University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada)

 - Class of 1963

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University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 328 of the 1963 volume:

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U ,Y Y---,wr " f filw-1 -Q-.. ,Y , . 1 X ."x ,s , 11"'?"' --- ,uw . ,-.., W h . r-2.0--' ' , V K., ,,,......- A NN 'X 55' 1 ik 2 2 iv f N--... 1 H .,.. . in Nu vm S "S i 'il HJ ...WV-J xi.....JL, XX X., -.Q M, Emu A' ' ... -I-cg f . ,, fi 4 ,, , 'A -,X X... w. .- .Q -F , ,54- ,1f.,.-.ww vf -, ,f ...MQ + QY,.l, -f" wg' pw " A, .Q ..4L,.u:b1. ig 45,1-gh., 1 bt n f':g.,5 , ' '1' 5- ., 25- 1 1422- s ,451 421 I 'fi-' " U '1' 4:- "'. z Qw':Q-17 , -' --'- A r Ad .SQ . -.4 55 l Q: . - N sz, . A- 'ff' M' H'..,, . um. 0 -18 I 55.11 S!! J 1'9" X ' --1-'H-wwiflg uf7iH:'A - 'wmmwuqi F H 2' 2. . W.- , , 99' w X I I I X 15' X LL I , gf' f Y " A J gf ' Q 1 Nw? 1 . X 1:54 Yi- " 1 Al . 4.141 . .' F" ', wi' 1 -'EG' I3 .bf I H , -' W - . . I ' , , E' 1 " ' 'uk 'MRM' Vuqgggghf B 1 ,i .bi '-is Wi V x s -. , . O O . . wl- .-.p.,n,.g,!-,,.. ,I vt -,.', 5, -I , . , f vs-+.z1"""""'v' . ..f-Y i xt :tv T-05 . 'I 3.l -...L.L.. :..,, ,-w ... .,--P-aff. 4:-Ti- - ' " ' ' 4- - WY , , ,--- ' Y U. ,npul RQ A I F- l UN' QA ll I L. ,,, In 4"' 'M'- , I I I Q ' I I1 ' " A' - .il Ill ,, v . I F 1 ' Al V LY n -hxttix' ' rr. 'fwmu-. - -x-....., ,, ,,,,,n - ADMINISTRATION 5'1" ""'+" "' ---N - ,,.,- ., 31: IN MEMORIAM Walter A. Dinwoodie, permanent business manager of the Students' Union, died December 20, 1962. He had served the student body for fifteen years. .Q F i i I 1. il 1 I I 5 I I WALTER A. DINWOODIE Walter A. Dinwoodie, permanent business manager of the Students' Union for fifteen years, died December 20, 1962. He was 57 years old. Mr. Dinwoodie was born in the town of Lavoy, Alberta, formerly named Dinwoodie after his grandfather. Mr. Dinwoodie spent a number of years teaching school in the Vegreville district, and as secretary of Vegreville municipality. He was city commissioner in Wetaskawin before taking the Students' Union post. During the Second World War, he served with the RCAF. He is survived by his wife, Genevieve, one daughter, Marian, and two sons, David and Donald. During his fifteen years with the Students' Union, Mr. Dinwoodie won many friends among the student body and the community, and contributed to the growth of a strong and independent student government. In addition to performing his duties, he was always able to find time to discuss the many problems of university life with many students involved in extracurricular activities each year. He made the Students' Union function. He was the man who helped ideas become realities, who found the ways of making budgets something less than problems, who made the Students' Union the smoothly-functioning operation it has become. When Mr. Dinwoodie died, the Students' Union administered an annual budget exceeding a quarter of a million dollars, and had assets of more than one million dollars. Behind the dollar signs, the patient work of Mr. Dinwoodie defies measurement. The greatest tribute paid to him during his career came shortly before his death, when Stu- dents' Council appointed him planning adviser to the Students' Union. It was to be his task to take charge of developing a 352,500,000 expansion of the Students' Union Building. The students knew that with his guidance, the building would become one of significance, and would be out- standing among Canadian student facilities. His hours were not merely nine to five. He spent a great deal of his own time on student problems. Although modesty was perhaps the foremost characteristic of his personality, his tire- less industry was known to all. Walter A. Dinwoodie will not be soon forgotten. The West Lounge in the Students' Union Building has been renamed in his honor. But the greatest memorial to him is in the memories of the thousands of students who, over the years, enjoyed his friendly words and kindly assistance. Wm DR. WALTER H. JOHNS President of the University i . I A 1 tw or iE!.i- 4 55' A Q. 5 5 Q EE ' 5:ll' O M095 THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE The Province of Alberta, lying between the prairies and the mountains, is a land of far horizons and challenging prospects in the physical sense. Its young men and women, perhaps as much as any similar group in the world, face great challenges in the spheres of education and of service to mankind. As we add to our knowledge in the fields of physics and chemistry, biology and history, agriculture and medicine, the horizons grow ever wider and the problems still unsolved grow larger in number and in scope. Knowledge, which once seemed about to fall into rigid compartments, is now spreading over the dykes like a river in flood and the student must seek to explore it in breadth as well as in depth. The biologist looks to the chemist and the physicist for an understanding of the living cell. The engineer calls for the utmost intellectual effort from the mathematician to help explore the reaches of outer space. The psychologist turns to experimental physiology to probe the secrets of human behaviour. In the social and economic fields the call to service on an ever broadening scale continues to be heard. Newly created nation states in the far corners of the world look to us in Alberta to accept their young people in our schools and universities for training and education. Perhaps more important still, they seek the energy and talents of our graduates to help them create the conditions in which their people can be fed and clothed and housed, and ultimately be joined together in an organized and viable society. The students who appear in this yearbook will share in the work to be done on a world wide scale throughout the coming years. We wish them well. Loa,tru7JQ Aw.. Walter H. Johns, President FACULTY DEANS DEAN D. E. SMITH Arts DEAN H. S. ARMSTRONG Science DEAN C. F. BENTLEY Agriculture DEAN H. HARRIES Commerce DEAN H. R. MacI.EAN Dentistry DEAN W. F. BOWKER Law DEAN H. T. COUTTS Education DEAN G. W. GOVIER Engineering DEAN M. J. HUSTON Pharmacy DEAN W. C. MacKENZIE Medicine DEAN A. G. MCCALLA Graduate Studies - -W 1- 2,-1. 77-1, xx f 'fi ., .- - gf.: 1. ha 1 r :A -7 JUDGE L. Y. CAIRNS Chancellor DR. H. L. CRAGG Vice-President 0 CDXXY F 4 43' . z z J '19 f Q6 l i Q Q Www V C415 X16- CUMOLXV PROFESSOR A. A. RYAN Provost Executive Assistant to the President x MRS. GRANT SPARLING Dean of Women MAJOR R. C. W. HOOPER Advisor to Men Students Foreign Student Advisor Gm 0'-1 , -A "A' . 49 THE STUDENTS' UNION 5' Q- uNivERsrrY OF ALBERTA , , Before I begin, I charge you to remember that I write this in December of 1962. By the end of this term it should be considerably off the mark. It will be even less relevant but decidedly more ludicrous in thirty years. My task here is to set out what the pattern of student activities at the University of Alberta might be in the future, particularly in view of the changes which occurred in the 1962-65 term, Most of the points below are linked with the rapid expansion DAVE JENKINS of enrolment at this university-which this term has 8,276 students. P1'CS1dCI1f, SfLIdCl'lIS, UHiOH 1. The potential Jtfength of Canada? Jtztdenti: Few seem to realize it, but Canada's university students are now at the point where they can begin to exert a much greater influence than has been their practice in the past. I do not mean that students should attempt to rule the nation-as seems to be the custom in some countries -or even to take up the habit of starting riots. I mean that simply, for example, governments should and eventually will turn to ask the university students of Canada what they think or want. In some cases, the students will have the weight to make demands. The University of Alberta Students' Union can contribute toward this trend by giving solid support to the National Federation of Canadian University Students- which now has 105,000 members. 2. Initiative and irnaginutions One of the major problems facing students' councils at this university is that in view of in- creased enrolment, the councils must handle a large volume of administrative work. All the available time can be taken up with correspondence, committee work and the co-ordinating of established functions such as dances and Varsity Guest Weekend. The student executive must continually evaluate what it is doing, and take the initiative whenever possible. Some of the projects in this category this term are: the hard work of the 40-member Students' Union Building Expansion committee, the first student Blitz Day, undertaken on behalf of the United Campaign Fund, the chartering of an aircraft to take students to Europe this summer at low ratesg looking into the advantages of incorporation for the Students' Union, saving 310,000 on the year book contract, attempt- ing to levy a fee upon graduate students for use of Students' Union facilities, bringing the 1963 National NFCUS Congress to the U. of A., the hiring of experts to analyze the Students' Union business office with a view to efficiency, and the re-organization of present student government structure to cope with increased enrolment and a new Students' Union Building. 5. Looking outufard: There is constant danger that the University of Alberta's geographic isolation will contribute to pro- vincialism. I must say that I was very disappointed this term when a referendum that would have established several World Univer- sity Service exchange scholarships failed to receive the required two-thirds majority. However, on balance the trend to looking outward from the U. of A. continued. For example, able delegates were sent to all the major student conferences in Canada this year, the status of the U. of A. at Canadian student-conferences continued to grow iwe are now the fifth largest of Canada's forty universitieslg Students' Council soberly debated the Meredith racial discrimination issue, and, as mentioned before, the national NFCUS Congress was brought to Edmonton. 4. Money: As their programs expand, future students' councils will have to find more and more money. Indeed, money- gathering may be the only thing for which the 1962-63 council will be remembered, if at all. The 810,000 saving on the year book will be annual and if the graduate students consent to paying for the benefits they receive, many thousands of dollars will be realized in the years to come. Further, serious study has been given to the holding of a large-scale fund-raising campaign for the new Students' Union Building, and for levying Students' Union fees on students on certain small groups that seem to escape the present net. 5. Autonomy from our.tel1feJ: As the staff hired by the students for administrative purposes grows larger, there is danger that such professionals could take the lead in formulating policy. This is the case in some American universities where snident- hired directors acquire vast experience and begin to assume the role of the Students' Council. There has been no problem of this nature at the U. of A. However, in the future a special student council for overseeing the operations of the Students' Union Building should be established. Such a council would be responsible to the regular Students' Council. 6. Autonomy from the univeriity admini.ttmtion.' The autonomy demonstrated by U. of A. student governments and news- papers is a direct result of the attitude of the administration. Student government here is allowed to make its own decisions-and its own mistakes. This is a healthy situation. This leads to my concluding observation-a tribute to the President of the University of Alberta-Dr. Walter H. johns. In addition to allowing students great responsibility, Dr. johns also takes great interest in them. For example, in contrast to certain other large Canadian universities, where the students are fortunate to see their president once during their stay at university, Dr. johns attends many student functions, small and large. He will be remembered as a well-loved president. Only one thing can be said to mar the 1962-65 term: the passing of Walter A. Dinwoodie, the Students' Union business manager for fifteen years of unparalled service. Space permits only a summing up phrase for this tireless man: he poured much of his lifeblood into the Students' Union. EDMONTON , ALBERTA STUDENTS' COUNCIL ANNE DODDS IAIN MacDONALD Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer JOHN BURNS OWEN RICKER WENDY DAHLGREN SONIA KULKA Co-otdinatot of President of Men's President of Women's President of Student Activities Athletics Athletics Wauneita Society GORDON BANTA WES CRAGG DOUG MCTAVISH NORMAN WILSON PAT HUNT Agriculture Arts and Science Commerce Dentistry Education Y WALTER SEYER BETTIE JOHNSON PAT BENTLEY ERNEST RUNIONS SANDY WEIR Engineering Household Economics Law Medicine Nursing CHARLES GERHART DAVE CRAGG SANDRA SUNDSET BENTLEY LE BARON PETER SHARPE Pharmacy Physical Education Physiotherapy Gateway Editor NFCUS Chairman S.U.B. MR. BRYAN R. CLARK MR. ALEX MARKLE, B.A., B.-I., B.Ed Assistant Business Manager Executive Secretary, General Alumni Association S.U.B. SUPERVISORY STAFF Left to right, back row: John Humphreys, Iain MacDonald, Bruce Walker. Front row: Bob Hall, Charles Shobe. UNIVERSITY ATHLETIC BCARD DR. M. L. VAN VLIET MISS R. ANDERSON Director, School of Physical Education Director of Womens Athletics The University Athletic Board is a committee responsible for the organization and administration of the University's intramural and intervarsity program. Paramount in the Boards operations are the controlling of finances and programs for both Men's and Wo- men's Athletics. WENDY DAHLGREN OWEN RICKER President of Women's Athletics President of Men's Athletics PEMBINA HALL HOUSE COMMITTEE Left to right, sitting: Alva Gray, Caro- lyn Foster, Liz Wilson CPresidentJ, Bea Mah, Glenda Moore. Standing: Yvonne Kozdrowski. STUDENT RESIDENCES .. 'J Pi 5' "4 30 15? Ax gm if of ASSINIBOIA-ATHABASCA HALLS HOUSE COMMITTEE Left to right, back row: Dave Willis, Ed Welsh, Andy Skuiins. Front row: Earl Jensen, Barry Luft CChairmanD, Doug Lamrard. ST. jOSEPH'S HOUSE COMMITTEE Left to right, standing: G. Powlik, J. DePaoli, J. Richter, P. Skitsko. Sitting: J. Schile, P. Patterson CPresidentD, J. Leeds. ST. STEPHEN'S HOUSE COMMITTEE Left to right, standing: N. Gordon, C. Race, W. Postma, G. Woodman Sitting: D. Armishaw, I. Housego QPresidentJ, S. Kolber. MARY MANOR-BRESCIA HALL Left to right, standing: K. Doyle, C. Raidz. Sitting: L. Bosnjak CPresidentD, P. May. ST. JoHN's Left to right. standing: E. Winnick, R. Shapka, L. Andrich. Sitting: E. Zeschuk CPresidentD, M. Wasyliw. ST. jUDE'S Left to riht, standing: G. Ehnes, A. Petra. Sitting: P. Strzepek, M. Nichols. ST. jOSAPHAT'S Left to right, standing: E. King, R. Hrabets, D. Warawa Gereluk, L. Yuzda, A. Zyla. Sitting: H Kullak, L. Katbonik 4PresidentJ, Rev. J. Skwar- ok, OSBM., B. Tretiak, M. Westrom. 32 , 1 . ' Va. Q yy X , 1 + x 1 A 1 V L 1,14 f 1 1. , A li ij.. . 2. ' - 1-2-2 i W . ' 69553-WR80E'5lR!ii3'll?u:f-HETIDQI'-1 YM SIHOIKIH. . Jllkilfdh. '.'R1W'5A.r3.u:'lf.:'..'w AGRICULTURE GRADUATES ADISOEMARTO, SOENARTONOg Bogor Indonesia AWRAM, WALTER 1.9 Edmonton BANTA, GORDON R.g Crossfield Exec. Agriculture Club Council Rep. BAUER, NORMANg Hilda BERDINE, DENNIS E., Ponoka BINGEMAN, MELVIN C.g Esther BROOKS, DONALD E.g Edmonton CATTONI, 1AMES A.g Lethbridge Exec. Agriculture Club Exec. Newman Club Exec. W.U.S. Kappa Sigma CLAYTON, BARRIE W.1.g Calgary COEN, GERALD M.g Bashaw Exec. Agriculture Club Exec. 4-H Alumni Club ELLIS, CAROLE A.L.g Calgary Exec. Agriculture Club GLEDDIE, VERNON M.g Tilley Exec. V.C.F. Exec. Male Chorus Librarian Male Chorus GREENLEE, GRAEME M.g Botha HAZLETT, GEOFFREY 1.3 Red Deer Agriculture Club Zeta Psi I-IOLMLUND, RONALD Wetaskiwin 4-H Alumni Exec. 1ENSON, EARL A.g Benalto Exec. Lutheran Student Movement Residence Men's House Committee LOCKHART, W. 1AMESg Harrell Exec. 4-H Alumni Exec. Garneau Y.P.U. KLAFFKE, RICHARD 1.3 Stettler KNULL, HARVEY R.g Thorsby MCLACHLAN, HARVEY E.g Fairview McLACHLAN, WILLIAM N.g Fairview Agriculture Club MEARS, GERALD 1.3 Peace River Exec. Residence House Committee Exec. Delta Kappa Epsilon Exec. Agriculture Club NETOLITZKY, HANS 1.g Edmonton RAE, 1AMES E.g Calgary Exec. Agriculture Club Exec. U. of A. Radio SKITSKO, PETER 1.5 Bruderheim SORENSEN, ALLAN K.g Wetaskiwin SUD1ADI, MOHAMADQ Bogor, Indonesia THOMAS. PERCY L.g Eckville Exec. Political Science Club Exec. New Democratic Party Zeta Psi A RTS HONORS GRADUATES ARCHER, RAYMOND H., Lethbridge Exec. V.C.F. Exec. Debating Society BAXTER, PATRICIA L.g Edmonton Exec. Blue Stocking Club BUCHANAN, DONALD M.g Edmonton Exec. Geography Club CRAGG, A. WESLEYQ Edmonton Exec. SUB Expansion Committee Exec. University Symphony Exec. Student's Council Exec. Musical Club Delta Kappa Epsilon CRAGG, ELIZABETHQ Edmonton Exec. U. of A. Mixed Chorus Exec. Gateway HARDY, ANN M.g Edmonton Exec. Bluestocking Club ARTS fConT.J LANGLOIS, CLAUDE, St. Paul Exec. Men's Economic Club LOOMES, EDDA, Edmonton MCINTOSH, ELIZABETH T., Edmonton Exec. Ski Club Exec. Bowling Club Exec. German Club MIQUELON, DALE B., Edmonton Exec. History Club NIELSEN, ESTHER S., Edmonton Exec. Panhellenic Society Council Exec. Womens Athletic Association Exec. "Variables" Delta Gamma O'GORMAN, DENIS K. P., Calgary REEVES, WILLIAM J., Edmonton Exec. U. N. Club Lambda Chi Alpha RENDLE, JUDITH A., Alliance RUDOLPH, ROSS A., Edmonton Exec. Political Science Club Exec. NFCUS Exec. Musical Club Sigma Alpha Mu SEALE, RONALD G., Edmonton SECKER, JOHN F.M., Edmonton Exec. Newman SHOWALTER, KATHLEEN L., Calgary Exec. French Club STANLEY, T. BROCK, Calgary Exec. St. Stephens College UPTON, PAUL S., Calgary A RTS GRADUATES ALLEN, THEODORE M., Taber Zeta Psi ALLISON, SCOTT, Edmonton ANDERSON, LAWRENCE W., Edmonton ANTON, RONALD M., Medicine Hat Intervarsity Curling Team APPLEYARD, REGINALD A., Edmonton ARNOLD, CAROLYN I., Lethbridge Exec. Delta Gamma AWID, RICHARD A., Edmonton BAER, JAMES D., Edmonton Zeta Psi BARCLAY, KIM F., Edmonton BARIL, CECILE M.L., Bonnyville Exec. Sociology Club BIRON, PRISCILLA Y., Bonnyville BLACKSTOCK, LAURA J., Edmonton BLEVISS, ALLAN D., Edmonton Exec. Drama Society Exec. Hillel BOURBONNAIS. ROGER M., Morinville BOUTILLIER, NOR.MA R., Edmonton Intervarsity Synchronized Swimming BRAGG, LLOYD E., Edmonton BREHM, NORRIS A., Edmonton Phi Kappa Pi BRENA, JEAN M., Edmonton BUNTING, DIANNE G., Edmonton BURCH, JOHN G., Edmonton Exec. Varsity Christian Fellowship BURNS, JOHN S., Midnapore Exec. Students' Union Intervarsity swim team Intervarsity football Delta Kappa Epsilon ARTS ICOM., BUTLER, ROD A.g New Norway BYRNE, JOHN T., Edmonton Intervarsity swim team CALDWELL, DAVID W., Pointe Claire Quebec CAMERON, DONALD B., Edmonton CELMAINIS, ANDREW, Red Deer Kappa Sigma CLENDENNING, LINDA R., Edmonton COADY, MARY F., Athabasca COAMBS, MARGARET E., Edmonton COCKELL, ROBERT B., .lame COLLIER, DAVID P., Edmonton Intervarsiry golf team COLVIN, PATRICIA M., Calgary Mixed Chorus lAccompanistJ CORNISH, DANIEL J., Edmonton CULLER, BEVERLY, Lethbridge DIADIO, GEORGE, Lethbridge DLIN, RHETTAg Edmonton DOMONEY, WILMA M., Red Deer DORMER, LYNDA E., Three Hills DOROSH, MAUREEN Mg Edmonton Exec. Public Relations Exec. Sociology Club Pi Beta Phi DUGGAN, NANCY E., Edmonton Exec. W.A.A. EDGAR, RUTH E., Edmonton Exec, Russian Club Delta Gamma EDGE, THOMAS A., Edmonton Exec. Theolog Club Exec. C.O.T.C. EDMONDSON. JEAN, Drayton Valley Pi Beta Phi ERB, MARILYN G,g Edmonton Pi Beta Phi ESOPENKO, SYLVIAQ Edmonton EVANS, TIMOTHY K., Calgary Delta Upsilon FEDORUK, ANNE MARIE, Edmonton FOSS, MARTIN E., Lethbridge Delta Kappa Epsilon FOX, ELIZABETH A., Edmonton FU-IITA, HIROKO, Coaldale GILLIES, GAIL L., Sherwood Park GORDON, PATRICIA A., Penhold GRANT, RICHARD G., Edmonton GREGORET, WILLIAM L., Edmonton HALL, SUSAN E., Edmonton HAMILTON, G. ROGER, Edmonton Delta Upsilon ARTS fConf.J HARMER, C. GAILg Edmonton Exec. New Democratic Party HAWES, FRANK N.J.g Toronto, Ont. Exec. Psychology Club HEALY, SHARON C.g Calgary Exec. Drama Society Exec. Yearbook Exec. Art Club HILLER, HARRY H.g Edmonton Production Co-ordinator P. R. O. HOBBS, BRIAN E.g Barrhead HOGG, T. DAVIDg Edmonton Delta Kappa Epsilon HOWARD, SHIRLEY E.g Edmonton JACKSON, AUDREY O.g Calgary Exec. Wauneita Society JANKE, JOHN W.g Edmonton JOHNSON, NORTH S.g Yellowknife, N. W. T. JONES, STEPHEN C.g Edmonton KACHMAR, ALEXANDER W.g Edmonton KERPAN, MARY G.g Leduc KITSCO, MARGARET R.g Edmonton KITT, JERRY M.g Edmonton KLINGBEIL, DIETMAR E.g Edmonton KOBLUK, WILLIAM D.g Delburne Exec. Newman Club KRYZANOWSKI, MALCOLM K.g Glendon KUPSCH, RICHARD D.g Edmonton Gateway Drama Society SUB Expansion Delta Sigma Phi LANDER, WILLIAM A.g Edmonton LANGNER, MONA M.g Jansen Sask. LITWIN, NESTOR W.g Edmonton MACDONALD, IAIN T. M.g Drayton Valley Exec. Students' Council Co-director Leadership Seminar P.R.O. WUS P.R.O. Psychology Club Gateway UN Club Delta Upsilon MCCALLUM, MELANIE A.g Edmonton Manager Swim Team Delta Gamma McFADDEN, DONNA M.g Lacombe MCFADZEN, JAMES W.g Edmonton MADSEN, Uillj M.A.g Banff Gold Key Society Exec. NFCUS Varsity Guest Weekend Wauneita Society MAH, BEA V.g Bashaw Exec. Pembina House Committee Exec. S.C.M. Cabinet MANNING, LYNNE C.g Edmonton Kappa Alpha Theta MARCEAU, RICHARD P.g Brosseau MARK, SANDRA L.g Edmonton Pi Beta Phi MATHESON, H. DALEg Edmonton Delta Gamma MICHAS, NICHOLASQ Edmonton MICHAUD, GERARD H.g St. Vincent MILES, GRAYDON E.g High River 7,,Y. iT ARTS QConT.J MINICH, IRENE L., Trochu MORAN, NEIL K., Fairview Exec. Musical Club MORRIS, KENNETH W., Edmonton Delta Sigma Phi NELSON, LORRAINE M., Edmonton OLESEN, JAMES H., Red Deer OLYNYK, NADIAg Edmonton PALMER, W. PETER, Edmonton PEERS, SUE J.g Edmonton Exec. Debating Society Delta Gamma PELAN, RICHARD S.g Camrose POLLEY, BEVERLEY S., Edmonton Exec. W.U.S. Delta Gamma PRITCHARD, JAMES B., Edmonton Bears Basketball Delta Upsilon PROUDFOOT, JAMES A., Edmonton Ski Team Captain Exec. Commerce Club PURKIS, LLOANNE G.g Lethbridge QUAN, NORMA J., Calgary RACE, CECIL L., Rimbey Exec. St. Steve's REE, SUSAN C.g Bentley REED, KENNETH P., Whitecourt RICE, GERALD C., Claresholm Zeta Psi RICHARD, LANCE B.g Edmonton Intervarsity Tennis Intervarsity Basketball Delta Kappa Epsilon RICHARDS, WILLIAM N.g Edmonton ROBERTSON, HUGH A.g Edmonton Exec. Debating Society Delta Kappa Epsilon ROSHAK, JOHN, Edmonton Exec. Zarevo RUSNAK, DONNA L., Edmonton Kappa Alpha Theta SADOWNIK, OLIVIA L., Edmonton SANDILANDS, MARK L., Edmonton Exec. U of A Radio SCHEPANOVICH, BRANNY M., Edson Managing Editor Gateway Model Parliament Exec. Liberal Club SCOTT, LORNE W4 Calgary Delta Upsilon SETH, HELEN E., Castor SEYMOUR, M. ALISONQ Edmonton Blue Stocking Club SHARP, JILL M., Calgary SHARPE, PETERQ Edmonton Chairman NFCUS Delta Upsilon SMITH, ALICE-MARY, Edmonton Exec. Ski Club Delta Gamma SMITH, VERNON A., Mannville Curling SONMOR, DAVID L., North Battleford Sask. STANDEN, FLORENCE E.: Calgary ARTS fCont.J STANIEK, EVA, Alameda, Calif. STANKO, STANLEY C., Edmonton STARCHUK, ASTRID V., Edmonton STEVENSON, R. KENNETH, Edmonton STEWART, DOROTHY-JEAN, Vermilion Secretary-Treasurer P.C.S.F. STRATFORD, SHARON E., Calgary STURM, MANFRED J., Edmonton SVENSON, KENNETH A., Rosemary President L.D.S. Club Vice-Pres. Sociology Club Arts 8: Science Council TAIT, EARLA I.M., Edmonton E.U.S. Council Pi Beta Phi TAIT, THOMAS G., Sylvan Lake TARLTON, NAN, Edmonton TASCHUK, JEANNETTE A., Edmonton THOMAS, DONALD B., Claresholm THURMOND, WILLIAM, Chicago, Ill. TIDSWELL, HOWARD W. H., Calgary Kappa Alpha Society CTorontoD TIGHE, GERALD N., Edmonton Art Club, President TKACHUK, MYRNA J., Edmonton Exec. Ilarion Club Kappa Alpha Theta TOLLESTRUP, KENNETH W., Raymond TRETIAK, WILLIAM H.J.g Rama, Sask. Exec. St. Basil's Obnova VAN OENE, ELEANOR J., Dundas, Ont. Exec. Mixed Chorus Exec. S.C.M. Exec. Gateway VANTOUR, JAMES A., Edmonton VEEVERS, JEAN E., Acme, Alta VERCHOMIN, ELAINE L., Edmonton Exec. Ilarion Club WALKER, A. BRUCE S., Edmonton Delta Upsilon WALKER, FREDERIC A., Pincher Creek, Alta. Exec. Canterbury Club WARREN, JAMES B., Lundbreck, Alta. WARSHAWSKI, BARBARA A., Edmonton Exec. Panhellenic Society Delta Gamma WEEKES, IRVINE D., Bridgetown, Barbados Pres. New Democratic Party Treas. Men's Economics Club Model Parliament WHELIHAN, CATHERINE A., Edmonton Exec. Waunita Society W.A.A. Council A.S.U.S. Council Figure Skating Team Pi Beta Phi WILSON, MAUREEN G., Edmonton Exec. W.A.U.B. WILSON, THOMAS W., Edmonton Exec. University Symphony Exec. Mixed Chorus WINFIELD, DAVID J. S., Edmonton Exec. Rugby Football Club Exec. U.N. Club WOWK, BETTY M., Smoky Lake, Alta. WOZNOW, BEVERLY A., Edmonton Exec. The Gateway YOUNG, RONALD J., Edmonton ARTS ICont.J ZEDEL, ARTHUR A., Edmonton COMMERCE GRADUATES BABB, ALLAN G.g Lloydminister Exec. Commerce Council BIDLOCK, PETER R., Lloydrninister Kappa Sigma BRAITHWAITE, J. LORNE, Edmonton Exec. Commerce Undergraduate Society Golden Bear Football Lambda Chi Alpha FENRICI-l, JOE R.g Ptelate, Sask. Lambda Chi Alpha GRAVES, DON M., Calgary Exec. Commerce Undergraduate Society Phi Delta Theta HENRY, NEIL O.g Edmonton Signboard HOLLOWAY, LARRYQ Calgary Golden Bear Hockey Delta Upsilon HORTON, GREGORY C.g Calgary Delta Upsilon JENSEN, BRIAN L., Calgary KEITH, DOUGLAS A.g Red Deer Kappa Sigma LAMB, FREDRICK E.g Lashburn, Sask. Exec. Commerce Undergraduate Society Golden Bear Hockey MACLEOD, RODERICK G.g Calgary Phi Delta Theta NIXON, BLAINE G., Nanton, Alberta Phi Kappa Pi SANDERSON, STANLEY, Calgary Sigma Alpha Mu SCHERE, DALE L.g Calgary St. Joseph's House Committee SHEPPARD, DONALD H., Edmonton Exec. Commerce Public Speaking Club Assit. Student Editor, Student Handbook Kappa Sigma TANGUAY, RON R.g Edmonton Exec. Radio Society YOUNG, KENNETH G.g Edmonton Students Council Director, Varsity Guest Weekend Exec. Golden Key Society Delta Upsilon DENTAL AUXILIARY GRADUATES BIBBY, ROSE C.A.g Westlock Alberta CARRAN, MARUIE D.: Oyen, Alberta CLARK, EILEEN F., Calgary COUTTS, AVRIL A.g Lethbridge HARILDSTAD, JUDITH A., Outlook Sask. JOHNSTON, JUDY M.g Edmonton Exec. Dental Hygiene Undergraduate Society KELLY, MARION L., Delburn, Alberta KISHIMOTO, LOUISE M., Lethbridge Exec. Dental Hygiene Undergraduate Society LAYE, MARGRET E.g Rimbey, Alberta MCQUEEN, CATHERINE L., Moose Jaw, Sask. MAINPRIZE, MARY ANNE: Edmonton MORRISON, LESLIE A., Calgary President, Ballet Club PATERSON, GERALDINE E.g Edmonton RITZIE, MARIAN J.g Oshawa, Ontario STUART, C. DlANNEg Clive Exec. Wauneita Society I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I DENT Aux tcm., TALBOT, COLLEEN A., Eston, Sask. Representative, W.A.A. VAN ORMAN, SHARON, Calgary President, D.H.U.S. WOOD, M. JEAN, Edmonton WOYTUCK, RACHEL, Saskatoon, Sask. D E N TIS T RY GRADUATES ALDERSON, DON, Vancouver, B. C. Executive, D.U.S. Alpha Delta Phi ARMSTRONG, LW., Marsden, Saskatchewan BATTRUM, HERB, Vancouver, B. C. BURNHAM, JAMES RONALD, Edmonton CATALANO, WILLIAM PATRICK, Trail, B. C. CLARK, EDWARD, Nelson, B. C. DACYSHYN, ARTHUR J., Radway DAVEY, WILLIAM G., Regina, Sask. HAMAN, JONATHAN A., Invermere, B. C. Lambda Chi Alpha HILL, GARY W., South Burnaby, B. C. HOLUB, HARRY F., Natal, B. C. KINDRACHUK, BORIS G., Yellow Creek, Sask. KOSLOSKI, ROBERT E., Regina, Sask, KRIKEN, MARSHALL BRIAN, Calgary LONEY, BARRY R., Spirit River MCQUEEN, PETER ROBERT, Moose Jaw Sask. MASON, CLIFFORD M., Edmonton MALPASS, ROBERT T., Nanaimo B. C. MORI, RICHARD T., Vernon, B. S. Sports Representative, D.U.S. NIKOLAI, E. T., Vancouver, B. C. Tennis Team NITIKMAN, ROBERT M., Saskatoon, Sask. Sigma Alpha Mu PETERSON, FRANK LOWELL, B. Ed. Edmonton SENESHEN, MAURICE J., B.Sc. Edmonton SINCEAER, WALTER DAVID, Vancouver, President, D.U.S. STILMASCHUK, VICTOR, Tarnapol, Sask. TAYLOR, MATTHEW DONALD, Edmonton THORPE, RICHARD C., Rossland Exec. Dental Undergrad Society Ski Team Swim Team VOSSOS, DAVID M., Melville, Sask. Exec. Dental Undergrad Society WESTBY, OLE, Edmonton WILSON, NORMAN A., Kamloops, B. C. Students' Council Dental Undergrad Society WONG, ARTHUR K., Stettler V S ' wa Q9 '00 Ox wav rf' QA AEI rr- 4? ur rg' SJ ,,.,-0 DENTISTRY qconm WYSOCKI, GEORGE P.g B.Sc.gDerwent EDUCATION GRADUATES ANDERSEN, KEITH A,g Stettler ANDERSON, BARRY D.: Calgary Delta Upsilon ANDERSON, Kaye W.g Warner ANTONIUK, LESLIE M.: Smoky Lake BELL, JOHN B4 Marwayne Lambda Chi Alpha BERGER. RUBIN J.g Medicine Hat BOSNJAK, LUCILLE R5 Picture Butte Exec. Newman Club BOURBONNAIS, BERNADETTE JJ Edmonton BRAMVVELL, JOHN R,g Rycroft Zeta Psi BROSSEAU, JOHN F.g Edmonton Delta Upsilon CARLYLE, DAVID G.g Blackfalds Block A Golden Bears Hockey Team Zeta Psi CARTER, MARION Eg Grande Prairie CARTER, ROBERT R.g Grande Prairie CASAVANT, FRANK A. J.g Legal CLARKE, DAVID L.g Fleet CLARKE, JEAN Mg Edmonton CHELL, NORA I.g Fort Macleod Pandas Basketball COATES, RAYMOND Wg Compete COLE, JAMES A.g Edmonton CONNORS, MARY-LOUQ Calgary Bowling COTE, SISTER FRANCOISEg Edmonton COTTER, WENDY P.g Edmonton Exec. Pi Beta Phi Exec. Figure Skating Club Pi Beta Phi COULSON, ROBERT J.g Standard DAL GARNO, MARIEQ Fort Saskatchewan DAVISON, ELLENAQ Edmonton DICKENS, LAUREL Wg Edmonton DICKSON, PHIL R.g Warner DREUER, MONA D.g Castor Pi Beta Phi ERICKSON, CRAIG M.g Edberg EVENRUDE, KIRK M.g Grande Prairie Lambda Chi Alpha FARION, MARILYNNg Lavoy Exec. E.U.S. FINDLATER, J. BARRIEQ Rocky Mountain House I Exec. Summer Session Student Council FISHER, WARRENg Edmonton EDUCATION qconfg FLORKEWICH, BAUNI M.g Corvel FREEMAN, GAIL P.g Edmonton GAY, GARY R.g Duchess GILLESPIE, JOANg Edmonton GREKUL, PATRICIA A.g St. Paul HAGLUND, IRENE A.g Mallaic HALL, ROBERT A.g Brooks Gold Key Society Exec. Students Council Gateway SUB Supervisory Staff Delta Upsilon HARING, NOLAN P.g Stettler Exec. V.C.F. HENKER, GAIL D.g Creston, B. C. HETSLER, LOIS G.g Edmonton HOSTETLER, E. KEITHg Tofield HOUGH, GRACEQ Edmonton Varsity Gtest Weekend Yearbook Exec. Gold Key Society HULLEMAN, HARMg Edmonton HUMENY, ALICE S.g Edmonton Exec. Ilarion Club HUMPHRIES, SAMQ Medicine Hat HUNT, PATRICIAg Edmonton Exec. EUS Exec. Wauneita Society HUNTLEY, MERVIN A.g Fort Macleod Delta Upsilon JAQUES, NORMAN R.g Metiskow JOHNSTONE, MARILYN A.g Fort Saskatchewan JONSON, HALVAR C.g Boyle KARBONIK, LESTER E.g Calmar Exec. St. Basil's Obnova KAY, DENNIS K.g Blackfoot KINLEY, MARTHA W4 Edmonton KITAGUCHI, EVELYN K.g Lethbridge KNEEN, PATRICIA R.g Marwayne, Alta. KRYZANOWSKI, JOANN D.g Viking, Alta. KUZYK, SYLVIA A. J.g Bon Accord, Alta. Exec. EUS Exec. St. Jude's Res. LANTZ, OLIVER C.g Millet, Alta. Exec. Male Chorus Exec. LSMC LOHNER, LEON H.g Daysland, Alta, LEA-WILSON, AUDREY J.g Edmonton LEMISKI, EMILIA R.g Vegreville, Alta. Newman Club MacFARI.ANE, JOHN R.: Calgary Exec. IFC Phi Kappa Pi MCGIRR, ALICE J.g Edmonton MaCLEOD, ALAN R.g Edmonton MAST, JUDY L.g Vegreville 'km D C' 1.1" EDUCATION QConf.J MATHEW, FRANK H., Edmonton MEIKLE, ELAINE F., Edmonton Exec. EUS Exec. Jubilaires MERRICK, ALAN E., Edmonton MITCHELL, JAMES A., Edmonton MOORE, ROSE C., Edson MRSTIK, YOULA, Edmonton NICHOLSON, DOUGLAS V., Edmonton Delta Kappa Epsilon O'BRIEN, RICHARD, Picture Butte ODA, JUNE, Edmonton OLSEN, EDWIN R., Rimbey, Alta. OLYNYK, CONNIE J., Edmonton Delta Delta Delta PENDLETON, JANET E., Edmonton Kappa Alpha Theta PETERS, DONALD K., Edmonton PETRUK, WALLIS A., Edmonton PIRI, SYLVIA I., Edmonton PLAAMI, PHYLLIS M.E.1 Yellowknife, N.W.T. POINTE, PATRICIA R., Edmonton RATKE, ROBERT D., Edmonton Exec. Block A Intervarsity Basketball ROBINSON, CLARENCE W, Edmonton ROUTLEDGE, CARROLL A., Jasper, Alta SAIK, LILY K., Innisfree, Alta. SALT, MARY-JANE N., Cardston SCI-IULD, EVELYN M., Iron Springs, Alta SCRABA, DOUGLAS G., Lacombe Phi Kappa Pi SEREDA, LYNN, Edmonton SMITH, JOAN I., Westlock Exec. Women's Athletic Association Exec. Officials Club Intervarsity Volleyball SOMERS, BILL, Edmonton Music Director Varsity Varieties Delta Upsilon SOUCH, STANLEY G., Edmonton STERLING, HARVEY, WeStl0Ck STERLING, LAURIE A., Sherwood Park, Alta. TAYLOR, JANE K., Halkirk, Alta. TERRIFF, WAYNE J., Vauxhall, Alta. Intervarsity Volleyball TORONCHUK, ALLISON W., Vegreville TREFFRY, EILEEN J., Wainwright USYK, JULIAN P., Edmonton Intervarsity Hockey EDUCATION fConf.J WARD, DORA, Edmonton WESENBERG, FRED W., New Sarepta WILLIAMSON, GERALD E., Claresholm Delta Kappa Epsilon WILLIAMSON, HECTOR A., Edmonton Exec. Debating Society WILSON, ELIZABETH A.K., Innisfail, Alta. Wauneita Council Exec. Curling Club Exec. Promotions Committte Intervarsity Curling WRIGHT, CLARETTA B., Edmonton YACYSHY N, PETER W., Chelan, Sask. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING GRADUATES AIE, EDWARD, Ashcroft, Bc. AIKEN, PHILIP M., Calgary Vice-Pres. 1.F.C., 1961-1962 Sigma Alpha Mu ARRISON, NORMAN LEROY, Bassano BARNES, GORDON HAROLD, Edmonton CHASE, JAMES R., Edmonton FARRIES, JAMES M., Black Diamond FRENCH, TONY K., Dublin, Ireland Vice-Chairman, SEIC, 1962-1963 Sec. Chem. Eng. Club, 1961-1962 EUHR, REUBEN W., Duffield HEFFERNAN, JOHN N., Edmonton HUTTON, JAMES MICHAEL, Edmonton Tres. Chem. Eng. Club, 1962-1963 JOHNS, MALCOLM L., Calgary Delta Upsilon KADONAGA, RAY, Calgary KEYLOCK, ALEC J. K., Edmonton KRUYER, JAN, Edmonton LENZ, WALTER M., Sundre MCDONALD, KEITH K., Bellevue MCPHAIL, MICHAEL B. R., Ralston Phi Kappa Pi MARANGONI, ALDO MERLAEN, Brusselles, Belgium PUBLICOVER, HENRY M., Edmonton Badminton, 1960-1961 SEYER, FRED A., Botha Pres. Rifle Club, 1962-1963 Pres. Chem. Eng. Club, 1962-1963 SORENSEN, JAMES N., Bawlf STEPHENS, GERALD W.. Calgary STRASHOK, TED D., Edmonton Exec. Chem. Eng. Club, 1962-1963 Kappa Sigma SVRCEK, WILLIAM Y., Edmonton VETRO, PAUL, Edmonton WRIGHT, JOSEPH D., Three Hills Vice-Pres. Amateur Radio Club, 1959-1960 Delta Kappa Epsilon f-' 0 U-A IN B J A' ef' -frm- UA 51? ' I B LJ .5 .. .. I U DFA I KK , CIVIL ENGINEERING GRADUATES ARMITAGE, J. HERBERTg Kinsella BAZANT, PHIL S.g Strathmore Pres, E.S.S. fU.A.C.J, 1960-1961 BRADBURY, JOHN C.S.g Grand Falls, Nfld BRAWN, MICHAEL P., Calgary Rugger Team Phi Delta Theta BROCKLEBANK, LARRY M.g High River Zeta Psi COLPITTS, DONALD A., Edmonton COWLING, NORMAN H.g High River Lambda Chi Alpha CROSBY, RUSSELL K., Edmonton Exec. Ski Club D'ANTONI, EDWARD A., Drumheller Lambda Chi Alpha DEY, GEORGE D.g Red Deer ELBE, HARVEY J.A.g Edmonton ENMAN, HERBERT W., Edmonton FISHER, NORMAN L., Carstairs FRENCH, RICHARD S., Calgary Intervarsity Football Delta Upsilon FUCHS, PETER H., Edmonton GUZMITS, FRANK E.g Edmonton HARROLD, CRAIG E.g Edmonton HOLLINGSHEAD, ALBERT W.g Edmonton HUNTER, ROBERT J.g Bowness INKSTER, NORMAN F., Hythe JAMESON, JOHN R., Byemoor JOHNSON, CHARLES G., Edmonton JOHNSON, ROGER G. M., Calgary KENYON, GORDON M., Edmonton KING, WAYNE D.g Calgary Exec. Flying Club KOSTIN, PAUL J., Calgary LANGAN, BRIAN W., Edmonton LAURIE, DAVID, Taber Intervarsity Curling Phi Kappa Pi LIDDELL, WILLIAM C., Coleman MCCARRY, MICHAEL G., Toronto Delta Kappa Epsilon MacGILLIVRAY, COLIN I., Penticton, B C Exec. Civil Club Kappa Sigma fExec.J MILLER, RODNEY K.g Hay Lakes MOSSMAN, JAMES A., Calgary MOUSER, ALLAN W.g Claresholm Exec. Civil Club ENGINEERING qconm MULLIGEIN, JOHN M.g Edmonton NEMETH, RUDOLPH A.g Lethbridge NEUSS, WAYNE D.g Calgary OLSON, ALLAN S.g Edmonton Phi Delta Theta fExec.J OSTERMANN, BEVIS A.g Bowness PANKIN, JOHN Hg Edmonton PAPUHA, HARRYg Edmonton PISKO, RICHARD M.g Lethbridge PRYSTAWA, VICTOR J.g Edmonton RAFFA, GEORGEg Edmonton RICHARDSON, H. DARYLQ Edmonton RYLL, HERBERT M.g Calgary Exec. U. of A. Ski Club WUS NFCUS SCHIWY, ERICH W.g Lethbridge SCOTT, WILLIAM A.g Edmonton SEREDA, DAVID R.g Calmar SONNENBERG, HUGOg Gunn SORENSEN, KENNETH L.g Wetaskiwin Phi Delta Theta SPINNEY, ALDEN C.g Edmonton TUTTLE, WILLIAM G.g Edmonton Lambda Chi Alpha VEKVED, RONALD G,g Sexsmith VOLLAN, MAYNARDg Edmonton Intervarsity Football VOLLENDORF, ARTHUR E.g Lethbridge VOS, MARIUS F.g Edmonton WESTCOTT, C. DAVIDg Lethbridge ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING GRADUATES ANDERSON, A.R. DENISQ Calgary Exec. Gavel Club ARCTANDER, CHRIS L.g Calgary BLEVISS, MORLEYg Edmonton BOURAK, JOHNQ Calgary CAMERON, EVAN M.g Alcomdale CHAHLEY, RICHARD J.g Lloydminster, Sask. Kappa Sigma COLLINGE, JAMES L.g Marshall, Sask. CUTRIGHT, ANDREW J.g Calgary DIPPIE, BRUCE T.g Edmonton Exec. Electrical Club DUNSMOOR, JIMg Calgary ENG. fCon'r.j FOLKINS, RONALD S., Chauvin GILMOUR, RICK C.g Edmonton Exec. Electrical Club GRIFFITHS, LLOYD J., Edmonton Exec. Electrical Club HARVEY, A. DALE, Strathmore, Alta. Vice-Pres. Students Union, U.A.C. Exec. Engineering Students Society, U.A.C. HAYDAMACK, WILLIAM J., Cambria, Alta Exec. Electrical Club LUCAS, WILLIAM H., Stavely, Alta. MCCREADY, KENNETH F.g Calgary Exec. Electrical Club MACKENZIE, MICHAEL D.g Edmonton Exec. Tri Service Mess MAH, DAVY Kg High Prairie, Alta. NIEBOER, WALTERQ Calgary NOONE, JOHN M.g Edmonton PARK, JAMESQ Edmonton PULROY, CHRISTIAN R., Edmonton QUIGLEY, CURTIS Ag Edmonton ROSS, RON G.: Edmonton ROTZINGER, ANTON G.: Edmonton SHANKOWSKI, ALLISON E.g Mundare, Alta. SIVERTSEN, ROBERT H, Edmonton Exec. Radio Society SMITH, ROBERT A.g Lethbridge STROI-ISCI-IEIN, PAUL L., Edmonton SUTTON, GERALD C., Edmonton THIESSEN, JOHN Wg Strathmore, Alta. TIEDMANN, ROBERT K.g Tofield, Alta. TR ACHIMOWICH, ANDREW G.g Edmonton UYEYAMA, WALTER W., Kamloops, Bc. VEEVERS, A. ROBERT, Lacombe, Alta. Exec. Electrical Club WANT, JAMES A., Edmonton WASYLIW, MARSHALL, G., Edmonton WATAMANIUK, WILLIAMg Leduc Alta. WYER, DAVID Ig Edmonton ZUC, JOHN, Edmonton ENGINEERING PHYSICS GRADUATES FUJAROS, RODERICK G.g Vegreville, Alta GODDARD, WILLIAM R., Calgary HARRISON, WALTER C.g Medicine Hat LAM, KWOK-FUQ Hong Kong MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GRADUATES ASHLEY, CLIFFORD S.g Edmonton CHERNIWCHAN, WILLIAM N., Edmonton DEUCHA R, FAY F.: Deiburne DOKE, BEVIN A.g Edmonton FARRIES, LEONARD Wg Black Diamond Phi Kappa Pi FAULKNER, MARVYN G., Mayerthorpe GOOD, WILLIAM K., Innisfail HOLTE, DONALD E,g Edmonton JENSEN, JOHN W.g Bowden Phi Kappa Pi KORCHINSKY, GEORGE M.g Mannville Lambda Chi Alpha KOTYLAK, WILLIAM A.g Waskatenau LAMOTHE, MAURICE A.g Okotoks Exec. Engineering Students' Society Pres. Engineering Students' Society SUB Expansion Committee Exec. Snident Engineering Institute LAUCKNER, DIETRICH E.g Edmonton LEARMOND, GEORGE R.g Red Deer Delta Upsilon LOWTHER, BANJAMIN R.g East Coulee MC FADZEAN, THOMAS B.g Tofield MC GREGOR, BRUCE A.g Edmonton Exec. Mechanical Engineering Club Pres. Mechanical Engineering Club MATWICHOK, LAWRENCE M., Irma MAYO, RONALD R., Gatineau, Que. MUIR, GORDON A.g Calgary PATTERSON, ROGER Lg Grande Prairie Exec. S.E.I.C. SIDDON, THOMAS E.g Edmonton SMITH, BEVERLY R.g Olds Lambda Chi Alpha SMITH, JAMES R., Edmonton Exec. Ski Club SVENSON, WALTER J.g Rosemary SWAN, BRIAN E.g Edmonton THOM, TERRENCE C.g Edmonton VERBISKY, MICHAEL J., Edmonton WEBER, MELVIN W.g Castor WOODLOCK, DAVID F.: Calgary Exec. Men's Residence House Committee MINING ENGINEERING GRADUATES GREENTREE, DENNIS M.g Edmonton Exec. Mining 8: Geological Society IMRIE, ALAN S., Sept-Iles, Que. WYKA, ROBERT J., Jarvie METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING GRADUATES BOWERING, RICHARD E.g Calgary Exec. Metallurgy Club DUNCAN, WILLIAM R., Edmonton Football Zeta Psi -3 z ,fe ""N. 1 t . Q J - A L B E RTA QEQQZET- w 715 4 lil 9 ful Q'UMQUT'- yur ALBERTA '-' eff 43' UUM qu?- pg 4? 1 ,. U .A oi' I I BBQ' flo- QU' ""-'F .K 1 ALB E RTA 40 Q: CUM UT'-A -ff rf' -ns ' .5 f I ALBERTA 1' , . QYSCUMQUERE I , , 3 3? X- ' ' . ..' I E2 .. , I .M h ,, . ' ' 1 HN I , . . I ..'. ,' f ENG. fCon1.J EDGAR, ROBERT L.g Edmonton Exec. E.S.S. HUTCHINSON, LEW C.g Duhamel, Alta. Exec. Metallurgy Club Exec. E.S.S. Phi Delta Theta MacDONALD, RICHARD H.g Edmonton MCLEAN, DAVID D.g Edmonton Bowling Club PETROLEUM ENGINEERING GRADUATES FFOULKES-JONES, PETER s.. calgary KHANDWALA, SAIEEE M, Edmonton MCCLENNON, LARRY L.g Redwater, Alta. Exec. S.E.I.C. Exec. Petroleum Club MAXWELL, FREEMAN V.g Grand Coulee, Sask. PATEL, RAMAN D.V.g Bombay, India Exec. Indians' Students' Assoc. WILCOX, MURRY G.g Regina, Sask, Exec. University Symphony Exec. Radio Society ZAHARKO, RUSSELL j.g Sunnybrook, Alta. FACULTY OF GRAD STUDIES RECEIVING M.A. BARRY, VERA E.g B.A.g Edmonton KAO, YU-HSINQ B.Sc.g Edmonton RICKER, H. OWENg B.Comm.g Edmonton Exec. St, Stepherfs Exec. Men's Athletics Exec. Gateway Exec. Disciplinary Committee Gold Key Society RECEIVING M.Sc. BEKESI, JULIUS G, B.Sc.g Edmonton COOPER, LEONARD An B.Ed.g Calgary DALE, JAMES D.g B.Sc.g Edmonton Exec. Mech. Eng. Club KHAN, SHAHAMAT U.g M.Sc.g Edmonton MARRIOTT, ROBERT F.C.g B.Sc.g Edmonton SWANSON, WILLIAM D.g B.Sc.g Bentley SHAEIQULLAH, MUHAMMAD, B.Sc., M.Sc.g Edmonton RECEIVING M.Ed. DUPUIS, PHILIPE j.R.g B.A., B.Ed.g Laval-des-Rapides, Que. HOOGE, HARRY Hg B.A.g Haney, B.C. SISKO, GEORGE E.g B. Ed.g Foremost TRELEAVEN, HARVEY I.g B.Ed,g Sangudo TRUCKEY, LAWRENCE Ag B.Ed.g Onoway RECEIVING Ph.D. HAROLD, STEPI-IENg B.A.g Edmonton JOHNSON, HARLAND Eg B.Sc.g Edmonton NAYAR, SUKUMARAN M.N.g B.Sc., M.SC.g Vaikam, India POLING, GEORGE Wg B.Sc., M.Sc.g Edmonton HOUSE ECONOMICS GRADUATES ARKINSTALL, PATRICIA L.g Edmonton Wauneita Council Household Economics Club ARNOLD, GAIL E.g Edmonton BARR, ELIZABETH M.g Edmonton BRADLEY, LEITA A.g Camrose BURKE, SARA E.g Edmonton Kappa Alpha Theta CLARK, DARLENE M.g Calgary COTSMAN, LIBBY M.g Edmonton Exec. Household Economics Club FOUTS, MARGARET H.g Edmonton GOEDICKE, EILEEN K.g Red Deer Exec. Household Economics Club GOOS, GERAI.DINEg Leduc HAMMOND, MARIE jg Edmonton HASWELL, DARLENE H.g Edmonton HOLMLUND, JEAN M.g Wetaskin'in Exec. 4-H Club Exec. Household Economics Club HUBBARD, JOAN E.g Edmonton HUTCHINSON, MARILYN A.: Edmonton JOHNSON, ELIZABETH K.g Red Deer Exec. Household Economics Club Students' Council Rep. KROEKER, L. JOANNEg Coaldale Delta Gamma KUBIK, VLASTA T.A.g Turin LLOYD, L. IRENEg Edmonton Delta Gamma LOGAN, LOIS E.g Edmonton MARGOLIS, ESTA S.g Edmonton MELEY, BRIGITTE A.g Edmonton MISSAL, CARMI A.g Atdrossan Radio Society MYCHALYK, ELSIE 1.5 Mundare OLSEN, LOIS M.g Bawle ROBINSON, JUDITH M.g Calgary RUSSILL, JUDITH C.g Medicine Hat STOUT, MARGARET A.g Edmonton STRILCHUK, NICOLE A.g Mundare Exec. Obnova WUS Rep. YOUNG, CATHERINE M.g Calgary YURCHUK, SHARON R. V.g Edmonton ZAKARIASEN, MARILYN O.g Drumheller L A W GRADUATES AUNGER, ALBERT WILLIAMg B.Sc.g Edmonton BOWES, DAVID M.g B.A.g Edmonton sq. Vg' 'Pwr gg m av' 75-z 4, ,. , .4-v' i I Q l..l , xy LAW lCon1.J BUCHANAN, DONALD JOSEPH, B.A., Edmonton Exec, Law Club Director, Evergreen and Gold Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity CHUMIR, SI-IELDON MERVIN, HA., Calgary Chairman, WUS Pres. Liberal Club Editor, Law Review Pres. Men's Athletics Delta Upsilon Fraternity CIONI, GARY GENE, B.A., Calgary Treasurer, St. Joseph's College Kappa Sigma Fraternity CONRAD, E. KEITH, BA., Taber Law Rep, Students' Council Exec, Campus Liberal Club Phi Kappa Pi Fraternity CURRAN, JOHN FRANCIS, HSC., Corpus Christi, Texas EDEN, ROBERT WALLACE, B.Sc., Medicine Hat Phi Kappa Pi Fraternity ELFORD, A, I-IAVILAND, B.Ed,, Edmonton EVANS, CHRISTOPHER DUDLEY, B.A., Calgary Pres. I.F.C, Gold Key Society Editorial Staff, Gateway SUB House Committee Delta Upsilon Fraternity FANDUK, MICHAEL, B.Comm., Edmonton GEE, ELEANOR SULAN, B.A., Edmonton Sec. Alberta Law Review Blue Stocking Club HENSCHEL, WILLIAM ROBERT, B.A.: Aylsham, Sask. JENKINS, DAVID E., BA., Edmonton JONES, LIONEL L., B.A,, Edmonton Exec. Students' Council Phi Kappa Pi KEMPO, OLGA, B.A., Edmonton KLINCK, FRANCIS HARVEY, BA., Sherwood Park KOZIAK, JULIAN G., B.A., Edmonton Pres. Obnova Kappa Sigma Fraternity LANGLOIS, PAUL HAMILTON, B.A., St. Paul LEE. R. D., HA., Toronto, Ont. LONEY, HAROLD REGINALD, B.A., Claresholm LUTES, KENNETH W., BA., Medicine Hat Phi Kappa Pi McKAY, WILLIAM NEIL, B.A.g Edmonton MacKENZIE, DAVID WILLIAM, B.A., Wainwright Exec. Newman Club St. Joseph's College, House Committee OFFET, GERALD PAUL, B.A,, Lacombe Pres. Conservative Club Exec. Phi Kappa Pi Fraternity PALMER, JERALD D., B.Comm., Edmonton Exec. L,D,S. Club Exec. Commerce Club Hugill Manager. Debating Society ROWE, DWAYNE WADE, B,A,, Manning RUSSELL, ANNE, B.A., Edmonton Exec, Law Club Exec. Debating Society Delta Gamma Fraternity RUYMAEKERS, DARRYL JOHN, B.A' Calgary Sports Rep, Law Club Exec. Zeta Psi Fraternity STANFORD, WALTER, B.A., Stavely Exec. Debating Society TAVENDER, DAVID, B.A., Calgary Exec. Law Club Delta Kappa Epsilon THOMAS, LEON FREDERICK, B.Sc., Edmonton -i TINGLE, RICHARD D., B.A,, Edmonton Exec. Debating Society Phi Kappa Pi Fraterity WALLAM, KEITH N., D.L.C. IHONSJQ Edmonton WINTERMUTE, W.M., B.A., Edmonton Intervatsity Hockey Phi Delta Theta YOUNG, ROBERT, B.A., Calgary Exec, D.K.E. Public Relations Officer Intervatsity Badminton Intervatsity Rugger Delta Kappa Epsilon LAW qcontp RECEIVING B.A. CORMACK, MARGARET M., Edmonton Exec. Panhellenic Society Pi Beta Phi FULLER, HUGH W.A.g St. Paul IRWIN, LYNDON H.J., Edmonton Director Students' Union Telephone Directory Exec. Law Club Kappa Sigma LANDMAN, HELMUT M., Provost Lambda Chi Alpha LAUX, FREDERICK A.g Edmonton MIS, WALTER K.J.g Edmonton OLESEN, LARRY W., Edmonton WALTER, E.J.g Paradise Valley MEDICINE GI GRADUATES ALLIN, EDGAR F., Edmonton Interfraternity Council Exec. Alpha Omega Alpha Deta Upsilon BALISKY, LARRY A., Grande Prairie BROWNLEE, RICHARD TERRENCE, Edmonton Exec. Medicine Liason Committee Delta Kappa Epsilon CALDER, LOUISE A.g Edmonton Golden Key Society World University Service Evergreen and Gold Kappa Alpha Theta CHURCHILL, BERNARD M.g Calgary Exec. Medical Undergraduate Society Exec. St. Joseph's House Committee Intervarsity Basketball Delta Upsilon CUMMING, ROGER A., Edmonton Exec. Medical Undergraduate Society CAMSI Rep. Delta Upsilon DORFMAN, SI-IEILAg B.Sc., M.Sc.g Montreal, Que. FINNIE, JERROLD N., B.Sc., M.S.g Edmonton Editor Medical Undergrad Society Bulletin Alpha Omega Alpha GAU, GERALD J., Camrose GRISDALE, WILLIAM R.g Turner Valley, Alta. Exec. Arts and Science Undergraduate Society Exec. Men's House Committee HESLIP, PATRICK G., High River, Alta. Delta Upsilon HUHU, OTTOg Calgary JAN, JAMES E.g Edmonton KAUL, DITMAR W., B.SC.g Calgary Exec. Musical Club MCKENNA, JOSEPH, Kildare, Eire KING, GARNER E., Edmonton Alpha Omega Alpha QExec.J LESK, DAVID, Medicine Hat, Alta. Sigma Alpha Mu LEVITT, MARTIN MacGREGOR, MARGUERITE A., Edmonton Pi Beta Phi MABBOTT, JAMES D.g Lacombe MALLEN, PETER R.g B.Sc.g Edmonton Medical Undergrad Society Exec. Phi Delta Theta MANDIN, HENRY, Calgary Alpha Omega Alpha PAGLIA, JOSEPH T.g New York, N.Y. PHILLIPSON, ELIOT A.g Edmonton L was W , QQ? n4"o wx A , U . SQQEQQ9 X! 5.4.-'-A I ' , -I " A J 7 f . ALBERTA fig DIA ' 96 Q O ll U A 4500 92 A L 3 g RTA -JT? A- fb ' fl -H 'l 23' ""0uM u2d9' MED. fCon1.l PORAYKO, ORESTg B.Sc.g Edmonton Phi Kappa Pi MATAS, BRIAN R.g B.Sc.g Edmonton PATRICK, TERRY R.g Edmonton Delta Upsilon ROBINSON, EDWARD G.g Calgary RUNIONS, J. ERNEST, B.A.g Edmonton Editor "M.S.U. Bulletin" Students' Council Rep. Alpha Omega Alpha RUSSELL, JAMES E.g Edmonton SCHLOSS. ERIC H.g B.A.g Camrose Sigma Alpha Mu SHUTT, HAROLD K. R.g Edmonton SZEKRENYES, WILLIAMg B.SC.g Claresholm TAKATS, LASZLO N., Edmonton TAM, CI-IINg Edmonton TOMM, KARL M.g Calgary VAN LOUIE, NORMANQ Calgary Sub House Committee Delta Upsilon WATTS, ALEXANDER R.g Edmonton WEBBER, ORRIN I-I.g Edmonton MEDICAL LAB. SCIENCE DEGREE GRADUATES BICE, SHEILA M.g Edmonton CI-IILIAK, MARGARET J., Sibbald Exec. V.G.W. CHOMYC, SYLVIA A., Egremont DALGLIESH, ROSEMARIEg Picture But Exec. M.L.S. Club FISHER, LOIS C., Jasper Exec. Pembina I-louse Committee Exec. M.L.S. Club HAMM, LOIS 1.3 Didsbury Exec. A.M.U.S. HEIN, ALUINA A., Taber JOHNSON, CAROL C.V.g Calgary Exec. M.L.S. Club LEES, SUSAN, Calgary MURYNKA, LUBOW O., Edmonton STROM, FAITH M.g Burdett SUGDEN, EDWARD A., Calgary Exec. M.L.S. Club TRYHNEW, LYDIA 1.3 Edmonton Exec. W.A.A. Council WOLYNES, DONNA A.g Waskatenau DIPLOMA GRADUATES RICARD, BARBARA E., Standard RIEHL, JUDITH D.g Leduc NURSING B Sc. GRADUATES IN PUBLIC HEALTH BOWEN, LYNNE Eg R.N.g Edmonton Exec. Macleod Club Exec. Delta Gamma CRAIG, CAROL E.g Edmonton DODDS, M. ANNEg Edmonton Exec. Macleod Club Vice-Pres. Students' Union Pi Beta Phi DZWINIEL, L. CAROLQ Edmonton Exec. Macleod Club Kappa Alpha Theta FRIDULIN, KAREN J.g Big Valley GILLIES, EILEEN G.g Peace River HOIVIK, G. HELENQ R.N.g Kelowna, B.C. Exec. L.S.M. KINDT, JEAN R.g Nanton KOSTYK, SYLVIA A.g Edmonton MCDONALD, MARGARET J.g R.N.g Medicine Hat MCKEE, E. ELAINEQ R.N.g Edmonton MAPLE, EILEEN V.g Buffalo Lake MORO, COREEN A.g Eckville PHILLIPS, KATHLEEN E.g R.N.1 Calgary STORCH, JANET L.g Edmonton L.S.M. Exec. 1961, '62 Exec. Macleod Club WEBB, E. SYLVIAg Calgary Kappa Alpha Theta GRADUATES IN TEACHING AND SUPERVISION BICHLER, MARY A.g Vauxhall BOBER, JEANNE M.g Derwent HAAG, SISTER MARCELLA E.g Macklin, Sask. HOURIHAN, HELEN A.g Three Hills KRYKOWSKI, MARY M.g R.N.g Lloydminster MC KINNON, EILEEN L.g Bowness MACLACHLAN, MARY E.g Edmonton Diploma Class Chairman MOORE, MAUREEN F.g Red Deer RAMSEY, SALLY J.g Edmonton Pi Beta Phi N U RS I N G 4TH YEAR B.Sc. CAMPBELL, BEVERLEY J., White Horse, Yukon Pi Beta Phi COTTRELL, AVRIL M.g Edmonton CRAIG, JOYCE A.g Fort Providence, N.W.T. GOGOLINSKI, MARILYNN B.g Orion HASKELL, JOANNE M.g Edmonton HUNT, GAIL L.g Edmonton HUTCHESON, CAROL A.g Edmonton MISKEW, CONNIE J.g Edmonton MORRIS, WENDILYNNE M.g Magrath Atri- ALA ii K+? Q2 'ix may 'SS 'hae X SRA 9 .. . Vg, 4 Q 1 A71 , 1 ' x' fl, mbsf .' iV.o I- 6 ' 1 X. fl- "L " .ff ' . l 1 L J' ' . I ' Rv I X 'xr , , . QE' gvfif " E4-0" ,----1. ' ' 1 NURSING qcomg MURRAY, JOAN E.g Edmonton Exec. Macleod Club Exec. Delta Gamma PRICE, M. VALERIEg Edmonton SOSNOWSKI, IRENE ANNg Grande Prairie TODOR, KATHLEENQ Peace River Wauneita 1962, 63 Curling WEIR, FRANCES A.g Olds Exec. Panhellenic Society Exec. Wauneita Society Exec. Macleod Club Students' Council Kappa Alpha Theta N U RSI N G DIPLOMA GRADUATES ADES, SANDRAQ ,Lg Edmonton ALGAJER, ERNA3 Edmonton ALLERGOTH, BETTY LOUg Medicine Hat ARCHER, SHARON E.g Delbutne BARG, ELSE R.g Brooks BOUTIN, LORETTA R.g Edmonton BROWN, PATRICIA E.g Lloydminster, Sask CAMERON, ARLENE jg Lougheed CARR, C. LYNNEQ Devon CARRUTHERS, RUTH C4 Bentley COOMBES, LORRAINE C.g Edmonton CORBETT, JOYCE L.g Edmonton CORNBOROUGH. A. ANNEQ Edmonton CUCHERAN, GLADYS C.g Willingdon DANIELS, LINDA G.: Irma ELCHUK, MARYANNEQ Vilna ELGERT, JEAN M.g Athabasca FERGUSON, DIANA C.g Vermilion FUSSEN, RI-IODA M.g Fotestburg HALAT, EMELY B.g Edmonton HELFRICH, PHYLLIS M.g Prelate, Sask. HNYDYK, SHIRLEY: Edmonton HOOPER, SI-IARRON Eg Edmonton HUNTER, BARBARA L.g Athabasca INGLEDEW, JESSIE Lfg Hinton Trail IRVINE, DAWN L.g Falun JONES, MARGARET A.: Edmonton KAMMONEN, TERRY M.g Edmonton KERR, AUDREY G.g Yorkton, Saskatchewan KEYES, MARGARET A.3 Edson NURSING fCon1.1 KLEWCHUK. VANGIE G4 Yorkton, Sask. KNELLER, IRENE E.g Wetaskiwin KRETING, LOUISE C.g Red Deer KRIKKE, RENEQ Edmonton KRINKE, LEOKODIAg Edmonton KUBRAK, MARTHA H.g Vegreville LARSON, ANNETTE D.g Leduc LAZORUK, MAROLYN K.g Rycroft Exec. Macleod Club LENZ, KARENQ Edmonton LEWIS, CAROL L.3 Edmonton LUYTEN, GWENDOLYNN F.g Medicine Hat McDONNELL, MARION G.g Camrose MCILWAINE, ALICE L.g Whitecourt MacLEOD, 1ANE Eg Innisfail MacLEOD, 1EAN K.g Ohaton MARK, LORETTA K.g Edmonton MARON, CAROL D.g Hemaruka MAYOWSKI, MARILYNN B. A.g Peace River MILSAP, AUDREY 1.5 Lamont OGRODIUK, PEARL 1.3 Bonnyville PARCELS, 1EAN A. M.g Chauvin PATERSON, PATRICIA E.g Lougheed POPOWICH, LAURENE E.g Red Deer RADSTAAK, GAIL E.g Edmonton W.A.A. Council RECHLU, HELENQ Manning RONEZKOWSKI, SANDRA 1.4 Camrose SCHOOLEY, PATRICIA 1.3 Onoway SCOTT, GAYLE E.g Innisfail Exec. Macleod Club SEMELUK, MARION S.g Vegreville SHALAPAY, EDNA 0.3 Richmond Park SCHETTLE, BERNICEQ Gwynne SMITH, SHARON B. I-Lg Edmonton SMITH, WENDY 1.3 Edmonton SORENSEN, ELEANOR 1.3 Wetaskiwin J gx ,gg-fzfw ,vo Wy, X- 6 a - ' as. b J if 1 Y' -if-1552: -4 FD! 421' n , 4 l . . I A A V t C N ri, i , .,, "ju Q Qu , ri, All-.7 X ,.,. X 1 I 1 ,I ff. A'l'Q. S1'n 4. ' J A 5 U3 if l 'L I A 1 , . f 'I AVI Zigi-,Q-fkw-A Ex-q S M: O M Q , Qaeda: I s 514.2 is ew l A i . Ax. may gJL.A NURSING qconfg STAMBAUGH, ANITA K.g Edmonton STAPLES, LYNNE 5.3 Westlock STATA, SANDRA J.g Edmonton STENDERSON, KATHLEEN D.g Bashaw TOMM, SIGRID N.W.g Yahli, B. C. President, N.C.F. TOVELL, L. MARIEQ Vermilion TREMBLEY, BERNICE Eg Edmonton VAN DUSEN, FRANCES R.g Edmonton WESTERBERG, MARJORIE I-I.1 Sangudo WILLIAMS, GLORIA G4 Edmonton WILLIAMS, MARGRET D.g Edmonton XVILLIAMS, SANDRA Aj Edmonton WILSON, PATRICIA A.g Swift Current, Sask. WOODSIDE, JANET A.g Edmonton ZEMAN, BLANCHE L.g Lethbridge ZIGANASI-I, DIANNE J.g Edmonton OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY GRADUATES DERDALL, ENID D.: Outlook, Sask. GREEN, KATHLEEN C.g Trochu STRAWSON, RHEA L.g Bon Accord STRONG, MAYBELLE L. E.g Lethbridge SUNDSET, SANDRA L.g Edmonton Physio and O.T. Representative P H A R M A C Y GRADUATES ANTONIUK, ROBERT R.g Edmonton Kappa Sigma BALDWIN, LORNE H.g Calgary BARTMAN, LAWRENCE J.g Calgary BISSELL, ERWIN H.g Calgary BORATYNEC, MARSHALL St. Paul BOSTON, JANE L.g Red Deer Exec. Pharmacy Club BROCKLEBANK, PATRICIA A.g Edmonton Exec. Obnova Pi Beta Phi CARELESS, ANN C.g Edmonton CASEMENT, LANE A.g Calgary Exec. Pharmacy Club COLTHORP, MARGRET S.: Yellowknife, N.W.T. CORKERY, JAMES B.g Edmonton DALGLEISH, D. WESQ Calgary Phi Delta Theta PHARMACY fCon1.J DEAKIN, GAIL H.g Edson ELGERT, DALEg Gwynne FALCONER, BRUCE M.g Fort Macleod FERGUSON, JAMES R.g Lacombe FIELD, MICHAEL J.A.4 Edmonton FISCHER, DONALD G.g Hanna FRENCH, CLIFFORD I.g Edmonton FRIESEN, CAROL J.g Fort Macleod GERHART, CHARLES Wg Mannville Exec. Pharmacy Club Students' Council Rep. Exec. U.N.T.D. Exec. Tri-Service HAWKA, IRENE G.g Edmonton HIRSCH, GERALD H.g Bawle HOLLINGSHEAD, GAIL L.g Edmonton HUNTER, EDWARD G.g Lethbridge JARVIS, RONALD E.g Beaverlodge JOHNSON, NELS G.g High River KITZ, NORMAN R.g Vegreville le-MAISTRE, RICHARD V.g Coalclale Exec. Pharmacy Club Phi Kappa Pi LESIUK, DONALD P.g Edmonton LONGLEY, BRUCE C.g Edmonton Lambda Chi Alpha MCCOOL, TERRY D, Calgary MOKREY, ELIZABETH A.g Innisfree NEIDER, ALLEN D.g Prince Albert NEMETH, JOYCE K.g Edmonton NORTH, LEON R.g Edmonton Exec. Pharmacy Club ORBECK, CONNIE K.g Edmonton Exec. Pharmacy Club OSINCHUK, CLARENCE P.g Bruce PERKINS, SANDRA L.g Ponoka Pembina House Committee PRYMAK, JOANNE S.g Edmonton Exec. Ilarion Club ROBERTSON, GAIL E.g Calgary Exec. Pharmacy Club Wauneita Council Panhellenic Council Pi Beta Phi SCHUSTER, RONALD D.g Edmonton Kappa Sigma SHAW, ANN M.g Nanton SHEAHAN, MARY A.g Edmonton SHEWCHUK, BEVERLEY A.g Edmonton Exec. Pharmacy Club Exec. Ilarion Club Delta Gamma SMITH, BEVERLEY ANNEQ Beaverlodge Kappa Alpha Theta X! 1 . hX.Ja if-is hw We at -ee'- 545.45454 PHARMACY QCont.J SMITH, JO-CAROLg Beaverlodge Kappa Alpha Theta SOBEL, FRANKQ Edmonton STEPA, LOIS D.g Edmonton STEWART, BETTY LOUISEQ Calgary Exec. Pharmacy Club Exec. W.A.A. SZUCS, PATRICIA E.g Irvine TABBERT, KARIN G., Edmonton TAYLOR, ROBERT B., Edmonton VAN HAITSMA, sYLv1A J., Camrose WINTERS, DONALD H., Calgary WOLF, JAN1cE Pg Edmonton PHYSICAL EDUCATION GRADUATES ABELL, ERIC G.g Spirit River Exec. P.E.S.S. ACHESON, JOHN B.g Edmonton Intervarsity Football AUBIN, JOHN L.g Edmonton Intervarsity Hockey BALDWIN, DALE N., Coaldale BJORNSON, DALE L.g Edmonton CARRON, ALBERT V.3 Edmonton Exec. P.E.S.S. Intervarsity Football CHMELYK, VICTOR: Edmonton Intervarsity Football CRAGG, DAVID E.g Edmonton Exec. Students Council Exec. P.E.S.S. Exec. Block A Intervarsity Swim Team CURR, FRED H.g Red Deer CURREY, JAMES G.g Westlock Exec. Jubilaires Exec. P.E.S,S, Intervarsity Swim Team DAWSON, ALBERT K.: Edmonton DUCHMINSKI, BENJAMIN W4 Kamsack, Saslc. FYK, BORISQ Edmonton GALLOWAY, ALEXANDER R.g Powel River, B. C. Exec. Gym Club Intervarsity Diving Team GILMET, DAMIEL A.g Edmonton Intervarsity Volleyball GUSHATY, EUGENEg Edmonton Intervarsity Hockey fManager7 GUSTAFSON, DONALD E.: Lacombe HALL, DOUGLAS RJ High River HAWRYSCHUK, WALLY M.g Glendon Intervarsity Volleyball HAYES, DOUGLAS I..g Edmonton Intervarsity Volleyball Intervarsity Basketball KACHMAN, CLARENCE Edmonton Basketball Manager KAY, RAYMONDQ Edmonton MacEACHERN, ALLAN R.g Wetaskiwin Intervarsity Football Zeta Psi MAHURA, BERT L.g Acadia Valley Intervarsity Football MALONEY, TIMOTHY Lg Turner Valley Intervarsity Swim Team PHY. Enuc. qconfg MARTENIUK, RON G., Edmonton Intervarsity Football Intervarsity Hockey NIEWCHAS, MARGO E., Edmonton Exec. Physical Education Students' Society Intervarsity Volleyball PASSEY, ROBERT G., Taber Alta. REID, JOHN E., Clinton Ont. C.A.H.P.E.R. Representative SEGAI., ESTHER F., Edmonton Exec World University Service SHAW, GEORGE S., Edmonton Golden Bear Football SMITH, GARRY J., Edmonton Intervarsity Football Intervarsity Basketball STOTHART, PETER J., Lacombe Physical Education Students Society - Exec. Intervarsity Basketball Intervarsity Football WINTERMUTE, RICHARD M., McLennan Alta. Intervarsity Hockey Intervarsity Football Phi Delta Theta PHYSIOTHERAPY GRADUATES BLEAKNEY, BARBARA Exec. Physical Therapy BOWNES, MARION K., Exec. Physical Therapy BURFOOT, DIANNE M., CALVERT, BERNICE I., B., Edmonton Club Red Deer Club Milo Alta. Edmonton DALY, LYNN F. G., Edmonton Exec. Physiotherapy Club EGGEN, CAROL A., Lloydminster Sask. Exec. Physiotheraphy Club GOM, EMMA LUISE, Hines Creek, Alta. GREENLEESE, PATRICIA F., Edmonton KENT, SHERRY D., Edmonton KYLE, ANN S., Calgary LEIPER, CAROL I., Vancouver B. C. Exec. Physiotheraphy Club THUL, DEANNA J., Saskatoon Sask. VAGT, JANE M., Grande Prairie Alta. SCIENCE HONORS GRADUATES AIZENMAN, MORRIS L., Calgary Exec. Photo Club ANDREWS, FRED C. C., Vulcan Alta. BEGG, HEATHER J., Edmonton Delta Gamma BLACKER, DAVID A., Lethbridge Exec. University Symphony Society CLARKE. GARRY K. C., Edmonton Delta Upsilon COLBO, MURRAY H., Olds Alta. COMISAROW, MELVIN B. Sigma Alpha Mu DAVIS, RONALD S., Edmonton FISHER, ANTHONY A., Edmonton FREEMAN, JIM R., Edmonton Wi ALBERTA U- A A o 'fIg1l'AQ- Qwmk O V 1 Y' L- ALBERTA EEAEVEE yr? ca 'II-ll QF CUM Quiq -A 1.