desert Willows Guest Ranch, ATO Dave Hall was named 1963 Theta Man. The spring formal, the major social event of the second semes- ter, was held at the Westward Look Guest Ranch. Bonnie Gay Andersen and Mary Helen Richardson were Liberal Arts senators. Sally Clevenger was elected senior class secretary and Barclay Baldridge was freshman treas- urer. Dee Ann Scofield was general chairman of Greek Week. In campus honoraries were Mary Helen Richardson, Mortar Board; president Dee Ann Scofield, Edie Catlin and Flighty Christy, Chimes; Stephanie Anderson, Joyce Baker, Carson Boice, Frances Gonzalo and Royanna LeBrecht, Spurs; and Stephanie Anderson, Joyce Baker, Donna Rae Brown, Flighty Christy, Sally Lawrence, Teddy Muzzy and Karen Sorenson, Angel Flight. Mary Helen Richardson and Sally Law- rence were named to Who ' s Who. Officers for first semester were Sally Lawrence, president; Mary Helen Richardson, vice-president; Linda Hoak, recording secre- tary; Kay Bonsey, corresponding secretary; Dee Ann Scofield, treasurer; and Penny Dry- den, social chairman. KAPPA ALPHA THETA Vicki Adams Bonnie Andersen 621 Bonnie Anderson Gaye Anderson Stephanie Anderson Sharon Arkush Julie Atkinson Joyce Baker Barclay Baldridge Brenda Barber Carol Jo Bledsoe Carson Boice Kay Bonsey Nancy Branch Donna Brbwne Sherry Burruss Ann Bussey Jackie Castle Edie Cab in Cynthia Chatburn 262 1) duit r44 icadoi A IA r fr4 IA A ia Margie Childberg Mary Chilton Highty Christy Ann Collins Margaret Dinsmore Karen Dodge Christina Downend Penny Dryden Gerry Duntley Jill Dykeman Karen Fredrickson Ann Friedlund Kathy Fuller Pat Fuller Julia Gard Frances Gonzalo Donna Graham Pat Graham Cheri Grimes Hilary Gwynn Kathy Hammond Nancy Harman Diane Hasse Mary Hawke Sally Hay Jill Hendry Cindy Hoak Linda Hoak Jill Hudson Pat Jaquays Karen Kennett Kerry Ketola Jacque Kinney Karen Kistenmacher Jackie Kuber Linda Latham Sally Lawrence Royanna Lebrecht Ann Lincoln Ellen Lowery Sally MacMillan Barbara Masterson Nancy McDonald Kathy McNicholas Diane Mensch Judy Miller Pat Morgan Teddy Muzzy Janet Norton Sybilla O ' Mara Vicki Paul Susie Rector Roberta Redfern Lucy Richardson Mary Helen Richardson Betty Rose Emily Schlaht Dee Ann Scofield Dee Smith Ellen Smith Karen Sorenson Susan Spal ler Jean Stayman Susan Stewart Jackie Taylor Joan Turner Diane Van Haren Yatta Wallasvaara Kitsi Watterson Kim Young m fk) 10411164. lab dida lot ft 0 A AM KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Patricia Ackley Kathryn Allen Anita Alter Merrilee Antrim Barbara Beadles Donnie Beggs Nancy Jo Bendixen Ann Bonfoey Barbara Booth Beverly Booth Jeanne Bragdon JoAnn Branham Many Kappa ' s were tapped by honoraries this year including Spurs Kathy Allen, Toby Hymen, Donna Lambert, Nona Piziali, Mary Whitehurst, Sue Coppess and Kathy Robinson, Spur president; Barbara Booth, Beth Earley and Cindy Monroe, Chimes; Carolyn Ewing and JoAnn Branham, Mor- tar Board; Kathy Robinson, Joanne Fenwick, Donna Lambert, Barb Booth, Cindy Monroe, Barbara Beadles, Irene Carrillo and JoAnn Branham, Angel Flight. Alpha Lambda Delta members were Diane Fernley, Kathy Allen, Lovell Yaeger, Kathy Robin- son and Vicki Hoffman. Chosen for Who ' s Who were Mary Patterson, Carolyn Ewing and JoAnn Branham. Mary Conroy was a member of the pom pon line and a member of Mermaids along with Mary Whitehurst and Sally Clausen. Ann Bonfoey and Mary Conroy were Orchesis members. Carolyn Ewing served as president of the Associated Women Students and Beth Earley was secretary of SUAB. Other active Kappas included Sue McKen- zie, Fine Arts senator; Barb Booth, LA senator; L lew Howard, AWS Activities Chairman and chair- man of Women ' s Day; Mary Patterson, president of the University Players and treasurer of the National Collegiate Players; and Mary Conroy, junior class treasurer. Nancy Hobbs reigned as " A " -Day Queen and Buttons Harris was a 1962 Greek Week Attendant. Kappa officers were Cindy Monroe, president; Pam Robinson, vice-president; Wanda Keltner, sec- ond vice-president; Carroll Gommel, pledge trainer and Gaile Kenyon, treasurer. eat Mary Kathryn Burke Carol Cain Diane Cain Barbara Calvin Irene Carrillo Gail Chasey Mary Clarke Sally Clausen Dee Clover Mary Conroy Penny Conroy Sue Coppess Dianna Corbett Betty Corn Anne Cummings Kathy Cummins Judy Dora Nancy Erbe Diane Ewald Carolyn Ewing Joanne Fenwick Emily Ferguson Diane Fernley Carroll Gommel Susy Grosetta Buttons Harris Karen Heger Carol Hinton Nancy Hobbs Vicki Hoffman Darlene Holman Mary Howsman 264 114 Llew Howard Elizabeth Humphry Toby Hyman Barbara Jones Wanda Keltner Gaile Kenyon Mary Kinietz Nanci Knopf Judith Kramer Carol Laflen Donna Lambert Cheryl Lane Bonnie Leslie Linda Liberty Sara McAfee Diane McGarry Sue McKenzie Debbie McMillan Jamie McMillan Janet McMillan Sharon Messmore Marilyn Moeller Cindy Monroe Paula Nietz Karen Nelson Janie Norwood Sharon Nottke Sue Nottke Janet Oliver Ann Parsons Pam Parsons Mary Patterson Martha Peck Nona Piziali Paula Piziali Mary Martha Prince Toni Roberts Pamela Robinson Mary Schammel Mary Schofield KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Dianne Selders Sharlene Smith Sharee Stillman Frances Sullivan Jamie Thomas Barbara Thompson Pat Thompson Sharon Utke Betsy Vial Mary Dean Whitehurst Pamela Sue Willis Susan Wood Paula Wrenn Lovell Yaeger Ellen Yarnell Patsy Zahn 265 Judy Anderson Tain Balfour Linda Bangle Bunny Bechtel Linda Blakely Pamela Blanton Alexandra Bonnyman Pat Butler Sandy Button. Carol Buzzini Connie Clark Deana Cleland Patti Cohn Candy Copeland Susan Coulson Margaret Crissey Cynthia Crowell Patty Depl itch Nan Doubet Jan DuPlain Susan Durilla Nell Edwards PI BETA PHI The Pi Phi ' s were lead through a successful year by their officers Margie Tench, president; Bunny Bechtel, vice-presi- dent; Nan Doubet, pledge trainer; and Margaret Greeley, recording secretary. Social events included the Christmas formal where Steve Stanton was elected Pi Phi Man, the Barn Dance, the spring formal and the Monmouth Duo with the Kappa ' s. Margie Tench, Suzanne Sato and Susan Palmer were elected to Who ' s Who. Those active in campus organizations were Margie Tench, senior class treasurer; Suzanne Sato, junior class secretary; Sandy Button, sophomore class treas- urer; Pam Schumacher, freshman class secretary; Carolyn O ' Neil, Panhellenic vice-president; Elain e Moe, Junior Pan- hellenic president; Bunny Bechtel, AWS treasurer; Patti Cohn, AWS scholarship chairman; Judy Hauskins, AWS social chair- man; Jan Glover and Bobbie Long john, Student Senate. Desert staff members were Bobbie Long john, assistant editor; Gail Price, organizations editor; and Klaire Kaufman, organizations staff. Members of the Wildcat staff were Lois Fenstermaker, assistant managing editor, and Avery Keener, assistant society editor. Pam Blanton, Cyndy Crowell, Meredith McKee, Aurelie Shanley, Lynne Vignolo and Sally Wilder were members of Mermaids. Susan Palmer served as a pom pon girl and Linda Marshman was a cheerleader. Honoraries claiming Pi Phi ' s included Alpha Lambda Delta, Sandy Button and Ann Irish, vice-president; Spurs, Sandy Button, Klaire Kaufman, Rogue Guirey and Gail Price, editor; Chimes, Bunny Bechtel, Patti Cohn, Daille Rupnik and Suzanne Sato; Mortar Board, Margie Tench; Angel Flight, Margie Tench, Patti Cohn and Nan Doubet; Beta Theta, Gail Price, Pam Schumacher and Lynne Vignolo; and Theta Sigma Phi, Lois Fenstermaker and Avery Keener. Nancy Fair Lois Fenstermaker Sharon Fielder Ann Frost Janice Glover Margaret Greeley Rogue Guirey Susan Gunn Judy Hauskins Sheri Hering Ann Irish Mary Janet James Nancy Jones Carroll Jordan Klaire Kaufman 266 Avery Keener Molly Keil Karen Keplinger Kay Klumb Frances Kohfeldt Connie Kroll Jane Landreth Judy Leenhouts Susie Lewis Ann L ' Hommedieu Bobbie Long john Ellen Lykos Carolyn Makaus Jan Malone Janet Malone Linda Marshman Meredith McKee Casey McKellip Evelyn Moe Pam Morris Ann Oglesby Carolyn O ' Neil Susan Palmer Stephanie Papanikolas Judy Parchen Lindalu Parker Gail Price Sidney Reynier Daille Rupnik Susan Salant Linda Salmon Suzanne Sato Carol Schauwacher Pam Shumacher Sara Shultz Patricia Sill Linda Simpson Sharon Smith Carolyn Stell Judy Stewart Sandra Stiles Margie Tench Jane Trent Kari Tryti Ceva Tucher Lynne Vignolo Mary Wall Suzy Webb Suzie Wheeler Susie White Sally Wilder Gen Wilmer 267 Karen Aronson Leah Banen Sandra Bearman Betty Bilgray SIGMA DELTA TAU Joyce Borinstein Lois Chesler Penny Coleman Judy Davidson Marilyn Goldman Penny Goldstein Marilyn Faden Diane Frank Sylvia Franklin Thelma Goldberg Melanie Davidson Sue Dorfman Beverly Gorl in Arlene Graze Annette Hoffman Martha Inlander Jeanette Keit Linda Klein Karen Joseph Jayne Joslin Jeneene Krantz Marian Kaplan Scranne Kaplan Sandy Leftow 268 The U of A chapter was chosen by Sigma Delta Tau national to be hostess for the 1963 Regional Conclave. Delegates from Oklahoma, Texas, California and Colorado attended the " West- ern Weekend, " held March 29, 30 and 31. This year ' s SDT house activities included a Mom and Dad ' s Day buffet before the football game, Apple Polishers, the pledge-active party, exchanges and the spring and winter formals. The winter formal, the Torch Light Ball, was held at the Sands Hotel. SDT ' s elected Steve Stitzer as their Dream Man. To raise money for the Campus Chest Drive, the SDT ' s sold branded Derby Day levis and, with the Alpha Phi ' s, bought the SAE pledge class. SDT ' s were active in Panhellenic. Sylvia Franklin was chosen Philanthropy Chairman and Karen Joseph was elected Junior Panhellenic secretary-treasurer. Marilyn Goldman was in two honoraries, Pi Lambda Theta and Delta Psi Kappa. Beverly Gorlin was also in Delta Psi Kappa and Linda Lieb was in Phi Chi Theta. The Sigma Delta Tau officers for 1962-63 were Diane Frank, president; Beverly Gorlin, first vice-president; Saranne Kaplan, second vice-president; Sue Dorfman, secretary; and Martha Inlander, treasurer. Barbara Levenson Carol Levy Diane Lewi s Susan Marr Sandy Phillips Tammy Prero SIGMA DELTA TAU Athalia Rocklin Naomi Rochlin Patricia Ross Starr Sanders Sharon Rudolph Judy Russell Carole Shapiro Lynne Silberman Eileen Terman Marsha Weiser Judie Sable Linda Samuels Valerie Simon Sherry Siskin Carole Smotkin Susan Steinberg Janis Schwartz Iris Wolf Roberta York 269 Peter Alden Reed Anderson David Arens Robert Bogle Samuel Briggs Edward Daasch Thomas Deming 11141ilitiMih Frank Dempster James Dyer Hank England Theodore Fahs Richard Ferguson Danny Foss Tony Griffith g th MU John Grifford Kirby Harrison Roger Hewitt Ronald Hooper Dale Itschrter Mike Johnson Everett Kyle Stan Langham James Lumpkin Richard Martin Richard Mattie George Maxwell Hugh Pittock Lawrence Quater David Reimold George Sanders Steve Schneider Wilmer Terry Jamie Thompson Mike Thompson Eric Thomsen David Townley Lonnie White ACAC I A An Easter Egg Hunt, sponsored by Acacia Fraternity delighted the children of Polo Village again this year. The fra- ternity also gave a Christmas party for a worthwhile charity or organization . Bob Rush, a member of the Agricul- tural Council, and John Milikis, Help Week Chairman, represented the fraternity in campus organizations. Ed Daasch was a member of the basketball team. Social activities for Acacians included the Snow Ball, the annual Black and Gold Formal, Night of the Nile and the White Rabbit party. Past officers were Gary Sundberg, president; D. K. Klein, vice-president; Kirby Harrison, secretary; Jack Gifford, treasurer; Ron Hooper, rush chairman; and Gary Martin, social chairman. 270 Lee Jernigan William Kerr David Knoll Dewain Lockwood Cary Ajeman Stuart Anderson Kirk Barnette John Birchett Dendy Boggs Eldon Buckner Lou Burleson Woodie Clayton Lou Crum Being enrolled in the College of Agriculture or majoring in related fields is the general basis for membership in Alpha Gamma Rho. In 1962, AGR Tony Mellor, president of the University 4-H Club, reported to President John F. Kennedy on 4-H work throughout the United States. Ronnie Rayner received the American Far- mer Degree, the highest award given by the Future Farmers of America. Nine Aggies were on the Agriculture Coun- cil, including council officers Gilbert Martinez, president; John Birchett, vice-president; and Lee Jernigan, treasurer. Wayne Stuhr was on the Engineers ' Council. Senator for the College of Agriculture was Charles Rush. In athletics was Eldon Buckner, rifle team captain. 1962-63 AGR Sweetheart, chosen at the Pink Rose Formal, was Chi Omega May Michelson. The major fall social event was the Christmas formal. Alpha Gamma Rho officers were Dewain Lockwood, president; Tony Mellor, vice-presi- dent; Bill Kerr, secretary; and Lee Jernigan, house manager. ALPHA GAMMA RHO Gilbert Martinez Raymond Mellett Clinton Mellor Ron Raymer Clark Root Lee Seda William Sluss Howard Stouffer Wayne Stuhr Spencer Swingle Stephen Vogt 271 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Tom Anderson Russell Ashley AKI.. Frank Watkins took an honor for his fraternity by being chosen Hi and Smile King this year. The fraternity also won first place in the men ' s division of the 1962 Spring Sing. The Christmas Formal and the Hawaiian Luau were social highlights of the year. Rick Fulton and Linn Harbour were members of Kappa Kappa Psi; Larry Ostergren was a member of the Air Force Drill Team; and Topper Van Every, Linn Harbour and Harry Furney were named to Arnold Air Society. Members who were active on campus included Mike Stanley, IFPC Chaplain; Buck Scheib, Wildcat; and Frank Watkins, editorial assistant of Ananke. Buck Scheib, president; Linn Harbour, vice-president; Will Benney, recording secretary; Rick Fulton, corre- sponding secretary; and Chuck Pomeroy, treasurer, were the officers for the year. Elnathan Batoon William Benney Robert Crum Clyde Elrod Andrew Engelhardt Richard Fulton Harry Furney Linn Harbour Calvin Henderson Jacky Herron Ron Kreus Jim Lamon John Mariayi Larry Melby Francis Nave Charles Nixon Lawrence Ostergren Jim Ozmun Monroe Parker Chuck Pomeroy Michael Potter Buck Scheib John Sickafoose Manny Souza Scott Stadler Michael Stanley Hall Stubbs Charles Van Every Mike Walter Frank Watkins 272 DELTA TAU DELTA Tom Anderson Roger Brichta Donald Bruce John Bunch Don Champness The 50 Delta Tau Delta members elected Frank Howell president; Bob Fick, vice-president; Roger Dinnin, treasurer; John Scott, recording secretary; and Geroge Grisaffe, cor- responding secretary. According to the Delt ' s, the fraternity correlated aca- demic, social and athletic aspects of college life into a well-rounded atmosphere. The Delt ' s were proud of brother Rick Pearce, who won the Ugly Man Contest in 1962. Rick was also a member of the wrestling team as was Bob Shaw. John Rowell and Hayden Kenny played varsity baseball and Gary Williams and John Osborn were on the swimming team. Pete Jensen, Phi Eta Sigma, and John Bunch, Chain Gang, were active on campus. The year was well spaced with social events. In the fall, the Delt ' s held an Italian Pizza Party, a Hoodlum Party and the Sweetheart Formal. The Casino Party, Pier II Party, Shipwreck Party and the spring formal spiced the second semester. In February, Delt Rick Moser got into the 50-mile hike craze originated by President John F. Kennedy. Starting just south of Eloy, Rick covered the first 50 miles in 10:05 — well under the 20-hour presidential limit — and then went an additional 10 miles. Ray Clark Roger Dinnin John Dodge Craig Dotson Donne Ector Robert Fick Kenneth Fones Tom Gasket William Geary Tom Girdler Tom Goodnight Noel Gray A. C. Green Dennis Grimes George Grisaffe William Hanna William Hewett Frank Howell George Hulett Peter Jensen Hayden Kenny George Kent Norman Linn Dave Locey Bob Macon David McCay tikAT4illia A.9 cilliatima agt Bill McLaughlin Alan Merchant Richard Moser John Osborn Richard Pearce Doug Pugh Ron Riggs John Rowell John Russell Robert Schumacher John Scott Tom Sharp Robert Shaw Mike Smith Gary Williams John Yeoman 273 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Peter Adams Robert Alsever Robert Avary Edward Beach James Bennett Craige Bennett Mike Bradford Eddie Burford Mike Carr Joseph Choisser Robert Coberly Jack Collins Tom Combellick Jim Cordano Keith Correll William Davis John Dora Douglas Dowd James Dowd Jim Egge James Elliott Richard English Mike Espy Lin Feil Pat Forester Mike Fox George Gabbard Gary Gibson Carl Gordon Bill Hibbs James Holland Richard Ingraham Allan Jeffryes Dennis Johnson Robert Johnson Paul Kellogg Robert Kerrick Harry Kiel ing Tom Koch Richard Larson Thomas LaVoy George Lufkin Bill Marum Rick Matey Thomas McAteer Reed McGrew Harry Meyer Gordon Alan Mohr lib -7 ' 3 (-,.,71 itillikillitia 274 Alpha Tau Omega had a good year in all their major fraternal endeavors — scholarship, activities, athletics and service. Throughout the year, many events such as the Pajama Party, Oakie Stomp, Christmas formal, Muu Muu Party and exchanges dotted the social calendar. Dick Ingraham, one of the 105 eligible bachelors living in the ATO house, was elected Most Eligible Bachelor on campus. To combine community service and pledge training, the ATO ' s cleaned the Arizona Children ' s Home as their IFPC Help Week project. ATO representatives in student government included Pete Dunn, speaker pro-tem of the Student Senate, Liberal Arts senator and Chain Gang member. Dan Keiller was chairman of the Academic Committee. ATO Sophos were Mike Psaltis, Phil Varney, Sam Stout, Scott Hoppes and Tom LaVoy. The house also had members on the Traditions Committee. ATO house officers for 1962-63 were Doug Dowd, presi- dent; Mike Bradford, vice-president; Dave Bray, secretary; and Carl Gordon, treasurer. Tom LaVoy played varsity basketball and Mike Psaltis and Dick Root were on the track team. Paul Moir Steven Moore Steve Moyer Howard Muzzy James Muzzy James Nannen Marshall Northington Ray Oglethorpe Don Overall Mike Psaltis David Pyle Charles Quarell i Bob Reed Gregory Rickard Gerry Robb Billy Roberson Ed Porno Dick Root Ron Rothacher Jim Rutherford Thomas Sanders Glenn Schorr John Schorr Robert Shanahan Lawrence Short H. G. Smith Will iam Starmer Sam Stout Edward Stuckenhoff Phil Varney Steve Verkamp Richard Walbert Lonnie Weaver Bill Welch Richard Wiersema Stephen Will iams John W ills BETA THETA PI Traditional events such as the Fogcutter, the Ahab party and the winter and spring formals filled the social calendar at the Beta Theta Pi house. Pledges dressed as famous gang- sters added interest and authenticity to the annual Gangster Party held at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. Beta ' s active in campus events this year were Peter Win- terble, Wildcat staff, and Richard Rea, IFC rush chairman. Bart Hackley and Ed Mulford swam for the University team and Randolph Stevens competed in wrestling. Gary Morfit was a finalist for the Most Eligible Bachelor during TWIRP Week. In the midst of the holiday festivities at the Christmas formal, Barbara Fuller was crowned Beta Queen. Help Week, an annual IFPC project, was actively supported by the 30 Beta pledges. This year the project, which always takes the form of some service to the community, was to clean up Sabino Canyon. After a busy Saturday this local picnic area was once again ready to receive and relax visitors. Leading the Beta ' s this year were Mike Dickson, president; Rick Rea, vice-president; Bill Brammer, secretary; Frank Bastis, treasurer; and Dick Rice, rush chairman. Richard Burris Angelo Campodonico Michael Curtis Mike Dickson Fred Gladden Dave Gunther Fred King Fred Knipe Charles Cochran Timothy Corcoran Logan Eisele Rod Freeman John Hosfield John Kennedy Toby Knox Richard Lee Robert Chelberg Harry Drackett Ted Horne Allan Knox James Beckley Chris Block A. J. Bosse Bill Brammer 276 John Libby Hugh Linton Robert MacCartee James Marasco Monty McClung Maynard McDavid Lawrence Mehren Howard Miller Carl Muecke Robert Mulford Michael Murphy 4. Chuck Nicholson Stephen Owen Michael Plummer Richard Rice Perry Rogers William Potter John Ralph Rich Rea David Ruoff Bill Sadler Robert Salzer William Stevens Tom Street Robert Suk Thomas Swanson Ward Timken Bert Trentham Edward Vallone Thomas Velde Gifford Wells John Wulffson 277 ,..r.owngeTIOn, Delta Chi was active on the social scene. The Western dance, Roman Toga party, Christmas formal, spring formal and Arabian Nights filled the party schedule. As part of their social welfare program the Delta Chi ' s participated in the Blood Drive and the Campus Chest Drive. They collected the largest amount for the Salvation Army Kettle Drive and sponsored a party for underpriviledged children. Athletics also played a major role in Delta Chi campus life. Playing varsity football were Vern Alexander, Casey Saloney, Al Navarette, Doug Berry, Bob Douglas, Mike Brunk, John Carney, co-captain Howard Breinig and co-captain elect Gerald Zeman. On the UofA basketball team were Dennis Albright and Chuck LaVetter. Doug Holliker and Bob Guana were baseball teammates and Jack Hudson was the leading distance runner on the Arizona track team. Tom Sutton was a member of the freshman basketball team and Bruce Seligman represented the University in golf. Delta Chi placed second in the final standings of the 1961-62 intramurals and also came in second in the Pledge Pajama Race. Officers were Art Hulick, president; Bill Long, vice-presi- dent; Ron Hopperton, recording secretary; Doug Deniston, corresponding secretary; and Vince Schulte, treasurer. DELTA CHI Barry Autin Richard Beach Andy Bettwy Paul Beyer Ala iiiikiiii4t411141 Atli " t1 tn• ifidatektil 7) n rat itiall114111,1 Walter Brem LeRoy Brockbank Edwin Brooks George Campbell Doug Cervantes Rodney Cleveland Edward Collins David Cox Douglas Deniston Bob Dodson Michael Ernst Jerry Foley Richard Frick Frank Griffin Mike Harris Charles Holliker Art Hulick Michael Joehnk Dick Jump John Kay Lawrence Lof William Long Stephen MacDonald Joe Mayers Patrick McCormick Jay Milstead James Moser 278 Russ Nielson George Priniski Tod Prouty Richard Randall David Richards Vince Schulte Bruce Seligman James Sherrard Stephen Smith Tom Sutton Jon Switzer Olaf Taylor Neil West Paul Willis Dick Yager Noel Zweigler ALPHA SIGMA PHI Alpha Sigma Phi ' s Talisman Rose Queen, Helen Hill, was chosen at the Black and White Formal in December. A Founders ' Day banquet, Roaring Twenties party and spring luau were also on the agenda for the Alpha Sig ' s. Officers of the Gamma Iota chapter were Kitt Anderson, president; Ron Schnurr, vice-president; Hal Tokuyama, treas- urer; Ken Poe, recording secretary; Jon Alquist, corresponding secretary; Art Bayles, pledge trainer; and Doug Stewart, house manager. The fraternity was represented on campus by Roy Giusti, freshman baseball; Jon Alquist, Wildcat staff and assistant editor of the IFC rush booklet; Hal Tokuyama, IFC statistics committee and chairman of the Chinese Students Club; Bob Eastman, IRC; and Doug Stewart, AIA. Jon Alquist Christopher Anderson John Baran Art Bayles Edward Cullen Robert Eastman Roy Giusti gitAgio, Bob Hughes James Jones David Lowry Kenneth Poe Daniel Rabier Eric Ritter Ronald Schnurr Way Stevens Steve Stevenson Doug Stewart Harold Tokuyama Stan Whicker 279 KAPPA ALPHA Kappa Alpha Order was represented in campus honoraries by Wayne Dawson, a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi; and by Harry Carson, a member of Phi Eta Sigma. Robert Camp was a member of the Pre-Law Club, Wayne Dawson served as treasurer of ASME and a member of Engineers ' Council and Harry Carson belonged to AIME. Social events of the year were the Christmas formal and the annual Dixie Ball. Harry Short, president; Wayne Dawson, vice-president; Patrick Hicks, recording secretary; David Pitzer, corresponding secretary; David West, historian; and Charles Olson, treasurer, were the officers. William Hannan Richard Heilenbach George Morgan Charles Olson Harry Short John Simms Gary Wilson James Wind Arthur Chenoweth Lloyd Glassbrook Steve Grove Richard Holladay Peter Pershing Dave West Robert Wray Dennis Aughenbaugh Wayne Dawson Robert Blease Harry Carson James Diment Hayden Gaines 280 DELTA UPSILON Otto Baer William Barnes The biggest, if not the most expensive, " pledge prank " of the year was executed — accidentally by two Delta Upsilon pledges last winter. The two DU ' s had six plugs plugged into one socket in their room. The result was a fire which completely demolished one room in the fraternity house and caused smoke damage throughout the house. Total damage was estimated at over $10,000. The " Winter Fantasy, " where Lynn Smith was chosen Sweetheart of Delta Upsilon, was held at the Desert Willows Guest Ranch. The " Sundowner " was held in the spring. Delta Upsilon officers for the year were Larry Mack, president; Gary Guertner, vice-president; Dick Pejsa, recording secretary; and Heath Wright, treasurer. Blue Key member Andy Norris and Chain Gang members John Lyons and Steve Pinnell repre- sented the DU ' s on campus. Steve Pinnell partici- pated in wrestling, Jay McGurren in golf, Mel Makos in baseball and Mike Massey in track. Ron Barraclough Dave Bechtholt Peter Clikeman Duane Courson Jay Delaney Philip Dinsmore Richard Ely John Frannea Andy Gerrie Lou Girdler Michael Glendening Neal Goldblatt Gary Guertner Bill Gustafson James Harn Gregory Hehn John Hemingway Terry Huff Don Komorous John Kramer Rexford Lyon John Lyons Larry Mack Mel Makos Mike Massey Leonard McCahill Jay McGurren Tim Mikita (4-1 mei gait agki ( A ' At id A tit Jim Miller James Neal Andy Norris James Patton Paul Pearson Richard Pejsa Mike Rowe Wayne Sande rs Carl Schmidt Terry Sopko Fred Spuhler George Stoesser Tom Strasburg Larry Vaughan Michael Whitaker Heath Wright 281 DELTA SIGMA PHI The Delta Sigma Phi ' s filled their calendar with activities this year. Social events included the winter Carnation formal, a spring formal and the eighth annual Cave Party. They also had a Sailor ' s Ball and a Roaring 20 ' s Party. On Mom and Dad ' s Day, the Delta Sig ' s built a falcon on the roof of their house to welcome the Air Force Academy ' football team. They also decorated the house for the ASU game. In December, Delta Sig ' s held a party for the children at the Comstock Children ' s Home. Officers were Jim Snow, president; John Binaski, vice- president; Edward Ackerman, secretary; Carl Gindele, treasurer; and Bill Johnson, pledge trainer. Carl Gindele was also a member of Traditions Committee. James Dean Tom Dickerson Carl Gindele David Hostetler William Johnson Bill Merriman Joe Pearson David Sims James Snow Christopher Baker John Binaski APPA ALPHA PSI Kappa Alpha Psi social fraternity had an active and varied schedule this year. Among the members partici- pating in University activities was Edgar Boyer, a member of Sophos, national honorary for sophomore men. Another Kappa Alpha Psi, Robert Whaley, was in advanced ROTC. The pledge class as a whole took part in the annual Interfraternity Pledge Council clean-up project. The frater- nity also helped at St. Joseph ' s Hospital and worked on several service projects at local churches. Fraternity mem- bers also were active in the University intramural program. Officers for 1962-63 were David Lee, president; George Whaley, vice-president; Robert Whaley, recording secre- tary; and James Hill, treasurer and social chairman. Ronald Batiste David Bell Edgar Boyer Jimmy Hill Willie Hill Harold Tomlin George Whaley Robert Whaley 282 PHI KAPPA THETA Alpha Iota chapter of Phi Kappa Theta spent the Easter vacation with two other Phi Kap chapters in workshop discussions about matters concerning the fraternity. A party and athletic contests pro- vided relaxation during the long weekend. At the Christmas formal, Diane Lyons was chosen Phi Kap Sweetheart. The social calendar also included a spring formal, the traditional St. Valentine ' s Day Massacre party, the St. Patrick ' s Day party and an alumni exchange picnic at Sabino Canyon. The officers of this national Catholic social fra- ternity were Dennis Ceizyk, president; Terry Webb, vice-president; Orran Wilhelmi, treasurer; and Adrian Martinez, secretary. The fraternity also offered service to the com- munity by singing Christmas carols at several local old folk ' s homes this year. John Alfano George Bartholomew Ronald Bors Michael Brechko Dennis Ceizyk Robert Fortin Frank Haider Gilbert Lopez Adrian Martinez Ralph Moore Terry Webb Orran Wilhelmi SIGMA ALPHA MU The SAM ' s participated in several annual service proj- ects this year including the Salvation Army Drive, the United Fund Drive and the Combined Jewish Appeal. Sigma Alpha Mu ' s in honoraries were Alan Maltenfort and Dave Nathanson, Arnold Air Society; Joel Adelman, Silver Wing; and Ken Spring, Alpha Delta Sigma. Ken Spring was also a member of the Rifle Team and the " A " Club. Officers of the fraternity were Phil Blumberg, president; Joel Adelman, vice-president; Allen Burstiner, secretary; Alan Goldstein, treasurer; and Alan Leiwant, pledge trainer. Joel Adelman Phil Blumberg Allen Burstiner Richard Freedman Terry Goldenberg Jeffrey Loeb Allan Leiwant Alan Maltenfort Stan Margolis David Nathanson Marvin Siedelman Ken Spring Neil Swartz Andrew Vishner 283 173 KAPPA SIGMA John Baker Robert Ballis Carl Barchfield Jim Bell Robert Benson Olaf Borge Elgin Bray Larry Brostedt Robert Brown Roger Brown Tom Brown James Buchanan Charles Bryne Ronald Carriveau Rob Caton Steve Chabre Mardes Clayton James Colwell Alan Cotton John Coye Bill Cusack David Doolittle Harvey Dye Vernon Edler Stewart Elner Bill Erwin Ronald Fickas Harvey Fifer Gary Foster Max Gaither William Gilman Steve Goldfaden Tom Haas Donald Harris George Hooker Tom Houghton Steve Huntsberry Anthony Hutchinson Richard Ireland Al Israel Chris Jackson Edwin Jeffries Torn Jones Chris Keesal Jim Keyes James Klein James Knight Norman Kramer Jim Kumpe Robert Larson Brent Lewis William Mann 284 Don McGrath, president of the student body; Bill Walker, president of Traditions Committee; Dennis Orrock, sophomore vice-president; and Dan Luglan, freshman vice-president; represented Kappa Sig in campus activities. Karl Johnstone was All-American in track and field. Dave Murray and Don Crampton were on the track team. Varsity baseball players were Steve Huntsberry and Max Gaither. Marion MacGruder was captain of the weightlifting team. Larry Hallock was a candidate for the Olympic judo team. Kappa Sig placed first in intramural basketball for the sixth straight year. Pledge Help Week and the Salvation Army Kettle Drive provided opportunities for the 48 Kappa Sig pledges to expend energy. Governor Paul Fannin of Arizona was elected Chapter Man of the Year. He was then chosen Kappa Sigma National Man of the Year. House members enjoyed Greek Week almost as much as they did the Student Union Birthday cake. Officers were Tex Elner, president; Jim Jeffries, vice-president; Chuck Sullivan, master of ceremonies; Harvey Dye, secre- tary; and Elgin Bray, treasurer. KAPPA SIGMA Mike McBride Stanley McGee Don McGrath Mike Moffat Mike Montgomery Dave Morgan •A= Lyle Murphy David Murray Rick Olson Dennis Orrock Bernie Overland Gary Pennington John Pfeffer Quentin Rench Larry Rice Terry Ridgway William Risner Kenneth Rogers Michael Rogers Guy Scholey Jim Sherman Doyle Shipley Thomas Smith Dick Stull Chuck Sullivan Jim Syren Dennis Thompson Weston Thorn Monty Thornburg John Tinklepaugh John Uhl Louis Uhl Walter Van Dien Jon Vessey Bill Walker Bill Willey John Young 285 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA David Barden Pete Brown Don Burkhart Bill Cheney The 1962-63 social calendar of Lambda Chi Alpha was filled with a variety of events. The movie parties, western party, Hawaiian party, Christmas formal, Mardi Gras and spring formal highlighted the year. The Crescent Queen, announced at the Christmas White Rose Formal at the Arizona Inn, was Chi Omega Pam Martin. House members in honoraries and clubs and on committees were Steve Moulton, Sophos and postor-banner committee; Tony Skifano and Bill Middleton, Alpha Kappa Psi; Howard Stagg, Arnold Air Society and presi- dent of Crosswinds Flying Club; Andy Berry, Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Larry Hettinger, Cam- pus Republicans and Ski Club; and Bob Christofk, Liberal Arts senator, Pi Sigma Alpha and judicial review board. Athletic life was important in rounding out Lambda Chi life. Wrestling teammates were Don Tomasek and Mike Ulichny. Judd Stanley was a cross country man. Dick Gu- dauskas played varsity basketball. Lambda Chi officers were Mike Powell, president; John Sugden, vice-president; Kent Keller, secretary; Steve Moulton, treasurer; and John Sagsveen, social chairman. Robert Christofk Edward Crandall Dave Forwood Tim Green Richard Gudaukas Larry Hettinger Durrell Hillis Bill Hinckley Richard Johnson Keat Keller Russell Lee Rich McKenny Mike McVay Donald Mershon Mike Miller William Moening Joe Morris Stephen Moulton Randall Norstrom D ' Arcy Porter Michael Powell John Sagsveen Jay Smaltz Justin Stanley Al Starzie John Sugden Peter Thatcher Mike Ulichny Don Vaughan Ronnie Vaughan Norman Webb Bill Wylie 286 This year the Lambda Delta fraternity moved into the Alpha Kappa Lambda ' s old house, which was previously occupied by the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. As their service project this year, the Lambda Delta ' s participated in a monthly clean-up day at the Latter Day Saint ' s Institute. The pledges also entered in the lnterfraternity Pledge Council clean- up of Sabino Canyon. The Christmas formal, where Bonnie Pratt was chosen Lambda Delta Sweetheart, was the frater- nity ' s main social function of the year. Later in the spring the Lambda Delta ' s held their annual Mount Lemmon party. The fraternity members spent many hours con- structing their float last fall, as they did practicing and performing in intramural sports during the year. The officers included Darwin Fish, president; Danny Post, vice-president; Carter Dickey, secre- tary; and Glen Kartchner, treasurer. Denton Barney Kregg Bodily Robert Brown James Claridge Evan Curtis Carter Dickey Darwin Fish Donald Foster Howard Gardner Lloyd Gardner Richard Gardner Nehemiah Goss Gene Hardy Jay Hoopes Lynn Jones Glen Kartchner David Kieffer Richard Martin Rodney Matheson Scott McEuen Bill McLain Wayne Mortenson Warren Platt Daniel Post John Post Leon Ricks Vernon Saline Donel Smith Orville Tsuya Steve Tsuya Allen Wilson Gary Winfield LAMBDA DELTA 287 PHI DELTA THETA Classical columns, reminiscent of a Southern plantation home, decorate the facade of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity house, contributing to the varied architectural styles observed on the Uni- versity campus. Phi Delt social activities ranged from a 1920 ' s Prohibition party, complete with dancing of the Charleston, gangster costumes and no prohibition, to their unique Highnooner. Held in the fall this party runs from 12 noon to 12 midnight. In between were the Roman Toga party and the Christmas and spring formals. The 82 members of the fraternity participated in their special service projects of Community Serv- ice Day and Mental Health Week. The pledges were active in IFPC Help Week. The football team claimed the services of Bill Brechler and John Goetz. Tim Pennington was president of Blue Key and Larry Stuart was secretary. The house chose Joy Stewart for their Dream Girl at the annual Christmas formal. Philadelphians, an auxiliary group of girls chosen by the active chapter, help the house in many ways and serve as hostesses at various functions. Officers were Dave Edstrom, president; Karl Hahn, vice-president; Mike King, secretary; Lou Webb, treasurer; and Bill Skov, pledge trainer. Will iam Agee Thomas Allen James Asl in Richard Audi Robert Austin Jeff Bates Bill Bennett Bruce Bowe Thomas Bowles Robert Davis 16111 Tom Clark Bud Corr Eugene Cox Terry Cox Dennis DeConcini Dave Doerfl inger Robert Douglas Dave Edstrom Larry Burke Robert Evans Tom Fitzgerald Richard Frans Jay Funderberg Talton Embry David Gray Leland Groezinger Patrick Hassett Danny Heath Michael King Ren Lafferty Doyle McCuistion Roy McKinney Timothy Pennington Paul Phillips Al do ,r; Richard Gentry John Goetz Karl Hahn Pete Hand Charles Hofer Rick Hollenbeck Fred Luyties Michel McCord Steve Neely John Norris Jerome Geiger Richard Hackstedde James Hill Robert Lichter Daniel Moran PHI DELTA THETA 289 Marshall Pilkington John Potter Warren Ridge Steven Shaw Ford Stone Dale Uhas Louis Webb John Wikle Michael Ray Larry Stewart Skip Ward Michael Wildman PHI GAMMA DELTA The Fiji ' s continued to be among the fraternity leaders this year with achievements in all aspects of campus life. The Purple Garter stood out as the Phi Gam social event of the year. A Mt. Lemmon Steak Fry, Suppressed Desires Dance, Christmas formal, Roman Toga party and the Fiji Islander rounded out another big social year. The fraternity won third prize in the men ' s division of the homecoming parade competition for their card stunt float. They also took the sweepstakes award in the 1962 Spring Sing. The Upsilon Alpha chapter boasted varsity athletes in almost all sports. Dave Areghini, Eddie Pollard, John Fouse and Mike Hawke played varsity football. Dan Breck, Monte Clausen, Warren Rustand and Buddy Doolen were mem- bers of the basketball team. Track team members were Tee Cook and Bob Hildt. John Haley played baseball. Phi Gam had members in several campus honoraries, including Boots