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1885 —Seventy-fifth Anniversary DESERT Published by Associated Students copyright 1960 The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona editor Marianne Gilbert art editor Regina Duggan business manager Jim Wilkes faculty advisor William H. Smith DEDICATION From the signing of the legislative act in 1885 to the commencement ceremonies of 1960, The University of Arizona has been built on this desert soil by thousands of dedicated men and women. In return, this has enriched the lives of all who have come within its horizons. To the students of today and yesterday, and to the and administrations, and to the thousands of citizens who have partaken of this university ' s this 1960 DESERT is humbly dedicated. table of contents introduction 1 dedication pictorial sketch administration 14 activities ....... . . 26 government publications service the arts collleges 80 research honoraries campus life . . . . 168 royalty organizations 236 religious clubs dorms greeks sports 356 varsity intramurals women advertising 403 Color Photo by Ray Manley This is our campus ... where in 1891 the first student registered for classes. Since then more than 100,000 of of us have come here to gain knowledge . . . our heritage. We have come from mining towns ... ranches . . . farms ... from the cities and communities of Arizona, every state in our Union, countries throughout the world . . . Here we have studied . . . and here we have begun friendships to last throughout our lives .. . As we go from class to class we walk under the olive trees, pause for a chat with a friend . . . Always we see palms silhouetted against the blue sky of the Arizona desert .. . When the time comes to pause in our studies we meet with friends in many places . . . perhaps the living room of one of our residence halls . . . go over lecture notes with classmates . . . play a record by one of our favorite combos . . . This fall we danced at the Military Ball .. . And after long days of rehearsal, played " Carousel " for four nights to standing-room only . . . . . On a warm November afternoon thousands of us packed the Stadium and joined with students of other years in celebrating the 75th anniversary at Homecoming .. . In our afternoon hours we may practice for a debate, or work in the chemistry lab, or learn at the University Farm how to judge purebred cattle for a livestock show .. . . . Though classes may be in fine arts or law or zoology or astronomy, the heart of our campus is the Student Union Memorial Building . . . Here each day we meet our friends, work on student government committees, plan our campus events .. . . . . by our life in this campus community We create today The Heritage of Tomorrow DR. RICHARD A. HARVILL PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA As President of the University of Arizona, Dr. Richard A. Harvill has his outstanding abilities as an educator, administrator and a leader. His life is dedicated to the development of the University of Arizona and to the advancement of higher education. His leadership in planning and presenting the many events in the celebration of the University ' s 75th Anniversary has caused him to be named as the coordinating chairman for the national celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Morrill Act which established the land-grant college system. During this year, through his enthusiasm for the University of Arizona and his convictions as to its success in the future, he has drawn to the campus many new faculty and staff members. In this way he has strengthened his program of continually advancing academic activities, and has insured increased through research to the knowledge and the welfare of the world. Mrs. Harvill also participates in numerous campus affairs, is active in com- munity planning and takes a vigorous part on the boards of several national organizations. Dr. Harvill first came to the University of Arizona in 1934 to teach economics and became President in 1951. He was born in Tennessee and received degrees from Mississippi State College, Duke University and Northwestern University. He is now serving as chairman of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education and is a member of the Arizona State Board of Education, and the National Commission on Accrediting. He is secretary of the Executive Committee of the Council of Presidents and co-chairman of the Joint Committee on Training for Government Service with the American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities. He is active in the affairs of the National Association of State Universities and of the American Council of Education. Mrs. Harvill is a member of the National Board of Directors of the Y.W.C.A., the Rocky Mountain Regional Advisory Committee of the Institute of Education, and a member of the West Coast Advisory Council of the Experiment in International Living. This year, putting to use a favorite hobby, she designed the student cap for the School of Nursing. United Nations flags provided to President Harvill ' s opening of the International Arts Exhibit. Farideh Kavesh of Iran displays objects of Middle Eastern to Dr. and Mrs. Harvill. Riding together, Tucson Rodeo Boss Ed Echols and President Harvill, lead the city ' s annual Fiesta de los Vaqueros parade which honored UA ' s 75 years. Portrait by Lynn Sanders STATEMENT BY DR. RICHARD A. HARVILL In this year of observance of the 75th anniversary, the faculty and administration of the University of Arizona recall with pride and satisfaction the service of all those pub lic-spirited citizens and devoted public servants who have contributed to the establishment, nourishment and development of a great state university. The opportunities oflered for the pursuit of truth in an atmosphere of free inquiry are a basic element of our strength. A second and equally important source of strength is reflected in the University curricula and in the philosophy out of which these curricula have grown. The emphasis has been primarily on understanding and only secondarily upon the acquisition of specific skills. We entered this Anniversary Year with a spirit of confidence. A tradition for excellence in teaching and the spirit that underlies original investigation reflect unusual strength and maturity. A great university depends for its vitality on persons, not physical materials. It is people who instill life into the institution. These people include students able and eager to learn, scholars in teaching and research, able administrators, competent staff members who assist scholars both directly in rendering personal service and in the management of buildings and other physical resources necessary to the work of the university. The University is keenly aware of the magnitude of its responsibilities in the face of the phenomenal changes occurring in the world today. It is re-examining old areas of service and is developing new programs in the interest of greater service to the state and in response to the challenges oflered by a rapidly changing world. ROBERT L. NUGENT VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENTS Robert L. Nugent serves as executive vice president. In this capacity he supervises the Continuing Education Division, Summer Session, Radio-TV Bureau, Press Bureau, Visual Aids and Student Affairs. Dr. Nugent is also a member of the Student Life Committee. Aside from official duties as vice president Dr. Nugent devotes much of his time to civic activities. Dr. Nugent, an alumnus of the University, studied at as a Rhodes Scholar and received his PhD from Cornell. Before returning to the UA in 1932 as an associate professor, he instructed in chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to Dr. Nugent ' s appointment as executive vice president he served as Dean of the Graduate College and Liberal Arts College. DAVID L. PATRICK VICE PRESIDENT David L. Patrick is vice president in charge of academic affairs and coordinator of research. Dr. Patrick received this position following twenty-three years of faculty service at the University. He received his BA at the University of Iowa and his MA from Stanford. While attending Stanford he was a Royal Victor Fellow from 1928-1930 and obtained his PhD in 1934. Dr. Patrick has instructed at both his alma maters and has published works concerning English literature. His special interests are art, music and astronomy. At the UA Dr. Patrick works with the deans and the direc- tors of research areas and is responsible for the academic programs and the wide-spread research programs. GOVERNOR PAUL FANNIN GOVERNOR OF ARIZONA Dedicated to furthering higher education, the eight appointed and two ex-officio members of the Board of Regents devote many hours studying and evaluating programs involved in providing the best possible for the students of the University of Arizona. Besides attending regular monthly meetings, each serves on several committees. One problem widely discussed by this year ' s board was that of the need for a college of medicine in The authorities of the Regents includes arranging the curriculum, granting degrees, fixing fees and tuition and enacting ordinances for the government of the three institutions under their jurisdiction. Members of the board, who came from different parts of Arizona and diverse walks of life, continually study what is happening and developing in higher education institutions throughout the country for consideration of educational improvements for Arizona institutions. Officers for the Board of Regents for 1960 are William R. Mathews, president; Alex Jacome, secretary; and Lynn M. Laney, treasurer. BOARD OF REGENTS BOARD OF REGENTS: Row 1: Lynn M. Laney, O. D. Miller, William R. Mathews, Vivian Lahti Boysen, Alexander Jacome, Samuel H. Morris, Elwood W. Bradford, John G. Babbitt. A. LOUIS SLONAKER DEAN OF MEN KAREN CARLSON DEAN OF WOMEN DEANS An alumnus of the Uni versity of Arizona and now Dean of Men, A. Louis Slonaker has devoted many years of service to the school. In his present official capacity, he serves as advisor and counselor to all men students, in such areas as housing, financing, employment and personal problems. While a student at the university, Dean Slonaker was a UA varsity athlete and earned fourteen letters, the number ever awarded at the UA. Through his efforts the Alumni Magazine and Directory were first published. Besides official duties as Dean of Men, Dean Slonaker participates actively on numerous committees and also represents the school in many civic functions, at conventions and alumni meetings. Karen L. Carlson, Dean of Women, has the for the welfare of the women students on campus, exclusive of academic counseling. Always ready to advise women personally or to refer them to appropriate sources, Dean Carlson also has other duties on campus. She serves as advisor to Panhellenic Council, to ASUA Executive Council and also to sorority presidents. By her on the Advisory Council and the Faculty Senate the Dean of Women serves as a liason between the and the faculty on the one hand and the students on the other. Miss Carlson served as Assistant Dean of Women at the University before stepping into the position of Dean of Women in 1951. Assistant Dean Darold L. Shutt counsels men students and is a member of the Social Life Advisor to the Council and Inter f raternity Pledge Council, Dean Shutt coordinates activities of the 26 social fraternities. Assistant Dean of Women is Miss Jean Wilson. Coming to the UA this year, Miss serves as advisor to AWS, Inter-Dorm Council and is a member of the Student Life Committee. She is receiving her PhD from Columbia University. Assistant Dean of Men since last year, Melvin Erickson acts as the supervisor for counseling of the dormitories and serves on the InterDorm Council. He also is on the Traffic Court and assists in campus traffic problems. DAVID L. WINDSOR Registrar and Director of Admissions KENNETH R. MURPHY Comptroller BUSINESS STAFF: J. Edwards, Business Office Manager. Allan W. Mattingly, Assistant Comptroller. REGISTRAR STAFF: Arthur Grant, Associate Registrar; Margaret and Warren Shirey, Assistant Registrars. ADMINISTRATION VENICE M. LINDSAY Manager of Bureau of Audio-Visual Service MAX P. VOSSKUHLER Director of Correspondence Instruction and Visual Aids ROBERT P. ARMSTRONG Editor of Publications RALPH DEAL, Purchasing Agent WILLIAM STONE, Student Housing ZANER C. LESHER Registrar and Director of Admissions Emeritus, Special Assistant to University Publications and Reports PHYSICAL PLANT: Row 1: Robert Houston, director; John B. Trimble, director. Row 2: Douglas Paxton, Tracy Haskins. CHARLES " BUMPS " TRIBOLET Graduate Manager GRADUATE MANAGER STAFF : Catherine Waggoner, Lorna Marks, Sandra Ramage. PHOTO DIVISION: Row 1: Janet Rountree. Row 2: Bob Broder, John Fogle, Dave Hossler, Henk Moonen. BILL SMITH Director of Press Bureau PRESS BUREAU: Bill Smith, Director; Royce Bond, Secretary; Jim Allen, Assistant Director. MARVIN " SWEDE " JOHNSON Alumni Association Executive Secretary BARBARA JOHNSON Associate Editor JUNE CALDWELL Alumnus Editor ALUMNI STAFF: Row 1: Aletta Summerfield. Row 2: Alice T. MacDonald, Carol Lange, Charmayne M. Jones, JoAnn McGlothlin. SUAB STAFF: Ann McCuish. Row 2: Virginia Dietz, Esther Bayles, Libby Capsuto, Monte Higden. LIBRARY STAFF: Row 1: Cecil Wellborn, Miss Patricia Paylore, Dorothy Siebecker; Row 2: Bennett, Head Librarian; Donald Powell. BOOKSTORE STAFF: Mabel Condit, Eva Powell, Phyllis Clark, Jean Eidmann, Maxine Cook, Mr. James Martin, Manager. INFIRMARY: Dr. John E. Chapman; Laura Sellers, Asst. Head Nurse; Adeline R. Guiney; Grace Robinette, Sec.; Virginia J. Herman; Lillian Lukensmeyer; Mary Roche; Graciano Regalado; Dr. Merwin R. Chappel. MAILING AND MIMEOGRAPH BUREAU: Mrs. Margaret I. Good, Manager; Helen Blakely; M. R. Irene Foont; Mattie Holliker. STUDENT GUIDANCE: Row 1: Ralph Kaufman, Newton James, Dir. PLACEMENT SERVICE. Row 2: Thadeus C. Johnston, Dir., Dr. Hurt. MUSEUM STAFF: Mr. E. B. Sayles, Wilma Kaemleen, Mrs. Riesen, Mr. Emil Haury, Activities Activities Associated Students, the chief force in student government, is a hub of activity on the extra-curricular level and sometimes extending into the classroom. Since September, the various councils and committees under ASUA have noted several milestones. One of the outstanding accomplishments of Associated Students has been the passage of a bill calling for a Traffic Ban on the central portion of the campus. This proposal was tentatively approved by the University Traffic Committee. The Public Relations committee instituted a program of campus tours on Senior Day, Mom and Dad ' s Day, and Homecoming. Critic circle was set up by the Artist Series Committee to stimulate greater student interest in UA Drama productions. At the urging of the Academic Committee, final exam schedules were released earlier. This group also set up a hosteling system to bring students and faculty together for discussions on subjects of national and international importance. Plans for a Camp for Underprivileged Children were formulated and the ground work for systematic placement of books in the Bookstore was completed. " Wilbur Wildcat " came into being in ASUA Representative Council as a means of increasing school spirit at football games. Pom pon policy and election rule changes were channeled through both Rep and Executive Councils. Public Relations Committee spearheaded a weekly KUAT TV show " Students in Action " in which ASUA President Dan Shafton answered questions and criticism student government. ASSOCIATED STUDENTS DAN SHAFTON PRESIDENT, ASSOCIATED STUDENTS During Dan ' s four years at the UA, he has served the school in many capacities. A Tucson High Dan became a member of Zeta Beta Tau in his Freshman year. In his Sophomore year he was of the ASUA Assembly Committee and given the Rawson-McRae award as Outstanding Man. Last year Dan was elected Junior and originated the Traffic Court. As a senior Dan has done a very capable job as ASUA President in coordinating school activities and the university is proud of the service he has given. Among his other activities of this year, Dan also served as of the Student Life Committee and Sec-Tres. of the Pacific Student President ' s Association. ED MORGAN VICE-PRESIDENT ASUS Vice-President, Ed Morgan, was elected to office in the spring of 1959. As vice president Ed serves as chairman of the Board of Control and holds membership on the Student Life Committee and Council. Last year a member of Chain Gang, junior honorary, Ed is this year a member of Blue Key, national senior men ' s honorary. GERI CRAIG SECRETARY Geri Craig, ASUS Secretary, takes notations and letters for the student body president. She also acts as secretary for the Life Committee and Executive Council. In addition to keeping files of ASUA committee minutes, Miss Craig is in charge of the ASUA secretarial staff. Geri was a of Spurs and was on the Sophomore Council. LARRY BETTS JUNIOR COUNCILMAN Larry Betts, Junior Councilman, was a member of Sophos and last year was president of the class. This year he serves on the Academic Committee and also is a member of Chain Gang, junior men ' s honorary. JUDY CLOTHIER JUNIOR COUNCILWOMAN Judy Clothier, the junior was a Spur and is now a member of Chimes, junior honorary. She and the other council members serve on the Committee and assist in the selection of Who ' s Who candidates. LOU CROWDER JUNIOR COUNCILMAN Lou Crowder, the other half of the councilmen team, is a member of Traditions, Chain Gang and was on SUAB last year. This year he was selected by Executive Council as student government delegate to the Student Conference of National Affairs. TOM BERRESFORD ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Tom Berresford, administrative assistant, is responsible for assisting the President of ASUA when needed and taking over in his absence. This year Tom has strived to coordinate student activities with the 75th theme. Last year Tom was of the Inter-Dorm Council and was secretary of Alpha Kappa Psi, men ' s honorary. MARGO McKENZIE SENIOR COUNCILWOMAN Senior Councilwoman is Margo McKenzie. During her four years at the university, Margo has been a Spur, a Chime and was Jr. Councilwoman. This year Margo served as chairman of the newly organized Awards and Medals Committee. This group was formed to recognize students, mainly freshmen and sophomores, who have done outstanding service to the U A. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Row Dan Shafton, Gayle Gordon, Diana Miter, Carol Heiniger, Rae Malone, Vicki Ingalls, Claudia Shortman, Judy Geri Craig, Ed Morgan; Row 2: Charles Tribolet, Sid Rosen, Corky Gainer, Tom Berresford, Ralph Kopald, Jay Gil Sainzs, Dan Doug Dunipace, John Vos, Bob Reade, Lou Crowder, Alley, Larry Betts. REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL The Representative Council is one of the two legislative bodies concerned with the student body of the University of Arizona. The function of the Council is to review grievances, problems or suggestions from any group of students, and to coordinate and plan general student body activities. All matters concerning changes of policy or law are first discussed and voted on in Representative Council being sent to the Executive Council, where if passed after voting, they are made into policy. The Council is composed of one elected from each of the ten colleges, the president of the four classes, the Student Body officers, the Senior and Junior Councilwomen and Councilmen, the chairman of the Student Union Activities Board, and the presidents of Panhellenic, AWS, Inter-Fraternity Council, Inter-Dorm Council, the Student Religious Council, and the graduate and the Student Union director. Presiding over the Cou ncil this year was Joe Davis, the from the College of Mines and Metallurgy. JOE DAVIS REPCOUNCIL PRESIDENT Serving this year as president of Representative Council is Joe Davis. In his previous years at the U of A Joe has been president of the chapter of AIME and of the Engineering Council. A senior, Joe is a member of Theta Tau, engineering fraternity and serves on Executive Council. REP COUNCIL: Row 1: Gil Saines, Joe Davis, Diana Miter, Judy Clothier, Geri Craig, Carol Heiniger, Margo McKenzie, Judy Kent, John Vos; Row 2: Jim Hill, Al Quezada, Sid Corky Olsen, Bill Droke, Bill Bodenhamer, Corky Garner, Ralph Copal, Lou Crowder, Ed Morgan, Bob Posner, Larry Betts, Frank Jordan, Wayne Rapp, Tom Moore, G ordon Alley. Chairman Doug Dunipace explains to members Sue Pooler, Anne Di Cicco and Sandy Danziger the various projects for the coming month. The Academic consists of the four Senior and Junior Councilmen and eight committeemen chosen at large, who are permanent members with a 2.0 average. ASUA COMMITTEES Frances Rosen, chairman John Vos, and Jim Musgrove discuss plans for the fourth Night Club, a stage show with students participating. The Assemblies Committee provides entertainment by students for many and varied occasions and also sends talent shows to various high schools in the state. Helping students locate books and is part of the job of members Sally Price, Ruth Ann Lubbers and chairman Jay Alderson. The Bookstore Committee also receives from the students concerning the Bookstore and investigates their value. Vicki Ingalls, chairman of the Artist Series Committee and members Jim Brush, Marilyn Parry and Kathy plan the scheduling for the various performers coming to the university. This group is for the excellent musical and dramatic events held on campus this year. Reviewing plans for Campus Blood Drive are members of Community Service Committee Karen Webb, James Kimes, Susan Chiles, chairman Rae Malone. Checking a ballot used for Homcoming Queen elections are Election Committee members Bob Clements, George Ekdahl chairman and Susan P. This group conducts and supervises all campus elections. Admiring a finished poster is chairman Claudia Shortman and members of the Publicity Committee Nancy Herlihy and Wendy Munson. This committee handles publicity for ASUA, SUAB and AWS and offers service to all student groups on campus. Displaying posters depicting Life Committee are Joan Johnson, Lauri Leavitt, Sid Rosen, Paul Chuppa. Promoting relations with general public and high school students is the responsibility of Public Relations Committee members Larry Webb, Petite Catlin, Bill Cunningham, Rick Feldheim and chairman Bob Reade. RALPH KOPALD CHIEF JUSTICE Reviewing appeal traffic cases is the duty of Associate Chief Justice, Marilyn Citron, Vice-Chairman, Amanda Barr and Associate Chief Justice, Dave Mosbacher. TRAFFIC COURT The Student Traffic Court, through the of Chief Justice Ralph Copald and his assistants, has helped to further improve the Campus traffic situation and also give the students a voice in the traffic problems. Upon receiving a ticket for illegal parking, non-registration and non-display of sticker, cents may either pay the fine or file a written appeal to the court. After reviewing the appeal the court has the power to uphold or nullify the penalty, but can not raise it. SPECIAL STUDIES COMMITTEE Improving academic and cultural interests and standards on campus is the purpose of the Special Studies Committee which was this year. The committee is headed by Gayle Gordon, Jack Redhair is Graduate Advisor and other student members are Doug Dunipace, Sally Janda, Bobbie Hayworth, Vicki Ingalls, Bobbie Carpenter and Mimi Buterbough. Faculty are Dr. Hucker, Dr. Patrick and Bill Smith. GAYLE GORDON CHAIRMAN Reading the latest report from Representative Council to Mimi Buterbaugh, Sally Janda, Vicki Ingalls and Doug Dunipace is ASUA president Dan Shafton. BOARD OF CONTROL: Row 1: Dean Erickson, Charles Tribolet, Ed Morgan, Bill Varney, Dick Lausin, Mary Pilgrim, Catherine Waggoner. Row 2: Gordon Alley, Geri Craig, Dan Shafton, Carol Heiniger. BOARD OF CONTROL The Board of Control is the financial body of Associated Students and it is responsible for appropriating money for all student activities. The funds received from fee cards collected from the students at registration are allocated to such groups as AWS, forensics, rodeo, publications and WRA. This board also approves all athletic and music awards. The group is composed of six faculty members and five students and meets weekly. STUDENT LIFE COMMITTEE Appointed by the president of the University, this joint faculty-student board considers of mutual interest to faculty and students. Recommendations are made as to on the student life on campus and also on any disciplinary policies that may be needed. The committee includes five students and four faculty members. Dr. Robert L. Nugent, University Executive vice president, and Dan Shafton ASUA president serve as co-chairman. STUDENT LIFE COMMITTEE: Dr. Robert Nugent, Geri Craig, Sid Rosen, Miss Jean Wilson, Ed Morgan, Carol Heininger, Dan Shafton, Dean A. L. Slonaker. BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS: Row 1: Vol Walsworth, Marianne Gilbert, Dr. Brewster Campbell, Charles Tribolet. Row 2: Dave Smith, Bobbie Haworth, Tom Dau, Dan Shafton, Richard Beebe. BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS The Board of Publications directs and the policies and financial affairs of the Wildcat, Desert and Kitty Kat. The editors and business managers of these three publications are appointed by this board and are members of it. Other members are the head of the Journalism department, the Graduate Manager, of the Press Bureau and the ASUA President. Selection of the Desert Queen is handled by this group, and according to tradition, only the male members have a vote. GORDON ALLEY SUAB PRESIDENT STUDENT UNION The Student Union Activities Board, better known on the campus as SUAB, is the governing body of the Union. The Board is headed by Gordon Alley, who presides over the meetings of the Board and acts as co-ordinator for all SUAB activities. Eight regular members and six ex-officio members make up the Board. Included as members are the ASUA president, AWS vice president, Representative Council president, and the chairman of the ASUA Publicity, Special Events and Assembly Committees. SUAB ACTIVITIES BOARD. Row 1: Harvey Maslin, Sharon Rains, Gordon Alley, Ann Hult, Dan Shafton. Row 2: Bill Varney, Anne Castleton, Sid Rosen, La Donna Anderson, Roger Rodzen, Joyce Van Reenen, Tim Tomko, Claudia Shortman, Pat SUAB ANN HULT HOUSE JOYCE VAN REENEN BULLETINS AND RECORDS LA DONNA ANDERSON ARTS AND MUSIC BILL VARNEY STUDENT UNION DIRECTOR ROGER RODZEN ASSISTANT DIRECTOR COORDINATORS The SUAB positions are a full time responsibility but the have the assistance of the many students who serve on the six SUAB committees. Each of the commi ttees is in charge of a certain area of operation for the Union, such as, Public Relations, Special Events, Bulletins and Records, House and Arts and Music. All committees each year join together to present the big annual Student Union Birthday Party, the Spring Siesta, and other major events, which are planned before school begins at the annual retreat to Mt. Lemmon, which is also attended by the other Student Body officers and committee chairmen. SHARON RAINS SECRETARY-TREASURER COMMITTEES HARV MASLIN PUBLIC RELATIONS ANN CASTLETON SPECIAL EVENTS TIM TOMKO RECREATION ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS President of AWS is senior Carol Heiniger. As a Junior, Miss Heiniger was AWS Treasurer and also a member of Chimes, Junior women ' s This year she is a member of Mortar Board, senior women ' s honorary. Carol represents AWS on Board of Control, Representative Council and Student Life Committee. Pat Preciado is Vice President of AWS. Last year Pat was a Chime and this year she is a member of Mortar Board and of Pi Lambda Theta, the education honorary for women. Pat re presents AWS on SUAB as an ex-officio member. Edith Sayre, Secretary of AWS is a member of Chimes and President of Angel Flight honorary. Last year she was President of Spurs and editor of Kitten Klues, the annual handbook of AWS. Treasurer of AWS is Judy Reedy. A member of Spurs last year, Judy is on the ASUA Social Life this year. She is also active on the UA Debate Team and judges high school speech tournaments. Representing the interests of all the women students on campus is the responsibility of the Associated Women Students. The General of AWS is composed of representatives from the sororities, residence halls and Phrateres. Also the various committee chairmen are present. Council includes the President, Vice Secretary and Treasurer. In the fall AWS sponsors a fashion show to the women students of the proper attire for all campus functions. Also a Punch Party is given at which new students meet the Dean and Assistant Dean of Women and become acquainted with the various activities AWS offers. The highlight of the first semester activities is Twirp Week and the AWS formal. Participating in civic activities of Tucson is another important function of AWS. Volunteers help with Girl Scout troops, aid the deaf and blind and assist other civic groups in Tucson. AWS also sponsors philanthropic projects such as the food collection for Thanksgiving and the shoebox toy collection at Christmas for children. AWS strives to have women students in campus activities and to keep the of the university high. GENERAL COUNCIL: Row 1: Miss Wilson, Carol Heiniger, Margie Barrie, Marianne Ludwig, Connie McCarroll, Judy Prater, Linda Belfeld, Sara Sproul, Lynne Bringhurst, Carole Raymond, Sally Barie, Penny Parke, Sally Price. Row 2: Signe Kuhl, Jackie Dack, Ann Darrow, Anita Karnitz, Suzanne Frances Wong, Vibeke Olsen, Judy Winter, Phyllis Hudson, Sally Cline, Jean Eng, Barbara Bouschor. Row 3: Pat Breciado, Judy Reedy, Edie Sayre, Barb Kalil, Marsha Smith, Carol Jean Baher, Gladys Merrick, Celia Sepulveda, Sylvia Gutierrez, Shirley Vanskike, Claudia Shortman, Kit Woods, Susan Robinson. Not pictured: Vicki Ingalls, Joyce Van Reenen, Rae Malone, Hemenivay, Cindy Katz. Gathering cans of food to distribute Thanks- giving are Kathy Malone, chairman Barb Kalil. Asking her date, Mike Hanna, for a dance is Edie Sayre. This year, the AWS dance " Black Magic " was held at the Pioneer Hotel. SENIOR CLASS This year ' s senior class had an active schedule. The 1960 club was designed to better the alumni relations of the class is the future. A special studies program was put into effect. Several members of the faculty were to see what suggestions could be made to improve the scholastic atmosphere on campus. The council worked on a program whereby more recognition would be given to a student for outstanding scholastic achievement. It was also their goal this year to promote better student and faculty relations. A final and essential function of the Senior Class Council was to make all arrangements and preparations for graduation and the senior class breakfast. Checking reservations to the Senior Breakfast are seniors Marilyn Reynolds, Ed Coyle, Vicki Peterson, Wayne Rapp. Getting fitted for graduation is Buddy Maurer with seniors Barb Kuber, Marcia Life, Ron Morris. MARILYN REYNOLDS TREASURER SKIP THOMPSON SECRETARY SUSAN CHILES VICE-PRESIDENT WAYNE RAPP PRESIDENT JIM HILL PRESIDENT ANN SNYDER VICE-PRESIDENT SHARON McINTYRE SECRETARY MARGOT LOVE TREASURER JUNIOR CLASS The goal for the Junior Class this year was to spread publicity about the University to the northern part of Arizona. By informing the residents of northern Arizona about the advantages of the University it was hoped that the University could enroll more students from the Arizona area. Another project was the formation of the 1961 club. This club was organized to insure the class of an active alumni club in future years. The Junior Class also succeeded in helping to acquaint transfer students to the procedures of the University. Chimes, the junior women ' s honorary, offered the University their services as hostesses at the President ' s tea, and as sponsors of the University Spring Sing. Chain Gang, junior men ' s was also active in campus activities. JUNIOR COUNCIL: Row 1: Phillip Gutzman, Don Collier, Pete Diener, Duane Bloemke, Warren Bachtel, Jon Hewson, Doug Unruh, Jim Hill; Row 2: Don Smith, Pylant, Susan Horsman, Barbara Bascom, Genee Aaron, Carole Davidoff, Susie Balaban, Barbara Marsh; Row 3: Nancy Babel, Ann Stevenson, Keiki Payne, Nancy Rhee, Sharon McIntyre, Margot Love, Ann Snyder, Kathy Hinkle. SOPHOMORE CLASS SUE POOLER VICE-PRESIDENT MARY LOU DOOLEN SECRETARY GYWNE BARTHELS TREASURER AL OLSEN PRESIDENT The Sophomore Class Council, composed of 45 members, succeeded in bringing unity to the class of 1960. The council planned a Christmas party for the asthmatic children of Tucson. Besides this community service, other fund raising activities were initiated to add to the Sophomore Class treasury. As a continuation of the tradition established by the class of 1960, the Sophomore Class again awarded a $100 scholarship to an incoming Sophomore Class member. Spurs, sophomore women ' s honorary, and Sophs, men ' s honorary, worked together during Freshman week meeting students at bus, train, and plane depots and served at the University picnic. They both carried on active programs during the entire year. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL: Row 1: Laura Lindeman, Wendy Munson, Ruthie Lubbers, Nancy Owen, Joyce Cole, Neale Burggraaf, Barbara Kent, Linda Bixler, Roz Hysong, Sherry Gallup; Row 2: Richard Beaufeaux, Larry Levin, Nancy Clayton, Gwynne Barthels, Sue Pooler, Dec Dee Schenk, Mike Larriva, Jim Musgrove; Row 3: Corky Olsen, Richard Shaw, Tom Pyle, Wally Spencer, George Bombel, Jim Brown. FRESHMAN CLASS MARGIE TENCH TREASURER DIANE MENSCH SECRETARY LINDA SHEFFLER VICE PRESIDENT AL QUEZADA PRESIDENT After taking a barrage of tests the first week of school, freshmen utilized their left-over energy by painting " A " mountain. They started campus activities by having a " sticker sweep " to take off excess parking stickers. Building toys and repairing them for the Cerebral Palsy home in Tucson was just one of the many monthly projects that the Freshman Class participated in. Promoting home games is another of the goals of the class of 1963. During the basketball season the Freshman Class one of the home games. To aid incoming Freshman class councils, this year ' s council set up a list of standards to be used as a guide in future years. Alpha Lambda Delta, the freshman women ' s scholastic honorary, was hostess at a tea and was active in other campus affairs. FRESHMEN COUNCIL: Row 1: Susan James, Rosalyn Baer, Jaffe, Clare Terry, Kimie Gertner, Pat tenBensel, Anna Michener, Gaile Kenyon, Pam Pepping, Jo Anne Brown, Linda Shefler, Fred Childs. Row 2: Jane Ann Bell, Julie Ann Atkinson, Marilyn Sharpe, Muggsy Manning, Jerry Geiger, Lilyan Perry, Linda Waltz, Bobbi Stephenson, Rich Dimberg, Don Lewis. Row 3: Margie Tench, Diane Mensch, Suzy Fuller, Sandy Shehan, Steve Bingman, John Thorup, Roxy Barry Bernstein, John Kay. Row 4: Ned Brell, Jane Taylor, Bill Parker, Phil Edlund, Steve Hilbert, Bill Johnson, Ralph Moore, Roy Ward. Row 5: Don Sinclair, Charles Bergstrom, Charles Buchanam, Edward Myers. PUBLICATIONS TOM DAU EDITOR ARIZONA WILDCAT RICHARD BEEBE BUSINESS MANAGER JOE COLE NEWS EDITOR JIM JOHNSON PHOTO EDITOR JESUS BARKER SPORTS EDITOR DR. BREWSTER CAMPBELL FACULTY ADVISOR DAVE KOHL MANAGING EDITOR DAVID GERSHAW ART EDITOR Under the able editorship of Tom Dau, the Arizona Wildcat, the official newspaper of the University of Arizona, this year celebrated the Fiftieth Anniversary of its first publication. The paper is written entirely by students who devote their extra-curricular time to it. This year ' s editorial staff consisted of eleven members. All reporting was handled by students in the Journalism Writing courses of the University. Labs are held every Monday and Wednesday nights in Liberal Arts 115, where the paper is edited for issuance on Wednesday and Friday. Special editions put out this year were the record making page Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Edition published on Homecoming weekend and the special election issues. JUDY HAIGH SOCIETY EDITOR ROBERT YOUNG FEATURE EDITOR GAYLE GORDON CIRCULATION MANAGER BOBBIE HAWORTH CO-EDITOR DAVE SMITH CO-EDITOR The University of Arizona Kitty Kat staff again brought to this campus a well written, humorous magazine. Stemming from last years leap into popularity as an excellent college humor magazine, the Kitty Kat has continued to gain popularity and readers rapidly. Bobbie Haworth and Dave Smith have worked hard and successfully to continue the publications ' notoriety for entertaining fiction and humor. Following the footsteps for last years success, the Kitty Kat has combined excellent wit, some a little naughty, with well written fiction, and interesting special sections into the makings of a well-rounded college publication. The rise in subscriptions and sales will vouch for this. Its popularity has expanded to such proportions that many students were unable to acquire a copy of every publication. This rise is due to the energy and devotion of the Kitty Kat staff, especially Vol Walsworth, business manager and Bruce Henipel, manager. ARIZONA KITTY KAT Organizing the bulletin board for the week is one of the Kitty Kat secretaries Janet Seidenberg with sec. manager Tam Nelson helping. VOL WALSWORTH BUSINESS MANAGER Pointing out an item in the Kitty Kat is circulation manager Bruce Hemple, and secretary Joan Turner. MONTE WITT ART EDITOR PATRICK McCARTHY FACULTY ADVISOR DESERT Beginning with the drawing of the layouts in the summer and continuing throughout the holidays, vacations and weekends, Desert Editor Marianne Gilbert supervised the production of the 1960 Annual. In charge of the individual sections administrations and activities, organizations, colleges, sports and campus life was the editorial staff. This year an assistant art editor was chosen to handle the silhouetted photographs used for the Deans of the Colleges and as section dividers. The use of two colors instead of one color and black on the division pages and the burned-out photo process used in pictures of campus buildings were two other new ad ditions to this year ' s Desert. According to tradition the cover of the yearbook was previewed at the yearly Desert Dance at which the Desert Queen was crowned. Advisor to the staff was Bill Smith, director of the Press Bureau. MARIANNE GILBERT EDITOR DAVE ENGELMAN, " SIG " AND JIM WILKES BUSINESS STAFF REGINA DUGGAN ART EDITOR PHYLLIS RAKITA AND GEORGE ANNE WEEDMAN COPY EDITORS Scheduling senior pictures began early and advisors Stan Fabe and Bill Smith take a look at the first pictures returned. Ed Guererro checks sports with Frank Soltys, UA Sports Publicity Director. BOB GORDON PHOTO EDITOR HARLEAN KAUFMAN CAMPUS LIFE DIANA BURKE COLLEGES MARGIE BARRIE ADMINISTRATIONS AND ACTIVITIES Sig due today! With these words members of the staff begin hounding the identifying pictures, proof-reading copy and typing up that last minute caption. Giving photo orders for the week to Janet Rountree is Sally Clevenger. TED BOWEN ORGANIZATIONS ED GUERRERO SPORTS PATRICIA VELIZ ASSISTANT ART EDITOR CAROL BONHAM SECRETARIAL MANAGER SERVICES GORDON ALLEY SUAB President; Chain Gang, Sophos; Traditions; Bobcats; Alpha Kappa Psi, Tres.; Pre-Law Club; Phi Gamma Delta. WHO ' S WHO MARILYN CITRON Mortar Board, Vice-President; Justice for Traffic Court; Dorm Iota Sigma Alpha; Rotary ELEANOR ANDERSON Chimes, Pres.; Spurs; Alpha Rho Tau, Vice-Pres.; AWS General Council; Institute of European Studies; Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Alpha Theta. DAVE BALDWIN Blue Key; Senior Council; Varsity Baseball; Phi Delta Kappa; Delta Upsilon. JOHN BENSON Blue Key; Chain Gang; Scabbard and Blade; Assembly Committee, chairman; SUAB; Traditions; Alpha Tau OmeGa. Pres. This year forty-six seniors were for Who ' s Who in American and Universities. These UA were chosen on the basis of scholarship, cooperation in extra-curricular activities and on likelihood to succeed. Nominations were taken from the student body, and a committee of the three Jr. Councilmen handled the selection. A tentative list was given first to Representative Council to narrow and then to Executive Council where the final decision was made. The names and activities of these students will appear in the 1960 Who ' s Who publication. TOM BERRESFORD Apache Hall, Pres.; I.D.C.; Pres.; ASUA Administrative Assistant; Kappa Psi, Sec.; Jr. Council; Rep. Council; Bobcats, President. ANN CASTLETON Mortar Board; Chimes; Spurs; SUAB, ASUA, and AWS committees; Pi Omega Pi; Pi Lambda Theta; Alpha Phi, Vice-President. GERI CRAIG KNIGHT Alpha Delta Pi, Pres.; Spurs; Pi Omega Pi; ASUA Sec.; Soph. Class Sec.; Staff; Alpha Delta Pi, Scholarship Chrm. TOM DAU Bobcats; Feature Editor of Wildcats; Editor of Wildcat; Sigma Chi. JOE DAVIS Engineering Council, Pres.; Rep. Council; Pres. of Student Chapter of AIME; SUAB; Kennecott Theta Tau. GEORGE EKDAHL Bobcats; Chain Gang; Traditions; Elections Committee, Chairman; Chi, treasurer. MATT ENCINAS Football, two years; Varsity Baseball; All American, baseball; Spaulding Award ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rush Chairman. RICKI FARQUHAR Student National Educ. Assoc.; Head Pompon girl; Greek Week Queen finalist; Pi Beta Phi, President and Vice-President. DIANE FORDNEY Phrateres, Tres. and Pres.; Beta Beta Beta, Tres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Spurs; Chimes; Orchesis; Pre-Med. Club, Sec.; Wesley Foundation. GAYLE GAMBLE Spurs; ASUA Committees; Greek Week Publicity Chrm.; Desert Staff; Kitty Kat Secretary; Chi Omega, Rush Chairman. ALAN HALL Sophos; Blue Key; Varsity Baseball; Greek Week King; Most Valuable Player Award; Pan American Game; Sec. All American Catcher. ROBERTA HAWORTH Alpha Gamma Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; Spurs; Mortar Board; Kitty Kat Desert Staff; Phi Gamma Beta. CARL HAZLETT Bobcats; Varsity Football; A Club; Phi Gamma Delta. CAROL HEINIGER Spurs; Chimes, Vice-President; Mortar Board; AWS Treasurer and ANN HULT ASUA Social Life chairman; SUAB chairman of House; Student Life Committee; Pom-Pon girl; Desert Staff; Kappa Alpha Theta. GARY HYDE Pan-American Club, Pres.; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma, Inter-Frat. Council; Student Religion Council; Univets; Delta Tau Delta, President. VICKI INGALLS Spurs; Chimes, Sec.; Mortar Board; Artist Series Committee Chairman; AWS Campus Activities Chairman; Wildcat Staff; Chi Omega, FRANK JORDAN Sophos; Chain Gang; Traditions; Council; Rep. Council; Life Committee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SANDY KERR Traditions; Chain Gang; Bobcats, Sec.; Religions in Life Week, Chairman; Greek Week, Chairman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President. RALPH KOPALD Chief Justice, Traffic Court; Rep. Council; Executive Council; Vice-Chairman. MARGO McKENZIE Senior Councilwoman; Junior Chairman of Medals and Awards Comm ittee; Spurs; Chimes; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HAM McRAE Scabbard and Blade; Inter-fraternity Council; Traditions; AIEE; IRE SUAB; Committees; AFROTC Lt. Colonel; Bobcats; Phi Gamma Delta, President. SIGRID MAITREJEAN Mortar Board; Chimes; Student Council; AWS General International Relations Wranglers, President. DANNY MARISCAL Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air ASUA Special Events Executive Council; Traditions, President; Head Cheerleader; Phi Gamma Delta. DIANA MITER Representative Council, Sec.; Council; Student Life Medals and Awards Committee; Panhel, President; Activities and Eligibility Committee; Alpha Chi Omega. ED MORGAN Sophos, Sec.-Tres.; Soph. Council; Chain Gang; Blue Key; ASUA Student Life Committee; Council; Rep. Council; Board of Control; Phi Gamma Delta. BOB POSNER Sophos; Chain Gang; Blue Key; Religion Council, President; Baird Scholarship; Zeta Beta Tau, Pres. PAT PRECIADO Mortar Board, Scholarship Chairman; Pi Lambda Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Chimes; Wranglers; AWS Vice-President. WAYNE RAPP Senior Class, President; Special Committee; IFC; ASUA Publicity Committee; Greek Week Rep. Council; Varsity Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President. WILL RAPP Sophos; IFC; Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres. and Pledge Trainer; Varsity Football; Greek Week Committee; Kitty Kat Staff; ASUA Public Relations Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres. GAYLE RUNKE Spurs; Chimes; Mortar Board, Pres.; Woman ' s Press Club; SUAB Public Relations Committee; Desert Associate-Editor; Kappa Kappa Gamma. GIL SAINZ Rep. Council, Vice-Pres.; Kappa Kappa Psi; Beta Beta Beta; Executive Council; Student Life Committee; Cochise Hall, Pres.; Inter-Dorm Council, President. DAN SHAFTON ASUA President; Junior Councilman; Assembly Ch.; Academic Comm.; Sophos; Chain Gang; Traditions; Scabbard and Blade; Rep. Student Life Com.; Zeta Beta Tau. SUE SMITH Spurs; Chimes; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Soph. Council; Rush Counselor; Delta Delta Delta, Tres. and President. MARTHA STRAUSS SUAB Publicity Committee; Greek Week Queen Finalist; Homecoming Queen; UA Cheerleader; College Fashion Board; Kappa Kappa Rush Chairman. TIM TOMKO Sophos; Chain Gang; Traditions; Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; SUAB, Recreation Committee Chairman; Soph, Jr.; and Sr. Councils; Phi Delta Theta, Pres. EMILY THOMPSON Alpha Lambda Delta; Theta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Desert Queen Candidate; Alpha Kappa Psi; Kitty Kat Business Manager; Alpha Pi, Scholarship Chairman. SHIRLEY VANSKIKE Spurs; Wranglers; Chimes; Mortar Board, Treasurer; Inter-Dorm Vice-President; AWS General Council and Corn. Ch.; Pima Hall, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Pi Lambda Theta. RON WALKER Blue Kep, Pres.; International Club, Pres.; Traditions; Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Jr. Class Pres.; Rep. Council, Pres.; Phi Delta Theta. JOHN WILLIS Soph. Council, IFC; Kappa Alpha Psi, President and Vice-Pres.; Phi Alpha Theta, Pres.; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Track; International Relations Club; Chain Gang; History Club. DAN ZION Sophos; Chain Gang; Blue Key; Football; IFC; IDC; Dorm Pres.; International Relations Club; Sigma Chi, President. BOBCATS BOBCATS: Row 1: Mike Tom Berresford, Ham George Ekdahl, Ford Knowles. Row 2: Bob Johnson, Gordon Alley, Carl Hazlett, Frank Jordan, Sandy Kerr, Tom Dau, Bob Leivian, Dan Shafton. TOM BERRESFORD PRESIDENT Traditionally composed of thirteen men, Bobcats is the honorary for senior men. They encourage the adoption of any programs which further the best interests of the University of Arizona. Planning the Homecoming events is the most important of Bobcats activities. Part of the work involved is the supervision of the election of Homecoming Queen and the management of the float parade. Bobcats activities are all aimed toward keeping an enthusiastic spirit in the student body by influencing the student ' s opinions. Homecoming Parade marshalls Bob Leivian and Ham McRae diagram float route to President Tom Berresford. BLUE KEY BLUE KEY: Row 1: Ron Walker, Gus Berry, Chuck Wagner, John Bensen, Tim Tomko; Row 2: Alan Hall, John Ed Morgan, Dan Zion, Lynn Wallace, David Baldwin. Not pictured is Bob Posner. RON WALKER PRESIDENT One of the highest honors a senior man can obtain is that of election to Blue Key, the national honorary for senior men. Sponsoring High School Senior Day is one of Blue Key ' s biggest jobs during the school year. In addition to the activities planned for the high school seniors, Blue Key chooses a high school queen from all the represented high schools. Mom and Dad ' s Day is also carefully planned by Blue Key. The parents enjoy an assembly in their honor and are able to take special campus tours. Chosen because of outstanding character, leadership and service, Blue Key works with the administration to promote the school ' s best interests. Sizing up Blue Key award of years past and hoping for success this year are Bob Posner and Tim Tonko. GAYLE RUNKE PRESIDENT For outstanding records of scholarship, leadership, and service to the school, women are chosen to become members of Mortar Board, senior women ' s honorary. This year, the UA chapter of Mortar Board, founded in 1926, has twelve members, always willing to be of service, whether as individuals, or as a group. One of Mortar Board ' s many services is publishing a pamphlet every month called " Mortar Board Suggests. " In this they list various cultural events on the campus in which students may participate, such as drama productions, artist series, lectures, and forums. During the year, Mortar Board members also sponsor " Coffee Breaks, " which are faculty-student discussions on topics chosen by the Mortar Board members themselves. New members of Mortar Board are chosen from the outstanding junior women in an impressive six a.m. ceremony on Women ' s Day. MORTAR MORTAR BOARD: Row 1: Carol Heiniger, Siegred Maitrejean, Sue Davis, Marilyn Citron, Pat Row 2: Mrs. Hamilton, Vicki Ingalls, Gayle Runke, Anne Castleton, Sue Smith, Mr. H. Kiefer. Not pictured: Shirley Vanskike, Bobbie Hayworth. Discussing underclassmen study problems with Shirley Vanskike, Vicki Ingalls and Anne Castleton is Dr. Ralph Kaufman. BOB CLEMENTS PRESIDENT Chain Gang is the official honorary organization for junior men. It has been in existence on the University of Arizona campus since its founding in 1925. This year Chain Gang has twenty-five members, chosen on the basis of scholarship, campus activities and service to the school. Chain Gang assists in all the special events on campus. At the end of Freshman Week, they served at the All-University Picnic with the other honoraries and during Homecoming they helped to supervise the float parade. Promoting good relationships for the school is the aim of Chain Gang. Whenever there are any visiting athletic teams here, Chain Gang members act as hosts and try to make their stay a pleasant one, providing them with entertainment and needed information. CHAIN GANG Planning the Picnic are Jay George McLain and Jim Seal with Terry Muse, Jim Hill and Bon giving pointers. CHAIN GANG: Row 1: Larry Betts, Bob Clements, Jay Alderson, John Vos, Bon Richardson, Hirsch Handmaker, Sid Rosen, Bill Mast, Pete Neumann, Harvey Maslin. Row 2: Sandy Danziger, Jim Hill, Nelson Greenlund, George Terry Muse, Jim Seal, Bill Albinson, Bob Taylor. Not Joe Cole, Lou Crowder, Bill Ismay, Ed Eisele, Jim Corbet, Bill Neblett, Pat Blake. Buying Twirp Week cokes for Pete Neumann and Bob Cle ments are La Donna Anderson and Chickie Andrews. PAT NARDONE PRESIDENT CHIMES New Chime members are announced by the tolling of the bell in the Student Union tower on Women ' s Day. Besides the of a 2.5 grade average, Chimes are chosen in recognition of their high rank in leadership and service during their first two years of college. Every Thursday Chimes wear a uniform of brown skirt, white blouse or sweater and gold emblem. Twenty-three girls make up the UA chapter of Chimes, the junior women ' s honorary. Chimes serve school in many various ways. This year Chimes hosted at the AWS Tea and worked on class registration each semester. During the second semester, the main project of Chimes is sponsoring the Spring Sing, which takes place in the Greek Theatre the evening of Women ' s Day. In addition to working hard on many campus activities, Chimes are known for their Sunday morning breakfasts held once a month at a different location each time. CHIMES: Row 1: Margie Barrie, Sharon McIntyre, Janie Rosenblum, Diane Fordney, Pat Nardone, Anita Karnitz. Row 2: Chickie Andrews, Sue Fuller, Gayle Gordon, Sharon Rains, Judy Boyum, Lucy Yerger, Judy Clothier, Nancy Nichols, Aven Clark, Judy Kennedy, Edith Sayre. Not La Donna Anderson, Marianne Gilbert, Claudia Shortman, Rae Malone, Jeanne Abromivitz, Anne DiCico. SOPHOS: Row 1: Jim Sourant, Tom Krucker, Sandy Clark, Stan Pugmire, Matt Hanhila, Jim Carr, Bob Snider, John Lyon, Bill Parrott, Ike McDonald, Rich Feldheim. Row 2: Gerald Soma, John Jeffries, Floyd James, John Hardrip, Harold Eastin, Mike Larriva, Bernie Radza, Ted Bowen, Bill Cunningham, John Mansour, Bill Gould, Matt Slobin, George Whaley, Ed Wilson. Row 3: Bill Wilder, Fred Montgomery, John Renner, Bill Mower, Pat West, Rus Stevens, John Brimmell, Richard Dow, Dave Leonard, John Reade. Not pictured: Jay Stuckey, Jim Aiello, John Landon, Dave Fred Hutchison, Wally Spencer. Pricing Sopho jackets are members Matt Slobin, Bill Gould, Bob Synder, Hal Eastin, Bill Cunningham and Bernie Radza. SOPHOS RUSS STEVENS PRESIDENT Chosen because of outstanding scholarship, leadership and Sophos is the national sophomore honorary for men. Sophos begin the school year by meeting the freshmen on their planes and trains, taking care of their luggage and escorting them to their various dormitories on campus. Throughout Freshman Week, Sophos aided with all the special events such as the painting of the A and serving at the Picnic. On High School Senior Day, Sophos helped to direct some of the activities. Sophos also planned and supervised the card stunts at the games. Promoting school spirit is the aim of Sophos and all its activities work toward this goal. SPURS: Row 1: Geri Finkelstein, Judy Winter, Margaret Penny Parke, Frances Wong, Carol Bonham, Linda hick, Amanda Barr, Lynne Bringhurst, Barbara Drinkwater, Frances Rosen, Sue Pooler, Carole Raymond, Mary Bonnickson, Fredi Ann Arino, Susie Kahnweile r, Nancy Burton. Row 2: Dee Dee Schensk, Carol Craig, Martha Klaiber, Peggy Sfreddo, Phyllis Hudson, Nancy Rich, Ruth Worskow, Joyce Van Reenen, Sonya Frampton, Phyllis Rakita, Mary Lou Doolen, Gail Scripps, Ruth Ann Lubbers, Judy Hodge, Nancy Herlihy, Nancy Coyle, Sally Cline, Kathy Pennington, Sandy Tanner, Sally Price, advisor Miss Garner. Not pictured: Joan Johnson, Gwynne Barthles, Diana Burk, Petite Catlin, Gwynne Cox, Diane Schenk, Karen Gurley. LINDA IRICK PRESIDENT SPURS Members of Spurs can be found any time and any place on the campus performing services for the University. This active group is working hard to be " at your service, " which is the motto for the national sophomore women ' s honorary. The beginning of the year found Spurs meeting frosh girls as they arrived on planes and trains. During Freshman Week Spurs operated information booths for the new students. They handed out cokes at the painting of the A and served at the All-University Picnic and the Senior Day Barbeque. At the Activities Mart, Spurs acted as guides and they hosted at the AWS Tea. During football season Spurs sold " Bear Down " bags to the fans to blow up and pop for the kickoffs. The money raised will go towards community service projects. Spurs, chosen on Women ' s Day are selected on the basis of ability, scholarship, and service on the campus. Packing for the Spur convention are Dee Shank, Phyl Rakita and Sue Kahnweiler. The TRADITIONS Promoting school spirit is the job of the largest manpower committee on campus, the Traditions Committee. Living up to its name, the members are responsible for continuing school traditions and building up the spirit of the entire student body. Traditions members are selected from the sophomore, junior and senior classes wit h each—class being allowed twenty-five applicants. Among the many duties of this committee is the collecting of freshmen dues, directing of " A " Day activities, planning and directing of the card and cape stunts for the home football games and the choosing of cheerleaders and pom-pon girls. DAN MARISCAL PRESIDENT TRADITIONS: Row 1: Larry Betts, John Vos, John Benson, Jim Hill, Jim Corbet, Bon Richardson, Danny Mariscal, Barry Herlihy, Mark Siegal, Maslin, Dave Cohen, Al Hershey, John Marietti, Tim Tomko, Roy Wong. Row 2: Bob Taylor, Hirsch Handmaker, Sandy Danziger, Tom Harris, Jay Alderson, Darrell Fisher, John Whatley, Bob Hartman, Bill Albinson, Doug Unruh, Milt Laflen , Chuck Jones, Ham McRae, Bill Estes, Doug Dunipace, Ed Eisele, Jerry Pence, Pete Kimes, Hugh Grinnell. Not Pictured: Brian Bulley, John Welch, D. D. Hollovochka, Wally Spencer, John Brinell, Kirk Young. Sponsorship of freshmen and transfer women is the main project of Wranglers, the independent women ' s honorary and service organization. They aid in the freshmen orientation in the fall semester and are also especially helpful with any problems freshmen might have during registration. Wranglers participate in various campus activities such as assisting with registration at Homecoming and working for Mom and Dad ' s Day. This year they prepared class notes for use in tutoring dorm residents. An important function sponsored by this group is the tea given to new women students second semester. SIGRID MAITREJEAN PRESIDENT WRANGLERS Reorganizire members F WRANGLERS: Row 1: Lorna Leser, Pat Van De Walle, Ewald, Ruth Warskow, Joyce Van Reenen, Jean Eng, Nadda Smith, Bobbie Millsap, Diane Fordney, Emily Carpenter. Row 2: Carol Mead, Signe Kuhl, Sharon Proctor, Mary Kay Cartmill, Barbara Kummer, Frances Rosen, Sigrid Maitrejean, Kay Beddo, Frances Wong, Brenda Holleran, Nancy Furlong, Kathy Dodge, Susan Martz, Gwen Rahn, Kathleen Smiley, Sharla Fletcher. the arts " Chaos, " the opening panel of University ' s Fernando Gallego collection, represents the cosmos before the Creation. Alex Jacome, Board of Regents member, thanks Mr. Guy Emerson at second Kress Collection dedication. ART The Art Gallery, open to all students and to the public, offers an opportunity for study of original paintings and sculpture by old masters as well as by the important artists of Europe and America. Charles Pfeiffer started the UA ' s of American Art and thus encouraged the art department to procure similar and give native American Art the recognition it deserves. The Samuel H. Kress Collection of Art from the thi rteenth to nineteenth centuries expresses the fundamental Renaissance bases of technique, style and essential naturalism through such painters as Crivelli, Carpaccio and Tintoretto. The second Kress collection to the art gallery was dedicated on April 22, making the University of Arizona the repository of the largest Kress collection in the United States. It includes twenty-six works of the fifteenth century painter Fernando Gallego including the major part of the retablo, or alterpiece, originally from the cathedral at Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain. This marks the world premiere public exhibition of these paintings since they were recovered from the cathedral after the Spanish War of Independence. Contemporary American and European Art are emphasized in the Edward Joseph Gallagher III Memorial Collection. SEPARATE TABLES—I Mabel Tammy Burger Lady Matheson Mary Moller Mrs. Railton-Bell Joan Stearns Miss Meacham Peg Pritchard Doreen Lois Greenfield Mr. Fowler Jerry Fey Mrs. Shankland Lynn Aspinwall Miss Cooper Margaret Lamont Mr. Malcom Joe Jenckes Mr. Stratton Brian Donohue Miss Tanner Sheralyn Morris SEPARATE TABLES—II Mrs. Stratton Carol Travis Mr. Stratton Wayne Chapman Major Pollock Max W. Jacobs Mr. Fowler James Haire Miss Cooper Carol Craig Mrs. Railton-Bell Lavina Caparella Miss Railton-Bell Martha Gibson Lady Matheson Judy Hughes Miss Meacham Glorianne Engel Mabel Sue Kramer Doreen Jean Criss Casual Peg Pritchard Casual Ed Sabbath DRAMA Under the direction of Peter R. Marroney, the 1959-60 season of the University Drama Department yielded seven major productions and two experimental plays. Included in these were Separate Tables, Carousel, Candida, The Tempest, Sun Up, The Imaginery Invalid, Desk Set and Boy With A Cart. The company of Montserrat toured in Hermosillo, Mexico, and The Tempest was taken to Phoenix for the annual Shakespearean Play Festival. Working as technical advisors for the year were Robert Burroughs, art director, John Lafferty, lighting director, Channing Smith, make-up director and Susan Gullberg, costume director. MONSERRAT Montserrat Joe Jenckes Izquierdo Max W. Jacobs Zavala Harmon Weiner Father Coronil F. S. Gilbert Juan Salcedo Alverez Phillip McCoy Matilde Lavina Caparella Felicia Betty Kincaid Luhan Dennis Wilkerson Salas Ina Robert Hurwitt Antonasas Phil Sibr Ricardo John O ' Dowd Morales David Wilborn Soldiers—Brian Donohue, Wayne Chapman, Phil Hendren Monks Vic Coletti, Ed Sabbeth CANDIDA Reverend James Morrell Phillip McCoy Miss Proserpine Garnet Lavina Caparella Lexy Mill John LaDue Mr. Burgess F. S. Gilbert Candida Margo McElroy Eugene Marchbanks Max W. Jacobs Peter Marroney, director and head of the of Dramatic Arts, came here in 1939 and took his present position two years later. He received his MA at the University of Iowa after studying at Oklahoma for four years. Peg Costello: " Mr. Cutler, Promotion is calling you. " LARIAT THEATRE THE DESK SET Sadel Meyer Mary Patterson Peg Costello Carol Craig Ruthie Saylor Martha Gibson Richard Sumner James Haire Bunny Watson Nancy Jossell Abe Cutler Bruce Linton The Man in Shirt Sleeves Mike Murphy The Lady in the Blue Suit Margaret Lamont Kenny Mike Garlock Mr. Bennett John Gaines Elsa Mary Moller Elsa ' s Friend John LaDue Miss Rumple Sue Kramer Miss Rumple ' s Friend Phil Hendren Miss Warriner Peg Pritchard Reporter Jerry Fey Photographer Scott Ross Richard Sumner: " This is a good example of what we call incompetence, Miss Watson. " The UA Lariat Theater ' s comedy-in-the-round was the setting for William Marchant ' s The Desk Set in which a woman vies for her job with an electronic brain that threatens to take over the office. The of the viewers and the better communication between the actors and the audience make these productions unique to both the cast and theatre-goers. SYMPHONIC CHOIR The highly selective voices of the University of Arizona ' s Symphonic Choir took part in the Drama Department ' s production of " Carousel " and also gave an inspiring performance in their Fall Vesper ' s service the forty-third of the Messiah. The choir also performed with the Howard Hanson choral group and the University ' s Symphonic Orchestra. In March the Symphonic Choir presented their annual school concert. Although performing on campus occupied much of the choir ' s time, they took additional time during January to travel throughout central and eastern Arizona to exhibit their talents for the citizens of other communities. John Bloom, director of the choral activities at the University of Arizona, is himself an accomplished singer. He sang at the Chicago World ' s Fair in the Heidelberg Octette and was a member in the NBC male quartet. CHORALIERS Rehearsing until they have reached the top quality of small-group singing, the mixed voices of the Choraliers represent the University by entertaining Tucson service clubs and by visiting several high schools in the spring. Row 1: Marianna Staddelman, Susan Carruth, Darlene Robart, Carole Botkin, Kay Poore, Delores Strassburger, Suzie Davis, Betty Mittendorf. Row 2: Accompanist Carol Payne, Dave Wilson, Dilver Hustad, Terry Anderson, Fred Anderson, Phillip Ewart, Dean Estabrook, Phil Azelton, director Don Hardesty. FLUTE QUARTET Sandy Stambach, Nancy Angel, Anne McConnell and Althea comprise this year ' s flute quartet. Although the group often plays light novelty pieces, they specialize in music from the impressionistic and classical periods. TAMARA THOMPSON DIRECTOR OF FLUTE QUARTET CHORAL SOCIETY Practicing on Tuesday nights the Choral Society also participates in the Messiah a musical production given in the Fall. Henry Johnson, a proficient violinist, directs the University Symphony Orchestra and has also conducted the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA The University Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Henry Johnson, joins with vocal groups on campus to present operas, oratories and musical shows. By playing orchestral concerts, presenting a variety of programs of standard classics as well as modern works, the orchestra offers exciting musical for instrumentals of all backgrounds. Student officers and the conductor comprise a council which plans the policies concerning rehearsals, concerts, tours, awards and social activities. This group is unique in that it features student and faculty soloists and presents original compositions by student and faculty members. It gives concerts of American music in which many of the compositions are presented for the first time. As a representative of the University of Arizona, the orchestra tours the state and participates in the annual spring and fall concerts, and the Spring Fine Arts Festival. DR. SAMUEL FAIN DIRECTOR OF SAXOPHONE QUARTET SAXOPHONE QUARTET This year ' s saxophone quartet is comprised of Bud Sessions, Lance Hoopes, Brad Near and Jim Helder. Classical as well as modern works are presented before many Tucson organizations. Jack Lee, director of both the Symphonic Band and the Wildcat Marching Band, is a graduate of State University and has worked considerably with precision marching. His experience has kept the UA Marching Band in the ranks with those most highly praised bands in the nation. Lee is assisted by the graduate student, Lyle Koch. SYMPHONIC BAND During the first semester the Symphonic Band toured eastern Arizona and terminated with a joint program with the Symphonic Choir at eastern Arizona Junior College. Second semester activities included making a movie for the UA, presenting a Winter Concert in February, performing with the All High School Band and Chorus and ending with a performance with the Howard Hanson group. WILDCAT MARCHING BAND Each year the Wildcat Marching Band furnishes music for many campus which have included the UA, Phoenix and Tucson rodeos, student and concerts featuring both classical and semi-classical music. The band also makes numerous trips throughout the Southwest, performing at out-of-town football games, and traveling to ten high schools to present assemblies from the University. To mark the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the University, the first public recording was made jointly by the UA Band, Choir and Orchestra. This recording was sold through the ASUA Bookstore. Membership in the organization is open to all students who have the necessary ability to play the music which the band performs. Individual awards are given annually to all men and women in the band who meet the requirements. Suzy Randolph, drum major Bob Plummer and Pat Clack highlight the football halftime with baton twirling at its best. Both of the majorettes twirl fire batons, a dangerous as well as spectacular stunt. RADIO-TV In September the Radio-Television Bureau passed