University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada)

 - Class of 1949

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University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 288 of the 1949 volume:

Q -i- . 1-' fr 4 ' 'X . 4 ff 'yZ' , , ICQ, ' x -V 94? x..i'l -:Li X ,..,,. ' i' v 5 M - P, ,,., I I 1 51, -. :.,"' ,a . .-C I ?: l- KN' , N. L H9 42 1 'ff--5 yi- - FQQ2 ' WI ffl- 22.3 Lit., ' - :iff -- Q 25 . 5 f f'-+1 - , X A' ' ' ici:-r-. 1 if xv! re, 'M , ... T gin I . V . ' ' , . '1 ."14:.'slY' if ' Q 4 ' V f,l' Q W , ., h M I! K gi .I 6 ' Q. ff ,sim iw W N M '1 ,, ' .. ik as 'TW XSNX N ' 7-12 'i v ' X ' Q VF- , Y X . zqgjnd N 2 xmxisfw' xx ' X f ' N 'Fi f X , ZX ,- g ' 513 : 251' 'El V r, X, wg f N -1, 74 ' , Q ,QW 1 .gf--fm WHA V' i 1' r 'f' fi. xfl 1:-1.1 1!wlL.'N' f : ff A 'V-f-5 w ,,,. ' " W of-X r Q f- 5 'M ,Xm,,,QMl EA mf ' e 2. f X V V , if H ' V 4 JV -ff, ,T --.M 'I .ww , N ul S 1- , I' f GET,- N 1-13 - 1 3 ff ff-224 1 t- 1 X I ' is-F ltff g, I.-,LW-I' fr: 351 f ,iyfij Fzffzx ISK , f ' H A51 UI If . f 1.- ESQ + var. 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IT seemed only righT ThereTore To porTray The V949 Evergreen and Gold againsT a baclc- ground oT AlberTa's NaTural Resources. The windswepT prairies, The surging sTreams, The rugged mounTaIns, and The blaclcened oil derriclcs are a TiTTlng complimenT To The new era on our campus. As we remember The Things aT hand-crowded -luclc, The many coTTee sessions, and The people we lcnew. . .may we also remember The beauTy and power which surrounds us. 2 3759. 7f ff! CAMPUS ADMINISTRATION STUDENTS CAMPUS LIFE MILITARY ERATERNITIES ADVERTISING EDMONTON BRANCH Alberta Genealogical Society 3 Il L-.n?Ts'X '.,. l f x. I. -4 .V , , 5. . 1. -1 29" 312 g .N-I .,.--,ggi L, .F j X'Z'i21L . 1, -, ,- .L. .- " I ..s .,. Q -. , . 5 1 -when vo' "ill I . my .1 jv'. Q ., l,. 0 ' . "Q 25,5 . 1 A I Q f J if ., f .P :R , '. ,af 4' if kb., A I9 nf, Nw'-N.. b, 1 wiv 1 'P , I-r 3 x Er? - Y' , . 4 -rgglx. ' kd x 55,5 V . ,VV , .-VE, V ,I , V. 4V.V V , VV 4 V. VK V ix an-AJMANQMP 1 ,. . , , My AVV ,V V V Vg... J... . . 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IUSEPH'S COLLEGE 624 ll.-am? fi. .1 'cz.8v33'.1 4., ,,-., -. My -.1 23 . 5310, .M RESIDENCES 25 l PRESIDENT ROBERT NEWTON. B.S.A., M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., LL.D., F.A.I.C., F.R 26 hZ44m9w'gA-j1.NkML ,.MWu. -p,,,9l,4ZM,V..1.ef. suavow-uw-.J ,N M40- S, 0-MAJ - '56-f:.g.6LoL U rhglc 'Tig A 9+w g ff,:f:4,dg,,L4.A4,,,. wL4,.Tt,xA?,1z- E,o-e.i,al,12,0-f-af."-42f'Z7v1-e.l3,afa,p,,fifZ,..Z'Qg nh' I' ' G'aQ4,.,.gf, ' M.f-:j.L.offK',LA-a,1M.0f7-vZ.e4A,-m.,!a.-Z.Af--eL WM jfs. Q0-J. ld2x.uHiivN.f,,Qg24..jill.'ll-12.2. if:-Jr-e.3YfuAfo1Mfvu, VLc-2:-v-4f'ZL'-4-6-j5,a.A..4l.Jf6zA,f-e.lIa. ' 01 f, ,Mi 27 GEORGE FREDERICK McNALLY. M.A., LL.D. THE HONORABLE MR. JUSTICE HAROLD HAYWARD PARLEE, K.C.. Chairman oT The Board oT Governors The Hon. Mr. JusTice Parlee is a graduaTe oT MT. Allison UniversiTy oT New Brunswick in The class oT '98, He aTTended ST. John's Law School and received his B.C.L. in I900. In IQOI he was admiTTed To The bar in New Brunswick, and in I94I became Chairman oT The Board oT Governors oT The UniversiTy oT AIberTa, He was appoinTed as Judge oT The Supreme CourT in I944 and became a member oT The Appe-IIaTe Division in I946, also receiving The degree oT LL.D, Trom MT. Allison Universify The same year. JusTice Parlee has Three sons, all oT whom graduaTed Trom The U. oT A., one as a lawyer, one, a mining engineer, and one, a docTr:-r pracTicing in EdmonTon. The Chairman QT The Board oT Governors is, by sTaTuTe. appoinTed by The gc-vernmenT. He presides aT all meefings and is a member oT The execuTive, Thereby being acTive in all adminisTraTive aTTairs. ADIVII I TP. TIU GEORGE FREDERICK MCNALLY, M.A., LL.D.. Chancellor' Dr. McNally received his BA. in TraTTics Tron-i The Uni- versiTy oT New Brunswick in I9OO and his MA. Trom AIberTa in I9I I. His posT-graduaTe sTudies were pursued aT Columbia UniversiTy over a period of years Trom I9I4 To I92O. He was given The honorary degree oT DocTor oT Laws aT The U. oT A. in I946. From I9I8 To I935 he was Supervisor oT Schools Tor AIberTa, and in I935 he was made AIberTa's DepuTy MinisTer oT EducaTion. He was appoinTed Chancellor oT The IJniversiTy OT AII:JerTa in I946. DespiTe his busy career, Dr. McNally has found Time To bring up Tour children, Three girls and one boy. The Chancellor oT The UniversiTy is The Chairman OT The SenaTe and ex-oTTicio member oT The Board oT Governors. He conTers all degrees, Tor he is The senior oTTicer oT The Uni- versiTy, The PresidenT and The Chairman being iunior To him. The oTTice is a TradiTionaI one, arising in Europe, where he is called upon To deliver one lecTure a year. This mighT be an inTeresTing idea To esTabIish. THE HON. MR. JUSTICE PARLEE. BA.. B.C.L., I.L.D. , l t i l WALTER HUGH JOHNS, l Assistant to the President Dr. Johns graduated trom the University ot Western Ontario, in London, in , I93O. atter which he lectured in Victoria College, University ot Toronto. Continuing , his studies in Classics, Dr. Johns received his Doctor ot Philosophy tirom Cornell in l I934. From I934 to i938 he taught at Waterloo College, and then came to the U. 1 ot A. Other than his work here, Dr. Johns is kept very busy with two little girls, aged seven and tive. A Q l The actual duties ot this position are indetinable, although there is never a dull ' moment. Dr. Johns is busy all day with odd iobs, which change trom day to day, l depending on the circumstances. At the moment he is editing publicity ot all kinds, , also is arranging tor the visit ot Prime Minister St. Laurent to the campus on April l ll, which gives some idea ot the unending variety involved. GEOFFREY BRADFORD TAYLOR, Registrar Mr. Taylor is a graduate ot the U. ot A., having received his B.Sc. in 1923 and his M.Sc. in I925, maioring in Physics. He was appointed as Registrar in the tall ot l923, and has seen many changes in over 25 years ot service. In the First World War, he served in the 3lst Overseas Battalion and was a prisoner ot war tor the last six months ot l9l8. Ot his tour grown-up children, three are graduates ot U. ot A. and the tourth is a Registered Nurse. MR. J. M. WHIDDEN. Bursar i ' DR. W. H. JOHNS. Executive Assistant to the President All the academic activities ot the students are Mr. Taylor's prime concern. He tollows their careers from the mo- ment ot registering to the tinal "cum laude". Adequate records are kept by the large statt under Mr. Taylor's watch- tul eye, tor he looks atter admissions, scholarships, records and examinations, and all the ramifications arising there- trorn. He is also responsible tor carry- ing out examination arrangements be- tween the University and a large num- ber ot protessional societies which have contracts with the U. ot A., such as the Association ot Physicians and Surgeons. MR. G. B. TAYLCR. Registrar Bursar-JOHN MACLEAN WHlDDEN Mr. Whidden graduated trom the U. ot A. with a B.Comm. in l928. Betore enlisting, he worked with the Alberta Wheat Pool, and when in the Air Force was an Accountant Otticer in training schools all across Canada. He was Squadron Leader on retirement, and then came to the University as Bursar on January lst, I948. Mr. Whidden has two big boys ot seven and ten, who may grace Con Hall in the tuture. Mr. Whidden's position is that ot Business Manager and Comptroller ot the University. He and his statt look atter estimating, and control the budget tor all University activities. In this position Mr. Whidden is also Secretary ot the Board ot Governors. 29 X MR. J. W. E. MARKLE, MR. H. T. SPARBY, Alumni SecreTary PFOVOST JOHN WILLIAM EVANS MARKLE. Alumni SecreTary Mr. Markle TirsT aTTended This UniversiTy Tor The Term l9I4-I5, buT Then joined The lnTanTry, going overseas wiTh The 63rd BaTTaliOn Trom EdmOnTon. lT was noT unTil 1937 ThaT he received his B.A. here, specializing in English, HisTory and Languages. UnTil coming To The U. oT A. as Alumni SecreTary in I946, Mr. Markle was a Teacher in AlberTa Tor ThirTy years, TiTTeen OT which were spenT in Camrose as Principal. He has Tour married children, his eldesT son having graduaTed Trom The U. oT A. lasT year. under D.V.A. He received his B.A., and is cOnTinuing wiTh POsT-GraduaTe work in Journalism, aT OTTawa. As SecreTary OT The Alumni AssociaTion, Mr. Markle is also SecreTary-Treasurer OT The Friends To The UniversiTy, and SecreTary of The Memorial Scholarship Fund. He ediTs The "New Trail" as well, which is a quarTerly U. OT A. magazine. Through This magazine and oTher ways. The assOciaTiOn acTs as a liaison beTween The Uni! versiTy and iTs graduaTes. Branches have been esTablished ThrOughouT The Dominion, all OT which have Their Own social TuncTions. AnOTher aspecT OT The assOciaTion is The Tiles, which cOnTain daTa perTaining To every graduaTe oT The U. OT A. Through The newspapers and so on, These are kepT up-To-daTe and The whereabouTs OT every one is known. ALEXANDER DUNCAN CAIRNS. AssisTanT RegisTrar Also a graduaTe oT The U. OT A., Mr. Cairns received his B,A. in I938. He ioined The Air Force in l942, where he worked wiTh radar, and Then was re- musTered To EducaTion while overseas. Discharged Trom The Air Force, he came To The U. OT A., in his presenT posiTion, in December, I946. Mr. Cairns has Two Tlourishing Tulure alumni, a daughTer OT Seven and a son, aged one year. Mr. Cairns assisTs The RegisTrar in every phase, as his posiTion implies, buT he is mosT concerned wiTh examinaTions. He seTs up The Time Tables, arranges Tor accOmmOdaTion, and The prinTing and disTribuTing oT The papers. ln carrying ouT These dufies, he is Secrefary OT The Time Table CommiTTee and is also con- cerned wifh The Sessional Time Table. All professional examinaTions are also a parT of Mr. Cairns' busy schedule, l-l. T. SPARBY, ProvOsT Mr. Sparby received his B.Sc. in ArTs Trom The UniversiTy OT AlberTa in I933, and his M.A. in EducaTiOn in I939. Be- Tore underTaking The posiTion OT PrOvosT Tor The U. OT A. in I94-7, he was wiTh The DeparTmenT OT EducaTiOn in AlberTa Tor seven years as an inspecTor OT public and high schools. The PrOvosT is The member OT The ad- minisTraTive sTaTT who inTeresTs himselT in sTudenT acTiviTies on The campus, and acTs On commiTTees which are relaTed To These acTiviTies. In regard To This angle, Mr. Sparby is given invaluable help by Mrs. Sparby, who accompanies him To all TuncTions. Discipline, which is OTTen ThOughT To be The ProvosT's main concern, plays a very minor role. Mr. Sparby keeps The paTh cleared OT diTTiculTies, and so Tar he has never had any major problems. The sTudenTs are encouraged To govern Themselves as much as possible in This maTTer. ThereTore, The ProvosT acTs as a liaison beTween The sTaTT and The sTudenTs. DONALD CAMERON. DirecTor OT The DeparTmenT OT ExTension GraduaTing Trom The U. OT A. wiTh a B.Sc. in AgriculTure, Mr. Cameron was appoinTed as DirecTOr OT The ExTensiOn DeparTmenT on The day OT his graduaTion in l93O, receiving his M.Sc. in I934. During The war, he was in charge OT educaTional services Tor The Canadian Legion in The AlberTa Command, buf when The Army wanTed To Take over, The U. OT A. would nOT relinquish him. Al- Though he rules his own deparTmenT, Mr. Cameron mainTains ThaT The "boss" aT home is a small daughTer OT Tour. The ExTension DeparTmenT organizes all exTra-mural educa- Tional acTiviTies OT The U. oT A., giving public lecTures, shorT courses, demonsTraTions, and disTribuTion OT inTOrmaTion Through bullefins, Tilms, eTc. The deparTmenT owns The largesT library OT Tilms in Canada, and sponsors ThirTy-Tive schools and shOrT courses a year, including The BanTT School OT Fine ArTs. IT has been esTimaTed Thaf The UniversiTy, Through iTs exTension services, give some service Or oTher To 800,000 people in AlberTa. MR..C. D. CAIRNS. MR. D. E. CAMERON. AssisTanT RegisTrar DirecTOr OT ExTension MISS MAIMIE SIMPSON, DR. D. HEALYI Warden Ol Pembina Warden of Afhabasca Hall MR. E. Sl-IORTLIFFE. Warden of Assiniboia ' DR. THOMPSON. BROTHER PRUDENT. Principal of S+. Sfeplwerfs College Recfor of S+. Joseplfs College 31 GY OF MAY GRIFFITHS 4 62' QUUM QUE 5-l 1 UB? ..-f.-, f L 'I 'Q iff . -f I 1 11 f-Q x ' ' F'-Af R Ji 455 v . , , K5 eb' . 1 fig: P 4 1 ' 5 QK L1 5 X , u .x Q' 4 xif sq. f if 2 ya ws, ig, vm: L' QSA as f ff K X . Pg i 1 , . 4 , 3 , :QM ' .gr if ff I , A 'E' ':is"?kf5,'gi?f: gd ."N,f,5l5x.,l' 'ff-, ,Q ,, ' gg 33 - - A "- ,. , 4 - , 2' Af 'Vi ' - 49 1. I, I , ' Z ss- Y' 51 AL ' .ff s f J Q' Af, i! " , 141 ,4, , I , 3 , , M wif' Qs K K , x f z V' ' 1 I f' in ' .Y f. BERNARD BOWLEN Presidenl ELAINE BROWN TUBE T' In Ihe years ahead of us, afrer we have lell Universiry, we will Ihinlc oflen of Ihe Jrime we spenf here. No doubf we will have many pleasanf memories of hours spenlr ar sfudy, buf mosf of Jrhe incidenfs which will come 'ro mind will concern 'rhe hours spen'r oulside 'rhe lecfure room, The sludenls who have con- Iribufed generously ol Iheir lime and energy fo Ihe exfra- vlce'P'eS' curricular life on fhis campus, as so many have done in Ihe pas? year, have made a signilicanl conlribufion 'ro all of us. MARY MORRISON wsunem V On behalf of Ihe members of Sfudemls' Council, I wish Io Ihanlc 'rhose who have been leaders or workers in I'he various sfudenl acfivilies on Ihis campus. You have made life here very pleasanl, and much more prolilable Ihan il' would olherwise have been. The members of Council join wilh me in saying Ihaf Ihe Iaslc of sludenl governmenl a+ Ihe Uriiversily of Alberla has been a very pleasanl experience. OLGA BARILKO U.A.B. Secrefary TEVIE MILLER VARGE GILCHRIST ANDY ANDREKSON JOHN SKENE MURRAY BOYCE DON PHILLIPS N.F.C.U.S. Ag. Rep. U.A.B. Vice-Chairman Med. Rep. Dent Rep. Pres. of Music l 34 CDU CIL FighTing iTs way Through probes, ausTeriTy programmes, purges and invesTigaTions, The STudenTs' Council oT I9-48-49 waded Through Task aTTer Task wiTh dogged and someTimes slighTly bewildered deTerminaTion. Led by capable, popular Bernie Bowlen, The nineTeen mem- bers oT Council worked long and hard solving The rouTine, and someTimes The noT so rouTine problems, ThaT Taced Them. Regular meeTings oTTen lasTed pasT midnighT, and special sessions were regularly called. Faced wiTh a diminishing revenue and an oversized budgeT, Council sTarTed ouT in TighTing Trim. Then came "Romeo and JulieT", Homecoming Weekend, The Mock Parliament and The problem oT The over-zealous and slighTly embarrassing 'lGaTeway". The STudenTs' Union Building, Tor so long a nebulous vision, became a realiTy wiTh The moving OT The Drill l-lall and The consTrucTion oT The basemenT. IT all goes well, The TirsT sTage will be compleTed by The Fall OT I'-750. Finally came "Color Niqh+", when everyThing was puT away and TorgoTTen, The new elecTions were over, and The new STudenTs' Union PresidenT was inTroduced. Tevie Miller will head The STudenTs' Union Tor The Tollow- ing year, and Trom us To him and his new Council, goes our besT wishes Tor a successTul year. ,, . .,,. I Q s iq QA' T 'KBS Q ..., V ' MAU RICE ROE v Treasurer JACK STARRITT SecreTa ry EDITH CARDIFF Ed. Rep. 5 " . ' 'E T i BARBARA HANSFORD Nursing Rep. GORDON PEACOCK JACK PARRY GORDON MCLAWS A. MacDONALD BOB ROSSER Pres. of LiT. Law Rep. U.A.B. Treasurer ArTs 8: Science Rep. Eng. Rep. 35 ALBiRTA 'A' T : if LOIS PORTER Presideni' AN. HEL. Back Row-Marg Mulloy, Mary Farmer, Doreen Bradley, Miss Simpson Froni Row-Be-Hy Wiggins, Lois Nichols, Jackie McKay, Barbara Kang, Lois Porier Back Row-Ross Anderson, Hugh Baker, Jack Holmes, George Manson, Dick Macdonald, Dave Shouldice, John Wilson, Bob Wray, Larry Judge Froni Row-Bill Boyar, Mr. H. T. Sparby, Ralph Rockwood, Clare Liden, Gordon Swann 36 A RALPH ROOKWOOD Presidenl' I. F. C. TllLE11fI 5 , -11- PROFESSOR M. L. VAN VLIET No Rough S+uFf, Fellows l ' Direcior of Physical Educalion . J E XXJWQI Q . x Vx,Y. ? 'fiif.g ?i X X Qiggfzf, 'L f-3 4'-I 1-5 ev: 6 f' 'Nga mQQW My M Q Q A l iw ll l 1l X - if 2 ' li ' X, , ' 8 - -, ' X' Q-1 Q I f 'lf X A f fl , ' x 5 fa M f l U f Q' 'H X l 4-x lf V f ff A l W ww Q Q W fwik l ll N iii l f lj X r 3 QQ if i. f Sw I ,fl V Ivan' QVX fl" l N :X ,i ay ' if-' fi, gl fl 1 si fdlgf U3 fw a lei QQ? Z ,.f,.,.i4- ..i,g' ,:, ,A A f' STEED- M :M Xj.4NVl1.l.lAM5 mo! 2. .XNDt.vTji?WNl h V i +V ,f U yi, M-M ' ull - if.-f,f CYXNMIJ fx J! Lf l l N5 p,Q N fm...,.,. , E D SMITHCCU-VLHJ QEXQXQQI-W-+, Q , A Aqgipu XG -4- 53 ' E xg, ffl . Emcmeom S J. .L L X K N--XXX. Nxxxix ff fr rlfi- V , X A ff lf xl' A . Queer ll f Q151 -Q. 4' 3 fl ,- ,N . WDP . MK! I KN Q, ' I 'Aff XX-jf . ,N j l f , X 4 , A- 1 if wr- YL 1 E M ,213 1 f f fl - is--mf . - , 1' , " A lf' ' ' J.. 21- 1 ,A X 'v- ' if 45473, ' ' Nile K MOCRE A 11-Q ffl" LAUQESHEPN . ZS- A' A . V ' N---fl:-"i Qi CMANAGERD STOCKYYELL ,, j' -h Q VSON 1"-211 M-KLACHLAN ,I--I, :Af .,-Mg. f Q i-f'S- N, t :Q ,,,' . . f., '57-7f "" -- I ' 'A 'ia-N' ' - 7211 "' ..... . v. A . . ,f,- E 37 MARY MORRISON Presideni I EIT MRS. H. BAKER Honorary Presideni' x l Execufiver M ary Morrison ..,, Mariory Lee ..,,,,,, Doroihy Husband , Margarei' Kendrick N, Kay Tanner .....,,,,, Pauline Suiermeisier Nancy Collinge ,,,, --- Presideni' W-, Vice- --- Ed. ---- Sr. ----- Jr. --- Soph. -se Frosh Absent f' S37 2?- Sheila Gwariney ,v,, Pai Poland ,.,,,,. dd-- Nurses' Pres. Rep. Rep. Rep. Rep. Rep. Rep. Secrefary-Treasurer 5 Q9 C? XM... 38 1 xv' ' ,- Q i if x MACLEUD CLUB The Macleod Club endeavored To make This a year of consTrucTion, wiTh progress as The cornersTone, enriched co-operaTion, social and culTural improvemenTs as supporTing beams. Our blue prinT, The club's consTiTuTion, was revised. incorporaTing -4- several improvemenTs and addiTions. One progressive idea became a realiTy in The organizaTion oT an acTive House CommiTTee. Under The en- ThusiasTic leadership oT lrene Ridley, This sTudenT group revised The resi- dence rules and regulaTions, presenTed Them To The sTudenT body. and Then dealT wiTh all disciplinary problems arising during The year. KAY BLACK JusT as a building has many rooms, so have we chosen To build such a MISS HELEN PENHALE Presideni sTrucTure. A monThly business meeTing served as The key Turning The laTch Honorary PresidenT To an evening's program which we may Think oT as a Theme Tor each one oT The rooms. The lnTernaTional Room-The l.S.S. World ConTerence discussed by our U. oT A. represenTaTives, Jean Anderson and Ron Manery: a Room of Travel-Technicolor slides on "A Trip Through The Rockies", wifh Dr. Somer- ville as our guide: a Co-operaTion Room, which held a successful inTer-hospiTal dance: a Welcome Room, which was The scene oT Two masquerade parTies in honor oT The new SepTember and February classes: The Room Tor Improved School SpiriT was Turnished wiTh a song conTesT held aT The annual ChrisTmas parTy. Each class submiTTed an original song, wiTh The prize going To The class oT January '5O. Judges suggesTed ThaT we iniTiaTe This pracTice as a yearly evenT. The Room Tor Campus AcTiviTy included a nurses' TloaT aT The rugby meeT, our own Sfella Hanna as candidaTe Tor Engineers' Queen. and as prooT oT our discernmenT our candidaTe, Dr. Sandy Gilchrist was crowned King oT The Mardi Gras. Our Social Room included The annual Macleod Club Tormal, The U. of A. HospiTal dance, and The GraduaTion banqueT and dance. A house oT many mansions has been our Theme oT The year. May The Macleod Club conTinue To build. Back Row-Sheila GwarTney, Nancy SouThgaTe, Edifh Plowman, Miss Penhale, Edna Drake, Jane Eglesione, Irene Ridley Front Row-Barbara Hansford, Marion Kulalr, Kay Black, Grace Pe+ifore 39 HUUSQE l Pembina '.1if M Vi Anderson, Mariorle Lee, Belly Walker, Belly Gowdy, Mary Wood, Vi King Athabasca and Assinihoia as--""" Allan Armsfrong Gram' Spaclcman Russell Powell Dennis Engels ' Al Church Gordon Wa'H's -19 COMMITTEE St. Stephens College fl.-i Back Row-Gerald Evans, Alfred Hosking, AI Faunl, Jack Craine Fron+ Row-Rolaerl Dickie, Barry Pierce, Pefer Roberls, Franlc Chubb 2" n Dick Taylor, John Lyons, Wilf Lencuclma, Cy McAndrews, Joe Berlando, Francis Van Tighem 4l t. I0seph's College H U E YOF UM uiiq 2 QS' MAY GRIFFITHS H4533 C ' ' Thx? ' 0.-23, 5 4 3 , iii v Qari. E , . A 'Y-55.5 ff: H -S1917 hifi Wai? if 21- ixxl' 2' 'F r .. ..', F: . V . 392.129 .. V D '.-:.-L: ..- , ng: - 54:31- .L ., , ruff - if.-'51 ei. ' -Q , 'I L3 N v ' . a K 1 2 i 1 A j ,l V I 5 I g 1 .?.Ek?'ii EE. , ,x sv . -"- -. L J fv- 1. 4. -4 if y QL, 30 i s 'g -5 Li. ,D '5' fy 2 1 X J 5 I-Ei 34 b . A I 4 ki f 1 L Y v I . 5 ,ia 23315 'el Q ?1f- 4 ii-E 1 ff 5 C Q1 'fifii 'M 'EH '53 .-551, wgfq 4 A-5 fl 'ai 4.,T"9 F V" u-'E V if "1 f sm .fw- ' f au. fl -f-ever ' 1 .,.,..f. , DICK SHERBANIUK. Edifor Gatevv , Under lhe able direclion of Edilor-in-Chief Diclc Sherbaniulc and Managing Edilor Bruce Powe, The Gale- way mainjrained i+s policy of lhorough campus news cover- age, supplemenled wi'rh regular columns from 'rhe pens of I-I. V. Weelces and one lgmo Sadlan. The ediforial columns plumped 'lor beHer sludenl government more scholar- ships, reduced fares for srudenf fransporfafion, and any- rhing for fhe sludenls' benelil. Alfhough handicapped by a crirical sraff shorrage, The Safeway published numerous six-page edilions, carried special feaiures oi informalion and inreresl on Universily deparlmenfs and sludenl life in foreign coun- fries. Canadian Universify Press disparches were pressed in'ro coniinuous service fo bring Alberla sfudenls univer- sify news from across fhe Dominion. IRENE BOWERMAN Cify Ediior Y A Phoiographers ai Work Al and Lud mail 'rhem ou? Doug is down +o work Black headlines Two inches high, exTensive picTure coverage, and a crusading spiriT made The campus news sheeT oT I948-49 a Twice-weekly reading-musT Tor sTudenTs. ConTinuing The record-breaking circulaTion lisTs oT The previous year, The GaTeway was disTrilouTed To all sTudenTs on The campus, The TaculTy, graduaTes all over The world, newspapers ThroughouT AlberTa, and provincial and ciTy governmenT oTTicials. ln addiTion, aloouT 250 high schools in The province began receiving GaTeways regularly. l-lighlighT oT The publicaTion year was The special Alumni ediTion. Prepared in pre araTion Tor Alumni Homecoming, 9,000 copies rolled og The press and were mailed To alums, in addiTion To The regular 5,000. GaTeway sTaTTers leT Their hair down aTTer ChrisTmas and iolced Their way Through The TirsT ediTion oT The New Year. IT was acclaimed a success, and The GaTenilc was in popular demand Tor several weeks aTTer publicaTion. As a grand Tinale To a year ThaT made GaTeway hisTory, The sTaTT Took iTs readers behind The scenes in a picTorial supplemenT ThaT depicTed The job Trom sTory and picTure ideas To prinTed page. A -'iii zlh sos BANNERMAN ' Business Manager ,l,1 1 BRUCE POW Managing EdiTor DON SMITH Cify EdiTor MeeTing The deadline, Don? 1 Conference ! I Hugh Hay-Roe arranges his page 45 V yi, T 1, i lu l i T 5 l T f l l 1 li l 1 E W .1 4 i PHIL CAMPBELL DirecTor ' l ff 4 Ax ii f If 14 ,- , f ,. QI' PQQII SHEILA FORREST AssisTa nT DirecTor As usual, This has been a year oT TribulaTions, buT Thanlcs To The blood, sweaT and Tears oT The sTaTT, The i948- 49 ediTion is "on The sTreeT". Since The sTudenT regisTra- Tion was lower, Thus reducing The revenue, and The cosTs OT prinTing, engraving and binding remained as high as ever, The Task oT producing a worThwhile boolc wiThin The budgeT has been even more sTrenuous Than beTore. BuT Phil 'and Sheila, wiTh The help oT weT Towels and copious cups of black coTTee, overcame Tinancial diTTiculTies and produced a boolc which will become a momenTo oi This universiTy year. The Theme oT The boolc, AlberTa's resources, brings To The Tore The increase in AlberTa's indusTrial imporTance on 'WM O 4 Eileen and Wilde sei The pace Elaine Solves The problem DisTribuTing The goods 46 ll! ll: 2 5 lc and Gold , I l V .r T 1 L l ll E T li il CONRAD IOANIDIS K Business Manager 1 GORDON PEACOCK Eclilor in The lasT Tew years. Wherever This loook Travels. To oTher provinces, oTher universiTies and counTries, The sTory of AlberTa and iTs wealTh will be carried. The universiTy, being a viTal parT ol The province and inTluenced by iTs TorTunes, is The appropriaTe place Trom which To spread The news, and The Evergreen and Gold has very wisely aTTempTed To do so. ln appreciaTion, an inTorrnal banqueT and dance aT The Troc was held Tor The sTaTT in January. IT was unani- mously agreed ThaT This was a swell "Thank you" Tor a good year's work. Doreen and Dorolhy keep The Type rolling 47 F P li , T 2 S 12 T. 1 '1 Ig VT? il Q 2 ? 5 4 T 4 E fl E s 2 Proof Reading l Reg and Marge pasfe up pics PUBLICATIONS eff PRESTON GOODE Direcfor PHOTOGRAPHY DIREOTOPIATE Marmie and Jean filing negaiives Is if good fellows? STET ln ils second year on lhe campus, STET Magazine changed ils formal' inlo lhe more conven- lional 7xlO and began i'rs career as a quarlerly. Two issues appear- ed during The academic Term, in December and in March, wilh suc- ceeding issues planned for July and Seplember. The ediforial slall included: l-l. V. Weelces, edilorg Helen Mc- Gregor, Marjorie Lee, Cliff Baw- den and Gordon Wyall. Business manaqernenl was in rhe hands of The Galeway business slafl. 48 HAROLD MORRISON Ediior POPULAR ISSUE, EH!! DOUG SHERBANIUK Ediior 49 R S+ FF:- SHEILA FORREST IAN CAMPBELL LEIF GROSSETH FRANK HARPER JEAN LEWIS AUDREY PAPOE MARMIE RITCHIE A 5. A fn' -"lZ' 32.1 'ig ,-5 2 . Aviv. II Q Af Q.. .J yr 'L . b-gy ' 'v . H, ,sv I t ' if li :FS WMI ,, ., 4.5-T' -' .A 2 . 1- '- x fn,1:,Q. Rv'-fi Vsgiy' E33 41,721 we 'M .SP f Q5 avi! 5352255 F ,Gp . , mf 1.5 Fd.--' , 491- Q 5432 fi ' 1 jr!-'1 Q1-13,2 ri.'.f41 gr' af'z"':i :J L- ' - -I.: .-'J ev: -n mfr-":r1'.f . h 'f E 'rw ,. 11, 4 iii: g. , I'.',' . E.: ,Q -1 44 kj: ' '.'.: YI! fl' 32, 5525 552541.15 AS, 2:11 -.1 " if flffeg v. e' ': -gf-Z . . 'J ,X Q3 if' F: - 'fa ., in F?-:K 555.152 j .jijfz .- 11531 xi 1' iff . wg.-ni. ,, U "1 K. cfm Qxv Q if . f'?': F41 "Qin ,254 T 5223 :ff Ii . ' ,I ,. F. .1, , : ,s 3. f E72 2 i - vii' 'l A 1 E7 ' Ki' x Q. 1 1 v L Q f. a. a f . K 1 5:- I 1 rg 5, gig' . if ra 2? .V ,, if 5 ,.-. ?,, ,. .wg . Q.-1 F2 A ' vm 7 , bib - P "I .P .f FH" T.. ur A? ,Jr ZZ-F . fff.'.R5 2--.--r" Class Hi tor We are fhe Class of '49, For mosf of us, our Universify days are over forever, and all fhaf remains of our years af Alberfa are a roll of sheepskini a mind filled, we hope, wifh a miscellany of useful facfs, and many memories. Ours, fhe Universify of Alberfa's laroesf graduafing class, has a hisfory unique in fhe annals of our Alma Mafer, a hisfory which reflecfs nof only our life on fhe campus, buf fhe life of fl-ie world oufside our circumscribed exisfence. And whaf, looking back along The few years which have iusf swepf by us, have we done? Some of us were freshmen when fhe war years were pressing down heavily upon us, and, for us, fhe firsf year of Universify was marked wifh fension and bleak wifh uncerfainfy. Buf mos? of us began our sfudenf life in a happier fime affer fhe peace, in fhe warm, brighf Sepfember of l94-5, or in fhaf ioyous offspring of overcrowding, fhe January Class of '46, Many of us came from fhe high schools, eager for excifemenf, for fhe new and fhe unknown, For us, Frosh Week was a round of gaiefy, of feas and dances, Tuck dafes and smokers. We wore our gold-and-green beanies wifh feen-age aplompg we gave fhe Seniors fhe respecf due fheir exalfed years and office, and we found all fhaf we had expecfed, and more, af fhe Universify of Alberfa. Buf fhere were many of us who had long ago leff high school, who sfreamed back from fhe war in a rushing wave, anxious fo sweep fhe beaches of learning clean and hurry back ouf on fhe nexf fide. We were filled wifh an urgency fo cafch up wifh fhe long years losf in fhe service. We spenf our Frosh Week, many of us, house-hunfing for our families, seffling our wives and children in Dawson Creek hufs, or meefing our service friends for long, off-campus chafs. lf fook us a HELEN MCGREGOR while fo learn from our younger confemporaries fhe correcf air of nonchalance in wearing a beanie, buf fhey learned from us, as we sfood in fedious, never-ending lineups for regisfrafion, and for coffee in fhe crowded cafeferia, fhe sfoicism and pafience of experience. With fhe example of fhe younger sfudenfs before fhem, fhe ex-service men among us began fo relax, fo enioy The life of fhe campus, as much as fhe ofhers did. Togefher we affended fhe infer-year plays, fhe house dances in fhe Drill Hall la reminder of service daysl, The musical club and fhe symphony. We ioined fhe mixed chorus, fhe newly-formed Arfs and Science Club, fhe E.S.S., fhe E.U.S. and Curma. We wafched fhe Golden Bears fhrough fhe series fo fheir winning of fhe l-lalpenny Trophy in hockey, and we saw fhe Pandas capfure fhe Cecil Rhodes Trophy in infercollegiafe baskefball. The spring brought fhe riofous Club 400 in aid of World Sfudenf Relief, fhe Engineers' raid on Pembina, and fhe swifi realify of examinafions. Our Freshman year was over, As Sophomores we were less infense in our sfudies, more adepf af skipping fhe classes which inferfered wifh our real educafion. Buf D.V.-A. was on guard and, alfhough we spenf long, unfimefabled hours in Tuck and in fhe "caf" discussing foday and fomorrow and fomorrow and fomorrow, we worked. Af a round-fable discussion by professors of fhe sfudenf of I946-47, we heard from fhe lips of fhe professors fhemselves fhaf we were sfudying harder fhan any class had ever done before. We looked af each ofher and smiled our mufual safisfacfion. Wifh fhe foleranf amusemenf of upper classmen, we wafched The baby-bonnefed Frosh sfop downfown fraffic wifh fheir mammofh snake dance. We besfirred ourselves fo help organize clubs which covered every phase of sfudenf acfivify from ballef fo boxing, social service fo mock parliamenf. The drama club's "Twelffh Nighf" we applauded. Gnd. in mofley we crowded fo fhe Mardi Gras. Five hundred couples of us danced af our lavish, fwo-orchesfra formal, "A Niqhf in Paradise", and filled fhe ballroom of fhe Macdonald Hofel fo overflowing. Our ofhlefeg Sho,-ro brilliamly in our Sophomore year, Alborfa fook fhe Hardy Cup from Saskafchewan in foofball, fhe Priscilla Hammond Trophy in fennigy rho Rigby Trophy in basketball, rho Howe in boxing, and fhe Walker lnfercollegiafe Badminfon Trophy, as well as refaining fhe Halpenny for yef anofher year. Life was real. life was earnesf. buf we fook a deep breafh. looked abouf US. discovered fhaf if was remarkably pleasanf affer all, and decided fhaf we were in no greaf hurry fo leave fhe halls of learning despife lecfures and exams. We will remember fhe foolball parade of '47, fhe gala Homecoming Weekend, fhe carfwheeling cheer squad, fhe Junior Prom af fhe Trocadero. ln fhe field of sporf fhe Halpenny remained in our possession, fhe Golden Bears swepf fo grid vicfory over Toronfo and kepf fhe Hardy Cup, and fhe Rigby Trophy in baskefball remained ours. To a sfudenf conference in Europe we senf fhree deleqafes, who refurned wifh increased faifh in a peaceful world, and a hope fhaf soon frue peace would become a realify. The war was fading info fha dim regions of fhe pasf: we had no desire fo see if refurn. In rho fall gf V943 we gfgod gn fhe fhreghold of our qraoloafing year. We faced if wifh anficipafion mingled wifh regref, for our Universify life had passed foo quickly. We had seen rho Universify fhrough many changes, buf fhis year, wifh fwelve hundred sfuclerifs graduafingv fhe Change would be mgre drogfig and more deeply felf. Sfill, we faced Oul' lBSl yedl' wifh unabafed eI'Ill'1uSl6SI'T1. Who was if fhof gfole +he Cornergfone of fhe library iosr before if was fo be laid on November 25fh? Who was if fhaf broughf a goaf, complefe wifh Frosh Indian headdress and loin clofh, info a hisfory class in Huf G? Who was if fhaf painfed fhe seafs of Clarke Sfadium green fhe morning of fhe Saskafchewan-Alberfa fooflball game? Who was if fhaf raised fhe red flag of fhe hammer and sickle on fhe Ed. building flag pole? All unsolved mysferiesg yef l fhink among us graduafes, fhere are fhose who do know. Once again we won fhe Hardy Cup and refained The Holpenny Trophy for fhe fourfeenfh consecufive year. We regreffed fhe shelving of senior foofball: if would be sfrange fo come back for Homecoming and nO? difend a game. We saw also fhe end of fhe mock parliamenf and fhe parliamenfary forum. Buf a new sociefy made ifs GPPGBFGDCG OV1 The Campus, fhe Golden Key. fo honor sfudenfs who make oufsfanding confribufions fo exfra-curricular GCilVlil6S- ln fhe fall, fhe drama club produced a "Romeo and Johor", whose financial success affesfed ifs merifs. Two more issues of "Shel" appeared, and if promised fo become a quarferly, We were kepf menfally alerf wifh arficles and argumenfafive leffers which filled The Safeway, and we laughed over fhaf comic book-inspired edifion, fhe Gafenik, which we puf away wifh fhe dance program of our Senior Prom, "Memories of U." Four years have passed, four summers and fhe lengfh of four long winfers. We have lef fhem go iealously, regrefful fo lose fhe comradeship and fhe laughfer. Buf in our memory, where all fime is one, fhese years will remain a ioyous background for new ideas, fresh experience. The fide is rolling ouf, carrying us info a lurbulenf world, one which will demand everyfhing from us and give us liffle in refurn. Buf we face if wifhouf illusion, wifh our life af fhe Universify of Alberfa secure behind us, and her moffo leading us on fo seek "whafsoever fhings are frue", HELEN McGREGOR. 52 aledictor Toda , as we bid farewell fo our Alma lvlafer, and realize fhahf Universify life for many of us is ended, we feel Ti? H - " bofh grafeful and happy. We are grafeful for fhe many vi if T opporfunifies and experiences fhaf have been ours fhese pasf few years, and happy because of fhe deep safisfacfion wifhin ourselves in having accomplished whaf we Sef OUT fo do. Whafever may have been our purpose in coming fo Universify-fhe desire for culfure in subiecfs such as philosophy, hisfory, liferafure, and fhe fine arfs, or fhe need for fraining in one of fhe major professions-if is cerfain fhaf our college careers, if we have pursued fhem wifh any degree of sincerify, have been mosf worfhwhile. "J f' ' ' 'f " BOB ROSSER Through fhe guiding hand of our professors we have gained an appreciafion of fhe frue meaning of our moffo, "Quaecumque Vera". Being in confacf, fhrough our sfudies, wifh fhe greaf minds of yesferday and foday, we have caughf a glimpse of fhe fremendous knowledge and slcill fhere is fo be acquired in whafever field of endeavor we enfer. True, af fimes we have spenf whaf seemed lilce endless hours compiling laborafory reporfs, wrifing lengfhy essays, and sfrug- gling wifh mazes of difficulf ferminology for fhe ever-pending examinafions-neverfheless, if is fo be hoped fhaf, as a resulf, we have gained, nof only a body of facfual maferial, buf also have achieved a mefhod of fhinlc- ing fhaf will enable us fo sorf, fo analyze, fo reason, and fo inferpref dafa for ourselves. ln addifion fo This menfal growfh, our Universify life has given us immeasurable social developmenf. Our daily confacfs wifh fellow-sfudenfs in fhe classroom, in fhe halls, or in fhe ever-popular Tuclc Shop have given us a broadened perspecfive as well as a greafer folerance and respecf for anofher person's viewpoinf. Through fhe organizafion of campus clubs, discussion groups and sfudenf governmenf, many of us have gained valuable ex- perience in adminisfrafion and leadership: fhrough our afhlefic acfivifies, we have gained an appreciafion of fair play and co-operafion: fhrough our liferary and social funcfions, we have esfablished a broad group of inferesfs which should resulf in a safisfying use of our leisure fime lafer. Thus, our Universify life has done much fo develop our personalifies, fo enrich our culfural background and fo fosfer social fraifs which will help us fo become desirable members of sociefy. We feel, fhen, fhaf our college educafion cannof help buf be an assef fo us for if has afforded us oppor- funifies in abundance, and wifh fhese opporfunifies has placed upon us responsibilifies such as bring mafurify of fhoughf and acfions. Now, we realize if is our dufy fo apply ourselves wifh all fhe resources of our educafion fo fhe solufions of fhe problems of our day: fo live up fo fhe righfs which have been besfowed upon us: and fo do our parf fo malce fhis counfry a fruly greaf democracy. We have been given fhis opporfunify-lef us nof fail fo use if. R. D. ROSSER. E9 ill i, ll' , 2 +2 ls , 3 2 E 2 V f 3. if l B fi li Z .Numa tm'-mr... 3. 1 v l 2. l in 'l il E , E ., I l f , ,, li if I ,. is ,li li , ra l E, Il li 5 Qi !l si il 2 E E a 5 3 5 i ll li IUP1 CL S T EXECUTI E DON NOREM DEAN W. F. BOWKER Pregideni- Honorary PresidenT To Don Norem, The popular and capable presidenT, and To his execuTive go many deserving plaudiTs Tor Their work in organizing The Senior Class acTiviTies Tor The year. "Memories oT 'U' ", The Senior Prom began, and The GraduaTion Ball ended, The many acTiviTies Tor The year. BeTween These were The many acTiviTies planned Tor The graduaTing class, including The semi-Tormal dance aT AThabasca l-lall and The inTormal dance aT Lakeview Pavilion, a spiriTed parTy which will long be remembered aTTer much OT The VarsiTy liTe has been TorgoTTen. The Senior Class proudly presenTed popular Reg LisTer wiTh an engraved deslc seT in recogniTion oT his services To The UniversiTy. The class giTT To The UniversiTy was an easy chair and TooTsTool Tor The Music l.isTening Room oT The new library. Many are The memories ThaT our Seniors will carry wiTh Them Trom VarsiTy, and probably The mosT memor- able and poignanT will be The realizaTions and saTisTacTion gained Trom The years spenT aT The UniversiTy oT AlberTa. Bill JewiTT Fred Cummer Member Member MY"n'e Sands T Blanche ForTier Member Vice-PresidenT O. Junlzer Secretary-Trees. 54 U DERGP1 D EXECUTIVE The elecTions held in OcTober selecTed The execuTives oT The UndergraduaTe SocieTies Tor The IQ48-49 session oT The UniversiTy oT AlberTa. When The smoke had cleared away, and The band playing oT The candidaTes had died down, we meT our new execuTives. Reg. Tanner was elecTed presidenT oT The Junior Class, and his execuTive comprised Norma Fledderiohn in The posiTion oT vice-presidenT and l-larold Webber as secreTary-Treasurer. The represenTaTives oT The Junior Year were Francis LiTTle, Gina D'Appolonia and Cecil Carrick. The Sophomore Class was led by Lance Kirker, and assisTing him were Joyce Morris as vice-presidenT and Harvey Dodner as secreTary-Treasurer. lv1argareT RiTchie, Ernie 'l-luTchinson and Fred ScoTT Tilled The posiTions oT The represenTaTives on The execuTive. The new presidenT oT The Freshman Class was Dale Simmons, vice-presidenT was BeTTy Thompson, and The secreTary-Treasurer was Tom Jackson. The Frosh. represenTaTives were Audrey Anderson, CosTa ChrysTanThou and John Godel. This year The individual class dances were replaced by a single dance sponsored by all Three classes. AlThough a new innovaTion, The UndergraduaTe Formal was highly successful, being aTTended by 350 couples. The highlighT oT The evenings enTerTainmenT was The presenTaTion oT prizes To The besT Viennese walTzers. Silver sTars, sparkling music sTaTTs and noTes, along wiTh a large silhoueTTe oTa Viennese couple highlighTed The romanTic aT- mosphere and creaTed a mood Tor The Theme. ln The pasT years, The TuncTions and sTrengTh oT The UndergraduaTe classes have gradually declined. We TelT This year ThaT The one main TuncTion leTT us was The organizaTion oT The UndergraduaTe Formal. We hope ThaT TuTure execuTives will Take noTe oT This and make The UndergraduaTe class spiriT a poTenT Torce in The well-being of The UniversiTy. . 5 Fred Sco'H', Ernie HuTchinson, Marmie RiTchie, Ray Kirker, Joyce Morris Tom Jackson, CosTa Chryssanfhou, John Godel Gino D'appolonia, Harold Webber Audrey Anderson, Dale Simmons, BeTTy Thompson Norma Fledderiohn, Reg. Tanner, Frances LiTTle 55 l T i i . T 1 T. I, F. E 'lil gi F 3 if 2 Q Y ll i if T R. D. SINCLATR, B.S.A., MS., Ph.D. Dean oT AgriculTure IT is a pleasure To prepare a shorT sTaTemenT Tor The I948-49 ediTion of The Evergreen and Gold, and, in doing so, To wish The managemenT and ediTorial sTaTT The very besT in connecTion wiTh Their underTalcing. The presenT class in The FaculTy of AgriculTure is The largesT in The hisTory oT The FaculTy, being 345 in number. The class is noTeworThy, noT only on accounT oT numbers buT Tor good spiriTs, splendid academic performance, and exemplary conducT. ApproximaTely one hundred graduaTes in AgriculTure will go ouT from The UniversiTy oT AlberTa in I949. IT is To be expecTed ThaT, as in previous years, numbers will Talce up Tarming in AlberTa, while oThers, on accounT oT The demand Tor proTessional services, will engage in research, exTension worlc, Teaching, and in various capaciTies wiTh indusTries rela+ed To agriculTure. ln closing, may I, on behalf OT The sTaTT and sTudenTs oT The FaculTy oT AgriculTure, exTend greeTings To The Evergreen and Gold and To sTaTTs and sTudenTs in oTher FaculTies and Schools in The UniversiTy. 56 W. H. WHIT.NEY, Francis, Saslc. IVAN STONEHOCKER, Edmonlon Ag Club 46-49, Curma 46-48 JOHN ALLAM, Edmonfon HAROLD ANDERSON, Delacour PETER ANDREWS, Two Hills Soffball 46, Baseball 46, Soccer 47-48, Boxing 46-47, Hockey 46, Ag Club 46-49 FREDERICK BARBER, Camrose WALTER BARR, Claresholm Soflball 46, Curma 46-49, Ag Club 46-49 AUSTIN BASSETT, Ed monlon STANLEY BEACON, Calgary Ag Club 45-49 ALLAN BEATTIE, Edmonfon Ag Club 46-49, Curling Club 46-49, Curling Club Execulive 48-49, Curma 46-49 DON BERB, Millicenl Ag Club 45-49, Tracl: and Field 45-46, Boxing 45-46, lnferfac Baslrelball 46-49, Wresiling 46-48, Inlerfac Soccer 47-48, Mgr. Ag I Baslrelball Team 48-49, Mgr. S+. S'reve's In+ramural Baslrelball Team 47-48, Inframural Table Tennis 48-49, Public Spealring Club 48-49 BERNARD BOWLEN, Carslairs Curling Club 45-48, Ag Club 45-49, Newman Club 45-49, Presidenl S+. Joe's House CommiHee 47-48, Curma, Zela Psi, Presidenl Sfudenis' Union 48-49 LEONARD BURTON, Calgary Ag Club 45-49, Ouldoor Club 48-49, Mixed Chorus 4a-49, Curma 4a-49, Phi Kappa Pi 45-49 LERVAE CAHOON, Leavii-I Mixed Chorus 45-47, lnlerfac Basl:e+baIl 45-46, 48-49 PHILIP CAMPBELL, Willowlea Curma 46-49, Ag Club 46-49, Curling Club 46-48, Archery 47-49, Jan. Class Yearbook 46, Evergreen 8: Gold 46-49, E. 81 G. Direclor 48-49, Drama Club 46-49, Light and Sound Crew 46-49, ln+er Year Plays 48, Music Club 47-48, Summer School Social Commiliee 47, S.C.M. 47-49, Agricullural lnsfilule of Canada 48-49 VICTOR CHANASYK, Innisfree Ag. Club 45-49, Camera Club 46-47, Presideni O.S.A. Alumni 47-48, Parade Marshal 48 LOUIS CHAUVET, Legal Ag Club 45-49, Newman Club 45-49 ALBERT CHURCH, Camrose Soffball 46, Archery Club 46-48, lnlerfac Hoclcey 46-47, Publicify U.A.B. 47-48, Afhabasca House Commiilee 48-49 JAMES CLARK, Edmonfon SHERIDAN CLARK, Erslrine Ag Club 45-49, Ouidoor Club 45-48, Aggrega+e Prize in Agricul+ural Club Field Day 48 57 Q' up-ev 'Q Q75 Agfhw JS, li X. ngzgy E KL. .fx -in 1 'qp.-r i I lqffu P wtf N , 'V ': L 1!Na'aE.r4:fxil 5: . f3F.f-IGM-IH j Jer.. .,.-4' N ife-'+1.,g.v gg E I om mmm X M . I 5 " P ' ' , L. is F E fx w if Af" 'sg ' UNIV 51S'I"f I L., . ..,.N ing , sm?-,gy ..,,: I . 'wmv V... DONALD CLAYTON, EcImon+on Ausrm lmcicy cook, Lethbridge Curma Exec. 47, Ag Club, A.l.C. 48-49, Assiniboia House Commi++ee 46, Inferfac Soflball Champs 46. Inferfac Foofball 48 GEORGE COOPER, Medicine Hal Ag Club 45-49, Curma 45-49, A.l.C. 48-49 GLEN CQOPER, Edmonion DOUGLAS DARRAH, Edmonfon Ag Club, Inlerfac Hockey, Curling Club DONALD DAVIDSON, Edmonion OLIVE DIXON-LANCASTER, Bluesky E. 8: G. Sfaff 47-48, Badminfon Club 46-48, lnierfac Volleyball 45-46, Archery 45-46, Oufcloor Club 45-47, Vice-Pres. Ag Club 48-49, Ag Club 45-49, A.l.C. 48-49, Canferbury Club 48-49, Leader of I.S.S. Drive in Pem 47-48 CHARLES DOUGLAS, Brooks Curma 45-49, Ag Club 45-49 LYLE DU NSMORE, Brooks KENNETH EASTON, Toronfo, 'On'I. Inferfac Hockey 46-49, Ag Club 46-49, In+ermuraI Baskefball 48-49, Curma 46-48, Equipmenf Mqr, Senior Foolball 48, Della Upsilon LAWRENCE EDWARDS, Three Hills Curling Club 45-46, Inlerfac Baske+baII 45-47, Wresfling Club 46-47, Pres. 47-48, Ag Club 45-49, A.l.C. 48-49, Curma ELDON EDWARDS, Taber Tumbling Club 45-46, Inlerfac Baske+baII 45-46, Inlerfac Track 45-47, Ag Club 45-49, Curma 45-46 WILLIAM EVANS, Trochu Ag Club 46-49, Curma 46-49, Bofany Club 48-49, Curling Club 48-49 ROBERT FAU NT, Calgary Ag Club 46, 48-49, Ag Baseball Team Champs 46, In'Ier'Fac Hockey 46-48, In-Ierfac Baskelball 46-49, Sf. S+eve's Inlermural Baskelball 47-49, Curma 46 RALPH FARVOLDEN, Foresfburg Ag Club 45-49, Curlinq Club 45-46, 48-49, P.R.O. Field Day 46, Curma 45-48 GERALD FITZPATRICK, Edmon+on JOHN FITZSIMMONS, Alix Ag Club 45-49, Curma 45-49 RICHARD FRANKISH, Fincher Creek Ag Club 46-49, Curma 46-49, Bofany Club 48-49 CLARENCE FUERST, Bashaw Ag Club 45-49, Exec. 48-49, Curling Club 46-47, A.l.C. 48-49 58 HENRY GERLOCK. Calgary Ag. Club 45-49, Curling Club 48-49, A.I.C. 48-49 VARGE GILCHRIST, Lethbridge Secrefary FresI'xmen's Execulive 45-46, Sfudenf Facully Relalions Commiilee 47-48, 48-49, Ag. Rep. on Sfuclenls' Council 48-49 SPENCER F. GODDARD, Edmonfon COLIN GORDON, Edmon+on Ag. Club 46-49, OURMA 46-48, Curling 48-49 NORMAN WESLEY GRIFFIN, Edmon+on EDMUND VINCENT HAMULA, Calmar Ag. Club 45-49, Inlerfac Hoclcey 45-49, Foolball Parade Organizafion ALEX HARBOWAY, Ed mon+on HARRY NEIL HART, Wlwilelaw Ag. Club 45-49 JAMES W. HIRONAKA, Raymond Inlerfac. Baslcelball 45-49, Ag. Club 45-49, lnlerfac. Soccer 48-49, Ouldoor Club 45-49, Swim Club 45-49 WALTER LESLIE HUGHES, Calmar In'I'erfac. Hockey 45-49, Ag. Club 45-49, Lambda Chi Alpha Fralernily KENNETH HERBERT HUTCHINGS, Gibbons RODGER NORMAN IRELAND, Grande Prairie Ag. Club 46-49, Curling Club 46-49 DONALD JOHN JORGENSEN, Edmonlon EARL L. KELLAR, Edmon+on CHARLES ALFRED KERIK, Bashaw SAMUEL GEORGE KLUMPH, Manola Wresfling Club 46, Soffball Jan. Class 46, Fencing Club 47-49, CURMA 46-49, Ag. Club 46-49 NICHOLAS KUFEL, Egremonl Ag. Club 45-47, Bolany Club 48-49 ARTHUR M. LARSON, Edmonlon Ag. Club 45-49, CURMA 45-49 GEORGE DENIS LEAHY, Grassy Lake Ag. Club 46-49, Newman Club 46-48 CURMA 46-49 CHARLIE EDWARD LILLY, Wainwrighi Ag. Club 46-48, CURMA 46-49, Curling Club 47-48, A.I.C. 48-49, I.V.C.F. 48-49 59 ' E Tx-' - .,,:R-.