- 'Yg 9 ALB ERTA v-4 gp C51 QS? F sclENcE qconfg GABEL, GERALD F., Medicine Hat GROULD, .IUDITH A.: Edmonton Exec. Math Physics Club HANSON, LARRY W., Calgary HODGSON. RICHARD j.W.1 Edmonton JENKINS, ,IOHN KENNETHQ Edmonton Exec. Chemistry Club VIOBSON, -I. DAVID, Edmonton MALM, HOWARD L.: Vauxhall Exec. Math Physics Club MANSFIELD, RICHARD .I.W.g Calgary N.F.C.U.S. MAUREAU, GERRIT T. F. RQ Calgary Exec. Musical Club Exec. Symphony Exec. Math Physics Club MORSE, ROBERT H.: Irma MUECKE, GUNTER K.: Calgary NIWA, DALE E3 Acadia Valley PAETKAU, VERNER: Coaldale Exec. Chemistry Club Delta Upsilon PENNER, DAVID W., Calgary RASMUSSEN, BENTE G., Edmonton ROBERTSON. DAVE KNOXQ Edmonton Zeta Psi SCHAEFER, D. GARRYQ Duffield VAN BIEEMEN, OTTO: Stony Plain WILINSKI, ROSEMARIE, Edmonton SCIENCE GRADUATES ACKROYD, BEVERLY K4 Hartleyville, Alta, ANEMA, CORNEI.IUSg Edmonton ANNETT, JULIA M.g Castor, Alta. ARMSTRONG, EDWARD L., Edmonton BAKER, ROBIN D.g Cereal BEIL, CHARLES E., Banff, Alta. Zeta Psi BERCOV, HOWARDQ Calgary Sigma Alpha Mu BISHOP, FRANK G.g Trail, B. C. BISHOP, JOHN L., Calgary Phi Kappa Pi BLAIS, RICHARD A., Edmonton BOZNIAK, EUGENE G., Wausketenau, Alta. BRADLEY, RENWICK D.g Regina, Sask. Badminton Football Delta Upsilon BRAY, BYRON G.g Devon, Alta. BULAT, JAMES A.g Edmonton CAMPBELL, GARYg Edmonton Delta Upsilon sclENcE qconfg CARTLEDGE, HAROLD A. B., Edmonton CASTON, DOUGLAS M., Edson, Alta. CHEESMAN, BRIAN R., Edmonton DAVID, LYLE J., St. Albert, Alta. DAVIDSON, C. KENNIEg Mountain View Alta. Fencing Clnstructorj Delta Sigma Phi DUHOLKE, WAYNE K., Edmonton, Alta. ELLIS, BARBARA A., Edmonton Alta. ELVEY, RUTH E., Red Deer, Alta. FERGUSON, JOHN W., Fort Saskatchewan Exec. Varsity Varieties FISHER, DALE N., Sylvan Lake, Alta. Lambda Chi Alpha FISCHER, DONALD G., Irma FORTIER, ROBERT A., Vimy, Alta. FOSTER, DAVID A., Edmonton, Alta. FRIZZELL, DENNIS L., Red Deer, Alta. GILLIS, JEAN D., Edmonton, Alta. Exec. Newman Club Exec. U. N. Club GRINDLEY, JOHN M., Edmonton, Alta. HALE, ALAN W.G., Edmonton, Alta. HANSON, DENIS, Edmonton, Alta. HARKE, DOUGLAS J., New Sarepta HAYMAN, ALLAN D., Edmonton, Alta. HOLLAND, ROLAND E., Edmonton HOYNE, HELEN M., Barrhead, Alta. HUSBAND, JOHN M., Red Deer Lambda Chi Alpha JAMES, KENNETH W., Edmonton JICKLING, BRIAN L., Brock, Sask. KASTELEIN, NIC Roman, Andrew Lambda Chi Alpha KINSELLA, EARL R., Innisfail KIREEF, TONY, Lethbridge KLIMOVICH, EDWARD P., Camrose Lambda Chi Alpha KLIMCHUK, MELVIN J., Edmonton KNUDTSON, NORRIS A., Camrose KOCHENDORFER, ROBERT L., Valhalla Centre KOOLE, ALLAN R., Kipp Exec. Judo Club KRAWCHUK, RONALD, Vilna 1- 91 if ev " I ll' , bn , A SCIENCE qcomg KRUSE, KAREN P., Dawson Creek, B. C. Competitive Swimming Delta Gamma LA GRANGE, RAYMOND S.g Red Deer LAING, IAN R. V.g Hanna Lambda Chi Alpha LONG, ROBERT, Edmonton LUCUS, LEONARD F.g Harmattan MCDONALD, BRIAN R.g Edmonton Zeta Psi MCDONALD, MARGARET M.g Calgary MCEACHERN, MERVYN A., Edmonton MCINNIS, JOHN C.g Calgary Delta Upsilon MACGOUGAN, WILLIAM KEIRg Calgary U of A Ski Team MACGREGOR, RONALD A.g Edmonton MOORE, JOHN H.g North Bay Ont. MORRIS, RICHARD W., Vancouver, B. C. MORRISON, ALLAN E.g Edmonton MUIR, ROBERT C.g Calgary MYLYK, OREST M4 Edmonton NEWMAN, WILLIAM R., Edmonton NEWTON, GARRY D.g Medicine Hat PRICE, WALLACE W., Edmonton PROKOPCZAK, LESTER M. L.g Fort Saskatchewan Intervarsity Judo Zeta Psi RANKIN, JAMES D.g Sundre Delta Kappa Epsilon REHILL, DAVID H.g Edmonton REYNOLDS, NORMAN W.g McLennan RING, ROGER D.g Edmonton ROSSANDER, ROBERT J., Calgary SANCHE, HENRY A.g Millet SERNA, ANDREWQ Edmonton SHERMAN, JOHN A.g Nobleford SKINNER, NICHOLAS St. J. F., Medicine Hat Delta Kappa Epsilon SMITH, DONNA MAY E.g Edmonton SMITH, MARILYNN C.g Edmonton Pi Beta Phi STASHKO, EDWARD V. E.: Vegreville STEWART, DONNA L., Edmonton STEWIN, LENNIE L., Wetaskiwin STUDHOLME, MARY, B.Ed.g Camrose SCIENCE fCONT.1 SWEET, ARTHUR R.g Lacombe TAUBE, ALEXg Edmonton THIBAULT, DENIS H.g Domremy, Sask. THOMLI SON, RAYMOND 1.5 Edmonton TKACHUK, RONALD E.g Edmonton TOEWS, DANIEL P.g Grande Prairie Exec. Mixed Chorus Delta Upsilon VANBEEK, GERRIT 1.g Calgary VITEYCHUK, FRANKLIN G.g Vilna VOLOSHIN, CAROL V.g La Canada, California WARD, CAROL 1.g Hanna WARNEKE, LORNE B.. Rimbey WIEBE, HENRYg Warman, Sask. WILLIAMS, TRYON M.g Edmonton Exec. Rugger Team Phi Delta Theta WINKELAAR, PHILIP G.g Edmonton WOBICK, WAYNE M.g Lethbridge YOUNG, PETER 1.3 Edmonton THEOLOGY GRADUATES ANDERSON, BLAKE L.g B.A.g Edmonton SAWYER, THOMAS 1.9 B.A.g Edmonton THOMSON, ROBERT T.g B.Sc.g Edmonton Exec. Theolog Club WIGMORE, EDWARD 1.g B.A.g Edmonton Exec. Gateway Exec. University Athletic Board RECEIVING B.A. STOKES, WINSTON W.g Coronation ALBERTA -QQ 42 'flu' Q? 4 Q Q? n.M..d ,.,.v :Q wi S Q 5 1. if E , L4 . as E 5' W .t f S" vi ' ef' 35 1 QQ A A YZ-img: ,Q4 SUMMERSCHOOL GRADUATES ANTONIUK, DOROTI-IYg B.Ed. BAUMEN, jg B.Ed.g St. Albert BELL, DAVE A.g B.Sc., B.Ed.g Holden BLAKEMAN, MRS. E.: B.Ed.g Edmonton BRISTOW, MRS. FERNg B.Ed.g Spruce Grove BROWN, DOUGLAS W. R.: B.A.g Calgary BURCH, MRS. H. M.g M.Ed.g Lethbridge CARRAN, MRS. ETHEL G.: B.Ed.g Edmonton CHODAN, STEVEQ B.Ed.g Thorhild DAVIDSON, JOHN G. T.g B.Ed.g Edmonton ENGELHARDT, MRS. EVAg B.Sc,g Edmonton EWASIUK, DANIELQ B.Ed.g Grand Centre FINNMAN, J. F.g B.Ed.g Provost GAVINCHUK, JOHNg B.Ed., B.A.5 Edmonton GRINNELL, THOMAS C3 B.Ed.g Abee HALUCA, NICK G.g BlEd.g Hairyhill HAWRELKO, JOHNQ M.Ed.g Redwater HENDERSON, BETHEA I.g B.Ed.g Edmonton HESS, MRS. E.g B.Ed.g Edmonton HICKS, ROBERTg B.Ed.g Calgary HORYN, STEPHENQ B.Ed.g Mundare HOWIE, JOHN S.g B.Ed.g Waskatenau HRYNEW, MRS. STEPHANIE B.Ed.g St. Albert I-IUNKA, MR. D.g B.Ed.g Hairyhill JORDAN, REGINALD R.g B.Sc.3 Lethbridge KALLAL, SIGNE G.g B.Ed.g Edmonton KELM, MRS. ELMA E.g B.Ed.g Rimbey LAWTON, MRS. DOROTHY L.g B.Ed.g Eckville LEHR, E. D.g B.Ed.g Ponolca LETTS, ALEXQ B.Sc., B.Ed.g Sr. Albert LIEN, MRS. S.g B.Ed.g Sherwood Park MacDOUGALL, SISTER MARYg B.Ed.g Rycroft MacKAY, MISS M.g B.Ed., M.Ed.g Vulcan MacLEAN, MRS. VIOLAQ B.Ed.g Ponoka McROBERTS, MRS. ELSIEQ B.Ed.g Irma SUMMER SCHOOL QCONTJ MAERTENS-POOLE, WILLIAMg B.A., B.Ed.g Provost MAKAR, M.g B.Ed.g Edmonton NESDOLY, MRS. MARYg B.Ed.g Irvine NORMANDEAR, MARCEL E.g B.A., B.Ed g Edmonton NOWAK, MISS ANNE: B.Ed.g Bloosmberry NUTTYCOMBE, MRS, BLANCHEg B.Ed.g Newbrook PISCIA, MRS. HELENg B.Ed,g Viking POWLEY, D.g B.Ed.g Edmonton PRESS, JOHN jg B.Ed.g Manning ROCHELEAR, MRS. NATALIEg B.Ed.g Calgary ROTHEL, MRS. B.g B.Ed.g Lethbridge RUDNISKY, JOSEPH T.g B.Ed.g Thorhild SAVICH, MARY M.g B.Ed,g Edmonton SCHAYES, MARCEL H.g B.Ed.g Edmonton SHOULTS, WALTER E.g B.Ed.g Calgary SKOWRONSKI, LEONARD M.g B.Sc.g Westlock SOKOLIK, WILLIAMg B.Ed.g Whitford SOKOLOSKY, VICTOR J.g B.Ed.g Vegreville SPASIUK, METROg 15,124.5 Glendon SPEAKER, RAYg B.Ed.g Encham SPILA, ANDREWg B.Ed.g Prosperity STERZER, K.g B.Ed.g Spruce Grove STURBY, ANNEg B.Ec1.g Gron1id,Sask. SWANSON, MELVA JJ B.ECI.Q Milk River TENCH, MISS GRACE L.g B.Ed.g Calgary TICHKOWSKY, WILLIAM F.g B.Ed., B.A.g Edmonton TIMKO, GEORGEQ B.Ed.g Scandia ZIENTARSKI, Wg Edmonton N, L5 ,.V' X' 5555?-Qi,1 " 1 mr-D SUMMER SCHCCL ADMINISTRATION J . . 5' If II Q. X F5 Left to Right: Dr. Gilles, Director of Summer Sessiong Mrs. E. Blakeman, Vice Presidentg Mr. J. B. Findlater. Men's Sports Rep.g Mrs. J. G. Sparling, Dean of Womeng Mr. D. L. Petherbridge, Presidenrg Mr. W. Dinwoodie, Business Managerg Mr. M.L. Coyne, Recreation Directorg Miss N. Matoba, Social Convenerg Miss E. Fedun, Girls' Sports Rep. QFTH5y MOISHE T. PIPICK UNDERGRADUATES AGRICU LTU RE THIRD YEAR ANDERSON, G. HARVEY, Czar BAKER, HORACE S., Edmonton BALLANTYNE, WILLIAM W., Red Deer BERGERON, J. GHISLAIN, Peace River DANGERFIELD, JAMES A., Vauxhall ELIAS, JOHN W., Standard HAESSEL, WALTER W., Scapa HOOVER, DONALD L., Worsley HUNTER, JOHN D., Calgary INGLEDEW, DAVID, Hinton Trail LESLIE, ALAN J., Edmonton LUND, WENDELL L., Hughenden OLSEN, NEIL J., Olds OLSON, ARTHUR O., Cranford OLSON, JOHN W., Red Deer PENNER, RICHARD G., Rosemary RAND, ARNOLD F., Innisfail REASBECK, GERALD F., Lyalta RICHTER, JOHN L., Beiseker RUDAKEWICH, MIKE, Hines Creek SCHRODER, DAVID J., Styal SCHULD, FREDERICK W., Iron Springs SHAW, BLAIR R., Taber STANDISH, JAMES F., Black Diamond THACKER, BLAINE A., Burdett WULFF, CLIFFORD F., Swalwell SECOND YEAR ALLEN, ELMER C., Waskatenau BALL, RONALD F., Edmonton BOLSTAD, JEROME M. M., Wetaskiwin BRESEE, KEITH D., Ponoka BRYCE, HUGH H. S., Edmonton CALDWELL, C. DONALD, East Coulee CARLSON, DAVID E. M., Lethbridge CESSFORD, ROBERT G., Edmonton CHURCH, C. GORDON, Balzac DAVIES, KENNETH C., Ponoka ERICHSEN, ALFRED W. N., Botha FELSTAD, BARRY R., Dapp FOLKINS, ROGER H., Chauvin FORBES, ALLAN, Vermilion FORBES, M. JEAN, Vermilion GORR, JACK G., Three Hills GRIMSON, RAYMOND E., Sylvan Lake HACKETT, BRUCE A., Star HEGGELUND, WINSTON F., Valhalla Centre I-IOLROYD. G. GALE, Lethbridge HUTCHINSON, LYNDEN G., Warner JONES, GEORGE M., Cheadle KEHOE, FRANCIS X., Edmonton LATHAM, JOHN E., Calgary LINDER, GEORGE H., Cardston MCCUTCHEON, BRION C., Athabasca MCPHERSON, ALLISTER J., Calgary MALMBERG, LYNN A., Carseland MATTSON, ARNOLD L., Hays NELSON, DAVID P., Cluny SWANSON, HARRY D., Milk River TYMOCHKO, RONALD J., Edmonton WEST, BRIAN S., Halkirk WHITLOCK, DONALD G., Edmonton FIRST YEAR ADAMS, T. PETER, Czar ANDERSON, W. GARRY, Magnolia BENKE, GARFIELD M., Edmonton BERGSTROM, STANLEY O., Camrose BRADLEY, JAMES E., Halkirk BRISTOW, EDWARD S., Beaverlodge CHRISTIE, JOAN B., Bruderheim DAVIDSON, ALEXANDER C., Delburne AGRICULTURE ICONTJ DUDAS, MARVIN j.g Stirling DYKES, ROBERTQ Edmonton, Alta. ERICKSON, ROBERT D., Eclberg, Alta. GALLAGHER, ALBERT, Drumheller GRAY, NEIL M.: Edmonton GROUNDWATER, RICHARD A.g Crossfield HILDRETH, GLEN L.: Castor HLADIK, MAURICE j.g Wetaskiwin HOFFMAN, HENRY A.g Vulcan -IAHN, HANNS-GUENTHERg Edmonton JARDINE, LORNE A.g Calgary KEOWN, LAWRENCE C., Woking LAKE, DAVID C.g Leduc LAMBLE, G. WAYNEg Thorhild LANGRIDGE, ROBERT 1.5 Banff LODGE, BRUCE C.g Edmonton LOREE, I- WILSON: Parkland LOZERON, ANDRE D.g Sexsmith LYSENG, MALCOLM T.g Armena MCINTOSH, MELBURN RJ Carbon MCKINLEY, GUY R.g Medicine Hat MACKLIN, IRVIN R., Grande Prairie MAJEAU, LEO L,g Riviere Qui Barre MEADOWS, HENRY N.g Blackie MILLER, KENNETH F.: Milk River MILLIGAN, GEOFFREY E., Bon Accord NICOL, KENNETH J., Kipp NIEME, ROBERT A.g Trochu NORTON, DAVID W.g Camrose PAULSON, KENNETH O.g Ponoka PELCHAT, PAUL J. E.g Medicine Hat POCOCK, KEN L.g Edmonton ROCK, GEORGE Wg Drumheller RUTLEDGE, PATRICK L.g Monitor SENEY, DONALD C.g Blackie SORKEN, LARRY CONRADg Sexsmith SWAINSON, JOHN ANDREW, Red Deer THORPE, ALLAN G.g Edmonton TOFT, KENNETH R.g Wayne VAS, FRANK M.g Wrentham WILSON, ADDISON I. M.g Calgary WINCHELL, ROBERT L.g Spirit River WYLLIE, DORIS E., Vegreville ARTS THIRD YEAR HONORS ASPLUND, OLOF WILLIAM, Lethbridge BRAGG, BARRY W. E.g Edmonton BREEZE, JULIA M., Calgary BUSE, DIETER K.g Barrhead DE PAOLT, DINOg High River DUGGER, ELIZABETH Lg Edmonton DYCK, HANS 1.5 Rosemary HODGES, JOHN D.g Edmonton HUMPHREYS, JOHNQ Edmonton HUNTER, ROBIN S.g Edmonton JACKSON, BARBARA A.g Edmonton JEWELL, LAURENCE D., Athabasca KROUSE, IRENE M.g Edmonton LAURIN, RICHARD L., Edmonton LEPOOLE, STEVEN D.g Fort Saskatchewan LEWIS, JUDITH A.g Grande Prairie MCDONALD, IAN R.g Edmonton O'BRIEN, ALLISON D.g Barrhead PANTHER, CHISTOPHERg Vulcan PERSON, CARIN E.g Edmonton PITFIELD, IAN I-Lg Edmonton POUNDER, ROBERT L.g Edmonton SEEMAN, EDA M.g Lethbridge STEFAN, WESLEY S.g Lethbridge STORFIE, REVA KATHERINEQ Lethbridge , . 2 ',,.1., . .1.:.:.:a,,:.1:,.::':. A' :- .,::zE3: - I Z Ii: Q . , E' "X .,r. 1 I . 1 ,. , M., ,,,. . gig,-,few ' ,- r ff A . .- 9 ra- .3: 1 f t ALB,gRTA ALB,gRTA .. . .. . 2 'fre' QS' 0 'fnif ar '51 , - , 2 . . . , ,,,. .W M ,.,, , I ..., , '- -' i at-11.-7 , -1.-1-rcaffv. , , V6-of ,x,5,,, v, , , -- :ra-:xx -. f:.:--awe it ,, W!! isfrzgfffrii .- 'Q -." se " l X. A Qi 2, . .,.,,.4,,,,5,: N ,, 2 - . I ,av ,I 901 was pg! z fy 1,5 , C, ww I f , , ,af r Y I If, 4 11,5152 . wgesvra., A V ,-:.q..g2s2::2. I f- V , xp- W 0 'rs 11,if55Z?' ff .. gf- ,:zfaf.,f:':2. ,f -.rafz m H ' E5 V. - ,.,f', ,,.,.1 iff. ' W' wi' WW JV v ' V 4' r r ,-1' . Cl" ,gy - Q- ,V.'t A ? '15f ,Aw , ,ff J 1 4, if 1- ' N 1 4-7 -M 7"Fi-r. f l , ," 2 I 5 Z ALBERTA ALB E RTA gf fQ ,lf- az' rz... ,,. ARTS fCONT.J TOVEE, CAROL M., High Rivet WOOD, HEATHER, Calgary YOUNG, CHESTER R., Edmonton THIRD YEAR NOT RECEIVING DEGREE ALLEN, DAVID C. B., Edmonton BOULTER, GORDON R., Rosalind BRODY, EUGENE L., Edmonton CELMAINIS, INARA D., Red Deer CONE, MYRNA C., Edmonton DUNN, MICHAEL J., Edmonton GAUTI-IIER, DONALD A., St. Lina GORDON, RODERICK C. A., Penhold HARASYMIW, BOHDAN, BA., North Battleiord HEPBURN, JEAN C., Calgary JOHANSON, ETHEL K., Red Deer JOHNSON, DONALD E., Calgary KING, MARGARET A., Olds KONRAD, ABRAHAM J., Grassy Lake LOUGH, FRANKLIN S., Calgary READER, DONALD G., Edmonton RUMBALL, THOMAS H., Peace River WELLS, DONALD W., Edmonton SECOND YEAR ALDRIDGE, JUDY L., Edmonton ALLAN, A. RAYMOND, Lethbridge ALLEN, JAMES G., Hanna ANDERSON, LYNN M., Edmonton ARMISHAW, DOUGLAS G., Rimbey ARMSTRONG, JOHN G., Calgary ASPLUND, MARY K., Lethbridge BACON, DELMER A., Edmonton BACON, R. MAUREEN, Edmonton BAKO, MARGIT, Edmonton BAILEY, DONALD R., Ponoka BARIL, DIANE I., Edmonton BARTON, WILLIAM J., Drumheller BAZIUK, ANDREW A., Redwatet BENJAMIN, LYNNE F., Lethbridge BERNIER, LYNNE M.T., Wetaskiwin BINKLEY, LENORE N., Edmonton BJORGE, HAROLD A., Bawlf BLUMELL, MYRA J., Magfath BONE, DEREK A., Edmonton BOOTHMAN, LOUELLA L., Edmonton BOWEN, MAURICE L., Edmonton BOWEN, NANCY E., Edmonton BOWKER, GEORGE E., Edmonton BRADLEY, SARAH R., Halkirk BRAGG, RUSSELL A., Calgary BREATHET, VALERIE R., Edmonton BRIDGES, HARRY A., Edmonton BRINSMEAD, WENDY M., Camrose BROOKS, ENID K. L., Edmonton BRYAN, MONA J., Edmonton BUCHANAN, ROBERT A., Edmonton BUCKLER, BARBARA J., Edmonton BUDNITSKY, HENRY J., Edmonton BURGRESS, SANDY, Camrose BURCH, MARGARET L., Edmonton CAIRNS, LESLEA M. B., Edmonton CAMERON CAMERON CAMPBELL CAMPBELL, CAMPBELL, CAMPBELL , CHRISTINE A., Edmonton , MARILYN A., Edmonton ADAM F., Sydney Mines, N.S GLEN W., Edmonton MAC D., Lethbridge MARILYN M., Calgary CARLSON, WAYNE E., Edmonton CARLYLE, NANCY E., Blackfalds CATTERALL, DUANE H., Edmonton CLOZZA, GORDON W., Drumheller Ants lCONT.J CONRADI, ULRIKE E., Edmonton CRAIG, MARGARET M., Edmonton CUNLIFFE, LYNDA 1.g Edmonton CZARTORYSKI, CHRISTOPHER P.g Edmonton DAWSON, MAUREEN A.g Edmonton DEMAINE, MICHAEL B., Grande Prairie DES ROSIERS, IRENE M., Joyceville, Ont. DEWAR, KENNETH C., Edmonton DIPPIE, BRIAN W., Edmonton DIXON, DONALD A., Beaverlodge DODDS, RUTH E.g Edmonton DONNELLY, ROYES E., Lethbridge DRYBURGH, ALEXIS 1.3 Edmonton DUB, EUGENE N., Edmonton DUMONT, MAURICE I., Bonnyville DWERNYCHUK, ROBERT G.g Edmonton DWYER, MARY V. D.g Lundbreck DYCK, P. RANDY, Calgary EASTWOOD, TERENCE M.g Edmonton EHLY, JENNIFER A., Edmonton ELNBLAU, DIANE B., Edmonton ELGERT, R. HERBERTQ Leduc ENSSLEN, DIETERg Edmonton EVANS, JAMES F., Edmonton FAILING, ALLAN Lg Edmonton FARNHAM, PENELLA E. K.g Edmonton FISHER, MARGARET 1.3 Edmonton FLYNN, GEORGE, Calgary FORBES, DONNA G.g Edmonton FORD, CATHERINE A., Red Deer FORD, 1. DAVEQ Edmonton FORSTER, MICHAEL E. F.g Lethbridge FRADKIN, SANDRAg Edmonton FRASER, CLAIRE M. R.g Calgary FRASER, COLIN A., Edmonton FREEBURY, COLIN E., Tofield FROST, EDWARD C., Edmonton GARNINER, JAMES R. G., Edmonton GEDDES, ANNE, Calgary GIBSON, CATRIONA A., Okotoks GIETZ, BEVERLEY M.g Pincher Creek 1 GIFFEN, FRANKLINYN 1.5 Edmonton GITZEL, PHYLLIS E., Grande Prairie GOOCH, STANLEY E., Camrose GRAHAM, JANET C., Olds GREASON, ANNE M., Edmonton GREENE, JOHN C. G.g Edmonton GUNNING, JUDITH B., Edmonton HALLGREN, NORMAN A., Edmonton HAMAR, DONNA M.g Lac La Biche HAMILTON, LINDA R., Cold Lake HARVIE, JACQUELINE V. H.g Calgary HEWITT, DAVID S.g Edberg HICKEY, JOAN E., Prince Albert, Sask. HIMMELMAN, PATRICIA A., Calgary HOLMEN, JANICE M. M., Wayne HOLYK, JUDITH L., Coleman HRYCHUK, WILLIAM D., Edmonton HUGO, JOAN, Ghost Pine Creek HUMPHREYS, FRANCES A., Edmonton HUTCHINSON, KENNETH H., Edmonton HUTCI-IINSON, LINDA M.g Fort Saskatchewan JEWELL, SANDRA E., Edmonton JOHNSON, ELWOOD E.g Edmonton JONES, ALLAN R.g Edmonton JONES, CHERYL A.g Dewberry JOHNSON, JANET M., Shaughnessy JOHNSON, SHARON E., Yellowknife KALES, JUDITH L.g Edmonton KENNEDY, HARRY E., Camrose M' ' " I , T' y x QF' 31,4 ,K- Jaw' 4 'K ff lk if in r, " I 1 1 f 4 'f , -.. , W ,- il 4 4 Q t i .-.5191 24 W 4 r lf f 13 0 . 34 f ,S Q If ,4 'haf 4 fa- 1' . - , .- 'N D ' A - gs 'Z 1 ' U Q59 A -vi" wi 2 ,v M I In - ., V, , , .4 , an , A H T7 151' f ' 4' " - ' 4 W- ' 'Y .Vi ,N mwx, 1 V , . 7, , I V I A 'J t f Aww YG VY! 5 H , 70 w, 1 1 135: f v a 7 .3.,, M, L , R :Q ,,,, A f J- U X Y V, I ,,:,,.1,,, :,,iA , 5 "' g ,,,, J 9 A . .. . 5 .Q '- ' I 1 N , .1 J I ,fv- 'sl N! ARTS qcoNT.y KING, VALERIE M., Edmonton KISS, ROBERT A., Edmonton KLUCK, CATHERINE J., Provost KNUTSON, RICHARD E., Czar KOLBER, STAN M., Calgary KOSHMAN, JAMES C., Edmonton KOZIAK, METHODIUS T. J., Edmonton KROENING, GRACE R. D., Edmonton LAW, MERLA A., Calgary LAYCRAFT, SI-IEENA E., Calgary LEWIS, REGINALD J., Brooks LOBSINGER, JOHN P., Edmonton LUCAS, ALASTAIR R., Edmonton MacDONALD, FLORA M., Calgary MacDONALD, JOI-IN A., Edmonton MacLAREN, JAMES M., Edmonton MacGREGOR, C. JIM, Edmonton MacPHEE, PETER L., Edmonton MAH, WILLIAM, Elk Point MATHESON, ROBERT B., Edmonton MCCONNELL, A. DAVUD, Edmonton MCDERMID, BONN D., Calgary MCDERMID, DAVID H., Calgary MCDONALD, GRAEME D., Edmonton MCGUCKIN, JAMES R., Edmonton MCKILL, LARRY N., Saskatoon, Saslt, MCMILLAN, MELVILLE L., Picardville MCNAMARA, PATRICK W., Edson MacPHERSON, CALVIN G., Edmonton MacKENZIE, DONNA R., Edmonton MADSEN, CAROL A., Mayerthorpe MALLEN, BRENDA M., Edmonton MANNING, GERALD F., Edmonton MARCONI, A. ARLENE, Coleman MARTIN, DORTHY M., Camrose MARTIN, FAY E., Camrose MELNYCHUK, JOANNE M., Edmonton MEUNIER, MICHEL D., Edmonton MIS, MARY J. V., Edmonton MITCHELL, ORMOND S., High River MONDEA, BARBARA J., Edmonton MOON, KATHLEEN J., Edmonton MORDEN, DALE W., Lethbridge MORO, BONNIE L., Peace River MUNRO, DON R., Edmonton NELKEN, CHARLES F., Redwater NEUMANN, GEORGE, Calgary NEWCOMB, THOMAS C., Lloydminster, Sask. OBERHOLTZER, JOHN L., Edmonton OWENS, EDWARD L., Calgary PACEY, RUSSELL J., Edmonton PARSONS, DIANE I-I., Westloek PAUL, NORMAN H., Yellowknife, N.W PELACI-IUK, JULIE V., Edmonton PARKS, RONALD I-I., Edmonton PAYNE, LAWRENCE I-I., Red Deer PEACOCK, JOHN P., Calgary PEEL, PAUL, Edmonton PEIRCE, JOANN, Edmonton PETERS, LLOYD, Swift Current, Sask. PHAFF, MARJORIE A., Lethbridge PIMM, LARRY V., Amisk PULOS, NICHOLAS G., Edmonton PORTEOUS, JAYNE F., Edmonton PUZEY, ANNA M., Red Deer RANKEL, ANTHONY G., Edmonton RAYCHEBA, ILONA A., Edmonton REA, AUDREY F., Edmonton REEVES, JUDITH E., Edmonton REMPEI., HENRY D., Edmonton .T ARTS QCONTJ RITSON-BENNETT, NICHOLAS J., Edmonton RODGER, RUTH C., Edmonton ROSSER, LORRAINE S., Ferintosh ROTHWELL, JANE E., Calgary ROWLAND, ELVA M., Aldersyde RULE, STEPHANIE MARY, Edmonton RUSNELL DALE A., Edmonton RUSSELL, RICHARD D., Red Deer RYAN, BRUCE A., Edmonton SADLER, SHIRLEY D., Edmonton SAUNDERS, LORNA F., Edmonton SCHRAG, LEONE R., Edmonton SCHUREK, SHARRON M. E., Edmonton SCOTT, HELEN E. A., Edmonton SEBASTIAN, LOIS F., Wembley SEEGER, ALBERT G., Edmonton SEREDA, DANIEL D., Edmonton SEREDA, MARGARET B., Edmonton SHACHNOWICH, WILLIAM J., Canmore SHANAHAN, ERNEST J., Calgary SHANK, L. STANLEY, Athabasca SHUGARMAN, DAVID A. P., Edmonton SILVER, PHILLIP J., Edmonton SINCLAIR, GEORGIA J., Red Deer SMALLWOOD, CAROLE M., Irma SMANIOTTO, VAL ANTHONY, Edmonton SMILANICH, PETER A., Edson SMIT, ELISABETH, Edmonton SORENSEN, KAREN M., Dixonville STANILAND, DENNIS E., Edmonton STANLEY, GORDON R. M., Edmonton STARKO, GEORGINA B., Edmonton STENGER, KATHERINE M., Warburg STEPHEN, TELL R., Lethbridge STERK, JOHN, Edmonton STICKNEY, FRANCES M., Hythe STRIINIGER, ROBIN L., Edmonton SUMMERS, GARRY T., Bentley SUNDBERG, CORRINE M., Ponoka SUNDERLAND, CYRIL, Edmonton SUTHERLAND, MICHAEL G. R., Lethbridge SWAIN, G. M. DONALD, Lacombe SWANE, BARRY K.: St. Albert SWITZER, ELVA R., Edmonton TAYLOR, KENNETH A., Edmonton TAYLOR, ROBERT L., Medicine Hat THOMPSON, MARGARET J., Edmonton TILLEY, DAVID J., Edmonton VAN OENE, DAVID H., Dundas WALKER, DOUGLAS C., Edmonton WALKER, ELIZABETH J., Drumheller WALKER, GEORGE C., Edmonton WARD, W. PETER, Edmonton WARHAFT, NEIL, Edmonton WANT, RHONA M. J., Edmonton WELSH, MICHAEL L., Sudbury, Ont. WILKINS, DAVID L., Lethbridge WILSON, CATHERINE A., Edmonton WILSON, MARGO J., Habay WIRZBA, GERHARD, Lethbridge WOLFF, HORST G., Edmonton WOOD, B. MARK, Cardston WOODMAN, GORDON L., Westlock WOODRUFF, GARRY L., Twin Butte WRIGHT, CATHERINE L., Edmonton WRIGHT, WAYNE H., Ponoka WYNN, NANCY B., Edmonton WYNNYCHUK, KAREN E., Thorhild YOUNGE, DEREK A., Ponoka ZACHERL, JANICE M. A., Jasper Place 'Q -.w J fi l XL.-A ff' 'ass-'Q' m" ' nr Q ,,, . 1 ,4 11 I 4-. , 1 . f . 5 FIRST YEAR ADAMIC, RITA S., Edmonton AHLSTROM, LESLIE E., Beauvallon AKERS, GEORGE H., Medicine Hat ALBI, ADRIANA T., Edmonton ALBRECHT, MARILYN A., Stony Plain ALEXANDER, DONALD S., Boyle al KARMY, OMAYA, London, England ALLEN, CLAUDIA D., Edmonton ANDERSON, BRIAN D., Edmonton ANDERSON, JEANNE G., Edmonton ANDERSON, VALERIE L., Edmonton ANSTRUTHER, HELEN M., Fort Saskatchewan ARMSTRONG, CATHERINE F., Edmonton ARNOLD, RONALD E., St. Paul ARNTZEN, JOHN D., Edmonton ARONETZ, KSENIA I., Edmonton ATKINSON, LOIS M., Lacombe AUXIER, JANE, Edmonton AVIS, WALTER E., Calgary BABY, DAVID A. D., Regina BAGBY, ROBERT F. S., Edmonton BAHRY, SHARON E., Edmonton BAKER, VERA E., Westlock BANG, KAREN M. F., Mannville BARD, FORREST H. R., Edmonton BARLOW, WENDY L., Hanna BARRE, WAYNE R., Edmonton BECKER, JOHANNA E., Edmonton BELIK, APRIL A., Edgerton BENTLEY, ILA D., Edmonton BERGQUIST, EDITH M., Red Deer BERREA, WALTER R., Athabasca BLBBY, REGINALD W., Edmonton BIGAM, JERRY F., Red Deer BIGELOW, CAMERON, Edmonton BINGHAM, GAIL D. M., Edmonton BIOLLO, MARILYN A., Edmonton BLAKE, JERRY S., Nanton BLUE, DALE L., Hardisty BORK, EGON E., Edmonton BOWEN, MARILYN S., Edmonton BOYER, ENID B., Edmonton BRAZEAU, DONALD A., Edmonton BRIDGE, JANICE L., Edmonton BROADBERRY, JONATHAN H., Calgary BROOKS, BLAINE D., Red Deer BROOKS, WILLIAM N., Edmonton BROVENDER, BARRY, Edmonton BRUCE, ROBERT P., Edmonton BURKO, ANNA, Edmonton BURTCH, HELEN L., Edmonton BURZMINSKI, RONALD H., Edmonton BUSHE, S. DONALD, Edmonton BUSKI, ZBIGNIEW J., Edmonton BUTLER, JOHN E., Edmonton BUTLER, RONALD J., Edmonton BUTTERS, CRAIG S., Edmonton BZOWY, VICTOR A., Rycroft CABAY, TEDDY L., Ardmore CAMERON, DUNCAN C., Edmonton CAMERON, LAURIE W., Eckville CAMPBELL, SUSAN A., Edmonton CAMPBELL, WILLIAM I., Edmonton CARMICHAEL, JUDITH C., Marwayne CARRUTHERS, SANDRA F., Lashburn, Sask. CAYWOOD, WENDY M., Edmonton CHALMERS, BARBARA L., Edmonton CHERNIAK, RONALD C., High Prairie CHERNICHEN, DON J., Calgary CHRISTIANSON, DENNIS A., Edmonton ARTS tcoNT.p CHIVERS, A. BARRIE C., High River COAMBS, JOHN H., Edmonton COGILL, JOHN H., Edmonton CONRADI, ARMGARD H., Edmonton COULTER, WAYNE W., Red Deer COUTTS, DAVID C., Calgary COWAN, JAMES E., Lloydminster CRONIN, PATRICIA I., Peers CZEMBER, JEANETTE E., Medicine Hat DALGLIESH, CAMPBELL W., Edmonton DAMBOIS, LINDA A., Bellevue DANGERFIELD, KENNETH A., Edmonton DAVIES, ELIZABETH A., Edmonton DAVID, ROBERT K., Edmonton DAVIDSON, W. C. RICHARD, Lethbridge DAWSON, PATRICIA D., Edmonton DEA, JOHN L., Edmonton DENCER, CECILIA E., Edmonton DIXON, JAMES L., Ralston DONALD, ROBERT J., Edmonton DREVER, DALE J., Castor DRISCOLL, DAVID T., Edmonton DUMAS, DIANA M., Taber DURDA, RONALD W., Grande Prairie EIGNER, KLAUS D., Edmonton ELIUK, VIRGINIA J., Vegfeviue ELLIOTT, JUDY C., Edmonton ELLSWORTH, KENNETH G., Bentley ENARSON, DALE A., Ferintosh ERICKSON, H. LOUISE, Calgary ESTRIN, DAVID, Edmonton EVANS, H. NEIL, Edmonton FALK, LESLIE A., Edmonton FAMINOW, VENERA M., Pincher Creek FEARN, DIANNE E., Edmonton FELESKY, BRIAN A., Calgary FENERTY, RONALD L., Calgary FERRIS, C. DAVID, Edmonton FOREST, JAMES J. G., Edmonton FOSTER, NINA L., Edmonton FORTIN, TERRANCE P., Grand Centre FOWLER, STANLEY G., St. Albert FRIEDENBERG, WILLIAM B., Calgary FRIEND, BARBARA J., Edmonton FRIESEN, GEORGE F., Taber FROST, GARRY C., Edmonton GARTNER, GERALD M., Edmonton GARFIN, MARILYN R., Edmonton GIBSON, JOAN A., Edmonton GISHLER JOHN R., Edmonton GOUDREAU, ESTELLE A., Edmonton GOVIER, TRUDY R., Edmonton GRAHAM, RUTH E., Edmonton GRANT, LINDA E., Regina GREENLEES, E. MALCOLM, Edmonton GRUBE, ROSE M., Edmonton HAGGITH, RUSSELL C. J., Edmonton V HALVORSON, MICHAEL H., Wetaskiwin HANCOCK, JUDITH C., Red Deer HANSON, LORNE A., Edmonton HARCOURT, JUDITH F., Sherwood Park HARRIS, MARGARET A., Edmonton HARTWIG, HERBERT J., Edmonton HARVEY, JOAN F., Edmonton HAWKINGS, EDGAR A., Bentley HAWRYLUK, EDWARD D., Spirit River HEARD, JOHN M., Edmonton HEIGHINGTON, DONALD H., Edmonton HENNESSY, JOHN D., Edmonton HIGHAM, JAMES C., Edmonton N f f 5 cf 'R 'bang I 2? L. R ., 4. J -I-I r .tlfv M Q., 15 , a i if .fo I we f -. 1. ,. . lt 1? 7 , , . . I. .. by 51 - L ' 11 7' 'i 1-0 3 1" -J -Q ,K-77" te 9 fl' G VA, Z 11. f I A .. l H v I il ' ,ff xg ' f ,. :'. f fn v 9 1. Av 2. If -5 .4 5 1 ! an rl'- QV. i. gi ARTS fCONT.J HINKS, JAMES D., Medicine Hat HOBSON, LOUIS B. P., Blairmore HODGINS, BARBARA L., Namao HOLETON, RICHARD R., Edmonton HOMINUKE, LUCY H., Edmonton HUGHES, GAIL P., Edmonton HUTTON, JOHN G., Devon HYNDMAN, RICHARD M., Regina HYNES, SHARON A., Banff IGGULDEN, EILEEN M., Edmonton INGLIS, IAN D., Irma IRWIN, WALTER D., Edmonton JACKSON, DONALD K. JACKSON, LYNEE E., Hobbema JACKSON, JOAN G., Innisfail JACOX, DAVID J., Edmonton JOHNSON, BEVERLEY J., Morrin JOHNSON, MYRON J., Edmonton JOHNSTON, NANCY M., Edmonton KAGAN, BARBARA L., Edmonton KALLAL, TERENCE R., Edmonton KANASHIRO, DANNY, Lethbridge KEATLEY, PENNY J., Edmonton KEHOE, ELIZABETH A., Edmonton KIERNAN, GARY B., Crossfield KILBORN, JENNIFER A., Grimshaw KITTLE, DOUGLASg Edmonton KLAUSS, MARIANNEg Edmonton KLINE, JUDITH M., Edmonton KNAAK, PETER, Edmonton KNIGHT, GEORGE A., Jasper KOPALA, MARGARET M., Edmonton KOTASH, ELIZABETH, Vegteville KOTASH, MYRNA A., Edmonton KOZAK, KATHRYNg Lethbridge KRAMPS, YVETTE P., Edmonton KROON, ELKO B., Edmonton LARSON, LORNE S., Edson LAZARENKO, CYNTHIA J., Edmonton LEE, SHARRON E., Hinton I.ePOOLE, MARC M., Fort Saskatchewan LIND, DONNA C., Wetaskiwin LINLEY, PETER B., Red Deer LITTLE, MICHAEL E., Edmonton LOEWAN, ANNE, Edmonton LONG, DOROTHY M., Blackfalds LUCOW, BEATRICE W., Vegreville LUFT, MURRAY C., Calgary LUINI, ALBERT G., Hillcrest LYONS, RICKY J., Edmonton MCAFEE, JOHN A., Red Deer MCCALLA, PATRICIA G., Edmonton MCCLEARY, RUTH H. M., Camrose MCCLELLAND, JOAN I., Edmonton MCCOMB, ROBERT J., Regina, Sask. MCCOY, PATRICIA L., Edmonton MCCRAE, SUSAN L., Edson MCKENZIE, ROSS W., Lethbridge MCLAUGHLIN, SANDRA T., Edmonton MCLEOD, KEITH R., Yellowknife, N.W.T MacLOCK, ROBERT B., Edmonton MCMULLAN, DOROTHY C., Fort Saskatchewan MCNAUGHTON, CARRIE E., Pendryl MacRAE, DAVID M., Medicine Hat McRAE, HOWARD B., Red Deer MacDONALD, GLENNA M., Edmonton MADILL, SHIRLEY D., Brooks MAHON, BRUCE R., Edson MANN, JOHN A., Calgarv MARTIN, HENRY B., Edmonton ARTS fCONT.J MATHSEN, EDA, Eckville MATTHEWS, DENNIS G., Edmonton MAY, WINNIE A., Elkwater MERWART, JOYCE G., Saskatoon MEYER, TED W., Amesbury MILLBANK, REBECCA, Edmonton MILES, COLIN L., Edmonton MILLER, JOHN H., Edmonton MISKEY, CLIFFORD R., Stony Plain MOGENSEN, NELS W., Eckville MOISUK, JOANNE P., Edmonton MOONEY, MARGARET P., Edmonton MORRIS, SHARI A., Magrath MORRISON, BRUCE D., Edmonton MOSESON, SANDRA E., Wetaskiwin MOSSOP, ELAINE M. K., Calgary MOWAT, THOMAS G., Edmonton MURPHY, JOHN M., Edmonton MOSS, LEONARD P., Edmonton MYERS, NEIL E., Lloydminster MYERS, SYDNEY E., Edmonton MYSKIW, WILLIAM R., TWO Hills NEWBY, ROBERT E., Calgary NEPSTAD, MARLENE S., Valhalla Center NIELD, ANNE J. R., Edmonton NIELSEN, JOHN A., Edmonton NIX, NANCY C., Edmonton NIZIOL, FRANK Ji, Edmonton NOWICK, JULIAN J., Edmonton OBORNE, KATHLEEN M., Rome, Italy O'CONNELL, DENNIS S., Lethbridge O'DONNELL, JAMES T., Edmonton OGLE, KAY H., Calgary OLESKY, DALE D., Millet ORTLIEB, ALEC, Edmonton ORN, DONALD E., Edmonton ORR, GLEN D., Edmonton OSTEN, ELLEN S., Edmonton O'SULLIVAN, AVRIL A., Edmonton PAETKAY, MARK L., Edmonton PANZER, URSULA, Edmonton PARDEE, PETER C., Edmonton PARLEE, WILLIAM H., Edmonton PARRY, JOANNE M., Rimbey PARTRIDGE, LOUISE A., Valemount, B.C. PASNAK, JAMES, Edmonton PASZEK, TED A., Edmonton PATRICK, GRANTON A., Edmonton PATTERSON, GLENDA B., Tofield PAYNE, ELIZABETH P., Edmonton PIERCY, LINDA J., Edmonton PIERCY, LORNA G., Edmonton POETSCHKE, ROBERT W., Edmonton PROCH, LORNA P., Carvel PROKOPCHUK, BONNIE M., Edmonton RABINOVITZ, MYER, Edmonton RAY, CAROLYN D., Edmonton REDSCHLAG, KURT, Edmonton REIMER, HENRY M. RENAUD, KENNETH A., Edmonton RENNIE, SHARON A., Westlock RICHARDS, COLLEEN A., Czar ROBINS, DONALD E., Blackie ROBINSON, BEVERLEY R., Devon ROBSON, ANN J., Edmonton RODDICK, ROBERT F., Viking ROGERSON, WILLIAM H., Edmonton RONDEAU, BERNARD C. J., Bonnyville ROSS, JAMES L., Edmonton ROSS, SHEILA S., St. Albert QQ'--L, in t- :Qi .,.- : ,,fv -P : -v-Q.. f X Q we . ,-WS l '5 d :'t'W'. it 0 , . I X6 . aiviig - as ' '17 . , X s1,.2::Qa. .. ttxx z-Lfiivraw -TE f:-K-9-t F I M WI I. A . 1 .Q Q-11+ - lv . f. vt' K ip. ..- . Q- . X Q X nv- . ':,,.-.w- . ,,, X qsggggg-' .- 'tix L ' Q. Q . , -I-I Xt- N ' ff' - . ' A F 'K vi X ' I S5 ..:l,::' , 4 wi A wk' I ,igaif aa sg .Q Ng-.1:,:::s'-:E X ,,. - - f-H E A I. ' Z" 'N ' .t A ' CWI W , .1751 I " Nix I Av --415, .'.f. sv-as 'Af Q ,qu N5 ARTS ,comm ROSS, WILLIAM H., Edmonton ROWED, DAPHNE D., Jasper RUMBOLD, GERTRUDE C., Peace River RUSSELL, PAMELA J., Edmonton SADOWAY, SYLVIA, Smoky Lake SARGENT, JOAN E., Vancouver, B.C. SARGENT, LAFERN F., Grande Prairie SCOFFIELD, W. CHRISTINE, Edmonton SCHOFIELD, FAY, Ponoka SCRABA, ELANA J., Lacombe SEMCHUK, TARAS P., Edmonton SHARPLIN, CHRISTOPHER D., Edmonton SHARPLIN, RICHARD H., Edmonton SHAW, CHARENE G., Ottawa, Ont. SHEMELUCK, MYRNA I., Smoky Lake SHEPTYCKI, MARIANN B., Edmonton SIEMENS, CATHERINE A., Edmonton SKINNER, RAE LYNNE, Saskatoon, Sask. SMITH, EUGENE D., Edmonton SMITH, KERRY S., Drumheller SMITH, LYNN I., Edmonton SMITH, SYDNEY G., Edmonton SPARLING, DARIEL E. M., Edmonton SPENCER, KEITH R., Edmonton SPRAGUE, KATHERINE J., Edmonton SPENCER, DONALD C., Edmonton STAMM, GARRY M., Edmonton STAPLES. BARBARA G., Red Deer ST. ARNAUD, RAYMOND H., Edmonton ST. ARNAUD, RICHARD, Edmonton STEFANIW, ROMANA M., Edmonton STEWART, L. RUTH, Vermilion STREET, DONNA L., Calgary STRONG, RONI L., Red Deer STUEHMER, JIM E., Millet SWICK, ALLANA I., Edmonton TANNAS, DALE A., Marwayne TAYLOR, WENDY M., Edmonton THRESHER, EDWARD T., Edmonton TOTH, RICHARD L., High River TREMLETT, PAUL J., Calgary TUSSMAN, GORDON S., Edmonton VANDERMENLEN, DANIEL A., Peace River VAUGHAN, PETER D., Port Credit VOLLAN, KAREN M., Edmonton WALKER, MARGARET A., Beaverlodge WANNER, DWAYNE F., Edmonton WARHAFT, SHARON L., Edmonton WAY, BARBARA H., High River WEHRHAHN, GERTRUDE H., Mountain View WEISLER, SHELLY M., Edmonton WETZEL, DONNA A., Bentley WHITE, ROBERT B., Edmonton WILLIAMS, ANNAMARY J., WILLIAMS, DARILYN A., Lethbridge WILLIAMS, ESTHER A., Edmonton WOITENKO, JOHN D., Fairview WOLCH, BRENDA R., Edmonton WUSYK, GORDIE D., Grand Centre WYMAN, KAREN L., Edmonton ZAHARICHUK, Bernice M., Two Hills COMMERCE FOURTH YEAR NOT RECEIVING DEGREE SEITINGER, HILDA W., Edmonton THIRD YEAR NOT RECEIVING DEGREE BASTIDE, MAURICE E., Edmonton BEGLAU, ADOLF H., Calgary BESSELL D. HUGH, Calgary BISHOP, DONALD R., Sheerness BISHOP, LOUISE M., Calgary BLEVISS, MORRIS, Calgary COMMERCE fCONT.J BRUCE, R. GRAHAM, Calgary CAMPBELL, ROBERT G., Calgary CHRISTOPHERS, EDWARD M., Edmonton CORNELSSEN, MAX L., Stettler COSTALL, ROBERT R., Sedgewick DARLING, BURKE E., Calgary DUDSWORTH, LYLE P., Spmce Grove DOUGLAS, J. IAN, Calgary ERICKSEN, GRANT A. B., Edmonton FERGUSON, JOHN T., Edmonton FERRY, ROBERT T., Edmonton FINLAY, DONALD A., Calgary GARDNER, DONALD R., Calgary GARTNER, DONALD G., Edmonton HAMSHAW, ROBER J., Taber HOLLIDAY, DENNIS A., Edmonton HONEYCHURCH, SHARON R., Calgary JACQUES, LEO L., Edmonton KITT, NESTOR E., Edmonton KLINCK, JOHN E., Edmonton KUEHN, ROBERT A., Edmonton KUTZNER, WILLIAM R., Millet LEVINE, DAVID A., Edmonton LINSTEAD, EDWARD J., Calgary MARTE, DOUG A. J., Wadena, Sask. MACIE, LYN P., Calgary MCDONALD, ROBERT G., Edmonton McKAY, VERNE G., Calgary MCLEAN, GRAHAM, Fort Macleod MILLAR, KENNEDY B., Calgary MITCHELL, LEONARD J., Edmonton NADEAW, J. ARNOLD, Edmonton NELSON, RONALD L., Stettler NEMIRSKY, LARRY, St. Michael NOLAND, GORDON, Calgary NORMINTON, ROSS H., Calgary PEACOCK, FRASER R., Sangudo PERRY, M. JANIS, Edmonton PETERSON, BARRIE E., Edmonton PRICE, RICHARD T., Edmonton PRIDDLE, DONALD F., Calgary RICE, WILLIAM K., Claresholm RODGER, DAVID M., Edmonton SAFFEL, VIVIAN E., Edmonton SEXTY, ROBERT W., Pibroch SHERWIN, WALLY A., Edmonton SHIRLEY, EDWARD G., Edmonton SINCLAIR, KENNETH G., Edmonton SMEE, DOUGLAS E., Calgary STRONG, G. RICHARD, Calgary THOMAS, DWIGHT R., Edmonton TONN, ERIKA E., Edmonton VOTH, GORDON J., Grande Prairie WALPOLE, IAN R., Calgary SECOND YEAR ALBERT. DONALD W., Edmonton BACON, GARY E., Westlock BANKS, JAMES P., Edmonton BARFORD, JOHN P. L., Edmonton BAYDUZA, IHOR R., Edmonton BRADFORD, ROSS P., Edmonton CHAMBERLAIN, HUGH L. E., Edmonton CHICLO, LARRY P., Edmonton CLARK, PETER M., High River COMPTON, ROBERT L., Edmonton COOPER, JOHN T., Edmonton COX, ROBERT L., Kimberley, B.C. DABBS, JAMES A., Camrose DRAPER, MORRIS B., Edmonton ELLIOTT, GORDON C., Ponoka if s 7? . ff l i " . ,5 ' l "1 -1,- - 4 fr . ,. 'Y ,. I - . 2 .. A V' ' I .. ., .' - :tr , 1131 ' . , lp ' , V -J Ll ' A ' 'swf' r -, V5 131 " - ,- Mft, 2 Q'- I . ,V ,,,,. 1 - 1, I '1 S G14 f J - n foe... gl ' vffst : 1. 5,124 ,-,- E 3 'Q , ev , fl Q 7 Q ... ,N ' ,y0"2i1'1,f 1, ,- L 'Nt N lg P 11212111 , W 51 G Ola' f 'B' ff' 11 . 4 -gg 4 JA '-' L , 4 J .I V T .21-121: Z -wt . .., f r 9, I ,M I , A 3 1 't 'I 5 . IG l I r 'W"'+gN COMMERCE fCONT.J FACEY, GEORGE W. B.g Edmonton FUJINO, TOSHIO R., Coaldale GALUSHA, FREDERICK A.g Ponoka GARDNER, DONALD G. A.g Edmonton GILES, NORMAN K.g Edmonton GROOT, JACK C.g Edmonton HARPER, BRYCE G.g Edmonton HEISE, GILBERT A.g Edmonton HEISE, ROBERT M.g Edmonton HELBRECHT, HORACEg Edmonton HOOGENDOORN, ROBERT J.g Edmonton INGRAM, ROBERT G., Edmonton IZZIO, JOE P.g Edmonton JENSEN, HENRYg Ridgetown, Ont. KALKE, HENRYQ Edmonton KASAWAL, ERNEST Eg Lavoy KASZUBA, ALFRED A.g Edmonton KEECH, DON J.g Edmonton KHAN, ISHTIAQ A.g Lethbridge KINOSHITA. TOYOSKI T.g Lethbridge KLETKE, MELVINg Millet KOLEWASKI, ED E., Wainwright LANGSTON, HARRISON A.g Edmonton LANGSTON, ROBERT D.g Edmonton LAPH, GERALD G.g Edmonton LEMIEUX, GERARD R., Edmonton LEWIS, DENYS A.g Edmonton LEWONIUK, ALEXANDER Kg Gunn LLOYD, THOMAS E.g Edmonton LUNDGREN, DUANE R.g Innisfail MCADAM, BRIAN C.g Edmonton MCAMMOND, DUNCAN R.g Edmonton MANLEY, ROBERT D.g Edmonton MARLER, DAVID L. J.3 Barrhead MARR, ANDREW H.g Edmonton MELNYK, DENNIS J.g Edmonton NIMMON, ROBERT B.g Edmonton OLINYK, GERALD D.g Edmonton PICKFORD, RICHARD W.g Red Deer PIERZCHALA, GARY J.g Hillcrest POBUDA, HENRY M., Viking REECE, DAVID J., Edmonton ROBINS, LARRY N.g Victoria RUZESKY, NAPg Sherwood Park RYCKMAN, JAMES E.g Hanna SANDERMAN, ROBERT J. H.g Edmonton SEREDA, ARTHUR A.g Calmar SIXSMITH, KENNETH A.g North Battleford SMITH, C. ALANQ Olds SOBIE, LARRY J.g Edmonton SOKULSKI, MAURICEg Clover Bar SPARLING, JOHNg Camrose SCOTT, RICHARD S.g Edmonton SYDNES, THOMAS A.g Brownvale TENNANT, ELIZABETH M.g Lethbridge THORN, DERYK H., Edmonton TIMOFFEE, EDWARD E.g Edmonton TOUDY, WINSTON J.g Burstall, Sask. TRUSWELL, DEREK P.g Edmonton WAGNER, RONALD G.g Regina WEIL, ERIC A.g Edmonton WONG, WALTERg Edmonton WRIGHT, TERRANCE G.g Edmonton YODER, MERVIN Lg Camrose YOUNG, GERALD A.g Wainwright FIRST YEAR ADACHI, KENNETH S.g Taber ARCHIBALD, IAN G.g Edmonton ARMBRUSTER, EVALINEg Stoney Plain BAYER, JOHN R.g Beaverlodge COMMERCE QCONTJ BENNETT, ROSAMUND J., Edmonton BENNETT, ROY A., Uncas BONE, MICHAEL, Edmonton BROWN, STANLEY T., Edmonton BROZUK, WALTER A., McBride, B.C. BUXTON, JANICE L., Edmonton CALLAS, JAMES, Edmonton CANTIN, JOHN A., Edmonton CARLYLE, WALTER B., Blackfalds CARTER, GORDON B., Calgary CARWELL, ROBERT J., Edmonton CAVANAUGH, TERRY W., Mannville CHERNIAWSKI, MARV J., Mundare CHICKLOSKI, AL W., Edmonton COOKE, MICHAEL B., Calgary DAVIDSON, LARRY W., Edmonton DAVIS, DAVID T., Edmonton DEPALME, MAURICE J., Red Deer DOBSON, SHARON M., Paradise Valley DOHERTY, JOE R., Westock DUCKERING, VICTOR H., Red Deer DUGGER, RICHARD L., Edmonton DUNBAR, WILLIAM D., Edmonton DURDA, HERBERT V., Rycroft ELLENWOOD, RICHARD M., Edmonton ESOPENKO, GERALD J., Edmonton FELLOWS, FRANK H., Edmonton FETI-IERSTONHAUGH, DONALD K., Edmonton FRIEDENBERG, DANIEL, Onoway FRIES, GORDEN H., Duval, Sask. GAIRDNER, FARRY K., Crawford Bay, B.C. GARLOUGH, MARJORIE J., Leduc GILLARD, BRIAN G., Edmonton GOUGH, RALPH T., Okotoks GRAHAM, PETER J., Edmonton GROUT, WILLIAM D., Sherwood Park HAND, KEITH R., Edmonton HEWLETT, JOHN C., Edmonton HOOD, ROBERT W., Edmonton HORNBECK, HAROLD R., Edmonton HULL, WILLIAM A., Fairview JACKSON, EARL H., Kindersley, Sask. JACKSON, RONALD A., Camrose JOHNSON, GARY E., Edmonton JOHNSON, ROBERT R., Edmonton JOHNSON, RONALD E., Derwent JOHNSTON, PERRY V., Edmonton JUSTIK, FRANCIS V., Edmonton KELLNER, JOSEPH A. E., Edmonton KENNEDY, WAYNE A., Sherwood Park KING, LAWRENCE S., Edmonton KLOMPAS, NICHOLAS M., Edmonton LATHAM, RICHARD G., Edmonton LEE, ROBERT E., Edmonton LEIGH, DAVID M., Edmonton LELAND, RICHARD F., Trochu LESLIE, DONALD G., Edmonton LUCUK, STEVEN, Woking MCLEOD, WILLIAM D., Edmonton MCCLURE, RICHARD C., Edmonton MCELROY, WAYNE R., Edmonton MCPHERSON, FRED C., Edmonton MALIN, LLOYD E., Edmonton MARKLEY, WAYNE D., Edson MARTIN, KENNETH W., Edmonton MARTIN, RICHARD H., Edmonton MARUSZECZKA, MICHAEL W., Bruce MARX, C. B., Peace River MATTHEWS, ROBERT V., Edmonton MEANWILL, RICHARD J., Edmonton .A D3 9 I 'ar f tr ,P Q Q, 4 4 . 1 ,w if 0 I yt " v t A It , 2 xf -Y-Wg. .-e 1' ' W . f " ' 525121. 35: sf.. ' 4 V ' f I H.. 14 33' , N . 4. fy 2 1 4 ,W g,j'ig...'1"" ' If' MW' - 3 . T Nga Zi . 5 , ' I - ..,,..,, g. - u . Zql 'fi Elf W 1 'KX Q, f -, t 0, 2.1.34 , 4 2 -..:,, ' , . 45" ' 4 ff 2 ,, D 9 - if' , ,.. , I il' ,. . ' ' J -W1, -, f , 1 A , Q Q I In ulv, ' A vw, ,Q - .AN . 1 ALBEBIA !l'yM 002. E QQ U-A fag Lg Z, 'Im' ,QT coMMERcE qcoNT.y MERAW, MICHAEL F., Wetaskiwin MERCER, KENNETH E., Mannville MOULD, ROBERT WILLIAM, Edmonton MUENCH, JEROME N., Muenster, Sask. MUTH, MARVIN R.g Kavanaugh MUYLLE, DAVID A., Edmonton NICHIPORIK, HARRY, Hotchkiss OLSON, DAVID L., Edmonton OLSON, HARRY L., Picture Butte O'ROURKE, FRANCIS J., Chatham, Ont. OTTO, CLIFFORD G., Edmonton PAIN, MICHAEL T., Calgary PERRY, COLIN G., Edmonton PONECH, WILLIAM M., Lethbridge PRESTON, FRANCIS A, G., Red Deer QUILLEY, JAMES MICHAEL, Edmonton RAE, JOANNE LYNNE, Lethbridge RECHNER, ROBERT D., Edmonton RENNICK, GARY D., Edmonton RENWICK, DAVID N., Stettler RILEY, W. RODGERg Lacombe ROBBENHAAR, HILBRAND H. K., Edmonton ROBERTSON, WILLLAM D., Yellowknife, N.W.T. ROSS, HOLLAND CAMPBELL, Edmonton RUTTER, GEORGE D., Edmonton SCHOLTON, ALLAN J.g Vegteville SEREDIAK, EUGENE M., Andrew SHERWIN, GORDON K., Edmonton SIVERTSEN, KENNETH R., Edmonton SMITH, DAVID M., Edmonton SMITH, LYNN E., Claresholm SMITH, RONALD W. B., Edmonton SNESRUD, DONALD A., Edmonton SOUTHWORTH, JOHN M, A., Edmonton SPEARS, FRASER C., Edmonton STEELE, RONALD WILLIAM, Edmonton SURBY, WILLIAM W., Edmonton SYRNYK, DON O., Edmonton TAPLIN, JAMES L., Edmonton TAYLOR, DAVID A., Edmonton TAYLOR, DAVID A., Edmonton THOMAN, WILLIAM H., Edmonton THOMAS, GORDON B., Milk River THOMPSON, RIBERT J., Westlock THOMPSON, STEPHEN G. D., Edmonton THUMLERT, ALVIN R., Castor WADE, DUANE W., Edmonton WETHERELL, THOMAS L., Camrose WICKENBERG, KEN L., Edmonton WIESER, ULRICH E,g Edmonton WIGHT, KENNETH B., Edmonton WOOD, WILLIAM DAVID, Edmonton ZIPSE, DONNA J.g Edmonton DENTAL AUXILLARY FIRST YEAR BURAK, MARIANQ Norma DASH, AUDREY J.g Calgary FROLEK, LOURETTA A., Three Hills GUNTHER, DONNA M., Carseland HISLOP, MARY K., Calgary HOFMANN, MARAQ Edmonton HOLMEN, JOYCE A., Bentley HUGHES, NINA K., Lethbridge JORDAN, IRENE I., Calgary LOGIE, VICTORIA A., Calgary MCDONALD, MAUREEN J., Edmonton MAKIN, MARGARET A., Hillcrest NELSON, DIANA K., Calgary NICHOLL, LINDA LEE, Strathmore PAWLIUK, MARILYN, Andrew PEARSON, MARLENE L., Camrose DENTAL AUXILIARY ICONT.J SINCLAIR, JOY A., Edmonton STOCKER, PATRICIA G., Marshall, Sask. SWANSON, INGRID L., St. Paul TUNHEIM, MARIE J., Owlseye WEBBER, DONNA Y., Hay Lakes WYNNYK, DARLENE J., Edmonton DENTISTRY THIRD YEAR ABBOTT, ROY J., B.Sc., Edmonton AKROFI, VICTOR, Kumasi, Ghana BAILEY, THOMAS S., Davidson, Sask. BOWRON, DAVID G., Port Alberni, B.C. CHERNESKY, RICHARD W., Calgary DUNNIGAN, BILL, Edmonton DUSKA, LESLIE T., Calgary DYCK, W. A., Abbotskorp, B.C. ERICKSON, J. D., Calgary FIETZ, DONALD J., Hope, B.C. GOTAAS, PAUL B., B.Sc., Edmonton HARACH, MICHAEL H., Radisson, Sask. HUK, EUGENE M., Boyne Lake LIEN, ART, New Westminster, B.C. LIETZ, ERVIN D., Vancouver, B.C. MCRAE, MALCOLM G., B.Sc., Port Coquitlam, B.C. NIEDERMAYER, JOHN W., B.A., Regina, Sask. RUEDON, SELK, Rosemary SINGER, DAVID L., Saskatoon, Sask. TANGEN, KENNETH R., Weyburn, Sask. TOMLINSON, THURSTON K., B.A., Prince Albert, Sask. UTAS, GILBERT E., Edmonton WALLS, J. W. C., Calgary WILCOX, GEORGE P., B.Sc., Edmonton WONG, PERRY K., Moose Jaw, Sask. SECOND YEAR ADLER, SIDNEY M., Vegreville AKUNE, ROBERT S., B.Sc., Richmond, B.C ALEXANDER, IAN M., B.Sc, Kimberley, B.C. ANDERSON, JUDD J., Hinton ANDREWS, ROBERT B., Edson ARES, JEAN-LOUIS, Edmonton BENE, ALEX A., Calgary BEREZON, BUNNY B., Edmonton CANNIFF, JOHN, Calgary CHOW, LEONARD A., Vancouver, B.C. CULLUM, KENNETH L., B.Sc., Edmonton CUMBERLAND, GARY D., Dauphin, Man EBDON, RONALD F., Nelson, B.C. EBERT, WILLIAM G., Edmonton ENGLISH, JAMES C., Edmonton FEDORETZ, MIKE M., Edmonton FRAZER, DENNIS E., Edmonton GERARD, EDMUND I., Victoria, B.C. HAMILTON, BOB S., Edmonton HOSHIZAKI, SAM M., Kelowna, B.C. HOUSTON, GARY, Shaunavon, Sask. JOHNSON, DAVID, Vancouver, B.C. KOMM, RONALD W., Cardston FRANKLIN, LO D., B.Sc., Hong Kong MCINTYRE, EDWARD W., Edmonton MARQUIS, DONALD E., Nelson, B.C. MIELKE, RONALD J., Edmonton MORGAN, DONALD C., B.Sc., Guelph, Ont. NIELSEN, KEN, Edmonton PEREVERSOFF, CHARLES J., B.Sc., Creston, B.C. POLUKOSHKO, KENNETH M., Hines Creek SANDILANDS, R. D., Edmonton SAPKOS, STAN W. P., Edmonton SIMONEAU, MAURILE L., B.A., Mistatirn, Sask. STELMASCHUK, C. P., Fairview STEPHENS, W. R., Vermilion THOMPSON, GORDON W., Hope, B.C. 3. Q QEBERIA ., - E I If 11, ' 4 9 CUMCQE J 4 ' 5' ' if ' .,, . :L ' x 19 8 I N, rd Q 'x Ev Ig U 1 if 41 R ev ., . .favs ' ':.:"'f' T' 4'i3E,,:" f ' ' ff' ALBERTA I 'R ALBERTA ii i- ' f- ' -f -Ei ? 1- T F' Q " qy 0 41 ' v- Tffumquilt qkfvmicizlqs D4 DENTISTRY ICONT.J TRATCH, RONALD A., Olvena, Sask. FIRST YEAR BICHEL, LLOYD, Cactus Lake, Sask. BURKART, KENNETH J., Lipton, Sask. BURWASH, DONALD, Barons, Alta. CAMPBELL, ROBERT L., Edmonton CHALMERS, PAUL A., Edmonton CHENG, RICHMOND M., Vancouver, B.C. CRAGG, ERIK D., New Westminster, B.C. de WALL, THEODORE J., Calgary DOBRANSKY, EUGENE, Derwent FOX, DOUG, Calgary GHERASIM, EDWARD W., Edmonton GRIS, JOE, Kinberley, B.C. GROSE, WILLIAM T., Edmonton HAASE, GUENTER R., Calgary HESCI-IUK, MARCEL, Sifton, Man. I-IOLTHE, EDWARD, Elk Point HOWANIEC, RICHARD W., Vancouver, B.C. HUPFAU, PETER R., Vancouver, B.C. JONES, MELVIN D., St. Paul JOST, ROLE, Kitimat, B.C. KNECHTEL, MURRAY, Calgary KOMM, KENNETH E., Cardston KOTT, LORNE J., Edmonton KRATZSCH, MICHAEL, Calgary LEPP, VICTOR A., Dalmeny, Sask. MacTAVISH, ALLAN D. MABEY, WILFRID G., Lilac, Sask. MEDWID, VIRGINIA, Grassland MURPHY, JAMES D., Edmonton PHILLIPS, M. W., Edmonton SABOURIN, PAUL W., Calgary SAUDER, HARVEY E., North Battleford, Sask. SHEWCHUK, GEORGE R., Lamont SHOBE, CHARLES R., Rossland, B.C. SIMPSON, LARRY E., Nelson, B.C. SNASHALL, DONALD I., Edmonton STAMM, JOHN W., Edmonton THOMPSON, TERRENCE, Saskatoon, Sask. TKACHYK, PETER, Stry, Alta. TURNER, RONALD G., Tofield WARDACH, JOSEPH, Edmonton WELSH, EDWARD L., Milk River, Alta. WILSON, DONALD G., Tisdale, Sask. TRELEAUEN, NORMAN E., Lacombe EDUCATION FIFTH YEAR NOT RECEIVING DEGREE BALE, DAVID J., Edmonton FOURTH YEAR NOT RECEIVING DEGREE BEZEAU, LAWRENCE M., Lethbridge BIXBY, LAYNE M., Warner, Alta. BLUMENTHAL, LEONARD M., Edmonton BREAULT, HENRI L., Edmonton BURNS, DELOYCE H., Eckville CAMPBELL, CAROL L., Calgary CARRE, FRANK A., Edmonton CHEGWIN, MARGARET R., Wetaskiwin CLANDININ, GLADYS R., Edmonton CRAIG, ROBERT W., Medicine Hat CRUMMY, PATRICIA J., Edmonton DEXTRASE, EUGENE G., Edmonton ECCLESTON, WILLIAM D., Edmonton EVENSON, MARY L., Edmonton FOSTER, WILLIAM J., Bowden GALLOWAY, DONALD R., Vermilion GOZELNY, JOSEPHINE E., Edmonton GRADEN, JUDITH A., Stony Plain GRATZ, ROBERT M., Vermilion HAGUE, NOLA J., Edmonton HELLQUIST, RAY E., Elk Point EDUCATION fCONT.1 HEMUS, CY H.g Black Diamond HENSBY, THEODORE M.g B.Sc.g Ralston HOPKINSON, DONALD R., B.Comm.g Calgary KACHAK, WILLISg Hairy Hill KILAR, LUCY S.g Edmonton KIRSCH, KENNETH R.g B.A.g Winterburn KLYBANOWSKY, NATALKA M.g B.Cornm.g Edmonton KRANTZ, ELLEN M.g Bear Canyon KREITZER, KAY M.g Grande Prairie KULKA, SONIA M.g Edmonton LANDRY, 1. KENNETH N.g B.A.g Blackfalds LECOMTE, VALAIRE H,g B.P.E.g Ashmont LORAAS, DONALD H.g B.A.g Victoria LUKASIK, CARLg Picardville MCGUINNESS, PATRICIA M.g Red Deer MacKEAGE, MARLENE 1.3 B,SC.g Edmonton MCMULLEN, KENNETH D.g B.Sc.g Dewberry MADILL, E. GAYLORDQ B.A.g Wainwright MEHERIUK, 1OHNg B.Sc.g Glendon MOKOSCH, ERICg B.Sc.g Edmonton NEMIRSKY, THEODORE R.g B.Sc.g St. Michael OSTAFYCHUK, PATRICIA A.g B.Sc.g Thorhild RATZLAFF, PHYLLISg B.A.g Three Hills REBKOWICH, THOMAS A.g Wandering River ROSTRUP, ELIZABETH A., B.A.g Edmonton ROY, 1OHN Y.g B.Sc.g Edmonton RUSK, DOUG M.g Lethbridge SCHULTZ, GERALD A.g B.P.E.g Edmonton SETH, ALICE 1.5 Castor SHORE, PATRICIA 1.3 B.Sc.g Morden, Man. SKOWRONSKI, LEONARD M., B.Sc.g Westlock SLEMP, JAMES G.g B.A.g Fleet SNIDER, C. BOYDg Guernsey, Sask. SORENSON, 1. THOMASQ B.P.E.g Stettler STRIFLER, IRMA R.g Edmonton TAIT, 1AMES P.g B.Sc.g Fairview TA1CNAR, WILLIAM A.g B.Sc.g Barnwell TELLINGTON, ELIZABETH A.g B.Sc.g Edmonton TERRIFF, BETHg B.A.g Red Deer TORY, LANA M.g Wainwright VANCE, 1AMES H.g B.Sc.g Raymond WALDENBERGER, ROBERT W., B.P.E.g Vermilion WICKSON, DAVID G.g B.Sc.g Banff YOUNGS, CLIFFORD R.g B.Sc.g Didsbury ZUK, WILLIAM M.g Vegreville THIRD YEAR ANDERSON, DAVID E.g Camrose ARCHIBALD, CAROL LEEg Edmonton ARMSTRONG, GORDON W., Edmonton ASP, RICHARD T.g Wetaskiwin ATTWOOD, DIANNE H.g Edmonton AUNE, GEORGE L.g Rowley AWBERY, SANDRA F.g 1asper Place BAHR, DOUGLAS F., Edmonton BANCROFT, LARRY K.g Stony Plain BARON, RAYMOND W., Mundare BENNISON, BARRY A.g Edmonton BERENDT, ROBERT H.g Edmonton BIELISH, MERVIN J., Warspite BILON, ANDREW, Westlock BLUM, ROSE MARIE C.g Lyrnburn BODNAR, MARSHALL A.g Edmonton BONNER, FRANCES C. A.g Jasper BRAUTI, ALVIN C.g Edmonton BROWN, CAROLYN A.g Vauxhall BULMER, 1UDITH D., Athabasca BURCHAK, 1. T. RITCHIEg Edmonton CALLAHAN, NOREEN T., High River CARRIGAN, MAURYA B.g Edmonton bww. fx W Aw av' 4 5 LJ V: 1, N' js' ,-- Q . 