Bergstrom and Rob Dicus, Bobcats; Jim Sakrison, Monte Clausen and Doug Stanley, Blue Key; Dave Areghini, Roger Boll, Bob Fifield, Roger Garrett and Dave Payne, Chain Gang; Warren Rustand, Gene Hildreth, Bart Hughes, Jim Fritsch, Chuck Davis, Bob Duncan, Pete Rath- well, John Haley and Jon Long, Sophos; and Jim Sakrison, Monte Clausen, Rob Dicus, Doug Stanley, Dave Payne, Roger Boll, Bob Fifield, Gene Hildreth and Warren Rustand, Traditions Committee. Men who were outstanding in other areas of campus life included Jim Sakrison, ASUA vice-president; Monte Clausen, senior class president; and Dave Areghini, junior class vice-president. Doug Stanley was president of Inter- fraternity Council, Rob Dicus was SUAB president and Warren Rustand was Senate parliamentarian. Joe Abodeely Steven Adair John Adams Gordon Alley Leslie Anderson Dave Areghini Don Ashton Charles Bergstrom Dennis Borak James Bradbury Darrell Brown Monte Clausen Stephen Blinn Roger Boll James Cohen Robert Coil Tom Cole Tom Constable Tee Cook Richard Creith Ronald Ewing Russ Ewing Robert Fifield Tom Finke Jim Fritsch Pendleton Gaines Dave Giles John Haley Lee Hanley Bob Hansen Gene Hildreth Paul Holloway 290 Barton Hughes Eric Jorgenson Hal Landon Charles Lay Morgan Little Tom Lyons Herb Manning Michael Manning Timothy Martin Gary Mauck Richard Melick Edward Morgan Steve Morgan Michael Morrison Gary Munk Chuck Olyphant Jones Osborn Fred Oweings Clyde Pierce Ed Pollard Bud Parks Duane Paul David Payne James Pederson PHI GAMMA DELTA Pete Rathwell Walter Richards Dean Richter Louis Sands Nick Scull Roger Sherman Seth Shultz James Taylor Toby Teorey Chuck Townsdin Thomas Warner Steve Wegner 291 PI KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha ' s 1962-63 social calendar was filled with a variety of events. The Hal- loween Masquerade, Christmas formal, spring outing, Pajama Party, Valentine ' s Party and Founders ' Day banquet were enjoyed by the 55 members. Linda Bilbrey was elected PiKA Dream Girl at the Christmas formal. The Pledge Help Week trophy was retired after three consecutive wins by PiKA pledges. The Egotists ' Dinner with the Alpha Phi ' s netted $37 for the Campus Chest Drive. A new addition was found for the house in the form of a mascot appropriately named Dog. On campus, Jon Kyl was in Sophos, Pi Kappa Delta and on the I nterfraternity Judicial Council. Eddie Peabody was in Alpha Phi Omega. Bill Suhonen was a member of Phi Mu Alpha. Other PiKA ' s in Pi Kappa Delta were Mike Mulchay, Gordon Blount and Pat Maitrejean. Tom Has- series was Wildcat photo editor. PiKA officers were Gordon Blount, president; Steve Crawford, vice-president; Todd Allen, secretary; and Humberto Valenzuela, treasurer. Norman Ahl Todd Allen Gordon Blount William Byers Reg Byron Steve Crawford Gary Cunningham Larry Davis Robert J. Doherty, Jr. Paul Dow Jim Erickson John Fountain William Gates John Hibbs Robert Hoeffer Robert Hoffman Norman Hoger Stephen Hopkins Merlin Hourscht Danny Hunter Les Hunter James Johnson ti I Edward Joyce John Kay Jon Kyl Richard Laden Mario Liddicoat Russell Liebold John Maitrejean Harry Miller Lowell Miller Mike Mulchay Eddie Peabody Steven Potter Roswell Roberts Neil Schmitt Dave Smith John Stockton 4,1 William Suhonen Humberto Valenzuela John Walsh David Wenner William Winkler Thomas Worcester Bill Wortman John Zech 1 292 Frank Allen John Allen Jim Anderson Jay Antonitz Mac Ball Darrell Bennett Don Berquist Dale Burner George Burrill Donald Burton Michael Carr Gary Case Robert Chambers Peter Chinnock David Cochrane Charles Condos Ed Danenhauer Dick Demarais Silvio DiGregorio Clifford Elliott Stephen Forsyth Arizona Beta Iota chapter of Theta Chi began the fall semester by pledging a group of thirty outstanding men. Impressed upon these men was the importance of scholastic achievement as well as social functions which included the Halloween party, the annual Christmas formal, the Circle Bar X party and the spring party. Vicki Hoffman was the Theta Chi ' s selection for Dream Girl at the Christmas formal. Campus leadership was evident by the fact that the Theta Chi ' s had men in Bobcats, Chain Gang, Sophos, Phi Eta Sigma and other honoraries. Mike Pretzer was treasurer of Interfra- ternity Council and a member of Bobcats. Gary Case was active as scholarship chairman of lnterfraternity Council, a member of Chain Gang and Traditions Committee. Other members active on campus and in honoraries included Alex Padilla, Engineering College representative to the Senate; Ed Danenhauer, Sophos; Larry Lambert, Phi Eta Sigma; and Larry Hall, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Eta Epsilon. The brothers of Theta Chi fraternity were led by Mike Pretzer, president; John Izatt, vice-president; Dave Cochrane, secretary; and Dave Stretmater, treasurer. THETA CHI Dan Frances Paul Gallagher Jerry Gay Larry Hall Gordon Hawken John Izatt Buddy Jobe Michael Karas Douglas MacPherson John Marschall Bruce Marshall Paul Osborn Alex Padilla Ronald Phillips Neil Pomeroy David Pretzer Frank Raymond Dan Russo Dan Sablich James Scussel William Sherrard Craig Solomon Mike Stoner David Stretmater Wayne Taylor Roger Tuttle Brice Willis tik4kiii 293 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON John Allen Bud Arnold Dave Baird Bob Beard John Beard Curt Beckman Charles Berkenkamp Richard Birbeck Robert Bridewell Terry Brinkoetter Tom Brown Don Budinger Mike Carroll William Cassell Bob Childers Art Colangelo " Come sing to Sigma Alpha Epsilon " is an often heard fraternity song when campus groups gather for fun. Songs of SAE are well known to the Little Sisters of Minerva. This auxiliary group is always on hand at social events and helps the fraternity in many ways. Campus lighting was a new project sponsored by the house along with their traditional support of the Blood Drive, IFPC Help Week and assistance to needy families at Christmas. Imaginative party themes provided a chance for members and their dates to don unusual cos- tumes. The Hawaiian luau, the Western 49 ' er, the pajama party and a unique nightclub party filled the social calendar along with the annual spring and Christmas formals. The 125 members of SAE were well repre- sented in campus organizations. Sophos had 14 SAE ' s as members. Seven members of Chain Gang, including president Mike Carroll, were SAE ' s. Phil Edlund, president of Bobcats, was joined by three fraternity brothers. John Gaskin served as chief justice of the Social Court and president of the junior class and Mike Kelly was a BPA senator. Sigma Alpha Epsilon officers this year were John Gaskin, president; Mike Kelly, vice-president; Art Colangelo, secretary; Jim Patterson, treasurer; and Bob Bridewell, social chairman. OA Bob Connolly John Corbett Howard Cummings Thomas Dalzell Regis Dauk Andy Dithridge Chuck Doubet Mike Draper Fred Drilling Phil Edlund James Edmonds Fred Embry Frank Fiduccia Dan Fitchett Mike Fitzgerald Frank Forest Pete Gallo John Gaskin Edward Gilbert Si Gimbel John Goodwin Ted Grace Jim Grant Dick Guzman Danny Hale Charles Hall Bill Halley Larry Harris Jim Hartman Bill Heflin Tom Henze Tom Hoover Charles Hughes Bill Ivey Bill Jamieson Mike Jessen George Joch Don Johnson Mike Kelly Patrick Kelly-Rogers 294 Steve Kerr Pete Lad igo Jim Lassiter John Leiber Dick Lynch Larry Mast Steve Mathey Clark McVay Jim Michael Ross Millhiser Larry Morrison Alan Mountran Nelson Muncy John Nielson Walt Nielson Jim Norman Fred Nystrom Tom Okleshen Fred Palmer Dan Patterson Mike Pitts Bud Price Pete Raubenheimer Rob Reece George Rempe Mike Rombold Pete Ronstadt Gerry Rose Ralph Rubino Bruce Rule Bob Salem Rick Sanders Jim Savage Sherwin Scott Rex Short Wally Spencer Craig Starkey John Steiner Michael Tancredi Bob Terry Cole Thornton Skip Townsend Bill Tribolet Rick Turner Chip U ' Ren Terry Vance Jay Ward Jim Weaver Mike West Gary Whaite John Whitney Jim Wilson Phil Wilson Max Young Rick Zivney 295 Iii WEI Ilk John Alfred Monty Amyx Mike Anderson Jim Atwood Wally Baldwin Dave Barber Joe Bartlett Chris Bell Ron Bergamo Dave Blende Dick Bohnet John Briscoe Ted Brookhart Harry Buckner Mike Carpenter Steve Casella Pat Conner Leo Corbet Gary Downy Kim Dunbar Bill Farkas Jim Flanagan Mason Frank Bob Frey Rick Fried Jeff Fritz Jeff Garner Mike Gilman Jim Goar Bobby Gonzales Ron Guiles Bill Hall Li 4 Bob Hartman Grant Hawgood Luke Helms Mike Hennigan Jed Holtzman Kent Houser Peter Houser Chuck Hunter Fred Hutchinson Doug Ingram Jay Jacobson John Klotsche Ted Koutocubos Bill Kyte Bob Lauritzen John LeFors Nel Lehman John LeProvost Jeff Lewis Pete Linstrom Joe Logan Lance Long Tom MacLeod Don Madison Mike Mains John Mangum Ed Martensen Ken Mast 296 SIGMA CHI Mac McConnico Craig McDonald Jim McDougall Pat McKee Mark Metzinger Jerry Moiso ti The Sigma Chi ' s also played a major role in campus athletics. Dennis Underwood, Mike O ' Mahony, Dave Knott, Bob Schlosser, John Briscoe, Don Pert, Dave DeSonia and Ted Sweeting represented the fraternity in football this year; Bill Nicholson, Bob Bretz, Jeff Lewis, Kirk Young, and Bill Mower played on the basketball team; Ed Estes, Bob Maxwell, Lance Long, Craig Morrison, Bill Welch, Jeff Lewis, Tom Lauritzen, Tom McLeod and Ken Mast participated in baseball; Ed Martensen and Mac McConnico were on the track team; and Mickey Powers, Jaykee Jacobson, Bill Farkas, Mason Frank and John LeFors represented the fraternity in golf. Active in campus organizations were Don Wade, Liberal Arts senator; John Underwood, BPA senator; Lisle Payne, president of Greenlee Hall; Chuck Serlis, Social Court justice; Butch Schumacher, chairman of Elections Committee; and Jon Underwood, chairman of Senate Appropriations Board. Socially, the year was spaced with the Okie Stomp, Beatnik party, Mt. Lemmon party, South Sea Islander and the Sweetheart Dance. Derby Day, the event of the year, was a success as usual. Collecting money for the Salvation Army and a Christmas party for Tucson orphans were the main service projects for the year. Pledge Help Week, filling Care packages and participating in other commu- nity projects claimed the Sigma Chi ' s time this year. Officers this year were Frank White, consul; Mike Anderson, pro consul; Russ Stevens, quaestor; Phillip Rees, magister; Jeff Quiggle, annotator; Jim Goar, tribune; Jonathon Long, editor; Mike Hennigan, historian; and John Walker, rush chairman. Craig Morrison Mike Murphy Jim Musgrove Pete Newcomer Bill Nicholson Jim Nickel Fernando Pacheco Lisle Payne Bill Perkins Mickey Powers Jeff Quiggle Pete Ralston Phillip Rees Bert Roberts Jim Roberts Barry Robertson P. G. Rosenblatt Tom Sawyer Gene Scarborough Bob Schlosser Butch Schumacher Clive Seal Jim Seib Steve Seiler Chuck Serlis Mike Shaw John Shultz Dan Skelton Lex Smith Ron Spicer Russ Stevens Flagg Taylor Doug Turner Jon Underwood Bryant Upjohn Mike Uptegraff Don Wade Jon Walker Jim Walters Doug Ward Ken Wayne Bill Welch Frank White Jim Williams Gary Yocham 297 Bob Abbott Sam Alford SIGMA NU Francis Arensberg Peter Backus Fred Baird Cremin Benson Kenneth Billings Gerald Bott Bob Braden Ford Burkhart Stephen Butler Rusty Capps Michael Carreras Dick Chapman Bruce Charters Robert Coutchie Leighton Cress LeRoy Dack James Edwards Lee Eighmy elk Shields Fair Steve Farkas Walter Garretson Dell Gay Michael Graham Charles Haselhorst James Holmberg John Huff Robert Ingold Durward Jackson Larry Johnson William Johnson Robert Kasten Bill Kimball Paul Kingsbury Michael Larriva 298 Sigma Nu ' s activtities for 1962-63 included both social events and community service projects. The house sponsored the White Rose Christmas formal, the Mount Lemmon Party, the Pajama Party, the Beachcomber and the Prohibition Party. A Christmas party for the Richey School was their service project. On campus the Sigma Nu ' s were seen in vari- ous University activites. Ford Burkhart, a member of Bobcats, was also chairman of People-to-People Committee and associate editor of the Wildcat. Freshman vice-president Pete Parker was circula- tion manager of the Wildcat. Jim Edwards was chairman of ASUA Community Service Committee. Other members in honoraries were Michael Lar- riva, Blue Key; Jerry Bott, Chain Gang; and Gordon Medill, Sophos and Phi Eta Sigma. Jim Umbeck and Jim Nichols represented Sigma Nu on the varsity baseball team. 1962-63 house officers were Mike Larriva, commander; Hal Ashton, It. commander; Bob Shaff, recorder; and Bob Braden, treasurer. Larry Lemke Steve McCoy Duncan McRuer Gordon Medill Michael Mil ler George Morrissey Edwin Morse Larry Moss SIGMA NU Jim Nichols John Olives Pete Parker William Perius John Peters Robert Peugh Bill Priebe David Rees Bill Reilly Gary Richards Robert Shaff Martin Stadler Phil Tench David Ticknor Karl Richards Bill Rogers Jerry Schmidt Jon Seawright Don Stallings Bruce Stone Jerry Swain Edwin Tarr Jim Umbeck Warren Vander Voort Whitney Walker Nick Wi lliams 299 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Mike Alfred Ted Anderson Dave Barclay Wayne Benesch Robert Best Tim Cole The Sigma Phi Epsilon house is easily recognized by its bright red door. The tradition of the red door was started at Syracuse University and all other Sig Ep chapters except three followed suit. Other fraternities take great pleasure in painting the door other colors, much to the dismay of the Sig Ep ' s. The Golden Hearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon learned this year that they will be the first Golden Heart chapter in the National Organization of Golden Hearts. Mary Lou Bender is president of this women ' s auxiliary. Wayne Benesch represents his fraternity as junior class president. Gary Parker is IFPC treasurer. Tom Kerr, a member of the track team, holds the UA pole-vault record. Neil Stroman is a member of the lacrosse team. The fraternity rifle team missed first place in intramurals by three points, and Sig Ep Mike Farley reached the quarter finals in tennis. A Queen of Hearts formal, a Night Club Party, a Toga Party and a Cave Party are social events of the Sig Ep ' s. Mary Lou Bender, Delta Delta Delta, was crowned Queen of Heart s at the Queen of Hearts formal this past Christmas. A Christmas party was given by the Sig Ep ' s and Tri Delta ' s for orphan children at Christmas. The fraternity also participated in the Blood Drive and Heart Fund program. Officers for the year were Grant Wilcox, president; Jay Harness, vice-president; Gene Westhafer, secretary; Pete Upham, treasurer; and Alan Miles, historian. Mike Collins Alfred Conrad Richard Covey Arthur Crammer Carl Dadson Curt Davison Jerry Dodson Calvin Dotson Michael Farley Daniel Fenix Gary Fuller Samuel Gaines Ray Garrison Nils Goed hart Richard Frignoca Steve Goodrich 300 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Don Graham Jay Harness Thomas Kerr Don Kocmich Robert Harrington John Hussong James Kruse Thomas Laakso Bob Leonard Kenneth Marr Lee Marshlow John Melton Gary Gradke Blaine Janin --r Alan Miles Fred Parker Gary Parker Frank Rauscher Craig Reitz Ron Rinker Craig Rothen Theodore Schoff Thomas Shreve Norman Stafford Bob Stresen-Reuter William Stroman Joseph Swan Everett Upham Leonard Walls Ron Warner Robert Webb Gene Westhafer Grant Wilcox Martin Zampieri 301 David Agins Mike Caplan Lionel Bauman Fred Belman Gerald Chaifetz Barton Chiate Casey Blitt Robert Buckingham Gary Chiate Jeff Cowan Jerrold Cowitz Gary Davis Milton Fish Jack Frank Larry Deutsch Daniel Feldman Bill Freedman Bill Fr iedman TAU DELTA PHI Michael Friedman Art Gardenswartz Daniel Greene Leonard Gruenberg Ivan Kirschner Cliff Landy Bob Lauer Marshall Lehman Jay Goodfarb Jeff Ivanhoe Errol Landy Alan Lerner 302 TAU DELTA PHI Laurence Lieberman Myron Liebhaber Kenneth Mazur Jeffrey Minker Charles Mishkind Louis Morgan Richard Rossen Roland Rouda The eighty-member Tau Delta chapter of Tau Delta Phi enjoyed their second year in the new chapter house with football buffets, the winter and spring luaus, the winter for- mal, a Pajama Party, a Western Party, a Pledge-Active Party and an annual party for underprivileged children. Leading the Tau Delt ' s through 1962-63 were their officers Gary Chiate, president; Casey Blitt, vice-president; Dave Agins, house manager; Mike Friedman, recording secretary; Larry Deutsch, corresponding secretary; Jack Frank, treasurer; Fred Belman, social chairman; and Bart Chiate, pledge trainer. Sophos Ken Green, Bill Herron, Mike Friedman and Jack Frank; Chain Gang members Art Gardenswartz, Lou Morgan and Joel Stein; and Blue Key members Casey Blitt and Len Karp represented Tau Delt in honoraries. Tau Delts Phi ' s on campus included Al D ' Ancona, special assistant to ASUA President; Casey Blitt, chief justice of the Traffic Court; Lou Morgan and Scott McCoy, senators; Ed Goodman, Al Riche and Gary Chiate, Traditions Committee; Ron Sadoff, Public Relations Committee chairman; Lou Mor- gan, Assemblies Committee; Larry Deutsch, Supreme Court; and Casey Blitt, IFC rush committee. Art Gardenswartz won honors in track and Bob Bucking- ham was a member of the freshman football team. Leonard Nathanson Gary Palant Ron Sadoff Richard Sandack James Rose Mark Schief Art Silverman Joel Stein Stanley Silverman Steve Slotkin Rich Tofel David Weinberg Walter Smolak Bill Stein Arnold Weiner Howard Zatkin 303 Cjr Gary Abromovitz Steve Barth ZETA BETA TAU Bob Berk Jerry Bruckheimer Rick Bugdanowitz Mel Cohon Paul Epp Jeffrey Falk Clifford Farber Don Fiedler Cliff Franzel Mickey Freiberg Zeta Beta Tau enjoyed another fine year of scholarship, athletics and social activity on the U of A campus. The ZBT ' s had the honor of being second in scholarship first semester among fraternities with 50 or more members. In spite of the scholastic accomplishments there was still time for extra-curriculars such as intramurals. ZBT was among the top teams in overall intramurals 1962-63 and won second place in football. Campus life found ZBT ' s participating in a variety of acti- vities. Jeff Mora was Interfraternity Council secretary and was active on Traffic Court. Gary Abromovitz was the dele- gate to IFC. Al Rothbart was on the Social Life Committee. Larry Wayne was a member of the freshman football team. Social life was important in rounding out a successful college " education. " The Okie Stomp, Jungle Party, Hallo- ween Party and the Winter Mist Formal filled the social calen- dar first semester. Few weeks passed by without a party or function. The ZBT sweetheart was chosen at the annual spring formal. After two years of being established on Fraternity Row, the brothers spent enjoyable hours in their new house. Officers of Zeta Beta Tau for 1962-63 were Mark Horne, president; Harry Simms, vice-president; Jeff Mora, secretary; Steve Barth, treasurer; and Larry Rosenthal, historian. Robert Gerstein Gary Golden Charles Goodman Dick Goodman Richard Gottlieb Bob Grinpas Richard Harris Sheldon Harris John Hart Herb Hellman David Horn Mark Horne Steven Jacobson Richard Kaufman Robb Kaufman Richard Klynn Jesse Kossar Neal Kurn 304 William Lederer Randy Lees Mark Levine Michael Levy Ken Lewis David Lieberthal Kenny Lloyd Stan Mandell Mike Mann Les Mayers Sid Mendelsohn Barry Mnookin Jeffrey Mora Dick Moses Ted Pasternack Jerry Polacheck Ronnie Raben Norbert Reese Lanny Rosenbaum Rich Rosenblum David Rosenthal Larry Rosenthal Burke Rosenzweig Alan Rothbardt ZETA BETA TAU Tony Rothschild Joseph Schneider James Shift Steven Shluker Joseph Siegman Harvey Simms Stephen Simon Ralph Smith Robert Sorock Howard Spector Stephen Spitzer Ron Steers Bill Stewart Clark Swartz Ronald Taisch David Warner Larry Wayne Terry Weiner Richard Weinstock Richard Zimring 305 REVA GAINES Alpha Epsilon Phi ROSALIE ANDERSON Alpha Chi Omega GREEK WEEK COURT SANDY SHEHAN Alpha Omicron Pi SANDY PHILLIPS Sigma Delta Tau 306 BOOTS BERGSTROM Phi Gamma Delta DICK FRICK Delta Chi GREEK WEEK COURT JOHN GASKIN Sigma Alpha Epsilon 307 JON UNDERWOOD Sigma Chi CONNIE BENNETT Acacia GARY BRITTAIN Alpha Chi Omega LARRY DEUTSCH GREEK FAVORITES Alpha Epsilon Phi LYNN HUFF Alpha Kappa Lambda BILL CUNNINGHAM MAY MICKELSEN Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Gamma Rho TOM HOUGHTON BILL PRIEBE BARBARA BOOTH Alpha Phi Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Tau Omega 308 RON RIGGS Chi Omega LaVERNE LAMB Delta Chi BARBARA FULLER Beta Theta Pi GREEK FAVORITES DAVE STEVENS Delta Delta Delta JIM CALWELL MIND! MILLING Delta Gamma Delta Tau Delta LYNN SMITH ROGER STAEHLIN BARBARA SWARTHOUT Delta Upsilon Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha 309 TOMMY KOSSER Kappa Kappa Gamma CINDY HOAK Kappa Sigma DAVE HALL Kappa Alpha Theta GREEK FAVORITES PAM MARTIN BONNIE PRATT JOEY STEWART Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Delta Theta DIANE LYONS STEVE STANTON LINDA BILBREY Phi Kappa Theta Pi Beta Phi Pi Kappa Alpha 310 LYNN MERRITT Sigma Alpha Mu DIANE McGARRY Sigma Chi TERRY REIST Sigma Alpha Epsilon GREEK FAVORITES STEVE SPITZER SANDY SHEHAN MARY LOU BENDER Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon PEGGY SHOCKLEY VICKI HOFFMAN KAREN SORENSON Tau Delta Phi Theta Chi Zeta Beta Tau 311 " WE HAVE MANY MILES TO GO " TOM TADANO RITA MOSIMAN Most Outstanding Independent Man Most Outstanding Independent Woman 312 greek week Olympics S p INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS The University of Arizona has taken a step forward this year by joining the new Western Athletic Conference as one of its charter members. The WAC, under commissioner Dr. Paul Brechler, marks the kickoff of a new era in intercollegetic athletics not only for Arizona but also for the other five members, Arizona State, Brigham Young, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming. The integration of a strong but sensibly balanced intercollegetic athletics program with sound educational objectives is the policy of Athletic Director M. R. " Dick " Clausen who is now in his fifth year at Arizona. In 1961-1962, UofA teams compiled a record of 131 victories, 38 defeats and three ties, for an overall winning percentage of .766. The " Dick Clausen policy " is backed up in the administration by Robert Svob, assistant athletic director; Phil McLaughlin, business manager; Frank Soltys, sports information director; and Charles Magness, ticket manager. M. R. " DICK " CLAUSEN Athletic Director CAROL JO BLEDSOE POM PON GIRLS: Row 1: Tammy Armstrong, Challis McPheeters, Flighty Christy, Maureen McKeever. Head Porn Pon Girl Row 2: Carson Boice, Mary Conroy, Carol Jo Bledsoe, Susie Palmer, Joyce Baker. TWIRLERS: Geraldine Montoya, Elyse Howard, Lana Hartman, Lana Gallup, Reva Gaines, LaVerne Lamb, Suzy Randolph. FRANK SOLTYS Sports Information Director BOB SVOB Assistant Athletic Director JIM UMBECK PHILIP McLAUGHLIN CHARLES MAGNESS Yell King Business Manager Ticket Manager CHEERLEADERS: Row 1: Bonnie Anderson, Susan Mason, Susan Sloan, Marie Jenks, Linda Marshman. Row 2: Rex Wheeler, Mac McConnico, Jim Umbeck, Ed Tarr, Fred Clarey. 317 FOOTBALL: First Year in WAC Arizona football followers will remember 1962 as the year that the Wildcats turned in one of the year ' s biggest football upsets by downing nationally ranked rival Arizona State in the closing game. This was a rebuilding year for the Cats who Finished the 1962 season with a 5-5 record. Coach Jim LaRue, now in his fourth season at Arizona, has an overall record of 24 wins, 15 losses and a single tie. After starring at Duke and Maryland dur- ing college, LaRue served as assistant coach at Maryland, Kansas State and SMU before corning to Arizona in 1959. JIM LaRUE Head Football Coach 318 COACHING STAFF: Jim Speight, Phil Ramsey, Ed Cavanaugh, Willie Peete, Jake Rowden, Ron Marciniak, Roy Tatum, Trainer Richard Woods, Head Coach Jim LaRue. 1962 FOOTBALL TEAM: Row 1: Coach Ed Cavanaugh, Jim Faulks, Craig Starkey, Co-Captain Ken Cook, Co-Captain Howard Breinig, John Carney, Vern Alexander, John Goetz, Head Coach Jim LaRue. Row 2: Coach Phil Ramsey, Tommy Kosser, Eddie Pollard, Rick Sanders, Bill Brechler, Gerald Zeman, Al Navarete, Don Kunitz, Dave DeSonia, Jerry Mordret, Tom Phillips, Coach Willie Peete. Row 3: Fernando Santa Cruz, Dave Areghini, Lou White, Mike Hawk, Ted Sweeting, Ted Christy, Eddie Bricker, Si Gimbel, Jerry Davitch, Casey Salony, Dave Knott, Trainer Richard Woods. Row 4: Coach Ron Marciniak, Doug Berry, Virgil Grant, John Briscoe, John Fouse, John Woodall, Gene Dalquist, Al Moutran, Larry Fairholm, Ed Wimberly, Brian Hart, Coach Jim Speight. Row 5: Coach Jake Rowdev, Ted Lawrence, Bob Douglas, Bob Beard, Jim Singleton, Carl Meier, Steve Kerr, Max Young, Phil Wilson, Gene Kindred, Mike ' O ' Mahony, Mike Brunk, Coach Roy Tatum. 319 The Arizona Wildcats opened their 1962 football season with a suspense-filled 27-21 victory over the Brigham Young University Cougars. Quarterback Jim Faulks paced the Arizona attack in a game which saw the lead change hands several times. Late in the third quarter with a 14-14 score, Faulks passed on fourth down to Gary Kenley who made a brilliant leaping catch above three defensive players for the score which gave Arizona a 21-14 lead. With nine seconds gone in the fourth quarter, BYU ' s All-American tailback Eldon Forte passed to Doran Markley who scored to tie up the game. The Wildcats took the lead again when Faulks scored his second TD of the night for A rizona on a one-yard run with 12:32 left to play. BYU threatened to score late in the game when Forte ran the ball to the Arizona 29. On a long pass play, Kenley was called for interference on the one- yard line with one second to play. Kenley stopped Forte for no gain as the game ended. ARIZONA 0 7 14 6 — 27 BRIGHAM YOUNG 7 0 7 7 — 21 BYU: Fortie 1 run (Baker kick). Arizona: Faulks 8 run (Kenley kick). Arizona: Kosser 49 run (Kenley kick). BYU: Fortie 1 run (Baker kick). Arizona: Kenley 8 pass from Faulks (Kenley kick). BYU: Merkley 62 pass from Fortie (Baker kick). Arizona: Faulks 1 run (kick failed). Gary Kenley catches a pass to turn the tide in favor of Arizona. ARIZONA 27 BYU 21 Jim Faulks breaks through the last of BYU ' s defenders for the game-clinching touchdown. Arizona won 27-21. Arizona leads a fighting New Mexico team by one point at half-time. NEW MEXICO 35 ARIZONA 25 Arizona ' s Wildcats suffered their first defeat of the season at the hands of the New Mexico Lobos in a 35-25 game at Albuquerque. The Cats came from behind several times in the game, but could not contain the explosive New Mexico backfield. Arizona ' s Gary Kenley started off the game in high gear by taking the opening kickoff and running it back 96 yards for Arizona ' s initial score. In the second quarter Arizona scored with a three- yard run by fullback Ted Christy who took the ball on the ninth play of a scoring drive which started after a New Mexico fumble. Jim Singleton scored the Cats ' third TD of the night on a nine-yard jump pass from Jim Faulks with ten min- utes left in the third quarter. . . Gary Kenley and his teammates set the pace as he returns the opening kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown. ARIZONA NEW MEXICO Arizona: Kenley 96 kickoff return (Faulks kick). New Mexico: Ottman 2 run (kick blocked). New Mexico: Hancock 4 run (run failed). Arizona: Christy 3 run (kick blocked). New Mexico: Hancock 8 run (pass failed). Arizona: Sing leton 10 pass from Faulks (pass failed). New Mexico: Stallings 13 run (Han- cock run). Arizona: Kosser 6 run (run-pass failed). New Mexico: Hart tackled in end zone by Jasper. New Mexico: Stallings 4 run (Mead- ows kick). Ted Christy inches over the New Mexico goal line for an Arizona touchdown. 321 45,338 fans, the largest number ever to see the Wildcats play, turned out for the Missouri game at Columbia. MISSOURI 17 ARIZONA 7 The referee signals a fourth-quarter touchdown for the Wildcats. Orange Bowl-bound Missouri handed Arizona its second straight defeat, down- ing the Wildcats 17-7 at Columbia. Missouri dominated the first half and held a 17-0 lead going into the third quarter. Arizona started its only scoring drive of the game late in the third quarter when the Wildcats took over on their own 28. Four successive first downs put the ball on the Missouri 18. As the quarter ended the ball was moved to the 14 yard-line. On the first play of the fourth quarter, Bill Brechler passed to Ken Cook for the touchdown. Gary Kenley ' s kick was good and the score stood at 17-7. ARIZONA 0 0 0 7— 7 MISSOURI 14 3 0 0-17 Missouri: Underhill 2 run (Tobin kick). Missouri: Seals 6 pass from Roland (Tobin kick). Missouri: Tobin 35 field goal. Arizona: Cook 15 pass from Roland (Tobin kick). 322 Jim Faulks breaks clear for Arizona ' s only score against Air Force. ARIZONA 6 0 0 0— 6 AIR FORCE 7 3 7 3 — 20 Air Force: Brown 27 pass from Isaacson (Gavin kick). Arizona: Faulks 34 run (kick blocked). Air Force: Gavin 41 field goal. Air Force: Czarnota 13 run (Gavin kick). Air Force: Gavin 24 field goal. AIR FORCE 20 ARIZONA 6 A record Mom and Dads ' Day crowd of 27,000 watched the Wildcats drop their third straight game, 20-6, to a spirited Air Force Academy team. Quarterback Terry Isaacson passed the Falcons into a lead which they never lost. The lone Arizona score came in the third quarter when Wildcat quarterback Jim Faulks scored on a 34-yard run from scrimmage. WYOMING 31 ARIZONA 8 Wyoming ' s hard-riding Cowpokes scored four touchdowns in the first half to give Arizona its worst defeat in 30 games by a score of 31-8 at Laramie. The Wildcats ' lone score came in the final quarter when Jim Singleton recov- ered a Wyoming fumble on its 31. A series of plays put the ball on the one, and Dave Knott went over for the TD. A Brechler-to- Fouse pass was good for two points.. Jim Fouse takes a pass from Jim Faulks in the Wyoming game. The Arizona line carries fullback Dave Knott into the Wyoming end zone. ARIZONA 0 0 0 8— 8 WYOMING 14 14 0 3-31 Wyoming: Linton 1 run (kick failed). Wyoming: Desmaris 3 run (Delaney pass from Madio). Wyoming: Ma rion 59 punt return ----- (Squires kick). Wyoming: Desmaris 1 run (Squires kick). Arizona: Knott 1 run (Fouse pass from Brechler). Wyoming: Squires 38 field goal. With minutes left in the fourth quarter, there is a scramble for a free ball (left). The Wildcats think they have recovered it, but (center) the referee rules that WTS has downed the ball. The Arizona fans cheer as Arizona recovers a WTS fumble on the next play and begins a drive (right) that results in Arizona ' s winning TD. ARIZONA 8 WEST TEXAS 3 Arizona scored a major upset by defeating previously unbeaten West Texas State 8-3 in front of 22,000 fans. The favored Buffaloes were held by a spirited Arizona team that refused to give up. A tight Wildcat defense, centered around Larry Fairholm, Jim Singleton, Ken Cook and Phil Wilson, stopped the Texans ' drives all night, allowing them only a first-quarter field goal. West Texas State ' s Pistol Pete Pedro and Jerry Logan were contained for most of the game. Arizona scored late in the fourth quarter with a safety and a touchdown. The safety came with less than nine minutes to go when tackle Vern Alexander blocked a punt out of the end zone for Arizona ' s first score. The winning touchdown came six minutes later when full- back Ted Christy broke through from the one-yard line after quarterback Eddie Bricker had sparked the Cats on a drive of 55 yards in 13 plays. The Wildcats displayed a successful air attack during the game. Quarterbacks Bricker and Bill Brechler played their best games of the season. Brechler completed seven passes for 32 yards and was thrown for a loss only once. Bricker threw for 39 yards. Fairholm intercepted two passes and guard Craig Starkey snagged another for a 16-yard return. West Texas ' offense tries to break through a solid Cat line. 324 Ted Christy goes over for the winning touchdown. Following the 8-3 upset over West Texas State, Arizona coach Jim LaRue is hoisted upon the shoulders of a victorious Wildcat team which has won its first game in five weeks. Back in the locker room, Coach LaRue goes over the details of the game with his players and offers them congratulations for the victory that dropped the " unbeatable " Texas school from the ranks of the nation ' s unbeaten teams. WEST TEXAS STATE 3 0 0 0— 3 ARIZONA 0 0 0 8— 8 West Texas: Ross 21 field goal. Arizona: Gibson punt blocked out of end zone for a safety. Arizona: Christy 1 run (pass failed). IDAHO 14 ARIZONA 12 Gary Smith of Idaho attempts to pull in a sideline pass before defender Tom Phillips can get to the ball. ARIZONA 6 0 0 IDAHO 0 6 0 8-14 Arizona: Faulks 43 pass from Brechler (kick blocked). Idaho: Naccarato 30 runs (kick failed). Idaho: Mires 12 run (pass from Mires). Arizona: Knott 3 run (run failed). Seven Wildcat fumbles proved instrumental in Idaho ' s 14-12 win over Arizona. Arizona began an 80-yard scoring drive in the first period which was climaxed by a 43-yard pass to Jim Faulks. A second-quarter Idaho TD tied the game until the last quarter when Gary Mires of Idaho plunged three yards for the go-ahead score. With 48 seconds remaining in the game the Cats tried to even things up as Dave Knott drove three yards for Arizona ' s final score. The conversion attempt failed. Ken Cook gives Idaho defenders a fast lesson on how to catch. Wildcat John Carney gets a boost over left end, but the referee says no and Arizona loses by a two-point margin. 327 KEN COOK Senior End Co-Captain Governor ' s Award CRAIG STARKEY Senior Guard Big Play Award VERN ALEXANDER Senior Tackle All-American Bowl First Team UPI All-Conference Jim Ewing Scholarship HOWARD BREINIG Senior Guard Co-Captain Bear-Down Award ARIZONA 14 KANSAS STATE 13 Arizona ' s Wildcats barely edged the Wildcats of Kansas State University, 14-13, in the 1962 Homecoming game. The two sets of Wildcats played a scoreless duel until late in the third quarter when Arizona halfback Tommy Kosser ran 57 yards for the initial score of the game. Willis Crenshaw broke Kansas State into the scoring column in the fourth quarter on a 23-yard run and K-State went ahead on Doug Dusenbury ' s kick. Arizona regained the lead on a 40-yard touchdown pass to Lou White from Eddie Bricker. A Bricker to Si Gimbel pass was good for two more points. Late in the fourth quarter Kansas State tried to take the lead after a three-yard touchdown run by Joel Searless, but the conversion pass attempt failed and Arizona won 14-13. 73n4r- " lg " 307Megrialt4 _ 111‘Altri4A The camera catches a full field of action and cheering as Tommy Kosser breaks into the open on a 57-yard touchdown play that put Arizona ahead 6-0 in the first quarter. 328 In the fourth quarter, Arizona has to fight to hold its one-point lead. ARIZONA 0 0 6 8-14 KANSAS STATE 0 0 0 13 — 13 Arizona: Kosser 57 run (kick blocked). Kansas State: Crenshaw 23 run (Dusenberry kick). Arizona: White 40 pass from Bricker (Gim- bel pass from Bricker). Kansas State: Searles 3 run (pass failed). Brechler ' s two-point pass to Si Gimbel gives Arizona the win. It ' s a heart-breaking moment for Kansas State as Arizona throws back their fourth-quarter touchdown attempt. 329 Lou White struggles to break free of Texas tacklers as other would- be defenders rush to assist in holding the Cats ' offense. Sophomore Eddie Bricker stares and then passes to Lou White for only score of game. ARIZONA 7 TEXAS WESTERN 0 A Wildcat ball carrier tries to free himself from the Texas Western defense. A faltering Arizona pass offense came up with just one play in the Texas Western game, but that play spelled victory as it lead to the game ' s lone score. Arizona defeated the Miners 7-0. Only 6:10 remained in the game as sophomore quarterback Eddie Bricker tossed a 19-yard pass to sophomore halfback Lou White who grabbed the ball on the 10 and ran it into the end zone. John Fouse ' s kick made the score Arizona 7, Texas Western 0. ARIZONA 0 0 0 7— 7 TEXAS WESTERN 0 0 0 0— 0 Arizona: White 19 pass from Bricker (Fouse kick). 330 A fired-up Wildcat team turned the nationally ranked Arizona State Sun Devils into angels as the Cats upset ASU 20-17 before a record Varsity Stadium crowd of 29,290. The victory over traditional rival Arizona State trans- formed a mediocre season into a successful one for Arizona and gave the Wildcats a 5-5 record and a tie for second place in the new Western Athletic Conference. As usual, the game resulted in humiliation for the Sun Devils who went into the game almost assured of a post- season bowl bid. Arizona opened the scoring in the first quarter with Eddie Bricker throwing a 37-yard touchdown pass to John Fouse. In the second period, Arizona State threatened to run away with the game, scoring two touchdowns and a field goal for a fast 17 points. Two minutes after the start of the final quarter, Lou White fought his way from the two-yard line to the end zone on a fourth-down play, and Arizona trailed 17-13. With 5 minutes and 34 seconds remaining in the game, fullback Ted Christy plunged over from the two, and Arizona had its third victory in as many years over its " normal " rivals. As the dejected ASU fans filed bell-lessly from the Knothole sections, the jubilant Arizona partisans summed up the evening ' s action with the triumphant epitaph, " You choked, Tempe, you ch oked ! " The crowd mobs Jim Singleton as he waves the captured banner of the arch-rival Arizona State team. ARIZONA 20 ASU 17 Both teams ' players fight hard trying to win the game. Halfback Lou White crosses the goal line for an Arizona TD. ARIZONA 7 0 0 13 — 20 ARIZONA STATE 0 17 0 0 — 17 Arizona fans surround the Wildcats after their third straight victory over the Arizona State Sun Devils. Jubilant Cats throw Coach LaRue in the shower. UA — Fouse 37 pass from Bricker (Fouse kick). ASU — Jacobs 2 run (Seedborg kick). ASU — Seedborg 26 FG. ASU — Harrison 16 pass from Jacobs (Seedborg kick). UA — White 2 run (pass failed). UA — Christy 1 plunge (Fouse kick). Congratulations are offered to victorious Coach LaRue. 