another milestone as it began broadcasting academic courses, to be taken for credit, under the Continuing Education program. Seen on Channel 6, KUAT, these programs originated in the Bureau ' s modern facilities, located in Herring Hall. Both teaching and extension services are provided by the Bureau and are carried on with the operation of station KUAT. Students are taught techniques in radio and television writing, news editing and production. Television films and taped radio programs are prepared in the fully-equipped studios for distribution to commercial stations throughout the state. Many of the films taken by this University division are shown to schools, civic clubs and alumni groups. The mechanical equipment involved in presenting classes through the media of is a very intricate and expensive procedure as indicated by this model. Professors R. Keller and R. demonstrate an experiment in chemistry which is one of the many subjects offered through the TV educational service of the university. Mr. David Mall and Dr. J. W. Patterson, the Debate Team ' s advisors, outline scheduled debate. DEBATE Intercollegiate and intramural speech contests comprise the speech activities at the University of Arizona. During the past year, Dr. J. W. Patterson and Mr. Mall of the Speech served as advisors. Individual and group training are open to anyone who wants to participate in debate, discussion, extemporaneous and speaking. No previous experience is n ecessary before entering these activities. Having competed with a visiting team from England, the debate team went on to challenge teams from California, Texas, Utah and other western states. Students who qualify are elected to membership in Delta Sigma Rho, the national forensics honorary. Joanne French brings the controversy to her side. Dick Shaw convincingly sums up his argument. Stanley Siegel ' s side of the rests on a final point. John Schatteles an important point. Discussing one of today ' s many controversial subjects are, seated: Marta Newlon and Pamela Menz; standing: Bruce Jewel, Ed Steve Babala, Steve Manley, Corky Olsen, Ted Blottke. Colleges DEAN HAROLD MYERS COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Dr. Harold Myers has been dean of the College of Agriculture since he arrived at the University of Arizona in 1956. After receiving his Ph.D. in soil microbiology and chemistry at the University of Missouri in 1937, Dean Myers taught at Kansas State University until 1943 when he joined with a six member team of workers for the State Department as an agriculture advisor in the Middle East. In 1946 he returned to Kansas State University where he was an assistant dean of agriculture. The College of Agriculture, which was organized in 1890 before the University of Arizona was opened to students, differs from other colleges in that more people are connected with experimental projects than extension courses, teaching or classwork. The College carries on research in experimental stations in several parts of the state including the University of Arizona Farm on Campbell Avenue. With an enrollment of 466, the College of Agriculture offers bachelor, master and doctor degrees in any of sixteen fields. At present, the Agriculture Research Division is studying the reaction of animals who lack Vitamin A to high Most of the research is done on a farm near Casa Granda, Ariz. Alpha Zeta is the undergraduate agriculture honorary while Gamma Sigma Delta is open to seniors, graduate students, and the faculty. Alpha Tau Alpha is the honorary for undergraduate students in education. John W. Pou is Director of the Extension Service which furnishes the results of research to Arizona people and assists them in employing the information in their programs. Richard K. Frevert is of the Agricultural Station which does research in agriculture and home economics and makes experimental studies at branch stations in Arizona. Darrel S. Metcalfe is Director of Resident Instruction, responsible for the instructional program and all other academic activities involving the students and staff in the College of Agriculture. DEPARTMENT HEADS: Row 1: W. S. Phillips. Row 2: E. H. Pressly, R. B. Streets, W. H. Fuller. Row 3: R. W. Cline, A. L. McComb, H. C. Schwalen. Row 4: A. A. Karnick, A. R. Kemmerer, B. R. Taylor, W. J. Pistor, L. A. Carruth. AGRICULTURE JUDGING TEAM: Row 1: Pat Shipp, Jack McDonald, W. T. Hayer. Row 2: Jocelyn McAlpine, James F. Calvin, Thomas Beaham, Dr. Van Arsdale. ANIMAL SCIENCES FACULTY: Row 1: Archie J. Deutschman, Henry Kircher, Emily Brodie. Row 2: R. J. Trautman, Snider, J. D. Fleming. Row 3: Albert Siegel, W. T. Van Arsdell, A. R. Kemmerer, Pisk, La Salle. Row 4: R. N. Davis, Kirnick, Nordlay, Taylor, H. M. Ratajczak. Row 5: Valich, W. R. Van Sant, F. D. Rollins, McCaughy, H. B. Hinds, A. B. Stanfield. PLANT SCIENCE FACULTY: Row 1: M. H. Schonhorst, J. R. Kuykendall, Steve Fazio, R. R. Humphrey, A. M. Boyle, Dean F. Leland Burkhart, W. S. Phillips. Row 2: Hiroshi Muramoto, M. A. Massengale, R. B. Streets, E. H. Pressly, H. E. Ray, Neal Wright, R. E. Dennis. Row 3: P. D. Keener, R. W. Hoshaw, Streein, R. T. Ramage, R. F. Wagle, A. L. McComb, A. A. Baltensperger, D. D. Rubis. Row 4: K. C. Hamilton, A. D. Day, W. E. Bryan, R. E. Birggs, D. G. Wilson, A. T. Ellis. Row 5: C. T. Mason, W. P. Bemis, Mac Ewan, L. P. Hamilton, C. W. Ferguson, B. N. Freeman, L. B. Kurtz, Schutz, Frances Drouet. AGRICULTURE SENIORS Richard Backus Tucson, Arizona Botany Tom Beaham Tucson, Arizona Animal Science Block Bridle Judging Team Roy Bennett Prescott, Arizona Agric. Econ. James Calvin Colo. Springs, Colorado Animal Science K, AZ Judging Team Edward Coyle San Marino, California Agric. Econ. EA, AZ Traditions Harold Doka Scottsdale, Ariz. Animal Science Range Management Arthur Flores Eloy, Arizona Entomology Aggie Club Sears Sch. Aggie House Phillip Hartman Mesa, Arizona A. W. T. Hayer, III Sparta, Illinois Animal Science Block Bridle Judging Team AZ. Joseph Irwin Boonville, Calif. Agric. Chem. James E. Jett Phoenix, Arizona Aggie House Carl Johnson Lovington, N.M. Range Mgt. AGRICULTURAL Chemistry and Soils, Education, Engineering, Entomology, Institute of Water Utilization Faculties, Editor and Statistician. Row 1: D. W. Whitham, J. S. Hillman, G. C. Draper, Nicholas Raica, Carrie, D. M. Tuttle, J. Hill, C. A. Wilmot. Row 2: T. C. Tucker, R. R. Bennis, G. P. Wene, J. N. Roney, P. D. Gechardt, Buckler, H. J. Moran, Williams. Row 3: W. H. Fuller, F. G. Werner, R. M. Jorden, D. W. Fonken, Morre, L. A. Carruth, C. O. Edmond. Row 4: J. H. McClelland, R. H. Maier, H. V. Smith, Fred Turner, M. M. Kelso, K. K. Barnes, L. R. Amburgey, G. W. Campbell. Row 5: W. T. Welchert, H. C. Schwalen, D. M. Anderson, J. J. Burnhan, J. W. Berry, Pawson, Holderman, Frank Wiersma, Henry Tucker. Paul Kovash Phoenix, Arizona Agri. Ed. Student-Faculty Relations Comm. ATA, AP. Stanley Randall Tucson, Arizona Agric. Econ. John Sottnek Tucson, Arizona Animal Science AZ Blue Key, Who ' s Who Phillis Milstein Tucson, Arizona Food Nutrition AT, Wildcat Staff Hillel, Be. Daniel Robertson S. Orange, N.J. X. Philip Tilt Yuma, Arizona Aggie House Cliff Moore Peoria, Arizona Entomology Aggie Club, Sears Sch. Aggie House. Jack B. Rowe Chandler, Arizona Dairy Science AP Rifle Team, Judging Team. Charles Waggoner Tucson, Arizona Animal Science AP K. Block Bridle, Aggie Club. Arthur Mulvey Prescott, Arizona Soil Chemistry K, Entomology Club, Crops Soils. Harold Skinner Safford, Arizona Farm Mech. Aggie Club Graduate ATA,A. William Wallace Coolidge, Arizona Animal Science Vincent Ogurek Bisbee, Arizona Range Mgt. ATP, Ag. Council Deleg. Am. Range Sch. AZ. Don Smith Tucson, Arizona Horticulture Hugh Weech San Carlos, Ariz. Ag Econ-An. Sc. Rodeo Team Club AZ, BBB, A. Charles Raetzman Chicago, Ill. Horticulture BII Football AZ. Sue Smith Phoenix, Arizona Animal Science Mortar Board Ariz. Gen. Sch. Harold Skinner and Stephen Bentley learn new methods in ice cream processing. A class in Agronomy studies weed control and prevention under Dr. Keith Hamilton. DOCTOR RUTH HALL SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS Dr. Ruth Hall, Director of the School of Home Economics, received her bachelor degree in Home Economics at Ohio State University and her master and doctor degrees at Purdue University. A native of Indiana, Dr. Hall taught Home Economics at Michigan State and the University of Colorado before coming to Arizona. The School of Home Economics, founded as a part of the College of in 1896, includes in its divisions Home Economics Education, Child Development and Family Relations, Clothing, Textiles and Related Art, Family Economics-Home Management and Food and Nutrition. The Home Management Residence is used as a laboratory for seniors majoring in all the areas of home economics. In December, 1959, the Home Economics faculty and students moved into their new and modernistically equipped building. New facilities include for household equipment and for applied art and home furnishing. In addition to these are laboratory classrooms for home economics education and textile work, a seminar conference room, and research labs for nutrition, food, textiles, and housing. A principal research project being conducted by the Nutritional Department concerns the relation of climate to the blood cholesterol level of humans. There are 500 students majoring and minoring in Home Economics. Alpha Omicron is the Home Economics honorary. Betsy Brophy Palo Alto, Calif. Gen. Home Ec. B, B. Gloria Hicks Midland, Texas Merchandising B B, College Fashion Board. Jane Ellen McCoy Tucson, Arizona Home Ec. Ed. AO. Sonia Studebaker Tipp City, Ohio Home Ec. SNEA, WRA, Ski Club, Home Ec. Club Kathryn Chesness Paynesville, Minn. Home Ec. Ed. SNEA, Dorm. Soc. Chm. Rodeo Club,B. Joan Humphrey Reno, Nevada Home Ec. Mermaids, AWS Rep Vicki Peterson Kedilworth, Ill. Interior Design AOII NSID, B. Erdene Telford Mesa, Arizona Home Ec. Ed. AX Staff of Kitty Kat Wildcat. Marcy Choisser LaJolla, Calif. Gen. Home Ec. B, B ASUA, Crescent Queen. Leah Rae Hunter Pueblo, Colo. Ed. Home Ec. AII. Suzanne Romainville Wisc. Rapids, Wis. Merchandising A Home Ec. Club Patricia Ann Warren Ventura, Calif. Clothing Merch. B,B Fashion Board Janet M. Cooper Casa Grande, Ariz. Home Ec. Ed. KK Home Ec. Club, Aggie Queen Att. Marjorie Liem Phoenix, Arizona Home Ec. Ed. Fashion Board. Elva Mae Robles Tucson, Arizona Home Ec. Ed. Phrateras, Newman Club Hallie Will Kenilworth, Ill. Merchandising KK, College Board, B. Corrine Davis Coolidge, Arizona Home Ec. Ed. B Desert Staff Home Ec. Club Ellen Maclay Phoenix, Arizona Home Ec. X. Carolyn E. Shirk Linn Grove, Ia. Home Ec. Ed. IIO, V.Pres. AO, Pres. B, Ag. Coun. Janet Wilson Tucson, Arizona Home Ec. Ed. B, 4-H Club, Fashion Board. Sue Farnsworth Roswell, N.M. Apparel Design A Ski Club, Home Ec. Club. Sarah M. Martens Manchester, Ind. Home Ec. Ed. Westminister Fellowship, B Anne Snoddy Phoenix, Arizona Food Nutrition KAO, B, AA, AHEA Pres., AWS, Chimes HOME ECONOMICS FACULTY: Ruth Allen, Alice Books, Mary Kight, Victor A. Christopherson, Beatrice Kline, Mildred Jensen, Margaret Barkley, Elizabeth Birong. Kathern Adams, Ruth Hall. DEAN SHAW LIVERMORE COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION In 1957 Dean Shaw Livermore came to the College of Business and Public Administration. After earning his bachelor degree at Dartmouth, he received his master from Harvard and his doctorate at Columbia. Dr. Livermore has been on the faculties of Buffalo and Cornell Universities. The College of Business and Public Administration, established at the University in 1934, is a member of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. Its students constitute seventeen per cent of the University enrollment. Nearly seventy faculty members offer courses organized into the departments of accounting, business administration, economics, marketing, secretarial studies and sociology. The Bureau of Business and Public Research is attached to the college. Its monthly magazine The Arizona Business and Economic Review, reports Arizona ' s current developments in industry and commerce to a national Approximately 100 Business or Public Administration students are now working for advanced degrees in the graduate college. Masters degrees are offered in accounting and public administration as well as in the fields of business Mrs. Rachel Maynard has served as secretary of the college for twenty-two years. Mrs. Maynard was currently elected president of the National Association of Educational Secretaries. BPA DEPARTMENT HEADS: L. A. Myers, Dr. Shaw Dean of Business and Public Administration; P. G. Hudson, Economics; Dr. H. J. Langen, Secretarial Studies; Dr. L. W. Casaday, Business and Public Research; R. A. Mulligan, Sociology. Charles Adams Tucson, Arizona Marketing Marketing Club AK Nicholas Balich Tucson, Arizona Gen. Business, A Gerardo Aguilar Tucson, Arizona Foreign Trade. Buzz Bartylla Buckeye, Arizona II Ben. G. Amado Tucson, Arizona Accounting, Newman Club. AK. Richard G. Beebe Avoca, Iowa Advertising Bus. Mgr. Wildcat, A Henry G. Amado Tucson, Arizona Accounting, Newman Club, Thomas Berresford Phoenix, Arizona Accounting Pres. Bobcats, Rep. Coun. IDC., AK ASUA Exec. Asst. Robert Angell Santa Rosa, Calif. Prod. Mgt. OA, A XA James C. Barry Long Beach, Calif Marketing, EA Dick Assmar Sierra Vista, Ariz Prod. Mgt. IFC, Jr. Council Basil Blanton Tucson, Arizona Marketing, II Marketing Club James Atwood Kello, Idaho Finance, X Roger Boldt Warsaw, N.Y. Marketing, Marketing Club BPA COUNCIL: Wayne H. Clouser, Gerald A. Garrett, Don Gibbons, Tom Moore, John Shea, Tom Witt. BPA FACULTY: Row 1: E. J. Brown, Shaw Livermore, D. S. Klaiss, G. Nielsen, O. W. Freeman, F. Toland, B. Carnevale, B. Aston, G. L. Gifford, J. E. Chace, J. E. Officer. Row 2: I. R. Yoshino, T. McCleneghan, L. W. Casaday, D. A. Bingham, R. C. Stone, L. McCoy, M. Cox. Row 3: D. Henderson, W. Foster, K. Uhl, N. Roos, R. Marshall, R. A. Mulligan, P. G. Hudson, R. Waugh, J. O. Foltz, H. Morgan, K. Merriam, J. A. Harlan, J. Gill, P. Loveday, Row 4: A. B. Schmidt, L. DeLucia, E. Thierman, J. H. Denton, B. Herber, J. W. Leonard, L. A. Myers, W. C. Davis, W. C. Lawton, R. Kidwell, A. W. Wilson, W. Qirk, S. W. Shoults, H. Kuhler, R. B. Bowen, J. Sparks, J. Hambenne, H. J. Langen. BPA SENIORS Edward Bollinger Tucson, Arizona Prod. Mgt. Beverly Bogue Tucson, Arizona Foreign Service A Presby. Students Harold J. Byrne Phoenix, Arizona Gen. Bus.AK David Chambers Tucson, Arizona Prod. Mgt. V-Pres. SAM, Robert Breininger Cleveland, Ohio Foreign Trade Polo Village Council, A Arnold Air Society Dirk Broekena Tucson, Arizona Dan Campbell Tucson, Arizona K Lucy K. Chin Seremban, Malaya Social Work Internat ' l Sch. Sch. Comm. Maricopa Barbara J. Brown Tucson, Arizona Foreign Trade A SUAB, Desert Wildcat Staff Bob Bush Yuba City, Calif. Bus. Tech. Adm. AK Profess. Comm. Chm. Chuck Garner Tucson, Arizona K Gordon Churchill Phoenix, Arizona Gen. Bus. BPA SENIORS Joseph Ciaccio Elgin, Ill. Gen. Bus B John H. Coffman Coronado, Calif. Advertising, A, Patricia Cracchiolo Tucson, Arizona Accounting Joan Decker Piqua, Ohio Personnel Mgt. B James Eager, Jr. Tucson, Arizona Insurance AT Ins. Club V. Pres. Marching Band 1883 Raul Y. Estrada Hayden, Arizona Marketing James H. Falk Tucson, Arizona Don Flaminio Des Plaines, Ill. Prod. Mgt. AXA Band Barry Cline Prescott, Arizona Finance, AK George Conaway Casa Grande, Ariz. Foreign Service William Davenport Tucson, Arizona Bus. Tech. Adm. ASME, Mayor, Polo Village Gordon Dickey Phoenix, Arizona Gen. Business, Matthew Encinas Porterville, Calif. A Jay Evans Tucson, Arizona Gen. Bus. Choral Society Robert C. Fidura Brooklyn, N.Y. Accounting Kenneth Fleagle Hagerstown, Md. Gov ' t Service Wayne H. Clouser Tucson, Arizona Accounting AK, SAM, BPA College Coun. Campus Dem. Ryan T. Corrigan Tucson, Arizona Accounting Newman Club, John W. Darr, Jr. Alhambra, Calif. Accounting Varsity Cheerleader Deno Dikeou Denver, Colo. Accounting, George Ekdahl Lake Forest, Ill. Finance EX, Bobcats ASUA Pub. Rel., Elections Chm. Larry D. Ewald Rochelle, Ill. Finance Basketball Letter John B. Flanders Tucson, Arizona Correctional Adm. George Foster, Jr. Woburn, Mass. Accounting, BPA SENIORS Robert Freckmann Tucson, Arizona Pers. Ind. Rel. Sue Fuller Tucson, Arizona Sec. Studies KA, Chimes, WRA Exec. Bd. Desert Sec. Ed. Donald J. Gibbons Tucson, Arizona Prod. Mgt., Charles L. Green Amarillo, Texas Business KA Ski Club Robert Hastings Omaha, Neb. Accounting Newman Club AK Clifford Holtz Floweree, Mont. Finance KA IFC, AK V-Pres. Richard Jackson Prescott, Arizona Accounting AK Newman Club I-M Sports Donald W. Jarchow Tucson, Arizona Marketing Cleve Fritz Phoenix, Arizona A Ray Garland Covina, Calif. Adv. Prod. Mgt. AK ASUA Pub. Asmby. Comm. Thomas Goodwin Tucson, Arizona Area. Dev. Area Dev. Club Irvin A. Gross Oak Park, Ill. Finance A, AK SRC, Hillel, I-M Softball Ed Hillmuth Verona, N.J. Gen. Bus. UASCC, Univets Franklin Howe Peoria, Arizona Accounting Aloysius Janesch Tucson, Arizona Area Dev. Henry C. Johnson Ithaca, N.Y. Foreign Trade AK Rec. Sec. SAM. Rae Fukuchi Phoenix, Arizona Advertising WRA, Wranglers Soph. Class Coun. Gerald Garrett Los Angeles, Calif Gen. Bus. BPA Sec. Scabbard Blade Sandra L Goss Grants, N.M. Sec. Studies Wildcat-Sec. Dance Recital Norma Harrington Duncan, Arizona Sec. Studies Bradford Hof man Wheaton, Ill. Advertising Kitty Kat Bus. Mgr. Ann Hult Tucson, Arizona Advertising KA Pres., Fashion Bd. SUAB, ASUA, Exec. Coun. Gary L. Hyde Tucson, Arizona Foreign Trade IFC Sch. Chm., Pan-Am Club.Pres. IFC Sch., Ray H. Johnson Haines City, Fla. Accounting Jr. Class Hon. BPA SENIORS John Journey Tucson, Arizona Gen. Bus. Carlos Jacome Sch Intramural Spts. Ralph Kopald Los Angeles, Calif. Correctional Ad. Exec. Rep. Coun. Chief Justice Gary Keeth Arizona Prod. Mgt. Ken Krieger Los Angeles, Calif Accounting AK Donald E. Keller Tucson, Arizona Accounting AK Golf Team, Newman Club Arval Lash Tucson, Arizona Gen. Bus. Andy Kelly Tucson, Arizona Gen. Bus. X Lawrence L. Leahy Tucson, Arizona Correctional Ad. K, AK IFC Editor Pershing Rifles Cleve Kennelly Fargo, N.D. Bus. Ad. John E. Lentz Morenci, Arizona Prod. Mgt. Traditions Comm. Bebe Klopfenstein Tulsa, Oklahoma Studies X Joe F. McAdams Winslow, Arizona Advertising OX, Ad Club Ford Knowles Arizona Bus. A Sophos, Bobcats James B. McCleary Des Moines, Ia. Gen. Bus. Club Virginia Patterson, Jan Morrison, and Pat Cunningham willingly assisted Dr. John Leonard in mailing brochures for 1960 UA-Cornell Leadership Seminar. BPA SENIORS Jack McIntosh San Bernardino, Calif. Gen. Bus. AXA, A Ski Club George Mackall Phoenix, Arizona Advertising A Min Mar Safford, Arizona Gen. Bus. Pershing Rifles John Markovich Fresno, Calif. Economics David Mayo Winnetka, Ill. Prod. Mgt. K Benjamin Miller Phoenix, Arizona Prod. Mgt. Traditions, Elec. Comm. John A. Muller Cleveland, Ohio X Richard Nickey LaGrange, Ill. Prod. Mgt. Rifle Team, OK, BBM, K Margo McKenzie Montpelier, Vt. Advertising KK, Jr. Sr. Coun., Chimes Acad. Comm. Deborah Ann Mahr Tucson, Arizona Correctional Ad. WAA, Ski Club, Greek Week Comm. AX Thomas P. March Alhambra, Calif. Gen. Bus. Ski Club Dan Mason Phoenix, Arizona Prod. Mgt. X Hector Mazon Tucson, Arizona Accounting Ira L. Mishkind Tucson, Arizona Accounting ZB, B Jerry Murphy Tucson, Arizona Prod. Mgt. Pershing Rifles, Rifle Team, Track Judy Nugent Tucson, Arizona Correctional Ad. Coconino Treas. Am. Society of Criminology Elizabeth McRae St. David, Arizona Accounting Ariz. Woman ' s Sch., A, Wranglers John S. Maier Tucson, Arizona Gen. Bus. Danny Mariscal Los Angeles, Calif. Personnel Dev. T, Trad. Pres. Arnold Air Soc. Scabbard Blade Ray Maurer Phoenix, Arizona Management X John Metzger Denver, Colo. K Pres. Jr. Coun., IFC Jud. Com., Scb Blade Jim Moseley Pasadena, Calif. Gen. Bus. X Jack Mutnick Tucson, Arizona Prod. Mgt. SAM Pres. AK, Frank G. Ochoa Nogales, Arizona Accounting Newman Club Wrestling BPA SENIORS Leroy A. Page Tucson, Arizona Personnel Roy S. Pellerin Tucson, Arizona Bus. Economics AK Larry Prather Globe, Arizona Foreign Service A Arnold Air Soc. Sec., B William Regan Yalesville, Conn. Personnel Mgt. XA Ski Club Newman Club Maryellen Roden LaJolla, Calif. Real Estate Ad. Club Pres. X BPA Council Carl R. Russell Brawley, Calif. Economics K Football lettered Bus. Club,V-Pres. Gerald R. Sanders Tucson, Arizona Gen. Bus. KA, Area Dev. Club Vern A. Semrow Tucson, Arizona Finance Luth. Stud. Ctr. James E. Parker Eloy, Arizona Finance Harry Pernell Chula Vista, Calif. Advertising X Sandra Ramage Oil City, Pa. Sec. Studies Mermaids, ASUA Social Comm. Larry Rhoads Carlinville, Ill. Bus. Econ. Frank Romero, Jr. Benson, Arizona Prod. Mgt. Los Universitarios Newman Club, Band, SAM. John S. Salcido Tucson, Arizona Correctional Ad. Bruce C. Scott St. Paul, Minn. Prod. Mgt. William Shaffer Erie, Pa. Foreign Trade AK John Walter Peacock Port Huron, Mich. Social Ad. Moderator, Presby. Fellowship Thomas Pierson Sedona, Arizona Marketing William Rapp Bisbee, Arizona Prod. Mgt. A, Pres., AK, Sophs, SAM, Football Christopher Roberts Phoenix, Arizona Foreign Trade T Ronald R. Ross Wichita, Kansas Gen. Bus. AE, Mkt. Club Newman Club Ski Club Frank Sailer Tucson, Arizona K Mary Semrow Tucson, Arizona Sec. Studies Phrateres, Westminister Fellowship Dave Sherer Phoenix, Arizona Area Dev. X Area Dev. Club Scabbard Blade BPA SENIORS Edward Lee Smith Santa Ana, Calif. Gen. Bus. Trad., A Pres., Trad. Jr. Class Coun. Scabbard Blade Terry Spray Los Angeles, Calif. Correctional Ad. X William C. Turner Tucson, Arizona Social Ad. Vet ' s Club AKA, M Arthur D. Vance Correctional Ad. Tucson, Arizona X Sophs Chain Gang Pub. Rel. Comm. James E. Ward Pasadena, Calif. X Gen. Bus. Baseball Richard Whitney Phoenix, Arizona Bus. Econ. Grady Woodward McNeal, Arizona Accounting Gen. Class Hons. Exec. Council Claude W. Young Kansas City, Mo. Accounting AK Rec. Sec. Howard V. Smith Tucson, Arizona Advertising A Oscar L. Teran Sonora, Mexico Accounting Ralph D. Upp Springfield, Ill. Gen. Bus. TK Football Linn Wallace Tucson, Arizona Marketing X Pres. Blue Key, Ariz. Men ' s Sch. David K. Warman Tucson, Arizona Prod. Mgt. Jr. Sr. Coun. SAM, Arnold Air Ted Wiersema Pontiac, Mich. Gen. Bus. Sophs, Traditions, Swimming Team Suzanne Wright Accounting Tucson, Arizona Phrateras Treas. Edwin V. Yusko Olean, N.Y. Accounting Soph. Hons. Sr. Treas., AK Eddie Soens Tucson, Arizona X Emily (Skip) Thompson Tucson, Arizona Insurance AOII Treas. A, B, AK Frank W. Uvodich Tucson, Arizona Economics Joan Wanvig Tucson, Arizona Soc. Adm. Bill White Winslow, Arizona Accounting X Gen. Sch. Gloria D. Wilkie Tucson, Arizona TB, Spurs. Sec. Studies German Club, Ski Club Paul N. Wygant Silver City, N.M. Retailing KA, WRIFC Del. IFC Treas., Sophs Greek Week Joseph Zimmerman Seattle, Wash. Insurance K Pres., AK Ass ' n USA Award, Pershing Rifles DEAN CURTIS MERRITT COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Dr. Curtis B. Merritt came to the University of Arizona in 1949 and was appointed dean of the College of Education in the fall of 1959. His degrees include a B.A. from Albion College and both a M.A. and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. Active in campus affairs, Dr. Merritt serves as on the University Senate and is on the Graduate Council. For the past three years the College of Education has graduated the largest percentage of seniors than any other college. The college offers the following six degrees: Bachelor of Arts or Science in Education; Master of Education or Arts in Education; Doctor of Education; and Doctor of Philosophy in Education. Majors include kindergarten-primary, elementary, secondary, special education, guidance and counseling, library science, health education and educational Supervision and administration is offered for graduate students. Serving as a guidance and educational testing laboratory for the state, the college also operates the Bureau of School Services. Among the various facilities of the college is the curriculum library which provides a sampling of varied texts and children ' s literature for the first 12 grades. The measurement and statistic lab offers a large file of specimen sets of standardized tests and desk calculators for the students ' use. The diagnostic clinic is used by the staff for the purpose of educational diagnosis and guidance. EDUCATION SENIORS Philip Abbott Tucson, Arizona Chemistry Sociology Sandra Anderson Flagstaff, Arizona Elem. Education KA, Mermaids, IFPC Queen Carol Jean Baher La Habra, Calif. Elem. Education Newman Club AWS Rep. for Gila Hall Marjorie Baldwin Tucson, Arizona Business Educ. Sec. Scholarship Sharon Blakely Tucson, Arizona Prim. Educ. Orchesis, WRA, NEA. Nancy Addenbrook Winnetka, Ill. Education B, Mermaids Patricia Andrews Painted Post, N.Y. Elem. Education Mary Baker Yuma, Arizona Prim. Educ. Treas. A Helen Barnes Casa Grande, Ariz. Elem. Educ. SNEA. Eleanor Bleich Madison, Wis. AH, SNEA. Barrister Biddies Susan AIstrin Midland, Texas B, NEA Elem. Ed. Frank Ayala Jr. Chicago, Ill. Phys. Science Honors Dave Baldwin Tucson, Arizona Physical Ed. Blue Key, Baseball Helen Bartlett Arcadia, Calif. Elem. Educ. B, Gr. Wk. Dance Chairman Panhel. Rep. Judy Boyum Santa Monica, Calif., A Spurs, Chimes, Assemblies, Pom Pon EDUCATION FACULTY: Row 1: Genevieve Syverson, Elinor Saltus, Donald Bentz, Wilson Wetzler, Robert Calmes, O. K. Garretson, Frank Miller, Victor Kelley, Lloyd McCann, Melvin Rhodes, Paul Danielson, Mary Bell. Row 2: Thadeus Johnston, J. T. Hunt, Robert Letson, Robert Heath, Harris, William King, John Haberland. Row 3: Klein, Curtis Merritt, Jack Hansma, Emil Larson, Creighton Magoun, William Crowder, Emil Gavlak. EDUCATION SENIORS Marilyn Brand Arcadia, Calif. Elem. Education IFC Treas. X, SUAB, Kitty Kat Sec. Bee Buchanan Phoenix, Arizona Elem. Education Frosh. Council Robert Brown Douglas, Arizona Biology IDC Mary Cartmill Phoenix, Arizona Elem. Education Wranglers Dona Chapman Tucson, Arizona Physical Educ. A Blazer, NEA, WRA, Cheerleader Sec. WRA Glee Clark Cedar Rapids, Prim. Education A Catherine Colbert Phoenix, Arizona Education, PB Newman, WRA SU Pub. Rel. SU Publicity Susan Cornell Merced, Calif. Physical Ed. Racquet Club, Symphony John Brierly Tucson, Arizona Physical Ed. Sylvia Burton Tucson, Arizona Business Ed. Canterberry Club B Sec. WRA Honors Marcia Campbell Lake Forest, Ill. Elem. Education WRA Angela Casanova Bisbee, Arizona Spanish Newman Club SNEA Wranglers Susan Chiles Omaha, Nebraska Elem. Education KK, Soc. Chrm. Elec. Comm. Sr. Cl. Veep Lynn Clawson Tucson, Arizona Physical Ed. Barbara Corbet Phoenix, Arizona Prim. Education SNEA, KK Publicity Comm. Marianne Cracchiolo Tucson, Arizona Prim. Education Publicity Sec. SNEA, AES. Karen Brown Phoenix, Arizona Elem. Education Janet Brough Tucson, Arizona Prim. Education Spurs AX Alex Carlberg Tucson, Arizona Social Studies NEA Ann Castleton Tucson, Arizona Business Educ. Spurs, Chimes, A, SUAB Marilyn Citron Phoenix, Arizona Elem Education Mortar Board Vice Pres. Coconino Dorm. Linda Clopton Tucson, Arizona Elem. Education Adrian Cordova Tucson, Arizona Elem. Education Newman Club, Los Universitarios Geri Craig Miami, Arizona Business Ed. AP, Spurs, Desert Staff, Pres. ASUA. EDUCATION SENIORS Joan Day Phoenix, Arizona Prim. Education Orchesis Sue Ann Dobson Mesa, Arizona History History Club A SNEA Sandra Enfield Phoenix, Arizona Elem. Education A Catherine Findley Los Angeles, Calif Drama Education Kitty Kat, Soc. Life Comm. Nat. C oll. Players Mary Foard Tempe, Arizona A Biology WRA, AWS, Mermaids Robert Dempster Benson, Arizona Phys. Education Marianne Downend Phoenix, Arizona Elem. Ed., KA Elect. Chrm. Vice-Pres., Sec. Mary Farrell Tucson, Arizona Elem. Education Phrateras, SNEA, Rec. Sec. Newman Club Dorothy Fischer Phoenix, Arizona Rituals Chrm. Elem. Education Gayle Gamble Tucson, Arizona Prim. Education X, Spurs, Grk. Wk. Pub. Exchg. Chrm. Yvonne DePasse Tucson, Arizona Elem. Education Donald Ducote Bisbee, Arizona Biology SRC Wesley Fnd. Pres., Vice-Pres. Ricki Farquhar Redlands, Calif. Elem. Education B President Head Pom Pon Greek Wk.Attdnt. Patrick Flannery Tucson, Arizona Elem. Education NEA, Newman Club, Internat ' l Club Jeanne Gee Tucson, Arizona Elem Education SNEA Student teacher, Ed instructs the in biology at the School for the Deaf and Blind. Gayle Gehrke Boise, Idaho Elem. Education A, Spurs, SNEA, Orchestra Nannette Hazlett Tucson, Arizona Prim Education NEA, KA Ruth George Tolleson, Arizona History A Sec. Int. Dorm Council Honors Jesse Hendrix Tucson, Arizona History Shannon Glenn West Covina, Calif. Elem. Education B Vice Pres. Soc. Chrm., Song Chrm. Ronald Butler Higginbotham Tucson, Arizona Spanish, Nancy Gould San Francisco Phys. Education Cal. K Chap. KA, WRA Pres. Dorm Vice Pres. Bonnie Hirons Early, Elem. Education TB Band Alan Hall San Diego, Calif. Phys. Education X, Blue Key Greek Wk. King Baseball Sch. Cheryl Hoffman Las Vegas, Nev. History B, BBB, ASUA Pub. Rel. Comm., Honors Anne Halverson Newport Beach, Calif. Prim. Education SNCA, Homecoming Princess Jan Hollinger Glendale, Calif. Elem. Education B Vice Pres. Jr. Class Treas. X Sweetheart Barbara Hamilton Tucson, Arizona Elem. Education Univ. Nazarenes Raymond Hughes Pomona, Calif. Phys. Education X, Track EDUCATION SENIORS Doris Hunt Williamsfield, Ohio Elem. Education Judith Kent Dos Cabezas, Ariz. Elem. Education SNEA Vice Pres. Pres., Vice Pres. Pima Victoria Ingalls San Diego, Calif. Prim. Education X,AI, ASUA Mortar Bd. Sec. Chimes, Spurs Julia King Des Moines, Iowa Elem. Education ASUA Comm. Rodeo Terryl Jay Corona del Mar, Calif. English Desert Queen Finalist Nancy King Winfield, Kansas E lem. Education AX Pres. SUAB, Orchestra Music Sch. Doris Johnson Tucson, Arizona Elem. Education Phrateres Barbara Kuber Dayton, Ohio Spanish K, Orchesis Assemblies Sally Johnson Tucson, Arizona Elem. Education Rush Chrm. Dream Girl Edith Kurtz Coronado, Calif. English WRA Mermaids Betty Jones Tucson, Arizona Phys. Education ZTA, K, WAA Rep. WRA Board Peter Kuyper Bell, Calif. Mathematics SNEA Ila Kartchner St. David, Ariz. Elem. Education Wranglers Jan Larsen Minot, N. Dakota Phys. Education WAA, AWS Greek Week, RIL Practice teacher Marcia Urton coaches reading in second grade at a local school as Dr. Victor Kelley watches. EDUCATION SENIORS Arlene Lehman Duncan, Arizona Elem. Education A, V. Pres. Sec. Panhell Council Enid Levinson Chicago, Ill. Phys. Educ. WRA Sec. P. E. Major Minor Club Alan McCall Glendale, Calif. Elem. Education EA. Ernest McCray Tucson, Arizona Phys. Ed. KA V. Pres. A Club All Border Conf. Sandra McVay Phoenix, Arizona Elem. Education KA, Porn Pon, Mermaids Martha Lehmann Tucson, Arizona History KK Hist. Club, Underwood Sch. Byron Lewis Holbrook, Ariz. Spanish Spanish, Honor Pauline McCommas St. David, Ariz. Elem. Education LA, AFL Sch. Virginia McNeal Bay Village, O. Primary Ed. A Pistol Club, Rodeo Club Kathy Malone Tucson, Arizona Elem. Education A Newman Club, SNEA Pres. Claire J. Lehr Patterson, N.J. Elem. Education NEA Linda Lucas Walnut Creek, Cal. Primary Educ. Interdorm Coun. Newman Club Marilyn McCrary Phoenix, Arizona Primary Ed. NEA Recor. Sec. Angel Flight, Darla McRae St. David, Ariz. Bus. Education L Wranglers Marilyn Marcus Phoenix, Arizona History AE V. P. Sec. Community Service Comm. Betty Marklund Tucson, Arizona Elem. Ed. Pi Landa Theta, NEA Sharon Moiola Brawley, Calif. Elem. Ed. Marilyn Parry S. Barbara, Calif Elem. Ed. B, Spurs, Chimes, Artist Series Comm. Katherine Marsh Phoenix, Arizona Primary Ed. Spurs Women ' s Day, Recreation Brenda Nixon Raton, N.M. Elem. Ed. X Pres. AWS Council, Ruth Patterson Ellisville, Miss. Elem. Ed. NEA Choral Society Richard Martinez Tucson, Arizona Phys. Education Marlene Nordby Tucson, Arizona Elem. Ed. NEA, Lutheran Stu. Assoc. Ponder Phillips Tucson, Arizona Business Ed. Marlene Meier Tucson, Arizona Primary Ed. NEA, Rodeo Club Symph. Choir Bernadine Ocon Tucson, Arizona Elem. Ed. Newman Club, Phrateres, NEA Patricia Preciado Tucson, Arizona Elem. Ed. Mortar Board, Chimes, AWS V.P ALD Gladys Merrick Bisbee, Arizona Elem. Ed. AWS Council Gila Hall Pres. Pi Lambda Theta Lydia Olszewski Brooklyn, N.Y. Business Ed. Newman Club, Dorm Sec. Sandra Ramsey Burbank, Calif. Elem. Ed. A ASUS Social Life, NEA Carol Miller Millw. Wisc. History A, NEA, WAA, History Club Anna Oswell Silver Bell, Ariz. Wranglers, Pi Lambda Theta CAV, NEA Shirley Ransom Tucson, Arizona Elem. Ed. X, Mermaids, Aggie Queen, WRA Board Diana Miter El Paso, Texas Elem. Ed. AM, Pres Panhellenic Nancy Owens Tucson, Arizona Music Ed. B, ASUA Assembly Comm. Fresh. Sec. Juel Reardon Tucson, Arizona Elem. Ed. Barbara Reed Denver, Colo. Primary Ed. A Treas. NEA Civic Activities Marilyn Ruterman Douglas, Arizona Elem. Ed. A Newman Club, Wranglers, Pi Lambda Theta Marilyn Reynolds Las Vegas, Nev. Elem. Ed. V. Pres. LDS Pres. Sr. Class Treas. Mary Schubert Vegas, Nev. Ed. Club, NEA Robert Richard Cody, Wyoming Social Science K Enid Scott Tucson, Arizona Elem. Ed. Glenda Richter Mt. Carroll, Ill. Elem. Ed. X Peggy Scott Benton, Ill. Primary Ed. Marsha Ringle Fowler, Ind. Phys. Ed. X, Mermaids, Newman Club, WRA Barbara Steffens Joliet, Ill. Primary Ed. X, NEA Newman Club, Ski Club Claire Roberts Long Beach, Calif. Elem. Ed. KA, Mortar Board, Chimes SRC, V. Pres. Leona Shapiro Tucson, Arizona Elem. Ed. A, Pub. Chairman Pat Rooney Bisbee, Arizona Elem. Ed. WRA Carol Shogren Phoenix, Arizona Primary Ed. Band, United U. Christian Coun. Elinor Slagle Battle Creek, Mich. Elem. Ed. A Mermaids, WRA Sandra Thompkins Omaha, Neb. Primary Ed. X, SNEA Roberta Smitheran Los Altos, Calif. Elem. Ed. Art Spurs Soph. V. Pres. Wildcat Staff Betty Thompson Dallas, Texas English KK Treas. Spurs Treas. Martha Strauss Highld. Pk., Ill. Elem. Ed. KK, WRA Cheerleader SUAB Pub. Rela Anne Toldrian Glendale, Ariz. Phys. Ed. Pi Omega Pi, Wildcat Reporter K. Strittmatter Tucson, Arizona Primary Ed. Newman Club, AEA, SNEA Dorothy Trent Winston Salem, No. Carolina Business Ed., Pres. Wildcat Virginia Taylor Douglaston, N.Y. Elem. Ed. A History Club, Marcia Urton S. Barbara, Calif. Elem. Ed. KK AWS Rules Corn. AWS Rep. Campus Demos. Claudette Tezak Pueblo, Colo. Elem. Ed. AX Janine Valois Malone, N.Y. History Hist. Club, Newman Club, WAA Lucy Thacher Topeka, Kansas Music Ed. I ' , Pom Pon, Symphonic Choir Jim Vance Tucson, Arizona English NSEA Program Comm. Soph. Honors EDUCATION SENIORS S. Vanskike Buckeye, Arizona Elem. Ed. Spurs, Chimes, Mortar Board, Treas. AWS Nancy Ware Tucson, Arizona Elem. Ed. SNEA C. Vassallo Livermore, Calif. Soc. Studies and History Bay Area Scholarship Karen Webb Phoenix, Arizona Elem. Ed. Comm. Service Comm., AWS Rep Sandra Veenboer Tucson, Arizona Elem. Ed. KA Racquet Club Pres A. Weinzapfel Tucson, Arizona Elem. Ed. KK, Orchesis, Council Rush Counselor B. Ver Velde Tucson, Arizona Elem. Ed. SNEA Laura Werder Santa Ana, Calif. Elem. Ed. KA Anne Walker San Gabriel, Calif Elem. Ed. Pom Pon, Soph. Council Juanita Wester Tucson, Arizona Health Ed. Gabrielle Walters Chicago, Ill. Elem. Ed. Louise Wolf Tucson, Arizona History DEAN T. L. MARTIN COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Dean Thomas L. Martin received his Bachelor and Masters degrees in Engineering at Renssalaer Polytechnical Institute, and his Ph.D. at Stanford University in 1951. The Dean taught at the University of New Mexico until 1958 when he came to the University of Arizona as the head of the Electrical Engineering Department. In July of 1958, he was appointed Dean of the College. Established on campus in 1890, the College of Engineering offers B.S. and M.S. degrees in Agricultural Engineering, Aero-Space, Civil Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, and Physics. Ph.D. degrees are offered in Aero-Space, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. A few of the special Engineering fields include: Aerodynamics, Highways, Nuclear Reactors, and Operations Research. A student cooperative program recently organized under the College of Engineering is open to engineering students after their freshman year with a 3.2 or better grade average. This program allows students to get the practical experience of working in industry six months and going to school six months out of the year. Among the many new additions made to the Engineering College in the past year was a large magnet system for studying micro-wave ferrites. The magnet system was a gift to the department by the Arizona Research Foundation. General Emil Lenzner, Associate Dean for Special in engineering is a graduate of West Point and was commander of Fort Huachuca. He received his M.S. in communication engineering from Yale in 1930. DEPARTMENT HEADS: Paul E. Russell, Harvey D. A. W. Wymore, Howard A. Baldwin, G. N. Nordby. ENGINEERING SENIORS Allan Anderson San Francisco, California Mechanical Eng. TB, ASME IFC Rep. David Buttke Indianapolis, Ind. Mechanical Eng. ASME, ASM Award David A. Badger Tempe, Arizona Civil Eng. T ASCE Sec., LSA Robert Carlson Phoenix, Arizona Electrical Eng. AT Larry Barnhill Tucson, Arizona Electrical Eng. Bruce Casady Tucson, Arizona Mechanical Eng. ASME, ASTE, Univ. Vets. Marlin Benson Huntingdon, Pa. Mechanical Eng. ASME, ASTE. Manuel Cervantes Tucson, Arizona Mechanical Eng. X Bob Bologna Tucson, Arizona Electrical Eng. Newman Club, IRE Jerry Cessor Glendale, Calif. Mechanical Eng K, ASME Edward Bradley Miami, Arizona Mechanical Eng. Pres. Arnold Air Soc. IFC Sch., ASME Don Cislaghi Clifton, Arizona Engineering Herbert Burton Tucson, Arizona Eng. Math. X Kiwanis Sch. Elks Sch. Anthony Coco Jr. Tucson, Arizona Electrical Eng. TB, IRE, AIEE Branch Sec. Newman Club ENGINEERING COUNCIL: Row 1: Ed Westall, Dennis De Passe, Robert Young, Richard Bates, Robert Kirby. Row 2: Fred Joyner, Lee Bodenhamer, Tony Coco, Tom Jimerson, Ralph Heffelman. Row 3: Joe Davis, Bill Bodenhamer, P. M. Morris, Rolf Murchison. Row 4: Jim Barber, Lee Ziegler, Ron Brown. Row 5: Richard Moore, Neil Folkman. John Conovaloff Glendale, Arizona Civil Eng. A, ME, SUAB Pub. Rel. Sophos, Baird Sc. Robert Easton Scottsdale, Arizona Civil Eng. ASCE Interdorm Coun. Burton Goldstein Tucson, Arizona Electrical Eng. IRE Robert Corcoran Bisbee, Arizona Electrical Eng. AIEE, Polo Village Council Walter Ekstrom Phoenix, Arizona Engineering AE Melvyn Green Los Angeles, Calif. Civil Eng. ASCE, Hillel, AIA George Crandall New Liskeard, Ontario, Can. Engineering Traditions, ASCE James Emrick Littleton, Colo. Mechanical Eng. A IFC Fr. Council ASME, ASTE Jerome Gross Los Angeles, Calif. Civil Eng. ASCE, Hillel Curtis Deckert LaHabra, Calif. Mechanical Eng. ASME Frank Ensign St. Regis, Mont. Civil Eng. ASCE Varsity Track Arthur Hammond Douglas, Arizona Electrical Eng. AIEE, IRE T Treas. Leo Deely San Antonio, Tex. Electrical Eng. AIEE Gideon Eschenheimer Afar-Ata, Israel Mechanical Eng. ISC Alva Haraway Tucson, Arizona Mechanical Eng. Frosh Council AIEE, ASME, Newman, X Le Roy Donnally Phoenix, Arizona Engineering AE Luis Gil Jr. Tucson, Arizona Mechanical Eng. ASME, ASTE Myron Harmon Tucson, Arizona Civil Eng. ASCE T. Dave Draper Monrovia, Calif. Engineering K George Glenday Phoenix, Arizona Electrical Eng. Newman, IRE Lincoln Hathaway Tucson, Arizona Civil Eng. ASCE T. ENGINEERING FACULTY: Row 1: E. N. Roberts, A. W. Gill, D. B. Hawes, B. S. Mesick, A. W. Ross, Stuart A. Hoenig, 0. M. Mees, C. R. Hausenbauer, J. W. Blanchard, D. C. Latham, J. B. Theiss. Row 2: P. F. Boulay, L. K. Oesterling, D. E. Milks, J. E. Gaines, H. T. Munn, R. B. Noyes, A. R. Joyce, J. S. Phelps, W. H. Reading. Row 3: L. R. Spogen, Jr., R. A. Hessemer, Jr., R. A. Anderson, W. L. Rogers, R. D. Ulrich, Q. R. Thomson, J. V. Wait, H. N. Shaver, R. E. Nabours, G. T. Burch. Row 4: V. R. Latorre, H. E. Stewart, R. L. Walker, R. B. Streets, Jr. Ralph Heffelman Pasadena, Calif. Mechanical Eng ASME, ASTE, Engineering Coun. Dale Hund Galesburg, Ill. Electrical Eng. T Norbert Kulh Lumbang, Burma Civil Eng. Newman Club ASCE J. Heny Parra Caracas, Venz. Civil Eng. Newman Club ASCE Ronnie Hurst Anaheim, Calif. Mechanical Eng. AIEE Milton Laflen Globe, Arizona Electrical Eng. Traditions AIEE,ME C. Hernandez Tucson, Arizona Electrical Eng. Dwight Huster Johnstown, Pa. Electrical Eng. AIEE James Lair Tolleson, Arizona Mechanical Eng. ASME Track and Cross Country H. Hesidence Tucson, Arizona Mechanical Eng. Polo Village Council, Treas. ASME Tom Jimerson Tucson, Arizona Mechanical Eng. ASME SUAB Special Events Comm. Paul Lamb Tucson, Arizona Electrical Eng. Wesley Fellowship Richard Hubbard Delaware, Ohio Electrical Eng. AIEE, A-Club, Varsity Tennis Donald Johnson Phoenix, Arizona Mechanical Eng. TB ASME Donald Liston Tucson, Arizona Electrical Eng. AIEE, IRE Band Bill Hlusko Somerville, N.J. Electrical Eng. Newman Club IRE Frank Jordan Phoenix, Arizona Engineering AE Joe Lizardi Williams, Arizona Civil Eng. Newman Club ASCE Tony Huffman Anaheim, Calif. Mechanical Eng. ASME Stuart Kadas Los Angeles, Calif. Mechanical Eng. ASME George Lutz Tucson, Arizona Mechanical Eng. K, ASME, ASTE, Scabbard Blade ENGINEERING SENIORS R. Donnell McArthur Tucson, Arizona Electrical Eng. T, TB Baird Sch. R. W. Matusak Tucson, Arizona Mech. Eng. ASME, ASTE Thomas O. McElroy Muscatine, Ia. Mech. Eng. ASME, Mayor Polo Village Roy G. Medina Tucson, Arizona Mech. Eng. Newman, Los Universitarios, ASME Robert L. Manciet Tucson, Arizona Mech. Eng. ASME Richard Mejdrich Lombard, Ill. Mech. Eng. General Res. Scholarship Louis Malakoff Tucson, Arizona Electrical Eng. Research Tech. ARL Bill Milam Chelsea, Okla. Electrical Eng. AAS Scabbard Blade, Sophos, AIEE-IRE Testing for air pollutants is a recent research project in the Engineering Robert Wortman demonstrates an experiment on the tracing process. Maps are plotted on Kelschplotter by Dave Badger and Jim Barber. ENGINEERING SENIORS Donald S. Miller York, Pa. Civil Eng. ASCE William C. Nelson Mesa, Arizona Electrical Eng. AIEE George Onodera Glendale, Arizona Electrical Eng. TB, ME IRE Alfred Morris, Jr. Temple City, Calif. Electrical Eng. AU, AIEE Norman L. Newton Tucson, Arizona Mech. Eng. ASME, ASTE Robert Ozmun Tucson, Arizona Mech. Eng. ASME Treas. ASTE Patrick G. Moss Tolleson, Arizona ME AIEE-IRE Eugene Nutt Escondido, Calif. Mech. Eng. A, ASME Gary Peterson Mesa, Arizona Mech. Eng. K, ASME Richard Mower, Jr. La Canada, Calif. Traditions Maung Pe Nyunt Moulmein, Union of Burma Mech. Eng. Federico Potdevin Bogota, Colombia Electrical Eng. AIEE Kenneth F. Mundt La Canada, Calif. Civil Eng. Leland Parker Tucson, Arizona Mech. Eng. ASME Barry A. Rabbitt Fishkill, N. Y. Civil Eng. AT ASCE Treas. Rolf K. Murchisor Tucson, Arizona Mech. Eng. T, ASME, ASTE Engrs. Council, AGCA Sch. John H. O ' Hara Bunola, Pa. Electrical Eng. B, AIEE, Electronics Award Grant Randall Mesa, Arizona Mech. Eng. Greg Nelson Aberdeen, S. D. Mech. Eng. K, ASME Public Relations Larry B. O ' Harra Phoenix, Arizona Mech. Eng. A Laurence G. Rasmussen Woodland, Calif. Civil Eng. ASCE Charles Reed Phoenix, Arizona Mech. Eng. TB, ASME Thomas E. Russell Tucson, Arizona Mech. Eng. Scabbard Blade AAS, ASME Wayland Sizemore Phoenix, Arizona Civil Eng. Curt H. Renz Phoenix, Arizona Civil Eng. ASCE Jerry E. Sanders Tucson, Arizona Mech. Eng. ASME, Wrestling Team Fred R. Smith Inspiration, Ariz. Electrical Eng. AIEE Eric D. Ritter Prescott, Arizona Electrical Eng. IRE Theodore Schmidt Henderson, Nev. Nuclear Eng. KK, AIEE, Scabbard Blade Band, Fr. Honors Hassan Soliman Cairo, Egypt Civil Eng. Internat. Schol. International Student Club George P. Roberts Tucson, Arizona Electrical Eng. Amer. Ins. of E.E. Larry Seal Tucson, Arizona Civil Eng. X, ASCE Track Mushi Soraya Tehran, Iran Electrical Eng. William E. Rodman Douglas, Arizona Electrical Eng. Stuart L. Shafer Calistoga, Calif. Mech. Eng. ASME, AS TE John A. Spiak Santa Ana, Calif. Civil Eng. ASCE, Wesley Foundation Norman J. Roy Winchendon, Mass. Mech. Eng. ASME Alex Sheydayi Tehran, Iran Civil Eng. ASCE, ISC Lester Steele Wichita, Kansas Electrical Eng. TB James W. Russell Buffalo, N.Y. Mech. Eng. ASME, ASTE, V. P. Pinal Hall Franklin K. Shreeve St. Johns, Arizona Civil Eng. LDS Donald Stevenson Douglas, Arizona Mech. Eng. ASME, ASTE Jonathan Tannenbaum Hewlett, N.Y. Civil Eng. T, ME, ASCE, Sophs. Edward Westall Phoenix, Arizona Civil Eng. T, ASCE James H. Templin Prescott, Arizona Electrical Eng. AIEE, Sophos, Trads. Baird Sch. John H. Wilson Merchantville, N.J. Civil Eng. ASCE James A. Trethewey Globe, Arizona Civil Eng. ASCE Lee Wolfson Bronx, N.Y. Mech. Eng. ASME Pres. Hillel, Engrs. Council Trinidad Valentin Hayden, Arizona Mech. Eng. Newman Club Michael J. Wozny New Britain, Conn. Electrical Eng. TB Pres. V. P. Inter-Dorm Council Frank Valenzuela Buckeye, Arizona Mech. Eng. ASME, ASTE, Pres. Los Universitarios Irvin Yavelberg Tucson, Arizona Electrical Eng. TB, ME Sophos Gr. Wk. Com. Honors Jim Wagner Tucson, Arizona Mech. Eng. TB, ASME Ch., Airesearch Schol. Robert B. Young Newton Center, Mass. Mech. Eng. ASME, IAS, Engrs. Council Marvin K. Webster Clifton, Arizona Electrical Eng. AIEE, IRE, Baird Sch. Lee Ziegler Phoenix, Arizona Civil Eng. ASCE, Engrs. Council DEAN SIDNEY W. LITTLE OF FINE ARTS Before arriving at the University of Arizona in 1958, Dean Sidney W. Little was dean of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of Oregon. Prior to that he taught architectural courses at Alabama Polytechnical Institute and at Clemson University in South Carolina. Dean Little holds a bachelor degree from Cornell University and a masters degree from Tulane University. He also studied at L ' Ecole des Beaux Arts Fontainebleux in France. Dean Little is a registered architect in Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, and Oregon. He is director of Tucson Regional Plan, I nc., which plans the of metropolitan Tucson and is also director of the Tucson Festival Society and the Tucson Symphonic Society. The College of Fine Arts was established in 1934 and comprises the of architecture, speech, art, drama, and school of music. Enrollment in the College totals 652 with a staff of 79. Included in this year ' s extracurricular functions was the Music and Drama Department ' s presentation of Rogers and Hammerstein ' s, Carousel. Degrees available in the College are Bachelor of Fine Arts in art, Bachelor of Arts in drama, speech, and music and Bachelor of Architecture and Music. ARCHITECTURE FACULTY: Row 1: Lionel Chadwick, Sidney W. Little, Joe Folkner. Row 2: Duane Cote, Samuel W. Williams, Gordon Heck, Guy Greene. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE Located in the Fine Arts Annex on Park Avenue, the Department of Architecture offers a vital and creative five-year curriculum, culminating in the degree of Bachelor of Architecture. The seven members of the staff, headed by Dean Sidney W. Little, concentrate upon developing ideas and initiative, as well as the required skills of the profession. Classes are kept small to allow for the promotion of such creative and supervised instruction. Architectural form and the basic needs of man effecting such form, deteriments, and the problems of contemporary architecture are emphasized. The enrollment of 140 majors in the School includes ten women. ART FACULTY: Row 1: Charles Littler, Andreas S. Andersen, James G. Souden, James P. Scott, Eugene MacKaben, Andrew Rush. Row 2: Douglas Dallrymple, R. M. Quinn, John Cook, Maurice K. Grossman, Phillip Hultman. SCHOOL OF ART With an enrollment of 235, the Art Department courses in art education and history, ceramics, crafts, graphics, painting, sculpture, drawing, design and illustration. Headed by Andreas Andersen, the department offers a Master of Arts degree in art education and history and a Master of Fine Arts in studio practice. In addition to the University-owned collections, the department also displays shows of international Among the collections of the gallery are the Kress Collection of Renaissance Art, the Edward Joseph Gallagher III Memorial Collection, the Collection and other works which have been given to the University. FINE ARTS SENIORS Eleanor Houston, Texas Art KA, A Chimes Pres. APT Art Hon. Michael D. Bennett Cedarville, Ill. Music Ed. KK , Band, Orch. Choir, Hepcats John C. Bess Yuma, Arizoan Speech Therapy 1934 Diane Boyd Crystal Falls, Mich. Speech Pres. AO William A. Buehl Baldwin, N.Y. Commercial Design " A " Club, Track Gretchen Buterbaugh Helena, Montana Drama X Nat. Col. Players Pres. Roy E. Campbell Phoenix, Arizona Music Ed. KK, MENC, Gen. Music Schol. Band, Hepcats DRAMA FACULTY: John E. Lafferty, Susan J. Gullberg, Robert C. Burroughs, Pat M. Ryan Jr., Peter R. Marroney. SCHOOL OF DRAMA As head of the Drama Department, Peter Marroney is assisted by Robert Burroughs, set designer; Susan Gullberg, in charge of costumes; John Lafferty, manager of the technical factors of production; and Dr. Pat M. Ryan, in charge of history and criticism. The Graduate Directional Program, initiated into the departme nt last year, presented Christopher Fray ' s Boy With A Cart. In October the American Premier of Jan ' s Pantomime was presented by Jan Kessler from Basel, Switzerland. Now offering a Master of Fine Arts degree, the major enrollment of the department has reached 94. FINE ARTS SENIORS Regina Duggan Carmel, Calif. Commercial Art APT, RIL Desert Art Ed. U. Hawaii Tri A Art Ed. Mag. Sherman Hanseen Tucson, Arizona Speech Lynn H. East Huntington, W.Va. Art AX, Le Cerde Francais William C. HerberT Hughesville, Md. Commercial Art V-Pres. Corres. Sec. Patricia Fillmer Tucson, Arizona Drama Nat. Coll. Players University Players James E. Helder Deming. N.M. Music Ed. KA, MENC, MTNA Terry Ginsburg Tucson, Arizona X Anne M. Holmes Prescott, Arizona Music AI Mermaids , Gen. Music Sch. Sheridan Hanseen Tucson, Arizona Speech Lynn Hurst Kewanee, Ill. Art B AT Grk. Wk. Comm. WAA, PosterBanner Comm. SCHOOL OF MUSIC Aiming to give the student intensive professional training in his chosen field and equip him with a solid foundation of musicianship and a sufficiently broad background of general education, the School of Music offers courses in music education, theory, composition, music history and literature. Heading the department is Andrew W. Buchhauser. Graduate study has been expanded to include the Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees. The School of Music now includes in its performing organizations the University Symphony Orchestra, the Symphonic Band, the Symphonic Choir, Choral Society and the Opera Workshop. MUSIC FACULTY: Row 1: R. Emile, H. Johnson, J. Lee, D. Akmajian, G. W. Lotzenhiser, S. Fain, E. Fruchtman. Row 2: E. Osta, A. K. Elenore Altman, Edna Church, Virginia Lootens, A. W. Buchhauser, Anna Mae Sharp, Julia Rebeil. Row 3: Eugene Conley, John Bloom, R. G. McBride, O. M. Hartsell, D. M. Hardisty, Marguerite Ough. SPEECH FACULTY: Row 1: Gail Jaffe, Ben Markland, Frank Row 2: George F. Sparks, David J. Mall, Alethea Smith J. W. Patterson. Row 3: Kathleen Shogren, Kenneth Dimmick, Alden C. Smith, P. E. MacCready. SCHOOL OF SPEECH Under the direction of acting head, Dr. Alethea Smith Mattingly, the department of speech is a service department. It sponsors an invitational college forensic tournament each February and fall and spring high school festivals which include extemporaneous speaking, interpretation, debate, and drama. Courses in advanced public address, speech pathology and therapy and are offered. A speech and hearing clinic is open to all University students for diagnosis and therapy, and to state residents for diagnosis and refe rral to proper personages. FINE ARTS SENIORS Nancy Jossel Tucson, Arizona Dramatic Arts Nat. Coll. Players Ski Club, Fr. Club Rotary Sch. Barbara Meyer Belleville, Ill. Speech Therapy John B. Richtars Tucson, Arizona Speech Correction X Treas. IFC, Ski Club, Newman Club Marja Straughan Arcadia, Calif. Commercial Art Desert Princess AT Kathleen P. Kelly Phoenix, Arizona General Art B College Board, Wildcat Staff Carol Preston Mt. Carroll, Ill. Speech Correction B Jane Robinson Denver, Colo. Drama KK V-Pres. Nat. Coll. Players Norman Tucker Willimantic, Conn. Speech Correction AE Univ. Gen. Non-Res. Sch. Margaret Lamont Tucson, Arizona Drama X Margaret Pritchard Mesa, Arizona Drama Production Sec. Nat. Coll. Players, Univ. Players Joan Stearns Tucson, Arizona Drama Production KA Nat. Coll. Players Univ. Players Patricia VanDeWalle Tucson, Arizona Music Ed. Phrateres, MTNA, Wranglers, MENC. DEAN HERBERT D. RHODES GRADUATE COLLEGE Dr. Herbert D. Rhodes, after obtaining his bachelor ' s degree in chemistry in 1935 and his master ' s degree in 1936, earned his doctor ' s degree in 1939. Dr. Rhodes worked in chemistry for Standard Oil until 1943 when he joined the University of Arizona faculty and in 1957 became dean of the Graduate College. Since 1894, master degrees have been offered at the University and in 1950 doctor degrees were added. In 1934, there was an administrative change, in the formal creation of the Graduate School. In 1959, the committee on Graduate study was reorganized to become the Graduate Council, composed of ten members. In addition a new Committee on Graduate study was formed, of forty faculty members, to assist and advise the Graduate Council. Departments offering doctor of Philosophy degrees, have increased to include Aero-Space Engineering, Bacteriology, Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Pharmacy and Physics. The doctor of education plus the doctor of musical arts round out the fields in which doctor degrees are obtained. The culmination of at least three years of study and research, plus a dissertation of the work involved and an oral examination in defense of a thesis is required for a Ph.D. The enrollment this year for resident study is 1,129, with those in extension courses numbering in excess of 500. Gathering material for a study on Tucson needs takes graduate student, Mrs. J. into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Clifford for an Graduate student Howard Kliab examines metal surfaces with a metallograph. This machine was new at the UA last year. Paul Sypherd and Evelyn Wallraff weigh rats to study animal vitamin deficiency. DEAN JOHN D. LYONS COLLEGE OF LAW John D. Lyons, Dean of the College of Law since 1947, came to Tucson from New York in 1927. He earned his AB at Cornell and received his law degree in 1932 at the University of Arizona. In 1945 Dean Lyons was appointed to the position of superior court judge and at the end of his term accepted the to his present position. He is a member of the American Bar Association, the State Bar of Arizona and the American Law Institute. In 1915 the College of Law became a department in the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences; the first class was graduated in 1918, and it became a separate college in 1925. Next year the Law College will move from the building in which it has been located since 1929 into a new building designed to relieve overcrowded classrooms and offices and to provide for future expansion. The University College of Law is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. Three professional organizations, two fraternities, Phi Alpha Delta and Phi Delta Phi, and one sorority, Kappa Beta Pi are open to all students who qualify. The Pre-Law Club was formed this year by the Student Bar Association to acquaint undergraduates with the study and practice of law. In order to professional ethical standards, the College of Law operates on the honor system. Housed in the Law Building, the law library contains 35,000 bound copies of court cases, digests, and legal literature. At present there are 289 students including 8 women enrolled in the College of Law. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION Patterned after professional bar associations, the Student Bar Association is composed of all students in the Law College. The Student Bar officers are elected by the law students to be responsible for handling cases concerning infringements of college rules. The Student Bar Association makes a large degree of student government possible in the College of Law. Officers of the Association this year arc K. Flickinger, R. Mangum, J. Managum, R. Rykken, president, and A. Polley. BOARD OF GOVERNORS Members of the Board of Governors of the College of Law are Governors Don Estes, Bill Browning, Tom Slutes, Joe Contreras and Dick Coolidge. The Board of Governors is the primary ruling body in the college and a division of the Student Bar Association. It is modeled after the State Board of Governors and has jurisdiction over cases infringements of college rules, making to the faculty for discipline. The Board also handles violations of the college honor system. LAW SENIORS Janes M. Abbey Phoenix, Arizona Law TKE, Robert Axelrod Tucson, Arizona Law T Bd. of Editors Law Review, A, A Clifford Bleich Tucson, Arizona Law Clarence Carlson Scottsdale, Ariz. Law Justice, Moot Court Team A Merle M. Allen Prescott, Arizom Law Richard Baker Phoenix, Arizona Law William Browning Tucson, Arizona Law E Bd. of Govs., Law College James E. Curran Sleepy Eye, Minn. Law A William Augustine Tucson, Arizona Law AE, Bob Baldock Maricopa, Ariz. Law B,A J. Forest Cahlan Las Vegas, Nev. Law AE, A Dennis I. Davis Salt Lake City, Utah Law LAW FACULTY: J. B. McCormick, J. J. Irwin, F. J. Owens, W. S. Barnes, J. J. Lenoir, R. J. Davis, C. H. Smith, Dean John D. Lyons, T. L. Hall. Dwight E. Eller Tucson, Arizona Law AT, William T. Healy Babylon, N. Y. Law B, James E. Fenimore Globe, Arizona Law Gary Keltner Globe, Arizona Law Fortman Tucson, Arizona Law AK, K, B Edward I. Kennedy Tucson, Arizona Law Elmer Frederick Tucson, Arizona Law E Intramurals John D. Lewis Phoenix, Arizona Law A Frank Gabusi Clifton, Arizona Law A Michael H. Lynn Phoenix, Arizona Law Gerald A. Kenneth Goode Oakland, Calif. Law KA Machmer Phoenix, Arizona Law Asso. Mike Halle Phoenix, Arizona K Philip Marquardt Phoenix, Arizona Law Scabbard and Blade Rapid-fire debate holds attention of law students despite relaxed setting. And who says Law students don ' t study. MOOT COURT John A. Murphy, Jr., a third-year law student, argues in a Moot Court Session before Judge Udall. The Moot Court is an organization in the Law College open to all first-year law students with the continuation of on a competitive basis. A few students are chosen in their first year for participation the second year; still more are eliminated for the third year. These Upper Classmen form teams of two members, who draw up and present their own briefs and plead their own cases. The UA is represented by the winners in the Regional Moot Court; victors continue to National Court. Robert Martin Nogales, Arizona Law Student Bar Association Arthur Navarro Phoenix, Arizona Law, Univets Sec. Student Bar Association Alan Polley Tucson, Arizona Law Sophos, Bobcats, Football, 3 yrs. Walter J. Reynolds Holtville, Calif. Law Publicity Comm. Law School James A. Tucker Phoenix, Arizona Law X Ski Club Theodore Matz Phoenix, Arizona Law David L. Pakula Tucson, Arizona Law Frank L. Porter Kingman, Arizona Law K George Rountree Phoenix, Arizona Law E Sophos V. Pres. Chain Gang, Bobcats, Baird Sch. E. Phil Weeks Grand Canyon, Arizona Law Blue Key, Chain Gang, Baird Schol. William Malone Morrilton, Ark. Law E James Pogue Tucson, Arizona Law Charles Raetzman Chicago, Ill. Horticulture B Varsity Football Dick Rykken Tucson, Arizona Law Treas. Pres. Student Bar Assn. Sidney Weiner Newburg, N.Y. Law AM Amjur Law Award ARIZONA LAW REVIEW The Arizona Law Review Board, established in 1959, publishes a semi-annual legal periodical containing articles, case notes and comments, and a survey of recent Arizona cases. This has replaced the smaller Survey of Arizona Case Law. Members of the Arizona Law Review Board are Robert N. Axelrod; Arthur Miller, editor; L. Alton Riggs, Jr.; Phillip Toci, associate editor; Dick Rykken; Gary Keltner; Cliford G. Bleich, business manager; Tom Slutes; J. R. McDonald; Phillip Weeks, associate editor; Ray Jay Davis and J. J. Irwin, advisors. COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS DEAN FRANCIS A. ROY Head of the Liberal Arts College, founded in 1915, is Dean Francis A. Roy who has served as dean for 9 years. He received his bachelor degree from St. Anne College, Nova Scotia. He also earned degrees while studying at the Sorbonne in Paris where he had the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fellowship during 1926-27 and 1928-29. Dean Roy received his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin and joined the University of Arizona faculty in 1934. A member of the arts and science division of the Land Grant College Association, Dean Roy serves as an advisor to the Wildlife Research Unit. He is a member of the Pacific Coast of America Council on Education and is a member of several honoraries. With an enrollment of 3200, the College of Liberal Arts is the largest college on campus. There are over 300 faculty members. Dr. Ralph Kauffman, assistant to the Dean, supervises the academic program of freshmen and sophomore students enrolled in the college. In the Liberal Arts College there is a wide range of courses now offered. A modern, well-equipped language lagoratory was opened this year. The of Physics, Mathematics, Meterology and Climatology will be located in the new physics-math building which is now under ceonstruction. Degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science are available. Relatively new majors in the College include geography, fisheries management and oriental studies. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS Richard Allegretti Burbank, Calif. IBA, AE Gregory Archbald San Marino, Calif. General Studies Politics Club BBB Mike Beck Holbrook, Ariz. Anthropology Sophos Traditions Joy A. Bedo Fairfield, Conn. French, German Sec. Mermaids Teresa Bissen Tucson, Arizona History Morris Mary C. Allen Meriden, Conn. English A International Club John Ayres Camp Verde, Ariz. History K BBM Carl Basehore Fostoria, Ohio History AT Pub. Relations Swimming Robert E. Berger Mamaroneck, N.Y. Chemistry Bluementhal Memphis, Tenn. L.A. E Paul W. Andrews Painted Post, N.Y. Geology X Geology Club Intramural Sports Harold F. Barnes Tucson, Arizona Psychology X Pres., X UA Marching Band Charles Becker Shaker Hts., Ohio Economics A, A Robt. Bergquist Tucson, Arizona Anthropology Sophs. Who ' s-Who, Blue Key V-Pres. Lucy Breger Tucson, Arizona Spanish Hillel, German Club Photography DEPARTMENT HEADS Row 1: Albert R. Mead, Rosaldo, E. B. Coulter, Neil Bartlett, Kenneth Desmond Powell, Edwin F. Carpenter. Row 2: Russell Ewing, Emil W. Haury, G. D. Percy, Harvey Cohn, Henry Freiser, Francis Roy. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS Chad Brucker Tucson, Arizona Liberal Arts K Roberta Carpenter Scottsdale, Ariz. Psychology KA, Spurs, Pub. Relations Gary Chapman Safford, Arizona Physics Scabbard and Blade President ' s Cup Sandra Coleman Westwood, N.J. Sociology AE Pres. WRA, Wildcat Anne B. Cranston Tucson, Arizona Bacteria Corres. Sec. Hillel Hugh Caldwell Tucson, Arizona Government Pres. Scabbard and Blade Stewart Cassidy Prescott, Arizona Sociology K Calf Roping, Wrestling Frances Clark Tucson, Arizona Nursing Joan Cooper Casa Grande, Ariz. Foods and Nutri. KK Pres. Spurs, A, A Baird Sch. Tillman O. Dickson Psychology BSU, M Clarence Campbell Coolidge, Arizona Geology Paul Chan Tucson, Arizona Zoology BBB V. Pres. David R. Cohen Phoenix, Arizona Anthropology ZBT, Tradi tions ASUA-SUAB Pub. Cheerleader Bert F. Crandall History K William E. Droke Zoology X Pres. BBB KK Club Pres. Pre. Med. ENGLISH, CLASSICS, AND JOURNALISM Row I: A. L. Muir, Byrd H. Granger, G. M. McNiece, J. W. Huggins, G. R. Haas, A. G. Reinke. Row 2: Florence H. Morgan, Harland Padfield, Robert Ramsey, Arthur Kay, Cecil Robinson, H. C. Kiefer. Row 3: S. Robert Greenberg, Alsie F. Schulman, Carl H. William F. Irmscher, M. P. Seif. Row 4: A. F. Gegenheimer, Marie P. Hamilton, P. M. Arapoff, Alice M. Senob, Dorothy Fuller, D. S. Powell, A. J. Alexander. FRENCH, SPANISH AND GERMAN FACULTIES: Row 1: Manuel Pedro Margarrita Escobedo, Renato Rosaldo, John Brooks, F. J. Schmitz, Loyal Gryting, Babette Luz. Row 2: David J. Woloshin, Rupert C. Allen Jr., Donald J. Alderson, Vivian Woyak, Ruth Rexroat Wold, Fred Oppermann. Row 3: Timothy Brown, Michael Engel-Stevens, Robert R. Anderson Jack E. Davis. Row 4: James P. Pierce, Dennis I. Greene, John J. Reynolds. Row 5: Charlotte Craig, C. S. Shapley, Charles Rosenberg. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS Suzanne Davis Tucson, Arizona Phychology AX, Spurs, Chimes, Mortar Board Gary Ellison Columbus, Neb. Government K Pres. Diane Fordney Tucson, Arizona Pre-Medical, Phrateres Pres. BBB, Chimes, Spurs, Wranglers Gerlad Gates Wick, Arizona Zoology BBB Abbey Grunewald Tucson, Arizona Anthropology Barry Dunn Indianapolis, Ind. LA K Bill Erlenmeyer La Habra, Calif. Geology Papago Lodge Pres., IDC Rep. UUCC Rep. B. Jeanne Forman Sunnyvale, Calif. Psychology X, X Orchesis, AWS, WRA James Graves Washington, D.C. Physics A Ski Club, Ramblers, Rifle Team Sylvia Gutierrez Bogota, Colombia Hist., Span. Dorm Council Joseph Edwards Tucson, Arizona Psychology SU Pub. Rel. X Paul Esacove Los Angeles, Calif. Anthropology A History Club Anthro. Club, Geoffrey Fox Madison, Wisc. Zoology A, BBB Scabbard and Blade Andrea Greenberg Tulsa, Okla. Government A, Jr. Coun. Politics Club Alice Hall Scottsdale, Ariz. History B Pres. Social Events Comm. Grk. Wk. Comm. PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY AND ASTRONOMY Row 1: Robert M. Kalbach, Jefferson C. Davis, Jay E. Treat Jr., Roald K. Wangsness. Row 2: A. B. Weaver, U. H. Bents, J. W. Robson, A. A. Evett. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS Martin B. Halpern Tucson, Arizona Math., Chem., ZBT, Sophs, BK,K, BBB, Thomas Harris Ajo, Arizona Math Sophos, Traditions, Baird Sch. David Hensley Flagstaff, Ariz. Physics Sec.,ME M Sec. German Club J. James Pence St. Charles, Ill. Psychology A Charlotte Jones Yuma, Arizona Spanish, Spurs, Jr. Class V. Pres. Christine L. Hamilton Casper, Wko. Math, Roberta Haworth Phoenix, Arizona English B, Spurs, Mortar Board, Kitty Kat co-ed. Robert C. Herrmann Tucson, Arizona Chemistry German Club, Pre. Med. Club Sally Janda Tucson, Arizona French KA, Treas. Hist., Internat ' l Stu. Sandy Kerr Wickenberg, Ariz. Math AE, Chain Gang, Traditions, Bobcats Sec.. Don Harris Phoenix, Arizona LA K Carol Heiniger Morton, Ill. Psychology A, Chimes, Mortar Board, AWS Pres. Margaret A. Hyde Poli. Science Wranglers, Phrateres Charles L. Janssens Des Moines, Iowa French Cercle Vice Pres. James E. Kimes Ajo, Arizona Math. Psych., Traditions, IRE Sec., Social Life LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS William Kindig Rochester, Ind. History History Club, Soph. Stu. Coun. M David Kohl Wenden, Arizona Journalism N. Warner Lee Tucson, Arizona Sociology Var. Basketball Susan Lindsley Winnetka, Ill. Sociology KA, Spurs, Assembly Comm. Michael A. Longo Glendale, Calif. Govern., Hist., X, French Club Dawn King Ballston Spa, N.Y. English CURW, N. Y. State Regents SS Elliott Konick Phoenix, Arizona Psychology T Soc. Life, TA Comm., Pub. Com. Marcia Life Huntington, W.V. Home Ec. Ed. KA, Desert, WRA, Home Ec Club Diane Macurda Rancho Santafe, Calif. LA Don Lowe Ojai, Calif. French French Club Caroline Kline Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J. Anthropology X, SUAB, WRA, Spurs, Wranglers Girl Scouts Allard Kuschner Burton, Ohio Physics Joan Linas Shaker Heights, Ohio. AX History Ski Club Ronald K. Longenbaugh Lakeside, Ariz. Journalism Edward P. MacCourtney Tucson, Arizona History ZOOLOGY AND FACULTIES: Row 1: William H. Brown, A. R. Mead, K. F. Wertman, M. S. Pavlovich, I. Yall, J. V. Slater, L. K. Sowls. Row 2: B. W. Simons Jr., R. W. G. Wyckoff, Hugh H. Smith, Joe Marshall, William J. Row 3: C. H. Lowe, W. Ferris, H. K. Gloyd, J. T. Bagnara, R. B. Chiasson. HISTORY, POLITICAL AND ANTHROPOLOGY FACULTIES: Raymond H. Frederick S. Hulse, Pauline Mahar, Clare Lee Tanner, Emil W. Haury, William H. Kelly. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS Clara S. Maitrejean Govern., Span. Wrangler Pres., Chimes, Mortar Board, AWS Eugene Margolis Phoenix, Arizona Zoology T Pres., Premed.Club, Soph.-Jr. Council Eddie L. McCoy Pawhuska, Okla. History KA Pres. Jerry Miller Tucson, Arizona Poli. Science Acacia V. Pres. Gerald D. Mulligan Wilmington, California Zoology AT Pre-med Club Edward Mansour Miami, Arizona Zoology Sophos, Gen. Academic Sch., IFC Rep. James J. Massoglia Jr. Orinda, Calif. Math E, Hist., Chess Club Gerald F. McNally Prescott, Arizona Zoology K Newman Club Jere C. Moorman Ft. Huachuca, Arizona LA AE Marilyn Myser New York City, N. Y. English SUAB Pub. Rel.,Ski Club Raymond Mapston Phoenix, Arizona Wildlife, Mgr. Aggie House, Rodeo Club, Christian Coun. David McArthur Tucson, Arizona LA John H. Miller Tucson, Arizona French IIA, Chess Club, French Club, Psych. Club Ed Morgan Tucson, Arizona Govern. Sophos, Chain Gang, Traditions Derith Nelson Northfield, Ill. Botany KK Rec. Sec. PSYCHOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY AND FACULTIES: Row 1: R. W. Bretall, Arnold Meadow, Joseph Grosh, Russell Egbert, N. E. James, O. A. Simley, Harvey Cohn. Row 2: R. C. Kauffman, G. K. Diamos, Fay Farrnum, Richard Coan, Wayne Ganzel, Joseph Foster, R. T. Gradsser. Row 3: S. V. Zagona, J. L. Cowen, R. L. Caldwell, C. F. Wallraff, Alfred Ennett, Joseph Freivald. Row 4: F. W. Dalleska, Rosa Lee Loftield, W. J. Lewis Hertz, R. Wild, R. M. Winger, N. R. Bartlett. Row 5: Kathleen Langford, M. K. Lehman, A. H. Tellez, D. L. Webb, Richard Fritsche, J. W. Butler. Row 6: Judith Rose, Betty Tadano, Eldred Slaughter, J. B. Butler, Evar Nering, D. I. Marquart. Row 7: Theidore Zerger, F. D. Luffoon. G. S. R. H. DeVore, K. A. Goss, J. A. Simpson. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS Mustafa Nuseibeh Jerusalem, Jordan Geology Neill H. Payne Pittsburgh, Pa. Oriental Studies AE Inter-Varsity Christ Club Mary Ellen Perc y Tucson, Arizona Zoology KA, A, BBB, Spurs, K Joseph Poodiak Binghamton, N. Y Actuarial Math., Sci. Wayne Rapp Bisbee, Arizona English A, Sophs., Sr. Class Pres., Rep. Coun. Charles A. Orsi Tucson, Arizona Psychology X, X, TM Scabbard and Blade Sandra Jean Pemberton Tucson, Arizona Bacteriology Newman Club, Phrateres Clare A. Phipps Tonto Basin, Ariz. History CVA, History Club Robert Posner Tucson, Arizona Chemistry, ZBT, Chain Gang Sophos, Blue Key, Traditions Fred Richard Tucson, Arizona Physics T Laverne J. Pall Bridgeport, Conn. Botany Ramblers Jerry Pence Bisbee, Arizona Philosophy XA, Sophos, Chain Gang, Traditions John Piety Peoria, Ill. Anthropology Acacia, Frosh Coun., Ski Club Edna Pudas Iron River, Wis. English A Dennis K. Roberts Phoenix, Arizona Chemistry IIK Pershing Rifles Isabelle Roundtree Phoenix, Arizona History KA Mary Shepherd Tucson, Arizona Spanish A, AWS, International Students Gayle Runke Flagstaff, Ariz. Journalism Mortar Board KK Pres. Desert Ass. Ed. Dan Shafton Tucson, Arizona Gov ' t Econ. ZBT, ASUA Pres. Sup. Cad. Award, Jr. CM, Bobcats. Charles Runsvold Claremont, Calif. Liberal Arts AE Skip Shwab Louisville, Ky. Psychology Acacia, IFPC, IFC, Pledge C1. Pres. Douglas Sakiestewa Oraibi, Arizona Government David Smith Tucson, Arizona English Symph. Choir, Kitty Kat co-editor Joyce Salter Davenport, Iowa Sociology Wallis Smith San Francisco, California History A Annita Schmutz Tucson, Arizona Anthropology Ramblers Pres. Anthro. Club, Baird Sch. Leslie Solomon Lancaster, Pa. English Robert Segerstrom Tucson, Arizona Sociology K New language laboratory gives students unique training. Oriental Studies faculty members J. M. Mahar, Dr. Charles O. Hucker, department head, and Dr. Bernard S. Silberman view Japanese prints. A familiar scene on campus is a botany field trip. Here we see Dr. R. Hoshaw identify a Hibiscus plant for his students. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS Hamilton Stackhouse West Baden, Ind. Zoology Madeline Utay Puebla, Mexico Latin-American Studies AE Pres., Pres. Roy Wong Tucson, Arizona Chemistry ZBT, Chain Gang, Rooters Pres., Sr. Cn., Trad. Sally Stevis Des Moines, Iowa English, Desert, History Club, Intern ' l Club Charles Wagner Tucson, Arizona Government X,SUAB Vice-Pres., Chain Gang Blue Key Sec. Alvin Woolsey Chicago, Ill. Economics N Nancy Strickler Tucson, Arizona Liberal Arts Ron Walker Tucson, Arizona Government Jr. Class Pres., Rep. Cn. Vice-Pres. WilliamYeager Rock Island, Ill. Liberal Arts SAE Don Tolliver Phoenix, Arizona Mathematics X, Rush Ch., Sec., IFC, Greek Wk. Banq. Wayne Walker Mt. View, Calif. Zoology K Jon Young Florence, Ariz. Sociology AX, AK, Baird Sch., Huachuca Pres. Charles Tuell Bisbee, Arizona Zoology AT, UUCC, Young Ch ' man. William Ward Downey, Calif. Pol. Science KA Naomi Zinder Tucson, Arizona Chemistry A, Treas. Ramblers, Orch William Turner Safford, Arizona History A, Hist., Club, Baird Sch. Girard Wilkes Ridgewood, N.J. Philosophy Daniel Zion Streator, Ill. Government X, Football, Blue Key DIRECTOR PEARL P. COULTER SCHOOL OF NURSING In 1957 Mrs. Pearl P. Coulter joined the University of Arizona faculty as director of the School of Nursing. She received her diploma at the University of Colorado and her Bachelor and Master degrees at the University of Denver. Mrs. Coulter taught public health nursing to graduate nurses at George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, Tennessee. With an enrollment of 125, the School of Nursing is its third year under the College of Liberal Arts. A broad curriculum is offered leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The basic college program is approved by the Arizona State Board of Nurse Registration and Nursing Education. Four hours of Hospital practice a week are included in the freshman nursing program. During the succeeding years increasing emphasis is placed on clinical nursing. Care of mothers and children, care of the mentally ill and public health nursing are included in the clinical nursing program. Working in local doctors ' offices gives the students practical experience. Student nurses Edna Farrell, Emilie Hall and Beulah Morton examine the Demonstration Patient Unit. FACULTY: Row 1: Gladys Loretta Bermosk, Frieda Fanchette Goodkin, Agnes M. Aanodt, Joanne R. Rodier. Row 2: Katherine Mason, Myra V. C. Tobiason, Ruth M. Bvanconi. DEAN JAMES D. FORRESTER COLLEGE OF MINES Dean James D. Forrester has directed the College of Mines at the University of Arizona since 1956. Previously he was Dean of Mines at the University of Idaho, and director of the Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology. Dean Forrester is the director of the Arizona Bureau of Mines and the western regional vice president of the Society of Mining Engineers (AIME). He is also chairman-elect of the council of Education (AIME) for the year 1959-60. The College of Mines, established at the University of Arizona in 1940, gives educational service in the fields of geology, geological engineering, metallurgical engineering, mining engineering and chemical engineering. Degrees available in the college are BS, MS, and PhD in geology and metallurgy. Industrial scholarship awards totalling $11,000 a year are available for to students. Also, fellowship grants totaling $40,000 a year are granted for the purpose of engaging in research on problems of mineral industry. In addition to the instructional research program of the College of Mines, the Arizona Bureau of Mines operates within the total structure of the college for the purpose of rendering to the people of Arizona service and information mineral resources. Students assist Dr. Murphy measure pressure on metal. DEPARTMENT HEADS: Dr. F. W. Galbraith, Geology, Dr. T. M. Morris, Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, Dr. D. H. White, Chemical Engineering. MINE S SENIORS lzaddin Ali Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mining Eng., ISC, KC, AIME Robert L. Branin Dayton, Ohio Met. Eng. KA Sec.,Band, Baird Sch., Bowling Dennis DePasse Tucson, Arizona Geol. Eng. TB, ME, E, Sec., Lewisohn Sch Geol. Club, AIME Charles Field Tucson, Arizona Met. Eng. AIME Treas., ASM Exec., Anthro. Club Sully T. Hightower Yuma, Arizona Met. Eng. E, AIME, Kennecott Sch., ASM Richard Bates Tucson, Arizona Mining Eng. T, TB, E, Phelps Dodge Sch. AIME Vice-Pres. Dan Cislaghi Clifton, Arizona Civil Eng. ASCE, Newman Club Harold J. Downey Caratunk, Maine Geol. Eng. TB, AIME Neil R. Folkman Phoenix, Arizona Chem. Eng. Chem. Eng. Club Pres., Engineers Council Joe Howall Winslow, Arizona Met. Eng. X, E, ASM, AIME Robert Lee Brandenberger Tucson, Arizona Chemical Eng. Joe B. Davis Tucson, Arizona Mining Eng., Kennecott Sch., T, SUAB, AIME Pres.,Eng.Cn.Pres. Karl Elers Pasadena, Calif. Geol. Eng. Geol. Club, AIME Jim Ford Kingman, Arizona Mining Eng. Thomas Kimble Silver City, N.M. Mining Eng. AE, AIME MINES SENIORS Robert Kirby Morenci, Arizona Metallurg ' l Eng. TB, E, ASM, Oliver Sch., Phelps Dodge Sch. Kenneth Palmer Temple City, Calif Chemical Eng. E, Chemical Engineer Club Robert Scott Glendale, Arizona Chemical Eng. TB, E, ME Phelps Dodge Scholarship James Stokes Tucson, Arizona Metallurgy Eng. ASM, AIME John Wickman Gardena, Calif. Geological Eng. TB, E, AIME, ASM, Geology Club Charles Masters Glendale, Ariz. Geological Eng. T, KK Pershing Riffles, Band Dale Rodolff Phoenix, Arizona Mining Eng. E, AIME, ASM A Club, Kennecott Sch. William Seginski Tucson, Arizona Metallurgy A, Sophs, Ch. Gang, Bobcats, Who ' s Who Tim J. Tomko Tucson, Arizona Metallurgy Eng. Blue Key, Jr. Cn.,Trad. Cm., SUAB Dennis Winsten Ellenville, N. Y. Geological Eng . AT, Rec. Sec., TB, Sophs, Trad. Bernardino Natta Tucson, Arizona Metallurgy TB, E, ME ASM Sch., Engineer Coun. William Schleibaum Compton, Calif. AE Thomas Shumaker Three Rivers, Michigan Mining Eng. AIME Len Van Tome Vancouver, Wash. Metallurgy Eng. E, ASM, ASM Sch. Saul Zalsman Hedera, Israel Metallurgy International stipend Work of a fluidizing reactor is explained by instructors. MINES FACULTY: Row 1: D. H. White, J. K. Anthony, J. D. Forrester, T. M. Morris, F. W. Galbraith. Row 2: H. E. Krumlauf, W. C. Lacy, T. W. Mitcham, E. B. Mayo, E. J. McCullough, Jr. Row 3: J. F. Schreiber, Jr., F. L. Stubbs, M. C. Gardner, Robert A. Damon, J. F. Carley, D. J. Murphy. Row 4: John W. Ant hony, Mark A. Melton, Halsey W. Miller, T. G. Chapman, G. H. Roseveare, J. B. Cunningham. Row 5: Harry J. Olson, Paul E. Damon, Louis J. Demer, John W. Harshbarger, Sigmund L. Smith, Jay C. Dotson. Row 6: John F. Lance, E. R. Drevdahl, R. M. Edwards. DEAN WILLIS R. BREWER COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Dean Willis R. Brewer has served as Dean of the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy since 1952. Dean Brewer came to the University in 1949 as associate professor of pharmacognosy. Beginning this year the College of Pharmacy offers a PhD degree. To receive this a student takes five years of undergraduate study, another year for a Master of Science degree, and usually two to three more years for a PhD. There are now 107 students doing undergraduate work and four doing graduate studies in the College of Pharmacy. Pharmacy is now in its second year in handling the University branch of the Arizona Poison Control Information Centers. These control centers, located in emergency wards of hospitals, contain information on the nature of the poison in any commercial product on the market today. In Pharmacy, students test these products to find out which can be poisonous and what possible medication there is for them. This network is maintained by the University in cooperation with the Arizona Medical Association. The program has been intensified by financial support from the United States Public Health Service and from the Pharmaceutical Industry. Professional societies of Pharmacy are Kappa Psi and Phi Delta Chi for men and Kappa Epsilon for women. Also, Rho Chi is a scholastic honorary. PHARMACY SENIORS Richard Bleich Tucson, Arizona Pharmacy TA, X, 1 2 Martm. Sch., APhA Donald H. Getty Tucson, Arizona Pharmacy N, K, AA, Traditions Charles Hoel Aurora, Illinois Pharmacy AE, K, Vice-Pres., AA Dean A. Duncan Tucson, Arizona Pharmacy K, PX, Pharm. Sr. Class Sgt-at-Arms Morris Gortler Phoenix, Arizom Pharmacy K, Treas., AA Milo Kentera Tucson, Arizona Pharmacy K, AA Football Aaron Ezrailson Tucson, Arizona Pharmacy Hillel, AA Wm. Gunness Tucson, Arizona Pharmacy K, Historian, APhA James O. Knox Santa Ana, Calif. Pharmacy K, Treas., Pres., PX, Sec., AA A study of Cancer Research is carried on by Ola Macias and Metta Lou Henderson. PHARMACY FACULTY: Lincoln Chin, Albert L. Picchioni, Vartkes Simonian, Jack R. Cole, Joseph A. Zapotocky, Dean Willis R. Brewer, Mary E. Caldwell. Phillip Bruce McDoniel Bisbee, Arizona Pharmacy K, Sch., Traditions Don Marten Oshkosh, Wisc. Pharmacy K V. Schaunaman Bisbee, Arizona Pharmacy KE, AA Gary Talley Rialto, Calif. Pharmacy AT,K, Baseball Robert G. Marder Lemon Grove, Cal. Pharmacy AX, Sgt-at-Arms, Treas., Amer. Phrm Assn. Pres. Rep. Cn Edward G. Mogerman Phoenix, Arizona Pharmacy, Sec., AA K John Swire Tucson, Arizona Pharmacy K, AA, AX Scholarship Wilson Woo Winslow, Arizona Pharmacy X, PX, AA Pillette Sch., U. Gen. Sch., Award PHARMACY SENIORS Pharmacy graduates Richard Childs and Richard Hammer and Gary Tally, a senior, prepare tablets to sell. MARY PILGRIM DIRECTOR WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Mary Pilgrim is completing her second year as Director of Physical Education for Women. She received her Master of Science degree from State University and came to the University of in 1942 as a physical education instructor. Miss Pilgrim held the Arizona State Championship in in 1945 and 1949. Facilities of the department include tennis courts, gymnasium, swimming pool, practice field, dance floor, pool tables and basketball courts. This year a trampoline was added and a course in body dynamics is now offered. Sports Days are held each year with intercollegiate participation in golf, tennis, badminton, swimming and fencing. The extensive intramural program offered by the department includes fencing, archery, basketball, bowling volleyball, co-recreational volleyball, golf, dance, field hockey and softball. Women ' s athletic honoraries are Putters, golf; Club, tennis; Orchesis, dance; Mermaids, " A " Club, and Fencing Club. FACULTY: Row I: Ethel Hibbs, Mary Pavlich, Ruth Wynn, Mary Pilgrim, Donna Miller, Alta Gaynor. Row 2: Anne Margaret Hupp, Agnes Garner, Shirley Gorman, Betty Ann Dial, Elizabeth Gatewood, Marjorie Price, Betty Hileman. M. R. " DICK " CLAUSEN DIRECTOR MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION In 1958 M. R. Clausen came from the University of New Mexico to become Head of the Department of Physical Education for Men and athletic director. He received his BA from Iowa University and his MA from Northwestern University. The Department of Athletics and Physical Education for men includes three sections: physical fitness and teacher training, intercollegiate athletics and intramural athletics. Intercollegiate courses include baseball, golf, basketball, football, tennis, track and swimming. sports are tennis, swimming, basketball, golf, wrestling, track, cross country, flag football, table tennis, horseshoes, pocketbilliards, handball, volleyball, softball, badminton, fencing and riflery. The facilities of the department include a baseball field, quarter mile track, swimming pool, football practice field and tennis courts. The University is a member of the National Athletic Association and the Border Conference. Sigma Delta Psi is the athletic honorary organization. FACULTY: Row 1: F. Sancet, F. B. Roby, C. H. Ott, J. LaRue, J. L. Picard, M. R. Clausen, R. S. Svob, F. T. Gibbings, P. B. McLaughlin, F. W. Soltys, F. A. Enke. Row 2: J. R. Rowden, E. Thomas, R. G. Snyder, R. A. Tatum, W. E. Larsen, E. Linta, C. L. Magness. Row 3: W. K. Coopwood, R. Marciniak, C. W. Cooper, E. M. Cavanaugh, V. F. Howe, E. T. Wallace, R. E. Carr. Row 4: J. Lowry, G. F. Yuhas. Colonel James F. McKinley from West Point in 1941 as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army. He has been in the Army for 18 years. This is Colonel McKinley ' s third year at UA. Colonel William G. Downey was graduated from UA in 1938 with a B.S. degree. He served as public information officer to the Secretary of the Air Force before coming to UA and has been on active duty since 1941. COL. McKINLEY COL. DOWNEY SCHOOL OF MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS Composed of Army and Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, the University of Arizona School of Military Science and Tactics is located in Old Main. ROTC has a four year program which can lead to a in the US Army or the Air Force. The first two years of this program consists of drill and classes in weapons, maps, weather, navigation and geography. In Army ROTC selected men are assigned to the " Red Tab " program which constitutes in leadership and command. Selection of the men to continue ROTC for another two years is highly competitive. Those cadets who are selected to continue, study battle group tactics, leadership and other subjects related to command. Colonel Downey recently instigated, for Air Force ROTC, Silver Wing, a Flying Club for men and Angels Flight for women. Enrolled in Army ROTC are approximately 1000 men, and in the Air Force ROTC 1200 men. FRANK ADAMS ARMY SENIOR CADET TOM HARRIS AIR SENIOR CADET AIR-FORCE SENIORS: Row 1: Dennis Roberts, Barry Herlihy, Thomas Harris, Morris Blumenthal, Leonard Estrada, Mariscal. Row 2: Maxie Allen, Clarence Campbell, William Milani, James Massoglia, Michael Bennett, John O ' Hara, David Carey. Row 3: Andrew Kemmerer, David War man, Robert Brandenberger, James Geist, William Whittlesey, Robert Prather, Robert Governs, Hamilton McRae. ARMY FACULTY: Row I: Captain Buccolo, Major William G. Chisholm, Lt. Col. Wilkie, Col. James F. McKinley, Lt. Col. Charles W. Harbaugh, Major Warren S. Jungerheld, Capt. Middleton. Row 2: Capt. George H. Schappaugh, SFC Howell, M Sgt. Carmichael, M Sgt. Whitten E. Sink, Sgt. Ralph A. Lewis. AIR FORCE FACULTY: Row 1: Capt. A. A. Schmucker, Maj. C. J. Bueche, Maj. E. D. Yoakum, Col. W. J. Downey, Maj. J. E. Wilkinson, Capt. K. D. Fousel. Row 2: Capt. V. R. Tocci, S Sgt. F. W. Deck, T Sgt. C. R. Leon, T Sgt. C. C. M Sgt. E. E. Matt, T Sgt. J. V. Cuce, A lc J. D. Charley. ARMY SENIORS: Row 1: Prince Pierson, Buddy Sessions, John Willis, Edward Smith, Jess Aldridge, Sid Adams, Joe Gunter, Dan Shafton, Buddy Maurer, Allan Fork, Jerry Miller. Row 2: Ron Walker, Joe Larry Leahy, Bill Estes, John Metzger. Row 3: Bill Chinworth, Jerry Garrett, Joe Barnes, Ted Schmidt, John Benson, Barry Rabbitt, Geoff Fox, Tom Berresford, Dan Zion, Robert Humphrey. Row 4: Will Rapp, Lee Schifano, Lyn Cornett, Ed Morgan, Jim Brown, Tom Jimerson. DEAN F. PENDLETON GAINES, JR. Dr. F. Pendleton Gaines, Jr. was chosen this year as Dean of Continuing and Summer Session. He received his BA from UA in 1942 standing first in his class and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi SUMMER SCHOOL The Summer Session offerings of the University of Arizona will include several notable workshops and more than 250 courses in 35 fields. These are primarily designed for students who wish to accelerate progress toward bachelor ' s, master ' s, or doctor ' s degrees, for those who wish to concentrate on only one or two subjects at a time or for members of the general public who wish to spend the slow summer hours in pursuit of knowledge. An integral part of the University organization, the Summer Session maintains similar standards of academic and gives full residence credit. Visiting consultants and University of Arizona specialists will join in a series of public lectures on topics of current interest. All University research facilities will be in full operation and summer session students are invited to visit them in guided tours. The Arizona State Museum, the University Art Galleries and the Museum of the Arizona Pioneers Historical Society will be open to all summer session students. In addition, Humanities Study Tours directed by qualified instructors will visit historic sites in foreign and give academic credit. The following field schools will maintain their high standards and vital courses: Archaeology, Point of Pines, for selected advanced students; Civil Engineering, Flagstaff, for civil engineering; Geology, St. Michaels, for geologists. In all, a timely and challenging program is offered to summer students with full use of all facilities. Summer students on Dr. Ewing ' s study tour of Mexico view historic Monte Alban. Working in the bacti-lab, Mark and Goodrun Danielson represent a program permitting gifted children to do work on campus in summer. 100 of heat doesn ' t keep summer students from attending morning classes. RESEARCH Richard K. Frevert Agricultural Experiment Station Howard A. Baldwin Applied Research Laboratory A. Richard Kassander, Jr. Arid Lands Research Committee James D. Forrester Arizona Bureau of Mines Gene M. Nordby Arizona Transportation and Traffic Institute Lauren W. Casaday Bureau of Business and Public Research William H. Kelley Bureau of Ethnic Research Lyle K. Sowls Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit Thomas L. Martin Engineering Experimental Station Terah L. Smiley Geochoronology Laboratories A. Richard Kassander Institute of Atmospheric Physics Sol D. Resnick Institute of Water Utilization Terah L. Smiley Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research A. Wayne Waymore Numerical Analysis Laboratory Albert L. Picchioni Poison Control Information Center Edwin F. Carpenter Steward Observatory Growth in scientific and engineering research at UA is an important section of the expansion and development of the University. The tremendous increase in " sponsored " research in the past five years is a reliable measurement of confidence in research capabilities. Research is an integral part of the educational process and in a broad sense is the basis of all knowledge. Thus, it follows that scientific and technological research activity is a measure of how well an institution is meeting the challenge of our times. Since 1954-55 money received from institutions sponsoring UA research has increased seven times. A vital factor in dealing with any field of knowledge is the philosophy behind it. Research can be defined as the " patient study and investigation in some field of knowledge, undertaken to establish facts or principles. " The University is striving to correlate the scientific, cultural, and practical side of research so that it will provide a field of study in which the student is able to participate and one that may benefit the community as well. Research efforts at UA have been concentrated in areas where natural exist such as arid land and disease research which the Desert is this year. ARID LANDS PROGRAM How man can live in and utilize the arid regions of the earth is the key question in an international research effort carried on by the UA Arid Lands Program. The program is concentrated in the Southwest, an arid region of particular interest to scientists because it offers a large variety of research problems. The fact that roughly one-third of the earth ' s surface consists of arid or land constitutes a reality with which man cannot compromise in face of the expanding world population and fixed political boundaries. Because a person uses between 150-200 gallons of water a day it is that the scientists are concerned with finding out ways of better limited available water supplies for an expanding population. The three-year exploratory study of the Utilization of Arid Lands is an investigation supported by the University, and the Rockefeller Dr. David L. Patrick is director of the program and the departmental project leaders are: Dr. Emil W. Haury, Archaeology; Dr. Charles H. Lowe, Biology; Dr. A. Richard Kassander, Jr., Climatology; Mr. Terah L. Smiley, Geochronology, and Dr. John W. Harshberger, Geohydrology. The U. S. Survey is a cooperating agency in the program. Broadly the goal of the program is the gaining of fundamental knowledge of the physical and biological processes involved in the arid regions of the world. Through this knowledge and the study of the history of man ' s adaptation to the climatic stresses in such regions it is to be hoped that in the future man may better utilize the substantial portion of the earth ' s surface in his population expansion. Progress in this vast program of cooperative research has been encouraging. The carefully prepared plan of attack adopted by the Arid Lands Research has been followed in the first year of the program. It is apparent that the plan was not only sound but also broad enough to permit certain research and educational benefits which might not have been available under a more program. After a cold all night experiment, Dr. Harris measures the amount of water being transpired into the air as vapor from the Saguaro cactus plant by enclosing the entire plant with a plastic hood. This picture was taken about 6 in the morning. Taken near Safford, Arizona, this picture illustrates one of the methods early Indians used to utilize surface water. Shown here are check dams to impede the flow of water, thus, making planting possible. Drilling for samples of sediment to determine their water-bearing characteristics is one of the activities of geohydrologists in arid land study. Purification of carbon dioxide in the Carbon 14 Lab enables A. Long to measure the amount of radioactive carbon 14 present in organic material. In this way organic material is dated. To enable geochronologists to learn of past animal ecological conditions, research associate, Lionel Brady, reconstructs the fossilized mastedon remains for detailed study. DISEASE RESEARCH Working mostly with dogs in his research in Valley Fever, Dr. Reed points out the growth caused by the disease in the hind leg. Pictured is a magnified view of the tobacco mosaic virus to be studied by Dr. Siegel. Dr. Caldwell prepares liquid plant materials for shipment to cancer screening centers by subjecting them to a freezing process. The University of Arizona is rapidly becoming a research center for diseases that plaque mankind. Activity running into hundreds of thousands of dollars is going on in many departments, including Bacteriology and Medical Technology, Agriculture and the College of Pharmacy. Evidencing the importance of disease research at UA, the US Public Health Service is backing a new doctoral training program in Bacteriology and Medical Technology under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Wertman which will get underway officially July 1, 1960. The program will train candidates in the fields of virus and rickettsial disease research. Much current research at the University is being directed towards an understanding of infections caused by soilborne fungi. For the past year, Dr. Adelaide Evenson of the Department of Bacteriology, with several graduate students, has been investigating desert-area fungi in order to the potential disease producers. Dr. Raymond Reed, animal pathologist in UA College of Agriculture, has received continual support since 1952 from the USPHS for research designed to discover what physiological changes occur, to cause Valley Fever, in the infected individual. Other research projects of the College of Agriculture include those of Mrs. Alice Stanfield and Dr. Albert Siegel. Mrs. Stanfield, working in with the Department of Agricultural Biochemistry and the South Western Clinic and Research Institute, Inc., maintains one of the few existing tissue culture laboratories attempting to uncover the mystery of rheumatoid arthritis. She carries on her research under a three-year grant of $123,800 from U.S. Public Health Service. Dr. Siegel has received a $95,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to support his nucleic-acid-virus research program. Factors contributing to the susceptibility of diabetics to infection is a scientific puzzle which Dr. Kenneth Wertman, head of the Bacteriology Department, assisted by several graduate students, is striving to solve. In the College of Pharmacy, Dr. Mary Caldwell approaches the problem of cancer by examining native plants to locate a potential medicinal agent for treatment of the disease. The National Cancer Institute screens Dr. Caldwell ' s plant extracts. She has been supported by many institutions, including the Elsa U. Pardee Foundation. Lab assistant Mary Shough feeds human tissue, taken from a patient with arthritis, with fresh medium. Her working room must be ster ilized. Analyzing serum protein of diabetic blood on an electro-phyoresis, Mary Henney, student in bacteriology, studies the problem of diabetic susceptibility to disease. Under direction of Dr. Evenson, a graduate student identifies pathogenic fungi in a medical micology laboratory. HONORARIES PHI BETA KAPPA National Scholastic University Honorary Founded in 1776 Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest Greek letter society. The local chapter was formed in 1932. Membership requirements stress superior scholarship, with, by the senior year, a 1.45 up to a 1.65 cumulative grade average, depending on the units of resident work, plus high character and service to the University. Final acceptance is based on a vote of the active members. BETA GAMMA SIGMA National scholastic BPA honorary Along with their graduating sheepskins, Business and Public Administration seniors who have been in the upper ten percent of their class for seven semesters and have not less than a 1.8 cumulative grade average may receive the lifetime membership into Beta Gamma Sigma. Prospective members are voted upon by the active members in the spring. The upper three percent of the junior class are also eligible for entrance, providing their grade average is above 1.8 and they are approved by the active chapter. PHI KAPPA PHI National scholastic liberal arts honorary On the University campus for 44 years, students of any college with an outstanding record in both scholarship and activities may be elected to Phi Kappa Phi. The active members vote on the upper two percent (1.25 average or better) of the junior class and upper six percent (1.5 cumulative average and two years resident work) of the senior class. Phi Kappa Phi also gives scholarships to under-graduate students. The outstanding senior is selected each year by this honorary and his name is engraved on a plaque in the library. PHI BETA KAPPA: Row 1: Joseph Foster, Loyal Gryting, Charles Wallraff, Edwin Kurtz, Raymond Thompson, David Windsor, Donald Alderson. Row 2: L. E. Roberts, W. W. Shirey, Margaret Forgach, Inez Thrift, Leahmae McCoy, Lutie Higley, Phyllis Gibbs, Julia Harlan, Babette Luz, Beverly Carnevale, R. W. Bretall. Row 3: John Reynolds, J. W. Huggins, Leon Blitzer, Larry R. Commissaris, L. D. Clark, Phillip G. Hudson, Vincent Boland, S. Robert Greenberg, Edwin F. Carpenter, Daniel S. Dudley, Harvey Cohn, Robert L. Nugent, Desmond Powell. BETA GAMMA SIGMA: Row 1: Ira Mishkind, Emily Thompson, Joyce Orms Mawgum, McRae, J. W. Ciaccio. Row 2: A. B. Schmidt, E. G. Wood, P. G. Hudson, G. L. Hyde, F. O. Bogart, G. W. Strikler, L. W. Casaday, Andrew Wilson, Louis Myers, Shaw Livermore. PHI KAPPA PHI: Row 1: J. T. Hunt, B. Luz, M. P. Hamilton, R. B. Streets. Row 2: Max Vosskuhler, Howard E. Ray, H. T. Smith, Martin Massengale, R. W. Cline, E. B. Kurtz. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA: Joe DeNardo, Lloyd Moon, Howard Smith, Jack Sallid, John Coffman. ALPHA KAPPA DELTA: Row 1: James Officer, Mrs. Ester Levy, Ruth Tanner, Dr. Raymond Mulligan, Jessie Carnevale, Jon N. Young. Row 2: Dr. Conrad, Dr. Klaiss, Robert Coffey, Dr. Yoshino, Peter L. Loskouski. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA National advertising honorary " ADS " members are selected on the basis of their achievement as advertising majors. ALPHA KAPPA DELTA National scholastic sociology honorary Sociology majors with a 2.0 or above average are invited to join this scholastic honorary which is one of 60 chapters spread across the nation. ALPHA KAPPA PSI National men ' s business honorary Alpha Kappa Psi fosters research in the fields of commerce, finance and accounts in order to promote interest in business. ALPHA KAPPA PSI: Row 1: John Armstrong, John S. Maier, Tom Gordon, Walter Kirk, J. E. Brown, David A. Henderson, Larry Leahy, Joe Zimmerman Jr., Will Rapp, William Matthew Slobin. Row 2: Bob Rush, Lloyd Rabb, Tom Berresford, Jack Mutnick, Clifford Holtz, Tom Isabel, Ric hard Jackson, Carl Holder, James R. Chappel, Roy S. Pellerin, Sheldon Broder, Henry C. Johnson, Wayne H. Clouser, Rod McDougall. Row 3: William Tewksbury, Paul Chuppa, James Harrigan, Bob Wakeman, Ray Garland, Henry G. Amado, Don E. Keller, C. G. Nolan, Chuck Adams, Bill Dunphy, Weldon Sebree, James Souter, Charles Humphrey. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA National freshman women ' s scholastic honorary Alpha Lambda Delta is a women ' s honorary for those with a 1.5 average accumulated during either semester of their freshman year. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: Row 1: Joyce Van Reenen, Sonya Frampton, Phyllis Rakita, Judy Winter, Kathleen Pennington, Joan Khoshbin, Babette Luz. Row 2: Judy Osten, Sue Pooler, Lynne Bringhurst, Delore Strassburger, Gail Scripps, Barb Angela Halley. Row 3: Diane Burk, Linda Bixler, Linda Irick, Paula Todd, Kathy Dodge, Janice Cooper. ALPHA PHI OMEGA National scouting service honorary Requirements for membership include former participation in scouting and a desire to advance scouting principles. ALPHA PHI OMEGA: John Bridges, Richard Chadwick, Mike Hartman, Tony Cole, Matt Slobin, Jim Chappel, Bob Rheineggar, Robert Christofk, Charles Downs. ALPHA OMICRON Women ' s home economics honorary Junior or Senior women with a 2.0 average and a major in home economics are qualified as members of Alpha Omicron. ALPHA OMICRON: Row 1: Dr. Hall, Jan Gates, Mary Ann Knight, Dr. Thompson. Row 2: Joan Cooper, Hallie Will, Carolyn Shirk. ALPHA TAU ALPHA: Row I: Ronald Robert Sotomayor, Richard Rabago, Marion Brown, Bill Cox, Charlie Van Meter, Gordon Hall, Andy Mayberry. Row 2: R. J. Williams, Paul Kovash, L. E. Heals, JimLaubscher, Je rry Barrow, Pat English, Carnell Sipes, Dean Root, Gary McBride, Max Peck, R. W. Cline. ALPHA TAU ALPHA National professional agriculture education fraternity To be qualified for membership in Alpha Tau Alpha, agriculture education majors must maintain above a 2.5 grade average. AIME: Row I: William E. Collins, John Dave Hammel, Charles Troutman, Hewlett, Louis Thoreson. Row 2: Charles Field, Dennis DePasse, Joe Davis, Richard Bates, Dale W. Rodolff, Thomas Shumaker, Clarence Walker, Azim I. Azimi. Row 3: Jameson, Freeman Smith, Dave Hogan, Bill McClellan, Bob Gordon, Don Wright, John Wickman, Bob Braatz. AIME National professional mining and metallurgical engineering association AIME invites speakers and procures films for its meetings in order to further the students ' interest in the mining industry. The group is affiliated with the national AIME. ARNOLD AIR: Row 1: David K. Warman, Barry H. Herlihy, Dennis Roberts, Hamilton McRae, Tom Harris, Morris Blumenthal, Bill Milam. Row 2: Antonio Y. Figueroa, Leonard P. Estrada, Robert L. Prather, Favil West, Danny Mariscal, Alan Young. Row 3: Mickey Doty, William R. Collette, Bob McCusker, Oscar Ferrell, Lew Riggs, Carl A. Bowers. Row 4: Darell R. Fisher, Andrew Berry, Loyd W. Elsberry, Wayne M. Douglas, Joe D. Prior G. Thwaits. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY National Air Force student honorary Those in Arnold Air Society become second lieutenants in the air force upon graduation. Members are in advanced ROTC. ASCE American society of civil engineers The American Society of Civil is open to all students in civil engineering. Bi-monthly meetings feature various speakers and films on subjects of interest to the members. Programs are centered around the civil engineering field. ASCE: Row 1: Laurence G. Rasmussen, Gary E. Tesch, Dan Yoder, Maynard Don Webb. Row 2: Don Chery, David Weaver, Jack Burns, David R. S. Heller, Alex Sheydayi, Myron Harmon, Quentin Mees. Row 3: George Barr, Bill McCaig, Ed Westall, Ronald Williams, John Paquette, Larry Seal, James Trethewey, James Barber, Lincoln Hathaway. ASME: Row 1: Bill Watson, Norman Roy, Matthew Ajeman, Pe Nyunt, Jeff Truxal, Bruce Casady, Jerry Schmidt, Robert H. Jones. Row 2: Robert Jim McCoy, Ralph Heffelman, Allan Anderson, Rolf K. Murchison, secretary, Jim Wagner, president, Tom Jimerson, vice-president, Tom Russell, Jim Emrick, Harvy Munn. ASME National professional mechanical engineering association The mechanical engineering is the link between the student and professional work. Meetings are held bi-monthly. AIEE-IRE: Row I: R. L. Walker, Tom Raper, Dick Greon, Keith Kingsbury, Dwight Huster, Dale Hund, James Kimes. Row 2: Don Saunders, William Hlusko, Albert Yee, William Ebert, Patrick Moss, Richard Kuebler, Robert Heard. AIEE-IRE National professional electrical and radio engineering association The bi-monthly meetings feature on current subjects of engineering interest. Group discussion of these allow members to meet engineers in industry. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION: Front to rear: Row 1: Milo Kentera, Wilson Bow Woo, Hank Winship, Bob Marder, Al Hernandez, Ola Macias, Jack Swire, Jim Waters, Dick King, Greg Sinclair, Bruce McDoniel, Chuck Hoel, Bill Wheeler. Row 2: Tom Katafiasz, Jerry Whiteacre, Hugh Laird, Eugene Yutus, Kathleen Smiley, Janet Bedo, Metta Lou Henderson, Mary Ellen Heinz, Vera Mae Schaunaman, Unidentified, Don Getty, A. Dean Duncan, Bill Gunness. Row 3: Dr. Jack Cole, Dr. Albert Picchioni, Dean Willis R. Brewer, Dr. Lincoln Chin, Dr. Joseph Zapotocky, Jim Knox, Herb Meshel. Row 4: Mrs. Jeanette Rebillot, Rudy Bustamante, Algert, Wesley Peterson, Mrs. P. J. Leatherman, Mrs. Miriam McClure, Carl McHenry, Jim Norris, John Chandler, Morris Gortler, Ed Mogerman. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION National professional pharmacy association The organization located on this campus is the student branch of the National American Pharmaceutical Association. Qualifications for this group include a 3.0 average and a strong interest in pharmacy. ALPHA RHO TAU Local art honorary Art majors and minors with a 2.0 average the membership of this honorary which puts on two art shows each year. ALPHA ZETA National scholastic agriculture honorary The purpose of Alpha Zeta is to promote and leadership. To belong, a student must have been in the college for three semesters. ALPHA RHO TAU: Row 1: Rubi Iatarola, Jean Raima Roper, Nancylee Burks, Carolyn Gibbs, Regina Duggan. Row 2: James G. Souden, Jon Alquist, Glenn Kricheldorf, Dave Hacket, Tom Wiper. ALPHA ZETA: Row 1: Gerry Ault, Jon Peek, Bruce Powers, Don Smith, Chuck Raetzman. Row 2: Ronald Wolhart, W. T. Hayer, James Calvin, John Boynton, John Sottnek. Row 3: Hugh Weech, Dale Deal, John Nelson, Marion Brown, Art Flores, Vincent Ogurek. BETA BETA BETA: Row 1: Smitty Crane, Mary Foard, Sharon Proctor, Diane Fordney, Leona Shapiro, Metta Lou Henderson, Connie Christensen. Row 2: Roy Cameron, Robert Posner, Joel Rosenstein, Ed Andres, C. W. Ferguson, Kaoro Matsuda, Robert Hoshaw. Row 3: E. L. Cockrum, Eugene Margolis, Charles Davis, Bill Mast, Paul Minnamon, Dick Rigby, John Gerdes, Sam Blakesley . BETA BETA BETA National biological sciences honorary Membership requires 12 credit hours in a biological science with a 2.5 overall grade average and an interest in advancing the goals of science. DELTA PSI KAPPA Women ' s physical education honorary Delta Psi Kappa assists in running recreational sports for girls by providing officials. Also, the honorary attempts to interest all girls in sports by sponsoring tournaments. DELTA SIGMA RHO National forensic honorary Two years of speech experience in speech tournaments is the membership requirement of Delta Sigma Rho. DELTA PSI KAPPA: Seated: Betty Jones, Lynne Dailey, Nancy Gould, Peg Mittendorf. Standing: Agnes Garner, Barbara Hancock, Brenda Bowker, Jean Thompson, Anne Toldrian, Rosemary Gala, Barbara Cason, Mary Pilgrim. DELTA SIGMA RHO: J. W. Patterson, Ed Morgan, John Schatteles, Stan Siegal, Glorianne Engel. DELTA SIGMA PI National professional BPA fraternity Delta Sigma Pi endeavors to serve the business college, the University student body and the business community in its activities. DELTA SIGMA PI: Row 1: Ismael Almada, Don Collier, Ken Allen, Larry Rhoades, Steve Shepard, Don Gibbons, Tom Goodwin, Don Oliver. Row 2: Delane Carpenter, Roy Page, Bob Breininger, Larry Prather, Warren Wentink, Dave Warman, John Shea, Bill Sargeant, Basel Blanton, Bill Downey. KAPPA EPSILON National women ' s pharmacy sorority The goals of Kappa Epsilon are to organize women pharmacists and to stimulate professional interest. KAPPA EPSILON: Ola Macias, Mary Ellen Heinz, Janet Bedo, Mattalou Henderson, Kathleen Smiley. KAPPA KAPPA PSI National men ' s band honorary Kappa Kappa Psi, a national honorary fraternity, which strives to promote interest in University bands and honor outstanding KAPPA KAPPA PSI: Row 1: Fred Case, Roy Campbell, William Briscoe, Jerry Low, Allen Kubishke, Charles Sessions, Lyle Koch. Row 2: William Chinworth, Mike Elzey, Hector Espinosa, William Bolerjack, Frank Honschoulder, William Stevens, Fred Dotton, James Leary, Don Bennett, Charles Green, Charles Boyer, Robert Potter, Smith Reeves, Marian Sagar. KAPPA PSI: Row 1: Bill Gunness, Dean Brewer, Carl McHenery, Dick King, Doug Getty, Ed Mogerman, Gregory Sinclair, Charles Hoel, Morris Goitler, Bruce McDaniel. Row 2: James Know, J. A. Zajegtocky, A. L. Picchioni, J. R. Cole, Fred Freemon, Norman Conn, Dick Kinney, Bill Wheeler, Milo Kentere, A. B. Duncan, Daryl Smith, Jack Soipe, Hank Winship, Gary Talley. KAPPA PSI National scholastic pharmacy honorary Membership requires a student to have completed 15 units in the Pharmacy College with a 3.0 NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS National drama honorary A junior or senior must be outstanding in dramatics and approved by the national chapter to be for membership. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS: Seated: Peggy Pritchard, Nancy Jessel, Kendall Clingerman, Jane Robinson, Mike Murphy, Standing: Joan Stearns, Judy Hughes, Patty Fillmer, Gretchen Buterbaugh, Dian Horwitz, Betty Kincaid, Phil Hendron, Vic Coletti, Mary Loomis Rule, Jim Newcomer, Bruce Pearson. PERSHING RIFLES: James R. Chappel, Lynn Sanders, David Lord, Peter Reiter, John D. Bridges, Robert Keri, Henry Dubuy, Bill Wardrop, Linford H. Hines. PERSHING RIFLES National underclassmen ' s military honorary Any freshman or sophomore cadet in ROTC who meets certain military standards can become a member of Pershing Rifles. The goal is to perfect high quality drill teams. PHI ALPHA DELTA: Row 1: Ben Marshall, Thelton Beck, Alton Riggs, Jack O ' Dowd, Ray Davis. Row 2: Earl Pugh, Al Rogers, Dick Baker, Stan Jerman, Dave Novick. Row 3: Sid Weiner, John Contreras, Ron Cooley, Frank Bridenhager, Don Shrouder, Dwight Eller. Row 4: Paul Hunter, Les Shackelford, William S. Barnes, Joe Jim Ben Hoar, Merle Allen. PHI ALPHA DELTA International law fraternity Any law student in good standing is eligible to become a of Phi Alpha Delta, an international legal fraternity with chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Their are to promote a greater interest and more understanding of law. PHI ALPHA THETA History honorary Phi Alpha Theta fosters group discussions between faculty and students interested in history. The honorary attempts to apply history ' s lessons and warnings to our present society. PHI ALPHA THETA: Row 1: Patricia Lucille Williams, Mable Forseth, Taylor, Glenda Richter, Ruth George, J. Gregory Oswald, Ray Brandes. Row 2: J. A. Carroll, James Donohoe, Russell Ewing, Lenard Brown, John Willis, Howard Daniels, MacReynolds, C. O. Hucker, Harold Kopper, Paul Esacove, Herman Bateman. PHI DELTA CHI: Row 1: Wilson Bow Woo, Jimmy Lee, Jim Norris, Hugh Laird, Larry White, Ron Gillespie, Tom Katafiasz, John Chandler, Adolf Diaz. Row 2: Dick Bleich, Al Hernandez, Herb Meshel, Norman Algert, Eugene Yutsus, John Janda, Jerry Whiteacre, Dick Draper, Bob Marder. PHI DELTA CHI National pharmacy professional fraternity Phi Delta Chi is a national professional pharmaceutical fraternity. An above average student in the College of Pharmacy is eligible for membership in this honorary. Every two years a scholastic award is given to an sophomore student. PHI DELTA PHI National law fraternity Requirements for membership in Phi Delta Phi include being a student, graduate student or law instructor in attendance at a law school where a chapter of the fraternity is established. Meetings include programs of speakers to discuss current law problems. PHI DELTA PHI: Row 1: Clifford Bleich, Melvin Sternberg, Robert Royal, Ed Hohn, Forest Cahlan, historian, David Pakula, treasurer, Tom Slutes, president; C. N. Brice, secretary, James Murphy, Marvin Fortman, Alexander Russin, Bob Buchanan, Dick Frederick, Moise Berger, Lew Cook, Joe Brinig. Row 2: Richard Machmer,Bob Martin Alan Polley Grant Bird, Gary Keltner, John J. Campo, A. E. Larson, Jim Rolle, Lou Ferrara, Phil Weeks, Warner Leppin, Lee Esch, A. H. Miller, Dave Grounds, Phil Marquardt. Row 3: Ron Logar, John McDonald, Jerry Lawson, James Abbey, Theodore Matz, Art Navarro, C. O. Tinsley, Joe Jenkes, Leigh Carson, Ralph Soelter, Robert Broomfield, L. R. Perry, Dick Coolidge. PHI ET A SIGMA: Row 1: MacReynolds, Phil Vosshuhler, Al " Corky " Olsen, Don Collins, Doug Dunipace, Barney Hunts, Kirk Young, Ronald Bennett. Row 2: Jon Coppa, Hal Crawford, John Murphy, Samuel Oppenheim, James Cooper, James Bunch, Mike Larriva, Jon Peek, Fred Montgomery. PHI ETA SIGMA Freshmen men ' s scholastic honorary The requirement for consideration for membership in Phi Eta Sigma is a 1.5 average throughout the freshman year. PHI LAMBDA UPSILON National scholastic men ' s chemistry honorary Phi Lambda Upsilon is a chemistry honorary striving to advance interest in scientific research with emphasis in chemistry. PHI LAMBDA UPSILON: Richard Childs, Kenneth Zahn, Stanley Greenberg, Roy Cameron, Kaoru Matsuda, R. H. Diven, Harold Nordby, Milton Smith. PHI MU ALPHA Men ' s national music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha, Men ' s National Music Fraternity, has as its purpose the promotion of music on the and the promotion of brotherhood of musicians. The faculty advisor is Don Hardisty. PHI MU ALPHA: Bud Sessions, Phil Rehfeldt, Smith Reeves, Lester Weil, Robert Potter, Evert Green, Charles Boyer, Lyle Koch. PI DELTA PHI National scholastic French honorary Students with a 1.5 average in French are eligible to be voted into Pi Delta Phi by the French and the active members. PI DELTA PHI: Arthur Beattie, John Homer Miller, Joy Ann Bedo, Sally Janda, Loyal Gryting, John Brooks. PI LAMBDA THETA: Row 1: Darla McRae, Pauline McCommas, Wendee Werder, Marilyn Citron, Leona Shapiro. Row 2: Gladys Merrick, Shirley Vanskike, Kathy Malone, Enid W. Scott, Janet Brough. PI LAMBDA THETA National women ' s education honorary All women in the educational field are eligible for membership. The activities include sponsoring a foreign student and awarding a scholarship to an outstanding senior girl. PI MU EPSILON National scholastic mathematics honorary Meetings, which are held once a month, include speakers whose profession is chemistry or related subjects. Members are required to have a 1.0 average through calculus. PI MU EPSILON: Row 1: Dennis DePasse, Lee Supowit, Martin president, Robert Rader, David McArthur. Row 2: Natta, Robert Bruce Scott, Stanley Dea, Peter Kertesz, Wally Genieo. Row 3: George Onodera, Irvin S. Yavelberg, Jack PI OMEGA PI National business education honorary Members of Pi Omega Pi are upper division business education majors with a 2.0 average. An annual award is given to the outstanding senior in BPA. PI OMEGA PI: Jim Weston, Florence Toland, Pat Wilson, Barb Randall, Dorothy Trent, Sylvia Burton, Margie Baldwin, Ann Castleton, Darla McRae, H. J. Langen, R. A. Kidwell. RHO CHI National pharmacy professional fraternity Membership to this organization is extended to students who have a grade average of 2.0 or better in at least 100 units of pharmacy studies. RHO CHI: Row 1: Vera Mae Schaunaman, Mary Ellen Heinz. Row 2: Wilson Bow Woo, James Knox, Dr. Vartkes Simonian. SCABBARD AND BLADE: Row 1: P. E. L. P. Barnhill, E. L. Smith, T. A. Jimerson, R. H. Walker, Col. Wilkie, F. S. Adams, J. P. Benson, R. W. Maurer, A. C. Fork, J. C. Miller. Row 2: J. C. Aldridge, J. A. Zimmerman, W. Estes, J. L. Metzger, D. L. Shafton. Row 3: G. A. Chapman, W. C. Chinworth, G. A. Garrett, T. R. Schmidt, G. Q. Fox, T. E. Berresford, R. J. Humphrey, J. Weaver. SCABBARD AND BLADE National advanced military honorary Scabbard and Blade, a national senior men ' s honorary, is the advanced corps of army and air force ROTC. Annual activities include a trip to Fort Huachuca and the Military Ball. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Women ' s national music fraternity Sigma Alpha Iota, an international women ' s organization, is composed of music majors and minors. A grade average of 2.5 or better is for mem bership. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA: Row 1: Pat Kirkpatrick, Anne Holmes, Pat Van DeWalle, Sherry Gallup. Row 2: Janet Matts, Barbikay Bissell, Nancy Rich, Barbara Ewald, Lucy Thacher. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON Honorary scientific society Students studying in the fields of metallurgical mining, chemical and geological engineering and geology are eligible for membership in this organization. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON: Row 1: Robert Bruce Scott, S. Hightower, William Seginski, Dale Rodolff, Dick Bates, L. I. Van Toren, B. C. Natta. Row 2: Dan Albrecht, William Karey, Robert Brandenberger, K. Barnhill, Robert Kirby, Ken Palmer, Dennis De Passe, Tim Tomko. SIGMA DELTA PI: Row 1: Angela Casanova, Hirlinda Aviles, Madge Utay, Barbara Ronstadt, Celia Duarte. Row 2: Margarita Escobedo, Judith Sasnett, Dr. Wold, Mary Ann Taylor, Veronica Hubbard, Nancy Lyons, Mrs. Lila Haas, Dr. Brooks. Row 3: Dr. Gonzales, Bert Carrillo, Byron Lewis, Gustavo Segade, Pete Gardner, Abel Amaya, Ron Higgenbotham, Kenneth Carter Wilson, George Iwanaga. SIGMA DELTA PI National scholastic Spanish honorary Members must have a 2.0 average and by Spanish professors with approval of club members. The Fitzgerald Award for students is given annually. SIGMA PI SIGMA: Row 1: A. Weaver, L. Battan, J. Treat, R. Kalbach, U. H. Bents, J. W. Robson. Row 2: Mike Klenck, David A. McArthur, Robert H. Dickerson, E. Fermi, Ann R. Geoffrion, Robert Lehmberg. SIGMA PI SIGMA National physics research honorary The goal of Sigma Pi Sigma is to stimulate interest in physics and to recognize outstanding students. The requirement for membership is a 2.0 in physics. SOCIETY OF SIGMA XI Graduate science honorary The members of Sigma Xi, graduate students with outstanding records in science, are dedicated to the ideal of scientific advancement and research. SOCIETY OF SIGMA XI: Row 1: William L. Utting, A. W. Woodrow, A. R. Mead, E. B. Kutz, E. B. Stanley, D. F. Pahnish, V. H. Simonian, W. R. Brewer. Row 2: L. N. Standifer, Raica, Jr., D. M. Anderson, D. G. Wilson, Fred Turner, Jr., R. L. Voigt, J. A. Zapotocky, R. B. Streets. Row 3: Andrew W. Wilson, David A. Henderson, Otis W. Freeman, S. E. McGregor, Lloyd D. Burton, Mary A. Knight, Hivi Smith, W. S. Phillips. Row 4: Roy E. Cameron, M. M. Klenck, Albert Siegel, Alice B. Stanfield, Ethel M. Thompson, Leslie M. Godding, Row 5: Allen A. Kurnick, R. H. Maier, W. H. Fuller, W. E. Bryan, P. D. Keener, Emily Boody, Marjorie LaSalle, Darwin Anderson. Row 6: J. T. Marshall, Cornelius Steelink, Alice M. Boyle, David R. Kincaid, Henry Freiser, A. B. Weaver, Bernard L. Fontana, C. W. Ferguson. SILVER WING: Row 1: Kenneth Marcoux, Raphael Raphael, John Bridges, Antonio Rivera, Harry Furney, Richard Cervenka, Carl Anderson, John Alquist. Row 2: Mike Catherall, Ray Healy, Don Smith, Gary L. Harmon, A. Henry Giesecke, Milton Johnson, Larry Baker, George Kidd, Hartley Newkirk. SILVER WING Sophomore air cadets Newly organized this year for second year basic Air Force cadets, Silver Wing members enjoyed several trips to different bases and held social functions on campus. TAU BETA PI National engineering honorary Top scholars in the engineering college are eligible for membership in this national scholastic honorary. The group serves the engineering college tutoring TAU BETA PI: Row 1: Donald E. Johnson, Robert Bruce Scott, Donald L. Chevy, Jr., Lorin P. McRae, Robert L. Anthony J. Coco, Jr., Allan G. Anderson, P. M. Norris, F. R. Ashley, Marvin E. Ewing. Row 2: Robert Solomon, Dennis Winsten, John O ' Hara, B. 0. Natta, George Onodera, Thomas E. Grassman, Irvin S. Yavelberg, Ted L. Nichols, John B. Dave Heckler, Quentin Mees, Jack Sykes, Jim Seal. Row 3: Harold Downey, Robert Martin, Robert R. Kirby, Richard D. Bates, James A. Wagner, James Barber, James Templin, Charles B. Reed, Dennis De Passe, John Voevodsky. TAU BETA SIGMA: Row, 1: Ladine Bennett, Gwen Rahn, Folkins. Barbara Cleveland. Laurence Harding. Joyce Everett. Row 2: Beckey Douglas, Lois Corpe, Sandra Stambach, Vonna Thompson, Pat Brahman, Terry Clark, Karla Turner. TAU BETA SIGMA Women ' s band honorary Band women with high scholastic standing are elected to this honorary the main purpose of which is to support the band and their social functions. They meet bi-weekly. THETA MU - PSI CHI Local and national psychology honorary The purpose of Psi Chi is to advance the science of psychology and related fields. The purpose of Theta Mu is to promote local interest and scholarship in psychology and related fields. THETA MU-PSI CHI: Kneeling: Marilyn Litman, Rosalind Rubinow, Jay N. Shapiro, vice-president, Sandra Coleman. Standing: Connie O ' Connell, Carroll MacDorman, Donna Olson, Jeanne Rivoire, Connie Olson, Jean Cunningham, Dorothy advisor, Harriett Palmer, R. C. Palmer, Neal Bartlett, Jack Rains, president, Russell Peterson, Edward Casavantes. THETA TAU: Row 1: Bill Bodenhamer, Bill Mitchell, Dick Bates, James Kimes, Joe Davis, Lee Bodenhamer, Frank Solano. Row 2: Rolf Murchison, David Badger, Ronald Williams, Ed Westall, P. M. Norris, Roy Van Pelt. THETA TAU National professional engineering fraternity Theta Tau is composed of outstanding students from all branches of engineering. The goal of this honorary is to aid in the development of future engineers. WOMEN ' S PRESS CLUB Women ' s journalism honorary Members of the Women ' s press club are selected for their outstanding activities in journalism. They are the publicity clinic for publicity chairmen of all organizations. WOMEN ' S PRESS CLUB: Seated: Jocelyn McAlpine, Judy Swander, Janie Rosenblum, Judy Query, Gayle Runke, Edie Sayre. Standing: Dr. Campbell, advisor, Laurie Wilson. UNIVERSITY PLAYERS Local drama honorary Membership in the local honorary is opened to those of sophomore standing with a 3.0 grade Each year a $50 scholarship is given to any needy drama major. UNIVERSITY PLAYERS: Row 1: Kitty Van Voorhis, Carol Craig. Row 2: John Gaines, Glorianne Engle, Marey Gibson, Kendall Bruce Pearson. Row 3: Victor Colletti, Sandy Tuller, Nancy Jossel, Cathie Findley, Sheralyn Norris. Campus life FROSH Frosh Barb Srere and Cindy Gill are greeted by Spurs and Sopho Phyl Rakita, Sue Kahnweiler and Bill Gould. President Harvill addresses freshmen students at the orientation assembly where student leaders and faculty were introduced. John Gaskin, Bill Heflin, Mike Kelly and Art Colangelo take time out from the activities of rush week to discuss the rush schedule. Panhellenic ' s annual fashion show featured Rush Sally Goldberg, Sharon McIntyre and Judy Davis. WEEK Warmth from the sun and spirit of student unity at UA ' s all university picnic starts a year of true campus fidelity. The schedule of hours proves perplexing to freshman Teddy Johnson. Last word was that she survived registration. In the library Kit Walker and Bob Roberson show that in September, more than classes begin. STUDENT LEADER RETREAT Student leaders, the members of Associated Students of the University of Arizona and Student Union Board, joined together for a retreat to Sabino Canyon during the fall to discuss business and activities for the coming year at the University. Participating in the excursion were these university students: Row 1: Larry Betts, Harvey Maslin, Claudia Shortman, Judy Clothier, Joyce Van Reenen, Anne Castleton, Pat Preciado, Geri Craig, Sid Rosen. Row 2: Danny Shafton, John Vos, Gordon Alley, Tim Tomko, LaDonna Anderson, Sharon Rains, Ed Morgan, Lou Crowder, Carol Heiniger. Tucson glows at night as " A " Mountain is set ablaze. PAINTING THE " A " The next afternoon finds frenzied frosh indulging in " arty " antics and the " A " gets a new white coat. Twilight finds the traditional " A " overlooking Tucson, " Home of UA. " On the day of UA ' s first football game all Freshmen could be seen eagerly awaiting the traditional procession for the painting of " A " Mountain. All Frosh rushed to find an empty seat in the cars lined up ready to parade. On arriving, a bucket brigade was formed to quickly get cans of white paint up to those who were brave enough to climb the mountain. After three hectic hours of work, and every inch of the " A " painted, Spurs served solft drinks to everyone. Tired and dirty, then returned to campus to rest before the football game. Students gather at the annual UA Prexy Mixer for the chance to become acquainted with President Harvill. PREXY MIXER All new University students were invited to attend the Prexy Mixer held Friday evening during September in the Student Union Ballroom. The ASUA Social Life Committee presented the mixer with Richard Harvill, UA President; Dan Shafton, student body president; and Carol Heiniger, AWS welcoming students. Jack Reid ' s orchestra played for the mixer. Dancing at the Prexy Mixer starts a year of UA campus fun. Activities mart is held in the student union ballroom. Students apply for the activities that interest them and are then interviewed by chairman. ACTIVITIES MART The 1959 Activities Mart, serving to acquaint new students with campus committees, took place in the SU Senior Ballroom. The mart gave all students an opportunity to sign up for membership or voluntary work with campus groups. Sponsored this year by the Associated Women ' s Students Activities Committee, the Activities Mart offered the only time at which freshmen could volunteer for work on committees. Each organization had an individual display including a club member o r committee chairman with and information about his group, its work and opportunities. Members of Spurs and Alpha Lambda Delta, women ' s honorary acted as guides throughout the day. Following the mart, many campus closed membership for the semester. The first Activities Mart in several years was held last Spring. Queen and King of Hi and Smile Week, Carole and Tom show their winning smiles. HI AND SMILE WEEK Chosen for their outstanding smiles, Carol Kunzer and Tom Alabrandy reigned over the University of annual Hi and Smile Week as the King and Queen of Smiles. During the election, jars boasting the smile of each candidate, were placed in the arcade of the Student Union. Voters dropped pennies into the jar with the best smile. Lynn Fitzgerald expresses her gratitude for being able to donate blood, while talking to a Tucson American Red Cross Blood Bank nurse. BLOOD DRIVE Each year an intensive drive is conducted at the UA in cooperation with the American Red Cross. When the Red Cross appealed to men and women for donations to the annual blood drive, U. of A. students willingly. Students who could not donate blood aided in the of the drive and a few spent time reassuring the volunteers. This drive was successful and satisfying as donators knew that they had given of themselves. Ray Malone appears to be enjoying Her contribution may save a life. Aren ' t campaigns great? Just think of all the time loyally spent in painting, pasting, printing, postering and procuring votes. CLASS ELECTIONS Early October found class elections well under way with such familiar scenes as posters, name tags, skits and speakers announcing favorite candidates. Al Quesada heat his path to victory by barking the World Series ' scores (via radio and TV) and adding his name to all up-to-the-minute reports on that subject. Corky Olson, sophomore choice for president, decorated an old car as a part of his campaign. Jim Hill actually constructed a hill, on a very small scale of course, near the Student Union arcade. " Give the Gavel a Rapp " became the familiar slogan of the Senior Class Presidential winner, Wayne Rapp. Other vote-catchers included skating clowns and " doodlebugs. " The frosh had the largest turnout of voters at the polls. A total of 1960 UA students cast ballots. George Ekdahl, president of elections, keeps an open eye on students as they cast their class election votes. Newly elected presidents, Al Olsen, Wayne Rapp, Jim Hill and Al Quezada shout, " By gosh, we won! " During the half-time, bands from the Arizona High Schools join in performance. Previously, outstanding groups received awards. SENIOR BAND DAY Coed is admired, as Blue Keys view queen finalist of Arizona High Schools. Blue Key President, Ron Walker, presents Senior Day Queen Award to Saundra Speers. As part of the Senior Day agenda, AWS members present a fashion show. Tea is served to Moms and Dads at Maricopa by members of Mortar Board, Senior Honorary. Coming longest distance to see daughter Joanne, the Frenchs, Seoul, Korea, receive " A " blanket. MOMS AND DADS DAY On October 24, 1959, University parents were welcomed on campus for the 28th annual Mom and Dad ' s Day. Blue Key, senior men ' s honorary, sponsored the weekend event. Moms and Dads registered in the Student Union Ballroom where they were served refreshments and obtained tickets for the football game. Bus tours of the campus and tours of the Student Union Building were conducted throughout the morning. Events planned for the visiting parents included a special Mothers and Dads Day Assembly, a swimming exhibition presented by the Mermaids, and a reception at Maricopa Hall. Highlighting the evening was the Arizona-Colorado football game. The After Game Dance in the Student Union Ballroom ended a busy day of college life for students and parents. The McNeals of Bisbee, Arizona are shown the GAR-8, model of one of the guided missiles built and exhibited by the Air Force. Members of the O. A. Burton family accept their second consecutive " A " blanket for having, four children attending, the university. TWIRP WEEK " Top-Hatted " by Carol John Muller is crowned " Most Eligible Bachelor " and is King of the annual dance. On a rainy " twirp " day, Kaki Steves assumes her female duty and escorts Mike Digiorgio to the car so he won ' t get wet. During the UA ' s annual " Twirp, " men eat very well. One day, Kaki treats Mike to a full course meal in the coop. MILITARY BALL On November 14, the Military Ball was held at the El Conquistador Hotel. Orchestration was provided by Les Brown. This dance was sponsored by the military organizations and Associated Students. A special Military Ball commission was chosen this year to plan the annual affair. Highlighting the evening was the Coronation of Miss Sally Pierce as Military Ball Queen. Sally was chosen by Scabbard and Blade and Arnold Air Society. Miss Pierce is a member of Delta Gamma sorority and is in the College of Fine Arts. Also presented that night were ten new coed members of Angel Flight. A spray of roses is presented to Edith Sayre, the new Angel Flight honorary ' s President. ANGEL FLIGHT Last spring Angel Flight, an honorary club selected by the ROTC Air Force, a part of the University of Arizona ' s extra-curicular program. The purpose of the is to promote interest in the air force and support the Arnold Air Society and Silver Wing. Those presented at the Ball were Diane Vance, Marilyn McCrary, Joan Ekblad, Mary Lou Campo, Ann Jorgenson, Edith Sayre, president, Mary Ellen Willey, Joan Johnson, Le Donna Anderson and Mary Lou Doolen. Cutting the birthday cake— Bill Varney, Gordon Alley. STUDENT UNION BIRTHDAY PARTY Popular among men was the " pie-eating " contest which attracted many " kibitzers " as well as eaters. University of Arizona students attended a " Mardi Gras on the Moon " during the Student Union ' s annual birthday Party. Full-scale gambling transformed the game room into the " Club Las Lunas. " Couples danced to the music of Larry Barker ' s band in the " Student Moonin Ballroom. " The most popular aspect of the party was the patio which was renamed Park " and featured green cheese benches. A great attraction was the gambling booth where many thousands of " dollars " were passed from hand to table. They ' re off! Pledges take the colorful batons to begin the first leg of the Pledge Council Pajama Race. Zany pj ' s fly past the spectators. Jim Sakrison, Phi Gamma Delta pledge, is first runner to cross the finish line. He is holding the brown striped baton of Fiji, sponsor, Gamma Phi Beta sorority. Fiji teammate cherishes first place trophy as sponsors examine it carefully. Pony-tailed blonde, Connie Middleton, silently reads the award ' s inscription. IFPC PAJAMA RACE November 10, the Inter-Fraternity Pledge Council sponsored the annual Pledge Pajama Race. Ten pledges from some 24 fraternities on campus donned bright pj ' s to run the The course began at the infirmary, circled Old Main, and finished in front of the Union. Sigma Chi, sponsored by Gamma Phi Beta sorority, raced to victory Tuesday clad in chartruese " long-johns. " the contest was re-scheduled for by IFPC President, Mike O ' Hara, the runners had not started with the official signal. Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, also by Gamma Phi Beta, took the first place trophy, a brass spittoon, at the second meet. The teams ran a total of 1,700 yards. Gerry Finklestein prepares " Swede " Johnson for Friday ' s auction. He was sold per pound to raise money for charity. CAMPUS CHEST Monday, December 7, the ASUA Community Service Committee launched the annual week-long Community Chest Drive on the UA campus. By flashing gold painted canisters, kidnaping housemothers, washing cars and selling fraternity front doors to the highest bidder, the Drive raised a total of $2300 for this worthy cause. The members of Delta Gamma sorority mount the auction block. Figis display their valuable " possession, " the SAE front door, for bidders taking part in the Campus Chest Auction. President Richard Harvi ll greets alumni group at the annual banquet. Illinois Governor Stratton, Graduating Class of 1934, delivers an address at UA. Members of the 1909 football team receive congratulations for their years of service on their fiftieth anniversary. Dr. McKale presents an " A " blanket to each of the group. After receiving recognition awards from Dr. McKale, Fred Enke gives a few words of greeting to the members who represent the football squad from the Class of 1934. HOMECOMING University of Arizona alumni attended the biggest Homecoming in the history of the University. 4,500 participated in this 75th celebration. The 1959 Homecoming Parade, sponsored by under the leadership of Tom Berresford, started the Homecoming festivities. The 26 participating floats rolled into history depicting 75 years at the U of A. Thousands of Tucsonans lined downtown streets to share in the music and color. This year ' s winner, adjudged the most beautiful entry in the parade, was " We Tip Hour Glass to U of A, " the offering of Kappa Alpha Theta. In the Homecoming game, the Wildcats downed Texas Western for a 14 to 10 victory. The crowning of Homecoming Queen, Jeanne Forman, Chi O, and her attendants, Sandy Anderson, Theta, Dolly Bonus, Pi Phi, Diane Goldman, ADPi and Jan Hollinger, Gamma Phi, highlighted the exciting pre-game Eighteen members of the 1934 football team for Homecoming and were honored at a Buffet Supper held at the Pioneer Hotel. The Student Homecoming Dance held in the Union Ballroom climaxed a highly successful Homecoming Week-end. SWEEPSTAKES WINNER " WE TIP HOUR GLASS TO THE U OF A " KAPPA ALPHA THETA Queen Jeanne Forman talks to escort Ford Knowles after receiving crown. FIRST PLACE, WOMEN ' S BEAUTY " GIVE ' EM A DESERT CROWNING " DELTA GAMMA FIRST PLACE, WOMEN ' S ORIGINALITY " THE A FOR U " PI BETA PHI FLOAT PARADE FIRST PLACE, MEN ' S BEAUTY " HONOR IN DEFEAT " PHI GAMMA DELTA FIRST PLACE, MEN ' S ORIGINALITY " PARKING PROBLEM, U OF A " ALPHA TAU OMEGA GRIDIRON SEASON AT U A Eager for the unveiling of " Wilbur the Wildcat, " some girls try to catch a glimpse of the new mascot originated by John Paquette and Dick Heller and introduced at the Texas Tech-U A football game. Football traditionally has appealed to large numbers of the student body. This past year interest at times reached a fever pitch as a result of the stirring exploits of the team. Highlights of the fall season cannot be enumerated without including such events as High School Senior Day, Mom and Dad ' s Day and the climatic Homecoming game. Enthusiastic fans thronged the stadium for Saturday night games. Half-time was marked by the colorful of UA marching band, twirlers, girls and newly acquired mascot " Wilbur. " Coach Jim LaRue is hoisted above team member ' s shoulders after a game. A mascot for the Wildcats, " Wilbur, " encouraged much spirit among fans. HONORS CONVOCATION Students who have made outstanding achievement in superior scholastic work during the previous year receive recognition at the Honors Convocation. PEARL HARBOR CEREMONY In commemoration of the sinking of the battleship, USS Arizona, is the Pearl Harbor Ceremony, held every year on the seventh of December. TAG DAY A generous student, John Franklin, receives several receipts for hi s large donation to collectors for the annual Campus Chest Tag Day Fund. Tink Taylor, Lois Greenfield and Steve White rehearse as final run-through for the production of Nightclub gets underway. NIGHTCLUB December 9, the UA Auditorium came to life as sixty dancers, singers and other student artists participated in the fourth annual of Nightclub. This year ' s show had no specific theme, but the acts were in honor of the 75th Anniversary. Dances and songs ranged from the days of the " Gay Nineties " to the modern " 60 ' s. " Work on this production began last spring. Harriet Savite displays a beautiful, long ponytail as part of her modern jazz costume. Judy McCracken, Patsy Ackley, Patsy Burdett and Muggsy Manning practice dance steps INTER-DORM COUNCIL DANCE At the Hellenic Center on December 12, Stan Kenton made a personal appearance for a dance which was sponsored by the members of the Inter-dormitory This was the largest undertaking the Council has attempted since its organizat ion two years ago. the evening was the presentation of two sets of matching luggage, one set for a girl and the other set for a boy. Kenton appeared previously in UA Auditorium. CHRISTMAS Before the holidays, a mock snowball fight festive decorating on a Pima Hall window. At the Beacon Foundation, members of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, Mike Goldwater and Santa Claus, treat children to a festive Christmas party. As one of their sorority projects, Alpha Epsilon Phi members bring Santa Claus to the third graders of Richie School. SEMESTER SIDELIGHTS Gail Jaffe and Darlene Robart- outstanding women in Tucson. Lightpost announces the UA ' s 75th year while students continue college tasks. Sharon Jones and Pam smile at the 6 foot mark. Flooded conditions around the campus make class changing difficult. Dante has one final word for students taking the Humanities final. Pre-exam " apple polishing " is annual tradition. Mrs. Ray, Delta Gamma housemother, finds herself about to be kidnapped by Lambda Chi " bandits. " Ransom money went to Campus Chest drive. Although car-owners are being warned, one student solves parking problem. A startled coed sights dead snake and looses her books. Palm tree trunk scaling comes once every 15 years on university campus. Representatives Sigrid Maitrejean and Lou Crowder leave for SCONA. When poolings became outlawed, this familiar sight of a frosh " dunking " met the end of its long tradition. After ASUA concert, autograph seeker Sid Rosen approaches the well known band leader, Stan Kenton, for his signature. ASUA CONCERTS The sound of Stan Kenton ' s jazz echoing in the UA Auditorium was one of the hi-lights of the talented 1960 ASUA Concerts. Associated Students of the University of Arizona brought many fine performers to the UA campus this year for student In November, Dave Bruheck and Kal Tjader presented an evening of jazz. In December, Stan Kenton and his group were spotlighted on the auditorium stage. For the last show of the season, Shelley Berman and the Gateway Singers provided an enjoyable double bill. The Kingston Trio and pianist-composer Andre Previn have also appeared in past concerts. ASUA Concerts were initiated during the school year 1958-1959. The purpose of the program has been to bring at least three popular entertainers or groups of entertainers to the University for student recreation. On Dave Bruheck ' s visit to VA, Tucson witnessed some of the most exciting jazz sounds ever expressed in the history of music. Shelley Berman, the epitome of sophisticated humor, outdid himself at his UA performance. ARTIST SERIES TAKARAZUKA REVUE PAMPLONA CHORALE CARLOS MONTOYA GEORGE FEYER NATHAN MILSTEIN The purpose of the Artist Series, initiated by Charles Fletcher Rogers in 1924, was to enable students to hear and see some of the finer performers in the entertainment field. ASUA Artist Series Committee headed by Vicky Ingalls, and a faculty committee, headed by Dean Sidney Little planned twelve attractions for the 1959-60 year. Opening the year ' s program on October 21 was the Pamplona Chorale. On October 26 famed guitarist Catlos Montoya a capacity audience with his showmanship. To add a far Eastern flavor to the Artist Series, on November 5 the Takarazuka Revue portrayed the great art of classic Japanese theatre. " Carousel, " the well-known musical, was presented by the Drama Department and the School of Music on November 11 through November 14. For those who enjoy dancing at its best, the National Ballet of Finland offered entertainment on December 1. On January 31, February 1 and 2 the New York Pro Musica presented a fine program of classical music. The operetta " Voyage To The Moon " was given on February 19. March featured classic-pops artist George Feyer on the 8th, violinist Nathan Milstein on the 22nd, and on the 30th, guest Howard Hanson directed the Symphonic Band, Choir and Baritone George London appeared April 11, and the series ended April 26 with pianist Ruth Slencznska ' s performance. CAROUSEL HOWARD HANSON GEORGE LONDON NATIONAL BALLET OF FINLAND NEW YORK PRO MUSICA VOYAGE TO THE MOON Dr. Roberto de Oliveira Campos, Latin American economist, is also prominent as an educator and author. The UA was honored to present this distinguished South American economist as a 1960 Kennecott lecturer as he was eminently qualified to discuss the topic of " Basic Problems of Economic Development in Latin America. " Dr. John Tate Lanning, professor of history at Duke University, was Trumbell Lecturer at Yale in 1943, and has since lectured at the Universi ty of Chile and the University of Cordoba. He is the author of ten books and has to many others. Dr. spoke on " Old World of Latin American 1960 KENNECOTT LECTURE SERIES During the University of Arizona ' s 75th Anniversary yea r, the 1960 Kennecott Lecture Series brought four internationally recognized authorities to discuss the challenging and significant region of Latin America. Beginning February 11 the discussions included such topics as business, basic problems in economic development and the field of education. The last lecture of the series was presented March 31. The Kennecott Lecture Series was established in 1955 by a gift from The Kennecott Copper Corporation in order to bring to the campus of the University of Arizona distinguished speakers for the benefit of students, faculty and public. Mr. Henry B. Sargent, a graduate of Tulane University, has made an outstanding career not only as an executive but also in such widely ranging fields as international relations and the utilization of solar energy. His knowledge and interest in Latin America have earned him many decorations and awards. Mr. Sargent spoke on " Business Developments in Latin America. " Dr. Kenneth Holland, president of the Institute of International in New York, has made a career promoting international understanding through educational exchange. He has written a book and has served on many committees and councils to further international understanding. Dr. Holland spoke on " Education in Latin America. " SECOND SEMESTER Screens were cleaned as one of chores. " Hey! You ' re getting the camera wet! " HELP WEEK The annual Intrafraternity Pledge Council ' s Help Week saw pledges of each fraternity participating in a project which aided the Pima County Milk Fund. The project also brought beneficial publicity to UA and to the fraternity system. Pledges were hired by to do everything from to chauffering. After the pledges had completed their work they were given donations that would be used by the Pima County Milk Fund to nourish needy The Fund was started in 1951 from private contributions, but the need for these funds grows greater each year. Baby, pail in hand, seems to be bored with the activity around him, while the shown is having all the fun. Youngsters are always eager to help. Some boys were hired to work on gardens. Her e, Sigma Chis are pruning hedges. Wayne Webb and his orchestra provide swinging sounds for Greek pledges and dates. Judy displays genuine surprise when she is announced fraternity pledge sweetheart. Mike O ' Harro salutes Judy Mowrey. IFPC FORMAL Saturday evening, February 6, the Student Union Ballroom was the setting for the annual IFPC Ball, themed " Diamond Jubilee " this year. The dance, climaxing Help Week, honored all fraternity and sorority pledges and their dates. Judy Mowrey, Delta Gamma, was selected to reign over the as IFPC Queen. The band conducted by Wayne Webb music for the evening. Mike O ' Harro, IFPC President, took charge of preparations and Ralph Moore headed the queen nomination committee. Attendants Sally, Mary, Sue and Dorrie pose for a picture with Queen Judy. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS DINNER Several hundred people assembled in the Student Union Ballroom on February 20 anxiously the savory dishes to be presented at the Annual International Students Dinner. Students, faculty, and Tucsonians who attended were able to choose from a wide selection to delight and tempt the palate. Borscht from Russia, chicken curry from India and dishes from Mexico were among the varied entrees at the buffet. The dinner was topped off by a delicious rice and cherry dessert from Denmark. UA Spurs served as hostesses at the affair. included the Alpha Delta Pi trio and a Variety Show in which foreign students performed dances and songs from their countries. ISC President Bassam Bahkit presented certificates of honor to UA President Harvill, Dean Francis Roy and ISC Advisor Dr. Oswald. Members of Spurs see to it that students, faculty members and receive generous helpings of exotic foods at the annual dinner. Displaying the costumes and customs of many countries during the entertainment are members of the International Student Club. DESERT DANCE Friday evening, February 12, the Student Union Ballroom the setting for the annual Desert Dance. Couples at the semi-formal enjoyed the music of Carlyle Webb and his band. Highlight of the dance was the entrance of Delores Strassburger, Alpha Omicron Pi, through a replica of the 1960 yearbook cover. Delores, a Tucsonian and member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, was crowned Desert Queen for 1960. Her attendants included Gayle Gamble, Chi Omega; Sandy McVay, Kappa Alpha Theta; Marilyn Parry, Pi Beta Phi; and Jean Westphal, Delta Delta Delta. The queen was selected by the male members of the UA Board of Publications. TERRITORIAL ALUMS: Ernest O. Blades, 1910; Mercedes Shibel l Gould, 1895; Jane H. Rider, 1911; Ida W. Douglass, 1910; Clara Ferrin Bloom, 1901; Hattie Ferrin Solomon, 1898; Clara Fish Roberts, 1897. J. F. " Pop " McKale accepts a medallion for his years of service to the University from President Harvill. FOUNDER ' S DAY To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the University of Arizona, a special Founder ' s Day Convocation was held Tuesday, March 1, in the University ' s Auditorium. Classes were canceled and UA offices closed so that all attentions would be focused on the program planned for this occasion. Principal speaker at the convocation was " the Golden Orator, " ' Henry F. Ashurst. Mr. Ashurst served 28 years as US Senator from the state of Arizona. He was one of the two original senators to hold office following Arizona ' s statehood. Medallions of Merit for years of service to the University and Doctor of Law degrees were presented at the assembly. Henry F. Ashurst, former senator from Arizona, talks to faculty, students and administrators during the Founder ' s day Conv ocation. Located just outside the east gate of the University of Arizona is the newly constructed city laboratory for the Kitt Peak National Observatory. It is one of several government-owned buildings set up for the purpose of increasing knowledge of outer space. National Science Board member, right, locates Kitt Peak ' s 36-inch telescope for UA President Richard A. Harvill and Dr. Allan T. Waterman. DEDICATION OF KITT PEAK OBSERVATORY This spring, the University of Arizona scientific authorities from all parts of the United States to take part in the dedication of Kitt Peak National Observatory. Consisting of several buildings situated in the Quinlan Mountains, this institution will house instruments designed for further exploration of outer space. Among the participants at this event were the members of the board of the National Science Foundation, Washington, D. C. This board, which only occasionally meets outside the nation ' s capital, convened for a short time in Arizona. Dr. Charles Hucker talks to the students attending one of the Greek Week workshops. Here, the KKG ' s host fellow Greeks who note suggestions for improving scholarship. Smiling proudly are newly chosen outstanding independents, Pat and Tom. Two couples, six legs, head toward the finish in the three-legged race. GREEK WEEK Greek Week topped the list of activities on the University ' s calendar during the dates March 14 through 19. Affiliation with a Greek-lettered, social fraternity or sorority entitled one-third of the student body to participate in the annual affair. Tuesday evening in the Student Union Ballroom, from every house on campus met for the fifth annual Greek Week Banquet. Among the awards presented during the dinner were gold plaques given to Tom Berresford and Pat Preciado who were chosen outstanding independent man and woman for this year. Arlene Lehman, Alpha Epsilon Phi and Sandy Kerr, Sigma Alpha Epsilon served as co-chairmen of the Week. Wednesday and Thursday evenings were devoted to workshops and informal exchanges. Friday night found hundreds of Greeks perched in UA Stadium for the ever-popular Olympic games. Delores Strassburger drives Beta Theta Pi " horses " onward during a trial run. This entry is warming up for the annual chariot race taking place during UA Olympics. GREEK WEEK DANCE To climax a week ' s activities, Greeks gathered Saturday evening in the Community Hall at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base for dancing and entertainment. ' Midst decorations consisting of ten-foot replicas of fraternity and sorority pins, the couples enjoyed music provided by Billy May and his band. Ham McRae, Phi Gamma Delta and Judy Gnatt, Kappa Alpha Theta, were chosen to reign as Greek Week King and Queen. Also honored at the semi-formal occasion were Sigma Chi and Pi Beta Phi for the fraternity and sorority, respectively, receiving the highest total points at the Olympics held the previous evening. Irene Carrillo is an example of rule as she goes for a burro ride. Hal Tucker " treats " Judy Perr to a cigar when she is caught on campus without her western clothing. Bet Judy won ' t forget her boots and ten-gallon hat for tomorrow. University Quadrille Team members to present one of their new routines. RODEO WEEK During the week of March 28-April 2 the University of Arizona campus looked like a scene from the latest western movie rather than an educational institution. The student body turned out in levis and " ten-gallon " hats to celebrate UA Rodeo Week. The penalty for not being attired in western garb was a burro ride for the coeds and tobacco chewing for the men. The week ' s activities were highlighted by a two day rodeo at the Pima County Fair Grounds. UA students were urged to participate in team and individual events. Nina Hill, 1960 Rodeo Queen, reigned over the festivities. Corky Garner was UA Rodeo Boss. ASUA ELECTIONS Larry Betts, " the small but successful " candidate for ASUA President, enlisted 1645 votes to become 1960-61 ' s top student body official. Accompanying him in his victory were: Bill Ismay, ASUA Vice President; Judy Clothier, ASUA Secretary; Al " Corky " Olsen and Jerry Soma, Junior Councilmen; Sue Pooler, Junior Councilwoman; and Bill Yell King. Write-in candidate, Margie Barrie, with a late campaign, came through with 610 votes to win the position of AWS President. Miss Barrie ' s officers consist of: Anita Karnitz, AWS Vice President; Linda Irick, AWS Secretary; and Frances Wong, AWS Treasurer. Making sure I ' ll be first in on election day to vote for Ismay Don ' t sleep the day Away vote for Ismay Leroy Brockband, Delta Chi, enthusiastically supporting Bill Ismay, goes as far as moving himself and bed outdoors to advertise his favorite. George Ekdahl, chairman of elections, reviews voting results with interested candidate supporters and new officers. Bill lsmay, newly elected ASUA Vice President, a happy " winning " kiss from his wife, Stana. Student leaders of UA 1960-61 year, Margie Barrie and Larry Betts, check bulletin for list of officers. SPRING SIESTA Gary Victor swings into position for a practice " hit " at his own car in preparation for the Spring Siesta car smash. Enthusiasm! The Student Union Activities Board annually sponsors a Spring Siesta. Booths are set up and run by different committees allowing students to alleviate their scholarly frustrations by throwing things and even demolishing automobiles. Instead of the common cake walk, there is a taco walk. The coop by serving Mexican food throughout the day. For the would-be Las Vegasites a bingo game was held while those interested in the arts saw Donald Duck and other fine actors throughout the evening. The highlight of the event was the Spring Siesta dance held on the Student Union terrace; the queen was crowned, and the evening ended. SUAB had once again sponsored a smashing success! Ready, aim, fire! Ping-pong ball shoot entices marksmen. Bartholomew the Burrow patiently poses with coed and date. RED AND BLUE BALL An evening of dancing and entertainment was spent Saturday, April 9, by those attending the annual Red and Blue Ball. The upper terraces and both Student Union Ballrooms were filled with couples celebrating the inauguration of the newly elected ASUA officers and councilmen of the school year 1960-61. The nationally famous Mills Brothers were scheduled as special entertainment for the occasion. Wayne Webb and his band provided the music for the evening. A laugh and a shout comes from the surprised audience as Harlem Globe Trotter misses aim in tossing " water " on a fellow-player. Hey there! Phi Delts look like they ' ve found a private bird bath. What happened to Memorial Fountain? Join the March if Dimes Too much marching just takes something out of a fellow—er, dog. Anyway, these two pets are far away from human cares. SEMESTER SIDELIGHTS " Olympic " tricycle-racer heads the finish line of the event. Mortar Board taps new members in the traditional ceremony held during Women ' s Day. Sue Pooler really stretches to catch the egg tossed by partner in olympic egg-throw. ROTC compulsory? Students use SU lobby to discuss the question. One student leisurely absorbs last bit of knowledge before school ends. SUMMER SCHOOL The University of Arizona ' s 1960 Summer Session is designed to benefit teachers, graduate and undergraduate students, high school graduates, and the general public. Instruction is given in 371 courses in 44 fields. The session consists of workshops, public lectures, research, travel study tours, field schools, campus conferences, a high school fine arts summer camp, and general recreation. The new air-conditioned residence hall provides and attractive living accommodations. The theme of the Summer Session is " A Challenging Timely Program. " Pendleton Gaines, Dean of the Summer Session, urges everyone to profit by a summer of study and fun. The Fine Arts course is one of the outstanding features of the Summer Session. Here a summer student does a scenic painting. To study or not to study? That is the question being asked as students gather in the library ' s patio. Swimming, tennis, and golf are provided for in the recreational program in order to balance intensive study programs on campus. royalty 1960 DESERT QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS SANDY McVAY Kappa Alpha Theta GAYLE GAMBLE Chi Omega Lynn Sanders JEAN WESTPHAL Delta Delta Delta MARILYN PARRY Pi Beta Phi Portrait by Lynn Sanders QUEEN DOLORES STRASSBURGER Alpha Omicr on Pi DESERT FINALISTS DESERT QUEEN FINALISTS: Jean Westphal, Joyce Cole, Joyce VanReenen, Smitty Clark, Ann Castleton, Ann Jorgenson, Pam Humphry, Ann Mary Oswell, Marsha Smith, Sandy McVay, Marilyn Parry. QUEEN JEANNE FORMAN Chi Omega SANDY ANDERSEN Kappa Alpha Theta 1959 HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS DOLLY BONUS Pi Beta Phi JAN HOLLINGER Gamma Phi Beta DIANE GOLDMAN Yuma Hall HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES Row 1: Dolly Bonus, Sandy Ramage, Alice Hazard, Mildred Creekmore. Row 2: Nancy Balaban, Corinne Huber, Carol Miller, Ann Snyder, Lucy Thacher, Diane Goldman, Vicki Peterson, Sandy Ramsey, Barbara Balaban. Row 3: Jeanne Forman, Cathie Findley, Perry Wolf, Carolyn Gibbs, Janet Cooper, Sandy Anderson, Jan Hollinger, Faye Folkins. IFPC QUEEN JUDY MOWERY Delta Gamma ENGINEERING QUEEN JUDY JONES Pi Beta Phi QUEEN MARCIA MARSHALL Kappa Alpha Theta SPRING SIESTA QUEEN AND ATTENDANT DIANA BOYD Alpha Omicron Pi NANCY BABEL Kappa Kappa Gamma KATHY HINKLE Pi Beta Phi FANCY MARESH Delta Gamma JEAN WESTPHAL Delta Delta Delta JOYCE CLARK Alpha Phi MARLENE GLAD Pi Beta Phi JOETTE DAVIS Chi Omega QUEEN SALLY PIERCE Delta Gamma MILITARY BALL QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR JOHN MULLER Delta Chi KEN HOLBROOK Phi Gamma Delta JIM GEIST Sigma Chi MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR AND AL QUICK Sigma Phi Epsilon GUS BERRY Sigma Alpha Epsilon TUSCON RODEO QUEEN SHIRLEY RAMSON RODEO QUEEN NINA HILL Pi Beta Phi MISS RODEO OF AMERICA 1960 RUNNER-UP MARTHA LEHMANN EL PASO BOWL DUCHESS KIETH SPAULDING PIATT GREEK WEEK CANDIDATES BILL FARREL Sigma Alpha Epsilon BOB LEIVIAN Delta Chi MARILYN RICHARDS Delta Gamma SUE CHILES Kappa Kappa Gamma BOB McCORMICK Chi WALT MINCE Phi Delta Theta JANE SHEHANE Gamma Phi Beta JOETTE DAVIS Chi Omega GREEK WEEK QUEEN JUDY GNATT Kappa Alpha Theta GREEK WEEK KING HAM McRAE Phi Gamma Delta GREEK FAVORITES ANNE SCHNEIDER Alpha Sigma Phi Talisman Rose Queen WENDY WERDER Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart MARTHA LEHMANN Delta Chi Sweetheart PAT WARREN Delta Upsilon Sweetheart NANCY CLAYTON Kappa Alpha Sweetheart JOAN DORSEY Kappa Alpha Psi Sweetheart JANET COOPER Kappa Sigma Dream Girl JUDY COWEN Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Queen JOAN BYRON Phi Delta Theta Dream Girl MARY BONNICKSON Sweetheart of Phi Kappa Theta SHIRLEY VANSKYE Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl MARGIE LIEM Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sw eetheart MARLENE GLAD Sweetheart of Sigma Chi LUCRETIA SELOVER Sigma Nu White Rose Queen SUE WELTY Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon SUSIE KAHNWEILER Tau Delta Snow Queen JANE McGARTY Theta Chi Dream Girl LOIS CHAITLEN Zeta Beta Tau Sweetheart RAY ZUKOWSKI Alpha Chi Omega Dream Man DWAYNE DOBSON Alpha Delta Pi Diamond King MARK SIEGEL Alpha Epsilon Phi Dream Man SANDY KERR Alpha Omicron Pi Dream Man RON McALPIN Alpha Phi Man TERRY SARGENT Alpha Xi Delta Man GARY PETERSON Chi Omega Southern Gentleman PAT SHIPP Delta Delta Delta Man JOE KENT Delta Gamma Man JIM ROGERS Gamma Phi Beta Man STEVE LAWRENCE Kappa Kappa Gamma Man ROGER FELLOWS Kappa Alpha Theta Man GARY JOHNSON Pi Beta Phi Man MIKE LINSK Sigma Delta Tau Man Officers: Bob Hesseries, treasurer, Jeanne Merrill, secretary, Jeanne historian, and Bob Posner, president, watch as Dr. Loyal Gryting, advisor for seven years, cuts a cake in his honor. STUDENT RELIGION COUNCIL The Student Religion Council is of representatives from nineteen different religious organizations of the campus. The purpose of the Council is to stimulate religious interest among the students of the University and to foster a friendly among the several denominational groups. In February of each year, the SRC sponsors Religion in Life Week. The goal of this committee is to provide a weekly program of concentrated religious growth and inspiration for all students and faculty members, and to present an opportunity for evaluating the role of religion in an adult life. STUDENT RELIGION COUNCIL: Row 1: Sally Janda, Nancy Nichols, Barb Randall, Jeanne Abromovitz, Jeanne Merrill, Evelyn Baral, Mary Hawke, Sherry Clark, Vicki Thornton. Row 2: Gary Redding, Bernie Diamond, Neel Schmitt, Dale Despain, Robert Posner, Dr. Loyal Gryting, Doug D unipace, Bob Hasseries, Pat Maitrejean, Ken Wilcoxson. RELIGION IN LIFE WEEK The Student Religion Council chose the theme " God at our Summit " for this year ' s Religion in Life Week. The week began February 14 with a banquet in the Student Union Ballroom. Here, Sally Janda, general chairman, introduced the five guest speakers who had come to UA campus to take part in the activities. Beginning Monday morning, special church services, classroom appointments, luncheons, conferences, dormitory meetings and fraternity-sorority exchanges the time of the five participants. Special movies and other entertainment was also planned to give students every opportunity to concentrate on religious growth and inspiration. The highlight of RIL Week was a forum on " Campus Morals " held in the SU Junior Ballroom at which time the five guest speakers voiced their opinions on this common topic. Dr. Arthur R. McKay of the McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois. Rev. Wilfred A. lilies of the Newman Club at St. Cloud State College in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Dr. Vernon C. Grounds of the Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Lowell L. Bennion. of The Latter Day Saints ' Institute of Religion at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Rabbi Block speaks to students attending an RIL exchange. BAHA ' I YOUTH ORGANIZATION Sunday evening " Firesides " were held for Bahai and other interested students throughout the year. There were also three " on campus " meetings, open to the public. The group members traveled to Chandler one Sunday where they performed a worship service for the Arizona Boys Ranch. BAHAI YOUTH ORGANIZATION: Merhdad Samimi, D. Jam Khoshbin, Joan Khoshbin, Evelyn Baral, Emma Steinwachs, Wally Heath. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION: Row 1: Sue Woodhouse, Shirley Jeffers, Bobbye Millsap, Dorothy McAdoo, Peggy Padgett, Donna Duncan, Barbara Tripp. Row 2: Barry Cooper, Grady Woodward, Kok Kwai See-Tho, Ronald Bennett, Jim Pate, Wilson Woo, Allyn Kyes, Alvin Hamm, Jack Sykes, Bill Watson, Moon Yee, Doug Dye, Lee Howell, Wayland Marler. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Me mbers of Baptist Student Union worked in with students throughout the State to raise money to send a missionary to Alaska during the summer of 1960. May 6-7 found many Unionites attending a State Spring Retreat at Valley Ranch near CONGREGATIONAL YOUNG CHURCHMEN: Row 1: Mary Hawke, Zona Davis, Linda Cuison, Reverend James Ord, Mrs. James Ord, Mary Lynn, Anne Keller. Row 2: Newton Derby, Jim Grannea, Dick Apperson, John Roy Keller. CONGREGATIONAL YOUNG CHURCHMEN At the invitation of the Congregational Young the International Students on campus attended a dinner in their honor, followed by discussion groups and games. At other meetings the Young Churchmen heard speakers on varied subjects of a religious nature. CANTERBURY CLUB During the first semester, members of the Canterbury Association formed a Migrant Ministry. On Sunday students traveled to migrant camps where services were held and programs given. Easter vacation again found the group on the move as they attended a retreat in Death Valley. CANTERBURY CLUB: Row 1: Ruth Wininger, Jerry Toles, Tom Hood, Father Harris, Dolores Trabulse, Pam Pierson. Row 2: Pat Maitrejean, Bob Hasseries, Vance Vidal, Mike Nabours, Fareed Nader. CONSERVATIVE BAPTIST: Row 1: John Harrison, Sylvia Payette, Paulette Lindloff, Gary Redding. Row 2: Mary Kay Cartmill, Bonnie Gong, Martha Stinson, Lou Ann English, Bunni Becker, Margie Russell, Sharon Carson. Row 3: Stanley Dea, Roger Heald, Bob Alan Austin, Ken Knight, Duane Stark, Jerry Fields, Rev. R. L. Blatchley. Row 4: Paul Cavner, Merlyn Bee. CONSERVATIVE BAPTIST A " Mom and Dad ' s Day " Supper, Homecoming Dinner, Christmas Party, and Spring Banquet comprised the major part of the social activities sponsored by the Conservative Baptist group. The Student Center is open Monday through Friday and Bible study classes convene on Tuesdays and Fridays. INTERVARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP The Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship group was established on the University campus over fifteen years ago and has since been an active organization. It participates both in the national and Inter-Varsity Christian A get-acquainted function was held at the start of the school year with regular meetings every Friday evening. Several members of this group attended " Campus By The Sea " on Catalina Island in the summer. INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: Row 1: Neil Payne, Margaret Russell, Ruth Duracka, Jan Gates, Mary Kay Cartmill, Paulette Lindloff, Clifton Price. Row 2: Nick Baldwin, Lane Mowen, Bob Gates, Bob Marshall, Paul Redin, Gary Redding, George Mann, Jack Lindloff. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION The annual mission of the Student Association is to Lutheran students on campus and to carry out the group ' s fourfold purpose of Worship, Service and Study. During the 1959-60 term non-credit classes were held on Tuesdays on Thought. " Dr. Roun, ex-dean at Northwestern Theological was in charge. In late April Lutheran students journeyed to Fresno, California for a Regional Ashrum. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION: Jerry Gustafson, Bob Burke, Carol Shogren, Don Schultz, Howard Anderson. Row 2: Ted Hinds, George Lund, Alice Lund, Allen Chery, Corinne Dion, Noelle Dion, Anne Dion, Alan Young, Frank Stanhagen, David Ammon. NEWMAN CLUB: Row 1: Janet Cole, Barbara Sweeney, Lila Wisdom, June Popson, Gloria Kalil, Barbara Kalil, Mary Farrell, Kathy English, Kathy Malone, Vicki Adams, Carrie Romanoski, Fran Romanoski, Christy Powers, Dixie Goodman. Row 2: Steve Shepard, Kathy Gleason, Sina Peabody, Patty McGreal, Connie Nosal, Maureen Monaghan, Karen Monaghan, Linda Heinbockle, Roberta Jean Acedo, Kay Connolly, Clara Fores, Edna Barnes, Susan Dagett, Jean Criss, Cathy Reidy, Emilie Hall. Row 3: Bob Negretti, Vivian Woyak, Mary Jenkins, Judy Heinmark, Sandy Butterfield, Mary Ampura, Christina Ollierg, Dorothy Stanley, Arlene Jakritsch, Kathy Farrell, Christina Calvin, Suzanne Millen, Dorothy McDonald, Ebie Burgett, Angie Lopez, Bob Hamlin. Row 4: Father Paul, Richard Beaufeaux, Pat Walsh, Bob Longoni, Dermot O ' Dwyer, John Vosburgh, Tito Ross, Tony Figueroa, Joe Heny, Jose Quiros, Morris Nunez, Jr., Morris Blumenthal, Duncan Inches, Bill Tucker, Henty Amado, Frank Ochoa, James Ceizyk, Joe Manning, Father Curry. Row 5: Dave Mall, Dave Stewart, John Taity, John Hickey, Mike Harris, John Mansour, Visut Yupraphat, Neil Stolz, Albert Liddicoat, Bill Frady, Herbert Poetzl, Larry Williams, James Gallup, F. R. Martinez, Fred Santana, ....orbert Kuhl, Daniel Kleman, John Geary, Jay McCall. Row 6: Jim Bunker, George Rivera, Bob Good, Wilbur Sitze, Dick Michela, Jim Guganig, Mike Tierney, Bill Kohl, Jim Wilson, Dick Waer, Ladislao Andara, Ed Romo, Frank Porter, Jr., Tom Simonoi, Al Thomas, Mike Coskey. Row 7: George Kalil, Ed Mazurek, Larry Tabacchi. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club, named after English Cardinal John Henry Newman, provides a balanced program of religious, educational and social activities. Students may study in the library, which contains over 2,000 volumes, or enjoy any of the facilities provided at the Newman Center including a snack bar, full cafeteria and equipped patio. The religious program includes daily Masses, a week-end retreat to Scottsdale and student missions; a Christmas and Spring Formal, Luau, and hayrides or swim parties are all found on the social agenda. 243 HILLEL FOUNDATION: Row 1: Betty Zeligson, Myrna Zimbler, Margaret Meisler, Jaye Frank, Ann Cranston, Jill Pittler. Row 2: Jerry Gross, Mel Green, Lew Aaronson, Mel Sternberg, Jerry Brand, Dave Brod, Mike Linsk. Row 3: Neil Grant, Pete Reiter, Herb Meshel, Steve Zimmerman, Dave Agin, Armand Feiler, Mitchel Bogen. HILLEL FOUNDATION This year marked the tenth anniversary of the building of Hillel House which is soon to be enlarged by the addition of a kitchen, library and study room. Open-house is held every Wednesday, luncheons at Tuesday noon. University professors, visiting and guest Rabbis from Tucson and Phoenix are among those who have spoken to the organization. PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Seeking always to carry out their purpose of " emphasizing Christian Philosophy " the Presbyterian youth group is made up of many sections to fit the needs of any the married students group, drama and music groups and study-discussion sessions are only a few. Local student pastors were often guest speakers at the luncheons. Topics were in a timely or popular vein with Christian implications. Sunday evening services and week-end to the Flying B Ranch rounded out the year ' s program. PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT FELLOWSHIP: Row 1: Barbara Ewald, Sarah Martens, Liz Merino, Dawn King, Joan Orth, Mary Helen Thompson, Karen Lee Seufert, Allison Chruchman, Pat Wolleat, Vicky Verity, Susan Carleton. Row 2: Charles Abbott, Gordon Johnson, David D. Ropp, George Kim, Bob Gray, Dick Bartholomew, Jerry Pence, R. Charles Bryfogle, Richard Beebe, Richard Bates, Tom Shumaker, Jack Burns, Jack Peacock, Harry R. Furney, C. J. Glenn. WESLEY Row 1: Bruce Billings, Juan Virginia Robertson, Carol Fassnacht, Frances Anna Mary Oswell, Monica Fitzharris, Liz Chase. Row 2. Lee Scott, director, Don Ducote, Tom Eddy, Richard Biggs, May Allen, Kay Jones, Terrence Hayden, Becky Evans, Carl Anderson, Tom Wong. Row 3: Bruce Butler, Tom Anderson, John Barringer. WESLEY FOUNDATION Spring vacation was spent in Mexico this year by many of the members of Wesley Foundation who attended the religious work camp there. Dinner and discussion groups convened regularly during the school term on Tuesday evening, and meditation periods were held on Thursday noon. Wesley ' s group is located at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. LATTER DAY SAINTS INSTITUTE The first chapter of Lambda Delta Sigma was founded in 1936 at the University of Utah under the direction of Dr. Lowell L. Bennion. Today, there are chapters on twenty-seven college and university In the fall, this group won the annual ATO Desert Derby Bicycle Race to Tempe, and participated in all intra-mural and activities during the year. Through their entire program LD S tries to incorporate the ideals of Leadership, Fellowship, Culture, Intellectuality and Religion. LATTER DAY SAINTS: Row 1: Edd Rose, Frank Rosbach, Faye Nelson, Leisel McBride, Janet Hall, Carol Waldon, Marilyn Reynolds, Mary Jo Hunsaker, Marlene Jollett, Jackie Riggs. Row 2: Verdell Crockett, Kent Downey, Sandy Rosholt, acquelyn McKae, Ila Rae Kartchner, RoMay Dickey, Sharron Norton, Carol Payne, Elaine Brewer, Jan Gardner, Jean Grant Sabin, Gordon Sloan. Row 3: Mac Haynie, Hugh Weech, Terry Silman, Delbert Nelson, Glenda Griffith, Donna Bennett, Raydene Cluff, Bonnie Guthrie, Alta Peck, Verla Wheeler, Lorena Merrill, Elizabeth McRae, Eveiln Taylor, Patty Weech, Eileen Mitchell, Nan Crockett, Helen Udall, Carl Pratt, Don Phillips. Row 4: W. E. Cosper, Joan Tenney, Burr McRae, Dall Weech, Dennis Davis, Keith Kartchner, Wayne Randall, Rulon McRae, Glen Barney, John Schlosser, Edward Curtis, Dale Despain, Jay Pryor, Marion Brown. ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT CLUB The Advancement of Club is open to any student who has an interest in the field of management and who is approved by the executive board. This year a management conference was held on campus with Hughes Aircraft which included a two day Another event was a debate by Prof. John Leonard and Prof. J. Allen Harlan on the busine ss curriculum. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT: Row 1: S. Prakash Sinha, James L. Clark, Jack Mutnick, Myron H. Goldberg, Wayne H. Clouser, Ray Garland. Row :2 Richard A. Scott, Michael K. Takesian, Weldon E. Sebree, William K. Gill. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS The student chapter of the American Institute of Architects is sponsored by the Arizona chapter. Meetings include socials and guest speakers, one of whom was Robert Roystand of San Francisco. Panels and discussion groups are also given, by the members and by guests. Also throughout the year, several field trips were made to points of interest. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS: Row 1: Willem Vander Stroom, Buddy Beck, Roger Speas, Victor Cohen, William Valentien, Benjamin, McKenzie, Manuel Moreno, Susan Winslow, DeWayne Graham, Dick DeFrance, Dale Slayter, Jim Burke. Row 2: Lionel Chadwick, Fred Pace Greg Hatcher, Gerald Thayer, Ralph Moore, Robert Morrow, Jim Carrillo, Jerry Goldstein, Bill North, Don Smith, Nasir Nehdar, Yury Sheydayi, Jack White. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR METALS This was the second yea r for the American Society of Metals on this campus. Membership in the society provides a common bond for contact and interchange of They have opportunities who speak at the meetings, and the members become accustomed to the procedures which they use in their metallurgist careers. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF METALS: Row 1: William Seginski, William Greer, Sully Hightower, Dale Rodolff, B. C. Natta, L. I. Van Toren, M. A. Khorouzan, J. L. Stokes. Row 2: T. J. Tomko, L. S. Demer, H. N. Klink, J. F. Shirley, W. W. Walker, R. J. Walker, R. J. Ritchey, K. A. Marcoux, Robert Kirby, Dan Albrecht, M. J. Monsejur, Bruce Riggs. ANTHROPOLOGY CLUB Membership in the club is open to anyone who is interested in The purpose is to recognize and study anthropology as related to natural sciences and social sciences. Meetings are held every other week in a professor ' s home with a program of speakers or movies and slides. ANTHROPOLOGY CLUB: Row 1: Darrell Clark, Robert Hunter, Richard Fike, Al Hesslberg, Wesley Fergson. Row 2: Gareth Lowe, Pierre Agrinier, Jack Zahniser, Wayne Dillon, Richard Ambler, Jim Neely, Thomas Lee. Row 3: Bruce Cox, Bruce Jewel, Dr. Hulse, William Methvim, Sidney Houserman, Calvin Cummings. Row 4: Ruth Spiller, Dr. Pauline Mahar, Mercedes, Rojas, Genee Aaron, Virginia Taylor. Row 5: Nancy Epler, Conny Pomeroy, Ann Johnson, Sally Pierce, William Kaemlein, Witney AREA DEVELOWMENT CLUB: John Switzer, Lee Perham, Charles Gildersleve, Charles Griffen, Warren Wentink, Mike Mullahey, Bill Campbell, Dr. Andrew Wilson. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF RANGE MANAGEMENT: Row 1: D. G. Wilson, J. M. Wilson, J. M. Welch, T. D. McKinney, Harold Dako, Chuck Birkemeyer, William L. Warskow, Bob Charles. Row 2: Hashim A. M. Mukhtar, George D. Davidson, Patrick D. Dalton, Malcolm Schnither, Larry L. Knapmann, John N. Carr, Don Johnson, Raymond Mapston, Ervin M. Schmutz. AREA DEVELOPMENT CLUB Any student in BPA majoring in area development is qualified to be a member of the Area Development Club. Bi-monthly meetings include and related information. Other include guest speakers from around the Tucson area, field trips and luncheons. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF RANGE MANAGEMENT Students majoring in range and members of the are eligible for membership in this club. Its purpose is to foster advancement in the science of l and management, to promote progress in soil conservation, and to encourage professional of its members. BADMINTON CLUB: Row 1: Judy Hunt, Helen Nenson, Nancy Gould, Marjorie Price, Barbara Hancock, Sandy Boonstra, Jean Thompson. Row 2: Judy Wise, Karen Helms. Rosemary Gala. Grace Burris. Dodie Orosco. Ginny Barrett. Nency Falconer. BADMINTON CLUB The main purpose of this is to offer practice to students who are interested in and to select the varsity badminton teams that will represent UA in any college tournament. This year an instruction program has been added to improve the skill of the members. CAMPUS DEMOCRATS The organization had many prominent speakers attending the meetings this year. The main of the club is to stimulate more interest in the government of the state and the country. Among the many activities, members took an active part in election Club advisors are Dr. Hennessey and Dr Mann CAMPUS DEMOCRATS: Row I: Meyer Turken, Gayne Clouser, Mac Reynolds, Joe Steiner, Stan Ralston. Row 2: Dr. Bernard Hennessey, Grady Woodward, Mable Forseth, Mitchell Bogen, James Ferguson, Gilliam Parke, Stan Cornfield, Robert Coffey. CHEMICAL ENGINEERS SOCIETY: Row 1: Neil Folkman, Jim Ford, Robert Brandenberger, Richard Miller, Scott Robert Holub. Row 2: Ron Brown, Bill Carr, Bob Barnhill, Neala Yde, Stan Graham, Kal Miller, Lynn Johnson, Rudy Rogers. CHEMICAL ENGINEERS SOCIETY Any student in chemical engineering is eligible to join the Chemical Engineers Club which was organized this year. Striving to better teacher-student relations and to educate the members of the industry are the main objectives. After the graduation of ten seniors, the organization will be eligible to affiliate with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. CROPS AND SOILS CLUB Any undergraduate sincerely interested in agronomy or closely related fields may join this club. Active members become affiliated with the American Society of Agronomy. The Tractor Rodeo field trips, and special lectures are among the numerous activities. ENTOMOLOGY CLUB Membership is open to anyone who is majoring in or is interested in Entomology. Meetings are held twice a month; activities include discussion groups, field trips, over-night collecting trips, and guest speakers from other schools and communities in the state. CROPS AND SOILS CLUB: Row 1: Stuart Anderson, Sam Stedman, Alan Humphrey, John Boynton, Robert Smith, Lee Dewhist. Row 2: Joe Ir win, Bob Robinson, Keith Neely, Arthur Mulvey, Bill Johnson. ENTOMOLOGY CLUB: Row 1: Keith W. Radford, Lois Koenig, Anthony Ross, Dr. William L. Nutting. Row 2: Troy Donaldson, Kilian Rower, Fred Santana, Judy May. FENCING CLUB: Row 1: Leona Allison, Janice Keller, Jacqulyn Frost, Judy Tiet. Row 2: James R. Rieselman, Chick Chiboucas, Shirley Gorman, George M. Clovis, Bob Christofk. INSURANCE CLUB: Row 1: C. G. Nolan, George Jr., Bob Morales, Sally Zimmerman, Joe Zimmerman, Charles Owsley FENCING CLUB The Fencing Club was newly organized this year for any student who is taking fencing and who is interested in the sport. The club was organized with the assistance of Miss Shirley Gorman of the Women ' s Physical Education Department. The meetings, which are held on Saturday afternoons and Wednesday nights, include bouts and practice on the fine points of fencing and the judging of the bouts.. INSURANCE CLUB The purpose of the club is to educate people about insurance. Membership is open t o anyone who is interested in this as an occupation and consists mainly of business majors. The group has movies and speakers and makes trips to events pertaining to insurance off compus. Other meetings include speakers on various phases of the insurance business. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Beta Theta participated in many activities. Gifts for the needy were collected at Christmas-time. Special speakers were invited to speak on different home economics topics such as family careers in that field, and flower arranging. Any home economics student is eligible to become a member. HOME ECONOMIC CLUB: Row 1: Diane Ormsby, Judy Davis, Gloria Hicks, Sarah Martens, Vicki Peterson, Carolyn Shirk, Hallie Will. Row 2: Betty Stewart, Susan Chambers, Janeine Wassen, Nanette Silvestri, Zona Davis, Roberta Janet Wilson, Marilyn Weyer, Helen Roof, Jill Loebe, Ruth Allen. Row 3: Lynne Smith, Sherry Norton, Sue Farnsworth, Brigitte Sabels, Elizabeth Chase, Betsy Brady, Anne Snoddy, Linda Ladd, Betsy Burkman, Mary Tarnutzer. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB: Row 1: Dr. Toma, Mustapha Mzabi, Nazario Gonzales, Leona Allison, Sigrid Maitrejean, Judith Tilt, Donna Brubacker, Missy O ' Connell. Row 2: Ron Walker, Chad Brucker, Alice Hall, Keiki Payne, Linda Irick, Diana Burk, Ginny Cucci, Petite Catlin. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Organized this year, IRC has shown progress and now counts 175 in its membership. The UA chapter, part of the national Association of International Relations Clubs, will plan the Pacific-Southwest Regional Conference. Members aided by the World Affairs Council of Tucson, meet to study and discuss the world situation. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Not only the ability to speak in French, but also to think in French is stressed by this club. To accomplish this members write plays, songs and poems which they present at their Participating this way helps them to become more fluent in French. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS: Row 1: Sheila Singer, Joy Bedo, Charles Janssens, Brenda Holleran, Guynne Cox. Row 2: John Brooks, W. J. Cuneo, Loyal Gryting, Arthur H. Beattie. LOS UNIVERSITARIOS Los Universitarios, a club organized for all stud ents in Mexican culture, works primarily for an annual which is given to an Arizona high school graduating senior of Mexican descent. Projects for the year include an annual Feria Primaveral and the presentation of a program on Pan American Day. LOS UNIVERSITARIOS: Row 1: Ruben Estrada, Mac Jim Westcott, Vince Andrade. Row 2: Joe Ahuero, Delfina Seballos, Angie Corona, Frances Bermudez, Sanford Weisman. MARKETING AND AD CLUB The main function of the Club is to hold the annual Business Machine Show in April. The club holds meetings every two weeks where speakers and movies are featured concerning the everyday problems in wholesaling and retailing. To be a member of the organization, one must be interested in either marketing or advertising. MARKET AND ADVERTISING CL UB: Row 1: Barbara Brown, Dr. Elwin Wood, Gail Nack, Jim Wilkes. Row 2: Warren V. Blanton, Don Darchon, Dr. William C. Davis, Joseph M. Denardo. Row 3: Basel H. Blanton, James W. Rigby, S. Prakash, Sinha. Row 4: Roger Boldy, William Davenport, Austin Smith, Matt Perri. PISTOL AND RIFLE CLUB Officers this year were Sherilyn Perkuhn, president; Harriet Perr, vice president; and Pat Johnston, secretary-treasurer. Activities shooting matches witht different schools. The purpose of the organization is to further interest in the sport and knowledge in the use of firearms. PISTOL CLUB: Captain Ned Meddleton, Pat Johnston, Tina Olberg, Patti Mortensen, Marlene Staehlen, Connie Christensen, Sherilyn Perkuhn, Suzy Fuller, M Sgt. Paul Goff. POLITICS CLUB Politics on the national and scene concern the of this club as they hold or listen to guest speakers. Dr. Paul Kelso, advisor, assists to clarify the points of government brought up. POLITICS CLUB: Row 1: Judith Tilt, Olympia Vivas, Maria Luisa Sangalli. Row 2: John Mellen, Mustapha Mzabi, Nazario Gonzales, Gary Yontef, Roy Morey, Cleleste Wallis, Glenda Richter, Jim Rusk. PRE-LAW CLUB: Row 1: Mac Reynolds, Bernie Melstein, Sam Oppenheim, Dave Smedley, Pete Neuman, Dick Whitney, Parker Sutton. Row 2: Frank Norton, John Spurlock, Bill Turner, Bill Sargeant, Austin Smith, Ed Morgan, Ralph Kopald, Gordon Alley, Steven Bentley. PRE-LAW CLUB This year, several interested pre-law students were determined " to bridge the gap between the undergraduate college and the college of law " and the result was the Pre-Law Club. Functions included tours of the court house and guest speakers. CLUB Any pre-med student is eligible for membership in the Club. Included in this year ' s activities were technical movies, tours of hispitals and clinics, and speakers. At the end of the academic year a banquet was held in honor of those accepted into medical school. They also maintain a library of pre-med literature. PRE-MED CLUB: Row 1: Marjory V. Williams, Jon B. Coppa, Diane Fordney, Bill Droke, Edy Andres, Sherilyn Perkhuhn. Row 2: Keith D. Kartchner, Charles D. Carney, Jerry Mulligan, Edward Mansour, John Nicholas Gigicon, III, Jim Mouer, Douglas Dye. RAMBLERS: Row 1: Margaret Maisler, Naomi Zinder, Jaye Frank, Roberta Griffith, Jan Hallock, Annita Harlan, Sylvia Cunningham. Row 2: Walt Stein, Dennis Dettloff, Bill Gimple, George Beck, John Bradner, Fareed Nader, Ray Bahm, Patrick Hoadley, Tony Cole, John McLean, Roger Tuttle, Ed Severson, Tom Harlan. RAMBLERS CLUB The main objective of the Ramblers Club is to promote the active sport of hiking among the students on the University campus. To be eligible for membership is this club, one must be skillful in hiking. Some of their activities include hiking at places of interest around the state of Arizona. Members also often go on one day trips during the year. UNIVERSITY SERVICE 4-H CLUB With the purpose of extending 4-H Club work to students on the campus, this club is open to anyone who has previously been in 4-H work. Besides sponsoring Campus Invitation Day, during which 4-H junior leaders spend a day on the campus, members assist in county 4-H Club activities. They also assist at 4-H fairs. On campus, fellowship is promoted. UNIVERSITY 4-H SERVICE CLUB: Mike Douglas, Court Seger, Marc Clausen, Don Lou Burlson, Ramdy Breese. Harry Volney Douglas, Karla Turner, Fran Susan Gustafson, Carolyn East, Beverly Brooks. RODEO CLUB: Row 1: Carole Kunzer, Walter Greeman, Gary Bennett, Karen Reynolds, Gerry Bishop, Virginia McNeal, Tom Woodard, W. J. Van Arsdell, Bill Perkins, Bee Morton, Jocelyn McAlpine, J. M. " Corkey " Garner, Carol Mead, Shelly Huston, Bonnie King, Shirley Ransom, Mary Boucher, Christy Powers, Barbara Ely, Sara Bromley. Row 2: Toots Johnson, Tom Mary Lou Cumming, Jo Wilson, Paul Luellig, Sandy Bryant, Jack Murphy, Melinda Smith, Bonnie Parsons, Pat Shipp, Lucy Yerger, Julie Valentine, Pat May, Patti McGreal, Pat Goodwin, Sylvia Polasek, Vicki Wayne, John Morris, Perry Wolf. Row 3: Vie Ganwan, Ken McFadden, Riley Haskell, Cliff Wood, Jon Young, Carol Williams, Sue Thoreson, Sally Stevens, Guy Piele, Mel Marcus, Julie King, Gail Schipps, Leni Lesemann, Pat Clark, Betty Murphy, Bob Clank, Jack Hayden, Mary Heckendorn, Tom Koble, Susan Green, Ann Lyon, John King, Dan Clarke. Row 4: Howie Stagg, Martha Lehmann, George Wynn, Bill Johnson, Keith Neely, Bill Robinson, Gloria Gurske, Terry Crocker, Helen Hunt, Dorrie Kennedy, Norman Dunlap, Virginia Forbes, Gary Underdown, Delladee Graves, Lynne Dailey. Row 5: John Sottnek, Dan Robertson, Ronnie Bateman, Priscilla Henning, Pat Clemow, Kim Foss, Bob Paquette, Margie Johnson, Denni Bogert, DeWitt Woods, Jeff Holdren, Kruse Alvin, Jerry Rosco, Judy Anderson, Sandy Hughes. Row 6: Hugh N. Weech, Ed Hamilton, George Davidson, Joan Humphrey, John O ' Dell, Walt Weltbank, Katie FitzGerald, John Moody, Diane McMillen, Pete McCarter, Sue Smith. RODEO CLUB One of the largest groups on campus, the Rodeo Club consists of students interested in the western way of life. Their biggest activity is the annual Rodeo which was held April 2-3. Included in the group is a six man rodeo team and a quadrille team. Rodeo is accepted as a minor sport and letter sweaters are awarded. QUADRILLE TEAM Organized three years ago, the Quadrille Team has expanded its program this year to include at guest ranch rodeos as well as their mounted military drill at the UA rodeo and riding in the Homecoming Parade. The girls practice once a week and each member must have her own horse. QUADRILLE TEAM: Row 1: Karen Reynolds, Jocelyn McAlpine, Bonnie King, Pat Goodwin. Row 2: Nina Hill Lucy Yerger, Sally Zimmerman, Shirley Ransom, Lynn Sailey. Row 3: Sally Thisselle, Doris Kennedy, Grace Townsend, Martha Perry Wolf. SPORTS CAR CLUB: Row 1: Jim Maccani, Dennis Weinstein, Dave Sla gle. Row 2: Mel Cohon, Bill Marks, Dave Bowman, SPORTS CAR CLUB The UA Sports Car Club is a group of sport and foreign car owners who gather to discuss problems concerning their cars. The club cooperates with other local clubs to sponsor dri ving events such as the Hare and Hound Rally in October in which a course was laid out by dropping lime bags along the road. THE STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION Students of the University of Arizona School of Nursing received their caps, designed by Mrs. Richard A. Harvill, this year. Included in their year ' s activities was raising money to go to Tempe for the Student Nurses Pay Day which is held every spring. They also sponsor one of the girls to the state and national convention year. Bobbie Tremor, Patricia Odom, Andrea Haas. Row 3: Judy Barchas, Diane Byrne, Joanne Rodier, Gladys Sorensen, McCarthy, Sunny Trexler, Brenda Burke, Celeste Baran. Jane Kahn, Laurene Harding, Patricia Gage, Gerry Buthod. Karen Johnson, Jayre Farrell, Lilah Jones, Linda Platt, Linda Smith, Garnet Blackman. STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION: Row 1: Natalie Pavolich, Pauline Ammon, Mary Bentley, Sharon Kranhold, Martha Borbon, Robbie Agnew, Beverly Baty, Darlene Swanson, Linda Tannert, Sally Schnur. Row 2: Jeanne Abromovitz, Ann Tillotson, Betsy Reif, Juby Adair, Dorothy McAdoo, Shirley Jeffers, Carolyn Lorentz, Leta Eskew, Becky Bartlett, Patty Holzworth, Don Leach. Row 3: Sharon McClure, Jess Fineman, Phil Webster. Row 4: Ben Weisman, P. J. Mockler. SKI CLUB: Row 1: E. Allen Weston, Susan Bruce, Carol Clark, Walter Knotts, Alix Bonnyman. Row 2: Sarabelle Devlin, Fran Holly, Nancy Weeks, Mary Amthor, Gay Miller, Norm Morrison, Bill Vernon, James Maccani. Row 3: Bill Basye, Patrick Hordley, Gary Lohne, Glen Walker, Joe Bulkeley, Lee Weingarten, Aron Johanson, Barbara Lambert. Fran Holly, Phil Kerridge, and Joe wearing Peruvian ski masks, talk about the " mountain Magic " ski film. SKI CLUB The University of Arizona Ski Club is an active organization for both novice and experienced skiers. During the winter months the members take frequent trips to Mount Lemmon, and in warm weather they shift to the art of water skiing . Instruction is offered for the beginner in both snow and water skiing. This usually involves dry run practice before an actual run. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Izaddin Ali, Diana Tamagni, Natalie Pavlovich, Bassam Bakhit. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CLUB One of the larger organizations on campus, the Students Club is made up of 53 different including Americans. The main purpose of the club is to promote better understanding between the people of the different countries. Among their varied activities was an Arts and Crafts Exhibit in October. In February they held their annual International Dinner and Variety Show which featured dishes of favorite native recipes, and folk dances from the world. The club also sponsors delegates to conferences such as the Model United Nations which was held in Berkeley, Calif., and the South Pacific Regional to be held here on campus this year. This year ' s officers were Bassam Bakhit, president; Faridah Kavesh, vice president; Sonya White, recording secretary; Diana Tamagni, corresponding secretary; and Izaddi Ali, treasurer. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Row 1: Hemantkumar Abdul El-khalidy, Sarah Harmon, Siri Eide, Farideh Kavesh, Esther Martin, Mary Kay Cartmill, Munther Mastafa F. Nuseibeh. Row 2: Fahed S. Awamleh, R. A. Patel, Prakash Sinha, Bakhit Bassam, Brar Amarjit Suigh, Peter Breukelman, Meussa A. Allalgabo, Larry Alex, Ansari Parviz, Juergen Foerstner, Joseph G. Roger, Henry Parra. Students admire the Japanese display at the International Arts Crafts Exhibit. INTER-DORM EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Corrine Huber, Shirley Vanskike, Gilbert Sainz, Leonard Estrada, Don Vance. IDC Inter-Dorm Council The purpose of the Inter-Dorm Council is to social activities between men ' s and women ' s dormitories, to encourage participation of dorm in University functions, to promote high scholastic standards and school spirit. The officers this year were president, Gilbert Sainz; vice president, Shirley Vanskike; secretary, Corinne Huber; treasurer, Leonard Estrada. Advisors were Dean Jean Wilson and Dean Melvin Erickson. IDC membership consists of the President or a from each of the 21 dormitories. Meetings are held at least twice a month. Inter-Dorm Council awards two scholarship cups at the end of each semester to the men ' s and women ' s dorm with the highest scholastic average. Activities included exchange between dorms, a Christmas Formal featuring Stan Kenton, a spring Taco Dinner, Religion-in-Life programs, and the promotion of all Universtiy activities. INTER-DORM COUNCIL: Row 1: Olivia Parker. Row 2: Gayle Gordon, Shirley Connie Christensen, Mary Roder Nancy Schoen, Corine Huber, Diane Ruth Bearge, Jean Wilson. Row 3 Bill Erlenmeyer, Frank Gill, Wayne Don Vance, Leonard Estrada, Jac Hewson, Fred Nader, Elvin Pierson, G Sainz. Maren Wilson offers some concrete suggestions to Steve Stevens as he adds the finishing touch to an assignment. COCONINO HALL Highlighting first semester in Coconino, one of the newer women ' s dormitories on campus, were their annual Christmas Party and a Birthday Party. Other activities which kept the residents busy were the dorm decorations for Homecoming and Mom and Dad ' s Day. They also participated in Dorm Open House night which is held in the fall each year. Second semester began with Religion In Life Week during which there was an exchange featuring a guest speaker. Easter came along providing another excuse for a party, and at the end of the year a function was held for the and officers. Some of the outstanding residents of Coconino were Marilyn Citron, president of Mortar Board; Sue Wildcat Staff; and Marianne Gilbert, editor of the Desert. Leading dorm activities this year were Ruth George, president; Marilyn Citron, vice president; Beulah Morton, secretary; Sue Harrison, treasurer; Cathy Chesness, social chairman and Susan Robinson, AWS representative. COCONINO HALL: Row 1: Woyak, Sandra Stanford, Sherilyn Perkuhn, Paula Beatty, Cathy Christenson, Kathy Chesness, Ruth George, Marlene Meier, Margie Harlan. Row 2: Sandy Cartmell, Arleen Weinberger, Priscilla Susan Harrison, JoAnne Brown, Carole Botkin, Kathy Krieger. Row 3: Maren Wilson, Frances Ross, Hope Davidson, Robin Collor, DeeAnn Gray, Sue Ginnold. Row 4: Joanne French, Sharon Barton, Sheri Morris, Mary Ellen Heep, Phoebe Dow, Jane Harrison, Marty Long, Elizabeth Landram. 