University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada)

 - Class of 1947

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University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 372 of the 1947 volume:

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'V .V .A :fi fly' , -5.-1. ' -,iii , JM , fum-uL:9 ', 5-13,59 K , ,1"'f aff 4 .qui - L. -1 vu- -'.u 143.71-" .L X ff 3--rg: 9 A - y ,, -. - 4, , f.: A, ,A x - , . nv - 3, A' ., , 1 X v A ,, dn Mmm 1,i Q J H ' v Pr ,1'.1ir.,:L..123w:i.ab ' A im-..' rw : ai-fi" -91' -af-ff! ,dit G H 73. :iff-'i'fu'f v x . - -4 -my 'U ' ' 'J v 'Viikifr ' x ' - 1 x Jr, 5' . , -.1 , s V . 9' ,-A ' f: -7-- Q' 'J' ' X wit -, . faq? Y- . , . M., . ,x , fr f,"I 'x 'F 4 1 ',- .l a r.,.!. , x. -a s - . 1 , .., .,, 'g-' ' ' 5 v '-7 ef ru 'Tr '- '.' 7.4. campus Faculty and Campus ....... Student Government .... stud ents Graduates ..... Agriculture ........ , .....-r..s...,. . Applied Science ... ..:.ti..a, Arts and Science .... ,... . ..t ......... .f ...... , .. ...... ' . , ..... NS. Education .......... ,...... . ...... ,..... . . .... Medicine and Dentistry , ..... .... .... Scholastic Awards ..., ' ..... , .. Summer School activities Publications .... Clubs .....,.... Sports ..,..... Fraternities . ..................... Military and Research .....,. Calgary Branch .....,..,.... Snaps 'n' Scraps ...,... ...... advertising and ,index ...... ...... ...Y .... 4 use jf.ffi5zf ......,zzA ' ..... 187 ,, .,,.A , ..... , .fy gig, Sr r 9' fn .,A, - V.. -st. 1.? r.e.e. .r.,p...2sz' .-J' . . y. 5.-11' .-g ' ' 1 "-Q-.1 V . "iff Y Z --sag' -. r . lx ul.,--1 . -, er ." F- psy m..,. . ',-, . -6 ':' P H14 .r ,, 7.-. 3, -V. 4. ...P I ow! U Year by year the motif of the Evergreen and Gold changes, and 'in this, our twenty- severith publication, we are again -faced with the seiection of an appropriate one. 'The war suggested patriotic? themes: peace' presented new problems. The ,solution of 'intricate world 'problems requires experrileadership. Our boys who have returned from the battlefronts all over the wlorld realihc that education is essential for this leadership, so they have enrolled hy the hundreds in this and other universities. To accommodate them the University must expand, and is doing so as rapidly as shortages and strikes will permit. The .steel construction of the Medical Building, the Nissen Huts, the Nurses' Residence, the plans for the Stu- dents' Union Building are familiar to us all. Small wonder then that we chose for our motif "expansion and construction on the campus of the University of Alberta." , 1 A ' Although .our 'motif changes, our Objective' remains the constant. This is your book, a tangible reminder of the busy weeks and months you spent on this campus, listening to lectures, kcrammingn in the library, consuming numerous cups of coffee in Tuck or Caf, attending House Dances and formals in the 'KDrill Shed" or taking part 'in sports and club activities. Our objective is to present you with a graphic and pictorial record of the year 1946-47, wheneyou were a student at the University of'Alberta. ' But it would be a presumption to detain you further-turn over the pages and follow 'our little construction bear, through this volume to see for yourself what we mean' by "our expanding University? V ' 1 '. 1 5 1 'il i." ,- .- .jg .a -U 1 ' 1 ' ' .i -, 3 . ,. .. ' '13, 1- ' . Q 4 j ' 1' 'zfffwxislx 5 'rt jo" .1-I 'x - 'C' .JW-.,. .-" Z .A".,- -.-1" f. ing, 3,-'."fi. . ' , , 'ff-G ,r ' ':f'f'g,.1-1. " , mm-::,a""" t '. ,, , I- v .tt . l. -..t .., - P M. -K 'MT ,. ',, -1 5 , , sigh Aiuf'g4.1n'f:2f':"ifi'g: if. 'Ti' iii, 4' Rf". '. ri ' 7, I.. 'fit v ,y.5f.f2QF:t-g,i-gr' ozpfee, .tgps ,F--gas. kr :W I 1. 1. , Y . :e 'Jfis-,:t?'f?-r'.:3.,i13l1:'.f4'iw.r- ...Hs 4: 1: sEi:L1.iciH3f.s""' " .1 "1 1.1 W.. M L gmfxtjwm F . . F r J' n, Y M' gn, v J Q L4Q': B nf P 'jf -1r'.1-f 1 1' X 'Mfg 1 I law' Q f . 5-2: , ' 'FL-131' .gl , .. ,xv- -' ' 7.1 J, .Q ,-, - .R ' MQ J J iff. , ff" , -- ij, . . f . .. , , 5 ' Q. A, x . D4 H' 4 : . -, ,. A 3 V yu v f . -, .fi 45. ' Mx ,5- ' " -'-'-.A 6 wff' w 1 x in ' I 1 41' . x, Af.,-, ' xr L 1 ,V , ' ,.,-5, A . Jv'QItf'fr'yf.g ' . A.--ww, ..N ,l ' -fff ' ' ' I m " ' ' , - , yi-W 1 Professor Engerimsyami-s Adam ' 4 Donald Eiving Qin-mon bf. Jem. gym, 'Fife M1-.'Alben name oumu Dm Henry Marshgll Tory W ' r Brother Morwaxr Walter " 1 .1 ,QQ -ai 7551 y f gh, ..u v r,.':f - A , JL, " L Q 51-fggaw' ffl ' 5 -. 1 my - f. . I , . .ig4,y -- '.5x, 1.9.- 'rrf ' 5, nu . . , 1, N . 1.5.5 W .1 . A 4 1 Q 'Section Editors DAVE SHOULDICE ALEX HARPER ASSISTANTS Grant Dunsmore Eileen Nielson I Gwen Guild ' ,-May Griffith ,Ruth IMdrray , V 'D' ' 1 1' 14 :J N ...Q swf 1, 7' -u ,,,a. , .,' fl . xvVf Qu Q ' gxf I 1 5 . ,gr I A J Q J. 3 ff f. .. " 1. v I YW 1. u """ N14 .fir Ui.. 11-H ' ,mc "" 4.1" 'f'f-:-.-- .,,IY. QM., , - ,nr ffi'-sf HHN R, ",. -...g am"-',-'...g,f ,U E' 11-wizlb .. 'I , pI. ' ? ".:yq"x'.-7. --ffgr , Ag ... -f .,3e:.:. 11... if 1'--F' zli..IL'f' I ' V1 i.'..'.f! fJf.'?' ,INS , gl,4iI:,III. -,. Q , 4 ..I ,.,I-,VI .1-1.3.5 'q,.g,I':." 1 f. . " ga, 'f 'Q ' I Fr ' -4 nt ' , .Iva f1-:..- " : 4 A ' 1 -. ' I- , I.II. I , 3. IIIIIII . ,V II gf. .. II I, -.1 I.. ,A . IS. f I . - ' .,,.v' ' . , . .- . .",. I.. I 'N III ,..., -l., ,. .' ' A ' ' - N rI ' I I I L . ,I. v. I .,II. V x ' ' - . ,II , I III.. III' II ,44. . K ' -I..I" I - I '. Y "V ' 0 , , I ., f - . -. f N . . K L I .4 ,f - I . .. rl. 4' I I - ..'1'.'I II I - . . 1 '. , f. .M.'p'gi, X '. " ' ,- :III -, " cz f' Q , 4 , ' ' 1 ' v . ,, , 4 . I " ' f',' 5 ' -,.'l :- I .. ,, D ,. .I , - .Q ap., . T ' 143'-4., . ' " .W 3' 1.2 H -. -,r-II. ' L ' ' ..II.:x5 I- -I , II ,- 3, - '. af ,I 'I . II ,.I. III. -.IIIMJII I . . I ,. VI gr ,.-,... .Pi .I . , .f-inn--2. ,.-, . .. I' . Q. ,.r 1 -' . ' " ' 5 ..I,, 1 , V NJ. -.,, ' . - I. . . . I, , I ""' , 1' , 5 ' ."- .. I- w- 7 -, . , , , 1. M4 di-I'.I ' . .- 4' ,, . .. .. ly .' ,. 4' ,, .I1..:I. p 7.9, -...I v ,1. -c" -: 1 , .3vIr'. Q.. I .'1'f' 1' '. f I. f-u.-" ,..'4 I ,I .II-I.. ,, I In .UIIII . " ' . ' ,I-Km 1- II.,w.xI-,I"::', , - . I I .J I.-:,II:- 5.5, ,:I Im'-I'I I I .III ,II IiI..,,, I, I , .. ,. .IIIII, I -I,..I . . ,, I. X . , I WI, II r, -gf ,- 'UNI '-' , 5: -, .f !..' . I ""'.'1" . , . ffm . A fw " . WYIILII 'f-.:. 4 I, I I,kIq'. I . ' - I-. .Aw Pj- x 1 4 f ' . 4 '.' q,r'kIjII II1 - Y , ' , ' -If I' , I -:- ' - 1 -M Vw" .': -ga . 4 - , .- "'.':' .11 . , S 7' , ' rv! 'T ,fv - . ' - - . " gina, . . 4' . ' .. I.. I .I . FH- I .'I5,.,f . . .LI 'I',I:. fg,,II' I L. .1. -. I' 1-f-.,. .N ,ga ' cf ' . :II I L 1 I . 1' ' . '- v I I ? . . 'I . I I , . -I v 7- 'V I IV., x - I I I .. my .mp , I. -.. . , - 'V -1.:' fi' - Jdwqf- ' - ,, 1 7' . . , I I I I I '-I,I,,I .,,I 3:9411 A I I I I IIIII II I .v., .ma . 4, .' 