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11 A I 1 i if 1 N , +f QQ 1-:Zigi gm cvfwaczwofv M444 2776177 5 cvvfvfz-PFWVG mf 'fvffvfw 562245736 Qi 1 Y Nl ' E 2 104061044 scfffvc 3 , ff + fvfvf,-Marr .1 4 f . fffaffwf ' Fake Cover VQI'g1'QQIl and Gold Clie annual publication of the Students' Union of the Universittg of Alberta at Edmonton, Canada 1Y"'44 ex 13' 3 200 5 - - 'P z 4 2 ' in iw Q V9- 44-CUMQUE 'X Contents CAMPUS AND ADMINISTRATION Campus Facully S+uden+ Governmeni' Pulolicafions STUDENTS Graduales Agriculfure Ar+s and Science Educafion Engineering Medical Sciences Summer School ACTIVITIES Clubs Frafernilies Miliiary A+I1le'rics Snaps 'n' Scraps INDEX AND ADVERTISING 3 fy. ff fxfi foreword Universiry life embodies all +he foy and vi+ali+y of youih iiself. Memories of campus days cannol' buf overflow wi+h vivid scenes of pleasures manifold: of unforgellable acquainfances and inci- denfsg of vicissifudes and friumphs. The flighi' of fime, however, may dim and blur rhe smaller fhings which make campus life wha+ ii is-ihar never-ending +emp+- afion io 'forgei an eighl' o'cloclq 'lhe evenings speni' over a cup of coffeeg fhe care-free formalsg 'lhe many discarded siudy plans: fhe anima'I'ed Tuck-dale: and fhe ineviiable cramming before exams. H is wiih oprimism rherefore 'l'ha+ we puf forfh fhis volume, hoping fha? in years 'lo come H' may serve as a perpeiual source of joyful memories +o rhose who speni' 'rhe year I948 a+ +he Universify of Alberfa. EDMQNTON Bafwlrl Alberta Genealogical Society 'Dedication To whalsoever fhings are frue, honesf, iusf, pure, lovely and of good repori Huis volume is humbly declicaled. In memoriam Sun sei' and evening sfar, And one clear call for me! And may fhere be no moaning of 'rhe bar When I puf ouf fo sea. Buf such a fide as moving seems asleep, Too full for sound and foam, When fhaf which drew from ouf fhe boundless deep Turns again home. Twilighf and evening bell, And affer fhaf fhe dark! And may fhere be no sadness of farewell When I embark. For fho' from ouf our bourne of Time and place The flood may bear me far, I hope fo see my Pilof face fo face When I have crosf fhe bar. -Alfred Lord Tennyson. J. K. FIFE, MD., C.M., Assisfani' Professor of Surgery G. M. SMITH, M.C., B.A., M.A., Professor of Hisfory F. A. WYATT, B.S.A., M.S., Ph.D., Professor of Soils. Secfion S+aFF GEORGE CLARK CECILA COCKERAM PHYLLIS FITCH GWEN UNDERHILL Campus and Administration 6' ' 'fl X Tai 7 1! Q 4'?CUMqu2 F 5 i , 0 5' .Q 42, B 0 63- Tis 'Phe Mind 'rhaf Makes +he Body Rich -Shakespeare. 1 Campus . Y -N Www MW f 'xv J H BJ -mf X ,N Ziff? ' 'i Wllmllllng n N ff 5 W M52 wlmz! ll ,l. g N ME 4 411 ' ' fn xxx -XXXQ ', f x 'J' 5 wi Mxxxfsfg ,ff gfgftgri 3 W , " . wf xx ff fi-"' AIUME J M ' ' X f7-5f!fl'LH Q V if 2 f , xvxdx ' P feff' Q And specially from every h a Of Alber'I'a +o U of A fhey d Education Building .:,Q ,..i X- 1 , 1,2 L- A St. Stephen! College 1 1 w 1 w i Parts Building I I Tembiua 'Hall Athabasca fi-lall 4 O Q0 medical Building Manhood, no+ Scholarship, is 'Phe firsi' aim of Educa'I'ion. -Ernesi' Thompson Se'l'on. Administratlou yy! QXQ? YQ ,X f Z 5 2 me X5 3 ax jf 'lbwfx , N ' Benygne he was, and wonder d And in adversi+ee ful ci n+ M A3 fP1'esideut's message NA DISINTERESTED endeavour fo learn and propagafe fhe besf fhaf is known and fhoughf in 'lhe world, and fhus fo esfablish a currenf of fresh and frue ideas." This definifion of liferary crificism, by Maffhew Arnold, expresses also whaf we wanf of educafion. The acquisifion of fechnical skill and compefence is imporfanf, buf if is nof enough. If should be mafched by humanify and warm friendliness. The educafed man is a culfivafed human being, an assei' fo sociefy, fhough independenf of if by reason of his infellecfual resources. ln shorf, he is a man of developed characfer and infellecf. Whaf are fhe marks of educafion? Firsf is scholarship: masfery of a chosen field and infelligenf acquainf- ance wifh ofher fields of learning. Second, fhe good manners worfhy of "a genfleman and scholar", for fhe scholar musf show in his daily walk fhaf he has sfudied fhe wisdom of 'rhe ages fo some purpose. Third, fhe power of con- veying fhoughf fo ofhers, a power acquired by habifually reading good books and pracfising a high sfandard of wrifing and conversafion. Fourfh, reverence for whaf is holy. Fif+h, devofion fo whafsoever fhings are frue, honesf, iusf, pure, lovely, and of good reporf. Sixfh, modesfy: "lf l have seen farfher 'lhan my predecessors", said Newfon, "if is because l have sfood on fhe shoulders of gianfs." Sevenfh, discipline: civilizafion is self-discipline: fhe educafed man is known by his confrolled and considerafe behaviour. There are cerfain piffalls which fhe educafed man will avoid. He will wear his learning lighfly and be welcome in any sociefy. He will shun fhe academic mind, fhaf mind which sees so many argumenfs on bofh sides if never fakes a decided sfandg be ifs possessor ever so greaf a scholar, as a cifizen he is complefely fufile. He will never resf on his oars, realizing fhaf fhe man who does so in 'this swiffly moving world is soon leff behind: eclucafion is an arduous and lifelong process. Wi? Presidenf ROBERT NEWTON, M.C., B.S.A., M.Sc., Ph.D., D.S.C., F.R.S.C. Eighteen Chancellor VeTeran educaTionisT, and DepuTy lvlinisTer of EducaTion Tor eleven years, Dr. G. F. McNally was appoinTecl Chancellor oT The UniversiTy in AugusT I946. A graduaTe OT The UniversiTy oT New Brunswiclc he regisTered aT The UniversiTy of AlberTa in IQO8 and received his lvlasTer oT ArTs degree wiTh The TirsT gra- duaTion class. In l909 he was made lnspecTor oT Schools aT WeTaskiwin and laTer held The same posiTion in Calgary. l-le became Principal oT The Camrose Norf mal School in I9l3, a posiTion he held unTil l9I8 when he enTered The DeparTmenT oT EducaTion as Supervisor oT Schools. In I935 he was appoinTed DepuTy lvlinisTer oT EducaTion. ln May, l946 Dr. McNally was given The honorary degree oT DocTor of Laws aT This Unive-rsiTy. THE HON. MR. JUSTICE PARLEE, B.A.,B.C.L., LL.D. Nineteen GEORGE FREDERICK McNALLY, M.A., LL.D. Chairman of the 'Board of Governors The Honorable lvlr. JusTice l-larold Hayward Parlee, K.C., who was appoinTed in 1940 To The chairmanship oT The Board OT Governors, was born in New Brunswick. ATTer a shorT career in The Teaching prorcession he graduaTed in ArTs Trom The UniversiTy OT lvlounT Allison, and Then in Law Trom The UniversiTy oT Dalhousie, ST. John, N.B. Law School and Kings Col- lege, Windsor, N.S. Sound in adminisTraTion, slcilTul in negoTiaTion, Dr. Parlee brings To his duTies many aTTainmenTs, buT noT The leasT oT The qualiTies which have endeared him To his Triends is a peneTraTing inTeresT in The aT'lairs OT young men and wornen. l-le possesses a happy TaculTy, vouchsaTed To Tew, of never growing old: OT reTaining ThaT vigorous and challenging ouTloolc, which is char- acTerisTic oT youTh. I l l :::::::Admini5tf3tiQn::::::: REGISTRAR-MR. G. B. TAYLOR. Mr. G. B. Taylor, RegisTrar OT The UniversiTy, is head OT one OT The busiesT deparTmenTs on The campus. As chieT execuTive in charge OT The OTTice OT Tiles and sTenographers, Mr. Taylor's duTies are many and varied. The records and Tiles have grown wiTh each succeeding year, as consTanT conTacT is kepT wiTh The The ever growing number OT Alumni. l-lere all The records OT each sTudenT aT UniversiTy are kepT, providing a reliable source OT reTerence Tor The various TaculTies, The STudenTs' Union, and various campus OrganizaTions. Since iTs meagre beginning in I908, wiTh The TirsT small enrOlmenT, The de- parTmenT has grown To become an indispensible parT OT The UniversiTy, giving and receiving viTal inTOrmaTiOn. Presiding over a large sTaTT OT sTenographers and secreTaries, Mr. Taylor's OTTice is cOnsTanTly being beseiged noT only by UniversiTy sTudenTs. buT by prospecTive sTudenTs To gain admiTTance. LocaTed on The second Tloor OT The ArTs Building, The RegisTrar's OTTice has become a Tamiliar landmark To sTudenTs Through The years. THE BU RSAR-M R. WHITTON. The Bursar's OTTice is responsible Tor The deTail OT campus business admin- isTraTion. This OTTice has expanded Trom one small room in AThabasca Hall in The "good old days" To iTs spacious locaTion in The ArTs Building-wiTh a sTaTT OT more Than TwenTy. Perhaps besT known To sTudenTs as a place To pay Their Tees, The Bursar's OTTice is concerned wiTh counTless oTher TransacTions. BudgeTary conTrol, pur- chasing, payrolls, deparTmenT conTrOl, Tinancial records, sTaTemenTs, and all The various and sundry Tinancial and business TransacTiOns encounTered in a large edu- caTional insTiTuTion, suTTice To keep Tvlr. WhiTTOn The presenT Bursar, and his acTive sTaTT Tully occupied. THE ALUMNI SECRETARY-MR. MARKLE. The duTies OT The Alumni SecreTary are TwoTold. In addiTion To acTing as liaison beTween The Alumni AssociaTion and The UniversiTy, he keeps The grad- uaTes in close conTacT wiTh Their Alma MaTer. The membership OT The Alumni AssociaTion has increased To such an exTenT during The pasT years ThaT Through iTs influence and iTs sympaTheTic co-OperaTion iT is OTTen OT greaT assisTance To The UniversiTy. Branches OT The assOciaTion which have been Tormed in The larger cenTres are kepT in close conTacT wiTh The UniversiTy by Mr. Markle The Alumni SecreTary. Alumni inTeresT in The UniversiTy is TurThermore mainTained Through The medium OT The "New Trail" an inTormaTive quarTer annual, published under The supervision OT The versaTile secreTary OT The Alumni AssociaTion. ADVISOR TO VETERANS-DR. COOK. The VeTeran Advisor, Dr. Cook is known TO all reTurned men as an exTremely capable, undersTanding Triend. Formed in SepTember, I945, This oTTice aTTempTs To meeT The needs OT The sTudenT veTeran, who requires assisTance in solving problems OT rehabiliTaTion, ranging Trom personal aTTairs To Tinding suiTable living accommodaTions. This OTTice works in close coniuncTiOn wiTh The DeparTmenT OT VeTerans' ATTairs. Dr. Cook, an associaTe prOTessor OT maThemaTics, and secreTary OT The STudenT VeTeran Loan Board will conTinue To acT in The capaciTy OT an under- sTanding counsellor and Triend unTil needy veTeran sTudenTs have passed Trom These halls OT learning. Twenty ::::::::: PQf5Qn11QI:::::::: EXTENSION DEPARTMENT-DONALD CAMERON. The Deparfmenf of Exfensions primary purpose is fo make available fo fhe province fhe educafional benefifs of fhe Universify. The sfaff of over fwenfy people is kepf busy providing exfension service in fhe form of films, records, and prinfed informafion. The Deparfmenf publishes fhe monfhly drama magazine "Sfage Door" as well as arranging for fhe adiudicafion of drama and musical fesfivals. If also offers shorf lecfure courses fo inferesfed drama groups fhrough- ouf fhe province. The famous Banff School of Fine Arfs, a very imporfanf branch of fhe Deparfmenf, affracfs sfudenfs from far and wide, who gafher fo sfudy under beaufiful surroundings during fhe summer monfhs. Donald Cameron, Direcfor of fhe Deparfmenf of Exfension is rendering bofh fhe Universify and fha Province a valuable service fhrough his energefic and progressive leadership. ASSISTANT REGISTRAR-MR. CAIRNS. Mr. Cairns, fhe Assisfanf Regisfrar enjoys dufies closely connecfed fo fhose of fhe Regisfrar. By shouldering some of fhe vasf responsibilify of fhe Regisfrans Office, fhis office makes possible fhe efficienf handling of fhe heavy adminisfrafive work of fhe Universify. Three former classrooms on fhe second floor of fhe Arfs Building now house fhe Assisfanfs Office-a far cry from fhe old cramped guarfers in Afhabasca I'IaIl. Amongsf fhe maze of files in fhese offices may be found records varying all fhe way from pre-universify works fo General Faculfy Council informafion which is used in mainfaining provincial professional sfandards. PROVOST-MR. H. P. SPARBY. lvlr. I'I. P. Sparby is fhe U. of Afs fhird Provosf. The office of provosf was firsf held by Dr. Ivlacbachran, who accepfed fhe posifion in I9I4, affer having been disciplinarian for Afhabasca I-Iall for a number of years. I'lis successor, Col. P. S. Warren, was provosf from I945 unfil his refiremenf fhis year, when Mr. Sparby fook over. The provosfls primary dufy is fo acf as a mediafor befween fhe sfudenfs and adminisfrafors of fhe Universify. Moreover, he is responsible for discipline, and exercises general supervision over conducf and welfare of fhe sfudenfs, especially fhose in residence. ln cases of serious breach of discipline, fhe provosf acfs as head of fhe Commiffee of lnvesfigafion. Ivlr. Sparby came from Calgary fwo years ago, fo fill a vacancy on fhe Faculfy of Educafion, and now enioys fhe fwo-fold fask of affending fo his dufies as provosf as well as delivering Iecfures fo sfudenf feachers. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT-DR. JOHNS. As assisfanf fo fhe Presidenf, Dr. Johns shoulders fhe numerous and varied dufies which may from fime fo fime be assigned by Dr. Newfon. Such maffers as fhe preparafion of fhe budgef, allocafion of space for feaching, preparafion of cerfain porfions of fhe calendar, and fhe mainfenance of records, fake up a good porfion of Dr. Johns' fime. In addifion fo handling fhese and fhe many ofher infricacies involved in fhe direcfion of fhe Universify, fhis amiable and efficienf adminisfrafor is an accomplished lecfurer in fhe Deparfmenf of Classics of fhe Faculfy of Arfs and Science. Twenty-Una I I i I Ill J- ., 'ZS i I I I I I I Q I FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE The UniversiTy oT AlberTa saw The creaTion oT The FaculTy oT AgriculTure in May I9I5. This embryonic organizaTion advanced by leaps and bounds, soon To become one oT The besT esTablished and mosT popular TaculTies on The campus. Today, wiTh a permanenT sTaTT oT Zl and an enroImenT oT over 300, The EaculTy oT AgriculTure is Turning ouT high-calibre personnel To manage our naTion's chieT indusTry. FurThermore, iT is conducTing exTensive research programmes in such Tields as Animal l-lusbandry, Dairying, Field Crops and Soils. Dean R. D. Sinclair, The presenT "man behind The scenes" has seen his TaculTy Through good Times and bad since I94I. Under The capable leadership oT an individual so deeply concerned wiTh The progress oT AgriculTure in our province, The TuTure oT This EaculTy is assured. FACULTY OF LAW The EaculTy oT Law was esTablished in I9I9 wiTh sixTy sTudenTs enrolled. Wi+h The adopTion of The unique case sysTem oT Teaching, sTudenTs have learned Their law by reading and discussing acTual cases. Each sTudenT is given The op- porTuniTy To argue a MooT each year, The bench consisTing oT Seniors and over- Town lawyers. Dean W. F. Bowlcer succeeded Dean M. M. MacInTyre in I945 and wiTh limiTed sTaTT and TaciliTies has proven his meTal in puTTing Through an ever- increasing number oT sTudenTs in This already overcrowded TacuITy. FACULTY OF MEDICINE In OcTober I9I3, insTrucTion began in The EaculTy oT Medicine. buT iT was noT unTil I924 ThaT a compleTe Tive year course leading To The degree oT MD. was oTTered. The same year The School oT Nursing was added To The EaculTy. Classes conTinued To swell unTil in I945 DenTisTry was separaTed Trom The I:aCUlTy OT Medicine, becoming a TaculTy in iTselT. During The Second World War an acceleraTed course in Medicine was designed To meeT The increased demand Tor MO's in The armed Torces. The relenTless eTTorTs oT Dr. Ranlcin The TirsT dean. coupled wiTh The generosiTy oT The Rocldeller FounclaTion in placing halT a million dollars aT The disposal oT The UniversiTy Tor medical Teaching purposes, are in a large degree responsible Tor The repuTable sTaTus oT AlberTa's FaculTy oT Medicine. WiTh The largesT classes on record in aTTend- ance This session, and The Pre-Medical years Tilled To overTlowing, iT is expecTed ThaT The FaculTy oT Medicine will assume an even greaTer role on The campus in The near TuTure. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING The FaculTy oT Applied Science was separaTed Trom The FaculTy oT ArTs and Science in The auTumn oT I9I3. During The TirsT Two years oT iTs exisTence The TaculTy held classes in AThabasca I'lall. ln l9I5 classrooms were moved To The ArTs Building, which had iusT reached compleTion, and in l9I9 The engineering laboraTories were added To The lisT oT Temporary UniversiTy Buildings. Dean I-Iardy now heads The progressive TaculTy. The recenT expansion oT The oil indusTry in AlberTa wiTh The discovery oT The Leduc Tield has produced inTensiTied eTTorTs wiThin The TaculTy To add a course in PeTroIeum Engineering To an already exTensive curriculum including Chemical, Civil, ElecTrical and Mining Engineering. Twenty-two FACULTY OF DENTISTRY , AlThough The FaculTy oT DenTisTry is a comparaTively new TaculTy on The campus, plans are already under way To expand presenT TaciliTies. IT is hoped ThaT in The noT Too disTanT TuTure The FaculTy will Take over one oT The mosT modern and besT equipped universiTy denTal clinics in Canada. The courses in DenTisTry are so planned as To provide a sound educaTional baclcgroundq and a Thorough knowledge oT The various diagnosTic and TreaTmenT Techniques. Through The unTiring eTTorTs oT Dean W. S. l-lamilTon and his capable sTaTT, The FaculTy oT DenTisTry has aTTained a very prominenT posiTion among Canadian and American denTal Training insTiTuTions. FACULTY or ARTS AND science T T Dean J. MacDonald heads The l5aculTy which has been The mainsTay oT The i i N 6- UniversiTy since iTs origin in I908. During This period oT Time, many oTher TaculTies have been born wiThin The FaculTy oT ArTs and Science, and have been guided along unTil such Time as They were able To carry on alone. The UniversiTy's iiMoTher l:aculTy" aT presenT is experiencing growing pains resulTing Trom The huge inTlux oT sTudenTs Tollowing The mosT recenT World War. Classes and laboraTories in boTh The ArTs and Medical Buildings are Tilled To overTlowing. WiTh hope Tor relieT sTiIl ouT oT sighT, Dean MacDonald is doing a Truly crediTable iob in lqeeping This iiawl-,ward' TaculTy rolling during so diTTiculT a period. ADVISOR T0 WOMEN STUDENTS Miss Simpson, Advisor To Women STudenTs, noT unliTe her predecessors, has discovered ThaT The undeTined duTies oT her posiTion are maniTold, and ThaT They oTTer greaT scope Tor real service To universiTy sTudenTs. An exTremely energeTic person, Miss Simpson reTuses To adhere To oTTice hours, being ready and willing To help any sTudenT aT any Time. While her chieT capaciTy is Advisor To WomenT STudenTs, one can resT assured ThaT no mere man has ever been Turned away Trom her door. lT has been said ThaT Miss Simpson has played The parT oT "MoTher Con- Tessor and a True Triend" To innumerable sTudenTs, ranging all The way Trom The lowly TresheTTe aT The coTTee parTy To The club execuTive planning a special social aTTair. ln addiTion To her oTher duTies, Miss Simpson Tinds Time To lecTure in The FaculTy oT EducaTion. EDUCATION Dr. E. M. l.aZerTe, Dean oT The FaculTy oT EducaTion, is head oT a TaculTy in which evoluTion and expansion have characTerized iTs Teacher Training program in The UniversiTy since iTs beginnings abouT TwenTy years ago. ln l93O The School oT EducaTion was esTablished wiTh a TaculTy oT Two, and a sTudenT enrolmenT oT eighT. STudenTs regisTered in The School oT EducaTion aTTer graduaTion Trom The l3aculTy oT ArTs and Science, and gualiTied Tor a l-ligh School CerTiTicaTe in one year. During l94O and l94l The Teacher Training insTiTuTion was called The College oT EducaTion. The graduaTing class had increased To approximaTely sixTy by l942. FaculTy, auThorized by The SenaTe in IQZ8, was Tinally compleTed in l942, and a program oT Training leading To a Bachelors degree was inTroduced. The closing oT AlberTais Normal Schools in 1945 and The inTegraTion oT all Teacher Training under The FaculTy oT EducaTion resulTed in a sudden increase in The number oT EducaTion sTudenTs, unTil Today There are over 950 sTudenTs in The TaculTy. Twenty-three 6.23 , 'ls ' A mini- T 5 . , A gk Ulf ,, 5.4.5,--ei-Trwf l iHiS'C0l'g of the niversitg of lberta ln i906 aT The TirsT session OT The l.egislaTure oT The newly Tormed Province oT AlberTa, Dr. Alexander Cameron l2uTherTord, Premier and MinisTer oT Educa Tion, urged The immediaTe esTablishmenT oT a Provincial UniversiTy. DoubTing Thomases argued ThaT There were more imporTanT Things needed by The new province, buT many Tar-sighTed men agreed wiTh Dr. RuTherTord and The Uni- versiTy AcT was passed. A wild sTreTch oT land on The souTh bank of The Sask- aTchewan River was chosen as The siTe Tor The campus. Dr. RuTherTord visiTecl his Alma MaTer, McGill UniversiTy, and persuaded Dr. l-lenry Marshall Tory To leave The comTorT and securiTy oT his posiTion as ProTessor oT Physics and go wesT To become PresidenT oT a UniversiTy wiThouT sTaTT, sTudenTs or buildings. Dr. Tory assumed oTTice on January I, T908 and on SepTember 23rd OT ThaT year, The TirsT class meT on The upper Tloor oT whaT was Then The Duggan STreeT' School. ForTy-Tive sTudenTs, including Tour graduaTes, regisTered. This was The ioneer class Tor alThough There were graduaTing exercises in l9I l The class OT I3 . I9I2 were The TirsT genuine 'beginning To endi U. oT A. grads. ln January oT I909 The classes and Their one Truclc load oT UniversiTy equip- menT moved To The upper TToor oT The STraThcona Colle-giaTe lnsTiTuTe. This was Their home unTil I9lI when The TirsT UniversiTy building, AThabasca l-Tall, was compleTed. ln spiTe oT The monThly quizzes and Two Tull seTs oT Tinals each year exTra curricular acTiviTies became an imporTanT parT oT VarsiTy liTe. Among The TirsT organizaTions To appear was The I.iTerary SocieTy which managed mosT oT The campus acTiviTies. AThleTics sTarTed oTT in Tull swing wiTh rugby, hoclcey, and baslceTbalI The TavouriTes. A DramaTic Socie-Ty, Glee Club, OrchesTra and several 'T' it 1.1114 .-4, The campus iusf prior To The compleTion of Assiniboia Hall-I9l2. Twenty-four li Q .s A .i. 5 l :- i 5 i l I I D .Q-1 The firsi' graduaTing class of The UniversiTy-l9l2 debahng clubs were noT long appearing on The scene. The GaTeway made iTs debuT during The Third session and published a monThly edifion given over To liTerary eTTorTs. Assiniboia was builT in l9I3 and Pembina comple-Ted in TI4. The Three buildings were used Tor classrooms as well as residences, an arrangemenT causing much laughTer To sTudenTs and misery To proTessors who had To lecTure againsT The baThTub bariTone oT some aspiring Caruso. The TirsT FaculTy of ArTs and Applied Sciences saw an annual increase in sTuden+ enrolrnenT. The l:aculTy OT Law was added in l9I2. Applied Science was separaTed Trom ArTs in I9l3 and The De- parTmenT of ExTension was opened The same year. On April I4, l9I4 The SenaTe accepTed The consTiTuTion oT The C.O.T.C. and aT The same session reTused The moTion ThaT lecTures in peace be given by The UniversiTy. The original ToundaTions oT The ArTs building were blown up and larger ones laid, On AugusT 4Th, IQI4 GreaT BriTain sTepped inTo The conTlicT in Europe: Canada Tollowed a Tew days laTer and war became a grim realiTy Tor The young UniversiTy noT yeT six years old. i Jr' The firsf basement of Aris which was demolished +o make way for a larger foundaflon. Twenty-five I General opinion was ThaT The war would lasT six monThs aT The mosT so in The Tall oT ThaT year mosT oT oT The old VarsiTy crowd were back To carry on in The same way, alThough The C.O.T.C. assumed a new imporTance. The auTumn oT l9I4 was made Torever noTable in UniversiTy annals when The rugby Team cap- Tured Their TirsT Provincial Championship. ln OcTober oT The nexT year The main building and new home oT The FaculTy oT ArTs and Science was oTTicially opened. The PresidenT and oTher TaculTy mem- bers moved Trom behind Their desks in AThabasca To The new careTully planned building oT oTTices and classrooms. During The winTer oT ThaT year proTessors and sTudenTs TogeTher drilled wiTh The C.O.T.C. in Con Hall. There Tollowed The years oT khaki graduaTions. LisTs oT men receiving degrees became smaller and smaller unTil in l9l7 KaTie lv1cCrimmon was elecTed The TirsT woman presidenT oT The STudenTs' Council. ConsTrucTion of The High Level Bridge, The proiecT which made The U. of A. a parT of EdrnonTon. OTTawa auThorized The TormaTion OT The l96Th BaTTalion C.E.l:., wiTh one company Trom each oT The wesTern universiTies. AlberTa's company was housed, Ted, and Trained on The campus, which assumed The air oT a miliTary camp. When we recall ThaT aT The ouTbreak oT The war The sTudenT body numbered only 440 we real- ize ThaT AlberTa did her biT by sending 494 persons inTo acTive service. A simple bronze TableT aT The door oT Con T-lall bears The names oT The eighTy-Two who made The supreme sacriTice. An unusual and ouTsTanding conTribuTion made by The UniversiTy during The war was The esTablishmenT oT The Khaki UniversiTy headed by Dr. Tory. A school aT Ripon in Yorkshire oTTered direcTion and advice To sTu- denTs, and TurThermore provided insTrucTion in every conceivable subiecT. ln l9I8 when The Tlu epidemic made iT necessary To close The UniversiTy, Pembina was Taken over by The ciTy To isolaTe some oT The vicTims. ATTer The ArmisTice, enrolmenT was swelled by The reTurn oT The Troops and discipline sagged somewhaT. A craze Tor social aTTairs developed wiTh house dances The order oT The day. An addiTion in The Torm oT a brass rail was made To The balcony OT Con l-lall Tor The proTec- Tion oT The Med sTudenTs who climaxed Their annual Med NiTe celebraTions by TesTing Their equilibri- um by sTrolling around The TooT ledge. Twenty-six , A M .. ,,,, The furning of +he firsf sod for ihe new Ar+s Building-I9I3. ln i920 lhe l-louse Eccers invaded The Soulh Lab much fo The annoymenl of The engineers who had ruled supreme in lhe building from lhe day il was opened in l9l8. Wilh lhe opening of 'rhe Med Building in I92I, lhe Deparfmem' of Chemislry moved over from Arls fo be squeezed in among fhe Meds and 'rhe sfifls lwho were glad 'ro gel ou'r of fhe Power l-louse.l ln lhe early lwenlies lhe Civil Engineer Club was reorganized becoming lcnown in more refined circles as lhe Engineering Sfudenls' Sociely. The annual banguef was inauguraled and rivalry became hol befween lhe Engineers and lhe rising new Facully of Medicine. A boom lo coed life was fhe ina .:- 'Q 9 5- N , N. ,wA,s,1,..Xm, . v- --suede "'mxi'?s, - af Lf: ., 1:.., is ' .. -f-""""A X33 ,,,i .e i,.-A--' , K The campus from 'Phe air . . . what no Medical Building! Twenty-seven Lt-za:ua"1 ,W no AA. , ..., Ins+allaTion of The Memorial Organ in Convocafion Hall-I925 sTallaTion of Telephones in Pembina in I92I. Our own Mamie Simpson ioined The Alumni ranks wilh The Class oT '22-who presenTed The UniversiTy wiTh The Chancellors Chair, sfill used aT ConvocaTion. In I922 The C5aTeway managed To pull Themselves ouT oT a Thousand dollar hole and handed over The publishing oT The yearboolc To a new independenT sTaTT: The Evergreen and Gold. An organ was insTalled in Con Hall in I925, in memory OT The sTudenTs who ToughT in The war. On November 6Th of ThaT year ST. Joseph's College was oTTicially opened and on November 2I The TirsT program was broadcasT over The UniversiTy Radio STaTion CKUA. AlberTa deTeaTed SaslcaTchewan I I-7 in The TirsT game OT The lnTer-VarsiTy Rugby Schedule buT losT To ManiToba in The Tinals. In I928 Dr. RoberT Wallace succeeded Dr. Tory as PresidenT. AT The TirsT "all Trosh" parTy held ThaT year couples were dancing The CharlesTon and The Blaclc BoTTom. The auThoriTies decided ThaT Too .1 X-rf Where PembiniTes puT on Their weighf in '28, Twenty-eight much Time was spenT inTroducing The Treshmen To campus liTe so The iniTiaTion Time was cuT To one week. Pyiama-clad, painT-bedaubed braves climaxed The week wiTh a midnighT war dance in TronT oT Pembina. The Tinancial depression oT l929 decreased enrolmenT buT despiTe The scarciTy of money, The sTudenTs began discussing plans Tor a STudenTs' Union Building Fund. The DenTs came inTo Their own when The FaculTy oT DenTisTry was added in I93O. The decision To leT Them live in The residences resulTed in much reioicing amongsT The Treshmen of l93O, buT many a sad hearT mourned The day when, a year laTer, Pembina was puT under lock and key. in I933 iniTiaTion as iT was in The good old days was abolished. The socieTy page ThaT year TeaTured women's Tashions wiTh The new liTTle-above-The ankle lengTh in aTTernoon dresses. The GaTeway prinTed a humorous ediTion on The plans Tor a STudenTs' Union Building and in i935 began publishing Two ediTions a week. ln I936 Dr. W. A. R. Kerr became The new PresidenT when Dr. Wallace leTT To Take The presi- dency aT Queen's UniversiTy aT KingsTon. AT This Time The Women l-laTers Club were bemoaning The TacT ThaT an increasing number oT Temales were aspiring To higher educaTion. The Engineers were hauled ip, sip. V .Tix li. yl ails--5 .......... . fn v' 1' ' ST. Joseph's College in I925. on The carpeT in I937 by boTh The FaculTy and The CiTy Police Tor enTering and breaking The Med Building wiTh Tire hoses and axes: and in The nexT spring The campus shook wiTh The reverberaTions OT The TirsT Engineers' Ball. Wifh The ouTbreak oT war in I939 compulsory miliTary Training was inTroduced and even Coeds paraded regularly under The command oT Major Owen. ln I94l The R.C.A.F. invaded The residences and The era oT boarding houses was ushered in. Color NiTe originaTed in This same year, Thanks To The eTTorTs oT Cec. Robson. Dr. Kerr reTired and Dr. Robe-rT NewTon became The new PresidenT. ln I943 The overTlow oT eager beavers who haunTed The ArTs Library moved Their books over To The new CaTeTeria. CasualTies Trom The Med-Engineer' Tracas ThaT spring were TreaTed in The new infirmary. In i945 The UniversiTy Took over Training oT all Teachers in The province: consequenTly innocenT Ed sTudenTs began Their daily Treks To The souThern ouTposT oT The campus. The same year Dr. Shel- Twenty-nine Surf' f"'i'i'Q.c11-ETF"'I1'5fI---w' QI,.,,.if,,Tf-:W -A, ,. """"' ' if' " -- ..f' e M xr cm.. -e - V - , .. ,, ,...., TTi'iT'+"' : TT" T ,.., T , fr if--5 ITIS TTi..T ""'X"'g'i"' -1 , 'T" 'e T 'T"T-iis- T ' ' L' --r ' .Q T W? ':"'Tisf'ef's-Y--. " T1 C . W l , r -W "" . T-J Q , "'+4.i.R. ' 4 :21-- - 134- , Z f - M '-1-.--. in V . -M - T fp. . s-- 3 T 2 E Q it . X -U- L, V .- X. ,.-:l1gr-vysumunhlggi, ' --. ...,- - M... 3 ,H . .,- A 5-f-- '1 ,QA .GEEK V .. f- . - : h 3a4,v-,5g wg - K,-W ,N-ix . Y' - 'Tl?i X Q1?-f - .XX ri.. , K 13' sr-3"M--'Y W, ' ' ' "' 3 'Turn - ff--,i:m'TT'i-.- Y ee.iQ-,f+:ff' T ' ' T - ' 2 . , sew '5' T N, --- 'T be sf-C Q ' -T -1+-1 "'?bw133f r xii 'TI' - f ' 1' X- 'fn-.L " r ' , "TGP s w , 'uc-y ' 1-..f..9fw-F' ml X554-h QE.-.. ' g , :hg- ""' .rr P ' wb- ' -R --Q lf "ff f-TT XT TP H fs T TTU NYJ - A T 'T 'w'T.L1--'fl Tl T 3 -' ':,q.x,i ' ss, H-Nana . Modern aerial view of The campus. S+ill considerable room for expansion. don and The MaTh deparTmenT widened Their search Tor lnTiniTy by moving inTo The old Garneau l'ligh School Building. The Mixed Chorus made iTs debuT on The campus in I945-The year The VarsiTy Show rolled Them in The aisles. The Golden Bears won The Hardy Cup Tor The TirsT Time since l928 and The Colonel Mewburn Pavilion was added To The UniversiTy l-lospiTal. WiTh The end oT hosTiliTies and The reTurn oT The Armed Forces The morale oT WauneiTas wenT up one hundred percenT. The addiTion in I946 oT a January Class produced many awlcward siTuaTions, including The Tloor-siTTing oT Treshmen Chem 42 sTudenTs The Tollowing Tall. The period oT greaTesT advancemenT in The hisTory oT The UniversiTy is being wriTTen Today. Liberal programs Tor expansion in every FaculTy on The campus, and recenT addiTions To The curriculum, krygg I Q V qv u , : 1- 4 r ., -I, in ' I ' 19- M Y ,Jr .Q V T 99 fi 1 ' 'Ax 4 EAI '1 Underground aT The momenT, buf The beginnings of a new library aT lasf. Thirty bofh here af home and in fhe Deparfmenf of Exfension which encompasses fhe enfire Province, verify fhe facf fhaf The Universify of Alberfa is af lasf growing up. Research is being more acfively pursued fhan ever before. Experimenfal work covering a wide range of proiecfs is conducfed by compenfenf aufhorifies in fhe fields of Agriculfure, Denfisfry, Medicine, Engineering, Physics, Bofany, Chemisfry, Zoology, and Pharmacy. In addifion, fhe Research Council of Alberfa is sponsoring a number of proiecfs relafed fo fhe developmenf of provincial A dream fasf approaching realify. The archi+ecf's slsefch of fhe Sfudenfs' Union Building. resources: and is encouraging graduafe work by awarding research fellowships fenable af fhis Universify. Increasing enrolmenf and lack of facilifies presenf vifal problems fo bofh sfudenfs and sfaff. A large building program has sfarfed. The Medical Building has fwo new wings and fhe Library Building is well under way. The nexf few years will likely see our dream of a Sfudenfs' Union Building become a realify. If fhe pasf and presenf are any indicafion of whaf will happen in fhe years fo come fhe fufure of our Alma Mafer is assured. Thirty-one He is noi only idle who does no+l1ing, bul he is idle who mighf be beHer employed. -Socra+es. Thirty-two Student Government wx X 1 'fit' I X N we LL, X' 8 A e 0 V f I Bla-fhph dy dl YQM Presidenf NN GEORGE HARTLING Vice-Pres. VIVIAN SUEY A glance back Through The yearboolcs oT previous years reveals ThaT aT leasT every second council con- sidered iTs iob The biggesT in STudenT Council hisTory. The I947-48 Council is no excepTion. They believe ThaT They have handled The biggesT Taslc up To The presenT Time. WiTh The largesT budgeT since The incepTion oT The STudenTs' Union, your Council has endeavored To provide Tor The needs oT many sTudenT acTiviTies. Even Though The overall picTure is good, members OT The Council will be The TirsT To admiT ThaT room s+iIl exisTs Tor improvemenT. No doubT The maior developmenT in sTudenT aTTairs during The pasT session has been The Tinalizing OT over-all plans Tor The STudenTs' Union Building, and The adopTion by The sTudenT body oT The deTailed plans and Tinancial arrangemenTs Tor consTrucTion oT The Social UniT. PresenT TaciliTies Tor sTudenT exTra- curricular acTiviTies, and The high sTandard oT These acTiviTies Today, are in no small parT due To ToresighT and planning by sTudenT bodies oT The pasT. l Teel ThaT The sTeps Talcen This year in regard To The STudenTs' Union Building have indicaTed ThaT The ToresighT and high sTandard OT planning in sTudenT aTTairs have been rnainTained. In Thanking The sTudenT body Tor Their supporT and co-operaTion in all phases acTiviTy, I would lilce To say mosT sincerely more Than a pleasure To be oT service To enThusiasTic oT sTudenT iT has been -1, The STudenTs' Council beafing ouT The budgeTs which caused Them such a big headache This year. Thirty-four Iiiunion All legislafive, adminish-alive, execufive and iudi- cial powers of The Sludenls' Union are vesled in The Sludenlsi Council and ils componenl paris. The Council, composed ol nineleen members, meels in The senale chambers in The Arls Building every olher weelc. The presidenl ol The Sludenls' Union is chairman ol The Council and his execulive is com- posed of The Vice-President Secrerary, Treasurer, and represenialives of all campus organizalions. On The Council are represenralives of all liacullies, The School of Nursing, Presidenl ol The Life-rary Associalion, Presidenl ol 'rhe Musical Associalion, The N.l:.C.U.S. represenfalive, Presidenl of lhe Wauneila, Vice-Chain man U.A.B,, Secrelary U.A.B., and 'rhe Treasurer U.A.B. Every member of The Sludenrs' Union is enfiiled la vole in all eleclions, ro receive benelils offered by The Union in exlra curricular acliviries, and To represenl The Universily in any aclivily fo which The aulhorily of The Union exlrends. The eleclion of officers for Council posifions is held in March, wilh nominalion day in The preceding weelc. During The laiier parl' of February Tour ol The maior appoinlmenls of 'rhe Sludenfs' Union are made. These are Dire-clor and Business Manager ol The Ever- gree -4 if . ui' -L T 531 l V 2 . 95 i 2 ' ' .1 QT 55? Treazurer DAVE SINCLAIR Secrefary BILL BRENNAN n and Qold, and Edilor-in-Chief and Business Manager ol The Galreway- ln addilion To direcfing all sludenl aclivilies, The Sludenls' Union is leading 'rhe siudeni body in raising The money lor The Sludenlsi Union Building, which, il is hoped, will be buill in The nexl few years. l, L. --, Al Bray, Jean Anderson, Marcel Asquin, Jean McLaws, Al Har boway, Viv Suey, Bill Brennan, George Hariling, Dave Sinclair, Greg Ful'ron, John Ballachey, Don Brundage, Tim Tyler, Hor ace Herlihy. Absenf: Alwyn Scoif, Ernie Shoriliffe, Frank Finn. Thirty.five PresidenT and AThelTic Dire MAURY VAN VLIET .UI Al ig -- :Tor ,fa U I gr. Athletic 'Board CreaTed Through The union OT The Men's AThleTic Board, WOmen's AThleTic Board, and The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT, The UniversiTy AThleTic Board inTegraTes The adminisTraTiOn OT all spOrTs-prOmOTing Organ- izaTiOns on The campus. The U.A.B. has recenTly expanded enormously, boTh in TaciliTies, and acTive membership. In The Term iusT ended The largesT budgef ever handled in The Boards hisTory was allocaTed TO Zl acTive clubs and Teams. This year, inTernaTiOnal ToOTball was inTrOduced TO The campus wi+h marked success: and The beginnings OT an annual EasT-WesT cOllegiaTe TOOT- ball schedule became apparenT when The TOrOnTO Blues were induced TO come WesT. The W.C.l.A.U.'s brainchild-a gala weekend OT wOmen's inTer-varsiTy aThleTics, wenT inTo eTTecT in laTe February when The Tairer sex sTaged baslceTball, curling, and Tencing cOmpeTiTiOns in Sasl4aTOOn. lnTramural spOrTs were Organized Tor The TirsT Time under The direc- TiOn OT AssisTanT PrOTessOr Hughes. FurTher addiTiOns TO The already numer- ous spOrTs clubs malcing Their appearance This year were The RiTle Club, and The reorganized Slci Club- STudenT suppOrT and inTeresT in maior aThleTic acTiviTies has reached an all Time high aT The U. OT A.: a TribuTe indeed TO The aggressive Univer- siTy AThleTic Board. Maury Van VlieT, Greg FulTon, Dr. P. S. Warren Tim Tyler, Jean McLaws Thirty.six Qiterarg Societg The LiTerary AssociaTion is The co-or- dinaTing body Tor The DebaTing Club, Drama SocieTy, lnTernaTional RelaTions Club, Make Up Club, PoliTical Science Club, Public Speaking Club, and The newly Tormed Social Service Club. RepresenTaTives To The STudenTs' Union, elecTed Trom The SocieTy each year, draw up The "l.iT" budgeT, voTe on Council busi- ness, and award l.iTerary pins and rings aT The end oT The year. WiTh The increased enrolmenT aT The UniversiTy, acTiviTies oT The various clubs under The l.iTerary AssociaTion were exTend- ed considerably. AlThough The expansion policies oT many clubs were noT in keeping wirh The TaciliTies aT hand, members and ex- ecuTives braved The crowded condiTions un- Til The end oT a year oT unparalleled club acTiviTy. musical Societg l President DON BRUNDAGE Standing: Crawford Ferguson, Earl McFall, George Camp SeaTed: Donna Cross, Alwyn Sco'H, Ralph Nixon, Jean Ferry, Claude May The lnTeryear plays, 'lWinTerseT", T-lugill DebaTes, ParliamenTary Forum, The meeTings and discussions all kepT members aT home busyg while conTacT wiTh oTher universiTies was mainTained and relaTions greaTly sTrengThened by The McGoun DebaTes, lnTervarsiTy Drama Fe-sTival aT Winnipeg, and The numerous lnTervarsiTy conTerences. The Musical AssociaTion embraces The numerous musical organ- izaTions on The campus. lTs purpose is To uniTe and encourage all The sTudenTs who have an inTeresT in music. The AssociaTion is direcTed by a Board which is composed oT The PresidenT and The SecreTary oT The AssociaTion iTselT, The presidenTs oT The various clubs, and The ProvosT. This year The Board consisTed oT Don Brundage, PresidenTg Virginia Fraser, SecreTaryg Ted Linskoog, presidenT oT The Symphony: Jack Pair, PresidenT oT The Mixed Chorus: l-larcourT SmiTh, PresidenT oT The Musical Club: Ted George, Presi- clenT oT The BalleT3 Lloyd Kiorven, PresidenT oT The UniversiTy Band: and Mr. Sparby, The ProvosT. Two new members were welcomed inTo The AssociaTion This year, The BalleT and The UniversiTy Band. The Musical AssociaTion did a very commendable iob This year in improving The qualiTy oT musical presenTaTions, and in bringing To This UniversiTy a greafer varieTy in musical enTerTainmenT. Thirty-seven cnurses' Council Since iTs Tounding by Miss Agnes McLeod eleven years ago, This club has been a sTrong bond beTween The girls in Training and Those Talcing Their TirsT and TiTTh years aT The UniversiTy. In I943 The club's name was changed Trom The B.Sc. Nursing Club To The McLeod Club in honor oT iTs capable Tounder who was aT ThaT Time serving overseas as a nursing sisTer. Miss McLeod was one oT Three members OT The TirsT B.Sc. nursing class which graduaTed in l927. She was also The TirsT direcTor OT PresidenT MARY GREER The School OT Nursing aT This UniversiTy. This year The McLeod Club was reorganized To include boTh The B-Sc. Nurses' Club and The UniversiTy l-TospiTal STudenTs' Union. This acTive socieTy now exisTs Tor The beneTiT oT The numerous 'lMidnighT Cinderellasw oT The campus who are consTanTly conTronTed by innumerable problems Tincluding ways and means Tor exTending laTe passes.T This year, more Than ever beTore The STudenT nurses oT our campus had a very sTrong, well organized sTudenT governmenT and also an execuTive who provided a good program oT social and educaTional acTiviTies. The club TurThered considerably The inTeresT in nursing generally and raised The sTaTus oT nurses on The campus. This year The nurses were TorTunaTe indeed in moving inTo an ulTra-modern, beauTiTully Turnished residence. WiTh an eTTicienT sysTem oT buzzers The anTiquaTed meTh- od previously used Tor calling nurses has been abandoned. FurThermore in having Their own swiTchboard, nurses are noT conTronTed wiTh "The ills oT Pembina" insoTar as Tele- phone eguipmenT is concerned. The nurse-sl home TsouThwesT ouTposT oT The UniversiTy ff o .1 3 '45, 4' 1:-an If KUZTT .liz , mvigglil, 523iT?r5 T 5 , ljljll 5 fc 0 l fo I if T9 "T f ,, . -n 1 I fy LH, f w ill f X 1 D f Xi 'X l I 5? 1 ,0 i Qs I ff fl . , .TT avi . I lfjffl W in I V A71 l :H .T , ra , ,, 5 i , 5' V yi X 2 Mmm- l' af? campusl is repuTed To be The mosT up To dafe residence oT iTs lcind in wesTern Canada. All social TuncTions underTalcen This year proved To be very successTul. AT The monThly meeTings, discussions oT business maTTers, residence problems and TuTure social evenTs oT inTeresT were Tollowed by The nurses' TavoriTe pasTime-The consumpTion oT reTreshmenTs. lniTiaTion oT new sTudenTs inTo The McLeod Club was accomplished This year aT The Two Probie ParTies held in SepTember and January. A season oT highly successTul social evenTs was once again climaxed by The Nurses' GraduaTion Dance held on April IsT. This dance will undoubTedly reTain a cherished memory Tor all The members oT The graduaTing class. The warm Triendly aTmosphere and willing co-opera- Tion amongsT iTs members assures The McLeod Club oT even more success in years To come. . y W6 Sfandingz Jane EglesTon, Geraldine Campbell, Irene STrilcl'iulr, Jean Usher, Be+h Heller, Anna Leader, Barbara Hansford, Kay Willis, Maxine Urch 5eaTecl: Barb Walcelyn, Kay Black, Miss H. E. Penhale, Mary Greer, Mole Calhoon, Yvonne Mogen Thirty-eight wauneita Societg HPAYUK UCT'lE KUKEYQW, KUKEYOW UCT-TE PAYUKM As The UniversiTy Term I947-48 draws To a rapid conclusion, The WauneiTa SocieTy again emerges as one oT The mosT successTul social organizaTions on The C5fTlpUS. . 'vb- ln every insTiTuTion There musT be a socieTy which promoTes co-operaTion and goodwill among iTs members. Here iT is ably accomplished by The WauneiTa SocieTy, organized in The Torm oT an lndian Tribe wiTh a bona Tide chieT, riTes and Presidenf JEAN ANDERSON ceremonies, To which all women sTudenTs OT The campus belong. Under The capable leadership oT Jean Anderson, our Tribe oT squaws chalked up a ToTal oT over seven imporTanT social evenTs during The Term, in addiTion To donaTing heavily To The STudenTs' Union Building Fund. InTroducTion Weelc unseasoned During Freshman sguaws were received in The WauneiTa room by Miss Simpson and members oT The execuTive. The FresheTTes were Then inviTed To a Tea parTy in Pembina, and To a hilce To The OuTdoor Cabin. When OcTober rolled around, TresheTTes became Tull- Tledged sguaws aT The iniTiaTion ceremonies held in Typical redslcin Tashion. The WauneiTa Formal, TirsT oT The maior TuncTions, was an ouTsTanding success. WiTh six hundred couples aTTending, The l-Talloween-Themed ilWiTches" War Dance proved To be one oT The social highlighTs oT The Tall season. vember. This gesTure paid oTT good dividends, insoTar as iT was a successiul social evenf as well as paving The way Tor The organizaTion oT a UniversiTy STudenTs' Wives Club. IT appears ThaT WauneiTa organizaTion abiliTy did noT sTop here. The presidenT and secreTary-Treasurer oT The SocieTy made a special Trip To Calgary To give a helping hand To The girls oT lvlounT Royal College in The TormaTion oT a Calgary WauneiTa SocieTy. Much oT The success meT wiTh by This year's SocieTy is due To The lcind co-operaTion and help oT The Honorary President lvlrs. I.. G. Thomas. BouqueTs are due Waunei- Tas in general and The execuTive in parTicular Tor The spiriT and aggressiveness They have shown This pasT year in The TulTillmenT oT Their many duTies. Indeed, They have proven Wives oT all Unive The worThy WauneiTas aT a coTTee parTy held in early No- Kay Willis, Barbara Dev Liz Clow, Elaine Themselves True WauneiTas- rsiTy sTudenTs were enTerTained by "EACH FOR ALL AND ALL FOR EACH"- i X J Q9-35 ,. N' X jnlfln i 19, , if T , s .f ' f Q 'W' s If g k idson, Jean Anderson, Enid Giauser, Olga Barillco, Forbes. Absenfz Joan Arnold, Bobby Neil Thirty-nine 1 Hi x 'ggi Athabasca E6 Assiniboia V5 x 6' Qjlxviiiae MY 901' ,pw 0 Au' S Q 2, Q0 QD JZ fpembiua 'Hall we '9- Mary McRober+s, Mary Parkinson, Marg Coafes, Iris Thorogood, Nora Fleming, Evelyn Geehan Forty St. Joseplfs College of J' 62,30 6 02, A C46 ax o an '? .9 62,"6,. 17,6447 do Go 4, fr Q 0 '7 Gd Committees 410' vo Ogg og -sean Qs 9 0 .- P -Q -sw: ' - " we SWQ. W- ' . Standing: Ed Mullen, Sam Boorman, Norm Presfon Sealed: George Jones, John Hanlho, Bill Falk, Ralph Nixon, Charlie Garden, B. Pierce Forty-one .fe . fr St. SU2Pl16I'l,S College 'Panhellcnic Association AssociaTion of Women's FraTerniTies Members oT Panhellenic have always been available in assisTing wiTh sTudenT acTiviTies on The campus. ThroughouT The pasT year, The girls lenT a hand in selling Ticlce-Ts Tor various dances and lecTures and aided in The enTerTainmenT oT The many visiTors To The campus. 'l'ogeTher wiTh The oTher organizaTions on The campus, a TloaT was enTered in The homecoming parade on Thanksgiving weelc- end. For The beneiiT oT The alums, The girls porTrayed The various phases oT college liTe Trom I9I7 To The presenT. During The year, various campus groups were enTerTained by The iraTerniTy women aT a series oT inTeresTing lecTures given by well lcnown universiTy personaliTies. To TosTer scholasTic achievemenT among iTs members, Panhellenic presenTed a silver cup To The TraTerniTy wiTh The highesT academic average. Lill ian GuiTard, Shirley Ailcinson, Lucy Gainer, Kay Tanner, Lois PorTer, Helen McGregor, Lois Hill, Jean McLaws ln coniuncTiOn wiTh The lnTer-l:raTerniTy Council, Panhellenic also made a sizable conTribuTion To The STu- clenTs' Union Building Fund- Intei' - 'Fraternitg Council The lnTer-l:raTerniTy Council is an inTermediary body acTing beTween The combined men's FraTerniTies and The UniversiTy. lTs purpose is To encourage The mosT compleTe personal developmenT oi iTs members, inTellecTually, physically, and socially, and To ensure ThaT FraTerniTies I be responsible Tor a posiTive conTribuTion To The primary TuncTions OT The UniversiTy. IT is The sincere desire OT This body To TurTher The progress and purpose oT TraTerniTies on our AlberTa cam- pus by mainTaining Their respecTive memberships aT sTand- ards in lceeping wiTh The ideals OT young men seelcing a higher educaTion Tor The beTTermenT oT Themselves, Their UniversiTy and Their counTry. E' 1:12 :sys , x s F ks: vffvf iiii al we liiumii STanding: Don SuTherland, Wes Coons, Wal+er Barron, Bus Younger, Neil Duncan, Gordon Swann, Bruce MacKenzie SiTTing: Gordon Anderson, D. Wells, L. Faibish, Carl Rolf, Eldon FooTe, Fred Wihalr Forty-two Radio Societq L ,i i I ll ' A 3. ki x, , fxl A - af 1 Q61 ? T x , K IQ' , A X 74 s ff T . f T Xl do Z ,lf F ,. gg President . -ln- JACK CRAINE A long-anTicipaTed revision oT The i:on3TiTuTion :"eiTe:l an aQTive l?adii:i Sig'iieTy ouT ol The previou,.ly TheoreTical Radio DirecToraTe. ln iTs TirsT Tull year oi operaTion, many oT The rough 5poTs enQounTe-red were neaTly eiiminaTed by presidenT Jael, Craine and his eTiicienT ewei3uTive. Broadcashng Trorn sTaTion CKUA, The Radio Socie-Ty held Three quarTer-hour programs weelly. These TeaTured groups oT UniversiTy arTisTs every Tuesday evening, a sporTs review on Thursday, and a summary oT The weelc's VarsiTy news each Friday. ln addiTion To The Scheduled local programmes, and The Campus dance broade CasTs: several neTworlc TeaTures were arranged. Assoi:iaTion wiTh The WesTern UniversiTy Padio Federehon made pos- sible a narraTion oi The hisTory oT The UniversiTy seT To mush: by The Mixed Chorus, ai. well as The presenTaTion of e novel quiz show over The C HC. neTworL. Among The many people who made These broad 1a1T3 pofsible were: BeTTy BoThwell-Program DireQTor, Ed. STaClc-ChieT Announcer, BerT STrumeChieT Technician, Jael Kirlfionnell-Buiiness Manager and Mary Bain, Sec3reTary. QresT Rudko headed The wriTing group, Richmond Qlson and Vi UlasoveTz shared The Chair- manship oT The drama group, while Jaclc WinTerTon acTed as music di, recTor oT The socieTy, WiTh plans Tor a modern sTudio in The sTill embryonic STudenTs Union Building, The Radio Socie-Ty is loolcing Torward To wider ho,i- :ons and even greaTer opporTuni- Ties in years To come. x . ,, - , h Ed Shack, Be'Hy Boihwell, Jack Craine, Mary Bain, Jack Kirlcconnell, BerT STrum Forty-three Sec+ion Edi+or JO PILCHER Fo ty fou Tublicatious X Q :T 7 ' f ' 1. a .-1 'fr J I , 5? 2 Z 1 Q 5 4 4 N 4 ' . vii? ' ' 5 f M mi m.?, s I 2 ff f a m14W w Q--.1--11 - ray. X f , f .Q Y 1:32. S ' .xp 'is ,J W , , 1 r 4. fl X V I ff f f' ' Z C V Z 1 L f a f X a A 1 4' f , ' Z, 34 ' if:-.L ' , f' x if Q. f' 1 Now have we foold shor+ly, in clause, Th' es+a+, H1' array, 'the nombre and eek +hecause........... . Ftyf Evergreen and Gold Direcfor ALEX HARPER Bill Mulloy, Dorothy Ower, Rufh Murray, Alex Holley Olive Dixon, Violef Fray, Zaida McGhee fy 61, A 2 N4 l f X-1 A z -- 7' v k- 2 - Assislanl Direclor DAVE SHOULDICE The yearbook ol lhe Universily ol: Alberla has grown from a small iwenly page annual pul our by lhe Safeway lo a 360 page volume, ol which 4400 copies were prinled lhis year al a cosl ol 526,000 This year's clireclor, like all olher direclors in lhe QLA .SN pasl, fell lhal lhe produclion of rhe book would run smoolhlyy however wilh The increasing cosls and a slalionary budgel, lrouble was bound To come. To overcome 'rhis lhe size ol The book was cur consider- ably: al lhe same lime an eiclori being made To keep The gualily al ils same high level. Considerable lime has been spenr in planning lor lhe lulure, and if is hoped lhal lhe yearbooks in coming years will benelil by our el'For+s. ll was wilh lhe realizalion lhar all yearbook slalils across 'rhe counlry have had lheir diiciicullies Thar we plunged info 'rhe work ol produclion. Celia Cockeram, George Clark Leif Grosselh, Bob Buck, lvlarmio Riichie, Sheila Forresf, Forty-six Harold Morrison, Phil Campbell Evergreen and Gold T ia J' - -- 5' f Q EdiTor VAN CHRISTOU To run as large an enTerprise as The yearbook enTirely on volunTary help, and aT The same Time aT- TempT To obTaln a UnlversiTy degree, is no small Task, in TacT IT has been only wiTh The co-operaTion oT The sTaTl ThaT such an underTalclng has been possible. To The sTaT3T whose pieTures appear on These pages goes The CrediT Tor This prooluoTion as well as The oTT said 'llhanlcsll of The dlref:Tors. AlThouqh we have had our Trials and Tribulahons, They have been over-shadowed by The cheerlulness and unselllsh Co-operaTlon ThaT exlsTs in our ovcfice. TT in years To some This boolc brings bool memories ol your VarsiTy Term oT I'-?47-48, we Teel ThaT The many hours spenT ln iTs publiCaTion will noT have been ln vain. lvan Head, Marg CoaTes, Bob Rosser Gwen Underhill lrns Thorogood Jo Pllcher Phil Campbell ,EJ f F ,- l tl M J 1 ,Q . N P I 44 SeaTed: MarTha Weiss, Evelyn Geehan, Marg CoaTes, Ralph Slrifch, Phil Campbell, Sheila Forrest Vivian Kirlxpalrick STanding: Jo Pilcher, Jean Hanlriulr, Mary Parlrinson, Rufh Hill, DoroThy Cameron STenographers: Marg CoaTes, DoroThy Cameron, Jean l-lanTiulc. MarTha Wiess, Evelyn Geehan, Vivian KirlcpaTriclc, Eira Jones, RuTh l-lill, Adeline Mislrew, Sheila l:orresT, Jo Pilcher, RuTh Shearer ArT: DoroThy Ower Chief DraTTsman: William Mulloy Staff Campus and AdminisTraTion: George Clark, Celia Coclceram, Phil FiTch EdiTorial STaff and Proof Readers: Gordy Peacoclc, Alex l-lolley, Phyllis Russell, Zalda McGhee, Olive Dixon, VioleT Fray, RuTh Murray STudenTs' SecTion: Harold Morrison, Liei GrosseTh, Sheila For- resT, Bob Jaclc. Phil Campbell, Bob Buclc, Marmie RiTchie FraTs: Al Bray and Phil Russell Summer School: Marg CoaTes and Eric Comer SporTs: Bob Rosser and lvan Head Clubs: Don l-lyde, Bruce Burgess, Don Phillips, Bob Spencer PublicaTions and Research: Jo Pilcher MiliTary: Phil Campbell Snaps and Scraps: Iris Thorogoocl and Gwen Underhill PhoTographers: Bob Coolc, Don l-lauclc, John ZowTialc, l-lincls Agnew, KieTh Robin, Bob l-loare, Bruce l-laTTield, Jack Fair, George Fong, PresTon Goode 'Gelephoue Directorg The ninTh annual UniversiTy Telephone DirecTory Turned ouT To be The largesT one prinTed To daTe. lTs one hundred and Twelve pages included The names oi well over Tour Thousand sTudenTs. The direcTory is disTribuTed Tree oT charge To wr - lei .fl . ' f 5 ' .gnu ,s s, g, A g hp-N. Vg 9 ' " ' Y . V if 4 N :i I I sr H Q, N - V , f. V 1 J , -J ef i Y 13 4 EX Edifor Assl. EdiTor RALPH SKITCH PHIL CAMPBEl.L F0l'fY4Pil'Ihf The enTire sTudenT body and UniversiTy sTaTl: pub- licaTion cosTs being meT by a STudenTs' Union suba say. During The pasT Tew years, This boolcleT has proven To be of increasing value, unTil now iT Torms an indispensable parT oi every sTudenT's privaTe lil- eraTure. ln adcliTion To The Telephone numbers and addresses oT all regisTered sTudenTs, The DirecTory conTained phone numbers of prominenT STudenT Union orlicials, club presidenTs, TraTerniTies, advisers, and oTher oTTicials. The Tremendous iob oT compiling, sorTing, arranging, ediTing, and proof reading was made possible only by The unceasing eTlorTs of cl'iieT assisT- anT Phil Campbell and The girls Trom Pembina. They gave Treely oT Their Time Tor Three hecTic weelcs in order To geT The phone bool: inTo The hands oT The sTudenTs aT The earliesT possible momenT. 'Publications 'photographg fDi1'ecto1'ate This year saw Tor The Tir-sT Time, a greaT sTep To- wards co-ordinaTion oT sTudenT publicaTions on This campus. Close co-operaTion exisTed in The newly seT up direcToraTe which guided publicaTion phoTography. The direcTor oT phoTography is appoinTed by a Three man board consi:Ting oT The DirecTor oT The Yearbook, The'EdiTor-in4ChieT oT The GaTeway. and The PresidenT oT The Camera Club. The sTaTT is comprised oT Direc- Tor, AssisTanT direcTor and Trom six To Ten sTudenT phoTographers. No pay is received by any member oT The sTaTT, alThough cerTain members receive poinTs un' der The STudenTs' Union award sysTem. Perhaps one oT The ouTsTanding TeaTures oT This yearls GaTeway was The increase in boTh gualiTy and KeiTh Robin, Hinds Agnew, PresTon Good BOB COOK DirecTor guanTiTy oT phoTographic work. This was almosT en- Tlrely due To The new phoTograph seT-up. Many were The Trials oT The phoTographers as The publicaTions kepT pushing Tor more picTures and prinTs cT diTierenT sizes. This year The phoTography deparTmenT goT away To a Tairly good sTarT wiTh larger darkroom TaciliTies, a new commercial enlarger and a crew oT enThusiasTic workers. Much Trouble was encounTered aT TirsT wiTh small cameras. T-lowever, shorTly aTTer ChrisTmas a new Three hundred and TiTTy dollar Speed Graphic arrived and made picTure-Taking more oT a pleasure. As The year progressed and accomplishmenTs mounTed, members oT The phoTography deparTmenT could boasT oT The knowledge and experience gained in The many enioyable hours oT picTure-chasing. Bruce HaTTieTd and Jack Fair John Zowiiak and Don Hauck Bob Hoare and George Fong Forty-nine Che Gatewag Subscribers To This bi-weelcly publicaTion range all The way Trom graduaTes and lowly undergrads, To The TaculTy and newspaper oTTices ThroughouT The province. This diverse group oT readers demands a pub- licaTion conTaining a wide varieTy oT rnaTerial: creaTing an alrnosT in- surmounTable problem Tor an already overworked sTaTT. WiTh a circulaTion oT Tive Thousand copies, The I947-48 Gale- way Topped all previous records in iTs ThirTy'eighT years oT publicaTion. CirculaTion Manager, Elwyn Freeman, had an exTremely diTTiculT job TJ perTorm, which he discharged as ably as circumsTances permiTTcd. The occasional periods oT guieT around The oTTice This year wee due To a number OT causes. ChieT amongsT Thcm was The dropping away oT a cerTain number oT The sTaTT as ouTside acTiviTies and sTudy clemai ds increased. Response To The GaTeway's lively leTTer column brighTened every issue and roused sTudenT inTeresT in a diversiTy oT sTudenT aTTairs. STu- 'lo""" 'e denT ohficials co-operaTed magniTicenTly wiTh The sTaTT in publicizing campus acTiviTies. Dick Sherbaniulc, Tuesday EdiTor, was well supporTed by B uco Powe and a hard working ediTorial sTaTT. T-Tis ediTions were noTable Tar Timely picTure layouTs which more Than adeguaTely publicized campus evenTs and expressed campus opinion. Colin Tviurry, Friday EdiTor, was recompensed Tor The loss oT Den ,- DUTT, when Lois T-'lill sTepped in To Till The gap. Colin did an excelI,:nT 'N p is RQ. , iob oT reporTing Council acTiviTies and previewing weel:-end evenTs. ff?