- 5m-Lasma " Q Wm 'X 'PS' ? -r-nf .4 -.1 I 462 X .. -15 ff' ' 'Hur Sd 'rw' IAN LINDSAY, Edmonion Ag. Club 49, Inlerfac Hocltey 48-49, CURMA 48-49, Bowling Club 48-49 WILLIAM ROBERT LINDSAY, R.R.4, Calgary Ag. Club 45-49 DOUGLAS LOW, Carclsfon Ag. Club 45-49, Ag. Club Execulive 47-48, Wreslling Club 46-48, Field Day Direclor 49, Campus Co-op 45-49 ROBERT CAMERON McGlNNlS, Weslloclr Ag. Club 45-49, Swim Club 47-49, Oulcloor Club 47-49. lnlerfac Baslcelball 47-49, Inlermural Baslcelball and Volleyball 47-49, S+. S+ephen's House Commi-Hee 47-48 KENNETH MACKENZIE, Lelhbriclge Curling Club 46-47, Oulcloor Club 47-49, Ag. Club 45-49, CURMA 45-48, Kappa Sigma Fralernily DOUGLAS MURRAY MacKlLLOP, Eclmonlon ALLAN DUNCAN MATHESON, Dulaamel ORRAN LEROY MATSON, Claresholm Ag. Club 45-49, CURMA 45-49 CALVIN G. MITCHELL, Eclmonion VANCE ELSWORTHY IMOEI MOLSBERRY. Bowden lnferfac Hockey 46-49, lnlerfac Soccer 47-49, Ag. Sporls Rep. 47-49, lnlerfac Soffball 46 WILLIAM JOHN MORAN, Calgary GORDON ALBERT NELSON, Edmonfon JAMES HAMILTON PARKS, Rellaw E.U.S. 45-46, Ag. Club 46-49, Badminlon 47-4B, Curling 48-49 JAMES HARVEY PAULL, Bremner Ag. Club 45-49, CURMA 45-49, Curling Club 45-47 JOHN FREDERICK PERROTT, S+avely Ag. Club 46-49 ALLAN W. PETERSON, EcImon+on ROBERT LESLIE PHARIS, Magrafh Oulcloor Club 47-49, Swimming Club 47-49, Ag. Club 46-47, 48-49, S+. S+epl'1en's House CommiH'ee 48-49 ROBERT MILLER PHILLIPS, LloycImins'l'er Sollball 46, Hockey 46, Assiniboia House Commihlee 47-48 URBAN JOSEPH PITTMAN. Warner Newman Club 45-46, CURMA 45-47, Ag. Club 45-49, Ag. Club Presiclenl' 47-48, A.l.C. 48-49 WM. W. PLUMER, Bassano 60 STEVE PYRCZ, Leduc Ag. Club 45-49, A.I.C. 48-49 GORDON ALEXANDER ROSS, Dulnamel Ag. Club 46-49, Ouldoor Club 47-49, lnferfac Hoclrey 46-48 PETER D. RITCHIE, Berwyn DONALD ALFRED RIX, Wefaslciwin Badmin+on Club 45-47, Ag. Club 45-49, Zncl Year Rep. 46-47, Lambda Chi Alpha Fra'Ierni'I'y 46-49 HERBERT KENNETH SCOTT, Edmon+on FOREST SHERWOOD, Leihbridge lnferfac Sof'I'ball Champs 46, lnferfac Foolball 48. lrrlerfac Baslrelball 49, Bearcal' lnlermediafe Baslref- ball 47, Ag. Club, CURMA ANDREW DOUGLAS SMITH, Lethbridge BENEDICT SMITH, Edmonlon Newman Club 45-49, Oulclcor Club 45-46, Public Spealring Club 46-47, Deba-Iing Club 47-48, Ag. Club 45-49, Secrelary-Treas. 48-49 SYLVESTER ISYLVERI SMOLIAK, Myrnam Ag. Club 45-49 JAMES ERNEST JOHN THOMSON, Edmonion CHARLES LESLIE USHER, Scollard -Ag. Club 46-49, CURMA 46-49, Tennis 46, Baclminfon 47-49, Canferbury Club 46-49, Bofany Club 48-49 ERNEST WILLIAM WALKER, Boyle Ag. Club 45-49, Boxing Club 45-46, CURMA 45-49 D. G. WALKER, Vulcan MURRAY FL-OYD WILDE, Welling BURNS WOOD, Taber WILLIAM GEORGE WOODBRIDGE, Eagenon Ag. Club 45-49, CURMA 45-46 6I ,L-A DJ QS ph H Q WGN I 4 L14 :fu M, ,. 4 ,M ,Q .1-1 . ln. v ,Q , 0 5 5 .1 X 4 A Y I I ANDREW ANTONIUK, Chipman HUGH CAMPBELL, Edmonion MICHAEL CEPIN, Edmonlon R. L. CHIOCCHETTI, Edmonion MICKEY CHOMYC, Two Hills KENNETH J. CHURCH, Balzac LORNE L. CLAPSON, Camrose VINCENT R. DAU, Three Hills CHARLES B. DUGGAN, Camrose ARTHUR J. FAIR, Paradise Valley HAROLD A. HANSEN, Edmonfon FRANK R. HARPER, Lellwbridge THOMAS J. HULLAND, Alderson CHARLES A. JAMES, Lefhbridge S. J. LEWIS, Clareslwolm ERIC A. LONGEWAY, Calgary SIDNEY J. LORE, Calgary A. HOWARD MacDONALD, Grainger W. D. McGINNIS, Wesflock DONALD J. MacKENZIE, Medicine Hal ALFRED L. MATHIEU, Coronado WILLIAM D. RATCLIFF, Sundre WESLEY S. RIDER, Leihbridge ROBERT W. SHOPLAND, Edmonion DAVID STELFOX, Rocky Mf. House JOHN G. STELFOX, Rocky MI. House K. SUTHERLAND, Peace River JAMES TCHIR, Leeshore DONALD R. WALKER, Sal? Prairie KENNETH R. WALKER, Vulcan NICK ZACHODA, Peno DAVID BLACKMORE, Cardsfon LAVERNE T. BLAIR, Edmonfon JOHN I. BORAS, Picfure BuH'e WILLIAM CHINNECK, Edmonfon EDWARD DIXON, Grimslwaw JAMES W. FLEMING, Edmonlon D. GODLEY, Kenya Colony, Africa ROBERT W. GRIEVE, Edmonion JOHN GROTSKI, Bonnyville CLEMENT W. HARKE, Edmonlon ARNOLD M. F. HENNIG, Sfony Plain JOHN A. HERON, Vanguard, Saslc. DONALD J. HOFF, Cherlnill KARL C. IVARON, Champion GAVIN ARTHUR KEMP, Olds DONALD A. MCCALLUM, Edmonfon PETER MARO,N, Edmonfon JOSEPH P. MORAN, Calgary ALEXANDER B. MORRISON, Vermilion KEVIN B. O'NEILL, Uncas CHARLES E. PAQUIN, S+. Edouard JOHN A. PARFETT, Edmonlon GILBERT I. PAUL, Edmonfon LLOYD K. PETERSON, Lefhbriclge STUART M. SCOTT, Eclmonion MARILYN SEARS, Nanicn WALTER SKITSKO, Hollowlalre 62 KENNETH J. SPILLER, Daysland MERLE G. SUMMERS, Crooked Creek WALTER F. THOMSON, F'I'. Assinilaoine ROBERT H. THORNTON, Edmonion EARL W. VAN DER LEE, Edmonfon ALLEN R. WELLS, Vermilion REGINALD T. WILKES, Lacombe JOHN R. WILSON, Calgary DAVID R. YOUNG, Lamonf DAVID A. BELL, Carsfairs RUSSEL A. BENEDICT, Edmonion ROY T. BERG, Millicenl O. J. BROUGHTON, Meeling Creek JOHN A. BROWN, Acme GEORGE R. CRAWFORD, Gunn DONALD H. DABBS, Foresfburg EMILE DEPUTAT, Two Hills WILLIAM J. DORAN, Ponoka CRAIG W. EDWARDS, Drumheller CHARLES E. FRENCH, Hill Spring ROBERT N. GIFFEN, Edmonlon HAROLD W. GLIDDEN, Vermilion LEIF GROSSETH, Shamrock Valley VERNON N. GRUNDBERG, Camrose PHILIP HALISKY, Smoky Lake ALBERT J. HALL, Eclmonlon C. H. HARVIE, Edmonfon GEORGE R. HEATON, Lundbreck JACK S. HORRICKS, Edmonlon GEORGE S. HUGHES, Vegreville VICTOR JANSSEN, Eclmonfon ANTHONI J. JASINSKI, Bellis CLARENCE O. JEUNE, Welaskiwin WALLACE O. KLATT, Edmonlon JACK B. LEBEAU, Eclmonlon EARLE C. LOWE, Picarclville ERNEST L. LONGAIR, Calgary ARTHUR N. LONGAIR, Calgary JAMES G. McARTHUR, Hackell MALCOLM D. MacDONALD, Calgary DONALD I. McMlLLAN, Edmonlon .NEIL B. MADSEN, Edmonlon METRO A. MELNYK, Eclmonfon PETER F. MELNYK, Bellis ARNOLD O. MICKELSON, Sfony Plain RICHARD B. MILLER, Elk Poinf FRANCIS J. OLSON, Druml1eIler DAVID H. PENGELLY, Delburne WILLIAM J. PERKINS, Eclmonfon THOMAS A. PETERSEN, Rosedale LLOYD G. SEATH, Provosl ARTHUR J. SMITH, Veieran ROBERT P. STONE, Edmonlon BOHDAN TATARYN, Radway FREDERICK G. WAGNER, Wesllock HAROLD W. WEBBER, Tallard P. WEISGERBER, Sclwuler DONALD B. WILSON, Edmonfon DAVID ZUKERMAN, Sibbald 63 J. MACDONALD, MA., D.LiT. Dean oT ArTs and Science This "parenT" FaculTy has had The usual experience oT parenTs: iT has seen iTs children-The professional FaculTies and Schools-breaking away Trom iT To seT Themselves up in an apparenTly vigorous and Thriving independence. lT is easy To see why They should Tind liTTle Time-and less and less Time, as They grow up-To concern Themselves wiTh any buT Their own aTTairs. The parenT FaculTy musT reasserT iTselT. IT musT Try To Turn a region, which has been lapsing inTo a no-man's land, inTo a common TerriTory-a naTural meeTing place oT all well-Trained minds. The region is represenTed by The culTural heriTage oT humaniTies and sciences, which is The basis oT our civilizaTion. This is noT iusT an academic maTTer3 iT is The mosT sTarlcly pracTical issue ThaT Taces us. When Dean Inge Told us early in The cenTury ThaT "Rome Tell To barbarians Trom wiThouT-we breed our own", neiTher he nor we had any inlcling OT how hideously accuraTe The sTaTernenT would loolc a Tew years laTer. To conserve and TurTher our heriTage oT humane and scienTiTic values-such is The sTar To which The FaculTy oT ArTs and Science musT hiTch iTs wagon, and if aT Times The obiecT looks more like a nebula Than a sTar, The FaculTy should noT on ThaT accounT permiT iTs gaze To be deTlecTed land resTricTedl To nearer, clearer, buT lower obiecTs. Facilis descensus. 64 ALEXANDER ANDREKSON, Barons Track 44-45, Senior Baslxelball 44-45, lnlerfac. Baslcef- ball 45-47, Manager Golden Bear Baslrelball 46-47, Arls and Science Exec, Boys' Sporfs Represenlarive 46-47, Della Upsilon, Vice-Presidenl' U.A.B. ERNIE L. CARTER, Lamonl Commerce Club 46, Arls and Science Club 46-48. CURMA 46-48, Ourdoor Club 47-48, Dramalic Sociely 47-48. MARJORIE E. DAVIDSON, Menailr Cercle Francais 45-46, Co-ed Club 45-46, Swimming Club 45-49, Ballel Club, Psychology Club, Social Service Club 46-47 MRS. ROSE P. MADSEN, Edmonfon DAVID JOHN STANLEY PRITCHARD, Edmonron Galeway 43-45, Chairman l.S.S. 44-45, Evergreen and Gold 44-45, Sfudenrs' Council 45-46, Execufive Arfs and Science Club 45-46, Vice-Presidenl' Theology Club 48-49, Kappa Sigma ALEX ROSENTHAL, Edmonlon MARGARET JOY VERGE, Calgary LOUISE ANASTASIA ABOUSSAEY, Coleman Co-ed Club 46-47, Newman Club 46-49 lVice-Pres. 48-491, Chemisfry Club 48-49 JAMES FRANCIS ALLEN, Calgary ARTHUR MELBOURNE ARBEAU, Banff ALLAN B. ARMSTRONG, Red Deer D. E. ARMSTRONG, Edmonfon RUSSELL OWEN ASPLUND, Lelhbridge L.D.S. Club 46-49, Mixed Chorus 47-49, Chemisfry Club 46-49. THOMAS PAGE ATKINSON, Eclmon+on KENNETH STEPHEN ATTRELL, Calgary Mining and Geological Sociely 47-49, COTC 47-49, CURMA 46-48, Bowling Club 48-49. MARJORIE ANNE BAILIE, Calgary Philosophical Sociely 46-48 lExeculivei 47-48, Musical Club, English Club ROBERT BRUCE BAILEY, Edmonlon Mining and Geological Sociely 46-49, ln1'er'Facul'ly Soccer 47-49, lnrerfaculiy Hockey 47-49 PETER JOSEPH BAKAJ, Coleman 65 've ii x Ugg, ' 'I Zi HUGH ALEXANDER BAKER, Edmonlon Mining 81 Geological Sociefy 46-49, Presidenl Lambda Chi Fral-. 48-49, Inlerfacully Soccer 47-49, Manager Geology Hoclrey 48-49. OLGA LOUISE IOLLIEI BARILKO, Canyon Creelr W. D. BARNETT, Banlii MAXINE MAE BARTSCH, Edmonlon Social Service Club 47-48, Oufdoor Club 47-48, Arls and Science Club, Philosophical Sociely 47-49, En- gineers' Queen Candidale 48 ARTHUR D. BATES, Cardslon Physics Journal Club 47-49, Maih. 8: Physics Club 45-49 lExecu+ive 48-49l, Pholo Club 47-49, Mixed Chorus 45-48, L.D.S. Club 46-49, Arls Xa Science Club 46-48, Music Club 46-48, Philosophical Sociely 48-49, Cercle Francais 45-47, Tumbling Club 45-46 VICTOR A. BAYROCK, Eclmonlon ROBERT BELOT, Calgary RAY E. BENJAMIN, Calgary Della Upsilon STEWART BLAINE BERTLES, Edmonlon MARY BERYL BISSET, Edmonlon Baller Club 47-49, Mixed Chorus 47-49, W.A.A. Exec. 47, lnlercollegiale Swimming Team 47, French Club 46-47, S.C.M. Cabinel 47-48, Theology Club 48-49 MARGARET JEANNE lPeggyl BLUNDELL, Wefaslciwin U. of A. Rifle Club lVice-Pres.l 47-48, Manager of Panda Baslcelball Team 48-49, Baclminlon Club 47-48, Pi Bela Phi ALLAN B. BOOMER, Edson MARGARET ELEANOR BOWER, Red Deer Malh. and Physics Club 46-49 lExec.l 48-49, Ar'Is and Science Club 47-48 DAPHNE GWENDOLYN BOYD, Calclary Tri Dell- Frafernily 47-49, Canlerbury Cl, 47-49, S.C.M. 47-48 WILLIAM JAMES BRICKMAN, Edmonfon ROBERT LORIN BROWER, Edmonion ALICE ANN BROWN, Edmonlon Della Gamma, Oufdoor Club 46-47, French Club, Ar+s and Science Club 46-47, Wauneila Sociely 46-49 ELAINE ALTA BROWN, Calgary Freshman Rep., Arls and Science Club 46-47, Typis-I- in-Chief "Alarm" 47-48, Friday Edifor "Alarm" 48-49, Vice-Pres. Council 48-49, Council Rep. Alumni Home- coming 48-49, Pi Bela Phi EVERETT LEROY BROWN, Edmonlon JACK RAYMOND BROWN, Eclmonlon 66 CHARLES WILLIAM McKAY BURGE, Koolenay Lalre, B.C. Badminlon Club 42-43, 45-49, Delia Kappa Epsilon WILLIAM BALMER CAIRNS, Edmonlon EVELYN CAPSEY, Camrose Evergreen 81 Gold Slaff 46-47, C'JRMA 46-49, Debalin Club 47-49, Bluesloclcing Club 48-49 9 Pi Bela Phi 47-49 LOIS CHISHOLM, Edmonlon Arls 81 Science Club 46-47, Ouidoor Club 46-47, Wauneiia Socieiy, Della Gamma Fraiernily MARY SMITHSON CLARK, Edmonlon Ouldoor Club IExec.I 46-47, Badminlon Club 46-47, Symphony IExec.I 46-48, Ski Club IExec.I 47-49, Swimming Team 47, Musical Club IExec.l 48-49, Pi Bela Phi JAMES Hue-H CLARKE, Toronlo, oni. ELIZABETH MARY cLow, Calgary MARY ELIZABETH COLLINS, Edmonion Tennis Tourney 46-49, Badminlon Club 46-47, Ouldoor Club 46-47, S.C.M. 46-47, Cabinei 47-48, French Club 46-49, English Club 47-49, Philosophical Club 48-49. Debaling Club 48-49, Polilical Science Club 46-48 ROY S. COLLINS, Edmonlon JOHN T. COOK, EcImon'I'on DOUGLAS V. CORMACK, Alix I. T. CORAM, Calgary Malh. ancl Physics Club 45-49, Physics Journal Club 47-49 FREDERICK CHARLES CORNETT-CHING, Calgary Lambda Chi Fralernily 46-49 JOHN T. COSTELLO, Edmonfon STANLEY G. CRAIG, Carmangay EILEEN MARY LANSDELL CROOKES, Gray, Saslr. Mixed Chorus 47-49, Canlerbury Club 47-49, Canfer- bury Club IExec.I 48-49, Evergreen 8: Gold S+aFi 48-49 KATHLEEN ELLEN IKAYI CRUIKSHANK, Eclmonlon Galeway S+aFF 46-49, "Alarm" Sfalif 46-48, Radio Club 48-49 JAMES ROBERT CUTHBERTSON, Edmon+on H. A. DALL, Edmonlon CHARLES EDWARD CLIFFORD DAW. Calgary Tumbling Club 46-47-49, CURMA 46-49 ANDREW DUANE DEMKO, Edmonfon Commerce Club 46-49, Arls 8: Science Club '46-49, CURMA 46-49, Musical Club 46-49, Philosophical Socieiy 48-49 67 EVELYN MAE DENNIS, Calgary Ouldoor Club 46-47, Arfs 8: Science Club 46-48, Mining 81 Geological Sociefy 48-49 OTTO DEUTCH, Alberla Beach Chemisfry Club 48-49 cm-IERINE M. oicicie, calgary ROBERT DANIEL QBERTI DICKIE, Presfon, Oni. Pres. Sfuclenfs' Council, S+. S+ephen's College 46-47, Psychological Sociefy lVice-Pres.l 48-49, Chairman, House Comm., Sf. S'lephen's College 48-49 GRANT WILCOCK DOMINY, Edmon+on JAMES EMMETT DONOVAN, Hariell WM. DRONIUK, Shaughnessy LILLIAN MARY DUNN, Calgary D. ALAN lAIl EAGLESON, Edmonfon Chemislry Club 47-48, Swimming Club 47-49, Phi Kappa Pi Fralernify JEAN ISOBEL EMSLIE, Eamanianl Philosophical Sociely 47-49, lS'ruden1' Rep.I 48-49, Social Service Club 46-49, S.C.M. 46-47 JOHN HUGH EMSLIE, Eclmonlon MARY PERSIS FIELD, Eclmonion Delia Gamma Fra+erni+y, Fencing Club 47-48, Fencing Team 'lo Saslzaioon 48, Ouldoor Club 46-47, Wauneifa Sociefy 46-49 YVONNE FIELD, Ed monfon GEORGE McEWEN FINDLAY, Edmonfon COTC 46-49, Swimming Club 46-49, CURMA 46-47, Della Kappa Epsilon FRANK H. FISH, Calgary ARTHUR FITZPATRICK, Vulcan THOMAS J. FORAN, Eclmonfon CORINNE EADIE FRASER, Edmonion 'Co-ed Club 46-47, Ar'l's 81 Science Club 46-47, Musical Club 47-48, Chemisfry Club 48-49 DOUGLAS T. FRASER, Calgary HENRY GERLITZ, Didsbury 68 GEORGE A. GILLIES, Eclmonlon IRENE EVELYN GLEN, Edmonlon CHESTER DUNCAN IDUNCI GORDON, Edmonlon Chemisfry Club 46-49, IPresiden'I'l 48-49, Ouldoor Club 46-47 WILLIAM GEORGE IGUSI GOWARD, Edmonlon Chemislry Club 45-49 JOYCE MAXINE GREENE, Edmonlon WILLIAM C. S. GRAHAM, Eclmonlon Pre-Mecl. Dani' Club 46-48, Baclminlon Club 48-49 JON GRANIK, Pallan Dramalics Sociely 46-49, Raclio Club 46-49, Year Play 48-49, Inler-Varsify Play 48-49 JAMES MacNElLL GRANT, Eclmonlon HERBERT HAAS, Eclmonlon CURMA 46-47, Pholo Club 47-48, Chemislry Club 48-49 FLORENCE HALINA, Edmonlon ALISON MATTHEWS-HANKINS, Calgary Mixed Chorus 45-46, McLeod Club Exec. 45-46, Della Della Della Fralernily, Baclminlon Club 45-49, Social Service Club 47-49, Psychological Sociely 48-49. Cercle Francais 47-48, Philosophical Sociely 45-49 JOHN H. HARDING, Eclmonlon Mixed Chorus 45-46, Physics Journal Club 47-49, Della Upsilon Fralernily, CURMA 45-46, E.S.S. 45-46 WILLIAM C. IBILL or "W.C."l HART, Fincher Creelr Arls and Science Club 46-47, Gafeway 46-47, Oulcloor Club 46-47, Oulcloor Club - Cabin Sfeward 47-48, IVice-Pres.l 48-49 JOHN HARVIE, Eclmonlon DOROTHY MARIAN HAYHURST, Calgary Arls and Science Club 47-49, Ouh-.Ioor Club 48-49 WILLIAM A. IBILLI HAYNES, Eclmcnfon Presidenl Pholo-Club 46-47 WILLIAM STERLING HAYNES, Edmonlon HUGH HAY-ROE, Eclmonlon Arls and Science Club 46-47, Wresfling Club 46-47, Gafeway Sporfs Edilor 48-49, Ouldoor Club 48-49, Mining and Geological Sociely, Zela Psi JENNY ILITTLEI HENDERSON, Eclmonlon Commerce Club 45-46, Cercle Francais 46-47, Women's Polilical Club 46-49, IArchivis'll 47-48, IPresiclenll 48-49 CLIFFORD WILLIAM HERGOTT, Ben+Iey 69 HILLIARD C. HETHERINGTON, Taber HARRY B. HOBBS, Calgary Senior Foolball 46-48, Senior Hoclcey 46-48, Member Block "A" Club 47-49, Phi Kappa Pi Fraiernily BRUCE WILBUR HOLBROOK, Edmonlon LOUIS ALLEN HORODESKY, Calgary ALFRED JAMES HOSKIN6, Vegreville JULIE O. HRAPKO, Edmonfon Arls and Science Club 46-49, Bolany Club 47-49, Evergreen and Gold 48-49, Drama Sociely 46-48, Ouldoor Club 46-48 LYMAN GRANT IVIE, Taber Radio Club. Swimming Club JACOB IJACKI JANZEN, Rosemary V.C.F. 46-49, Mixed Chorus 47-49, Alarm Slaff 48-49, Bowling Club 48-49, Badminlon Club 48-49 NANCY JANE JOHNSON, Edmonlon Della Gamma, Badminfon Club 47-49, French Club 46-47, Philosophical Sociely 47-49, Exec. Psychology Club 48-49, Social Service Club 48-49 NICHOLAS J. KARATEEW, Edmon+on MITSURU KATAYAMA, Edmonfon DONALD WALTER KENNEDY, Calgary MARGARET FRANCES KENNEDY, Calgary Della Della Della Frafernily 47-49, Arls and Science Club 46-49, Social Service Club 46-49, Philosophical Sociefy 48-49, Ouldoor Club 46-48 GEORGE D. s. KERMACK, Calgary VIVIAN MARY KIRKPATRICK, Red Deer Aris and Science Club 46-49, Alarm Slafli 46-49, Evergreen and Gold Sfaff 46-48, Chemisiry Club 48-49, Bowling Club 48-49 GEORGE KOSTASHUK, Edmonlon HARRY GEORGE KROKOSH, Eclmonfon Ar'Is and Science Club 46-47, CHRMA 46-49, Chemisfry Club 48-49 W. D. KYLE, Lefhbridge WILLIAM HALL LAKEY, Medicine Hal' Badminlon Club 48-49, Pre-Med. Den'r. Club 47-48 LILY MARY LAKUSTA, Edmonlon 70 DONALD LANGlLLE, Edmonion lviELVlN M. LAUER, Edmonion Ouldoor Club 47-48, CURMA 47-48, Radio Amaleur gp Club 47-48, Hillel 48-49 CLARK T. LEAVITT, Glenwood LARRY LEVINE, Edmonlon Hislory Club 46-49, Sigma Alpha Mu D. B. LIECH, Edmonion MORTON LIONEL LIBIN. Calgary ALEXANDER McDOUGALL LOVE, Edmonfon GEORGE RICHARD LUCAS, Edmonion NELLIE LlLLlAN MCCLUNG, Edmonlon 5 Q.- infercolleglai-e Golf Team 46-48, Badminlon Club, Debaling Club, Bluesloclcing Club, Edmonion Journal Varsily Correspondenf, Kappa Alpha Tl'1e'ra Fraferniiy ALEXANDER F. MCCRIMMON, Sylvan Lalce SHEILA McCULLY, Medicine Hai ANGUS GORDON MacDONALD, Edmonion Sludenls' Council, Curling Club, COTC, Psychology Club, Social Service Club, Kappa Sigma JAMES C. MacDONALD, Medicine Hal' JOHN E. MacDONALD, Edmonlon Pre-Med. Den+. Club Exec. 46-47, Yearbool: Sfalif 48-49, Friday Alarm Edilor 48-49, D.K.E. HELEN McGREGOR, Edmonlon Al-is and Science Club 45-49, lVice-Pres.l 46-47, Cercle Francais 45-47, CURMA 45-48, Philosophical Sociely 46-49, Delia Gamma 47-48 lPresiden1l 48, Panhellenic Secreiary 47-48, English Club 46-49 lPres- idenll 48-49, Siel 47-49, Ediiorial S+a'Ff 48-49, Poeiry Club 48-49, Class Hisiorian 48-49 ROSALIE McHAFFl E, Ed monlon EDWARD ARTHUR MacKAY, Calgary LAURIE DAVID MacLEAN, Pincher Creel: lnler Varsily Boxinq 47-49, Provincial Boxing Champ. 48, lnira Mural Cross Counfry Race 49, Presideni' Boxing Club 47-48, Aris and Science Club 47349, Delia Upsilon RONALD STUART MacLEAN, Seclgewicl! COTC 46-49, Camera Club 46-49, Badminion Club 46-47, Curling Club 48-49 7I . .e... "M: xx. .,... .- L. -I . .f ,f 1 451: wrffx., TQ '. ,xy PQ e., ii. I we V X ,,, Yy Q ' F ' R 1 QQ' ,Q 5- Y . 7.9" V, Q, , 3, 513- X UUA 'YN' Yun- bf 157- if A J X I 453. '-4 Q, EY-Y Q. 5 117500 0' a -7' Q Q li A 5 U A F? IAN C. S. MacLEOD, Edmonlon WILLIAM JOHN McLUHAN, Edmonlon SIDNEY B. MAEROV, Calgary Sigma Alpha Mu Frafernify, Chemislry Club 45-49, Hillel 48-49 JAMES A. MAIR, Calgary MARGUERITE GRACE MANUEL, Innisfail Canferbury Club, 48-49, Bolany Club 47-49, Evergreen and Gold Sfaff 48-49 ROBERT DUANE MARBLE, Lacombe Inierfac. Hoclrey 47-48, Swimming Club 47-48, Infra- mural Sporfs 48-49, Senior Rugby 48-49, Phi Delfa Thefa Fralernify ERNEST MEINDERSMA, Lacombe Swimming Club 48-49 RICHARD A. MERCER, Edmonion ERNEST HANDYSIDE MERCER, EcImon+on WINNIFRED LILLIAN MILLER, Regina Mining and Geological Sociefy 48-49 M. E. MINOGUE, Edmonlon ADELINE IADDIEI MISKEW, Mundare Arfs and Science Club 46-47, Musical Club 47-49, Chemisfry Club 47-49, Newman Club 48-49, Evergreen and Gold Sfaff 47-49 WILLIAM KENNETH IKENI MOORE, Calgary Senior Eooiball 46-48, In'Ier'Iac Hockey 47-49, Inha- mural Baslxefball 48-49, Manager Senior Baslcefball 49, Member of Big Block "A" Club 47-49, DeI+a Upsilon DORIS JEAN MORISON, Ponoka ROBERT K. MORTIMER, Didsbury Mafh. and Physics Club 45-49 IExecu'IiveI 47-49 LEONARD A. MOTIUK, Mundare EDWARD H. MOTTUS, Eclrville Chemislry Club 46-49 C. DANA S. MURRAY, Edmonfon 72 NORMAN A. NELSON, Edmonfon Chemisfry Club 47-48 ARNE RUDOLPH NEILSEN, Edmonfon Mining and Geological Socieiy 46-48, CURMA 46-49 JOHN RUSSELL NOCK, Calgary Badminlon 47-49, Rifle Club 47-49 ROBERT HOWARD O'C'ONNOR, Edmonlon Zefa Psi Frafernify 48, CURMA 46-48, Ou+door Club 47-48, C.I.M.M. 47-48, Canferbury Club 47-48, Arfs and Science Club 46 JOSEPH P. O'DONNELL, Edmonfon EDWARD WRIGHT OLDRING, Edmonton SHEILA MONICA O'NElLL, Edmonion BERNARD E. OSZUST, Beaver Lodge GERTRUDE CATHERINE OTTERSON. Edmonfon DOROTHY MARGARET OWER, Edmonlon Pi Bela Phi 45-49, Cercle Francais 45-47, Ar+s and Science Club 45-47, Oufdoor Club 45-49, Freshman Infroduciion 47-49, Yearbook IE. 8: G.I 47-49 JOHN E. OYLER, Edmonlon LUCILLE M. PARKS, Taber ROBERT G. PARK, Langenburg, Saslc. JEAN J. PAUL, Edmonion ROSERT W. PAYNE, Calgary Drama Club 46-47, Mixed Chorus 46-49, Psychological Socieiy 48-49 D. D, IGummerI PHILLIPS, Calgary Junior Baslrelball 45-46, French Club ICercIe Frangaisl 45-46, Mixed Chorus 45-49 IBusiness Manager, 47-49, Presiden+ Musical Assoc. 48-49, E. 81 G. Sfaff 47-48, Presiden+ Chemisfry Club 47-48 AVIS LUCILLE IPOPPYI POPPLEWELL, Calgary Vice-Presiclenf V.C.F. 48-49 LOIS PORTER, Calgary BRUCE A. POWE, Edmonfon CURMA 46-47, COTC 47-48, Gaieway 46-49, ,News Egigor IGa+ewayI 47-48, Managing Edifor IGa+ewayI - 9 SIDNEY A. RADLEY, For+ Saslcalchewan RICHARD H. M. ROE, Winnipeg, Man. 73 -'sf E.,-L .: ,I mcg- -Q, - ,qn J G. SHIRLEY REID, Ponolra HARVEY ALLEN REIST, Wefaslriwin Curling Club 47-49, Pre-Med. Den+. Club 46-48 D. VINCENT REYNOLDS, Edmon-lon Gafeway S+aFF 46-48, Debafing Club 48-49, COTC 46-49 WILLIAM HARVEY fscom ROBINSON, Calgary MURRAY K. ROBLIN, Eclmonlon CURMA 46-49, COTC 46-49 PAUL G. ROONEY, Calgary JOHN ROMANCHUCK, Eclmonlon JAMES A. ROPER, Edmonfon MARGERY E. ROWBOTHAM, Eclmonion ALFRED RUDIN, Eclmonlon H. JOY RUSSELL, Red Deer Baller Club Accompanisl' 46-47, Co-ecl Club 46-47 lSecre+aryl 47-48, Chemisfry Club 47-48-49, Curling Club 47-48-49, Mixed Chorus 48-49 PHYLLIS JEANNINE RUSSELL, Edmonfon NORMA VAUGHAN RYAN, Pincher Creelr D. SAKS, Eclmonlon JOHN C. SAUNDERS, Eclmonfon Junior Baslrelball 46-47, Track and Field Team 47. Pre-Med. Deniz Inierfac. Hoclrey 47-48, Pre-Med. Denl. Inlerfac. Baslcefball 47-48, Baslrelball, Bearcafs 48-49 MARIE ANNE SCHWARZ, Edmonlon GEORGE WILLIAM SCHWINDT, Edmonion FRANK JOSEPH SENGER, Edmonlon Newman Club 47-49 LLOYD WESTON SHEPPARD, Morningside DAVID HILL SHOULDICE, Calgary E. 81 G. Sfaff 45-46, 48-49, Philosophical Sociely 45-46, 48-49, Campus Aclminisfrafion, Edilor E. 81. G. 46-47. Ouidoor Club 45-49, Assis+an+ Direcfor E. 8: G. 47-48, Mining and Geological Sociefy 46-49, Kappa Sigma 74 WALTER SHYDLOWSKI, Egremon+ JOHN JACOB SIGAL, Vancouver, B.C. Infer-year Plays 46-47, Soccer League lCI1ampionship Teaml 47-48, Soccer League 48-49, Malh. and Physics Club 48-49, Tumbling Club 48-49 WILLIAM EINAR SIGURDSON, Chauvin Mixed Chorus 46-47-49, Execulive Bowling Club 48-49, Musical Club 47-49, Pre-Med. Denf. Club 46-47, Arfs and Science Club 46-48 ERROL ROBIN SIMMONS, Edmonfon WALTER E. SKASKOW, Edmonfon Inferfac. Baslcefball 47-48, Soccer 47-48 PAUL NOBLE SOMERVILLE, Vulcan Curling Club 45-46, 48-49, Mafh. and Physics Club 46-49, E.U.S. 45-46, A.S.C. 47-49 ALICE E. STAINTON, Edmonion RONALD EDWARD IRONI STEPHENS, Hanna Cercle Francais 46-47, Mixed Chorus 46-49, Librarian and Assf. Cond. 47-48, Presidenl and Assl. Cond. 48-49, Badminfon Club 46-47, Della Upsilon Fralernify GLEN GOLD STEWART, Calgary JOHN B. STEWART, Edmonlon STEPHEN SWERYDA, Edmonlon W. JOSEPH SWINIARSKI, Edmonlon ISRAEL SWITZER, Calgary KARL OVE SYLVEST, Ponolla Oufdoor Club 47-48, Swimming Club 48-49 ISOBEL ADELAINE TAYLOR, Red Deer Drama Club 46-48, Aris and Science Club 46-49, Can+erbury Club 46-49, Chemisfry Club 48-49, Bowling Club 48-49, Pi Bela Phi 46-49 LAUGHLIN BARKER ILOCKI TAYLOR, Red Deer Drama Sociefy 46-49 lExecu+ivel 48-49, Infer Year Plays 46-49, Year Play 46-49, Infer Varsily Play 47-48, Arfs and Science Club 46-49, Bowlinq Club 48-49 AGNES ELIZABETH IWENDYI TEVIOTDALE, Edmonlon Oufdoor Club Frosh Rep. 45-46, Arfs and Science Sociely ISecre+aryl 46-47, lVice-Pres.l 47-48, Cercle Francais 45-47-49, Bluesioclring Club 47-49 lSecreIary- Treas.l 47-48 IVice-Pres.l 48-49, Della Gamma, Bad- minlon Club 45-46, Canlerbury Club 46-47 DOROTHY MARGARET THOMSON, Edmonlon Arls and Science Club 46-49, Cercle Francais 47-49, Evergreen and Gold 48-49, 'Oufdoor Club 46-47, Della Gamma EDNA ELIZABETH THOMSON, Edrnon+on JAMES MACKENZIE THOMSON, Druml-seller Inferfac. Hoclcey 46-47, Lambda Chi Alpha 49 75 .M , - x N -vu av - -ff-sf D. . 'l Eli' x cf 'r X to I '. Q, , , 11- 2,2 1 -f + 1 . f , ..x i. 'X D v:.7 A ff V 'ff' vw. xi 'y Wx Ui' eff? CIO 87? I K4 Nic,,Q-4 L 4 av- 541 GWENDOLYN E. TIDSWELL, Eclmoni-on ROBERT WILLIAM TURNER, Edmon-Ion VIOLET ULASOVETZ, Edmonion Year Play laclingl 46-47-48-49, Acfing Inleryear Plays llzreshmanl 46-47, Member Provincial Players 46-47, Acfing In'rervarsi+y Fesiival 47-48, 48-49, Direcfor Senior Play 48-49, Secreiary Drama Sociely 48-49, Make-up Club 47-48, Ac'Iing Radio Sociefy 46-48 MARY LOUISE URDAL, Calgary Ar+s and Science-Lab. Tech., Luiheran S+ucIen+ Assoc 46-49 lSecre+aryl 48-49 WILLIAM ROBERT VERGE, Calgary Malh. and Physics Club 47-49, Aris and Science Soccer Team 48-49 PHYLLIS DORIS VOISIN, Congress, Sask. WILLIAM JOHN WACKO, S+ar Public Speaking Club 46-47, Execulive Social Service Club 47-49, Philosophical Socie'Iy 47-49, Psychological Sociely 48-49, Badminion Club 49 ELIZABETH BLYTH WALKER, Sylvan Lake Dramalic Club 46-49, CURMA 46-47, Radio Club 47-48, Bowling Club 48-49, Galeway 47-48, Presiclenl Pembina Hall House Comm. 48-49, Cercle Francais 46-47 TOM JOSEPH WALSH, Oxbow, Sask. Infer Varsi+y Swimming Team 47-49, Inlerfac Hockey lAr'Isl 48-49, Manager Arls and Science Swim Team 47-48, Swimming Club Exec. 47-48 lPresidenI'l 48-49, Arls and Science Rep. on U.A.B. 47-48, Adverrising Manager U.A.B. 48-49, Ouldoor Club 47-48, Chairman Frosh lnI'roduc'I'ion 48-49, Arfs and Science Club 46-49, Newman Club 47-49, Della Upsilon WILLIAM IDEN WALTER, Edmonlon CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH WARD, Meanook Wauneifa Sociely 46-49, S.C.M. 47-49, Canierbury Club 46-49, Arfs and Science Club 46-47, Inrerfaculfy Volleyball 46-47, Inferfacully Baskefball 46-47 L. E. WARREN, EcImon+on MARY EVELYN WARREN, Edmon+on Make-up Club 46-47-49 lSecreIaryl 47-48 lPresidenIl 48-49, Musical Club Exec. 48-49, Drama Sociefy 48-49 ALEX WASYLEWSKY, Edmonfon Chemisiry Club 47-49, C.I.C. lChemicaI Insi. of Canadal 47-49, Varsily Bowlino Club 48-49 MARGARET JOAN WEIR, Edmonlon AUDREY M. WILLSON, Edmonlon Cercle Francais 46-49, BaIIe+ Club 46-48, Arls and Science Club 47-49 lSecre+aryl 48-49, Della Gamma, Evergreen and Gold 48-49 76 CLARE lMrs. H.l WEITZ, Edmonion Social Service Club 46-47-48-49 lSec.-Treas.l 47-48, i.R.c. 47-49, Hillel -'24, GORDON CLARE WELLS, Calgary Curling Club 46-49, Inferfac Baslxeiball 46-48, Bad- 1,29 minion Club 46-48, lnframural Baskefball 48-49, Mining -435 and Geological Sociely 46-49, Lambda Chi Alpha '-:ui-f? i KATHLEEN ADAIR WHEELER, Lefhbridge Cercle Francais 45-46, Pembina House Commiliee 45-46, Mixed Chorus 45-46, Social Service Club 47-48 lExecu+ivel 48-49, Delia Delia Delia FREDERICK THOMAS wi-MTE, Calgary LAWRENCE BERNARD WICK, Kingman ELIZABETH BERENICE IBETTYI WIGGINS. Gaieway 45-47, McLeod Club Exec Cercle Francais 45-46, Pi Bela Phi Ed monlon ufive 45-46, Le GILBERT ROLAND IGILI WILLIAMS, Edmonfon Ar'rs and Science Club 46-47, Drama Socie+y 47-49, Cercle Francais 46-48, Radio Socie+y 47-48, Bowling League 48-49 AARON OLAF IBUD, OLEI WILTZEN, Barrhead Curling Club 46-49, CURMA 46-49, Alpha G. WOODHAMS, Fillmore, Saslc. JOSEPH W. WOROBEC, Edmonfon CARL EDWIN YOUNGREN, Eclmonfon CURMA 46-48, C.l.M.M. 47-48. Aris a 46-47, Ouicloor Club 47-48 JOHN THOMAS WYLIE, Edmonfon CURMA 46-49, Radio Club 48-49 MARIAN WALTER ZIENTARSKI, Edmonfon ln+erna+ional Relalions Club GEORGE ERNEST ZIMMERMAN, Ponolra Swimming Club 48-49 Lambda Chi nd Science Club 77 ll BARBARA J. ANDERSON, Earaaraarr EDWARD w. AUDENAERT, Raymond JEAN BAILEY, Calgary WILLIAM BAILEY, Calgary ROBERT G. BALDERSON, Iylagral-Ir JAMES WILLIAM BEAMES, Calgary RAYMOND ALBERT BEDARD, Edmonlon JOSEPH A. BLONSKY, Blue Jay DAMASE DAVID BOUVIER, Plamondon ALBERT G. BROWNOFF, Edmonlon CHARLES C. BRYANT, Peace River JOSEPH EDWARD BRYANT, Jasper KATHRYN A. BUCHANAN, Edmonlon WILLIAM JOHN BUIE, Calgary PHYLLIS BUSH, Edmonlon LEO RALPH BUSSE, Eclmonron JOYCE CAIRNS, Edmonlon DORIS MAE CAMPBELL, Edmon-Ion EILEEN HELEN CHERWAN, Edmonlon GARTH R. CHRISTENSEN, Srirling ELIZABETH M. M. CHRISTIE, EcImon+on FRANCIS MURRAY CLARE, Edmonlon ALAN LESLIE CLARK, Jasper GLEN DONALD CLARK, Claresllolm I JOAN T. COCKERAM, Calgary VERNA M. CRADDOCK, Edmonlon ROBERT J. CRAWFORD, Edmonlon HUGH JAMES CROOKS, High River ALICE CYSAK, Lelllbrldge MARGARET DAVIS, Lloydminsler, Sasli. ANN ELIZABETH DEBNEY, Eclmomlon EVA E. DELLERT, Kimberley, B.C. VALLEY ESTHER DE PAOLI, Cayley GRANT DEVONSHIRE, Edmon+on HERMAN H. DORIN, Bruce ANDE DOROSH, Edmonfon NELLIE DRIEGA, Caclomin GORDON DUNCAN, lnnisfail WALTER DUCHINSKI, Munclare GEORGE B. EBBERS, Eclmonion DAWN SHEILA ECKERT, Edmonlon LOIS MARIE ENRIGHT, Eclmonfon O. BERNARD ERISTLAND, Lelhbridge ROBERT N. FARVOLDEN, Foreslburg TERRENCE C. FEIR, Le+l1bricIge IAN ALEXANDER FERGUSON, Acme ANN A. FIELD, Edmonfon ROGER VANCE FISHER, S+irlIng CONSTANCE ANNE FLOYD, Calgary JOHN PETER FLOYD, Calgary MARVIN G. FOWLER, Aldersyde GERALD JAMES FRANCIS, Calgary ROSS ALLEN GARRISON, Wesllock PHILIP N. GARRISON, Wes+Iock DAVID EDGAR GELL, Calgary AvRoN GENSER, Red Deer JOH,N STEELE GRAHAM, Parralra GERALDINE R, GRANT, Eclmonfon JAMES A. cRErSINcER, Calgary 78 GLADYS ELAITI2 I'A' A, Eclmonfon BETTY JEAN H " Eclmonfon JOSEPH PAUL HARAx I, Calgary HARRY T. HARDIN, ECI ". 1 ALBERT M. HARRISON, Ed 'C in ANATALEES C. HENRY, Olds JACK HIGA, Lefhloridge MISAE HIRONAKA, Raymond SAUL HOFFMAN, Calgary DENNIS I. HOLLIS, Calgary JAMES HARVEY HOOK, Brooks GEORGE M. HUGHES, Calgary JOSEPH DALE IMESO.N, Lefhbridge FIEINRICH ca. JANZEN, Rosemary WILLIAM A. JOHNSON, Eclmonlon ARLENE E. B. JONES, Edmonion PATRICIA JONES, Mannville MARGARET M. KATZ, Edmonfon VIOLET PAULINE KING, Calgary LLOYD ANTHONY KOLLER, Milk River WILLIAM KOLOTYLUK, Norlh Bank LOUIS FRANK KONTROS, Hillcrest ANTHONY KORDICH, Ryley JUNE THERESE KOSTASH, Edmonlon ALLEN KOSTYK, Edmonfon WALTER KUZNECOV, Edmonlon JOHN LEWIS LAGASSE, Sf. Paul DAVID M. LANE, Peace River HALIA M. LAZAROWICH, Eclmonfon CURTIS ALAN LAZERTE, Edmonfon JOHN B. LEFSRUD, Viking GLEN CHARLES LETT. Lac La Biclne SHEILA JOYCE LIPSETT, Edmonlon MARY LOIS LISTER, Edmonion J. S. LITTLE, Edmonlon JOHN WARNER LOVEN, Beaverlodge FLORA MARION LOVE, Edmonfon ROBERT FRANCIS LOVELL, ToITeIcI HOWARD MALCOLM LYNNES, Bawlf J. M. MCANDREW, Wlwiiellslw Falls, Oni. VICTOR J. MacCOSHAM, Eclmonfon COLINE M. MacDONALD, Edmonfon J. C. MacDONALD, Eclmonion BEATRICE H. MCKENZIE, Brownvale W. N. A. McLEAN, Calgary DONALDA G. MACLEOD, S+eHIer JEAN C. MacMILLAN, Peace River SHEILA McNEILL, Edmonion KATHLEEN IRENE McPHAIL, Edmonfon MAXINE MARIE MACHON, Calgary JOHN WALLACE MADILL, Foremosf HARRY MANDRYK, Edmonfon AVARD SEETON MANN, winnipeg LEONARD JOHN MARTIN, Sylvan Lake FRANCES J. MEAKIN, Cul Knife, Sask. G. E. MIKALCHEON, Hairy Hill JOHN BURTON MILLAR, Scepfre, Sask. JOSEPH MILLER, Eclmonfon VIRGINIA BERNICE MILLER, Olds 79 STANLEY A. MILNER, Edmonron VERLA ALBERTA MITCHELL, Edmonion YVONNE MOAR, Edmonion EILEEN MONTGOMERY, Crossfield SHEILA MAY MOORE, Wimborne NANCY M. MORRISON, Leihbridge D. R. E. A. MORRIS, Edmonfon MARY J. MORRISON, Ryley VIRGIL P. MOSHANSKY, Lamonl' WILLA GRACE MUNT, Edmonion DONALD JAMES MURRAY, Edmonion DAVE W. MURRAY, Edmonlon ROBERT JAMES NICHOLL, Edmonlon EDGAR SCOTT NELSON, Calgary SYBYL LOUISE NIBLOCK, Medicine Hai DONALD F. NOAD, Turner Valley SHELAGH M. NOLAN, Calgary ARNOLD C. OLESEN, Eclmonfon ORREN THEODORE OLSON, Eclmonfon MERVIN G. PALMER, High River STAN W. PASKEVICH, Smoky Lake BRUCE D. PATTERSON, Eclmonlon WILLIAM PAWLUK, Lamonl GERALD WESLEY PEPPER, Calgary HUGH LAKIN PLANCHE, Calgary ANTHONY POIVIAHAC, Frank M. H. PREBOY, Fox Valley, Sask. PAUL PYSYK, Boyle GEORGE D. QUIRIN, Slrafhmore ADRIEBELLE QUON, High River HOWARD CHAS. RAMAGE, Edmonron L. W. R. RANDALL, High Prairie DENTON C. RANSON, Edmonion ELMER JOSEPH REIST, Wefaskiwin JOSEPHINE J. RICH, Eclmonfon EVA L. ROBERTSON, High River JEANNE ESTELLE ROGERS, Edmonion JOYCELYN ROGERS, Edmonfon MARGARET I. ROOD, Lefhbriclge GLADYS MARY RYMER, Edmonfon KAMID SAWADA, Fincher Creek CHASE ATWAY SAWTELL, Eclmonlon MARY JANE SCHLOSSER, Edmonion EVELYN JEAN SCOTT, Edmonron WILLIAM ERNEST SELBY, Calgary ANNE ELEANOR SHAW, Edmon+on HENRY JOHN SHIMIZU, Eclmonfon MICHAEL PETER SILICK, Ladner, B.C. JACK C. SIMPSON, Lacombe HEATHER BETTE SINGER, Edmonion DAVID ROBERT SKJEIE, Morrin JOHN SKOREIK-O, Rimbey STANLEY V. SKREPNEK, Edmon+on FREDERICK C. SMITH, Wainwrighi NORMAN JOHN SOLTICE, Calgary CAROL KENNEDY SOUCH, Edmon+on NICK GEORGE SPILLIOS, Eclmonion MIKE SRIBNEY, Edmonron PETER STEBLYK, New Kiew DONALD VERNON STEELE, Le+hbricIge 80 ROBERT JAMES STEWART, Blairmore DONALD JAMES STILES, Dlclslaury MILTON CARL STROUD, High River KATHERINE IRENE TAGGART, Olds HARRY DOUGLAS TRACE, Edmonlon MARGARET I. TROTTER, Medicine Hal MADELIENE TURCOTTE, Edmonlon DONALD S. WALLACE, Eclmonlon ALEX. GEORGE WARKE, Royallles DONALD J. WELBOURN, Eclmonfon JOHN ROBERT WHITESELL, Beniley JOAN A. H. WEIBE, Fl. Saslxalclwewan JAMES FORREST WILLOX, Calgary DAVID A. WILSO,N, Lelhbrlclge JOHN IVAN WORONUK, Rycrofl' RICHARD G. WRAY, Turner Valley ROBERT G. WRAY, Lellwbridge V TATS YAMAMOTO, Lellwbridge GRACE NORAH YOUNG, Calgary RAYMOND M. YULE, Edmonlon NICK M. ZUKIWSKI, Willingdon JOHN ABRAMOWICK, Foresf View EDWARD FRANCIS ALLISON, Calgary DOUGLAS R. ALLOWAY, Eclmonfon MARCEL J. ALBINATI, Fall-ner MARY J. M. ANDERSON, Eclmonion ROY CLAYTON ANDERSON, Eclmonlon APHRODITE BARACOS, Banff CAROLYN LOUISE BARNES, Calgary DAVID LAYTON BARSS, Irma BETTY MAY BARKER, Edmonion JOHN W. BELLAMY, Turner Valley ROBERT K. BLACKWOOD, Eclmonlon JAMES MANSON BOND, Lecluc IRENE MAE BOWERMAN, Eclmonlon HENRY CHAS. BREZER, Eclmonlon JOAN ELLEN BRUNTON, Calgary ALIXE I. BURES, Calgary ALAN FERGUS CAMERON, Eclmonfon JAMES DUNCAN CAMPBELL, Calgary NORMAN JOSEPH CARRIERE, Legal NESTOR JAMES CEBULIAK, Cadomin DON F. CHRISTENSEN, Black Diamond RUSSEL COGLON, Lousana AUDREY MARY COPPOCK, Eclcville DAVID CORMACK, Alix ALLAN ASHTON COVEY, Edmonion ALTON GEORGE CRAIG, Lelhbridge WILLIAM N. CRAIG, Olds JOHN MURRAY CRAM, Three Hills JOHN T. CRAINE, Le'rI-:bridge MARGARET R. CRAWFORD, Calgary JEAN DAVIDSON, Edmonfon IAN DAVID DICKINS, Edmonion WALTER DMITROCA, Tomahawl: ROBERT HENRY DOUGALL, Claresholm MARIAN E. DRESSLER, Aylsham, Sask. GLEN ELMER EDWARDS, Calgary WM. GORDON NEIL EGBERT, Calgary 8I ROBERT R. EGGEN, Le+hbridge WM. DENNIS ENGELS, Eyremore ARTHUR LEO EVANS, Edmonfon MARY WATSON FARMER, Edmonion DAVID M. FAWCETT, Edmonion E. J. LAURENCE FISH, Calgary MARGARET E. FITZPATRICK, Edmonfon JEAN FITZSIMMONS, Edmonfon GORDON STUART FOSTER, CaIgary MILTON O. FUGLEM, Hugilenden SPENCER J. GALLAGHER, Edmonion JOHN FRANKLIN GILLESPIE, Vicioria R. PERRY GLAISTER, Calgary EDWARD PRESTON GOOD, Lacombe LOIS ELAINE GRANT, Edmonfon NORMA M. GRANTHAM, Edmonfon JAS. E. GREENAWAY, Rocky MI. House W. L. GREENAWAY, RocIcy Mi. House MAY GWEN GRIFFITHS, Leihbridge FRANK C. HALEY, CaIgary SELMA HAMILTON, Edmonion GEORGE EVAN HARDY, Edmonion HAROLD REG HARSE, Calgary ROBT, EDGAR HATFIELD, CaIgary DONALD E. HAUCH, HeisIer G. L. HAWKINS, Okanagan Mission FRANCIS WINNIFRED HAY, Leihbridge JAMES CURTIS HAYES, Edmonion IVAN LEIGH HEAD, Le'rI'lI::ricIge DONALD S. HEIKEN, LaGIace DONALD W. HEPBURN, Edmonfon LOIS ANNE HOBBS, Edmonfon RUTH MARIE HOLLAND, Edmonion HARRY E. HORSLEY, Edmonion MARIAN JEANNE HUDSON, Edmonion NORMAN J. HJNT, Medicine Hai ERNEST A. HUTCHINSON, calgary LORRAINE YVONNE IRVINE, Barons BARBARA L. KANE, Edmonfon JAMES ALEX. KERR, CaIgary STAN KING, Calgary LAURA PATRICIA KINGERLEY, Calgary RAYMOND JAS. KIRKER, Trail, B.C. WALDMAR KLAUSE, TI1ree Hills L. R. KUCHAR, Edmonfon JEAN ELEANOR KYLE, EcImon'Ion JOHN ROBT. LAWRENCE, Pine Lake CLARK T. LEAVITT, Glenwood C. M. LEITCH, Medicine Haf WILLIAM ALMAS LINKE, Edmonion A. EUGENIA LIPINSKI, Edmonion EVELYN BONNELL LODER, Edmonfon DOROTHY ISABEL LOGGIE, Fairview RAPHAEL LOPATKA, Andrew JOYCE ISOBEL LOVE, Brownvale ELAINE O. LYSNE, AIIiance BERNARD J. McDONALD, Coleman JEAN MARIE MCDOUGALL, EcImon+on VERNON E. MCEACHERN, Magrafh 82 JOHN S. MCFETRIDGE, Grande Prairie BARBARA ANN MCGREGOR, Edmonlon ELEANOR MCMURTRY, Bearberry E. W. H. MALLABONE, Edmonlon R. L. L. MANZ, E+. Saslcafchewan NELLO WM. MARANO, Drumlweller LEO EDWIN MARJANEN, Sylvan Lalce F. C. MARSHALL, Calgary A. D. M. MASON, Edmonfon ARLENE J. MAXIMCHUK, Edmonlon ROSEMARY MIELKE, Provos+ MARY MILLAR, Edmonlon JAMES A. MILLER, Calgary F. DAUREL MILLS, Edmonfon C. E. MOFFET, Edmonlon L. A. MOORE, Daysland METRO MOROZUK, Edmonlon J. M. MORIE, Eclmonion M. JOYCE MORRIS, Foofhills WM. EDGAR MULLEN, Edmonlon ARPAD MUNKACSI, Calgary A. R. MURRAY, Edmonlon LEONARD J. MUSTO, Edmon+on BRIAN H. NELSON, Cardsfon KEITH E. NESTING, Calgary LEONARD DONALD NEW, Edmonfon DAVID B. NEWMAN, Edmonfon S. J. NIZIOL, Edmonlon CATHARYN OLEKSYN, Opal .NICKOL OLINYK, Two Hills R. J. OSTOLOSKY, Edmonion WALTER PANASIUK, Edmonlon GEORGIA E. PAPAS, Fl. Saslcalchewan THERESA M. PATSULA, Edmonlon G. A. PENGELLY, Edmonfon R. M. PERRY, Calgary JOSEPHINE A. C. PILCHER, Edmonfon STEPHEN PROSKOW, Newcasile ALEXANDRA PYRCZ, Leduc S. RABBAGE, Medicine Hal' PAULINE T. RACETTE, Edmonlon J. C. RIDDLE, Carslairs D. E. ROBERTSON, Edmonlon G. L. ROBERTSON, Edmonlon NATHAN REIBER, Edmonlcn OLIVE ROBERTSON, Edmonlon C. H. ROLF, Edmonfon A. W. RUPP, Didsbury JOAN E. RYLANDS, Leflrbridge GEORGE SAKUMOTO, Iron Springs SUZANNE D. SAUCIER, Calgary E. R. SCHNEIDER, Irvine E. L. SCOTT, Caloary BETTY G. SCOUGALL, Macleod S. S. SEARS, Nanlon J. M. SEMFLE, Calgary O. C. SEWARD, Kilscofy CONSTANCE E. SHAW, Edmonlon 83 E. R. SHEDDON, Edmonfon S. A. E. SHERMAN, Leilnbriclge H. W. SHEWCHUK, Willingdon NICK SHYMKO, Desiarlais JOE SIKORA, Calmar J. E. SIMPSON, Edmonfon R. G. SINCLAIR, Leihbridge LOIS J. SKORUPSKI, EcImon+on D. F. SMITH, Edmonlon T. W. SNOWDON, Leihbriclge R. B. SPEVAKOW, Edmonfon J. H. SQUAIR, Lenal MARGARET M. SULLIVAN, Edmonfon ELI TANASIUK, Andrew W. H. R. TANNER, Calgary J. D. TAYLOR, Banff G. A. THOMAS-PETER, Edmonfon B. ANNE THOMPSON, Edmonlon MIKE A. TKACHYK, Slry J. R. TODD, Calgary F. H. TROLLOPE, Calgary EVELYN G. TRUEMAN, Red Deer FRED USTINA, Frains C. J. VARVIS, Edmonlon J. T. WANAMAKER, Jasper GORDON WARD, Olxoiolrs J. R. WEIR, Edmonlon WALTER WEINS, Edmonlon C. T. WILKINSON, Edmonlon A. C. WILLIS, Swlfl' Currenf, Sask. ANNE WITWICKI, Lellnbrldge LEROY WOBICK, Calgary RAINA E. YANDA, Edmonfon MARY C. YORK, Chapman Camp, B.C. C. C. BOMBARDIERI, Calgary MARY CLARE DITTO, Calgary 'VILLIAM J. DITTO, Edmonlon JOHN EDGAR DUTTON, Edmonlon GEORGE FENIAK, Warsplle JOSEPHINE M. FERGUSON, Cadomin ALBERT JOHN GOODJOHN, Calgary BEN GREENFIELD, Eclmonion HAROLD RICHARD HAWES, Edmonfon ALLAN STUART HAY, Edmonfon ISOBEL L. J. JOHNSON, Eclmonfon DANTE A. LENARDON, Fernie, B.C. RAY EMMERSON LEPPARD, Eclmoni-on RICHARD V. McCREARY, Beavermines DALTON C. MacWILLIAMS, Calgary ALBERT OKAZAKI, Calgary ROSS G. ROBINSON, Lefhbriclge DOROTHY K. SHANER, Edmonfon DOUGLAS J. SHERBANIUK, Vegreville JUNE GWENEITH TAYLOR, Edmonton THEODORE E. THOMAS, Smoky Lalre JOSEPH THOS. TROFIMUK, Calmar HARRY WEITZ, EcImon'I'on RAYMOND E. WETTER, Kavanagh 84 ARTS AND SCIENCE CLUB Arts and Science R y CLUB f 5' TQ? Club , , C ' SCX PRESENTS ' "ArTs and Science will noT Tollow J al , '21 UNWEESITY Where The Tipsy beermen wallow. HU A ig. ALBERTA We are Tull where They are hollow, S Heads up A. S. C.!" Sfvruaoe JRNJS, H UT TT'2,5COUPT-E 7 Swan? 75+ Mcnezas 50+ Our TourTh year oT The ArTs and Science Club Tound us wiTh a large membership, a snappy cresT, cheer songs, Teams in Hockey, BaskeTball, Soccer and Swimming, and also Tive ouT oT seven oT our candidaTes elecTed To The Class ExecuTives. ArTs and Science includes Fine ArTs, Science, Household Economics, Pre-Law, Pre-Medicine, Pre-DenTisTry and Commerce. This year we aimed To TosTer a more acTive TaculTy spiriT. One week aTTer Frosh lnTroducTion we held The TirsT ArTs and Science House Dance, and also Rugby Romp in AThabasca Hall. Then came The A. S. C. TloaT in The TooTball parade aT Homecoming Weekend. Class elecTions and campaigning Took up The nexT Tew weeks, Tol- lowed by anoTher House Dance, The Plaid Prom. The "MardiGras", originally scheduled Tor ThaT daTe was posT- poned because The VarsiTy Gym's new Tloor was noT ready. The "Mardi Gras", A. S. C.'s annual masquerade ball was held in The VarsiTy Gym, Transformed Tor The nighT inTo a Tairyland oT color wiTh The King's Throne surmounTed by a seTTing oT Tall marble pillars, broad sTair- cases, and gianT vases. The dance was broadcasT and Thousands oT lisTen'ers heard The Nurses' candidaTe, Sandy Gilchrist being crowned King oT The Mardi Gras. The year's acTiviTies conTinued wiTh aTTernoon swing sessions, sleigh rides and skaTing parTies. 85 T s.L,""'e':"f':ti",..""T W' nr.zzz':vlfT"zTLi2'1'xL'mz:1z1Lwu un 1-ww ws .fm -.w .fr era- ,-:1smm:v,u. :mmsw -nu-www P, .nz Q, .,,,. fl ' 19 L f ., .1 lf, Z, ..-, . ,. ,,4.z,w I f , Q W -A l 1-Q A .aa x ll . X "' v j ff , giwrg , -go, -g. f V 1 6 ?. f. in 7 , rf' g lg: N Ecllqsv- Li y CGM' R65 as 7813 X UWM N ' fi ' X ,W ii- "'- L , E , HAROLD E. BRONSON, Clnerhill JOHN WALKER COUGHLAN, Edmonton lnlerfac Swimming 44-45, Hugill Debaler 45-46, lnferfac Soccer 47-48, l.S.S. Fund Commiifee 47-48 Moclr Parliamenl' 48-49, Newman Club 46-49, C.O.T.C. 44-49 J. V. LOOMER, Edmonlon CHARLES ALEXANDER MacDONELL, Beaverlodge VERNON MILLARD, Calgary Freshman Execufive 45-46, Press Comm. Club 47-48 l.R.C. Secre+ary-Treasurer 47-48, Men's Economic Club 46-49 RALPH MAURICE ROOKWOOD, Eclmonfon Presidenl Frosh Class 46-47, Men's Economic Club 47-49, D.K.E. EDWARD JAMES ALLAN, Edmonlon Comm. Club. 46-49 RAYMOND ROSS ANDERSON, Calgary lnferfac Baslrelball 47-48, lnlermural Baslrefball 47-48 Comm. Club 46-49, Lambda Chi BLAlNE OWEN ARCHIBALD, Leavill Comm. Club 46-49, Mixed Chorus 46, lnlerfac Baslrelball 46-49, L.D.S. Club 47-49 JOHN KENNETH ARMSTRONG, Medicine Hal Chairman Men's House Commilfee 47-48, Swimming Club 48-49, Comm. Club 46-49 HERBERT R. AUCK, Edmonlon ROBERT BRUCE BANNERMAN, Calgary Assislanl' Direclor Waw-Waw 47, Business Mgr. Alarm 47-48, Business Mqr. Galeway 48-49 JOl"li'l MUNROE BARCLAY, Calgary Comm. Club 46 49, Bowling Club 48-49 RUNO CARL BERGLUND, Drurnl-:eller C.U.R.M.A. 46-49, Comm. Club 47-49 ARTHUR GEORGE BLOOM, Calgary Comm. Club 46-49 WALTER WILLIAM BOISSEVAIN, S+ra+hmore C.U.R.M.A. 46-49, Comm. Club 46-49 JOHN DANIEL BOWERS, Edmonlon Comm. Club, Nafional Film Sociely, Philosophical Sociely DOREEN MAE BRADLEY, Eclmonlon Comm. Club, Kappa Alpha Tl1e+a 86 ARTHUR WILLIAM BRADSHAW, Edmonlon Comm. Club 46-49, Newman Club 46-48 THOMAS RICHARD BRADSHAW. Eclmonfon Comm. Club 47-49, Comm. Club Execulive 48-49, Newman Club 47-48 JACK BRECHIN, Edmon+on Comm. Club 46-49, Curlinq Club 47-48 WILLIAM D. BUCHANAN, Eclmonfon Comm. Club Execufive 48-49 ELMER V. CARLSON, Edmonlon Comm. Club 46-49 ROBERT B. COLBOR.NE, Medicine Haf LAWRENCE D. COLLINS, Eclmonlon lnierfac Hockey 47-49, Comm. Club 48-49 WILBUR GORDON COULSON, Edmonion C.U.R.M.A. 46-47, Curling 46-49, Comm. Club 46-49 GEORGE KENNETH CRUICKSHANK, Edmonion C.U.R.M.A. 46-49, Comm. Club 46-49 KENNETH WALTER DEBNAM, Edmonion LAVERNE RUDOLPH DONNELLY, Vermilion C.U.R.M.A. 46-47 WILLIAM DRONIUK, Shauglmessy Newman Club 45-46, lnferfac Hockey 45-46, U.N.T.D. 45-48, Slcaling Club 46-47, Comm. Club 46-47, Music Club 47-48, Camera Club 47-49 JOHN HERBERT DUCK, Calgary C.U.R.M.A. 46-49, Comm. Club 47-49 EDWARD NEIL EDMUNDSON, Eclmonfon l.R.C. 48-49, Comm. Club 46-49 ARTHUR GEORGE EMMOTT, Mannville Comm. Club 46-49, CURMA, Bowling JOSEPH C. P. FALVO, Edmonfon Comm. Club LLOYD M. FERGUSON, Edmon+on Comm. Club JOHN JOSEPH FITZPATRICK, Calgary Comm. Club, Newman Club, Phi Kappa Pi LEO RAYMOND FLETCHER, Royal Parlc Comm. Club 46-49, C.U.R.M.A. 46-49 GORDON LYLE FLYNN, Medicine Hai Mixed Cl'lorus 46-49, lnierfac Soccer 47-49, lnhamural Golf 48-49, Comm. Club 46-49 THOMAS JAMES FORAN, Edmonfon 87 173 9 KEITH OTIS FOWLER, Waslcalenau Swimming Club 47-49, Ouidoor Club 48-49, Comm. Club 46-49 JACK PRESTON FOWLER, Edmonfon Universify Symphonv Orchesfra 46-49, Music Club 48-49, Comm. Club 46-49 JOHN EDWARD GARLAND, Calgary Comm. Club 46-49, C.U.R.M.A. 46-49, Newman Club 48-49 WILLIAM ROBERT GRAINGER, Calgary Comm. Club 46-49, Pres. Canferbury Club 48-49 GUY W. GREENWOOD, Eclmonlon Comm. Club, Oulcloor Club DOUGLAS REID HAGERMAN, Edmonion Comm. Club 46-49, Comm. Club Execuiive 48-49 DONALD ALEXANDER HALL. Olcofoks Comm. Club, C.U.R.M.A. KEN ALBERT HODGSON, EcImon+on GEORGE HOLLANDS, Eclmonlon Comm. Club 48-49, C.U.R.M.A. 46-48 CONRAD IOANIDIS, Porfage La Prairie, Man. V.C.F. 46-49, Public Spealrinq Club 46-49, U.A.B. Gaie Receip+s 48-49, E. and G. Business Manager 48-49, Radio Club 47-49, Comm. Club 46-49 MURRAY THOROLD KEAM, Eclmonfon Comm. Club 48-49 AIME MICHAEL KEROACK, Edmonfon AUGUST KLOVEN, Eclmonlon Newman Club 46-48, C.U.R.M.A., Comm. Club ALBERT JOHN KNEBEL, Edmonion Comm. Club 46-49, Ouidoor Club 48-49 JOHN EDWARD LINDOW, Cloverdale, B.C. Comm. Club 46-49, Inlerfac Soccer 48-49 STANLEY ARTHUR LONG, Eclmonion Comm. Club 46-49, C.U.R.M.A. 46-49 EDWIN PHILIP LOVE, EcImon'I'on Comm. Club JOHN PATRICK LYONS, Calgary Golden Bear Hoclrey 46-48, Inierfac Soccer 47-48, Comm. Club 46-49, Si. JosepI'1's House Commiffee 48-49, Big Block Club 48-49 R. S. MacGILLIVARY, Edmonfon LOIS B. MacINTYRE, Edmonion RICHARD M. McKENZIE, Edmonion 88 GEORGE W. MacINTOSH, Edmonlon JAMES W. McLACHLlN, Edmonlon C.U.R.M.A. 46-49 JAMES GORDON MCLAWS, Calgary U.A.B. Treasurer 48-49, Curling Club 46-49 JAMES ANDREW MACKIE, Calgary lnlercollegiaie Track 47-48, lnlerfac. Baclminfon 47, lnlerfac. Baslrefball 48-49, lnlerfac. Soccer 48 GORDON WILLIAM MAIR, Eclmonfon DOUGLAS FRASER MARTIN, Eclmonfon Comm. Club 46-49, CURMA 46-49 KENNETH BRUCE MARTIN, Eclmonfon Comm. Club 46-49, C.U.R.M.A. 46-49 MARGARET BELLE MULLOY, We-laslciwin QQ. Comm. Club 46-49, Economics Club 46-48, Della Della Della RUSSELL JAMES MUNRO, Calgary C.U.R.M.A. 46-49, Comm. Club 46-49 DON ARCHIBALD NAISMITH, Edmonlon ALLAN ROBERT NICHOLSON, Edmonion Comm. Club I W. G. NYKOLAYCHUK, Bellis I I I ,. -Q fm: . if ,,,. . - I 1 Xhd Y 1 Y R. V. PAUL, Edmonlon JOHN EDWARD PEMBERTON. Mannville Comm. Club 49, C.U.R.M.A. 47-49 'aaa DONALD ALAN PHELPS, Calgary Comm. Club 46-49, C.U.R.M.A. 46-49, Bowling Club 49 PATRICIA POLAND, Calgary Junior Baslcefball 46-47, lnlerfac. Baslreiball 47-49, lnlerfac. Volleyball 47-49, ln+erfac. Baclminfon 47-48, H Comm. Club 46-49, Sec.