4 'l 1 ...img - I , '1"rgT'., 1 wg :ug 1 ,wr ' I... .I 'I.IIl H g faculty and I CBITIPUS presidenfs message 'RN PRESIDENT ROBERT NEWTON, M.C., B.S.A., M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.C. Astronomers tell us the universe is expanding. At least there is no doubt that the bounds of our interests and contacts within our own little corner of the universe are being pushed outwards more and more rapidly, and that much constructive work is needed to offset the disintegrating effects of the centrifugal forces so developed. Therefore in choosing "expansion and construction" as the general theme for the 1946-47 Evergreen and Gold the editor has hit upon something that should appeal to every student. To build is an instinct almost universal in the animate world. Bees build nests, rod- ents build tunnels, men build houses, all for the purpose of improving or safeguarding their conditions of life. But mankind is unique in its capacity for building in the realm of mind and conscience. The state of the world today is ample evidence that we have concentrated too much on material things. We have built motor cars of great mechanical efficiency, 'but not the good manners that would insure careful driving and comparable safety. We have built roads, bridges, streamlined trains, ships, aeroplanes, telecommunications, all the physical concomitants of one world, but not the character, social justice, and ethics to fit us to be citizens of such a world. Here then is a challenge to university students and graduates, to dedicate their tal- ents, be they one or ten, to the realization of the kind of world God has made possible. Native gifts are not enough. Even education is not enough. There must be devotion to high idealsg there must be intensity of purpose, there must be a spirit of sacrifice. George Frederick Handel, a man of great gifts and thorough training, had also the foregoing supplementary qualities. While Writing "The Messiah", his crowning achieve- ment, he said, "The heavens opened to me, and I saw God." - That vision may come to us too, if we throw ourselves wholeheartedly into the work V 12 i of building an expanding World. l 5"g- ,g , . -fi - f '. .i. . 'R -.l'-' AJ, . 'f LAPMC1-L'.!..ll. L. '.l.'.Pl.i L1 an. A 'l THE HON. MR. JUSTICE PARLEE, B.A., B.C.L., LL.D. CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS 1 4 I 1 3 GEORGE FREDERICK MQNALLY, M.A., LL.B CHANCELLOR hoard of governors LL.D., Chairman. G. F. McNally, M.A., LL.D., Chancellor of the University. R. F.R.S.C., President of the University. Newton, M.C., B.S.A., M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., j. F. Percival, Esq., Deputy Provincial Trea- SUFCF. The Hon. Mr. justice H. J. MacDonald, B.A., W. H. Swift, B.A., M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D., Deputy Minister of Education, Vice-President of the Alumni Association. Mrs. E. M. Browne. His Honor Chief judge I.. Dubuc, LL.D. J. C. Mahaffy, K.C., LL.B. O. C. Mclntyre, Esq. H. E. Nichols, Esq. E. P. Scarlett, B.A., M.B., F.R.C.P. A. West, Bursar, Secretary of the Board. LL.B., President of the Alumni Association. the senate statutory members G. F. McNally, M.A., LL.B. R. Newton, M.C., B.S.A., M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.C. The Hon. Mr. justice Parlee, B.A., B.C.L., M. E. Lazerte, M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D. E. j. Thompson, M.A., B.D., Ph.D. Brother Prudent, F.S.C., B.A., B.Paed. Right Rev. W. F. Barfoot, M.A., D.D. W. E. Frame, B.A., M.A. J. Fowler, B.A., B.Sc. Rev. J. H. Garden, B.A., B.D. LL.D. The Hon. Mr. Justice H. MacDonald, B.A., LL.B. W. H. Swift, B.A., M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D. E. H. Strickland, M.Sc. A. W. Downs, M.A., M.D., D.Sc., F.A.A.A.S., F.A.C.P. D. Cameron, M.Sc. W. G. Pybus. Appointed members to retire October 23, 1948 S. G. Porter, B.A., B.Sc., M.A. H. A. Howard R. T. Alderman R. C. Hargrave, B.Sc., M.Sc. j. W. Barnett G. Buchanan, B.A., M.A. C. E. Campbell G. C. Paterson, LL.B. H. E. Spencer F. expansion 1935-1936 Dr. R. C. Wallace Dr. A. C. Rutherford 2043 including 335 summer students 1426 617 8 A.M. to 12 A.M. 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. 5l'2 days .1 week O 94 57 S-l,605.673.51 S225,707.8O 3399.650 President Chancellor Students Men Wonien Hours of lectures No. of meals a day in the Cafeteria Teaching Staff Full Time No. of lecture rooms Capital Investment Fee Revenue Gov't Grant 14 1945-1946 Dr. R. Newton The Hon. Mr. justice Ford 4811 including 1511 summer students 2700 2111 S A.M. to IO P.M. 6 days Ll week 1200 157 74 S5,l94,838.62 S398,12O.25 5746,000 PROVOST REGISTRAR a P. S. WARREN administrators BURSAR 'Q' kiwi? , A. WEST EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT G. B. TAYLOR ASSISTANT REGISTR AR A. W. BELL ALUMNI SECRETARY A. Y. CAIRNS 15 I. C. G. BROWN 1 . p ua ' 'I 4' .ny . F' Q.. 4. ' ':!.,.H' DEAN 1. MACDONALD ARTS AND SCIENCE DEAN M. E. LAZERTE EDUCATION facult DEAN J. J. OWER MEDICINE DEAN W. S. HAMILTON DENTISTRY Y eacl DEAN R. D. SINCLAIR AGRICULTURE 2 5 Z 7 Z I F 7 C: -ff XPP! llfll SCIIQNCV 0.3 6 . , gg . .- ' 'wh .v A x"f 'S E 5 9' 3 Tiff' Wfffswffw ACTING DEAN G. I-I. STEER LAW Z :nn rnlh :Q 13 E290 22 OZ 7 23 'rx Zu Z arts ,Y X I H A ' Ziff! ai Ill: Dr. XV. D. Iierris and Dr. Rutherford turned the first sod for the Arts Building in 1909. During the 1914-15 term, on completion of the building, the library and othces were moved from Athabasca Hall to their present position. ln 1925 a memorial organ was installed in Convocation Hall in honor of the students who gave their lives in the war of l9l4-18. It was rt-dedicated to the fallen of XVorld War II in the fall of '46.,Annually on Armistice Day, Professor Nichols, Organist to the University, gives a memorial recital. It is hoped that with the expansion of the University, sciences will be removed to per- manent quarters, leaving the Arts Building exclusively for the teaching of Arts subjects. The Arts Building houses Con Hall, the bookstore, the administrative ofliees, the library, the Wauneita room, the Post Otliee, a geologi- eal museum, lecture rooms, labs, and once a year the lingineers' P.11'.lde. 2-A CON HALL MEMORIAL ORGAN W. F. BOWKER, B.A, LL.B. R. MARTLAND, K.C, B.A., LL.B., BGL. W. G. AUXIER, B.A., LL B. A. T. McLEAN, B.A, LL.B. F. J. NEWSON, C. W. LEVISTON, B A., LL.B. H. G. JOHNSON, B.A., LL B. K. A. MCKENZIE, BA., LLB. B.A., LL.B. fine arts H. G. Glyde, R. H. G. Orchard, Reymcs-King E. SONET, M.A., D.d'U. F. OWEN, M.A., Ph.D. D. M. HEALY, B.A., D.d'U.. D.Lirr. E. MUELLER, M.A., Phil. E. j. H. GREENE, M.A. BRO. ANSBERT, B.A., M.A. I. M. WERRY, B.A. M. PRIMEAU, B.A. law Back Row: R. Marlland, H. G, -lUl1l1bUIl, G. NY. Lcviston, K. A. McKenzie. From Row: NY". G. Auxier, XY. IT. Buwker. A. T. xlCI.C.ll1. Ii Newsom .. A x 1 l fl ' X -'.M ff' ,. ! f 7E I I 5.1, LM Q V ja 1. REYMES-KING, M.A., lmlus., A,R.C.M., P.R.C.o. H, G, GLYDE. A.R.C A. R. H. G. ORCHARD, M.A. modern languages Back Row: D. M. Healy, Mueller, E. H, Greene Front Row: F. Owen, M. Primcuu, F. Sumner, l. M. WR-rry 1,9 G. M. SMITH, Mc., B.A., M.A. M. H. LONG, B.A., M.A. R. W. COLLINS, M.A., B.D., Ph.D., RR., Hisr. S. L. O. THOMAS, M.A. english history R. W. Collins, L. G. Thomas, M. H. Long R. K. GORDON, M.A., Ph.D F. M. SALTER, M.A C. R. TRACY, Ph.D A. A. RYAN, M.A R. R. WARK, M.A J. E. GANDER, B.A., B.Ed M. N. DAVIS, B.A C. VAN DER MARK, M.A Back Row: F. M. Salter, E. Gander, R. K. Gordon, R. R. Wark, T. jones Front Row: A. A. Ryan, M. N. Davis, C. Van der Mark, C. R. Tracy W. G. HARDY, M.A., Ph.D. W. H. JOHNS, B.A., Ph.D. C. LJ. GORDON, B.A., M.A. 11. COWAN, B.A. classics VJ. H. Johns, P. Cowan, C. D. Gordon, W. G. Hardy 20 , J. T. JONES, M.A. physics Back Row: L. H. Nichols, E. H. Gowan, D. B. Scott Front Row: G. O. Langsrrorh, R. J. Lang G. O. LANGSTROTH, BA., I'l1.D., F.R SC R. J. LANG, B.A., M.A,, Ph.IJ., F.A.A.AS. F.A.P.S., F.R,S.C. L. H. NICHOLS, HA., M.A., I7.R.M,S E. H. GOWAN, B.A., BSC., Ph.D. D. B. SCOTT, B.A., Pl1.D. mathematics E. W. SHELDON, M.A., Ph.D. J. W. CAMPBELL, M.A,, Ph.D., F.R.S.C A. J. COOK, B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D. E. S. KEEPING, B.Sc., D.l.C. M. WYMAN, B.Sc., Ph.D. Back Row: M. Wy'I11Jll, E. W. Sheldon, ul. Campbell geology Front Row: A. -I. Cook, E. S. Keeping J. A. Allan, P. S. Warren, R. E. Folinsbee, R. L. Rutherford 21 j. A. ALLAN, M.Sc., Pl1.D,, F.R.5.C P. S. WARREN, B.A., A.R.C.S., Ph.D., F.R.S.C R. L. RUTHERFORD, MSC., Ph,D., F.R.S.C R. E. FOLINSBEE. BSQ., M.Sc., PILL! , "fix-X 0 g ff-'I , , Eiifvv ff K . ' 1 ' Z?",,7,f :Ngu- l V, x ' 1, ww I " ll . -1 j. MMDONALD, M.A., D.Litt. D. SMITH, MA, Ph.D. A. M. MARDIROS, M.A., M.Litt. phHosophy and psycholo SY A. M. Mardiros, MacDonald, D. E. Smith pohthalecondmy R. XV. Ross, A. Stewart, H. W. Hewetson, E. Hanson F. G. WINSPEAR. C.A. J. U. CAMPBELL, B.Com., XV. G. SKINNER, C.A. MEIKLE, B.Com.. C.A. M.Com., C.A. -EX". . X gbw M Y'T'.31'..