6- ATM 4--, ' -vs ,h . if f EDUCATION qcomg CHALIFOUX, PAUL A.g Morinville CHAMBERLAND, JEANNETTE A., St. Paul CHARETTE, ANNE-LOUISEQ Edmonton CHOMYC, NESTOR L., Myrnam CLARKSON, MARION L., Grande Prairie CLEVELAND, LANALEE C.g Delburn CONNELL, EVELYN I.g Beaverlodge COSTER VAN VOORHOUT, ADRIAN W., Sr. Albert CUMMING, SHEILA J., Three Hills DAFOE, NORMAN E., Newbrook DER, DO-FAY Y., Chauvin DUNNIGAN, FRANCIS E., Edmonton DUTEAU, MABEL C., Lacombe EGLAUER, ANNE M., Blackfoot ELIUK, LILLIAN R., Two Hills ELLESTAD, LORNE H. N., Red Deer ELOCK, ALLEN D., Glendon ERDOS, JAMES R., Picture Butte ERICKSON, GAALEN L., Warner EWART, LESLIE A., Wetaskiwin EWASTUK, ERNEST G., Glendon EYLES, PATRICIA A., Edmonton FERGUSSON, SHARON J.g Morinville FISHER, RON W., Hay Lakes FONTAINE, ADELE L., Edmonton EORMAN, CAROL I., Edmonton FOSTER, CAROLYN M., Three Hills FRINDT, DOROTHY H., Edmonton FUJIWARA, FRED YJ Lethbridge FYTEN, MARVIN R., Edmonton GARBAUSKI, JULIANNA G., Westerose GATHERCOLE, SUSAN J.g Edmonton GILLESPIE, ANNE E., Calgary GOMMERINGER, MATILDA J., Viking GRAHAM, ALLAN A., Edmonton GRAHAM, KENNETH J., Vermilion GRAY, EUNICE Eg Matwayne GRECH. MARY S., Mannville GREKUL, MARSHALL W., Two Hills GUMBS, HUBERT A., Anguilla, Br. West Indies GUTHRIE, WILLIAM J.g St. Paul HAGEDORN, JAMES H., Edmonton HAMALUK, DEANNA M.g Edmonton HAMAR, DANIEL I., Edmonton HAMILTON, DIANE L., Edmonton HANSEN, GRAHAM J., Sherwood Park HARRINGTON, MARTHA, Edmonton HASSAN, JACK K.g St. Paul HEISLER, JOSEPHINE C., Val Marie, sask. HENRY, M. KATHLEENg Lacombe HINZ, JURGENg Edmonton 1-HRT, GERTRAUDEg Westlock HOLT, NORMAN R.g Edmonton HOLZER, ROBERT M., Legal HOOPER, CARROL L., Olds HORON, PETER, Lavoy HUGHES, GEOFFREY E. D., Cold Lake HUGHES, J. WESLEY, Wainwright HUOT, RAYMOND P.g Edmonton JACKNICKE, KENNETH G., Edmonton JAKUBEC, HOWARD L.g Edmonton JOBE, RONALD A., Edmonton JOHNSON, GRACE M., Wetaskiwin JOHNSON, SHARON L., Claresholm JOHNSON, ZONIA, Edmonton JOHNSTON, SANDRA J.g Edmonton KALEV, EDNA M., Eckville KESSLER, ELSIEg Calgary KING, ANNA MARGARET Eg Three Hills KIRSTEIN, SANDRA M., Wetaskiwin EDUCATION QCONTJ KNELLER, LILLIAN F., Wetaskiwin KNOWLTON, MURIEL E., Edmonton KORNELSON, HARVEY B., New Hazelton, B.C. KOSKI, MARVIN A., Rocky Mt. House KOSTIW, VICTOR, Westlock KOZACK, OLGA, Worsley KOZAK, PHYLLIS 1.3 Lac La Biche KOZDROWSKI, YVONNE M., Warspite KROPP, MARILYN E., Clover Bar KWASNIE, VALERIE 1., Lethbridge LAING, ELAINE C,, Lethbridge LAMOUREUX. RAYMOND, McLennan LANG. SHARON C., Edmonton LEFFLER, GEORGIA M., Edmonton LEGUERRIER, 1OAN F., Edmonton LEHMANN, ALFRED H., Wetaskiwin LOOV, VERNER B., Edmonton LORENZ, KENNETH L. 1., Altario, Alta. LUGER, ROBERT J., R.R. 5 LUPUL, EUGENE 1., Edmonton MCAFEE, RONALD A., Hazeldine MCARTHUR, DEANNA 1., Calgary MCCORMICK, STUART 1., Waterways MCEWEN, 1OHN M., Ardrssan, Alta. MCFALL, ANN L., Etzikom MCGUIGAN, 1OHN 1., Islay MCKENZIE, FLEN W., Edmonton MCLEOD, PAULINE M., Calgary MacNAUGNTON, MARILYN 1., Ranfurly MAHER, MARY E., Innisfail MARSHALL, RHONDA M., Edmonton MARTIN, RAYMOND 1., Delia MARX, ERWYN 1., High Prairie MATHISON, LORRAINE E., Round Hill MELNYK, MARY M., Edmonton MILLIGAN, BETTY A., Cochrane MITCHELL, DOROTHY M., Ponoka MONTNEY, JAMES L., Leduc MOORE, GLENDA B., Medicine Hat MORGAN, LYNDA G., Edmonton NICOL, PATRICIA M., Edmonton ONUSHKO, RUSSELL 1., Redwater OPRYSHKO, PETER E., Prosperity OWCHAR, 1ULINS W., Hylo PANCHUK, 1OHN, Lac La Biche PARANYCH, MARY ROSE, Edmonton PARK, LORENE 1., Edmonton PARKER, 1OAN'NE M., Edmonton PATRICK, DOUGLAS W., Thorsby PATTERSON, MAUREEN M., Cherry Creek, B.C. KACHUK, PAUL, Hairy Hill PAVAN, VELIA, Calgary PEDERSEN, SHIRLEY A., Medicine Hat PELKIE, MARILYN E., Edmonton PETERS, VICTOR F., Claresholm PHARE, WAYNE R., Edmonton PINCHBECK, GEORGE T., Mayerthorpe PLATO, BERNICE M., Edmonton POND, LORAINE A., Irma PRYTULUK, BRUCE, Lymburn QUIGG, RAYMOND S., Duffield RAE, BETTY A., Medicine Hat RAITZ, CARNEY H., Leduc RAMSAY, JAMES O., Edmonton REIMER, ZAIDA K., Edmonton RENTZ, GARRY D., Edmonton REYNAR, ALAN S., Three Hills RIM'BEY, DONALD C., Rimbey RIMSTAD, MARY-LOU, Lethbridge RISPLER, KENNETH C., Edmonton .-L. .... "5' ,, 'tu up A ,asf ,sv 4 'W EDUCATION CCONT.1 ROBBINS, EDNA M.g Pincher Creek ROGERS, 1OHN F.g Edmonton ROSS, PATRICIA E., Edmonton ROBINSON, PHYLLIS 1.5 Edmonton RUSNAK, LEONARD L., Thorsby RUSSELL, CONNIE Eg Edmonton RUST, RAYMOND R., Edmonton SADER, EILEENQ Edmonton SAVARD, PATRICIA, Catvel SAWADA, DAIYOQ Pincher Creek SCHILE. JOHN P. 1.3 Maleb SCHMITT, PHYLLIS 1.1 Milk River SCI-INEE, PATRICIA M.: Wetaskiwin SCHOENROCK, FRED D., Westlock SCHRADER, DARLENE Mg Bowden SCHULLER, REG. 1.3 Busby SEMENIUK, SOPHIEQ Thorhild SEVERIN, GEORGE, Glendon SHANTZ, CAROL 1.3 Didsbury SHAW, FRANCES C.: Edmonton SI-IULBA, ANNABELLE 14 Mundare SHYMONIAK, LEONARD R.g Spruce Valley SIBBALD, 1UDYg Munson SICKOFF, SHARON D.: Bellevue SIMON, GERLINDEg Edmonton SKARET, DELMER L., Edmonton SLAVIK, HELENQ Taber SODERSTROM, ROGER W., Edmonton SORENSON, CAROL E.g Stettler SPRINGER, DALE N., Edmonton STASHKO, BORIS A.: Vegreville STEINER, I-IELENE T., Edmonton STEINKE, MARGOT E.3 Edmonton STEPHENS, ANNE Mg S. Edmonton STEVENS, 1EAN G., Edmonton STEWART, PATRICIA 1.3 Wintetburn STUDENT, 1OYCE E., Buffalo Lake SUMMER, WILLIAM E., Calgary SWABEY, DAVID R.g Edmonton SWANSON, WAYNE G.g Lethbridge SWANSTON, 1ANETg Hythe SYMINGTON, GREGORY H.g Edmonton SYN YSI-IYN, MERLE 1.2 Myrnam TAYLOR, GEORGE E.g Edmonton TCHIR, VIOLET K4 Spedden TEWS, ESTHERQ Edmonton THOMAS, WILLIAM C,g Hodgson, Man. THOMSON, M. 1EAN, Innisfail THURSTON, PATRICIA D.g Lethbridge TIPMAN, D. MARLENEg Stettler TKACHENKO, HELEN: Edmonton TKACHUK, MARGARET A., Willingdon TOOPE, LILA I.g Edmonton UHLMAN, VIRGINIA C., Edmonton ULAN, DOREEN E.g Mundare UNDERWOOD, MARGARET R.g Athabasca URE, EUNICE H.g Delburne VIALA, RITA 1.g Rocky Mountain House WADE. DUNCAN C., Edmonton WALBERG, MYRNA L., Onoway WALKER, BRENDA L.g Calgary WALES, BERYL F. D.g Edson WHITE, BRIAN M. E.g Edmonton WILFLEY, CAROLYN R.g Brooks WILLIAMS, GLORIA 1.g Beaverlodge WILSON, DONNAZELLE I., Edmonton WILSON, HENRY M., Hughenden WILSON, KAREN E., Stettler 'WITT, KEITH K.g Edmonton EDUCATION qcoNT.y WIWAD, DONALD3 Andrew WO1CICKI, 1AMES 1.3 Westlock WOOLLEY, LARON P4 Raymond WRIGHT, LAURETTA L., Edmonton WYNNYK, KATIE M.3 Warspite WUTZKE, ELAINE R.3 Edmonton YOUNG, DONALD H.3 Edmonton YOUNG, 1OHN R.3 Delburne ZINGER, CLAUD M.3 Coronation SECOND YEAR ALCOCK, CAROL A.3 Edmonton ALEXEWICH, SHARON N.3 Edmonton ALLAN, PENNY 1.3 Lethbridge ANDERSON, LESLIE D.3 Grande Prairie ANDRICH, LINDA L., Rochester ASHMORE, SHIRLEY M. T.3 Edmonton ASTNER, CAROLE 1.3 Edmonton BACI-ILER, HERBERT Wg Edmonton BAKER, CAROLINE E.3 Edmonton BAKER, MYRTICE 1.3 Edmonton BALDOWSKI, ANN G.3 Ardmore BANKS, 1OANN'E 1.3 Standard BARKER, LE ROY G.3 Boyle BARON, RAYMOND M., Edmonton BATIUK, MARY 1.3 Edmonton BECHER, BERNARD 1.3 Bevasky BEIRNES, BARBARA R.3 Edmonton BELL, LINDA D.3 Edmonton BELTER, HERBERT, Bluffton BENTLEY, GEORGINA A., Sunnybrook BENTLEY, MERLE E.3 Edmonton BERDINE, I.. DIANNE3 Ponoka BESPFLUG, CAROLE R.3 Oyen BESSE, TOM C., Edmonton BIAGINI, NADIA E.3 Vauxhall BIAMONTE, LORETTA M.3 Edmonton BIANCHINI, WAYNE K. R., Hillcrest BILLEY, PAULINE3 Edwand BILLEY, RONALD, Willingdon BIOLETTI, EDITH L.3 Red Deer BISCHEF, HERBERT3 Edmonton BLACKMORE, PRISCILLAQ Catdston BLACKWOOD, CLAUDIA A.g Edmonton BLANCHETTE, MAURICE3 Marie Reine BONNER, 1OAN M.3 Edmonton BORATYNEC, MARGARET C., Lake Eliza BOSCH, MELVIN 1.3 Killam BOSSERT, 1OHN K.3 Berwyn BOYKIW, LUCILLE V., Edmonton BREAKEY, BONNIE 1EAN3 Edmonton BREDO, 1OYCE A.3 Edmonton BREITER, WILMA G.3 1asper Place BRISSARD, SIMONE H.3 Viking BROWN, KARYNE E.3 Red Deer BRUDER, LYNNE B.3 Westlock BUCK, KAREN E.3 Heinsburg BURAK, CECELIA A.3 Norma BURTON, SHARON A,3 Edmonton BYCIUK, MARY E.3 High Prairie CAKLOS, HELEN M.3 Edmonton CAMERON, DONNA A.3 Edmonton CAMERON, MABEL E.3 Morinville CAMPION, 1AMES W.3 Halkirk CARIGNAN, LEO A. 1.3 Daysland CARLSON, IRENE E.3 Sedgewick CASKEY, WALTER E.3 Calgary CAVANAUGH, 1. PATRICK3 Mannville CERNY, HANA3 Edmonton CHAPMAN, RUTH E.3 Stettler 2 fe . -ffm. SA ffexfm I 3 Q90 '04' Q NL gh' Vi F' , V 2-A' J 55,32 I 9 .0 I b y . 3 ' " vw . . 3 ' ' ' ' z N :Q-I I I .., I ff' .3 "-' 'V V gl J 5 X t. 'E Q r . . 1 I 4'q3,'::., A L B E RTA I 39 Er- I ,LL -A 1:6551 g 'QI l QQZYE I 91 .1 6 EDUCATION qcoNT.7 CI-IEVALIER, PAULINE R.g Edmonton CHOMYC, DONALD D.g Ranfurly CHOP, ANNIE Mg Dixonville CISSELL. JUDY M.g Ponoka CLARKE, JAMES B., Calgary CLAYDON, PAUL W.: Edmonton CLINTBERG, RALPH E.g Boyle CLOUTIER, MARTHE J.g Edmonton CONVEY, JOHN J.g Clandonald COULOMBE, LAWRENCE E.g Bonnyville COWLES, JUDY KJ Edmonton COX, STEPHEN R.g Edmonton CRAWFORD, KAREN E4 Edmonton CRISPIN, JOAN D4 Tofield CUDRAK, MARY M., Lethbridge CUNNINGHAM, DORIS A.g Edmonton DAHL, GERALD T.: Raymond DALLYN, MARILYN I.g Ribstone DALY, GRANIAg Edmonton DALY. RICHARD A.g High Prairie DANCEK, CARL J.g Bellevue DAVIDUCK, ELSIE J.g Manning DAVIES, CAROL B.g Edmonton DAVIES, PATRICIA C.g Coronation DAVIS, DIANE M.g Vancouver, B.C. DECKERT, ALICE M.g Guernsey, Sask. DENLUCK, BENJAMIN R4 Meadow Lake, Sask, DESJARDINE, SHARON L.g Chase, B.C. DESPINS, EDMOND E.g Falher DESPINS, RAYMOND H.g Falher DEY, MARIAN J.g Ardrossan DICKSON, LOIS A.g Edmonton DIDOW, NORMA J.g Spirit River DINNEY, PATRICIA L.g Edmonton DOBRY, JOYCE E.g Viking DOBYANSKI, HENNY E.g Westlock DOELL, LOREEN E.g New Norway DOLYNNY, NANCY M.g Bonnyville DOSDALL, EMERY G.g Edmonton DOW, CHERYL 5.5 Lethbridge DOWNS, PATRICIA J., Lethbridge DREGER, LORRAINE J., Woking DUCHAK, DONNA L., Calgary DUMONT, CAROLINE A., Grande Prairi DUNBAR, ROBERT J., Enchant DUNKLE, CHARLOTTE D4 Edmonton DUPILKA, ELEANOR G.g Athabasca DURDA, DIANNE M.g Grande Prairie DUTEAU, NOEL M.g Lacombe EBERHARDT, ELVIREg Medicine Hat EDSTROM, SHARON E.g Edberg EHNES, GLORIA C.g Fort Kent EHRHARDT, WENDY S.g Olds ELCHUK, ROSEg Edmonton ELLCOME, PI-IYLLIS I.g Cardston ELLIS, JEAN M.g Erskine ENNS, BEVERLY E.g Edmonton ERICKSON, JUNE B4 Eckville ERICSON, SHARON L.Q Wetaskiwin EWART, GLADYS C4 Wetaskiwin FARRINGTON, GORDONg Alhambra FEDUN, HARRY Wg Edmonton FERENCE. LORRAINE Hg St. Paul FERGUSSON, EDWARD D.g Edmonton FERTIG, WARRENQ Athabasca FIELD, JAMES A.g Wetaskiwin FINLAY, BARBARA J.g Edmonton FINLEY, PATRICIA E.g Stirling FIX, LEONA A.g Stettler FLAKE, INEZ I.g Innisfail E EDUCATION qcoNT.y FODOR, VIOLET, Warburg FORSMAN, LUCILLE A., Regina FOSTER, COLLEEN L., Winterburn FOX, HELENA GAIL, Rife FRASER, BETTY J., Tofield FRASER, DONNA J., Edmonton FREEK, WILLIAM L., Calgary FRICKER, HAROLD C., Edmonton FRIESENHAN, MARY K., Edmonton GALLIVAN, BALFOUR M., North Battleforcl GAMEY, GLENORA C., Calgary GARSIDE, RICHARD J., Edmonton GARES, KATHRYN L., Viking GAY, ANNE M., Duchess GEDDES, ELVA M., Alliance GEORGE, LARRY A., Delburne GERELUK, WINSTON, Warwick GIBBON, RONALD J., Edmonton GOODMAN, MARILYN R., Red Deer GOULD, LAURETTA G., Edmonton GOURLEY, NEIL R., Edmonton GRAHAM, BARBARA A., Edmonton GRAHAM, PHOEBE L., Raymond GRAY, ALVA E., Medicine Hat GREENSALDE, C. W. STANLEY, Edmonton GREGORWICH, MARILYN M., Westlock GUSNOWSKI, DIANE H., Elk Point GUTWALD, RALPH G., Edmonton HAGEN, MARCIA A., Clandonald HAMBLIN, M. GORDINE, Edmonton HANSEN, JOAN B., Whitelaw HARACSI, JOSEPH P., Edmonton HARASYM, PATRICIA M., Vegreville HARASYM, WALTER, Two Hills HARDY, CLARK L., Edmonton HARPER, BILLIE J., Red Deer HARRIS, ALICE J., Spring Coulee HARRISON, IRIS J., Edmonton HAYNES, E. ELAINE, Medicine Hat HAYNES, LAWRENCE J. W., Edmonton I-IAZLETT, CLARKE B., Fort St, John, B.C. HEATH, DOUGLAS, Moose Jaw, Sask. HEBERT, JUDITH J., Villeneuve HEGEL, WILLIAM J., Medicine Hat HEGGIE, NOLA J., Raymond HENDRICKS, PEGGIE J., Red Deer HENNIG, SHIRLEY I., Edmonton HEREFORD, ELAINE, Coleman HERGET, GLORIA P., Stirling HERLE, WALLACE J., Provost HERTEL, ELIZABETH A., Kavanagh HESLEP, RUTH A., Edmonton HILL, DOREEN R., Del Bonita HILL, GARY R., Vulcan HILL, HARRY M. M., Calgary HILLS, GEORGE L. C., Milk River HLUS, PAT O., Innisfree HNATIUK, WALTER, Radway HOCHSTEIN, SHARON R., Pincher Creek HODGKINSON, RICHARD E., Red Deer HOEPER, PETER G., Edmonton HOGG, JESSIE L., Edmonton HOLLAND, LOWELL R., Lethbridge HOLLINGSWORTH, DIANE P., Edmonton HOLMES, JANELLE E. A., Regina HOLMES, ROBERT J., Edmonton HOOSON, BETTY R., Edmonton HOPPER, MARION L., Calgary HORNE, NEIL D., Edmonton HORNER, RONALD W., Coutts ff' .. U .,,e,,. -' V ur -' 0 H I . V,, 'co , 9 'SI D is ' , . J.. 3, , . S' 5.5 .7 'f Q-,, -fa? 'B f EDUCATION fCONT.J HOULDEN, KEN L., Cayley HOWARD, MARYLYNNE D., Stettler HRABEC, VICTORIA S. L., Edmonton HRABETS, RAYMOND J., Myrnam HRYNIW, MARION G., St. Michael HUCULAK, DENNIS, Andrew HUEBNER, OSWALD, Leduc HUGHES, BONNIE E., Ponoka HUNTER, ADAIR R., Edmonton HUNTER, JOAN M. E., Meeting Creek HULL, DIANE G., Spirit River HUTTON, WILLIAM C., Devon ISAAC, BETTY M., Crooked Creek JANZEN, SANDRA-LYNNE, Wetaskiwin JEHN, WILLIAM E., Rimbey JOHNSON, JEAN A., Berwin JOHNSON, SAMUEL D., Ardmore JOHNSTON, BARBARA J., Spirit River JOHNSTON, M. JOY, Medicine Hat JOHNSTON, VIVIAN, Edmonton JONES, MARGE E., Edmonton JORDAN, GAYLE G., Champion JURKAT, MARILYN H., Etzikom KARTZ, JACQUELINE M., Edmonton KELLER, BERNARD E., Fawcett KELLER, HELMUT, Fawcett KELLER, MARFORIE E., Calgary KENNEDY, GOWER A., Fort Macleod KERMER, EVELYNNE E., Edmonton KEY, LESTER E., Edmonton KINDRAKA, NATALIE L., Glendorl KING, DARLENE M., Three Hills KIRK, JAMES R., Abee KLAPSTEIN, FREDERICK A., Edmonton KLASS, PATRICIA J., Haight KNIVE, KATHLEEN D., Vulcan KOEHLI, RONALD J., Daysland KOLOTYLUK, SYLVIA, Smoky Lake KOMARNISKY, STEPHANIA V., Holden KOMICHKE, RONALD A., Donalda KONOPELKA, JEAN, Rycroft KOSTYK, PATRICIA A., Tawatinaw KOTYLAK, EVELYN, Waskatenau KOVACS, FREDERICK, Edmonton KOWALCHUK, PETER Edmonton KOWALSKI, CHRISTA I., Edmonton KOWALSKI, RAYMOND W., Islay KOZAK, IRIS, Willindon KRAMPS, EUGENE W. G., Crooked Creek KRANKOWSKY, IRENE, Lake Eliza KRANTZ, JOYCE E., Bear Canyon KRAUSE, LARRY W., Wetaskiwin KREETING, DONNA P., Red Deer KRYWANIUK, LARRY W., Andrew KWIATKOWSKI, JOHN, Kinloch LaFRANCE, EVELYN M. J., Wainwright LAKE, WILFRED G., Lethbridge LANDGRAF, CLARK F., Edmonton LAUBER, MERVIN D., Dodds, LAZARUK, WALTER A., Andrew LEE, RONALD D., Edmonton LEE, SHIRLEY G., Edmonton LEECK, ERNIE E., Vilna LE FEVER, DAVID H., Eaglesham LEHMANN, AUGUST, Wetaskiwin LENCUCHA, CAROLE E. A., Blairmore LENTZ, JANICE G., Wetaskiwin LEROHL, THORNSTEIN C., Edmonton LIBBEY, LINDA M., Redwatet LIEN, ELEANOR D., St. Paul EDUCATION CCONTJ LINDGREN, JUANITA M.g Edmonton LINDNER, ELIZABETH R.g Bowden LITZENBERGER, PHYLLIS A.g Stony Plain LLOYD, WAYNE O.g Ponoka LOCKE. ELIZABETH R.g Irma LOCKE, PATRICIA D.g Castor LOOY, JOYCE E.g St. Paul LOVLIN, JOEL M.g Manning LOWE, WALTER B.g Sault Ste. Marie, Ont, LOY, GARY D.g Marsden, Sask. LUCAS, GLORIA J.g Stavely LUKA, NETTIE: Pibroch LUNGLE, MELVIN L.g Highland Park LYONS, MARILYN R.g Lousana LYONS, MURRAY F.g Nipawin, Sask. MCARTHUR, MARGARET J.g Medicine Hat MacARTHUR, MARION L.g Sylvan Lake MaCARTHUR, SHIRLEY A.g Viking MCCONKEY, DELORES I.g Castor MCCOY, MARILYN J.g Edmonton MCDONALD, RICHARD Pg Edmonton MCDOUGALL, JOAN C.g Delburne MCDOWALL, MARY L.g Pincher Creek MCDOWALL, RICHARD A.g Beaver Mines MCEACHERN, HAZEL G.g Hythe MacEACHERN, PATRICIA A.g Wetaskiwin MCEWEN, MARGARET J.g Ardrossan MCFARLANE, SHARON G,g Edmonton MCGILLIVRAY, GRACE A.g Provost MCHALE, MAUREEN E.g Edmonton MacKAY, MARY ANNQ Sprucefield MaCKENZIE, PATRICIA M.g Edmonton MCKIBBON, CLARA L.g Ponoka MCKINNON, ANN S.g Grande Prairie MCPHEE, MALCOLM C.g Edmonton MacPHERSON, EILEEN F.g Edmonton MCPHERSON, JAMES A.g Edmonton MacKENZIE, COLLEEN M.g Edmonton MADDISON, MARGARET-ANNg Edmonton MAGA, LOUISE M.g Red Deer MAHON, GARY E.g Edmonton MAKSYLEWICZ, PARNELg Edmonton MARCELLUS, GEORGE K.g Calgary MARIANICZ, MARLENE G.g Fort Saskatchewan MARKIEWICH, JEANETTEQ Innisfree MARTENS, TRUDYg Coaldale MARTIN, LADDIEQ Edmonton MASLEN, MAURINE K.g Lethbridge MATTEOTTI, ROSE MARIEQ Lethbridge MATTHEWS, CAROL J.g Irma MAYNARD, ELIZABETH F. M.g Edmonton MAZER, PATRICIA C.g Edmonton MEINCZINGER, THERESAg Warburg MICHALCHUK, ROSE J.g St. Michael MIKLOS, REINHOLD R.g Makwa, Sask. MILGATE, LYALL B. F.g Calgary MISANCHUK, EARL R.g Myrnam MISHEW, TERRY W.g Mundate MITSCH, MARGARETg Vauxhall MOISEY, WILLIAM G.g Willingdon MOLLER, HEINZ J.g Brooks MONCRIEFF, ROBERT E.g Edmonton MOORE, JEAN M.g Lloydminster MOORE, JOANNEg Edmonton MOSENTINE, JEAN so Edmonton MOWAT, LINDA Lt Edmonton MUIRHEAD, KEITH 11.4 Edmonton MUNRO, DOUGLAS H4 sodgowidt MURRAY, BRYSON A.t Edmonton MURRAY, SHIRLEY Gt Lethbridge e-3 1 t Koa- K iw . . ,,,,, x ' I 5 ,- ,t as . Zzkltl-'.1f. . 1 AP t 5--. t ! 'Q 31 - J .ff Y gait 7-'f 1,4 w 6 'hw Yi: ,hw at-,F - 'AQ gg thx U 'zgy I tt, V in I :Rt-tg 43 Vu Q My A , wt , J I . QM aff 'lv EDUCATION QCONTJ NASH, EVELYN A., Clyde NASH, KEN H., Minburn NATURKACH, PAULINE R., Nampa NAWROT, LAWRENCE S., Vegreville NELSON, DAVID R., Grimshaw NELSON, FRAN M., Devon NELSON, MARGARET J., Vermilion NESS, RANDOLPH P., Ryley NICHOLLS, KATHLEEN E., Edmonton NICHOLS, MARY ANNE D., Castor NIELSON, JUNE L., Kelsey NIKOLAI, HELMUT S., Edmonton NIMCHUK, PHYLLIS M., Edmonton NORDSTROM, WAYNE R., Sedgewick NORLIN. ERNEST I., Enderby, B.C. NYSETVOLD, DAVID O., Chauvin OGRODIUK, IRENE H., Bonnyville OKAMURA, MAS M., Lethbridge OKO, VIOLET A., Edmonton OLINECK, OREST M., Lavoy OLSEN, C. LOWELL, Edmonton OLSEN, MURRAY D., Andrew OPRYSHKO, GEORGE S., Edmonton OPSTAD, RAYMOND, Lethbridge ORTWEIN, KAREN R., Olds OSTREM, CAROL L., Camrose OSTFIELD, FAYE, Edmonton OWENS, A. CHERYL, Carstairs PALEY, PATRICIA A., Edmonton PARADIS, L. L. BUD, Edmonton PASEMKO, DARLENE G., Edmonton PATON, MAXINE C., Wetaskiwin PAUL, HEATHER L., Didsbury PAWLOFF, RICHARD W., Edmonton PEARSON, HOWARD E., Wetaskiwin PEARSON, MARY S., Calgary PEDERSON, DOREEN A., onoway PEDERSON, VERA A., Hughenden PELZ, GERALDINE L., Hay Lakes PENDLETON, JOAN M., Edmonton PENNER, KATHRYN, Gem PENNER, LUELLA H., Coaldale PERRA, ANNETTE, Edmonton PETERS, DIANNE M., Innisfail PETERS, GERALDINE R., Lamont PHILLIPSON, M. COLLEEN, Edmonton PIERCE, SANDRA L., Mapoua PINKOSKI, LORNE P., Calmar PIROT, MADELEINE M., Edmonton PITYN, EVA, Boyne Lake PLUMB, MARGARET M., McLaughlin POLLOK, DAGMAR, Edmonton PORTER, E. ADELLE, Bentley POSS, ELIZABETH, Thorhild POSTMA, WESSEL, Fort Saskatchewan POTREBENKO, ARTHUR, Woking POULIN, CLAIRE J., Edmonton POWLIIC, GERALD D., Thorsby PRECHT, DANIEL J., Bow Island PRETTY, R. GORDON, Edmonton PREUS, VIOLET N., Edmonton PUDAR, IRIS B., Sangudo PYLYPIW, RUSSELL W., Rocky Lane QUAPP, WILMA E., Coaldale QUILLEY, MAUREEN J., Edmonton RABY, JEANNETTE A., Edmonton READ, EDITH J., Provost REARDON, PATRICIA M., Lethbridge REDMAN, BARBARA J., Wetaskiwin REID, GLEN A., St. Albert EDUCATION qcomy REIMER, JOHN W4 Edmonton REMILLARD, DENNIS J.: Castor REMINSKY, OREST J., Radway REMPEL, VINCENT W4 Saskatoon,Sask. RENWICK, MARIAN M.g Three Hills RESZEL, JEAN E.g St. Paul REVTEMAN, KAREN D.g Hanna REYDA, ANNE, Warrensville REYNOLDS, CLAYTON C.g Stony Plain REYNOLDS, EILEEN M.g Ardrossan REYNOLDS, RUSSELL A.g Stony Plain RICH, JACQUELINE A., Calgary RIEBEL, CAROL DIANE M., Leduc RICHARDS, ANNE M., Edmonton RIVEST, JACK Lg Jarvie ROBERTON, CHARLOTTE M.g Lloydminster ROBERTS, REG A.g Edmonton ROBINSON, PHYLLISg Magrath ROCKWELL, NORMA L., Edmonton ROLFSON, JANET L.g Taber ROMANIUK, EUGENE, Myrnam ROMEIKE, HARVEY G., Medicine Hat ROPER, CONSTANCE W.: Hay Lakes ROPER, PATRICIA A., Edmonton ROSIEWICH, DMETROQ Edmonton ROSS, LINDA M., Edmonton ROSSER, EARL L.g Silverwood RUGGLES, KENNETH A., Edmonton RUSNACK, JANICE M., Edmonton RUSSELL, G. MAUREENQ Edmonton RYPIEN, PAULETTE C. E.g Coleman SABY, MICO H., Bawlf SADOWAY, RICHARD, Warspite SADOWNIK, RONALD, Grassland SALTER, LYNNE M. L., Edmonton SAMOIL, JO ANN A., Lavoy SARNECKI, MARY ANNE, Edmonton SAWATZKY, LAVERA M., Westlock SAWATZKY, WALDO A.g Edmonton SCHABERT, ELSIEQ Westlock SCHEIERMAN, SANDRA E., Vulcan SCHMIDT, EDITH H.g Edmonton SCHULTZ, DONALD E., Bruderheim SCHWANKE, DOROTHEA M., Holden SCOGLAND, DONNA-MARIE, Lloydminster, Sask. SCOTNEY, DOUGLAS W.: Vulcan SCOTT, JUNE A.g Mannville SEARS, JOHN T., Edmonton SEMENIUK, NINA S., Nestow SEMENIUK, SUZANNE J.g Boyle SHANKS, ANNE A., Grande Prairie SHEEHAN, MAUREEN A., Mearns SHEETS, MARVINE L.g Camp Creek SHEMANKO, JANE, Rycroft SHEPPARD, LINDA M.g Courtenay, B. C. SHERWOOD, FRANCES R.g Vermilion SHEWCHUK, LORRAINE A.g Willingdon SHIPLEY, BEVERLEY A., Calgary SHONN, BONNIE A.g Edmonton SHOPIK, MICHAELg Edmonton SHOSTAK, PETER, Bonnyville SHUBERT, DONALD F., Colinton SIM, LEONA A., Edmonton SIMPSON, JOHN R., Benalto SIMPSON, ROBERT B.g Edmonton SINTON, MARI L., Edmonton SITLER, EUNICE M.g Camrose SKOWORODKO, NETTIEQ Edmonton SLEMKO, TERRANCE E., Rochfort Bridge SMITH, GERALD F.g Medicine Hat .1 .:-A Z' I ...f X FV 1:4442 4 Q' :- ,V .f-.X f 3 l I i ' T' G lu 4'6" "QM I A , .af , X x ' Q' ,..., - t kv -R N45 N U I wffr ! X EDUCATION fCONT.J SMITH, GAIL H., Lethbridge SMITH, JAMES, Edmonton SMITH, PAULETTE V., Olds SMYTH, ROBERT R., Cowley SNAITH, GERALD E., Pincher Creek SPELREM, SYLVIA J., Ponoka SPICER, THOMAS G., Saskatoon, Sask. SPILLIOS, CHRISTOPHER J., Edmonton STANSKY, DONNA B., Edmonton ST. CLAIR, JANET A., Ponoka STEPCHUK, DEANNE M., Edmonton STEPHEN, MARLENE L., Edmonton STEWART, JEANNE M., Cardston ST. LOUIS, FLORENCE E., Lethbridge STOLEE, RUTH E., New Westminster, B. C STOLEN, BARBARA K., Westlock STOLTE, AREND, Alhambra STONE, CHARLES, Edmonton STORCH, KENNETH A., Hanna STOUT, ROY GORDON, Bluffton, Alta. STRANG, TED W., Claresholm STRATTON, EAYE E., Medicine Hat STRUDWICK, JEANETTE M., Edmonton STUVE, LEOLA A., Sedgewick SUDDABY, ANITA I., Lavoy SUPRUNIUK, SUSAN M., Edmonton SURBY, SHARON-LEE, Edmonton SUTELA, CALVIN Eckville SWAN, CHRISTOPHER F., Lloydminster SWEENEY, WILLIAM H., Vermilion SZMURKO, DIANNA Boyle TAIT, APRIL M., Edmonton TARRABAIN, MIKE, Edmonton TAYLOR, ANTHONY Bon Accord TAYLOR, GERALD R., Edmonton TAYLOR. LILY, Edmonton TEASDALE, EDITH D., Paradise Valley TELLIER, PAUL E., Whitecourt TERNOWAY, BEATRICE M., Smoky Lake THEROOY, ROLAND E., Bonnyville THIESSEN, HEIDI, Coaldale THIRSK, THEO R., Kelsey THORPE, ROBERTA F., Yellowknife, N. W. T. THRONESS, MURRAY O., Grande Prairie TIVIOTDALE, ERNEST D., Stony Plain TKACHYK, MARIA, Stry TODD, JAMES R., Wainwright TONDMURA, MARIAN M., Lethbridge TORPE, MILO S., Camrose THOMSON, MARY ANNE, Medicine Hat TRAVIS, LEROY D., Darwell TRENCHARD, JOAN A., Wetaskiwin TRENCHIE, EDWARD A., Redwater TURCOTTE, ALBER J., Jean-Cote, Alta. TURNBULL, ALICE M., Pincher Creek TURNBULL, WILLIAM E., Onoway 'T'WITTEY, AILEEN R., Edmonton UHRYNCHUK, PATRICIA A., Two Hills UMERIS, FRED J., Lethbridge VELLOW, FERN J., Gadsby VERRET, GILLES C., Edmonton VESTERDAL, KNUT O., Calgary VOGEL, UNA V., Berrymoor VORNBROCK, ARLENE M. E., Ankerron, Alta. WACOWICH, CONRAD A., Edmonton WAGGONER, CLIVE S., Onion Lake, Alta. Sask. WAGILEK, WILLIAM E., Andrew WALKER, SHEILA G., Edmonton WALKER, SHIRLEY A., Edmonton WASYLENCHUK, BETTY J., Edmonton EDUCATION CCONTJ WASYLENCHUK, SHIRLEY A.3 Edmonton WASYLYSHYN, NICHOLAS3 Moose Jaw WATT, F. JAMES., Camrose WATTS, NOLA D., Lloydminster WAXENBERG, GAIL 1.3 Hartford, Conn. WEAVER, JUNE M.3 Mannville WEIR, ROBERT A.3 Edmonton WESTROM, MARVIN L.3 Vegreville WHITE, DEAN R.3 Camrose WHITEHEAD, LOUISE A.3 Lethbridge WIEDRICK, MARVIN 1.3 Picardville WILCER, ARMIN3 Edmonton WILEY, ROBERT 1.3 Heath WILSON, JAMES S.3 Edmonton WILSON, ROY B.3 Jasper Place WIRCH, IRMGARD E.3 Manola WOLANSKY, GLORIA V., Lamont WOLD, KENNETH A.3 Alliance WOLLERSHEIM. KATHERINE R.3 Blackie WOOLF, SHARON L.3 Cardston WOYWITKA, B. DARLENE3 Edson WOYWITKA, NICOLA E.3 Edmonton WOZAK, ANNE I.3 New Dayton WRIGHT, MARGARET E.3 Three Hills WYMAN, DORIS E.3 Edmonton YOUNG, NANCY A.3 Edmonton ZACHARKO, PETER E.3 Lamont ZACHARUK, ELEANOR G.3 St. Paul ZINYK, SONIA M.3 Waskatenau FIRST YEAR ALBERT, CLAUDETTE E.3 Fort Kent ALBRECHT, ,IOAN E.3 Stony Plain ALBRECHT, MARCIA C.3 Edmonton ALGAJER, WILLIE3 Edmonton ALLEN, BONITA A.3 Taber ALLEN, KATHLEEN P.: Barons ALLEN, RUTH C.3 Viking ALLISON, ARDELE L.3 Pincher Creek AMERONGEN, MARY E.3 Edmonton ANDERSEN, PHYLLIS M.3 Wayne ANDERSON, ELAINE L.3 Magnolia ANDERSON, KEITH A.3 Edmonton ARMSTRONG, BETTY 1.3 Edmonton ARMSTRONG, IOHN D. S., Edmonton ARRISON, LINDA 1.3 Edmonton ASHBAUGH, WENDY M.3 Red Deer BABIUK, RONNY R.3 Lavoy BAILEY, KAREN B,g Edmonton BAIN, CATHERINE B.3 Edmonton BALDWIN, PATRICIA A.3 Fort Saskatchewan BALLANTYNE, MAUREEN A.3 Red Deer BAMBER, FAYE L.g Beaver Crossing BARBER, PAUL A.3 Edmonton BARR, CHERYL A.3 Edmonton BASER, GRACE, Andrew BAULK, CHERYL H.3 Edmonton BECKER, CAROLYN M.3 Rimbey BECHMAN, CAROL M.3 Meeting Creek BEIL, OLIVE C., Banff BELL, RICHARD R. C.3 Viking BENNER, ELIZABETHQ jasper Place BENNETT, ELLEN T., Wanham BEST, CHARLOTTE I.3 St. Albert BIENERT, NEIL W.3 Edmonton BILAK, ANN I.3 Edmonton BILIDA, EILEEN R.3 Athabasca BILLINGS, BYRON 1.3 Red Deer BLANCHET, ANGELE C.3 Falher BLONSKI, HELEN M.3 Rycroft BLYTHE, BETTY-ANN, Wetaskiwin x ia -7- ' , 1 i3 ff' ,495 f 1 x . 2 - I 111, , i '. gun'-1-1 W X-ft I ' t., 4 X I I ' ' ' ' we . , 7 1 I at . 4. ? .54 vv ' Z. I EDUCATION 4coNT.y BOLSTAD, DONALD P., Edmonton BORGSTROM, DAVID O., Eerirltosh BOSWELL, CAROL G., Medicine Hat BOYCHUK, ROBERT R., Ashmont BOYD. JOHN M., Fairview BRAAKSIVIA, JACOB, Edmonton BREITKREUTZ, AUDREY Stony Plain BREKKE, MARLEEN A., Ponoka BREMER, CHRISTINE M., Edmonton BRENNAN, SHEILA M., Edmonton BRODER, BERNICE P,, Edmonton BRONSON, LLOYD M. M., Crooked Creek BUCHANAN, DOUGLAS G., Edmonton BUCHANAN, GARFIELD R., Edmonton BUCHLAND, GLENYS P., Parkland BUDGE. JOHN K., Edmonton BULL, JERRY J., Sundre BURCHAK, ROBERT D., Edmonton BURTON, JUDITHQ St. Albert BUSBY, AL, Edmonton BYCE, DAVID A., Edmonton BYLER, CAROLE L., Calgary CAMPBELL, HELEN J., Edmonton CAMPBELL, LORRAINE A., Edmonton CARLYLE, ARTHUR R.: Edmonton CARR, ADRIENNE B., Edmonton CARRAN, LYNN R., Edmonton CHABA, PATRICIA A., Redwater CHIZEN, MILDRED M., Thorhild CLARKE, LOIS E., Grande Prairie CLENDENNING, MARGWYNNE A., Vermilion CLENNETT, MELVIN D., Mannville COLLINS, NOLA B., Edmonton COLLINS, PATRICIA M., Innisfail COOMBS, KATHERINE B., Edmonton COOPER, AUGUSTUS J., Saskatoon COTE, PIERRETTE L., Donnelly COVE, LENORA G. G., Cold Lake COWAN, DOUGLAS J., Edmonton CRAIG, LARRY R., Barrhead CRAWFORD, JANET M., Camrose CROSWELL, LAURENCE W., Newbrook CUMMINGS, AUDREY F., Rimbey DACYK, LORRAINE I., Worsley DAGG, MARGARET A., Clyde D'ANTONI, SANDRA J., Drumheller DARCH, HEATHER A., Big Valley DARRAH. EDWIN G., Delburne DAVIDOVICH, NADIA A., Smoky Lake DECHENE, AIMEE J. L., Barons DECKERT, DOROTHY I., Guernsey, Sask. DEGNER. LENARD H., Manolc DEORKSEN, LEONA M., Edmonton DEROUIN, LANA M., Edmonton DESMARAIS, GILLES Edmonton DILLENBECK, EDITH N., Foremost DISTERHEFT, IRMA E., Forestburg DIXON, DOREEN R., Grande Prairie DOBSON, MARJORIE J., Red Deer DODDS, JOAN M., Dixonville DONALDSON, R. JOANNE, Medicine Hat DONNER, MARION G., Innisfail DOYLE, KAREN P., Claresholrn DRESSEL, GLENN W., Olds DRINNAN, BEATRICE M., Rimbey DUCHSCHERER, PHILOMENA M., Schuler DUNN, LOIS A., Edmonton DUPONT, BETTY-LOU, Edmonton DURWARD, W. WILSON C., Sylvan Lake DUTCHAK, EVELYN J., Derwent EDUCATION QCONT.J DYKE, JAMES F.g Calgary EBELHER, MARLENEQ Medicine Hat EDGERTON, CAROLE G.g Beaverlodge EISLER, ELSIE Mg Edmonton ELSON, ELIZABETH R., Edmonton ERICKSON, DALE H.g Killam ERICKSON, GLENYS Kg Calmar ERICKSON, JUDY E., Heldar EVANSON, JANET A.g Taber EWASKIW, RAYMOND, Mundare FALKENBERG, FRANCES L.g Edmonton FARRINGTON, LOIS E,g Alhambra FAULKNER, NORMAN W., Edmonton FEE, GLADYS M.g Viking FESTER, ETRAUD E.g Edmonton FIELDING, JOYCE R., Cold Lake FINLAYSON, DUNCAN R., Rochester FISHBURNE, RONALD K.g Edmonton FLEMING, EVELYN M, T., Edmonton FLETT, E, MARGARET, Drumheller FORD, ALLEN F.g Wainwright FORD, BLAKE G., Fort Saskatchewan FORTH, UNA D.g Wetaskiwin FOSSEN, JANET B., Coronation FRASER, PHYLLIS M.g Westerose FRIEND, LINDA J.g Edmonton FRISS, EDWARD, Edmonton FROGGATT, JIM, Grande Prairie FROM, JUDY D.g Thorsby FRY, LEONA B., Edmonton FUCHS, THEODORE Hg Edmonton FULLER, DIANE Hg Edmonton FUNKLEY, CAROL I., Barrhead GABOURY, PAUL C., Quesnel, B. C. GADOWSKY, ORSON, Myrnam GALBRAITH, N. JAMESQ Edmonton GARBER, H. ELAINEQ Edmonton GAUTHIER, LYNNE K. M., Edmonton GAYFER, EUNICE A.g Camrose GELDREICH. DIANE G., Foremost GERLING, GLORIA L.g Camrose GIBSON, W. DONALD, Delia GILEWICH, LAWRENCE L.g Biggar GILLESPIE, MARIEg Red Deer GINGRAS, EDWIN J., Donatville GODFREY, NOREEN C.g Duchess GOLANSKI, MARY N.g Edmonton GOLINSKY, GRACE L. M.g Glenevis GOOD, JAMES R., Carstairs GORCAK, DAVID G., Veteran GORDON, BETTE J.g North Battleford GORDON, CARAN G.g Foremost GORDON, WANDA L., Bentley GORIUK, PETERg Edmonton GOW, ROSS, Edmonton GRAHAM, CAROL A., Brooks GRAY, ISABEL J., Marwayne GREEN, WILFRED J.g Coleman GREEN WALL, MARIANNE S,g Wetaskiwin GREGG, MAUREEN F., Edmonton GREIG, EVELYN F,g Trochu GROFF, MARGARET G.g Edmonton GROSSMAN, ALLAN H.g Edmonton GUILBAULT, EMILY L,g Red Deer GULICKA, ELIZABETH A., Halach GUNDERSEN, KAREN, La Glace HADLINGTON, CHERIE M.g Bow Island HAGEL, RONALD J., Beiseker HANSEN, DON L.g Carbon HARASYM, HELEN M.g Waskatenau v ., CF'-f tx ,J ruff, Q J 'D 5: -, , . , 6- fp' nr -..-4 V 09' . .A J. .Sv w 7' I-0 K, 'Ti 5.4 rf? 9 X I :.- .. Q., Z . A D' 4 1 ea. G- 'O -fl 7.1 Om :QW EDUCATION qc:oNT.y HARDWICK, LORRAINE E., Edmonton HARMON, GORDON R.g Rimbey HARVEY, DIANE M.g Medicine Hat HARVEY, ELIZABETH M. Mg Edmonton HAWLEY, LILLIAN M.g Vermilion HAY, MICHAEL W.g Edmonton HAYDUK, DIANNE Pg Vegreville HAYTER, HAROLD R.g Wetaskiwin HEES, EBERHARDQ Vancouver HEGLAND, SHIRLEY R.p Medicine Hat HERBST, MARLENE T,g Coutts HETHERINGTON, GARY W. G.g Edmonton HIGGINS, E. LYNNEQ Red Deer HNATIUK, BARBARA L.g Grande Prairie HOBART, PATRICIA E.g Lloydminster HODINSKY, RONALD R.g Beaverdam HOEPER, JUTTA H.g Edmonton HOOPER, PATRICIA J.g Olds HOPPINS, KAYE Sq Huxley HORNIGOLD, MARY E.g Edmonton HOULE, GERALD J.g Morinville HOWRYLENKO, HENIA J.g Thorhild HRYNCHUK, FRED M.: Redwater HUCULAK, JOYCE A.g Edmonton HUDSON, H. DIANEQ Edmonton HUDYMA, VIVIAN C., Grand Centre HUFNAGEL, RUTH A.g Valleyview HUGHES, ALLEN T.g High Rivet HURNANEN, EILEEN M., Carmangay HURUM, CAROL M.g Holden HUSHLAK, GERALD M., Andrew HUSTON. S. JOANQ Grimshaw IBLE, DAVID A., Edmonton INGLIS, I. ISABELg Irma INGRAM, SHARON E.g Tofield IRVINE, GAIL M.g Edmonton JACOBSEN, KAREN G.g Warburg JACOBSEN, SONJA M.g Rosedale JACOBSON, KAREN S.: Camrose JENKINS, FRANKLIN Wg Seba Beach JENSEN, SWIGHT R.g Coaldale JOHNSON, SANDRA M.g Barnwell JOHNSON, SHEILA M.g Calgary JONES, ENID L.g Edmonton JONES, KAREN A., Ponoka JORDAN, SANDRA C.g Champion KAISER, LORRAINE A., Wetaskiwin KAISER, MONA A.g Wetaskiwin KALIEL, KATHRYN E.g EaWCett KALMBACH, SHARON G.g Barrhead KALUZNIAK, EDWARD T.g Vegreville KARIATSUMAKI, IRENE Y.g Picture Butte KELLER, SHARON R. E.g Sangudo KEMSLEY, GRAHAM M.g Edmonton KIMMELMAN, CAROL D., Bashaw KING, AUDREY J.g Calgary KING, DAVID J., Euesham, Sask. KINNAIRD, LINDA R.g Barrhead KISZYK, BOZENA M. A.g Edmonton KLYM, LOUISEg Barich KNECHT, NORMAN G.g Olds KNIGHT, BONNIE J., Grand Prairie KOEHLER, WILLIAM C.g Edmonton KOLACZ, LUCY D.g Edmonton KOLIBABA, VICKIEg Peace River KOLODY, WALTER D.g Bow Island KOLSTAD, ALVIN R., Sundre KOMARNISKY, SUSIE M.g Holden KORELLA, LYNELL O., Edmonton KOROBKO, ELSIEg Round Hill EDUCATION qcomg KOSHMAN, IRIS J.: Abee KRAHULEC, LORNA Lg Edmonton KRIESE, LORRAINE D.g Red Deer KRIVY, GARY J.g Calgary KRYKLYWICZ, SONIA Lg Willingdon KUBALIK, JOYCE A.g Edmonton KUEHN, HAZEL F.g Winterburn KUFELDT, MALCOLM L.: Minburn KURYLO, ALEX B.g Edmonton KUZIEMSKY, EUGENIAg Smoky Lake KVALE, ANNE E.g Bawlf LAGORE, DARLENE M.: Stettler LAMBERT, DENISE M. R.g Picardville LANDRY, SYLVIA M.g St. Paul LANE. FREDERICK A.g Black Foot LAZARUK, SONIA E.: Willingdon LEARD, JAMES D.g Edmonton LEAVITT, PAMELAQ Glenwood LEE, TRUDIE I.g Edmonton LEGAULT, MARIE Lg Tangent LEI-INER, LEONA M. Eg Vilna LEICHT, .IOHNNY R4 Edmonton LEITCH, LOUISE D.g Edmonton LEONARD. MARLENE C.g Edmonton LEVER, CARLA M.g Champion LIMOGES, RAYMONDEQ McLennan LISKA, LYDEKQ Edmonton LOFTHAUG, CHRISTOPHER M.g Dewberry LOGAN, MAVIS A.g Clandonald LOGUE, M. CAROLINEQ Edmonton LOKSETH, STANLEY R.: Buffalo Lakes LONG, ELIZABETH I.: Blackfalds LORD, IOAN C.: Edmonton LOZERON, JOAN E., Sexsmith LUIKEN, ANNA E.g Manning LUKASIEWICH, RONALD 1.3 Edmonton LUST, MARILYN J., Medicine Hat LYBBERT, HELENg Cardston LYSYK. SAM M.g Mundare MCCALLUM, HEATHER E.g Edmonton MCCLARTY, ROBERT E.g High Level MCCOY, GAYLE G.g Ponoka MCDONALD, GWENDOLYN E. J., Edmonton MCGEE, BABETTE A.g jarvie MCGILLIS, ALLAN 1.1 Hinton MCGUIRE, SHELAGH M.g Sherwood Park MCKAIN, SYLVIA M., Kevisville MCKAY, DENNIS M,g Edmonton MacKENZIE, JOHN N.g jasper Place MCKENZIE, LOUISEQ Barrhead MCKENZIE, WILLIAM G.g Kamloops, B. MCLAUCHLAN CAROL I.g Tofield MCMANUS, GAYLE D.g Drayton Valley MCQUARRIE, ALAN F.g Pincher Creek MacPHEE, BARBARAg Raymond MCROBERTS, HELEN E.g Calgary MCVEA, ANGELA R.g Edmonton MADDOX, RUBY L.g Eckville MADILL, DIANE L.g Barons MADILL, SHARON K., Barons MAKI, KENNETH H.g Eckville MALCOLM, ROBERT C5 Edmonton MALO, MARIE-ANGE E., Lafond MALOFE, KATHRYN DQ Seba Beach MALONEY, MARIANNE C.g St, Albert MANCHUR, LEONA M.g Holden MANDZIUK, NELVERT G., Smoky Lake MANDRUSIAK, MAURICE D.g Musidora MANDSETH, LOUISE S.g Fort Saskatchew MANSON, BRIAN C.g Lethbridge C. an 4 J' 'Q ...R , H a , , ' 'J s 1:5- ' ,S Lg 1 ' 4,-:sa I . l .sv-X J ,,.,:.2 ,. - fx ,. . V " ' 5 .4 'A -.135 Q11 I A S- f '- 5 . . A . A . 1- f, I R ., 4 if . " 1 -fs' if ' 1 lf ' , , . . ': .: , ' V f .5-:E ' . ' 'K' E1 51' ' ' . of rs? M -ff " . IA H I ,' 'T , f' 1 4 ,. ' , , ,. W . M . 'ar qi EDUCATION qcoNT.y MARIER, JANET E., Falher MARTHALLER, DOREEN E. M., Taber MARTIN. CAROL, Edmonton MATTUCKS, RUTH P., Ponoka MATWE, MARIE A., Ranfurly MATWEK, NICK W., Nampa MEARDI, LAWRENCE, Hylo MEARS, M. JOAN, Peace River MICHEL, ERIKA: Hill Spring MIKULIN, RONALD A., Boyle MILLER L. KIRK, Red Deer MILLS, JUDITH E., Leduc MINER, MARGARET H., Wetaskiwin MITHRUSH, GLORIA J., Derwent MOHR, LOUISE M., Fort Saskatchewan MOLZAN, LINDA D., Barrhead MOON, JUDITH C., Edmonton MOORE. RONALD E., Ponoka MORRIS, ROSEMARY A., Edmonton MOW, JOAN, Edmonton MRSTIK, GINA A., Edmonton MURRAY, CAROL J., Edmonton MURRAY, HUGH A., Weyburn, Sask. MUZYKA, DENNIS H.: Spedden MYDANSKY. MARILYN J., Lamont MYKYTIW, LARRY D., Rochester MYROON, JOHN L., Redwater NAPPER, MAE S., Peace River NEESER, GLEN L., Stettler NELSON, CHARLES E., Lindberg NELSON, MABEL E., Edmonton NELSON, NANCY L., Brightview NEU, KAREN A., Red Deer NICHOLLS, MARIAN J., Westlock NORENBERG, KENNETH K., Edmonton NORGAARD. LINDA C., Sunnybrook NOWLIN, LORRAINE, Champion OBERLE, KEITH E., Edmonton O'DONNELL, PATRICIA A., Picture Butte OGILVIE. SHARON H., Lacombe OLCHOWY, RENEE A., Thorhild OLSEN, LOUISE M., Bawlf OLSON, CHERRYLE M., Edmonton O'NEIL, BRIAN C., Fort Macleod O'NEILL, MARGARET E., Carvel ONSCHUK, SYLVIA, Norma OPPERTSHAUSER, MURRAY A., Edmonton O'RElLLEY, GERALDINE A., Medicine Har OSTBY, CHRISTINE A., Fort Saskatchewan OSWALD, KENNETH G., Warner PARDELL, ANNIE H., Ardmore PARK, GREGORY A., Wainwright PATRICK, JANE A., Edmonton PATTERSON, GEORGE W., Barrhead PAWLUK, JUDITH A., Vilna PEARCE, DIANNE H. P., Trochu PEDDICORD, MARGARET J., Silver Heights PEDEN, FAY ELLEN J., Minburn PELECH, EUGENE A., Vilna PENKALA, JOHN, Edmonton PERRET, WAYNE R., Vancouver PERRY, GEORGENE R., Edmonton PHILLIPS, OREST, Smoky Lake PIERLOT, BRENDA M., Rimbey PIERSON, PHYLLIS E., Taber PILIPCHUK, HENRY J., Warspite PODEALUK, MARCIA J., Edmonton POHOLKA, EUGENE S., South Edmonton POLAK, INEZ V. V., Rochester POLING, ROBERTA L., Edmonton EDUCATION CCONTJ POLLOCK, DONALD P., Red Deer POOHKAY, ANNE-MARIE L., Edmonton POZERNIUK, EMILYg Holden PRICE, PAULETTE T. L.g Calgary PRIMUS, STARR Wg Alix PRYLULUK, H.ELENAg Lymburn PULTON, 1UDITH M., Edmonton PURKESS, GEORGE A. W., Edmonton QUINN, 1OSEPH M., Elmworth QULNTON, ELAINE B., Glenwood RABBY, BARBARA R.g Viking RABHNI, 1UDITHg Edmonton RANDALL, DENISE M.g Alhambra RAY, NORMAN F.g Mednook REASON, HlLDAg Arnisk REBUS, ALICE A.g Edmonton REEVES, KENNETH Wg Edmonton REINEBERG, 1EANETTE R.g Stettler R.E1MAN, 1EROME C.g Coleman REKIMOWICH, BARBARA A., Lloydminster RICHARDS, LILLIAN A.g Mannville RISDON, DONALD G., Strathmore ROBERTS, CAROL D.g Rycroft ROBERTS, DONALD 1.3 Legal ROBERTSON, DALE 1.1 Benghazi, Libya ROGERS, DAVID F.g Trochu ROHATYNSKI, PATRICIA A.g Edmonton ROMANCHUK, ANNA L.g Spedden ROMANO, GARRY D., Edmonton RONDEAU, LOUIS H.g Fort Assiniboine ROSENE, GLORIA L., Viking ROSICHUK, DOROTHY M.g St. Paul ROTH, DENNIS B.g Bow Island ROTH, OLIVE E.g Eaglesham ROVANG, LINDA Mg Lloydminster ROY, HELENAQ Gage RUNDLE, VALERIE 1.g Edmonton RUPTASH, GLORIA 1.3 Hairy Hill SACHKO, IRENEg Hylo SAKATCH, BRENDA K.g Vauxhall SALIWONCHUK, DONNA H., Reno SALTER, EDNA P.g Red Deer SANDERS, DONALD B.g Irma SANDMAIER, MARVIS A.g Heisler SARETSKY, DENNIS W4 Entwistle SAUNDERS, DALE E.: Grande Prairie SAVICH, DELORES M.g Edmonton SAWITSKY, DIANNE 1.g Warburg SCHAAB, LORRAINE 1.5 Westlock SCHAAB, LORETTA 1. A.g Westlock SCHAMUHN, DWAINE R.g Leduc SCI-ILECKER, KATHLEEN M.g Stony Plain SCHLENDER, GLORIA A.g Edmonton SCHNEIDER, VALKMAR E., Edmonton SCHOEN, 1ANE V., Rocky Rapids SCHROCK, BARBARA R.g Hanna SCHWEITZER, RUTH E.g Beaverlodge SCOTT, CLARA A.g La Corey SCOTVOLD, 1OHN L.g Edmonton SEBASTIAN, EVELYN M.g Wembley SEITZ, DIANNA R.g Duchess SENIUTA, 1EANNETTE A.g Edmonton SERENAS, LOUISE A., Drayton Valley SERNA, MARY R., Two Hills SEVERIN, LILLIAN I.g Clendon SEWARD, PETER 1.g Hope, B. C. SHANDRO, LEONARD A., Willingdon SHANDRO, NICHOLASg Bonnyville SHAPKA, MAR1ORIE H.g Charron SHARPE, SHARON D.g Morrin ua!! CW., Wir -Q is N1 V ,"8x "' x nga. V "3 4'3- 1 -1 J- -,.- , v I. EDucATuoN qcoNT.y SHERBANUK, MARGO I.g Edmonton SHERRER, CAROLE R. Mg Edmonton SHLOPAK, ROSEMARIE G.g North Star SHUELL, JOYCE C., Alix SHUELL, PHYLLIS A.g Alix SIKORA, ELIZABETH L.g Calmar SIMPSON, GARY R4 Fort Saskatchewan SIMONIN, DENNIS A., Wainwright SIMPSON, ARDYTI-I A.3 Fairview SKULSKY, ROSEMARIEQ Edmonton SLEMKO, LARRY Wg Waskatenau SLEPANKI, BETTY L.1 Munclare SMALL, WENDY Dg Edmonton SMITH, BETTY L.g Stony Plain SMITH, ELAINE M.g Glendon SMITH, SYLVIA D.g Edmonton SMITH, SYLVIA M., Edmonton SNOW, CHERYL D.g Lloydminster SOSNOWSKI, LOUISE G.g Grande Prairie SOUCH, PATRICIA Lg Edmonton SOUCY, ROLAND A.g Bonnyville SPEERS, LARRY R.g Perryvale STAMBAUGH, PATRICIA M.g Bruce STAPLETON, JOANNE C.g Edmonton STAUDINGER. CARMEN M.: Sylvan Lake STEPHENS, VERNA M., Red Deer STEELE, L. HELENE: Indus STELMASCHUK, GERALD S., Fairview STEPCI-IUK, PATRICIA L., Mundare STEPHENS, SHARON R.g Westlock STERLING, JON C.g Sherwood Park STONE, BERNADINE K., Wetaskiwin STONE, FLORA J., Alix STOSKI, JUDY E.g Two Hills STREMBISKI, JERRY P.g Edmonton STROSSER, DAGMAR K., Edmonton STRZEPEK, POLLY I.g Ardmore STUART, JAMES E.g Grimshaw STUART, MAUREEN L.g Edmonton SUNDE, ALLAN J.g Alhambra SUNDE, AUDREY Kg Alhambra SVRCEK, ERNEST J.g Picture Butte SWANSON, DEREK J.: Duffield SWARE, SHARON J.g Drayton Valley SWEKLA, JUDYg Vegreville SWITZER, LINDA J., Edmonton SYMON, SANDRA J. A.g Edmonton SYNYSHYN, TILLIE E.g Mundare TARAPASKI, JOHNg Beauvallon TAYLOR, JUDY C.g Wainwright TCHIR, METRO S., Vilna TEASDALE, ELLEN M.g Paradise Valley THIBAULT, LEA C., Donnelly TI-IILL, CHERYL M.g Rimbey THOMSON, LENOREQ Magrath TIGHE, ROSITA A. M.g Edmonton TKACHUK, DIANA G.g Two Hills TODD, DOUGLAS B., Vegreville TOLONEN, PAULA F.g Fort Saskatchewan TOUTANT, JUDITH A., Edmonton TOWLE, DIANA L.g Taber TRELEAVEN, KATHLEEN M., Sangudo TRENCHIE, ALLAN J., Opal TREMBLAY, ADELE M.g Edmonton TUCK, MELDRUM W.g Edmonton TUPIN, JEANNE M.g Red Deer UHRYN, SHIRLEY M., Rycroft UPRIGHT, DIANNE C.g Edmonton VALLIERE, JACQUELINE M.g WestloClc VAN HUMBECK, PATRICIA M.g Rimbey EDUCATION QCONTQ VAN HUYSTEE, BRIAN, Jasper Place VAN HYFTE, RENE L., Irma VILLETARD, STANLEY G., South Edmonton VOS, HENDRIK, Edmonton WAKARUK, JUNE E., Edmonton WAKSEL, CAROLE D., Barrhead WALLACE, IAN A., Sherwood Park WARD, JACQUELINE E., Edmonton WATERHOUSE, ROSE MARIE, Edmonton WATT, MARILYN G., Rosebud WEBB, JUDITH A., Mannville WELIN, BONNY J., Rivercourse WINTER, RICHARD R. J., Edmonton WERENKA, NORMAN R., Edmonton WESTWOOD, MARVIN J., Innisfail WHITE, STUART C., Headley WHITECOTTON, MURRAY R., Bashaw WIEBE, EDNA Y., Sexsmith WILCOX, GLEN H., Lindberg WILD, CHRISTINA A., Rimbey WILLIS, ALICE E., Calgary WILSON, LARRY A., Red Deer WILSON, SHARON M., Dunstable WILSON, SYLVIA J., Vermilion WITWICKY, SHIRLEY R., St. Lina WOYTOVICZ, SHIRLEY A. M., Lodgepole WOZNEY, SHARON A., Elk Point WYNNYCHUK, VICTORIA J., Vegreville WYSOCKI, JOANNE E., Derwent YACKULIC, GEORGE A., Red Deer YAKIMCHUK, PHYLLIS J., Dewberry YAKIMEC, SHIRLEY F., Edmonton YAMAMOTO, JOYCE, Medicine Hat YOPYK, JOHNNY J., Elk Point ZACH, CORRINE L., Keephills ZALEWSKY, ZORINA M., Hylo ZARIWNY, ALFRED R., Thorhild ZATELNY, JEANETTE J., Deadwood ZIMMERMAN, GLORIA F., Innisfail ZWICKER, LINDA J,, Athabasca ENGINEERING 3RD YEAR ABEL, WESLEY, Edmonton ADAM, DIETHELM S., Edmonton AZIZ, SAJID, I.Sc., B.Sc., Karachi, Pakistan BAGNALL, KEITH E., Calgary BAHER, KENNETH M., Natal, B. C. BALL, ROGER H., Edmonton BATYCKY, JAMES, Coaldale BECKWITH, ROY I., Delburne BELL, JOHN G., Barrhead BENNETT, JOHN W., Edmonton BENSON, GARRY W., Nanton BLADES. D. NOLAN, Ohaton BRACONNIER, CYRIL J., Medicine Hat BRADLEY, BERNIE J., Edmonton BUDNEY, DAVID R. A., Lamont BURFOOT, DONALD, London, England CHUNTA, JOSEPH, Calgary CLARE, RONALD T., Edmonton CODE, SHELDON W., Red Deer COLLINS, EUGENE F., Crossfield CORRIGAN, DON P., Lethbridge COWGILL, HARRY J., Champion CREDICO, BRIAN, Calgary CROWLE, ROBERT T., Edmonton CULLITON, JOHN G., Edmonton DEAKIN, RAYMOND F. J., Calgary DEROUIN, RONALD R. J., Edmonton DMYTRYSHYN, MARSHALL, Edmonton .- .gg O Q AS E' - . I , . 3' ,Q .iw eq 9. , ,,n,..f. Alt J? f i Irvin' V ENGINEERING qcoNT.p ECCLESTON, JOHN W., Lethbridge ENGELSTAD, DONALD G., Calgary ENNS, ALVIN R., Edmonton FELDMEYER, CLEMENS R., Calgary FLEMING, DAVID A., Topland FORBES, FREDERICK J., Edmonton FORBES, VICTOR V. C., Calgary FOSSEN, WILLIAM F., Coronation FOUTS, ALLEN L., Edmonton FRECHETTE, TED D., Edmonton FREDERKING, ROBERT M. W., Vegreville GIBSON, GARY J., Edmonton GILPIN, ROBERT R., Viking GLATZ, GERALD A., Edmonton GRABURN, WILLIAM L., Calgary GRAY, EARL L., Strathmore GUNN, JOHN C., Hines Creek GUSSON, DAVID W., Fullerton, Calif. HAKEMAN, JEFFREY J., St. Louis, Miss. HANSEN, JOHN A. S., Hanna HANSEN, MELVIN D., Caroline I-IANTEL, BURCKHARD., Edmonton HARMATIUK, LESLIE R., Edmonton HENRY, TOM W, E., Fort Saskatchewan HOLST, PETER H., Edmonton HOWE, FRED E., Kimberley, B. C. HUCULAK, ROBERT H., Medicine Hat HUNTER, H. DOUGLAS, Calgary IRWIN, W. WAYNE, Calgary JAMISON, JAMES E., Calgary JANZEN, RUDOLPH H., Rosemary JARVIN, STACEY D., Rocky Mountain House JOHNSTON, DONALD A., Excel JONES, WILLIAM H., Edmonton KACHMAN, RONALD M., Strome KAETHLER, RUDY, Edmonton KARRA, P. SASTRY, Hyderabad, India KATHOL, DENNIS J., Rockyford KELLAM, GARY, Edmonton KENDAL, BRIAN A., Edmonton KEYS, ROBERT A., Edmonton KILDAW, RICHARD, North Battleford KINGSEP, GARY C., Calgary KIRBY, CHARLES R., Edmonton KNUDSEN, DONALD K., Huxley KUZMISKI, JOSEPH, Oyen LAUDER, JOHN R., St. Avold, France LEES, ROBERT S., Fort Saskatchewan LEISHMAN, CALVIN J., Hillspring LEETI, GORDON E., Sylvan Lake LIPKEWICH, RAYMOND M., Chipman MCCULLOUCI-I, BRUCE B., Denver, Colo. MCINTYRE, JOHN R., Nanton MCLEAN, PETER G., Edmonton MCMANUS, RAYMOND J., Calgary MCPHEE, WILLIAM A., Calgary MCWILLIAM, RICHARD B., Calgary MANLY, GERALD L., Edmonton MANOLESCU, DONALD, Calgary MARSHALL, GARY N., Edmonton MATT, JOHN A., Ponoka MEIDINGER, RIC, Lethbridge MEEK, CHESTER L., Kelowna, B. C. MEURIN, GORDON R., Medicine Hat MOORE, WILLIAM E., Wetaskiwin MORE, ROGER A., Edmonton MUESKE, GEORGE, Edmonton MUILWYK, CORNELIS A., Edmonton NAGAI, THOMAS T., Calgary NEWBY, E. BERNARD, Calgary ENGINEERING QCONTJ NEWHAM, JAMES T. P., Calgary NIVEN, ROBERT D., Calgary OBERG, ROGER A., Edmonton OSENTON, JAMES B., Langley, B. C. OWENS, DAVID W., Medicine Hat PASZEK, TELESFOR, Edmonton PEDERSEN, BEVERLY W., Rimbey PELZER, ADOLF, Regina PETTINGER, ROBERT Edmonton PLOTKE, NESBITT W., Edmonton POPE, JOHN A., Pine Lake PRETTY, ROGER A., Edmonton QUAM, BRADLEY A., Red Deer REVAK, HENRY V., Lethbridge RHYASON, DALE B., Bawlf RICHARDSON, WAYNE L, Brownfield RITZ, ROBERT L., Calgary ROTH, ALBERT, Medicine Har ROUTLEDGE, DAVID, Edmonton RUST, KENDEL J., Brooks SADLER, NIALL H., Strathrnore SALSAULER, GARY E., Benalto SALTVOLD, JAMES R., Edberg SATTIN, H. GRAHAM, Calgary SCHUURMANS, LOUIE J., Hinton SCOTT, M. DALGLEISH, Calgary SERRA, JOHN W., Bellevue SEYER, WALTER, Botha SHILLABEER, DAVID A., Edmonton SINCLAIR, W. ROBERT, Edmonton SINGH, SUKHDIAL, B.Sc., Edmonton SMITH, ALLAN M., Calgary SMITH, ROGER B., Edmonton SPANKIE, JOHN A., Edmonton SPEER, G. WILLIAM, Edmonton SPENCE, BARRY W., Edmonton STAUFFER, RAY E., Calgary STELLMACH, HARRY S., Edmonton STENTON, WILLIAM C., Banff STTNCHCOMBE, H. STANLEY, Edmonton STOLTE, WILLIAM J., Lacombe SWEKLA, GEORGE E., Edmonton THOMASSEN, NEAL R., Calgary THOMPSON, LYLE R., Edmonton TOLIV ER, REGINALD L., Trochu TROTTER, FRED J., Calgary ULSRUD, ALVIN ,P., Calgary UNLAND, PHILIP J., Westrose WALLBRIDGE, JAMES M., Edmonton WALTERS, J. RICHARD V., Edmonton WANKE, SIEGHARD E., Ardrossan WARCHOL, EDWARD J., Dapp WARD, LYLE R., Grainger WATTS, JOHN S., Calgary WELLS, DOUGLAS W., Edson WETTER, DALE R., Fleet WILDE, THOMAS L., Welling SECOND YEAR ANSTRUTHER, ROBERT W., Fort Saskatchewan ASHTON, ALLAN K., Devon BARTLETT, JAMES R., Bow Island BASARABA, LEONARD G., Edson BELL, ARTHUR K., Bassano BLOTT, J. EDWARD, Edmonton BOSMAN, HENRY C., Lethbridge BOURNE, RONALD H., Calgary BOWEN, OLIVER, Amber Valley BOYER, STUART A., Devon BRAND, WILLIAM W., Edmonton BRUCHAL, ALVIN J., St. Michael 5' Q -fe T i A ' Xg3"3.'5'f if 1 in 3 A 1 ' W , ,,.. t ,S V' ' L "-' 32.5 5 ,mp 6 Y I .... 3 -JI V' li my mf- Q I. if , .5 f..wA"'.? ,, ff ,V M ig .0 I I P I I , l If I N . U 0.155 if M ., My J I 'K' ,I E fi, 39' .Y f' I . :Aw Q, .1 K , w-,I .Eg - ' ' - 'vi E. ' 0...- aa. - ' I . 1 i ERI W' I jx . 1 I. .,... , , 1 . ..,. . ,,.1 .. ,e X 3 Q ' "" a F X ' Xxx w " It , f .,, ..- K I H R im- -T, xi- R 5x . ..- .it ft. f ., 3 A ll' N A N K tigxi . ,. V, 3, ' s ENGINEERING fCONT.J BUFFEL, EDMOND W., South Edmonton BUFFEL, RONALD J., South Edmonton BULAT, GORDON A., Edmonton BURTON, JOHN C., Claresholm BUZUNIS, CONSTATINE J. A., Fort Macleod BYRNE, TOM P., Edmonton BZOWY, DOUGLAS M. I., Rycroft CALVERT, THOMAS W., Dunnville CHEVALIER, JAMES B., Edmonton CHWYL, EDWARD, Andrew COOPER, KENNETH A., Red Deer COURT, LOWELL T., Raymond DEHAAN, JAMES W., Barrhead DAHLBERG, LESLIE S. N., Gwynne DARLING, DAVID W., Edmonton DECKER, ROBERT M., St. James, Man. DONNELLY, JOHN K., Calgary EDWARDS, MICHAEL W., Edmonton EDWARDS, WILLIAM D., Edmonton ERICKSON, RON W., Kimberley, B. C. FARWELL, RICHARD A., Red Deer FITZPATRICK, GORDON J., Edmonton FLEMING, PETER M., Calgary FREEMAN, ROBERT D., Red Deer GEE, J. WILLIAM, Edmonton GILCI-IRIST, GARRY R., Edmonton GORT, CHRIS, Edmonton GOTTSCHLICI-I, IRVIN R., Edmonton GRAHAM, ROBERT J., Olds HAGGERTY, KENNETH A., New Norway HARKER, MICHAEL D., Edmonton HIBBARD, WILLIAM R., Nampa HILL, JAMES C., Edmonton HUDSON, L. W. HENRY, Edmonton HYNDMAN, ALEXANDER W., Regina JENSEN, NELS E., Bowden JONES, GEORGE R., Edmonton KAY, JAMES V., Blackfoot KEITH, BARRY J., Spirit River KESTNER, JOHN S., Edmonton KOBER, ROBERT A., Trochu KOBI, DONALD H., Castor KOLES, ZOLY J. F., Edmonton KRAYCHY, ALEXANDER, Redwater LANG, ROBERT V., Regina LEANZA, ANTHONY G., Edmonton LEEDS, JOHN C. H., Claresholm LOCK, ROBERT G., Edmonton LOFKRANTZ, JOHN E. E., Cold Lake LOEWAN, REINER, Edmonton MCCLURE, GARRY, Edmonton McKENZIE, MALCOLM B., Kamloops, B. C MABBOTT, DALE M., Castor MARECK, WAYNE J., Provost MAYER, GARY A., Delburne MEURER, KENNETH B., Victoria, B. C. MILLS, LARRY W., Edmonton MINK, FRANK J., Edmonton MOKOSI, WILLIAM A., Lethbridge MOORE, GLEN W., Tofield MOORE, ROBERT G., Seebe MORTON, ROSS L., Cochin, Sask. NEAVE, GERALD I., Camrose OSLER, LLOYD R., Edmonton PALAMAREK, KENNETH M., Edmonton PEARSON, ROBERT B., Carstairs PETRYK, SYLVESTER, Atmore PHEASEY, FRED W., Edmonton POLOVNIKOFF, DONALD V., Edmonton QUIGLEY, TREVOR A., Edmonton ENGINEERING fCONT.J RAE, JOHN G., Picture Butte RAMER, R. DOUGLAS C., Edmonton RASKO, ERNEST W., Edmonton REYNOLDS, HERB L., McLennan REYNOLDS, ROBERT W., Stettler RONAGHAN, DOUGLAS J., Viking SAUNDERS, WILLIAM M., Jasper Place SCI-IAFFRICK, WILLIE B., Jasper SEMENIUK, ALEXANDER, Evansburg SEMRAU, J. DONALD, Camrose SERNA, RAYMOND W., Two Hills SHARP, ROBERT R., Ganges, B. C. SHAW, JACK, Medicine Hat SHELTON, ERIC H., Edmonton SHEPHERD, KENNETH J., Edmonton SHIER, BRUCE W., Edmonton SINCLAIR, GEORGE W., Edmonton SOLLANYCH, RONALD W., Edmonton SOPER, TIMOTHY A., Edmonton SPRINKLE, ELLEN A., Monarch STEPHENS, DONALD E., Red Deer STRONG, JAMES A. E., Lethbridge SUTHERLAND, IAN D., Lethbridge SWAN, JAMES R., Westlock SWORD, DAVID A., Edmonton VARTY, THOMAS J., Bassano THACHUK, ALBERT R., Edmonton WEBSTER, GARY A., Edmonton , , 0 -I ,..,. N, pe ,, . I c , -fA- . 1 -- 1 P3 V. I ' f I ' . t AWN., V,-- L I V , -2 'I A ' , 2 id 'B ' . 99' J . I . ' ' ,,14.,1 i 5f"j"' f j "vs "4 'WI 6'5" D-Ti' ,':1if1-G? . . s ' . , 5 u ,f"T' - ., 'D . ,Eg if rg .5 . ,....I5 .4 1' -'QQ3 55' ' - ' . WILSON, ALAN H., cafmifs Dv 't .""" WHEATCROFT. GERALD A., Lethbridge ZEDEL, ALBERT H., Edmonton ZYLA, ALLAN P., Mundare FIRST YEAR ACKERMAN, DAVID S., Camrose ALLAN, RALPH C., Edmonton ANDERSON, RODNEY J., Edson ANDREW, ROBERT H., Lockport, . ANGUS, J. FORREST, Edmonton BALL, ROBIN M., Edmonton BAQAI, SHAMS U., B.Sc,, Karachi, BEAR, WILLIAM H., Edmonton BENN, ROBERT S., Wildwood Ill f " f 1 gf: f 'Q A BODIE, DOUG, Edmonton BOSSERT, DALE W., Hanna BOYARCHUK, GARRY, smoky Lake BRATTBERG, ELMER H., Bentley BRAUN, TONY, High River BRENNAN, TERRY F., Millet BRISCOE, PETE L., Vancouver CABAY, STAN, Ardmore CASAVANT, WILFRED L., Shoal Creek CASTON, ARTHUR T., Edmonton CHRAPKO, RONALD, Foisy CLAUSEN, THOMAS D., Rosedale CONDROTTE, EDWARD J., Dixonville CRAIG, JOHN R., Fairview CRANDALL, GARETH R., Wetaskiwin CRONK, ARTHUR E., Dawson Creek, B. C. DANIELSON, ARTHUR M., Lethbridge DEITCH, SYDNEY J., Edmonton DESJARDINS, RAYMOND R., Edmonton DES MAZES, MAURICE B., Westbridge, B. C. DRISCOLL, BRIAN L., Vancouver EDGERTON, JOHN B., Rocky Mountain House EMPEY, DONALD P., Viking ENNS, PETER H., Stettler ERDMAN, DOUGLAS A., Barons FLETCHER, LAWRENCE H., Banff FRASER, DOUGLAS E., Ottawa Pakistan I 4 I I Ruta, ' ua 8' , ,-0 , X WA Ji- 31:5 Q - 8 L' ' ff .. .1752 - . . ' ,,..f:vf:-:- .' :iii '," ' ff- 1:-' ' J . I I Hu. 4 ..w. , f ,. cw ..,,,:.1-' -,wif ,,. ,-,- . 5' A ..-W .W - . ,-13, ,,:,4,: ,-:,f , , ,. Q, ,,, K if .fi 4' 1 ,. i I I' . A A ' -. '2!9fl LA A. 'ff L- . . ,! f'j-.,-.j,i':g":1:i.,- ' I 1 vol . U 1: ' ,A" .N :fx AI" + if ..-S 1 wi Q 1 'N ENGINEERING qcoNT.y GARRETT, RALPH L., Edmonton GATES, ROBERT G., Winnipeg GEHMLICH, GRANT V., Raymond GERIG, ALLAN F., Busby GILLESPIE, GEORGE E., Sherwood Park GLUECKSMANN, PEDRO, Caracas, Venezuela GOODFELLOW, HOWARD G. R., Cold Lake GREGG, JAMES W., Edson GREMM, KENNETH R., Markerville GRIGEL, FRANK W., Bellevue HAGEDORN, FRANK C., Mossleigh HANSCHAR, LAWRENCE J., Medicine Hat HAWRYLUK, JOHN R., Elk Point HEER, KENNETH A., Stettler HEIKKINEN, RICHARD D., Benalto HRUDEY, TERRY M., Edmonton JAMES, DALE F,, Edmonton JASCHKE, WILLIAM H., Berwyn JOHNSON, A. HOWARD, Beaverlodge JOHNSON, DENNIS W., Barons JOHNSON, RAYMOND W., Camrose JONES, MICHAEL D., Fort Smith, N. W. T KANGAS, WAYNE J., Red Deer KELM, INGBERT, Edmonton KINAKIN, MICHAEL N., Coutts KLAIMAN, MURRAY, Shaunovan, Sask. KNAGA, STANLEY L,, Busby KNUDSEN, WARREN W., Huxley KOVACH, PAUL B., Turin KUEFLER, EDWARD P., Lacombe KULLY, GERALD J., Edmonton LACK, JERRY C., Edmonton LAING, WILLIAM C., Lethbridge LANDRY, DAVE R., Bonanza LATHAM, DAVID R. M., Bremner LEE, LIONEL K. K., Kuching, Sarawak LEE, THOMAS W., Edmonton LEE, VICTOR, Lethbridge LEONARD, PETER, Edmonton LOGAN, D. BRUCE, Grande Prairie LORD, JOHN C., Innisfail LUND, HARVEY E., Edmonton McCULLOCH, DUNCAN J., Edmonton MCDONALD, JOHN A., Edmonton McKAY, ROBERT L., Edmonton MCNAUGHTON, MICHAEL J., Winfield MAKOFKA, NEVAR, Ma-Me-O Beach MARIEN, WAYNE E., Enilda MARVSZECZKA, DAVID G., Bruce MATHESON, DAVID S., Grande Prairie MELDRUM, RULON S., Raymond MERRICK, GERARD A., Lethbridge MONKMAN, WILLIAM R., Calgary MONTGOMERY, JAMES H., Edmonton MOORE, ROBERT E., Lethbridge MUELLER, GERD-B, East Coulee MULESA, RONALD J., Edmonton MURPHY, KENNETH P., Edmonton NAKANO, DOUGLAS W., Edmonton NEAL, ROBERT J., Edmonton NELSON, DALLAS D., Edmonton NELSON, DENNIS W., Kelsey NEUMEISTER, WERNER O., Edmonton ONESS, R., WAYNE, Ponoka PAPP, JOHN S. J., Delburne PETERSON, DALLAS W., Ma-Me-O Beach PIASENTIN, GEORGE, Edmonton PICKARD, LESLIE W., Penhold POHL, VOLKMAR H., Lethbridge POPEK, HENRY R., Eaglesham ENGIN. qconm RAMA, C. JOHN, Edmonton REAUME, RAMSAY R., Winterbutn REBUS, DAVID B.g Stony Plain REBUS, ROBERT C., Edmonton REID, CHARLES M. T., Trinidad REIDY, R. JAMES, Medicine Hat REINHARD, WILLIAM R., Chauvin RESKE, EGON F., Botha REVAK, ROBERT D., Lethbridge ROUSE, JOHN A., McLennan ROWSWELL, ALLAN L., Edmonton SALMON, RONALD E., Edmonton SCI-IULD, ALBERT J., Iron Springs SEBO, TARJAN S., Edmonton SHANDRO, RONALD S.g Camrose SHARPE, RONALD B.g Lancaster Park SICKOFE, LEE E., Bellevue SIMPSON, KENNETH J., Edmonton SMITH, RAYMOND J., Delburne SMITH, ROBERT A., Edmonton STEFFES, LEE W.g Motinville SWEET, JOHN E., Menaik TERLESKY, RICHARD P., Thotsby TI-IERRIEN, HECTOR R., St. Paul TYMCHYSHYN, OKSANA S., Edmonton VENNARD, GENE R.g Brazeau Dam VERNON, ROBERT F., Edmonton WADE, DONALD E.g Edmonton WALKER, ROBERT T.g Edmonton WEBER, WALTER C., Castor WELSH, K. Dave, Edmonton WILDGRUBE, HOWARD L., Bruderheim WILL, W. GORDON, Hussar WILLIAMS, SPENCERg Lethbridge WOLANSKI, STAN Edmonton ZADLER, HEINZ G., Edmonton ZITTLAU, REID H.g Ponoka ZOBEL, HELMUTg Edmonton GRAD STUDIES NOT RECEIVING DEGREE ABBASI, SHAUKAT A., M.A.g Kyderabad, Pak. BURNS, DAVID A., B.Sc.g Cheshire, Eng. CAMERON, DON S.g B.Sc.g Calgary CHANDLER, R. FRANKQ B.Sc.g Edmonton CONNIE, JAMES R.g B.Sc.g Edmonton DIEWOLD, PATRICIA A., B.A.g Calgary DUGLE, DAVID L., B.A,, M.A.1 Vermillion, S.D. DUGLE, JANET R., B.A., M.A.g Vermillion, S.D. HAMMOND, BRIAN R., B.Sc.g Innisfail KAYANO, KAYEKOQ B.A.g Osaka, Japan KI-IAN, KHURSHEED A.g B.A., M.A.g Karachi, Pak. KHAN, MOHAMMAD FASAHAT A.g M.Sc.g Dacca, Pak. KHAN, SUKUR G. M. A.g B.Sc.gM.Sc.g Pakistan MCFARLANE, DONALD F., B.Sc.3 Edmonton MCIARNON, JAMES G.: B.Sc.3 Edmonton MULDOON, MARTIN E., M.Sc.g Westport, Ireland NAKANISHI, MICHIKOQ B.A.g Osaka, Japan PURKAYSTHA, A. RASHIDQ M.Sc.g Sylhet, Pak. RICH, NORRIS W., B.Sc.g Calgary SARANGI, JITENDRIYAQ M.Sc.g Puri, India HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS SECOND YEAR ARCHIBALD, C. ANNE, Edmonton BANTA, JOAN M.g Crossfield CURRIE, CAROL D., Edmonton CURWEN, BARBARA A.g Calgary DANCEY, MARILYN J.: Calgary EBY, IRENE M.g Carstairs ECKSTRAND, GAYLE E.: Carstairs GERLACH, EVELYN S.g Stettler GERLOCK, DONNA I.g Edmonton - irq g, , , I I ,I 'K 1 J J.. My If W K S 'x 1 , UTA I ,K . . 4 , Ex Q . if , ALIQLRTA 2 gg V: N L: c.. V 'lif-.i2f' W., J -E. -S"-V. Wa. A ' Pg - - M i . . -..4 .I u.4L.AL..A '3' 3 .J Mr .. .1-.I .. XXL.- 4. RLBERI4 . ,, l,- -ESL -. 