-T fy' DICK SHERBAMUK Tue:day Kdiior nm ll Q T Don Smifh, Jack Mahoney, Lois Badgley lrene Bowerman, RiTa Bonnesu, Bruce Powe Fifty Che Gatewag T-lerb LaycraTT, as FeaTures EdiTor, managed To gaTher TogeTher a Tine group oT wriTers including such noTables as Dick Gordon, The in- imiTable H. V. Weekes, Don SmiTh, Gordon Peacock and a hosT oT oThers. The GaTeway's news policy This year has been boTh ambiTious and enTerprising. Every acTiviTy was presenTed on iTs pages, and all hap- penings on oTher Canadian campuses which The sTaTT TelT would be oT inTeresT To AlberTa sTudenTs were covered by The mail dispaTches and Telegraph news oT The Canadian UniversiTy Press. The GaTeway has made greaT sTrides during iTs long sTruggle. Trom a small quarTerly magazine oT I9IO, To a presenT Tull size news- paper. One oT iTs primary TuncTions in iTs earlier years was The produc- Tion OT a yearbook as iTs Tinal issue. This publicaTion was seT up on iTs TeeT in l92O and has grown To become The largesT single sTudenT enTer- prise on The campus. The I92O's marked an era which boasTed oT The advance oT The illusTrious 'Casserole' To The rank oT a leading gossip column. The appearance oT "The Tigerii, and "Yeheudiiii, in The 40s sTimulaTed considerable inTeresT in campus liTe and parTicularly in Wunder coverii campus love aTTairs. The year I948 saw sTiIi anoTher advance when IiTerary arTicIes were disconhnued in The GaTeway To be seT up in a new quarTerly pub- licaTion "STeT". 0 1:17 BTLL LINDSAY Business Manager . , , . ,Z-55 1:21 ' The Toregoing is evidence in parT oT The Tremendous growTh The 4 T1 1 'A 1 GaTeway has undergone in The pasT decade-a TribuTe indeed To iTs ' ' g energe-Tic sTaTTs and To a progressive UniversiTy. I I I 0 s ,ff COLIN MURRY Friday Edifor f f VN:-3247. 4 'T T ,, , Niven WUT Kr-C i' New Lois Hill, Pai ScoTT Hugh Hay-Roe, Dick Beddoes Fifty-one F ' Staff E is Ecli+orial Sfaffz Tuesday News EdiTor ---- Bruce Powe Friday News EdiTor ----- Lois Hill SporTs EdiTors-Dick Beddoes, Hugh Hay-Roe C U P EdiTors-Lois Badgley and PaT ScoTT ReporTers: Irene Bowerman, Don SmiTh, RiTa Bonneau, 0- Jack Day, Vince Reynolds, Jeanne Gauld, Ramsay Bellingham, Ernie HalTon, BeTTy Walker, Bob Reynolds, Jack Mahoney FeaTures Staff: EdiTor - - - - Herb LaycraTT Womens EdiTor --'-- Marg Weir WriTers: Dick Gordon, Finlay MacKenzie, DalTon Dead- rick, Gordon Peacock, H. V. Weeks, Irene Bowerman, Sue Saucier, lan Dickens, Don SmiTh CarToonisTs: Bob Fadie Bill MaTheson Al MacKenzie Business S+aFf: AdverTising Manager - Neville Lindsay CirculaTion Manager - - Elwyn Freeman SubscripTion Manager - - - Ralph Hay CuTs and CasTs - - - - - Bob Eady Ludwig Peining, Elwyn Freeman, Dave Dworkin Cimulafion Assisfankr Ralph Hay, Bill Lindsay, Neville Lindsay Daune ForsyTh, Dave Dorkin, Ludwig Peining Stat This year a new publicaTion called "STeT" made iTs debu+ on The campus. This guarTerly was designed by The C5aTeway sTaTT and The STudenTs' Union To carry The heavier liTerary maTerial produced by members oT The sTudenT body. Sponsored by The GaTeway and Tinanced ouT oT Their Three Thousand dollar surplus, STeT is adequaTely Tilling a long-sTanding gap in campus publicaTions. The name 'STeT'l originaTed in The prooTreaderis Term meaning "LeT iT STand'i. C, F. Brisbin, a Third year ArTs sTudenT was ably assisTed by Irene Bowerman in Turning ouT The TirsT issue oT This UniversiTy magazine. Due To The lack oT sTaTT, and enThu- siasm oT The general sTudenT body, only one issue was compleTed This year, however in coming years we are cerTain "STeT" will advance To The posiTion OT one oT Canaclals Trl"T95T '30ll9Qe mf3Q51ZlU95- C. E. Brisbin, Irene Bowerman Fsny.:wo Alarm ln a dimly lighled, paper-slrewn office in The basemenl of Alhabasca Hall a day edilor pensively picks away al 'rhe lceys of his fypewriler-and anofher edifion ol lhe Alarm, The campusls daily publicalion is in lhe malcing. The Alarm lirsl sfarled ringing lasl year, under lhe direclion of Maurice Roe, for lhe purpose ol informing lhe siudenls of coming drives, eleclions, and social evenfs. ll has now malured inlo an almosl indispensible aid lo exlra- curricular acrivilies, wilh ils poslings from day 'ro day of scheduled evenls. A slahf ol over 30 induslrious sludenls, working under lhe direclion of edilor-in-chief Doug Sher- baniulc, mainlained lhe daily circulalion ol 2,000 copies, which were dislribuled 'ro Arls, Medical and lhe Educalion Buildings, and lo lhe High School. Each dayls malerial was selecled from ilems submilled direclly lo The office, and from lhose collecled in 'rhe 'lAlarm Boxes", silualed in Arls, Ed, and Med. The oflicial ilems were spiced wilh choice iolces, usually aulhored by Bob Hoare and Bob Hallield, and The occasional carloon, from ihe dripping nibs ol Ered Marshall and Mary Lou Lisrer. Pressed lor space daily by 'rhe flood of imporlani announcemenis, lhose in charge ol pub- licalions were unable lo supply lhe demand lor edilorials. However, on several occasions edilors Bill Egberl and Clark Leavill' made lhe Alarm even more dynamic wifh lheir lilerary conrribulions. Elaine Brown, lypisl in chief, was-El ineslirnable value in mainlaining lhe high slandard ol The pifbligalion, as was Bob Eady, lo whom we owe The Alarm heading. A DOUG SHERBANIUK Edifor lj E .F 4' f fl: , :il A '- , lx ' X , li X Sea+ed: Con lonidis, Fred Scofl, John Lawrence, lan Campbell, Bob Hoare, Bob Bannerman, Bill Egberl, Mary-Lou Lisfer, Elaine Brown Ralph Eng. ' Fred Marshall, Bob Haffield, Clark LeaviH, Sfancling: Bill Karney, Marilyn Sears, Doris Ashley, BeHy Gowdy, Amy Weiss, Wilda Fitch, Norma Oreblxo, Lois Hanna, Ken Graham. Fifty-three Sec+ion Ediforz HAROLD MORRISON Assis+an+s: BOB BUCK PHIL CAMPBELL SHEILA FORREST LEIF GROSSETH BOB JACK AUDREY PAPOE MARMIE RITCHIE Fifty-four Students x'YY"4l . wg as Ti 3' li EW Q V 45CuMquE Q F if U 2 0 i - - A z , .,. ?fE?ffT'z7Q - -. ' po QF Educa'I'ion makes people easy 'lo lead, bul impossible 'lo drive: easy +o govern, bul' impossible 'lo enslave. -Braugham. Fifty-six Graduands - X x X YWWQQ T I 4 . wif Y Q21 f 1. x D L! ' 1' f Class 'Historg 1: Q WhaT is hisTory? ga According To The OxTord dicTionary iT is a picTure oT an evenT or oT a if series oT incidenTs. ln recalling The "l-lisTory oT The Class oT '48" we can painT a series oT colorTul picTures oT our own VarsiTy days: OT The green and gold sTriped-crepepaper ankle socks we wore as Freshies7 The Engineers' invasion oT Pembina we waTched as Sophomores: The unTorgeTTable snake dance, reporTed To have Tied up TraTFic-a highlighT oT our Junior year, and Tinally in our Senior year, The "new look" as modelled by The boys aT WawWaw. Our mosT ouTsTanding recollecTion is perhaps ThaT oT line-ups: line-ups Tor re isTraTion, lineeu s aT The booksTore, line-ups aT The posT oTTice. We even had 9 P To line up To eaT. And we've been doing iT ever sincel ATTer The TirsT bewildering VIRGINIA WEBB week, a week oT Teas, dancs, and gaieTy on The one handy and The Teelinq oT CINS Hisjmrian insigniificance and AunimporTance impressed upon us by The apparenT wisdom of our Sophomore Triends , on The oTher hand, lecTures seemed raTher To inTerTere wiTh The new liTe To which we were being inTroduced. BuT iniTiaTion inTo The Tribe WauneiTa soon made The girls, aT leasT, realize we were really sTudenTs oT The UniversiTy oT AlberTa, wiTh all ThaT The Term implies, During I944-45 a number oT hours oT war service were expecTed oT each sTudenT on The campus. The TresheTTes Took rniiiTary drill: upper-classwomen worked in The canTeens, kniTTed Tor The Red Cross, or aTTending Social Service and RecreaTional Leadership lecTures. SixTy hours consTiTuTed a year's work. The men Trained in The COTC. The UniversiTy Air Squadron, or The UniversiTy Naval Training Division. The Canadian UniversiTy ReTurned Men's AssociaTion, Curma, as iT is beTTer known, was organized To assisT in The welTare and rehabiliTaTion oT The servicemen and women upon Their reTurn To The campus. lnTervarsiTy sporT came back inTo The picTure again when The Golden Bears, Tor The TirsT Time in sevenTeen years. broughT home The Hardy Trophy aTTer a Two-game series wiTh SaskaTchewan, and The baskeTball Team proudly bore home The Rigby Trophy, We were on The upgrade in The line oT sporTs. The DebaTing Team reTurned The McGoun cup To AlberTa's Trophy case, aTTer an eleven-year absence. The VarsiTy Show, a new venTure in musical enTerTainmenT, gave a successTul perTormance. The Mixed Chorus, which has become our Ambassador oT Goodwill ThroughouT The province, had iTs birTh. And was our play, "The Boor", noT iudged The besT in The lnTeryear Play CompeTiTion! All in all iT was a good year. SepTember oT '45 saw us reTurn To VarsiTy as upperclassmen, and in our ranks were many ex-servicemen. The war, boTh in The PaciTic and in Europe, had ended during The summer, and The prospecT oT The reTurn oT many war-curTailed acTiviTies and TuncTions brighTened our hopes. lnTercollegiaTe Hockey re-enTered The sporTs Tield aTTer a Tive-year absence during The war, The Golden Bears reTaining The l-lalpenny Trophy Tor The TourTeenTh consecuTive year. The Women's Senior BaskeTball Team, wiTh The help oT Pandy. Their mascoT, brciughT home The Cecil Race Trophy aTTer a Trip To Winnipeg. The TirsT lnTervarsiTy Drama FesTival was held aT The UniversiTy oT AlberTa, groups Tron-i The UniversiTies oT SaskaTchewan, ManiToba, and BriTish Columbia Taking parT. The Mixed Chcrus, aTTer Their evcellenT campus presenTaTion, made a successTul Trip To Calgary. The sTudenTs in The ArTs and Science FaculTy organized Their own TaculTy club and held a novelTy dance in The Torm oT a masquerade, The Mardi Gras. And in The academic Tield The UniversiTy assumed The responsibiliTy Tor all Teacher Training. In The midsT cT all This renewed acTiviTy, came, in January, Tive hundred more ex-servicemen To swell our numbers. IT we Thoughf The walls were bulging beTcire, we now knew There was no doubT. More space had To be Tound, so in our midsT, like mushrooms, The Dawson Creek and QuonseT l-luTs sprang inTo being. The BalleT Club and The Symphony OrchesTra were organized and beTore The end oT The Term each gave a perTormance oT unusually high meriT. The l-Tardy, Rigby, and l-lalpenny Trophies were reTurned Tc- AlberTa. IT was a year oT ouTsTanding acTiviTy. AT lasT, our Senior year: RegisTraTion aT iTs peak-over 4,7001 The ToronTo TooTball Team Travelled wesT To meeT The Golden Bears land To deTeaT Then-nl: second homecoming was bigger and beTTer Than everp AlberTa Triumphed once more in inTervarsiTy hockey, rugby, and baskeTball, The Mixed Chorus gave Tive perTormances-Three here-and Two in Calgary, The BalleT gave Three perTormances here. The Symphony gave Two. Each oT These Three organizaTions surpassed Their Tine eTTorTs oT The previous year. A new conTesT made iTs appearance in The Torm oT The Canada-wide BeauTiTul Baby ConTesT. The challenge came Trom U.B.C., buT AlberTa won! The building programme became more oT a realiTy. The easT wing oT The Medical Building Tollc-wed The compleTion oT The wesT wing, and we had To make a deTour around The excavaTion Tor The ToundaTion oT The new library. Class oT '48 holds a unioue place in The UniversiTy's graduaTion hisTory, Two ConvocaTions The resulT oT iTs unpreceden- Ted size And now as we look back upon The pasT Tour years, years ThaT have gone so quickly, we know ThaT we have been sTudenTs in a period during which The UniversiTy has undergone greaT expansion and progress, and we hope ThaT we have been prepared by our sTudies and our ouTside inTeresTs, To enTer The business and proTessional world, and To Take our places as useTul members oT The communify. Only The TuTure can Tell. Fifty-eight Ualedictorg "ini -iz, AT This Time we linger ThaT we may view The panorama oT The pasT Tew years. ln The same landscape, Those in diT'lerenT occu- paTions, and wiTh diTTerenT Training, see Those TeaTures which are mosT nearly relaTed To Their several habiTual environmenTs. So iT is in our conTemplaTions oT our universiTy years. Each graduaTing sTu- denT especially observes and appreciaTes, in The lighT his mode oT ThoughT supplies, such oT iTs TeaTures and incidenTs as are mosT in harmony wiTh his individual ouTloolc. El-DON FOOTE ValedicTorian Today, all oT us warmly share The pangs oT regreT yeT eager curiosiTy, which pervades a graduaTing class. l-lowever, The various associaTions and meanings we have resolved, assume a prominence in our respecTive Tields oT menTal vision, dependenT upon Their relaTion To our experience. Ours has been a class oT inTiniTely conTrasTing experience? Trom The Teen-age girl To The woman who served overseas wiTh The armed Torces, Trom The beardless youTh conTen.plaTing his nexT daTe To The seasoned veTeran now engaged in The campaign oT rearing a Tamily. l-lowever, To all oT us, The visTas ThaT open be-Tore us are The TulTilmenT oT The hours oT Toiling, hoping and sTriving ThaT have gone beTore. WiTh every eTTorT, aTTainmenT oT The imrnediaTe goal oT gra- duaTion same impercephbly closer, each success and each Tailure a sTepping sTone Toward The ulTimaTe end. lT would oT course be wring To inTer ThaT all has been dull grinding. l-lumans are prone To remem- ber Their lighT-hearTed Times To The exclusion oT Those weary hours oT plodding, and wiThouT a doubT mosT oT our reTrospecTions will bring inTo Tocus The class parTies, The aThleTic conTesTs and The hosT oT pleasanT associaTions made aparT Trom The curricular reguire-menTs. BuT now we musT Turn our eyes To looli aT The years which lie ahead. ln our hands lies The power To mould a desTiny Tor succeeding generaTions, Trom a civilizaTion which balances upon The greaTesT crisis oT our Time. ln our Tew years, perhaps we have learned enough oT humaniTyis long Travail as reTlecTed in hisTory, science, liTeraTure, law and philosophy, To indicaTe The way To use our minds To grapple wiTh and Tind consTrucTive answers To These problems. l-lowever, beTore we can humbly believe ThaT we have aTTained anyThing oT True culTure, our individual consciousness musT be saTisTied wiTh iTs own inTerior happiness and peace. Unless each oT us sTrives wiThin himselT To achieve Those ideals oT Tolerance, undersTanding and Triendship which Truly marlc a man, we have violaTed a TrusT placed in us by Those who do noT enioy our liberTies. May iT never be said, "He Tailedll' Fifty- nine Senior Class Executive GORDON COATES PresidenT ie, TradiTionally, The mosT prominenT ex- ecuTive posiTions oT The sTudenT body are held by seniors, and every year The grad- uaTing class leaves, egoTisTically wondering who will carry on aTTer graduaTion. For Those remaining There is always a Teeling of loss, as when The sTar aThleTe OT The BETH TANNER Team graduaTes. T-lowever, when we The vice.p,.e,gde,-,+ class OT '48 look baclc, we realize ThaT as each class gracluaTes iT leaves behind a maTuring and even more capable sTudenT body. We all wenT To The Senior Prom and The FooTball games, The Frosh Formal, The Junior Prom and The Mixed Chorus. Every- where iT was apparenT ThaT The exTra-cur- KEITH HENRY ricular aTTairs oT sTaTe would be leTT in 5ec,e+,,,Y.T,e,,5u,e, capable and TrusTworThy hands. During our shorT sTay aT The UniversiTy some oT us concenTraTed on our sTudies, Trying desperaTely To absorb The large volume OT maTerial presenTed To us. OThers endeavoured To supplemenT The more Tormal educaTion by spending some Time working on The STudenTs' Union, The Yearbook, The GaTeway and oTher organizaTions. This year, many memories were broughT baclc To us aT The senior dance. These memories, we are sure will linoer wiTh us as we now leave our Alma lvlaTer and Ta ke our places in socieTy. ,ao JOAN DAWSON GORDON GREENWOOD HELEN LILLY Sixty rg-:Tv -, -gi mastel' of Arts JEAN L. DIXON GORDON WARD SMITI-I M. G. YAWORSKY OURSIQI' of Science WILLIAM LINDSAY ANDERSON Engineering ANDREW ANDREKSON ZooIogy JAMES JOSEPH BURRIS Engineering 73:3 N1 Y-I -23 sv-S-, W, rf ,vf Q...-' N-'N HAROLD HUOI-I DRAPER Agri-:uIIure JOHN GREGORY Engineering ROBERT KASTINO AgriQuIIure KENNETH ROBERT LAUER Engineering R. M. LAZO CLIerni-gfry DAVID POLLACK Zookigy ROBERT GEORGE RROUDEOOI Engineering EIVIIL V. RYSKI Geology STANLEY I-IERBERT WARD Engineering ROE-ER GRIERSON YOUNG' Bioclnemisfry JOI-IN L. YEATS GeoIogy ty one FRANCIS O IAIARA RICI-IARD PETIIEOR W. O. PYBUS D. FLOYD TERRIEE HAROLD E. I.ILIvIER ROBB W, WILSON SPECIAL STUDENTS FROM ENGLAND ALLAN C. BRIDGE, BSC. Enqlmeerfmq EDWARD SI-IERLOCK, BSC. Engfmeermq WIP WF T45 JRST INTERESTING PICTURES IN p-.YIJITIN gfwmrq .. L. S' ty-two master of Education WARREN S. BAILEY J. EABIAN J. S. GARDINER IVIICI-IAEL OAVENCI-IUK RUSSELL MCARTI-IUR H. MQNEIL P RIAEIO SOCIFTI FROGRAIVI Agriculture RAMSAY BELLING1-IAM, Bawlf P1'iiIcscp11 Sc-3. 1944-48: Na?iQra1 Fifm SMR:-', 1945-45 C rm CILE 1949, Safeway Reporfer I9-V -335-' A1 C ,EA 1944 FRANK BELYEA, Edmonfom Aq.F1e1c1 Day Direiffcri C..r'iriJ C ,111 19-36 -2k A 1 C I: 1945,-IS. EDGAR ELFORD Edmonfom C.U.R.M,A 1945-45: 1-If v fig Bqif-1. 19-in C " 1 If Ig 19-15 47' AQ. C1eb 194548. ILMAR ERDMAN, Barons Aq,C1L.b 1945-451, Aq. Eve ,'51.g- 1947, E4 Y-It JOHN GPQOMBRIDGE, C1yC1e Ag. CIub 194548. ALEX 1-IARPEI2, Lefhbridqe Direeror QI Evergreen and Gi d l945I Cariiu., and Admirf 're'ijri Edifcr of Everqreeri and GiZICI I947: CINE' SL'iQ'i,fI Sm? 1944-46: Secre-'ary-Treaa,rer Mena Pefideme I-I' ,ge Ciniriiihee 19471 Gare- way I947' Iermiig 1945-45: Im'ei1:a, HQ Iei, 194Q' PH'-:5p1i?:a' Scclefy 1945-45' Aqi'iiQ..I'.,re C .IQ 1946115 Old' ' Cub 1945-48: E 8 G Sid 'AI' Awarj 1947 Ei'-id'-nr, LIN ri 1? J P 'iii Amari 1949: Ifapsa Sienia. ROBERT JACK, Ciyde Evergreew and Grown I9-ber, AQ: C ,Li 1'-'fm PETER JAMIESON, U.D.A,, Clare-i'.Iw1iw1 Aq.C1L.b:A.I Q .iw 46 WILLIAM JULIAN, Sfrafhmore AQ. CIUIJ 1945-425' SC M. 1945-45, ' N1 Q 1: If 1:7 emi' 'v ,fe JAMES MCAPII-IUP, Medicine I-151 R+:-,iderije H'-. 1- C- riiiiiifviw? 1946-47, A-L1 CIMIJ. PETER MCCALLA, Ec1m0riIon Ag, Chb 194549. MARGARET MACKAY, Edmorhon B,i'?.','IsiriQ C 19411 45 A-.1 C Lu I945-48' A-J. IE-i,',L1f1Ve 1911 4E1AIP'e-Wai V HAEAI 1946-47 Ii-Quia A5121 15045. WILLIAM MCKINLEY, Eii1migiiiIQ-ii fig C b 1940,-4: PAUL MELNYCI-IYN, Big Vii1Iey AJ, E--11: me I9-15-4.5, FRANK PAWLOWSKI, Vilma me C ,Li IQ-15743, RUTH PENNER, CaIqary Cub 1945-4S:Ai1 Evefiv X9 1945 -if Merfaif. V:'er,bai1 1941 47' Leia Gai-wma WILLIAM RQSS, E-:1mi:in1on Ceriirig CMB 194545, fm C' b IWQAQLJ MARVIN SEALE, Edmonfon Aq.C1ii1:, 1945,-15 C.,'1i"CJ QIMIJ 19-17-IE, RIDLEY SHAW, cdiqmey Ag. Lies 1945.45 KILBUPN UPQU1-IAPI, Kirigsfori, Jamaica Ag. CIUID 194545 ppbiwj Spacing C1113 194748: Irireiraff-ifa ReIa'icn5 CLE' 1947455 Phdig Cfb 1947,-49, Ianni, and Trg 1945-47' Inrerxarziry Trad 1945 B- L 'A : Prefideri? Sjiiiger C1ib 1947: V. C. F I946-45. RALP1-1 VVEIP, Edmorikjn AQ,C1.,b 1945 Lie. Sixty-three TYR' ir 1-Ionors Arts JEAN M. ANDERSON, Edmonton Cerffe Frargaif. Emi-t.,M,'-9 T945-47: Pvvaidenf Watmeita I947-48 C Evergreen and GiId I94J-465 Pvtc. Pan I-IeIIF-nh I946-47: Gaieway IQ4E-A465 Et-I'-3 E'e'f-3 I3eI'a. LYDIA A. DONIS, Edmonton CQEORGINA WYULE, We'raeI-.iwIn Iacca A :tba TIIQNQ. 'Bachelor of Arts NANCY S. ALTON, Lamomf H E , C ,E IQASM- 'C .b 400: Shvmq C .br Fervzim Team T945-V' Ba we' C .b' Badfwm ff C wb: SLI? Team? DeI'a Gamma Era'-er"'y lFl47.AF. DORIS L. ASI-ILEY, AIIX BGIIQ' C ..b l'?4b'4T- AI.3r't. SI-IIRLEY K. ATKINSON, Edmonton 7 '51 Im AIpba TI1e'a. Av- ard Swv-fn Q VINE I9464 ' I' pt MILTON V. BAKER, Edmonfom ETTA M. BARNECUT, Calgary Cam'-ibm, C I3 Eff- ,M-.1-7 B-BCI I9-15-45, BRIAN BRADY, Edmonton MARY J. CAMPBELL, Edmonfom Ga'ef.a,' M, ,JI C Ip T945 49' ALICE E. CARTER, VeqrevIIIe EPNIE L. CARTER, Lamont mmf'-n I946'47j S,C.M. CabInef EI Bda PIM Erafifrndy. Cimverie C .b I94b' Avi. and SLI-an 9 Cub IQ46-48: C.LI.R.M.A. T945 49- Gnd f C .L 19474221 L.5m.f,+Q. Sfffxevy I94748, Sixty-four Agriculture LAWRENCE WILLIAMS, Erskine Inferfac. Hockey 1939-407 "B" Rugby I939-40: Curling I946-48 C.U.R.M.A.: Ag. Club. ANDREW WYNNYK, Stry Ag. CIub: Newman CItTb: PI1iIo5opI'w Sociefy. WALTER ZINTER, Bowness Ag. CIUIJ I944-48: Bodmiwon Chlb I945-48: CurIinq CIub I947-43 Interfac. Rugby I944Y45g Delfa Kappa EpaiIon. VOTING EGR THE STUDENTS' UNION BUILDING IN THE RECENT PLEBISCITE iB3CI1QIO1' of Arts ROY C. CI-IUBB, Bon Accord The-oIQqy CIEI3 I94SY4BZ Inferfau Curing I947-43. FRANK H. CHUBB, Bon Accord TI1eoIogy CILIBQ S.C.M. I945-483 IGH-rIa Eaf.IfA'Iw'1II IC?-11413. JAMES E. CLEMENGERQ, Mirmr Preslde-HT V.C.E. If-X40-41: E-e1..Iwf1VL..E IC!-4' 44:22 I.3.J.f I I947.4S. GLADYS I. CQCKS, Medicine Haf WESLEY I-I. CCONS, VeqrevIIIe RI-IONA R, CORBETT, Edmonfom EVIQIIEI1 C Hb I9-15'-43' M L, C .IN E JOHN W. COUGI-ILAN, Edmonfo InIerfaEuI'f wrrvvnwlw' 9454 Ig H, v 5 9 I C 4 Treas. COT C. I946Y4'f: Infeirfxf MI C1.mmII?ev? I947 48. ENID I. CROCKETT, Edmomfom kappa AIp!wa Thaw. WESLEY E. CROWLE, Cadqary MARJORNIE E. DAVIDSON, Menhai "'Ekw'EP1f'-Uk IIII IGM' lf- FLW' I1' IQ-45 45 C "CI LII NORMAN A, DAWSON. C.,,Iq.f,fy Ivifn 'Q-1 PI,g.-.wan CI..Ij I94b-1' I9-V if MH' E, ' " IO I MARY J. DAY, Edmmhm ELAINE M. EQIQBES, Dv'umI'veIIer Le Cuff, 9 I:"1r,31 II?-QE'-43 EI' , View-rwva EH: dub- ISI P13111 IQ-I LOPRAINE GAGNON. Ednwfmflm Nemmwam CIE Iqfii -41 I:-,v Ir- Ef 1945 471 Arr- and SI wwe IQIMID I Bal." C- .E IQ4c-'47 M -ed Cb f. I"M9a, Ba I1-'na I9-Q5-46 Sen 'Smrvwwmq I947-45: PI Bern EW, JEAN GALBRAITI-I, CaIq5ry Av. adn S 'fu -5 IG .E I94o47 Pa ANGUS M. GILLIES MARY M. GISH, Edmonfon Le Cer-'Ie Evan-,au Iff45'47j Emwg I94b-47. ENID M. GLAUSEIQ, Edmomfom Wfyrnenf. EQIIIMQI Effyrcrvw CI.b I94!4 C E Baom.n'cn CJD I947, Se,-Irv-31 W IQ4 Exe-Va Em fa. JACOB W. GOERZEN GEORGE K. GOODERI-IAM, GIeIcI1en DOUGLAS ATI-IOL GREENOUGI-I Edmomfon Sixty-five SHEILA GREY JACKSON, Ecirwmlon ALBERT VICTOR JOHNSON WALTER KARASHOWSKY FRANCES RUTH KITCHEN, Edmonfom Sejreiam Lrfer A, lvl LI 11 Club l945'4f:f V112-E'w IJE'I U A M,.a ia C Su I94b-4143512-,-,aA, N45-40' Eanlwe 'evf R'?D"E'5E'F' IQ:15,.4" Iklffgf w, M,--,-J Clww. IQ4"-LS Eem E' 'a Edfa ROBERT PAUL KROETSCH, He-Her PI, ',1iLIi3 Si'e', I9-IS -V. Ne.,.rva'1 C ,Lv IQ-IC 'E' AVS S, ,gf-,jf C ,EI lqiof-Ii GJ'-".-.1, IC745'4E BF1dn.In"-- I9-if-H3 HELEN EERGUSON LILLY, Ednwonll:-n KATHLEEN RAE MQADAM, Aseiniboifa, Seek. NORMAN HUGH MCAEEE, Edmomlon MARY NOREEN MCCULLOUCH, Calgary ERANCIS CLARE MQDERMOTT, Edmonmm AUDREY LUCILLE MQQDONALD, Edmorwon Cefi-1 E15--3' I945Y46' F"?l'IV"i1' lrIIrcj,1'Icw I94b-47' C7a""'1 KENNETH LORNE MQCEACHERN, We-Iaslfiwin 'Ir-eagfffr Nlefp C rrImI,I'i1i' I945f4I5j Ga' 3y ISI4 CURMA' PIII Vespa PI. Sixty-s UI-bf, Delfs 6-47: 'Bachelor of Arts EILEEN MARGARET HART, S+e+ Her CI .E I945-48: Badminlzn Clhb I947-48: DeI+a Oamm JERRY VVILERED HEEEERNAN, Edmonlon I x I9454b M kpala ILb al wer-ear las - 7 -5-3 N p ri men Iier I I946-47 EI ballmg Clwb IQ47A4l5I Newman Club, HORACE MURRAY HERLIHY, Edmomlon CURMA EnII3r4aInrm2nI Cvlmmlflee I9-45-465 Erejwman Inlroducf C3mmII'I:-Q i945-47: AIM and Science Club Execmive I94 Smdenly Cohn- II AII1. and Science Rep. I946f47g Smderws' Co cil NECUS Clmswman I'947Y47q Dale-Ih Belh IMen's Economics C I946-433 H-smlry Club ISf'47Y4Sg I.S,S. Execmive I947-481 Moc Rarli.3n'uenI Sleffrinq Commilfee I GORDON I-IIGGINSON, Edmom LOIS HILL. Calgary Galeeway IQLIS-483 Ill BI,-IA RIII. 94547. Ion SHIRLEY JEAN HOOKS, Calgary JOHN THOMAS HOPKINS, Eclmonlom S I I I2 I I CI eng gw, mIgmaII wal e a Ilgri I946'4ft Art and Siena C Hb I Lb I947-48: Social Welfare 946-473CURIv1A I945-46. MARY MARJORIE SHEILA HUGHES, Calmar HOWARD IRVINO, Edmomlon ,,M,. 3 Nm X ,-A, gi. -41 l -ef 17? 6,1 'Bachelor of Arts DONALD ANGUS MQQKENZIE MacOUARRIE BRUCE MCKENZIE ALEXANDER GILMOUR MARIQLE, Exim.-IIIII1II MAGGIE ANNA MEIKLEJOEIN, EIfImIiI'I+I:III VCE, IQ4bf4S CM EIiIf,I IQJ2 l CURIVIAI IQ4G4'. GILBERT COLIN MURRAYI EI:ImI3:wI.iIlW Eea',.r-el EdI':r The Ga+eI-.a, I9-55-45' III5, , CI ,ID l945I4b: EIII2i'i' FIQIII'-'Ir IIAI IJ EIJI':f The mlb'-5" E' 11, E3 ' " T IAN MCDONALD NICOLL MARGERY RUTH OLSTEAD, SIQIIIQI Cove EI'afjIa', If?-15-in PIN ann S SEMIZE- C ,.IZ: I94T'-4:3 W, EI R, LI S DORIS TAMARA PETERS, OIQI5 CCI-Ed CIL.b I945I4r5' S.-.ww"If"IQ1 C .IJ IT'-IEIf1iI M I- .LI IQ-'D 48' A", ami Sfe-r1'I:f:,L'I IQ-if-ln. BLAKELY MQGIEEIN PRITCI-IARD, EI?ImI1Im+IQIm Thgglgg QL IO42.43 IWQI4' I -I 'II I II II24 I4 E'I:Ibafrri'I, IQ4243 M -vi C' I. "4-it--4' , I I Muflii. C IQ4-I-425. JAMES MALCOLM PRITCHARD, E'ImiIIII:II 5.50 "" rv II IQ454.-I ELIZABETH ww. mee, CIIIQIIII, PII ,UI II 3' Tm E-V I- IGM- I I I IQ E': A C ll IQ-i:I45 Iv'-Gd 'if' I3 GARLA MARGARET RANDERS, OII:IIg C' I-1 C r IRQ it IG'-'f"F"1' I 'G II I, .CI IQ-3043, JQIIN LEONARD IQEQGIIII QIIQIIIY VCP IQIIEI42 S,-III I-, I1II :III II IQJR4. MILDRED JOYCE RICHARDSON, NfIII+'III WALTER LUTI-IER SINGER ROBERT LYALL SOLEY IRENE CATHLEEN SPADY, AIIIfIIII:e M Wd CII I , N45-4.-I Eh- If M CI II IW' 425 I- 'QIHI Eg IR-IE'-5' IIIIIIII MAVIS VERA STRONG. OIQI. Va' I', QrII "ar FI- IIC iii? I -II V ITIVI' IP IQ47,-Ib DALE CAIRNS THOMSON, EQIII AI,eImIboIne Sv rI,'5r, IR C IQ-45,415 FHA i I',- f' IF' C I'945If- I945f-1E I" ,' V, C .EI ICYLIEI-33- CLIRIVIF IQAE I9-I7-43, CIwa Iwm' ISS C I'I'IAfII'II,II IC?-1' 49 A.-Inrj IQ-ii PAUL DANIEL TILLEMANN, I-I0r1.IwI'Im CATHERINE LENA TOOHEY, EI5Im0mII3rI Nfgfmmar CI .EI I9-15745, Ba Ie' CIIEI IO4,i,..1' MI. A" amd SiIe'w3 IQ4bf-AE' Cf-f -3 EI-N15 IQ-if ICf'45-46' SWIFWTI VII C I,I1v IQ-1"-IE' IEI B915 PI 1 Sixty-seve ,,x 'Bachelor of Science ff-lonors LORNA IRIS BOON, Bang Ma'Ir and RIwr,eri, CI.ID I'3?45v-151 fJr.rr:Ir:rr:r CIrrI3 I94547. RAYMOND RUSSELL BROWN, Karlwryn RUTI-I ELIZABETH CARTER, Edmorrron EDWIN LOUIS COEEIN, Calgary HAROLD ERIC COMER, PerrIroIQI Srrmmar Segirirr Srrrderrrf' IJrIrcrrr Treasurer I947: Marr? Reiderrrie I-Ir3.5e Cimmrrree- Traazrrrer I'?47f48: Gefe Rerjelpfir IJ.A,B, IQ47 IVI-amber IVIC-TI Rafhmenf I9-47j Rrezrdenr RIIIE CIrIb IQ47'4EI' E. 3 G Summer Sai-givin Repre-aenrarrve I9473 Faz1baII League Champa I9-471 Marh and Riyeiii ASC.: Badmirrrorw. GORDON FRANCIS DALSIN, Edmonron JOIPIN HARVEY DAY, Edmomron KARL LAMBERT ERDMAN, Barons GERALD DAVID EASMAN, Calgary Chem Cab Sac. I944-45' Chem CILIIJ VIcefRre-s, I94S-46: AIpI1a M, Pres. I946-472 Ee-ncrng CIr.b I946-47. MARGARET SI-IIRLEY FRASER, Edmormrorr Tenure and Eerrrglmg I944j Cham CIr:b I944-48: BI.Ie Srcrrjlrinq CILIIJ LEONARD I-IERMAN GREENBERG, CaIgary Rreeidervr Marh and PIIy2I-iz CIr:b I947'4Bj BaCImInIorr I947-481 E.S.S, I944,4b: A.S.C, SEVERIN ANDREAS I-IEIBERG, Kingman Sixty-eight Sigma Bachelor of Arts SI-IIRLEY ANNE TOURNAY, Calgary MARGARET JOY VERGE, Calgary AILSA I-IEATI-ICOTE WALKER, Edmonron Co-ed CIuI:v Semor Rep. I947e48: CURMA I945-48: Ourdoo C I945-4B:Ar1s and Science CIIIIJ I945-481 CercIQ Francais I94 DANIEL I-IERBERT WARNER, Edmonron JOI-IN WELYKOCI-IY, Edmonron PAMELA JANE WILDMAN, Edmonron CercIe Erangars ICMS-46: Arts and Sc:-awe Ser-Ace CIQIIQ I947'48q Pi Be-Ia PIII. 'B.PI. 'B.Comm. I-IAROLD E. BRONSON, CI'1erIIIII RENARD FREDERKING, ECImOr'1IOn CIrII3 I946-47 Bachelor of Science STEPHEN I-INATKO, Freedom ESER LIPSETT 'ff-lonors AGNES NIVEN MGCKENZIE, Calgary Cr:-cd CLIU I94445: Chern C .Eu lC?44E4S' Br3Cl"',r1'V:i C .Ev I9 - 5 InTerTaC. VCr.TeybdII T945-461 VV-nrnenli EW-igur naw Cfrnrn:T'ee T945 471 Chauman W1:'men'5 Ehsrmohnary Cornnw T947-48, LESTER RUSSELL MELBYI eager, SUSIE GEORGINA NIST-IIIVIOTQ JOYCE VIVIENINIE PERKINS, EdrnOnTQn Chern CLE: If?-MY45' F"Q':I1YTW'3V' Res'-2 w NNAA, I9-141' IVIARIQINI LOTS ROBERTS FRED TERENTIUK, LeThIorTcIqe Math -and Phy ' C .Er IQN64: Ph. ,I Ta If In TWU'-Th A GI 1A I I9 5 Bid"-Inf n I9 T 47 and Sm:-nrie CIE IW' -TQTETTT, -To-AS, RTTIO CIIIID T947-43. HERBERT ERNEST WAI-IL, New Sarephn Maw a"G Pm I ' C D l'!'15A?.- Pr' rr-1 C I T I 'F' 1 T 0 l947448g M-ed Char, I9-I5-46 I"'-:Ha VT T49-4f E C .J I 944-45. Q A X - eig:rf'3f, '1 E T fenT5 Union Sociul COn1miTTee. K-eTTh I?oI0in CTT AThabe9ce1 EIETII ready Tor The Chr-i9TrnE1s banquet 'ATI sTucTenTs rnusT wear :hoe-5 and 5hnrTfI PenTTJIn,1cLuoIglrwgeru. The huT5 and nOrTh Iub. Tempereny7 Sharon Sprung and EIQEQ n'mTeL. EIqvIng over a hof 5Tove, The WeuneiTes seern To be enToyinq The ride on Their TIOQT durinq The TQOTTJQII parade. Hows This Tor a build, eh gTrIs7 OT course he is a sTudenT here huT he doesn T go around dressed ITIce This aII The TIn'1e. ty-nine W1- ,fx WILLIAM N. BARNES, Edmoriicn NQRMAN IPI. BARILEY, Edmc-nion BERII-IA E. BATTY, Edmonlron JOYCE E. BELLOWS, Edmcinfon ROBERT L. BIJQU, Edmcimfon ARTHUR N, BQYSE, CaIqary DAVID B. BULLOCK, Taber .IGI-IN I. BURTON, DrumI'ieIIer FRANCES C. CASSELIVIAN, Edmcfmfori one J. QHQRNQPYSKY, High Prairie -yyimmm H. A. mow CELIA H. COCKERAM, Caigary Ig:-'C V' Nh. 1-lonors EOIN LAIRD WI-IITNEY, Red Deer Bachelor of Science I-IINDS AGNEW, Calgary I Assisianf Director of Piiofograplwy Ifyr E. 81 6.1 Safeway I947-48 . fi I N Mi-ed Char-, V946-473 E. 8 G. I946-48, Sociai Direfiicfraie I94748: I I 4 Bodmin on Cub 1946- Seventy Phoio Cicb I947-482 Ads and Science Club I947-48, Ma+I'1 an Physics Ciub l947,4S: Ouidoor Ciub I946-48: C.O.T.C. GEORGE A. AINSCOUGI-I, Le+Iwbridqe ROBERT L. AIRTI-I, Edmonion RALPI-I E. BAILEY, Edmonion MARY E. BAIN, Edmonion BRUCE L. BAKER, Edmoriion Bachelor of Science WILLIAM D. CONNOLLY, Edmonjron CATHERINE R. CONROY. Edmonfom FREDERICK C. CORNETIHCI-IING LIN.-I'.D. I946-48? Ofdiir Clb IQ4'-6f47j LQIYDQI3 CIWI AVIL1 WILLIAM L. COX, Moose- Jaw, Sask. CJIIF-Q I945H-19. DONNA M. CROSS, Edmomfcm Drama Cffb I94548' I'1'ervarmSIy Pew IQGU47 Yea' Ray IQ-1: 40- 47-48: lcwryeaf Revs N46-47-45: Lverarv Sify I9474 C mfrvg CLE I45-46' Banff we Cub N47-45' Ba C ' Iii' 4' Ofdtfr C ,IQ l945'4" R Bra RIN DALE O. DIARCY, Edmomon MARY E. DICKSON, Inmigfree ROSALIE M. DINZEY, CaIqary RUSSELL A. DIXON, Me-CIICIHQ HQI RNS? fif1?:BfE' Iv .., XX TR:-T' ""'f'fT? X N. f? j' 0 xmfo- Y LEON D. DUMAINE, LSQQI . 4. I -, I9-15--Go I.rNI3r'1 C b I9-55-45, Ivwi-5 I4 If-I I945-47. . . . f ARTHUR L. EAMER, Edmwiwmfom ALBERT I-I. ELLISON, Edmmwfcm HAPQLD H. ENGLAND, Page 5199. HUGH A. EVANS JQHN W. PAIR. cawqmy M-51 C"'. I94f'-15' Eff-i If-"' M -ed CP '. 1947-49 CC F'a'3I3'i IQ4EY4cv F'w":gf3:HA. C ID E-Q-g.'..e IQ-Io'-48' E. Fw C Pr' "1:"5oIi-f I9-io-4" J 'fr 13' dmv Be-af' Ba-Ie-'bam N745-40 GEOPGE EONO, Red Deer Effwi St -1-'. IQ-15-43' R' .dn ID,3,'?"S I945'-15' Mvifwg :I Ge- gQ15l N45-45 F'If"gqfaoFer E 3 G ard Gave I945'4E1 Ar" acd Silefwie Cub E"El..'II-+3 I946-47 I7H:'f1 C In I'?4b-471 I3'I'v"'I C Efexgmlm IQ47-432 Ra-swdwvw I-Imee Cfm I ICH? I947-493 If'5-rfaf. BQSIQIEIQII N745-47i O..?cI-iiv' Cfub I945 46 GARII-I ERYETI, Leflwbridge DONALD W. SEE, EcImomIon ROGER V. OARIERY, Edmonfom ALFRED G. GIBSON, Oyen WILLIAM M. GILMOUR, EcImonIOn Seventy-one Af' .513 J IH" V- C Ib IQ-ILIHEI Nf,f.Wa" C .IJ I?-15,48 LIIIIL RALPH LOCKHART HAY, Ronola SJ' 'pfin M3n.fIQ1f-I' Gf1'f?.A.3w' I947-451 DGLJVUIUA' n CLAEI I946-48? 7 Si- rerirj, Biung C Ib I94 -43. GORDON ALLEN HECK, SIeIIIer ANNE SOPHIE HEIBERG, KIngman JAMES DOUGLAS HENDERSON, BIacIc Danncwnd Chen" C .bz O 'dfr CIIII1. KENICHI KENNETH HISAOKA, Lefhbridqe WIP 'I ng C .b I'?4S'4S, W,C.I A LI. EeaILverweIgI'vI Charnpn-n IQ46- Aw RQBERT HOARE. QQIQW E 3 G. pI'7D'f'QViCD'E' I94E-45' MJ: Chb I94b'47, BadrnInI':n C E ISAT-4? PHC" C E' Afavnw Edmff: EIEIII1a'I,n F'I1MI-qrapI1I: C ,. ,J RODNEY KITT HOLBROOK, Edmon+cIn JOHN RICHMOND HUCKELL, Edmonton ROBERT GORDON I-IURLBURT, EcImon+on MALJRICE ROGER JEGARD, Edm0nIon EUNICE KATHLEEN JENKINS, CaIgary DONALD JOSEPH KELLY, Edmcwnknn Seventy-two Bachelor of Science LORNA D. GLEN, Calgary LEO GOELMAN, Edrnonfon U.N.I.D. I94S,4b. RAY G. GOULD, Edmordon ALAN E. GRIEEITH, Edmonfon METRO GUSHATY, Spring Creek THOMAS A. D. HADDOW, Edmorfron JOHN A. HANTHO, CaIqary DONALD M. HARRIS, Edmonhun CLINTON BRUCE HATEIELD, Caiqary CII' r .3 lQ45,4Sj PIv'iIoqrapI'ng-r E. 81 O. and OaIeway 45 TIIMIIII CIIIL3 l946-47: Cev-,IQ Eranqaws l94S-46. M I Hi-fJ 'Bachelor of Science EILEEN KOWALCHUK, Vxefimnqdom Cave Fvanga 1 I9-ln: Baarwvw' H C .kg 19-'nr-lgw Nr'erfa,. Ba-L, L, L, 1940-45' ML.,j C .ig JOSEPH WLLLVAM LENCUCHA, BLairmOre STANLEY MCLELLAN LESLEY, Vlcforia, BC. GORDQN ANTHONY LESLLE, Cdgmy LLOYD ROBERT LIPSETTL Edmmn PAUL PIERRE LOZEPON, Sewmfh VVrP"c'1C L3 I9-if!-4' Bali-f L, ,D VM f-13' IRC I94,-413 RQDERICK DAWSON MQBRIDE, Edmcmfom RICHARD JOSEPH MLCAFPPEY, Dayskancl EHPMA V9-if -1- M.--ff F fy lQ.:2.1': F F '- We-' , L L .. , , ,L , V rf1-ag 1-J Gee- I 1 ze 1.-H1 4. HAZEL MARIQN MLQASLH3 cimwey K' I EREDERICLX C? LAPLES MQCQNNELLK Dovwerw EVELYN VERA M:CORMNCK, CL512rm3nf RUSS FREDEIUCK MCCQPMICK, Ecimpmfcxm U 5' A M -aj CH 1 N045 41-I VM b Qmlw 49-17'4,. GLENN WHITEHALL MQCULLQUGH, Ec1mfvm+Om Lvawa' C Ef3':1'1vf Mviizf-' VME--AE VM ' C .Lv N'f4"'7.: L-ASVX -'mi C .E W-Dwi" A" and S f I C at FOSS DOUGLAS MQCULLOUGI-L Edmf:-mon Evcmwv C ,Ly P " 9539 Mfwqqn-v W4541- Aw' 'rd S, C3-,E MMM acl PLM- Q .E Wie-41' NW ' CEE I9-H RKCHARD MLMDQNALD, Edmomfc-rw lnverfa, P ,Q:L:w,' LQ-44115 Lnrilrfn- Eaffbfffw V940 Yeav Eng 194149 Sofjr L'?vLv,-351V pa, LQ47-4E' Ei-'i UD" rv fp'E,N AUDPEY MAY MQDQNOLJGH, WefaL,Liwirw GEORGE HENRY MCEAFLANE, Edmorwtln Smmmvq Chb V945 Ab, f:5,.fJ1'r C .QNQ-12-46 Ear' 'vt -w N940 LV. EDITH ELZAIDA MQGHEE, DmmheNer Chem C ,EL N745-45 E, 3 G lf?-45 MALCOLM ALLNSTER MGCKAY, Edmonfom ISLAY JEAN MQLAWS, Edmonfon ERNEST ALEXANDER GORDON MQLEAN, Edmonfzm BOdYYYx7"'V7 Cub: Chen' C Lb. Seventy -three , I BERNICE ERNESTINE MOORE, Edmorwon V1Qi'pI'rJ', WA.A, I94b-471 Science Rep. W.A.A, I94bv47g Trargk IQ4f5-19' Sr'-n--r Ba Ir:f'baII I947-49' Manager InIeITaL, VCrIIeyI3aII V94746 SC,M Cabne' l94oE-IR, DONALD WENTWORTH MOORE, Edmomon SW'-r-Ing C MD N45-43g SwlmmInq Team I946E4Bj SIL Team l947f 483 Or,Idrj'v CILII3 I94bA4Bg VIIQI:--Pres. Svnmminq CIIIB l947-48. JAMES WILLIAM MOORE, Calgary C Iv' R M.A. MARGARET KATHLEEN MOORE, ELIm.,n+O.I WILLIAM HERBERT MULLOY, cage.-Y E 3 O IF?-17 452 PIII Ifappa ET. FRANCES ELIZABETH MURRAY, Edmonton ASAEL LAWRENCE NELSON, Edmonmn Ofdir CIE l94o 47- Arf, and S1Ien:f:- Cub I'?4b-471 In'ermLLraI golf' I9-4'E4bq Ewfa Ifappa Ep'rIfn, LLOYD HAROLD NORDLUND, Kimberly, B.C. FREDERICK FRANCIS OBRIEN, Orimshaw C,r n-1 C .ID I947E4E' Inferfai. Ba'.IeIbaII I947-45, InIramLIraI Bad' mm'-'nr l947'4B: Neuman CIILE I9-45-4b. ALFRED ERNEST PALLISTER, Edmonfon UN TL. I94Sf46-474B Oddfrir CI .b I94SE46: CI'Ieer Squad I946f 47: Efei ArI', and Srre-nic CIILB I94b-473 MaIII and PIWSIIQS CIIIL3, RICHARD EARL PATTERSON, Edmonfon GEORGE WILLIAM PETERSON, Le+IwbrIdge Seventy-four 'Bachelor of Science WILLIAM DUNCAN MQLEOD, Edmonfon C,O.T.C. I945463 Arfs and Science CILIb I945-46. JAMES EDWARD MALLABONE, Canmore VarsiIy CurIInq Club I945-481 Mi-'ed Chorus I945-46: Oufdoor CIub Iq45-481 Canferbury CILrb, LAWRENCE MALLET, Edmonfon JOHN TOWNSLEY MASON, EcImon+on Omdor:-r CILLb I946-48: Kappa Sigma. PERCY ALEXANDER MEIKLEJOHN, Edmonfon JAMES ALEXANDER MERKLEY, CaIgary LLOYD ALLAN MILLER, Edmonfon Newman CILLI3 I946-4B: CLn'IInq CILIb I946-481 President Curling Club I947-48. JOHN ARCHIBALD MINCHIN, Edmonfon C.U.R.M.A. T945-481 CurIIng CILII3 N47-48: MInInq and G-ealagrrgal Sociefy I947-483 Senior Hc-clrey I94OE4I, Phi DeIIa Thefa. ROBERT ALISTAIR MITCHELL, Cranbrook, B.C. Badmrnf-on I947-485 Oufdcrcrr CILII9 I945-485 A.K.K.: SI. Sfeve-'s House Commnfee I945-46. ff? IFF 4- 5" . V' 3 YI' 1' 'Bachelor of Science CHARLES ALEXANDER PETRIE, Edmorwon ROBERT JOHN PORTER, Edm0nIon PAUL CHARLES RACETTE AUBREY DAVID EREDRICK ROE ARTHUR LAVALLE ROWE, Acme LIr-we-1'.,I'y SI,nwpIw,-rw' I94b-4748? LImI',.g-I,-Wy Band IC?47'4E' Arm Sjefrie Cwdb. LOIS RUTH SCHOOLINO, Huasar KENNETH WILLIAM SCOTT, Edmonfon NORMAN FREDERICK SCOTT, Edmonfon GORDON OAREIELD SCRUGGS Edmonton , ,IP 2 PQ2 'R ,, I f1ixRK5'5 . iv N .V , A QQ, md ,E Jia if 5'- -NNI X 'v I 31? JOHN ROBERT SETTLE, Edmfimom RICHARD WILLIAM SHERBANIUR, Veg:-evlII AV., Y F', T" X T ""' 1' . IFJ?-'-11. Ivwwlh E I. Q If' . C E, E1 ' I' DONALD MURRAY SHIER, Cidqary TEIEODOR KI-IYAM SI-INITIXXA, EI:ImI,mII,Iw Ls,-,.,.I n S',IIIp-I 'I'--I1 wwf,-1' DAVID HILL SHOULDICE, cf.IQf,,e,f Exe-f':'-:GO dvd C' J ISV?-40 EIN :vw 1 .I 5' Adfvmm 'Vivid L-15' T S G If?-In-V 'TI.I.:I- I I? I 4 A 'www L"rI-I v' E 3 I3 IRAC,-if M MP1 imj IR4o-4'-451 Ianni 321013, SIMON JULIAN SIOAL, CaIqi1ry CI:,fI-1 CHI? IO45-55 Ev VI 5 A wg M. I7 KAZIE ALFRED SILUCI'I, Se-smith Wm- "md C ,IJ I'?4E,f-is' Bawv C r I I DONALD O. STEWART, Red Deer MERVIN DOUGLAS STEWART, SI. JUIIII N.B ROBERT WILLIAM STEWART, Edmonhjwvw Prem M CJD I94o-4' IC.I.'JfQf Cum IGH -4: La LI LI A I HERBERT WILLIAM STRETTON, Lefhbridqe ROBERT NEIL TAYLOR, Edmonfon Seventy f v 'Bachelor of Commerce 'Bachelor of Science CHARLES WHEELER TEMRLETON, Vancouver, B.C. Mining and Geological Sociefy I94546, I946-47, Pres. I947-48: Badrninfon CILIL: I94O-42, I945-48, Pres, I947-48. JAMES WILLIAM THOMPSON, Edmonron IRIS EDNA THOROGOOD, Vicroria, BC. Evergreen and GciId Stag I946-47-483 Sec. House Cornrniriee IPem- binaj I94o-47-483 Mixed Chorus I945-46: CIUIJ 4005 Canferbury CI b T D If ugrie. HAROLD BRUCE TIEEIN, Edson C.U,R.M.A. I945-46-47: lri+erFac. BasI,eIbaiI I945-4:5-47-48, Mining and Ge-ologicaI Sociefy I94b-4748: WresIIing CIub I947-48: Zefa Ps ERANCIS PATRICK VAN TIGI'IEIVI, CaIgary Newman CIIII3 I945v4b-47-48: Irderfac. Hockey I946-47-487 Chem CIIIID I946e47g IDUDIIC SDf?dI',iVIQ Chib I947-48. JOHN CLIETON WARD, Hyilne EDWARD WARSHAWSKI, Mundare ROBERT HENRY WATSON, Calgary ROY WILLIAM WILES, Edmonion ELOYD GEORGE WILLIAMS, Eori Azsiniboine DAVID A. ADAMS, Edrn0nIon er C. SoI+baII Crrnmer-'e CIiib l94o-48' CURMA I946 48' Inf Ta I'?4b: Badmfnwn CInb I94o-432 Inv-3-rIac. Soccer I947. ,IARVIS M. ANDERSON, Edmonron SAMUEL BELZBERG, CaIgary CHARLES H. BLAND, Taber DAVID BRADSHAW, Edmonion DONALD L. BRANDELL, Edmordon REUBEN BRICKER, Lavoy ia S e IQ47-483 InIerTa In'erIa:. BasIe+baII I94548: Infer c. occ r Htidev I946-48: Infra-MuraI BasIfeIbaII I947-487 CInb 400 I945-463 Ccmmerze CIob I945-48: C,U.R.M.A. I945-48: Sigma Alpha IVILI DONALD G. BUCHANAN, Calgary GILBERT G. BURRINGTON, Lousana GORDON R. BURTON, Edrnonion GEORGE W. CAMP, CaIgary JAMES G. CASKEY, S+. PaUI Ccrnmerze CI,b I945-48: C,U,R.M.A. I94 Seventy-six Bachelor of Commerce DOUGLAS CLARKE, Sedgewlck JOHN J. COLLINS, Edmomfom WILLIAM S. COUTIS, London, Or1IarIO Cirwnerce C .IJ I945-48: C U,R.M,A. I945-453. GEORGE W. DARLING, Edqerfcn CHARLES T. DEIRO, Irma MERVYN S. DEVONSHIRE, Edmonfon C""m'2"Q C I3 IQ-1:-4" Fd M' '-J Mafal'-' E.e':'ee' .avi Gid IC?-I5-110' E.-If-91. Myeizf' V745-E45 WILLIAM D. DICKIE, CaIqary IAN W. M. DUNAWAY, ECIVTWCITIQVY JOHN A. EDWARDS, E-jmemiww JOSEPH EINLEY, EIiIm0mI0m Cimwerie C. .L+ N940-43 C LI F' M A lQ4:f-ff'- FRANCIS C. EINN, Vegrevi1Ie Smdewi C .A ' Se' f I-' I"',f'5q1 I-Igwf. I,- Cjrvfrwov C .iz E-f ww N:.'."'i' C .L ESS' CU,R.MA:CI 'IJ 'fC .E fem f JAMES R. EISH, CaIqary GREGORY B. FULTON, C51Iqary V ff CI1af"w.3:I UAB We --1-5, A ' SK " E:II"v GM'-I..-I, I9 -3' Se. -Ivan C I, R MA I7-IQ -17 M I CWM IQ Ne.-."'a' C .Ii N45--if C mnwv C Q I9-11 4: DONALD A. GOWER, Edmxzmxzm DUNCAN C. GRAY, Edmomfom C Wreefie CIHI5 N740-49' C UR M Q-M 41" Bamfw-I CI L IQ4b-4R. JOHN G. GUNDERSON, DIUmIweIEer OLAE W. HAGEN, Eoresfburq E- 'Ibm I94bA C' nImevmc- CI .LI I946-wb' C II R M A THOMAS G. HALEORD, Edmomfcn GEORGE R. HARILING, Edmonfon Cimmerie C wo E-ecdve N740 IJSW Rre'2IdEVvT S'udf3r1IsI Union I947'4E, GEORGE A. HAY, CaIgafy MICHAEL J. HENEY, CaIgaVy ROBERT O. HILL, Edmonfom GORDON E. HOOD, Edmomfon Cimrrerze C ..b I94b-48: C,U RM A THOMAS C. I-IUMPHREYS, Edmomon Seventy-seven V I J C' II?-16'-1" Iwm. I lf?-15.4 Q ie EDITI-I LOUISE LOSIE, Edmorwform JOHN E. LUTZ, Day5I5r1d Var C.r'rv,Q1 C .lo I945-45' C r'rrr"er'e C .Ev lC?45-45' C,LI,R Iv1,A Wi?-4: Eau rraprzra EQ- ie. JEANNIARY MCBRIDE, Edmorwfon Wine' Ei. E' Cir, Gow.-.a-, I94bV4'- Vlre-Preidem Crm- " C ,b T945-4Ej Ihappn f-Iphe T55-'Cy STANLEY IVIQZDONALD, Le'rI'1IDricIge ERANI4 J. MAIR, Carqary C5 F'-'p IV-I 'Lic' C rww-arge C Ib I945-483 C.LI.R M.A, 'VICTOR ERANK MARK, Erjmorvfon ARTHUR MAYNARD, Red Deer DANIEL IVIINCEIIN, Grande Prairie C'f"' -E C ,KJ i94'b'4f:' C well Cr .LI I94b 421' PI'-I Eeifa TI'1r?'Q1 GEORGE MOREAU, Baahaw JOHN MORGAN, Barshaw Ci "'N fre: Q C b T945-45' M'-ed CIwir,.5 I945'4b: InIerIar:. Hailey I9454- Terr T945-48 fe'rarr,ra1 Sprrh I94748' EIeI+a Ifappa IC I '. ALEXANDER IVIUIRI-IEAD, Regina, Sask. Ctr'r'rrr'2r'e C ,U I-1erM , I-Tgrje, T940 KENNETI-I NELSON, Porwcrlfa Seventy-eight 'Bachelor of Commerce JOHN E. I-IYDE, Edmonfon Commerce CIub: C.U.R,Iv1.A. ROBERT LJONES, Calgary N I Certre Erarwqars I945-473 Pubwrc Spealemfg Chrb I946-48: Secrefary Treamrer IQ47-48: Cornrrwerie CIrrb I945-45: S.C.M, I9-46-457 V.C,F l945'46j RI'wiIosopI'w Srimiefy I945'4b7 C.U.R,M,A. I-IYMIE KLEIN, VegreyiIIe Infevfac. H-:rCIey l946-433 OrrIdf'r CLE N45-463 Ctmmerrje CIUb I945-487 C,U,R,M,A.g Sigma AIQIM3 Mu. MORRIS KLIMOVE, Edmonlron Commerce CIrrb I94I-43, I946-45' Oddfi-r CINE I9-42-433 C.U.R.Iv1,A.3 STgma AIpI'1a Mu. ALBERT S. KNOWLER, Edmonfon Commerce CILIID T945-4Si Newman CME T945-43: Bcdn CLJEJ T945 Q 465 Freshman InIredrr41Ii-in I94748: Af-,rwfarvr EViverj?or' Wa.-1-vfavr WeeI'end I947'48q C.LI.R M.A, I945-43. KEITH I-I. KRINKE TI-IOMAS E. LAKUSTA, Edmonfon Oafeway I945-473 Commerce CIUE I945-483 Pr,bII: SpeaIInq C5,,b 194149: C,O.T,C. IQ45-45. HARRY V. LINDSKOG, Lacombe lnrervrae, I-I:f:Iey I945-45: Ccrrwmerce CIL.b l945-49. GORDON J. LOGAN, Moose Jaw, Sask. 'Bachelor of Commerce JULIUS OBERHOEENER, Regina, Seek. HAROLD PARK, Edmonfon RICHARD POTTER, Vidoria, BC. NORMAN POWELL, Slrony RTEUH HUBERT PROWSE, Leflwbrldge NELLIE REDMOND, Paradise VaTTey Cc-ed CL1b I945-46' VVQmen's pf v E-i, CLE, 4946-47, Pv'E1Edefvf T947-481 CEVTITE Es'a"i5E, T942-47 C-mwnwer'-'E C .TJ I9-17-43 JAMES RICH, Calgary Gi den Eeaf,Ba,m'og1 Team' T945 43' B11 BT r 'A C .b 194674 AfT'xTer33 Re Hr: ewkvl-.9 T917 451, T' 'evfgl Ba,i'L1a1 T9-1trC 'mme-v 5- Chb T945-48, Dfxvnm RQBERTSON, CETQEW GERALD ROBINSON, vamuvef, RC. C U.R.M,A. Eveidwe T946-47j C r PQ C ,b T945-48' Sffaf EMC, + I .irafe L.A.B, V947-45' Nefmnr C Q T945-49' Cgrvnwrcf- CT 1945-45. BRYCE ROLLINS, Edmonton SDJVTTT C19 1941-42 Cifvnmlrfh C T1 TQ4Tf-32 TQ-lb CURIJA Cf Te T C . T 1 D T' .3 ua Swrvwa RALPH SCHONERT, Cdgary Cgmwier-ie CNET T945-45' T:-'EH51 HHTVR, TQLQT-Tz' Ev C 'fffvw "+L HERBERT SKIRTEN JAMES SNOWRAEE CETQEW B ,Uflf Mawaqe' Lfwwf Bwwd T947 49' C mf'-51' RiCHARD SOLEY, Edmomfon C CTT C T942-43' Chew Leadw' TC!-31 43 PM Tania ERNEST STTLLINQ, Cabgary ROBERT STROTHER, Edmomfon Oidefv Bi-af' Bad-9'baTT TQ-TE-48' lvw'em.1e',"A, T"a'T TQ fa-,. Hifhy T945-451 B14 BTN: T A Cwifw T'34b4R WTLLEORD SUTHERLAND, Edmorvfon C.1r'ur-mere? CTM: IC!-?5f4E, W, ORAHAME THOMSON, Edmcmfron Cimnwer-Le Cub E-ecE.T-ve ICM?-483 De-TM5 kappa Epg FREDERICK TYLER, Carru+l'wer5, Saslc. LT AB, Treagrer IC147-45, ROBERT URTON, Calgary C.O.T,C, 194548: VVaw-waw Dwregr-gr TQ47f4b' C.,rr T945-483 Adxerflzimg Manager E. 3 G, T947-45 HAROLD WARD, Calgary Seventy-nine 'Bachelor of Science in 'ff-lousehold Economics IFEVA ABELL, Edmorwfom VC F, I945-4b Sure C-n-.femfr I94b-4 DOIQOTI-IY ARMSTRONG, Edmonfon JOAN AIPMSTRONO, Edmomfon ELIZABEII-I BELL, Edmorwom WILMA BLEAKLEY, Edmorwfon M -ej Chap N45 45-' Badmlnfgrv I945-4S1I"I-Q.w.r2Er, CINE I94 NOPAI-I BROWN, Clare-5.I'woIm I-IQ-. E , C db' Cc-ec C552 Owdcf.-r CIUIJZ Camferbcmy CIHIJ, ILA BIQLINSDALE, CaIg.ary F1-Q is Ei C do LDS. C -E E-efI.'r,e' Mr-ed CIIQHIS l94S. DORIS CARVER, CaIgary I-4' EL. C Sb I-fauna fI'c,h.5I I'I1e'a MARIA CASIELLI, DrumI'1eIIer I-'Ii-,P Er. CINE, Nenmarx CIHI3 I945-48' D-QIIa DfHIIa DPIIQ JOAN DAWSON, Provosf I-I mr,--ie E-1, CME' Senior CIcxi2 Ere-rrdivwi Ifappa AIpI'1a 'I'I'1eIa, AUDPEY DUNDAS, AIIinqI1am JEAN FERRY, Edmrpmfon Drama Srirjew- Drrecfor Frephmar PIQy I945-46: Te-ihnical Director ICP46-47, Pre-Lidfer' I'Q47f4Si I' E1,CIUb I945-48' I.R.C. I94 E-5-,-,.' I947-45: C,U.P.M.A, I945-48, PI-riIoscrpIwiqaI Soda-Iy I945- 'OE' C.rIRrq Cub I945-48' Arr? and Science Curb l94b-487 Radro CIr,.b I947,4E' S-,r:IaI Service Club I947-43: I.S,S. Execmive 1947-48' Pr: M.aI Sglenze CIUIJ I946-48. Eighty Bachelor of JAMES WAY, SIraII1more DONALD WELLS, Easwkend, Sesk WILLIAM WELSH, Red Deer ARTHUR WI-IEELEI2, Acme Cimmerce CILIEN Curirng CIHIDT GORDON WILLIAMS, CaIqary JAMES WILSON, Edmonton KENNETH WILSON, High River Hom WRIGHT, Lougheed COIUITIQTCQ CIJ.R.M.A 'Bachelor of Science in fi-louseholcl Economics PHYLLIS FITCH, Calgary Mhed CI1Qr,.5 I945f48j E. E- G. I9-lCIf4S' H' P Ei I: I3 I9-If 491 Wcmerfs Diacfp. C-3mm"'eP I947-45 BETTY HARRIS, Edmonfon H- ie Eh C b IC?-I9-48 pro IJ-1" IW LAURA JOHNSQN, Edmonfon Hgcse EC. Cub IQ45-48' C.U.R M A DOROTHY LAW, Edmomfom Hcuse EQ. Cfub I945-481 MI-eo CIN' JOYCE LISTER, Edmorwfon I04E'f1E L L ul?-1048, IQ-fo 4, Soma LfIre':':ra'e I9-4'-45 H' 'Q t V L' IH4' -1- 'Iv-'--mv CILIIJ Eleimlve IQ4b,-47. JUNE MCCUTCHEON, Edm-3mIom Hg .Ee Ei C ,IJ I9-45-45' Lew Ewa BERNICE MCELHINEY, Provosf Hcuse EI: C,b I945-45' 4fN'3"r C L, IO-1? Jr MQNA MICHIE, Edmcmfom M-:Le3d Club ICZ43-44' H .e E: C b IQ45--1 ANNE PUCHALIK, Coromixdxiw Newman C .b I94Ef4S' I-I .9 E' C ,Lv IWC 4" IQAY PUCHALIK, C'3rQm11 rLIf..f'j-I C lQ'IQ'1f'lT +4 V C ll wie LUIS RADFORD, Ecimomkyn H: e E' C ,LI IQ-15--17, MARJQRIE SINCLAIR, EQIVTT'JIWIQ'H Hg E' E CHLI ICILISJIF NQRMA SMITH, Edmonfazm IVII-ij CII V.- IC!-15-if: I-I E, C b IR-I945' V RH: IQ APLENE STEFFENSEN, Ivmm VC F IQ-I5-45 H, e E' C1.bIff454E M,-L-J Chu. IQMICI BETH TANNER, Ecimcmfom Ir'e'f-3 Ba'--Fifi I9-154: V ,ff I-I1 Q ' C 51 I'?-Po'-1" Nr Pye-. 5--mfr C113 I947f-Ir, V ,fl Fw IT 'Q CML I'fIL7m4", Tvei H- EV rj ,b IQ-15'-I-. MARILYN VERONNEAU, ECImQmIUn IHZ E C ,L IQ45 -1: I'IfA.-.r"n' Ii C I'?4f 4b L-4 If Ffarja 1945--11: AMY WIESE, Irma H...,eE C L I9-1274: Nw.-nt. VL IQ-QI .1 cj HP MA I-1 45 M Cn I, I9-IT--fbi LAURINIE WGYTKIW, Edmcmfcm M1671 C ,LI If!-35 45" H, L C.I1 IQAIQ 45 CJ 1 1 L I9-15-45' N'3.'."!'v3VT C ,b I9-If -IP' I",f1f1, V, I.-, B3 IQ-ij.,-I5 IRENE EDWARDS, Camry I'I,u.:r? EH C Jn I9-457421, Pgwbma I-I LivwwvwM'ee I'?45.45,1 way lC745-461 Omdxi-III' CINE I945f46q Bal-Ie?baII I9-45-463 B51 In CINE I946-4l+E,81 G S'aR I946'-47' RaaA C .Lv I947,43 NORA KOWALSKI, Bon Accord Hcuse E. Club I944-46' Cwpd C. ,b i945 W- Affhp,-Y 1944 4 RUTH MURRAY, Lousiana H3..5e EC CHE I9464S'BadrnRnMgmC1..b WAIT -lc' T 5 KT. IQ4 -I Enghty-one WILLIAM KELLY, B.A., OIds Lai. CI,.Ev Cub: Zefa pil. SAM LIEBERMAINI, B.A., Edmonion C-in"'I."'n61 E"iS',+?'n9"I C'rmrn"'e9 IQ47-4E-' Ere-f. Law CIUID I9-40-473 Sonia f-.IpIna MI.. DICK MAIII-IEWS, B.Com., CaIqary Erarnafii Smiefy IQBS-4I'O,.1d:1r CIi,.b I93S-4I' Badminfin CILIID IQES-4Ij C"v'irrw9f1f5- CI,b I939-4I' C,Q,IC, IQZIS-4Ii Uni-.'erSi'y Bard I935'4Lv' Law. CI.,I: I9-45-45' Dena Ifappa Up1uIi:n, ERANK MURPHY, B,Com., I-Ianna C- V',I:'.1'i ind EnIQv'Qenwn+ I94749: Law CILIIJQ Dena Up5iIon. PETER OWEN. BA., Edmonfon La.-. CI.b' C-a'e---5, IQ45-45 Eeahre' Editjr- Currie AIpI1a Mu. ERANCIS QUIGLEY, B.Com., CaIqary E-'ii .Ile 'fx f'm.avCI I945' B73 BI--QI "AM fN.'.'d"d I94bj Law CIubi EE Kappa F". JAMES RIICI-IIE, B.A., NeIson, BC. Luf, C- ,.E:. JQEIINI SEIQRIREED, Bfx., Edmonion DAVID SIIXICLAIR, Bfx., Cc3IqaryA Ifyfx .fer S' der' lL"i ri IQ47-45' Law CIIIIDT INIBMVYTGVT CIIIIDI Zena EJ. WILLIAM SINCLAIR, B.Cor'n,, EdrnonIon C.CI'I'.C I938-4I, C:".VI'7V7'I"iV'i'9 CIIIID I938'4If I-Iiefory CIub l938A4I: Me-n's Economic CI,b IQJCF-4I' Inferfu-1 RuQI3y I939'4Ij Oufdoiir CIuI:n I94O-4Ig f-.Hi S: env Penne envawvei Senrvarf Law CIub IQ46-47, Preeiidenf I947-48' Iwerfac Siifrif I9-177483 Inrerfuii. Debating I945-463 Phi Kappa Pi. JOSEPI-I STRATION, B.A., Edmonfon Law CI..I:1 Iv'ea...fer I9474S' Nwffman CIubA Zeta Pii. Eighty-two LILLIAN WASIUTA, CaImar Ar1:I1ery Club I945-48: House EC. CIub I945-487 Co-ed CIub I9454 433 BaIIe+ CIub I947-48. 'BRCIXQIOI' of Laws GUY BEAUDRY. B.A., SI. Paul Radio Direcforafe 19467473 Sec. SI. Joe! Home Comrnitfee I947- 48. JACK BREININAGI-I, B.Com., EcIrnon'ron Commerce CIub i935-393 Law CIub I'-745-48: De-being Club Exec- uvlve ICIST-39: McGcwn Debare I937-391 IYGGQUVET Sfude-nfs' Union V945-47, ROBERT CHARD, Edmonfon Law Ciub I945'48j DQIL3 Up'5iIi:ri, ELDON D. EOOTE, BSC., Lacombe Trad: and EeId I943-45: Mining and C:eoIoqiQaI Sociefy I944-45? Diredor Maier Charity Drive I945-467 Secrefary Sfudenfs' Union I9-46447: Direchbr MemoriaI SQI'voIarsI'iIp Drive I946-473 InIermuraI Baske-IbaII ICI47-48: Imerfac. Soccer I947-483 Lew CIub, VaIedii:- Iowan I948j DeIIa UpsiIon. LAWRENCE I-IANNON, B.A., Arcola, SasIc. Law CIub: Zefa Psi. 'Bachelor of Science in medicine ERIC J. BAKER, Edmonion MUS. 19457481 VCE. IQ45.4:9, MAURICE BESNEY, I4+h Year' IVID. Degrer-I ERWYN W. BISSELL, High Pmeae Cuvimg IC!-16f4EI IVI LIS AI It E. BRUCE BLAYNEY, I-IIQII River MUS. ERNEST N. BGETTCI-IEIQ, Ef:Imi:im+m M US. WILLIAM I. BOYAR, Corcinriiiom M US: Zi-'a EJ, KEITH BIQYANI, Re-CI Deer Oifdijr' Cmb I944'-15 Eve" I C I V34-1,-if M LIE E ROY E. CLARK, ECImOr1I-Dm M USS AIu!wa Ifappn Ianzin ALLAN IVI. EDWARDS, Three I-ILII-1 Imhariii:I'ec1iaIe VVIQ ' me IQ45 40' M II 'S' FI' I arc-1 IH X 1" ?SP VVILLIAM L, ESDALE, Cjqiiry iviv- ,Vi G d New 41 ii 'I ,C I, H44 M US Aw I-app. I-apgij, AMY EONG, Edmcmicin Bmw Im CINE IQ-1543 M IIC, :G-154:-., W MMI C L mf. Af ' CHARLES E. GARDEN, Cmqmy I"'-evIfi Ea I'-'k.3II IQ-IF'-io ICIw'm1p IQ-fcff-IEII' V'v"f2,fIIr:1 C L I0-1542 S' IJ .f C We Iffswie O w IA I, we 4: PCAMC CCPIIE MI 'Q '1u'1I'1i'Li"s '3 WALIEF3 GQIQESKY, 'IIIQIIUIG MMS Wpiia I niiipa Iumrzfi. GQPDQINJ GOPEYI-IICIQMAN, LQIEEIVIQIQQ Ich-'va T13 V IQ-42'-15 Cn-mg: QIL Wife-25 EM- ' 51 N454 Cmrd I C .I-I IQ-12,415 In., icievx' IQ4:,,4'f GMI I9-1243, Bmmm CI.Ijv IQ42-43, IQ-17-43 CFl""i'Iiw, CHE IOAEIV-IE E--I Iwi Iqiij- M LI 'fy cj IJ P IMI F' IQ-35 -I9 D. ALEX EIQLLEY, Tr-aiI, BC. B,-P1 I'?'4E I'1'1,-VJ, E' HI ICVW ' 1 C I3 IQ-44 -39 Sei Im, PJIQ CMIJ Il?4'4+v EM-xv" 1 id I9iIf.ff4E, IVIII AipIm Iiippa Ifxnipa, INIQIPMAINI I-IOVAN, Mille River MUS' CIS- R-fp, I9-I"AiE-' IIf'.f,w'IV C'I.I-I, IvIe.I -1. E'I1w- C LJ A 7 COTC Le'-3 Pi. ALICE JKOS, Cfndoq-an LSA, I947--IE, VC E, I'74-If-If M LI MELVIN KPEUIZ, Edmigmfon IVLLI S. IPVINC5 LEIQINIER, Edmimfc-m M US. Eighty-three V Y' xc' ALVIN WALKEIQ, Beaverbdqe S..7"PI'i1 C ,IJ I9-II--I2-4'-453 f,'..f3-911' CIUI, I9-II-42: M.LI.S Ze,-3 Ik. 'Doctor of OUedicine gum. lop J. FPANK BENEDICI, BBQ., Olds I""3IIf1. Inn I9113 4' Inerifaj I-igfIeI, I944--io Varifv, Chcw I9-13,45 Cf- M SI fra 'foam I94o-Lf' C OTC' M.LI S: Zero PQI M,IJ.S MAURICE BESNIEY, BSC., Edmorwom M LLB, CLEVE S. BOWLBBY, BSC., CaIqary IVv'wIQ1-. I? gb, I944 45' Ifamer Benlfr Rugby I94-4-457 CI'IaIv'mar1 B. J L 'I r L'vI.f3 I945' Manager Sem r Puqby I945-461 plwbsfdefwf I? ..1I:, I9-In 4" M LI S. Eff3IiI.+Iwe I947V-18' A-M S:.Igu.fIpII:n Maru- al-' Gia. I, I9-43 44' Pb Ifacxpa PI NORRIS BEBIBAND, BBC., MIIO M L15 M CI""'. Pfeiwd-Q" IO45' M -I 3I CI .Iv I3reIcI'1m'I946- LV- fo LIW I'ilJll:13I'If1CC3. NQIBMAN J. CAMPBELL, BSC., CI3Iqary M LI E' EIL- ' V I9-1-1745 W, I-acpg PI. MICI-IAEL ERNEST CI-IONKO, BSC., Myrmgam Iffe-ffa.. II Ie, I9f+I 45' Temm, I942g M LIS' AIpIm Mappa Ifnpp-1, GORDON F. CLARK, B.Sc., Edmonmn Mmm Chow., ICI-147473 UnIX.ferAI', OrcIm-Iva I9-47-43: Le Cards Fra'-paw I943Y4-1: M.I,I,S,' LIrI'.'5rI'y PI1III1arn'IIi.nI-' I9-12-43, BILI- Geffi C V746-47. LLOYD CI-IAPLES CAPLING, B.A., Chemanius, B.C. M IJ.B.' X-ILIIQ Ifipp-3 Vespa. IZ. GLEN CUMMINS, BSC., CaIqary Sf.f'fffI'i1 IO .Q I943-451 E-.efgreef and Cv Id I9-44-457 DeIIa I.Ip:IiH IVF I942-45 Eveimfve I943-47' M.I.I,S. ALLEN E. DIXON, BSC., Waimwrighf I.VOF, I942 48- Io"- I9-I3 47' MII S, Eighty-four Bachelor of Science m medlclne DON MCMILLAN, I4+Iw Year MD. De-greeI ARTHUR OSWALD, We+af,I:IwIn IVI.LI,S. SI-IIRLEY PATTERSON, CaIgary M.I.I,S. ROY POWLAN, Calgary M.U.S, GORDON RLISSEL, E-tImonIon HAROLD SCHWARZ I4IIw Year M US. ROMEO SKWAROK, Edmorfron ISOBEL STEVENSON, Calgary MILS. MD. Deqreej N gf . ..,. 'i' fl gp, ,X W , .sq fuvg ' Z X ,Lf Doctor of medicine gmed. wp WILLIAM IZ. EDWARDS, B.A., Edmordon M.U.S. JOI-IN R. FLANAGAN, Vicforla, BC. Iv1,U.S. I-IARRY A, GILCI-IRIST, BSC., Ifdmonfon MUS.: PIM Deffa TI-ae-fa. CATHERINE A, I'IANEY, B.A., New WeSImfm5Ier, B.C, MUS, SHIRLEY V, I-IAYNIES, BSC., Edmonfon MUS Mappa AIpIwa Thefa. ALLAN L. I-IEFBURN, BSC., Edmbombfom Gahewey Rf3D:r'er I94243, S,,b'4fIp'-Aw Mamafger IQ-43-44' IJ.NC1ii Cwb I9-42-43: If'f?rIa:, Ba5Iw2II3aII I943-463 Imrerfa-i. R .GLN I944f45: In+erIac. Sficier I947-48: MUS Preidemf IQ47-48 Qhggr Legdqr l944f45g Badmhwfor' I9'-43,45 Zwg FU, I - RALPH JOHNSQN. 5.50. Cmqw Kappa Sw- f I f I ":. I VERNON KRAUSE, B.Sc,, Edmmffm L, Q I Te-Uni? S,vfmmIr'gj Biadrwwin' Iv"QrIa.L. IIMIQ-,fy IvI,LISvg Dgbg, I ya . IKGDDG I.IDiI1:n. Ak' I X W if JQSEPH LAUERMAN. asf., Edmmm , ,I - Phi oem wife, 'Ln - A V AV L! QQ "Y N V 6 f I V' I D AV'-A JAMES R. LEEDEI9, BSC., Edmomfon XA M LI S Nf:-wrwi" C A 1151.3 Ivinixia I 5 SI-IAIJNA LITTLE, BSC., Edmontm M LIS. L1 A JQHN J. LIPINSKI, ssc.. Mmm M LI SU S' J'?I, Fi Cfrwrv' 'vf--3 IQ-IS'-I7 I'If.',v"-in CI .Il A ljIImi Iappa Inacpa. DONALD M. MQDQNALD, BSL., LfiImc-nIcIu M.LI S PM Levi IIvf2'a, ELAINE J. MQQLEAN, BSC., I3inQI'wer' CreeI X, if l -. - I . - fm- 7 naw' . Mud Ch f... I9414 , F.fn,I,., ww 45, Ma K X Wgmgn' AIIw 'QM-1 Biafd I945-47: M LI S, DON MQMILLAN, BSC., Landis, SMI. - -r , PIM Dada Thefa. X ' ' Q QEPALD NICHQLSQN, BSC., wmwmqhf L, ,II-CI-I 4, I C,,"'mg C .Lu lC?4b-47' M LIS: AIpI'wa Ianc-5 Iarpi , I, -13 JOSEPH A, OBRIEN, BSC., Edmolwon n i s M,LI.S. I944-45: New-man CIQI5 I9-42-45: PI' Iappa F- . wi J. L PATTERSGN, asc. MUS. I-IYMIE PQLLACK, BSC., ECIm0nIQn MLLS. ' ' MUS. I946-45: In'erIaC. I-Iffjbey IQ46-47. I EUGENE PYLPIUK, BSC., BeaUvaIIon 4. 6 Mus. 'X P.. . xy!!! Eighty-fave -I 'VVILLIAM E. PQURBAIX, B.A., Domremy, Seek. 7 .nf Q ap -gp . Q 4, 4 .A I MU LS BSC Edmonlon ' A ,. A 53, lx b R qby 1941 42 T' 1 A xg, P A l P h Cl X 6 I W GT g Q ,Y, ,gn E 7 q.q hxln . 1 lx! '5 'li X -3 Y, 44 +b l IQ44 V 1, Q , I ll nwselmus P14 -4 ADAM C. VVALDIE, B,A., Trail, BC. PH liatlrila PY. GERTRUDE WARSD-IAWSKI, BSC., Munclare Evil. B .Q S? ,131 Club lf?-36471 M l,l 5,1 Wfj-meml, MC fx U'wer ', Ml-Q-d ,lwimg V344-45 N-ewrrven Cl.b, R. DONALD WILSQN, BA., Edmonlon 'Doctor of medicine gum. up J0l-llNl APPLEBY, BSC., Vanccuver, B.C. PERREN LAURENCE BAKER, B.Sc., Calgary ROSS BLACKSTOCK, BBQ., Eclmomlom STEELE BPEWEPTON, BSC., Raymond GORDON BRONNN, B.Sc. J. MURRAY COWAN, BSC. JOHN DEPEW, BSC., Vicloria, BC. l-l. BARSS DIMOCK, BSC., Trail, BC. ,lOl-lN R. ENMAN, BSC., Welasllwln Eighty s Doctor o medicine gum. up GORDON FIERI-IELLER, B.A., BSC., Vancouver, BC. GORDON PINLEY, B.Sc., cfanbmk, Bc. ARTHUR POLLETT, B.Sc., calgary ALFRED A, OORMAINI, BSC., Afhabasca A. PAULINE GOULD, B.SC., ROy5IIie-S HERBERT HALL, BSC.. Edmonfom SAMUEL I-IEIN, BSC., CaIgary ELMER JOHNSON, BSC., LouqI'Ie-ed RUSSEL LASTIWKA, B.SC., Edmomfon gl g' NJ x.fX.f X 114' xr- ,Z gl J. ALISIAIR MACIQAY, BSC., Ednwordon DORIS MACKAY, BSC., Edmomfon ROBERT MAKAROEE, BSC., Saskafoon, Saalx. CECIL MICKELSON, BA., Vicform, BC. GEORGE MOOINIIE, BSC.. CaIqary JOHN A. OSBORNE, BSC., Medicine I-I.a+ OTTO RATH, BSC., Edmonfon ROBERT W. ROBERTSON, B.SC., CeIqary FLOYD RODMAIXI, RILD., Edmonion ELMER L. J. SMITH, BSC., Edmomfon WILLIAM STEWART, BSC., Edmonion HARLAINI TAYLOR, B.Sc., Raymond Eighty-seven . il :fri D, tg' r H- F' ' .Sk ALETE DION, B.A., Cufknife, Seek. D.U.S. LLOYD KJORVEN, Cabri. Saslm Sei.-Tfeaw EUS I945-45 Vue-Pre! Cm-Ting Club 1945745 Infer- fgg, B31LQ'bf3T T944-4Sj lflnwerwiy Symphony l945-482 Urviverslfy Eefd Cfedpwr l94T49: MT-'ed Chwm I944-473 Vappa Slqma. SAMUEL MARTENS, Nhim Cenfre, Sauk. E'.U,g. 1944-45' l4"Gr5n'. H'T-9, lQ4b-47. RONALD PAYMENT, Raymore, Seek. Cr Pg 1'?4o'4E' Tverfa . Hile, T94b'4i7 E'.U.S. GORDON ROBERTSON, Edmonfon C,,.r eil C V245-45 lC?4b'47: EKU Preiidilnf l947'4S. MAC STRELIOEE, Cdmora, Sail. D.U.S. JULIAN THORSNESS, Prince George, BC. E'-eng C, E1 V943 45, CTHTTHQ Cfub l945-48, EKU5., Kappa Sigma. ALBERT UPSCI-TEL, GremfelT, SML. Wrea'fr'g and B"-Tru Cib l'?44-45: Mi-ed CH'r.Tv S.C,M.7 D.l.I.S. T944-4E' Drama Effie-'f I945-47' CMT-nq CT,b I946-475 Lambda Chu HaHa. BREWING COFFEE AT THE OUTDOOR CABIN, Eighty-eight fDoctor of medicine qmed. up GEORGE WONG, BSC., Edmonfon DONALD WRAY, B.Sc. ERNEST YELLE, BSC., Edmonfon fDocto1' of Dental Surgerg GORDON E. ANDERSON, Raymond TumbTmq Cwub 1946-48? Vwce-Pres. D.U.S. 5946-472 Council 194148: lnframpral Sports 1947-483 Delia Kappa Epsiion. VAN E. CHRISTQU, Le+hbr3dqe Tumbwno and Wrpsrhnq Chb IQ44-463 Swimming Club 194 C.O.T.C, I943-48: Cmrlinq Cub I945-46: Badrninfon 1946-482 D rQ44Y4S: Edit-gr Ever-greeTv and Gold IQ47-48. GEORGE CLARKE, Edmonfon D.U,S. S J 2 , . 175 Tl 5th 'Hear qlursing 'Bee Rm. KATHLEEN A. AMBROSE, Edmorwfom MI:LeI:d CIIII9 ICP43-47. Oddosr CII,b I'?4T4F. MARGARET HELEN ARMSTRONG, Calgary Bddmfmfin CITJI3 I947V-IS, LQRNA FRASER, Pambrurwe. Sesk. MCLQUCI CIIII3. LUCY GAINER, Edmonfon Premdenf Nurses SI,.dee'f Ijnvn IC'4o'4I: IE-nv Rep VI UTTITH IC74445: MiLe:d C .bi Badfvwm'-P CITID IEHET CIT.b ETw,I'vvTTf1R R AI M IC b I943'-14 0 'j -ff If VE" E" 'a E'wa ep. ...a , ,,T.-,.E'.1-5 E. JESSICA I-IANNA ELEANOR W. JAMIESON, SyIvfm Lake MQLE-wid CIEI3 I945-43' NATM? E-wdefwf: Ummm I942-40' 'SM mmq CME I942V4S' one-f C E. ESTI-IER MAI-ION, Taber M:I.etcI CITID I9-43-49' Tenn: Bfadfnlfhn C .Ir I-aruba AIDIT TI'Te'a. PAT I-I. MQCDQNALD, Edmorwon Mfmfd C.p.I3: RT B-EH FIT MONICA J. NOCNAN, ECIHWOTTIQTT MT:I.e:d CI..IDi IXIE.