262 Sandy Owens, Sandy Stone, Mary Roush and Toni Kienow show that nothing stops a girl from signing in or out. GILA HALL Gila Hall is an old attractive dorm for women on campus. Girls from all sections of the country make this their college home. Gila Hall scheduled many social events such as a get dance, a spaghetti dinner, a Mom and Dad ' s day tea, a Christmas party and a Junior-Senior breakfast. Three officers of " A " Club resided at Gila. Acting as president was Helen Menson with Joan Runeke as vice preside nt, and Barbara Cason as secretary-treasurer. Dorm officers were elected by the 149 residents of Gila Hall. Corinne Huber was president of Gila and also secretary of Council. Other officers of Gila were: Barbara Cason, vice president; Rai Fukuchi, secretary; Polly Fink, treasurer; and Marian Tadano, social chairman. GILA HALL: Row 1: Frauenfelder, Nedra Lumpkin, Barbara Kent, Rae Fukuchi, Marilyn Weyer, Ruth Leviant, Ton Kienow. Row 2: Ila Rae Kartchner, Linda McHenry, Elizabeth McRae, Marjorie Cole, Nancy Orr, Becky Hogg, Evelyn Baral, Corinne Huber, Sharon Daniels. Row 3: Margaret Cummims, Joan Judy Jacobs, Leslie Marilyn Jackson, Nancy Snidecox, Marcia Hamilton, Natalie Slaughter. Row 4: Lynn Hurwitz, Gerry Welsh, Polly Fink, Roslyn Baer, Mary Slavin, Barbara Cason, Jackie Shuman, Sandi Stone. HUACHUCA HALL Huachuca is one of the new freshmen women ' s dorms on campus located at Fourth Avenue and Park. Last year this dorm accommodated 358 men, but this year it was filled with UA women. Huachuca had a successful social season with several open houses, exchanges, and a festive Christmas party. The girls of Huachuca Hall elected dorm officers in September. The new officers chosen were: Olivia Parker, president; Sue Anderson, vice president; Kathleen Hayer, treasurer, Louise Clark, secretary, and Marianne Goodkin, A. W. S. representative. The I. D. C. representative was Olivia Parker. Gladis Merrick and Marianne Goodkin find pleasure a lampoon in daily paper. HUACHUCA HALL: Row 1: Freddi-lee Saunders, Carol Fassnacht, Margaret Maisler, Sandra Hughes, Patricia Lane, Kathy English, Donna Thatcher, Andrea Kenis. Row 2: Hayer, Mary Tarnutzer, Bonnie Coy, Marianne Goodkin, Penny Wyatt, Kay Gerghauser, Karen Seufert, Jeneene Krantz, Debbie Bacon. Row 3: Bonnie Halpern, Linda Lebner, Linda Platt, Jaye Frank, Shelley Reese, Sue Anderson, Thea Rehman, Bobbi Everingham, Marilyn Sharpe, Gladys Merrick. KAIBAB HALL Located in one of the new sections of the campus, the former men ' s dorm Kaibab Hall was converted to a girls ' dormitory this year. During the year Kaibab scheduled an open house, and several with men ' s dormitories. Before Christmas vacation a successful Yuletide party was held. Kaibab residents are active in campus life. Some of the campus leaders include Siegrid Maitrejean, Mortar Board, Jane Taylor, Council Representative, and Carole Haines, I.D.C. Representative. Heading the executive council was Penny Spare. Her cabinet included Carole Haines, vice president; Gretchen Dickey, secretary; Kit Walker. Lois Greenfield receives male counsel from Don Aly choosing the best one. KAIBAB HALL: Row 1: Connie Shimkers, Barbara Pudinas, Felicia Morones, Denna Dickson, Barbie Srere, Hollie Alker, Penny Spare, Marcy Bayless, Susie Swan, Jan Glaver, Marilyn Jenkins. Row 2: Donna Pendleton, Mary Lynn Forsnas, Kathy Forsnas, Gaile Kenyon, Donna DeGrazia, Sharon Scott, Carole Haines, Norma Pick, Kit Walder, Peggy Henderson. A few leisure minutes are spent scrutinizing the latest western. MANZANITA HALL Included on Manzanita ' s social calendar were such things as corridor parties and dinners held twice a year. They also participated in Levy ' s Bridal Show and in the dorm open houses. Christmas was with a dinner and decorating a tree. For Mom and Dad ' s Day and homecoming weekend, the girls decorated the outside of the dorm. Officers were Mary Roden, president; Diana Riley, vice president; Mary Ogle, secretary; Jacqueline Smith, treasurer. MANZANITA HALL: Row 1: Jeanne Lindsay, Muriel Barnes, Betty Sue Zeligman, Marjorie Williams, Jean Teeters, Mary Jonkey, Arlene Harris, Shelia Price, Sue Chunn. Row 2: Ruth Morese, Chris Troller Sandy Bennett Paula Jordan, Lynda Kaplan, Cindy Katz, Enid Levinson, Jill Pittler, Mary Lou Ruskin. Row 3: Barbara Balaban, Diane Horwitz, Judy Cowen, Sarah Sand, Gail Kasulaitis, Sandra Hale, Mary Roden, Diane Riley, Marta Acedo, Lynda Falik. MOHAVE HALL Beginning the fall term, Mohave participated in an open house in October, which was followed by Mom and Dad ' s Day and homecoming, for which the girls made decorations. Other activities included a Christmas dinner and participation in Levy ' s Bridal Show. Officers for this year were Gayle Gordon, Bev Beatty, vice president; Jill Hammond, secretary; Bev Spillman, treasurer; and Diane social chairman. Dale Mentze and Nicki Syracusa are in the usual non-studying mood. MOHAVE HALL: Row 1: Sue Shefferly, Donna Tatz, Martha Parker, Sandra Campbell, Vicki Baldwin, Ebie Ann Burgett, Elie Schurr, Jan Keller, Elinor Scher, Sharon Marcus, Kathy Tilton, Sue Thoreson, Lydia Weaver, Beverly Heyng, Jan Schubert. Row 2: Shirley Jeffers, Lee Weingarten, Margaret Russell, Carole Coulter, Ann Bergstrom, MarLynn Ormsby, Mary Moller, Marilyn Miller, Sue Kearnes, Sherry Gallup, Marolyn Peterson, Judy Swartz, Keith Piatt. Row 3: Barbara Prader, Sandra Ramsey, Gwen Weiner, Laura Rose, Vicki Peterson, Charlotte Wilson, Gayle Mack, Helen Barnes, Judy Miller, Donna Bruebaker, Mary Ellen Heinz, Gayle Gordon. MARICOPA HALL: Row 1: Connie Christensen, Roxy Gorham, Kathy Derby, Marianna Stadelman, Sharon Houland, Sina Peabody, Karen Baumann, Morma Nicol, Ginger Simmons, Linda Aldrich. Row 2: Edna Farrell, Marlene Staehlin, Kay Bedo, Mary Ellen Whittlesey, Sylvia Lee, Marlene Mathews, Genie Read, Jane Fisher, Diane Dugh, Trilby Cox, Row 3: Pamela Grubb, Linda Spading, Ann Kaufman, J. C. Lansky, Bonnie Mueller, Betti Sutton, Regina Duggan, Sylvia Guterrez, Nancy Kessler, Phyllis Waxler. Row 4: Bobbie Jean Haywood, Katharine Osburn, Peggy Caraco, Susan Wood, Dolly Whitlser, Carol Crum, Wilhelm von Beneckendorff. Row 5: Sharon Roberts, Jean Thompson, Kaay Handorf, Barbara Hancock, Carol Bronson, Joyce Cerwin. MARICOPA HALL The girls in Maricopa had an active year. Between and outside activities, events in the dorm kept everyone busy. Besides participating the Dorm Open House at the beginning of the year, the girls made decorations for homecoming. One of the most successful parties of the year was a Patio Dinner. They also had a Faculty Reception right before the Christmas holidays. Maricopa residents held campus offices and were active in clubs and honoraries. Some of these were Barbara president of the physical education honorary and vice president of WRA; Beta Beta Beta ' s, Connie Christensen, Alice Cobb, and Barbara Barnosky, and Marianna Stadelman, who was soloist at Vespers. Regina Duggan was Art Editor of The Desert. This year ' s officers were: Connie Christensen, president; Kay Beddo who assisted her as vice president, Joyce Cerwin, secretary; Vera Brown, treasurer; Alice Hazard, social and Celia Sepulveda, AWS representative. Donna Brubaker, Pat Clark, and Donna Duncan cram for a couple of their " D " Week exams. PIMA HALL: Row 1: Jean Asher, Judith Kennedy, Chris Gabusi, Norma Harrington, Carole Sickafoose, Mary Peggy Sfreddo, Yee, Julia Kinale, Margaret Holtsoi, Mary Helen Thompson, Olgs Aeosta. Row 2: RoMay Dickey, Allison Churchman, Anna Michener, Sharla Fletcher, Julia Neher, Lorna Leser, Angela Marsha Smith, Sylvia Payette, Karla Turner, Merrill, Margaret Barbara De Leon, Ellen Lorance, Shirley Vanskike. Mrs. Van Slyke talks about AWS Rules to Pima girls. PIMA HALL Pima Hall, the University ' s only dormitory is the home for thirty-three Arizona girls who divide all the and cooking chores. Annual events at Pima are a Christmas formal and a spring party. Among other s ocial activities is a faculty tea. Residents of Pima who are active in campus honoraries are: Shirley Vanskike, treasurer of Mortar Board; Judy Kennedy, vice president of Chimes; Peggy Sfreddo, Spurs; and Lorna Leser, Karla Turner, Marsha Smith and Sharla Fletcher, This year ' s officers were: Shirley president; Evangeline Yee, secretary; and Mildred Creekmore, treasurer. Mike Susan Phoenix, Rae Ambrose, Meg Yuckman, Sue Stevens, and Norma Mazzolini are on their way study. YUMA Yuma Hall is a popular women ' s dorm on the UA campus. Girls from all over the country reside here for nine months. Social life was emphasized at Yuma Hall, with several open houses, a Christmas party, a spring party and a senior breakfast. Yuma went all out to make the Mom and Dad ' s Day a real welcome for the parents by decorating the dorm and serving refreshments. Many campus leaders made their home in Yuma. Anita Karnitz was chairman of the Blood Drive, and Voleny Walsworth was business manager of the Kitty Kat. Dorm president was Diana Lee Bordeaux; Sally Pierce vice president; Joyce Draper, secretary, and Karen Baumann, treasurer. YUMA HALL: Row 1: Penny Gardner, Diane Rupe, Suzanne Cutler, Becky Evans, Stephanie Marsh, Carolyn Baines, Patty O ' Bryant, Pam Pepping, Mary Boucher, Susie Pascoe, Karen Carlson, Dorothy Stanley. Row 2: Diane Orcutt, Gretchen Wilma Sturm, Pam Allen, Susan Heide, Kitty Kelley, Brenda Holleran, Norma Mazzolini, Meg Yuckman, Diana Brodeaux, Susan Green. Row3: Martha Hooker, Jodelle Frances Daniels, Beth Burkhart, Katie Pickford, Sue Trisk Kinsman, Sue Sutherland, Kathy Michelena, Christy Powers. Row 4: Anita Ruth Hodges, Nancy Shaw, Kathy Rohwer, Susan Walker, Jana Graber, Carol Peterson, Sally Pierce, Dee Hale, Adams. Sue Stevens. Kim Foss. A card game serves as entertainment for Joe Ahuero, Lenard Delgado, Ken Thomas, Lenard Estrada and also Norman Rose. ARIZONA HALL Social activities of Arizona hall included a Halloween Dance with Phrateres. The hall also had a Christmas Party for the dorm residents and participated in a Religion and Life Week exchange at Yuma Hall. Leonard Estrada served as president of the dorm this year. The responsibilities of vice president and social chairman were assumed by John Piety. Kenny Thomas filled the position of secretary and treasurer of the dorm. Intramural manager was Joe Ahuero. Several of the men from Arizona Hall held positions in campus activities. Joe Ahuero served as president of the Spanish Club, Norman Rose was on the Traffic Court, and Ray Hughes was a member of the Track Team. ARIZONA HALL: Row 1: Dallas Jones, Wesley Satterfeld, James Rieselman, Leonard Estrada, Gerald Estrada, Ruben Estrada, Vincent Andrade. Row 2: Harry Rolfe, William Daniel Thomas, Hal Miller, Stanley Ralston, Robert Kent Jr. Row 3: Wayson Hong, Warren Matthias, Kenneth Thomas, Fred Alexander, Leon and Helgado, Darrell Smith. Row 4: Robert Damon, Joe Thuero Jr., Emery Pettio Jr., Munchie Gonzales, Joe Kent, Norman Rose, Jim Tecklenberg, Earl Surber, Roger Alexander, John Hufalt. Mickey Freiberg keeps the dormitory grounds free from litter. APACHE HALL The residents of Apache Hall, which houses 180 men on campus, enjoyed many social events this year. They served as hosts for an annual winter and spring exchange with Santa Cruz and Papago men ' s dormitories to which all the girls dorms were invited. The hall also participated in exchange with Coconino and Pima Halls. Jack Hughes served as dorm president, along with Skip Culbert, vice president; Barry Davis, secretarytreasurer; and Mickey Freiberg, social chairman. Several active people on campus were residents of Apache Hall this year. Tom Berresford served as Executive Assistant to the ASUA president. Don Sinclair, Mickey Freiberg and Jack Houston served as Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Councilmen APACHE HALL: Row 1: George Shore, Mike Lane, Mickey Friberg, Mel Chambers, Greg Dean, Nelson Funkhouser, Jack Hewson. Row 2: P. Greenwell, D. Hout, Joseph Heng-Parra, Bill Hardin, Rob Jones, Ron Kubeck, Wickham Culbert. Row 3: Joe Gilbert, Barrie Mayes, Clifford Elliott, Bill Wortman, Donald Brinlee. Row 4: Danie Misenhimer, Ralph Greene, Butch Nelson, David Smith, Ray Raphael, Selby Haussermann. Row 5: Barry Davis, Bob Kipperman, Bill Leighton, Herbert Eskelson, Fred Childs. Row 6. Paul Peigliese, Kenneth Palmer, Skip Ward, Shifty Shefrin, Larry Prather, John Watkins, Lynn Cornett, Larry McPherson, Don Collier. SANTA CRUZ HALL: Row 1: Richard Jackson, William Dunphy, Philip Barnhard, Milt Seligman, Kenneth Watters, Jerry Groutage, Don Collier, Lynn Cornett, Ned Frankel, Ron Cole, Dave Wilbanks, Van Ward, Melvyn Drucker, Mickey Turken, Don Vance, Bill Bennett, Larry Prather, Ken Kenney, Ron Steers, George Bombel. Row 2: Jefferson Hanis, Lewis Marsten, Conrad Tang, Darrel Pyle, David Rechlitz, Ken Wilcoxson, William Cannon, C. J. Glenn, Bob Marshall, Manny Kyriannis, Henry Kezantzan, Skip Ward, Jerry Overton, Frank Overton, Paul Pugliese, Russ Carter, Mike Orms, Hull Negley, Larry Goo, Mike DiGiorgio, Bob Fleming, Neil Grant. " D " Week Exam! Allan Bobrow reclines on the bed while Allen Davisdon quizes. SANTA CRUZ HALL Men from Santa Cruz had an active year in 1959-60. In intramurals they achieved sixth place overall. Besides the usual exchanges, they participated in Religion In Life Week with Apache and Papago. The men sponsored a Christmas Benefit for the South Side YMCA. The party was held at the new " Y " . They also participated in the Dorm Open House at the beginning of the school year. Officers of the dorm this year were Don Vance, president, who also served on the IDC Council; Lynn Cornett, secretary and social chairman, George Bombel. Santa Cruz is one of the newer men ' s located on the south side of the campus. 273 GRAHAM HALL A dormitory hall provides the location for two men to share their problems. GRAHAM HALL: Row 1: Steve Kerr, Mace Comora, John Kay, Bob Holzer, Burr, Jr., Antonio Ray Dull, Pat Brown. Row 2: Mort Sarells, Vern Alexander, Steve Bradley, Peter Reiter, Newt Lantron, Ray Deluca, Paul Beirne, Mike Rombold. Row 3: Karl Johnstone, Bradford Lowe, Hal Feasel, Wayne Anderson, president, Jim Meyer, Bud Schoenberg, Dan Zion, Kottmann. Graham Hall has been noted for its athletic activities. This year it won the Intramural-League Championship in both basketball and football. Approximately 102 residents of the total 156 were active in collegiate athletics. Residents of the dorm include Jim Geist, Willy Peete, Charlie Shoemaker and Ray Hiscok. Social activities for the hall were few this year. The men participated in a Religion and Life Week Exchange with Maricopa, Gila and Pinal Hall. Graham also sponsored an Annual Chicken Dinner for residents of the dormitory. Wayne Anderson served as president of the dorm with Willy Edwards, vice president; Robert Nogales, secretary treasurer; and Jack Knaab, intramurals. GREENLEE HALL Herb Meshel enjoys magazines but deeper studies interest Carl Weinstein. GREENLEE HALL: Row 1: Raul Palma, Armando Harry Nakamoto, Larry Bla zman, Tom Honaker, Maurice Giss, Steve Ray Hiscok, Harold Eastin, Jim Prior, Bill Ned, Britt. Row 2: Don- ald Johnson, Tony Huffman, Ron Hurst, Joel Rosenstein, Jack Padilla, Richard Kidwell, Randy Baird, Jim Musgrove, Howard Tschirhart, Mike Pierce, Rex Spears. Row 3: Bob Pettijohn, Bob Hasseries, Tom Browning, Jon Coppa, Gerald Soma, Kent Turner, George Szarek, Mo Hanhila, Jerry Hunt, Donald Ralph Wilson II, Jim Briscoe, John Wells, Hugh Wingfield. Row 4: Ted Troller, Dick Jack Foster, Willard Davidson. Greenlee Hall won first place in the Interdorm Rifle Match this year and placed second in the Men ' s Interdorm Tennis Singles. Residents active on campus included Jim Musgrove, sophomore representative of the hall and active in ASUA, and Richard Dyer, chairman of the Inter Dorm Disciplinary Council. Included in the various exchanges was a Religious and Life Week Exchange with Huachuca Hall. The dorm also sponsored a Chicken Fry. Officers of the hall were: Richard Dyer, president; Carl Weinstein, vice president treasurer; and intramural manager, Bernie Diamond. Both Richard Dyer and Carl Weinstein were responsible for the organization of the social activities. Joe Shea, plays the piano as Fred Nader, Jeff Erickson and Tom Bradshaw look on. HOPI LODGE Hopi Lodge intramural teams, headed by Hank Higuera, won a top place in the dormitory division. Ray Mungaray lettered in varsity wrestling and Tom Celli, in baseball. Campus leaders were Pat Hodley, Ramblers Hiking Club prexy and Ski Club vice president; Bob Hamlin, vice president of Newman Club; Neil Folkman, Engineers ' Council; Bob Kirby, Engineers ' Council and Tau Beta Pi; Art Theta Tau treasurer. Fareed (Fred) Nader was dorm president this year. Working with him were Fich Ferguson, vice president; Joe Shea, social chairman; Hank Higuera, intramural manager; and Neil Payne, secretary-treasurer. In addition to their intramurals, Hopi Lodge men held exchanges and parties throughout the year. HOPI HALL: Row 1: Tom Bradshaw, Kay Kroh, Larry White, Robert McNeil, Jay Fritton, Ed Zisman, Kent Webster, Joe Shea, Bob Brown. Row 2: Jim Franklin, Ted Wootton, Tom Rodman, Steve Carrell, John Holt, Ronald Johnson, Ken Schier, Hank Higuera, Sam Hayes, Joe DeNardo. Row 3: Fred Nader, Jim Ciezyk, Ron Hopperton, Tom Tone, Roger Shaver, Dennis Downing, Hector Sotello, Bruce McClaren, David Timmerman, Ruben Velarde, Frank Leftault, Jim Taylor, Scott Gilmore, Art Hammond, Dick Berke. COCHISE HALL: Row 1: John Linkswiler, Jerry Mulligan, Jim Jameson, Grant Sabin, John Dazous, Shonie Keith, Bill Mike Wallace, Bill Burkheimer. Row 2: Jim Ferguson, Bob Kay, Benny Gross, Neel Schmitt, Dick Roberts, Jim Pate, Robert Martinez, Sal Carmona, Suat Jonn. Row 3: John Anderson, Gary Doug Dye, Leonard Maddax, Chuck Carney, Trinidad Valentin, Nick Cappello, Jerry Osburn, John Yount, Dwight Lomeyesa, Bruce May, Dick Johnson, Mike Burgey, Gilbert Sainz, president. Row 4: John Wallace, Jim Wilson, Bill Quinn, Ashley, Andy John Thoruo, Robert Kruse, Unidentified, Chick Chiboucas, Jerry Wienke. COCHISE HALL Cochise Hall won third place for Homecoming decorations this year. The dorm was also active in intramurals. Socially, the dorm participated in an exchange with Halls and Yuma Hall. They also sponsored a Steak Fry in the latter part of March and a Senior Banquet at the end of May. Officers of Cochise Hall this year were: president, Gilbert Sainz; vice president, Howard Ashley; secretary treasurer, Kenneth social chairman, W alter and intramurals, Tom " Will you look at that hand! exclaims Mike Calderon to Bill Burkheimer. PINAL HALL PINAL HALL: Row 1: Robert Whiting, Don Atwood, Harold Yeaman, Dean Del Favero. Row 2: George Birch, Paul Johnson, Karl Parks, Dick Besser, Larry Dunnell, Jim Wise. Taking a few minutes from studies and activities Robert Whiting and Dean Del Farvero relax For Pinal Hall, this was a successful year in intramurals. Throughout the year it was a c lose race between Pinal and Santa Cruz for the over-all dorm championship while Pinal won the horse-shoe tournament and was runner-up in During the year they participated in the Religion in the Life Week Exchange and held a steakfry after " D " week exams. Residents outstanding in athletics included Gordon pitcher on the varsity baseball squad and Hap Bachiler, outfielder and catcher. Dean Melvin Erickson was head resident for this 78 man dormitory located in the southwest end ofthe stadium. Officers were Frank Gill, president; Bob Kozak, vice Lee Thompson, secretary and Rol Wilson, treasurer. NAVAJO HALL Navajo Hall houses 70 men on campus including a of band members. Social activities for this year included exchanges among which was one during Religion and Life Week with Mohave Hall. The dorm also sponsored a Christmas Party for all the residents. Elvin Pearson who served as president of Navajo Hall was assisted by Don Doehring, vice president. Frank Ronero was secretary treasurer and intramural manager Jack Hannah. Frank Romero, Alfonso Larriva and Tom Tadano make a phone call. NAVAJO HALL: Row 1: Earl Burnett, John Porteous, Jim Buwen, Frank Romero, Don Lewis, Fred Munsey, John Lines. Row 2: Darrel Bennett, Harlow Peterson, Tom Tadano, Jay Rubinow, Claude Smith, Lloyd Feldman. Row 3: Don Doehring, Alfonso Larriva, George Lewis, Roy Ward, Adolfo Quesada. PAPAGO HALL PAPAGO HALL: Row 1: Clifton Price, Sandy Joue, Alan Goldstein, Bill Hall, Bill Erlinmeyer, Lotar Sohmen, Dan Yoder, Dave Mitzal, Steve Crawford. Row 2: Bill McCellan, Jim Doolam, Toni O ' Kane, Larry Haufman, Vic Holmes, Lewis Burtless, John Chandler, Bill Watson. Row 3: Harlon Peterson, John Klchner, Ed Dunnigan, Charles Marton, Mike McRoberts, Dave Papago Lodge is one of the men ' s dormitories on the UA campus with students from all parts of the country making their home here. Papago Lodge participated in many social events, a tri-dorm dance with Santa Cruz Hall and Apache Hall. Girls from dorms, sororities and town took part in this mixer. They also had a Christmas Party for underprivileged children. There were several campus leaders living in Papago Lodge this year among whom were: John Stainkrooh, who had a lead in " Carousel, " and Bill Erlenmeyer, an IDC leader. Papago was run by officers elected in the spring. They were: Jack Harmon, president; Cliff Pres, vice president; Con Smith, secretary treasurer; and Bill Hall, social chairman. Jim Hopkins, Joe Yanez, Sandy Love, Bill Watson and Lotar Dohmen, all of Papago Lodge, watch in amusement as Art Smith shows them ' an unusually trick ping-pong maneuver. YAVAPAI HALL Social activities started the year off well for Yavapai Hall. A dance band entertained at their first exchange. Several other exchanges were held, each organized by Scott Ross and Art Elias, social chairman. Yavapai men participated in all intramural activities. In basketball they lost only one game. Three men from Yavapai were band Brad Nea, Bill Skidmore, and Al Austin. Other residents active on campus affa irs were Chuck Cuncon, Frosh Council Representative; and Barry Cooper, elected to serve on Jr. Council. Pete Wright served as dorm president. treasurer was Fred McNeill, and John Mallery acted as intramural chairman. John Mansauer, James Rousseau and George Rogers composed the disciplinary council. Scott Ross, Dickie Figueroa, Chuck Duncan, and Don Hock are thoroughly engrossed in some very interesting reading. YAVAPAI HALL: Row 1: Paul Taylor, Hsuing Chung Chang, Kinji Hayashi, David Weaver, Fernando Niebla, Don Tidmore, Rafael Olivas, Jack Makan, Dave Mackey, Mike O ' Harro, John Mansaur, Jim Carroll. Row 2: Mike Stay, Don Finch, Patrick Moss, Don Hock, John Baamgardner, Chuck Tuell, David Hall. Row 3: Charles Pomeroy, Pete Wright, Jack Burns, Kenneth YU, Clem Rogers, John Jacka, Ron Rudolph, Terry Ridgeway, Fred McNeil, Ernie Mashler. Row 4: John Bridges, Peter Hendrickson, Ed Mansour, Jack MacGillagudy. Row 5: John Undiano, Dave Pulati, Lynn Tyler, Dean Sias, John Hayden, Don Chisholm. Row 6: Gideon Eschenheimer, Andy Berry, Hal Crawford, Hans Dotzler, Neil Douglas, George Kline, John Balla. Row 7: Walter Wien, Pete Lausen, John Mendle, Sheldon Publicover, Pete Wagner. POLO VILLAGE To the northeast of campus the University provides a housing development for married veterans carrying at least 10 units. Known as Polo Village, it was built in 1946 and provides apartments for 248 families. For the convenience of these families there is a study hall and a recreation hall. This year the annual Christmas Dance was held at the VFW. For the children a Santa Claus Party was held at the Student Union and an Easter Party an egg rolling contest took place on Polo Field. Polo Village government is headed by Bill mayor; Bruce Powers, vice-mayor; Faye Powers, secretary and Maurice Ezell, treasurer. The families are represented by 12 councilmen. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Row 1: Raye Powers, Bill Davenport, Ruth Hernandez, Olivia Perez. Row 2: Terry Lichtenberger, Maurice Ezell, Alex Carlberg, Dick Rigby, Bob Freckmann, Norman Roy, John McDonald, Charles Bliss, Bruce Powers, Larry Hroades. Obviously, Polo Village is not like other student housing. Mrs. Roy along with Daniel and Cathy, stand in their neat front yard. On the other hand, and example of an interior shows the living room of Mrs. Michael Malone who watches her young daughter Cindy as she chats with Mrs. Joseph Mattaino. DIANA MITER PANHELLENIC PRESIDENT PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Two new sororities were added to the Panhellenic Council when the Alpha Omicron Pi and Sigma Delta Tau colonies were recognized this year. Fourteen sororities are now represented on the campus. The Council holds bi-monthly meetings, one of which is a discussion meeting attended by a senior and junior representative from each house. The other is a monthly voting meeting attended by the two representatives along with the house president and the alumna advisor. The major project of the Council is that of managing formal rush in the fall and open rush throughout the remainder of the year. For the second year, a quota limitation was used to equalize the houses. Also, the IBM system of control was continued. Another project, this in conjunction with the IFC, is the annual Greek Week. Panhellenic sponsors various philanthropic projects. Lee Moon Ja, a Korean girl, is supported by the Council ' s participation in the Foster Parents ' Plan. President Diana Miter was assisted by Janie Rosenblum, vice and Carol Bonham, secretary treasurer. Dean of Women Karen Carlson is the advisor. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: Row I: Anne Janie Rosenblum, Dianna Miter, Carol Mary Ellen Willey. Row 2: Marianne Judy Howe, Peggy Aldrich, Arlene Lehman, Andrea Greenberg, Starr Stone, Nancy Herlihy, Sue Thoreson, Anne Castleton, Joan Johnson, Nancy Clayton. Row 3: Dorothy Parke, Sally Johnson, Pat Wright, Sonja Frampton, Janie Everill, Cindy Katz, Helen Bartlett, Anne Snyder, Gayle Gamble, Gail Scripps. JUDICIAL COUNCIL The Judicial Council is composed of three members from Panhellenic and seven from the Interfraternity Council. Their purpose is to meet whenever called upon to discuss problems that arise concerning the " Greeks " on campus. JUDICIAL COUNCIL: John Benson, Mike Card, John Vos, Earl Dysthe, Carol Bonham. Janie Rosenblum. Diana Miter. John Metzger. RUSH COUNCIL The Panhellenic Rush Counselors, one for every sorority on campus, are active members who have put aside affiliations for the rush period. They help the rushees in answering questions concerning rush week procedure and sorority life in Each sorority is asked to put up for the position of rush The final selection is made by the Panhellenic Executive Council upon recommendation by the vice president. PANHELLENIC RUSH COUNCIL: H. Gaeel Morrison, Carol Bonham, Barb Randall, Louise Chadwick, Sally Goldberg, Sue Fuller, Nancy Nichols, Sharon McIntyre, Judy Davis 1050 North Cherry Avenue ALPHA CHI OMEGA Depauw University 1885 96 Chapters Beta Lambda Chapter 1930 65 members Alpha Chi Omega has had a successful year this year with two formals, two informals and a Christmas Party to collect toys for underprivileged children. Crowned " Dream Man " at the Christmas formal was Ray Zukowski. A tea was given for Mrs. Umas who just completed her first year as the Alpha Chi housemother, and another tea was given for Mrs. Nordwall, past National President of Active on campus were Ann Snyder, junior class vice president; and semi-finalist for Homecoming Queen; Diana Miter, Panhellenic Janet Manly, AWS Rules committee. Tapped by Mortar Board was Susie Davis; Chimes, Even Clark and Nancy Nichols and Spurs, Sandy Tanner and Sally Price. Paula Todd was chosen by Alpha Lambda Delta. Members of Mermaids are Barbara Bascom, Karen Ruchert, Shelly Ludwig, and Nancy Clayton; Beta Beta Beta Aven Clard and Paula Todd. Officers were Nancy King, president, Nancy Nichols, vice president; Deborah Mahr and Susie Davis, secretaries and Barbara Reed and Barbara Hamilton, treasurers. Bascom, Barbara Becker, Nancy Bray, JudyBussard, Sandra Clark, Aven Conn, Phoebe Cox, Kennaele Davis, Susie East, Lynn Fitzgerald, Katie Geers, Mary Anne Golseth, Carolyn Hamilton, Barbara Heflin, Edie Hopkins, Lynn James, Susan Janase, Carol Johnson, Barbara Judson, Mary Beth King, Nancy Kirby, Nancy Lamb, LaVerne Linas, Joan Ludwig, Shelley Maus, Gretchen McKinney, Thelma Maclay, Ellen Mahr, Debbie Manley, Janet Miter, Diana Moynahan, Joan Nichols, Nancy Potter, Sheila Price, Sally Reed, Barbara Reichert, Karen Sayer, Merlene Schuette, Linda Schwartz, Barbara Skeldon, Nancy Small, Sandy Snyder, Ann Snyder, Elizabeth Stevens, Whitney Tanner, Sandy Telford, Erdene Tezak, Claudette Thomson, Carol Todd, Paula Trumback, Francis Voss, Nancy Watson, Gloria Wood, Judy Wright, Sandra Frances Trumback, Erdene Telford, Lynn East and Nancy King send greetings from the balcony. 1443 East First Street ALPHA DELTA PI Wesleyan Female College 1851 101 Chapters Delta Gamma Chapter 1957 82 members Agren, Linda Alexander, Judy Allen, Mary C. Baer, Patricia Barker, Elizabeth Bartlett, Rebecca Beebe, Fran Borree, Judy Braman, Pat Brown, Linda Buehl, Nancy Callendar, Nancy Carter, Caryl Cartwell, Sandy Cole, Joyce Craig, Geri Cullen, Marcie Cucci, Virginia Davenport, Mary DePinto, Diane Linda Dobson, Sue Ann Franks, Kim Freeby, Norma Goldman, Diane Green, Susan Hass, Andrea Hall, Sallie Harrison, Jane Higgins, Penelope Holmlund, Karen Hoover, Penny Howe, Judith Hunter, Leah Rae Jenkins, Jinny Karmen, Jane Kea, Kehaulani Kendall, Joan Ketchum, Carole Kidd, Susan Knisley, Karen Knittel, Rosemary Ladd, Linda Lawnicki, Chucki Lowry, Linda Lutz, Barbara Matthews, Jeanette McCarroll, Connie McConnell, Judy Miller, Carol Newcomb, Judy Pendleton, Donna Randall, Barbara Reitsch, Pamela Ronstadt, Bobbi Ruterman, Marilyn St. Claire, Sue St. Sure, George Anne Schnaufer, Pamela Schneiderman, Barbara Simmons, Virginia Smith, Linda Snedden, Lois Sparks, Karen Stewart, Betty Stewart, Marriane Thompson, Barbara Turner, Karen Tuttle, Diane Walsh, Georgeanne Walterman, DeeDee Wheeler, Nancy Wilson, Jo Woodruff, Pat Young, Judy Alpha Delta Pi house officers this year were Pat Baer, president; Linda DePinto, vice president; Joan Kendall, recording secretary; Marilyn corresponding secretary and Chris Fendo, rush chairman. Besides many exchanges, the AD Pi ' s enjoyed a Twirp Week hayride. During the pre-Christmas season they held their annual Christmas party for under-privileged children with the Fijis and the traditional Christmas Formal. They also had a house Christmas party. A.D.Pi ' s active on campus were Geri Graig, Pi Omega Pi and secretary of ASUA; Pat Braman, chairman of Public Relations and editor of the Leaky Bugle; Connie McCarroll, AWS and Tau Beta Sigma; Betty Stewart, president of Beta Beta Beta, also Lois Snedden, SNEA treasurer. Mermaidettes include Judy Howe, George Anne St. Sure, Linda DePinto, Caryl Carter and Judy Alexander, chairman. Other active members are Barbara Ronstadt, Sigma Delta Pi, Diane Goldman, Homecoming Queen attendant, and Marilyn Ruterman, Pi Lambda Theta. Penny Higgins stands by cautiously with the fire extinguisher as Karen Turner and Bobbi Ronstadt confidently test their steak-broiling skill. ALPHA EPSILON Barnard College 1909 56 Chapters Alpha Lambda Chapter 1945 73 Members Abromovitz, Jeanne Balaban, Barbara Berk, Lois Blake, Leslie Block, Barbara Burke, Barbara Capin, Lois Chaitlen, Lois Coleman, Sandra Cooperman, Peggy Eisen, Judith Finkelstein, Geraldine Frazin, Roberta Fertig, Anne Friedson, Beverly Gill, Cindy Glickman, Phyllis Goldberg, Sally Goodman, Gail Greenberg, Andrea Hersh, Nancy Hoffman, Susan Horwitz, Dian Isenberg, Judy Jacobson, Gail Jaffe, Suzanne Jaloff, Lyn Kahnweiler, Sue Kaufman, Harlean Katz, Carol Kleinman, Marsha Lehman, Arlene Lehman, Janice Levin, Susan Lewin, Marcia Arlene Lehman, Sandy Coleman and Marilyn Litman listen to stereo. A.E.Phi won the third place trophy for their float in the originality division of the home coming parade. In October they gave a Mom and Dad ' s Day luncheon which was followed by two pledge active parties, a luncheon and a party for the presentation of a stero set to the house from the pledges. Before vacation, Mark Siegal, ZBT, was crowned A.E.Phi Man at the A nnual Winter Formal, " December Dream. " To make second semester one to remember, they held their Spring Formal, also an annual affair, and participated in Spring Sing. As the year ' s philanthropic project, they held a party for the 5th grade at Richie School each month. Jeannie Abromovitz was chairman of Spring Sing this year and also treasurer of Chimes, chorus leader of Nite Club, SRC vice and Beta Beta Beta. Other campus leaders were Janie Rosenblum, Panhellenic vice Women ' s Press Club, Chimes, Wildcat Staff; Phyllis Rakita, Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta, Desert copy editor; Madge Utay, of Sigma Delta Pi; Arlene Lehman, Greek Week Chairman; Harlene Kaufman, Desert campus life editor; and Judy Segel, Beta Beta Bet a. Officers were president, Sandy Coleman; vice president, Phyllis Slawsky; recording secretary, and treasurer, Lois Chaitlen. Litman, Marilyn Marcus, Marilyn Mendelsohn, Sue Merritt, Lynn Mesher, Ferne Meyer, Marilyn Morris, June Oseran, Sylvia Pattiz, Cathy Pritkin, Judy Rady, Joyce Rakita, Phyllis Rocker, Leslie Rosenberg, Judith Rosenblum, Janie Rowe, Carole Rubel, Julie Rubenstein, Joy Rubinow, Rosalind Ruja, Melinda Sandler, Lesley Schenk, Diane Schulman, Debra Schwab, Lynne Segel, Judy Shefler, Linda Siegel, Rhoda Slawsky, Phyllis Smellar, Jenny Srere, Barbara Utay, Madeline Yates, Belle ALPHA OMICRON PI Barnard College 1897 68 Chapters Upsilon Alpha Chapter 1959 60 Members Diane Boyd, Skip Thompson, Barbara Pope and Sandy Ramsey glance at the plans for the new house Alpha Omicron Pi. Alker, Hollie Anderson, Linda Lea Anderson, Susan Avedon, Patricia Baldwin, Victo ria Bergquist, Kirsten Berghauser, Kay Boileau, Linda Boileau, Sharon Boyd, Diane Campbell, Sandra Carlson, Karin Chadwick, Louise Clark, Louise Damron, Nancy Davis, Patti Dinsmore, Susan Enewold, Arline English, Cathy Everingham, Barbara Foss, Jocelyn Enjoying an afternoon of bridge are Sue Shefferly, Vicki Baldwin. Patti Simpson, Nancy Herlihy and Judy Query. The A.O.Pi ' s, among other events, entertained parents on Mom and Dad ' s Day at a tea, and celebrated the Yuletide season with a Christmas Formal at which they crowned Sandy Kerr, SAE, their A.O.Pi Guy. Foremost on the second semester social calendar was the Spring Formal. House officers this year were Diane Boyd, president; Patti Simpson, vice president; Vicki Baldwin, recording secretary: Rosalind Hysong, corresponding secretary; Judy Query, treasurer, and Nancy Herlihy, rush chairman. Campus leaders included Judy Query, junior council woman, president of Orchesis and president of Womens Press Club; Vicki Peterson, president of National Society of Interior Designers, Beta Theta, and homecoming queen Sally Webb, Fine Arts College Council; Nancy Herlihy, senior representative to Panhellenic, Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta, ASUA-SUAB Poster Banner Committee, and Greek Week Publicity chairman; Sherry Gallup Sigma Alpha Iota, Night Club, College Fashion Board, and ROTC queen candidate; Kathleen Pennington, Spurs, and Alpha Lambda Delta, and Julie Keith, Orchesis. Gallup, Sherry Gibson, Dorothy Haines, Carole Hamson, Holly Harden, Jeanette Herlihy, Nancy Hysong, Rosalind Jameson, Pamela Kearns, Sue Kieth, Julie Lamb, Judith Little, Betsy Little, Julia Marsh, Stephanie Moller, Mary Oltmans, June Panknin, Joyce Pennington, Kathleen Peterson, Viki Pope, Barbara Prater, Judith Query, Judith Ramsey, Sandra Seale, Linda Shehan, Sandra Shefferly, Sue Spohn, Sheryl Stanford, Sandra Strassburger, Delore Thoreson, Janice Susan Thompson, Emily Tremble, Mary Valentine, Julie Van Voorhis, Kitty Webb, Sally Wilbur, Sue Yonash, Frances Arino, Freddi Baines, Carolyn Sue Barber, Sue Bingham, Jean Boyum, Judy Bruckschen, Beverly Buckwalter, Sue Bush, Joyce Cameron, Donna Campbell, Marcia Castleton, Ann Chewning, Lucy Clark, Glee Clark, Marilyn Joyce Compton, Nancy Cox, Gwynne Cram, Susan Cuneo, Karen Elliott, Kim Ferguson, Mary Ann Fndley, Cathy Floun, Sandy Freitag, Ruth Gehrke, Gayle Gillespie, Barbara Graham, Connie Halley, Angela Hamilton, Charlyn Hannah, Honney Harris, Marilyn Heiniger, Carol Hoffman, Susan Kahn, Barbara Kalil, Barb Kalil, Gloria Kelly, Nancy Kelsoe, Jeanne King, Julie Kunzer, Carole Lewis, Nancy Little, Barbara Love, Judy Malone, Rae Martin, Jane McAlpine, Jocelyn McCarthy, Sue McCarty, OIda McNeal, Bunny Meyer, Sue Morris, Melinda Munson, Wendy Nash, Terry O ' Bryant, Pat Pomainville, Suzanne Rasmussen, Ann Reynolds, Karen Rush, Rita Sanger, Margaret Schult, Jean Scripps, Gail Sierk, Linda Slagle, Janie Smith, Wally Spring, Roxanna Stanton, Sue Stedman, Marcia Swander, Judy Swaner, Joan Todd, Gwen Treadwell, Mary 1339 East First Street ALPHA PHI Syracuse University 1872 70 Chapters Beta Epsilon Chapter 1926 90 Members A winter " Snow Ball " theme was carried out for the annual Alpha Phi Christmas formal. Earlier in the year the house entered a float in the Homecoming Parade. Another annual affair, the Spring Formal, highlighted second semester. Other events included a party for underprivileged children. Active on campus was Carol Heiniger, AWS President and Student Life Committee; Ann Castleton, SUAB Board, Events Committee Chairman, an d Social Events Wendy Munson, ASUA Publicity Sub-Committee. Also Judy Boyum, Pom Pon Girl, Lynn Siereij, varsity and Sue Meyer, WRA treasurer. Rae Malone was of the Public Service committee, Carole Kunzer, Hi and Smile Queen, and Gwynne Cox was Religion in Life Week publicity chairman. Honorary members included Ann Castleton and Carol Heiniger, Mortar Board; Judy Boyum and Rae Malone, Chimes; Freddie Arino, Gwynne Cox, and Gail Scripps, of Spurs. Alpha Lambda Delta claimed Angela Halley and Gail Scripps; Ann Castleton belonged to Orchesis, and Sue Barbara Kahn, and Rae Malone, Mermaids. Others were Kathy Findley, National Collegiate Players and Players; Jocelyn McAlpine and Judy Swander, Press Club. Assuming the duties of house president was Judy Boyum, with the assistance of Wallis Smith, vice president; Jeanne Kelsoe held the office of corresponding secretary; Susan Winslow was treasurer; and Kathie Findley, social chairman. Wall, Frances Walworth, Vol Walt, Pru Werry, Martha Whylie, Diane Winslow, Suz Wright, Lanie Wright, Linda Joyce Clark, Wendy Munson, Judy Boyum, Lucy Chewning and Jocelyn McAlpine prepare materials for Heart Fund. 1515 East First Street ALPHA XI DELTA Lombard College 1893 90 Chapters Gamma Gamma Chapter 1951 40 Members Sara Sproul, Fran Holly, Mary Jackson and Barbara Brown also share the excitement of receiving a letter with Nancy Boyd. One of the many social events planned and enjoyed by the Alpha Xi ' s this year was the Christmas Formal at which the Alpha Xi ' s and their dates danced and dined their way into the Christmas spirit. They also held the Rose Ball, their spring formal. The Flapper Party was presented by the pledges and the evening was complete with " roaring 20 ' s " costumes. Once more local costume shops were invaded as they planned for their South African Party, also a spring semester activity. Other activities were exchanges and the many hours that were put in on the homecoming float. Some of the Alpha Xi ' s claimed by honoraries were Mary Foard, as member of Beta Beta Beta; Bonnie Hirons and Terry Clark, both in Tau Beta Sigma, and Janet Brough, who was in Pi Lambda Theta. Leading the house this year was Barbara Brown, president. Her co-workers were Janet Brough, vice president and recording secretary; Nancy Boyd, corresponding secretary and Mary Foard, pledge trainer. Bean, Becky Bostwick, Beth Boyd, Nancy Brough, Janet Brown, Barbara Jean Clark, Terry Cuison, Lynda Foard, Mary Gervais, Toni Hemenway, Margaret Hirons, Bonnie Holly, Fran Jackson, Mary Meissner, Myna Miller, Gay O ' Connor, Sharon Prigge, Nancy Ann Pylante, Andrea Schuman, Jackie Shepherd, Sarita Sproul, Sara Swan, Susie Teel, Margaret Walters, Gabrielle Warner, Sally Wright, Pat Amid the excitement of receiving their chapter charter, Phyllis Milstein and Cindy Katz discuss future with Dean Carlson. SIGMA DELTA TAU Cornell University 1925 36 Chapters Alpha Pi Chapter 1958 26 Members Alpha Pi chapter of Sigma Delta Tau was colonized on the UA campus October 8, 1959. 8, they received their charter, and the seven women were initiated as charter Nancy Balaban, Susan Balaban, Cindy Katz, Phyllis Milstein, Elinor Scher, Starr Stone, and Susan Wachtel. Mrs. Bernard Michel, national president, and Mrs. Norman Beck, national vice president, headed the initiation ceremony with the help of Tucson alumnae. Even though a new organization, they participated in fall rush and pledged a class of 27. In December they held their Winter Formal to be traditionally known as the Torchlight Ball. Second semester was highlighted by the Spring Formal, a steak fry, and participation in Spring Sing. Participating in campus activities were: Cindy Katz, chairman of TWIRP Week; Ann Rothchild, secretary of Greek Week publicity and ASUA Relations committee; Susie Balaban, junior and Nite Club; Susie Wachtel, activities council and Nite Club; and Linda Belfeld, social chairman of Hellel. Officers were Phyllis Milstein, president; Nancy Balaban, vice president; Elinor Scher, recording Linda Omansky, corresponding secretary, and Susan Wachtel, treasurer. Balaban, Nancy Balaban, Susan Belfeld, Linda Berry, Tilyan Frank, Diane Franklin, Sylvia Friedman, Constance Goodman, Patty Gottfried, Linda Green, Judy Harris, Cathy Hurwitz, Sheri Jacobs, Judy Kaplan, Lynda Katz, Cindy Kirshner, Judy Krantz, Jeneene Kushen, Barbara Michaels, Stephanie Milstein, Phyllis Morrison, Martha Myerfeld, Harriet Neuman, Dee Dee Omansky, Linda Pittler, Jill Rantz, Jane Rifkin, Barbara Ray, Celeste Rochlin, Athalia Rothschild, Ann Ruskin, Marilu Scher, Elinor Stone, Starr Wachtel, Susan 1145 North Mountain Avenue CH: OMEGA University of Arkansas 1895 125 Chapters Zeta Beta Chapter 1922 85 Members Do you suppose that Jeanne Forman, Nancy Collins, Linda Bryant, Val Scharing and Karen Winter are really discussing ancient Greek history? Leading the Chi Omegas through a successful year were Brenda Nixon, presiden t; Vicki Ingalls, vice president; Sharon McIntyre, secretary and Kathy Crockett, treasurer. Campus leaders included this year ' s Homecoming Queen, Jeanne Forman; Vicki Ingalls, ASUA Artist Series chairman and Campus Activities chairman; Sharon McIntyre, Junior class secretary and AWS Girl Scout chairman; Mimi Buterbaugh, president of National Collegiate Players and president of Players; Phyllis Hudson, AWS Social Also Maydith Merz, SUAB Public Relations Committee; Marcia Phelan, SUAB Special Events; and Kathy Crockett, Artist Series Committee. Honorary members included Vicki Ingalls, of Mortar Board; Chimes, Pat Nardone, and Sharon McIntyre; Orchesis, Sally Cline and Mary Rule; Pi Lambda Theta, Brenda Nixon; Delta Psi Kappa, Lynne Dailey, treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta, Phyllis Hudson and Mary Rule; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vicki Ingalls; Raquet Club, Missy O ' Connell; Beta Theta, Sonia Studebaker; Mermaids, Marsha Ringle, Shirley Ransom, Judy Matson and Brook Terry. Bash, Jane Bell, Jane A. Bennett, Sandra Bissell, Sue Ann Brand, Marilyn Bryant, Linda Buterbaugh, Gretchen Carruth, Sue Cline, Sally Collins, Nancy Crockett, Beth Dailey, Lynee Davis, Joette Dishinger, Susan Freeland, Nancy Forman, Jeanne Gains, Margaret Gamble, Gayle Graves, Delladee Henry, Sue Hodges, Della Hudson, Phyllis Ingalls, Victoria Jenkinson, Sue Johnson, Judith Jonkey, Mary E. Kelley, Sheila Kenan, Charlotte Kline, Caroline Klopfenstein, Beulah Kyle, Laurie Lyons, Nancy McCoy, Judy McCracken, Judith McIntyre, Sharon Matson, Judy Mattingly, Barbara Merz, Maydith Mickelson, Lucinda Nixon, Brenda Norton, Sherry Olsen, Vicki OConnell, Sandra Ordway, Sarah Pauliny, Ruth Phelan, Marcia Ransom, Shirley Ray, Kay Richter, Glenda Roden, Mary Ellen Roe, Jean Rolf, Elizabeth Rose, Laura Rule, Mary Rumple, Judith Scharing, Valarie Schonfeler, Donna Seffens, Barbara Smart, Barbara Smith, Lynne Spalding, Judith Stice, Nancy Stone, Peggy Strand, Helen Studebaker, Sonia Sturm, Mary Lou Terry, Jane Thisselle, Sara Vocale, Carmen Wallis, Celeste White, Sonja Winn, Linda Winter, Karen Wood, Mary DELTA DELTA DELTA Boston University 1888 105 Chapters Phi Beta Chapter 1946 82 Members 1541 East Second Street The Pansy Ring Dessert was a main social event of the Tri-Delt house this year. This was primarily a fashion show and a dessert for all senior women on campus. Founder ' s Day was observed by the traditional party. Favorite professors of house members were honored by an Apple Polishing Party. Other social events were Mom and Dad ' s Day Dinner, Twirp Week Picnic, Varsity Show, and the Christmas Formal. in the Spring Sing, Junior Senior breakfast and a Spring Formal completed the social calendar. Sorority members were active on campus, holding offices and honorary positions. Anita Karnitz was chairman of the annual Blood Drive. The office of Senior Class Treasurer was held by Marilyn Reynolds, while Patsy Burdett held the position of AWS Sue Smith served as co-chairman of the Greek Week Olympics. Tri-Delts were well represented in campus Spurs claimed Carol Bonham, who was also head of the Desert secretarial staff and Chimes, Lucy Yerger and Anita Karnitz. House officers were; Sue Smith, president, with Marilyn Reynolds, vice president; Lucy Yerger, secretary; Joan Humphrey, corresponding Margie Baldwin, marshall; and Terry Jay, chaplain. Final exams could be the reason that Sue Smith, Anita Karnitz and Linda Louden decide to forego pleasures and turn to some serious work. Aguirre, Rowene Aldrich, Peggy Allen, Pam Anderson, Judy Asaro, Gloria Bailey, Linda Baldwin, Margie Blakely, Lynn Bellinger, Nancy Bobbish, Juanita Boone, Sandra Brownfield, Diana Bryson, Nancy Buckingham, Nancy Burdett, Patsy Butler, Lynn Carson, Sherry Clark, Sandy Clarno, Leslie Cooper, Sue Cornell, Susan Cumerford, Diane Daniels, Sharon Darrow, Ann Desbrow, Susan Edwards, Joyce Fisk, Barbara Groenert, Suzanne Hallock, Jan Hamilton, Chri s Hanson, Angela Hokuf, Joan Hornung, Lee Hughes, Mary Ann Hughes, Sandy Humphrey, Joan Hupp, Wendy Jay, Terry Johnson, Margaret Jones, Vicki Karnitz, Anita Kurtz, Edith Landon, Linda Lathrop, Carolyn Leavitt, Laura Ley, Sharon Loudon, Linda Macurda, Diana McElhatton, Mae McFarland, Lynn Meyer, Barbara Mittendorf, Betty Morris, Sherry Munce, Patty Myser, Marilyn O ' Connor, Kathy Osgood, Laura Palen, Judy Ramage, Sandy Randolph, Suzi Rupe, Diane Reynolds, Marilyn Schoen, Nancy Seitz, Susan Shaw, Nancy Simmons, Jean Smith, Lynda Smith, Susan Stack, Ann Strickler, Nancy Starmer, Suzanne Stevenson, Ann Steves, Sally Ten Bensel, Pat Vassallo, Claudia Washburn, Ona Westphal, Jean Whiteneck, Karen Wilcox, Pat Witt, Karen Verger, Lucy Ziss, Charlene Agnew, Robbie Anderson, Sally Andrews, Chickie Ash, Joyce Askins, Barbara Backman, Nancy Badger, Linda Baily, Jean Barthels, Gwynne Beatty, Paula Bowker, Brenda Briggs, Sue Brightman, Connie Briscoe, Nancy Brown, Gail Brown, Karen Buchanan, Bee Burkman, Bettey Clothier, Judy Coady, Diana Collor, Robin Connelly, Connie Coyle, Nancy Cracchiolo, Marianne Dack, Jackie Day, Joan Dickey, Gretchen Dixon, Jere Dobric, Kathy Farnsworth, Sue Fischer, Dorothy Foley, Pat Fuller, Judy Gantt, Penny Gibbons, Mary Gray, Linda Haas, Linda Hawthorn, Sharan Holden, Betsy Houghton, Kathy Jameson, Jamie Johnson, Linda Johnson, Sally Charlotte Kelly, Kitty Larsen, Jan Leavenworth, Alice Liem, Margie Loebe, Jill Long, Linda McCafferty, Lynne McCrary, Carol McCrary, Marilyn McDaniel, Amy McLeod, Judy McMillan, Mickie MacDonald, Marsha Manning, Barbara Manning, Muggsie Maresh, Fancy Marsh, Gail Marshall, Jan Miller, Joey Moses, Judy Mowry, Judy Murphy, Gail Myers, Rosemary Myers, Sally Nickel, Sally Nelson, Sue Packman, Nancy Pagano, Maria Perry, Sue Phipps, Clare Pierce, Sally Pierce, Sue Richards, Marilyn Rhodes, Nancy Schmieding, Judy Shaffer, Mary Jo DELTA GAMMA Lewis School 1873 86 Chapters Alpha Pi Chapter 1926 96 Members 1448 East First Street The Delta Gamma ' s brought their mothers into life this year by organizing the D.G. Mothers ' Club. Among the social events was a tea for the mothers of all the fall pledges. When Twirp Week rolled around, the D.G. ' s treated their dates to a Twirp Week Dinner. During October a Retreat was held, and bringing in the Yuletide Season was the annual Christmas Formal. Also, before Christmas vacation, the house held a party for the blind, and during second semester, they staged a Benefit Fashion Show. Later in the year they had an ever-popular costume party with a Ship Wreck Theme. Some of the campus officials and leaders included state SNEA secretary, Marianne Cracchiolo; treasurer and Spur, Gwynne Barthels; junior class vice president, Charlotte Jones; Pom Pon Girl and Alpha Lambda Delta, Judy Fuller; and chairman of the Greek Week King and Queen Committee, Gail Marsh. Also Chimes and Junior Councilwoman, Judy Clothier; Spurs, Nancy Coyle; Chimes, Chickie Homecoming Queen Finalist and Pom Pon Girl, Lucy Thatcher, and freshman council representative, Muggsy Manning. Leading activities were President, Charlotte Jones; first vice president and pledge trainer, Bee Buchanan; recording secretary, Marilyn McCrary; corresponding secretary, Betsy Holden; treasurer, Chickie Andrews; rush chairman, Sally Johnson; and AWS Chairman, Jackie Dack. Nancy Rhodes, Barbara Svob, Marja Straugham and Sally Ander son make their daily departure to the edifices of higher learning. Shane, Story Slack, Sue Smitheran, Roberta Stawer, Paula Stewart, Peggy Stranghan, Marja Thatcher, Lucy Thompson, Barbara Thompson, Peggy Thornton, Judy Viault, Marianne Vickers, Marilyn Webb, Karen Wilson, June Whalley, Nickie 1535 East First Street GAMMA. PHI BETA Syracuse University 1874 70 Chapters Alpha Epsilon Chapter 1922 97 Members The Gamma Phi ' s began the year with Margot Love the race for Junior class treasurer. Among the many social functions during the year was the Christmas Formal during which Jim Rogers, SAE, was crowned " Gamma Phi Man. " A Little Sister ' s Brunch on Mom and Dad ' s weekend, the annual Christmas party for under-privileged children, the alum-active baseball game, and the Junior-Senior picnic rounded out the first semester. Sorority officers were Alice Hall, president; Shanon Glenn, first vice president; Jan Hollinger, second vice president; Pat Warren, recording secretary; Judy Davis, corresponding Gloria Wilkie, treasurer. Active on campus were Jean Duggan, Art Editor of the Desert; Bobbie Haeworth, Co-Editor of the Kitty Kat; Judy Reedy, treasurer of AWS; and Helen Bartlett, chairman of the Greek Week Dance. Spurs claimed Sonya Frampton, Karen Gurley and Mary Bonickson. Bobbie Haworth was elected to Mortar Board, and Cheryl Hoffman and Gwen Major were members of Beta Beta Beta with Miss Hoffman also being a member of Pi Lambda Theta. Others were Carolyn Gibbs, Alpha Rho Tau, Mary Ogle, Raquet Club; and Nancy Adenbrooke, Mermaids. It may not be Hawaii, but Pat Warren, Cheryl Hoffman and Alice Hall enjoy the exotic strains of Keiki Payne ' s ukulele. Addenbrooke, Nancy Archer, Frances Bailey, Wanda Barber, Bette Jo Barnes, Muriel Bartlett, Helen Bennett, Gage Bonnickson, Mary Brophy, Betsy Brown Linda A. Bruce, Susan Burton, Sylvia Chandler, Jane Choisser, Marcy Clark, Carol Corfman, Judy Covington, Carol Cumming, Mary Lou Crouch, Judy Cowen, Judy Davis, Judy DiCicco, Anne Dickey, Joan Duggan , Regina Dunning, Sharon Ekblad, Joan Frampton, Sonya Fox, Judy Gardner, Penny Ginnold, Sue Givens, Diane Glenn, Shannon Gray, Dee Ann Gurley, Karen Hall, Alice Harris, Alice Harris, Nancy Hart, Donna Havelaar, Judy Henningson, Babs Hickman, Madelyn Hicks, Gloria Hill, Alene Hoffman, Cheryl Hollinger, Jan Hurlbutt, Fran Kellogg, Karen Kimble, Ann Eve Kraftmeyer, Carole Langtry, Lynn Love, Margot Ludwig, Marianne Major, Gwen Metcalfe, Connie Miles, Marilyn Moiola, Sharon Morse, Ruth Ann Murrey, Virginia Nafor, Guendolyn Naujoks, Gracia Nelson, Tam Nordin, Jody Ogle, Mary Payne, Keiki Preston, Carol Reagan, Sandy Roberts, Betsy Rowton, Sue Seidenberg, Jan Sharp, Jean Shehane, Jane Siracusa, Nicky Stabler, Joan Stephenson, Bobbie Sutton, Betti Tarnutzer, Mary Tillotson, Ann Topolinski, Pat Townsend, Gay Townsend, Pam Turk, Sharon Van Horne, Carol Volpe, Kathy Walcha, Lynne Walker, Kit Warren, Pat Weaver, Charlene Wilkie, Gloria Hours of painstaking labor were rewarded by the Grand Sweepstakes award to Kappa Alpha Theta in the Homecoming Parade for their float. The Christmas season followed and with it came the Christmas formal at the Pioneer where Roger Fellows was chosen the Theta Man. Many of the girls were active on campus. Members of Chimes included LaDonna Anderson, Marianne Gilbert, Margie Barrie, and Sue Fuller. Selected for Spurs were Sue Pooler, who was also sophomore vice-president and Outsanding Sophomore Woman, Lyne Bringhurst, Joan Johnson, and Petite Catlin. Marianne Gilber t served as DESERT Editor, assisted by section editor Margie Barrie and copy-editor GeorgeAnne Weedman. Elected to Freshman secretary was Diane Mensch. President of Mermaids was Jane Raney. Creating school spirit were Pom-Pon girls Sandy McVey, Marcia Marshall, Raima Roper, and Ann Jorgensen. Chapter president for the first semester was Len Mattei with La Donna Anderson as president second semester. It is a fire-drill or could it just be exercise that prompts the residents of the Theta house to charge down the stairs? KAPPA ALPHA TH ETA Depauw University 1870 86 Chapters Beta Delta Chapter 1917 103 Members 1050 North Mountain Avenue Ambrose, Nancy Anderson, Eleanor Anderson, La Donna Anderson, Sandra Barrie, Marjorie Bledsoe, Carol Jo Boehme, Gretchen Bringhurst, Lynne Browne, Donna Rae Byrum, Pat Carpenter, Roberta Catlin, Petite Christie, Hollie Clevenger, Sally Combs, Cynthia Cram, Barbara Cross, Carolyn Cross, Diane Cryor, Barbara Defty, Sharon Donaldson, Donna Downend, Marianne Edwards, Mary Edwards, Susan Edwards, Virginia Fakes, Jane Fitzgerald, Lynn Fuller, Sue E. Fuller, Susan Gee, Gloria Gideon, Kathy Gilbert, Marianne Gnatt, Judy Gould, Nancy Greer, Becky Halversen, Gwen Haskell, Phyllis Hazlitt, Nanette Heineman, Janet Hoak, Linda Hostetter, Elizabeth Hughes, Connie HuIt, Ann Isaacson, Jean Janda, Sally Johnson, Joan Jorgensen, Anne Kaienew, Toni Keyes, Denny Knapp, Ellyn Kooistra, Karen Kuber, Barbara Kuber, Jackie Lawrence, Kathy Lawrence, Sally Lemon, Susan Life, Marcia Lindsley, Susan McClanahan, Jane McVay, Sandra Marshall, Marcia Melczer, Linda Mensch, Diane Momsen, Virginia O ' Donnell, Pat Palm, Margaret Paul, Penny Percy, Mary Ellen Perkuhn, Sherilyn Pooler, Sue Potter, Pat Purpus, Pat Raney, Jane Richardson, Mary Helen Ririe, Heather Robinson, Susan Rhode, Carol Roper, Raima Rountree, Isabelle Sand, Saran Schneider, Joan Schnur, Sally Serigstad, Judy_Snoddy, Anne Stearns, Joan Taylor, Jackie Trachta, Mary Glen Turner, Joan Veenboer, Sandra Weedman, GeorgeAnne Werder, Wendee Wolf, Andrea Wolf, Perry Work, Sharon 1435 East Second Street KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Monmouth College 1870 88 Chapters Gamma Zeta Chapter 1920 100 Members Many honoraries were represented in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Gayle Runke served as Mortar Board president, and Chimes chose Sharon Rains, Claudia Shortman, Edith Sayre, and Gayle Gordon. Eight Kappas belonged to Spurs: Barbara Drinkwater, Nancy Burton, Margaret Burton, Mary Lou Dollen, Diana Burk, Martha Klaiber, Carol Craig, and Penny Parke. Diana Burk, Barbara Drinkwater, and Martha Klaiber are members of Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman womens honorary. The sorority was active in campus affairs, also. Susan Chiles served as Senior Vice President, and Mary Lou Doolen, as Sophomore Secretary. Senior Council woman was KKG Margo Mckenzie, and Edith Sayre served as AWS Secretary. Claudia Shortman was AWS Social Chairman. The house won first place in for second semester of 1959. KKG Twirp Time, Pinmate Dinner, and Kappa Father ' s Club comprised several of the social events this year. In addition to the annual Christmas and Spring Formals, the Kappas held the Monmouth Duo with the Pi Beta Phi ' s. House officers were Joan Cooper, president; Jane Robinson, vice president; Hallie Will, secretary; Anne Bateman, treasurer; Janet Cooper, house manager; and Martha Strauss, rush chairman. Set the scene: a winter mid-morning, slightly chilly, 8:40 classes Complete the picture with some Kappa girls stepping to classes. Austin, Diane Babel, Nancy Bacon, Debbie Bayless, Martha Berkankamp, Cathy Boyd, Carolyn Branham, Jo Ann Burggraaf, Neale Burke, Diana Burton, Margaret Burton, Nancy Carrillo, Irene Chiles, Susan Clarke, Frederica Coulter, Carole Cooper, Janet Cooper, Joan Corn, Betty Jane Craig, Carol Currie, Susan Day, Sharon Doolen, Mary Lou Drachman, Joy Drinkwater, Barbara Engel, Barb Flodman, Dolores Forsnas, Kathleen Forsnas, Mary Lynn Fowler, Judith Grady, Sheila Hager, Tobey Hart, Gail Humphrey, Pam Jones, Sharon Kenyon, Gaile Klaiber. Martha Kline, Suzette Lehmann, Martha Lindsay, Jenny Lohman, Sally Loper, Judith McCraig, Buffie McDaniel, Amy McKenzie, Margo McNeil, Laura Merchant, Mary Frances Mesce, Tricia Moore, Sheri Nelson, Derith Nichols, Nancy Owens, Sandra Patterson, Mary Pierce, Carolyn Rissler, Pricilla Robinson, Jane Rogers, Diana Rogers, Nancy Runke, Gayle Savik, Harriet Sayre, Edith Sheldon, Sally Stratton, Mary Katherine Strauss, Martha Taylor, Mary Trainer, Linda Tribble, Barbara Urton, Marcia Weinzapfel, Anne Will, Hallie Wilson, Jane Witz, Margaret Wood, Susan Woods, Kit Alstrin, Susan Barr, Amanda Black, Betty Blake, Glenna Bonnyman, Alex Bowe, Barbara Busby, Mary Buskirk, Lynne Butler, Pat Colbert, Cathy Cotterman, Linda Crissey, Margaret Cutler, Suzanne Davis, Corinne Ely, Susan Farquhar, Ricki Flanagan, Kathleen Gaylord, Donna Glad, Marlene Glover, Jan Greeley, Margaret Hill, Nina Hodge, Judy Hood, Jane Hurley, Kathleen Hurst, Lynn Hutchens, Julie Jones, Judy Jones, Nancy Kelly, Kay Kennedy, Dorrie Kenworthy, Rae Kroll, Connie Landram, Elizabeth Leenhouts, Judy Lubbers, Ruth Ann Marsh, Carolyn Mathews, Carrie Matts, Janet McCloski, Sharon Moller, Barbara Moore, Nancy Morris, Pamela Morrison, H. Goeel Newmeyer, Pat Nicol, Norma O ' Brien, Pat Oglesby, Ann Owens, Nancy Palmer, Susan Parry, Marilyn Pennington, Juliana Price, Shelia Provence, Linda Pumphrey, Dorothy Radnick, Susan Raymond, Carol Ritter, Carol Savage, Joan Schultz, Sally 1035 North Mountain Avenue PI BETA PHI Monmouth College 1867 103 Chapters Arizona Alpha Chapter 1917 95 Members Sullivan, Patricia Tench, Marjorie Thomas, Elizabeth Troup, Sandra Vanerka, Lynne Van Lente, Judith The parkeet certainly has the bird ' s eye view as he curiously watches interesting humans. Nancy Washburn and Gail Whitney. Lucky bird! Campus leaders and officers were well-represented by the Pi Phi ' s in 1959-60. Amanda Barr was Secretary of the Traffic Court, and Kathy Hurley and Susan Radnich were on the Court. The office of Freshman class treasurer was held by Marjorie Tench. Sally Schulz was Secretary of the Community Service Committee, and Lynne Vanerka was Chairman of the Silk Screen Committee. Carrie Matthews was a member of the Assembly Committee, and Pat served on the Elections Committee. School spirit was promoted the pompon girls and cheerleaders in the PHRATERES UCLA 1924 13 Chapters Lambda Chapter 1938 40 Members Making Christmas gifts for the Yaqui Indian Brownie troop are Emily Wilma Clark and Diane Fordney, hoping to spread some Yuletide cheer. Phrateres began the year on a happy note by sponsoring " Hi and Smile Week. " A Freshman Swim Party and the pledge picnic were soon followed by the Mom and Dad ' s Day Tea. Other social functions included the Ryland Farm Party and a fashion show " Winter Dresscapades. " The Yuletide Season was celebrated by Christmas Caroling and a Christmas Formal. They also gave a party for the Yaqui Indians. Members chosen for honoraries were Emily Carpenter, Wranglers; Diane Orchesis, Chimes, Wranglers and Beta Beta Beta; Signe Kuhl, Wranglers; Rua Warskow, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spurs and Wranglers; Barbara Ewald, Sigma Alpha Iota and Wranglers; Lydia Lomey, Pi Omega Pi; Joyce Van Reenan, Spurs Wranglers, and Alpha Lambda Delta; Vicki Lucas, Alpha Lambda Delta; Faye Folkins, Tau Beta Sigma, Wranglers, and Orchesis. Officers this year were Diane Fordney. president; Wilma Clark, vice president: Signe Kuhl, corresponding secretary; Emily Carpenter, recording secretary; Jane treasurer and Joyce Van Reenan. AWS representative. Bailey, Louella Chase, Elizabeth Clark, Wilma Ewald, Barbara Folkins, Faye Fordney, Diane Hansen, Robby Harris, Barbara Hearn, Linda Johnson, Doris Kowaleski, Deanna Kuhl, Signe McCague, Jane Steinberg, Vicki Stewart, Sharon Frank Jordon and Dean Shutt are proud of the National IFC trophy won for their activities. IFC (Inter-Fraternity Council) IFC won the National Intrafraternity Council Award for havin g the outstanding IFC among major universities this year. Activities leading to winning this award included the building program which is well underway. Twelve new houses will break ground in May beginning this 21 2 million dollar program. Also this year saw three fraternities receive national charters. One of the new programs initiated this year was tutoring sessions for fraternity members who need help before semester exams. In the Salvation Army Drive this year the group collected $840, double the amount from last year, and at the Christmas Party at Carrillo School, the group entertained 80 youngsters. During December at the annual Apple Polisher ' s Dinner, 175 faculty members were entertained and during Mom and Dad ' s Day, fraternities fed 2,340 moms and dads. Sponsored by IFC, Phi Eta Sigma, Frosh Men ' s Honorary was installed and began their first year by awarding 3 scholarships to fraternity men. The insurance program pioneered by the IFC for Greeks expanded this year to include all undergraduates under the ASUA. During second semester, April 7-9, UA was host to the Western Regional IFC, which was attended by delegates from 40 schools in 13 western states. This year ' s officers were Frank Jordon, SAE, president; Earl Dysthe, Delta Sigma Phi, vice president; Ron Buggs, Acacia, secretary; Paul Wygant, KA, treasurer; and Will Rapp, SAE, publicity chairman. Row 1: William Estes, Hirsch Handmaker, George Cabat, Ed Stonebrook, Earl Dysthe, Doug Dunipace, Dan Zion, Wallace Linn, Robert C. Fidura, Bill Switzer, Art Sandridge. Row 2: Eugene Margolis, Wayne Rapp, Jim Emrick, John Metzger, Will Rapp, Louis Slonaker, Frank Jordan, Bill Harlow, Frank Porter, Jr., William Whiting, George Pebworth. Row 3: Ron Briggs, Gerry Ault, Tom Glover, Pete Diener, Scott Bivens, Jon Peek, Gary Hyde, Chuck Becker, Eddie Soens, Dick Silverman, Tim Tomko, Nelson Greenlund, Bob Bene. Row 4: Paul Wygant, Richard Assmar, Doug Federico, Gary Ellison, Jack Freetey, Jack Collins, Robert Posner, Sid Rosen, Allan Anderson, Paul Chuppa, Sandy Kerr, Dale Mentze, Bill Neblett, Vincent Ogurek. Row 1: Duane Smith, Tom Hazen, Hugh Pittock, Jon Wilson, Charles Wallace, Mike O ' Harro, Tex Elner, Bob Mills, Bill Barraclough. Row 2: Sid Rosen, Joel Gilbert, Hal Ashton, Tom Payne, Robert Dicus, Albert Liddicoat, Arthur Colangelo, John Allen, Al Quezada, Leonard Karp, Michael Forman. Row 3: John Thomas, John Vuich, Chuck Loop, Pete Backus, Carlton Brown, Tom Bunn, Francis Sprout, Stephen Crawford, Carl Bignert, Mike Dickson, Charles Cruise, Bill Soldan, Ron Lence. Row 4: Sandy Love, William Hahn, Ray Davis, Mark Taiz, Thomas Borowski, Ralph Moore, George Lewton, Gerald Diddy, Doug Clark. IFPC (Inter fraternity pledge council) The IFPC began its 1959-60 session by electing Mike O ' Harro, president; David vice president; Tex Elnen, secretary; and Ch arles Wallace, treasurer. The first project of the year was the Pledge Pajama Race. First place was taken by Phi Gamma Delta. The next project was serving at the Student Union Birthday Party which was followed by the annual cleaning of Memorial Fountain. Help Week and its drive to revive the Pima County Milk Fund was held in February. Donations came to $1500---$500 over the goal. Pi Kappa Alpha ' s 11 man pledge class won the per capita award. Help Week came to a close with the annual Pledge Semi-Formal which Judy Mowery, Delta Gamma, was crowned IFPC Queen. She was chosen from four contestants. Advisor Sid Rosen and IFPC officers, Mike Pretzer, Charles Wallace, Tex Elner, and Mike O ' Harro confer with Dean Shutt about the proposed new semester plans. 