332 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM: Row 1: Richard Martinez, Earl Marcoux, Bob Bykerk, Mel Myricks, George Jackson, Bob Beal, Larry Arbir, Steve Gilbert, Austin Fontenot, Bob DiYeso, Dennis Devine. Row 2: Jose Garza, Pete Schouter, Jim Edmonds, Dick Huddleston, Ray Walch, Tom Malloy, Jim Douglas, Mario Ramos, Hal Oliver, Harry Yablonski, Woody King. Row 3: Jim Pazerski, Larry Wayne, Jim Wilcox, Bill Halley, Bill Armer, Ken Giovando, Bob Waddell, Ed Dowling, John Beard, Assistant Coach Tony Matz, Head Coach Carl Cooper. Row 4: Larry Kissam, Mike Kooken, Jake Pivaoff, Walt Richardson, Ivan Lepper, Frank Peay, Dick Bribeck, Assistant Coach Sam Ratcliffe, Assistant Coach Pat Brown. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Arizona ' s freshman football compiled a 2-1 record this season with victories over the Arizona State and New Mexico frosh and a loss to the Texas Western JV ' s. The Wildkittens, coached by Carl Cooper, opened their season with a 7-0 loss to the Texas Western JV ' s at El Paso, but beat the Arizona State Sun Imps 14-7 the following week at Tempe. In the final game of the season the Wildkittens met the New Mexico frosh and defeated them 26-14. Woody King led the Wildkittens in rushing in 1962 with an average of 7.2 yards per carry. George Jackson was second with 4.3. Richard Martinez led the team in punting with 35.5 yards per kick. Jackson scored 12 points for the lead in that department while four players scored six points each for second place. Assisting Cooper in coaching the freshman were Pat Brown, Tony Matz and Sam Ratcliffe. CARL COOPER Freshman Football Coach 333 BASKETBALL BRUCE LARSON Basketball Coach Arizona ' s high-handed efforts force BYU under. Tempe ' s guard trys to stop Warren Rustand as he breaks for the inside. Wes Flynn goes over opposition for two. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: Row 1: Albert Johnson, Wes Flynn, Regis Dauk, Larry Harris, Buddy Doolen, Chuck LaVetter, Coach Bruce Larson. Row 2: Charlie Cook, Tom LaVoy, Dennis Albright, Warren Rustand, Dan Breck, Monte Clausen, Ed Daasch. 335 Student reaction rocks Bear Down Gym as Cats lead Wisconsin. Basketball experts predicted 1962-63 would be a rebuilding year for the inexperienced Arizona team, but within the first three weeks of action, the Wildcats had pulled upsets over two teams rated among the nation ' s top ten according to the press polls. In their second game of the season, the Wild- cats defeated eighth-ranked Wisconsin, 51-46, be- fore 3524 fans in Bear Down Gym. Wisconsin, a Big Ten Conference power, came into Tucson confident of a win over Arizona, a young team heavily loaded with sophomores. With the score tied and 48 seconds left in the game, Albert Johnson scored two points on a lay- up to put Arizona into the lead. Johnson, in one of the finest games ever played by a UofA sophomore, led the Wildcats in scoring with 19 points and in rebounds with nine. Buddy Doolen, another promising sophomore, was all over the court. His scrambling play resulted in several timely rebounds and assists. Big Eight title favorite Colorado, then ranked sixth nationally, fell to Arizona, 62-50, on Decem- ber 22. Sophomores again led the squad in scoring guard Warren Rustand hitting for 20 from the out- side and Johnson getting 18 from the corners. Colorado ' s All-American candidate Ken Charlton was high man with 22 points. Tom LaVoy breaks up a Texas Western scoring play. 336 1962-63 BASKETBALL RECORD Arizona 75 — Fresno State 67 Arizona 51 — Wisconsin 46 Arizona 62 — Arizona State College 60 Arizona 65 — Colorado State 75 Arizona 46 — Air Force Academy 57 Arizona 57 — Idaho State 51 Arizona 60 — Colorado 52 Arizona 56 — Iowa 57 Arizona 67 — Washington State 57 Arizona 59 — Seattle 75 Arizona 82 — Hamline 47 Arizona 55 — Texas Western 76 Arizona 63 — New Mexico State 59 Arizona 50 — Utah 52 Arizona 75 — Brigham Young 80 Arizona 72 — Wyoming 84 Arizona 48 — New Mexico 59 Arizona 71 — Arizona State College 63 Arizona 63 — New Mexico State 40 Arizona 50 — Texas Western 65 Arizona 54 — Arizona State 73 Arizona 72 — Brigham Young 77 Arizona 74 — Utah 70 Arizona 49 — New Mexi co 46 Arizona 84 — Wyoming 63 Arizona 53 — Arizona State 58 Wes Flynn, senior letterman who was elected team captain, was the third highest scorer on the Arizona team. Before a capacity crowd in Bear Down Gym, Arizona ' s Albert Johnson goes up for two points against Arizona State. 337 WILDCATS COMPILE 13-13 RECORD Regis Dauk, senior letterman, drives for the basket. Bruce Larson, in his second year as head basket- ball coach, directed a young Arizona team to a 13-13 season - the first time in six years that the Wildcats have achieved a break-even record. This was accomplished with a team that often had as many as four sophomores in its starting line-up. Among the teams defeated by the Arizona squad were nationally ranked Wisconsin and Colo- rado. For the first time in 13 years the Wildcats out- scored their opponents. Arizona scored 1613 points for an average of 62.0 per game to 1609 and 61.9 for their opponents. The opponents ' aver- age was the lowest since the 1950-51 season. Sophomores Albert Johnson and Warren Rus- tand took top individual honors for the year. Johnson lead the team in scoring with 12.9 points per game and also was the top rebounder with an average of 9.7. Rustand was first in field goal accuracy with .452 percentage and in free throw accuracy with a .788 mark. He was the team ' s second leading scorer with 10.6 points per game. In recognition of their outstanding perform- ances, both Johnson and Rustand were named to the All-Western Athletic Conference second team. Senior guard Wes Flynn, a three-year letterman who served as game captain several times, was elected team captain at the close of the season. Flynn, Arizona ' s third leading scorer with 9.7 points per game, was awarded All-Conference honorable mention. Arizona basketball ' s prospects for the future are brighter than they have been for several years, since only three members of this year ' s team will be lost through graduation. FINAL BASKETBALL STATISTICS NAME G FGA FGM Pct. FTA FTM Pct. Rbds. Avg. PF-D Total Avg. Albert Johnson 26 295 125 .424 129 86 .667 253 9.7 91-6 336 12.9 Warren Rustand 26 219 99 .452 99 78 .788 109 4.2 80-4 276 10.6 Wes Flynn 25 226 86 .381 98 71 .724 88 3.5 59-2 243 9.7 Larry Harris 25 200 67 .335 83 53 .639 90 3.6 76-6 187 7.5 Dan Breck 26 146 55 .377 61 39 .639 129 5.0 69-4 149 5.7 Monte Clausen 26 144 58 .403 29 14 .483 106 4.1 64-1 130 5.0 Tom LaVoy 24 130 44 .338 32 21 .656 65 2.7 35-1 109 4.5 Buddy Doolen 25 96 35 .365 34 24 .706 61 2.4 35-0 94 3.8 Dennis Albright 13 35 16 .457 15 7 .467 11 0.8 3-0 39 3.0 Regis Dauk 19 54 14 .259 15 7 .467 35 1.8 30-0 35 1.8 Chuck LaVetter 7 11 4 .364 4 1 .250 7 1.0 5-0 9 1.3 Jim Douglas 5 12 2 .167 3 2 .667 13 2.6 7-0 6 1.2 Charlie Cook 3 4 0 .000 0 0 .000 2 0.7 1-0 0 0.0 TEAM REBOUNDS - 151 ARIZONA TOTALS 26 1572 605 .385 602 403 .669 1120 43. 1 555-24 1613 62.0 OPPONENTS TOTALS 26 1424 558 .392 725 493 .680 1144 44.0 475-19 1609 61.9 338 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The Arizona freshman basketball team, after compiling a 12-2 record, will provide the varsity team with several promising new players for the coming 1963-64 season. The freshman averaged 76.8 points per game com- pared with 62.7 for their opponents. In their highest scor- ing game, the Wildkittens scored 109 points against 77 for the opponents. The team, coached by Warner Lee, was led in scoring by four men, each averaging more than 11 points per game. Harvey Fox, a 6-4 forward, led all Wildkittens in scoring with an average of 18.5 per game and a total of 259 points for the season. Guard Bob Spahn was second with a 13.9 average. Forward Ted Pickett scored 13.4 points per game and Bob Hansen, a center, had an 11.1 average. COACH WARNER LEE FRESHMAN BASKETBALL RECORD Arizona 79 -- Eastern Arizona 74 Arizona 81 — Intramural All-Stars 49 Arizona 82 — ASC JV ' s 60 Arizona 65 --- Jack Ellis 69 Arizona 60 — Eastern Arizona 49 Arizona 109 — Fort Huachuca 6.2 Arizona 81 — Jack Ellis 71 Arizona 85 — Phoenix College 54 Arizona 72 — ASC „IV ' s 77 Arizona 84 — Eastern Arizona 55 Arizona 72 — ASU Frosh 63 Arizona 73 — Eastern Arizona 72 Arizona 74 — Phoenix College 68 Arizona 58 — ASU Frosh 55 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM: Row 1: Coach Warner Lee, Harvey Fox, Bob Hansen, Tom Sutton, Ted Pickett, Bob Johnson, Assistant Coach Sam Antcliffe. Row 2: Walt Johnson, Terry Ordway, Bob Spahn, Tom Lyons, Dennis Borak, Marty Smith. 339 BASEBALL 1963 (As of April 7) Arizona 8 — Long Beach State 2 Arizona 17 — Long Beach State 7 Arizona 7 — Long Beach State 6 Arizona 7 — UCLA 3 Arizona 9 — UCLA 10 Arizona 9 — Colorado State College 7 Arizona 9 — Colorado State College 8 Arizona 4 — Oregon State 7 Arizona 3 — Oregon State 4 Arizona 3 — Oregon State 2 Arizona 9 — Utah 2 Arizona 10 — Utah 1 Arizona 13 Utah 1 Arizona 8 — Utah 0 Arizona 10 — Oklahoma 7 Arizona 5 — Oklahoma 9 Arizona 9 — Sul Ross 4 Arizona 0 — Sul Ross 1 Arizona 0 — Wyoming 3 Arizona 8 — Wyoming 1 Arizona 14 — Wyoming 4 Arizona 6 — Arizona State 2 Arizona 9 — Arizona State 8 Arizona 0 — Arizona State 2 BASEBALL COACHES: Frank Sancet, Mel Erickson, Ken Coopwood. COACH FRANK SANCET This year Arizona, long a baseball powerhouse in NCAA District, competed in District 7 with other members of the new Western Athletic Conference. WAC colleges were split into two divisions with Brigham Young, Utah and Wyom- ing in the northern division and Arizona, Arizona State and New Mexico in the southern. Top lettermen returning from the 1962 team included Captain Leo Tosto, who led the team with 31 runs-batted-in last year; Bill Brown, junior first baseman with a .347 batting average; Craig Morrison, senior outfielder; and Marty Mar- tinez, pitcher and outfielder. This was Frank Sancet ' s 14th season of coaching Arizona baseball and the eighth year for his assistant Ken Coopwood. Sancet ' s career record at the University of Arizona stood at 466-127-5 at the start of the season. Sancet, the " winningest coach in collegiate baseball, " has piloted Arizona teams to 13 straight regional playoffs, a national record. The Wildcats have appeared in the College World Series six times. BASEBALL TEAM: Row 1: Bill Brown, Bob Maxwell, John Haley, Edwin Bayne, Grant Waltke, Dick Patera, Ron Theobald, Craig Morrison, Bud Schoenberg. Row 2: Coach Ken Coopwood, Sherwin Scott, Warren Hedding, Grant Hawgood, Gary Deak, Steve Priborsky, Neil Bradshaw, Bob Gauna, Rick Marra, Leo Tosto, Bill Welch, Lance Long, Mike Mason. Row 3: Marty Martinez, Jim Umbeck, Jim Nichols, John Fouse, Gene Dahlquist, Bill Reynolds, Sam Slade, Hector Barnetche, Augie Acuna, Steve Huntsberry, Mort Saull, Coach Mel Erickson, Head Coach Frank Sancet. 341 Sophomore second base- man Ron Theobald led UofA batters with a .400 batting average and 25 runs-batted-in after the first sixteen games. Senior Bob Maxwell wal- lops a Colorado pitch for the first Arizona home run of the season. Maxwell had hit two home runs and had an average of .317 after the first sixteen games. Senior outfielder Bill Welch ' s teammates gather to congratulate him as he crosses the plate after homering over the left field fence. ARIZONA HOLDS 17-7 RECORD At midseason, the Arizona Wildcats were already turn- ing in a fine record. They won 17 of the first 24 games of one of their most difficult schedules in several years. Ron Theobald led the Arizona batters after sixteen games with 24 hits in 60 times at bat for a .400 batting average. March 15 was his best day, when he hit five-for- five, including a double, a triple and four runs-batted-in against Colorado State College. He hit a grand-slam home- run in the Oklahoma game on March 26, when he came to bat with two men out. Theobald also led the team with 25 runs-batted-in and four homeruns. He was tied with Craig Morrison for the lead in doubles with four. Bob Maxwell and Bill Brown each had two homeruns. Craig Morrison topped all other Wildcat batters in triples with four. Pitching honors went to Marty Martinez, senior right hander, who moved in from an outfield position. After sixteen games, he had a perfect 4-0 record and an earned- run average of 2.57. His wins were against Long Beach State, UCLA, Colorado State and Utah. Pitchers Doug Hol- liker and Sherwin Scott were also unbeaten. One of Arizona ' s crucial series of the season was a three-game set with Arizona State in April. Arizona State came to Tucson ranked sixth in the nation while the Wild- cats were 17th in the press polls. The Arizona team took the series two games to one to go into first place in the WAC southern division standings. The victories raised the Wildcats ' national ranking to 11th and the Sun Devils slipped to 12th position. Coach Frank Sancet keeps a close watch on his pitchers. Marty Martinez, who at midseason was Arizona ' s most valuable pitcher with a perfect 4-0 record, strikes out another batter. 343 Senior Bud Schoenberg makes it safe at first against UCLA. Outfielder Mort Saull is waved in by Hector Barnetche. In 1962, Arizona ' s final year in District 6, the Wildcats qualified for the NCAA district playoffs for the 13th straight year. The 1962 team compiled a 40-8-2 record, but lost to Texas in the playoffs for a College World Series berth. Outstanding players were Dan Schneider, first team All- American pitcher, and Joe Skaisgir, third team All-American outfielder. At the end of the season, Schneider signed a con- tract with the Milwaukee Braves for an estimated $75,000 bonus and Skaisgir was signed by the Baltimore Orioles. These signings brought to 37 the total number of Wildcats given professional contracts during Sancet ' s 13 years at UofA. 1962 BASEBALL RECORD Arizona 1 1 — UCLA 4 Arizona 4 Arizona 3 — UCLA 8 Arizona 3 Arizona 5 — UCLA 5 Arizona 2 Arizona 4 — Fresno State 2 Arizona 10 Arizona 9 — Fresno State 5 Arizona 5 Arizona 5 — Fresno State 2 Arizona 14 Arizona 1 1 — Colorado State College 5 Arizona 2 Arizona 14 — Colorado State College 8 Arizona 9 Arizona 4 — Colorado State College 2 Arizona 6 Arizona 5 — Oregon 5 Arizona 22 Arizona 7 — Oregon 0 Arizona 13 Arizona 7 — Oregon 5 Arizona 14 Arizona 11 — Oregon 7 Arizona 8 Arizona 12 — Utah 5 Arizona 3 Arizona 1 4 — Utah 0 Arizona 4 Arizona 7 — Utah 1 Arizona 6 Arizona 8 — Arizona State College 1 Arizona 7 Arizona 1 1 — Arizona State College 4 Arizona 4 Arizona 4 — California 3 2 Arizona 11 — California 0 7 Arizona 9 — Long Beach State 7 1 Arizona 7 — UCLA 1 0 Arizona 6 — Los Angeles State 0 4 Arizona 10 — Cal Poly (Pomona) 3 1 Arizona 6 — Cal Poly (Pomona) 3 3 Arizona 6 — Arizona State 2 2 Arizona 1 — Arizona State 5 10 Arizona 7 — Arizona State 20 1 1 Arizona 9 — Los Angeles State 12 1 Arizona 1 — Los Angeles State 0 10 2 3 DISTRICT 6 PLAYOFFS Arizona 0 — Texas 1 6 Arizona 4 — Texas 7 3 — Arizona State — Arizona State — Arizona State — Wyoming — Wyoming — Wyoming — Michigan — Michigan — Michigan — Sul Ross — Su I Ross — Cal Poly (Pomona) — Cal Poly (Pomona) — Cal Poly (Pomona) — California California California — California 344 FRESHMAN BASEBALL COACH DICK LORD Nearing the half-way mark of their season, Arizona ' s freshman baseball team had recorded five wins and two losses. According to Coach Dick Lord, the Wildkittens ' strong point this year was pitching. One of the best varsity prospects was Stan Dreswick, a relief pitcher with a 2-0 record. Dreswick pitched a total of twelve innings in the early part of the season, giving up only two runs and three hits, while walking nine men and striking out eleven. Other outstanding pitchers were Jan Simmons and Bob Spahn. Simmons had a 1-1 record and twenty strike-outs. Spahn, in pitching only one game, had struck out eleven men and attained an earned-run average of 1.38. Leading the Wildkitten hitters was centerfielder Richard Martinez, with twelve hits in 25 times at bat for a .480 aver- age. Dick Demarais was hitting .384, followed by Hollis Phillips at .367. Early-season wins were over Amphitheater High, Davis- Monthan Air Force Base and Tucson High. The frosh split games with Phoenix College and EAJC. FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM: Row 1: Roy Giusti, Dave Green, Dennis Seymour, Mike Fleming, Glenn Weinberger, Marshall Gleason, Bob Lauritzen, Bob Spahn, Ken Mast, John Whitney, Stan Dreswick, Ron Siegel, manager. Row 2: Assistant Coach Jim Berg, Hollis Phillips, Dick Wilder, Don Bridges, Mike Karas, Tim Kelly, Greg Richard, Dick Demarais, Abe Valdez, Hayden Kenny, Mike Regenovich, Steve Adair, Jan Simmons, Richard Martinez, Mike Marusich, Terry Ordway, Coach Dick Lord. 345 COACH CARL COOPER TRACK 1963 1963 TRACK RECORD (As of April 1) DUAL MEETS Arizona 39 — New Mexico 106 Arizona 74 — Occidental 66 Arizona 106 — Utah 38 Arizona 46 — USC 99 Arizona 74 — BYU 71 Arizona 91 — Oklahoma 49 TRIANGULAR MEETS Arizona 59 Arizona State 581 2 Occidental 55 Arizona 371 2 USC 811 2 Arizona State 62 Junior Steve Robbins (lane 2), Arizona ' s outstanding sprinter, starts the 100-yard dash in the New Mexico meet. At midseason, the Arizona track team ' s record of four wins and two losses showed victories over Utah, Occidental, Brigham Young and Oklahoma and losses to New Mexico and the University of Southern California. Coach Carl Cooper turned out a record-setting team again this year. In a triangular meet with USC and Arizona State, Jack Hudson lowered his mile mark from 4:08.5 to a new school record of 4:07.3, and triple-threat Gayle Hopkins broke the nine-year-old school record of 46-3 in the hop-step-jump with a effort. In the New Mexico meet, Arizona ' s team of Jim Sullivan, Jim Williams, John Lacy and Jack Hudson set a new school record in the distance medley. Other outstanding tracks performers included Steve Rob- bins, who tied the stadium record of 9.6 for the 100-yard dash and set a new school record of 20.8 for 220 yards with a half turn, and Karl Johnstone with distances of 176-9 for the discus and 208-4 for the javelin. Turning in top performances in the first half of the 1963 season were Dave Murray in the 440with 48.6n; Dick Single- ton in the two-mile run with 9:26.6n; Bob Hildt in the high hurdles with 14.5; and Tom Kerr in the pole vault with 14-7Y2. In total points, Gayle Hopkins was the team ' s leading scorer with 89 ' 2 points in the first part of the season. Hopkins often was a triple winner in the meets, finishing first in the high jump, broad jump and hop-step-jump. TRACK TEAM: Row 1: Steve Robbins, John Lacy, Dick Singleton, Jack Hudson, Tom Kerr, Bob Hildt, Jay Ward, Dick Root, Tom Dalzell, Karl Johnstone. Row 2: Art Gardenswartz, Tee Cook, Gayle Hopkins, Larry Main, Guy Turner, Tom Phillips, Dave Murray, Dennis Pierce, Dave Schuler. Row 3: Manny Varela, Jim Sullivan, Mike Sticht, Frank Quarelli, Dean Downing, Larry Copenhaver, Gary Giles, Tom Malloy, Al Johnson, Steve Wegner. Row 4: Coach Carl Cooper, Aaron Jermundson, Charles Hughes, Dave Ahl, John Hickman, Ray Bush, Terry Leonard, Russ Hanley, Rickie Harris. 347 Dick Singleton wins the two-mile run in the Utah meet. Record holder Karl Johnstone follows through a javelin throw. Gayle Hopkins, Arizona ' s leading scorer, clears the bar at 6-61 2 to win the high jump against Utah. Torn Dalzell gets set for the shot put against Occidental and ASU. ARIZONA SCORES UPSET OVER ASU, OCCIDENTAL Arizona scored one of the track season ' s major upsets by defeating Occidental and Ari- zona State in a triangular meet March 9. Key men in the win for Arizona were Steve Robbins, Jack Hudson and Gayle Hopkins. Rob- bins turned in one of his best performances at t he UofA by winning the 220 in the school rec- ord time of 20.8, and Hudson lowered his own school mark in the mile from 4:08.5 to 4:07.3. The scores remained close throughout the afternoon and the outcome rested on the final event — the hop-step-jump. Triple winner Gayle Hopkins took first place to give Arizona the nar- row victory by the score of 59 points to Arizona State ' s 581 2 and Occidental ' s 55. Steve Robbins takes the lead in the 220. Robbins went on to win the race and set a school record of 20.8 for the distance. 349 Bob Hildt leads off the 440 relay for Arizona against Utah. Dave Murray wins the 440 for Arizona in Utah meet. Arizona Coach Carl Cooper is con- sidered to be among the best collegiate track coaches in the West. During his 12 years at Arizona, all of the regular dual meet track and field records have been set. Cooper-coached teams won five Bor- der Conference championships before joining the new Western Athletic Con- ferene this year. Wildcat stars coached by Cooper include five All-Americans and a member of the 1960 US Olympic team. Cooper also coaches the freshman football team and the cross-country team, which this year won the first Western Athletic Conference title. Sophomore letterman Dick Singleton goes into the lead in the mile run. 350 CROSS COUNTRY UA WINS WAC CROSS COUNTRY TITLE Gardenswartz, Singleton and Main ran fourth, fifth and eighth in the 1962 WAC competition. COACH CARL COOPER The first Western Athletic Conference title to be awarded was won by the Unversity of Arizona cross country team this year. The Wildcats, coached by Carl Cooper, took victories in two triangular meets with Arizona State and Phoenix College. In invitational meets, Arizona took second place in the Long Beach State Invitational and fourth place in the Aztec Invita- tional. The results of the Western Athletic Conference meet were: 1. Arizona (52); 2. BYU (56); 3. New Mexico (66); 4. Arizona State (92); 5. Wyoming (102); and 6. Utah (111). Outstanding members of the cross country team included Art Gardenswartz, Dick Singleton and Larry Main. 1962 CROSS COUNTRY RECORD Arizona State 80 Arizona 27 Arizona State 48 Phoenix College 55 Second Place Long Beach State Invitational Fourth Place Aztec Invitational First Place Western Athletic Conference Arizona 21 — Phoenix College 54 --71 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Dick Singleton, Jack Hudson, Art Gardenswartz, John Lacy, Larry Copenhaven, Larry Main, Coach Carl Cooper. 351 GOLF GOLF TEAM: Row 1: Steve Davis, John LeFors, Jay McGurren, Dick Audi. Row 2: Coach Fred Enke, Mason Frank, Larry Stewart, Mickey Powers, Phil Edlund, Mike Davis. At mid-season, the Wildc at golf team had compiled an impressive 8-1-3 record and was in top contention for the WAC title. Coach Fred Enke rated this year ' s team as having exceptionally good depth. Larry Stewart was playing the number one spot, followed by Mason Frank. Yet to be played in t he season were the Northern Cali- fornia Golf Tournament at Santa Cruz, the Invitational Tour- nament sponsored by ASU and the WAC playoff scheduled for the latter part of May. Depending upon these, Arizona will enter the 1963 NCAA competition. Bill Farkas and Tom Finke represented the UofA in the 1962 NCAA Tournament. 1962 GOLF RECORD Arizona 13 — Phoenix College 14 Arizona 20 — Arizona State College 1 Arizona 161 2 — Marine Corps Recruit Depot 101 2 Arizona 131 2 Marine Corps Recruit Depot 131 2 Arizona 131 2 — San Diego NTC 131 2 Arizona 221 2 — Utah 41 2 Arizona 211 2 — Utah 81 2 Arizona 101 2 — Colorado State University 101 2 Arizona 171 2 — Colorado State University 31 2 Arizona 17 — Colorado 10 Arizona 18 — Wyoming 3 Arizona 191 2 — Wyoming 11 2 Top medalist Larry Stewart Mason Frank takes a swing at the ball. COACH FRED ENKE Wrestling prospects Randy Stevens and Mike Kennedy practice a hold. WRESTLING WRESTLING RECORD Arizona 16 — San Diego State 11 Arizona 8 — Air Force Academy 24 Arizona 2 — Arizona State 39 Arizona 10 — Phoenix College 22 Arizona 11 — Phoenix College 17 Arizona 18 — Arizona State College 12 Arizona 19 — Long Beach State 11 Arizona 22 — New Mexico 12 Arizona 21 — Arizona State 17 This year the Arizona wrestlers were chosen as hosts for the first meet for the new Western Athletic Conference on March 8 and 9. Under their new coach, Rory Weber, the wrestlers won their first match against San Diego State, then lost four meets, and came back to finish the season with four straight wins for a 5-4 record. Outstanding wrestlers included Lester Wallach who wres- tled in the 115-pound class; Rick Birbeck, a heavyweight with a fine record who was a runner-up in the heavyweight division of the WAC meet; and Bob Tanita, this year ' s most valuable wrestler. Tanita was Western Athletic Conference champion in the 115-pound class and Arizona ' s first entry in the NCAA wrestling finals. Captain Larry Benzick WRESTLING TEAM: Row 1: Les Wallach, Donald Curry, Randy Stevens, Al Martinez, Jim Gorr, Robert Tanita, Coach Rory Weber. Row 2: Rick Birbeck, Frank Lukas, Alex Kerstitch, Rich Wiersema, Jim Nevlin, Mike Land- ing, Allan Goodman. Row 3: Glenn Lee, Phil Worsman, Jack McCall, Jerry Mordret, Larry Benzick, Robert Reed, Joe Abodeely, Jerry Davitch. 353 Co-captain Bill Zinkl held point record with 245. GYM N AST I CS GYMNASTICS RECORD Arizona 55 — Denver 73 Arizona 83 — Brigham Young 45 Arizona 75 — Los Angeles State 53 Arizona 911 2 — San Jose State 361 2 Arizona 661 2 — Arizona State 611 2 Arizona 611 2 — tos Angeles State 661 2 Arizona 531 2 — California 741 2 Arizona 57 — USC 71 Arizona 651 2 — Los Angeles State 621 2 Arizona 63 — Arizona State 65 Arizona 921 2 — San Diego State 351 2 Arizona won the first Western Athletic Conference gymnastics title this year. The Wildcats, led by Bill Zinkl and Steve Doty, scored points to 209 for runner-up Arizona State. All-American Steve Doty finished second in the side horse competition at the NCAA meet. He was undefeated in 15 performances this year including championship con- tests at the Western Gymnastics Clinic, the East-West All- Star meet and the WAC title meet. Coach Sam Bailie, who holds runner-up titles in three NCAA meets, had his third winning season this year. GYMNASTICS TEAM: Row 1: Ron Szerlong, Dick Liebenow, Jim Nannen, Sonny Higginbotham, Warren Vander- voot. Row 2: Jim Shaw, Robert Valenzuela, Bill Zinkl, Ray Arnold, Steve Doty, Dave Slagle, Fred Shantz, Chuck Turton, Matt DeMarco, Coach Sam Bailie. 354 Andy Dithridge, a sophomore letterman and one of the team ' s best swimmers, shows his form as he takes a practice dive. SWIMMING The 1963 Arizona swimming team placed fourth in the first annual Western Athletic Conference Champion- ships at Salt Lake City. Under Coach Charles Ott, the top swimmers this year were Andy Dithridge, Dave Jeffery, Jon Denver and Tom Sawyer. Sawyer took a first place in the conference championship competition. SWIMMING RECORD Arizona 29 — Denver 65 Arizona 16 — Colorado State 79 Arizona 18 — Utah 77 Arizona 30 — Wyoming 65 Arizona 32 — New Mexico 63 Arizona 78 — Arizona State 16 Arizona 34 — Utah 61 Arizona — Long Beach State 511 2 Arizona 43 — Orange Coast JC 52 Arizona 35 — UCLA 60 Arizona 63 — Cal Tech 32 Arizona 67 — Los Angeles State 25 Arizona 45 — San Diego 50 Charles Ott coaches swimmers Tom Sawyer and Andy Dithridge. SWIMMING TEAM: Row 1: Dave Jeffrey, John Goodwin, Richard Siegal, Andy Dithridge, Tom Sawyer, Jon Devner, Jesse Cude, Tom Rheineck, Coach Charles Ott. Row 2: Assistant Coach Norm Dupon, Steve Taylor, Jim Flanagen, Rich Geuld, John Mericle, Ed Mulford, Bart Hackley, Dennis Devine. TENNIS DAVE SNYDER Head Coach 1963 TENNIS RECORD (as of March 27) Arizona 1 — Trinity 5 Arizona 7 — Arizona State 0 Arizona 9 — San Diego Marines 0 Arizona 9 — San Diego Marines 0 Arizona 7 — Utah 2 Arizona 5 — Utah 4 Arizona 7 — Colorado State 0 Arizona 7 — Colorado State 0 Arizona 8 — Brigham Young 1 Arizona 7 — Brigham Young 2 WILLIE HERNANDEZ BILL LENOIR Willie Hernandez keeps his eye on the ball. Bill Lenoir demonstrates his unorthodox grip. TENNIS TEAM: Row 1: Tom Parker, Bill Lenoir, Ray Meng, Jerry Gin, Willie Hernandez. Row 2: Coach Dave Snyder, Rick Fried, Dick Johnsrud, Fernando Salas, Mel Karrle. 1-IT,- a M ' Et :I1 _ ili1111•17 in: , Coach Dave Snyder talks with freshmen Bill Sherrard, Grant Taunton, Steve Field, Rick Weinstock, Fred Drilling and Robyn Ray. The Arizona tennis team, ranked third in the nation last year, was well on its way to another fine record at the mid-point of the 1963 season. With half of the scheduled dual meets completed, the Wildcats had a 9-1 record. Top players again this year were Bill Lenoir and Willie Hernandez who led the team to a third place finish in the 1962 NCAA tournament. Bill Lenoir was ranked thirteenth nationally in men ' s singles and was named to the 1962 All- American team. Arizona won the 17th annual Arizona Inter- collegiate Tournament in February with Lenoir and Hernandez winning the doubles and Hernandez defeating Lenoir for the singles title. The team ' s showing in the first half of the schedule assured Coach Dave Snyder of his fifth straight winning season at the University. SNYDER ' S RECORD AT ARIZONA Year Won Lost Tied 1959 10 3 1 1960 11 4 0 1961 14 5 1 1962 15 4 0 50 16 2 357 DR. MEL ERICKSON Intramural Director I NTRAMURALS 1962-63 The purpose of the intramural program is to encourage inter- est and participation in athletic competition among the various organizations and students on the University campus. Director Mel Erickson and his assistants Dick Lord and Clay Diamos co- ordinated and scheduled the program of sports activity. INTRAMURAL DIRECTORS: Dick Lord, Mel Erickson, Clay Diamos. Intramural Standings as of March 27 FRATERNITIES 1. Sigma Chi 876 2. Kappa Sigma 821 3. Delta Chi 710 4. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 659 5. Phi Gamma Delta 643 6. Tau Delta Phi 579 7. Alpha Tau Omega 566 8. Phi Delta Theta 566 9. Zeta Beta Tau 566 10. Beta Theta Pi 562 RESIDENCE HALLS 1. Papago 506 2. Cochise 492 3. Greenlee 448 4. Graham 404 5. Hopi 327 6. Apache 318 7. Pinal-East Stadium 228 RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS 1. Wesley Foundation 460 2. Newman Club 394 3. Baptist Student Union 275 Swimming 1. Kappa Sigma (56). 2. Beta Theta Pi (36). 3. Sigma Chi (33). Winners: 200 yd. Freestyle Relay - Kappa Sigma 1:43.5 100 yd. Butterfly-Lewis (Kappa Sigma) 1:00.8 100 yd. Freestyle - Tancredi (SAE) :55.5 100 yd. Backstroke - McCall (Sigma Chi) 1:06.0 100 yd. Breastroke - Williams (Delta Tau Delta) 1:12.4 200 yd. Freestyle - Goodwin (SAE) 2:05.4 200 yd. Ind. Medley - Kelley (Phi Delta Theta) 2:45.7 200 yd. Relay - Kappa Sigma 1:56.1 " 50 yd. Freestyle - Cude (Independent) 25.2 Diving - Flanagan (Sigma Chi) 220.7 liatramural record Phi Delta Bob Kelley comes in first in the ' 200-yard individual medley. Wrestling 1. Sigma Chi (181). 2. DBA (80). 3. Kappa Sigma (71). Football 1. Phi Gamma Delta (190). 2. Zeta Beta Tau (190). 3. Delta Chi (170). 4. Sigma Chi (160). A shot of the gun signals the start of the 50-yard freestyle in the intramural swimming competition. Winning Kappa Sig basketball team members Tom. Naughton and Harvey Fifer rejoice after win. Rocky Beach won in tennis. Bill Lenoir wins in cross country. Cross Country 1. Wesley (80). 2. ATO (75). 3. Sigma Chi (70). Winners: 1. Lenoir (Wesley). 2. Pinnell (Delta Upsilon). 3. Arguelles (Independent). Basketball 1. Kappa Sigma (200). 2. Law College (180). 3. Sigma Chi (180). Tennis 1. Delta Chi (30). 2. Kappa Sigma (25). 3. Papago Lodge (25). Singles winners: 1. Ray (Papago). 2. Drilling (SAE). 3. Field (Independent). Doubles winners: , 1. Kipperman-White (Beta Theta Pi). 2. Olyphant-Jonrowe (Phi Gamma Delta). 3. Shirley-Folley (Delta Chi). Weightlifting 1. Independents (37). 2. Beta Theta Pi (25). 3. SAE (24). Winners by weight divisions: 123: Rasp (Independent). 132: Thompson (Independent). 148: Mayo (Independent). 165 (tie): Kramedas (Independent). 165 (tie): Vessey (Kappa Sigma). 181: Burgett (SAE). 198: Magruder (Kappa Sigma). Heavyweight: Dainty (Delta Chi). Dendy Boggs of AGR tries his hand at horseshoe pitching as Dewain Lockwood and Tony Mellor watch. 360 Handball 1. Phi Delta Theta (46). 2. Delta Chi (33). 3. SAE (20). Singles Winner: Clark (Phi Delta Theta). Doubles Winners: Brittain-Randall (Delta Chi). Pocket Billiards 1. Beta Theta Pi (21). 2. Lambda Chi Alpha (17). 3. Tau Delta Phi (16). Rifle 1. Kappa Alpha (23). 2. Sigma Phi Epsilon (19). 3. Kappa Sigma (18). Golf 1. Kappa Sigma (26). 2. Sigma Chi (24). 3. Delta Upsilon (21). Winners: 1. McGurren (Delta Upsilon). 2. Syren (Kappa Sigma). Track 1. Kappa Sigma (80). 2. Lambda Delta (72). 3. Delta Chi (70). Winners: Sprint medley: Kappa Sigma, 3:40.3. Mile run: Jermundson (Hopi), 5:58.2. 440 yd. run: Murry (Kappa Sigma), 50.5. 120 yd. high hurdles: Claridge (Lambda Delta), 15.9. 100 yd. dash: McEuen (Lambda Delta), 10.1. 880 yd. run: Downing (ATO), 2:08.5. 220 yd. dash: Nathanson (Tau Delta Phi), 22.5. 220 yd. low hurdles: Leonard (Kappa Sigma), 25.8. 880 yd. relay: Kappa Sigma, 1:34.4. Shot put: Morgan (Kappa Sigma), 43 ' 2 " . Broad jump: Claridge (Lambda Delta), 21 ' . High jump: King (Phi Delta Theta), 6 ' 1 2 " . ' Intramural record. Phi Delt Doug Clark, handball singles winner, displays his form. Zeta Beta Tau beats the Fiji ' s in flag football. Off and running are the contestants in an intramural track meet. Kappa Sigma was the overall winner with 55 points. RIFLE While the Arizona rifle team only has club status at present, members hope to establish competition with other WAC schools in the near future. The team represented the University of Arizona in the Washington Birthday Matches in Phoenix and took third place. Team members also fired against fourteen local teams, winning eleven of the matches. The team took part in the El Paso ROTC Combined Match and in the Arizona Open. In the Arizona Open, Captain Warren Holck ' s team took first place. One of the top shooters on the team was May Mickel- sen, who holds six medals and was named the Best Woman Shooter in Arizona this year. Other outstanding rifle team members were Kenny Spring and Eldon Buckner. RIFLE TEAM: Sgt. John Lown, Capt. Warren Hoick, Eldon Buckner, Ken Spring, George Moffat, May Mickelsen. WEIGHTLIFTING Newly organized this year, the weightlifting club is striv- ing to interest other colleges in weightlifting competition. The purpose of the club is to promote collegiate weightlifting as a competitive sport and to represent the University of Arizona in intercollegiate competition. The accomplishments so far include two first places and two second places in the Southern Arizona AAU Championships; team champion- ship in the Southwestern Team Championships; team cham- pionship in the University of California Invitational; and one first place (Jim Dainty) and one third place (Phil Rasp) in the Southwest Collegiates held at Southern Methodist University. WEIGHTLIFTING CLUB: Row 1: Greg Kramedas, Mike Mayo, Bob Hushes, Marion Magruder, Phil Rasp, Mike Brichta, Coach Carl Miller. Row 2: George Potter, George Papcun, Cody Copeland, Chuck Herman, Jim Dainty, Doug Holm, Ken Wowalski, Richard Kaufman. 362 WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Recreation Association is open to all women students on the campus. Qualification for membership is based on the point system, with 100 points needed for initiation. One thou- sand points entitle a woman to possible membership in the Arete Society and an " A " blazer; for•1800 points, a woman receives the coveted " A " blanket. This year there were 390 WRA members and 2707 participants in the WRA programs. Sandy Hodge, WRA president, was named by the WRA Board as the Outstanding Sportswoman for 1963. This honor is awarded on the basis of sportsmanship, service to WRA, skill and partici- pation in the WRA program. Sandy is a senior and has been an active member of WRA for four years. Her favorite sports are hockey and tennis. WRA officers for 1962-63 were Sandy Hodge, president; Linnea Hedlund, vice-president; Sandy Boonstra, treasurer; Sharon Far- quer, corresponding secretary; Lucia Jones, recording secretary; and Judy Leenhouts, member-at-large. Miss Mary Pavlich is the WRA adviser. Sports offered by the organization include swimming, table tennis, volleyball, pool and tennis in the fall; archery, co-ed volley- ball, basketball, folk dance, badminton, hockey and bowling in the winter; and pool, softball, tennis and golf in the spring. In addition, the intramural and intercollegiate games, as well as the various clubs, are an integral part of the WRA program. WRA BOARD: Row 1: Lucia Jones, Sandy Boonstra, Sherrie Farquer, Sandy Hodge, Judy Leenhouts, Irma Ficzeri, Marilyn Goldman. Row 2: Terry Reist, Valerie Card, Pat Graham, Sue Daggett, Angie Reuser, Mary Sayre, Jan Glover, Barbara Busacker, Lorie Carlson, Sue Swingle, Jeanne Chang, Peggy Schroder. 