-.fran CME. A4 -of -ey BARBARA M. STRONG, Rf1TEI.y MQUTTIEIIIT Houwe MI-' In C E IUAYIAL- Av I-ev C' I' I'34'Iv4f I9-33-44. I 7 I 'I V MURIEI. E. SWEETMAN, EcImomIm ' - A M L,-I j LT I-I IQ-45,-I-. IIT- Tv, MT-,ad LIT - I'3.1f,4'- B,,'Ifw CIT,b I9-47 49. MAXINE E. URQH, QEIQW MMA-.I C ,rw IQ45 45' Ox: C Ig! IOAH4-1, I0-124 I C .Q IQ-43--1? DQRQTHY WEST, CEIIQENV M Lf- 5 C I- 4tI1 'Hear Degree Qnmg GENEVA E. BAIILE, Della MARION BRENNAN, Cimwviue NQRA CARTER, MEQEETTI AUDREY EYSEI, Meme Jaw, SEIQI. JESSIE GALBRAIIITI, PQTTQIEI MARY GREER, I4eTT0berI, SQJI, BETH HEELER, Beaver Lodge DORGTI-IY I-IOLROYD, Twin BUIIQ Eighty-nine qlursinq K . X x x 3 x I 15' " -H-sr -O' ELAINE WAGNER, Edmonlon KATHLEEN WILLIS, Swlll Curreml, Sasln. EVELYN WILSON, Okololcs 'Diploma in 'Geaclxing and Supervision SONIA Q. ANHILL, Easl Coulee MQLH' d C ab' CIAO'-if CI lb. FRANCES J. M. BUCKLES, Redclille M1Le d C .l3. 'Diploma in 'Public 'Health WILMA E. DOYLE PATRICIA NEWELL, Tilley Baljmlnhr C .Er CIw'dL,' CIE' M,lf,-I d Cub. MOLLY POLICHA, lllley, Saslc. AUDPEY STEPI-IENSON, Red Deer Srcl 'Hear cflursing Qlzmg ALMA BATTLE, Narlh Vancouver, B.C. CHRISTINE BERNHARD, Coronallon ISQBEL CLANCEY, Kelowna, B.C. Ninety 4th 'Hear Degree gmmg MIRIAM INGERSOLL, Vancouver, B.C. MARY L. KING, Calgary ZETTA KRUKQWSKI, Tlworsby EDITH LINNEY, Edmonlon JACQUELINE MaCKAY, Edmonlon THELMA MacKENZlE, Slelller RUTH NICHOLSON, Luselamd, Saslc. GRACE PETTIFOR, Maple Creelc, Saslc. IRENE STRILCI-IUK, Round I-lill cnursing 3rd 'Hear qlursinq Q Qnmg P. DQFQE, Coromffion EVA EKVALL, AVix JEANNE FINDLAY, Red Deer CECILIA GERWYN, Vent-2 uver, JEANNE HANNA, Ecimomfon PAT HARLEY, Cafgary M. LAY, Prince Afberh Sail. i. LECKVE MARG. MARLETT, Edmomfon x, JEAN MILNE, Edmonhm P. NICHQLSON DQREEN ROBINSQN, Leflwbrmdqe BON NXT ROBSCPN, WiIWVWEf.'lZ'Lg4 HELEN FTOBSON, Axi- S. SIMMQNS, Llfgrydmimxfor PX. H. SMITH, Lmm, Pofik, SLP. RUTH STARKEY, Sim Cify, Sli MURIEL STRICKLAND, Edmcynfon D. TURCQTTE, Edrrmprmhm E, WASIUTA, Cdmar C. WILSQN, lrmiifail Ninety one 43' 'Bachelor of Science in P113l'I113Cg CHARLES BLUMENAVER Pharma , Cub 1945-43, HELEN BROSSEAU, S+. Paul P1'Wa'rr'ar-, C11:13 1945-43 Nvirwwwavv Ohm 5-15 DONALD CAMERON Pr-2 der' Foarmai, C-.b 1947-43. WALTER CHORNY, Ranfurly p"il'V'Vfri'., C .13 1945-48. VIOLET PRAY, Turner Va11ey Pharma-.',' C1.b 1945-49: Badzwrvh-11 C1ub 1946-481 Ek'C'1K11'DC'V! and G-,ld S5111 1947-45' C6m1C'f1'Jw.v'y CD13 1947-42 EDGAR QERHAR1, Edmonfom Phafrfad CVE 1945-4b' Iv1,,1 Pav warrrr- 1 ISAAC GOULD, Edmomon Pharma-.ff C1wLJ 1945-43. BETTY GREEN, Nanfon Pharmar,'C'.1'3 1945-45. PHILL113 HODNETT, Co1qary P1'F1rrrwa1,,'C .D 1945-45 JOHN HULL, Ea1ry1ew Pharmau,'C1.b 1945-45. IRENE JOHNSTON, Edmomfon Vke-P'rf-.ldem C0-ad C1.1:, l9474F43 Pharmacy Chnb Sofia1 C0 ,fewer 1947-46' Pharmaicf C113 1945-43. El LEEN MCCAPPERY, Edmonfon PPafma.,C1.b 1945-45' Neuman C .b I9-45-48. Ninety-two fPha1'mac5 Qicentiate JOSEPH ALTELIO, Calgary Pharmacy C1ub 1946-48. GERALD BUSBY, Edmonfon Pharma-:y Club 1946-48. PETER COYLE Pharmacy C111b 1946-48, WILFRED ETHERINGTON, Edmonfon pharmacy C11113 1946-48. NORA ELEMING, Rocky Mounlrain House Pharmacy Ciub l94o-48: Pembina Home C-frmmifree 194 CHARLIE FYFE Pharmacy Chfb 1946-48. CHARLES POLLOCK, Edmonfon Pharmacy C1ob 1945-48, SOR DON RETALLACK, Edmonfon Pharmacy C1ob 1946-48. LEONARD SLIPP, Trochu Pharmaty C1a13 1946-48. 7-48 if 'Cb ,-0 3 'sf mmap, ' Av ' -A cwvvf-.i 'Bachelor of Science in 'pharmacg Rv 1 1 1,3 'R' 's- -L.. I ROBERT MCDONALD, Edmonfon I'Imvr'rmuy CIHIJ I9-I5-49. LLOYD WILLIAM MQCKINNQN, Ran PImj1rm-inf, C ,Lv I9-15749. JOSEPH NQRIHEY, Red Deer E'Iv.i"v1.1 , C .IJ IQ45 4-f. REGINALD O NEILL, WVe+.a:I,EwIrw EI'v.i1v"'a,-, C on WAS-A:-. WILLIAM PQQHKAY, Afamore Hwuvrvfn X, CLE' I9-I5 45, VIVIAN RILEY, EcImQnIcfo E'Imfmg1' , L,w.I31 Levi Iw1VU'n, JOHN SHILLABEER, Edrwflmhim PImfm4s-'V CLE I9-1545. RALPH SKIICH, Edrmforhon Adxeffwmo Mfmagf,-f Ga'-?.-.a. V7-15,45 E'VEAl',' Pveife E 'H I94--Vg E"1,a"'f1 VERA SNYDEP,Wemwriqi1+ RIW.1vo'.i1-, C ,E IC!-1542. 'f""' KQKI wI fl Cqr -1,- B M1w,1.., www E I 0? wvwww ,Ar If, INHNJIY 'Cf 3 ,f' f A1 mt Ni , ,, . ,lb- .- 1-' 1 i J Ng LOIS WALKER, VIIM IIN, Ivv' 1 , if If I'?-19 -if DQIJALEJ ZLICIX, E-iIrTwffHI'1rW L' , ,C I I-1-19 4- 'IV fi V- If-:L 4 'Bachelor HERBERT H. ALLAN, E:Im-fnfgm Q14'5'IJ,'5 w2.1-,.1- I' II 5 ,-14 JACK W. ALLEN, EIgImfm'n 'ff I F 'III IWFMIL IHIN1 H I'?-M417 JAMES I. BALLANTYNE, E-.Imowrfxm MICHAEL BARIMAIXI, Veq'PvlIIf? PAUL E, BECIQETT, CMIW-i DQNALD B. BLACK, C-'nlcqmy Ifh,-'Ll H1 M-'LI WJ'-ir' I",-'53, GEORGE L. W. BRQWN, ECImCm'rQn SHEILA M. CARY, SIeHIer Idlwd CII- mv I945 455 CarvIevb,vy C CIMIJ N245 46, Badvrfrw' V CILEI I94b-4 HAROLD O. CHRISTY, Edmomfon Nuncty-three of Education A IWWINE E f I-1 If www I b lm-I ,w-,fe I947 45:3 Ev.. ' I x . . , .W it ,I ' I f JOHN A. HAMMOND, EcImomIor1 CLAUDE H. HAWTHORNE, Medlcine Her CALDON M. HILL, Taber Le Cerr.Ie Erirfek I9-I5-473 L.D,S. CI..b: M Irveri-5' Ee.Le+mw I9-45-4" G.3'e.-.ay I9-ISY46. ERNEST D. HODGSON, Edmomtwn Ir'e'Ie1. Ba.+eII:a3. V946-47, Irie-rfaf S-fcier Ereiwdeer IQ-If-451 HARRY S. HOLOWAYCHUK, Smoky Lake IQOST HREHIRCHUK MARION E. IRWIN, Henna ved Chorus l945-46 1947-48, E.U.S. 'Bachelor of Education MARGARET M. COAIES, MIIIQ River AIarrn I946-47: Evergreen and Gold I946-48: Inter-year PIays 48, Pres. Women! House CommIHee 1947-48. I. MARGARET DAVIES, Cresjron B.C. Archery Club I947-48: Infer-year Hays I947-481 E.U.S. I946-47 HUGH A. DOHERTY JOHN E. DUCHAK, Edmonfon ZELLA L. FERGUSON ALLISON J. FORBES, DrumheIler CHARLES M. GAUTHIER, Edmonfon ELMER S. GISH MARGARET E. GUILD, Sfrome A QQ . ...Z Izl .b .,.,. .. . , K -,N 11. .A 1' ...ti 5, X V . -'.'h', I ' .Qf Ir''II,f TraII- I946-483 Inferfai, ViIIer,I3,3II I946'4B2 IrmIerIaC. Ba Irma I94!:-45' Manager Im+erIaj BaiIerEfaII 1946-47g Junier Ba Ie'i3e1I IQ47-45 Ed. '-3'5'vw Sp! H- Pee ISI47'4S' E LIS. Efefmive 42 Imwe. 7 GEORGE V. JONES, CaIqary CLARENCE E. KILLEEN, Edmorworm JOHN R. KIRKCONNELL, Edmonlron Eraffra CLE If?4b-452 Ir-'er-ye-ar I3Ie1y3 I94b'47 A R Ralf Sicwefy' BII.Inefw: Manager M4749 ERIC H. KNIGHT, CaIqery EUPHEMIA E. KOROLUK, VermiIiOrw Gmp CILIID I946f Smrfwrmn-Q C ,Ip IQ44-452 Cf-fed CME I946-43, EUS. I94548. Ninetyvfour ,f- ,..Ar 3' 'Bachelor of Education MAURICE J. LABIQIE, BVOQIQQI WILLIAM LAZARUK, BSC., IEdmomIom P-IIIIIIQGI Sclenoz CIJIJ: SC.M' LUS3 Swrwvmivwvl C'-,lg STANLEY A. LIEAVITI, ECImOnICm ROLAND I'I. LIQFEBVRE, Legal NICK LUPASCHUK, Andrew Ir.afI- and Peg lf?+b-4.5 E-wi L 5 IL74 4- Ev: Eg'I V- L IQ-47-45 EUS IC?4T4S. RODEPICK J. MQALPINIE, EI:ImomIon BEIQII-IA B. MACKLIN, Elmw-DVII1 EUS: SC M3 ImIerI.31 B3'I+fILIaI I9-I7-li SYDNEY Z. MACKLIN, Lavoy GRANT MAIIKIN, Cardsfom FRED MELESHKQ, lmwgy HUGI-I K. MONTGOMERY, EQImfi'mIom WILLIAM MOYSA, E+Jf'ITC'HIC'!'l IHQMAS I'I. MUIUIDAY, A'.I1mQnI ALBERT IE. NIELSIDN, EIJVWQIWIQIW EDITH I. QLSQN, QIIQIIUIA GLEN W, PAUL, Ifdmonfom ARTHUR P. PENNY, WHIIQ IQQQI, BC IIIQANIQ VV. PETERSON, Dv'umIIeIIer ELI 2 V M Fw- P I" .ff 'S If .IJ C EMMA L, V. POTTER, Louearm Aumfr, I94o-48 FWF- deff VVf'!'vE"IE A I IQ4 42' P I I Egivinw C Q EU S. I-IENRY PYLY POW, Star EU S, I947V4S. COLIN J. A. RAMSEY, CaIqary UMIIJHIQI CIUIJ- EU S. N45 4H. Ninety.flve ,ns -9. STANLEY J. STQIRROW, Edmomfom EDWTN J. SLETTEDAHL, RlcardvITle DAVID SMITH, Armiey, Saslc. Eva"-'1 C .b WET 35 T94Tv-15' RTmTTmvm1m' Sifew l93E'40Z Om?- J. ' C .ta Tf?3E'3Q. MURRAY E. R. SMTTH, Edmonfon 'Sw' T F The T945-4V Iveva' T"TCfT6,f T9-45747: BFQ BTUT CML: 194549 Lefa Uni 1. STEVEN W, STACEY, Edmonfon JOHN B. TAYLOR ROY A. TAYLOR, ETUFTTOU PETER THOMAS, Edmonjron CTT R M.A. I9454T U N,T T' I945-49' Bqdminfon CME T945-46: T 4 T'v'f-'TJ . B3 THEQT I946 E. THOMAS D. THORSON GEORGE A. TINGLEY, DeTbume KENNETH J. TORRANCE, Ednmonfon SLAM-r Rqb, I9-12-43, l94b'-48' Tm'erTeL. Rugby T942-441 lnierfafi. H'fTe, W4244, T946-482 DP-Tha Upilign. CHARLES TYMCI-1UK,Two T-HITS Nunety-six 'Bachelor of Educatwn FLORENCE M. RIDLEY, Blackie STANLEY S. ROBERTS, Edmonfon EUNICE H. R. ROBERTSON, Cedqary Mi-ned CT'w0rus I94b-473 Cerde Franqaii I946 4 Ra C Lv 48, Drama Club l947'493 C.U.R.M.A. I9 FL S l94 HARRY P. ROSS, Edmonfon HUGH J. M. ROSS, Edmonfon METRO W. RUDIAK, Smoky Lake THEODORE H. SCHMIDT, Edmonfon HAROLD M. SHORE FRANK SHYMKO, Desjarlais Cerde Frangais T947Y4S' EUS T947-48 I' x Bachelor of Education LLOYD B. IJRDAL, Armada LOUIS P. VQGHELL, Edmombn IVIONA I. WARD, CaI9ary ArcI'nery CILO I947f4b. LEON IC. WENDI, Edmonion JAMES A. WHIIELAW, CaIqary Inieriac. I-Iodey I94547: IHWII-513. BfanIfj-fha: I94E'4F' Ir" 1-'A . tv G,-I3Ii I946-483 Tt.mbI1fq CI,.b I945-Ib' I'I.uII.iI'-I If rn F I V946-471 T..mI9IIVIg CIIIID Cid-iIW IQ49-I7 MI-I,-1 CI, I IQIICV4' HARRY D. WISMER, Leihbridqe Tenmiig Badrrlrtviinq 5-lf -Irv: in V 4 IQ I WILLIAM T. WOPBETS, VIIm JACK R. WRIGHT, Edmgnion JOI-IN YUSEP + 9 'B.EcI. inglndustrial Arts ancI Senior 'Diploma PAYI',fIOI'ID C. CAIQRAN LECINAIDD C GCIODE V IIf4'IIg,f PCIEIEIDI A. LIEIICI-I 'B.Ed. and Senior, E. and I. PJIH G. CPQMAPIY XTAPIOII S. IJWOBEPTS, ffm K. , I' En- I'l4'4A "L- 'Baclielor of Education HENRY H, IQEPP, c.IQ.e,I,f r.f1-Qfifime IQ-aww rm , Q I, rf., I I IvIQI?I?IS YAWOPSITY. Wim-.f-If, OIWI. A COOK TIME WAS HAI EY MII N ety ie en 15' ,- Lex L-f 'K Y ww 'Yi- ' L' Sf' X JAMES LEWIS GRANT, Three I-IIIIS ES S: CIC. STANLEY PI-IILIP EIAUCI4, Helder I'Iiw',rI"i" IQ4-5 45' IQ44-49' CINE-VTI IQ47-45 LEO E. IVIQDONNEL, ECIrnonIOn ES S. I9-I-?'4f'Nf-.-.:-1' CI .IJ I944--195 E.'5-r:1rf-irn.1"CI G Id N46-47' C IC. DONALD JAMES IMICEACI-IERN, Red Deer ESS I943-432 CIC. If?-42' C.LIR.IvIA. N45-48, Omdirir CII.b I9-iSA4j. ARTI-IUR B. METZNER, BarI'I'1eaCI Sf..IvIwrRn.g CIE I944-45' IvI.iI'r1. ...nd RIIVIQS I9-IS46' Chem CILIb IQ40 452 ESS I944 AE' C I C. I94o,4E, GEORGE DONALD INIQII NICKOLOFE, Edrnoninn ES S. JOI-IN GERALD O NEILL, EfiImf:InI0n Pf-IIIIJIQIID STANLEY IIQWI PHILLIPS, Edmmrm IQ43-45' C.LI.P.Ix4A IQ45'4L'I' CLIIIIIIFI CI.I'I I945,4FI. BRUCE A. RADEORD, Edn'I0nI0n E S S C I.C. ROBERT O. REYNOLDS, Edmonion ESS' Eijrfvif C .b E-I3 ..' I947-43' Canwvb-.ny CIL.b Pneu- .J-.-" IQAT-45' Sii er I94LI'47. WILLIAM NICHOLAS SANDE, Calgary IrIIf-rIf,.. I-I-1 ww W45 453 GIJI CII.b Prez. I9-46-47: Briiiadiii-Iii Tr,L,II, 1945.45 ESS. Spin Rep. I94S4ap ESS. IfI4S-43. DONALD IVIQOREGOR SNEATI-I, Cranbrook, BC. Ninety-eight 513.512, in Chemical Engineering R. J. BADEN, Calgary LEONARD GORDON BARRETT, Edmoniron Chem. CILII3 I947-483 E.S.S. I94O-42, I9-173 PI1III1nIn'1onIC IC?4I-431 C.I.C. I947f48j Lambda CIII AIL-rlm. NEAL BLACKBLJRN, Edmonion ESS.: C.I.C. DAVID EDWARD BURNI-IAIVI, Banff Sowy. Men: I-Ionse Ccmrnirree l947Y49: ESS. Ere-CLIII-.fe I946-473 Rifle CIL.b IC747-49. WVILLIAIVI LUCIUS IBIIII CARY, Edrnonion E.S.S I94O-4I, I94S-45: InIerIaIi. I-Iiiidey ICF47-48, InIerI'ac. Rugby I94O-4 I. RALPI-I LEONARD ARTHUR CLARKE, Calgary ESS. IQ44.4s, Chem Club I945,4Sq CIC. I946-48. ROBERT EDWARD COOK, CaIqary PIwr:+c C Sb I94b-487 Evergreen and CLIQI I94o-475 Phofc Dlrecior I9-W-4ST ES DONALD I-IUOI-I CLIRRIE, Medkine I-IGI ESS. I944-4StCI1e-rn C Sb I945-487 C.I.C.t Omdccr CIQIJ I944-47g Badnnnmn CILII3 I94S. JAMES S. CLDUNN, Edmenion E.S.S.g PIII Dalia Them. J ' ROBERTABRUCEMWALKEP, Iiimgm E N-Mi-p-nigh f, -- - IH. -1 J, Lui'-Na C E CII V42 A CLARENCE GEQRGE WOLINGS, D I LI I., I f E55 nQ-1,--- I 'Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering ROBERIABRUCE AAIJGLIS, Emir'-15 Ess' S, E I I-. ALAN 'G.BRAY,Cs.1qafy ESS: SEI.C' Ewa-w:'i1-rw ' if IW-1' -I-. iwm If., - P' I9-F155 r3:':.,I E F'-3. ICM EIRCIVVIXI, EjIm':'I ,F ,L A , E S EII IIIRII 'J-124 A I1R'RmIMv'i"'i-' J ' x '- Q' fn, Wow fi- 'I - CI I94I 421 L.-, 'ww-" in C I'?4iI-42'E',-'g1I1L, " ii 7" "E If I ' , J BRUCE A. BURGESS, Cigfqiaw EES 9'IC V V J ,CL , ,. Cwim, LVI Plc- E"1', -'JE In-1:3 : GORDQN EREDEYRICRFCCIATES, MMI ww ESVEI - I J C , E . REIILIR DAU4 III"-ae HII3 ESS' ELC I5-2' CI 'T' at If Rl - mmm EREDERIC E. DEMBISREI Eij1m.3ni.:-m S I3-1I '52 IQ-if -1' NI A B IE-ii-1' C QI R FVI A I9-1E 4-I CH!- ! C L IQ-if -LC IvI -'nj C" IQ-15 -Ii I"-"IJ, 'LJ IfI4I- 422 VVIL- ' ' 1 Ci Ei Sr' . IQ-II--if IW, Ifflu -I' A I C JII' IQ-'IE' MARSI-IALL JCI-IN IIvI,fw3I1I DOLINSLY, Iviyrnam EEE, I9-14-il SEIC IQJE. DQIJCILAS RAY ELLS, RowIey KZEIC C 'I 11 IR-IEi4R RMU C ,E I047-1:1 Irlevfa' Suffer LICJI-IN EDWARD ELAVIN, Edmi:-nic-n ESS ZEIC E "Ei: If-UE--4Ij Eu, mJ'w.j1 CI 5 Prg-j IQ4lQI,4I- ""N'1Q: C E CjI51,I. I9-'li'4" B.: Ei I C ,rn IQ-17-4E IR:f2..I' me B mwi 55 E IC Q rw 4' Lia. I ELDON LLOYD EGWLER, Wa13IaIenau ESS IC?-1-14:-' EIC - Cm ng C .Li IC?-15'-I6 ANSEL GAREIN, Edmonicim ESE, I94-I-45, GEORGE MARTIN GIBLING, Ser-CIIS, BC. ESE' S E I C C,.vw1CL,I'3I-15-IE D. GERALD QILLIES, Ricinre Buffs ESS GQRDON VICTOR GREENWOQD, Edmonion E259 SEIC Ser 4 C535 E-e,.' ,e I9-57-45 Ee'3 Up IIjn LIAIVIES STANLEY IIweedI HARRIS, Bang E S S' S E I C ' C IJ R M A'BaijfvfrtfiC'..EvSII'n-1-Temnhy OA- C C rwrnml C ,D IQ-15,46 In'-frjg g-gang -Ir5IjI IQ-15V4S' Iqppa Sigma. KEITH AUSTIN I-IENRY, Edmomfon ESS, I9-44,451 Sen'-if Cdl, Seiy-Iri1:1i I9-IS: C.1 mg CIMIJ, DENNIS INGVOLD I-IOUGAN, Edmonicin ESS, I944-48: Lambda CIN AIpIw3, Ninety-nine DRS , N 1 KN l.Ct'KW ,AT I ir" Q, VP' CLARENCE NNELLER POOL, E1ilm1i111lfi11w ESS ISI?-il i945-45' SLlC. I9-ST-45' C U.R lVl.A, l9-15-4 Tyr 91:1 C .L1 l93R-40' E'1.l1I1 S1g-g-,lm l:l1,b I939f4O. ANDREW ELDON POTTER,Cf1lqf11y l"irl-1 511111111 l943f44, lvwlffrlq, B-fs.lHll1wf1ll l9'lll47g C.'1r1l121l11ul C .lst E111 EL M1 Tl1e'a. l-lUGl-l PR ITCHAR D, Edrn1'3nli-11 E S S' S F l KO. Rl-llL RTVARD, Edm1:11wlC1r1 l?-l4-llc. CLIFFORD DOUGLAS SMITH, Olclg ESS l"1.i11 .ml 35,1-Efllal lf?-42'-l,l "fl-1'1i-11 C ,l1 I9-17 419 EOBERT A. SPENCE, Edrrlonlorl ESS' S E l C. DANlEL RAE SUTHERLAND, EcilmC1n'r1i+m E S Sq S E l C1 S1-r11 1 R1.1'1b1,1 lqllflf-THQ lnlevlaf R111Z4L1y lCl43 41, l'i'51'fqa Sf. 1rr111wg IQ43-46' l11l1-11..11,1ly S.-flr'r1r111n111 lQ4bf'lS, L 1 B I ,l- C .111 lqiifj 4:11 B14 Bl -1l Sw , I9-lR if-l1rN1-qlwl C1-111 'v. "EH IQ4H Em lnpp-3 Rl. THOMAS GEORGE TUSTIN, E1:lm1g111lf1n ALLAN ROSS WALKER,VUlcr11w LS S. l94f?-43. JAMES D.O.lJ21w1lWALLBRIDGE, Troclmu lCf44 43 I9-iT-451 lQ47-49' E'lW11l1'1a,g'F1pl1x,' Clizlg l947-41:' Oli rc .lg I944 413-' l'1'1e1lg1 BC11lQlL1all lCl44f45T lwfmri'-'a S'g'ra, RUSSELL JOHN WARWARUK, EdfTTOlTlOVl E.S.S.Z SE LC. EARLMOND VlRGlNlA WEBB, Edmonlorl E.S.S. lCf44f4P: S ELC.: M1,.'1l41afCl11b IQ46'-451 ESS. Eremlwman Rep, l944'4S1 Of-dir C .b Er1:t.l1rr113r1 Rep. IQ44-45: Badmlmlsn Club l?-44-45' Sfph. CH: E-ei l945-462 Eriglmeerp Queen l94b: Blna hir. r,gC,L1 V945-45' E e."1'lwq CMB Rrer. l947-487 Symplwrly 'Ol 'rin lci4E1-471, "-' '. l94f,4T lc!-47-49, One Hundred 'B.Sc. Civil Engineering ROSSAMONTOOMERY JEFFERIES, Calgary ESS. E-5 1:'1.L- l94E1f4bj Cheer Leader: Eresliman Pres. IQ44-45: SQ-H1-I llicle-y l944f4Sj Se-nlor l-loclfey Ries l94b-473 Blq Bloclc Club: lrvlerlac Ba-,lelball ICF44-46: Plw1 Della Tlwela. JAMES RICHARD MCEWEN, Calgary Rlil Della Tlwela. ALEX J. MAlR, Eclrnonlon E,S,S.Z E,l.C. DONALD E. MOORE, Edmonlorm ESS. l93'5?-4I, l945-4:17 EIC. I947Y483 lnterlac Ruqby l939A4l lnfwloi Trail IRXSP-4l3 C,U,R.lvl.A. KENNETH WAYNE MOORE, Edmonton 55.9. 1939-41, l945'-48: E.I,C. 194143. THOMAS HENRY NEWTON, Vicloria, BC. ESS. l945'4E: E.l,C. IQ47-45? Jiml-5-r Exei. IQ471 C.U.R.M.A. ESS Se1:1,.-Treau. I947'4S'Sw1mmlnq Club I946-47glr1l'erl"ac Sfmcer WALTER OZUST, Edmonlon E.S SJ E.l.C, LEO PEARCE, Carolslde ESS, IQ44-493 S.E.l.C,3 C,1.1'llnq Club i945-46. JOHN ALAN PETTIS, Edmomlon ESS.: SE,l.C,: Jimlf-r Class Pres, I946-477 Varslly Band V945 E13-lva Up-slow. 'Bachelor of Science in Electrical Euqiueerinq K k JOHN EDMUND BAKER, Edmomlon ESS.: LRE: A.l.E.E. GEORGE FRED BRUNET, Medicine Hel ESS.: LRE: Ham Club, FLOYD GRAHAM BUCKHOLZ, Win le:-bu rm ESS: LRE.: A.LE E. ALLAN G. BURNARD, The-fwglfglre, Sd. E S S.: A LE E, HERBERT HENRY DOEKA, Eclmomlom E,S.S.i LRE. LEE GODBY, Edmonlon LRE' Him C .E l'?415:. ROBERT DOUGLAS HALL, Eclmwmlon ESS: Sei. LRE I947--ii-. JAMES E. HARGREAVES, Eclmomlom ES,S.? A LEE. D, E. HAZELTON, Rlnclwer Creole L JOHN THOMAS HOUSE, Eclmonlon E334 lRE, AJEE' C HRMA H' wwf iff' I7-141' JOHN GVVVLYM JONES, Red Deer ESS 111311: l R E lk?-15 4'-, ROSS H, LAMB, Lelhbmilqe- LBS F42 V313 -4' Emir' V E lu W42. H-15'-lf 1291 lv fl l I942, RONALD WILLIALV1 MENEILL, Elilmjlmlcu lf' A l E E FREDERICK MACENRO, Cvlqfny E.S S' A l E E. ,sow LESTER fmqfy MEGREGOR, Egfmfmm ES S IQ-lf' 'V fvlfvlw ard PWM, C ,li llf'-li, -' lR E N46 fl Al IQ-4'--ll-, ROBERT G. MASON, Ednwmllm lf?-QE-45' ALE IQ-lG4E Fw EEN! lL"""1. CHARLES GORDON MICHNE, Edmo LR E' Rlwfllv CME. HAMELTON NEELANDS, Eclnworwfom .iv rg Q-VJ, O nl ,ln lR E, lcllf 'Aw E1J.r,4f,. Ll1fvC,l1l'?A1' STANLEY DOUGLAS NETTERWLLE, Sfetrlm ES 5, 1930, '44, wqwg, '45, :PE N945-4E1'AILE. sm RALPH STEPHEN NIXON, ESS: A LEE' Male-Ep CMELIQ44-45: M,1,--ElClEEE'f.,wQ SCCLN SL S'Dwi7 Shd-am C'-lm El IC?-W-45 PETER PETRASHUYK, Calgary ESS. lC!43-425' A,lEE l945f4E' lnffir Ywxv Rag lf?-13-471 Verify R35-, ICM: Badminkn Cub IQ-14-wo: lrver Pac. H I- l943. One Hundred and One lg l l ZUPllO UAMICO, Norcleqq ESS' Min rm and Gi-N l SM- 5 Q U.R M A R. A. DIAMOND, Blfairmore RODERICK PETER DOUGLAS, Gfmmum ESS.: lvln. and Gi'-'l. Sf.. Sei ,' lnlorlaj H Lrg-,f I9-15-43. DON LEWIS lvl. HYDE, DGWlI1lC.llW ESS' E ff O C lil Edv v l'?-Vflk ,l.n.,v Ca . E-ec. N46-47' M ', aaa Gi' 3 ,. JOHN ANGUS LEASK, Lclrnonlon l94lf4Z, 194545 lvlwn nfi Cfi l'7'-40-43. Ph lwdvfvwlri 312. I'?4C 42 C-2 l'fmr.J En V ALFRED JOSEPH LEPOY, Fori S-51i,'.1lwewan DONALD DOUGLAS LOUGHEED, Calgary E.S.S,' Mm, and Gi: -". SN: lr'e-fliii Hxler, W45-45. JAMES EUGENE MORRIS, Canmore ESS' O.Td"'r Cl.b7 Mm, and Gcpl. Sl .' C.U.R.lvl.A. RICHARD JOSEPH ROLJSSEAU,Edmon1am ESS, IQ44-491 Mlm. and Of?-vl. Sf Q. If?46'48: Newman Club l944f49. JAMES DESMOND RUSSELL, Eclmonlon ES S, I942-48' Min. and Own Sf : Oaldiiir Cub. ROBERT ARTHUR lB0l'3l SPENCER, Mirror ESS V f-elim. I94b 47' Sfirvlv, Cav E12-', l945-46' ESS. Pre' I947-4? MFMQ and Oi-"l, Sf ' Mui-1 Clb' lnferlac Baglfylnall GORDON HARRY WEISSER, Eclmonlon l'944'-15' lVlm.i1fCl GE' l. S i. l946'4F: One Hundred and Two 'Bachelor of Science in Electrical Enqineering K LEITH RROVOST, WelLli,.lclvfin ES S, A LEE JOHN HENRY CARRON SCRIIv1GLOUl?,CaIgary ESS. N4-1 46: lR F. 1946 147' PM-q N47-'LEQ A.l.E.E. i947-487 Sedy Am.f1ro.l Rfudli Cla IQJVASJ U. cl A. Band I947-48: Baclminfon Club lfillo-Al". ROBERT MQKAY TAYLOR, Drumlweller ESS.: LRE. JOHN CHARLES TLBBY, Vicloria, BC. ESS.: l.R.E. LLOYD LISTER THORSLFY, Reiley Latin !'.l,LL, l-.ll "'v lvl I'!Alf-Alb. ALAN THOMAS ROLlLRlSON, Lclrnonlon ES S' A l L E, M.-V J Clwllr .. I940 43? Amalffwv Radlo Club. 'Bachelor of Science in mining Engineering JOHF-I FRANKLIN BURTON, L-,lmoniom Lb H If?-12-45 M H an rl Lp 1 in' R l9f1b-483 Oaldccr Club 1 P- li-1?-1: PERCY RAYMOND CLARKE Rcwiflge La Rralrie, lvlaniloba ES fl' M " ": 1 15' 'f WJ' -'J' lelcvriaj Hicley IQ46-47. sux X X- X X 'Bachelor of Science in Enqineerinq 'Phqsics K K L DAVID DOUGLAS CHERRY, LeII'IbI'IcIge ESS, ROBERT ALEXANDER DINGWALL, EdmI:ImIom ESS.. Zeta FEE. l, ARNOLD LESK, Medicine IIIII ESS. I944-49 M51"1.3ciT'F, ff L1I5ff"-'fr I""I:3' TI, I I9-1-1' V102 Iwi-fiat BLII:-ILQII' I74-1-I" Viv I, TIJ I T',1:II I9-in-1' JOHN EDWIN MAYBIN, CI:1IqI1Iy ESS. E--511 T942-ZZ, I"'eI5a, FHIM-, 3942-43 SEIC' PIII TI-vu TIII:-'a, WILLIAM GORDON IVIORISON, PIQIIOIJ IC74-4f4f31 IRE I94b'4EI1 IVI3'II51r'cI Rr'-, I- CIILI I'fi4Tf49 ASHTON MAYNARD PATTERSON, IVIQCIICIIWQ HAI ESSi Irwvfa' R :IL I9-13-44' Ie' f-" Iii Ea Iwzw IQ-13,-45 MfwI'- amd FITNEIIE CMN If?-Io--V, RI If If H' I- IO "V ""' "ew IGM--17 UnIvuI',IM RQIIC CIIIW, SIuI'r'I'HII-I CI ID, ra If ISL W vs Af s 'ff A ' :Q-Q, A y 97 A r' 1. , . I A ,- .I 55 kr t I 1, ' ' V , :I I. , 3. I fr f ' 1: ' ' T ' '1 fl A . ::' EE ' - Q Y in .K X 'Bachelor of Arts in Law JOHN BALLACHEY, High Rive-I' LI.: If I: X1 -- VIII IOWA-I 4- RI I fl: I'I L TEC-M1 FRANCIS BYRNE, LQIIIIZWIQIQQ C II R M A I'Iw,fII,Ir C II, CRAWFORD EERGUSON, Tmflm IwI,,I,Ig-,BI Pg, IQ-If-.Ii Im I1 ,-f' I I-fII1'.I I If!-I"-In I IVIIIII 'IQ-I IVI ,I IQIIII-,IfIII,-vw' IQAIWII1 LIgx.'. LDI.II TED EETHERSTON, N5,mII:In Lfif. IO LI. LILIAN GUITARD, OICIQ FH.EI,'Sp+5i,nf1CI,b I9-46-IP II-I 3-Im CII I?4I,::5I E If I CIE l'??4T-45 Bm'IIr'fn Q I1 I'?AI:I4' EI" 'EI C rl I7-il 4 T B-fi EIEII, MAURICE JORRE DE SAINT JORRE, ViIiI+fII'I.I, BC. TIfIeI IQ-Ib-47 Ilf-,,w.w C ,I+ VIII I, 'SIM Im- L I SI Jwg-I Hfr. I- C- wfvwfw -'-' LaIrI1II,Ii1 CII: A :,III CLEMENT LEGASSE ECITTIIQIIWIOIW JOHN PARRY, CaIqary JACK STARRITT, Namfon Lan CIIIb, One Hundred and Three Aqriculture L As for 'the necessily of 'll'1is Ari, H' is evidenl' enough, since +l1is can live wi+l1ou'r all oflwers, and no one ofher wiIl1ou+ lhis.-Cowley. One Hundred and Four ' Agriculture f p ,Q eff? . f ' XX 1 'I ,, ' .l xx f' 5 I ilu X f l ' - , I Miggxafl f 5 ' fn. ,gym 1 ' 'Z 4 :' 5 3 L' . 1.W'9vff+W eggfglgf A52 X 1 wr ,' A 4 C .QU , jk' 6-5 If , ,, V' v53". ,7.,, H1 gk if ' i Q re wif' ff: I 1 s x. ,Q X X W1 ,4p, , X Ze' 02574524 ' f v MZ! " , 7fWi'VPza eg Q bl e ' X 1 sg W ,ff II . f . we "5 li -' 'veiev - I ' I1 f' V' W4' f"' -1 if fi S 011 fe ' I ,K an-yn, .9 4 ,iw ci 1 I, K U VxkfCIN'1ls::. 4 4 m uh, I I ,aw 1 x tm. 6 ff ' Q UVNCYVVMX -.0 -, ,H A '1 14,LwJr , I , I Jn U ', x ' VA . .3 f x4 :lu -::, 1 X v. In iiyifffg ' W f a. x'l3YR'K3,U,r,N W mxtifz , Mez? f' f f , '1-. wf f w mx mmf. X- 'A fy 1-1 Qraf SW' .N , ggi N , qi .QL , W, ,bVW1.W .2Z fe 221: ,Rn I . ," -vx -nv I d ' M 02.51, 'I '. W' 1. 3 e 4 .f- y.- 5? Q Z1flz1,JZ I 'vb m.5f'5, 3 A " 1 ,Mme ' ffm !,,ffj Q, f if 4" f-ff ' 'M' Q- f -7 7 - 1- ' S , wff' xUWW' 9 ff K - ff -'P G16 " ob nxuws MWQIM. -4 ij f, ' M? S5 J ' 53' "WjXjWfxNNX339777ff' cl' ffff f ll et-W . .X " '- WYWWM' S' J ' HI eqlv ,ii 'e ny N ff lsX XNHI XX NHS xm l' x Q MM 1' -4 f 'i xulfluyl xtxxixgll UN Hx mv XX 1-f .X ff 3 ax H1110 llwvlf' Xu -NW gy ' iff" , A ' 'llfru x V " 'V' XUHVI -I .ff -L UU' 0 I' X ff I fri! ,HXIHINXMX 7 I I 1 A- 1 XIIHNNU' - 6 VIN A X' f ' X w KW 7 f f X X JI1 XM ff I K x . 4 J Z ff Z. fx x Hg Z- , W ff, Z: He wolcle ihresshe, and +here+o dyke and delve . . . One Hundred and Five Agriculture Club The large5T membership in iTs hisTory was The signal Tor The Ag Club To begin iTs TinesT year To daTe. Commencing wiTh an inTroduQTory bangueT Tor The freshmen, The clubls social acTiviTies con- Tinued wiTh a gay Halloween dance in OCTober, an ouTsTanding Tormal in January, The Tun-paclced mamnrioTh barn dance in March and lasTly The grad- uaTion bangueT near The end oT The Term. Liberally sprinlcled ThroughouT The year were The serious and eduCaTional aCTiviTies Tor which The club is prominenT. Several Tine spealcers were ob- Tained: a sTudenT-TaculTy relaTions commiTTee was organized: and The climax oT The year arrived Tor many wiTh The annual Tield day. Bigger and beTTer Than beTore, wiTh a Tine prize lisT and lceen com. peTiTion, The Tield day was perTecTly capped by The big barn dance. r.., Doug Low, Bob Sfone, Vance Molsberry, MargareT MacKay, Jerry Jones Al Harboway, Urban PiHman, Paul Melynchin InTerTaculTy sporTs saw vigorous club sponsored enTries upholding The TinesT TradiTions oT The Aggies. Added all TogeTher, The sum ToTal indicaTed a banner year Tor The AgriculTure Club ThaT will be diTTiculT To duplic:aTe. Chem 43 and Bofany are Torgciien as The Aggies enioy Their Annual Ag Round-Up aT The Trocadero One Hundred and Six Doug Low and one of fhe Ag Hoafs in The Foofball Parade. A. C. ANDERSON, CaIqary J. M. ASPLUND, Leflwbridqe E, BERGMAN. Erskine J. I. BORAS, PICIure Buffe- D. C. BRINTON, VeqrevIIIe G. R. BROWN, CIaresIvcIm SANDY A, CHIBREE. Edrnonfcn W. CI-IINNECK, Edmonfon I. COOKSON, Tees E. Il. L. DIXON, GfrIm3I1aN C. R. ELLIOTT, Bneby J. E. FRANCIS, ToTIeId K. GRAHAM, WarnQr R. W. GRIEVE D. GODLEY, Kenya CoIy, Afrhia J. OROTSKI, B'3nnLvIIIe J. F. I-IARCUS, Edmfxnfon A. M. I-IENNIG, Sfrxny I3IeIn R. I-IILL, V..Ican R. I-IIRONAVA, Ravmkfxrwzi D. I-IOFF, CIwerIwII' J, F, HOHNER, PQII-w:1fviIIe W. B. I-IUTCHINSON, Edminkfv If. C. IVARSON, CI1ampI3f1 D. JANTZIE, V..IQen G. O. JOHNSON, Wefaglmir A. D, JONES, Twfn RNEV5 A. R. JONES, I:aIrvIQw H. JONES, Twin Rhers O. A. KEMP, OIds F. J. KISKO, RanIurIy P. KROKOSH. SD9cIden E. LARTER, pinjigre BJIQ B. M. LEE. Sfrome J. LONG. CaIqary N. LLIDWICY, Morecambe E. R. MQCRIMMON, Bin Aiiifd P. C, MCDONOUGH, Edrnonvgn W. MiNARY, Camrme E. MARSHALL. Coharv J. P. MORAN, Calder-,f A. A, MUHLBIER, Casf-if G. I. PAUL. Indian I-Iead, Seal. A. PEARLMAN, Calqafy L. PETERSON, Leihbridqe E. MARILYN SEARS, Nanfiwn D. SHEARER, Fairview M. G. SUMMERS, Crc-:Ted Creeln H. J. TESKEY, Edmonion W. THOMSON, FI. Assinibc-ine R, T. WILKES. Lacombe Sfyles af 'Phe Waw Waw Theaire Pariy. ' FT 'P fp' ,, sv, .1 pi' '57 Agriculture - First tl-Tear G S. D R , R . O J. L. E, .I A R . P. G. D. l. E. S. S. C C. R. H V. J. P. N S, C F. M V , A. D. J, H Ll. .A. V D A. Lil . J, A. J. V. A. L. VV. E. Praciical experience!!! lvl. ALLENBY. Edmonfon J. BARANCK, Edrnonfon A. BELL, Carsfairs A. BENEDICT, Edmonlon T. BERG. Millicenl J. BROUGHTON. Meelinq Creek A. BROWN. Acme R. CANNINCS, Arrowwood CHISHOLM, Eimonlon A. CHRUMKA, Tillev G. COCHRANE, Arrowwoc D. COLLINS. Edmonlon H. CORDERY, Eclmonlon R. CRAWFORD, Gunn H. DABBS, Foreslburq R. DEPNER, Edmonlon DERUTAT, Two Hills C. DOUGLAS, Vnlcan DLJBETZ. Edmonton W. EDWARDS. Drurnlneller EFRENCP-1, Hill Sprinq N. GIFFEN. Edrncnlon W. GLIDDEN, Vermilion GRUNDBERG, Camrose GURBA,'enau HALISI-.Y, Smc.-lv Lalce HANEVICH, Edrnonfon A. HANSEN, Calqary J. HARKE, Edrnonlon HARRISON, Edmonton P. HAWE, Edmonfcn HOLTON, Tlwree Hills S. HODGSON. Edrnonfon A. HOQD. Calqary S. HORRICKS, Manville J. HORTIE. Edmonton W. HUNT, Edmonlon HUTCHINSON, Evansburq JANSSEN, Hillsdown N. JANTZIE, Vulcan J. JASINSKI, Bellis L. JORGENSEN, Edrnonron KENNEDY. Kelsey A. KJEARSQAARD, Dickson T. LANCASTER. Blueslny S. LAWRENCE, Edrnonlon N. LONGAIR. Calgary LONGAIR, Calgary N. LOVE. Calgary C. LOVVE, Picardvllle Mail ai flwe new nurses' residence One Hundred and Eight J. G. MaCARTHUR, Hack-aff M. D. MACDONALD, Caiqary E. E. G. D. MACKIE, Beaverlodqe N. B. MADSEN, Edmonton D. G. MARION, Edmonion G. M. MELLON, Calgary P. E. MELNYK, Beiils Science exhibifion. MCFALL, Medline Hen "' A. O. MICKELSON, Sfcny Plain ,B R. B. WLLER, Eu Pm. aff Y R. L. MILLAR, Edmonton :f J. H. MOORE, Seven Pe-rf-Jn J, W. MORRISON, Edrnizirvcn T, D. MORROW, Spring Cgjee P. OLSQN. Df..mhew.1f ,F B. D. OWEN, Edmonfii-n 'E' -,,, " S. OWEN, Earrie D. H. f. OWEN, Wefasiiwin A. R. PARKER, Edmonfon D. H. PENGELLY, Deiburr-e W. J. PERFINS. Edm-inmn T. A. PETERSEN, EUri.mi1eJer 'mms E. A. PETERSEN, Bannaw ,lg R. S. FINDER, Edrninv-Qin H. J. POWERS, Wesflrzk S. C. POWERS, Wesfigck J. RAEEA, Edmonfgin F. W. RANNARD, Lefhbridqe A. E. RAYMENT, Edrnonfcin H. A. REID M. E. SANDEMAN. Cfwrey F S LG. Q. iff A, SCHLINDER, C'yde G. SEATH, Prgwcii J. SHEMANCHUK, S+. mmap: ' Ai ' R. A. W. SKOROPAD, Wiillam 49 SIMMCNS, Rogernary 3 A. J. SMITH, Veferan Y T. 6. K. J. R. P. STONE, Edrnonhiin B. V. TATARYN. Radway J. A. THORNTQN, Edmoninn W. G. TOMLINSON, Edmiivnnn F. G. D .G H. W. WEBBER, Tciiand D. C. WHENHAM, Edrnonion D. ZUKERMAN, Sibbaid Anofher science display. -4 SOMMERFELDT, Cardwzn SPREAD, Burnaby, BC. -Q-fn, WAGNER, Wemifigl- XNALKER, Vnigan Agriculture - Second 'Hear Agriculture - Clwird 'Hear Miss Disiillafion apparalus. . D. ANDERSON A. ANDREWS, Two Hills R. BARBER, Camrose K, BARR, Eclmonlon E. BEACOM, Calqary . D. BASSETT, Edmonlon . W. BEATTIE, Edmonlon R. H. BEDDOES, Dayslancl . E. BERG, Millicenf J. BOWLEN, Carsralrs J. BURTON, Calqary . E. CAHOON, Cardslon L. A. CAHOON, Leayill W. P. CAMPBELL, Willowlea CHANASYK, lnnlslree CHAUVET, Leqal J. CHURCH, Camrose C. CLARK, Erskine S. CLARKE, Edmonlon D. CLAYTON, Edmonlon D. COOK, Lethbridqe R. COOPER, Eclrnonlon F. DAVIDSON, Edmonlon V. DIXON, Grlmslwaw S. DOUGLAS, Brooks DUNSMORE, Brooks R. EASTON. Toronlo, Onl. L. EDWARDS, Three Hills R. EDWARDS, Taber D. EVANS, Troclm E. FARVOLDEN, Foreslburq F. ElTZPATRlCK, Edmonlon E. FITZSIMMONS, Alix B. l:RANKlSl'l, Plncher Creek R. EUERST, Baslwaw GlLCl-lRlST, Edmonlon GORDON, Edrnonlon W. 6RlFFIN, Edmanlon O. GROSSETH, Elk Poinl V. HAMULA, Calmar HARBOWAY, Edmonlon N, HART, Whllelaw H. HARVlE, Edmonlon .l. W. HIRONAKA, Raymond Sfeve's Dance. Simpson weighs in af Sl Bill Moran operales. W. L. HUGHES, Calmer K, H, HUTCHINGS, Gibbons R. N, IRELAND, Peace River I E. L. KELLAR, Edmclnlcn C. A, ICERII5, Baslnaw S. G. KLUMPH, Manila N, IKLIFEL, Eqremcnf A. M. LARSON, Edm-jnlon G. D. LEAHY, Gray, Lale C. E. LILLY, Wainwmqlvl I. S. LINDSAY, Edmfinlin W. R. LINDSAY, Ca-gary D. LOW, Carditn K. MACKENZIE, Leflwbrlclqe F-I, D. MATHESCJN, If ,Iwarrel C. G. MITCHELL, Edrr-infgw V, E MCLSBERRY, Bwfden VV. J. MQPAN. Calqef, G' A, NELSON Eclrnjnli-n J. H. PARIS, P-Vain J. H, PAULL, Hayne' P. PERROIT, S'ave'v R. L. PHFPIS Ma-:1ra'l1 Ll. J PITTMAN. Warrler VJ. W PLUMER, Banyan S. PYRCZ. Leduc P, LI, PIICHIE. Berwm L, A. RIX, We'aiI'f.:n G, Fx, ROSS, Dnlwamrill H. lf. SCQTT, Edm r'l'n F N SHEPWQOL. le'lIbf,di1f- A. lj SMITH, Lelhbrldq-if B. SMITH, LE'Cl',.1 S. SMQLIAK, M-,mam J. P, T. SPENCER, Maqlellw I. P. STCJNEHOCIEP lf-jrnfnhn C. L. USHER, S'ClSa1d E. VV WfALIK'PP, Bfvlw M. WILDE, Welllnq B. W. WOQD, Edmclnlon W. G, WGCLPBRIDGE, Edqertn Franlr Fish examines Ag exlwibii al science display. Agriculture - Chird 'Hear The na+ion ihaf has +he schools has fhe fufure.--Bismark One Hundred and Twelve 1 Arts and Science I W I Af fff Z- ff ' s +.,a ,. A-. xii" I iff x qw fff Q K v , L , I X I X S W 'J X sw , QV' .. Q W , f 1' - X S 'W 4 , f 1 Z I f 4' I all I I 1 T Q of .4 mg , Tiff .fi'1' , K 5 , Q Q. ,, 2 2 Eg J 1 ZW A ' 'E' Q22 Q ' :Q For he was grounded in asf y Arts and Science---fEi1'st 'Hear Denny Engles worlrs af Chemislry JEANNE ADAMS, Calgary MARCEL ALBlNATl, Falher D. R. ALLOWAY, Edmonlon MARY J. ANDERSON, Edmonlon MARY ARNSKOV, Camrose E. W. AUDENAERT, Raymond A. BARACOS, Banff BETTY MAY BARKER, Olcofolcs CAROLYN L. BARNES, Calgary D. L. BARSS, lrma L. A. BELLOWS, Edmonton H. BENNETT, Calgary M, D. BISHOP, Edrnonlon BARBARA BLACKETT, Edmonlon K. BLACKWOOD, Edmonlon IRENE BOWERMAN, Edmonton H. C. BREZER, Edmonlon G. R. BROWN W. R. BRUCE, Edmonlon JOAN E. BRUNTON, Calgary ALIXE BURES, Calgary A. G. BURROWS, Camrose M. W. BURTON, Medicine Hal W. A. D, BURNS. Edmonlon V. CALHOUN, Edmonlon A. F. CAMERON, Edrnonlon J. C. CAMPBELL, Calgary y. J, CAMPBELL, Calgary N. J, CARRIERE, Legal D. CHEVALIER, Calgary D. CHRlSTENSEN, Black Diamond N. S. CHURCH, Sfavely G. D. CLARK, Jasper G. L. COLBORNE, Edmonlon A. K. COLTER, Edmonlon M. C. COLWELL, Dalemead D. F. CONNORS, Red Deer A. M. COOK, Edmonlon D. CORMACK, Alix R. M. COSGROVE, Lellwloridge A. COVEY, Edmonton E. 6. COWARD, Edmonlon N. CRAlG, Olds J. T. CRAINE, Lethbridge E. CRAWFORD, Red Deer RUTH CRAWFORD, Calgary M. 6. CROWELL, Vermilion G. DAPPOLONIA, Coleman L. C. M. DARLING, Edmonlon W. A. DAY, Edmonlon M. E. DESNER, Ryley E. DIAMOND, Blairmore W. DMITROCH, Tomahawk MARIAN E. DRESSLER, Aylsham D. M. DUKE, Edmonfon DAWN S. ECKERT. Edmonfon W. G. N. EGBERT, Calgary R. R. EGGEN, Leflwbridge W. J. ELDER, Trinidad. B.W.l. W. D. ENGELS, Eyremore A. L. EVANS, Edmonlon MARJ. EVERSON, Lellwbridge MARY W. FARMER, Edmonton D. M. FAWCETT, Edrnonfon J. R. FETHERSTON, Nanfon E. J. L. FISH, Calgary G. FITZGERALD, Edmonton M. E. EITZPATRICK. Edmonlon JEAN EIIZSIMMONS, Edrnonlon E. FOO, Edmonfon P. M. ERANKS, Calgary E. C. FREEMAN, Edrnonlon M. O. FUGLEM, Hughenden S. J. OALLAGHER, Edrnonfon EVELYN E. GEEHAN, Calgary R. V. PICIUFE' Bull? J. E. GILLESPIE, Vicforla, B.C. E. P. GOODE, Lacombe J. GORT, Edmonfon LOIS GRANT, Edm-Jnlon J. E. GREENAWAY, R. M. H-:neo W. OREENAWAY, R. M. Haute H. GRIGSBY, Calgary E. HALEY, Calgary D. R. HALLAM, Lelllbridge SELMA HAMILTON, Edr'nGn"n H. R. HARSE, Calgary R. E. HAIEIELD, Calgary D. I-IAUCK, Heisler FRANCES HAY, Lellnbrldge J. HAYES, Edmonion I. HEAD, Leflwbrldge J. R. HENDERSON, Calgary D. HERBURN, Ednrvcnlcn J. R. HIGGIN, Edmfrrtfan LOIS ANNE HOBBS, Edr'nQn'3r RUTH HOLLAND, Edrnc-ntcn H. HORSLEY, Edmonlcrn MARIAN HUDSON, Edrnarnmn N. HUNT, Medlclne Hal LILA HURNANEN, Carrnangay J. HUSTON, Macle-Cd E. HLITCHINSON, Calgary JEAN A. HYNDMAN, Edrnirnxr H. IRVING, Calgary I-f. JACKSON, Calgary W. JACKSON, Medlilne- Ha? H. G. JORGENSON, Sadalla J. E. JOYCE, Calgary J. T. JOYCE, Olds W. JUBB, Drurnlweller BARBARA KANE, Edrnonvn H. S. KING, Calgary L. P. KINGERLEY, Calgary G. R. KNAUT, Camrlime- K, KNOLL, Edrnontan C. KNOWLES, Edrnc-nlon W. KOLOTYLUK, Norlh Bank J. KUCHAR, Edmonlon R. KUCHAR, Edrnc-nlon JEAN E. KYLE, Edrnonlon The library Arts and Science - First 'Hear Arts and Science - First 'Hear 6. LACHANCE, Legal JUNE LARSEN, Lellwbridge J. R, LAWRENCE. Pine Lake K. LESLIE, Grande Prairie MARY E. LINGAS, Edmonfon W. LINKE, Edmonlon MARY LOU LISTER, Eclmonfon J. S, LITTLE. Edrnonlon ISABEL LOGGlE, Eairview R. LOPATKA, Andrew E. P. LOUGHEED, Calgary JOYCE LOVE, Brownvale JOYCE LOVESETH, Edmonron ELAINE LYSNE, Alliance P. MCCAFFERY, Calgary H. MQCUAIG. Edmonlon B. M-:DONALD Coleman H, P. MacDONALD, Edmonfon J. G. MCDONALD, Edmonton JEAN MQDOUGALL, Edmonton ANNE MQEACHERN, Sfooger J. Mi:EETRlDGE, Grande Prairie B. MQGREGOR. Edmonlon J. MQINTYRE, Edmonlon W. A. MQKAY, Dewberry E. A. McLENNAN,, Lellwbridge M. MQLEQD. Edmonlon JEAN MacMILLAN, Peace River D. MacWlLLlAM, Calgary H. MALLABONE, Canmore R. MANZ, Eorl Saslnafclwewan N. VV. MARANO, Drumlieller J. M. MARlE L. MARJANEN. Sylvan Lake E. MARSHALL, Calgary A. V. MASCHIO, Canmore A. MASON, Edrnonfon EVELYN MATTSQN, Three Hills T. MAYSON, Edmonfon A. MAXIMCHUK, Pr. Alb., Sasln. ROSEMARY MIELKE, Provosf MARY MILLAR, Edrnonlon J. MILLER, Calgary DAUREL MILLS. Edmonlon B. MlLNER, Calgary JEAN MOEEAT, Blaine Lalce. Sask. C. MOFFET. Edrnonlon L. MOGRE, Daysland J. M. MORIL, Edmonlon M. MOROZUIK, Edmonlon W. E. MULLEN, Malrepeace L. MUSTO, Edmonlon J. A. MUTCHMOR, Lellwbriclqe N. MYSHOK, Mundare B, NELSON. Cardslon C. NELSON, Ponolca K, NESTING, Calgary D. NEWMAN, Edmonlon G. NIXON, Hanna S. NIZIOL, Edmonfon Advanced Physics DORIS NUFER. Edmordon LUCY OLEKSHY, Leduc CATHARYN OLEKSYN, OEQT A, OLESEN, Edmonion N. OLTNYK, Two HTTTS R. OSTQLOSKY, Mmvdorfi M. PALMER, Edmi-msn W. PANASTUK, Edrvt'1'i'1 J, H, PARKER, E1Ed41bu',' J. PASOCHNIK, Edm'-Toe,-f G. A. PENGELLY, EKJFDTVV C' R. PERRY, Cawqary JOSEPHINE PTLCHER, Er" C, POLLOCTH, Edm'3n+fxr1 H. FTOLYNIATQ, Edv- W. PRESHING, Edrn -n'f L. PRTMEAU, Breyfvaf S. PRCSYCW, Nefcae. L. P. PUPCELL. Edmanffn ALEXANETRA PYRCZ, Len.- S. RABBAGE. Medfzlfe Ha' N. REIBER, Edmonfcn J. REYNOLDS Edrv1:n'frw A. RIBALKIN, L9+T'vbfid'3P J. RTETEYLE Cafvalfa JQYCE RIPLEY, Lcvlwbfdze D. ROBERTSON, EdmOrv?i'w 6. ROBERTSON, Edrrjrhv OLTVE ROBERTSON. Ed'-nf"' ' E ROBINSON, Varrgwyr, BC. A, RCDDNUNSPY, Edrvffh'-n C, H. RULE, Edn1Qmf'n LENORE RONN, Cigar, NORMA RONN, Cabfam CECTLE ROUSSEAU, Edwin A RUNCK., Ejfvyvf' A RUPP, Didjburv JUAN RYLANETS, L-2'T'vETrR-dw? E. SAKOWSKY, 5:5145 G. SAKLTTDMO, lrfn Spfmqn H. SAMUELS, Edmiffjw H. SASLQW, Edmwwffzn SUZANNE SAUCIER, Civgafy D. SAWATZKY, Rqemar-, F. SCOTT, Canary BETTY SCQUGALL, Mafetd LOUISA SCOUGALL, Ma-Cfefd S. SEARS, Nan'-:U H. SEGALL, Cf3Tqary F. SELLAND. Champibrw N. A. H. SEMELUV, Vlfa J. SEMPLE. Cakgary 0. SEWARD, Kifscofy CONSTANCE SHAW, Edmfwfn I. SHAW MAXINE SHAW, Edm'3P"jw G. SHERMAN, Namao H. SHEWCHUX, WTT'Irwqd-:rv N. SHYMKO, Desfadais J. SIKORA, Calmar J. SIMPSON, Edmorwfon R. SINCLAIR, Lefhbridqe Sfudenfs of Physics 49 Arts and Science - First 'Hear AVERY E. SMITH, Eclmonfon MADGE SMITH T. W. SNOWDON, Lefhbridge e. SPACKMAN. Lethbridge DOREEN SPENCE, Edrnonfon R. SPEVAKOW, Edmonlon J. H. SQUAIR, Legal E. STOLEE, Camrose L. E. ST. PIERRE. Cadomin M. SULLIVAN, Edmonlon K. SUTHERLAND, Peace River N. SVARICH, Vegreville E. TANASIUK, Andrew W. R. TANNER. Calgary A. TAYLOR, Halifax, N.S. E. TAYLOR. Bow Island R. TAYLOR, Medicine Hal G. THOMAS-PETER, Edmonton BETHOR THOMPSON, Edmonlon D, THOMPSON. Calgary M. TKACHYK, Slry E. TORY, Wainwrighl B. TOSHACH, Drurnlweller E. TROTT, Edrnonlon EVELYN TRUEMAN, Red Deer C. VARVIS, Ifdmonron G. WADSON, Red Deer G. WATTS, Calgary J. WEIR, Edmonlon S. WHETSTONE, Edmonlon N. E. WI-IITTRED, Calgary S. WIECI-IOREK, Calgary DOREEN WILLETT, Banll D. WILLIAMSON, Edmonfon A. WILLIS, Swilf Currenl D. WILSON. Edmonfon E. WILSON, Roclcyford ANNE WITWICKI, Leflnbrldge M. WIWCHAR, Melville, Saslc. L. WOBICK, Lerhbridge M. WOZNIAK, Codesa J. WYNNYI4, Slry W, WYNNYK, Slry RAINA E. YANDA, Edmonlon M. YORK, Chapman Camp, B,C. G. ZIMMERMAN, Ponolra An E 8: G phofographer af worlr Second 'Hear H, A. ALLARD, Calgary A. l'I. ALLEN, Edrnonlon W. I-I. ALLEN, Eclrruonfon A. W, AMUNDSEN, Clareslwolrn l-I, P. D. ANDREASSEN, Huxley I-I. R. ANTLIFF, Calgary M. APPLETON, Revelsfolle, B.C. A. M. ARBEAU. Banl'I W. S. ARMSTRONG. Calgary D. M. ASP, Kingman K. S. ATTRELL, Calgary W. J. BAHAN, Calgary M. A. BAILIE, Calgary P. J. BAKAJ, Coleman OLGA BARILKO, Canyon Creelc F. M. BARKER, Calgary J. L. BARLASS, Bellevue MAXINE BARTSCH, Calgary R. E. H. BEDFORD, Edmonlon R. BELOT, Calgary R. E. BENJAMIN, Calgary A. D. BERRY, Marwayne S. B, BERTLES, Edrnonlon M. BERYL BISSET, Edmonton C. J, BISSON, McLennan J. D. BLAZOUSKE, Calgary W. A. BLENCH, Edmonlon M. J, BLUNDELL, Welaslclwin A. B. BOOMER, Edson M, E. BOWER, Red Deer DAPHNE BOYD, Calgary J, BOYD, Calgary K. J. BOYD, Calgary W. J, BRICKMAN, Edrnonfon B. L. BROOKS, Edmonian R. L. BROWER, Edmonlon ALICE BROWN, Edmonfon ELAINE A. BROWN, Calgary J. R. BROWN, Edrnonlnn H. A. BUCKMASTER, Calgary P. J. S. BYRNE, Edrnonron L, W. CALHOUN, Edrnorvon R, C. CAMERON, Sylvan Lale R. E. CAMPBELL. Edrnonron EVELYN CAPSEY, Camrose J. S. CARLISLE, Grande Pralne R. A. CAWSEY, Edrnonf-on B. S. CHETNER, Calgary LOIS B. CHISHOLM, Edmonlon H. V. CHRISTIANSEN, Rrincla M. I. CHRISIOFEERSON, Bran? MARY S. CLARK, Edrnonlon R. T. CLENNETT, Black Diamond ELIZABETH M. CLOW, Calgary E, L. COHEN, Edrnonron MARY E. COLLINS, Edrnonlon J. T, COOK, Edrnonron J. T, COSTELLO. Edmonton J, W. D, CRAIG, Edmonlon J. E, CRAWFORD, Calgary EILEEN CROOKES, Gray. Saslr. KAY CRUICKSHANK, Eclrnonrcrn R. CRUICKSHANK, Edrnonlon J, R. CUTHBERTSON, Edmorwron M. DAI-IL, Raymond W. DALBY, Edrnonfon R. C. DAVIS, Sedqe-wick C. C. E. DAW, Calgary R, F, DAW, Calgary A. D. DEMKO, Edrncnlon EVELYN M, DENNIS. Calgary H. R. DENSMORE, Red Deer O. DE SANTIS. Trall, B.C. O. DEUTSCH. Alberfa Beach CATHERINE DICKIE, Calgary R. DICKSON, Edmonfon H. DIXON, Calgary W, A. DOLL, Ealrvlew A demonsiraiion in radar a+ +I'1e science exhibifion 'TSR aj it .I -as I , ' A " J A J xxx I 1 P ,Q A -15 ,. Y -K - Arts and Science - Second 'Hear Arts and Science - Second 'Hear 'la 'F- it '-5 sg, ., . ju v-w 'V -a--c- V .xr Ls" Fl' l KLA V ,z '4""fvL. 1 ' , RE A' afl'-J?" l A ' Y , - 4. ar, J . -P l ki , An ! . fi 1' Q 'sa sk S ww l A N.. ., . Ni. -.5 'aw E iv 453 xy 1 Tr' ff' .F G. DOMINY, Edmonlon D. E, DUFF, Edmonfon H. B. DUNFORD, Sylvan Lalre ERIKA E. DUSTERHOET, Leduc D. A. EAGLESON, Edmonlon CECILE ECKENFELDER, Calgary T. A. EDWARDS JEAN l. EMSLIE, Edmonlon Cf. FENIAK, Warspile J. FERGUSON. Cadomin YVCNNE ElELD, Edmonlon C. EINDLAY, Edmonlon R. ELEMlNG, Grande Prairie R. F, J. FLEMING, Edmonlon R. L. ERACHE, Lelhbrldqe CORRINE E, FRASER, Edmonlon L. J. SANS. Fairview K. GEE, Edmonlon Cv. H. GIBB, Edmonfon IRENE GLEN, Edmorllon A. J. GOODJOHN, Calqary J. GRANIK, Ralran H. R. GREINER, Edmonlon B. GRIFFIN-BEALE, Calgary H. HAAS, Edmonfon N. A. HALE, New Daylon FLORENCE HALINA, Ranlurly G. E. HARGREAVES, Jasper W. HART. Rlnclwer Creelr H. R. HAWES, Eclmonlon D. L. HAY, Eclmonlon DOROTHY HAYHURST, Calgary W. A. HAYNES, Edmonlon H. HAY-ROE, Edmonlon C. W, HERGOTT, Benlley H. P. HOBBS, Calgary B. HOLBRQOK, Edmonton L. HORODESKY, Calgary J. D. HOUSTGN, Edmonlon JUILA HRARKO, Edmorwron L, Cv. lVlE, Taber H. JACOBSON. Okclolns J. JANZEN, Rosemary E. JENNlNGS, Calgary ISOBEL JOHNSON, Edmonlon NANCY JOHNSON, Edmonlon J. R. JORGENSEN, Nampa M. KATAYAMA, Edmonlon D. W. KENNEDY. Calgary J. W. KENNEDY, Torowlo, Onl. MARGARET KENNEDY, Calqary G. KERMACK, Calgary G. D. M. KETTYLS, Edmorwlorl VIVIAN KIRKPATRICK, Red Deer C. KOSOWAN, Edrrlonlorr L. KROETCH, Slrome H. G. KROKOSH, Edmonlon G. KRUCIK, Edmorwlon NV. H. LAKEY, Medicine Hal' B. E. LANGRIDGE, Calgary The Junior Class Execulive M. LAUER, Edmonfon J. LAYCRAFT, High River C. LEAVITT, Glenwood M. MARJORIE LEE, Donalda D. B. LEITCH, EdVT'lOV'V+OU R. E. LEPPARD. Edmonfon J. LETTS, Wevizck J. M. LEVY, Edfncrfsn K. LEWYS, Acadia VaWey M. L, LIBIN, CaNqaw J. D. UND, Grarmm F. LOBAY, Spedden M. LOVE, Cabar-, J. P. LOW, Edmcrvcw M. LURUL, Ednwn cn M. LYONS. Edrwicfiw NELLIE M:CLUNG', Edm:c'fn R. V. MQCREARY, Be-avermmes A. E. MQCRIMMON, SyLv-an Leia S, MQCULLY, Medfcwe Ha? J. E. MQCDONALD. Edmofiiv B, E. MMDONELL, Edvfofif J, A. MQGREGOR, Cefnaw J, R. MQOREGOR, Edmc-ctw ROSALIE MQHAFFVE, Edmtriw W. A. MQJANNETT, Ejrrvictfv D. C. MacVAY. E-jfntnhm A. H. MQKENZIE, Le-fhbridqe R. S, MQQLEAN, Sedcewgr W. F MQLEAN. Edmcnk-n L C. S, MCLEOD, Edmrfzw W, J, MCLUHAN, Edmicigr R. M. MLLMVLLAN, Edwzn J. E, MQMORRAN EI'-d i,.f A. B. M:PHERSON, Cafex, HELEN MGCWILLWAM, Edmf-A+" EM C MSQWILLIAMS, Ca Jef T. H. MAGINLEY, Canary P. M, MAHONEY, Ca Jar, MARGUERITE MANUEL MFG a R. El MARBLE, Lacirfbi' O. MATHESON. Edmqmc-w A. MATTHEWS, Caiqaw J, H. MEIRLE, Taber E. MENNDERSMA, Lacimbe R. A. MERCER. Edmcxrwim HELEN L MIGHT, Edwin'-iv WINNNERED MNLLER, Regina EV, MILLS, Edminfin ADELINE MNSPEW Mfdaff V. MOORE, Calgary D, J. MORISON, PC1105-d L. A. MOTIUV, Murrdare- M. MUDRYK, Derwent R. J. MULLLGAN, Edrrm-fn D. MURRAY, Edmc-M01 V, W. MURRAY, Lefhbridqe W. G. MURRAY, DrJmLve'1er W, M. MUSTARD, Edmc-Mon An Elecfrical Demonsirafion 1? 1... ,Ds Y v- .ff 'S cm ,- 5' 5, ,fr V-1 IQ.. , -... X? 'ini' 4' 33 ru ...H .'-"" 2:3 IE JA YR. 3, 1? N' 1 a ,X T , ', J-:Kg pg! s... ,,.. Q35 'ff'--, x.. 'W Arts and Science - Second 'Hear Arts and Sclence - Second 'Hear .. f ..-li 3- ,Q NV . L . W. E. MYDLAND, High River O. D. NICHOLS, Edmonfon J, R. NOCK, Edmonton A. W. NORRIS, Edmonfon T. J. NUGENT. Edmonion T, P. NYHUS, Grande Prairie R. H. O'CONNOR, Edmonton J. OHELLETTE, Edmonfon A. OKAZAKI. Calgary E, R. OLSON SHEILA M. O'NEILL, Edmonion O. OTTERSON. Edrnonfon DOROTHY OWER, Edmonfon R. PARK, Langenbnrg, Saslc. R. A. PARRY, Calgary W. H. PARSONS, Lefhbfxdqe J. D. PATERSON, Lefhbridge AMELIA PENCHUK, Edrnonfon G. P. PETERSON, Lefhbridqe E. T. PHILLIPS, CaIgary AVIS POPPLEWELL, CaIgary LOIS PORTER, CaIgary B, POWE, Edmonron N, PRESTON, Medicine Haf J. A. RACHERT, Regina, Sask. F. D. READ, Provosf SHIRLEY REID, Ponolca H. A. REIST, Wefaskiwin D. REYNOLDS, Edmonforn R. O. ROBINSON, Le-+I'rI3ridqe H, ROBINSON, Calgary M. K. ROBLIN, Edrnordon B. ROE, CaIgary R. H, ROE, Calgary J. ROMANCHUK, Edmonfon J. A, ROPER, Edrnon+on D. S. ROSS, Edmonton M. ROWBOTHAM, Edmonfon R. A. RUDKIN, Edmonfon JOY I'I. RUSSELL, Edmonfon PHYLLIS RUSSELL. Edmonfon N. V. RYAN, PincI'1er Creek J. D. SALMON, Picrure BuHe E. S. SANDERSON, Edrnonfon MARIE SCI-IARWZ, Edrnonfon G. W. SCI-IWINDT, Edr'nonIon A. M. SCOTT, Edmon'ron DOROTHY SHANER. Edmonfon C. SHANKMAN, Edmonfon D, R, SHAW, CaIgary D. J. SHERBANIUK, VegreviIIe VV. SHYDLOWSKI, Egremorw J. O. SIBLEY, Calgary W. E. SIOURDSON. Chauvin E. SIMMONS. Edmonfon W. E. SKASKOW, EdmonIon V. W. SMITH. Edmonfon A. E. SOVEREIGN. Peace River ALICE E. STAINTON, Edmon+on VV. J. STAINTON, Edmonfon S. L. STEEVES, Swalwell Second 'Hear R. E. STEPHENS, Hanna 6. G. STEWART, CaIqary J. B. STEWART, Edmonfon N, STEWART, Edmonfon J. STORCER, Edrnorwion R, L. SUTHERLAND. Edmonforv R. SUTHERLAND, BessborouqI1 S. SWERYDA, Edmormron ISRAEL SWITZER, CaIgary K, SYLVEST, Ponoka KATHLEEN TANNER, Edrnonron A. ISOBEL TAYLOR, Red Deer L. B. TAYLOR, Red Deer JUNE G. TAYLOR. Edrnonfon D, M. THOMSON, Edmonforw EDNA E. THGMSON. Edmonton J. THOMSON. Edmorwron G. TIDSWELL, Edmcmfon A, E, TRENHOLME. Champion T. J, TROEIMLIK, CaImar E. TROLLOPE. CaIqary R. W. TURNER, Edmorwron MARY V. LIRETAL. Calgary G, D. VAIL. Edmonfon ELLEN VOSS, Marsden, Sad, W. WACKO, Sr, MiQIwaeI ELIZABETH WALKER SyIvan LaI T. WALSH, Oxbow, Sash. W. WALTER, Edmorwfon CHARLOTTE WARD, Mearwc1'3L MARY WARREN, Edmorvforw MARGARET WEIR, Edmonrcn R. E. WETTER, Kavanagh K. A, WHEELER. Lefhbridqe. L. WICK, Klnqman E. WIGGINS, Edmt-Mon G. WILLIAMS, Edmonton AUDREY WILLSON, Edmonron JUNE WISEMAN, Cammse J, C. WOOD, Edmorvffjn G. WOODHAMS, Fillmore. Sasl G, WORDIE, Didsbary J. W. WOROBEC. Edmonfon E. G. WYATT, Edmanfcn J. WYLIE, Edmonfon R. YANDA, Edmonion C. YOUNGREN, Edrr10nIon G R, YOUNIE, Edrrvonfcn Chird 'Hear Juniors R. B. BAILEY, Edmonfixn H. A. BAKER, Edmonfon A. D, BATES, Cardsfon O, A. BATES, Cardsron C, E. BEWELL, Edrnonion R, J. EdmOn?orv W. B, CAIRNS, Edmonron J, M. CHERNIWCHAN, WaI1srQa R. S, COLLINS. Edmonton I. T. CORAM. CaIqary D. V. CORMACK, Alix S. G, CRAIG, Carmangay G. R. CULLEN, Edmomon Arts and Science - 'Ghircl 'Hear Juniors R. D. DICKIE, Preslon, Oni. LILLIAN M. DUNN, Calgary R. H. J. ELLIOTT, Trail, B.C. E. H. EISH, Calgary R. J. GIBB, Edrnonlon G. A. GILLIES, Edmonfon C. D. GORDON, Edmonfon W. G. GOWARD, Eclmorwlon JOYCE M. GREENE, Edmonfon J. H. HARDING, Edrrvonlon C. H. HETHERINGTON, Taber A. V. JOHNSON, Edmonfon Cf. KOSTASCHUK, Edmonforw H. VROON, Sfarwdard J. W. LENCLICHA, Edmonlon A, L. LEVINE, Edmonfon J. R. LINN, Leflwbridge L. R. LIPSETT, Edmonlon C. F. MQCULLAGH, Calgary HELEN MQGREGOR, Edmonlon C. S. MaQINTOSH, Nelson J. W. MOORE. Calgary B. MORTIMER, Dldsbury E, H. MOTTUS, Ealville A. R. NIELSEN, Edmorwfom R. B. OLDAKER, Calgary J. E. OYLER, Edrrnorwlon LUCILLE PARKS, Taber R. W. PAYNE. Calgary Z, PECH, Edmorwlon D. D. PHILLIPS. Calqary S. A. RADLEY, For? SaSlcaIcI'v9wan R. CJ. ROONEY, Calgary A. J. ROSTAING. Calgary L. W. SHEPPARD, Nlirrnlngslde S. J, SIGAL, Calgary VIOLET SOLLANYCH, Edmorwlorw P. N. SOMERVILLE, Vulcan J I5. STLJRROCK, Red Deer AGNES TEVIOTDALE, Edmonlon E. VAN TIGHEM, Calgary A VJASYLEWSKY, Edrrvonlon tu C. WELLS, Calgary 'First 'Hear Daw J. BASS-IE, Edmonton R. W. BRENNAN, Edmonforl J. CAMPBELL, Edmormlon L. CI-IAMBERLAIN. Clyde J. L. CHAPMAN, Edrnorurorw H. CLISH, Calgary J. DAVIES, Lellwbrldge J. DIMOS, Edrnorrlon D. L. DWORKIN, Calgary C LIDEN, Holden E. S. LIBER, Edrrronlon N. LINDSAY, Edmonlon J. MacRAE, Ednwonlow J. MAHONEY. Calgary D. MEDHLJRST, Fcvemost C MOLYNELIX, Calgary M. PATTERSON, Calgary D. PROWSE. Edmonlon J. ROBINSON, Varmccuver D. SAKS, Edmonlorm A. SCOTT, Edmorwlon J. R. SMITH, Calgary G. STRATE, Cardslon R. WEEKS, Walerloo, Onl. G. WOOD, Taber H. WILSON, Fernie, B.C. Execulive: Slancling-Jack Smilh, Bill Hurlburi. Sealed-Joseph Slrallon, Bill Sinclair, Bill James, John Bellachy, F. R. Malhews. -Ta 7-- ix l -fbi ggqfisngfil .3 ln lhe Law Library and 'lhe lulure "Sam Spades" ol I960. One Hundred and Twenty-five Daw Club Selling under way wilh a smoler early in lhe lerm, lhe membership ol lhe Law Club reached an all lime high in I947-48. Jusl belore Chiislmas lhe Club Roosevell was lalen over lor a mixed parly which was exceplionally well allendecl. The highlighl ol lhe lerm was lhe annual banguel which was held on Feb- ruary 23 al lhe Macdonald l-lolel in honor ol lhe gradualing class, wilh Bill Sinclair presiding as loasl masler. The Club was honored lo have among ils guesls lhe Honourable l-lorace l-larvey. Chiel Juslice ol Alberla, olher members ol lhe Supreme Courl, and members ol lhe lacully. Moreover, since lhis years gradualing class in Law is lhe lwenly- lillh since lhe Facully was lormed, lhe Club inviled lhe members ol lhe lirsl gradualing class. Many ol lhese men were able lo al- lend lhe allair and lheir slories and vivid recolleclions ol earlier years con- lribuled much lo lhe success ol lhe evening. Olher evenls worlhy ol nole included a goll lournamenl in lhe lall, lollowed by a bowling lournamenl during lhe winler monlhs. ln addilion lo lhese lhe Club was well represenled in lnlerlac sporls, sponsoring leams in the lhree major sporls, soccer, baslcelball and hockey. The execulive is lo be congra- lulaled on a very successlul and evenl- lul year. :- ,IE Ei ! Q f K I , 7 565- su. fl A greaf fhing is a greaf book: bui' a greafer 'fhing 'Hman all is +he +ale of a greai' man. -Disraeli. One Hundred and Twenty-six Commerce I U I f " C P u SX X x I iw , QWJHWIVM :rf I X wx X 1, X f JJ I X 5 . X1 mx. 'l X 13,5 f' f ,W W NNN 'xi QZR'-"-:aw-'QE-1 ' ff' f gg faef ,,.. Mugs, X i? g f aa 2 , sf M ,IA K , ., flu ' L ' QUN if-5 41 Q' FZ A v pi H! 1' , , LW , , "M JJ A A 142 R KN X Q, W 6 S Q 'W - 5 X-A G V k-42-Q - J ng pw ? H I1 plcfl I ply 5 Y9 'YW' fh YY9 Commerce Club The Commerce Club This year goT away To a good sTarT wiTh a rousing "Mixer" in AThabasca Gym. ATTended by a greaT many Frosh Commerce sTudenTs anxious To meeT The oTher members OT The Club, This parTy gave a ToreTasTe oT beTTer Things To come. ThroughouT The year several suppers were held, aT which Club members lisTened To several inTeresTing Talks by prominenT guesT speakers. IT has long been a cusTom oT The club To hold several dances during The year, and This year boTh The iirsT and second year sTudenTs played hosT To oTher members oT The Commerce Club. The Tinai iTem beTore The ChrisTmas exams was a Commerce parTy sponsored by The second-year sTu- de-nTs. ATTer ChrisTmas The TirsT year sTudenTs played hosT aT a parTy given in February. Then iT was March, and Time Tor The big evenT of The year-The Commerce Club bangueT and dance aT The Mac. This has long been noTed as one oT The besT dances given by any club on The campus, and This year iT was even beTTer. Everybody ThaT aTTended enTered inTo The llspiriT" oT Things. and a rip-roaring Time was had by everyone, spelling Tine To anoTher evenTTul year oT The Commerce Club. Commerce sTudenTs proved ThaT preparing To be TuTure CharTered AccounTanTs and Book- keepers didniT limiT Their acTiviTies To Tigures on paper: Their many acTiviTies during The year has gradually given Them a repuTaTion on par wiTh anoTher well lcnown predominanTly male TaculTy. SeaTed-Ken Nelson, Bill Rich, Jean McBride, Vern Millard, MargareT Mulloy, Charles Flal'1erTy, Graham Thompson. Sfancling-Edward STaclr, Frank Mair. One Hundred and Twenty-eight P D. A. ADAMS, Edmorrlon B. H. ASELTINE, Edrrvonlcrv G. E. BALIMBACK, Benlley ROBERTA BERRY, Gadsby R. BODNAR, Edmorvlon F. L. BOYLE, Edmcnigrn R. G. BURLAND, Calgary A, W. CALHOUN, Edmorvlgln J. M. CAMERON, Turner Valley D. L. CAMPBELL, Edmonlan G L. CAMPBELL, Edmonton C. W. CARROLL, Edmorml-grv D. B. CRAIG, Calgary E. DePAOLI, Cayley R. A. de ROSENROLL, Calqary J. DIXON, Calqary E. DOUGLAS, Edrrvonlon J. A. FERGUSON, Eclmonlgn M. H. FISHER, Sylvan Lal-e A. S. FITZSIMMONS, Edrmlnforv I. S. FORBES, Calgary D. J. GERLITZ, Edmorwlcfn BETTY GIDDIE, Walerlon Lale RI. E. I. HALL, Calgary G. A. HALL, Edmonton J. A. HANNA, Edrnorvlcn JEAN M. HANTILII4, Veqrevr' A. V. HARDY, Edmorvl-:rn J. R. HENDERSON, Calgary I. S. J. HLIBERDALI, Collnflj-rv H. HUMPHRIES, Calqary H. R. INGRAM, Edrrworw?-in R. IRWIN, Three Hills W. M. KARNEY, Calqary AIJGUSIINE KOMARNICI' l, Edmonmn V. J. KREHEL, Calqary W. LACHMAN, Edmorwlgn J. C. LANDERYOU, Edmorvrgn J. A. LAW, Edmonlon R. H. Le MASURIER, Edmg-me-rv M. E. LOMAS, Calgary W. LUPUL, Edmonlon A. G. LYNCH-STAUNTON. Plmzlwer Creek JOAN E. MCCAULEY, Edmoniorv A. E. MCGREGOR, Edmonton WINNIFRED MCINTYRE,CQlemarv R, 6. MQKINNON, Delburrwe G. L. Mal:LACHLAN, Klllurrx ADELE E. MQOUAY, Edmonrcln MARION S. MCOUID, Tolland H. G. MACK, Calgary G. F. MARKS, Edmonlon EVELYN J. MILLER, Edmonforr N. I. MOHER, Ifdmcnlon L. H. MONTGOMERY, Edmonforv S. P. MOROZOFF, Camera, Sdgk H. O. NOYD, Wefaslriwin R. M. OHASHI, Regina, Sask. B. D. ONSTAD, Weyburn, Saslx, W. A. OSCROFT, Edmonron G. E. PEARSON, Edmonlon R. A. PIGEON, Edmonfon A. G. PURKISS, Edmonton R. A. RAMSAY, Edmonfon JEAN ROBSON, Vermllfon O. M. SACHKIW, Edmonfon C, G. SCHWELTZBERCJ. Briercresf. Sask. J. E. SMITH, Edrnonfon VV. SPARK, Calgary R. N. SPILSTED, Edmonmn E. D. STACK. Cafgary S. R. STEFANIK, Armsfronq, B.C. L. TAILLEUR, Morinvlfle A. THENSS. Edmonfon J. E. F. TLJRPER. Edmonion A. B. UNRATH, Gdden Prairie Sasfn. G. W. WATKINS, Calgary J. E. WHITAKER, Calgary P. WOODCQCK, Edmonfon G. K. WRIGHT, Edmcnmn C ZALESKY, Edmonfon I, ZWARICK, Cardiff Second 'Hear L J. ALLAN, Edrnonfon R. R. ANDERSON. CaLqary 3 ARCHIBALD. Leavirt J. ARMSTRONG. Medicine Hat H. R. AUCK, Edmonfon MARCARET L BENEDICT, Edmonton R C. BERG-LUND, Drumneller A. G. BLCJOM, Edmonfon VV W. BOISSEVAIN, Sfrmhmore J. D. BCDWERS, Edmonfon DQREEN M. BRADLEY. Edrnonfofv A. W, BRADSHAW, Edmonmn T. R. BRADSHAW, Edmonfon VV. D. BUCHANAN, Edrnonwn E. V. CARLSON, Edmonfon R B. COLBORNE, Mediclne Ha? W. Cv. COULSON, Edmonfon G- K CRUIKSHANK, Edrnonr-in V.. W. DEBNAM, Edmonton L. R. DONNELLY, Edmonmw YV. DRONIUK, Snauqhne-Siy J. H. DUCK, Edrnonfon L. Il. EDMUNDSON. Edmonwn A. 6. EMMOTT, Mannville J. J. FITZPATRICK, Calgary C. T. FLAHERTY, Edrnonfon L. R. FLETCHER, Edmonton G. L. FLYNN, Medicine Hat K. FOWLLR, Waslfafenau J. W G. D. L. K. G. C. A. A. S. E. J. R. E. GARLAND, Calgary R. GRAINGER, Calgary M. GREENWOOD, Edrnonlon R. HAGERMAN, Reno. Nevada, U.S.A. J. HILL, Edmonlltln A. HODOSON, Edmcrwgrf HOLLANDS, Edml:-Mon IOANIDIS, Rorlaqe la Rra Man. KLOVAN, Eallis J. KNEBEL. Edmonfirn A. LONG, Edmonfon P. LOVE, Edmonlon P. LYONS, Calgary S. MQOILLIVRAY, Edmcrff LOIS MQINTYRE, Edmanfan R. M, MQKENZIE, Edmonlq-n J. O. MQLAWS. Calgary J. 6. A. MACKlE, Calgary W. MAlR, Edmonlon MARGARET B. MULLOY. R. D. J. A. W R. J. D. P. E. A. M. L. J. A. J. B. W H. R. D. P. R. W Y! A. L. D. J. J. D. J. F We-fasldmn J. MUNRO, Calgary A. NAISMITH, Edmonl f'-, n NECYK, Couzaclr R. NICHOLSON, Edrrvonlu G. NYKOLAYCHUK, Belll V. PAUL, Edmanvm H. PEACH, Sf. Michael A. E. PHELPS, Calczary A. ROLAND, Calgary C. RULLMAN, Edmorvlew J. ROBERTSON, Wlnlerb. C. ROE, Red Deer D. ROGERS, Clyde C. SADLEIR, Calgary O. SAFFEL. Barcns l'l. SCOTT, Calqary SHIKAZE, Rialure Bwle T. SlNCLAlR, Calgary Ll SPEEEWE. Edmqlntm F. STAYSRO. Meduglrwe Ha' A. SUTHERLANLP, Weill 14 SVVITYR, Calqary S. THARP, Calgary J. A. TOOLE, Calgary E. VANNER, Calqary VERAG, Nafimme E. WARREN, Edmarxlcra R WATSON, Calqary V. WHITE, Edrmilnlon B. D WlLSON, Edmcnha M. WILSON, Edmonfin W. WILSON, Clwirvool NV. YAREMCO, Edmiwf n Vle. Lv U rn L 'fr sn N --v' is i s. 'N 1 1 ,4 .,. Q 'ml A . WS? , 1 gg- .- 1 Sffiii:'f3'E-Q' A H, . . X K x5::'X'i1f.'-5 , .- fr ' -S. fe ,Qf3.5:g. Commerce - Second 'Hear If you have knowledge, lei ol'l1ers Iighf 'lheir candle af if. -Fuller One Hundred and Thirty-two Education h l Om D 7 5 A X u O 0 P, - Nix S Z Q . gx Xfw N Qxx 1 Ni K, -. . M W x gl' 08 5 X f 1.35 get-if --1- i! X QQ' 'VU' lg 412' Q 0' -1.1-' ' gf A " ' l!'.Y ' N- F W 539. Z Adgldly Idhl dgldlyi' h Education Undergrad Societg Spiril, energy, ancl wholohoarled co-operalion have made possible lhe many aclivilies lor which lhe E.U.S. has become noled. Slarlinq 'rhe Term wilh lhe gay ancl colorful l'l.a+in Quarleri , The club members enioyecl Themselves wilh The l-lalloweien Dance, lhe numerous slcalinq parlies, Radio Show, and lhe crowded Gradualion Formal. Sporr aclivilies saw lfclucalion sludenrs winning lhe girls Inlerfacully Baslelball Compelilion, as well as laling lwo of lhe 'rhroe womens maior alhlelic awarcls: Jaclc Perry, a lhircl year Educalion sluclenl, was volecl 'rhe yearis mosl oulslanding alhlele, The Professional Emphasis Commillee, which is re- sponsible for work emphasizing lhe professional lraininq in lhe Facully, conducled a series ol inlormalive lallcs and discussions, as well as aclively supporlinq a drive lo gain public supporl ol leqislalion in lhe inleresls ol beller leacher pensions. Olher inlereslinq developmenls included l'he car- nival loofball lloaf enlered by lhe club, and lhe leling ol lhe lvlonlana Normal School rugby learn by fellow Edu- cafionisls al an informal banquet SiHing-E. S+. Pierre, Marcel Asquin, Edifh Cardiff, Earnesf Hodgson, Gwen Morrison, Marion Irwin. Standing-Harry Kiyoolra, Ed. Kemp, Gordon Peacoclr, Harold McNeil, R. Davies. Missing-Bob George, Vicfor Verlwolsf. Ed. S+uden+s Enioy Halloween Mixer. One Hundred and Thirty-four T. AIJATZANES, Edmonlorr ALMA L. AKERS, Wildwood iSCEEL ALCORN, Alliance ll. E. ALLAN, Calgary S. G. ANDERSON, Lethbridge H. N. ANDERSON. New Norway ANNE E. ANDRIATZ, WTlllngdQn J. APPLEYARD, Eclmonforr l. E. ARMSTRONG, Vlling LORPAINE V. ARNHOLTZ, Millar LELLONE ARNOLD. Edmonlirn BERTHA B. ARONSON. Enilda NJ. BARABASH, Opal MERLE E, BARLEY, Ealrvlew MURlEL BARLOW, Holden MONICA BARON, Spruce Orme DORA J. BARlJZZlNI, Mmlnfamr Park JOYCE BASARABA, Laycv PHYLLIS BAUERFIND, Cold Lalf' MARY BAUMAN. Beaverloclge ELIZABETH J. BAY. Andrew W, BEGORAY. Egremgm l-l. BENNETT. Calgary' HAZEL M. BER6, Marwllie J. BERLANDO. Aerial T. A. BICKELL. Calgary R. A. BINETTE, ST. Paal EVELYN l. BIRD. Edmonlirv MlNNlE A. BLYZNIUK, Luafar JEAN BOYD, Eairylew ALYS M. BRADY, Edmfnlofl M. J. BRENNEIS, Morinyllle ELLA BROVJN, Tofield MARION T. BROWN, Edmgnlc-W D. R. BROVJNLOW, Edmorvfo A. W, BURNS, Edmcnlon N. Bl,lC5lAlf, Andrew lSABEL BURKE, Edmonlrivn ARLJS BLIRNHAM, Vlllrwg ALBERTA M. BYERS, Edmorrllgn IJAXINE A. CALLAGHAN. Medline Hal. ADELAIDE M. CALVERT, Vilma A. R. CAMERON, S0dQEWlQL DOROTHY CAMERON, Lellw- bridge E. E. CARTER. wvamwfxqm A. CHABA, Easfgafe N. J. CHAMCHUK. Easf Coulee- N. Cl-lEPEl-lA, Willingdon A. R. Cl-lISTE. Leflwbrldqe S. E. CHORNY, Ranlllrly ELLEN CHRISTENSEN, Ccrmpeer llELEN M. Clz, Dayzlarrd BELL R. CLARKE, Eorl Vermilion JANE CLARKE. Peace Riyer ZERAH CLEGG, Eorezfburq DONNA C. J. COLCLOUOH. Calgary D. C COLLIER, Red Deer DORIS E. COLLlN, Donalda D. J. CORSE. Grassland J. R. COURT. Diamond BETTY CUTLER, MornlngsTCle MARIE DAHL, Raymond 4-1 L15 N. wg' ID vw mr ef.. 41-54 wiv' -sa Wit xr Q-x .... N.. D' Education - First year G. E. DAHMS, Ponolma BERTHA M. DAKIN, Dalcin MARION R. DALLYN, Ribslone WILMA DANIEL, Medicine Hal O. D. DAVIDSON, Mounfain View PEGI DAVIES, Llanelly, So. Wales L. DAWSON, Coronado N. DAWSON, Wasel J. N. DENNIS, Mirror ALICE A. E. DOLPHIN, Raven MARIE DURAND, Leedale STEFANIA DUSHENSKI, Willing- don BARBARA EGGEN, Lloyclminsler BERIT EGGEN. McLauql'1Iin H, R. ELSTON, Edmonlon G. EWANCHUK, Hairy Hill M, N. EWASIUK, Glendon EDITH M, FALKEID, Bawll A. D. FELL, Athabasca RUTH FERSTER, Kilscofy EDITH FISHER, Hill Spring S, J. FLEET, Edmonlon MAUDE H, FLINT, Paradise Val- ley MARGARET I. FORBES. Waslral- enau IRENE W. FORD, Red Deer ELIZABETH FREEMAN, Rosalind C. A. GALLOWAY, Allario CLAIRE C. GARIEPY, Fallwer JEAN GERLOCK, Hilliard G. GIBSON, Willirow L. A. GIRARD, Coronalilon RITA I. GIRARDI, Caclornin IRENE GIULBAULT, S+. Lena G. GODKIN, Bulfe SHIRLEY M. GOEBEL, Slony Plain J. GORUK, BelliS E. JEAN GRIFFITHS, Fleel' DORA GUDZOWATY, Lavoy J. HANKS. Millel' EUGENIA G. HAYDEY, Willing- don VIRGINIA HERD, Drumlieller N. G. HEWITT, Pinclmer Creek GEORGINA M. HIBBERT. Aerial K. M. HNATIUK, Chancellor M. GENEVIE HOGG, Endianq MARGARET HORTON, Heinz- burg MAE HUMMER, Thorluild J. C. HUNTER, Edmonlon J. W. HUSTLER, Edrnonlon K. H. HUTCHINSON, Edmonlon H. EILEEN JACQUES, Ardrossan K, H. JAMES, Edmonlon JESSIE JOHNSTON, Rosedale ELEANOR JORY. Vermilion GLORIA JUBB, Drumlweller DAISY J, KECK, Elk Poinl E. KELLY, Pinclwer Creek MARY KISELYCIA, Allwabasca G. KITCHING, Paradise Valley H. KIYOOKA, Opal H, KLEPARCHUK, Hilliard P. H. KLINGLE. Tlwree Hills JEAN E. KNECHT. High Prairie EILEEN L. KNIGHT, Tees I.. J. KNOWLER, Edmonfon H. KOLESAR, MiIIeI' J. ICOMANCHUK, Lefhbridqe M. W. KONDRLIK. Edmonfon M. KUEFLER. Galahad M R. KUNTZ. DaysIand R J. LACERTE, Edmonfon MARGUERITE, LAFORCE, Leqal PERSIS L. LANGILL, HarIeII MURIEL LAURENCE, Edson E. LEADLAY, Silver Heiqhfs A. LEE, Whiskey Gap EDITH J. LEE, Heart VaIIey ENID LEE, Cardsion R. LESKIW, Spedden SHERNA LEVINE. Edmc-nion DOROTHY LILGE, BruderI'1eIm R. R. LILLEY, Edrnonfon W. J. LOTT, Edmonfon DOROTHY LOUGHLIN. ViIrInq BETTY J. LOVELL, MarIboro D. LOWRY, TayIoryiIIe HELLEN MCCRACKEN, Sedqe- wnck ELAINE Maf:DONALD. Genesee MARGARET MCKAY, Easfor J, B. Maf:KENZIE, CaIqary CORINNE MGCLEOD, Edmonton T, R, MacLEOD, Sexsmlfh ELIZABETH L, MQMURDO, Cc-Id Lake MABLE MCNEILLY, Jasper C, MERLE MacRHEE, Camrose GRETTA MARLATT, Edrnonfon RENE MARRINIER, Danafville ELEANOR MARSHALL, CaIgary HELMA E. MARTIN, Edmonfon M. RUSS, WiIIInqd0n ALICE MARTINEAU, BonnyviIIe IRIS V. MAYNER, Rimbey HELEN MAZERRA, Eyansburq FRANCES T. MELOWSKY, Spracefle-Id HELEN D. MENZIES. SexsrnI1I'm LOUISE L. MERSKY, Edrnonfcn E. MICKELSON. Edrnonfon FLORENCE MILLER, Winferburn B. MISKEW, MLmCIare STAEKA MISUNIS, Splri? RIver JOYCE MITCHELL. OIds LOIS W. MITCHELL, Lamont JOAN MORRIS. Delburne J. J. H. MORRIS, Edmonfon IRENE NELSON, Camrose ROSALIA M. NESTORUK, Coal- Inursf PEARL NIENHUIS, Lacornbe S, ODYNAK. Smoky Lake R. W. OLSHANOWSKI, Guy E. OLSTAD, New Norway G, A. ORLICK, Mille? NORMA S. OROBKO, Edrn0nIcn MONA R, PALMER, Raymond DONNA M. PALMER, Raymond 9 Q-Q 'wh 'N 33 N. Ni' ..