819 East Third Street ACACIA University of Michigan 1904 46 Chapters Arizona Chapter 1950 14 Members The old songs are the best and Acacian songsters Skip Shwab, George Cabat. and Tom Hazan harmonize to the accompaniment of Hugh Pittock. At the beginning of second semester Acacia underwent a complete reorganization process with the help of National. There are no members who were previously associated with the chapter. They are also building a new house. Highlighting the social calendar was the Spring Formal held at Walter W. Kolbe ' s Rail X Ranch in Patagonia. They also held their traditional Night on the Nile Party and a Pledge Beatnik party. Other activities included Greek Week Olympics and the Help Week campaign. The Christmas Formal was held in the Santa Rita Hotel. Outstanding members included Jim Lumpkin who was awarded the Blue Tab in Army ROTC and Bill Lloyd, associated with the Wesley Foundation who won the trophy. Active in campus activities was Jerry Lowe who was on the IFC judicial committee. Leading house activities was president, Paul Slosser; recording secretary, Gregg Payne; treasurer, Jim Lumpkin, and rush chairman, Bill Lloyd. Bachtel, Warren Bean, Dick Cabat, George Fisher, Dick Freeman, Lance Hazen, Tom Kuhn, Don Millett, Jerry Pittock, Hugh Stonebrook, Ed 841 North Tyndale Avenue ALPHA TAU OMEGA Virginia Military Institute 1865 118 Chapters Epsilon Beta Chapter 1930 110 Members Alsever, John Basehore, Joe Bell, Jim Benson, John Benson, Dick Benton, Bob Bess, Jack Bowers, Carl Brademberger, Bob Bradford, Mike Bray, Dave Bryan, Tom Carey, Dave Carlson, Bob Carrillo, Bert Chitwood, Ralph Coplen, Al Davis, Everett Davis, Ray Dickinson, Pat Dill, Dick Eager, Jim Fisher, Darell Foster, Gary Fuller, Bryce Gilbreath, Daryl Gordon, Tom Grinnell, Hugh Guerrero, Ed Hamilton, Dick Hastings, George Hastings, Larry Herlihy, Barry Hershey, Alan Hemo (mascot) Joyner, Fred Kellogg, Paul Kenaston, Greg Kerrick, Bob Klinger, Armand Loeffler, George Love, Sanford Lundstrom, Jon McFarland, Henry McKinney, Cliff Malcolm, Bill Manning, Whip Miller, John Mohr, Go rdon Moir, Paul Moore, Michael Murray, Dave Neblett, Bill Nelson, Jim O ' Harro, Mike Olsen, Lee Olson, Bill Peckham, John Potts, Chuck Quarelli, Tom Rabbitt, Barry Reade, Bob Recanzone, Jay Rose, Jim Rouse, Bob Schorr, Glenn Sitterley, Tom Slosser, Paul Smith, Lee Smith, Rex Stempel, Frank Stevenson, Dale Stolz, Neil Stonecipher, Roy Stuckenoff, Ed Talley, Gary Taylor, Bob Tuell, Chuck Virant, Gilbert Walker, Chuck Warford, Joel Weaver, Lonnie Webb, Larry Webster, Lou West, Favil Wilder, Bill Wilkinson, O. J. Williamson, Jon Wilton, Daniel Woods, Roger The Pajama Party was one of the highlights of the ATO social calendar this year. In addition the house gave a Mau Mau party later in the year featuring a jungle motif. The annual Christmas and Spring Formals completed the social activities of the house this year, in addition to exchanges and serenades. Honoraries claimed John P. Benson as a member of Blue Key, senior men ' s honorary. Robert Taylor and Bill Neblett were members of Chain Gang. Sophos were represented by Bob Reade and Bill Wilder. In campus activities, Bob Reade served as chairman of the Public Relations Traditions committee. John P. Benson served on the Elections committee and the Traditions Other members of the Traditions Committee in the house were Lee Smith, Darrel Fisher, Hugh Grinnell, who also served as A-Day Chairman, Robert Taylor, Card Stunts chairman, and Barry Herlihy. Larry Webb was a member of the Public Relations Committee. Ed Guerrero served as Spo rts Editor of the Desert. ATO house leaders were: Lee Smith, president; John P. Benson, vice president; Dave Murray, secretary; Harry treasurer; Alan Coplan, Usher; and George Burdick, sentinel. What was that about a dogs life? Lee Olsen, Harry Eastlick, and Dave Murray seem to be treating Hemo in the grand style. ALPHA SIGMA PHI Yale College 1845 98 Chapters Iota Chapter 1955 33 Members 645 East Third Street Alderson, Jay G. Alquist, Jon Becker, Charles, M. Cagnier, Theodore Cook, Dennis Emrick, James W. House officers for Alpha Sigma Phi this year were Geoff Fox, president; Jim Emrick, vice president; Jim Graves, secretary; Dick Wessman, treasurer; and Jim Emrick, IFC. Men active in campus activities were Jay Alderson, chairman of ASUA Bookstore Committee, Executive Council, Chain Gang, Traditions Committee; Jon Wildcat, ASUA Publicity Committee, Silver Wing, Alpha Rho Tau; Garven Videen, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi; Chuck Becker, Phi Alpha Theta. Highlighting the fall semester social events was the traditional Black and White Formal held 5th at the Lodge on the Desert where Ann Snyder, Alpha Chi Omega, was crowned Talisman Rose Queen. Buffet dinners before the football games and dances afterwards were held. Second semester social events included a Birthday Hike and a Spring Dinner Dance in addition to many exchanges and informal parties. Alpha Sigma Pi ' s also participated in Homecoming activities and all intra-mural events. Alpha Sigma Phi actives, Bill Sauter, Dick Wessman, Bill Mateka, and Jim Graves gather around Chuck Becker as they prepare the traditional gift for the pledges the Alpha Sigma Phi tomahawk. Fox, Geoffrey Gelmore, Dick Graves, James M. Kruger, Bruce Lowerey, Hal Mateka, William Moseley, Kel Person, James D. Samaniego, Jerry Sauter, William L.Taiz, Mark Warner, Perry Weigold, Raymond L. Wessmen Richard L. ALPHA GAMMA RHO Ohio State University 1904 37 Chapters Alpha Gamma 1958 24 Members 1308 East Speedway Alpha Gamma Rho was installed by national on 12, 1959. Even in this their first year, they participated actively on and off campus. Many of the members hold scholarships and some of the graduate members have assistanceships. Socially the house held after game parties, picnics and exchanges. Second semester the big social event was the Pink Rose Formal. Participation in intra-murals, Greek activities and an active part in Aggie Day and the Rodeo, kept all the members busy. Officers of Alpha Gamma Rho were Gerry Ault, Noble Ruler; Vince Oqurek, Vice Noble Ruler; Marc Clausen, secretary, and Stu Anderson, treasurer. Paul Kovash, Herb Rose and Charles Wallace seem to be proving that domestication of the male animal can be surprisingly enjoyable. Carroll, Tom Cavansa, William Classen, Marc English, Pat Kovash, Paul Krautter, Carl Ogurek, Vincent Price, Guy Richardson, Glen Richardson, Len Rose, Herb Rowe, Alan Rowe, Jack Waggoner, Charles Wallace, Charles BETA THETA PI Miami University 1839 98 Chapters Delta Beta Chapter 1959 34 Members 1041 North Park Avenue Pledge Carl Brown, formally attired for sanding floors, will get the job done with Wayne Burke and George Knox assisting. Anderson, Hank Aucuna, Augie Baldock, Bobby Bartylla, Buzz Bastis, Frank On the last weekend of October, the local Delta Beta was installed as the Arizona Chapter of Beta Theta Pi. The Christmas Formal at the Desert Willow Ranch ended the social events for the first semester. The second semester started with the Beta Bagdad Party which was followed by the Miami Triad and the Spring Formal. The house officers this year were president, Tom Glover; vice president, Bob Waddell; secretary, Forster Cayce; Fo rster Cooper; scholarship chairman, Bob Petrucciani. Betas active in sports were Tony Matz and Chuck varsity football; Miles Zeller, varsity baseball and Bart Zeller, frosh basketball and baseball; Augie Ocuna, frosh basketball; Gary Martin, frosh football and Jacques Miller, swimming team. In campus activities were Ed Emory, sophomore council; Pete Diener, junior council; Forster Cooper, Community Service and Public Relations committees; Tom Glover, Alpha Zeta; Hank Anderson, Phi Alpha Theta and Bob Baldock, PH Alpha. Brown, Carl Burk, Wayne Carruth, Jim Cayce, Forster Claus, Chuck Cooper, Forster Dering, Phil Dickson, Mike Diener, Pete Dunlap, Dan Edwards, Willie Emory, Ed Fonte, John Foster, George Gerger, Jerom Glover, Tom Goldseth, Steve Knox, Allen Knox, George Logan, Grant Miller, Jacque Newth, Ron Petrucciani, Bob Ralph, John Rea, Richard Rostron, Bob Spurlock, John Saddell, Bob Willis, Edwards Zeller, Bart Zeller, Miles Zuhowski, Bill Birtch, Terry Burkhart, Bruce Butler, John Carmen, Vic Housholder, Frank Hyde, Gary James, Jim Kinnison, Bill Kruse, Robert Lillyblad, Stephen Loop, Chuck McArthur, Don Masters, Charles Myers, Edward Osterling, Jim Osterman, Carl Pedderson, Ron Potter, John Rehfeldt, Phil Richard, Fred Roberts, Chris Russell, Rod Smith, Tom Thwaits, Gill Trueblood, Craig Wardrip, Jon Williams, Steve Yocum, Sam Young, Dick 598 North Park Avenue DELTA TAU DELTA (Crescent Club) Bethany College 1858 89 Chapters Epsilon Epsilon Chapter 1959 40 Members The Spring Formal held at Rancho Del Lago was the high point of Delta Tau Delta ' s second semester social calendar. Also during this semester came the Shipwreck Party held in the Delt patio. Earlier in the year, Christmastime introduced the Christmas Formal. Other events during semester were parties featuring Beat-niks and Monte Carlo. Gary Hyde was honored by being selected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and IFC Scholarship Chairman. Jon Wardrip was elected to Sophos. Members of departmental honoraries including Frank Housholder, Kappa Kappa Psi; David Tau Beta Phi; Dan MacArthur, Tau Beta Phi and Phi Mu Epsilon; Phillip Rebfelt, Pi Mu Alpha and Kappa Kappa Psi and Prior Thwarts, Arnold Air. Carl Osterman, president; Stephen Williams, vice William Potts, secretary, and John Potter, treasurer. It must be an interesting attraction to draw out the Delt men en masse. Perhaps a beautiful girl? DELTA CHI Cornell University 1890 45 Chapters Arizona Chapter 1925 107 Members 1501 East First Street Social events sponsored by Delta Chi included an Aggie Stomp last fall. Before vacation they held their annual Christmas Formal during which Martha Lehman, Kappa Kappa Gamma, was crowned Sweetheart. Second semester was highlighted by the Arabian Nights Dance along with other parties, steakfrys, participation in Greek Week and Spring Sing. Other octivities were a Christmas gathering for underprivileged children and participation in the Salvation Army Kettle Drive for which they received first place for the second year in a row. The house was also active in intramurals. Chosen for campus honoraries were Sophos, John Jefferies, Jerry Soma, Jim Aiello, and Henry Clark; Chain Gang, Dave Vance, Joe Martin and Bill Ismay; Bobcats, Bob Leivian who was also Greek Week King finalist. Serving on Traditions were John Jefferies, Joe Martin, Dave Vance, Phil Grace and Bob Leivian. Chosen a s this year ' s Most Eligible Bachelor was John Muller. Leading house activities this year were Eddie Soems, holding the presidential position, with the assistance of Fritz De Lorenzo, vice president. Recording secretary was Don Jones and corresponding secretary was Jerry Soma. Space is at a premium if Kal Muller, Chuck Gutman, and Parker Sutton must talk at the head of the stairs. Aiello, Jim Areingdale, Dave Baker, Roy Baron, Ed Bell, George Berburger, Harold Bergmarm, Glen Brittin, Gary Brooks, Eddie Burton. Herb Campbell, George Cushing, Glen DeFrancesco, Horace Diamos, Clay Dilorenzo, Fred Dimberg, Richard Downing, Dennis Epperson, Bill Firestone, John Ford, Jim Gromley, Ralph Grace, Phil Gutzman, Chuck Hassey, Tom Hayhes, Dennis Herberger, Harold Heyden, Luis Hoffman, Larry Holz, Bill Howe, Frank Hudson, Jack Hughes, Ray Hulick, Art Hynes, John Jeffries, John Jimmerson, Tom Jenkins, John Jones, Don Jordon, Jim Leivian, Bob Long, William Mansour, John Manzo, Rudy Martin, Jerry McClure, Dave Merritt, Steve Miller, Roger Mueller, John Muller, Kal Nielsen, Ed Pattillo, Eddie Payne, Bill Plummer, Dave Popkin, Norm Richtars, John Roberts, Jim Robertson, Dan Shoecraft, Paul Silberman, Dick Snailum, Dale Soens, Eddie Soma, Jerry Somers, Doug Spackman, Dick Spooner, Tom Sutton, Parker Switzer, John Tolliver, Don Turner, Dave Urias, Bill Vance, Dave Varga, Zollie Whitthorne, John Wilcox, Tom Willis, Jerry Wright, Corky Young, Jon DELTA UPSILON Williams College 1834 80 Chapters Arizona Chapter 1958 42 Members 1534 East Speedway The delightful aroma of a sizzling steak affects Tom Pierson, Greg Anderson, Everett Johnson, Dave Baldwin. After receiving their charter during the early fall, the men of Delta Upsilon went ahead to plan a year of social events, intramural activities, and scholastic endeavors. Highlight of the first semester was the " Winter Fantasy " formal where Pat Warren, Gamma Phi, reigned as DU Sweetheart. Parties were held after football games and exchanges occupied were held. Between semesters " The Collegiate " party was a welcome relief after exams. In the spring, the " Blue and Gold Ball " was held, and they also entered the Spring Sing. Intramural sports required the time of many DU ' s for practice and actual competition. Dave Baldwin, top pitcher for the Wildcats, was elected to Bobcats. A Sophos member was Jack Lyon, and in Traditions Pete Kimes. Other men selected for honoraries were Gregg Anderson, Tau Beta Pi, and Everett Johnson and Pete Kimes, Theta Tau. Chapter president Dave Chambers was assisted by Bill Harlon, vice president; John Geoffrey, treasurer; Everett Johnson, recording secretary, and Gregg Anderson, corresponding secretary. Adams, William Alcumbrac, Robert Anderson, Allan Arnold, John Baldwin, David Barker, Robert Belles, John Boldt, Roger Carreras, Michael Carroll, Jim Chambers, David Cholakian, Archie Clickerman, Pete Culbert, Wickham Dayton, Paul Dean, Gregory Elliott, Gordon Goeffrey, John Glendining, Michael Gould, John Greene, Ralph Guerther, Gary Harlow, John Harlow, William Harn, James Harrigan, Jim Hellsten, William Holguin, George Johnson, Everett Kennelley, William Kimes, Peter Kubeck, Ronald Lapins, Douglas Lennan, Patrick Lewis, Byron Lowe, Donald Lyon, John Mack, Larry Morkovich, John Morris, Albert Mutnick, Jack Norris, Andy Patton, James Pierson, Thomas Piper, Donald Price, William Radder, Gary Risk, Malcolm Schoch, Thomas Shore, George Smith, David Smith, Kirby Spuhler, Fred Strasberg, Thomas Sullivan, Ronald Walker, Gerald Ward, Michael Welles, John 541 North Park Avenue DELTA SIGMA PHI New York City College 1899 98 Chapters Beta Omega Chapter 1948 30 Members " Boy, what soup! " say hungry Deita Sigs Tom Payne and Rick Zahnizer. Mrs. Clara Reichard doesn ' t object to any flattery. The Delta Sigma Phi Christmas Formal, Ball, " was held the first of December which they crowned their Sweetheart. They also held the Sailor ' s Ball, a costume party on a nautical South Sea Island theme. Second semester was highlighted by their Spring Formal, " The Sphinx Ball. " Active on campus was Earl Dysthe, IFC vice president; Tub Wilson, Greek Week Exchange committee chairman; and Pat Shipp, Senior judging team. Bill Wershing was a member of Alpha Phi Omega. Others were Jim Snow, Lennis Higgins, and Don Wyatt in AIEE; Ray Brady, AICE; Bruce Smith, AIME; Robert Morrow, AIA; Dick Moore and Joe Pearson ASME, and Pat Shipp, and Terry Crocker, Block and Bridle and Rodeo Club. Officers were: James Wilson, president; Earl Dysthe, vice president; Robert Morrow, and John Ruhwer, treasurer. Bergy, Mike Binaski, John P. Bivens, Carl S. Bradley, Edward R. Brady, Raymond Browning, Ronald J. Crow, Lowel Dowdy, Bill Faulkner. Steve Harper, Richard Kohwer, John Mansour, Edward Morrow, Robert G. Orndoff, Richard A. Patterson, William D. Payne, Tom Pierson, Joe Rokwen, John Sarchett, H. M. Shipp, Keiffer P. Snow. Jim Wershing. Bill Wilson, James A. Wyatt, Donald Zanniser, Richard A. KAPPA ALPHA PSI Indiana University 1911 111 Chapters Delta Omicron 1955 17 Members SUPO 9869 George Whaley outlines the activities to Herman Warrior while Ernie McCray, Jack Collins, and Harold Tomlin make comment. Leading Kappa Alpha Psi through this year ' s activities were Jack Collins, president; Herman Warrior, vice president; John Joe, secretary-treasurer; and George Whaley, pledge trainer. Some of the social activities of Kappa Alpha Psi for the fall semester included " The Moonlight Serenade, " " Heaven and Hell Night, " and " The Red and White Christmas Dance. " Among second semester activities, the " Kalypso Karavan " and the annual exchange with the Tempe chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, were featured. The men actively participated in the university ' s program. The Kappas scored fifth in intra-mural track and second in the pledge pajama race—no small feat for a small fraternity. Kappa Alpha Psi ' s active in other campus activities were: John Willis, member of the History Club and History George Whaley, in Sophos; Ernest McCray, varsity basketball, and Harold Tomlin, varsity football. Collins, Jack Dixon, William George Joe, John McCray, Ernest Scurlock, Dan Sparks, Edward Sprout, Francis Taylor, Alden Tomlin, Harold West, Oliver Frank Sailer wants Poodie to become acquainted with Chipper, held by Duane Bloemke. Mike Cagalj and Jim Johnson observe. Sponsoring several social functions throughout the year, Kappa Sigma held its traditional Klondike Stomp, the Bowery Dance, and a Spring Luau. Also the annual Christmas Formal was held this year at the Pioneer Hotel during which Janet Cooper, Kappa Kappa Gamma, was named Stardust Queen. Other events included exchanges, steak frys, parties and participation in the annual Spring Sing. In sports competition Kappa Sig won the championship, took first in tennis, third in cross-country, and second in track. Members of campus honoraries and organizations were Dave Burnhame, Mike Cagalj, and Jim in Delta Sigma Pi; Bernie Overland, Sophos; Jerry Cessor, ASME; Ron McAlpin, ASCE; and Chuck Lytle, Sigma Delta Psi. Members of the varsity baseball team were Larry Hammon and Ken Hunt. Bernie Overland and Bill Fannin played varsity golf, and track team included Ray Hiscok, All-American shot-putter and Karl Johnstone, discuss thrower. Officers were Denny Nelson, GM; John Hayden, GP; Wayne Walker, GMC; Duane Bloemke, GT; Mike Cagalj, GS; and Bob Overand, House manager. Alessio, Dominic Baker, John Beaver, Bill Benter, Dean Berry, Scott Bloemke, Duane Brisco, Jim Brucker, Chad Buckley, Ed Dunn, Tom Burnham, Dave Cagalj, Mike Calvin, Campbell, Dan Carner, Chuck Cessor, Jerry Childs, Fred Concannon, Terry Daugherty, Mike Day, Bob Deming Nui Drake, Pete Elner, Tx Fannin, Bill Fickas, Don Fifield, Fred Frauenfelder, Roger Gardner, Jim Garrow, Mike Hahn, Bill Halle, Mike Hammon, Larry Hanna, Dave Harris, Craig Harris, Don Haskell, Bill Hawes, Ernie Hayden, John Helsten, Dave Hooker, Chuck 1325 East Speedway KAPPA SIGMA University of Virginia 1869 131 Chapters Gamma Rho Chapter 1915 92 Members Houghton, Tom Hunt, Ken Inderlied, Fred Jeffries, Jim Jennings, Ed Johnson, Jim Johnstone, Karl Kent, Skip Kramer, Norman Larriva, Dick Lawrence, Steve Lytle, Chuck Mayo, Dave McNalley, Jerry Mentze, Dale Metzger, John Monteverde, Bert Morse, John Mulvey, Art Nelson, Dennis Nelson, Gregg Noe, Bill Overend, Bill Overland, Bernie Pendleton, Nat Peterson, Gary Peterson, Ken Parn, Tom Ridgeway, Terry Rogers, Mike Russell, Carl Saller, Frank Schmidt, Carl Scott, Barry Sherman, Jim Sivertsen, Ed Spear, Jim Stewart, Rick Strother, Dick Syren, Jim Truman, Tom Walker, Bill Walker, Wayne Wallace, Bill Walters. Walt White, Steve Wilson, Harry Worl, Stu Young, Harvey LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Boston University 1909 151 Chapters Zeta Beta Chapter 1947 55 Members 1645 East Speedway A variety of activities was the rule for the men of Lambda Chi Alpha. On the social side, Judy Cowan, Gamma Phi Beta, was chosen Crescent Queen at the White Rose Formal held at Christmas time. Parties held after each football game were augmented by a western affair and the Bachelors ' Delight. Members used the house swimming pool during the warm spring months. Other semester ' s two functions were the Hobo Hop and finally the Spring Formal. Community service played its part as the men kidnapped all sorority house mothers with the ransom going to the Campus Chest. Chain Gang and Traditions members John Vos was also chairman of the Assemblies Committee. Besides being on Traditions Jerry Pence was also president of the Wildcat Rooter ' s Club. Soph os selected Ted Bowen, who was organization ' s editor of the DESERT, and Matt Slobin, president of Alpha Phi Omega. Al Quezada was elected freshman president. In Alpha Kappa Psi were Jim Brush, Matt Slobin, and Pete Hendrickson. Officers included John Vos, president; John vice president; Jerry Rudd, treasurer; and Dale Jones, secretary. Assmar, Dick Almand, George Babcock, Richard Berry, Andrew Bingman, Steve Bishop, Darrell Blain, Erskine Botts. Goonie Bowen, Ted Brush, Jim Burr, Walter Choisser, John Caldwell, Richard Clampitt, Stuart Christofk. Robert Condos, Charles Davidson, Willard Diddy, Gerry Estavillo, Francisco Federico, Doug Flaminio, Don Fletcher, Jim Gruendyke, Richard Hartman, John Hendrickson, Peter Hodges, Carl Mashler, Ernest McIntosh, Jack McIntyre, John McRae, Jett Meese, Doug Pence, Jerry Quesada, Adolfo Regan, William Rheinegger, Bob Rodish, Edward Rudo, Jerry Slatzer, Allen Slobin, Matt Snipes, Roger Starzee, All Stelter, Ken Stagg, Howard Sugden, John Taylor, Tom Undiano, John Vos, John Wakenigg, Dick Webb, Don Wolf, William Zilliox, Lou Blain Erskine vacillates with indecision between the alternatives of a brisk swim in Tucson or an invigorating day of skiing on Mount Lemmon. KAPPA ALPHA Washington and Lee University 1865 86 Chapters Gamma Epsilon Chapter 1949 30 Members Bene, Bob Branin, Lloyd Burbank, Russell Cooper, Jim Dawson, Wayne Da y, Jim Dingwall, Tom Frannea, Jim Green, Chuck Heidemann, Ray Bert Ward is telling a tale of the old South of KA Rebels Bob Knoczos, Bill McCoy, Louie LeRoy and Harry Short. The big social events of the Kappa Alpha ' s this year was their annual " Dixie Ball, " held in March, during which the 1960 Kappa Alpha Sweetheart was crowned. During the fall semester, besides various after-game parties, picnics, and exchanges, they held the Autumn Dance at the Santa Rita Hotel and the other formal for the year was held just before Christmas. The K.A. ' s were kept busy with floats this year since they entered in both the Homecoming Parade in November and the Rodeo Parade in February. The theme for the float was " Three Wishes, " while the Rodeo float was named " Return From Picacho Peak. " Among the people active in honorary organizations were: James Souter, Alpha Kappa Psi; James Cooper, Delta Sigma Pi; and Gerald Sanders, Delta Sigma Psi. Members active in other activities were: Paul Wygant, treasurer of IFC and Bob Bene, IFC and Wayne Dawson, IFPC representative. Leading the house activities this year was Eddie McCoy who assumed the duties of president. Assisting him was Paul Wygant who held the office of vice president. Lloyd Branin was executive secretary, James Cooper was corresponding secretary while the financial matters were handled by treasurer, Bert Ward. Jacobs, Lionel Johnston, Richard Konczos, Robert Lehmer, Dunn Lence, Ronald LeRoy, Louis Lowe, Brad McCoy, Billie McDole, Maynard Sanders, Gerald Shipp, Robert Short, Harry Souter, Jim Thomas, John Ward, Bart Wygant, Paul PHI KAPPA THETA Brown University 1889 59 Chapters Alpha Iota Chapter 1951 32 Members 1177 East Lester Street Phi Kappa Theta was previously Alpha Iota of Phi Kappa. April 29, 1959, they merged with Theta Kappa Phi, another national social fraternity for Catholics. As well as a full program of intramurals and exchanges, the house had four or five traditional parties during the year. First of all was the Christmas Formal which was held this year at the Wilmot Inn. Next came the St. Valentine ' s Massacre Day celebration which was followed, March 12, by a St. Patrick ' s Day event, " Wearing of the Green. " The last of April they held their annual exchange with the chapter at Loyola University of Los Angeles. Other throughout the year included the various informal parties and picnics. In activities on campus were Mike Card, IFC Judiciary committee and chairman of IFC Christmas Party committee, Mike Coskey, Greek Week King candidate; Joe Zimmerman, president of the Insu rance Club and and Blade member. Mr. Ken Bernstrom hands mail to hopeful Bob Sikorsky and Mike Card. Borowski, Tom Bommer, Gene Card, Mike Castro, Bob Coskey, Mike Draper, Doug Endert, Bill Gonzales, Frank Hickey, Jack Kline, Ted Leahy, Larry Lentz, Bill Medina, Roy Mooney, Jim Moore, Ralph Mottl, Ernie Polston, Bob Porter, Frank Quihuis. Gridley Raith, Mike Sikorski. Bob Torney, Bob Wakeman, Bob Webb, Terry Zimmerman, Joe 638 East Third Street PHI DELTA THETA Miami University 1848 121 Chapters Arizona Alpha Chapter 1922 80 Members David Mosbacher, Mike Goldwater and Hugh Caldwell examine the pledge-gift scrapbook that Jack Darr holds to see added pictures. Beaham, Tom Beck, Mike Bishop, Wally Brown, Jim Butts, John Caldwell, Hugh Campbell, James Circardi, Bruce Clark, Doug Collett, Bill Covert, Cal Darr, Jack Davison, Will Dow, Richard Edstrum, Dave Edwards, Jow Evans, Dan Evans, Loron Falk, Jim Foley, Dick Franklin, John Gilbert, Larry Glass, John Goldwater, Mike Griffin, Dave Hawkinson, Dave Hewson, Jack Hill, Bentley Hollenbeck, Rick Hoxle, Tom Johns, Rick Jones, John Kies, John Landon, John Landon, Wayne Larson, Wally Lewton, J. R. McCartt, Gene McCleary, Jim McDonniel, Bruce McNeil, Mike Mears, Jim Miller, Ben Moon, Lloyd Mower, Dick Murphy, Mike O ' Hara, Larry O ' Sullivan, Tom Parker, Bill Pennington, Tom Riekse, Dick Schlueter, Spence Sexson, Tim Shaw, Richard Shipley, Gary Sottnek, John Stein, Herb Steward, Larry Stewart, Gene Stone, Don Stone, Mike Tauscher, Bob Tomko, Tim Walker, Ron Webb, Lou Wiersema, Ted Wilkes, Girard Phi Delts participated in many varsity athletics this year. Pat Foley, Don Wild and Walt Mince took part in this year ' s football activities. While the chief baseball player was Lou Webb, Walt Mince and Tim Pennington ran varsity track. Other sports boasted Tim Sexson, an outstanding golfer, and Bentley Hill who ranked second on the tennis team. Socially, the Phi Delts sponsored The High Noon Party at Garrigan ' s Ranch and the Christmas Formal first semester, followed by the Spring Formal at the Holiday Inn and the Polynesian Party at Rancho Diablo second semester. Three members of Phi Delts John Sottneck, Ron Walker, and Tim Tomko were selected to both Who ' s Who and Blue Key. Chapter officers this year were: Tim Tomko, president; Mike Murphy, vice president; Jim Brown, secretary; and Dusty Miller, treasurer. PHIDELPHIAS: Row 1: Gaeel Morrison, Carol Craig, Anne Walker. Row 2: Marja Straughan, Margaret Burton, Karen Webb, Diane Boyd, Gwynne Barthels, Sally Johnson, Joan Byron. 1801 East First Street PHI GAMMA DELTA Washington and Jefferson 1848 86 Chapters Upsilon Alpha Chapter 1921 100 Members House officers who led the way through a very successful year for the Fijis were president, Hamilton McRae; house manager, Carl Johnson; recording secretary, John Marietti; corresponding secretary, Toni Harris; and historian, Gordon Dickey. Among the social functions held this year were the Toga Party, Christmas Formal, Christmas Serenade, Orphans Party, Purple Garter Formal, the Jiji Islander, and a pledge steakfry. Campus officials from the house included Gordon Alley, president of SUAB; Lou Crowder, Junior councilman; Ed Morgan, ASUA vice president; and Jim Hill, president of the Junior class. Men active in campus honoraries were Ham McRae, Gordon Alley, and Carl Hazlett who were elected to Ed Morgan was chosen by Blue Key. Fiji Chain Gang members were Terry Muse, Jim Hill, Bon Richardson, Lou Crowder, George McLain, and Nelson Greenlund. Sopho members were Floyd James, Tom Krucker, Jim Carr, and John Renner. Phi Beta Sigma selected Terry Muse, Bon Richardson, Nelson Greenlund. Milt Laflen, Tom Harris, McRae, Brian Bulley, Chuck Jones, Crowder, Alley, Richardson, Hill and Doug Unruh served on Traditions Committee, president of which was Dan Mariscal. Rigorous training and practice under the hoops may lead the Fijis to subsequent intramural successes. Agnew, Bob Allen, Rick Alley, Gordon Angell, Robert D. Barhill, Larry Bergstrom, Charles Berquist, Bob Bradbury, Wm. Broekema, Dirk Brubaker, Hank Bulley, Brian Burk, Bob Burton, Lee Butler, Nelson Cali, Lawrence Cannon, Dick Carlson, Jerry Carr, James Chapman, Wayne Clauson, Monte Crandall, George Crowder, Lou Cutter, Butch Davis, Charles Dicky, Gordon Dicus, Robert Dikeau, Deno Driscoll, Mike Ellis, Vernon Ewing, Russell Finke, Kenneth Fisher, William Greenland, Nelson Harris, Thomas Hayden, Clifford Heckler, Dave Heffleman, Ralph Hill. James Holbrook, Ken Holish, Jim Hubbard, Richard Hughes, John Humphrey, Robert Ingersoll, Johnson James, Floyd Jenks. Mel Johnson, Carl Johnson, Chris Johnson, Ronald Krucker, Tom Laflen, Milton Landon. Harold Little, Osborne McCortney, Scott McRae, Hamilton Marietti, John Mariscal. Daniel Milam, Bill Minson, Ronald Moody, Brent Moore, Tom Moran, Tim Morgan. Edward Munk, Gary Muns, Ed Muse, Terry Norris, James Olyphant, Chuck Paul. Duane Richard, Ken Richardson, Bon Sakrison, James San Angelo, Vinson Sands, Louis Smith, Clifton Stanley, Douglas Stewart, Michael Swanson, Tom Teed. Jere Templin. James Teorey, Toby Tewksbury, Bill Unruh, Doug Welch, John Wheeler, Bill Wiborg, Lloyd Wickham. Ben Wilson, Eddie Wilson, Jon Wise, Jack 1065 North Mountain Avenue PI KAPPA ALPHA University of Virginia 1868 117 Chapters Gamma Delta Chapter 1924 25 Members Behall, Alan Buchanan, Charles Burr, Waldon Carpenter, Boyd Crawford, Steve Dunipace, Doug Estes, William Graham, Jack Arizona Pikes were especially proud of the Pledge Help Week and IFC Scholarship trophies which they garnered this year. On campus the following PiKa ' s were active on Traditions, Ron Mercer, Bill Estes, Doug and Bob Snider; ASUA Special Studies Committee and chairman of the ASUA Academic Committee, Doug Dunipace; ASUA Public Relations Committee, Dave Warman. SRC officers included Doug Dunipace, and Bob Hasseries, treasurer. Departmental honorary members were Ron Mercer and Dave Warman, Delta Sigma Pi; Cliff Holltz, Alpha Phi; Jim Helder, Kappa Kappa Phi; Bob Snider, Beta Beta Beta, and Bill Estes, Phi Tau. Alpha Phi Omega claimed Boyd Carpenter and Ed Peabody. Dave Warman was in Arnold Air Society and joined Bill Estes in Scabbard and Blade. Alan Behall and Bob Snider participated in Silver Wing. Editor of the IFC magazine and chairman of the All-U Picnic was Doug Dunipace. The outstanding events during the year were the and Dream Girl formals, the Barbary Coast party and Founders ' Day Banquet. Leading Pika through its busy year were president Bill Estes, vice-president Doug Dunipace, secretary Boyd Carpenter, and treasurer Dave Warman. The sorting of the mail by Turney Tuggle and Bill Wortman seems to have little effect on Eddy Peabody ' s relaxing in the background. Hassiers, Bob Holtz, Clifford Knight, Edward Liddicoat, Albert Mathern, Larry Mercer, Ron Peabody, Eddie Smith, Jerry Suhonen, Bill Synder, Bob Turney, Thomas Walker, Glen Warman, David Wortman, Bill PI KAPPA PHI College of Charleston 1904 52 Chapters Beta Theta Chapter 1951 16 Members Barnes, William Bienert, Carl Brisco, Wm. Cole, Ronald Dunbar, Allan Dunn, Barry Fidura, Robert LeFebure, Tablyn Roberts, Dennis Sandridge, Arthur Vuich, John Western. Mickey One of the most successful social activities this year was the traditional Snow Ball which was held first semester on Mount Lemmon. Highlighting second semester was the Spring Formal, " The Rose Ball. " Other activities after game parties, exchanges, and costume dances. The national chapter established the Arizona Alumni Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi here in Tucson. Honorary members included John Fahr who was a member of Beta Beta Beta. Mickey Western was chosen by Alpha Kappa Psi and Carl Stiffler, Kappa Psi, and Bill Briscoe was tapped by Kappa Kappa Psi. Others were Dennis Roberts, Arnold Air Society, and John Gaines, University Players. Serving as house officers this year were: Dennis Roberts, president; Bob Fidura, Ted Knipe, secretary, and Allan Dunbar who was historian. An issue of the Desert consumes the full attention of literature students of UA Bob Freeman, Dick Stambaugh, Art Sandridge, and Bill Barnes. 545 East Third Street PHT KAPPA PSI Jefferson College 1852 61 Chapters Arizona Alpha Chapter 1947 38 Members Andres, Harvey Ayers, John Borcherdt. Fred Cassidy. Stew Crane, Court Cruise, Charles Cutter, Roger Davidson, Craig Davidson. Phil Duggan, Doug Durand, Harvey Ellison, Cary Ewald, Larry Franzi, Emil Friend, Roger Gilbert, Wally Music entertains Wally Gilbert, Dick Nicky and Bill Slatzer. This year the approval of the final plans for the new 50 man dwelling headed the list of accomplishments for the Phi Psis. Also rush enabled them to increase their membership over previous years. Social activities of the year included the annual Streets of Paris Party, the Christmas and Spring formals, and Beta Beta Mu dance. President and rush chairman Dick Nickey served as of the record-breaking IFC Salvation Army Kettle Drive, took part on the Greek Week Dance Committee and was also a member of Kappa Epsilon Gamma. Participating in campus activities were Bill Herbert, Alpha Delta Sigma; Jack Matlock, IFC; Sam Blakesley, Beta Beta Beta; and IFPC delegates, Charles Cruise and Steve Munkdale. Henry, Jim Herbert, Bill Hunzeker, Bill Johnson. Alfred Kellen, John Ligon, William Mackey, David Matlock. Jack Miller. Doug Munkdale. Steve Nickey. Richard Parshall, Ward Richard, Bob Redlick, Steve Rolfe, Harry Salvatori, John Segerstrom. Bob Seltzer. Bill Slack, Walter Soldan, Bill Weeks, Phil SIGMA PHI EPSILON Richmond College 1901 152 Chapters Beta Chapter 1954 52 Members 1614 East First Street Alibrandi, Tom Barclay, Dave Larry Brandenberg, Stan Detweiler, Ed Detweiler, Ken Hall, Don James, Clark Kircheimer, Tom Kinding, Bill Maier, John Massoglia, James The Sig Eps held two formals this year; the Diamond Princess in December, and the Queen of Hearts in the spring. Other social events were—Spelunking, the Nightmare, and a Mountain Hayride. Paul Chuppa served on the Social Life Committee of the campus, and on the Inter Fraternity Council. Tom Pyle was a member of the Publicity Committee, as was Al Quick. Assemblies Committee claimed David Barkley, and Tom Haney served on the Traffic Court. John Melton served on the Bookstore Committee, IFC and the Public Relations Committee. Tom Pyle served as Intramural Director. Last year the house finished ninth out of twenty-six, having entered every intramural sport. William Switzer led the house as President with John Mair, vice president, Robert Potter, historian, James Fugate, comptroller, and Kenneth Detweiler as secretary. Bob Edwards, Al Quick, John Skipper, Dick Mapes and Tiger Massoglia are discussing pros and cons of compulsory ROTC! Melton, John Meintzer, Bill Miles, Alan Miller, Jim Newton, Donald Parke, Bill Pendley, John Pisaro, Robert " Prince " Pyle, Tom Quick, Al Riley, J. J.Rooker, Ken Sisk, Jack Skipper, John Smith, Daryl Switzer, Bill Vaughn, Lamar Warren, Ed Webb, Robert West, Bob 1509 East Second Street SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON University of Alabama 1856 143 Chapters Arizona Alpha Chapter 1917 120 Members Matt Encinas seems to be displaying his power of good quality to possess during " D " Week examinations. On the SAE social calendar this year were the Hawaiian Luau, the Pajama Party and the Christmas Formal. The biggest social events of the second semester were the Spring Formal and the " 49er. " Sig Alphs claimed by campus honoraries this year included Stanley Pugmire, Wally Spencer, Harold Eastin, Jay Stuckey, Franklin McCallie, Pat West, Matt Hanhila and Jim Saurant in Sophos. Members of Chain Gang were Bob Clements, president; Bill Mast, Pete Newman and Larry Betts. to Blue Key and Bobcats were James Berry, Ford Knowles, Mike Yeager, Frank Jordan and Sandy Kerr, secretary of Bobcats. Jim Mason, Yeager, Betts, Hanhila, Jordan and Kerr were on Traditions Committee. Other Sig Alphs active on campus were Betts, Junior Jordan, Interfraternity Council president; Wayne Rapp, Senior class president and Ed Coyle, Yell King. House officers this year were president, Will Rapp, vice president, Berry; secretary, Mast; treasurer, Dan Malone; social chairman, Dwayne Dobson. Playing varsity football were Nick Balich, Gary Cropper, captain; Larry Dumelie, Yeager, Ted Urness, Mason and Pat Brown. Allegretti, Dick Allen, John Baldwin, Tony Balich, Nick Barker, Larry Beckman, Curt Berge, Brent Betts, Lary Blumenthal, Morris Bouton, Gary Broterton, Bill Burgett, George Campbell, Bob Cadinha, Harlan Canigba, Jerry Carraway. Dave Cassel, Bill Clements, Bob Coffman, John Colangelo, Art Copple, Leonard Dalzell, Jim Davidson, Johnny Dobson, Dwayne Don, Ken Donnally, Leroy Dumelle, Larry Eastin, Harold Edland Phil Eidsbold, Tom Ekstrom, Walt Encinas, Matt Flanders, John Flickenger, Jim Frederick, Dick Fritz, Van Gallagher, Dick Garner, Corky Gaskin, John Grant, Jim Griffin, Grant Guzman, Dick Hale. Danny Hanhila, Matt Harris, Ed Harris, Ken Hartman, Mac Hoel, Chuck Heflin, Bill Holovachka, Demetri Holzer, Bob Johnston, Wes Jordon. Frank Jury, Bill Kelly, Mike Kerr. Sandy Kimble, Gary Kirkpatrick. Ralph Knowles, Ford McCall, Larry McDonald, Bill Malone. Dan Mast, Bill Mies, George Mitchell, George Moorman, Jerry Neumann, Pete Nicholas, Vern Nielson, John Olson. Tom Patterson, Jim Peacock, Dick Buzz Pitts, Mike Plummer, Bob Pugmire, Stan Rapp, Wayne Rapp, Will Reece, Bob Richardson, George Richmond, Dennis Romero. Norman Ronstadt, Pete Ross, Ronnie Sackett. Gary Salter, Pete Schleibaum, Mike Seay. Dick Seginski, Bill Sourant, Jim Spencer, Wally Stuckey, Jay Sullivan, Tim Tom Tucker. Dick Urness. Ted West. Pat Wetmore, Buel Williams. Bill Yeager, Mike SIGMA CHI Miami University 1885 132 Chapters Beta Phi Chapter 1921 101 Members 1510 East First Street Among the many social activities held by the Sigma Chi ' s this year were the traditional Aggie Stomp, the Beatnik Party and the Sweetheart Dance during which Marlene Glad was crowned Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Other affairs were the South Sea Islander and the Uniform Party. Bobcats selected Tom Dau, and George Ekdahl. Those chosen for Blue Key were Linn Wallace, Charles Wagner, Dan Zion, Alan Hall and Jim Wilkes. Chain Gang chose Pat Blake, Ed Eisele, Jim Seal, and Jim Corbett. Elected to Sophos were Russ Stevens, who was president of the organization this year, Bill Parrott, George Fred Hutchinson, and Jim Brown. Sigma Chi campus Officials were Tom Dau, editor of the Wildcat; George Ekdahl, Elections Committee chairman; Jim Geist, co-captain of the football team; and Alan Hall, captain of the baseball team and All-American. Charles Shoemaker was also All-American in baseball. Leading house activities this year was Linn Wallace, president; Butch Ehlevt, vice president° George Ekdahl, treasurer; Jim Corbett, recording secretary; and John Brimmell, corresponding secretary. Pledge example of a little lunch time action is Frank Nagle pouring another glass of water to help wash down all of that " fabulous food. " Alexander, Roger Allison, William Atwood, James Baird, Randy Barrachough, Bill Beck, Richard Brimmell, John Brookhart, Ted Brown, Doug Brown, James Bryston, Quentin Coleman, Robert Colyer, John Conover, George Corbet, James Coyle, Tom Dagley, Dale Dau, Tom Decker, Paul Dempster, Bob Dunbar, Kirk Duranti. Frank Ehlert, Merrill Eisele, Edward Ekdahl, George Ellsberry, Lloyd Ferguson, Jeffory Freid, Richard Fritz, Jack Fox, James Garringer, Dan Giles, Charles Ginsburg, TerryGriffeth, Happy Hall, Alan Hall, William Hallard, Jack Harman, Lance Harmen, Dennis Hartman, Robert Humpherey, Charles Hunter, Dale Hutchinson. Fred , Lee Johnson, Gary Johnson, James Jones, Ned Kaplan, Dick Kelly, Andrew Keohane, Mike Lawson, William Lehman, Nelson Long, Lance Longo, Michael McDougall. Rod Marskey. Phillip Mason, Daniel Maurer. Raymond Merideth, George Meyer, James Mills, Robert Moriso, Gerald Moseley, Mower, William Nagle, Michael Parrott, William Patton, Thomas Pernell, Harry Postillion. John Roepki. BudSchumacher, Palmer Seal, James Seal, Larry Seiler, Steven Seiler, Michael Shoemaker, Charles Shultz, John " Sig " Smiley. Peter Snyder, Jack S evens, Russell Szarek. George Thompson, Andrew Turner, Will Van Epps. Charles Wagner, Charles Wallace, Linn Wayne, Kenneth Ward, James Weidig, Robert Welch, William Wheling, Curt Wilkes, Jim Williams. Jim Wood, Briggs Wood, Rod Young. Kirk Zion, Daniel 1023 North Tyndall Avenue SIGMA NU Virginia Military Institute 1869 126 Chapters Epsilon Alpha Chapter 1918 75 Members Abbott, Bob Alford, Sam Armstrong, John Ashton, Hal Baacke, Bruce Backus, Pete Bell, Tom Berglind, Dave Blocher, Walt Bollweg, Henry Brown, Peter Bruce, Gary Campbell, Barry Carter, Andy Clark, Larry Clark, Terry Cleveland, Ben Conlisk, Lester Conner, Jim Cooper, Barry Cuelrnor, Russ Denniston, Dennis Douglas, Bob Dunnigan, Dick Eighmy, Lee Fish, Frank Foster, Nathan Gardner, Horace Garretson, Walt Gay, Orval Getty, D. H. Gordon, Sandy Harden, Darrel Harwin, Gary Haynes, John Henry, Bob Hill, Ben Hossler, Dave Howell, Gene Immel, Steve Johnson, Dick Kanney, Ken Kemendo, Vincent Kirk, Graham Larriva, Mike Lavbe, Bill Leighton, Bill Leonard, Danny Love, Dave Lundin, John Mahoney, Charles Marston, Bob Merchant, John Miller, Al Norris, Russell Olson, Corky Pape, Bruce Priebe, Bill Pebworth. George Sands, John Schmitt. George Seamens, Ken Sherman. Mike Smith, Edward Stobbs, Tom Storey, Toni Taylor, Dick Ulihger, Peter Umbeck, Jim Ward, Dick Whatley, Hugh Whatley, John Williams, Dave Williams, Frank Wise, Jime Woolsey, Al Dave Hossler and Dick Johnson contemplate the spirit of the Sigma Nu Pit, comparing it to a Greenwich bistro or a Paris coffeehouse. Led by president, Bill Whiting; vice president, Bob Douglas; recorder, Jim Hughes; treasurer, Vince Kiemendo, and social chairman, John Lundin; the Sigma Nu ' s had a busy year. The fall semester ' s social schedule included many exchanges and a Mt. Lemmon Party. Highlight of the semester was the White Ro se Formal over which Diane Wyatt reigned as queen. During the spring semester they were hosts at four more functions titled Pajama Prohibition, and Suppressed Desires. Some of the men active on campus were Corky Olsen, sophomore class president, Sophos, Assistant Chairman of Assemblies Committee and president of Phi Eta Sigma; Mike Larriva, Assemblies Committee and Sophos; and John Whitley, Traditions. Also active were Pete Brown, Chairman of the Committee, Wildcat Staff, Publicity head of Night Club, Religion in Life Week, Executive and Greek Week Committee; Larry Clark, freshman member of Publicity Committee; Dave Hossler, Freshman Council, Desert Staff, Committee, Religion in Life Committee, Committee; Bill Weese, varsity basketball and Jim Umbeck, frosh baseball. 1104 East Seventh Street TAU DELTA PHI City College of New York 1910 32 Chapters Tau Delta Chapter 1949 80 Members A group of Tau Delts believe in cleaning a car meticulously. The outstanding social event of the fall semester for the Tau Delts was the annual Christmas Formal featuring a " Snowball " theme. Other fall activities included the usual pre-game buffets and after-game dances. They were also faced with a test of when they had to think of costumes to wear to a costume party in November. Another favorite on the social calendar was the Calypso party. second semester was the Spring Formal and participation in the annual Spring Sing. Affiliated in campus activities were Hirsch IFC rush chairman, secretary of Chain Gang, member of Traditions committee, and Greek Week Committee: Rich Feldheim, Secretary of Sophos, and ASUA public relations; Larry Levin, SUAB Hosting committee chairman, and Lew Hillel treasurer. Honoraries included Gene Margolis and Joel Rosenstein, Beta Beta Beta; Irv Yavelberg, PiMu Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi; Jack Tannenbaum, Pi Mu Epsilon; Mike Businow, Stan Cornfield, Gene Karp, Sam Oppenheim, Phi Eta Sigma and Dave Leonard, Rich Feldheim, Dave Silverman, Sophos. The executive council included Jack Tannenbaum, as president and Gene Margolis, assisting him as vice president. Stan Cornfield took care of the duties and Jerry Singer was treasurer. Abrams, Al Adler, Bud Bassin, Stan Becker, Borton Bernstein, Barry Blitt, Casey Burns, Dave Chiabe, Gary Chosid, Paul Cohen, Vic Deutsch, Larry Dubin, Dave Edberg, Barry Epstein, Al Feldheim, Rich Flaxman, Steve Fleischman, Al Forman, Mike Freedman, Dick Friedman, Mel Gelb. Jerry Goodman, Eddie Green. Hal Greenberg. Al Gusihow, Mike Halpern, Doug Handmaker, Hirsch Kamper, Mike Kardoff, Al Karp. Len Kay, Larry Klowden, Lloyd Konick, Elliot Krone, Herb Lederer, Jerry Leonard, Dave Levin, Larry Margolis. Gene Meyers, Howie Minker, Jeff Mordka, Maurice Oppenheim, Sam " Pepper " Podolsky, Stan Purer, Jerry Rabinowitz, Stu Riche, Al Rosenstein. Joel Rubinow, Jay Sabbeth, Ed " Salt " Schain, Steve Singer. Jerry Tannenbaum, Jack Wark. Dick Wolfson, Lew Woloshin, Steve The laziness of the afternoon is reflected in the easy, informal conversation of Bob Gordon and Bill Lederer. ZBT ' s were e specially active on campus this year. Dan Shafton headed the Associated Students as president and was also a member of the senior men ' s honorary, Bobcats. Blue Key, the other senior men ' s honorary claimed Robert Posner as a member. Posner was also president of the Student Religion Council. Members of Chain Gang were Sid Rosen, Harvey Maslin, and Sandy Danziger. Bill Gould was a member of Sophos. In addition to a large membership in campus honoraries, many participated in other activities. The position of SUAB vice president was held by Harvey Maslin. Sid Rosen led the Social Life Committee as chairman this year. On Committee were Sid Rosen, Harvey Maslin, Dave Cohen, Mark Sirgal, Sandy Danziger, Dan Shafton, Roy Wong, Larry Pozil, and Kolb. One of the social highlights of the ZBT house was the Safari party, decorated with a jungle motif. The annual Christmas and Spring formals were traditional events. President of the house this year was Robert Posner. Other officers were Stan Glickman, vice-president; John Spear, secretary; Ira Mishkind, treasurer, and Larry Robbins, historian. Barnhard, Phil Bellman. Barry Bennet, Ivan Blumberg, Phil Cartin, Jerry Cohen, Dave Cohen, Mel Danzinger, Sandy Donner, Arnie Elkus, Pete Feldman, Bob Funken, Mickey Gardner, Stan Gilbert, Joel Glickman, Stan Goodhart, Marc Gordon. Bob Gould, Bill Halpern. Marty Horne, Mark Itkin, Lew Kashman, Howard Klein, John Kovan, Chuck Kupper, Jack Lederer, Bill Levy, Howie Levy, Rich Lieberthal, Dave Linsk, Mike Maslin, Harvy Mishkind, Ira 1539 East Speedway ZETA BETA TAU New York University 1898 51 Chapters Alpha Omicron Chapter 1926 64 Members Mora, Jeff Oberstone, Joelee Pasternack, Ted Posner, Robert Pozzil, Larry Rabenowitz, Dave Robbins, Larry Rosen, Harvey Rosen, Sid Rowe, Gene Sanders, Sandy Sax, Jerry Scher, Tom Schneider, Burt Schneider, Jim Seymore, Gene Shafton, Dan Shluker, Ste ve Siegal, Mark Spear, John Teller, Bob Tucker, Hal Turken, Meyer Victor, Gary Willet, Herb Wohlgemuth, Dave Wong, Roy Yassen, Bob Zelickson, Tod 906 North First Avenue Jack Freethy and Duane Smith lend intellectual aid as Jack Charles Howard and Bill Archuleta bend in more physical labor to keep the ground in front of the new wing green and neat. THETA CHI No rwich University 1856 125 Chapters Beta Iota Chapter 1941 45 Members Leading Theta Chi for the year 1959-60 were: Jack Freethy, president; Lloyd Gieck, vice president; Frank Robles, secretary; Bill White, treasurer; Paul Andrews, pledge marshal, and Jon Peek, IFC representative. Campus leaders were Dave Pretzer, IFPC vice president; Bill Droke, president of the Pre-Med Club and a member of Beta Beta Beta; Albert Gonzales, executive officer in the Political Club. Active in other campus activities were Joe McAdams, Alpha Delta Sigma; Jon Peek, Sophos and Alpha Zeta; Fred Freemon, Kappa Psi, and Jack Cartwright, Aggie Council and Students Faculty Committee. Also, Steve Manly, University Debate Team and Stewart Coddington, Public Relations. Highlighting social events of first semester were the Barbeque, a Halloween Costume Party and the Christmas Formal during which Jane McGarty was crowned the Dream Girl of Theta Chi and Betty Jackson was crowned Pledge Princess. During second semester they held their Spring Formal and the Circle Bar X Western Dance. Andrews, Paul Archuleta, Bill Barnes, Hal Barton, John Basye, Bill Blanchard, Jack Bramhall, Peter Case, Leland Cervantes, Manuel Clister, Tom Coddington. Stewart Crawford. Joe Darling, Dick DeGrazia, Jerry Droke, Bill Falkenhagan, Jan Franks, George Freeman, Fred Gonzales, Albert Hall, Larry Haraway. Al Hilbert. Steve Howard, Charles Howell, Joe Kasulaitis, Ron McAdams, Joe Pomeroy, Neil Pomeroy. Ralph Pretzer, Dave Solomon, Craig Smith, Duane Stretmater, Dave Sudler, Amos White. Bill AGGIE HOUSE Tucson Chapter Founded 1937 31 Members 819 North Euclid Avenue Bennett, Gary Chrisco, Larry Davidson, George Douglas, Michael Dewhirst, Lee Edwards, Thomas Flores, Arthur Garner, John The house scrapbook is inspected by Cliff Wood, Bob Smith, Cliff Moore, Lee Dewhurst and Ken McFadden. " Where ' s my picture? " Anyone who is a registered student in the College of Agriculture is eligible for selection to join this cooperative local fraternity. Men from the Aggie House hold Christmas and Spring Dances as well as parties after each football game and impromptu functions throughout the year. Intramural participation is a strong point for this house. This year, Dan Clarke and John King served on the Aggie Council. Alpha Zeta members were Dale Deal and John Boynton, also a BBB member. Officers included the following: president Gary Sposito; vice president, Cliff Moore; secretary John Boynton; social chairman, Kenny McFadden. Greeman, Walter Jett, James Justice, Dave Kruse, Alvin Mapston, Raymond Moore, Cliff McFadden, Kenneth Neely, Keith Perkins, Bill Robinson, Bill Smith, Robert Sposito, Garrison Stedman, Sam Tilt, Philip 1000 North Mountain Avenue LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA University of Utah 1936 24 Chapters Gamma Alpha and Gamma Omega 1937 60 Members This year ' s activities for the Gamma Alpha Chapter of Lambda Delta Sigma included an assortment of parties, and meetings to stimulate the ideals of the which are leadership, fellowship, cultural life, and They won the Cross Country Meet and the ATO Desert Bicycle Derby. Officers of Gamma Alpha this year were president, Verdell Crockett; vice president, Dale Dispain; secretary, Dennis Davis; and treasurer, Joe McHood. The officers of the Gamma Omega Chapter were Gayle Oviatt, president; Elaine Brewer, vice president; Marsha Smith, secretary; Karen Eager, treasurer; Carol Payne, social chairman. Social activities of the first semester included a Western Dance, a Snow Party, a Swimming Party and a Halloween Party. Christmas season the girls caroled the Tucson hospitals, and held the annual Chri stmas Semi-Formal. Second semester activities included a Spring Carnival, a Mountain Party and a Valentine ' s Day Party. Jan Gardner and Gene Mann laughingly decide that " Teen Angel " is one record they don ' t want played at the forthcoming dance. Bailey, Nancy Brewer, Elaine Burke, Sharon Busby, Nancy Cole, Luanne Dickey, Romay Gage, Pat Lewis, Dwinn Merrill, Jeanne Payne, Carolyn Pratt, Jewell Quackenbush, Barbara Samaniego, Judith Smith, Madda Smith, Marsha Swanson, Irlys Berryhill, Bob Crockett, Verdell Curtis, Edward Curtis, Richard Davis, Dennis Despain, Dale Fish, Darwin Fish, Ferrell Goodman, Kenneth Lines, John Lundell, Don McHood, Joel Mann, Gene Nelson, Delbert Rosbach, Frank Varga, David 621 North Park Avenue SOUTHGATE Barbee, Joe E. Beebe, Richard Billings, R. Bruce Carroll, James M. Furney, Harry R. A true interest for the tense world situation is displayed by Elnathan Batoon as he scans the daily press releases. Southgate ' s fiirst weekend of the school year was spent at the Flying B Ranch in the Huachuca Mountains to plan activities for the year. Socially, the men held several dances at the house during the football season. A Mom and Dad ' s Day buffet was served. At the El Capitan Ranch, members held a barbeque and hayride. was marked by the Christmas Formal. The Kona Au Party highlighted the spring semester. Richard Beebe, business manager of the Wildcat, was also treasurer of the United University Christian Council. Other active men were Harry Furney, Wildcat advertising staff and Silver Wing; and Prakash Sinha, International Students Club. Leading the chapter as president was Richard Beebe. Assisting him were Joe Barbee, vice president, and Bruce Billings, secretary. In February, the Arizona Association of Alpha Kappa Lambda, Inc., was organized in an alumni and advisory capacity with Dr. Robert Matlock as Holland, Sam Kim, George McNeil, Fred Noggle, Carl Sadler, William ARIZONA OFFICIALS CHARLES MAGNESS Ticket Manager JOSEPH L. PICARD Physical Education RICHARD CLAUSEN Athletic Director ROBERT SVOB Assistant Athletic Director PHILIP McLAUGHLIN Business Manager FRANK SOLTYS Director of Sports Publicity FACULTY ATHLETIC COMMITTEE: Robert Crowell, Dick Clausen, William Pistor, Robert Svob, Louis A. Myers, and Thomas Hall. POM PON GIRLS: Ann Jorgensen, Dolly Bonus, Judy Boyum,Raima Roper, Sandra McVey, Ricki Farquhar, Lucy Thatcher, Liz Thomas. Joan Savage. Marcia Marshall. RICKI FARQUHAR Head Pom PON GIRLS AND CHEERLEADERS Energetic Porn Pon Girls headed by Ricki Farquhar were seen at the football games where they took part in each of the halftime shows and added to the spirit of the fans throughout the game. The Cheerleaders, led by Yell King Ed Coyle, appeared at all of the football and basketball games, generating school spirit with every yell. The Cheerleaders opened every game aboard an old hotrod. ED COYLE Yell King CHEERLEADERS: Row 1: Diane Vance, Lynn Siergeij, Martha Strauss. Row 2. Gary Munk, Dave Cohen, Larry Calli, John Spear. FOOTBALL 1959 When unknown Jim LaRue, was named Head Coach at the UA, the late Jim Tatum called him, " the finest prospect in the nation. " After the 1959 season LaRue definitely deserved that praise, having provided Arizona with good, interesting football. LaRue ' s main ingredients for success is hustle and a lot of hard work. BACKFIELD: Jim Geist, Warren Livingston, Pat Foley, Walter Mince, and Jim LaRue. COACHING STAFF: Jim LaRue. Row 2: Van Howe, Phil Ramsey, Ed Cavanaugh, Richard Carr, Nick Balich, Roy Tatum, Ed Linta, Carl Cooper, Ron Marciniak, Jake Rowden. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: Row 1: Al Freemon, Willie Peete, Chuck Raetzman, Carl Hazlett, Gary Cropper, Jim Geist, Bill Christensen, Mike Yeager, Dan Zion. Row 2: Dick Johnson, Jim Meyer, Bill Horalek, Doug Gremel, Harold Tomlin, Ted Urness, Tony Matz, Don Wild, John Smull, Bill Ismay, Hal Feasel, Roger Petrino. Row 3: Francis Plinski, Carlos Rodriquez, Ray Shackleford, Dale West, Eddie Wilson, Walter Mince, Ken Suttles, Bob McCormick, Warren Livingston, Larry Dumelie, Minner Williams. Row 4: Bob Grantham, Pat Brown, Ken Jim Osborne, Joe Carroll, Bob Garis, Marshall Pieczent kowski, Larry Williams, John Renner, Jack Gillespie, Max Graham, Frank Battista, Jim Davis. STARTING LINE: Gary Cropper, Bill Ismay, Chuck Raetzman, Marshall Pieczentkowski, John Smull, Tony Matz, and Pat Brown. Warren Livingston (20) stops BYU Howard Ringwood on the one yard line just before the last BYU touchdown. Gary Dunn ' s completed pass was good for a 25 yard BYU gain. Arizona — 14 Brigham Young — 18 Tucson, Sept. 19, 1959. Twenty-two thousand people saw Arizona take a 14-0 halftime lead only to lose the game 18 - 14 to Brigham Young University. ARIZONA BYU 8 First Downs 17 194 Yds Gained Rushing 177 21 Yds Gained Passing 126 191 Yds Total Offense 320 11 Passes Attempted 14 2 Passes Completed 7 42.3 Punting Average 42.2 4 Number of Fumbles 2 0 Fumbles Lost 2 SCORING: Arizona 7-0 Livingston, (3 I yd. run) Geist kick. Arizona 14-0 Geist, (1 yd. run) Geist kick. BYU 6-14 Gifford, (9 yd. run) Grant ' s pass knocked down. BYU 12-14 Hawkins, (58 yd. pass play from Dunn) Dunn tackled. BYU 18-14 Startin (1 yd. run) Grant tackled. ARIZONA 7 7 0 0-14 BYU 0 0 6 12-18 Arizona — 7 West Texas State — 6 Canyon, Texas, Sept. 26, 1959. The Wildcats defeated West Texas State in a 7-6 thriller. Eddie Wilson kicked the game winning extra point from 24 yards opt. The first kick was nullified by an Arizona penalty. ARIZONA WEST TEXAS 11 First Downs 19 197 Yds Gained Rushing 276 61 Yds Gained Passing 82 250 Yds Total Offense 358 7 Passes Attempted 16 2 Passes Completed 6 36 Punting Average 25 9 Number of Fumbles 4 5 Fumbles Lost 3 SCORING: Arizona 7-0 Geist, (10 yd. run) Wilson kick. West Texas 6-7 Dawson (10 yd. run) Pass blocked. ARIZONA 0 7 0 0-7 WEST TEX 0 0 0 6-6 Tom Swineford (11) and Ted Urness (52) bear down on fullback Ray Powell in the game between the Wildcats and West Texas in Canyon, Texas. The Wildcats won the game 7-6. In the remaining moments of the game Ken Holbrook (81) receives one of Eddie Wilson ' s passes. Three plays later, Eddie Wilson kicked a 30 yard field goal to win the game. Arizona — 16 Idaho — 14 Tucson, Oct. 3, 1959. The magic toe of Eddie Wilson kicked a game winning field goal with 14 seconds to provide Arizona with a 16-14 victory over Idaho. ARIZONA IDAHO 16 First Downs 14 191 Yds Gained Rushing 177 114 Yds Gained Passing 76 297 Yds Total Offense 238 24 Passes Attempted 14 10 Passes Completed 6 36.5 Punting Average 45.2 SCORING: Idaho 3-0 Ismael, 30 yd. field goal. Arizona 7-3 Mince, (6 yd. pass from Wilson) Wilson kick. Arizona 13-3 Wilson, (1 yd. run) Wilson kick blocked. Idaho 11-13 Worley, (1 yd. run) Farnworth run. Idaho 14-13 Ismael, 30 yd. field goal. Arizona 16-14 Wilson, 30 yd. field goal. ARIZONA 0 7 6 3-16 IDAHO 3 0 8 3-14 Arizona — 7 New Mexico — 28 Tucson, Oct. 17, 1959. New Mexico defeated 28-7 before a capacity crowd of 25,870. Carl scored the only Arizona touchdown on a three yard run. ARIZONA NEW MEX. 7 First Downs 23 121 Yds Gained Rushing 315 38 Yds Gained Passing 70 123 Yds Total Offense 361 7 Passes Attempted 10 2 Passes Completed 45.5 Punting Average 31.0 4 Number of Fumbles 2 3 Fumbles Lost I SCORING: Arizona 7-0 Hazlett (3 yd. run) Geist kick. New Mexico 7-7 Crandall ( I yd. run) Beach kick. New Mexico 14-7 Friberg (1 yd. run) Beach kick. New Mexico 21-7 Bankston (2 yd. run) Beach kick. New Mexico 28-7 Bankston (7 yd. run) Beach kick. ARIZONA 7 0 0 0— 7 NEW MEX 7 7 7 7-28 Charging through the line is Fullback Carl Hazlett, scoring the only Arizona touchdown of the game. The TD was scored in the first quarter, the extra point scored by Geist. Eluding tackler Chuck Weiss on the 44 yard line is Walt Mince (34) who is finally downed on the 47 yard line by Walt Klinker for a seven yard gain on a pass from Tom Shackleford. Arizona — 0 Colorado — 18 Tucson, Oct. 24, 1959. Favored Colorado defeated the Wildcats 18-0 before a Mom and Dad ' s Day crowd of 21,000. Arizona ' s best touchdown bid was lost when Colorado intercepted a wide lateral on their five yard line. ARIZONA COLORADO 10 First Downs 16 77 Yds Gained Rushing 242 19 Passes Attempted 12 9 Passes Completed 6 113 Total Yds Gained 293 6 Number of Punts 5 38.5 Punting Average 34.6 1 Number of Fumbles 1 I Fumbles Lost 0 SCORING: Colorado 6-0 Weiss (1 ycl. run) Dowler kick missed. Colorado 12-0 Counter (3 yd. run) Dowler pass missed. Colorado 18-0 Rife (4 yd. run) Reed pass missed. ARIZONA 0 0 0 0— 0 COLO. 0 12 0 6-18 Arizona — 6 Utah — 54 Salt Lake City, Oct. 31, 1959. Arizona was defeated, 54-6. ARIZONA UTAH 12 First Downs 30 108 Yds Gained Rushing 317 18 Passes Attempted 24 7 Passes Completed 13 204 Total Yds Gained 584 SCORING: Utah 6-0 Wilson (9 yd. run) Vierra pass incomplete. Utah 12-0 Vierra pass to Mastelloto (57 yds) Vievva pass incomplete. Utah 20-0 Wilson (13 yd. run) Wyeshiro run good. Arizona 6-20 Geist (1 yd. run) Geist pass incomplete. Utah 26-6 Vierra pass to Wil- son (4 yds) Wyeshiro run failed. Utah 34-6 Vierra pass to Wilson (14 yds.) Wilson run. Utah 40-6 Johnson (4 yd. run) run failed. Utah 48-6 Wilson (3 yd. run) Nofsinger run. Utah 54-6 McLaughlin to Wyeshiro (70 yds.) Wilson penalized. ARIZONA 0 6 0 0— 6 UTAH 20 6 14 14-54 Minner Williams (22) deceives tackler on the 25 yard line, key block thrown by Pat Foley (43). Minner goes to the Utah one yard line, Geist scored a touchdown in the next play. Arizona — 30 Texas Tech — 26 Tucson, Nov. 7, 1959. The University of Arizona Texas Tech in one of the greatest games ever played by an Arizona team. A small crowd of 12,759 fans saw Senior Jim Geist lead the Wildcats to a surprise victory over the Red Raiders. ARIZONA TEXAS TECH 14 First Downs 20 236 Yds Gained Rushing 183 8 Passes Attempted 29 5 Passes Completed 13 286 Total Yds Gained 348 SCORING: Arizona 7-0 Geist 21 yd. pass to Williams (Geist kick) Arizona 10-0 Geist 28 yd. field goal Texas Tech 8-10 Turner 7 yd. run (Talkington pass) Arizona 17-8 Geist 10 yd. pass to Peete (Geist kick) Arizona 23-8 Livingston 6 yd. pass interception (Geist kick missed) Arizona 30-8 Geist 48 yd. run Geist kick) Texas Tech 14-30 Rice from the 1 yd. line (Rice pass failed) Texas Tech 20-30 Talkington from the 1 yd. line (Pass failed) Texas Tech 26-30 Talkington 30 yd. pass to Turner (Pass failed) ARIZONA 7 10 13 0-30 TEXAS T 0 8 0 18-26 Picking up five yards in the third quarter of the game is Quarterback Jim Geist (14). Geist was nomin ated by AP as quarterback of the week in the Wildcats upset over Texas Tech. " Lordy, Lordy, Gordy, " yells Coach LaRue as he is being lifted up on the shoulders of his team while celebrating Arizona ' s victory over Texas Tech in a spirit-filled game. Almost, but not quite, as Willie Peete reaches for the ball in the Texas Tech game. Diving for the ball is Minner Williams who makes an effort to recover for the UA. " Froggy " Goodfarb, assistant trainer, seems to be yelling, " Get that ball and run fast! " With three seconds remaining in the ball game Fullback Joe Carroll (46) is stopped one yard short of the Arizona goal by Air Force tacklers. The Air Force Academy won, 22-15. Arizona — 15 Air Force — 22 Boulder, Colo., Nov. 14, 1959. The Air Force Falcons beat down a last minute drive on their own one yard line to kill Arizona ' s chance for a second major upset in two weeks. ARIZONA AIR FORCE 18 First Downs 19 287 Yds Gained Rushing 215 14 Passes Attempted 18 8 Passes Completed 16 373 Total yds Gained 454 6 Number of Punts 3 45.7 Punting Average 37.0 SCORING: Air Force 7-0 Kuenzel, (6 yd. run) Pupich kick. Air Force 14-0 Hardage, (37 yd. pass from Mayo) Pupich kick. Arizona 8-14 Williams, (28 yd. pass from Wilson) Wilson run. Arizona 15-14 Williams, (14 yd. pass from Geist) Geist kick. Air Force 22-15 Quinian, (40 yd. pass from Mayo) Mayo run. ARIZONA 0 8 7 0-15 A. FORCE 7 7 8 0-22 Arizona — 14 Texas Western — 10 Tucson, Nov. 21, 1959. An afternoon crowd of 20,000 fans saw UA win their game by defeating Texas Western 14-10. Behind the strong arm of Eddie Arizona scored twice on TD passes of 27 and 77 yards in the second half. ARIZONA TEXAS WEST 13 First Downs 23 112 Yds Gained Rushing 209 23 Passes Attempted 32 10 Passes Completed 18 304 Total Yds Gained 379 6 Number of Punts 5 54.5 Punting Average 38.5 SCORING: Texas 3-0 Babb, 26 yd. field goal. Texas 10-0 Babb, (4 yd. run) Babb kick. Arizona 8-10 Wilson pass 27 yds. to McCormick, Wilson pass good. Arizona 14-10, Wilson pass 77 yds. to McCormick, Geist pass failed. ARIZONA 0 0 8 6-14 TEXAS W. 3 7 0 0-10 Senior Jim Geist ' s (14) kick good for 47 yards in the first quarter of the game against Texas Western. With a 42.1 average per punt, Geist established a new Wildcat punting record. The pass from Jim Geist (14) to Bob McCormick (33) was ruled incomplete by officials. The incomplete pass would have given Arizona a 1st down on the Sun Devils 17 yard line. Arizona — 9 Arizona State — 15 Tempe, Nov. 28, 1959. UA ' s final victory bid was killed with the interception of an Eddie Wilson pass with only one minute to play a crowd of 32,000. ARIZONA ASU 14 First Downs 163 Yds Gained Rushing 183 10 Passes Attempted 10 3 Passes Completed 6 171 Total Yds Gained 179 5 Number of Punts 7 38.6 Punting Average 39.6 SCORING: Arizona 2-0 Safety, McCarty tackled by Livingston. Arizona State 3-2 Jones, 27 yd. field goal. Arizona State 9-2 Zuger, (1 yd. run) Jones kick blocked. Arizona State 15-2 Zuger pass 9 yds. to Camut, Zuger ' s pass incomplete. Arizona 9-15 Livingston, (3 yd. run) Wilson ' s kick good. ARIZONA 2 0 7 0— 9 ASU 0 3 6 6-15 SEASON SUMMARY The University of Arizona football team under the helm of Coach Jim LaRue won four games and lost six. The team cannot be judged by looking at the " won-lost " figures as Arizona football fans will long remember such games as Arizona ' s thrilling upset over Texas Tech in the most exciting game of the season. In the Texas Tech game the team spirit and desire to win typified the spirit the Wildcats showed during the entire season under Coach LaRue. There was also victory in defeat as proven by Arizona ' s handling of the Air Force Academy. Air Force was highly favored to win this game but judging by Arizona ' s drive they were not aware of this fact. The final score was Air Force 22, Arizona 15. The offense leaders were Warren Livingston who led in rushing with 380 yards gained for a 6.7 yard average gained per carry. Eddie Wilson led in passing with 476 yards. Senior Jim Geist led in scoring with 34 total points. Geist also led in punting with an average of 42.1 yards per punt setting a new University of Arizona punting record. Willie Peete caught ten passes for 173 yards, one of the passes was a touchdown pass. Jim Geist led in total offense, in 125 plays Geist gained 509 net yards. HIGHLIGHTS The University of Arizona game at Tempe had a record breaking attendance of 32,000 fans. The crowd was the largest ever to witness a sporting event in the state of Arizona. Jim Geist was nominated for Back of the Week by the Associated Press. Marshall Pieczentkowski, Junior, was named in the Honorable Mention All American. Jim Geist and Willie Peete played in the Copper Bowl game. Record home attendance was set with 19,752 average per game. Arizona played its first game of the series with Air Force Academy. Other games are to be played in Tucson in 1962, 1964, and in 1965. In the 1959 season seven games out of the ten played were in doubt until the final gun. RECOGNITION JIM GEIST Senior, Quarterback, UA punting record, Co-Captain of the team. GARY CROPPER Senior, Right End, Co-Captain of the team. EDDIE WILSON Sophomore, Quarterback, The Golden Toe. CHUCK RAETZMAN Senior, Right Guard, Governor ' s Award for Most Valuable Senior. TONY MATZ Junior, Left Tackle, Second Team. All Border Conference. MARSHALL PIECZENTKOWSKI Junior, Center, All Border Conference, Honorable Mention All American. WILLIE PEETE Senior, Right End, Copper Bowl, 4 year letterman football. WARREN LIVINGSTON Junior, Left Half, Second Team All Border Conference. FOOTBALL WILDKITTENS FOOTBALL WILDKITTENS: Row 1: Dante Paluselli, Steve Bradley, Mike Kondratik, Larry Wickman, Tom Kwiatowski, Carl Bird, Roy Garrison, Gary Martin, Vern Alexander. Row 2: Eddie Pollard, Jack Meck, Tom Smith, George Mason, Jim Faulks, Howard Mazur, Dale West, Tom Swineford, Jim Davis. Row 3: Don Dona, Jerry Mordret, Don Melton, John Carney, Ray DeLuca, Craig Starkey, Steve Kerr, Bill Salony, Max Graham, Frank Battista. Besides being head track coach, Carl Cooper also coached the Freshmen football squad in a successful season. The freshmen football program is primarily a training activity since under the Border Conference rules freshmen can participate in varsity play. Consequently, only three games were scheduled and Arizona State College cancelled their game leaving only two games to be played. The played Arizona State losing by the score of 16 -15, they also lost to the New Mexico freshmen squad 14-6. Despite the outcome of the two games the program was considered successful in that the freshmen were used to scrimmage the varsity and the yearlings were introduced to the University of Arizona ' s system of playing football. Head track coach Carl Cooper was given the job of molding the frosh into varsity material. BASKETBALL Coach Fred Enke came to the University of Arizona in 1925. Since that time he has presented Arizona with eleven Border Conference Championships. His teams have twice appeared in the National Invitational Tournament and once in the NCAA in addition to other basketball tournaments of national prominence. SEASON ' S RECORD ARIZONA BASKETBALL GAMES WON UA 73—NEW MEXICO WESTERN 68 UA 76—ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE 62 UA 65—SAN DIEGO STATE 50 UA 62—TEXAS WESTERN 55 UA 72—HARDIN-SIMMONS 58 UA 104—LOS ANGELES STATE 84 UA 77—WEST TEXAS STATE 71 UA 64—NEW MEXICO 62 UA 73—AIR FORCE ACADEMY 66 UA 100—TEXAS WESTERN 77 ARIZONA BASKETBALL GAMES LOST UA 78—UC at SANTA BARBARA 84 UA 74—LOS ANGELES STATE AAA 82 UA 58—WASHINGTON STATE 64 UA 84—COLORADO STATE 103 UA 69—REGIS 74 UA 71—COLORADO STATE COL. 82 UA 53—NEW MEXICO STATE 70 UA 61—ARIZONA STATE 71 UA 69—ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE 77 UA 62—HARDIN-SIMMONS 81 UA 68—WEST TEXAS STATE 80 UA 68—FRESNO STATE 69 UA 46—NEW MEXICO STATE 76 UA 71—ARIZONA STATE 76 VARSITY SQUAD: Row 1: Coach Fred Enke, Kirk Young, Bill Weese, Marv Dutt, Jon Conner, Warren Lee, Ernest McCray, Bruce Larson. Row 2: Melvin Drucker, Rick Deines, Ken Harris, Bill Mower, Russ Stevens, Doug Chapman, Carl Wheeler, Dick Harrington. Head basketball coach Fred Enke and his staff including Bruce Larson, George Rountree, and Dave Engelman take a break during squad practice. The University of Arizona basketball team had a season ' s record of 10 wins against 14 losses, a better record than predicted for the team at the beginning ofthe basketball season. The team ' s spirit, drive, and hustle accounted for the of winning and losing a lot of the games won by the Wildcats in the last remaining seconds of the game. The two most rewarding victories of the season were Arizona ' s upsets over Los Angeles State, 104-84, the highest single-game score ever attained by a university team, and Arizona ' s victory over the Air Force Academy which was even more satisfying as it erased the sting of our loss to them in a close football earlier in the year. Men who saw a lot of action during the season were Warner Lee, Marv Dutt, Bill Weese, Kirk Young, Jon Connor, and Ernie McCray. For McCray, Connor, and Lee this is the last year of their college basketball careers as they are all seniors. Ernest McCray had an extremely successful season setting twelve new UA basketball records and he made first string All-Border Conference. His teammate, Jon Connor, a guard made second team All-Border Conference. Ernest McCray had a season ' s scoring average of 23.9 points per game. Jon Connor had a scoring average of 7.1 points per game. In the Border Conference, Arizona placed fourth with a 4-6 record. Weese goes in for shot in the game that saw the UA beat New Mexico Western 73-68. Going in for a lay-up shot is forward McCray; the Wildcats upset the Air Force Academy 73-66. In the middle of everything, is Senior Warner Lee (52) holding the ball. The New Mexico Western game the season ' s opener was won by the Wildcats 73-68, starting off the season with a step in the right direction. In the Hardin-Simmons game the trio of Dutt, and Lee ruled the backboards picking off 37 rebounds between them. After the Los Angeles State game Ernie was presented with the game ball for scoring an all time single-game record with 46 points to his credit. Bill Weese scored 19 points and Ernie McCray scored 24 points to lead Arizona in an easy over San Diego State 60-50 in a game played in Beardown Gym. In the first three quarters of the Texas Western game Ernie McCray scored 26 points, he was followed by Connor and Weese each having scored 15 points. During the last quarter of the game Coach Enke cleared the bench for the first time this season. Basketball Coach Fred Enke completed his 35th year in that position during which time he has led the University of Arizona to eleven Border Conference championships, he has taken teams to the Convention Hall in Philadelphia, San Cow Palace, and to Madison Square Garden. Jumping for the ball is Ernie McCray (30) who broke all previous single-game scoring records with 46 points. Guard Jon Connor who made Second team Conference attempts to get that ball away! Ernie McCray gets the rebound in the Hardin-Simmons game which the UA Wildcats won by the score of 72-58. 