363 SANDY HODGE 1963 Sportswoman Sandy Hodge displays her skill at hockey. ARETE SOCIETY The Arete Society, formerly the Women ' s " A " Club, selects its members on the basis of scholarship, sportsmanship, participa- tion and service to the Women ' s Recrea- tion Association. The purpose of this or- ganization is to sponsor women ' s athletics at the University and to increase interest in the WRA. Applicants must also have acquired 1,000 participation points in the various sports. Officers were Irma Ficzeri, president; Dolores Orosco, vice-president; and Naomi Seigel, secretary-treasurer. ARETE SOCIETY: Lucia Jones, Patricia Mail, Irma Ficzeri, Kathy Schram, Sandra Boonstra, Dolores Orosco, Joanne Sears. BADMINTON CLUB The Badminton Club is open to all women students interested in playing badminton. This year the members participated in the Southwestern Intercollegiate Tournament and won honors at both competitions. The club ' s officers for this year were Irma Ficzeri, president; Sue Hawley, vice-president; and Linda Chapman, secretary. BADMINTON CLUB: Row 1: Kay Clovis, Vicky Croswell, Linda Chapman, Irma Ficzeri, Charlene Pres- ley, Pat Clovis. Row 2: Dr. Mary Lee Rabke, Sharon Coons, Sue Daggett, Janice Haberkamp, Faye Ebeling, Pat Brecht, Jeanne Chang. 364 RACQUET CLUB Racquet Club members sent delegates to three intercollegiate tennis tournaments during the year. Through active participa- tion the women increased their interest and ability in tennis. Members also as- sisted in the intramural tennis program and sponsored a University Mixed Doubles Tournament. Lucy Wilson and Nancy Wastcoat were the co-chairmen of the club. RACQUET CLUB: Row 1: Karen Robinson, Alice Oltmans, Nancy Wastcoat, Elaine Scott, Carey Klode, Louise Watt. Row 2: Alice Christer, Linda Brown, Kathi Novak, Joan Frick, Jeanne Chang, Phyllis Longmire. ORCHESIS: Row 1: Carla Ludwig, Marilee Garren, Karen Hall, Mary Sayre, Patti Horton, Ann Bonfoey, Ruth Robin. Row 2: Louella Bailey, Joyce Moser, Jennifer Winn, Barbara Beadles, Jean Berwick, Susan Harris, Carmen Kosich. Row 3: Pat Terry, Diane Sunkel, Diane Rein, Linda Bahner, Judy Abbott, Deanna Harrison, Barbara Nowinski, Jo Ann Landeros. ORCHESIS Orchesis, the University mod- ern dance club, chooses new members at its annual try-outs. Girls are judged on techniques and improvisations. This year 42 members participated in the Christmas Program and the Spring Concert. Orchesis officers were Mary Sayre, president; Patti Horton, vice-president; and Louella Bailey, secretary-treasurer. PUTTERS The members of Putters are women students who are active and interested in golf. The Putters play at Tucson municipal golf courses. This provides each of them with the opportunity to improve her game. Officers of the Putters for 1962-63 in- cluded Ronna Degen, president; Karen McCullough, secretary; and Ashleigh Col- diron, publicity chairman. PUTTERS: Row 1: Linda Beth Hill, Ellen Hainline, Judy Talbot, Ronna Degen, Sandy Hodge, Diane Farley, Karen McCullough. Row 2: Sharon Moran, Eugenia Shadegg, Linda Young, Luray Esten, Bonnie Brach, Ashleigh Coldiron, Terry Kearney. 365 FOLK DANCE CLUB The major event of the Folk Dance Club was its January Folk Dance Festival. The members also participated in dance demonstra- tions for Tucson organizations. Officers of the club were Jeanne Chang, president; Gerry Williams, vice-president; and Judy Johnson, secretary. FOLK DANCE CLUB: Row 1: Robert Christie, Judy Johnson, Willie Urban, Pat Crank, Gerry Williams. Row 2: Jean Caldwell, Jeanne Chang, Sue Daggett, Irma Ficzeri, Linda Chapman, Shylah Rau, Barbara Lamar, Leonor Gallardo. GYMNASTICS CLUB The Gymnastics Club provides an op- portunity for university women to enjoy this activity and improve their skill. Girls must be able to perform certain stunts as a prerequisite to membership. The Gym- nastics Club provided a trampoline clinic for junior high schools. Charlene Presley, who served as club president, was assisted by Irma Ficzeri, publicity chairman. GYMNASTICS CLUB: Row 1: Sharon Farquer, Charlene Presley, Carol Hesser, Jeanne Chang. Row 2: Pat Brecht, Elaine Scott, Sue Daggett, Sandra Lynne Miller, Saranne Kaplan, Linda Brown. DESERT MERMAIDS: Row 1: Nancy McCullough, Patti Wilcox, Patty Day, Darlene Conradi, Diane Tuttle, Helene Hewitt, Lee Weingarten, Gay Miller, Mary Conroy, Judy Smith, Barbara Busacker, Pat Barden, Sharon Turk. Row 2: Diane Watson, Sandy Hanna, Sandy Sheran, Marcia Gordon, Cyndy Crowell, Meredith McKee, Marilyn Schnur, Mary Lou Drummond, Patricia Wing, Judy Jochums, Ricke Gilbert, Mary Wise, Susan Plumb, Candy Owen. Row 3: Lenore Milberg, Carla Ingwer, Ann Thornton, Lou Jerrel, Pam Mitchell, Kathi Vanice, June Morris, Marilyn Mitchell, Sharon Hood, Marilyn Torrison, Lee Shanley, Carol Pennell, Christy Steele, Betsy Croxson, Susie Grundy, Patti Yunker. 1 I Li in 11-1-1-1 1 ill al I 11 I n I I IL,11111:111.011111311i Ig!1): 11111i] . 1_1 I I J DESERT MERMAIDS Desert Mermaids are women students interested in synchronized swimming. New members are chosen once each semester on the basis of ability and past experience. The highlight of the year is the Aquacade in April in which the Mer- maids demonstrate their skill. Officers were Lee Weingarten, presi- dent; Annalee Ferguson, vice-president; June Morris, secretary; Sharon Turk, Aqua- cade director; and Barbara Busacker, Mer- maidettes chairman. 366 FENCING CLUB All members of the University of Arizona Fencing Club also belong to the Amateur Fenc- ing League of America. Besides learning the art of fencing, members participated in intramural and intercollegiate competitions. Yvonne Gallego, president of the club, was assisted by JoAnn Wehner, secretary. FENCING CLUB: Row 1: Candy Ripley, Mary Tiemeier, Connie Schlotterbeck, Marjorie Taylor, Yvonne Gal- lego, Maggie Shook, Nancy Wastcoat. Row 2: Maria Amado, Lori Carlson, adviser Shirley Gorman; Chris Block, Susan Shea, Diana Davison. Archery members demonstrate their winning forms. I NTRAMURALS The Women ' s Recreation Association intramural program in- cludes archery, badminton, basketball, bowling, golf, softball, table tennis, hockey, volleyball and swimming. For each of these activities, a sports leader is chosen to coordinate sorority and dormitory competition. In order to keep students informed about these activities, a weekly WRA newsletter is published. Trophies are awarded to the winning teams in each event. The highlight of WRA intramurals is on Women ' s Day when a trophy is given to the team with the highest number of parti- cipation points in all of the events. In the pocket. Sharon Turk and Lee Weingarten practice for intercollegiate competition. Intercollegiate, state, regional and national tournaments, dual meets and sportsdays make it possible for Arizona coeds to compete in sports activities which demand high level skills. Sports such as badminton, tennis, fencing, swimming, softball and volleyball have all been represented at various meets. Outstanding in their fields this year were Lori Carlson, Irma Ficzeri and Yvonne Gallego, bad- minton; Lucy Wilson and Nancy Wastcoat, tennis; and Lee Weingarten and Sharon Turk, swimming. Maggie Cummins practices her golf swing. 368 P RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL The Residence Hall Council coordinates activities of the University dormitories. Composed of the presidents of both the men ' s and women ' s halls, the Council meets monthly with an executive council and two advisers to discuss mutual problems. The aim of the group is to promote better relations among the residence halls on campus. Activities sponsored by the Council included record hops, a Christmas formal, spring formal and exchanges. At the end of the year, the Council awarded two Inter-Dormitory Scholarship Cups to the men ' s and women ' s halls showing the greatest scholastic improve- ment. Residence Hall Council officers were John Yount, president; Elsa Winsor, vice-president; Marcella Corona, secretary; and Chuck Fenzi, treasurer. JOHN YOUNT Residence Hall Council President RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL: Row 1: Martha Craft, Mariann Barry, Carol Hull, Sharon Calahan, Susan Kreisler, Janice Huddleston, Jane Kirby. Row 2: Elwyn Zimmerman, Phillip Barnhard, Fred Kirchner, James Elliott, Dennis St. John, Charles Fenzi, Leslie Rhuart, Ron Cottrell, Bob Boyd, John Yount. 370 Head resident Mrs. Lillian Henkel and assistant Jewel Walton. ARIZONA HALL Arizona Hall, formerly a men ' s residence hall, housed 55 girls this year. 1962-63 official matters were handled by Dianne Schafer, president; Glenna Stewart, vice-president; Laurie Leever, secretary; Pat Trujillo, treasurer; and Sue Ann Balock, social chairman. Arizona Hall was well represented in Unversity organizations and honoraries. Arizona residents sponsored many philanthropy projects. Cooperating with AWS, they participated in the Thanksgiving food drive and the Christmas toy and clothing drive. " And I came 2,000 miles to escape housework. " ARIZONA HALL: Row 1: Paula Marshall, Winkle Gilbert, Nancy Sloane, Kathy Reed, LaRayne Parrish, Carmen Gerbracht, Connie Sallie. Row 2: Sue Harrington, Pat Erickson, Becky Dailey, Linda Bendixen, Laurie Ann Leever, Patricia Smith, Pat Trujillo, Lind a Stewart. Row 3: Janet Norton, Ruth Danehy, Inez Young, Nancy Fennelly, Jane McNulty, Ann Seward. 371 Head resident Mrs. Edna Snider and assistant Phoebe Dow. COCON I NO HALL Coconino Hall, composed entirely of Arizona girls, began the year by decorating for Mom and Dad ' s Day and Homecoming. Toys and clothing were collected at Christmas time for the children of local orphanages. Coconino residents participated in Religion in Life Week and campaigned for their candidates for campus royalty. Officers this year were Marcella Corona, president; Sandi Wason, vice-president; Patty Day, secretary; Sandy Neese, treasurer; Mary Anne McCue, social chairman; and Mary Shumway, AWS representative. Sacks could push suitcases off the market ... well, almost. COCONINO HALL: Row 1: Marcella Corona, Sandra Neese, Phoebe Dow, Cheryl Comerford, Starr Sanders, Kerry Toohey, Judy McLaughlin. Row 2: Lesley Burd, Lois Cheslar, Mary Anne McCue, Diane Wilson, Mary Jane Hobbs, Sandy Cohen, Lynda Jo Decker, Paula Goldstine. 372 " Now carry me to class nicely — don ' t jerk! " GILA HALL Gila Hall, home for more than 188 out-of-state girls, started the school year with a hall dinner, Sunday break- fast and inter-residence hall exchanges. In the spring, a swimming party and barbecue filled the social calendar. Gila philanthropy projects included a Christmas toy drive and caroling at the Comstock Children ' s Hospital. Gila officers were Elsa Winsor, president; Rosemary Jenkin, vice-president; Penny West, secretary; Angela Grove, treasurer; Sue Coppess, AWS representative; and Suanne May, social chairman. Head resident Mrs. Thelma Mills and assistants Barbara Butler and Natalie McGee. GILA HALL: Row 1: Julie Bell, Mary Jean Bishop, Suanne May, Sally Kent. Row 2: Carlene Conradi, Kim Murchie, Comes, Barbara Best, Linda Chalmers, Evelyn Davis. Row 3: Joan Porter, Phyl- lis McRae, Janelle Merrill, Marsha Scrib- ner, Abby Goldstein, Cheryl Smith, Bonnie Gong, Natalie McGee. Row 4: Louise Hagemann, Jan Kniager, Lani Wilke, Adrienne Anderson, Carey Klode, Brenda Fletcher. " Now if I can just find that little brown piece, we ' ll have Yogi Bear all finished. " HUACHUCA HALL An exchange with Cochise Hall opened the year for the 174 girls in Huachuca Hall. Collaborating with Kai- bab Hall, Huachuca won first place for Homecoming decorations. Prizes for the best decorated corridors and individual rooms were given at the annual Christmas party. Huachuca Hall is unique in that it has a supper club as well as a lending library. In addition they help sup- port a former Huachuca Hall member in the Peace Corps. Officers of Huachuca were Milly Galigher, president; Jean Perry, vice-president; Carolyn Wirth, secretary; Sandra Copp, treasurer; Gloria Tuell, AWS representa- tive; and Judy Lebeau, social chairman. Head resident Mrs. Pringle Fitzhugh and assistant Beth Deibert. HUACHUCA HALL: Row 1: Tish Herbst, Sandy Russell, Sara Waters, Carolyn Wurth, Milly Galigher, Gloria Tuell, Toby Reynolds, Diana Cor- bett, Elaine Apuzzo, Mary Grace Entz. Row 2: Georgia Cole, Joyce Anderson, Linda Gumpers, Vicky Grennan, Elizabeth Ann Elliott, Sharon Davis, Pat Lindley, Sally Stevenson, Carolyn Hartman, Carol Fassnacht, Margaret Kantz. Row 3: Faith Leiter, Mary Ann Foley, Barbara Shel- ton, Sherrie Bellman, Barbara Sneden, Geri Cadwell, Danitza Angius. 374 Head resident Mrs. Lillian Mallard and assistants Judy Eakins and Lola Kirkpatrick. KAIBAB HALL A tea and open house for Mom and Dad ' s Day opened the year ' s activities for Kaibab residents. During the fall, exchanges were held with Graham and Santa Cruz. At Thanksgiving, there was a party for girls unable to go home for vacation. In December an all-dorm Christmas dinner party was held. Kaibab president Mariann Barry was assisted by Kathleen Monahan, vice-president; Jo Langfitt, secretary; Barbara Down- ing, treasurer; Julie Babias, AWS representative; and Gerry Montoya, social chairman. " Oh, hello ... I wasn ' t expecting you to call ! " KAIBAB HALL: Row 1: Joylene Spratt, Gail Betts, Mariann Barry, Cheryl Gibson, Harriette Eagan, Louise Burwell, Mary Lou Drummond, Row 2: Cynthia Rugg, Michele Nieuwenhuis, Royce Coxwell, Pat Home, Jan Hilsinger, Luray Esten, Lola Kirkpatrick, Barbara Downing, Bar- bara Silver, Pam McCoy, Lu Ann Valle. Row 3: Iva Jones, Jo Langfitt, Lajean McCarley, Nancy Meola, Linda Carol Puchi, Marilyn Fadem, Judy Mirman, Phyllis Byrd, Roxanne Peterson, Char Curtis. 375 Head resdent Mrs. Esther Spencer and assistants Doris Horowitz, Mary Warner and Dixie Berry. MANZANITA HALL Manzanita Hall, first in scholarship in 1961-1962 in inter- residence hall competition, was the home of 237 girls. During the year exchanges and hall parties were held to promote better relationship among the students on campus. Manzanita also made decorations for Moms and Dad ' s Day and Homecoming. This year Manzanita ' s activities were guided by Jan Huddle- ston, president; Pat Katz, vice-president; Janet Dorsey, secre- tary; Janet Ledford, treasurer; Sandy Button, AWS representa- tive; and Cheryl White, social chairman. " Heh, heh, they ' ll wonder where the Manzanita went .. MANZANITA HALL: Row 1: Janet Burns, Marcia Wigby, Sari Berg, Charlotte Kwic, Cindy Koshelek, Cathy Northway, Nancy Ryger. Row 2: Marcia Behlow, Ann Pedersen, Jerry Lemley, Janet Schlosser, Caryll Collins, Sabra Wissman, Ann Penzi, Betsy Figueroa, Barbara Frere. Row 3: Elena Lorenz, Elizabeth Bowden, Karen Perona, Karen Larsson, Patti .Peck, Bernice Bendalin, Sherry Ann Shaer, Lynn Susan Merritt, H. Lee Weingarten, Elaine Bruce, Pam Miller, Martie Sands, Jan Huddleston. Row 4: Linda Guth, Janise Higby, Chris Troller, Faye Kelley, Paige Daber, Susy Grossetta, Janice Ouren, Marlene Fiedler, Iris Wolf, Karen Dodge, Kim Young, Judy Greenberg, Janet Dorsey, Barbara Wakenigg, Barclay Baldridge. Row 5: Alyce Jones, Rickee Gilbert, Ronnie Wacker, Nancy Hall, Mary Heiliger, Cleo Foran, Ginger Caldwell, Judi Watts, Karen Van Osdol, Marty Custer, Barbara Schmitz, Norma Jean Pick, Karen Fredrickson, Cindy Bell, Betty Benedict, Sharon Barnes, Janet Ledford, Lynn Miller. 376 " See what a good wife I ' ll make? " MOHAVE HALL A Halloween party for the children from the Asthmatic Foun- dation highlighted the service projects in which Mohave Hall participated this year. The girls also contributed to the AWS food and clothing drives. Various exchanges with men ' s halls and a Christmas dinner added to the social events. Donna Swisher, Mohave ' s entrant, was a finalist for Hi and Smile Queen and Sandy Stites was the hall ' s candidate in the best-dressed coed contest. Susan Kreisler, president; Virginia Robertson, vice-president; Lynne Kennedy, secretary; Natalie Davis, treasurer; and Pat Sheridan, AWS representative; were Mohave ' s officers. Head resident Mrs. Margaret Lea and assistants Jane Burroughs, Betty Murphy, Jane Young and Ann Smith. MOHAVE HALL: Row 1: Ann Gardner, RoJean Abernathy, Janis Day, Judy Talbott, Charlotte Quihuis, Helen Brill, Colleen Bauer, Michelle Antoine, Carol Rose, Rebecca Smith. Row 2: Judy Kane, L ouise Kaufman, Sara Harrison, Kitty Ascher, Marry Anne Rippy, Linda Perez, Diane Wilson, Judie Moorhead, Jayne Cannon, Gloria Verweire, Georgia Stone. Row 3: Pat Boyd, Susan Kreisler, Diane Gittlin, Betty Murphy, Janie Sullo, Beverly Dineff, Bonnie Carey, Jean Fetter, Lynn Fetters, Linda Stoll, Judie Sable, Sue Davis, Judy Smith, Lynda Parlett. 377 " Now this is conducive to studying, isn ' t it? " Head resident Mrs. Helen Wehrle and assistant Joyce Fall. MARICOPA HALL The 150 girls residing in Maricopa filled Christmas stock- ings for underprivileged children. This annual philanthropy project was followed by a Christmas party. Earlier in the year, the annual banquet for all Gila occupants was held. Sharon Calahan, president, guided Maricopa Hall in of- ficial matters with the help of Carole Oshry, vice-president; Penny Rochel, secretary; Ellen Yarnell, treasurer, and Charlotte Cleveland, AWS representative. MARICOPA HALL: Row 1: Linda Mitchell, Diane Bishop, Elaine Wyckoff, Elizabeth Morphy, Mary Jenkins, Penny Horne, Brooke Callahan, Kimberley Collins, Daphne Van Buren, Cynthia Ann Doyle, Mary Louise Rio. Row 2: Kit Ballard, Sharon Hood, Kaye Fisher, Ricky Lapin, Sandie Ellis, Marilyn LaMotte, Sandi Smith, Margo Ashley, Pat Sposito, Julie Franklin, Rachel Lopez. Row 3: Joyce Hardin, Jerryl Sullivan, Janice Davison, Jackie Sergant, Kathy Harshman, Joyce Fall, Autumn Day, Peggy Kilbourne, Elizabeth Jarvis, Shelley Stimson, Jane Mc- Laughlin, Jeri Friedman, Reina Freadkin. Row 4: Rox anne Bruning, Elese McLaughlin, Paula Friedlander, Dena Curtis, Judy Jochums, Beverly Barber, Charlotte Cleveland, Michelle Van Buskirk, Nancy Butler, Elaine Moe, Sue Bowman. 378 Head resident Mrs. Frances Van Slyke and Pima residents. PIMA HALL Pima Hall, the only cooperative dormitory on the campus, gives its residents the experience of living and working together. Leading Pima Hall were Martha Craft, president; Ellen Lorance, vice-president; Marsha Malone, secretary; Ruth Davis, treasurer; Mary Lou Benson, AWS representative; Dawn Masunaga, business manager; and Jo Ann Stevenson, house man- ager. Faculty teas, Christmas and spring formals, class parties and breakfasts and a Founders ' Day dinner were some of Pima ' s many activities. During the Christmas holidays members gathered toys for Indian children and went caroling. Working toward your M.R.S. degree? PIMA HALL: Row 1: Dawn Masunaga, Ellen Lorance, Martha Craft, Eleanor Van Tilborg, Linda Michener, Delcia Grijalva, Virginia Reyes, Emily SuIt, Marsha Malone. Row 2: Penny Garcia, Rhoda Dawn Tanner, Carolyn Niethammer, Barbara Sherman, Margaret Mueller, Lorena Merrill, Sylvia Payette, Nancy Hale, Judy Busk, Ruth Davis, Sheryl Higgins, Jewel Pratt. Row 3: Olga Acosta, Barbara Olson, Nancy Pollock, Elaine Morris, Kay Adams, Bonnie Schacht, Susan Woodruff, Sarah Sparks, Sophia Kaluzniacki. 379 YAVAPAI HALL An unusual project occupied Yavapai Hall girls in October as they competed for first, second and third prizes in a best decorated room contest. After decorating their rooms, the girls worked together to set up displays outside the hall welcoming guests at Homecoming and Mom and Dad ' s Day. Yavapai resident Cheri Grimes was first runner-up for " A " -Day Queen in the freshmen ' s new tradition. Ann Guillaume was a finalist for Hi-and-Smile Queen. The 203 hall residents kept busy with exchanges and partici- pation in many campus activities, honoraries and clubs. Miss Agnes Spafford was installed as new head resi- dent this year. Officers were Carol Hull, president; Sally Anderson, vice-president; Mary Armstrong, secretary; and Brenda Yudin, AWS representative. Head resident Miss Agnes Spafford and assistants Susan Conner and Susan Grundy. ... and Yavapai predicts this year ' s fashion scene will include thongs, tennies, flats, loafers . . g YAVAPAI HALL: Row 1: Sherry Wild, Brangwyn Foote, Elayne Bernstein, Vicky Gunnels, Cherie Allen, Kathleen Glancy, Susie Harrington. Row 2: Mary Ellen Curtis, Carol Hull, Carol Hesser, Barbara Allen, Nancy Ann Hirt, Cy Chatburn, Babs Weigle, Brenda Yudin, Linda Lund- wall. Row 3: Susie Wright, Pam Frazer, Sally Anderson, Sandra Martin, Judy Stoaks, Carol Sewell, Helen Taylor, Barbara Thompson, Helen Draper, Janet Arvizo. 380 YUMA HALL The adoption and support of a Korean orphan is con- tinued each year by Yuma Hall residents. Letters and pack- ages are sent to the child throughout the year. Yuma ' s scrapbook is filled with letters from this girl which are translated from Korean to English by an interpreter. A variety of social events were included in the calendar this year. A Thanksgiving Barbeque in conjunction with Greenlee Hall, a Christmas dinner and a sock hop with Santa Cruz were some of the activities. Officers were Ann Utley, president; Jane Hays, vice- president; Susie Glover, secretary; Mary Elin Schrage, treasurer; and Evie Wing, AWS representative. Head resident Mrs. Margaret Caswell. " O00000000, well now. Two plus two ... I didn ' t expect your problems to be quite this hard. " YUMA HALL: Row 1: Suzanne Smith, Diane Feldman, Nancy Westmoreland, Evie Wing, Anne Utley, Susie Glover, Maureen Hannley, June Hays, Mary Elin Schrage, Carole Sickafoose, Karen Barnes. Row 2: Wanda Dozier, Mary Ann Shaffer, Carol Ann Panarefos, Lenore DeWeese, Helen Wollny, Christy Thorup, Carol Williamson, Lura Simmons, Vicki James, Betty Ann Seiler, Christy Powers, Mary Wilson, Donna Tre- harne. Row 3: Joanne Barreca, Phyllis Antone, Sandy Ellis, Janet Hamilton, Rosemary Toon, Judy Smith, Sarah Novick, Mary Bacon, Sharon McGentry, Mary Ann Rosenberg, Nancy Boyd. 381 Head resident Richard Woods and assistant Harold Cousland. ... and now in ring three Apache Hall presents ... APACHE HALL Located across Vine Avenue from the football stadium is Apache Hall. One hundred eighty-three men lived in the hall this year. Apache ' s social calendar was filled with celebrations of holidays and other events. Exchanges were arranged with the girls of Yavapai and Mohave halls. Apache residents concentrated upon and improved their grades during the year. As their service project, the hall sponsored a Christmas party for second graders. Apache Hall ' s officers were Phillip Barnhard, president; and Kenneth Rob- erts, secretary-treasurer. APACHE HALL: Row 1: James Amarillas, Richard McFarland, Howard Hogan, Cesar Vargas, Ken Roberts, Phil Barn- hard, Scott Connelly, Cody Copeland. Row 2: John Gray, Denny Jordan, Ed Ciotti, Blake Smith, Ron Harvey, Ray- mond Hewitt, Kurt Radtke, Mike Regenovich, Gary Spelbring. Row 3: Brian Gunter, Walter Ashenelter, Jim Keefer, Wayne Patterson, Paul Donnelly, Jim Wilson, Kip North, George Flushman, Frank Watson, Robert Clarke. 382 COCHISE HALL The officers elected to serve Cochise Hall during the 1962- 1963 year were John Yount, president; Fred Kirchner, vice-presi- dent; Russ Fraser, secretary-treasurer; Wayne King, social chair- man; and Bob Badger, intramurals chairman. There were many social events held throughout the year at Cochise Hall. Parties were held after the football games and in the spring, exchanges with women ' s dormitories. In addition, residents gave a Christmas party for the orphan children in Tucson. They also had their annual steak fry and senior dinner. Head resident Mrs. Emma Herrick and assistant John Yount. Now, why would she want to talk to six boys at once? COCHISE HALL: Row 1: Allen Paschke, Veda Thapa, John Thorup, Steven Brock, Brian Meins, Peter Nemeth, David Coffas, L. J. Reed, Louis Simpson, Stephen Ice. Row 2: Kenneth Yu, Jim Jennings, Cal Vertires, Bill Osborne, Bob Hillman, John Hulett, Rob Madrigan, William Harris, Bob Jackson, Gary Bush, Sheldon Publicover, John Yount, Rene Heil, Emery Hirschler, David Locey. Row 3: Donald Knapp, Paul Lauricella, Mike Powers, Dale Schumacher, John Wallace, Karl Trader, Brent Foote, Edward Frisch, James Wienke, Jerry Hamm, Fred Kirchner. 383 Head resident Robert Damon and assistant Sig Singman. EAST STADIUM HALL The 57 residents of East Stadium Hall lived under the football stadium. It ' s not surprising that the hall residents were athletically inclined. They participated in a variety of sports. Mike Lan- dino was a member of the wrestling team and Philip Ostrom managed the freshman basketball team. Philip Ostrum and George Sanderson were on the lacrosse team. Exchanges with various girls ' halls filled the social calendar. East Stadium ' s delegate to the Residence Hall Coun- cil, John Dunn, was active in campus life. Officers for East Stadium were John Dunn, presi- dent; Calvin Stewart, vice-president; Philip Diskin, treasurer; and Philip Ostrum, social chairman. EAST STADIUM HALL: Row 1: Ray Balda, Jack Dunn, Calvin Stewart. Row 2: Dick Liebenow, Sam Benenati, Richard Henry. " Well girls, I ' m all tied up this weekend, but ... " 384 Head resident Martin A. Massengale and assistants Hector Sotelo, Gordon Gadden and Gary Giles. HOPI LODGE Hopi Lodge, built in 1947 to temporarily house returning GI students following World War II, accommodated 124 men this year. Hopi Lodge and Papago are the only one-floor residence halls for men on campus. This year Hopi Lodge residents were again active in intramurals. The main social functions were a Christmas party for the residents, exchanges with women ' s dormitories and the annual steak fry. Hopi Lodge placed second in men ' s intramurals. Hopi Lodge officers were Jay Grenig, president; Harvey Jer- mundson, vice-president; James Elliott, treasurer; and Harry Kiel ing, intramurals chairman. " And they said I ' d never make it to my 7:40. " HOPI LODGE: Row 1: Kurt Haripar, Martin Massengale, Dick Marshall, Victor Hoyos, Jay Delong, Ronnie Bridgemon, Bob Melke, Gary Burgner, Carl Gocksch, Charles Huttlo. Row 2: Jay Grenig, Bob Thelander, lyi Ola Ladipo, Haw Jermundson, Raymond Rogers, Julius Sigmund, Dallas Doyle, Michael Turner, Rainer Schultz, Ron Lair, Don Frazier. Row 3: Robert Dukes, Victor Ogunba, Larry Tualla, Dan Roe, Ernest Clish, John Wilkie, Eddie Coker, Terry Groener, Dennis Melancon, Glen Herzog. 385 " Yes, I attribute my first million dollars to my economics class and this job. " GRAHAM HALL Graham Hall was known on campus as an athletic dormi- tory since over two-thirds of its residents were varsity athletes. Many also competed for the dorm in the intramural sports program. The 1962-63 officers were Bob Boyd, president; Steve Kerr, vice-president; Tom Jordan, treasurer; and Jim Norman, social chairman. Graham Hall ' s main social activities this year were ex- changes with several women ' s dorms. Assistant Bob Boyd and head resident Bob Grieman. GRAHAM HALL: Row 1: Paul Zampino, Bob Boyd, Tom Jordan. Row 2: Bill Honerkamp, Jon Kraps, Warren Nabours. 386 Head resident Ralph A. Yappel and assistants Steve Gerst, Scott Vaughan and Leslie Rhuart. " But the catalogue said, ' located in warm, sunny Tucson ' ... GREENLEE HALL Greenlee Hall, the newest men ' s residence hall, houses 170 men. Officers for 1962-63 were Les Rhuart, president; Steve Gerst, vice- president; and Scott Vaughan, treasurer. Greenlee had several men in campus honoraries and had the highest scholastic average for both semesters of the 1961-62 school year. Greenlee, always active in intramurals, placed fourth among dormitories. Intramural manager was Humberto Valenzuela. In 1962, five students from Greenlee Hall represented the Uni- versity of Arizona at the World ' s Fair in Seattle. GREENLEE HALL: Row 1: Mike Christian, Albert Lawson,Marshall Benalin, Jim Greenbach. Row 2: Robert Mersereau, N ' guetta Bosso, Bert Williams, Bascir Aden, Scott Vaughan, Dave Lytle. Row 3: Chris Messec, James Clark, David Roll, Scott Higgans, Ernest Felix, Harley Hiett. Row 4: Donald Wilson, Harvey Durant, Leslie Rhuart, Bob Moe, Mark Hanna, Bob Stacy. 387 NAVAJO HALL The 88 men living in Navajo Hall opened the year with an exchange with Mohave Hall. They also held exchanges with several other women ' s halls throughout the year. Navajo joined other men ' s halls in collecting food and clothing for the AWS Christmas Drive and many Navajo residents participated in intramural athletics. The annual senior dinner honored prospective Navajo alums. Officers were Ronald Cottrell, president; Joe Var- ralles, secretary-treasurer; Jim Nevlin, social chair- man; and John Riddle, intramurals chairman. Tribal elders introduce a newcomer to powerful Navajo joy juice. DESERT ti5 QUEEN 2CORONA:VION march 9 pm NEVCMS a.. ballroom no admission the Head resident Sigmund L. Smith and assistants Gary Stuart and Jeff LaVell. NAVAJO HALL: Row 1: Joe Barrales, Brian Bunney, John Sumner, Richard Lohr, Albert Culter, Stanley Gorham. Row 2: Jim Roberts, Monty Thornburg, Clyde McLennan, Ron Cottrell, Tom Carmony, Bill Goren, George Davidson, Jimmy Jue, Bill Crawford. 388 PINAL HALL Residents of Pinal Hall assisted in the annual Campus Chest Drive in the fall. During the year exchanges were held with Phrateres, Pima Hall and several other women ' s resi- dences. Leading the 78 men of Pinal Hall were Don Kelley, presi- dent; Karl Keener, vice-president; Jim Wise, secretary; George lannella, treasurer; Roy Mulholland, social chairman; and Ron Phelps, intramurals chairman. How else do you pick a current event? Assistants George lannella, Lynn Sanders and Karl Keener. Not present is Dr. Melvin C. Erickson, head resident. PINAL HALL: Row 1: Nicholas Yagar, Jerry Chilton, Barrie Mayes, Richard Preston, Bill Honeck. Row 2: Tom Saimondi, John Edwards, Don Kelley, Sam Woodard, Peter Bushre, Jim Wise, Gary Hawley. 389 " Sometimes I feel sort of nervous and uneasy for no reason at all. " Papago Lodge, located at Fifth and Highland, housed 122 men in 1962-63. Papago won the 1962 intramural championship and was also awarded a trophy for outstanding proficiency in the field of ice cream eating. In addition, Papago became the first resi- dence hall to establish a scholastic filing system. Other Papago activities included a Christmas party for orphans, several exchanges and a steak fry. Officers were Charles Fenzi, president; Doug Huber, vice- president; Bruce Semingson, secretary-treasurer; Dave Sturgeon, social chairman; and Dick Goenig, intramurals chairman. PAPAGO LODGE Head resident Jerry Tolle and assistants Reggie Sellas and Dwayne Willard. PAPAGO LODGE: Row 1: John Brandlin, Bruce Emmons, Charles Bullock, Bruce Semingson, Chuck Fenzi, Raymond Reese, Marcel Fitzner. Row 2: Tony Furr, Reginald Sellas, Richard Johnson, Steve Richman, Lawrence Hiatt, Marshall Gleason, Jim Colclough, Paul Van Blarcom, Michael LeVine. Row 3: Brian Belsher, George Zastaury, William O ' Hare, Joe Sterling, Guy Zulueta, John Carden, Gary Hall, Steve Cole, Rafael Duran. 390 SANTA CRUZ HALL Santa Cruz Hall, under the leadership of president Dennis St. John, had many activities this year. Dick Foster, the social chairman, planned exchanges with Kaibab and Huachuca halls and the semi- formal dance which was held at a guest ranch. Tom Clauser was intramurals chairman and coordinated the dorm ' s competition in intramural football, basketball and cross country. The other Santa Cruz officers were Warren Platt, vice-president; and Kimball Dunbar, treasurer. Head resident James Speight and assistants Jerry Neil Perlman, Chuck Heatherly, Curtis Christianson, Warren Platt and Bill Cook. " That Student Union food sure has done a lot for me. " SANTA CRUZ HALL: Row 1: Jerry Harry Beggs, John Beggs. Row 2: Henry Ong, Neil Perlman, Bob Fiore, Mike O ' Connell, Marshall Cole, Ross Millhiser, Steve Corkran. Row 3: Irvin Karl, Stan Rosenfeld, William Cook. 391 POLO VILLAGE Polo Village provides housing for married veterans and their families. The two-family quonset huts were built in 1946 on the former UA polo field. Life in Polo Village is similar to life in a small community. Members of the village elect officers and council members each year to coordinate village activities. Officers this year were Tom Taylor, mayor; Frank Tarazon, vice-mayor; Rachel Wahl, secretary; and Joan Hammond, treasurer. The village council sponsors an annual Christmas dance and other recreational activities for community members. Villagers participated in the first " Spring Fever Day " which was held at a local guest ranch. The village publishes a monthly newspaper, " Quonset Quotes. " " I heard that your dad was on the D list for 6 units. " POLO VILLAGE COUNCIL: Row 1: John Hammond, Rachel Wahl, Joan Hammond, Bob Wahl, Ronald Anderson. Row 2: Frank Tarazon, Robert Darnell, Paul Heidenreich, Ralph Gierish, Tom Taylor, John Whiting, Hal Sutton, Bill Lockett, Gordon Johnson. 392 STUDENT RELIGION COUNCIL: Carol Hull, secretary; Wendy Tuch, treasurer; Stephanie Smith, vice- president; Jack Leman, president. RELIGION IN LIFE WEEK Religion in Life Week, a traditional part of the campus religious program, stimulates thoughtful discussions on spiritual issues among students and faculty members. The Student Religion Council, the University Pastors ' Fellowship and the University Forum Committee work to- gether to select outstanding speakers representing the various faiths. This year the speakers included Malcom McAfee, Presbyterian pastor from Stanford University; Charles Hum- mel, field director of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship in Chicago, Illinois; Dr. Quinn McKay, Bishop of the Edgemont Third Ward in Provo, Utah; and Father Edward Cowhig from St. Mary ' s Church in Lynn, Massachusetts. They spoke on this year ' s Religion in Life Week theme, " From Adam to Atom. " The activities began with the traditional RIL Week Banquet held February 24. The speakers led discussions in classes and at Greek and residence hall exchanges throughout the week. In addition, the art gallery featured an exhibit of religious art and the library displayed religious books. RIL STEERING COMMITTEE: Lynn Moore, Bonnie Gong, Janice Lee, Julie Peters, Ellen Bernstein, Wendy Tuch, Harriet Hutchins, Bonnie Denn, Stephanie Smith, Professor Philip Newlin. 394 B ' AHAI YOUTH ORGANIZATION Begun in 1863 by Mirza Husayn Ali, B ' ahaism also entitled " Bahullah " or " The Splendor of God " emphasizes the spiritual unity of mankind. University students who are adherants of B ' ahaism have formed the B ' ahai Youth Organization. Meetings provide instruction in the beliefs of this faith. Officers Hollis Stewart, president, and J. Basard Rohanina, secretary-treasurer, lead the group in its activities and helped to further the understanding of the convictions of B ' ahaism. B ' AHAI YOUTH ORGANIZATION: Hollis Stewart, Pat Mitchell, Behzad Rohani, Grandma Rothberger, Eldon Dennis. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Members of the Baptist Student Union planned and carried out various social and service activities this year. The social calendar included an open house on Mom and Dad ' s Day, a Christmas banquet and an international students ' picnic. Members also served as hosts for the Baptist Student Union convention. Philanthropic drives for needy families and sponsorship of summer missions were the service projects. Officers were M. S. Yee, president; Donna Duncan, vice-presi- dent; Wanda Taeger, secretary; and Steve Dowdle, treasurer. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION: Row 1: Barbara Ward, Gene Anderson, Donna Duncan, M. S. Yee, Bill Collinsworth, Valerie Davison. Row 2: Sue Woodhouse, Odus Elliott, Barry Cooper, Sally Kent, Carolyn Kerr CANTERBURY CLUB A modern version of Chaucer ' s Canter- bury pilgrims is represented by the Can- terbury Club. All Episcopal students are encouraged to join this church home away from home. The 40 members gathered for religious discussions and informal get-togethers at Saint Paul ' s Memorial Church. The officers were Richard Eckman, president; Vance Vidal, vice-president; and Anne Schermer- horn, secretary-treasurer. CANTERBURY CLUB: Row 1: Elaine Orr, Janet Ostosh, Penny Perkins, Wendy Tuch, Mary Shumway, Ann Schermerhorn. Row 2: William Knapp, Richard Eckman, Richard Baird, Craig Stone. 395 UA CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP The University of Arizona Christian Fel- lowship is one of many Christian groups on the campuses across the United States collectively known as the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. In addition to Chris- tian fellowship, the purpose of the group is to relate the significance of the Lordship of Christ to college students. The 30 members, who meet on an inter- denominational basis, are under the direc- tion of Jack Lindloff, president; Pat Shelton and Eleanor Ewald, vice-presidents; Dola Hallock, recording secretary; and Linda Lamb, secretary-treasurer. UA CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: Row 1: Diane Ewald, Dola Hallock, Ellie Ewald, Annette Ver Velde, Paulette Lindloff. Row 2: Alfred Boush, Meldon Acheson, Terry Groener, Donald Livingston, Jack Lindloff, O ' Mara White, Kenneth Knight. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The Christian Science Organization unites University Christian Scientists in closer bonds of fellowship and provides opportunities for the public to learn about the religion. The annual fall reception for new students, two free lectures on Christian Science and a short talk by a Christian Scientist during Religion in Life Week were among the group ' s projects. Officers were Toby Teorey, president; Cinda Mickelsen, reader; Harriot Hutchins, clerk; and Alice Oltmans, treasurer. MIS CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION: Row 1: Roberta Bannon, Joni Taranton, Holly Ransom, Alice Oltmans, Harriot Hutchins, Jill Paine. Row 2: Cinda Mickelsen, Ray Haynes, John Clark, Toby Teorey, May Mickelsen. 