-. .. .ag s. QQ N ..,,, N I" -, X,- kr' I Education - First 'Hear PATRICIA PALS, Casior J, PARKER. Chancellor OLGA PARONICI-I, Chipman ELSIE A, PAUKSZTO, Lloydmin- sfer, Sask. L. PEARCE, Edmorffon O. W. PEPPER, CaIqary CLARA PETERSON, BrownvaIee CORA PETERSON, Bodo wvmm PETERSON, camfm PATRICIA PI-IILLIPS, Widewafer A. R. PIARD, BIaIrmore JLJANITA J. POOLE, Burdeft J. R. POWELLT East CouIee J, T. PREDY, Smoky Lake MARGARET PRICE, Hernaruka C. PROCI-INAU, BruderI1eim EDITI-I PRYICE, Dawson Creek R. C. OUAIL, Medidne Har J. RADYSH, wurmqaan BARBARA M. RANDALL, ManoIa N. RATSOY, Smoky Lake D. PI-IYLLIS RAE, Lethbridge STELLA M. REICI-IENBAUGH. Marwayne RLIBY RICHARDS, SunnybrooIc CAROLINE L, RIEMER, Dewberry MARMIE RITCI-IIE, Carbon GLORIA ROBERTS, AIix GRACE M. ROBERTSON, Peace Rlver K. V. ROBIN, Calgary J. S. ROEBUCK, Edrnonfon A, RAMANIUK, Edmonfon JANE ROMANIUK, Andrew OLGA ROSA. Myrrlam MRGIARET ROSELL, Dawson Cr-5-QI: JEAN ROWNTREE, Carsfairs I-IELEN RIJBBELKE, BaTTaIcI CATHERINE RYAN, Dewberry VV. SABOROXVSKY, BeIIis TN. SCI-IULHA. Bs-Iiis D, SCI-IULTZ, Spruce Grove M. SENYCI-I, Re-dwa'Qr OLGA SIDORKO, Mundare P. SKULSKY, I-IiIiIard MARY I. SLEMKO, COaII'1ur5I ANNE SMALL, Edmor1Ion J. SMALL, VaI Sou-:y P. SMART, Manyille A. J. SMITI-I, ManvIIIe NORMA SMITI-I, Edmonfon TI-IELMA SMITI-I, Edrnonfon C. E. SODERBERG, Edmonion B. G. SOKOLUK, Lavoy FLORENCE SPAK, VeqrevIIIe N. G. SPILLIOS, Edmonfon M. B, STACEY, EdmonIon O. G. STAINGER, Edmonmn D. J. B. STEED, Cardshan J. STEEDMAN, CaIqary J. I-I. STEPA, EdmonIorn D. G. STOCKWELL, Edn-:onion E. ST. PIERRE, Cadomin PAULINE SUTERMEISTER, GIei- Chen First 'Hear K. L. SVIDAL, Coronaiion MURIEL SWEEZEY, Chauviri JOAN TANDBERG, RyIey D. G. TARNEY. Leduc I-IILDA TELLEFSON, Fairview L. J. THURSTON, DrumIieIIer N. TKUCHUK, WiIIinqdon P. L. TOUCHETTE, Wainwriqlwf LUCILLE TURCOTTE, Edmorifon F. USTINA, Frains ELIZABETH W. UTLEY, BeIIevue C. E. VENANCE, Rivercourse L. A. VENANCE, McLauqI'iIin V. C. VERHLILST, Moi'inviIIe ALMA VICKERY, Edmonton EUNICE E. VOYSEY, Beniley LENORA M. WACHNOW, Edmordon P. J. WACOWICH, OpaI GLADYS M. WADEY, BIacIrIaIds AUDREY E. W. WALKER, Czar H. A. WALLIN, HaII:irIi DOROTHY J. WATSON, Grande Prairie 6. C. WEEKS. Edmonion KATHRINE F. WELSH, OIds MYRTLE E. WIANCKO, Tees MARTHA WIESS, Medicine Ha? AUDREY WILCOX, Camrose RHODA WILLCOX, Edmonfori L. M. WILLIAMS, ardsfon E. PATRICIA WILSON, Goodfare JOYCE S. WILSON, Dewberry THELDA E. WILSON, Vimy BETTY J. WOLCOTT, Ponolia EUGENIA WOLODKO, Sundance ALICE C. WOOD, WembIey MARY WOYCHENRO. Abee LILLIAN YONRERS, Led... MARGARET YANCHUR, Chip- mari SALLY ZAHARY. ECIm0riIr3n Second 'Hear R. K. ACHESON. Oyen M. L. ADAMSON. Edmofitin N. ANDRUSKI, Bf:yIe V. APPLETON, Medicine Ha? M. C. ASOUIN, DrL.mI'ieIIer A. B. BAKER, Edmonfon P. J. BARANYK, Heinsberq AGNES M. BEAMISH, Edmonton R. H. BEERE. Pinciier Creek A. C. BERRY, Edmcmon RITA J. BONNEAU, BIairmore W. R. BROADFOOT, Basserio M. J. CHARIJK, Veqreville A. B. CHISWELL, Edrricrifvn H. CHOMIK, Inriisfree H. H. CHRISTENSEN, Siandard DOREEN CHRISTIAN, McLennan C7. R. CLARK, ECIHWOHIC-ri T. J. CLARKE, Edmomon W. D. COOMBS, Warner L. COTTRELL. CaIqary R. S. COWDEN. Edmonfofi AUDREY DARGAVEL. Edmordon JEAN DAVIDSON, Edrnomion J. B. DAVIES, Radwey Education - Second 'Hear R. W. DAVIES, Eclmorifon W. DAWSON, Wasel V, J. DIEDERICHS, Edmonron J. H, DONEY, Bran? C. DRIVER, Kifscofy W. EDDY, Peace River A. L. EIS, Sedqewiclc G. W. ELASCHUK, Smoky Lake E. ELKINS, Calgary DOROTHY ELNISKI, Edmonton J. W, ENO, Drumlneller DOREEN EXLEY, Calgary W. J. FITZPATRICK, Edmonlon A. A. GEE. Turner Valley B. E. GEORGE, Wefaslriwin W, J. GORDON, Calgary H. GRAY, Cayley A. S. GUNDERSON, Camrose C. M. HAALKENSTAD, Edrrionlon F. HAGGLUND, Waferfon Park B. G. HALBERT, TrocI'iu RUTH E, I-IANEY, Picture Buffe NORMA HEICHEN, Siony Plain R. HENBEST. Edmonfon E. HEWKO, Edmonfon A. W. HOLMES, Carsfairs DOROTHY HUSBAND, Edmonfon R. E. HUTCI-IEON. Calgary H, J. IRVING. Edrnoriion C. O. JEVNE, Wefaskiwin E, T. JONES, Claresholm JUNE R. JUSTIN, Sfeveville R. KENAL, Eclmonlon J. KRULAK, Radway A. KURYLO, Edrnonfon E. KURYLO, Delph FREDA LAWRENCE, FI. Saslz. D. B. LORD, Vulcan J. A. LOVE, Calqary R, L, MCCALL, Romsey M. MQCUNE, Kelowna, B.C. E. MacDERMID, DrumI'1eIIer MYRTLE MacDONALD, Hanna M. MQINNIS C. A. MCKINNON, Edmonfon T. A. MCMANUS, Edmonron J, P. MARSHALL, Edson ANNA MARTINEK, Sf. Paul CLAIRE MEDD, Moon Lake CECILIA D. MEREDITH, Ponolra D. J. MOORE, Fr. Bulre, Saslc. OWEN MORRISON, Airdrie D. H. MUSTERER, Mayerfliorpe W. NACIUK, Mannyille S. NORRIS, Nanfon W. L. OGILVIE, Eclmonlon N. J. O'HARE, Empress R. C. OHLSEN, Edmonlon L. A. PAGE, Edmonfon ELSIE PARTON, Wes+IocIc ROSE POLAK. TI1orI'1iId E. A. READ. Glenwoodville Second 'Hear J. E. REID, Glelchen R. L. RHINE, OIKQIOIS D. H. ROSS, Perdue NATALLIE RLIDKO, Weslafenan CECELIA SALANSKY, LeYI'vEridC1p W. SAPROVICH W. SELEZINKA, Edmonton H. SHARLOW, WeIasInIwin W, SHEWCHUK, WI1II'Tord LYDIA SIDJAK, Hee? EVELYN F. SILK, Edmonton H. SINGLETON. Edrnonfcn J. SKAKUN, Tw-:I I-IJIIa F. F. SMITH, Edmonfivn IVA E. SMITH, Edmorvon J. B. SMITH, TaIbo? MARY A. SMITH, HiII Sprung si, W. SMITH, Edmonton ELAINE STEED, Cafdghgn ALETHEA STEWART, Edm:+nI3n M. BETTY STOKOE, Manihpr ELEANOR STOLEE, Camrcs-9 MARY STOLTZ, SiIvE-r Helqhfs F, J. STOREY, Edmonfon MARY STRATTON, Edrnonfon W. D. SULLIVAN, Nernislam E. TWIN BUIIE' J. A. TEELING. Edr-nonfon J. WALASHYN MABLE WALLACE, ManoIa AMELIA NNERBISKY, Edmgmxin W, J. WETTER, FIQQI T MARY S. WHITE, Medicine Ha' R. J. WILLIS, EdmQnIIJn A. D. G, YATES, Edmonfon C. E. YEOMANS, Biaclie PI-IYLLIS YOUNG. Edmgnfcn Ghird 'Hear J ACHTYMICHUK, Smoky LaIe A. ACKROYD. Cardsmn R. D. ARMSTRONG, Edmsnffn J. M. BLACK CLAIRE B. BONNELL. Edmonfon J. BRACCO, Rad. Hof Sprlnqz, W. M, BROOKS, Cardsfon R. H, CANNIFF, Prcvosf EDITH J. CARDIFF, Bon Ac-:ord P. COLLINS, Rirnbey G. M. COOK, Edmonfon RUTH 6. CROMARTY, CaIqary D. B. DACK, Taber ROSE T. FEWCHUK, Edmcrnmn J. T. FINK, Falun J. B. FISHER. Edrnordon MARGARET SANS, FaIrview Education - Chircl 'Hear L 5 . x A 0 Cl .Q-vi 'Y 4 . 3' LA f CQ 1' F JEANNE B. GAULD, Edmonlon J. M. GOODE, Calqary R. M. HILL, Leslieville M. S. HOLTSMAN R, HORNER, Blaine Lalre. Saslc. N. HRYNYK, Edmonfon A. I-IUTCHINSON, Evansburq ETHEL M. KING, Calgary MARY KOMHYR, Spedden MURIEL F. KYLE, Edmonfon J, H. LAZELLE, Calgary M. LETERSKY, Waslmafenau L. F. LINDBERG, Eclmonfon D. H. LOUDEN, Calgary THERESA MCCARTHY, Edmonfon J. H. MCCLURE, Ohafon N. MacDONALD, Edmonlon J. D. MacLEOD, Foresrburq J. H. MARSHALL, Innlsfail C. A. MAY, Edmonfon O. C. MIX, Vulcan GWEN E. MOLNAR, Edmonfon ELLEN M. L. MOREN, Elk Poinf GLADYS E. MOREN, Elk Poinf H, E. NEWSOM, Lacornbe LOIS NICHOLS, Black Diamond S. E .L. POLLOCK, Red Deer D, POTTER. Calqary ANNE PROKOPIUK, Two Hills MARION PUFFER, Lacombe O. D. RUDKO, Waslcalenau MIRIAM E, SEALE. Eclmonlon A. SHEREMATA, Eqremonf JJIJE SIGSWORTH, Edmonlon E. M. SIMBALIST J. SONEFF, Irma T. A. TARIO, Michichi LAURA M. TOWNSEND, Gadsby AUDREY WELDON. Athabasca MARIE C. WILFART, Fenn CAROL WILLIAMS, Edmonfon LORNA E. WRIGHT, Edmonfon G, ZYTARUK, Smoky Lake C1 CI Q u cl a Gracluates P, ANf'REWSfB.Sj,, I.-.' In ' P. H. BI?UNfAGfEvBA fan 'Md NI ,I ENQLISII--BS' CQJ13 A. GINSBERG-BS Ca 43" D. W. LQGAINIfBS Caja' C H RHOE'ESfErX. Bmw' NV, XI,ISf'XI'7E CT' IVI.nI Q O 0 q'2ou-Laracluatmg Semors A. FIIZPAIRICI-fxr' f- 3- P fl V ,if NV-E. I'If'.RTIvIr3.NfL3.'., Edm' 'W C. fx, M,j1,KQNEI.1fQYh,.-.m Evlfe' Jw? G. -I. IVIa',CfNI,LI,IM7Sf 1"' HE, NI 7' B. E MfNXVVEI,LfS I'-Y 3. Ein r R, ROCII- WCII:IC+IQ"w 'I K1 IJ, STCIIJSIIVJ r C S 9'X sf is A ,ah 'T' GR v-1 X IUUdGl'Ql'3dLl3tQS ' 9 K EELS?-IEIM-Ev: 2, Cf P Law Q B'f'RN'!ICI-EGL. 2 I" win- A F5IP E-,I 3 E GEL I E2-Egg A, Cffwgaw IJIILPIIIEEINI 'EFAIIIHIAIN4-F"' I FEW' 'I i HFIJgjINf--F" I IXJHTEI1 ,I LAW ,C H I E-if r' C LEIICH' f-fvf, S SLI,-" r I -J 6 IvIa,f'f'IIALl -A" fx 3 I FLM fl IxA'INTWPE--Efz I Eim 'Ijn ,IQYCE MCIRRISW-,fkrf I Eiwivw' In Z. P. OPZEI.-Av, 8 SI .L-nw 2 Edrvcn n W' PPESI-EIIXIG-AWE 3 S: ate I C3 I?fEIfNLI.ACI'fF'Iwarr'w. 2 Edm r-Ign N A. SEIVIELI,IIK7Av'+i 5 Sflf,-H-,Q I, V Ima I S'IILESfI5'Imfm I W M SIEEN-Pew. 2, I'lEV'1'.IIIz?, Mgr. G, TRAVIS-Arte F1 Sfmmge- 2, Nye' W IYEfEmg I. Eo'Tv.:n r W4 VIR.I'LIEfEr1q, 3 MARYLECRA WGOD-Arfs. 81 SLI I, Ddfbdry S. H. I, Raymond I The men who fry +0 do someihing and fail are in1'ini+ely beHer fhan 'Ihose who hy +0 do no+hing and succeed. -Lloyd Jones. One Hundred and Forty-four Engineering X Q Q X ' A S ' N AW N n vm By ba A 1I Y J ' Hs' ' , f fn' XX FI d h f hdh d fa '--in Enqineering Students' K Societg WiTh The largesT enrolmenT OT Engineers in campus hisTOry The ESS. had one OT iTs mosT evenT- Tul years. lvleeTings were held every Three weeks where Talks and Tilms On The various engineering subiecrs were given. The guesT speakers included LT. Colonel C5ranT, PresidenT OT The Engineering ln- sTiTuTe OT Canada. The Queen campaign was The mOsT hoTly conf TesTed in ESS. hisTory and was climaxed by The appearance OT eighT candidaTes aT a regular meeT- ing. The engineers conducTed Themselves in True sTyle and whisTled only aT The rnosT noTiceable Things. AlThOugh The Drill Hall sTill remains, The TenTh Annual Engineers Ball is over. Queen OT The year, l3aT ScoTT, was crowned aT The mOsT successTul Ene gineers Ball in The hisTOry OT U. OT A. ln The TOoTball parade The Engineers TlOaT won The cup which The Aggies had dOnaTed. The Engineers inTerTac hockey Team came Through in True Torm, copping inTerTac honors. ln baskeTball The Team was iusT edged OuT in The Tinals. Treasurer, Harry NewTonq President Bob Spencer: Vice-President Ned Newhall The Webb Memorial Papers were good This year and TirsT prize wenT TO Jim Wallbridge. Dave Burnham and Bob Reynolds were close behind. The year was climaxed by The annual elecTiOns and banqueT aT The Mac. A very capable execuTive Tor The I948-49 session includes PresidenT Don Dick and Vice- PresidenT Harold Morrison. ..-f4f""' Her Royal Highness, PaT ScoTT, Queen of The Ball, poses for our camera The E.S.S. in acTion! Plans a'fooT Tor The Ball One Hundred and Forty-six R. J. ARNOLD, Calgary J. BASARABA, Smolcy Lake A. BATCHELLER, Edmonfon D. R. BENTLEY, Allwabasca W, BERESTOVY, Edmonfon A. J. R. BERQUIST, Carseland L. C. BOHLMAN, Leduc A. L. BORDULA, Hanna E. H. BRADLEY, Edmonfon G. S. BRANT, Edrncnfon R. BUCKELL, Edmorlfon C. G. CHINNECK, Edmonlon M. CHORNOPYSKY, High PraIrIe H. A. COFFIN, Edmonlon C. C, COLLINS, Calgary J. H. COOK, Edmonron N. C. COOKE, Comox, B.C. J. W. COX, Fincher Creelc W. P. CUSACK, Edmonton J. O. CUTHBERTSON, Red Deer A. B. DAVISON, Edmonlon W. J. DE COURSEY, Rimbey J. DOCKERY, Edmonlon I. W. DUNCAN, Edmonlon L. S. EARP, Calgary A. S. ENGMAN, Turin S. O. FON6, Wayne E. M. FOO, Edmonfon T. H. FRANCE, Vancouver, B.C. H. P. FUCHS. Morinville G. GAUTHIER, Edmonlon G. H. GAVEL, Connor Creelr G. W. GLAHOLT, Edrnonron W. J. GREGG, Rycrofl N. A. HAMILTON. Calgary C, B. HANSFORD, Edmonlzln J. J, HEANEY, Edmonlon L. R. HOBSON. Calgary D. HOWDEN, Calgary A. HRAPKO, Edrnonfon M. E. HUNTER, Edmonlon W, A. R. JOHNSTON, Drurnlweller G. W, JULL. Calgary J. S. KEATS, Edmonton J. S, KENNEDY, Calgary M. KINASH, Luscar J. W. KING, Edmonfon J. KLIMCHUK, Rosedale M, R. KRYS, Edmonlon R. P. LANGELL W. C. LAURESHEN, Calgary T. W. LAVIOLETTE, Edson H. G. LIKUSKI, Edmonfon T. LIPINSKI, Wanlwarn G. H. LUCK, Edmonfon J. H. MCCLELLAND, Islay R. D. MCCOLL, Lellwbridqe D. K. MacDONALD, Edmonron G. J. MacDONALD, Edmonton J. A. MACDONALD J. P, MCINTYRE, Coleman Applied Science--First 'Hear +?x Applied Science---First 'Hear si rwf' X 6-0 GU-"P: Z4 Q . ,J . .? P ' If. Ai' I C575 I 5, 'IPM' ' .4 IL4 C.: A. MacKINNON J. K. MADILL, Edmonfon D. C. MAVEETY, Edmonion H. MERONEK, Lacorey R, B. MILLER. Carmangay T, E. MILNER L, R. MISKEW, Mundare P. NAI-IAIOWSKI, Thorhild G. L. NOREM, EdmonIon J. A, NOWAK, Munson J. D. O'CONNOR, Edmonlon J. H. PARKER, Didsbury R. PETERS, Calgary 6. A. PETERSON, Calgary A. H. PHILLIPS, Calgary N. PLISHKA, Mannville R, G. POWELL, Calgary R. H. REYNOLDS, Calgary J. C. RICHARDSON, Strasbourg C. D, RICHMAN, Edmonfon B. A. ROSENBAUM, Calgary G. W. ROY. Lefhbridge W. H. SLATER, Edrnonfon W. SLEMKO, Coaldale K. SOUTHWOOD, Calgary G. SPACKMAN, Raymond P. STRASHOP, Sf. Michael H. A. STRUM, Edmonlon W. TACIUK, Chip Lalce W. TEMOEEYCHUK. Edrnonfon D. TEVIOIDALE, Edmcnion G. THOMEYSSON, Edmonron W. TIDY. Beiseker R. TIPPER, Byemoor J. TODD, Calgary R. TROTTIER, Edmonton K. WELSH, Calgary 6. WEST, Calgary S. WHETSTONE A. WHITE, Drumheller J. WIBER, Edmonfon A. WILLIAMS, Marie HIII, Sailm. L. ZERR, Edmonfon Second 'Hear W. ADAIR, Edrnonfon E. L. ALEXANDER, Edmonlon J, A. ANDERSEN E. W. APPELT, Edmonlon V. M. APPELT, Edmonlon H. G. ATKIN, Alfario G. A. BAIN, Vancouver, B.C. J. A. BARNES, Edrnonlon L. 6. BARNES, Calgary B. G. BARTLETT, Eclmonfon H. T. BEARE, Calgary E. BELIK, Coleman R. E. BELL, Calgary E. W. BERGESON, Edmonfon G. A. BERRY, Vicforia, B.C. M. R. BLAKE. Blairmore B. BOBYK, Canmore A. V. J. H. J. S. BOETTCHER. Edmonion E BOHME. Edmonlon E. BOUCHER, Edrnonlon A. BOWMAN, Higl1 River B. BOWRON. Calgary M. F. BRADFORD. Calgary F. L. P. C. C. 6. E. C. J. R. E. J. N. D. H. H. M M N. R. E. P. J. E. J. M. BROCK, Edrnonlon A. BRODDY, Barrlneacl S. BROWN, Edmonfon A. BUCKHOLZ, Redclill C. BURWASH, Scoff, Saslc. N. CAMPBELL, Edmonlon l. CAREFOOT CARRICK, Edmonlon L. CARVETH, Grande Prairie G. CAUSGROVE. Edmonlcn C. CHALMERS, Broolrs CHAPA, Boyle CHERNIWICHAN. Walwslao L. CLARK, Lerlnbridge C. CQLWELL. Edmonton D. CQNNOR. Chinoolc J. COTTERIL, Easf Coulee L. COULSON, Edmonlon W. COULSON, Edmonlon C. CROCKER, Edrnonfon K. CUTLAN, Sylvan Lake H. DACK. Calgary E. DAVIS. Lellwbridge MCM. DAWSON, Clrampit-n DEFIR, Clwerlwill D. A. de WCLFF, Vanccuyer. B.C. W. A. DEXTER. Calgary J. D. J. T. J. C. R. A. H. R. A. F. l. Cr. L. F. R. A. I. R. M J. F. H. C5 T. C. J. D. F. J. T. M J. S. S. DlER, Ramsey D. DINGLE, Calgary DORISH, Willingdori S. DOUGLAS. Calgary DUNKIN, Calgary W. DUMKA, Calgary Cv. DUTHIE, Lellwbridge E. EGGLESTONE, Calgary ELHORN. Edmonlon E. ELLESTAD. Red Deer B. ESTRIN, Edmonton L. FENWICK, Calgary G. FlNLAY, Edrncnlon S. FINLEY B. FLGWERS. Edrnonlon R. FREEBORN, Calgary VV, l:RlESEN. Edrnonron C. GIBBARD. Ololols B. GILLMORE, Picardyille B. GODWIN, Calgary GOLDENBERG. Cairo. Egypf W. GRAINC-E, Edmonfon GRANT, Hillcresr T, C-REAVES, Evansburg A. HADLINGTON. Lellnbridqe J. HALL, Edmonlon R. HANSEN, Benfley D. HARPER, Calgary W. HARVEY, Barrlnead C. HARVEY, Edrnonlon E. HARVEY, Edmordon M. HARVEY D. HAWKES, Edmonton W. HAWTHORNE, Edmonron HAYDEN, Owlseye "za, 45' r-' sfx ""'33 :LQ X. 3955" W fs.- ,095 -., 454741 A . ,,,. ns BNI rx-'S Pipplied Science---Second 'Hear Applied Science---Second 'Hear "'!1!'fi 3 'IX ,df 7 .f ...A ff' L. Q -fl 5 L . if -4 Q:- I :AN Q . ax .T- 9 vp- .1 I J 7-85- .LRG N has tr' ,f' .av--A ,V ,Q 1 'LQ v .il X ,' ' 'BCI f - .I 2 ak 25- 'unf- 91.5. I5-rf'5-?f'5- 'U J. J. W. S. E. HENDERSON. M. HENRY, Le+Iwbridge M. C. HENRY. Edmonfon C. HERBERT, Edmonlon E. HLAVAY, Minnelwilc L. HOGGE, Okofoks HUDZ, Sexsmilh G, l-IUTCHEON E. IRVING, High River JOHNSTON, Helmsdale JONES, Lefhlnridge W. KELLY, Pinclwer Creelc E. R. C. KENNEDY, Edmomon J. KENNEDY, Calgary D. KENNER, Redland E. KLOHN, Edmonlon N. KNOWLES, Calgary R. KONCOHRADA, Fawcelf A. KOWALCHUK, Edmonlon A. KOWALCHUK, Alliabasca M. KUTYN, Edson B. LACEY, Edmonlon 6. LANOMAN, Edmonlon P. LARBALESTIER, Blairmore V. LARSON, Calgary J. LAWRENCE, Lacombe G. LAYCOCK, Calgary H. E. LEITCH, Arrowwood D. E. LENTZ, Edmonlon W LENCUCHA, Blairmore W LEWICKY. Spedden R. W. LOCKIE. Edmonlon J. LONG, Lomond D. G. LOVE, Calgary M. LUFT, Calgary W. LYMBURNER, Camrose O. MQDADE, Hillcresl J. MCDONALD, Edmonfon J. D. MCDONALD, Calgary R. MacMlLLAN. Edmonion D. MQNICHOL, High River W. MACENKO, Calgary K. MADSEN, Edmonlon M. MALONE, Edrnonfon Cr. MANSON. Edrnonion J, MATHESON, Edmonlon M. MAYER, Edmonlon J. MEAGHER, Edmonfon 6. MERRILS M. MILLAR, Edmonlon K. MILLIONS, Edmonlon J. MILNER, Edrnonlon W. A. MOORE, Edrnonlon B, L. MOREAU, Bonnyville H. L. MORRlSON, Edrnonlon A. G. NOREM, Edmonlon G. OLSON, Edrnonlon N. ORR V. W. OSBALDESTON, Fl. Sasl N. A, PARRY, Red Deer J. PASCOE, Suiclield D. A. PETERSON, McCord, Sas E. L. PHILLIPS, Calgary R. M. PIERCE, Calgary D. B. PORTER, Brooks L. S. PRICE, Crossfield L. A, PRIEUR, Calgary C. J. PRIMEAU, Winnipeg, Man J. F. PROBERT, Alcurve J. S. G. R. E. 5. A. A. PROUDFOOT. Chinook RAGAN, Edmonron R. RAISBECK. Easf Coulee LEON RASKIN, Edmonfon R. REINELT, Tupper Creek, B.C. RICHARDSON, Calgary D. ROBSON, Edmonfon W. H. ROLSTON, Edmorwon G R. L. ROUTH, Leilwloridge RYALL, Calgary W. SACUTA, Leo F. J. L. K. F. J. D. SAX, Edrnonron O. SCARBOROUC-H J. SCHULTE, Killam P. SHEERAN 5. SHERRIFE, Jasper SHUMIATCHER, Calgary W. SIDJAK, Fleer J. SKLAR, Edmonton W. C. SMART, Edmonlon R. R. R. A. M E. R. 6 W. SMITH, Edmonton E. SMITH, Nobleford E. SOUIRE, Edmonfon STODALKA H. STOUT, Edrnonfon L. STROUD, High River J. TAYLOR, Calgary E. TRAUB, Edmonfon T. J. TRIMBLE, Moose Jaw, Saslc. W. C. TRIMBLE, Calgary R. R. H. UMBACH, Cochrane W. UNDERHILL, Calgary W. WANAT, Edmonton W. G. WATT, Calgary D. C R. T. L. N J. P. M J. J. C A L. H H R. W N. D. B. D. W C. A. M W C. WEBB, Conrich H. WEIR, Louglneed H. WILDE, Welling M. WILSON, Crlwosf Pine Creelr YAKIMOWICH, Edmonlon YOSHIDA, Ends-rby, B.C. R. YOUNG, Rosemary YURKIW, SI. Miclnael YURKO, Edmonlon Chird 'Hear C. ALLWORTH, Edrnonfon ZOWTIAK, Slnaughnessy E. AMIES, Edmonlon B. AMUNDSEN, Clareslwolm W. ANDERSON, Edmonton D. ARCHIBALD, Red Deer BAILEY, Calgary E. BAILEY, Walerlon Lalres . BALKE. Edmonlon BARBER, Edmonlon BEAIRSTO. Sedgewiclc C. BELL, Edrnonfon A. BERNARD, Edmonfon . L. BIOS, Edmonion R. T. BINGLEY, Calgary A. BISHOP, Calgary . R. BLACKADAR, Edmonfon . BLAIR. Rose Lynn 5.63 'Q ,J ,,--Q - -. cs. - ...av .Y L- . 53'- V, --4, Nl SN. 'Ai Ei I ,f YY -ev' TQ' 329' Pkpplied Science---Second 'Hear . Applied Science Chird 'Hear 'YN "v- GNN- ff 'fm Q A stem -HQ, xu'XQs '-as . iw FMS wg ANS J -.Q , .n..,., .fm Nix, 'fm- .-L T7 D. F. BOND, Regina, Saslc. R. N. BOWER. Sfraflwmore T. R. BRAITHWAITE. Red Deer D. E. BRESSEY, Edmonfon W. BROUGHTON, Medicine Hal R. S. BUE. Edrnonlon H. A. BURNS, Didsbury L. L. BUSSARD, Welaslciwin E. H. CALDWELL, Edmonlon G. G. CAMPBELL. Senlac, Saslc. W. G. CAMPBELL, Edmonfon W. A. CHMILAR, Edmonfon D. A. CLARKE, Le+lwbridqe P. A, CLARKE. Edmonfon V. R. COX, Edmonfon D. R, CRAIG. Macleod R. F. CUMMER, Calgary A. A. DANE. Edmonion G. F. S. DAVIS, Leflwbridge J. S. DENlS. Midlandvale J. T. DENLEY, Edmonfon A. V. DEUGAU, Edmonfon P, W. DOCKERY, Calgary F. R. DORWARD, Edmonlon M. E. DOUGHERTY, Calgary J. J. EATOCK, Brigl'1+ Banlc l. C. EDWARDS R. 6, ERIKSON. Blairmore L. M. FAIBISH, Edmonlon W. L. J. FALLOW, Edrnonlon J, D. FELLOWS, Edmonlon N. B. FLAVIN, Edmonfon D. J. FOREST, Edmonlon T. F. FORMAN, Calgary F. M. FOSTER, Wabanum R. LITCHFIELD, Raymond R. A. GOLISS, Edmonlon O. E. GUNN, Edrnonlon H, K. HAM, Edrnonlon F. A. HANNING. Mannville J. M. HANSON, Namalca V. HARMS, Edmonfon E. L. HARRISON, Calgary W, E. HAWKINS, calgary G. HEANEY. Edrnonlon S. L. HENDERSON, Edmonlon W. H. HOLMES, Edmonlon D. P. HOWELL, Calgary J. R. HUME, Bashaw M. HUNKA, Edmonlon VV. HUNKA, Edmonfon D. G. HYMAS, Rosebud S. M. ISTVANFFY, Syringa W. G. JEWITT, Trail, B.C. A. F, JOHNSON. Edmonton W. R. JOHNSON, Edmonfon K. C. JOHNSTONE, Edrnonfon O. JUNKER, Edmonfon P. E. KELLY, Berwyn R. E. KEYES. Medicine Hal K. M. KNIGHT, Woollord J. T. KOKOTAILO, Willingdon M. KOSLOWSKI, Walcaw, Sask I. J. KRPAN, Edson Y. H, LEFEBVRE. Edmonfon P. LEONIDAS, Edmonfon G. W. LEWIS, Acadia Valley W. L. LINDBERG R. LITCHFIELD J. E. 6 H. J. A, R, E. H. R, N. J, W V. l-l. W V. W T. W. R. E. S. D. J, R. G. E. D. D. A. F. E. F. N. R. A. W. H. F. R. J. J. E. LYLE, Edmonlon J. W. MCCONNELL, Calgary E. MCCORMACK. Edmonton H. MQCREEDY, Edmonlon F. MCINTYRE, Coleman S. MCLATCHIE. Calgary W. MCQUEEN, Edmorvlon MADSEN, Clany E. MATHER. Edmorxlfm J. MATTHEWS. Calgary R. MILLAR B. MILLER, Edmonmn . K. MILLER, Edmonlorv R. MILLER, Edrnonlon M. MILLETT, Blalrmore .l'l. MILLEY. Coleman P. MILO. Easf Coulee .J. MONKMAN, Calgary E. MORIMCTQ, Edmonlon B. MORRISON, Calgary F. MOYSE, Red Deer E. NEWHALL, Calgary NIXON, Edmonfon M. NOREM, Edmonlon R. O'BRIEN, C-rlmslraw J. OGILVIE. Edmonfon J, OLSTAD, Edmonlon M. OVERN, Edmonlon V. PARKER, Lellvbridge J. PARRY, Edmonlon A. M. RATTON, Edmorvltw D. PRIESTLY, Reqlna. Saslr. E. RROVCST, Edmc-nlorx RABUSIC, Raymond L. RElD. Edmonl-in G. REID, Edmonlcw W. RIDDELL, Gleichen J. RIVA, Eclrrwonltrrr E. ROGERS, Calgary A, RONAGHAN, Edmorvlon D. A. ROSSER, Calgary RUPTASH, Hairy Hill R. RUTBERG. Eclmanron W. SALAMANDICK. Royal Rarl M. S. SCHELER. Eoreslburq R . SCHMIDT, Edmonfon W. H. SEAGER, Edmonlon J. G. L. R. J, J. L. F, R. C. J. A. R. W H. W M A. D. W. SHARRE, Calgary R. SHIRLEY. Edmomon SMITTEN, Edmonlon STOLLERY, Edmonlorx W. STRANGE. Czar A. STRETTON, Lellwbrldqe F. SWANN, Calgary S. B. THOMPSCN. Calgary S. TRUSSLER, Edrrvorwrorv TYRRELL, Edrr1OnlOn W. UIBEL. Cardslon G. UNDERHILL, Calgary A. UNDERHILL. Calgary D. USHER, Scollard VAN CAMP, Marwayne W. VIRTUE, Edmonlon E. WAKAL, Edmorwron L. WHITEHEAD, Clareslwolrn M. WOLCOTT, Ponolra 99,1 -3- as 5, 'S' f-. A Q34 Q-"TP Q' we S gv ,1- wk Q5 V. x 433' Applied Science---Chird 'Hear aa Sly .Lit mvrrw, ,AT x rr M - a ...4 S -Q E? F XX if - uk . wax . .qw-A The s+omach is a slave 'lhaf musf accepf every+hing fhal' is given 'lo i+, buf which avenges wrongs as slyly as does ihe slave. -Emile Souves+re. One Hundred and Fifty-four 'House c. -, ,1 A ef f Q9 in W f N ,- Xp .fell W :NN Wi' ww X gi .Aa ww .f '74 guy X X XY Q' L.f9fw X xo , ' X .S in ZX, 1 fi X .11:1':Y'E'5?-Q! W 'X Q X f '3 1 g A Q 2 XS f Y' I -13:2 :-:dgrg X ,P sf'i1:2:' f .4 . -3: Q Sia m TZ , ' 9 -Q-2225: -- 1 2: .5 1 2, 1547. X!! 7 -- df 'gin 2 Q? ,-Lgigg-?i1?.zq2E11:: xx Vi K 1-L i -3 QQ. X ' f fiikgr 'W X' V! SEER 1 f , ,ff f 117' ' 1 3 gsffff8'!uII,M N " -'Q "Cf, , wffvwf 'Eff .L Qf -- 'K f -43 i 51767 Zff ff i f I f ' g 1 .. f , .- 2 x K 1 ' f Z I ff" A X ' , f ' K: gn , J? . 'Z f " -' M --Zif- To boille Hue chickens wi+h fhe marybones, And poudre marchan+ +ar+ and galyngale. One Hundred and Ffty fnve X l--s-L. sv- Q- 'lb'f'QQb i 'Q VJ The House Eccer's and lheir men enioying fhe House Ec. Formal 'I-louse c. Club Under lhe capable leadership ol Belly Harris, The House Ec. club has again es- 'ralalishcd ilsell as one ol lhe busiesl organ- izalions on fhe campus. 'Nulrilion is our business" was lhe slogan under which ihe House Ec. lloal 'rravellod in The loolball parade. Holding a fashion show wilh lilleen members ol lhe club modelling fall and winler fashions was one ol lhe highllighls ol lhe year. During lhe Red Cross blood donor's campaign, lhe House Ec. "food brigade" was always on hand wilh delicacies lo soolhe 'rhe souls of lhose brave people who cheerfully gave lheir 350 c.c's. Dancing lo gay music and soll' lighls, we held our annual formal on March 5+h, in lhe Educalion Building. Hon. Presidenf, MISS H. MCINTYREQ Presiclenl, BETTY HARRlSg Vice-Presidenf, NORMA SMITH: Sec.-Trees., PEGGY KENDRICKg Frosh. Rep., LOIS SKORUPSKIg Sporls Rep., JOAN ORNOLD. 1- .1 . yffwsi r ' ? U. ,., ..' 'ma X41-7 A L, - 1 .34lQ.,A,,,,,. , , if L.. vm The pause 'lhaf refreshes. The Ed. caf. filled wifh people lingering over cigarelfes and coffee One Hundred and Fiftyasix 'Flrst 'Hear MARGUERITE BAKER, DeIburne JOSEPHINE M. BAYDUZA, BawIT MARY H. BEATTIE, Orlmshaw AUDREY COPPOCK, ECIWIIIB ISOBEL FERGUSON, Edmonic-n WILDA FITCH, CaIqary N. FLEDDERJOHN. CaIqary J. E. FRASER, Koofenay Bay, BC. J. OOROICHUK, KaIeIarrd DORIS GALE, Calgary BETTY OOWDY, Shepard BETTY HOOD, OI:-Dicks JEAN HYMAS, Roeebud EIKO IWASHITA, Edmonhan SYBIL JOHNSTON, CaIgary HELEN LESKIW, Derwerd NORRINE LUTES, Medicine Haf RITA MCCORMICK, Edmonfcm J. MCCUTCHEON, Edmorwforr F. MACKENZIE, WainwrIqI'xI VICTORIA MISKEW, Edmontrm ROBINA NEAL, CaIqary M. A. PAPOE, Medidrre Ha? MARY PARKINSON, OIds ARLENE PETAYS, TanfaIII3-W, SMI, ADELINE PHILLIPS, CaIqary BERNICE REED, Nardeqg ELEANOR RONN, CaIqary K. PAT SCOTT, ECImQrvfor1 M, SCOUGIALL, Madesd PATRICIA SELDON, Edrn RUTH SHEARER, CaIqary LOIS SKORURSKI, Edmxirrvjm AUDREY SMITH, Wamwfrqhr E. WANNAMAIKER, CIaresI'r:Im Second 'Hear M. ARCHIBALD, Edrrvordorr JOAN ARNOLD, CaIgary HELEN BAWOL, TI'IorI'1iId MARIE BROOKS, CaIgary D. CARNOCHAN, Edmonfcrrw ELIZABETH DONALD, Edmzrrrrfrm LILA ENGBERG, Calrnar SHEILA FORREST, Narrion BLANCHE EORTIER, Sf. Pa1.I M. C. JOHNSON, Edmonfon M, KENDRICK, Edmonfcm ADA-JEAN KOTCH, Shauqhneasy MARTHA MCCOY, Edmorvfon E. MACDONALD, CaIgary DOLORES MILLER, Edmonforw JOYCE MORRIS, Edrnontorr MARY MORRISON, Canoe, BC. MARY MUNRO, DmmI'veIIer CATHERINE NEIGHBOR, Jasper AUDREY PATERSON, Lefhbridqe DOREEN PORTER, CaIgary AMELIA RANDLE, HIQI1 River MYRNIE SANDS, Wesflocl LAZELLE SAUDER, Sfrafhmare JEAN SMITH, Edmorrfon SHARON SPRUN6, CaIqary HELEN TAYLOR, HaIIcIrIc GWEN UNDERHILL. Calgary LOUISE WILSON, Edmonfan SHIRLEY WILSON, Lacerrwbe SONIA WOYTKIW, Mundare N. YORK, Chapman Camp, BC. fi-louse EC "Oh, whal shall l be al' fif+y Should nalure lreep me alive lf I find +he world so biHer When l am bul' fwenfy-five?" --Tennyson. One Hundred and Fifty-eight e medical Sciences - I g.?.- iigf ?Qf'7xEi'111i?Y K :ff Q f in Mafia - 1- - e A, 1 nffifl,ff?fe2eQ N 4 21 Q A Ln MHZ f 212 f y J J f M94 ""L f ' T, E f2:5i.i Y,y f if -if if 1, ag ix Gefmw M- 9 wi Cz QQ ff -as ffm- fl, Q an W A f M My M 17 'Qi ,wi-if 59551 4-sail nf 4 gf? ff:- fl, X 5 N352 K, :QL -fees: if ' ff? 6 'S Yl - Q ,1 4 512-". 554. EZ-Sf' ' f 5503 ' W ,E "Q ' i' -' 49 '4ZZZl2 lb j 5392522 Y ' EK, Hg, ' Ol ' J i 1A.., n n f e yi He knew +l'1e cause of everich maladye, Were if hoo+ or coold, or woysfe, or drye, To speke of phisik and of surgerye. One Hundred and Fnfty nme ..,..,i-- il ' i X' 'V l l i i 1 r, ' X. - ,-i 'r fl if .M , .x AN all Don Hicks, Virginia Cooke and Ken Boyd discussing The blood donors drive The IQ47-48 Term began wiTh a mosT successTul in- iormal dance aT The Trocadero, held in coniuncTion wiTh The DenTal Undergrad SocieTy To welcome The TirsT year sTudenTs. In November, Ernie ShorTliTTe, Al l-lepburn and Bob RoberTson aTTended The llTh annual conicerence oT The Canadian AssociaTion oT Medical STudenTs and lnTernes lCAMSll in KingsTon. A ioinT comrniTTee OT The Canadian Medical AssociaTion, CAMSI and Canadian l-lospiTal AssociaTion was Tormed Tor The purpose oT invesTigaTing ThaT well known problem oT inTerne economics. ATTer ChrisTmas, a proposed change oT course was pre-senTed To The sTudenTs Tor discussion, and laTer was nccepTed by an overwhelming maioriTy. STarTing imme- eclical Unclergraduate Societg EXECUTIVE PRESTDENT .--..., ,,..,. .. ...,,,.,,,, ALLAN T-TEPBURN VICE-PRESIDENT ...c ,,,,., PERRIN BAKER SECRETARY ,,., ,,,.. FRED SPACKMAN diaTely, This course is designed To gracluaTe sTudenTs aTTer Tour years oT medicine, making all inTerning posT-gradu- aTe. The required number OT Teaching hours will be ob- Tainecl by sTarTing cerTain years aT The beginning oT Sep- Tember, and lengThening The Term To June I5Th. AT M.U.S. meeTings This year several guesT speakers were heard, and weekly Tilms on a large varieTy OT sub- iecTs were seen. The annual Med. Ball was held in March in honor oT Two graduaTing classes, boTh TourTh and TiTTh years re- ceiving Their M.D.'s in The spring. The annual Medical banqueT and dance was held in The Macdonald T-loTel, and was a greaT success. The guesT speaker oT The evening was Dr. W. F. Gillespie. Regisfrar G. B. Taylor aids a good cause . . . The Red Cross Blood DonaTion Drive " an--s OperaTions on parade. The Meds perform Their work oufdoors One Hundred and Sixty 'Dental Undergraduate Societg 1 far-e 4 X, . Hon. Vice-Presidenl ,,.,. Dr. Wm. Quigley Presidenf ,,,,,,,,,,, ..- Gordon Roberhon Secrelary-Treasurer W... Melvin Bauman SOCIAL COMMITTEE SPORTS Henry Hoplrins Viclor Chalwin Reid Lamb Viclor Kuzylc Chalmers McNichol Douglas Allen Lloyd Kiorven Ronald Paymenl PUBLICITY GEOVQS Clarke Dean of Denlisiry John Harms W. S. l'lAMlLTON Wilh The largesl regislralion in The hislory of 'rhe Facully of Denlislry, lhe Denial Undergraduale Sociely has had a successful year. Through lhe able leadership of Dean l-larnillon and slalll, classes and laboralories reached a successful complelion despile crowded condilions and laclc ol equipment Slahc and sludenls alike are looking forward lo lhe cornplelion ol lhe new Medical wing. This wing will afford a new lilly chair clinic. ll is hoped lhal lhis clinic will be operaling al lhe beginning ol lhe nexl lerm. l-lighlighl of social lunclions ol lhe sociely was lhe annual loanguel held al The Macdonald l-lolel lasl March. A lunclion ol greal inleresl was The lVl.U.S.- D.U.S. dance held al lhe Trocadero. This dance was well allrended by bolh lacullies and broughl alnoul a closer relalionship and underslanding be-'rween The Two socielies. NO. DOC-. 710+ again! Kiorven has Bray begging for mercy. The average person's nighimare-a well equipped demlal lab. One Hundred and Sixty-one Hon. Presidenl ,,,, Dr. W. ScoH Hamilfon 1 Vice-Presidenf ..., .-, John Rcseborough 4 Dentistrg 'First 'year J. V. CI-IATWIN, Edrnonfon M. E. CRANDALL, EdrnonIon T. DEMCO, Edrnonforl D. C. ELLIOTT, Edmonfon E. D. ERICKSON, Edmonfon S. FLEMING, Kenisflno, Sask. C. L, GULLEKSON. Walnwriqhl I-I, W. I-IELM, Edmonfon H. T. HOPKINS, BaIIIeTord, Sask. L. G. MANDIN, Duck Lake, Sask. C. J. MARRIOTT, Edrnonfon B. E. METCALFE, Lefhbridqe E. A. MITCHELL, Edrnonfon F. E. MOORE, Cranbrook, BC. G. W. MYERS. Edmonton B. I-I. PATERSON, Edmonron R.I-I. RIDDELL, Vancouver, HC. J. A. SHIELDS, Edmonron B. SMITH-WINDSOR. Indian Head, Sauk. G. W. STREET, Olds R. M. TORRIE, Edrnonfon W. ZACHERL, Bruno, Sask. Second 'Hear T. A. ALEXANDER, Nanfon L, E. AMONSON, Edmonfon I-I. S. BAKER, Edmonfon O. E. BARKER. Glenboro, Man. B. A, BISHOP, Edrnonfon J. M. CALVERT, Biqqar, Sask. D. DEADRICK, DIdsbury W, A. DENNIS, Vicforia, BC. J. E. EBY, BarTIeTord, Sask. R. EI-ILERT, Edmonfon J. GEDDES, Mllesfone, Sask. K. E. GEIS, Kelowna, BC. S. GEROLAMY, Rocanville, Sask A. S. GRAY, Lefhbridqe R. A. GRAY, Edmonfon I-I. A. GRIMSRUD, WernbIey L, A. I-IAC-SUE. Edrnonio-1 J. R. I-IARMS, CI'wIIIiwacI4, BC. W. H. I-IEWITT, Unify, Sask. I-I. R. KETTYLS, Edmonfon V, KUZYK, Edmonion R. D. LAMB, EdrnonIon J. C. LEWIS, Vancouver, BC. G. T. LINDSKOO6, Edrnonion B. A. LOW, CardsI'on I-I. L, MATKIN, Edmonfon A. A. MILLER, LIoydmins'rer, Sask K. L. MOYSEY, Esron, Sask. B. M. MGCKENZIE, SIeIIIer ROY MacMILLAN, Edrnonfon R. C. MCCLELLAND, Edmonmn C. T. MQCUNE, Empress J. A. MQGREGOR, ReqIna, Sask 6. D. MCIVER, WoIseIey, Sa5I1. 6. MCMURRAY, Edmonton G. A. PEARCE, Edmonton R. R. ROWE, Edmonton W, J. SIMPSON, Edmonfon A. SOKLOESKE, Medicine I-Iaf W. I. M. STEEN, KenvIIIe, Man. V The mechanics of Deniisfry. Second 'Hear D. K. STRATTON, Edmonfon Gr, C. SWANN, Calqary R. S. VAN ALSIINE, Edm:rr1+51 F, XVII-IAP, IYICII-'III6. Sail. J. E. YOUNG, Ednv-nffn I. ZACHARIAS, ERIE. Saef.. 'Ghird 'Hear D. N. ALLEN, Raymirnd W. BATIUK. Edmrgrwcrm K. A. BURNHAM, Cardeforu H. DEERING, Eduary, Sa:I.. L. F. HARRISON, Jazpor H. T. LARGE, YQrI':n, S521 C. T. MQNICEIOL, I'IIqIT River R. ROOI-IIVAY, Edm:-rafjrr L. A. RICHARDSON, Edmcrrrsn J. B. ROSEBOROIJOI-I. Prgrv AIbernl, HC. R. C. SILLS, Edrwc-rr?-:rn O. E. NNINLJSOR, Ifam2ar:I, Sai. T, VJIIBECR, Raym,ncI C. WORTS, Rf?dr:IrRe first 'Hear Okdicine EI. AEIAMSON, ErJrr1-,wr-'rr G. E. ALLIN, Edrrrimmn MCG. ALTON, Lemqmf S. I. BOORMAN, BIaIrm4:rrP R, CARMICI-IAEL, Edrrrznhgrr D. B. CODY Cerea' J. COOPER, Namaimi, B.C. R, JESTRLIBE. V.Q'Qrla, BC. If. R. EIZKORN, Edrrw-3-nfcn F. M. FORREST. CaIqary M. R, L, OIBNEY, CaIqary M. R. OILCHRISI, Edr' G. HANYINS, Cauqary I. HARDIN, Edrrm-nhirrr D. I-I. HENDERSON, Edmgwgw LJ. R. I-IORION, Vrctrra, BC, I-I. I. HLISTON, MacIegd J. W. IRVINE, Arre.. BC. M, JONES, Edmrgntn . L. JUDGE, Edmrirrwfri-rx E. I. C. KRYSKOW, Edmcnrgn D VV. D KYLE, Lefhbridqfi- E. G. LAPP, Edmrjrnrun R. I. MCCALLA, Edmonrgrn J. L. MCYEEN, Penticton, BC L. E. MCLEOD, Walmwrrqhf C. MacRAE, Edmrzrmin D. M. MILLER, LIr:rydrrrIni+er K. MILLER, EIL Point G. MOLNAR, CaIqary J. MONAOLE, BBQ., LoyaIlef A. MORRISON, SfeIIIer W. MIJDRY, CaIqary M. RALIVIER, Edmrirwfrjn J. RAVVLOWSIKLI, Edmirmrrirw B. RIERCE, WIIIYE- RQQL. B.C. J. A. REYNAR. Frirremoer W. J. RIDDLE, Edmorvcrn R. SCRAGO, Edmorrrcrn O. SHEPI-IERD, Calgary B. SPROIJLE, Edmonrr:-rr R. STANLEY, Edmonton J. E. TAYLOR, A?I1aba5ca D. WEBB, CaIqary D. WIJITMORE, DrumI1eIIer N. J. WIGHT, Edmonfon D. WILSON, Grande Prairie Dentistrg - medicine -1'-1 '43 cv .i""N ii? RQ. I . . ,...! Y medicine g... 4K AI.. 'J 'Y ,ii -.r xs- 'S'- -sk. r .X I bi -ff ' I 'f' 1 .. . 1 V T-W A ff? Q' .X ,- j L in A I- . Y. .. .F . .. A . .. v,AA X . G b S f ww 1, 'I .1 1. . 5 if 1 . . B . ,Q X V 5. . A vi ' I 'mf' . if ' 1 . 1. W Q -ff, ' I ff . '- ' -M . Ii . 4. 4 I - xvf . -. , , - 41: X 3'T1'5:':- iiiicig.-Q. . k .V . 1. . , Q V . I? ' 'i X 5, 2 ," .gf is : A - N em I Y' " . - J V - 3: ' -Q. , l Y vw 1j35"' , vt, M... 7 I I X I ff' - A : A-q t dr I A ' .e ff ' -. ' Y Ii M Iv , HJ- -I 2, . Q x A - ' EN I L hi, 1 I X if ' E' H, V- A-J-EM ff-, I , . 4:-. 2 - e J- " J ' ' -, , -r I ., ' 1 leazszs 'if 1... , 'P lx. ii -, 1 Tm F4 -Y I . r A , I M ff me J :S .. 1 . I is .-Y' I Vg - I . " J' Q . ' " ' ' x . . '- .Pax , I H I.. . . .fi .I 5 ,vip ' .: I - ' ' 1 A I I N 15,4 v ,- . . i 5 pb-5-bix.,,..-1.1 1 ' , ' i 'f , , . -' Sf .rf .L -aj' . :. I - 1, 5 I f .ww ' 1 AA ' '1Q2QQ1...'f if ni .V ' . A 'F ' if 2-14 L. ' . - I A " ' . . ...I ' first 'Hear F. L. EPP, D.D.S,, Edmonfon 6. EVANS, New Wesfminsfer. H. W. HANKINSON, Pr. Ruperf G, SMITH, Edmonfon M. L, SNELL, Edmonfon D. M. VVILLIAMSON, Edmonfon Ghircl 'Hear W. T. ARMSTRONG, Kimberly M. E. BAILEY, OIQOIOIQS H. E. BELL, Taber C. CHOUINARD, Paradise HiII D. F. COLTER, Edmonfon B. M. DLIN, Edmonfon P. DCYLE, Winnipeq, Man. N. F. DUNCAN. Edmonfon W. A, FALK, Vancouver, B.C. M. M. FRASER. Koofenay Bay, B.C. G, J, GIBSON, Edmonion M. HUNTER, EdmonIon D. KLASSEN, Swallweil W. R. N. LINDSAY, Edrnonfon L. MaCLEAN, Calgary W. MQCAULEY, Vicforia, B.C. E. MCCOY, Vicforia, B.C. J. MCCRACKEN, EdmonIon L. MAHER, CaIqary R. NATTRESS, Edmonion R. PARADNY, Edmonfon J. PECK, CoaIdaIe J. RARAGOSKY. Edmonfon E. SHECTOR, Edrnonron E. SI-IORTLIFFE, Edmonmn J. S, SKENE, CaIqary F. N. SPACKMAN, Sfirfinq H. M. TOUPIN, Leqal J. WESOLOWSKI. Edmonfon A. VVRIGHT, Edmonion Januarg Class :nurses JEAN BIBBY, Ednnonfon CATHERINE BIRD, Cut Knife BETTY COT, Cnr Knife, Sask. JANE EGLESTON, Caiqary LUCY FORTIER, Vimy DONALDA FRASER, Lloydminsier BETTY G-OOS, Edmon+on IRENE GREENWOOD, Edmonfon DOROTHY GRIFFITHS, Kaiipsell, MonIana JOAN GUMMESON, Edmonfon MELBY JOHNSON, Cadornin VERA LAKUSTA, EdrnonIon BETTY MacKAY, Dodsland, Sash. NADIA PORAYKO, Veqreville N. SHEARER, Black Diamond VIVIAN SILLS, Handel, Sask. ELSA SKIRROW, Edrnonfon BERNICE STINSON, Edrnonfon KATHERINE STRILCHUK. Round HiII LOIS STROUD, High River PRINILLA TOLLER, Edmonfon JEAN TORRIE, Tofield PHYLIS VANGO, Edmonion JULIE ZUBREY, Lefhbridqe VIOLA ZURCH, Edmonfon first 'Hear 'Degree LOIS BADGLEY, Ponolca EDNA DRAKE, Calgary OLIVE GERRARD, Fairview MARJ. I-IAMMETT, Edmonfon LOIS I-IANNA, Calgary BETSY HUNTER, Edmonfon KATIE LESKIW, Darwen? VVILMA LITTLE. Edmonfon MARION MacKAY, FairvIew M, MacLAREN, Sedqewick PAT. MacMILLAN, Lefhbridqe SHIRLEY MUNRO, Leduc JEAN NICHOLS, BIacIc Diamond ALBERTA OEL, CaIqary JOYCE PASSMORE, Edmonfon PAULINE RACETTE, Edmornion DORIS ROPER, RImbey MARGARET SMITI-I, We-Iasl-Iwin PI-IYLLIS TINNEY, CaIqary OLIVE TREMBLAY, MorirwvIIIe MARGARET TROTTER. MeCIICirue Har JEAN WILSON, Didsbury 'Eirst 'Hear 'Diploma ELEANOR ABELL GVJEN. BAILEY, BuI:IaIo Lakes ROTHA BAINES, CaIqary HELEN BERGMANN, Edmonfon MARGUERIIE BURNFIELD, Ardrossan G. CLARK, Meadow Lake, Sask. WINIFRED COX, NorII'v Srar DOROII-IY DODDS, Red Deer MARY DURNIN, Brandon, Marv, MARJORIE ELLS, RowIev AVIS FAIR, Paradise VaIIey VIOLA EAUILEY, I-Iiqh River GILDA GOBLE, CaIqary EDNA HALONEN, II1orI'1IIcI B. I-IANSEORD, Edmonfon JOAN HAVVICINS, Banff I-IELENE LLOYD. WI1i'rE-wood, Sask. MARION LOVE, Edmorvforb DOROTHY MURRAY. Gfrimshaw E. PATTERSON, Grande Praide NATALKA PORAYKO, VeqrevIIIe RUTH A. ROBINSON, New WesTmIns+er, BC, EVA SAWKA, 'ILlorI'1iId V. SHANDRO, WiIIinqcIon JANET STRICKLAND, Edmorwfon MARGARET VICKERY, Mazeppa B. J. WAKELYN, Bamff M. J. WARDEN, Meadow Lake RETA WOODROW, Lacorrwbe Second 'Hear Degree PEGGY CHAMBERS, Camry EILEEN QREASEY, Kelowna, Bc. I-I, EAROUHARSON, Provosf MARY FQLLETT, Calgary L. GILLIES, Pidure Bufre KAYE HICKS, VeqrevIIIe GLORIA IRVING, Edmorufon BONNIE JONES, Edmonron MARION KULAK, Edmordon JEAN LEWIS, CIaresI1oIm DAPI-INE MCARTI-IUR, Red Deer .- dv. 'I' Q ,ff 'rr' 'x 91 'X' 'G' 1, 'Sf vs v 4 cn L 11 -v- B. 1552 5 7 "AA A . A -e ' - ' -112: - , Vx, L ' I A E, ? ,L ' 9 5-rv ' ' f f V.. : , Q, b V: is ' f i55'i-311 -aw kin- I -, ,gy-,1:,'f51, ,X '- 'ag -1" -' ik 'few Q. -Q gk w N 'Ze -1:97 5: 5 M-4 Y :I fr 1 vis a'- Rae rsing cnursiug if Rv YT I Cb 3 'Q '77 Rx 1.3 2, GTX ' qc, K .A B vi' ' W, L+-I' fee: . W . 5' . , 1,1 1 ' A 0 -'L :L we 'rv 4. I N rg, V qgqb N i 7 . lg, +" , I X T T ,U A en ': ,av in 'v 3,-V , QQ we ,,,, ,iz 11 I V I f .C 4 ,ff l 1 , . 'EP 'Hs If Second 'Hear Degree FRANCES MCCLELLAND. Herberf. Saslc. MARGUERITE McKAY, EdmonIon PAT MQMILLAN, Edmorvon MARY ALICE MILLAR, Edmonfon LAURA JEAN MILNE, Caiqary YVONNE MOGAN. Edrnonfon MARGARET MURRAY, Grimshaw SONIA PODGURNY, Edmonton MARGARET SAKAL, DrumI'ieIIer JEAN SAWDON, Three HiIIs ISABEL SHORT, Medicine Hat N!-.NCY SOUTHGATE, Edmonfon MARGARET SPROULE, Edmonfon NORAH WHITE, Ve-qreviIIe LENORE WRIGHT, Wainwriqhi Second 'Hear Diploma JOYCE ALBERS, Ba5I1aw MARGARET BARRON, Erskine MARGARET BLAKELY, Boiha MARY BOULTER, Kerroberf, Saslc. NOLA CAHOON, Cardsfon GERALDINE CAMPBELL. Vedder Crossing, B.C. MARGARET CHOATE, RecI Deer DORIS CONNICK, CarmicI1aeI S. EROOME, Spirif River VIVIAN HARDING, LOUQITBGLJ DOREEN HILL, Arrowwood ETHEL HORN, Shaunavon, Saslc. WINIFRED HUNTER, Edmanfon ANNA LEADER, Lacombe SYBIL MacLEOD, COGIDUFSI ALICE MARYKA, Thorsby EDITH MCROBERTS, Irma IRENE MARSHALL, WesIIocIr MARGARET OTHEN, Cheadale CAROL PETERSON, Cardsfon JEAN RICHARDS, Aefna BELILAH ROSE. ThorI'iiId JOSEPHINE RYPIEN, Athabasca KATHLEEN TAYLOR, WainwriqI'1+ ELEANOR TELEORD, Edmonfon JEAN USHER, ScoIIard ELIZABETH VOLNEY. NewcosIIe GRACE YATES, RoyaI Park 'Ghird 'Hear 'Degree KATHLEEN BLACK, Edrnonfon M, E. A. EXHAM. Edrnonfon ISOBEL ERIZZELL, Lacombe MURIEL GIBSON, Delia JESSIE GORDANIER, Ponolra SHEILA GWARTNEY, G. Prairie T. HOLOWAYCHUK, CI'1ipman HELEN JAMES, Ponolra CATHIE KETTYLS, Edmonfon MARGUERITE MQKAY, Edmonfon MARJ. MCTAGGART, Edmonfon MARGARET MURRAY, Grimshaw EDITH PLOWMAN, Bessano LOUISE REDMOND, Edqerion JANET SCOTT, BIacI:ie SONIA SHEPTYCKI, Mundafe BETH SOMERVILLE, Edmonfon FRANCES WADDELL, Vancouver' Luau. gram A. R. BACKSTROM, Edmonion MARY CI-IEMERYS. Bellis EDYTI-'IE CODE, Edrnonfon MARY DONALD, Edrnonfon L. I-I. FETAZ. I-IaIkirlc S. HARDIN, Edmonton 6. A. HENKER, CaIq5ry G. W. HINMAN. Cardsion R. J. HITCHNER, Hiqh River K. M. I-IUMPI-IREYS, Picfure Buffe J. E. HUMPHREYS, RIcIure Buffe K. M. HUMPHRIES, Picfure Bmfe E. L. JACKSON. InnisfaiI MARIE KASTOR, Vllcinq LORNA KENNEDY, Edmonfon S. S. KOBLLIK. DeIburne F. A. LANG. DeysIand GEORGIA MacNAB, Vermilion J. V. MQCAFFREY D. MCRITCHIE V. B. MILLFR, Lefnbridqe H. F. OLSON, CaIqary A. F. PEDLAR, Louqheed C. A. REBER, CaIqary F. I-I. A. ROSE, Edrnonfon C. G, SCI-IULTZ. Calqary W. M. SEMENCI-IUK, Mundare NORMA SREDDINO, Madeod AMY TAYLOR, Edrnonfon S. E. THOMPSON, CaIqary OLGA VFNAASFN. VE-Ieran M. WACHOWICH. Edmcnfffn F. WFSOLOWSKI. Edmfsmon J. A. WYLIE. Edmonkvn Second 'year P. BFRNSTFIN, Edmonton C. BLISS, Calqary W. L. BODDY, Tnorsby D. R. BROWN, Edrnonfon O. BLICFIWALD. Edrnonion I-I. C. CI-IALMERS, Edrncnmn AUDREY D. CULLER, Wrenfham G. I. DRUMMOND, New Norway A. F. FORHAN, EcIcvIIIe L. P. GORMAN, Afhabasna M. L. HUSBAND. Edrnonfon W. A. ILKIW, De-rwenf G. A. JOHNSON, EIL Point M, KONDRO, Radway S. A. LOGAN, Edrnordon R. MARKIN. Edmonton MARJORIE OLIVER, Lavoy R. E. PANKI-IURST, Lefhbridqe A. K. PETERSON, lrrna S. R. ROGERS, Edmonton R. W. ROXBURGH, Calqary B. I'I. STEPHENSON, Calgary MAXINE STOCK, We+askiwin O. C. STUBBS, Hanna J. R. TACIUK, Edmonmn J. E. TAYLOR, Edmonfon B. H. TLIORNTON, CaIqary R. R, VJALLACE, Edmonfon X X Z aa Q K .f- X 'G . ii S A 'Qi ".? 'Pharmac B mil Kxwyi "I do no+ fhink much of +he man who is no+ wiser 'I'oday 'rhan he was yes+erday." -Abraham Lincoln. One Hundred and Sixty-eight 1 Summer School i ii.. -fr. Y'-. , QI Eu IF:--,Pisa nn: digital X x' sfTI?Si "iM,..,,f I r - fifpgk- I 1 Qs 'W'-. -4: ,1-gf 'ff' - , if Q ,Nun'f..f2Q??fjfy1g4.1':4312225, 5 1 e Wwyf v III' ' ' f I, 711 W74 4 v lf :-:,:.g:,1ai 31:11:2 1-Quzslve ., ,- X f I , . .- I - I , . X ' I . 17' - xexxxx 1 ff AJ ., .A ,,",1'f', W .4 Mfwffffy ' 'fffzfszssi-mf.. . X 'Q A fi 4 R ff We , www' X '0,', H!! f S ,L.Z'4,!Nf ' I nfl- ff X ff K ff!! V 31 fx? gf L ' E-APP" Uf -x 'A I XZ ' X K Spf' f -1 xl W -Q G n 'Q f ' X .,,... 7 e 'N "V.:'I,G I "fy ff' N :e3.,,:5:, Q3f'f3fi'f W E Q . Q If 3: A ka' NH ge K 1 'I 1' Q ' ' -' ' 1 'w '- n " ' ' 5 Z 4 '1'iQ'f'.':"ww"" W' 1' 'Q' l fa " ' 3 9? ,, ,-L '1 4 11. In as 15:51. -QII5 I Jw :"' f-A 1 1" I' fe' 7' A- . M -s f ,.' 11 , W 'A f 2 6: y fl A L 'Lia e I Z K ? ff- --My --4 fffjj ,'X if e , X xx , M0 M ,Z 5 4 4-4 X . N., ' 549- AK '. - He was as fressh as is +he mon+h of May. He sleep na moore +han dOO'H1 a nyghfyngale. One Hundred and Sixty-nine ALBERT STEWART CURRIE, Calgary Ere Meri HC.. I1-Cmnm, I94' Hlgfcr, C ab' C.LI.R,IvI.A, E-6--,uf I945-46. NORMAN CLITHBERTSON, Edrnonform Era: S U S S IQ4T ORVAL J. DONEY, Edmonfon Unl fra", Of:I'1e-,fra I5745-46. ELIZABETH W. DLIFF, Calgary KENNETH J. ELVES, ECIrn0nIon JOHN S. EAREWELL, Edmordon M1311P,I,Ej,C..b'Hririryclb. PATRICIA GUTTERIDGE, Edrnonfon Sei. EUS. I946-47. DONALD S. HAMILTON, Edmonfon ANDREW O. HARCOURT, Edmonfon FLOYD J. lanmwgrrsri, Maaead MARION HOLMAN, Diamond can nomar HQRTON One Hundred and Seventy Education---Summer Session Gracluauds CHARLES MILES ALLEN, Turin KENNETH EDGAR ALLEN, Bowness WARREN S. BAILEY, AIsask, Sask. Archery CInb. CLIFFORD S. BAWDEN, Kinsella FRED PETER BEGORAY, Edmonfon E. S. BRABBINS, Edrnonfon GEORGINA L. F. BROWNELL, Knee I-IiII VaIIey LACHLAN IVIACLEAN CAMPBELL, Edmon+on MERRON CHORNY, RanIurIy Treat. E,LI.S. I946-47. Education---Summer Session Gracluands FRANK W, I-IQSKYN, Vulcan CI,rIIng CIUID I945 49' My-ed CF EMMA E. HUOHSON, Bib VaIIey Sec. S. U. S. S. I947. JESSIE E. LANCASTER, B.A., I3Iue5 HOWARD LORNE LARSON, Pon JOHN MACLEAN, Clive JOHN DONALD MARLES, Wimcisw. A2"i'tmIia STIEM I939'4D, JEAN E, IVIARR, Pmcher Creek IVIIUQ-CI CIVVI1. I9-45 46' A-'YIIQW CI IQIID do ELSIE IVI. MEEARLAND, 'IwIn BuIIe Ifvevfa' IMRI IQAS-463 T"a'I- Ii-are I7-io N'Nf'1'M3w D'rw:I5':'r S. S, I9-47. JEAN W. MQOILLIS, IVIQVIIWIIIQ EUS' Nmmwav C Ib S11 i Sf-fu H C I Co- E- Fvw-,f XNALIER IVIEKAY, EIiImf:-Mon VERNON COURTNEY MARTIN, Ef:ImmI JOHN MAZUREK, Edmfimmn Cnr nq CII: IQ45 46, EABIAN PATRICK IVIILANEY, Cold LEIIe WILLIAM R. MORRIS Iviedifme Haf Rep FDI 'x IEd IRAQ-47. LEONARD DOYLE NELSON, WrenIImm Iapoa Smma. OLADYS NORDIROP, Camro-le LOVELL E. PAIIVIQRE, Edmordon I-Effws' S,I'Iwa , HELEN PLASTERAS, SWIII Current Sauk 5. E. LORING POLLOCK, Red Deef ELIZABETH OILROY POPE, Berwyn ROBERT W. PULLEYBANR, CaIgary DeII'a UpE,IIcn. One Hundred and Seventy one LLOrD ALLAN STRANDBERO, Amlglc RICHARD E. STAPLES, Weellock SXYLVIA TTLLARD, Edmclrwlclrl M?-an Cw r. ' Scifa Serra C .b' S'.demm' Cf:,,n-gil Jaw. Class I?-Qc' Fc.. Siva E?E"1VilE' Jarv,C1a3g N463 Yearbclol Jam. Class TQ45. HAROLD E, ULMER, Edrnarwlorw Cgflimlqi Fa lball. PHILIP UNIAT, lrmlfree YVETTE VIENS, Olrouwille ROBERT BEAN WALLS, Calgary LYNWOOD ARTHUR WALKER, Cayley WTLLTAM PHILIP WAONER, Eclmonlorm ROLAND WARD, Acme Frei. S. S. I944: Vice-Pre.. l943:Trea1..S. S. l945 and TQ46. FLOYD LEROY WlLCOX, Calgary Sc-C.-Treat. Haute Ccrrrrm. I947. HAROLD E. WITTE, Eclmonlon One Hundred and Seventy-two Education---Summer Session Gracluands JAMES M. ROSBOROUGH, Slelller Cercle Francais: Curling Club. DONALD A. ROSE, Edmonlon MILDRED S. ROSENBERGER, Eclmonlon Cercle Francais: Archery Club? Co-ed. PAUL RITCHIE, Munclare LAWRENCE SAOERT, Lamonl TED J. SAWCHUK, Calgary 194647, Men! Sparta Dlrecfcr Summer Sesslc-n l9473 Block A I946, JOHN T. SHAW, Eerlnloslw MELVIN T. SILLITO, Macleod CLIFFORD SORENSON, Halldrlx Curling Club. Senior Fcroiball I946-47: Ima-rlac Bazlelball I945Y47g Tllmbllnq Club Club Education---Summer Session Graduands ELIZABETH WOOD qmfsq, Radway JAMES HEDLEY WOOD, Afhabesca FRED E. WOROER, calgary Junior E. and I. MARIE KENNY, Calgary Drama Club: Newman Club: Delia Gamma. MARY STRATTON, Edmonfon masters W. T. MEL FOWLER, M.Ed. fWinferL, EdmOnfOn LEONARD C. PALLESEN, BSE., B.Ed., M.Ed,, Calgary L Arts and Science ALEXANDER JAMES BEVEPIDGE, BSC., Nordegq Mmimg and GQ'-5'iigI',13 S If-fy LFVTEIE1 QM. A'L3Lv3, MICHAEL T. GREEKUL, BA., S+. Pan! STANLEY KREZANOSKI, BBQ.. B.Ed., Eclmonhnm Aria and Svjeme Cinbg E.LI,S.g Newman CME, GULBRAND LOKEN, B.A., OUH-ook, Snsk. HARRY CS. PARKINSON, B.A., Exshaw "Casey" Ge-rhke a+ Pl-e ba'r One Hundred and Seventy th 1 ' ' J - x F ' .A Y if Allhough no iournamenl was held, summer sfudenis displayed a deiinife rising inleresi in The bird game. GOLF The lure oi The golf links again proved loo much for many a bewildered sludenf. Sie-ady Jimmie Whiilaw and olher low-score ariisfs will vouch lor The fad lhal Varsily was well repre- senied on The local greens. TENNlS The courls behind Pembina l-lall have been 'rhe selling for many biilerly lioughl confesls, as lhe greais and noi-so-greals ol Summer session begrudgingly look lime oul from sludies To Chase lhose elusive bounding balls. Thus passed six of 'rhe mosl heclic weeks ihal lhese red shale rec- iangles have ever known. 'fi Horse Shoe Finalisfs Bowling Champions Terry Soldan, Esiher Lakus+a, Judy Aoki, Edwin Jahraus Tennis Enfhusiasfs-Doug Sherbaniuk and Margaref Coafes Mohanclas K. Comer One Hundred and Seventy-four QL i Girls' Fasfball Winners-Team 3. Back Row: Adelaide O'Dwyer, Jean Dixon, Mary Komhyr. Alice Dell. - - Fronf Row: Peggy Elder, Lucille Beinqessner, Rosaline r Huculalc, lsaloel Monro. rj Q 6 e Men's Fasfball Winners-Team 2. Baci: Row: Bill Esopenlco, John Wawrylcow, Thomas Davies, Sian Wilkie lUmpirel, Michael Slcuba, Eric Comer, Pell: Geiqer. Fronf Row: Weldon Smifh, Diclr Samoil, Peler Maciborslcy, Pefer Dranchuli, Len Pallesen. Men's Fasrball-All S+ar Team. Baclr Row: Ari Yafes, Sieve Slruba, Fred Thomas, Tom Hanson, Bill Esopenlro, Bill Malheson. From' Row: Ted Sawchulr, Harry C. Cummins, Ted Aoki, Peler Maciborsliy, Roy Oshiro, Len Pallesen. FASTBALI. Keen Cornpelifion and good lun highlighied this surnmerls laslball, Lucille Beinqessner and her leam lopped ihe girls circuir, while mens honors were ialcen by Len Pallesenls crew. Under lhe Capable supervision oi Elsie McFarland and Flo Rimmer, a successful season of iaslball was linished off in qreal siyle wilh girls! and mens .,-.,' all-siar learns meeiinq in an exciiinq double- header. BOWLING The 'rwelve bowling Teams made up of en- ihusiasiic summer school alley fans lrepi 'rhe balls rolling one niqhl a weelc. Such slalwarls as Terry Soldan, Eslher Lalcusla and Judy Aolci ailained scores around an enviable 300 marlc. Girls' Fasiball-All Sfar Team Back Row: Adelaide O'Dwyer, Dol Gordon, Flo Rimmer, Lucille Beingessner, Steve Pe+a lCoachl, Jean McGillis, Hazel Parks, Lena Shwelz, Elsie McFarland. From' Row: Louise Walde, Peggy Elder, Joan Hamillon, Coleyne Monday and Wednegday evenlnqg Saw ilie Colborne, Mary Komhyr. siaqe sei for mixed badminion in The Drill l'lall. One Hundred and Seventy-five WY? Activities Fun and relaxaiion were ihe keynoie of summer session aciiviiies wiih bi-weekly dances sponsored by ihe social commiilee under ihe leadership of Jim Campbell. The social whirl was appropriaiely climaxed by ihe novel semieiormal eniiiled "Cons+ruciion Capers". Thespians, under ihe insiruciions of Mrs. Elizabeih Sierling Haynes and Mr. Frank Holroyd, advanced 'rheir professional skills in ihe ihearre which appeared on ihe campus for 'rhe iirsi iime ihis summer. Ailer six busy weeks of aciing, slagecraii, lighiing, and makeup, ihe classes presenled The classic "The Troian Woman of Euripiclesu, on four consecurive nighis. Presidenf -.- ,, W, Vice-President ,H Secreiary-Treasurer Social Convener -M Ladies' Sporis Convener Men's Sporis Convener Summer Session Bulleiin "5 Summer School Execu'I'ive Norman Cufh berfson ,,,,,,,,, Roy Ayres ,-- Emma Hughson ,na Jim Campbell , , Elsie MacFarla nd .,- Ted Sawchuk , Lorne Jenkins Social Commiiiee "Cons+ruciion Capers" Back Row: Ernie Block, Norman Cuihberison, Jim Campbell Convenerl, Phil Campbell. Fron+ Row: Ruih Bray, Coleyne Colborne. The Prize Waliz Mrs. Lazerie pours 'rea a+ the Summer Tea One Hundred and Seventy-six 4 , . ' ' qw a P l P- ' Q . : 3 if : E? iff, - l if 5 V 1 ' - X Q X .- ' ' V a A 4 N f I s mr H . :EEK -Q.. y Q Q gy . a . CIVILS K x .1 g Ni. i. 3 fi f 'X fs-QF, Q. l 54 ,A I . f . iss-.ti KF ,. h 4 Rig Q' r '. 1 1 ay., Q , , Q3 , U ,-g,-- . gif 5,8 - - , mrs, , 'J -Lei! - - .. 4' gy -' 1 ' " I .1 l -'Q U L1 is A K ' in .3 9 H .. ,, L 2.45. . ,ie I . x M A Y -4 . X 's . Dr. and Mrs. Barooah, Good Neighbors from India. 7. The Pause +ha+ Refreshes. Hard af work. 8. Civil - izafion hi+s ihe House Eccers. l didn'+ wan+ lo sfudy anyway. 9. The hard working god malxes a second appearance, And we all 'fake lea. IO. We noi only designed if and made if buf also modelled if. Ama+eur gods af work. II. Sing Song in Pembina. Four Pembina beauiies caugh+ by 'fhe photographer. One Hundfed and Seventy-seven When you educa+e a man, you educafe an individual. When you educa+e a woman, you educa+e a whole family.-Mclver. One Hundred and Seventy-Eight Activities sid ' 'qt lo X427 0 Ti WWW? GCUMQUE F Q X IMI IZ 0 l Z D ii? 'F Z A Secfion S+aFf: DON HYDE BOB SPENCER BRUCE BURGESS DON PHILLIPS One Hundred and Eig Clubs f 7, x A X , 47 If 2 X J 9 U Q X M l -- W I O d7fg,,, K !' I Q - K . X 5 gf' i 7 Zff 1 f I Pj I f He koude songes make and wel endi+e, Jus+e and eek daunce, and wel pur+reye and wri+e o H dd dsgmy 'Political Science Club The PoliTical Science Club has iusT compleTed iTs mosl successTul year on This campus. WiTh The largesT mem- bership iT has ever had, The club has become one oT our mosT acTive organizaTions. Believing ThaT Those who elecT our govei-nmenTs should lcnow who They are elecTing, This group has aTTempTed To show The members oT The sTudenT body whaT each oT our naTional poliTical parTies sTancT Tor. The naTional parTy leaders, or leading speakers oT each parTy, have been broughT To The campus To spealc To The sTudenT body. ln This way, sTudenTs have been given a chance To hear These nwcin and To have Their many quesTions answered. Due To The apaThy oT The maioriTy oT The sTudenTs, and To The rudeness oT a small minoriTy, These Tallcs have noT been alTogeTher suc- cessTul. The second major Tield oT acTiviTy Tor The PoliTical Science Club has been The lvloclc Parliament ElecTions were held wiTh each oT The maior poliTical parTies Talcing parT. ATTer a greaT deal oT diTTiculTy, The Mock X.-T ParliamenT was Tinally elecTed and operaTing. The Liberal ParTy was in power. alThough They did noT have a clear maioriTy. Forum Hpartyn- Election Ballot ., l1VLu'k single X opposite party whose repre- sentative you wish lo see in Parlkmucnty 1 Thus The PoliTical Science Club has cornpleTed a very successiul year on This campus. lvlany advance plans have been made Tor nexT year and The execuTive hopes To malce an even greaTer success oT The year l948.49 Pnoonsssxvscossnnvarlva SOCIAL CREDIT C0-OPERATIVE COMMONWAIE 8 FEDERATION LABOR-PROGRESSIVE Improperly marked ballots will not be counted W: 1. 4153-s at. Running Tor oTTice: Harold Bronson, Crawford Ferguson, Edgar GerharT, Tim Buck addresses The Public Speaking Club. Finlay McKenzie, Bill Rorlxe. One Hundred and Eighty-two Sgmphoug Orchestra QuoTed in musical circles lasT year as being The "baby" on The campus, The UniversiTy Symphony OrchesTra proved To be one oT The maior musical evenTs on The calendar Tor l948. Under The capable direcTion oT a young denTal sTudenT, led Lindslcoog, This group oT accomplished musicians gave Two ex- ce-llenT concerTs in ConvocaTion l-lall on January 26 and 27, boTh beTore sell-ouT crowds. A mosT ambiTious selecTion oT music was chosen by The conducTor Tor These concerTs, including ex- cellenT rendiTions ol such numbers as MozarTls i'Symphony No. 40 in G' Minorli, PxrThur Beniaminls Nclamaican Rhumbal' and i'l.a Folia" by Leonard- Corelli. Lawrence Hobson, a young Engineering sTudenT, was The violinisT in l'l.a Folia! accompanied by an excellenT sTring secTion. The OverTure To The "Barber oT Seville" by Rossini was perhaps The rnosT popular piece and proved To be The Tinale Tor a well-rounded programme. The members oi The Symphony ioinecl wilh oTher clubs in The Musical Associarion including The Ballet Mixed Chorus and Musical Club, in Their annual banguelr and dance in The EducaTion Gym on March l2Th. The lllong-hairedll musicians leT Their hair down on This occasion and a hilarious Time was had by all. CongraTulaTions To Ted Linclslioog Tor a Tine performance EXECUTWE: l-lonorary PresidenT ProT. John Reymes-King ConducTor led Lindslroog Vice-PresidenT l-larcourT SmiTh Business Manager Francis Olhlara SecreTary H , Virginia Webb 'ff Music Maesfrol-An enTerTaining evening. One Hundred and Eighty-three isa T mixed Chorus For lhis organizalion, I948 has proven To be irs boom yearf lor, under The capable leadership oi irs new conducror, Richard S. Earon, rhe Chorus hir an all-lime high in providing musical enrerrainnienl for rhe campus. Over 2,000 enrhusiasric people arrended lhe Concerrs given on February 2nd, 3rd and 4+h, and ihese rhree successlul nighfs in Con l-lall were followed by a hip ro Calgary under rhe auspices of lhe Cosmopoliran Club oi lhal cily. The Mixed Chorus was 140 srronq fhis year, rhe larqesr chorus ol ils lcind in Canada. Much of rhe- credil is due ro ils young, bui very 'ralenled conducror Honorary Presideni: J. W. E. Marlrle. President Jack Fair. Secrefary: Dorofhy Armsfrong. Librarian: Ron Sfephens. Richard Earon, who came ro rhe Universiry as a new member of The Fine Arrs sralf and graciously look over rhe leadership from Gordon Clark. If is hoped lhaf Mr. Ealon will be able To conrinue in 'rhis capaciry as conduclor for some lime since his populariry and abilir Y cannor help loui mean an even beller chorus in rho lulure. Social Acrivilies included rwo parries held early in rhe year followed by a banquei in Calgary and a final banquer and dance in Edmonron on March I2+h. Also rhey appeared on 'rhe CBC on February lorh and sang for 'rhe members of Parliamenr al rheir annual banquei on March 8+h. Business Manager: Don Phillips. Social Convenor: Irene Spady. Conducior: Richard S. Eafon, B. Mus. Pianisi: Joyce Richardson, A.T.C.M. --JL A ,..-ry, The opening nigh? of +he concert One Hundred and Eighty-Four x2ls4! 5494? 