4 fl'- , -. ,, I LBER731 tg 5' ' Iyer' f Q X KLN Y-?' k ALBERIA -ii.!.E? UI AQLQ Qc ui ei' vt 5 . J! House EcoNoMlcs qconfg GORDEYKO, BERNICE A.g Camrose GRAHAM, CAROLINE L.g Vulcan HAWSLIP, LILY D., Acme HAUCH, HANNELORE E.g Freedom HILTON, JANET L.g Calgary HORNBY, CARRIE L., Ponoka KOZAK, ORESTAQ Lethbridge LARMOUR, FRANCES Hg Edmonton MOISEY, DIANNE J., Edmonton NIXON, MARLENE R,g Edmonton REES, CAROLANN M.3 Edmonton SKRIPITSKY, DIANE M.: Edmonton SORENSEN, VIRGINIA Kg Bawlf STEPENOFF, LINDA M.g Paradise Valley SUNDE, soN1A A, Alhambra WATTS, VALERIE A., Calgary FIRST YEAR BALLENTINE, SI-IEILA Mg IRMA BARRY, SUZANNE A., Edmonton BLADES. MARION Eg Ohaton BROWNRIDGE, CAROL E., Calgary CLARK, IUDITH A.g Edmonton CUNNINGHAM, DONNA Edmonton DANGEREIELD, GLORIA A., Vauxhall DARCH, MARILYN A.: Edmonton DEDIK, MARIORIE Edmonton ELLARD, IOAN Sq LedllC EWANKOW, IRIS EJ Thorhild GILCHRIST, JOAN E.g Edmonton HALUSCHAK, JOAN J., Myrnam I-IARRIS, IERI A.g Edmonton HARROLD, DIANE Eg Edmonton HEATH, VICKIE L.g Edmonton HOWDEN, DONNA, Edmonton JOHNSTON, MARGO E.g St. Albert KLIPPER, ELAINE, Edmonton LOW, SYLVIA J.g Edmonton MACAULAY, MARILYN L.g Edmonton MCAULEY, PATRICIA A.g Red Deer MCCLOSKEY, GAIL F., Edmonton MALANCHUK, KAREN M.g Pincher Creek MATTHEWS, LYNDSAY C., Calgary MESTON, VIRGINIA G.g Edmonton MILNER, DARYL L., Edmonton NEUFELD, VIVIAN Mg Fort Macleod PALMER, PATRICIA E.g Edmonton PEDDLESDEN, VALERIE M.: Calgary PENNO, DOREEN R.g Edmonton ROONEY, MARGARET M., Edmonton ROSPUTNY, ELAINE R., Saskatoon, Sask. SEREDA, PATRICIA M. A.g Edmonton SLOUACK, DONNA K.g Lethbridge SORENSEN, LINDA M., Berwyn STRYNADKA, DOREEN L.g Willingdon SUSS, ELIZABETH A.g Edmonton TASCHUK, RENA M.g Edmonton VERGETTE, MARILYN A., Edmonton WARNICK, IRENE H., Edmonton WASSON, SHERRIN D.g Edmonton WEBSTER, DIANE J., Edmonton WITTING, SHIRLEY M., Brooks ZAHARICHLIK, AUDREY E., Two Hills LA W SECOND YEAR BENTLEY, PATRICK M., B.Sc.g Vermilion DECORE, LAWRENCEQ B.A.g Edmonton FOSTER, JAMES L.g B.A.g Red Deer HENDERSON, GEORGE E.g B.A.g Edmonton JELLIS, EDWIN A., Edmonton TORKEL, INGRID C., Lethbridge VAN VLIET, MAURY G.g B,Sc.g Edmonton LAW qconfg WOODS, ROBER S., B.A.g Drumheller YUZDA, L. W., B.A.g Two Hills FIRST YEAR ARABCHUK, PETER, B.A.g Edmonton CHURCH, STANQ Balzac DECORE, LIONEL L.: B.A.g Edmonton GORDON, ROBERT F.: B.A.g Edmonton HOPE, JOHN M.g Edmonton LOGAN, ROBERT B., B.A.g Edmonton MCRORY, EDWARD F., B.B.A.g Calgary MURPHY, DOUGLAS B.: B.A.g Calgary OPALKA, WILLIAM A.g B.A.g Medicine Hat OROBKO, MARY-LYNNE H.g Edmonton PASTON, ROBERT S., B.A.g Calgary PETERSON, RONALDQ B.Sc.g Calgary ROUT, DANIEL J.: Lethbridge RUSNAK, KENNETH J.g Edmonton RYDER, THOMAS M., B.A.g Calgary SAVILLE, FRANCIS M., B.A.g Edmonton SHEFSKY, DAVID E., B.Sc.g Westlock SWITZER, SAM, Calgary TODD, PATRICK A.: B.A.g Biggar, Sask. VALENS, JOHN C., Edmonton YAKIMISKYN, SAM, Mundare MEDICINE THIRD YEAR ALLEN, MURRAY E.g Edmonton ATKINSON, MARTIN H.g Calgary BAYDUZA, JEANETTEg B.Sc.g Edmonton BREDO, GERALD A.: Edmonton BREITKREUTZ, HERBQ B.Sc.g Edmonton BUDEICKY, NICHOLAS G., Calgary CUMMING, WILFRED S.: B.SC.g Three Hills GRAHAM, D. NEILg Edmonton GREIDANUS, THOMAS H.g Edmonton HANSEN, W. BRYCEQ B.Sc,g Cardston HULYK, RAYQ Edmonton IRWIN, JOHN, Edmonton JONES, ADRIAN B.g Edmonton KARVELLAS, PENELOPEQ Edmonton LAMPARD, JOHN R., Red Deer LEITCH, GARY T.g Edmonton MABERLEY, A. L.g B.Sc.3 Banff MARLISS, ERROL B., Edmonton SEMKULEY, MYRONQ B.Sc.g Calgary WILLIANS, DAVID J.g B.Sc.g Edmonton WILSON, ARTHUR F.g B.Sc.g Edmonton WRIGHT, WAYNE J.g B.SC.g Edmonton ZUEGE, PETER, Edmonton SECOND YEAR ANDRIANSCHUK, SOPHIE M., B.Sc.g Two Hills APPLEYARD, ELLEN, Edmonton BISHOP, DVANE S.g Edmonton BLASHKO, CARL A.g Andrew BOGORUS, MURRAY S.g Edmonton BOULTON, JAMES J., B.Sc.g Lethbridge CARR, DONALD Mg Innisfail CAPLAN, BARRY L.g Calgary CLARKE, J. T. R. B.Sc.g Edmonton CODY, MICHAEL C.g Calgary CULVER, RON L.g Calgary DANYLUK, JOHN M., Elk Point DAWSON, DAVID T.g Brant FAIRHOLM, DAVID J., Pibroch FISK, R. LEIGHTONQ Edmonton GELFAND, ELLIOT T.g Calgary GREGG, RONALD C.g Edmonton GOKLERT, JOHN G.g Edmonton GROVES, TERENCE D.g Calgary HARLEY, CHUCKQ Calgary HASINOFF, DANIEL J.g B.Sc.g Mannville H -'ZQME-t w f If-IQAPP ti MH Q x ,.,, ,. I A A 121,-,g'n-Qfsff QV W' I M .. A ,, , I .- 1. 'U 4 ' , Q 3 K- IIO Oy 9 xfa 1, Eff " JX- num 19 1 .S .J '- . ' tl L14 1 I N 4 9 MEDICINE fCon1.J JAMES, DON, B.Sc., Edmonton JANS, RONALD G., Calgary KOLOTYLUK, KENNETH, Smoky Lake LEFEBVRE. ROBERT E., B.A., Edmonton MARX, LENNART H., High Prairie MARYNOWSKI, BORDEN, Edmonton MILLER, M. KEITH, BSC., Stony Plain MILLER, M. SUE, Greenwood, B.C. MYLES, S. TERENCE, Edmonton O'BRIEN, HERBERT L., Edmonton POWYS-LYBBE, REGINALD, Calgary QUAN, J.L,, B.Sc., Calgary RITZEL, CLAUDIA T., Edmonton ROBINSON, BARBARA L., Edmonton SCHNECK, DENNIS W., Wetaskiwin SMITH, STANLEY S., BSC., Calgary READ, E. STANLEY Bashaw STEVENS, JOHN C., Lloydminster RIEDWEG, EDWARD, Edmonton SNYDER, RICHARD E.1 Cowley STEED, BARRIE L., Cardston STEWART, DON, Three Hills TATTON, WILLIAM G., B.Sc., Calgary TRAUB, G.E., Edmonton VAN GOOR, JOHN H., Calgary WALLER, DOUGLAS F., Calgary WHITFIELD, WILLIAM A., Edmonton WIEBE, GEORGE, B.Sc., Edmonton WIEBE, HAROLD J., Sexsmith FIRST YEAR AKPATA, MIKE, Bemin City, Nigeria AMR, ROGER, Red Deer BROWN, FREDERIC A., B.Sc., Edmonton CASSILS. JOHN G., B.Sc., Edmonton CHORNELL, J. GARY, Edmonton DAVIDMAN, MICHAEL, Calgary DEANE, JOHN A., B.Sc., Edmonton DONNELLY, P.J., BSC., Rimbey DUTTON, E.W., BSC., Redcliff ENGLE, FREDRIC M., B.Sc., Calgary FISHER, DIANA H., Edmonton FLORKOWSKI, JOANNE M., B.Sc., Edmonton GRAINGE, JOHN M., Edmonton GREENBERG, MURRAY: Calgary HUTCHINSON, JAMES C., B.A., Seattle, Wash. JANZEN, VICTOR, Coaldale KING, H. STANLEY, B.Sc., Calgary KRYNEN, WILLY A.G., Edmonton KULAK, LINTON, Edmonton LAKE, DAVID W., Edmonton LAMPARD, J. DOUG, B.Sc., Red Deer MCBRIDE, R. GARTH, Edmonton MCINNIS, JOSEPH B., Edmonton MCMILLAN, MARILYN E., B.SC., Lac La Biche MAH-POY, GEORGE L., B.SC., Ponolca MAKAR, ROBERT T., BSC., Edmonton MARFLEET, BARRY, Lethbridge MARSHALL, MICHAEL K., B.Sc., Montreal NELSON, DWIGHT A., B.Sc., Norquav, Sask. OLEKSHY, JOHN, B.Sc., Edmonton ORR, F. WILLIAM, Red Deer PARRANTO, JOE F.A., Edmonton PETERS, RUDOLF, B.Sc., Olds POWLIK. ROGER J., B.Sc., Thorsby QUANDT. PETER L., B.A., Lethbridge RAUCH, JOSEFINE, B.A., R.T., Edmonton REESE. RALPH H., B.Sc., Milk River RENTIERS, P. KEN, Edmonton REIST, MARILYN Y., Red Deer SCHULZ, GORDON H., B.Sc., Edmonton MEDICINE qconty SEREDA, WILLIAM M., Edmonton SHEPPARD, CAROL A.: Red Deer SHUBERT, EDWARD E.: Edmonton SIMICHAK, HENRY, Hillcrest STEWARD. WAYNE W., Vernon, B.C. STUART, WILLIAM A.: B.Sc.g Grimshaw SUNOHARA, PHILIP T.g B.A.Sc.g Toronto UNTERTHINER, RUDI A.L B.Sc.g Denver, Colo. VOLOSHIN, PETER J.g B.Sc.g Edmonton VOS, CURTg Edmonton WHARTON, DAVIDg Edmonton WHIDDEN, PETER G., B.A.3 Edmonton WRIGHT. JAMIE E.g Athabasca YASAYKO, HAROLD H., Edmonton ZUEGE, REGINA, Edmonton MEDICAL LAB SCIENCE SECOND YEAR BLOOM, CAROLYN D.g Wetaskiwin BORLE, MARILYN B.g Edmonton BUCKLEY, MARY E., Nelson, B.C. CROSS, BARBARA A., Penticton, 1.C. EVERNDEN, JULIA M.: Coronation I-IARRINGTON, MARY L., Leduc HOWARD, LESLIE A.: Grenada JAJCZAY, FRED, Edmonton KELLY, BARBARA L., Edmonton KEY. DIANE E., Edmonton MCWHINNEY, SANDRA L.g Calgary MASUDA, BONNIE A., Picture Butte PAHL, IRMAQ Spondin PEARSON, ELSA L., Bon Accord ROBINSON, DONNA M., Edmonton ROTHWELL, BONNIE F., Calgary SLMONSON, VIVIAN E., Camrose WICKIE, PHYLLIS J.g Bowness YAREMA, DOROTHY, J.M.g Holden FIRST YEAR AITKEN, ELIZABETH P., Calgary BERTRAM, SHIRLEY G., Calgary DAVIDSON, CHARLOTTE E., Sylvan Lak FOX, JUDITH I., Edmonton HORNADY, GLORIA J., Edmonton HUNTER, SHIRLEY A.g Meeting Creek HYSTAD, DIANE C.: Valemount, B.C. JACOBSEN, CLAIRE R., Lethbridge JOHNSON, GLENDA A.g Delhi, Minn. LITTLE, GLORIA E.: Lousana LOWE, AGNES R.g Wainwright MAINMAN, BARBARA L.: Calgary MISCHUK, OLGA, Lac La Biche MORASCH, DONNA M.g Calgary NICHOLAS, JANICE I.: Calgary PATTERSON, RANDOLPH B., Red Deer PATTERSON, VIRGINIA A., Marysville, B.C. PELECH, PATRICIA E., Edmonton RHYASON, DIANE J.g Bawlf SAMIDA, OLGA M., Edmonton SCHISSLER, LORAINE A.: Medicine Hat SCHOOLEY, KATHERINE A.g Onoway SMITH, CAROLINE M., Lethbridge SNIDER, ARLENEQ Red Deer WALLER, ANN S., Medicine Hat WUETHERICK, KAREN T.g Vegreville NURSING 4TH YEAR POSTGRAD PUBLIC HEALTH ARTHUR, G. JOAN, Edmonton CARPENTER, PATRICIA A., Kinsella DRUERY, LYNN 3 Edmonton FESCHUK, NETTIEg Willingdon GRAHAM, JOAN M., R.N., R.T.8zT.g Edmonton JEFFREY, F. ELIZABETH, Calgary JOHNSTON, CONSTANCE P.g R.N., Provost ' Li E "HV f ALBERTA filq 37- fer E Q: :Ei Y' ,.,.,.,. A 're 7? ,gh I 5 ,N f.::z2'? 1- 1 .. "ff - .,.- -- f -nv I f- Q- we .' I , , . LA S .V '43 TVs: gel 41 - ,, , 5 x J, ' In J W ' N 'Q . bg! .gl i .3 ,QP ALB,E RTA yvv- '2-422 I-' ,Hp . 'N I , , up A ,Q ll I I :1.. I' A all ,, V 1 L FQ ' J .ie 0 fix 4 - ,.... ' "" 1 ' ' . K It I I l I 0 ., ,' Q- 1, I, A ,- If xg' 4. , I ' 5-. ' " In E e it , A 'Nr i s - I A I A I I . L- . ir I 'TT 4: ',,- . 'A ' ' I -sf I D 7 9 74. ' ' i. 9 -k 1 2 f lx- I 'X x vu 12 ' A at I E I. RE? IJ , I .I I ,az 4 ,. I C I l I I K I NURSING qcQn1'd.y JOHANSON, HARRIET T., Red Deer JOHNSON, PATRICIA B., Morrin PAVELICK, PATRICIA A., Humboldt, Saslc. PURIN, BARBARA R., Edmonton RIDDELL, BEVERLEY-JEAN, Crossfield WARWARUK, CECILLE P., Legal WRIGHT, BEVERLY M., Calgary 4TH YEAR POSTGRAD IN TEACHING AND SUPERVISION BARKER, LORNA J., Midale, Sask. EBY, RUTH S.: Didsbury GOODCHILD, MARY E., R.N., Calgary HORNE, MARGUERITE Eg R.N.g Calgary LAZAROWICH, FRANCINA A., Edmonton NICHOLLS, JANICELEE, R.N.g Lethbridge MCIVOR, LYNDA L.M.g Girvin, Sask. REID, WINIFRED M., Edmonton STARK, ELEANOR F., Camrose THIESSEN, HEDWIGQ R.N.g Calgary WALKER, CORRINE A., R.N., Lethbridge 3RD YEAR B.Sc. ANDERSON, MARJORIE Q., Edmonton AYE, MARGUERITE J.: Joffray, B.C. BROWN, LYNNE E,g Edmonton BURKE, PATRICIA A., Edmonton CARTER, PATRICIA A.g Calgary DOWNEY, SHIRLEY P.: North Star GARDINER, M. ANNE, Edmonton I-IOUGLUND, VIVIAN E.: Edmonton JESTEN, BERTINE J., Barrhead KERYLUKE, V. DOLORESQ Edmonton LINGAS, HELEN T.g Edmonton MARSH, MARGARET J,g Medicine Hat MAXXYJELL, LINDSAY C., Calgary MITCHELL, HEATHER Lg Czar MORTON, MARGO L., Edmonton PATERSON, DONNA M.: Calgary PHLINKA, LAVINA J., Derwent POOL, JUDITH E,g Regina PROWSE, A, JUDITHQ Jasper RUSSELL, EVA M., Beaverlodge STEPHENS, DOROTHY E., Edmonton WELLS, MARILOU, Edson WOLVER, ERAN Edmonton ZAHARICHUK, LORETTA D., Edmonton SECOND YEAR B.Sc. BARLOW, KATHLEEN A., Calgary BECKER, EVELYNNE Eg Banff BLAIR, LESLIE A.g Edmonton CLUTE, KATHRYNE W., Edmonton DICK, MARJORIE J,g Calgary DOUGLAS, ROSEMARY E., Edmonton DUNFORD, MAVIS I.g Calgary DUNNE, MAUREEN E., Edmonton FOWLER, JOAN L., Calgary GILES, MARILYN, Edmonton GRAY, PATRICIA J., Calgary HIRSCH, ANNALEE M., Bawlf HOAR, AILEEN M., Edmonton MCELROY, RENE A.g Edmonton MCKENZIE, HEATHER A., Coronation MCLEAN, MARY V.g Edmonton MAIN, JENNY L., Edmonton MUNRO, LAVERNE E., Edmonton POPE, JOYCE Mg Pine Lake ROBERTSON, PHYLLIS L.g Huxley SANFORD, LINDA J.: Valleyview Point SHEWCHUK, JEAN A,g Abee SINCLAIR, PATRICIA M., Medicine Hat SISSONS, JANICE J., McLennan STILWELL, E. JEANg Calgary NURSING qc0n+'d.y SUITOR, PATRICIA C., Edmonton TREFFRY, CAROL J., Wainwright WILLOUGHBY, CATHERINE J., Lethbridge VVUTZKE, C. JOYCE, Berwyn YARMOLOY, GLORIA J., Vegreville ZENDER, JOANNE F., Stettler FIRST YEAR B.Sc. BEAGLE, BARBARA A., Calagry BENNETT, JANE I., Edmonton BORDEN, GAIL M., Edmonton BRITTON, BEVERLY A., Red Deer CLARKE, CAROLE E., Edmonton COLLINS, PATRICIA L., Edmonton DAVEDIUK, NIDA, Beaverdam DEBONNAIRE, JEAN M., Edmonton DUNLOP, CATHERINE V., Edmonton DURKIN, MARY G., Edmonton EIFERT, CAROL A., Edmonton EVANS, ELUNED A., East Coulee EVANS, SHEILA J., Edmonton GALL, WENDY B., Edmonton GIBSON, HELEN R., Medicine Hat GILBERT, JAN M., Edmonton GOURLAY, M.E, BETTY, Edmonton HENDERSON, SHEILA, Mountain View HOGG, JEAN A., Edmonton HOPKINS, MARION P., Lacombe JOINSON, PEGGY A., Nelson, B.C. LARCOMBE, LORRAINE Y., Lethbridge MacASKILL, JEAN P., Parkside, Sask. McCUAIG, SANDRA A.E., Edmonton MARTENS, LORETTA A., R.N., Coaldale MURRAY, PATRICIA F., St. Albert PORTER, DELORES C., Duchess PUTNAM, MARGARET J., Edmonton RAMSEY, JACQUELINE A., Edmonton RYBICKI, IRENE A., Grassland SHERRATT, LOIS E., Edmonton STALKER, ROBIN I., Vancouver, B.C. STENTON, PENNY A., Banff STORBAKKEN, FAYE M., Sedgewick TEPPER, ERIKA A., Edmonton TEPPER, HELENE A., Edmonton TERRIFF, CHERYL A., Edmonton UHAZY, MARIE C., Edmonton WRIGHT, ROBIN L., Calgary SECOND YEAR R.N. BERG, LORRAINE M.R., Fort Saskatchewan BIDLOCK, SHIRLEY A., Lloydminster BLACKWOOD, VALERIE E., Namao BORGSTROM, CAROLYN A., Meeting Creek BOWDEN, WINNIFRED M., Ponoka BOYCHUK, SYLVIA L., Stony Plain BRITTON, FLORENCE M., Eaglesham BRUCE, BRENDA L., Tuxford, Sask. CAMERON, NORMA J., Elnora CARPENTER, ALICE S.: Kinsella CHAPELSKI, LILLIAN P., Vegreville CHARTERS, PATRICIA C., Edmonton CHRISTIE, SUSAN E., Edmonton CONN, LOUISE, Edmonton DENSON, DARLENE, Ponoka DODDS, ELEANOR M., Maidstone, Sask. DONHOU, GAIL E., Edmonton ELLETT, SHIRLEY M., Edmonton EWASZKIW, MARIE R., Coronado FLETCHER, JEAN E., Bonanza FOLKMAN, S.H., Edmonton FUJIWARA, SALLY S., Lethbridge GORDON, E. BURDINE, Lloydminster - Q, f' x I ,K . S. ' ef A if a t sk, Q Q 1 . A ll 5 .HL 'Q rg X ,N 1. 't 1 2 , JJ I ? qv X' w I Q, .,:,. Si 'gi , Q, M 'x '-V Q A as l . .r "W 'J "Bl X uf , x 5 SX 'i X x i Q- I ' - 6 Jia , L. f +2 is I af- . by , md' Y i if l I , "--, -N 'll , 1 i, V. 3 - ' T ul I 'I , .5-. ' - -if ' A ' . . .,-. .li uv, ,.,vW,...X W Y 5 X 4- 'dx Z' L . f' f ee K ill- if I f f,v'55 -sf. Q. Q 45 A. , ,q , Q Y rw. X sei if if Y D 8' v'- s 125 4 3 I in X L , 'rl i - - ' F lun fi ' T ' Z I 37? 3? M , I " "'l' fxv I In NURSING qconf'd.p GRANT, JEAN M.,Edmonton GREEN, PHYLLIS E., Edmonton GUSTAFSON, MARGARET L., Arabella, Sask. HAFSTEIN, BEVERLY A., Maidstone, Sask. HALL, PENELOPE, High River HEDEMARK, CAROL E., Edmonton HENDRICKSON, ELAINE C., Edmonton HENSCHELL, LILLIAN E., South Edmonton HOLDEN, SARALEE E., Edmonton I-IOLLOWAY, DIANE C., Edmonton HOSEGOOD, LILLIAN J., Didsbury HOUSE, BERNICE V., Grosmont HUNTER, CATHERINE E., Calgary JOHNSON, MARLENE T., Rocky Lane KAMINSKY, JUDY J., Innisfree KROEGER, BETTY, Wainwright KVITTEM, LYNN F., Edmonton LOEWEN, CAROL M., Edmonton LOGAN, HELEN M., Edmonton MacCABE, GAIL A.E., Westlock MCCOY, N. NADENE, Ponoka MCLEAN, H. CORINNE, Athabasca McLEOD. M. DALE, Banff INIILLER. PHYLLIS M., Edmonton NEWSTED, DONNA F., Maidstone, Sask. NIBLOCK, GAIL M., Innisfail NICHOLSON, MERRILYN L., Wainwright NICKERSON, JOANNE K., Edmonton NIELSEN, GERDA K., Edmonton PAYNE, SHARON C., Edmonton PETRIE, MARGARET, Edmonton PROCTOR, CAROLE L., Fairview RANLOK, PATRICIA E., Jarrow RHODES, DOREEN M.A., Brant SCHATTSCHNEIDER, HAZEL J., South Edmonton SCHIEMAN, MARILYN, Edmonton SNIDER, VALERIE, Lancaster Park SPEIGHT, DIANE K., Cadogan STEWART, LEONA M., Bashaw STRONG, BARBARA A., Red Deer STRONG, CAROL E., Lethbridge SULZ, MARGARET E., Sunnybrook SURBECK, BARBARA L., Edmonton SUTHERLAND, DONNA R., Westlock SUTHERLAND. SHONA J.-A., Red Deer TEMPLETON, C. MARY, Lloydminster TIFFIN, SHARON B., Regina, Saslc. TKACHUK, Helen, Redwater TURNQUIST, JUDY I., Gwynne VRIEND, ELEANOR K., Clover Bar WADE, EDYTHE D.g Edmonton WATAMANIUK, LYN, Wandering River WEBB, G. ARDENE, Lloydminster WESTMAN, CATHERINE J., Jasper WHITNEY, SHIRLEY A., Medicine Hat WILSON, ELIZABETH A., Edmonton WILSON, SHARON E., Bentley WOODEN, RUTH I., Fort Saskatchewan YAMAMOTO, MIYUKI M., Magrain FIRST YEAR R.N. ALLISON, DIANE F., Red Deer ARCHER, SHARON E., Wetaskiwin ATKEY, BARBARA L., Edmonton ATWELL. GAIL P., Edmonton BARFORD, JUDITH L., Edmonton BATEMAN, MARY A., Red Deer BIENERT, JANET C. L., Leduc BRUNING, MARILYN K., Edmonton BUE, SHARON B., Kingman BUSHKO, CECILE J., Lavoy NURSING fCon1'd.j CAMERON, MARILYNN A., Edmonton CAMPBELL, LINDA M., Delburne CAMPBELL, WINONA A., Edmonton CHEREMSHYNSKI, EVELYN M., Holden CHRISP, KATHERINE F., Vermilion CLARK, GERTRUDE E., Calgary CONNICK, CAMILLA I., Edmonton COOK, DONNA L,, Stettlet DAVIDSON, MARGARET L., Vermilion DENNIS, LYLIA E., Edmonton EADE, SANDRA D., Fort Saskatchewan EAKET, K, LYNNE, Edmonton ENDRESSEN, THURINE A., Eaglesham ENGLAND, PATRICIA S., Yellowknife FISHBOURNE, MARYANNE L., Edmonton FLEWELLING, IUDITH A., Lacombe EORGUES, LINDA E., Lacombe FOSKETT, ANN E.S., Edmonton FURNELL, MARGERY D., Red Deer GIBB, GAIL M., Neilburg, Saslc. GIBB, GEORGINA M., Chauvin GOGOWIGH, EMILY R., Spedden GRANT, ELIZABETH M., Edmonton GROVE, LYNDA S., Edmonton GULLEKSON, SHIRLEY A., Camrose GUSTAVSON, MARILYN D., Eckville HAFSO, SHARON C. D., Viking I-IALLIN, MARGARET M., Edmonton HANINGTON, CHRISTINE L., Redwater HARASEM, JOYCE, Smoky Lake HAY, DOREEN E., Wetaskiwin HENRY, MARGARET E., Red Deer HERTZOG, CAROL L., Winnipeg, Man, HOFFMAN, SHIRLEY M., Edmonton HULYK, LILLIAN M., Waugh JOHNSON, MARLENE C., La Glace KOHSEL, KAREN A., Delia KOSTKA, GERALDINE E., Picture Butte KRYWOROS, JULIA, Edmonton LEONOVICH, GENEVIVE R.P., Redcliff LOWE, JESSIE A., Wainwright LYONS, KAREN E., Westlock MCCALLA, NORA A., Edmonton MCCORMICK, BARBARA L., Amisk MCDONALD, MARION A., Edmonton MCKENZIE, HELEN M., Berwyn MARTIN, BETTY-GAIL, Regina, Sask. MEDWID, GEORGIA A., Grassland MELNYK, GLORIA J., Edmonton MENDENHALL, GRACE, Raymond MILLER, CAROLINE F., Edmonton MILLS, MARGARET D., Edmonton MYER, RONA M., Edmonton OVERHOLT, PATRICIA E., Athabasca PAYMENT, PAT C., Edmonton PENNER, E. LEONA, Lacombe PENNER, RUTH M., Tofield PURSER, LYNNE M., Dewberry REIMANN, EDITH H., Medicine Hat SABEY, CAROLYN R., St. Hubert, Que. SALYOA, HELEN S., Rycroft SCHIENBEIN, DOREEN A., Edmonton SEEERIED, GENEVIEVE M., Redcliff SHIMEK, LYDIA M., Picture Butte SIERPINSKI, JOYCE A., Stony Plain SMITH, ANDREA-LEE F., Edmonton SNYDER, SUSAN MARY, Edmonton SPALLIN, MAVIS C., Fort Saskatchewan STENVALL, MARYLIN F., Hythe STEPHENS, JOAN M., Vermilion J TK -E' , ..- Q- 45? if it Q -4- ig . Q .. ,g 4 ,Q - ' S, , K' J. ,Q 1- '- Cf? Kr- r J 1 -4? 4: -4: 'V f' , 2 fl? fir .f ,v .L v r . Q. ,LQ -,W wr -sz "' ' ...r . M f I fl' ..- . Zi ' il S. r S ,., ,- M Q 'Q .JL Q. S+- A s 4 V' L43 4- 5 if' A -'13 My 3? i 'I ai ff .X U, ,..j'I,,, ,,,..- 7 4 h ,I - 3. I I . "YV I i 0-Nz .Y A gill I""' 1 X 2 'N ., , A f A ,A 4 ff, .,. , i -p. t ,nv 51:5 vz.,e,,w A -, J' as 4' , i f . 0 'I . s ei 1 . , f. .. I 4 I a v f-sl? -s K jk rv: -Z4 .,- 'L 1 , . , , ,. . 14 'ISA xxti I F' 1? X 6 il ,f ff 41: ,, 1: ' .. 4' av' ,A ., -N ' .1 T iff' HTK , A J: , ga NURSING qconfg STEVENSON, MARLENE J., Camrose STUART, JOAN P., Edmonton SUMNER, RITA M., Edmonton SWANSON, DONNA J., Kingman WALKER, DONNA Mg Wetaskiwin WARHAFT, JOYCE, Camrose WASYWICH, DOREEN G., Edmonton YURKIW, ADELINE S., Wroxton ZINGER, CATHERINE E., Castor PHARMACY THIRD YEAR NOT RECEIVING DEGREE ANDERSON, GLADYS M., Wetaskiwin BOYLE, THOMAS F., Calgary ENGERT, SHIRLEY B., Alsike GALLANT, ALLISON J., North Rustico, P.E.I. GAUDET, EDWARD A., Daysland KAISER, JULIE A., Vermilion KRIESE, ARTHUR, Edmonton LANGFORD, JOHN GJ., Edmonton LOWERY, BRIAN J., Picture Butte MELLING, JEAN B., Calgary POWELL, FREDERICK W., Edmonton STEWART, CAROL L., Lac La Biche SECOND YEAR ANDERSON, VICTOR A., Edmonton AXANI, ERNEST E, Edmonton BAIN, MAUREEN P., Castor BORTH, ROBERT E., Killan BURNHAM, MARILYN P., Fort MacLeod CAMPBELL, ROBERT P., Grande Prairie CARON, ROBERT J., Edmonton COLLTER, CAROL A., Edmonton DRAPER, BRIAN W., Taber FLETCHER, BLENN A., Magrath EORAN, DALE J., Holden GARDENER, VAN, Edmonton GEE, EMILY, Calgary GORDON, MARGARET L., Rose Lynn GRANT, JEAN, Edmonton HARWOOD, ARTHUR M., Waterton Park HEPBURN, SHARON A., Edmonton KARVELLAS, HELEN E., Edmonton KOH, ARTHUR, Hong Kong KOTYLAK, VERA M., Edmonton LAURER, BYRON G., Tofield LUKE, SHIRLEY M., Unity, Sask. LYSTER, DON M., Calgary NAGATA, HARRY W., Picture Butte OLSEN, MARILYN J., St. Paul OTHALEK, FRANK F., Coaldale ROXBURGH, DONNA L., Edmonton SHANNON, DONNA M., Didsbury SHAW, ROSALIE D., Edmonton SHIPKA, LARRY J., Smoky Lee SOBOLEWSKI, JULIE S., Edmonton STRADER, BONNIE C., Okotoks TAYLOR, THOMAS O., Edmonton TROSKEY, MARJORIE L., Edmonton TURNER, RONALD P., Edmonton WHITE, FREDERICK A., Heatherdown WHITSON, MYRNO M., Mannville WINTER, PRESGRAVE, Edmonton WOLFF, SHIRLEY A., Evansburg FIRST YEAR BESCHELL, WAYNE T., Edmonton BRIDGEWATER, LINDA F., Edmonton BROUGHTON, BEVERLY W., Edmonton BROWN, CATHERINE H., Drumheller BROWN, MARIAN R., Leduc CHARLTON, MYRNA L., Calgary CHIPENIUK, EUGENE L., Thorhild PHARMACY IST YEAR QConf.J COWLES, NICHOLAS S., Fairview CRUM, ELAINE S., Calgary CRUM, GLORIA A., Calgary DIDUCK, LESIA L., Thorhild DOHERTY, GEORGE C., Calgary DOYLE, SHIRLEY M., Vegreville DUMAS, CARMEN M. E., Castor HANER, BETTY G., Innisfail HARVEY, CARLOTTA G., Lethbridge HIBBARD, RICHARD E,, Nampa HORVATH, SHIRLEY R., Edmonton HOUGLUND, LOIS JEAN, Edmonton JAMISON, E. ANN, Vulcan JOHNSTON, JUDITH G., Edmonton KAY, CANDY D., Edmonton KNECHTEL, PATRICIA A., Calgary KRAYCHY, SONAI E., Edmonton KURYSH, MILDRED D., Edmonton KUZNECOV, MARYANNE C., Edmonton LAKE, JUDITH D., Lethbridge LENG, ROSALIE M., Edmonton LONG, JUDITH M., Vermilion LOTOCKI, CECILIA A,, Wfetaskiwin LOYER, RONALD HJ., Edmonton MABEN, ELLA L., Red Deer MARSHALL, GAEL N., Edmonton MARSHALL, JAN P., Edmonton MARUSYK, RAYMOND G., Kimberley, B.C. MICHAELCHUK, CHERYL J., Edmonton MIHAILOFF, DONNA M., Fairview MILLER, JAMES N., Edmonton MOLEN, NANCY M., Edmonton NORWOOD, RICKEY F.A., Edmonton NYREN, BARBRO J., Calgary PARIS, SANDY M., High River PENCAK, MARY, Edmonton PLUMLEY, MADGE S., Edmonton QUINTON, E. DAHL, Cardston REES, NORMA, Edmonton REGEHR, BETTY-ANNE, Brooks RUDNISKY, EUGENE J., Thorhild SAMBORSKY, DAVE O., Edmonton SEMENIUK, GLORIA J., Boyle SHAKUS, VERONICA, Edmonton SHILLABEER, JOHN C., Wetaskiwin SMITH, CHRISTINE M., Lloydminster SORKA, STANLEY M., Coaldale TATCHYN, CHRISTINA, Edmonton WALKER, WESLEY D., Edmonton WILSON, EDWARD C., Edmonton WOLOWYK, MICHAEL W., Edmonton VREELAND, BRENDA J., Edmonton YAKULA, ROY C., Edmonton YURKO, LILLIAN R., Hairy Hill ZADKO, RICHARD D., Edmonton ZIEGLER, GREGG A., Vegreville PHYSICAL EDUCATION SECOND YEAR BENEDICTSON, DAVID J., Edmonton BICKNELL, JOSEPH T., Brandon, Man. BRUNT, R. THOMAS: Regina, Sask. CARVER. JAMES L., Edmonton CRAPO, DOUGLAS M., Lethbridge EMPEY, MYRNA J., Bowden PELDMEYER, ILMA A., Calgary FELSTAD, DONALD M., Edmonton FILIPEK, ROY A., Edmonton GARDNER, DOUGLAS J., Canora, Sask. GOODER, LINDA M., Calgary HOLZER, ROBERT JR., Edmonton MARSHALL, ELNA, Edmonton ,U ,-2' f A LB E RTA -A 5 PHYS. ED. YEAR qconfg MILLAR, BONNIE D., Medicine Hat MOEN, MARNA A., Winnipeg MOON, JOANNE E., Calgary MOSER, CHUCK J., Medicine Hat O'DONNELL, DENNIS H., Edmonton PAVELICH, FRANCES, Edmonton PRIMROSE, JOHN N., Edmonton QUIGG, CAROLYN F., Spruce Grove SAUNDERS, FREDERICK W., Bowden SHORT, GEORGE D., Saskatoon, Sask. STACEY, ELIZABETH A., Humbolt, Saslt, SUTTON, HARRY A., Edmonton THOMSON, IDA R., Strathmore VAGUE, LARRY E,, St. Albert WARTENBE, MORGAN F., Beaverlodge XWYNN. GLYN N., Edmonton WISPINSKI, JAMES M., Edmonton FIRST YEAR ALSAGER, DALE E., Maidstone, Sask. ARNOLD, DENNY, Winterburn BUSCH, MARIE L.: Regina. Sask. CLAERI-IOUT, GLENN Bashaw DUCHARME, YVETTE D., Winnipeg DUDKA, LEONARD T., Edmonton DYCK, CAROLYN J., Edmonton FLAIG, MARY-LOUISE, Medicine Hat GORDY, JAMES E.: St. Paul HEFFEL, BRIAN R., Edmonton HILL, CHERYL C., Regina, Saslc HIRSCHE, KARMA K,, Stirling JACKSON, GORDON G., Sedgewicl-1 JONES, PATRICIA W., Edmonton JONES, STEPHANIE W., Fort Saskatchewan JORDAN, JOEL H., Medicine Hat KANGAS, ROGER M., Ponoka KILB, BRADLEY L., London, Ont. KILLBERG, LYNN, Winnipeg, Man. KORCHINSKY, NESTOR N,, Mannville LAGORE, ALLAN E., Stettler LEWIS, ROBERT F., Imperial, Saslc. LOISELLE, JOAMES W., Athabasca LUFT, BARRY A., Calgary MCNAIRN, WILLIAM W., Jasper MALEY, DOUGLAS MELICHER, JOHN C., Mayerthorpe PARSONS, RONALD G., Edmonton PHILLIPS, DALE M,: Milo, Alta, PODESTA, RONALD B., Redcliff, Alta. POPKO, JOHN R., Portage La Prairie, Man. ROBERTSON, SANDRA M., Edmonton RUFF, ROBERT W., Medicine Hat SADD, ELAINE D., Edmonton SEMOTIUK. DARWIN M., Edmonton STANFORD, LaMARR O.: Calgary STRIFLER, IRWIN E., Edmonton VAN OERLE, CLARE D., Castor WHITFIELD, ERNEST Edmonton WOUTERS, KEESQ Jasper Place PHYSIOTHERAPHY OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SECOND YEAR BRENNAND, ELAINE M., Edmonton DONG, URANIA C., Lethbridge GREIG, LESLEY O., Calgary KELLETT, BEVERLY A., Whitehorse, Yukon LEASK, JEAN M., Prince Albert, Sask. MCPHERSON, SUSAN, Victoria, B.C. MEGLEY, MAXINE L., Edmonton MORRISON, GAIL P., Edmonton NENT, MARJORIE E., Provost NUTTALL, BARBARA E., Lethbridge PANEK, CAROLEE A,, Edmonton PHYSIO - THERAPY fCon1.J PARSLOW, BONNIE L., Edmonton STOTHART, EDIE A., Edmonton SUTHERLAND, MARGARET E., Hinton FIRST YEAR BOUTIN, CHARLOTTE D., Dapp BRECKON, LOIS A., Neuille DIBBEN. JOAN B., Vermilion DYER, DAVID K., Swift Current, Sask. EASTON, DARLENE M., Victoria, B. C. EASTON, PATTI F., Edmonton GOOS, MARGARET A., Edmonton HILSTROM, CAROLE A., Calgary HOLLAND, BARBARA G., Regina, Sask. JAMES, MAVIS P., Calgary MCCRACKEN, MOIRA J., Regina, Saslc. MCKELLAR, MARILYN J., Rose Lynn MCNABB, BARBARA A., Calgary MCPHEE, MARGARET R., Tisdale, Sask. MCPHEE, MERLE E., Tisdale, Sask, NIELSEN, THELMA E., Minburn PETERSEN, D. SANDRA, Claresholm POLING, M. BETTE, Edmonton REAY, SUSAN, Edmonton REDMONT, SHARON S., Islay ROSS, CHRISTINE A., Lethbridge ROY, CAROLINE G., Calgary SAMSON, PATRICIA A., Saskatoon, Sask. STRINGER. NILA E.: Calgary SVARICH, EVELYN A., Edmonton WATKINSON, SHEILA J., Maple Creek, Sask. WUDEL, HELEN F., Edmonton S C I E N C E THIRD YEAR HONORS BAZIUK, MYRON D., Edmonton BJERRING, JAMES H., Calary CLOWES, RONALD M., Calgary CSONTOS, PETER, Edmonton CUTS, HAROLD W., St. Albert DUBLENKO, DONALD M., Leduc EVANS, G. BURN, Calgary FODCHUK, HAROLD M., Willingdon GALBRAITH, DAVID R., Edmonton GOEDICKE, RITA M., Red Deer GRAHAM, JAMES B., Vulcan GRAHAM, LANE C., Rincher Creek GRAY, MICHAEL W., Medicine Hat GREEN, DOUG J., Calgary GROVE, DAVID A., Edmonton HADFIELD, PHILLIP J., Calgary HOPKINS, DAVID A., Cold Lake HUMPHREYS, MARGARET, Edmonton JOHNSTON, MANLEY R., Edmonton JOHNSTON, WILLIAIVI R., Calgary KANE, HAROLD R., Hillcrest KELLY, PATRICK C., Lake Majeau KINOSHITA, KIM, Edmonton KITT, LAWRENCE D,, Edmonton KONASEWICH, DENNIS E., Redwatcr KUEHN, LORNE A., Winterburn LINDSEY, PATRICIA J., Calgary LOMNES, RANDY K., Wetaskiwin MEIGHEN, EDWARD A., Edmonton NICHOLSON, G. GORDON, Vegreville OBST, ANDREW W., Edmonton QUON, KEITH, Edmonton REE, BUREN R., Bentley REICH, HANS J., Edmonton ROWSWELL, RONALD G., Edmonton RUMPEL, RICHARD W., Edmonton SANDE, GORDON T., Edmonton SMITH, PERCY A., Edmonton SMYTH, NORMAN R.A.g Waterford, Ireland glfi fs v .- q. 1 4 .- .2 .1-,R W .43 I .R ' ' A R 1' NI' 5 ' P-P . Yr x 1 ' ' il I 'U "' if-A .C ivy If 7 ,T ff ' i' i g?- " ,' ' A , ,,, , vt- w- ef, if I . 11' f- 2. A I .J l l I 1 i l I' 5 N I -J x ,rdf , I. , 1 . fc' I -9 3' 'A ,. Q 'er . -9 ,V rw I I-. N rw , ' k J N , . E- I ,., H114 tri SCIENCE qcono SORENSEN, CARL V., Tilley THOMPSON. DIXON A.R.g Calgary UNRAU, PAUL, Edmonton VENDENBORN, JACKg Busby NWEHRHAHN, CARL H., Mountainview WHITTLE, JAMES Hg Edmonton WINCHESTER, BRIAN T.g Edmonton THIRD YEAR NOT RECEIVING DEGREE CAHOON, DAVID E.g Leavitt DANYLCHUK. KENNETH J., Grande Prairie FARION, THEODORE B., Vegreville GAETZ, ROBERT G.g Edmonton GRANT, ARLENE Mg Edmonton HARPER, DONALD C.g Edmonton HOULE, DORIS J.g Morinville IWANUSIW, ORYSIA R.1 Edmonton KINOSHITA, MASQ Edmonton LOEWEN, JACOB W.: Coledale MARTIN, JOHN S.g Edmonton MAY, RONALD Ag Medicine Hat MITCHELL, BILL R.: Edmonton OFNER, LAWRENCE E., Edmonton STEWART, ARCHIBALD W.L,g Edmonton SYLYSKI, ROY Sq Edmonton WESTCOTT, BRIAN A.g Medicine Hat WHITESIDE, CARL B.C.g Sidney, B.C. SECOND YEAR ACHTEM, LARRY A.g Edmonton ALEXANDER, DAVID Pg Edmonton ALLIN, ROBERT E., Edmonton AMANKWAH, KOFI S., Kumasi, Ghana ANDERSON, DALE F4 Grande Prairie ANDERSON, IAMES T., Boyle BAINES, ROBERT Eg Cardston BASFORD, RICHARD A.g Edmonton BELL, VANNA J., Calgary BECKER, LAURENCE E.g Edmonton BERGEN, HANSQ Coledale BERGQUIST, CAROL A.g Bawlf BICHLER, ROBERT E.J.g Vauxhall BLAIS. WALTER E.g Lethbridge BLONSKI, ANTHONY, Rycroft BOEHME, ERIC H.g Edmonton BOWEN, GLEN O.g Edmonton BRANDON. LYNN S.g Edmonton BREITKREITZ, WALTER E.g Edmonton BRYGADYR, LESLIE K.W.g Edmonton BURNETT, JAMES D.: Jasper CAMERON, ROBERT B.: Edmonton CAMPBELL, MARLENE R., Calgary COATTA, PHILLIP C., Edmonton COLLINS, SHAUN D.: Calgary COLON, CARLOS I.g Bayannon, Puerto Rico CORNOCK, MAVIS, Lethbridge COVLIN, RICHARD W., Eckville COX, KEN G.H,g Marysville, B.C. CZORHODOLA, ZENONA M.I.g Edmonton DARBY, RONALD L.g Cardston DEVAI, EDWARDQ Port Colborn, Ont. DEWAR, RICHARD D.g Edmonton DIRK, MICHAEL P.g Medicine Hat DODD, GLEN R.g Harmattan, Alta. DORAN, LAVERN E., Ponoka DUBETA, KENNETH R.g Edmonton ELLIOTT, PHILIP D., Edmonton EMERSON, JOHN G., Grande Prairie EVERNDEN, NEIL L.L.g Lethbridge FAIRBAIRN, ROBERT TWO Hills FERGUSON, JAMES G.g Sherwood Park FISHER, JAMES L.g Raymond SCIENCE fCon1'd.J FLEWWELLING, BRIAN R., Hinton FLORENCE, RODNEY H., Edmonton FOLINSBEE, ROBERT A., Edmonton FORD, LAWRENCE J., Lethbridge FORSETH, GORDON B., Grande Prairie FORTIER, GEORGE M.L., Edmonton FRANK, GEOFFREY, G., Edmonton FREEDMAN, JOSEPH P., Edmonton FURNELL, JOHN M., Red Deer FUSTUKIAN, DAVID A.W.g Edmonton GALLAGHER, JOSEPH M., Edmonton GALPER, ELAN Y., Edmonton GANDER, PATRICIA E., Edmonton GEORGE, ALAN J., Lloydminster, Sask. GERUN, DIANNE E., Perryvale GIBSON, DAVID E., Edmonton GILLESPIE, WENDALL A., Sherwood Park GLANFIELD, BRIAN A., Hoadley, Alta. GODEREY, PAUL R., Edmonton GOLDBERG, RON, Edmonton GOMUWKA, PATRICIA K., Edmonton HAIGH, TERRENCE R,g Edmonton HAITES, ERIK F., Calgary HANSON, JAMES, Edmonton HARBOTTLE, NORMAN J., Nisku HARDY, ROBERT W., Edmonton HARPER. GLEN H., Edmonton HATLELID, BEVERLEY E.A.g Portage la Prairie HAYSOM, LEIGH H., Lethbridge HEDLICH, DIETER G., Edmonton HEILMAN, EDMUND G., Wetaskiuiin HODGSON, GARY M., Lethbridge HOLT, GORDON T., Lethbridge HORLICK, GARY, Calgary HORNING, DOUGLAS P., Edmonton HOWARD, DARRYL N., Edmonton HUEBNER, ERWIN, Edmonton HYNDMAN, CHARLES W., Edmonton JACKSON, LORNE W., Edmonton JAMES, GARY P., Edmonton JENKINS, DAVID E.M., Fort Saskatchewan JESKE, SIEGBERTg Edmonton JETZ, WALDEMAR, Lethbridge JOHNSON, GARY N., Ponoka JORSTAD, RALPH G., Tabar KERBES, RICHARD H., Big Valley KIRYLCHUK, PETER, Venice, Alta. KLUCHKY, KENNETH W., Hairy Hill, Alta. KNUTSEN, VIRGINIA L., Pincher Creek KOFLUK, RUSSELL P., Egremont KOZIAK, THERESA T., Edmonton KOZUB, GERALD C., Edmonton KRIKKE, EGBERT H., Lacombe KRONSTEDT, DONALD W., Jasper KVLAK, VAL J.g Edmonton KURIO, GORDON G., Coaldale LAGRANGE, GREDERICK D., Red Deer LAPLANTE. JOSEPH L., Edmonton LASKOWSKI, WILLIAM, Edmonton LAUDER, JAMES D., Medicine Hat LECHELT, EUGENE C., Edmonton LISTER, PHILIP G., Edmonton LODOEN, MAUREENg Medicine Hat LOOMIS, STUART R.g Edmonton MCCLELLAND, ALLAN R., Pincher Creek MCCUNE, DEREK J., Edmonton MCDOUGALL, FREDERICK R., Mayerthorpe MCELROY, RODERICK O., Edmonton MacTILLOP, JOHN W., High River MCLAUGHIN, GORDON E., Mannville . P-.-471-. G - 4 . .iwf .-11 2 K E I.. Av. Es' ,J 1 - gf I' R , .., A . . ,ar x-v I I 5. I4 I1 I I I I 1I I I A - I If. -as v if V .a-J 'Q K 4 A- X4 f MA :rv " we , . 'ff I SCIENCE fConf'd.J MCMURRAY, GALE L, Beaverlodge MALM, SHEILA M., Vauxhall MALM SYLVIA A., Vauxhall MARKEN, IOHN A., Camrose MASSON, IAMES, Irma MATAS, BRENDA I., Edmonton MEHERIUK, ERNIE, Glendon MILLER, LARRY F., Elk Point MILLER, ROBERT E., Edmonton MILNER, IOHN F., Edmonton MIRON RICHARD L., Patterson, La. MOISEE, EDWARD W., Edmonton NAKAGAWA, TOMEKO, Welling NAKATSU, KANIIQ Westbridge, B.C. NAKATSU, PAUL S., Coaldale NATH, EDWARD I., Trinidad, West Indies NIVEN, ROBERT G., Edmonton NYCHKA, NESTOR P., Lamont OLSEN, BRUCE M., Veteran OLSON, STANLEY A,, Camrose PALMER, PETER J., Okotoks PANYCH, DENNIS P., Wostok PARKER, RONALD M., Westlock PARRY DILYS M, Edmonton PEDERSEN, GEORGE I., Calgary PETA FRANKLIN s., Lethbridge PHIBBS, JOHN N., so Albert PI-IILLIPS, JAMES G., Lloydminster, Sask. PIPKE, GORD H., Castor PITTMAN. FRED R., North Edmonton PRESIDENTE. PAUL I.A., Lancaster Park PROTTI, DENIS J., Edmonton PUCHYR, PETER I., Edmonton RENAUD. ROGER P.I., Vermilion RENWICK, DOUGLAS A., Stettler ROBERTSON, KERRI D., Edmonton ROBERTSON, MALCOLM S., Edmonton ROBSON, SCOTT M., Bawlf RODDICK, GEORGE I-L2 Viking ROSE, ROBERT A,, Red Deer ROSENBERG, DAVID M., Edmonton RUSSELL, GERALD E., Edmonton SAM, FRANCIS B, Accra. Ghana SANDERCOCK. GEORGE R., Edmonton SANDHAM JAMES D., Coalhurst SCHINDLER. REID E., Lethbridge SCHNEE, PAUL F., Gwynne SCHOLTEN, AIOHANNESQ Picture Butte SCHULTZ, GILBERT A., Hay Lakes SCRAMSTAD, WILLIAM D., Edmonton SEALE, -IEAN G., Wainwright SEALY, SPENCER G., Battleford SEREDA, ELAINE M., Edmonton SETO, PHILIP, Red Deer SHAPKA, ROBERT W., Vegteville SHARPE, ALAN E., Motrin SI-IEREMETA, RICHARD P., Edmonton SHERMACK, MARY A,, Camrose SIEWERT, WULF, Coaldale SINCLAIR, IOHN WD., Edmonton SIRDAR, JERRY F. P., Edmonton SLOAN, PATRICK D., Cardston SMELTZER, SHEILA N., Edmonton SOMOGYIACSIZMHZIH, KATHLEEN, Edmonton SOUTHERN, L. SUSAN, Scandia SPADY. ROGER E., Alliance SPRYSAK, STEVEN J., Edmonton STANFORD, MICHAEL A., Calgary STONE, DARRYL F., Westerose SWANSTON, ROBERT J., Wainwright FIRST YEAR SCIENCE ICONTJ SYKES, BRIAN D., Edmonton SYWOLOS, MAUREEN H., Edmonton SZEKELY, BLAISE L., Edmonton TANASIUK, JAMES W., Edmonton TAUBNER, RUDY W., Edmonton TCHIR, MORRIS F., Edmonton THIELEN, GARRY J., Milk River TINGLE, AUBREY J., Edmonton TOMPKINS, RICHARD C., Fort Saskatchewan TOVELL, DOROTHY R., Vermilion URBAN, OREST Y., Edmonton VAN DYKE, JOHN D., Edmonton WALKER, DAVID J., Edmonton WALKER, WAYNE A., South Edmonton WEISENBURGER, EARLE F., Huxley WELSH, WAYNE K., Milk River WILLIAMS, MIRIAM I., Lloydminster WILLIS, ROBERT C., Stettler WILLOCK, THOMAS A., Milk River WILSON, ROBERT G., Grande Prairie WILSON, THOMAS W., Edmonton WINNICK, EVELYN J., Chipman WINEONYK, FREDERICK R., Dunleath, Sas . WIRSIG, SIEGLINDE L., Gray Creek, B.C. WOLFE, LORNA E., Beaverlodge WOLFE, RICHARD B., Cardston WOLFF, ROGER N., Edmonton WOLOSHYN, WILLIAM W., Edmonton WOODROW, IRWIN L., Edmonton WOYWITKA, WILLIAM M., Edmonton WUETHERICK, ELAINE E., Edmonton YACUK, LORNE G., Edmonton YOUNG, GAIL P., Dartmouth, N.S. YOUNG, JAMES M., Nelson, B.C. YOUNG, MALCOLM J., Edmonton ZAPISOCKI, EUGENE O., Vilna ZENKO, MARIE E., Edmonton FIRST YEAR ALDRIDGE, LEONARD L., Edmonton ALLISON, BRUCE N., Edmonton AMBROSE, DONALD W., Edmonton AMUNDSEN, BLAIR R., Michel, B.C. ANDERSON, DAVID L., Edmonton ANDERSON, GAIL M., Grande Prairie ANDRVCHOW, MARSHALL F., Lavoy ANTOMEMKO, DAVID R., Edson AUGUSTYNOVICH, VENETA P., Holden AZMAN, BEN K., Muar Tohore, Malaya BAI-IA, KENNETH G., Swift Current, Sask. BAKO, GERDA, Edmonton BALLASH, NEIL M., Edmonton BARON, GLENN R., Yorkton, Sask. BAYER, BEVERLY S. P., Medicine Hat BEI-IL, LLOYD H., Edmonton BENBOW, DAVID H., Edmonton BENGTSON, CLIFTON D., Edmonton BERGEVIN, RAYMOND A., Legal BIDNIAK, TERRY L., Willingdon BIERMAN, DOUGLAS E., Edmonton BINGHAM, KATHLEEN A., Edmonton BLAKE, DONALD E., Edmonton BOHANNAN, BRUCE E., Calgary BOHAYCHUK, THEODORE W., Vegreville BOLSTLER, RICHARD C., Edmonton BEWKETT, FRANCIS R., jasper Place BIRDSALL, DAVID A., Olds BISHOP, JAMES N., Trail, B.C. BROTHERSTON, GROVER L., Edmonton BROWN, DARYL L., Edmonton BROWNE, DOROTHY M., St. Albert I iff-N. 'I ,M . W ,I Q v A v 4 ' Y K V . J 'T be r ... 5 4 721 3515,-. ' ' Eifzfg gs' 35 39 K , - Q , 13 sk A- M ff.- bww I ., ., V ff J ' Q f ci, F tx I agen" ' 4 ..- 7x , -.,. -' ,..,.igy.g . M. 'wb S? 'I D I , :Y , ,I f"11i'ifi:5v iilvl' 1 f xt , 1- .. r -1 1 Q Q H3 L11 il My 1 9 rc-1-N - ., 4 ' ,Nt 1 Z-2 .Q fy .31 4 '.:g.5+. ' L-. "Su J .. , , i i 5 .-. I wi 4 51' 5 A Y if Q w if? .-'Q Z ,Q ,4 5 1 I sc:lENcE qcoNT.y BRISWNLEE, BRIAN G., Lucky Strike, ta. BRUST, GARRY, Edmonton BUCHWALD, DAVID G., Edmonton BURCHETT, IRENE M., Edmonton BURGMAN, RICHARD A., Blairmore BURN, BETTY J., Calgary BURROWS, DONALD W., Edmonton BURROWS, WILLIAM R., Edmonton BUSSARD, DAVID A., Olds CAHOON, BRUCE B., Leavitt CALKINS, TRVOR L., Rimbey CAMPSALL, GEORGE R., Peace River CARMICHAEL, FREDERICK J., Edmonton CARRINGTON, EDWARD A., Edmonton CARSON, ROBERT S., Edmonton CASSADY, RONNINE J., Camrose CHAPELSKI, EMIL D., Vegreville CHERWONKA, STANLEY C., Naples, Alta. CITZEL, STANLEY R., Thorsby CLIFFORD, JAMES H. P., Edmonton COLLIER, ARTHUR J., Jasper COMBA, DAVID C., Calgary COMISAROW, RICHARD H., Viking COPEMAN, EDWARD R., Edmonton COSSARINI, JOHN A., Natal, B.C. COSTELLO, GEN A., Calgary COX, DAVID J., Edmonton CRAIG, WILLIAM G., Red Deer CRONK, JOHN T., Edmonton CROSBY, DOUGLAS K., Edmonton CRUICKSHANK, DONALD R., Lacombe CULHAM, LLOYD G., Regina, Sask. CUMMING, GORDON G., Three Hills CUMMINGS, DONLAD R., Edmonton CURRAN, BRIAN M., Edmonton DANIELSON, RICHARD R., Lethbridge DARKER, JOHN E., Maple, Ont. DAY, GEORGE J., Cochin, Sask. DAY, WAYNE L., Edmonton DAVIDS, HARVEY A., Lethbridge DAVISON, GERALD E., Edmonton DIDOW, LARRY A., Spirit River DIXON, RONALD R., Edmonton DMYTRUK, ROSTYSLAW J., Edmonton DOCHUK, GEORGE E., Two Hills DOELING, LINDA M., Edmonton DOUGLAS, DIANE L., Vauxhall DRAAYER, KENNETH W., Wetaskiwin DUNKI, WILLIAM J., Tofielcl DZWINIEL, MICHAEL R., Edmonton ECCLESTON, THOMAS R., Edmonton EDGAR, MARJORY A., Edmonton EDGSON, JAMES J., Grande Prairie ELDER, BRUCE G., Red Deer FALK, DENNIS G., Penticton, B.C. FARMILO, JAMES A., Calgary FESER, MARCELLINE M., Edmonton FISHER, ROSALIE T., Edmonton FLETCHER, JERRY P., Edmonton FODER, GERALD R., Lethbridge FORGUES, KEITH O., Lacombe FORNAL, JOSEPH A., Viking FORSETH, DAVID I., Peace River FORSTER, DAVID G., Trail, B.C. FOTH, DENNIS L., Edmonton FRANCIS, DONALD J., Kindersley, Sask. FRAZER, JAMES T., Gleichen FREELAND, DONALD W., Peace River FREEMAN, PATRICK C., Fairview FREUND, LEO, Mellowdale SCIENCE fCONT.J FROST, ELIZABETH A., Edmonton GABERT, TERRENCE C., Fort Saskatchewan GAFFNEY, HARRY K., Stettler GAME, ROBERT C., Edmonton GARDINER, GEOFFREY W., Lethbridge GEE, SHIRLEY S., Edmonton GEILAR, MELVIN I., Edmonton GLASEL, ARNOLD, Edmonton GLAUSER, BRIAN R., Edmonton GODSON, MAUREEN C., Edmonton GOLBERG, BRENDA J., Edmonton GOLKO, LORRAINE L., Vilna GOTH, GARY L., Edmonton GRAHAM, DONAL P., Lethbridge GREGORY, M. WAYNE, Pincher Creek GREY, ROGER D., Innisfail GROPP, GERALD A., Prelate, Sask. GUDJURGIS, PAUL J., Edmonton HALABISKY, LORNE S., Edmonton HALES, ROY C., Moose Jaw HALL, R. BOYD, Athabasca HAMES, DONALD A., Marwayne HAMES, MARION E., Champion HAMMILL, JOHN R., Edmonton HAMMOND, T. SCOTT, Pincher Creek HARDIE, RONALD D., Lethbridge HARKE, SHARON E., Camrose HARYETT, ELDON H., Ardrossan HARASYM, PETER H., Vegreville HASINOFF, BRIAN B., Mannville HAT'TORl, EUGEN M., Taber HAYDUK, RICHARD F., Lac La Biche HAYES, ANN F., Calgary HEDLEY-SMITH, ROBIN J., Cold Lake HELGELAND, JOSEPH D., Ryley HILDRETH, DONNA L., Edmonton HNATIUK, ARTHUR P., Edmonton HOLROYD, FAY M., Rocky Mountain House HOLT, G. ROBERT, Edmonton HOMIK, RICHARD O., Radway HRUDEY, WILLIAM P., Edmonton HRUSCHAK, JOSEPH S., Moon Lake HUGHES, NEIL I., Onoway HUTSAL, EDWIN P., Boyle INGRAM, WAYNE R., Edmonton IZSAK, JOSEF A., Carmangay JENSEN, EILEEN M., Wayne JOHNSON, ERIC L., Edmonton JOHNSON, JAYNE D., Edmonton JOHNSON, JAMES G., Calgary JOHNSTON, DUNCAN R., Helmsdale JONES, VERNON H., Edmonton JOZIASSE, CORNELIUS, Edmonton JUMAGO, RALPH V., Hines Creek KALBFLEISCH, JOANNE E., Calgary KAMMONEN, VEIKKO, Edmonton KARRAN, GERALD H., Jasper KEMP, M. JOAN, Edmonton KINCADE, LARRY B., Edmonton KLIMOUICH, BETTY P., Camrose KOHUT, MYROSLAW B., Edmonton KOOMAN, JOHANNA C., Red Deer KOPCHIA, IRENE E. A., Tawatinaw KOROLUK, ERNEST J., Edmonton KOWAL, WALTER S., Rocky Lane KRAMER, JACQUELINE R., Edmonton KRAMERS, JOHN W., Saskatoon, Sask. KRANTZ, KEITH E., Bear Canyon KRIEGER, JEAN F., Edmonton rm- A, lv 4 'I , 1 .:"ff" ",: 9 - ga.. L. 4, P 'S - 5 ' Q y , S Q 'A S is ..:.'2:' 9 x f s x 'Q I I .,:1.,, f 5 -. 09 . ",, .Y r A3 ' 1-1:15 ' i f - -ff . Y e .. -. ' ' I 1 1 .4- , Q' ' , 'U ' ' - 'Z' , 5, I , G. .,'iEf' 5 c or 'W ,, ' - , - 51, 4, , V ,M-,?,. .A 4 , wr c f I 'X 1 f 'ix "ex A ,. , W' J v ik ' ' x 1, - -1 ,ag 9' . 1 J 4' t.,,.t...A..M,.. La at-, V 1' ..f:':,:1:-,2,t" J "fx- 1 Z, ,,., . ff:-"R -. it 5 J I in 'ZZ' "'-T? .F - .. l J -,' -.4 SCIENCE fCONT.J KROEKER, HERMAN P.g Grande Prairie KUBIN, JOYCE E.g Vegreville KUDRYK, WILLIAM H.g Vegreville KULMATYCKI, THOMAS J.g Edmonton LAMBERT, KENNETH H.g Edmonton LAMONT, CAROL L.: Edmonton LAMOUREUX, IAN H.A.g St. Albert LANGTON, STEPHEN R.g Edmonton LAPP, CLARE E.g Brooks LAUBENTAL, CORNELlUSg Edmonton LAZAROWICH, NICHOLAS M.g Edmonton LEMIEUX, LORRAINE Mg Edmonton LEONARD, RONALD P.g Edmonton LESNIAK, KENNETH P.g Edmonton LIEBERMAN, MURRAYQ Edmonton LOBAY, GERARD Wg Edmonton MCARTHUR, PETER D.g Edmonton MCATHEY, DOUGLAS L.g Edmonton MCCLARY, WILLIAM K.: Edmonton MCDONALD, RODERICK N., Edmonton MCINTOSH, BRUCE W4 Edmonton MCIVER, WILLIAM B., Penticton, B.C. MacKENZlE, KENNETH C.g Edmonton MCKAY, DEREK G. V.g Edmonton MacLACHLAN. DONALD A.g Edmonton MCLEAN, ROBERT B.g Edmonton MCLEAN, ROBERTA N.g Edmonton MCMILLAN, JOHN B.g Edmonton MCMINN, DENNIS G.g Edmonton MCNEILL, HERB L.g Edmonton MCPHAIL, JOHN D. R.g Ralston MacLEAN, NEIL J.g Fort MacLeod MAIRE, JAMES E.g Islay MAKAR, DONALD J,g Edmonton MALICKY, JERRY L., Edmonton MARKHAM, LESTER Et Innaofail MARKLE, ELIZABETH V. 1.4 Edmonton MARTIN, DAVID I., Edmonton MARTIN, PAULINEg Edmonton MASSING, DUANE H.: Ponoka MASTALISH, MARGARET R, Edmonton MATHIAS, RICHARD Gt Penticton, BG MAUDIE, KENNETH Lg Edmonton MAUER, ALVIN E.g Bashaw MAZAR, FREDRICK A.g Wetaskiwin MAZURYK, GERALD W., Edmonton I MEUNIER, CLEMENT A.g Edmonton I MICHAELCHUK, DENNIS R.g Edmonton . MILLARD, GORDON C., Edmonton l I MILLER, MYRNA L., Eckville I MILNER, RICHARD C.g Edmonton I MINSOS, OVEg Edmonton MISKEW, VIVIAN J.g Edmonton ' MISURA, NICHOLAS S.g Coleman MITCHELL, LARRY D.g Edmonton J MITCHELL, MARCIA E.g Calgary I I I MONSMA, EDWARD B.g Edmonton tl MORCK, IRENE Ln Tilley, Alto. I MORIN, MICHAEL L. J., Edmonton MORTON, STUART R.g Edmonton MUIR, GORDON D.t Edmonton li MURRELL, MICHAEL R.g Cranbrook NAKASHIMA, NELSON J., Edmonton NECYK, SHARON J.g Vilna NIELSEN, INGER M.g Innisfail NOBERT, LEONARD D.: Morinville NOVAKOWSKI, KENNETH A.g Mundare Ji O'BRIEN, GERALD M.g Meadow Lake, I Sask. A OKAMURA, KENNETH 0.5 Lethbridge 'l' I SCIENCE fCONT.J O'SHEA, GRAHAM L., Ponoka PALEY, DAVID T., Edmonton PAULSON, CLARENCE E., Ponoka PAYNE, BERNARD N., Vegreville PELSMA, HELEN G., Chauvin PERLEY, LESLIE J., Vulcan PERRY, RICHARD A., Edmonton PIERCE, RUSSEL H., Edmonton PINSENT, MORLEY E., Edmonton PITTMAN, DALE L., Milk River POCHYNOK, JOSEPH N., Holden POLUKOSHKO, EDDIE H., Hines Creek PORTH, RONALD N., North Battleford QUEVILLON, IRENE A., Edmonton RABJOHN, J. ANNE, Calgary RAUH, JUERGEN, Edmonton RAWLUK, MARVIN D., Mundare READ, STANLEY A., Bashaw REDDING, KEITH G., Lethbridge REGEHR, RUDOLF P., Coaldale REID, TERRY C., Claresholm REIMCHEN, TED H., Edmonton REIMER, DOUGLAS R., Edmonton REIT SMA, MICHAEL, Blackfolds RENNICK, RONALD L. M., Edmonton REVELL, CLIFFORD J., Edmonton RICH, ANTHONY, Bashaw ROBERTSON, MICHAEL R., Edmonton ROBINSON, ROBERT D., Grande Prairie ROMPF, GUNTER, Prince Rupert, B.C. ROOS, ALFRED J., Buck Creek ROSE, PATRICK H. J., Warburg ROXBURGH, KENNETH R., Edmonton RUSNACK, TERRENCE A., Edmonton RUSSELL, KENDALL F., Lethbridge RUZAS, ROY C., Magrath SABINE, ROBERT D., Unity, Sask, SAKALUK, THOMAS E., Vegreville SAYKO, JOHN H., Edmonton SCHAFFER, LAVERNE R., Redcliff SCHAITEL, LYLE M., Fleet SCHULTZ, LARRY V., Edmonton SCOTT, JOHN R., Genesee SENKOW, ROBERT W., Banff SHEMLUCK, DENNIS O., Smoky Lake SHERA, PATRICK W., Edmonton SHERMAN, WILLIAM C., Edmonton SHYMKO, RONALD M., Myrnam SILLS, RONALD L., Edmonton SKY, GARY E., Brooks SMIT, MAGCHELTJE, Edmonton SMITH, ARNOLD R., Edmonton SMOLARCHUK, MYRON B., Philomena SNIHUROWYCH, WALTER M., Edmonton SOLONY, HALYNA, Edmonton SPADY, DONALD W., Drumheller SPITTEL, DEVIN MICHAEL Y. M., Kuala Lumpur STACEY, MARGARET H., Edmonton STEVENSON, MARY JEAN, Edmonton STOCCO, JERALD R., Calgary STUART, JOHN C., Edmonton STUART, ROBERT M., Innisfail SUgIcEIERLAND, GEORGE D., Cranbrook, TABUR, JENS, Edmonton TALLY, FRANCIS A., Barrhead TAYLOR, JAMES P., Ralston TCHIR, MARION S., Spedden TELFER, W. STEPHEN, Innisfail THOMPSON, ROBERT W., Edmonton TODD, JOHN D., Wainwright V New Sa ,:,"q,. "Why, ' 5 x. Y iv 9 -J. 1 d x, E, . 1 f 'I ml, 3 I , , jig, I I N. 04759. K I L5 :er -1 5 "- N I, Q Q f ., I I 1 V f 3 -' 2 if .49 P 11: ' ' il .rx X Q Q 1 -A . I' I if K 'Yarn-N 'N fr .P ftt, w S M,-:::f'1 . if 55 if, ALB! RIA U-KE A L B E RTA 1 -- IW 4 Ma'-W-A n ' I' VM ALBERTA 00M qifx 54 P 031616 Q,-qw I' fr . A Qglu 0 ,,,,,,,1 tv, S COXTY 0 , .XX , a in 1 t 4 , ALB E B15 lui' 'F Q1 CUMQQYXI -.1 IQ .1 - 7 0 f f""vQ f 4 UA Q0 5 45 xllffq' CUMOLW scuENcE qcoNT.p TOVERUD, SHIRLEY A., Viking TRELEAVEN, RICHARD L., Lacombe TULOKAS, JUDITH S. L., Edmonton USHER, MICHAEL S., Edmonton VANDER VOET, ANTHONY H. M.g Edmonton WANGERT, WILLI H., Vegreville WANKIEWICZ, ANTHONY C.g Edmonton WARAWA, DALE E., Vegreville WATSON, CAROLYN S., Fort MacLeod WATSON, MARY E., Edmonton WEBB, KATHLEEN S.g Calgary WEBER, JOAN M.g Calgary WESTCOTT, NEIL D.g Medicine Hat WHITE, GARY B., Edmonton WIENS, ERNEST, Tofield WILT, ROSA E., Boyle WOJTIW, LUBOMIRQ Edmonton WRIGHT, JAMES M., Edmonton YANIW. ORESTg Edmonton YEUDALL, LINDA C., Edson YUILL, JOHN C., Barrhead ZUKIWSKY, RONALD J., Warspite ZYRIWSKY, LUBA THEOLOGY THIRD YEAR BEDFORD, MARK, Sherwood Park LEWIS, DONALD G.g Calgary PARK, GLEN A., Edmonton SNOW, JOHN, Morley SECOND YEAR MacQUARRIE, DANIEL J.g Busby LAKAVICH, JACK G, MCNEIL, J. L.g Edmonton MILLER, ROBERT G., Greenwood, B.C. SELIGER, HORSTDIETER J.g Edmonton FIRST YEAR BECKWITH, DAVID A., Hairy Hill COWARD. HAROLD G., Lethbridge LUTES, MERVYN G., Edmonton MacDONALD, NORMAN R., Edmonton SMITI-I, LESLIE J., Edmonton YORK, ROGER O., Edmonton CLUBS 3 Sf Standing, L to R: William McLachlan, Gordon Banta, jim Cattoni, President, Carole Ellis, Secretary, jim Rae, Harvey Anderson, Bill Ballantyne. Sitting, L to R: Wendell Lund, Treasurer, Ken Nicol, David Schroder, Frank Kehoe, jack Olson, Vice-President. AGRICULTURE CLUB MCGREGORASMITI-I PUBLIC SPEAKING COMPETI- TION-L to R: Bruce Hackett, Blaine Thacker, Winner, Richard Hillson, John Prentice. BAR NONE Q ., ..f sg I 'W , .f.: 5 , - ' if X RS 4 fn S 2 jflsg .,.6 Yr?- its ,lv 1 5 KZ fi 2 y 2 g d is 432 5 " E X., in ii' Q 2 sffw iilf A xl 5 Q-9' 1 ln I" Maw v S fx ,M ' 1 4 ,Qf.f',w, , W Y 4 Q ,gg ' Lg, 5 HL, ,ir v cf yy 1555 ., .V My A ,Am 5, V! L , 1 mg 5553. .P Q Eff, V 1 x 3' ' 'f fk3f',5., , 'Z f ,,. ,.. 6 A :wif A gg I .. f Ill M ,P 'IK 3,41 .- ,. 9 Aw- f gfaifij , ZH Y . YV ...I ga- FI, int l X 'dw .Y s 2 .4....-u.-.'a:,. Ag wr Q an I , ' .- ' xx' ' ' 1 I ,rj I , l It I, rf. , Q A 1 5 1 A . 1 JI 1 all lx A, A A 4 Q 4 . .,,1.... ..---- ........ i 'I FHHQ1... 99' .g Sitting, L to R: Pat Huntg Marilyn McCoyg Robert Berenclt, Pre-s.g Donna Fraserg JoAnn Samoie. Standing, L to R: Larry Krywaniuk, V. P.g Bob Luger, Treas.g Marilynn Fariong Rita Viala, Sec.g Gayle jordang Don Wiwad. EDUCATION UNDERGRADUATE SOCIETY X 'TV' x Dai- xr ? .1 fy V, f . S 1 f gl 'QS-'71 QW' of . 1 M ZAME-5?' 744 b Q Rf! '97"'f? ' WN P fe F fi ... ffi ' ' - , 7 " gi 7 ' 54 I i N tj I ,' K' A-'Yai xx Ah, -2,-Q., xy' R .gg h ,LQ B, K , r' 2 1 f X f J X4-3 FJ , . 1 -2 . Q- ?s',' -N. 'I T 140 Q 'H' V' II ffm IW R Sitting, L to R: Tom Slimmon, Treas.g Walt Seyer, V. P.g Don Martin, Pres.g jack Spankieg Jim Osenron. Standing, I. to R: Albert Chanasykg W. Watsong Lyle Wardg Ray Stauffer, Sec. ENGINEERING STUDENTS SOCIETY Us At. gf ' -1 a. Q , 'HY ff' X, ,S I if 9. xi vc.. .. iv? L ,Jul -2.4-X, :5.:',.,,', 3 i M, ' 4 . -1. , , X it n 1 gf 41 if ,ig-wg 335 nw ,v , 1 ,. Sitting, I. to R: Alice Ostrowerchag Dave Tavender, Pres.g Par Bentley. Standing, L to R: Don Buchanang Darryl Ruymaekersg Lyndon lrwing Bob Jarvis LAW CLUB MACLEOD CLUB . 4 , ' First Row L to R: J. Murray' D. Paterson' L. Anthony' G. Scott' Mrs. Nakonechny. Second Row L to R: L. Henschell' D. Stevens' S. Tiffen' S. Weir' K, Todor' L. Campbell' M. Elchuk. Back Row L to R: J. Stuart' S. Elle-tt: M. Schimke' G. Radstaak- M, jones' L. Carr. MEDICAL UNDERGRADUATE SOCIETY Sitting, L to R: E. Runionsg R. Rimingtong R. Cummingg S. Millerg B. Younge. 6 Standing, L to R: J. Clarkeg B. Glasgowg G. Chornellg G. Leitchg R. Brownleeg E. Marlissg W. Grisdale. Q J i tl I . -O I is ff Q? 0,00 Sitting, L to R: Virginia Pattersong Rosemarie Dalglieshg Ted Sugden. Standing, L to R: Lois Fisher, Sec.-Tre-as.g Barbara Cross, V.P.g Carol Pedersong Carol johnsong Barbara Ricard .H MEDICAL LABORATGRY SCIENCE CLUB f 5 ilk l 5 "'-6? "Hi uv- l 'Xi .rr V7 PHARMACY UNDERGRADUATE CLUB Sitting, L to R: Gail Robertsong Sharon Hepburn, Sec.g Leon Northg Jane Boston, Treasg Bonnie Strader. Standing, I. to R: Bob Porozni, Pres.g Frank Otrhalekg Charles Gerhartg Ray Marusykg Terry McDonaldg Dick LeMaistreg Lane Casementg Rick Campbell, V. P. Absent: Connie Orbeck. K u. f S PHARMA-Cl OF . any Sitting, L to R: David Craggg Glyn Wynn, V. Pg Peter Stotharr, Presg Eric Abellg Darwin Semotiuk. Standing, L to R: Margo Niewchas, Sec.g Larry Vague, Treasg Marna Moeng Ida Thomson. Absent: Denny O'Donnell. PHYSICAL EDUCATICDN STUDENTS' SOCIETY .- ' 1 asa-Nth '1mE33?lQw x . ul x aft RSX xii X XM 2 viii 'vii NSQE iii si 1 1 1 'CD V g, K, i Sitting, L to R: Urania Dongg Susan McPherson, V. P.p Carol Leiper, Pres.g Sandra Sundsetg May Strong. Standing, L to R: Helen Wudelg Marg Sutherlandg Lesley Greig. Absent: Barbara Bleakney, Sec-Treas. PHYSIO AND N OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY t 'A , A 1 32 f '1 x I I 1 f ua f If E ff, We 52. rt?" ,As Z C1 215. i Q 7 , T 5 QW M QW .AMD -V v 'ff Sitting, L to R: Bill Samis, Treas.g Grace Hough, Sec., Louise Calder, Jill Madsen, V. P., Ken Young, Pres. Standing, L to R: Harold Coward, Lionel jones, Bob Hallg Sheldon Chumirg Owen Rickerg Bob Church, Francis Saville, Dave jenkins, Paul Cantor. Absent: Chris Evans, jim Foster, Alec F. McCalla. l ' l 'Y' : l Q I I I ,i,' Q 1' Ken Young I F L I l 1 I 4 l I l 1 v - I ' 1 i . . 1 C I ' 1 150 Jill Madsen Grace Hough Bill Samis C7 5 J 71 First Row, L to R: Pat Hunrg Lorraine Jeandrong Elaine Seredag Marilou Wellsg Liz Second Row, L to R: JoAnn Samoilg Gail MacKenzie, Sec.-Treas.g Sonja Kulka, Pres.g Whelihan, V. P.g Dianne Stuart. Third Row, L to R: Caroline Royg Lesley Greigg Pat Arkinstallg Donna Fraserg Sandy Weirg Crossg Flora Macdonald. WAUNEITA SOCIETY Wilson. Cathy Barbara 1 5. ,, - az., , A. P4 ,'gfa' ii Y N. .J 2 -. R sf ii ' .F 0 5 . ,f 5: gf 4 . A' , 1 , 3: -Q? 3 Q? Z , w I ,Q gl-T, Q' bf-'U -1 , .lf 1 .V-x X. 1-. . ,. by i, x 4 P.. V, iii ,I::?.'?9'-7" -?'7'??fWf?5:-fi' 'y25W52i- l " 7'3'ff'fff:i4zf?i Y 7? B ' f' ' "f"'A'V fN'ZLf.ffZ'.,' 443 F' I 7:21 5 'L' J ' -Z ka' '-- ,:- ' ,-.,.f. -,,.v mf f-,e c...zf .-1. f 'P . 3,11 , , .4 ,, ,- MW A an Q , 4, , , l 1 .Q ,, ., , f f ,. ., f, Q wr 3,02 ,5 A 7 V. , , :Q -zwref' 15-.M me, , M21 f f Fi, A52 A f ' V T .r "f52f1f'.r ' ,fJ'2f f 2.Z2? 2,,.'fiaVbf - ?555L:?'Jgf4 v Ay vii' If '- T. . ' , , 2 iff ' , E X .1125 1 9' ' ' 1 a 2 f V f 'Sa . 'I 1 ' Fi- -I '-Tv., 12' fl'22'?" iflin ms ig ' 3 ' s 5512 1 4 Z? , ' " ,QQ . 1- 1' Kisfm-gf.f:,fL, b+"," '2fx 'Q z. 'Ti A M - ,, Q,-g'azgasQ,,c-r' M, -. f5QS3'l'f', Q - Q 15?jT4""'f1'S' ' 4 "?'1.,' -' g- , ,, ,w, , , wggv X , - , 4' , , , ws 1 -' 2 1 xwr A. tg U . 4 s - ! W 2, 3 ,, 5 ' 4? 1 xx N is 15: o ' o 1 5 - ,, uf -f v Q x M WV f 2 . Y . if frgfa- G'L.. W1 gg ,f W 'ag is xi Q' E New W 'ff wiv E ge 2 . va '.a e 1 I, ' 1 V . 5 wmff, , ,. 55 5 Qs ..::1. -S ' ' I, "3 R M 5m....2E, A -Q. ., A' 4 ll X Hit K if J 5' 9' . if'-4 K' , , ,vi'.s.A-ziy, ,ig Y 6 g 9? g WW r H' "1sr 2 A, gf, MUSICAL CLUB UNIVERSITY SYMPHCNY Sitting, L to R: Nadin Olynyk, Sec.g Marilyn Ohlhauser, Pres. Standing, L to R: Neil Morang Mary Lou McDowallg Pat Colving Jim Whittle, V. P. Sitting, L to R: Colleen Phillipson, Sec.g Dave Blacker, Pres.g Phyllis Robertson. Standing, L to R: Harold Kinfg Don Cameron, Treas.g Colleen Foster, V. P.g Torn Wilson. .IUBILAIRES ,Q 3 ,f-,. Sitting, L to R: Jane Rothwell, Sec.g Georgina Starkog Wes Stefan, Pres.g Marilyn Goodmang Tom Leslie. Standing, I. to R: Louis Hobsong jan Grahamg Elizabeth Kostashg Glen Reid, Treas. 'B -A 'ii Sitting, L to R: Allan jonesg Olivet Lantz, Pres.g Denis Protti. Standing, L to R: John McEweng Bob McLaren. Sec.g Helmut Nikolai. A-H ALUMNI . y ' r Sitting, L ro R: Diane Speightg Carol Anne Madsen, Se-c.g Dr. Wm. T. Andrew, Hon. Pres.g Marian Renwickg Arnold Rand, Pres. Standing, L to R: Ken Nicolg Bill Watsong Wendell Lund, V. P.g Jim Standish. AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Sitting, L to R: Fred McDougallg james Ellerington, Pres. i Standing, L to R: john Ashg Kim Crosby. FLYING CLUB Sitting, L to R: Michael Brawn, V. P., Wayne King, Pres.g Jayne Porteous, Sec. Standing, L to R: Mona Bryan, V. P. 113 Jay Jacox, Treas.g Dale Matheson, Soc. Con. BLUESTCCKING CLUB Sitting, L to R: Ann Hardy, V. P.g Patricia Baxter, Pres Standing: Alison Seymour, Sec.-Treas. A R T C LU B Sitting, L to R: Jerry Tighe, Pres. Standing, I. to R: Jane Rothwell, Sec., Bill Barton, Anne Geddes, Treas. HISTCDRY CLUB Sitting, L to R: Dale Miquelon, Pres.g J. E. Cote, Sec.-Treas.g D. K. Buse. Standing: Sheldon M. Chumirg Ross Rudolph John Humphreysg Bob Pounderg Chester Youngg Ron Seale. GEOGRAPHY CLUB Sitting, L to R: Mary Dwyer, Sec.-Treas.g Stan Draglanclg Don Buchanan, Pres. Standing, L to R: Vern Smith, Carl Sorensen, Ken Reed. Absent: Denis O'Gorman, V. P. 15 I FRENCH CLUB I. to R: Betty McIntosh, Sec.-Treas.g jim Diemer, V.P., Kathy Showalter, Pres. CHEMISTRY CLUB L to R: Vern Paetkau, Pres.g john K. jenkins Sec.-Treas.g Ed Devai, V. P. MATH-PHYSICS CLUB Sitting, L to R: Sylvia Malmg Howard Malm, Pres.g Judith Gould, Sec.