396 LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA: Row 1: Judy Sinks, Karen Scott, Marlene Rogers, Joanne Cardon, Lorena Merrill, Barbara Sevy, Charlotte Huber, Mary Corina. Row 2: Jewel Pratt, Penny Wray, Marie Luke, Nancy Niccum,Loraiie Newberry, Sheryl Smith, Sharon Coons, LaVonne Rogers, Elayne Hardt, Janelle Merrill, Phyllis McRae, Candy Ripley. LATTER DAY SAINTS INSTITUTE The Latter Day Saints Institute is the student religious organization and center for those of the Mormon faith. All Mormon s tudents are invited and encouraged to take advant- age of this " church away from home. " Under the leadership of Jay Busby and Suzanne Smith, the group sponsored fire- sides, banquets, religious services and discussions. The insti- tute also provided social activities for its members, including several post-football game dances. LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA Members of Lambda Delta Sigma, a combined religious and social organization open to all coeds, have the opportunity to hear various guest speakers at their monthly dinners. They hold weekly business meetings on Monday nights to plan activities which include both religious and social functions. Lambda Delta Sigma works with the LDS Institute on its Homecoming float each year. LATTER DAY SAINTS INSTITUTE: Row 1: Dick Fletcher, Dwane Gale, Joel McHood, Herman Nelson, Gene Mann, Valene Gardner, Dolores Trabulse. Row 2: Clyde Davis, Gwen Koyman, Pat Decker, Sandra Fletcher, Sharon Gale, Marolyn McHood, Carol McHood, Pat Nelson, Elaine Mann, Ruth Skousen, Ken Skousen, Diane Adams, Darryl Adams, Debbie Nielson. Row 3: Lewis Phelps, Larry Bond, Marie Luke, Don Knapp, Karen Daily, Karen Barnes, Lana Hartman, Martha Hayes, Sharon Kartchner, Martha Hansburger, Charlotte Huber, Andy Cavender, Elayne Hardt, Candy Ripley, Kay Adams, Nancy Pollock. Row 4: Jay Busby, Scott McEuen, Dave Mickle, Ervin Young, Penny Wray, Bob Brown, Bar- bara Sevy, Leon Ricks, Bill McLain, Phyllis McRae, Janelle Merrill, Larry Despain, Ann Pratt, Meg Sutton, Lorena Merrill, Sue Dees, RoMae Dickey, Bonnie Pratt, Marlene Rogers, Sharon Meadows, Kathy Merrill, Pat East, Brenda Jones, Fred Ash, Janice Lee, Eileen Coons, Harland Carey. Row 5: Ed Nelson, Donny Foster, Jerry Jaccard, Bill McVaugh, Orvill Tsuya, Nehemiah Goss, Larry Gardanier, Jim Wooden, Danny Post, LaMon Wimmer, Denton Barney, Frank Roinestad, Jerry Montes, Art Brimhall, Larry Nichols, Alan Wilson, Glen Kartchner, Jerry Brim- hall. Row 6: Eric Knapp, Yale Rodgers, Lynn Jones, Kregg Bodily, Donel Smith, Jay Hoopes, Darwin Fish, Ted Curtis. 397 NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club offers a variety of opportunities — religious, educational and social — to its members. Daily as well as Sunday masses are held at the center ' s St. Thomas More Chapel. Four different kinds of religious instruction classes are offered each semester to both Catholic and non-Catholic students. In addition, several distinguished visitors have given evening lectures at the center. The club ' s social get-togethers are open to both members and non-members. The center ' s present facilities — the cafeteria, library, auditorium, reading rooms and chapel — will be enlarged in the new Newman Center which will be completed in the fall. The Newmanites built a float for the Homecoming parade and held their annual Christmas formal and Bal Masque. The officers this year were Larry Harrington, president; Pete Adamson, first vice-president; Bob Ashby, second vice-president; Dick Lord, third vice-president; Dotty Munihan, corresponding secretary; Mary Ellen Tierney, recording secretary; and Jay DeLong, treasurer. NEWMAN CLUB: Row 1: Father Fredric Curry, Bessie Jean Ruley, Bob Acosta, John Terry, Anita Molina, Tom Nash, Susie Strickland, Denny Ceizyk, Tony Adams. Row 2: Jim Leake, Carlos Campos, Belinda Higuera, Barry Zimmerman, Catheryn MacDonald, William O ' Hare, Polly Sed- lock, Kathy Wisz, Mary Wilson, Tina Barcelo, Roxy Reidy, Rose Marie Maldonado, Gail Merrick, Paul deLamboy. Row 3: Judi Siener, Judy Fontaine, Mike Verkamp, Joan Wilkins, Lynn Murphy, Steve Lopez, Betsy Dickerson, Carol Bohn, Gilbert Lopez, Dianne Devereux, Larry Naquim, Marilyn Garrett, Elaine Senini, Dan Herrera, Margie Nunez, Camille Perino, Barbara Boyle, Mary Ellen Plinski, Marie Maucin, D. L. Bayer. Row 4: Richard Lohr, Sue Raper, Jan Surina, Jeni Smith, Pete Adamcin, Bonnie Denn, Victor Hoyos, Marie Segura, Mack Rhoades, Carmen Gerbracht, Larry McNelis, Sharon Boyle, Jay DeLong, Dorothy Dulkiewicz, James Orland, Sheila Noll, Rosalee Spaulding, Pamela Wrathall, Hugh Hegarty, Judy Liebeck, Kathleen Simms. Row 5: Armando Balderrama, Michael Hennessy, Barbara Maracci, Kathy Walsh, Jim Stenger, Mary Lou Vaisvil, Nick Yagar, Chris Conway, Ellen Walsh, Jim Jokerst, Libby Jarvis, Bob Molina, Judy Bartholomeaux, Frank Barcelo, Pat Whitehead, Kathy Fegan, Margie Ronstadt, Neil Stroman, Jackie Traher, Pat White, Larry Harrington, Cathy Reidy, Rosemary Toon. Row 6: Joe Yanez, Don Puccini, Brian Almon, Jim Keefer, Carol Paradise, Fred Hodge, Meg Bilby, James Bautz, Marion Hennessy, David Grimley, Diane Lyons, Richard lnskeep, Peggy Biocini, Lee Smith, Gerri Gavagan, John Lane, Merigay Finnerty, Joan Pace, Dave Lussier, Charlotte Pionke, Tom Bellis, Frank Conley, Jim Bunker, Maureen Ouellette, George Kalil, Richard MacLennan. 398 WESLEY FOUNDATION The United Campus Christian Fellow- ship, which has been active on campus for approximately 18 years, met weekly this year for extensive Bible study. Once a month a social hour followed their meet- ings. Officers this year were Bill Norris, president; Judy Epstein, vice-president; and Bob Verity, treasurer. The United Campus Christian Fellowship is open to anyone interested in promoting interde- nominational understanding. UNITED CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: Row 1: Terry Kearney, Mary Schuyler, Carolyn Gilbert, Ann McConnell, Sharon Evans. Row 2: Roger Sobin, William Jaap, Douglas Robson, Pete Malmberg, John Hanson, Tom Patterson. Row 3: Doug Forester, Steven Parker, Darrel Brasch, Bill Norris, Robert Hacke. UNITED CAMPUS CHRISTIANS The Wesley Foundation, which is open to Methodist students, has long been active on campus and at the nearby First Methodist Church. The members hold daily worship and meditation periods along with religious discussions and an annual retreat during the semester break. Officers of the Wesley Foundation this year were Scott McCoy, president; Constance Church, vice-president; Ginnie States, secretary; and Bob Rhoten, treasurer. WESLEY FOUNDATION: Row 1: Hank Holland, Barbara Stum, Coni Church, Marilyn Jenkins, Eve Riser, Julie deAzevedo, Sherri Wild, Bev Jarrett, Juan Marianyi, Dave Metcalf. Row 2: Don Rickert, E. J. Brown, H. J. Langen, L. W. Dewhirst, Richard White, Dick Foster, Meredith Meltmer, Sammy Lee, Hollis Stewart, Lee Scott. Row 3: Jon Tran, Sharon Kay Davis, Carol Fassacho, Charlotte Cleveland, JoAnne Phinney, Janean Parmenter, Mary Ellen Curtis, Linda Hortsmann, Bonnie Stewart, Thomas Hamer. 399 ubs WILDLIFE CONSERVATION CLUB Knowledge of job opportunities in the field of wildlife is provided for members of the Wildlife Conservation Club. Officers were Ray Foust, presi- dent, and William Beigler, secretary- treasurer. The club also furnishes mem- bers with the knowledge of state and local activities in the field of wildlife conservation. Club service projects in- cluded participation in Aggie Day, cookouts and displays in the Associated Students Bookstore window. WILDLIFE CONSERVATION CLUB: Row 1: Bill Bigler, Gary Hamilton, Ray Foust, Orville McCulley, Jim Carroll. Row 2: Roger Hungerford, Ronald Anderson, Ron Cole, William DeNotaris, Donald McHugh, Patrick Molinari. ALPHA EPSILON PI Newly colonized in September, Alpha Epsilon Pi became a full fraternity second semester under the leadership of Barry Hirsch, president; Jay Lipp- mann, vice-president; Jack Newsbaum, secretary; Barry Levine, treasurer; and Dave Goldman, ser- geant-at-arms. The fraternity ' s first social event was a coloni- zation banquet. This was followed by a Christmas formal and a May luau. The major service project for the year was a Christmas party for the Corn- stock Children ' s Hospital. ALPHA EPSILON PI: Row 1: Jay Lippman, Jack News- baum, Stephen Cohen, Jeffry Segal, Barry Hirsch. Row 2: Robert Feldman, Mike Leiboff, Allen Resnick, Fred Sonnenberg, Harvey Jurkowitz, Jerry Row 3: Ronald Backer, Ira Feldman, Bruce Blumenthal, Burt Berlowe, Ron Wisansky, Alan Smotkin. AFIT: Row 1: R. Janot, M. James, L. Ormand, R. Smith, J. Lindsay, M. Marker, J. Polve, R. Daw- son, R. Parnelle, A. Reeser, S. Roehl, J. Kirk. Row 2: F. Nethers, F. Smiley, R. Bryant, J. Fog- arty, D. Stevens, J. Saueressis, C. Nelson, W. Paulsen, A. Chasse, J. Winslow, J. Tuso, W. Bennett. Row 3: E. Anderson, A. Azure, A. Friedman, W. Mayhew, G. Anstine, I. Johnson, C. Brame, N. Davis, E. Houston, M. Green, G. Dean, J. Madison. Row 4: J. Doughty, T. Mooney, J. Kroskey, R. Walters, T. Brazier, B. O ' Brien, M. Wood, W. Hansen, R. Conaine, E. Singer, W. Schnawart, J. Olvera. Row 5: C. Dreyer, I. Hensley, R. Hyer, F. Gavaot, H. Hub- bard, R. Biggs, F. Lenahan, R. Sellers, N. Neill, J. Carpenter, H. Foster, J. Hocker. Row 6: G. Mason, R. Enzian, M. Schukert, E. Baergen, G. Kather, H. Hastings, J. Kaphart, R. Phelan, S. Balsamo, T. Cooper, A. Chano, F. Kenimer, G. Kuehner, J. Inman. Row 7: J. Bethea, V. Hous- ton, G. Grunder, R. Crawford, J. Geyer, R. Flanigan, W. Woelk, M. McDaniel, J. Jones, E. Hutchinson, G. Goodfellow, H. Brock, W. Corker. Row 8: G. Gilbert, L. McDermott, H. Keck, R. Baran, F. Dunn, J. Holt, T. Cassidy, M. Sullivan, C. Bocock, J. Ensininger, R. Quist, R. Nettles, D. Jackson, G. Strickland. Row 9: J. Riehl, R. Pickrel, C. Kramer, C. Evans, R. Wright, C. Schnabel, F. Hicks, G. Fjetland, Patrick, L. Dickerson, T. Darr, P. Barton, T. Hooten, R. Potter, R. Saunders, J. Villar, B. Jackson. AIR FORCE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 402 AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING AND FARM MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION Aggie Day, the campus rodeo, En- gineers ' Day and ASAE meetings were the main activities for members of the Agricultural Engineering and Farm Mechanization Association. Educational programs and guest speakers helped members increase their knowledge of the field. Officers were William Ebert, presi- dent; Arthur Brimhall, vice-president; and Joel Hayden, secretary-treasurer. AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING AND FARM MECHANIZATION ASSOCIATION: Row 1: Wil- liam Ebert, Joel Hayden, Arthur Brimhall, Bob McCarthy. Row 2: Jose Rochin, Dr. Kenneth Barnes, James Moore, Gerald Rassmussen. ALPHA PHI OMEGA The fifteen members of Theta Iota chapter of Alpha Phi Omega served the University and the community by meeting students at the airport and train depot, helping at the All-University Pic- nic and entertaining at the Ari- zona Children ' s Home and the Asthmatic Foundation. They also sponsored the Ugly Man Contest. ALPHA PHI OMEGA: Row 1: Glenn Herzog, John Patrick, Pete Malmberg, Dennis St. John, Doug Chadwick, John Hosfield, Eddie Peabody. Row 2: Freddie Hicks, Jay Grenig, Ralph Whitehead, Milton Veck, Joe Malik, adviser; Herbert G. Horton, adviser; Cliff Waetje, adviser. Row 3: David Manion, Bob Koningsor, Ron Cottrell, Russ Maxson, Hilary Hervey, Leonard Parisi. 4-H SERVICE CLUB: Row 1: Janet Dorsey, Gerry Lemley, Julie Hansen, Vicky Grennan, Linda Mich- ener. Row 2: Evelyn Davis, Ruth Ann Moody, Barbara Butler, Carmen Roberts, Linda Greenwood. Row 3: Bill Kerr, Cary Ajeman, Tony Mellor, John Birchett. UA 4-H SERVICE CLUB Projects of the 4-H Service Club were maintaining a 4-H Club at the Arizona Children ' s Home and spons oring an an- nual 4-H junior leader day. The club awarded two scholar- ships for Camp Miniwanca and sent representatives to the Na- tional 4-H Club Congress. Helping to create wider in- terest in 4-H were the club ' s officers Tony Mellor, president; Cheryl Higgins, vice-president; Vicky Grennan, secretary; Dave Bond, treasurer; and Brenda Heese, reporter. 403 CAMPUS DEMOCRATS Political discussions and party work at the local level occupied members of the Cam- pus Democrats this year. Mem- bers of this active group fre- quently distributed pamphlets explaining Democratic par ty policies and beliefs. Monthly displays in the Student Union helped interest University stu- dents in national politics. CAMPUS DEMOCRATS: Row 1: Eileen Wood, Tom Hall, Barbara Scott. Row 2: Georgette Druley, Brenda Young, Carl Coapman, Floyd Jackson, Robert Chambers, John Izatt, Roy Mendoza, Thomas Miller, Sandra Russell, Gerri Gavagan. CAMPUS REPUBLICANS The UofA Campus Republi- cans made up the largest Cam- pus Republican club in the na- tion this year. Directing activi- ties were Kent Winter, presi- dent; Charles Heatherly, vice- president; Susan Fowler, sec- retary; Bill Porter, treasurer; Charles Condos, historian; and the six members-at-large of the club ' s Board of Directors. CAMPUS REPUBLICANS: Row 1: Gail Gibbons, Patricia Murphy, Louise Sierk, Abby Goldstein, Barbara Kegg. Row 2: Cass Johnson, David Boyer, Denny Eastman, Jim Ellie, Richard Knuth, Bill Porter, Charles Heatherly, Kent Winter. BLOCK AND BRIDLE The Block and Bridle Club members are animal science majors and other students interested in livestock. This year ' s officers were Ellen Richmond, president; Ted Krautter, vice-president; Fran .Romanoski, secretary; and Karen Kinkaid, historian. Members assisted in Angus and Her- eford field days and the 4-H and FFA judging contests. They also helped sponsor the livestock judging teams. The club ' s main project is the " Little Arizona National, " a fitting and show- ing contest held in the spring. BLOCK AND BRIDLE: Row 1: Nancy Nichols, Katherine Hicks, Karen Kinkaid, Fran Romanoski, Ellen Richmond, Ruth Ann Moody, Sandy Smith, Harriette Egan. Row 2: Ken Allen, Don Easley, Tony Figueroa, Lee Jernigan, Ted Krautter, Phil Lewis, Bill Cavness. Row 3: Dr. William Van Arsdell, Gilbert Martinez, Orran Wilhelmi, Don Miller, Tom Husted, Doug Chadwick, Tony Mellor, Tom O ' Kane, Walt Armer. 404 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CLUB The Chemical Engineering Club betters student-teacher relations and educates its members about the chemical engineering indus- try. This year the club made plans to affiliate with the American In- stitute of Chemical Engineers as a student chapter. Club officers for the year were Bob Abbott, president; Dane Metze I, vice- president; John Scott, secretary; and Fred Luyties, treasurer. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CLUB: Row 1: Dan Pyzel, Kal Miller, Betsy Akin, Bob Abbott, Bill Ahrens, Dick DeSchutter. Row 2: O ' Mara White, Dr. Edward Freeh, Raymond Richardson, Neil Cox, Jerry Akin, Dr. Donald White, Don Clark. CHINESE STUDENTS CLUB Th e Chinese Students Inter- collegiate Organization Con- ference at the University of Southern California in April highlighted the year for the UofA club. Additional activities and fund raising projects in- cluded an exchange with Ari- zona State Chinese students, a car wash, a lunch box social and square dancing during rodeo week. CHINESE STUDENTS CLUB: Row 1: Evelyn Wing, Bonnie Gong, Betty Gee, Brenda Lee, Cheryl Chong, Teddie Lee. Row 2: David Wing, Mike Tom, George Dea, Kuo Kungmo, Harold Tokuyama, Tony Yeung, Jimmy Jue. WOMEN ' S PISTOL AND RIFLE CLUB Learning about firearms is an unusual purpose for a women ' s club, but the 45 mem- bers of the Women ' s Pistol and Rifle Club are dedicated to it. They concentrate on safety and correct handling procedures and workmanship. Vice-president May Mickel- sen is the only female member of the UofA Varsity Rifle Team. Other officers include Pamela Kropf, president, and Susan Anderson, secretary-treasurer. WOMEN ' S PISTOL AND RIFLE CLUB: Row 1: Pamela Kropf, May Mickelsen, Janet Allender, Su Yeates, Diane Sampson, Ruth Poteat, Clonard Bunn. Row 2: Nancy Becker, Mary Dowden, Alice Ropes, Cecilia Chiquete, Alice Zink, Sally Lyman, Ann Correll, Sandra Heidel, Mary Ann Shaffer, Barbara Molay, Karen Bloomquist. 405 DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB The Dairy Science Club was organized last year as a service club for the purpose of pro- moting dairy products on a nutritional basis. In order to further their knowledge in the field of dairy science, the club toured various dairies in Southern California as well as in the Tucson area. Officers for this year were Phil Barnhard, president; LaMont Pischke, vice-president; and Kassheed Mohammed, secretary-treasurer. DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB: Row 1: Manuel Borges, Susan Gustafson, Roger Curnutt, Kassheed Mohammed. Row 2: Gary Stott, LaMonte Pischke, Roy Woodruff, Edward Moody. RAMBLERS The 15 members of the Ram- Club, led by Terry Gustaf- son, president; Dan Jones, treasurer; and Sharon Baker, sec- retary; encourage hiking among University students and faculty members. Hikes are taken every Sunday during the school year and the club ' s projects include working on trails and encourag- ing wilderness preservation. RAMBLERS: Row 1: Max Born, Sharon Baker, Anita Harlan, Terry Gustafson, Rosalind Gustafson, Erwon Schroedinger, David Slagle, Rod Miller. Row 2: Loren Haury, James Maxwell, John Bradner, John Day, Charlie Jancic, Russell Edgar Clark, Thomas Harlem, Sherrie Martin, John McLean, Ed Bebee. PEMM: Row 1: Judy Smith, Shylah Rau, Charlene Presley, Mary Conroy, Yvonne Gallego. Row 2: Marilyn Goldman, Lynn Howard, Margaret Cummins, Lucia Jones, Brenda Mills, Leonor Gal- lardo, Faye Ebling. Row 3: Jeanne Chang, Grace Burris, Mary Slaven, Sue Daggett, Carol Sewell, Linda Chapman, Diane Sampson, Pat Brecht, Eleanor Bernard, Sandra Boonstra, Irma Ficzeri. PEMM CLUB The purpose of the Physical Education Major and Minor Club is " to further a professional inter- est in physical education among physical education majors and minors, to foster a spirit of friend- liness among these women through social activities and to raise the moral standards of mem- bers. " Officers were Margaret Cum- mins, president; June Morris, vice- president; Sue Hawley, secretary; and Lynn Howard, treasurer. 406 UA FOLK MUSIC SOCIETY Concerts and folk music workshops by the UofA Folk Music Society encourage folk music on campus and in the community. Members meet periodically to im- prove their ability to play and sing folk music. The officers included Henry Plimack, president; Jo Ann Engel, secretary; and Chester Wilson, treasurer. FOLK MUSIC SOCIETY: Row 1: Paul Johnson, Pat Reavis, Greg Warner, Mike Kelly, Andi Bacal, Chet Wilson. Row 2: Elizabeth Ward, Mike Cooney, Henry Plimack, Jo Ann Engel. FORESTRY CLUB: Row 1: Martin Beets, Frank Charles, John Bedell, Bill Rudd, Phil Weatherspoon, Philip Knorr. Row 2: Warren White, Lyle Bjorn, Gordon Toncheff, Virgil Trout, A. L. McComb, P. B. Rowe. Row 3: Richard Johnson, Meredith Weltmer, Ronald Boxmeyer, Bruce DeVault, R. T. Wagle. FORESTRY CLUB Forestry and watershed management interest mem- bers of the Forestry Club. A series of movies on wildland management, the spring For- esters ' Day, lectures of profes- sional interest and meetings for the annual Watershed For- estry Summer Camp further knowledge in this area. An esprit de corps is established among the students as a basis for future professional pride and accomplishment. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS " Parlez-vous Francais? " is never asked during meetings of Le Cercle Francais because the basis for membership is a speaking knowledge of French. Meetings and social activities are conducted in French in order to promote the use and learning of the language. Mix- ers, box socials and a Christmas program filled Le Cercle Fran- cais ' calendar along with French dinners and cultural discussions on France. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS: Row 1: Harriot Hutchins, Patti Cohn, Lois Seagle, Sue Cheairs, Sandra Schmitz, Evelyn Copela nd, Marsha Malone. Row 2: Josia D ' Alcomo, Charles Janssens, Robert Acevedo, Erwin Greenberg, Aleida Gehrels, Cheryl Cline, Gerard Agineray, Eddison Tatham, Dr. Loyal Gryting, Sandra Davison. 407 GERMAN CLUB Knowledge and interest in the German country, culture and language are pro- moted at the bi-monthly meetings of the German Club. Edwin Bebee, president, directed the program for the faculty Christmas party. The members enjoyed varied meetings including films, lectures, dinners, folk dancing and singing. GERMAN CLUB: Row 1: Sandra Schmitz, Connie Kroll, Susan Wayland, Babette Luz. Row 2: Bill Ebert, Walter Sands, George Bent, John Bunch, Vance Vidal. PRE-MED CLUB The club ' s purposes are to en- courage scholarship, to show the Importance of pre-med training in the study of medicine and to develop contact between UA stu- dents and various medical schools. Each year is climaxed by the ban- quet honoring members who are going to medical school. PRE-MED CLUB: Row 1: Richard Goodman, Linda Perez, Dell Carpenter, Sylvia Metcalf, Daniel Mann, Richard Wesley. Row 2: Jay Harness, Tom Lutz, Ruddell Byrd, Stephen Edwards, Garth Pecoraro, Daniel Muna, Doug Dye. Row 3: Dick Flores, John Hostetter, Ed Bebee, Al Conrad, Neville Burns, Dennis Cramer, Louis Brichta, Robert Doherty. HISTORY CLUB The History Club ' s 45 members promote interest in history through group discussions and periodic meetings. This year ' s officers were Peter Nemeth, president; Gregory Gault, vice-presi- dent; and Norma Rieblung, secretary-treasurer. HISTORY CLUB: Row 1: Susan Hunt, Norma Riebling, Jay Lippmann, Mel Salman, Peter Nemeth, Ilarbara Schrader, Sharron Moran, Roberta Griffith. Row 2: Lou McDermott, Greg Gault, George Booth, Lawrence Hiatt, Karl von den Steinen, Jay Addy, Dr. Thomas Parker, Tom Hasher. 408 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club ' s main project this year was acting as host for the Pa- cific Southwest Region of the International Relations Clubs Conference in February. The club provides better under- standing of world affairs and politics for students interested in international relations and especially for those majoring in history and government. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB: Row 1: Nan King, Dena Curtis, Marie Mancin, Sara Bromley, Linda Whale, Jeryl Sullivan. Row 2: Russ Weir, Frank Porter, Harris Arlinsky, Mac Reynolds, Rod- ney Fletcher, Louis McDermott. LOS UNIVERSITARIOS The purpose of Los Univer- sitarios is to unite students in- terested in the Mexican culture. Officers for 1962-63 were George Rivera, president; Ray Ramos, vice-president; Pene- lope Garcia, corresponding secretary; and Delfina Sebal- los, treasurer. The club scholar- ship is awarded to an outstand- ing member each year. LOS UNIVERSITARIOS: Row 1: Rosalie Arvizu, Patricia Moran, Esperanza Burruel, Sylvia Gonzales, Lupe Guerrero, Rosario Vidal, Delfy Seballos. Row 2: Georgina Moran, Armando Moulinet, Tony Chavez, Valdemar Amaya, Gilbert Aguilar, George Rivera, Laura Newsome. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Students from foreign coun- tries work toward greater knowledge and understanding of world problems at the so- cial, educational and economic levels through the Interna- tional Students Club. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CLUB: Row 1: Wahib Wahsh, N ' Guetta Bosso, Abdulrahman Ibrahemm Mu- hanna, Subrada Das, Manu Manjari, C. L. Keswani, Abdul Azimi, M.Wsim Ludin, Remy de Jong, Said Burysh, Vijay Soi. Row 2: Ellie Ewald, Leila Khazanchand, Joyce Hardin, Loria Makabenta, Sara Bromley, Bonnie Gong, Penny Perkins, Penny Graf, Sharon Russell, Sharren Leno. Row 3: K. S. Sekhon, Lou Ann Vallee, Mary Bacon, Diana Hough, Dehghanpi Dehghanpisheh, Masood Bhalli, George Booth, Gisrat Makonnen, Victor Ogumba, Abbass Rahmani, Tony Furr, Loyal Gryting, Mubashar Ahmad, Affendi Arsad, Minoo Madon, Khairi Sgaier. Row 4: Bascir Aden, Hamid Hotaki, Abdelghany Tartoussieh, Sang Choo, Maqsood Gilani, Zoltan Rosztoczy, Rafael Duran, Kuo Kung-Mo, V. J. Thapa, Jack Swe, Shirazi Nasser, William Ebert, Dusan Trifunovic. 409 PAN-AMERICAN CLUB The " Club Panamericano " is a group of 50 students interested in Spanish and Latin American language and culture. Among their activities are talks in Span- ish, monthly meetings, slides and folk songs and dances. The officers Judith Bienstuck, president; Yolanda Rodri- quez, vice-president; Donna Harsh- barger, secretary; and Efren Molina, treasurer; organized the Pan-American assembly which the club sponsored during the week of April 14. PAN AMERICAN CLUB: Row 1: Cynthia Freeman, Sandy Lewis, Sheila Friedson, Anne Wil- liams, Judy Bienstock. Row 2: Henry Hinds, Jim Keefer, John Manger, Miss Delores Brown, Donna Harshbargar. PRE-VET CLUB Through the Pre-Vet Club activities, students developed closer contact with the Ameri- can Veterinary Medical Asso- ciation and worked to improve scholarship and understanding in their major area of study. The officers were Bert Tes- key, president; Tom O ' Kane, vice-president; and Larry Gel- ler, secretary-treasurer. PRE-VETERINARY CLUB: Row 1: Bob Schull, Ellen Richmond, Sherri Wild, Cheryl Hubbard, Kathy Simms, Sally Lyman, Lawrence Geller. Row 2: Bert Teskey, Chuck Fenzi, Claude Blackmore, Spencer Swingle, Thomas O ' Kane, William Pajunas, Robert Blease, Dr. Leonard Dewhirst. QUADRILLE TEAM: Row 1: Julianne Williams, Charlotte Quihuis, Byran Greimam, Tai Gearhart, Claudia Bickel, Row 2: Mary Pool, Karen Hoaglund, Bobbi Wiley, Carla Ingwer, Carolyn Whit- aker, Fran Romanoski, Natalie Davis, Betsy Coulter, Suzy Straub, Betty Holmen. QUADRILLE TEAM Tucson provides both an ideal atmosphere for the Quadrille Team and the rodeos in which its eighteen members participate. The girls show precision drill work on horseback while performing at the Tucson Rodeo, El Conquistador Show, Phoe- nix Rodeo and at ranches in the area. A. 3.00 grade average and a horse and equipment are required for merbership. The officers for the year were Claudia Bickel, president, and Charlotte Quihius, secretary. PHRATERES ACTIVES: Row 1: Tonette Kososki, Valerie Davison, Molly Gimmestad, Margot Orona, Anne Wil- liams, Jackie Weiss, Eileen Wood, Carolyn Ide, Carol Kaur. Row 2: Barbara Ward, Alice Keene, Nancy Baksa, Joanne Lewis, Pam Miller, Gloria Alvidrez, Sheri Score. Row 3: Linda Auger, Donna Gilpin, Virginia Romero, Jean Tonyan, Judy Nodwell, Judy Roda, Carol Schmidt, Jacque Rohloff, Linda Garabed, Carolyn Spencer, Angie Reuser, Kris Born. Row 4: Peggy Cadmus, Carolyn Gilbert, Ann Penzi, Alice Boyd, Elaine Meyer, Caryll Collins, Betty Edwards, Jean Buckwalter. PHI LAMBDA PHRATERES Phi Lambda Phrateres, a social-service organization for Tucson women, was lead through a successful year by Anne Williams, president; Jackie Weiss, vice-president; Eileen Wood, recording secretary; Carolyn Ide, corresponding secretary; and Carol Kaur, treasurer. Phrateres active on campus included Sarah Walker, Mortar Board; Anne Williams and Molly Gimmestad, Chimes; Carol Schmidt and Sheri Score, Alpha Lambda Delta; Sue Daggett, Delta Psi Kappa; and Carol Kaur and Donna Gilpin, Phi Chi Theta. Molly Gimmestad was president of Sigma Alpha Iota and Carolyn Ide was president of Wranglers and editor of the AWS Handbook. Susan Krebs, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, was awarded a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship in English. Ellen Bernstein was general chairman of the All-University Picnic and Fran Romanoski was UA Rodeo Queen. PHRATERES PLEDGES: Row 1: Mary Tiemeier, Carol Russell, Carol Eugenia Christen, Sandy Weaver, Jean Miller, Janet Ide, Cathy Lamia, Sandy Bacon, Carmen Roberts. Row 2: Ranee Wright, Tricia Vorholzer, Judy McDaniel, Judy Epstein, Ellen Aubert, Marsha Brent, Judy Lynne Adelstone, Denise Montiel, Janet Burcham, Tonia Brown, Barbara Hottel, Cheryl Hubbard. Row 3: Donna Santee, Joanne Byrd, Diane Gajewski, Gail Crum, Marylyn Whisler, Nicky Brummett, Diane Hanson, Ros Miller, Carole Bennett, Catherine Hurst, Katherine Wilkins, Ruth Hernandez, Anarinda Heredia, Deirdre Semoff Row 4: Bobbi Connie Gillespie, Cheryl Rexford, Nan Novinski, Kathy Harshman, Margaret Loftfield, Nancy Calhoun, Bonnie Bennett, Margaret Ramsey, Joanne Barreca, Judy Shosie. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT The Society for Advancement of Manage- ment is an active organization in the Business and Public Administration College. The 20 mem- bers participated in BPA Day as well as in BPA luncheons. The purpose of the organization is to pro- vide members with the opportunity to partici- pate in organizing and controlling the activities of an o rganization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the art of management. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGE- MENT: Row 1: Rodney Miller, Robert Weiler, Abbass Rahmani. Row 2: Edward Baergen, David Krehnke, Dave Lussier. UNIVERSITY DAMES The 130 student wives in the University Dames spon- sored a party for the Yaqui In- dians and held three dances to highlight their social season. In November, the club ' s Home- coming float was awarded first prize in the women ' s division. Officers were Barbara Cra- mer, president; Fran Dutson, first vice-president; and Jean Kick, second vice-president. UNIVERSITY DAMES: Row 1: Beulah Walker, Connie Wild, Barbara Cramer, Kathy Hoppstetter, Jeanne Keck, Shirley Pyle, Judy Paull. Row 2: Marti Hall, Kimberly Pack, Susan Rosenzweig, Beth Martin, LuAnn Bergland, Barbara Heidenreich, Arthene Goodfellow, Judy Fickas, Avis Culbert, Windy Glasscock. SKI CLUB: Row 1: Katherine Wilkins, Louise Watt, Judy Jochums, Diane Farnum, Linda Mitchell, Tammy Scruggs, Cheryl Cline. Row 2: Janice Davidson, Pam Mitchell, Susie Slaughter, Judy Bair, Maiya Marshall, Terry LaDow, Brad Conger, Mike Haines, Ken Tomlon, Joe Storm. Row 3: Sandra Wilkinson, Johanna Rob- inson, Anita Laidman, Marsha Scribener, Gerri Gavagan, Cristy Steele, Norman Morrison, Leonard Bier- brier, Rick Moser, Ken Coiner, Jim Holligan. SKI CLUB Members of the Ski Club spent many hours atop Mt. Lemmon during the winter and skimming across Arizona ' s Ickes in the warmer months. Weekend outings provided an opportunity for University ski enthusiasts to get together. The Ski Club was led by Ken Coiner, president; Lee Wein- garten, vice-president; and Paul Dodek, treasurer. 412 Theta Omega ' s decorate for the Christmas Banquet held at the Ramada Inn. Don Smith beat Bob Kennedy by 11 min- utes in his version of the 50-mile hike. THETA OMEGA The primary purpose of Theta Omega is to bring physically limited students to- gether in an organization in which they can participate fully. Members concentrate their efforts in the areas of registration, orientation, part time employment, social activities and special problems. The pro- gram is kept flexible so that members may participate in many activities or very few. Theta Omega officers were Beverly Hat- field, president, Sharon Chadwick, secre- tary; and Paul Cavavas, treasurer. THETA OMEGA: Row 1: Beverly Hatfield, Gramma Rothberger, Don Smith, Joanne Hutchinson, Mrs. Sterling Hatfield. Row 2: Sharon Chad- wick, Ellen Aubert, Dr. Charles Olstad, Dan Jones, Nelda Knopp. 413 414 DUNN 2244 Payne 2007 MORGAN 2150 Lyons 2092 from the hectic days limmomier " — " v- 111Lii PA AIMOIVA of rush ,•■■•■■I 416 C through every ac ' 6;ivity- 418 ----- NO DEPOSIT NO RETURN . 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D. 180 Clausen, Marion 207,316 Cline, Russell 125 Cohn, Harvey 179,188 Cole, Jack 201 Coleman, Arthur 182 Collins, Shirley 198 Conley, Eugene 162 Conrad, Frederick 135 Cooper, Carl 207,333,347 Coopwood, William 207,341 Cordell, John 131 Cote, Duane 159 Coulter, Pearl 198 Cox, Neil 195 Cramer, James 123 Cremer, Beulah 123 Crofts, Cedric 191 Cross, Jack 25 Crowell, Robert 141 Curnutt, Roger 123,406 Currie, Helen 161 - D - Daldrup, Roger 41 Damon, Paul 95 Damon, Robert 95 Danielson, Paul ...... 141, 49 Davies, Daniel 41 Davis, Jack 83 Davis, Jefferson 87 Dawson, Darrow 51 Day, Arden 25 Deal, Ralph 25 DeLucia, Lawrence 31 Dennis, Robert 25 Dewhirst, Leonard 123,410 Dial, Betty 206 Diamos, George 188 Dick, W. W. 23 Diven, Richard 123 Donohue, James 184 Donohue, Donald 188 Dotson, Jay 195 Draper, George 122 Drevdahl, Elmer 195 DuBois, Robert 195 Dupon, Norman 207,355 - E Ellis, Albert 125,190 Emrick, Roy 187 England, Gene 161,165 Enke, Fred 207 Erickson, Melvin 341,358 Evans, Joan 26 Ewbank, Terrill 151 Ewing, Russell 179,184 - F - Fain, Samuel 162 Faith, Richard 162 Fannin, Paul 23 Farris, Hubert 184 Fazio, Steve 125 Ferdon, Edwin 26 Ferris, John 195 Fitch, Walter 186 Folkner, Joseph 125 Foltz, Jack 128 Fontana, Bernard 26 Forrester, James 194,195 Fortin, Thomas 208 Foster, Arland 151 Foster, William 129 Francis, Charles 187 Frank, Helmut 131 Freedman Donald 129 Freeh, Edward 195,405 Freiser, Henry 185 Frevert, Richard 121 Frobisher, Mary 141 Fuller, Wallace 121 Funston, Jay 180 Furnas, Jane 198 - G - Gaines, Edwin 34,35,38 Gaines, Pendleton 243 Galbraith, Lola 26 Gale, Stanley 151 Garner, Agnes 49,206 Gavlak, Emil 141 Getty, Harry 189 Gibbings, Charmayne 27 Gibson, James 141 Gilbert, James 207 Gildersleeve, Charles 132 Gilkerson, Talitha 28 Gill, Arthur 151 Gillespie, Margaret 141 Gillmor, Frances 180 Gloyd, Howard 181 Gomez, Rosendo 184 Good, Margaret 26 Gorman, Shirley 206,367 Green, Ellery 149,159 Greenberg, Irwin 193 Greenberg, Norman 141,149 Greene, Dennis 192,193 Greer, John 141 Greiman, Byron 386 Gresham, James 159 Greve, Lois 27 Gries, George 121,125 Grossman, Maurice 160 Gryting, Loyal 183,191,193 Guiney, Adeline 28 Reuben 185 - H - Hale, William 123 Hall, David 151 Hall, Ruth 167,171 Hambenne, Joseph 135 Hamill, Lloyd 180 Hamilton, Marie 180 Hammond, Robert 183 Haney, Richard 27 Hansma, Jack 207 Harlan, Allen 129 Harmeson, Carol 161 Harris, Robert 125 Harris, William 207 Harshbarger, John 195 Harvill, Richard 21,23 Haury, Emil 26,157,189,191 Hawes, Donald 151 Hayes, Kenneth 25 Hecht, Melvin 132 Heck, Gordon 159 Heed, William 181 Heldt, Carl 160 Henkel, Lillian 371 Herman, Virginia 28 Herrick, Emma 383 Hertz, Lewis 28,182 Hibbs, Ethel 206 Hickman, Lillian 141 Hillman, Jimmye 121,122 Hinds, Hubert 123 Hines, Robert 128 Hinton, Harwood 29,184 Hoffman, Charles 134 Holck, Roy 208,362 Holck, Warren 362 Horst, William 195 Horton, Herbert 403 Horwath, Peter 182,192, 93 Hoshaw, Robert 125, 90 Houghton, Neal 84 Houston, Robert 25 Howe, Jack 161, 65 Hudson, Philip 127, 38 Huelsman, Lawrence 51 Huhnke, Frances 98 Hull, George 121, 22 Hulse, Frederick 89 Humphrey, Robert 22 Hunt, Jacob 41 Husted, Margaret 25 - I - lannella, George 389 Inman, Billie 180 Irwin, John 173,175 - J - Jacobowitz, Ronald 88 Jaffe, Gail 61 James, Newton 28,149, 82 Jansen, Udo 41 Janssen, Robert 84 Janssens, Charles 83 Jensen, Mildred 67 Jensen, Richard 89 Johnson, Alfred 26 Johnson, Bob 41 Johnson, Donald 59 Johnson, Henry 74, 62 Johnson, Marvin 27 Johnson, Wilma 67 Johnson, Betty 41 Johnston, Thadeus 41 Jones, Wendal 62 Jordan, Gilbert 22 Joyner, Conrad 84 Just, Kurt 87 - K - Kaemlein, Wilma 26 Kassander 179 Keating, Kenneth 195,197 Keen, Aleen 25 Kelley, Lee 184 Kelley, Victor 141,149 Kelly, William 189 Kelso, Maurice 122 Kemmerer, Arthur 121,123 Kennedy, Ruth 149 Keyser, John 208 Keyworth, Robert 161 Kidwell, Richard 132,149 King, William 207 Kinzer, John 141 Kirby, Jane 370 Kircher, Henry 23 Kirk, Walter 132, 37 Kirmse, Evelyn 80 Kish, John 60 Klaiss, Donald 138, 91 Klausner, Doris 88 Kleespie, Dee 28 Klein, Raymond 41 Kleinman, Wayne 182,192, 93 Kline, Beatrice 67 Knopp, Nelda 2 06 Knorr, Philip 122,407 Kooyman, Melba 198 Koppel, Gene 180 Kriegh, James 157 Krumlauf, H arry 195 Kurtz, Edwin 125 - L - Lafferty, John 161 Laney, Lynn 23 Lange, Carol 27 Langen, Herbert ____ 127,132,149 Lansing, Robert 182 Larson, Bruce 207,334,335 Larson, Emil 141,149 LaRue, Jim 207,318,319,332 Leavitt, Ernest 26 430 Steinbrenner, Arthur 141,188 Stevens, Robert 184 Stewart, Jean 157 Stith, Lee 125 Stone, William 25,135 Stott, Gerald 123 Strang, Ruth 141 Streets, Rubert 125,157 Strickler, Glen 138 Strout, Edwin 160 Stubblefield, Thomas 122 Stull, Warren 123 Styris, Patricia 188 Sudigala, Jo Ann 27 Summers, -Richard 207 Svob, Robert 317 - T - Tatum, Roy 319 Taylor, Bruce 121 Taylor, Ralph 123 Thompson, Ethel Thompson, Raymond 157,189,191 151 180 195 184 198 208 132,149 390 173 123 Leavitt, John 187 Lee, Jack 75 Lehr, Claire 167 Lehr, Jay 195 Lenoir, James 173 Lenzner, Emil 151 Leonard, John 138 Levy, Leon 23 Limperis, Katherine 26 Lindsay, Venice 25 Linger, Don 151 Little, James 26 Little, Sidney 158,159 Littlewood, Mary 206 Livermore, Shaw 126,127,129,138 Loerpabel, William 195 Loftfield, Rosa 188 Lord, Dick 345 Lown, John 362 Loveday, Paul 129 Lucas, Victoria 161 Lukensmeyer, Lillian Luz, Babette 182,191,192,193,408 Lynch, Lillian 198 Lynds, Beverly 186 Lynn, Klonda 159,161 Lyons, John 172,173 Lytle, Clifford 184 - M - Macdonald, Alice 27 Mackaben, Eugene 160 Macura, Paul 182 Magoun, Creighton 141 Magness, Charles __ 207,316,317 Mahar, James 189 Mail, George 157,183 Malik, Joe 182,403 Mallard, Lillian 375 Malone, Kasper 162 Manson, William 183 Marciniak, Ronald 207,319 Markland, Ben 61 Marquart, Dorothy 157, 91 Marroney, Peter 71,159, 61 Marshall, Joe 81 Marshall, Robert 31 Martin, Douglas 80 Martin, Hollis 29 Martin, Thomas 50 Marvel, Carl 85 Mason, Katherine 98 Massengale, Martin 121,125,191,385 Masser, Paul 151 Mayo, Evans 195 McAlister, Dean 121,125 McBride, Robert 162 McCann, Lloyd 141 McCaughey, William 123 McCauley, William 181 McClelland, Joseph 122 McComb, Andrew ._ 121,122,407 McConnel, Robert 88 McCormick, Fred 29 McCormick, Bryon 149, 73 McCoy, Leahmae 31 McCuish, Anna 26 McFee, Malcom 89 McGinty, Doris 67 McGough, Bobby 32 McIntosh, Thomas 22 McKnight, Robert 22 McLaughlin, Philip 207,316, 17 McLendon, Vonceil 80 McNeice, Gerald 80 Mead, Albert 179, 80 Mees, Quentin 57 Meinel, Aden 86 Mellor, Robert 25 Melnik, Amelia 41 Menzie, Elmer 22 Mercado, Rodney 62 Merriam, Kemper 128, 38 Merrit, Curtis 141, 49 Mesick, Benjamin 51 Metcalfe, Darrel 21 Middlehurst, Barbara 86 Miller, Donna ____ 206 Miller, Halsey 195 Miller, Jerry 135 Miller, 0. D. 23 Miller, Sherman 180 Millhizer, William 179 Mills, John 161 Mills, Thelma 373 Milne-Thomson, Louis 188 Mitcham, Thomas 195 Monroe, Morgan 27 Moore, Hollis 140,141 Mordell, Louis 138 Moreton, Dorothy 27 Morgan, Florence 180 Morris, Sammie 23 Morris, Thomas 195,197 Muir, Laurence 179,180 Mulligan, Raymond 127,134,137 Muramoto, Hiroshi 125 Murphy, Daniel 195 Murphy, Edward 162 Murphy, Kenneth 25 Myers, Donald 188,190 Myers, Harold 120,121 Myers, Louis 127,128,138 - N - Natonek, Anne 206 Nelson, Aaron 122 Nelson, Merrit 125 Newlin, Philip 151,394 Nielson, Gordon 128 Nigh, Edward 125 Nist, John 180 Nordby, Harold 123 Nunamaker, Harry 185 Nutting, William 122 Redwood, Nellie 98 Reece, Jerald 41 Reed, Mary 198, 99 Reed, Raymond 23 Reich, Sheldon 60 Rey, Agapito 83 Reynolds, William 91 Rhodes, Herbert 66 Rhodes, Melvin 41 Rice, Willie 41 Richey, Harold 41 Ricketts, Frederick 208 Riesen, Lois 26 Roberson, Walton 27 Roberts, Edward 151 Robinette, Grace 28 Robinson, Cecil 180 Robinson, Jane 180 Roby, Frederick 207 Rodier, Joanne 198 Rodriguez, Mario 184 Rodzen, Roger 26 Rogers, Willard 151 Romback, Lionel 137 Roos, Nestor 132,138 Rosaldo, Renato 179,183 Roseveare, George 195 Ross, Edna 198 Rowden, J. R. 207,319 Rowe, P. B. 122,407 Roy, Francis 178 Ruley, Bessie 167,171 Rush, Andrew 160 Russel, Paul 151 Ruttman, Lloyd 208 Thomson, Quentin Thrift, Inez Titley, Spencer Tobey, Jerry Tobiason, Myra Tocci, Vincent Toland, Florence Tolle, Jerry Tormey, Thomas Trautman, Robert Treat, Jay 187 Tribolet, Charles ____ 27,34,35,39 Trimble, John 25 Tucker, Henry 122 - U - Uman, Martin 151 - V - Van Arsdell, William 404 Van Asdall, Willard 125 Vandre, Leona 206 Vanek, Polly 186 Van Sant, William 123 Varney, Bill 26,35,39,40 Vavich, Mitchell 123 Vignery, John 184 Voris, Mark 159,160 Vosskuhler, Max 25 - W - Waetje, Cliff 403 Wagle, Robert 122,407 Walker, Robert 151 Wallraff, Charles ____ 179,182,191 Wangsness, Roald 187 Ward, Douglas 25 Ward, John 187 Wasley, William 26 Watts, Raymond 123 Weatherly, Betty 27 Weaver, Lynn 151 Webb, Donald 188 Weber, Rory 353 Wechsler, Barbara 206 Wehrle, Helen 378 Weinkauf, Mary 28 Weston, James 132,149 Wetzel, Ralph 182 Weymann, Ray 186 White, Donald 195,405 Whitman, Caroline 198 Whitney, George 208 Wiersma, Frank 122 Wilkes, James 27 Wilkie, Edward 208 Wilkinson, Jimmy 208 Williams, Samuel 159 Williamson, Edward 208 Wilmsen, Edwin 159 Wilska, Alvar 187 Wilson, Andrew 132 Wilson, Clifton 184 Wilson, David 122 Wilson, Herbert 141 Wilson, Richard 195 Windsor, David 25,191 Wise, Edward 184 Wolanin, Mary 198 Saltus, Elinor 141 Sammarco, Anita 162 Sampson, James 208 Sancet, Frank 207,341 Sandberg, Karl 183,193 Sanger, Melvyn 160 Saunders, Frank 141 Sayner, Donald 181 Schaefer, John 185,208 Schmidt, Andrew 131 Schmitz, Frederick 179,182 Schmitz, Henry 161 Schmucker, Arnold 208 Schmutz, Ervin 122 Scholl, Catherine 167 Schonhorst, Melvin 125 Schreiber, Joseph 195 Schroeder, Lynn 160 Schulman, Alsie 180 Schultz, Donald 151 Schultz, William 189 Schumaker, Virginia 26 Schwartz, Sanford 180 Seale, Robert 151 Sellars, Laura 28 Senob, Alice 180 Sharp, Anna 162 Shields, Currin 184 Shirey, Warren 25,191 Short, Robert 134 Siegel, Albert 123 Silberman, Bernard 189 Simley, Ole 157 Simon, Frank 162 Slonaker, Louis 24,39 Slutes, Frances 26 Smith, Channing 161 Smith, Charles 173 Smith, Chester 173 Smith, David 141 Smith, Frieda 198 Smith, Howard 122 Smith, Jack 151 Smith, Milton 123,157 Smith, Sigmund 388 135 Smith, Vearl 121,123 Smith, Walter 162 Snow, Lorenzo 135 Snyder, David 356,357 Soltys, Frank 207,316,317 Sparks, George 161 Speight, James . 