-, L ' ' .- fm- Q Q, ' I! 5.22 ,L if Z CA. X tis' -.-.1 ? accounting A. STEWART, B.S.A., MA H. W. HEWETSON, B.A., M.A E. J. HANSON, B.A., M.A R. W. ROSS, B.Com W. G. Skinner, F. G. Winspear, J. D. Campbell, 1. Meikle 22 J botany E. H. MOSS, C. I. McFarlane, H. Whyte, L. L. Kennedy, W. M. Bowden. R. G. H. Cormack E. H. Mr. 1s5, M.M., M.A., Phil, IKR SC. j. H. XVHYTE, B.S3., M Sc, Ph D. R. G. CORMACK, M.A., Ph.lD, XV. M. BOXVDEN, B.A., Ph ID. C. I. MQFARLANE, MA. L. L. KENNEDY, B.Sc., MSc. pharmacy M. J. I-IUSTON, M.Sc., Pl1.1J. J. R. MURRAY, B.Sc. B. E. RIEDEL, B.Sc W. H. SPRAGUE G. .GROVES, B.Sc. M. WHOLEY, B.Sc. K, I G. Groves, M. Huston, R. Murray, M. Wflmolcy, B. Ricdul library staff 1 5 u. Back ROW: B. Giffen, H. E. Farquharson, E. Clever Front Rover: N. E. Freineld, M. Sherlock, D. I. Hamilton . A .E 25 M - + ..z...z . . . ., . r RE summon an J W Albam aenaaia9Mf55C'9fV M. SHERLOCK, B.A., B.L.S. Head Librarian HAMILTON, B.A., B.Sc., B.L.S., A.M.L.S. H. E. FARQUHARSQN, M A, B L.S N. E. FREIFIELD, B.A., B.L.S. B. GIFFEN, M.A., B.L.S, Med. Librarian M. E. NANCEKIVELL, BA, BLS. L. E. LEVERSEDGE, BA., BLS N. L. WATTERBERG, BSJ.. B.L.S. E. CLEVER, Education Librarian med rid -Q ll . KNMNWT 442' fp, 53 4 ff, -I " SYM. ' S'Xf.'f'f ivVT2SaTfQf "1 Dr: Tory saw one of his dreams come true When, in the fall of 1921, the Medical and Chemical Building was opened for classes. Since then it has seen many changes . . . new departments have been squeezed in, profs and students have come .ind gone and the University has grown up. Hut accommodation has been provided for the Provincial Lab which moved in with .ill the pomp and ceremony generally attributed to a new building. At present, two new wings are being added to remedy some of the over-crowding. The east wing will house the Med. library, Dentistry faculty and the Bacteriology department. The Chemistry department and chemical engineers eventually will expand into the new west wing. The Med. Building is the home of the Medical and Dentistry faculties, the Medical and Chemical libraries, Zoological show cases and the two amphitheatre lecture rooms, In the famous labs, Chem. 40 students fight for bench space, Med. students find out what makes them tick, House Eccers distract Honors Chem. students and Dents practice on fellow sufferers. Even at night the lights blaze in Med. for night labs, choir practices, scientific Elms, Philosoph meetings and dozens of other dCt1VltlCS. 24 YOUR FUTUREH pathology " W 1 J. OXVER. VD., B.A., MU., QM., If.R.C.P hy. xv. MMGRBGOR, B A., R1 U - -1, QQ 'Q ' ..-A . M. B. HALL, BA.. MB iii . R ,L-3,5 f M. XYEINLOS, BA., Rin., IJRCS . .. 1 T55 5 ' ' n . R 5 P. H. MALCOLMSON. BA., MD ' "if" xl. M. SEREIJA. mu . R' 3 , s. HANSON, my . I I ' ' ' ' ul. G. RATO. M iw , ' lv. RITCHIE, Mn i R. B. BBL1, mm ' . 1 B. MICHALYSHYN, Mn ' . v xv. DUGGAN, Mn Back Row: D. Ritchie, R. E. Bell. B. Miclmlyshyn, NV. Duggan Front Row: XV. MacGregor, Owcr R. F. SHANER, Ph.B., PBLJ, H. E. RAWLINSON, Mu, M so., RB11. N. J. MINISH, MD. H. L. RICHARD, MB. I5.R.C.S qc., A. W. HARDY, M.D. anatomy f xg B i O C I1 e m i S t r Y H. E. Rawlimon, R. F.Sl1.mur, N. BI. Minixh G. Hunter, P. Capsey, J. Tuba, L. Belyca, R. Young, Mrs. Sharpe, M. Cantor 25 n,""n' A ASQ' ., X 1, G. HUNTER. MA.. B Su.. USC., l3.R.S.C. M. M. CANTOR. BSC., NLD., F.A.C.P. J. TUBA, B.Sc., msc.. J. KASTELIC, BSL. R. YOUNG. l". CAPSEY. I. BELYEA. H. RISKIN, PHD. M Sc. BSL. B Sc B.Sc. BSL. pharmacology and physiology I 1 aa. L J. Ferguson, XV. C. Stewart, A. W. Downs, L. Beauchamp A. NV. DOXVNS, M.A.,-M.D., D.Sc., F.A.A.A s., F.A.c P xv. C. STEWART, B.A., M.A., M.D., CM J. FERGUSON, B.A., A.M., Ph.D L. BEAUCHAMP, B.Sc., MD zoology XV. RONVAN, MSC., lJ.5c., l M.B.O.U., If.R.S.C. R. B. MILLER, M.A., Ph.lJ. XV. HUGHES, M.A. E. MOORE. B.A., BLA. R. B. Miller, W. Rowan, W. Hughes, E. Moore Bacteriology and provincial lab B-wk ROWZ F- Howells, M. Green, R. E. Bell, R. M. Shaw, E. Whittaker, Romeyn Front Row: M. C. Finlayson, H. Carlyle, M. K. Fair-head, H. Wetterley R. M. SHAW, B.A., M.D., C.M., D:P.H.. F.R.C.P. J. A. ROMEYN, B.A., M D. R. E. BELL, M.D. M. E. GREEN, M.Sc. E. WI-IITTAKER, BSC. M. C. FINLAYSON, B.Sc. M. K. FAIRHEAD, B.Sc. H. WETTERLEY F. HOWELLS H. CARLYLE W. S. HAMILTON, L.D.S., D.D.S H. R. MacLEAN, D.D.S. W. P. CALHOUN, B.A, D.D.S. A. B. MASON, D.D.S. R. A. ROONEY, D.D.S. J. W. NELSON, B.A., M.Sc , D.D.S.. M.S.Dent. s. D. FRAZER, D.D.s. R J. H. BARR, B.Sc., BD s., DDS. R. H. BLAQUIERE, DDS. G. A. BRASS, B.S.D., DD s. W. ORDBKO, B.Sc., DD 5. A. R. FEE, D.D.s. 1. D. HAWKINS, DD 5. xv. E. WEBBER, L.Ds, D.D.s. D. E. FLORENCE, LDS., DDS. B. J. EASTWOOD, D.D.s. R. B. CAMERON, 1..D.s., DDS. 4 0 clentistry Top Row: R. H. Blaquicrc, C. A. Brass, H. R. M.1cLcan, R. B. Cameron, W. Orobko Middle Row: A. R. Fcc. XV. P. Calhoun, D. Hawkins, S. D. Prayer, XV. E. NVcbber, R. A. Rooney Bottom Row: Al. XV. Neilson, D. E. Florence, NV. S. Hamilton chemical engineers B. AI. Eastwood, A. B. Mason DR, ay, A. 'I'AYlOR, BSE., l'l1.1J. ' ff M. WINNING, B.Sg. MIQAPZ, Cf? fp. lla D D .W Q ' Ch 5' ' if M. Winnirig j. A. Taylor 0. J. WALKER, B.A., A.M., 1'h.D., E.c.1.c., E.R.s.c. R. B. SANDIN, M.Sc., Pl1.D. W. E. HARRIS, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. J. L. MORRISON, M Sc., Ph.D. S. G. DAVIS, M.Sc., Ph.D., F.C.l.C., R. K. BROWN, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.IJ. s. FRATKIN, B.Sc., Ms.. D. E. coGGLEs, B.Sc. J. M. RDXBURGH, B.Sc. R. G. CHRISTIANSEN, B.Sc. . f 1 clmemistry X i . .f' lm Back l ..,.Q3, .ft 'x Row: M. Roxburgh, R. K. Brown, Dr. Harris, R. Christiansen, Dr. Sandin Front Row: D. Coggles, Dr. Morrison, Dr. XV.1lker, Dr. Davis, S. Fratkin 27 hospital S ' A SOLID COMFORT The University of Alberta Hospital, opened in 1922 as the Strathcona Hospital, was created by an Act of Provincial Legisla- ture in 1929. It is governed by a Board consisting of six appointed members and guided by the advice of the Medical Advisory Board. The University Hospital conducts an extensive training pro- gram in connection with the University. From their third year to their Senior internship, medical students attend clinics and operations, and in general learn to apply the theory they have learned. Student nurses train in these wards and learn how to carry out the doctor's instructions. Student dietitians, too, may take their internship at the University Hospital in preparation for the day when they take charge of a hospital kitchen themselves. 