-Treas. Standing, L to R: Dr. R. G. Sinclairg jim Fisherg Gordon Sande, V. P.g Dr. H. R. Krouseg Bill McClary. S.U.B. EXPANSION COMMITTEE 3. I I I I I I I I vi Sitting, L to R: Donna Fraserg Iain Macdonaldg Wes Craggg Pat Hunt. Standing, L to R: Moe Lamotheg Charles Gerhartg Pat Bentleyg Leigh Haysomg jim MacLaren I I I MBU! I I I60 UNITED NATIONS CLUB Sitting L to R: Nola Hague, Sec.: Bill Reeves, Pres. Standing L to R: Mike Akpata, V.P.g Dieter Buse. DEBATING Sitting L to R: Tom Wood: Hugh Roberrsong Sue Peers. Standing L to R: Hector Williamson: Ian Pitfieldg Jerald Palmer W.U.S. Sitting L to R: Prof. Houghg jim Gattoni. Standing L to R: Stephan Coxg Frances Chalmers, Sec,-Treas.g john Burnsg Nicole Strilchukg Sheldon Chumir, Chairman. N.F.C.U.S. World University Service CWUSD is a world- wide organization of university students and profes- sors dedicated to improving the conditions of persons affiliated with universities in less fortunate parts of the world. Treasure Van ix fxgx ,ei Dave jenkins, National President of NFCUS W... f X Xi Jillg Peteg Johng Dave PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE Sitting I. to R: John Lauder, Roger Pretty, Co-chairmen. Standing L to R: Bob Lampard, Treas.g Annamary Williamsg Fran Clarkeg Jill Bennett, Sec. Absent: Perry johnstong john Burnsg Anne Geddesg jne Rothwell: Lexie Dryburgh. DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE I. to R: jim Fosterg Marylou Wellsg Neil Graham. I I I tt fi I 5 I -r ,I I It I I 2 I If If I iz I I I I II I I I I nf I i. I l , I I I I I 1 If I I J , vaffff- I I I I :I II QI H: nr H fl I lil I I I I I 4 S.C.M. Sitting L to R: Betty Milliga: Jack Lakavich, Pres.: Ellie Van Oene. Standing L to R: Betty Luchka: Maryke Leenders, Sec.: Graydon Miles: Bea Mah. V.C.F. Sitting L to R: Gordon Burch, Treas.: Dan Cornish: Lanalee Cleveland, V.P.: Vernon Gleddie, Pres.: Nicola Woy- witka, Sec.: Alan Reynar. Standing L to R: Harvey Kornelson: Bob Smyth: Norman Dafoe: Ordean Throness: Dorothy Frindt: Kay Hurlburt Helen Seth: Robert Hallgren: Richard Snyder: Nolan Haring. ANGLICAN STUDENTS' VESTRY Sitting L to R: Rev. Brian Heeneyg jim Osenton, Pres. St d g L t R B Sextyg jean Mellingg Don Munro. ASSGCIATION OF MENNONITE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS L qw L to R: Boyd Snider, Pres.g Else Barg, Sec.-Treas.g Keith Hostetler, V.P. T 165 ""fl ST.BASIL'S OBNOVA Sitting L to R: W. Tretiak, V.P.g Bill Sereda, Pres.: Father J. Skwarokg Theresa Koziak, Sec.g Lester Karbonik, Treas. Standing L to R: Peter Opryshkog Ray Hrabetsg Stephania Komarniskyg Phyllis Nimchukg Elaine Seredag Jane Batiukg Roman Sambirg Raymond Baron. NEWMAN CLUB Sitting L to R: Emilia Lemiskig Elaine Maherg Eugene Dextrase, Pres.g jean Gillis, Sec.g Annette Petra. Standing L to R: Fr. Otterson, Chaplaing Wm. Koblukg Paul Lemayg Pat McCoyg Chuck Moserg jim Cartonig Brother Pruclent, Moderator. ILARION CLUB Sitting L to R: George Karvellas, Pres.g Joanne Prymak, Sec.-Treas.g Dennis Melnyk. Standing L to R: Bev Shewchuk, V.P.g Betty Wasylenchukg Eugene Dubg Myrna Tkachuk. LUTHERAN STUDENTS' MOVEMENT LATTER DAY SAINTS ir Sitting L to R: Maureen Lodoeng Earl Jenson, Pres.g Herbert J. Keilg Janice Holmen,V.P.g Helen Hoivik. Standing L to R: Susan Reeg Gordon Nagelg Buren Reeg Dorothea Schwankeg Oliver Lantzg Marlene Nepstad, Sec. Sitting L to R: Gerald T. Dahl, Treas.g Kris Asplund, Sec.g Ken Svenson, Pres.g Sharon johnson, V.P. Standing L to R: Brian Whiteg C. L. Meekg Ron Kommg Gloria Lucasg Terry Rollinsg Clark Hardyg Ritchie White- head. - - , "' - , ' N u-ummm.,-g,,,.f,x,:' J Y 1 4 '--ngw.-v..-'I - f.3 X ' " " 1 'I Q - 1 , M .K .r """.' in . t X Y- g 4 ' ' - , K , ' W 'yn ' 1 Q r JN , fx Q,.... I 1 ,x if ' I 1 ' R255 ,X H 1 ' Q J nd f 3,1 f ' 1. 41 ' ., -1 . ' M7 1 Rf'-2+ 1 N 9 u -w H. . f - . , M5 Y I I , ,.,3 ' . I Yrs- ' ' I ' . -Ev. - .v , 1 1 Q - 1 L ,fa I Xxgi ' l " ' ll ' r fu . ' , J N- 'i i 184 xg. 55 ' i S ' 11. T-Q X121 :xi Y W , x 1995 if , N925 ifi?:ff'?f55 wx ' . . fi I -U-ii' -Ju 'Ax X 94-12. 71-- : Rig N . gl w- 4'-.-yi V V N xxx , V , jf. r f wifi K - -lfifi ' , -f":'? ally " iv ix .Q V,-Vg 3 iifq ., -1411 .ui i .X I NL K""Q" '5f41',' N Qin 14" X ,f . if K., , W" if - - - 11:-'E a-f.. . ' . - -' ' N .-' ' ' 4 '-4 , ,--- X --- v- : Y i V' kT gfi J. IANA? 'atv Xp an 7 ar i i 5 Q 9 f' ,ff V W V N .. fi W F' i ' '7 ig i R , A ' i, f- -ff , - i M V i " 7 If-T Vg. - f i- wig ,W . 1-4 ' 'ls' if - V v A ..,- 1, X f s XX x 'v- Proposed Armed Services Building I L TRI-SERVICE MESS COMMITTEE sifting L to R. EXC J. M. Purnell, Treas.g Ofc Q C. W. Gerharr, Pres.g 2!Lr. L. M. Bezeau, Sec, n Standing L to R: EXC T. Paszekg OXC N. J. Rit- . son-Bermettg OKC H. A. Bridgesg FIC R. W. Covlin. - I L A 1 i TRI-SERVICE BALL COMMITTEE 1 C. QR ir. in 1. in OXC Bezeau receiving Tri-Service Award of Merit Q T for 1962. ' W w 'I N 5 L ' 169 , p ...L , . -ei ...,,.,,,.,,..e,.iy ,L Commanding Officer, Officers, and Cadets of University Naval Training Division, University of Alberta, 1962-63. UNTD I 1. .N A' seifff 1 .,-3 9 adian U.N.T.D. cadet. Mess Committee Cadet Smith being congratulated upon receiving award for best first year Can- University of Alberta officer cadets receiving instruction on the 106 mm recoiless rifle during winter training at Hamilton Gault Barracks. COTC ,a.o-- .,.1.--1 , XM RCAF UNIVERSITY SQUADRON 4 1 ,Q 4-'. .2-lj If 1-. 1 - 151-iq E'. ' xl, 5 ,Q w f r, ,I ., gm, 1 :.--.5 mr V.. ,, f, .z.. ,aw QL. -:,'f,. ., VV. . '- VUE-'I k v. ""Q':Ii2Q1' 3 5 V ,J JI 9 ,. ':,,n.- ' Tb . 1 .I 44 . J. :V I 1 , - '11 - -V . nw., l, ,S-1., ' x H1 'P EVERGREEN AND GCDLD 'Huw' BARRY SCHLOSS MURRAY GREENBERG Director Editor BARRY BRAGG MARY LEIGH EVENSON Editor Publications - Fraternities Students Section -.3 ,R 157 ff?-'.:ng,,,,.,kEa GRACE HOUGH JANET PENDLETON MARNY KING Activities Scholarship CLUBS MONA BRYAN JAYNE PORTEOUS DALE MATHESON Editor ATHLETICS DAVE SHUGARMAN Editor JO GOZELNY BURN EVANS Mining DAVE SINGER Administration BETTY ANNE ROSTRUP VINCE McCULLOCH Arr RON GOLDBERG Queens 'Zi AE-. . ffff STUDENTS SECTION Back Row: Reg Appleyard, Diane Rae, Randy Dyck, Flo St. Louis, Robert Game. Fxont Row: Mabel Nelson, Brenda Mallen, Wendy Caywood. ' 1 CARL NISHIMURA Yearbook Photo Editor W i r 1 E 4 i JENS TABUR 1 1 'N i EUGENE HATTORI 1 i F1 i 1 I 1 I i W 1 1 I J L PHGTO DIRECTORATE KENDEL RUST Gateway Photo Editor I-IEINZ MOLLER Gateway Photo Editor MISS B. BARDOT CONRAD STENTON Director EDWARD DEVAI 'CC' BILL OWENS ERIC ABEL HARVEY ELBE , -A3v DKSTURBXNLJ bi:uot.rQ - Lrnalists across Canadaa as will the studen' nd others. L. .iv ped States, are incense y t e ' I 4 iv' nmvediin nw recent time Oi 'vm 2 f Q of blunder-ina 0 D q e 0' 0. rrect, there is ' Andvn 1 eedorns '- V 1 . , ,, A i 5 ghto 23321 sssures 'ro nr: ANNOUNCEQ . e rn . This is-a prornotionl ly" printe 1 j M66 3 specifically, oi their i if in philosol l bgqosfvbys "To Be Announced. 'S fa1'1011'5 Pol y '91-. Qs, As long as promo E, rw Senate' V .are mbfyy Wd taste Qthis on :er demand 21:31:23 ed'f1?ff:f , 'fm 3 useful fl x lr . ' V tgfifeceive' mer libel nortlsegff' I , dldassldfsz bf' the gt am an 1 . natter for court.6,. QS? 're eric deze? Lawton' to 2 tr if Mr ooiawatif be 'mot' 'e10 '. gon in dl H ,..x 1 2 same recourse to ties ox R" cfs Na jlgjg, ' ' DOUG WALKER I itizens. Y 529 ag tsggwf' Hrmz Moruaa me,1resP0g1Si3gifDY and e Q9"2.o,, Safes 0 L I 2 J ' 3 ff xrna isms o ernatterse .9 , 5 C? . Zlnsecure' stu-len., ne.. .,,-. nistrative, control. We sug- Ig Q 2511 ,H 'lk rn asked for Althen's resignation. lt gest that it is appropriate, under extreme cir- be fo, - An- by such de ,p corne. He asked for action .from the curnstances, tor a student to be expelled from HOW QW, . taste for o t x L oi Regents, .1 .A 1 1. .. .- 1 . .. - - - W - - Q seevf tudent govei Q ,active Pm ., e. Alliourr V 'vely rn. 'e the -ff ton area Ahh W Ph fl- ainpus-wide r. 5-D -Y sure support E+ . , ,QGQ Jcfiiofisgh- I as 2,000 to 900 4 ' .., new simply my 1 - E insists-fnot' .fgxfctufedlh un FOURTEENAPAGESIG be revs. papers. N en was mvol' 'No' 13 rnmnr NOVEMBER is r962""1fSe""'lf" 1 iw 10111 the f00tballUN'1VE-RSITY OF ALBERTA K N -A 4 dv p ' ,ast events. one of me, ,. . . . - A-'sf-,,!""ff"""""" ' "' l V--it there is a difference between 3 unive g 4" " 'tliiflb Oh '1 in lea, Sfeflf. I Q, Sm if oxstuwaexmo mace te presider . " e It could be said, ho x Society h 1 " dents don't give a dam e 1962-63 S ' s surnillgeffort of main , lain Mac mf government is a farce. Students' 1 al played in past years, 2 ts. Why sl could perform the tha mudents, U, at council with a lot less ad. Any 31 id Annually council 1 acted to-'2 ' ai- publicize one meetsim rthly Tuesr a have been accepted V 3 meetings are not oper td Occasionally, as vv Student go U . -1 - l it dividuals by -name, Th ...bib o f: 5, I. ds 'l . .. a - A ,. H, ews" 2 'J l iimum of in iistration oi CA 9 enjoys th: 53321 1lNDl2RSON in- council members. est. It can rcs ednor tu- this one occasion an i nt who wants W ,Y M id- dent adventurously p :av 1 -, -..4ii:.,., 1-mia-clvitfdged BRAN re- ' me c o NY SCHEPANOVlQ'H m - ' N' . 4 - -1 V . ' . wee 1 A 5 Wai WOZNOW, A . Q fnaemf- mmf. BEV xic g 1 U editor-in-Chief'355003K Llltor, BENTLEY LE BARON' "1 3Cl. u suv-.efvx ruounurvy num: .,n-fu -ue ve.-..-.. '-- ..,:, , ..., -, ,,fB?ee E' -- ' uv.-in ody would voluntarily take an interest in, ,ff Q-5-... ee ,bm0hdY'. , announeexxl Hi mere: ' me yo.. overnment. This should be particularly tl W A 0 0"-tion counciljs looking for the satisfaction and vhen, as the coffee boothers seemed to he v . e .M V r . ""f"w lhal..'f'i'2 c?v"Qe 'Qing Emi ealizled, a sizeable portion oi university fee , p , . e e . .,9Ff,-,shame absorbed by the Students' Union goverl H ' p ' I 4' , machinery. , I '12-,solved A. , ,D .ggi i . S it 0 'srs Q'-""n"r'.""7 .img-'im of v.,,, 0 ' at rfevffeflmf' r - ' ' c rem 0... f., . . umrl-men' usmwffv-R 0 , ' ' I .' l ff""' rg, G , ' ms ewvuzoumauf A - ggutssxtls L, xt. , . , , ' , - - ,Q 1 3" Ay A - C. 4' '- ' je ,, 2 ' V 1 1 e v , 7 fit N 'ffl ff . . .51 5 tl . lt in is S fyfif? ' - 1 ,,, -44 --'. 0 . , 5 2' iff1fag',1f ' 4 ' 4 .N -.1-.7 FIRM -ff 'S KC Mrk Hits mmm nv ,F by Gordon Boulter if Pickersgill accused the Dieienbaker govem -l y and of using authoritarian methods in pa 11,5 a discussion Monday in the potitical econors 9 f S1 amber of parliament and author of a MacK1 ography, Mr. Pickersgill was substituting q Mr. Gordon had been detained in Ottawa tomic residues oi the cast-ofi clothing of the 1 -eel mister." i ' FM: armani ' """"'x Q 5 XS er was chxded for X X, X X , artwoofmsxtme Xf X W1 ram. Mr. gickers- I-lfqrega Y-Z' , ' At yr" 7210 to ge 3 Ong 4 ' . ww 'fi aaa with me econ- M3 'nic gmffv CG '5 tstead, Dieienbaker Q' V , H, W, Q enioying theigreat- , . 3' YN-W . -. Phono b Pm5PentY m the G0 YLEASING Y Wm. C 5 mv . :gmmuanyi , ' WHICH 9' To queues about the rela Tory it F on the new between-the goyernrrlent an .V 1-sit' A - X C..agke1-95 attempt go Conn-91515- Credit ln Parliament, he s m ,Q Jzxn n in the Commons, Mr. 'The sovemment is Stand? 1. -. and 5 csgill stated, 'The Speaker head 20 please soznebodyr i . ken QU , 5?-:itish Parliament is call- 3 high degree of mconsxsi ' f ' 'SPO - ' ' '- heoause he is the 'WQGET1 S51-WONPSOIQESSYZEF ' - , . ' -A fight to ,o ariamaxt an a r 19224 :fait ffsrwfm iazzzfaf 'uf Q House' at X 2 . . . 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E1 I nflyl I Bjamo Sehe IC? -1- - mEADuc:iB"-'sum"ms' ci 'slim dal Rust an Gaz m""enf mms vyaourme' Jonmnowcn Y 1' L"""1 CART Clend l My ' edigo' Ulermri Jemuf ' Hein Per, Bo ' Ken Evans, C5811 A .Whyte H: nnu..,ff-Ihmg' Hunt, 11 Dave Fi Ford. er may z M01 let b Pounder Graham' Ra Pnl Benkr tc, . .Ken Ren get Shing, P ty edi ' ediiurs. I Bob T Y St. A -X age, I Hers' lane Bter - mr: Pe , ' Carl N, I aylor A1-nav Alex Ka H0l1mg:m""e1r B terxlnlhzne lsfvmura ' D011 w 11 d' Mike fon: .....,..., ,.,, 1 A'.,.' 1 gon Wells Ffh. Susanf-Ucygmshjp' Sh ir, Tuesday Ed Devajr Je S Marie css .-'. ' ietel' B ' Silas P thelfgle irley H edif0r: B ns Tabu . Use epper , Helen Oward in S 1', BH! 7 FINAL C ' Anstrutglluiehael '1fS.' Ralph Am. sunda A OP! '- .Nm er. Mamiones' Bag, y ' n J Tv Ohnstone' Lin in ser.- 'm' ML-Tay, W da - affine ' A. Dmwoo Telgnha die BEV GIET Z, fine arts editor- KIRCHME IR JON y WHYTE Pakisian Approv- ed Canama.- 71113 Sites generous contributes. 9-'115Pe9k' student aid this year. Fc 'atm Am' per capita will be the ca and 'ective this year. TMS Q cents eve if I 4 1966 3 PETER X oi ten eafs Internationa' ' ' ., sponsored by than S30,000f-3' over 1961 Bo am B SHIP, DWERNY C STE sports HUK- B titten by Bill Soros., , E t. HOR ANDY ' ..,,m Lddhx 'Tm en about the A ,...nll'V urn s Scnp. IN. M G A IK dqoii 5 ILL Wm OCKS K ' . IR- xw AJ if xr' .gal The sp 1 ' 1' dd s l 'ns Ufew-Tv V 'dshfp U MAJOR R. C. W. HOOPER Director RICHARD PRICE Assistant Director - fr fffvr, r T, - , to , , f , , - 2 ,. -ms .f.,q.:: " ".,'1f ! 4 ,,. , fi 1l:till:Rbiie- , t 'R L .V ll - i t. . , k ill ,-1-p m?-"'li:ft't'f!5QfMlQf,g'Q-55.'i 1 Wynn . - 1 , l ,,Q.-.Q,.1l.,iv5w-'iight-,,,1i.'xtuwxv,A-wr-'v,gNi,i.F1j-,X - M, , W, :pa ., , t g 'il rl -- 3 A ft J- . ,XMB 1, W 1 ' ' x-11,211 nz , ,: -tM.'v:3,t.i , V t-WHS uw-,"" ,L QN 5: ' ' " f' - -'Mi-'f : 3, ln. J, ,, Q M' ' ivfivs-mirbgg K 5 Xl -tx f l ll yi:-I ' smmnwm-mmm A ,Q Mi "V: --ww L., V 1 My wWf, . ,tt ,., Q, ,, 631:31-QQ -i:iwNQ,- wi t t'N,M,.- w ,s P N.. P , ogcuuwlrv. 3962 f 63 The handbook is designed to inform the frosh and to remind the under- graduates of the regulations and extra- curricular activities on campus. TELEPHONE DIRECTCDRY BURN EVANS Director The telephone directory lists the names, addresses, phone numbers, and faculties of all undergraduates, and involves a tremendous amount of hard work. Thanks go to the director, typists, and proofreaders for a speedy, efficient job. RADIO SOCIETY RON TANGUAY President lo Si EXECUTIVE JIM RAY D ,, ,..,.,...,.,., Vice-President PERRY JOHNSTON ,,,,, , Secretary-Treasurer BARRY SPENCE no -.-W Program Director ANDY BROOK W .. , ,.- Production Manager REG JACKLIN U. , ,,,,. Chief Engineer LES MCLEOD , ,,,, W, News Director CARMI MISSAL , H ,..,,,-,, Librarian BRENDA WALKER v iq- Continuity Director SIGNBOARD DIRECTORATE MARGARET ANNE GEDDES The signboard directorate, under the direction of the promotions committee, serves campus clubs and organizations in the field of advertising. The directorate consists of a small group of people interested in sign painting and display work. The Students' Union -5 tilla- , , Public Relations Office l The Public Relations Office has as its prime responsi- bility the distribution of publicity to the various news media l throughout the province. Its duties include off-campus pub- 1 licity for varsity guest weekend, publicity for on-campus DWIGHT THOMAS activities which are of general interest to the public at large, ' Publis Relafifms OffiCCf and a news release service featuring the distribution of stories on students to their home-town newspapers. l A JOHN HUMPHREYS Assistant Public Relations Officer l I I l CAROL LEONARD MANFRED STURM ELWOOD JOHNSON HARRY HILLER ALAN SMITH MICHAEL ALEKSIUK WAYNE PHARE 182 - A- m- f u. wfmm Kmemwun . ,am -aulvnnrgnwmw. WM-. . nnmmwnzn- :M asm-.11 aww:-: 'gf S J LYNN ANDERSON CAROLYN ARNOLD LYNNE BECKER DELTA GAMMA POUNDED 1847, LEWIS SCHOOL . Beta Beta Chapter Established 1931 ACTIVES MARGO MORTON JOAN MURRAY ESTHER NIELSEN JEAN BEGG JOANN PEIRCE KAREN BLACKERT SUE PEERS KATHY BROOKS BEVERLY POLLEY CHRISTINE CAMERON DIANNE RAE RUTH EDGAR CLAUDIA RITZEL PAT EYLES MARIE SHAMPER MAUREEN SHEWCHUK MARNY MARY SMITH JOANNE STEWART KAREN STORFIE IRENE TENNANT ' MELANIE TOOPE GAIL DALE IRENE President - - lst Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secre Treasurer - - WSKI GAEL GLENNA MACDONALD HEATHER MCPHERSON AVRIL O'SULLIVAN MARG PUTNAM JOANNE RAE ELANA SCRABA ROBIN STALKER KIT WHYTE ALICE WILLIS SHARON WOZNEY XECUTIVE W7 . ESTI-IER NIELSEN ALICE MARY SMITH - JOAN MURRAY BEVERLY SHEWCHUK DALE MATI-IESON CAROLYN ARNOLD mum .A if , - N., , ,M ,V ,I . Y ,. ,.:' .- . :TMA , ZFX., 4- l .-jlyll., ,,i A ' ' ff'.wlAn'2'.1--.. - " ' .-fn".'-5f'?va'f'ff:f'L,'.1'ZQI1-L"? IJ' 6 - -3 gr .. 13:2-P?-X f"fES?,"j1.ff ak vv,,,H,,,,,,L.f lv. '0- 5 I I ! i I W' 2 Z? 4- Kg A ' f r' 'Rl J 'V ' , Wk 1 , A 35.55 Y- 'A E..-ff'iIi'-T5-"' 'f ' Iv WW I :-14.0 I :.f,.-,mf - 45.453 .-1 E 'N21'4Z':f9.'L9 1 ' I-, :, -:Am 13.4.1 'ug -V: ,g, A .. A-...f,..' 4 I .I I I Il II I I I. I I. II I. I -If""f"""""f7 PI BETA PHI FOUNDED 1867, MONMQUTH COLLEGE Alberta Alpha Chapter Established 1931 MARJORIE 1-IORNBY ANN KALES LENORE YN KROPP MONA MARK BEVERLY MCELROY PAT NUTTALL FRANCES PERRY MARGARET RAMSEY WEN DY RACCHEBA MARY REEVES LINDA ROBERTSON ANNE RODGER MAUREEN SADLER MONA DREVERA SHEPPARD JEAN EDMUNDSON SMITH ELIZABETH ELLIOTT MARILYN ERB PENNY FARNHAM CAROL FRIESEN DONNA FRASER NOLA HAGUE D G E S PAT MCCOY DIANE NOREEN BARBARA Y MORRIS BETTY RAMSEY JUDY AUDREY REA DALE ROBERTSON PAT SEREDA MAUREEN STUART SHEILA JOHNSON LINDA SWITZER BET'I'Y TAYLOR ELAINE WILLIAMS IVE Treasurer COTTER Membership N OLA HAGUE All lip I 7 NU' J fxff., III Vice DODDS 'fx xx I Xx 4 ' I I . a -l H 4 , 0 C 2 K 1 fl. ' -Q' House PHI KAPPA PI FOUNDED 1913, UNIVERSITIES QF TORONTO AND MCGILL ROGER AMY GORDON BERARD JOHN E151-IOP BQB BORTH I JOHN BRAUER NORRIS EREHM SANDY GARRY PETE CLARK SHAUN COLLINS KEITH CONRAD DAVE CRUICKSHANK JIM DABBS LAURIE DECORE LEIGHTON DECORE WAYNE' DUITON LEN EARRIES DAVE ELEMLNG. DAVE EUSTUKIAN DON GRANT FRANK HARREMAN DON ALBERT GEORGE AKERS JIM BARTLETT STAN BERGSTROM WAYNE BIANCHINI HARRY BRIDGES Delta Mu Chapter Established 1930 Rss GARY RALPH EARL HAL KEN ALLEN INGRAM LORAN NICHOLS SPENCE NICHOLS GERRY OEEET OREST PORAYKO JOHN READ DAVE RODGER FRANCIS SAVILLE DOUG SCRABA PETE SELAND JACK SHAW ERNIE SILVERTON AL SMITH WALLY SORGE DON SWAIN ROGER TEASDALE DAN THACHUK RICK TINGLE ED WAHL BOB WILLIS DAVE WILLIS LOUIS RONDEAU RICHARD RUSSELL LAVERNE SCI-IAFFER JAY SCHOLTON GARY SKY ROBIN SMITH STAN CHURCH HARRY KENNEDY NEAL THOMASSEN DICK DALY JIM DIXON BRIAN DRAPER CHARLIE GERHART BOE GILLESPIE EOE GLOVER - I Q I President I4 Secretary A9 Treasurer Social GERRY JOHN MCPHAIL JIM REIDY EXECUT EOE WALLIS JEFF WELLING DAVE WELSH FRANK WHITE WALLY WONG J AVILLE DECORE THACHUK RODGER MEURJN - PETE CLARK J"S'r- LI, 'QM X7-VBR L XFN. 7-. NJN 9 P39 , Y 5' L, , U A J -1 Y , S ,Liu :ffl -'U' L. 'Nga 37,-j' ' 1' 4 .Y Y 1711! . If -L pg,bU,1L.Q,, --'I .. Lune -A 3f.:'I'QEH' Fri? 'Mfg " 'ijffv ' . - 53 19 I I -V I I.. . ' , I f' , QQ 'f " I' ' ' -' gqg:-1 I, QI, 5, - 'f4'5i'f .- I, ,- :wx A -' ' ' : A ,5l'f'.,-iJQf"?i 5' ,- It ,US,.-x,, -gQ,x'I:', , -5 . ' Q . -+,"I'f?Af.'l'i 1-'Q I '- ' 23 .nvfwfm RZ ' z PCI ' . .1.A..,,Nqf"-"O A -. . IT'-,iw-",1'I!x!34'?f"fifL-11 YM-2,-F if -L. .:vv.A,1, V 1,1 2. .5 h-r3'f:..Ih,1Y.:5.,f L 192 Lei, 'g-'T 'r.s.,:.':-.L-ff-'?i', 5.1.-E '-q i 'f' - .f- Ii GJWQ2-cn wig-ff,f..1'w.'A er'-4 HEL- A - I . ,.,A,' -4 'j,.",95wR- sI-g1,,,iQ:,5- M iff .Y ,,k, ...Z .V n'.1,?:'U5. Y wiv! vjffis Z ',,. 'i,:Hf'S?,'f' I 251 A . , W.: ,efv 25' . ' a - A 5 L L' ,- ,1N5,,xYr,Z,.- 453 7 ' t ' " '- 1" I '. Q. I l :I :Id X k EXEC UTIVES if 'fs E' -'Vx PANHELLENIC SOCIETY Barbara Warshawski, Secretaryg Marg Cormack, Presidentg Gail Robertson, Treasurer. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL John MacFarlane, Vice-President: Doug MacTavish, Public Relations. Missing: Howard Wilson, President: W. H. Rogers, Secretary-Treasurer. DELTA GAMMA Standing: Alice Mary Smith, Dale Matheson, Beverly Shewchuk. Seated: Esther Nielson. PI BETA PHI Standing: Ann Dodds, Nola Hague. Seated: Sally RHIHSHY, Wendy Cotter. KAPPA ALPHA TI-IETA Standing: Lori McDougall, Mary Lou Rimstad, Janet Pendleton, Phyllis Robinson. Seated: Pat Nicol, Berry Ann Rostrup, Sara Burke. lull F VI E f 1 1 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON DELTA UPSILON Back Row: Gerry Mears, Doug Smee, Bob Cairns, john A1 Snider, Garry Clarke, Paul Cantor, David Erickson. Burns, Ted Carruthers. Front Row: Grant Ericksen, Lee Coyne, Hugh Robertson. KAPPA SIGMA Back Row: Doug Whitney, Ron Warren, Gary Cumber- land. Front Row: Ralph Reese, Rick Odland. 2 e 'Q ff r 3 1 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHI DELTA THETA Back Row: Layne Bixby, George Korchinsky, Ed Klimo- jim Hunter, Linton Kulak, Pat Peacock, Don Graves, Al vich, Bruce Longley. Front Row: john Young, Doug Rusk, Olson, DOH Lloyd- Frecl Galusha. li- ills! PHI KAPPA PI Standing: David Rodger, Pete Clark, Gordon Meurin. Seated: Dan Thachuk, Francis Saville, Leighton Decore. SIGMA ALPHA MU Standing: Sandy Sanderson, Fred Engle. Seated Barry Schloss, Murray Greenberg. ZETA PSI DELTA SIGMA PHI Standing: Keith Witt, Percy Thomas. Seated: Standing: Dick Kupsch, Ken Morris, Dave Thomas. Chuck Beil, Dave Wickson. Seated: Brian Lowry, Kennie Davidson. r s 1 GOLD MEDAL FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE GOLD MEDALISTS Nr' The Governor Generals Gold Medal Gerald Leon Mayer The Lieutenant Govetnor's Gold Medal David Franklin Goble Gold Medal rn B. A. Program John Peter Unrau Gold Medal in B. Sc. Program George Mah Poy The T. Eaton Company Gold Medal in Commerce Peter Stewart Hvndman The Horace Harvey Gold Medal in Law Clifton D. B. O'Btien The Clarence Sanson Memorial Gold Medal Walter Romanko The Alberta Instxtute of Agrologxsts Gold Medal Robert Bertram Church l i l l l lf NINNERS -1962 The Henry Birks and Sons, Limited Gold Medal in Engineering Robert Francis Manuel The Warren W. and Ida E. Prevy Memorial Gold Medal in Household Economics Elizabeth Vera Hempstock The Alberta Pharmaceutical Association Gold Medal in Pharmacy Lynn A. E. Doan The Alumni Gold Medal in Physical Education Josephine Elizabeth Gozelriy The Associated Hospitals of Alberta Gold Medal and Prize -loan Marie Stewart The Moshier Memorial Gold Medal in Medicine joseph Boyd Martin i The Alberta Dental Association Gold Medal Alexander Grigoruk The Arthur D. Cumming Gold Medal Lawrence john Heppler 5 RHCDDES SCHOLAR SHELDON CHUMIR Mr. Chumir's interest in campus affairs cover a very panoramic scope of human endeavour. A member of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity, he has during his five years on campus been the President of Men's Athletics, on Students' Council, played intercollegiate football and hockey for the Golden Bears, led the Campus Liberal party, edited the Alberta Law Review and chaired not only this campus's branch of the World University Service, but has also filled the position of the Westerrt Regional Chairrnanship. EXTRACURRICULAR AWARDS Patricia Hyduk Peter Hyndman Maimle Shaw Simpson Award 1. D. O. Mothersill Memorial Award VALEDICTORY ADDRESS WESLEY CRAGG Music and SUB Expansion have received the focus of Mr. Cragg's many talents. He has been the President and Advertising Manager of the University Symphony, and Business Manager of the Music Club His current interests include his being the Arts and Science Repre sentative on Council, a Vice-Chairman of the SUB Expansion Com- mittee, and the Chairman of the Cultural division of the new building. VALEDICTORIAN 1963 Several years ago, each of us decided to continue our education by entering University. Undoubtedly this will remain one of the most important decisions of our lives. Let us then attempt to reveal its purpose and to assess its significance. Why did we enter University? We realized that an education would make available to us certain valued opportunities to extend our knowledge and develop our abilities. We know that such a training would open the door to success. Having completed our training we now stand ready to receive credit for our efforts. Tomorrow we begin a new life as a contributing mem- ber of a society which has achieved a degree of prosperity never before known. If, however, in reflecting on the value of our educa- tion our thinking has gone no farther than this, the past several years have been spent in vain. For the most important aspect of education is not the technical skill which it imparts, although this is important. Educa- tion gives us the power to look beyond the mere provision of the necessities of life. Why then is education impor- tant? Throughout history men have been unable to avoid this question. It arises from man's capacity to develop his intellect. If you have not faced this question then you have not really acquired an education not do you deserve the title of University graduate. In the final analysis there are only two answers to this question. The answer you choose will determine the philosophy which is to guide your life. Education on the one hand is important because it gives one possesion of a tool of incalculable power to be used for personal end. Or education is important because it gives one possession of a tool of unlimited capacity to be used for the advancement of society and one's fellow man. In either case self-interest or the service of others is your purpose. Because of our knowledge we now have the power to influence decisively the lives of others. How we use this power will depend on this fundamental attitude. Perhaps we regard people as tools or objects to be used to achieve certain ends. We will value them but for the moment and discard them when they are no longer of use. Then again, we may regard others individuals like ourselves. Possessing unique personalities they are of infinite value and must not be manipulated or exploited as means to an end. The source of this power is our new found ability to analyse society and reveal the foundations upon which it stands. The foundations of any society are the values which make possible social life. Having discovered this the educated man can either exploit or build those values without which society can not exist. Thus the answer which you give to the question "why is education important" will influence decisively the life you lead. In ancient Greece, the Sophists, a group of itinerant professors, taught that knowledge was a tool which should be used to acquire power regardless of the cost in terms of social values or human life. Socrates on the other hand regarded education as the way to self knowledge. As one acquired insight into virtue one could see the fundamental nature of human life. This knowledge could then be used to develop and refine innate human capacities. The achievement of human dignity - not self grandizement - thus became the goal of Socrates. Does it not strike you as significant that it is Socrates whom we remember and revere rather than the Sophists. Even today in a society which is almost totally preoccupied with the praise and emmulation of self-made business tycoons, the men of history whom we remember are those who used knowledge to reveal and enhance human dignity. I have attempted to indicate that the importance of education is not the answers it gives but the question it asks. The question now lies before us and answer it we must. The alternatives are perhaps best stated by the author of this short poem. To every man there openeth A Way, and Whys, and a Why. And the High Soul climbs the High Way, And the Low Soul gropes the Low. And in between on the misty flats, The rest drift to and fro. But to every man there openeth, A High Way and a Low. And every man decideth, The way his soul shall go. For the class of '63 the hour of departure has arrived and We go our ways. Which Way will you choose. "O, brave new world, That has such people in't." - Shakespeare Once more into the breach go we, with responsibility to the right of us, the horror of honest work to the left of us, the chance to live a useful lifetothe front of us, and the rela- tively utopian years of student life already far behind us. A student is the freest person on this Earth. Members of the Class of 1963 are already beginning to realize this fact. Oh, yes! We have complained bitterly overthesepast three or four years about the Reign of Terror to which we have been so unjustly subjected, featuring kangaroo courts as early as eight inthe morning and fiendish hags ofHell in the shape of university professors cackling with glee as the guillotine of mid-term and final exams crashed down upon our youthful necks, we have cursed the Police for taking away our student- sponsored Crosswalk at Tuck Shop, we have maligned the Administration for all sorts ofirnpositions whichwewish they had wrought sothatwecould still malignthem, we have trod- den again and again theweary road ofFreshman Introduction Week, Varsity Guest Weekend, Gateway Editorial Policy, Engineers' Queen Week, and all other such instruments of academic self-destruction so disastrous tothe year end average, we have digested the humble pie ofthe Freshman, swallowed grudgingly the crow of the sophomore, searched vainly for water in the Wasteland of the junior, and finally we have had but one small taste ofthe fruits ofknowledge as a senior . . . that is, we think we have. For most disappointing to all is our realization that after three or four or . . . in some cases . . . seven years of so- called toil, we have very little to show for our elforts but a pompous piece of parchment "full of sound and fury and signifying nothing". We are all too aware of what little we know about what little our instructors know. Not only is that revelation confusing to the average graduate in the Class of 1963, it is downright depressing. But as long as we realize just one fact, that after years of 'higher learning' we really know very little, and further that we have so much more to learn, then let it betruly said that our years at University have not been in vain. Some of us managed to conveniently avoid the racking heartbreak of the Search for Truth and Knowledge by con- sistently refusing to let our studies interfere with our edu- cation. The results almost made it worthwhile, and many mem- bers of this Class gained invaluable experience, a cursory knowledge of the fundamental workings of the human ma- chine, and the basic principles of one-upmanship throughthe medium of extra-curricular activities. Student leaders soared to humourous heights of relative power on suchvehicles as Stu- dents' Council, the Golden Key Society, Varsity Varieties,the Ballet Club, Young Canadians for Freedom, and the S.U.B. Expansion Expansionists Committee, only to come even more humourously tumbling down as Fink Of TheWeek or a foot- note in Scrabble and Harlequin. Such things were great stu- dent empires built of, and such, such were the joys. CLASS HISTORY CHRISTOPHER D. EVANS Although renown formerly for his spicy Gateway column, "Scrabble", Mr. Evans has managed time to partake of a great number of campus activities. His multifarious capacities include such things as script writer director of Varsity Varieties, a member of the Promotions Committee, President of Interfraternity Council, and a member of the Golden Key Society, as well as being the Vice-President of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity. More recent endeavours find him the co-winner of the Clinton J. Ford Moot Shield and a member of the McGoun Debating Team. For we werefree.Wewerefree to disagree with others, free to question, free to complain loudly about nothing. We were free in spirit and belief, free to consort with members of the Class from all over the world with no barriers of race or religion. We were free to hope. We could sit in the scorner's seat and hurl the cynic's ban and destroy sacred cows and tromp on delicate toes without the slightestfear of reprisal, for we were the eternal students. It was our right to make mis- takes, for only then could we learn and profit by them. And these rights were given to us by our families and loved ones, who guided us through these utopian years not only morally but financially, by our professors who made us think despite our efforts to the contrary, and by our contemporaries in this brave Class of 1963 who were our friends, our ac- quaintances, our opponents, and sometimes our enemies in this smallworld unto itselfthat has been our world for a brief few years. I doubt that we shall ever be as free again, or as happy. Not only were we allowed to runthrough these fields, we had time to stop and smell the flowers along the way. Our Class has followed behavior patterns that would drive a serious psychologist to distraction. How does one attempt to characterize a group whose members have been athletes, spur- ring the Golden Bears to manyvictories, debaters, engaging i.n deadly verbal vendettas and semantic subterfuge, students' Councillors, adding building blocks to crumbling empires, members of the Olde Blue Crowe, attempting to bring about significant changes in the University of Alberta by nefarious deeds of reckless wickedness? All these and many more, on our stage, four years only. And let us not forget the odd, isolated scholar. We had those,too. We had some who identi- fied with no group, but chose to follow the crowd. All the University world was a stage, and inevitably, therewere those who were content to be stagehands. Butallwere a vital part of the Class of 1963. It would be impossible, therefore, to say "Our Class did this" or "Our Class was that". Our Class 'did' or Was' what several hundred individual students did or said or wanted or were. Theend resultwasacolorfulmosaicrivalling that of the Engineering Building, and many times as artistic. At any rate, we think so. We are proud of our mosaic. We are proud of what we feel we have to offer a world sorely in need of new faces, new ideas, and, above all, new hope. As we step with some trepidation towards this worldly sea of troubles with its whitecaps of apparent peice and harmony but its many depths of turbulence rumbling beneath the sur- face, we pause before assuming the snap-brim hat and the worried expression of Mr. or Miss Suburban Middle Class. We realize that, behind the veil of the old cliche 'the great heritage left us by our forefathers" is a world created by our adult predecessors in which there is much to be rectified, healed and strengthened, judging from the average newspaper front page, and if the word of God is anything to go by. Maybe, we think, our Class will somehow contribute to make this world aslightly better place. Atany rate, we start our use- ful lives in the somewhat optimistic but not altogether false belief that . . . rather than the Class of 1963 not being quite prepared for the great wide world . . . the great wide world is not quite prepared for the Class of 1963. SPORTS TENNIS TEAM Standing L to R: Lyall McCurdyg Lance Richardg Cam Dalglish. Sitting L to R: Heather McPhersong Miss Leiperg Linda Clute. Absent: Audrey King. The Irish Combine to Win Mixed Doubles 3 ., JV' " ,A it X ,Lv-4,-A. A -f" -:...:t,, ,. S" ,. ' Q, - ' .ff Q. Salida. ff 1 lg, A Q- f -: ,, s, , f' -"3'3S'-- g aim ff. f if f g tv. m ' . w 'f- ----, , - V' b-S+ Q' -- f fw.,,3A J i, ssl 55 ' '-----vi-, 5 ,S 'e - I J ik., 1 , " , . x' if -3 '- ' - .. i , 5 2' 'ES- ' 1 1 1 -,,., x ,f , at K N-L f . F 'x,'. .I X 4. .1 ,twiki 3 , ix X . MT, . Ai .f ' '-Mfg J i- - X- , A i av 5 , " if Sp- 5 4' X, ,'ev--E1.,Mwj J V- ,su A '-Q 6 i,q,. I Q., .1 , sf ,mfs 3 K --an x 1 iw Q: '- ' ,' QW Q f ' ' :, it , s - 2 -,f ,. ' ' . ' I J W3 Iii' A ' xi, 1 'Q I .i ' A5 " ' . r -A . ,V W . X., . . , ' - Y ' ' M -, .P 1 X A M i , 4 i 1 , , ' si A X Q. , i R I A- J' ii - J iif . I J i ,N Q is 1 W i JT f ix-,jf www- , ,fi A wwfREieRii it Sw .fixQ:fv.::'w- vi va ,,.., at vm 'wi we-N New ' ax N --w,,..:s-t Mm lr . ,JN wr 5 , 9 1 3 W The boys finished first in the aggregate points while the girls placed third. ,-, 'Y' x Lf Back Row L to R: B. Kerr, Coachg R. Kangasg K. Balcombeg T, Williamsg C. Sutherlandg J. Milnerg D. Finlayg Dr. M. L. Howell, Advisor. Middle Row L to R: C. Chisholmg M. Dayg D. Winfield, Pres.g C. Feldmeyerg J. Hill. From L to R: J. Clarkeg C. Whitesideg J. Nealg R. Pastong D. Burnsg P. Nash. Missing: Hon. Pres. Mai. Hooper. lm fl MQ' L "Tarney and the gang admiring '52 Caddy!" The second year of Rugger at the Uni- versity of Alberta has proved very successful. The team won 6 games, los: one and tied one. A Rugger Weekend which is hoped to be annual, was held with the UAC Stags. 'Q-....,, 1' sqm 3. w,,,g,u-N-Jv-"' :A .1 , ' x 2 S A it si Archery this was again one of the first Intramural activities. The top scorers in the rounds held were Carol Sorenson, Maureen Russell, and Marlene Stephens. WCJMEN'S INTRAMURALS WINNING INTRAMURAL UNIT-EDUCATION PHYS. ED. Standing L to R: joan McDougall, Gail Smith, Moe Russell, Daryl Adams, Sharon Alexewich, Lee Hopptr. Kneeling: Nora Chell, Carol Sorenson. Kfv BROOMBALL X .'+',.:- 4 Q I., F F x -.XV if f 5 It , ,-, E, V E '51 iff? 4 f . I 5 V' "She's unarmed now! Attack!" X 11 f R Winning Phys Ed Team: Moe Russell, Maxine, Carol Sorenson, Karen Jones, Pat Binney, Gail Smith. BADMINTON "ThCICl U "Winning Smash!" gags---Q- UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS 1962 First row: F. Morris CCoachJ, V. Chmelyk, B. Carron, V. McKay, G. Severin, I. Srrifler, R. Revak, J. Acheson, G. Smith, G. Naylor, A. Elock, C. Drake CCoaChJ. Second row: I. Bering fCoachD, G. Short, B. McLean, B. Wolyshyn, J. Christoff, V. Messier, B. Allin, D. Rosiewich, H. Fedun, W. Algajer, R. Filipek. Third row: G. Valgardson, G. Claerhour, J. Hale, K. Nielsen, L. Sowa, R. Mikulin, B. Woywitka, J. Chartrand, R. Maffeniuk, M. Vollan, C. Moser. Fourth row: R. Bradley, D. O'Donell,P. Srothart, B. Zuk, S.Srinchcombe, S. OIson,T. Leslie, B.Duncan, D. Winter- rnute, R. Esper, G. Shaw. Qff .. W Q 2.9135 D QU Q M290 35 004 ' 9, , -9, e I.. 0 E 93 in ww ,Qf K 84' ' 3 QQ' S li,-' A A Q Q es 'if A 'JN-."X . f 1-if ,R GOLDEN BEAR BOX SCORE B UOFA 59 UOFSASK 0 UOFA 65 UOFSASK UOFA 47 UOFMAN 7 UOFA 46 UOFMAN o few?-Q 0 - 9 uoFA so uorsc o uorA zo wuLncArs 12 Q5 3 WB UOFA I9 UOFBC UOFA 58 NORTHMONT 0 Bears tied for first this year And these shots show why. "UV i if Bears rush in where angels . . . .inn Sure hands meant pass Completnons. H o .1 I 3, Q. s s . , Q . -'E K -I 5 . at .W V, sp' fd L. ,." 4- Y, '9 212 INTENSE MEN--waiting to go out on the town just as soon as the game is over. Hey, Coach! You watching? F 13' :S-4 These yarxks aren'r so tough after all l ' l 5043 14 V' Q . -5- V , ' X EY ' . ..1 V . J" . QQ- ' ' " -ew' A 1' - f Q ' ' . ' . 1 'Tv 'f -. ,. . - ' "K . Liv . qgy, L 11. H Y N W ' -. , E 1-A l . -2' M V g --95 Very few people watch football players , ' 2 ' ,' A - ' J' ' 15 ,52 practise but the coach knows that this is . 4 A , ..,,, -f - V - Y. . . 5. . Q A I 1 X 1 qt, 353' - , L where championship clubs are molded. ., V . ' 1 '-:"l ' X If 3Qi'f:,'-.4,: 4 ,f .vlizblzf-, , I , . , f' 4 .:',,5- d 'I 't "',!'Rs':r H1 , , "H" XN7' A Q, I Q Y 1.i . . i , utr. '5x,:v,v"ga.. :bf-gi aa: :V . H. . :-4. . new-N., in-. . ?'+ 4 . - ww. . . p, ., . x. yan- f ., W- MA ., f yo. gy. W... ...J U "3-'fx ' N. X . Q' '9 Wi"fQ',f?aillt. ' 'f ' , i - ' . -1-'FQ -fM t. j5 -1-4 ' K 1 ', ' i ' 41 . , J N., - 'j. s, ' ah: 'A K- 1 , t in , i, ,gi.h..:.,,ik'L5:iv-.--ia.. -' ' , W3 fQ'Q31f"Fk" T - :Wx ' - "1faa.,,,' ei' fri! s , A , 3, figs- Q gf,-.Q . . ...xc . rf- '..' :if - 4 1945 ,. Y 4. While the guys played, there were always the girls who cheered. .If tv-.. INTERVARSITY GOLF Y--3 Standing: Carolyn Dyke, Sandra Kirsteen, Miss Leeper CFaculty Consultantj. Kneeling: Carol Collier. X The girls almost pulled the upset of the year this fall but ended up in second place behind highly- l touted Saskatchewan. i il ,. ll fl L. to R.: Dave Collier, Bob Esdale, Dave Kichluicki. ll' The men's team placed in W.C.I.A.A. competition. ' l l I I l. , 'V w I pl 1 i 215 L Q OF ALBERTA K. I M T E A M -ii l PU. l A Z AN. AA Eros? ' at AA 'hvug,?,,,mq.mNx ' A x EX aff' ' Ha A. xi . me 1 ,V A A 5 'VA , 4 AQ A t .h 1 A i I .iv H-9 A fic' H F ":A, A A if A . Ak A 12 L E, f A A ' ' ' 1 I Ae A M: xx.. ,:q:u:: T A 'A e W... yxbn uqW,,AA.,v4 V - '. 58" W fi 1 i ,ff A " i 'ifw A A,-'lx :M i A I'- J S "' B ii Y V 3 4 e 'M VV 'f V - 'f Q 'B as A ' sv A f R M ' ' fr , f AA 4 vs f , - pn' l , v 5 A. Q A F K A 9 ' I A ' . 5 1 1' A if ' ' A l yi X 5 + 1 x 2 il I' , sv I 5 , 4 Q 'I lg X A' A, VA fA ' ' A eV V ' L , lA ' 1' .I Y AA A ' A 1 R ' A MMV Af A fc Q V+. V 3 Q A V,AA ' - V ' , 4743 VX' fi 5 ffl V A ' I M 9 i if 'X ' RQ - .s -"A A V - A V A A A. R f A ' A V- Alf 5 Aw-any 5, Q 1 , M E I x ' A I 4 ' :T 7 1 '-4' M ' A A A " fi ' ' f A R' .. A V A A If q sms, V I A ' if VN R mi K an V A hr I A :ur -,VZA Ax-:xi an 'Y mi" V ' 'B V ' X 1 ' - " "' -A, ' - . Gi .ug f ' R ws A ,AAA ,A .A ..' W1 ' ' V V A - M V A i A A J V A AA V A P AA 'R T,A::'1 J 3 "- -Atv' VV' fl' --- B' 'ff 1'-fVvV 'ff " 'C' - 'QM5-V 'f -: -wif, ' .-. V ff' ', "Q W " . J - 413 ' '. I 'ZA ' H ' ' '- 4 f n " - - ' - -".. 't Q.: 1. "4."n ' "5"""1' ' .W ' ' 6 5- m .gr it " .1 M1 :D 1 'fl ,Q ev- - Q "JI: 3.1 3' A 876 ' n ni - g, A " " - 10 - A- 4- 5 V 5 h Members of the swim team included: Rob Wilson, John Byrne, Dave Cragg, Al Graham, Erik Haites, Brian Heffel, Arr Hnaruik, Bob Holzer, Nestor Korchinsky, Tom McCreacly, Terry Nimmon, Ross Norminton, jack Rogers, Bob Ruff, and jim Whitfield. W. fagg Q RI !-, l l 6 l xy: 'llEf,f:r, gal!!! ,r1A. 4 ,V '- 5. i7Qf'4l' if IQ, I' B IJ ,ld U 0 O K .4 A ff! AW AAA. A.- 7 5 l MX, V .-.- ,v i f '- - x, A 3' ' W: B 'Fo -"9 :gi B a ' N15 5 .. i"'-v-4 B pL1,A 1 M :J A' ,:..-"" - " ' - ' - 'f wif- C .-f p "' 216 f 9114 "I'm leaving, I'm leaving! ! " "Outa my way! " ,. wg A Af b fx, lk A Af Q ' '- ' fx . 'jx sf :' v ,, fy ' f jx' If ""i. '-U"'N- lk-wfxf 9 A Q I fx. A 5 JX-, .rs ,., JK 'X-A ufk A -ZX.. lg, 'lg -fiffx F .kyfi yggfs- just thought I'd drop in." X V NESTER CHOMYC X I X f I IAN BAKER Right Wing W1 .WI M! W. 01,1 Q 5 Q .F DICK WINTERMU TE f, Defense , Y . few E A G I wiv' 5"Wff"4m, , W. tm.. 5, S , ,MH "5 w 1 JJ51, - ,V . M ,1.!H,, f cw" H ,,,,, , ,mf ?m ,WNW NN f DUANE LUNDGREN C entre ff QSM QW RON MARTENIUK Defenxe 'A , 1 IW X - -"'-Mm.. Y I 1 W ff 1 fr ,ee Y miwswki f R 'QQ , e 1 f 2 af z RON WATSON 4 e n 'ft?ff?f Defeme "R 5' S 5. X X? A NNI- , 5 A .WON - :gi A ..:,, -,.,4 -'E ' 1 JOHN AUBIN 2. W Centre F, EARL GRAY 2K i -"',. AND THEY Tow ug Ti-Hs. WAS HOCKEY!!! , Q,-.P1 ' Right Wfing Lf' N ffv' -5..,,,.-.- 219 'Y 5-mf-Q n X Q-"N-1" ,g2'f-'S-"fs CLARE DRAKE C ouch 220 ig-n1"'x' Q L xv?- GEORGE SEVERIN Left Wing If A ND we-r TOLD LMN QUGLEILWM Toueu!!! 0 DALE HARDER TG? Goal A w DAVE CARLYLE Captain 31V gs '5, X . in R X . .. , : . gx 6. N S5- 2 .. X X :U .RX 'W HX N f JSE A lf' GEORGE KINGSTON Defeme Vrwfi- i'-E"'L-f ,.:': i. .iff .fu GERRY SCHUTTZ Goal Y Posfr N0 51113 -:nl-iguar-, , ,.-., M 14,0 Tllkuv-19.55 my 5.46.01 140 N .11 x J 9 0 Ga 0 , "' C . nf. 0 qbl ' ,-,:i39z:1" cfjQ2i?2MZ My f E' GG ' 10? 3 "Why didn'r we win this year? Because we were good sports9 No! . . . because we were good losers E 1+ TERRY BICKNELL fd? ,rv Y Y V ' 757 . . , ' J :nfs Q 6 S" ag , S-1, lf" 6 1 l I f , if 9K E 3? 9 I f . 5 g ', fl . , " if ,' e t 5 V ,I A than , nigh? r i" w-,4o, Gfwmolfam-mvf..,'.w www-fa V " Ak? f ,A ,,,?5,,,u.,f. Kam ,,-f , xi Q M Lf. i , , i M 1' ,x 1 ,pa 1 fi' S-. x ,, my ? 2 . Q., ., " ,f ,Q I , 7 ,," l i' " .- 4 I " 2 -I al " fav- Q r f 'K ,.9 -5 ' lf' Nine times winner of the Hardy Cup, emblematic of W.C.I.A.A. hockey supremacy, and twelve times winner of the Hamber Trophy in the past, the Golden Bears this year came up empty in both categories. However, under Coach Clare Drake, the Bears iced an entertaining, scrappy team. With a number of rookies in the lineup, the Bears found opposition from the other western universities improved just too much. Looking back, one thing is certain: the Bear team of 1962-63 may not have compiled a record cornmen- surate with past performance, but they made their presence felt whenever they took the ice. -as-gg, -..-- 1 ' 1141" ""' ., ,. , " lg' f W e t , lxpi 1, .- I 4 WOMENS VARSITY FIGURE SKATING Back row: Donna Webber, Cathy Whelihan, Patty Murray, Miss Peggy-Jean McLean CCoachJ, Lee Hopper, Carol Beil, Sheila Ballentine. Front row: Elizabeth Payne, Darryl, Betty Gourley, Wendy Cotter. The Figure Skating team placed third in the competitions held at Saskatchewan. 5 . 2 N an 'Ny VCDLLEYBALL TEAM Back row: Pauline McLeod CManagerJ, Joanne Moon, Carolyn Dyke, Bette Stacy, Marnie Huckoale, Margo Newchas, Jo Gozelny, Miss Carson fCoach7. Front tow: Joan Smith, Brenda Matas, Lynne Kilberry, Ilma Fildmeyer, Ias Thompson, Andrea Borys fCaptain7. A really top team with enthusiasm at press time girls were expected to successfully defend the Intervarsity title in Vancouver. Q4 I 141.5 GYMNASTICS Joan Smith, Mrs. Enger CCoachJ, Sheryl Hill, Carma Hirache. The first year as a W.C.I.A.A. Sport the University of Alberta team placed third in competition held at Saskatchewan. BASKETBALL PANDAS Back Row: Nora Chill, Phyllis Schmit1,Moe Russell, Carol Sorenson, Darryl Adams, Miss Anderson fCoachJ. Front Row: Lee Hooper, Andrea Borys, Sandra Kirstein, Lynne Bushe, Lois Farrington. The Pandas won the city Girls' Championship and finished in a tie for first place in Intervarsity Action. A ., -1 gf' 'H If V rs .-. 5 W G i rl basketballers WC1'C..... Get that Ball! 'v hustlers this year gt... Standing: Liz Wilson, Elva Gray, Lynn Carran, Colleen McKenzie. Kneeling: Gail Walker, Richard Price, Mary Louise Flaig. CURLING The team this year did very well, being undefeated in the W.C.I.A.A. Round Robin Competitions held at Alberta this year. They had a few close games with Saskatchewan and UBC but they came through on top. ', Y 3 ,I ' v fro- Y A 6 Standing: Ron Anton fskipj, Bob Esdale fthirdj, with strong sweeping second and lead. 5 . . 1-. A xi 5 , . - A .- it l .-E" ' P . fs. C5 ua , , we Q :'.,.w,, ' 1 X , .,, Y ,,1- I , ic iwief-:A X VOLLEYBALL Top: Peter Stothart, Fraser Smith, Donald Holmes, Errol Miller. Bottom: Brian Poon, Leonard Dudka, Donald Knowles, Roger Kangas. Hank Publicover, Gil Semadeni, Alf Ingall QCoachj, Linda Gooder, Joanne Broatch. Missing: Keith Spencer, Doug McTavish. BADMINTON 7 I Q?iCfZW ' ,4 ,f F E X I . 1 . 1 J' 'f-a.. 5765211 Rfk 3352? V PJ . 54557 rf ' L I 'aaa f""-.- XXX .NNN- 4. -X 4 .45 ROD ,ani Jag, ,fx W.. sg DOUG HAYES F is A STEVE MENDRYK fCoachJ FRED SHANDRO JIM MUNROE Missing from team: Len Dudka and Irvin Strifler. I' 6 , I 'DX s 4 ' E X nf , N? . jg Q v ' ai lst if 3 . Q 1 si' f S., ik X Q K JR Era- After initial meet with stars from Harlem ..... . . . . . Bears never seemed to be able to get over clowning on the court. -o TW fy' 2 1 X Q S' 4- wr- I if: X 3 11, nz-v--.p-...J ' 'ff ffak 2' . -vin wav ,-Q, .J Q. -42 Q , 0 X ek.. W Rare - but happy moment. "' .1 Y ff' 1. ,il 0 s 'ig 1 ,, fl,-.ff .. ..-1v'w1i'1., Q' ,.,... J ,1ix--- 4-.--3 QL A " 'Qing Damn T-Birds! --. " .. l m 5 1 i ll J it "Kitchy-kitchy-koo! " To say the least, the Bears were a disappointment this yearg never- theless, they were a spirited, exciting team to watchg and while far OE the form of champions, U of A Courtmen kept most ofthe 1 opposition battling for every basket. ll l l I V ll Q 1 i A normal sight. 1 233 L i Y ! 51 V' 1 5' ' 9 I I. I' ' v '35 I --. I , I 'W ,qvi A 1 lf A ,Q 1 .Ya .VA 9 x E 'Z fi J -' fi , ' 4- . 'S V-M I' . '.:" 3, J E Lf' 5 V X mi? x M ' Y? K r ,V 2? ...AK M., A , ,,,A...Q AV, , ., , X , , ,, A. . ,..., V X. V A ,Q I . ,Ji I V ' 1 J N X I , I , r W , JUDO 532 ,. I 'I Standing: Lyndon Hutchinson, john Mann, Richard Bowering, Brent McMu1lan, Dave Hunter. Kneeling: Ed Welsh, Dwight Jensen, Gaelen Erickson, Wayne Welsh, jim Wispinski. GUN CLUB UOFA Qxs-:,-:e1by mmmoxmwfan0 wmdk,-V -,,- s .. ' Q4 -:ewxe-swuwlafwm-:w.wmmv.mmvnr ., mes.-Vrqiz. . : . Q, me fzcwwzaxmmnww gl ,. ll WRESTLING fl ,li- 1 li 5 4 I , lil ,DN in INTERVARSITY CHAMPIONS L. to R.: jim Kirk, Uriah McAmmond, Bob Sharpe, Bruce Switzer, Eric Shelton, Vic lf Messier, Clem Feldmeyer, Gordon Hostland, Larry Speers, Bill Zuk. 'c l I r I . Whew .... in general! W 'vw-X75 1 xr, ...--ani I ,Q I 4 ,.4 1' All right I'll shave! li , I l l Coach Fracas gives last bit of advice. I 1 236 l Heh, heh, you aren't the only guy who watches T.V. ll JUNIOR BEARS HCCKEY TEAM rv' -.Q-.ay WHO'S R R f' k WHO W' 'N R , ,R SPORTS T ' i Y 'W 9 X '!" X 9 o C3335 R995 F1 1 sq ON . , , !.'l , I RON MARTENUIK TERRY NIMMON GARY SMITH JT DAVE CARLYLE NESTOR KGRCHINSKY I rg' VY: R 4 . bf RXK Ri 14 1 1 v A X X. uf Ei , f E , 'il I h ' Qu SX .5 yfff A' N. .Z Y-1 'F' Kenneth Davidson, Sonja Fluet, Nicholas Rosta fCoachJ, Bernard Steinraths Qkneelingj, Juliet Sutton, Maufred Hausmann. U OF A FENCING TEAM SKI TEAM Coached by Irvin Servold, and managed by A1 Affleck, the varsity ski team was much improved over last year's and placed well in competition against Canadian and American universities. On the go most of the time, the ski team was so active, our E and G photographer could not catch them ' in order to take their picture for the yearbook. X 9 MEN'S INTRAMURALS Tl iii ,i f GOLF TENN'5 HANDBALL pard shows form he u MEDS won team trop Richard of DK phy. DK h individual tro d I h d OVER-ALL RESULTS SPORT WINNER CROSS COUNTRY RESIDENCE ARCHERY D.K.E. WATER Poio PHYSED BADMINTON PHIDELTS SKATING RACES D.u. WRESTISING PHYSED At deadline Squash, Bask d ere un- decided. t' f 11 Volleyball 'Q UNBEATEN PHI DELT TEAM F E N C I N G FLAG FOOTBALL Here comes the ball! The Phi Delt's won the Intra- mural Trophy for the eighth time and managed to successfully defend their title. Touche! I ,4 "UMM iw ,. 5. Il 5?- ,I 11 "Fast Peddling Med. Team" CYCLE DRAG I I . T! Q 1 I ' Al I I I I I I I I 242 . I RESULTS OF CYCLE DRAG 1. MEDICINE 2. DKE 5. PHYSICAL EDUCATION 4. DU Back Row I. to R: John Eccleston, Ed Frost, Doug McDonald. Front Row L to R: Dr. Alexander, Coachg Dr. Jim Haddow, Robert Gillespie. W '-A ' . 0 'n 4' I L AQ? Cfif' 41.1. vlfgg V V .- a m 5 - ' 1 , ..., 3 . 4 . Missing: Art Hubsher, Don Burfootg Bob Lam- pard. Eccleston in stride mastering the field. CROSS COUNTRY 24 44 GIRLS SYNCHRCDNIZED SWIM TEAM Some members of the team practicing formations. The team coach this year is Mrs. Loretta Patterson. The club has been very active this year and has been divided into three groups, the senior group making up the W.C.I.A.A. team. SPEED SWIM TEAM .- ,s -t The speed team has competed in a number of meets this year and have improved a great deal. In the meet at Calgary the U of A swimmers came in third. The coach for the second year is Mrs. Meadus. , 'A-5 vl w , o f .rs . JVNQ? , . 1 '- if '- ,R ,Y 5- 90 - 1 5 ' 1' 1 4. V- 4 ' , 1 , V - , ff' "j, ' 4 il , ,I N V t A i, 1 I 1. I X . b V, , L , .6 ai 4 3' R af. I 4:1 A LM .ji 1 ., , , ,.,,,. , ,x fy X -fr f' g 7. 12.395--551295 '- 'W M' ' an N fag A f Q, 1 ,vi "4 r ,Z - , A ri Eg... L :rl W ' aff- , ,R X Au i '2Q-f w V ' Me 4, ,- ' ' Qfffj , ,v . v 222' ' -1- ' 7367'- - ff H' 'Q '45 ' it r g ,MO i -V ra. xl., li. ' " :Q-4 ' 552 I 1 i 2 5l L 4 4 1 5 I MR. A. AFFLECK MR. H. MCLACHLIN GOLF AND TENNIS GYMNASTICS I DR. J. ALEXANDER A, ,M cRoss COUNTRY ' 246 MEN'S COACHES 7' ph 'sf-J X 1....g.:N MR. S. MENDRYK BASKETBALL ' F I I MR. c. DRAKE MR. M. SMITH I HOCKEY AND FOOTBALL SWIMMING I MR. I. SERVOLD DR. M. SKIING RUGGER 1 WOMEN'S COACHES ,iz MISS R. ANDERSON If MRS. P. MEADUS SWIMMING 'X BASKETBALL MISS A. CARSON VOLLEYBALL MRS. D. ENGER GYMNASTICS MRS. L. PATTERSON SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING 'I fi I Ii l I 5' BLOCK l II ,- Il I I I ,I 2 ar x EI' Jim Boulton , il il I l .4-I i john Eccleston Larry Maloney Gerald Schultz l I I .., Mau ry Van Vliet 248 ,ff Dennis Annesley john Aubin Bernie Bradley is im? John Byrne Garry Canadine David Carlyle Bert Carton 'I 'fi A 4 V L Rod Esper Ted Frechette Bob Holzer Doug McDonald vi gem, f ics! ,Q Ron Marteniuk Fritz Martin Bob Merner Vic Messier ' an 'I- si" George Severin Gary Smith Bill Sowa. Mathew Taylor Maynard Vollan James Walker Richard Wintermute Bill Zuk Lorne Braithwaite David Cragg Q7 Angus MacGregor l Bob Ratke Richard Thorpe 1 1 ws A , L , , I . ,V , ,.,. A , ?j.,',g:.f-"Q ffl E -. - . .mug-3' jx-,gl ,V - an '-Ll X -1, 1 , 5 fi Q-,ip1vf-,.f1Afi?'fff?Q.'211f1.g3gfwJf4",44F,- , Jg1sfg2fg+,i1Qa:f',:carMyf-.faf-'Q 4 , wi .'-:af,c:,1Q 1'J'w,::'f-:e'-'- - 3. ,ff 'xi '2'ix'19'IjZ 5 V'?1f'.i51..?Uf-1 mlmf 'ff . . X. ,-Rbliigic v.-Q ,.yif,l:fg- .Li .lr - 1 . -, Aish, as ,sr X A ' ' 1 f .+"i'J'-'i31'.I-31 -'f?Zf5' 'Y A .,-A 7- wry 4 . A 'm:yr.m..f:wfq.:4 Q- T B 1 mn FRESHMAN INTRODUCTION WEEK Qwias X Q 251 YB I 4 C' a 'XV N N , was . ., if 35 4 A' l - X 12154: T-f. fffs -f E - Q , .X- 1 A S V TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH, 1962 f ., ,.5xx'Qb9Qc '-'29 UQ xx x x x SX xx xx 5 Y tgp ' . -3 --E g-1 I- G , 3' 1 ' .ftf -p, 5' ' " 'UVM Z:,f If-il "L, -rkgfyf 1, N ' A UL H. -:il A f y Y , 'za-fa V31 5 1 - f,:,H Q: , . . 3, U W, ,. 13, fi .7 , A . ,, . iw' 'H . I mi- 4 Y 3 Y if 4 W gg sw 41-5 fn 4 4- . , 1- ,5 14 3, , f , N ' Q - V in N1 A .161 V Q-. V ' " V l A 5 , 5152- fi ' , ' wg n "f f fmgf f, 1,-A .ki A ' " I ,,,1, G. ,,:, 9 L , VAV. :Iv - - "-: X' A I ' 2 'gig Q , , '7ffifQ l 'A K ' . his PIE PLAVQ, CAMMN NEx.g.:,. .. mm. ' ,s A FIBRE annum ...NM .A . L.. Bean Brigade THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH, 1962 Residence Frosh Court FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH, 1962 X-,R AA f ,.-5, Wu 'S f' 'Si ' "The Arrest" I l ff' 1 N 'X A MGNDAY OCTOBER 1,1962 Formal Admission Ceremony A Survlvor FOOTBALL WEEKEND Y' F, WCRLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE 5325160 V. A .g,,.,,,", M, If E? A .mn 263 I Inn. United UVBMTY UZ.. BLITZ DAY sb A M ' ff 2' .. Appeal 260 I CAMPUS CAMPAIGNING ,Q 7399 BLOCK HAH DANCE OH WHERE HAVE ALL THE FAIRIES GONE . . OH WHY DID I--GO LAMBDA CHI? "MESS FRESHETTE I' IT ? I I A WAUNEITA i if ,,...:x SOCIETY .