207,319,391 Squier, Donald 188 Stanberry, Chauncy 122 Stanley, Ernest 123,125 Steadman, William 159 -O Oebber, Norman 125 Ogg, Mildred 26 Olson, Kenneth 122 Olstad, Charles 183 O ' Neill, John 132 Osta, Emilio 162 Ott, Charles 207,355 Ough, Marguerite 162 - P Pahnish, Floyd 123,191 Paige, Carl 208 Pall, Gordon 188 Pallette, Drew 180 Parker, Thomas 184 Parsil, Bruce 189 Patrick, David 191 Pattillo, Edward 319 Pavlich, Mary 39,206 Pavlovich, Martha 184 Paylore, Patricia 28 Pette,• Willie 319 Percy, Garnet 179,189,191 Perran, Frank 151 Person, Patricia 188 Peterson, Russell 151 Peyton, Charles 151 Phillips, Walter 121,125 Picard, Joseph 207 Picchioni, Albert 201 Pickens, Peter 181 Pierce, Robert 25 Pilgrim, Mary 206 Pischke, LaMonte 123 Pistor, William 121,123 Powell, Desmond 180 Pressey, Sidney 141 Pressley, Elias 121,125 Price, Margaret 206 Pritchard, Frank 179,189 Putt, Arlene 198 Putzar, Edward 189 Pye, Willard 195 - Q Queen, Stuart - R Rabke, Mary 206,364 Ramage, Robert 125 Ramsey, Phillip 207,319 Ranniger, Bill 141 Rappeport, Jack 173,175 Rasmussen, Jorgen 184 Ratte, Charles 195 Ray, Ernest 128,138 431 Wood, Mary 167 Woodbury, Richard 189 Woods, Richard 319 Worcester, Dean 141 Wrenn, Robert 28,182 Wright, Graham 122 Wymore, Wayne 151 Wynn, Ruth 206 - Y - Yall, Irving 184 Yappel, Ralph 151,387 Yauch, Wilbur 141 Yerkes, Martha 28 Yoakum, Edwin 208 York, Ella 180 Yoshino, Roger 135 Young, James 131 Youngren, Newell 181 - z - Zagona, Salvatore 182 Zaitlin, Milton 123 Zapotocky, Joseph 201 Zimmerman, Elwyn 38 STAFFS OF AFFILIATED DEPARTMENTS Broder, Bob 28 Condit, Mabel 26 Cook, Maxine 26 Darr, Leha 28 Eidman, Jean 26 Ferrell, Sue 28 Goupil, Ron 28 Harper, Lillian 26 Hayden, Harry 26 Martin, Jim 26 Moonen, Henk 28 Oaks, Stan 28 Piper, Doris 28 Rogalado, Graciaoro 28 GRADUATE ASSISTANTS Acevedo, Roberto 183 Atlee, Alfred 183 Alexander, Vern 151 Bentley, Herschel 188 Billings, Richard 129 Bonner , Patricia 206 Bowles, William 57 Bruce, Jane 83 Buck, Gary 35 Cheske, Stanley 34 Cohen, Stephen 88 Cook, Robert 41 Copeland, Evelyn 83 Davis, Donald 88 Deitch, Lewis 32 Dennis, Harry 83 DeVore, Robert 88 Downey, Loren 41 Ennis, Louis 29 Feldheim, Richard 28 Felix, Carlos 83 Gaede, Patricia 83 Gavitt, Burton 83 Goldmark, Bernice 41 Hamilton, Jane 83 Haskell, Charles 88 Henderson, Karlene • 83 Hillard, Bart 28 Hocker, Mary 41 Hoke, David 88 Kengla, William 83 Keratzes, John 83 King, Roger 88 Luther, Oliver 83 McCoy, Scott 66 Parham, Carl 83 Parsons, Gordon 41 Perry, Chryssee 83 Porras, Carlos 83 Rosenzweig, Harry 88 Schwartz, Benjamin 66 Segade, Gustav 83 Shrum, Susan 35 Stevens, Irene 83 Strube, William 29 Tatham, Eddison 83 Thomas, L. Fred 49 Videen, Garven 28 Wayland, Susan 82 West, Patrick 32 Westrich, Robert 62 White, John 28 Wilson, Carolyn 62 Wilson, Patience 132, 49 Zeltmann, Judith 35 STUDENT I NDEX - A - Abbott, Judy 365 Abbott, Marion 25 6 Abbott, Robert 298,405 Abernathy, Rejean 377 Abodeely, Joseph 290,353 Abromowitz, Gary Acevedo, Roberto 183,192,193,407 Acheson, Meldon 396 Ackley, Mary 128,264 Acosta, Garcia 128,379 Acosta, Robert 398 Acuna, Augie 341 Adair, Steven 290,345 Adamcin, Peter 398 Adams, Darryl 397 Adams, Deanne 397 Adams, Kay 379,397 Adams, Peter 274 Adams, Stephen 290 Adams, Thomas 398 Adams, Victoria 262 Addy, Jay 408 Adelman, Joel 283 Adelstone, Judy 411 Aden, Rashir 387,409 Aebersold, William 288 Agee, William 288 Agins, David 302 Agnieray, Gerard __ 183,193,407 Agron, Francine 179 Aguilar, Gilberto 137,409 Ahl, Dave 47 Ahl, Norman 292 Ahmad, Mubashar 156,409 Ahrens, William 405 Aiello, James 45 Akin, Elizabeth 405 Akin, Jerry 405 Albrecht, Edward 197 Albright, Dennis 335 Alcumbrac, Robert 165 Alday, Armando 179 Alden, Peter 270 Alexander, Sue 51,171 Alexander, Vern 319,327 Alezandre, Joyce 248 Alfano, John 283 Alford, Samuel 298 Alfred, John 295 Alfred, Michael 300 Algert, Norman 201 Alker, Hollie 128,250 Allen, Barbara 380 Allen, Cheryl 380 Allen, Frank 293 Allen, John 128,294 Allen, Judy 256 Allen, Kathryn 37,49,264 Allen, Kenneth 404 Allen, Maxine 256 Allen, Thomas 288 Allen, Todd 292 Allender, Janet 405 Alley, Gordon 174,290 Alley, Ruth 246 Allsman, Paul 197 Almon, Thomas 398 Alpert, Linda 199 Alquist, Jon 179,279 Alsever, Robert 37,274 Alter, Anita 264 Alvidrez, Gloria 411 Amado, Maria 244,367 Amarillas, James 382 Amaya, Valdemar 204,409 Amthor, Mary 179,244 Amyx, Monty 296 Andersen, Bonnie 35,37,262,317 Andersen, Reed 270 Anderson, Adrienne 373 Anderson, Beverly 42,254 Anderson, Bonnie 179,262 Anderson, Catherine 262 Anderson, Christopher 179,242,279 Anderson, Darlene 258 Anderson, Everett 402 Anderson, Gene 395 Anderson, James 293 Anderson, Jean 260 Anderson, Joyce 374 Anderson, Judith 266 Anderson, Leslie 290 Anderson, Michael 209,296 Anderson, Ronald 392,402 Anderson, Rosalie 306 Anderson, Ruth 256,380 Anderson, Stephanie 49,242,262 Anderson, Stuart Lee 125,271 Anderson, Susan E. 128 Anderson, Susan W. 258 Anderson, Theodore 300 Anderson, Thomas 273 Anderson, Tom 152,156 Andrew, Mary 127,139 Andrews, Robert 204 Andrews, William 138 Angelus, Jane 244 Angier, Joy 42 Angius, Danitza 246,374 Anstine, Gale 402 Antoine, Michelle 377 Antone, Phyllis 381 Antonitz, Julius 128,293 Antrim, Merrilee 263 Anzinger, Charlene 171,246 Apuzzo, Elaine 374 Aranda, Cecilia 163 Araneta, Yolanda 141 Archer, Frances 141,260 Areghini, David 46,47,290,319 Arens, David 270 Arensberg, Francis 298 Arentz, Sharon 204 Arkush, Sharon 262 Arlinsky, Harris 409 Armer, Walter 404 Armor, Anne 49,260 Armstrong, Tamsinn 316 Arnold, Charles 294 Arnold, Mary Janet 37,51,245 Arnold, Ray 354 Arnsberg, Patty 258 Aronson, Karen 42,268 Arsad, Affendi 197,409 Arviso, Janet 380 Arvizu, Rosel la 409 Asbury, Susan 252 Ascher, Mary 254 Ash, Fred 397 Ashek, Farduk 122 Ashenfelter, Walter 382 Asher, Kitty 377 Ashley, Margo . 378 Ashley, Russell 73,272 Ashton, Donald 37,290 Aslin, James ' 288 Atkirtson, Julia 141,262 Atlee, Alfred 183,192 Atwood, James 174,296 Aubert, Ellen 411 Audi, Richard 288,352 Auger, 121,171 Aughenbaugh, Dennis 280 Austin, Robert 288 Auten, George 278 Avary, Robert 274 Azeltine, John 139 Azelton, Philip 73,76,163 Azili, Aboul 409 Azure, Anthony 152,402 - B - Babcock, Clara 76 Babel, Nancy 173 Babiars, Julie 42,375 Bacal, Andi 407 Backer, Ronald 402 Backus, Diane 260 Backus, Peter 128,298 Bacon, Mary 381,409 Bacon, Sandy 411 Baer, Otto 281 Baergen, Edward 128,402,412 Bahner, Linda 365 Bailey, Brian 189 Bailey, Louella 179,265 Bailey, Wanda 42,43,260 Bair, Judith 250,412 Baird, David 242,294 Baird, Frederick 298 Baird, Martha 252 Baird, Richard 294,396 Baisinger, Judith 260 Baker, Christopher 282 Baker, John 128,284 Baker, Joyce 262,316 Baker, Sharon 406 Balda, Raymond 384 Baldridge, Barclay 50,262,376 Baldridge, Armando 398 Baldwin, Wallace 296 Balfour, Tain 266 Ball, Samuel 293 Ballard, Catherine 246,378 Ba I lesteros, Jose 152,156 Ballis, Robert 284 Balsamo, Salvatore 402 Bambauer, Suzanne 61,254 Banen, Leah 267,396 Banger, Sandra 256 Bangle, Linda 266 Bannon, Roberta 164 Baran, Conrad 279 Baran, Robert 402 Barber, Beverly 378 Barber, Brenda 262 Barber, Christine 252 Barber, David 296 Barc, Laurie 73,76,163 Barcelo, Francisco 398 Barchfield, Carl 284 Barclay, Ralph 128,300 Bardeau, Renie 137 Barden, David 286 Barden, Nora 141 Barden, Patricia 258,366 Barkan, Barry 163 Barnes, Glen 163 Barnes, Karen 381,397 Barnes, Richard 376 Barnes, William 281 Barnetche, Hector 341 Barnett, Patricia 252 Barnette, Kirk 122,271 Barney, Denton 122,125,287,397 Barney, Kenneth 128 Barnhard, Phillip 139,370,383 Barraclough, Ronald 281 Barrales, Joe 388 432 Barreca, Joanne 381,411 Barrett, Janet 260 Barrett, Mina 164 Barrett, Toni 141,246 Barrington, Penny 244 Barry, Carole 258 Barry, Mariann 67,370,375 Barstis, Susan 250 Bartels, Sally 146,254 Barth, Stephen 128,138,304 Bartholomeaux, Judith 398 Bartholomew, George 283 Bartholomew, Thomas 37 Bartlett, Joseph 296 Barton, Paul 402 Barton, Timothy 174,175,177 Bate, Elizabeth 260 Bates, Lionel 288 Batiste, Ronald 242,282 Batoon, Elnathan 272 Bauer, Colleen 377 Bauman, Lionel 302 Bauman, Pamela 242,246 Baumann, Karen 192,193 Bausser, Janet 250 Bautz, James 398 Bayer, David 398 Bayles, Arthur 196,197,278 Bayless, Mary 260 Bayne ,Edw in 341 Beach, Edward 36,137,274 Beach, Richard 278,360 Beadles,Barbara 159,165,264,365 Bean, Robert 174 Beard, John 294 Beard, Robert 319 Bearman, Sandra 268 Bearse, Catherine 171,254 Beaufeaux, Richard 201,204 Beavers, Cloyd 123 Bebee, Ed. 406,408 Bechtel, Ellen 43,47,266 Bechtholt, David 281 Beck, Ira 121 Becker, Nancy 405 Beckley, James 276 Beckley, Nancy 47,260 Beckman, Curt 179,294 Becraft, Stephen 128 Bedell, John 407 Beeston, Frederick 76 Beets, Martin 407 Beggs, Donnie 264 Beggs, Harry 391 Beggs, John 391 Behlow, Marcia 376 Behrendt, Christy 49,256 Bejerano, Abraham 157 Beling, David 197 Bell, Boyd 122,125 Bell, Christopher 296 Bell, Cynthia 376 Bell, David 282 Bell, James Larry 284 Bell, Julie 373 Bell, Leslie 73,76,163 Bell, Patricia 141 Bellah, Bill 76 Bellis, Thomas 398 Bellman, Sheryll 374 Belman, Fred 302 Belsher, Brian 396 Bendalin, Bernice 376 Bendalin, Marshall 387 Bender, Mary Lou .... 47,256,311 Bendixen, Linda 49,371 Bendixen, Nancy 264 Benedict, Betty 376 Benenati, Samuel 384 Benesch, Wayne 35,46,300 Bennett, Bonnie 411 Bennett, Carole 411 Bennett, Connie 254,308 Bennett, Darrell 204,293 Bennett, James Craige 274 Bennett, James 274 Bennett, Sandra 142,254 Bennett, Walter 402 Bennett, William 288 Bennett, William Tom 272 Benson, Cremin 298 Benson, Mary 42 Benson, Robert 284 Bent, George 408 Bently, Mary 199 Benzick, Larry 353 Berg, James 345 Beren, Judith 193 Berg, Sari 376 Berg, William 149 Bergamo, Ronald 37,296 Bergen, Dale 128,139 Bergland, LuAnn 412 Bergner, Kathlyn 250 Bergstrom, Charles 45,52,142,209,242,290,307 Berk, Robert 304 Berkenkamp, Charles 294 Berkshire, Ellen 246 Berman, Carol 165,248 Bernard, Eleanor 401 Bernstein, Elayne 67,248,380,399 Berquist, Donald 293 Berry, Douglas 319 Berry, Gayle 256 Berwick, Jean 76,365 Best, Barbara 373 Best, Robert 243,300 Bethea, Jackie 402 Bettis, Nanette 250 Betts, Gail 76,375 Betts, Terry 163 Bettwy, Andrew 277 Beyer, Paul 277 Bhalli, Masood 409 Bickel, Claudia 410 Bienfang, Mary 37,260 Bienstock, Judith 410 Bierbrier, Leonard 412 Bigler, Bill 402 Biggs, Richard 402 Bilbrey, Linda 311 Bilby, Diane 260 Bilby, Mary 260,398 Bilgray, Betty 268 Billings, Kenneth 243,298 Binaski, John 282 Binns, Margaret 252 Biocini, Margaret 398 Birbeck, Richard 294,353 Birch, George 163,179 Birchett, John 271,403 Bird, Charles 201 Bishop, Constance 378 Bishop, Mary 373 Bishop, Towne 142 Bjorn, Lyle 407 Black, Carolyn 260 Black, JoAnne 260 Black, Nancy 139,168 Blackhurst, Dennis 173 Blackmore, Claude 410 Blakely, Linda 266 Blakey, Lawrence 56 Blanton, Pamela 266 Blassingame, Robert 129 Blease, Robert 180,280,410 Bledsoe, Carol 142,263,316 Bledsoe, Susan 252 Blende, David 296 Blinn, Stephan 290 Blitt, Casey 34,38,45,52,129,302 Block, Barbara 159,164,248 Block, Carl 276 Block, Chris 367 Block, Darrell 157 Bloemer, Robert 76 Blom John 47 Bloomquist, Helen 245 Bloomquist, Karen 171,256,405 Blount, Hugh 165,180,292 Blumberg, Philip 129,283 Blumenthal, Bruce 402 Boatman, Virginia 256 Bocock, Charles 402 Bodily, Kregg 287,397 Boettcher, Judy 256 Boggs, Carole 245 Boggs, Dendy 271,370 Bogle, John 270 Bohn, Jane 398 Bohnet, Richard 296 Boice, Caroline 36,43,262,316 Boileau, Linda 129,250 Boileau, Sharon 63,180,192,250 Boles, Sharon 170 Boll, Roger 37,47,66,290 Bolton, Barbara 37,257 Bond, Arthur 125 Bond, Larry 397 Bond, Sidney 244 Bonfoey, Ann 264 Bonfoey, Nan 365 Bonnyman, Alexandra 180,266 Bonsey, Kay 142,262 Boonstra,Sandra 142,363,364,401 Booth, Barbara 35,42,47,177,264,309 Booth, Beverly 264 Booth, George 408,409 Borak, Dennis 290 Borchers, Kathleen 244 Borge, Olaf 284 Borge, Sigfrid 246 Borges, Manuel 406 Borinsteinn, Joyce 268 Born, Kris 411 Born, Max 406 Bors, Ronald 283 Borsic, Charles 201,204 Bort, Gretchen 181 Bosse, A. J. 276 Bosso, N. Guetta 387,409 Bott, Gerald 47,298 Bouschour, Barbara 165 Boush, Alfred 396 Bouziden, Genevieve 245 Bowden, Margaret 376 Bowe, Bruce 288 Bower, Leonard 165 Bowles, Thomas 288 Bowman, Susan 376 Boxmeyer, Ronald 407 Boyd, Alice 67,73,411 Boyd, Fred 73 Boyd, Nancy E. 252 Boyd, Nancy L. 381 Boyd, Patricia 377 Boyd, Robert 370,386 Boyer, David 404 Boyer, Edgar 282 Boyle, Barbara 398 Boyle, Sharon 398 Boyles, Mary 142 Braasch, Loraine 181 Brackney, James 290 Braden, Robert 298 Bradford, Michael 274 Bradley, Carolyn 34,36,47 Bradner, John 406 Bradshaw, Neil 341 Bragdon, Delores 264 Brainard, Susan 254 Brame, Carl 400 Brammer, James 276 Branch, Bonnie 365 Branch, Nancy 262 Brand, Virginia 252 Brandlin, John 396 Brandt, Robin 142 Branham, Jo Ann 40,45,52,142,264 Brant, Kathryn 250 Brasch, Darrel 399 Bray, Elgin 284 Bray, Judith 181,244 Brazier, Thomas 402 Brechko, Michael 283 Brecht, Pat 364,366,401 Breck, William 35,335 Breckler, William 319,329 Bredlow, Barbara 171,246 Breinig, Howard 319,327 Brem, Walter 277 Brent, Marsha 411 Brichta, Louis 36,51,408 Brichta, Roger 273 Bricker, Edward 319,330 Bridewell, Robert 294 Bridgemon, Rondal 385 Bridges, Don 341 Briedis, Samuel 181 Briggs, Mary 142,149,258 Briggs, Samuel 270 Brightman, Pamela 258 Brill, Helen 377 Brimhall, Arthur 397,403 Brimhall, Jerry 397 Brinkoetter, Terrence 294 Briscoe, John 296,319 Brichta, Mike 362 Brittain, Gary 308 Brock, Harvey 156,402 Brock, Steven 383 Brockbank, Leroy 278 Broder, Seymour 129 Brodney, Rozann 248 Bromley, Sara 181,409 Bronson, Louise 28 Brook, Robert 51 Brookhart,Theodore 129,137,296 Brooks, Edwin 152,278 Brooks John 192,193 Brooks, Sarah 206 Broestedt, Lawrence 284 Brown, Carlton 152,157 Brown, Darrell 290 Brown, Gail 142,258 Brown, Jeryl 374 Brown, Judith 181,192,250 Brown, Linda 365,366 Brown, Peter 286 Brown, Robert 287,397 Brown, Roger 284 Brown, Sarah 254 Brown, Thelma 171 Brown, Thomas J. 47,284 Brown, Thomas L. 294 Brown, Tonia 411 Brown, William 341 Browne, Donna 142,262 Brownewell, Margaret 256 Brownewell, Patricia _ 36,42,256 Brownstein, Morris 177 Bruce, Donald 273 Bruce, Jane 183 Bruce, Mary 376 Bruckheimer, Jerome 304 Brugler, Sharon 142 Brumage, Darrell 152 Brummett, Nickoletta 411 Bruner, Shirley 250 Bruning, Rozanne 378 Brunk, Michael 319 Brunner, Barbara 254 Bruno, Lee 177 Bryan, Sandra 244 Bryant, Richard 402 Bryce, Ben 122 Bryne, Charles 284 Bubala, Stephen 129,136 Buchanan, Charles 129 Buchanan, James 284 Buckingham, Robert 302 Buckley, Guy 177 Buckner, Eldon 125,271,362 Buckner, Harry 296 Buckwalter, Jean 67,73,163,411 Budinger, Donald 243,294 Bugdanowitz, Richard 304 Bulechek, Donald 138 Bullock, Charles 396 Bulmen, Linda 139 Bumpus, Carole 254 Bunch, John 190,192,193,273,408 Bunker, James 398 Bunn, Clonard 405 Bunney, Brian 388 Bunting, Linda 254 Burch, Betty 36,254 Burch, John 121 Burcham, Janet 411 Burd, Lesley 372 Burford, Robert 274 Burges, Margaret 245 Burgner, Gary Ray 385 Burke, Florence 258 Burke, Lawrence 288 Burke, Mary 264 Burkett, Valerie 129,139 Burkhart, Donnie 286 Burkhart,Ford 34,37,45,52,62,298 Burkman, Elizabeth 258 Burleson, Lou 125,271 Burneo, Catherine 142 Burner, Dale 73,293 Burnett, Barbara 142,244 Burnite, John 129 Burns, Janet 376 Burns, Linda Beth 260 Burns, Neville 408 Burpee, Susan 252 Burrill, George 243,293 Burris, Grace 401 Burris, Richard 276 Burroughs, Jane 76 Burruel, Esperanza 409 Burruss, Sherry 262 Burstiner, Allen 283 Burton, Donald 293 Burwell, Louise 375 Burysh, Said 409 Busacker, Barbara _245,363,366 Busby, A. Jay 397 Bush, Gary 383 Bush, Ray 47 Bushre, Peter 389 Busk, Judith 379 Bussey, Janis 168,262 Bustamante, Rudy 201,204,205 Butler, Barbara 373,403 Butler, Nancy 256,378 Butler, Patricia 266 Butler, Stephen 298 Butler, Toby 67,164 Button, Sandra 48,49,266 Buzzini, Carol 266 Byers, William 292 Byrd, A. Ruddell 51,408 Byrd, Joanne 411 Byrd, Phyllis 375 Byrne, Bonnie 252 Byrne, Diane 199,250 Byron, Reginald 292 C- Caddell, Billy 163 Cadmus, Margaret 142,149,411 Cadwell, Geri 374 Cain, Carol 264 Cain, Diane 264 Cain, Sidney 129 Caine, Karen 47,252 Calahan, George 196,376 Caldwell, Ara 376 Caldwell, Jean 366,406 Calhoun, Nancy 411 Callaghan, Karen 171 Calvin, Barbara 264 Calvin, Christine 171 Calwell, Jim 309 Campbell, Carol 260 Campbell, George 129,278 Campodonico, Angelo 276 Campos, Carlos 398 Cannon, Jane 377 Caplan, Michael 302 Cappelletti, Sybil 256 Capps, Freddie 298 Card, Helen 258,363 Carden, John 396 Carey, Bonnie 377 Carey, Harland 397 Cargen, Thomas 152 Carlson, Karin 34,181 Carlson, Loris __ 38,244,363,367 Carlson, Patricia 246 Carlson, Roberta 250 Carlson, Vicki 40,41,49,260 Carmony, Thomas 388 Carney, John 319,326 Carpenter, Dell 408 Carpenter, John 402 Carpenter, Michael 296 Carr, Michael L. 274 Carr, Michael T. 293 Carr, Richard 293 Carrasco, Luz 142 Carreras, Michael 298 Carrillo, Irene 142,264 Carriveau, Ronald 284 Carroll, Jim 402 Carroll, Michael 47,294 Carroll, Sarah 73,163 Carson, Harry 280 Carter, James 177 Carter, Sheila 252 Cartmell, Sandra 37,104,142,246 Case, Gary 36,38,47,66,242,292 Casella, Steven 296 Cassel, William 129,294 Cassidy, Thomas 402 Castle, Jacqueline 262 Catlin, Edith 42,43,47,262 Caton, Robert 284 Cavender, Anabelle 397 Cavness, William 404 Ceizyk, Dennis 181,283,398 Cervantes, Douglas 278 Cesar, John 197 Chabre, Stephen 284 Chadwick, Douglas 403,404 Chaifetz, Gerald 302 Chalmers, Linda 373 Chambers, Robert E. 165,293 Chambers, Robert G. 139,404 Champness, Don 273 Chan, Constance 142 Chand, Amer 156 Chandler, Carole 246 Chandler, Jane 165 Chang, Jeanne 363,364,366,401,406 Chapman, Barbara 168 Chapman, Linda 248,364 Chapman, Linda Leta 366,406 Chapman, Richard 298 Charles, Francis 407 Charters, Bruce 298 Chasey, Evelyn 264 Chasse, Albert 402 Chatburn, Cynthia 262,380 Chavez, Anthony 137,409 Cheairs, Sue 407 Chelberg, John 276 Cheney, William 286 Chenoweth, Arthur 280 Chesler, Lois 268,372 Chesnut, Parralee 245 Chester, Gilbert 242 Chiate, Barton 302 Chiate, Gary 66,242,302 Chilberg, Marjorie 263 Childers, Robert 294 Chiles, Jim 209 Chilton, Mary 263 Chilton, Thomas 396 Chinnock, Peter 293 Chique, Cucilia 405 Choisser, Joseph 274 Chong, Cheryl 405 Choo, Sand 409 Chotinuchit, P. 197 Christen, Eugenia 411 Christensen, Karen 244 Christensen, Lee 165 Christensen, Mildred 250 Christ ensen, Sharon 76,256 Christer ,Alice 365 Christian, Alice 387 Christianson, Curtis 209,391 Christie, Robert 366,406 Christofk, Robert 35,181,286 Christy,Mary 47,242,243,263,316 Christy, Theodore 319,321,325 Church, Constance 399 Church, Donna 36,49,51,254 Churchill, Hans 152,192,193 Ciampa, Louise 250 Ciotti, Edward 382 Clack, Patricia 181 Clancy, Donna 252 Clarey, Frederick 317 Claridge, James 122,125,287 Clark, Donald 405 Clark, Douglas 361 Clark, James 387 Clark, Janet 260 Clark, John 165,197,396 Clark, Judith 143 Clark, Louise 34,37,40,129 Clark, Mary C. 266 Clark, Mary P. 264 Clark, Raymond 273 Clark, Robert 243 Clark, Russell 406 Clark, Thomas 288 Clarke, Robert 382 Claton, Virginia 168 Clausen, Monte 34,44,45,52,66,290,335 Clausen, Sally 264 Clayton, Mardes 284 Cleland, Deana 266 Clement, Albert 243 Cleveland, Charlotte 42,67,171,378,399 Cleveland, Rodney 129,278 Clevenger, Sara 44 Clikeman, Peter 281 Cline, Cheryl 407,412 Clish, Ernest 385 Close, James 156 Cloud, Sanford 243 Clover, Dee 143,264 Clovis, Kay 364 Clovis, Patricia 163,364 Coapman, Carl 404 Coatsworth, Theresa 76 Coberly, Robert 274 Cochella, Carol 143,258 Cochran, Charles 276 Cochrane, David 293 Coco, Leonard 129 Coffaro, Madeleine 73 Coffas, James 383 Coffey, Mary 51 Cogan, Philip 204 Cohen, Charles 143 Cohen, James 290 Cohen, Sandra 248,372 Cohen, Stephen 402 Cohn, Pamela 193 Cohn, Patti 42,43,47,266,407 Cohon, Melvin 129,304 Coil, James 290 Coiner, Kenneth 127,129,137,412 Coker, Eddie 385 Colangelo, Arthur 242,294 Colclough, James 396 Coldiron, Ashleigh 252,365 Cole, Georgia 374 Cole, Marshall 391 Cole, Stephen 396 Cole, Ronnie 248,402 Cole, Timothy 300 Cole, Tommy 173,174,177,290 Coleman, Millicent 268 Coles, Nancy 250 Collins, Ann 263 Collins, Caryll 376,411 Collins, Charlene 163 Collins, Clifton 300 Collins, Winslow 243,277 Collins, Jackson 274 Collins, Judy 201,203,204,205 Collins, Kimberly 378 Collins, Susan 256 Collinsworth, William 396 Colwell, James 284 Combellick, Robert 274 Combs, Susan 373 Comeau, Carole 254 Comegys, Karen 37 Comerford, Cheryl 372 Compton, Leslie 252 Conger, Bradley 412 Conley, Francis 398 Connelly, Constance 143,258 Connelly, Scott 382 Conner, Earl 296 Conner, Teresa 254 Connolly, Hugh 59 Connolly, Robert 294 Conrad, Alfred 300,408 Conrad, Lynn 73 Conradi, Carlene 366,373 Conradi, Dennis 156 Conroy, Mary 46,206,264,316,366,401 Conroy, Penelope 242,264 Constable, Tom 290 Contzen, Sally 242,254 Contzen, Susie 242,254 Conway, Christopher 398 Conwell, Gail 252 Cook, Charles A. 143 Cook, Charles 335 Cook, Kenneth 319,326,327 Cook, Theodore Lee 47,290 Cook, William 139,391 Cooke, Stephanie 245 Cooney, Mike 407 Coons, Eileen 397 Coons, Sharon Lee 364,397 Cooper, Barry 396 Cooper, Diane 244 Cooper, Thomas 402 Copeland, Canda Lea 266 Copeland, Cody 362,382 Copeland, Evelyn 183,193,407 Copenhaver, Larry 47,351 Coppess, Susan Kay 49,51,73,76,264 Coppins, Elizabeth 245 Copple, Leonard 209 Copple, Steven 40,41 Corbet, James 177 Corbet, Leo 174,296 Corbett, Diana Lee 36,264,374 Corbett, John 294 Corcoran, Timothy 276 Cordano, Jim 274 Corkhill, Marilyn 49,51,250 Corkran, S tephen 73,76,391 Corn, Betty 143,264 Cornelius, Sylvia 181 Cornia, Mary 397 Corona, Marcella 163,372 Corr, Budd 288 Correll, Frances 245 Correll, Keith 274 Correll, Ann 405 Costanzo, Elaine 177 Costanzo, Samuel 174 Costich, Margaret 252 Cota-Robles, Armando 152 Cotton, Alan 284 Cotton, Dudley 165 Cottrell, Ronald 370,388,403 Coulson, Susan 266 Coulter, Elizabeth 410 Courson, Duane 281 Courtland, Ruth 248 Cousland, Harold 64 Coutchie, Robert 298 Covey, Richard 300 Cowan, Jeffery 302 Cowitz, Jerrold 302 Cox, David 277 Cox, Dennis 165 Cox, Eugene 288 Cox, Randall 288 Coxwell, Royce Anne 375 Coye, John 284 Cozad, Nancy 243,254 Craft, Martha 370,379 Craig, Harry 177 Cram, Susan Wright 143,252 Cramer, Barbara 412 Cramer, Dennis 408 Crandall, Edward 286 Craner, Phyllis 143,256 Crank, Patricia 366,406 Cranmer, Arthur 300 Crawford, Frederick 76 Crawford, Stephen 292 Crawford, William 388 Crede, Donald 156 Creel, Susan 250 Creith, Richard 290 Cress, Leighton 298 Cress, Peter 163 Crissey, Margaret 143,266 Crockett, Sharon 260 Crosby, Patricia 252 Croswell, Vicky 254,364 Croughan, Dennis 143 Crowder, Charles 173,177 Crowell, Cynthia 266,366 Croxson, Betsy 366 Crum, Gail 411 Crum, Robert 271 Crum Robert S. 152,156,272 Cude, Jesse 355 Culbert, Avis 412 Culbertson, James 76 Cullen, Edward 279 Cumerford, Helen .. 159,165,256 Cummings, Anne 264 Cummings, Howard 294 Cummins Kathleen 264 Cummins, Margaret _... 368,401 Cunningham, Bill 308 Cunningham, Gary 292 Cunningham, Jean 28 Cunningham, Larry 139 Currie, Carol Ann 411 Curry, Donnald 353 Curtis, Charlaine 246,375 Curtis, Cornelia 245 Curtis, Dena 378,409 Curtis, Evan 287 Curtis, Mary Ellen 171,380,399 Curtis, Michael 276 Curtis, Ted 397 Cusack, William 284 Custer, Martha 376 Cutler, Albert 388 Cutter, Sarah Ann 168 - D - Daasch, Edward 270,335 Dabney, Christina 143 Dack, Le Roy 298 Dadson, Carl 300 Daggett, Susan 143,206,363,364,366,401,406 Dahlquist, Eugene 319,341 Dailey, Carmen 256 Dailey, Elsie 149 Dailey, Rebecca 371 Dainty, Jim 362 D ' Alcomo, Josiane 193,407 Dale, Laura 374 Dalton, Lloyd 163 Dalton, Roberta 181 Dalzell, James 45 Dalzell, Thomas 47,294,349 Damon, Ernest 181 Damron, William 76 D ' Ancona, Alfred 33 34 40 Danehy, Alma 245,371 Danenhauer, Edwin 36,49,242,293 Daniel, Frances 37,129,139,242,244 Daniels, Catherine 258 Daniels, Karen 256 Dardis, Milton 163 Darnell, Robert 129,137,392 Darr, Thomas 402 Das, Subrada 409 Dauk, Regis 294,335 Davidson, Arlo 201 Davidson, George 388 Davidson, Janice 412 Davidson, Judith 268 Davidson, Melanie 268 Davidson, Phillip 129 Davidson, Richard 130,137 Davidson, Valerie 395 Davis, Charles 49,152 Davis, Evelyn 403 Davis, Gary 302 Davis, Clyde 397 Davis, Jack 183 Davis, John 73 Davis, Larry 292 Davis, Margaret 373 Davis, Mary 171,246 Davis, Mike 352 Davis, Natalie 190,410 Davis, Norman 402 Davis, Robert 288 Davis, Ruth 67,379 Davis, Sharon 76,399 Davis, Sharon Lynne 374 Davis, Steve 352 Davis, Susan 260,377 Davis, William 274 Davis, Zona 108,171 Davison, Arthur 203 Davison, Curtis 300 Davison, Diana 256,367 Davison, Sandra 407 Davison, Valerie 411 Davison, Janice 378 Davitch, Jerry 319,353 Dawson, Robert 402 Dawson, Wayne 152,157,280 Day, Autumn 378 Day, Janis 277 Day, John 406 Day, Lawson 73 Day, Patricia 67,366 Dea, George 137,405 Dea, Thomas 152,156,157 Deak, Gary 341 Deal, Gail 121,125 Dean, Grant 402 Dean, James 243,282 Dean, Nancy 244 De Azevedo, Julie 399 DeBack, Paula 246 Decker, Lynda 372 Decker, Patricia 397 De Concini, Dennis 174,177,288 Deddens, Jana 254 Dedrick, Mary 51 Dees, Margaret 397 DeFors, John 352 Denghanpisheh, Delghanpi .. 409 Degen, Ronna 365 Dehlinger, Donna 252 deJongy, Remy 409 De Lamboy, Paul 398 Delaney, John , 281 Del Duca, Sharon 143,246 De Long, Jay 165,385,398 De Long, John 130 Demarais, Francis 293,345 DeMarco, Matt 354 Deming, Thomas 270 Dempster, Frank 270 DeNotaris, William 402 Deniston, Douglas 278 Denn, Bonnie 258,394 Dennen, Joy 248 Dennett, Gage 42,43,45,52,168,171,260 Dennis, Arthur 190,396 Dennis, Harry 183 Dennis, Patricia Deplitch, Patricia 266 Derby, Lynn 250 Desbrow, Susanne 256 De Schutter, Richard 405 De Sonia, Dave 319 De Spain, Charles 125 Despain, Larry 143,397 Deutsch, Larry 38,159,248,302,308 Deutsch, Sharon 248 Devault, Bruce 407 De Vault, Dennis 165 Devereux, Dianne 398 Devine, Dennis 355 Devner, Jon 355 Devore, Robert 190 De Weese, Lenore 381 Diamond, Sheldon 130 Diamos, Clay 358 Dickerson, Betsy 244,398 Dickerson, Lowell 402 Dickerson, Thomas 281 Dickey, Carter 287 Dickey, Leroy 190 Dickey, RoMae 397 Dickson, Dorothy 250 Dickson, Michael 242,276 Dicus, Robert 40,41,45,52 Diehl, Dorothy 168,256 Dieringer, Sharon 250 Diggs, Della 180 Di Gregorio, Silvio 243,293 Dillahunt, David 130 Diment, James 280 Dineff, Beverly 377 Dinnin, Roger 273 Dinsmore, Margaret 263 Dinsmore, Philip 165,281 Disabato, Joseph 152 Dishinger, Susan 143,255 Dithridge, Andrew 49,294,355 Dodge, John 273 Dodge, Karen 263,376 Dodson, Jerry 300 Dobson, Robert 278 Doerflinger, David 288 Doherty, Robert 292,408 Don, James 174,177 Donahue, Diane 57,255 Donnelly, Paul 382 Donohue, Rory 72 Donovan, Alice 246 Doolan, James 204 Doolen, Edward 335 Doolittle, David 137,284 Dora, Johnny 274 Dora, Judythe 264 Doran, Donald 49 Dorfman, Susan 268 Dorr, Janet 256 Dorsey, Janet 376,403 Dotson, Calvin 300 Dotson, Craig 273 Doty, Steve 354 Doubet, Charles 37,49,294 Doubet, Nan 37,266 Doughty, John 402 Douglas, Robert 288,319 Dow, Judith 246 Dow, Paul 292 Dow, Phoebe 143,372 Dowd, Douglas 66,152,242,274 Dowd, James 130,274 Dowden, Mary 405 Dowling, Pamela 76,255 Dowling, William 165 Downend, Christina 263 Downey, Frank 197 Downey, Gary 296 Downing, Barbara 375 Downing, Dean 47,243 Doyle, Cynthia 378 Doyle, Dallas 385 Dozier, Wanda 381 Drackett, Harry 276 Draper, Helen 380 Draper, Michael 294 Dreswick, Stan 341 Dreyer, Christian 402 Drilling, Fred 294,357 Druley, Georgette 404 Drummond, Mary ._ 171,366,375 Dryden, Penelope 260 Dudek, Paul 165 Dukes, Robert 385 Duman, Robert 182 Dunbar, Kimball 296 Duncan, Dale 258 Duncan, Donna 73,390 Dunn, Bonnie 398 Dunn, Francis 402 Dunn, Jack 384 Dunn, Peter 33,35,47,66,179,275 Duntley, Geraldine 263 Duplain, Jan 266 Duran, Rafael 396,409 Durand, Harvey 182,387 Durilla, Susan 266 Dutoit, Paula 258 Duwe, Marilyn 258 Dye, Doug 408 Dye, Harvey 284 Dyer, James 270 Dykeman, Jill 263 - E - Eagle, Janice Eakins, Judith Earhart, Leroy Earley, Mary Beth 40,41,47,104 Easley, Donald 404 East, Pat 397 Eastburn, Ronald 77,137 Eastman, Denny 409 Eastman, Robert 279 Eaton, Frank 163 Ebert, William 403,408,409 Ebling, Faye 364,401 Eckert, Richard 202,204 Eckman, Richard 76,396 Ector, Donne 273 Eddy, Lauralee 245 Edgar, Judith 42,43,47 Edland, Anthony 45 Edler, Vernon 284 Edlund, Philip 52,130,137,294,352 Edmiston, Robert 77 Edmonds, Caroline 204 Edmonds, James 294 Edstrom, David 288 Edwards, Betty 411 Edwards, Grace 143,255 Edwards, James 34,36,298 Edwards, John 389 Edwards, Stephen 408 Edwards, Virginia 266 Egan, Harriette 245,375,404 Egge, James 274 Eggleston, Susan 260 Ehr, Wilfred 124 Ehrlich, Joan 248 Eighmy, Lee 130,298 Einspahr, Betty 143 Eisele, Logan Charles 276 Elias, Ronnie 137 Elley, Jayne 245 Elliott, Clifford 293 Elliott, Elizabeth 168,374 Elliott, James 51,274,370 Elliott, Jon 163 Elliott, Lenore 149 Elliott, Odus 396 Ellis, Anna 255 Ellis, Jim 409 Ellis, Robert 153 Ellis, Sandra 378,381 Ellison, Donna 309 Elmore, Genie 51,246 Elner, Stewart .. 66,209,242,284 Elrod, Clyde 272 Ely, Richard 281 Embry, Fred 49,137,294 Embry, Talton 288 Emmons, Bruce 152,396 Endert, William 202 Eng, Jean 202,205 Engel, JoAnn 407 Engelhard, Kathy 255 Engelhardt, Andrew 272 England, Henry 270 English, Kathleen 143,250 English, Lou 143 English, Richard 274 Entz, Mary Grace 374 Enzian, Richard 402 Epp, Paul 130,304 Epstein, Judith 411 Erbe, Nancy 264 Erickson, James 292 Erickson, Patricia 371 Erickson, Sheralyn 250 Ernst, Michael 278 Erwin, William 284 Espinosa, Roberto 122 Espy, James 274 Estabrook, Dean 73 Esten, Luray 365,375 Ettinger, Leonard 197 Evans, Cheryl 36,260 Evans, John 1 74,1 77 Evans, Robert 288 Evans, Sharon 399 Ewald, Ellie 409 Ewald, Dianne 264,396 Ewald, Doris 143,396 Ewing, Carolyn 34,39,42,43,45,52,182,264 Ewing, Charlotte 245 Ewing, Ronald 290 Ewing, Russell .. 35,179,182,190 - F - Fadem, Marilyn 268,375 Fahs, Theodore 243,270 Fair, Nancy 266 Fair, Shields 298 Fairholm, Lawrence 319 Falk, Jeffrey 304 Falk, Sharon 163 Fall, Irma 1 30,1 36,1 39,378 Fannin, Paul .... 173,174,175,177 Fannin, William 177 Farber, Clifford 304 Farias, James 164 Faris, Elaine 260 Farkas, Joseph 298 Farkas, William 296 Farley, Diane 255,365 Farley, Michael 243,300 Farnsworth, Sherry 246 Farnum, Diana 412 Farquer, Sherrie 363,366 Fassacho, Carol 399 Fassnacht, Carol 130,374 Faulks, Jim 319,320,323 Fazio, Steven 121 Featherstone, Kathl een 252 Fegan, Kathleen 398 Feil, Lin 274 Feintech, Sandra 248 Feldman, Daniel 302 Feldman, Diane 381 Feldman, Diane 143 Feldman, Ira 402 Feldman, Robert __ 127,138,402 Felix, Alex 125 Felix, Cartos 183 Felix, Ernest 387 Felty, Augusta 73 Fenelon, Ronald 196 Fenix, Daniel 300 Fennelly, Nancy 371 Fenstermaker, Lois _. 