-Treasurer Wauneifa 48-49 I KENNETH PORTER, Edmonlon Camera Club 48-49, Public Speaking 48-49, Polilical Science Club 46-47, Comm. Club 46-49 EDGAR CHARLES PULLMAN, Eclmonion C.U.R.M.A. 46-48, C.U.R.M.A. Execulive 47-48, Comm. Club 46-48, Slci Club 47-48 ILLA RUE RICE, Torringfon Inlerfac. Volleyball 46-48, lnferfac. Baslcelball 47-49, infer. Baclminion 47-48, Comm. Club MAURICE CAMER-ON ROE, Vicforia, B.C. Freshman Class Execufive 45-46, Wawl Wawl Direcfor 46-47, Sfudenls' Union Treasurer 48-49, Alarm Eclilor 46-47, C.O.T.C. LEO DONALD ROGERS, Eclmonlon Comm. Club tjfflffllllmdg Gs. -2'-4' . Q-' JOHN CAMERON SADLIER, Calgary C.U.R.M.A. 46-49, Comm. Club 46-49, W.C.I.A.U. Golf Team 47-48, Broadfoof Trophy Winner 47-48 ARNOLD OSCAR SAFFEL, Barons Comm. Club 46-49, Baclminlon 46-49 ROY ANDREW SCHLADER, Eclmonion Comm. Club 46-49 BEN SHIKAZE, Piclure Bufie Comm. Club 46-49, Inferfac. BasIre+baII 47-49, Fencing Club 48-49, InIer'Iac. Soccer 48-49 JAMES H. SCOTT, Calgary Comm. Club 46-49, Drama Club 46-49, Infer-year Plays 46, In+er-varsiIy Drama 43, Provincial Players 47 Varsiiy Bowling 4B-49, SI. S+eve's House Commi'Hee 48-49 ROBERT ALEXANDER SEATON, Luscar Comm. Club 46-49 .NORMAN DOUGLAS SPEEDIE, Sylvan Lake C.U.R.M.A. 46-49, Comm. Club 46-49 ROBERT FRANCIS STAYSKO, Medicine Hai Comm. Club 46-49, C.U.R.M.A. 46-49, Newman Club 46-48, Inframural Baslrefball 48-49 PAUL E. STEWART, Edmonfon -Comm. Club 48-49, Camera Club 48 DONALD ALVIN SUTHERLAND, Wesflock Comm. Club 46-49, C.U.R.M.A. 46-47, Inferfac. Hoclcey 46-49, Inferfac. Soccer 48-49, Inframural Baslcefball 47-49 PETER SWITYK, Calgary Tumbling Club 47, C.U.R.M.A. 46-47, Comm. Club 46-47, Bowling 48-49 WILLIAM JOHN ARCHER TOOLE, Calgary Business Manager Alarm 46-47, Junior BasIce'rbaII 46-47 Golden Bear Baslcefball 47-48, C.O.T.C. 46-49, Comm. Club Execulive 48-49 WILLIAM EWART VANNER, Calgary Mixed Chorus 46-49, Comm. Club 46-49, InIer-year Plays 46-48, C.U.R.M.A. 46-48, Radio Club 47-49 ANDREW VERAG, Nacmine Comm. Club 46-49, C.U.R.M.A. 46-48 LEONARD ERNEST WARREN, Edmonfon JOHN VERNON WHITE, Edmonfon Engineers Track Team 44-45, Swimming Club 47-49, Comm. Club 46-49 C. LYLE WILSON, Calgary Comm. Club 46-49, C.U.R.M.A. 46-48, Fencing 46-48 DOUGLAS MORRISON WILSON, Edmon+on JAMES WESLEY WILSON, Eclmonlon Comm. Club 46-49, Curling Club 48-49 JOHN BAIRD DOUGLAS WILSON, Blairmore Comm. Club 46-49 EDWIN WILLIAM YAREMCO, Edmon+on Comm. Club 46-47, C.U.R.M.A. 46-47, Curling Club 46-47 90 EDWARD B. ALLAN, Calgary RALPH ALSETH, Vegreville DONALD C. ANDREWS, Lekhbridge CHARLES E. BAKEWELL, Eclmon-Ion KAY E. BALFOUR, Eclmonion GRAHAM W. BENNETT, Calgary DOREEN ANN BISHOP, Calgary LORNA H. BISSET, Edmonion IRENE J. BOYCHUK, S+. Paul GARRY M. BRICKER, Lavoy KEN D. BUTTERWORTH, Edmonlon EDWARD J. CHAMBERS, Calgary JOHN G. CUCHERAN, Willingdon DOLLARD L. DEMERS, For+ Kem' E. A. DERPAK, Tuxforcl, Saslr. DOROTHY A. DUBOIS, Edmonlon ALEX. M. EASTON, Red Deer DONALD G. ELDER, Medicine Hai' DONALD C. EMSLIE, EcImon+on WALTER J. EMCHUK, Edmonion GERALDINE FITZGERALD, EcImon+on HARVEY A. GLITTER, Edmonfon HENRY GUTMAN, Calgary MILES E. HACKING, Calgary NEIL A. HENKELMAN, Camrose MARTIN R. HICKS, Calgary WARWICK HILTON, Calgary OWEN G. HOOPER, Morrin ILA HORSLEY, Edmonfon GERALD D. JOHNSTON, Edmonfon PAUL E. JULLION, Edmonfon ROBERT S. KAVANAGH, EcImon+on JOHN S. KNOP, Calgary SYDNEY O. F. KULAK, Eclmonion WM. CHARLES MILLER, Win+erburn L. H. MONTGOMERY, Eclmonion ALEXANDER MOYSA, Eclmonlon DENNIS J. O'BYRNE, Edmonion BENJAMIN OLIVER, Edmonlon GARTH OLMSTEAD, Red Deer DAVID W. PTOLEMY, Edmon+on MIKE PUNDICK, Two Hills JAMES R. ROSE, S+. Paul M. RUDDICK, Minburn JOHN A. RUTLAN, Edmonion PHILLIP SHRAGGE, EcImon+on HARLOW E. WAY, Daysland CHARLES A. WHYTE, Red Deer GORDON H. WRIGHT, Carsfairs DOUGLAS A. ADAMS, Eclmonlon GLEN E. BAUMBACK, Benlley ROBERTA BERRY, Calgary ROBERT BODNER, Eclmonlon JOHN L. BOOTH, Eclmonlon ROY F. BROWN, Le+I'1bricIge J. BUCHANAN, Edmonlon JAS. M. CAMERON, Turner Valley DONALD L. CAMPBELL, Eclmonlon GARTH L. CAMPBELL, Edmonfon ALAN P. COLEMAN, Magra+l1 :Zami b DAVID CRAIG, Calgary ENSO DEPAOLI, Cayley R. A. DE ROSENROLL, Calgary JOHN N. DIXON, Calgary EDWARD J. DOUGLAS, Eclmonlon MICHAEL H. FISHER, Sylvan Lalre DONALD F. FLEMING, Eclmonfon IAN FORBES, Calgary HENRY P. FUNK, Coaldale DONALD J. GERLITZ, Eclmonfon BETTY E. GIDDIE, Walerion Lalres Parlr EUGENE T. HALL, Eclmonlon GAVIN A. HALL, Eclmonlon JEAN M. HANTIUK, Vegreville ARCHIE V. HARDY, Edmonlon IVAN S. J. HUBERDEAU, Colinfon HUGH W. HUMPHRIES, Calgary WILLIAM M. KARNEY, Calgary AUGUSTINE KOMARNICKI, Eclmonlon WALTER LUPEL, Eclmonlon M. EARL LOMAS, Calgary A. G. LYNCH-STAUNTON, Pincher Clr. AUBREY E. McGREGOR, Edmonfon ROSS R. McKlNNON, Delburne ADELE E. McQUAY, Edmonlon MARION MCQUID, Tolland GEORGE F. MARKS, Edmonfon EVELYN J. MILLER, Edmonfon NEIL T. MOHER, Edmonfon WILLIAM A. OSCROFT, Edmonfon GERALD E. PEARSON, Edmonlon RAYMOND A. PIGEON, Eclmonfon RONALD RAMSAY, Edmonlon JEAN H. ROBSON, Vermilion J. E. SMITH, Eclmonlon WILLIAM SPARK, Calgary EDWARD D. STACK, Calgary RAYMOND S. THARP, Calgary ALFRED THEISS, Edmonion JEANNINE E. F. TUPPER, Eclmonfon A. B. UNRATH, Golden Prairie, Saslr. ROY R. WALLMAN, Foremosf CHESTER ZALESKY, Edmonion 92 MARION LAURA ARCHIBALD, Calgary 'Delia Delia Delia JOAN M. ARNOLD, Calgary Freshman Rep. for W.A.A. 46-47, Cheer Squad 47-49, ,Vice-Pres. Wauneifa 48-49, House Ec. A+hIefic Rep. 46-49, Panda Baslzelball Team 46-49, Delia Gamma HELEN BAWOL, Thorhild House Ec. Club 46-49, Music Club 48-49, Newman Club 48-49 RAE MARIE BROOKS, Calgary House Ec. Club 46-49, Pi Bela Phi DOROTHY M. CARNOCHAN, Edmon+on House Ec. Club 46-49 ELIZABETH A. DONALD, Eclmon+on House Ec. Club 46-49, Co-ed Club 46-48 LILA E. ENGBERG, Calmar House Ec. Club 46-49, Curling Club 47-49, Mixed Chorus 46-49 SHEILA M. FORREST, Nanfon Evergreen and Gold 46-48, Assf. Direcfor of E. 8: G. 48-49, S.C.M. 46-48, Co-ed Club 46-47 lExec.l 47-48, House Ec. Club 46-49, Aris and Science Club 48-49 BLANCHE C. FORTIER, S+. Paul Senior Class Vice-Pres. 48-49, Newman Club 46-47, House Ec. Club 46-49, Archery 47-49 MARGARET C. JOHNSON, Edmon+on House Ec. Club 46-49, Mixed Chorus 48-49, Gafeway 47-48, Della Gamma MARGARET F. KENDRICK, Edmonlon In+erfac Baskerball 46-47, House Ec. Club 46-49, House Ec. Club Exec. 47-48, Cheer Leader 48-49, Wauneiia Exec. 48-49, Pi Bela Phi ADA JEAN KOTCH, Shaughnessy House Ec. Club 46-49 ELEANOR MacDONALD, Calgary Badminfon Club Exec. 48-49, House Ec. Club, Badminion Team 47-49, Della Gamma DOLORES I. MILLAR, Edmonfon House Ec. Club 46-49, Della Gamma JOYCE A. MORRIS, Cody, Wyoming Swimming Club 46-47, House Ec. Club 46-49, Ouidoor Club 46-48 MARY A. MORRISON, Salmon Arm, B.C. Vice-Pres. Junior Class 47-48, Pres. Wauneiia Sociely 48-49, House Ec. Club 46-49, Co-ed Club 46-47 93 If? . g... , MARY E. MUNRO, Drumheller Arrs and Science Club 48-49, House Ec. Club 46-49, Evergreen and Gold 48-49 CATHERINE L. NEIGHBOR, Jasper House Ec. Club 46-49, Evergreen and Gofcl 48-49 AUDREY PATERSON, Lefhbridge House Ec. Club, Badminfon Club 46-49, Delia Gamma DOREEN V. PORTER, Calgary House Ec. Club 46-49 Kappa Alpha The+a AMELIA M. RANDLE, High River Evergreen and Gold 46-49, Mixed Chorus 47-49, House Ec. Club 46-49, Pi Bela Phi MYRNIE L. SANDS, Wesiloclc Senior Class Exec. 48-49, Cheer Squad 48-49, Canrer- bury Club, House Ec. Club 46-49, Curling Club 47-48, Slrafing Club 46-47, Pi Bela Phi MARY-LAZELLE SAUDER, Sfralhmore Swimming Club Exec. 48-49, Swimming Team 46-49, Junior Class Exec. 47-48, Ski Club, Oufdoor Club, House Ec. Club 46-49, Della Gamma JEAN SMlTH, Edmonfon Freshman Rep. House Ec. Club 46-47, Pi Bela Phi SHARON G. SPRUNG, Calgary Badminlon Club 46-47, Bowling Club 48-49, Curling Club 46-49, House Ec. Club 46-49 HELEN E. TAYLOR, Hallcirlr House Ec. Club 46-49, S.C.M. 46-49, Swimming Club 47-48, Badminfon Club 48-49 GWENDOLYN E. UNDERHILL, Calgary Canferbury Club 46-49, S.C.M. 46-48, Archery Club 47-49, Evergreen and Gold 46-48, Badminron Club 48-49, House Ec. 46-49, Pres. House Ec. Club 48-49 ELIZABETH LOUISE WILSON, Edmonion House Ec. Club 46-49, Baller Club 46-47, Swimming Club 46-48, Freshman Club Comm. 47-48, Delra Delia Delia SHIRLEY M. WILSON, Melforf, Saslt. House Ec. Club 46-49, Radio Club, Delia Gamma SONIA WOYTKlW, Mundare Newman Club 46-47, House Ec. Club 46-49, Slra+ing Club 47-48 NANCY-JEAN C. YORK, Chapman Camp, B.C. Household Ec. Club 46-49, Evergreen and Gold 46-47, Kappa Alpha Thefa AUDREY P. ANDERSON, Edmonfon BETTY BLACKBURN, Edmonfon JEANNE BROSSEAU, S+. Paul JUNE CARLSON, Edmonfon HOPE C. CHRISTENSEN, Sfrafhmore ELAINE CORNISH, EcImon+on MARGARET M. CROSS, Edmonfon THELMA B. DENNIS, Calgary MARY L. DICKSON, Edmon+on JANE P. EMERY, EcImon+on GEORGINA P. FEDORAK, Willingdon HELEN FITZSIMMONS, Edmonfon KATHERINE L. FRIZZELL, Provos+ ROSEMARY G. GERHART, Edmon+on OLIVE M. GERRARD, Fairview RUTH A. GRINER, CaIgary BARBARA E. HARFORD, Provosi EVELYN C. JENSEN, Sfandard KATHERINE A. JOHNSON, Edmonfon MARGARET A. MARSHALL, Edmon+on MARY T. OLIVIER, Edmon+on MARGARET I. ROBINSON, Calgary ISABEL M. RUSSELL-EWING, CoIeman ELEANOR M. SANFORD, Edmonfon MARION SHARPE, CaIgary LORRAINE A. SHATZ, Bow IsIancI BETTY J. THOMPSON, Calgary DAWN C. VIRTUE, Edmon+on E. JUNE WRIGHT, Lefhbridge MARGUERITE BAKER, Edmonfon MARY H. BEATTIE, Grimshaw ISOBEL J. FERGUSON, Edmonion WILDA M. FITCH, Calgary JUNE E. FRASER, Koofenay Bay, B.C. D'6Rls E. GALE, calgary JEANNETTE GORGICHUK, Koleland BETTY L. GOWDY, Shepard ELIZABETH D. HOOD, Okofoks EIKO IWASHITA, Edmonion FRANCES G. LITTLE, Edmonicn JOYCE N. McCUTCHEON, EcImon+on FRANCES E. MacKENZIE, WainwrIgI1I' VICTORIA C. MISKEW, Edmonion ROBINA L. NEAL, Calgary AUDREY M. PAPOE, Medicine Ha+ ADELINE F. PHILLIPS, CaIgary BERNICE M. REED, Nafaagg ELEANOR J. RONN, CaIgary PATRICIA SCOTT, Edmonfon MARGARET H. SCOUGALL, Macleod PATRICIA J. SHELDON, Edson RUTH A. SHEARER, CaIgary AUDREY M. SMITH, WainwrigI1+ FRANCES WANNAMAKER, CIaresI1oIm 95 DEAN M. E. LaZERTE, MA., M.Ed., Ph.D. Dean oT EducaTion The FaculTy of EducaTion, sTaT-T and sTudenTs. welcomes This opporTuniTy oT exTending greeTings To campus colleagues of oTher TaculTies, To graduaTes of Tormer years and To parenTs oT presenT and pasT EducaTion classes. The primary Task oT The FaculTy oT EducaTion is The educaTion and Training oT Teaching per- sonnel Tor The schools oT AlberTa. ln This work we have The able assisTance of oTher TaculTies, parTicu- larly The FaculTy oT ArTs and Science. The FaculTy oT EducaTion resTricTs iTs Teaching To professional conTenT, while relaTing This conTenT To The non-proTessional subiecT maTTer TaughT To our sTudenTs by oTher TaculTies. We are Trying To raise sTandards in The Teaching profession. Thanks To The co-operaTion oT oTher universiTy deparTmenTs we are succeeding. This success is reTlecTed in The developing proTessionalism of The EducaTion UndergraduaTe SocieTy and in a growing inTeresT in The Two-year basic Training program. The FaculTy oT Educairion as iT expands hopes To arrange and adminisTer iTs programs in such a way ThaT iTs graduaTes may noT be mere Technicians who know everyThing abouT Teaching excepT iTs purpose and iTs relaTion To socieTy. Teaching can be made a profession. The FaculTy oT EducaTion accepTs The challenge of making iT such. 9b DONALD B. BLACK, M.E., Calgary FRANCIS W. HOSKYN, M.E., Vulcan JACK R. KIRKCONNELL, M.E., Eclmonlon W. E. LAMBERT, M.E., Calgary EMMA L. V. POTTER, M.E., Lousana Archery 46-49, Pres. Women's Archery 47-49, Polilical Economy Club, E.U.S. DAVID SMITH, M.E., Armley, Saslr. Dramalic Sociefy 38-39, 47-48, Philharmonic Sociely 38-40, Oufdoor Club 38-39, Cercle Francais 38-40, 48-49, E.U.S. 47-49 R. A. TAYLOR, M.E., Blufffon ROSS K. ACHESON, Oyen CURMA Exec. 46-48, Men's Residence House Com- miHee 47-48, Club 25 46-49 JOHN W. ACHTYMICHUK, Smoky Lake JEAN ANDERSQN, Eclmonlon NICK ANDRUSKI, Boyle J. APPLEYARD, Edmonlon CHARLES A. BAILEY, Eclmonlon KENNETH A. BAPTIST, Tolield Ag. Club 41-45, E.U.S. 48-49 PETER BARANYK, Edmonlon Ll-ONEL W. BARBER, Eclmonlon C. S. BAWDEN, M.E., Edmonlon REG. BEERE, Fincher Creel: ADRIAN DOUGLAS BERRY, Edmonfon E.U.S. 46-48, Philosophical Sociefy 47-48, Vice-Pres. Social Service Club 46, CURMA 46-47 THORBURN A. BICKELL, Edmonton 97 Iz- Z I :-1- I 44 1-9"'4 'R L -- , X A Mtn V c Q81 Cfkzcfzkwz 954' N5 'K S' -iv 4-fr" -pr M. BILAWEY, Edmonlon JOHN M. BLACK, Calgary DAISY BOWHAY, Edmonlon JOHN D. BRACCO, Edmonion E.U.S. 45-49, Pres. E.U.S. 48-49, Drama Club 45-49, Debaiing Club 46-48, Infer-Varsiiy Play 48, Universify Provincial Players 48-49 WILLIAM R. BROADFOOT, Bassano JOHN A. BROWN, Calgary Edifor Summer Session Bulleiin 45-46, All-Siar Fasfball 44, Mixed Chorus 48-49, Gafeway Reporfer 48-49, E.U.S. 48-49, Curling 48-49 AUGUST WILLIAM BRUNS, Lacombe P. E. BURBIDGE, Poinle Dubois, Man. EDITH J. CARDIFF, Bon Accord E.U.S. 45-49, Exec. E.U.S. 47-49, Permanenf Member Drama Club, Coslume Mislress 47-48, Universify Pro- vincial Players 47, Le Cercle Francais 45-46, Club 400 45-46, Sfuclenfs' Council 48-49 R. S. CHAPMAN, Mouniain Parlc J. M. CHARUK, Vegreville M. E. CHORNY, Edmonfon E. M. CHRISTIE, Edmonion THOMAS J. CLARKE, Edmonfon MALCOLM D. CLARKE, Alix DANIEL H. CLARKE, Monlgomery P. P. COLLINS, Rimbey GWYNETH M. COOK, Eclmonfon Swimming Club 46-48, Inferfac. Swim Team 46-49, lnfervarsily Swim Team 47-49, Oufdoor Club 45-47, Philosophical Club 48-49, Badminlon Club 45-46- Pi Bela Phi Fraierniiy, E.U.S. WILLIAM DAVID COOMBS, Warner Bowling League 48-49, Inierfac. Hockey 48-49 LAWRENCE COTTRELL, Calgary E.U.S. 48-49, Philosophical Sociefy 47-49, Music Club 47-49, Technocracy Slucly Club 47-48, CURMA 48-49 JAMES M. CRAIG, Edmonlon 98 DANIEL JOHN DAVIES, Leihbridge Mixed Chorus 45-49, Cercle Francais 47 49 EUS O. D. DAVIDSON, Eclmonfon DONALD J. DUFF, Vancouver, 8.C. Sec. Calgary Branch Council 45 46 Drama Club 45 49 Infer Year Plays 46-48, Direcfor Junlor Play 47 48 Gafeway 45-48, News Edifor 47 48 E U S LIFFO R DRIVER Edmonlon C RD . , E.U.S. 46-49, CURMA 46-49, Philosophical Soclefy 47-49, Musical Club 48-49, Oufdoor Club 47 49 J. DUCHAK, Edmonfon CHARLES M. DYNES, Fleming, Saslr. Curling 48-49 AMILE L. EIS, Sedgewiclr ERNEST H. ELKINS, Edmonfon DOREEN EXLEY, Eclmonfon ROSE T. FEWCHUK, Eclmonfon E.U.S. 45-48, V.C.F. 45-49, V.CF Exec secrefary 48-49 BENJAMIN G. FONESCA, S+. Vifal, Man SAMUEL FROHLICH, Edmonlon WILLIAM J. GORDON, Calgary Inferfac BasIce'rbaII 46-47, In'l'er'fac Hockey 46 49 lnferfac Soccer 47-49, Bowling Club 48 49 MARGARET P. GANS, Fairview Infer Year Plays 47-48, Inierfac Basltefball 46 49 New man Club Exec. 46-47, Baller Club 46 47 Exec I 47 48 Curling Club 48-49, Delia Delia Delia KENNETH M. GRIERSON, Edmon+on HORACE GRAY, Cayley GEORGE HERBERT HARE, Calgary NORMAN HEWITT, Lelhbridge EDWARD HEWK-O, Edmonion THOMAS T. HUMPHREY, Edmonfon DOROTHY M. HUSBAND, Edmonfon Mixed Chorus 45-49, E.U.S. 45-49, lnierfac Baslcefball 45-48, Wauneifa Exec. 4B-49, Pi Beia Phu ROBERT E. HUTCHEON, Calgary HUBERT J. IRVING, Edmonfon Lighf and Sound 46-48, Drama Club 46 47 Music Club 47-48, S.C.M. 48-49, Cercle Frangals 48 49 E.U.S. 48-49 H. R. JEFFERS, Calgary OTTO W. JENSEN, Eclmonfon FRANK J. KEINICK, Cavendish ETHEL M. KING, Calgary GEORGE KITCHING, Edmon+on EILEEN KOWALCHUK, Willingdon C. S. KORTES, Eclmonion JOHN P. KRULAK, Edmon+on MURIEL F. KYLE, Edmonion Le Cercle Frangais 45-47, Badminfon Club 45 49 Drama Club 45-47, Malte-up Club 45 46 EUS 45-47, Ouldoor Club 45-47 BARBARA M. LEARD, Delburne Newman Club 46-48, CURMA 46 EUS 48 Della Delia Delfa 47-48 DANIEL LEFEBVRE, Eclmonfon JOSEPH W. LENCHUCHA, Blairmore LLOYD F. LINDBERG, Eclmonion E.U.S. 46-49, Badminion 46-49 DONALD H. LOUDEN. Calgary JOHN A. LOVE, Edmonfon L. K. LYNN, Edmonfon MAYNARD W. McCUNE, Kelowna, B.C THOMAS M. MCMANUS, Edmonlon l00 I. B. MALLETT, Edmonlon J. MARTIN, Edmon+on JOHN W. MATHER, Calgary CLARENCE E. MELLOM, Youngsfown LAWRENCE R. MELLOM, Youngsiown J. F. MacMILLAN, Edmonfon GEORGE W. MILES, Edmonfon JOHN L. MOFFATT, Edmon+on GWEN M. MOLNAR, Edmon'ron E.U.S. Freshman Rep. 45-46, Cercle Francais 45-46, E.U.S. Vice-Pres. 46-47, Della Gamma, Enqlish Club, Blue Siocking Club, Philosophical Sociefy 48-49 GWEN MORRISON, Airdrie W. MOYSA, Edmon+on HARRY E. NEWSOM, Lacombe S.C.M. Cabinef 48-49, Exec. Pecafaeus 48-49, Direcior Wesiern Canada Confederafion of Siudenl' Teachers 48-49, Hisiory Club 48-49 LOIS P. NICHOLS, Black Diamond Treasurer Sfudenfs' Union of Calgary, Faculfy of Educaiion 45-46, E.U.S., Mixed Chorus 46-49, Pan- hellenic Associaiion 48-49, Kappa Alpha Thela STANLEY NORRIS, Nan'ron JOSEPH A. NOVISKI, Calgary ALICE MARGARET NOWICKI, Cluny REV. FELIX E. OTTERSON, Calcary L. A. PAGE, Edmonlon M. J. PAULSON, Medicine Hal' GORDON B. PEACOCK, Pibroch Provincial Players 46-47, Drama Club 45-49, Ediior "On S+age" 46-47, E.".S. 45-49, Treasurer Drama Club 47-48, Treasurer E.'J.S. 47-48, Ass'+ Edifor E. 8: G. 47-48, Ediior E. 81 G. 48-49, Pres. Li+erary Assoc. 48-49, Kappa Sigma ROSE POLAK, Thorhild IOI 2 9 '65 'Ci 1. it ' J v7 IF 41' sb K L is ..Z 1 9-9 'G' Q I DONALD POTTER, Calgary Archery Club 46-49, Della Kappa Epsilon 48-49, lnler- mural Baslzelball 48-49, lnlermural Table Tennis, Golf and Archery 48-49, lnferfac Baslrelball 48-49, Symphony Orcheslra Guesl' Arfisl 48-49 MARION ANNE PUFFER, Edmonfon Sec.-Treas. Oufdoor Club 46-47, Sec.-Treasurer Swim Club 47-48, lnferfac Swimming 46-49, lnler Varsily Swim 46-48, Manager lnferfac Swim 47-48, Manager lnlervarsily Swim 47-48, Polilical Science Club 48-49, Della Della Della 44-49 T. E. REID, Gleichen DONALD LEWIS RHINE, Olrololrs MRS. MARION L. ROBERTS, Calgary PETER M. ROBERTS, Lelhlariclge Execufive E.U.S. 46-47, SI. S+ephen's College Sludenls' Council 48-49 BERNARD J. M. ROE, SI. James, Man. E.U.S. 48-49, Philosophical Socie'I'y 48-49 HERBERT H. ROONEY, Calgary Curling 48-49 W. R. ROSS, Olds LESLIE F. SCOTT, Edmonlon WILLIAM SHEWCHUK, Whirford JACK S. SHRIMPTON, Edmonlon MILDRED JUNE SIGSWORTH, Edmonlon Exec. Music Club 45-47, Sec. Musical Assoc. 47 48, Mixed Chorus 46-48, Della Della Della JOHN A. 8. SIMPSON, Edmonlon Curling Club 48-49 JOSAPHAT J. SKWAROK, O.S.B.M., Edmonlon CHARLES W. SPARLING. Calgary ALETHEA STEWART, Edmonfon FRANK J. STOREY, Edmonfon Drama Club 46-49, CURMA Exec. 46, Radio Direclor 46 B. J. STRAIN, Nemislxam l02 CARL L. STULTS, Calmar 6 .,-- A. I J J I 5 . yy DANIEL WILFRED SULLIVAN, .Nemislram Inferfac Hoclrey 46-49, Inferfac Soccer 48-49, Bowling ' Leaoue 48-49 GEORGE L. TALBOT, Lacombe Curling Club 48-49, E.U.S. 48-49 THOMAS A. TARIO, Edmonfon JAMES A. TEELING, Edmonlon E.U.S. 48-49, Philosophy Club 47-48, Leduc Remedial English Proiecl' 48-49 CHARLES B. THOMPSON, Edmonlon LAURA M. TOWNSEND, Gadsby GEORGE A. TOMLIN, Edmon+on Treasurer E.U.S. 48-49, Social Service Club 48-49 FRANCIS P. VAN TIGHEM, Calgary J. WALASHYN, Edmonion BEN WATERMAN, Edmonlon J. L. WAY, SIra+hmore HELEN AUDREY WELDON, Afhabasca Inferfac 8asIre'rbaII 46-47, 48-49, Cercle Francais 46-47, Badmin+on Club 46-49, Inferyear Plays 47-48, Bowling Club 48-49, Drama Club 46-47 WILLIAM H. WHITNEY, Francis, Saslr. Curling Club 47-48 MARIE-CECILE WILFART, Fenn, Saslt. Newman Club 46-49, French Club 47-49, Radio Club 48-49, E.U.S. 47-49 CAROL WILLIAMS, Edmon+on LORNA E. WRIGHT, Edmon+on ARTHUR D, G. YATES, Edmonlon D.U. Frafernify GEORGE ZYTARUK, Norfh Kohman I03 3, , W H zf l 'ZIP' R' GO ,Huw W-F QL YT" in-0' H. R. ALWOOD, Edgerion MAVIS R. ANDERSON, Glen Park GLORIA BASARABA, Lavoy L. BATIUK, Hilliard JOYCE E. BEDNAR, Ponolca T. BERESKA, Hilliard VICTORIA M. BERNHARDT, Coronaflon DOROTHY A, BLADES, OI1a'I'on EVELYN D. BLAKE, Tofleld NADYA C. M. BODNAR, Edmonfon LORRAINE BOUCHARD, Legal JEANNINE D. BOURBEAU, Forf Keni' MARJORIE J. BRYAN, Spirif River L. W. BRYANT, Keephills M. P. BYE, Dixonville MARY L. CAMERON, Delburne W. CHALUS, Luscar COLLEEN CHRISTENSEN, Raymond E. A. CLARK, Corona+ion ELIZABETH M. COCKBURN, Tur+Ieford, AGNES COMM, Leduc J. N. COURTNEY, Duffield JEAN E. CUNNINGHAM, Edmonion K. O. DAHL, Kinqman C. C. DAHMS, Weiaslclwin NAN DAINTITH, Camrose A. LILLIAN DALLAIRE, Red Deer EDITH M. DALLAIRE, Red Deer MARIE T. DALLAIRE, Mallaie VIVIENNE DALLYN, Rllbsfone ELEANOR M. DANFORTH, Lelllbrldge GABRIELLE DARIMONT, Sfony Plain MARY R. DAVIS, DrumI1eIIer LILLIAN A. DIAMOND, Blalrmore MARY A. DIDOW, Rycroff J. G. DOBUSH- Mundare GRACE G. DRYSDALE, Freedman DORIS R. DUCHARME, Fori Ken? JOYCE C. DU,NDAS, Allinglwam J. H. EBBERN, Wainwrighf JOY ENGER, Irma KATHERINE M. FEDORATION, Innisfree KATHLEEN E. FINCH, Mirror YVONNE M. FJESETH, Kingman B. T. FOSSEN, Camrose E. M. FREDERICK, Busby SHIRLEY E. FULLER, Enfwisfle JOAN E. GARDENER, Sundance OLGA GAWRYLETZ, Wandering River H. MARGARET GEORGE, Lloydminsier ETHEL I. GIBB, Magraflw T. E. GILES, Rochesfer S. G. GILSON, Didsbury H. GOLAN, Balsam Grove AUDREY A. GORDON, Lacombe JEAN P. GOW, Whiilaw M. GRANDISH, Smoky Lalce THELMA E. GRIFFIN-BEALE, Edmonfon SOPHIA G. HAAN, Lacombe I04 FLORENCTE M. HAGEN, Bawlf MARIAN B. HAGGERTY, Camrose GERTRUDE E. HANDKE, New Sarepfa R. HANNA, Lomond MARIE M. HARASIMIW, Waska+enau T. PATRICIA HARRIS, Beaverlodge W. R. HARDER, Bergen JUANITA HARRISON, EI. Neison, B.C. MINNIE E. HAYWARD, Leedale ELLENNORE C. HELLEKSON, Mahaska LAURA K. HILTON, Vermiiion J. A. HNATIUK, CI1anceIIor ANNE L. HOFFMAN, Donalda ROSE V. HOLMGREN, Red Deer IVY K. HUNT, Blackfalds AGNES M. JACKSON, BingIey RUBY V. JENSEN, Meeiinq Creek MARION S. JOHNSON, Lindberg ,NINA C. JOHNSON, New Norway NORMA C. JOHNSON, Edberg ENID W. JONES, Ponoka A. O. JORGENSEN, Wildwood AUDREY D. JORGENSEN, Dapp FRANCES KADLEC, Falun OLGA L. KALETA, High Prairie MARIE C. KASTOR, Viking OLGA KISELYCIA, Lincoln STEPHANIE K-OLBA, Edmonion WASANNE KOLOTYLUK, Smoky Lake M. KONDRATIUK, HiIIiard THERESE S. KRAWIEC, Holden ELIZABETH C. KRIEGER, FI. Sask. W. J. KUPCHENKO, Duvernay EFFIE LABOUSKI, A+I1abasca LEANNETTE G. LABRIE, Brocke+ AGNES M. LaFLEUR, Edmon'ron AIMEE H. LAMOUREUX, Coronado LEA I'I. LANGLOIS, SI. PauI MARGUERITE H. LANGLOIS, SI. PauI C. H. LEIGHTON, Ki+sco+y MYRTLE E. LENKO, Moon Lake ISOBELE LESHER, Lacombe HARVEY LOUEY, Fincher Creek LAURA M. LOUHELA, Canmore IDA LOW, Edmonfon E. N. LUKAWESKY, Edmon'I'on PHYLLIS LYSENG, Armena THELMA L. MCCLAFLIN, Ponoka J. D. MacDONALD, RimEey JOYCE L. MCGEE, College Heighfs ANNE Y. B. MAINLAND, Dodds H. L. MANNING MARGUERITE A. MANNING, Edmonfon M. IVY MANUEL, Innisfail THERESE C. MARCOTTE, BonnyviIIe LAURETTA MARQUIS, Edmonfon I05 J. R. MARSHALL, Edmon+on GLADYS M. MATTHEWS, Ben+Iey LOIS A. MAXWELL, Heinsburg MARION MAYOWSKI, Nampa J. MAZURYK, Mundare OLGA MIKIETUK, Primrose J. MISIK, Warwick COLLEEN C. MOODY, Hardisiy ALBERTA M. MORSCH, Ben'IIey P. MULYK, Radway MARLYS K. MURPHY, BawIf D-OLORES V. NELSON, Ohafon W. S. NEWTON, Cardsion EVELYN I. .NICHOL, VegrevIIIe ALMA B. NORDQUIST, MiIIe+ NANCY NOWAK, Bloomsbury J. NOWICKI, Hilliard MARIE F. OBERMEYER, Coronafion DOREEN M. OLSTAD, New Norway EDITH O. OLSTAD, Edberg V. PASHUK, Magrafh W. PELEPCHAN, Mundare N. I. PENGELLY, Delburne GLORIA E. PETERS, Kipp LILLIAN I. PIDRUCHNEY, VegreviIIe W. J. PLATZER, Calais ANNE POLUTRANKO, Vegreville RUTH M. PURSER, Paradise Valley FRANCES M. RAROG, FIa+ Lalce IRENE G. REDEL, Red Deer F. REVEGA, Lindberg MARY R. RICE, Ardrossan RETA M. RIES, Casfor E. S. ROMANIUK, Edson ELIZABETH M. RUSSEL, Joffre J. SAMBORSKY, Falun SOPHIE A. SCHAB, Biifern Lake RUTH E. SCHOENROCK, Lunnford R. H. SCHULTZ, Edmonfon SHEILA V. SCOTT, Edmon+on LORRAINE I. SCOTVOLD, Camrose M. M. SELEZINKA, GIendon S. F. SERBU, Willingdon W. J. SEREDIAK, Andrew EVELYN M. SHIRREFF, IsIav MARY SKOREYKO, Sfreamsfown S. SLEMKO, Edmon+on CHRISTINE M. SMART, Peace River BARBARA A. SMITH, PonoIra I. YVONNE SMITH, Thorsby ISOBEL G. M. SMITH, FI. Saskafchewan ELLEN V. SNELGROVE, Vermilion FLORENCE V. SODERSTROM, Armena MARY A. SPAK, VegreviII6 A. H. STELMACK. Edmonfon ELAINE STEVENSON, Raymond DORIS I. STORVIK, BawII PEARL G. SWANSON, Hanna GLADYS J. TARANGER, FerinIosI1 I06 W. TAYLOR, Coronalion M. E. TELLIER, Morinville A. D. THRONDSON, Kingman LUCY L. TKACHYK, Slry ANNE M. TVEIT, Valhalla Cenfre RUTH E. VIOEGTLIN, Toflelcl J. K. WAKEFIELD, Fabyan HELEN E. WAKNUK, Kri+uan W. M. WALKER, Briqhfview SELMA J. WALLACE, Coronaiion DORIS K. WARD, Bawlf W. V. WASHBURN, Edberg EUNICE WASYLISHEN, Clanclonald LILLIAN J. WATSON, Hlndville LOUISE E. WENGER, Hughenclen MARGARET E. WIGHT, Hughenclen IRIS H. WILSON, Flafbuslw NANCY A. E. WOOD, Pipesfone Creek E. WYSOCKI, Derwenl' BETTY A. YOUNG. Millei OLGA ZAVADUK, Spedden J. E. ALLIN, Edmonlon VALERIE J. ANDERSON, Leihbriclge RUBY O. ANDERSON, LaFlecl'1e, Saslr. MARCEL C. ASQUIN, Drumheller MERTON G. ATKIN, Edmonfon FRANCES J. AUSTIN, Ranfurly DENISE BAERT, Legal CONSTANCE E. BAILEY, Buffalo Lalle JEAN BAILEY, Red Deer W. P. BEHUNIAK, Rosedale MARY A. BENNETT, Kelowna, B.C. MURIEL J. BENTLEY, Cuflxnife, Saslt. J. F. BERLANDO, Aerial L. BEREZUK, Lloydminsier M. BILAWEY, Ealmonfon R. A. BINETTI, S+. Paul RITA J. BONNEAU, Blairmcre R. G. BOWMAN, Olds F. BROCKMANN, Esfl-ner D. E. BROWN, Eclmonfon MARION l. A. BROWN, Edmonfon D. P. BROWNLOW, Edmonfon W. H. BUCHANAN, Alix ISABEL M. BURKE, Edmonfon ALBERTA M. BYRES, Edmonfon DOROTHY H. CAMERON, Leilwbriclge N. J. CHAMCHUK, Easf Coulee R. S. CHAPMAN, Moun'rain Parlr N. CHEPEHA, Willingdon DOREEN M. CHRISTIAN Eclmon+on H. H. CHRISTENSEN, Sfandarcl JANE H. CLARKE, Peace River I07 MARGARET CLEVELAND, Leihbridge LYNN CRAWFORD, Pinclwer Creek EDITH M. CRUICKSHANK, Ranfurly GWENDOLYN DALEY, Granon D. W. DAVIES, Edmoniron J. B. DAVIES, Radway F. E. DEMBICKI, Edmonfon V. dePAOLI, Calgary MARIE D. DEWAR, Edmonion ELIZABETH DUSTERHOFT, Edmonion C. H. EMARD, BurdeH MAE EMPEY, Edmonfon R. L. ENG, High Prairie J. W. ENO, DrumI1eIIer JANET R. ESTRIN, Edmonfon CELIA P. EVANS, Red Deer R. G. EVANS, Red Deer G. EWANCHUK, Hairy Hill, AI+a. M. N. EWASIUK, Glendon MARGARET FATH, Calgary A. D. FELL, Edmonlon MARGARET I. FORBES, Waslnalenau M. G. HOPE FREDETTE, Grande Prairie RUTH GAULD, Edmon-Ion L. RUTH GODWIN, Calgary JUNE I. GOODE, Sangudo M. GUDZOWATZ, Lavoy A. S. GUNDERSON, Edmonion RUTH E. HANEY, Picfure BuHe MRS. LYDIA HATT, Vancouver, B.C. R. G. HENBEST, Edmonfon W. HENKEL, Duffield GLADYS HENDERSON, Black Diamond GEORGINA M. HIBBERT, Aerial SOPHIE G. HAAN, Lacombe LOIS A. HOEY, Brandon, Man. A. W. HOLMES, Carsfairs VELMA V. HOCKENHULL, Chigwell DIANE HOUSTON, Edmonfon W. HOWSON, Edmonfon J. C. HUNTER, Edmonion MARGARET E. HUTCHISON, Edmonion LYLA S, HURNANEN, Carmangay GENEVIEVE IRVINE, Carmichael, Saslc. G. P. JEPSON, Calgary EDITH B. JONES, Irma GLORIA JUBB, DrumI'ieIIer JUNE R. JUSTIN, DeWin'ron JEAN N. KEELEY, Mayerfhorpe J. KEIXIPO, Nordeqg H. KLUFAS, Edmonfon JOSEPHINE KOLISNIAK, Two Hills HELEN KORTES, Edmon+on N. M. KOVJALCHUK, A+I'1abasIca EVELYN M. KRANTZ, Hyfhe I08 G. G. KRAUSE, Edmonfon S. KUCEY, Myrnam SYLVIA KUNDAREWICH, Hollow Lake D. C. LAW, Edmonfon FREDA E. LAWRENCE, FI. Saskafchewan EDITH J. LEE, Edmonfon ENID LEE, Cardsfon HELEN V. LISS, Sangudo D. B. LORD, Eclmonfon DOROTHY A. LOUGHLIN, Viking NORRINE M. LUTES, Medicine Haf F. LUTIC, Hairy Hill ADELYN MacDERMlD, Drumheller MYRTLE MacDONALD, Edmonion RUTH M. A. MacDONALD, Edmonfon WINNIFRED C. MCINTYRE, Coleman ISABEL J. MCKENZIE, Brownvale T. R. MacLEOD, Sexsmi+I1 S. M. MacLEAN, Acme J. F. MacMILLAN, Edmonfcn P. MACIBORSKY, Falun JOCELYN L. MALEY, Eclmonfon D. G. MARION, Edmonfon GRETTA M. MARLATT, Edmonfon W. MELNYK, Bellis LOJISE L. MERSKY, Edmonion THELMA L. MERRILL, Hill Spring F. MIKLOS, Wrenfhem O. T. MILLER, Medicine Hai L. JOYCE MITCHELL, Olds LOIS W. MITCHELL, Lamoni JOAN E. MORRIS, Delburne GWEN A. MORRISON, Airdrie W. MOYSA, Edmcnfon W. NACIUK, MannviIIe R. J. NADEAU, Calgary ELIZABETH NEWTON, Edmonion F. H. H. NEILSON, Edmonfon AGNES D. NOEL, Wesflock JEAN NOY, Rosebud F. J. O'DWYER, Wayne S. N. ODYNAK, Smoky Lake R. H. OHRN, Thorsby ELAINE M. PARKER, Waskafenau M. J. PARKER, Waskaienau ALICE E. POLLEY, Shafhmore MARGARET R. POLLO, Bellevue R. A. PORKHA, Picfure BuHe MARGARET J. PRICE, Hemaruka JEANNETTE PROVOST, Wes+Iock R. C. QUAIL, Medicine Hai BARBARA M. RANDALL, Barrhead ELIZABETH M. REID, Turner Valley S. FAYE RHODES, Leihbridge G. W. RIES, Spruce Grove I09 MARGARET E. RITCHIE, Calgary T. D. ROBERTS, Edmonion K. V. ROBIN, Calgary W. R. ROSS, Olds FHYLLIS M. A. SADLER, Pinlrlwam, Saslc MARY SANDERS, .Norfh BaH'Ieford, Sasli C. H. SANGSTER, Redcliffe ENID SAUDER, Waslcalenau R. N. SAUDER, WasIra+enau FRANCES B. M. SCHROTER, Bremner MARGARET J. SCOTT, Barrhead SHEILA D. SHAND, Macleod ISABELL SHANKS, Nordegg W. SHEWCHUK, Whlfford, AI'I'a. R. SHEWTZ, Waslxaienau HELEN SIMMONS, FI. Saslcafchewan BEULAH SINCLAIR, DrumI'IeIIer GWEN SINCLAIR, Eclmonfon H. B. SINGLETON, EcImon+on P. SMART, Coaldale A. J. SMITH, Mannville R. W. SMITH, Edmonfon w. P. SMITH, Calgary J. D. B. STEED, Cardslon JOANNA I. STEWART, Camrose P. G. STEWART, Calgary ELINOR K. STOLEE, Edmonion L. G. STOLEE, Edmonlon MARY STOLTZ, Silver Heighfs R. STOTT, Edmon+on PAULINE C. SUTERMEISTER, Gleichen P. E. SWEET, Edmonion J. TAYLOR, Edmonfon JOAN M. TANDBERG, Ryley H. THOMASSEN, Calgary LEAH J. THURSTON, FI. Assinlbolne G. P. TIMKO, Tilley L. A. TOOLE, Medicine Hai J. UNGER, Kelowna, B.C. E. WILLOW UTLEY, Bellevue MARGARET WALKER, Hudson Bay, Sasli R. WALLER, Bassano G. C. WEEKS, Edmon+on N. WENGRENIUK, Gunn L. M. WILLIAMS, Cardsion G. W. WINDSOR, High River J. WOLOSHYN, Derwenf B. LOUISE WOURNELL, Edmonfon F. J. WOURNELL, Edmonfon L. P. WOZNEY, Wosfok LILLIAN D. YONKERS, Leduc FHYLLIS YOUNG, Edmonfon IIO 33 fs ii ug 1 4 5 53 . if sl E I I U ll DEAN HARDY, Dean oT Engineering IT is wiTh greaT pleasure ThaT I Take This opporTuniTy To exTend greeTings To The presenT group of undergraduaTe sTudenTs in The EaculTy oT Engineering and in parTicular To The members oT The i949 graduaTing class. You have been aTTending UniversiTy under exTraordinary condiTions in ThaT you have been members oT The largesT groups oT sTudenTs ever accommodaTed by This EaculTy. There have been Trials and TribulaTions buT also some compensaTions incidenTal To The posT-war inTlux of sTudenTs. They have been inTeresTing days-perhaps one may say even exciTing days aT Times. However, To The graduaTing class in parTicular iT is a Time To look forward raTher Than back- ward. Many oT you may Teel you are enTering upon a career under a handicap oT Tour, Tive or even six losT years. Such however is noT necessarily The ca se. lvlaTuriTy of iudgmenT, conTidence in your abiliTy, experience in cooperaTion wiTh your associaTesg all These are asseTs ThaT combined wiTh a disciplined mind, a sound background of TundamenTal knowledge and a high sense oT inTegriTy and social respon- sibiliTy are asseTs ThaT in due course will Tar more Than balance The shorT delay in launching a career. All members oT The FaculTy will waTch your careers wiTh sympaTheTic inTeresT and will ioin me in wishing you god-speed. R. M. HARDY. liz ANDREW BARACOS, Banff E.S.S., S.E.I.C. JOHN GORDON SPENCER, Calgary E.S.S., Jr., E.I.C. GEORGE ADAM, Calgary E.S.S. I45-49I, E.I.C. I48-49I, Badminion CIub I48-49I, Tennis I49I CLARE FRANK AMIES, Edmonfon E.S.S., C.I.M.M., S.C.O.M. I4B, 491, Tennis ALAN BYRON AMUNDSEN, Claresl-noIm E.S.S., A.I.E.E., CURMA LORNE WILLIAM ANDERSON, Edmonfon E.S.S. I45-49I, I.R.E. 8: A.I.E.E. I47-49I. CURMA I45-49I, Ama+eur Radio I47-49I WILLIAM ROGER ANGUS, Edmonfon E.S.S., A.I.E.E. HAROLD DAVID ARCHIBALD, Red Deer E.S.S. I43-44, 46-491, Drama Club I46-47I, Radio CIub I48-49I, Mixed Chorus I48-49I, Public Speak- ing CIub I48-49I, Adverfising Manager E. 81 G. I48-491, CURMA I46-4BI, Wresfling CIub I43-44I Oufdoor CIub I46-48I HERBERT BAILEY, CaIgary E.S.S. I45-46, 48-491, Lambda CIII AIpI'la REGINALD EDWARD BAILEY, Waferfon Lakes Park E.S.S. I45-49I, Mixed Chorus I45-47I, Oufdoor Club I45-471, Badminfon CIub I46-47I, Phofography Club I47-48I, PI1iIosopI'1icaI Club I48-49I, E.I.C. I49I WALTER MORLEY BALKE, Vancouver, B.C. PubIic Speaking CIub I47-491, I.G.S. I48-49I NORMAN LYALL BARBER, calgary E.S.S. 146-491, CURMA I46-491, s.E.l.c:. 1491 FREDERICK W. BEAIRSTO, Sedgewick E.S.S., E.I.C. I48-49I, CurIing I45-49I BRUCE CRAVATH BELL, Edmonion E.S.S. I45-49I, CURMA I45I DONALD ANDREW BERNARD, Edmon+on E.s.s. I45-491 ROLAND WALTER BICK, Medicine Ha? S.C.O.M., E.S.S., Mining and GeoIogicaI Socieiy WALTER LIONEL BIGG, Edmonion E.S.S., PubIic Speaking CIub I48-49I CHARLES RICHARD THOMAS BINGLEY. Calgary E.s.s. 148-491, A.I.E.E. I47-491, l.R.E. I47-49I, Bowling I48-49I, Sporfs Edi+or "Pos'II1oIe" ALBERT ALLEN BISHOP, Calgary E.s.s. 147-49I', OURMA 146-49I, A.P.E.A. 147-491. A.I.E.E. 147-491 'ff .. ,Gif-1 YY. -. UA 5 Unafggfg-n 4 A ,if 'W CIN 944' - -If' , Ac ILL? .,,. h haf 'ff' Qf Skater , imp: i E I 3' J ., ,,A- I i R- svn ,A 591 's is, ' if -f',-GYNYFL--Q-if' OI "N X MURRAY ROSS BLACKADAR, Edmonfon Curling Club I47-493, E.S.S. I46-493 WILLIAM BLAIR, Rose Lynn E.S.S., Inframural Baclminfon I47-48I, Della Upsilon RAYMOND BOWER, Sfralhmore E.S.S. 145-493 THOMAS ROBERT BRAITHWAITE, Recl Deer E.S.S. I43-44, 46-49I, lnferfac. Baslrefball I46-47I, CURMA I46-47I, Curling Club I48-49I, S.C.O.M. 148-493 WILLIAM GEORGE BRANDER, Edmonfon E.S.S. I46-491, Curling Club 148-493 DOUGLAS E. BRESSEY, Edmonfon E.S.S. I46-49I, Posfhole Sfalif I46I, Archery Club 146-473, A.I.E.E. 147-493, LR.E. 147-493 WILLIAM DONALD BROUGHTON, Edmonlon E.S.S., S.C.O.M., Mining and Geological Sociefy DOUGLAS A. BROWN, Regina, Saslc. Curling Club, Phi Della Theia ROY SYLVESTER BUE, Edmonlon S.C.O.M. 1493, Curling Club 146-493 HAROLD ALLISON BURNS, Didsbury E.S.S., Baslcefball I47-49I, Della Upsilon LEONARD GEORGE BUSSARD, wmskawin E.s.s. 145-493, OURMA 145-473, Delia Upsilon EDWARD H. CALDWELL, Eclmonlon Senior Hoclzey, Inlerfac. Hoclrey, S.C.O.M. GORDON GLENN CAMPBELL, Senlac, Sash. E.S.S. 146-493, s.E.l.c. I48-493, Curlinq Club 147-493 THOMAS ALAN CAMPBELL, Edmonfon S.C.O.M., E.S.S., Zefa Psi WALTER GRAHAM CAMPBELL, Edmonlon E.S.S., Pres. Freshman Class I38-39I, Pres. January Class I46I, Phi Kappa Pi ROBERT BOYD CARRUTHERS. Calgary A.l.E.E. 147-493, E.S.S. 147-493 WILLIAM ARTHUR CASE, Eclmonfon Senior Hockey I45-49I, Mining and Geology Sociely 148-49 3, s.c.O.M. WILLIAM ALEXANDER OHMILAR, Edmonfon E.S.S. 146-4s3 PHILIP ALFRED CLARKE, Eclmonion Men's Economic Club I47-483, E.S.S. I45-47I II4 EUGENE THOMPSON COOK, Edmonfon I I E.S.S. l45-49l, CURMA 145-49l, Mining and ,,,I.f,-Q35 Q. . Geology Sociely 147-49l, Curling 147-49l, S.C.O.M. V.-S ' , j V ' 4 I - :I ,5 ff' :t1..'Zig.- 14+'L.q'21'll5 VICTOR ROLAND COX, Edmonion YN- Q1,..,97N'ExQ?f-ff CURMA 145-461, E.S.S. 145-491 A ,.,L ' DOLIC-LAS ROBERT CRAIG, Macleod E.S.S. 145-491, CIIRMA 145-471 GERALD ROBERT CULLEN, Edmonfon E.S.S. 145-491, CURMA 145-471 wa ROY FREDERICK CUMMER, Calgary - 'I"""- Senior Class Exec. 148-49l, S.E.l.C., E.S.S., ln+er'Fac. Baslre+ball 143-44, 46-47l, Ouicloor Club, Varsify Ski Club, No. 2 C.A.U.C. l43-44l, CURMA, Ski Team. Phi Del-Ia Tl'Ie'la ANDREW ALBERT DAME, Edmonion Mining and Geological Soc. 148-49l, E.S.S. I46-49l, Newman Club I46-49l, CURMA 146-491, S.C.O.M. 14a-491, C.I.M.M. 148-491 PHILIP HOMFRAY DAVIES, EdnI6n+6n E.S.S. 145-491, E.I.C. 145-491, CURMA 145-491 AJ- GEORGE FREDERICK STANLEY DAVIS, Lellwbrldge Jan. Class Sluclenl Council l46l, Direc'ror E.S.S. Ball I46-47, 48-49l, Junior Class Exec. I47-48l, S.E.l.C. 147-491, E.S.S. 146-49l, Tennis 1461 GORDON ALLAN DAVIS, Lloydminsier, Saslx. E.S.S. 145-491, E.I.C. 14a-491, Curling Club 147-491 JAMES S. DENIS, MIdI.Snav6Ie E.S.S. 145-491, C.I.C. 146-491, Chem. Club 146-481. C.O.T.C. 145-461 JOHN TERENCE DENLAY, Eclmon+on I E.S.S. is if V fU--rWw.NU- -W -YV 'll-T fQii1512,'I' in-5i'lll ' ifnif, 'E'-'.-QSC.. - ' . ..-.,.-.L ..-.I ' CHARLES ANDREW DITTRICH, Slelfler j' E.S.S., C.l.M.M., CURMA, S.C.'O.M. l48-49l, Zefa Psi N A ' CHARLES ROBERT DOE, Lethbridge 33, ' "" ,QL 'A.l.E.E. I47-49l, E.S.S. I45-49l, lnierfac. BasIce+ball " 5-M, I45-46l, Varsi+y Bowling League I48-49l A' J. H. DONOVAN, Eclmonion A FREDERICK DORWARD, Edmon+on MARY ELLEN DOUGHERTY, Calgary JOHN JAMES EATOCK, Brigl-I+ Bank E.S.S., Mixed Chorus 145-471, Universify Musical Club 146-491, CURMA 145-471 RODNEY WILSON EDGECOMBE, Edfn6n+6n E.S.S. 145-491 DONALD FRANCIS EDIE, Vancouver, B.C. in E.S.S. I46-49l, Mixed Cl'Iorus I46-47l, CURMA 146-471, E.I.C. 14a-491 IVAN C. EDWARDS, Red Deer E.S.S. 143-44, 45-49l, CURMA 145-46, 48-49l, S.C.O.M. 148-49l, Mining ancl Geological Sociefy I46-48l, Pres. Mining 81 Geological Sociefy l48-49l ,JMX ' 1 ,H E'-.,,.' Af' f"4 11 ' 4 if sk 'ru ' A 4 5 , J Li ' 41 I D4 w-1' 4 41- IJXL L J EMLNEEYI 3 , " vs:-p f 4 . -. gf, 1 A-r RONALD A. ELLEFSON, Grosmoni Drama Socie+y 1451, Bowling Club I49I ROBERT G. ERIKSON, Blairmore E.s.s. 145-491, CURMA 146-491, c.l.M.M. 147-491. s.c.o.M. 14a-491 LLOYD M. FAIBISH, Edmonion E.S.S. I45-49I, Liaison Officer I47-4BI, Sigma Alpha Mu 145-491, CURMA 145-471, No.2 c.A.u.C. 143-441 WILLIAM L. FALLOW, Edmonion Kappa sigma, E.s.s. 144-491, CURMA JAMES E. FINLAY, Eclmonion Della Kappa Epsilon, C.I.M.M. I47-491, S.C.O.M., E.S.S. I45-491 DONALD J. FOREST, Prince Alberf CURMA 145-491, E.S.S. 145-491, A.I.E.E. 147-491 FRANK M. FOSTER, Wabamun S.C.O.M., E.S.S., C.I.M.M. IAN H. FOWLER, Edmonfon E.S.S. 145491, CURMA I45-491, Inferfac. Hockey 145-46I, Inferfac. Fas+baII I45-46l FRED FRIESEN, Eclmonion E.S.S. 145-491 X2 Q G JAMES G. GAINER, Rosebud if E.s.s. 145 491, chem. Club 146-491, c.l.c. 145-471. IQ, GINWEGWQ, Inierfac. Traclr I45-47I Ar? f '-'YI ., N ,ff , 4 ,K . RONALD A. GOLISS, Eclmonion E.S.S. I47-49I, Curlinff Club I47-491, C.I.M.M. 147-491, s.c.o.M. 14a-491 CHARLES R. GUEST, Eclmcnfon E.S.S. I45-49I, Inierfac. Hoclrey, lnferfac. Soffball I46I, S.C.O.M. Pres. I48-491, Delfa Upsilon GEORGE EDWARD GUNN, Edmon+on E.5.s. 145-491 FRANK ARNOLD HANNING, Mannville CURMA 145-491, E.s.s. 145-491, A.I.E.E. 147-491. Bowling Club I48-491 JEROME M. HANS-ON, Namalra VICTOR HARMS, Eclmonion CURMA 145-491, I.R.E. 147-491, E.s.s. 146-491, EDGAR L. HARRISON, Calgary WILLIAM EDWARD HAWKINS, Calgary Mixed Chorus I45-47I, E.S.S. I45-49I, A.I.E.E. I48-491 GERALD PATRICK HEANEY. Edmonfon Newman Club 144-491, E.S.S. I44-49I Ilb WILLIAM HENRY HOLMES, Eclmonion I E.S.S. 146-48I, A.1.E.E. 147-491, Badminfon 146-491 ' 5 U-LA I HQ! E'4 VERNON LYLE HORTE, Kingman 1 gi ta a, CURMA l45-47I, E.S.S. I45-49l, Oufdoor Club k"?'167,1E,YYf:'t:,,- I46-47l, Tumbling Club I47-48I I 'f ag ,QNESQX JOHN M. HOWARD, Calgary I nf CHARLES D. HOWARTH, Calgary . , 1, 5.s.s. 145-491 iv 5 1 ' V, DOUGLAS P. HOWELL, Calgary -Vt E.S.S. I46-49I, CURMA 146-49l. Baclminfon I46-47l BERT M. HUFFMAN, Edmonlon E.S.S. 145-49I, CURMA 145-491 JAMES R. HUME, Bashaw Tennis l45-48l, Inlerfac. Hockey I46-49l, S.C.O.M. 14a-491, E.S.S. 145-491 RALPH G. HUMPHRIES, Calgary E.S.S. 145-491, s.c.o.M. 14a-491, CURMA 145-471, Foofball I47-4Bl l MICHAEL H U NKA Edmonfon E.S.S. 46-491 -E.S.S. 145-481 Iyz, y . wAsYL HUNKA, Edmonton , ' I DONALD G. HYMAS, Rosebud E.S.S. I45-49I, Badminfon Club I47-49I, Ouidoor Club 145-471 MURRAY c. HYSLOP, Edmonfon CURMA 145-471, E.S.S. 145-491, s.c.o.M. 14a-491 WILLIAM I.. INGRAM, Edmonlon Foolball I45-47l, Hockey 145-48l, E.S.S., S.C.O.M. l48-49l JOHN A. IRVINE, Calgary E.S.S. J. FOSTER IRWIN, Hazeldine S.C.O.M. STEPHEN M. ISTVANFFY, Syringa Creek, B.C. E.S.S. I46-49I, Badminfon I46-49I, CURMA I46-49I. Tennis I46-49I JOSEPH L. JASPAR, Sylvan Lalre E.S.S. I46-49I, Newman Club I46-49I, CURMA I46-491 WILLIAM G. JEWETT, Trail, B.C. Schedule Man I46-47l, Senior Exec, 148-49l, E.S.S., Della Upsilon ARNOLD F. JOHNSON, Edmonfon VERNON G. JOHNS-ON, Edmonfon E.S.S. 145-491, lnferfac. Baskefball I47-49l, Oufdoor Club 146-47I II7 ' -a V. -zr 4 I A s f L.. FX! . x-'-'4 Ge J tm., -1 .35 f. GI- ' leg 2..391Nf9?I.S9f 6 ,F W" J E09 J 'Q 'v-..,. V3 RONALD W. JONES, Edmonlon E.S.S. 145-491, E.l.c. 148-493, Curling Club 148-493, Oufcloor Club 145-481 OSCAR JUNKER, Edmonfon E.S.S. 146-491, Slri Club 147-491, S.C.O.M. Treasurer 148-491, DeI'l'a Upsilon LAWRENCE P. KANE, Eclmonfon E.S.S. 146-491 PATRICK E. KELLY, Berwyn E.S.S. 146-493, CURMA 146-491, chem. Club 147-481, Junior Class Exec. 146-481, Senior Class Rep. E.S.S. 148-491, Inferfac. Fasfball 1461 JOHN B. KERBY, Winnipeg, Man. E.S.S. 146-491, E.I.C. 147-491, Curling Club 146-491. Canferbury Club 146-491, E.S.S. Sec.-Trees. 148-491, Baclminfon Club 146-491 ROBERT E. KEYES, Medicine I-13+ E.S.S. 146-493, A.l.E.E. 147-491, E.I.C. 148-493, v.c.E. 146-491 KENNETH M. KNIGHT, Woolford E.S.S., S.E.I.C., CURMA RONALD J. KNIGHT, w66lf6fa CURMA 146-491, E.s.s. 146-491, s.E.l.c. 148-491 JOHN T. KOKOTAILO, Willingdon MICHAEL W. KOSLOWSKI, Walcaw, Saslz. Curling Club 14B-491, E.S.S. 148-491, C.I.M.M. 148-491, s.c.o.M. 148-491 IVAN J. KRPAN, Edson DENNIS D. KUCHINSKI, Edmonfon CURMA 145-461, E.S.S. 145-491, S.E.I.C. 148-491 YVON H. LeFEBVRE, Edmonfon Newman Club 145-491, E.S.S. 145-491, I.R.E. 148-491, CURMA 145-481 PERICLES LEONIDAS, Edmonion E.S.S. WALLACE L. LINDBERG, Edmonfon Badmin+on 145-46, 48-491, E.S.S. 144-45, 48-491. S.C.O.M. 148-491, Mining and Geological Sociefy 147-491 EARL E. LITTLE, Edmonion E.s.s. 145-491, CURMA 145-491, s.c.o.M. 148-493 HERBERT G. LITTLE, Edmonfon Curling Club 145-461, Curling Club Exec. 146-471, Curling Club Vice-Pres. 147-481, Curling Club Pres. 148-491, E.S.S. 145-491 JOHN E. LYLE, Edmonlon CURMA, E.S.S., E.I.C. 148-491 BILLY Y. LYNN, Crawford Bay, B.C. E.s.s. 146-493, E.l.c. 148-491, Curling Club 147-481. Oufdoor Club 147-481, Disciplinary Com. 148-491 MALCOLM W. MacDONALD, Edmonfon I I8 JOHN F. MclNTYRE, Coleman Newman Club 47-49, S.C.O.M. 48-49, Mining and Geological Sociely 47-49 HAROLD M. MacKAY, Edmonlon IAN A. MacLEAN, Sedgewiclc E.S.S. 46-49, I.R.E. Sec.-Treas. 47-49, Curling Club 48-49, CURMA 46-49 GRANT E. MACPHERSON, Edmonlon E.S.S. 45-49, S.E.l.C. EDWARD W. McCONNELL, Calgary CURMA 46-49, E.S.S. 46-49, C.I.M.M. 48-49, S.C.O.M. 48-49 GORDON E. McCORMACK, Eclmonfon Golden Bears Basltelball 45-48, Big Bloclc "A" Club 47-49, Gafeway 45-46, E.S.S. 45-49, S.E.I.C. 48-49 HEDLEY H. MCCREEDY, Edmonion E.S.S. 46-49, S.C.O.M. ARCHIBALD D. MCCUTCHEON, Eclmonlon S.C.O.M., Mining and Geological Sociely, E.S.S. ALLAN S. MCLATCHIE, Calgary E.S.S. 45-49, E.l.C. 47-49, C.l.C. 45-49 WILLIAM R. McMlLLAN, Eclmonlon CURMA 45-48, E.S.S. 45-49, Newman Club 45-49 DONALD L. MCNEILL, Eclmonion Delia Upsilon 45-49, Mining and Geological Sociefy 46-49, S.C.O.M. ROBERT W. McQUEEN, Dawson Creek, B.C. E.S.S. 45-49 EDWARD MADSEN, Eclmonlon E.S.S. 45-47, l.R.E. 47-49, A.I.E.E. 48-49 GERALD A. MARTIN, Edmonfon HERBERT E. MATHER, Edmonlon CURMA 45-47, A.l.E.E. 47-49, E.S.S. 45-49 FRANK B. MATTHEWS, Hardisly E.S.S. 45-49, Fencing Club 46-48 RICHARD J. MATTHEWS, Edmonlon E.S.S. 45-49 LEONARD S. MEERES, Red Deer GEORGE L. METCALFE, Calgary CURMA 45-49, e.s.s. 45-49 II9 1 , J A ,. -, . .--. ,1-. J Q . , A 2 i , S . -4 . f lil- 'f'fs.-F. ,ca x V Ji .--1 5. U MAA. Q sf ya Sqn ff, 4 , Q-N .4 L, -1- "RT 3' 4' --4' .ua T fl 14 l 3, .. G7N'Ef9,. f I W - 5.19. 5 hir. 5' L ff' ii 1' 6.5 , G Q-,X 'NX V cv. f TNQEA 'T 1 .. L, ,Az- i"' ' L' 'TTT' " 255: EQ, fv-Q w- 'ZF' NORMAN R. MILLAR, Calgary E.S.S. 46-49, Mining and Geological Socnely CURMA S.C.O.M. JOHN B. MILLER, Edmonfon Chairman I.R.E. 48-49, I.R.E. 47-49 ESS 45 49 CURMA 45-48 VALDOMIR R. MILLER, Eclmonfon CURMA 45-48, E.S.S. 45-47, A.I.EE 48 49 WILLIAM K. MILLER, Edmonlon E.S.S. 45-49, Tumbling Club 47-48 HAZEL M. MILLETT, Blairmore E.S.S. 45-49, Swimming Club 45-48 Swimming Club Vice-Pres. 46-47, lnlervarsifly Swim Team 47 48 Mcxecl Chorus 47-49, Chemislry Club 47-49 Chem Club Vlce Pres. 47-48, Canlerbury Club WILLIAM H. MILLEY, Coleman Oulcloor Club 45-48, E.S.S. 45-49 E I C 48 49 Baclminfon Club 47-49, Tennis 45 49 VINCENT P. MILO, Easl' Coulee E.S.S. 45-49, C.I.C. 46-49, ,Newman Club 45 49 WILLIAM J. MONKMAN, Calgary I.R.E. 48-49 WALTER L. MONTGOMERY, Edmon+on DON L. MOORE, Spiril River E.S.S. 45-49, Curling Club 45-46 TH-OMAS E. MORIMOTO, Edmonfon E.S.S. 45-49, Chem. Club 48-49, C I C 48 49 CURMA 45-49 ALEXANDER G. MORISON, Ponolra Curling Club 48-49, E.S.S. 48-49, EIC 48 49 Mining and Geological Sociefy 47 49 S C O M 48 49 WILLIAM B. MORRISON, Calgary RICHARD F. MOYSE, Red Deer EDMUNDE E. New:-IALL, Calgary E.S.S. Exec. 47-48, Pres. Junior Class 47 48 Inferfac Baslrefball 45-48, Oufcloor Club, IRE Phu Kappa P ALEXANDER H. NICOLSON, Calgary E.S.S. 45-49 STANLEY NIXON, Edmon+on A.I.E.E. 47-49, E.S.S. 45-49, Bowling League 48 49 DONALD M. NOREM, Edmonfon Inferfac. Baslcelball 42-43, 46-47, Inlerfac Traclr Meel 46, Infermural Baslrelball 48-49, Inlerfac Sofiball 46 CURMA 46-49, E.S.S. 46-49, A.l.E.E 47 49 Pres Senlo Class 48-49, Zela Psi BERNARD L. NUGENT, Eclmonfon C.l.M.M., S.E.l.C., E.S.S., S.C.O.M JOHN R. NUSS, Eclmonfon C.I.M.M., E.S.S., S.C.O.M. Secrelary 48 49 SEIC Mining and Geological Sociely 48 49 I20 JOHN R. O'BRIEN, Grimshaw E.S.S. 45-49, Curling Club 48-49, Newman Club 48-49 JOHN R. OGILVIE, Edmonion E.S.S. 46-49, E.I.C. 48-49, CURMA 45-46 GORDON V. OLSTAD, Edmonion E.S.S. 46-49 EDWARD -OLYNEK, Calgary CURMA 46.49, E.S.S. 46-49, v.H.L. 46-49. s.c.o.M. 48-49 EINAR M. OVERN, We+asIuiwin E.S.S. 46-49, A.I.E.E. 47-49, Chairman A.I.E.E. 48-49, CURMA 46-48 JOHN F. PARDER, Calgary Kappa Sigma, Waw-Waw Execuiive 48-49 EDWIN K. PARKS, Taber DONALD V. PARKER, Leihbridge E.S.S. 45-49, Bowling Club 48-49, Chem. Club 46-49, Ouidoor Club 45-48, C.I.C. 47-49, Badmin'I'on Club 48, Mafh. and Physics Club 47-48 DAVID J, PARRY, Eclmonfon E.S.S. 46-49, CURMA 46-48, Inierfac. Soffball 46-47, Mining and Geological Socieiy 48-49 ALEX R. PATTON, EcImon'I'on InI'er'Fac. Traclz 45-47, Ouidoor Club 45-46, Tumbling Club 47-48, E.S.S., Spike Shoe Club 45-47 ALEX PAWLIUK, Ispas Soffball 46, Curling 46, I.R.E. 47-48, A.I.E.E. 48-49, CURMA 46-49, E.S.S. 46-49 CHESTER O. PEEL, EcImon+on E.S.S., E.l.C., CURMA ROBERT E. PELLETIER, Morinville Newman Club 46-49, Mining and Geological Sociefy 48-49, S.C.O.IvI. BENJAMIN N. PETERSON, Eclmonfon E.I.C., E.S.S. RALPH PILKINGTON, Calgary E.S.S. Rep, 46, E.S.S. 45-49, S.E.I.C. 48-49, Fishing, Bridge CLIFFORD J. PIPRELL, Borden, Sask. E.S.S. WILLIAM H. PRICE, Edmonfon Senior Baslcelball 45-48, Big Block "A" Club 47-48, Pres. Big Block Club 48, E.S.S. ELMER F. PROVOST, Wetaskiwin FRANK RABUSIC, Raymond E.S.S. 45-49, Inlerfac. Baslcefball 46-49, Newman Club 45-49, Drama 45-49, Boxing Club 45-47 NORMAN L. REID, Eclmonfon E.S.S. 46-49, CURMA 46-48, E.I.C. 48-49 I2I I 7 iII I ,gf rwugff-Q X A I Ig Q gy? Q x ,vi .f sl .- K .,.'S2f4"5"5fi.,jy. ' A T- . 1,5-4 5 f ' Eg 4, z J I U 4 1 A 'L I an 'I if ,54- H- 31,19 w-4' 4 ,Af- 501 "2-' RICHARD G. REID, Eamamon E.s.s., CURMA 45-47, Phi Kappa Pi ALEC J. RICHARDSON, Eclmonlon S.C.O.M., Phi Della Thela, lnferfac. Rugby 42-44, Mininq and Geological Sociefy 45-49 ALBERT W. RIDDELL, Gleichen E.S.S., E.l.C., Symphony Orcheslra 48-49 JAMES G. RILEY, Foresfburg E.S.S. 45-49, C.I.M.M. 48-49, CURMA 45-49, Curling Club 45-49, Sec.-Treas. Curling Club 48-49, S.C.O,M. 48-49, Mining and Geological Sociefy 48-49 WALTER J. RIVA, Canmore CURMA 46-49, C.l.M.M. 47-49, E.S.S. 46-49, S.C.O.M. 48-49 WILLIAM A. ROBERTSON, Calgary E.S.S. 45-49, Oufdoor Club 45-46, C.O.T.C. 45-46, Mininq and Geological Sociely 48-49, S.C.O.M. 48-49, C.I.M.M. 48-49 WILLIAM G. ROBSON, Edmonlon Universify Symphony Orcheslra 45-49, Concerf Masfer Symphony Orcheslra 46-49 HARRY F. ROGERS, Calgary E.S.S. 46-49, A.l.E.E. 47-49, Sec.-Treas. 48-49, S.E.l.C. 48-49, Bowling League Exec. 48-49 FRANK A. RONAGHAN, Edmonion E.S.S. 45-49, Chem. Club 48, C.l.C. 48, CURMA 45-49 CLIFFORD P. RONDEN, Weslloclc E.S.S. 46-49, Zela Psi, CURMA 46-49 ROBERT D. ROSSER, Calgary S.E.I.C. 47-49, A.I.E.E. 47-49, E.S.S. 46-49, E.S.S. Exec. 46-47, 48-49, lnlerfac. Traclz 46-47, Direclor of Lighi and Sound Crew 46-49, E. 84 G. Sporfs Edilor 47-48, Malh and Physics Club 48-49, Pres. of Bowling Club 48-49, Sfudenls' Council 48-49 3 Louis RoussEAu, sam-,nm 4 E.S.S. 46-49, E.l.c. 48-49, CURMA 41-49 W fr" , 4 "': f f THOMAS B. ROWLEY, vic+ori.1, a.c. -4- f 4 S .,,, 4-.,, +-- j E.S.S. 45-49, c.l.M.M. 4a-49, Curling Club 47-49, K 'vi Omoo- Club 45-47, CURMA 45-49, s.c.o.M. 48-49, 165 is 43" Sv -1: , :,... 'E Mining and Geological Socuely JOHN R. RUPTASH, Hairy Hill JOHN R. RUTBERG, Edmonlon CURMA 45-48, E.S.S. 45-48, A.I.E.E. 47-49 WALTER SALAMANDICK, Royal Park E.S.S. 45-49, CURMA 45-48, Chem. Club 47-48, C.l.C. 47-48 ROBERT H. SANDILANDS, Edmonlon E.S.S. 45-49, A.l.E.E. 47-49, l.R.E. 47-49, Engineers Ball Commiliee 48-49, Kappa Sigma HEDLEY G. SAVILLE, Regina, Saslr. MILTON S. SCHELER, Foresiburg U.N.T.D. 45-46, -Oufdoor Club 45-47, E.S.S. 45-49, Curling Club 48-49, S.C.O.M. 48-49, Mining and Geological Society 48-49 REINHARD SCHMIDT, Edmonion E.S.S. I22 W. H. SEAGER, Eclmonion Elf Th '75 ff 5,1 , E, -... LJ- ALEX SHAPTRO, Eamonfon T.