28 Eli t L' if 9 ne w 1 s supedntendent A. C. MQGUGAN advhory boa rd Y ' E llr. Vnnr. IJr. Hepburn, Dr. Proctor, Dr. Orr, llr. Iillib, Dr. NYIHI5, Dr. Hxmilmn llr. McGug.1n. Ur. Irvcy, Dr. Uwcr, Dr. Mcwburn J. R. VANT, B.A., M.D., lf.A.C.S., I' M.R.C.O.G., F.R.C.S. J. J. OWER, v.1J., B.A., M.D., QM., I3.R.C.P.fC.J H. ORR, O.B.E., M.B., D.P.H., F.R.C.P. W. S. HAMILTON, L.D.S., D.D.S. H. H. HEPBURN, Mc., M.D., QM., F.R.c.s., F.A.C.S., P.R.c.s.qc.p 29 H. H. MEWBURN, O.B.E., V.D,, BSU M.D., QM., l'.R.C.S. G. N. ELLIS, B.A., M.D., QM. M. R. LEVEY. M.D., CM., D.I..O. A. C. MQGUGAN, M.D., D.P.H, R. PROCTOR, M.D. E. H. WATTS, B.A., M.D. colonel mewburn pavilion -,,',,,,,- . ,,, , HQ- -.w -rs .. - . f . M .s r f-new , , if 35f2'?'4'.e1' - ...,, , .-em. ,gf -- E ,.....g f-ff f,..,,,, xx ---k-F..e.,!'L. . hwy, . " H :r.,,,,pa I I I 'Lf 5 5 I I I ?ZL,l,.v'1-83.'QA5 THE ONE QUIET SPOT ON THE CAMPUS The newest addition to the University Hospital is a modern veteran wing completed in 1945, with a three hundred bed capacity. It was named after one of the University's outstanding surgeons, Colonel Warren Hastings Mewburn. The sunny wards are very modern. Each bed has radio ear- phones so that all patients may listen to the latest news, music or drama without bothering their neighbors. Each Ward has a sitting room which has been furnished by some service club or organization. Up-patients may get away from the usual hospital surroundings during, the day or entertain their friends in these rnmns during visiting h0urS. On the main floor is a theatre where concerts, parties, dances, .intl shows are sponsored for all the patients. Here too, is a canteen . . . the "Tuck Shop" of the Col. Mewburn Pavilion. 30 ? cram. a n y -,,. f WRQF57 liigi il y x jc 'I X " L R ' 'I .il J -. l r 20 0 nursing staff MISS H. E. M. PENHALE, MISS H. S. PETERS, R.N. B.Sc., M.A., R.N. Supurintundcnt of Nurses Director of the School of Nursini MISS M. L. McCULLA, BSc., g, MISS M. A. XVYLD, R.N. MISS E. H. MJQINTOSH M.A., R.N. Instructor of Nurses B.Sc., R.N. Lecturer in Public Health, Instructor uf Stiencts Nursing and Health Education 1 3 fl f - . I2 ' . . '50 ' ..-J ' fi' .vs A . . I I I A fl ' f 1 L . 1 ,. V ""' I . S . E- ii. , 'f I . ' A I ' I 3 ' .a I , Miss Hall, Miss Stewart, Miss Marltstad, Miss Thompson, Miss Maclntosh s I cfs . ' :A - an -if-M. V I Miss Greig, Miss Bray, Miss NVyltl 31 .At 'V -mf L.Q!Z,.i power house v Pf! The Power House, situated between the South Lab and the Med. Building, was built as :1 temporary structure after the last war, but seems to have become I1 permanent part of Alberta's campus. Primarily it is the University power plant, but the 4'wireworms"-third and fourth year electricals to the uneducated- also have lecture rooms and labs located here. They have all the equipment of the Power House at their disposal for practical training. The Department of Extension is quar- tered in this building. It is the aim of this department to spread the benefits of U. of A. throughout the province by sponsoring dramatics and lecture tours. Large libraries of tilms, records and information are also ready to serve the public. Tucked in with the Electrical Engineers and the Department of Extension is the Animal Nutrition Lab of the Faculty of Agriculture. In 1945 an addition was made to house .1 great deal of necessary equipment and the size of the building was nearly doubled. CAMPUS HOT SPOT lectrical engineering I Q Xlxsf'7 f . l BBE' gf? Xi j. W. PORTEOUS. B.Sc. . R. Ii. PHILLIPS, B.Sc extension department Sh 'I vs, IJ K X DIRECTOR DONALD CAMERON Back Row: A. S. R. Tweedie, M.A., Donald Cameron, MSC., S. O. Hillerud, B.S.A. 2nd Row: I-L P. Brown, A. Nelson, N. Zubko, L. Twiggc 3rd Row: A. Totiey, B. Richardson, Mrs. I. Bedford, M. Bouvicr, L. Stewart M, Dunlop, Mrs. M. Cameron. Wclwster, B. Neal, I. Glover, Kelso Absent: E. Knox, P. McMillan, Mrs. M. Ferguson. F. MacLeod, M.A., B.L.S. E. M. Chiverton, D. M. Ilflcwcrvy, Mrs. M. Broughton, C. Glumley L. Lappcnbush, E. Nt-ary. 33 I " x outl1 lab i -3.- THE WAY TO A MAN'S HEART western half of the first floor was originally the staff garage but now is occupied by the Dairy Department, the Agriculture library and a quick-feezing unit. The Engineers't the only ones who enjoy infor- mality-the Ag. Library too, is noted for its congenial atmosphere. Whispering and tip-toeing are not required and comfortable high-backed chairs are provided for afternoon napping. U f 34 'iiixm :Q Lal, P 'Ju I1ous'eI1oIcI economics 0 MISS S. Murray, M. PIII-III, II, Mclutxru, Cl. Iluggau, II. ISI-ml.-v, M. I'.1rrigIm dahy MISS M. PATRICR, ILA.. MISS H. MIQIINTYRI-l, B.Sc., G. I.. IJUGGAN, B.Sc., B.Iid MISS S. KI, MURRAY, MISS G. I". CAIRNS MRS. M. IIOOIJ, MRS. II. IiIiN'I'l.IiY, BSL-, ing R. THQRNTON, BSL, I'I1.Ib. W. WOOD, B.Sc., MSC. M. SMITH, B.Sc. j. LUBERT, B.Sc. II, I.uIw civH engineeHng -v M.A. M.S. M.S. BS.: BSI. B.Sc. MSL N 1? wrt, H. R. IInwrntm1, I3 XX. XXUUII, I. M. 5IIIIIII .a'... .- ' . M. Hardy, I. I. Morrxson, E. Ix. Cummm., 35 W. W. Preston, L. A. Thorsaen, F. P. IvIcPI1urmn, px f . 1 ' 1 ' ' .. R. M. HARIJY. R. N. MLMANUS. I.. Iz. CJAIJS. XV. XY. I'RIiSTON ISS., MSQ., IJ.I..S., A.I,.S I.. A. THORSSEN, I. II. MORRISON. .I-. P. MJIHIERSON. Ii. lx. CUMMING. Bbc Bb.. B.Sc. . 5.I..b BS.: B.Sc. BBQ, BS.: north lah 1 ' 1 ll-ii gl' 1 il V 5 , .1 r l ' E li 5 I 1 ' I l . : ' ' A 1 1 ' A i 'f .I 1 ' 5 , I A . -fin.-.iiziazzr .. Q - 2 The North Lab. is known for housing the Faculty of Agriculture with its Departments of Soils, Animal Science, Agriculture Engineering, and Plant Science, and the otiices of the professors of these departments. The Alberts Research Council occupies the eastern end of the second floor where it carries out its research program. As in most University buildings, here we find another branch of the lfscultv ul, Applied Science-the Mining liiiginc-ers. Y fy ,.,- ,, . ....., 5' --.J 'i' K V ff? , F, if D I -. ai .V S XX A H ." "' is 1 E l l f 9 mm funn mmm mm mm mm . BNI :Ililll A R , i llill E V --is The least interesting aspect of genetics Built in 1918 as a temporary building, the North Lab. is a mate to the South Lab. It contains many labora- tories, some used by students for class work, some used for analysis in soils and plant science and still others which are used for research projects. 36 Fw in I v agricultural engineering and - enfomology soiis ' 3, .. . ... J. M. E. H. STRICKLAND, C. F. BENTLEY, Ii. A. WHYATT, D. NEWVTON. B.S.A. QAg. Eng.J M.SC. QEHLJ MSC., PHD. B.S.A., MS., PHD. B.S.A., Pl1.U. B. HOCKING, B. T. STEPHANSON. BSC. fEnt.J 1 B.E. CAg. Eng., i piabt science animaiscience K. HILTQN, P. F. KNOWLES, B. CORNS, XV. Howe, D. R. Ciandinin, I.. VV. Mcliiroy, BSC., Ph.D. MSC., PHD. B.Sc., PHD. B.S.A., MS. M.S.A. MSC.. PHD. J. R. FRYER, A. G. MCCALLA. A. VV. HENRY, R. D. Sinclair P. Sackvillc E. Bowstcad, M.A., Pl'l.D., BSC., M.SC., PHD. M.S.A., PHD. B.S.A., MS., PHD. B.S.A., NLS. iV1.SC., PHD. mining engineering lb 4. K. A. CLARK, M.A., l'h.D. E. o. LILGE, N. c. PITCHER, asc. D. E. PICKET, asc. R. M. LAUE11, asc. H. 1. CI-IALMERS,E B.Sc. D. E. Picket, E. O. Lilge, K. A. Clark, N. C. Pitcher, R. M. Lauer university farm N? l" iii To teach agriculture without .1 farm and Stock would be like teaching chemistry without chemicals, At the farm, Agriculture students learn to differentiate between straw and hay, cows and horses and some of the bravci' ones learn how to mills cows. The six hundred-acre farm owned by the University. has most of its land devoted to pasture, hay and silagc. On coming up the driveway you see the houses of the perinanent stall. A little further on are the barns, pad- doelts and the live stock pavillion. Past these is an ele- vator with a enpaeity of forty thousand bushels. Y: fflf: I Y' fe 3 9 ,WA . 