63,192,266 Fenwick, Joanne 37,264 Fenzi, Charles 370,396,410 Ferguson, Emily 264 Ferguson, Fred 175 Ferguson, Richard 276 Fernley, Diane 57,264 Fetter, Jean 377 Fetters, Lynn 377 Fick, Jakelyn 76 Fick, Robert 273 Fickas, Donald 130,137,284 Fickas, Judy 412 Ficzeri, Irma 363,364,366,401,406 Fiduccia, Frank 294 Fiedler, Donald 304 Fiedler, Jacque 143 Fiedler, Marlene 376 Field, Steve 357 Fielder, Sharon 266 Fifer, Harvey 284,360 Fifield, Robert 34,36,40,47,66,290 Figueroa, Antonio 404 Figueroa, Mary 376 Fine, Cynthia 182,192,193 Finke, Kenneth 35,127,130,138,290 Finkelstein, Raphael 153,190 Finnerty, Merigay 398 Fiore, Robert 391 Fish, Darwin 287,397 Fish, Milton 302 143 375 156 Fis her, Dorothy 143 Fisher, Kaye 378 Fisher, Lillian 174,175,177 Fisher, Robert 143 Fitchettl, Dan 294 Fitzgerald, Mike 137,294 Fitzgerald, Thomas 288 Fitzner, Marcel 396 Fitzpatrick, Andrea 260 Fjetland, Gerald 156,402 Flanagan, James 296,355 Flanigan, Ronald 402 Fleetham, Sharyn 246 Fleming, Mike 341 Flemming, ' Timothy 138 Fletcher, Ann 182,256 Fletcher, Anthony 397 Fletcher, Brenda 373 Fletcher, Joel 409 Fletcher, Sandra 397 Flores, Dick 408 Flushman, George 382 Flynn, Wes 335 Fogarty, James 402 Foley, Gerold 277 Foley, Mary 374 Folk, Roberta 260 Folk, Sara 51,250 Fol ley, Vern 143 Foltz, Carolyn 144,260 Fones, Kenneth 144,273 Fontaine, Judith 398 Foote, Brangwyn 76,380 Foote, Garvin 383 Forest, Frank 294 Forester, Douglas 399 Forester, Patrick 274 Forrester, Erna 192,193 Forsyth, Stephen 293 Fortin, Robert 283 Forwood, David 286 . Foss, Hervey 270 Foster, Charles 177 Foster, Donald 287,397 Foster, Gail 246 Foster, Gary 122,284 Foster, Helen 402 Foster, Richard 399 Fountain, John 243,292 Fouse, John 319,323,341 Foust, Ray 402 Fox, Michael 274 Frailey, Carol 255 Frambach, Peggy 76 Francis, Daniel 293 Frank, Diane 144,268 Frank, Jack 49,302 Frank, Jaye 183 Frank, Mason 296,352 Franklin, Barbara 144 Franklin, Julie 378 Franklin, Sylvia 168,268 Franklin, William 138 Frannea, John 36,281 Frans, Robert 288 Frantom, Donald 177 Franzel, Clifford 304 Fraps, Virginia 192 Fraser, Harold 130 Fraser, Thomas 209 Frazer, Pamela 67,380 Frazier, Donald 385 Freadkin, Reena 378 F rederick, Wayne 165 Fredrickson, Karen 36,234,243,263,376 Free, Maurice 156 Free, Nathan 76 Freedman, Richard 242,283 Freedman, William 302,402 Freman, Cynthia 410 Freeman, Jane 248 Freeman, Norman 276 Freiberg, Mickey 130,304 Frere, Barbara 139,376 Frey, Robert 296 Fricas, Helen 183 Frick, Joan 365 Frick, Richard 130,278,307 Fried, Richard 296,357 Fried, Susan 246 Friedlander, Paula 378 Friedlund, Ann 263 Friedman, Jerene 61,378 Friedman, Michael __ 49,242,302 Friedman, William 302 Friedson, Sheila 410 Frignoca, Richard 300 Frisch, Edward 383 Fritsch, James 49,290 Fritz, Jeffrey 296 Froelich, Ginna 255 Fr omm, Barbara 248 Frost, lnza 266 Fry, John 137 Fuller, Audrey 36,49,246 Fuller, Barbara 309 Fuller, Cynthia 183 Fuller, Gary 300 Fuller, Kathryn 263 Fuller, Patricia 263 Fulton, Richard 272 Funderburg, John 139,288 Furney, Harry 272 Furr, Anthony 396,409 -G Gabbard, George 274 Gaede, Patricia 183 Gadden, Gordon 385 Gagnon, Gretchen 144,260 Gaines, Francis 290 Gaines, Haydon 280 Gaines, Margaret 171 Gaines, Reva 248,306,316 Gaines, Samuel 300 Gaither, Robert 284 Gajewski, Diane 411 Galamba, Donna 248 Gale, Dwain 397 Gale, Sharon 149,397 Galigher, Mildred 37493 2 Gallagher, Paul Gallaher, Suzanne Gallardo, Leonor 144,366,401,406 Gallego, Yvonne 367,401 Gallo, Peter Galloway, Betty Gallup, Lana Ganem, Jo Ann Garabed, Linda Garcia, Penelope Gard, Julia Gardanier, Lawrence Gardenswartz, Art 36,47,302,351 Gardner, Ann 377 Gardner, Howard Gardner, James Gardner, Linda Gardner, Lloyd Gardner, Richard Gardner, Valene Garland, Betsy Garner, Jeffrey Garren, Marilee Garretson, Walter Garrett, Marilyn Garrett, Roger Garrett, Ruth Garrison, Roy Gasca, Joseph Gasket, Thomas Gaskill, Dorothy Gaskin, John 38,45,52,294,307 Gately, Patricia 139,245 Gates, David 209 Gates, William 292 Gatti, Edward 204 Gault, Gregory 408 Gauna, Bob 341 Gavagan, Geraldine 398,404,412 Gavitt, Burton 183 Gavlak, Emil 149 Gay, Duelle 298 Gay, Jerry 293 Gearhart, Martha 256,410 Geary, William 273 Gee, Betty 144,405 Gee, Virginia 36,49,51 Gehrels, Aleida 407 Geiger, Jerome 289 Geller, Lawrence 410 Geller, Rita 248 Gentry, Richard 289 Gerbracht, Carmen 371,398 Gerrie, Andrew 281 Gerst, Steve 387 Gerstein, Robert 304 Geuld, Rich 355 Geyer, Jerry 402 Gibbons, Gail 404 Gibbons, James 103,163 Gibbons, Mary 168,258 Gibson, Cheryl 255,375 Gibson, Gary 274 Gibson, Patricia 260 Gierish, Ralph 392 Gifford, John 270 Gilani, Maqsood 409 Gilbert, Carolyn 399,411 Gilbert, Edward 294 Gilbert, Faithann 371 Gilbert, Gerald 402 Gilbert, Patricia 52,366,376 Giles, Dave 290 Giles, Gary 47,385 Gillaspie, Constance 411 Gilliland, Stanley 204 Gilman, Michael 296 Gilman, William 284 Gilmour, John 130 Gilpin, Donna 139,411 Gimbel, Si 294,319,329 Gimmestad, Molly 37,47,67,73,163,411 Gin, Jerry 51,357 Gindele, Carl 38,66 Girdler, Louis 281 Girdler, Tom 273 Gittlin, Diane 171,377 Giusti, Roy 279,345 Gladden, Frederick 276 Glancy, John 153,157 Glancy, Kathleen 380 Glancy, Michael 153,157 Glassbrook, Lloyd 280 Glasscock, Windy 412 Gleaso n, Marshall 396,341 Glendening, Michael 130,209,281 Glick, Garrie 252 Glick, Toni 248 Glick, Arlene 144 Glover, Janice 35,142,144,266,363 Glover, Susan Doris 381 Goar, James 49,296 Goar, Linda 246 Gocksch, Carl 385 Goedhart, Nils 300 Goehrig, Richard 130 Goetz, John ' 130,289,319 Goldberg, Thelma 268 Goldblatt, Neal 281 Golden, Garrett 84,183,304 Goldenberg, Terry 108,283 Goldfaden, Steven 284 Goldman, Barbara Goldman, Marilyn 144,268,363,401 Goldstein, Abby 373,404 Goldstine, Paula 268,372 Goltz, John 51 Gommel, Carroll 264 Gong, Alice 168,171,373,394,405,409 Gonzales, Sylvia 409 Gonzalez, Robert Gonzalo, Frances Goo, Lawrence Good, Candis Good, Sandra Goodall, Ann Goode, Pat Goodfarb, Jay Goodfellow, Arthene Goodfellow, Gordon 402 Goodman, Allan 353 Goodman, Charles 304 Goodman, Frances 199 Goodman, Gail 159,164,248 Goodman, Rebecca 246 Goodman, Richard 304,408 Goodnight, Thomas 273 Goodrich, Stephen 300 Goodwin, John 294,355 Goodwin, Patricia 168 Gordon, Carl 274 Gordon, Judith 42 Gordon, Marcia 250,366 Goren, William 61,388 Gorham, Stanley 388 Gorlin, Beverly 206,268 Gorr, Jim 353 Gorstmann, Linda 399 Goss, Nehemiah 287,387 Gottlieb, Richard 304 Goudy, Harlan 153,157 Grace, Edward 294 Gradke, Gary 301 Graeme, Lola 156 Graf, Penelope 183,409 Graham, Donald 301 Graham, Donna 263 Graham, Hollis 255 Graham, Mary 246 Graham, Michael 298 Graham, Patricia 263,363 Grandin, Thomas 183,190 Grant, James 294 Grant, Katherine 260 Grant, Virgil 319 Gray, David 289 Gray, Gary 204 Gray, John 382 Gray, Noel 273 Graze, Arlene 368 Greeley, Margaret 183,266 Green, Alex 273 Green, Arline 206 Green, Dave 341 Green, Mary 183,246 Green, Merrill 402 Green, Timothy 286 Green, William 73 Greenbach, James 387 Greenbaum, Joan 248 Greenberg, Alana 248 Greenberg, Edwin 407 Greenberg, Judith 376 Greene, Daniel 302 Greenfield, Arthur 177 Greenfield, David 192,193 Greenwood, Linda 403 Greenwood, Margaret 248 Greenwood, Sharon 248 Greer, Carolyn 169 Grenig, Jay 385,403 Grennan, Victoria 374,403 Grieman, Robert 386 Grieve, Harold 149 Griffin, Frank 278 Griffin, Gwendolyn 252 Griffith, Roberta ____ 183,255,408 Griffith, Tony 270 Grijalva, Delcia 379 Grimes, Cheryl 263 Grimes, Dennis 273 Grimley, David 398 Grinnell, Dawn 246 Grinpas, Bob 304 Grisaffe, George 273 Groener, Jack 137,385,396 Groezinger, Leland 289 Gross, Car la 248 Gross, Claire 76 Gross, David 183 Gross, Ina 199 Gross, Madeline 248 Gross, Walter 202,204 Grossetta, Susan 60,264,376 Grove, Angela 67 Grove, Stephen 280 Grube, Helen 60,250 Gruenberg, Leonard 302 Grunder, Garold 402 Grundy, Susie 366 Gudauskas, Richard 286 Guenther, Edgar 281 Guerrero, Adalberto 192 Guerrero, Lupe 409 Guertner, Gary 183 Guiles, Ronald 296 Guirey, Caroline 37,49,266 Gumperz, Linda 374 Gunderman, William 130 Gunderson, Gail 163 Gunn, Cheryl 246 Gunn, Susan 266 Gunnells, Millicent 380 Gunter, Robert 382 Gunther, Dave 276 Gunther, Linda 144,256 Gurley, Marjorie 260 Gustafson, Rosalind 406 Gustafson, Susan 123,406 Gustafson, Terry 406 Gustafson, William 281 Guth, Linda 376 Guyader, Henri 153 Guzman, Richard 294 Gwynn, Mary 263 48,49,260 294 37 250,316 246 411 379 263 397 287 177 255 287 287 397 245 296 365 130,298 398 47 183 300 127,209 243,273 42,246 296 35,49,263 130 256 183,256 244 245 144,302 412 Gyuro, Albert 137 183 199,246 260 284 376 399 243,355 289 123 56 250 - H - Haag, Richard Haas, Andrea Haas, Carolyn Haas, Linda Haas, Thomas Haber, Paige Hacke, Robert Hackley, Bartlett Hackstedde, Paul Hadden, Gordon Hadley, Drummond Hagan, Tracy Hage, Elizabeth .. 42,43,47,255 Hagemann, Louise 373 Hahn, Karl 289 Hahne, Sally 36,256 Haider, Frank 283 Haimes, Susan 248 Haines, Carole __ 51,184,192,250 Haines, Michael 412 Hainline, Ellen 360 Hale, Edwin 130,294 Hale, Nancy 379 Haley, John 290,341 Hall, Charles 294 Hall, David 157,310 Hall, Donald 130 Hall Gary 396 Hall, Larry 153,209,293 Hall, Marti 412 Hall, Nancy 376 Hall, Philip 209 Hall, Susan 260 Hall, Thomas ..._ 35,165,179,404 Hall, William 242,296 Halley, William 294 Hallock, Dola 396 Hamdan, Abdul 165 Hamberkamp, Janice 364 Hamer, Thomas 399 Hamidy, Abdul 138 Hamil, Robert 144 Hamilton, Edward 66 Hamilton, Gary 402 Hamilton, Jane 183 Hamilton, Janet 139,381 Hamilton, Mary 190 Hamm, Jerry 383 Hamm, Melanie 245 Hammond, Joan 392 Hammond, John 392 Hammond, Kathryn 263 Hampson, Patricia 250 Hampton, Robert 154 Hamson, Holly 144,250 Hancock, Patricia 252 Hand, Peter 289 Hanley, Lee 290 Hanley, Russ 47 Hanna, Mark 387 Hanna, Sandra 366 Hanna, William 273 Hannan, William 280 Hannley, Maureen 381 Hansberber, Martha 397 Hansen, Julia 171,253,403 Hansen, Nellie 76 Hansen, Robert 290 Hansen, William 402 Hanson, Diane 411 Hanson, Jane 165,255 Hanson, John 184,399 Hanson, Rickel 153,157 Hanson, Terrence 130 Haralson, Delma 174 Harbour, Linn 272 Hardin, Joyce 378,409 Hardin, Patricia 256 Hardt, August 153,157 Hardt, Elayne 397 Hardy, Melvin 287 Haripar, Kurt 365 Harlan, Anita 406 Harlem, Thomas 406 Harman, Nancy 263 Harn, James 281 Harness, Jay 242,301,408 Harper, Helen 42,256 Harper, Jane 258 Harries, James 174,177 Harrington, Larry 156,398 Harrington, Robert 301 Harrington, Sue 371,380 Harris, Ann 255 Harris, Donald 284 Harris, Lawrence .... 47,294,335 Harris, Margaret 253 Harris, Marilyn 264 Harris, Michael 243,277 Harris, Nancy 130,245,260 Harris, Richard 47,123,184,304 Harris, Sheldon 130,304 Harris, Susan 365 Harris, William 383 Harrison, Carol 246 Harrison, Deanna 365 Harrison, Kirby 270 Harrison, Norma 144 Harrison, Sara 246,377 Harrold, Michael 27 Harsch, Karen 60,61,245 Harshbarger, Donna 255,410 Harshman, Kathryn 378,411 Hart, Cornelius 319 Hart, John 130,304 Hart, Johnna 108,245 Hart, Susan 248 Hartman, Carolyn 374 Hartman, James 294 Hartman, Lana 316,397 Hartman, Robert .. 45,206,296 Harvey, Ronald 382 Haselhorst, Charles 298 Hasher, Thomas 408 Hasse, Diane 263 Hassett, Patrick 289 Hastings, Humphrey 402 Hastings, Richard 138 Hatcher, Kathleen 144,260 Hauer, Janice 255 Naught, Sarah 258 Naughton, Tom 360 Hauptman, Dwight 130 Haury, Loren 406 Haushalter, Karl 138 Hauskins, Judith 42,43,266 Haveman, James 204 Hawgood, Grant 296,341 Hawk, Michael 76,319 Hawke, Mary 144,263 Hawken, Gordon 293 Hawley, Gary 389 Hay, Sally 263 Hayden, Joel 123,403 Hayden, Martha 144 Hayer,Kathleen 36,45,52,144,256 Hayes, Barbara 164 Hayes, Charles 153,156 Hayes, Martha 397 Haynes, Barbara 253 Haynes, Ray 396 Hays, Carmalita 381 Hazelett, Vicki 258 Hazlett, Carl 175 Head, Margaret 163,184 Hearn, Margaret 163 Heath, Danny 243,289 Heatherly, Chuck 391,404 Hedding, Warren 341 Heddon, Jon 258 Hedlund, Linnea 144,206,255 Heflin, Edith 184 Heflin, William 294 Hegarty, Hugh 398 Heger, Karen 264 Hehn, Gregory 281 Heidemann, Raymond 130 Heidenreich, Barbara 412 Heidenreich, Paul 392 Heil, Rene 383 Heide!, Sandra 405 Heilenbach, Richard 280 Heiliger, Mary 376 Heinig, Rob ert 163 Heiss, Rolland 71,164 Held, David 77 Hellman, Herbert 304 Helm, Ruth 138 Helms, Christopher 164 Helms, Luther 296 Hemingway, John 281 Hempel, Bruce 39,56 Hemsworth, Sandra 76 Henderson, Joseph 272 Henderson, Karlene 183 Hendler, Sherrie 248 Hendricksen, Gael 258 Hendrix, Jack 184 Hendry, Gillean 263 Hennessy, Marion 398 Hennessy, Michael 398 Hennigan, James 296 Henry, James 137 Henry, Richard 384 Hensley, Ivan 402 Hensz, Carol 253 Henze, Thomas 294 Herbst, Letitia 374 Heredia, Anarinda 411 Hering, Sharon 168,266 Herman, Chuck 362 Hernandez, Phil 76 Hernandez, Ruth 411 Hernandez, Willie 355,357 Herrera, Daniel 398 Herrick, Mike 156 Herron, Jacky 272 Hershey, Alan 177 Hervey, Hilary 403 Herzog, Glen 385,403 Hespen, Julienne 260 Hess, Richard 153 [-lesser, Carol 366,380 Hettinger, Lawrence 286 Hewett, William 273 Hewitt, Helene 366 Hewitt, Raymond 382 Hewitt, Roger 270 Hiatt, Lawrence 408 Hibbert, David 159 Hibbs, John 292 Hibbs, William 137,274 Nickerson, Gerry 258 Hickman, John 47 Hicks, Freddie 403 Hicks, Helen 76 Hicks, Katherine 404 Hiett, Harley 387 Higby, Janise 376 Higginbotham, Sonny 354 Higgins, Cheryl 67,379 Higley, Martha 58,244 Higuera, Alexis 398 Higuera, Henry 202 Hildreth, Eugene 66,242,290 Hildt, Bob 47,350 Hill, Evelyn 256 Hill, Helen 308 Hill, James 175,177,282,289 Hill, Joe 73,76 Hill, Linda 82,256,365 Hill, Roger 165 Hill, Willie 282 Hilliard, Josephine 82,245 Hillis, Durrell 153,286 Hillman, Edwin 383 Hillson, Marietta 248 Hilsinger, Janice 375 Hinckley, William 286 Hinds, 410 Hinton, Carol 264 Hirsch, Barry 242,402 Hirschler, Emery 130,383 Hirt, Nancy 380 Hitt, Robert 396 Hively, Salli 246 Hoag, Stefanie 250 Hoaglund, Karen 410 Hoak, Cynthia 263,310 Hoak, Linda 144,263 Hobbs, Mary 245,372 Hobbs, Nancy 81,264 Hocker, James 402 Hodge, Frederic 45,388 Hodge, Margaret 37,53, 104,184,253,363,364,365 Hodson, Susan 250 Hoeffer, Robert 292 Hofer, Charles 289 Hoffman, Annette 268 Hoffman, Charles 137 Hoffman, Larissa 171 Hoffman, Robert 243,292 1-loffman, Susanne 145,253 Hoffman, Virginia 264,311 Hogan, Howard 382 Hoger, Norman 292 Holladay, Richard 270 Holland, Henry 399 Holland, James 274 Holland, Joyce Ann 163 Hollenbeck, Richard 289 Holligan, James 412 Holliker, Charles 277 Holloway, Paul 290 Holm, Chuck 362 Holman, Sharon 264 Holmberg, James 298 Holmen, Elizabeth 410 Holmes, Linda 260 Holt, Johnnie 402 Holtzman, Jed 296 Holub, Robert 77 Home, Patricia 375 Homme, Pamela 253 Honeck, William 389 Honerkamp, William 386 Hood, Nancy 36 Hood, Sharon 366,378 Hood, Thomas 137 Hooker, George 284 Hooper, Ronald 270 Hoopes, Jay 76,153,157,287,397 Hooten, Tommy 402 Hoover, Thomas 294 Hopkins, Gayle 47,348 Hopkins, Marylynn 184 Hopkins, Stephen 292 Hopperton, Ronald 242 Hoppstetter, Kathy 412 Hoppstetter, Lucinda 258 Horn, David 304 Horn, ' Katherine 145,258 Horne, Mark 202,304 Horne, Penny 378 Horne, Theodore 276 Hornecker, Joan 255 Horton, Patricia 168,365 Hosfield, John 276,403 Hostetler, Charles 282 Hostetter, John 408 Hotaki, Hamid 409 Hottel, Barbara 411 Hough, Melinda 168 Houghton, Thomas 284,308 Hourscht, Merlin 292 Houser, Kent 296 Houser, Peter 296 Housholder, Ross 73,163 Houston, Edwin 402 Houston, Victor 402 Howard, Ann 163,316 Howard, Llewellyn 42,43,265 Howard, Lynn 401 Howard, Sarah 206,256 Howe, Richard 138 Howell, Frank 242,273 Howell, Terry 73,76 Howsmon, Mary 264 Hoyos, Victor 385,398 Hubbard, Cheryl 410,411 Hubbard, Hershell 402 Hubbard, Kenneth 165 Huber, Charlotte 397 Huber, Joan 145,244 Hucker, Sharon 255 Huddleston, Janice .. 76,370,376 Hudson, Jack 47,351 Hudson, Jill 263 Huff, John 298 Huff, Lynn 308 Huff, Merle 73 Huff, Terry 281 Hughes, Barton 66,291 Hughes, Charles 47,295 Hughes, Mary Ann 256 Hughes, Robert 243,279 Hulett, George 273 Hulett, John 383 Hulick, Art 130,131,137,242,278 Hull, Carol 73,370,380,394 Hull, Elizabeth 258 Hulnick, Marilyn 163 Humphrey, Elizabeth 264 Hungerford, Roger 402 Hunt, Susan 408 Hunter, Charles 296 Hunter, Daniel 292 Hunter, Leslie 292 Huntington, Margaret 164 Huntoon, Perry 130,139 Huntsberry, Jon 284 Huntsberry, Steve 341 Hurst, Catherine 411 Hushes, Bob 362 Hussong, John 301 Husted, Warren 404 Hutchins, Harriot 193,245,394,396,407 Hutchinson, Anthony 284 Hutchinson, Edwin 153,156,402 Hutchinson, Fred 130,296 Hutton, Charles 385 Hutton, Elizabeth 253 Hyer, Ralph 402 Hyink, Barbara 258 Hyman, Elizabeth 265 Hyman, Toby 49,265 - I - ce, Stephen 383 de, Carolyn 67,411 de, Janet 411 les, Calvert 197 man, Rebecca 253 nghram, Elizabeth 253 nglis, Patricia 258 ngold, Robert 298 ngraham, Lynne 260 ngraham, Richard 84,274 ngram, James 296 ngwer, Carla 256,366,410 nlander, Martha 268 nman, J. W. 402 nskeep, Richard 398 reland, Richard 284 rish, Anne 61,266 rons, Lee 184 ronside, Robert 138 schaidir 196,197 srael, Waldo 284 tschner, Dale 270 vanhoe, Jeffrey 302 vey, William 184,194 zatt, John 139,293,404 - J - Jaap, William 399 Jaccard, Jerry 163,397 Jackson, Bernard 402 Jackson, Chrisman 284 Jackson, Donald 165 Jackson, Durward 298 Jackson, Floyd 404 Jackson, James 138,139 Jackson, Judith 245 Jackson, Robert 383 Jacobs, Jerry 175,176,177 Jacobs, Patrick 242 Jacobsen, Astid 139 Jacobson, Jay 296 Jacobson, Karen 248 Jacobson, Steven 304 Jaffe, Gail 164 Jagoda, Judy 130,139 Jakle, Mary 250 James, Gail 164 James, Mary 266 James, Milan 402 James, Victoria 381 Jameson, Pamela 145,250 Jameson, William 197 Jamieson, William 295 Jancic, Charlie 406 Janin, Blaine 301 Janssens, Charles 183,192,193,407 Jaquays, Pat 263 Jarrett, Beverly 399 Jarvis, Elizabeth 378,398 Jean, Joan 258 Jeffery, Dave 355 Jeffries, Diane 37 Jeffries, Edwin 130,209,284 Jeffryes, Allan 274 Jelley, Annette 36,246 Jenkin, Rosemary 67 Jenkins, Marilyn 399 Jenkins, Mary 256,378 Jenks, Marie 258,317 Jennings, James 383 Jennings, John 204 Jennings, Judith 255 Jensen, Hans 152 Jensen, Peter 51,273 Jermundson, Aaron 47,385 Jernigan, Lee 121,123,271,404 Jerre! Lou 366 Jessen, George 295 Jimenez, Paul 76 Jobe, Emmett 293 Joch, George 295 Jochums, Judith Joehnk, Michael ..._ 130,137,278 John, Nancy 169 Johns, Gail 37,42,246 Johnson, Albert 47,335,337 Johnson, Beth 73 Johnson, Chris 175,177 Johnson, Dennis 274 Johnson, Donald 295 Johnson, Geraldine 145 Johnson, Gordon 392 Johnson, Isaac 402 Johnson, James 292,298 Johnson, Jane 169,171,246 Johnson, Jane 246 Johnson, Joyce 256 Johnson, Judy 258,366,406 Johnson, Judy 192 Johnson, Karl 163 Johnson, Mary 250 Johnson, Michael 270 Johnson, Paul 407 Johnson, Richard 286,396,407 Johnson, Robert 274 Johnson, Robert 59 Johnson, Ronald 154 Johnson, Sondra 244 Johnson, Vicki 256 Johnson, Wendell 165 Johnson, William F. 298 Johnson, William 123,282 Johnsrud, Dick 357 Johnston, Judith 253 Johnstone, Karl 47,285,348 Jokerst, James 398 Jones, Alyce 376 Jones, Barbara 265,374 Jones, Brenda 397 Jones, Cato 287,397 Jones, Cordell 177 Jones, Iva 59,375 Jones, James M. 156,209 Jones, James 279 Jones, Janet 255 Jones, Lucia 206,363,364,401,402 Jones, Nancy 266 Jones, Thomas 248 Jordon, Carroll 266 Jordan, Dennis 382 Jordan, Thomas 386 Jorgensen, Eric 291 Joseph, Karen 165,243,268 Joslin, Jayne 268 Joyce, Edward 292 Jue, Jimmy 388,405 Juhl, Barbara 145 Jump, Richard 277 Jurkowitz, Harvey 402 Justice, David 125 - K - Kagel, Jennifer 145 Kahn, Ellen 248 Kahn, Sandra 248 Kalil, Gloria 45,53,130,253 Kaluzniacki, Sophia 379 Kane, Jovel 256 Kane, Judith 377 Kantz, Margaret 374 Kaplan, Marian 268 Kaplan, Saranne 268,366 Karas, Michael 293,341 Karl, Irvin 391 Karmen, Jane 34,53,159,241,242,246 Karp, Leonard 45,53 Karrle, Mel 357 Kartchner, Glen 287,397 Kartchner, Sharon 397 Kashman, Howard 177 Kasten, Robert 242,298 Katcher, Brenda 249 Kather, Gerhard 402 Katz, Patricia 165 Kaufman, Ann 165 Kaufman, Ernest 304 Kaufman, Glen 130 Kaufman, Klaire 49,60,266 Kaufman, Louise 377 Kaufman, Michael 304 Kaufman, Richard 362 Kaur, Carol 411 Kavanaugh, Teri 261 Kawin, Sally 249 Kay, Fredric 177 Kay, John 278,292 Kearney, Terry 253,399,365 Keating, Eugene 197 Keck, Henry 402 Keck, Jeanne 412 Keefer, James 382,398,410 Keene, Alice 145,411 Keener, Avery 64,192,267 Keener, Karl 389 Keesal, Christopher 284 Kegaries, Sally 261 Kegg, Barbara 244,404 Keil, Molly 145,267 Keiller, Danny 34,36,47,66,275 Keiller, Jeannie 37 Keit, Jeannette 268 Keith, Julie 184,250 Keller, Kent 51,286 Kelley, Donald 389 Kelley, Mike 407 Kelly, Faye 376 Kelly, Robert 359 Kelly, Tim 341 Kellner, Ronald 197 Kellogg, Paul 39,58,1 Kelly, Michael 35,45,127,130,295 Kelly, Patrick 177 Kelly-Rogers, Patrick 295 Keltner, Wanda 265 Kenan, Charolotte _.... 42,45,255 Kenaston, James 175 Kengla, William 183 Kenimer, Farrell 402 Kenley, Gary 320,321 Kennedy, Jacqueline 253 Kennedy, John 276 Kennedy, Mike 353 Kennedy, Patricia 255 Kennett, Karen 263 Kenney, Donald 175,177 Kenny, Hayden 273,345 Kenski, Henry 165 Kent, George 273 Kent, Ruth 49,260 Kent, Sally 373,396 Kenyon, Gaile 130,149,265 Keplinger, Karen 267 Kepner, Craig 177 Keratzes, John 183 Kerns, Garland 73 Kerr, Alice 396 Kerr, Steven 295,319 Kerr, Thomas 47,301 Kerr, William ' 121,271,403 Kerrick, Robert 66,130,274 Kersch, Robert 77 Kershner, Cynthia 246 Kerstitch, Alex 353 Kessler, Nancy 190,202,204,205 Keswani, C. L. Ketola, Kerry Keyes, James Keysar, Patricia Khazanchand, Leila Kieffer, David Kieling, Harry Kientz, Steve Kight, Mary Kihm, Laurie Kilbourne, Margaret Kimball, Barbara Kimball, Margaret Kimball, William Kimberlin, Mary Kindred, Elmer King, Frederick King, Kathlenn King, Margaret King, Michael King, Wayne Kingsbury, Paul Kinietz, Mary Kinkaid, Karen Kinney, Jacqueline Kinney, Jo Ann Kinney, Mary Lynn Kirchner, Frederick Kirk, James Kirkpatrick, Carol Kirkpatrick, Lola Kirshner, Ivan Kistenmacher, Karen Kitchin, James Klahr, Gary Klassen, Vuryl Klaus, Shirley Kleespie, Dee Klein, James Klein, Judith Klein, Linda Kleindienst, Mary Klint, Kathleen 76 Klock, Cherry 244 Klode, Carey 365,373 Klotsche, John 296 Klug, Jean 145,244 Klumb, Kay 267 Klynn, Rochard 304 Knapp, Donald 130,383,397 Knap, Eric 397 Knapp, William 396 Kniager, Janice 373 Knight, James 284 Knight, Kenneth 396 Knight, Raymond 153 Knipe, Fredric 276 Knott, David 319,323 Knopf, Nanci 265 Knott, David 319,323 Knox, Barbara 40,47,260 Knox, Walter 276 Knuth, Richard 404 Koch, Thomas 274 Kocmich, Donald 301 Kohfeldt, Frances 267 Kohlstaedt, Kathleen 108,192,246 Kominek, Maribeth 255 Komorous, Donald 281 Konczos, Robert 184 Koningsor, Robert 190,403 Kopec, Donald 202 Kortkamp, Laurence 145 Korvah, James 123 Koshelek, Cynthia 37,67,139,245,376 Kosich, Carmen 365 Kositchek, Ellen 249 Koskoff, Marilyn 249 Kososki, Elizabeth 76,411 Kossar, Jesse 304 Kosser, Tommy 310,319,320,328 Koster, Susan 246 Koutsoubos, Ted 296 Kowalski, Ken 362 Kowalski, Vaughne 39,57,130,138,139 Koyman, Gwen 397 Kraft, Judith 35,160,260 Kraftmeyer, Carole 145,260 Kraftmeyer, Joyce 260 Kramedas, Greg 362 Kramer, Casper 402 Kramer, John 184,281 Kramer, Judith 145,265 Kramer, Neil 152 Kramer, Norman 202,284 Krantz, Dennis 154 Krantz, Jeneene 145,268 Kraps, Jon 386 Krautter, Carl 404 Krebs, Susan 184 Krehnke, David 130,412 Kreisler, Susan 145,370,377 Kreus, Ronnie 272 Krietz, Mary 165 Krivel, Judith Kroh, Clarence 152,154,156,157 Kroll, Connie 160,267,408 Kropf, Pamela 185,245,402,405 Kroskey, James 402 Krueger, Liz 37,258 Krueger, Nan 255 Kruse, James 301 Kuber, Jacqueline 145,263 Kuehner, Gregory 402 Kulp, Kathryn 256 Kumpe, James 284 Kungmo, Kuo 405,409 Kunitz, Don 319 Kurn, Neal 173,175,176,177,304 Kwic, Charlotte 245,376 Kyl, Jon 165,242,292 Kyle, Everett 270 Kyle, Lucie 260 Kyte, William 296 - L - Laakso, Thomas 301 Labrack, Bruce 185 Lacey, David 383 Lacy, John 47,351 Ladd, Sally 246 Ladew, Richard 292 Ladigo, Peter 295 Ladipo, Lyiola 385 LaDow, Terry 412 Lafferty, Ren 289 409 263 284 250 409 287 274 123 171 244 378 73,255 246 298 260 319 276 73 409 289 160 298 145,265 164,404 263 250 145,250 197,383 402 71,73,76 375 302,370 263 127,138 177 190 145,149 138 284 249 268 60,250 Laflen, Carol 265 Laidman, Anita 412 Lair, Ronald 385 LaMar, Barbara 366,406 Lamb, LaVerne 145,163,244,309,316 Lamb, Linda 163 Lambert, Donna 4 9,265 Lambeth, Nada 169,171 Lamia, Kathleen 411 Lamon, James 272 LaMotte, Marilyn 378 Lance, Kathryn . 56 Landing, Mike 353 Landkamer, Susan 37,258 Landeros, Jo Ann 365 Landon, Harold 71,160,291 Landreth, Jane 267 Landy, Clifford 302 Landy, Errol 302 Lane, Charles 123 Lane, Cheryl 265 Lane, John 398 Lang, Martha 37 Lange, Thomas 35,152,154,156,157 Langfitt, Jo Anne 139,375 Langford, Leonard 270 Lantin, Linda 42,43,49,67,249 Lantin, Lois 249 Lapin, Riccarda 378 LaRosa, Joseph 163 Larrabee, Virginia 255 Larriva, Michael .. 34,45,298,382 Larson, Arlen 154,156,157 Larson, Richard 274 Larson, Robert 284 Larsson, Karen 376 Lassiter, James 295 Later, Adria 37,249 Latham, Linda 263 Lauer, Robert 302 Lauricella, Paul 383 Lauritzen, David 73 Lauritzen, Robert 296,341 LaValle, Janet 256 LaVell, Jon 152 LaVell, Jeff 388 LaVetter, Charles 335 Lavitt, Gordon 202,204 LaVoy, Thomas 66,274 335 Lawless, Roscoe 165 Lawrence, Sally 38,53,145,263 Lawrence, Ted 319 Lawrence, William 185 Lawson, Albert 387 Lay, Charles 130,291 Leach, Nancy 260 Leake, Gordon 398 Lebrecht, Royanna 49,165,263 Lederer, William 130,305 Ledford, Janet 169,376 Ledford, Ronald 152,154,156 Lee, Annabel 145 Lee, Brenda 405 Lee, Glenn 353 Lee, Janice 394,397 Lee, Judith 258 Lee, Ping 202,204,205 Lee, Richard 276 Lee, Russell 204,286 Lee, Sammy 399 Lee, Theodora 145,405 Leenhouts, Judith 165,267,363 Lees, Randolph 305 Leeson, Alan 130,138 Leever, Laurie 371 Le Febure, Tamblyn 130 LeFors, John 296 Leftow, Sandra 268 Lefty, Harold 137,138 Lehman, Marshall 243,302 Lehman, Miriam 249 Lehman, Nelson 130,296 Lehman, Stan 175 Leiber, John 295 Leiboff, Michael 402 Leiby, Jane 257 Leiter, Faith 374 Leitzman, Robert 197 Leiwant, Alan 283 Leman, John 294 Lemke, Lawrence 299 Lemley, Geraldine 376,403 Lenahan, Frank 402 Leng, Sharren 409 Lenoir, Bill Leonard, David Leonard, Robert Leonard, Jerry LePrevost, John Lerner, Alan Leslie, Bonnie Levenson, Barbara Levine, Mark LeVine, Michael Levy, Carol Levy, Michael Lew, Linda Lewin, Marci Lewis, Brent Lewis, Charles Lewis, Diane Lewis, Jeffrey Lewis, Joanne Lewis, Kathryn Lewis, Kenneth Lewis, Margaret Lewis, Nancy Lewis, Phillip Lewis, Sandra Lewis, Susan Lewis, Thomas Lewton, George Ley, Sharon L ' Hommedieu, Ann Libby, John Liberty, Linda Lichter, Robert Liddicoat, Albert Lieb, Linda Liebeck, Judith Liebenow, Richard Lieberman, Laurence Lieberthal, David Liebhaber, Myron Liebold, Russel Liggitt, Joyce Lim, Betty Lim, John Lim, Maude Lincoln, Ann Lind, Mark Lindell, Teresa Lindley, Patricia Lindloff, Jack Lindloff, Paulette Lindsay, James Lindsay, James Lindstrom, Peter Linkhart, June Linn, Norman Linnemann, Horst Linton, Hugh Lippmann, Jay Lipscomb, Michael Little, Osborne Livingston, Donald Livingston, Sarah Lloyd, Kenneth Lloyd, William Locey, David Lockett, Bill Lockwood, Dewain 121,242,271,360 Lodmell, Gary 177 Loeb, Jeffrey 283 Lof, Laurence 278 Loftfield, Margaret 411 Logan, Joseph 130,296 Lohr, Richard Lee 388,398 Lohrey, Judith 169,171,245 Long, Elizabeth 165 Long, Lance 130,296,341 Long, Robert 137 Long, Sidonia 36,258 Long, William 45,130,278 Longjohn, Barbara 35,59,179,267 Longmire, Phyllis 365 Loose, Laverne 139 Loper, Pamela 246 Lopez, Angelita 145 Lopez, Gilbert 242,283,398 Lopez, Rachel 51,67,378 Lopez, Steven 398 Lorance, Ellen 379 Lord, Dick 345,358 Lorenz, Elena 376 Loska, Albert 144,145,147 Loska, Lorraine 146 Love, Harold 146 Love, Jean 73 Loveday, Richard 138 Lowell, James 190 Lowery, Ellen 263 Lowres, Jill 169 Lowry, David 279 Ludin, Wism 409 Ludwig, Caria 365 Luecke, Sue 76 Luepke, Gretchen 163 Lufkin, George 274 Luglan, Daniel 285 Luke, Marie 397 Lukus, Frank 353 Lumpken, James 130,138,270 Lundwall, Linda 380 Lunen, Victor 154,156 Lussier, David 398,412 Luther, Oliver 183 Luty, Elanny 190 Lutz, Tom 408 Luyties, Frederic 152,289 Lykos, Ellen 267 Lyman, Sarah 410,405 Lynch, Richard 295 Lynch, Robert 177 Lynn, Donn a 139 Lynn, Klonda 165 Lyon, Rexford 281 Lyons, Diane 31.0,398 Lyons, John 35,39,40,242 Lyons, Thomas 291 Lytle, Chuck 157 Lytle, David 387 Lytle, Helen 169 - M - McAfee, Sara 265 McAteer, Thomas 274 McBride, Michael 285 McCague, Kay 171 McCahill, Leonard 281 McCall, Jack 353 McCargar, David 138,139 McCarley, LaJean 375 McCarthy, Kathleen 199 McCarthy, Margaret 255 McCarty, Robert 403 McCay, David 273 McClanathan, Martha 246 McClellan, William 196,197 McClendon, Robert 204 McClung, John 277 McComb, Mary 185 McConnell, Anne 163,399 McConnell, Edith 253 McConnico, Mac 49,137,297,317 McCord, Michael 289 McCormick, Patrick 278 McCormick, Robin 253 McCoy, Amanda 47,261 McCoy, Charles 177 McCoy, Marty 163 McCoy, Patricia 375 McCoy, Scott 35,166 McCoy, Steve 299 McCue, Mary 49,372 McCuistion, Doyle 289 McCullough, Karen 365 McCullough, Nancy 243,257,366 McCulley, Cruille 402 McCutchan, Carol 49,261 McCutcheon, Dorothy 51 McDaniel, Judith 411 McDaniel Miller 402 McDavid, Waynard 277 McDermott, Louis 186,402,408,409 McDole, Margaret 66,255 McDonald, Craig 297 McDonald, Marilyn 37 McDonald, Nancy 263 McDougall, James 297 McDouglall Roderick 177 McEuen, Scott 123,125,287,397 McFarland, Mary 259 McFarland, Richard 382 McFarland, Sue 250 McGarry, Diane 85,265,311 McGee, Natalie 373 McGee, Stanley 285 McGenty, Sharon- 381 McGinnies, William 191 McGinty, Doris 171 McGrane, Melinda 261 McGrath, Don 32,34,39,45,53,66,130,285 McGrew, Richard 130,274 McGuire, Chris 154,157 McGurren, Jay 281,352 McHood, Carol 397 McHood, Joel 397 McHood, Marilyn 397 McHugh, Donald 402 McHugh, Elaine 250 McKay, Theodore 243 McKean, Thomas 160,163 McKee, Elizabeth 257 McKee, Jane 139 McKee, Meredith 267,366 McKee, Patrick 297 McKeever, Maureen 242,259,316 McKenna, Richard 286 McKenzie, Sara 35,160,265 McKernan, Harold 131 McKillip, Casey 267 McKinney, Jana 146 McKinney, Roy 289 McKissick, Dorothy 139,171,257 McLain, George 287,397 McLaughlin, Elese 76,378 McLaughlin, Jane 378 McLaughlin, Judith 372 McLaughlin, Nelda 244 McLaughlin, William 71,73,76,273 McLean, John 406 McLennan, Clyde 388 McLeod, Judith 259 McMillan, Deborah 243,265 McMillan, Jamie 265 McMillan, Janet 265 McMullen, Peter 130 McMullin, Sally 259 McNarie, William 185 McNelis, Lawrence 398 McNicholas, Kathleen 263 McNulty, Jane 371 McPheeters, Challis 224,259,316 McQuary, Rebecca 253 McRae, Phyllis 373,397 McRuer, Duncan 299 McVaugh, William 397 McVay, Clark 295 McVay, John 286 MacCa rtee, Robert 277 MacDonald, Bruce 76 MacDonald, Catheryn 398 MacDonald, Steve 278 Maclntyre, Mary 258 Mack, Larry 130,281 MacLennan, Richard 398 MacLeod, Melinda 257 MacLeod, Thomas 296 MacMillan, Sara 263 Macon, Bob 273 MacPherson, Douglas 293 Madden, Nina 249 Madison, Donald 296 Madison, Joseph 402 Madon, Minoo 409 Madrigan, Robert 383 Magner, James 137 Magruder, Marion 362 Mahan, Judith 261 Mail, Patricia .. 146,206,364,402 Main, Larry 47,351 Mains, Michael 296 Maitrejean, Pat 292 Makabenta, Loria 409 Makaus, Carolyn 267 Makonnen, Gisrat 409 Makos, Mel 281 Maldonado, Rose Marie 398 Malesic, Raymond 130 Mallin, Judith 66,249 Malloy, Tom 47 Malmberg, Peter 399,403 Malone, Janet E. 267 Malone, Janet P 267 Malone, Marsha 67,379,407 Maltenfort, Alan 283 Mancin, Marie 409 Mandell, Stanley 305 Mandig, Leonard 130,139 Manger, John 410 Mangum, John 296 Manhard, Thomas 39,62,64,82,137 Manion, David 403 Mann, Daniel 408 Mann, Elaine 397 Mann, Kenneth 397 356,357,360 177 301 47 296 302 265 269 243,305 396 268 305 49,242,249 160,165,249 284 130 269 296 139,411 258 305 205 145,253 125,404 410 267 130 130 130,257 267 76,277 265 289 154,292 139 398 354,384 303 185,305 303 292 171,255 145 73,204 205 36,263 204 257 374 396 396 402 156 296 145 273 127,130,139 276 242,402,408 177 291 396 76 305 157 73,76,273 392 Mann, Michael 305 Mann, William 284 Manning, Herbert 291 Manning, Joe 64 Manning, Marjorie 130,258 Manning, Michael 291 Mansour, John 45 Marasco, James 277 Maracci, Barbara 398 Marcoux, Kenneth 138,157 Margolis, Stanley 76,283 Marianyi, Juan 154,157,272,399 Marker, Michael 402 Markland, Carol 250 Marks, Linda 249 Marquess, Lynda 257 Marr, Kenneth 301 Marr, Susan 269 Marra, Rick 341 Marschall, John 293 Marshall, Bruce 293 Marshall, Maiya 253,412 Marshall, Paula 245,371 Marshall, Richard 385 Marshall, Robert 138 Marshlow, Lee 301 Marshman, Linda 267,317 Marsten, Lewis 130 Martensen, Ed 296 Martin, Esmond 125 Martin, Judith A. 246 Martin, Pam 310 Martin, Richard C. 287 Martin, Richard G. 270 Martin, Sandra 380 Martin, Sherrie 406 Martin, Timothy 291 Martinez, Adrian 283 Martinez, Al 353 Martinez, Felix 185 Martinez, Gilbert 121,123,271,404 Martinez, Marty 341 Martinez, Oscar 202 Martinez, Richard 345 Marum, William 274 Marusich, Mike 345 Mason, Gary 402 Mason, Mike 341 Mason, Susan 85,317 Massey, Thomas 243,281 Mast, Kenneth 296,341 Mast, Lawrence 295 Masterson, Barbara 263 Masunaga, Dawn 379 Matey, Richard 204,274 Mathern, Joseph 165 Matheson, Rodney 287 Mathey, Steven 243,295 Mathias, Nancy 36,257 Matson, Linda 146,259 Mattei, Richard 270 Mauck, Gary 291 Maull, Terry 259 Maxson, Russell 403 Maxwell, James 406 Maxwell, George 270 Maxwell, Bob 341,342 May, James 163 May, Suanne 373 Mayer, Kenneth A. 165 Mayers, Joe 278 Mayers, Leslie 305 Mayes, Barrie 204,396 Mayfield, Joseph 175,177 Mayhew, William 402 Maynard, Rachel 127 Mayne, Mary 255 Mayo, Mike 362 Mazur, Kenneth 303 Mead, Mary 257 Meadows, Pearle 146 Meadows, Sharon 397 Mecey, Judith 73 Medill, Gordon 37,49,299 Medina, Rowene 146,257 Medina, Roy 138 Mee, Charles 204 Mefford, Dorsey 255 Megaw, Mary 149 Megerle, Richard 138 Mehren, Lawrence 277 Meir, Carl 319 Meins, Brian 383 Melancon, Dennis 385 Melby, Lawrence 272 Melick, Richard 291 Mellett, Raymond 271 Mellor, Clinton 121,125,271,360,403,404 Melton, John 130,301 Mendelsohn, Sidney 305 Mendoze, Roy 404 Meng, Ray 357 Mensch, Diane 146,263 Meola, Nancy 375 Merchant, Alan 273 Merdian, Patricia 261 Mericle, John 355 Merriam, Kathryn 138 Merrick, Gail 398 Merrill, Janelle 171,373,397 Merrill, Kathy 397 Merrill, Mary 127,146,149,379,397 Merrill, Pamela 253 Merriman, Paul 130,282 Merritt, Linda 261 Merritt, Lynn 130,311,376 Merryman, Lenton 138,139 Mersereau, Robert 387 Mershon, Donald 286 Mesick, B. S. 157 Messec, Christian 77,387 Messina, Gloria 146 Messmore, Sharon 265 Metcalf, Connie 146,261 Metcalf, David 399 Metcalf, Sylvia 408 Metzinger, Mark 297 Meyer, Harry 274 Meyer, Lois 411 Meyer, Marilyn 160,164,249 Meyer, Paul 175 Meyer, William 138 Michael, James 295 Michener, Linda 379,403 Mickelsen, Carolyn 49,255 Mickelsen, Lucinda 177,396 Mickelsen, Marilyn 255,308,362,396,402,405 Mickle, David 397 Mignella, Michael 175,177 Mikita, George 186,281 Miles, Alan 301 Miles, Charles 196 Miller, Antoinette 66 Miller, Barbara 249 Miller, Donald 121,404 Miller, Gay 366 Miller, Gordon 277 Miller, Harry 292 Miller, James 281 Miller, James E. 35,195 Miller, Jean 411 Miller, Judith 161 Miller, Judy 73,203,243 Miller, Kalman 405 Miller, Lowell 292 Miller, Mary 186,376 Miller, Michael 286 Miller, Michael W. 299 Miller, Nancy 177 Miller, Pamela 376,411 Miller, Rosalind 411 Miller, Rodney 139,404,412 Miller, Debra 139 Miller, Sandra 366 Miller, Suzanne 186 Miller, Thomas 139,404 Millhiser, Ross 295,391 Milling, Len 186,245 Milling, Mindi 309 Mills, Brenda 206,401 Miles, Kathleen 247 Milstead, Jay 278 Minas, Barbara 42 Mindell, Doris 175,177 Miner, John 73 Minich, Barry 196,197 Minker, Stephen 186,303 Mirman, Judith 375 Mishkind, Chas. 303 Mitchell, Linda 378,412 Mitchell, Marilyn 53,249,366 Mitchell, Pamela 366,412 Mitchell, Patricia 396 Mitchell, Sally 36 Mittino, John 138 Mnookin, Barry 305 Moe, Evelyn 241,243,267,378 Moe, Harold 243 Moe, Robert 387 Moebius, Joann 247 Moeller, Marilyn 265 Moening, William 286 Moffat, George 67,73,163,362 Moffat, Michael 285 Moffatt, John 37 Moffett, Samuel 177 Mohammed, Kasheed 406 Mohr, Carol 259 Mohr, Gordon 175,274 Moir, Paul 275 Moiso, James 297 Molay, Barbara 405 Molina, Robert 398 Molinari, Richard 402 Monahan, Kathleen 375 Monroe, Carol 265 Monroe, Cynthia 37,47 Montes, Gerald 397 Montgomery, Fredric 139 Montgomery, Michael 285 Montiel, Demise 411 Montiel, Mary 146 Montiel, Monte 154 Montoya, Geraldine 316,375 Moody, Brent 173,177 Moody, Edward 125,403 Moody, Joan 149 Moody, Ruth 403,404 Mooney, Thomas 402 Moore, Barbara 161,163 Moore, James 403 Moore, Judith 245 Moore, Lynn 394 Moore, Michael A. 57 Moore, Michael M. 177 Moore, Nancy 253 Moore, Ralph 130,137 Moore, Steven 275 Moorhead, Judie 377 Moorhead, William 138 Mora, Jeffrey 38,186,242,304 Morales, Gonzalo 202 Moran, Daniel 289 Moran, Georgina 409 Moran, Patricia 64,409 Moran, Sharron 408,365 Mordret, Gerard 319 Mordret, Jerry 353 Morfit, Garry 84 Morgan, David 285 Morgan Edward 173,175,176,177,291 Morgan, George 280 Morgan, Louis 35,47,127,303 Morgan, Patricia 263 Morgan, Steven 291 Morphy, Elizabeth 378 Morris, Bruce 76 Morris, Carolyn 258 Morris, Elaine 376 Morris, Joseph 286 Morris, June 146,206,366 Morris, Mary 76,261 Morris, Melanie 257 Morris, Pamela 146,267 Morris, Terri 249 Morrison, Craig 341 Morrison, James 297 Morrison, John 165 Morrison, Judith 161,165 Morrison, June 127,137,139 Morrison, Larry 53,165,295 Morrison, Michael 291 Morrison, Norman 412 Morrissey, George 186,299 Morse, Edwin 130,299 Morse, Jo Ann 253 Morse, Lynda 257 Morse, Ruth 38,53,146,261 Mortenson, Owen 242,287 Moser, James 278 Moser, Joyce 365 Moser, Richard 273,412 Moses, Richard 305 Mosiman, Rita 45,53,73,76,161,163,312 Moss, John 299 Mouer, Juliann 199 Moulinet, Armando 409 Moulton, Stephen 37,49,286 Mount, Jean 161 Moutran, Alan 295,319 Moyer, Robert 275 Muecke, Carl 277 Mueller, Margaret 379 Muhanna, Abdulrahman 409 Mulchay, Michael 165,292 Mulford, Ed 355 Mulford, Robert 277 Mullinax, Mary 255 Muna, Daniel 186,408 Muncy, Nelson 295 Munk, Gary 130,291 Murchie, Kimith 373 Murphy, Betty 377 Murphy, Isabella 186 Murphy, John 125 Murphy, Kathryn 398 Murphy, Lyle 285 Murphy, Michael 0. 277 Murphy, Michael R. 297 Murphy, Michelle 49,259 Murphy, Patricia 404 Murphy, Robert 177 Murray, David 47,285,350 Murray, Michael 177 Musgrove, James 297 Muzzy, Howard 275 Muzzy, James 133,275 Muzzy, Theodora 146,263 Myers, Priscilla 44,146,259 Myers, Sharon 259 - N - Nabours, Warren 386 Nannen, James 275,354 Naquin, Lawrence 398 Nash, Thomas 133,398 Nasser, Shivazi 409 Nathanson, David .. 133,138,283 Nathanson, Leonard 303 Navarrette, Al 31 9 Navarro, Ernesto 122 Nave, Francis 272 Neal, James 281 Neal, Kelly 186 Nebe, Charlete 76 Neely, Stephen 289 Neese, Sandra 163,169,171,372 Neill, Norman 402 Neitz, Paula 265 Neitz, Peter 123 Nelson, Adelaide 163 Nelson, Cecilia 402 Nelson, Edward 397 Nelson, Herman 397 Nelson, Jennifer 253 Nelson, Karen 265 Nelson, Linda 245 Nelson, Lynda 36,49 Nelson, Norman 134 Nelson, Patricia 397 Nemec, Dorothy 139,255 Nemeth, Peter 186,383,408 Nerrie, Linda 255 Nethers, Frank 402 Netterbald, Linda 257 Nettles, Robert 402 Neumann, Peter 35,174,177 Nevlin, Jim 353 Newberry, Loralie 397 Newcomb, Judith 186,247 Newcomer, Pete 297 Newkirk, Hartley 134,138 Newman, Patricia 249 Newsbaum, Jack 51,402 Newsome, Laura 409 Niccum, Nancy 397 Nichols, James 290,341 Nichols, Larry 397 Nichols, Nancy 404 Nicholson, Charles 277 Nicholson, William 297 Nickel, James 297 Niell, Gloria 205 Nielsen, Debra 397 Nielsen, John 37,295 Nielsen, Russell 146,278 Nielsen, Walter 295 Niethammer, Carolyn 379 Nieuwenhuis, Kathy 375 Nixon, Charles 73,272 Nodwell, Judith 411 Noll, Carol 261 Noll, Shelia 398 Noon, Barbara 245 Norman, James 49,295 Norris, Andrew 45,134,281 Norris, John 289 Norris, William 399 Norstrom, Randall 286 North, Kip 382 Northington, Marshal 275 Northway, Catherine 376 Northway, Rosemary 186 Norton, Janet 263,371 Norton, Sherry 169,255 Norwood, Jaclyn 265 Nottke, Sharon 265 Nottke, Sue 265 Novak, Kathi 365 Novick, Sarah 381 Novinski, Naomi 411 Nowinski, Barbara 365 Nowlin, Mary 247 Noyes, Nancy 261 Nuetzel, Pamela 261 Nunez, Margaret 398 Nunneley, Diana 163 Nutley, Charles 204 Nystrom, Frederick 137,295 - 0 - Oakford, Mary 259 O ' Bannon, Michael 245 Obermayr, Gerald 202 O ' Brien, Barbara 402 O ' Connell, Ann 255 O ' Connell, Michael 391 Thomas 295 Oesterling, Suzanne 255 Ogden, Anne 257 Oglesby, Ann 267 Oglethorpe, Raymond 275 O ' Grady, Emmett 154 Ogunba, Victor 385,409 O ' Hare, William 396,398 Oiler, Pamela 259 O ' Kane, Tom 121,404,410 Olbert, Patricia 247 Olivas, John 299 Oliver, Jane 146 Oliver, Janet 265 Olp, Marshall 163 Olson, Barbara 379 Olson, Charles 280 Olson, Nicholas 285 Oltmans, Alice 251,365,396 Oltmans, June 146,251 Olvera, Jose 402 Olyphant, John 209,291 O ' Mahony, Michael 319 O ' Mara, Sybilla 37,263 O ' Neil, Carolyn 267 Ong, Henry 391 Ordway, Sarah 255 Ordway, Terry 245 Orland, James 398 Orloff, Gloria 165 Ormand, Lowell 402 Orona, Margot 67,411 Orosco, Dolores 364,402 O ' Rourke, Cathy 247 Orr, Elaine 391 Orrock, Rolland 48,137,242,285 Osborn, John 273 Osborn, Jones 291 Osborn, Paul 293 Osborne, William 383 Oshry, Carole 255 Ostergen, Lawrence 272 Ostosh, Janet 396 Ostroy, Paul 38,66,67 Ott, Charles 149 Ouellette, Maureen 398 Ouren, Janice 376 Overall, Don 275 Overfield, Richard 165 Overland, Bernie 154,285 Owen, Cynthia 244,366 Owen, Stephen 277 Owensby, James 139 Owings, Fredrick 291 Ozmun, James 272 - P - Pace, Joan Pacheco, Fernando Paciunas, Joan Padilla, Alexander Paine, Hazel Painter, Janet Pajuanas, William Palant, Gary Palmer, Carole Palmer, Fred Palmer, Maxwell 177 Palmer, Susan 53,134,267,316 Paluselli, Dante 139 Panaretos, Carol 381 Papageorgiou, Katherine .. 