- ,.z 'f --:x'N5, T3 4 ,-J f O T- ui- . H 'li R' 'R O.-4? LP? fe- K, ' -. RJ X- JOHN W. SHARPE, Calgary E.S.S., Baskefball, Kappa Sigma GEORGE R. Sl'llPLEY, Edmonfon Freshman Rep. E.S.S. 39-40, Freshman Rep. Oulcloor Club 39-40, Pres, Slri Club 47-48, E.S.S. 39-49, Curling Club 46-47, Mininq and Geological Socie-ly 48-49, S.C.O.lvl. 48-49, E.l.C. 48-49 NICHOLAS SIDJAK, Fleef JOHN D. SIKAL, Edmon+on if E.s.s. 46-49, S.E.I.C. 48-49, CURMA 45 M ,J 2 A GEORGE w. SMITH, Edmonfon ml STEPHEN SPACEY, Edmonfon E.S.S. 46-49 JACK G. STABBACK, Calgary E.S.S., CURMA JOHN W, STEPHEN, Edmonfon Member A.l.E.E. 47-49, E.S.S. 45-49, CURMA 45-49 ROBERT STOLLERY, Edmonion E.S.S. 45-49, CURMA 45-49, E.l.C. 48-49 JOHN W. STRANGE, Eclmon+on E.S.S. 45-48, A.l.E.E. 47-48, CURMA 45-47 JAMES A. STRETTON, Lefhbridge A E.S.S., CURMA, E.l.C. LESLIE F. SWANN, Calgary CURMA 45-49, E.S.S. 45-49, Curling Club 48-49 CHARLES THOMPSON, Edmonion C. T. THOMPSON, Edmonfon FRANK 5. THOMPSON, Calgary T REGINALD G. THURBER, Edmonfon Badminion Club 45-48, Oufcloor Club 45-47, Ligl-4+ and Sound Club 45-46, E.S.S. 45-49, CURMA 47-49, E.l.C. 48-49 NORMAN S. TROUTH, Edmon+on ROY S. TRUSSLER, Edmonfon CURMA 45-47, E.S.S. 45-49, A.l.E.E. 47-49. Delia Upsilon 45-49 Ki- , ..,, -, ,. wmv '---' -' : . EQ .,'Q,,, A f..L LN' ' Maggy .4 f3.Mff I 1- R f9?bgTfv.. 4.4-5'7N 92-z--,ff X Ur' 4, , fm .N3 I wp, , . i I Sggiag Inbgi-Q A 40- 1 If h ,g.,:.'1-fl ff 4wgsf:+e '--4 :!,: 5, ARNOLD cv. UNDERHILL, Calgary E.l.c. 47-49, CURMA 45-49, E.s.s. 45-49 REGINALD A. UNDERHILL, Calgary Mixed Chorus 47-49, S.E.I.C., E.S.S. 45-49, CURMA 45-48 WILLIAM D. USHER, Scollard E.S.S. 46-49, CURMA 46-49, Curling Club 46-49, S.E.I.C. 47-49 ' HAROLD VAN CAMP, Marwayne E.S.S. 45-49, Mining and Geological Socieiy 47-49, S.C.O.M. 48-49 BERNARD C. VAN HEES, Killam Wreslling Club 45-46, E.S.S. 45-49 WILFRED R. VERNON, Edmonion E.S.S. 46-49, Musical Club 47-48, I.R.E. 48-49 ROBERT VICKERMAN, Edmonfon WILLIAM W. VIRTUE, Vancouver, B.C. E.S.S. 47-49, A.I.E.E. 47-49, Inferfac. Baslcefball 46-47, CURMA 46-49 GORDON W. WALKER, Edmonion E.S.S. 46-49, E.I.C. 48-49, Ou'IcIoor Club 47-49, Ou+door Club Exec. 48-49 ANTHONY B. WACOWICH, Edmon-Ion E.S.S. 46-49, I.R.E. 47-48, A.l.E.E. 48-49, CURMA 46-48 WINSTON O. WALKER, Edmonion CHARLES A. WALRATH, Eclmonion Mixed Chorus 46-48, E.S.S. 48-49 ROBERT T. WHITE, Brooks CURMA, E.S.S., S.E.I.C. ALFRED L. WHITEHEAD, Clareslwolm E.S.S. 46-47, CLIRMA 46-47, C.I.C. 48-49 ROBERT D. WHITELEY, Edmonlon Sof+balI 46, I.R.E. 48-49, A.I.E.E. 47-49, CURMA 46-48, E.S.S. 46-49 THOMAS E. WILSON, Norciegg CURMA, S.C.O.M., E.S.S., Mining and Geological Socieiy DONALD MILTON WOLCOTT, Ponolta E.S.S., Delia Kappa Epsilon, In+ramuraI Golf I24 EDMUND PAUL AB-OUSAFFY. Coieman DAVID EMERSON AITKI.N, EcImon'ron LAURIE OSTWALD ALHO, TI1orI'1iId KENNETH O. ANDERSON, CaImar GLEN GORDON BACH, Peace River WALTER BADUN, LaI:e Maieau HOWARD DAVID BAGLEY, Calgary WILLIAM BILOGLOVKA, Egremonf JAMES WALTER BLACK, ECImonIon F. F. BOLLEFER, LaIre Lenore, Saslr. ELI BILL BOYTZEN, Edmonfon MERTON ALLAN BUEHLER, Olds STAUROS CALOUDIS, Aihens, Greece ARCHIBALD F. CAMPBELL, Edmonion MILTON W. CARLSON, Edmonfon ROBERT H. CHOATE, Calgary ALLEN COOK, Edmonion J. HERBERT COOK, Edmonfon JACK PHILLIPS COOPER, Edmonion DENIS J. COTE, Medicine Hai FRED DAVEDIUK, Beaverdam RAYMOND BRUCE DENNIS, Calgary DONALD JAMES DOBIE, Vic+oria, B.C. GORDON L. DONALDSON, Claresholm PETER M. DRANCHUK, Grendon ROBERT JOHN DURRANT, Edmonion ROBERT J. EAGLESHAM, Turner Valley CHARLES P. EAST, Maple Creek, SasIr. ERIC S. EICHMANN, CaIgary RICHARD BRYAN ERB, CaIgary HAROLD G. FALKENBERG, Leduc JEAN FEDOROWICH, DaysIancI ROBERT LAIRD FOSTER, CaIgary GORDON C. FOWLER, Waskaienau GLENN ALLEN FRASER, Edmonfon WILLIAM D. FREEBORN, Edmonfon DONALD M. FRIZZELL, Lacombe HENRY M. GIEGERICH, Trail, B.C. JOHN CHARLES GODEL, Afhabaslra LAURENCE LEROY HELMER, Hanna JOHN A. HERMAN, Bindloss STANLEY ALBERT HERZOG, Delia HILTON RIX, Wefaskiwin JOHN LEONARD HOLMAN, Calgary .NICK WHITFORD HUCULAK, Whiiford RALPH G. HUMPHRIES, Edmonfon LEE GORDON HURD, Har'IeII THOMAS JACKSON, Bowden BRUCE E. JACOUEST, Edmonfon DONALD ROBERT JONES, Leihbridge MIKE KIRIAK, RecIwa'I'er MILOS KUBIK, Turin NICHOLAS J. LASHUK, Edmonfon JEAN P. LEDUC, LegaI ANGUS R. LEITCH. Calgary I25 BILL LESKIW, Derwenl CLIFFORD H. LIEN, Camrose DONALD G. LINKE, Edmonfon JOHN A. LOVESETH, Edmonion N. LUDWICK, Morecambe RICHARD W. LYNNE, Calgary ALEXANDER D. MacLEOD, Ponolca DONALD A. MCCANN, Eclmonlon HOWARD M. MCCOLLISTER, Dabroy THOMAS J. McCUBBIN, Calgary FRANK D. McEACHERN, Bellevue GEORGE S. McNElL, Edmonfon GEORGE A. MCNEILL, Edmonlon JOHN T. MCMANAMEN, Camrose JOHN G. McNlVEN, Yellowknife MICHAEL S. MAGAS, Clyde ROGER J. MAGGS, Plclure Bufle E. W. L. MAINLAND, Dodds WILLIAM MASTERSON, Banlif AKIRA MASUDA, Piclure BuHe MILTON W. MATTHEWS, Eclrnonlon MURRAY S. MEERES, Olds JOHN E. MILLER, Calgary WALTER W. MINCHAU, Pa+ience DOUGLAS J. MORRISON, Edmonfon JOHN T. NEAL, Edmonlon JAMES C. NEWBY, Welaslciwin VLADYMIR OSINCHUK, Mundare WILLIAM M. PALMER, Edmonlon WILLIAM M. PALMER, Edmonlon WILLIAM M. PARKER, Waslcalenau ERASMO A. PAVAN, Bellevue MICHAEL D. PAVICH, Edson GEORGE G. PAWLIWK, Kaleland EDWARD E. PEZZOT, FI. Saslcalclnewan HAROLD F. PINKNEY, Blairmore THEODORE D. PRICE, Edmonlon ALEXANDER F. PSIKLA, Blairmore PAUL A. PUHACH, Allnabasca ROY H. REYNOLDS, Calgary LEONARD D. RICE, Clareslnolm STEWART A. RICHMOND, Vancouver WILLIAM R. RILEY, Leflwbridge JOHN J. RING, 'Olcofolcs HILTON RIX, Welasklwin JAMES A. RUTHERFORD, Edmonlon HARRY SANDULAK, Bellevue STEPHEN CHEMERENSKI, High Pralrle CHARLES SHAUL, Edmonlon THOMAS H. SHIPKA, Luscar KENNETH J. SHORT, Coleman A. GORDON SILLS, Bashaw DALE M. SIMMONS, Calqary GEORGE SKAOREYKO, Edmonlon JOHN W. SLUPSKY, Edmonlon ms: r.-cus.-a ul dev- . -- IZ6 WALTER SOLODZUK, Two Hills ROBERT D. STEED, CarcIs'Ion JAMES W. STREETER, Edmon'ron RONALD L. TAYLOR, Red Deer RUDOLPH R. TIPMAN, Sfeffler ANDY TOMA, Willingdon ALLAN V. T-OMASHAVOKY, Chipman EDWARD R. WACHOWICH, Edmonion JAMES R. WALLACE, Edmonion EDWARD J. WALSHE, Trochu WALTER M. WARITSKY, Mounfain Park WILLIAM WELK, Tomahawlc BEVERLY J. WENSLEY, Eclmonfon JOHN H. WESTLAKE, Calgary PETER G. WILLSON, Calgary BRUNO WISKEL, Boyle WALTER L. WOODWARD, Tompkins SHOZO YASUI, Cranford WALTER S. ZARUBY, Vegreville MIKE ZAYADI.K, Norma TERRENCE W. ADAMSON, Edmonfon ROBERT JOHN ARNOLD, Calgary JOHN BASARABA, Smoky Lake EDWIN BELSHEIM, Lea Park DONALD ROY BENTLEY, Afhalaasca GORDON BOWMAN, FI. Erie, Onr. EDWIN HARRY BRADLEY, EcImon+on GLENN HANLEY BRANT, Edmonfon MAURICE M. BRIGHT, Assiniboia, Sask. HAROLD FERCY CAMERON, Edmonfon JOHN B. CAMERON, Banff WILLIAM CAMERON, Eclmonfon M. E. CARLSON, Edmonfon M. L. CHORNOPYSKY, High Prairie ALFRED R. COAD, YoungsIown HUGH ALBERT COFFIN, EcImon+on NORMAN C. COOKE, Comox, V.I., B.C. PAT M. DEA, Eclmonfon WILLIAM J. De COURSEY, Rimbey CLARENCE DEINES, Edmonion ALBERT H. DORIN, Holden DREST DRAGANIUK, Two Hills IAN W. DUNCAN, Edmonfon LOU SIDNEY EARP, Calgary ALWON SIDNEY ENGMAN, Turin FRED L. FENWICK, Calgary TERRANCE P. FITZGERALD, Edmonfon EDWARD M. FOO, Edmon+on PATRICK E. FULLER, Banff GEORGE GAUTHIER, Edmonfon GORDON WM. GLAHOLT, Edmonton FRANK S. GUE, Edmonfon CURTIS B. HANSFORD, Edmonfon THOMAS S. W. HARVEY, Edmonfon IZ7 ERIC CHRISTIAN HERBERT, Edmonlon ALBERT HRAPKO, Edmonion MAYNARD E. HUNTER, Edmon+on DOUGLAS A. JONES, Regina, Saslc. ANTHONY V. KALLAL, Tofield JAMES STEWART KENNEDY, Calgary MICHAEL KINASH, Luscar PETER KLIMCHUK, Edson CIEL LATTMAN, Calgary CHARLES E. LAVERTY, High River KENT D. LEAVITT, Bremner HARRY GEORGE LIKUSKI, Edmonlon GEORGE HENRY LUCK, Edmonion ARNOLD E. MacQUARRIE, Edmon+on J. HAROLD McCLELLAND, Islay R. DAN MCCALL, Lelhbridge JAMES EDWARD McKELLAR, HESICBII1 JAMES D. MATHESON, Edmonion HARRY MERONEK, Lacorey JOHN BERNARD MICHELL, Edmon+on LAURENCE R. MISKEW, Mundare ALFRED G. MORRISON, Calgary PETER NAHAISWSKI, TI'norI'1iId LEONARD RICHARD NEWBY, Calgary NORMAN ORR, Calgary HARRY E. PALMER, Calgary J. H. PARKER, Didsbury GEORGE ALLAN PETERSON, Calgary EDWARD L. PHILLIPS, Calgary RUSSELL GEORGE POWELL, Calgary WILLIAM Mn-:CORMICK REA, Edmonlon HORACE F. REYNOLDS, Edmonlon J. C. RICHARDSON, Sfrasbourg, Saslc. B. C. ROBINSON, Edmonron K. R. RONAGHAN, Turner Valley BENNY H. ROSENBAUM, Calgary PETER C. ROXBURGH, Calgary GUY WALTER ROY, Le+I1I3ridge KEITH ALLAN RUTT, Edmonfon DANIEL SAWATSKY, Rosemary J. L. SCHLOSSER, Indian Head, Saslc. MARTIN SINAL, Cadomin WILLIAM SLEMKO, Coaldale BRIAN WILLIAM SMITH, Le+I'1bridge GRANT L. SPACKMAN, Raymond PHILIP STRASHOK, S+. Michael HERBERT ALLAN STRUM, Edmonron HENRY TERLECKI, Hillcresr E. GRANT THOMPSON, Edmonion ROBERT WILLIAM TIPPER, Byemoor WILLIAM E. J. TOLLER, Edmonion R. TROTTIER, Edmonfon GEORGE A. M. WARNE, Edmonlon KENNETH ROY WELSH, Calgary I28 EDWARD L. ALEXANDER. Edmonfon D.AVlD MOYES ALLAN, Eclmonlon WALTER L. ALLEN, Pine Lake FELIX W. APPELT, Edmonlon M. V. APPELT, Edmonfon EDWARD JOHN ARNOLD, Nanfon DONALD FORBES BAKER, Edmonlon MATHIEU Baldwin, Braclwell, Saslr. BURNETT G. BARTLET, Edmonfon HENRY L. BERTRAND, Edmonfon WILLIAM E. BLAKELY, Bofha ARNOLD S. BOETTCHER, Edmonion D. S. BORWICK, Drumheller JAMES E. BOUCHER, Edmonion H. A. BOWMAN, High River H. J. BREDIN, Sunny Brook C. A. BUCKHOLZ, Redcliff N. W. BUNN, Edmonfon J. D. BURNS, Calgary LAWRENCE H. BUSH, Red Deer J. L. CARVETH, Grande Prairie JOHN CHAPA, Boyle F. W. CHAPMAN, Calgary G. P. CHlNN, Vicioria, B.C. D. A. CLARKE, Calgary H. C. COLWELL, Tugaslre, Saslr. H. D. CONNOR, Chinook N. W. COULSON, Edmonfon J. J. COWLEY, Green Couri' W. E. CURTISS, Edmonfon F. H. DACK, Calgary E. M. DAWSON, Champion D. D. DINGLE, Calgary V. DUBY, Edmon+on D. G. ELFNER, Edmonfon R. E. ELLESTAD, Red Deer G. J. EVANS, Edmonfon DONALD FARRUGIA, Edmon+on G. S. FINLEY, Cranbrook, B.C. W. E. GILLESPIE, Edmonfon l. B. GILLMORE, Picardville R. B. GODWIN, Calgary M. L. GOLDENBERG, Cairo, Egypf H. T. GREAVES, Evansburg LEONARD GRIFFITH, Edmonfon G. A. HADLINGTON, Lefhbridge D. W. HARVEY, Barrhead E. L. HARWOOD, Edmonion E. P. HEDIGER, Edmonfon H. L. HOGGE, Olroiolrs JAMES F. HOLE, Edmonfon E. F. HOLMGREN, Edmonlon A. W. HOLROYD, Twin BuHe JACK E. IRVLNG, High River C. WESLEY JOHNSTON, Helmsdqje DONALD W. E. KENNEY, Redland EARLE J. KLOHN, Edmonfon JOHN C. J. KOCH, Medicine Hai ROMANUS KONCOHRADA, Fawceff A. KOWALCHUK, A+habagca KUNIGISKIS, Thorhild MARSHALL KUTYN, Edson JOHN W. KING, Edmonion GERALD S. LANGMAN, Edmonfon VERNON LARSON, Calgary JAMES G. LEITCH, Edmonion WILLIAM D. LEWICKY, Spedden E. T. LINNEY, Edmonion WARD R. LYMBURNER, Camrose GEORGE H. McDADE, HiIIcresI' JOHN MCDONALD, Edmonion GREGOR D. McGIBBON, CaIgary KNUD MADSEN, Edmonfon GEORGE C. MARCHE, Lockpori, Man MORRIS H. MAYER, Edmonfon ARTHUR C. MECKLING, Edmonfon BERNARD L. MOREAU, Bonnyville HAROLD L. MORRISON, Edmonjqn FRED H. MOSS, Eclmonfon ARTHUR J. NEELSEN, Edmonion ALLEN G. NOREM, Edmon+on GEORGE OLSON, Ecimonfon M. J. OZUBKO, Edmonfon NORMAN A. PARRY, Red Deer DONALD A. PETERSON, Edmonfon ALLAN R. POTTER, Vermilion JAMES F. PROBERT, AIcurve R. LEON RASKIN, EcIm0nI'on E. R. REINELT, Tom's Lake, B.C. CHARLES L. RISPLER, Hinfon WILLIAM H. ROLSTON, Edmonfon LLOYD J. SCHULTE, KiIIam WILLIAM SIDJAK, FIee+ LLOYD E. F. S,NOW, Ami5I1 R. E. SQUIRE, EcImonI'on GEORGE STEFANICK, Lefilbridge ALLAN A. STODALKA, Edmonfon WILLIAM E. TURNER, Medicine Hai ROBERT W. UNDERHILL, Calgary MICHAEL F. WAKAL, Edmonion GEORGE C. WALKER, Edmonfon WILLIAM WANAT, Edmonfon WILLIE J. WHITE, Edmonion R. H. WILDE, Welling FREDERICH L. WILKIN, Calgary DONALD M. WILLIAMS, Winnifred T. M. WILSON, Ghosf Pine Creek LLOYD YAKIMOWICH, Edmonion NASYUKI YOSHIDA, Vernon, B.C. I3O .S.S.. Perhaps The days oT unsupervised Pembina Tours are over, buT as in pasT years, The Engineers showed The Tire and zeal associaTed wiTh Them and Their socieTy. The TirsT big evenT Tor The campus slip-sTick arTisTs was The smoker held in The Masonic Temple. Dean Hardy presenTed The main address oT The evening. Regular meeTings rolled around oTTen and such prominenT engineers as Dean Finlayson lPresidenT oT E.l.C.l and ProTessor L. E. Gads addressed The members on various Topics. An ouTsTanding lecTure on The "ConTrol OT ATlanTic No. 3", arranged-by lmperial Oil, was especially noTeworThy. As in pasT years, Engineers dominaTed The campus inTermural sporTs scene, placing TirsT in soccer and hockey and narrowly missing Top berTh on The baskeTball courT. The Webb Memorial ConTesT lsponsored yearly by The SocieTyT, aTTracTed The excellenT Technical papers OT Eugene Cook, mining senior who won TirsT prize, and Ches Peel, civil senior who came second. Through This compeTiTion The SocieTy gives iTs members opporTuniTy To exercise skills in wriTing and public speaking, and honors The memory oT The laTe Professor Webb. Along The social line, The socieTy sponsored a Pre-Cram Session beTore ChrisTmas, a dance which aTTracTed members oT all TaculTies. The big evenT oT an Engineer's year is, oT course, The Ball. The bevy oT beauTies which vied Tor The TiTle oT Queen were presenTed To The members of The SocieTy aT a special meeTing. AT The Ball, charming Miss STella Hanna was crowned by PresidenT Don Dick. Six hundred couples waTched The pageanT aT The colorfully decoraTed VarsiTy Gymnasium. The acTiviTies oT The SocieTy wound up wiTh iTs annual conTerence, held This year in The Masonic Temple. OuTsTanding conTribuTors To engineering liTe on The campus were Ralph McManus, Don Dick, BranT Kirby, Bob Rosser, George Davis and Jim Hume, who were awarded handsome silver sTeins l3l l W. SCOTT HAMILTON. L.D.S., D.D,S. Dean oT DenTisTry Because oT recenT developmenTs in This province The chosen Theme Tor This year-boolc is indeed appropriaTe. We in Canada, and parTicularly in AlberTa, are privileged To live noT only in a land oT plenTy, buT in a place where one may, wiThin The bounds oT decency, Thinlc, acT and speak as he desires: a land where There are no slave camps. As we Thinlc oT our resources leT us noT consider only The physical developmenTs which have recenTly appeared beTore our eyes, as does The mushroom over nighT. Through millions oT years naTure has placed wiThin The earTh beneaTh us, greaT deposiTs oT coal, gas, oil, and a TerTil'e soil. Their proper applicaTion To our physical needs combined wiTh an appreciaTion OT moral values will malce OT us a greaT people. Their exploiTaTion and sehfishness on our parT will lead To chaos, immoraliTy and ulTi- maTe desTrucTion, as was The experience oT greaT civilizaTions oT The pasT. ln The Tinal analysis our greaTesT resource is our people. LeT us ThereTore concenTraTe on develop- ing wiThin our sTudenTs, ThaT concepT oT, and appreciaTion Tor The Tiner Things oT our physical and spiriTual exisTence which consTiTuTe a greaT naTion. I32 DOUGLAS NALDER ALLEN, Raymond Senior Baslce+ball 44-45, 46-47, Junior Baskel-ball 44-45, L.D.S. Club, D.U.S. Exec. 45-46, D.U.S. Sporls Rep. 45-48, COTC 44-45 DOUGLAS ALBERT ANDERSON. Ocean Falls, B.C. WALTER BATIUK, Edmon+on D.U.S. 45-49 MURRAY SIMPSON BOYCE, Neudorf, Saslr. Sfudenis' Council 48-49, D.U.S., COTC 46-48 GAN YAT CHANG, B.A., B.S.A., Vancouver, B.C. D.U.S. 45-49 CECIL MacMILLAN COMPTON, Caloary HENRY DEERING, Leader, Saslr. COTC 44-46, D.U.S. 45-49 LORIN FRANCIS HARRISON, Jasper COTC 44-46, D.U.S. 44-49, Curling 45-46, Tennis 44-49 HARLEY JOHN LARGE, Yorldon, Saslr. Mixed Chorus 44-45, U.N.T.D. 44-46, D.U.S. 44-49, Swimming Club 45-49, Symphony 46-49 CHALMERS TAYLOR MCNICHOL, Hinh River D.U.S. 45-49, Badminlon 44-49, Swimming 48 PETER POOHKAY, Edmonion Philharmonic Socie+y 40-4l, Varsiiy Drama 40-4l, Mixed Chorus 45-46, D.U.S. 45-49, CURMA 45-49 LEON ARKLE RICHARDSON, Edmonlon Camera Club, COTC 47-48, R.C.D.C. 48-49 JOHN BURDETT ROSEBOROUGH, Por+ Alberni, B.C. D.U.S. 45-49, Curling 48-49 ROYAL CLEVELAND SILLS, Landis, Saslx. COTC 45-48, D.U.S. 45-49 LAWRENCE SOLOWAY, Winnipeg, Man. D.U.S. GEORGE EDWARD WINDSOR, Kamsack, Saslc. TOM O'BRlEN WITBECK, Raymond D.U.S. 45-49, Swimming Club I33 F QENTISTRY fig? 1, xy X - iz , 5 vs ' 5 6 ' Co Q 'G' tr -4 , DENTISTR Wig? WM. J. AITKEN, Prince George, B.C. ARTHUR W. AMUNDSEN, Ciaresholm THOMAS GORDON BOOTH, Edmonfon E. C. V. BRYANT, Moose Jaw, Sask. VERNON MORLEY ERICKSON, Olds S. GORDON GELDART, EcImon+on MAXWELL E. KATES, Edmonfon W. KOBEWKA, Midlandvaie JOHN DONALD LIND, Granum ROBERT A. MITCHELL, Cranbrook, B.C. LOUIS A. MOSNIER, Vancouver, B.C. ZIGFRED ORZEL, Edmonion FREDERICK DOUGLAS READ, Provosf ANDREW C. THOMPSON, Edmonfon GORDON TRAVIS, Edmonfon M. E. CRANDALL, Ponoka T. DEMCO, Edmonion STUART FLEMING, Edmonfon C. L. GULLEKSON, Wainwrighf PAULINE C. HAVEN, Medicine Hai H. W. HELM, Edmonfon A. J. HERTZ, Mendham, SasIr. H. T. HOPKINS, Ba'HIeford, Sask. G. K. MINTY, Winnipeg, Man. F. A. MITCHELL, Edmonfon F. E. MOORE, Cranbrook, B.C. B. H. FATERSON, Calgary B. SMITH-WINDSOR, Edmonfon G. W. STREET, OIds R. M. TORRIE, Wesflocl JOHN EVERTON EBY, Ecimonfon REX EHLERT, Eclmonfon ROBERT ARCHlE,GRAY, Edmonfon JOHN R. HARMS, CI1iIIiwacIz, B.C. JACK C. LEWIS, Vancouver, B.C. JOSEPH P. LUKENCHUK, Edmonfon CAMERON T. McCUNE, Empress GEORGE D. McIVER, WoIseIey, Sask. ALBERT W. SOKLOFSKI, Medicine Hai DONALD K. STRATTON, Chilliwack. B.C. I34 l35 DEAN SCOTT Dean oT Medicine The sTudenT of medicine Today has Tallen heir To a vasT legacy oT knowledge in boTh The pre- clinical and clinical Tields. In undergraduaTe days This may noT be wholly welcomed. There may seem To be iusT so much more To be learned in preparaTion Tor The ordeal oT Tinal examinaTions. AcTually, how- ever, new accreTions oT knowledge oTTen supersede and simplify some oT The older concepTs so Thaf The acTual amounT oT Teaching in The FaculTy has noT appreciably increased over The years. Your undergraduaTe experience will, iT is hoped, sTimulaTe your inTeresT in medicine boTh as a science and an arT To The poinT of developing you noT To be merely sTudenTs of medicine, buT sTudenTs oT life. , The advances year by year boTh in medicine and iTs ancillary sciences have yielded new Thera- peuTic agenTs Tor The healing oT human ailmenTs and The prolongaTion oT life. OT greaTer significance, however, is The TacT ThaT newer discoveries make iT possible To esTablish whaT was once mere empirical observaTion as scienTiTic TruTh. May each oT you in your pursuiT oT This TruTh share someThing of The joy of one of your Tellow sTudenTs oT medicine-John KeaTs-when he said "BeauTy is TruTh, TruTh loeauTy.-ThaT is all Ye know on EarTh, and all ye need To know." I36 MARION BRENNAN, Camrose Macleod Club 44-49, Co-ed Club 44-45, Archery Club 44-45, Ouldoor Club 44-45 LAURA EDWARDS, Calgary Macleod Club 43-48 AUDREY FYSH, Moose Jaw, Saslr. Macleod Club 44-49, Della Gamma 45-49, Swimming 44-45, 48-49, Bowling 48-49, Badminlon 48-49, Archery 44-45 MARY GREER, Kerroberl, Saslx. Sec. Nurses' Sfudenls' Union 46-47, Pres. Macleod Club 47-48, Badminlon 44-45, Swimminfi 44-45, 48-49, Culdoor Club 44-45, Pi Bela Phi ELIZABETH HELLER, Beaverlodge Swimming Club 44-45, Mixed Chorus 44-45, Macleod Club 44-49, Sfudenls' Union Nurses' Rep. 47-48 DOROTHY HOLROYD, Twin Bulls Ouldoor Club, Macleod Club, lnlerfac. Baslrelball, Bpdminlon Club MARJORIE HULBERT, Calgary Treasurer Macleod Club 42-43, Secrelary Macleod Club 43-44, Secrelary Lilerary Sociefy 43-44, Macleod Club 46-49, Pi Bela Phi 42-49 ZETTA KRUKOWSKI, Thorsby EDITH LINNEY, Edmonlon Swimming Club 44-45, 48-49, Macleod Club 44-49, ln+er'Fac. Baslceiball 44-45, 48-49, Bowling 48-49 JACQUELINE MacKay, Edmonlon Wauneila Exec. 43-44, Della Della Della 44-49, Pan Hellenic Rep. 48-49, lnferfac. Baslcelball 43-48, Traclr 45, Macleod Club 43-48 THELMA MacKENZlE, S+e'Hler Macleod Club 44-49, Archery 44-45, Galeway 44-45 GRACE PETTIFOR, Maple Creek, Saslr. Swimming Club 44-45, Macleod Club 44-49 MRS. JESSIE RIGNEY, Bon Accord Macleod Club ELAINE WAGNER, Edmonfon Freshman Exec. 44-45, Badminlon Club 44-45, 45-47, Swimming Club 44-45, 48-49, Macleod Club 44-49, Della Gamma KATHLEEN WILLIS, Swifl Currenl, Saslc. Swimming Club 44-45, 48-49, Macleod Club 44-49, Della Gamma, Wauneifa Exec. 47-48, Macleod Exec. 47-48, Inlerfac. Baslcelball 44-45 EVELYN WILSON. Olco-lolxs Universily Mixed Chorus 44-45, 48-49, Canferbury Club 44-49, Macleod Club 44-49 I37 , MRS. VELMA E. BRAND, Moose Jaw Saslc DOROTHY HARBRIDGE. Banff Archery Club 48-49 MARJORIE REDMOND, Moose Jaw JOAN SWEATMAN, Vermilion MARY ANDERSON, Edmonlon Macleod Club SERAH FERGESON, Calgary MARGARET MARLATT, Edmonfon OLIVE MITCHELL, Biggar, Saslr. Macleod Club 45-49 DOREEN ROBINSON, Lelhbridce Macleod Club 45-49, Ouldoor Club 45 46 CARMEN WILSON, lnnisfail Sec. Macleod Club 46-47, Badmlnlon 45 48 Swimming Club 45-46, Oulcloor Club 45-46 KATHLEEN BLACK, Edmonlon MARGARET EXHAM, Edmonlon Universi+y Mixed Chorus 45-46 Canlerbury Club Macleod Club 45-49 ISOBEL FRIZELL, Lacombe Macleod Club 46-49, Della Gamma Fralernrly MURIEL GIBSON, Delia Macleod Club 45-49, Canferbury Club 45 48 Canier bury Club Exec. 48-49, Nurses Choir 46 47 SHEILA GWARTNEY, Grande Prairie Macleod Club 45-49, Curling Club 45 46 Ouldoor Club 48-49, Wauneifa .Nurses' Rep 48 49 TILLIE H-OLOWAYCHUK, Chipman Macleod Club 46-49, Archery H ELEN JAM ES, Ponolca Macleod Club, Pi Bela Phi Fralernrly CATH ERI N E KETTYLS, Edmon+on Macleod Club 45-49, Ouldoor Club 48 49 I38 MERCEDES McKAY, Biggar, Sask MARJORAIE JUNE McTAGGART Edmonlon Macleod Club, Swimming Tennis XQ1-f EDITH PLOWMAN, Bassa no Class Rep. 48-49, Macleod Club 45 49 LOUISE JEAN REDMOND, Edgerfon Nurses' Choir 47-48, Macleod Club Cercle Francais 45-46 JAN ET SCOTT, Blackie Macleod Club 46-49, S.C.M SONIA SHEPTYCKI, Edmonion DOROTHY SOMMERVILLE, Edmonion Macleod Club 45-49, Nyrses Chorus 45 47 Track 45-46, Pi Bela Phi Fraiernify FRANCES WADDELL, Vancouver BC MARGARET BARRON, Erskine MARGARET BLAKELY, Bo'fI1a MARY BOULTER, Kerroberf, Sask Track 47-48, Badminlon 47 48 Tennis 46 48 Baskelball 46-48, 'Ouldoor Club 47-48 NOLA CAHOON, Cardsfon Vice-Pres. Macleod Club 47 48 Badmlnfon 46 47 Baskefball 47-48, Tennis GERALDINE CAMPBELL, Vedder Crossing BC MARGUERITE CHOATE, Red Deer DORIS CONNICK, Carmichael, Sask Macleod Club 46-49 JEANNETTE DOULL, Marwayne SHIRLEY FROOME, Spiril' River VIVIAN HARDING, Louulweed DOREEN HILL, Arrowwood ETHEL HORN, Shaunavon, Saslr. WINIFRED HUNTER, Edmonfon ANNA LEADER, Lacombe SYBIL MacLEOD, Coalhursf EDITH MCROBERTS, Irma Macleod Club 47-48 IRENE MARSHALL, Wesiloclr ALICE MARYKA, Thorsby CAROL PETERSON, Cardsfon JEAN RICHARDS, Cardsion IRENE RIDLEY, Morrin BEULAH ROSE, Thorhild JOSEPHINE RYPIEN, Afhabaslra Macleod Club KATHLEEN TAYLOR, Wainwrig l1+ Macleod Club ELEANOR TELFORD, Eclmonfon JEAN USHER, Scollard ELIZABETH VOLNEY, Newcasfle GRACE YATES, Royal Perl: I4-0 WILLIAM TERRANCE ARMSTRONG, Kimberley, B.C. MAMIE ELIZABETH BAILEY, Okoioks M.U.S. ggi 6 HAROLD EDWIN BELL. Taber M.U.S., Mixed Chorus 46-47 DONALD FORBES CAMERON, Edmonton CLARENCE JOSEPH CHOUINARD, Paradise Hill, Sask. Inlerfac. Hockey 47-48 DONALD REID COLTER, Edmonion M.U.S., Inierfac. Hockey 47-48 BARNEY MARTEN DLIN, Edmonfon M.U.S. 45-49 PATRICK JOHN DOYLE, Winnipeg, Man. M.U.S., Inferfac. Hockey NEIL FRASER DUNCAN, Edmonton Inferfac. Hockey 42-49, Inferfac. Rugby 42-44, Parlor Rugby 44-49, M.U.S. WILLIAM ANDRE FALK, Vancouver, B.C. E. 8: G. Direcior 46-47, Cons+i+u+ional Enforcemeni 47-48, Pres. S+. S+eve's Sfudenfs' Council 47-48, Class Rep. 47-48 MARGERY MCLEAN FRASER, Koofenay Bay, B.C. Blue Sfockinq Club, Badminfon Club, Infervarsiiy Badminfon GEORGE JAMES GIBSON, Edmonfon M.U.S., Track 45-46, McGoun Debafes 46-47, I.V.C.F. MARGARET HUNTER, Edmonion M.U.S., Blue Slocking Club, Wauneifa Exec. 44-47 ROBERT CARSS JAMIESON, Edmonfon GARFIELD KEN.N EDY, Edmonfon DAVID KLASSEN, Swalwell Swimming Club 43-46, Ouldoor Club 48-49, Musical Club WILLIAM R. N. LINDSAY, Edmonfon Archer Pres. 44, Swimming Sec. 44, Oufdoor Club 43-49, Track 45-48, I.R.C. 45-48 IPres. .and Adverfisingl Gafeway 44-48 IC.U.P. Ed., Adverlising, Business Mgs.I, Telephone Book 46-47, McGoun Debafes 47, Public Speaking Treasurer 46-47, Cercle Francais 43-45, Hisfory Club 46-49, I.S.S. 47-48 WILLIAM DOUGLAS McCAULEY, vzdofia. a.c. ERNEST EDWARD McCOY, vaaofas, s.c. LLOYD DOUGLAS McLEAN. calgary I4l LEONARD A. MAHER, Vancouver, B.C. JOHN RONALD NATTRESS, Edmonion Inferfac. Hockey 43-49, Inierfac. Rugby 43-45, Golden Bear Rugby 43-44, M.U.S. ROBERT PARADNY, Ed monion JACK GUS PECK, Coaldale M.U.S., Tumbling Club 43-46, Swimming Club 43-45. Men's House Commifiee 45-46 JOHN DENNIS RARAGOSKY, Edmonion Mixed Chorus 43-45, Sr. Rugby Team Trainer 47-48, M.U.S. HARRY SHAW, Prince Alberf, Saslr. Inferfac. Hockey 47-49, Inieriac. Baslreiball 47-49 ELI WALTER SHECTOR, Edmonton Swimming 46-47, M.U.S. 46-49 ERNEST CARL SHORTLIFFE, Edmonfon Sfudenfs' Council 47-48, Pres. M.U.S. 48-49 JOHN STANLEY SKENE, Calgary E. 8: G. 46-47, M.U.S., Siudenfs' Council 48-49 FRED NEAL SPACKMAN, Slirling CURMA, M.U.S., L.D.S. Club, Inferfac. Baslreiball 45-48, M.U.S. Secreiary 47-48 HENRY M. TOUPIN, Legal M. JAMES WESOLOWSKI, Edmon+on WILLIAM ASHTON WICKETT, Edmon+on ALLEN STEWART WRIGHT, Calgary M.U.S. 45-49 DONALD NASON ADAMSON. Ecimonion GEORGE EDGAR ALLIN, Edmonion JOHN DOUGLAS MCGREGOR ALTON. Lemon? GORDON O. BAIN, Lefhbridge SAMUEL THOMAS BOORMAN. Blairmoro I42 PETER CARMICHAEL, Edmonfon DUNCAN BARTER CODY, Cereal JOHN WILLIAM COOPER, Edmonfon PIERRE F. d'ESTRUBE, Vicforia, B.C. KENNETH ROBERT ETZKORN, Edmon+on FRANCES MARY FORREST, Calgary MICHAEL ROBERT LEWIS GIBNEY, Calgary Canferbury Club 46-49, Badmlnlon Club 46-49, M.U.S. 47-49, CURMA 46-49, Llglrl and Sound Crew 46-49, Bowling Club 48-49 MILTON ROY GILCHRIST, Edmonlon GERALD W. HANKINS, Edmonfon January Class Social Commiffee 46, Alarm 46-47, S.C.M. 46-48, lnferfac. Hockey 47-49, M.U.S. 47-49 THOMAS HARDIN, Edmon+on DONALD HAMILTON HENDERSO.N, Edmonlon DONALD R. HORTON, Victoria, B.C. January Class HELEN ISABEL HOUSTON, Three Hills JOHN WARREN IRVINE, Arras, B.C. DAVID LAWRENCE CRAWFORD JUDGE, EDWARD J. C. KRYSKOW, Edmonlon WILLIAM DONALD KYLE, Lefhbridge J. L. McKEEN, Edmonlon LIONEL E. MCLEOD, Wainwrlglil' CAREY GORDON MacRAE, Edmonlon Ed monlon . X ,siren it all IPA-f 64' if Q f 'K "ZF in? ,-Q J, X' '1'5e- IE Ml 'Aa1rv7r,v, all PA+ I Ai iii' efdbahe ' L F 5.4. 1 I 'v- -. 32 il' if-V ,QQD if vel -...ff Q' 1:- DONALD M. MILLER, Lloydmins-Ier GEORGE A. MILLER, Edmonfon KENELM CYRUS MILLER, Elk Poinf GEORGE DEMPSTER MOLNAR, Edmonion House Commiflee 46-47, Discipline and Enforcemenf Commillee 47-48, Psychology Club Exec. 47-48, Hisfory Club Pres. 48-49, M.U.S., CURMA ANG-US EDWARD MORRISON, Edmonfon WALTER J. MUDRY, Calgary VINCENT JOHN MURPHY, Calgary LESLIE LAMONTE PALMER, Eclmonfon J. PAWLOWSKI, Edmonion GORDON BARRY PIERCE, Cloverdale, B.C. M.U.S. Exec. 47-48, Sf. S+eve's Pres. Lil. 47-48, Pres. S+. S+eve's Sfuclenls' Union 48-49 JOHN ALFRED REYNAR, Foremosf RICHARD DENNISON SCRAGG, Eclmonion GORDON HARRY SHEPHERD, Calgary BRIAN JESSUP SPROULE, Edmonlcn RAYMOND FLOYD STANLEY, Eclmonfon JAMES ERNEST TAYLOR, A+habasIra DONALD A. WEBB, Calgary GEORGE DONALD WHITMORE, DrumI1eIIer NORMAN JAMES WIGHT, Edmonfon DONALD BROADRIBB WILSON, Grande Prairie I44 PHILIP BERNSTEIN, Edmon-Ion In+erfac. BasIze+baII 47-49, Pharm, Club. 47-48 CARMAN ARTHUR BLISS, Calgary Pharm. Club 46-49 VYALTER LEWIS BODDY, Thorsby Infervarslfy Track 46, Inferfac. Hoclrey 46, Curling Club 46-49, Pharm. Club 46-49 TEDDY E. BREWERTON, Raymond Senior BasIce+baII 46-47, Sec. L.D.S. Club 46-47, Pres. L.D.S. Club 48-49, Pharm. Club Execufive 48-49 DOUGLAS RHAD BROWN, Edmonion O. GORDON B. BUCHWALD, Eclmonibn Pharm. Club Execufive 48-49 HENRY CHRISTOPHER CHALMERS, Eclmonfon Pharm. Club, Curling Club LES CHATTEN, M.Sc., Edmonion AUDREY D. CULLER, Wrenfham Pharm. Club 46-49 ROBERT LAVERN DOBSON, Edmonlon GEORGE I. DRUMMOND, New Norway Pharm. Club, Curling Club 48-49 ALAN FRANCIS FORHAN, Ecltvllle Pharm. Club 46-49, Inferfac. Hockey 46-49 LOUIS P. GORMAN, Alhabaslia HARVEY LEWIS HOUSMAN, Edmonfon MAX LEWIS HUSBAND, Edmonfon Pharm. Club 46-49 WILLIAM ALBERT ILKIW, Derwenf Pharm. Club 46-49, Mixed Chorus 46-4B bn ' is E' N 1-if gg x GEORGE ARTHUR JOHNSON, Elk Poinf Pres. Pharm. Club 48-49 MICHAEL KONDRIO, Radway Pharm. Club SAMUEL ALEXANDER LOGAN, EcImonI'on Pharm. Club 46-49 JOHN TERRANCE MCLAUGHLIN, Edmonlon Pharm. Club 46-49 MARJORIE RUTH OLIVER, Lavoy Pharm. Club 46-49, Curling Club 48-49 ROBERT E. PANKHURST, Le'IhbrICIge Inferfac. Hockey 48-49, Pharm. Club 46-49 ARTHUR KINGSLEY PETERSON, Irma Pharm. Club SAMUEL ROBERT ROGERS, Edmonion Pharm. Club, Inferfac. Hockey 47-48 BENJAMIN HAROLD STEPHENSON, Calgary Pharm. Club 46-49 MARGARET MAXINE STOCK, Wefasklwin Pharm. Club 46-49, Curling Club 48-49 OSSIE C. STUBBS, Hanna Pharm. Club 46-49 JOHN ROBERT TACIUK, EcImon+on Pharm. Club 46-49, Ar+s and Science Club 46 49 Oufdoor Club 48-49 FREDERICK WILSON TEARE, Lacombe Inferfac. Baske+baII 47-48, Pharm. Club B. HARPER THORNTON, Calgary Pharm. Club 48-49, Radio Club 48-49 ALFRED JAMES THORSLEY, Edmonlon Pharm. Club 46-49, Curling Club 48-49 JOSEPH M. TUCKER, Calgary Pharm. Club 46-49 ROBERT RYRIE WALLACE, Calgary Pharm. Club 46-49, Inferfac. Hockey 46-47 I46 MARGARET EDITH BATH, Sianclard NITA M. BEAMISH, Lloydminsier MARIE ANNA BOBER, Derweni' MARGARET C. CAMERON, Edmonion JOAN E. CAMPBELL, EcImon'ton SHIRLEY P. CHESSON, Edmonion ELIZABETH MARY CHOATE, Calgary VERA CHUMER, Edmonfon KATHLEEN CRYDERMAN, Biggar, Sask. NORAH DAY, Edmonfon VELMA A. FOGELBERG, Biggar, Saslr. DOROTHY VERN GASPER, Hanna JOAN E. GILMOUR, Carsiairs DIANE RUTH GITTINS, Edmcnion MILDRED HANBIDGE, Kerroberf, Sask. ADA G. HOLGATE, TI'1orI'1iIcI MARGERY D. HOLROYD, Warner MARY ELLEN LINGAS, Edmonion BARBARA ANN LIPSEY, Edmonfon JANET L. McDOUGALL, Ecimonfon KATHLEEN M. MacDONALD, Edmonion L-ORNA J. E. MacGILLIVRAY, Provosi' SHIRLEY B. MacLACHLAN, Edmonfon ELAINE MARY MCLEAN, Coleman NORA JEAN McMURRAY, Sfrafhmore ANNE MILLICAN, Calgary RUTH WILSON MOORE, Olds SHEILA SMITH, Easi' Coulee SHIRLEY M. STINSON, Tofield EDITH FRANCES THOMPSON, Camrose JOAN SHIRLEY TIMMINS, Caigary MARY MACRAE TOCHER, Edmonfon GRACE K. WOTHERSPOON, Edmonion LOIS A. BADGLEY, Ponoica EDNA FLORENCE DRAKE, Calgary DOROTHY GRIFFITHS, Kalispell, Mont LOIS HANNA, Caigary MARION MacKAY, Fairview KATHLEEN M. MCKNIGHT, calgary MARGARET MacLAREN, Sedgewick JEAN B. NICHOLS, Black Diamond JOYCE AUDREY PASSMORE, Edmonfon DORIS M. ROPER, Rimbey MARGARET SMITH, Wefaskiwin JEAN WILSON, Didsbury JEAN BIBBY, Edmonfon CATHERINE J. BIRD, Cuf Knife, Sask. CHARLOTTE BOTHERAS, CIaresI1oIm EVANGELINE BOYARCHUK, Edmonfon JOAN GUMMESON, Edmonfon STELLA HANNA, Edmonfon MAVIS HARDING, Corona+ion MELVIE JOHNSON, Donalda MARG. KOWALISHIN, Gorliiz, Sasir. SHEILA McDONALD, EcImon+on DORIS MCGINITIE, Tofieid VIOLA OVIATT, CIaresI'loIm DOROTHY ROSS, LIoydmins'rer I4-7 "HCL" ff-Q42 E 4? 'ar rr . L ""'vN 141- I A ,. Mg,-. 1, . ELLEN SCOTT, Blackie VIVIAN R. SILLS, Landis, Saslr. ELSIE A. SKIRROW, Edmonfon KATHY STRILCHUK, Round Hill LOIS A. STROUD, High River JEAN TOUTANT, Hines Creek MABLE UNDERDAHL, Manyberries JACOBA VAN DELLEN, Granum JOYCE WEASTELL, Edmonfon RAMONA ZELENKA, Taber VIOLET ZWICK, Edmonion PEGGY CHAMBERS, Calgary EILEEN M. CREASEY, Trail, B.C. MARY EMILIE FOLLETT, Calgary LORRAINE V. GILLIES, Picfure BuHe GLORIA IRVING, Edmonlon MARION KULAK, Edmonlon JEAN EILEEN LEWIS, CIaresI'1oIm DAPHNE A. MacARTHUR, Red Deer MARGUERITE I. McKAY, Edmonfon M. PATRICIA MCMILLAN, Edmonion LAURA JEAN MILNE, Calgary YVONNE MOGEN, Edmonfon JEAN SAWDON, TI1ree Hills MARGARET C. SPROULE, Edmonfon NORAH J. WHITE, Veqreville LENORE WRIGHT, Beiselter GWENDOLYN A. BAILEY, Buffalo Lalte MARGUERITE BURNFIELD, Ardrossan MARY A. DURMIN. Brandon, Man. AVIS MAE FAIR, Paradise Valley VIOLA M. FAUTLEY, High River GILDA GOBLE, Calgary BARBARA HANSFORD, Edmonlon MARGARET E. HINMAN, Turney Valley NATALIA PORAYKO, Veqreville AILEEN ROBINSON, Edmonion EVA SAWKA, Thorhild VICTORIA J. SHANDRO, Willingdon MARGARET VICKERY, Mazeppa BARBARA WAKELYN, Banff RITA WOODROW, Lacombe ELVA CLEMENTS, Ponolra NANCY DALMAN, Calgary FERN KENNEDY, Ensign IRENE JANET ANTONENKO, Coleman SONJA DELORES BORSTEL, Edmonfon JEAN AFTON FAWCETT, Lacombe AVIS MARY GALLAGHER, Edmon+on JEAN AGNES GIBSON, Edmon+on MARJORIE J. HAMMETT, Edmonion BETSY CASSELS HUNTER. Edmcnion AUDREY LINDA INNES, Sedgewick ELSIE ,NANCY MAKUCH, Calgary LILLIAN BERTHA MILLER, Olds I48 HELEN PANKOW, Whilelaw MAXINE AVIS PERRY, Edmonlon LORAINE PETERSON, Camrose OLGA OLIVIA PRESNICK, Edmonfon ANNE MAE R-OUTLEDGE, Lougheed CAROLINE R. SANDILANDS, Olds JOAN NOREEN SELLER, Edmonfon ISOBEL CLAIRE WANAMAKER, Jasper SHIRLEY A. WEBSTER, Cranbrook, B.C. MAUREEN WOLFE, Vulcan DOUGLAS MORRIS ASP, Kingman JACK LAWRENCE BARLASS, Bellevue ARCHEL JACK BERNARDE, Edmonlon RALPH MANLY CABLE, Edmonfon JAMES EDWIN CRAWFORD, Calgary RONDA MARK DAHL, Raymond RAY GEORGE DAVIS, Sedgewick VERNON L. DENNIS, Meering Creek J. DERDICK, Edmonlon HAROLD H. ENGLAND, Red Deer EDWARD G. EVANS, Edmonion ALFRED GORDON GIBSON, Oyen CLINTON BRUCE HATFIELD, Calgary RICHARD MacDONALD, Edmonlon ALVIN H. McKENZlE, Leflwbridge LAWRENCE L. MALLETT, Edmonlon JOHN TOWNSLEY MASON, Edmon-lon MELVIN MILLER, Barons KENNETH W. MURRAY, Edmonlon WALLACE E. MYDLAND, High River HAROLD W. PAYNE, Edmonlon RICHARD W. SHERBANIUK, Vegreville THEODOR K. SHNITKA, Edmonlon ARTHUR E. SOVEREIGN, Peace River SAMUEL LLOYD STEEVES, Swalwell JOSEPH STORCER, Edmon+on GORDON D. VAIL, Edmonron ROBERT A. WATERMAN, Lindsay, Oni: WILLIAM LEONARD ESDALE, Calgary CHARLES FRASER GARDEN, Calgary F. G. GORE-HICKMAN, Lelhbridge WALTER VICTOR GORESKY, TI'1orl'1iId ISABELLA C. M. STEVENSON, Calgary METRO SURKAN, Buchanan, Sask. ALFRED JAMES ARMSTRONG, Olds JOSEPH BALKO, Holden JOHN A. BANFORD, S'le'HIer ELMER ORVILLE BERGH, Camrose JOHN FORREST BLACK, Calgary SHIRLEY C. CALKINS, Turner Valley DALE L. CHRISTIANS-ON, Edmonfon NANCY EVELYN COLLINGE, Edmonlon HERSCHEL EARLE FAWCETT, Blackie ETHEL FRIZZELL, Lacombe GRANT K. GLENN, Cardsfon I 49 BYRON HARDIN, Edmonlon THELMA W. HERBERT, Eclmonion EDGAR ARNOLD INGELSON, Calgary RICHARD N. KELDSEN, Mayerfhorpe JOHN VERNON KIRBY, Calgary HARRIET MILDRED LAW, Eclmonflon WILLIAM GEORGE LESICK, Edmonlon JOHN LETWENUK, Edmonlon HUGH MCCANN, Fawcell CHARLES W. McD-OUGALL, Lacombe GORDON ANDREW MCNAUGHTON, New Wesfminsier, B.C. HORACE M. MAWSON, Calqary MARIAN BESSIE MILLAR, Nordegg KENNETH M. MORTIMER, Calgary YVON,NE AILEEN M'OSLEY, Calgary KENNETH ROY NEWOOMBE, Calgary MARGARET NOWELL, Eclmonlon THEODORE W. PARADIS, FI. Saslr. MALCOLM PODERSKY, Eclmonion EDWARD ALBERT POWELL, Calgary CLAYTON H. RICHARDSON, Twinine KENNETH A. ROLLASON, Calgary MYROSS SAMYCIA, Raclway LAURIER A. M. SCOLLON, High River HERBERT MORSE SNYDER, Eclmonfon OLAF EDWIN SORENSON, Edmonlon DENNIS N. STRILCHUK, Rouncl Hill DONALD C. SUTHERLAND, Aflwabasca ALVIN R. BACKSTROM, Edmonlon MARY JOHANNA CHEMERYS, Bellis EDYTHE ELAINE CODE, Eclmonlon DRUMMOND COTTERILL, Easi Coulee MARY I. DONALD, Edmonfon JOHN JUDSON FLEMING, Edmonlon SAMUEL HARDIN, Edmonfon G. A. HENKER, Calgary GRANT W. HINMAN, Cardsfon ROBERT JAMES HITCHNER, Calgary JACK E. HUMPHREYS, Picfure BuHe KEITH M. HUMPHREYS, Picfure BuHe LORNA MAE KENNEDY, Edmonfon JOHN LOUIS LACH, Blairmore GEORGIE E. MACNAB, Vermilion VICTOR BRUCE MILLER, Leihbridge GEORGE HARRY MU.NROE, Leflwbridge HUGH FRANK OLSON. Edmonfon NEVILLE WILLIAM PARRY, EcImon'ron JOHN PAYNE, Eclmonlon CALVIN ARTHUR REBER, Calgary CECIL GRANT SCHULTZ, Calgary NORMA M. SPEDDING, Macleod OLGA VENAASEN, Ve+eran MARY N. WACHOWICH, Edmonron FRANK WESOLOWSKI, Eclmon+on JAMES ARTHUR WYLIE, Edmonion l50 PH RM CY CLUB CLU B EXECUTIVE- Back Row: Fr Vic Miller Jim Wylie George Horelalc oni' Row: Doug Brown Mary Donald George Johnson Lorna Kennedy Gordon Buchwald New Pharmacy S+ore L A+ work in 'the new lab W. F. BOWKER, B.A., LL.B.. Dean of Law During his years af fhe Universify fhe law sfudenf learns fhe value of fhe lawyer's fhree Rs- "readin' and readin' and readin'." l-le has been faughf fo "look up law"g fo inferpref sfafufes and documenfsg fo express himself in wrifing and in speech. If is an old saying fhaf he could make a good argumenf before fhe highesf Courf and yef fhaf he does nof know how fo handle a 'rrivial case in fhe police courf. The answer is fhaf a law school is nof infencled fo produce a finished lawyer. The pracfical "know how" can only be learned by experience gained in an office. l-lowever, fhe Universify can give him an appefife for learning. and a sense of responsibilify. If he lacks fhese, fhe widesf knowledge of fhe rules of law will nof make him a good lawyer. I-le may enfer pracfice in a large cify, a small fown, or may ioin a large corporafion or enfer governmenf service. Wherever his career fakes him, he is a member of an honoured profession-fhe profession fhaf has made Brifish iusfice respecfed everywhere. I-le will remember fhaf he is responsible for fhe preservafion of fhaf iusfice in fhe communify where he lives: fhaf, he is qualified by fraining fo help shape and apply fhe law 'ro fif fhe needs of sociefy and fhaf he is under obligafion fo use his falenfs in fhe public inferesf. I52 JOHN McDONELL BALLACHEY IB.A.l, High River FRANK THOMAS BYRNE IB.A.l, Lelhbriclge Law Club 46-49, CURMA CHARLES RONALD FETHERSTON IB.A.l. Nanlon WILLIAM H. HURLBURT IB.A.l, Vegreville WILLIAM LINDSAY JAMES IB.A.I, Calgary OWEN J. JONES IB.A.l, Coleman JORRE DE SAINT JORRE, M.A. IB.A.I, Vlcforla, B.C. ROBERT M. JUDGE IB.A.I, Eclmonion CLEMENT LAGASSE IB.A.I, Edmonlon Law Club 46-49, CURMA, lnferfac Hoclxey 47-49, Inferfac Soccer 47-48 GERARD D. LAVALEE ls.A.1, Edmonfon PAUL MATlsz IB.A.l, Edmonton' S+. Josepl'1's House Commlifee 4I-42, Execu+ive College of Ed. 4I-42, Newman Club 39-42, 46-49, Law Club 46-49 JOHN OGWEN PARRY IB.A.l, Calgary Law Club 46-49, Hlsfory Club 46-49, Mock Parliameni' 46-49, Vice-Pres. of Law Club 48-49, Law Rep. Sluclenfs' Council 48-49 J. R. SMITH, IB.A.l, Calgary J. O. STARRITT IB.A.I. Nanfon PETER S. VALLANCE IB.A.l, Banff Law Club 46-49, Drama Club 46-49 DONALD HAINES BOWEN, Edmon+on JAMES CAMPBELL, Edmonlon JACK LANG CHAPMAN, Edmonion ARTHUR W. CROSSLEY, Edmonton I' Isa .u I '- ff and ' 2 Q, . I 1 4 I 2 1 A 'UAF ALZL r """if is . Q' PWA... '74 Z- ww 'X 41-X ,lk , ofN.B 4 gag, ffxf' N ew and af ' 4 Q-I, y rx 2,5 K' fl- ? E JAMES DIMOS, Edmonion D'ARCY D. DUNCAN, Edmonfcn GEORGE CHARLES FIELD, Edmonfon JAMES A. MACRAE, Edmonfon J. MAHONEY, Calgary P. MARSHALL, Edmonfon DONALD H. MEDHURST, Forernosf TEVIE MILLER, Edmon+on CECIL MOLYNEUX, Calgary C. R. S. MONTGOMERY. Ranfurly CHARLES F. NOBLE, Edmonfon JEROME REYDA, Berwyn ALWYN P. H. SCOTT, Edmonion GRANT E. STRATE, Cardsfon ROBERT A. WEEKS, Edmonfon HARRY F. WILSON, Fernie, B.C. STEPHEN HART WOOD, Raymond I54 H. P. D. ANDREASSON, Pr. Ruper+ B.C. JOHN BOYD, Calgary ROBT. E. CAMPBELL, Edmonfon ALBERT PAUL CATONIO, Blairmore TRENHOLME A. EDWARDS, Champion GREGORY RIFE FORSYTH, CaIgary HENRY FRANK GALVON, Blairmore W. J. M. HENNING, EcImon'ron JACK KENNETH HOLMES, Red Deer LORNE P. KROETCH, Sirome BRUCE EDGAR LANGRIDGE, Calgary MORRIS LYONS, Edmonion ALBERT WILLIAM LUDWIG, Rycroff ROBERT ALEXANDER LOW, Edmonfon JOHN A. MURRAY, Edmonfon PATRICK M. MAHONEY, CaIgary MICHAEL B. O'BYRNE, Edmonfon HENRY V. O'CONNOR, Calgary E. RICHMOND OLSON, Camrose JAMES DENOON PATERSON. Calgary GORDON PHIL PETERSON, Lefhbridge l55 f 1 S'l'aff.- ,gy 'Ye Y OF CZIMQUE 43,- MONA WARD MARTIE McQUAIG Nix .vga 'fp N21 ' as , K. , 'k 1 Ig IE? i ' TMS wwe' '17-1-N' 5 it i . , 1 fl gf., 4 P7 . ri t. 1 1 . P L11 1 aj . L11 2 , Fl. , if-,hi 12.5 '. 44- ,521 , rj---, 3 up--. ,. 74,-'..'.' . .- yn 5-sy Ewlfvi .e .1 E's:I.'3 , N" ,-.,.-Q 4. vig ,,,,,,. 23.5 x' Bfffif if if MASTER OF EDUCATION WARREN s. BAILEY JEAN L. DIXON DAVID T. ELLIS HAROLD T. MacNEIL LOVELL PATMORE DICK PETTIFOR MARY MABEL POWELL, Bachelor of Aris RICHARD SAMOIEL BACHELOR OF SCIENCE KENNETH STANLEY GEE BACHELOR OF ARTS BERTHA GLASS FLORA GREENHALGH JOHN KEITH JoHNsToNE MARY S. JOHNSON ROY B. LOBB GEORGE E. TRASOV BACHELOR OF EDUCATION J. A. COLLINS cs. w. HALL, Bachelor of Ar+s MARGARET E. HEYWOOD, Bachelor of science G. ILKEW FRED KURYLO ARMIN KUTZER I58 BACHELOR OF EDUCATION S. D. LeFEBVRE J. H. LAZELLE V. C. MARTIN S. A. MASTALISH, Bachelor of Aris WILLIAM SELEZINKA G. SHANDRO S. M. STEFFENSON HARRY UNIAT KATHERINE WINIARSKI A. M. WINIARSKI BACHELOR OF EDUCATIO DIPLOMA J. H. ALDRICH S. T. BOWDEN, BacI1eIor of Ar'Is W. M. BROOKS E. W. BUXTON, Bachelor of Ar'rs J. E. CHEAL A. B. CHISWELL J. A. COLLINS I1eIcr of Aris W. R. DEAN, Bac G. H. DESSON J. H. DONEY A. J. EVANS N AND SENIOR BACHELOR OF EDUCATION AND SENIOR DIPLOMA R. R. FRASER, Bachelor of Aris R. F. GAVIN H. M. GERRY H. J. HALL JAMES R. HEMPHILL MARJORIE S. HOLTSMAN E. L. INMAN EILEEN E. M. KEYTE, Bachelor of AHS J. W. KITELEY FRANK LOEWEN RALPH L. MCCALL E. S. MCGREG-OR, Bachelor of Ar'l's E. MCKENZIE L. J. McKENZIE H. N. McRAE ERIC MARSH, Bqchelor of Science PHILLIP G. MILLER CYRUS B. MOORE, Masier of Al-fs N. D. MUIR D. M. NEKOLAICHUK M. W. NICHOLS, Bachelor of Science I60 BACHELOR OF EDUCATION AND SENIOR LU ELLA NORTH EY MORRIS JAMES PAULSON STANLEY ELGIN POGUE G. SMITH F. H. SMITH JAMES SONEFF MARY J. STRATTON HARRY C. SWEET, Bachelor of Aris EDGAR T. WIGGINS C. A. YOUNG V. T. YOUNG BACHELOR OF EDUCATION IN INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND SENIOR DIPLJOMA O. WHITE SENIOR DIPLOMA DONALD R. BALDWIN GEORGE CHOPEY ALBERT E. HOHOL BENNIE L. LOMNES G. R. MEALING GUY W. POITRY R. G. ROBERTS IVA E. SMITH MARY ANN TODD 7,, is ,H ' Z QTY OF QUZIM QUE 49' S1'aFF:- JIM CAMPBELL BOB ELLIOTT PERRY GLAISTER Sm' -uv- . ,: ,ya Fu?-F - -fri ,..:. . -- ." ..' fawyf ' Ll' -f ' 1. f 4? Q, xx aiflk a Qi ffl? ' ii rr .X 4' sf 1 iii Q Hgisig giigm ,J 31" ,215 . if : I? QE? T21 Q gag ?m,-C, 3 'FFF LQ? .wbzsig 3315? ' fha' .yy-K :rev 95 5615 .-,pfajg 1-EFL: a .riffiii r 1 .7341 1212: A' 'JE-'L . Effeqilfg :sly , 5551?-Y E. Q. . Lil A F- I ' 1 x r' K: w if' QQ' 5, ,. si . ,f If ' I. ' -7 - I-.: , if-ii Zia! Qin? 'fi' "1" A ey-- .3153 ' f'a.-.- Q A Sm 1:2 ffw, ij MCL .1" bn., '23 gmfii 'iiiiifi 15-T WS . S . 2 . ?15'7Z?7 - 'il ' i EFA-fit bi .91 '47' 94 -. 5 Q 1' fy.: 15,3133 f., . 