42-A' f 6 i. . ' gay' M -' i 5 5 w S, :al- - ti Eff- ' rw t ' X ,f, 4 CUTE, ISN'T HE! Since 1918 an extensive stock breeding and feeding program has been carried on and experiments are being conducted on sheep, horses, swine and cattle. The aim of the farm is to graduate students who know the best methods and equipment for farming. 38 ag 2 f Q Q 9 ' .1 i P observatory The University of Alberta observatory was othchilly opened May 20, 1943. It was built to house a 12.5einch telescope, presented to the University by Mr. Cyril Wares, one-time president of the Royal Asti' Society of Canada. The building is of frame construction, twenty feet by thirty-two feet, and the telescope is housed in .i sixteen-foot dome at the north end. The dome is n duplicate of that built by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, New York. In the south end there are three piers for other instruments. The east one carries a small transit telescope, the centre one .1 four-inch re- fractor and the west one a two-inch zenith telescope. The observatory is the one spot on the campus where star gazing is official. gas lab The Gas Lab. was built in 1942 by the Provincial Government. During the war, tests were made on all aviation gasoline used by the R.C.A.F. in Western Canada. At the present time the Lab. is establishing standard specifications for petroleum products under supervision of the Alberta Research Council. V 1 Lu, fr? ducation u ' ?32l?',g 'i .Q 1, N. mf ,M - 1 .JZ So This Is How Education Students Work! Built in 1929, the Education Building was formerly known as the Alberta Normal School. When the Faculty of Education took over teacher training in 1945 the building took its place as one of the nicest on the campus. Interior work is still being done to complete the wings. This building was another war casualty. For three years it served as head- quarters for No. 4 I.T.S. of the R.C.A.F. Now it houses the University Public and High Schools, whose pupils are subjected to the student teachers in Education. Since all Education classes are held here it is the first faculty with an entire building to itself. There is a gym and a separate auditorium with a projection room for movies. Education parties are often held in the gym and refreshments are served in the basement cafeteria which also caters to hungry students during the day. The building is situated on the southern edge of the campus, and is a brisk ten-minute walk from Arts-just ask any Education student. i 40 X ex Dr, .: .Snr A , X f in ul D ga it 1 x 31 4- .., ' r . l ff V 3 r . gqvigi-3' education J. W. Gilles, M.A., M.Ed.: G. K. Siwanc, M.A.3 H. T. Sparby, B.Sc., M.A.g Nl. S. Simpson, MSC.. Mid.: A. XV. ifrikswn BSC., M.A.g H. T. Comte, B.A., M.A,g H. A. Macgrcgor, BSc., Nl.Sc.g G. T. Twomcv, BA.: F.. A. Hastie, B.A.: XV. D. Mcllougaii, M.A.g B. Ncwton, BSC., A.M.g H. F. Smith, HA., KLA., Kiki., i'i1.U.. Cz. Q.. ilihhm B.A.g G. S. lord, NLA., I.I..U.g Z. Oliver, B.A., M.A.3 G. lx. i'i.lVl'l"Ni'UCi'i, HA. pilysicai education F .f D. Herlihy, R. L. Hughes, M. L. Van Viiet, T. M. johnson 41 , ... . . M. I.. XAN VI llvl, Hb., M5 M. JOHNSON, A.l5., MS Ii l.. HUGHLS, BSc., MA li. Hl'.RI,.lHH fSuuu1.1:'yq st. joseph' college ,.-..- lfinaneially aided by the Carnegie lioundation of New York, the Roman Catholic people of Alberta built St. xloseplfs College in 1926. Since l927, these same halls have been in the process of destruction by impressive freshmen initiations, hall rugby, l'OLlgl1-l"lOllSll1g and memorable water tights. At first St. joe's housed about forty students, but this soon increasetl. During the wal' the Navy took over, and the population went up to two hundred and twenty. Now back to peace-time operation again, this residence is the home for about one hundred and fifty men students. St. joe's is also the lie.idqti.1rtei's for Miss McCulla .Ind her busy fifth year nurses. The Newman Club rooms are in the basement and have been the scene of many meetings .intl social functions. The pride of the college is its chapel where the Roman Catholic students may pause to worship. if M -1 ? t Xu Q l - --:D 4- ilglb 1,,Mw,,, Y. ws'-'iw-1-spu,w.f,, .. -as-W. ,:-iswifgfiffbfr A land, ,l THE IRISH AT PLAY The gym will be remembered as the scene of vigorous boxing workouts by the Varsity Boxing Club. The best known feature of St. Joe's is Little Tuck, where chemists can always be found discussing labs and cooking up re- sults. Usually the piano or jukevbox is going, giving an atmosphere of friendly informality. 42 rector Bursar as- X A. XJ ! 5 ,, 'LX 1 Fr' g ' I BROTHER PRUUENT BROTHLIR Al OYSIUS I , h I st. joe s ouse committee X4 WW- ,. jf -A I 'fi fi' V: Q5 , -V A , juli. ,-ff' '.- "ff ln' N , 5 Am L M i - Back Row: A. Harboway, L. Sparrow, E, Gruningcr Front Row: Lipinski, H. Cush, M. Hcncy 43 st. stepl1en's college x' N, Iforty-four years ago Edmonton saw the Methodist Alberta College organized. Presbyterians established Robertson College seven years later. In 1925, with the union of the churches, these colleges became affiliated with our University under the name of St. Stephen's College. Since then the turreted dormitory has seen much. Until the new Nurses' Residence is completed, the prolwies will continue to keep things humming in the south wing while eighty or so "Stcvadores" nobly strive to uphold the traditions of good old St. Stevc's as the nurses' neighbors- to the north. C5 Fw a e"'f "l4F?4 . ILL- li - , is X 6 F53 'F - if f -- - QK W , mill- '.g x ...Nag l sr. sTEvE's CHAPEL Often have the walls of the auditorium echoed with good fellowship. The library has proved a valuable rc- treat for those who chose to seek further knowledge and inspiration in the theological field. To many students, their favorite St. Steve's haunt is its quiet little chapel. Cherished memories of daily morning chapel service will linger long in the hearts of those who there started the day in fellowship with God and man. 44 Em theologf D. C. ELSON, G. B. CAIRD, Ii. -I. THOMPSON. M.A. M.A., Phil. IHA., Ph.lJ. st. steve's l1ouse committee P. Tilleman, H. Bradley, B. Ivlinuhcll, P. Gilford, Holman, C. Garden, E. Mcifuy, S. Montgomery, V. Bradley, B. Dickie QPrcsidenrJ, G. G.1rbuu 45' athabasca L ww, 'na AE eggs,-'f ,,. , .' .,, a N L ,aa r , eff- :Q 'eEa,Tya. -' - amsw' W - w x j jigga ., , 7' Q. as e N ,X 5 5 a a a , .f.,efe,w .e .. The Christmas Party! Athabasca Hall has the honor of being' the Erst building completed on this campus. It was built in 1910 to house the entire University. In 1914-15, after the completion of the Arts Building, the library. laboratories, lecturerooms and offices were converted into bedrooms and Athabasca Hall becanaethe ,men's residence. Except for a four-year break when the building was oscupiecl by the R.C.A F., it has continued in this role. Every year the large dining room is decked in gay Christmas colors to become the seen: ol the inter-residence Christmas banquet and dance. This is one of the most popular residence aflairs as the good attendance and number of gate-otashers show. ' Opening ut? the dining room is a spacious lounge, complete witaia Ere-place and red-leather chairs. Here, many rousing