44 ,gf af is I breiing a+ the mixed chorus par+y. A lifile harmless cee Direcior Eafon. ' 1' a debu+ was made There were many hours of prachce be ore One Hundred and Eighty-five Co-Ed Club The girls have a round 'fable discussion -- Subiecl ? ? Y ? Sfandingg Ailsa Walker, Sheila Forresr, Mariorie Hammefl. Sealed, Jean Moffal, Marjorie Lee, Joy Russell. One Hundred and Eighty-six The Co-Ed Club was formed dur- ing lhe War Years when Pembina was Closed lo women sludenls who had no Common meeling ground. Since lhe need for lhe organizalion seems lo have passed, and so few people are now being served, we have decided lo dissolve lhe Co-Ed Club 'rhis year. The lerms aclivilies began wifh a Receplion for Freshelles in Pem- bina Lounge. Ailer a Chai aboul' a program lor rhe year, lhe girls hur- ried oii lo give a send off lo lhe Toronro Foolball leam. A hilae lo lhe Ouldoor Cabin for a l-lalloween parly complele wilh games, coffee and lorlune lelling was lhe nexl proiecl. ln January we Combined wilh rhe Wauneila in a slcaling parry and sock dance in 'rhe Ed. Gym. Supper parlies in lhe Caieleria inrerspersed oiher aclivilies and gave us an opporlunily 'ro become beller acquainled. Highlighl oi lhe years aclivilies was an Easier lea, given by lvliss lvlaclzarlane our l-lonorary President Alrhough lhe club is now being disbanded, we feel fhal il has served a useful purpose and lhe years spenl were noi in vain. Er gg gm, l lax I N D Shiv " all gg 'Tlewman Club Tl'ie Newman Club ol This year Carried Cn lrcim llwe running slarl made by las? year'5 club To gain members. Acliviries ol llwe year were many and varied, Tlwree big dan-:es at l-lalloween, Clirislmaa and Valenlineis Day were llwe large expression of the smaller ge'- loqerlwers held every Sunday eyening rlirmqli- ou? flue year, Debales and spealrers qaye flue inlelle-Qluaus a freer and llwe ordinary members someflminq T0 lliinlr abifiiil. An Oral Fren-:li qroap mel once a we-ei and Q-fren me cali hear Fremli being apr:-len wi'l'i a brzqae, Every ieccirid Tgesday The qiris QT the Clril: lield a coffee parly and rlweee allairs were yery successful and l-lqlwly popular among The lair sex. All in all if was a qiizd year. and llwe Ne.-fman slQcian became a rea'ify-'Sunday nil-3 is Newmar Nilefi C7 The Execulive: Jim Merlrley, Barbara Learcl, Edward Jennings, Don Sfewarl' Bob Kroelclm, Noreen McCullough, Bill Kelly. The Club's Annual Valenline Parly al Sl. Joes. One Hundred and Eighty-seven 'Public Speaking Club i Nc ie l!i?i??Q! Xwq CV! a ,ab . 060-Ts. nn.-px ' "-., 1 7 f' Q7 N .2 -nu Q-,.-1' 1 ' -r 2' T . e -sagem' gel liw P ,, " "ill s,Tlp JI K fl 5 .L , - any ,- . 5 . ' . ,. STewarT MonTgomery, George Camp, John Mclniyre, Bob Jones. T 1 PresidenT: George Camp. Vice-President STewarT Monirgomery. SecreTary-Treasurer: Bob Jones. The Public Speaking Club enjoyed a mosT successTul year under The enThusiasTic guidance oT The FresidenT, George Camp. The main Theme underlying The varied programs sTressed The idea ThaT pracTice alone malces a public spealcer a good one. STarTing wiTh mere im- prompTu selT-inTroducTions To The Club, The members' speaking TaciiiTies grew unTil each member could vie Tor The honors in any spealc- ing conTesT. AlThough The rnaTerial presenTed was noT under criTicism, many inTeresTing and en- lighTening speeches were heard ThroughouT The year: They ranged in lengTh Trom Two minuTes To TiiTeen miriuTes. The meThods oT presenTaTion by The in- dividual spealcers were criTicized by Mr. John A. MclnTyre, an accomplished spealcer and acTive member oT The Junior Chamber oT Commerce in EdmonTon. "clohnnyii TaiThTully aTTended The various meeTings oT The Club in The inTeresTs oT TurThering good public spealcing among Uni- versiTy graduaTes. Mr. David Wood gave special insTrucTion and TaciliTaTed pracTices Tor radio and oTher microphone worlc. Records were cuT oT speeches given in radio sTaTion CKUA, and a demonsTra- Tion oT The Magnecorder dicTaTing machine gave The members addiTional pracTice in These modern uses oT public speaking. The Club's acTiviTies were climaxed wiTh a bangueT where aTTer-dinner speeches were a specialiTy. Q' 5355 . ff 1 -,.:-A,:":..Q -. ' . One Hundred and Eighty-Eight fPl1 oto Club AlThough The Club's membership This year was only 40, The PhoTogs achieved enough work To lreep T40 members going sTrong day and nighT Tor The be-TTer parT ol The session. Along wiTh The E. Xi G. and GaTeway regulars who pui' The Clubis new Press Camera and Enlarger Through Their paces To produce an abundance of prinTs To meeT The demands of The news hounds, The EnThusiasTs had an inTeresTing and evenTlul year. LecTures and discussions on Color PrinTs by Mr. STorlee, PhoTo-Micography oT NaTural l-lisTory subiecTs by Maior Hocking, and experT buT lcindly prinT criTicism by Charlie l-leaTh, Tilled ouT mosT oi The inTeresTing meeTings. ln November The OuTdoor club inviTed us To visiT Their premises and The woods rang To The Tune of 'll-low The hickory do you use an exposure meTer in These Trees." January saw Three very preTTy girls liTerally hoisTed on a pedesTal, iusT To please 20 club porTraiTisTs, Many Thanlcs To Misses Robina Neal, DoT Dodds, and Moira EdgingTon. KieTl1 Robin direcTs operafions as The Club's picTures go on display in The ArTs Building. x K.- WaTch The Birdie ! ' For The TirsT Time To our lcnowledge, The shuTTer-bugs surprised and enTranced many a sTudenT and TaculTy member alike wiTh The PhoTo Salon held in January wiTh Professor Glydeis lcind permission. From incoming commenTs and praise iT would appear ThaT This yearls PhoTo Club was more Than worTh while and plans have already been made Tor an excellenT picTorial Salon ExhibiTion nexT year. The newer members piclced up The Triclcs oi The Trade while more advanced amaTeurs showed Their slcills wiTh prinTs of a near professional qualiTy. PHOTOG CLUB EXECUTIVE. President John Zowfialc. Vice President Gordon WyaTT. Secretary-Treasurer: George Fong. ExecuIive: Ke-iTh Robin, Jack Fair, Marilyn Sears. Moira Edgingfon poses Tor The camera fiends. One Hundred and Eighty-Nine Sfanding: Bob George, Marcel Asquin. Siffing: Cecile Eclcenfelder, Mrs. Hughes, Mariory Gans. 'Ballet Club This year's ballef was comprised of an enfhusiasfic group of fiffy sfudenfs under fhe leadership of Miss Sfella l-lolosko whose fhree performances showed fhaf a greaf deal of work was done during fhe year. A polished and confidenf ensemble, fhe ballef more fhan did iusfice fo Glazounaffs "Les Saisonsu and Falcines "Les Sylphidesn which proved fo be a more ambifious endeavour fhan fhe Nufcraclcer Suife of fhe previous year. Cosfuming and lighfing effecf on fhe nighfs of fhe performances were faulfless and much credif is due fo fhe persons responsible. The ballef has fhe disfinguishing feafure of being fhe only one of ifs lcind in Canada and fhe Universify may well be proud of fhe accomplishmenfs of ifs direcfor, Miss Holoslco, herself a graduafe of fhe class of '46. Originally sponsored by fhe Wauneifa Sociefy, fhe ballef is now 'ion ifs owni' and no doubf if is here fo sfay as one of fhe finer maior evenfs of The school year. J! i HX' 1" X aim I rs ' N? f ill? ,S L f f wc: I "3 Q fi N ff 1 s Y l S , 9 ,fsj-'if ' Q X "The Seasons BalIe'r" with Peggy Davies and Gran+ Sfrafe. "Snowflake Fairies" in The Seasons Ballef. One Hundred and Ninety Outdoor Club Early This Tall The OuTdoor Club members piTched in To clear The hill Tor winTer skiing, and "PembiniTesll under Bill l-larT's supervision, began redecoraTing The cabin wiTh gay new curTains and car robes. Any SaTurday in OcTober would Tind 'Sibl and Bill sTaining The ceiling or splashing brighT red painT on The cabin Tloor, and The coffee and doughnuT crew were sure To be ouT aTTer every worlq parTy, To Teed The prospecTive members who were earning Their membership. A maior eTTorT and a considerable improvemenT underTalen by The club This year was The erecTion oT sTairs Trom The cabin To The hill-Top. Qur Thanlcs go To Pres. Tom Walsh, Gord. Woodley, our masTer carpenTer, 'Red' Williams, Gordie Gore-l-Ticlcman, and Tom Mayson, Tor The Tine worls They did. 0cTober 3lsT The weaTher-man was lcind and under a harvesT moon club members and Their Triends wenT hay-riding. The crowd was so Tar above expecTaTions ThaT Two heaTs had To be Tormedg one group awaiTing Their Turn ioined in a lively singsong aT The cabin which was gayly decoraTed by 'Sib' and commiTTee in l-lallowelen mode Tor The occasionawhile The oTher group wenT hay-riding. Our annual winTer weelcend, January 24 - 25 was a big success, A wonderTul crowd Turned ouT Tor a sl:aTing parTy Tollowed by dancing under soTT colored IighTs aT The 'EDT Gym. Mary Clark cuTs The grass. The club dance aT The Ed. Building - slrafing was The added aTTracTion. We all piTched in To build The new sTeps. Mary Clark and BeTTy Hood prepare The coTTee, eTcl l One Hundred and Ninety-one Eight and Soun ,rf l"F""'7i Norm Parry malles music. l l J , l l g 'l:flTliQ gli cl This, lhe second oliicial year lor lhe Lighl and Sound Crew, has shown lhe value ol lhis growing and vilal organizalion. The crew is made up ol sludenls ol all lacullies and years, and worlcs as a group under lhe leader- ship ol Norm Parry, lhe Direclor. The Crew has made possible many "added elle-cls" al dances, slcaling parlies, alhlelic evenls, Freshman lnlroduc- lion Week, produclions ol lhe music and lilerary socie-lies, and almosl all olher major evenls ol lhe year as well as many lesser lunclions. The girls who loolc physical educalion in Alhabasca gymnasium may remember crew members selling up equipmenl lor lheir lollc dancing classes. ll was a good gag lellas. Yes, even during examinalions in lhe Drill l-lall, lhe prolessor's "Allenlion Please" is heard by all, courlesy ol lhe Lighl and Sound Crew. Bob Rosser is lhe man responsible lor lhe lounding ol lhe Crew and pulling il on a success' lul basis as an indispensible group, and Norm Parry has carried on very ably since Bob moved on lo grealer glory. is QR "TVN ' NNW s' s. .Qs-4:-.,+-f:s:.'. . '2'rS:Xa:r4Rf,':v:..1r-. - .. . . ,N eww.-.s-Q.-. ' Q .QM-fi:-"f.,g: X A-"fSwSrl Wx:-i.,- NK l l 1 The crew: Verne Larson, Roy Reynolds, Don Daw, Norm Parry, Wes Johnslon, Hugh Irving, Phil Campbell, Mel Colleril. Missing: Bob Rosser, Milne Gibney, Jaclr Taylor. One Hundred and Ninety-two Uarsitg Christian fellowship Numerous UniversiTy sTudenTs have Tound in The lnTer- VarsiTy ChrisTian Fellowship a source oT encouragemenT Toward viTal, pracTical ChrisTian living. To Them The Tellowship oT oThers on The campus who are puTTing eTernal values TirsT has provided incenTive Tor a deeper sTudy oT "whaTsoever Things are True" noT in The maTerial realm alone, buT also in The spiriTual. The I947 - 48 program of The UniversiTy oT AlberTa chapTer included weekly Bible sTudy groups and general meeT- ings, daily noon prayer meeTings held in ST. STephen's Chapel and The residences, and parTicipaTion in morning Chapel Services. OperaTion oT The Book Exchange was again under- Taken as a service To sTudenTs. Regular socials, sleigh rides and skaTing parTies provided relieT Tor Tired minds as well as opporTuniTy Tor Tun and Tellowship. Sunday nighT "hymn sings" TurThered closer acquainTance and Triendship among members and Triencls. A Thanksgiving ConTerence aT Pigeon Lake, TeaTuring Rev. Earl TygerT of P.B.l., presenTed a weekend oT inspiraTional lecTures and sTudenT discussions. From The TirsT hike To "The Pines" and early showings OT The Tilm 'lGod OT CreaTion," To The Tinal banqueT in honour OT The graduaTing sTudenTs, Treshmen and upperclassmen care ried on splendidly Through The Term. TX Fi Aux J If Tr' "Campus-in-The-Woods" 1 X 'N .x X T Standing: Jim Clemenger, Don HorTon, Rod Douglas, Herb Jacobson, Lou Lougheed Seafedz Sam Sfeeves. Edith Losie, Joyce Greene, Shirley Tournie, Don A. Webb One Hundred and Ninety-three 3 x . E RN i if-1 if '-tif-S. ., X - Q 3 The Social Service Club was Tounded in l946. lTs obiecT since Then has been To acquainT inTeresTed sTudenTs wiTh social service work as a career and as CLAUDE MAY an agenT working Tor The wel- Presideni Tare oT The communiTy. The club has endeavored To provide prospecTive social service workers wiTh advance inTormaTion regarding The pro- Tession in The Torm oT liTeraTure, Talks by eminenT social workers, and by Tield Trips. Believing ThaT The ToundaTion OT successTul social work is The compleTe social developmenT oT each worker, The club commenced iTs acTiviTies by a geT-TogeTher in ST. Joes gymnasium. The commiTTee in charge was momenT- arily baTTled by a sudden immigraTion oT PembiniTes lvasTly resembling The suicidal Treks oT The lemmingsl. EmmigraTion was ThreaTened by The said lovelies unTil a leaTher-lunged member oT The club pounded The hallways oT ST. Joes, recruiTing The young and able, and in TiTTeen Social Service minuTes books and beards had been TorgoTTen and The Tloor oT The gym was soon crowded wiTh dancing couples. lnTeresT oT a diTTerenT kind was prevalenT when The members oT The club gaThered To hear Miss Hazel Bishop discuss The work oT The EdmonTon Council OT Social Agencies. The challenge Tilm, "Who ls My Neighbor" was also shown aT This meeTing. Several oTher speakers visiTed meeTings oT The Social Service Club during The course OT The year. Dr. CharloTTe WhiTTon addressed The largesT meeTing oT The year, and her lisTeners were deeply impressed by The vibranT per- sonaliTy and brillianT inTellecT oT The speaker. As well as assisTing wiTh The STudenT Housing Survey, a number oT club members were privileged To visiT The Oliver MenTal lnsTiTuTe during The course OT The year. Following This Tield Trip, The club members reTurned To Their books, pausing only long enough To aTTend a banqueT in CaT aT which Miss M. Dick oT The Family Wel- Tare Agency was an honored guesT. 'Gheolog Cluggb The Theolog Club poses in ST. STeve's Library One Hundred and Ninety-four Drama SOCIQKB The house lighTs are dimmed: The curTain rises on a sTreeT in a slum disTricT ol New York during The depression oT The early l3O's: anoTher presenTaTion by The 3 UniversiTy Drama Club is under way. For Their producTion This year The Club chose Maxwell Andersonis i'WinTer-seTii, a drama based on True liTe. Anderson wroTe This play aTTer The sTyle oT a Shakespearian Tragedy, using poeTic language To porTray JEAN FERRY DANTE LENARDON a Tragic conTlicT oT liTe. The ploT oT WinTerseT was based on The Tarnous Sacco'VanzeTTi case oT UniTed STaTes criminal Tiles. The play iTselT deals wiTh The evenT3 irnmediaTely Tollowing The Trial. lT Tells oT The TighToTIv1io, searching Tor revenge, believing in no one excepT young lvliriamne: and oT Their Tragic deaTh aTTer having discovered in each oTher a belieT in The essenTial good- ness oT humaniTy. WinTerseT was a relenTless Tragedy which held The audience spellbound. lvluch oT The crediT Tor The success oT The producTion goes To direcTor Ray WhiTehouse, who was headman over The casT and back- sTage workers, and To ProTessor R. G. Orchard, who designed The seTs Tor WinTer- seT. The casT oT The play and sTage hands aT- Tended rehearsals TaiThTully To puT on a per- Torrnance worThy oT The UniversiTy and pasT producTions oT The Drama Club. wenT BesT AcTor I TOM SUMMERS I The UniversiTy Drama Club and one To BesT AcTress be remembered in TuTure years. KAY MCADAM GORDON PEACOCK The acTiviTies oT The Club didn'T cease wiTh The producTion oT WinTerseT in November, however. ln January a group oT play- ers embarked Tor Winnipeg To compeTe in The lnTervarsiTy play compeTiTions. The play, direcTed by Prc-Tessor Orchard, was l'The Two Cowardsfi LaTer in The year This play was puT on in Con l-Tall. The lnTer-year play compeTiTions This year were sponsored by The Drama Club. The plays presenTed were: Senior Class-l:loaTing Homeland: Junior Class-Boxcar Heading WesTq Sophomore Class-Murder Trial: and Freshman Class-Family Album. Dr. SalTer adiudicaTed aT The compeTiTion. All honors wenT To The Freshman Class. Their play, Parnily Album, direcTed by Jo Pilcher and Gay Gordon, won The BesT Play award? BEST ACTVGSS award To Jo Pilcher oT Family Album, and besT acTor award To Tom Summers, also in The Frosh producTion. V 947-48 was a proTiTable year Tor f DWTP H E b I JO PILCHER One Hundred and Ninety-five , Dram a J 195 Si-13305 CY-'ASS Q - pursuits Y Q ll . ' . Il Hoagxng XANOKTNZXBYXCX - Q . . By M67C34Hd1fiS . 'vxmfemy xxx wma, mv. ' I ' V '5ugKSK5fBvw1een wlo Andis oi pn dd. cango vessd wkfxch ks Sus: w9t0acKmf,'xhe ' T4 - :Em Vor1oQYx51Ea. " , ' ' -,Q ' 'Uk Q ' ' Diuecsocfiiegm' H. Y-ew . - T112 S0138 v ' " Pr ' I 049 ' ' I - me ' 0 Adams PTHZSTJ hc - .Q pre 191012 Smeg PM characters are Sewish zeQug,ceS item Canned Eulope. ' . S625-TjUgE,' Q. Q , 4 Q A Urd ren!! E cz muses . , , ,. . , ., . .. , . ...A, . - . sub amugf Q 5oLg,VgS IQSIE1 ' AM D 'Y A3 er - ASS mtv. .. . . ,...A arm sawdf' qH1eES,-,Q5,e,Q-V-, ' ifa,,tb,1QQ Q 4,7 . ESTYXER ,. ,. , . ,. ,, .. Q, . . . .... ... ,.,.. ., ..,... , . Damn! Cyoss 517- - qecnrxg 1904, ld! 1, SAMUEL , .... .. , , ., . .. ...,,,. ,... ' Gavdnfh Buvfan ' QQ . QQ ,Qi .QQ - '-QQQQZrNS:6 QV Q ' ' OTHER V-E?UGEE5fEvme Cavtev, Mavgmzt Cqam, Mmgaicl Davies, Dovghv ' O RORT ' 'f -Qf 4 4 Hb fm. Set? McCuKloug,h, Dick MacDonald, Eunice Robmsgvn, lim VTESPOSRMA-A-., Wea nuff' bug '- ' Sandi, gvyd Levis Vagbcll, r Q ' Q . Q RTE Q"-I " 1 '-,- -S -Adel X4 1 ,Q , ,Q - ,- C- 1455 Cv:wfDougXas MgCuBough, Ernie Cainer, asixswrl by the mine Cn:-1. QR ,QQ'- K, Q man Q'Cy co xgmpbexxl - f U SB -- '- ' our Hobson. A '- 1 . - -Gum Sgou.,Xpq:sXQASDonconReg1menc, 1 ', '- 4. v ' . ', Y. - . f 1 "fx 4- ' . +4 S lip' Go W- .V fa 'H - 4"'Q' C0103 4750, 05 411112, em 9 V, '- .1 w Hoa fe f,,6'ff,p' Sal" J' 3-'Z'-4.gQ Q - W1 ,113 ffflfw A qc. 1, nf I: , , ' , Y- -'66 A,..5,' ec4,,'r, SDQQQ 1ukQQr,qD,,:Q6,,lPZJQQ Q . I ,vqlfe fl GQ? 0,1 fb, , - 05615 Qf7a6FfQ7:E61?Q1!Z-JZ: - Fk'09g,4R,,6"b,tf6,,bQQ 537612 50,1 if, 19 4,6 .Yay-f "6 'ff 5Q,f6fQ PJ Brlgl-'J 'I S Lxgh!sf?Kx V iolinistfblvrience ' zsfkfmdnese oi Cnprdm pr -5',A,05r,tQg Q Q fn' fxw " fun E ' J 'fa ahhh Ezplasw , gat 0' es, fx' . Ak B Sddk 05 . LWIIQQQ fi? D THE Tim "8 S'z SA O OR lin gr X C p CL - ex 'fr' 'f . M, lan ' 6 -"rn, AS PETE Addie lgizgsion, BJGHQGCQ S I A S 19 "Gi i ' mtg 30- 'MD ng ' JBEN...Yx DQ' 'mfr ' AS - 'fro esfff ' H , rso , THE . IK K Fa,-,5 . . .. CMMOHIHJ HMANCLP-Ss H . A- 'mi'-YIDUFI' ,IF ww! h A . 1 T... aw Aww M e H011 M -Q -,I . f-An autumn Q Y Natl CWNA, . -1n,Ke"'43a . S5095-The mcmigzfuni in'135gQ A - Q. . 'sL...Zf'1',QQQ'--.,,.,.jijQQ ,IQQM ..IjQfZ,,4HQQ . Q m.fe,,,,.n,m,hQQQQQ A , . ll Tlyijuk .A --., Q lrir gnallf sro' V , Q ','39.PikheYQ Gay Geri: Klhr. ll 1 www H -- Diff "ff, 14-4 IP-NE Pg FEA'Y1f1'iiiiiig' 'A-' - -"- A-QIQIIQQ1 V A - , -Pb. H 'ff ' ms ATHERW YS -A A' To 4 -, ll 'Cy " PER FE AYS ' Q.. "7 M450 M,Cf,,gw . Lcgffups f'??l1'ERWAvgf'fAV-1- gift "W W MHZ ml '11 A ES HERWAY' " N ' 'E"'i5 Cam, 'ww Hmm WINTER 5 1 Leif G "H 5 ' BURRo5SWWER.Q1i.ij,jif Tom " .. s W ,... ...QfQ.j"T ' -A "D ' Pilfhrf .-5' '- -ff cn! 4 Crgp-Snkgvginagghagiftaaw Q giggggiz' ativisnbt! Fetgrre. " .Q 4,-,,. Cr O55 I B YS d Own Th e law in QQFI one 061' Hundred an Ing Homela d d Ni n In nety .six make-Up Club Under lhe very capable leadership of Ralph Nixon, ihe Malce-Up Club had one of iis busiesf years. There was ihe usual iun and, oi course, irials -'There iusl isnli any green eye-shadowfl Mrs. Richard MacDonald, lmnown by all dramaiic aspir- anis as iiMrs. Mac" was baclc io give her ever- needed valuable advice io new and old members alilce. We were glad io welcome a good number of promising young iifxriisisii and io see so many senior siudenis ialcing an aciive inleresi. The Winierseli casi proved 'ro be a very appreciaiive group To worlc wilh and rhe play offered many inieresiing iobs for us. February and March demanded loyal members as we were rushed wiih ihree produciions. ln ihe middle oi February came rhe infer-Year Plays: wilh one weelc lo calch up on sleep and whai-not The Glenora Carnival loomed up and aiiracled mosi of our members To lry +heir sluii on ihe beauiiiul faces and legs of ihai group. Yes, ihere were some men 'rhere foo, ihanlc goodness. The Ballei allowed our rosy-Tipped fingers no resl during ihe nexl busy week. The appli- carion oi Ballel Malce-Up made a nice change for all concerned-excepi perhaps ihe Ballei. "'d'QgsAw.- . .s fi' X x A scene behind flie scenes. The make-up needed for fhe brighl' lighis Adviser: Mrs. R. MacDonald Presidenl: Ralph Nixon Secreiary: Mary Warren mining and Geological Societg The Annual Banquei and Ball One Hundred and Ninety-eight 6? :il 3 CRAWFORD FERGUSON LILLIAN GUITARD our neighbor To The easT. Meanwhile represenTaTives Trom U.B.C. aT AlberTa ARTHUR CROSSLEY GRANT STRATE ebating Club An increasing inTeresT in public aTTairs was eyidenT on AlberTals campus This Year. Allied wiTh The abiliTy To Thinlc clearly abouT imporTanT public quesTions is The abiliTy To TranslaTe onels ThoughTs inTo convincing argu' rnenTs. The abiliTy To debaTe eTTecTively is largely a maTTer oT Training. The besT Training is ThaT gained Through experience. The DebaTing SocieTy, Through iTs sysTem oT compeTiTive debaTes, provides This necessary pracTice. The year l947-48 saw The on The campus, as iTs members populariTy oT The SocieTy soar To new heighTs parTicipaTed in boTh The l-lugill and McGowan Cup debaTes, emblemaTic oT inTerTaculTy and inTeryarsiTy debaTing supremacy. The inTerTaculTy debaTes commenced on The TwenTyfninTh oT OcTober and conTinued Tor several weelcs wifh a ToTal oT ThirTy'Two Teams compe-Ting. ShorTly aTTer ChrisTmas, Bill Pybus and Don Smiley, represenTing The l3aculTy oT Educa- Tion, emerged vicTorious, deTeaTing Iawmen Tevie Miller and STeve Woods To reTain The l"lugill Cup. The greaTesT sTudenT TurnouT in years waTched The l-lugill debaTers in acTion. ln The inTervarsiTy de-baTes on January sixTeenTh, AlberTals visiTing Team Travelled To SaslcaToon where They puT up a good TighT againsT The Team Trom The de- TeaTed The home Team oT Don l.isTer and Tevie Miller by one poinT. . A Q- EP? fs X N 0 Os I -4 c...x. lnierfac DebaTers One Hundred and Ninety-nine Hwnorary PresidenT , Prc-T. I.. H. Nichols PresidenT , HarcourT SmiTh Vice-PresidenT , June SigsworTh SecreTary-Treasurer , ,, Joyce Richardson John Henry Rhona CorbeTT ,J music Club HuberT Irving Don Williams giving a violin solo aT one of The Sunday nighf performances The UniversiTy Music Club has again increased in The size oT iTs membership This year due To greaTer inTeresT in good music among The sTudenTs and The EdmonTon public. Every endeavor was made This year To provide an opporTuniTy Tor boTh sTudenT TalenT, and accomplished perTorrners in The province oT AlberTa To be heard. The opening program oT The Sunday evening series Tea- Tured BeTTy McCaslcill, an EdmonTon soprano who is becoming well-lcnown boTh in AlberTa and in EasTern Canada, and BeTTy-Jane Hagen, TalenTed young violin- isT wha is The daughTer oT an EdmonTon Tamily and is now sTudying music in Calgary. of The Club The remaining Tour Sunday evening reciTals were devoTed To Music oT The RomanTic and Modern periods: German music: French music: and Tinally, Russian music. This year anoTher naTionally-lcnown arTisT was pre- senTed. This Time a pianisT was The special guesT, in The person oT Ross PraTT, who was born in Winnipeg and has Toured exTensively in The BriTish CommonwealTh, The UniTed STaTes, and CenTral America. Much encouragemenT and assisTance was ren- dered The ExecuTive by The Honorary PresidenT, ProT. L. H. Nichols, and by The paTronesses, Mrs. John Reymes-King, Miss ConsTance MacFarlane, and Miss Maimie Simpson. A!Tlllflyi"W --Z 4- -.. ," rl' if Zi ii ' QXX IW , , l s eff-v' ' - ' s ..1.3,-A-z-Wi.. ,- . "' . '.-4' .'-"5 sv- ,:-v June SigsworTl1 Sings Two Hundred Canadian Universitg Returned CUen's Association This year has seen The greaTesT num- mer of reTurned men and women on This campus. all of whom received maTerial beneTiTs Trom The varied eTforTs oT C.U. R.M.A. Housing remained as The greaT- esT problem To The sTudenT veTerans, and in This work C.U.R.Tv1.A. led all oTher or- ganizaTions in The housing oT "homeless" veTerans and Their Tamilies. FurTher as- sisTance was given in The maTTer oT loans and parT Time employmenT. C.U.R. M.A.'s naTional organizaTion, The Na- Tional Council oT STudenT VeTerans was insTrumenTal in obTaining The long soughT and badly needed increases in living al- lowances Trom The Dominion govern- menT. During The pasT year successTul dances and smokers have provided re- laxaTion Tor all members and Their Triends. Proud parenTs displayed Their oTT- spring in The TirsT Baby ConTesT and The accompanying phoTo shows ThaT AlberTa VeT's children are second To none. IT musT be remembered ThaT an AlberTa baby was The winner in The naTional con- TesT, regardless oT U.B.C.'s claims. C.U.R.M.A.'s disbandmenT in The nexT Tew years is deTiniTely Toreseen. UnTil such Time as The VeTeran populaTion on The campus declines To a negligible nume ber, C.U.R.M.A. will conTinue as The Co4ordinaTor oT VeTerans ATTairs. EXECUTIVE:- PresidenT .,.,,v,,,,,.,,.,..c,,.. Dave Bell Honorary PresidenT ,.,., Col, E. H. Sfriclnland Vice-PresidenT .....,..,,,, Marguerile Jones SecreTary .... ,,,, L es Warden Treasurer -- .... Kay Black f is SXTY 2 is-is 2 . - f- P W uranium UMQUE The prize winning baby for all The UniversiTies in Canada Two Hundred and One Sec+ion Staff: AL BRAY PHYL RUSSELL o Hundred and Two Fraternities sf, D 2 li' , Q xxwbl I , ,gy V VM' - 4 1 51 A '7 A -1 I 325. ff If X . I 4 141 Q 1 j yi .J'5','r?f,4 , A A 'f n Q 'I f " WW gg fyffgfgiufgfkfd 40414, m,g,g3ngvfng.g.1. J wsww aww y ,I 'umm gi b, J 2.Mlm,s' ,462 , gsm I ,,4..- , avi Sxylsww ,366 W l + f Q 131:22-3: f ' 55 gqxx, 5. X mf 455253: 1' 4, 'Wu ,W f if A f 1110 , 1 VA! 5 ., f f f, fl x 7 f1 2 www if MXKZ1 Z'- Wherr-as wi+h herpes, lu+es, and gy+ernes, They daunce and pleyen af dees bO+I16 day and nyghfe. Two Hund d d Qllvlb Delta Delta Delta FACULTY MISS MARGERY MacKENZIE MISS MAMIE SIMPSON EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT .,.,,A.A, U. ,.....,,.,,........., LUCY GAINER VICE-PRESIDENT ,,,,, , ,,,,,,.v, M, JEAN ANDERSON RECORDING SECRETARY .,,.., , -..-, MARION PUFFER CORRESPONDING SECRETARY ,,,, ,,,, A LISON MATTHEWS TREASURER ., .,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,, ,W FRANCES KITCHEN A C T I V E S JEAN ANDERSON MAVIS APPLETON MARION ARCHIBALD DAPHNE BOYD MARIA CASTELLI LUCY GAINER MARGARET GANS ENID GLAUSER MARGARET KENNEDY FRANCES KITCHEN JUNE McCUTCHEON JACKIE MacKAY ALISON MATTHEWS MARGARET MULLOY OLIVE OXLAND AMY PENCHUK MARION PUFFER BETTY RAGG VIVIAN RILEY JUNE SIGSWORTH KAY TANNER IRIS THOROGOOD JOY VERGE PHYLLIS VOISIN LOUISE WILSON PLEDGES MARJORIE BAILIE APHRODITE BARACOS AUDREY BRODER ISOBEL FERGUSON SYDNEY FLEET EIKO IWASHITA BARBARA LAIRD RITA McCORMICK JOYCE McCUTCHEON JOYCE MITCHELL JOYCE PASSMORE ARLENE PETEYS JOSEPHINE PILCHER PAT SCOTT LOUISA SCOUGAL MARGARET SCOUGAL AUDREY SMITH DOREEN SPENCE JUNE TAYLOR ADAIR WHEELER Two Hundred and Four Delta Gamma EXECUTIVES PRESIDENT ,.,.,,v. , H ,, ., W , ,...,..... HELEN McGREGOR VICE-PRESIDENT ,,,, U, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,. J ODY DAY RECORDING SECRETARY ,-, ,,,, , AUDREY McDONOUGH CORRESPONDING SEC. , Y,,, . GWEN McGREGOR MOLNAR TREASURER W W , RUTH RENNER A C T I V E S NANCY ALTON PEGGY JOHNSTON JOAN ARNOLD BONNIE JONES LOIS CHISHOLM RHONA CORBETT JODY DAY MARY ELLEN DICKSON BETH EDWARDS DUFF MARY FIELD PHYLLIS FLEMING ISOBEL FRIZZELL AUDREY FYSH IRENE GREENWOOD EILEEN HART PAT HAWE SHIRLEY HOOKS NORMA HOWARD SHEILA JACKSON HELEN LILLY AUDREY MacDONALD ELEANOR MacDONALD KAY McADAM HELEN McGREGOR AUDREY McDONOUGH HELEN MIGHT GWEN McGREGOR MOLNAR AUDREY PATTERSON LOIS PORTER RUTH RENNER MARG SPROULE SHARON SPRUNG WENDY TEVIOTDALE ELAINE WAGNER NANCY JOHNSTON MARG WEIR KAY WILLIS P L E D G E S MARY JOAN ANDERSON ALICE BROWN MARGOT BURTON GRETTA MARLATT DOLORES MILLAR JOYCE MORRIS EILEEN CREASEY NORMA RONN JANE EGLESTON ZEL SAUDER BETTY GIDDIE LIZ SHORT LILA HORNANEN MARNIE HUDSON ANNE HYNDMAN BARBARA KANE AVERY SMITH AUDREY THOMPSON LUCILLE TURCOTTE AUDREY WILSON SHIRLEY WILSON Two Hundred and Five !ii1'f'T Nz W 'Kappa Alpha Cheta EXECUTIVES PRESIDENT ..,,. . ...Y..,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, JEAN McLAWS VICE PRESIDENT ,,,, .,., S HIRLEY ATKINSON SECRETARY ,,,, -0 MARGARET MacKAY TREASURER ...,.. ., ,,.... ..,.. J EAN McBRIDE CORRESPONDING SEC. N- ,... GEORGINA YULE ACTIVES SHIRLEY ATKINSON DOREEN BRADLEY DORIS CARVER PEGGY CHAMBERS ENID CROCKETT JOAN DAWSON JEAN GALBRAITH KAYE HICKS ESTHER MAHON JEAN McBRIDE NELLIE McCLUNG LOIS McINTYRE MARGARET MacKAY JEAN McLAWS LOIS NICHOLS DOREEN PORTER NORMA RYAN FRANCES WADDELL NORAH WHITE NANCY JEAN YORK GEORGINA YULE PLEDGES IRENE BOWERMAN JUNE FRASER NORMA HEICHEN JEAN NICHOLS DORIS ROPER ELAINE SHAW NORMA SHEARER Two Hundred and Six fPi Beta fPhi F A C U L T Y MISS H. MaclNTYRE O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT F FFFFFFFF. F FA.wFF,FwFFFFFFF F FFFFF FF LoIs HILL vICE.PREsIDENT F FFFFFF.. LILLIAN GUITARD RECORDING SECRETARY FFF MARGERY OLSTEAD CORRESPONDING SEC. F FF PAT MQDONALD TREASURER FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF DOROTHY owER A C T I V E S KAY BLACK PEGGY KENDRICK PEGGY BLUNDELL MARIE BROOKS ELAINE BROWN JEAN CAMPBELL EVELYN CAPSEY MARY CLARK ELIZABETH CLOW CATHERINE CONROY GWYN COOK DONNA CROSS CATHERINE DICKIE MARY FARMER JOSEPHINE FERGUSON LORRAINE GAGNON IRENE GLEN MARYLEEN GRANTHAM MARY GREER LILIAN GUITARD LOIS HILL MARJORIE HULBERT DOROTHY HUSBAND MARGERY JAMES KA MARIAN KULAK TERRY McCARTHY PAT MCDONALD DONNA MACOR MARYALICE MILLAR JEAN MILNE YVONNE MOGEN MARGERY OLSTEAD DOROTHY OWER AMELIA RANDLE PHYLLIS RUSSELL MYRNIE SANDS SUE SAUCIER DOROTHY SHANER JEAN SMITH BETH SOMERVILLE ISOBEL TAYLOR THERINE LENA TOOH PHYLLIS VANGO BETH WEIR BETTY WIGGINS PAM WILDMAN PLEDGES JOAN BRUNTON LOIS BADGELY DAWN ECKERT GERALDINE FITZGERALD LOIS GRANT BETTY HOOD KATHERINE KNOLL JOAN McNAUGHT ADELE McQUAY ALBERTA OEL LUCY OLESKY THERESA PATSULA ADELINE PHILLIPS PAULINE RACETTE PHYLLIS TINNEY Two Hundred and Seven EY Fifth A-41 --'.-.JA A fji-',. f..., Secfion Ediforz PHIL CAMPBELL Two Hundred and Eight militarg Z5- Zi. .-- I Z? Z? " '32 A+ many a noble armee hadde he be A+ morfal Cafailles hadde he been fifiene . . Two Hundred and Nnne Canadian In The Fall oT I946 an enTirely new sysTem oT Training was insTiTuTed. designed To give miliTary insTrucTion aT The UniversiTy a more academic Tlavour, and To uTilize The summer rnonThs To provide pracTical Training under The highly compeTenT direcTion oT The various Corps Schools. During The academic year, 1' ,fs TorTy hours are spenT on subiecTs such as MiliTary Geography. Economics oT DeTence, MiliTary T-lisTory, TacTics and OrganizaTion. In The summer, deperldenT on The Corps in which They are Training, sTudenTs go To one or oTher oT The Training Schools, which are locaTed in various parTs oT Canada, and spend There a period oT approxirnaTely Tour monThs. Choice oT Corps School is deTermined To a large exTenT by The TaculTies in which sTudenTs are enrolled. Thus a sTudenT in Civil Engineering would be considered mosT suiTable Tor The Royal Canadian Engineers, a Medical sTudenT Tor The Medical Corps, and so on. As a resulT members oT The COTC have in many cases, and parTicularly in The Technical and proTessional Corps, an opporTuniTy To receive pracTical Training in Their chosen universiTy Tield, as well as To acquire qualiTicaTions Tor commission as OTTicers oT The AcTive or Reserve Army. An imporTanT change has also been made in The sTaTus and pay oT OTTicer CadeTs. On ac-:epTance OTTicer CadeTs are given The sTaTus and privileges oT Second LieuTenanTs and wear The rank badges oT such. Their pay Tor The TheoreT- ical and pracTical phases is ThaT oT Second LieuTenanTs. During The TirsT year oT The Scheme 9l OTTicer CadeTs Trom The Uni- versiTy wenT To The various Corps Schools where They made a very crediTable showing in compeTiTion wiTh sTudenTs Trom oTher Canadian universiTies. ln I94-7-48 The number aTTencling will be approXimaTely IIO. LT.-Col. Owen reTired in I947 aTTer seeing Through The changeover To The new Training scheme. T-le was succeeded by The presenT OC, LT.-Col. M. L. Van VlieT. AssisTing The OC in The running oT The uniT are Maior H. J. Bishop and Maior J. R. STaTTord. In addifion an AcTive Army OThcer. known as The ResidenT STaTT OTTicer is assigned by Army i-leadquarTers To conducT The MiliTary Science phase oT The course and To assisT and advise generally on The Training. The presenT ResidenT STaTT Oicficer is Maior M. J. Egan, oT The P.P.C.L.l., a regimenT well known To Tormer AlberTa COTC members as a source oT Training OTFicers and NCOS. Upper LT Col. M. L. Van VlieT Mai. H. J. Bishop, LT.-Col. M. L. Van VleiT, Mai. J. R. STaTTord, Lower Maior M. J. Euan Maior M- J- Esau Two Hundred and Ten Officers : f Staining X Corps X Y QNS x-W .LK-Q ind. x Fuiure Tank Oizficers Mine Defecfing "Chario+ of WraH1" Signalers have +o work 'loo Elecfrical and Mechanical Engineers Wiwai makes a big one iicir? Two Hundred and Eleven 1? M! uUlX7Q.YS1fB Fron+ Row: B. Halislry, H. W. Ward, J. E. MacDonald, L+. G. C. Field, RCNiRl, L+. iLl R. E. Phillips RCNlRl, L+. lNl P. Thomos RCNlRl, Lf. R. H. Hurlburf RCNlRl, J. M. Bond, J. W. Kennedy, T. H. Miller. Second Row: L. T. Blair, W. S. Jaclcson, F. C. Cornell-Ching, A. W. Swiniarslri, R. W. Su+herland, H. H. Chrisfenson, G. Gaufhier. Third Row: C. E. Yoemans, R. W. Smilh, E. C. Freeman, A. W. Holmes, W. H. Elder, W. H. R. Tanner. Baci: Row: N. Rafsoy, D. A. MacKenzie, S. E. Thompson, W. H. Slafer, G. G. Krause, C. W. Hergoii, F. M. Brock, I. W. Duncan. :lla al Lieul. lLl R. E. Phillips, Commanding Olilicer. Lieul. P. Thorncis. Lieur. lPl G. Field, Divisions Ollicer. Lieui R. G. Hurlburl. Divisions Officers alcing wilh R.C.N. Pelly Oilicers carried fiul all inslruclicn lar lhe various branches. Abciul 35 sludenrs were aclive in lhe l,l.N.T.D. in I947348. Tnii included people in all branches. Ereculive. Engineer, Elec- lrical, Supply, and Medical. Three senior sludenls will receive lheir ijcmniissions as Sub Lieur. upon qradualion in May. Reqularicins slill lay down lhaf The ncirmal U.N.T.D. pro- igram is lo ccinsisl of training al The local Division For four winler sessions while al Universi'y. The Training is progressive in nalure and designed lc. qualify all candidafes as olii-:ers in whalever branch of The Service lhey may enler. During a slu- denfl second year in lhe U.N.T.D. he comes be-lore a Seleclion Ecard and if he passes inspeclicin he is raled as an Officer Candidale. Each member of fhe U.N.T.D. has lo rake a 'rwo weel cruise every summer as a normal parl ol lhe program. As an Officer Candidare he also has lo spend one lull scmmer wirh the R.C.N. Lui-ing 'ho .pmmer cil l948, Candidates ol lhe Execulive branch will 'spend live wee-lfs cin ccurses: Three weels in fhe Navigation Direclicin School and two weeks in the Seamanship Schccl The res' cf lhe summer will be spenl carrying our fhe required Training Cruise and on Vcilunlary Service which will ahcird sealime and addilional courses. Enqineerino Branch Candidales will be given a course on eieclrical equipmenl and procedure in The Navy iollowed by praclical experience. Medical Branch Oilicer Candidales will be given such eppcrluniries ailaal and in R.C.N. Hospilal as lheir medical rraining will permil. All supply and Secrelarial Branch Oflicer Candldalei wili be given a six weeks course in lhe Supply and Secrelarial Sgnciil HMCS "Naden". Naval Training and praclical experience ailiar and ash:-re will ccimplele rhe summer. On looking over The whole Summer program il would appear lhal all ci lhcise availing lhemselves cii This cipporlunily rs secure a cemmispian in lhe R.C.N. will spend a mos? prcihff able summer cn our Wes? Cciasl. L+. Hurlburf iells ihem how Miller and crew Two Hundred and Twelve l, T -l11 Craining X 410187151011 X . wx.:-:5mss?: waz: A. r . -. WNXX Q AXNX wx xii xox YN Yi :S X N 1: as-51 2 "fl N V1 fxm-'-::sf+5Q- ' Sai? ,- ' -.115-. -3--gxkqg-., HA ,4 , 4 Kava ' x-:xv - . X- 2, .X , eff: ' .4289 ' 'X -A WAPA ,L .mf , M - x r Q- P' N3 1 fri-1' 5 ,, ' win.. L: .. A K? Z' All Aboard Enemy aircraf+ approaching Gunnery Two Hundred and Thirteen On fhe bridge Loafing aboard . . . . and ashore Sec+ion S+aFf IVAN HEAD BOB ROSSER Two Hundred and Fourteen thletics l-f-if-' -6-gf...-' ...-- f --T'-TQTT, , Z- ---' 14 1 -ji -Y ' V QL- 5- 1, ,fj 2, F If-Fzilf f -f fi lfffllzz' ..f 1 - -' f fam N 1 .1 X 2 3 Q , gg :L . X 54 ' Q-40 W Q ev dwg' E: -gziffgh . It f I S "nf wwf 461 4 ,. 'G,?'k.y ' ,2'6v,4v U' ' as f ,' "S4Cgg to 1,0 gg 4 ,G5,,4 x Y ' -A ' -W - J W , '4- x ,fra ' b , vb v I 'nu' - '44 -Mi, 33 f , 3 'ls "--G". W Vw Z, , Zf I px - Mpc' ., 'n'. :lj ' Aqkx, ? F , V, Q5 ' Z I 'Lf' . Wxffy, X ff , x 2, ph gem M -A Milk : -1 5 ,M hz '- ,-Verify-. - - g X f . ,v.u.Ji24'- 24-2-am-A - 1 -V XX lg ig' U. - may Ll!fl' Chl. Athi! - ,- Q f W w4'ie5zfff -by N A - gm: skim' L -- 1' Q . ' .L Ra-K WK "0!f!'3F -,fiaelzflff k ,- 91'-27 L!!! jffgzpingig:--Q -4 WMM An., .., . - . . 'Q ' -, L . 9122557 f ' 'l kxA,,fx-v- Af ..'.o--, f' -. 2.4. Q.: - - . 1, - Qgfizgix, 12- 5, ? ' ,, 'xx xjw ff ,Y 'G' 9 1- l'7I1-'f1- C ff ' "xH" if - O, K' 4 fg4 .j1-jx. " .. . , A V' 'AJ -. f " ,, 1, .V Kxkx , yxl rL"yf1f.Q lw'K"- x X I lx xnx N.f' r , I f' ' 'f ' 1 'W J . 1 W ' 6, i 4, '47 K, ' , Qff'Yeg!fL,fQ,, , MX, if ff" K, Sf' 4 fn 1 as f' - 1 x ' .1 -P Qt , 'S M YZ, ,gp f 7 -' - N ,iffy 1, 3 - Q , .. , - . ' f VVNVW Tvqzwm wxqww nav? ' Uhfxfwawwy I , Mmvxv A ' .. v 1 , wvwwwwww C 1 KMVWWJQ? PWWNAFHFFW Wvw k WNV xxtw ww NX-'www p?5Q?ff2' fl" W 1. -' v ,Vx vm ml.,,W' 6 V K 1 ? 5, ' ' ' fu ,gn H' ,g ..1 L. 45 1 V22 A' Aff 1 ' vf,iiHw, 25 H M- A "1 V' If ' 'X fs s Gif "IX NZLE' "'.'n','fQ!. f' x ,v ,X x, :fi R' ,,, -ww.,-. -fdfw ' qwm in ' if ..,'..- .f'ff1' iff? "' f"'.", HSL -' 'gh ,nmug+j,yZw,7 v.. .. H ' .N ,agw - '1!.'1,--'lj Nu V11 I ,.' ,, ..- Q 'Wg H... , fi . . A A ,1 - Y 3 '- - , 'NPI27 , , I , Q, - '- "' ff ' ,U'."9"-VI And wonderly delyvere, and of greei' s+reng+he Two Hundred and Fifteen -,,?.v.l, v - ,P L ,g. , Cheer Squad if JOAN ARNOLD 5 ELAINE BROWN i J-3 , ig ' HELEN LILLY ' ' ' 4 NORMA HOWARD . L ,L i ff Somefhing new had been added. ln JIM WOOD lnlo 5' lrenzl' Ol cheering' C0'l5eqU9"'llY company wilh Varsi+y's mighly slruggles along lhe palhs lo alhlelic glory, a viva- cious cheer squad was providing adequafe vocal supporl' af all Golden Bear games. Led by Jim Woods, lhe four lassies and a laddie were responsible for a lumullous background of noise as +he Alberla leams did and died for The dear old Alma Maler. The squads lirsl appearance was al lhe Toronlo loolball game where lhey whipped lhe enormous crowd RAC-A-SAC-A followed by a pandemic of hoarse lhroals. The carl-wheel anlics conlinued lo delighl lhe speclalors al succeeding con- lesls bofh in Edmonlon and Saslcaloon, and even lhe baslcelball Bears found Jrhe girls in while presenl To give forlh wi+h lhe old U. of A. rah! rah! lndeed a commendable erclorl and a genuine slep in lhe righl direcfion loward revival of The lainl glow of campus spiril. BOOM-A-LACK-A Two Hundred and Sixteen be Q. v X N Golf Managed by Lem Barnes, flue Inframural and flue Infercollegiafe Golf 'Iournamenfs were capably and effi- cienfly conducfed. In flue Infrarruural compefifion, sixfeen golfers applied flueir slcill fowards flue Dr. Broadfoof fropfuy, wifli Cam Sadlier of Calgary, defeafing Jim Wluifelaw in flue final round. Selecfed fo represenf Alberfa in flue Infercollegiafe meef, lueld fluis year af flue Edmonfon Golf and Counfry Club, were Nancy Alfon, Nellie McCIung, Cam Sadlier, and Don Noble. Nellie McCIung was flue only luoldover from Iasf year's feam. Manifoba proved far superior fo flue Alberfa and Saslcafcluewan feams in boflu men's and womens divisions. In flue medal play for men, Asselfine of Manifoba furned in an oufsfanding performance wiflu II2 sfrolces for 27 luoles, Presf of Saslcafcluewaru was second wiflu I I6 sfrolces and Sadlier of Alberfa. fluird wiflu I22 sfrokes. In womens medal play, flue Manifoba feam of Donna Baxfer and Barbara Morrison were in a class by fluemselves copping firsf and second wiflu 97 and IOI sfroles, respecfively, for I8 Iuoles. Mary Lou McCormick of Saslcafcluewan was fluird. Resulfs of flue mafclu play flue nexf day sluowed Fussel- fine of Manifoba again flue winner, wiflu Sadlier of AI- berfa, second. And in flue women's mafclu play, Donna Baxfer was well ouf in fronf, followed by Donna Pryor of Saslcafcluewan. In flue final sfanding, if was Manifoba firsf, Saslcaf- cluewan second, Alberfa ffuird. Man. Saslc. Alfa. Medal , 20 I4 8 Mafclu ,, IO 7 3 5 2I I I Cam Sadlier, Nellie Mcclung, Nancy Alfon, Don Noble Cennis Sluorfly affer flue Universify session sfarfed, flue fennis enfluusiasfs were warming up for flue local fennis fournamenf. Jean McLaws, I-Ielen Lilly, Mary Collins and Beffy Murray were compefing for ladies' luonors, wluile Jolunny Sfoff, Gordie McLaws, Ken Grierson, Ian Diclcons, Jimmy I-Iume, and Clare Ames were rnalcing a bid fo be fluis year's male cluamp. Jean McLaws won easily in flue ladies' division, and, feamed wiflu I-Ielen Lilly, formed flue ladies' Infercollegiafe feam. 'llue mens play boiled down fo Jolunny Sfoff and Gordie McLaws, wiflu flue favored McLaws being de- feafed by Sfoff. Tlue Infercollegiafe fourney, lueld on flue Universify courfs Iuere. saw flue Alberfa feam win luandily over Saslrafcluewan and Manifoba for flue Aggregafe lropluy, wluiclu we so narrowly missed Iasf year. Tlue luigluligluf of flue meef came wluen Sfoff and McLaws, piffed againsf I-lodges and Fuller of Saslcafcluewan, fougluf a fouglu fwo and a lualf luour baffle-Alberfa winning af 446, 6-3, IO-8. Tlue Alberfa men, by Iafer defeafing Manifoba, won flue mens doubles. Jean McLaws and l'Ielen Lilly defeafed boflu Mani- foba and Saslrafcluewan ladies fo falve flue luonors in flue ladies' doubles, and in flue ladies singles, Jean McLaws copped all Iuer sefs fo remain undefeafed in fwo years. Praise goes fo fluese four for flueir oufsfanding per- formance in bringing Alberfa fo flue fop in Infercollegiafe fennis. Alfa. Saslc. Man. Singles 6 4 2 Doubles 6 2 I I2 6 3 Gordon McLaws, Helen Lilly, Jean McLaws. Missing, Jolun Sfoff ,fe Two Hundred and Seventeen fs-ssqgmify' -f T" if ' TQQQ A.,,, " - , . if 'f s o '13 N X' ,-, IA Z... . ig I ' vous Top-Karl Erdman BoTTom-.lim MacRae InseT-Coach Riichie Hughes L- TN. - Crack --- The smarTly uniTormed I947 U. oT A. Track and Field Team Tailed To live up To iTs pre-meeT predicTions as iT wenT down To deTeaT in The TwenTy-second annual WesTern lnTer- collegiaTe Track and Field MeeT. Seemingly in exceIlenT condiTion, wiTh numerous records on The verge oT collapsing, The sTudenTs couIdn'T climb ouT oT The cellar posiTion which They had occupied since lasT year. SpiriTs were high as The spikedeshoe hopeTuls rounded iTo shape during SepTember and CcTober. I-Ioldovers on The Team included Ken STurrock, Karl Erdman, and Marion Irwin, all oT whom had rolled up poinTs in SaskaToon lasT year. Back again also was Nick Lupaschuk, InTercollegiaTe disTance king and Riley Trophy holder, who This year was gunning Tor The Two mile record he so narrowly missed lasT OcTober. New blood was added wiTh Treshmen Ivan I-lead and Doris NuTer who had proved Their meTTle in Dominion meeTs. The Tormer was running wiThin a TenTh oT a second oT a Canadian record in The Turlongq The laTTer had never looked beTTer in The 60 meTer evenT. All in all Coach Hughes was hopeTul oT a beTTer show- ing when The varsiTies Tangled aT Clarke STadiurn on OCTO- ber IS. AIberTa looked sharper Than any oTher U. in Their brand new ouTTiTs. The sun shone on The sleek saTin oT The Green and Gold and iT promised To be a greaT day Tor The home Team. Back Row, Ieff To righT: Ken STurrock, STan Harris, Arnold Lesk, Jim Mackie, Nick Lupaschuk. CenTer Row: Ron NaTTress, Jim MacRae, Karl Erdman, Paf Walker, Dick Roe. FronT Row: Doris Nuier, Mary BouITer, Evelyn Silk, Corrine MacLeod, Mary Komhyr, Bernice Moore. Missing: STeve FushTey, Ivan Heal, Marion Irwin. Two Hundred and Eighteen --- 'Crack - BUT ManiToba sTarTed wiTh a bang, SaskaTchewan soon were on Their Tails and AlberTa couldn'T seem To geT a Tirm grip on The rapidly progressing leaders as They reached The TirsT corner. Down The back sTreTch iT was a keen sTruggle beTween The men Trom The easT Tor supremacy. SaskaTche- wan's women never looked back. Coming ouT oT The Tinal Turn, ManiToba males nosed ouT Their rivals Trom SaskaTche- wan while The SaskaTchewan women coasTed To an over- whelming vicTory. AlberTa Trailed in boTh races. The only brighT spoTs Tor Coach l-lughes came as he waTched Lupaschuk live up To his vaunTed repuTaTion and clip ll.9 seconds oTT The exisTing Two mile record, STurrock and Walker wiTh Two Tremendous Tosses give AlberTa a TirsT and second in The iavelin, Tiny Doris NuTer blaze down The cinders To win The 60 meTre dash, and The lv1en's relay Team lose a hard ToughT baTTle in The 880 relay by Two sTrides- Then be granTed a win as lv1aniToba was disgualiTied Tor cuTTing in. As The Tinal echo oT a sTarTer's gun vanished Trom The deepening shadows over Clarke STadium, The shadows deep- ened also in The hearTs oT The AlberTa Tollowers. Looking back, They could sTill see The aggregaTe scores on The score board: SaskaTchewan, 881 ManiToba, 70: and AlberTa, 39. Where was Erdman's Tamed superioriTy in The weighT- Throwing? Head looked sick. WhaT was wrong wiTh MacRae's knee? Had Irwin losT her I94o knack oT high-iurnping? No- body knew. The only poinT which boThered everyone was ThaT in Their own back-yard wiTh a Team ThaT appeared un- beaTable on paper, AlberTa has losT. NexT year? NexT year Lupaschuk will sTill be around: NuTer, Mackie, Walker, l-lear, and Roe will all have gained boTh in experience and Torm. Yes, nexT year Winnipeg mighT waTch a vicTorious AlberTa Team. l i 1 l i Top-Nick Lupaschuk BoTTom-Doris Nufer lnseT-Manager Johnny Yusep . a f? P Two Hundred and Nineteen Qflqixl A x f Front Row, le-H fo righ+: Bob Causgrove, Don Aikenheacl, Jack Allen, Ken Torrance, Jack Perry, Rae Su+herlancl, Ken Cox. 2nd Row: Harry Irving, Murray Smilh, Jim MacRae, Bill Ingram lCapfainl, Harry Hobbs, Ken Moore, Gordie Rehallaclr. 3rd Row: Ken Hodgson lWa+er Boyl, Pele Lougheed, "Jeep" Hall, Bill Keir, Alex Romaniulr, Bill Laureshan, Jim Hole, Venor Calhoun, Leon Ploflrins, Prof, M. L. Van Vlie lcoachl. 4+h Row: Jerry Searighi lAss+. Coachl, Percy Daigle lAssl. Coachl, Barney Adair, G-ordie Humphries, Harry Duguicl, Bud Milner, Don Smifh lAss+. Coachl, AI Bafcheller lEquipmen+ Managerl. Football Truly, big lime loolball had relurned lo Edmonlon. From lhe lirsl kick-olil oi a 'loronlo game which assured The conlinuance oi Easl-Wes? classics, lo The linal whislle ol a Saslralchewan conlesl which assured lhe relenlion of The Hardy Cup by The Universily of Alberla lhe IQ47 gridiron season could only be classed as oulslanding. Oulslanding, and evenflulg lor lhe '47 Golden Bear loofball machine wirnessed lhe inlroduclion ol basl-Wesl lnlercollegiale play, lhe inaugural ol Inrernalional games, and Jrhe deparlure ol Maury Van Vlie? as Alberlas head coach. Commencing 'rhe season playing before a capacily crowd and finishing il in lronl of vacanl grandslands, The Bears provided a brand of play lhal varied from sluggish +o dazzling buf fhal consis+en+ly packed a scoring punch. Allhough oulplayed al limes, lhey were only held score- less on one occasion. lronically enough, of lhe six scheduled games, lhe lwo laclcing mosl in inleresr and color were lhe revivals ol The annual Saslcalchewan compelilion for Weslern lnlercollegiale pigslcin supremacy. No one gave lhe I-luslmies an oulside chance: and lhey didn'+ have one. Even rhe loolball parade was relegaled 'ro an exhibi+ion game. Bears wenl inlo Saslcaloon as heavy lavoriles and aller drubbing 'rhe locals 20-O relurned Wesl wilh slill Two Hundred and Twenty greaTer odds on Their side. These were upheld as The crimson-clad Team Toyed wiTh The angry Husky aT Clarke STadium in The reTurn engagemenTg score 38-I. ToTal series score 58-I in Tavor oT AlberTa. BuT These ouTcomes had been preconceived. The crowds were anxious To see The UniversiTy oT ToronTo Blues as represenTaTive oT Top-noTch easTern TooTball7 They wanTed a view oT The American brand ball played by American Teams. And aT The compleTion oT These con- TesTs, The Tans weren'T disappoinTed wiTh The quaIiTy oT play or wiTh The showing oT The AlberTa squad. AgainsT ToronTo The Bears displayed a TenaciTy ThaT was a TeaTure oT all Their games. OuTweighed consider- ably, The Green and Gold Tallied The only major oT The second halT by uncorking a Three-way 87-yard gallop which elecTriTied The specTaTors and elecTrocuTed The EasTerners. Irving To Hobbs To Ingram was The key To This masTerpiece. The MonTana encounTers lacked The polish oT The Canadian games. AgainsT The School oT Mines, The Bears Tound no opposiTion. AgainsT The STaTe Normal They Tound IiTTIe else, Sluggishness was again The word as a lisTIess VarsiTy crew Tell beTore a lisTless Calgary STam- peder squad. ThroughouT The season, veTerans Harry Hobbs, BiTIy Ingram, Ken Moore, Jack Perry, and Jack Allan shone consisTenTly. Hobbs' exTended gallop in The ToronTo game and Moorels remarkable TransiTion To Tullback ranked on a par wiTh Ingram's Tield sTraTegy and The hard-hiTTing line play oT Perry and Allan. BuT Treshmen had a word To say as well. Triple-ThreaT Harry Irving graduaTed Trom Junior ranks wiTh Tlying colors: as did his ex-Calgary Tornado buddies, TleeT PeTe Lougheed, Bud Milner, Jeep Hall, and Bill Kier. BaskeTbaIIer Jim MacRae proved he could carry The leaTher as well as dribble iT in his TooT- ball debuT. All in all a brighT year Tor The Golden Bears. Qne which coach Maury Van VlieT can long remember as a TiTTinq climax To a brillianT TaaTball career aT AlberTa. And a mighTy challenge Tor TuTure Teams and coaches To equal. SC'1'lE'DUlLE Bears vs. ToronTo . . .,,., .- 5 I9 Bears aT Calgary ...W O Io Bears vs. MonTana Mines --- 26 O Bears vs. MonTana Normal .- 6 I6 Bears aT SaskaTchewan , , , 20 O Bears vs. SaskaTchewan 38 I Bears Maul MonTana ' . i "'T1 Duguicl carrying The ball . at if B3 ' 1 S 0 I AQ, -J. A fi- : Wt . KILBURN "BENNY" URQUART Pres. of Soccer i League in AcTion Soccer The opening phase oT The UniversiTy aThleTic acTiviTies Tor The I946-47 session broughT The reTurn oT The leaTher sphere To The campus aTTer many years oT absence. lniTiaTed by The eTTorTs OT Kilburn 'lBenny" UrquarT, Presi- denT oT The League, and sTrongly supporTed by Greg FulTon. Vice-PresidenT oT The UniversiTy AThleTic Board, Teams Trom eighT TaculTies compeTed Tor The coveTed PennanT Trophy. The league was divided inTo Two secTions, A and B, Due To The shorTness oT The season no reTurn games were played beTween The Teams. ArTs and Science was The winner oT division A wiTh Tive poinTs To iTs crediT while Commerce won division B -also wiTh Tive poinTs. ln The Tinal lcnoclc-ouT game ArTs and Science won when Sig l-leiberg scored The only goal which gave CapTain Mallabones Team The Trophy which was presenTed by RegisTrar G. B. Taylor. l-lighlighTs oT The season included a game played beTween The girls oT Pembina and The boys ol AThabasca l-lall, and also a game played by members oT The Engineering sTaT'T againsT The under- grads. CompeTiTions beTween all Teams was lceer ThroughouT The season: The sTandard oT sporTsman- ship was high, And, iudging Trom The large Turn- ouT oT players and supporTers To all The games, The season was an ungualiTied success. LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Neil Taylor, Bob Jackson, John Huckle Severin Heiberg, Bill Jubb, Howie Mallabone, Bill Maiheson, Ron Knauf Two Hundred and Twenty-two Swimming Wilh a splash lhal lilerally swamped lhe college swimmers lrom Saslcaloon and Maniloba, Alberlas prairie mermen res- cued lhe Grillilh Trophy lasl November. Nine years had elapsed since lhe coveled cup, emblemalic ol Vfeslern lnlercollegiale aqualic supremacy, lasl resled on Alberlas lrophy shell. How- ever, il will be anolher year al leasl belore lhe Felsled Cup is able lo join il lor lhe aquamaids ol lvlaniloba were successlul in lheir allempls lo carry lhal silverware lo Winnipeg where il will remain lhroughoul l948. Coach Bob lvlalheson's crew were in line lorm as lhey lrolhed lhe Norlh Wesl Air Command pool inlo a llurry ol loam. edging oul lhe compelilion on lhree occasions and slay- ing close enough behind in lour olher evenls lo win lhemselves lhe herelolore elusive lille. Don Moores lciclcing heels were plainly visible lo lhe men lrom lhe Easl as he paced lhe lield lor one ol lhe besl perlormances ol lhe day. He won bolh lhe IOO yard and ZOO yard lree-slyle 5WIf'T1S. Bob Dulhie came lhrough in lhe closing mo- menls ol lhe swimlesl when his high-board arlislry snared lhe diving championship and assured Alberla lhe leam viclory. Mavis Applelon was Varsily's big gun in women's conlesls bul she was nol provided wilh adeguale supporl1 resull was lhal lhe Green and Gold lrailed lar behind in lhe lighl lor lem- inine honors. have E:- Swimming Club Execulive-Bob Malheson, Marion Puller, Don Moore High-diver al lnlercollegiate Meet li S3 lnler-Varsily Meel al N.W,A.C. Pool Two Hundred and Twenty-three Curling One more lnTercollegiaTe championship was added To The ever-lengThening lisT oT AlberTa conquesTs lasT lvlarch in Winnipeg. The ancienT game OT curling was The sporTq The inTanT collegiaTe 'ibriari' was The compeTiTiong and The U. oT A. rinlcs proved Themselves superior Tor The second sTraighT year. The ice was TasT and so was The compeTiTion Tor lvlaniTobais McTavish had previously sidelined The Dom- inion champion, veTeran Jimmy Welsh oT Deer Lodge, in a Winnipeg bonspiel, SaskaTchewan reporTed new sTrengTh in Their Besom an' STane arTisTs. BuT AlberTaTs slcip Jack LeBeau had TasTed vicTory lasT year in SaslcaT- chewan and was ouT Tor a repeaT perTormance. l-lis rink QT G. lVlcLaws, G. Wells and D. BearisTo Torced iTs way Elf.. ....... Through To The Tinals where AlberTa's second slcip, Wibb l-lewiTT, had also advanced. l-lewiTT. baclced by L. Miller, N. lvloysey, and G. lvlclvor, had previously shown his meTTle by scoring The mosT decisive win OT The spiel wiTh a I4-I Triumph over Bell oT lvlaniToba. The Green and Gold rinlcs boTh Triumphed in The Tinal draws To brealc The Three-way Tie and reTain The silverware. The conTinued curling supremacy oT AlberTa was guaranTeed by The enThusiasTic supporT given To The Curling Club during The winTer. TalenT was presenT in generous quanTiTies on VarsiTy NiqhT aT The 6raniTe Club and PresidenT BerT LiTTle oT The sTudenT's curling TraTerniTy was To be congraTulaTed Tor The ouTsTanding success OT his organizaTion. Broom wielders OT boTh sexes ioined in The Tun. 1 SKIP 'S--.4 Upper LeTT, George Mclverg Upper RighT, Kirby Moyseyq Lower LeTT, Wibb l'lewiTTg CenTer, Gordie Wells: Lower Right Jaclr LeBeau Two Hundred :md Twenty-four Skiing - e The AlberTa specTaTors were doubly disappoinTed aT Norguay. The Green and Gold slci-squad was ouTclassed in The big snow fesT, and MonTanals Jaclf Davis didn'T Turn in a repeaT performance of his Thrilling I947 schuss in The downhill evenT. Buf The large gallery did have The " 'f, 5? T tif? N-A - v Y ,. . . ., S . . , K s N R -- '- siege 53582. YY . scoring wiTh veTeran capfain Norm Raulf romping home in The TenTh spoT. The VarsiTy ski-hill had been The scene of daily acTion since The firsf flalces of snow sTarTed To fall in November. A large number of hopefuls sTrove To capfure The Tive N -N r N, , , K , Y , 'F , ,, . ,- .. T Q ,,,,,,-v-4nl?- , ,Z X NM vm NL' A 1 l""-WNSAT Taxi ,Y "' , .T we as 111' is i I . ., - '. . , . lim" ,I -uf 3 1 3 L Ray 'T is -'Q - A JL' 'Q f' 1 A" i ' '. s 5 -'ii' nf' "'. '1l. " 1" W' , K Y " ' -L, r- ,, "TT V ef? i - lfi M AT' 'I V W-i" ,Q - P T T .r M, 5.--sw. V - is s - K X' I' .3 T' L ' T N 5? 'L . K 1 Tig, -' K , . - ., - A- '. f is i s r, 1 lr or .yrs z". X g l gm. I 4 'WJ T' ' ' , . , B A Q ig? . , , T 'Eff-fa 3 Q l - Ti- INTERVARSITY SKI MEET AT BANFF saTisfacTion oT wafching a faulfless UniversiTy of Wash- ingTon Team Turn in a near perfecT performance To cap- Ture 2934 ouT of a possible 300 poinfs. This assured Them possession of The magnificenT Alberfa Governmenjr Trophy as WesTern lnTercollegiaTe slciing champions. AT ThaT The AlberTa Team showed well againsT The cream of U.S. college compeTiTors. Each oT The five locals placed in The firsT sevenTeen in The aggregaTe vacanf Team berfhs, buf long before The February meef, RaulT had discarded all buT The mosT promising. Professor RiTchie Hughes accompanied The long- board arfisfs To BanTf where, under ideal snow condiTions and before a crowd oT 3,000, They placed TourTh in a field of five. The vicTory oT The WashingTon slciiers Tol- lowed Their ouTsTanding performance in Sun Valley. ldaho lasT December where They placed second in The UniTed STaTes lnTercollegiaTe championships. Two Hundred and Twenty-five women's The premiere WOmisn's Weekend made iTs de-buT aT SaskaToon February 27 and 28. A con- genial aTmOsphere OT keen rivalry and good Tellow- ship was evidenT in The l-lub CiTy as The Teminine aThleTes Trom The Three WesTern UniversiTies sTrOve Tor supremacy in Three Tields OT endeavour. Curling, baskeTball, and Tencing were The sporTs in The spoTA lighT, buT OuTsTanding cheerleaders ThreaTened To capTure The specTaTOr inTeresT in The well Tilled galleries. The AlberTa Pandas Tailed in Their aTTempT TO wresT The Cecil Race Trophy Trom The deTending SaskaTchewan l-luskieTTes. The laTTer Team scored upseTs Over boTh The Pandas and The lvlaniToba BisOneTTes To successTully reTain The lnTercollegiaTe BaskeTball crown Tor anoTher year. Kay Tanner and Joan Arnold sparked a 39-25 vicTOry in The Sas- kaTchewan game buT The Team was seT back 5428 by The l-luskieTTes The TOllOwing day. ThrOughouT The winTer, The Pandas played in The sTiTT EdmOnTon Womens Senior League. The Team Tound iTselT on The wrong side OT The score sheeT, Tailing TO win a single game in league play. Their lirsT vicTOry OT The season came in Calgary where a 27-2I Triumph was cOunTed Over The Cal- gary FaculTy OT EducaTiOn. During The week-end, SaskaTchewan claimed anoTher crown when The inaugural maTches OT The Willman Memorial Trophy Tor inTervarsiTy Tencing Tinished in Tavor OT The hOsT Team. The Trophy, won by SaskaTchewan lasT year, is emblemaTic OT male and Temale supremacy. The deTending Team won TiTTeen maTches To Twelve, while AlberTa Tailed TO gain a single poinT. Cn ice, iT was lvlaniTOba who TriumphanTly emerged as curling champions. The Tavored AlberTa leam, gunning Tor iTs second vicTory, dropped The Back Row-Mary Millar, Evelyn Silk, Helen EclrerT, Bernice Moore, Jeanne Gauld CenTre Row-Kay Tanner, Marie SchwarTz, Corinne MacLeod Front Row-Doris Nufer, "Pancly", Joan Arnold Two Hundred and Twenty-six ,weekend lille fo fhe Bisonelle foursome in a Thrilling IO-6 march. Saslsalchewan was winless, losing lo Man- iloba 9-5 and 'ro Alberfa IO-7. Weslern Canada has al lasl become a realify. Wifh fhe inauguralion of a Women's Weekend, lhe ou?