42 5: .fT'v'f,.f A . R A-eAjnVaf,kg'? sf-- V1 120.2 LVIERAHY ASSOCIATION "Romeo and JulieT, The McGowan Cup DebaTes, The lnTer Year Plays," and The splendid performances oT The Radio SocieTy are a Tew oT The highlighTs oT The year's work oT The LiTerary AssociaTion. The largesT group oT clubs on The campus, "LiT.", This year, has lived up To The repuTaTion iT has esTablished in The pasT. The Drama SocieTy, wiTh iTs colorTul producTion oT "Romeo and JulieT," began The year wiTh The high sfandard ThaT was carried on Through The lnTer Year Plays and The FesTival producTion oT "Sordid STory". Makeup again played iTs essenTial role behind The scenes. Under The capable leadership oT Mary Warren, Engineers became galIan+ dukes, and House Eccer'S became grand dames oT The I7Th C'enTury. Many pinTs oT blood were caioaled ouT oT The sTudenTs by The persisTenT eTTorTs oT The Social Service Club. The Blood Donor's Drive was one oT Their maior eTTorTs This year. GORDOTNTEACOCK- The PoliTical Science Club and The lnTernaTional RelaTions Club worked Presidenf - . . . . . . closely TogeTher This year on an ambiTious program oT bringing in speakers ThaT would inTeresT The sTudenT body as a whale. The DebaTing Club also Tried To Tind Topics ThaT would draw sTudenT inTeresT, and The DebaTes held were oT The TinesT calibre seen aT The UniversiTy Tor some years. The Public Speaking Club conTinued in iTs Tine work oT giving valuable assisTance in The Training oT TuTure oraTors. Radio on The campus carved iTs place in sTudenT liTe wiTh a series oT well planned programs ThaT were broadcasT over local sTaTions. The Rad-io SocieTy is To be congraTulaTed Tor iTs excellenT work and upon The TuTure ThaT iT has made Tor iTselT on The campus. This year's maior obiecTive was The acquisiTion oT suiTable cupboards in which To sTore our cosTumes, drapes and records. Due To The TelT need and The sTerling work of The clubs, The STudenTs' Council was persuaded To loosen The purse sTrings, and we now have a seT oT moveable cupboards which will be placed in The new STudenTs' Union Building. IT has been a grand year, varied and inTeresTing, and iT has been due To The high gualiTy oT The members, The excellenT cooperaTion given by The eighT presidenTs and Their execuTives, and The wonderTul help given by The SecreTary, PaT ScoTT, ThaT we have been able To Torge ahead. SOCIAL SER ICE During The year, The Social Service Club has pursued iTs aim oT exTending sTudenT social consciousness by holding open meeTings aT which various speakers gave Talks on a varieTy oT social problems. In January, aT a supper meeTing, each member explained his inTeresT in The Tield oT Social Work. LaTer in January, in cooperaTion wiTh The Canadian Red Cross and The STudenTs' Union, The club conducTed a campaign Tor blood donors. VisiTs were made To The SouTh Side OpTimisTs' Home and The EdmonTon Creche. TXT' The club's main expendiTures have been Towards The build- ing up oT a library which will be oT use To all inTeresTed persons in The TuTure, and The services oT The club have been placed aT The disposal oT The STudenTs' Union. T64 LIGHT AND UUND One oT The mosT unsung, and yeT one oT The mosT viTal groups on The Campus is The LighT and Sound Crew. The average sTudenT doesn'T realize ThaT l.ighT and Sound supplies The lighTing Tor pracTically all The major dances on and oTT The campus, as well as Tor mosT oT our major TuncTions. When- ever There is a microphone To be seT up, or a recording To be broadcast The LighT and Sound Crew is called. Under The leadership oT Norm Parry, The group has provided lighTing Tor such major acTiviTies as Romeo and JulieT, The lnTeryear Plays, The Workshop Plays, The Mixed Chorus, The Engineers' Ball, and many oThers. The LighT and Sound Crew is noT only called upon Tor UniversiTy TuncTions, Tor oTTen during The year a plea Tor help will come Trom some overTown organizaTion. NORMAN PARRY, DirecTor LighT and Sound AlThough small, This group has become highly eTTicienT, and iT has, and will conTinue To play a viTal parT in The STudenTs' Union. M HE-UP CLUB TO BEARD OR NOT TO BEARD JIM McDONALD HARD AT WORK I65 DR ALWYN SCOTT, Producer Romeo Julief ROMEO AN IULIET A SCENE EROM THE PLAY I66 FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE TER Y E I - I P L PRESENTATION OF AWARDS JUNIOR SENIOR I67 I TEH ATIUNAL REL TIC CLUB, sTudenTs, iT provides provocaTive Topics and sTudies Tor The sTudenT body as a whole. Someone once said ThaT whereas PoliTical Science is poliTics on a naTional scale, lnTer- naTional RelaTions is poliTics on an inTernaTional scale. This covers only in parT The acTiviTies oT The lnTernaTional RelaTions Club. Because work oT This Type TuncTions beTTer in small groups, discussion and sTudy groups were prominenT This year. The Club broughT in speakers who spoke on Topics relevanT To world aTTairs. These speakers were chosen wiTh an eye To general sTudenT inTeresT as well as being oT parTicular inTeresT To Club members. N Under likeable Charlie MacDonell, The l.R.C. worked closely wiTh The PoliTical CHARLES MMDONELLV' Science Club in bringing in speakers oT general inTeresT. AlThough hampered by a presgdenl, limiTed budgeT, The group Tound ThaT money isn'T The mosT necessary TacTor in making a club a success. Plans have already been laid Tor The acTiviTies Tor The Tollowing year, and iT everyThing works ouT, The T949-50 session should be a promising one Tor The l.R.C. POLITICAL CIE CE CLUB ATTer embarking on an ambiTious program OT public meeTings wiTh prominenT naTional and inTernaTional speakers, The PoliTical Science Club, like many oTher campus clubs, Tound iTselT caughT in The spoTlighT oT The STudenTs' Council ausTeriTy program. NOT To be denied, The P.S.C. ToughT back bravely, and while being Torced To cuT The proposed programme somewhaT, iT sTill managed To carry iT ouT To a saTisTying degree. LaTer in The year The Club looked around and Tound ThaT Two oT iTs proTeges were causing an uproar. The Social CrediT group and The Labor Progressive group were creaTing an unpleasanT odor in The Mock ParliamenT lwhich was Tormerly under The conTrol oT The PoliTical Science Clubl. BILL SINCLAIR, Presideni' - . . I . I . Q - ATTer enquiring inTo The siTuaTion, The STudenTs Council decided To dissolve The Mock ParliamenT and give more Tinancial aid and conTrol To The PoliTical Science Club, which henceTorTh would be responsible Tor non-parTisan poliTics on The campus. This arrangemenT saTisTied mosT groups, as iT was TelT ThaT This sensible arrangemenT would remedy The siTuaTion oT The Mock ParliamenT, which was growing ouT oT hand. The l949-50 session will see a new siTuaTion on The campus in which The Club will be responsible Tor all campus poliTics. I68 PUBLIC PE KI G CLUB John Mclnfyre Bob Dinsmore Arnold Blakey Percy Marshall George Zyfarik Granl Sirafe Evelyn Capsey A. W. Crossley Mr. L. C. Hawke Tevie Miller I69 TWUTICAL ASSUCI TIU The associaTion which consisTs oT Tour musical groups, The Mixed Chorus, The Symphony, The BalleT Club, and The Musical Club, is responsible Tor The maior musical acTiviTies on The campus. The I948-49 session was a "boom" year Tor music on The campus and several concerTs oT varied TalenT were given Tor The sTudenTs. The Mixed Chorus played To packed houses early in February, To seT a record aTTendance Tor such an evenT in ConvocaTion l-lall. They laTer Toured The province, giving concerTs in nine AlberTa cenTers. The Symphony chose Schumann's music as Their maior work Tor The year, which was ably presenTed under The baTon oT Dr. Gordon Clark, TeaTuring Donald PoTTer as guesT pianisT. A surprise package on The symphony program was The "Toy Symphony," by Haydn TeaTuring several proTessors playing such insTrumenTs as Toy drums, TrumpeTs, whisTles, and raTcheTs. The BalleT, unable To presenT Their usual major producTion because oT Tech- DON PHILIPS nical diTTiculTies, gave an enioyable concerT on one oT The Musical Club's evening Presldem programmes, wiTh Miss ElizabeTh Taylor as soloisT and direcTor. As well as The regular Sunday evening concerTs once a monTh, The Musical Club sponsored Two celebriTy concerTs, genial Reginald Godden, head oT The 'l-lamilTon ConservaTory oT Music, gave an excellenT piano reciTal early in November, and The well known Canadian arTisTs, Frances James, soprano, and Murray Adaskin, violinisT, appeared as guesT arTisTs in Feb- ruary. IT was excellenT programmes such as These ThaT led people To believe ThaT '48-'49 was a banner year Tor music on The campus. PHO Y URUHE THA GORDON CLARK CONDUCTS A REHEARSAL I70 MU IC CLUB This year The UniversiTy Musical Club has had iTs mosT successTul year To daTe. Membership was more Than doubled as There was a very graTiTying response noT only Trom The sTudenTs buT also Trom -f Over-Tgwn QiTiZen5, REGINALD GODDEN, GUEST ARTIST Five Sunday evening concerTs were presenTed during The year and wiTh The cooperaTion oT The Radio Divi- sion iT was possible To broadcasT Two oT Them. This year every endeavor was made To give campus arTisTs The opporTuniTy To prepare and perTorm a more concerT-Type program. The policy OT presenTing a naTionally lcnown arTisT was conTinued and due To The inTeresT shown in The TirsT concerT anoTher one was arranged laTer in The year. This year The special guesTs were Reginald Godden, Frances James, and Murray Aolaslcin. The ExecuTive is indebTed To The Honorary PresidenT, ProT. R. S. EaTon Tor his encouragemenT and assisTance and also To Miss Maimie Simpson, Dean and Mrs. R. M. Hardy, Dr. and Mrs. O. J. Wallfer, Dr. and Mrs. P. Warren Tor Their paTronage. Bill Robson, Norma and Jaclr Fowler Irene and Eleanor Bowerman l7l MIXED CHURU "The besf yef," said crifics of fhe I948-49 concerf presenfed by fhe Uni- versify Mixed Chorus fo capacify crowds in Convocafion I-Iall, January 3 I, February I and 2. Unique among Canadian choral groups, and ever popular on fhe campus, fhe Chorus has fhis year enjoyed ifs mosf successful season of ifs five-year hisfory. Limifed in size fo I4O members because of available audiforium space, 'rhe Chorus, neverfheless, affracfed more 'rhan ZOO eager sfudenfs fo early fall rehearsals. Under The direcfion of Richard S. Eafon, head of fhe Music Division of fhe Fine Arfs Deparfmenf, fhe Chorus affained near professional qualify. The fhree Edmon- fon performances were sold ouf in advance, somefhing new for Varsify perform- ances, and a fribufe fo Mr. Eafon's remarkable falenf. Addifional February performances were sponsored in Calgary by fhe Cos- RON STEPHENS Presidem mopolifan Club of fhaf cify. Early in March, a special half-hour broadcasf, origin- afing on fhe campus, feafured fhe Mixed Chorus on fhe CBC Wesfern Nefworlc. Local CBC fechnicians seem confidenf fhaf fhe Chorus will be carried on a Nafional hookup. In mid-Ocfober, Mixed Chorus members assisfed in Alumni Homecoming Weekend, and lafer in fhe year sang several numbers af fhe special Parliamenfarybanquef. The climax of fhe Chorus social calendar was fhe ioinf banquef wifh fhe Calgary Cosmopolifan Club following fhe lasf program. Earlier in fhe year Chorus members relaxed af fwo club parfies. Af fhe conclusion of exams, eighfy members of 'rhe Chorus, under fhe guiding bafon of Mr. Eafon, gave nine performances in soufhern Alberfa cenfres. Travelling in fheir fwo special Greyhound buses, fhese eighfy Chorisfers made soufhern Alberfans more Universify conscious, af fhe same fime providing fhem wifh concerfs of high musical qualify. , , fs 3 " T ON STAGE AT CONVOCATION HALL I72 X READY TO GO MORMON TEMPLE AT CARDSTON ,-v--..-q..-.7..,. www X Back ROW: BroTher Alousious, Henry Galvin, Alex MacDonald, Jim Dier FronT Row: Cecile Rousseau, Joan Morris, Louise Aboussafy N W AN CLUB l'Cor ad Cor LoguiTur" . . . "Speaking T-learT To T-learT'l. The Newman Club, The Club Tor all CaTholics on The campus, is The Club where all members are really expecTed To "speak hearT To hearT" . . . spiriTually, inTellecTually, and socially. WiTh This in mind, The Newman Club inTro- duced, wiTh a FresheTTe Tea and an inTormal dance, a series OT regular Sunday nighT socials, highlighTed by The l-lallowe'en, ChrisTmas, and ValenTine dances . . . and oT course, hay-rides, sleigh-rides, and skaTing parTies, in season, Tor The sporTs enThusiasTs. The l'SalTaTio Club," however, proved To be The brighTesT lighT in The year's acTiviTies, and Through Their demonsTraTions, The NewmaniTes really learned how To mix and have a very, very good Time. This year, in acldiTion To lecTures given by dis- Tinguished guesT speakers, The NewmaniTes presen- Ted a very inTeresTing series oT Talks on marriage. .. wiTh The lecTures prepared and presenTed by acTive members oT The club .... This year, Too, members kepT in close conTacT wiTh oTher Newman Clubs ThroughouT Canada, in The pages oT The l:ecleraTion's oTTicial newspaper, "The Canadian NewmaniTe." As well as The annual reTreaT which was given early in The year, The SpiriTual Convener arranged Tor l-loly T-lour services and general Communion Sundays. Cn The whole, general meeTings, bridge, whisT, bingo, ping-pong, lecTures, TuTorials, dancing, choir pracTice, skaTing, coTTee parTies . . .and discussion, The spice OT liTe, managed To make This a very busy and very proTiTable year Tor The Newman Club. And so, The acTiviTies were broughT To an end wiTh The pre-GraduaTion exercises and Tea in ST. Joseph's Col- ege . . . and wiTh The lasT Sunday nighT social in The Club rooms, unTil The Tall Term when once again NewmaniTes w II be saying: "Sunday nighT is Newman nighTl" VALENTINE DANCE TUBE T ' CHRI TIA MU EME T DOUG GREENHOUGH Presidenf DR. THOMPSON One oT The mosT courageous moves yeT made by The S.C.lv1. group was The sTarTing oT The T948-49 Term wiThouT a paid secreTary. The loss was considerable buT The change has broughT some gains. In The hands oT The execuTive, a Tull year's programme oT acTiviTies has been carried ouT, in some ways more comprehensive Than was originally planned. AT The beginning oT The Term Tour discussion groups were seT up in an endeavor To em- phasize Tour aspecTs oT ChrisTian living. IT is expecTed T aT This venTure will lead To greaTor Things in The years ahead. OuTsTanding among regular TuncTions were The lecTure series by Dean Trendall, and The sTudy groups under Dr. Sheldon considering The Topic, "Jesus as a Teacher." The S.C.M. supporTed and was greaTly beneTiTTed by The ChrisTian Mission conducTed on The campus by Bishop Neil. VisiTing speakers sponsored by The S.C.lv1. included Dr. James Rob- inson oT T-larlem, New Yorlc, and The inTernaTionally lcnown Dr. Chang, who was able To give a TirsT hand accounT oT condiTions in China Today. FuncTions worThy oT menTion include The regional conTerence aT Winnipeg, which Two oT our members aTTended7 The supper meeTing oT our cabineT and advisory board: The regular Tire- sidesq aTTendance aT church as a group a number oT Times during The winTerq and Two very enioy- able open house parTies. The annual bangueT and The coming spring camp lenT an air OT expecT- ancy To The close oT The spring Term. A voTe oT appreciaTion goes To our honorary presidenT, Dr. Caird, Tor his helpTul advice and words oT encouragemenT when They were mosT needed: and To The advisory board Tor Their sTeadying inTluence in Time oT crisis. U .., :xii CELIA EVANS HELEN HUSTON G. PERROTT SHIRLEY REID I75 O. II. II. NI. A. THE PROUD FATHERS MINING and GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY EVERYBODY OUT! R A D I U U C I E T Y The Radio Sociely lhis year had a membership ol well over IOO sludenls: and a much larger number spenl some exlra-curricular lime in lhe various radio aclivilies ol lhe Sociely. Programs heard weekly included lwo one-hall hour shows: Calling Home, M.C.'d by Don Welbourn and Keilh Rich, and Cale Challer, wilh Leon Raslcin and olher sludenls. Weekly lilleen-minule programs included: Campus Sporllines wilh Don Malheson, The Harp Thornlon Program, and a special series ol lalenl shows, arranged by Shirley Slinson and lealuring various sludenls on lhe M' Campus. Sunday Song, wilh Gladys Grillin-Beale and Bruce Bowen, was awarded lhe CKUA Plaque which is presenlecl annually by Radio Slalion CKUA lor lhe besl sludenl program ol lhe season: Bill Kelly and Jean Keeley also appeared on gall v is lhis program earlier in lhe year. 'On lhe spol broadcasls included lhe Freshman ' L . ' V Dance and lhe Arls and Science Mardi Gras. BETTE BOTHWELL Presidenl Work-shop aclivilies in radio announcing and scripl wriling were carried on weelcly in lhe Campus Sludio under lhe direclion ol lhe Universily Radio Service Direclor, Miss Margery Mac- Kenzie. ln lhe New Year, Elsie Parlc Gowan, lree-lance scripl wriler lor lhe CBC, devoled her lime lo a leclure series in scripl wriling, and lhrough lhe cooperalion ol Radio Slalion CFRN, lhe Radio Sociely was able lo sponsor a scripl wriling conlesl. Win- ners in lhis conlesl were: lhe Mainland sislers, lirsl prize, Sleve Sears, second prize: and Marie-Cecile Willarl, lhird prize. T11 The Execulive lhis year, who pul much ellorl and lime inlo lhe expansion and developmenl ol lhe Radio Sociely were: Honorary Presidenl, Miss Margery MacKenzie: Presidenl, Belle Bolhwellp Program Direclor and Scripl Wriling, Sleve Sears: Musical acliv- ilies, Shirley Slinsonq Announcing, Keilh Rich: Publicily, Mary Smarly Secrelary, Gladys Anderson: Business Manager, Harp Thornlong Presidenl ol "Ham", Harvey Buclcmasler. ON THE SPOT 'ON HAND AT CAF EDUCATION "WONDER BOX" I77 MEUIC L U DEHGP- DUATE UCIETY W '- 92 4-,ff ?v x.m5Ss,,x 1 , .. ,V .W ' '. k -N, . 5' f' Y 'ew Q: - " if 3 ,z 5 15141 .. l -v . - ,- . . -fwzfif V , xrzzlxruc- Av Si:-'YS I, ... -ml V1 ? -X.. V x , so H fwriiy' -b ' M 'N ' 5 I :..,3:,f:,5i,, nngi Alnvxn ' ' X no Q, .... Q A A ,, .... .- ' . .,'Q ' Fflllfffi-T . .- ,A--I-"'f Sl X I l 1 ff.: 5 mr , , -J My F . ,s J . ill' ull Iii H 3-N Q , 1 X ,Q 1 ...uw- 1 f "A J Q , - ,, Bw Q mn . ,Q Q 4 , 'l uns! Am Kll X mu 9 i .. .- ... ..-.. f' . -, gak Q 5 Id In t Q . ,,.M,....' . U t Q ,,, - ' - .. V Q W' 'T Q- ,,,.. . ' , ' fx' '--:ig-.a ,N . fi. : -,Q X ,,,,..m"Af"W' my ' r , . Q tw . ., - "5 ' . .W IS fix i K . , W M- x -it g 1?-up? P, .Q .A ..L4a,gfv.,, f , " , , 1 ' x , N V, , W . ,WL-: K Q I Q . rr -A V531 QV .,-gmg' .V 'V pf" , - mv N Q, Nz. gr. A - MQ, ' - .U .si ' . ' V0 'QA"v" W., J.. r' 5 -' ' 'f'1g"fk-x.f'f" f' ri' -xt , .-I.I., f' f " V .A-"" " 'I' NEW PHARMACY STORE l7B HOU EHULD ECU UMIC CLUB GWEN UNDERHILL PresidenT i I948-49 marlced a Tull year oT The acTiviTies and work oT The l-louse Ec. Club. In The Fall, The Freshmen were The guesTs aT a geT acquainTed parTy in which They noT only had a chance To meeT The oTher House-Eccers buT also our sTaTT. February was high-lighTed by our annual Tormal ball which was held in AThabasca Dining Hall, The Theme being, "BuTTons and Beauxf' The programs TeaTured a large buTTon TogeTher wiTh decora- Tions oT gay nineTy design carrying ouT The Theme. -Our members very capably assisTed wiTh The Red Cross Blood TransTusion Drive and also worked wiTh The commiTTee responsible Tor The planning oT The ParliamenTary Dinner. We are very proud oT our House Eccers in The Tield oT sporT. Tor This year They won The coveTed Rose Bowl awarded Tor highesT poinTs in Womens' inTerTac sporT. Our Tinal meeTing TeaTured nominaTions Tor The IQ49-50 execuTive. Miss PaTriclc, our honorary presidenT, was responsible Tor The very enjoyable Tea ThaT compleTed The meeTing as well as a wonder- Tul year. I79 CLUB The Law Club, under PresidenT George Field, reached iTs peak enroll- menT since iTs incepTion wiTh one hundred and Twelve regisTered law sTudenTs paying Their dues. AcTiviTies were commenced by The November smolcer which wenT oTT according To precedenT. A happy aTmosphere was soon reached in The usual manner, some legal diTTies were sung and Dean Bowlcer once again Thrilled all presenT wiTh his sTirring rendiTion OT "Casey aT The BaT." The Law Club nexT presenTed a legal lesson To The UniversiTy and The CiTy oT EdmonTon in- The Torm oT a TloaT enTiTled "Crime Does NOT Pay." This masTerpiece, depicTing a well lcnown Type OT marriage, will long be remem- GEORGE FIELD bered by Those who saw iT. PresidenT GreaT exciTemenT was caused by The TirsT year sTuclenTs making insinuaTions abouT The menTal and phys- ical deTerioraTion oT The Seniors. This Tendency was correcTed raTher severely when, Through The Law Club, a hoclcey maTch was arranged beTween The Two TacTions. Needless To say, The Seniors were The vicTors. The Club also sponsored soccer and basl4eTball Teams in The inTerTac loop, buT clue To cerTain diTTiculTies which could noT be overcome by appeal, The Law Library is noT overcrowded wiTh silver Trophies. On December 9Th, The maior dance was held in The Trocadero Ballroom, Treasurer Jerry Reyda scraping up a Two dollar proTiT on The deal and everyone having a wonderTul Time. During The year cerTain diTTiculTies have arisen, such as The procuremenT oT hoods Tor graduaTion, The levy Tor buying more hoclcey sTiclcs and The selecTion oT presenTs Tor newly arrived babies OT boTh TaculTy and sTudenTs la bow Tie Tor Dean Bowl4er's youngesT was given serious consideraTionl. Messrs. Field and Parry have carried on wiTh admirable TorTiTude, The resulT being a successTul year Tor The Law Club. I80 I1 I ri ,i4.m.,,s Q - GRICULTUHE CLUB Club ExecuTive Back Row: Clarence FuersT, W. Klufas, Varge Gilchrisf, Malcolm MacDonald Fronf Row: John Boras, Cy McAndrews, Olive LancasTer, Vance Molsberry, Gordon Ross lnseT: Dr. R. J. Hilion, Hon. PresiclenT ln The ever unTolding sTory oT The FaculTy OT AgriculTure on The campus oT This universiTy The Term I948-49 sTands ouT as one oT greaT achievemenTs. ToTal enrollmenT approached The Three hundred and TiTTy mark, and members oT The largesT graduaTing class in The hisTory oT This TaculTy were launched on Their respecTive careers. By any sTandard The represenTaTion of Ags in sTudenT acTiviTies was ouTsTanding, Tor oTTices as diTTerenT as presidenT oT The STudenTs' Union, direcTor OT The annual parade, direcTor of The yearbook, direcTor oT Waw-Waw, and Curma execuTive were enTrusTed To Them. The AgriculTural Club iTselT was parTicularly TorTunaTe in having an execuTive which represenTed The club in a mosT crediTable manner during iTs Term oT oTTice. OuTsTanding among club acTiviTies were The evenings given To special speakers who visiTed The campus during The Term. Membership oT The Ag club broadened in Two ways. FirsT, senior members oT The clu'J were able To become iunior members oT The A.I.C.g and secondly, some oT The persons who aT- Tended universiTy Tor The dairy shorT course became members oT The club. IBI l Sa sr I. Pafrons and pafronesses gafher around 2. Ag Formal a+ Troc 3. Doug Low serves Dean Sinclair coffee 4. Grofslci ge+s wheeled info line 5. Bar None O gang in Tuck 6. Big Nighf a+ Bar None I82 Q Agriculiure displays winning floaf Ag. I Baslrefball Team. Back Row: N. Giffin, T. Marrow, J. Moore, R. Berg D. Janlzie. Froni' Row: J. Hironaka, B. Faunr, E. Edwards, L. Cahoon A. Calloon. Cenfre Row: D. Berg. , .el?.f.4...'. if wee . in eu. af ,f A -..J....., . - f Q """.':." -1 .mi '4 sz A ffkf. 12' fic., Q., 'Q Q96 ' ,iff ,. 12 . . VIL- -...H-T Ag ll Baslrefball Team. Baclr Row: A. Gilfins, D. Raicliffe, W. Bray, J. Church, H. Campbell Fronf Row: T. Hulland, R. Hironalra, R. Wallcer, L. Clapson. Hoclcey. Baclc Row: V. Helfon, A. Anloniulr, A. Calzoon, D. Wallrer, D. Janfzie, D. Berg, J. Plumley, D. Darrah, D. Janizie, D. Claylon. Fronl' Row: J. Brown, M. McDonald, V. Molsberry, E. Hamula. IB3 Ag Informal Plarolic 'H-'wb GORDON O'BRIEN. General Secreiary of A.I.C. addressing Ag Club EDUC TID LI DERGRADU TE UCIETY The EducaTion UndergraduaTe SocieTy, lilqe several oTher TaculTy clubs, aTTempTs To provide sporT and social acTiviTies Tor iTs members. EducaTion Teams parTicipaTed in all maior campus sporTs, wiTh varying degrees oT success. Social evenTs were highlighTed by The Mixer Dance, The LaTin QuarTer, The GraduaTion Dinner and Dance, and The TirsT E.U.S. aT Home. E.U.S. social acTiviTies have proved suTTicienTly popular To draw scores oT visiTors Trom oTher TaculTies. 'Our mosT imporTanT achievemenT oT The year was The sponsoring oT The TirsT WesTern Canada ConTerence oT STudenT Teachers. The ConTerence Tools place on The AlberTa campus Trom January I7Th To January 2OTh. A need Tor a more compleTe knowledge oT Teaching and iTs problems prompTed The ConTerence. To all Those who in any way assisTed wiTh The Comference, a graTeTul "Thank you" is ex- Tended. As a resulT oT The ConTerence, a WesTern Canada STudenTs Teachers' FederaTion is in The pro- cess oT TormaTion. AnoTher ConTerence is being planned, and a NewsleTTer ouTlining proTessional acTivi- Ties in each Teacher-Training insTiTuTion is being published aT AlberTa. Proceedings oT The ConTerence were summarized in a boolcleT, copies oT which were disTribuTed To all EducaTion sTudenTs. The E.U.S. execuTive could noT have possibly accomplished all iT planned if iT had noT been Tor The cooperaTion iT received Trom The FaculTy and The sTudenTs. To Those Then, may we say "Thank you" Tor a year well spenT. E.U.S. EXECUTIVE Ted Kemp, Phyllis Young, Ken Dahl, Arnold Holmes, John Bracco, June Jusfin, Dr. McDougall, Edith Cardilif, Doreen Spence, Helen Ecl:er+, Jim Davies ' IS4 13, 'Ns W B Jan. I7-20-Firsf Wesfern Canada Conference of Hecfor Trou+ addressing 'Phe Conference Siudenf Teachers E.U.S. Banque? Receiving Line Dr. Smi+h, Hon. Ivan Casey, Mr. Ansley l85 wi ,z1.f.1m-qveff. 1 5, i .5 Staff Q .T DAVE SHOULDICE DOROTHY THOMSON AUDREY WILLSON 2'-S 'YY OF ff 62' 6 UM QUE g , A Z' ,S , , gr. .,,, ' 4 UP-afft Z1'1! 'Jilq q 'wiki Eff? Eff' -H1 3? g+5y,. Yiwu vawf 4 Fi-l'f' 5:5- 2'-HE'-3 5215 , ,, , , aflf mi- 7, fg'fg:R, ?f-:J.-- f'A3 ',.j.,:f it fig ' . , V, 4 5 . L- , I 4---, ! Vx 1' Tiff' Ei '- f .v 31- . A ..... J , 1. 331. f'T 'fmfi' ef Q . 5 IP I f .19 ale," , f is ,MV 4:1 . 'H ',. 'Q V5.4 'lf'bW'1 4 ,4VC" vw' , . n -f W MW" My -1 1,0 Q Q M 'vw I ,,A My P, j'9,f.3, - 3,5 .- gl wfggfxxhw ,ru , , . PI PHI "ii, We Jig Lois Badgley Kay Black Barbara Blaclzell Margaref Blundell Marie Brooks Elaine Brown Evelyn Capsey Mary Clarke Liz Clow Kalherine Dickie Dawn Eckerl- Mary Farmer Josephine Ferguson lrene Glen Lois Granf Maryleen Granlham Mary Green Mariorie Hammell Georgina Hibberl' Belly Hood Mariorie Hulberf Dorolhy Husband Mariorie James Margarel Kendrick P L E D G E S Doreen Bishop Joyce Cairns Audrey Coppock Norah Day Ann Debney Ann Floyd Dorolhy Gasper Diane Gil-fins Benny Hanbidge Diane Housion Arlene Jones Gloria Jubb Jean Kyle Shirley MacLacl1an Janel' McDougall Yvonne Moseley Kalherine Knoll Marian Kulak Eugenia Lipinski Jean McDougall Adele McQuay Louise Mersky Daurel Mills Jean Milne Yvonne Mogen Bobbie Neal Lucy Olekshy Doro+hy Ower Ray Papoe Adeline Phillips Sandy Pyrcz Pauline Racelle Amelia Randall Phyl Russell Mernie Sands Sue Saucier Pai Seldon Dorolhy Shaner Jean Smilh Berh Sommerville Isabell Taylor Be'H'y Wiggins Shelagh Nolan Eva Roberlson Joan Timmins Fay Tupper Carmen Wilson M. J. Anderson Joan Arnold Alice Brown Margo? Burfon Lois Chisholm Eileen Creasy Mary Field Isobel Friuell Audrey Fysh Lois Hobbs Marnie Hudson Lila Hurnanen Peggy Johnson Nancy Johnson Barbara Kane Bonnie Loder Eleanor Macdonald Barbara McGregor Rosalie McHaffie Grela MarlaH Margaref Marlaff Helen Migh+ Delores Millar Doris Morrison Doris Nufer Audrey Paferson Lois Porler Eleanor Ronn Norma Ronn Zel Sauder Liz Shorl' Avery Smifh Marg Sproule Sherron Sprung Dorofhy Thomson Lucille Turcoile Marg Weir Audrey Willson Shirley Wilson PLEDGES Kay Balfour Par Chisson Marg Cole Nancy Collinge Jane Emery Georgia Fedorulr Ann Field ELT GAMM Efhel Frizzell Marion Love Joan Gilmour Jocelyn Maley Rosemary Gerharl' Donna McLeod Belly Hulchison Sheila McNeil Doreen Holroyd Ann Millican Lois Hoey Yvonne Moar Barbara Lipsey Beih Newfon l89 Sybil Nibloclx Marg Rood Isobel Russel-Ewing Jeanne Rogers Sheila Smith Madeleine Turcolfe BELT BELT BELT 5:57 :ef I L Marion Archibald Aphrodile Baracos Daphne Doyd Isobel Ferguson Wilda Fiich Elaine Fifzpairiclx Norma Fledcleriohn Sydney Fleel' Doris Gale Marg Gans BeHy Gowdy Lois Hanna Eilco Ewashifa June Jus+in Margarei' Kennedy Barbara Leard Frances LiHle Joyce Love Joyce Mcflufcheon Jaclrie McKay Allison Hanlcins Joyce Miichell Margaref Mulloy Joyce Passmore Jo Pilcher Pal Scofi' Befiy Scougall Margarei Sconjall June Sigsworili Lois Skorupolci Audrey Smikh Soreen Spence Kay Tanner Phyl Voisin Adair Wheeler Louise Wilson FLEDGES Audrey Anderson Val Anderson Lorna Bissef Hope FredeHe Adell Marshall Janel' Morrison Jean Noy Fay Rhodes Frances Schrofer Gwen Sinclair Shirley Siinson Jean Robson Joan Morris Isobel Loggie Marian Brown Eleanor Sanford Nifa Benneff Eira Jones Peggy Cleveland Pauline Sufermeisfe Isabel Alcorn lrene Bowerman Doreen Bradley June Fraser Selma Hamilton D. Griffiths Elaine Lysne Nellie McClung L. B. Mclnfyre Georgia McNabb Jean Nichols Lois Nichols Doreen Por+er Doris Roper Norma Ryan Elaine Shaw Mary Yorlr Nancy York P L E D G E S BeHy Reid Mary Lou Lisler A LPH THET IEEJ-l""-HE G-E-Il we W R NAA Al A l9l Bill Armsrrong John Boyd Bruce Blayney Peler Brown Bill Burge Allan Conquesl' Bob Day George Findlay Jim Finlay Jim Gram' Doug Burns Denny Dull Bill Elder Andy Andrekson Bill Blair Don Bowen Jack Brown Hal Burno Len Bussard Bill Craig Ray Benjamin Don Deodrich Ken Easlon AI Edwards Norm Flavin Nio Guesl John Harding Frank Boyle Don Brinlon lan Duncan Don Harvey DELTA KAPPA EPSILUN DELTA PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED I932 A C T I V E S Julian Crawley-Presidenr Jack Cameron-Vice-Presidenf Jerry Pea rson-Secrela ry Fred Phillips-Treasurer Bill 'Henning Hank Hopkins Bill Hurlburl Jack Kennedy Bill Laubman Ken Leslie Sluarl' Mclnlosh Jack McKernan Chal McNichol Bob Mafheson Mark Millar PLEDGES Bill Humphreys John MacDonald Jim Mclnlyre Bill Maveely Bill Musrard Bill Rea Ralph Rookwood Lloyd Sheppard Bob Sufherland Bill Toole Bob Turner Bob Van Alsrino Mick Wakal Don Walcofl Hugh Millar Don Pofler Murray Roblin BELT!-I UPSILUN ALBERTA COLLEGE ESTABLISHED I935 A C T I V E S Dick MacDonald-Presidenl Don Armslrong-Vice-Presidenl Mac Allon-Secrera ry Reg Paul-Treasurer Jeep Hall Harry Irving Ted Jennings Bill Jewilr Bob Junker Bill Love C-eorge Manson Tom Mayson Pele Lougheed Dick McKenzie Don McNeill Don Medhursl Doug Milchell Mike O'Byrne Ken Moore PLEDGES Pal Mahoney Keilh MacDonald Laurie McLean John McNiven Jim McRae I92 Nev Parry Jamie Palerson Bill Robinson Ralpn Rowe Bill Snowden Ron Slephens George Thomas-P Tay Trussler Tom Walsh Bob Weekes Vern While Jim Wylie Wes Van Der Lee Arl Yales Bud Milner Alan Nikiloruk John Rullan Hugh Slaler ele Jim Allan Sam Boorman Jack Brown Bob Buck Jack Cooper Bill Egberl Greg Forsylh Preslon Goode John l'larvie Ivan Head Ken Johnsron Bob Judge Don Kennedy Ted Allison Jim Bearnes Jim Campbell Bob Choale Dave Craig Berny Erilsland Slu Fosler Bob Geddes Ray Allen Graham Alkin l-lerb Bailey l-larold Beare Bill Bridgeman Norm Bunn Jack Calverr Jim Campbell Al Chase Don Cody Fred Cornell'-Chin Jack Davis Ben Asel+ine Dave Barss Don Chrislensen Dave Craig Bill Crosson 9 HAPPA SIGNTA EPSILON ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1939 A C T I V E S Larry Judge-Presidenl Rod de Rosenroll-Treasurer Pal Woodcock-Sec rela ry Jack Reynar-Vice-Presidenl Jim Keir Jim Mackie Berl Maginley Gus McDonald Ken McKenzie Flarold Morrison Norm Parry Gordon Peacock Ed Phillips l-larv Robinson Maurice Roe Bob Rosser Bob Sandilands P L E D G E S Miles 'l-lacking Frank l-larper Ernie l-lulchison Doug Jones Georoe Jull Lance Kirker Bill Laureshen Pal McCaflery Bill Scolland Jack Sharpe Doug Sherbaniuk Dave Shouldice Dick Spilsled Merle Summers Ed Troll Murray Tempesl Ray Tharpe Les Warden Fred Wilkins Bob Wray l-lowie McCallisler Ralph McMillan - Keilh Nesling Bob Perry Denny Ranson Reg Sloll Reg Tanner Dave Wilson LAMBDA CHIALPHA EPSILON - RHO CHAPTER ESTABLISHED l945 A C T I V E S l-lugh Baker-Presidenl Mel Bauman-Vice-Presidenl Jim Feir-Secrelary Ross Anderson-Treasurer l-larold England Fred Fenwick Tom France Bob Freeborn Ken Geis Sinclair Gerolamy Alberl Goodiohn Guy Greenwood Waller Hughes Ed Jackson Earl Lomas P L E D G E S Ed Douglas John Duby Bill Jubb Bill Linke Malcolm McLeod Howard Malabone I93 George Lynch-Slaunlon Bruce McKenzie Slewarl Monlgomery Larry Pilon Don Porler Roy Reynolds Don Rix Brian Wallace Gordon Wells Fred Wihak Aaron Willzen Ross Young Slan Newman Oresl Sachkew Jim Thompson Ken Welsh Jim Wood PHI DELTA THETA FOUNDED I846, UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI ALBERTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED I930 ACTIVES Gordon Minly-Presicleni Jim Fleming-Vice-Presidenl AI Covey-Secrelary Cec Molyneux-Treasurer Wayne Amundsen John Ballachey LaVerne Blair Bob Brower A. Doug Brown Doug L. Brown Bob Campbell Bob Colborne Bob Collins Fred Cummer Jack Churchill D'Arcy Duncan Bill Ewasiuk Graham Benne'H Elmer Bergh John Church Don Clark Percy Cole Dick Dislurnal Bob Farvolden Peler Floyd Charles Flaherly Clarence Haakenslaad Charles Hamilfon Reg Harse AI Hodgson Bill Jackson George Kermack John King Jerry Krause AI LaZer're Clare Liden Bob Marble Doug Malheson PLEDGES Jack Farley Jerry Francis Don Frizzell Len Holman Bill Howson Ed Inqleson Rennie Johnslon Bill Johnsion 'Dan McColl Dick Newby Vince Murphy Bob Rooers Jerry Ross Mac Smirh Bud Sovereign Fred Teare Howard Thom Reg Wilkes Don Wilson John R. Wilson Jack Young Lloyd Knowler Don Malheson Don Millar 'Hugh Planche Denis Raiclifie Dale Simmons Bill Wagner Ed Whilaker PHI KZ-IPPA Pl FOUNDED I9I3, UNIVERSITIES OF TORONTO AND McGlLL DELTA MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED I930 ACTIVES Gordon Swann-Presidenf Jack Smiih-Vice-Presideni Ben Melcall-Secrelary Jack Filzpalrick-Treasurer Allan Armslrong Jack Boolh Fee Brennan Len Burlon Bob Causgrove Maurice Davidson Allan Eagleson "Buzz" Edwards Garlh Fryell' Charles Garden Don Gerlilz Ted Allan Jim Black Jim Crooks Don Elder Ian Gunn Harry Hobbs George Hughes Howie McDiarmid John MacDonald Gordon McLaws Gordon MacRea Alex Mair Ed Marshall Bob Milchell Neil Moher Ned Newhall PLEDGES Lou Erp Ray Frache Dennis Hollis Jim Hooke Charles James I94 Garfh Olmslead Russ Powell Dick Reid Bill Riddle Doug Ringrose Peler Simon Brian Sproule Ed Slack Dunc Slockwell Cy Thomas George Younie Alvin McKenzie Fred Sco'r'r Jack Simpson Don Sfeele Mel Lauer FOUNDED I909, COLLEGE 'OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK Waller Barron Aaron Esfrin Lloyd Faibish Manuel Friedman Marcel Goldenberg Louis Horodeisky Larry Levine Gerry Bricker Byron Hardin Saul Hoffman Doug Anderson Harvey Bodner Bernie Bowlen Keifh Bryanf Al Campbell Ron Cosgrove Don Clarke Don Dick Charlie DiH'rich Keni Gooderham Paul Greenwood Bill Blakely Min Demers Gordon Geldharf Jim Dockery M U BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 194: A C T I V E S ZE Henry Brezer, Presideni Morion Libin, Treasurer Dave Blazouske, Recorder Sid Maerov Allan Pearlman Leon Raskin Ernesi Reinhold Alfred Rudin Jack Ryer Hershel Samuels P L E D G E S Henry Guiman Malcolm Podersky Benny Rosenbau 4 ITT T!-I PSI FOUNDED IB97, ,NEW YORK UNIVERSITY MU THETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED I930 ACTI VES Bill Boyar, Presideni Harry Saslow Lawrence Soloway Roberl Spevakow Israel Swilzer Ben Torchinsky Joe Tucker Ira Young Jack Sigal Phil Shragge Harry Warhaii George SI'reeI', Vice-Presideni AI Norem, Secrefary Jack Holmes, Treasurer Hugh Hay-Roe Vince Helion Norm Hovan Warren Irvine Wilf Johnson Owen Jones Peier Jorgenson Jack Joyce Burns Larson John Lindow PLED Dave Gran? Lloyd Koller Don Henderson Warner Loven Bruce Pafferson l95 GES Cy McAndrews Roberi McCalla Del McNeely Don Norem Bob O'Connor Cliff Ronden Don Sulherland Selby Thorne Gordon Travis Ed Warshawski Alvin Walker Ed Wachowich Andy Whyie Carl Youngren Sieve Wood NIU 'YY OF 632' UM QUE S+ff- JOAN GILMOUR REG TANNER " HSE? . :.g,g 3. .tiigif FSS-i' T-5916 'rrfsx . ,1 ,-135 T? Eiisff f -- . -as-.Li ' :arm qiivlf .-QM, ke mfs .lea ,jf I bis Q55 v Q' 5 , 2 -we W, 1: 3: 3 '92 -'Q .11 j .A A Eu is W Q: Y-1--4 41.2 fps ,L . iii' jrllfz 4, ,., E':121.'1-6 35122534 QVGXQ3 .. .f ar- :3 I-wi : 14:2 " 1 -A 1 -54 '.a42s.5gQ 2231?-'-.1 , -deg ,Q 5327-.if 45 'fffv E,-wie! uf- -fi? geilfin 7553 lin it FE :aff wa? -,554 f fad 5 fR'X:Qy' ,, 0' ,EE 3 . gi 11? ' YF .,. 'Wi Jr ,Q ,v- ,f- ..-1, xl: 1:1 , EQ 4 .. , 1 I 5 513' ' :Ski :SILA-'91 hrfigi :,Zn1"-'. -2 ZT'19'i 'pgrfh 51? :if-fi? Q J. I P -V.,-:f :.' .'L' ' n ,.,., New regulafions broughf ouf af fhe be- ginning of fhis academic year have helped fo make fraining wifh fhe Universify Naval Training Division much more affracfive fhan before. New enfries now only have fo waif a period of four monfhs before fhey are broughf before fhe Selecfion Board. If accepfed by fhe Board fhey are fhen rafed "Cadefs R.C.N. in whafever branch of fhe service fhey may be. The ferm "Officer Candidafeu no longer applies fo U.N.T.D. members. A change of uniform has been made for all Cadefs. Officer's caps and baffledress are fhe rig of fhe day for all Cadefs. A Gun Room for Cadefs has been builf nexf fo fhe Wardroom and should do much fo assisf Cadefs and 'Officers in geffing fo know each ofher beffer. All U.N.T.D. members affesfed since fhe fall of l948 are now required fo spend hrvo full sum- mer vacafion periods of fraining af fhe Pacific Coasf. Training in fhe various branches, engineering, Supply, medical, elecfrical and execufive will be more advanced and fhorough fhan before. A very inferesfing secfion of fhe fraining of fhird and fourfh year Cadefs will consisf of a cruise programme in which a Navy frigafe will be largely manned by fhe Cadefs fhernselves. Several changes in sfaff foolc place af l"l.M.C.S. Nonsuch during fhe summer of I948. Com- mander Rodney Pike, R.C.N. lRl reverfed fo fhe Refired Lisf and Commander L. R. l-loar, R.C.N. lRl was appoinfed as fhe new Commanding Officer. A new and very popular Sfaff Officer, Lieuf. R. H. Lier, R.C.N., was appoinfed fo fhe Division. The Divisional Officers for fhe U.N.T,D. for I948-49 were Lieuf. G. E. Allin, R.C.N. Lieuf. W. J. Ewasiulc, R.C.N. lRl, and Cadef T. l'l. Miller, R.C.N. Lieuf. R. E. Phillips, R.C.N. lRl confinued on in fhe capacify of Commanding Officer. HUSH! YOU'LL WAKEN HIM BLOKES WITH A BOAT l98 PORCUPINE? ONTARIO TORPEDO DRILL RADAR LIGHT ACK ACK! POM POMS, WHICH? DEPTH CHARGES I99 CONTINGENT OFFICERS LT.-COL. D. M. HEALY, M.B.E. MAJOR H. J. BISHOP CAPTAIN W. D. SMITH CAPTAIN J. K. HEATH, M.C. RESIDENT STAFF OFFICER MAJOR M. J. EGGAN The ConTingenT moved inTo iTs TirsT year oT Tull scale operaTion during I9-48 when a ToTal oT nineTy-six sTu- denTs, represenTing almosT every FaculTy in The UniversiTy, dispersed aT The end oT The Term To The various Army Training schools and esTablishmenTs across Canada. AT all These cenTres our AlberTa sTudenTs acquiTTed Themselves well. When The reporTs from The Ordnance School aT MonTreal, The Engineers aT Chilliwaclc, The Armoured School aT Camp Borden, The lnTanTry aT Calgary and Trom The more Than a dozen oTher poinTs, had been received, The ConTingenT was proud To discover ThaT The percenTage oT iTs successTul candidaTes was iusT shorT oT The hundred. ln addiTion, The number oT AlberTa cadeTs receiving beTTer Than average gradings was conspicuous, while There were several ouTsTanding perTormances such as ThaT oT Duncan EllioTT who Topped his class aT The School oT lnTanTry. This year ThirTyeTive new members oT The ConTingenT will spend Their summer monThs being iniTiaTed inTo The sTudy oT The complicaTed arT oT modern soldiering. WiTh The Tormer members who are enThusiasTically awaiTing Their reTurn Tor a second or Third summer oT Training The UniversiTy will have a represenTaTion oT approximaTely one hundred candidaTes in The summer oT l949. A change OT command was eTTecTed in January when LT.-Col. Van VlieT, Tinding The pressure OT his oTh:er duTies Too greaT Tor him, handed over To LT.-Col, D. 'l-lealy. LT.-Col. Van VlieT Toolc command wiTh enThusiasm and cheerTulness aT a diTTiculT sTage in The developmenT oT The new C.O.T.C. sysTem and The TuTure characTer oT The ConTingenT will owe much To his eTTorTs. The appoinTmenT oT LT.-Col. Healy will be Tollowed shorTly by The build- ing of more suiTable accommodaTion Tor The C.O.T.C.-To include an 'Orderly Room and a lounge which will be shared wiTh The R.C.A.F. Training FlighT. l-lis l-lonour, The Honourable J. C. Bowen, LieuTenanT-Governor oT AlberTa has graciously assenTed To conTinue as Honorary Colonel oT The ConTingenT and The ConTingenT hopes To mainTain The pracTice OT Turning ouT a Guard Tor his inspecTion aT The opening of The LegislaTive Assembly, as was olone This year. 200 ACHTUNG! MINEN ROYAL CANADIAN ARTILLERY RANGEFINDER COMMUNICATIONS JUNIOR OFFICER AND SILUK GOING MY WAY! OFFICERS MUST BE TECHNICIANS 20I DR. MILLER AND WATER SAMPLER TROPICAL GREENHOUSE SHOULDICE SHOWS 'EM IN GEOLOGY CIE TIFIC ZOOLOGY: DR. ROWAN. The Zoology DeparTmenT is working on The ver- TebraTe Tauna oT AlberTa lexclusive oT Tishl, and cerTain phases oT The Ten-year cycle. There is an imporTanT sTudy underway in embryology. Work is already under- way on The parasiTes oT whiTeTish, The eTTecTs oT arTiTi- cial TerTilizaTion on The carrying capaciTy and Tish pro- ducTion oT ponds and lakes, and oTher Tishing problems, including commercial Tishing oT Goldeye in Lake ATha- baska. Work is also conTinuing on The migraTion cycles oT rabbiTs and upland game birds. BOTANY: DR. MOSS. Five members OT The sTaTT OT This deparTmenT are carrying on a considerable amounT oT research on The pracTical applicaTions oT ToresTry, horTiculTure and ag- ronomy. Work is also conTinuing on The sTudy oT The wood-desTroying Tringe. An invesTigaTion oT cerTain ToresT Trees deals wiTh TundamenTal aspecTs oT The pro- cess involved, while work has been iniTiaTed on The physiology oT woody cuTTings and The sTudy oT rooT hairs. For The pasT summer There has been Time devoTed To a sTudy oT vegeTaTion in The Peace River region. GEOIJOGY: DR. ALLAN. MosT oT The Geological research is carried ouT in The Tield. These researches are relaTed To TounclaTions and power siTes1deTerminaTion oT Tossils To enable beT- Ter sTraTegenpher inTerpreTaTion3 composiTion and sTrucTure oT cerTain rocks in relaTion To The accumula- Tion and occurrence oT peTroleum and naTural gas: meTallic minerals in The Canadian Shield: and The sTudy oT microorganisms in relaTion To oil and gas horizons. The geologisT is consTanTly carrying on research To geT a beTTer undersTanding oT The occurrence oT coal, oil and gas, and The sTrucTures in which These occur. HGH DENTISTRY: DEAN HAMILTON. Two proiecls are in progress relaling Io denlal problems: one is being done in I'he Deparlmenl ol Chemislry in which various marlceled solulions are being 'resled for Iheir eflecls in proslhelic appliances: and The olher is in regard To 'rhe effecl ol malerials and solulions on denlal pulp when sealed in cavilies. In- vesligalion in Ihe hislologhical examinalion of Cemenl- um in relalion 'ro Periodeslal Disease is being made. Eflorl is being made in selecled cases Io reduce high Lacli-Bacculus counls lrelalion ol Denlal Cariesl which are coincidenl wilh marked denlal decay, Through a confrolled dielary program. ENGINEERING: DEAN HARDY. The Deparlmenl of Civil Engineering is carrying on an exlension of Highway Research, a program of pavemenl' evalualion al' 'rrolley bus sfops, loundalion invesligalions, principles of drainage wilh The process ol Eleclromosis as applied lo silI'y soils. and work on 'rhe properlies of 'rar sand, 'rogelher wiIh 'rheir behavior in conslrucfion. In I'he Chemical Engineering Deparrmenl, worlc has been slarled on The flow in verlical pipes ol wafer and air mixlures. MEDICINE: DR. SCOTT. Such clinical problems as The Iaclors in wound healing and 'rhe endocrine basis ol disease are being invesligaled. Olher deparlmenls are looking info 'rho laclors in Ihe developmenl ol cancer, The way in which congenilal abnormalilies ol The hearl develop, and such subslances as penicillin which are used 'ro combal These diseases. Research in biochemislry is being carried on in a number ol problems: whal is Ihe role of enzymes in Ihe Iunclion of 'rhe body. The mechanism of diseases such as diabefes, and The developmenr of Iesls ol kidney funclions. NEW DENTAL LAB. PROF. A. L. THORSSEN EXPERIMENTING IN CIVIL ENGINEERING DR. TUBA AND BOB HOARE IN BIOCHEMISTRY VIEWING EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS MIKE CHMILAR AND DR. DAVIS IN CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENTING IN PHYSICS DEPARTMENT AGRICULTURE: ANIMAL SCIENCE, DAIRYING AND ENTYMOLOGY. Feeding experimenTs are underway To TesT The value OT any Teed, combinaTion OT Teeds and viTamin cOnTenT. LaboraTory sTudies are being direcTed Towards deTermining The essenTial amino acid cOnTenT OT grains, meaT, Tish and soybean. ProiecTs in dairying are The perTecTing OT a meThod TO reduce rancidiTy OT dairy prOducTs and The sTudying OT bacTeria grOwTh aT low TemperaTures in milk and cream. ln The DeparTmenT OT EnTymOlOgy, work is under- way wiTh Thrips in relaTion To clover seed producTion. STudies are also underway on The pale wesTern cuT- worm and The eTTecT OT benzene hexo-chloride on de- veloping seedings, Tor use in combaTing wire-worms. CHEMISTRY: In The DeparTmenT OT ChemisTry, The members OT The sTaTT are carrying OuT research On a wide range OT problems. A greaT deal OT experimenTal work is being conducTed On The preparaTion, consTiTuTion and Thera- peuTic properTies OT several groups OT complex Organic compounds: caTalysTs Tor The producTion OT liquid Tuels are being prepared and sTudied1 research On The TOrmaTiOn OT monolayers OT complex subsTances is proceeding. OTher researches are On problems dealing wiTh cellulose, synTheTic rubber and sTrawg invesTigaTions are under way dealing wiTh corrosion OT meTals as well as On some OT The consTiTuenTs OT naTural waTers. PHYSICS: DR. LANG. The Physics DeparTmenT is conTinuing work On The specTrum OT Thorium and is cOllaboraTing on The prob- lem wiTh specTrOscOpTisTs in Holland. There is an aT- TempT To measure The ToTal solar radiaTiOn in The ulTra-violeT region On EdmonTOn, The purpose OT which is TO discover if There is any relaTion beTween This and The TlucTuaTiOn in The wild animal pOpulaTiOn in 'NOrTh- ern AlberTa. By means OT a Wilson Cloud Chamber, invesTigaTiOns are going Torward inTO The behavior OT cerTain parTicles Trom radio acTive sources. There are prOiecTs underway designed TO make measuremenTs on aTmOspheric ozone and also To sTudy The behavior OT spark sources. 204 AGRICULTURE: PLANT SCIENCE AND SOILS. Research in Tield crops is direcTed Toward The securing OT inTOrmaTion on geneTics and breeding value OT old and new sTrains OT various crops. I-IorTicuI- Ture sTudies include breeding worlc wiTh TruiTs, vege- Tables, and Tlowers, and The sTudy OT adapTabiIiTy OT new varieTies and conTrol OT diseases. PIanT biochemis- Try and physiology deparTmenTs are sTudying pIanT prOTeins and The guaIiTy OT soTT wheaT. In The deparTmenT OT Soils, TurTher worlc in The irrigaTiOn soil survey easT OT Taber will be carried On. ExperimenTs wiTh commercial TerTiIizers and crop roTa- Tions on The blaclc soil Tield aT EdmOnTOn, and also rOTaTiOn OT clovers, wiTh and wiThOuT TerTiIizers, is anoTher imporTanT proiecT. The analysis OT Tarm soil samples and advice abOuT TerTiIiTy is cOnTinuing. PHARMACY: DR. HUSTON. The Canadian Formulary is being revised and The School OT Pharmacy OT The UniversiTy OT AIberTa has been assigned The revision OT The exTernaI preparaTions. There are many research problems underway, such as The developmenT OT a phOTOTIuOromeTric assay meThOd Tor sex horomones, synThesis OT cerTain compounds reIaTed To The carcinagens, and TesTing Them Tor esTrOgenic acTiviTy, invesTigaTions OT The acTiOn OT a number OT drugs on nerves and muscles. The School OT Pharmacy is cooperaTing wiTh The DeparTmenT OT Zoology on research aimed aT The conTrol OT worm inTesTaTiOn OT Tish. ART DIVISION, DEPARTMENT OF FINE ARTS While The ArT Division OT The DeparTmenT OT Fine ArTs does nOT underTalce a program OT research com- parable TO oTher deparTmenTs, because OT The naTure OT The work iT does, iT does carry on an exTensive pro- gram in encouraging and assisTing communiTy arT groups and arT schools. The DeparTmenT believes ThaT There is a greaT deal OT undeveloped TaIenT in WesTern Canada, and ThaT an inTeresT in arT iTseIT musT be developed in The com- muniTy so as To geT supporT Tor The imporTanT schools OT arT. FIELD CROP GREENHOUSE THE NEW PHARMACY LAB ART IN THE MAKING GY OF S1-FF EARL LOMAS M CRIMMON 4 CHM Qui 43? H'-11 r... g -1. I x 5 Q L V. fix f x , . . . . e V-:EQ i ,, I I V. . S Y 'IF 'Vu -P-'iff 5-?"H H lj.-Qiglq 1- .., W.. l 4: 'fimfgrfa-.3 - . ,- L- If fir: limi' 4 -. wwf, , E.. 50 fb WILSON TROPHY- Awarded fo Jim MacRea Oulslanding Male Aflilele DEAN HiOWE'S TROPHY- lBoxinql Tied willw Saslcalcliewan MILMAN TROPHY- llzencingl Won by Alberla PURCELL TROPHY- lOu'rs'randing l-loclcey Playerl Won by Jim Fleming AWARDS R V, GRIFFITHS TROPHY lswimminql Won by Alberle l . I BAKEWELL TROPHY- l0ul's+anding Female Alhlele Awarded fo Helen Eclcerl' INTERCOLLEGIATE CURLING- lCompe+i+ionl Won by Alberla C. J. WALKER TROPHY- lBadminl'onl Won by Alberlra Vlfomen JOHN BURNS TROPHY- lOu+s+andinq Slciierl Won by Norman Raul? THE HALPENNY CUP- ll-loclceyl Won by Alberfa THE HARDY CUP- llzoolballl Won by Alberia NEILSON CUP lAssaul+ of Armsl Tied willw Saslcalclwewan 208 BEAUMONT TROPHY- lOu+slancling lnlercollegiale Wresllerl Won by Ben Oliver THE RIGBY CUP- lBasl4elballl Won by Alberlra 'S BIG BLOCK CLUB QQZZIA-e MEMBERS Previous Members Prank Fergie, John Mclnnis, Bruce MacKay, Paul I94'8'I949 Drouin, Jack Swiizer, Jaclc Sellers, Bolo Schrader, '54 ug Lloyd Grisdale, Don Ulrich, Ken Bradshaw, Don P F Johnson, Jaclc Allen, Norm Boyse, Bill Dimoclc, , Bob Freeze, Berl Hall, Murray Smilh, Jack BILL Bmig MACRAEK47 Flavin, Nori Nishio, Bob Slrolher, Ross Jeffries, PRESWENTX 7 Gord Proclor, Ted Sawchulc, Bill Doclcery, ' ' , Sleele Brewerion, I-larold Peacoclc, Phil Q X. M A Procior, Prank Quigley, Rae Sulherland, . gi' . -Q Bill Rich, Mickey I-Iiiash, Sam Sheclder, 'Q "-" I All Polleli, John Melnylc, Perrin Balmer, M ORQK 48 Jack Perry, Donald Ailcenheacl, Gordon ANDREKSONIALB X C ! Reallack, Niclc Lupaschulc, Don Moore, I KEN COX 48 John Cameron Ken Torrance Sam . EVAN ERicKsoN!48 my senden and Boyd obefhoeanef. Y, ul BILL INGRAIVIffi-7 z 2 f ,JOHN LYONS f4-8 ,,,. f f BILL IVICQUAY f-4-8 A DON 5TEEDf47 Mc,LAWSf4-8 5 Q .2 - W J , 'I GQ. ,,.,, ,V "" 1-'-r I A,,, L' A x ml! Mooaa fame coi.eounNej4a .. "1 vkiyqll st. X , X V, HisAoKA f4e HOBBSf4-9. THE FOLLOWING WERE ADMITTED IN 1949: Larry Edwards, Joe Gurba, Laurie MacLean, Dunc Sioclcwell, Gordie MacLachlan. Harry Irving, Alex Romaniulc, Bud Milner, Jim Fleming, Norm Raul+ 209 F U U T B L L v ,fi , ' X C' rj r jf r R R ' ' Ph ' 1949 rf Intervarslt , HIIIDIUIIS, X . I. ,gr 5552 CAPT HARRY :Rvws fviL 21'f3 '2'. Q - ' l' ff-W' X si-rows Kncxme FORM Top Row lleff io righil: Bob Perry, Weir, McCaffery, Erdman, Ploflrins, Marble, Doclcery. Second Row: Millican, Allison, Kurylo, Ra+cliFFe, Scoff, Calhoun, Love, Bulai, Smi+l1 lcoachl. Third Row: Hole, Louglweed, Hobbs, Irving lCap+.l, Moore, Hall, Mayson. Fourih Row: Mac. Al+on lifrainerl, Cox, Chrysanflwou, Krause, Laureshen, Romaniulc, Huiclweon, Milner, Ken Easlon lEquipmen'f Managerl. Missing: Searighf and Daigle lAss+. Coachesl, Ba+chelor lmanagerl, McRae, Sfoclrwell, Covey, Ingram, Jack Perry, Humphries, Causgrove, Adair, Oeming. A 2. IRVING OUARTERBACKING FROM T FORMATION CHALK UP ANOTHER FIVE FOR ALBERTA SCHEDULE: Alberta ,,,,, af Saslcafchewan Alberia ,..,,,. vs. Saskaichewan Alberia ..,,,,. af Saskaicfuewan Alberfa ..,,, vs. Saskaichewan Alberia ,,,,, vs. Roughriders Azberfa A... ..,. vs. Ed mon+on Juniors Upper: Fundamenfals of Tackling Lower: I+'s Hobbs 'through fhe cen+re of BASKETBALL PROFESSOR MAURIE VAN VLIET Coach lntervarsity Basketball Champs Lowell Williams cou f B Bears vs. Norfhwesi Cenfre SCHEDULE: Bears ,...,,,, - 26 vs. R.C.M.P. -- 30 Bears ...... V- Y 44 vs. Me+eors ,,A.,..,., ., .,,, Y 52 Bears ,....,,,.,..,, ssssssf. - 57 ai' Moniana S'fa+e Normal --,,, 59 Bears ..,.,s .. .,,,ssss.s,, .. 