and enthusiastic sing-songs are held around the hard-worked piano. The gym, behind the dining room, is used for basketball, volleybal and wo:nen's physical training. Until such time as the proposed Student's Union building is'finished5 the Students' lg as .ju , Union, S.C.M., Evergreen and Gold, Alarm, and Gateway ofHces will continue to occupy -3 the basement. , r 'fig .45-Q4 iw., M xx , 111' h i v ' ' .45 , ,Q-X",-f " G lv .ilkf-1'.J'iIa."ai.'iE"f', . Q.. fi: - .L I"llg..a1 residence superintendent 0 REG LISTFR warden - athabasca warden - pembina warden - assiniboia i 5 ' l , 2 gs r M., t Va' DR. RODNIAN MISS Nl.1cI3ARl,ANIf BHK. RYAN Q - . D . h . men s residence house committee women s resldence ouse commlttee A. Paterson, R. Phillips, J. Saunders, E. Berg I. Thorogood, j. Eglestonc, I.. Skeith, B. Burgess, G. Molnar, A. Harper, R. Mancry A. Hcscltinc, M. Robertson 47 '3 4c....... " '. L.: pembina Pembina which was opened in 1914, housed the nurses in the south wing, and the first Medical school in the north wing. It served as an emergency hospital during the 'tlu epidemic in 1918, and the next year the entire building became the womens residence. As evidence of its service in this last war, a large propellor hangs in the main rotunda with Il plaque that announces to the world that Pembina was "Otlicers' Mess, No. 4, I.T.S." f AA 42 I Q9 i i ff ., i wi ' ,fgbfas :PK The Hen Party-the Female Bull Session Signing in for the deadline has made the one hun- dred and fifty girls adept at running the "Pembina Handicap." Starting every night at eleven twenty-nine the girls grab their latest flames and start down the home stretch to Pembina. It's amazing how fast the boys have learned to run, but it is hard on the uninitiated. Life in Pembina continues on through telephone duty, cramming, pyjama parties and a shortage of late leaves. 48 assipniboia JUST AN INNOCENT GAME In 1916 the building was used as barracks for the 196th battalion. Three years later the entire building was converted into students' rooms. Another military interruption occurred in 19-ll when the R.C.A.F. took over and occupied Assiniboia for four years. Today the rooms and corridors again echo with the fun and laughter of Varsity men who spend seven months of every year there in bull sessions, card games and the occasional night of cramming. 49 f L4 A , "lh1si..'.si I Coming into being a year after Athabasca, Assiniboia used to have professors' suites on second and third floor- with the President's .ind Registrar's ofhces in tht- front hall. The present men's lounge has been the scene of much activity. lt was tht- original W.iuneit.1 ronni .ind that tribe organized its first pow-wows and hunting ex- peditions there. XVe wonder whether the walls vibratetl more then than now .intl who is most to blame for the cracked plaster! swag ,Wlll mil l a 42 .,,.x I '- , 'Q llillil V-1 The Infirmary, founded by Dr. MacEachern while he was Provost, has fifteen beds and two isolation wards. Since May, 1942, numerous nicks and scratches, aches and pains have been fixed here, and absence cards and swimming certificates have been obtained. cafeteria infirmary Q . 5 i lt, ss.. R i In, fav M Q4-.inm'1's., it sf are , , In '42-'43 six girls staffed the new cafeteria which fed three hundred students. Designed by Dr. Morrison, it was built with the assistance of student engineers. The staff has now grown to thirty, the customers to two thousand and the ' line-up half way to the Infirmary. ' , ' I qi. " 'sa 2: 9 .,L.' A-,, . 5 r . fi- 40 1 7? .--fs 153: p i? .t-' 'r -lil' 'iiiifaf if ' ' J drill hall ,Q X ,. .. . 'Wie 4. W., s . -7, V il - ,. -, -, 'gy-4.3,.,, s f ,. , ab V ' t 4 'gifs The Drill Hall is the athletic centre of the Univer- sity. Here you hind the P.T. ofhces, daily P.T. classes, Interfac and Senior basketball and badminton. New collapsible bleachers have been installed for spectators. House Dances and some formals are held in the Drill Hall which is decorated for the occasion. .P xii-Qs. ., git' f ,, V, 1-.fsP3iisf- .Q . 1 - . ,k- ,e51.e,m1.s,, ice rinlc During the war the Covered Rink acted as head- quarters for the C.O.T.C. but now it is the scene of Interfac and Senior hockey games and numerous hockey practices. Twice a week there is free student skating. As at other rinks, there is a snack bar which is operated for the convenience of the students. A-i. . ii K' 1 v fwm Q gn my . 'N Sf rl L f l - gn-4144-J. I rf Q A .-" P' : 1 ...J L . . . " . X . ,. - Q, I ' H-' 5 V '. rw' u . - .-1.,1-. , lu. 'lf' 4 ...- .v Y ,gina 41 ,Q 43 L- - ag.' -V-. L. 'w . "I Af, fr' . -' cw N, " . ll ' '73?V9r I , .. ,- "1 33,21-trip - - 'vt ' "." , Q',q-' A. A f" L - 1 , -,uf 41.1, -n 1 1 H 1 . I 3.1 1 'u 16 , r " 4. K , N' , . . l Y . Q. , Q , , Q , 55 v V, . I J If :Aa v ' ' 6 x 0 , .. tr . rl if, . ' 4 -.v-"-4,1 1 1 'su . in -, . 'rf Jw --4' H' ffpfzv' 1--, x .4 1 . I 2 , .v:.'?L, S' li , AT-faq , student government BILL PYBUS President Vera Hole Pres. W.A.A. Jeanne Gauld Sec. W.A.A. Kay Pierce Ed. Rep. Vice-President students As president of the Students' Union I wish to record my sincere appre- ciation of the fine co-operation displayed by students and faculty in supporting all undertakings initiated this year by the Students' Council. We have en- deavored to administer student affairs efficiently, being ever mindful of present needs and of those of future student bodies. Of particular significance is the inauguration of plans to construct a Students' Union Building. Working on the foundations laid by Student Councils of former years, we have pursued the policy of making secure the Enancial arrangements of the project. Due to shortages of material and labour we are unable to start construction immedi- ately. We charge the students of future years, who thumb these pages, with the responsibility of pursuing our endeavours. It is a trust which we ask you to earnestly and vigorously pursue. To the students of the 1946-47 University session, I express the deepest respect and admiration of the foresight shown in committing yourselves and future student bodies to so noble a purpose. I would like to thank the Student Body for their loyal support during my term of office. The vitality, enthusiasm and co-operation displayed in all departments of student activity enables me to say most sincerely, "It has been a pleasure to be of service to youu. BOYNE IOHNSTON D Horace Herilhy Murray Stewart Bus Osborne Dorothy Rostrup Frank Murphy Arts Rep. App. Sc. Rep. Med. Rep. Nurses Rep. Law Rep. 54 ELDON FOOTE Secretary council The Students' Council, the executive committee of the Students' Union. consists of twenty members elected annually in March. The President of the Students, Union is chairman of the Council and his executive is composed of the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and representatives of all campus organizations. The Students' Council, guided by a comprehensive constitution, sets Students' Union policy and is responsible for the collection and disbursement of all Union funds. The Council is responsible for student discipline: it deals with violations of the constitution, and controls all Students' Union social and literary activities. One of the clubs which goes to make up the Students' Union is the Literary Association which is responsible to the Council for all literary and musical activities. The Wauneita Society also functions as an independent unit. but is represented on the Council and responsible to it. Athletics, now organized under the University Athletic Board, a student- faculty committee, is financed by a University athletic fee. The student mem- bers of U.A.B. are ex-officio members of the Students' Council. Once or twice a year a general Students' Union meeting is held. Here the assembled students hear the budget presented and are allowed to give their views on any phase of council work. Briefly, the Students' Union is a miniature model of .1 democratic state in which the Students' Council represents the government. JACK BRENNAGH Treasurer Ray Hager Alta Mitchell Bill Clark Lillian Gehrke Gordon Clark Dent. Rep. Pres. Lit. Assoc. N.F.C.U.S. Pres. Wauneita Pres. Mus. Assoc. 