165 Papanikolas, Stephanie 267 Papcun, George 362 Paradise, Carol 398 Paradise, Dwight 134 Parchen, Judith 267 Pare, Barbara 192,193 Parham, Carl 183 Parisi, Leonard 403 Parker, Cheryl 257 Parker, Diane 253 Parker, Fredrick 301 Parker, Judith 247 Parker, Lindalu 267 Parker, Monroe 272 Parker, Peter 36,50,64,299 Parker, Steven 163,399 Parker, Thomas 357,408 Parker, William 243,401 Parks, David 125 Parks, William 291 Parlett, Lynda 171,377 Parmenter, Janean 399 Parnelle, Robert 402 Parrish, LaRayne 371 Parsons, Ann 265 Parsons, Pamela 265 Paschke, Allan 383 Pasco, Marguerite 257 Pascoe, Susan 187 Pass, Mark 66 Patera, Dick 341 Pasternack, Ted 134,305 Patrick, John 403 Patrick, William 402 Patterson, Daniel 152,156, 295 Patterson, John 154 Patterson, Mary 53,161,164,265 Patterson, Thomas 163,399 Patterson, Wayne 382 Patton, James 187,281 Paul, Duane 291 Paul, Victoria 263 Paulsen, William 402 Payette, Sylvia 149,379 Payne, David 37,47,66,291 Payne, Lisle 35,47,127,297 Peabody, Edwin 187,292,403 Pearce, Charlene 259 Pearce, Richard 273 Pearse, Wendy 259 Pearson, Joseph 282 Pearson, Paul 281 Peck, Martha 265 Peck, Patricia 376 Peck, Robert 154,156 Pecoraro, Garth 408 Pecoraro, Roger 51 Pedersen, Ann 245,376 Pedersen, James 291 Pejsa, Richard 281 Pejsa, Sharon 255 Pellicori, Sam 187 Peffzer, Judith 146,259 Pence, Stephanie 134 Pendl, Diana 257 Pennell, Carol 366 Penney, Susan 259 Pennington, Gary 285 Pennington, Timothy 45,53,84,154,289 Penzi, Ann 376,411 Perez, Linda 377,408 Perino, Camille 398 Perius, William 299 Perkins, Penelope 409 Perkins, Margaret 157,396 Perkins, William 297 Perlman, Neil 139,391 Perona, Karen 49,51,376 Perril, Stanley 152 Perry, Chryssee 183,193 Perry, Krista 187,242,245 Perry, Olive 146 Pershing, Bill 134 Pershing, Peter 243,280 Person, Judith 245 Peters, Diane 251 Peters, John 299 Peters, Julienne 163,394 Peters, Kathleen 255 Petersen, Roxanne 375 Peterson, Harlow Petica, Ronald Petrush, John Peugh, Robert Pfeffer, John Phelan, Ronald Phelps, Lewis Phillips, Hollis Phillips, Frank Phillips, Paul Phillips, Ronald Phillips, Sandra Phillips, Stephen Phillips, Thomas Phinney, Jo Anne Pick, Norma Pickrel, Robert Pierce, Bonnie Pierce, Clyde Pierce, Dennis Pierson, Jayne Pilkington, Marshall Pilkington, Pamela Pinnel, Steven Pionke, Charlotte Pischke, Lamonte Pitpitan, Damaso Pittman, Robert Pittock, Hugh Pitts, Carl Pixley, Linda Piziali, Nona Piziali, Paula Pizzuto, Zamanillo Platt, Warren Plimack, Henry Plinski, Mary Plumb, Susan Plummer, Michael Pobrislo, Joseph Podolsky, Catherine Poe, Joseph Poetzl, Herbert Polacheck, Jerry Polasek, Sylvia Pollard, Edward Pollman, Michele Pollock, Nancy Polve, James Pomeroy, Charles Pomeroy, Neil Pool, Mary Poole, Susan Poore, Kathleen Poppe, Donald Porras, Carlos Porter, Darcy Porter, Frank Porter, Gordon Porter, Harold Porter, Joan Porter, William Post, Daniel Post, James Poteat, Eleanor Potter, George Potter, John Potter, Michael Potter, Richard Potter, Steven Potter, William Potts, Charles Potts, William Powel, Michael 187,286,297,352 Powers, Christina 169,381 Powers, Joseph 165,383 Prater, Susan 251 Pratt, Bonnie 310,397 Pratt, Jewel 161,379,397 Prentiss, Charles 149 Prero, Tamar 269 Presley, Charlene 364,366,401 Preston, Costromo 76 Preston, George 176 Preston, Richard 396 Pretzer, David 45,125,242,293 Priborsky, Steve 341 Price, Gail 49,58,267 Price, William C. 295 Price, William F. Priebe, William 66,242,243,299,308 Prince, Mary 265 Priniski, George 278 Prokop, John 138 Proulx, Donald 76 Prouty, Tod 278 Psaltis, Mike 275 Publicover, Sheldon 134,383 Puccini, Donald 398 Puchi, Linda 375 Pugh, Douglas 273 Puntenney, Peggy 261 Putnam, Kenneth 73 Pylant, Kathleen 247 Pyle, Darrel 275 Pyzel, Daniel 405 - Q - Quanz, Kenneth 134 Quarelli, Charles 275 Quarelli, Frank 347 Quarelli, Thomas 177 Quater, Lawrence 270 Quiggle, Jeffery 47,297 Quihuis, Charlotte 377,410 Quinn, Kathleen 192 Quist, Richard 402 - R - Raben, Ronald 305 Raben, Sharon 249 Rabier, Daniel 279 Raborn, Anita 257 Radtke, Kurt 382 Radtke, Sue 146 Ragland, Virginia 187 Rahmani, Abbass 409,412 Ralph, John 277 Ralston, Peter 297 Rambo, Caryl 54,169,261 Ramsey, Margaret 411 Randall, Richard 278 Randolph, Susan 92,94,147,163,257,316 Ransom, Holly 396 Raper, Suellen 398 Rasmussen, Gerald 403 Rasmussen, Irene 35,179 Rasp, Phil 362 Rathwell, Peter 49,291 Rau, Shylah 366,401,406 Raubenheimer, Louis 295 Rauscher, Frank 301 Ravitz, Susan 42,165,249 Ray, Georgia 253 Ray, Linda 247 Ray, Oliver 289 Ray, Robyn 357 Raymond, Frank 37,134,293 Rayner, Frank 271 Rea, Richard 242,277 Rea, Sara 259 Reagan, Sandra 147,261 Reavis, Pat 407 Rector, Susan 263 Redd, Joan 257 Redfern, Roberta 263 Reece, Bob 295 Reece, Judie 259 Reed, Barbara 257,371 Reed, John 150,155,156 Reed, L. J. 383 Reed, Robert 35,48,275,353 Reed, Roger 165 Rees, David 299 Rees, Phillip 297 Reese, Donna 73,76 Reese, Norbert 305 Reese, Raymond 396 Reeser, Alvin 402 Regenovich, Michael .... 382,345 Reidy, Cathy 398 Reidy, Roxana 171,398 Reilly, John 299 Reimold, David 270 Rein, Diane 365 Reist, Terry 259,311,363 Reitz, Eleanor 301 Rempe, George 295 Rench, Quentin 285 Rendes, Andrew 197 Resnick, Allan 402 Resnikov, Ann 249 Reuser, Angela 363,411 Rewick, Lee 259 Rexford, Cheryl 411 Reyes, Virginia 379 Reynier, Sidney 267 Reynolds, Bill 341 Reynolds, Diane 244 Reynolds, Lawrence 36 398 297 251 35,152,293 245,396 146 410 303 186 295 155,156 176,177 134 299 285 402 73,397 341 203 289 293 269,306 168,173 47,319,326 399 38,146,376 402 259 134,291 47 37,253 242,289 257 35,47,152 398 125,406 197 203 270 295 146,245 49,265 265 197 139,287,391 77,407 398 366 277 137 51,163,247 279 163,187 305 199 291,319 76 379,397 402 146,272 293 261,410 253 73 177 183,192 286 138,409 190 73 373 77,404 287,397 287 405 362 289 272 402 292 277 177 165 Reynolds, Michael 409 Reynolds, Toby 51,374 Rheineck, Tom 355 Rhoades, Mack 398 Rhodes, Lorraine 251 Rhodes, Nancy 251 Rhodes, Noel 76 Rhuart, Leslie 370,387 Riccobono, Helene 251 Rice, Larry 285 Rice, Richard 277 Richard, Greg 341 Richards, David 278 Richards, Gary 299 Richards, Janet 76,255 Richards, Karl 299 Richards, Walter 291 Richardson, James 197 Richardson, Lucy 37,263 Richardson, Mary 35,45,54,105,106,179,187,263 Richardson, Ray 405 Richman, Stephen 396 Richmond, Ellen 123,404,410 Richter, Dean 291 Richter, Shirlee 251 Rickard, Robert 275 Rickert, Donald 190,399 Ricks, Leon 287,397 Ridge, Warren 173,175,176,289 Ridgway, Richard 77 Ridgway, Terry 76,285 Riebling, Norma 187,408 Riehl, Joseph 402 Riggs, John B. 165 Riggs, John V. 176,177 Riggs, Robert 175,177 Riggs, Ronald 273,309 Riley, Meredith 47,261 Rinker, Ronald 301 Rippy, Mary 377 Riordan, Sharon 251 Rios, Mary Louise 67,378 Ripley, Abby 76,367,397 Riser, Eve 399 Risner, William 285 Risser, Arthur 166 Ritter, Eric 279 Ritter, Patricia 257 Rittgers, Patricia 171 Rivera, George 137,409 Robb, Gerry 275 Robbins, Merrill 177 Robbins, Stephen 47,137,347,349 Robbins, William 177 Roberson, Billy 275 Roberson, George 139 Roberts, Bert 297 Roberts, Carmen 76,403,411 Roberts, James 88,297 Roberts, Kenneth 382 Roberts, Linda 163 Roberts, Robert 204,242 Roberts, Roswell 137,292 Roberts, Toni 265 Robertson, Barry 76,243,297 Robertson, Nancy 245 Robertson, Virginia 163 Robinson, Johanna 312 Robinson, Karen 251,365 Robinson, Kathleen 49 Robinson, Pamela 147,265 Robinson, Robert 121,125 Robson, Douglas 399 Roche, Kathleen 255 Rochin, Jose 403 Rochlin, Athalia 169,171,268 Rochlin, Naomi 267 Roda, Judith 411 Rodgers, Suzanne 247 Rodman, Harry 76 Rodriguez, Robert 204 Roe, Martin 385 Roehl, Starley 402 Rogers, Kenneth 285 Rogers, LaVonne 397 Rogers, Marlene 76,397 Rogers, Michael 285 Rogers, Perry 277 Rogers, Raymond 385 Rogers, William 299 Rogers, Winston 139 Rogers, Yale 397 Rohani, Behzao 395 Rohloff, Jacqueline 411 Roinestad, Frank 397 Roll, David 387 Rollins, Marilyn Romanoski, Frances 110,404,410 Rombach, Esther 147 Rombold, Michael 147,295 Romero, Barbara 163 Romero, Elodia 206 Romo, Edgar 275 Ronstadt, Margaret 398 Ronstadt, Peter 295 Rosenfeld, Jane 249 Rosenfeld, Stanley 391 Rosentein, Joel 177 Rosenthal, David 305 Rosenthal, Gail 49,261 Rosenthal, Larry 305 Rosenthal, Rebecca 171 Rosenzweig, Burke 305 Rosenzweig, Susan 147 Ross, Jacquelyn 61 Ross, Patricia 269 Ross, Sandra 162 Rossen, Richard 303 Rosztoczy, Zoltan 409 Rothacher, Ronnie 275 Rothbardt, Allan 37,305 Rothberger, G. 395 Rothen, Craig 301 Rothschild, August 305 Rottersmann, Sherry 249 Rouda, Roland 303 Rouse, Darleen 26 Rovey, Sharon 171 Rowan, Judith 244 Rowe, Robert 187 Rowell, John 273 Rowland, Twila 374 Rowton, Sue 85,261 Royce, Gene 137 Royer, Pauline 76 Rubel, Julie 162,249 Rubin, Alan 176 Rubin, Irene 76 Rubino, Ralph 295 Rucienski, Mary 187,259 Rudd, William 407 Rudolph, Sharon 269 Rueffel, Nancy 257 Rugg, Cynthia • 375 Rule, Robert 295 Rumple, Judith 73,147,255 Ruoff, David 277 Rupnik, Daille 47,267 Rush, Charles 35,122 Russel, Barbara 249 Russel, Carol 411 Russel, John 273 Russel, Judith 269 Russell, Patricia 261 Russell, Sandra 374,404 Russell, Sharon 409 Russell, Tom 47,155,163 Russell, William 203,204 Russler, Judith 253 Russo, Daniel 293 Rustand, Warren 35,66,335 Rutherford, James 275 Ryals, Marjane 47,93,261 Ryan, Marilyn 76 Ryan, Martin 176,177 Ryger, Nancy 376 - S - Sable, Judie 269,377 Sablich, Daniel 293 Sadler, Suzanne 247 Sadler, William 277 Sadoff, Ronald 34,36,303 Saffer, Ronald 66 Saffer, Shirlee 170 Sage, Norman 176 Sagsveen, John 286 Saimondi, Tom 389 St. John, Dennis 165,403 Sakall, Daniel 137 Sakrison, James 33,34,35,39,45,54,60 Salant, Susan 267 Salas, Fernando 357 Saldamando, Daniel 203 Salem, Robert 295 Saline, Vernon 287 Salley, Constance 371 Salman, Melvyn 187,408 Salmon, Linda 267 Salmon, Riney 176,177 Salony, William 319 Salter, Andrea 171 Salvia, John 147 Salzer, Robert 277 Samet, Marlene 176,177 Sampson, Diane 401,405 Samuels, Linda 269 Sandack, Richard 303 Sanders, George 270 Sanders, Lynn 155,389 Sanders, Richard 177,295,319 Sanders, Starr 269,372 Sanders, Thomas 275 Sanders, Wayne 281 Sanderson, William 125 Sandidge, Marilyn 188 Sandridge, Arthur 134 Sands, Edgar 165 Sands, Karla 147 Sands, Louis 291 Sands, Martha 376 Sands, Walter 408 Sansbury, John 155 Santa Cruz, Fernando 319 Santee, Reha 411 Santee, Sonnia 51,67 Sargeant, William 176,177 Sasse, Mary 257 Sato, Suzanne 36,37,46,47,49,54,188,267 Saueressig, Joe 402 Saull, Mort 341 Saunders, Robert 402 Saunders, Sarah 253 Savage, James 295 Sawyer, Gary 77 Sawyer, Tom 47,84,297,355 Sayre, Mary 165,363,365 Scarborough, Gene 203,205,297 Schacht, Bonita 379 Schammel, Mar 265 Schaub, Sandra 171,257 Schauwecker, Carol 267 Scheib, Buck 272 Schermerhorn, Ann 396 Schicktanz, Judy • 255 Schieff, Mark 303 Schlaht, Emily 263 Schlentz, Mary 251 Schlosser, Janet 133,376 Schlosser, Robert 297 Schlotterbeck, Connie 367 Schmid, Ann 51 Schmidt, Carl 281 Schmidt, Carol 57,411 Schmidt, Jerry 299 Schmieding, Julia 147,259 Schmitt, Neel 134,292 Schmitz, Barbara 376 Schmidt, Sandra 192,193,407,408 Schneider, James 134,138 Schneider, Janet 188,192 Schneider, Robert 305 Schneider, Stephen 270 Schnor, Jerald 121 Schnur, Marilyn 366 Schnurr, Ronald 279 Schoenberg, Charles 134 Schofield, Mary 265 Scholey, Guy 285 Schorr, Glenn 275 Schorr, John 275 Schott, Margaret 170,171,247 Schpok, Nancy 249 Schrader, Barbara 408 Schrage, Mary 147,149,190,381 Schram, Kathryne 364,402 Schrepel, Nelda 139,244 Schroder, Peggy 363 Schroedinger, Erwon 406 Schroll, Barbara 247 Schukert, Michael 402 Schuler, Dave 47 Schull, Robert 243,410 Schulte, Vincent 278 Schultz, Alan 73 Schultz, Rainer 385 Schumacher, Butch 34,37,45,54,134,297 Schumacher, Dale 383 Schumacher, Pamela 50,267 Schumacher, Robert 273 Schuyler, Mary 399 Schwartz, Janis 269 Schweich, Martha 147 Schwerin, Suzanne 259 Scibella, Marsha 247 Scofield, Dee 40,47,263 Score, Sherry 51,411 Scott, Barbara 245,404 Scott, Elaine 365,366 Scott, John 273 Scott, Karen 347 Scott, Lee 399 Scott, Paul 163 Scott, Sherwin 295,341 Scremin, Celia 67,251 Scribner, Marsha 373,412 Scruggs, Tamara 374,412 Scull, Nicholas 291 Scussel, James 155,293 Seal, Clive 35,50,297 Sealine, Sidney 188 Seaman, Judy 261 Sears, Joanne 364,402 Seawright, Jon 299 Seballos, Delfina 409 Sebolt, Jane 255 Seda, Lee 271 Sedlock, Polly 398 Seff, Jane 249 Segade, Gustav 183,192 Segal, Jeffry 402 Segura, Maria 398 Seib, James 297 Seidenberg, Janet . 170,171,261 Seidenberg, Jo Ann 261 Seiler, Betty 281 Seiler, Steven 134,137,297 Sekhon, Kalwant 409 Selders, Monica 265 Seligman, Bruce 278 Seligmann, Joan 249 Sellas, Reginald .... 204,390,396 Sellers, Richard 402 Semingson, Bruce 396 Semoff, Deirdre 411 Senini, Elaine 398 Sergeant, Jacquelynn 378 Serlis, Charles38,45,134,137,297 Sevy, Barbara 397 Seward, Ann 371 Sewell, Carol 380 Seymour, Dennis 341 Sgaier, Khairi 409 Shadegg, Cynthia 247 Shadegg, Eugenia 365 Shaer, Sherry 376 Shaft, Robert 299 Shaffer, Mary Ann 381,405 Shaffer, Mary J. 253 Shanahan, Robert 275 Shantz, Fred 354 Shanley, Lee 366 Shapiro, Carole 269 Sharp, Floyd 123 Sharp, Thomas 273 Sharpe, Marilyn 188,190 Shaw, Barry 297 Shaw, Leslie 247 Shaw, Lynda 139,255 Shaw; Robert 273 Shaw, Steven 289 Shea, Susan 257,367 Shean, Glenn 28 Shehan, Sandra 147,148,206,251,306,311,366 Shelley, Bonnie 73 Shelton, Karen 244,373 Shenkarow, Bonnie 249 Shepis, Electra 177 Sherfey, Richard 147 Sheridan, Patricia 67,76,82 Sheridan, Tom 243 Sherman, Barbara 379 Sherman, Carole 247 Sherman, James 285 Sherman, Roger 291 Sherrard, James 293 Sherrard, William 357 Shevlin, Mary 255 Shields, Charlotte 76 Shields, Gerry 49,255 Shields, Rona 244 Shift, James 305 Shipley, Doyle 134,285 Shipman, Betty 247 Shirazi, Ahmand 157 Shluker, Steve 135,305 Shober, Carol 139 Shockley, Peggy 311 Shoemake, Linda 255 Shoenberg, Bud 341 Shook, Margaret 257,367 Short, Harry. 135,242,280 Short, Lawrence 275 Short, Rex 295 Shosie, Judith 411 Shover, Michele 189,255 Shreve, Thomas 301 Shultz, John 297 Shultz, Sara 267 Shultz, Seth 291 Shumway, Dale 176,177 Shumway, Mary 43,49,396 Sickafoose, Carole 170,171,381 Sickafoose, John 243,272 Siedelman, Marvin 243,283 Siegal, Richard 355 Siegag, Ron 345 Siedelman, Sallie 66,139,249 Siegman, Joseph 38,305 Siener, Judith 398 Sierk, Louise 404 Sigmund, Julius 385 Silberman, Lynne 268 Sill, Patricia 267 Silver, Barbara 375 Silverman, Arthur 303 Silverman, Harvey 66 Silverman, Stan 303 Silvestri, Nanette 1 70 Simanton, Mary 251 Simko, Irene 163 Simmons, Glenna 244 Simmons, Jan 77,345 Simmons, Jean 147,257 Simmons, Lura 381 Simms, Harvey 305 Simms, John 280 Simms, Kathleen 398,410 Simon, Gene 249 Simon, Stephen 305 Simon, Steven 196,269 Simpson, Linda 267 Simpson, Louis 383 Simpson, Susan 257,242 Sims, David 243,282 Singer, Earl 402 Singleton, Dick 47,351,348,350 Singleton, James 319,330 Singleton, Warren 149 Sinks, Judith 397 Siordia, Lois 203,204 Siskin, Sherry 269 Skelton, Daniel 297 Skidmore, William 162,163 Skones, Maurice 73 Skousen, Kenneth 397 Skousen, Ruth 397 Skov, William 125 Slack, Walter 135 Slade, Sam 341 Slagle, David 354,404 Slaughter, Natalie 147,244 Slaughter, Randi 49,51,242 Slaughter, Suzanne 412 Slaven, Mary 401 Sloan, Susan 81,165,249,317 Sloane, Nancy 245,271 Slotkin, Steven 303 Slotky, Bonnie 249 Sluss, William 271 Smaltz, Jay 286 Smardon, Suzanne 253 Smiley, Francis 402 Smillie, Joan 253 Smith, Barbara 59 Smith, Cheryl 373 Smith, David 292 Smith, Delia 263 Smith, Diana 253 Smith, Donel 287,397 Smith, Jim 63 Smith, Ellen 263 Smith, Herbert 135,275 Smith, Jeanne 170,171 Smith, Jeannie 398 Smith, Judith 381 Smith, Judy 67,366,377,401 Smith, Karen 261 Smith, Karen Ann 247 Smith, Kenneth 139 Smith, Lex 297 Smith, Linda 251,255 Smith, Lloyd 382 Smith, Lyneer 398 Smith, Lynne 170,309 Smith, Mary 147,257 Smith, Michael D. 273 Smith, Michael R. 135 Smith, Patricia 371 Smith, Ralph 305 Smith, Rebecca 377 Smith, Richard 402 Smith, Robert 135 Smith, Sandra 378,404 Smith, Sharlene 265 Smith, Sharon 267 Smith, Sheryl 397 Smith, Stephanie 192,294,394 Smith, Stephen 278 Smith, Suzanne 381 Smith, Suzanne E. 259 Smith, Thomas 285 Smolak, Walter 303 Smotkin, Alan 402 Smotkin, Carole 269 Snedden, Barbara 247,374 Snow, James 285 Sobin, Roger 399 Sofelo, Hector 188 Soi, Vijay 409 Sollenberger, George 53 Solomon, Creighton 293 Solomon, Rose 147 Sonnenberg, Fred 402 Sopko, Terry 281 Sorenson, Karen 93,263,311 Sorock, Robert 305 Sotelo, Hector 385 Sourant, James 54 South, Linda 34,37,40,47 Souza, Manuel 272 Spahn, Bob 341 Spaller, Susan 188,263 Sparks, Sarah 397 Spaulding, Rosalee 398 Spector, Howard 305 Spelbring, Garald 204,382 Spencer, Carolyn 411 Spencer, Elizabeth 251 Spencer, Rebecca 73 Spencer, Susan 253 Spencer, Wallace 188,295 Speyer, Jon 135 Spicer, Ronald 297 Spitzer, Stephen 305,311 Spock, Richard 192 Sposito, Patricia 378 Spratt, Joylene 375 Spring, Kenneth 283,362 Spuhler, Fred 135,281 Spurlock, John 188 Stacy, Robert 387 Stadler, Martin 135,299 Stadler, Scott 272 Staehlin, Rogers 309 Stafford, Norman 76,301 Stagg, Howard 242 Stahnke, Jerry 176 Staley, Douglas 54 Stallings, Donald 299 Stanbery, Robert 155 Stanford, Sandra 147,251 Stanley, Douglas 34,45,66,241,242 Stanley, Justin 243,286 Stanley, Michael 242,272 Stanton, Margaret 139 Stanton, Stephen 49,310 Staples, Maurice 73,76,163 Stark, Sara 255 Starkey, Craig 295,327 Starmer, William 275 Starzee, Alexander 135,286 Stauffer, Howard 124 Stayman, Jean 263 Stebbins, Bardwell 56 Steele, Cristy 247,366 Steers, Ronald 305 Stein, Joel 47,303 Stein, William 303 Steinberg, Susan 269 Steiner, John 295 Steinfeld, Vicki 149,249 Steil, Carolyn 188,267 Stelle, Douglas 412 Stenger, James 398 Stephenson, Barbara 170,261 Stephenson, Beverly 147 Sterling, Joseph 396 Stern, Linda 261 Stern, Ronna 257 Stevens, David 309,402 Stevens, Irene 183 Stevens, Patricia 247 Stevens, Randy 353 Stevens, Russel 135,297 Stevens, Way 243,279 Stevens, William 277 Stevenson, Sally 374 Stevenson, Steve 279 Stewart, Bonnie 399 Stewart, Calvin 384 Stewart, Hollis 396,399 Stewart, Joellen 199,310 Stewart, Judy 267 Stewart, Lawrence 45,66,135,209,289,352 Stewart, Linda 371 Stewart, Phillip 73,76 Stewart, Susan 263 Stewart, Wesley 279 Stewart, William 305 Sticht, Mike 47 Stiles, James 73 Stiles, Nancy 253 Stiles, Sandra 267 Stillman, Sharee 170,171,265 Stimson, Shelly 378 Stith, Ronald 135 Stoaks, Judith 380 Stockton, John 292 Stockton, William 155,156 Stoesser, George 135,281 Stogsdill, Ronald 139 Stohl, Kristine 148,255 Stoldt, Donald 138 Stoll, Linda 377 Stone, Bruce 299 Stone, Bunni 249 Stone, Craig 396 Stone, Ford 289 Stone, Gloria 377 Stonecipher, Roy 66 Stonefield, Cynthia 259 Stoner, Michael 293 Storjohann, Gordon 136 Storm, Joseph 412 Stout, Samuel 49,66,275 Stout, Virginia 245 Strand, Helen 188,255 Strasburg, Thomas 136,224,281 Straub, Suzanne 253,410 Strauss, Elizabeth 76 Strayer, Richard 137 Street, Thomas 277 Stressen-Reuter, Robert 301 Stretmater, David 136,293 Strickland, Gordon 402 Strickland, Linda 170 Strickland, Susan 398 Stroman, Neil 398 Stroman, William 301 Stuart, Gary 388 Stuart, Mary 177 Stubbs, Hall 272 Stubbs, Judy 253 Stuckenhoff, Harry 162,275 Stuckey, Jay 173,177 Stuhr, Wayne 271 Stull, Richard 285 Stum, Barbara 399 Sturgul, John 190 Sturm, Mary 148,255 Sugden, John 136,286 Suhonen, William 136,138,292 Suk, Robert 277 Sullivan, Charles 137,285 Sullivan, Frances 265 Sullivan, James 47 Sullivan, Jeryl 378,409 Sullivan, Michael 402 Sullivan, Patricia 261 Sullo, Jane 377 Suit, Emily 379 Summer, John 388 Sunkel, Diane 365 Sunkel, Mary 257 Surina, Janice 398 Sutton, Harold 392 Sutton, Margaret 397 Sutton, Thomas 278 Svob, Pamela 39,259 Swain, Jerrold 299 Swain, Margaret 259 Swain, Joseph 301 Swainick, Julia 76,149 Swanson, Thomas 277 Swartwout, Barbara .... 247,309 Swartz, Carol 188 Swartz, Clark 136,305 Swartz, Neil 283 Swe, Nyunt 409 Swell, Carol 401 Sweeting, Ted 319 Swingler, Susan 363 Swisher, Donna 259 Swisher, Sally 257 Switzer, John 137,278 Syren, Jim 285 Szerlong, Ron 354 - T - Taber, Susan 245 Tadano, Thomas 45,54,312 Tadano, William 51 Taisch, Ronald 136,305 Talbot, Judith 377,365 Tallman, Richard 138 Tancredi, Michael 243,295 Tanner, Rhoda 379 Taraldson, Linda 76,171 Taranton, Joann 37,42,139,255,396 Tarazon, Frank 392 Tarr, Edwin 299,317 Tartoussieh, Abdelgh 409 Tartt, Robert 149 Tatham, Eddison 183,193 Tatroe, Sheila 255 Taunton, Grant 357 Taylor, Ethel 148 Taylor, Frank 297 Taylor, Helen 380 Taylor, Jacquelyn 170,263 Taylor, James 40,41,291 Taylor, Marjorie ___. 243,244,367 Taylor, Olaf 278 Taylor, Rise 255 Taylor, Susan 257 Taylor, Tom 392 Taylor, Virginia 245 Taylor, Wayne 293 Tellez, Yvonne 58 Tench, Marjorie .... 44,45,54,267 Tench, Philip 299 Tenner, Stewart 137 Teorey, Toby 156,291 Terence, Malcolm 39,62,188,396 Terman, Eileen 269 Terry, John 398 Terry, Pat 365 Terry, Robert 295 Terry, Wilmer 243,270 Teskey, Bert 125,410 Tess, Raymond 76 Thapa, Veda 383,409 Thatcher, Peter 286 Thelander, Robert 385 Theobald, Ron 341,342 Thomas, David 190 Thomas, Jane 251 Thomas, Jay 125 Thomas, Norman 176 Thomas, Ronald 124 Thomas, Violet 149 Thomas, Wright 149 Thompson, Barbara 171,265,380 Thompson, Dennis 285 Thompson, Jamie 270 Thompson, Margaret 67 Thompson, Michael 270 Thompson, Patricia 37,38,139,251,265 Thompson, Suzanne .. 49,60,257 Thomsen, Eric 270 Thomson, Jane 255 Thorn, Weston 285 Thornburg, 285,388 Thornton, Ann 247,366 Thornton, Eston 49,295 Thorup, Christy 381 Thorup, John 73,384 Thuringer, Kreszent 170 Ticknor, David 299 Tiemeier, Mary 367,411 Tijoriwala, Anilkuma 138 Tillinghast, Barbara 148,165 Tilt, Judith 137 Timken, Ward 277 Tindall, Robert 176 Tinklepaugh, John 285 Tisdale, Nancy 36,261 Titus, JoAnn 257 Todd, Lamar 197 Tofel, Richard 303 Tofel, Susan 66,243 Tokuyama, Hal 242,279,404,405 Tom, Arthur 137 Tom, Michael 404,405 Tomek, Karin 255 Tomlin, Harold 282 Tomlon, Kenneth 412 Toncheff, Gordon 407 Tonyan, Jean 411 Toohey, Kerry 372 Toon, Rosemary 381,398 Toreson, Carol 111,259 Torres, Francisco 155 Torrison, Marilyn 366 Tosca, Paul 136,139 Tosto, Leo 341 Towle, Christie 247 Townley, David 270 Townsdin, Charles 291 Townsend, Garold 295 Townsend, Pamela 161,261 Townsend, Sally 261 Trabulse, Doroles 397 Trader, Karl 383 Traher,.Jacqueline 171,398 Traister, Janice 76 Traister, Linda 76 Traw, Jon 399 Traynham, Carolyn 257 Treadwell, Jane 59 Treharne, Donna 255,381 Treible, Beverly 49,139 Tremble, Janis 251 Trent, Jane 267 Trentham, Bert 277 Tretshok, Dale 136 Tribolet, William 295 Trifunovic, Susan 409 Troino, Marshall 171 Troller, Christine 189,245,376 Trout, Virgil 407 Troutman, Theresa 73 Trower, Connie 247 Trujillo, Patricia 371 Tryti, Kari 267 Tsuya, Orville 287,397 Tsuya, Stephen 287 Tualla, Larry 49,51,385 Tuch,Winifred 67,76,294,394,396 Tucker, Ceva 267 Tuell, Gloria 42,139,374 Tully, Diane 37,49,255 Tully, Pat 255 Tunnel ' , Sarah 247 Turk, Sharon 38,45,54,148,366,368 Turken, Micky 66 Turner, Adrian 259 Turner, Douglas 297 Turner, Guy 47 Turner, Joan 148,263 Turner, Margaret 251 Turner, Michael 385 Turner, Nancy 261 Turner, Richmond 295 Turten, Chuck 354 Tuso, Joseph 402 Tuttle, Diane 366 Tuttle, Roger 293 Tuttle, Sheryl 261 Tuuri, R. Jeffrey 152,157 Twist, Pamela 247 Twomey, Arthur 73 - U - Udall, David 175,176,177 Uhas, Dale 289 Uhl, James 285 Uhl, Louis 285 Ulichny, Michael 286 Umbeck, Jim 66,148,299,316,317,341 Underwood, Jon 33,34, 35,39,47,127,137,297,307 Ung, Meng 196 Upham, Everett 136,301 Upjohn, William 297 Uptegraff, Michael 297 Urban, William 366,406 Uren, Lester 47,295 Utke, Sharon 51,265 Utley, Anne 381 - v - Vaisvil, Mary Lou 398 Valdez, Abe 345 Valdin, Norma 76 Valenzuela, Carlos 197 Valenzuela, Humberto 292 Valenzuela, Robert 364 Valfeski, Robert 155,157 Vallee, Lou Ann 375,409 Vallone, Edward 242,277 Van Blarcom, Paul 390 Van Buskirk, Elizabeth 244 Van Buskirk, Michelle 378 Vance, Terry 295 Vance, Valerie 36 Van Der Kar, Brooke 76,251 Van Der Voort, Warren 299,354 Van Deventer, William 76 Van Dien, Walter 137,285 Vanek, Tim 136 Van Every, Charles 189,272 Van Haren, Diane 263 Vanice, Kathryn 251,366 Van Osdol, Karen 376 Van Wagner, Ellen 251 Varela, Manny 47 Vargas, Lechuga 124,382 Varney, Philip 36,49,275 Varnum, Diane 242 Vassello, Lynn 257 Vaughan, Judy 261 Vaughan, Lawrence 281 Vaughan, Linda 251 Vaughan, Robert 387 Vaughan, Ronald 286 Vaughn, Donald 286 Veck, Milton 403 Veitch, Margaret 259 Velde, Thomas 277 Veliz, Nancy 45 Ventres, Charles 156 Vergis, Johnny 148 Verkamp, Michael 398 Verkamp, Stephen 275 Ver Velde, Annette 396 Ver Velde, Raymond 148 Verweire, Gloria 76,377 Vessey, Jon 285 Vial, Elizabeth 265 Vickery, Vivian 148 Vidal, Gene 164,408 Vidal, Rosario 76,409 Videen, Garven 138 Vignolo, Carol 267 Villar, John 402 Vincent, Camilla 253 Vishner, Andrew 283 Vocale, Mary Lou 255 Vogt, Stephen 271 Von Den Steinen, Karl 408 Voris, Peter 160 Vorholzer, Patricia 411 - W - Wachter, Thomas 204 Wacker, Ronnie 148,245,376 Wade, Don 35,47,179,297 Wagar, Ronald 156 Waggoner, Sue 163 Wahl, Rachel 392 Wahl, Robert 165,392 Wahsh, Wahib 409 Wait, Sharon 148 Waite, John 149,154 Waitman, Thomas 51 Wakenigg, Barbara 376 Walbert, Richard 275 Walcott, Suzanne 189 Walker, Jonnie 242,297 Walker, Katherine 261,247 Walker, Mary 54,148 Walker, Sue 42,45,259 Walker, Thomas 73 Walker, Whitney 299 Walker, William ..__ 34,45,66,285 Wall, Mary 267 Wallace, John 136,383 Wallach, Les 353 Wallasvaara, Irja 263 Walls, Leonard 301 Walpole, Margaret 255 Walsh, Ellen 398 Walsh, John 292 Walsh, Kathleen 398 Walter, Michael 272 Walters, Roscoe 402 Waltke, Grant 341 Walton, Jewel 371 Wanger, Carol 36,43,261 ' Wanjari, Manohar 405 Ward, Barbara 139,396,411 Ward, Douglas 297 Ward, Jay 47,295 Ward, Michael 136,289 Warner, David 305 Warner, Ronald 301 Warner, Thomas 291 Warren, Sarah 255 Wason, Sandra 42,47 Wastcoat, Nancy 365,367 Waters, Sara Ann 374 Watkins, Frank 56,82,272 Watkins, Judith 251 Watson, Diane 366 Watson, Frank 382 Watt, Mary Louise 365,412 Watterson, Janice 72 Watterson, Kathryn 37,263 Watts, Judith 85,376 Wayland,Susan 182,192,193,408 Wayne, Kenneth 155,297 Wayne, Lawrence 305 Wearne, Susanna 42,244 Weates, Su 405 Weatherspoon, Charles 73,125,407 Weaver, James 295 Weaver, Lonnie 136,275 Weaver, Sandra 411 Webb, Brenda 148 Webb, James 176,177 Webb, Louis 289 Webb, Norman 286 Webb, Robert 136,301 Webb, Susan 104,267 Webb, Terry 136,283 Weber, John 136,139- Weber, Pamela 251 Wegner, Stephen 47,291 Weigle, Barbara 380 Weiler Robert 412 Weinberg, David Weinberger, Arleen 148,163,247 Weinberger, Glenn 341 Weindtock, Rick 357 Weiner, Arnold 303 Weiner, Terrence 305 Weingarten, Helen 67,189,366,368,376 Weinstock, Richard 305 Weinzapfel, Jean 73,76 Weir, Russell 165,409 Weiser, Marsha 269 Weiss, Jacqueline 67,411 Weiss, Ronald 155,157 Weitzel, Nancy 259 Welch, William E. 297 Welch, Wliliam M. 275,341,342 Wells, Gifford 277 Wel ls, Nancy 255 Weltmer, Meredith 399,407 Wenner, David 292 Werner, Judith 247 Wershing, William 77 Wertman, Kenith 255 Wesley, Richard 408 West, David 280 West, Michael 295 West, Neil 278 West, Penelope 259 Westhafer, Francis 189,301 Westhaver, Donald 196,197 Westmoreland, Nancy 381 Whaite, Gary 295 Whale, Linda 409 Whaley, George 282 Whaley, Robert 282 Wheeland, Margy 253 Wheeler, Rex 317 Wheeler, Sheralyn 165,267 Wheless, Raymonda 127,139 Whicker, Stanley 279 Wing, David 405 Whisler, Marylyn 76,411 Whitaker, Carolyn 257,410 Whitaker, James Phil 136 Whitaker, Michael 281 White, Cheryl 49,51,67,247 White, Frank 203,242,297 White, Garrett 204 White, John 138 White, Lonnie 270 White, Lou 319,330,332 White, Margaret 257 White, O ' Mara 396,405 White, Patricia 148,242,255,398 White, Richard 399 White, Robert 76 White, Susan 267 White, Warren 407 White, William 176 Whitehead, Patricia 165,398 Whitehead, Ralph 403 Whitehurst, Mary 265 Whiting, John 392 Whitney, John 295,341 Whitney, Richard 176 Wiedhopf, Richard 35,201,204 Wienke, James 383 Wiersema, Richard 243,275,353 Wigby, Marcia 376 Wikle, John 289 Wilcox, Grant 301 Wilcox, Patricia 160,162,257,366 Wild, Cheryl 380,399,410 Wilder, Dick 341 Wilder, Judith 148,259 Wilder, Sally 267 Wilder, William 177 Wildermuth, John 125 Wildman, Michael 289 Wiley, Alice 76 Wiley, Barbara 410,411 Wilhelm ' , Orran 283,404 Wilke, Lannette 373 Wilkerson, Dennis 72 Wilkie, John 385 Wilkins, Joan 398 Wilkins, Katherine 411,412 Wilkinson, Linda 58,257 Wilkinson, 0. R. 177 Wilkinson, Sandra 412 Wilkison, Karen 148 Willard, Oran 390 Willey, William 285 Williams, Anne 47,410,411 Williams, Carl 196,197 Williams, Chris 125 Williams, Elaine 247 Williams, Gary 273 Williams, Gerald 163,366,406 Williams, James 136,295 Williams, Julianne 257,410 Williams, Leland 164 Williams, Nicholas 299 Williams, Raymond 73 Williams, Rufus 387 Williams, Stephen 275 Williams, Sue 255 Williamson, Carol 381 Williamson, Judith 253 Willis, Brice 293 Willis, Pamela 265 Willis, Paul 278 Willis, William 177 Willmeng, Jo Anne 259 Wills, John 275 Wilmer, Charles 176,177 Wilmer, Gen 267 Wilson, Allen 287,397 Wilson, Diane 372,377 Wilson, Donald 387 Wilson, Gary ,380 Wilson, James 295,382 Wilson, Janice 37,261 Wilson, Lucy 259 Wilson, Mary 381,398 Wilson, Penelope 247 Wilson, Philip 295,319 Wilson, Ramon 162 Wilson, Robert 204 Wiltrout, Jean 255 Wimberly, Edward 319 Wimmer, Lemon 136,397 Wind, James 243,280 Winfield, Gary 287 Wing, David 404 Wing, Evelyn 42,381,404,405 Wing, Patri cia 366 Winkler, William 292 Winn, Jennifer 255,365 Winslow, Joe 402 Winter, Kent 404 Wisansky, Ronald 402 Wise, James 389 Wise, Judith 155,157 Wise, Mary 255,366 Wissman, Sabra 376 Wisz, Katherine 398 Woelk, William 402 Wolanin, Mary 137 Wolf, Iris 269,376 Wolfe, LuJuana 59 Wollny, Helen 381 Wolter, Lillian 251 Wong, Anna 148 Wong, Helen 155 Wong, Janet 136 Wong, Margaret 36 Wong, Ralph 124 Wood, Eileen 67,138,404,411 Wood, Michael 402 Wood, Richard 177 Wood, Sue Ann 73 Wood, Susan 148,265 Woodall, John 319 Woodard, Sammy 389 Woodhouse, Sue 396 Woodin, James 397 Woodruff, David ___. 155,156,157 Woodruff, Roy 406 Woodruff, Susan 85,379 Woods, Ruth 170 Wooley, Bruce 51 Worcester, Thomas 292 Worsman, Phil 353 Wortman, William 164,189,292 Wrathall, Pamela 396 Wray, Penelope 397 Wray, Robert 280 Wrenn, Paula 265 Wright, Heath 136,281 Wright, Renelle 411 Wright, Sanya 242,257 Wright, Susan 380 Wulffson, John 189,277 Wurth, Carolyn 148,374 Wyckoff, Elaine 378 Wylie, William 286 Wyman, Gail 76,259 Wyman, Jette 247 — Y — Yaeger, Lovell 51,265 Yagar, Nicholas 396,398 Yager, Richard 278 Yanez, Joe 398 Yarger, Douglas 67 Yarnell, Ellen 265 Yaziji, Habib 156 Yeates, Sue 261 Yee, M. S. 396 i ' eoman, John 243,273 Yeung, Tony 404,405 Yoakum, Edwin 149 Yocham, Gary 297 York, Roberta 269 Young, Brenda 171,404 Young, Carolyn 263 Young, Donald 156 Young, Ervin 397 Young, Inez 371 Young, Jennifer 249 Young, Jon 285 Young, Judith 189 Young, Karen 376 Young, Kirk 54 Young, Linda 255,365 Young, Robert 190 Young, William 295,319 Younger, Linda 73,163 Yount, John ____ 34,124,370,383 Yu, Chung 383 Yudin, Brenda 42,380 —z Zaban, Carol 249 Zahn, Patricia 265 Zampieri, Martin 301 Zampino, Michael 386 Zastaury, George 396 Zatkin, Howard 303 Zech, John 292 Zeman, Gerald 319 Zimbler, Myrna 189 Zimmerman, Barry 398 Zimring, Richard 305 Zink, Alice 405 Zinkl, Bill 354 Zivney, Richard 295 Zulueta, Guy 396 Jerome 391,402 Zweigler, Jeffrey 278 Mike 445 Bumps Bob Henk ... Mr. Moonen ....... . 111101111111111114 ..... Vail) SIM ...... NV IX Sift II n Stan • . . Mr. Fabe Joe ... Mr. Hulderman 9 s at: over Ji fir ri) neyrt,J,rid 0 0 0 Bitter-sweet are my memoirs of the 1963 Desert!! There were times when I would have given my position to anyone passing SU 210, but the ecstatic moments I experienced made me seize back my pica stick. Mr. Tribo et, your door was always open to my troubles and complaints — thank you for your timely advice and stabilizing effect, Bumps. Photo division people often felt like hiding when I " clicked " in -- Mr. Moonen would yell, " Hide, Vibrant is here again ! " The doors in the darkrooms would slam but I pounded on the walls and became an all-out pest until the doors were flung open for business " as usual " . Leah, Ron, Stan, Henk and Bob I ' m sure going to miss the fun we had shooting this annual. Leah, you ' re a credit to X-stewardii everywhere— efficiency must be your motto. Ron, you produced miracles in your studio — why I looked " almost human " ! Stan, your color processing is remarkable, you even surprised Ray Manley. Henk, your dedication and devotion is certainly appreciated, but you didn ' t have to get banged up at that football game to prove your loyalty to the yearbook — a simple word would have been enough. Bob, you were like a shot of adrenalin to me when you made the scene the middle of first semester your campus life and color photos are VIBRANT AC- TION! Thanks Bob, for all the night assignments and the fabulous pictures. Mr. Fabe, you were hard to understand at first cause you ' re an artist and I ' m an accountant — but when I realized we were striving toward the same goal, things at the print shop really swung. Stan, you know what, artists are good people ioo. Going to the typesetter was always very enlight- ening — I certainly didn ' t know point from pica when I embarked on this daring venture — Mr. Hulderman, you put up with the dumbest questions ever—it cer- tainly was a joy to work with a man of your capabili- ities, Joe. Bobbie, we didn ' t know each other very well last May when you came to me in the coop and asked to be considered for the position of assistant editor; I was unsure upon appointing you — but you were so eager and pleaded so well that you had to be my choice as assistant. I rued my decision first semester cause we just couldn ' t seem to work together — but after doing Greek Life with you this semester I ' m posi- tive now that we could accomplish anything together. Iva, you are to be commended for the magnificent way you organized your staff and five signature sec- tion. Best of luck with the 1964 Desert. Paul, it was a rewarding experience being associ- ated with you. Your job as sales manager is indicative of your future success in the business world. Jane and LuJuano, your technical know-how and skill did much to polish the rough edges of the co py in this book. Your willingness to work with me on Sundays and vacations will never be forgotten. Bob, the Research section is truly a credit to you. Having no previous experience on yearbooks your job is one very well done. Martha, I was sorry to see you transfer schools at mid-year, but you had completed your task as portrait editor very satisfactorily during the first semester — I hope you return to the U of A next year — talent like yours is rare. Yvonne, you whizzed through the Colleges section in record time this year — and those candids — they ' re the real life of that most necessary section. As assistant of the 1964 Desert you will be a definite asset to Iva. The index is a very tedious chore, isn ' t it Karen? In your able and anxious manner you slaved over the index as if you were playing a puzzle game — what tremendous enthusiasm! Bill, when photo was overloaded with assignments you were always our comforting hero to the rescue thank you. Mal you were the only person that I actually argued with this year — we threw each other out of our respective offices once a week at least, but despite our grievances I enjoyed your occasional company you were kind of an inspiration in your own way!! Where will I find the words to thank you, Mike? Without your inspired genius this book would have never become a reality. C ' mon — this isn ' t schmaltz how many times did you tell me your art was great and if I didn ' t think so I was misinformed? (if I was informed at all) I shouldn ' t really admit this but you were right, as usual. Our " night-labs " together were the SPICE of my life this year — our conversations and " debates " gave this book a real personality, Boon- dacher. Michael Allen Moore, someday when you are a famous animator I can say — " He was my art editor when... " Yes, when — when the hectic days of school life are but a memory — when the class of 1963 has weathered the " Cruel War " I ' ll look back with mixed emotions on this escapade, the 1963 Desert, and pen- sively murmur — it ' s all over but the memory — 0 Ve OS e a) es - 11 II • am, ■ 41111r , Mil 444144 Ammon. tiliiii■■■lril —. sawassaminsase , , Ns Norm= Kai aim 1 It 11111011110 its---- Aii . at. ii pio.- 4.„, P Ar 1 411411. 11; 4111 4.1k AP AL Ali All Ai 411 di °A 4116 4111. 4111 4f;411rAir4C4tr114111111 " :474;drAdil ' ;. ..sown....-21111111_1m milt-1111111111111C--11•1111=1•110 460 Mot mg am se • is ow NI 1•11 r■-NIIMPrartf 0 I in GaBaa., I • • 1111.441,1 sum _ or. ■ 4 ■Iihk■ kt■ ■ ' ' .... .. . . . . . ... ... . " : . :•::- . .. . ...... . .! .. ; .. . . 1:. .. 6,4! ......... .... V: . ... . . • • 44.r.1 -414.4°

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