44 a+ Wyoming Lions - - 64 Bears .,..,,,,,,, - 37 af Wyoming Lions 47 Bears ..,,,,,,,..., , 52 vs. Lefhbridge Lions , 32 Bears ..,,, W ,,...., , 52 vs. Lefhbridge Lions , 42 Bears ,,,,, .. ,,,, , B2 ai Saslcaichewan Y BI Bears ,,,, .. ,- 5I ai Saslrafchewan , , 32 Bears ,,.,, , ,,,,, . 42 vs. Wyoming Lions 44 Bears .,..., ,.,., , 49 vs. Wyoming Lions , , 54 Bears v,,,,,,,,,. , 54 vs. Saskaichewan , 27 Bears ..,,,,,,.,L , 75 vs. Saslraichewan ,, 34 McLachlan, McRae and Prof. Van Viiei' A-I-b-e-r-'r-a - - - - ah UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS, HOCKEY Leif 'lo Righf lbaclc rowl: Joe Moran, Bob Causgrove, Cy Thomas, Jim Fleming ICap+l, Ken Cox Harry Irving, Ted Kryczlca, Harry Hobbs. Fronl' row: George Hughes Iivlanagerl, Scoify Sherriff, Vince Krehel, Clarence Moher Icoachl Doug Ringrose, Vic Kuzylc, John O'Brien IEquipmen+ Managerl. Missing: Bill Ingram, Bill Case, Pai Doyle ITrainerl If .ef- , ' If .ar - we ,i,"'i"""" . A I - ,X vim XXV A V M ,m'5'M.'90':Nf r Ingram and Fleming in mids+ of a power play 2I4 SCHEDULE: Bears ,v.,.... vs. Weiaskiwin -- Bears ,,.,....A. af Saslcafchewan , Bears ,- W... U-- af Saslcafchewan , Bears, ,,,,,,,, - vs. Saslcafchewan - Bears .......... vs. Saslxafchewan , Bears .,....... af Saslcafchewan -- Bears ,Y...s........ af Colorado College Bears ,,.,,......,,. af Colorado College Bears -- ..... -,--,, vs. Saslcafchewan .... Bears ,...,,.,,,... vs. Waferloo Mefeors --, , 6 -- - 3 -H 5 , 4 M, 5 - 7 W-- 4 - 3 ,-- 5 , 4 N, 5 , 5 M7 6 ,-- 5 W 2 --6 ,. - 5 . --- -- 4 6 Hobbs, Cox and Thomas line adds ano+l'1er +o 'rheir large +o+al -V.. Puclr ..... Lower lef+ hand corner of goal 2I5 CURLI M., ,.4.: .. ff Presiden'r Berf LiHle Who Scores - - -7 1 Universify of Alberta vs. Universify of Saslrafchewan Y, , SWIMMI X., Taleni for Men's lnfervarsily Team: Bill Rae, Bev Wensley. Bob Duflwie, Jack Sclwlosser, Tom Walsh, Rey Wobiclx, A back Jaclplmlfe lo' Cul aW5Yl Performed Bnb MacKay af fha lnlervarsify meel 2l6 ARCHERY CI Several members of+l1e Archery Club pose for +l'1e camera -.v ff lnfervarsil-y Fencers, lefl fo riglrl: Roy Laycoclc lSl, Coach WeH'erburg lAl, Sian Mealing lAl, Franlc Haley lAl, Tom Jaclcson lAl, Lorne Gold lSl, AI Marlain lSl. George Klump lAl ADMI TU CLUB BADMINTON CLUB CHAMPIONS Laclies' Doubles-Fraser Sisfers. Men's Doubles-Pere Wilson and Bill Mclnfoslw. Mixed Doubles-Nancy Collinge and Harry Holmes Men's Singles-Ken Grierson Ladies' Singles-M. Fraser. N-...,g,'n x X 'X ,X 1 X . x X. Q x "Xxx . 1 I ,fb SX WUMEN'S AT ALBERTA CompeI'i+ors: Universily oISasIca'rcI1ewan Umiversily of Brifish Columbia I. BASKETBALL ICeciI Race Troplwyl Saslcalrclwewan-Iirsf Brvrish Columbia-second Alberla-Ilwircl 2. CURLING Alberla-Iirsl' Saskafclmewan-second 3. FENCING Saskalclwewan-second Alberla women combined wiII'1 Ilwe men Io Ialce II1e Millman Memorial Trophy AT SASKATCHEWAN Compe'Ii+ors: UnIversIIy ol Alberfa Universify of Saslcafclwewan I. VOLLEYBALL Saskafchewan-fi rsl Alloerla-second 2. SWIMMING lllelsled Memorial Troplwyl Saslcafclwewan-firsl' Alberfa-second 3. BADMINTON IO. J. Walker Troplwyl Saslcafclwewan-Iirsf Alberfa-second 4. FIGURE SKATING Alberla-Iirsl Saskafclwewan-second EEHE - Universi+y of Alber'ra's Winning Curling Team Alber-la Fencers-Raina Yanda, Tess Trueman, Mary Miller Irene Boyclnulc, Sheila Moore, Kay Balfour, and Jocelyn Rogers Badminion Teams-Alberia Hop rowlg Saslcalclwewan lboHom rowl ZI9 - A lighf worlrouf affer 4 Trouble ahead - - - ASSAU LT AT ARMS- Universify of Saskedchewan Universify of Alberfa Draw RESULTS OF MATCHES B U X I Wresfling: f Feafherweighf-Saslr. fDefaul+l Ligh1weigl'1+-Saslx. WeHerweigh+-Alberia Middleweighf-Saslr. Lighi-Heavyweighi-Alberta Heavyweighf-Alberfa Boxing: Feaiherweighi-Saslr. fDecisionl Lighfweighf-Saslr. IK.O.l R T L I Welferweighi-Alberia fDecision, Middleweighf-Sask. fDecision, Lighf-heavyweighf-Albeda fK.O., HEBVYW6igh+1AIbEFfB lDecision, I - - - 2 - - - 3 - - ln+ervarsHy Wresiling Team 220 The cameraman cafches Bearcais a+ praciice BE RC BLI G A liHle crowded, isn'+ if Herb? .XZ 1 'l N Sfeady .Now - - - McCreary, Wa'Hs, Heiberg, Belo+, Dennis and Siegal Ihand shoulder sfand 22l ' a f a- inq- . h, ,, -'rf -,-, U P ,- Q A. , i , ,. h",."Q, . M ' i ' if 3 W 'I' D F4 r fel 'M' X 1 I Q 7 ,. M' Q 'I' v , Mfg .f f it X! " L K . I- M 51 'lt an ,, 1-'M .. ax r ox, M ,F J' - -' rf 1 ' Y Nwfkfr, I ww ff 1 ,Qtr . f 21 ,,, ,ge Y ,Q , 1, , ' R14 Au 1, H inf.: C, W .: .I Wi., 'A - If ,gd lvwp-f :if . 5 f. . ry, .4 X , , 0 ' - 1 ' .QW . 'GSM4 5 Ag J L 1 4 K , .'..-yr , .f- ', my ,f-" L - , 'VVS W Z f- -4' , ,f 'liar . 1' A ,f w coil? HIT U. of A. Ski Team Crowsnes+ Pass Meef Champions H Tl - Leff 'ro righf-Norm Raulf, Don Dick, Fred Cummer, Bob Turner, I1 Bob Suiherland, Clarence Haakensfad ,LHB Eligibles for fhe Universi+y of Alberfa Skafing Team 222 Lively acfion 'fealured in Women's Inlerfac. Sporls WUlVIEN'S INTERFAC SPORTS MISS JOHNSON Head of Women's Sporls R E S U L T S : Golf Swimming I. Ann Carmichael I. Educalion 2. JSGFI IVIOEFGI' House EC- lvlary Clarlc I le 3. Nellie IvIcClung Archery . I. Elva Pofler Tennis 2. Doreen Chrisla I. Nancy Collinge 2. Belly Thompson Badminlon Doubles- Volleyball I. Evelyn Bird and Joan Gardener I. House Ec. 2. G, Rymer and Nancy Collinge 2. Educalion 3. Frances Ivlealxin and V. Ivlilchell Singles- B'3Ske+ball I. Nancy Collinge I. House Ec. 2. Evelyn Bircl 2. Arls 3. Belly Thompson Rose Bowl llnlerfacully Championsl: Household Economics 223 QQ MMM.. V 'f ,FTP 'I iff 'i NN f 'ff ...I .JR I Lx., 71459 Engineers . . . Winners of In+erfac. Soccer The rebound from a 'Free sI1o'r A sI1o+ from +I1e fronf of fI1e Icey ME 'S I TERFA, SPORT R E S U L T S : Hockey Baskefball Playoffs: Playoffs: I. Engineers 2 I. Agriculfure 2. Geology 2. Commerce Agricullure Engineers Arls Pharmacy Leading scorers: Leading scorers: I-Iume-38 poinis Garclin-I2O poinls Boclnar-33 poinls Toole-IO9 poinI's Louglneed-26 poinfs Ralclili-IO4 poinfs Soccer I. Engineers 2. Geology 224 Back Row lleff fo righfl-Peggy Blundell, Mary Miller, Ruby Anderson, Marie Schwarfz, Kay Mcphail, Rufh Gauld, Helen Eclcerf, Herb MacLacl'1lan Froni' Row-Marion Brown, Evelyn Silk, Doris Morrison, Joan Arnold, Kay Tanner, Doris ,Neufer Marie Schwarrz -fakes +oss wi+l1 N Army DA and Navy sfarlef l Acfion in Panda League Ga mes in Afhabasca Gymnasium 225 TR -MUR , i fi? ,J JIM HARPER Low gross in golf Assiniboia Residence vs. Hue Delxes NANCY COLLINGE Winner of Ladies Tennis Cos+a goes up JIM HUME Men's Tennis Champ ITENS INDIVIDUAL AND TEAM RESULTS Golf-Winner linclivicluall Jael: Brown lDelle Upsilon Fralernilyl Winner lleaml Plni Kappa Pi Izralernily Tennis-Winner lindividuall Jim I'lumo Cross Counlry-Winner lindivicluall Laurie MacLean IDel+a Upsilon Fralernilyl Winner lleaml Della Kappa Epsilon Fralernily Baskefball-Winning Team-Dennis Team. Allwabasca Residence Runner-up, Campus Co-op Talole Tennis-Individual Winner, Ken Grierson Winner llearnj-S+. Joe's College. I-lenry Singer Troplwy-For llwe 'ream gaining grealesl number of Team poinls- Della Kappa Epsilon Frafernify lvlolor Car Supply Trophy-for llwe individual poinls-Ken Grierson Mo Lyons direding inframural fable fennis 227 I+'s more Iilre a forward pass W ' V1 , 5 S+ ff:- EILEEN CROOKES WILDA FITCH 'YY OF 'Y 6 UNIQUE 9 -a-1 :rf-.1 rg - h 'J-AEE? -351. Q: :DJ . , is vii' . f . "Pe , x T2 -1 tit , J' 1- 15:92 'L if I r l if 11 " 1 . fi 1, 5 V 4.3 - ci 4, 'Y 43 , 5 v , 5-' 1349 .5 fi . lr 5 fi, S' ' 1 i p . 75115 r-.75 537 'C .-.1-: J af QS n. ,fa ,V 11 'asf Q2 ff Lrg frgs gi I S-L-Q5 51 fix 4s:fwf'l4Q ri ,JN iff! ,ff 13 NJN? .bgii 1,15 I-'Tl ' .. 'H ,Ri ,'-yi, A -4 ,K W .YA i. 1' T15 ,A ,N . lv' 1 il ,n 'I' wi 'E :1 u "Qi xi . -.' , If ji i .. 'QM M-rg" 'r ,.: ,J KH?-fe. , . '1 v' 1 . A ff! ,Q 9 0 E WELCOME F ROSH WEEK SCHEDULE TUESDAY- EvQningWCl-mngg Yum- Own Artxvily Night. WEDNESDAY- Afu-rmmn-H.-cl,-plirm in Pembina for Lhe Fresh- L-tlva, 3 till 5 p,m, , Eveningflar-p Rally and bonfirug wus! of grid, 7:30 p,xn,, frrllmved by dance in Varsity Rink, THURSDAY- AflvrnuonfTea Dance, Erl. Gym, 2:30 till 5 p.m. EveningAPrcslclc-nfs Adclrebs tulhe Fmsh Educa- tion and Engineering. 72303 all mln-rs, 8:45. FRIDAY- Eveniug-Wauncita Hike for freslwttes, nw-Pts at Arts Bldg, 'I pm. Sm-,kcr for freslxrnen, Med 142. 7:00 p.m. SATURDAY- Evening - Frosh Mixer Dancu, Varsity Skating Rmk, U-12 p.m, Frush Court. 61 .7 4513! l 1. I v I . ,lm M 9 MW ,. Aldllffldjcj 4u0' Xa f14,f,1 ,4,ff',,6C7pf JH, V-QA., 1' lf Vf2fL4,,f61, fd6L+'1fCfcf E'?.f Fresfzie Week Rio! of Fun For U Studenfs 1 Freshman froliced at a real dance held in their honor ati :the Education Building Gym! l'I'hursdny aiYe!'noo!L Moral Eilmn 600 first 5'-:ar stuflemsj eslttired in feathers and Xloil-1-j gczlciths attendedxtlw fuxvpack-P gi-x aftex-mon, 5 Q Ifnallwrs huhfxfd as the h'eS?xis'Sl ffiiiriieipslecl in vnngo limi. srgutsrcl idsince-s. nowliy dana-as and Smkcv Jonas nusnbem lmzvs nu-re an-M-,J-' rd Mxnxwrs ol baggy mute' con- lcsfh :mel xwcslex' coutcfu, 101: 'Vhlre in :lunge nf unem- iinm wvrr 'Ile-m Walsh, clxan'zn.4'x nf Frmmnxu lrxcrwluuixrsu Week. luv, Wood und .lynx Hier. Rcfrcshnwnif were' sr-fvml by rnomlwrs of tin rnmmlllvv ln charge- which lnrludusx llrny Muxvlsmu, Barbara Hanetml and Max Smllh - tx .4 3 lllwyuvrnlz-AS wsnwn rcllnfmzd ra thc nity Vic-Llru-,-ziuy and 'l'hu1'sdn3: lo enroll nl :wmur clzlhars S! ine Umvcrsny of Allsurhw, 1 Among Calgurian-1 nhu reoeniiy returned were Catharine Dlckuv, Dura-cn Pm-ter. Nlsrgaret Kcmriigl Joan Arnuld, Eleanor MacDo:x.xld. Lois Porter. Sue Samir-r .mu Shnron Sprung. Others returning were Nnucy .Imm Ynrk. Kinmbx-x'lC5', BC. Audv rev PaUersun.- Llfihbxldggx Shlrlvy Wllmxx Norma Ryan, Pinrvlxcr Crvck and .Toy Rnsccl Rrxl Dvvr. a . ' .Q Fx-:zxlxeltes altvnclmg Qlxv L'nivz'r-3 my of Alum-In will don blue 'zensl ,ami plrlirl mhlrts for the annual Wau- 'Wahl hike Frldax' vvvning, q .iw ru-s-cl: will mer! in thf' Arte 'roiumln nf 7 pm, l'fu'thu1l'f'kln!hei vznrsllv uulclnnr wxhin, Led by Mary lxhfrrlson, V Wmsnceiin prcsidmxf, 'Dei In-oshics will learn the songs an-lf 'vhnvrs ni U, ol A, and mm-4 mem-w lbcrs nl um Xvmuwim 1-xocuuvf: 4 Refrc-Qlrnxc-nts wrll he served Anx- inil the waning More than 200 stu- dvnrs are exonulcd to nlkend. Marv 'Murrlsnn is heading the cmnnxflterc ,ln :barge nf arrangexnems which :rl- Icludes Kay Tnnnbr. Peggy Reu- 'drick and Dnroihyg Husband. J Varsity 2VHxer Dance 4 ? . FROSH i Freshie Party 3 ,200 Students to fam Varsity Rfink e Las! Event of Freshman Week U C2 .A mixer glance in the Varsity Rink Saturday evening wgll ring down the curtain on a. week of wonderment for, hundreds of freshmen enrolled at the University of Alberta' More than 1,200 studentsfare expected to jam the rink for lthaclosing event of Freshman Introduction Week. ' U. of A's mixer dance is an institution in itself. It's the yearly gathering where everyone meets everyone else, Ac- qudiniances are renewed. frindships are made. It's the dance A to which everyone goes and about which everyjqne talks for jherestofthetenn. 'Q""" ' Student! arrive In pairs. gn sinus nr came ln groups of A dozen-ml ,mom But upper-classmcn wwe 514: go stag for 'chances of ngeviiqmg, Qbtxdlee ol people are ihal- muuh, vgteafer. V f X948 version or the- dance will lgquaw an mann meme. sag Chief flnm Walsh, chairman ot the weeks 1 aetlvlty. 'will be master-af-new Lmoalgs with priges galore for win- 9 lycra ol novelty dances. A tom-tum trot, IGIIIIIIHWY Iango, warrlorfi' waltz will be amen! the mania 'games dlnlug the three hours ef 1 Freuhles and upper-clxsmnen will i Us on a penimican prow! durlng Intermlgsion Kb: coke:-and dough- mm X . . ,Gly4 yellowgaud are fealheq .hldkhe ytllow printed een lolui N ith: will bbspworn la me lu! N in Saturday Qyfnezhbera ol :qi ,A hmm dau 414948. Alterrislz table mixer the distinctive d V' 2 Q1 fin! year students will be pack- 5 ed in math! hills Io serve as a re- , lmlndsr ol Inu-oducuon week 1948 I-'jllqllim hour of tho program will A "gxb'i'0ldBl8f over CKUA Salm-day 2 ' w ,gn fruhiulrom various palnll tlxfoughdut the province will be interviewed. When UIQ clocks'-111122 .12 nzrbllnrlous and hoolle week 51111 have some xo A elqxe. but lw kink um wm be my-miherea wi ,einlvmlu ui .ww-u uuumuq 1 naritooonjxe. j zeibm Nhlsh hendnht' Q ge ul nrrqtom Dir lllgk " f...m-fl r .. Wauneita bquaws I Hold In Sl-n t .uf 11,4 wmv :hp Y! v,-' H50 W:mnr!!.4 mlm Nw 4-..nw Y' 1. A N.. lf,-.. 'ulmt'-wh . 5.0.4 ..,1,,... F1-I HW 'rm Min.: T"- Miwnr 'L nv-WU1 Tl., -,w. Uh va .hyd mi fm 1-1, fu' Rx.-'fm' rf. in ,,f,.l.,,x Iv. :11..'mg hw.-A hI.:nl v 1 nx .I mf x- U V, .1-L lhfj WMI- H110 VQ' f 'Q ,fix cf: , jo IN 1 '.m-,..n of mf mm-ff, -md Mm w- funk uve: Lu thu lurk rxmhi-1 in atzons ,nn rmrdvd an single file io the fini! of dm fuur cmnplh-ea where Sopho- liqur presented umm- Chief Suu-rnv. - 1-nah bmw with za ff-aiher, symbol of llghbhuurlcdnnss. 1 M nw two smxeceuding fires, pros- pnunvv uilwswunxen were given lqwxb, aymbolb nf toil and invested mth :iw Order uf the Blanket by ' I' and Senior .lunmr Clue! 'lumw Chu-I Hucband. f Wim: dw Gr-em, Counenl fire was mm-hr-11, :muh Wamrwiffa brave cast hex' Lariat fum the flames niter being plvfdgf-A hy Gr.-at Chief Lee in obey :JI Nm tribal hnvzs. Wzumeim Cmumexellmfsaz MHS M F Bvkfr Mrs H T, Spm-by mu! Mm! NI, Pnl 1. lv mlm! ws-ro nfiici - The hfg nl by Chiu "U gh ff mf' ,. ik, .ldf if Aww ,MM L1 ci ,f x0 ,,.,1,J UM A 7 Sirrsmon, Mm. Il. . z -, . " ' rick at- N-UMW ECQWNG 1 M HO DANCE I Alumni Da lHr1fm-wlmnqf S I IL VU? ANN! VERSAR Y crm '23 DC? O ATHABASKA DINING HALL P-00 n rn. Norm D I vows Off-'mlm Coffee will 50 P I D I Z f wfvezl Io '23 G ' emblno or 1030 p rn, mm ln 'vm ntarloqal I I 00 D0 .r Payson ,- Z9 -145-fa' if-lv .Fil ,dc WMM 6 6022 FSQ C2001-Fu fda" X25 'ffffff E E -,A R E 1 .Lua .ry Wifi fj fZf77ffMfa4f f 61, if 19, WL 0r'c,p6 Xirngrans ACADENHC PEibCE5S1ON o CANADA THE mvocmrorl Reverend Dr. Edward J abez Thompson, NLA., BD ., ?bD. REPORT or THE PRE-SYDE-NT 'ro corwocpmow oamw DEGREE ow CONFEBEUNG OF HON DOCTOR OF LAWS Honorabhe James Angus Macliixmor-, P.C. Presmud by HuxxoimbXc 3, C. Bowan Dr. Nbert Ernest Archer, CBEA, MB., FB.C.5.QCj , LLD. Yresenxzd by Dr. E, P. Student THE CONVOCATTON ADDRESS Honor abXe James Angufv MacKmDox1,P.C. ANNOUNCEMENT OF AWARDS OF SCHOLABSHXPS. YYUZE5 AND NKEDPJ-5 '.g' A' x PRESENT ATXON OF DXPL-ONL55 CONFERBXNG OF DEGREES QQ? The Presentation QZALL The Hedge jf 6 Admission 1555-C! V 96: THE KXNG The GOD SAVE 'P-ECESSXON 1014166 . Wy 'a 34532 . ve si.. 36. 3277 Z' 7 ,, ,of X, ,Q , 'ne-,. C14 ali., ffl , Q ,Ja A H31 - Zi ffl' ,He . M eg efh: 1 .link 1 .1 .M , A me 4 ,667 9 -401-.,,,Qq1a4r?7 kfivxu -xi ,- rs ' Ceremony i F-ionducted -Thursclay ' iStolen Cornerstone ggliiimdggrggfyoly. chm- ' , Recovered In Time 9 F Cornerstone of the Rutherford Memorial Library was laid ceremonieb held Thursd ' 'afternoon Bl ' . Following a brief cere 'ny in Convocation Hall at 3 pm., proceedings continued at the north-east corner of the library. ,Lieut.-Gov. J. C. Bowen'oHiciated at the actual laying, and rledication was pronounced by Dr. Edmund J. Thompson, prin- cipal of St. Stephen's College. For some time Thursday morning University officials feared the cere- mony would beidelayed by disap- ipearance of the cornerstone. ! - At 12:30 am. Thursday lin: Gate- jwiy .was informed that a group of fabou! 15" people hid removed the 'half-ton stone from Qhc library site. lliamersby returning zo University ences reported seeing the group. leved to be University studeulx, gozrrying the comerswne from its mixing place, shortly before mid- C. hymns nzcovmran I, Extensive search by coemruvvion Eajnd University officials led to dis- yoovery of the heavy granite shone Iaear a fire escape av. the rear of St. :Stevia College about 9:30 Thursday Hon. Mir. Justice H. H4 Parlee, chairman of the Universiiy board of govemors. told the audience he saw the library as "a monument in a very great mlm." Further praise for Dr, Rutherford! efiorts in estab- lishing the University was delivered 5 2 1 P 1 4 morning. , f' 1'rack.s in the snow near thef ilibrary. revealed that the stone was ,lifted from the ramp ai the corner yd the building onbo n hand sled o l .smell cart. Trail of the 'dart showing ,that die heavy loud wins dragged: down 90 avenue in lwsrrecx, then' 5 lane between 87. and SEI ave the: - 2:55 to the rear I St. Steve's Col- 3 ibgsoovery of the oomersinne vias, :made by burner of the Unlveruity. pl. M. Whiddon, and H, B. Jamiceign, ' uperinvendent of Works for Qhc the library and prepara one Stan: was restored io gor- the ceremony were gmiinucd. ' our 1 Th afternoon! ceremony 1 ibdninllelmg ln Con Hill at 3 gm., ith drfiffnlroduction by Pmsi enh .be Jlewton. 'The Ruihnx-ford, Library will play an im- ll ff 4 in mwluugncavi f i 'very hear: of thpi ni- : ' , ' Z V ffl - th hle! ld r. m..'L,5',.:,".,2fr':f 8 4' 4' um pronident Il I br 1 - 'Bio nnsexnhly. . mm., . v. li Q no - uw P' V one A., ' 4 f noni A fggxrd,-f , fo - At the library site Hon. J, Ci Bowen unveiled the cornerstone and afficiaied in the actual laying. The Lieut,-Gov. cold the cmwd gathered at the building that ihe library would be n "symbol to those coming after." It was a for cry, he sera,- from the 1909 cor ny when ihey "picked their WSW fhrought the brush at the lirsi. sod turning" to begin construction on rho Univer- sity, ' Placed in the cornerstone by the Lieut.-Gov-:mor was a lironze cylin- der uonlaixiing a program of the aftemourfs ceremony, a copy of The o ff -f ll f N s 1 f U 1 .1,, K' il L 0.5 4 ,A '31, lf A f .XV - ,.,, .1 ,I H. FLW, 1 If . I rr ' an , f Gateway, and a Thursday edition of rl city neyvspaper, ' LIEU rem, bw TENANT ' abhvr. 'GOVERN .OR .L C 966 16 o ' ' ' "W New -6 Bo ur.,.,,, WEN I Cam 1fL,,1 1 niversit lsslon F or S Bishop Stephen Neill Of The M Church Of England To Conduct The Mission On This Campus Mission Program Theme: "GOD'SI"EAKS IN 1948" Saturday. November 27- T:30-8:0fl-Men's Faculty Club 1 A Topic. UASIA. THE C0 ' Sunday. Novi-mber 28- NTINENT OF HOPE." 111uoe1s.oo.h1ehrepe1nen chu i A rc 1, 3100- 4:00-Tea, Athabaska 7130- 8:00-All Saints' Callzeclral, Mundny, November 20- IOIOO-11100-Convocalion Hull. 4 I Topic: "HAS GO D ANYTHING TO SAY1"'1 Smdenu who have mmpulsary attendance rlme-cs al this hour will rrcvivc uxcmpliun il they whh to nfl:-Tri un- nnefsen. me, -1--dem who he-Wim mae ex.-mpiheh .neun obmin n card from the Assistant Registrar as M 4 enters Ihe Ilnll. . :md rvlurn ihc completed vard hehe!! Imving. 11:00-12:00.-Senate Chamber, ' 2:30- 3:30-Senate Chamber. 3:3O- 7 -'lleaz Mis Simpson. Wauneiua und Pembina e House Committee Exccntive, 7230- 8:00-Medical Building. 142. I 3 Topic: 'WVIIO IS THIS JESUS?" ' Tuesday, November 30- ' -- I ' 10:00-I1:00-Senate Chamber. N 2:30- 3:30,-Scnaie Chamber. ' 4:00- 5:00-Sponsored by Eduzaiion Und. Society. 1 7:30- 8:00-Medical Building. 142. F Topici 'AMAKE UP YOUR MIND3' ' -Wednesday, December 1- 3 10:00-11:00wSenaxe Chamber. 2 30 1 - 3130-seneie chamber ' 3-30- - , 4:30-Coffee, Fraternilies. - A 7:30- 8:00-MediCAI Building, 142. I" Toplct "LIVING AS A CffRISTIAN." 9:00-10:00-'Coffee Cafeteria f' fee, rf-ivgqnsesm.-as :Q-:E :..,h :wfgfx-if -' Ei sr.-..: 11' ""s"' 4.7 44-5-z4.fZL2' f if I I ff ffffb fifdfu fgfg'if'P New I f el, e 5 ,Z MSSIQE sem. 9 we 'wee vfjgnnelj Q: eh., Q' 'wa in if diy ' ru 'Wk H :7 4-f'f'ii3,?s '5i?"'w W3 iw 7-H f-'brim '11Peu,,g"U Huh One, dom' bl-Yllo "' meh," use JN- ale ,mia uf 00:5 'I for 1951-, ifhexx we evndjlfgiaend Ives., gg 'Shed ,' 'Nam me can 'L' at muffin' -1, sim guy Is. 5. is shamed, to uns I f R A th A e-edt.. H N 5 :Ly imvmnff th Nffllw' umlbhopi Q35 ,261 NehIIn,'3sDm,J,P,n1l1 eedfyh hee 'ezfhe if .. ,o nz 11:01 I-'mn Wake URM fu' and ' hop? Qvh-mf Us n C, 9 Yau, Wfj-frees K 772 ..whnsL's21,igtu.jbfm?m',, fgmdhg .""-'keg 'mblecg Javuslffli' On gff' plekdijmwu bf! mee . ms 1 ..,'1ue ,I . Iubsfmd ?o'2S'ii'ff:l2f1"x11el:eld"5'0'1 1 gsm fijvf an :'U"m.c"m'v ., .Vs Bisgw' le. hum, P time, 5' -eff? NQZEU' '- :egg of . ,,,,.. "'w,,k fl U ndergrads Vliennesel Nights I 7: ,Q 1 new Forrnql Danoe I Saturday Even! l 1 , A mvhalcnl mal! mm xuvfr nm 'irnmrd umlmh n black bnrxgmn, lwhl Ima n mmnimr nixnc--.phrfr like Drllx Han nn rn- Lrmivw Album famous Sawrnh-,' e-win. Mom mm 150 muy-sm an New lm menu ilir :wma em .e'- , - mum In om vi-me Replacing Ihr imfr :ei dunno of fn-.1hm4n. mpimmm. junior elusen in pun ye-hr. nnderlradunu dmc: ulu bean h PM nm, 4 Hn, L. 0, Thomas. Mm I. E laws. un. W. 0. H-my. hue: n ET. sunny ma Mm umm sz, Jtmpwn have been invites in pril- lwnm me unix, Q The three cum execuum me In charge ol lrrAlwmnf'nu for ihr diner. Mr. Reg Tumor is presi- dent ul lhn junior: and his exvru- uvn includes NIU N ' -N., , W N V e MN, In F b N .. few! . s ormn Fleaderel 11 9:3 ,Q num, ur. mmm warmer, im-h, . ,br by - 'Y-e rr-nw Lihue. ur, emo zum-he. Teo, 'fig llonm :mi ur, Corll Camel. 3 he ' 'A ,M I Mvznbeu ex bn' xmnmerf nun Ig All 6,5 ,executive lnriuds Mr. Rnymnndf mad 001, 67'-f-.. kxum, pre-zesehv., And me-. Jem , ' th., .N-"rrl:. Mu- Mer!.'urt Rzlchlr, Mr., , N ,l 1-.N rl-hrvry Ilodnu, Mr. PM-A Scan arm ,7 ls! E' Uy. 'X-..- Mn, nam- innclnnvm 3 r 7 gT e m - Lk. Da.-1 rszmmevu n pro-Bdmrl CZ? 61,5 I , X"'?-"4""'J Q' . 'Xxx H of me fi-eh,-.hh-eh fs.-1 em his nh- X 21,4 . parm- xvvfim-e xx-u muy 'l'hnm:v- f 8415 -- "' bca, Mm Aw-me mmefwn, Mr. -e '- -re.: when hu. we-he ram., ang QL ff 63, hmawu ami Mr John Clmlol. 2 I ' X-.., e 'R--. x' N.. NGN . .N QNX-Q, 2 e,?7f'Zfa' X 1 1 tl 1 I 5, 43 3. y b rnrlamaiinn V TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERNV Fellows, girls and shmoos, -Lend me your ears I come to give the gals their chance Not to date them. The evil that men do lives after them The .od A ' ' ' go is oft inferred with their eyes fDon't let it fool youll So let it be with she-mules. The noble Col. Hawkins Hath decreed fif it isn't so you can sh - jThzit she-shmoqs shall have their day. ,lt has been so, is it a grievous fault? 'But eagerly have women exploited it Here under leave of Hawkins and the ,For Hawkins was an honorable man , So were they all, all were honorable men iCome I to speak in Hawkins stead. For he was a fiend, faithless :md unjust to males When Lh t th a e males have fled, women have leapt De-fence should be made of barbed wire! lYou all did hear that on last Hawkins Day One Adonis tackled thrice did thrice succumb Now let it not be so! They all did chase them once, not without paufs ,What Qlaws withhold you now, she-males from chase .Oh judgment! thou wt fled to brutish beasts And men are now in season. Flee with me 'My 'heart is in my mouth and I out me. dearlj best must pause till it come back to me. Fur ' ' ther thou shalt take notice I am the director of Waw-Waw. . ' 111 Thou shalt not employ unethical means before me. i 223 Thou shalt not to thy date disclose th 37 , y name , Honor his father and his mother Q41 Remember thou be ' aggressive even unto the end of Waw- ' Waw Q Q53 Thou shalt not maim nor bruise 7 C61 Thou shalt not commit thyself unduly C75 133 . if Qi my V data 1 fee., -Q, -f '7' Skunk Hollow .ey Sl-XDR o-Eels Plan 1 Thou shalt not make off without thy wallet , 183 Thou shalt not covet thy girl iriend's date a 191 Thou shalt not run short of nerve Cc.-rust that isl. 1003 Oh ye of heavy honor "Don't Stand 'Em Up." K Now, you both know the rules, On with the brass knuckles, Nab the phone. Come out dating--and let every shmoo be paired. - ' , ln Witness whereof, l, Les Warden, Minister of Feminine Affairs, have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal. LESLIE R. WARDEN. K y ic a omline ln me presence of ul an mmm n the mme time and an no V signed. huhilshrd :ma ammo b o 1 . memes and in me presence or meh Lauer pnd who al hh request have hexnunte subscribed our name, Q Daisy, Bftsplk, Sum. S sglgm 1'aC6QU 'Y f ui . ' l- , E swf Wmxlmni 0, ,tn H l .d..,,M .ia v"' me ., M.. . ee V' M .aw lv K l ,N . .md HMG, tix Ulm V Vqqiwd 3 , V' u.,,...,, wi mm num.,-v 0' .3 gi- nf the cumin iio well co weitezh of Alisex-ta Co-ods ifelelariife "Wai:-. Cnr the mm. , and Suu- nud the protessoro too, fwlivlpmim men- mn. coffee M nltnough decreed - .H FOY in in the lust I0 Q0 am. popu- pmfea. r . Suited automa- when earl U ie: WSLY1, Q-.4 .4 Degyln 401,15 ei Plzlrlg th darn' wi , l ull. and rrle with Sunday students ii xg. QC 3, is 5' A L and St. of Wnw-Waw festivi- Tdlsrdeni Q i 17 ll . 1 1 cf ' ' 1 1 ' .X V ' 1 -- - -- -1 1 -- 1- ,r iff ,f -' - , 0 f ' .11-Ulf XI' V 1 Lf -,,.V3, Q Horses And Artsmen F all . 1- ,fy -11-18 Q ,f 'Y 5 ff, f, - VV XV V X If X 111 f 1 , .f 0 UC Il IIICEYS llet f - ' -1 1. - 1 2 f I .R - - ',1- , , 1V -A ga - '1 I 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I1 Z5 K K 5 l r ' :Q ' N ' 'Mui .11f1x' 11.-11111 1, 1 H1 .1111 '111-- x.. :.111... 1 1.1 ,111 ' ' ' -' -Y - - -- 1 '11 - - ', , I V 1 .1 1 .- 111.-111' 1211112511111 511111111 -1 1.1-11.1 11111 111111.11111 1.1 1v1.' 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K: '.'..f?-5 ag , -,I . ,0,J15Sx5xff4'ffN' - , -vnwzmf x ff .':.'521.-',aff,.17? : V- . ,LM xfvgiifkj ,ig gg V, V A Quarter - Century QT ervice The grOwTh OT a business Through a gene-raTiOn depends On The eTTiciency wi+h which iT meeTs The needs OT iTs cOmmuniTy. Service TO iTs cus- Tomers, high quaIiTy OT prOducTiOn, uTilizaTiOn OT every new develOlOmenT in prOducTive Tech- niques and improved equipmenT-These are The ingredienTs OT successTui grOwTh. From a small beginning, aimOsT ThirTy years ago, This planT has expanded TO meeT The prinTing needs OT an expanding cOmmuniTy, gaining and re- Taining The cOnTidence OT an ever-increasing number OT valued cusTOmers. nsrwwfws- mm vm Eliza? . ..i Commercial Printers LIMITED EDMONTON ALBERTA 244 There Is No uhstitute tor Quality Prouci ot our craftsmanship in all phases ot photography, art Woriz ancl photo-engraving, We employ only the tinest ot proven techniques and testeci materials. Year Books, Advertising B rochures, Newspaper Illustrations, Cuts for all Advertising Purposes. ffeeping step witiz Ecimonfon is Progress We are constantly expanciing our facilities to provicle greater etticiency anci superior quality. ' ix 'inf 'WG I uusmsuo mmmumlxvirxnasnsxnnusCAIAIUGUHZADVIRIISINGI . IS Catalogue ,Hua ,Q I -X wg I -. I A F5 Illustrations, IR-I5 X QW 55 H B Q I - all is Alf l isa.: Fa-Sm' - - II Footwear, HOUSE Z LI ITED Equipment ARTISTSPHOTOGRAPHERS LITHO-DESIGNERSLENGRAVERS and Machinery. GRAPHIC ARTS BUILDING 9523 JASPER AVE. EDMONTON 245 ,, H ...ig fl I .- . . .3 1. i f Lf 1: 443' , . - fi. .'f ' J . X' 4 ' .4..:!'3?3"t.':kZ 'V' ' o r if 5 'Y " 2 aw. W - . ,sl ' 5 e, . 3.1 Ley. - 3. , 7 -ns.-1, 4' ' ' I . - . qi Hofw's your I Q? iIMY HV I0 A NIIHWI OUIADDWI Most students could pass this test without too much trouble. But there are other tests in life which can be passed much more easily with the help of a inan- cial reserve. Why don't you start prepar- ing today for tOl'l'10I'1'OWiS oppor- tunities and needs by opening a savings account at 'tMy Bank". ANK or MONTREAL Canaclafs First Bank Edmonton Branch: Thomas Dickson, Mgr. 118th Ave. Branch: Clifford Waller, Mgr. 97th St. Branch: Arthur Clanfield, Mgr. WRITES 300 NMORDS WITHOUT DIPPING Otters a Choice ot 33 Precision-Made Points tor Every Writing Need The Esterbrook DIP-LESS' PEN writes 300 words or more without dipping, can't Iealt. won't tlood, has a visible ink-tountain well which, once filled, lasts tor months. ,"Reg. U.S. Patent Ottice. Canadian Distributors: THE BROWN BROTHERS LIMITED Established I8-46 IOO Simcoe Street TOFOHTO WORKING WITH CANADIANS IN EVERY WALK OF LIFE SINCE 1817 Abell, Treva V. Amundsen, Arthur W., 134 Arnskov, Mary Bakewell, Charles E., 91 Abercrombie. William D. Anderson, Alan R. Aseltine, Bjorn H. Balde1'St0n, JOIIH H. Aboussaiy, Edmund P.. 125 Anderson, Audrey P.. 95 Asp, Douglas M. - Balderson, Robert G., 78 Aboussafy, Louise A.. 174, 65 Anderson, Barbara J., 78 Asplund, J. Malcolm Baldwin, Donald R., 161 Abramowich, John, S1 Anderson, Douprlas A.. 133 Asplund, Russell O.. 65 Baldwin, Mathieu, 129 Acheson, Ross K. Anderson, Edith Asquin, Marcel C.. 107 Balfour. James D. Achtymichuk, John W.. 97 Anderson, Gladys G. Atkin, Howard G. Balfour, Kay E.. 91 Adair, William B. Anderson, Harold D.. 57 Atkin, Merton G., 107 Balke, Walter, 113 Adam, George, 113 Anderson, Jean M., 97 Atkinson, Thomas P., 65 Balko. Joseph, 149 Adams. Douglas A., 92 Anderson, Kenneth O., 125 Attrell, Kenneth S., 65 Ball, Edward T. QSHIHS. Slliglleylcli'-N lgnflelson, lljlorne W., 113 Attrux. Laura M. Ballachey. John M., 152 amson, ona .. 142 nc erson, ary J. M.. S1 Auck. Herbert R.. S6 . . Adamson. Terrence W., 127 Anderson, Mary K., 138 Audell, Eugene C. Jgigaf Af49 Ady, David S. Anderson, Mavis R.. 104 Audenaertv Edward WH TS Blmnernaan Robgft B 36 Aikenheacl. Donald Anderson, R. Ross, S6 Augtin, Frances J,, 107 Bqmist Kgnneth A 57 Aitken, David E.. 125 Anderson, Valerie J., 107 Bgu,,u,o,Q And 115' Aitken, Wm. J., 134 Anderson, Roy C., 81 Bah ,k B, E Barflcog' A hifzjditg S1 Albers. Joyce Anderson, Ruby O., 107, 225 B ,lioici 1366121 Bain, k' Sine hen J' Altman, Marcel J.. si Andi-ekson. A.. 65. 34 at ' en " 2 ' E ' D ' Albrecht. Ulrich A. Alcorn, Isobel Aldrich, John E. Bain, Gordon A. Aldrich, J. H.. 159 Alexander, Edward L., 129 Alexander. Thomas A. Alho. L2lu1'le O.. 125 Allam, Henry J. F., 57 Allan, David M., 129 Allan, Edward B., 91 Allan, Edward J., R6 Allan. James F., 65 Allard, Herbert A. Allen, Douglas N., 133 Allen, Walter L.. 129 Allen, William. R. Allenby, G. M. Alley, Albert Allin, George E., 65, 142 Andres, Robert H. Andreasson, H. P., 155 Andrews, Donald C., 91 Andrews, Peter A., 57 Andrews. Peter Andruski. Nick. 97 Aneus, William R., 113 Angus, Ronald W. Antlitf, Harold R. Antonenko. Irene J., 143 Antoniuk, Andrew, 183, 62 Appelt. Felix W., 129 Apnelt, Marcus V., 129 Appleton, Mavis J. Appleyard, John. 97 Ai-beau. Arthur M.. 65 Archibald, Blaine O.. S6 Archibald. Harold D., 113 Archibald, Marion L., 93 Allin, John E., 107 Allison, Edward F., S1 Alloway, Douglas R.. S1 Allworth, Jack C. Alseth. Ralph, 91 Alton. John D'. M., 1-I2 Alwood, Harry R.. 104 Amies, Clare, 113 Amonron, Leslie E. Amundsen, Alan B.. 113 Armstrong. Alfred J., 149 Armstrong, Allan B.. 40 Armstrong, Donald E.. 65 Armstrong, George H., 129 Armstrong, Armstrong Armstrong, Arno'd, Ed John K.. S6 . William S. William T., 141 ward John. 129 Arnold. Joan M.. 93. 225 Arnold. Rohzrt J.. 127 Backstrom. Alvin R., 150 Baert, Denise. 107 Badgley, Lois, 147, 188 Badun. Walter, 125 Badzioch, Joseph Bailley, Howard D., 125 Bahan, Walter G. Bailey, C. A., 97 Bailey. Constance. 107 Bailey, Gwendolyn, 148 Bailey, H., 113 Bailey, Jean E., 107, 78 Bailev, Mamie E.. 141 Bailey, Regrinalcl E., 113 Bailey, William, 78 Bailey, W. S.. 153 Bailie, Marjorie. G5 Bailie, Robert B.. G 5 Bain. Gordon O., 142 Bakaj, Baker. Baker. Baker. Baker. Baker, Balctr. Baker. Baker. 246 Peter J., 65 Donald B., 129 Donald F., 129 Eric J. Howard S. Hugh A., 36, 66 Milton V. M2ll'fIUE1'ltE. 95 Nick Baranyk, Peter, 97 Barber, Frederick R., 57 Barber, Lionel W.. 97 Barber, Norman L., 113 Barclay, John M.. 86 Barilko, Olga L., 34, 66 Frederick M. Barke. Barker, Betty M., S1 Gerald E. Barker. Barlass, Jack L., 149 Barnes, Carolyn L., 8 1 Barnes. David M. Barnes. Lemuel G. Barnett. W. D'., 66 Barr, Walter K., 57 Barron, Margaret, 159 Barron, Walter C. Barss, David L.. S1 Bartlett, Burnett G., 129 Bartley, George A. Bartsch, Maxine M.. 66 Basaraba, Gloria, 104 Basaraba. John, 127 Bassett, Austin D., 57 Bassie. John Batcheller. F. Alan Bates. Arthur L., 66 Bates, John W. Bates, Ormus A. 745 Zan Smadce I I I .Wu , , :wang r use -ef-A1 -- 1 1 -L G-a -, ,:. Efif- "QW .11 TN-- ? . N'-.Z Nay- ' -' ' -Qzoe e 7'- -.,Q-ff-as-SP' A .493-15' -T -sv 3 ,milf-1 f""" ' ,M . -Ham.. -,, . I I . . .., .- . Q . 'Q-ig E afmecm Studia Jim Parker Ron Paquin Jolwn Tenove ' IO9 S+- 1 Pl10l'le 33967 W - . - N gy l The Diamond Engagement Ring, sketched, is typical of BIRKS superb designs and unsurpassed quality. Price 50.00. Free insurance certificate included. 1 THE MACDONA LD A Canadian Nalional Railway Hofel of dislincfion 200 rooms al' moderafe rafes SUPPER DANCES Every Salurday nigl1+ during season SUNDAY EVENING DINNER Aflraclive menus are a feafure of our Sunday nigl1+ dinners. Special aflenlion given fo 'family pariies AIR-COOLED CAFETERIA Modern in every respecl and serving fhe finesf food af popular prices 247 BAHEWELL TEA CUEEEE CU. PIONEER COFFEE ROASTERS Ed monion Alberta 'fi' The Finest in RCA VIGTDR RECURDS ctnsslcnl. POPULAR I U.G.G. Goals For the Farmers of Western Canada... 0 BETTER FARMING O BETTER FARM LIVING 0 BETTER FARM INCOME Many of the 40,000 farmer shareholders and many more customers of the U.G.G. are young men who are iust starting to farm in their own righ'l'. They realize that their progress in the future depends on 'Farmer unity and co-operation and are worlring, together with their fellow farmers, 'ro achieve 'lhese goals through their own organiza- tion . . . CANADNS 'ORIGINAL FARMER-OWNED CO- OPERATIVE . . . United Grain Growers Bath. Margaret E., 147 Batiuk, Lawrence, 104 Batiuk, Walter, 133 Batten, Wilton Baumback, Glen Elroy, 92 Bauman, Melvin K. Bawden, C. S., 97 Bawol, Helen, 93 Bayrock, Victor A., 66 Baxter, P'ercy L. Beacom, Stanley E., 57 Bearisto, Frederick W., 113 Beames, James W., 78 Beamish, Nita M., 147 Bernard, D. A. Beare, Harold T. Beattie, Allan W.. 57 Beattie, David L. Beattie, Mary H., 95 Bedard, Raymond A., 78 Bedford, Ronald F. Beere, Reginald, 97 Befus, Albert Bednar. Joyce E., 104 Behuniak, W. P., 107 Bekker, Anne M. Belik, Ernest Bell, Bruce C., 113 Bell, David A., 176, 63 Bell, Donald D. Bell, Harold E., 141 Bell. Robert F. Bellamy, John W., R1 Bellows, Lloyd A. Belot. Robert, 66 Belsheim, Edwin. 127 Benedict, Russell A.. 63 Benjamin, Ray E., 66 Bennett, David L. Bennett, Graham W.. 91 Bennett, Mary A., 107 Bentley, Donald R., 127 Bentley. Muriel J., 107 Berch. Elmer O. Bereska, Trephonie. 104 Berestovy, William L. Berezuk, L., 107 Berg. Donald E., 183, 57 Berg, Roy T., 63, 183 Bergh, E. O.. 149 Berglund, Rand C., 86 Bergmann, Helen Bergquist, Arthur J. Berlando, Joseph F., 107, 41 Bernard, Donald A., 113 Bernarde, Archel J., 149 Bernhardt, Victoria M., 104 Bernstein, Philip, 145 Berry, Andrew D. Berry Adrian D., 97 Berry, Grover A. Berry, Roberta M., 92 Bertles, Stewart B., 66 Besler, Irvin M. Besney, Maurice Bertrand, Henry L., 129 Bertrand, Norris R. Bewell, Charles E. Bibby, Jean, 147 Bick, Roland W., 113 Bickell, T. A.. 97 Bigg. Walters L., 113 Bilawey, Michael. 198, 107 Bilinski, Sozen O. Biloglovka, William, 125 Binette, Real, 107 Bingley, Charles R., 113 Bird, Catherine, 147 Bird, Evelyn T. Bishop, Albert A., 113 Bishop, Ben A. Bishop, Doreen, 91 Bishop, Maurice D. Bishop, Marven R. Bissell, Erwyn W. Bissett, Lorna H., 91 Bissett, M. Beryl, 66 Bisson, Claude J. Black, Donald, 97 Black, James W., 125 Black, John F., 149 Black, John M., 98 Black, Kathleen, 138, 188, 39 Blackburn, Betty, 95 Blackadar, Murray R., 114 Blackett, Barbara A., 188 Blackmore, David. 62 Blackmore, John W. Blackwood, Robert K., S1 Blades, Dorothy A., 104 Blair, Laverne T., 62 Blair, Robert H. Blair, William, 114 Blake, Evelyn D., 104 Blake, Malcolm R. Blakely, Margaret, 139 Blakely, William E., 129 Blakey, Arnold P., 169 Blaney, E. Bruce Blazouske, Joseph D. Blench, Warwick A. Bliss, Carman A., 145 Blonsky, Joseph A., 78 Bloom, Arthur G., 86 Blundell, Margaret J.. 225. 183. Bober, Marie A., 147 Bobyk, Bruce W. Boddy, Walter L., 145 Bodnar, Harvey Bodnar, Nicholas Bodnar, Nadya C., 104 Bodnar, Robert, 92 Boer, Evelyn D. Bodwaruk, William Boettcher, Arnold S., 129 Boettcher, Ernest N. Bohme, Victor E. Boiko, Alexander Boissevain, W. W., 86 Bollefer, Francis F., 125 Bombardieri, Caurino C., S4 Bond, David F'. Bond, James M., S1 Bonneau, Rita J.. 107 Boorman. Samuel T., 142 Booth. Thomas G., 134 Booth, John L., 92 Boras, John I., 181, 62 Bordula, Alfred L. Boissevain, Walter W. Boomer, Allan B., 66 Borstel, Sonja D., 148 Borwick, Donald S., 129 Botheras, Charlotte. 147 Bothwell. Bette, 177 Bouchard, Lorraine, 104 Boucher, Jamcs E., 129 Boulter, Mary, 139 Bourbeau, Jeannine D.. 104 Bouvier, Damase D., 73 Bouwman, Henry W. Bow, Maxine Bowden, S. T.. 159 Bowen, Donald H.. 152 Bowerman, Irene M., 81, 171, 44 Bower, Margaret E.. 66 Bower. Raymond N., 114 Bowers, John D.. S6 Bowhay, Daisy, 98 248 Bowlen, Bernard, 34 Bowlsby, Cleves Bowman, Gordon, 127 Bowman, Hugh A., 129 Bowman, Roy, 107 Bowron, Joseph B. Boyar, William T., 36 Boyarchuk, Evangeline, 147 Boychuk, Irene J., 91 Boyd, Daphne F., 66 Boyd, Edgar L. Boyd, John, 155 Boyd, Kenneth J. Boyce, Murray S., 133, 34 Boyle, Francis L. Boytzun, Bill, 125 Bracco, John D., 98, 184 Bradford, Melbourne F. Bradley, Doreen M., 36, 36 Bradley, Edwin H., 127 Bradley, Horace T. Bradshaw, Arthur W., 87 Bradshaw, Thomas R., S7 Braithwaite, Thomas R., 114 Brand, Mrs. Velna E., 138 Brander, William, 114 Brant, Glenn S., 127 Bray, Addison J. Bray, Donald W.. 133 Brayton, Darryl M. Brebner, Mary Brechin, Jack D., S7 Bredin, Henry J., 129 Brennan, E. E. A. Brennan, Marion, 137 Brennan, William Bressey, Douglas, 114 Brewerton, Teddy E., 145 Brezer, Henry C., 81 Bricker, Garry M., 91 Brir-kman, W. James, 66 Bridgeman, William E. Brien, Frederick B. Bright, Maurice M., 127 Brinton, Donald C. Brill, John R. Broadfoot, William, 98 Brock, Frank M. Brockbank, Robert G. Brockman, F., 107 Broddy, Leslie A. Broder, Audrey Brooks, W. M., 59 Bronson, Harold E., 86 Brooks, Gordon L. Brooks, Marie, 93, 188 Brosseau, Jeanne, 95 Brouehton, Omar J., 63 Canning, Broughton, William D., 114 Brower, Robert L., 66 Brown, Alice, 66 Brown, Austin Brown, Doris Brown, Donald, 107 Brown, Douglas A., 114 Brown, Douglas L. Brown, Douglas R., 145, 151 Brown, Elaine A.. 66, 188, 34 Brown, Everett L., 66 Brown, George S. Brown, Jack R.. 66, 183 Brown, Brown. John A., 63. 153 John Antliff, 98 Buchanan, Judd, 92 Bucholz, Curtiss A., 129 Buck. Robert J. Buckmaster, Harvey A. Bue, R. S., 114 bunn, Norman W., 129 Burbidge, Pat, 98 bures, Alix I., S1 purge, Charles W. Burke, Isobel, 107 Burke l, Edward W. Burnham, Kay A. Burnlield, Marguerite, 148 Burns, Harold A., 114 Burns Burns Burto , John D.. 129 . Marshall A. n, Leonard James, 57 Campbell Garth L., 92 Campbell Geraldine, 139 Campbell Glenn B. Campbell, Gordon G., 114 Campbell, Hugh, 183, 62 Campbell Ian McL. Campbell Ian W. Campbell Campbell James, 152 James D., 81 Campbell Joan E., 147 Campbell Norman J. Campbell Robert E., 155 Campbell Thomas A., 114 Campbell Venus J., 62 Campbell W. Philip, 57, 46 Campbell Walter G., 114 Lawrence R. B1'own, Peter S. Brown, Marian I. A., 107, 225 Brown, Roy F., 92 Browning, Charles E. Brownlow, Dan P., 107 Brownoif, Albert G., 78 Bruce, Marvin D. Bruce, William R. Bruns, August, 95 Brunton. Joan E., 81 Bryan, Marjorie J., 1 04 Bryant, Charles C., 78 Bryant, Ernest C., 134 Bryant, Keith N. Burton. Margot W. Burwash, Cyril C. Bush, Lawrence H., 129 Bush, Phyllis, 78 Bussard, Leonard, 114 Buxton, E. W., 159 Bye, M. P'., 104 Byrne, Francis T., 152 Byrne, Patrick J. Byers, Alberta. 107 Cable, Ralph M., 140 Cable, Roy P. Cahoon, Nola, 139, 153 Cahoon, L., 57, 183 Cairns, Joyce, 78 Cairns. William B., 67 Chouinard, Clarence Joseph, 1-ll Bryant, Leslie W., 104 Bryant, Joseph E., 78 Buchanan Buchanan Buchanan Buchanan. J., 92 Kathryn A., 78 William D., 37 W. H., 107, 92 Buch ler, Merton A. Buchwald, O. Gordon B., 145 Buehler, M. A., 125 Burchell. John A. Burge, C. W. M., 67 Buie, William John, 78 Burland, Robert G. Burnfield, Marguerite, 148 Burvill, Ralph J. Burbidee, P. E., 98 Busse, Leo R., 78 Butterworth, Kenneth D., 91 Bye. Marshall Perle, 104 Buchwald. Gordon B., 145, 151 Caldwell, Edward H.. 114 Calhoun, Lorne W. Calkins, Jack Calkins. Shirley C., 149 Calouclis, Stavros, 125 Calvert. John M. Cameron, Alan F., 81 Cameron, Brunton G. Cameron, Donald F.. 141 Cameron, Dorothy H., 107, 47 Cameron, Harold P., 127 Cameron, James M.. 92 Cameron, John B., 127 Cameron, Margaret C., 147 Cameron, Mary L., 104 Cameron. Richard C. Cameron. William, 127 Campbell, Archibald F., 125 Campbell. Donald L., 92 Campbell, Doris M., 'IS Capsey. Evelyn, 67, 169, 135 Cardiff, Edith J., 98, 184, 35 Cardy, Richard C. Carlson, Elmer, 87 Carlson. M. E., 127 Carlson, Milton, 125 Carefoot, Evison I. Carlson. James Carlson, June, 95 Carmichael, Anne Carmichael, John W. Carmichael. Peter, 143 Carnochan, Margaret D., 93 Carrick, C. E. Carriere, Norman J.. 81 Carruthers, Robert B., 114 Carson, Edward H. Carter, E. L., 65 Carveth, James Lawrence, 129 Case, William A., 114 Catonio, Albert P. Causgrove, Robert G., 214 Cavanaugh, James P. Cawsey, Robert A. Cebuliak, Nestor J., P51 Cepin, Michael, 62 Chaba, Paul Chalmers, James Chalmers, Henry C. D., 145 Chalus, Walter, 104 Chamberlain, Lloyd Chester Chambers, Edward James. 91 Chambers, Peggy, 148 Chamchuk, N. J., 107 Chanasyk, Victor, 57 Chang, Gan Yet, 133 Chapa, John, 129 Chapman, Frederick Allan Chapman, Fred W., 129 Chapman, Jack Lang, 152 Chapman, Robert S., 107, 98 Charuk, Michael J., 98 Chase, Albert Edward Chatten, Les, 145 Chatwin, James Victor Chauvet, Louis, 57 Chemerenski, Steve, 126 Chemerys, Mary Johanna, 150 Chepeha, Nick, 107 Cherniwchan, John M. Cherniwchan, Mary Cherniwchan. Nickolas Che1'wan, Eileen Helen, 78 Chesson, Shirley Patricia, 147 Chevalier, David Chibree, Alexander Chinn, Geoffery Parry, 129 Chinnecy, Charles G. Chinneck, Chester McRae Chinneck, William, 62 Chiochetti, Roland Lucien, 62 Chisholm, Eion Alistair Chisholm, John Lewis Chisholm, Lois, 67 Chiswell, A. B., 159 Chitrenku, Peter Chmilar, W. A., 114 Cheal. J. E., 159 Choate, Elizabeth Mary, 147 Choate, Marguerite, 139 Choate, Robert H., 125 Chomyc, Mickey, 62 Chonko, Michael Ernest Chopey. George, 161 Chornopysky, M. L., 127 Chorny, M., 93 Chorny. Steve Christensen, Christensen Christensen Christensen Christensenl Christensen Alex Hercules Colleen, 104 Donald F., S1 Garth Russell, TH Harold H., 107 Hope Caroline. 95 Christian, Doreen M., 107 Christiansen, Dale Lloyd. 149 Christiansen, Harold Victor Christie, D. M., 98 Christie, Eliz. Monica Mary, 7 Chrumka, Joseph Chryssanthou, Costa, 55 Better Bu Butter Agriculture is, by tar, Alber+a's 'foremost industry-sup- porting more people-creating new wealth, new business and new jobs in a wide diversity ot ways and places within the Prov- ince. The DAIRY INDUSTRY is a very important part ot Agri- culture, particularly in the parlclands ot Central and Northern Alberta. When you buy Alberta Dairy Products your tood dollar remains here to worlc over and over again tor you and tor all ot us. BUTTER is a case in point. Substitutes may cost less to buy, but are not so healthful and wholesome tor you and not so cheap in the long look as they may appear. lt's "good-bye" to the money you pay tor the butter substitutes. BETTER BUY BUTTER and meet your tood dollar again Dairy Co. LlMlTED "Better Dazry Products' MILK CREAM 'BUTTER CHEESE EGGS PALM ICE CREAM 249 Chubb, Roy C., 41 Chumer, Vera, 147 Church, Albert Joseph, 57 Church. John Kenneth, 62. lb Church, Norman Stanley Churchill, Jack M. Ciz, Albert Clapson, Lorne Leslie, 62. 133 Clare, Francis Murray, 75 Clark, Alan Leslie, 75 Clark, D, H., UN Clark Clark , Earl Arthur, 10-1 . Frederick J. Clark. George Donald. 73 Clark, Glen Donald. 78 Clark, Gloria Clark, James Kenneth. 57 Clark, Jeannette Marguerite Clark, Roy Frederick Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark , Sheridan, 57 e, Isobelle H. e, James Hugh, 67 e, James Scott e, Jane, 107 e, Malcolm. Elbl , Mary S., 67. ISS c, Phillip A.. 11-I e. Thomas J., Us WATERTON LAKES Colborne, Gerald L. Colborne, Robert B.. S7 Cole. Cyril P. Cole. Marjorie M. Cole. Patricia A. Coleman, Alan, 92 Coleman. L. S. Collinge. Nancy E., 140, 217 Collins, C, L. Collins, J, A., 158. 1529 Collins. Lawrence D- S7 Collins. Mary E., 67 Collins, P'. P., 98 Collins, Robert D. Collins. Roy S., 67 Collip, John B. Colter, Allan K. Colter. Donald R., 141 Colwell, Howard C., 129 Colewell, Murray C. Comm, Agnes, 104 Compton. Cecil M., 133 Conaty, Mary G. Connell, Roland D. Connelly, Thos. Conno1'. Hubert D.. 129 Connick, Doris, 139 Conquest, E. Allan Clayton, Donald David, 153 1. 1 l 1 K larke, Ilonald A., 120 'li-mi-nuer. James E. ls-ments, Elva, 1-lb 'lemlening. Chester leveland, P4-igqy, 108 Clipperton, John M. Cook . Austin D.. 55 Cook, Allen, 125 Cook. Eugene T., 115 Cook. Gwenyth. 98 Cook, J. Herbert, 125 Cook Cook , John T., 67 e, Norman C.. 127 Clow, Elizabeth M., 67, 188 Coad, Alfred R.. 127 Cochrane, Allen C. Cockburn, Elizabeth M., 10.1 Cockeram, Joan T.. TN Code, Eclythe E., 50 Cody, Duncan B., 1-13 Cot-, Betty Collin. Hugh A.. 127 Conlon, Russell, S1 Cohen, Eugene I. Cookson. Jack W. Coombs, W. D., 93 Cooper, George S., 58 Cooper, Glen R.. 58 Coober, Jack P., 125 Cooper. John NV., 143 Coopock, Audrey M., S1 Cordery, Percy H. Cormack, David. 81 Cormack, Douglas V., 67 Coram, I. T. 226 Cornett-Ching, F., 67 Cornish, Elaine, 95 Cornish, Sidney J. Corlett, Eden Corraini, Christine Corse, Donald J. Cosgrove, Ronald M. Costello, John T.. 67 Costigan, Wm. M. Cote, Denis J., 125 Cotterill, Drummond, J. Cotterill, Melvin J. Cotterell. Laurence, 93 Coughlan, John V., S6 Couillard, Theodore J. Coulson, Milton L. Coulson, Norman W., 129 Coulson, W. Gordon. 87 Courtney, James N., 104 Covey. Al, 81 Coward. Eric G. Coward, Wm. A. Cowden, Robert S. Cowley, J. James, 129 Covey, Alan A., 81, 44 Cox, Kenneth C.. 214 Cox. Victor R., 115 Craddock, Verna M., 78 Craig Craig , Alton C.. 81 , David, 92 Craig, Douglas R., 115 Craiir Cram , James M., 98 , John M., S1 Craig, John W. Craig, Wm. N., S1 Craig Stanley G 67 Gmane. John T.. 41 Crandall, Max E., 134 Crapper. Clifford J. Crawford Crawford, Crawford George R., 63 Gerald James E.. 149 Crawford Margaret R.. S1 Crawford Lynn. 10S Crawford. Robert J., 7 S Crawley, Edmund J. 250 Creasey, Eileen. 14S Creighton, James F. Crocker, Robert C. Cronkite, Robert H. Crookes, Eileen M. L., 67, 46 Crooks. Hugh J., 78 Cross, Margaret M., 95 Crossley, Arthur W., 169, 152 Crosson, Wm. F. Cruickshank, Edith M.. 108 Cruickshank, George K., S7 Criuckshank, Kathleen E., 67 Cruickshank, Robert A. Cryderman, Kathleen M., 147 Cucheran. John G., 91 Cullen. Gerald R., 115 Culler. Audrey, D'., 145 Cummer, Roy Frederick, 115, 54 Cummins. F. Glen Cunningham, Jean E., 104 Cunningham, Maurice D. Currie, William F. Curtis, William E.. 129 Cush, Harold Cuthbertson. James R., 67 Cutlan, Edward R. Cysak, Alice. 78 Dack, Philip Herbert, 129 Dahbs, Donald Henry, 63 Dahl, Kenneth Oliver, 104, 184 Dahl, Ronda Mark. 149 Dahms, Chester Calvin, 104 Daintith, Nan, 104 Dalby. E. W. Dalby, Ronald Norman Daley, Gwendolyn, 108 Dall, H. A., 67 Dallai1'e, Alvina L.. 104 Dallaire, Edith M., 104 Dallaire, Marie T., 104 Dallyn, Vivienne. 104 Dalman. Nancy, 148 Dame, Andrew Albert. 