55' Mickey Hajash Pres. M.A.B. Ron Manery Sec. M.A.B. john Melnyk Ag. Rep. sz LUCY GAINER MISS HELEN PETERS President , Honorary President sas C0Un . of if 3 --r' Jean Milne Vice-Pres. Mary Greer Beth Heller Secretary Treasurer In September the Nurses' Students' Union commenced activities under an exceptionally energetic executive. Students turned out en masse one night each month to attend these Union meetings. When com- plaints were voiced, attempts were made to remedy them. Supporting and participating in University activities was encouraged. A substantial contribution was made to the War Memorial Fund and a topnotch basketball team challenged and occasionally defeated other Faculty groups. One social activity was planned per month and included a wide variety of successful entertainments for which the nurses are famed. In addition to Union business and entertainment, the enthusiastic executive organized two new Nurses' clubs. The Arts and Crafts Club which met weekly gave instruction in leathercraft, woodcarving, painting and photography. The thirty members ofthe Nurses' Choir were able to give several very successful public performances. Standing: Lenore King Muriel Sweetriam Seated: Barbara Wakelyn Mary Greer Audrey Fysh Lucy Gainer Kay Black Beth Heller Absent: Jean Milne Nola Cahoon '? M LILLIAN GEHRKE MRS I L MORRISON President Honorary President ago Lois Neilson Secretary As time goes by ancl souvenirs of Varsity are tucked farther back into the attic of our memories, the Wauneitas will look back on an outstanding year full of happy events, among them: -the thrills of Freshman Introduction Week -a cup of coffee and a quiet chat breaking the rush of registration -hot mustard and stinging smoke choking off the harmony highlights of our hike -dancing Firelight and throbbing tom-toms setting the scene for a solemn ritual -the First formal, a feminine affair where freshmen sophomores yuniors and seniors forgot the dignity of their years in the flurry, excitement, and anxiety over long dresses and corsages for the men -the relief which came with the appearance of tht phone bo wk just before Waw waw -the gay and novel spring fever exhibited by election campaigning "Payuk uche kukeyow, kukeyow uche payuk " will always mean "Each for all and all for each", and for us it will mean all these things as well. Left to Right: Peggy Taylor-Senior Rep. Theresa McCarthy-junior Rep. Mrs. L. Morrison-Hon. Pres. jeanne Gauld-Soph. Rep. Lillian Gehrke-President Margaret Hunter-Vice-Pres. Lois Neilson-Sec.-Treas. Kay Tanner-Frosh Rep. Thelma MacKenzie-Nurses' Rep. fAbsentj 57 alta So r -r l " 1 2 1 I j 1- Sri!" . I .V ii "i-ii..iw.:ri'iii! i iiiiififLiifi,i if f if ' ' ' i , ul: in T. ' . i , it it ' ' l john Robinson, Alwyn Scott, Dale Thompson, Alta Mitchell, Bob Rosser, Claude May, Les Gue, Neville Lindsay Hterary society The Literary Society consists of the Drama Society, Make-up Club, Light and Sound Crew, De- bating Club, Public Speaking Club, International Relations Club, and the Political Science Club. The objects of these clubs are varied and extensive for they give valuable instruction and ex- perience to students who, in future, may play leading roles in public life. Extra-curricular opportunities are made available for studying the problems and possibilities of modern economy. Two students are elected each spring from the combined membership body as representatives to the Students' Council. Their duties include: drawing up the budget of the Society, presenting such problems as may require the recommendation of the Council, voting on Council business, and awarding the Literary pins and rings at the end of each year. muslcalsoclety The Musical Association is composed of stu- dents interested in musical activities, The Executive Q., i if Board consisted this year of the President, Gordon Clark, and Secretary, Betty Williamsoii. ln addition, there were: President of the Mixed Chorus, Bill Simp- i song President of the Symphony Orchestra, Ted Lindskoog: President of the Musical Club, Norris Bertrand, and the Provost. The Board coeordinates the work of the three musical groups for eflicient management, and super- vises activities so that a maximum number of stu- dents may lind some held in which to satisfy their individual interests in music. This year, the Board undertook the handling of its own financial affairs, thus greatly increasing the scope of the organization. The result has been a high- ly interesting and successful year for all participants Ted Lindskoogr Norris Bertrand, Gordon Clark Oi miisicai activities on the CamPU5- Bill Simpson, Betty Williamson, Col. P. S. Warren ss A 9 students'union secretaries After many years of discussion, the Stu- dents' Union now has two permanent staif members to establish and maintain continuity in business matters from year to year. Thus they avoid the annual confusion that results when a new executive takes over. Mrs. Morgan, Students' Union stenographer and receptionist was the first of the permanent staff. For over a year now she has brightened the Students' Union ofiice with her ready smile and quick wit. Filling another important post is serious, business-minded Archie Campbell, a graduate of this University. He is tne permanent Secre- tary-Accountant of the Students' Union and also acts as right-hand man to the Union President. MRS. MORGAN ARCHIE CAMPBELL ,f.,, I ' . I women's disciplinary committee Jocelyn Simpson, Lorraine Skeith Missing: Mary Roberts, Agnes MacKenzie, Lillian Gehrke The Women's Disciplinary Committee, consists of a chairman chosen from the preceding year's com- mittee, the president of the Wauneita Society, the chairman of the Pembina House Committee, and two appointed members. It is a standing committee for the enforcement of regulations affecting women students. The powers, including lining and dismissing of a student from ofhce, and the procedure to be fo'lowed, are set forth at great length in the constitution. Although times have changed and women are no longer fined for speaking to men in the corridors, the need for the committee is not lost. In contrast to other campus organizations the less work it does, the better the year the committee has. cl ul fu ml al Vetc-ran's Advisor Dr. A. Cook Housing Committee J. Lott, W. Brennan F. Noble, D. Frazer Loan Committee Robinson, A. Cahoon, B. Ellison Entertainment G. Mcllroy, B. Turlock, Storey Hx f- Dave Bell Clifton Prowse President Vice-Pres. From a nucleus of thirty-seven exaservice students in 1944, CURMA's membership had expanded to over fifteen hundred by September, 1946. Because of the excellent groundwork laid by past members, this yearls ex- ecutive took