- loolc, as far as feminine sporfs is concerned is al presenlr, pariicularly loriqhl. ln lhe pasf, if seems Thai fhe Womenls lnler- collegiale sporls have consislenfly occupied lhe boljrom rung of 'rhe compelilive aihlelic ladder However, lhe long advocaled necessily for woman represenlalion on inrercollegiafe spor+ slales in l I - M, ,,... ,.m,.W,,l., V Be on The broom! Touche! Pandas vs. Husllieffes .- o.., .4 V ,im 'Vx .,.. ,. .-Ae-v-1,1 Y MAY-A f i , o o A fill-we Two Hundred and Twenty-seven l l l l 2 E l E, fi i 5 3 2 ti ff 3 Ai . mamma LEAGUE STANDING SECTION A W L T PTS. ArTs ,W , ,,,, 7 I 2 I6 Engineers I ..,, 7 I 2 I6 Agros . . . .. 6 2 2 ima., ., Commercemn 4 3 3 II- . . ri' Premecleni' N ,. I 9 0 2' Law, I902T L. LEAGUE STANDING SECTION B W L TPTs. 'ad DenTs ,cc .... 8 2 0 I6 EducaTion ..,,, 6 3 I I3 Geology , ,,,,LE 5 3 2 I2 Engineers2 .... 4 4 2 IO Meds ,,,,...., 4 5 I 9 f Engineers 3 ..,. 0 I0 0 0 VarsiTy Rink Interfacultg Tloclzeg STiII hampered by a lack oT equipmenT buT over- Tlowing wiTh a surplus OT TalenT, The VarsiTy Hockey League culminaTed a successTul season under The guid- ance oT PresidenT Dick Beddoes. Divided inTo Two sec- Tions, The league provided plenTy oT Thrills in a closely conTesTed play-oTT race. The ArTs Team led The "A" Sec- Tion righT To The wire beTore being overhauled by Engineers I who Torced a play-OTT as a resulT oT The TirsT place Tie. The Three game series was Tinally awarded To The Applied Science Team aTTer an exciTing 8-7 overTime vicTory in The Tinal game. Meanwhile, De-nTs, vicTors oT The "B" Division, polished oTT The second place EducaTion Team in Three sTraighT conTesTs and advanced To The Tinals. ATTer much Talking and considerable scrounging. The DenTs and En- gineers managed To geT enough sTicks and pads TogeTher To equip Their respecTive Teams suTficienTly To make The final play-oTTs possible. A gruelling. hard ToughT series: Tied up unTil The Tinal game oT a Two ouT oT Three series Tinally gave way wiTh The Engineering men edging ouT a hard-working lin more ways Than onel DenT Team by a score oT IO-3. This marks The second vicTory in Three years Tor The campus's "hard-drinking" slide-rule wielders. The "A" SecTion scoring race was closely conTesTed wiTh Don SuTherland oT Commerce and Frank Van Tighem oT ArTs Tied wiTh 28 poinTs each. I-Iarvey Bodnar oT ArTs, high goal scorer IZOI, was close behind wiTh 27 poinTs. Fred Wihak oT DenTs was well in TronT oT "B" SecTion wiTh 27 poinTs. Bad man oT The league was ArTs' Ken Moore who saT ouT II minuTes. Judging by The grade oT hockey displayed aT VarsiTy rink This season, iT is a cerTainTy ThaT wiTh some coaching and a biT of equipment a liTTle encouragemenT and a slighT decrease in The amounT oT inTracurricular acTiviTies, The U. oT A. could righTTully boasT a grade oT hockey second To none aT any oTher varsiTy in The counTry. Two Hundred and Twenty-eight ,ff Boxing, Ulrestliug, Cumbliug The Three sTrong-arm clubs oT The campus TulTilled an acTive and successTul season. The Tumbling Club, under The guidance oT PresidenT Bob RouTledge, reached a Tine heighT in The gualiTy oT perTormances given. The TwenTy member club cancenlraled on balancing acTiviTies and Two-man Tumbling during The year. Six displays were given during The year aT various TuncTions. BeTween halves aT The Two lv1onTana baslceTball games, The crowds wiT- nessed some Thrilling exhibiTions oT vaulTing and maT worl. As an experimenT, several reels oT movies were Talcen oT The members in acTion. IT is hoped ThaT These will serve noT only as a record oT achievemenT buT also as a means oT selT-improvemenT. The Boxing Club, under The direcTion oT Laurie lvlac- Lean, and The WresTling Club, under The guidance oT Ugh! Larry Edwards, boTh culminaned acTive seasons by bring- ing home The Neilson and l'Towe Trophies Trom The lnTer- collegiaTe AssaulT-aT-Arms held in Sasl4aToon. The clubs worlaed ouT in ST. Josephs Gym and The Drill l-Tall, re- specTively, while Tuning up Tor The inTervvarsiTy bouTs. U g fl: ,. fe s,,f V . 11 c glkyf N ' , "V . 1, ,ir F , -- XT 1 ' i 4 f -xy , 1 ls +l'1aT a sweafer you're wearing Jim? .f , I iiii -, . ,gore xv' fix . sw - -. X .Wx --,qw EE Q55 T P Ri::xs,, , -r w 'T' M, Q- N 'N . g Back Row-Ed Whiiralcer lManagerl, Tom Mayson, Dave Barnes, Bob Brockbank, Don Smi+h lCoachl Fronf Row-Al Bafcheller, Don Kennedy, Bill Laureshan 'Bearcats Only one men's ream carried 'rhe Green and Cold in+o aclion in cify baslcerball leagues fhis year. The Bearcafs, on inrermediafe squad in pas? seas sons,, was Jrhis year a iunior Team. l-lowever, due ro 'rhe absence of a ciry iunior league lhe leam per- lormed in 'rhe slihf Edmonfon Senior Mens' League. ln This circuir, playing againsr very seasoned com- perilion, They could nor rise from our oi Jrhe cellar. The 'cars' proved rheir porency when marched againsr a high-school all-siar Team on several occa- sions. These popular conresls were a prelude lo rhe home games of lhe Golden Bears. Coach Don Smirh ushered his charges on a four lo Calgary during which lhey emerged vicforious in bofh games played. Relurning +o Edmonfon, rhe Bearcals were marched agains'r 'rhe l947 Weslern Canada Junior Champions, Y.lv1.C.A. Toilers, in a series To defer- mine lhe Norfhern Alberia champions. Afler scor- ing a minor upser wirh an inirial vicrory, The 'cars' dropped 'rwo sfraighl games by close scores ro cul- minale rheir play for The year. Junior asketball The younger sislers of Jrhe Senior Pandas played lhrough an enlhusiaslic, if winless season as members of Jrhe Junior seclion of The Edmonlon Womens League. The 'ream was organized ro develop hilherlo inexperienced ralenr and fo acl as a feeder 'ro Jrhe Senior Pandas. In This laller respecl, Corinne MacLeod Ugradualedm 'ro re- place Berh Tanner on rhe varsily squad. Several possi- bililies for nexr seasons Pandas include Carol Barnes, Doris Morrison, and Pila McCormiclc. Junior Tlandas Two Hundred and Thirty wal" Pa ndy and Prize Uollegball The maior inTerTaculTy compeTiTion oT The second Term was The Volleyball TournamenT. This year. volleyball proved To be The mosT successTul oT all The women's inTer- TaculTy evenTs, boTh in number oT Teams parTicipaTing and in enThusiasm shown by The players. ThirTeen Teams, divided inTo Two groups, played several games each weelc in a round robin draw. The Tour Teams reaching The Tinals were ArTs I, Edu- caTion V, House Ec. I and House Ec. II. A lceen com- peTiTive spiriT drove House Ec. I Through To The Top wiTh House Ec. ll and ArTs I Trailing. The winning Team was managed by June Fraser and capTained by BeTTy Hood. women's Inter EducaTion II capTured The inTerTac crown aTTer Tinish- ing on Top oT The league. They deTeaTed Ollie Barillcos powerTul ArTs Team by scores oT 36-30 and 20-I4 in The Women's Inferfac Baskefball Champs Back Row: Corinne MacLeod, Claire Medd, Marion Irwin, Virginia Herd. Isobel Burlre, Evelyn Silk. FronT Row: Jean Moore, Gladys Wadey, Marion Brown. Missing: Doroirhy Husband. f5 r Url . , 2 ,I , F- 5g,-::-- IT The sudden widespread enThusiasm displayed by The local co-eds is any indicaTion oT The sTaTus oT The spilce game in women's aThleTics, volleyball will cerTainly be The Team game To waTch in years To come. ac. Basketball Finals, aTTer downing The Nurses II-9 and I7-I2 in The Tours. ArTs had widely ouTscored EducaTion in easily Taking The second sloT on The seasons play. InTeresT was lceen in The league buT laclc oT space Tor nighT games made The aTTendance disappoinTing. WiTh careTul coaching The level oT play became progres- sively higher as The season wore on. In The closing play-OTT games iT became quiTe apparenT ThaT many players appear as good prospecTs Tor inTercollegiaTe compeTiTion nexT year To bolsTer The sagging Pandas. IT a liTTle more emphasis and inTeresT can be added To womenis inTerTac and inTramural baskeTball in years To come iT will provide The in+ercoIIegiaTe Teams wiTh a I'Tarm sysTem" Trom which To draw sorely needed promising roolcies. The con- seguenT improvemenT in The gualiTy oT womens baslceTball will be an imporTanT sTepping sTone in The advancemenT oT Teminine aThleTics on The campus. 'Basketball Two Hundred and Thirty-one if Rx . Xu gs A ..,. ...NT .31 , .- . L., A R X . wr . 1 , fy 9.4 Ross JEFFRIES is N X .-3. -,.- : Ne 6 Pkzzgiliockfy ,QE2 .si -:.-. .W .',,. .- , - v s .X We ' 'T 14' S . N T -Q gli 1, Q if 6 Tx gfnsw-W -Ang: .409 W XNYNTT T7 GW E 1 'T X .. J - 5' N ' T 5' K i T P . 14.-as ..1,lf,aiml i 000 J 5 417 5bX ' . is J I NA s ,s 2909- I Blu. CASE ABILLDOCKERY A I GQW lg 50 Boa COLBORNE g Vmce KREHEL Gkosg. A Q sr enior The season oT '47-48 saw ShorTs Purcell's crew Tare raTher unfavorably in The Tour Team circuiT oT The Nor- Thern AlberTa InTermediaTe league. WiTh sTars such as Jim Fleming, Wingy Doclcery, l-larry l-lobbs, Billy Ingram eT al. noT always available Tor play, The Green and Gold were unable To gain a vicTory in The enTire schedule, againsT a group oT rinlc-wise Teams. On many occasions They came close, buT The veTerans oT Camrose, WaTerloo, and The Memorial-cup seeking WeTaslciwin Canadians Were invariably sucCessTul in reTaining conTrol. 'T-lockeg This blealc scene changed suddenly, however, when The Bears wenT "inTervarsiTy'i. Even The unlucky ThirTeen was Toiled. IT Toolc a mighTy eTTorT on The parT oT a cerTain group OT very Tired boys To rnalce iT a realiTy. As a resulT, The hlalpenny Cup will shine TorTh Trom The AlberTa Trophy case Tor The Tl-TIRTEENTT-l consecuTive year. The currenT ediTion OT The puck-chasing Bears had Taced seemingly insurnnounTable seTbacl4s ThroughouT The season. The heavy schedule OT The NorThern AlberTa ln- Two Hundred and Thirty-two ps Q Q 51523. 35, 23: -5-1. 4 TermediaTe League To which They were pledged had side- lined a number oT The sTudy conscious sTudenTs. A crush- ing blow was adminisTered when Ross JeTTeries, The Gold- ies' ouTsTanding neTminder, was Torced hors-de-combaT wiTh a dislocaTed shoulder. The seyenTeen sTraighT deTeaTs in The N.A,l.l.. casT a gloomy pall over The InTercollegiaTe series wiTh a Huslcy repuTed more Tenacious Than ever. NeverTheless, The ineviTable could noT be alTered: The Sasl4aTchewan sexTeT clawed ouT an 8-4 yicTory in The TirsT game OT The Tour game series. The Tollowing evening The Green and WhiTe were sTunned by a 3-O seTbaclc aT The hands oT The Bears and goalie Joe Moran. The scene changed To EdmonTon wiTh The over-conTidenT l-luslcles carrying a one goal lead. They wasTed liTTle Time in handing The local crew a 5-2 deTeaT in The TirsT en- counTer here, aT The VarsiTy rinlc. This leTT The Bears wiTh a Tive goal deTiciT To be overcome beTore The cup was Theirs. The ToTal score oT The series read I3-9 in Tavor OT The l-luslcies when The Tinal game oT The ToTal score, Tour game series was Taced oTT. T-low could The visiTors lose? The Bears did noT Teel in The leasT beaTen and showed iT by virTue oT a blisTering 74l win. They had scored Their five goals and an exTra one Tor good meas- ure as a TiTTing climax Tor The sTruggles oT any TighTing Team. NoT unTil I949 will The Huskies Trom SaslcaTchewan again have The opporTuniTy oT wresTing Trom The Bears oT f'XlberTa, The 'WesTern InTercollegiaTe T-loclcey crown. lnTermediaTe League AcTion-Golden Bears vs. WaTerloo Mercuries - -'nun . Q- . ,N V -Y . .. : -f---fv-me-- -ev-. . - .f-mmwsMmh: CUen's Interfacultg Basketball LEAGU E STANDING ArTs I --- Med ..,,,, , 2 ,,,, Engineers ArTs 2 ,,,,, Commerce A Pharmacy Ags ,,.,,.. I ..., Engineers Den+s ..,,,. Law ,,,.. Pre Med -U EducaTion Theology If S 4 ,. I I , I I I I , I I, I I I I .A,, ' I' ' . f .5 5 ' :ff 1 ,' I -1? .. 4 , My ,ff -.,aI1"E' J .g"-151,14 W - I2 , I0 9 9 4 -. .. W, , an .. wid..-. .,.. -.A- -v, L Pis. 0 I.000 2 .B50 3 .750 3 .750 4 .667 5 .583 6 .500 8 .333 8 .333 8 .333 9 .250 I0 . I 66 I2 .000 I i i I """w...- I 1. W 1 .ii I I I I as ' .,3.?xQ"s, if " g"'i"2Es3i . H I I 'I ' .1 'A E ,i -.eff ..,.,-.-., . 1 fig-i'2'qf',"f f-7-x'1I::-..'I-I.-,-.. A '- I 5194. 'Q-My! .flip -I.,-Ni ' . My :IV . . MANAGER "ANDY" Two Hundred and Thirty-four A mosT acTive InTerTacuITy BaslceTbaII League commenced operaTions in Novem- ber. ThirTeen Teams enTerecI The compeTi- Tions which scheduled Twelve games Tor each squad. This allowed a compIeTe round- robin series. Rivalry and qualiTy oT play bofh ranked high as ArTs I led The way Toward The wire wiTh a brillianf sTring OT Twelve vicTories in as many sTarTs. The semi-Tinals maTched The TirsT and Third Teams and The second and TourTh place squads in a pair oT Two game ToTal poinT series. ArTs I and ArTs II emerged we " ,I x n mixer vs N 1 vicTorious and quaIiTied Tor The Two ouT oT Three Tinal. This series To deTermine league champions and possessors oT The InTer- TacuITy Trophy was swepT by ArTs I in s'rraighT games. ThroughouT The schedule, scoring was paced by Joe AITiIio oT The Pharmacy Team wiTh I34 poinTs. NexT in line were Charlie Gordon OT Med wiTh I29 and Bud Milner OT ArTs I wiTh II7 poinTs. CrediT is due To Andy Andrelcson, Pres- idenT of BasIceTbaIl and Manager oT The Golden Bears Tor herding his loop Through a TaulTIess season. Archerg and 'Badminton Probably The highesT sTandard oT play ever To be wiTnessed in wesTern lnTervarsiTy badminfon saw ManiTo- ba edge ouT a sTrong AlberTa Team in The annual Wallxer Trophy compeTiTion held in Winnipeg This year. Dr. Walker, donor OT The Trophy which AlberTa won lasT year in Sasl4aToon, accompanied The Team and was well pleased wiTh The eTTorTs oT The AlberTa players, The seven Team members, Marge Fraser, Bob WaT- son, Charlie TempleTon, Eleanor Macdonald, June Fraser, Ken Grierson and STU MaclnTosh all earned Their berThs on The squad by virTue oT Their sTellar perTormances in The BadminTon Club TournamenT. The club proved exceed- MounTing inTeresT in This ancienT sporT is rapidly malf- ing iT one oT The imporTanT minor sporTs on The campus. Organized under The Uni- versiTy AThleTic Board, The Mens and Womens Archery Clubs meT TogeTher Twice weelcly in The Drill l-lall To 'pepper The bull wiTh quillsm. PresidenTs Alice CarTer and Warren Bailey were more Than pleased wiTh The splen- did Turn ouTs ThroughouT The SSGSOH. This years highlighT was The lnTervarsiTy TournamenT held in Vancouver and EdmonTon-aT The same Time. Through close co-operaTion beTween The UniversiTy oT BriTish Columbia and U. oT A. clubs and The 'lharn clubsll aT The Two places, play by play resulTs were relayed baclc and TorTh, aTTording a series oT unique and inTeresTing maTches. A mixed VarsiTy Team carried The old Alma MaTer's name abroad in a compeTiTion wiTh piclced members oT The EdmonTon Archery Club. AlThough The campus men were overpowered by heavy opposiTion, The 'Tair sex" came Through wiTh Tlying colors. Two Hundred and Thirty-five Archers in AcTion Bob WaTson, "Chuck" TempleTon ingly popular wiTh an e.viepTionally large member i r ThroughouT The year. Eleanor Macdonald The AlberTa gladiaTors reTained Their perennial hold on The Neilson Trophy in The annual AssaulT-aT-Arms in SaslvaToon lasT March. ln Twelve bouTs oT boxing and wresTling, The Green and Gold emerged vicTorious in seven. In The Howe Trophy compeTiTion Tor boxing sup- remacy, AlberTa also emerged TriumphanT. The Two varsiTies spliT even-sTeven wiTh each Team Talcing Three bouTs buT AlberTa was awarded The cup on a poinTs basis. l-lowever, SaslcaTchewan Tools The BeaumonT Tro- Assault phies, indicaTive oT The besT individual boxing and wresTling perTormers in The squared circle. A surprising upseT came when Laurie MacLean, The hard-hiTTing ace oT The AlberTa squad, scored a decisive Technical lcnoclc-ouT over SaslcaTChewan's BeaumonT Trophy holder oT lasT year, Ace Beach. The resulT was unexpecTed by everyone excepT The AlberTa Team who had previously seen lVlacl.ean's TisTs in acTion. PowerTul John GroTslci compiled anoTher T.K.Q. in The Heavy- weighT division, while Charles French was The Third Al- berTa vicTor. A 94, 4 Q.. K! PugilisTs7 Two Hundred and Thirty.six Ar Arms Alberlds sironghold was in lhe wresiling division where ihe weslern universily enlries won four oul of six evenls. Ken Hisaolxe, Presidenf ol Wreslling Larry Ed' wards, Joe Gurba, and Alex Kurylo all played winning roles. Meanwhile, in Winnipeg, during lhe same weekend, Alberlds fencing eriisls were noi fering so well as lheir pugilislic leem-males. In +hiS conlesl, U. of A. surlered 'ren deleeis while emerging viciorious in six rneiches. Sian Mealing lurned a sferling performance while regislering live wins in six fries. The assault followed a very successful eliminalion lighl' Card ai The Drill l-lall in February, l-lundreds lurned oul' To wilness e snappy display ol boxing, wreslling, and Fencing slfill in e preview ol Alberla's inlercollegieie slcill. l-lighlighl of lhe even? came in a iudo demonslralion by a pair of Japanese experls. A hair-raising sabre duel lealured Professor Grads of ihe Faciully ol Engineering. Tha+'s my neck! In+er-Varsiiy wrestlers "Joe" Two Hundred and Thirty-seven ,,,3,f, jj ' C 'Z' X IO 'ZW i in- -.4 Back Row, L. lo R.-Andy Andrelrson lManagerl, Duncan Sloclrwell, Bill Toole, Gord McCormack, Gord McLachlan, Bill Rich, Prof. M. L. Van Vliel lCoachl Fronl Row-Evan Ericlcson, Jim MacRae, Boyd Oberhoffner, Bill Price lCaplainl, Charlie Chinnecll Missing-Bob Slrolher, Harry Irving Senior Basketball Wilh an eye on lhe Olympic games, lhe I'-748 Golden Bears were oul lo win every game. A heavy 'schedule had been drawn up bul lhe leam was packed wilh some ol lhe Classiesl ball-handlers lhal had ever worn lhe Alberla colors. The season marlced several ilirslsl' lor lhe Green and Gold: lirsl inlernalional iaunl by air, and lhe hiqhesl score ever run up. Six members ol lhe I947 championship squad re- lurned lo lorm lhe nucleus ol Coach Maury Van Vliel's Currenl aqqregalion. The velerans, smoolhies all, were Two Hundred backed by an oulslanding group ol lreshmen who proved lhrouqhoul lhe season lhal lhey were quile capable ol perlorming wilh old-limers. ln easy viclories, or lough ballles, lhe leam operaled cohesively and elleclively. The Bears were undelealed on lheir home lloor. The lirsl lime oul, againsl lhe cily All-Slars, lhey were im- pressive wilh a 70-55 ellorl. ln a lwo-game series wilh Ivlagralh Lions, raled as lhe lop conlenclers from lhe sugar-beel dislricl lor lhe Senior Alberla lille, fhe Green and Gold shone again. l-lowever, mosl speclalor inleresl and Thirty-eight Wai direatied iviward ihe iwiir-Cmnwe rufiie FWD ihe Driii Heli iloor wirh rhe Yelifiwiiiirkerw ironw Ea-zrern M-iiniana Pi Normal. The pr'-evii'-iii'-. yexir , iw,irw+e',+i. were fresh in The memory oi The ianz. an ihey packed rhe big hfiii and vv i werched rhe iocel proceed ro drub The Americans 67-53, and 90-54 on succeeding evenings. The ieirrer score was ihe highesr ever marked up by Qin Aiberra hoop squad. der Un The Rigby Serie: wriu si iiiireqone ccniiiufiori and ran Then The Bears ifivvi i'ffii'iGF1iV irir fx iciiur Fri, Amerifan rriieqeu whii h -:iw them maifhed uqiiini Mpnifinfi Sfiwiiiffi ei Edrirfiii-iir'i, Nfirihwe-T Wyiiirninq Coiieqe, rind Ea-siern Monidnga Ni.irnw.,1i. The iiiur dame wcheduie wan splir 'rh rwci vicforiew and iwo ifwew. Because of confiicrinq examinaiion dares, ihe eru- ir-f did ner enrer ihe previniiiai play-downs ro defend iverfiry of Briii h C-iiumbigi Thunderbird waz riirr anqed 'rrue 'ro ierm. The Sasicaiehewiin i-iuslcies dropped four in 3 To dere-rmine reglensii repreienfsirives in ihe firai round row +0 Complere iheir ihirri vifiviryierw 6'F1'C'H oi firm- of ihe Qiympif iriiiiy. If wm ii ifiiinq ciimav io an our- peiiiion wiih Aiberrn. frsindinq semen rhwr rhe Bern- were Chigqen fry this hmnijir, SCHEDULE Bears vs All-S+ars , 70 55 Bears af Sasiraichewan 45 22 Bears a+ Saslcafchewan ,, 52 34 Bears vs Magrafh 66 49 Bears VS Maqfafh Bears vs Saslcafchewan 48 36 Bears vs Saslrafchewan 52 44 Bears vs Mon+ana Yellowiaclcefs 67 56 ' Beers vs Monfana YelIowiaclre+s 90 54 Bears af Monfana Educafion 6b 56 Bears ai Wyoming ,W W, ,, 50 53 Bears a+ Moniana Yellowiacirers SI 60 Bears ai Monfana Yeliowiackefs SI 46 Price leaps high Oberhofifner scoring against Monfana rheir ijhampionihip. lnwiefid, .fi rhree game Qeriez wirh rhe- . ,.v,,M,., --if -vi. l l i l .i...i. .. 1 -..-. v........-.i...- Y..-......-.,.,..., ' 1 I s. -gf , yi" ,B T I-, l T l i Henry Singer lnTramural AggregaTe Award Trophy Intramural Sports ATTer being overlooked Tor a good many years The "liTTle man" was aT lasT receiving his Tull share oT aThleTic parTicipaTion. No longer on The fXlberTa campus is The enTire emphasis placed on a minoriTy group oT "experTs" Tor This year under The auspices OT The UniversiTy AThleTic Board an lnTramural AThleTic Program was insTiTuTed. InTramural compeTiTion is comprehensive To an even greaTer exTenT Than The lnTerTaculTy Leagues which iT complemenTs. AssisTanT Professor R. L. Hughes oT The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT was The lcey-man in The wide-spread sysTem which covered six sporTs played by 340 aThleTes. ThirTeen organizaTions sponsored enTries in an aTTempT To capTure The l-lenry Singer Trophy. Trophies and pennanTs were also presenTed To The individual aggre- gaTe champion and To The winners oT each evenT. NexT year The TenTaTive plans call Tor a doubling in number oT The sporTs oTTered and an even greaTer in- crease in The parTicipaTing sTudenTs. All individuals and organizaTions are eligible To compeTe. The managers OT The program Tor iTs iniTial year were John Yusep, senior EducaTion sTudenT, and Clarlc LeviTT, regisTered in second year ArTs and Science. The Henry Singer Trophy, Tor The organizaTion wiTh The largesT aggregaTe ToTal, and The lvloTor Car Supply Trophy Tor The individual aggregaTe champion, were This year presenTed respecTively To The DelTa Kappa Epsilon TraTerniTy and To C. lvlaclnTosh. Runners-up in boTh cases were ST. STephen's College, and C. Burge. PermanenT replicas oT The Trophies are To be reTained by The winners. BoTh rivals Tor The individual aggregaTe award compeTed under The colors oT The Delces. NJN Two Hundred and Forty Sports Champions in 'lhe various sporis are as follows: Badminlon: Singles-Ken Grierson llnd.l Doubles-C. lvlaclnlosh, C. Burge lDelcesl Skiing: lndividual-R. Bijou lD.U.l Phi Della Thefa lralernily Archery: Individual-Don Poffer Table Tennis: Singles-S. Belzlag lSammiesl y CQ: I or C 3 xr 71, Doubles-B. Rodney, J. Rodney lS'reve-sl Baslcerballz Sl. Slephens College Volleyball: Phi Della The-la fralernily ff' Inframural Badminion Acfion in Drill Hall. mfg! 'G A ggi. ggregafez -55' 2 fix ? Group I. Delfa Kappa Epsilon-706 kkk M 4 2. S+. Slepherfs College-4l7 9 Se,"--C-41"--f ' Individual: I. C. Maclnfosh-335 fDelcesl - C in 2. C, Burqe-286 lDelcesl Two Hundred and Forty-one Athletic wards ' 19' -1 "Uri CJ i I 0 itgei In This year oi oulslanding alhleles, Jack Perry was chosen Tl-lE oulslanding alhlele ol rhe year and winner ol The Wilson Trophy. Perrys prowess exlends from rugby, through hockey, 'ro boxing and wreslling circles, MAJOR AWARDS-WOMEN Maior womens awards were presenled lo Marion Irwin, Bernice Moore, and Evelyn Silk. These lhree have dominaled womens alhlelics lor lhe pasl pair ol seasons. Track, baskerball, and volleyball were lhe sporls included. Wilson Trophy for Oufsfanding Afhlele l948 Winner-Jack Perry MEN'S BIG BLOCK "A" AWARDS The following were awarded membership in lhe Big Block "Ai Club: Donald Aikenhead, Roberl Causgrove, Kennerh Cox, l-larry l-loblas, Kennelh Moore, Gordon Relallack, Nick Lupaschuk, Gordon, John Slolf, Don Moore, John Cameron, John Lyons, Ken Torrance, Sam Solclan, William McQuay, Roberl Colbourne, Kennelh l'lisaoka, Boyd Oberholifner, Gordon MC- Cormack, Evan Erickson, and Alex Andrekson. The following were awarded Big Block "AH lwice- awarded numerals: Jack Allen, William lngram, Jack Perry, Murray Smilh, Rae Sulherland, James MacRae, William Price, James Rich, Roberl Slrofhers, and Ross Jelleries. Two Hundred and Forty-two l i Championship aw Ceams PROP. M. L. VAN VLIET Direcfor of Physical Educafion Fooiball Coach, Baslrefbail Coach "Sheds" Purcell-Hockey Coach The Universiiy of Alberia aihlehc machine wrapped up The biggesi season of Hs hisiory in I947-48. Seven iniercollegiaie championships were won by ieams in green and gold uniforms, and of 'rhe seven, fhree were The irio oi major sporis. li' was a year of greai iearns, greai players, and greaf coaches. GOLDEN BEARS MINOR SPORTS I947-48- Vlesfern lnfercoilegiaie Tennis Champions Wesiern lniercollegiaie Rugby Champions Mens Wesiern lniercollegiaie Swimming Champions Wesiern lniercollegiaie Baskelrbail Champions Menus Wesiern lniercollegiaie Curling Champions Wesiern inieroollegiaie Hockey Champions lnfercoliegiafe Assauif-af-Arms Champions Two Hundred and Forty-three Secfion S+aff IRIS THOROGOOD GWEN UNDERHILL Two Hundr d d Fo ty f ur Snaps ,117 Scraps - 5 , N Af W ,.,,. M-47 2 , xT' 2200 ,..9..,-f f U r I ,,,,' 'ck X J ,j 7ff ' G.'Z1.'2.Z.zl" -" " f f-vi-1 'L P'-3 555:- :gg xixwwufrf' Yi A? x,f5w92f3iQ-"Si7f'-Qi? ' ' L f. i , ZE- .Zvl X 927 3-ZA HI J Q . A 2 I F .,,, . - . . "Ho!" quod Hue Knyghf, "good sire, namoore of Huis." ..... T H dd dF yf 1 .- D '. 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AWB' b ww- Q'2-ff .nm:.-d., w,w:,,w,Qf1- A,h.x.4.. x .- , . -Yr:-Mig sg -f , 6 ffn - 001- , . Un um' a IHl'flA1qo A rr' Eu-soy R 'LAS -ri "f'Il-E CE?- SHON4 10694 Q . . ., X f ' - ,E " - Q Qon10C'5Bw Ko A 'tes i rn Q S5 ,ia . - . - ,, .man emma Qin abxj - i mum, C-,nu Bmr,m,M,A. Qi., ,eq e emit, Frederick Wdiimm ' .Mia Robinson, N-vliiigun Edwin ,Aer Ni. Sain: joseph Qin gbij Shaw, john Thomas Qin abij Tint, Rosemary Qin absj Smindberg, Lloyd Aiian Qin ghxj Davies, Thur:-as Gien Qin abs.j - Senior Diploma of the Faculty of Education Griihn, Yvonne Bernice Qin ahsj Lewis. George Arthur Qin abs.j Mm, jean Eiizabenh Qin nbsj Nicki:-J, Wailu Nordmrp, Giadip Qin absj Mauin, Vernon Cnufrney Qin abxj Raslnbtrger, Niiidrcd Susan Qin absj Ninsmhsh, Smnicy Aicxander Qin absj ine Qin abs.j Mniurek, jnhn Qin ahah Richards, Cyrii Qin abxj Ritchie, Pnui Qin ahsj Ci renee Psrihur, B.Pk. Qin nbsj Singzf, Made i Edith Qin niusj i bij Sism Mary Prisciiia- Qin n . Wiiue. Han uid Ytuderi i Rngers Sister Man' ce ciinimpim 5 J 4 ST' ic' ""6'Sf: ' -A me w,. :N Svx L-'fe A UL sn -ri ' 'i?:'l .in, 1- QNX X Yi ihjesyoqu T 34454 A ff, 're . i:""i'1'f'f7x'f : ' ,I 'K ' ' . . i 133:21- 1 K l'L"sf3"' 21,5 X 1' " " ,Q nrmfyxx T255-t , ,.,, 4, 1 ...,,Q, 'ny 1 'W - MMS -ga 5 . ,wwe V ' 'w U PES ., , i 1. an of: H 1' . uanegigfeglaw - SHJQ, SONG emi Q Wacker, a ison 'Lynn Wine, Har ck seph Samue Barry, Cixren Begoray, Fred Pun Qin n s Despins, Laurent joseph Lanibcn, Wiiham Eari Qin absj Vlnghn, jo Admitted. to the Degree of Bachelor of Arts Covey, janet Esther james, john Vleeicy Qin abil McBride, june juiin Lieberman, Sunuci Selczh Qin absj Mcbaughiin, Enid Mnxgarn Lnkcn, Guibnand Qin abej Neiisun. Mm-ha Uvis Qin nbij Niorris, Wiiiiam Regginnid Qin ablj Skeinh, Aiicn Lorraine Parkinson, Harry' Gurdon Sister Maria Efnenzine Vaugeois Qin absj Robinson,Rif,hnrd Hugh Qin nbsh - Aw Beairsm, Russei Giibert Sniin-rg., Ewen: john Qin nbsj Grekui, Ni-ichaeiTi1eodoKe Shkwnruk, Wiiiigm Frederick Qin abs.j Admitted to the Degree oi Bachelor oj Srrierwe in the Faculty oi Arts and Science Hardin, Esther Qin :bij Kwzanoski S 9.3 Sheienc, Olrhefinc Ethei n. rr. Russrii ri ufvis, Neii Mncjxun , ,K 2, - ,I vim. vniieu Davies, Dcmnid Lyie Qin nivlj Vfihmev, Norman john Qin nbsj Gee, Kenneih Hubert Yum, juhn bon Hepburn, Anim Qpckwnoa Admitted to the Degree oi Bachelor oj Commerce Niundy, Thomas Pxinsiey Qin absj Admitted to the Degree of B.Sc. in Household Ecoqurmics jones. Dorothy Ovrilia Moran. Klvhh-en Min-ion Admitted to the Degree of Hmwehold Ecofnnmics Wake, ids Gvrmlde Admitted to the Degree of B.Sc. in Agriculture Vuievlid, Gwfge Wuhan . Admitted to the Degree of BSc. in Eiecvrical Ewgineering Qndaden. 'Ybqmv Mahon King. Reber' William Qimabtj A Raw-ii Qin ibm MCG-11. me-1 Pmrocb 1-iifgoia Eawm . PGN 1 M' 1:2 sig. 3 9 U 4 U Q Q o P, U-li TRQLE Hbgewf dtodbe Q Adrrifti? .4 X? 1 Cena? if ,L .,.4 K E M Ml ,...,.., I fw JD' ' Q avr Al-K'o'4G4631EX K'5 gAjffEf" X776 77, ,J o A mro .WEDIE pnfmfmfn J. 41,4 MWA Suvsmg ASW fl? X660 ml 'wb DNWN' 1 S WJCG 4.1 yeas - -lo"- GNL don EDM- fcmk F6 I A MUf51-e Hn 5fb""" Q CGAGGQY bg of 'ZZ 63, sewage- m 1'bv-L-0u.h!'D BNI A 'ban-l4:.E :N "Ft-IG - K BQ .LL A-'R RN.- .-mg Qnvfereun- . ll? i J Z teen pci' f-me K Cwa-as OF 'Z 2. H, Qrn-mums Hmss Swwsofut Lexx-'os -r-ws Fnnfvrs. Y - -ii.. 1.1.--1-f 4 LJHLLA. ,2Dc't'9 TTKIUHLIIQQF GY ,rata ENGINEER: ',,,..-o Nurses' VHQHT- 'N Z 1-"- Queqxonu 'KTOJGANEEQS' 'FT-na-'T' f-N 9 Es.C.ov-KE ' R fic:-1'rPfun Su-s-cos.. or ,..-0 r- Q C. 0.mC.u.wn.uuE. funn? . If Flaming EY - '- 'A 14? YQ fp T Ocfogm ,z 52-'D i HE lbEuo1'L.eueN vdcnf Cv We-N Bw-v'mruu6p.:-15 A pmib Q,ou.m.v:S Rbvr en m -rx-ve, N '3c'fUU'f-'iv-1 ' 'Ibn-loeig- ov! ,EPJB ff afu' 1? , 07' ff Wfficg Q pang- or nw- gms? Cxuwxn I ll u 9-fr' 'THE KYLOC, -N 1 4 ! Q Shan be womarfs saga! attribuxesw se nchanie ,QI A-ND I R , X , 'Q Qgs. ' f7lov5"4 BER' 1 .. -ff '- f QQ ' 1 K"Q NY iileaivi 'Announces Wirnslamvtiim- '-no Pm whom u may frfmwm Fgev Pe IDBHTS O! ally YD- some gorgeous pursue, artsy upon gamut to Ubtgq E mug 1 sbme 1 5 tiles his cries 4. it is fha!! one :his date and Qake , in W1 Yemibme Affairs, afhied YDY sed. ' mess BUSY, 505- 47-. X ,!A. A ffl . K 1 4 ' M . ' 'Qu 91,55 n Fha, ' 'me P15 F S 1--1 6 -sg :QQ . X: .N N 4 gh-Ci . op .bb Nb V 3 7. 5? -77,6 I ' P L, V. W S X-was 3 M " s .W KKTLH 0193.5-.Q wo' ' - E' ' . V ' P. . - '..' I 1, Q2 au Kaffe 'Nw NWS M H 1-fb- Q Y-'00 w 1- ' - su, - K' ' T56 . 7 T' I 1" I I 5 N , N Q , . , :..A. 6 DT S40 E ' ' w . 'S' ' K i ks ' 3-F-Av e wx xx-:Q fr 'x . -4 1 ik, NX X 21... .ix QNX xx, we .f:1gff- f x N, -.nqryzax X. Nw . Q-N ,N X , , W , . ,, N13 ,V ww wxwc -- -- Nwc. saw A' Eff , , 764 if W ge., .- x.. N, bfpx .zfffa f CbM1"r6fumC, ST-nfn..S Prub Sbsra- xNmC,x-x-JFLNG anus A 'bmewui Pe-11-xoS9H-vgQ,e Ga' .m,,gfwoc,e-Paar-Ju Profs com-v-re.Le,M11-tb MMU! -ro -vu-e 1-PMAOX4 v-LSAT OF AM., PRESENT, i ,ev 1? N X er-LBUQFN wrvro Lt, X n-uunavq 5 M X XX XXX Xixxx' M X 1 "' , 1 ' Q ne: GQNXTLCNED vaemwr? 62. NEAL, Oxuc. wth fffbew.. " Wuoefwvvv-E Qofn "ELA-Cl.AlXJc:a IMTEIQAQSSQQM- W , . K I 1 - R ' x x W Quia' X -Q!-2 f f P W . .4 , . f 'Q Q . N X fa' 2 4 A ' X3 X A.-, Q -N 11 N ,Q QV X' W 'rw - Efyl 1 X x nun T N 4' X N I u , X x 5 XR X ' tl -W f 5 f 4 Z X , --3 'XX X ' U 1 Q N N X 5 ' X x x , '2- X X . , I A? , , ..r ,,, ' J D "" f JL p, ,.p-' Z- ' , 'L- , f , ,X Y 12 v . r ' 51351221 . , 'Qui 33 J 1, f, 1 fl'LTE"F-dulosu +1416 'vrz.xP 'gown THQ' HNSSISSIPPO - wmfv Q, emma.. Banff' ff'e+ev-ae. 7 gf . X Q P. PM haven. N f A K Riffli . X 5t45'm"m iF.,m.J5 M I .CR...w-uw, fm, gm u,,M,,,g3,4 hd' ' ..Z'fQ'n-M,dfuf1f , 51. -Joa'S' 'R' NIGHT ygx E5 fm qv we P N 'UCD :NNSTS ' 'FA 1-73 , +L ewwy Af 9, 6 ncores ul A s Chorus 0 . ' cores fi! rom first hhght "We have run out of encores " announced Clzozus Conductor Richard Eaton, after four extra numbem in the 11111.-ed Cham hz-st 1948 concert, Monday evening in Con voca rio ' ' In a varied program extending fro B to Q lnfirclzing so the Chorus Run 0 ss n 11311. In eethovenk "Creation ng of the Zulu War. "771e Sw-azi warmed its audience to ever increasin enthuslewn. This ye' ' 1 E urs group, consisting of 40 voices, lk' under the new baton ol Fhbhard Eaton of the Une A-'Ts de- paftzzrent afler growing for Un-Se years under the leaderzvhzb of G01- don Clark. Mr. Eaton fnairzfained excellenz conzrol of Lhe chorus, and his own enthusiflsfn was conveyed lo llze whale group, Under hllv capable dire:-non. the c-bolus re- sponded as one znqkmlnent Much to the afnusenmnz of the audience, the concluclw drew up paris of the Chorus and puxhed the-In back for various numbers. almost av 11' he were rnampularmzz maps. The hrs! pan of rlm pro am highlrghtvd by Ralph Yaugiraq W? hams' arrangement of the old Dorset folk song, Linden Lea, ind ine Iligh folk lluye, arranged a e Galway Pi an o --1 p' ' unl, "Hunor! ,-, 4 B lol'9c1 Sea slla.-,tix 4-Q-'D ? ' sung by the male voices with B111 1 Q h 5+ Kelly slngllng the Solo parz. Kellyk Q + 1 roi0e,4 though ng! strong, was clear 5 e Nl I Q fa ,- -Ing lusvrirguncieuofl 51004 KZAA, S 3 A in I 5 O IN' - L+ g0es.iS:eL:efoA C-OFF lf, fK'O Rb q q, K9 f :mer Cf H-VH Q . K 'W Q 0 - , 0. LE D.: lj o Y KU PU 'Z M A k S a pa1roL per." After prolonged appl' . Ihe Chorus repeated the Haj? 1561105012 arrangement of the s mx Honor' The n Poem "Car- "7-Llslc b ' B prowd , Slfour G ed an exer ' ' fish well d' ' Z7- 7,- ar. else 111 coh- Jsplajfld in BJPMEHI lhe Chofu nz the end lb sist Sa ffl-Z S of e ent applau Dfografn i Se brought ng 'Ten G le ' . n- a Yorkshire reer1B0Z!l " mmm. 11' sfo 03,410 EF' S A 421 ez'S'f6a-H ow G MJD 6 es, by lhe The short whistled at the end of each VNXQ Hmusecl rho mzgers. the audi- Qnrl brought delightvd grins to of the ladies of the Chablis. nnqres included "O Lovely Judas llfaccabeus by well known: A usbaliar, Illlifildil 'The Silver of "The Sw-2Zi the "7bn'GI'een lo srl' 1163! and ghlally Rmharfisqn dk! an ex- -ss acffomnaluggt fo the esdq ofhe 76370513 011 to Ur. Q, N 'KD 5 no EV po Gu H406 G and far-4 54,10 ww faq' eu' QPPW 'UT Qychyefgb C9 . Pm Umm S e Cn,N S Nb-NF BBQ, ,f Q ,, C, New S Lo M51-4 'FSM' Q ef'- xx- r ,zu I +456 .f .1 'HE CAN-D4.x.LoqNS EXH-10.-A1'W Fl Haber.. Smeg,-f-EL q.. it x fic 5944 oF Eaemucnas. uv.-Q .mth 'FOIL HOHOM- OF vfNc..ueav.'5 Qvw-HNN CP 1 X I lwq Q,xuu.'S -aim-ten" Pr e-Lexus... QF' 11-E. SJR-uibev-rrs' llumom A-,fb Fx- 5804566- N111 . Q ,- Pod! V' 'A X ,Q ' fcbfw 1 I0 D ' OH if 56H'4'l"06 , A44 G f wp X! X X,J,.m,1f f-fm Era GED.. QNLNQJ-A or FF-403.4 we WERE K . 1 fr V, '1 xx! K-Xl 'I LMA. I 1 . Q ' n w t g X Ds SQPHS we f J fn ,' - A I x-'Q -5 'f ' Z J' Nnbe Hmyx' qmsugrueznrs P IL Q 'XXE , 1 XXL F 4 X E ..14,1,.,- Rub koamaueb v-MAL!! - V .g i ' 'S-I-L' M,-5,-, Q .mm ffrg Q f X -- L ff W ' QQ! ',-' 11, RN mu,-:wget no-ve4Le.s1' IN EKTILQ- CAAfuLxQ,uu.exa. axe,-ruu1"uES w.Q..aMc.-war, Que. Juueon. Q: y K Yewnrl.. W' W. P 'P - . H -Y 74.7 VVVV ...,.....V...-. Y V. . , ,. , , - r ' ' V-5317 15,5-M IEE-'1 sr --- " A K S5: ? zffffffg A Q - if 1 A " 2g:1Q,E.,..11:v 2 2 ' fig' 1 K: I Q W 21 ----5' A X. , -A 'HT' R057 fi Awww' X - Q " ....N, -. .,h.,,,-W.--.Q,. .EF S -fx. :,...,W.g ' NJ od 'D EL. yqg-Q-pf-1' 5,5 ES ,REGAL ., T I 159- US New N x' Q -Q , ' .4.,.. Riga?-1,. L s. L, I fri A l . 'QPSK ' ss -' ' - , -' - - ' air" :'9'f"" 1.1 . . , n ' A :, f nod THE STUDENTS' UNION OF ALBERTA UN IVERSITY N COLG? NXGHT D UCC Banquet and a v-mal Pvcsentution of the 1'dS im' the Fu ' 1oU.owin,g aum QXEDVYNE "K' AWARDS KJ-rg?-AW! "A" AWP-R95 GATEWAY 'A' AWARDS :Iver-Gp:.BN AND GOLD "A" AWARDS -guS1cA1- HN' AWARDS womfvs A1-H3556 AWARDS 's A-gsxiffxc AWARDS MEN o be held in 111.2 Macdonald 1510121 nigvg March the ssrteemh, X f0'l'!'y-Zighi xx . H, A ERE K, GRE H NN Nl . STU..b3, fs 91' f on Tucsdxw W2 . ninemsn mm-ifed. and at girthirfg dclock. 'ruff D an-.4 be Q40 wsu RTE , 1-1-QE Hs.. hd Q, EFFEe'1,S 'OJ 136' HQ -1 c, ENUM Ai' r ra m A sffsllleafuze Q E ' f,,'1jjZa,,'? fffzfc . of a-Tgcu 0191617 GOLD O0ldz2? 'gg to th EXE X Iemhduuefajl I CURVE be '31 i"T?'1g , '19 2 va A RINGS The Lkteran' Pxssodatmn in -presenting the iollofuying takes plegswre Awards LIYW-ABY "An RINGS 'GORDON v0cocK. ow oxsosl Axwvs wow! ' 4: L1'L'mf5BY 'K' PINS fodes.a:w1emm. ' ' c ,,,cm1WW.,pqur1W' BB!-5110145 cn.0B'nmmth mmm 'WwfA..,A,3, , ,.,,..4, ,X . B""'ew, ,Calf vkuto we :Yan 93-M" 5 , xx , .QNX V . it .AX U W , :F ,Qi Q. Q: A 51-wmv fnww x f 1 I g Tbe Gateway 5 takes plelu'-ure in presenti the 01101-'Ji ' I no 'la j Awnfdy N ' ' GOLD AAA AWARDS h Q A Saruwm mmf 4 ' K mcg LAYCRA1-13 svgxlymzzw K F' X SILVER Aw' AWARDS , f BRUCE WE,'!h'Sd.9.vNew.E4lnn1- 4' A nos, Friday Sr-oft: 34-Ihr K, .-:gg - A.-:iikiaff . 5715? Efuergrem and Qok! fi lakes pleas-ure in presenzing the fllllowifbg Awards ' , LD A AWARDS G0 " n - ' fzffgsfw SHT-'ILA romzmn PHIL mmm Boa Uoolq I SILVER NA" AWARDS wmonn Momusorv. ALEX aol-usgq Hmns AGN!!! N .Q Dlx-ec-:Or og grefgllfi and Gold r0vw A A WU' P mo' sv W BND' A. add!! MCDONALD oi . nlfw U . .cl-A scan Huggy N x fvl ,CHU y 1-A4414-Xl E' ,E-XTILH Egfgr: zz Q-1. a A: A QE,-H, e- ' fx,-Y' ' K , .jx paokumc, P'v'F'T1D'i. Ps- Xlouuutl 'Sou Hub foiiibwauc ,, .W H. :- kv .X X p,a1-x-yjqg -JUL-umofl s' NQ C, K+-rkq 57,51-v,Lf+g,' Xb WE, r Q' , . 53 ' ffjfii Kiki' -L E v-E-., 'X .V H ., .L . X . , :mfw xx., .,-4:f-1f,5'-- H,. . Ai. 1.-:NY i '. W-xlr.-.f-.-X wr: 'i":3,,'Ei'N? .- A '. 5. 6-gf' , - ,- ,..'J. : ' 1:-sc,:g:..,.aw:aryw ..e.:.v-:,-.nwf-A. ' 1 - ' . 1. , --as-f pf,-1 s' X2 :s?",G.' fiflliiff wiwgx gaw- X ' O ' .-. V. - X., , Agway... ,, -X, ,. JM X . , is W X x wx. . ., ., Q V Q '. x ,,,,, . .1 f X' X -xi' - 1 X X .- '14 ,w Q:- , -.- . vw X -- -' .AN bf' '-fu-6' -, fj-c,z-unv-'IES-' 1 ' S, of ' 1-,mg MH-nxffebu 5'f"4A.2hE'ALf:i , y. 1 1 1 I I v I Qxfv ,3' Wwxf' , V Pty' iw 4, ,v fi' JZ:-f X. . X atljakixx 3 be . . 1 Q , 'iii , x K. ' ' - N .ff.1X . , , .i I it 5 5 ,u ,k,,R, - V, :uf -A Ax ,ff-5 'A . .. . . I . 4 . . H . .5-,NN .M--:.r1-x:- .x Q , . . Ni.x.,B 3. Xwgzn. . , 'H 'Y up 2, Xb W5 .:-V511-w yv.-A -A - -eq x f Q X X 1 , ,.:,.::555- New y...i.,1 3 A . " by ' 55 iv, .X Q We , ..yX.4.-1-rt re ' A x Y x :Aff lvfkifll six' , ,::.nQi:1"'fEi, f ..-54: V ' .X ll Musr1.:"r .ke-r' vdm-.xc-NG, . - -rug Bae? ' nd-r'u.1z..Few.E. Wu.-R 5-1-uLx:YeuoG. if ,fs 4 hw v I A-u..NG'ffR 1"5V-'AVL' ' K ia? N 13, Love: 'ro Cao, sk' ' A ' I 'Lk rx-mae: 11 ASK MY vf. ' H , Y, RHF-'E ' 7:19-ST - flzifilblff I ' 1151 1. ,V v as-sz.,'vc2Q.'1zfx::4i., . -. - :- , K ' -' 2" X ,N V "-' 6 N n 1 1 A. - -, . - ' 0 uw: fig: S312--,1i1Q1Q' N 5 , ' ' f , . ' ' 0' -ai:-1sn1.i 4 X . Nm. L-zmzwl MO'-NWS WP of Q name we PH-J E bS'1UT'M- " Q.6'Fon.E Fw-J GK, WT on go-o cw.. 1.e'c:f'U'-E' I He +l'1a+ Hllefh his land Shall be sa+isfied wi+h bread. -Proverbs I2:II Two Hundred and Sixty-two YYY' 44 A X217 0 'E-'i If 'CMH 90 4 sfvmaue F glxufe - -P 5 A Premier Manning receives Honorary Degree, Eoin Whifney, Gold Medal in Mafhemafics R. L. Gordon-Rhodes Scholar' Convocaiion Address-Premier Manning. Kay McAdam, B.A. Two Hundred and Sixty-four Alumni Banquef. Was Momma There? "Ain'+ she swee1?" Our lasf "Fling." Presidenf and Mrs. Newfon receive, Graduafion iea. Two Hundred and Sixty-five i w Awards THE FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE The Governor General's Gold Medal-Eoin Laird WhiTney, Red Deer. THE FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE The AIberTa Branches oT The AgricuITural lnsTiTuTe of Canada Gold Medal-RuTh Olive Ann Renner, Calgary. THE FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE The Henry Birlcs and Sons Gold Medal in Applied Science-Israel Arnold Leslc, Medicine HaT. The AssociaTion oT ProTessionaI Engineers oT Allneria Gold Medals- In Chemical Engineering: ArThur Berlhald MeTzner, Barrhead. In Civil Engineering: Eldon Lloyd Fowler, WasIraTenau. In EIecTrical Engineering: Ensley Allan Godby, EdmonTon. In Mining Engineering: NoT awarded. THE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE The T. EaTon Company's Gold Medal in Commerce-Thomas George Halford. EdmonTon. The Hudson's Bay Company Gold Medal in Commerce-Mervyn STanley Devonshire. Calgary. The InsTiTuTe oT CharTered AccounTanTs Prize-Thomas George Halford, EdmonTon. THE FACULTY OF DENTISTRY The AIberTa DenTal AssociaTion Prize-In The TourTh year: Lloyd Norman Kiorven, Cabri, SasIcaTchewan. THE FACULTY OF EDUCATION The EaculTy oT EducaTion Alumni Gold Medal in EducaTion- Eunice Helen RaIsTon RoberTson, Calgary. THE SCHOOL OF HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS The Warren W. Prevey Memorial Gold Medal in Household Economics-Jessie Audrey Dundas, Calgary. THE FACULTY OF LAW The Chiei JusTice's Gold Medal in Law-John WinTred Karran ShorTreed, HardisTy. The NaTionaI TrusT Prize in Law-Francis Richard MaTThews, Calgary. The Sydney Woods Memorial Prize in ConsTiTuTional Law-Francis Richard MaTThews, Calgary. The Carswell Prize in The EacuITy oT Law-In The Third year: John Winfred Karran ShorTreed. HardisTy. THE FACULTY OF MEDICINE The Moshier Memorial Medal-In The TiTTh year: RoIoerT Waller RoberTson, Calgary. In The TourTh year: Michael Ernesl' Chonlio, EdmonTon. The Mewburn Gold Medal in Surgery-In The TiTTh year: RoberT WaITer Rolaerfson. Calgary. In The TourTh year: Donald Malcolm McDonald. Drumheller. The Prizes oT The College oi Physicians and Surgeons of The Province oT AlberTa MEDICINE In The TiTTh year: Donald Beniamin Wray, Saslcaioon, SasIcaTchewan. In The TourTh year: Michael ErnesT Chonlxo, EdmonTon and Allan Lockwood Hepburn, Edmonton Ieguall. SURGERY In The TiTTh year Robe-rT Waller RoberTson, Calgary. In The TourTh year: Ralph LimberT Johnson, Calgary. The Harrison Memorial Prize in ObsTeTrics and Gynecology-In The TiTTh year: Donald Benjamin Wray, SasIcaToon, SasIraTchewan. In The TourTh year: John CorbeTT STaples, EdmonTon. The James McDonald Taylor Memorial Prize-In The TiTTh year: Henry Barss Dimoclc, Trail, BriTish Columbia. In The T'ourTh year: William Fraser Edwards, Calgary. The DocTor D. S. Macnab Bursary-George Leslie Willox, Calgary. THE SCHOOL OF NURSING The PresidenT's Gold Medal in Nursing-Marion EThel Brennan, Daysland. The Prizes oT The Board ol' Governors oT The UniversiTy Tor Nursing- General ProTiciency in senior year: Edifh CharloTTe Linney, Edmon- Ton, HighesT shanding in examinaTions in senior year: Grace Alice PeTTiTor, Coleman. I-IighesT sTanding in pracTicaI work in senior year: Mary Lenore King, Calgary. The Prize in ObsTeTricaI Nursing oTTered by The Dean oT Medicine- Marion EThel Brennan, Daysland. The Ray E. Staples Memorial Prize in The School oT Nursing- Thelma EIizabeTh MacKenzie, STeTTler. The Dr. A. C. McGugan Prize Tor GreaTesT ConTriIauTion To STudenT Welfare-Mary Linden Greer, Kerroberi, SasIcaTchewan. THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY The AlherTa PharmaceuTical AssociaTion Gold Medals in Pharmacy- ln The degree course: Donald AnTon Zuclc, SasIcaToon, SasIcaTchewan. In The licenTiaTe course: William Joseph AITilio, Calgary. The Neil I. McDerrnid Memorial Prize in Pharmacy-William Joseph AlTilio, Calgary. GRADUATE AWARDS The RoIoerT Tegler Research Scholarship-Paul Melnychyn, Calgary. The UniversiTy oT AlberTa Research Scholarship-Severin Andreas Heiberg, Camrose. STanley Ivor PeThybridge, Red Deer. AWARDS MADE BY OTHER INSTITUTIONS The Rhodes Scholarship-Richard Laurence Gordon, EdmonTon. The DaughTers of The Empire PosT-GraduaTe Overseas Scholarship- Ronald Ralph JeTTeIs, EdmonTon. The NaTionaI Research Council Awards-Fellowships: Guslav Lawrence Osberg, EdmonTon. STudenTships: Harry Gifford Vaux Evans, EdmonTon: Thomas Gillespie, Winnipeg, ManiTobaZ George Bradford Gunn, LIoydminsTer: Gordon Wesley Hodgson, Dewberryt Alexander Allen RoberTson. EdmonTon: James Maxwell Roxburgh, EdmonTon. The Carnegie Fellowship oT The UniversiTy oT London-Russell STuarT MacArThur, Elnora. The following sTudenTs have been awarded scholarships aT Univer- siTies in The UniTed STaTes: Charles ErnesT Blades. ToronTo. OnTarioZ RoberT George Chrisliansen, EdmonTon: Gerald David Fasman, Calgary: Israel Arnold Leslc, Medicine HaT: Agnes Niven Mac- Kenzie, Calgary, RoberT William Rimmer, Calgary: EIizabeTh MargareT Weir, EdmonTon. DEPARTM ENTAL AWARDS HISTORY The Gordon STanley Fife Memorial Prize in HisTory-William I-lernan HurIburT, Vegreville. POLITICAL ECONOMY The Duncan Alexander MacGibbon Gold Medal in Polifical Economy-Reinhard Frederlcing, EdmonTon. RESTRICTED TO UNDERGRADUATE OR GRADUATING STUDENTS THE FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE The Prize of The Board oT Governors of The UniversiTy in The FirsT Year ArTs and Science-David Maclndoo FawceTT, EdmonTon. The Scholarship oT The EdmonTon SecTion of The Council of Jewish Women-Roy George Sinclair, LeThTJridge. The EdmonTon B'nai B'riTh Scholarship-Emily Marie Spence. EdmonTon. THE FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE The Prize oT The Board OT Governors oT The UniversiTy in FirsT Year AgriculTure-John Malcolm Asplund, Lefhbridge. The RoberT Gardiner Memorial Scholarship-Clarence Ronald FuersT, Bashaw. The Canadian Sugar FacTories Scholarships-Urban Joseph PiTTman, Warner. John Francis Theodore Spencer, MagraTh. THE FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE The H. R. Webb Memorial Scholarship-George WaITer Jull, Calgary. The A. CrisTaIl Memorial Scholarship-Arnold George WhiTe Drumheller. The Prize of The Board oT Governors oT The UniversiTy in Firsl Year Applied Science-Teddy Lipinski, Grande Prairie. The Alfred Driscoll Memorial Prize in Surveying-Teddy Lipinski, Grande Prairie. The Engineering lnsTiTuTe oT' Canada Prize Tor Third Year STudenTs in Engineering-John BranT Kerby, Winnipeg, ManiToIJa. The Chemical InsTiTuTe oT Canada Prize in Chemical Engineering- Fred Friesen, Medicine HaT. Two Hundred and Sixty-six Awards The Norfhern Alberfa Branch of The Canadian lnsTiTuTe of Mining and Mefallurgy Prizes-FirsT: Percy Raymond Clarlce, Winnipeg Manifoba. Second: John Franlclin BurTon, EdmonTon. The Webb Memorial STudenT Paper Compefifion-FirsT: James Dudley George Wallbridge. Red Deer. Second: David Edward Burnham, Banff. Third: Roberf George Reynolds, EdmonTon. THE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE The Winspear, HamilTon, Anderson and Company Scholarships- ln The second year: Douglas M. Wilson, Clive. ln The firsT year: Jean HylTon Robson, Vermilion. The Scholarship of The WesTern Daily Newspaper AdverTising Managers' AssociaTion-Vernon Millard. Calgary. The Cecil EThelberT Race Memorial Prize-William Roberf Grainger, Canmore. The T. Eafon Company's Prizes in Commerce-In The second year: Douglas M. Wilson, Clive. In The firsT year: Jean HylTon Robson, Vermilion. THE FACULTY OF DENTISTRY The Alberfa DenTal AssociaTion Prize-ln The second year: Louis A. D. Hague. EdmonTon. The Edmonfon Denfal Sociefy Prizes-In The Third year: NoT awarded. In The firsf year: Thomas Demco, EdmonTon. THE FACULTY OF EDUCATION The John Wallzer BarneTT Memorial Scholarship-Elsie ParTon, Wesfloclc. The EdmonTon Jewish Federafion Scholarship in Educafion-Harry Edwin Newsom, Lacombe. The Prize of The Board of Governors of The UniversiTy in Firsf Year Educafion-Leah Joan ThursTone, Drumheller. The FirsT Year Prize of The Educafion SocieTy of EdmonTon-Leah Joan ThursTone. Drumheller. THE SCHOOL OF HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS The Edmonfon Home Economic Associailion Prize-Mary Alice Morrison, Salmon Arm, Brifish Columbia. The Annie Gerfrude Tory Scholarship-Mary Alice Morrison, Salmon Arm, Brifish Columbia. The GreTTa Shaw Simpson Memorial Prize-Elizabefh Anne Donald. EdmonTon. The David Milwyn Duggan Memorial Prize--Mary Alice Morrison Salmon Arm, Brifish Columbia. The Maria Isabel O'Connor Prize-Mary Alice Morrison, Salmon Arm, Brifish Columbia. The Mrs. H. A. Friedman Prizeihlorma Marion Fledderiohn. Calgary. THE FACULTY OF LAW The B'Nai B'riTh Prize in Second Year Law-Crawford Ferguson, Trochu. The Prize of The Board of Governors of The Universify in FirsT Year Law-Miles Hudson PaTTerson, Calgary. The Carswell Prizes in The Faculfy of Law-In The second year: Crawford Ferguson, Trochu. ln The firsT year: Miles Hudson PaTTerson, Calgary. THE FACULTY OF MEDICINE The Prizes of The College of Physicians and Surgeons of The Province of Alberfa-In firsT and second years AnaTomy: To be awarded. ln firsT and second years Physiology: To be awarded. THE SCHOOL OF NURSING The Prize for General Proficiency in Infermediafe Nursing offered by Dr. E. L. Pope-Mary Isobel Frizzell. Lacombe. The Women's Auxiliary of The UniversiTy Hospifal Prize in Firsf Year Nursing-Gwendolyn Aileen Bailey, Camrose. THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY The Prizes of The AlberTa Pharmaceufical Associafion-In The second year: George Ira Drummond, Camrose. In The TirsT year: Lorna Mae Kennedy, EdmonTon. THE Canadian FoundaTion for The Advancemenf of Pharmacy Scholarships-ln The second year: Alfred James Thorsley, Ryley. In The 'hrsf year: Lorna Mae Kennedy, EdmonTon. The Merclc Prizes in Pharmacy-ln Chemisfry 40: Franl: J. Wesolow- ski, Edmonlon. ln Chemisilry 42: Mary Johanna Chemerys. Bellis. The Frossf Proficiency Prizes in FirsT Year Pharmacy-Vicfor Bruce Miller, Raymond: Nancy C. Weir CarTer, Pibroch: Jaclc Edwin Humyhreys, Picfure BuTTe7 George Harry Munroe, LeThbridge: Hugh Frank Olson, EdmonTon. The AlberTa PharrnaceuTical Associafion Prize in DispensingAPeTer Hughes Coyle, Calgary. DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS CHEMISTRY The Chemical lnsTiTuTe of Canada Prize in Chemisrry-Alex Wasyl- ewslcy, EdmonTon. The Lehmann Prize in Chemisfry-George Kifching, Paradise Valley. The Paul Edward Macleod Memorial Prize in ChemisTry-David Maclndoo FawceTT, EdmonTon. The Fred H. Irwin Memorial Prize in Organic ChemisTry-Alex Wasylewslny, EdmonTon. The D.K.E. Memorial Prize in ChemisTry 40-Teddy Lipinslry, Grande Prairie. CLASSICS The Ahepa Prize in Greek-Emily Marie Spence, EdmonTon. The Monica Jones Aamodf Prize-Emily Marie Spence, EdmonTon. ENGLISH The Ailiins Scholarship in English Language and LiTeraTure-VioleT Fremlin, ClinTon, Onfario. The Priscilla Hammond Memorial Scholarship in Honors Englishf James Reive Lindsay Linn, LeThbridge. The English WriTing Prize-VioleT Fremlin, Clinfcin, Onfario. The ErnesT Lorne Fuller Memorial Prize in English 57-John KeiTh Johnsfone, FerinTosh. The Samuel Richard Hosford Memorial Prize in English-Eunice Helen Ralston RoberTson, Calgary. The Priscilla Hammond Memorial Prize in English 2-Elinor Kafhryn Sfolee, Forf Dauphin, Madagascar. The Charles James Thompson Memorial Prize in English 4-Jean I-Iylfon Robson, Vermilion. FINE ARTS The Fuller Brush Company Scholarship in ArT-Marcel Charles Asquin, Drurnheller. The Prizes of The Calgary Secfion of The Nafional Council of Jewish Women of Canada-ln Music EI lEd. 234l: Mary Madeline Gish, Edmonfong In Music 45 IEd. 334l: Raphael Lopaflca, Andrew: ln Drama 44 lEd. l36l: Efhel Marguerife King, Redcliff: ln ArT 5l lEd. 232l: Mona Jean Michie, EdmonTon. GEOLOGY The George E. Cole Prize in Economic Geology-Gordon Allen I-leclr, STeTTIer. The Dowling Memorial Prize-Arne Rudolph Nielsen, STandard. HISTORY The John Henry STanley Memorial Prize in I-Iisfory-STanley Roberi' Mealing, Thorsby. The George Malcolm Smifh Memorial Prize in Hisfory-STanley RoberT Mealing, Thorsby. The Hisfory Club Prize-BeTTy May Barker, OIcoTolcs. The A. L. Burf Prize in Hisfory-STanley Roberf Mealing, Thorsby. The Trenhoime Dickson and I.eTiTia S. Diclison Prize in Hisfory- STanley Roberf Mealing, Thorsby. MODERN LANGUAGES The Belgian GovernmenT Prize in French-June Gweneifh Taylor, EdmonTon. The Minisfer of SwiTzerland's Boolc Prize in French-STanley Roberf Mealing, Thorsby. POLITICAL ECONOMY The Men's Economics Club Prize-Jean Hylfon Robson, Vermilion. AWARDS MADE BY OTHER INSTITUTIONS The J. M. MacEachran Essay Prize-FirsT: VioleT Fremlin, Clinfon. Onfario: Second: STanley Roberf Mealing, Thorsby: Third: Helen McGregor, EdmonTon. Two Hundred and Sixty-seven Seciion S+af'F: MERV. DEVONSHIRE BOB URTON W Two Hundred and Sixty-eight Advertising x'YY'4l X W mg N SCUMQUEQ s f, o 51: 1 Q, Q i i A A d b U, Pfvofo-Engravers am! Co1 11me1'cfafArffsfs . . PO7'f1'G7.fZlTQ . . C01 1mzerC1'czf am! Ufush'a1f1'vePfzofograpfzy . . 1 mcnenmqn sruolos LTD In lfzc SC!'L'!-CC of .Vm'ff1cr:z .-Ufwrla for 38 years wo dred d Seventy ur Colors Flying .... For over a ouarler ol a cenlury Commercial Prinlers Limiled lwas been in business in llwe cily ol Edmonlon-il has been lwenly-live years ol pleasanl service in helping you To keep llie colors ol your firm flying. ll will conlinue lo be our aim in years lo come. 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J.. 53 Abell, T. Y., DU Annes. C. 1'., 211, 151 Armstromr, W. S., 115 Baker, J. E., 101 -1110115511151 L- AWUNNUU- L. E.. 1153 Armstrong- XV. T., 164 Baker. M. V., 6-1 Ambromowich, J. Amu11sden.A. B., 151 111,111,112 L V 135 Baker. P. L., 56. 1110 Acheson. R. K.. 40, 130 Amunnlsen, A. W., 11N Arn01d'E' M" 1:15 Bnkei, H. S.. 162 Ackroyd, A., 1-11 And ,Vent J' Au 1-13 A, 11' E" -11" Baker, M., 151' Afhtimifhilki J- W-1 141 M1121-2011. A. C.. 1117 Al-112111, J., sw, 116, 2115, zuu, 157 Ejlfff- 11- QL A l' ' ', NY. H., l-15, 2130 Am.ler.'un. li. A. A' ld, R. J., 14" im: ' ' ' 5:13:11 G An1l1-rgoli. G. G.. 1315 Aliiglt. E. L. I Batldmwslnii, J. H. 'Adaml' 1,' A T5 Anderson. G. F., 255, 412. 53 Arnskov. M., 114 Balke yy 151 ' ii AU' A"d01'S1"1- H- U- ll" Mvnsofl- B- HH 135 B211l11l:hEV.'J M. 10:3 12 Adams' 11' A' 1.1f, Amlersun, H. N., 1315 Aseltine. B. H., 120 Ba111m1y11g T: 11:1 ' Adam: J' 1111 'A Alulerson, J. 1. M. Ashley, IJ., 535, 61 13311111111 M. ' Ad1ll"I'lg17l1,-V Ib. 'Xl 1621 gt? 64 D04 Qspiulli 11115111-V Bzuitit-1'nu111, R. B., 53 . . U1 -'.'1 , .. .:p, . .. sp nt, . ., 1 1.1 11. Y I' 31 L 1 l .I-111c1ers1111. EN'.,.ll1QT H4 Qs11luntl,MR. 1.14 1110 1.10 E:f11'1ilFt:1:,hA.YV2ll1l, 114 , A 11-rson, . ., , :1, . squin, .. ...w .1 . , - 151 .1 . A. i:gSlm1i,n'SI Anderson. H., 1250 Atkin, H. G., 14N S' Ju 11,5 Afzitzanes JT., Amle"F'm- R- C' Alkin- M4 G' Bnrainvkl. PL J., 1:19, 107 Agnew' 1,1 11,1 71, An1le1'sm1, VV. L.. 61 Atlnnson. S. K., -13, 6-1, 205 Barbell' 19- RA' 11,1 Aikenheud, Il. H., 320, 341 Anclrcassen, H., 115 Qiklnionk li P-IIN Barber, N. L.. 151 Ainscouyrh, G. A T0 Andreksun, A., 61, 12215. 235, 242 f "9 - ' '-- 1 ' Burulziy, J. M., 130 A11-111, R. 1... 111 Ami.-QS, iz. Mrk- H. K- 1-10 B111-alia., 0. L., asv, 231. 118 Ak rx. A. L., 1' Anmlrews, E. E. Audell' E4 V- Barker. F. M.. 115 Allieijs. J.. 1611 l Amlrexxs. P.. 113 Audenart' E' WVU 114 Barker, H. M., 114 All'ert, E. Andrews, P. A., 110 Barker. G. E., 115, 162 Allfvinafii, i1111ri:1!1LA. Ai E., 1215 I+l:1lJu0t'k. B. E.R E:1r1z1ss, 1113 Allrec 1. 1. A, 1.1. . li rue i, 130 Back trom. X. .. 16' arey, . ., 1 5 Aldorn, I., 1135 Anuui. R. H.. 01' Bat-kgtrom, 11. R. A B111'l1m', M. D. L., 1215 AlE'D.i11'1l19l', A.. 11 Anuus, R. 1-hulen, H. J., tvs Barnecut. E. M.. 64 Al:-xanch-r, E., lla Anuus, WV. H. Batlnrley. Luis, 30, 207, 165 Barnes, l'. L.. 230, 114 Allum, J. Anhill, S. U., 00 liutlner, J. E. Barnes, 11. M., 230 Allzm. Il. Annerlvy. G. VV., Iindzioeh. J. Barnes, J. A.. 148 Allan, E. J.. 1"0 Anllill. H. R.. llx Hzihun, NV. J.. 115 Barnes, L. G.. 40, 217, 1-13 Allan, H. E., Amwlt. F. VV., 14N liuiley, V. A. Barnes. W. N., 70 Allnn. H. H., U21 Appelt, V, M. Halley. G. A., 165 Burnett, NV. D. Allzln. J. 1". Appleby, J., S6 Hailey, H., lfl Baron, M. E.. 13? Allard, H. A.. 119 Alllvleton. M. J.. 204. 2231. 113 Hailey, M. Al. 164 Harr, WV. K.. 110, Allen, A. H.. A111111-1011, V., 1350 Hziiley, R. E., 151 Barrett, L. G., EIN Allen, D. N., 1111.162 Applvyiirrl, J., 135 Bailey, R. F.. 70 Barron, M. P.. 1611 Allen, J. W.. 0.1. 220, 2-I2 Arbn-1111, A. M., 1135 Bailey, R. Il., 123 Barron, VV. C.. 42 P1111-n, 1111. 2ru:il1ali1. B. O., 1110 Bailey, W. S., 62, 20-1, 118 Barry, R. F. 1 le-n. . ., 115 rc iluil , H., 151 Bailie, M. Allen. W. R. Alle!-by, G. M.. 105 Allin. G. E., 19131 Alluway. 11, R., 11-1 Allred, L. 11. Allworth. J. V., 151 Altilio, J. W.. 142. 235 Alum. Nant-y. 64. 217. :IIS Alton, M., 162 Ambrose. K. A., S9 . Archilruld. Armstrnniq M.. . A, B. 204, 15, Armslronxr, 17. E. Armstrtmir. I1., SU, IH-1 Armstrnnir. G. Armstronig, 1., 135 Arms! ruin: Armsironil . J., x0 . J., 40, 120 L Armstrunir, . Armstwiin . M., S0 T9 Baillie, M. Bain, G. A., 1-18 Bain, G. O. Hain. M.. 431, T0 Baines, R. G., 165 Bakaj. P. J., 41, 118 lY'111l'i6I', A. B., 139 Baker. B. L.. 70 Bruker. Il. B. H11 Lev. H. A., 123 Two Hundred and Seventy-two Barss, D. L., 11-1 ffartlvit. B. G.. 145 Bartley. G. A. Hartley, N. H.. 70 Hartman, M.. 93 Burtsr-h. M. M.. 1151 Waruzxini, D. J.. 135 Bnsarnba. J.. 147 Basnraba, J., 135 Basarnba. P. J. Ba-ws-tt, A. D., 110 f -,X 5 X2 ff. - FA.---Wtx xx-gi xg ,a x V4 age. .-1":-65311-' N ' 'fi ' .. .,,,, , . , , . . .th , . -'.1?f5S?E?:'.'L XX .f -FFT' f"'1' ' ,if f I E. ,f . pf. - 1 .31,,.a.Q,,.m..f'.. if I ' 'L f We ' ' fam.. '5 9 I f .gf J K 1,-ff , ,,Qg':?5i2- -t, -:fra-v,. -A ' ' ' X- 41 if v it 2 ,f " 1 H i . , X.. ' ,eg A . 1 ,' .fi . fr, .V e :Lie 2 . i"f."f"' -' 'Z i F . -0 'NX all xXx ' ...,- ...... . X ' ft- 1 5 . V X ff..