- fqiwfx xi gat: N-N, 'SN PEMBINA PYJAMA PARTY 270 5 J. f x N l PEMBINA FRANCE I , I Ai LEADERSHIP My SEMINAR TRI SERVICE BALL N. uh all' 'QS NURSES ENGINEERS Phi Bvlfn Elfnllg RESIDENCE CHRISTMAS PARTY 1 1 9, E, :J Qwbgs 5 1 x2 RESIDENCE c AN D I D 1 273 'TU' Dc L4 FIS 91-X A iff' .Q 274 MERRY MEDS Mr. Fujita J, Harper Prowse Mary Magell V.I.P.'S VIL 4 I l ,af av .ms Hon. Pickersgill B. J2.I1iS ,J CAMPUS ' 2 S Hon. w.s. Lloyd G- Pfudham f' E 'I T.C. "Tommy"Douglas Hon. justice Freedman Rollie Miles 4--4'-' -irnu--'-1-.. W 7- H 7 Liberals - 28 Progressive Conservative - 15 N.D.P. - 11 Social Credit - 11 is +"if "" Ili ' ' :.' Q., '51 vw 4 -mwfwmfq ' , b x , , ' ,wx-P gvqiw , 5 Q , .,., I My Mffc 1 ' ' ga g ,iff iii . W M V " 2 .. A w, .Q'5Hxq ,, 5 " wma-,'z. lz-, - -- A vm ,- K- -, 1 - A Af Vyj, :gg .Xi f I X -1' X. x -L. X wx X Q 5 STUDENTS' UNION OFFICERS FOR1965-1964 PRESIDENT ----4-----------' Wesley Cragg VICE-PRES --'-- -'-- E Iinor johns SEC.-TRES -------- - - - D0ugIasMcTavish CO-ORDINATOR - - - - David Cruikshank NFCUS REP A--- ---- P at Bentley STUDENTS 1 UNION ff? ELECTION -.-A .A . fa'- 10, x y . -,x X? 'Q 16- Q, 1 J .44 721. mf" J' A L as N'-X fl: cfm" 5 f Mal Q I ,I kg .- r' -4- IV" is ' n Q '- 'W ,J . I, I . 1 I I 1 N v ' n ' 1 1 5 M, ivy I xl 5 l v I 'Q H J, ,lx 1? ,IN 1 I ,N i K I i r 1 4 'A I 5 Q ,7 y V+ it 1 fuiy' ,Q . 's' ,, .af 'YK N V CANDIDS VARSITY G UEST WEEKEND COMMITTEE DIRECTOR: Paul G.S. Cantor ASST. DIRECTOR: Douglas McTavish BUSINESS MANAGER: Ron Goldberg SECRETARY: Grace Hough ADVISORY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Ken Young Barry Anderson Gary Bacon Bob Berendt john Burns Karen Crawford Barb Curwen Dave Ford Linda Grant john Humphries Bob Hall Elinor johns Val Kwasnie Margaret Maddison Maureen McHale Helen McRoberts Sue Peers Wayne Phar Robert Rebus Bill Samis Gina Starko Dwight Thomas Mike Welsh Stan Wolanski Sharon Wosney Bev Woznow ,I , X A, ' ,any .1 V '- , ' ::..:f:'1', - " N Q qgra.: -' 2'2"vEg'.m:x,.e:s, ff fr' "7 -n-,Q wx iw 15' . ., 133' 1..- W 1? Aman ,,,-no O np A-,Ma N K Q .. v F In Q 35 I X :fi Me w . us, wk. '--5 W. .4 an-Q , , 1 ix 9 I 'J we '-,.-wt.-BN ' 1 4 I W I '::.-"5-" L- I 5 ,myfiaii M 3 u ,..1,. ,, 0 .nv V F" lt" , , iw. E w 4 2 M Qs-if 1 ' ' , ,L . . f' ' 'f ,,V, . w. . 4 gh. F' ' 'ffl A Q V N, hx ' 1 " xx Q f E g W 1 fn ,tg " xg, , .35 X..n4N,' 'S W md .Mc Q . .N 79? 1 - Q. , . .1 ,J 1 ,J A as, 1, 'M' rf., Q A-,ia . 'Nia ..,,,,,, ig Q . gr A 15, 'E '55, . .kv 1 I in zz X 2. - .Q 1? V . 1 QS ,' A b- vi 3" V3 5 .- 5.3-,, Mg? " ,'1i:5:5M':':" , Ag Ii . T 'iff . ' fa : -uf ' " - - -S5 K s Q0 " :+2,,m.vXEw N .. x.: E 'mil P: "Ei . J. ,Vw Ks . ff, .- - A P N K Q A1242 3 1 ,.-... .W H- . l 1 :gf 1: 3 . M A .np Zur ....a........4.....k, .,,,fM, X -n , lg 'Q " 4 -w 8 If 32 X f -v 4 l W 4 i KIIX i CARNIVAL 1 mf,Awmr - ,prmmmns y.. , L -,N ., ,,,,Wv, mmvsww-w-,, W , .,.. 6 . 52 52 1' If ,, f A .. ', .qu '- M9 K""1.1 .112 ,w,,..,43.M,v?.,,,., ,fm Z, , I ,- ,-av -wh,-. - . 1 sw, X I . v ' .. v L' IMC wi' 'N -1- , AM'f1,.,4 .N -fn ,- . , , 1 RW. .N , Q 4 , - , 'wv--.- - W 'V ,155 ...ayg pl :,,.,.L.4W-A ,,, H f . .- V 3, V- nZ'f-4,..v4Ewev-.4 A . " ' - V - N, -Q Q ' ..+. , , 22,+,,,.M, K 4. saw-. ,, 5 -A .,. .,,,,,. .,'."e'W V nn' ,i me ' M.W""' -fh- nw. 'Wwwaf '- N '- ""Ha5'j?":1r ".'lg.,4S'59f??'1"'f2Qnni-ar4.f'1!2L-ffN,.1 -., ,Jeux N, Q I ll- ,X il , 'J' Q I ROC HANI CAST' U14 alliri Un-Iii,-slr.: .AX QT O N E Xliirk Viurzfnt Tml if Slnum' lluln'l'l , Louis Lomd rKl IPIULII QAIWL I HUDQIAN KUU Ill Il ' 2 L ' ll ,menu p"1f5'fi ' ' vmzilisl BY BILL SOBIEHS FlxBllL'fXllY ll. 22 iiml 271. lflllll .i , XUIIVIIIIIIIN .Xl.IIlflI'l'-X jl.'llIl.l I1 XI UI IHIIII Xl 1,Jll'1'1lrJl' XXIIN SHIAX .Xllixzrizl I,Pii'l'1'!ifl' Blll. Siixirlcs fl a-fr- 'ffijmlfliif liisi ii I'-i xlli l l.l'1i1fm1li llflliri' l,x!ixx Ni xii nl K lfwxli wvrff' Il, iigfri Hiixiliix I i x Hn iixzm. , S41 Ihiigu Ilwx XXiii-. lillw film Nwriyx klrillx Xiwixili-ixi. llriltml. IH-Min lux. XXlix ii l'ri'gmHl I lwrv I Ilviii XXixiiliii 'X' xixlimf llzfi 1 lvl' Illillfmlfi-il l'7ivilHi!I.,1i XX'lz1il1.flif- X 1'riifiir1:il Xlul.. -up I. I f-.Iinm.I Nfl fiiii-,lin I-xii Ili Lili-X Xl-umfyr Xniix lliuliiix Xxx: tml! lv. fliixiix-.i lixirixi. 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Peter jenn ll I Gina S Donna Kr U75 Margaret Pl I Billie Kathleen Dnmlliy Joanne . ,. julin Mp 'lluras Semqliiti Dim jnlm Mclnkliil Turns Scmchillt lrcm- Wumibk Yin-ky XX'ynnyC'lllIlK Okfium Clmnliali Off-st Si-mchnlc XX'.nsylyricl1ult 1.5 nnv Hi-njamh Slmri Hfilly im-li Daly D.u-i- Clarke Dau' Leigh Ann lImu.mcl'MIlt l.:unn' Ifilixlrfilll Xl.:i'xin XXi-slxvood Nlwiilx' I,uI'Il1flllg Lim! ,ixiiclurson lliwuilxr' CQITIOX' .Iuliii XILIIIWED Z JL , V 1,435 f i If 1 ,-.Y Si 'Q N, 9-.X 'F' x 'K , ef?ffX'Mm'M V, mi -M Qisig aww? W1 5 Ds - if Q R 5 Wa 0 .' ig Q efvfviexwwff 0 1!-'G--4' ' "'a. fn" 4..Qw I 'U . , mx 4. Q is 1 f t' A 'fx 4 11915 1 F' . It r' fi, ry. , gr? , PW , w 5. ff 9vy!l,,t'd R V 54 ffggigivg 575 f f , , I C I 4' sv sz Y' 5 SUMMER SCHOOL 1962 H A X b x E 5 2 3 3 S E Y 4. X. i v 6 w Z s Q Q 5 5 s a 5 S' X 3 Y E Q E A Q 5 X 3 w, 1 S E T m.Ww.,..4w 5 R-gr-.: - flwfimw 1 W .RW " ' L nfl. '- -K ,HH 1 if V A. x .m ATH LETI kg if BAKEWE OPHY TM JOHN TROPHY A sf-'fill' , ' -. l. - R ogg.: -A ' ' 1: 3.53 ' San f 7 1 . MA J O R D s F? iff H 1: Y i? ' ,I.L 45334 9 s J . if- Iiifsf' jff . N. L 1 :H H ' r 'X S Exe ve ASN MA J QR Y ,QI44Qgg,,Ahdiea Henry Publicover Ron Gary Smith Sta john Eccleston Robert Gillespie Dick Wintermute Rod Douglas McTavish jim Fisher james Ed Blot: Harry Doug Hayes Esdale Maylor Pete MANAGER ATHLETIC BOARD ATROQQL-LY MOTOR CAR TROPHY T"-1 Ribsag C.U.R.M.A. TROPHY KERR TROPHY - 1.12.0 FOOTBALL TROPHY - Ph1Delta Theta , J. MACGREGOR SMITH TROPHY - Phi , ' , ATHLETICASSOCIATION I F C I1 S, Rxchard Thorpe Robert Holzer JQl'l11 Byrne Dave Cragg Errol Milloi W l .,,, QUEENS MW l ' fi ll w Mass FRESH!-ENE up ' "'i"b""U 2 Q . um-.mwm.:m.v+:wxanyn.waxV-ww-mfmwmvr.:1.-mmwmx+144o.wm.wm,mw.wnmmpmw,.wn-:,mnw4,.:m:zu-.-.-.n-..-zvrMm:,.,vm4.,-nm, . .1-V Q-V: -'W ,.,,m:1m.qgf--, -.1.,,y-,ng-V, ma., . ' .. - W, :.. . Q.. . -1. mg. rant. 1 1 . . 1 E 6 f 1 4 l H I v K 'i ,, 1 W W 1 B A 1 W L X 3 Z4 , v 54 z'f Z A s E E Q: T 5 E Q ' .. ,.. . vmmwmmmuwnxzawr TQ J . Q V 1 W i Y l 1, ll -x. , I ,1 M 1 Q ll ' x xx 1 f V1 ,Jn df 'mv-.vw fn J E :J ,- A Yr.. 5, fn in if f XX 6 fu STUDENT INDEX GRADS: Page number indi- cates the page on which the picture appears. If there is no number there will be no pic- ture in the yearbook. UNDERGRADUATES: Page number indicates the page on which the picture SHOULD appear. There may or may not be a picture on that page. A Aarbo, Phyllis T., 86 Abbott, Roy-IJ., 85 Abdal-ati, ammudan, 72 Abel, Wasley, 107 Abell, Eric, 60 Abraham, Lorne, 60 Abram, George, 81 Acheson, John B., 60 Achtem, Larry A., 126 Ackerman, David, 111 Ackroyd, Bev. K., 62 Adachi, Kenneth, 82 Adam, Diethelm, 107 Adamic, Rita S., 76 Adams, Cliff, 129 Adams, Daryl L., 91 STUDENT INDEX Amerongen, Elizabeth, 99 Arnmann, Paul, 99 Amundsen, Blair R. Am ,Roger W. M., 116 Ashton, Allan K., 109 ksttomrlohn G. ew, rene Agp, Richard T., 87 Andierl, Shirley L., 125 Andersen, Keith A., 42 Andersen, Phyllis M. Anderson, A. R. Denis, 47 Anderson, Barry D., 42 Anderson, Brian D., 76 Anderson, Carol, 91 Anderson, Dale F. Anderson, Dave E.. 87 Anderson, David Lawrence Anderson, Elaine L., 99 Anderson, Gail M., 129 Anderson, Gladys M., 122 Anderson, James T., 126 Anderson, Jeanne G., 76 Anderson, Jim H., 116 Anderson, Joan F., 91 Anderson, ilgidd 85 Anderson, aye ., 42 Anderson, Keith, 99 Anderson, Larry W. Anderson, Leslie D., 91 Anderson, Marjorie C., 118 Anderson, Mary L., 72 Anderson, Valerie L., 76 Anderson, Victor A., 122 Adams T. Peter 70 Adams, Robert L., 72 Adams, Robert L. D., 115 Ades, Sandra J., 56 Adisoemarto, Soenartono, 34 Adler, S. M., 85 Adshead, Gordon R., 99 Ahlstrom, Leslie E., 76 Ahoff, Lawrence, 126 Aie, Edward, 45 Aiken, Philip M., 45 Ainslie, James A., 126 Aitken, Leslie Aitken, Elizabeth P. Aizenman, Morris L., 61 Akers, George H., 76 Akpata, Mike, 116 Akrofi, Victor, 85 Akune, Robert S., 85 Albers, William R., 109 Albert, Claudette F., 99 Albert, Don W., 82 Albi, Adriana T., 96 Albrecht, Lian E., 99 Albrecht, arcia C., 99 Albrecht, Marilyn A., 76 Alcock, Carol A., 91 Bain, Maureen P., 122 Alderson, Don C., 42 Anderson, William G., 70 Andony, Dave, 109 Andrew, Robert H., 111 Andrews, Frederick C. C.. 61 Andrews, R. Brian, 85 Andriaschuk, Sophie, 115 Andrich, Linda, 91 Andruchow, Marshall F., 129 Andms, John A.. 85 Andmsky, Bernard J., 124 Anema, Cornelius, 62 Anema Frans, F., 76 Angerman, Neil, 76 Angus, Jiuhn F., 111 Anlgus, onald W., 91 An erman, Judith J. Annesley. Dennis W., 87 Annett, Julia M., 62 Anstruther, Helen M. Anstruther, Robert, 109 Anthony, Lorraine E., 118 Antonenko, David R., 129 Anton, Ronald M. Antoniuk, Leslie M., 42 Antoniuk, Marilyn V. M. Antoniuk, Robert R., 58 Appleyard, Ellen, 115 Applegard, Reg. Arabc uk, Peter E., 115 Asplund, Kris, 72 Asplund, Olof W., 71 Assier., I., Astner, Carole J., 91 Atkey, Barbara L., 120 Atkinson, Lois M., 72 Atkinson, Martin H., 115 Attwood, Dianne H., 87 Atwell, Gail P., 120 Aubin, John L., 60 Augustson, Sharon E., 99 Augustynovich, Veneta P., 129 Aune, George L., 87 Aunger, Albert W., 51 Austin, Harold A. Auxier, NancEJ., 76 Avis, Walter . Awberry, Sundra F., 87 Awid, Richard A. Awrarn, Walter, 34 AxangoIErnest B., 122 Aye, ar erite . Aykro d, Richard A., 82 Aziz, Saiid Azman, Ben K., 129 B Baba, Kenneth G., 129 Babad, Jacob W. Babchu , Harry, 91 Babb, Allan G., 40 Babet, Fred H., 91 Babiuk, Ronny R., 99 Bablitz, Robert H., 91 Bab , David, A. D., 76 Bachler, Herbert W., 91 Bacon, Delmer A., 72 Bacon, 81 Bacon, R. Maureen, 72 Baer, James D. Baergen, William P. Bagby, Robert F. S., 76 Bagdonas, Kurt L., 99 Bagnall, Keith E., 107 Ba er, Kenneth M., 107 Bahr, Douglas F., 87 Bahry, Sharon E., 76 Bailey, Donald R., 72 Bailey, Karen B., 99 Bailey, Ken Bailey, Loretta J., 99 Bailey, Thomas S., 87 Baranszky-Job, Miklos, 70 Barber, Paul A., 99 Barclay, Kim Bard, Forest H. R., 76 Barford, John P., 81 Barford, Judith, 120 Barg, Else R., 56 Baril, Cecile Baril, Diane I., 72 Barker, LeRoy G., 91 Barker, Lorna J., 118 Barlow, Kathleen A.. 118 Barlow, Wendy L., 76 Barnes, Fred C., 126 Barnes, Gordon H., 45 Baron, Glenn R., 129 Baron, Raymond M., 91 Baron, Raymond W., 87 Barr, Che l, 99 Barr, Elizgheth M., 51 Barr, James A., 115 Barr, John J. Barre, Wayne R., 76 Barron, Ruth J., 91 Barry. Roger W., 126 Barry, Suzanne A. E., 114 Bart ett, James R., 109 Bartman, Lawrence J., 58 Barton, Peter Barton, William J., 72 Basaraba, Leonard G., 109 Baser, Grace, 99 Basford, Richard, 126 Basson, Fred T., 122 Bastide, Maurice E., 80 Bateman, Larry D. Bateman, Ma , 126 Batiuk, MaryrJ'., 91 Battell, Christine, 118 Battell, Mary, 129 Batten, Bryan J. Battrurn, Herbert A., 41 Batycky, James, 107 Bauer, Norman, 34 Baulk, Cheryl, 99 Baxter, Patricia L. Bayduza, lhor, 81 Bayduza, Jeannette Bayer, Beverly, S. P., 129 Bayer, John R., 82 Bayley, Bryan D., 87 Bazant, Phil S., 46 Baziuk, Andrew R., 72 Baziuk, Myron D., 125 Beagle, Barbara A., 118 Bear, Bill, 111 Beaton, Malcolm A., 99 Bennett, Ellen T., 99 Bennett, Jzane. 119 Bennett Jill 82 Bennett: John 107 Bennett, Roy A., 82 Bennetts, William J., 122 Bennison, Barrwk., 87 Benson, Garry . Bentley, Georgina A., 91 Bentley, Ila D., 76 Bentley, Merle E., 91 Bentliy, Patrick M., 114 Berar , Gordon P., 111 Bercov, Howard M., 62 Berdine, Dennis E., 34 Berdine, L. Dianne, 91 Berendt, Robert H., 87 Berendt, Erich A. Berezan, Oryst D., 91 Berezon, Bunny B., 85 Berg, Clinton, 111 Berg, Lorraine, 119 Bergen, Edward Bergen, Hans, 126 Berger, Rubin J., 42 Bergeron, Ghislain, 70 Bergevin, Raymond, 129 Bergstrom, Stanley O., 70 Bernard, Hans J., 99 Bernard, Peter Bernier, Lynne, 72 Bergquist, Carol A., 126 Bergquist, Edith M., 76 Berrea, Walter R., 76 Berry, Catherine E. Bertram. Shirley G., 129 Berube, Robert, 76 Beschell, T. Wayne, 122 Bespflulg, Carole, 91 Besse, om C., 91 Bessell, D. Hugh, 80 Best, Charlotte l., 99 Beugrley, A. Boyce, 91 Bey an, William J., 72 Bezeau, Lawrence M. Bhambhani, Ramesh N., 1 Biagini, Nadia E., 91 Biamonte, Loretta M., 91 Aldridge, Aldridge, Judy, 72 Aldridge, Leonard, 129 Aleksiuk, Michael, 126 Alexander, David P. Alexander, Donald S., 76 Alexander, lan M., 85 Alexewich, Sharon N., 91 Alford, A. R., 125 Alfred, James P. Algajer, Etna, 56 A1 ajer, Willie, 99 Aliarmy. Omaya, 76 Allan, A. Ray, 72 Allan, Penny,g., 99 Allan, Ralph ., 111 Allard, Michael J., 129 Allen, Bonita A., 99 Allen, Claudia D., 76 Allen, David C. B., 72 Allen, Donald, 99 Allen, Elmer C., 70 Allen, Jcames G., 72 athleen P.. 99 Allen, Allen, Mun? E., 115 Allen, Ruth ., 99 Allen, Theodore M. Allergoth, Betty L., 56 Allers, Arnold A., 87 Allers, Raymond L., 72 Allin, Ed ar F., 53 Allin, Rogert E., 126 Allison, Ardele L., 99 Allison, Bruce N., 129 Allison, Diane, 120 Archer, , Raymond H. Archer, Sharon Elaine 120 Archer, Sharon Evelyn, 56 Archibald, Anne, 113 Archibald, Carol I., 87 Archibald, Ian G., 82 Arctander, Chris L., 47 Ares, Jean L., 85 Arkinstall, Patricia L., 51 Arlidge, David H., 80 Armbruster, Evaline, 82 Arrnishaw, Douglas G., B2 Armitage, Herb, 46 Armstrong, Betty JU., 99 Armstrong, Catherine, 76 Armstrong, Ed., 62 Armstrong, Gordon W., 87 Armstrong, ohn D. S., 99 Armstrong , ohn G., 72 Armstrong, eslie W., 41 Armstrong Russel D. Arndt, Kenneth C., 91 Arnold, Barry W. Arnold, Caro yn I. Arnold, Denng, 124 Arnold, Gail ., 51 Arnold, Richard W., 126 Arnold, Ronald E., 76 Arntzen, Jahn, 72 Aronetz, enia, 76 Arrison, Linda J., 99 Arrison, Norman, 45 Arrison, Ralph Arth, Richard F., 87 Allison, Scott Allnutt, Alasdair, 91 Alsager, Dale E., 124 Altmiks, Lillian J., 99 Amankwah, Sarpong K., 126 Ambrose, Don W., 129 Arthur, Joan, 117 Ascroft, Thomas C. Ashbaugh, Wendy M., 99 Ashley, Clifford ., 49 Ashmore, Shirley Ashton, Ada A., 91 Baines, Robert E., 126 Baker, Caroline E., 91 Baker, Horace S., 70 Baker, lan H., 114 Baker, Myrtice, 91 Baker, Richard P., 87 Baker, Robin D., 62 Baker, Vera E., 76 Bakhau , Carol F., 122 Bako, Cgerda, 129 Bako, Margit, 72 Bakos Doreen l. Balanlro, Lawrence A., 111 Baldowski, Ann G., 91 Baldwin, Dale, 60 Baldwin, Lorne H., 58 Baldwin, Patricia A., 99 Baldwin, Ronald O., 91 gage, Daliid J.k86 a is , rry ., 53 Ball,kDaniel, 107 Ball, Gordon C. Ball, Richard, 99 Ball, Robin M., 111 Ball, Roger H., 107 Ball, Ronald F., 70 Balla, Andridl., 99 Ballantyne, aureen A., 99 Ballantyne, William W.. 70 Ballard, Wayne C., 107 Ballash, Alan S., 72 Ballash, Neil M., 129 Ballentine, Sheila M., 114 Bamber, Faye L., 99 Bancroft, Larry K., 87 Banfield, Terry, 72 Bangs Karen M. F., 76 Ban , im, 81 Becher, Bernard J., 91 Banks, oanne V., 91 Banta, oan, 34 Baqai. 111 Becker, Carolyn, 99 Becker, Evelynne, 118 Becker, Johanna E., 76 Becker, Laurence E. Beckman, Carol, 99 Becktakgames, 76 Beclcwi , Roy I., 107 Beechinor, Donna M., 124 Begg, Heather J., 61 Begieneman, Marinus C. A Beglav, Adolf H., 80 Be ennah, Ivor T. Behl, Lloyd H. Beil, Charles E., 62 Beil, Olive C., 99 Beirnes, Barbara R., 91 Beirnes, Donald G., 76 Belik, April A., 76 Bell, Arthur K., 109 Bell, Doug Bell, John B., 42 Bell, John G., 107 Bell, inda D., 91 Bell, Richard R. C., 99 Bell, Vanna J., 126 Belter, Herb, 91 Belton, Gerald P., 72 Benbow, David, 129 Bendfeld, Robert T., 76 Bendiksen, Jetmund S., 70 Bene, Alex A., B5 Benedetti, Anthony Benedict, William C., 81 Benedictson, David J., 123 Benesch, Robert, 129 Benger, Andrew, 99 Bengston, Clifton D. Benicamin, Lynne, 72 Ben e, Garfield M.. 70 Benn, Robert S., 111 Benner. Elizabeth, 99 Bianchini, Wayne K., 91 Bibby, Reginald W., 76 Bibby, Rose C. A., 40 Bice, Sheila, 54 Bichel, Lloyd, 86 Bichler,-Mary A., 55 Bichler, Robert, 126 Bicknell, Joseph T., 123 Bidlock, R. Peter, 40 Bidlock, Shirley, 119 Bidniak, Terry L. Bielish, Mervin J., 87 Bienert, Jlanet, 120 Bienert, eil, 99 Bierman, Douglas E., 129 Bigelow, Jesse C., 76 Bigam, Jerry F., 76 Bigoray, Orest S., 87 Bi ak, Ann I., 99 Bilinda, Eileen R., 99 Billey, Pauline, 91 Billey, Ronald, 91 Billings, Byron J., 99 Bilon, An rew, 87 Bilozyr, Donald D., 99 Binassi, Louis V. Bingeman, Melvin C., 34 Bingham, Gail D. M., 76 Bingham, Kathleen R., 129 Bin ley, Lenore N., 72 Bioletti, Edith L., 91 Biollo, Marilyn A., 76 Birdsall, David A., 129 Birker, Edward, 115 Biron, Priscilla Y. Bischof, Herbert, 91 Bishop, Donald R., 80 Bishop, Duane S., 115 Bishop, Frank G.. 62 Bishop, ames N., 129 Bishop, ohn, 62 uise M., 80 Bishop, Bissel , Edwin H., 58 Bisson, Lorraine, 99 Bitner, Daniel, 91 Bixby, Layne M. Bizon, B. Gerald, 76 Bierringiqlames H., 125 Bjorge, arold A., 72 Biornson, Dale L., 60 Blacker. Dave A.. 61 Blackert, Karen I. Blackett, John A., 85 Blacklock, David E., 81 Blackmore, Priscilla, 91 Blackstock, Berna D., 99 Blackstock, Laura Blackwood, Claudia A., 91 Blackwood, Valerie E., 119 Blades, Dou las N., 107 Blades, Editg M., 114 Blain, Lila, 70 Blair, Judith A., 91 Blair, Leslie, 118 Blais, Richard A., 62 Blais, Walter E., 126 Blake, Donald E., 129 Blake, Jerry S., 76 Blakeman, Denis J., 91 Blanchet, Arligele C., 99 Blanchette, aurice, 91 Blashko, Carl, 115 Bowron, David G., 85 Bowser, Donald W., 76 Boyarchuk, Garry, 111 Boyce, Ellen, 100 Brown, Brown, Brown, Marian R., 122 Patricia E., 56 Shirley Boychuk, Robert, 100 Boychuk, Sylvia L., 119 Boyd, John Macintosh, 100 Boyer, Enid B., 76 Boyer, Stuart A., 109 Boykiw, Lucille V., 71 Boyle, Robert W., 100 Boyle, Thomas F., 122 Bozniak, Eugene G., 82 Braaksma, Jim, 100 Braconnier, Jose h C., 107 John S., 46 Bradb , Bradfclli Percy R., 81 Bradley, Bernie J., 107 Bradley, James E., 70 Bradley, eita A., 51 Bradley, Rennie, 62 Bleviss, Allan D., 47 Bleviss, Morley, 72 Bleviss, Morris, 80 Blonski, Anthony, 126 Blonski Bloom, , Helen M., 99 Carolyn D., 117 Bloomenthal, Alfred, 114 Blumenthal, Leonard M. Blott, Ed., 109 Blue, Dale L., 76 Blum, Rose M. C., 87 Blumell, Myra J., 72 Blythe, Betty A., 99 Bober, Jeanne M., 55 Bober, Walter G., 126 Bochinski, Bronislaw, 99 Boddy, Wayne, 109 Bodie, Doug, 111 Eugene, 12 2 Bodnar Bodnar: Gisela, 87 Bodnar, ohnny, 100 Bodnar arshall A., 87 Bodnar: Morris, 129 Bodnarchuk, Albert, B5 Boehme, Eric H., 126 Boetzke Bogner, s, Peter C., 129 Alice N. Bogner, Norman H. Bogorus, Murray S., 115 Bo isch, Fritz, 111 B-ogaychuk, Theodore W., Bohannan, Bruce, 100 Bohme, O. G. Bokenfohr, Joan L., 100 Bolinger, 87 Bolstad, Donald, 100 Bolstad, erome M., 70 Bolstler, llichard, 129 Bone, Derek A., 72 Bone, Michael, 85 Bonenfant, Betty, B5 Bonner, Frances, 87 Bonner, Joan, 91 Boomer, Muriel Boothman, Louella L., 76 Boratynec, Margaret C., 91 Boratynec, Marshall, 58 Boras, John I., 114 Borden, Gail M., 119 Borgstrom, Carol A., 119 Borgstrom, David:n100 Bor , Egon Friedrich, 76 Borle, Marilyn B., 117 Bortll, Robert E. 122 Borys, Andrea Bosch, Melvin J., 91 Boschman, David, 91 Bosman, Henry, 109 Bosniak, Lucil e R., 42 Bossert, Dale W., 111 Bossert, John, 91 Boston, Jane L., 58 Boswell, Carol, 100 Bottenber , Wolf ang Bouchar, Wari Boulogne, Jacob Boulter, Gordon R., 72 Boulton, James J., 115 Bourak, John, 47 Bourbonnais, Bemadette, 42 Bourbonnais, Roger Bourcier, Ivy R., 87 Bourk, Larry T., 81 Bourne, Ronald H., 109 Boutillier, Norma Boutillier, Robert H., 76 Boutin, Charlotte, 125 Boutin, Lucille M., 115 Boutin, Loretta, 56 Bouvier, Wilfred W., 91 Bovee, Douglas A. Bowden, 118 Bowen, Glen O. Bowen, Keith F., 87 Bowen, Lynne E., 55 Bowen, M. Susan, 76 Bowen, Maurice L., 72 Bowen, Nancy E., 72 Bowen, Oliver, 109 Bowen, Richard A., 115 Bowerinlg, Richard E., 49 Bowes, avid M., 51 Bowker, George B. Bowkett, Francis R., 129 Bownes, Marion K., 61 Bradley, Sarah R. Bradshaw, Bradshaw, Lee H. Brady, Paul RWJ., 91 Bragg, Barry . E., 71 Bragg, Lloyd E. Bragg., Russell A., 72 Brai waite, Ernest M., B7 Braithwaite, Lorne, 40 Bramwell,1John R., 42 Brand, Wi liam W., 107 Brandon, S. Lynn, 129 Branigan, Donald William Brattber , Elmer, 111 Brauer, om H., 91 Braul, alter, 114 Braul, William, 115 Braun, Dennis I. Braun, Gary, 81 Brauti, 87 Brawn, Michael, 46 Bray, Byron G., 62 Braybrook, William A. R., 111 Brazeau, Donald A., 76 Breakey, Bonnie J., 91 Breather, Valerie R., 72 Breault, Henri L. Breckon, Lois Ardene, 125 Bredo, Gerald A., 115 Bredo, Joyce A., 91 Breeze, Jllalia M., 71 Brehm, orris Breiter, Wilma G., 91 Breitkreitz, Walter E., 126 Breitkreutz, Audre J., 100 Breitkreutz, Herb B., 115 Breitkreuz, Walter, 115 Brekke, Marleen A., 100 Bremer, Christine M., 100 Brenda, Jean Marguerite Brennan, Sheila, 100 Brennan, T rrell, 107 Brennand, Blaine, 124 Brenton, Richard, 126 Bressonutti, Terry L., 100 Bresse, Keith, 70 Brett, Martins Bridge, Janice, 76 Bridges, Har? A., 72 Brid ewater, inda F., 122 Briggt, Gwen W., 124 Brinsmead, Wendy M., 72 Briscoe, Peter L., 111 Brissard, Simone, 91 Briston, Edward S. Britton, Beverly A., 119 Britton, Florence M., 119 Broad, E. Louise Broadhnet, Lucinda E. Broadber , Jonathan H., 76 Broatch, .Joanne E. Brocke, Larry, 129 Brocklebank, Patricia, 58 Broder, Bernice D., 100 Broersma, Cornelis, 111 Broersma, Johannes G., 109 Bronson, Lloyd, 100 Brook, John A., 72 Brooks, Blaine, 76 Brooks, Carman, 115 Brooks, Donald E., 34 Brooks, F. Allan, 72 Brooks, Har R., 76 Brooks, Kathrieen, 72 Brooks, William Neil, 76 Brosseau, John F., 42 Brotherston, Grover L., 129 Brotonegord, S. Broughton, Beverly, 122 Brovender, Barry, 76 Brown, Allan G., 100 Brown, Carolyn A., 87 Brown, Cathie, 122 Brown, Daryl L., 129 Brown, Duncan R., 115 Brown, Elouise L., 118 Brown, Frederic A., 116 Brown, G. Carol, 100 Brown, Gary A. grown, Gcg:dhPi: 72 rown, u i ., 100 Brown, liary ne E., 91 Brown, Stanle T. Browne, A. Nlii, 107 Browne, Dorothy M., 129 Brownlee, Brian, 130 Brownlee, Richard T., 55 Brownridge, Carol E., 114 Brox, Larry W. Brozuk, Walter A., 85 Bruce, Brenda L., 119 Bruce, R. Graham, B1 Bruce, Robert P., 76 Bruchal, Alvin J., 109 Brucklebank, Larry M. Bruder, Lynne, 91 Brudler, Harry, 81 Bruggeman, Paul P. C., 100 Bruningi Marilyn K., 120 Brunt, .Thomas, 125 Brus, Gerry A. C. Brust, Garry, 150 Bnryer, Bruce T., 100 Bryan, Mona J., 72 Bryce, Hu h H., 70 Bry adyr, Leslie K. W., 72 Buci anan, Don M. Buchanan, Donald J., 52 Buchanan, Douglas Gerald Buchanan, Garfield R., 100 Buchanan, Jiudith A., 72 Buchanan, obert A., 72 Buchignani, Donald R. Buchwold, David G., 130 Buck, Karen F., 91 Buckland, Glenys P., 106 Buckler, Barbara, 72 Buckle , Mary E., 117 Budeicky, Nick G., 115 Budge, John K., 100 Budney, David R., 107 Budnitsky, Henry J., 72 Bue, Sharon B., 120 Buffel, Edmond W., 110 Buffel, Ronald J., 110 Bulat, G. A., 110 Bulat, James Andrew, 62 Bull, Christopher J. Bull, Jer J., 100 Bulmer, ?irdith D., 87 Bunko, William, 91 Bunting, Dianne Burak, Cecelia A., 91 Burak, Marian, 84 Burbank, Max B. Burch, John G. Burch, Margaret, 72 Burchak, J. T. Ritchie, 87 Burchak, Robert D., 100 Burchett, Irene M., 76 Burfoot, Dianne M., 61 Burfoot, Donald, 107 Burgess, Angie Burgess, James A., 72 Burgman, Richard A., 150 Bur ard, Leon E., 111 Burkart, Kenneth J., B6 Burke, Charles L., 91 Burke, Patricia A., 118 Burke, San Burke, Sara E., 51 Burko, Anna, 76 Burn Be oanna 130 dra, 91 Brown, Kenneth J., 72 Brown, Leslie B., 117 Brown, L le I., 81 Brown, Nialcolm A., 114 . IW J I . Burnard, Roy Leighton, 91 Burnham, Llames R., 41 Burnham, arilyn P., 122 Burnett, James Dale, 126 Burns, H. Deloyce Burns, knhn S. Burns, obert E., 122 Burrows, William R. Bu.rtch, Helen, 76 Burton, John C., 110 Burton, Judith F., 100 Burton, Sharon A., 91 Burwash, Donald C., 86 Burzminski, Ronald H., 76 Busb , Al., 100 Busch, Marie L., 124 Buse, Dieter K., 77 Bushe, S. Donald, 76 Bushko, Cecile J., 120 Buski, Zbigniew J., 76 Bussard, David A., 150 Butler, illohn E., 76 Butler, odnety A., 36 Butler, Ronal J., 76 Butler Sydney J. Butters, Craig S., 76 Butterwick, RubEM. Buxton, George ., 107 Buxton, Janice L., 85 Byce, David A., 100 Byciuk, Mary, 91 Bykowski, Orest M., 115 Byler, Carole L., 160 Byrne, Joan E., 160 Byrne, ?hn T., 36 Byrne, homas P., 110 Bzowy, Douglas M. I., 110 Bzowy, Victor A.. 76 C Cabay, Stan, 110 , 1 Cabay, Teddy L., 76 Caffard, George L. Cahoon, Bruce B., 150 Cahoon, David E., 125 Cairns, Charles D. Cairns, Leslea M., Cairns, Robert H., Cairns, Caklos, Helen M., Calder, Calder, 72 107 Robert M., 114 87 Louise A., 55 David, 107 Calkins, Trevor L-. 130 Callahan, Noreen T., 87 Callas, James, 85 Calvert, Bernice, 61 Calvert, T. W., 110 Cameron, Arlene J., 56 Cameron, Christine, 72 Cameron, Donna A., 91 Cameron, Donald B., 56 Cameron, Duncan C., 76 Cameron, Evan M., 47 Cameron, Laurie W., 76 Cameron, Mabel F., 91 Cameron, Marilyn A., 76 Cameron, Marilynn A., 121 Cameron, Norma J., 119 Cameron, Robert B., 126 Campbell, Adam F. Campbell Beverle J., 55 Campbell, Bill, 76y Campbell, Bryan Campbell, Carol Campbell, Gary D., 62 Campbell, George R., 72 Campbell, Glen, 72 Campbell, Helen Li, 100 Campbell, Linda . Campbell, Lorraine A., 100 Campbell, Mac Campbell, Marilyn, 72 Campbell, Marlene R., 126 Campbell, Phyllis E. Campbell, Ro er B., 100 Campbell, Roiert G., 81 Campbell, Robert M., S6 Campbell, Robert P., 122 Campbell, Susan A., 124 Campbell, Winona A., 121 Campion, James W., 100 Campsall , George R., l50 Canadine, Garry D. Canielon, Peter L. Canniff, John C., B5 Cantin, John A., B3 Cantor, Paul G. S., 115 Caplan, Barry'L., 115 Careless, Ann C., 58 Carignon, Leo A. J., 91 Carlson, David E. M., 70 Carlson, Irene E., 91 Carlson, Jean, 117 Carlson, Wayne, E. Carlyle, Arthur R., 100 Carlyle, David G., 42 Carlyle, Nancy E., 72 Carlyle, Walter B., 85 Carmichael, Fred, 150 Carmichael, 74 Carnegie, Buster, 107 Carnegie, Gordon, 72 Caron, J. Robert, 122 Carpenter, Alice S., 119 Carpenter, Brian J. Carpenter, Patricia A., 117 Carr, Adrienne, 100 Carr, Bryan L., 107 Carr, C. Lynne, 56 Carr, Donald M., 115 Carran, L nn Rae, 100 Carran, Niaryeilla D., 85 Carre, Frank A., 40 Carrington, Joe, 130 Carrigan, Maurya B., 87 Carron, Albert Vital, 60 Carruthers, E. R., 114 Carruthers, Norman B. Carruthers, Ruth C., N 56 Carruthers, Sandra F., 76 Carscadden, Robert, 130 Carson, Robert S., 150 Carswell, Marjorie, 126 Carter, G. Brooke, 83 Carter, Marion E., 42 Carter, Patricia A. Carter, Robert R., 42 Cartledge, H. A., 62 Carver, James L., 110 Carveth, William H., 107 Carwell, Robert J., 85 Casavant, Frank A., 42 Casavant, Wilfred L., 111 Casement, Lane A., 58 Caskey, Walter E., 91 Casper, Rudolf B., 107 Cassaday, Ronnine, 130 Cassily, Jean, 121 Cassils, John G., 116 Caster, Van Voorhout, A. Caston, Arthur T., 111 Caston, Douglas M., 65 Catalano, William P., 41 Catterall, Duane, 72 Celmainis, Andrew, 36 Celmainis, Inara D., 72 Cern , Hana, 91 Cessgord, Robert G., 70 Chaba, Patricia A., 100 Chahley, Richard J., 47 Chalifoux, Paul, 88 Chalmers, Barbara L., 72 Chalmers, Frances H., 91 Chalmers, Paul A., 86 Chamberland, Jeannette A., 88 Chamberlain, Hugh L. E., 81 Chanasyk, Albert J., 107 Chapelski, Emil D. Chapelski, Lillian P., 119 Chapman, Ruthie E., 91 Charchun, Bohdan M. Chard, Brian T., 85 Charette, Anne-Louise, 88 Charlebois, Joseph R., 111 Charles, de Blois, S.R. Charlton, M rna L., 122 Charmbury, ,Theodore M. G., 122 Charters, Patricia C., 119 Chartrand, Jim, 124 Chase. James R., 45 Chayka, Ribert, 85 Cheesman, Brian R., 63 Chegwin, Margaret R. Che l, Nora I., 42 Cheng, Richmond, 56 Chfgemshynski, Evelyn M., Cherkawsky, Ol a, 100 Chernesky, Richird W., 85 Cherniak, Ronald C., 72 Cherniawski, Marvin J., 83 Cherniwchan, Lionel. 92 Cherniwchan, William N. Cherwichen, Donald, 76 Cherwonka, Stanley, 150 Chevalier, Jnames B., 110 Chevalier, auline R. M., 92 Chevraux, Shaleen M. Chickloski, Al W., 85 Chiclo, Larry, 81 Chiliak, Mar o J., 54 Chin, Alan lg, 150 Chipeniuk, Eugene, 122 Chishlom, Chris, 72 Chivers, Allan B. C., 77 Chizen, Mildred M., 100 Chmelyk, Victor, 60 Chomay, Lillian A., 92 Chomiak, Maria, 100 Chomiak, Okcana Chomyc, Donald D., 92 Chomyc, Sylvia A., 54 Chop, Annie M., 92 Chornell, J. Gaily, 116 Chow, Leonard ., 85 Chow, See, 150 Chrapko, Ronald, 111 Chrisp, Katherine F., 121 Christensen, Marlene A., 117 Christianson, Dennis A., 76 Christie, Joan, 70 Christie, Susan, 119 Christoff, James Christophers, Alexander R. H. Christophers, Edward M., B1 Cudobiak, Walter J., 107 Chue, Peter W. Y., 116 Chumir, Sheldon M., 52 Chunta, Joseph, 107 Church, C. ordon, 70 Church, S tanley, 14 Churchill, Bernard, 55 Chwl, Edward, 110 Cieszynski, Henry, 81 Cioni, Ga G., 52 Cissell,SIux-diy M., 92 Citzer, tan ely R., 150 Claerhuot, G enn J., 124 Clandinin, Gladys R., 100 Clare, Ronald, 107 Clark Darlene M., 51 ciarid ra Clark, He ward, 41 n N 72 Clark, Judix A., 114 Clark, Peter M., 81 Clark, Robert T. Clark, Sheila C., 77 Clark, Trudie E., 121 Clarke, Brian E., 111 Clarke, Carole E., 121 Clarke, Charles P., 114 Clarke, D avid L., 42 Clarke, Fran, 40 Clarke, Garry K. C., 61 Clarke, George A., 150 Clarke James B., 92 Clarke, Jean M., 42 Clarke, Joe T. R., 115 Clarke, Lois E., 100 Clarkson, Ardi Clarkson, Marion L., 88 Clausen, Thomas D., 111 Clausen, Thor W., 92 Clawson, Susanne, 92 Claydon, Paul W., 92 Cattoni, James A., 54 Cavanaugh, James P., 91 Cavanauigl-i, errence W. Caywoo , Wendy M., 76 .85 Clayton, Barrie W. J., 54 Clayton, Elizabeth R., B8 Clements, Patricia D. Clendenning, Linda R., 56 , 307 Clendenning, Marawynne A 100 Clennett, Melvin D., 100 Cleveland, Albert, 92 Cleveland, Lanalee, 88 Clifford, Jim Clifton, Duncan F., 110 Clintberg, Raliph E., 92 Clowes, Rona d M., 125 Clozza, Gordon W., 72 Clute, Kathryne W., 118 Clute, Linda, 119 Coady, Mary F., 36 Coambs, Margaret, 36 Coarnbs. John H., 77 Coates, Raymond, 42 Coatta, Phillip C., 126 Cobb, Anna P. Cockell, Robert B., 36 Cockrall, 115 Code, Sheldon W., 107 Cody, Michael C., 115 C0 ill, gghn H., 77 Cofbo, urray H., 61 Cole, James A., 42 Cole, Allan J., 70 Colijn, Anton W. Collett, David J., 92 Collier, Carol A., 122 Collier, David P., 36 Collier, Arthur J., 130 Colling, Janet L., 92 Colling, Lloyd Collinge, Leonard J. Collins, Eu ene F., 107 Collins, Noia B., 100 Collins, Patricia, 121 Collins, Patricia M., 100 Collins, Shaun D., 126 Colon, Carlos J., 126 Colpitts, Donald A., 46 Colthorp, Margaret, 58 Colvin, Patricia M., 36 Comba, C. David A., 130 Comfort, Melvin D., 107 Comisarow, Rick, 130 Comisarow, Mel, 61 Comjton, Robert, 81 Con rotte, Edward, 111 Cone, Myrna C.. 72 Conquest, Harold, 100 Conn, 119 Connell, Evelyn I., 88 Cragg, David E., 60 Cragg, Erik D., B6 Cragg. J. Elizabeth Craig, Brian J., 73 Craig, Carol E., 55 Craig, David B. Craig, John R., 111 Craig, Joyce A., 55 Craig, Lawrence R., 100 Craig, Margaret M., 73 Craig, Robert W. Craig, William G. Crandall, Gareth R., 11 Crapo, Doug., 123 Craven, Tom Crawford, llgnet, 100 Crawford, aren E., 92 Credico, Brian Creighton, Larry, 107 Crispin, Joan D., 114 Cristall, Daniel, 92 Cronin, Patricia I., 77 Cronk, Arthur E., 111 Cronk, John, 130 1 Co erna Connick, Camillia L., 121 Connigan, Patricia, 92 Connors, Mary-Lou, 42 Conrad, E. Keith, 52 Conradi, Arm ard, 77 Conradi, Ulrilge, 73 Convey, John J., 92 Cook, Victor, 77 Cook, Donna Lee, 121 Cooke, Jaan, 130 Cooke, ichael B., 83 Coombes, C. Lorraine, 56 Coombs, Katherine B., 100 Cooper, Richard H. Cooper, A. John Cooper, Gary, 92 Cooper, Jghn T.. 130 Cooper, enneth A., 110 n EdwardR 1 0 P , -. 5 Corbett. Joyce L., 56 Corkery, James B., 58 Cormack, Barbara Ann, 122 Cormack, Martgaret M., 53 Coroy, Regina d, J. J., 110 Corn roough, A. Anne, 56 Cornelssen, Max L., 81 Cornish, Daniel J-. 36 Cornock, Mavis, 126 Corrigan, Don, St., 107 Cossarini, John A., 130 Costall, Robert R., 81 Costello, Genevieve A., 130 Cote, And Cote, Sr. I-hancoise, 42 Cote, John E. L., 114 Cote, Pi errette L., 100 Cote. Charles E.. 108 Cotsman, Libby M., 51 Cotter, Wend P., 42 Cotton, Ronald A. Cottrell, Avril M., 55 Coulom be, Lawrence E., 92 Coulson, Roberta, 42 77 Coulter, Way-Ire ., Courchesne, eina, 100 Coutls, Avril A., 40 Coutts, David C. Cove, Lenora G., 100 Covlin, Richard W., 126 Cowan, Charles W., 77 Cowan, Douglas J., 100 Cowan, James E., 77 Cowen, Amold B., 73 Cowles, 92 Cowles, ic olas Cogling, Norman H., 46 Cox, David J. Cox, Ken G., 130 Cox. Robert tBobJ, 126 Cox. Stephen R., 81 Coyle, Robert. 92 Coyne, John J.. 111 Cragg. A. Wesley Crosby, D. Kim, 130 Crosby, Russell K., 46 Crosland, lohn, 126 Cross, Bar ara A., 117 Cross, Mary A. Croswell, Laurence, 100 Croteau, Paul, 100 Crowder, Bruce T., 107 Crowle, Bob Crowle, Robert T., 107 Crozier, Torr F., 92 Cruickshank, :David G., 73 Cruickshank, Robert D., 130 Crum, Elaine S., 123 Crum, Gloria A., 123 Crummy, Brian, 73 Crummy, Patricia J. Cruthers, 83 Csoutos, Peter, 125 Cucheran, Gladys C., 56 Cudrak. Mary M., 42 Culham, Lloyd G., 130 Culler, Beverley, 36 Culliton, John G., 107 Cullum, Kenneth L., 85 Culver, Ronald L., 115 Cumber, Fa e Cumberland: Gary, 85 Cumming, Gordon G. Cumming, Roger A., 53 Cumming, Sheila, 88 Cumming, Wilfred S., 115 Cummings, Audrey, 100 Cummings, Donald, 130 Cummins, Colleen L., 92 Cummins, Wilfred P., 92 Cunningham, Donna J., 114 Cunliffe, Lynda, 73 Cunningham, Doris, 92 Cunningham, Lawrence R., 11 Cupido, Frederick Curr, Fred H., 60 Curran, Brian M., Curran, Jlohn F., 52 Currey, ames G., 60 Currie, Carol D., 114 Curwen, Barbara A., 114 Cutright, Andrew J., 47 Cuts, Harold W., 125 Cymbaluk, Jo-Anne A., 92 Cymbol, Frank L., 92 Czajkowsky, Eugene Czarnobaifwsky, Czartorys i, C. P. Czember, Jeanette, 117 Czlonka. Henry Czornodola, Zenona M., 130 D Dabbs, J-amines A., 81 ggcykfl rxliae 1.3 102 Cys n, ur ., 1 Dafoe, lflorman E., 88 Da , Mar aret A., 100 Daif, Geraqd T., 92 Dahlberg, Leslie S. 110 Dalglies , Campbel W., 54 Dalgliesh, Rosemarie galgleisg, Wes, 58 a ln, ary, 110 Dallison, Frank L., 115 Dallyn, Marilyn I., 92 Daltow, Alberta J. galy, ?rania6M., 92 a y, ynn, 1 Daly, Richard A., 92 Dambois, Linda A., 77 Dancek, CarllJ., 92 Dancei, Mari n J., 114 gang? , Carl Ji., 92 anne , Betty, 92 Daniels, Linda G., 56 ganiet. Hoa JE anie , ary . Danchuk, Geraldine L., 130 Dancayger, Morris B. Dan e l, Eric D. Dandell, Phyllis A., 126 Dangerfield, Gloria A., 114 Dangerfield, kames A., 70 Dangerfield. enneth, 117 5 Danielson, Arthur M., 100 Danielson, Richard R., 130 Danielson, Roy S., 83 D'Antoni, Edward A., 46 D'Antoni, Sandra J., 100 Danylchuk, Kenneth J., 126 Danyluk, John, 116 Darb , Ronald L., 124 Darch, Heather A., 100 Darch, Marilyn A., 130 Darker, John E., 130 Darling, Burke E., B1 Darling, David W., 110 Darrah, Edwin G., 100 Darroch, Vivian L., 126 Dash, Audrey J., 84 Davey, William, 41 Daveduck, Nida, 121 David, Bob, 77 David, Lyk A. Davidenas, Jgsegh A., 126 Davidman, ic ael, 116 Davidovich, Nadia, 100 Davids, Harvey A., 130 Davidson Davidson , Alexander, 100 , Charlotte, 100 Davidson, C. Kennie, 63 Davidson, Larry, 83 Davidson, Lynne, 121 Davidson, Richard, 77 Daviduck, Elsie J., 92 Davies, Carol B., 92 Davies, Elizabeth A. Davies, Kenneth C., 70 Davies, Lewis G. Davis, David T., 83 Davis, Marjorie D., 92 Davis, Ronald Sd., 61 Davis-Russell, Bette Davison, Gerald E., 130 Davison, M. Ellena, 42 Davison, Margaret L., 100 Dawson, Albert K., 60 Dawson, David T. P., 115 Dawson, Patricia D., 77 Dawson, Patrick B. Dawson Maureen A. Day, Geor J., 130 Day, L. Wieyne, 130 Day, Michael Dea, isbn L., 77 Dea, ichael J., 100 Deakin, Helen G., 59 Deakin, Ray F. J., 107 Dean, Gary, 116 Deane, John A., 116 Debonnaire, Jean M., 121 Dechine, Aimee M., 100 Decker, Robert M., 110 Deckert, Alice M., 92 Dechert, Dorothy L., 100 Decore, Lawrence, 114 Decore, Lionel L., 114 Dedik, Marjorie 114 Deering, R. Wal e E., 70 De er, Lenard H., 100 Deiilrbnn, Jim W., 110 Deitch, S dney, 111 Derlong, Jiohn, 110 De mark, Frank J. D., 130 Demaine, Michael B. Dembicki, Walter Dencer, Cecilia, 77 Denis, Leo Denluck, Benjamin R., 92 Dennis, L lia E., 119 Denson, Igarlene M., 119 Deorksen, Leona M., 100 Depalme, Maurice J., 83 De Paoli, Dino, 71 De Paoli, Joseph C., 115 Depledge, Robert M., 130 Depner, Horst, 111 Der, Do-Fay, 92 Derdall, Enid D., 58 Derkohska, Leokadia, 122 Derouin, Lana, 100 Derouin, Ronald R. J., 107 Despardine, Sharon L., 92 Desyardins, Ra , 111 Desmarais, Gilles J., 110 Des Mazes, Maurice B., 111 DesRosiers, Irene, 73 Despins, Raymond H., 92 Despins, Edmond, 92 Deuchar, Fay F., 49 Deutschendorf, Erich, 92 Deutscher, Clive O., 116 Devai, Edward Devlin, Kathy, 88 DeVries, Pietirjs., 70 De Waal, Th ore J., 86 Dewar, Kenneth C., 73 Dewar, Richard D., Deweese, Vera K., 118 Dextrase, Euggne G. Dey, George ., 46 Dey, Marian J.. 92 Diadio, George, 36 Dibben, Joan B., 125 Dick, Jane M., 118 Dick, elma C. Dicken, Lila R. Dickens, Laurel W., 42 Dickson, fishes L., 130 Dickson, is A.. 92 Dickson, Phil R., 42 Dickson, William R., 100 Didow, Larry A., 130 Didow, Norma J., 92 Diduck, Lesia, 122 Diemer, Jim J. Diemert, Norman E. Dillenbeck, Edith N., 100 Dimsdale, James J., 130 Dinney, Patricia, 92 Dippie, Brian W., 73 Dip ie, Bruce T., 47 Dirg, Michael P., 126 Disterheft, Irma E., 100 Dixon, Donald A., 73 Dixon, R. Doreen, 100 Dixon, James E., 80 Dixon, James L., 77 Dixon, Ron R., 130 ary Arthur, 115 Dlin, G Dlin, Rhetta, 36 Dmytruk, Rostyslaw, 130 Dmytryshyn, Marshall, 107 Dobbin, Ronald V. Rev., 86 Dobransky, Eugene Dobrich, Joe, 111 Dobry, Joyce E., 92 Dobson, Marjoriil., 100 Dobson, Sharon ., 83 Dochuk, George E., 130 Dodd, Glen, 126 Dodds, Anne, 55 Dodds, Eleanor M., 119 Dodds, Loan M., 100 Dodds, uth E., 92 Dodsworth, Lyle P., 81 Dodsworth, S. Wayne, 81 Doeline, Linda M., 130 Doell, Leslie V., 71 Doell, Loreen E., 92 Doell, Marian I., 119 Doherty, George C., 123 Doherty, Joe, 83 Doke, Bevin A., 49 Dolgoy Dolinski, Eva V., 114 Dolinski, Michael A., 92 Dolynny, Nancy M., 92 Domoney, Wilma M., 36 Donald, Robert E. Donaldson, R. Joanne, 100 Don , Urania, 124 Donhou, Gail E., 118 Donlevy, Eunil Donle , Robert G. Donndlly, John K., 110 Donnelly, Patrick J., 116 Donnelly, Royes F., 73 Donner, Marion G., 100 Dorfmon, Sheila, 53 Dormer, L nda E., 36 Dorosh, ltliiureen M., 36 Dosdall, Emery Doty, James A., 92 Douglas, Diane L., 130 Douglas, Garry, 100 Dou las, . Ian, 81 ohn 8 S Douglas, J , 3 Douglas, Rosemary, 118 Dow, Cheryl S., 92 Downey, S irley P., 118 Downey, Velma L. Downs, Patricia, 92 Doyle, Karen P., 100 Doyle, Shirley M., 123 Doz, Josegh, 114 Draa er, enneth W. Dragland, Stanley L. Draper, Brian W., 122 lgraper, Morris B., 81 reger, 92 Dressel, Glenn W., 100 Drever, Dale J., 77 Drever, Mona D., 42 Drinnan, Beatrice M., 100 Driscoll, Brain L., 110 Driscoll, David T., 77 Druery, Margaret, 117 Drumm, Konrad D burgh, Alevis, 73 Dxrib, Eu ene, 73 Dubeta, Tien R., 126 Dublenko, Donald M., 125 Dub k, Augustine Duchak, Donna, 92 Ducharme, Yvette, 124 Duchminski, Ben'amin W., 60 Duchscherer, Philomena, 100 Duckeriw, Victor H., 83 Dudas, arving., 71 Dudka, Leonar T., 124 Duggan, Nancy E., 36 Dugger, Elizabeth L., 71 Dugger, Richard L., 83 Du ay, Doris Duhldlke, Wayne K., 63 Dumas, Carmen M., 123 Dumas, Diana Dumont, Caroline A., 92 Dumont, 1. Maurice, 73 Dunbar, Doug Dunbar, Robert J ., 92 Dunbar, William D., 83 Duncan, whn, 130 . R., 49 Duncan, Dundas. John W. Dunford, Mavis, 118 Dunki, William J.. 130 Dunkle, Charlotte D., 92 Dunlop, Catherine V., 121 Dunn, Lois A., 100 Dunn, Michael J., 72 Dunn, Robert, 130 Dunne, hmes, 121 Dunne, aureen E., 118 Dunnigan, Francis E. Dunnigan, Robert Dunnigan, Thomas A. Dunnigan, William H. Dunsmoor, Jirn, 47 Dupilka, Eleanor, 92 Dupont, Elizabeth L.. 100 Durda, Dianne M., 92 Durda, Herbert V., 83 Durda, Ronald W., 77 Durkin, Mary, 121 Duska, Leslie T., 85 Dutchak, Evelfain, 100 Duteau, Mabe C. Duteau, Noel M., 92 Dwernychuk, Robert G., 73 Dw er, Mary V.D., 73 Dycllc, Carolyn J., 124 Dyck, Hans J., 71 gyda, getar Ad c , . an , 73 Dyck, Roger 130 Dyck, W. A., 83 Dyer, David K., 124 Dyer, William R., 85 Dyke, James F. Dyker, Donald R., 110 Dykes, Robert, 111 Dzwiniel, L. Carroll, 55 E Eade, Sandra, 121 Eaket, Lynne, 121 Earl, Dee Ann, 92 Easton, Darlene M., 125 Easton, Patti F., 125 Eastwood, Terence M., 73 Ebdon, Ronald F., 85 Ebelher, Marlene, 100 Eberhardt, Elvie, 92 Ebert, William G., 85 Eby, Irene M., 113 Eby, Ruth S.. 118 Eccleston, John, 105 Eccleston, Thomas, 130 Eccleston, William D., 88 Eckstrand, Ga le, 113 Eden, Robert 52 Eder, Christine E.. 73 Edgar, Mariory, 130 Edgar, Robert L., 50 Edgar, Ruth E. Edge, Thomas A. Edgerton, Cardle, 100 Edgerton, F. Barrie, 111 Edgson, James J., 130 Ed er, Grace Edmondson, Jean Edstrom, Sharon, 92 Edwards, Alma, 121 Edwards, Mike, 110 Edwards, .William D., 110 Egar, Sheila L., 130 Egbert, Steve. 123 Egert, Manning, 92 Eg en, Carol, 61 E auer, Anne M., 88 E ly, Jennifer A., 73 Ehman, Donald A., 111 Ehnes, Gloria C., 92 Ehrhardt, S. Wendy, 92 Eifert, Carol, 121 Einblau, B. Diane, 73 Eis, James, 92 Eisbrenner, Siegfried, 130 Eisler, Elsie, 100 Elbe, Harvey, J. A., 46 Elbertse, Johanna, 122 Elchuk, Maryanne, 56 Elchuk, Rose, 92 Elder, Bruce C., 130 Elford, A. H., 52 Elgert, R. Herb. 73 Elgert, Dale V., 58 Elgert, Jean M., 56 Elias, John W., 70 Eliuk, Lillian R., 92 Eliuk, Virginia J., 77 Elkin, Bruce, 73 Ellard, Joan, 114 Ellcome, Phyllis I., 92 Ellefsorgagames E., 92 Ellenw , Lawrence H. Ellenyvood, Richard M., 83 Ellerinston, James D., 126 Ellesta , Lorne, 88 Ellett, Shirlery E., 119 Elliott, C. E izabeth, 73 Elliott, Gordon C., B2 Elliott, ohn F. Elliott, neg C., 73 Elliott, . avis, 126 Ellis, Barbara, 63 Ellis, Jean M., 92 Ellis, imotbR,D., 111 Eliuk, Andre ., 83 .l 1 Fei el, Gillespie Godfrey, Ellsworth, Kenneth G., 77 Elson, Elizabeth R., 100 Elvey, Ruth E., 63 EIDPCY. M rna, 123 Empev. Emil 92 Empey, Donald P., 111 Emersonijohn G., 126 Emann, orman Q., 83 Emann, Marvin Enarson, Dale A., 77 Endresen, Thurine A., 121 Enerson, Ronald C., 111 Engelhardt, Dagmar M., 114 Engelstad, Donald G. Engelstad, Marilyn, 122 Engert, Shirley B., 122 England, Patricia S., 121 Engle, Fredric M., 116 Engler, isbn W., 71 Engley, obert W., 73 English, James, 85 Engstrom, Carl E. Enman, Herbert W., 46 Enns, Alvin R. Enns, Beverly E., 92 Enns, George D., 116 Enns, Peter H., 111 Ennsslen, Dieter, 73 Ensslen, Edda Edgson, James J., 130 Erb, Marilyn Erdman, Douglas A., 111 Erdos, Roy Erichsen, A fred W., 70 Ericksen, Grant, 81 Erickson, Barbara J., 92 Erickson, Gaalen L. Erickson, Glenys K., 101 Erickson, H. Louise, 77 Erickson, Harry D., 101 Erickson, J. D., 86 Erickson, LeRoy M. Erickson, Robert, 71 Erickson, Ron. W., 110 Ericson, Sharon L., 92 Esdale,kRo?ert G. sopen o, erry, 83 Esopenko, Sylvia Esper, Rod Esplin, Gordon J., 110 Essien, Ezekj., 77 Estrin, Davi , 77 Etter, Shirley M. Eurchuk, Michael E., 123 Eutenier, Elaine A. Fearon, Daniel Fediuk, Lawrence Fedoretz, M., 85 Fedomk, Anne Marie Fedun, Har W..110 1-Ivf 101 Fee, Gladys ., Fehlbergi Dieter, 92 Fehler, eter, 101 Eric, 81 Ford, Catherine A., 73 Ford, David J., 73 Ford, George B., 101 Ford, G. Lyle, 115 Ford, Lawrence J., 127 Forest, James Ji, 77 Forest, James ., 93 Forester, Thomas Forgues, Keith O. Feldmeyer, Clemens R. Feldmeyer, Ilma A., 122 Felesky, Assiniboit, 77 geilovyls, grankRH., 83 esta , arry ., 70 Felstad, Donald M., 123 Fenertyi Ronald L., 73 Feng. ichard J., 120 Fenrich,jJoseph R., 40 i::ention,Jai1ne35C., 71 er ey, o n ., 93 Ferch, Donna M., 88 Ference, Harry, 93 Ference, Lorraine H., 118 Forgues, Linda E., 121 Fornal, Joseph A., 129 Forseth, David, 129 Forseth, Gordon B., 127 Forsland, Mrs. Pauline, 93 Forman, Carol I., 88 Forster, David G., 93 Forster, David G., 127 Forster, Eric Forster, F. George, 110 Forster, Mich, 72 Forsyth, Robert D., 116 Fort , Una D., 99 Fortier Geor e M 129 Ferguson, Diana C., 56 Ferguson, Edward D., 43 Ferguson, James G., 127 Ferguson, James R., 69 Ferguson, John T., 81 Ferguson, John W., 63 Ferguson, Sharon M. J., 88 Ferrari, Jack R., 131 Ferris, C. David Fortier, Robeft A., 63 Fortin, Terr, 77 Foskett, Ann, 121 Foss, Martin, 70 Fossen, Jzanet, 101 Fossen, boda, 118 Fossen, Stanley, 93 Fossen, William, 108 Foster, 108 Evans, Colin M., 73 Evans, Eluned A., 121 Evans, G. Burn, 125 Evans, Gary K.. 101 Evans Hubert N., 77 Evans, Jim, 73 Evans, Sheila J., 121 Evans, Timothy K. Evanson, Janet A., 101 Evasiw, Sylvia I., 77 Evenrude, Kirk M., 42 Evenson, Mary L. Everitt, Clayton Evernden, Julia M., 117 Evernden, L. L. Neil, 126 Evoy, Charles C. Ewankow, Iris, 114 Ewart, Gladys C., 92 Ewart, Leslie A. Ewasiuk, Ernest Ewasiiik, Lillian N. Ewaskiw, RL?-rnond, 111 Ewaszkiw, arie R., 119 Ewert, Alfons J., 92 Eyles, Patricia A. Eyles, Edward, 77 F Fabris, Gary L. Facey, George W., 82 Failing, Allan L., 73 Fairbairn, Robert J., 126 Fairholm, David J., 115 Fairley, Dennis P. Falcone, Antonio, 92 Falconer, Bruce M., 59 Falk, Dennis G. Falk, Leslie A., 77 Falkenberg, L. Frances, 100 Falkenber , Terrance L., 130 Fallow, Vgilliam A., 110 Faminow, Venera M., 77 Fantin, Ted Farion, Maril nn E., 42 Farion, Theodore B., 126 Farmer. Robert A., 82 Farmilo, A. Jim, 130 Farnham, Penny, 73 Farquharson, Graham, 108 Farrington, Gordon E., 92 Farrington, Lois E., 100 Farries, Leonard W., 49 Farris, games M., 45 Farris, on, 81 Farwell, Richard A., 110 Faulkner, Gary Faulkner, Norman W., 100 Fawcett, Bill, 77 Fawcett, Norman, 92 Fazil, Mohammad, 108 Fearn, Dianne E., 77 Perry, Bob, 81 Fertig, Warren, 93 Feschuk, Nettie, 117 Feser, Marcelline M., 131 Fester, Etraud E., 101 Fetherstonhaugrlg 118 Fetterman, Ne a I., 93 Field, James A., 93 Field, J. A. Michael, 59 Fieldin , Jo ce R., 101 Fietz, lgonalld J., B5 Figol, Peter J.,115 Fi isek, Rog, 93 Fin later, arrie, 42 Fin erson, Lohn L., 114 Finfay, Bar ara J., 93 Finlay, Donald A., 81 Finlayson, Duncan, 101 Finley, Patricia E., 93 Finnie, Jerrold N., 53 Fischer, Donald G., 52 Fischer, Donald G., 59 Fischer, Edward R. Fischer, K. E., 108 Fishbourne, Maryanne, 119 Fishbuch, Alice Fishburne, Ronald K., 101 Fisher, Anthony, 61 Fisher, Dale N., 63 Fisher, Diane H. Fisher, James L. Fisher, Lewraine E. Fisher, Lois C., 54 Fisher, Margaret J., 73 Fisher, Norman L., 46 Fisher, Ron W., 88 Foster, Carol n, B8 Foster, David'A., 63 Foster James L., 114 Foster, Nina, 77 Foster, Robert L. Foster, William J., 93 Foth, Dennis L., 127 Foulkes-Jones, Peter S., 50 Foulon, Robert, 86 Fonts, Allen L., 108 Fouts, Margaret H., 51 Fowler. Joan L., 118 Fowler, Stanley G. Fowler, William B., 73 Fowlie, Dennis J., 108 Fox, Dou J., 86 Fox, Elizfbeth A. Fox, Helena G., 93 Fox, Judith I., 117 makin, Sand ra Francis, Donald J., 127 Francisco, George I. Frank, Geoff, 129 Frank, Heinz E., 110 Frank, Waldemar, 83 Franke. Ruthardt H., 127 Fransbergen, Kees, B2 Fraser, Betty J., 93 Fraser, Claire M., 72 Fraser, Colin A., 72 Fraser, Donna J., 93 Fraser, Dou las E., 112 Fraser, Phyliis Marie, 93 Frazer, Dennis E., 85 Frazer, James T. Frechette, Ted, 108 Fisher Rosalie T., 131 Fisher: Warren, 43 Frederking, Bob, 108 Freebury, Colin, 73 Freedman, Joseph P., 129 Fisk, Lrighton, 115 Fix, Leona A., 93 FitzPatrick, Arthur Fitzpatrick, Edward Fitzpatrick, Gordon J., 110 Fix, Leona A., 93 Flaig, Mary-Louise, 124 Flak, Vina Flake, Inez I., 93 Flathrnan, David P. Freeland, Don, 127 Freeman, Francis A., 141 Freeman, Gail P., 43 Freeman, Glad s D., 115 Freeman, Jim 61 Freeman, Patrick C., 127 Freeman, 109 Freek French, Clifford I., 59 French. Kevin A. Fleming, David A., 108 Fleming, Evelyn M., 101 Fleming, Peter M., 110 Fletcher, Glenn A., 122 Fletcher, Jean E., 118 Fletcher, Jerry P., 131 Fletcher, Lawrence H., 110 Flett, Margaret, 101 Fleury, Frank J. Flewelling, Judith A., 119 Flewwelling, R. Brian Flint, Dick R. Florence, Heather, 93 Florence, Rod, 127 Florkewich, Bauni, 43 Florkowski, Joanne, 116 Fluet, Sonja M., 73 Flynn, George, 73 Fodchuk, Harold M., 125 Foder, Violet, 93 Foder, Gerald R., 129 Fo el, H. G., 86 Fofey, Jose h G., 73 Folinsbee, Robert A., 127 Folkins, Roger, 48 Folkman, S aron, 118 Fonteyne, Darol M., 88 Foran, Dale J., 122 Forbes, Donna G., 73 Forbes, Allan, 70 Forbes, Frederick J., 107 Forbes Forbes Forbesl Forbes, Gordon A., 83 Laurie A., 107 M. Jean, 70 Victor C., 108 Ford, Allen F., 99 Freund, Leo, 127 Fricker. Harold C., 93 Frioel, Margaret A. Fridulin, Karen, 55 Friendenberg, Daniel, B3 Friendenberg, William B. Friedt, Eugene Friend, Barbara J., 77 Friend, Linda J., 93 Fries, Gordon H., 83 Friesen, Carol J., 59 Friesen, George F., 77 Friesen, Richard B., 109 Friesenhan, Mary, 93 Frindt, Dorothy, 88 Friss, Edward, 101 Frizzell, Dennis L., 63 Froelich. Charles R. FrogTtt,Edwin J., S8 Fro e , Louretta A.,84 From, Judy D., 101 Frost, Edward,73 Frost, 127 Frost, Garry, 77 Fuchs, Peter, 46 Fuchs, Tehodore H., 101 Fuhr, Reuben W., 45 Fuhrmann, Peter H., 111 Fujarnos,Roderick G., 48 Fujino, Tocbio R., 81 Fujita, Hiroko Fujikwara, Fred, 88 Fuiiwara, Sally, 119 Fu ler, H. Diane, 101 Fuller, Hugh W. A., 53 Funduk, Michael Funkley, Carol I., 101 Furnell, haha M. Furnell, argery D., 121 Fustukian, David, 127 Fyk, Boris, 60 Fyten, Marvin R., 88 G Gabel, Gerald F., 62 Gabert, Terrence C., 77 Gaboury, Paul, 101 Gabourn, Constance Y., 77 Gadowsky, Orson, 101 Gaetz, Robert G., 127 Gaffney, Harry K., 129 Gagne, Wilbert, 110 Garrdner, Garry K., 88 Galbraith, David R., 125 Galbraith, Norman J., 99 Galbraith, Bernard G., 93 Galeski, Elizabeth A., 73 Gall, Donald G., 115 Gall, Wendy B., 121 Gallagher, 129 Gallagher, Albert, 71 Gallant, Allison J. Gallivan, Balfour, 73 Galloway, A. Roy, 60 Gallowa , Robert D. Galper, Elan, 127 Galusha, Fred, 82 Gamble, Dorothy, 78 Game, Robert Gamey, Glenora C., 93 Gander, Patricia E., 127 Garbauski, Lulianna G., SB Garber, H. laine, 101 Gardiner, Gareth S., 93 Gardiner, Margaret A., 118 Gardener, Van, 122 Gardiner, Geoffrey W., 129 Gardiner, James R. G., 73 Gardiner, Robert A. Gardner, Donald G., 81 Gardner, Donald R., 81 Gardner, Douglas J., 123 Gardner, Jim Gares, Kathryn L., 93 Garfin, Mari yn, 77 Garlough, Marjorie J., 83 Garrett, Ra C., 81 Garrett, Ralih L., 111 Garside, Ric ard J., 93 Gartner, Donald G., 81 Gartner, Gerald, 77 Garvey, Daniel J., 99 Gates, Robert G., 126 Gathercole, Susan J., 88 Garson, Gary H., 107 Gau, Artur, 129 Gau, Gerald T., 53 Gaudet, Edward A. Gauthier, Donald A., 72 Gauthier, L nne K., 101 Gay, Anne M., 93 Gay, Gary R., 43 Gayfer, Eunice A., 101 Geddes, M. Anne, 73 Geddes, Elva M., 93 Geddes, David R., 93 Gee, iohn W., 109 Gee, leanor S., 52 Gee, Shirley S., 129 Gee, Emil , 122 Gehman, Kenneth W. Gehmlich, Grant, 111 Geldreich, Diane G., 101 Gelfand, Elliot T., 115 Gellatly, James N., 101 George, J. Allan, 73 George, Larry T., 93 Gera d, Georgene Gerard, Edmund I., 85 Gerard, Melvin T., 129 Gereluk, Winston, 93 Gerhart, Charles W., 59 Gerig, Allan, 111 Gerlach, Evelyn S., 114 Gerling, Gloria L., 101 Gerloc , Donna I., 114 Gerritsen, John W., 108 Gervin, Dianne, 127 Gherasim, Edward W., 86 Gibb, Gail M., 121 Gibb, Norman S. Gibb, Georgina M. Gibb, Kent H., 129 Gibbon, Ronaldlg., 93 Giblak, Russell . Gibson, Catriona A., 73 Gibson, David E., 127 Gibson, Gary J., 108 Gibson, Gordon J., 123 Gibson, H. R. Elan, 121 Gibson, Joan A., 77 Gibson, D. Donald, 101 Giebelhaus, Edna M., 93 Gietz, Beverle , 73 Giffen, Frank? n J., 73 Gilbert, Jan IVE, 121 Gilchrist, Garry R., 110 Gilchrist, Joan, 114 Giles, Marilyn, 118 Giles, Norman K., 81 Gilewich . Lawrence L., 101 Gillard, Brian, 83 Gillespie, Anne E., 88 Gillespie, George S., 111 Gillespie L. Joan, 43 Gillespie: Marie, 101 Gillespie, Robert D., 115 . Wendell A., 12 Gillies, Eileen, R.R., 55 Gillies, Gail L. Gillies, Marilynn. J.. 118 Gillis, Jean D. 53 Gilmet, Daniel A., 60 Gilmour, Rick, 48 Gilpin, Robert R., 108 Gingras, Edwin J. Gishler, Jlohn R., 77 Gitzel, P yllis, 73 Glanfield, Brian A., 127 Glasel, Arnold Glasgow, Robert M., 115 Glatz, Gerald A., 108 Glauser, Brian, 129 Gleddie, Vernon M., 34 Glover, Robert G., 129 Gluecksman, Pedro, 111 Goble, E Goddard Goddard rik O., 83 , J. Fraser, 73 , William R., 48 Gobson, Maureen, 129 Godfrey, Noreen C., 101 Paul R., 127 Goebel, Kenneth D. Goedicke, Eileen K., 51 Goedicke, Rita M., 125 Gogolinski, Maril nn, 55 Go owich, Emily 121 Goiiert, John G., 115 Golanski, Mary N., 101 Gold, Marjorie E., 115 Goldberg, Ron, 127 Golightly, Robert C. Golinsky, Grace L., 101 Golko, Donald Golka, Lorraine L. Gom, Emma L., 61 Gom, Herman T. Gommeringer, Matilda J., 88 Gomuwka, Pat, 127 Gooch, Stanley E., 127 Good, James R., 101 Goodchild, Mary, 118 Gooder, Linda M., 123 Goodfellow, Howard G. R., 110 Goodman, Eric B., 101 Goodman, Marilyn, 93 Goos, D. E., 51 Goos, Geraldine Goos, Margaret A., 125 G-005, Ronald C., 101 Gorcak. David, 101 Gordeyko, Bernice A., 113 Gordon, Bette J., 101 Gordon, Caran G., 101 Gordon, F.. Burdine, 119 Gordon, Margaret L., 122 Gordon, Patricia A. Gordon, Robert F., 115 Gordon, Roderick C. A., 72 Gordon, Wanda L., 101 Gordy, James F., 101 Goriak, Peter, 101 Gorr, Jack, 70 Gorr, Chris, 110 Gotaas, Paul B., 85 Goth, Gary, 131 Gottschlich, Irvin R., 110 Goudreau, Estelle A., 77 Gou h, Ralph T., 83 Goufd, Judith A. Gould, L. Grae, 93 Gourlay, Betty, 119 Gourleg Neil R., 93 Gove, erek W., 77 Govier, Tmdy, 77 Gow, Ernest R., 101 Gozelny Jose hine E Graburnl, Williiam L., 108 Grace, Walter N.,101 Graden, Judith A., 101 Graham, Allan A. Graham, Barbara A., 93 Graham, Carol A., 101 Graham, Caroline L., 114 Graham, D. Neil, 115 Graham, David J., 112 Graham, D. Lee A. Graham, Donald P., 131 Graham, Floyd A., 110 Graham, James, 125 Graham, Janet C., 72 Graham, Joan M., 117 Graham, Kenneth J., 88 Graham, Lane C., 125 Graham, Peter J., 83 Graham, Phoebe L., 93 Graham, Robert J., 110 Graham, Ruth E., 77 Grain e,giJhn M.. 116 Granfy, argaret H. Grant, Arlene M., 126 Grant, Betty Grant, Donald J., 115 Grant, Jean, 122 Grant, Jean M., 118 Grant, Linda, 77 Grant, Richard G. Grant, Robert J. Hale, Alan W. G., 63 Hale, James D., 72 Hales, Ro C. Harvey, Diane M., 102 Harve Elizabeth M., 102 Y. Harvey, Joan F., 77 Grantz, Robert M. Graves, Donald M., 40 Gray, Alva E., 93 Gray, Earl L., 108 Gray, Eunice F., 88 Gray, Isabel J., 101 Gray, Gray, Gray Michael W., 125 Neil M., 71 Patricia J., 118 Greason, Anne M., 72 Greaves, Gordon K., 101 Grech, Mary, 88 Green, Barrie K., 122 Green, John D., 125 