373 RECOGNITION Crowd rushes out of the stands to congratulate Ernie after scoring 46 points in the LA State game. Easy Ernest McCray goes in to snag a rebound against West Texas State and completes the scoring play with a bank-shot from in close. Senior Ernest McCray from Tucson, Arizona, a graduate of Tucson ( ' 56) where he was All-State on the basketball team, was the brightest Wildcat player school ' s history. Practically rewriting the book. Ernie set twelve new Arizona records. Ernie was also a unanimous choice for first team All-Border Conference, i n his junior year he was second team All-Border Conference. Ernie was Arizona ' s candidate for all honors and he did not let anyone down as much of the team ' s success and improvement over last year can be attributed to the most rewarding season of Ernest McCray ' s basketball career. His records: MOST POINTS, SINGLE SEASON 573 MOST POINTS, CAREER 1,349 MOST POINT, SINGLE GAME 46 HIGHEST AVERAGE PER GAME, ONE SEASON 23.9 HIGHEST AVERAGE PER CONF. GAME 21.9 HIGHEST AVERAGE CAREER 17.8 MOST FIELD GOALS PER GAME 16 MOST FIELD GOALS, ONE SEASON 198 HIGHEST FIELD GOAL AVERAGE SEASON 45.9 MOST FIELD GOALS CAREER 510 MOST FREE THROWS, ONE SEASON 177 MOST FREE THROWS, SINGLE GAME 14 BASKETBALL WILDKITTENS BASKETBALL WILDKITTENS: Row 1: Gary Hahn, Jack Jack Stoops. Row 2: Monte Clausen, Billy Radzwill, Bart Zeller, Bob Dicus, Wes Flynn, Rege Dauk, Bill Bradbury, Billy Mitchell. Discussing the Wildkittens seasons record are coaches, Engelman and Rountree. The Freshmen basketball squad coached by George Rountree and his assistant coach Dave Enge lman had a successful season compiling a 14-7 record. The Frosh team displayed an ability to work well together along with speed and potential for varsity play. Wesly Flynn playing in twenty out of the twenty-one games scheduled this season led the team in total points scored with 314 points to his credit. Monte Clausen scored a total of 232 points to be next highest in total points. The Wildkittens scored 1,550 points as compared to the 1,338 points that were scored by the opposing teams. The highest scores attained by the Wildkittens are their defeats of Fort Huachuca 93-67 and Williams Air Force Base 93-62. Coach George Rountree completed his second and most successful season as coach of the Frosh basketball team. played varsity basketball for the UA during which time he made the All-Border Conference team in his sophomore year. He spent two years in the Army at Fort Knox, where he coached the post squad to an outstanding 22-5 season. BASEBALL Baseball coach Frank Sancet, a graduate of the University of Arizona (1933) holds the uncontested title of the " winningest coach in college baseball " in his ten seasons as baseball coach. Coach Sancet has taken his teams to ten regional playoffs and last year was his fifth trip to the College World Series ending up in the runner-up position to Oklahoma State. Three of the World Series trips were in succession, a feat no other college team has equalled. In addition, Coach Sancet has coached 13 several of whom won repeated honors and were selected on the All-Tournament team. Row 1: Bob Encinas, Chuck Giles, Bud Schoenberg, Bill Parrott, Charlie Shoemaker, Luis Bachelier, Les Fenderson, Tom Bill Barraclough, Mi chael A. Longo, Larry Hoffman, Armando Urbina, Larry Hamann, Thomas Celli, Aurelio Row 2: Ken Coopwood, Willie Peete, Kenneth Hunt, Thomas Roqueni, Jim Geist, Miles Zeller, Jim Ward, Alan Hall, Gene Bubala, Linn Wallace, Ray McCoy, Gordon Bergthol d, Mike Lane, Gary LaFevers, Mark Clarke, Rick Lord, F. Sancet. Bottom of the seventh inning sees Miles Zeller cross the plate with the 13th run, as Arizona beat Pepperdine 18-4. Alan Hall tags John Koehler out as he goes into home plate in the Colorado State game. Sophomore Bill Barraclough slides into third base with a triple in the game that saw the Wildcats win 12-9. Michigan won the second game of the series. Barraclough slides into third base in the LA State game, the UA won 12-8. Reaching first base on a fielder ' s choice is Paul Chamberlain for Colorado State, as John Koehler slides into second base. After going to the National finals last year and finishing in second place, the baseball team has only one stop to go and that is to the top. Graduation took five starters off of last year ' s NCAA runners-up, this factor alone will make it tough for Coach Sancet and this year ' s squad. Some good replacements are Garye LaFevers (Texas) and service returnee Bill Barraclough. Both are expected to move into the starting lineup. Holdovers from the 1959 starting lineup are: Alan Hall, Chuck Shoemaker, and outfielder Larry Hoffman. At mid-season the Wildcats had a 20-4 record; a great early season start with the pitchers getting the jump. In the first fourteen games of the season Arizona had a 13-1 record, losing to Pepperdine 2-0 in a seven inning game. However, in the next six games the pitching seemed to fall apart and the Wildcats split with Los Angeles State, San Diego Marines, and Michigan. Bright spots have been the pitching of Jim Geist who later in the season developed shoulder trouble after posting a 2-0 record with an 0.0 earned run average. Marv Dutt a junior-college transfer has also been effective with a 3-1 record. Jim Ward started strong and is expected to be the key of the pitching staff. Bright spots in batting were team captain Alan Hall and Bill Barraclough ' s clutch hitting. In the first twenty games of the season, seven of the starters were batting over .300. Sliding into home plate is Arizona ' s Hoffman in the series with Michigan. Bubala (23) watches teammate score another run for UA in the Wyoming game. Wyoming player crosses first base on a bobbled ball, Cats won games 15-1, 18-2. Wildcat Tom Celli scores the Arizona run in the bottom of the fifth inning, the Wildcats Utah by the score of 3-1. Scoring the second run of the game is Ray McCoy, the run broke the tie game, and Arizona went on to defeat Utah by the score of 12-2. Baseball coach Frank Sancet was presented with the keys to a new Chevrolet last summer when he arrived in Tucson after Arizona placed second in the NCAA baseball championship in Omaha, Nebraska. RECOGNITION The University of Arizona baseball squad last summer made its fifth trip to the NCAA playoffs in the last six years. The Wildcats have never finished higher than runner-ups a feat that was in 1956 and again in 1959 when they lost to Oklahoma State 5-3 in the final game ofthe series. Arizona compiled a 5-2 record in the district playoffs. At Omaha, while Oklahoma State had a 7-1 record, their only loss was at the hands of the Wildcats. Arizona advanced quickly to the finals via their two game sweep defeating Texas A M 1-0 in both games of the district playoffs. In the district playoffs Shoemaker drove in a run to win the first game and Bob Lewis drove in the run that won the second game. Left fielder Matt Encinas who last year, was an All-American who contributed a great deal to the success of the Arizona squad in Omaha. Matt ' s batting average was .369. He led Arizona in the home run department with seven. Alan Hall, the 1960 team captain was named on the second team squad last year in catcher ' s He has been a major factor in the team ' s success again as he presently leads the team with a .413 batting average. Chuck Shoemaker, third team, All-American, is the Wildcat who last year led the team in batting with .390 batting average. He also had 33 runs batted in. Chuck is a junior from Montebelle, California majoring in business. Freshman coaches looking over next year ' s varsity prospects are Brierly, Fox, and Robert Gotovac. BASEBALL WILDKITTENS The freshmen baseball team coached by Bob Gotovac, Jim Brierly, and Jim Fox, had a successful season. Many prospects have been groomed to see action in next year ' s varsity squad. At the present time there are prospects in the frosh team in all of the departments. In catching, Floyd Watson has been doing a fine job. In the infield there is Angie Acuna, John Spadoni, and Barry Bernstein, all of whom have been showing potential for the year ' s to come. In the pitching department George Mies, Dick Calmelat, and Jim Umbeck have shown promise of being of the caliber for varsity play. Angie Acuna, John Spadoni, and Barry Bernstein have been consistently hitting the ball and have been the leading hitters of the freshmen baseball team. Bob Gotovac now in his third year as the Wildkittens coach is presently enrolled in the College of Business Administration. His extensive background has been especially beneficial to the plebe members of the University of Arizona baseball program. Coach Gotovac is a native of Chicago, Illinois, but he now makes Tucson his home. FROSH BASEBALL TEAM: Row 1: Asst. Coach Jim Fox, Coach Bob Gotovoc, John Spadoni, Lance Long, Bill Welsh, Dick Spackman, Augie Acuna, Craig Morrison, Fred Moreno, Lou Webb, Paul Dobrin, Luis Gutierrez, Barry Bernstein, Asst. Coach Jim Brierly. Row 2: Mort Saull, Bart Zeller, Spence Engle, Hugh Wingfield, Don Lewis, George Mies, Paul Moir, Jim Umbeck, Fred Pruett, Don Terry, Dick Calmelat. TRACK Coach Carl Cooper now in his ninth year as head track coach, last year led the Wildcats to a history making 10-2 season record an d captured the Border Conference title from Arizona State University. SEASON ' S RECORD UA 104—ARIZONA FROSH 31 NEW MEXICO WESTERN 27 UA 49—SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 82 UA 118—CAL POLY 40 ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE 3 UA 83 BRIGHAM YOUNG 47 1 3 UA 83 1 2 —OREGON STATE 47 1 2 UA 93 MEXICO U 36 1 3 VARSITY TRACK TEAM: Row 1: Jim Burke, Alden Taylor, Walter Mince, Jim Tate, Ken Meenan, Larry Dunn, Dick Glover, Angris Alexander. Row 2: Dick Wessman, Ray Hughes, Matt Hanhila, Karl Johnstone, Mike Maynard, John Mallery, John Ellington, Jack Hudson, Harry Lucky, John Murphy. Row 3: Dodd Pearson, George Davies, Tim Pete Smiley, Francis Sprout, Dave Doerrer, Fred Freemon, im Williams, Willie Walker. Row 4: Carl Cooper, Dave Agins, Jim Sakrison, Lonnie Weaver, Eddie Pollard, Ron Bennett, Dale West, Tom King, Jerry Murphy. Speeding down the track is Jack Hudson, Arizona ' s freshman, ahead of the others in the UA-USC meet. Arizona ' s track team should rank among the top ten in the nation with their well balanced squad. An example of the depth of the squad can be seen by glancing at the first national published at the end of March which listed seven of the squad members among the top ten in their respective events. At the mid-point of the season, members of the 1960 track team had established five new track records. Arizona ' s freshman Jack Hudson had already mad e his presence felt by setting new records in the half mile with a 1:51.7 time and by breaking the past mile record with a 4: 12.7 time, Jack is an Olympic hopeful. Other record setters were Larry Dunn in the 100 yard dash with a 9.6 time. Harry Lucky established a new high hurdles record with a 14.3 time. Pole vaulter Matt Hanhila leaped 14 feet, 6¼ inches to set a new University of Arizona record. Under Coach Cooper Arizona can boast two track broadjumper Mal Andrews in 1955 and shot putter Ray Hiscok last season. Another great trackmen is Jim Tate who holds three UA records. Harry Lucky, a junior, breaks the tape winning the high event while the crowd looks. Crossing over the finishing line in the 220 yard dash is Jim Tate, senior, who holds three Arizona stadium track records. Senior Jim Tate outlasts Burke of USC to win the 100 yd. dash for the University of Arizona Wildcats in UA meet. Record breaking Matt Hanhila goes up and over the bar in the meet with Cal Poly and ASC. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Jack Jim Tate, Ray Hughes, Ken Meenan, and Ralph Adams. CROSS COUNTRY The Wildcat cross-country team participated in four meets during the s eason. In the American Legion Invitational at San Diego the team finished in fourth place, losing to UCLA, San Diego State, San Diego Track and Field Association. On October 17, 1959, a meet was held in Tucson and Arizona defeated Arizona State and Phoenix College. The following week in a meet with the same teams held in Phoenix, the Wildcats again defeated Arizona State and Phoenix College. On October 31, 1959, the Aztec Invitational was held in San Diego. Arizona took first place scoring 33 points, San Diego State placed second with 45 points. Wildcats Ralph Adams and Morris Nunez took first and second place respectively. Cross Country sprinters Ralph Adams, Jack Hudson, Ken Meenan, and Ray Hughes warm up before the meet. TENNIS TEAM: Dave Snyder, Richard Young, Clay Diamos, Tom Somerville, Bob Reece, Bill Payne, Rick Fried, Pete Barizon, Herman Carrillo, George Stoesser, Mike Shirley, Toby Shoop. TENNIS The Arizona tennis team took first place in the University of Arizona Intra-Collegiate tennis George Stoesser won the singles and with team captain Herman Carrillo they placed second i n the doubles championship. In the Arizona closed meet Stoesser was a finalist. In the doubles event Stoesser and Barizon were finalists losing to Coach Dave Snyder and Carter Lenoir, a University student who is not a member of the tennis team. Tennis Coach Dave Snyder completed his second year in that position. He came to the University from San Angelo, Texas where he was a tennis instructor. SEASON ' S RECORD UA 1—SAN DIEGO MARINES 8 UA 9—TRINITY 6 UA 8—BRIGHAM YOUNG 1 UA 7—BRIGHAM YOUNG 2 UA 9—ARIZONA STATE 0 UA 7—WYOMING 2 UA 8—WYOMING 1 Coach Dave Snyder completed his second year as Wildcat tennis coach. Last year the team had a 10-4 record in dual meets. Sophomore tennis player George Stoesser from Carmel, California, serves the ball. Coach Ott last year guided the swimming team to its finest season in the school ' s history. SWIMMING The University of Arizona swimming team with only two returning lettermen reached a low point after attaining great success last year with a 12-1 record. As of April 5 the team had a 1-3 record. The only win was over University of California. George McLain and Pete Ventres both from Tucson, were the team ' s return-lettermen. George McLain holds three varsity swimming records in the 50 yard free style, the 100 yard free style, and the 100 yard free style on the short course. Pete Ventres holds the record in the 200 yard butterfly event. SEASON ' S RECORD UA 38—TUCSON YMCA 55 UA 42—NEW MEXICO 56 UA 41—TUCSON YMCA 53 UA 57—REDLANDS UNIVERSITY 38 SWIMMING TEAM: Row 1: Chuck Claus, Carl Samuels, Pete Ventres, George McLain, Joel Duplain, Bill Allen, Asa Watanabe. Row 2: Bob Ford, Bud Wilson, Ray Dull, Hal Eastin, Scott McCartney, Dave Hall, and Coach Charles Ott. Returning lettermen George McLain and Pete Ventres, both of whom are from the Old Pueblo, display their talents at racing. Sinking a putt is Bob Holzer member of the Wildcat golfing squad coached by Fred Enke and Roy Tatum. GOLF The UA golf team began the season this year by winning six of the first seven matches. Fred Enke, golf coach was instrumental in providing Arizona with its first golf team in 1935. Since that time Enke ' s golfers have won eight Border Conference titles and have been edged out of the crown, finishing second, for the last three years to powerful Arizona State. In 1959 the Wildcat linksmen compiled a 11-5 season record. The Wildcat golfers have defeated Phoenix College, New Mexico, Colorado State University, twice, Arizona State, and the Marine Corps. GOLF TEAM: Coach Roy Tatum, Tim Sexson, Tom Fink, Mike Rombold, Vernon Nicholas, Bob Holzer, Payne Palmer, and Coach Fred Enke. GYMNASTICS By April Arizona gymnists had defeated Long Beach State College by the score of 91 points to 51, and they defeated New Mexico State 111 points to 28. They lost to the Air Force Academy 83-29, to Colorado State University 66-46, and to Arizona State 78-66, with a team record of 2 wins and three losses. This was the third season for coach Roy Tatum. Tatum graduated from the University of Missouri with a BS and masters degree in education, and coached at South Dakota State and Eastern Oregon Junior College previous to his appointment to UA. GYMNASTIC TEAM: Row 1: John Sticht, Bob MacNeil, Fred Shantz, Captain Bob Lans, Jim Turner, Ernesto Navarro. Row 2: Gerald Sutcherland, Jules Labuzan, Matt Hanhila, Jerry King, Tom Bradshaw, and Coach Roy Tatum. FENCING TEAM: Irving Kipnis, coach, H. William Gimple, George Clovis, student coach, Jack Graham, and Pat Lipscomb. Fencing team coach George Clovis parries to avoid the lunge of teammate H. William Gimple. FENCING TEAM The fencing team has participated in two meets, one with the Air Force Academy which they lost 20-7, and one with the University of Wisconsin in which they were narrowly defeated 14-13. Coach George Clovis is a senior at the University of Arizona and is also the team ' s only returning letterman. He has held the position as coach for the past three years. RIFLE TEAM The rifle team participated in the Arizona State shoulder to shoulder matches, competing with Arizona State, UCLA, Hardin-Simmons, and New Mexico, to finish in third place. The team went to El Paso to participate in the Eleventh Southwestern Invitational Matches which are sponsored by Texas Western. A total of thirty-nine teams fired in the match. RIFLE TEAM: Row 1: Doug Campbell, Craig Brown, T-Sgt. Leon, Herb Chambers, James Monroe. Row 2: M-Sgt. Paul Goff, Edward Dunnigan, Kenneth Watters, Donald Wilson, Capt. Edward D. Middleton, Leo Carraro, Forster S. Cayce, Kenneth Pyle, SFC Raymond Howell. Aiming down the firing range are the members of the University rifle team. WRESTLING TEAM: Coach Roby, Don Woods, Keith Longenbaugh, Dennis Harman, Vernon Ellis, Matt Hanhila, Gary Sackett, Jim Corbet, Bill Ismay. WRESTLING The Wrestling team began the season with a 3-2 record in dual meets. They defeated San Diego Nava l Training Center, Phoenix College, and Long Beach State College. In the Pacific Coast Invitational the team placed sixth in the meet. Sophomore Don Wood won the Pacific Coast championship in the 115 pound weight division and Junior, Bill Ismay, placed third in the heavyweight division. The team provided Arizona with an athletic first when their meet with Phoenix College was covered by the University of Arizona television station KUAT. Coach Fred Roby completed his first years as wrestling coach a nd at the same time he became the first fulltime wrestling coach in the history of the Wildcats. Wrestlers Jim Corbet and Bill Ismay practice holds that are going to be used in Arizona wrestling matches. Coach Fred Roby completed his first year as wrestling coach, and is also the first fulltime coach in the sport. INTRAMURALS Intramural Director Ken Coopwood his first year in this position. Ken Coopwood has been kept busy fulfilling his duties as Intramural Sports Director. He is responsible for establishing schedules in the different events offered in intramurals. in the intramural program are 25 fraternities, the men ' s dormitories, and the independent groups on campus. There are 18 different intramural sports offered with a playoff and a first, second, and third place in each division. In the men ' s dormitory division, by April, Santa Cruz Hall was leading with 656 points followed by Pinal Hall with 634 points and Hopi Hall with 426 points. Wesley Foundation led the independent division with 639 points, followed by Phi Delta Phi with 316 points, and the Hillel Foundation had 309 points. The race for the intramural banner was close with Sigma Alpha Epsilon in first place with 612 banner points, following in second place were last year ' s winners the Kappa Sigs with 605 points. The Kappa Sig ' s were trailed by Sigma Chi, Phi Gamma Delta, and Alpha Tau Omega who were in third, fourth, and fifth place respectively in the 1959-1960 intramural season. INTRAMURAL STANDINGS AS OF APRIL 4, 1960 1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 912 2. Kappa Sigma 905 3. Sigma Chi 853 4. Phi Gamma Delta 812 5. Alpha Tau Omega 6. Santa Cruz Hall 656 7. Delta Upsilon 648 8. Delta Chi 642 9. Wesley Foundation 639 10. Pinal Hall 634 Intramural managers Corky Wright, Doug Brown, Jack Wise, and Dick Johnson discuss the season ' s outcome. Anxious player reaches for flags to stop touchdown bid. Intramural swimmers prepare for the sound of the gun. Kappa Sig player aims for basket as the Kappa Sigs defeated Sig Alphs in final tournament. INTRAMURAL STANDINGS FLAG FOOTBALL 1. Santa Cruz Hall ASCE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi BASKETBALL 1. Kappa Sigma 2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3. Sigma Chi SWIMMING 1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2. Sigma Chi 3. Phi Gamma Delta Phi Gam sprinter Toby Teorey has the lead in the 100 yard dash in his effort to win a track trophy. Bearing down the stretch are Toby Teorey, Dick Taylor, and Steve Seiler. LDS won the cross country. TRACK 1. Phi Gamma Delta 2. Kappa Sigma 3. Yavapai Hall HANDBALL 1. Sigma Chi 2. Graham Hall 3. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Sigma CROSS COUNTRY 1. Latter Day Saints 2. Wesley 3. Kappa Sigma ATO Bob Ludlow watches his opponent bat the ball off the wall. SAE Peter Salter displays the putting ability that won the golf trophy for the Sig Alphs. ATO Pat Dickinson sets up the ball for Mike Moore to spite in the game with the Sig Alphs. Alpha Sig Graves, Fox, and Becker won the horseshoes event. The Kappa Sigs won the intramural tennis championship. Playing pool is the team from Arizona Hall that beat the Kappa Sigs. Battling to win a game of table tennis is Theta Chi David Stretmater, the team finished fourth. GOLF 1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2. Phi Gamma Delta Delta Upsilon 4. Phi Delta Theta TENNIS 1. Kappa Sigma 2. Santa Cruz Hall Sigma Alpha Epsilon 4. Greenlee Hall Alpha Tau Omega BILLIARDS 1. Arizona Hall 2. Kappa Sigma 3. Pinal Hall HORSESHOES 1. Alpha Sigma Phi 2. Pinal Hall 3. Sigma Alpha Epsilon VOLLEYBALL 1. Sigma Chi 2. Kappa Sigma 3. Sigma Alpha Epsilon TABLE TENNIS 1. Iwat 2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3. Phi Gamma Delta WRA OFFICERS: Helen Nenson, Nancy Gould, Karen Helms, and Sue Meyer. WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Recreation Association is an integrated part of the Women ' s Physical Education Department, providing an extensive intramural program throughout the year in which all University women can participate. An effort is made to provide a wide variety of sports including: archery, bowling, volleyball, folk dancing, golf, hockey, modern dancing, softball, swimming, tennis, and volleyball. It also offers minor sports such as: table tennis, pool, fencing, and badminton. Membership and major awards in W.R.A. are based on the point system: 100 points entitle a woman to membership; 1000 points to an " A " blazer; and 1800 points to earn the coveted " A " blanket. The Recreation Association holds an office in the Women ' s Building where add announcements, notices pertaining to sports seasons, and meetings are posted. The W.R.A. facilities and equipment are offered to all University women. This year ' s W.R.A. officers were Nancy Gould, president, Barbara Hancock, vice president, Helen Nenson, secretary, Pauline Roberge, recording secretary, Sue Meyer, treasurer, and Karen Helms, business manager. Helping extensively this year were Miss Betty Hileman, who served as advisor, and Miss Mary Pavlich, assistant advisor. WRA BOARD: Row 1: Judy Hurt, Karen Helms, Helen Nenson, Nancy Gould, Rosemary Gala, Betty Jones, Jacquelyn Frost. Row 2: Miss Betty Hileman, advisor, Peg Mittendorf, Pat Nordell, Dona Chapman, Joan Schneider, Barb Cryor, Lynn Fitzgerald, Joan Reineke, Sue Meyer, Miss Mary Pavlich, ass ' t. advisor. " A " CLUB " A " CLUB: Row 1: Helen Nenson, Barbara Caroline Kline, Rosemary Gala. Row 2: Pauline Roberge, Barb Cason, Joan Reineke, Nancy Gould. 1960 SPORTS WOMAN NANCY GOULD Chosen 1960 Sportswoman was Nancy Gould, Kappa Alpha Theta, who this year served as WRA President. A senior hailing from San Francisco, California, Nancy majors in physical education, and has been active in Putters, " A " Club, and has accumulated over 2100 WRA points. RACQUET CLUB RACQUET CLUB: Row 1: Carol Haines, Sandy Veenboer, Joan Cooper, Jane Harrison, Janet Cooper, Renette Gerdes, Mary Lou Purdy. Row 2: Peggy Stone, Jean Thompson, Miss Miller, advisor, Mary Ogle, Nancy Sanders, Missy O ' Connell, and Sue Bissell. PUTTERS PUTTERS: Barbara Cryor, Maggie Cummins, Marcia Hamilton, Dale Morris. ORCHESIS ORCHESIS: Row 1: Nancy Damron, Gail Goodman, Barbara Kuber, Patti Horton, Mary Bettman. Row 2: Phyllis Haskell, Pat Davis, Janet Seidenberg, Julie Keith, Patti Allebrand. MERMAIDS MERMAIDS: Row 1: Lynn Bringhurst, Stevie Hoefle, Jane Martin, Linda Long, Karen Linda De Pinto, Judy Howe, Charlene Ziss, Joy Bedo, Sheila Hershey, Linda Smith, Mary Foard, Donna Gaylord, Lucy Chewning. Row 2: Lynn Fitzgerald, Sandy Shehan, Shelly Ludwig, Marcy Bayless, Nancy Clayton, Lee Weingarten, Charlotte Herlocker, Barbara Balaban, Jan Mosher, Julie Rubel, Norma Nicol, Barbara Fisk, Amanda Barr, Janie Raney. Row 3: Jill Pennington, Susan Welty, Sue McCarthey, Glorio Gee, Bev Zeidler, Jan Heinamon, Barbara Bascom, Joan Johnson, Jane Morris, Holly Hildreth, udy Matson, Shirley Ransom, and Joan Savage. BASKETBALL WINNERS: Row 1: Missy O ' Connell, Caroline Kline, Shirley Ransom, Lynne Dailey. Row 2: Mary onkey, Jeanie Roe, Pat Charlotte Kenan, and Shaton McIntyre. FOLK DANCE: Glee Clark and Suzanne Pomainville hold trophy won for their folk dance. ARCHERY Advanced: 1. Karen Helms 2. Sandy Boonstra 3. Pat Mail Intermediate: 1. Linda Wahl 2. Barb Cason 3. Beth Crockett Beginning: 1. Becky Bean 2. Laurie Kyle 3. Melinda Ruja BOWLING WINNERS: Row 1: Marian Tadano, Joan Reineke. Row 2: Kathy Cope, and Barb Cason from Gila Hall. BADMINTON Championship Flight: 1. Helen Nenson 2. Nancy Gould Consolation Flight: 1. Colleen Slavin 2. Jackie Frost BASKETBALL 1. Chi Omega 2. Dorms BOWLING Team: 1. Gila Hall 2. Independents Individual: 1. Pat Nordell 2. Fran Holley FENCING 1. Jackie Frost 2. Judy Tilt FALL OPEN GOLF TOURNAMENT Championship: 1. Marcia Hamilton 2. Jackie Dack 1st Flight: Sally Pierce 2nd Flight: Nancy Rogers 3rd Flight: Pauline Roberge ARCHERY: Donna Chapman, Betty Black, Becky Bean, and Linda Wahl aim for the target. GOLF WINNERS: Marcia Hamilton, Jackie Dack, Sally Pierce, and Nancy Rogers. FOLK DANCE 1. Alpha Phi 2. Phrateres HOCKEY 1. Independents 2. Chi Omega TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES Veeva Daniels—Dale Morris 2. Claire Terry—Sandy Shehan FALL POOL DOUBLES 1. Jackie Frost—Sharon O ' Connor 2. Pat Slavin—Barb Cason SPRING POOL DOUBLES 1. Pat Clack—Judy Benson 2. Joy Rubenstein Ann Rasmussen SWIMMING 1. Kappa Alpha Theta High Point Girl: Linda Melczer, Kappa Alpha Theta VOLLEYBALL WINNERS: Row 1: Sharon Roberts, Barbara Hancock. Row 2: Jean Sylvia Lee, and Jan Mosher. SWIMMING WINNERS: Row 1: Carol Rhode, Lynn Fitzgerald, Perkuhn, Judy Serigstad. Row 2: Jane Raney, Kathy Gideon, and Sally Lawrence. HOCKEY: Row I: Diane Carrillo, Sandy Boonstra, Pauline Roberge, Betty Jones, Jane Harrison. Row 2: Joanne Sears, Pat Nordell, Pat Mail, Ginny Barrett, and Dodie Orosco. TENNIS SINGLES ELIMINATION 1. Mary Schoop 2. Joanne Sears Sherri Morris Mary Lou Purdy INTER-GROUP TENNIS SINGLES League 1: 1. Independents 2. Chi Omega and Kappa Kappa Gamma 2. Chi Omega and Kappa Kappa Gamma (tie) League 2: 1. Pi Beta Phi 2. Kappa Alpha Theta VOLLEYBALL 1. Maricopa Hall 2. Alpha Delta Pi CO-REC VOLLEYBALL 1. Kappa Alpha Theta—Alpha Tau Omega 2. Gamma Phi Beta—Sigma Alpha Epsilon SOFTBALL: Becky Bean, up to bat, and Sylvia Lee, catching, give evidence of fun found on diamond. Judy Benson and Pat Clack team up to play game of billiards. Advertising From left to right: Jim Martin, Dewey White, Bill Swancey, Mabel Condit, Maxine Cook, Jean Eidmann, Ruth Zeller, Ray Hopkins, Jerry Wamsley, Phyllis Clark, Martha Schrubb, Margaret Evans, Barbara Tuttle, Virginia Stafford, Tom Rodman, Joyce Becker, Eva Powell, Riceine McCormick, George Gilmer. ASSOCIATED STUDENTS BOOKSTORE OFFERING A COMPLETE LINE OF BOOKS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES Left to right: Joyce E. Van Reenen, John B. Terry, Jr., Robert B. Scott, Darell R. Fisher, Ralph A. Baker, John L. Gabusi, William H. Greer, Robert P. Taylor, David Wilson, Robert F. Kirby, Larry D. Agenbroad, George E. Barr, Richard D. Bates and Rita E. Mosiman. PHELPS DODGE SCHOLARSHIPS Included in the above photograph are 14 of the 15 Phelps Dodge scholarship recipients on the University of Arizona campus. Missing from the picture is Ralph M. Sinclair. The Phelps Dodge Foundation scholarship program at the University of Arizona provides annually for a total of eight undergraduate scholarships and two scholarships for graduate study. The undergraduate Phelps Dodge Scholarship awards are each valued at $1,000 per year and are available only to graduates of Arizona High Schools. The two post-graduate scholarships at $1,200 each, plus tuition, are available to students having graduated from the University and who are bona fide residents of the State of Arizona. Phelps Dodge Corporation offers four engineering scholarships annually for juniors and seniors studying Mining and Metallurgy at the University of Arizona, each scholarship being valued at $1,000 per year. The choice of the recipients of the afore-mentioned fourteen scholarships is made by the Scholarship Committee of the University of Arizona from competing applicants on the basis of high scholarship, high promise of ability, personality, character and leadership. Following are the Phelps Dodge Scholarship recipients, including Engineering Scholarships, at the University of Arizona for the current school year: Phelps Dodge Scholarships: Name Class John Gabusi Freshman Rita E. Mosiman Freshman John B. Terry, Jr. Sophomore Joyce E. Van Reenen Sophomore Larry D. Agenbroad—Post-graduate at University of Arizona Linda Lou Fiscel—Post-graduate at Harvard College Robert P. Taylor Junior Darell R. Fisher Junior George E. Barr Senior Robert B. Scott Senior Phelps Dodge Corporation Engineering Scholarships : Name Class William H. Greer Junior David Wilson Junior Richard D. Bates Senior Robert F. Kirby Senior In addition to the above regular Phelps Dodge scholarship program at the University of Arizona, Phelps Dodge Foundation sponsors five four-year Phelps Dodge Merit Scholarships which are awarded each year by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. These scholarships are awarded nationally to five male high school seniors who intend to major in engineering at any one of thirty-three specified colleges or universities which list includes the University of Arizona. At present two recipients of Phelps Dodge Merit Scholarships are attending the University of Arizona, as follows: Ralph M. Sinclair Freshman Ralph A. Baker Sophomore PHELPS DODGE CORPORATION Ajo Bisbee Douglas Morenci imagination has no beginning... no end... Today ' s astonishing progress in electronics is no accident—for the field has attracted the kind of imaginative people who have always set the bench marks for man ' s progress. Hughes was built by people like these. They are prepared to cut away old restraints; to plunge ahead to new discovery; to build and prove the " impossible. " In just ten years they have made Hughes one of America ' s leading producers of advanced electronics. Creating a new world with ELECTRONICS HUGHES © 1959, HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY Hughes Aircraft Company, Culver City, El Segundo, Fullerton, Newport Beach, Malibu, Los Angeles, California ; Tucson, Arizona Stan Pugmire and Jay Lowry are sold on Woody ' s Service. WOODY ' S SERVICE 1150 East 6th Street GAS • • TUNE-UPS • REPAIRS J. KNOX CORBETT LUMBER COMPANY 210 E. St. 2-8881 4545 E. Speedway. EA 7-3441 L.G. Balfour Company ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Official Fraternity and Sorority Jewelry Jack Propstra, Class of ' 43 District Manager 19 West Roosevelt Phoenix, Arizona William J. " Bill " Wheeler NIELSEN DRUG SPEEDWAY AT COUNTRY CLUB EA 5-2623 Shamrock Dairy Serving Arizona Since 1922 Holly Christy is selecting a record from .. . Niles Radio and Television Center Phones: MA 2-4884 MA 3-2537 400 N. 4th Sally Anderson and Mr. Anderson are selecting a plaid skirt from... ANDY ANDERSON, Ltd. 199 N. STONE AVE. 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TUSCON CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION The Bank of Douglas The Bank Tucson First National Bank of Arizona Southern Arizona Bank and Trust Company Valley National Bank Lynn Sanders featuring the four responsible for publishing the desert Marianne Gilbert Liberal Arts Oriental Studies Tucson, Arizona Harlean Kaufman Business and Public Administration Marketing - Retailing Phoenix, Arizona Regina Duggan Fine Arts Commercial Art Carmel, California Jim Wilkes Graduate Marketing Lone Pine, California We too are proud of the work we did in producing the Covers and Binding the 1960 Desert. ARIZONA TRADE BINDERY PHOENIX Fountain - Bar Special Dining Room Service Famous $1.00 Complete Sunday Dinner Jane McClanahan Lou Crowder BROADWAY DRIVE-IN 2343 East Broadway UNIVERSITY DRUG on the square Sandy Anderson making a selection as she stopped between classes. Grunewald Adams JEWELERS 60 EAST CONGRESS STREET . TUCSON Featuring Tucson ' s Finest Selection of . . 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Cocktail Hour 4 - 6 50c DIAL EA 5 - 2611 Ryan Evans Drug Stores SERVING ARIZONIANS PHOENIX - GLOBE - MIAMI SUPERIOR - TUCSON CASA GRANDE - GLENDALE TEMPE - WICKENBURG INDEX BOARD OF REGENTS Universities and State College of Arizona Paul J. Fannin, B.A 21 Alexander G. Jacome 21,68 William R. Mathews 21 Lynn M. Lane y, B.S .21 Samuel H. Morris 21 John G. Babbitt 21 Elwood W. Bradford 21 Vivian Lahti Boysen 21 O. D. Miller 21 FACULTY AND STAFF - A - Aamodt, Agnes M. 130 Adams, Catherine 87 Akmajian, Diran 113 Alderson, Donald J. 123,149 Alexander, Aaron J. 122 Allen, James D. 24 Allen, Rupert C. 123 Allen, Ruth A. 8 7 Altman, Elenore 113 Amburgey, Lyman R. 84 Anderson, Andreas S. 112 Anderson, Duwayne 84,164 Anderson, Robert R. 123 Anderson, Roger A. 107 Anderson, Warren H. 107 Anthony, John K. 133 Anthony, John W. 133 Arapoff, Peter M. 122 Armstrong, Robert P. 23 Arsdale, Van Dr. 83 Aston, Bernardyne K. 90 - B - Bagnara, Joseph T. 125 Baldwin Howard A. 106 Baltensperger, Arden A. 84 Barnes, Kenneth K. 84 Barreca, Frank R. 114 Bartlett, Neil R. 121,127 Bateman, Herman E. 158 Battan, Louis J. 165 Bayies, Esther 25 Beattie, Arthur H. 252 Bell, Mary E. 98 Bemis, William P. 84 Bennett, Fleming 25 Bents, Ulrich H. 124,165 Bentz, Donald N. 98 Bermosk, Loretta A. 130 Berry, James W. 84 Bingham, David A. 90 Birong, Elizabeth M. 87 Blanchard, Jack W. 107 Blitzer, Leon 149 Bloom, John H. 113,73 Bogart, Fred O. 149 Boland, Vincent F. 149 Bond, Royce A. 24 Books, Alice B. 87 Bouchet, Major 140 Boulay, Paul F. 107 Boyle, Alice M. 84,164 Brady, Lionel Francis 145 Branconi, Ruth F. 130 Bretall, Robert W. 127,149 Brewer, Willis R. 134,135,154,157,164 Brilyrly, Jim 381 Briggs, Robert E. 84 Brodie, Emily C. 83 Brooks, John 123,163 Brown, Elmer J. 90 Brown, Timothy 123 Brown, William H. 125 Bryan, Walker E. 84,164 Buccolo, Joseph P. 140 Buchhauser, Andrew W. 113 Burch, G. Thomas 107 Burkhart, Leland 84 Burnham, John J. 84 Burroughs, Robert C. 113 Burton, Lloyd E. 164 Butler, Jean W. 127 Butler, John B. 127 - C - Caldwell, June J. 24 Caldwell, Mary E. 135,146 Caldwell, Robert L. 127 Calmes, Robert E. 98 Cameron, Roy Eugene 164 Campbell, Brewster P. 45,35 Campbell, George W. 84 Capsyto, Libby 25 Carley, James F. 133 Carlson, Karen L. 22 Carmichael, M Sgt. 140 Carnevale, Jessie B. 90,149 Carpenter, Edwin F. 121,149,142 Carr, Richard E. 138,361 Carr, Sherwood E. 23 Carroll, John A. 158 Carruth, Laurence A. 83,84 Casaday, Lauren W. 89,90,149 Cavanaugh, Edward M. 138,361 Chace, James E. 90 Chadwick, Lionel T. 112 Chapman, John E. 25 Chapman, Thomas G. 133 Chappel, Merwin R. 25 Charley, J. D. 140 Chiasson, Robert B. 125 Chin, Lincoln 135,154 Chisholm, William G. 140 Christensen, Harvey D. 106 Church, Edna E. 113 Clark, L. D. 149 Clark, Phyllis 25 Clausen, Marion R. 138,358 Cline, Russell W. 83,149 Coan, Richard W. 127 Cockrum, E. Lendell 155 Cohn, Harvey 121,127,149 Cole, Jack R. 135,154 Commissaris, Larry R. 149 Condit, Mabel Votaw 25 Conley, Eugene T. 113 Conrad, Frederick A. 150 Cook, John A. 112 Cook, Lillian M. 25 Cooper, Carl W. 138,361,385,369 Coopwood, William K. 138,391 Cote, Duane K. 112 Coulter, Esther B. 121 Coulter, Pearl P. 130 Cowan, Joseph L. 127 Cox, Mabel P. 90 Craig, Charlotte M. 123 Crowder, William W. 98 Crowell, Robert A. 358 Cuce, Tech Sgt. 140 Cuneo, William J. 252 Cunningham, John B. 133 - D - Dalleska, Fred W. 127 Dallrymple, Douglas 112 Damon, Paul E. 133 Damon, Robert A. 133 Danielson, Paul J. 98 Davis, Jack E. 123 Davis, Jefferson, C. 124 Davis, Richard N. 83 Davis, William C. 90,253 Day, Arden D. 84 Deal, Ralph E. 23 DeBoe, William C. 140 Deck, Staff Sgt. 140 DeLucia, Lawrence A. 90 Denier, Louis J. 133 Dennis, Robert E. 84 Denton, John H. 90 Deutschman, Archie J. 83 DeVore, Robert H. 127 Dial, Betty Ann 137 Diamos, George K. 127 Dickerson, Robert H. 165 Dietz, Virginia 25 Dimmick, Kenneth D. 114 Donohoe, James 158 Dotson, Jay C. 133 Downey, William G. 140,139 Draper, George E. 84 Drevdahl, Elmer R. 133 Drouet, Francis 84 Dudley, Daniel S. 149 - E - Edmond, Cla rence D. 84 Edwards, Clifford J. 23 Edwards, Richard M. 133 Egbert, Russell, J. 127 Eidmann, Jean B. 25 Ellis, Albert T. 84 Emile, Robert A. 113 Enke, Fred A. . 138,369,311,388 Ennett, Alfred 127 Erickson, Melvin C. 22,35 Escobedo, Margarita D. 123 Evenson, Adelaide E. 147 Evett, Arthur A. 124 Ewing, Russell C. 121,158 -F- F ain, Samuel S. 113,75 Farnum, Fay 127 Fazio, Steve 84 Ferguson, Charles W. 84,155,164 Ferris, Wayne R. 125 Fleming, John D. 83 Folkner, Joseph S. 112 Foltz, Jack O. 90 Fonken, David W. 84 Forgach, Margaret P. 149 Forrester, James D. 131,133 Foster, Joseph F. 127,149 Foster, William T. 90 Fox, Jim 381 Freeman, Barry N. 84 Freeman, Otis W. 90,164 Freiser, Henry 121,164 Freivald, Joseph A. 127 Frevert, Richard K. 83 Fritsche, Richard T. 127 Fruchtman, Efrim 113 Fuller, Dorothy V. A. 122 Fuller, Wallace H. 83,84,164 - G - Gaines, F. Pendleton 141 Gaines, Jack E. 107 Galbraith, Frederic W .. 132,133 Ganzel, Wayne A. 127 Gardner, Murray C. 133 Garner, M. Agnes 137,64,155 Garretson, Oliver K. 98 Gatewood, Elizabeth R .137 Gavlak, Emil Stephen 98 Gaynor, Alta I. 37 Gegenheimer, Albert F. 122 Geoffrion, Ann R. 165 Gerhardt, Paul D. 84 Gibbings, Frank Tom 138 Gibbs, June 87 Gibbs, Phyllis A. 149 Gifford, Gilbert L. 90 Gill, Arthur W. 107 Gill, Joseph 90,247 Gloyd, Howard K. 125 Goff, M Sgt. Paul 389,253 Gonzales, Manuel P. 123,163 Goodkin, Fanchette L. 130 Gorman, Shirley A. 137 Goss, Karl A. 127 Graesser, Roy F. 127 Granger, Byrd Howell 122 Grant, Arthur T. 23 Greenberg, S. Robert 122,149 Greene, Dennis I. 123 Greene, Guy S. 112 Grosh, Joseph W. 127 Grossman, Maurice K. 112 Gryting, Loyal A. T. 123,149,238,252 Guiney, Adeline R. 25 Gullberg, Susan J. 113 Gustavson, Reuben G. 78 - H - Haas, Gaylord R. 122 Haberland, John A. 98 Hall, Ruth C. 78,80,151 Hall, Thomas L. 358 Hambenne, Joseph R. 90 Hamilton, Keith C. 84,85 Hamilton, Louis P. 84 Hamilton, Marie P. 122,60,149 Hansma, Jack E. 98 Harbaugh, Charles W. 140 Hardisty, Donald M. 113,74 Harlan, J. Allen 90,149 Harris, Robert M. 144 Harris, William H. 98 Harshbarger, John W. 133 Hartsell, O. M. 113 Harvill, Richard A 170,174,184 Haskins, Tracy B. 23 Haury, Emil W. 126,121,25 Hausenbauer, Charles R. 107 Hawes, Donald B. 107 Heath, Robert W. 98 Heck, Gordon M. 112 Henderson, David A. 90,164 Hennessy, Bernard C. 249 Herber, Bernard P. 90 Herman, Virginia J. 25 Hertz, Lewis 27 Hessemer, Robert A. 107 Hibbs, Eithel L. 137 Higden, Monte 25 Higley, Lutie Lee 149 Hileman, Betty J. 137,396 Hillman, Jimmye S. 84 Hinds, Hubert B. 83 Hoenig, Stuart A. 107 Hoshaw, Robert W. 84,129,155 Houston, Robert L. 23 Howe, Van F. 138,361 Howell, Raymond 140 Hucker, Charles O. 158 Hudson, Philip G. 89,90,149 Huggins, Jack W. 122,149 Hulse, Frederick S. 126,248 Hultman, Phillip R. 112 Humphrey, Robert R. 84 Hunt, Jacob T. 98,149 Hupp, Margaret M. 137 Husted, Margaret L. 23 - I - Insalaco, George S. 127 Irmscher, William 122 Irwin, Tech Sgt. 140 - J - Jaffe, Gail Arda 114 James, Newton E. 127,25 Jensen Mildred R. 87 Johnson, Henry P. 113 Johnson, Marvin D. 24,183 Johnston, Thadeus C. 98,25 Jones, Charmayne (Mrs.) 24 Jorden, Roger M. 84 Joyce, Allen R. 107 Jungerheld, Warren S. 140 - K - Kaemlein, Wilma R. 25 Kalbach, Robert M. 124,165 Kauffman, Ralph C. 127,25 Kay, Arthur M. 122 Keener, Paul D. 84,164 Keller, Roy A. 78 Kelley, Vivtor H. 98,102 Kelley, William H. 126 Kelso, Maurice M. 84 Kemmerer, Arthur R. 83 Ketcham, Carl H. 122 Kidwell, Richard A. 90 Kiefer, H. Christian 122,60 Kight, Mary Ann 87 King, William H. 98 Kirk, Walter K. 150 Klaiss, Donald S. 90,150 Kircher, Henry W. 83 Klein, Raymond L. 98 Klenck, Michael M .165 Kline, Beatrice 87 Krumlauf, Harry E. 133 Kuhler, Harold D. 90 Kurnick, Allen A. 83,164 Kurtz, Edwin B. 84,149,164 Kuykendall, J. Richard 84 - L - Lacy, Willard C. 133 Lafferty, John E. 113 Lance, John F. 33 Lange, Carol 24 Langen, Herbert J. 89,90 Langford, Kathleen A. 127 Larsen, William E. 138 Larson, Bruce A. 371 Larson, Emil L. 98 LaRue, Jim.. 138,186,336,360,361 Latham, Donald C. 107 LaTorre, Victor R. 107 Lawton, William C. 90 Leatherman, Parthene J. 154 Le e, Jack K. 113,76,76 Lehman, Mary K. 127 Lenzner, Emil 106 Leon 140,389 Leonard, John W. 90,93 Lesher, C. Zaner 23 Letson, Robert J. 98 Lewis, Ralph A. 140 Lindsay, Venice M. 23 Linta, Edward 138 Little, Sidney W. 11,112 Littler, Charles A. 112 Livermore, Shaw . 88,89,90,149 Loftfield, Rosa Lee 127 Lootens, Virginia L. 113 Lotzenhiser, George W. 113 Loveday, Paul N. 90 Lowe, Charles H. 125 Lowry, Jay 138 Luffoon, Frank D. 127 Luz, Babbette 123,149 Lyons, John D. 116 -M- MacCready, Paul E. 114 Macdonald, Alice T. 24 MacEwan, Alan M 84 Mackaben, Eugene H. 112 MacKinnon, William J 127 Magness, Charles L. 138,358 Magoun, Creighton F. 98 Mahar, Pauline M. 126,248 Maier, Robert H. 84,164 Mall, David J. 114,79 Marciniak, Ronald J. 138,361 Markland, Ben C. 114 Marks, Lorna 25 Marquart, Dorothy I. 127 Marroney, Peter R. 113 Marshall, Joe T. 125,164 Marshall, Robert H. 90 Martin, James C. 25 Martin, Thomas L. 105 Mason, Charles T. 84 Mason, Katherine M. 130 Massengale, Martin A. . 84,149 Matts M Sgt. 140 Mattingly, Alethea S. 114 Mattingly, Allan W. 23 Mayo, Evans B. 133 McAlister, Dean F 84 McBride, Robert G. 113 McCann, Lloyd E. 98 McCarthy, Patrick J. 47 McCauley, William J. 125 McClelland, Joseph H. 84 McCleneghan, Thomas J. 90 McClure, Miriam J. 154 McComb, Andrew L. 83,84 McCoy, Leahmae 90,149 McCuish, Anna M. 25 McCullough, Edgar J. 133 McGlothlin, Jo Ann 24 McKale, James F. 184 McKinley, James F. 140,139 McLaughlin, Philip B. 138,358 McNiece, Gerald M. 122 Mead, Albert R. 125,121,164 Meadow, Arnold 127 Mees, Quintin M. 107 Melton, Mark A. 133 Merriam, Kemper W. 90 Merritt, Curtis B. 97,98 Mesick, Benjamin S. 107 Metcalfe, Darrel S. 83 Middleton, Edward D. 140,389 Milks, Donald E. 107 Miller, Donna Mae 137,391 Miller, Frank B. 98 Miller, Halsey W. 133 Mitcham, Thomas W. 133 Moran, Leo J. 84 Morgan, Florence H. 122 Morgan, Howard E. 90 Morris, Thomas M. 132,133 Muir, A. Laurence 122 Mulligan, Raymond A. 89,90,150 Munn, Harvey T. 107 Muramoto, Hiroshi 84 Murphy, Daniel J. 133,132 Murphy, James M. 159 Murphy, Kenneth R. 23 Myers, Harold E. 82 Myers, Louis A. 89,90,149,358 - N - Nabours, Robert E. 107 Natonek, Anne G. 137 Nering, Evar D. 127 Nielsen, Gordon L. 90 Nordby, Gene M. 106 Noyes, Roy B. 107 Nugent, Robert L. 20,35,149 Nutting, William L. 164,250 - O - Oesterling Lewis K. 107 Officer, James E. 90,150 Olson, Harry J. 133 Oppermann, Frederick W. 123 Osta, Emilio 113 Oswald, J. Gregory 158 Ott, Charles H. 138,387 Ough, Marguerite E. 113 - P - Padfield, Harland I. 122 Pahnish, O. Floyd 164 Patrick, David L. 20 Patterson, J. W. 114,155,79 Pavlich, Mary C. 137,396 Pavlovich, Martha S. 125 Paxton, Douglas C. 23 Paylore, Patricia P. 25 Percy, Garnet D. 121 Phelps, John S. 107 Phillips, Walter S. 83,84,164 Picard, Joseph L. 138,358 Picchioni, Albert L. 135,154 Pierce, James P. 123 Pilgrim, Mary 137,35,155 Pistor, William J. 83,358 Pou, John W. 83 Powell, Desmond S. 122,121,149 Powell, Donald M. 25 Powell, Eva G. 25 Pressley, Elias H. 83,84 Price, Marjorie Ann 137 - Q - Quinn, Robert M. 112 Quirk, W. 90 - R - Raica, Nicholas 84,164 Ramage, Robert T. 84 Ramsey, Robert W. 122 Ratajczak, Helen M. 83 Ray, Howard E. 84,149 Reading, William H. 107 Rebeil, Julia M. 113 Rebillot, Jeanette M. 154 Reed, Raymond E. 146 Reinke, Arthur G. 122 Reynolds, John J. 123,149 Rhodes, Herbert D. 115 Rhodes, J. Melvin 98 Roberts, Edward N. 107 Roberts, Lathrop E. 149 Robinson, Cecil 122 Robson, John W. 124,165 Roby, Fred B., Jr. 138,390 Rodier, Joanne R. 130 Rodzen, Roger L. 36,37 Rogers, Willard L. 107 Rollins, Franklin D. 83 Roney, James N. 84 Roos, Nestor R. 90 Rosaldo, Renato I. 121,123 Rose, Judith 127 Rosenberg, Charles I. 123 Roseveare, George H .133 Ross, Andrew W. 107 Rowden Jake R. 138,361 Rowen, Robert B. 90 Roy, Francis A. 120,121 Rubis, David D. 84 Rush, Andrew W. 112 Ryan, Patrick Martin, Jr. 113 - S - Saltus, Elinor C. 98 Sammarco, Anita K. 113 Sancet, Frank 138,375 Sayles, Edwin B. 25 Schappaugh, George H. 140 Schmidt, Andrew B. 90,149 Schmitz, Frederick J. 123 Schmucker, Arnold A. 140 Schonhorst, Melvin H. 84 Schreiber, Joseph F. 133 Schulman, Alsie F. 122 Schwalen, Harold C. 83,84 Scott, James P. 112 Seif, Morton P. 122 Sellars, Laura E. 25 Senob, Alice M. 122 Shapley, Charles S. 123 Sharp, Anna Mae 113 Shaver, Harry N. 107 Shirey, Warren W. 147,23 Shogren, Kathleen M. 114 Shoults, Sanford W. 90 Shutt, Darold L. 22 Siebecker, Dorothy F. 25 Siegel, Albert 83,146,164 Simley, Ole A. 127 Simonian, Vartkes H. 135,162,164 Simons, Bernard W. 125 Simpson, Jay A. 127 Sink, Whitten E. 140 Slater, John V. 125 Slaughter, Eldred G. 127 Slonaker, A. Louis 22,35 Smith, Alden C. 114 Smith, Frieda L. 130 Smith, Howard V. 84,149,164 Smith, Hugh H. 125 Smith, Sigmud L. 133 Smith, William H. 24 Snyder, Richard G. 138 Soltys, Frank W. 138,358 Sorensen, Gladys E. 130 Souden, James G. 112 Sowls, Lyle K. 125 Sparks, George F. 114 Sparks, Joseph F. 90 Spogen, Leo R. 107 Stanfield, Alice B. 83,164 Stanley, Ernest B. 164 Steelink, Cornelius 164 Stewart, Harry E. 107 Stone, Robert C. 90 Stone, William R. 23 Streets, Rubert B. 83,103,84,149 Streets, Rubert R. Jr. 164 Strickler, Glen W. 149 Stubbs, Frederick L. 133 Summerfield, Aletta O. 24 Summers, Richard A. 72 Svob, Robert S. 138,358 Sypherd, Paul S. 115 Syverson, Genevieve B. 98 - T - Tadano, Betty 127 Tanner, Clara Lee 126 Tatum, Roy A. 138,361,388 Taylor, Bruce R. 83 Tellez, Angel H. 127 Theiss, John B. 107 Thierman, Elmer M. 90 Thomas, Edward 138 Thompson, Ethel M. 87,151,164 Thompson, Raymond H. 126,149 Thomson, Quentin R. 107 Thrift, Inez 149 Tobiason, Myra V. 130 Tocci, Vincent R. 140 Toland, Florence W. 90 Toma, Peter A. 252 Trautman, Robert J. 83 Treat, Jay, Jr. 124,165 Tribolet, Charles S. 35,24,30 Trimble, John B. 23 Tucker, Henry 84 Tucker, Thomas C. 84 Turner, Fred, Jr. 84,164 Tuttle, Donald M. 84 - U - Uhl, Kenneth P. 90 Ulrich, Richard D. 107 - V - Van Arsdell, Wm. J. 83,257,249 Van Sant, W. Ralph 83 Varney, Bill 37,36,35,181 Voight, Robert L. 164 Vosskuhler, Max P. 23,149 - W - Waggoner, Catherine C 35,25 Wagle, Robert F. 84 Wait, John V .107 Walker, Robert L. 107,153 Wallace, Edmund T. 138 Wallraff, Charles F. 127,149 Wangsness, Roald K. 124 Waugh, Robert E. 90 Weaver, Albert B. . 124,165,164 Webb, Donald L. 127 Welchert, William T. 84 Wellborn, Cecil W. 25 Wene, George P. 84 Werner, Floyd G. 84 Wertman, Kenneth F. . 125,121 Wetzler, Wilson F. 98 White, Donald H. 132,133 Whitham, David W. 84 Wiersma, Frank 84 Wild, Roy E. 127 Wilkie, Edward H. 140,162 Wilkinson, Jimmy E. 140 Williams, Samuel W. 112 Wilmot, Charles A. 84 Wilson, A. W 90,149,164,248 Wilson, David G. 84 Wilson, Jean L. .39,35,22 Windsor, David L. 23,149 Winger, Roy M. 127 Wold, R. R. 123,163 Woloshin, David J. 123 Wood, Elwin G. 149 Wood, Mary Adele 87 Wortman, Robert L. 109 Woyak, Vivian I. 123 Wright, Neal 84 Wyckoff, Ralph W. G. 125 Wymore, A. Wayne 106 Wynn, Ruth E. 137 -Y- Yall, Irving 125 Yoakum, Edwin D. 140 Yoshino, I. Roger 90,150 Yuhas, George F. 138 -Z- Zagona, Salvatore V. 127 Zapotocky, Joseph A. 135,154,164 Zerger, Theodore 127 STUDENT INDEX - A - Aaron, Gene 41,248 Aaronson, Lewis 244 Abbey, James Manning . 117,159 Abbott, Charles 244 Abbott, Philip W. 98 Abbott, Robert L. 346 Abrams, Allan M. 348 Abromovitz, Merle J. 290,238,257 Acedo, Marta L. 266 Acedo Robert J. 243 Ackley, Mary P. 188 Acuna, Augustine R. 381 Adair, Judy 257 Adams, Charles E. 89,150 Adams, Frank S. 140,162 Adams, M. Victria 243 Adams, Ralph O. 385 Adams, William I. 324 Addenbrooke, Nancy 98,304 Adler, Robert A. 348 Agin, Dave 244,383 Agnew, Robert A. 336 Agnew, Rogerta A. 302,257 Agrinier, Pierre 248 Agren, Linda Mary 288 Aguilar, Gerardo M. 89 Aguirre, Rowene E. 300 Ahuero, Joe, Jr. 272,282,252 Aiello, James A. 322 Ajeman, Matthew 152 Alabrand, Tom 175 Albinson, William H. 61,65 Albrecht, Edward D. 247,163 Alcumbrac, Robert S. 324 Alderson, Jay G., Jr. 65,30,32,320 Aldrich, Helen M. 300,284 Aldrich, Linda 268 Aldridge, Jesse C. 140,162 Alessio, Dominick 328 Alex, Larry D .259 Alexander, Angris L. 383 Alexander, Fred D. 271 Alexander, Judith A. 288 Alexander, Roger H .271,334 Alexander, Vern L. 274,369 Alford, Samuel C. 346 Algert, Norman E. 154,157,159 Ali Izaddin 132,259 Alibrandi, Thomas C. 341 Alker, Hollie J . 292,265 Alla Gabo Moussa A. 259 Allebrand, Patti A. 397 Allegretti, Richard 121,342-3 Allen, John R. 314 Allen, Kenneth A. 156 Allen, May 245 Allen, Mary C. 121,288 Allen, Maxie Wm. 140 Allen, Merle M., Jr. 117 Allen, Ruth 251 Allen, Pamela J. 300,270 Allen, Rick 336 Allen, William A. 387 Alley, Gordon T. 36,58,35,30,181,172,336,52,254 Allison, Leona M. 250,252 Allison, Wm. Leon 341 Almada, Ismael A. 156 Almand, George Wm. 326 Alquist, Jon W. 320,154,165 Alsever, John D. 318 Alstrin, Susan G. 98 Alvin, Kruse 257 Aly, Don 265 Amado, Ben G. 89 Amado, Henry G. 89,150,243 Amaya, Abel C. 163 Ambrose, Rae 270 Ambrose, Nancy E. 306 Ambler, Richard 248 Ammon, David Stanton 242 Ammon, Pauline R 257 Amthor, Mary E. 258 Ampura, Mary 243 Andara, Jose L. 243 Anderson, Allan G. 106,152,165,324,313 Anderson, Carl J. 245,165 Anderson, Edward Leo 100 Anderson, Eleanor C 112,53,306 Anderson, Fred R. 74 Anderson, Henry D. 321 Anderson, Howard Wm. 242 Anderson, John M. 277 Anderson, Judith L. 257,300 Anderson, La Donna M. 36,62,180,172,305 Anderson, Linda Lea 292 Anderson, Sally 302 Anderson, Sandra J. 98,306,220,219 Anderson, Stuart Lee 250 Anderson, Susan W. 264 Anderson, Terryl E. 74 Anderson, Thomas A. 245 Anderson, Wayne A. 261 Andrade, Vincent 271,252 Andres, Edward H. 155,254,340 Andrews, Mattie Lou 62,302 Andrews, Patricia L. 98 Andrews, Paul W. 121,352 Angell, Robert David 89,336 Archbald, Gregory 121 Archer, Frances N. 304 Archuleta, Wm. Max 352 Areingdale, David L. 322 Arino, Frederica 64,294 Armstrong, John M. 250,346 Arnold, John W. 324 Austin, Alan 241 Arvizu, Armando M. 274 Asaro, Gloria Ann 300 Ash, Joyce L. ..302 Asher, Jean 42,269 Askins, Barbara R .302 Ashley, Francis R. 165 Ashley, Howard T. 277 Ashton, Harold W. 346,314 Aspinwall, Lynn 70 Assmar, Richard L .330,313 Atkinson, Julia A. 43 Atwood, Don Warner 278 Atwood , James Wm. 89,334 Aucuna, Augie 321 Augustine, William J .117 Ault, Gerry E. 249,154,313 Austin, Diane 308 Avedon, Patricia R .392 Auiles, Hirlinda 163 Awameleh, Fahed Said 259 Axelrod, Robert N. 117 Ayala, Frank, Jr. 98 Ayres, John Meyer 121,340 Azelton, Philip W. 74 Azimi, Azim I. 152 - B - Baacke, Bruce B. 346 Babala, Steve 79 Babcock, Richard N. 330 Babel, Nancy L. 41,308,223 Bachelier, Luis 375 Bachtel, Warren 41,315 Backman, Nancy C. 302 Backus, Peter G. 314 Backus, Richard R. 84 Bacon, Deborah Jean 264,308 Badger, David A. 109,106,153,167 Badger, Linda 302 Baer, Patricia. A. 288 Baer, Rosalyn S. 43,263 Baher, Carol Jean 39,98 Bahm, Raymond John 255 Bailey, Jean L. 302 Bailey, Linda M. 300,270 Bailey, Louella M. 297 Bailey, Nancy A. 334 Bailey, Wanda L. 304 Baines, Carolyn S. 294,270 Baird, Charles R. 341 Baker, John Roland 275,328 Baker, Larry K. 165 Baker, Mary L. 98 Baker, Richard H. 117 Baker, Roy Wilson 322 Bakhit, Bassam 259 Balaban, Barbara Ann 290,220,398,266 Balaban, Nancy G 297,220 Balaban, Susan M. 41,297,266 Baldock, Bobby Ray 117,321 Baldwin, Anthony J. 342-3 Baldwin, David G. 98,324,53 Baldwin, Helen V. 292,267 Baldwin, Margie L. 98,300,162 Balich, Nicholas S. 89,361,342-3 Baral, Evelyn F. 238,240,263 Baran, Celeste Marie 257 Barbee, Joe Ed 355 Barber, Bette Jo 304 Barber, M. James 106,109,155,165 Barber, Sue C. 294 Barchas, Judith D. 257 Barclay, Ralph D. 341 Barie, Sally 39 Barizon, Peter P. 384,386 Barker, Elizabeth A. 288 Barker, Jesus A. 45 Barker, Laurence E. 342-3 Barker, Robert C. 324 Barnes, Carolyn 270 Barnes, Edna B. 243 Barnes, Helen R. 98,267 Barnes, Harold F. 121,352 Barnes, Muriel 304,266,265 Barnes, Robley J. 140 Barney, Glenn 245 Barnhard, Phillip L. 273,280,350 Barnhill, K. 163 Barnhill, Larry P. 106,162,336 Barnhill, Robert M. 250 Baron, Edward M. 322 Baroudi, Munther 259 Barr, Amanda A. 64,34,398 Barr, George E. 153 Barraclough, Bill L. 314,334,375 Barrett, Virginia M. 249,399 Barrie, Marjorie J. 39,62,306,50,207 Barringer, John L. 245 Barrow, Jerry R. 152 Barthels, Gwynne E. 42,302 Bartholomew, Richard 244 Bartlett, Elizabeth 288 Bartlett, Helen F. 98,304,284 Bartlett, Rebecca 257 Bartlett, Neal 166 Barton, John H. 350 Barton, Sharon 262 Bartylla, Edmund F. 89,321 Bascom, Barbara G. 41,298,286 Basehore, Carl J. 121,318 Bash, Letitia, J. 298 Bassam, Bakhit 259 Bartlett, Neal 166 Bascom, Barbara G. 41,398,286 Bassin, Stanley L. 348 Bastis, Francis R. 319 Basyle, William 258,350 Bateman, Ronald G. 257 Bates, Richard D. 106,132,244,167,152,163,165 Battista, Frank J. 369,361 Baty, Beverly Aileen 257 Baumann, Karen L. 268,270 Bayless, Martha N. 265,398,308 Beaham, Thomas G. 83,249,334 Bean, Rebecca 296,399 Bean, Richard F. 315 Beantiey, Margoret 269 Bearge, Ruth 261 Beattie, Arthur 161 Beatty, Paula C. 302,262 Beaufeaux, Richard 42,243 Beaver, Bill 328 Beck, Buddy 247 Beck, George L. 255 Beck, Richard L. 334 Beck, Thomas M. 121,334 Becker, Burton E. 348 Becker, Charles M. 121,394,320,313 Becker, Nancy A. 286,241 Beckman, Curt F. 342 Beddo, Kay G. 66,268 Bedo, Janet L. 154,156 Bedo, Joy Ann 161,398,252,121 Beebe, Kathryn F. 288 Beebe, Richard G. 44,89,35,355,244 Bee, Marilyn 241 Bedo, Kay 268 Behall, Alan L. 338 Beirne, Paul F. 274 Belfeld, Linda J. 39,297 Bell, Bill 249 Bell, George G. 322 Bell, James R. 318 Bell, Jane A. 43,298 Bell, Thomas D. 346 Belles, John 324 Bellinger, Nancy C. 300 Belman, Arthur B. 350 Bene, Robert William 332,313 Bennett, Archie R. 84 Bennett, Donna 245 Bennett, Darrell F. 279 Bennett, Gage 304 Bennett, Gary L. 257,353,166 Bennett, Ivan R. 350 Bennett, Ladine 166 Bennett, Michael D. 140,112,156 Bennett, Ronald V. 160,240,383 Bennett, Don 156 Bennett, Sandra D. 298,266 Bennett, William A. 273,280 Benson, Judy 399 Benson, John Paul 148,65,285,162,318,53 Benson, Marlin W. 106 Benson, Richard U. 318 Benter, Dean E., Jr. 328 Bentley, Stephen C. 85,254 Benton, Robert T. 318 Berburger, Kiroid 322 Berge, Brent C. 342 Berger, Moise E. 159 Berger, Robert E. 121 Bergey, Michael A. 326 Berglind, David G. 346,322 Bergquist, Kirsten M. 292 Bergquist, Robert E. 121 Bergstrom, Anne 267 Bergstrom, Charles A. 43,336 Bergthold, Gordon 375 Berk, Lois I. 290 Berke, Dick 276 Berkenkamp, Catherin 38,308 Bermudez, Frances H. 252 Bernstein, Barry A. .43,348,381 Berquist, Bob 336 Berresford, Thomas E. 58,140,89,30,150,162,53 Berry, Andrew J. 152,330 Berry, Cus 225 Berry, James C. 89 Berry, Scott I. 328 Berry, Tilyan 296 Berryhill, Robert T. 334 Bess, John C. 112,318 Besser, Richard I. 278 Bettman, Mary C. 397 Betts, Lawrence F. 29,31,61,65,30,172,342,207 Bienert, Carl W. 339 Biggs, Edward 245 Bignert, Carl 314 Billings, Richard B. 244,355 Binaski, John P. 326 Bingham, Helen J. 294 Bingman, Steven A. 43,330 Birch, George E. 278 Birch, Terrance A. 327 Bird, Carl A. 369 Bird, Grant A. 159 Bi rkemeyer, Charles 248 Bishop, Elby D. 330 Bishop, Gerald Lee 257 Bishop, Wallace B. 334 Bissell, Barbikay B. 162 Bissell, Sue Ann 298,397 Bissen, Teresa M. 121 Bivens, Carl Scott 326,313 Bixler, Linda L. 42,151 Blackman, Garnet M. 257 Blain, Erskine 330 Blake, Leslie D. 290 Blakely, Lynne J. 300 Blakely, Sharon W. 98 Blakesley, Sam R. 155 Blanchard, Jack W. 352 Blanton, Basel H. 89,156,253 Blanton, Warren 253 Blazman, Larry 275 Bledsoe, Carol J. 306 Bleich, Clifford G. 117,159 Bleich, Eleanor E. 98 Bleich, Richard N. 135,157,159 Blitt, Casey David 348 Blocher, Walter H. 346 Block, Barbara 290 Bloemke, Duane T. 41,328 Blom, Benjamin L. 341 Blottke, Ted 79 Blumberg, Philip J. 350 Blumenthal, Morris C. 140,121,152,342,243 Bobbish, Juanita M. 300 Bobrow, Allen S. 273 Bodenhamer, Lee C. 106,167 Bodenhamer, William 106,31 Boehme, Gretchen A. 306 Boerrer, Dave 280 Bogen, Mitchell A. 244,249 Bogert, Denni F. 257,263 Bogue, Beverley 90 Boileau, Linda Ann 292 Boileau, Sharon L. 292 Boldy, Roger 253 Boldy, Roger C. 89,324 Bolerjack, Bill Lee 156 Bollinger, Edward H. 90 Bollweg, Henry III 346 Bologna, Bob 106 Bombel, George A. .42,273,280 Bommer, Gene A. 333 Bonham, Carol J 64,284,285,51 Bonnickson, Mary K. 64,304,232 Bonnyman, Alexander 258 Bonus, Dolores V. 219,220,359 Boody, Emily 164 Boone, Sandra J. 42,300 Boonstra, Sandra M. 399,249 Borcherdt, Frederick 340 Bordeaux, Diana L. 270,261 Borrowski, Thomas M. 333,314 Borree, Judith 288 Bostwick, Beth Ann 296 Botkin, Carole Gay 74,262 Botts, Goonie 330 Boucher, Mary Ella 257,270 Bouschor, Barbara L. 39 Bouton, Gary Lee 342 Bowen, Ted B. 63,51,330 Bowers, Carl Allen 152,318 Bowker, Brenda A. 155,302 Bowman, Dave 257 Bow Woo, Wilson 162,154,157 Boyd, Carolyn Lee 308 Boyd, Diane E. 112,292,223 Boyd, Nancy 296 Boyer, Charles G. 160 Boyton, John E. 250,154 Boyum, Judy 62,98,294,226,359 Braatz, Robert W. 152 Bradbury, Wm. Scott 373,336 Bradford, Michael E. 318 Bradley, Edward Ray 106,326 Bradley, Stephen P. 274,369 Bradner, John Jr. 255 Bradshaw, Thomas H. 275,388 Brady, Batey 251 Brady, Raymond L. 326 Brahman, Pat 166 Braman, Patricia M. 41,288 Bramhall, Peter I. 352 Brand, Gerald S. 244 Brand, Marilyn L. 99,298 Brandenberger, Robert L. 140,132,163,318,250 Brandenburg, Stanley 341 Brandes, Raymond S. 158 Branham, Jo Ann 308 Branin, Loyd R. 132,332 Braude, Marilyn S. 270 Bray, David B. 318 Bray, Judith Ann 286 Breese, Richard R. 255 Breger, Lucy C. 121 Breininger, Robert L. 90,156 Brell, Ned 43 Breukelman, Peter J. 259 Brewer, Elaine 334,245 Brewer, Dean 157 Brice, Calvin N. 159 Bridges, John David 161,165 Brierly, John F. 99 Briggs, Ronald Lee 313 Briggs, Suzanne 302 Brightman, Constrance 302 Brimmell, John F. 63,334 Bringhurst Lynne P. 59,64,151,306,398 Brinig, Joseph K., Jr. 159 Brinlee, Don Norris 271 Briscoe, Bill 156 Briscoe, James W. 275,156,328,339 Briscoe, Nancy C. 302 Britt, Edw Joseph 275 Brittain, Gary Dale 322 Brod, David 244 Broder, Sheldon A. 150 Broekema, Dirk Jr. 90,336 Bromley, Sara A. 257 Bronson, Carol M. 268 Brookhart, Theodore 334 Brooks, Beverly A. 255 Brooks, Edwin E., Jr. 322 Brooks, John 161,252 Broomfield, Robert C. 159 Brophy, Elizabeth A. 87,304 Broterton, William 342 Brough, Janet E. 99,296,161 Brown, Barbara J. 90,253,296 Brown, Carlton E. 321,314 Brown, Craig Banta 389 Brown, Donna Pat 306 Brown, Douglas Chas. 334,392 Brown, Gail Diane 302 Brown, James Emery 150,334 Brown, James W. 42 Brown, Jim 140 Brown, Jo Anne Poe 43,262 Brown, Karen Ann 99,302 Brown, Lenard E. 158 Brown, Linda 304,288 Brown, Marion Ray 152,154,245 Brown, Patrick L. 274,359,361 Brown, Peter H. 346 Brown, Robert H. 99,275 Brown, Ronald Lee 106,250 Brownfield, Diana 300 Browning, Ronald Joe 326 Browning, Thomas H. 275 Browning, William D. 117 Brubaker, Donna J. 268,267,252 Brubaker, Hank 336 Bruce, Gary Lee 346 Bruce, Susan L. 258,304 Brucker, Chad H. 122,328,252 Bruckschen, Beverly 293 Brush, James D. 32,326 Bryan, Thomas A. 318 Bryant, Linda Louise 298 Bryant, Sandra N. 257,249,270 Bryfogle, Roy Chas 244 Bryson, Nancy W. 300 Bryson, Quentin A. 334 Bubala, Joseph E. 375 Buchanan, Bee 98,302 Buchanan, Charles W. 43,338 Buchanan, Robert B. 159 Buckingham, Nancy A. 300 Buckley, Edward R. 328 Buckwalter, Sue 294 Buehl, Nancy K. 288 Buehl, William A. 112 Bulkeley, Joe 257 Bulley, Brian 337 Bunch, James R. 160 Bunker, James F. 243 Bunn, Thomas M., Jr. 314 Burbank, Russell 332 Burdett, Patricia A. 300,188 Burger, Tamara J. 70 Burgett, Elizabeth A. 243,267 Burgett, George S. 342 Burgey, Mike 277 Burggraaf, Cornelia 42,307 Burk, Diana S. 151,308,50,252 Burk, Donald Wayne 321 Burk, Robert M. 242,337 Burke, Barbara Sue 290 Burke, James Ray 247,383 Burke, Brenda 257 Burke, Sharon 334 Burkhart, Bruce W. 327 Burkheimer, Bill 277 Burkman, Elizabeth L. 302,251 Burks, Nancylee 154 Burleson, Lou R., Jr. 255 Burnett, Earl Edwin 279 Burnham, David M. 328 Burns, David E. 348 Burns, Jack Patton 153,244 Burr, Milton E., Jr. 274 Burr, Waldon Rollin 338 Burr, Walter Eldo 330 Burris, Grace Mary 249 Burtless, Lewis G. 280 Burton, Herbert O. 106,322 Burton, Lee Handley 337 Burton, Margaret L. 64,308 Burton, Nancy L. 64,308 Burton, Sylvia H. 99,304,162 Busby, Nancy L. 334 Bush, Joyce Diane 294,270 Bush, Robert R. 90,150 Bussard, Sandra Sue 286 Bustamante, Rudy 154 Buterbaugh, Gretchen 112,34,155,298 Buthod, Geraldine H. 257 Butler, Bruce Wm. 245 Butler, Carolyn T. 300 Butler, John D. 327 Butler, Nelson 337 Buttke, David E. 106 Butterfield, Sandy 243 Butts, John H. 334 Buwen, James F. 278 Byran, Diane G. 257 Byrne, Harold J. 90 Byron, Joan D. 232 Byrum, Mary P. 306 -C- Cabat, George Alan 313,315 Cadinha, Harlan J. 342 Cagalj, Mitchell J. 328 Cagnier, Theodore 320 Cahlan, J. Forest 117,159 Calderon, Michael 276 Caldwell, Hugh M. 122,334 Caldwell, Richard L. 330 Calerie, Chris 270 Cali, Lawrence A. 337,359 Callender, Nancy L. 288 Calmelat, Richard C. 381 Calvin, Christine 243 Calvin, James F., Jr. 83,84,154,328 Cameron, Donna L. 294 Cameron, Roy E 155,160 Campbell, Barrie M. 346 Campbell, Clarence 140 Campbell, Clarence, 122 Campbell, Dan H. 90,328 Campbell, Donald R. 389 Campbell, Doug 389 Campbell, George L. 322 Campbell, James K. 334 Campbell, Marcia G. 99,294 Campbell, Robert D. 342 Campbell, Roy E., Jr. 112,156 Campbell, Sandra J. 292,267 Campbell, William S. 248 Campo, John J. 159 Campo, Mary L. 180 Canigba, Jerry 432 Cannon, Wm. 280,273 Cannon, Richard M. 337 Canwan, Vie 257 Caparella, Theresa L. 70,71 Capin, Lois Hariet 290 Cappello, Nicholas R. 277 Caraco, Peggy Merle 268 Card, Michael S. 333 Carey, David A. 140,318 Carlberg, Alex 99 Carleton, Susan R. 244 Carlson, Clarence J. 117 Carlson, Jerry 337 Carlson, Karin Ann 292,270 Carlson, Robert L. 106,318 Carmona, Salvador A. 277 Carner, Charlesc L. 90,328 Carnevale, Jessie B. 115 Carney, Charles D. 277,254 Carney, John T., Jr. 369 Carnivale, Frank J. 150 Carpenter, De Lane C. 156 Carpenter, Emily H. 66,312 Carpenter, Myron Boyd 338 Carpenter, Roberta 122,306 Carr, James R. 63,377 Carr, John Neil 248 Carr, William E. 250 Carraro, Leo A. 389 Carraway, William D. 342 Carrell, Stevean W. 276 Carrillo, Bert Bono 163,318 Carreras, Michael J. 324 Carrillo, Diane M. 399 Carrillo, Herman D. 384,386 Carrillo, Irene D. 308 Carrillo, James O. 247 Carroll, James R. 324,355 Carroll, Joseph S. 366,361 Carroll, Thomas B. 319 Carruth, James C. 321 Carruth, Susan W. 298,74 Carson, Leigh 159 Carson, Sherald Kay 300,241 Carter, Andrew P. 346 Carter, Caryl Jayne 288 Carter, Russell B. 280,273 Cartin, Jerry Allen 350 Cartmell, Sandra Lee 262,288 Cartmill, Mary K. 66,99,259,241,270 Casady, Bruce E. 106,152 Casanova, Angela I. 99,163,269 Casavantes, Edward J. 166 Case, Leland A. 352 Case, William F. 156 Cason, Barbara Lee 155,263,396,389 Cassell, William M. 342 Cassidy, Stewart 122,340 Ca stleton, Ann 36,53,60,99,294,162,172,216 Castro, Robert N. 333 Catherall, Mitchel H. 165 Catlin, S. Petite 33,306,252 Cavner, Paul 241 Cavness, Wm. Thomas 319 Cavansa, Wm. 319 Cayce, Forster S. 389,321 Ceizyk, James A. 243 Celli, Thomas M. 375 Cervantes, Manuel J. 106,352 Cervenka, Richard A. 165 Cerwin, Joyce C. 268 Cessor, Jerry Lee 106,328 Chadwick, Lionel 247 Chadwick, Louise B. 292,284 Chaitlen, Lois M. 290,233 Chambers, David E. 90,324 Chambers, Herb 389 Chambers, Melville B. 271 Chambers, Susan 251 Chan, Paul 122 Chandler, Jane A. 304,263 Chandler, John E. 280,154,157,159 Chapman, Dona M. 99,396,399 Chapman, Gary A. 122,162 Chapman, Harry D. 369 Chapman, Wayne A. 70,71,337 Chappel, James Reid 161,150 Charles, Robert F. 248 Chase, Elizabeth Ann 297,245,251 Chery, Allen W. 242 Chery, Donald L., Jr. 153 Chesness, Kathryn E. 87,262 Chevy, Donald 165 Chewning, Lucile A. 294,398 Chiate, Gary Alan 348 Chiboucas, Charles M. 277,250 Childs, Frederick C. 93,328,271 Childs, Richard F. 136,160 Chin, Lucy Veronica 90 Chiles, Susan D. 40,33,99,228,308 Chinworth, William C. 140,156,162 Chitwood, Ralph L. 318 Choisser, John P. 330 Choisser, Mar cia D. 87,304 Cholakian, Archie 324 Chosid, Paul Tann 348 Chrisco, Larry J. 353 Christensen, Connie 155,268,261,253 Christensen, Wm. John 361 Christenson, Cathy C. 262 Christie, Holly 306 Christman, Gary 277 Christofk, Robert R. 330,250 Chunn, Susanne 266 Chuppa, Paul A. 33,150,313 Churchill, Gordon S. 90 Churchman, Allison C. 269,244 Ciaccio, Joseph W. 91,149 Ciezyks, Jim 276 Circardi, Bruce 334 Cislaghi, Daniel 106,132 Citron, Marilyn B. 60,99,34,161,52 Citron, Mark B. 161 Clack, Patricia A. 76,399 Clampitt, Stuart M. 330 Clank, Bob 257 Clark, Aven Louise 