115 Danforth, Eleanor Marie, 104 D'Appolinia, Gino GGERTZ STLJDIQS portraits - Commercial photos GDY UNIVERSITY GRADUATES ! Prize Winners at 76 lnfernalional Salons ln 24 DiFfereni Countries La Fleclwe Building, Half Block South of Jasper Avenue on I02nd S+reef You may have reprinis of your siliing af time: they will be lcepi in our file! Phone 25766 Evening Siliings by Appoinlmenl Darimont, Gabrielle M., 104 Darling, Larry C. M. Darrah, Douglas F., 58 Dau, Robert V., 62 Davidiuk, Fred, 125 Davidson Auber M. Davidson Donald F., 58 Davidson, Jean, 81 Davidson, Jean, 81 Davidson Marjorie, 65 Davidson: Orvy D., 99 Davies, James S., 184 Davies, John S. Davies, J.' B., 108 Davies, Daniel J., 99 Davies, Philip H., 115 Davies, Donald W., 108 Davis, Gordon A., 115 Davies, Richard W. Davis, George F. S., 115 Davis, Margaret B., 78 Davis, Mary Rose, 104 Davis, John E. Davis Ray G., 149 Davison, Arthur B. Daw, Donald F. Daw, Charles E. C., 67 Dawson, Earland M., 129 Dawson, Nicholas Dawson, William E. Day, Norah, 147 Day, Robert C. Day, William A. Dea, Pat M., 127 Dean, W. R., 159 Deadrick, Dalton C. Debnam, Kenneth W., 87 Debney, Ann E., 78 DeCoursey. Wm. J., 127 Deering, Henry, 133 Defir, John Deines, Clarence J., 127 Delany. Myrtle Dellert. Eva E.. 78 Dembicki. Frank E., 108 Duncan, Ian W., 127 Demco, Thomas, 134 Demers, Dollard L.. 91 Demko, Andrew Il, 67 Denis, James S., 115 Denley, John T.. 115 Dennis Evelyn Mae. 65 Dennis James N. Dennis, Raymond B.. 125 Dennis, Thelma B.. 95 Dennis. Vernon L.. 149 Dennis, Warren A. Densmore, Harlan Robert Depaoli, Enso, 92 dePaoli, Valley Esther, 108, 78 Depner, Kurt R. Deputant, Emile, 63 Derdick, V., 149 DeRosenroll, Rodney Arthur, 92 Derpak, Ernest Andrew, 91 Dersch, Leonard Arthur De Santis, Oswald Desson, G. H., 159 Despner, M. Eugene d'Estl'ube, Pierre F., 143 Detusch, Otto, 68 Devonshire. Grant. 78 Dewar, Marie Donna, IOS Dewar, John A. DeWolff, Douglas A. Dexter, William A. Diamond. Edgar G. Diamond, Lillian A.. 104 Dick. Donald D.. 115 Dickie, Catherine M.. 68, ISS Dickie, Nester Dickie, Robert D., 65, 41 Dickins, Ian D., 81 Dickson, Mary L., 95 Dickson. Ronald G. Didow, Mary Anne, 104 Diduch. Lawrence T. Dier, James S.. 174 Dimos. James, 154 Dingle, Donald D.. 129 Dinsmore, Bob, 169 Disturnal, Richard C. Ditto, Mary Clare, 84 Ditto. William J., 84 Dittrich, Charles A., 115 Dixon, Edward F., 62 Dixon, Jean, 155 Dixon. John N., 92 Dixon-Lancaster, Olive, 55 Dixon, Olive V., 58 Dlin, Barney M., 141 Dmitroca. Walter. Nl Dmytrash, Stanley P'. Dobie, Donald J.. 125 Dobson, Robert L., 145 Dobush. Jack G.. 104 Dockery, James A. Doc. Charles R., 115 Doll. William Dominy, Grant W., 68 Donald, Elizabeth, 93 Donald, Mary I., 150, 151 Donaldson, Gordon L., 125 Donnelly, LaVerne R., 87 Donovan, Joe H., 115 Donovan, James E., 68 Doran, William J., 63 Dorin, Albert H., 127, 63 Dorin, Herman, 78 Dorosh, Ande, 78 Dorward, Frederick R., 115 Dougall. Robert H., 81 Dougherty, Mary E., 115 Douglas. Charles S.. 5S Douglas, Edward S.. 92 Douglas, Thomas S. D'oull, Jeannette. 139 Dowling, William A. Doyle, Patrick J., 141 Doyle, Enid Dranchuk. Peter M.. 125 Dragraniuk. Orest. 127 Drake, Edna F., 147, 39 Dresen, Esbern H. Dressler, Marian E.. S1 Drieira, Nellie, 75 Driver, Clifford, 99 D'roniuk, William, H7. 614 Drummond, George I., 145 Drysdale, Grace F.. 194 Dubetz, Stephen Dubanko, Tofen Dubois, Dorothy A., 91 Duby, John, 129 Duce, Kenneth E. Duchak, J., 99 Ducharme, Doris R., 194 Duchinski, Walter, TS Duck, John H., S7 Duff, Denny E. Duff, Donald J.. 99 Duggan, Charles B., 62 Dumzan, Florence Duguid, Harry C. Dunkin, William F. Dunn, Lillian M., 63 Dunsmore. Lyall, 58 Durrant, Robert J., 125 Durmin, Mary A., 148 Dusterhoft, Elizabeth G.. 103 Dushterhoft, Erika E. Duthie, Robert G.. 216 Dutton, John E., 84 Uworkin, David L. Dyck, Anne Dyer. Herbert L. Dymond, Richard D. Dynes, Charles M.. 99 Eaglesham, Robert J., 125 Eagleson, D. Alan, 68 Earp, Lou S., 127 East, Charles P., 125 Easton, Alexander M.. 91 Easton. Kenneth. Eatok, John J., 115 Elibern, John H., 104 Ehbers, George B., 7S Ebbers, John T. Eby. John E., 134 Eckenfedler, Celia L. Eckert, Dawn S., 79. IHS Eckert. Helen M., 184, 225 Eddy, Wesley Edgecombe, Rodney W., 115 Edie, Donald F., 115 Edmundson, Edward N., 87. 133 Edwards, Allan M. Edwards, Connor L. Edwards. Craig W.. 63 Edwards, Eldon R., 58 Edwards, Glen E., S1 Edwards, Ivan C.. 115 Edwards, Laura E. L., 137 Edwards. Lawrence, 58 Edwards. Trenholme A.. 15. Edwards, William F. Egbert. William G. N.. S1 Egizen. Robert R.. S2 D'unka, Carl Duncan. lJ'Arcy D., 154 Duncan, Gordon, TN Duncan, J. Stuart Joyce H., 104 Duncan, Neil F., 141 Dundas. Dunford, Brian Dunkin, John L. 25I Egizlestone. Allan E. Egleston, Jane. 39 Ehlerl.. Rex. 134 Eichman, Eric S.. 125 Eis. Amile L., 99 Elder, Donald G., 91 Elfner, Donald G.. 129 Elias. Mary J. Elkins, Ernest H., 99 The University Book Store Stationery - - - Drafting Supplies - - Textbooks - University Pennants and Crests Embossed Noiepaper - - - - - - Laboratory Coats Eversharp Pencils - - ---- - Fountain Pens T-Shirts, shorts and Athletic Supports for men Middies and shorts for women Any bool: published can be ordered here. If we have noi got if in sfoclr we will gel' if TI-IE UNIVERSITY PRINTING DEPARTMENT ADMISSION TICKETS DISPLAY CARDS BOOK-BINDING INVITATIONS CONCERT PROGRAMS HAND-BOOKS DANCE PROGRAMS PAMPHLETS ATTENTION FRATERNITIESI See us about your various prin+ing needs A PRINTING SERVICE FOR TI-IE UNIVERSITY .AND UNIVERSITY SOCIETIES Ellefson. Roland A.. 115 Ellestad, Robert E., 129 Elliott, C. Robert Elliott, Duncan C. Ellison, Bert H. Elliott, Robert H. J. Ells, Marjorie Ellis, D. T.. 158 Emard, Clarence H.. 108 Emchuk, Walter J., 91 Emery, Jane P., 95 Emmott, Arthur G., 87 Empey, Mae, 105 Emslie. Donald C.. 91 Emslie, Jean I., GS Emslie, John H., 68 Eng. Ralph L.. 105 Engberg. Lila E., 93 Engels. William D., 82 Enger, Joy E., 104 England, Harold H.. 149 Engman, Alwon, 127 Eno, John W., 108 Enright, Lois M., TS Epp, Frank L. Erb, Richard B.. 125 Erickson, Evan D. Erikson, Robert G., 116 Erickson, Vernon M., 134 Eritsland. O. Bernard, 78 Esdale. William L., 149 Estrin. Aaron B. En-ztrin, Janet R.. 10S Etzkorn, Kenneth R., 143 Eurchuk, Walter J. Fair, Avis, 148 Falk, William A., 141 Falkenberg, Harold G., 125 Fallow, William L., 116 Falvo, Joseph C. P'., 87 Farley, Jack Farmer, Andrew J. Farmer, Mary W., 252, 183, iv.n4.,uh.irS0n, Helen, 148 lfarriugia, Donald, 129 Farvolden, Ralph E., T8 Farvolden. Robert N.. 58. TS Faunt, Allan E.. 41 Ifath, Margaret, 108 Faunt, Robert J., 58, 183 Fautley, Viola, 1414 Fawcett. David M., 82 Fawcett. Jean A., 148 Fawcett, Herschel E., 149 Fedorak, Georgina P., 95 Fedoration, Katherine Mae. Fedorowich, Jean, 125 Fedunec, William Feir. James E. Feir, Terence C., 78 Fell, Allan D., 108 Feniak, George. 84 Fenwick, Fred L., 127 Arthur L.. N2 Evans, Celia P., 108, 175 Evans, A. J., 159 Evans, Edward G., 149 Evans Edward J. Evans Gerald E., 41 Evans Evans. Evans. Evans. Glynne J.. 129 Ralph G.. 109 Ronald W. Ferguson Ferzuson Ferguson. Ferguson Ferguson Fersruson Ferxruson Feriruson Crawford Ian A., 78 Isobel J., 95 Josephine M., 84, Lloyd M., S7 Sarah. 138 William F. Zellal Evans. William D., Ss Euanchuk, George, 10:- Ewasiuk, Mervyn N., 10? Ewasiuk, William J. Exham, Margaret. 133 Exley, Doreen, 99 Faibish, Lloyd M., 116 Fair. Arthur J., 62 Fetaz, Lucien H. Fetherston, Charles R., 152 Fettixr. Anton J. Fewchuk, Rose T., 99 Feild, Ann A., 73 Field, George C.. 1240 Field, Mary P., GS Field. Yvonne, 68 Fields. Alice M. Finch, Kathleen E., 104 Findlay, George McEwen, Findlay, James R. Finlay, Ivan G. Finlay, James E., 116 rinlayson, Morris Finley. Glenn S.. 129 Fischer, Donald F. 1 36 04 IRS 68 Fish, E. J. Laurence, 82 Fishbourne, James W. Fish, Frank H., 68 Fisher, Edward G. Fisher, Michael H.. 92 Fisher, Roger Vance. 78 Fisk. Arthur E. Fitch, Wilda M., 95. 46 Fitzgerald, Geraldine. 91 Fitmxerald, Terance P., 127 Fitzgerald, Leo D. Fitzpatrick, Arthur, GS Fitzpatrick, Gerald F.. 58 Fitzpatrick, John J.. 87 Fitzpatrick, Margaret Elaine, Fitzsimmons. Alan Stewart Fitzsimmons, Helen, 95 Fitzsimmons. Fitzsimmons, Fjeseth. Yvo Jean E., 82 John E., 58 nne M., 104 Flaherty, Charles T. Flanagan, Francis P. Flanagan, John R. Flanders, Halford E. Flavin. Norman B. Flavin, Patricia Fledderjohn, Norman M., 55 Fleet, Sidney J. Fleming, Fleming, Fleming Fleming' Fleming Fleming Fletcher Donald F., 92 James W.. 62, 214 John J., 150 Raymond W. Robert F. Stuart, 134 Leo R., S7 Floyd. Anne, 78 Floyd, Peter, 'IS Flunn, Dorothy M. Flynn, Lyle, 87 Foyzelberg, Velma A.. 147 Follett, Emilie. 148 Fong, Amy Fong, Edward Fone. George Foneca. Benjamin G.. 99 Foo. Edmund M.. 127 Foran, Thomas J., 57. 6S Forbes, George Forbes, Ian S., 92 Forbes. Margaret I., 108 Ford, Thomas F. Forest, Donald J., 116 Forge, John S. 252 S2 Forhan, Alan F., 145 Forrest, Frances M., 143 Forrest, Sheila M., 93, 47 Forsyth, Gregory R., 155 Forsythe, John R. Fortier. Blanche. 93. 54 Fussen, Bernard T., 104 Foster, Frank, 116 FUSIZEF. Gordon S., SLI Foster, Robert, 125 Fowler, Gordon C., 125 Fowler, Ian H., 116 Fowler, John D.. SS, 171 Fowler, Keith O., 88 Fowler, Marvin G., 73 Fox. William Frache. Raymond L. France, Thomas Francis, Gerald J., 78 Frankish, Richard B., 58 Fraser, Cedric Fraser, Corinne E., BS Fraser, Donalda Fraser, Douglas T.. 68 Fraser, Elmer C. Fraser. Glenn A.. 125 Fraser, Fraser, June, 95, 217, 46 Margery M., 141 Fraser, R. R.. 159 Fraser-Smith. Jean E. Frederick, Edward M., 104 Fredette, Hope, 108 Freeborn, Frederick R. Freeborn. James Switzer Freeborn. William D.. 125 Freeland, John W. Freeman, Earl F. Freeman, Hal Freimanis, Edward Fremlin, Violet French. Charles, 63 Fricke, Benno Friedman, Morris Friedman, M. W. Friesen, Fred. 116 Friesen. John Friesen. Robert Frizzell Frizzell . Ethel. 149 , Donald, 125 Frizzell. Isabel, 1 38 Frizzell , Leora, 95 Frohlich. Samuel S., 99 Froome, Shirley, 139 ordefnh Ih ANNIVERSARY 'N CANADA s ince Wg" 2 T Q 2 2 Sk 5 -' - 5 ': 2pg,g.,g:., we gc wa Ee iss? s,, r -i Q iz 52 01: 3 "" j I '-3754 I-I f-1-is mfsfffsi I ef I5 2 35 PSC- SL Q or 3 , X Q ' J I 1 Z Na mu. N O Q N u , .Ny . 1 ...QQ 3, TEE 3 go 2, '3 3 , I NI .F-I ' 1 3 GJ ,- I.. X, f, QE: f O3 UL me 2 Q I4 'L' J u f bs air: 39172 2 :Z cc.: 5 Q 5 Q, P- ,1 2 g If , ' o 3 S Q Edmonton Butchers 8: - i I Pachers Supplies P. MANNING LUMBER CO. LTD. For Bes+ Grades, Dependable Service and Low Prices IN LUMBER AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIALS I0025 . 80+h Ave. - Phone 32050 - 3205I I0726 Jasper Ave. Edmonron EIecIric Refrigerafion Boxes and Coolers Food Preparing Machinery, Scales, Bread and Mear Slicers, Mear Choppers, Cash Regisfers. Pasrry Mixers, Bu'I'cher Blocks, Vegefable Peelers, Kifchen Tools, Safes, BuIcher's Sup- plies and Equipmenf Fuchs, Hubert P. Fuerst, Clarence R., 55, 181 Fuglem, Milton O., 82 Fulcher, Howard Fuller, Patrick E., 127 Fuller, Kenneth T. Fuller. Shirley E., 104 Funk. Henry P.. 92 Furgeson, Sarah H. Fysh, Audrey I., 137 Gainer, J. G., 116 Gale, Doris E., 95 Gallagher, Avis M., 14x Gallairher, Spencer J., H2 Galvon, Henry F., 174, lo., Gans, M. P'., 99 Garden. Charles F., 149 Gardener, Joan E., 104 Garland, John E., 88 Garrison, Ross A., 'TS Garrison, Philip N,, 73 Gasper, Dorothy V., 147 Gauld, Ruth, 108, 225 Gauthier, George, 127 Gavin, R. F., 159 Gawryletz, Olga, 104 Geddes, John G. Geddes, Robert S. Gee, Kenneth S., 158 Gee, Richard F, Geis, Kenneth E. Geldhart, S. Gordon, 134 Gell, David E., 78 Gell. Stuart N. Genser, Avron, 78 George. Hilda M. S., 104 George, Robert F., 104 Gerhart, Rosemary, 95 Gerlitz, Donald J., 92 Gerlitz, Henry, 68 Gerlock, Henry, 59 Gerolamy, Sinclair B. Gerrard, Olive M., 95 Gerry. H. M., 159 Ghitter, Harvey A, Gibb, Ethel I., 104 Gibb, George H. Gibb, John P. Gibbons. Ronald V. Gibney. Michael R. L., 143 Gibson, Alfred F., 149 . Gibson, Jean A., 143 Gibson, George J., 141 Gibson, Muriel, 135 Gicldie, Betty E., 92 Giegerich, Henry M.. 125 Giffen, Robert N., 63, 1543 Gilbert, Alasdair W. Gilchrist. Donald J. Gilchrist. Harry A. Gilchrist, Milton R., 1431 Gilchrist, Varge, 34, 59, 181 Giles, Ted, 104 Gillespie, John F., 82 Gillespie, William E., 129 Gillies, George A., 69 Gillies, Lorraine, 145 Gillmore, nngram B., 129 Gilmour, Joan E., 147, 47 Gilson, Sidney G., 104 Gittins, Arthur R., 183 Gittins, Diane R., 147 Glaholt, Gordon W., 127 Glaister, R. Perry, 82 Glansmon, Edward D. Glass, Bertha. 158 Glass, Edward Frank Glen, Irene E.. 69, 188 Glenn. Grant K.. 149 Glitter, H. A.. 91 Glidden, Harold W., 63 Goble, Gilda. 148 Goddard, Frederick, 59 Goddard, Spencer F., 59 Godel, John C., 125 Godley, Dennis J., 62 Godwin, Lois R., 108 Godwin, Robert B., 129 Goliss, Ronald, 116 Golen, Henry, 104 Gore-Hickman, F. Gordon, 149 Gorgichuk, Jeannette, 95 Gorman, Louis P., 145 Goresky, Walter V., 149 Gort, John Goddard, F. Spencer Goode, Edward Gow, Jean P., 104 Goward, William George, 69 95 40 Gowdy. Betty L., , Graham, John S., 78 Graham, William, 69 Grangle, John W. Grainger, Robert, SS Granik, Jon, 69 Grandish, Marshall, 104 Granger, William J. Grant, David B. Grant, Ferguson Grant, Geraldine R., 78 Grant, J. McNeill, 69 Grant. Lois E., 82, 166, 188 7 Grantham, Norma N., BL, 188 Gray, Alan S. Gray, Henry Gray. Horace, 99 Gray, Robert A., 134 Greaves, Harry T., 129 Green, Murray A. Greenaway, James E., 82 Greenaway, William L., 82 Greene, Joyce M., 69 Greenfield, Ben, 84 Greenough, D., 175 Greenwood, Guy M., S8 Greenwood, Mary Greenwood, Paul Greenhalgh, Flora, 158 Green, Mary, 137, 188 Grigsby. Margaret Grimsrud, Henry A. Griner. Ruth A., 95 Grosseth, Leif, 63 Grotski, John, 62 Grover, Lenwood W. Groves. Gordon A. Grumbly, Laurence F. Grunberg, Vernon N., 63 Gudzowatz, M., 108 Gue, Frank S., 127 Guest, Charles R., 116 Gugerich, Henry M. Gullekson, Clifford L., 134 Gummeson, Joan, 147 Gunn, Ian M. Gunderson, A. S., 108 Gurba, Joseph B. Gunn, G. E., 116 Gushaty, Metro Gutman, Hen1'y, 91 Gwartney, Sheila, 138, 39 Haakenstad. Clarence M. Haan, Sophia G., 104, 108 Haas. Herbert, 69 Hacking, Miles E., 91 Haddow, Thomas A. D. Hadlington, George A., 129 Hagen, Florence M., 105 Hagerman, Douglas R., 88 Haggerty, Marian B., 105 Hagglund, Florence L. Hague, Anne M. Hague, Louis A, D. Halea, Gladys E., 79 Haley, Frank C., 82, 217 Halina, Edward Halina, Florence, 69 Halisky, Philip, 63 Gold, Lorne, 217 Goldenberg, Marcel L., Goode, E. P., S2. 48 Goode, June I., 108 Goodjohn. Albert J.. S4 Goodman, Keith S. Goos, Elizabeth L. Gordon Audrey A., 104 Gordon Chester D., 69 Gordon, Colin, 59 Gordon Donald C. Gordon, John G. Gordon, William J., 99 129 G regg. William J. Gregory, Stanley J. Greiner, Hugo Robert Gretsinger, James A., 78 Grierson, Kenneth M., 99, 217 Grieve, Griffin, Robert W., 62 Norman W., 59 Griffin-Beale, Gladys E. Griffin-Beale, Thelma V., 104 Griffith, Leonard, 129 Griffiths, May G., 82 Griffiths, Dorothy, 147 Grigsby, Harry P. Hall, Albert J., 63 Hall, Donald A., 88 Hall, G. W.. 158 Hall, Eugene T., 92 Hall, Gavin A., 92 Hall, Howard H. Hall, H. J., 159 Hall, Ronald A. Hall, Thomas J. Hallam, Donald R. Hall Hall dorson, Arni S. iday, J. A. Hamilton, Betty J., 79 MACDONALIYS W 5 EXPDRT' CANADNS FIN EST CIGARETTE 254 11,5 U lnailb 'ns WM M PM . Giulia! .car onilaiis Cpefiul Phofoqw Op f COMM ,Mia . l M mole awww 0 f P1345 Hamilton, Charles M. Hamilton, Norman A. Hamilton, Selma, 82 Hammett, Marge, 148, 188 Hamula, Edmund V., 59, 183 Hanbidge, Mildred B., 147 Handke, Gertrude E., 105 Hanfman, Donald Hanevich, Nick Haney, Catherine A. Haney, Ruth E., 108 Hankins, Alison M., 69 Hankins, Gerald W., 143 Hankinson, Hazen W. Hanna, John A. Hanna, Lois, 147 Hanna, R., 105 Hanna, Stella, 147 Hannah, Nelles D. Hannas, Saphonia Hanning, Frank A., 116 Hansen, E. K. Hansen, H. A., 62 Hansen, S. A. Hansford. Barbara, 148, 35, C0444 I, , 1 fog' MW 227.1127 cg afbfjzaf EDMONTON ALBERTA PHONES-25444 - 26777 Hardin, Byron, 149 Hardin, Samuel, 150 Hardin, Harry T., 79 Hardin, Thomas, 143 Harding, Mavis, 147 Harding, John H., 69 Harding. Vivian. 139 Hardy, Archie V., 92 Hardy, G. E. A., 82 Hardy, S. Hardy, G. H., 99 Harford, Barbara E., 95 Hargreaves, Gordon E. Hargreaves, James E. Harke, Clement W., 62 Harke, Cyril J. Harman, Robert E. Harms, John R., 134 Harms, Victor. 116 Harper, Frank R.. 62 Harper, Jack D. Harper, James D., 91, 226 Harris, Ronald L. Harris, Thirza P., 105 Harrison, A. M., 79 Hansma Hansfor Hanson, d, Curtis B.. 127 Carl N. Hansen, Earl K. Hansen, Harold A., 62 Hansen, Svend A. n, Donald C. Harrison , Edgar L., 116 Ha1'rison, Frank Harrison , Lorin F., 133 Harrison, Marshall A., 79 Harrison. Jaunita, 105 Harse, Harold R.. 82 Hanson, Jerome, 116 Hantiuk. Jean M., 92, 48 Happ, Mildred M. Haracsi. Joseph P., 79 Harasimiw, Marie M., 105 Harboway, Alex, 59 Harcus, J. F'. Harder, W. R., 105 Hardin, Harry T., 79 Harbidge, Dorothy, 138 Hart, Harry N.. 59 Hart, William C.. 69 Hartman, Eill David Harvie, Charles H., 63 Harvie, John, 69 Harvey, Donald W., 129 Harvey, Frederick C. Harvey, Thomas M. Harvey, Thomas S. W.. 127 Harvie, Ronald J. I0O24--IOI STREET Harvey, Thomas M. Harwood, Ernest L.. 129 Hatfield, C. Bruce, 149 Hatfield, Robert E., S2 Hatt, Mrs. Lydia, 108 Hauck, Donald E., S2 Haven, Pauline C., 134 Hawe, M. P. Hawes, Harold R., 54 Hawkes, M. D. Hawkins, Gordon L., 32 Hawkins, Joan Hawkins, William E., 116 Hawrelak, George J. Hawrelko, John H. Hawthorne, James W. Hay, Allan S., 84 Hay, Cameron M., 99 Hay, Donald L. Hay, Frances W., 82 Hayes, James C., S2 Hayhurst, Dorothy M., 69 Haynes, Shirley V. Haynes, William A.. 69 Haynes, William S., 69 Hay-Roe, Hugh, 69, 45 Hayward, Minnie E., 105 Heacock, George K. Head, Ivan L., S2 Heaney, Gerald P., 116 Heaney. John J. Heath, Charles, 48 Heaton, George R., 63 Hediger, Edward P., 129 Heiken. Donald S., 82 Heim, Dr. Samuel S. Heller, Elizabeth L.. 137 Helm, Harold W., 134 Helmer, Lawrence L., 125 Hellekson, Eleanore C., 10 Helton, Vincent F.. 183 l 255 5 Hemphill, J. R., 159 Hemphill, C harles R. Hemstock, John R. Henbest, Ronald G.. 108 Henderson, Donald H., 143 Henderson, Gladys M., 10S Henderson, James R. Henderson, Jenny L.. 69 Henderson, John E. Henderson, Walter G. Henkel, William, 10S Henkelman, Neil A., 91 Henker. G. A., 150 Hennig, Arnold M. F., 62 Henning, Arnold M. Henning, Henry P. Henning, W. J.. 155 Henry, Charlotte A., 79 Henry, John M. C. Hepburn. Allan L. Hepburn, Donald W., 82 Herbert, Eric C., 128 Herbert, Thelma W.. 149 Hergott, Clifford W.. 69 Herman, John A., 125 Heron, John J. A., 62 Herring, Percy L. Hertz, Alexander J., 134 Herzog, Stanley A.. 125 '- Hetherington, Hilliard C., 10 Hewitt, Norman G.. 99 Hewitt, Wilbert H. Hewku, Edward, 99 Heywood, Margaret E., 158 Hibbert, Georgina, 188, 108 Hickey, F. L. Hicks, Martin R., 91 Higa, Jack, 79 Hill, Doreen, 139 Hill, Henry D. Hill, Robert A. It's Still E TON'S in .'.-rr. .. ng .I -.,-,-,-,-.-.-.-.-'.'-'-'-'.'. '.'.-.'. 1311'5Z-'-'fl-I-I-Z5I3FF5ZF75F'5F',f3'-fi-'-2'. 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EQTQJD' Edmonton 0 Today, as always, there is a principle behind all EATON business that protects our customers and their shopping dollars! I+'s the sound EATON policy of "GOODS SATISFACTORY OR MONEY REFUND- ED." l+'s an idea as old as EATON'S il- selt-as up lo date as today! Whatever you buy, +his EATON guarantee baclcs every purchase. its the basis of OUR busines s... the cornerstone of YOUR confidence. The Hsh-Temple DEDTHI. SUPPLIES Company Limited nno eouipmenr Hilton, Laura 105 Hilton, Warwick, 91 Hinman, Grant W., 150 Hinman, Margaret, 14S Hironakzi, Misne, 79 Hironzxka. James, 59 Hole, Edward G. Hole, James F.. 129 Ada G., 147 Holgate, Holland, Ruth M., 82 Holland, Wilbur D. Hollands, George, 55 Hooper, Owen G.. 91 Holter, Ian C. Holme, John Mc. Howarth, Charlie D., 1 Howden, Donald Hopkins, Henry T., 134 Horn. Ethel. 140 Hornby. Douglas M. Hironaka. Robert, 183 Hollick, Edward J. Horelak, G.. 151 Hitchner, Robert J., 150 Hollis, Dennis I., T9 Horodensky, Louis A., Hlavay, Joseph F. Hnutiulc. John A., 105 Hobbs, Harry B., Ttl, 21 Hobbs, Lois A., H2 Hobson. Lawrence R. Hockenhull, Velma V., Hodgson. Alan S. Hodgson, Ken A.. sa Hoey. Lois Ann, los Hoff, Donald J., 62 Hoffman, Anne L., lui Hoffman, Saul, TSI Hofforth, Peter E. Hohol, Albert E., 161 4 lux Arnold W., 1115. 154 Holmes, Holman, John L., 125 Holmes. Jack K., 36 William H., 117. 2 Holmes. Holmgren, Ernest F., 129 Holmgren, Rose V., 1115 Holowaychuck, Tillie. 1334 Holroyd. Arthur W., 129 Holroyd, Doreen, 1-17, 47 Holroyd, D'orothy A.. 137 Holtsman, Margory, 159 Holroyd. Margery D. Holubitsky, Myron B. Holubitsky, Waldemar Horricks. Jack S., 63 S Horsley, Harry E., Horsley, Ila, 91 Horte. Vernon L.. Hortie, Hector J. 9 117 17 Howell, Douglas P., 117 Howell, Margaret K. Howlett, Bruce E. Howson William. 108 Hrapko, Albert, 128 70 Hrapko, Julia O.. 70 Hrudey, Steve Huberdeau. Ivan Sarto, 9 Huculak, Nick, 125 Hudson, Marian J., S2 Hudz, Philip Huffman, Bert Mc., 11 Horton, Don R., 143 Hosking, Allred J., TO, 41 Hoskyn. F. W.. 97 Hovan, Norman A. Hougan, Margaret Hougestol, Gordon Housman, Harvey Houston, H. Diane Houston. Helen Di. Huculak, Nick Hood, Donald A. Houston, James D Hogge, Harvey L., 129 Hood. Elizabeth D., 95, 155 Howard, Harry D. Holbrook. Bruce W., TIP Hook, James H.. 79 Howard, John M., 256 7 Hughes, George M., 79 Hughes, George Steven, 6 Hughes, Gordon T. E. Hughes, Mary M. S. E. Hughes, Walter L., 59 L., 145 Hulbert, Marjorie C., 137 108 Hulbert, Vans H. 143 Hulbert, Vincent Hulland, Thomas J., 62, 183 Hulland, Ruth M. 117 Humes, Harry G. 3 214 Hume, Jam Humphrey, Humphrey, Humphries, Humphries, Humphries, Humphries, es R., 117, 226 Keith Moroni. 150 Thomas T., 99 Hugh W., 92 Jack E.. 150 Ralph G., 117, 125 Ralph G., 125 Irving, Gloria, 148 Irving, Harold A.. 214 Irving, Howard L. Irving, Hubert J., 100 Irving, Jack E., 129 Irwin, J. Foster, 117 Irwin, Ronald A. Hunka, Michael, 117 Hunka, Wasyl Hunt, Donald W. Hunt, Ivy K., 105 Hunt, Norman J., 82 Istvanffy, Stephen M., 117 Ivarson, Karl C., 62 Ivie, Lyman G., 70 Iwashita, Eiko, 95 Hunter Hunter, Betsy, 148 Hunter, James C., 108 Hunter, Margaret, 141, 143 Hunter, Maynard E.. 128 Winnifred M., 1 40 Hurd, Lee G., 125 Hurlburt. William H., 152 Hurnanen. Lyla S., 108 Jackson, Agnes M.. 105 Jackson, Chalmer G. Jackson, Edgar L. Jackson, Katherine Jackson, Morden A. Jackson, Thomas, 125, 217, 55 Jackson, William S. Jacobs, Arthur G. Johnson. Johnson, Margaret C.. 93 Marion S.. 105. 158 Johnson, Melvie, 147 Johnson, Nancy J., 70 Johnson, Nina, 105 Johnson, Norma C., 105 Johnson, Ralph L. Johnson, Robert V. Johnston Robert W. Johnson, Vernon G., 117 Johnson, Wilfred Johnson. William A., 79 Johnston Ben J. Johnston C. Wesley, 130 Johnston, Gerald D., 91 Johnston. Leslie R. Johnston W. A. R. Johnstone, Kenneth C. Johnstone, John Keith, 15S Jones, Alfred D. Kadlec, Frances, 105 Kaleta, Olga L., 105 Kallal, Anthony V., 128 Kalynchuk, Orest L. Kane, Barbara L.. 82. 36 Kane, Lawrence P., 118 Karateew, Nicholas J., 70 Karney, William. 92 Kartes, Clarence S. Kasdorf, John Kastor, Marie C., 105 Katayama, Mitsuru, 70 Kates, Maxwell E., 134 Katz, Margaret M., 79 Kavanagh, Robert S., 91 Keam, Murray T., SS Keegstra, Robert Keeley, Jean N., 108 Keinick, Frank J., 100 Keldsen, Richard N., 149 Edith B., 10S Jones, Hurst, William J. Husband, Dorothy M., 100, 188 Husband, Max L., 145 Huston, Helen I., 175 Huston, James P. Hutchinson, Aleck Hutchinson. Ernest A., 82, 55 Hutcheon, James G. Hutcheon. Robert G., 100 Hutchings, Kenneth H., 59 Hutchison. Margaret E., 108 Hutchinson, William B. Hutton, John E. Hyde, Ralph E. Hymas, Donald G., 117 Hymas, Jean L. Hyslop, Murray C., 117 Ibberson, Dr. John Ilkiw, William A., 145 Ilkew. G., 153 Imeson, Dale. 79 Ingelson, Edgar A., 149 Ingram. William L., 117 Innes, Audrey L., 148 Innes, Donald R. Inman, E. L.. 160 Ioanidis, Conrad, 47, 88 Jacquest. Bruce E., 125 James, W. L., 152 James, Charles A., 62 James, Marjorie, 138, 188 Jamieson, David C. Jamieson, Robert C., 141 Jamieson, Douglas A. Jansen, Jantzie, Jantzie. Victor. 63 Don N.. 183 J. David. 183 Janzen, Gerhard H.. 79 Janzen. Jacob. 70 Jasinski, Anthoni J., 63 Jaspar, Joseph L., 117 Jeal, Philip E. Jeffers, Henry R., 100 Jegard, Maurice R. Jenkins. Douglas J. Jenkins, Eunice K. Jennings, Edward W. Jensen, Evelyn C., 95 Jensen. Otto W.. 100 Jensen, Jepson, Ruby V., 105 Gordon P.. 105 Jeune, Clarence O., 63 Jones Arlene E., T9 Jones, Arthur R. Jones D. R., 125 Jones, Donald J. Jones, Douglas A., 128 Jones. Eira T. Kellar, Earl L., 59 Kelly, Bernard J. Kelly, Patrick E., 118 Kemp, Gavin A.. 62 Kemp, Edward W. Kemp Rodney D. Kemp Ted 184 Jeune, Patrick R., 63 Jewitt, William G., 117, 54 John, John E, Jones. Enid W., 105 Jones, Marguerite O. Jones, Owen J.. 152 Jones. Patricia, 79 Jones. Ronald W., 118 Jones, Stanley G. Jordan, Francis A. Jorgensen, Arthur O., 105 Jorgensen, Audrey J., 105 Jorgenson. Donald J., 59 Jorgensen. James P. Jorre De Saint Jorre, M. A., 152 Joy, Louis H. Joyce, Joan T. Joyce. John T. Joyce, Joseph E. Jubb, Gloria, 108 Jubb, William M. Judge, David L., 143, 36 Judge. Robert M., 152 Kempo, John, 103 Kendrick, Margaret, 93, ISS Kenney, DK W. E., 130 Kennedy, Donald Kennedy, Duncan D. Kennedy, Elver C. Kennedy, Fern, 148 Kennedy, Garfield, 141 Kennedy, Jack W. Kennedy, James A. Kennedy. James S., 128 Kennedy, Lorna M., 150, 151 Kennedy, Lucien T. Kennedy, Margaret fArtsl. Kennedy, Margaret iNursel Kennedy, Robert D. Kennedy, Donald W., 70 Kerby, J. Brant, 118 Ireland, Rodger N., 59 Johnson, Arnold F., 117 Kerik, Carl A., 59 Kermack, George D., 70 Keroack. Aime, SS Kerr, James A., S2 Irvine, Genevieve M., 10S Johnson, George A., 146. 151 J'-Ill: GEUIUZS W. Kester, Mary L. Irvine, John A., 117 Johnson, Gordon O. Jullion, Paul E.. 91 H Kett. James A. Irvine, John W., 143 Johnson, Isobel L., S4 JUHIQGF. Osfar. 118, 54 Kettyls, Cathie, 138 Irvine. Lorraine Y., 82 Johnson, Katherine A., 95 JUSUH. June R-. 108. 134 Kettyls, George lJ....EE .l+"c A B I c DRAFTING - REPRODUCTION SURVEYING The student ot today is the business man ot tomorrow. As such he will in due course re- quire a banking connection, as depositor or borrower, as holder ot securities and other documents requiring sate-keeping, as a re- mitter ot tunds either in Canada or abroad. An early association, beginning with the opening ot a savings account, no matter how modest, can be made the toundation ot a lasting bank connection. THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE MATERIAL SLIDE RULES MINUSA DRAWING INSTRUMENTS WYTEFACE STEEL TAPES Keullel 81 Esser Co. ot New York 7-9 Notre Dame St. W. Montreal, Que. 57 -ur 'Q .1 k xr is 5 Q wr E wr Fwy: irq qu Kettyls, Hugh R. Keys, Robert E., 118 Keyte, Eileen M., 159 Killeen, Raymond J. Kinash. Michael, 128 King, Ethyl M., 100 King, John W., 130 King, Stan, 82 King. Violet P., 79, 40 Kingerley, Laura P., S2 Kinnes, Arnold Kinsley. Ronald J. Kipnes, Arnold Kirby. John V., 149 Kiriak, Mike, 125 Kirkconnell. J.. 97 Kirker, Raymond J., 92, 55 Kirkpatrick. Samuel T. Kirkpatrick. Vivian M.. 70 Kischuk. Joseph Kiselycia. Olga, 105 Kisko, Frank J. Kitchen. Thomas W. Kiteley. J. W.. 159 Kitching. George, 100 Kjearsqaarcl. Anders A. Kjos. Alice K. Klappstein, Robert E. Klassen. David. 141 Klatt. Wallace D.. 63 Klause, Waldemar. S2 Klinchuk. John. 129 Klingle, Paul H. Klohn, Earle J., 130 Kloven, Klufas, Klufas. Klump, August. SR Harry, 10R William J., 151. 108 George, 217 Klumph. Samuel G., 551 Knebei. Albert J., Rs Knilrht, Charles P. Knight, Kenneth M.. 11S Knight, Ronald J., 118 Knoll. George F. Knoll, Katherine M., 188 Knowler, Lloyd J. PARLIAMENT BUILD Knob. John S.. 91 Knowles, Cameron F. Kobewka, W., 134 Koblasnki, John N. Kochalyk, Martha Koch, John C. G.. 130 Kokotailo, John T.. 118 Kolba, Staphanie, 105 Kolisniak, Josephine, 10S Kolotyluk, Wasanne. 105 Koller, Lloyd A.. 79 Kolotyluk, William. 79 Komarnicki, Augustine, 92 Koncohrada, Romanus, 130 Kondratiuk. Michael, 105 Kondro. Michael, 146 Kontros, Louis F.. 79 Kordich, Anthony, 79 Kortes, Helen, 108 Kortes. C. S.. 100 Korth, Clayton Korth, Virgil H. Kosowan. Constantine Koslowski, Michael W., 118 Kostash, June T., 79 Kostash. Theodore L. Kostashuk, George, 70 Kostiuk, Thomas Kostyk. Allen, 79 Kotch, Ada J. A.. 93 Kowalchuk. Andrew J. Kowalchuk, Arthur, 130 Kowalchuk, Eileen, 100 Kowalchuk, Nick M., 10R Kowalishin, Margaret, 147 Kozakavich, John Kozakevich. Peter Kozub, Paul Krantz, Evelyn M., 108 Krause, Frederick W. Krause, Gerald G., 109 Krawiec, Stella, 105 Kraychy, Stephen Krehel. Vincent J., 214 Kreisel, Esther Kreutz, Donald M. INGS. EDMONTON Krieger. Elizabeth P.. 105 Kroeth. Lorne A., 155 Krugman, Kenneth K. Krokosh, Harry G., 70 Krokosh, Peter Krpan, Ivan J., 118 Kruger, Arthur E. Kruk, Orest A. Krukowski, Z., 137 Krulak, John P., 100 Kryczka, Theodore, 214 Krys, Marshall R. Kryskow, Edward J. C., 143 Kubik. Miles, 125 Kucey, Stan, 109 Kuchar, John Kuchar. Russell. S2 Kuchinski, Dennis D., 118 Kufel, Nicholas, 59 Kulak, Marion. 148, 183 Kulak, Sydney O. F., 91 Kundarewich, Sylvia, 109 Kunigiskis, John. 130 Kuznecov, Walter, 79 Kupchenko. Walter J., 105 Kurylo, Fred, 158 Kurylo, Alex J. Kutzer. Arnold. 158 Kutyn. Marshall, 130 Kuzyk, Victor C., 214 Kyle. Gordon J. Kyle, Jean E., 82 Kyle. Muriel F.. 100 Kyle, William D.. 70, 143 Labouski, Effie, 105 Labrie. Jeannette G., 105 Lacerte, Rosario Joseph Lacey, Bernard H. Lachance, George Lacet. John L.. 150 LaFleur, Agnes M., 105 Lagasse, Clement Lagasse. John L., 79 Laidlaw, L. Jane Lakey, William H., 70 258 Lakusta. Lily M., 70 Lakusta, Vera Lamb, Reed D. Lambe, James Lambert, W. E., 97 Lamoureux, Aimes H., 105 Lancaster. Olive. 131 Lancaster, Joseph T. Lane, David M., 79 Lang, Frederic A. Lange, Emil F. Langell, Roy D. Lange, Norma L. Langille. Donald W., 71 Langlois. Lea H., 105 Langlois, Marguerite H., 105 Langman, Gerald S., 130 Langridge, Bruce E., 155 Lawrence, Vern S. Lapp, E. Gordon Larbalestier, Philip D. Large, Harley J., 133 Larson, Arthur M., 59 Larson, Burns J. Larson, Vernon C., 130 Larter, Edward Lauer, Melvin M., 71 Lashuk, Nicholas J.. 125 Lattman. Chris W.. 128 Laubman, David W. Laureshen, William C. Lavallee, Gerard D.. 152 Lavallee. John N. Laverty, Charles E., 12S Laviolette. Thomas W. Law, Donald C., 109 Law, Harriet M., 149 Law, James A. Lawrence, Freda E.. 109 Lawrence. John M. Lawrence, John R.. S2 Lawrence, Vernon S. Lawrence Walter A. Laycock, ' Gilbert L., 217 Laycraft. Laycraft, George H. James H. Photo by: Garneau Stud Edmonion, +I1e Ga'IewayI'o+I1e Norflw, is Ioca+ed in1I'1e cenfre of Alberla, surrounded by ricI'z farm land, vasf coal and f I gas reserves, as well as an ever enlarging oil indus+ry. Railways, I1igI1ways and air rouies branch in every direciion from This ci-Iy fo provide all Ilne necessary +ranspor+a+ion d ommunica+ion 'For i+s increasing number of commercial and induslrial enlerprises. Eclmonlon is well equipped educalionally, for besides TITE Universi+y of AIber+a, i'I has filly-six schools for primary and se dary educafion and for The indus+riaI aris. Edmonfon invi+es you 'Io fake advanfage of ifs many opporlunifies and Iinlc your fu+ure wi1'I1 fI1a+ of 'rhis ever enlarging c 'rr . PARSONS, Mayor G. S. DOCHERTY. Cify Clerk P'0g'eSS f" The Commercial life Publzc Service PFCSCTUS UNBIQOIKEN IQECOIQID Of GROWTH EXCERPTS FROM I Q48 ANNUAL REPORT INSURANCE POLICIES CARRIED S22,I26,l09.00 An increase of 7.9270 PAID TO LIVING CANADIANS AND THEIR BENEFICIARIES 5 344,78I.55 Ilncluding dividends on 'Their policiesl An increase of I6.53'7o PREMIUMS, ANNUITY AND OTHER CONSIDERATIONS RECEIVED S 703,29I.87 An increase of 2.652 ASSETS S 4,703,9I8.59 An increase of 6.8070 RESERVES FOR POLICYH-OLDERS S 3,667,533.00 An increase of 8.302 A vigorous Canadian Company A full copy of the Report will be gladly 'mailed to you upon request. GROW WITH THE COMMERCIAL THE 5 gs' 75 OMMERCIAL IFE Af , L ,, ASSURANCE COMPA Nxfof CA NA DA 'X 'fb ' 1 HEAD OFFICE-TORONTO, CANADA BRANCH OFFICES CALGARY - EDMONTON - SUDBURY - TORONTO I 259 rogress... This powerful, diesel-electric, ice-breaking train ferry keeps communications open between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. All the electric propulsion equipment was designed and manufactured by Canadian General Electric. a it I , -Ji 5 , .gill 1 ifirf V wi 5 si if af, ff t .4 X li.. Here is the magnet of the 70,000,000 electron- volt-synchroton installed at Queen's University for the purpose of X-ray and nuclear research. It was built and erected under the supervision of General Electric's nucleonics engineers. Y ......... ,, ..,. .,... ,,,,. ... WW... ,. ,1 Many Canadian-built diesel-electric locomo- tives, for which this Company manufactures the electrical equipment are in service on Canadian railroads and are proving their efficiency and economy in both switching and main line haulage. The great airliners and jet planes of today and tomorrow rely more and more on G-E aviation equipment. Canadian General Electric supplies electrical systems, instruments and radio equip- ment to leading aircraft manufacturers. GENERAL ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT ' making life easier for every Canadian today The fact that Canadians are the World'S largest per capita users of electricity is doing much to shape the pattern of the lives of all of us. The availability of low-cost electric power is a primary reason for the rapid expansion of our industries. The large use of electricity is responsible for the high individual output of our workers, which results in their greater earning power. For more than fifty-seven years Canadian General Electric has been privileged to play a leading part in this vast electrical development of our country. By con- tinuing to manufacture electrical equip- ment on an ever-increasing scale, this Company makes life better, fuller, happier, for every Canadian today by helping to provide more goods for more people at less cost. CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY LIMITED Mceztsor Evelyn B., 82 C-OMPLIMENTS or UND RWUUD lfllflffp maker of the Underwood "Personal" Portable I0060 - IOO St. Edmonton COIVIPLIMENTS OF Nu-Maid Brand Butter Nu-Maid Ice Cream Dairy Pool Pasteurized Products of . . Milk and Cream Northern Alberta Dairy Pool Ltd. "The Co-operative Dairy" Head Office: Ed mo nton SPI-ILDING Athletic Equipment Sets the Pace in Sports WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Marshall-Wells Alta. Co. Ltd. EDMONTON, ALTA. Gu C. Proctor N. D. Giles Proctor's Red 8: White I l05I 88th Avenue Phones: 21 I84 - 21185 Groceries. Fruit, Vegetables, Ice Cream, etc. ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION Self Serve - Store Serve - Phone Serve Lazarowich, Halia M., 79 Lazerte, Curtis A., 79 Leader, Anna, 140 Lazelle, J. H., 159 Leahy, George D.. 59 Leard, Barbara M., 100 Leavitt, Clark T., 71, S2 Leavitt, Kent D., 128 Lebeau, Jack B., 63 Leduc, Jean P., 125 Lee. Edith J., 109 Lee, Enid, 109 Lee. Mary M., 40. 48 Lefebvre, S. D.. 159 Lefebvre. Daniel H., 100 Lefsrud, John B., 79 Leighton, Charles H., 105 Leitch, Angus R. S., 125 Leitch, Clarence H., 82 Leitch, Douglas B. Leitch, James G.. 130 Lefebvre, Yvon H., 11S Leith, Herman E. Lenardon, Dante A., 84 Lencucha, Joseph W., 100 Lencucha. Wilfred S., 41 Lenko, Michael Lenko. Myrtle E.. 105 Lentz. Dorcy E. Leonidas, Pericles, 118 Leppard, Ray E.. S4 Lesher, Isobele J., 105 Lesick, William G., 149 Leskiw, Bill, 126 Leskiw, Helen Leslie, Kenneth E. Letersky, Michael A. Lett, Glen C.. 79 Letwenuk, John, 149 Levine, Larry, 71 Levine, Sherna I. Levine, Sidney Levitt, Marsden B. Lewicky. William D., 130 Lewis, George William Lewis, Jack C., 134 Lewis, Jean. 148 Lewis, Stanley J., 62 Li. Pao-Ming Libicz, Marshall Libin, Morton L., 71 Liden, Clare L.. 36 Lieber, Frank S. Lien, Clifford H., 126 Lietch, D. B., 71 Likuski, Harry G., 125 Lilley, Ronald R. Lilly, Charlie E.. 59 Lind, John D., 134 Lindberg, Lloyd F'., 100 Lore. J. Sidney. 62 Lott. Walter R. J. Louden, Donald H.. 100 Louden, Kenneth H. Louey. Harvey, 105 Louslfheed, Edgar P'. Lougheed, George M. Lindberg, Wallace L., 11S Lindow, John E., SS Lindsay, Ian S., 60 Lindsay, Neville N. Lindsay. Wm. Richard, 141 Lindsay, Wm. Robert, 60 Lmdskooir. Gustave T. Lingas. Mary E., 147 Linlce, Donald G.. 126 Linke, Wm. A., S2 Linn, James R. L. Linney, Edith C., 137 Linney, Edward T.. 130 Lipinski, A. E., 82, 138 Lipinski. John J. Lipinski, Ted Lipsett, Sheila J., 79 Loughlin, Dorothy A., Lou Lov Lov Lov Lov Lov Lov Lov Lov Lov hela. Laura M.. e. Alexander M.. e, Edward P.. N5 e. Flora M., 79 e. John A.. 100 e. Joyce I., 52 e, William N. ell, Robert F., 79 en, John W., 79 eseth, John A., 1 Low. Ida. 105 Low, Bruce A. Low, Douglas O.. 60 Low. James P. Low, Robert A., 155 Lowe, Earle C., 63 100 105 71 20 Lipsey, Barbara A., 147 Liss, Helen V., 109 Lister, Mary L., 79 Little. Earl E.. 118 Little. Frances G., 95. 55 Little, Herbert G., 118, 216 Little, John S., 79 Little, Meldrum W. Little, Wilma Lloyd, James Wm. Lloyd, Helene Lobb. Roy B., 158 Loder Loewen, Frank, 160 Logan, Samuel A., 146 Logsrie, Dorothy I., 52 Lomnes, Bennie L., 161 Lomas, M. Earl. 92 Long, Harry H. Lone. Joe Long, Stanley A.. 88 Longair, Arthur N., 63 Longair, Ernest L., 63 Lonyrway, Eric A., 62 Loomer. Joe, S6 Lopatka. Raphael, S2 Lord, Douglas B., 109 Lucas, Georlre R., 71 Luck, Elmer C. Luck, George Henry. 1224 Ludwick, Nestor, 126 Ludwiir, Albert Wm., 155 Luft, Morley F. Lukawesky, Emil N., 105 Lukenchuk, Joseph P.. 1:24 Lukiwoki, Nick M.. 105 Lupul, Manoly Lupul, Walter, 92 Lutes, Norrine M., 100 Lutic, Floyd, 109 Lyle, John E., 113 Lyle. Paul B. Lymburner, Ward Royce. 1:50 Lynch-Staunton. Alfred G.. 92 Lyne, Margaret M. Lynne. Richard W., 126 Lynn. Billy Young. 118 Lynn, Lawrence K., 100 Lynnes, Howard M., 79 Lyons, James Lyons, John P.. 88, 41 Lyons, Morris. 155 Lyseng, Phyllis M., 105 Lysne. Elaine O., SZ McAndrew, John M., 79 McAndrews, Cyril J.. 11-41. -11 MacArthur, Arthur W. MacArthur, Daphne. 14N MacArthur. James G., 63 Macflalder. Allen A. Macflosham. Victor J., 79 McAfl'ery. Patrick J. McCall. R. D.. 128 McCall, R. L., 160 McCalla. Robert I. McCallum, Donald A.. 62 McCann. Donald A., 126 McCann. Hugh, 149 McCarthy, Joseph W. McCauley. William D., 141 McClaf'lin. Thelma L., 105 McClelland, Frances McClelland, J. Harold. 12X McClelland. Richard C. Mcfllung, Nellie L.. 71 McColl, Raeman D. McCollister. Howard W., 126 McConnell, Edward W., 110 McCormack, Gordon E., 119 McCoy, Ernest E.. 141 McCracken, James A. Mctlreary, Richard V.. X4 McCreedy. Hedley H.. 119 McCrimmon, Alexander F., 71 McCi-immon. Everett R. McCubbin. T. John, 120 McCullough, Glenn W. McCullough, R. Douglas McCully, Sheila, 71 McCune, Cameron T., 134 McCune, Maynard W., 100 McCutcheon. Archibald D., 119 McCutcheon, Joyce N., 95 McDade. George H.. 130 McDavid, Donald S. MacDearmid. William J. MacDermid, Adelyn D., 109 McDearmid, Howard R. Mac-D'onald, A. D., 71, 174 McDonald, Alvin F. MacDonald. Anxrus G., 71 MacDonald. A. Howard. 62 McDonald, Bernard J., H2 MacDonald. Colline M., 79 MacDonald, Donald M. MacDonald, Douglas K. Frank IJ., 126 .-. r 'A'r"' ' ' ' -'f-. 1 7'-?'3""7'?Y'1If?,.?Zf' a'f'31zjf::'r"Q V., f , ,.- .2 wwf, m..f....,.....1. .1-f, -ww-f ...l V 9' ' 1 fy ig . 1 H 1 1.1 : J' 2 lfqf' 4-7151 . . f r -A 'Q' you-if gs . f A , if mfs- C , ,ga 4 ,. ' . S3112 ' fW.'f7,? v. g 'gzf .EQWV ' "'i"Z'5 51. ' ,ff .7223 fi '9 ffifd .I5- ur 4 'M' 1 'fl' ' ' 5 V. flu 4 V 'R f A ' frffwi: e . . -f-. . . 4,.,, -.... , t,., -... af. .. ,, f ' "f" .. . N, . .. . A,v.x. 111.1 f .Q ,i ,rf N uf .. -c..i1: Q-sms. Macdonald, Eleanor A., 93 MacDonald, Howard A., G2 Macdonald, Hugh P. MacD'onald James C., 71 McDonald. MacDonald MacDonald McDonald. MacDonald MacDonald MacDonald MacDonald John. 1:50 John A. , John D., 105 John D. John E., 71 Kathleen M., 147 , Malcolm D',, 63, 153 Malcolm W.. 11S. 151. 1851 MacDonald. Myrtle V.. 109 Mat-Donald Norma MacDonald Richard. 149, 36 MacDonald, Ruth M. A., 109 McDonald, Sheila. 147 MacDonell, Charles A.. Sli, 165 McD'ougall, Charles W., 150 McDougall, Janet L., 147 Mcllougall, Jean M., 52, ISN MuE:ichern, Anne G.. S2 ML-Eachern, McEachern Mclfc-tridi:e Vernon E.. N2 John S.. S3 McGee. Joyce L., 105 Mctiihbon. Gregor ll.. 130 MacGillivray, Lorna J. E., 147 Mcliillivary, Ronald S., SX McGinnis. McGinnis, McGintie. McGregor Robert C., 60 William Il.. G2 Doris, 147 Aubrey E., 92 J f .r9,,.., .5 VERMILION LAKES Macintosh, George W., 59, 217 Maclntyre, John F., 119 Maclntyre, Douglas F. McIntyre, Lois B., HS McIntyre, Winnifred G., 109 McIntyre, James N. Mclvor, George D., 134 MacKay, Edward A., 71 MacKay Bob. 216 MacKay Elizabeth MacKay Harold M., 119 MacKay Margureta. 145 MacKay Donald C, McKay, Mercedes, 139 McLatchi McLaugh e, Allan S., 119 lin, John T., 146 McLaws, James G., 3-U, 35 MacLean, Elaine J. McLean, Elaine M.. 147, 96, 47 MacLean, Ian A., 119 MacLean, James W. A. MacLean Laurie D., 71 MacLean: Lloyd D., 141 MacLean, Ronald S., 71 McLean, Stanley, 109 McLean, William F. McLean, William N. A., 79 McClennan, Edward A. MacKay, J. Anne, 137, 36 MacKay, Marion, 147 McKeen, J. L., 143 McKellar, James E., 128 McKenzie, Alvin H., 149 McKenzie, Beatrice H., 79 MacKenzie, Bruce M. MacKenzie, Donald J., 62 McKenzie, E., 160 MacKenzie, Frances E., 95 MacLeod, Alexander D., 126 MacLeod, Donald G., 79 MacLeod, Donalda McLeod, Ian S., 72 McLeod, Lionel E.. 143 McLeod, T. R., 109 McLeod, Malcolm E. MacLeod, Sibil, 140 McLuhan. William J., 72 McManamen, John T.. 126 McKenzie, Isabel J.. 100 MacKenzie, Kenneth, 60 McKenzie, L. J., 160 McKenzie, Richard M., SS McGregor, Barbara A., SC, McGregor. E. S., 160 McGrenzor. Helen. 71. 52. 48 Mt-Gregor. Joseph A. McGregor. John A. McGregor, John R. McHal1'ie. Rosalie, 71 Maclborsky. Peter, 109 Mclnnis. Milton L. Maclntosh, Alexander M. Maclntosh. Carrie Mac-Intosh. Charles S. MacKenzie. Thelma E.. 1217 MacKenzie, V. Lois MacKie, J. A.. 59 McKernan, Jackie A. MacKillop, Douglas M., 60 McKinley, Clare M. McKinley, Samuel J. S. McKinnell, Walter K. MacKinnon, Alexander MacKinnon, Donald H. Mac-Kinnon, R. R., 92 MacKintosh, George W. McManus, Thomas M., 100 McMillan , Donald L.. 63 McMillan, Floyd W. McMillan, Jean C., 79 McKnight, Kathleen. 147 MacLachlan, Shirley B., 147 McLachlan, Gordon L., 37 McLachlin, James W., 89 Mac-Laine, Sciserea W. MacLaren, Margaret, 147 McMillan, Patricia, 14S MacMillan. Ralph B. MacMillan, J. F.. 101 MacMillan, Robert M. W. Mac-Millan. S. F. MacMillan, Walter R. McMillan, William R., 119 McMor1'an, John F. McMurray. Gordon L. McMurray, Jean N., 147 McMurtry. Eleanor, S3 MacNab, Georgia E., 150 McNally, James A. MnNary, Walter L. McNaughton, Gordon A., 150 McNee1y, John D. McNeil. Donald J. McNeill, Donald L., 119 262 McNeill, George A., 126 McNeil, George S., 126 McNeil, H. T., 158 McNeill, Sheila, 79 McNeil, William V. McNichol, Chalmers T., 133 Mr.-Nichol, Donald W. McNiven, John G., 126 McPhail, Kathleen I., 79, 225 McPherson, A. Blair Macpherson, Grant E., 119 Macpherson, John M. T. MacQuarrie. Arnold E.. 123 McQuay, Adele E., 92, 183 McQueen, Robert W.. 119 McQuid, Marion S., 92 McQuittie, Stanley G. MacRae, C. Gordon, 143 McRae, H. N., 160 MacRae, James A., 37, 154 McRitchie, Dave McRoberts, Edith, 140 McSween, Wallace W. McTaggart, Marjorie, 139 Mc-Tavish, Donald A. MacWilliam, Dalton C., S4 McWilliam, Helen Machon, Maxine M.. 79 Mack, Harry G. Mac, James A. Mackintosh, George W. Macleod, Corine Madill, John W., 79 Madsen, Knud, 130 Maddison. Harry C. B. Madsen, Edward, 119 Madsen, Niel B., 63 Madsen, Mrs. Rose P.. 65 Maerov, Sidney B., '72 Magas, Michael S.. 126 Maggs, Roger J., 126 Maginley, Thomas H. Maher, Leonard A., 142 Mahoney, John J., 154 Mahoney, Patrick M., 155 Mainland, Anne Y. B., 105 OPPDRTUNITY KNUCKS. .. Everyone likes to hear opportunity knocking at their door. And the city of Calgary is where you'll find lois of opportunities knocking ai' your door. Abundant supplies of natural gas and power: con- venient industrial sites and an abundance of rec- reational facilities -lruly makes Calgary the city where opportunity knocks . . . for YOU. Calgary! The "Oil Capital of Canada." Eighty percent of the oil companies presently 'lapping Alber+a's fabulous oil resources, make their head- quarters in Calgary. Limitless streams of black gold, pouring its wealth into Calgary, making it the mosf prosperous city in the en+ire Dominion of Canada. And this vast wealth has hardly been touched as ye+. Yes, opportunity knocks loud and long at your door, in Calgary. Calgarians live in the midst of boundless Evel n J wealth and limiiless opportunities. We want you to share this wealth with us. Many other Canadians have made the same choice and have never regretted i'l'. We inviie you +o visit Calgary, the city of opportunity, the metropolis of the ,. ' l future. " ' ' . L. M - ' ' . W - i .. ,. . . -5:s:s:z:5:a:'feisgf5z2as12g2,.-.15252222525551-:2:s:a:z:2:sgzg252' "2'f+f'5Ea- . 1'1zf:Esis5e2s52225f2?2:1:f 2:151f?:1f2:f1515'2 'fi . -- iiiif. .. 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Marlatt, Gretta, 109 Marlatt, Margaret, 133 Maron, Peter, 62 Marquis, Lauretta, 105 Marrinier, Rene Marriott. Cecil J. Maryka, Alice, 140 Mason, Anthony D., 83 Mason, John T., 149 Mastilish. S. A., 159 Masterson, William J., 126 Masuda, Akira, 126 Mather, Herbert E., 119 Mather, John W., 101 Matheson, Allan D., 60 Matheson, Donald R. Matheson, Douglas Matheson, Glen S. Matheson, James D., 128 Matheson, Robert S. Matisz, Paul, 152 Mathieu, Alfred L., 62 Matkin, Heber L. Matson, Oran, 60 Matthews, Frank B., 119 Matthews, Gladys M., 106 Matthews, Milton W., 1 26 Matthews, Richard J., 119 Matthews-Hankins. Alison, 69 Mattson Mercier, Gerard A. Merluk, Samuel Meronek, Harry, 1225 Merrick, Stephen J. Merrigan. John E. Merrill, Thelma M., 109 Mersky, Louise L., 109, 1258 Meston, R. W. Metcalfe, Benjamin E. Metcalfe, George L., Meunier, Mark A. Michell, John B., 128 Mickelson, Arnold O., 63 Mickelson, Edward Mielke, Rosemary, 83 Might, Helen L., 72 Mihalcheon, George E,, T9 Mikietuk, Olga, 106 Miklos, Frank, 109 119 1 1 Y . Maveety, Douglas M. Mawson, Horace. 150 Maximchuk, Arlene J., 83 Maxwell, Lois A., 106 Mayer, Morris H., 130 Mayowski, Marion, 106 Mayson, Tom, 37 Mazuryk, John, 106 Meagher, John W, Meakin, Frances J., 79 Mealinil, G. R., 161 Mealinllf. Stanley R., 21'7 Meckling, Arthur C., 130 Marrow, T., 183 Marsh, Eric, 160 Marshall Marshall: Marshall Marshall Marshall Marshall: Martin, Martin, Martin Martin Martin Edmund F. C., 83 , Irene, 140 , John R.. 106 Margaret, 95 Percival C., 1 A. P., 217 Douglas F., 89 Gerald 119 I Helma' Janet I., 101 Martin Kenneth B., S9 Martin. V. C., 159 Martin, Leonard J., 79 69, 154 Medhurst, Beatrice Medhurst, Donald, 154 Meeres, Leonard S., 119 Meeres, Murray S., 126 Megrath, Amma M. Meindersma, Ernest, 72 Meisner, George G. Mellon, Clarence E., 101 Mellon, Garnet M. Mellom, Lawrence R., 101 Melnyk Melnyk Melnyk, , Metro A., 63 , P'eter F., 63 William, 1 09 Mensforth, Allan G. Mercer. Mercer, Ernest H., 72 Richard, 72 Miles, George W., 101 Millar, Donald E. Millar, Dolores I., 93 Millar, Hugh A. Millar, James A. Millar, John B., 79 Millar, Mary A., 83, 225 Millar, Maryalice Millar, Marian B., 150 Millar, Norman R., 120 Millar, Roy L. Millard, Vernon, 86 Miller, Allan A. Miller, Alexander K. Miller, Donald M., 144 Miller, Evelyn June, 92 Miller, George A., 144 Miller, Harold W., 149 Miller, James A., S3 Miller, John B., 120 Miller, John E., 126 Miller, Miller. Miller. Miller, Joseph, 79 Kenelm C., 144 Lillian B., 143 Melvin J., 149 Miller, Oscar T., 109 Miller, P. G., 160 Miller, Richard B.. 63 Miller, Tevie, 169, 154, 34 Miller, Valdomir R., 120 Miller Virginia B., 7 9 Miner: victor B.. 150. 