Green, ilgseph M., 110 Green athleen, 58 green P-hyllis E., 118 reen, er , 72 Green Wiffi'ed J., 101 Hall, O. 60 Hall, Donald, 88 Hall, Edward G. E., 110 Hall, Jnoan A., 93 Hall, enelope, 118 Hall, R. Boyd, 131 Hall, Robert A., 43 Hall Susan 77 Hallgren, Robert A., 115 Hallgren, Norman, 72 Hallin, Margaret, 119 Hallman. Ronald E., 131 Haluschak, Jtinan, 114 Halvo Hama Hama Harna Hama Hamb rson, ichael H., 77 luk. Deanna M. n, Jack A., 41 r, Daniel I., 88 r, Donna M., 72 lin, Gordine, 93 Greenber , Murriy A., 116 Greene, Jbhn C. ., 72 Greenlee, Graeme M., 34 Greenlees, Eric M. D., 77 Greenleese, Patricia, 61 Greenslade, C. W. Stanley, 93 Greentree, Dennis M., 49 Greenwall, Marianne S., 101 Greenwood, William, 93 Gregg, Jwames W., 112 Gregg- aureen F., 101 Gregg, Ronald C., 115 Gregoret, Lawrence W. Gregorwich, Marilyn, 93 Gregory, Milton W., 131 Grerdanus, Thomas H., 115 Greig, Evelyn F., 101 Greig, Lesley O., 124 Grekul, Patricia A., 43 Grekel, M. W., 88 Gremm, Ken, 112 Grey, Roger D., 127 Grieco, Benedict C., 108 Griffiths, Lloyd J., 48 Grigel, Frank, 112 Grimson, Raymond E., 70 Grindley, John M., 63 Grinwich, Daniel L. Gris. Joseph, 86 Grisdale, Bill, 53 Groff, Margaret G., 88 GroPP, Gerald Groot, Jack C., 82 Grose, Bill, 86 Grossman, Allan H., 101 Groundwater, Richard A., 71 Grout, Helen R. H., 125 Grout, William D., 118 Grove, David A., 125 Grove, L nda. 119 Groves, Douglas W., 77 Groves, Terence D., 115 Gruber, Roswitha, 77 Gudjurgis. Paul J., 131 Hames, Donald A.. 131 Hames, Marion E. Hamilton, Donald M. Hamilton, Diane. B8 Hamilton, Fred A., 88 Hamilton, G. Roger Hamilton, Linda Hamilton, Reg., 110 Hamilton, Robert G., 83 Hamilton, Robert S., 85 Haites, Erik, 127 Hamm, Lois J., 54 Hammill, John, 131 Hammond, Marie, 51 Hammond, Thomas S. Hamshaw, Robert J., 81 Hancock, Judith C., 77 Hancock, Peter B., 110 Hand, Keith R., 83 Handford, George B., 88 Haner, Betty G.,-123 Hanington, Crrstrne L., 119 Hanschar, Lawrence J., 112 Hansen, Donald L., 101 Hansen, Ernest G., 93 Hansen, Everna L., 70 Hansen, Graham J., B8 Hansen, ,Sara Bi: 93 Hansen, e ge . Hansen, Jalan A., 108 Hansen, elvin D., 108 Hansen, W. Bryce, 115 Hanslip, Lily D., 114 Hanson, Denis, 63 Hanson, Gerard, 63 Hanson, John, 127 Hanson, James A., 127 Hanson, Larry W., 62 Hanson, Lorne A.. 77 Harder, Guest, William H., 72 Guilhault. Emily L., 101 Gulicka, Elizabeth A., 101 Gullekson, Gay M., 125 Gullekson, Shirley A., 119 Gumhs, Ashton, 88 Gundersen, Karen, 101 Gunn, John C., 110 Gunning, grgdith B., 72 Gunther, nna M., 84 Gurd, David P. Gushaty, Eugene, 88 Gusnowski, Diane H., 60 Gussow, Dave W.. 108 Gustafson, Donald, 60 Gustafson, Margaret L., 118 Gustavson, Marilyn D., 119 Gustrnan, Jo ce L. Guthrie, Wilyliam J., 88 Gutwald, Ralph G., 93 Guzmits, Frank, 46 Gyetko, Horst, 127 H Haag, Sr. Mary, 55 Haa onson, Kermit A., 110 Haase, Guenter R., B6 Habottle, Norman J., 127 Hackett, Bruce A., 70 Hadfield, Philip J., 125 Hadlmlgton, Che l M., 101 Haesse , Walter W., 70 Hafso, Sharon C. D., 119 Hafstien, Beverly A., 118 Hagedorn, Frank H., 112 Hagedorn, James H., 88 Hagel, Ron, St..Joseph's, 101 Hagen, Marcia ., 93 Hagenson, Nels G. Haggerty, Kenneth A., 110 Haggrth, Gerald G., 112 Hag und, Irene Hague, Jghn J., 131 Hague, ola J. Haigh, Terrence R., 127 Hainsworth, Barbara A. Hakengan, Jeffrey, 108 Halabisky, Lorne, 131 Halat, Emily B., 56 Hantel, Burckhard W., 108 Harach, Michael H., 85 Haracsi, Joseph P., 93 Harasem, Joyce, 119 Harasym, Helen, 88 Harasym, Patricia, 93 Harasym, Peter, 131 Harasym, Walter, 101 Harcourt, Judith F., 77 Harder, Dale B., 77 Harder, Heather E., 93 Lornce, 85 Harvie, Jacqueline V. L., 72 Harvie, atti-Lynn, 72 Harvie, Ronald J., 93 Hasinoff, Brian B. Hasinoff, Daniel J., 115 Haskell, Joanne M., 55 Hassan, Jack K., 88 Haswell, Darlene H., 51 Hatch, Lorne R., 115 Hatlelid, Bererlef' E. A. Hattenhaver, Ro f, 80 Hattori, Eugene M., 131 Hauch, Hannelore, 113 Hauge, Hawes, Frankie, 37 Hawka, Irene G., 59 Hawker, Donald T., 86 Hawker, Irene A. Hawkings, Edgar, 77 Hawley, Lillian M., 102 Hawryluk, 102 Hawryluk, Edward D., 77 Hawryluk, dohn R., 112 Hawryschu , Wally M., 60 Hay, Donald L., 114 Hay, Doreen E., 119 Hay, Michael W., 102 Haydamack, Leonard L., 82 Haydamack, Lyle W. Haydamack, William J., 48 Hayduk, Dianne Hayduk, Richard F., 102 Hayes, Ann Hayes, Clayton, 127 Hayes, Dou las, 60 Hayman, Aian D., 63 Haynes, Elaine, 93 Haynes, Lawrence J. W., 93 Haysom, Leigh H., 127 Haz, Josgah John, 110 Hazlett, eoffrey L., 34 Healy, Sharon C., 37 Heard, John M., 77 Heath, Douglas, 93 Heath, Vickie-Lynn, 114 Hebb, Christopher H., 116 Hecht, Volker-Meinhard, 77 Heremark, Sarol E., 118 Hedley-Smith, Robin Hedlich, Dieter G. Heer, Kenneth A., 112 Hees, Eberhard, 102 Heffel, Brian R., 102 Heffernan, Neil, 45 Hegel, Wil iam J., 93 Heggie, Nola Il., 93 Heg and, Shir ey R., 102 Her hington, Donald, 77 Heiikinnen, Richard D., 112 Heilman, Edmund Gerhardt, 127 Hein, Alvina A., 54 Heise, Alfred, 77 Heise, Robert M., 82 Heisler, Jose hine C., 88 Helbrecht, I-fbrace, 82 Helfrich, Ph llis M., 56 Helgeland, Douglas J., 131 Hel , Hans, 93 Hellinger, Marion Hardie, Ronald D. Hardwick, Lorraine E., 102 Hardy, Ann M. Hardy, Clark L., 93 Hardy, Ken H., 93 Hardy, R. H. Stephen, 112 Hardy, Robert W. Hareuther, Garry W., 108 Harildstad, Judith A., 40 Haring, Nolan P., 43 Harke, Douglas J., 63 Harke, Sharon E., 131 Harker, Michael D., 110 Harley, Chuck, 115 Harmer, Gail C., 37 Harmon, Gordon R., 88 Harney, James Harper, Billie J., 93 Harper, Bryce G., 82 Harper, Donald C., 126 Harper, Glen H., 127 Harrand, Jack F., 127 Harreman, Frank H., 85 Harrington, Martha J., 102 Harrington, Mary, 117 Harris, Alice J., 93 Harris, Floyg W., 116 Harris, G.. orra Harris, J-err A., 114 Harris, arry V., 102 Harris, Margaret A., 131 Harrison, Iris J., 93 Harrison, Maureen, 119 Harrison, Walter C., 48 Harrold, Craig E., 46 Harrold, Diane E., 114 Hart, Carol A., 72 Hartwig, Herbert J., 124 Harwood. Arthur M., 122 Haryett, Eldon H., 77 Harvey, A. Dale, 48 Harvey, Carlotta G., 123 Hellquist, Ra G. Hemus, Cy Henderson, Eric G. A., ioa Henderson, George E., 114 Henderson. Kerry C., 81 Henderson, Lawrence, 72 Hibbard, Richard E., 123 Hibbard, William R., 110 Hickey, Allan D., 102 Hickey, Joan E., 72 Hig ins, Eleanor L., 102 Higiam, Derek W. Higham, James C., 77 Higham, 81 Hi den, Elke, 125 Hildreth, Donna, 131 Hildreth, Laurence G., 70 Hill, Cheryl, 123 Hill, lgoreeg R5593 Hill, ary .. Hill, Gary W.. 41 Hill, Harry M. M., 93 Hill, James C., 110 Hiller, Harry H., 37 Hills, George L. C., 93 Hillson, Richard H., 70 Hilstrom, Carole, 125 Hilton, Jgnet L., 114 Hilton, argaret, 78 Himmelman, Patricia A., 72 Hinks, James D., 110 Hinz, Jurgen, 88 Hirning, Wilfred C., 93 Hirsch, Annalee M., 118 Hirsch, Gerald H., 59 Hirsche, Krama K., 124 I-Iirt, Gertraude, 88 Hislo , Mary K., 86 Hladdc, Maurice J., 70 Hladik, Wayne D., B3 Hlus, Patricia, 93 Hnatiuk, Arthur P., 131 Hnatiuk, Barbara, 102 Hnatiuk, Walter, 93 Hnydyk, Shirley J., 56 Hoar, A. Maureen, 118 Hobart, Patricia, 102 Hobbs, Brian, 37 Hobson, Louis, 78 Hodges, John D., 71 Hodgins, Barabar L., 79 Hodgkinson, Richard E., 93 Hodgson, Gary' M. Hodgson, Mic ael C. Hodgson, Richard J. W., 62 Hodmsky, Ronald, 102 Hoeper, Lutta H., 102 Hoeper, eter G., 93 Hof, Paul K. S., 110 Hoffman, Henry A., 70 Hoffman, Shirley M., 119 Hoffmann, Walter P. F. Hofmann, Mara., 86 Hogarth, William A., 112 Hogg, Jean, 119 Hogg, Jlelssie L., 37 Hogg, omas D., 37 Horvik, G. Helen Holden, Kyril T. Holden, Saralee E., 118 Holeton, Richard R., 78 Holland. Gail, 125 Holland, Lowell R., 93 Holland, Roland E., 63 Holle , Margaret E., 102 Holliday, Dennis A., 81 Hollingshead, Albert B., 46 Hollingshead, Gail, 59 Hollingshead, Robert, 83 Hollingsworth, Diane, 93 Hollingsworth, Shirley, 122 Hollingsworth, William J., 115 Hollner, Joseph G. H., 93 Holloway, Diane C., 118 Hooson, Betty, 93 Hoover, Donald L., 70 Hope, John M., 78 Hopkins, David A., 125 Hopkins. Marion, 119 Hopp, Philip G., 127 Hopper, Marion I.. Hoppins, Susan K., 102 Horen, Jim, 78 Horlick, Gary, 127 Horn, Martin, 93 Hornady, Gloria, 117 Hornbeck, Harold R., 83 gornlgy, garrie L., 114 orn y, egg Horne, Brian li., 131 Home, Marguerite E., 118 Horne, Neil D., 93 Horner, Geor ei., 102 Horner, Marige , 127 Horner, Ronald W., 93 Hornigold, Mary E., 102 Horning, Douglas P. Horon, Peter, 88 Horrocks, Michael, 72 Horton, Greg C., 40 Horvath, Shirley, 123 Hosegood. Lillian J., 118 Hoshrzaki, Sam M., 85 Hostland, Gordon A., 82 Hostetler, E. Keith, 43 Houcher, Frank W., 131 Hough, Grace I., 43 Houglund, Lois J., 123 Hou den, Ken L., 94 Houle, Doris, 126 Houle, Gerald, 88 Hourihan, Helen A., 55 House, Bernice V., 118 Houston, Gary M., 85 Hovelund, Vivian E., 118 Howaniec, Richard W., 86 Howard, Dar l N., 127 Howard, Gorgbn W., 82 Howard, Leslie A., 117 Howard. Ma lynne D., 94 Howard, Shiiley C., 37 Howden, Donna, 114 Howe, Fred E., 108 Howes, Harry R., 72 Howlett, K. David Howrish, Ernest D. Howrylenko, Henia, 88 Hoyne, Helen M., 63 Hrabar, George R., 85 Hrabec, Vickie, 94 Hrabets, Ra , 94 Hrehoriak, Kfiichael, 94 Hrudey, Terry M., 112 Hrude , Willie, 131 Hruschak, Joseph S., 131 Hrychuk, William D., 72 Hrynchuk, Fred M., 94 Hryniw, Marion G., 94 Hrynyk, Orest Hubbard. Joan E., 51 Huber, Ronald R. G., 78 Huckvale, Marnie, 72 Huclcvale, Walter C., 82 Huculak, Dennis, 94 Huculak, Joyce A., 102 Huculak, Robert H., 108 Hudson, Diane, 102 Hudson, L. W. Henry, 110 Hudson, John W., 131 Hudyma, Vivian C., 102 Huebner, Erwin, 127 Huebner, Oswald, 94 Hufnagel, Ruth A., 102 Henderson, Lloyd A., 83 Henderson, Paul D., 85 Henderson, Sheila, 119 Hendricks, Peggie J., 93 Hendrickson, Douglas M., 127 Hendrickson, Elaine C., 118 Hennessy, John, 77 Hennic, Shirley I., 93 Henningsen, Gunnar, 108 Hennig, Rodney A., 93 Henry, Donald A. N., 102 Henry, M. Kathleen, 88 Henry, Margaret E., 119 Henry, Neil O., 40 Henry, Tom, 10B Hens xy, Theodore M. Hensc ell, Lillian E., 118 Hepburn, Jean C., 72 Hepburn, Sharon A., 122 Herhit, Marlene T., 102 Hereford, A. Elaine, 93 Her et, Gloria P., 93 Herfe, Wallace, 93 Herron, Alan G., 108 Hertel, Elizabeth A., 93 Hertzo-52 Carol L., 119 Hesch , Marcel, 86 Heschuk, William D., 127 Heslep, Ruth A., 93 Heslip, Patrick G., 53 Hetherington, W. Gary G., 102 Hetsler, Lois G., 43 Hewitt, David S. Hewlett, John C., 83 Heydemann, Hans-Lutz, 102 Heyland. Warren D.. 88 Holloway, John L., 40 Holloway, Robert A., 112 Holmen, Janice, 72 Holmen Joyce A., 84 Holmes, Darric S., 78 Holmes, Donald W., 125 Holmes, Janelle E., 93 Holmes, Richard S., 72 Holmes, Robert J., 93 Holmgren, Donald H., 34 Holm und, Jean M., 51 Holowaychuk, Nick. Holroyd, David, 108 Holroyd, Fay M., 131 Holroyd, G. Gale, 70 Holst, Peter H., 108 Holsworth, Ralph E., 93 Holt, David D., 110 Holt, George R. Holt, Gordon T. Holt, Norman R., 88 Holte, Donald E., 49 Holthe, Holub, Edward M., 86 Har F 41 1-roiyk, Judigx rlf, 72 Holzer, Robert Ja., 123 Holzer, Robert ., 88 Homer, Gordon H., 131 Homik, Richard O. Hominuke, Lucy H., 78 Honey, Karen M., 119 Honeychurch, Sharon R., 81 Hood, Robert W., 83 Hoogendoorn, Robert J., 82 Hooper, Carrol L., 88 Hooper, Patricia J., 102 Hooper, Sherry, 56 Hughes, Allen T.. 102 Hughes, Bonnie E., 94 Hughes, Gail P., 78 Hughes, Geoffrey, 88 Hughes, JsiWesley, 88 Hughes, eil I., 131 Hughes, Nigel S. Hughes, Nina K., 84 Hu o, Joan, 72 Hugu, Otto, 53 Huk, Eugene M., 85 Hull, Alma C., 102 Hull, Bill, 83 Hull, Diane G., 94 Hulyk, Lillian M., 118 Hulyk, Rex,-115 Humeny, lice S., 43 Humphries, Sam, 43 Humphreys, Frances A., 72 Humphreys, gba, 71 Humphreys, argaret, 125 Hunka, Sarah C., 94 Hunt, Dean A. Hunt, Gail L., 55 Hunt, Patricia A., 43 Hunter, Barbara L., 56 Hunter, Cathy E., 118 Hunter, Edward G., 59 Hunter, Gordon W. Hunter, Adair R., 94 Hunter, Harry D., 108 Hunter, ames I. Hunter, . Doirglas, 70 Hunter, oan . E., 94 Hunter obert ., 46 Hunteri Robin Sl, 71. Hunter. Shirley A., 117 Huntley, Mervin A., 43 Huot, aymond P., 94 Hupfau, Peter R. Hurlburt, Kathryn E.. 73 I-lurmatiuk, Leslie R., 108 Hurnanen, Eileen, 102 Hurum, Carol M., 102 Husband, John M., 63 Husband, Noel C., 102 Hushlak, Gerald M., 102 Huston, John M., 102 Huston, Sarah J., 102 Hustwick, John A., 114 Hutcheon, Keith A. Hutcheson, Carol A., 55 Hutchi Hutchi ames C 116 nson, J ., nson, Kenneth H., 73 Hutchinson, Lew C., 50 Hutchi Hutchi Hutchi nson, Linda M., 73 nson, llzynden G., 70 nson, arilyn A., 51 Hutsal, Edwin P., 131 Hutton, James M., 45 Hutton, John G., 73 Hutton, Josefah T. A., 82 Hutton, Wil iam C., 94 Hyndman, 110 Hyndman, Rick, 78 Hyndman, William, 127 Hynes, Sharon A., 78 I-Iystad, Diane, 117 I lble, David A., 102 Alan, 73 I gulden, Eileen M., 78 I lerbrun, William J. Imrie, Alan S., 49 Ingham, Walter S.. 108 Ingledew, David, 70 Ingledew, Jessie L., 56 Inglis, D. Ian, 78 Inglis, I. Isabel, 102 Ingram, Robert G., 83 Ingram, Sharon E., 102 In ram, Wayne R., 131 Ingster, Norman F., 46 Intscher, 102 Irion, Arnold, 123 Idiens, fi Irvine, Irvine, Irvine, Irwin, Irwin, Irwin, Irwin, Irwin, Dawn L., 56 Gail, 102 Noble, 73 H. J., 114 John, 115 eter D., 110 Walter D., 78 W. Wayne, 108 Isaac, Betty 94 Isbister, A vm G., 73 Iwanusiw, Orysia R., 126 Iwasch uk, Earl, 102 Izsak, Josef, 131 lzzio, Joseph P., 82 J Jacklin, Reg 112 Jacknicke, enneth G., 88 Jackson, Audrey O., 37 Jackson, Barbara A., 71 Jackson, Donald K., 78 Jackson, Earl H., 83 Jackson, E. Lynne, 78 Jacobsen, Karen G., 102 Jackson, Joan G., 78 Jackson, Ronald A., 83 Jackson, Wayne, 127 Jacobsen, Claire R., 116 Jacobsen, Karen G., 102 Jacobsen, Sonja M., 102 Jacobsen, Karen, 102 Jacox, David J. Jacques, Leo L.. 81 Ja lalsingh, Lal H., 116 Jain, Hanns-Guenther, 71 J ' z , F ed, 116 Jiikiilidc, Howard, 88 Jallep, Frances, 78 James, Dale F., 112 James, Donald E., 116 James, Ga? 127 James, K. ynn, 63 James, Mavis P., 124 James Robert J. 112 Jameson, John 46 Jamiso n, E. Ann, 123 Jamison, James E., 108 Jan, James E., 53 Janke, John W., 37 Jans, Ronald G., 116 Janzen, Herbret W., 115 Janzen, Rudolph H., 108 Janzen , Sandra L., 94 Janzen, Victro D., 112 Jaques Norman R. Jardine, Lorne A., 71 Jarvrn, Jarvis, Jarvis, Jarvis, Stacey, 108 Robert E., 59 Ronald E., 123 Warren J., 82 Jaschke, William H., 112 Jastrze bski, Ellen M., 94 Jeandron, D. Lorraine, 121 Jeffrey, F. Elizabeth, 121 Jehn, William E., 94 Jellis, Edwin A., 114 Jenkins, David E., 52 Jenkins, David E., M., 127 Jenkins, Franklin W., 102 Jenkins, John K., 62 Jenkins, Lois M., 102 Jensen, Carl D., 131 Jensen, Dwight, 102 Jensen, Ed M. Jensen, Eileen, 131 Jensen, Heber L., BB Jensen, Henry, 82 Jensen, John W., 49 Jensen, Nels E., 110 Jeske, Siegbert, 127 Jesle, Sigrid, 131 Jessup, Ralph G. Jesten, Bertine J., 118 Jetz, Waldemar, 127 Jewell, Laurence D., 71 Jewell, Sandra E., 73 Jickling, Brian I.., 63 Jirsch, Dennis W., 127 Jiry, Ron Johber. Henry M., 94 Jobe, Ronald A., 88 Jobson, John D., 62 Johnason, Ethel K. Johanson, Harriet T., 118 Johns, Elinor, 73 Johns, Malcolm, 45 Johnson, Johnson, Bettie K. Beverley J., 78 Johnson, Carol C. V., 54 Johnson, Clare, 124 Johnson, C. G., 46 Johnson, Dale, 110 Johnson, David, 85 Johnson, Dennis, 112 Johnson, Donald E., 72 Johnson, Elwood E., 73 Johnson, Eric L. Johnson, Gary, 127 Johnson, Gary E., 83 Johnson, Gerald D., 122 Johnson, Glenda, 117 Johnson, Grace M., 88 Johnson, Herb, 78 Johnson, James G. Johnson, Janet M., 73 Johnson, Jean A., 94 Johnson, J. Dale, 131 Johnson, Lawrence P. Johnson, Marlene C., 120 Johnson, Melvin W., 70 Johnson, Raymond W., 112 Johnson, Mollie A. T., 102 Johnson, Myron P., 78 Johnson, Nels G., 59 Johnson, North S., 37 Johnson, Patricia B., 118 Johnson, Robert R., 83 Johnson, Roger G. M-. 46 Johnson, Ronald E., 83 Johnson, Samuel D., 94 Johnson, Sandra M., 102 Johnson, Sharon E. Johnson, Sharon L., 88 Johnson, Sheila M., 102 Johnson, Shirley A., 115 Johnson, Zonia, 88 Johnston, Barbara J., 94 Johnston, Constance P., 117 Johnston, Donald, 94 Johnston, Donald A., 108 Johnston, Duncan R., 131 Johnston, Gary Johnston, Judy, 122 Johnston had M., 40 Johnston, . Joy, 94 Johnston, Manley, 125 Johnston, Margo E., 114 Johnston Nancy H., 78 Johnston, Perry U., 83 Johnston, P. F. Johnston, Sandy, 88 Johnston William J. G., 110 Johnston, William R., 125 Johnston Vivian 94 Johnstone, Marilyn A., 43 Joinson, Peggy A., 121 Joly, Robert, 82 Jones, Adrian B., 115 Jones, Allan R., 73 Jones, Cheryl A. Jones, Enid L., 102 Jones, George, 70 Jones, George R., 110 Jones, Hugh D., 108 Jones, Karen A., 102 Jones, Kenneth M., 112 Jones, Lionel L., 52 Jones, Marge E., 94 Jones, Marie, 118 Jones, Melvin D., 86 Jones, Michael D., 112 Jones, Mike, 102 Jones, Patricia W., 124 Jones, Stephanie W., 124 Jones, Stephen C., 37 Jones, Vernon H., 131 Jones, W. H., 108 Jonson, Halvar D. C., 43 Jordan, 84 Jordan, Joel H., 124 Jordan Sandra C., 102 Jorstad, Ralph G. Jost, Rolf, 86 h Joziasse, Cronelius Jumago, Ralph V., 131 Jurkat, Mari yn H., 94 Justik, Francis V., 83 K Kachman, Clarence, 60 Kachman, Ronald M., 108 Kachmar, Alexander W., 37 Kachuk, Paul, 88 Kachuk, Willis Kadonaga. Ray, 45 Kaethler, Rudy, 108 Kagan, Barbara L., 78 Kairys, Theodore K., 110 Kaiser, Julia A., 122 Kaiser, Lorraine A., 102 Kaiser, Mona A., 102 Kalbfleisch, Joanne E., 131 Kales, Judi, 73 Kalev, Edna M., 88 Kaliel, Kathryn E., 102 Kallre, Henry, 82 Kallal, Robert T., 78 Kalmbach, Sharon G., 102 Kalutich, Peter, 110 Kalynchuk, Elizabeth C., 118 Kaluzniak, Edward, 102 Kaminsky, Judy, 118 Kammonen, Terr , 56 Kammonen, Veikko Kanashiro, Danny, 78 Kane, Harold R., 125 Kangas, Roger M., 102 Kangas, Wayne J., 112 Kansky, Robert K., 131 Kappe hoff, Ludwig C. E., 81 Karbonik, Lester E., 43 Karchut, Brian N. Karczmarczyk, Mary E., 131 Kariatsumari, Irene Y., 102 Karoles, Ronald D., 114 Karra, P. Sast , 71 Karran, Geral?H., 131 Kartz, Jac ueline M., 94 Karvella, George, 85 Karvellas, Helen E., 122 Karvellas, Penelope, 115 Karwandy, Esther Kasawal, Ernest F., 82 Kaser, Beg' Ann Kastelen, ic. R., 63 Kaszuba, Alfred A., 83 Kathol, Dennis J., 108 Kaul, Ditmar W., 53 Kay, Candy, 122 Kay, Dennis K., 43 Kay, Gordon W., 73 Kay, James V., 110 Kay, Raymond, 60 Keatley, Penny J., 78 Keech, Don, 82 Kehoe, Elizabeth A., 78 Kehoe, Francis, 70 Keith, Barry, 110 Keith, Douglas A., 40 Keith, Ro er G., 115 Kellam, Ci, 108 Keller, Bernard E., 94 Keller, Helmut O., 94 Keller, Kenneth G., 82 Keller, Marjie, 94 Keller, Sharon R. E., 102 Kellett, Beverly A., 124 Kellner, Joe A. E., 83 Kellock, Stephen J., 73 Kelly, Barbara L., 117 Kelly, Brian, 78 Kelly, Dorothy, 88 Kelly, Marion L., 85 Kelly, Patrick C., 40 Kelm, Ingbert, 125 Kemp, Gerald A., 127 Kemp, Joan, 131 Kemp, Vernon H., 127 Kempo, Olga, 52 Kemsley, Graham M., 102 Kendal, Brian A., 108 Kennedy, David W., 94 Kennedy, Danold V. Kennedy, Gower A. Kennedy, Harry E., 73 Kennedy, Wayne A., 83 Kent, Robert G., 74 Kent, Sherry Dawne, 61 Kenyon, Donald James, 131 Kenyon, Gordon M., 46 Kerbes. Richard H., 110 Kereluk, Judy M., 102 Kermer, Evelynne Elaine, 94 Kerpan, Mary G., 37 Kerr, Audre G., 118 Kerr, Joan Ei, 56 Kervin, Michael, 74 Keryluke, V. Delores, 118 Kessler, Elsie, 88 Kestner, John Scott, 110 Ketskemety, Terence R., 102 Key, Diane, 117 Key, Lester, 102 Keyes, Mar aret A., 56 Keylock. Alic J. K., 45 Keys, Robert A. Khandwala, Saifuddin, 50 Kibior, Thaddeus E., 110 Kiboi, Martin Nderitu Kienzle, Dennis, 102 Kiernan, Gary B. Kilar, Lucy S. Kilb, Bradley L., 124 Kilborn, Jennifer A., 78 Kildaw, Richard, 108 Killberry, L nn, 124 Killick, Walter, B8 Kimmelman, Carol Dawn, 102 Kmashaw, Robert W. J., 94 Kinakin, 112 Kincade, Larry, 78 Kindrachuk, Boris G., 41 Kindrachuk, John, 115 Kindraka, Natalie L., 94 Kindt, Jean, 55 King, Anna Margaret F., 88 King, Audrey, 102 King, Darlene M., 94 King, David J., 102 King, E. Garner, 53 King, Eugene J., 94 King, H. Stan ey, 116 King, Harry A. King, Lawrence S., 83 King, Margaret A., 72 King, V. Margot King, Wa ne D., 46 Kingsep, Gary C., 108 Kingston, George E. Kin ay, Mervyn G., 131 Kinnaird, Linda R., 102 Kinoshita, Kim, 125 Kinoshita, Mas, 126 Kinoshita, Toyoshi T., 82 Kinsella, Earl R., 63 Kipp, John D., 122 Kirby, Charles R., 108 Kirc meir, Peter F. R., 88 Kirchmeir, Roswith E. D. Kirchmeir, Wolfe Kirdeikis, Albert F. Kireef, Tony, 63 Kirk, James R., 94 Kirk, William M. C., 88 Kirkwood. Roberta J. Kirstein, Sandra M., 88 Kiryllchuk, Peter, 131 Kis imoto, Louise M., 40 Kishiuchi, Maurice, 82 Kiss, Robert A., 74 Kiszyk, Bozena M., 102 Kitagawa, Shig Kitaguchi, Evelyn, 43 Kitchen, Jennifer, 89 Kitsco, Margaret R., 37 Kitt, Jerry M., 37 Kitt, Lawrence D., 125 Kitt, Nestor E., 81 Kittle, 78 Kitz, Norman R., 59 Kjosness, Donald H., 112 Klaffke, Richard J. Klaiman, Murray, 112 Klapstein, Frederick A., 94 Klar, Andrew Klass, Patricia J., 94 Klauss, Marianne, 78 Kletke. Melvin, 82 Klewchuk, Vangie, 57 Klimchuk, Melvin J., 63 Klimovich, Betty P. Klimovich, Edward P., 63 Klinck, Francis H., 52 Klinck, Jack E., 81 Klinck, Patricia Kline, Judith M., 78 Klingbeil. Dietmar E., 37 Klinger, Melvin H., 131 Klipper, Elaine, 114 Klompas, Nick, 83 Klose, Robert E. Kluchky, Kenneth, 127 Kluck, Catherine J., 74 Klybanowsky, Natalka M. Klym, Louise, 102 Knaak, Peter, 78 Knoga, Stanley L., 112 Knecht, Norman G., 102 Knechtel, Murray, 86 Knechtel, Patricia, 122 Kneen, Patricia, 43 Kneller, Irene E., 57 Kneller, Lillian F. Knight, Bonnie J., 102 Knight, George A., 78 Knish, Olga, 85 Knive, Kathleen D., 94 Knowlton, Muriel E., 89 Knudsen, Donald K., 108 Knudsen, Warren W., 112 Knudtson, Norris A., 63 Knull, Harvey R. Knutsen, Vir inia Lee, 127 Knutson, Riciard E., 74 Ko, Wilfred C. C., 110 Koher, Robert A., 110 Kobi, Donald H., 110 Kobie, Clayton J., 115 Kobluk, William D., 37 Kockendorfer, Robert L., 125 Kocuipchyk, Donald, 89 Koehler, William C., 102 Koehli, Ronald J., 94 Kofluk, Russell P., 127 Koh, Arthur, 122 Kohsel, Karen A., 120 Kohut, Myroslaw B., 131 Koistinen, Joyce H., 102 Kolacz, Lucy D., 102 Kolber, Stan M., 74 Koles, Robert S., 108 Koles, Zoly J., 110 Kolesar, Dennis L., 108 Kolewaski, Ed., 82 Kolody, 102 Kolotyluk, Kenneth, 115 Kolotyluk, Sylvia. 94 Kolsko , David Kolstani Alvin R., 102 Komarnisky, Stephanie, 94 Komarinsky, Susie M., 102 Komishka, Ronald A., 94 Komm, Ken E., S6 Komm, Ronald W.. 85 Konasewich, Dennis, 125 Kondratiuk, Russ, 89 Konrad, Abraham J., 72 Konye, Antal, 114 Koo e, Allan R., 63 Kooman, Johanne C., 131 Kopala, Margaret M., 78 Kopchia, Irene E. A., 131 Kope, L. Henry, 124 Kopf, Anne P. Korbutiak, Walter, 112 Korchinsky, George, 49 Korckinsky, Nestor, 102 Korella, Orvyn L., 102 Kornelson, Harvey B., 89 Korobko, Elsie, 102 Korolyk, Ernest J. Kortooms, Kosari, Leslie F., 110 Koshman, Iris J., 103 Koshman, James C., 74 Koshman, Robert W. Koski, Marvin A., 89 Kosloski, Robert E., 41 Kostash, Elizabeth R., 78 Kostash, Myrna Kostiw, Paul J., 46 Kostiw, Victor, 89 Kostk, Patricia, 94 Kostka, Geraldine E., 121 Kostyk, Sylvia A., 55 Kott, Lorne J., 86 Kotylak, Evelyn J..94 Kotylak, bne T. Kotylak, era, 122 Kotylak, William A., 49 Koukoutsis, Panagiotis, 108 Kovacs, Frederick. 94 Kovacs, John S., 108 Kovach, Paul B., 112 Kowal, Walter S., 131 Kowalchuk, Peter, 94 Kowalski, Christa, 94 Kowalski, Raymond W., 94 Kozack, Olga, 94 Kozak, Iris, 94 Kozak, Kathryn, 74 Kozak, Oresta, 113 Kozak, Phyllis J., 89 Kozdkowski, M. Yvonne, 89 Koziak, Julian G., 52 Koziak, Methodius T. J., 74 Koziak, Theresa T., 12.7 Kozub, Gerald, 127 Krahulec. Lorna, 103 Kramer, Jacqueline, 131 Kramers, John W., 131 Kramps, Eugene W. G. 94 Kramps, Yvette P., 78 Krankowsky, Irene, 94 Krantz, Ellen M. Krantz, Joyce E., 94 Krantz, Keith Kratzer, Vern K. Kratzsch. Michael, 86 Krause, Frederick W., 122 Krause, Larry W., 94 Krause, Stan ey A., 70 Kravinchuk, I. Sam Krawchuk, Ronald, 63 Kraychy, Alexander, 108 Kraychy, Sonia E., 122 Krefting, Donna, 84 Krefting, Louise C., 57 Kreisel, Esther fMrs.J Kreitzer, Kay, 103 Krewski, Bernie E. Kricken, Marshall B., 41 Krieger, Jean Kriese, Arthur, 122 Kriese, Lorraine D., 103 Krikke, Egbert H., 127 Krikke, Rene, 57 Krinke, Leokadea, 57 Krishtalka, Aaron, 74 Krishtalka, Nahoma W., 74 Krivy, Gary, 103 l Kroetsch, Sr. Marie, 103 Kroe er, Betty, 121 Kroeker, Herman P., 132 Kroeker, Julius K., 132 Kroeker, L. Joanne, 51 Kroenin , Grace R. D. Kronstedt, Donald W., 127 Kroon, Elko B.. 78 Kropp, Marily, 89 Krouse, Irene M., 71 Kruse, Karen, 64 Kruyer, Jan. 45 Kryklywicz, Senia J., 103 Krykowski, Mary M., 55 Krynen, Willy A. G., 116 Krywaniuk, Larry W., 94 Krywonos, Julia, 121 Kryzanowski, Joanne D., 43 Kryzanowski, Malcolm, 37 Kubalik, Iloyce A., 103 Kubik, V asta T., 51 Kubin, Joyce E., 132 Kubrak, Martha H., 57 Kudryk, William, 132 Kuefler, Edward P., 112 Kuehn, Hazel F., 103 Kuehn, Lorne A., 125 Kuehn, Peter, 78 Kuehn, Robert A., 81 Kufeldt, Molcolm L., 103 Kuhnke, Lydia L., 94 Kuiala, Ronald M., 132 Kulka, Sonia M. Kulak, Harry M. Kulak, Linton L., 116 Kulak, Val 127 Kully, Gera d, 112 Kulmatycki, T., 132 Kupsch, Richard D., 37 Kurio, Gordon G., 127 Kurylo, Alex B.. 103 Kur sh, Mildred D., 122 Kushnirult, Terry E., 103 Kutzner, William, 81 Kuziemsky, Eugenia. 103 Kuzmiski, Joseph. 108 Kuzriecov, Mary A., 122 Kuzyk, Marilyn A., 78 Kuz k, Sylvia A. J., 43 Kvalle, Anne E., 103 Kwan, Jerry, 83 Kwasnie, Valerie J., 89 Kwasny, Eleanor P., 103 Kwiatkowski, John, 94 Kyle, Ann, 61 L Labercane, George D., 94 Lack, Jerry C., 112 Lackonick, George, 108 Lacroix, Clinton M., 94 Ladner, E. Wayne LaFrance, Evelyn. 94 LaGrange, Ere erick D., 127 LaGrange, Raymond S., 64 Lagore, Darlene M., 103 Laing, Elaine C.. 89 Laing, Ian R. W., 64 Laing, William C., 112 Lake, David C., 70 Lake, David W., 116 Lake, Judith D.. 122 Lake, Wilfred G., 94 Lam. Kwonk-Fu, 48 Lamb, Fred E., 40 Lambert, Denise M. R., 103 Lambert, E., 94 Lambert, en, 132 Lamble, Gordon W., 70 Lammie, Gail, 94 Lamont, Lynn, 132 Lamoureux, Ian H., 132 Lamoureux. Raymond, 89 Lampard, Doug., 116 Lam ard, J. Robert, 115 Landla, Saul, 78 Lander, William A., 37 Landman, Helmut M., 53 Landgraf, Clark F.. 94 Landry, Dave R., 112 Landry. B. A. Kenneth Landry, Sylvia M., 103 Landsman, Thomas A., 94 Lane, Frederick A., 103 Lane, Gail V., 78 Lang, Bob, 110 Lang, Sharon C., 89 Langan, Brian W., 46 Lange, Gordon D., 94 Langen, Wilfred, 108 Langevin, Andre J., 132 Langfeldt, Michael K.. 110 Langford,g. Gary J., 122 Langlois, laude. 35 Langlois, Paul, 52 Langner, Mona M.. 38 Langridge, Robert J., 70 Langston, Harrison A., 82 Langton, Stephen R., 132 Lantz, Kenneth A. Lantz, Oliver C.. 43 Laplante, Joseph, 127 LaPP. Clare E., 132 Larcombe, Lorraine Y., 120 Larmour, Frances H., 112 Larson, Annette D., 57 Larson, Arthur N., 127 Larson, Jerrold G., 85 Larson, orne S., 78 Larson, Richard B., 78 Laskowski, William, 127 Latham, Jzack E. 70 Latham, iehml' G., aa Laubental, Cornelius, 132 Lauber, B ron G., 122 Lauber, Ivilervin D., 94 Lauckner, Dietrich E., 49 Lauder, games D., 127 Laurie, avid, 46 Laurin, Richard, 71 Laux, Frederick A., 53 Lavallee, Bernard D. Lave , Joe C. Lavidllette, Lawrence, 108 Law, Chung R. F. Law, Gerald W., 127 Law, Louis A., 103 Law, Merla A., 74 Lawson, David, 132 Lawson, Peter, 103 Laycraft, Sheena E. Laye, Margaret E., 40 Layman, Donald M., 94 Lazardwich, Francina, 118 Lazarenko, Cynthia J., 78 Lazarovics, Anthony J., 114 Lazarovics, Ma , 103 Lazarowich, Ni-iviichael, 132 Lazaruk, Sonia E., 103 Lazoruk, Marolyn, 57 Leanza, Anthony G., 110 Leard, D. James, 103 Learmond, George R., 49 Learmonth, Robert C., 83 Leask, Jean M., 124 Leavitt, Pamela, 103 Leavitt, Wyona, 74 Lea-Wilson, Audrey J., 43 LeBaron, J. Bently Lechelt, Eugene, 127 Lecomte, Val Lee. Kenneth Lee. Lionel K., 112 Lee, Robert E., 83 Lee, R. D., 52 Lee, Ronald, 94 Lee, Sharon E., 78 Lee, Shirley G., 94 Lee, Thomas W., 112 Lee, Trudie I., 103 Lee, Victor, 112 Leeck, Ernie E., 94 Leenders, Maryke Lees, Robert S., 108 Lees, Susan, 54 Leeti, Gordon E., 108 Legall, Paul, 94 Leguerrier, Joan F., 89 Le ebyre, Robert, 116 Lefever, David H., 94 Leffler, Georia M., 89 Lehanky, Paul E., 88 Lehmann, Alfred H., 89 Lehner, Leona, 103 Leicht, Johnn , 103 Leigh, David livf., 83 Leinweber, Allan G., 89 Leiper, Carol I., 61 Leishman, Calvin J., 108 Leitch, Dennie L., 103 Leitch. Gary T., 115 Leia, Annabel M., 103 Le and, Richard P., 83 leMaistre, Richard V., 59 Lemay, Roger V. J., 112 Lemecha, Victor J., 108 Lemieux, Gerard, 82 Lemieux, Lorraine M., 132 Lemiski, Emilia R., 43 Lemke, Dieter, 115 Lencucha, Carole E., 94 Leng, Rosalie M., 122 Lentz, Janice, 94 Lentz, Marie L., 118 Lenz, Christine Lenz, Karen, 37 Lenz, Walter M., 45 Leonard, Carol, 103 Leonard, Larry L., 123 Leonard. Peter, 112 Leonard, Ronald P., 132 Leonovich. Genevive R., 120 LePoole, Marce, 78 LePoole, Steven, 71 Lepp, Victor A., 86 Lerohl, Thorstein, 94 Lesk. David M., 53 Leslie, Alan II.. 70 Leslie, Dona d G., 83 Leslie, Thomas, 94 Lesniak, Kenneth, 132 Leung, Patrick, 132 Lever, Mary C., 103 Levine, David, 81 Levitt. Martin, 53 Levy, Douglas A, Lewis, Carol L., 57 Lewis, Denys A. Lewis, Jciidith A., 71 Lewis, ichael H., B5 Lewis, Robert F., 124 Lewis. R. John, 74 Lewonluk, Alexander K., 82 Libbey, Linda M., 94 Licht, Ursula, 94 Lickacz, Laudy A., 112 Liddell, William C., 46 Lieberman, Murray, 132 Lien, Arthur, 85 Lien, E leanor Lietz, Bruno Lietz, Ervin D., 85 Liivam, George R., 70 Limoges, Raymonde, 103 Lind, Donna C., 78 Lindstrom, Lin os. Helen T., 118 Liniy, Pete B. Linstead, Edward J., 81 Lill , Rev. Robert Linder, George H., 70 Lindgren, Juanita M., 94 Lindner, Elizabeth R. Lindsey, Patriciaf., 125 Lipkewich, John ., 94 Lipkewich, Raymond M., 108 Liska, Ludek, 103 Lister, Leroy K., 110 Lister, Philip Little, Linda, 113 Little, Gloria E., 117 Little, Michael E. Little, William C., 81 Litwin, Nestor W., 37 Litzenberger, Phyllis A., 94 Lloyd, Donald W. G. Lloyd, Tom, 82 Lloyd, Wayne, 94 Lo, Fra nklrn D., 85 Lobay, Gerard W., 132 Lobsm er, John P., 74 Loch, Ernie W., 82 Lock, Maria H., 89 Lock, Robert G., 110 Locke, Elizabeth R., 94 Locke, Patricia, 94 Lockhart, W. James Lodoen, L nn Lodoen, lvl! aureen, 12 7 Loewan, Anne, 78 Loewen Carol, 120 Loewanz Reiner, 110 Loewen Loewen , George, 115 Jacob W., 126 Lofkrantz,gohn E, E., 110 Loftang, C ristopher M., 103 Lofts, Donna, 118 Logan, Logan, Logan, Logan, Logan, Bruce, 112 Helen, 119 Lois E., 51 Mavis A., 103 Robert B., 115 Logie, Victoria A., 86 Lo e, M. Caroline Loglier, Leon H.. 43 Loiselle, James W., 124 Lokseth, Stanley, 103 iomneshRanciy K., 125 oney, arry . Loney, Harold R., 52 Long, Dorothy Long, Elizabeth, 103 Long, Jludith M., 122 Long, obert, 64 Longleg, Bmce C., 59 Loo , mil, 108 Loomes , John E., ios Loomis, Stuart R., 127 Loov, Verner B., 89 Loov, Joyce E., 94 Loraas, Donald H. Lord, Joan C., 103 Lord, John C., 112 Lorenz, Loticki, Kennth L., 89 Cecilia A., 89 Louden, Ronald D., 81 Louie, Richard A., 115 Lou h, Frank, 72 LovEn, lloel M., 103 Low, S via J., 114 Lowe, Jessie A., 120 Lowe, ohn S. Lowe, Ruth A., 116 Lowe, Walter B., 94 Lowenberg, Delmar J. G. Lowery, Brian J., 122 Lowther, Benjamin R., 49 Loyer, Dennis R., 94 Loyer, Ronald, 122 Lozeron, Andre P., 70 Lozeron, Joan E., 103 Lucas, Alastair, 74 Lucas, Gloriai., 94 Lucas, Leonar F., 64 Lucas, William H., 48 Lucow, Beatrice W., 78 Lucuk, Steven, 83 Luders, Leonard G., 123 Luft, Barry A., 124 Luft, Murray C., 78 Lugfr, Robert J., 89 Lui en. Anna, 103 Luini, Albert G. Luka, Nettie, 94 Lukasiewick, Ronald J., 103 Lukasik, Carl Luke, Shirley M., 122 Luk , A. L., 70 Lung Harvey E., 112 Lund, Wendell L., 70 Lundberg, Joan H., 112 Lundgren, Duane. 82 Lundquist, Elsie E., 122 Lungle, Melvin L., 94 Lupul, Eugene John, 89 Lust, Marilyn J., 103 Lutes, Kenneth W., 52 Luttmerding, Rudolth, 103 Luyten, Gwendolynn F., 37 Lyall, Charles James, 108 Lybbert, Helen, 103 Lycan, Gary, Lynch-Staunton, H. R., 127 Lyon, Gerald R., 81 Lyons, Karen, 121 Lyons, Marilyn R., 94 Lyons, Murray F., 94 Lyons, Ricky, 78 Lyseng, Ma colm, 70 Lyseng, Merlin A., 110 Lysne, David E. Lyster, Donald M., 122 Lysyk, Sam M., 103 M Maartense, Gertrude J. Mabbott, Dale M., 110 Mabbott, James D., 53 Maben, E. Loreen Maberley, Al L., 123 Mabey, Wilfred G., 115 Mackley, Reginald H. Maddison, Margaret A., 95 Maddox, Ruby L., 103 Madill, Diane L., 103 Madill, E. Gaylord, 89 Madlll, Sharon K., 103 Madill, Shirley D., 78 Madsen, Albert J., 103 Madsen, Carol A., 74 Madsen, Jill, 37 Maga, Louise M., 95 Ma ire, K. Grace, 95 Mai? Davy K., 48 Mah, Alvin, 110 Mah, Bea, 37 Maher, M. Elaine, 95 Maher, John, 74 Mahon, Bruce R., 78 Mahon, Gary E., 95 Mah-Poy. George L., 116 Mahura, Bert, 60 Mailloux, Isobel D. Maine, John A., 95 Mainman, Barbara L., 117 Mainprize, Mary A., 40 Maire, James E., 132 Majeau, Leo L., 71 Makar, Donald J., 132 Makar, Robert T., 116 Maki, Kenneth H., 103 Makin, Margaret A., 84 Makofka, Never, 112 Maksylewicz, Parnel, 95 Malanchuk, Karen M., 114 Malcolm, Janet F., 95 Malcolm, Keith W., 82 Malcolm, Robert, 103 Maley, Douglas P., 124 Malicky, Jerry, 132 Malin, Lloyd E., 74 Mallen, Brenda M., 82 Mallen, Peter R., 55 Mallett, Carol Malm, Howard L., 62 Malm, Sheila M. Malm, Sylvia A., 127 Malmberg, Lynn A., 127 Malo, Marie A. E., 70 Maloff, Kathryn, 103 Maloney, Marianne C., 103 Maloney, Timothy L., 60 Malowany, Allan, 84 Malpass, Robert T., 41 Manchur, Leona M., 103 Mandin, Henry, 53 Mandseth, Louise, 103 Mandrusiak, Maurice D. Mandziuk, Nelvert, 103 Manley, Robert D., 103 Manly, Gerald L., 82 Mann, Donald R., 110 Mann, John A.,83 Manning, Ernest P., 74 Manning, Gerald F. Manning, Lynne, 37 Manolescu, Donald R. Mansfield, Earl A. Mansfield, Richard, 62 Manson, Brian C. Maple, Eileen V., 55 Marano i, Aldo M., 45 MarchuE?Sophie K., 120 Marfleet, Barry R., 116 Marfleet. Marjorie E., 95 Marceau, Richard, 89 Marcellus, G. Keith, 89 Marcolin, Belle, 103 Marconi, A. Arlene, 74 Margolis, Esta, 51 Marquis, Donald E., 85 Marianiez, Marlene G., 95 Marien, George J. R., 132 Marier, Janet E., 103 Mark, 110 Mark, Loretta, 57 Mark, Sandra, 37 Marken, John A., 127 Markham, Lester E., 132 Markiewich, Jeanette, 95 Markley, Wayne D., 83 Markovich, Paul, 103 Marler, David L. J., 82 Marliss, Errol B., 115 Maron, Carol D., 57 Marr, Andrew H. Marrinier, Wilfred R., 118 Marsh, Margaret J., 123 Marshall, Gael, 108 Marshall, Gary N., 123 Marshall, Jin, 115 Marshall, ichael K. Marshall, R. E. fTedJ Marshall, Rhonda M., 89 Marshall, Clifford A., 103 Marshall, Elna M. Marshall, Robert A., 124 Marte, Doug A. J., 81 Martell, Sandra J., 84 Marteniuk, Ronald G., 61 Martens, Loretia A., 121 Martens, Trudy. 95 Marthaller, Doreen E., 103 Martin, Betty-Gail, 121 Martin, Carol, 103 Martin, Daviddl., 132 Martin, Donal J., 46 Martin Dorothy M. Martin, Fay E., 74 Martin, Frederick V., 74 Martin, Fritz Martin, Glen E. Martin Henry B., 112 Martin Jghn S., 126 Martin enneth W., B3 Martin Laddie, 95 Martin Pauline, 132 Martin, Raymond J., 89 Martin, Richard H. Martin Robert H. 104 Martineau, Joseph G., 89 Marusyk, Raymond, 123 Marvszeczka, David G., 112 Maruszeczka, Michael, 82 Marx, Carl, Athabasca, 82 Mant, Erwyn J., 89 Marx, Lennart H., 115 Marynowski, Borden, 116 Mascaluk, DannycM., 127 Maslen, Maurin ., 41 Mason, Clifford M., 53 Massey, Michaelii, 78 Massing, Duane ., 132 Masson, games, 74 Mast, Ju y L., 43 Mastalish, Margaret R., 132 Masuda, Akid Masuda, Bonnie, 117 Matas, Brenda J., 74 Matas, Brian R., 54 Matchatis, gmyce C., 79 Matheson, avid S., 112 Matheson, H. Dale, 37 Matheson, Robert B., 74 Mathew, Frank H., 43 Mathias, Richard G., 132 Mathison, Lorraine E., 89 Mathsen, Eda, 79 Matt, John A., 119 Matteotti, Rose M., 95 Matthews, Carol J., 95 Matthews, Dennis G., 79 Matthews, J-ohn A. 127 Matthews, yndsay, 74 Matthews, Robert G. V. Mattson, Arnold L. Mattucks, Ruth P., 104 Matwe, Marie A., 104 Matwek, Nick W., 95 Matwichuk, Lawrence M., 49 Maudie, Kenneth L., 132 Mauer, Alvin E., 132 Maureau, Gerrit T., 62 Maurer, Tnrdy Maxie, Lyn P., 83 Maxwell, Lindsay C. Maxwell, Victor F., 50 May, Beryl May, Patricia A., 95 May, Ronald A., 126 May, William C., 112 May, Winnifred A., 74 Mayan, Ralph E., 132 Mayer, Gary A., 110 Maynard, 104 Maynard, Beth, 95 Maynes, Mayowski, Marilynn B. A., Mazer. Fredrick ., 132 Mazuryk, Gerald W., 132 Meadows, Henry N., 71 Meanwell, Richard J.. 83 Meardi, Lawrence, 103 Mears, Gerald J. Mears, Marilyn J., 104 Medd, Theresa, 114 Medland, Gerry L., 81 Medland, Maureen M., 84 Medwid, Georgia A., 121 Medwid, Virginia, B6 Meech, Alan G. Meek, Chester L., 110 Meek, Collins, 89 Meek, oretta, 89 Meeres, Edwin R. Meheriuk. Ernest, 74 McManus, Meheriuk, John Meidinger, James F., 110 Mei hen, Edward A., 125 Meiile, Elaine, 43 Meikle, Waldemar O., 82 Mein, Jenny L.. 119 Meinczinger, Theresa, 95 Meldrum, Rulon, 112 Meley, Bri itte A., 51 Melicher, fobn C., 124 Mellin , B. Jean Melnyiuk. Joanne, 74 Melnychuk, Peter Melnychuk, Ralph M., 79 Melnyk, Dennis, 82 Melnyk, Gloria J., 121 Melnyk, Mary M., 89 Meloff, Rivvy Melva, Louise R., 95 Mendenhall, Grace, 121 Mennie, Robert J. W., 127 Menzies, William D. Meraw, Michael Mercer, Dennis F., 84 Mercer, Kenneth E., 116 Merner, Robert D., 84 Merrick, Alan E., 43 Merrill, Heloise, 104 Merwart, G. Joyce, 117 Messier, Douglas H. D., 104 Meston, Virginia G. Meunier, Clement P., 132 Meunier, Michel D., 110 Meurer, Kenneth B., 79 Meurin, Gordon R., 124 Meyer, Ted W., 79. Meyley, Maxine Lois, 122 Meyer, Walter C., 132 Michaelchuk, Cheryl, 95 Michaelchuk, Dennis R., 132 Michalchuk, Rose Michaund, Henri G., 104 Michas, Nicholas, 37 Michel, Erika 86 Mickleborough, Murray E., 95 Middleton, Keith E., 85 Miekle, Ron J. Mihailoff, Donna M., 123 Mikkelsen, Phyllis, 95 Miklos, Reinhold R., 95 Mikulin, Ronald A. 104 Milbank, Rebecca, 79 Miles, Colin L., 79 Miles, Graydon, 37 Miles, Lorna M. Mil ate, Lyall B., 123 Milie, Fred L., 95 Milke, Marlenelg., 95 Millar, Bonnie ., 117 Millar, Jcames B. Millar, en, 81 Millard, Gordon C., 132 Miller, Caroline F., 121 Miller, Errol B., 101 Miller, Gary W., 71 Miller, Isabel M. Miller, James N., 123 Miller, Jghn H., 79 eith R. Miller, Miller, Kenneth F. Miller, Laurence, 74 Miller, L. Kirk, 104 Miller, M. Keith, 116 Miller, M. Sue, 116 Miller, Myrna L., 132 Miller, Norman R., 121 Miller, Ph llis M., 120 Miller, Robert E., 127 Miller, Robert W., 114 Miller, Sandra F., 95 Milligan, Betty A., B9 Milligan, Geo frg, 71 Milligan, James ., 71 Millis, Leonard A. Mills. J-udith E., 104 Mills, arry W., 110 Mills, Margaret D., 121 Milner, Daryl-Lynn, 114 Milner, Jahn P., 127 Milner, 'chard C., 132 Milsap, Audrey J., 57 Miner, Margraet H., 132 Minich, Irene L., 38 Miniely, Marvin A. Mink, Frank J., 110 Minsos, Ove, 132 Miquelno, Dale B., 35 Miron, Richard, 127 Mirth, Emmanuel, 115 Mis, Mary J., 74 Mis, Walter K. J., 53 Misanchuk, Earl R., 95 Mischuk, Olga, 132 Miskew, Connie J., 55 Miskew, Terrance W., 95 Miskew, Vivian J., 132 Miskey, Clifford R., 79 Missa , Car-mi A., 51 Misura, Nicholas S., 132 Mitchell, Bill, 126 Mitchell, Doroth M., 89 Mitchell, Edgar 95 Mitchell, Heather L., 120 ames A., 43 Mitchell, J Mitchell, . G., 115 Mitchell, Kent, 77 Mitchell, Larry D., 132 Mitchell, Leonard J., 81 Mitchell, Ormond S., 74 Mitchell, Marcia, 132 Mitchell. Stanley T., 123 Mithrush, Gloria J., 104 Mitsch, Margaret, 95 Mix, Lawrence W., 127 Moar, Nola K., 104 Moen, Mama A., 124 Moffet, Elizabeth M., 121 Mogensen, N. Wayne, 74 Mohammed, Shnaullah Mullen, Philip J., 79 Mullisan, John M., 47 Munchau, Arnold Munro, David C. H., 109 Munro, Donald R., 74 Munro. Douglas H., 95 Munro, Laverne, 118 Munro, William B., 95 Murenbeeld, Martin, 132 Murgatroyd, Vernon, 79 D. Brian, 115 Murphy, Murphy, James D., 86 Mohr, Kenneth V., 112 Mohr, Louise M., 104 Moisey, Dianne, 114 Moisey, Ed, 77 Moise , Grant, 95 Moisullc, Joanne P., 79 Mokosch, Eric llzdfiollioski, Bill, 110 o rey, Betty, 59 Molen, Nancy May. 123 Moller. Heinz J., 95 Molzan. Linda D., 104 Monaghan, John S. Moncrieff. Robert E., 95 Mondea, Barbara J., 74 Monkman, William R.. 112 Monsma, Edwrad B., 132 Mont, Alastair R., 95 Montgomery, James H., 112 Montgomery, Spencer Montney, James L., 89 Murphy, Jghn, 79 Murphy, en, 112 Murray, Bryson A., 95 Murray, Carol J., 104 Murray, Donald H., 109 Murray, Hugh A., 104 Murray, Joan, 56 Murray, atricia F., 121 Murra , Shirley G., 95 Murrell, Michael R., 132 Murynka, Lubow, 54 Moon, Joanne E., 124 Moon, 104 Moon, at leen J., 74 Mooney. Pat, 79 Moore, Glen W., 110 Moore, Glenda B., 89 Moore Jean M., 95 Moore, Jo'Anne. 95 Moore, John H., 64 Moore, Laurence, 115 Moore, Lorne Q., 74 Moore, Maureen F., 55 Moore, Robert E., 112 Moore, Robert G., 110 Moore, Ronald E.. 104 Moore, Rose C.. 43 Moore, Terrence J., 84 Moore, William E., 109 Moran, Neil K., 38 Morasch. Donna M., 116 Morck, Irene L.. 132 Morcom. Susan M., 118 Moren. Dale W., 74 More, Roger A., 109 Morgan, Clifford G., 122 Morgan, Donald C., 85 Morgan, Lynda G., 89 Morgan, Terry R., 127 Morhaliek, Lena Mori, Richard T.. 41 Moriartv. Edward D., 81 Morin, 132 Moro, Bonnie L., 74 Moro, Coreen A., 55 Morris, Kenneth W., 38 Morris, Richard, 64 Morris, Rosemary A., 104 Morris, Shari A., 117 Morris, Wayne Morris, Wendi, 55 Morrison, Allan E., 64 Morrison, Bnice D.. 94 Morrison, Gail P., 124 Morrison, Jganne E., 132 athleen I., 79 Morrison, Morrison, Leslie A., 40 Morrison, Norman A., 104 Morse, Robert H., 62 Morton, Margo L. Morton, Ross L., 110 Morton, Stuart, 132 llsdflusiieug, Jackk84 4 u , arvin ., 8 Muyelle, David A., 84 Muzyka, Dennis H., 104 Muzyka, Elaine M., 95 Muzlyka, John.P., 90 Myc al k, Elsie J., 51 Mydanlsilry, lvgzrilyn J., 104 yer, ona ., 121 Myers, Carol n A., 104 Myers, Neil Edward, 79 Myers, Sydney, 79 Myers. William M., 84 Myhre, Randall D., 122 Mykytiw, Larry D., 104 Myles, S. Terence, 116 Mylrlk, Orest M., 64 Myr olm. Gunnar S., 115 Myroon, Lcahn L., 104 Myskiw, illiam R. Mytrash, Mike A., 104 Mac MacAnulty, Peter O., 95 MacArthur, Marion L., 95 MacArthur, Shirley A., 95 MacAskill, Jean, 121 Macaulay, Marilyn, 114 MacCabe. Gail A., 118 MacCallum, Edward P., 114 MacDonald, 74 MacDonald, Douglas, 87 MacDonald, Flora, 74 Macdonald, Glenna M., 78 MacDonald, Iain T. M., 37 MacDonald, Lobo A., 78 'Chard H., 50 MacDonald, Macgacgern, Qllarg ac ac ern, at, MacFarlane, Douglas W., 122 MacFarlane, John R., 43 MacGillivray, Ian, 46 MacGougan, William K., 54 MacGregor, C. James MacGregor, Marguerite A., 53 MacGregor, Ronald A., 64 MacKay, Mary A., 94 MacKeage, Marlene J. MacKenzie, B6 MacKenzie, Colleen, 94 MacKenzie, David W., 52 MacKenzie, Donna R., 74 Mackenzie, Gail 03 ac enzie, o n ., 1 lCenneth C., 132 MacKenzie, MacKenzie, Michael D., 48 MacKenzie, Patricia M., 45 MacKillop, John W. MacKinnon, Ted MacLachlan, Donald A., 132 MacLachlan, MaryVIE., 55 MacLaren, James ., 74 McAuley, Patricia A., 114 McBride, Robert G., 116 McCalla, Nora A. McCalla, Pat, 121 McCallum, Heather E., 103 McCallum, Melanie McCartney, Allan G. McCauley, Margorie D. McClarty, Robert E., 108 McClary, Phil, 132 McCleary, Helen M., 78 McClelland, Allan R. McClelland, Joan McClennon, Larry L.. 50 McCloskey. Gail, 114 McClung, Teo McClure, Garry, 110 McClure, Richard, 83 McComb, Robert J., 78 McConke Delroes J. McConnell, David, 74 McCool, Terry, 59 McCormick, Barbara, 121 McCormick,g. Stuart, 95 McCoy, G. ayle, 103 McCoy, Marilyn, 95 McCoy, N. Nadene McCoy, Patricia, 78 McCoy, Patrick W., 74 McCracken, Moira, 124 McCrae, Susan L., 78 McCready, Ken F., 48 McCready, Thomas W., 78 McCuaig, Sandra A. E., 121 McCulloch, Bruce B. McCulloch, Duncan J., 112 McCullou h, Ross L., 110 McCune, Derek J. McCurdy, Lyall R. McCutcheon, Brian, 70 McDermid, B. McKellar, Marilyn J., 124 McKenna, Francis, 74 McKenna, Joseph, 53 McKenzie, Glen W., 89 McKenzie, Heather A., 118 McKenzie, Helen, 121 McKenzie, James S., 71 McKenzie, Louise F., 103 McKenzie, Malcolm B., 110 McKenzie, Ross W. McKenzie, William G., 103 McKibbon, Clara L., 93 McKill, Larry N., 74 McKinley, Dick, 71 McKinnon, Eileen L., 55 McKinnon, Margaret McKinnon, S. Ann, 95 McLachlan, Carol I., 103 McLachlan, Harvey E. McLaren, Robert D. McLaughlin, David R., 95 McLaughlin, Gordon E., 127 McLaughlin, Sandra T., 78 McLean, Catherine McLean, McLean, McLean, H. Corinne, 120 David D., 50 Graham, 81 McLean, James A. McLean, ary V.. 118 McLean, Peter G., 108 McLean, Robert B., 132 McLean, Robert J., 95 McLean, Roberta N., 132 McLeod, Jean, 104 McLeod, Keith R., 79 McLeod, L eslie T., 74 McLeod, M. Dale, 120 McLeod, M. Pauline McLeod, William D., 83 Mcllwaine, Alice L. Gayle D., 104 McDermid David McDermid, Neil, 103 McDonald, Allan W., 82 McDonald, Arlene McDonald, Brian R., 84 McDonald, Desmond McDonald, Graeme D. McDonald, Gwen, 103 McDonald, Ian R., 71 McDonald, James S., 78 McDonald, Jghn A., 112 McDonald, eitl1 K., 45 McDonald, Lawrence A., 71 McDonald, Margaret 55 132 McDonald, Margaret ., McDonald, Marion A., 121 McDonald, Maureen J., 84 McDonald, Norman A., 122 McDonald, Richard, 95 McDonald, Robert G., 81 McDonald, Roderick N., 132 McDonald, Terence F., 122 McDonnell, Marion G., 57 McDou all, Frederick, 127 B McDougall, J-oan C., 95 hhfzclgougill, Mori J. c owa , ary L., 95 McDowall, Richard A., 95 McEachen, Robert R., 84 McEacbern, Hazel G., 95 McEachern, Mervyn A., 64 McEachern Ray 83 McElroy, Rene A., 118 McElroy, Roderick O., 127 McElroy, Wayne R., 83 McEwan, Jghn M., 89 McEwan, argaret J. , 95 McEwan, Siby J. McFadden. Donna M., 37 Mcliadyen. Robert B., 124 McFadzean, Bruce, 37 McFadzen, James W. McFall, L. Ann, 89 McFarlane, David McFarlane, John F., 112 Moscovich, games M., 74 Mosentin e, . Jean, 95 Moser, Charles J., 124 Moshak, Gordon, 74 Moss, George B., 122 Moss, Gordon G., 132 Moss, lan T., 112 Moss, Leonard P., 79 Mossman, James A., 46 Mossop, M. K. Elaine, 79 Mott, Garrg E. Mould, Ro ert W., 84 Mouser, Allan W., 46 Mow, Joan, 104 Mowat, Linda L., 95 Mowat, Sheena M. Mowat, Thomas G., 79 Mrstik, Gina A., 104 Ivirstik, Youla, 43 Muecke, Gunter K., 62 Mueller, Gerd-Burkhard, 112 Mueller, Randolph R. J., 114 Muench, erome N., 84 Mueske George, 109 Muilw k, Cornelis A., 109 Muir, Gordon, 132 Muir, Gordon R., 49 Muir, Robert C., 64 Mulesa, Ronald J., 112 Mulhloland, Douglas J., 128 Mullen, M. J., 123 MacLean, Frances A. MacLean, Neil John, 132 MacLeod, Alan R., 43 MacLeod, ane E., 57 MacLeod, ean K., 57 MacLeod, orman M., 74 MacLeod, Roderick C., 40 MacLeod, Roderick G. MacLock, Robert B., 78 MacNau ton Marilyn J. h . MacPharion, Calvin MacPherson, Don MacPherson, Eileen F., 95 MacPhee, Barbara, 103 MacPhee, Peter L. MacRae, David M., 78 MacTavish, Allan D., 86 Mc McAdam Brian Charles 8 , . 3 McAfee, A. Ronald, 89 McAfee, John McAmmond, Duncan R., 78 McAmmond, Uriah B., 95 McArthur, Deanna J. McArthur, Ian A., 110 McArthur, Mario, 95 McArthur, Peter D., 132 McAt.hy, Douglas L., 132 McFarlane, Sharon G., 95 McFarlane, Susan, 103 McGee, Babette A., 103 McGillis, Allan J., 132 McGillivray, Grace A., 95 McGregor, Bnxce A., 49 McGregor, Malcolm S., 82 McGirr, Alice J., 43 McGuckin, James R., 74 McGuigan, John J., 89 McGuinness, Patricia McGuire, Shelagh M., 103 McHale, Maureen E., 95 Mclnnis, John C., 64 Mclnnis, Joseph B., 116 McIntosh, Bruce W., 132 McIntosh, Elizabeth T., 35 McIntosh, Melburn R., 71 McIntyre, Edward W., 85 McIntyre,lJohn R., 108 Mclver, B air, 152 Mclvor, Lynda, 118. 121 McKain, Sylvia M., 103 McKay, Dennis M., 103 McKay, Norma J., 89 McKay, Robert L., 112 McKay, Verne G., 81 McKay, William N., 52 McKee, Elsie E., 55 McKee, John R. McManus, Raymond J., 108 McMillan, John B., 132 McMillan, aril n E., 116 McMillan, Melville L. McMinn, Dennis G., 132 McMullan, Dorothy, 79 McMullen, K. Dean McMullen, Louise E., 95 McMullin, Brent M., 84 McMurray, Gale L., 128 McMurtry, Gilbert J., 116 McNabb, Barbara, 125 McNairn, William, 124 McNalley, Roma A., 95 McNamara, Michael A. K., 95 McNamara, Patrick W., 74 McNaughton, Carrie E.. 79 McNaughton, Michael J., 112 McNeil, Larry, 89 McNeill, Heather A., 89 McNeill, Herb, 132 McPhail, Jghn D., 132 McPhail, ichael B., 45 McPhee, Malcolm C., 95 McPhee, Mar aret R., 125 McPhee, Meri E., 125 McPhee, William A., 108 McPherson, Allister J., 71 McPherson, Bonnie M., 79 McPherson, Douglas E., 123 McPherson, Fred, 84 McPherson, Heather W.. 132 McPherson, James A., 95 McPherson, Susan, 124 McQuarrie, Alan F., 104 McQueen, Catherine L., 40 McQueen, Hugh A., 114 McQueen, Pete R., 41 McRae, Helen M., 95 McRae, Howard J. B., 79 McRoberts, Helen E., 104 McRae, Malcolm G., 85 McRory, Edward F., 115 McTavish, Douglas C., 81 McWhinney, Sandra L., 117 McWilliam, Richard B., 108 N Nadeau, Arnold, 81 Nagai, T omas, 108 Nagata, Harry W., 122 Nagel, Gordon, Paul, 79 Na agawa, Tomeko, 132 Nakano, Douglas, 108 Nakashima, elson, 132 Nakatsu, Kanlji, 129 Nakatsu, Pau S. Naplper, Mae Shirley, 104 Nas , Ken, 86 Nash, Peter A., 116 Nath, Edward J., 129 Naturkach, Pauline R., 86 Nawrot, Lawrence S., 96 Naylor, Craig K. Naylor, Gary, 123 Na or, Jatinder S., 104 Neg Robertg., 108 Neave, Geral I., 110 Necyk, Sharon J., 132 Neeser, Glen L., 104 Neilsomgoan, 122 Nelken, harles F., 79 Nelles, Robert B., 115 Nelson, Charles E., 104 Partrid Nelson, Dallas, 112 Nelson, David P., 70 Nelson, David R. Nelson, Dennis W., 112 Nelson, Diana K., 84 Nelson, Dwight A., 116 Nelson, Fran., 104 Nelson, Harold Nelson, Lawrence E., 108 Nelson, Lori M., 38 Nelson, Mabel E., 104 Nelson, Margaret J., 110 Nelson, Michael J., 132 Nelson, Nancy L., 104 Nelson, Ron, 81 Nemeth, James A., 110 Nerneth, Ida, 114 Nemeth, Rudy, 47 Nemirsky, Larry E., 81 Nemirsky, Theodore Nent, Marjorie E., 124 Nepstad, Marlene Neraasen, Terrence G., 128 Nesbitt, Richard H., 132 Ness, Randolph P., 96 Netolitzky, Hans Netolitzky, Ronald K. Neu, Karen A., 104 Neufeld, Herman J., 123 Neufeld, Vivian M., 114 Ne nn Geor eK. 74 uma. N eumeis f S 1 ter, Werner, 112 Neuss, Wa ne Douglas, 47 Newby, Bob, 79 Newby, F. Bernard, 108 Newman, Arthur G. Newman, W. R., 64 Newnham, James T., 109 Newsted , Donna Faye, 120 Newsted, Norma E., 132 Newton, Newton, Niblock, Clive O., 112 Desmond G., 69 Gail M., 119 Nichiporik, Harry, B4 Nicholas, Janice, 116 Nicholl, John K., 82 Nicholl, Linda L., 132 Nicholls, anicelee, 121 Nicholls, Kathleen E., 96 Nicholls, Marian J., 105 Nichols, Loran W., 109 Nichols, Mary Anne D., 96 Nichols, Randall M., 70 Nicholson Nicholson , Douglas V., 44 , G. Gordon, 125 Nicholson, Merril n L., 120 Nicholson, Peter Ji, 84 Nicholson, Stuart, 128 Nickerson, Joanne K., 120 Nicol, Kenneth, 71 Nicol, Patricia M., 89 Nicoll, Robert G., 128 Nicolson, Edwin J., 133 Niddrie, Ronald F., 96 Nieberding, Robert Nieboer, Walter, 48 Niedermayer, Jack W., 85 Nield, Anne, 79 Nielsen, I., 132 Nielsen, Esther S., 35 Nielsen, Gerda K., 120 Nielsen, John A., 79 Nielsen, Ken R., 85 Nielsen, Nielsen, Jrune L., 96 helma E., 124 Nieme, Robert A., 71 Niewchas, Diane, 70 Niewchas, Margo E., 61 Nikolai, E on, 41 Nikolai, Hilmut, 96 Nimchuk, Phyllis, 96 N immon, N immon, Robert B., 82 Terrence W., 79 Niniowsky, Oleh A., 46 Nishima, Ayako Nishimura, Carl Nitikman, Robert M., 41 Niven, Robert D. P., 109 Niven, Robert G., 74 Niwa, Da le E., 62 Nix, Nancy C., 79 Nixon, Blaine G., 40 Nixon, M arlene R., 114 Niziol, Frank, 79 Nobert, Leonard, 132 Nodwell, John Howard, 109 Noel, Roland G., 111 Noland, Gord., 81 Noone, John M., 48 Nordstrom, Wayne R., 96 Norenberg, Kenneth, 104 Norgaar Nor in, d, 104 Ernest I., 97 Norman, Don A., 132 Norman, Trudie L., 120 Norminton, Ross H., 81 North, Leon R., 59 Norton, Norwoo David W., 71 d, Ricky, 123 Norville, Esther K. Nosterud, Rolf C. Novakw ski, Kenneth A., 132 Nowlin, Edith L., 104 Nugent, Nuttall, Michael A., 115 Barbara E., 124 Nychka, Nestor P. Nykanen. 132 Nyren, Barbro J., 123 Nysetvold, David O., 97 O Oake, George R. Ober , Roger A., 109 Oberioltzer, John L., 74 Oberle, Keith, 104 Oberle, Lynn E. Oborne, Kathy, 79 O'Brien, Allison D., 71 O'Brien, Gerald M., 132 O'Brien, Herbert L. O'Brien, Richard W., 44 Obst, Andrew W., 125 O'Connell, Dennis S. Oda, June, 44 Odland, Richard D., 85 O'Donnell, Denny, 124 O'Donnell, am, 79 O'Donnell, ichael, 96 O'Donnell, Patricia A., 104 Offet, Gerald P., 52 Ofner, Lawrence F., 126 Ogilvie, James A., 122 Ogilvie, Sharon H., 104 Ogle, Katherine H., 79 O Gorman, Denis K., 35 Ogrodiuk, Irene, 96 Ogrodiuk, Pearl H., 57 O lhauser, Mari yn S. A. Ohlhauser, Robert Oishi, Osamie S., 109 Okamura, Ken, 132 Okamura, Mas., 96 Oko, Violet, 96 Olchowv, Renee A., 104 Oldford, Albert L., 79 Olekshy, John, 116 Olenik, Ray, 114 Olesen, Larry W., 53 Olesen, Eames H., 38 Olesky. ouglas D., 89 Olmeck, Orest M., 96 Olinyk, Gerald D., 81 Olsen, Bruce M. Olsen, Clarence L., 96 Olsen, Edwin R., 49 Olsen, Lois M., 51 Olsen, Maril n J., 122 Olsen, Neil Ji, 70 Olsen, Ruth Olson, Allan S., 47 Olson, Arthur O., 70 Olson, Cher le M., 104 Olson, DavigL., 109 Olson, David L., 83 Olson, Garth N., 104 Olson, Harry L., 83 Olson, Keith W. Olson, M. Leroy, 112 Olson, Stanley, 128 Olynyk, Connie J., 44 Olynyk, Nadia, 38 O'Neail, Terrence M., 109 O'Neil. Brian C.. 104 O'Neil, Leonard D., 79 O'Neill, Margaret E., 104 O'Neill, Mary E. Sister, 121 O'Neil, Wayne T., 124 Oness, Wa ne, 112 Onischuk, ilillichael, 128 Onushko, Russell J., 89 Onyschuk, S lvia, 104 Opalka, William A., 115 Opanavicius, Alfred K., 110 Oppertshauser, Murray. 