-iff' sr f f fs 1:--f E -1 -. - , ' - RQ i w- V A '15 I' ' . sf l I . ' H, , -V h . f'Xx .f ici?- Air for power purposes is usually com- pressed to 100 pounds pressure in machines varying in size from 2 to 16,000 cfm, requiring from lf? to 3000 horse- power. But there are hundreds of other uses for compressors. One example is a 2500-horsepower com- pressor that inhales about 4850 cfm Ca box-car full every minutej of nitrogen and hydrogen gas, squeezing the gas in six steps to one-550th of its original size...increasing its pressure to over 5000 pounds. A number of these Can- adian-built units serve Canada's synthetic ammonia plants. Installed in Canada to furnish air blast for smelting steel, copper and nickel are also I-R turbo blowers, compressing up to 90,000 cfm to 30 psi and requiring up to 9000 h.p. in a single unit. ...cubzcfeetper minute ET'S IMAGINE A STREAM OF AIR CUBES caught within some strong force that is squeezing them from their one- cubic-foot size down to smaller and smaller cubes...increasing the pressure within them . . . pushing them into a pipe . . . creating Compressed Air Power. Cube after cube flows on as we count cubic feel per minute . , . in short we say cfm. Emerging from the end of a hose or pipe and expanding behind a piston or the vanes of a rotary air motor, these air cubes power rock drills, riveters, grinders, hoists, wrenches and many other effort-saving tools. Finally, the cubes regain their original size and pressure...again become free atmosphere. Once more we count them. . .so many ffm. Machines that squeeze or compress the air are called air rom- prersors. Machines that use the compressed air to push a piston, or turn a wheel, are called air tools. Cfm is the "yardstick" for measuring both the capacity of compressors and the air consump- tion of air tools. But ffm is only one means of appraising these machines. On compressors and air tools, widely used throughout the world you will find the Q1 trademark. This symbol stands for nearly 75 years of pioneering and development in the compressed air in- dustry. It is your assurance of a reliable machine that will econ- omically produce or apply compressed air power. - , Co. Canadlan Ingersoll R.andt...u.d head office -MONTREAL Que. -1 works-Snnnimooxe QUE. AWE: sY1JHEY-sHrnsxooicE-MoNmLu.-Tonomo-murmur Luc:-rmnrxs-w1NNiPEG'i'rl.sox-vmcouvsn P-31 AIR AND GAS COMPRESSORS 0 ROCK DRILLS 0 HOISTS 1 PUMPS - BLOWERS 0 CONDENSERS - AIR TOOLS Two Hundred and Seventy-three is as 'i ikk -W xxrs Q , w as "fZb -BTL, " ir. H T m.i,.,d.nC.,t.., A V lima .,,. CULMKJ1 1 at wi N' sf? I 4, , , 3 if liflii'l""' f ' XX ' L' it J 1 Q ' " UK i +1 f f w ic f 3 f! f! 1 as ' ik, Q E 1 j - , 9 W 1 3 if W 7 ik mr it I' C X , 1 A ii i If fire-5 2 X , ra 't l " TTWT " ' 'Af" 51' QIQE C You might call it When you think of it, it's next to miraculous the way milk gets around! Milk by the bottle is just one outlet for the dairy farms' produce. At Borden's we produce over 50 different milk products . . . including evaporated milk, condensed milk, powdered milk, ice cream, cheeses and butter. Research is another contribution to the advancement of Canadian agricul- ture. New milk products, perfected in the laboratory, are introduced to the public from time to time. Each new milk product gives distribution to Canada's largest buyer of "white magic!" that much more of the milk from Canadian farms. Milk that "gets around", in its natural and processed forms, benefits the public, and the agricultural in- dustry. The Borden Company is proud of the part it plays in widening the scope of Canadian dairying. ELSIE E Ji Symbol of all that's 1 3455 fine in milk and I2 7 milk products. 0 Q I 41. f,:MQ,,,+ U10 ihe dairy farmer's products! THE BORDEN COMPANY, LIMITED. SPADINA cnsscznr, TORONTO 4, oNrARlo. Two Hundred and Seventy-four Bassie. J.. 12-1 Hassan. If. T. Batch. R, Batcheller, 11. A.. 141. :JO Bates, A. 11.. 123 Bntes. O. A.. 1235 Batiuk, NV.. 163 Buttle, A. P.. 1111 Burnie, G. E.. 511 Bntly. B. 1".. T11 Bauerfind. Pl S., 135 Bauman. M. lf.. 135 Bzmman, M. K.. 161 Haumback. G. E.. 1211 Bziwden. C. S. Buwol. H.. 157 Rev E. J.. 135 Baycluza. J, M.. 137 GS- - A Bayly. A. G. Buyrock, V. A. Bezuon. S. E., 1111 1'3e:1i1'st0. 1". NV. Beuirsto. R. G.. 224. 151 Beumish. A. M.. 13111 Beure, H. T.. lin B1-zitcrn M. A. builtin. A. VV.. 1111 Beattie. M. H.. 131' 1-leaudry, J. G.. '11. N' Blaxer. 11. B. Be-I'1Lr-lt, P., 5111 Bsildoes. R. H.. T-1. 23-, 11'l 11u11o1'1I. R. 17. H.. 1111 Izleere. R. H.. 1251 1111115 A. 738.1111-.1y, W.. 1:15 111-1w1:11iak. NY. 1' '11-lik. E.. 1-in Be-1111, L. B- ll. 15. 1'.. 151 Bell. 11. A.. 1117 Bell. 11, D. Bvll. E. J.. 511 Hell. E. J.. A11 Hell. H. E.. 164 Bvll. R. 1".. 143s B1-llamy, J. W. 13eIIin1:h:1n1. R. S.. 312, fill Bellows. J. E.. T11 Bellows. L. A., 11-1 Belnt. R.. 119 Helslleim. E.. 1-151 Belyea, A, F.. 153 Helzlweru. S.. T11 Henimlect. J. F., S4 lienenliut. 1-ienjzlnlin. R. A.. 111s R. E,, 1111 liennell, 11, L, Iivllrwll, H. U., 1...w, 11-1 1 l-f-niley. 1' lierestm 5' Be1'ez1.111sk Berg, A. 1 . R.. 147 W 1 1lT 1. M. 1. Berg. D, E.. 1111 Berg. H. M.. 1225 Berg. 11. J.. 1115 liergeson, E. NV., 143 1il'1'1I1U111I. R. C.. 15111 E., 1117 He.':m:11x11. H. E.. 1133 J 1" 1"1 1'.e1'Ia111Iu. . .. ... 1u'11:11'1l. IV. A,. 151 1ie11nz1111e. A. J B.-rnhnrclt. C. G., 5111 151-111511-111. 11-1'l'lSU:1I1. liexwguist. M. W. P., 1117 A. J.. 147 I1111'1'y. A. II., 1151 Harry. A. 11., 13111 lierry. 11. A.. I-1K Berry, 15. L. Herly, 11. M., 1251 Iiurlles. 5, 11.. 1111 lie1't1':1111l, N. 11.. K4 llvsney. M., MX. N-1 Iiessetle. J. H. .yn lievex-i1lu+A. A. J. ' ll 1 E l J In-xx-13 , '. 511.111, J.. 1111 1111.111-, E. J. 14111, 11. w. H1--kell. " liigl. '. 1. A.. 1.,.. 11 L 1 1 - .1 111-1011. 11. L.. ill. -11 I-lil11w..y, M. 1-linetu-. R. A.. 1313 l5i111Ih:1m. E. E. Iii111rh11n1, U. '1', 1i1r11:Iey, C. R., 131 111111. 1. J.. 111.1 111111. 12. 1., 14... 141sI11,1p, A liishup, B .A.. 131 . A., Ili! Iiish-111, M. 11 I . 1 Ilshop, M., 111 w s 1 1s1..u11. E, .. Bissell. 1. Iiifsut. M. Nissan, C 121111-I4 11. B. B.. 1111 .J..111I 12 'I Black. K. L.. IIS, 2117. 1116 Black. J. M., 1-11 Blawkauiar. M. H.. 151 Blzivkbuurrw, L. H. Blackburn. N., tw Hlackett. 11, A.. 114 Blacknmre, 11. Blackr-lock. H. E- H15 Blackwood, R. 11-1 Blades. C. E. 1 Hlalir. L. T.. IIL 1-1111111 11. H. Blair, XY., 131 1511111 . NY, 11, 111111141-, 111. 11., 1-lx Blakely, M, 1,, 11115 Blakely. W. E. Hlulxcy. A. 1'. ljlzxml, 1,'. H., T11 15lz1y111'5'. A. J. ljluylley, E. 15.. xii lil111.ouske, J. D., 1121 1511-zxlxlvy. XV. E.. B11 lilenvlx. XY. A., 1111 li iss. L'. A.. 115i Blnmm, A. 11.. 15111 111111111-1111uu1'. I'. 11., 512 Hlurnlell. M. J.. 2117. 11" Blumlen- 12. A. Iilyzuiuk, M. A.. 1.1.1 H11I1I111. A. lluluylx, B. 11., 1-lx 110111152 XV. L.. HST 141111111-l'. H.. lla Bn1l11:11'. N, I-lu1I1111r. H.. 1251 Hmiiizarul-1. W. 1-Tmnetlclln-1', A. S,. 1451 1-109111-111-1', 111. N., all 11nl1Im:111. 1. 1'.. 11T 11111111113 Y. E.. 1-111 1111l1111ms. Y. Builm, A. 1-1u1ss1-vaiii. XV. W.. 13511 Bolle. A. M. B1-1nl1.11'1Iie1'1. C. 1'. 1-101141. ll. l-'.. 151 11111111. J. M.. 212 I-1111111-1111. 11. J.. 311, 1?!11 Hnnlic-11. 1'. M.. 1-11 1441-1111e1'. A. H.. 1111 141-1111, L. 1., Us l111111m:1n. S. T., 11. 11131 l!u11tI1, J. I.. 1-Xnrais. J. 1., 1111 l!11r1l11l:1. A. L.. 11. 11u1'wic11. Il. S,. l-135 Hulhwell. H. G.. -13 15o11L'11e-1. J. E.. 149 1J1lL1I1.E1', M. E.. 1115. 1615 lifwuvier. NY. 1V. 13m1wln:111. H. VY., 11-1 Huw:-n, Il. H. linwely 11. N.. 151 H1.we1'. M. E.. 1111 llmvei-m:111, 1. M.. 511, Si. I1 1111111-rs. J. 11.. 12211 linxxlen, 11. J.. 111, 1111 IS-1x1lsl1y. U. X-1, 11111 1411wn'1u11. 11. liiixxmzln. 11. A.. 1-111 1211111-r111. J. 11.. 1.111 1--13.11. XX. T.. S.- ltnyce, M. S. 1111111 II 11 "M 1l'1 linyil. E. 1.. 110511, J. 1'., 1215 linyle. l". L., 11211 liuwl J 1111 linynl. 11. J., 11311. 111' Iiraxccu, J. 11., 141 Buyse, A. N.. T11 l!1':x1If4x1'11, M. J.. 1-In 14r1111ley. 11. M.. 21111, 1211 1'11':111l1fy, E. H.. I-li I'1 II 1:11 Sy, 11. '11. l11'a1I:h:1w, A. NV.. 13711 l'11'11-lshziw, D.. T11 H1'111Ish:1w. '1'. K.. 13111 Hrmly, A. M.. 1315 I'11':11ly. B.. 6-1 11r:1itI'1x1:1ilc-, T. 1-Z.. 151 1i1'z11111ell. 11. 1... TIS 111 1111 1 11 1 '2 11.. . v. 121-11111. 11, 1-17 Iirny. A. J.. 11112 151':1y. A. 1l,. 315, Js, 1111. 1111 15re1-I1i11, J. 11.. 1120 Iire-c'k:111. F, G, lirv-11111. H. J. 111'--nnxiuh, J. 1"., AI 1i1u1111an. H. H. 141+-1111:111. 17. li. 1+11'1-11112-111 1!1'cr1r1z111. . .. .... , Hienne-is. M. J.. 1215 Iiressey. E. Il., 151 1-111-weikuis. S. 1',. Mi 1114-x1e1ln11. T. E. 1111-fer, 11. 1'., 114 1'11'i1'kQ1'. R.. T13 1'!1'i1'kn1:111, 1Y. J.. 1111 . M. E., ska NY 15 qi 1"-1 1 THE MACDONALD A Canadian Na+ionaI Raifway Ho+eI of disfincfion ZOO rooms a+ moderafe rafes. SUPPER DANCES Every Safurday nighf during season. Bwiiwlict. M, 1., 1210 liluck. 11, M. May +116 'rlnread X of your Iife weave 1 'fs a paH'ern of secur- w y , i+y and happiness AJ- x! 1260 K,C, ' F R 1260 K.C. EcImon'ron's Dominion Ne1worIc S+a+ion LABORATORY SUPPLIES AND CHEMICALS For Assay Ogices, Educanonal, I-Iospi+aI and Indus1riaI Laborafories CHVE 81 COmPF11'1Y 111.11150 567 Hornby S'I'ree+ Vancouver. 3-C- Marine 8341 SUNDAY EVENING DINNER AHrac1ive menus are a feafure of our Sunday nighf dinners. Special a'11en1ion given io family par+ies. AIR-COOLED CAFETERIA Modern in every respecf and serving 1119 fines? food af popuIar prices. Two Hundred and Seventy-five Bridile. A. C., 62 Brien. I". B. Bright. M. M. Brill, J. R. Brimncombe, A. K. Brinlon. IJ. C.. 107 Brisbin. C. E.. 52 Braadfoot, VV. R., 139 Brock. F. M.. 212. 1-121 Brorklvank. R. G., 15311 Broddy, L. A.. 149 Bromler. A. M., 204 Bronson. H. E Brooker, B. XV. B L .. ba. Ib.. .w Brooks. . .. 119 Brooks, R. M., BUT, 1ST Brooks. T F. Brooks. XY. M.. 1411 Brossm-au, H. T.. E112 Broughton. O. J.. 1415 Bromihton NV. 11.. 151 Brower. R L.. 1111 Brown, A. A.. 12115, 1111 Bro w n. A. D. Brown. 17. E. Brown. 11. R.. 16T Brown. E, A., 551. 2115, 2117, 1121 Brown. E. L. Brown. G. L. XV.. 1121 Brown. G.. S6 Brown. G. D. Brown, G. E.. 951 Brown, G. 1l1T. 114 Brown. J. R.. 1151 Brown. J. A. Brown. J. A.. 111A Brown, L. E., 135 Brown. M. T.. 135, 2211 Brown. N. M.. All Brown, P. S.. 1-111 Brown, R. A. Brown, R. R., lim Brown. R. F. Browning. C. E. Brownlow. D. P.. 136 Bruce. VV. R.. 11-1 Brugeyroux. M. L. Brundapze. D. H.. IIS iT, 143 Brunel. G. F., 1l11 Bruns. A. WV.. 13.1 Brunsclale. 1 L xo Brunlon. J. E.. 110.. 11 -1 Buchanan. 11. G.. T6 Buchanan. J. J. Buchanan, W. D.. 130 Buchner. H. XV. Buchwald. O. G. B.. 16T Buchholz. C. A.. 1411 Buck. R. J.. -16. -15. 54, 123 Buckell, R. E.. 14T Buckholz. 1". G.. 1111 Buckles. F. J. M.. E141 Buckmaster. H. A.. 119 Bus. R. S.. 15 1 Bugiak. N.. 135 Bulat, M. Bull. A. 11. Bullock. 11. B., T11 Bunko, XY. Bunn, N. NV. Bures. A. 1., 114 Burge, C. E. Burire, 11 W. M.. 2-lll, 241 Burgess. B. A.. 47. 45. Burke, 1. M.. 135, 2531 W. N. 5121. Burke. Burkell. E. W. Burlanml. R. G., 1129 Burnard. A. LK, 1111 Burnfielil. M.. 165 A. H., 135 11. E.. -111, ns. l-16 K. A., 163 Burns. H. A.. 1.u1 Burns. J. IV. M Burnham. Burnham. Burnham. Burns. . A. Burns, NV. A. D.. 11.1 Burrinyrtun, G. G.. T6 J. J.. 61 Burris, Burrows. A. G.. 114 Burton. J. 1'., 111.2 Burton, J. T., T0 Burton. G. R.. T6 Burton. L. J.. 110 Burton, M. VV.. 2115. 114 Burwash, C. C.. 1421 Bussaiwl. L. L.. 151 Busby. G. A.. 512 Bush. L. H. Buxton. E. NY. Byers, A. M., 135 Byrne, l". T., 1113 Byrne. P. J. S.. 1lT 150 Caldwell, Caldwell. Caldwell. Caldwell. Calhoun, Calhoun. Valhoun. 'a 'ert. 'C7 'IG . ,- ,drs :O 35 PS N z' T?" rwsmcsf? zz? ' CU... I v EH? W ...H OJ E .. G1 166 .. 123 E. D. H.. 151 A. VV.. 129 V., 11110, 11-1 W., 119 -1 Vameron, A. F., 11-1 A. R.. 135 Cameron. Vameron. B. G. Cameron. 11. F. Cameron. IJ. M E12 -1 Cameron. D. R.. Mastering Ed. H 1'l3 ., -15. Cameron. D. Cameron. H. P. Cameron. H. M. Cameron. J., 242 L'arneron, J. B. Cameron. J. M. Cameron, R. C.. 119 Cameron. NV. Vamp. G. NV.. ST. T6. Campbell, IJ. L.. 129 Campbell. G. L.. 129 ' "' 166 Campbell, G.. oh. Camnbell. G. W. Campbell, G. G.. Fampbell. G. N.. 1-19 Campbell. I. .. 151 M 53 Campbell. I. W. Campbell, J.. 12-1 Campbell. J. D., 114 Campbell. M. J.. 64. Campbell. N. J., 84 C E ampbell. R. .. 119 Vampbell. T. A. Campbell. V. J.. 11-1 Campbell. NV. G., 151 Campbell. W. P., -16. Canniff. R. H.. 141 Canning. L. R.. 10S Vaouette, A. M. Capling. L. C.. X4-1 Capsey, E.. 2417, 119 Cardiff. E., 13-1. 141 Vardy. R. C. 1514 "UT r q-1 Carlson, M. E. Carmichael. A. Carmichael. J. W. Carmichael. P'.. 163 Carnochan. M. D.. 157 Carran, R. C.. Carrick C 97 , . E., 149 Carrico, H. B. -lx, .1-1. 1.... 12115. 111.1 Carriere. IN. J., 114 Carritt. D'. P. Carruthers, R. B. Carroll, C. W., 129 Carson. E. H. Carson, K. E. Carter. A. E., 64 Larter, B. E.. 135 Carter. E. L.. 64 Carter. N., 59 Carter. R. E., 65 Carver, D. E., 50. 1106 L'arve-th. J. L.. 149 Vary. S. M.. 93 Cary. VV. L., 95 Case. XV. A. J G lb Caskey, . Casselman. Castelli. L.. Master 1-'I' C., 70 Sc. Castelli. M., S0. 204 Catonio. A. . L ausgrove. P R. G.. 2110, 242. Cavanaugfh. J. P. Cawsey. R. A., 119 l'e1Juliak. N. J. Chaba. A., 135 Chaba. P. Chalmers, E. C.. 149 Chalmers. H. C. D., 167 Chalmers. J. M. Chamberlain. L. C.. 124 Chambers. M. G.. 206. 165 Chamchuk. N. J.. 135 Chanasky. V.. 110 Chang, G. Y. Chapa, J.. 149 Chapman, F. A. Chapman, F. VV. Chapman. J. L.. 124 Chappelle, M. Chard, R. VV.. S2 Charuk. M. J.. 139 Chatwin, J. V.. 161. 162 Chauvet, L. C.. 110. 114 Brunton. M. G. Fable, R. M. Farefoot. E. I.. l-19 Chemerys, M. J., 167 Bryant, E. O. Cable. R. P. Carlisle. J. S.. 1111 L1l1Pl1l"1'l3. N.. 135 Bryant. H. Fahoon. A. E.. 1111 Carlson, E. V., 130 Cherniwchan. J. M.. 123 Bryant. K. N., bf! Cahoon. L. A.. 110 Parlson. J. Cherniwrhan. N. M., 149 14 "MODERN TOOLS OF SCIENCE" Are Now Available a+ Our NEW WAREHOUSE and OFFICE Canadian Laboratory Supplies Limited 288 WILLIAM AVENUE WINNIPEG, MANITOBA PRODUCTS FOR Tl-IE PROMOTION OF SANITATION LUEST DISIITFECTIHG CO., LTD. R. A. Kemp, 10023 l02nd Ave., Edmon+on Phone 29486 Two Hundred and Seventy-six 1 edzba , :Ryder rl' Z 11 :'..I"' P3 23 "E-'. 25 I-Q rl' 2.11" C1 l:l"' ll-I Z' S' Ill ' x 5 , of a nation of 4 GE VERAL ELECTRIC ny L I :af iiliiz V T 'Till M555 .4 .. l ins? MJ, ,v,1:,,:.,:g.f' J U s , Trolley Coaches - Canadians' favourite transit vehicles-use G-E propulsion units and controls. I y 'Raw-,..t Qi, S 'Q V " sv' Mele,--,mq ,sr l .. .. wg: Y C pw -es" i xbhlb 1 The high efficiency of electric lighting is typified by this modern G-E fluorescent installation. PRODUCTS FIFTY YEARS-21 day in the life of 21 nation -yet the progress achieved in the generation, distribution and application of electricity during the past fifty years has made possible the standard of living we enjoy today. Canadian General Electric has played an active and important part and is continuing to bring more and more of the benefits of electricity to more and more people . . . to change for the better, the habits of a nation. nil i' Q if f 2 5 ,L rf",-' Electricity helps Canadians to live better, This modern G-E kitchen saves time and work. r 'L -453541 my ' c 'N , ifiif. ' 3 T ' 4. 'lf 1' .' Y at K 35 x I - ,T .4 .-,L .-5 P gk '- w S cv! 1 L.: 1 , 1 HN A i V. .f 1- .44, if - li V' 'fi 'Nfl' if l -1 iiiifigilil YQ --' as e B-Z.-in-W Transformers produced by C.G.E. help maintain the now of electricity to users in Canada. CANADIA GE ER L ELECTRlCfFM.1fD HEAD OFFICE - TORONTO Two Hundred and Seventy-seven I It's EATON'S in THIS IS THE EDMONTON STORE Alberta The EATON Sfores Ihroughouf AI- berfa serve 'rhe homes I'ha1 serve Ihe indusfries +ha+ serve The Prov- ince and Dominion. Good service "" X 1'ILI" 1 ,X -- and qualify merchandise, baclced .Ft . tk ' Sahsfacfory or Money Refunded", 'I ' " . a+ prices designed To please your 1 r. 1 budqef' W. I ' 635 521 ""- . "' - my Q CALGARY R ' H -s ,:, ,z ,. 4. H , A I., Z .f I -.. --- .. sc,. , Q ,,,, .. .,, ,,,, ..... 1 ..,,. - ..r . Q MEDICINE HAT Q RED DEER MII' Pays 10 Shop a1 EAIONISII I+'s more 'rhan iusf a slogan . . , Hs a IacI, proven for years in dollars and cer11s, and in reliable merchandise! Look To EATONS when you buy, Ior shopping a+ EAIGNIS means sa1isIac1ion. CAM ROSE GRANDE PRAIRIE IMaiI Orderl WT- EATQN l'he1'1'y, ll. I",, 14131 l.'l:11'ke, J, S.. 110 Chutner. B. S.. 111' Clarke. J. H., 1315 Chevalier. D. Clarke, M. 11. Vhibree. A.. 1111 Clarke, P. R,, 102 Chinn, G. P. Clznrkr, P. A., 132 Chinneck. C. u.. zns, 111 fllwkf- R' LA 1'-H IW Chlnnevk. VV. M.. 101 Clark, R. F., bil l.'hishoIm. E. A., 105 Clarkq-. T. J., ITI1' Chisholm, J. L. Clayton. D. ll., 11" Chisholm. L. H.. 2115, 110 Cleuxr, Z. E., 1125 Chisle, A. P.. 1213 Iflememzer, J. E., 63, 1921 Chiswell. A. B., 12311 Clennm-tt, R. T.. lltl t'hic1'.-11I.y. P. Clow. E, M., 229, 2117, 111' CI'1miI:11'. YV. A.. 132 Clow, NV. H. A,. Tli l'hn11t+-, M. H.. 1156 Cond, A. R. ffhomilx, H.. 13111 Chonku, M. E., N4 Clmln-1 I 1, Coates. 011111.-s, M. M.. 411, 45, Zi., Lv. lf.. Im, 911 Con-hrzxne. A. IF.. 1I'S fh01'Y1"115'Sky. M, L., 147 l.'ouke1:1m. C. H.. 41, 443, 4a 1'hul'l14i1.',x'sky. U. J.. TI' Cmwks, G. I., H5 Vhorny, S. E., 11:3 Cod,-, E. E., 167 Chorny. W.. 11: c.'1.11y. Ii. B.. lfsrl l'houin:x1'mI. V. J.. 1134 Coe, li., 164 Chrislenselx, A. H. L'offi11. E. L.. 'SN Vhristelisen, lb. lf.. 114 Coffin, H. A,. 1-IT Christ'-11s1f11, E., 1553 I'1'1l1en. E. L,. 111' C'I11'istu11sen. H. H., 211, 12111 Cogyrlx.-s, ll, E. R. I'h1'isti1n, IP. M,. 131' I'rrlIm1'11v-. tj. L.. 114 Chris1ia11sen. H. V.. 111' I'olIiu1'ne, R, li.. 242. 1310 Ch1'istu1'fe1'son. M. I.. 111' Colvlnufgh, II. l'. J,. 1313 Chrisluu. V. E.. -IT. x- Vhristy, H. O., 93 Mile. Cole. M. E. VV H I'h1'un1Ixz1. J. J., IIIN Culenmn. A. I". Chulnll, I". H., 133 Coleman. L. S. f'I'1uI1Ix, Il. C., 63 C0111-11, NV, J. Chu1'1'l1, A. J,. ll" Collif-1', II. C.. 1215 Church, N. ll-I Collin, ll. E.. 1513 Churchill. J. M. Collin:-, l'. G.. lf1T 1'iI1:1l'!. C. C, Collins. J. J.. TT Ciz. A. Collins, L. Ii. Ciz, H M., 1313 Collins, M. IC.. 317. 112' Clancy, I. E., IH' Collins, P. P., 141 1'l:1pp1-11011, E. L. Collins, R. ll.. 1"Y Clark. C. b. Collins, R. S., 1221 Clark ll. L.. 141' Collip, J. B. Clark, G. I7., 114 Colter. A. K., 114 Clark R, G.. H. 46, -IN, 1111! COIKET. IV. R.. IH-1 Clark. G. F.. A4. 1S4 Colvin. J. R. IM.Sc.l Clark, M. S.. 11'1, 2411. 111' Calwell, H. C., 141' 1'I111'k. R. XY. Cnlwell. M. C., 114 Clark. S. C.. 11" Comer. H. E.. -I ll, GN Clarke. B, P, A.. 135 Compton. C. M. 4'1:11'ke, 11, A., 152 Conaty. M. G. Clarke. YI., 77 Connell R 17. L. Clarke. G. V. T.. SS, 161 Connelly. T. Clark. G. I., 165 Connick. D. I. Connolly. NV. ll.. T1 I"m11u11', H. II., 149 cox. v. R., 1.1: Cox. W. L.. T1 Connors, D. F.. 114 Cox. W. M.. 165 Conquest, E. A. Coxon, M. R. Conroy. C. R., Tl. 207 Coyle, P. H.. 92 Ccmk. A. IJ., 110 Craig. D. Cook, A. M., 11-1 Crzlir. A G. Cook, E. T. C1':1i1:, D. H.. 129 Cook, G, M.. QUT, 1-11 Craig. D, R., 152 Cook, J. H., 1-IT C1'ai1.:. J. A, Crmk, J. T., 119 Craig, J. M. Couk. R. E., -IH, 49, US Craig. J. W. D.. 119 Cooke, N. C.. 147 Crain. S. G., 123 Cmwlxson, J. XV.. 107 1-IVIIIH. YV, N., 11-I Counmbs, NV. II., 1321 ITSIIIW. J- T.. 43. 114 Comm-y, IT, Cram. J. M, c'....nS, NV, I-L, 42' 153 C1-amlall, M. E., 162 Cooper, E. L. Cralmuer, C. J. Crqoper, G, S, 1'1':1wford, E. E.. 114 l'uope1', G. R.. 114' l'1'z1w1'o1'4l. G. R,. 1'IN J. 11'.. 11531 Culrliuck, A. M., 151' "111"m1 I T 1"" Cmiper. c..1i.141I, 1.. 1... 1... 11111, I'rz1w1'u1'1I, J E. 111' I"1':1wI'n1'cl. M. R.. 114 , ,, ,., Crawley, E. J, M. 1 ' " ' 205 Crczxsey, E. M., 205, 165 f'1'0L'lie1'. R. C.. 1-16' C01-In-lt. NY. R. I.'o1'1Iv1'y, P. H.. 105 Curlclt. E, k'1n'1'n11ck. Il., 114 I'1'uL'kutt, E. I.. 65. LZIIIS Cromaxrty. R. G., EIT, 141 I'1'u11khi1.e. R. H. I'o1'n1:1vk, ID. V., 1221 Cruokes, E. M. L., 119 Ccirneliuson, A. S. Cross, IJ. M.. IIT. Tl. 196, 21' Curnett-Chinxr. F. C.. T I. 212 l'1'ussIE'Y. A. W., 1519 Uirxiislm, 5, J. Crwse, D. J.. 1235 Crowell, M. G., 11-I Crnwle, VV. E.. 65 l'osu'1'uve, R. M., 114 C1'uiuksl'1:1nk, E. M. Costello. J. T.. 119 Cruikslmank. G. K.. 130 Cosliunn. NY. M. Cruikshanli, K. E.. 119 Cullerill, ll. J, Cr11iksl1:111k. R. A.. 1151 l'nLtu1'iIl, M. J., 11111. 141' Cuff. C. T. I'u1t1'ell. 15111 Cullen, G. R.. 123 L... Vmlulllun. J, W.. 11.1 Culler. A. D.. 167 Couillurnl, T. J. Cummer. R. F., 152 Coulson, M. L., 1-11' Cummins. F. G- S4 Coulson. N, XV.. 1-111 Currie, D. H., 98 Coulson. NV. G,, 130 Curtis. W. E. Court, J. R.. 1315 Cusack, W. P., 147 Cnutts. VV. S.. TT Cush, H.. 124 Covey, A. A,. 11-1 Cowan. J. M., H6 E. G.. 114 Coward. Coward. VV. A.. 114 Cowrlf-n. R. S,, 139 l'uthbe1'Ls0n. J. R., 119 Cuthbertson. J. O.. 147 Cutlan. E. R.. 149 Cutler. B., 135 Cowan, A, H, I5:1bbS. D, H., 103 C.,...11..,, J. J. Hack, D. B.. 141 Cox. K. C., 1220, 2112 Ilack. P. H., 149 COX' P- J. Dafoe. P. A.. 91 Cox, J. WV., 1-IT Dahl. M- 135 Two Hundred and Seventy-eight Wide Choice of Quick-Mounred Tools Fil' 1'he "Pony" +o Your Needs Yi of -P .r , H Q, ' '-1 ,f 12 . " ., 5 sy V L qA" f 1: 'V-:vs - ' In W., m r gi 4: l, ,,,.',,gi1,QYw',: X '- ::ff'-' ks. " a .4 ii, Egg 2 'Q' Row crop culfivaior g i 5 3 5 1 I I I' J 5,1 ' A TMA,-A v-si 'fl Spring fooih iii ja I, V, cul+iva+or .xg-g, E I 1 we ' 'ff " - Corn planter Q , A i . S e . x ' n ' we Vx . ir M fi W-Migi Cenire-mounled ' mow' :IFB .,.v ,, ,.,. Io' I2 or I 4-E nch I S we ' 'i"' ' 5 plow QM, "" ,I g ,Eg I or Massey-Harris Pony" Tractor equipped with easily handled 5-ft. disc harrow. You'II Vote It "Grand Champion" of the Small Tractor Class Low in cos+ and wi+h a wide array of quick-mounfed fools, fhe Massey-Harris "Pony" Trac+or is bringing +he advan- +ages of full-scale power farming io small farms and marlcei' gardens where fraclor equipmeni' has no+ been economical in 'ihe pas+. I+ is demosiraling ifs usefulness and economy as +he "handy exira +rac'lor" on large farms . . . for row-crop worlc, hay making, and +he myriad of small iobs 'rhaf are awlcward or expensive when done wi'rh a big field ou+fi+. Wiih a Massey-Harris "Pony", you can culfivafe row crops a+ 7 miles an hour, +urn a I2 or I4-inch furrow a+ speeds up 'ro 3.59 miles an hour, or do heavy lugging a+ 2.74 miles an hour. Bo+h fronl' and rear wheels are adiusfable for row- crop or general worlc. Wifh self s+ar+er and ba'Hery igni+ion if handles like an auiomobile. Can be equipped wi+h bell' pulley and power 'ialce-off if desired. Ask your local Massey-Harris dealer for full parliculars abouf +he "Pony". We believe you, +oo, will vo+e H "grand champion of +he small fracfor class". Massey-Harris Company Limited ESTABLISHED I847 Two Hundred and Seventy-nine Eumer, A. L., 7 Dahl. H. M 1114 Dahms, G. E.. 136 Dxrkin. B. M, 136 D'alaw1'ak, E. E. Dalby. F. W.. 119 Dallyn, M. R, 136 Dalsin. G. F., uf Dame, A. A., 152 D'Amico, Z., 1111 Daniel, XV. f". 1536 D'A1r1woIina. G.. 11-1 D'Arcy, D. G.. T! Darmavel, A. J.. 1319 Darling. G. NV., TT Darlimf. L. F.. 11-1 Darrah, D, 4' Darrah, R Dau. P. H. .- Davill, Y. D. I X . . 1, 11 nl Davirlsnn. A. M. Davnlsnn. 11. Im, .dl Davidson. IY. If.. 110 Davidson. Juan, 1319 Dux idson. M. E.. 115 Davidson. U D.. 1311 Dqrxizlsnn. T. R. Davies, D. J. Daxies. D. Davies, 11. I'. Ilzivivs, I. M.. 94. 1.111 R 1 rv 1 Ihzxivs. J. .. ll. Davies. J. S.. IL-1 Daxies. M.. lilll Davies, I'. I'I. Davies. R. NV., 121-1. Davis, lf. S., 152 Dzuis, 12. A. Daxis. J. E., 1-111 Davis, M. N. Davxs, R. ll.. 1111 lbaxisrm, A. H., 117 Daw, U. E. lf. 1111 Daw, D. F.. 1112. 119 Ilaw.-, G. H. M.. 1-11: Dean, SV. R. Deane, S. G. Dvbnam. K. W.. 130 De Coursey, W. J., 147 Der-rinfl. H.. 153 Deefir, J.. 149 Deines. C. J. Dembiske, F. E., 99 D1-mco, T.. 119, 162 Ilemko. A. D.. 1151 IrSN3HCl'El1E. C. S. G. Dvnis, J. S.. 152 Denley. J. T., 152 Dennis. E. M., 119 Dennis. J. N.. 1516 Dennis. Y. L., 1111 D1-nnis, NY. A., 162 Dcnsnmre, H. R., ll!! - .1 D--parvlx, E.. 1.11 Dvliexv, J.. R6 Deqwner. K. R., 10N 11'ei1ut:1t, E., los 1,"1f'L1f:l1. E. zleRosenroll. R. A.. 129 Ilci--ash. L. A. DsS1ntis. O.. 119 Desncr, M. E., 11-1 1l'Est1'uhe, P. E.. 163 Dstro. F. T.. T7 In-ugau. A. V.. 152 Deutsvh. O., 119 Devine. C. M. Dr-vonshire. M. S., -11, 77 cle1V0lf, D. A., 149 Dwxter, XV. A.. 1-151 Diamond, E., 114 DiamOnCl, H.. A., 11111 Dick. D. D., 1-16 Dickie, C. M.. 207. 119 Dickie, N. Dickie, H. D.. 12-1 Dickie. 111. D.. 77 Dickins. I. D.. 52, 1111 Dicl-ison, J. M. Dickson, M. E., 71. ... -ms Dilto, W. J. Duclxak, J. E., 94 Dittrich, U. A. Duck, J, H., 130 Dixon, A. 54 Uvff- D- E-. 120 Dixon, E. F. L., 107 D'-lff',D' J- Dixonu H, Cu 119 Dulzuld. H. C., 220, 221 Dixon, J. L., 61 Duke- D- M-- 114 nixnn, J. N., 129 U11 maze- N- F- Dixon. 0. V., 46, 4s. 110 Uummne- L- Un 71 Dixon' Rv Au 71 Ilumka. C. W.. 149 Dlin, B. M.. 164 Dumont- P- J- Dmitmch- Wu 11,1 D'unz1way, I. VV. M., 77 Dobson, R. L. Duncan- D- D- Duncan, I. W., 2115. 147 Duckery. J. A.. 1-17 Dockery' 1:-A WH 2:13. 153 Duncan, N. I7.. 42, 164 11-Odds' 11- Eu 1155 Dundas, J. A.. S0 1106, Q". R' Dunfurrl. H. B.. 1241 Imfka. H. H.. 101 Doherty. H. A., 514 Dolinsky. M. J., 991 .vu Dn1l, W. A.. 1151 Dolphin, A. A. E., I.. Dominy, G. W., 1120 Donald. E. A., 157 Dnnalxl. M. E., 161 Doney, J. H., 11111 Doney. O. J. Donis, L. A., 6-I Donnelly, L. R., 1110 Donovan J. E. Donovan. J. I-I. Doran, VV. J. Doran. A. H. Dorish, J., 1-19 Dorwarcl, I". R.. 1512 Douyxall. R. H. Duu1:he1'ty. M. E., 152 Imuillas llouirlas C . .b., 1141 E J Dunkin. J. L., 1411 Dunkin, W. F., los Dunlap. I. ll. D'unn. J. S. C.. SIS Dunn. L. M., 12-1 Dunne, M. Dunn. R. W. Dunsmnre. L. Ix., 110 J 1"h Durand, M. A. .. Durnin. M. A., 165 Ilushenski. S.. 1116 Dushenski. W. A. Dust. N. J. .1 Dusterhoft, E. E., 1250 D'uthie, 11. u., 223, 14 Dutton. J. E. 9 Dworkin, D. L., 511, 1.1-1 Dyer. I-I. L. Dymoncl, R. D. Eaclie. Il. F., 511 Eapxlesclon, D. A., 1211 1 I10'l.lJlI3S. H. P., 10.3. 1.n., Douglas, 5. V., los Douglas, N 14'l Doull. J. I". Downey. M. J. V. Doyle. P. J.. 164 Doyle. W. E.. Qu '1'. S.. . Earp, L. S.. I-17 Easton, K. R., Eatock. J. J.. 1 ... Eby- J. E., 162 Eckenfuldelx C., lim. 120 EDR:-rt, D. S., 2117. 11-1 Ilu an :::1::::':::: fD1T"JNl?232Nl3N :?'4v:'-messes: 9- ' ' '-3.11371 ..!.-, n -:CO 3 :Q + gLr'2?US?'?:::: , 3- , . - . - . . O . 1 -1 3 A A -7W7f'FUSff7!'P'F'1 J- R' L J' J I w - ' 9- 3 5 'E K 'z- ?1,..,v-W? R 3 T 'U O P 'T' ... :',': 1 ' ... - -71 4, 5 J- -' "jj: 2 n Z H w '5 EE-: 41 3 I 5' :NLC 1 1 4 'L -1 - H ' E --, T y 11 of i 3 I IJ 3 of -O rn I- Q. 4 3 " U 14 U1 in 1 J C fl 'D a IP ,D , 2 QQ 4 O 3 6' : E O c::U:::'::-1: 3 fl " m 25'5'5'5'5'55'a'g's' I 01 nl G3 U1 gzsncnmo 79.77 r., U- , A 15-no 0 mw -0 U3 '4 -fh:1T'1 no 'U 0 E 31154 2' - ?'?'g': " Q. I - g r 9- 1 5-' '3 Z 1 um J' Fw- aww fu J- P QFg?'7,:,g-1.-'73 A 51 11 2 w 11.-'rrffn c 3 I : ' 5 2 2' H " - W: : w 1 S: 1 Q rg, 2- fr -- J - .- O. w W 02' on U' GD O 3 l 3 Q. 2, :::C:::':::': CcC'1"11'1"1'1'1'1 CO""fDfhN ?55aa.iH13'f3 nifasfrpws 71' ro? 11 ' -' ' mfirs T3 I lf ' . .' F ' F213 . . fm H? -: mm!-IO AW'1 C... BY: - . ... -if Jw' mx 3 'ww 1-El !""""-. -1 44..-4: Z A ' 'R 4 X K xi? , .:.,,' .2 1 69' 1 -ffesl 'S E35 1 2:::2ga'r.-naw :::L1:: 1 - fivefb g5,g,g5S,.,U8' ? fluff:-3-' - BE fwmufnf Sing' Q f . . . Z. - ' 1 ju ' - 2 FJ..-: ' - ' no Z f'i3 FU-1 G' ... in E EZ ..- ..- G Dawson. lhe habll ol saving regularly perl' ofwha1 lhey earn. Ycu, 100, can lorm fhnv halnil. lf falues llrrnness and will power lo dll lf. buf if is such ellorl fhal bnilcls characfer. A Savings Acer:-nnl in this Bank wlll help you. Why not -1-pen cnc fading? THE DOMINION BANK Es+a blished 1871 Edmonion Branch, M. C. Fraser. 10001 Jasper Ave. Manager .WL A1653 The D131110Hf1 Engagcinent Ring, if sketched, IS typlcal of Blrlns superb Z9 designs and unsurpassed quality. JE: Price 101100. Other rings from 50.00 G 5 1' Tax extra. X 11 BIRK REGISTERED JEWELLERS AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY Two Hundred and Eighty fl 4 -x Made for "Good Ealing" anywhere any time. Jus+ hear and serve. PRODUCT OF BURNS 81 CO. LIMITED - Pioneer ..f IIB Edwards, C. W.. 108 Edwards, E. R.. 110 Edwards, I. L.. 1,12 Edwards. J. A.. ii Ed wards. M. M. Edwards, M. I., H1 T A 1 Edwards, . ., 20 Edwards, VV. F., N5 Eizhert, W. G., 53. 114 Eggen. B. J., 136 Eirxzen. B., 136 Emzen, R. R.. 114 Eyrrrlestone. A. E.. 140 Eixleston. M. J., Sis, 205, 161 iw Ehlert. R.. Eis, A. L., 1119 Ekvall. E. V., U1 Elaschuk, G.. 139 J 21" 114 Elder. VV. .. - -. Elford, E. V., 63 Elfner, D. G. Elpze-rt. F. S. Elhorn. H. B.. 149 Elkins, E. H.. 139 Ellefson, R. A. Ellestnd, R. E.. 149 Elliott. D. C., 162 Elliott, C, R. Elliott, R. H. J., 124 Ellis, D. T. Ellison, A. H.. T1 Ells. D. R.. 99 165 Ells. M. R.. Elniski. D. A., 139 Elstnn, H. R., 136 Elves. K. J. Emmott, A. G., 1510 Emslie, J. I., 120 Emslie. J. H Eng. R, L.. 53 Engberpz, L. E., 157 Engels. W. D., 114 England. H. H.. 71 English. J. J.. 143 Engman, A. S.. 147 Enman. J. R.. 86 Eno. J. YV.. 139 Epp, F. L.. 164 Erdman. I. E.. 63 Erdman, K. L.. 68. 218 Erickson, E. L.. 233, 242, 1612 Erikson. R. G., 152 rickson. V. M. Esdale, W, L.. S3 Estrin, B. A.. 149 Ether-ington, W. A., 92 Etzkorn, K. R., 163 Evans. A. L., 114 Evans. E. ll. Evans. E. J.. 110 Evans. G. E. Evans, G. J., 115-1 Evans, H. A., T1 Evans, R. NV. Evans. NV. Ii., 11:1 Eversun. M. M.. 115 Exvanvhul-1. G.. 1716 Exvasiuk. M. N.. 136 Exvasiuk. XV. J. Exvtuvhnvich, P. Exham. M. E. A., 166 Exley. ll., 13:14 l-Hrlwizin, J., H2 Faibish. L. M., 412, 1512 Fair. A. M., 165 Fair. J. W., is, 414, 71, 194 Fairhvzul, M. K. Falk. YV. A., -11, 160. 164 Fzilkeiil, E. M.. 136 Fallow, VV, L., 132 lfare-well. J. T. Falvo, J. T. Farmer, G. Farmer, M. VV., 2417, 115 Farmer. V. Frirquharson. H. E. Farquharson, H. I.. 165 Fzirruxzia, D. l":1rvolr1ffn. R. E.. 110 Fasman. G. D., GS Fziunt. A. E. Faunt, R. J Fnutley, V. M.. 165 Fuwrett. J. P. Fawcwlt, D. M., 115 Fead, J. VV. Fefferman, H. L. Feir. -I, E., 143 Fell. A. D., 136 Fellows. J. D., 152 Feniak. G.. 120 Fenwick, F. L., 149 Ferguson. C.. 31, 103. 182, 199 Feriguson, I. J.. 204. 157 Ferguson. L. M. Fffrfzusbn, J. M., 207, 120 Ferguson, J. A., 129 Ferguson. NV. F. Fefrguson. Z. L.. 94 Ferrv, M. J.. 37, RO, 195 Ferster. R. E.. 136 Fe-tziz. L. H., 167 Meal Packers of Canada Fetherston, V. H., 10" Fvtherston. J, R., 115 Fetskfr, P. 1-'ewq-liuk, ll. T.. 141 Field, G. l'., 12112 Fielil, M. PQ, 205 lclrllil. Y., 120 ifip.-holler. ig. M.. sv if - is iszux, . Filmer, A. J. Fincllziy, G, M., 120 Findlay. J. R. liinillziy, J. M., U1 Fink. J. T.. 141 Finlay, I. Ki.. 1411 l'inl:iy, J. E. lfinlnyson. M. H. Finley, G. A., s' Finlwy, G. R., 111' Finley, J., 77 inn, F. L.. 30, 77 Fishlmurne, J. XV. lfisch.-i'. Il. F. Fisher, E., 136 Fish. E. L., 115 Fish, F. H., 124 Fish. J. R., T7 Fisher, E. G.. 129 ishvr, J. B., 141 Fisher. J. Fisher, M. H. Fitch, P. J. 6, 4s Fitch, XV. M., 53. 157 Fitzyluralrl, G.. 207. 115 'it2er:ilCl. L. D. itzuerald, T. P. Pitzliatrick, A. B.. 143 Fitzpatrick, G. F., 110 1 I, Fitzpntrick, J. J.. 130 Fitzpatrick, M. E., 115 Fitzpatrick, NV. J.. 139 Fitzsimmons, A. S.. 129 Fitzsimmons. E. J., 115 Fitzsimmons, J. E.. 110 Flaherty, C. T., ITS. 130 Flanaixzin. F. P. Flunaxran. J. R., S5 Flanders. H. E. Flavin. J. E., 99 ' ' ' B 1 N Plavin, IN. .. F.. Fledderjohn, N. M., 157 Fleet. S. J., 204. 136 Fleminsr. D. F. Fleminrr. J. XV. Fleminif. J. J.. 2373 Fleminir, N. J., 40, 92 Two Hundred and Eighty-one lflsniimg, P. M., 1205 Fleming. R. VV. Fleminiz, R. F. J.. 120 Fleniingr, S. l'let4-her, L. R., 1230 lilvti-her. C. R. Fletrher. E. Flewelling, M. Ib. Flint, M. H., 1316 Flint, H. B. Floxvers, I. B.. 149 Flynn, ll. L.. 1520 Foil:-tt, A. Y,, x7 Follett. M. E.. 165 Fnnu. A.. R31 Fnnu. E. J. Ffvnu. G., M, 49. 11 Form. S. O., 147 Fon, E. M., 115, 1-17 1' ' " 'outs-. E. ll., 41, 51, l"m'zin. T. J. 1-'rwrln1s. G. Furlms. 1. S., 11210 Forlwes. J. A.. 94 lfnrlmes, M. E.. 39. 65 Forlu-s, M. I.. 1216 Ford. I. VV., 151+-I Ford, T. F. Forest, D. J.. 152 Foruv. J. S. Forhnn. A. F., 167 Fnrmun. T. F., 152 Forrest. I". M., 1631 Forrest. S. M., 46. 49 Forsyth, D. H., 52 Forsyth. G. R. Fortier. H. P., 157 Fnrtier, L. Y,, 164 Foster, F. M., 152 Foster, G. J. Fountain, T. H. Fowler, E. L., 90 Fowler, K. O., 13:1 Fowler. I. H. Foxvler,J, P. Fowler. T. M. Fox, A. B. Fox, W. Frat'hQ. R. L., 120 Franco. T. H.. 147 Francis, J. E. Frankish, R. B., 110 Franklin, J. H. Franks, P. M.. 115 Fraser, A. W. Fraser. C, A. 5 176,15 BELL and ITICRRIS LIITIITED CALGARY, ALBERTA WHOLESALE DEALERS IN PLUMBING AND HEATING MATERIALS BUILDING, MINE AND WELL SUPPLIES TORO POWER MOWERS ITTHBCCD LIITIITED CALGARY, ALBERTA WHOLESALE DEALERS IN DONNACONA BOARD, WALL TILE BUILT-UP ROOFING MATERIALS 315. 171 X i f' Y 1 em, f W .6 7'f':' x 1' ' EA. You'll never know how much your bank Can do for you until you ask. THE RUYAL BANK UF CANADA . E.. 11211 C' Fraser. 11. D. 11 E 17111151-r. Fraser. . T. F1'z1se1'. . C. lfrae.-1-. J. E., 21111, 33:11. 137 Fraser. L. M.. M1 F1':1s1-1', M. S.. 6x, 351-1 Fraser, M. M., 16-1 Frasel'-Smith. J. E. 1f' V- M., 411, 41, 112 F1'El1C1'k1111I, R.. 6x 1"reeh11rn, F. R., 1111 1"1'--elanrl. J. NY. 11'1-ee-man. E. F. Frevmzin. E. A.. 121 171-1-em:1n. E. C., SL. -1-, 11..1 Freenian. J. Fremlin, V. Frenth. V. E., 236. 10" Ifriedman. M. W, h 1 11 1. , Fri:-sen, F. Frieson. R. XV., 149 Frizzell, A. F. Frizzell, M. I.. 2113, 166 Frohlivh, S. S. Fronme. S A., 166 Frost, A. NV. Fryett. G., T1 Fun-hko. J. Fuchs, H, B.. 1-17 Fuerst. f'. R. Fuerst, C. R.. 1111 Fuprlem, M. O., 115 Fulcher, H. J. Fuller, K, T. Fuller. P. E. Fulton. G, B., 35, 316, 77, T77 Funk. H. P. 1 Fushtey, S. G.. LIN Fyfe. C. P.. 92 Fysh. A. 1.. 59, 2115 Gaberi. B. Gannon. L. M,, 63, 2117 G:-liner, J. G. Gains-r, L. C.. -12, NU. 211-1 Gainer, YV. D. Galbriliih, J.. 65, 2116 Galbraith, J. F.. S9 Galle. 17. E.. 157 Gallaxrher. S. J.. 115 Galloway. C. A., 1716 Galvon, H. F. Gans, L. J.. 120 GHHS, M, P., 190, 2114, 1-11 Garden. C. F.. 41, S2 Gardiner, J. S.. 62 11a1'111n1'1'. J. F. 1i1i1'fin. A., 1111 liar.-au. L. 11:11'ie11y, L'. L., 13111 1izx1'ieI1y, R. Y., 71 11:11'lan11, J. E.. 1311 1ia1'1'9t1, L, J. Il, ll:u1l11,J. H., 32, 226, 1-12 ilziuzhiefr, U. M.. U71 fi21l111'11Q!'. G,, 213. 1-17 Gavel, 11. H.. 1-17 tlavinchuli. M., 62 11v111lvs, J. 1... 111. 11e1l1les. R. S., 1131 1199, O., 1141 11151-. 11. W., 71 G1-0. K. H. Hee, K. S.. 1211 Hee, H. F. tif-Phan. E. E.. 411. -16. 11.1 fiehrl-ce, L. Ge-is. K. E., 1111 Ge-ldart, S. G. Gell. S. N. 1 lieorue, R. F.. 1114, 1.I11. 1111 Gel-hzirt. E. H.. 112, 182 Gerlitz. 11. J., 129 lierlock, H. Kiel-lock. J.. 1716 1l+1r1'a1'z1. O. 165 Gerry. H. M. llerwin. C. 1'., F11 liibh, G. H.. 1211 Gi11l1. J. A. 11il1l1, P. J., 111-1 1lib11a1'd. A. 1".. 1-411 Gilwlion, R. M. 1:ihb0nS, R. V., 115 Gihlinu. G. M.. 1111 llibney, M. R. L.. 163 Gihson. A. G., 71 Gibson. G. J.. 16-1 Gibson, G.. 1716 Gibson. M. E. F. Gibson, M, M,, 166 Gifldie, B. E.. 12113, 129 Giffen. R. N.. 1118 Gilbert. A. W. Gilchrist. 11. J. Gilchrist. H. A., S5 .1 tliluhrist fi71r'hris1. .. . J. F.. 115 . M. R., 16 V 1111 Gillespip- Gillespie. VV. E. Gillies. A. M.. 65 Gillies, D. G., 99 Gillivs, 11. A. Gillies. L. Y.. 165 191111111111-, 1. B.. 149 1,l11m11ul. XY. M.. 71 1j1l11:1111'1111c. J. D. lilr1Nl1e1'L', A. B.. 1453 11i1'a1'1l. L. A.. 1216 1i11'z11'11i, H. 1.. 1116 Gish, E. S., 11-1 Gish. H. 15. Gish. M, M., 65 Hiullvzinll. 1.. 1116 l11:1h1111. H. AV- 147 111111511-1'. R. P. 1.1lanfn111n. E. D. Glass. E. lllauker. E. M,, ISU, 65, 2111 lllen. 1. E., 11117. 1211 Glen. L. IT.. 11 1ili1l1len, H. W.. 1111 1,,ol1111, Il. 163 L., 1111 1111111153 Goflkin, li. F.. 136 Godley. 11. J.. 11111 Goflwin. R. B., l-151 1109111-1, S, M., 136 1j11eIn1:1n, L.. 72 1ir1e-rzen. J. W. 65 1.261111-iilwru. M. S.. 1 1' " mliss. R. A., lnl 15.1.-119. E, P., 41. 411. 11.1 Good:-, J. M.. 14.1 Goode, L. C.. S17 Goorlerham G. K., 115 loofljnhn. A. J., 1211 Goodman. K, S. Goodwin. L. 1 110115, E. L., 16-1 Qoiwlanier. E, M., 166 Gr11'11ey. A. XY. Gnrdichuk. N. Gordon. 1'. D.. 2115. Gordon. C., 1111 Gordon, D. 1",, Gordon. J. G.. 1115 Goi'11on, K. M. G01-mlnn. R. L.. 52 Gordon. 11'. J.. 1-111 Gore-H11-kmzin. F. G.. Goresky. NV. VH mi Gorfrichuk. J.. 157 Gorman. A. A., S7 Gorman, L. P., 167 Gnrt. J.. 113 Goruk. J.. 136 Gould. A. P.. S7 Two Hundred and Eighty-three 11 11 1 11u1L1, 1,, 11L .11ul11, R, G.. 71 11w:1n, 1'. E. 11uz1111, W. lv.. 1.4 11 xuly, H. L.. ,1.., 1.1. uuvr, 11. A.. 1. ruhzam, E. J. 1':1hz1m. K. IF.. 7137, 1117 1':1h:1m, W. 1'. S. axinge-. J. W., 1-111 I':111l1lE'l'. W, R.. 1211 1':1n1:e1'. W, J. A. I. r. I, xnili, J., 1211 ant. 1-.. 1451 1':1nt. J. L.. UN rant. J. M. rant. L. E.. 2117, 113 rantham, M. M., 2117. 1133 ray, A. S., 1621 11.11, 11, C.. 77 r'1v I. I. , H.. I-111 ny. R. A.. 111- ezivvs, H. T.. 1-111 V91-n. B., 112 eene. J. M., 15131. 124 I' ven, M. E.. 145111111 1'1-en. M. A. r enaway. J. E.. 115 eeiiaxwzxy. NY L li . , ..115 e1-nheru. L. H,, 1.1 wenfield. 1-1. A. r I. e11n11u1:h. 11, A., 6.1 e11nwf1or1. G. V., 611, 110 1 M 1 11 1 rcenwood. 1. .. 3, rec-nwood. M. l.. LIIS, 161 1-ew, M. I... 311, 151, 2117 reuu, NV. J., 147 V1-uury, J,, 61 1'eu111'y, S. J. Winer. H. R.. 1211 l'i91'f11n. K, M., 217. 1231-1. l'iQV11, R. 1V.. 1117 ixiffin, N. NV., 1111 11'i1finfHea1e, H. A.. 1211 Viifith, A. F.. 11 lriffith. L. "iffi1hQ, 11, 1., 111-1 riff 'ri-N1 11115, E, J., 1216 1y. H. P. H.. 11.1 'imfhu11. H. A.. 162 '1111mb1'id1:e, J. A., 62 1-.1W.fh. L. o., 411, 11. 54, rulski, .1. H. 2316, 1117 1'111'e1', L. YV. Stoves. G, A. irumbly. L. F. -'11 0 .sy 4 55? 9-fx x 1 .43 --ll Ii '-lf'-'elf-.' ff- ' -. .-,.........S..... .gwfggageia . . .V . - .,.:1'.,5,j,,y5-Aer, -sf .-1 we . - . -" ' s- .4 . " 'L -"fa . To Hii Graduates: CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS THROUGH THE YEARS. To Flii Undergraduates: WE LOOK FORWARD WITH PLEASURE TO SERVING YOU AGAIN NEXT YEAR. Tiwe University Cafeteria Gl'UHdbE1'E. V. N.. 108 Hamilton, S. D., 115 Harrison, E. L., 152 Heaton, G. R., 108 Gudzowaty. D.. 136 Hammett, M. J., 1S6, 165 Harrison, F., 10S Heck, G. A., 72 GUdZ0W3fY. M. Hammond, J. A.. 94 Harrison, L. F., 163 Heckley, A. M. Gue. F. S. Hamula, E. V.. 110 Harse, H. R., 115 Hefferman. J. W. T., 66 Guest, C. R. Handford, G. B. Hart, E. M., 66, 205 Hedliger, E. P. Guilbault. I, M. Guild, M. E., 94 Guitard, L. M., 42, 103, 199, 207 Gullekson, C. L. 162 Gummeson, J. M., 164 Gunderson. A. S., 140 Gunderson J G 77 Gunn, G. E., 152 Gunn, I, M. Gurba. J.. 236, 103 R. J. Gushaty, M., 72 Gwartney, S. E., 166 Gurnett, Haakenstad, C. M., 140 Haas. H., 170 Haddow, T. Hadlington. E, R. Hadlington. G. A.. 149 Hagen, O. W., 77 Hager, R. B.. 131 Harferman. D. R. Hagglund. F. L.. 140 Hairue, L. A.. 162 Haiduk. H. E. Halbert. B. G., 140 Hale, N. A.. 120 Haley, F. C., 115 77 Z.. D. Halford, T., Halina. F., 120 Halina, E. Halisky, P., 212, 108 Halkett, G. E. Hall, A. J. Hall, D. A. Hall. D. H. Hall, E. T., 220, 129 Hall. G. A.. 129 Hall. H B., 87 Hall, L, G. Hall, R. D., 101 Hall. T. J., 149 Hallam, . ., D R 115 Halldorson, A. S. Halliday. J. A. Halonen. E. M., 165 Halton. E. G.. 52 Haluschak. S. Hamilton, C. M. Ham. H. K.. 152 Hamilton, N. A., 147 Hanevich, N.. 103 Haney, C. A., S5 Haney, R. E., 140 Hankins, G. W., 163 Hankinson, H. W., 164 Hanks, J., 136 Hanna. J. D.. 89 Hanna. J. A.. 129 Hanna. K. J., 91 Hanna. L. E.. 53. 164 Hannah, L. D. Hannah, N. D. Hanning, F. A., 152 Hannon, L. W.. 82 Hansen. C. R., 149 Hansen, E. B. Hansen, E. K., 143 Hansen, S. A., 103 Hansforcl, B. R., 38, 165 Hansford, C. B.. 147 Hanson, C. N. Hanson, E. C. Hanson, J. M., 152 Hantho. J. A.. 41. 72 Hantiuk. J. M.. 48. 129 Harboway. A., 35. 106, 110 Harcus, J. F., 107 Hardin, E. Hardin, S.. 167 Hardin. T.. 163 Harding, D. C. Harding, J. H., 124 Harding, V. H., 166 Hardy, A. V., 129 Hardy. G. E. Hargrave. D. R. F. Hargreaves, G. E., 120 Hargreaves, J. E., 101 Harke, C. J.. 108 Harke, C. W. Harley, M. P., 91 Harman, E. Harms. J. R.. 161, 162 Harms. V., 152 Harper. A. M., 46. 63 Harper, J. D., 149 Harriman, W. H. Harris, D. M., 72 Harris. E. M. B., 81 Harris, J. S.. 99, 218 Harrison, A. H. Hart, G. W. Hart. K. H. Hart. H. N., 110 Hart. W. C., 120 Hartling, G. P., 34, 35, 77 Hartman, W. D.. 143 Harvey. D. W.. 149 Harvey, F. C., 149 Harvey. J. E.. 149 Harvey, L. A. Harvey, T. M., 140 Harvey. T. S. Harvie, C. H., 110 Harvie, R. J. Harvie, W . J. Harwood. E. L. Hatch. F. J. Hatfield, C. B.. 48, 49. 72 Hatfield. R. E.. 53. 115 Hauck, D. E., 48, 49, 115 Hauck. S. P., 98 Hauxrhian. F. E. Haven. C. P. Hawe. M. P.. 205. 108 Hawes, B. G. C. Hawes. H. R.. 120 Hawkes, M. C. D., 149 Hawkins, G. L. Hawkins, P. J.. 165 Hawkins, W. E.. 152 Hawthorne, G. H., 94 Hawthorne, J. W., 149 Hay, A. S. Hay. D. L.. 120 Hay, F., 115 Hay, G. A., 77 Hay. R. L., 52, 72 Hayden, S.. 149 Hayden, S. R. Haydey- E. G.. 136 Hayes, J. C.. 115 Hayhurst, D. M., 120 Haynes, S. V.. 85 Haynes, W. A., 120 Haynes. W. S. Hay-Roe, H.. 51, 120 Hazelton, D. E.. 101 Hazlett. D. Head, I. L., 47, 48, 214, 218, 115 Heaney, G. P., 152 Heaney, J. J., 147 Two Hundred and Eighty-four' Heiberg, A. S., 72 Heiberg, S. A.. 68, 222 Heichen. N. J., 206, 140 Heiken. D. S. Hein. S. S.. S7 Heller. E. L., 35, 38. S9 Helm, H. W., 162 Helton. V. F. Hemphill, C. R. Hemstock, J. Henbest, R. G., 140 Henderson, D. H., 163 Henderson. J. D., 72, 115 Henderson, J. D. Henderson. J. R.. 129, 115 Henderson, J. L. Henderson, J. E., 150 Henderson, W. G. Henderson. S. L.. 152 Heney, M. J., 77 Henkel, W. Henker. G, A.. 167 Hennig, A. M. F., 107 Hennifz. H. P. Henning, W. J. M. Henry. F. M.. 150 Henry, J. M. C.. 200, 150 Henry, K. A., 60, 09 Hepburn, A. L.. 85. 160 Hepburn. D. W.. 115 Herbert, E. C.. 150 Herd. V. A.. 136 Herlrott. C. W.. 212, 120 Herlihy, H. M.. 35. 66 Heron, J. J. A. Hertz. A. J. Hetherinpton. H. C., 124 Hewitt. N. G.. 136 Hewitt. W. H.. 224, 162 Hewko, E.. 140 Hibbert. G, M., 136 Hickey. F. L. Hicks. D. F., 160 HiCkS. H. K., 206. 165 Higgin. J. R., 115 Higginson, G. K.. 66 Hilchie. J. R. Hill. C. M.. 94 Hill. Ruth Hill, H. D., 166 Hill. L. J.. 207. 131 IQADAIQ at the The first commercial application of radar is West- inghouse Marine Radar. Now, for 'lhe first +ime, ships af sea have a navigational and anti-collision device unaffected by weather, storms, darkness or fogs. Westinghouse Marine Radar is already proving its ax " 6 Tm o U c - ' e i worth to coasfwise shipping and promises to become a standard instrument of navigation. This latest example of Westinghouse leadership in 'lhe field of electronics is still further evidence of the skill and experience which lie behind every West- inghouse Product. tin house Canadian Westinghouse Company Limited, Hamilton, Canada Two Hundred and Eighty-Eve The University Book Store Stationery - - Drafting Supplies - - Textbooks - - University Pennants and Crests Embossed Notepnper - - Laboratory Coats Evcrsharp Pencils - - Fountain Pens Any book published can be ordered here. If we have not got it in stock we will get it. TI-IE UNIVERSITY PRINTING DEPARTMENT ADMISSION TICKETS DISPLAY CARDS BOOK-BINDING INVITATIONS CONCERT PROGRAMS HAND-BOOKS DANCE PROGRAMS PAMPHLETS ATTENTION FRATERNITIES I Sec us about your various printing needs A PRINTING SERVICE FOR THE UNIVERSITY .AND UNIVERSITY SOCIETIES Hill, Lois, -12. 90, 52, U6 Hill, M. R. Hill. R. B.. 107 Hill. R. O.. 77 Hill. R. M.. 1-12 Hinman, G. YV., 167 Hironakn. J. NV., 110 Hironaka, R., 107 Hisaoka. K. K.. 72. 2116. 2-12 167 Hitchner, R. J., Hlavay, J. F.. 150 Hnntiuk, K, M., 1.Ih Hnatko. S. I., 69 ,, 7.. To Hoare. R., dis, 4., . .. .. Hobbs, H. B.. 220, 2112. 242. Hobbs. L. A., Il.. Hobson, L. R.. 1-IT Hockinxz, B. Hodgson, A. S.. 10s Hodgson, E. D.. Et-1, 1.11 I-Iorlizson. KMA.. 1.10, 1:31 Hntlnetl, P. G., 0.1 Hoff, D. J.. 1117 Hofforth, P'. E. Howl, M, G.. 1:16 House. H. L.. 150 H..ii..'....k, B. w., 1:0 Holbrook, R. K.. TL! Holden. L. Hole, J. F., 220 Holland. R. M.. 116 Holland, VV. D. Hollantls. G., 131 Holli-y, D. A., -16, -18, X71 Hollick, E. J, Hollimzsheafl. R. J. Holmes. A V1 Holm.-s. J. K. Holmes, M, A. Holmr-s, N. D. Holmes, VV, H,, 132 Holmslren, E. Holowaychuk, H., 94 Holowavchuk T r -nl-1 140 . , ., 166 Holroyd. A. W,, R7 Holroyd. D. A., REA Holton. V.. 108 Holtsman. M. S., 14 Holuhitsky. M. B. Holuhitsky, NV. Hoorl, D. A., 1054 o Hoorl. E. D,. 191. 207, 157 Hood. G. F., 77 Hooks, S. J., 66, 205 Hoyw, J. M. Hopkins, H, T., 161, 162 Hopkins, J. T.. 66 Horn, E. T., 166 Hornby, J. Horner, J. H., 107 Horner, R., 142 Horodesky. L. A., 1110 Horricks, J. S., 10S Horsley, H. E., 115 Horle. V, L. Hortie, H. J., 108 Horton. D, R.. 193. 163 Horton, M. K., 136 Hosking, A. J. Hoskyn, F. W. Houxian, A. O. Hougan. D. I.. 119 Hougan, M. E. Hougestol. G. E. Houizland, R. E. House, J. T., 101 Housman, H. L. Houston, J. D., 120 Horan, N. A., 83. 160 Howard. H. D. Howard. J. M, Howard, N. M., 216, 205 Howarth. C. D. Howden, D., 1-17 Howr-ll. D. P.. 152 Howlett, J. M. Hranko. J. O., 120 Hrapko, A. J.. 1-17 Hrehirchuk, K.. S14 Hrynyk, N., 1-12 Hmlz, P., 150 Huckell, J. R., 72. 222 Huherdeau, I. S.. 129 Hudson, M. J.. 205. 113 Huffman, B. M. Huxlhes, G. S. Hunhes, G. T. Hurxhes, M. M. S.. 66 Hubxrhes, W. L., 111 Huuhes. W. H. Hulbert, M. G., 207 Hulbert, V. H. I-Iull. J. A., 92 Hume, J. R.. 217. 152 Hummer, M. A., 136 Humphreys, J. E., 167 Humphreys, K. M., Humphreys, T, C.. Hunmhries, H. W., 1251 Humiihries, R. G,, 220 Hunka, D. Hunka, M., 152 167 77 Hunka. W. Hunt. D. W., 10S Hunt. N. J., 115 Hunter. B. C., 165 Hunter, G. J. Hunter. J. C.. 126 Hunter, M.. 160, 164 Hunter. M. E., 1117 Hunts-r, VV. M.. 166 Hulburt, R. G., 72, 21 Hurlburl, W. H., 125 Hurnanen, L. S.. 115 Husband, M. L., 167 Hustler, J. VV.. 1336 Huston, H. I.. 163 Huston. J. P., 115 Hutcheon. J. G.. 150 Hutcheon. R. E., -11. 1 Hutchings, K. H.. 111 Hutchinson, A.. 105 Hutchinson. E. A., 142 Hutchinson, K., 136 Hutchinson. W. B., 107 Hutton. J. E. - Husband, D. M., 1-10, L '07 '31 -111 11.1 1011. 1bO Hyde, D. L. M., 41. 48 Hyde, J. E.. 78 Hyde. R. E. Hymas, D. G.. 152 Hvmas. J. L., 157 Hynrlnoan. J. A., 203, 115 Hyslop, M. C. Ibherson. J. R. Ill-iiw, W. Ilkiw. W. A.. 167 Inuersoll. M. C.. 90 Ingram, H. R. Ingram, VV. L., 220, 232, 2-12 Inkster. H. E. Inman. E. L. Innes. D. R. Ioaniilis, C.. 53. 131 Ireland, R. N., 111 Irvine. J. A. Irvine, J. W., 163 Im-inn. G. C., 165 Irving, H. A., 220, 233. 115 Irvinr. Howard. 66 1rvin1I. H. J.. 192, 200. 1-10 Irvimr, J. E.. 150 Irwin. J. F. Irwin. M. E.. 514, 134. 21H, 2-12. 2311 Irwin, R. A., 129 Istvanffy, D. I. Two Hundred and Eighty-six Islvanffy, S. M., 152 Ivarson. Jack. R. K. G., 107 ,.,.-. 54 A55 :F P' E-'T F4 - O io' FTS H- rn -sr rj C7 4.- 1 u. 4- as ea Jackson. . G. Jackson. Jackson Jackson, Jackson Jackson Jackson 55" Pr? Hz -,. 3 S. G., 66, 205 W S T "1' ....,...5,11 Jacobson. H. A., 1011 Jacques, H. E.. 136 Jallell, W. James. H. M.. 207. 166 James, K. H., 136 James, VV. L., 125 Jamieson. D. C. Jamieson, E. NV., HEI Jamieson, P.. 63 Jamieson. R. C. Jamison. D. A. Janssen. Jantzie. Jantzie. Jnnzen, Jardinv. V. T.. 10S J. D., 107 D. N., 108 J.. 120 D. H. Jasinski, A. J.. IIIR Jaspar. J. L. Jeal. P, E. Joffels, R. R. Jefferies. R. M.. 100. 2222. Jeffers. H. R. Jeirartl, M. R., 72 Jenkins, Jenkins. C. A. E, K., 72 Jennings. E. WV., IST. 120 Jevne. C. O.. 1-10 Jewitt. W. G., 152 John. J. E. Johnson, A. V.. 66. 12-1 Johnson, A. F., 152 Johnson. E. W. M.. S7 Johnson, G. A.. 167 Johnson, Gordon O., 107 Johnson, Grant O. Johnson, I. L. J., 120 Johnson, L. H., S1 Johnson. M. C., 205. 157 Johnson. M. M.. 164 Johnson, N. J.. 205. 120 Johnson, R. L., S5 Johnson, R. V. Johnson, S. 5 242 Prize Winners a+ 76 Infernaiional Salons In 24 Differenf Counfries GCDERTZ STUDICDS portraits - Commercial Photos La Fiecite Building, Half Block Soufh of Jasper Avenue on IO2nd S+ree1' UNIVERSITY GRADUATES! You may it ony time: They wili be kept in our file! ve r prtn o your t mg o Phone 25766 at e 'is 'i 1 sfrr' 'T Evening Siffings by Appoin+men+ L S-If f' ' QED- lo X-V7-0, 55375, X S+uden'rs! Alumni ! lf' S i s SMART to go Greyhound . . for week-ends, holidays or ng-disiance iravei. ECONOMY-More mtles per travel dollar. COM FORT-Conditioned air Super Coaches. For Charter Bus Service. Fares and Schedules. see your local Grey- CONVENIENCE- Frequent hound Agent. Schedules, Stopovers. Two Hundred and Eighty-seven Johnson. V. G. R Jones, A. L4L4L4L.L4L.L4L.L1L1 QOOOCOOOGO D":!':l'D':T'D"D"D"D"U' 15555552135 .......... - ,...,,,, . soccecoocz f?PP:::1Fv- , ... . I uawwrwfnwf ,.2wwPF2?. .- ..-'G ..-f- DU Q. w'4"'m?' : -1 an 'QM'- N 'I Ui L. c :f 1 W c 5 ...- f. 57" L1 1: ., 107 D Jones. A. R., 107 E '1' Jones, . J0nes. E. Jones, G. Jones, H. Jones, J. Jones, M. Junes, O. Jones. R. Jones, R. Jones, S. .. -M. 140 B., 205, 165 Y.. -ll. 0-1 B.. 107 G.. 101 O.. lziil J. L.. Ts, In W. G., 150 Jordan, F. A. Jurgensen. D. J., 105 Jorgensen, H. G., 115 Jorgensen. J. 1'.. 1110 Jorre :le St. Jorre, M., 41, 1011 Jory, E. J0'ce J '1..11.1 Q , . Joyce. J. E., 11,1 Jubi.. 15. 11., 1:50 w M 113 Jubb. . 11 L' Judge. . Jurlge. R. . Q., lb.. M. Julian. NY. E.. b.. Jull, G.. 1-17 Junker, O.. ,.. J R Justin. . in-I .. 1-10 Kudleu. J. D. Kaliciaik. Mx Knllal. A. Y Kane. B., 20... 11.. Knne, L. P. Kallxxshuwsky. XV.. Lili K:i1'zLte1-w. N. J. Karney. XV. M., ml, 120 Kash-n. H. L. Knatinu. R. 01 Keats. J. 147 Keck. D. J., 136 Keir, R. VV. Keir. W. R.. 220 Kellar, E. L., 111 Kelly. D. J., 72, Remy, E. H., 136 Kelly, P. E., 1511 Kelly, W. B.. 52 Kelly, YV. F.. 157. 150 Kemp, E. NV., 13-1 Kemp, G. A., 107 Kenul, Romeo, 140 Kenllrick. M. F., 207. 1 Kendry, D. M. KL-nnedy, D. NV., 1110 Kennedy. E. G., 150 1wn11euy. G. Kennedy, J. VV., 1112. 120 Kennedy. J. A., 105 Kennedy, J. S., 147 Kennedv L. M.. 167 Kennedy, L. E. Kennedy, L. J. Kennedy. M. F.. 304. 12 Kennedy, R. D., 230 Kennedy. R. J., 150 Kenney, D'. VV. E.. 150 K1-vans, U. P. li.-rby, J. B. Kerik, C. A., 111 Kermack, G. D. S.. 1120 Keroack, A. M. Kerr, J. A. Keltyls, C. G.. 166 Kettyls, G. D. M., 120 Kettyls, H. R., 162 Keyes, R. E., 152 Kidd, S. J. Killeen, C. E.. 94 Killeen. R. J. Kimmitt. R. A. ,xl Kinzxsli. M.. 1-17 King. E. M.. 1-111 King, H. S., 115 King, J. W. Kinu. M. L.. 90 Kingerley, L. P.. 115 Kirkconnell. J. R., -13. 50-I Kirkpatrick. V. M., 120 Kiselyn-ia, M., 136 Kisko. I". J.. 107 Kittlitz, N. E. Kitz. N. J. Kiyoka, H., 13-1. 136 Kjearsgaard, A. A., 108 Kjorven, L. M.. 85, 161 Kjos. A. K., 83 Klassen. D., 164 Klatt, O. Klein, H., 75 Kleparchuk, H., 136 Klimchuk, J.. 147 Klimuve, M., 75 Klingle. P'. H., 136 Lxlohn, E. J., 150 Klovan. A., 131 Klumph, S. G., 111 Knziul. G. R., 2122, ll5 line-nel . J., 130 Knecht. Knight, . P. 9-IP F 22 552155211155 29929E'E'ivE' gggffaszz FPPIUC' ' ' ' " wvtrflrfm f7F'?'?F'1' ' " 1291. ' ' -S ug.. :Ev u--ik LIF, : I.: Knowles, N. D., 150 Kublanski, J. N. Kobluk. S. S.. 167 Kokutailo, G. T. Kokotziilo, J. T.. 1511 Kolosair, H., 137 Kolisniak, J. Kolotyluk, G. Kolutyluk. W., 115 Komanchuk. J., 137 Komarnicki, A.. 1120 Komhyr, M., 215, 142 Koncohi-adn, R., 150 Kondru, M.. 167 Kondruk. M. W.. 137 Konesky, A. Korella, K. Koruluk, E.. 94 Korth. C. Korth, V. H. Koslowski, M. NV., 152 Kosuwan, C.. 120 Koslzish. T. L. Kowalchuk, A. J., 150 Kowalchuk. A.. 150 Kowalchak, E., T3 Kowalski. N. M., S1 Kozub, P. Krause, G. G., 212 Krause. V. W., 55 Kraychy. S. Krehel, V. J., 129 Kreisel, Mrs. E. Kreutz, D. M., 83 Krinke. K. H.. 75 Kroetch, L. P.. 187. 420 Kroetsch. R. P.. 66 Krogman. K. K. Krokosh, H. G.. 120 Krokosh. P. 107 Kroon, H. M., 124 Krpan, I. J.. 1511 Krucik, G. W.. 1120 Kruk. O. A. Krukuwski, Z., 90 Krulak, J. P., 140 Krys, M. R., 147 Kryskow, E. I. C., 163 Kuchar. J.. 115 Kuchar, R., 115 Kuchinski. D. D. Kuefler, M. J.. 137 Kufel. N.. 111 Kulak, M. M., 207, 165 Kunigiskis, J. Kuntz. D. M. R.. 137 Kupchenko. V.. Kurylo, A.. 236, 140 Kurylo, F.. 1-10 Kurysh, W. D. Kutyn, M.. 150 Kutzner. A. Kuzmar, J. Kuzyk. V., 161. 162 Kyle, G. L. Kyle. G. J. Kyle. J. E.. 115 Kyle. M. F.. 142 Kyle. W. DL, 163 1.2-xhrie, M. J.. 95 Lzicerte, R. J.. 137 Lacey. B. H.. 150 Lash, J. L. Lachanve. F. A.. 110 Kastor. M. U.. 167 Kilchen, l". R.. 66, 204 Kostashuk. G., 124 Lachmun. K. Kzitayzlmzx. M.. 120 Kitvhen. T. XV. Kostiuk. T, Lzichman. WV., 120 Kaufman, C. R. Kit:-himr. G.. 136 Kotch. A. J. A., 157 Laflamme, F. A. Kezxm. M. T. Kileley, JQ XV. Kotchonoski, S. Laforce. M. M.. 137 Engineering and Drafling Office Supplies THE HUGHES CJWENS COMPANY LIMITED Winnipeg - Vancouver Monireal - Toron+o - O'H'awa BAKE ELL TEA COFFEE C . PIONEER COFFEE ROASTERS Eclmon+on Alberl'a lime H511-Temple Company Limited Denm suppues ann eauipmem Two Hundred and Eighty-eight -THE- IINIVIHSIIV HI HIHIHIH 1948 'Q SESSIOIIS 1949 Courses will be offered in the following: ARTS AND SCIENCE AGRICULTURE COMMERCE Ini:'oding Sunwrnei' Session DENTISTRY EDUCATION - ENGINEERING In-tioding Summer IniIuding Cnernicai, Civil, Seiasion Eiectricai, Mining, Petroleum Engineering and Engineering Physics. GRADUATE STUDIES - HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS LAW MEDICINE NURSING PHARMACY Q For Information Regarding Registration and Courses HppIy to The Registrar University of Hlberta, Edmonton T H a d dEQfhy I "Q. wk--Q'-N 'rw MACDONALD'S "EXPORT" CANADNS FINEST CIGARETTE Lilwin, L. M., 121 1 I S 1' Au0v"y S-.,...,,,.. , I . - ' 1 fri F X ,S ' 't .' 4 Q . ,Y 75. 1 . f. 1 4: . 5,5 Lnxliifse. C. Ii., Illfi Le-111111133 F. l'., 1137 Lukey, W. H., 1211 Lenhy, G. IJ.. 111 L1el1e', Lukusln, L. M. LG:211'1I, B. M., IAT. 2114 Laikusta, T. E., T3 Le-ask, J. A., Ill! Lakustu, Y.. 16-1 Lamb, R. IP.. 1b1, 111 Lamb. R. H.. 1111 Lzimbert. Ii. A. 1.:1m11ert, W. E. Lancaster. J. T., 111W . .., Lezixitt. B. Ix. C 'I' 1 LQ-zivllt, Le-:1v1l1 . K. D. Leavitt. S. A.. E15 Le111-au. J. IV '11 Lt-vkie. I.. ., :.., .,. D1 L 1,1 2-111, 121 ". Q., L-1 Lie-be1'm:1n. S. S.. Liden. C. L.. 124 Likuski, H: G.. 1-17 Lilue. 11. lx.. 1-11 Lilley, R. R., 1517 Lilly. H. F., till, GG, 216 Lilly. C. E., 111 11 121 Lind. J. L:1n1Ie'1'y1111. J. C.. 121' L1-e. A. .. C," Lindberg, L. F., 111 Lang. F. A., 167 Lee. B. M.. 1117 Lindbe-115, VV. L.. 1.12 1.:1111:ell, gi. I1.. 1117 Lee, E. J., 1317 Lindow, J. E. .:1111:ilI. '. L.. 137 Lee, E.. 137 ' .. . - Lnnirille. 11. xv. Lee, M. M.. ima. 121 1.14 Lnrngnman, 11. 1311 Leede,-' J, Ru 55 Limlgagj ul N' ' I.:111:1'i1I1:e. Ii. E.. 121' 1.e1'el1v1'v, Il. H. 'JI' ' 5-1 A 151, A U53 1.111111 E. 1Q.. lsr: I.1'1'.1l11-rf., R. H., 115 L,,,d.,,Q. ,if RA '111 La1+11a. E Le1'u11v1'e. Y. H.. 152 L. rink" V' -. I.:1r11:1lestiu1', I". 11., 1.111 Lt-,itch C M 'Am Lfndfkog' 1 .IU '29 1 Lmff- H- J-- 1.113 1...111'hf 11:1-3.,4'121 LfQuQ,L"17i' 158' I.:11s1111. J.. 1111 Le tvh. JA G4 Link? 'u,A'AA ' 116 I.z1ram1. A. L. Leitch. R. A.. UT Linn 'vyl A- i 1.:111s111n. A. M.. 111 Leith. H. E., I511 Linn' J RA L. 134 L:11'son, Ii. J, LeM:1su1'ie1'. R. H., 1211 . ' ' ., L' I.:11's11n. V. 1'., 1512, 1.111 I.e11z11'1111n. ll. A., 1115 L!f"195"E-1'- '10 1.1.1-1.-1, E. N., 1111 I..-1.1-111-ha. J. W., 73. 124 LEHFWME- T- I..1.1111-k... ix.. X7 Leu.-u1'h.1. w. 1511 L!1f!"11f!- A- E- . Lsiumun, 1', XY. Lemx. 17. E., 1511 Luqnblff' J' J",M' I.:1u11m:1I1. 11. NV. I.e11ni1l:1s. P.. 152 LI1"n51"' T" ,141 1.11111-r. K. 11.. 1:1 Lawn... G. L. L!1'S9'f- EA- 6-',,, , 1.11u.1r. M. M.. 121 Lei.,-mi. R. 121 L'Wf"" UR-1 ""' 1-4 1.11111-1'ma11. J. M.. N5 Le11'111-1'. I., N31 Lixier, J. D. L:1uu11l:111. 11. A., 12lT L1-wry. A. J.. 1112 11151911 -1- G-. Sl I.a111'er1L'f-. M. 'I'., 1317 Le-S1'+'1Ie-ur, P. V. Lister. M. L., 521, 116 L11111'1-Shen, W. 1'., 3111. 1-IT, 2 11 Leskl IA AH 11121, 218 Litchfie-111. E. L. Uwflllfe- '91 "- 1...1.111- H 157 Lam.-, E. E. LH"1"'Qe- -1- N1 L.-Lkiwf Kff 11:5 Liitle, F. G. I1f'1?"'1'- 4' 17- . Leskixv, 1:17 1.11111-. H, G. Laixwlelte. T. NK.. 11 Leglm. 5 M 73 Little' J, 5-V 111, 1111112 IV 11- 11, 1,.1QIif1,'KQ,AA,,Ai73 Lime, M. W., 111 LW' J- W- 111- 'ff' Leslie, K. E., 116 Little-. S.. N5 I.:11v1'e11nw, I". E., 1-111 Letersky, M.. 1-12 Little. VV. I., 165 L:m'1'en1'e. J. 1311 Le-Uv, J.. 121 L105'l1. H- M.. 195 Laxvrence. J. R.. 33 L1-vine-. A. L.. 1211 L01J215'. 17-. 121 1.:1x11'1-nu-. V. S.. 11" Levinf-, S. I.. 1317 Lockie, R. VV.. 1511 I.:1wren1-11. VY. A. Levinv. S. Loeweii. F. Lay, M. E.. E11 Levitt. M. B. Loman, IT. W., 143 Lay:-of-k. 11. I... 1311 Imvy. J. M.. 121 Lr11::1n. 11. J., 73 I.:-1ycr.1ft. 11. H.. 32 L1Ax1'i4-ky. VV. D., 150 LDSIHH1 S. Ar- 167 I.ayCra1't, J. H.. 121 Lewis. G. VV., 152 LOEJJ19- 11. 1-. 116 I.:1za1'uk. NV.. 115 Lewis, J. F., 162 Lomas. M. E.. 129 I.:1z0l1e. J. H., 142 Lnzerte. f'. A. Lzizo. R. M.. G1 1.1-nrler, A. J., 38, 166 L1-wis. J. Lewis, K. Lewkn, E. Libiez, M. E., 1115 N., 121 Lonn. A. F. Loml. G. S. Lonu. Lonv J. Two Hundred and N J. I7.. 107 150 inety 205 Lung. S. A., 130 Lungziir, A. N., 103 L1111uail'. E. L., 103 Lmimer. J. Lnputka. R., 116 Lord. IJ, H.. 1-10 Lord, R. G. Lusie. E. L., TS, 193 Loft, W. G., 137 Louden, D. H., 1-1.. Louxrheed. D. D., 111.2 P., 2211, 116 f- Luugheed, E. Lnugheed, G. M. Lnuirhlin, D. A. Love. A. M. Lovu. E. P., 131 Love, G. D., 150 1-IU, 111i Love, J. A.. Luve. J. I., 115 M I"'., 165, 121 Luvm-, . VV. N. Love-11. H. J., 1117 Lnveseth. J. E., 116 L11v1-. Lmv. B. A., 16 Low. D. O., 106. 111 Lmv. J. P., 121 Lmv, R. A. Lmve. E. C., 10S Lowe. VV. N.. IOS Lowry. IJ., 137 Luzeron. P'. P., 73 Lucas, G. D. Luck. E. C. Luck, G. H., 147 Ludwick, N.. 107 Ludxvik A. W. Luft, M. F.. 150 Lukenchuk, J., 218. 2111 Lupaschuk, N.. 95. 242 Lupul. M., 121 Lulmul, W.. 129 Lutes, N. M., 157 Lutz. J. E.. TS Lyle. J. E., 152 I.ymbu1'ne1'. W. R., 150 Lynziss, A. M. Lynkowski. A. Lvnch-Staunton. A. G.. 129 Lynn. L. K. Lynn, B. Y. Lyons. J. P., 242. 131 Lyons, M., 121 Lysne, E. O., 116 Lyth, C. D. HI THERE! Rrffzr now your grades are good . . . but lrfe fiolds fmrder rests Harder indeed! Lite was never a lenient schoolmaster. And rnalsing the grade in life muster in the way of knowledge, ability and forethought. demands all a man can Especially forethought! The sort of forethought that prompts .1 man to start charting a life insurance program early in youth. The sort of forethought that enables .1 man to iealize that whatever the experiences life holds for him-earning a living, getting married, raising a family, having earning power cut olt-he is hotter equipped to meet them and enioy them when he has behind him the security and protection provided by life insurance. Talk to a Mutual Life of Canada representative and ask him what policy or combination of policies is best suited to your particular circumstances. Let him show you the special features of Nlutual low-cost life insurance. THE -f wgii M!!!!A!.IE a 5 e MEAD OFFICE - WATERLOO, ONYARIO Branch Ottfices in Alberta: Calgary, Toronto General Trusts Bldg., W. T. Bebbington, Branch Manager Edmonton. 