62,286 Clark, Carol Jean 257 Clark, Darell F. 247 Clark, Douglas H., Jr. 334,313 Clark, Frances C. 122 Clark, Glee E. 99,294,398 Clark, James L. 247 Clark, Laurence P. 346 Clark, Louise Ellen 292 Clark, Marilyn J. 294 Clark, Patrick Ed 257 Clark, Sandra S. 300 Clark, Sherry A. 238 Clark, Terry Eugene 296,346,166 Clark, Pat 268 Clark, Sandy 63 Clark, Wilma Lee 297 Clarke, Daniel W. 257 Clarke, Frederick D. 308 Clarke, Mark S. 375 Clarno, Leslie A. 300,263 Classer, Marc 319 Claus, Charles F. 321,387 Clausen, Marc E. 319,255 Clausen, Monte C. 373,337 Clawson, Lynn Gay 99 Clayton, Nancy A. 42,284,398,231 Clements, Robert C. 61,62,41,33,342 Clemow, Patricia L. 257 Cleveland, Barbara L. Cleveland, Benjamin 346 Clevenger, Sara L. 51,306 Clikeman, Peter A. 324 Cline, Barry B. 91 Cline, R. W 152 Cline, Sally E. 39,42,64,298 Clingerman, Kendall 167 Clister, Thomas H., Jr. 352 Clopton, Linda 99 Clothier, Judith A. 29,31,62,30,302,172 Clouser, Wayne H. 89,91,150,247,249 Clovis, George M. 389,250 Cluff, Raydenne 245 Coady, Diana Jean 302 Coco, Anthony J. 106,165 Coddington, Stewart 352 Coffey, Robert M. 150,249 Coffman, John Hal 91,256,342 Cohen, David R. 65,122,350,359 Cohon, Melvin L. 350,257 Cohen, Victor James 247,348 Colangelo, Arthur R. Colbert, Catherine L. 99 Cole, Carl Anthony 255 Cole, Jr. 157 Cole, Joe C. 45 Cole, J. R. 157 Cole, Joyce M. 42,288 Cole, Janet 243 Cole, Lu Anne 334 Cole, Margorie 263 Cole, Ronald E. 280,339,273 Coleman, Robt Wm. 334 Coleman, Sandra 122,291,166 Collette, William 152,334 Colletti, Victor J. 157,71,167 Collier, Donald W. 41,154,156,271,273,280 Collins, Donald J. 160 Collins, Jack D. 313,327 Collins, Nancy R. 298 Collins, William E. 152 Collor, Robin 302,262 Collyer, John H. 334 Combs, Cynthia J. 306 Comora, Mace Stuart 274 Concannon, Terry 328 Compton, Nancy L. 294 Conaway, George E. 91 Condos, Charles T. 330 Conlisk, Lester C. 346 Conn, Norman M. 157 Conn, Phoebe Jane 286 Connelly, Constance 302 Conner, James J. 346 Conner, Jon C. 369,373 Connolly, Kathryn C. 263,243 Conovaloff, John N. 107 Conover, George S. 334 Contreras, Joe Wm. 117 Cook, Dennis F. 320 Cook, Lew Roy 159 Coolidge, Richard T. 117,159 Cooper, Barry A. 240,346 Cooper, Carl 383 Cooper, Forster 321 Cooper, James K. 160,332 Cooper, Janet M. 87,397,232,308 Cooper, Janice I. 151 Cooper, Joan A. 122,151,397,308 Cooper, Mary Carolyn, 270 Cooper, Susanne F. 300 Cooperman, Peggy Ann 290 Copal, Ralph 31 Cope, Kathryne J. 398 Coplen, Edward A. 318 Coopwood, Ken 375 Coppa, Jon B. 160,275,254 Copple, Leonard Wm. 342 Corbet, Barbara M. 99 Corbet, James Lewis Corcoran, Robert W. 107 Cordova, Adrin 99 Cornell, Susan E. 99,300 Cornett, Lynn 140,271,280,273 Cornfield, Stanley A. 249 Corona, Marcella A. 252 Corpe, Lois Ilene 166 Corrigan, Ryan T. 91 Coskey, Michael J. 333,243 Cosper, William E. 245 Coulter, Carole 267,308 Covert, Geo. Calvin 334 Cowen, Judith A. 266,232 Cox, Bruce 248 Cox, Frances Gwynne 294 Cox, Kennalee Mary 286,252 Cox, Trilby Lee 268 Cox, William W 152 Coy, Bonnie Lee 264 Coyle, Edward L. 359 Coyle, Nancy Ann 64,302 Coyle, Thomas C. 334 Cracchiolo, Marianne 99,284,302 Cracchiolo, Patricia 91 Craig, Carol Ann 64,70,72,167,309 Craig, Geri 29,35,31,99,30,172,288 Cram, Barbara Jean 306 Cram, Susan Wright 294 Crandall, Bert F. 122 Crandall, George M. 107,337 Crane, David Bobt: 155 Crane, Van Courtney 340 Cranston, Anne B. 122,244 Crawford, Hal W. 160 Crawford, Joseph M. 352 Crawford, Stephen P. 280,338,314 Criss, Jean Mary 70,243 Crocker, Terry G. 257,249 Crockett, Kathleen S. 32 Crockett, Nan 245 Crockett, Mary E. 298 Crockett, Verdell 334,245 Cropper, Gary Lee 68,359,361 Cross, Carolyn 306 Cross, Diane J. 306 Crow, Lowell M. 326 Crowder, Charles Lou 29,31, 30, 192,337,172 Cruise, Chas. E. 314,340 Crum, Carol Ann 268 Cayor, Barbara A 397,306,396 Cucci, Virginia A. 288,252 Cuelrnor, Russ 346 Cuison, Lynda Lee 296,240 Culbert, Wickham S. Cullen, Marie 288 Cumerford, Helen D. 300 Cummings, Mary Lou 257,397 Cummings, Calvin Roy 248 Cummins, Margaret A. 263 Cuneo, Karen Jane 294 Cunningham, Jean F. 166 Cunningham, Pat 93 Cunningham, Sylvia 255 Cunningha, Wm. T. 63,33 Curran, James E. 117 Currie, Susan E. 309 Curtis, Edward R. 334,245 Curtis, Richard O. 334 Cushing, Glen D. 322 Cutler, Subanne B. 270 Cutter, Roger Bruce 340 - D - Dack, Jacquelyn Daggett, Susan Mary 243 Dagley, Dale L. 334 Dailey, Lynne 257,155,298,398 Dako, Harold 248 Dalton, Patrick D. Jr Dalzell, James Edwin 342 Damon, Robt. 271 Damon, Frank R. 272 Damron, Nancy D. 92,397 Daniels, Frances K. 276 Daniels, Howard E. Daniels, Sharon L. 300,263 Danziger, Sanford E. 61,65,32,350 Darchon, Don 253 Dardenne, Ankringa F. 270 Darling, Richard S. 352 Darr, John W. Jr. 91,334 Darrow, A. Ann Dau, Thomas A. 45,44,58,35,334,53 Daugherty, Michael 328 Dauk, Regis Albert 373 Davenport, Mary M. 288 Davenport, William P. 91,150,253 Davidoff, Carole L. 41 Davidson, Craig 340 Davidson, Allen 273 Davidson, George D. 257,253,248 Davidson, Hope I. 262 Davidson, Johnny M. 342 Davidson, Willard 275,330 Davies, George P. 383 Davis, Barry Lewis 271 Davis, Charles W. 155,337 Davis, Clebit E. 318 Davis, Corinne A. 87 Davis, Dennis A. 245 Davis, Dennis I. 117,334 Davis, Jimmie F. 369,361 Davis, Joe Brooks 106,31,132,152,167,53 Davis, Joetta M. 298 Davis, Judith B 170,251,284 Davis, Patricia L. 292,397 Davis, Raymond G. 314 Davis, Suzanne M. 60,123,74,286 Davis, Zona E. 251,240 Davidson, Wm. McCreery 334 Dawson, Wayne Edw. 332 Day, James Arthur 332 Day, Joan 100,302 Day, Robert M. 328 Day, Sharon 309 Dayton, Paul K. 324 Dazour, John 277 Dea, Stanley Jepong 161,241 Deal, Dale 154 Dean, Gregory B. 324,271 Decker, Joan E. 91 Decker, Paul W. 334 Decker, Curtis K. 107 Deely, Leo B., Jr. 107 DeFrance, Dick 247 Defty, Sharon L. 306 Degrazia, Jerry D. 352 Degrazia, Lucy D. M. 265 Deines, Frederick W. 369 Delgado, Leonard J 282 Deleon, Barbara 269 Deluca, Raymond J. 274,369 Delvin, Sarabelle 258 Demer, L. S. 247 Deming, Robt. Nui 328 Dempster, Robert De Nardo, Joseph M. 276,156,253 Denniston, Warren K. 346 De Passe, Dennis A. 106,132,152,161,163,165 De Passe, Yvonne 100 De Pinto, Linda D. 398,288 Derby, Kathleen E. 268 Derby, Newton B. 240 Dering, Philip F. 321 Desbrow, Susanne C. 300 Despain, Alva D 238,245,334 Dettloff, Dennis B. 255 Detweiler, Edw. M. 341 Detweiler, Kenneth L. 341 Deutsch, Larry N. 348 Devlin, Sarabelle 258 Dewhirst, Lee 353,250 Diamond, Bernard S. 238 Diamos, Clay G 384,322,386 Diaz, Adolfo F. 157,159 Di Cicco, Anne K. 32 Dickey, Gordon R. 91,337 Dickey, Gretchen A. 302 Dickey, Romay Jean 245,269,334 Dickinson, Denna L. 265 Dickinson, Pat 318,394 Dickson, Michael M. 321,314 Dickson, Tillman O. Dicus, Robt. Lawrence 373,337,314 Diddy, Gerald L. 330,313 Diener, Peter R. 41,321,313 Di Giorgio, Michael 179,273,280 Dikeou, Deno P. 91,337 Dill, Richard W. 318 Dillon, Wayne 248 Di Lorenzo Fred L. 323 Dimberg, Richard A. 43,323 Dingwall, Bennett T. 332 Dinsmore, Susan W. 292 Dion, Annie 242 Dion, Corrine 242 Dishinger, Susan M. 298 Dion, Noelle 242 Diven, R. H. 160 Dixon, Jere L. 302 Dixon, Willie Fred 327 Dobric, Katherine L. 302 Dobrin, Paul Noah 381 Dobson, Dwayne E. 343,234 Dobson, Sue Ann 100,288 Dodge, Kathleen A. 66 Doehring, Don C. 279 Doerrer, David Harry 383 Dohmen, Lotar Egbert 41 Doka, Harold 84 Don, Kenneth J. 342 Dona, Don Paul 369 Donaldson, Donna L. Donaldson, Troy F. 250 Donnally, Le Roy C. 107,343 Donner, Arnold R. 3 50 Donohue, Brian P. 70,71 Doolan, James F. 280 Doolen, Mary L. 42,64,180,309 Dorsey, Joan 231 Dotton, Frederick C. 156 Doty, Mickey Don 152 Douglas, Becky 166 Douglas, Michael L. 353,255 Douglas, Robert E. 346 Douglas, Wayne M. 152 Douglass, Volney 255 Douglass, Rebecca J. 166 Dow Phoebe Ann 262 Dow, Richard A. 63,334 Douglass, Richard H. 346 Dowdy, William J. 326 Downend, Marianne L. 100,306 Downey, Harold J. 32,165 Downey, Kent 245 Downey, William E. 156 Downing, Dennis I. 276,323 Drachman, Joy J. 309 Draggon, Judith Ann 263 Drake, Peter G. 328 Draper, Dave 107,333 Draper, Richard P. 157,159 Drinkwater, Barbara 64,151,309 Driscoll, Michael W. 337 Droke, William E. II 31,122,254,352 Drucker, Melvyn R. 273,280,369 Duarte, Celia E. 163 Dubin, David Joel 348 Dubuy, Henry E. 161 Ducote, Donald P. 100,245 Duccan, Doug 340 Duggan, Regina M. 113,158,268,49 Duch, Diane 268 Dull, Raymond P. 274,387 Dumelle, Lawrence G. 361,342 Dunbar, Allan Robt. 339 Dunbar, R. Kirk 334 Duncan, Arthur D. 135,154,157 Duncan, Donna Ann 240,268 Dunipace, Ian D. 65,34,30,32,160,238,338,313 Dunlap, Daniel S. 321 Dunlap, John Norman 257 Dunn, Barry Neal 123,339 Dunn, Larry Wayne 383 Dunnell, Larry 278 Dunn, Tom 328 Dunnigan, Edw. James 277,389 Dunnigan, Richard D. 346 Dunphy, William P. 150,28,273 Du Plain, Joel L. 387 Durand, Harvey S. III 340 Duranti, Frank F. 334 Dutt, Marvin Alvin 369 Dye, Samuel Douglas 277,240,254 Dysthe, Earl Edward 285,315 - E - Eager, James F. 318,91 East, Carolyn 255 East, Lynn H. 113,287 Eastin, Harold E. 63,275,342,387 Eastlick, Harry V. 315 Easton, Robt. Allen 107 Ebert, William F. 153 Edberg, Barry 348 Eddy, Thomas Allen 245 Edlond, Philip A. 43,342 Edstrom, David John 334 Edwards, Helen J. 300 Edwards, Joseph S., Jr 123,334 Edwards, Mary K. 306 Edwards, Paul T. 257 Edwards, Tom 353 Edwards, Susan 306 Edwards, Virginia M. 306 Edwards, Willis F. 321 Ehlert, Merrill L. 334 Eide, Siri Clara 259 Eidvold, Harold T. 343 Eighny, Lee W. 346 Eisele, Lloyd E. 65,334 Eisen, Judith B. 290 Ekblad, Joan M. 180 Ekdahl, George E. 176,58,33,91,207,334,54 Ekstrom, Walter F. 107,342 Elers, Karl E. 132 El Khalidy Abdul K. 259 Elkus, Peter K. 350 Eller, Dwight E. 118 Ellington, John 383 Elliott, Clifford R. 271 Elliot, Gordon N. 325 Elliott, Kim 294 Ellis, Vernon Dean 390,337 Ellison, Cary C. 121,340,313 Elner, Stewart C. 328 Elner, Tex 314 Elsberry, Lloyd W. 152,334 Ely, Barbara Sue 257 Elzey, Michael B. 156 Emerick, James W. 313 Emory, Charles E. 321 Emrick, James W. 107,152 Encinas, Matthew 91,342,342,54 Encinas, Robert, Jr. 375 Endert, William 333 Enewold, Arline J. 292 Enfield, Sandra M. 100 Eng, Jean Sue 39,66 Engel, Barbara A. 309 Engel, Glorianne 155,70,167 Engelman, David S. English, Kathleen A. 292,264,243 English, Lou Ann 241 English, Pat Van 152,319 Ensign, Frank E. 107 Epler, Nancy D. 248 Epperson, Wm. Gary 333 Epstein, Allen S. 348 Engk, Spence 381 Erlenmeyer, Wm. Kent 123,280,261 Esacove, Paul 123,158 Esch, Lee Edward 159 Eschenheimer, G ideon 107 Escobedo, Margarita 163 Eskelson, Herbert J. 271 Eskew, Leta J. 257 Espinosa, Hector 156 Estabrook, Dean M. 74 Estavillo, Francisco 330 Estes, Leffie Donald 117 Estes, William A. 140,65,338,162,313 Estrada, Gerald P. 271 Estrada, Leonard P. 140,152,271,282,261 Estrada, Raul Y. 91 Estrada, Ruben Q. 252,271 Evans, Daniel 334 Evans, Jay C. 91 Evans, Loron Gerald 334 Evans, Rebecca I. 270,245 Everett, Joyce J. 166 Everill, Janice Faye 284 Everingham, Barbara 292,264 Ewald, Barbara E. 163,297,244 Ewald, Larry D. 91,340 Ewart, Phillip S. 74 Ewing, Marvin E. 165 Ewing, Russell C. 337 Ezrailson, Aaron 135 - F - Fakes, Jane C. 306 Falconer, Nancy 249 Falik, Linda 266 Falk, James H. 91,334 Falkenhagen, Jan F. 352 Fannin, William J. 328 Farnsworth, Sue 251,87,302 Farquhar, Isabelle Farrel, Bill 228 Farrell, Edna J. 130,157,268 Farrell, Mary 100,243 Fassnacht, Carolf J. 264,245 Faulkner, Richard S. 326 Faulks, Jimmy Don 369 Favero, Dean Del 278 Feasel, Hal B. 274,361 Federico, Douglas V. 330,313 Feiler, Armand 244 Feldheim, Richard M. 33,62,348 Feldman, Robert H. 350 Feldmann, Lloyd J. 279 Fellows, Roger D. 235 Fenderson, F. L., Jr. 375 Fenimore, James E. 118 Ferguson, James A. 277 Ferguson, James J. 249 Ferguson, Jeffry O. 334 Ferguson, Mary Ann 294 Fermi, E. 165 Fernandey, Juarino 249 Ferrara, Louis P. 159 Ferrell, Oscar Lugo 152 Fertig, Anne 290 Fey, Jared C. 70,72 Fickas, Donald E. 328 Fidura, Robert C. 91,339,313 Field, Charles W. 132,152 Fields, Jerry S. 241 Fifield, Fred L. 328 Figueroa, Antonio Y. 152,274,243 Fike, Richard 248 Fillmer, Patricia A. 113,155 Findley, Catherine V. 100,294,167 Fineman, Jess 257 Fink, Pauline F. 263 Finke, Kenneth I. 337,388 Finkelstein, G. R. 64,290,183 Firestone, John F., Fischer, Dorothy Eva 100,302 Fish, Darwin L. 334 Fish, Elton Ferrell 334 Fish, Franklin W. 346 Fisher, Darrell Ray 65,152,318 Fisher, Jane 268 Fisher, Nancy J. 268 Fisher, Richard E. 315 Fisher, William O. 337 Fisk, Barbara G. 300,398 Fitzgerald Ann Lynn 175,399,306,396,398 Fitzgerald, Katherin 257,263,286 Fitzharris, Monica 245 Flaminio, Don E. 91,330 Flanders, John B. 91,343 Flannery, Patrick 100 Flaxman, Stephen D. 348 Fleagle, Roy K. 91 Fleischman, Allan I. 348 Fleming, Robt. I., Jr. 280,273 Fletcher, James L. 331 Fletcher, Sharla W. 66,269 Flickinger, James R. 343 Flickinger, Kenneth 117 Flodman, Deloris E. 309 Flores, Arthur T. 84,154,353 Floun, Sandra Jean 294 Flynn, Wesley T. 373 Foard, Mary E. 100,155,296,398 Forestner, Juergen A. 257 Foley, Pat A. 302,360 Foley, Richard J. 334 Folkins, Faye L. 166,297 Folkman, Nei l R. 106,132,250 Fonlana, B. L. 164 Fonte, John D. 321 Forbes, Virginia Z. 257 Ford, James D. 132,249,323 Ford, Janice A. 270 Ford, Robt. Louis 387 Fordney, Diane S. 62,66,123,155,297,54,254 Fores, Clara 243 Fork, Allan C. 140,162 Forman, Bonnie J. 123,185,298 Forman, Michael S. 314,348 Forseth, Mable F. 158,249 Forsnas, Kathleen C. 265,309 Forsnas, Mary L. 265,309 Forsythe, Richard N. 275 Fortman, Marvin 118,159 Foss, Joselyn B. 292,270 Foss, Kim 257 Foster, Gary B. 318 Foster, George H., Jr. 91,321 Foster, Jack M. 275 Foster, Nathan R. 346 Fowler, Carolyn J. 288 Fowler, Judith M. 309 Fowler, Jeffrey Q. 140,123,162,320,394 Fox, James William 334 Frady, Walter Wm. 243 Frampton, Sonya S. 64,151,284 Frank, Diane L. 297 Frank, Jaye L. 244,264,255 Frankel, Edward N. 280,273 Franklin, James B. 275 Franklin, John O. 187,334 Franklin, Sylvia 297 Franks, Camille J. 288 Franks, George Wm. 352 Frannea, Jim L. 240,332 Franzi, Emil A. 340 Frauenfelder, F. Ann 263 Frauenfelder, Roger 328 Fazin, Roberta L. 290 Freckmann, Robert C. 92 Frederick, Richard E. 118,159,343 Freeby, Norma J. 288 Freedman, Richard S. 348 Freeland, Nancy K. 298 Freeman, Lance 315 Freemon, Albert Wm. 360 Freemon, Fred C. 157,352,383,385 Freethy, Jack P. 313 Freiberg, Murray 271 Freitag, Ruth 41,294 French, Joanne 79,262 Friberg, Mickey 231,171 Fried, L. Richard 334,384,386 Friedman, Constance 297 Friedman, Melvin 348 Friedson, Beverly 290 Friend, Roger K. 340 Fritton, James Jay 275 Fritz, Cleve V D. 92 Fritz, Jack H. 334 Fritz, Van 343 Frost, Jackulyn 250,396 Frost, Marcia L. 263 Fruenfelder, Frances 245 Fukuchi, Rae R. 263,92 Fuller, Brice H. 318 Fuller, Judith C. 302 Fuller, Sue Elaine 92,284,306 Fuller, Susan M. 43,62,253 Funken, Mickey 350 Funkhouser, Nelson M. 271 Furlong, Nancy L. 66 Furney, Harry Ray 244,165,355 - G - Gabusi, Frank C. 118 Gabusi, Chris 269 Gage, Patricia Ann 257,334 Gagnon Gretchen A. 270 Gainer, Corky 30 Gaines, John R. 72,167 Gaines, Margaret A. 298 Gala, Rosemary 155,396,249 Gallagher, Dick 343 Gallup, James M. 243 Gallup, Sherry A. 42,392,162,267 Gamble, Gayle Jane 100,298,284,54 Gantt, Penelope Jo 302 Garcia, Gloria 263 Gardner, Horace B. 346 Gardner, James B. 328 Gardner, Janette 245 Gardner, Jean 245 Gardner, Peter Wm 163 Gardner, Stanley J. 350 Garis, Robert C. 361 Garland, Raymond L. 92,150,247 Garlock, Joseph M. 72 Garner, Johnnie M. 31,257,253 Garner, Corky 343 Garretson, Walter H. 346 Garrett, Gerald A. 89,140,92,162 Garringer, Danny Lee 334 Garrison, Roy Earl 368 Garrow, Mike J. 328 Gaskin, John Edwards 170,343 Gaspar, Sandra G. 270 Gates, Gerald O. 123 Gates, Janet E. 151 Gay, Orville Dell 346 Gaylord, Donna J. 398 Geary, John T. 243 Gee, Gloria Anne 306,398 Gee, Jeane 100 Geers, Mary Anne 286 Gehrke, Gayle 101,294 Geiger, Jerome A. 43,321 Geist, James Gelb, Jerry 348 Gelmore, Dick 320 Geniec, Wally 161 George, Ruth Rita 101,262,158 Gerdes, John H. 155 George, Jerome 320 Gerdes, Renette Lee 397 Gerghauser, Kay 264 Gershaw, David Alan 45 Gertner, Carol Joy 43 Gervais, Antoninette 296 Getty, Donald Hubert 135,346,154 Getty, Doug 157,346 Gibbons, Donald J. 89,92,156 Gibbons, Mary K. 302 Gibbs, Carolyn E. 154 Gibson, Dorothy G. 292 Gibson, Martha D 70,72,167 Gideon, Katherine L. 306,399 Giesecke, A. Henry 165 Gigicon, John N. 254 Gil, Luis Jr. 107 Gilbert, F. Russell 71 Gilbert, Joel S. 350,314,271 Gilbert, Larry F. 334 Gilbert, Marianne E. 35,49,306 Gilbert, Walter E. Jr., 340 Gilbreath, Daryl Gildersleeve, Chas. 248 Giles, Charles M. 375,334 Gill, Cindy Fawn 170,289,170 Gill, Donald Ralph 249 Gill, Frank W. 261 Gillaspie, Barbara A. 294 Gillespie, John S. 361 Gillespie, Ronald 159,157 Gilmore, Scott G. 276 Gimple, Herman W. 389,255 Ginnold, Susan M. 262 Ginsburg, Terry 113,334 Giss, Maurice Max 275 Glad, Marlene Jean 233 Glass, John Burns 334 Glaver, Jan 265 Gleason, Katherine F. 243 Glenday, George A. 107 Glendening, Michael 325 Glenn, Clarence E. 280 Glenn, Clarence Joe 244,273 Glenn, Shanon May 101 Glickman, Phyllis R. 290 Glickman, Stanley I. 350 Glover, Jan Souther 265 Glover, Richard M. 383 Glover, Thomas B. 321,313 Godding, Leslie 164 Goeffry, John 325 Gnatt, Judy 306,230 Goitler, Morris 157 Goldberg, Myron H. 247 Goldberg, Sally R. 170,290,284 Goldman, Diane C 289 Goldseth, Steve 321 Goldstein, Alan K. 280 Goldstein, Burton L. 107 Goldstein, Jerry 247 Goldwater, Michel P. 190,334 Golseth, Carolyn J. 286 Gonen, Suat 277 Gong, Alice Bonnie 241 Gonzales, Albert 352 Gonzales, Frank L. 333 Gonzales, Nazario A. 252,253 Gonzales, Raymond C. 271 Goo, Lawrence D. K. 280,273 Good, Robt. 243 Goode, Kenneth G. 118 Goodfarb, Jay M. 366 Goodhart, Marc K. 350 Goodkin, Marianne 264 Goodman, Edward C. 348 Goodman, Ethel M. 243 Goodman, Frances E. 270 Goodman, Gail H. 290,397 Goodman, Kenneth 334,163 Goodman, Patricia K. 297 Goodwin, Patricia M. 257,256 Goodwin, Thomas N. 92,156 Gordon, Archie T. 150 Gordon, Kathryn G. 267,261,45,62,34,30 Gordon, Penny 270 Gordon, Robt. Charles 350 Gordon, Robert E. 152 Gordon, William A. Jr. 346 Gordon, Tom 318 Gorham, Roxane D. 43,268 Gorman, Shirley 250 Gortler, Morris 135,154 Goss, Sandra Lee 92 Gottfried, Linda Sue 297 Gould, Bill 170 Gould, John 325 Gould, Nancy G. 101,155,249,306,395,396 Gould, William I. 170,63,350 Governs, Robert J. 140 Grace, John Phil 323 Grady, Sheila Ann 309 Graham, Connie A. 294 Graham, Dewayne V. 247 Graham, Jack M. 338,389 Graham, Max Wayne 369,361 Graham, Stanley S. 250 Grant, James M. 343 Grant, Neil Irwin Grantham, Robert A. 361,249 Grassman, Thomas E. 165 Graves, Delladee E. 257,298 Graves, James M. Jr. 123,320,394 Gray, Dee Ann 262 Gray, Lynda Jean 302 Gray, Robert S. 244 Greeman, Charles W 175,353 Green, Charles E. 160,156 Green, Charles L. 156,92,332 Green, Harold L. 348 Green, Judith 297 Green, Mary Susan 257,270,289 Green, Melvyn 107,244 Greenberg, Alan Ira 348 Greenberg, Andrea B. 123,284,290 Greenberg, Stanley 160 Greene, Ralph Allen 271,325 Greenfield, Lois J. 70,188,265 Greenland, Nelson 337 Greenlund, Nelson C. 61,313 Greenwell, Peter F. 271 Greenwell, Robt. K. 271 Greer, Rebecca L. 306 Greer, William H. 247 Gremel, Dou glas B. 361 Griffen, Charles S. 248 Griffin, David 334 Griffin, Grant I. 343 Griffith, Barrick J. 334 Griffith, Glenda 245 Griffith, Roberta 254 Grinnell, F. Hugh 65,318 Groenert, Suzanne L. 301 Gromley, Ralph 323 Gross, Benny 277 Gross, Irwin Allen 92 Gross, Jerome H. 107,244 Grounds, David Lee 159 Groutage, Gerald W. 280,273 Grubb, Pamela D. 268 Gruendyke, Richard L. 331 Grunewald, Abbey 123 Gryting, Loyal 161 Gucker, Hal 65 Guerrero, Edward H. 50,51,318 Guertner, Gary Lee 325 Guganig, James H. 243 Gunderman, William O. 271 Gunness, William L. 135,154,157,256 Gunter, Billy Joe 140 Gurley, Mary K. 42 Gurske, Gloria L. 257 Gusinow, Michael A. 348 Gustafson, Jerry 242 Gustafson, Susan J. 255 Guthrie, Bonnie 245 Gutierrez, Luis G. 381 Gutierrez, Sylvia 39,123,268 Gutzman, Philip C. 41,323 Guzman, Richard V. 343 - H - Haas, Andrea Carol 289,257 Haas, Linda Lee 302 Haas, Lila Z. 163 Hackert, David P. 134 Hacer, Tobey 309 Hahn, Gary F. 373 Hahn, William G. 314,328 Haigh, Judy J. 45 Haines, Carole A. 292,265,397 Haire, James C. 70,72 Hale, Edwin D. 343 Hale, Sandra Lynne 266 Hall, Alan D. 101,54,375,377,334 Hall, Alice 123,252 Hall, David C. 387 Hall, Donald E. 341 Hall, Emilie Ann 130,243 Hall, Gordon G. 152 Hall, Janet E. 245 Hall, Larry J. 352 Hall, Michael C. 118,328 Hall, Sallie L. 289,199 Hall, William Arthur 280,334 Halland, Jack D. 334 Halley, Angela A. 151,294 Hallock, Janice E. 301,254 Halpern, Bonnie K. 264 Halpern, Douglas R. 348 Halpern, Martin B 124,161,350 Halverson, Anne B. 101,306 Hamann, Larry 375 Hamilton, Barbara E. 286 Hamilton, Barbara J. 101 Hamilton, Charlyn L. 294 Hamilton, Christine 124,301 Hamilton, Edward H. 257 Hamilton, Marcia G. 397,398,399,263 Hamilton, Richard L. 318 Hamlin, Robert A. 243 Hamm, Alvin W. 240 Hammel, David J. 152 Hammer, Richard H. 136 Hammond, Arthur 107,276 Hammon, Larry 328 Hamson, Holly P. 292 Hancock, Barbara J. 155,249,396,399,268 Handmaker, Hirsch 61,65,348,313 Handorf, Kaay Ann 268 Hanhila, Matt O., Jr. 63,275,390,383,342,388 Hanis, Jefferson 280,273 Hanna, David Wm. 328 Hanna, Mike 39 Hannah, Jane D. 294 Hanseen, Sheridan L. 113 Hanseen, Sherman R. 113 Hansen, Roberta A 297 Hanson, Angela D. 301 Hara way, Alva E. 107,352 Harden, Darrell M. 346 Harden, Jeanette 292 Hardill, William N. 271 Harding, Laurene Gay 157,166 Hardrip, John 63 Harlan, Julia A. 255 Harlan, Margaret L 262 Harlan, Thomas P. 255 Harlow, John M. 325,240 Harlow, William C. 325,313 Harman, Dennis E. 334,249,390 Harman, Lance D. 334 Harman, Sarah I. 259 Harmon, Gary L. 165 Harmon, Myron F. 107,155 Harmon, Sarah L. 259 Harn, Jim M. 325 Harper, Richard C. 326 Harrigan, James D. 150,325 Harrington, Norma L. 92,269 Harrington, Richard 369 Harris, Arlene Ann 266 Harris, Barbara B. 297 Harris, Catherine P. 297 Harris, Craig K. 328 Harris, Donald W. 328,124 Harris, Edmond J. 343 Harris, Kenneth R. 369,343 Harris, Marilyn 295 Harris, Mike 243 Harris, Thomas L. 140,65,124,139,152,337 Harrison, James R. Jr. 241 Harrison, Jane 289,399,397,262 Harrison, Mary S. 262 Hart, Gayle I. 309 Hartman, Phillip M. 84,343 Hartman, Robert S. 65,334 Hartmann, Jon P. 331 Harwin, Gary D. 346 Haskell, Bill 328 Haskell, Phillis A. 306, 397 Haskell, Riley E. 257 Hasseries, Robert A. 275,238,241,338 Hassey, Thomas E. 323 Hastings, George D. 318 Hastings, Lawrence F. 318 Hastings, Robert C. 92 Hatcher, Gregory V. 247 Hathaway, Lincoln L. 107,153 Haufman, Larry 280 Hausserman, B. Selby 271 Hawke, Mary K. 238,240 Hawkinson, David F. 334 Haworth, Roberta L. 124,46,35,54 Hawthorn, Sharon 302 Hayden, Clifford L. 337 Hayden, John 328 Hayden, John S. 257 Hayden, Terrence Hug 245 Hayer, Kathleen 264 Hayer, William I. III 83,84,154,249 Hayes, Sammy Joe 276 Haynes, Dennis Ray 323 Haynes, John Lanning 346 Haynie, Mac J. 245 Haywood, Bobbie J. 268 Hazen, Tom Al 343,314 Hazlett, Carl E. 58,361,363 Hazlett, Nannette H. 101,306 Heals, L. E. 152 Healy, Raymond V. 165 Healy, Wm. Timothy 118 Heard, Robert N. 153 Hearn, Linda C. 297 Heald, Roger 241 Heath, Wallace G. 240 Heckendorn, Mary C. 257 Heckler, Lee David 165,337 Heep, Mary Ellen 262 Heffelman, Ralph B. 106,108,152,337 Heflin, Wm. Lloyd 170,343 Heidemann, Raymond 332 Heimark, Mary J. 243 Heinbockle, Linda L. 243 Heineman, Janet 307,398 Heiniger, Carol J. Heinz, Mary Ellen 154,156,162,267 Helder, James E. 75 Helgado, Leonard 271 Heller, Richard S. 153 Hellsten, William B. 325 Helms, Karen M. 249,395,396 Helsten, David L. 328 Hemenway, Margaret A. 296 Hempel, Bruce D. 47 Henderson, David 150 Henderson, Margaret 265 Henderson, Mettalou 135,155,154,156 Hendren, Philip R. 157,71,72 Hendrickson, Peter S. 331 Hendrix, Jesse M. 101 Henk, Parrh, Joseph 271 Henney, Mary 147 Henning, Prisilla A. 257,262 Henry, James E. 41,340 Henry, Martha Sue 298 Henry, Robert F. 346 Hensley, David C. 124 Heny, Parra Joseph 108,243 Herbert, William C. 113,340 Herlihy, Barry H. 140,65,152,65,284 Herlihy, Nancy M. 33,64,292 Herlocker, Charlotte 398,270 Hernandez, Albert E. 154,157,159 Hernandez, Conrado B. 108 Herring, Patricia A. 158 Herrmann, Robert C. 124 Hersh, Nancy Lee 290 Hershey, Alan Henry 65,318 Hershey, Sheila 398 Hesidence, Harry 108 Hesselberg, Al 248 Hewlett, Richard F. 152 Hewson, John W. 41,261,334,271 Heying, Beverly 267 Heyng, Beverly 267 Hickey, John J. 333,243 Hicks, Gloria N. 87,251 Higginbothan, Ronald 101,163 Higgins, Barbara 263 Higgins, Penelope A. 289 Hightower, Sully 132,163,247 Higuera, Henry C. 276 Hilbert, Stephen M. 43,352 Hildreth, Margaret Holly 398 Hill, Ben 346,334 Hill, James L. 61 Hill, James M. 41,176,61,65,31,337 Hill, Nina F. 256,226 Hillmuth, Edward A. 92 Hinds, Warren Ted 242 Hines, Linford H. 161 Hinkle, Kathy 41,223 Hirons, Bonnie L. 101,296 Hiscok, Ray Steven 275 Hlusko, William Jr. 108,153 Hoadley, Patrick 255 Hoak, Linda H. 307 Hodge, Judith L. 64 Hodges, Carl N. 331 Hodges, Della I. 298 Hoefle, Stephanie E. 398 Hoel, Charles K. 135,154,157,343 Hoffman, Cheryl S. 101 Hoffman, Larry 375 Hoffman, Susan R. 290 Hoffman, Susanne L. 294 Hoffman, Bradford L. 47 Hogan, David K. 152 Hogg, Rebecca A. 263 Hohn, Edward L. 159 Hokuf, Joan N. 301 Holbrook, Kenneth Wm. 361,337,363,225 Holden, Betsy A. 302 Holder, Carl L. 150 Holdren, Jeff 257 Holguin, George E. 325 Holish, James A. 337 Holland, Sam Avis 355 Hollenbeck, Richard 334 Holleran, Brenda S. 66,252 Hollinger, Janice L. 101 Holly, Frances J. 258,296 Holmes, Anne M. 113,163 Holmes, Jimmie V. 280 Holmlund, Karen M. 289 Holovachka, Demetri 342 Holt, John C. 276 Holtsoi, Margaret F. 269 Holtz, Clifford I. 92,150,338 Holub, Robert A. 250 Holzer, Robert J. 274,257,342-3,388 Honaker, Thomas 275,249 Hong, Wayson 271 Honschoulder, Frank 156 Hood, Thomas Wm. 241 Hooker, George C. 328 Hooker, Nolys M. 270 Hoopes, Frederick L. 75 Hoover, Penelope M. 289 Hopkins, James D. 249 Hopkins, Marylynn F. 286 Hopperton, Ronald R. 276 Horalek, Wm. Babka 361 Hordley, Patrick 258 Horne, Mark A. 350 Hornung, Lee L. 301 Horsman, Susan A. 41 Horton, Patricia L. 397 Horwitz, Dian Lois 155,290,266 Hossler, David J. 346 Hostetter, Elisabeth 307 Houghton, Kathleen M. 302 Houghton, Thomas M. 329 Houserman, Sidney 248 Housholder, Ross F. 327 Hout, Richard M. 271 Hovland, Sharon J. 268 Howard, Charles E. 352 Houchiand, Sharon 268 Howe, Franklin A. 92 Howe, Judith A. 289,398,284 Howell, Archie E. 240 Howell, Gene 346 Howell, Joseph R. 132,352,389 Hoxie, Tom 334 Hubbard, Richard B. 108,337 Hubbard, Veronica M. 163 Hubert, Darris 249 Huber, Corinne L. 261,263 Hudson, Jack 383,385 Hudson, Phillis R. 39,64,298 Hufault, John Roy 271 Huffman, Anthony A. 108,275 Hughes, Constance P. 307 Hughes, James Ray 385 Hughes, John J. 337 Hughes, Judith L. 155,70 Hughes, Mary Ann 301 Hughes, Raymond A. 101,323,383 Hughes, Sandra Rae 257,264 Hulick, Norman A. 323 Hult, B. Ann 37,36,92,307,55 Humphrey, Alan Baker 250 Humphrey, Charles Wm. 150,334 Humphrey, Joan C. 87,257,301 Humphrey, Pamela 191,309 Humprhey, Robert 140,337,162 Hund, Dale F. 108,153 Hunsaker, Mary Jo 245 Hunt, Doris L. 101 Hunt, Helen H. 257 Hunt, Jerry D. 275 Hunt, Judy 249 Hunt, Kenneth E. 375,329 Hunter, Forrest D. 334 Hunter, Leah Rae 87,289 Hunter, Robert 248 Hunts, Barney D. 160 Hunzeker, Wm. Alfred 340 Hupp, Wendy Marie 301 Hurst, Lynn H. 113 Hurst, Ronnie G. 108,275 Hurt, Judith 396 Hurwitt, Robert M. 71 Hurwitz, Sheri L. 296,263 Hustad, Dilver W. 74 Huster, Dwight A. 108,153 Huston, Shelley I. 257 Hutchison, Fred A. 334 Hyde, Gary Lee 55,92,149,327,373 Hyde, Margaret Ann 124 Hysong, Mary R. 42,293,323 - I - Iatarola, Rubina F. 154 Immel, Steven 346 Inches, Duncan R. 243 Inderlied, Herman F. 329 Ingalls, Victoria 60,101,34,30,32,298,55 Incerson, Johnson 337 Irick, Linda C. 64,151,270,252 Irwin, Joseph F. 84,250 Isaacson, Jean S. 307 Isabel, Thomas Reid 150 Isenberg, Judy R. 290 Ismay, Bill Bruce 207,359,361,390 Itkin, Lewis 350 - J - Jackson, Marilyn S. 263 Jackson, Mary M. 296 Jackson, Richard G. 92,150,273,280 Jacobs, Judy Susan 297,263 Jacobs, Lionel M. 332 Jacobs, Max W. 70,71 Jacobson, Gail C. 290 Jaffe, Suzanne J. 43,290 Jaklitsch, Arlene M. 243 Jaloff, Lyn M. 290 James, Edward C. 341 James, James Pence 327 James, Floyd 63,337 James, Susan V. 43,286 Jameson, Mary Clare 303 Jameson, James R. 277 Jameson, Pamela G. 293 Jameson, Wm. Omer 152 Janda, John C. 159,157 Janda, Sally 124,34,238,161,307 Janesch, Aloysius 92 Jansse, Carole J. 286 Janssens, Charles L. 124,252 Jarchow, Donald W. 92 Jay, Terryl 101,301 Jeffers, Shirley R. 240,267,257 Jeffries, Edwin J. 329 Jeffries, John Edgar 63,323 Jenckes, Joseph S. 159,70,71 Jenkins, John Wm. 323 Jenkins, Marilyn 265 Jenkins, Mary C. 243 Jenkins, Virginia B. 289 Jenkinson, Sue A. 298 Jenks, Melvin C. 337 Jennings, Leon Edw. 329 Jessel, Nancy 157 Jett, James E., Jr. 84,353 Jewell, Bruce F. 248,79 Jimerson, Thomas A. 106,140,108,152,162,323 Joe, George Lee 327 Joe, John Eddie 327 Johanson, Aron 258 Johns, Richard C. 334 Johnson, Ann 248 Johnson, Alfred E. 340 Johnson, Barbara W. 286,287 Johnson, Carl L. 84,337 Johnson, Chris T. 337 Johnson, Donald E. 108,275,165,248 Johnson, Doris E. 101,297 Johnson, Everett C. 325 Johnson, Gary Lee 235,334 Johnson, Gordon V. 244 Johnson, Henry C. 75,92,150 Johnson, James E. 329 Johnson, Jim 45,334 Johnson, Joan K. 33,180,398,307,284 Johnson, Judith Lee 171,298 Johnson, Karen Sue 257 Johnson, Linda F. 303,250 Johnson, Margaret M. 301 Johnson, Marjorie L. 257 Johnson, Mary Beth 286,287 Johnson, Milton D. 165 Johnson, Paul Rufus 278 Johnson, Ray H. 92 Johnson, Richard Edw., Jr. 361 Johnson, Richard H. 277 Johnson, Richard L. 346,392 Johnson, Robert 58 Johnson, Ronald Andy 275,337 Johnson, Sallyann 101,284 Johnson, Toots 257 Johnson, William J. 43,257,250 Johnson, James W. 342 Johnston, Patricia A. 253 Johnston, Richard L. 332 Johnstone, Karl S. 274,329,383 Jollett, Marlene 245 Jones, Betty L. 101,155,399,396,257 Jones, Charles E., Jr. 65 Jones, Charlotte A. 124,303 Jones, Dallas R. 270,272 Jones, Donald W., 323 Jones, John R. 334 Jones, Kathleen 245 Jones, Malcolm D. 334 Jones, Robert H. 154,271 Jones, Sharon Kay 191,309 Jones, Vicki Lyn 301 Jonkey, Mary E. 298,266,398 Jordan, Frank E. 58,31,108,342,313,55 Jordan, Jimmy P. 323 Jordan, Paula 266 Jorgensen, Anne K. 180,307,359 Jossel, Nancy C. 114,72,167 Journey, John R. 93 Joyner, Frederick Wm. 106,318,319 Judson, Mary B. 286,287 Jury, William H. 342,353 -K- Kadas, Stuart M. 108 Kaemlien, William 248 Kahn, Barbara J. 295 Kahn, Jane M. 257 Kahnweiler, Susan R. 170,64,291,233 Kailnew, Toni 307 Kalil, George 243 Kalil, Barbara Ann 39,243,295 Kalil, Gloria E. 295,243 Kamper, Michael J. 348 Kanney, Ken 346 Kaplan, Lynda M. 297,266 Kaplan, Richard Gail 334 Kardoff, Alan David 348 Karey, Bill 163 Karmen, Jane L. 289 Karnitz, Anita J. 39,62,301 Karp, Leonard I. 348,314 Kartchner, Ila Rae 101,245,263 Kartchner, Keith D. 245,254 Kashman, Howard A. 350 Kassner, Tom Ross 375 Kasulaitis, Gayle A. 41,266 Kasulaitis, Ronald J. 352,266 Katafiasz, Thomas R. 150,157,159 Katz, Carol Jane 291 Katz, Cynthia L. 297,266,284 Kaufman, Ann 268 Kaufman, Harlean 291 Kavesh, Farideh 259 Kay, John S. 43,274 Kay, Larry Herman 348 Kay, Robt. Allen 277 Kea, Sybil K. 289 Kearns, Susan Lynn 293,267 Keeth, Gary L. 93 Keith, Julie M. 293,397 Keith, Shonie F. 277 Kellen, John 340 Keller, Don E. 93,150 Keller, Janice I. 250,267 Keller, Martin 240 Keller, Anne 240 Kelley, Katherine A. 303,270 Kelley, Sheila L. 298 Kellogg, Paul L. III 318,319 Kelly, Andy B. 93,334 Kelly, Michael 170,342 Kelly, Kathleen P. 114 Kelly, Nancy Jane 295,249,270 Kelso, Jeanne M. 295 Keltner, Gary G. 118,159 Kemendo, Vincent C. 346 Kemmerer, Andrew J. 140 Kenan, Charlotte A. 299,398 Kendall, Joan 289 Kenis, Andrea Eve 264 Kennedy, Dorris W. 257,256,199 Kennedy, Edward I. 118 Kennedy, Judith Ann 62,269 Kenaston, Greg 318,319 Kennelly, Cleve F. 93 Kennelly, Wm. J. 325 Kenney, Joan Orme 270 Kenney, Meylon G. 280,273 Kent, Barbara J. 42,263 Kent, Joe T. 271,235,272 Kent, Judith Anne 31,101 Kent, Robt. Jr. 271,272 Kent, William E. 328 Kentera, Milo Kris 135,157 Kenyon, Gaile Lynn 43,309,265 Keohane, Michael A. 334 Keri, Robert S. 161 Kerr, Sandy 58,124,234,342,315,55 Kerr, Steven Geo. 274,369 Kerrick, Robt. V. 318,319 Kerridge, Philip M. 258 Kertesz, Peter 161 Kessler, Nancy L. 268 Ketcham, Edith R. 268 Ketchum, Evelyn C. 289 Kezantzan, Henry 273,280 Keyes, Lynn Denis 307 Khorouzan, Jamshid 247 Khoshbin, D. Jam 240 Khoshbin, Joan C. 151,240 Idd, George 165 Kidd, Susan J. 289 Kidwell, Richard M. 275,162 Kienow, Claire A. 263 Kies, John Best 334 Kimes, Pete 65,325 Kim, George 244,355 Kimble, Thomas Gary 132,342 Kimes, James E. 33,124,153,167 Kinale, Julia E. 269 Kincaid, Betty J. 155 Kincaid, David R. 164 Kindig, William D. 125,341 King, Dawn M. 125,244 King, Gerald H. 388 King, John F. 257 King, Julia Ann 101,257,295,256 King, Nancy Ann 101,287,286,87 King, Richard M. 154,157 King, Tom 383 King, Yvonne M. 257 Kinkaid, Betty 71 Kinney, Richard E. 157 Kinnison, Wm. Allen 327 Kipperman, Robert H. 271 Kipnis, Irving 389 Kirby, Nancy Doron 286 Kirby, Robert F. 106,133,163,165,247 Kirchheimer, Thomas 341 Kirk, Graham Vance 346 Kirkpatrick, Pat May 169 Kirkpatrick, Ralph L. 343 Kirshner, Judy 297 Klaiber, Martha E. 64,309 Klein, John Van 41,350 Kleinman, Marsha 291 Klekner, John A. 280 Kleman, Daniel H. 243 Klenck, Michael Maha 162 Kline, Caroline C. 125,299,396,398 Kline, Charles R. 333 Kline, Suzette Ann 308 Klinger, Armand D. 318 Klingerman, Kendall 155 Klink, Howard N. 247 Klopfenstein, Beulah 93,299 Klowden, Lloyd Edw. 348 Knapman, Larry N. 248 Knapp, Ellyn Bruce 307 Knight, Geri Craig 53 Knight, Charles W. 241 Knight, Edward R. 338 Knight, Mary A. 151,164 Knisley, Karen 289 Knittel, Rosemary 289 Knotts, Walter S. 258 Know, James 157 Knowles, Edward F. 343 Knowles, Ford 58,93,185 Knox, Allen 320 Knox, George W., Jr. 321 Knox, James O. 135,154,162 Knox, Walter A. 65 Koble, Tom 257 Koch, Lyle E. 160,156 Koehler, John 377 Koenig, Lois R. B. 250 Kohl, David H. 45,125 Kohl, William N. 243 Kohwer, John 326 Konczos, Robert A. 332 Kondratik, Michael 369 Konick, Elliot 125,348 Kooistra, Karen Mae 307 Kopald, Ralph L. 30,93,34,55,254 Koppes, Harold J. 158 Kottmann, Harold A. 274 Kovan, Charles A. 350 Kovash, Martin P. 85,150,319 Kowaleski, Deanna M. 297 Kramer, Norman D. Kramer, Suzanne C. 70,72 Kranhold, Sharon G. 257 Krantz, Jeneene P. 297,264 Krautter, Carl Edw. J. 319 Kricheldorf, Glenn F. 154 Krieger, Katherine E. 262 Krieger, Kenneth 93 Kroh, Clayton Kay 275 Krone, Herbert A. 348 Krucker, Thomas F. 63,337 Kruger, Bruce E. 320 Kruse, Alvin F. 353 Kruse, Robt. Donald 277,327 Kubeck, Ronald C. 325,271 Kuber, Barbara J. 101,40,397,307 Kuber, Jacqueline E. 307 Kubishke, Allyn M. 156 Kuczynski, Renetta M. 263 Kuebler, Richard L. 153 Kuhl, Signe Jean 39,66,297 Kuhn, Donald L. 315 Kulh, Norbert S. 108,243 Kummer, Barbara Jo 66,270 Kunzer, Carole B. 175,295,257 Kupper, Jack Michael 350 Kurtz, Edith C. 101,301 Kuschner, Allard Wm. 125 Kushen, Barbara 297 Kuyper, Peter John 101 Kyes, Wilford A. 240 Kyle, Laurie Jean 299 Kyriannia, Emanuel N. 280,273 - L - Ladd, Linda Lou 251,289 Labuzan, Jules M. 388 La Due, John B. 71,72 La Fevers, Garye L. 375 Laflen, Milton L. 65,108,337 Lair, James O. 108 Laird, Hugh Edward 157,154,159 Lamb, Judith E. 293 Lamb, LaVerne Lamb, Paul A. 108 Lamont, Margaret M. 114,70,72 Lampert, Barbara S. 258 Landon, Harold F. 337 Landon, John H. 334 Landon, Lynda J. 301 Landon, Wayne L. 334 Landram, Elizabeth 262 Lane, Michael A. 271,375 Lane, Patricia D. 264 Langen, H. S. 162 Lans, Robert C. 388 Lansky, Joyce P. 268 Lantron, Newton W., Jr. 274 Lapins, Douglas A. 325 Larriva, Alfonso 279 Larriva, Michael T. 63,160,346 Larriva, Richard 329 Larsen, Janice K. 101,303 Larson, Alvin E. Larson, Bruce 369 Larson, Wally 335 LaSalle, Marjorie 93 Lathrop, Carolyn C. 301 Laubscher, James A. 152 Lausin, Dick 35 Lavbe, Bill 346 Lawnicki, Charlene M. 289 Lawrence, Kathryn B. 307 Lawrence, Sally J. Lawrence, Stephen S. 275,329,235 Lawson, Jerome W. 159 Lawson, Wm. Robert 334 Leach, Donald R. 257 Leahy. Lawrence Leary, James C. 156 Leavenworth, A lice M. 303 Leavitt, Laura D. 301,33 Lebner, Linda 264 Lederer, Jerome N. 348 Lederer, William A. 350 Lee, Jimmy Lai Get 157,159 Lee, Sylvia Jean 399,268 Lee, Thomas A. 248 Lee, Warner 125,369,372 Le Febure, Tamblyn L. 339 Leftault, Francis E. 276 Lehman, Arlene R. 102,284,291 Lehman, Janice M. 291,270 Lehmann, Martha 309 Lehman, Nelson 334 Lehmann, Martha L. 102,256,257,227,231 Lehmberg, Robert H. 165 Lehr, Claire Joyce 102 Lehner, Dunn 332 Leighton, Wm. F. 271,346 Leivian, Robert J. 58,323,228 Lence, Robert E. 314,332 Lentz, George Harry 333 Lentz, John E. 93 Leonde, Barbara 269 Leonard, Daniel J. 346 Leonard, David J. 63,348 Leroy, Louis 332 Lesemann, Lenore R. E. 257 Leser, Lorna S. 66,269 Levi, Richard S. 351 Leviant, Ruth E. 263 Levin, Lawrence R. 42,348 Levin, Susan Maxine 291 Levinson, Enid N. 102,266 Levy, Esther F. 150 Levy, Howard Wm. 350 Lewin, Marcia Carol 291 Lewis, Byron C. 102,325,163 Lewis, Don Vernon 43,279,381 Lewis, George Charle 279 Lewis, John David 118 Lewis, Nancy L. 295 Lewis, Patricia Ann 334 Lewton, George 314 Lewton, J. R. 335 Ley Sharon Kay 301 Liddicoat, Albert M. 243,314,338 Lieberthal, David H. 350 Liem, Marjorie A. 87,303,232 Life, Marcia G. 40,125,307 Ligon, Wm. Orlando 340 Lillyblad, Stephen S. 327 Linas, Joan V. 125,286 Lindemann, Laura M. 42 Lindloff, Paulette A. 241 Lindsay, Jennifer 309 Lindsey, Jeanne Mari 266 Lindsley, Susan 125,307 Lines, John Wayne 279,334 Linkswiler, John G. 277 Linn, Wallace 313 Linsk, Michael S. 350,244,233 Linta, Edward 361 Linton, Bruce A. 72 Lipscomb, Patrick Wm. 389 Liston, Donald H. 108 Litman, Marilyn S. 291,166 Little, Barbara V. 295 Little, Julia Ann 293 Little, Mary Eliz. 293 Little, Osborne M. 337 Littler, Gail P. 270 Livingston, Warren 366,364,361 Lizardi, Jose H. 108 Loebe, Linda Jill 251,303 Loeffler, George B. 318 Logan, Grant R. 321 Logar, Ronald John 159 Lohman, Sara Jane 309 Lohne, Gary 258 Lomayesva, Dwight M. 277 Long, Lance Leon 334,381 Long, Linda 398 Long, Martha Jane 262 Long, William H. 323 Longenbaugh, Keith 390 Longenbaugh, Ronald 125 Longo, Michael A. Longoni, Elmo O. 243 Loop, Charles A. 314,327 Loper, Judith L. 309 Lopez, Angelita 243 Lorance, Ellen M. 269 Lord, David Allan 161 Lord, Richard H. 375 Lorentz, Carolyn L. 257 Loskouski, Peter L. 150 Loudon, Linda Marie 301 Love, Dave Esta 346,314 Love, Harold S. 318 Love, Judith C. 295 Love, Margot Joan 41 Low, Jerry 156 Lowe, Bradford W. 274,332 Lowe, Don Dolph 125,325 Lowe, Gareth 248 Lowery, Hal 320 Lowry, Linda Lou 289 Lubbers, Ruth Ann 42,64,32 Lucas, Linda 102 Lucky, Harry Edw. 383 Ludlow, Bob 393 Ludwig, Marianne K. 39 Ludwig, Shelley L. 286,398 Luellig, Paul A. 257 Lukensmeyer, Lillian 25 Lumpkin, Nedra Tess 263 Lundell, Donald R. 255 Lund, George 242 Lundin, John E. Lundstrom, R. Jon 318 Lund, Alice 242 Lutz, Barbara Ann 289 Lutz, George R. Luz, Babette 151 Lynn, Mary 240 Lynn, Michael Harvey 118 Lyon, Ann G. 257 Lyon, John Walter 63,325 Lyons, Nancy J. 298 Lytle, Chuck S. 329 - M - McAdams, Joe F. 352,93 McAdoo, Dorothy P. 240,257 McAlpin, Ronald B. 234 McAlpine, Jocelyn F. 83,167,249,256,257,295 McArthur, David A. 126,165,161 McArthur, Robert D. 108,327 McBride, Gary Phil 152 McBride, Leisel 245 McCafferty, Lynne E. 303 McCague, Jane L. 297 McCaig, William J. 155 McCall, Alan L. 102,343 McCall, Jay Joseph 243 McCarroll, Constanc 39,289 McCarter, Peter A. 257 McCarthy, Kathleen 257 McCarthy, Sue 295,398 McCartney, Herbert 387 McCartt, Gene Jack 335 McCarty, Olda J. 295 McClanahan, Jane 307 McClaren, Bruce 276 McCleary, James B. 93,335 McClellan, Carol An 153 McClellan, Wm. Alan 152,280 McClure, David O. 323 McClure, Sharon A. 257 McCommas, Pauline 102,161 McConnell, Judith 289 McCormick, Robt. R. 229,361,366 McCortney, Scott 337 McCoy, Billie Mark 332 McCoy, Eddie L. 126 McCoy, James I. 152 McCoy, Jane E. 87 McCoy, Julia Anne 41,299 McCoy, Philip M. 71 McCoy, Raymond D. 375 McCracken, Judith L. 188,298 McCraig, Buffie McCrary, Carol L. 303 McCrary, Marilyn A. 102,180,303 McCray, Ernest C. 102,327,372,373,374,369 McCusker, Robt. John 152 McDaniel, Amy M 303,309 McDaniel, Bruce 157 McDole, Mathew M. 155,332 McDonald, Dorothy J. 243 McDonald, Jack 83 McDonald, John I. 63 McDonald, John R. 159 McDonald, William F. 342 McDoniel, Phillip Bruce 136,154,335 McDougall, Roderick 150,334 McElhattan, Neva M 301 McElroy, Mary M. 71 McElroy, Thomas O. McFadden, Kenny L. 257,353 McFarland, Henry F. 42,318 McFarland, Lynn 301 McCarty, Jane 233 McGlothlin, Jean C. 154 McGowan, Mary S. 270 McGreal, Patricia C. 257,243 McGregor, S. E. 164 McHenry, Linda J. 263 McHenry, Ray M. 157 McHenry, Carl W. 154,157 McHood, Joel B. 334 McIntosh, John A. 94,331 McIntyre, John F. 331 McIntyre, Sharon A. 41,62,170,284,299,398 McKaye, Jacqueline 245 McKee, Harry C. 255 McKenzie, Ben F. 247 McKenzie, Margo 30,31,55,94,309 KcKinley, Billy G. 277 McKinney, Clifford 318 McKinney, Thelma R. 286 McKinney, Theodore 248 McLain, George S. 61,387 McLean, Willis John 255 McLeod, Judith C. 303 McMillan, Micheline 303 McMillen, Diane R. 257 McNally, Gerald F. 126,329 McNeal, Virginia M. 102,257,295 McNeil, John D. 309 McNeil, Laura 309 McNeal, Mike 335 McNeil, Robert 275 McNeill, Frederick 355 McNichols, Sondra L. 270 McPherson, Lawrence 271 McRae, Alexander B. 245 McRae, Rulon 245 McRae, Darla Gay 102,161,162,263 McRae, Elizabeth 94,149,245 McRae, Hamilton E. 55,58,65,140,152,337 McRae, Lorin Post 331,165 McRoberts, Michael 280 McVay, Sandra 102,307,359 Maccani, James R. 257,258 MacCourtney, Edw. P. 125 MacDonald, Marcia 303 MacDorman, Carroll 166 Machmer, Gerald A. 118,159 Macias, Ola B. 135,154,156 Mack, Gayle 267 Mack, Larry H. 325 Mack, Maurine G 267 Mackall, George H. 94 Mackey, David Vance 340 Maclay, Ellen C. 87,286 MacNeil, Robert 388 Macurda, Diana 125,301 Mahoney, Charles E. 346 Mahr, Deborah Ann 94,286 Maier, John S. 94,150,341 Mail, Patricia D. 399 Maisler, M. Rebecca 244,255,264 Maitrejean, Clara Malcomb, Wm. Earl 318 Malakoff, Louis 108 Mall, Dave 243 Mallery, John Allen 383 Malone, Kathleen Malone, Ray 30,33,175,295 Malone, Wm. Daniel 119,343 Manciet, Robert 108 Mangum, Joyce A. O. 117 Mangum, Richard K. 117,159 Manley, Janet M. 87,286 Manley, Stephen 79 Mann, Kenneth Eugene 334 Manning, Barbara L. 303 Manning, James V. 243 Manning, Marjorie A. 43,188,303 Manning, Whipple 318 Mansfield, Scott 250 Mansour, Edward 126,323,326,254 Mansour, Johnny G. 63,243 Manzo, Rudolph O. 323 Mapston, Raymond Mar Min 94 March, Thomas P. 94 Marcoux, Kenneth 165,247 Marcus, Marilyn 102,291 Marcus, Melvyn L. 257 Marcus, Sharon R. 267 Marder, Robert G. 136,154,157,159 Maresh, Mary F. 223,303 Margolis, Shalom E. 126,155,313,348 Marianyi Juan Jorg 245 Marietti, John 65,337 Mariscal, Daniel 30,56,65,94,152,337 Marklund, Betty H. 103 Markovich, John J. 94 Marks, Bill 257 Marler, David W. 240 Marquardt, Phil W. 118,159 Marquart, Dorothy 106 Marsh, Barbara D. 41 Marsh, Katherine G. 103,303 Marsh, Stephanie 270,293 Marshall, Janice K. 303 Marshall, Marcia E. 222,307,359 Marshall, Robert J. 273 Marshall, Robert Wm. 241,280 Marskey, Philip P. 334 Marsten, Lewis A. 273 Marston, Robert C. 280,346 Marten, Donald B. 136 Martens, Sarah M. 87,244,251 Martin, Esther 259 Martin, Jane L. 295,398 Martin, Jerry 323 Martin, Robert 119,159,165 Martin, Wm. Gary 369 Martinez, Aurelio R. 375 Martinez, Felix R. 243,276 Martinez, Richard L. 103 Marton, Charles 280 Martz, Susan C. 66 Mashler, Ernest F. 331 Maslin, Harvey L. 36,37,61,65,172,350 Mason, Daniel F. 94,334 Mason, George R. 369 Massoglia, James J. Mast, Wm. Charles 61,155,343 Masters, Charles F. 132,327 Mateka, William G. 320 Mathern, Joseph L. 41,338 Mathews, Marlene H. 268 Matlock, John W. 340 Matson, Judith Anne 299,398 Matsuda, Kaoru 155,160 Matthews, Mariene 268 Matthews, Mary J. 289 Matthias, Warren D. 271 Mattingly, Barbara A. 299 Matts, Carolyn Janet 163 Matusak, Robert W. 108 Matz, Anthony T. 361,359,366 Matz, Ted 119,159 Maurer, Raymond W. 40,94,140,162,334 Maus, Gretchen L. 286 Mawgum, Joyce 149 May, Bruce T. 277 May, Judson E. 250 May, Patricia Ann 257 Mayberry, Andrew B. 152 Mayes, Barrie Dean 271 Maynard, Michael D. 383 Mayo, David P. 94,329 Mazon, Hector D. 94 Mazur, Howard E. 369 Maurer, Raymond W. 140,334,94,40,162 Mazurek, Edward A. 243 Mazzolini, Norma 270 Mead, Carol Ann 66,257 Mears, James C. 335 Meek, Jackie A. 369 Meddleton, Ned 253 Medina, Roy G. 108,333 Meenan, Kenneth M. 385,383 Mees, Kenneth M. 385,383 Meese, Allen D. 331 Mees, Quentin 385,383 Meier, Marlene C. 103,262 Meierl, Mary R. 270 Meintzer, Willis L. 341 Meissner, Myna M. 296 Mejdrich, Richard R. 108 Melczer, Linda Anne 307 Mellen, John L. 253 Melstein, Bernie 254 Melton, John C. 341,369 Mendelsohn , Sue F. 291 Mensch, Diane 43,307 Mentze, Dale R. 267,329,313 Menz, Pamela 79 Mercer, Ronald C. 338 Merchant, John W. 346 Merchant, Mary F. 309 Meredith, George D. 334 Merino, Liz 244 Merrick, Gladys A. 39,103,161,264 Merrill, Larena 269,245 Merrill, Jeanne 334,238 Merritt, Lynn S. 291 Merritt, Philip S. 323 Merz, Maydith 299 Mesce, Patricia M. 309 Meshel, Herbert P. 74,154,157,159,244 Mesher, Ferne S. 291 Methvim, William 248 Metzger, John L,. 94,140,162,285,329,313 Meyer, Barbara Sue 114,301 Meyer, James G. 274,334,361 Meyer, Marilyn L. 291 Meyer, Sue Ann 295,395,396 Meyers, Howard R. 348 Michaels, Stephanie 297 Michela, Richard J. 243 Michelena, Ramona K. 270 Michener, Anna L. 43,269 Mickelsen, Lucinda E. 299 Middleton, Constance 182 Mies, George M. 381,343 Milam, William G. 108,140,152,337 Miles, Alan Alfred 341 Miles, Marilyn E. 42 Miller, Alfred John 346 Miller, Arthur H. 159 Miller, Benjamin F. 94,335 Miller, Carol Ann 103,289 Miller, Donald S. 109 Miller, Douglas J. 340 Miller, Gay G. 258,296 Miller, Gerald C. 140,126 Miller, Harold M. 271 Miller, Jacque R. 321 Miller, J. C. 162 Miller, James Wm. 341 Miller, John Edgar 318 Miller, John H. 126,161 Miller, Judith J. 267 Miller, Judy N. 267 Miller, Kalman J. 250 Miller, Marilyn 267 Miller, Richard Lea 250 Miller, Roger Alan 323 Miller, Suzanne Kay 243 Millett, Jeremy J. 315 Mills, Robert R. 334,318 Millsap, Bobbye D. 66,240 Milstein, Phyllis B. 85,297 Mince, Walter R. 229,360,365,383 Minker, Stephen J. 348 Minnamon, Paul S. 155 Minson, Ronnie B. 337 Misenhimer, Danie L. 271 Mishkind, Ira L. 94,149,350 Mitchell, Eileen W. 245 Mitchell, George H 342 Mitchell, William, Jr. 167 Mitchell, William L. 373 Miter, Diana G. 30,31,56,87,103,285,286 Mittendorf, Eliz. Ann 74,301 Mittendorf, Margaret 155 Mittendorf, Peg 396 Mitzall, Dave 280 Mockler, P. J. Mogerman, Edward G. 36,154,157 Mohr, Gordon A. 319 Moiola, Sharon 103 Moir, Paul Douglas 319,383 Moller, Mary E. 70,72,267,293 Momsen, Virginia K. 307 Monaghan, Karen A. 243 Monroe, James 389 Monsegur, Michael J. 247 Monteverde, Humberto 329 Montgomery, Fred L. 63,160 Moody, Brent F. 337 Moody, John Robert 257 Moon, Lloyd Edwin 335,156 Mooney, James P. 333 Moore, Cliff D. 85,353 Moore, Michael C. 319,394 Moore, Ralph Perry 43,247,314 Moore, Ralph L., Jr. 247,333 Moore, Richard E. 106 Moore, Sheri Lynn 309 Moore, Thomas C. 337 Moore, Thomas Thorn 89,31 Moorman, Jereyc 126,343 Mora, Jeffrey Guy 350 Morales, Robert A. 251 Moran, Timothy V. 337 Mordka, Maurice 348 Mordret, Gerard L. 369 Moreno, Fred Mills 381 Moreno, Manuel M. 247 Morey, Roy Douglas 253 Morgan, Edward L., Moriso, Gerald 334 Morkovich, John 325 Morones, Felicia 265 Morris, Alfred W., Jr. 109,325 Morris, Dale A. 397 Morris, Jane 398 Morris, John F. 257 Morris, June Ilene 291 Morris, Melinda 295 Morris, P. M. 106 Morris, Ronald Wm. 40 Morris, Sheralyn 70,167,262,301 Morrison, H. Gaeel 284 Morrison, James Craig 381 Morrison, Janlyn M. 93 Morrison, Martha J. 297,270 Morrison, Norman D. 258 Morrow, Ralph W. 247 Morrow, Robert G., Jr. 247,326 Morse, John W. 329 Morse, Ruth Ann 266 Mortenson, Patricia 253 Morton, Beulah E. 130,257 Mosbacher, David T. 34 Moseley, Kel 320 Moseley, James C. 94,334 Moseley, William K. 94,320 Moses, Judith Ann 303 Mosher, Janet Ruth 398,399 Moss, Patrick G. 109,153 Mottl, Ernest C., Jr. 333 Mouer, James R. 254 Mower, Richard G., Jr. 110,335 Mower, William C. 63,334,369 Mowrey, Judy Jean 199,303 Moynahan, Joan E. 286 Mueller, Bonnie C. 268 Mukhtar, Hashim A. Mullahey, William M. 248 Muller, John A. 94,179,225,323 Muller, Kalman A. 323 Mulligan, Gerald D. 126,254,277 Mulvey, Arthur C. 85,250,329 Munce, Carol P. 301 Mundt, Kenneth F. 109 Munk, Gary E. 337,359 Munkdale, Steven 340 Munn, Harvey 152 Muns, Edward C. 337 Munsey, Fred 279 Munson, Wendy 33,42,295 Murchison, Rolf K. 106,109,152,167 Murphy, Elizabeth T. 257 Murphy, Gail Marie 305 Murphy, Jack Lyn 249 Murphy, Jerry B. 94 Murphy, John A., Jr. 117,383 M urphy, John J. 160,257,383 Murphy, Michael Geo. 155,72,335 Murray, David Ray 315,319 Muse, Terrell A. 61 Musgrove, James B. 32,42,275 Mutnick, Jack L. 94,150,247,325 Myerfeld, Harriet A. 297 Myers, Edw. Wm. 43,270,327 Myers, Kay S. 303 Myers, Priscilla C. 263 Myers, Rosemary 303 Myser, Marilyn A. 126,301 Mzabi, El Moustapha 252,253 - N - Nabours, James M. 241 Nack, Gail Diane 253 Nagle, Michael D. 334 Nakamoto, Harry 274 Nardone, Patricia M. 62,398 Nash, heresa K. 295 Natta, Bernardino C. 132,161,163,165,247 Navarro, Arthur C. 119,159 Navarro, Calderon E. 388 Near, Bradley A. 75 Neblett, William P. 313,319 Neely James Alan 247 Neely, Keith B. 250,257,353 Negley, Harry H. 273,280 Negrette, Robert E. 243 Nehdar, Nasir 247 Neher, Julia E. 269 Nelson, Delbert 245,334 Nelson, Dennis B. 329 Nelson, Derith F. 126,309 Nelson, Faye 245 Nelson, Gregory J. 109,329 Nelson, James B. 271,319 Nelson, John Myron 154 Nelson, Sue Ann 303 Nelson, Tamara 46 Nelson, Wm. Cutler 109 Nenson, Helen J. 263,249,395,396 Neuman, Deanna K. 297 Neumann, Peter C. 41,61,62,254,343 Newcomb, Judith Ann 289 Newcomer, James Edw. 157 Newkirk, Hartley E. 165 Newlon, Marta I. 79 Newth, Ronald Edw. 321 Newton, Norman L. 109 Newtown, Donald R. 341 Nicholas, Vernon L. 343,388 Nichols, Nancy 286 Nichols, Nancy M. 62,284,238,309 Nichols, Ted Lewis 165 Nickel, Sarah M. 303 Nickey, Richard Al 94,340 Nicol, Norma C. 268,398 Nielsen, Edward S. 323 Nielsen, Jonh C. 343 Nixon, Brenda 103,299 Noe, William Jay 329 Noggle, Ralph Carl 355 Nolan, Conway G. 150,251 Nordby, Harold E. 160 Nordby, Marlene D. 103 Nordell, Patricia J. 399,396 Norman, Andrew E. 277 Norris, Andrew D. III 325 Norris, James D. 159,154,157,337 Norris, Peter M. 165,167 Norris, Russell R. 346 North, William C. 247 Norton, Frank R. 254 Norton, Sherry L. 299,245,251 Nosal, Cornelia M. 243 Nugent, Judy Gay 94 Nunez, Morris, Jr. 243 Nuseibeh, Mustafa 127,259 Nutt, Eugene D. 109 Nyunt, Maung Pe 109,152 - O - Oberstone, Joelee 350 O ' Brien, Patricia A. 270 O ' Bryant, Patricia A. 295 Ochoa, Frank G. 243,94 Ocon, Bernadine R. 103 O ' Connell, Constance 166,397 O ' Connell, Missy 398 O ' Connell, Sandra E. 299,252 O ' Connor, Cathy A. 301 O ' Connor, Sharon 296 Odom, Patricia 257 O ' Harra, Lawrence B. 109 O ' Harro, Michael G. 42,199,314,319 O ' Kane, Tom 280 Oliver, Donald Robt. 156 Olivery, Christina 243 Olsen, Alfred J. 42,176,31,160,79 Olsen, Vibeke Hein 39,299 O ' Dell, John H. III 257 O ' Dowd, John Sande 71 O ' Dwyer, Dermot 243 Ogurek, Vincent Pete 85,154,319,313 O ' Hara, John H. 140,109,165 O ' Hara, Larry 335 Olbery, Tina 253 Oliver, Don 156 Olson, Donna 166 Olson, Lee 319 Olson, Tom 343 Olson, William J. 349,319 Olszewski, Lydia H. 103 Oltmans, June C. 293 Olyphant, Chuck 337 Omansky, Linda M. 42,297 Onodera, George C. 109,165 Olson, Connie 166 Oppenheim, Samuel A. 160,254,348 Ordway, Sarah E. 299 Ocie, Mary 397 Orms, Michael D. 280,273 Ormsby, Diane 251,267 Ormsby, Mar Lynn 267 Orndorf, Richard A. 326 Orosco, Dolores 249,399 Oris, Charles A. 127 Orth, Joan B. 244 Osborne, James Chas. 361 Osborne, Jerry E. 277 Osborne, Kathy 268 Osburn, Mary K. 268 Oseran, Sylvia 291 Osgood, Laura W. 301 Osten, Judith F. 151 Osterling, Jim 327 Osterman, Carl H. 327 O ' Sullivan, Thomas G. 335 Oswald, Edward M. 249 Oswell, Anna Mary 103,245 Overend, Robert E. 329 Overland, Bernie J. 329 Overton, Frank W. 286,273 Overton, Jerry 273 Owen, Nancy L. 42,103,309 Owens, Margaret S. 213 Owens, Sandra 309 Owsley, Charles H. 251 Ozmun, Robert D. 109 Pace, Fred R. 247 Packman, Nancy 303 Padgett, Margaret L. 240 Padilla, Jacob M. 275 Pagano, Poan M. 303 Page, Leroy A. 95,156 Pahnish, Floyd 249 Pakula, David L. 119,159 Palen, Judith Ann 301 Pall, Laverne J. 127 Palm, Margaret C. 307 Palma, Raul B., Jr. 275 Palmer, E. Payne 388 Palmer, Hariett 166 Palmer, Kenneth T. 133,163,271 Palmer, Richard C. 166 Palmer, Susan Kern 199 Paluselli, Dante E. 369 Panknin, Joyce M. 293 Pape, Bruce McKie C. 346 Paquette, John Ewd 155,257,65 Parra, Henry 259 Parke, Dorothy D. 284 Parke, Penny 39,64 Parke, Wm. Martin 341,249 Parker, James Edw. 95 Parker, Lamar L. 249 Parker, Leland J. 109 Parker, Lillian 261 Parker, Martha Ann 267 Parker, William H. 43,335 Parks, Karl E. 278 Parn, Tom 329 Parra, Arthuro 259 Parrott, William E. 63,334,375 Parry, Marilyn D. 103,32 Parshall, Chas. Ward 340 Parsons, Bonnie S. 257 Parviz, Ansari 259 Pascoe, Susan C. 270 Pasternack, Ted 350 Pate, James Alan 277 Patel, Ralital Ambal 259 Paterson, Richard B. 326 Pathak, Hemantkmar 259 Patten , Tom C. 334 Patterson, Jim 343 Patterson, Mary E. 72,309 Patterson, Ruth W. 103 Patterson, Virginia 93 Pattillo, Edward D. 323 Pattiz, Cathy L. 291 Patton, James Lloyd 325 Paul, Duane Darrell 337 Paul, Penny P. 307 Pauliny, Benita R. 299 Pavlovich, Natalie S. 257 Payette, Sylvia Joy 241,269 Payne, Carolyn Payne, Katharine 41,252 Payne, Neill Hunter 127 Payne, Thomas B. 314,326 Payne, William C. 384,323,386 Peabody, Edwin E., Jr. 338 Peabody, Sina M. 243,268 Peacock, John W. 95,244 Peacock, Dick 343 Pearson, Bruce R. 157,167 Pearson, Dodd 383 Pebworth, George A. 346,313 Peck, Alta 245 Peck, Marion Max 152 Peckham, John H. 319 Pedderson, Ronald A. 41,327,343 Peek, Jonathan E. 42,160,249,154,313 Peete, Willie 375,366,360 Peigliese, Paul 271 Pellerin, Roy S. 95,150 Pemberton, Sandra J. 127 Pence, James J. 124 Pence, Jerry D. 65,127,244,331 Pendleton, Donna J. 265,289 Pendleton, Nathaniel 329 Pendley, John H. 341 Pennington, Juliana 398 Pennington, Kathleen.. 64,151,293 Pennington, Timothy 363,335 Percy, Mary E. 127,307, Perham, Lee Albe rt 248 Perkins, Willis W. 257,253 Perkuhn, Dorothy S. 253,254,262,307,399 Pernell, Harry C. 95,334 Perri, Matthew V. 253 Perry, Lee Rowan 159 Perry, Lilyan 43 Perry, Susan Kay 303 Person, James D. 320 Peterson, Carol Ann 270 Peterson, Gary Joe 109,234,329 Peterson, Harlow R. 280,279 Peterson, Kenneth 329 Peterson, Marolyn B. 267 Peterson, Russell 166 Peterson, Vicki J. 87,293,267,25 Peterson, Welsey A. 154 Petrino, Roger Dale 361 Petrucciani, Robert 321 Pettijohn, Robert L. 275 Pettio, Emory 271 Phelan, Marcia B. 299 Phillips, Donald Kay 245 Phillips, Ponder Lee 103 Phipps, Clare A. 127,303 Phoenix, Susan C. 270 Piatt, Keithley S. 227,267 Picchioni, Al 157 Pick, Norma Jean 265 Pickford, Kate F. 270 Pieczentkowski, M. A. 361,340,359 Piele, Guy 257 Pierce, Carolin 308-9 Pierce, Mary Sue 303 Pierce, Michael C. 275 Pierce, Sally H. 248,398,399 Pierce, Sally L. 303 Pierson, Elvin 326,261 Pierson, P. E. 162 Pierson, Pamela J. 241 Pierson, Thomas Lee 140,95,325 Piety, John S. 127 Piper, Donald F. 325 Pisaro, Robert G. 341 Pittler, Jill Eilene 244,266,297 Pittock, Hugh Bort. 315 Pitts, Mike 343 Platt, Linda L. 264,157 Plinski, Frances X. 361 Plummer, Bob Earl 77,343 Plummer, David S. 323 Podolsky, Stanley I. 348 Poetzl, Herbert 243 Pogue, James W., Jr. 119 Polasek, Sylvia S. 257 Pollard, Edw. J. 369,383 Polley, Alan Knight 119,159 Polston, Robert W. 333 Pomainville, Suzanne 39,87,295,398 Pomeroy, Connie 248 Pomeroy, Neil K. 352 Pomeroy, Ralph J. 352 Poodiack, Joseph W. 127 Pooler, Sue E. 42,64,32,151,307 Pope, Barbara V. 292 Popkin, Norman J. 323 Popson, June J. 243 Porteous, John Wm 279 Porter, Frank Louis 119,243,333,313 Porter, Shirley J. 263 Posner, Bill 31 Posner, Robert B. 127,155,56,350,238,313,59 Potdevin, Federico 109 Poctillion, John F. 334 Potter, John W. 42,327 Potter, Patricia A. 307 Potter, Robert A. 160,156 Potter, Robert M. 156 Potter, Sheila M. 286 Potts, Charles R. 319 Powell, Carolyn F. 270 Powers, Bruce A. 154 Powers, Christina .... 257,243,276 Pozil, Lawrence 350 Prader, Judy 267 Prater, Barbara 267 Prater, Judith A. 39,293 Prather, Robert L. 140,271,95,152,156,280,273 Pratt, Carl Barton 245 Pratt, Jewel Ann 334 Preciado, Patricia A. 36,39,38,60,103,172,56 Preston, Carol J. 114 Pretzer, David M. 352 Pretzer, Mike 314 Price, Clifton P. 280 Price, Jay 249 Price, Guy M 319 Price, Marjorie 249 Price, Sally Ann .... 39,64,32,286 Price, Sheila M. 266 Price, William S. 325 Priebe, Wm. 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T. 152 Van Pelt, Roy Henry 167 Van Reenen, Joyce E. 36,64,66,151,172 Vanskike, Shirley 39,57,60,104,161,232,261,269 Van Tome, Lenon I. 133,163,247 Van Voorhis, C. 167,293 Varga, Walter David 334 Varga, Zoltan 323 Vassallo, Claudia A. 104,301 Vaughn, Lamar M. 341 Veenboer, Sandra J. 104,307,397 Velarde, Ruben P. 276 Veliz, Patricia 51 Ventres, Pete J. 387 Verity, Vicky L. 244 Vernon, William R. 258 Ver Velde, Bernice 104 Viault, Marianne 303 Vickers, Marilyn 303 Victor, Gary S. 350 Vidal, Gene Vance 241 Virant, Anthony G. 319 Vivas, Robelo O. 253 Vocale, Nellie 299 Voevodsky, John 165 Volpe, Kathleen M. 305 Von Beneckendorff 268 Vosburg, John A. 243 Vos, John Frederick 30,31,32,61,65,172,285,331 Voss, Nancy Ruth 286 Vosskuhler, Philip 160 Vuich, John S. 314,339 -w Wachtel, Susan N. 297 Waddell, Robert L. 321 Waer, Richard D. 243 Waggoner, Charles 249,319 Wagner, Charles E. 334 Wagner, Charles L. 129 Wagner, Charles R. 319 Wagner, James A. 110,154,165 Wahl, Linda E. 398,399 Wakeman, Robert Neal 41,150,333 Wakenigg, Richard P. 331 Walcha, Lynne M. 305 Walder, Kit 265 Waldon, Carol 245 Walker, Alex 325 Walker, Anne C. 104 Walker, Chuck 319 Walker, Clarence H. 152 Walker, Glen Looman 258,338 Walker, Kit 305 Walker, Mary E. 265 Walker, Ronald H. 57,59,129,140,177,252,335 Walker, Walter W. 247 Walker, Wm. 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Thomas 325 Wilcoxson, Kenneth H. 238,273,280 Wild, Donald R. 361 Wilder, William F. 63,319 Wilkerson, Dennis L. 71 Wilkes, Girard L. 129,335 Wilkes, James M. 49,253,334 Wilkie, Gloria D. 96,305 Wilkinson, J., Jr. 319 Will, Hallie H. 85,151,251,308,309 Willet, Herbert M. 350 Willey, Mary Ellen 180,284 Williams, Carol 257 Williams, David B. 346 Williams, Frank D. 346 Williams, James C. 334,383,385 Williams, Larry D. 243,361 Williams, Marjory V. 254,266 Williams, Minner 364,366 Williams, Richard J. 152 Williams, Ronald C. 153,167 Williams, Stephen 327 Williams, Tucille 158 Williams, William C. 343 Williamson, Jon R. 319 Willis, Edward 321 Willis, Jerry 323 Willis, John R. 57,140,158 Wilson, Bruce C. 387 Wilson, Carter 163 Wilson, Charlotte E. 267 Wilson, David 248 Wilson, David C. 74 Wilson, David John 164 Wilson, Donald R. II Wilson, Edward A. 63,337,363,361 Wilson, Henry B. 329 Wilson, James A. 326 Wilson, James Paul 243,277 Wilson, Jane 308,309 Wilson, Janet C. 87,251,257 Wilson, Jon R. 314,337 Wilson, Josephine L. 289 Wilson, Judith J. 261 Wilson, June A. 303 Wilson, Laurie Lou 167 Wilson, Maren Ann 262 Wilson, Mary E. 262 Wilson, Patience T. 162 Wingfield, Hugh V. 275,381 Wininger, Ruth H. 241 Winn, Linda Jane 299 Winship, Henry Ward 157 Winship, Hank 154,157 Winslow, Susan F. 247,295 Winsten, Dennis Ira 133,165 Winter, Judy Anne 39,64,151 Winter, Karen 299 Wiper, Thomas Wm. 154 Wisdom, Lila J. 243 Wise, Jack Elwood 337,392 Wise, James F., Jr. 278 Wise, James R. 346 Wise, Judith Jane 249 Witney, Judy 248 Witt, Monte Lewis 47 Witt, Thomas W. 89 Witz, Margaret A. 308,309 Wohlgemuth, David M. 350 Wolf, Louise 104 Wolf, Perry Alice 256,257 Wolf, William W. 331 Wolfson, Lewis H. 348 Wolfson, Lee 110 Wolhart, Ronald O. 152,154 Wolleat, Pat 244 Woloshin, Stephen 348 Wong, Frances 39,64,66 Wong, Roy 65,129,350 Wong, Thomas John 245 Woo, Wilson Bow 136,159,240 Wood, Clifford L. 257 Wood, Judith V. 286 Wood, Mary Juanita 299 Wood, Ralph B. 334 Wood, Susan M. 268,308,309 Woodard, Thomas L. 257 Woodhouse, Sue Amy 240 Woodrow, A. W. 164 Woodruff, Nancy 270 Woodruff, Patricia M. 289 Woods, Briggs 334 Woods, Dewitt C. 257 Woods, Don 390 Woods, Katherine L. Woodward, Grady J., Jr. 96,240,249 Woolsey, Alvin J. 129,346 Wootton, Ted R. 275 Worl, John S. Wortman, Wm. George 271,338 Woyak, Vivian I. 243,262 Wozny, Michael John 110 Wright, Carleton C. 392 Wright, Corky 323 Wright, Donald F. 152 Wright, Elaine F. 295 Wright, Linda 295 Wright, Patricia M. 284,296 Wright, Sandra Anne 286 Wright, Suzanne 96 Wyatt, Penny 264 Wygant, Nelson P. 96,332 Wyatt, Diana Gay 364 Wyatt, Don 326 Wygant, Paul 313 Wynn, George 257 -Y- Yassen, Bob 350 Yates, Belle M. 291 Yavelberg, Irvin S. 110,161,165 Yde, Neala R. 250 Yeager, Mike 58,129,343,361 Yeaman, Harold E. 278 Yee, Albert King 153 Yee, Evangeline 269 Yee Moon Shick Yerger, Lucy Eliz. 62,249,256,257,301 Yocum, Samuel C. 327 Yoder, Dan Samuel 41,153,280 Yonash, Frances L. 293 Yontef, Gary M. 253 Young, Alan John 152,242 Young, Claude W. 96 Young, Harvey C. 329 Young, Jon N. 129,150,257,323 Young, Judith Ann 289 Young, Kirk 160,369 Young, Richard C. 327,334 Young, Richard E. 386 Young, Robert B. 45,106,110 Yount, John Edward 277 Yuckman, Meg 270 Yupraphat, Visut 243 Yusko, Edw in V. 96 Yutsus, Eugene S. 154,157,159 Yahneser, Jack 248 - Z - Zahn, Kenneth C. 159 Zahniser, Jack 248 Zahniser, Richard A. 326 Zajegtocky, J. A. 157 Zalsman, Saul 133 Zeidler, Beverly S. 398 Zelickson, Tod Zeligman, Betty Sue 244,265,266 Zeller, Barton W Zeller, Miles Murton 321,375,377 Ziegler, Lawrence L. 106,110 Zilliox, Louis Jay 331 Zimbler, Myrna Zimmerman, Joseph 96,140,150,162,333 Zimmerman, Sally A. 251,256 Zimmerman, Stephen 244 Zinder, Naomi Ruth Zion, Daniel L. 57,129,140,274,313,334,361 Zisman, Edw. David 275 Ziss, Charlene J. Zuhowski, William J. 234,321 THE HAS COME . . . The day which seemed could never come — when work on the Desert would be finished — is surprisingly not as happy a day as I had thought; it ' s a little lonely and a bit too quiet in SU 210 now that there are no more typewriters busily beating out copy, phones constantly ringing, people chattering and hurrying in and out as they try to get their jobs done. Loose pieces of paper have been thrown out, the ashtrays are empty and the coffee cups and coke bottles are gone. Together those working closely with the production of this year ' s book shared many a moment; the ones of worry or are not forgotten in the memory of those happy days when piece by piece each part was completed. There remains one task which I will never be able to adequately complete for I know of no way to fully convey my gratitude: . . . to the staff whose loyal and dedicated work produced the parts without which there could be no book. Regina Ruggan, art editor . . . talent, imagination, and the creation of the desert-colored cover and division page designs. Phyllis Rakita and George Anne Weedman, copy editors . . . bearing with us all; reams of copy read, corrected, rewritten, polished. Harlean Kaufman, campus life editor, assistant editor since March, editor of the 1961 Desert . . . consistent good work, a keen sense of humor . . . best wishes for the success she will surely have next year—Carolyn Pierce and Linda Sheffler ... both eagerly helped. Patti Veliz, assistant art editor, assistant editor for 1961 . . . always ready day, night, or vacations to help anyone with any phase of production; conscientious work in silhouetting the deans and photo dividers. Margie Barrie, activities and administration editor . . . smiling and uncomplaining, collected data on all the campus busy people. Diana Burke, colleges editor . . . first to finish a section, dedicated in her interest in compiling all scholastic information. Ted Bowen, organizations editor, business manager of the 1961 Desert . . . completed the largest most populous section. — Pam Dunlap and Margie Tench. . . both helped Ted—Sheri Hadley and Julie Little ... helped with greek section and completed Index. Eddie Guerrero, sports editor . .. enthusiasm and accuracy in compiling the sports section.—Ruth Ann Morris ... women ' s sports. Jim Wilkes, business manager . . . took over the collection of ads and sales, etc. in the middle of the year.—Dave Engleman .. . helped sell ads and books and organized individual pictures.—Roberta Carpenter, dance chairman . . . provided a good time for all—Carol Bonham, secretarial manager . . . organized an efficient office. . . . to all those who helped in so many different ways—Frank Soltys, June Caldwell, Tom Dau, Joyce Van Reenen, Danny Shafton, Royce Bond, Jim Allen, Dick Haney, Lorna Marks, Catherine Waggoner, and all the others. . . . To those involved in the finishing processes for their dedication to perfection in producing a good book — Photo Division — Henk Moonen, John Fogle, Bob Broder, Dave Hossler, Janet Rountree ... filling frantic and impossible requests, and being patient when tears spilled on the counter—Joe Hulderman, concern and help with meeting deadlines; putting our copy in legible type— Arizona Trade Bindery . . . binding the book beautifully as in past years—Shandling Litho . . . Irv, Barney, Don, Jack, the interest and extra hours spent, the work, the fun, the corned beef and salami sandwiches, etc. . . . good luck in the new shop —Stan Fabe, of Shandling and faculty art advisor . . . interest, help with every phase of production . . . there is no way to begin or end the list of all the times and places where he helped. . . . finally to mention the two, who from the beginning maintained the quality which would not allow failure — confidence: Bill Smith, faculty advisor . . . listened to my fragmented dreams until they could be developed into a workable plan, tactfully solved many a problem and through all the major and minor crises persisted in his " terrifying " optimism. Charles " Bumps " Tribolet, ASUA graduate manager . . . calmly listening to many frantic problems with a knack of letting me evolve a solution half way through the recitation . . . also for finding time to handle the business part of the book. . . . To these two, as with the rest, " thank you " is not enough; but I can say, in response to their statement last summer: " If it isn ' t fun, it isn ' t worth it " — they can cancel the negative and the hypothetical — It was both .. . MARIANNE GILBERT ( " M.G. " ), Editor IN MEMORIAM FACULTY AND STAFF Joseph A. Bradley Veda Daugherty Laurence R. Gray Frances Eberling Helen F. Bocock Howard A. Hubbard Jane Chambers Sam W. Armstrong Alice G. Sigworth Robert C. Parnell James M. Callahan Rollin M. Pease Lewis K. Oesterling William W. Hooper Evalyn A. Bentley STUDENTS Don Randall Simmons Tom J. Lennox Jack Harry Morgan Patrick Brereton Shelly Brent L. Blacketor Ralph L. Chitwood Gary Bradford Foster David E. Palmer Clarence N. Parmenter Ralph Dudley Peck Thomas Ralston Simmons Donald B. Tang Jayne Annette Berry Cornelia Otis Rice Norma Jean Terry

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