151 Miller, William C., 91 Miller, William K., 120 263 Miller, Winnifred L., 72 Millett, Hazel M., 120 Milley, William H., 120 Millican, Anne, 147 Millican, Harold S. Millions, Kenneth A. Millke, Rosemary Mills, Barry A. Mills, David C. Mills, F. Daurel, 83, 155 Milne, Laura Jean, 148, 185 Milner, George B. Milner, Joe L. Milner, Roy W. Milner, Stanley A., S0 Milner, Thomas E. Milo, Vincent P., 120 Milr0y, Alex C. Minchau, Walter W., 126 Minion, Douglas W. Minogue, Lorne Minogue, M. E., 72 Minty, Gordon K., 134 Milroy, Alexander C. Misik, John, 106 Miskew, Adeline, 72 Miskew, Victoria C., 95 Miskew, Lawrence R., 128 Mitchell, Calvin G., 60 Mitchell, Douglas G. Mitchell, Frederick A., 134 Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell , Lillian J., 109 , Lois W., 109 . Olive L., 138 , Robert A., 134 , Verla A., 80 Violet I. Mix, Orville C. Moar, Yvonne, 80 Moffat, 'Calvin E., 83 Moffatt, John L., 101 Mogen, Yvonne, 148, 188 Moher, Neil T., 92 Molnar, Gwen M., 101 Molnar, George D., 144 Molsherry, Vance E., 60, 181 19" Molyneux, Cecil, 154 Monagle, John E. Monkman, William J., 120 Montgomery, C. R. Stewart, 154 Montgomery, Eileen, 80 Montgomery, Lawrence H.. 91 Montgomery, Walter L., 120 GOODWILL Here ai the Bay, we consider the GOODWILL of our customers our most valued possession . . . priceless beyond compare. We have been in business a long, long time and have learned from experience that fair dealing and courteous service pay rich dividends in GOODWILL. We aim to keep your valued GOODWILL and confidence by rigid adherence to our guiding principle . . Ekq ew f5,eS ' 'd-- Every purchase must measure up to your expectations of reliable quality, accepted fashion and fair price . . . or your money will be cheerfully refunded without fuss or bother. Could anything be fairer? Qubzinnifw nga flinmpau IN CORPORATE D 2'Z"? MAY lS7O. H O Murchie. Moody, Colleen, Carol, 106 Moysa, W., 101, 109 F Neilson, F. H. H., 109 Nowicki, Joe, 106 Moore, C. B., 160 Moyse, Robert K. ,, Nekolaichuk, D. M., 160 Noy, Jean, 109 Moore, Charles M. Moyse, Richard F.. 120 Nelson, Brian H., S3 Nufer, Doris V., 225 Moore, D. L., 120 Moysey, Kirby L. ' Nelson, Clifton L. Nugent, Bernard L., 120 Moore, Frederick E., 134 Mraz, John P. Nelson, Dolores V., 106 Nugent. Terence J. Moore, John H., 183 Mllflry. Waltel' J-. 144 Nelson, Edgar S., 80 Nuss, John R., 120 Moore, L. A.. 53 Muir, N. D., 160 Nelson, Gordon A., 73 Nyhue, Tron P. Moore, Ruth W-. 147 Mullen. Wm- EClg3l'- S2 Nesting, Keith E., 83, 46 Nykolaychuk. W. G., S9 Moore, Sheila M., H0 Mulligan, Ronald J. Nestotuk, Rogalia M, Moore, William A. Mulloy, Margaret B., 39. 36 New, Leonard D.. 53 Oancia, Steve Moore, William K.. 72. 36 Mulloy, Nels B. Newby, James C.. 126 Obermyer, Marie F., 106 Moran, William J.. 60 Mulyk. Paul- 106 Newhall, Edmonde E., 120 O'Brien, John R., 121 Moran, Joseph P.. 62, 214 Moreau, Bernard, 130 Moreth, Ellen M. Morgan, F. Phyllis Morie. John M., S3 Morimoto, Thomas E., 120 Nielson. Hugh F., 150 Olson, Naciuk, William. 109 Morison. Alexander G., 120 Morison, Doris Jean, T2 Morris, Donna E. A.. PSO Morris, Joan E.. 109, 174 Morris, Joyce A., 93, Morris, Edward L. Morris, Margaret J.. 83 Morrison. Alexander B.. 62 Morrison, Alfred G.. 123 Morrison. Morrison. Angus Edward, 144 Doris. 225 Morrison. J., 126 Morrison. Gwen, 101, 109 Morrison, Harold L., 130. 49 Morrison, Jack William Morrison, Mary Alice, 93, 34, Z Morrison, Mary Jeanette. H0 Morrison, Maruaret Morrison. Nancy, 50 Morrison, William B., 120 Morozoll, Sam P. Morozuik, Metro. H3 Morsch, Alberta M., 106 Mortimer, Kenneth Maurice. Mortimer. Robert Ke-ith. 72 Mortwedt, John A. Moseson, Helen V. Moshansky, Viricil P.. so Mosley, Yvonne A.. 150 Mosnier. Louis A., 134 Moss, Fred H.. 130 Motiuk, Leonard A.. T' Motiuk, Lawrence Mottus, Edward H., T2 Mowat, Henry W. Moysa, Alexander, 91 150 Munkacsi, Arpad, s3 Munroe, Mary E., 9-1 Munro, Russell J., S9 Munroe. George H., 150 Munt, Willa G.. 50 Newby, Leonard R.. 125 Newcombe, Kenneth R.. 150 Newinger, Donald G. Murphy, Donald G. Marlys Kathleen. 106 Murphy, Vincent. 144 Murray, C. Dana, T2 Murray. Arnold R.. 53 Murray, David W., 80 Murray, Donald J., 80 Murray, Dorothy Murray, Francis E. Murray, Kenneth W., 149 Murray, Murray, Laura Geraldine John A., 155 Mustard. William M. Musto, Leonard J.. 83 Musterer, Dorothy H. JS Mutch, James R. Mutch, John A. Mydland, Wallace E., 149 Myers, George W. Myshok, N. W. Nadasdi, William Nadeau, Raymond J., 109 Nahaiwski, Peter, 128 Naismith, Don A.. 89 Nakamura. George K. Narraway, Lionel M. Nattress, John R.. 142 Neal. John T., 126 Neal, Robina L., 95, 18S Necyk, Jerry J. Neeland, Donald W. Neighbor, Catherine, 94 Neilson. Arnie R.. 73 Neilsen. Arthur J., 130 Newman, Cecilia Newman, D. B., 83 Newsom, Harry E., 101 Newson, Samuel J. Newton, Agnes E.. 109 Newton, Wallace S., 106 Niblock, Sibyl L., S0 Nichol, Evelyn 1., 106 Nicholl, Robert J., 80 Nichols. Nichols. Nichols. Nichols. George Jean, 147 Lois P., 101, 36 M. W., 160 Nicholson, Allan R., 89 Nicholson. Alex H.. 120 Nicholson. Gerald J. Nixon, Fred H.. 109 Stanley, 120 Nikiforuk, Allen Niziol, Stephen J.. sis Noad, Donald F., 50 Noble, Alexander K. Noble, Charles F'., 154 Noble. Donald Nock, John R., 73 Noel, Agnes D., 109 Nolan. Shelarrh. M., 80, 45 Nordquist, Alma B., 106 Norem, Allen G.. 130 Norem, Donald M.. 120, 54 Norris, Arnold W. Norris. Stanley, 101 Northey, Luella, 161 Novakowski, Nicholas S. Noviski, Joseph A., 101 Nowak. Nancy, 106 Nowell, Margaret. 150 Nowicki, Alice M.. 101 264 O'Brien, Robert J., 214 O'Byrne, Dennis J.. 91 O'Byrne, Michael B.. 155 O'Connor, Henry V., 155 O'Connor. Robert H.. '13 O'Donnell, Joseph P., 73 O'Dwyer, Francis J., 109 Odynak, Steve N.. 109 Oel, Alberta Oeming, Albert Ogilvie, John R., 121 Ohrn, Ralph H., 109 Okazaki, ,Albert, 84 Oldring, Edward W., '73 Olekshy, Lucy V., 188 Oleksyn, Katharyn, 83 Olesen, Arnold C., 80 Olinyk, Nickol, S3 Oliver, Benjamin, 91 Oliver, Marjorie R., 146 Olivier, Marie T., 95 Olmstead. Garth. 91 Oloring, Edward W. Olson E. R., 155 Olson, Francis J., 63 Olson George, 130 Olson. Orren T.. 80 Olstad, Doreen M., 106 Olstad, Edith O., 106 Olstad, Gordon V., 121 Olynek, Edward. 121 Olynek, Edward O'Morrow, L. A. O'Neill, Kevin B.. 62 O'Neill, Sheila M., T3 Onstad, Burton D. Ontko, John K. Orford, Ernest C. Orr, Norman, 128 Orr. Robert A. Orzel, Zigfred, 134 Oscroft, William A., 92 Osinchuk, Vladymir, 126 Ostolosky, Raymond J., 83 Oszust, Bernard E., 73 Oswald, Arthur J. Othen, Margaret Otterson, Felix E. G., 101 Otterson. Gertrude C., 73 Overn, Einor M., 121 Ovellette. Jeffrey J. Ovellette, Lucien L. Oviatt. Viola, 147 Owen, Bruce D. Owen, David H. Owen, Stanley P. Ower, Dorothy M., 73, 188 Oyler, John E., 73 Ozee. Clifford J. Ozubko, Milton J., 130 Page, Leonel A.. 101 Page, Murray M. Palmer, Harrison. G. Palmer, Harry E., 128 P'almer, Leslie L., 144 Palmer, Marvin G.. S0 Palmer, Michael W., 126 Palmer William, 126 Panasiuk, Walter, 83 Pankhurst. Robert E., 146 Pankow. Helen, 149 Papas, Papoe, Georgia E., 83 M. Audrey, 95, 188 Paquin, Charles E., 62 P'aradis, Theodore W., 150 Paradny. Robert. 142 Parder. John F.. 121 Parfett, John A., 62 Park, John D. Park, Robert G., 73 Parker, Addison P. Parker, D. V., 121 Parker, Edwin K. P'arker, Elaine M., 109 Parker, James H. Parker, John H., 128 Parker, Marian J., 109 Parker, William M., 126 Parry, Glun R. D. Parry, John O.. 152, 34 Parry, Neville W., 150 Parry, Norman A., 130, 165 Parry Robert A. Parfett, J. A., 62 Parsons, Henry W. Pascoe, John Pashuk, Victor, 106 Pemberton, John E., 89 Pengelly, David H., 63 Pengelly, Glenn A., S3 Pengelly, Nigel I., 106 Pentland, Warren Leslie Pepper, Gerald W., 80 Perkins, William J., 63 Perrott, John F., 60 P'errott, G., 175 Paskevich, Stan W., 80 Pasochnik, John N. Passmore, Joyce, 147 Paterson, Audrey M., 94 Paterson, Barney H., 134 Paterson, James D., 155 Paterson, James L. Patmore, Lovell, 158 Patsula, Theresa M., 83 Patterson, Bruce D., 80 Patterson, Don W. Patterson, Miles H. Patterson, Shirley Perry, Jack Perry, Maxine, 149 Perry, Robert M., 53 Peters, Gloria Ethel, 106 Peters. Robert Peterson, Allan W.. 60 Peterson, Arthur K., 146 Pete1'son, B. N., 121 Peterson, Carol, 140 Peterson, Donald A., 130 Peterson, Edwin A. Peterson, George A., 125 Peterson, Gordon P.. 130, 155 Peterson, Loraine P., 149 Patton, Alexander A. M. Patton, A. R., 121 Paul, Cameron M. Paul, Gilbert I., 62 Paull, James H.. 60 Paul, J. J., 73 Paul, Reginald V., 89 Paulson. M. J., 101, 161 Pavan, Erasmo A., 126 P'avich, Michael D., 126 Pawliuk, Alec, 121 Pawliuk, George G., 126 Pawlowski, J., 144 Pawluk, William, 80 Payne, Beatrice L. Payne, Harold W., 149 Payne, John, 150 Payne, R. W., T3 Peach, J. H. Peacock. G.. 101. 164, 35. 47 Pearce, George A. Pearce, Lloyd G. Pearlman, Allan Pearson, Gerald E., 92 Pearson, Margaret G. Peck, Jack G., 142 Pedlar, Arthur F. Peterson, Lloyd Kenneth, Thomas A. 63 Peterson, , P'etley. Robert E. Pettifor, Dick, 160 62 Pettifor. Grace A., 137, 39 Pezzot, Edward E., 126 Pharis, Robert L., 60 Phelps, Donald A., 89 Phillips, Adeline F., 95. 188 Phillips, Arthur H., 128 Phillips, P'hillips, Edward L., 128 Phillips, Frederick T. Phillips, Robert M., 60 Picard, Andre R. Donald D.. 73. 170. 34 Pidruchney, Lillian I., 106 Piening, Ludwig, 44 Pierce, Gordon B., 144, 41 Pigeon, Raymond A., 92 Pilcher, Josephine A., S3 Pilkington, Ralph, 121 P'ilon. Lionel H. Pinder, Roy S. Pinkey, Harold F., 126 Pinsent, Gerald A. Piprell, Clifford J., 121 Plishka, Nicholas Plowman. Edith, 139, 39 Plotkins, Leon J. Plumer, Wm. M., 60 Plumley. John L., 183 Pobush. Jack Podersky, Malcolm, 150 Pogue, Stanley Elgin, 161 Podgurny, Sonia Polak, Rose, 101 Poland, Pat. A., 89 Polack, Hymie Polley, Alice, 109 Pollo, Margaret R., 109 Polutranko, Anne, 106 Poltry, Guy, 161 Pomahac, Anthony, 50 Pondick, Mike Poohkay, Peter, 133 Pope, Kenneth M., S9 Popplewell, Avis L., 73 Porayko, Nadia Purayko, Natalia, 148 Porkha, Roy A., 109 Porter, Donald B. Kenneth D., S9 Porter, Porter, Lois, 73, 36 Doreen J.. 94 P'orter, Potter. D., 102 Poshuk, Victor Potter, Allan, 130 Potter, E. L. V., 97 Powe, Bruce A., 73, 45 Powell, Edward A., 150 Powell, Jack Powell, John E. Powell, Mary M.. 158 P'owell, Russell. G., 128, 4 Powers. Henry J. Powers, Stanley G. Powlan, Roy Preboy, M. H., S0 Presnick, 0. O., 149 Price, Eric Lynn S. Price, Price, Margaret J., 109 Price, Theodore D'., 126 Price, William H., 121 Priestly, Frank D. Parks, Edwin K., 121 Peel, Chester O.. 121 Pitmann, Urban J., 60 Prieur, Louis Arthur Parks, James H., 60 Pelepchan, Walter, 106 Planche, Hugh L., 80 Primeau, Laurent L., 83 Parks, Lucille M., 73 P'elletier, Robert E.. 121 Plank, William J. Pritchard, D. J. S., 65 Parry, David J., 121 Pemberton, Fred G. Platzer, Warren J., 106 Pritchard, James M. Q v. Ka, AIberta's Greatest Power Development Is Stepping Right Along This is the new Sl0,000,000 Spray Lakes proleci that is being built by this Company to meet the steadily expanding power needs of Alberta N LBEQTA 265 To B Thrifty ls to save regularly a part of your income or earnings A Savings Account in this Bank will Help You. The Dominion Bank F eps. CDD'-W p . ldvsngll ' ' ,. U. l X ' l BURNS .5Porlf .Lf iA Rf 5 I e S. '19 Pantry Shelf Meals Q ECONOMICAL 0 CONVENIENT 0 NUTRITIOUS There are more than 25 varieties from which 'lc choose! BURNS 8: C0. - ,fl-i , . Established l87l B L' 't d . . -1-WJ ' - imi e Edmonton Branch Peter Kennedy Jil.. V '000' JeSPef AVE- Manage' 15,9 931 V Pioneer Meal' Packers "" ' of Canada Probert, James F., 130 Rea. William M., 128, 216 Ries, Gordon W., 109 Rolf, Carl H., S3 Prociuk, John Read, Fred D., 134 Ries, Rita Maria, 106 Rollason, Kenneth A., 150 P,-oskow, Stephen, 53 Reber, Calvin A., 150 Rigney, Jessie Fraser, 137 Rolston, William H., 130 Protheroe, David H. Reber, Irene G., Riley, James G., 122 Romanchuk. John. 74 Proudfoot, James A. Redel. I. G., Romanchuk, Steve Proudfoot, William A. Provost, Elmer F.. 121 Provost, Jeanette M., 109 Prowse, David C. Prowse, Hubert S. Psikla, Alexander F., 126 Ptolemy, David W., 91 Putter, Marion A., 102 Puhach, P'aul A., 126 Pullman, Edgar Carl, 59 Pundick, M., 91 Pybus, Willard G. Purser, Ruth M., 106 Pylypiuk, E. Pyrcz, Alexandra, 53, ISS Pyrcz, Steve, 61 Pysyk, P'aul, 80 Quail, Richard C.. 109 Quirin, George David, 60 Quon, Adriebelle. 80 Rabbage, Shirley, S3 Rabusic. Frank, 121 Racette, Pauline T., H3 Rachert, John A. Rackham, Thomas S. Radley, Sidney A., 73 Ralla, John Racette, Pauline, 188 Ragan, Harold S. Raisbeck, Gordon R. Ramagc, Howard C.. 80 Ramsay, Francis W. Ramsay, Ronald, 512 Randall, Barbara M,, 109 Randall, Lisle. W. R., 350 I Randle, Amelia M., J-1, 1554 Randle, Jeanne B. Rankin, Reginald R. Ranson. Denton C., 50 Raragosky, John D., 142 Rai-og, Frances Mary, 106 Raskin. R. Leon, 130 Ratcliff, William D.. 62, IS Ratke, Edwin S. Rault. Norman A. Rayment, Albert F. 3 106 Redmond, Louise, 139 Redmond, Marjorie K., 138 Reed, Bernice M., 95 Rees, Donald L. Reiber, Nathan, S3 Reid, Elizabeth M.. 109, 46 Reid, G. Shirley, 74, 175 Reid, John E. Reid, Norman L., 121 Reid, Richard G., 122 Reid, T.. 102 Reike, Robert D. Reinelt. Erhard R., 130 Reist, Elmer J., S0 Reist, Harvey A., 74 Remple, Agnes N. Rennie, Joan K. Rennie, Gordon R. Revega, Fred, 106 Reyda, Jerome, 154 Reynar, John A., 144 Reyno Reyno Reyno Reyno Rhine, Rhode lds, D. Vincent, 74 lds, Horace F.. 126 lds, John R. lds, Roy H., 1225 Donald L., 102 s, Henry C. Rhodes, Shirley F., 109 Rice, Illa R., 89 Rice, Leonard, 126 Rice, Mary R., 106 Rich, Josephine J., 80 Rich. Keith R. Richards, Albert G. Richards, Jean, 140 Richards, William R. Richardson, Alec J., 122 Richardson, Clayton H., 150 Richardson, Leon A., 133 Richardson, James C., 128 Richman, Clayton D. Richmond, Stewart A., 126 Riddell, Albert W., 122 Rider, Wesley Scott, 62 Ridley, Irene, 140, 39 Riddle, Robert H. Riddle, Jack C., S3 Riddle. William John Riley, William Roy, 126 Ring, John James, 126 Ringros Rispler, Rispler Ritchie. Ritchie. Ritchie. e, Chas. Alex Doug, 214 Charles Leslie, 130 Lawrence Orville James B. Margaret E., 110, -IS, 55 Peter D., 61 Riva, Walter J.. 122 Rix. Do Rix, Hi Robert. nald Alfred, 61 lton. 125. 126 Daniel Joseph Roberts, Mrs. M. L.. 102 Roberts. Peter M.. 102. 41 Roberts. R, G.. 161 Roberts, Thomas Donn. 110 Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts on, Alexander J. on, Donald E.. 53 on. Eva Limoges, S0 on, George William on, Gordon Leonard, S3 on, Olive, S3 on, William A., 122 Robin, Keith V., 110, 48 Robinson, Aileen. 148 Robinson, Billy C., 12S Robinson. Doreen K.. 136 Robinson, Frank J. Robinson. Hugh John Robinson, Marg. I., 95 Robinson. Pettet, 1 Robinson. Ross G., S4 Robinson, W. H. Scott. 74 Roblin, Murray K., 74 Robson, Andrew Dickson Robson. Jean H., 92 Robson, William G., 122, 171 Roe, Aubrey D. F. Roe, Bernard J. M., 102 Roe, Hardy Lloyd Roe, Maurice C., 89, 35 Roe, Richard H. M., 73 Roebuck, Jack Shaw Rogers, Duncan W. Rogers, Jeanne E., S0 Rogers, Jocelyn, S0 Rogers, Harry F., 122 Rogers, Leo D., S9 Rogers, Samuel R.. 146 266 Romaniuk, Alex Romaniuk, Edward S., 106 Ronaghan, Frank A., 122 Ronaghan, Kenneth R., 123 Ronden. Clifford P., 122 Ronn, Eleanor J., 95 Ronn, Norma VV. Rood, Margaret, S0 Rockwood. R. M., 86, 36 Rooney. Herbert H.. 102 Rooney. Paul G., 74 Roper, Doris, 147 Roper, James A.. 7-1 Rose, Beulah, 140 Rose. James, 91 Roseborough, John B., 133 Rosenbaum, Benny H., 128 Rosenthal, Alex, 65 Roslak. Jaroslau Ross, Donald S. Ross, Dorothy, 147 Ross, Gerald B. Ross, Gordon A., 61, 151 Ross, Walter R., 102, 110 Ross, William D. Rosser, Robert D.. 122, 35. 5.3 Rourke, Lawrence Rousseau, Cecile, 174 Rousseau, Louis, 122 Routledge, Anne E., 149 Rowbotham, Marjery E.. 74 Rowe, Ralph R. Rowland. Joseph W. Rowley, Thomas B., 122 Roxburgh, Peter C., 128 Roxburgh, R. W. Roy, Guy W., 128 Ruddick, Mary, 91 Rude, Irwin S. Rudin, Alfred, 74 Rudkin, Raymond A. Rudko, Nattalie C. Rupp. Arthur W., Rupp, Iva B. Ruptash, John, 122 Russell, Alfred H. Russell, Elizabeth, 106 Russell, H. J., 74 THE self-propelled Combine shown above, Hrst introduced by Massey- Harris in 1939, enables one man in one day to cut and thresh enough wheat for 55,000 loaves of bread! That is just one typical instance of the way in which modern farm mach- inery has stepped up the farmer's efficiency and production. The number of Canadian farmers has increased by only two-thirds since 1900. Yet, thanks to the combin- ation of production-building mach- inery and their own hard work, Canada,s farmers are now growing 4M times as much grain as they did then . . . producing 25 times as ore Brea for the World much milk . . . feeding twice as many cattle and 2M times as many hogs ...and raising 5 times as many chickens! They are providing food for 2M times as many people in Canada - and exporting 30 times as much wheat and 10 times as much flour. The working day on the farm is still a long one, and the tasks still de- mand strong arms, strong backs and a determined Will. But with Massey- Harris machines, the farmer finds it easier than before to win a good living for his family, and to bring to his farm home many of the con- veniences, comforts and luxuries formerly enjoyed only by city folks. ASSEY- RRIS ,. b .-.4 :4-.-, 42 A cnunnlnu . A WORLD-WIDE --- -1- comrnnv wma onamnzmon X I: 4' 267 1 Russell. John G. Russell-Ewing, Isabel. 95 Russell, Phyllis J.. 74, lax Rutberg, John R.. 122 Rutherford, James A., 126 Rutt. Keith A.. 128 Rutlan. John A., 91 Ryall. Ronald W. Ryan, Norma V., 74 Rylands, Joan F., 83 Rymer, Gladys M., 80 Rypien, Josephine, 140 Sahourin. Robert J. J. Sachkixv. Orest M. Sackville, George A. Sacuta, Alec Sacuta, William Sadler, John Cameron. 90 Sadler, Phyllis M. A.. 110 Sadoway, Zenon Saffel. Arnold O.. 00 Sakai. Margaret Sakumoto. Georze. xii S T4 Saks, D.. Salamanclick, VValter, 122 Salt. Betty Salter. James A. Sambnrsky, John. 11:6 Samoiel. R.. 15s Samuels, Hershel Samuels Kenneth A, Samuels, Victor Samycia. Myros, 150 Sanden, Irving: W. Sandercock, Ethel M. Sandergarth. Lucy E. Sanders. Mary Ann E.. 110 Sanderson. Edwin S. Sandilands. Carolyn, 149 lmp erial Wildcat Blowing In Sandilands, Robert H.. 122 Sands. Myrnie L., 94, 188, 54 Sandulak. Harry, 126 Sanford, Eleanor Muriel. 95 Sanzster. Cecil H.. 110 Sasluw, Harry Saucier, Suzanne D.. 83, 155 Sauder. Enid E.. 110 Sauder. M. L.. 94 Sauder, Ronald N., 110 Saunders. John C., 74 Saunders. Laurent E. Saville, Hedley G.. 122 Sawada, Kamid. 80 Sawatzky, Daniel. 128 Sawdon. Jean, 148 Sawka, Eva, 14S Sawtell. Chase A., S0 Sax, Frank D. Scarborough, Joseph M. B. Schab. Sophie A., 106 Scheelar. Marvin D. Scheler, Milton S.. 122 Schindeler, Allan S. A. Schlader. Roy A.. 90 Schlosser. John L.. 128, 216 Schlosser. Mary Jane. S0 Schmidt, Reinhard, 122 Schneider, Frederick R., S3 Schoenrock, Ruth E.. 106 Day and Scotland. William A. Scott. Alwyn P. H., 166. 154 Scott, Mitchell A. Scott, Ellen, 1414 Scott. Evelyn J., S0 Scott, Fred L.. 83. 55 Scott, Herbert. 61 Scott James H., 90 Scott Janet, 139 Scott. Leslie F., 102 Scott Margaret J., 110 Scott Pat, 95, 44 Scott Robert F. Scott, Sheila, 106 Scott Stuart M., 62 Scotvold, Lorraine I., 106 Scougall. Betty, 83 Scougall, Margaret. 95 Scragg, Richard D., 144 Seager. William H., 123 Sears, Marilyn. 62 Sears, Steve. 83 Seath, Lloyd G., 63 Seaton, Robert A., fill Night View of Oil Derrick Shandro, G., 159 Shandro, Victoria, 148 Shaner, Dorothy, 84, 188 Shanks, Isabell. 110 Shapiro, Alec. 123 Sharlow, Harold Sharpe, Howard L. Sharpe, John W., 123 Sharpe, Marion, 95 Shatz, Lorraine, 95 Shaul, Charles, 1 26 Shaw, Anne, S0 Shaw Constance. 83 Shaw, Donald A. Shaw, Donald R. Shaw, Harry, 142 Shaw, Vernon S. Shearer, Douglas Shearer. Norma Shearer, Ruth. 95 Shector, Eli W.. 142 Shedden. Ernest R.. S4 Sheeran. Kenneth P. Sheldon, Patricia J.. 95 Schroter, Frances B. M., 110, 44 Schroter, Robert R. Schulte. Lloyd J.. 130 Schultz. Cecil G.. 150 Schultz, Ray H., 106 Schwartz. Arthur Schwartz, Herald A. Schwartz. Marie Anne. 74, Schwindt, George W.. 74 2 Scollon, Laurier A. M., 150 Selby. William E.. S0 Seldon. Patricia. 95. 188 Selezinka. Metro. 106 Selezinka, NV.. 159 Seliard, Frederick Seller. Joan N., 149 Semeluk, Nick Semenchuk. William Semnle. Joseph M., 83 Senger. Frank J., 74 Sept, Herbert F. Serbu, Steve F., 106 Serediak, Walter J., 106 Settle, John R. Seward. Oliver C.. 83 Shand. Sheila D., 110 268 Shemanchuk. Joseph A. Shep. Donald J. Shepherd, Gordon H.. 144 Sheppard, Lloyd W., T4 Sheptyck. Sonia, 139 Sherbaniuk, Doug. S4. 49, 44 Sherbaniuk, R. W., 149. 44 Sherman, Aubrey E. Sherman, Gunther F. Sherman, Sydney A.. 84 Sherriff, Frank, 214 Sherwood, Forest, 61 Henry W.. S4 Shewchuk, Shewchuk, Peter N. William, 102, 110 110 Shewchuk. Shewtz. R-. MXQX Q54 X fi com 1944 -on ND : 3 1 0 90. , GRE-YHUU ,-: Q x +1011 - ' :lo Youl On a weekend Or: ixqjffllg lilizflll 'Afmefgci-ravlel. l l2'g9me:gl1lirldolsaY?Dur blflgest bafgaln PGY l Qheck Zlfzede fealfwzed: JFREIIUENT SCHEDULES JLUXURY COMFORT JLIBERAI. STUPUVERS -ICHUICE UF RUUTES - -------- ----- S - ----- lus Ffa Greyhound Travel Bureau, LAL 49l p . E Lowest Fares! I g Please send me complete information! :detailed itinerary and folders on: I E l. Above Tour lj E 4 0 - x l 2. Other Tours, including the following I 0 6 E Cities ........ ,...,,...,,....,....,...... . -.,,,,,l 0 ' , E of people going EI ! ' V' I l I Greyhollmcl Travel Bureau. J Greyhound Building, Calgary, Alberta 269 'EYI-It llllhlll To HII Graduates: CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS THROUGH THE YEARS. To HII Undergraduates: WE LOOK FORWARD WITH PLEASURE TO SERVING YOU AGAIN NEXT YEAR. The University Cafeteria Sheilds, John A. M. Sr. M. of St. Anne of Florence Smith, Jean Stewart, 94, 188 Spencer, Sidney G. Shikaze, Ben, 90 Sr. Leanie M. A. Smith John A. L. Spencer, William R. Shimizu, Henry J., 80 Sr. M. of St. Francesca Oabrini Smith John B. Spevakow, Robert Burton, 84 Shipka, Thomas H., 126 Sr. M. of St. Regine Smith John Richard, 152 Spiller, Kenneth J., 63 Shipley, George R., 123 Sr. Sheila Cassidy Smith, Joseph T. Spillios. Nick O., 85 Shirreff, Evelyn M., 106 Sr. M. of S. Albert of Rome Smith, Lois K. Spilsted, Richard Shnitka. Theodor K.. 149 Sr. M. of S. Claude of Vienna Smith Margaret, 147 Spread. Kenneth J. Shopland, Robert W., 62 Sr. Mary Aurea Mageau Smith Mike Spring, Maurice A. Short, Isabel Sr. Mary Francis Murray Smith Norman B. Sproule, Brian J., 144 Short, Kenneth J. S., 126 Skene, John S., 142, 34 Smith Robert F. Sproule, Margaret, 148 Shortliffe, Ernest C., 142 Skirrow, Elsie, 143 Smith Robert W., 110 Sprung, Sharon G., 94 Shouldice, David H., 74. 36 Skitsko, Walter, 62 Smith Ronald A. Squair, James Hay. 84 Shragge, Phillip, 91 Skjeie, David R.. S0 Smith Sheila Mae, 147 Squire, Everett R., 130 Shrimpton. Jack S., 102 Skoreiko, John. 80 Smith Thelma E. Sribney. Mike, S0 Shwetz, Rae Skoreyko, George, 126 Smith Vernor W. Stabback, Jack G., 123 Shydlowski. Walter, 75 Shymko, Nick. 84 Sibley, John O. Sidjak, Nicholas, 123 Sidjak, William, 130 Sidor, Nicholas P. Sigal, John J.. 75 Sigsworth, M. June, 102 Sigurdson, William E., 75 Sikal, John Derick, 123 Sikora, Joe, S4 Silick, Michael P., S0 Silk, Evelyn F., 225 Sills, Gordon A., 126 Sills, Royal C., 133 Sills, Vivian, 148 Simmons, Charles E. Simmons, Dale M., 126, 55 Simmons. Errol R., '75 Simmons, Helen, 110 Simmons, Robert Simon. Hodgson P. Simovitch, Harold Simpson, Dorothy M. Simpson, Jack C.. R0 Simpson, James E., R4 Simpson, John A.. 102 Simpson, William J. Simpson, William S. Sinal. Martin, 128 Sinclair, Beulah. 110 Sinclair, Owen. 110 Sinclair, Roy G., 84 Sinclair, William T.. 168 Singer, Heather-Belle. 80 Singleton. Howard B., 110 Skaskow. Walter E., 75 Sr. Bernadette Skoreyko. Mary, 106 Skoropad. William Skorupsl-ci, Lois Julia, 84 Skrepnek, Stanley V., S0 Skwarok, Josaphat, 102 Skwarok. Romeo L. Slater, Hugh Slemko, Sam, 106 Slemko, William. 128 Sloan, Robyn W. Slupsky, John W., 126 Smart, Christine M., 106 Smart, P'eter, 110 Smerek, Alexander Smith William P., 1 10 Smith-Windsor, Brooke, 134 Smitten, Leslie Smoliak, Sylvester, 61 Smovitch, Harold Snelgrove, Ellen V., 106 Snell, Maurice L. Snow, Lloyd E, F., 130 Snowden, Thomas W., 84 Snyder, Herbert N., 150 Soderstrom, Florence V., 106 Soklofske, Albert W., 134 Solodzuk. Walter, 127 Soloway, Lawrence, 133 Smith, Smith, Smith Andrew D., 61 Angus J., 110 Archibald W. Smith Arthur J.. 63 Smith Audrey M., 95 Smith Avery E. Smith Barbara A., 106 Smith Smith Benedict, 61 Brian W., 128 Smith David. 97 Smith, David H. Smith, Don F., 84. 36, 45 Smith, Ernest A. Smith, Fred Smith F. H.. 161 Smith Smith Frederick C., 80 George W., 123 Smith, G., 161 Smith. Harcourt D. Smith, Harold G. Smith, Ione Y., 106 Smith, Isabel G. M., 106 Smith Iva E.. 161 Smith James E., 92 Soltice, Norman J., S0 Somerville, Beth, 139, 188 Somerville, Paul N., 75 Sommerfeldst, Theron G. Soneff, James, 161 Soprovich, William Sorenson, Olaf E., 150 Souch, Carol K., S0 Southgate, Nancy, 148, 39 Sovergn, Arthur E., 149 Spacey, Stephen R., 123 Spackman, Fred N., 142 Spackman, Gordon E. Spackman, Grant L., 128, 40 Spackman, Roy R. Spak. Mary A., 106 Spark, William, 92 Sparling, Charles W., 102 Spedding, Norma M., 150 Speedie, Norman D., 90 Spence, Doreen E., 184 Spence, Emily M. Spencer, John F. T., 61 Spencer, J. G., 118 , ' 270 Stack, Edward D., 92 Stainger, George G. Stainton, Alice E., T5 Stainton, William J. Stan, John Stanley, James G. Stanley, Raymond F., 144 Stansberry, James W. Staples, John C. Starrit, J. O., 152, 35 Staysko, Robert F., 90 Steblyk, Peter, 80 Steed, Jesse D. B., 110 Steed, Robert D.. 127 Steedman, Joseph Steele, Donald V., 80 Steen, William I. M. Steer, George A. Steeves, Samuel L., 149 Steeves. Walter W. Stefanick, George, 130 Steffenson, S. M., 159 Stelfox, David. 62 Stelfox, John Glyde, 62 Stelmack. Arthur H., 106 Stelmaschuk, Paul Stephen, John W., 123 Stephens, Ronald E., 75, 172 Stephenson, Audrey S. Stephenson, Benjamin H., 146 Stephenson, John A. Stevenson, Elaine, 106 Stevenson, Isabella C., 149 Stewart, Alethea M., 102 Stewart, Glen G., 75 Stewart, Joanna J.. 110 Stewart, John B., '75 Stewart, Paul E., 90 Taciuk, Nafufal 45 The 'Pearl' In AIberta's Oyster , .. , ' as Wilz. 11 . .:,,. 4 . .f 63 Q, .1 G Gives Alberta A Brighter Future u n.l'rlEs, Lro. Stewart, Peter G., 110 Stewart, Robert J., 51 Stiles, Donald J., 81 Stiles, Edwin G. Stinson, Bernice Stinson, Shirley M., 147 Stock, Margaret M., 146 Stockwell, Duncan G. Stodalka, Allan A., 130 Stogryn. Russell V. Stolee, Elinor K., 110 Stolee, Erlin B. Stolee, Leit G.. 110 Stollery, Robert. 123 Stollery. William E. Stoltz, Mary L., 110 Stone, Robert E., 63 Stonehocker, Ivan P., 51 Storcer, Joseph. 149 Storey, Franklin J.. 102 Storvik, Doris I., 106 Stott. John R., 110 St. Peirre, Leon E. Strain, Bertrum J., 102 Strange, John W., 123 Strashok, Philip, 128 Strate, Grant E., 169, 154 Stratton, Donald K., 134 Stratton. Mary J., 161 Street, George W.. 134 Streeter. James W., 127 Strelioff, Mac. G. Strembitsky, John Stretton, James A. J.. 123 Strickland. Muriel E. Strilchuk, Dennis N., 150 Strilchuck, Kathy, 148 Sutherland, Ralph William Sutherland, Robert L. Svendsen. Gordon D. Swanberg, Victor Swann, Ferris George Swann. Gordon Cummings, 36 Swann, Leslie Frank. 123 Swanson, Pearl Georgina. 106 Swaron, Olaf Stanley Sweatman, Joan Emily, 138 Sweet, Harry C., 161 Sweet, Paul Esme, 110 Sweryda, Stephen, 75 Swiniarski. W. Joseph, 75 Swityk, Peter, 90 Switzer, Israel. 75 Sylvest, Karl Ove, 75 Taciuk. Henry A. Taciuk, John Robert, 146 William Taylor, Robert J. Taylor, Ronald L., 127 Taylor, W., 107 Tchir, William Teare, Frederick W., 146 Teeling, James A., 103 Tellier, Marcel E., 107 Telford. Eleanor, 140 Temofeychuk, Walter S. Tempest, Murray S. Terlecki, Henry, 128 Teskey. Herbert J. Teviotdale, David R. W., 75 Teviotdale, Agnes E., 75 Tchir. James, 62 Tharp, Raymond S., 92 Theiss, Alfred J., 92 Thom, Howard N. Thomas. Ronald C., 214 Thomas, T. E., 84 Thomas-Peter, G. A., 84 Taggart. Katherine I., 81 Tailleur, Leo J. Tait, Gyda Talbot, George L., 103 Tanasiuk, Eli, 84 Tanasiuk, William G. Tandberg. Joan Mercia, 110 Tanner, Kathleen, 225 Tanner, William H. R., 84, 55 Stroud Earl L. Stroud. Lois, 148 Stroud Milton Carl, S1 Strum. Strutz. Herbert Allan, 128 Walter Alan Stubbs, Oswald C.. 146 Stults. Carl L., 103 Sturrock, Robert Forbes Sullivan, Daniel W.. 103 Sullivan, Margaret Mae, 84 Summers. Merle Gordon, 63 Surkan. Metro, 149 Sutermeister. Pauline. 110 Sutherland. Donald Alvin, 90 Sutherland, Donald O. A., 150 Sutherland, Kathleen Mary, 62 Taranger, Gladys J.. 106 Tario, Thomas A., 103 Tarney, Donald G. Tataryn, Bohdan, 63 Taylor, Alexander G. Taylor, Alex S. Taylor, A. Isobel. 75 Taylor, Carleton T. Taylor, Elmer L. Taylor. James E., 144 Taylor. J.. 110 Taylor, Helen E.. 94 Taylor. Isabell, S8 Taylor, Jack D. Taylor. John E. Taylor, June G., 84 Taylor, Kathleen M., 140 Taylor, Kenneth G. Taylor, Laughlin B., 75 Taylor, Nicholas W. Taylor, Norman T. Taylor, R. A., 97 Taylor, Richard E., 166 Thomassen, Henry, 110 Thomassen, Kai Thompson, Andrew C., 134 Thompson Bethoe A., 84 Thompson: Betty June, 95, 55 Thompson Charles R., 1 23 Thompson: Charles B., 103 Thompson, C. T., 123 Thomson, Dorothy M.. 75 Thompson, Dennis E. Thompson, E. Frances, 147 Thompson, Edward A. Thompson, E. Grant, 128 Thompson, Frank S., 123 Thomson, Edna E., 75 Thomson, James E. J., 61 Thomson. J. M., 75 Thomson. Walter F., 63 Thorne. Selby M. Thornton. B. Harper, 146 Thornton, John A. Thornton, Robert H.. 63 Thorpe. Maurice F. Thorsley. Alfred J., 146 Throndson. Allan D.. 107 Thurber. Reginald C., 123 Thurston, Leah J., 110 Tidsbury, Albert D. Tidsbury, William H. Tldswell, Gwendolyn E., 76 Tidy, William K. Tlmko, George P., 110 27l Timmins, Joan S., 147 Tipman, Rudolph R., 127 Tocher, Mary M., 147 Tkachyk, Lucy L., 107 Tkachyk, M. A., 84 Tipper, Robert W.. 128 Todd, John R., 84 Todd, Mary Ann, 161 Toller, Primilia Tomashavsky, Allan, 127 Toller, William E.. 128 Toma, Andy, 127 Tomlin, George A., 103 Tomlinson, Wilbur G. Tompkins, Glen A. Toole, Leonard A., 110 Toole, William J., 90 Topolnisky, Metro Torrie, Robert Mclntyre. 134 Tory, Elmer M. Toupin, Henry M., 142 Toutant, Jean, 148 Townsend, Laura M., 103 Trace. Harry D., 81 Trasov, G. E.. 153 Travis, Gordon. 134 Tredorvay, Frances W. Treleaven, Joseph H. Trimble, Thomas J. Trimble. Woodrow C. Trofimuk. Joseph T., 84 Trollope, Frederick H., 84 Trouth, Norman S., 123 Trott. George E. Trotter, Margaret I.. 81 Trottier, Robert B., 128 Trueman, Evelyn G., 84 Trussler, Roy S.. 123 Tucker, Joseph M.. 146 Tupper. Jeannine E. Faye, 9' Turcotte. Lucille Turcotte, M.. 81 Turlock, William P. Turner, Robert W.. 76 Turner, William E., 130 Tviet, Anne Marie, 107 Ulasovetz, Violet, 76 Ulmer, Edwin Umbach, Ronald H. Underdahl, Jean, 148 Underhill, George A., 124 Underhill, Gwen, 94, 179 Underhill, Mabel USTRY EDUC TIO In the course of developing and manufacturing its many products, Westinghouse assembles a wealth of electrical engineering data of value to students and instructors engaged in electrical studies. Through the Westinghouse School Service Department practical, up-to-date booklets and pamphlets are distributed frequently to scores of Canadian libraries. Universities, technical schools and libraries are advised of new engineering data available for instruction and reference purposes. Film showings on educational and industrial subjects are arranged in schools and universities. In addition, many hundreds of requests for information from students and teachers are carefully attended to by the Westinghouse School Service Department. For information relating to your electrical studies you are invited to write: School Service Department, Canadian Westinghouse Company, Limited, Hamilton, Ontario. Vwsstin house 2 MCI! PIO DUCT IVI Powll FOI IN DUSTRY fflt X: 272 Suppliers to the professional and amateur photographic trade in Western Canada and the far North. Edmonton Photo uppl I00O5 Jasper Avenue Phone 22352 LABORATORY SUPPLIES AND CHEMICALS For Assay Offices, Educational, Hospital and Industrial Laboratories CHVE 8a COmPHI'lY 567 Hornby LIMITED Street Marine 834I Vancouver, B.C. Underhill, Reg, 124 Underhill, Robert, 130 Unger, J., 118 Unger, Henry, 110 Unigt, Harry, 159 Unrath, Arthur, 92 Urdal, Mary L., 76 Usher. Charles L.. 61 Usher, Jean, 140 Usher, William D., 124 Fred, 84 Ustina. Utley, Elizabeth W., 110 Vail, Gordon D., 149 Vallance, Peter S., 152 Van Alstine, Robert S. Van Camp, Harold, 124 Van Derlee, Harold, 63 Van Dellen, Jacoba, 148 Vango, Phyllis Van Hees, Bernard O., 124 Vanner, William E., 90 Van Tighen, F. P'., 103, 41 Varvis, Chris J., S4 Venassen, Olga, 150 Verag. Andrew, 90 Waknuk, Helen E., 107 Walashyn, J., 103 Walker. Alvin E. Walker, Donald G., 61, 183 Walker. Donald R., 62 Walker, Betty, 76, 40 Walker, Ernest, 61 Walker, George C.. 130 Walker, Gordon W.. 124 Walker, Kenneth R., 62, 153 Walker, Margaret J., 110 Walker, William M., 107 Walker, Winston O., 124 Wallace, Alex M. Wallace, Donald S., S1 Wallace, James R., 127 Wallace, Robert R.. 146 Wallace, Selma J., 107 Wallace, Velma Watkins. Gerald W., 92 Watson, Dennis E. Watson, Lillian J., 107 Watts, Gordon F., 40 Way, Harlowe E., 91 Way. James L., 103 White. Norah. 148 White, O., 161 White, Robert J. White, White R. Robert G., 1 3 0 T.. 124 whnef William J., 130 Weastell. Joyce, 148 Webb. Webb, Webber, Webber. Webster, Wedder, Weekes, Weeks, Weeks. Weibe, Weins, Donald, 144 Douglas C. Harold W., 63, 55 Harry J. Shirley A., 149 William G. H. V.. 48 George C., 110 Robert A., 154 Joan A. H., 81 Walter, 84 Weir, Charles H. Whitehead. Alfred L., 124 Whitehead, John P., 124 Whiteley, Robert D., 124 Whitesell, John R., 81 Whitmore, George D., 144 Whitney, William H., 57. 103 Whittles. Harold M. Whyte. Charles A.. 91 Whyte. Victoria B. Wick, Lawrence B., 77 Wickett, William A., 142 Wiebe, Joan A., 81 Wiens, Walter, 84 Waller, Ronnie, 110 Wallman, Roy. 92 Walrath, Charles. 124 Walsh. John Walsh, Tom J., 76, 216 Walshe, Edward J.. 127 Walter, Margaret R. Veres, John ' Verge, Margaret J.. 65 Verge, Robert W., 76 Vernon, Wilfred R., 124 Vetsch, Francis G. Vickerman, Robert H., 124 Vickery, Margaret, 148 Virtue, Dawn C., 95 Virtue. William, 124 Voegtlin. Ruth E., 107 Voisin, Phyllis D., 76 Volney, Elizabeth. 140 Wachnow, Wilfred L. Wacowich, Anthony B., 124 Wachowich. Edward Rob. 127 Wachowich, Mary N., 150 Wachowich. Phillip J. Wacko. William J.. 76 Waddell, Frances, 139 Wadson, Gilbert W. Wagner, Elaine M., 137 Wagner, Frederick G., 63 Wagner. William C. Wakal, Michael F., Wakefield, John K., Wakelyn, Barbara, 130 107 148 Walter, William I., 76 Wannamaker, John, 84 Wannamaker, Frances, 95 Wanamaker. Isobel C., 149 Wanat, William. 130 Ward, Charlotte. 76 Ward, Doris, 107 Ward, Gordon, 84 Warden, Joan Warden, Leslie Warhaft, Harry Waritsky. Walter M., 127 Warke, Alexander G., 81 Warne, George A. M., 128 Warne, Joseph H. Warren, Leonard E., 76, 90 Warren, Mary, 76 Warring, Glenn Warshawski, Edward Warshawski, Frances G. Waseelenchuk, Wasel G. Washburn, William, 107 Wasylishen, Eunice, 107 Wasylewsky, Alex, 76 Waterhouse. Gerald N. Waterman, Benjamin L., 103 Waterman, Robert A.. 149 Weir, James R., 84 Weir, Margaret J., 76 Weisgerber, Pious, 63 Weitz, Mrs. Clare, 77 Wietz, Harry. 84 Weitz, Norma Welbourne, Donald J.. 81 Weldon, Helen A., 103 Welk, William, 127 Wells, Allen R., 63 Wells, Gordon C.. 77 Wells, Robert J. Welsh, Kenneth R., 128 Welykochy, John Wenger, Louise E., 107 Wengreniuk, Nick, 110 Wensley, Beverly J., 127, 216 Werbisky. Amelia J. Wesolowski, Frank J., Wesolowski. M. James. West, Bruce A. Westlake, John H., 127 Westrup. Oliver Wetherell. Stanley R. Wetter. Wesley J. Wheatley, Richard G. Wheeler. Adair K., 77 Wheeler. Leonard L. Whitaker, John E. White, Arnold G. White, Frederick T., 77 White, John R. White, John V., 90 Wiggins, Elizabeth B., 77, 188, 36 Wiggins, Edgar T., 161 Wight, Margaret E.. 107 Wight. Norman J., 144 Wihak, Fred Wilcox, Lloyd D. Wilde, Murray Floyd, 61 Wilde, R. H.. 130 Wilfart, Marie-Cecile, 103 Wilkes, Reginald T., 63 Wilkin, Frederick L., 130 Wilkins, John Wilkinson, Clifford T., 84 Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, 150 Williams, 142 Williams, Williams. Williams, Anthony G. P. Carol, 103 Donald M., 130 Floyd G. Gilbert R., 77 Gordon K. L. M., 110 Nowell M. Stuart A. Willimson, D. Munro Williamson, Harold D. Wetter, Raymond E., 77, 84 Willis, A Willis, rthur C.. 84 Kathleen L., 13 7 Willis, Robert C. Willis, W illiam I. Willms, Abraham M. Willox, James F., 81 Willson. Willson. Wilson, Audrey M., 76 Peter G., 127, 217 Carmen J., 138 Wilson. Clarence L., 90 ENG! NEERINC5 DRAWING SU PPLIES WINSOR 84 NEWTON ARTISTS' MATERIALS SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS Medicine Hat, Alberta The City IPopuIation I4,000l of RESIDENTIAL AND INDUSTRIAL OPPORTUNITY THE Natural Gas, the cheapest fuel in Canada :NRITE FOROFREE BOOKLET COMPANY LIMITED Opportunity Unlimited" WINNIPEG VANCOUVER TORONTO CITY of Medicine Hal OTTAWA MONTREAL 273 Wright e we Som bon' Xgtki snuff Veopie SGW ' F at We 'J M-sg. Most of us have to plan for the good things of life. And a big part of that planning is a matter of dollars and cents-of earmarking a certain part of our earnings for the things we want most. It's not always easy, especially these days. But the fact remains that what you save is still the most important-the most satisfying -part of what you earn. Are you hoping for something . . . or saving for it? THE ROYAL BANK OF CANADA Wilson David A., S1 Wilson Douglas M., 90 Wilson, Donald Benjamin, 63 Wilson Donald B., 144 Wilson, Donald W. Wilson, Edward M. Wilson Elizabeth L., 94 Wilson Evelyne, 137 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson . Harry F., 154 Iris H., 107 James W., 90 Jean, 147 John B. D., 90 John R., 63, 36 Shirley M., 94 Thomas E., 124 Thomas M., 130 Worts, Cyril G. Wothers oon Grace K., 147 -D , Wotherspoon, John Wournell, Louise, 110 Wournell, Frederick A., 110 Woytkiw, Sonia, 94 Wozney, Lawrence P'., 110 Wozniak, Me1'lin P., 110 Wray, Richard G.. 81 Wray, Robert G.. 81, 36 Wright, Allen S., 142 Wright, Elvira J.. 95 Wright, George K. Wright, Gordon H.. 91 Wright, Joseph R. Wright, Lenore, 148 Lorna E 103 Wiltzen, Aaron O.. 77 Winchester, Allan M. Windsor, Charles L. Windsor, George E., 133 Winiarski, A. M., 159 Winiarski, K., 159 Windsor, George W., 110 Winterton, John A. Wiseman, June Wishloff, Evelyn Wishloff, Sam C. Wiskel, Bruno, 127 Witbeck, Tom O'B., 133 Witwicki, Anne, 84 Wiwchar, Modest B. Wobick, Leroy, 84. 216 Wolcott. Donald M., 124 Wolfe, Maureen. 149 Woloshyn, John, 110 Wyatt, Frank G.. 48 Wyld. Richard G. Wylie, James A., 150, 151 Wylie. John T.. 77 Wyman, Benjamin C. Wynnyk. Julian P. Wynnyk, Walter Wysocki, Emil, 107 Yakimowich, Lloyd. 130 Yamamoto, Tats, S1 Yanda, Raina E., 84 Yanda, Roman L. Yaremco, Edwin W., 90 Yasui, Shozo, 127 Yates. Arthur D. G.. 103 Yaks, Grace, 140 Yonkers. Lillian Doris, 110 York, Mary C., 84, 46 York, Nancy-Jean, 94 Young. Grace N., S1 Wolverton, Harold G. Wood. Burns, 61 Wood. Dean R. Wood. John C. Wood, Maryleora, 40 Young, Wood. Nancy A. E., 107 Wood, Stephen H., 154 Woodbridge, William G., 61 Woodcock, Pat, 92 Woodhams, G.. 77 Woods, James S. Woodrow, Rita. 148 Woodward. Walter L., 127 Worobec, Jos. W., 77 Yoshida, Naoyuki, 1 30 Young, Betty Ann. 107 Young, C. A., 161 Young. David R.. 63 Young, Ira L. Young, Irwin Stewart Young, James R. Young, John E. Young. John K. Young. Peter R. Young. V. T., 161 Younger. Keith Stewart Phyllis May, 110, 1 Woronuk, John I.. 81 Worsley, Michael Worth, Walter H. Younzren. Carl Edwin, 77 Younie. George R. Younie. James M. 84 Yule, Raymond M., S1 Yuodelis, William V. Yurkiw, Peter Yurko, Michael Yurko, William J. Zacharias, Irwin Zacherl, Walter Zachoda, Nick, 62 Zalesky, Chester. 92 Zaruby, W. S.. 127 Zavadiuk, Mike, 127 Zavaduk, Olga, 107 Zazelenchuk, John Zelenka, Ramona, 148 Zerr, Leo C. Zientarski, M. W., 77 Zimmerman, George E., 77 Zowtiak, John Zukermon, David, 63 Zukiwski, Nick, 81 Zwick, Violet, 14S Zytaruk, George, 103, 169 ERRATA . . . E.S.S.l. on page I3I should read E.S.S. Page I78-Medical Undergraduate Society Baclc Row: Jerry Evans, Milton Gilchrist, Jim McNally, Ray Flemming, Gus Morrison. Don Baker, Tim Cameron. Seated: Dr. 'Owen Marg Fraser. Ernie Shortlitie. 274 uiiviisiiiiiii HIHIIIIII 1950 o SESSIONS o 1951 Courses will be offered in the following: ARTS AND SCIENCE - AGRICULTURE Including Summer Session DENTISTRY EDUCATION Including Summer Session GRADUATE STUDIES - LAW - MEDICINE PHARMACY Q - COMMERCE - ENGINEERING Including Chemical, Civil. EI- ectrical, Mining, Irrigation, Petroleum Engineering, En- gineering Physics and En- gineering Geology. HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS - NURSING For Information Regarding Registration and Courses Hpply to The Registrar University of Hlberta, Edmonton 275 CANLAB Offers Scientific Laboratories, the Finest Instruments and Apparatus Available, Designed for Constant Accuracy. . . Balances and Weights Gas Analysis Physiological Calorimeters Hydrogen Ion Shakers Centrituges Incubators Spectrophotometers Cereal Testing Metallurgical Sterilizers Clinical Apparatus Micro-Analysis Stills Combustion Apparatus Microscopes 84 Microtomes Viscosimeters Electro-Analysis Nitrogen Apparatus Vitamin Analysis Extraction Apparatus Ovens Water Analysis Furnaces Petroleum Testing Water Baths Physics Apparatus For complete listings ot these and other scientitic equipment, see our large, complete catalogue. It you don't have one, please write us tor a copy. Canadian Laboratory Supplies LIMITED TORONTO WINNIPEG MONTREAL 276 ALBERTA has vision to match her resources as-1 r- ,' fits T: .. Qilillliq V as ,T '-'-' " "" Tu' Ani mr. in il 'Qi yr if E .-.-mf:- as rl ,V is ian t i iii afhs it iiiii fl 'Q l f lltlllll ' T Ullllllll. FI' 5 lim ' ' ' ' -i I iillllill' . W y- l ttf! xl l N M. . r Www Nutt a M Hills Ll ., aa pr is . Vi , W r l , v gi ti t Q I in L, Ill! il :im J :fm I mlnlrl lug! !-t ltlllllllt fi ' l if ' :Ei it ' WH vi .EE I A 14:11 W u a t , ,g:g:Lf, 1 lyrixg W -Ip zgzgggll rr ,li i'i u l T 1 it Q, U 4 rg ffgyhhfxs silt Q N1 ,glib . ill af5FWH7t sith E wil, I.l Illillll .E thstm fe f uhwslm X W WEEE 5 TWT X.. 953. 2 is s lndustry in the Province oi Alberta functions under the principles of free enterprise. It is the belief of the Government of Alberta that the function of Government is to serve private rights-not to absorb them. The community of economic interests that must be shared by management and worlcers of industry is recognized. The practical application of common sense legislation has long been in effect in Alberta. The results have been beneficial to the national economy, for this province has enjoyed the minimum of industrial disputes through the application of sensible laws, fair and equitable to all. Alberta wants business and businessmen to establish within the Province. You will not Find regimentation or Qy .Q X ggi' state domination. Social services are progressive. Alberta - S X is following a policy to ensure the orderly development of her ' K' 1 T U vast and valuable resources through free and competitive enterprise. Alberta has vision to match her resources. SHSQZ.: . 1 w ld- . mst IIDIISIRIAI. DIYEIIUPHEIT Bunn - J' OF 'IIE PIQYIHCE OF llnlflfl oErAn'rMsNT or scouomrc Arulns M 0 N T 0 N. A L B E R T A. C A N A DA EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA 11 1 i E D 277 .S.S. CTIVITIE The Engineers' Ball Commihee hard at work planning ihe biggesi Ball yef. -Lf The Engineers safeguard fheir Ballot Box with logging chains and a sho+ gun primed wifh rock salf. Beware, Arismen! The E.S.S. Execufive I llllli I llllll I ,lllllll lbllllll Tift' X11 Back ROW: Pal Kelly, Bill MCQUBY, George Jull, Dale Simmons, Don Dick Crowns Queen S-fella Hanna. Don McNichol. Front Row: Bran? Kerby, Sec.-Treas.: Don Dick, Pres.: Ralph McManus. Hon. Pres.: Harold Morrison, Vice-Pres.: Bob Rosser, Council. 278 1 -'Q-uxf K' f ' 3 1 X5k'I l cc? , V 'P I -5 X : ' ', 4 xi A ,. N! tag if 'iff-, fl 'Qg":-T9-lj X 3 1 2 X df'-' 'Wi Ts: '-ffffff "' 'TTS X. , 4 - Q1 w W1:4,i:-.E A' ..'- 'X - E! 7 -" 5,5 Q.. j'f .ff-" --3 Q! 5? ws-fp.-- 4 4 , 1.12 - X V5 5 Hill fa:-5? Q .l E VU .F figs? Q . 'F' Nu 55' -E.-W'--'I::' I , f'?"':7 . 4'A- 'Xi , is 3. X.-Ml :Q-fri g. . " 3 ight- " 'F' K dr 9 H , ' A - 4 " -- --A1 ,Q-.53 ' , , - fe' if M f ',A,:f- T11-, V411 .. 'vw H A S L1J xwAil q ' if Q - 1'--.iI.'.l'-2" " Q I ,L - I " 4 , H l I 5' I ' h S g ' ' ' . -X .- Mapa --E Q ' ll' Q . KX -WKWXXXK N uwfix- gf' M ' A JL W NXwQfQ'ff1Q 3 IEEE , Q - ,b ,r ' -4 X X 2:2 x ,ff :W yi? 'w xx f .. .L-55555 f KM, M N - J -4 f 4 Q. f- mu 1 I x ' 'sf W . in Wy! N1 N s, I . f in I it as NS , x a if 'MX s 5 A . M M Q.. 1, if , M :'4 -Z li ' I K Q I' AJ3: , ' I V -I Me. - ' mf.. is if ,ix viii . . 5- ' - I. I . - B Z n z' I I il - I: Z , In ff ' N . ' , . E 1 Inns, XII ', S, A A 7 6 .15 355' NRA - t I A I W "'f,"' U" "W, ""':'- 1-I: , g, can 'X .- ly , V' ' ' Q Q 13:2 ae - if , 7"Ni-2,-'-ESX xxx A N ', . X' 41.. - VX , Q ' mg 'qu ' f -,W .- 5,: :5s'+ x :Q X vu. ' . . , MT ,, gf5 !"i.':::11QSS51Q iw, w SW 5- 'M Sq' W Q1-P'1i?'f7"x nw f - 5- jv w QU -X WW- ,WWA '71 -. ' - 'XS F1 F3 ',,,:?' ! ? f7'E"i- Y1:e ':!f 'Y 11-,l 11311, I n ' M ms tm-nl' nf' I "Mila A . 4 -' '4.' ' ' . vf S . A ,-.Q Y L-. 3 1 . ,' in-f -S ' MSM - : - - ,1 'V' .-73 . N. W' xxx- N, U ' . -1- fx 'lf I ,A Lugz- 0 A XXX Nm. L 'I 214 ?J i 0 Q, : . if 4 A' , -' . 'Y ' K 4 ,-5 f +. 1 N - - 2 'ff , . W. 1. 5 N' in ii fihmbh vfa':::: ::i!:fis ., M: --49. ' X 5 lji2'f" Ef'5'ff'5?f'L . ' ' f f'5s'1' i2l -:-'T "- ii igliiwiff A " .. 'I gqlllil , ' +n',i sf, 41' , "-" 'S' M,-4 A-A ,. 1 UFLfg1 - f l,--L , A 314- Q U , , ., ff ' - ui-HT JL? ...f.-- 9",a3Z'g5,,f 9 fvv- A A lZ"K"' ' ,lift , ff?-'F't 'E g -4 X ff W f za.-:E-75- 45:25-1 V.: g - 3 . ff sf Aggie . . -- --fi wfi ,. I . :lift A",-'a,fjff' ?' f -- . - , X A Qffi Al 4. Q -i- . 1-' fr 4 ' 'X . 4 ff 'yZ' , , ICQ, ' x -V 94? x..i'l -:Li X ,..,,. ' i' v 5 M - P, ,,., I I 1 51, -. :.,"' ,a . .-C I ?: l- KN' , N. L H9 42 1 'ff--5 yi- - FQQ2 ' WI ffl- 22.3 Lit., ' - :iff -- Q 25 . 5 f f'-+1 - , X A' ' ' ici:-r-. 1 if xv! re, 'M , ... T gin I . V . ' ' , . '1 ."14:.'slY' if ' Q 4 ' V f,l' Q W , ., h M I! K gi .I 6 ' Q. ff ,sim iw W N M '1 ,, ' .. ik as 'TW XSNX N ' 7-12 'i v ' X ' Q VF- , Y X . zqgjnd N 2 xmxisfw' xx ' X f ' N 'Fi f X , ZX ,- g ' 513 : 251' 'El V r, X, wg f N -1, 74 ' , Q ,QW 1 .gf--fm WHA V' i 1' r 'f' fi. xfl 1:-1.1 1!wlL.'N' f : ff A 'V-f-5 w ,,,. ' " W of-X r Q f- 5 'M ,Xm,,,QMl EA mf ' e 2. f X V V , if H ' V 4 JV -ff, ,T --.M 'I .ww , N ul S 1- , I' f GET,- N 1-13 - 1 3 ff ff-224 1 t- 1 X I ' is-F ltff g, I.-,LW-I' fr: 351 f ,iyfij Fzffzx ISK , f ' H A51 UI If . f 1.- ESQ + var. 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