219 Empire Block. R. M. Moore. C.L.U.. Branch Manager . . . 'X g il l - Keepmg 111 Step Wlfh i i 1 , if 'lllllills Alberta s Progress . aim ln keeping with the vigorous growth ot Alberta, i 2 L Calgary Power has always endeavored to torecast and prepare tor the increasing needs ot industrial and home use. The planning ot new power projects, the utilization ot all available technical advances, the maintenance ot equipment at highest etficiency . . . all these are obiects ot constant attention in our endeavor to serve Alberta well. From our present tive hydro-electric plants electrical energy flows out over 3000 miles ot transmission lines. These will be maintained and added to as required to assure ample power tor present and future needs. CALGARY POWER - X-hh thi. l f' female .5 1 t 7 r 3 a . .i il -' vi-3' A , nl 5: s.,.,...?':5 -f. ' 'Le ss W .I -' ' - .Q f'2f.f:-Fi". - ' yur' y ..f ' 1 -Q,-iota?""?f3fa"'-ffr:1. ' .51 ' eq .' J.. -qg.:', X - - -- . K .V .5 'A ' fy, l A T ' - ' -3 i'f'4': x . . ' qi ,. tg-.5. V in , . I . " 2 W 1 -'iii . 3 i ' ' -""Tig-SHCI' - ,QQ '. - . I Ji' ' Q 1 ' ' . - v ' lsr 2 - 22. " 'isgi-I -r " gsm.. ir l , f ' l" 44.ff '.-'tiff-', ' it .. A -P-12,4 4 Hujitv f l ft Q , Af, 'git ,W I .. !ff2?'+".yirjl'fi :., is 1 1161- 11. wg, .:f : -- .L : 5 - 'N-"tr -v .' ' IR Ll D r.?ma"D o - . 7 ji- 5 of - - ,h -. u- -'It -' if F Two Hundred and Ninety-one ESTABLISHED l846 We have served Canadian Business for more fhan I00 years as MANUFACTURING STATIONERS ASI: your Dealer for "Canadian Line" Blanl: Boolrs and Loose Leaf Supplies. "AdapIo" ruled Columnar Pads and Forms. "The Canadian" Calendar Pads, Daily Journals, Daie Books, Poclxef Diaries. BOOKBINDERS Consult your Prinier regarding our Solid Bindings of all iypes, Caialogue Binders, Price Boolrs, Proposal Covers, EIC, All can be ambossed wi+l'I our exclusive "Prcfecfo Process." DISTRIBUTORS OF Sfafionery and Office Supplies, THE Paper and Boolrbinders' Supplies BRUWN BROTHERS LIMITED I00 Simcoe Sfreef COMPLIMENTS DUSTBHIIE LUESTERII LIITTITED EDMONTON BRANCH Leaders in SANITARY SUPPLIES CLEANING MATERIALS and EQUIPMENT MONTREAL TORONTO WINNIPEG ACROSS CANADA McAdam, K, R., 66, 195, 205 MuL'0lIou1.:h, M. N., 66, 187 McFadden, E. A. MacKenzie, A. F., 157 NIC!-Hee, N. H., 66 Mcfullouuh, R. D.. 73 McFaII, E. E., 37, 109 MacKenzie. B, M., 42 162 McAlp1ne. R. J., 95 Mcfullough, T. J. McFarland, E. M. MacKenzie, D. A., 41, 67. 212 MCADd1'6NVS, C. J., 105 Mc1'I1lly, S., 121 McFarlane, G, H,, 73 MacKenzie, F., 52, 182 MacArthur, D. A., 165 McCune. C. T., 162 McFetridge, J. S.. 116 McKenzie, J. B., 137 mCAt11tiAlI:ll1', JJ AG B,i McK'un11, M. W., 140 McGhee E. E., 46, 48, 73 Mailie-nZie,BK.M11l 111' 1' Ur- - 1- 'L- M-C -h I A, D' M G'bb n, G, D, c 'enzie. - -. 6' MacA11hur. R. s., es Miggfihgglf, J, NU 304, 157 1v1fGiII1fray, R. s., 131 MQKQIIZTE, R. M.. 1131 MSf1111,ayY-I1'1'1-AL- Mwumcheun. J. L., sl. 201 Mvcfiihnis- R-AC-R 5302911229 9" . . . M-D,d r G' Hu 150 Mc .Orman. . . ac enz1e, . . illgiggifadng BS' 7-S aug 1.-,S Mzfigasmid, J, W, McGregor. A. E., 129 McKernan. J. A. 1V1cB,.1de' ' ' ' ' M:-1cDe1-mid, E, E,, 140 Mc-Gregor, B. A., 116 Man-'1iillO17, D. M. Musridef Rf D.'. T3 Mvgermorm. 66 Ygaifgfezola- E1-,2'1g51i124 502211911 YV JR 511 M ' ff , E, Mu QL c ermott, . . c rerror, .. L, 2. . - C lnnf' - - - Msggffiiif, J. B., 56,7 MCB12lI'l'?Ld-AH.FR. mcgregor. li-5111 MacKinnon. A., 148 M 1' ff ' ph N c Ona . . . c rexror, , .. M K' Y C, An 1.11 Mgcfiffiig, R. 17136 gaffgonallfiv tk G11 66 00, 1gI1Cgf9201'- 111- 116221 Mixing: R. R., 121i MacCalder, A. A. 114' 0113 - ' -1 1 - 0 C 1925013 - -I MacKinnon. W. L., 912 M, 311' U U McDonald, B. J.. 116 MacGre5!or. T. H. M 11' h' G, VV, M2E2:11a,RP.L1j.14603 Macdonald, D. A. Mcliaffie, R. A. H.. 121 M?1ELTg'1?En' J' W. Mccaua' R- 1."163 McDonald, D. M.. 85 MacHardy, F. V. McLach1an. G. L. 335' 139 Mccanumh D. A- MacDonald. D. K,, 1-17 Mc1nniS, M. L., 140 MBCLHI-en, M. All 155 M,,CCa11,-lm, G. T., 1.13 Macdonald, E. M.. 137 Mclntosh, A. M. McL,,1ch1e, A. S., 153 M1-Ca,-thy T 007 1,1-1 Macdonald. E. A.. 205. 234, Mclntosh, C.. 240, 241 McLaughlin J T MCCaSkle.' H."Mf T3 ' 231 Macintosh C- SR- 234, 124 MQL11..-5 1.'J. ':z5'se -I- 73. 217. c auley, W. D., 164 1 " ' ' " " M1-Intyre, J. N., 116 McLaws, J. G., 217. 22-I, 2-I2 131 Mcclary. R. E. MggQUf1g1fi1- Q McIntyre. J. F., 1118. 153 MacLean, E. J.. Q5 Maul.-Iland, F. E., 166 MMD2211' J' C' 1,6 Mclmyre. J. P.. 147 Md-efln. E- A- G-- Tf McClelland J, H 1.1" A ' ' -" Mclntyre, L. B., 206, 131 MacLean, I. A. - , -1 1 McDonald. J, 160 , 1 MCGIeIIand. R. E... 162 Mm,,,,.,1d J A 147 Mclntyne. b. A. MacLean- J- E- McClung. N. L., 217. fIl6, 121 Mc.11,fm2,1111 150 Mc1ntyre,1 W. C., 129 Mac-Lean. L- D.. 229. 235. 164 McClure. J. H., 142 Macdnnqld J E 9111 1-11 Mclver, G. D., 224 162 MacLean, Lloyd D. ML-Coll, R. D., 147 ' ' ' " ' " ' McJannett, W. A.. 121 McLean, M. A. McConnell, c. A. lI1Iii12iJT11i12i1LiE1.JIIaiI'b.I1iln9 Mafkay- 17- E-- 87 MaiLea"'V5'- 11,11 McConnell. E. w.. 15: Mf.En0.,aI11, M. w. Mackay- 11- C-- 121 C 9211- - '- - . McConnell, F. C., 73 MacDonald, M. V., 140 MBCIQHY, E. A. McLennan. E. A.. 116 McConnell, F. D. MEIEIJMHII-1, E.. 142 164 1V1af1e0d-C- Bw 2111-116 930' 1,3371 T E -1 0 -1 . . , 9 Q f' ac . . - - Mekormack, G, E., .-351. -4-. Mac-Donald, P. 'A , OI MacKay' J. An 87 McLeod' I- Cu 121 , 1COrm1ck. E. V.. 1.1 MacDonald. R.. I3 , M T ' - or MacKay, L. M., 63 McLeod. J. D.. 141 1-Lormlcl-1. R, C., -II4, 157 McDonald, R. Y., 93 r McCormick. R. F., Ts, 2311 MaEIT..n1.I1I. s.. 78 Mafkay. M- A-1 73 106 M01-'eoi L- 1'3-- 1113 McCorquodaIe, M. E, Macdonnell, B. E.. 121 MacKay- J-- 90- 204 McLeod M' E- , McCoy, E, E., 160, 164 M111-donell. V. A., 143 Mackay. M. R., 206, 166 MacLeod, 166 '- McCo M E 1 McDonnen, L. F., 98 McKay, M. I., 165 Macleod, 'I, R.. 131 Y. . .. 57 McCracken, H. K., 137 McCracken, J. A.. 164 McCreary, R. V., 121 McCreedy, H. H., 153 McCrimmon, A. F., 121 McCrimmon. E. R., 107 McCuai1Z. H. S., 116 McCullagh, C. F., 124 McCulloch, M. McCullough. G, W., 73 M1-Donouirh. P. C., 107 Mc-Donouzh. A. M., 73. 205 ME-Dougall. G. J. M., 116 McEacheI'n, A. G., 116 McEa1'I1ern, D. J.. 98 MacEachern K. L.. 66 McElhinney, B. L., S1 M1'Evoy, F, J. McEwen. J. R., 100 McFadden, A. R. Mackay, M. I., 165 Mackay, M. D., 166 137 McKay, M. McKay, W McKay, W f A. 116 N. McKeen, J. L. R., 163 McKellar. J. E. McKelvey, MacKenzie, McKenzie, S. W. A. N., 69 A. H., 52, 121 Two Hundred and Ninety-two McLeod, W. D.. 74 McLuhan, W. J.. 121 McManus, T. M.. 140 McMillan, D. L. McMillan. D. W., 34, in McMillan. F. W. Macmillan, J, C. McMillan, M. P. 166 MacMillan. P. A., 165 Macmillan, R. B.. 162 I n ew ss ' - I Q-:.,h.s : ! 3- x x . For dollars or life? You're sluding for medicine, or law, or engineering, or agricul+ure. You expecf your years al' Universily fo pay dividends of dollars in 'fhe years fo come. They should. Bu? wha+ abouf life-'rhe enioy- men? of i+, lhe apprecialion of i+, lhe conlribulions +o if? Your Universily 'frein- ing is noi complele unless H leaches you lhe richness of living. I+ is no+ a success unless wilh your diploma you also carry a wise and ma+ure a++i+ude in+o 'rhe years ahead. For upon your shoulders depends +o a large ex'ren+ fhe chances for happi- ness and prosperify in 'the fulure of lhis Province of ours. GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Hon. Ivan Casey. Dr. W. H. Swifl Minis+er Depuly Mims+er Two Hundred and Ninety-three Matthews McMillan, R. M. YV.. 121 MacMillan, YV. R.. 150 Mc-Morran, J. F.. 121 ML-Murdo. E. L.. 137 McMurray, G. L., 162 McMurtry, E. MacNab, G. E. 167 MacNab, K. M. McNally. J. A. MCNarY. WV. L., 107 McNau1:ht. J., 207 MacNaur:hton, W. N. MCNQ-ely. J. D. McNeil. D. J. McNeill. . L. McNeill. . S. A.. 62, 13-1 CYS Man-Neil. H. MacNeil. V. A. McNeill, R. W. 101 McNeilly. M. I.. 131 McNiChoI. C. ' McNichnI, D. MacPhee. C. M., 131 McPherson. A. B., 121 Macpherson. G. E. McPherson, K. C. McPherson, M. N. MacQuarrie, A. E. Mt'Quay, A. E. 207, 12 MCQU:-ly, YV. J.. 2-12 McQueen. R. W.. 153 MCQuid. M. S.. 129 McQuitty. S. G. MacRae, C. G.. 163 McRae. H. N. MacRae, J. A., 218, 220. McRit.1'hie D., 167 McRoberts, E. M., 166 McRobert.s. M. S., -10. 07 McSweell. VV. W. Mc-Tarzixart. M. J., 166 McTavish, D. A. Mac-XVilliam. IJ, A., 116 MacVViIIiams, D. C., 12 McVVilliam, H. I.. 121 Macenko F.. lol Macenko, WV., 150 Mack, H. G., 120 Mackay, I7. E. Mackay, J. A. Mackie, D. B. Mackie, G. D., 109 Mackie, J. A., 215, 131 Macklin, B., 95 T., 161. 16 VV.. 150 . .. 242, 1-11 Macklin, S. Z., 95 Macneil. V. A. Manor D. J., 207 Madill. J. K.. 1-18 Madsen, E., 153 Madsen, K., 150 Madsen, N. B.. 1051 Madsen, R. P. Maerov. S. B. Maixinley, T. H.. 121 Maher, L. A., 164 Mahon, E. L.. S9. 206 Mahoney J. L., 50, 52, 12-I Mahoney, P. M., 121 Mair. A. J., 100 Mair. F. J., TS. 123 Mair, G. VV., 131 Mair. J. A. Makaroff, R. P.. S7 Malcolm, H. A. Mallabone, E. VV. H., 222. Mallabone. J. E. 74 Mallandaine. A. J. Mallett., I. B. Mallett, L. L., T4 Malone, M. C.. 150 Maloney, J. H. Mandin. L. J.. 162 Manery, H. R. Mann. M. L. J. Manning. E, Manson. G. R., 150 Manuel, I. M. G.. 121 Manz R. L.. 116 Marano, N. VV., 116 Marayoff, S.. 120 Marble, R. D., 121 Marcellus. H. E. Marche, G. C. Marcoff, M. M. Marcolin. W. Marfleet. F. C. Margach. R. D. Margolus, B. Marie. J. M.. 116 Marion. D. G.. 100 Marjanen L. E., 116 Mark. V. F.. is Markin, R., 167 Markle, A. G.. 67 Marks, G. F.. 120 Marlatt, G., 205, 137 Marlatt. M., 91 Marrinier. R., 137 Marriott. C. J., 162 Marsh E. Marshall, E. S., 107 Marshall, E. J., 135 Marshall, F. C., 53, 116 Marshall, I. B., 166 Marshall, J. H., 142 Marshall, J. P., 140 Marshall. P. C. C. Martel, M. Martens, S. J.. SS Martin G. A. H Martin. . F.. 137 Martin, J. H. Martin, J. I. Martin, K .B. Martin, D, F. Martin, A. P. Martineau. A. R. T., 137 Martinek, A.. 140 Maryka. A. H., 166 Maschio. A. V., 116 Mason, A. D., 116 Mason B. T. Mason, J. T.. '14 Mason. R. G., 101 Mather, H. E., 153 Matheson. A. O., 111 Matheson, D. R. Matheson, G. S.. 1-1 Matheson. J. D., 150 Matheson, R. S., 223 Matheson. W. R., 52 n Mathieson, L. Matkin, G., 95 Matisz, P.. 103 Matkin. H. L., 162 Mat:-ion, O. L., 111 Matthews, Matthews, F. R.. 125 Matthews, F. B. R. J., 52, 153 ' I A. C.. 204. 121 Meckling, A. C. Medd, C., 140, 231 Medd, L. A. Medhurst D. H., 124 Meeres, L. S. Megrath, A, M. Meikle, J. H., 121 Meiklejohn, P. A.. 74 Meiklejohn. M. A.. 67 Meindersma, E.. 121 Melby, L. R., 69 Meleshko. F.. 95 Mellon. G. M.. 109 Melynchin, P. 63, 106 Me-lnychuk, R. S. Melnyk, P. F., 109 Melnyk, M. A. Melsness, H. C. Melowsky, F. T., 137 Mendryk. S. Mensforth. A. G. Menzies. H. D., 137 Mercer. E. H. Mercer, R. A., 121 Meredith. C. D. 140 Merkley, J. A., 7-1. lb Merluk. S. Meronek, H.. 148 Merrick, S. J. Merrigan. J. E. Merrills. G. M., 150 Mersky, H. W. Mersky, L. L., 137 Meston, R. W., 109 Metcalfe, B. E. Metcalfe G. L., 162 Metzner. A. B., 95 Meyer, R. C. Michell, J. B. Michie, C. G.. 101 Michie, M. J.. 81 Sporting Goods Sports Wear MWAYS TIIE BEST AT Northern Hardware Go. limited I0lst Street Mattson' E' Ju 115 Mickelson, A. O-. 109 M. . . ., I' VA, 4. Mickelson. C. H.. 37 Milifii. .J E.. IIE gicggglsolg- E-1 137 . l H is -e. ..116 u'mChuI" A J 116 Might, H. L. 205. 121 May. C. A.. 37. 194. 142 Maybin, J. E., 11:3 Millar. D. I., 205 Mzy'1', M. H., 150 Millar, H. A. M:Iyho0d, J. E. Millar. J. A. Maynard A. R.. TS Millar, M. E., 207, 226, llb Mayner, I. V., 13' Millar. M. A.. 166 Mayson, T.. 191. I116, 2110 Millar. M. E., 150 Mazeppa, A. H., 137 Millar. N. R.. 153 Meagher. J. VV., 150 Millar, R. L.. 109 Mealing, S. R., 236 Millard V., 123 't 9. ,.. -1 K.-:rt-. b',' ' viz '- . K-1 ' I LT , .' ,lj i . ' 5-,I 1 . 2 , gLP"i wi Q. , . I I edmonton Butchers' Paclzersi Supplies 9953 Jasper Ave. Edmonton Electric Refrigeration Boxes and Coolers Food Preparing Machinery, Scales, Bread and Meat Slicers, Meat Choppers, Cash Registers, Pastry Mixers, Butcher Blocks, Cottee Mills, Kitchen Tools, Safes, ButcI1er's Supplies and Phone 2 I0 I 2 Phone 2 I 0 I 3 Equipment Two Hundred and Ninety-four PERI L BAN UF CANA A Head Office: Toronto THE PIONEER BANK OF EDMONTON Edmonton Branch opened 1891 This Bank will aliord you painstaking and reliable Banking Service FIVE BRANCHES IN EDMONTON Main Branch-Corner jasper and 103th Street J. W. McDiarmid, Manager W. I-I. Faulder. Ass't Manager Norwood Boulevard-95A Street and 111th Ave. Edmonton South-10319 Whyte Avenue NVest End Branch-10702 jasper Avenue Alberta Avenue Branch-9502 - 118th Avenue lnterext allowed on Savings Deposits Drafts and Money Orders issued G. C. Procior N. D. Giles PROCTOR'S RED 8. LUHITE Groceries, Fruil, Vegelables, Ice Cream, eic. Electric Refrigeration Self Serve - Siore Serve - Phone Serve 1809 - 1948 139 Y ears in The Field "Any Magazine Can be Obiainecl Through Us" UJm. Dawson Subscription Service Lid. 70 KING STREET EAST, TORONTO Safety Deposit Boxes to rent London Paris - Caperown Miller, A. A., 162 Mitchell L, W., 1117 Morris. J. A. 1-lil, 157 Murray. T., H5 Miller, D. M., 163, 157 Mitchell, R. A.. 7-1 Morris, M, J., 2113 Murrlly, W. G., 121 Miller, E. J., 129 Mix, O. C.. 142 Muwihon' Av BA Muasieuw, 13. R. Miller, F. M.. 137 Moffat. J. B.. 156. 116 MU,-I-,Sum A. En 1,33 Mustnrul, W. M., 121 Miller, G A., 163 Moffat, C Morrison. GV AA Musterer. 17. H., l-111 Miller. H. NV. G. Mouen, Y. L., 1207, 1661 Morrison- G- M. AN 134, 140 Muero L. J.. 1115 Miller. J. A., 116 Moher, N. T.. 1125! Murrison' M, AA' 157 Mutehn11-re, J. A., 116 Miller, J. B., 153 Molngr, G. EH, 163 Morrison- HA L. 413' ,lo 54' Nb Myrllantl, W. E., 122 Miller, K C. 163 Mols erry, . ., 1116, 111 Myers, G. VV., 162 Miller, L. A., 7-1, 22-1 Molyneux, C. H., 12-1 Mm-l,i5O,,. H' HA Myers, G. E., Miller, L. VV., Monnille. J. 163-A M0,.l.iS0,,' J. VV.. lm, Myshok, N. VV., 116 H8 Monkman, W. J,. 15.1 Morrison' wb BH 153 Yi 'uk wlllbqm Nu , '- - " Montromer . C. R. S., 1XR . ' 1 'fm Eli ' Miller, 212. 15111 Momgomerz' H. Ku 95 MZf:f3:g,.lr'Ri,'k'i"ii:-1 Nnrlziscll, William Milla-' V'R"11lgl,9 Montgomery, L, H. 1129 MOSS' F- H4 5,f'1:ffiu-"Eg J- I V 1 er, V. ., J., Momgomery' W. L- Moluik' LA N.i .i1ou5 1, Per:-1. 1,15 Millet, . I. H Mooniey G. Tl' 37 Motiuk L' A- In Nfilbhilih, YD,. 1111 M3391 116-5, M001-Q. B. E.. 74, 215, 2211, Mottubi E. H., 1:1 Qi'Hl"" ll'LL4,, W' Lf' 131 M0011 C- M- Mowef- W Hr i7iiiilQ1?5'J Ri'-'13 11:1 , ' ' ' ,,, Moore, D. J.. 140, 231 Moysal, W., 95 Qfmlt up ' Millett, H. M., la.: Moore, D, F, 11,10 Moyse. R. lf., 1521 'R i. j 11, V- Milley, W, H., 153 Movie, D. L. F. Muyfe. R. K. of-fyk j""lf1g1" Millions, K. A., 150 Moore. D. W., 74, 223. 242 Moysey. K. 1... 3:-1, 16: QQ' 'I Ai, QV Mills, B. A. Moore, F. E., 162 Muclry, VV. J. 163 keitldnllj llll Mills, 0. C., 116, 121 Moore. J. W.. 74 1:4 Mum-yi.. 121 Q'?j1'L'i- ,,- L "Ft Mills, F. D. Moore, K,. 121 Muhlbier, A. A.. 107 keli- m"x"J " "' Milne, L. J.. 166 91, 207 Moore, K. NV.. 1410, 2211, Ll-12 Muirhea11, A., 'Ia ' el hell' ' ' A Milne. W. J. Moore, J. H., 1119 Mullen. W. E.. 41, 116 Nelson, A. E., 1-7, Milner, D, R, Mogre, L, J., 116 Mulligan. R. J., 121 Nelson, A, L., 7-1 Milner, J. L.. 150 Moore, M. K,. T4 Mulloy, W. H. -16, 45. 7-1, 2114 Nelson, B. H., 116 Milner, R. W., 220, 235, Moore NV. A., 1541 Mulloy, N. B. Nelson, C. G. Milner, R. I. Moore, W. K. Mulloy, M. B.. 1128, 2114. 131 Nelson C, L., 116 Milner, I. E., 1-SH Moran, J. P.. 1117 Munkziesi, A. Nelson, G. A., 111 Milner, V. L. Moran, K. Munro, M, E., 157 Nelson, I. ll., 137 Milo, V. P.. 153 Moran. P. J. Munro, S, E.. 161 Nelson, K. L.. Th, 134 Milroy A. C. Milton, F. C. V Minchin. D. H.. 75 Minchin, J. A.. T4 Minion, D. W. Minogue, L. E. Minogue, M. E. Minty. G. K. Miskew, A. Miskew, A., 48. 121 Miskew, B., 137 Miskew, L. R. 148 Miskew, V. C., 157 Misunis, S. M., 137 Mitchell, C. G.. 111 Mitchell, D. G. Mitchell, D. G. Mitchell, F. A., 162 Mitchell, J. L. Mitchell, L. J., 204, 137 Mornn. W. J,, 111 Mort-nu. B. L., 1541 Moreau. G. S., 75 Moren, E. M., 1-113 Moren. G. E, 1-12 Morgan, F, P, MOTZZH, J. H., T5 Moril, J. M., 116 Morimoto, T. E., 153 Morison. A. G. Morrison, D. J., 121 Morison. K. J. Morison, T. J. Morison, W. G. 103 Morozoff, S. P., 129 Morozuik, M., 116 Morris, E. L. Morris, J. E.. 102 Morris, J. E., 137 Morris, J. J. H., 137 Munro, R, J., 1111 Munrot- G. H. Murehie, 11. G. Murchison, M. Murphy, V. J., 163 Murphy, E. F., S2 Murray, A. R. Murray, C. Murray, C. R., -16, -18, S1 Murray, D. 121 Murray, D. M.. 165 Murray, E. M. B., 217 Murray, F. E.. 74 Murray, F. E. Murray, G. C., 51, 67 Murray, J. A. Murray. J. A. Murray J. R. Murray. K.. 121 Murray. M. H., 166 Two Hundred and Ninety-five N1-leon, N. A. Nepstad, E, T. N.-sting. K.. 116 N1-storuk, R. M., 137 Nettervilie. S. ll., 1111 New, L. IJ. Neuby, L. R. Newell P. A.. 90 Newhall. E. E.. 146, 153 Newinger, D, G. Newman, 17. B.. 116 Newman, S. K. Newsom, H. E.. 142 Newsom, S. J. E. Newton, T. H.. 100, 1-16 Nici-ioloff, G. D.. 93 Nichols, B. J.. 206 165 Niehule, G. D.. 122 Nichols, L, P., 206, 1-12 TI-lE FASHION CENTRE OE ALL SMART COLLEGE GIRLS Illlll I1 LIKURUTG COMPLIMENTS OF Nu-Maid Brand BuI'Ier Nu-Maid Ice Cream Dairy Pool Pas+eurized Milk and Cream Producis of . . . Nor'I'I'1ern Alberta Dairy Pool L'rd. "The Co-operafive Dairy" Head Office: EdmonIon "I Iwope my dear," said +I1e youili fo his new girl iriend, "inet you never parlc wi'rI1 boys on darln roads.,' "Noi unless l'm driven io ii," slie replied, coyly. COMPLIMENTS or UNDERWOOD LIMITED maker of the Underwood "Personal" Porfalale Nichols, M. W. Nicholson. A. R., 91 Nicholson. G. J.. Nicholson, R, M., 90 Nicoll. I. M.. 67 Nicolson, A. H. Nielsen A. R.. 131. 12-I Nienhuis, P.. 137 Nikiforuk, A. T. Nishimoto, S. G., 69 Nix. J. E. Nixon, G. NV.. 116 Oc-I, Alberta, 207, 165 Oeming, A. F. Oplivie, J. R., 153 Osrlivie. O'Hara O'Hare, N. J.. 1-10 O'1'Ia1shi, R. M., 129 Ohellvtte. J., 122 Ohlsen, R. C., 140 Okazaki, A., 122 Olmlaker, R. B.. 12-1 Oldrinir. Oleksyn. I., E. VV. C 117 VV. L., 1-10 F. P., 62, 1521 Nixon- R- be -11' 41- 1111 1111 Olekshv, 1... :117 117 5359111 Qu 11111 , Olesen. A. C.. 117 Niziol. 5. J.. llb Olinykl N., 117 Noble A. K. Oliver, M. R.. 167 Noble, C. I". Olshanowski, R. W., I Noble, D., 217 ll. E 111- 55 Neck. J. R.. 121 3,2321 15' 141, '122 Nuonanr M' J" 53 Olson. F. J. R., 1011 Nordland, L. H., 14 O15On' G. 150 Norem, A. G., 150 Olson, H. F., 1137 Norem, ll. M.. 153 Olson. P'. E. Norem, G. L., 1-15 0I5OHbt'l'LZ, S. Norris. S., 1-10 Olstzid, E. O., 1317 Norris A. W., 122 Olstnnl, G., 153 Northey, J. L., 93 Olstead. M., 67. 2117 Noi-they, L. Olynek, E. Notland, C. J. Q O'Murrow, L. A. Novakowski, N. L. O-N -1' J G 11 Nowak. J. A.. 141 0-NSU' ,gr 'J NOXL1- 11 QU 121' ,, . , 0'Ne111, R. n.. 11:1 Nuter, IJ. W., 215, 2151, 1.30. 111 O-Npm S- Mu 12: Nugent' lm Unstacl, IZ. Il., 120 Nuvefn- 1' 1-- 1-- 01-11,1-a. E. v. 111155 -1- R' ,M 01-111111. G. A.. 1:17 Hyhus- T' PH 1-1, Uroliku, N. S.. 352, 137 Nykolychuk, VV. G.. 131 Url., NA' 157, Orr R. A. Oaincia, S. 1 -- obernoffner, J. G., 19. 2312, 2311, 81,QfI'ZL,,P' 242 . ' '. " V W - 0,Brien' F. F., T4 Oebaldeatuii. . ., 110 O'Brien, J. R.. 153 O'Brien, J. A.. S5 O'Brien, R. J. Osborne, J. A.. M Oscrolf, W. A., 1251 Ostolosky. R. J., 117 Oswald, A. J.. 84 O'Byrne M. Oszust, Ii. E. Ochenden, D. Othen, M. J.. 1615 O'Cor1nor. Ottvrson G. C., 122 H. V. 0'Connor, J. D., 148 O'Connor. R. H., 122 O'D0nnelI, J. P. Odynak, S. N., 137 Ohellette. J. J. Overn, E. M., 153 Owen, B. U., 109 Owen. IJ. H. I., 109 I0O60 - I00 SI. Edmon'Ion Owen. D. H. L., 109 Owen. P. M., S2 Owen, S. B. .1 Paterson, A. M.. 205, 157 Paterson H. H.. 162 Paterson, J. D., 122 Ower-. D. M.. 46. 4N, 207 12- Paterson. J. L., S5 Oxland. O. M.. 204 Patmore, L. E. J.ME,, 124 Patsula, T.. 207 zu 'o, . Y Patterson. A. M.. 103 OMAN' W" NIU gatterson. D. F., 165 atterson. M. H., 124 gflfe' MII Patterson. R. E., 74 Pflfy' S 'F ' Patterson S.. S4 Ffh? ' E F Patton, A.. 153 P.1I1bter,D .M -114 Paul-cszto. E. A., 135 la mer, . ., 217 Paul, C. 1f'Ime'g H- G' P'au1, G. 1.. 1117 Palmer, H. E. Paul G W U: P':1Ime-r, L. L. Paul' J41 " ii Palmer, M. W., 117, 163 paul' Q1 131 Palmer, M. R., 1117 Pauli J' H" 111 Pals. P. J., 1:11 Pa,,.11'uk' A" Purizibziker. H. E. pawliuk' M' Pnnasilik, W.. 117 Paw1O,,.5k1'1,1 1: 63 gflnlfewl-Sh A' W Pawlowski, J., 163 Pankhuiat. R. E.,-111. Paymem, R. A.. ss, 1111 apoe, Mi. A.. 1:11 puyne B1 L Paquin, C. Payne' H P'11r:1dny, R., Ili-I Payne' J' ' Pnrder, J. F, ' ' Purfett, J. A. Park, H., 75 Payne. R. W., 124 Peach, J., 131 Peacock, G. B. 43, 134, 195 Park- -1- 11- Pearce u A 41 1611 Park, R. G., 122 Pearce: L:A.':106 T Parker, A. R., 1051 Pearce, L. G., 138 Parker D, V.. 153 Pearce, R. M. Parker, J ., 157s Pearlman, A. J., 107 Pnrker. J. H., 1l7, 145 P9Z1.1'IlTl:111. Il. Pxirkinson, H. G. Pearson, G. E., 129 P':1rkinSu11, M., -Ill, 137 Pe-Ch, Z. 12-1 Parks, E. K. Peck, J. G.. 1134 Ennis. HM, Ill Pedlar, A. F., 167 a1"s, . ., 12-I Peel, C. O. Paronich, O., 1115 Pelletier. R. E. Parry, D. J.. 1531 Pemberton, F. G. Parry, D, H. Pemberton, J. E. Parry, G. R. D. Penchuk, A. E., 204, 122 Parry, J. O., 103 Pengelly. D. H., 109 Parry, N, W. Pengelly, G. E. 117 Parry, P'enny, A. R., 95 N. A., 1112. 150 R A 11111 Parry, Parsons W. H., 122 Parton, E., 140 Pascoe, J., 150 Pasochnik. J. N., 117 Pzissmore, J., 204, 165 Two Hundred and Ninety-six Pepper, G. W., 138 Perkins, J. V., 69 Perkins, W. J., 109 Perrott, J. F., 111 Perry, Jack, 220, 241 Perry. R. M. 117 'iiiii J x. I. I 1 J 1 J II I A as iii ' or .Si Q -Another Good Year For The Commercial Life E 1 The Commercial Lite Announces Another Increase in Dividends In Policyholders I ' PAID TO BENEFICIARIES OF POLICYHOLDERS DURING 1947 CMortalityI S 66,133 ff PAID TO LIVING POLICYHOLDERS DURING 1947 Cincluding dividendsl 229,739 X rom. PAID ro POLICYHOLDERS AND BENEFICIARIES Cincluding f 311188.46 ........,............... ........................,,....I.........,..,...,....,.......I ,,ror..rr., ,,ro... S 2 9 5,872 PIIIII on PIII IFIES and BIIIIIIS SINCE 0 6 9 0 Q IIIIIIIIIIMTIIIIIcI':sIeI1e.n8'5seeSJ VIII' ,ad , .give eau of Spfencficl aklrieuemenl., Per cent 1942 1947 Increase Increase 1 53.06 . 51.75 if I PREMIUM INCOME ,,..........,.,.I. 346,506 611,934 265,428 76.60 I TOTAL INCOME ,,.................,, 530,771 839,514 308,743 INTEREST INCOME, ................. 121,410 142,524 15,114 BUSINESS IN FORCE ,............,.. 12,124,054 20,502,152 8,378,698 ASSETS. ,..... .,E....,..E.,,,....,,...... S 2,811,143 54,404,512 51,526,829 RESERVES ON POLICIES .,,... 2,231,122 3,386,534 1,154,812 58.17 " 11.86 69.11 THE UMMERCIAL IFE 4 Assurance Company of Canada ' I I The Commercial Life has remodelled and reorganized our Western Head Office in Edmonton until today it is one of the finest Life Insurance Offices in Western Canada and at the Western Head Office their new business has been increased threefold in the last few months. The Commercial Life has obtained splendid office accommodation on the 6th floor of the Maclean Block, 109 Eighth Avenue E., Calgary, for their Southern Alberta Office, and this Office will be thoroughly organized by April 1st,1948. THIS IS ONLY A SMALL PART OF THE GREATER DEVELOPMENT OF THE COMMERCIAL LIFE BEING INAUGURATED AT THE PRESENT TIME. 1 J f Head Office-350 Bay Street, TORONTO, Ont. , T oronto Agency--ln connection with Head Office W H d Off' Ed t Alt estern ea Ice- mon on, a. Q South Alberta Office-6th Floor, Maclean Block, 109 Sth Ave. E., Calgary, Alta: North Ontario Office-69 Cedar Street, Sudbury, Ont. Og , XTKT-w5"'Nrwf-r'4's' T Hdd dN ty Iank. W. J. Priestly, F. D., 153 Petal, M. H. I' P+1tays,A. 1... 2114, 157 Plishka, N.. 149 P1-ieui-, L. A.. 117, 15 151191-5, D, T., 67 Plntkins, L. J., 220 Primeau. C., 150 1'--ter:-1. J. G. Rlowmaii, E. M., 166 Primeau, L. L. l'1-ters, R.. 1,18 I'lumer, NY. VV.. 111 Primeau, M. A. Ik-tv1's.-11. T. A.. 1119 Piumley. J.w L. P,,i,,,ha,.d' B- MCG., 5 1'e-ierson. A. K.. 167 p"fllfu"n51 5, H-' IM' Pritchard, D. J. 1'ete1'son. B. N. Pollry' l'- W' Pritchard, H. T. 100 - 1 Polak. Rose. 140 pl.i,,,hal.dl H. J' P1 terson Peterson Peterson I elm-rsori let.-1-M111 lhflerson l l 1 1'iel's1v11 ctersnri Peterson l'0te1'son l'm'lersn11 1 1 . L. A.. LCS . C., 166 Corn. 13N , 11. A., 1511 . E. A.. 1011 , F. NV., 95 ' 14 . 1 .,., , I.. K.. 107 . Y. I... ills 1. A. 1-1 Gm-ilon, I-- 1 NV 71 lhiland. P., 131 Molly, 90 Polichn. Pollack, Il. Pnllzick, H.. 5.1 I'11ll0Cli, C. A.. 117 I'ull0Cli, V. Il.. til, 92 Pollock, S. E.. 1-12 I'nlyni:ik H. P.. 111 l'u0l, V. W.. 1110 Pnule. J. G.. 131: Pritchard, J. M., 67 Pritchard. R. O. Probert, J. F., 150 Prochnau, C., 138 Prokopuik, A. J., 142 Proskow, S., 117 Protheroe, D. H. Prnurlfoot, J. A., 15 Proudfoot, R. G. 61 Provost, E. F.. 153 Provost, K.. 102 1 1' 1l'1yIx1'i1lge. S. 1. Poohkay, Peter. 1611 Fviley. R. E.. Pnohkay, WY. M,. 93 Prowse, D. C., 12.4 l'c1rashu5 li, Peter, 101 Pope. E. G. Prowse, H.. 79 IN-trie, l'. A.. T5 Plvpowich, Nivk Prunkl, W. R. l'ettilm11 I"1'iTif01'. IN-ltifnr. Petris. J I'h:11'is. +-, R. G. G. A. tm R. E.. 62 . A.. 1110 111 R. L.. Popplewell. A. L.. 12 Porayko, N. L.. 165 Poraykn, N.. 16-1 Porter, IT. B. 150 I'r11'Yel', K. Porter. L., -12. 205. 122 P'1'yke, E. M.. 13 8 Puchalik. A.. 81 Puchnlik. K.. 81 Puffer. M. A. 223, 20-1, 142 Pullman. E. C.. 131 Purcell, L. P.. 117 1 Phelps, 11. A.. 1231 I'l1ill1ps, A. l"., 207. 151 Porter, Robert. 75 Purkiss, A. G., 130 Phillips, A. H., 14N Porter, Doreen, 206, 157 Pylyfla, P. A. Phillips, 11. IV.. 47, -lb 11-10, Putter, A. E.. 100 Pylypoxv, Henry, 95 1'--1, 124 Potter, A. R. Rylypiuk, E., H5 Phillips, E. I... 150 P'ntte1'. Donald, 2-11, 142 Pyrvz, Alexandra. 117 l'l1ill1ps. F. T., 122 Putter E. L. V., 95 Pyrrz. Sieve. 111 Phillips. Pl. L., 138 Putter, R. E. M., 79 Pybug, W, G, G2 I'h1lli11s, R. S., 'IN Pourlwfiix, VV. E. J., 915 Pliimester, I. G. Pnushinsky, A. Quail, R. i"., 1519 1'i:1r1l, A. R., 13Q Powe, B. A., 50. 52, 12.1 Quitfley. F. H., R2 I'i1'ke1t, 11. E. Powell. J. R.. 132 Ralilmue, S. I., 117 l'1eni111:. Linlwixr 52 Powell. J. E. 1'ie1'1-Q, IQ. R., 11, 100 1611 Powell. N. F.. 70 Rahkin, K. J. l'1e1'c+-, R. M., 150 Powell, R. G.. 148 Rahoud, G. R. l'1ue..11. R. A.. 130 Powers, H. J. 100 Rulsusie, F., 1571 Pilvhv-V. J. A., 4-1. -is 1115, l""nwers, S. 4'., 100 Rncette, P. C.. T5 Powlan. R., R-1 Rzicette, P. T., 207. 161 ..,, - 1, 117 l'ilki11glr1n. 11. l'1l11n, L. II. Predy. J. T., 1.13 I'1111le1' R. S., 100 Preshinir, W. A., 1411. 11' Radford, Leslie C. Reynar, J. A., 163 I'isen1. G. A. Preston. N. K., -11. 122 Rarlford. Lois C., R1 Reynolds, D. V., 52, 122 P11-rell. C. .1. NV. Price, E. F. Ramlley. S. A.. 124 Reynolds, E. A. l'isk111111wicz, J. J. Price. I.. S.. 150 Radysh, J.. 1391 Reynolds, H. F. l'1tt, E. L. Price M. J.. lflx Raffa, J., 109 Reynolds, J. R., 117 l'i1tn1:1n, U. J., 101-1, 111 Price, W. H., 238, 2.59, 242 Rziffa. P. Reynolds, R. G., 52, 98, 146 Prehoy, A. H. Rachert., J. A. 122 Radford. B. A., EUS Ragan, H. S., 151 Ragpr, E. M., 67 204 Raisbeck, G. R., 151 Ramsay, F. W. Ramsay, R. A., 129 Ramsey, C. J. A., 95 Randall, B. M., 138 Randers. C. M., 67 Randle, A. M., 207, 157 Rankin, R. R. Rannard F. W., 109 Raragosky, J. D., 164 Raskin, R. L., 151 Rath, O. J.. 87 Ratke, E. S. Ratsoy, N., 212, 138 Rault, N. A. Rayment., A. F., 109 Rea. D. P., 13151 Rea, W. M. Read. E. A. 140 Read. F. D., 122 Reber, C. A., 167 Redmond. J. L.. 165 Redmond, N., 70 Reed, B. M., 157 Reeder, K. E. Rees, D. L., S6 Retzgin, J. L., 67 Reiber. N, 117 Reichenbaugh, S. M., 1 Reid. C. D. Reid, G. S., 194, 122 Reid, H. A., 109 Reid, J. E., 140 Reid, N. L., 153 Reid, R. G., 153 Reid, R. L. Reikie. R. D., se Reilly. G. A. Reine-lt. E. R.. 151 Reinhold. E. Reist, H. A., 122 38,117 Renner. R. 0. A., 63. 205 Rennie. G. R. Rapp, H. H., 97 fm -1 Retallack, G. P.. 143, 9., 2.0, 4 Reyda, J. DHIRY COmPFil'lY LIfTiITED Quality Dairy Products Are Your Best Food Value . . . and, Woodland Milk, Cream, Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Palm Ice Cream Are Dairy Foods At Their Wholesome Best. Better Dairy Products EDMONTON ALBERTA fo P pllr ' I' If fl-03560 yo Parhfhf' 7' u able I' Paste urized for Your Protection Two Hundred and Ninety-eight Natural GAS ATTRACTIVE ADVANTAGES And Creates Special Opportunities for the Establishment of New Industries and the Expansion of Present Plants in Alberta Albe t s 'Two Natural Gas Utilities serv Homes and Industries at one of th I t t N th A T I-I E c A N A D I A N NORTHWESTERN WESTERN UTILITIES LIMITED NATURAL GAS EDMONTON Co LTD CALGARY THE TREND IS TO Gi-lS 1.10 111-151: H71-3, .4 . , Q.,Q. ff ' IX: 5 - ,fl brll X0 xl? 119 fain f HQUQJSTJ1 4 'FIM iiglfk-HH fxfql 5511171.71- 1 1 15111111 WEEE MEET F iiallmsg M ,11 4 JIEEE if sign S1111 I EV E g 511 11 A '11 .1 111 111.1111I111.111I1111I nl.: me vm 111 A A R'1fE11.1m111!41lIM'I'g 9 "Your Family Shopping Centre" H22 DRAFTING REPRODUCTION SURVEYING1 MATERIAL SLIDE RULES MINUSA DRAWING INSTRUMENTS WYTEFACE STEEL TAPES KeuIleI 81 Esser Co. of New York 7-9 No+re Dame S+. W. Mon+reaI, Que Reyimlds, R. H., 1112. 148 Rr1I1e1'tson. G. R. HH, 161 Roper, J. A., 122 Russell H. J., 186 Rhine, R. L., 1411 Robe1'1sc1u, G. W., 111 Rorke. M. Rub?-QII. J. D., 1015. 122 Rhodes, H. C., 1451 Robertson. O. A., 117 Rorke VV., 11541 Russell, J. G., S11 Rilmlkin, A. NV., 117 Robertson, R. VV.. ST. 160 Rosa. O., 138 Russx-II, P. J,, 48, 12112, 2117, 122 ffiiua. Robertson, VV. A. Rose. B, B.. 166 EUS? R. R in , . ., 751, 125, Ziia 2413 Robin, K. VU VM' 49' 13,4 Rose, F. H. A.. 167 ut1e1-t: . ., 111.1 Richilrdsv A4 G. Robinson' B' C' Rose-borough. J. B., 161. 163 RR. 151 Rffhards' G- Lg, Robinson, 17. 101 goiehmaumg-S Mi-,EL Bd I ' . V' I R21'h1"'f1S- J' 156 Robinson, F. J. 117 ROI? ' ' " 4- Ryan' B' C" , Richzxrrls, I.. S. Robinson G' J. 75, 0Wf11'1111m- B- -- 1 N Ryan. C. A., 138 R11-mmis, R. M,, 1m HUMMOH1 J' L -124 R0S9n1'f'f1fQ"1 M- 5- Ryan, N. V., 2116, 122 R11'h1'l'dS' xv' R' Robinson: P. I, Rosvnthall' AMX' Ryer' J' .. Ri1'ha1'dso11, A. J. Robinson, R, G., 11212 ROSS D- S1 122 1'Y'112f1S1 'I' E" 11' Rivhardson, J. C., 14N llobinson. R. A., 165 RUSS D- H" 14" Rymen' J" 366. Ri1'har1lson. 1.,A,, 11121 Robinson, NV. H. S., 122 Ross, U. v RySIil. E. V.. bl Rif-1111111511111 M. J., IST, lil, 21111 Rnblin, M. K., 122 Ross 1.1: B. G. i V V Am Rim-harilson, Is. E. J., 151 Robson. A. ll.. 151 RUSS 1" A" 1,1 Ralwvlpwskxz' vs" 105 Ri.-111111111, 1: 11., 141 R..11S.1n. 11. L, 111 ROSS H P-- W1 ?f'f11"1If'- 1'- A- R11111Q11, A, W., 15:1 Icoimn, J. H., 1311 ROSS Pl- J-- E16 52101113-A' ,, R11111.-11, R. H., 1112 R1111.011, M. H. ROSS W-A1-,W 5m'I1I"11'- 0- 12" Rmilie. F. M. 1i..1..f.11, w. G. ROSS W- 1- EHf"1'?1- W- ,121 , ,, R1llflIl'. J. 12 Rodman, if. S. R., NT. 241 ROSS.-11, R. 11. A,, 11, 1x 211, ?1"1Ie"- 'I' ",' '1" 121 R111111., w. J., 117, 1113 R.11111ey, J. J., 241 1112. 15:1 22"1'e"' 0- VI- Ridley, F. M., E16 Rodney, VV. Rostziinu, A. J., 1211 Qnrrel' A'.0-- 111 Ridley, 1. R., A. E.. 117 Roth, 1. H. ?f1f"11'11 1- Rif-:I+-l. B. E. Roe, A. 11. F.. 75 Rf1111'1,e, L. 2101311 M-- 166 , Ri.-gm' mi. 11. une. 11. J. M. 122 Rousseau. C., 117 iak'111'5k1" E1-,,11' Rie-mer, C. L., ISIS R111-, H. L, Rousseau, L. Raks' Deun'.1'1I . Riley, J. G. Roe, H. 1. Rousseau, R. J.. 1112 Rakumotof 1" 5" 111, Riley, v. v.. e1::. 2114 Roe, M. C., 1:11 R011111, G. 1... 151 ?1"1'm11"'1'f.k- W2 15" Rimmer, R. w. R...-, R. H. M., 211. 122 Routledge, R. H. ?1"a"5I'1'- 1- M--,141 R111f11...e. 1x A, 11. 1z...1,11v11. J. s., 1:15 Rowhotham, M. E. 122 Ealmon: -I' 11- 1-1 Ripley, J. E., 117 R01':e1's, H. F. Rowe, A. L.. 75 Ran' W' R' Ris11Ie1', V, L. Rnirnis, Harry F., 153 Rowe, M. E. Quhell' J' A' R1.111e1-, 1.. o. 111111.11-3, 1.. L1.. 1:11 Rowe, R. R., 1132 ?1"110"',R' - R111-11111, J. 12,, 12 Rogers. S. R., 167 Rowley, T. B, Ramuelh' 11" II' Riufhie, M. E.. 111, 1. 3.1. ix. R.11f 13. H., 42, 117 R.1w1..11.1, J. W. iamuelg-.1-'.2'1,, Ritz-hie, 11 11., 111 Rollins, R., 711 R01111111-E-9. J. cz., ins Q1"1d"' W N- -'R Ritvhie, R. fx R.11.1011, W. H.. 151 RUXI1111-gh. P. ri. E11""ema"- E- M- E-1 'If' Rivzi, VV. J.. 1535 Romanvhuk, John, 122 Roxburizh, R. VV., 167 bHHf'Pn1E-J- R1...r.1. P. J.. 11111 R.1ma11.111111,, s, Roy, cs. w., 14s bumlen- W- 1- Rix, ll. A., 111 RoI11-rts. Cl. O., 1.111 Roberts, G. NV. Roberts, M. L.. H0 Roberts P. M. Roberts, S. S., 96 Rohr-rtson, A, T.. 1011 Rohnrtson, A. J., 1:11 Rolwrlson, ll. E., 117 Robertson. D. S.. '111 Robertson, E. H. R.. 911 Robertson, G. L., 116 Robertson. G -1 1 . M., 1.111 Romanick, VV. Romaniuk, A., 2211, 11111 Romaniuk, J,, 1228 Ronaghun, F. A,, 153 Ronaghun. K. R. Ronde-let, M. R. Ronden C. P. Rnnn. E. J., 157 Ronn. L. B.. 117 Ronn, N., 2115, 117 Rockwood, R. M.. 1-I3 Rooney. P, G.. 124 Roper, D. M., 206, 165 Rubbelke, H. M.. 1l1R Rudin, A, Rudkiu R. A., 122 Rudkn, C., 1-10 Rudko, O. D., 142 Ruclink, M. NV., E16 Rufcnzxch, H. O. Runck, A. W., 117 Rupp. A. W., 117 Rupp. I. B. Ruptash. John, 153 Russ, M.. 137 Russell, A. H. Three Hundred Sandeiirarth, L, E. Sanderson. E. S.. 122 Sandilands, R. H. Snndin, M. Sands, M. L., 207. 1110 Sanlxster. C. H. Sziprovich, W., 1-11 Saslow, H.. 117 Satunove, A., S6 Sather, H. A. Saucier, S, D.. Sauder, E. E. Sauder, M. L., 12, gn., 111 2115, 157 Saunders. J. C. Saunders. L. E. Saville, H. S. Sawatzky, D., 117 Sawdon, L. J.. 166 Sawka, E.. 165 Sax. F. D.. 151 Seifert, A. P. Seldon, P. J.. 137 Selezinka, NY.. 1-11 Sellzind. F. H., 117 Se-meluk. G. P. Semeluk, N. A. H., 1-121, 117 Semenchuk, W. M., 167, 11121 Semple, J. M.. 117 Scarborough. J. M. B.. 151 Scheelar. M. D. Senrrcr. F. J. Se-nych, M.. lflx 3525152 tg' S" 153 Settle. J. R., 75 Schindeler, A. S. A.. 11,19 2?"?df3 1- Schlader R. A. 291131 ' 21" 1 1. S h -dt' R 150 bhanclrn X. J.. 1h.. qchmldt' T"H'f,6 Shaner, 11. K.. 2111. 133 gghfqngidgl, F if - shanuitmm.. c. Ii.. 1:11. 1:3 Schonert. R. C.. 79 Nl Schooling, L. R.. 75 Qhfww, 'H sfhtiihn, w., 131- J' Wi 111 Schulte. L. J., 151 2 Q ' " fu , Schultz. F. G., 167 Phan" V E" 3""1 11' sfhum. 11. s.. 135 ibm' U '31 ,,., Schwartz. A. Shaw. 11. lx. 1-- Schwarz, H. A. J., 84, F6 Shaw' H' - sch..-at-Z, M. A.. 226, 12: Qhfmj- I- Bl- 111 Schweitzberxr. C. G.. 1311 illftf- gi"K1l'.., Schwindl. G. W.. ics Qhjmy V' Q" H" Scotland. VV, A. N 'N' ' L' Shearer. D. Scott. A. P.. 35. 37, 124 Scott, A. M.. 122 Scott. Fred. 53. 117 Herhr-rt, 111 Scott. Scott, J. H., 131 Scott. J. 166 Scott. K. P., 51, 146 Scott. K.. in Scott. L. F. Scott, N. F., 75 kott, S. M. Scourzall. H., 117 2114, 1... Scouirull. L., ,111-1, 117 Sr-oupzall, M., 1114, 1.1. Scraulir. R. D.. 1631 Scrimlzeour. J. H. C., 1 Scrumxs. 19. G., T.. Seaner. NY. H.. 153 Seale, M. E.. 633 Senle, M. E.. 152 Searle, E. Sears. M., 52, 107 Sears. S., 117 Seaton. R. A. Se-nth, L. G. G., 109 Swgall, H. 111.. 117 Shearer. N. J.. 2116. 1117. 111.1 Shearer, R. A.. JH. 157 Sheckter S S Shector. Shetltlen, E. H. .- Sheeran, K. P., 1.-1 Shelenko, D. F. D. VV. E.. 111-1 Shelton. Shvmanchuk, J. A.. 11111 Shep. D. J. L. Sheithae-rd. G. Sheppartl, L. XY.. 12-1 Sheptyki, S. M. 1611 11., 11331 Sherhaniult, 11. -1, 7.51. 133 Sherlpaniul-Q, R. W., 7.11, T3 '73 Sherematzl. A.. 112 Sherlock, E., lil Sherman. A. E. Sherman, G. 1-., 111 Sherman, S. A. E. Sherriif, I". S., 131 Sherwood, F., 111 Sh:-wchuli. H. XY Shewchul-1 H. N.. 117 Shewchuk, VV.. 141 Shewell, M. A. Shields. J. A. M. 162 Shier. D. M., 75 Shikaze, B., 1111 Shillaheer. J.. E13 Shipley. G. R.. 1511 S-hnitka. T. K., 75 Shore. E. M. Shore, H. S16 Short, 1. F., 2115. 1151i Shortlitfe. E. fi.. 33. 1511 161 Sh1v1't1'eer1. J. VV. K., if Shoulclice. 17. H.. 46. 7.1 Slwimiiton. J. S. Shurni:tt1'hex'. J., 151 Slmydlnwski NV.. 122 Shymltu, F.. 98 Shymkn, X.. 117 Sibley. J. U.. 122 Sitljnk, L., 111 Sifigak, N. SirlJ:ik, XV., 131 Sidor. N. P. Sitlorkn, O.. 171i Siiral. J. J. Sillal. S. J. 75. 124 Siksworth. M. J., 111111 111 1.1" Sifrurclson, 1Y. E.. 1' Sikol, J. D. Sikora. J., 11. Silk, E. F.. 21 Sillito M. T. ir? PVT' 1-71 f 2 2 ,. Q, Sills, VV. R. Siluch 73 Q" . . K. A.. Simbalist, E. oz 3 P!!! 333 333 203 D35 TTY' WFUFI 35105 Simmons, . Simon. H. P. Simnnson, S. D. Simiwun. J. E.. 11. Simpson. K. M. Simpson. VV. J.. 1112 V1 Sirnlmin. . A., xH Sunni. M. Sinclair. 11. H., ...i, X lV1 Sinclair. M. ., sl Srnclail' R. fl., 117 Sinclair, XV. R., NL, 1'17 Sinclair. VV. T.. 1311 Sinner. NY. L.. HT Sinuleton. H. lt., 111 . 2211, 4'1" 1-ll. 2111 Skaskow, VV., 122 Skakun. J.. 141 Ske-ne. J. S., 161 Skirrow, E, A. 111-1 Skirrow, S. J., 96 Skirten, H. YV.. T11 Skitch. VV. R., -ii, 11 Sliitskn, NV. Sklar. J.. 151 Sknropall. NV. P., 11111 Skorupsky, L. J., 137 Skulsky. P. 13x Sliwairok. Rev. J. J. Sliwarnk, R. L.. H-1 . . , Slater, 11. H., gli, 1 Slemlto, M. 1.. liix ls Slvmko, NV., 14S Slettenlzihl. E. J., 1119 Slipli. L. G., 112 Small, A. lilx Small. J., 171K Smart, P'.. 121k Smart, NV. f'.. 131 Smerek. A. Smith A. D., 111 Smith Angus J.. 15h Smith A. VV. Smith Art J., 11111 Smith A. M.. 2114, 15. Smith A. E., 2111, 111. Smith B., 111 Smith B. VV. Smith C". Il.. 11111 Smith. D., 511, 515 Smith, D. 516 Smith, D. H. Smith, D. lf. Smith E. I.. J., N7 Smith E. A. Smith F. H. Smith F.. 1-ll Smith G. NY., 11511 Smith Gordon VV., 61 Smith H. 11. 191, 21111 Smith H. H. Smith H. M. Smith 1. E.. 141 Smith J. E., 1Zl1i Smith J. S., 2117. 17.7 Smith J. A. L. Smith J. li., 141 Smith J. R. 125, 123 Smith J. T. Smith K. A.. 91 Smith L. K. H 1T1ESSHGE:--- To Me wrdergraduafe . . We are looking torward to meeting you next tall. To fire waduafe I I I U I I . . . We wish you every good tortune . . . and we welcome your TUCH SHCJP PHHRITIHCY Three Hundred and One We Have Intere ts YOU W E V i 3 Q 5 A QF? 1' BPH - '-...H f" r'-' 19 vu'--H.-sf 4', X f 557 IB67 In Common wifh your family, friends, neighbours, all share in 'lhe progress of your communify. The shops, fhe grocery and drug sfores you deal wifh, your local church, school, police and fire sfafions, confribufe fheir share, foo. So does fhe local branch of fhis Banlc. provide you wifh complefe banking services. We cash your family allowance and pay- cheques. We receive your deposifs, safeguard your savings. We help you wifh a Personal or Business Loan when needed. Our local Manager enioys a friendly business call. We have inferesfs in common. Come in and see us any fime. THE CA ADIA BANK OF CO MERCE Smlill- L- M- Spencer R. A., 47, 48, 102, Sterling, B. Strum H. A.. 143 bl?--El651q 146. 180 Stevenson, I. C. M., S-1 St1'uzySiki,gE. P. -ml . . .. 1 L S encer, W. R. - fffyml H. - Smith. M. A., 220, 141 siievaifaw, 113 Q' iff" 141 Stubb. 0. C.. 167 Smith M. F. R.. 96 Spila, A. Qtewlwt' D' 0' 75 137 Stults, C. L. Smith. N. A., 81 sp-11191, K. J. E,e,,,a,.t' G' G" 1.5 Sturrock. J. 213, 124 Smith, N. E., 138 Spillios. N. G.. 138 Stewart J' B" 123 Sturrock, R. F. Smith. N. B. Spilsted. R. N., 130 Stewart' 15' 775 Suey, V., 34, 35 Smith. N. R. Spread, K, J., 109 Qtewqrt' Nr' J S193 Sugiura, Y. Smith, R. A. spring, M, A, Ete,,,f,,.,' if E" ' Sullivan, D. W.. 141 Smith, R. F.. 151 Sproule B. J., 163 Stewart' R' 75 Sullivan, M. M., 118 Smith. R. W., 212. 141. 151 Sproule, M. C., 205. 166 Stewart' wi R" Summers M. G., 107 Smith V. w.. 1:2 Sprung. s. G.. 205, 157 Et,.,,.,,,.,' W' ,G Q7 summers. T. E., 195 Smith, T. E., 13S Squair, J. HW 113 Z ' ' " ' Sutermeister. P. C., 13x Sml'h'wlndS0l'- Bw 152 Sfllllfe- R- En 151 Etiwnelic 14-. Sutherland, D. R., 100, 228 smme... 1... 153 Stabbavk. J. G- sfllii 'E 'b 3, suiheriand. D. A., 42. 131 Smoliak. S.. 111 Stacey, M. B. 133 7 gi' ' " A' Sutherland, K. M., 115 Smuland, H. Sneath. D. M., 98 Snell. M. L., 164 Snow L. E. F. Snowball, J. W., 79 Snowdon. T. W., 118 Snyder.V. P., 93 Soderberg. C. E., 138 Soklofske. A. W., 162 Sokoluk. B. G., 138 Soldan. S. R. 242 Soley, R. O., 79 Soley. R. L., 67 Soloway. L. Soprovich. W. Sollanych, V. L., 124 Somerville, D. B.. 207, 166 Somerville. P. N. 124 Sommerfeldt., T. G., 109 Soneff, J., 14: Southzate. N. D.. 166 Southwood. K. R., 143 Sovereign. A. E., 122 Spacey. S. Spackman. P. N. 1610, 164 Spackman, G. E., 1192 Spackman. G, L., 148 Spur-kman. R. R.. SG S17:1f'lN. I. C.. 67. 184 Spal-Q, F. E. 13h Spaner. B. Spark, W. 130 Spedding. N. M., 167 Speedie, N. D.. 131 Spence. D. E., 204, 113 Spence. E. M. Spence. R. A., 100 Spencer, J. F. T., 111 Stacey, S., 96 Stack, E. D., 43. 128, 130 Stafford, J. R. Stainfzer. G. G., 13S Stainton, A. E. Stainton, W. J. 122 Stan. J. Stanley. R. F.. 163 Stanley. W. H. Stansberry, J. W. Staples, J. C., 86 Stinson. B.. 164 Stock, M. M., 167 Stockwell. D. G., 239, 133 Stodalka, A. A., 151 Stokoe, M. E., 141 Stolee, E. K., 118 Stolee E.. 141 Stollery. R., 153 Stoltz. M. L., 141 Stone. R. P.. 106, 109 Stonehncker, I. P., 111 Storcer. J.. 123 FU Suthe 1 37 5 Q: 1.: ro 1- 1:. on Sutherland . L.. 220 2-12, 123 mmmwmwznm 22222422 wmmwmamf '2:1::1:m:'.:. :1:::1o'r2e !V""3 IDF' 'F' I pjF'9!?i?i-Z 4 P'f"F'SFQf'm:o ...A H, Q13 as Q w ..- O: D3 Suthe rland. . W.. 79 Starkey, R. G., 91 , V 5, t m J- W' smrmt. J. 0., 10:1 NOWY- F' -7" 141 5fl.::.,?,2,.,,, M, Eu gg StautTer E. R. Staysco, Staysko. . .. ..- Steed, E.. 141 Steed, J. R. B., 133 Steedman. J., 133 L. A. R F 1'1 Stott. J. R... 217, 242 Stout. M. H. 151 St. Pierre. E. J., 138 St. Pierre. L. E., 118 Strain. B. J. Strange. J. W., 153 Stratte. G. A., 124 Sweezey. M. W., 139 Swerdya. S., 123 Swiniarski, W. J., 212 swityk, P.. 131 Switzer. I., 123 Sylvest. K. O.. 123 Steen' W' I' M'- NS- 162 Stratton, J. J., RZ. 125 Sister Anne 1Yvonne Toycannei Meer G' A' C' Stratton, D. K., 163 Sister Bonnie, Mary Lucile Steeves. S. L.. 15111, '2 Stratton, M., 141 Sister Mary Chisholm Steeves, W. W. Strashok P., 148 Sister Cecilia Clermont Stefanelli, J., R6 Strate. G. E., 190, 190 Sister Nora Cummins Stefanick. G. Street. G. W., 162 Sister Joan de Grace Stefanik. S. P., 130 Strelioff, M. G.. SS Sister St. Michel Cunningham Ste-Ffensen, A. C., H1 Stretton, H. W.. 75 Sister Anne Alice Daly Steinbring. G. B. 143 Stretlon, J. A. J., 153 Sister Mary Edith lEva Stelmanschuk, P. T. Strickland, J. M., 165 McCulloughJ U Stamp, W. H. Strickland. M.. L., 91 Sister Genevive du Rosa1re Stella, J. H., 138 Strilchuk. I. E.. 38 90 1H0chhausen, Genevive Annai Stephens, J. S. Strilchuk. K., 164 Sister M. Winifred lDowns, Jul1ei Stephens, R. E.. 184. 123 Stronxr, B. M., S9 Sister Hague Marie Therese Stephenson, A. Stronz, M. V., 67 Sister M. Irene flfitzfzerald, Irenel Stephenson, A. I.. 90 Stroshein, W. Sr. Mary of the Immaculate Heart Stephenson A. R. J. Strother, R.. 79, 238. 242 Sr. Mary Rose 1Leahy. M. MJ Stephenson. B. H.. 167 Stephenson. J. A. Stroud, E. L.. 151 Stroud. L.. 164 Three Hundred and Two Sr. M ary Grace fRnzick. A-1 Sr. Shea Marie Theresa Taciuk. J. R., 167 Taciuk. H. A. Taciuk, W., 148 Tailfeathers, A. Tailleur, L. J.. 130 Tait, G. M. Tait. R. F. Tanasiuk. E., 113 Tandberfr. J. M., 139 Tanner, E. B., 60. Bl, 230 Tanner. K. G., 42. 20-1, 226. 123 Teviotdale, A. E., 205, 124 Teviotdale. D. R. W.. 148 Tharp. R. S., 131 Theiss. A. J., 130 Thom, H. M. Thomas, H. I. Thomas. P.. 96, 212 Thomas. W. N. P. G. A. Thomarf-. Thomas-Peter, M.. 118 Thomeysson, G.. 148 Tanner. W. H. R.. 212, 118 Thomason' K4 Tarlo' T' AH 142, Thompson. A. T.. 205 Tarney- D' GU 13-l Thompson. A. C. Tataryn' B' V" 109 Thompson B A.. 113 Taylor, A. I.. 207. 123 'Thompson C. R. Taylor. A. G., 118 Thompson 17 C.. 67 Taylor, A. L., 167 Thompson D. E.. 113 Taylor. C. T. Thomson. 11. M.. 123 Taylor, E. L., 118 Thompson E. N. Taylor. E.. 141 Thomson. E. E., 123 Taylor. H. G., S7 Thompson. E. A. Taylor. H. E., 157 Thompson E. G. Taylor, J. D. Thompson F S. B, 153 Taylor, J. E.. 163 Thomson. J.. 123 Taylor. J. E.. 167 Thompson J. W., 76 Taylor. J. B.. 96 Thomson, J. E. J., 111 Taylor. J. E. Thomson, J. M. Taylor, J. G.. 204. 123 Thompson. S. E., 212 Taylor. K. M., 166 Thompson S. E.. 212 Taylor, K. G.. 109 Thompson, S. E., 167 Taylor, K. D. Thomson. W. F., 107 Taylor. E., 123 Thomson. W. G.. 79. 12? avlof- - - Thorne. S. M. Taylor- N- W-- 32? Thornton. B. H., 167 Taylor, N. T. Thornton. J. A.. 109 Taylor. R. E.. 119 Thornton' R' H- Taylor' R- JH 151 Thnrogoorl. 1. E., 40. 47. Taylor. R. M., 102 244 24,4 Taylor. R. N.. 75 Thm.l,e,'MA F4 Taylor. R. A., 96 Thnrsley' A4 J' Parlor- V- J- Thnrsley, L. L.. 102 Tchir. W. Thorsness. J. A.. Ss Teare, F. VV. Thorson. T. D., 96 Tebby. J. U., 102 Thurber. R. C. Teelinxr. J. A., 141 Thurston, L. J., 133 Telford. E., 166 Tirlsbury. A. D. Tellefson, H., 139 Ticlshury. W H. Temcfeychuk. W. S.. 1422 Tidswell. G. E.. 123 Tempest. M. S. Tidy. W. K.. 14Q Templeton. C. W., 16, 234 Tiffin, H. R.. 75 Terentiuk. F., 69 Tillemann, P. D., 67 Te-rlicki, H. Territf. D. F.. 62 Teskey. H. J., 107 A.. 96 Tinuley. G. Tinney, P. E.. 207. 163 Tipper, R. XV.. 143 49, 16, 'The Smartest Fashions on the Campus usually traceable to Edmontonls own Store IOHNSTONE WALKER LTD. "Established l886" Tkachuk, N., 139 Tkachyk. M. A., 11S Tobin, A. M. Todd. J. R.. 14S Toller. P. M. A., 164 Toller. W. E. Tomaschuk. T. Tomlin, G. A. Tomlinson. W. G.. 109 Tomkins. G. A. Tunhey, C. L., 67, 207 Tookay. K. NV. Tools. VV. J.. 233. 131 Torrhinsky. B. B. Torrance. K. J., 96, 220 2-13 Torrie. J. E.. 16-1 Torrie. R. M.. 162 Tory. E. M.. 115 Toshach, E. A., 1131 Totten. D. E. Tnurhette. P. L.. 139 Toupin. H. M., 164 Tnurnay. S. A.. GR, 19:1 Towers, J. J. Townsend, L. M., 142 Trasov. G. E. Trauh. G. E.. 151 Travis, G.. 143 Trembley. O. G., 165 Trimble. T. J.. 151 Trimble, XV. C., 151 Trotimuk. T. J.. 123 Trollope-, F. H., 123 Trott. G. E.. 11S Trotter, M. I.. 165 Trottier, R. R., 14S Trouth. N. S., 153 Troyer. J. G. Trueman, E. G.. 11S Trussler. R. S.. 1551 Tuvker, J. M. Tupper. J. E., 130 Turcotte-. H. D., 91 Turcotte. M. L.. 205. ITN Turlock. XV. P. Turner, R. W., 123 Turner. VV. E. Tustin. T. G.. 100 Tye, YV. H., 143 Tyler, F. H.. 36. 9 Tyler, VV. G. Tymchuk. C.. 96 Tyrrell. C., 153 7 Uilvel, J. YV.. 153 Ulnsovetz. V. Ulmer, E. Ulmer, H. F.. 65 Unilmvh. Underhill. A. G.. 153 R. H., lal Underhill. E. G.. 47, 49, 244, Umlt-l'l'1lll, R. A., 153 Uncle-rhill, R. VV., 151 Uniat. H. M. Unrath. A. H.. 130 Urrh. M. L.. 51'-. R9 Urmlal. M. L., 123 Urmlal, L. R., 97 Urquhart, K. D.. 63, '12 Urschel. A. R., Q9 Urton. R. A.. T9 Usher. C. L.. 111 Usher, D. J.. 38, 166 Usher, VV. D., 153 Ustina. F.. 13S lftas, M. VV. Utley. E. VV.. 138 Vail, G. D.. 123 Vallance. P. S. Vanalstine. R. S.. 163 Van Camp. H.. 153 Vanuo, P, M.. 207. 164 Van Der Lee, E. W. Van Hees. B. C. Vzinner. NV. E.. 131 Van Oostdam. C. H. Van Tlyzhem. F. P., 76. 223. Varvis. C. J.. 119 Venaasen. O., 167 Venance. C. E.. 139 Venance. L. A.. 139 Verag. A.. 131 Vere-S, J. Verge. M. J., GR, 204 Verne, R. XV. Verszhese. J. Verhulst. V. C. J.. 134, 139 Vernon, VV. R. Veronneau, M. V.. S1 Vetsch, F. G. Vickerman, R. H. Virkery, M. E.. 165 Vic-kery, A. M.. 139 Villett, G. A. Virtue, C. G. Virtue-. W. NV.. 14.1. 153 Votzhell. L. P.. '37 Voisin, P'. D.. 204 Volney, E. S.. 166 Voss. E. V.. 123 Voysey, E. E., 139 ft Three Hundred and Three 157 124 1Vachnow, L. M.. 139 VVachnow, VV. L. Wachowich. M. M., 167 NVack0. XV. J., 123 1Vacnwich. A. B. 1Vacowicl'i, P. J.. 139 Vvadlilell, F. E.. 206, 166 Waddell, VV. S. Vlfadey. G. M.. 139. 231 Waclson. G. W., 118 1Vax:ner, E. M., 90, 205 VVHlIner, NV. D. 1'V:u:ner, F. G., 109 W'ahl. H. E., 69 1Y:1l1, N. A. 1V:1k:il, M. F.. 153 1Vakelyn. B. J.. 3s, 165 W':1lashyn, J., 1-I1 1Valfliv, A. lf., F6 XValker, . H., 69 IQB XValker, . H. Walker, .. x4 Walker, A. E. VValker, A. E. NV., 1321: 1V2llli9r, 121. G.. 109 1Valker, E. R., 123 VValk0r, E. YV.. 111 1Valker, G. l'. VVz1lke1'. G. NV. Walker, L. I.. U31 1Y:4lkf-r, R. li., 99 VV:ilke1'. VV. U. Wzullace, A. M. VVall:tre, M. M., 1-11 VVallace, R. R.. 167 A 1Y:ilker, A. R., 100 A A Wallhridge. J. 17, G.. 100, 1441 L. l.. P. Vtallin, H. A.. 139 VVallman, R. R. 1Valrath, C. A. Walsh. J. P. XYalsh, T. J.. 191. 123 1Valter. VV. I.. 123 Walton. VV. B. Wannalmal-wr, F. F., 137 1Van:imaker. J. T. Wanat, VV.. 151 F 123 wma.-. 5:5251 :.:::::xx -1-1-1-1-1 n.a..:.:.::. 19357920 .A ' mrfl:-I5 . 4 U, mmm s--1 mi IJ Ward. 1Varclvn, L. R. VVarflvn, M. J.. 165 VVarhaft, H. H. W'ark, R. R. XV:irne. G. A. M. 1V:mrner. D. H., HN VV:irnke, H. C. Warren, L. E.. 131 Vl':irren. M. E.. 198, 1251 NVurshawski. E.. T6 Wzii-shawski. F. G., N6 XYarwaruk. R. J., 100 Wzise-lenrhuk, W. G. VVas'uta. E. S.. 91 Wasuitua. L.. Q2 XVasyIewsky, A.. 124 VVatvrman, H. L. Waterman. R. A. Watkins, G. W., 130 VV:l1son, XVI-114011. VV:iQson. VVatson. Watson, D. E. D. R., 234. 131 D. J.. 139 R. H.. T6, 234 V. B. Watt. VV. G., 151 'ntts. 11 G. F., 11S XVawrykoW, J. G. ' J L Q0 NN ay, . Xvelih. D. A.. 193, 163 Wvelili. D. C.. 151 1Veber, A. XVehh, E. V.. Si. 100, 183 VVe-hher. VVehl'Jet'. VVS-beter, XVedder. H. VV.. 109 H. J. E. B. VV. G. V1'ecler, M. VVeekes, H. V.. 52 YVQLIRS. G. G.. 1519 Vlfeeks, R. A.. 124 VVeir, Ci. VV:-zir. E. VVS-ir, J. VVeir. M. Weir. N. VVeir, R. Vlfeisuerb 1Veisser. H.. 151 M.. 207 R.. 113 J., 205. 123 C. G.. E3 er, P.. 109 G. H.. 102 1VeitZ. H. VVelclon. H. A., 142 VVells. A. VVellS. D. VVells. G. R. J., -12. S0 C., 224. 124 wen.. R. J. NVelSh, 1-x. R.. 14S VVelsh, K. F., 1219 VVelsh. VV. D.. S0 1Vylf1. R. C. Xvelykochy, J., 68 Wendt. L. F., 97 Nvendt, R. A. NVei'bisky. A. J.. 141 XYesolowski, F., 167 VVesolosWski. M. J.. 164 West, B. A. West, G. P.. 143 NVest, D. R.. Mi NVeston, R. E. Weston, R. S. VVestrup, O. XVetherell, S. R. VV-etmore. J. H. VVe1tei'. R. E.. 123 Wetter, VV. J., 1-11 Wheatley. M. V. M. Vifheeler, A. M., SH, 20-1 Wheeler, K. A., 123 NVhe-eler, G. L. Whenham. D. C.. 100 VVhetstone. S. S.. 115, 1-iS 1fVhitakel', J. E.. 130 Vi'hite A. G.. 14S NVhite F. T. VVhite. J. V.. 131 XVhite, N. L., 206 NVhite, M. S., 141 1Vhite, N. J.. 166 VVhite R. C. XVhite R. T. White W J Whitehead. A. L.. 153 Whitehead. J. P. NVhitelaw, J. A.. 97. 217 WVhitely, R. D. Whitmore, G. D.. 163 NVhitney. E. L.. 70 VVhittaker, E. 1, Whittles, H. M. Whitney. W. H. VVhit!red, N. E., 11R VVhyte. R. S. H. Wianuko. M. 139 Vtfiber, J. R.. E.. 143 NVick, L. B.. 123 1Yicl-tett. NV. A. J VVie-rhorek. S. .. 115 Wie-ns, W, P. NViese, A. L., oo. B1 11'ie" ss, - f. . M. XV.. -IS. 139 u u Nhixnzlns. E. H., JIT, 123 Wizrins. G. A. Wiggins, R. L. 1Yiuht, X. J.. 163 1Vihali, F.. -12, 226, 163 VVIIQOX, A., 139 1VilCoX. L. 15. 1Yllt1e. M. F.. 111 VVil1le. R. H.. 151 1fVildm:in, P. J., 634, 207 Wiles, R. W., 76 Wilfart, M. C.. 142 Wilkie, A. J. Wilkes, R. T., 107 Wilkie. C. S. Wilkin. F. L. Wilkins, J. Willcox. R., 139 Willett. D. E., 11S Williams. Williams. , 142 VVilli:ims, . M. Williams, 5595 E-'Pm -,H A CD 5555 5555 5555 mono wp P 5 W'i1liams, L., 64 Williams. L. M., 139 Williams. S. A. 6 191 Williamson. D. M.. 1194. Williamson. H. D. VVillis, A. C., 11S Willis. A. E. Willis. K. L.. 38. 39. 500. 20 141 Willis, R. C., Willms, A. M. VVi1lson. A. M.. 205, 123 99 5555555 Qoaooao FPFFFPF nonwoven? rFS:2ww QQH.-L Fwzrz 5 -l Ili sees O O O O FF' :P F9999 pee U. J r-1 C15 - H OJ - VVilson. J.. 91 Wilson. L. VVilson. B., 163 Wilson. J.. 16a Wilson, . F., 124 Wilson. F., S0 W VVils-on. J. S., 139 Wilson. K, N.. S11 Wilson. R. W., 62 Wilson. P. T. Wilson. R. D., P-6 XVilson, S. M.. 205, 157 Vifilson. T. E.. 139 Wilson. T. E. VVilson, T. M.. 101 Wilton, H. W. VViltZ'.-ii, A. 0. Winchester, A. M. VVintls0k, C. L. VVinrlso1', G. E.. lli., XYinning, M. P. Wintertun, J. A. -1 5 2,222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 5-J-2543-3-3-32339.3333333333333333333 235353-?:"::7"7" 22315:gr-gg-Egg-35+-vig-n.g'n.n.n.3-n.n.n.n.a.a.a.p.n.n.,Q3ggga-g-2,2223 "'...-. -1-1'-0 "'?'1D' v' """' ":r Owe.. nrxcgua QQ?-,,Q,fgOE'5fgf'9,'QZSgglyllgguungwg, mggggfff- Fug -..-'vfoo' C1-'FJ-q mr'-gm. pwSmrPnggQ'SP'5mxixPF-mQnQ2gQrs?p'1F?-5'e -.1 Qs.:-'F ef.-'Q 2-5 . ere..-aw - .-lercwe 2:5 rf-:::':-5 if :dig new eS2'Qi'o mms 55 wg? :m SSW I 2222222 '5 :.:.:.:,:. E15-nnnnm f-rn 77377 ' ffr'f"s':'r'. Wgrsownf 9mFwn2or "f' I' I-1 2EZ:f,w to 9 P' F11 Wylie. J. A.. 167 Wylie, J. T., 123 Wyman. B. Wynnyk, A .. 6-1 WVynnyk, J. P.. 115 Wynnyk. VV.. 11s ivy.-Stink, W. Yates. A. B. G. Yeomains, F. M. . X ,- 1 el' an .. R ' 1 A 1 1 J. . .I f ,f P L L , . . 1 . Resideni Siudenis Go All Ou-Y for I. S. S. Three Hundred and Four Yacey. O. Yackulic, C. A. Yakimowich, L., 151 Yann Yanchuk, M., 139 Yanda, R. E.. 118 Yanda. R. L., 123 Yaremco, E. W., 131 Yates. A. P. G., 141 Yates, G. A., 166 Yates. G. C. Yaworsky, M. G., 61, 97 Yeates, J. L.. 61 Yelle. E., SS Yeomans. C. E., 212. 141 Yeomans, F. M. Yonkers, L. D., 139 York. M. C.. 118 York. N. J. C., 206, 157 Yoshida, N. Youme, 123 Young. D. R. Young. I. L. Young, I. S. Young. J. R. Young. J. E.. 163 Young, J. K. Young, M. S. Young, P. M. Young. P. R., 141 Young, R. G.. 61 Young. V. T. Younger, K. S. Youngren, C. E.. 123 Youngs, C. G.. 99 Younie, J. M, Younie, G. R. Yule, G. R., 64, 206 Yurkiw, P., 151 Yurko, M., 151 Yurko, W. J. Yusak. W.. 143 Yusep. J., 97. 219. 240 Zacharias, I. 1., 163 Zacherl, W., 162 Zahary. S., 139 Zalesky. C., 130 Zerr. L. C., 148 Zzursky, S. Zimmerman. G. E.. 11N Zinter, W. K.. 64 Zowtiak, J., 45, 49. 151 164 Zobrey, J., Zuck. B. A.. 93 Zuidema. J. Zukerman, D.. 109 Zuten. B. I., 164 Zwarick, I.. 130 Zwick, V. Zytaruk. G., 1-12 X :SWRNSNS '- wN,xgsX .AwQ5HwQWM? . .,WSQXia. f- :,: 1 .,-. ,, 'jiS?,.f . i-ti . i ' ...X ng: - i Xxx ' rd A familiar Figure ls Reg l.isTer sTill There? This seems To be The TirsT quesTion any U. of A. alumnus asks. Who is This Mr. LisTer and where did he come Trom. Reg is The shorT, pudgy, good-naTured resid- ence superinTendenTg wiTh an ever-ready smile, a commenT or perhaps even a sTory To Tell. IT your TaTher wenT To This UniversiTy Reg can probably guoTe you his room number, his girl Triends' names, and even The number oT Times he annoyed The warden. Digging around in The pasT, we Tind ThaT The l.isTer Tamily oT Hingham, NorTolk, England was blessed wiTh a son, Reginald, on December 3l, l89l lalmosT a New Year Babyl. This wee lad grew inTo a raTher shorT, plump youngsTer who became a house boy in one oT Englands larger privaTe homes unTil l908. IT was Then ThaT he came To Canada To seek his TorTune and Took To Tarming near Camrose where he sTayed Tor Two years. On CoronaTion Day, l9Il he sTarTed work on The U oT A. campus wiTh The consTrucTion gang building AThabasca Hall. ln The Tall oT l9l2 Reginald wenT home, arrive ing There in Time To celebraTe his TwenTy-TirsT birTh- day. ln April, I9l3 he reTurned To The land oT his adopTion only To leave iT again in l9I6 wiTh a Field Ambulance UniT oT The Canadian Army. On OcTober IO, l9l7, Reg married Lillian Priscilla Dyball in Holy TriniTy Church, Norwich, England. AT The war's end, Reg reTurned lwiTh his bridel To EdmonTon where They raised a Tamily oT Three lall graduaTes oT our UniversiTyl. CaTherine and Joyce graduaTed in House Ec. in I94l and l948 respecTively: while Ronald became an Agri- culTure Alumnus in l946. During The war years of l94l-45 Reg was wiTh The AirTorce as Barrack Warden where he meT many Tellows who were desTined several years laTer To reTurn To Those old halls as UniversiTy sTudenTs. They were all Tamiliar names and Taces To Reg despiTe The span of years and change oT aTTire. During his ThirTy-Tour years on The campus, Reg has encounTered innumerable odd experiences oT which he can relaTe many a Tale. lvlany oT These Tales have been Told To Those who have been Tor- TunaTe enough To make his acquainTance, buT The greaT maioriTy remain gems Tor his quieT reminis- cing. To ThaT liTTle man who meeTs you Trom a TilTed swivel chair wiTh a ready smile and a ready wiT we say, "Thanks a million Reg, Tor making our sTay in residence iusT a bif more comTorTable and a loT more pleasanT. Yes, when we say he is shorT we reTer only To his sTaTure. Three Hundred and Six Gratitude As anoTher yearbook rolls oT The press and The memories oT one more year aT The UniversiTy OT AlberTa are saTely Tucked away, our sTaTT leaves behind a yearbook which They hope in years To come will be prized as one OT The mosT imporTanT memoirs OT UniversiTy days. My graTiTude goes To BerT T-Tollingshead, Lyall Roper and The sTaTTs OT McDermids and Commercial PrinTers Tor Their helpTul suggesTions, criTicisms and advice. Mr. Glyde OT The Fine ArTs DepT. deserves much crediT Tor The Tine job he did on our lead pages. The direcTors and sTaTTs OT The pasT have conTribuTed much To This pub- licaTion and l am graTeTul To Them Tor The ToundaTion They laid and The many suggesTions They leTT. To The sTaTT OT This book I am exTremely graTeTul. Due To The large number on The sTaTT iT is impossible To menTiOn all OT Them personally: however, some deserve special crediT. Dave Shouldice as assisTanT direcTor was a consTanT supporT and his help was greaTly appreciaTed. Phil Campbell, Sheila ForresT, Van ChrisTou, and Marg CoaTes were always willing To lend a hand no maTTer whaT The Task. To Van goes a special bouqueT Tor his excellenT ediTorial work which seTs a challenge Tor TuTure ediTors, and To Phil goes a special "Thank you" Tor Tinishing up The deTails aTTer The resT OT us leTT. The phoTographers deserve much crediT Tor The high qualiTy and quanTiTy oT work They produced. The work OT The resT OT The sTaTT was also very imporTanT and To all OT you I would like To say "Thank You". Now ThaT This book is delivered To your hands we hope you will derive as much pleasure ouT OT iTs reading as we did in iTs producTion. A. M. HARPER. Three Hundred and Seven Three Hundred and Eight fflf0E!V7.7,U1W0!V B106 ffJ0fEP!!f fraaffvrf' Rfffoffvcf 6014565 f- fffifw ffpyfcf Q xfafffmz J7Zf051VD' - Q- ff Rfffafzvrf' if FQ , Q .gf-'MAE ,..,.--vJk,.i?g1L .-,,,,, "-' ' frfrfpfffm? 604.4566 x J I C' 1154116744 f!V67lVEfA?!lY6' 70 JEXVZYIZ7? 11 A I 1 i if 1 N , +f QQ 1-:Zigi gm cvfwaczwofv M444 2776177 5 cvvfvfz-PFWVG mf 'fvffvfw 562245736 Qi 1 Y Nl ' E 2 104061044 scfffvc 3 , ff + fvfvf,-Marr .1 4 f . fffaffwf ' Fake Cover

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