104 Opryshko, George S., 96 Opryshko, Peter E., B9 Opstad, Raymond, 96 Orava, Henry R., 96 Orbeck, Connie K., 59 Orbeck, Kenneth W., 115 O'Reilley, Geraldine A., 104 O'Riordan, Maxine l., 89 Orn, Donald E., 79 Orobko, Lynne, 115 O'Rourke, Francis J., 84 Orr, Glen D. Orr, F. William, 116 Ortlieb, Alec, 79 Ortwein, Karen R., 96 Osachoff, Samuel Osadchuk, Richard M. B., 9 Osentongames B., 109 O'Shea, raham L., 133 Osinchuk, Clarence P., 59 Osler, Llo d R., 110 Ostafychui, Patricia A. Ostapiw, Harry, 104 Ostby, Christine A., 104 Osten, Ellen S., 79 Ostermann, Bevis A., 47 Oster, Ronald, 70 Ostfield, Arnold, 70 Ostfield, Faye, 84 Ostrem, Carol, 96 Ostrowercha, Alice, 114 O'Sullivan, Avril A., 79 Oswald, Kenneth G., 164 Oswin, Robert F., 84 Otani, Takeshi Otrhalek, Frank, 122 Otto, Clifford G., 84 Ouellet, William E., 81 Ouerholt, 121 Owchar, Julius W., 89 Owen, John H., 79 Owens, Audrey C.. 96 Owens, David W., 109 Owens, Edward L., 74 Ower, John B. Oxner, John B., 110 Ozarko, John C., 84 P Pacey, Russell James, 74 Paetkau, Verner H., 62 Paetkau, Mark, 74 Pailra, Joseph T., 53 Pa l, Irma, 117 Paul, Norman H., 74 Pain, Michael T., 84 Pakes, Allan, 114 Palamarek, Kenneth M., 110 Palechek, Neil, 71 Paley, David, 133 Paley, Patricia A., 46 Palichuk, Cameron J., 112 Palinka, Lavina J., 118 Palmer, Jjerald D., 52 Palmer, atricia E., 114 Palmer, Peter, 38 Palmer, W. Peter Pan, John, 79 Panar, Panchuk, John, 89 Panek, Carolee, 124 Pankiw,CJohn H., 47 Panter, hristopher, 71 Panych, Dennis P., 128 Panzer, Ursula, 79 Papp, Lohn S. J., 112 Papros i, 47 Papuha, Harry Paranych, Mary Rose, 89 Paradis, L. L., 96 Paraszc n, Edward P., 114 ParcelsfJean, 57 Pardee, Peter C., 79 Pardell, Annie H., 104 Paris, Sandy M., 123 Park, Gregory, 104 Park, James, 48 Park, Lorene, 89 Parker, Brian A., 84 Parker, Brian T., 74 Parker, Joanne M., 89 Parker, Lawrie, 112 Parker, Ronald M., 128 Parks, Ronald H., 74 Parlee, William H., 79 Parliament, K., 114 Parnall, Donnie iMrs.J, 132 Parranto, Joseph F. A., 116 Parry, Dilys, 128 Parry, Joanne, 79 Par , Keith W. J. Pargow, Bonnie L., 124 Parsons, David W. Parsons, Diane H., 74 Parsons, Gillian May, 125 Parsons, Ronald G., 124 LouiseA 79 e, ., Pasemki, Darlene, 96 Pasnak, James, 79 Passey, Robert G., 61 Pastuszenko, Lubomyr Paston, Robert, 115 Paszek, Ted A., 79 Paszek, Telesfor Patching, Charles D., 96 Pearce, Dianne, 104 Pearson, Clifford A., 79 Pearson, Elsa L., 117 Pearson, Howard E., 96 Pearson, Marlene I., 84 Pearson, Mary S., 96 Pearson, Robert B., 110 Pearson, Terry C. Pechanec, Roger J., 112 Peck.. Stanley G., 79 Peddicord, M. Janice, 104 Peden, Fay Ellen J., 104 Pederson, Beverly W., 109 Pederson Carole A., 117 Pederson: Doreen A., 96 Pederson, Hans G., 89 Pederson, George J., 128 Pederson Shirley A. , 89 Pederson: Vera, 96 Pedin, D enis A. J., 83 Peel, Paul, 74 Peers, Sue, 38 Peirce, Joann, 74 Pelachuk, 74 Pelan, Richard S., 38 Pelch at, Paul E., 71 Pelech, Eugene A., 104 Pelech, Patricia E., 117 Pelkie, Marilyn, 89 Pelsma, Helen G., 133 Pelz, Geraldine L., 96 Pelzer, Adolf, 109 Pemberton, Audrey M. Pencak, Ma , 123 Pendergast, Duane R. Pendleton, Janet, 44 Pendleton, Loan, 96 Penkala, Jo n, 104 Penner, David W., 62 Penner, Darrell Ray, 110 Penner, Kathryn, 96 Penner, Leona, 121 Penner, Luella, 96 Penner, Richard G., 70 Penner, Ruth M., 121 Penno, Doreen R., 114 Penz, Annelies, B5 Percy, Gerald J. Pereira, Lawrence J. Pereversoff, Charles J., 85 Perkins. Sandra L., 59 Perley, Leslie J., 133 Perra, Annette V., 96 Perra, Emmanuel J., 96 Perret, Wayne, 104 Perrin, Albert E. C., 84 Perrin, Bruce A. Perrott, Art J., 89 Perry, Chester A., 79 Perry, Colin G., 84 Perry, Georgene R., 104 Perry, Marjorie J., 81 Perry, Richard A., 133 Person, Carin E., 71 Peta, Frankin S., 74 Peter, Peters, Dianne M., 96 Peters, Donald K., 44 Peters, Geraldine R., 96 Peters, Lloyd F., 74 Peters, Marilyn E. Peters, Robert, 74 Peters, Rudolf, 160 Peters, Victor F., 89 Peterson, Barrie E., 81 Peterson, Dallas W., 112 Peterson, Dorothy S., 125 Peterson, Frank L., 41 Peterson Ronald M., 115 6 Patel, Raman D. V., 50 Paterson, Colin G. Paterson, Donna M. Paterson, Geri, 40 Paterson, Patricia E., 57 Paton, Maxine, 96 Patrick, Douglas W., 89 Patrick, Granton A., 79 Patrick, Jane Ann, 104 Patrick, erry R., 54 Patterson. Geor e W. 104 Patterson, Glenia, 79 Patterson, Pete Patterson, Maureen M., 96 Patterson, Randolph Patterson, Roger L., 49 Patterson, Terence E., 79 Patterson, Terry, 96 Patterson, Virginia, 117 Petrie, 120 Petrowitsch, Reinhold, 96 Petruk, Kenneth C. Petruk, Milton W., 96 Petruk, Wallis A., 44 Petrunia, Brian, 81 Petryk, Sylvester, 110 Pettinger, R. J., 109 Petursson, Jon H., 109 Petzold, Armin, 109 Pfaff, Marjorie A., 74 Phare, R. Wayne, 89 Pheasey, Fred, 110 Phibbs, John N., 128 Phillips, James G. Phillipson, Eliot A. Phillips, ean E., 122 athleen E., 55 Phillips, JK Phillips, Melvin D. Paul, Heather L., 96 Paulson, Clarence E., 133 Paulson, Kenneth O., 71 Pauelica, Frances, 123 Pavan, Velia, 89 Pavelick, Patricia A., 118 Pavich, Joseph, 123 Pawiuk, Marilyn, 84 Pawloff, Richard W., 96 Pawluk, Judith A., 104 Payment, C. Patricia, 121 Payne, Bernie, 133 Payne, Lawrence H., 74 Payne, Sharon C., 120 Payne, William E. Pazluk Richard A., 128 Peacock, Fraser, 81 Peacock, J. Patrick, 79 Phillips. Phillips, Phillipso M. W. 86 Orest, 104 n, 53 Piasentin, George, 112 Pich, Ste Pickard, Pickford, Pickrell, Pierce, R ve, 96 Leslie W., 112 Richard W., B2 Robert N., 96 ussel H., 133 Pierce, Sandra L., 96 Piercy, Linda J., 79 Piercy, Lorna G., 79 Pierlot, Brenda, 104 Piers, Ke nneth Pierson, Phyllis E., 104 Pierzghala, Gary J., 82 Pih, Geo rge, 116 Pike. sheiagh N., 124 Pilgrim, 96 Pilip, Kenneth, 112 Pilipchuk, Henry, 104 Pilipchuk, John, 96 Pinchbeck, George A., 89 Pinkoski, Lorne P., 96 Pinsent, Morle E., 133 Pimm, Larry VL, 74 Pipick, Moishe T., 74 Pipke, Gordon H. Piri, S lvia I., 44 Pirot, iviadeleine M., 46 Piska, Sister Marie L. Pisko, Richard M., 47 Pitfield, Ian H., 71 Pittman, Dale L., 133 Pittman, Fred R. Pityn, Eva, 96 Plaami, Phyllis M., 44 Plato, Bernice, 89 Plenes, Donald E., 81 Plican, Walter P. Plotke, Nesbitt Wm., 81 Plotts, Barbara L. Ployer, Richard Plumb, Margaret, 96 Plumley, Madge, 123 Pobuda, Henry, 82 Pochynok, Joseplh N., 133 Pocock, Kennet L., 71 Poddlesden, Valerie M., 133 Podealuk, Marcia J., 104 Podesta, Ronald B., 104 Pognk, Robert M., 81 Po l, Volkmar H., 112 Poholka, Eugene S., 104 Poile, Arthur, 96 Polak, Inez V., 104 Poling, Bette, 125 Poling, R. Lee, 104 Polley, Beverley, 38 Pollock, Danny, 133 Pollock, Don, 105 Pollok, Dagmar, 96 Polovnikof , Donald J., 110 Polovnikoff, M. Elaine Polukoshko, Eddie H., 133 Polukoshko, Kenneth M., 85 Pon, Jerry. 96 Pon, Sherman C. M. Pond, Laraine A., 89 Ponech, William M., B3 Poohkay, Alice M. Poohkay, Anne Marie L., 105 Pool, Judith E. Poon, Brian Pope, John A., 109 Pope, Joyce M., 118 Popek, Henry R., 112 Popko, John R., 124 Popove, Philip A., 85 Popowich, Laurene E., 57 Pora ko, Orest, 54 Porcher, Vic, 133 Porochnuk, William N., 89 Porozni, Bob Porteous, Jayne, 74 Porter, Delores C., 121 Porter, E. Adelle, 96 Porth, Ronald N., 133 Poschwatta, 79 Poss, Elizabeth, 96 Postill, William R., 109 Postma, Wes., 96 Potrebenko, Arthur, 96 Pottinger, Robert E., 114 Poulin, Claire, 96 Poulsen, James B., 115 Pounder, Robert L., 71 Powell, Fredrick W. Powlik, Gerald D., 96 Powlik, Roger J., 116 Powys-Lycbbe, Reginald D., 1 Pozerniu , Emily, 105 Pransky, George J., 96 Precht, Daniel J. Prefontaine, Nicole, 133 Prelypchan, Norman J. Prentice, John D., 70 Presidente, Paulg. A., 128 Preston, Alfred ., 84 Pretty, Reginald G., 96 Preus, Vio et N., 96 Pretty, Roger A., 109 Price, M. alerie, 56 Price, Paulette, 105 Price, Richard T., 81 Price, Wallace W., 64 Priddle, Donald F., 81 Priegert, Jean D., 96 Primrose, John, 123 Primus, Starr W., 105 Prince, John P., 79 Pritchard, Barry Probert, Elwyn R. Proch, Lorna P., 79 Proctor, Carole L., 120 Procychyn, Steve, 112 Prodaniuk, Orest, 105 Prokopchuk, Bonnie, 79 Prokopczak, Lester, 64 Prodor, Leon. Brian, 114 Prostebby, John Laurence Protti, Denis John Protz, Eugene, 133 Proudfoot, James A., 38 15 314 W Prowse, A. Judith Pruden, Jeanette E., 96 Prymak, Joanne, 59 Prystawa. Victor. 47 Prytuluk, Bruce, 89 Prytuluk, Helena Publicover, Henry M., 45 Puchyr, Peter J. Pudar, Iris B., 96 Pue, Diane R., 120 Pulos, Nicholas, 79 Puloy, Christian R., 48 Puloy, Monika Pulton. Jud1yM.. 105 Pundick, G oria E., 96 Purcell, Gerald E., 85 Purdy, Brian S., 84 Purdy, Russell M. Purin, Barbara R., 118 Purkess, George A. W., 105 Purkis, Lloanne G., 58 Purser, Lynne M., 121 Putters, Jean E. J., 96 Putnam, Marizi, 121 Puzey, Anna ., 74 Puzey, David I.. 70 Pylpiw, Aussel W., 86 Pyper, Terrance J., 79 Pyrch, Timothy Q Quam, Bradley, 110 Quan, kim, 58 Quan, orma J. Quandt, Peter L. F. K., 116 Quapp, Wilma E., 96 Queck, Brenda M. E., 89 Queck, Dieter K, Querengesser, Arthur Henry, 89 Quevillon, Irene A., 155 QUJSS. Cardlyn F., 125 Qui , Raymond G., 89 Quigfey, Curtis A., 48 Qui ley, Trevor, 110 Quiiey, Jxzmes M., 84 Quilley, aureen J., 96 Quinn, Jjoseph M., 105 Quinn, atnck G., 84 Quinton, Edwin D., 125 Quinton, Elaine B., 105 Quon, Keith, 125 R Rabby, Barbara R.,105 Rabin, Judith, 105 Rabinovitz, Myer, 79 Rabjohn, Jean A., 155 Raboud, John F., 155 Raby, Jeannette A., 96 Race, Cec., 58 Radstaak, Gail E., 57 Rae, James E. Rae, Dianne Rae, John G., 111 Rae, Betty A., 89 Rae, Jioanne L., 84 Rae, obert W., 96 Raffa, George, 47 Raham, Gerald Raitz, Carney H., 89 Rama, Clarence ll., 113 Ran1er,R. Doug as C., 111 Rarnsaho e, Jim, 74 Ramsay, Barry B. Ramsay, Edward L., 82 Ramsay, James O., 89 Ramsbottom, Wayne V., 115 Ramsey, Sally J., 55 Ramse , J. A. Uaniej, 121 Randall, Ernest H., 111 Randall, Denise M., 105 Rankel, Anthony G., 74 Rankine, Robin P. Rankin, W. David, 115 Rankin, James D., 64 Ranson, William C., 105 Rap el, Myrna E., 128 Raslfo, Ernest W., 111 Rasmussen, Bente G., 62 Rathwell, John H., 115 Ratke, Robert D., 44 Rattray, James D., 105 Ratzlaff, Phyllis Rauch, Jose ine C., 116 Rauh, Juergen, 155 Ravenscroft, George M. Rawlinson, Donald G., 116 Rawluk, Marv., 155 Rawluk, Patricia E., 120 Ray, Carolyn, 79 Ray, Vernon Ray, Norman, 105 Raycheba, Ilona, 74 Rea, Audrey F., 74 Read, Edith J., 96 Read, John B., 116 Read, Stanley A., 135 Read, Stanley E., 115 Reader, Donald G., 72 Reardon, Patricia M., 96 Reasbeck, Berald, 70 Reason, Hilda, 105 Reaume, Ramsay R., 115 Reay, Susan, 125 Rea, David G., 96 Rebus, Alic A., 105 Rebus, David B., 115 Rebus, Robert C., 113 Rebkowich. Thomas A. Rechlo, Edward, 135 Rechlu, Helen, 57 Rechner, Robert D., 84 Ree, Buren R., 125 Rec, Susan C., 58 Reece, Dave, 111 Reed, Ken, 58 Rees, Carolann M., 114 Rees, Norma, 125 Reese, Ralph H., 116 Reeves, Judith E., 74 Reeves, Kenneth W., 105 Reeves, W. J., 35 Redding, Keith G., 153 Redman, Barbara J., 96 Redmond, Sharon S., 125 Redschlag, Kurt, 79 Regehr, etty-Anne, 125 Regehr, Rudof P., 153 Re ill, Dave., 64 Rehmann, John M. Reich, Hans J., 125 Reid, Charles M. T., 115 Reid, Edwards., 111 Reid, George . Reid, Glen A., 96 Reid, John E., 61 Reid, erry C., 135 Reid, Winifred M., 118 Reidy, Jim, 115 Rei'ne, Hil., 125 Reil, Fred G., 111 Reimann, Edith H., 121 Reimchen, Ted., 153 Reimer, Douglas R., 155 Reimer, Henry M., 79 Reimer, John W., 97 Reimer, aida K., 89 Reineberg, Jeanette R., 105 Reinhart, William R., 113 Reist, Marilyn Y., 116 Reitsma, Michael, 133 Re'man, Jerome C., 105 Rekimowich, Barbara A., 105 Remillard, Dennis T., 97 Remington, Barry K., 116 Reminsky, Drest J., 97 Rempel, Henry D., 74 Rempel, Vincent W., 97 Renaud, Kenneth A., 79 Renaud, Roger, 128 Rendle, Judith A., 35 Renner, William, S9 Rennick, Gery D., 84 Rennick, Ronald L. M., 133 Rennie, Sharon A., 79 Rentiers, Paul K., 116 Rentz, Garry D., 89 Renwick, David N., 84 Renwick, Doug. A. Renwick, Marian M., 97 Reschke, Hu o H., 105 Reske, Egon T., 115 Reszel, Jean E., 97 Reuteman, Karen D., 97 Revak, Henry, 109 Revak, Robert D., 115 Revell, Cliff J., 155 Reyda, Anne, 97 Reynar, Alan S., B9 Reynolds, Clayton C., 97 Reynolds, Eileen M., 105 Reynolds, D. M., 97 Reynolds, Herb L., 111 Reynolds, Norman W., 64 Reynolds, Robert W., 111 Reynolds, Russell A., 97 Rhodes, Doreen, 120 Rhyason, Dale B., 109 Rhyason, Diane, 117 Rhynas, Philip Ricard, Barbara E., 54 Rice, Gerald C., 58 Rice, M B. Sister, 105 Rice, K., 81 Rich, 133 Richard, Lance B., 38 Richards, A. M., 97 Richards, Collen, 79 Richards, Bill Richards, Lillian A., 105 Richardson, Brian W. Richardson, H. Daryl, 47 Richardson, Wayne I., 109 Richman, Sharon L. Richter, Jaflhn L., 70 Riddell, verley-Jean, 118 Riddle, Richard D., 105 Ridle , Dennis R., 111 Riebel, Carol D., 97 Riedwe , Edward, 115 Riehl, fudith D., 54 Riehthofen, Gvon, 97 Rile , William R., 84 Rimbey, Donald C., 89 Rimington, Ruth A., 115 Rimstad, Mary L., 89 Ring, Roger D., 64 Rippel, Dale A.. 97 Rip el, Donna, 97 Risdion, Donald G., 105 Rispler, Kenneth C., 89 Ritson-Bennett, Nicholas Ritz, Robert L., 109 Ritzel, Claudia T., 115 Ritzie, Marian, 40 Riva, Leellen M., 90 Rivesthgack L., 97 Robbe uur, 84 Robbins, Edna, 90 Robertson, Michael R., 133 Roberton, Charlotte M., 97 Roberts, Carol D., 105 Roberts, Donald, 105 Roberts, Paul Robertson Daledl., 105 Robertson Davi K., 62 Robertson, Donald G. Robertson, Donald I., 155 Robertson E. Gail, 59 Robertson, Hugh A., 58 Robertson, Kerri D., 128 Robertson Robertson: Robertson, Robertson Malcolm S., 128 Phyllis L., 118 Sandra, 124 William D., 84 Robins, Donald E., 79 Robins, Larry, 82 Robinson, Robinson Arthur Barbara L., 115 Robinsonj Beverley R., 79 Robinson, Bob, 155 Robinson, Robinson, Charles P., 109 Clarence W., 44 Robinson, Donna M., 117 Robinson, Judith M., 51 Robinson, Judy L., 90 Robinson, Phyllis, 97 Robinson, Phyllis J., 90 Robinson, Shaun M., 115 Robinson, Ted J. 75 Rowland, Elva, 75 Rowswell, Sllin L., 113 owswe , Rowswell, Rbha:l1daG., 125 Roxburgh, Donna L., 122 Roxburgh, Kenneth R,, 133 Roy, Caroline, 125 Roy, Helena, 105 Soy, Jo,l1nR oyce, . . Rozak, Daniel P., 111 suggkelzich, Mike, 70 u , ar orie, 120 Rudder, Edmund A., 133 gugialls, george. 105 u ia , eter, 97 Rudkowski, Victor D. gugnislflyjgiugege J., 123 u 0 , oss ., 55 Ruff, Robert W., 125 Ruggles, Kenneth A., 97 Ru e, Stephanie M., 79 Rumball, Thomas H., 72 Rumbolcl, Gertrude C., 80 Rumpel, Richard W., 125 Runole, Valerie J., 105 Runions, J. Ernest, 54 gupltaslig, Gloria, 105 us , oug. Rusnack, Jlanice, 97 l1iusnaik,D errenie A., 135 usna , onna ., 58 Rusnak, Leonrad L., 90 Rusnak, Theodore G. P., 84 Rusnell, Dale, 75 Russell, Anne H.. 52 R sell, Connie E., 90 Riizsell, Donald 115 ei Russell, E. N . 5 Russell, Eva Margaret Russell, Gerald F. Robison, Ivan M., 114 Robson, J. Ann, 79 Robson, Scott M., 128 Rock, Geor e W., 71 Rockwell, lsorma L., 97 Roddick, George H. Roddick, Robert F. Rode, Mell Rod er, David, 81 Rodfer, Ruth C., 75 Rogers, David F., 105 Rogers, Joan F., 90 Rogers, William H., 115 Rogerson, Gar , 115 Ro erson, Willliam H., 79 Rogatynski, Patricia A., 105 Rohrick, David M., 128 Rolfson, Janet, 97 Rollins, Terry L. Romanchuk, Anna L., 105 Romaniuk, Eugene, 97 Romano, Garry, 105 Romeike, Harvey G., 97 Rompf, Gunter, 133 Ronaghan, Douglas J., 111 Rondeau, B., 79 Rondeau, Louis H., 105 Ronezkowski, Sandra J., 57 Ronney, Margaret, 114 Roos, Alfred J., 155 Roosg, James G., 109 Roper, Constance W., 97 Roper, Patricia A., 97 Rose, George R., 97 Rose, Jolaine M. Rose, Patrick H. J., 133 Rose, Robert A. Rosenber , David M., 128 Rosene, Gloria L., 105 Roshak, John, 38 Rosichuk, Dorothy M., 105 Rosiewich, Dmetro, 105 Rosnau, Alisa, 97 Russell, Jcames E., 54 Russell, endall F., 155 Russell, Maureen, 97 Russell, Pamela S., 80 Russel, W. Pearson, 84 Russell, Richard D., 75 Russill, Judith C., 51 Rust, Kendel J., 109 Rust, Raymond R., 90 Ruthecifordp George. 80 Rut e e, at. 7 RutteriGe:lJrgeKD.. B4 Rutz, or on . Ruyrriaekers, Darryl J., 52 Ruzas, Roy C.. 155 Ruzesky. Nap, 82 Ruzicka, Robert L., 75 Ruzicka, Stanley E., 155 gyan, Bruce, 75 an, 0 ce Rican, ivlhna M. Rybachuk, William Rybicki, Irene A., 135 Ry::1kman,hJarlgAes E., 82 R er, o n . Rgdre, Jl'homas M., 115 Ryll, Herbert M., 47 Rypien, Paulette, 97 Ryznar, Gerald J. S Sabey, Carolyn R., 121 Sabine, Robert D., 155 Sabourin, Paul W., 86 Sab , Milo H., 97 Sacliier, Jerry L., 90 Sachko, Irene, 105 Sadd, D. Elaine. 105 Sader, Eileen, 90 Sadler, Melba, 155 Sadler, N. H., 109 Sadler, Shirley D., 75 Sadlowski, Rita H., 121 Rosputny, Elaine, 114 Ross, Anne, 125 Ross, G. Carole, 79 Ross, Cameron, 97 Ross Holland C., 84 . Ross, ames L J . Ross, Linda, 97 Ross, Linda Ross, 133 Ross, Patricia E., 90 Ross, Ronald G., 48 Ross, Sheila S., 79 Ross, William H., 133 Rossander, Robert J., 64 Rosser, Earl L., 97 Rosser, Lorraine S., 75 Rostrup, Elizabeth A. Roth, Albert, 109 Roth, Dennis, 105 Roth, Michael D., 80 Roth, Olive E., 105 Rothwell, Bonnie F., 117 Rothwell, Jane E., 75 Rotzinger, Anton G., 48 Rouse, John A., 113 Rout, D. J., 114 Routledge, Carroll A., 44 Routledge, David, 109 Rovang, Linda M., 105 Rowand, M. Evel n, 75 Rowe, Dwayne VJ, 52 Rowe, Margaret E., 97 Rowed. Daphne D.. 80 Sadoway, Sylvia. 80 Sadoway. Richard, 97 Sadownik, Olivia L., 58 Sadownik, K. Ronald, 97 Saffcel, Yivlgm 81 Sai , Li .. Sainty, Geoffrey E., 97 Saka, Tucker T., 111 Sakal, Ronald, 109 Sakaluk, Thomas E., 155 Sakatch, Brenda K., 105 Saliwonchuk, Donna H., 10 Salmon, Calvin R., 97 Salmon, Ronald E., 113 galsa11gIerMGaryIE., 122 a t, . a - ane, Salter, EdnarP., 105 Salter, Marilynne L., 97 Saltvold, James R., 109 Salyda, HelenBS., 121 Sam, Francis . Sambir, Roman S. Samborslg, Dave, 125 gamidaialulga, 117 amis, 1 Sammons, Clare A., 90 Samoil, Basil M., 111 Samoil, iiAnn A., 97 Samoil, argaret Samson, Patricia, 125 Samson, S. Gordon 5 Sanche, Henry A., 64 Sande, Barbara, 155 Sande, Gordon T., 125 Sandercock, George R. Sanderman, Robert J. H.. 82 Sanders, Donald B., 105 Sanderson, Stanley, 40 Sandham, James D., 128 Sandhu. Baljinder Sandilands, Mark, 58 Sandilands, Richard D., 85 Sandmailer, Marvis, 105 Sanford. Linda J., 118 Sankeralli, Ainsley R. Sapkos, Stanley W. P., 85 Saretsky, Dennis W., 105 Sargent, Joan E., 80 Sargent, Lafern F., 80 Sarnecki, Mary A., 97 Sartison, Telmor G., 75 Sahte, Prabhakar M., 109 Sattin, Henry G., 109 Sauder, Harvey E., 86 Saunders, iBrianJ A. Saunders, Dale E., 105 Saunders, Fred W., 123 Saunders, Lorna, 75 Saunders, Robert W., 82 Saunders, William M., 111 Savage. Gerald F., 128 Savard, Patricia, 90 Savich, Delores M., 105 Saville, Francis M., 105 Savitsky, Dennis, 97 Savoie, Judith J. Sawada, Daiyo, 90 Sawatzky, Andrew J., 75 Sawatzky, Lavera M., 97 Sawatzky, Waldo A., 97 Sawchuk, Joyce D. Sawitskg Dianne J., 105 Saxby, avid J., 109 Saxton, Geoffrey H., 114 Sagko, John H., 133 Sc aab, Loretta J., 105 Schaab, Lorraine J., 105 Schabert, Elsie, 97 Schacher, Dee J., 97 Schaefer, Donald G., 62 Schaffer, Laverne, 133 Schaffrick, Will B., 111 Schaitel, Lyle M., 155 Schamunn, Dwaine R., 105 Scharf, Lack Schattsc neider, Hazel J., 120 Schaugmever, Gary E., 111 Schec tl, Arthur, 90 Scheffer, John, 113 Scheffler, Klaus E., 75 Scheierman, Sandra E., 38 Schepanovich, Branny Schere, Dale L., 40 gcgettle-I Berriilce, 57 c eun age, en ., 113 Schieman, MarilyriiIE., 120 Schienbein, Doreen A., 121 Schile, John P., 90 Schimke, Miriam M. Schindler, Frederick R. Schissler, Carol A., 116 Schissler, Loraine, 117 Schiwy, Erich W., 47 Schlaut, Joseph H., 111 Schlecker, Kathleen M., 105 Schlender, Gloria A., 105 Schloss, Eric, 54 Schloss, Barry Martin, 116 Schmidt, Dou las J., 180 Schmidt, Editg, 97 Schmidt, Heinz, 111 Schmidt, Igohn H., 111 Schmitt, hyllis J., 90 Schneck, Dennis W., 115 Schneider, Valkmar, 105 Schnee, Patricia M., 90 Schnee, Paul F., 128 Schoen, Jane V., 105 Schoenrock, Fred D., 90 Schoepp, Walter F., 97 Schoefield, Fay, 80 Scholton, Allan J., 84 Scholten, ohannes, 128 iola G. Schooler, 5' Schooley, Katherine, 117 Schooley, Patricia J., 57 Schrader, Darlene M., 97 Schra , Leone R., 75 Schregier, Fred, 90 Schrock, Barbara R., 105 Schrock, Lauraal., 115 Schroder, Davi J., 70 Schuld, Albert J., 113 Schuld, Evelyn M., 44 Schuld, Fred W., 70 Schuller, Reg, 97 Schultz, David, B1 Schultz, Donald E., 97 Schultz, Gerald A. Schultz, Gilbert A., 128 Schultz, Herbert. 115 Schultz, Larry V., 155 Schultz, Leonard C. R., 97 Schul z, Robert L., 115 Schulz, Alfred R., 115 Schulz, Gordon H.. 116 Schulz, Heinz F., 70 Scogland, Donna-Marie, 97 sf- Marie Edna' 97 6 Schurek, Sharron, 75 Schuster, Ronald D., 59 Schuurmans, Louie J., 109 Schwa nke, Dorthea M., 97 Schweitzer, Ruth E., 105 Scoffield, Winona C., 80 Sharpe, Ronald B. Sharpe, Sharon D., 105 Sharplin, Christotiaher D., 80 Sharplin, Richar , 80 Shaver, Shirley, 97 Shaw Arthur H., 75 Sinclair, Walter D., 41 Sinden, Elizabeth A., 90 Singer, David L., 85 Singh, Sukhdial, 109 Sinton, Mary L., 97 Sirdar, Jerry F. P., 12B Solony. Halyna. 133 Solowiejke. Lidia, 80 Somers, Bill, 44 Somogyi-Csizmazia, Kathleen 128 Sonmor, David L., 38 Scotney, Douglas W., 97 Scott, Catherine A. Scott, Clara A., 105 Scott, Ga le E., 57 Scott, Helen, 75 Scott, John D. Scott, John J., 75 Scott, ,Eine A., 97 Scott, en D., 123 Scott, Kenneth J., 105 Scott, Lorne W.. 38 Scott, Michael D., 109 Scott, John R., 133 Scott, John W. Scott, William A., 47 Scotvold, John, 105 Scraba, Elana, 80 Scraba, Dou las G., 44 Scramstda, William D. Scucchi, G. Maria Seaborn, John R. W., 116 Scale, kan G., 128 Selac, on, 35 Sealy, Spencer G., 128 Sears, John T., 97 Sebastion, Evelyn M., 105 Sebastiaiv, Lois F., 75 Sebo, Tarjair S., 113 Sebulsky, Alvin G. Secker, John F. M., 35 Seefried, Genevieve M., 121 Seeger, George, 75 Seeman, Eda M., 71 Segal, Esther, 61 Seitinger, Hilda W. Seitz, Dianna R., 105 Seland, Thomas P., 115 Selesky, Marion, 105 Selk, Ruedon, 85 Secter, Barbara, 115 Semadeni, D. Gilberta, 123 Semeniuk, Alexander, 111 Semeniuk, Jean, 123 Semeniuk, Sophie, 90 Semeniuk, Suzanne J., 97 Shaw: Blair R. Semchuk, Taras P., 80 Semeluk, Marion S., 37 Semeniuk, Nina S., 97 Semku le Mron 11 , Y. Y , . 5 Semotiuk, Darwin, 124 Semrau, J. Don, 111 Senesh Seney, en, Maurice, 41 Donald C., 71 Seniuta, Jeannette, 105 Senkow, Robert W., 133 Sereda , Andrew W., 115 Sereda, Arthur A., 82 Sereda, Daniel D. Sereda, David R., 47 Sereda, Elaine Sereda, Ipynn, 44 Sereda argaret B., 75 Seredaj Pat, 114 Sereda, William M., 116 Serediak, Eugene M., 84 Serenas, Louise A., 105 Serna, Andy, 64 Serna, Mray R., 105 Serna, Raymond W.. 111 Serra, John W., 109 Service, Sharon M., 97 Seth, Alice J., 90 Seth, Helen E., 38 Seto, Philip Severin, George, 90 Severin, Lillian I., 105 Seward, Peter J., 105 Sexty, Robert W., 81 Seyer, Frederick A., 45 Seyer, Walter G., 109 Seymour, M. Alison, 38 Seymo ur, Patrick Shachnowich, William J., 75 Shacker, Carole, 97 Shalker, 115 Shakus, Veronica Shalapay, Edna O., 57 Shamper, Dawne-Marie Shan, Don, 105 Shanahan, Ernie J., 75 Shand, Frances A., 90 Shandro, Fred W., 133 Shandro, Leonard A., 105 Shandro, Nicholas, 105 Shandro, Peter W., 133 Shand Shand ro, Ron, 113 ro, S lvia, 90 Shank. I.. Sltandley, 75 Shankowski, Allison E., 48 Shanks, Anne A., 97 Shann on, Donna M., 122 Shantz, Carol J., 90 Shaw, Charlene G., 133 Shaw, C. Frances, 90 Shaw, Geor e S., 61 Shaw, Ian Shaw, kick, 111 Shaw, illicent A. Shaw, Rosalie D., 122 Shaw, William E. F., 113 Sheahan, Mary A., 59 Sheehan, Maureen A., 97 Sheehan, Thomas R., 97 Sheets, Marvin L., 97 Shefsky, Dave, 115 Shein, Stella, 97 Shelton, David C., 97 Shelton, Eric H., 111 Shemanko, Jane, 97 Shemeluck, Dennis O., 133 Shemeluck, Myrna I., 80 Shepansky, Tannia, 97 Shepherd, Kenneth J., 111 Sheppard, Carol A., 116 Sheppard, Donald H., 40 Sheppard, Gail E., 97 Sheppard, Linda, 97 Sheppard, Lloyd W., 106 Sheppy, Eileen M. Sheppy, Glenn R., 80 Sheptychi, Mariann B., 80 Sherbanuk, Margo, 106 Shera, Patrick W., 133 Sheremeta, Richard, 128 Shermack, Mary A., 128 Sherman, John A., 64 Sherman, William, 133 Sherratt, Lois. 121 Sherrer, Carole R. M., 106 Sherwin, Gordon K., 84 Sherwin, Wally A., 81 Sherwood, Frances 90 Shewchuk, Beverley A., 59 Shewchuk, George R., 86 Shewchuk, Lorraine A., 97 Shewchuk, Jean A., 118 Shiar, Bruce W., 111 Shields, Tom, 97 Shillabeer, David A., 109 Shillabeer, John, 123 Shimek, Lydia M.. 120 Shipka, Larry 122 Shipley, Bever e A., 97 Shirley, George E., 81 Shobe, Charles R., 86 Shonn, Bonnie A., 97 Shlopak, Rosemarie G., 106 Shopik, Michael Shore, Patricia J. Short, George D., 97 Shostak, Peter. 97 Showalter, Kathleen, 35 Shubert, Don F.. 97 Shubert, Edward E., 116 Shuell, Joyce C., 106 Shuell, Phyllis A., 106 Shugarman, David A.. 75 Shulba. Annabelle J-. 90 Shutt, Ken, 54 Shymko, Ronald M., 133 Shymoniak, Leonard B., 90 Sibbald, Judy. 90 Sickoff, Lee, 113 Sickoff, Sharon D., 90 Siddon, Thomas E. Side, James, 82 Siemens, Catherine A., 80 Siemens, Neil, 111 Sierpinski, Iloyce, 121 Sills, Rona d L., 133 Silverton, Ernest W., B1 Sikora, Elizabeth, 106 Silver, Philip J., 75 Sim, Leona A., 97 Simala, Anne M., 80 Simbalist, Edward E., 75 Simichak, Henry, 116 Simmermon, Robert H., 82 Simmonds, David R. Simoneau, Maurice L., 85 Simonin, Dennis A., 106 Simon, Gerlinde Simons, Alexander J., 86 Simons, Audrey E., 97 Simons, Morris, 97 Simonson, Dave Simonson, Vivian E., 117 Simpson, Ardyth A., 106 Simpson, Gary R., 106 Simpson, Jghn R., 97 Simpson, en, 113 Simpson, Larry E., 86 Simpson. Robert B., 106 Sims, Harry V., 128 Sissons, Janice J., 118 Sitler, Eunic Marie, 97 Sivertsen, Kenneth, 84 Sivertsen, Robert H., 84 Sixsmith, Kenneth A. Skaret, Delmer, 90 Skiba, Rose E., 106 Skinner, Nickolas, 64 Skinner, Rae L., 80 Skitsko, Peter J. Skowronski, Leonard M. Skripitsky, Diane M., 114 Sku ins, Andris Skulsky, Rosemarie, 106 Skwarok, Josaphat J. Sky, Gary E., 133 Slavik, Helen. 97 Slemku, Larry W., 106 Slemko, Terrance E., 97 Slemp, James G. Slopanki, Bet? L., 106 Slimmon, T. ., 109 Sloan, Patrick D., 128 Slobe, Charles R., 86 Slovack, Donna M., 114 Small, Wendy D., 106 Smallface, Marie Smallwood, Carole M., 75 Smaniotto, Donald, 106 Smee, Dou las E., 81 Smeltzer, Sieila Smerek, Stephen R., 113 Smilanich, ete, 75 Smit, Betty, 75 Smit, Ma cheltje, 133 Smith, Agce-Mary, 38 Smith, C. Alan, 82 Smith, Allah M., 109 Smith, Andrea-Lee F., 121 Smith, Arnold R., 133 Smith, Betty L., 106 Smith, Beverly A., 59 Smith, Beverly R., 49 Smith, Carol, 117 Smith, Christine M., 123 Sonnenberg, Hugo, 47 Steinwand, Alfred, 98 Stellmach, Harry, 109 Stelmaschuk, C. P., 85 Stelmaschuk, Gerald S., 106 Stelmaschuk, Victor J. Stemowski, Grace M., 106 Stemo, Kenneth G., 90 Smith, Smith Christolgher David ., 97 Smith, David M., 84 Smith, Donna M., 64 Smith, Elaine M., 106 Smith, Eugene P., 80 Smith, J. Fraser, 128 Smith, H. Gail, 98 Smith, Garry, 61 Smith, Geor e R., 106 Smith, Gerafd F., 98 Smith, Gerry F., 109 Smith, Grant, 82 Smith, Ian R., 109 Smith, Ivan E. Smith, James. 98 Smith, James R., 49 Smith, Joan I., 44 Smith, J? C., 60 Smith, enneth J., 98 Smith, Kerry S., 80 Smith, Lynn E., 84 Smith, Lynn L. Smith, Marilynn, 64 Smith, V. Paulette, 98 Smith, Percy A., 125 Smith, Ra mond J., 113 Smith, Robert A., 48 Smith, Robert A. Smith, Robert W., 113 Smith, Roger B., 109 Smith, Ronald W. B., 84 Smith, Sharon B. H., 57 Smith, Stanley S., 115 Smith, Sydney G.. 80 Smith, Sylvia, 106 Smith, S lvia D., 106 Smith, Wance G., 106 Smith, Vernon A. Smith, Victor Smith, W. Murray Smith Wend J., 57 Shapka, Marjorie H., 105 Shapka, Robert W., 128 Sharp. Brian J., 82 Sharp, ilgll M. Sharp, obert R., 111 Sharpe, Alan E., 128 Sharpe, Peter, 38 Sinclair, George W., 111 Sinclair, Georgia J., 75 ginciair, JohrkW. D., 128 inc air, oy .. 84 Sinclair, Kenneth G., 81 Sinclair Patricia M., 118 sineiaiff W. Rohm, ioo Smolarchuk. KIIYIOD, 133 Smyth, Norman R. A., 125 Smyth, Robert R., 98 Snaith, Gerlada, 98 Snashlal, Donald L., 86 Sneddon, Don R., 98 Snesrud, Don, 84 Snider, Allan H. Snider, Arlene, 117 Snider. C. Boyd Snider, Valerie, 120 Snihurowych, Walter, 133 Snow, Cheryl D., 106 Snyder, Ric ard E., 115 Snyder, Susan M., 121 Sn e, Leo F., 80 SoSel, Frank, 60 Sobolewski, Julie S., 122 Sobie, Larry, 822 Soderstron. Roger, 90 Sokulski, Maurice. 82 Sollanych, Ronald. 111 Soper. Tim A., 111 Sorensen, Allan K. Sorensen, Carl V., 125 Sorensen, Eleanor, 57 Sorensen, Karen M., 75 Sorensen, James N. Sorensen. Kenneth L. Sorensen. Linda M.. 114 Sorensen, Virginia K., 114 Sorenson, Carol, 90 Sorenson, J. Thomas Sorge, Wallace G. Sorken, Larry, 71 Sosnowski, Irene A., 56 Sosnowski, Louise. 106 Soucek, John P., 84 Souch, Pat, 106 Souch. Stanle G., 44 Soucy, Roland A., 106 Southern, Lisa S., 128 Southworth. John M., 84 Sovka, Stanley M., 123 Sowa, Bill S. Sowa, Larry J., 133 Spady, Donald W., 133 Spady, Earl R. Spady, Elma K., 75 Spallin, Mavis C., 121 Spankie, John A. Sparliri, Dariel, 80 Sparling, J. R., 84 Spears, Fraser C., 84 Spedding, Gwendolen E. Speer, Gordon W., 109 Speer, William A., 82 Speers, Larry R. Speight, Dianne, 120 Spelrem, Sylvia J.. 98 Spence, Barry W., 109 Spencer, Campbell R., 106 Spencer, Donald C., 80 Spencer, Joy W., 121 Spencer, Keith R., 80 Spencer, Tracy N., 133 Spenrath, Alphonse, 106 Spicer, Thomas G., 98 Spillios, Christopher J., 98 Spinney, Alden ., 47 Spittel. 133 I Spracklin, Patricia G. Sprague, Katherine J., 80 Sprin er, Dale N., 90 Sprinile, Ellen A., 111 Spronk, 128 Sproul, Larry R., 84 Sproule, Wi liam R., 85 Sprysak, Steven J., 128 Sribney, E. P., 86 Stacey, Bette A., 123 Stacey, Margaret H., 133 Stack, Marjorie A. Stafford, James D. Stalker, Robin I., 121 Stambaugh, 58 ' i Stambaugh, Patricia M., 106 Stamm, Garry M.. 80 Stamm, John W., 86 Standen, Florence E., 38 Standish, Gordon C.. 82 Standish, James F., 70 Stang, Hyacinth Joseph, 109 Staniek, Eva, 39- Staniland, Dennis E., 75 Stanford, Walter W., 52 Stanko, Stan, 39 Stanley, Gordon R. M., 75 Stanley, Thomas B., 35 Stansky, Donna B., 98 Staples, Barbara G., B0 Staples, Lynne S., 58 Stapleton, Joanne, 106 Starchuk, Astrid V., 39 Stark, Eleanor F., 118 Starko, Georgina, 75 Starko, Lowe l, 75 St. Arnaud St. Arnaud, Richard, 80 St. Clair,EJanet A. Stashko, dward V. E., 64 Stashko, Boris A., 90 Stata, Sandra. J., 58 Staudinger, Carmen M., 106 Stauffer, Raymond E., 109 St. Clair, Janet A., 98 Steed, Barrie, 115 Steed, Katham C., 106 Steel, John ., 128 Steele, Lydia H., 106 Steele, Ronald W., 84 Steeves, Marjorie K., 121 Steeves, Richard, 90 Stefan, Wesley S., 71 Stefaniw, Romana Steffes, Lee W., 113 Steiner, Helene T.. 90 Stene, Lawrence P. Steinke, Gerd F. Steinke, Margot E., 90 Steinraths. Bernd, 133 Stenger. Stenton, Stenton, Stenvall, Katherine M., 75 Penny A., 122 William C., 109 Marilyn F., 122 Stepa, Lois D., 60 Stepchuk, Deanne M., 98 Stepchuk, Patricia L., 106 Stephen , Stephen, Stephen. Marlene L., 98 Richard J.. 98 Tell, 75 Stepenoff, Linda M., 114 Stephens, Anne. 90 Stephens Donald E., 111 Stephens: Dorothy E . Stephens , Gerald W. Stephens, Joan M., 122 Stephens, Sharon R., 106 Stephens. Verna M., 106 Sterk, John, 75 Sterling, Harvey W., 44 Sterling, Jon C., 106 Sterling, James A., 98 Sterling, Laurie-Ann, 44 Stevens, Andrew M. Stevens, Jean G., 90 Stevens, John C., 115 Stevens, Vera E. Stevenson. Marlene J.,12Z Stevenson, Mary J., 133 Stevenson, R. K.. 39 Steward, Wayne W., 116 Stewart, Stewart, Archibald W. L., 126 Stewart, Betty L., 60 Stewart, Carol L. Stewart, Don l. W., 115 Stewart, Donna L., 64 Stewart, Dorothy-Jean Stewart, Duncan A., 115 Stewart, Joanne M., 98 Stewart, ilghn D., 75 Stewart, enneth, 133 Stewart, M, Leona, 120 Stewart, Patricia J., 90 Stewart Ruth, 80 Stewin,'Lennie L., 64 Stibbe, Hugo L. P. Stickney, Frances M., 75 Stiles, Sandra D. Stilwell. E. Jean, 118 Stinchcombe, H. Stanley, 109 Stirling, Heather A. Stitt, Terry, 133 St. Louis. Flo, 98 Stobbe, Ellenora, 133 Stocco, Jerald, 133 Stocker, Patricia G., 84 Stocks, William B., 75 Stokes, Winston W., 65 Stolee, Ruth, 98 Stolen, Barbara K., 98 Stolte, Arend, 98 Stolte, William J., 109 Stone, Bernadine K., 106 Stone, C. Leonard, 106 Stone, Darryl F. Stone, Flora J., 106 Stone, John E., 80 Storch, ignet L., 55 Storch, enneth A., 98 Storfe, Reva K., 71 Stoski, Judy E., 106 Stbthart, Edith A., 125 Stothart, J. Peter, 61 Stott, Richard S., 82 Stout, M. Ann, 51 Stout, Roy G., 98 Strader, Bonnie C.. 122 Strand, Karen. 120 Strang, Ted W.. 106 Strashok. Ted D. Stratford. Sharon E., 39 Stratton, Fatye E.. 98 Strauss, An ris, 111 Strawson, Rhea L., 58 Street, Donna L., 80 Street, John B. Strembicke, Henry J., 109 Strembiski, Jerry. 106 Strifler, Irma Strifler, Irwin F., 106 Strilch uk, Nicole A., 51 Strilesky, Wayne B., 71 Stringer, Nila E., 125 Stringer, Robin L. Stroeder, Reginald. 80 Strohschein. Paul L., 48 Strom, Faith M., 54 Strom, Jon U., 85 Strong, Barbara A., 120 Strong, G. Richard, 81 Strong, ames A., 111 Strong, liflalie, 58 Strong, Roni, 80 Strosser, Da ar K., 106 Strudwick, Jiliilnette, 98 Strydhorst, James, 98 Strynadka, Doreen L., 114 Stuart, Carol D., 40 l l 1 l i i r K Wil I I Stuart, James E., 106 Stuart, John C., 133 Stuart, Lorne M., 80 Stuart, Maureen L., 106 Stuart Patricia J. Stuart, Robert M., 133 Stuart, William A., 117 Student, Joyce E., 99 Studholme, Mary, 64 Stuehmer, James E., 80 Sturbakken, Fa e, 122 Sturm, Manfred J., 39 Stuve, Leola A., 98 Suchan, Elfreda, 98 Suddaby, Anita Islay, 98 Sudjadi, Mohamad Sugden, Edward A., 54 Suitor, Patricia C., 118 Sulz, Margaret E., 126 Summers, Garry R. Summers, James K. Sumner, Bill, 90 Sumner, Rita M., 122 Sundbezg, Corrine M., 75 Sunde, llan J., 106 Sunde, Audrey K., 106 Sunde, Sonia A., 114 Sunderland, Cyril, 75 Sundset, Sandra L., 58 Sunohara, Philip T., 117 Supruniuk, Susan, 98 Surbeck, Barbara, 120 Surby, Sharon Lee, 98 Surby, William W., 84 Suss, Elizabeth, 114 Sutela, Calvin J., 98 Sutherland, Charles W., 98 Sutherland, Donna R., 120 Sutherland, George D., 133 Ian D., 111 Sutherland, Sutherland, Margaret, 125 Sutherland, Michael G. R., Shona 120 Sutherland, , Sutherland, Yvonne A., 106 Suthland, Thomas P., 114 Sutton, C. Gerald, 48 Sutton, Harry A., 124 Swanson Sutton, Jiohn, 128 Sutton, obert J., 133 Svarich, Evelyn A., 120 Svenningsen, Roy! J. Svenson, Kennet A. 39 Svenson, Walter J., 49 Svrlek, Ernestdj., 106 Swabey, Davi R., 90 Swain, G. M. Donald Swainson, Jack A., 71 Swan, Brian E., 49 Swan, Christopher F., 98 Swan, Jim, 111 Swan, James R. Swane, Barr? Swanson, A ice P., 80 Swanson, Derek ., 106 Donald G. Swanson, Donna J., 122 Swanson, Harry D., 70 Swanson, Ingrid L., 85 Swanson, Wayne G., 70 anet, 90 Swanston, L Swanston, obert J. Sware, Sharon J., 106 Sweeney, William H., 98 Sweet, Arthur R., 65 Sweet, John E., 113 Swekla, George E., 109 Swekla, Judy, 106 Swick, Allana I., 80 Switlick, Lillian, 90 Switzer, Elva R., 75 Switzer, Linda, 106 Switzer, Samuel, 115 Sword, David A., 111 Sydnes, Thomas A., 82 Sykes,.Brian, 128 Sylyski, Roy S., 126 Symborski, 80 Symrngton, Gregory H., 90 Symko, Maureen C. A., 90 Symon, Sandra J., 106 Syrnyk, Donnie O., 83 Synyshyn, Merle J., 90 Synyshyn, Tillie, 106 Sywolos, Maureen H., 128 Szekely, Blaise L., 128 Szekrenyes, Julius W., 54 Szmyrko, Dianna J., 98 Szucs, Patricia E., 60 Szybunka, William, 106 T Tabbert, Karin G., 60 Tabur, Jens, 133 Tait, April M., 98 Tait, Isabel Mary E. Tait, xhmes P. Tait, omas G., 39 TaLcnar, William Ta acs, Ernest S., 116 Takacs, Jerry A., 128 Takats. asz o N., 54 Talbot, Colleen A., 41 Tally, Francis A., 133 Tam, Chin C.. 54 75 Tamney, Dalton D., 84 Tamura, Alan H., 129 Tanasiuk, James W., 129 Tangen, Kin RR, 820 angury, on ., fganfras, Dale A-., 82 ap in, ames ., 8 Tarapasdi, John, 106 Tari, Antilgr J., 80 ar ton, an , 39 Tarrabain, Mike, 98 Taschlut, J5annette4A., 39 asc , ena, 11 Tatchyln, Christina, 123 Tatton, William G., 116 Taube, Alexsei, 65 Taubner, Rudolph W. Tavender, Edward D. D., 52 Taylor, Bryan, 84 Taylor Taylor , Carleton T., 116 David A., 84 Taylor: David A., 89 Taylor, David K., 133 Taylor E. Fraser, 80 Taylor: Gary K., 125 Taylor, Geor e E., 90 Taylor, GeraFd R., 98 Taylor, Ian J., 113 Taylor, James P., 133 Taylor, Jane K., 44 Taylor, Judy C., 106 Taylor, Kenneth A., 75 Taylor, Lairo D., 133 Taylor Lily, 98 Taylor, Mary, 80 Taylor, Mary E. Taylor, Matthew D., 41 Taylor, Richard W. Taylor, Robert iBobJ B., 60 Taylor, Robert G., 98 Taylor, Robt. L., 75 Taylor, Thomas O., 122 Taylor, V. Milton, 114 Ta lor, Wendy M., 80 Tcliir, Marion S., 133 Tchir, Metro S., 106 Tchir, Morris F. Tchir Violet K., 90 Teare, Kenneth G., 109 Teasdale, Edith D., 98 Teasdale, Ellen M., 106 Teasdale, R. T., 75 Telfer, William S., 133 Tellier, Paul, 106 Tellington, Elizabeth Templeton, Cecilia M., 120 Tennant, Elizabeth M., 82 Tepper, Erika A., 122 Tepfver, Helene A., 122 Ter esky, R. P., 113 Terner, Uwe K., 116 Terriff, Beth Terriff, Che l, 122 Terriff, J. VZ ne, 44 Tessari, Daniel' J. Thachuk, Albert R., 111 Thachuk, Dan, 115 Thacker, Blaine Allen, 70 Theron, Elsie J., 98 Theroux, Roland E., 98 Therrien, Hector R., 113 Thibault, Denis H., 65 Thibault, Lea C., 106 Thielen, Garry, 75 Thiessen, Annie H., 114 Thiessen, Hedwig, 118 Thiessen, John W., 48 Thill. Cheryl M., 106 Thirsk, Theo R., 99 Thom, Stanley B. Thom, Terrence C., 49 Thoman, William H., 84 Thomas, B. Gordon, 84 Thomas, David D., 75 Thomas, Donald B., 39 Thomas, Dwight R., 81 Thomas, Elizabeth J. Thomas Gordon D. Thomas, Leon F., 52 Thomas, Per LeRoy Thomas, Willliam Arthur Thomas, Wm. C., 90 Thomassen, Neal R., 109 Thomlison, Ray J., 65 Thompson, Dere R., 53 Thompson, Dixon A. R., 126 Thompson, Gordon W., 86 Thompson, Herbert G. L., 1 Thompson, Lawrence B., 106 Thompson, Lorne J., 129 Thompson, Idle R., 109 Thompson, argaret J. Thompson, Peter, 86 Thompson, R bert 133 0 3v 135 Thompson, Robert ., Thompson, Steve G., 84 Thompson, T. G., 86 Thomson, Ida Rae, 124 Thomson, Lenore, 106 Thomson, Margaret J., 90 Thomson, Margaret L., 75 Thomson, M Anne, 98 Thorn DeliuH32 Thorpe, Ai?an, Thorpe, Richard C., 41 Thorpe, Roberta, 98 14 Thrdness, Murray O., 98 Thresher, Edward T., 80 Thul, Deanna J., 61 Thumlert, A. R., 84 Thurmond, William, 39 Thurston, Patricia, 90 Tidswell, W. H. Howard, 39 Tiedemann, Robert K. Tiffin, Sharon B., 122 Tighe, Gerald N., 39 Ti he, Rosita, A. M., 106 Tiiley, David J., 75 Tillotson, Irvin F., 81 Timma, Si rd, 109 Timoffee, Eldward E., 82 Tingle, Aubrey J., 133 Tingle, Richard D., 52 Tipman, Donna M., 90 Tippie, Arlene S., 75 Tippie, Fred, 98 Tivrotdale, Ernest D., 98 Tkachenko, Helen, 90 Tkachuk, Diana G., 106 Tkachuk, Helen, 120 Tkachuk, Margaret, 90 Tkachuk, Myrna J., 39 Tkachuk, R. E., 65 Tkachyk, Maria, 98 Tkachyk, Peter, 76 Todd, Alice M., 98 Todd, Todd Douglas, 106 Edmund F., 129 Todd: James, 98 Todd, John D., 133 Todd, Patrick A., 115 Todesco, Peter R. Todor, Kathleen, 56 Toews, Daniel P., 65 Toft, Kenneth R., 71 Tokarsky, Anna L., 98 Toliver, R. I..., 109 Tollestrup, Kenneth W., 3 Tolley, Tolone Delano W., 113 n, Paula F., 106 Tomashavsky, Marvin J., Tomko Tomko , Larry J., 106 , Tony. 90 Tomlinson, Thurston K., 9 98 85 Tomm, Karl M., 54 Tomm, Sigrid M. W., 58 Tompkins, C. Richard, 129 Tompkins, R. Roy, 129 Tomyn, Michael G., 106 Toneatto, Felice Tonn, Erika E., 81 Tonomura, Marian, 98 Toogood, Patricia, 98 Toogood, Richard F. Toope, Lila I6 90 op , Larry .,113 Torfel, Ingrid, 114 Toronchuk, Allison W., 44 Torpe, Milo S., 98 Tory, Lana Toso, Larry W., 109 Toth, Richard L., 80 Toudy, Winston J., 82 Toutant, ilgidith A., 106 Toutant, enneth J., 81 Tovee, Carol, 72 Tovell, Dorothy, 129 Tovell, L. Marie, 58 Toverud, Shirley A., 134 Towle, Diana L., 106 Trachimowich, Andrew G., 48 Trachsel, Derek K., 134 Tracie, Carl J., 90 Tratch, Ronald A., 86 Traub, Gordon E., 116 Travis, LeRoy D., 98 Tra nor, Brian, 75 Trelifry ,Carol J., 118 Treffry, Eileen J., 44 Treleaven, Kathleen M., 106 Treleaven, Norman E., 90 Treleaven, Rich L., 134 Tretiak, William H. J., 39 Tremblay, Adele M., 106 Trembley, Bernice E., 58 Tremlett, Paul, SO Trench Trench Trench Tribes, ard, lloan A., 98 ie, Alan J., 106 ie, Edward A., 90 Klaus-Peter, 80 Troskey, Marjorie L., 122 Trotter, Fred, 109 Tniswell, Derek P., 82 Tryhnew, L dia, 54 Tschritter, David, 109 Tuck, Meldrum W., 106 Tucker Tunhei Tupin, , Thomas W. m, Marie J. Jeanne M., 106 Turchanslx, Lawrence M., 129 Turcotte, lbert, 98 Turlock, Lance A., 111 Turnboll, William F., 98 Turner, C. Wallace, 90 Turner , Donald M., 134 Turner, Howard B., 106 Turner, Ronald G., 86 Turner, Ronald P., 122 Turner , -William C. Turner, William R., 134 Turnquistgud I., 120 Tussman, ordlon. 80 Tuttle, William G., 47 Twardy, Alvin G., 70 Tweedy, Mina, 120 Twittey, Aileen R., 98 Tymchyshyn, Michael Tymch shyn, Oksana, 113 Tymocliko, Ron J., 90 Tyrbell, David L. J. Tywoniuk, Helen, 134 Tywoniuk, Nick, 109 U Uganecz, Ernest Mike, 106 U azy, Marie C., 134 Uhlman, Virginia, 90 Uhryn, Shirley Marie, 106 Uhrynchuk, Patricia Ann, 98 Ulan, Doreen, 90 Ullman, Phillip M. Ulsrud, Alvin P., 109 Umbach, Terrence R., 113 Umeris, Fred John, 98 Underwood, Margaret R., 90 Unland, 109 Unrau, Pau , 126 Unterthider, Rudi A., 111 Upright, Dianne C., 106 Upton, Paul S. Urban, Orest Y., 75 Ure, Eunice H., 90 Usher, Donald I., 82 Usher, Michael S., 134 Usyk, Julian, 44 Utas, Gilbert E., 85 Uyeyama, Walter W., 48 'v' Vagt, Jane M., 61 Vague, Larry E., 124 Vagvol , Andrew Va ensFJohn C., 115 Valgardson, Gordon C., 124 Val iere, Jacqueline M., 106 Vanbeek, Gerrit J., 65 VanBreemen, Otto, 62 Van Camp, William M., 75 Vance, games H. Vanden orn, Jack Van Der Giessen, Nico, 109 Vandermenlen, Daniel A., 80 Van Der Meulen, Sjaak T. Vander Voet, Anthony H. 134 Van Donselaar, Vodyii H. 80 Van Dusen, Frances ., 58 Van Dyke, Edward W. Van Dyke, John D., 129 Van Fraassen, Bas C. Van Goor, John H., 115 Van Haitsma, Sylvia J., 60 Van Humbeck, atricia M., 107 Van I-Iu stee, Brian Van Hyite, Rene L., 107 Van Iderstine, Marion A. Van Louie, Norman. 54 Van Oene, David H., 75 Van Oene, Eleanor, 39 Van Oerle, Clare D., 123 Van Orman, Sharon, 41 Van Reede, Henricus J., 129 Vant, Thomas R., 82 Vantour, Jim, 39 Van Vliet, Maury G., 115 Varga, Dennis A., 98 Varty, Roy Varty, Thomas J., 111 Vas, Frank, 71 Vassos, David M. Vaughan, Peter D., 80 Vaughan, R. Bruce Veevers, Andrew R., 48 Veevers, Jean E., 39 Vekved, Ronald G., 47 Veld, Albert, 154 Vellow, Fern J., 107 Vennard, Gene R. Verbisky, Michael, 49 Verchomin, Elaine, 39 Verchomin, Evan Vereykeh, Cornetia, C. M., 98 Vergette, Marilyly A., 114 Vernon, Robert ., 113 Verret, Gilles C., 98 Vest, Richard A., 113 Vesterdal, Knut O., 98 Vetro, Paul Viala, Rita J., 90 Villeneuve, Luvien. 98 Villetard, Stanley G., 107 Vilonyay, Attila, 80 Viney, Paul Viragos, Geraldine M., 107 Viragos, Stephen, 134 Visscher, Henry P. Viteychuk, Franklin G., 65 Vogel, Una, 98 Vogelaar, Vo lan, Karen M., 80 Vollan, Maynard, 47 Vollendorf, Arthur E., 47 Voloshin, Carol V., 65 Voloshin, P. James, 117 Vornbrock, Arlene, 88 Vos, Curt, 117 Vos, Evert C., 134 Vos, Hendrik, 107 Voss, Marius F. Voss, Gary A., 82 Voth, Gordon J., 81 Vreeland, Brenda J., 123 Vriend, Eleanor K., 120 W Wacowich, Conrad A., 88 Wade, Donald E., 113 Wade, Duane, 84 Wade, Duncan C., 90 Wade, Edythe D., 120 Waggoner, Clive, 107 Wagllek, William E., 107 Wagler, George T. Wagner, Ronald G., 82 Wa l, Edmund, 98 Waitkus, Werner, 80 Waits, Valerie A., 114 Wakaruk, Jane, 107 Waksel, Carole D., 107 Walberg, Myrna L., 98 Waldbauer, Doreen E., 129 Walden, David Waldrneberger, Robert W. Wales, F. E, Beryl, 70 Walker, Bruce, 39 Walker, Donna M., 122 Walker, Brenda L. Walker, Corrine A., 118 Walker, David J., 129 Walker, Douglas C., 75 Walker, Elizabeth J., 75 Walker, Frederic A., 39 Walker, George C. Walker, Gordon H. Walker, James R. Walker, Margaret A., 80 Walker, Robert T., 113 Walker, Sally L., 90 Walker, S. Gail, 98 Walker, Shirley A., 98 Walker, Wayne A., 129 Walker, Wesley, 123 Wallace, Ian, 107 Wallace, Robert S., 105 Wallarn, K. N., 52 Wallbridge, James M., 109 Waller, Ann, 117 Waller, Douglas F., 116 Walls, Jack, 85 Walpole, Ian R., 81 Walter, Ernest F. M., 53 Walter, J. Richard V., 109 Wangert, Willi, 134 Wan e, Sieghard E., 109 Wankiewicz, Anthony C., 134 Wanner, Dwyane F., 80 Want, Jame A., 48 Want, Rhonda M. J. Warawa, Dale E., 134 Warchol, Edward J., 109 Warchola, Myron Warchola, Steve Ward, Dora, 45 Ward, Carol J., 65 Ward, Jacqueline E., 107 Ward, Lyle R., 109 Ward, W. Peter, 75 Wardach,JJoseph, 86 Warhaft, oyce, 122 Warhaft, Neil, 75 Warhaft, Sharon, 80 Warham, Elizabeth L., 122 Warin , Richard, 109 Warneie, Lorne B., 65 Warnick, Irene, 114 Warren, Jiames B., 39 Warren, onald E., 85 Warshawski, Barbara A., 39 Wartenbe, Morgan F., 123 Warwamk, Cecille, 118 Wasson, Sherrin, 114 Wasylenchuk, Betty J., 99 Wasyenchuk, Shirl A., 99 Was iw, Marshall 48 Waslyshyn, Nicholas, 99 Wasywich, Doreen, 122 Watamaniuk, Edward, 108 Watamaniuk, L n Watamaniuk, William, 48 Waterhouse, Rose M., 107 Waterman, Sidney R., 99 Waters, Stanley L., 107 Watkinson, Sheila J., 125 Brian Watson, Watson, Carol n S., 134 Watson, Donald W., 80 Watson, Edward B., 111 Watson, Elizabeth, 134 Watson, William D., 109 Watson, William R., 99 Watt, F. James, 99 Watt, Lorna J., 107 Watt, Maril n G., 107 Wattamaniuk, Walter J., 11 Watts, Alexander R., 54 Watts, Charles L., 99 Watts, John S., 109 Watts, Nola D., 99 Watts, Phillip, 115 Waxenherg, Gail J., 99 Way, Barbara, 80 Weatherill, Clair W. Webb, Eidith A., 107 Webb, orman E., 111 Webb, K. Susan. 134 Webb, E. Sylvia, 55 Webber, Orrin H., 54 Webber, Donna Y., 84 Weber, M. Joan, 134 Weber, Melvin W., 49 Weber, Walter C., 113 Webster, Diane J., 114 Webster, Gag, 1-11 Weddell, J. avid Wedman, Leonard N., 109 Wedmann, Roland, 90 Weekes, Irvine D., 39 Weekley, Kenneth N., 113 Weese, Gordon, 80 Wehrfritz, H. Christian, 111 Wehrhhahn, Carl H. Wehrhahn, Gertnide H., 125 Wei and, Ronald W. Weii Eric A., 82 Wein, June A.. 99 Weingardt, Ray Wild, Christine A., 107 Wilde, Thomas L., 109 Wildgrube, Howard L., 113 Wile , Robert J-. 99 Wilflley, Carolyn R., 90 Wilkins, David L., 75 Wilkinson, W. Keith, 99 Wilinski. Rose M., 62 Will, William G., 113 Willans, Dave. 115 Willans, Gordon W., 117 Willcox, M. G. Wolff, Richard B., 129 Wolff, Roger N. Wolff, Shirley A., 122 Wollersheim, Katherine, 99 Woloschuk, Boris Z., 134 Woloshyn, William W., 129 Wolow k, Michael W., 123 Woltenko, John D., 80 Wolver, Frances J. Wolynes, Donna A., 54 Wong, Arthur K., 41 Wong, K. Perry, 85 Yvpvk, Johnny J., 107 Young, Catherine M., 51 Young, Chester R., 72 Young, Donald H., 91 Young, Gail P., 129 Young, Gerald A., 84 Young, Gordon M. Young, Mrs. Helen Young, James M., 129 Young, Jghn R., 91 Young, en, 40 Young, Malcolm, 129 Weir, Robert A., 99 Weir, Sandy Weisenburlger, E. F., 129 Weisler, S elly, 80 Weiss, Welin Dizne G. Bonn J 107 Weuiii , Jef?iey'N,, 109 Wellsifvonald W., 72 Wells, W. Douglas, 109 Wells, Marilou Welsh, Dave, 113 Welsh, David G., 90 Welsh, Edward L., 86 Welsh, Michael Welsh K Wa ne , . , 129 Wenger, Donalld P., 115 Wenger, John Werbicki, Ronald M., 80 Werenka, Norman, 107 Wernick, Ed., 81 Werstiuk, Harvey L., 109 Wesenberg, Frederick W., 45 West, Brian S., 71 West, G. Roger, 115 Westby, Ole, 41 Westcott, Brian A., 126 Westcott, C. David, 47 Westcott, Neil D., 134 Westerberg, Marjorie H., 58 Westland, Corry W. Westman, C. Jane, 120 Westrom, Marvin L., 99 Westwood, Marvin J., 107 Wetherelle, Edward A., 80 Wetherell, Thomas L., Wetter, Robert D., 109 Wetterberg, James B., 109 Wetzel, Donna A., 80 Wharton, David J., 116 Wheadon, Edward E. Wheatcroff, Gerry, 113 Wheeler, Glen A., 75 Wheeler, Leonard P., 99 Whelihan, Catherine A., 39 Willey, Terry J., 107 Williams Williams , Annamary J., 80 , Carol A.. 120 Williams, Darilyn A., 80 Williams, Esther, 80 Williams, Gloria, 90 Williams. Gloria, 58 Williams, Jghn J., 84 Williams, eith J., 70 Williams, Margaret, 58 Williams, Mervyn P., 115 Williams, Mirian I. Williams, Sandra A., 58 Williams, S ence, 113 Williams 'Igrrnie Williamson, Gerold E., 45 Williamson, Hector A. Williamson, John A., 111 Williamson, Walter G., 107 Willis, Alice E., 107 Willis, David M. Willis, Gary D. Willis, Robert C., 129 Willock, Thomas A. Willoughby, Catherine, 118 Wilson, A. Fred, 115 Wilson, Addison J., 70 Wilson, Alan H., 111 Wilson, Beth, 120 Wilson, C. Anne, 75 Wilson Donald G., S6 Wilson Wilson Donna I., 90 Edward C., 123 Elizabeth, 45 Wilson Wilson, Henry M., 90 Wilson Howard R. Wilson James S 90 Wilson, Karen E., 90 Wilson, Larry A., 99 Wilson, Linda D. Wilson, Loree, 71 Wilson, Margo, 75 Wilson, Malcolm W., 114 Wilson, Maureen G., 39 Wilson, Norman A., 41 Wilson, P. Elaine Wilson, Patricia A., 58 Wilson, Robert G., 129 Wilson, Roy B., 98 Wilson, Ruth A., 107 Wilson, Sam, 129 Wilson, Sharon E., 120 Wilson, Sharon M., 107 Wilson, Shirl Allen, 113 Wilson, S lvia, 107 Wilson, Tliomas W., 39 Wilson, Thomas W. Wilt, Rosa E., 134 Wong, Robert, 85 Wong, Waltg. 82 Woo, Lar . Wood, Arlifihony E., 109 Wood, David, 84 Wood, Gerald D. Wood, Heather, 72 Wood, James R. Wood, Jvciseph R., 134 Wood, . Jean, 41 Wood Mark, 75 Wood, Michael H., 84 Wood, Thomas L. Wooden, Ruth I., 120 Woodlock, David F., 49 Woodman, Gordon L., 75 Woodrnan,lJohn C. 117 Woodrow, rwin L. Woodruff, Garry L., 75 Woods, Roger S., 115 Woodside, Janet A., 58 Woodward, Lorelie A., 120 Woolf, Sharon, 99 Woolley, LaRon P., 91 Workun, Orest, 81 Wouters, Kees, 124 Wowicki, Joseph J., 80 Wowk, Betty M., 39 Woytovicz, Shirley A. M., 107 Woytuck, Rachel, 41 Woywitka, B. Darlene, 99 Woywitka, Nicola E., 99 Woywitka, William M., 129 Wozak, Anne, 99 Wozney, Sharon, 107 Woznow, Beverly A., 39 Woznow, James Wright, Beverly M., 118 Wright, Catherine, 75 Wright, Claretta B., 45 Wright, David A., 119 Wright, Donald G., 109 Wright James M., 134 Wright Jamie L., 117 Wright: Joseph D. Wright Lauretta L., 91 Wright Margaret E., 99 Wright, Robin L., 122 Wright Terrance G., 84 Wright, Wayne H., 75 Wright Wa ne , ., 115 Wrigleswortb, 'Flevor Wu, Alan, S. M., 86 Wu, Myrtle S., 91 Wudel, Helen F., 125 Wuetherick, Elaine E., 129 Wuetherick, Karen T., 117 Wulf, Siewert, 129 White, Whidden, Don M., 82 Whidden, Peter G., 116 White, Brian M. E., 90 White, Dean R., 99 White, White, Francis 134 Frederic A.,122 White, Gary, 134 White, Rubert B., 80 Stuart. 107 Winchell, Robert L., 71 Winchester, Brian T., 126 Winchester, William I. S., 117 Windlin er, Florence, 101 Winfield? David J., 39 Winkelaar, Philip G., 65 Winkelaar, Richard G., 75 Winnick, Evelyn J., 129 Winship, William J.. 75 Winter, Allen, 111 Wulff, Clifford F., 70 Wusyk, Gordon, B0 Wutzke, Constance J., 118 Wutzke, Elaine R., 91 Wyer, David J., 98 Wyka, Robert 99 Wyllie, Doris ., 71 Wyman, Doris E., 99 Wyman, Karen L., 80 Whitecotton, Murray R., 107 Whitehead, Louise, 99 Whitehead, Ritchie G., 90 Whigside, Charlton B. C., 12 Whitfield, Ernest J., 124 Whitfield, William A., 116 Whitfield, William R., 134 Whitla, J. Michael, 117 Whitley. Sr. Ursula E. Whitlock, Donald G., 70 Whitney, Alan G., 99 Whitney, Dou Winter, David B., 113 Winter, Presgrave E. Winter, Richard J., 107 Wintermute, Richard M., 61 Wintermute, William M., 52 Winters, D. H., 60 Wintonyk, Frederick R., 129 Wimmer, Klaus, 80 Wirch, Irmgard E., 99 Wirsig, Sieglinde L., 129 Wirzba, Gerhard, 75 Wiselka, Helen, 99 Wynn, Glyn N., 124 Wynn, Nancy B., 80 Wynne, Frederick L., 75 Wynne, Garrett N., 80 Wynnychuk, Karen E., 75 Wynnychuk, Victoria J., 107 Wynnyk, Darlene J., 134 Wynnyk, Katie M., 91 Wysocki, George P., 42 Wysocki, Joanne E., 107 Wysocki, Leonard, 91 Wysocki, Marshall, 107 Wyton, Wayne, 11 1 Whitney, Shiriy, 120 Whitson, Myrna M., 122 Whittle, James H., 126 Whyte, Catherine M., 107 Wh te, Jon, 99 Wiclcenberg, Kenneth L., 84 Wickens, Patricia E., 107 Wickie, Phyllis, 117 Wickson, D. G. Wiens, Ernest. 134 Wiebe, Edna Y., 134 Wiebe, Geor e, 107 Wiebe, Hamid J., 116 Wiebe, Henry, 65 Wiebe, Jerry D., 116 Wiedmann, Max L. Wiedrick, Marvin J., 99 Wieser, Ulrich, B4 Wi ht. Kenneth B., 84 Wifcer, Armin, 99 Wilcox, Murray G., 50 Wilcox. George P., 85 Wilcox , Glen H.. 107 Wis inski, errence E., 107 Wit ers, Wayne T. .109 Witherspoon, D. Christine, 80 Witt, Kermit K., 90 Witting, Shirley M., 114 Wittmeier, Robert, 113 Witwicky, Frank P. Witwicky, Shirley, 107 Wiwad, 91 Wiznura, Zenon A. Wobick, Wayne M., 65 Wohler, Heinz G. Wohlgemuth, Arthur E., 129 Wojcicki, James J., 91 Wojtiw, Lubomir, 134 Wolanski, Stanley JI., 113 Wolanslg, Gloria ., 99 Wolch, renda, 80 Wold, Kenneth, 99 Wolf, Janice, 60 Wolfe, Lorna E., 129 Wolfe, Robert Wolff, Horst, 75 Wispinski, Jlim M., 124 li Y Yackulic, Geor e A., 107 Yacuk, Lorne tg., 129 Yacyshyn, Peter W., 45 Yakimchuk, Phyllis, 107 Yakimec, Shirley F., 107 Yakimishyn, Sam, 115 Yakimowich, Mary, 116 Yakula, Roy C., 123 Yamtmoto, Joyce, 107 Yamamoto, Miyuki, 120 Yaniw, Orest P., 134 Yarema, Dorothy J., 117 Yaremko, Eugene Yaremko, Harvey Yarmchuk, Ronald D., 111 Yarmoloy, Gloria J., 118 Yasayko, Harold H., 117 Yeates, Walter C., 80 Yeudall, Linda C., 134 Yoder, Mervin L., 84 Young, Nancy A. Young, Peter J., 65 Young, Ronald J., 39 Younge, Brian R., 116 Younge, Derek A. Younggren, Anna L., 99 Youngs, C. R. Yri, Rolf A., 86 Yuca, Peter L., B0 Yuill, John C., 134 Yurchuk, Sharon V., 51 Yurkiw, Adeline S., 122 Yurko, Lillian, 123 Yuzda, Lawrence W., 115 Z Zabensky, Joe, 99 Zach, Corrine L.. 107 Zacharko, Jeter E., 99 Zachamk, Eleanor G., 99 Zacherl, Janice. 75 Zadko, Richard, 123 Zadler, Heinz, 113 Zaharichuk, Audrey E., 114 Zaharichuk, Bernice M., 80 Zaharichuk, Loretta D., 118 Zaharko, R. Zaakariasen, 51 Zalewsky, Zorina, 107 Zaph, Gerald G., BZ Zapisocki, Eugene O., 129 Zard, Gordon Peter, 91 Zariwny. Alfred R., 107 Zaseybida, Alvin L. Zateinu. Jeanette J., 107 Zayac, Carl, 84 Zaychkowski, Elsie, S0 Zedel, Albert H., 111 Zedel. Arthur, 40 Zelmer, Vernon A., 99 Zeman, Blanche L., 58 Zender, Joanne F.. 118 Zenko. Marie E.. 129 Zerr, Alan K., 134 Zeschuk. Edward P., 107 Zicker, Erwin, 84 Ziebart, Ronald, 134 Zie ler, Gregg A., 123 Zie? Mary Ellen, 99 Ziganash, Dianne, 58 Zimmerman, Gloria F. Zimmerman, Edith Zinger, Allan A., 124 Zinger, Catherine E., 122 Zinger, Claud M., 124 Zinyk, Sonia, 99 Zipse, Donna J., 84 Zittlau, Ried H., 113 Zobel, Helmut, 113 Zubis, John C. Zuege, Peter, 115 Zuege, Regina, 117 Zuk. John, 48 Zukiwski, John H., 113 Zukiwsky, Ronald J., 134 Zwicker, Linda J., 107 Zyla, Allan P., 111 Zyriwsky, Luba, 134 Zytaruk, Barry L., 80 A If N " 'fi-1 k . I O 1 ' 'I . i I . T- . i -c 05 5 ' 5. I 1. I I X , S.Z INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS, LTD. Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers Diplomas - Graduation Announcements Inkster Boulevard at Bunting Street Winnipeg, Manitoba If 5 'i il - ,.n 1.45 , ,Q IFS" - " , .A 2 -. -. :""-:1 ga, - ...v . 5,3 l H ' ,.,..,f Q- X ,N X X419 14 ,,.,1AsA'4 ,., ,f- , -Nm-.-., , ,,, WQPW ' Vffffg - y .Q "R ,qv arf '- ,Zh . '35 f' a?'- ' J' 1, ' V P ff- - X . ' rv. 4' A ng ' ' --f' pu , , .g-'gf-', ":.,g 1 A F 1 A - - . Til. 1: 'Fi Y vi, a?vg.,:I, V gl 'V N ' : V' Q--N 1 Z. !"' . 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Suggestions in the University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) collection:

University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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