over a smoothly-running organization. The problems of the student veteran have steadily in- creased. CURMA has acted as a "trouble-shooter" for the veterans, to the benefit of the student body and the University. Once again, CURMA's main task has been the finding of accommoda- tion for veteransg however the situa- tion has been improved due to the active co-operation between CURMA, the Government and the University authorities. Other problems such as loans, employment and entertainment have been solved successfully. The transition of sword into pen has not been an easy one but CURMA has led the way. Greg Fulton Treasurer Miles Patterson Secretary Agnes Lynass Employment Employment Publicity Les Warden, R. Acheson A. D. Cook 60 . athletic board Created by union of the Men's Ath- letic Board, Women's Athletic Board and the Physical Education Department. the University Athletic Board integrates the administration of all sports-promoting organizations on the campus. This five- membered cabinet consists of the Pro- fessor of Physical Education, the Presi- ident of Men's Athletics, the President of Won1en's Athletics, a third student mem- ber and the Provost. The University Athletic Board in- creased inter-collegiate and intra-mural competition, financed a record equipment budget, and improved coaching. The Board also formulated its own constitu- tion, remodelled the award system, gave material support to the building drive and hurdled numerous routine obstacles that turn up in a formative period. lf expansion, consolidation, and a year full of activity are the standards of success, then the University Athletic Board lived a banner year. Heal ,, ,,- ly ,, L! ox x 'Af rx X M7 X' elf.. f c PNN' ,"9' ' 'U Vera Hole, Col. P. S. Warreii, M. Van Vliet, Ron Manery, Mickey Hajash l I K" 1 wi, -- .Q covered rinlc committee X Archie Campbell, Professor J. W. Porteous, Dr. R. L. Rutherford, Murray Stewart, Gordon Proctor The Rink Committee is an organization formed on an agreement between the University and the Students' Union to facilitate use of the covered rink. It is a policy-making organization with con- trol of personnel and is responsible for the care of the building and equipment. Though the rink is to be used for student affairs as much as possible, it must attempt to pay for itself. This explains why student skating was limited to two nights .1 week. Since the committee is purely policy-forming, Archie Campbell takes care of the personnel and rink schedules. A fulletime manager is hired by the committee to take care of the rink. MICKEY HAIASH President The addition of Richie RON MANERY the competent coaching of Secretary M. VAN VLIET Men's Physical Director menis athletic association A thousand men in eighteen athletic clubs make up the active membership of the Men's Athletic Association. Repre- sentation on the U.A.B. and Students' Council is through the President and Secretary of Men's Athletics. Like other clubs on the campus, the membership of the M.A.A. has overflowed time, space and facilities. The Drill Hall, the Covered Rink, St. Joe's gym, Atha- basca gym, the Y.W.C.A., the Granite Curling Rink, the grid and the Outdoor Club ski hill affords about half of the space necessary. Hughes to the P.E. department staff and Maury Van Vliet has injected into sports more of the progressive spirit than U. of A. has felt for a long time. Back Row: Clive Bowlsby, Alwyn Scott, Fred Dembiske, Phil Proctor, Murray Stewart, Lloyd MacLean, Bill Sande Front Row: Ross Jefferies, Mickey Hajash, Prof. Hughes, Ron Manery, Gordon Proctor 62 womenis athletic association The XVomen's Athletic Association guided women students into unsurpasssd intercolegiate competition this year. The sport season began with golf and tennis tournaments in Wiimnipeg, and A Track and Field meet in Saskatoon. In February when the Alberta Pandas were hostesses to Manitoba and Saskatchewan. they made an honest but unsuccessful attempt to retain the Cecil E. Race Trophy for basketball. Indicative of the increase in women's sports is the curling bonspiel held in Saskatchewan in which the Green and Gold won top honors. VERA HOLE Among other inter-varsity competitions were fencing, badminton, and swimming. In spite of crowded facilities, enthusiastic amateurs made inter- faculty competition keen in track, basketball, volleyball, tennis, bad- minton and swimming. President - s 'yi C. dj K : IEANNE GAULD Secretary TESSA JOHNSTON Women's Physical Director Elaine MacLean, Beryl Bissett, Bernice Moore, Eileen Macartney, Jeanne Gauld, Vera Hole, Dorothy jones, Tessa Johnston, joan Hay, joan O'Rourke, Helen Lilly 63 IAN Terry MacRae, Lucy Gainer, Marg Lipsey, Muriel Buchanan, jean Anderson, Beth Whittaker, joan Galbraith, Lois Hill, Helen Lilly pan-hellenic association The Pan-Hellenic Association is an organization which consists of representatives of the four girls' fraternities on the campus. During the years in which it has been in existence, "Panhell" has made every effort to promote a spirit of friendliness and co-operation among the girls, and between the fraternities and the University. The main purpose of Pan-Hellenic is to decide upon policies affecting the fraternities as a whole, to determine rushing regulations and to aid in campus affairs. The activities of Pan-Hellenic for the 1946-47 session included a tea for the freshettes, held in the University Cafeteria early in December and the Annual Banquet at the Macdonald on january 23rd. Each fraternity contributed to the cost of a radio which was presented to the Infirmary, and the association, in co-operation with the Inter-Fraternity Council, raised a sizable donation for the University Scholarship Fund and the Students' Union Building Fund. inter-fraternity council The Inter-Fraternity Council is a co- ordinating body for the eight men's frater- nities on the campus. Its prime purpose is to act as a liaison body between the Uni- versity Senate and the fraternities. lt links the fraternities together so they may be of greater use to the University. The Inter-Fraternity Council aided in the drives on the campus and also in enter- taining the visiting teams. Working in con- junction with the Pan-Hellenic Association and the Spirit Club, they held a dance in Standing: D. Cody, W. Zinter, E. Foote, A. Lesk Seated: N. Boyse, D. Armstrong, J. Buckingham, C. Rolf, F. McGoey, Students' Union Building. L. MacLean, G. McGuffin, E. Reinholdt, W. Armstrong, N. Collins the Drill Hall to raise money for the new 64 I. PRESIDENT , SECRETARY - TREASURER -1 KEN FRASER . . if 4 L RON RYALL LEM BARNES freshman executive I-IONORARY PRESIDENT . :QS 'F'-" DICK SPILSTED BILL YURKO Last fall the Freshman class was flooded by veterans return- ing to take up their studies. In spite of the large numbers, the University has endeavored to give every student the same high standard of education. This year has been most successful, and confidence is held by the Freshman class that as it proceeds through each subsequent year the same commendable efforts will be expended on its behalf. We sincerely hope that the Freshman record has measured up to expectations and that the efforts of the University have been rewarded by our social and academic endeavors. 65 VICE-PRESIDENT MARY DOUGHERTY SECRETARY - TREASURER X I l i NORM DANFORTI-I With over 1300 students in the Soph. class, a good part of them vets, this year's class will go on PRESIDENT 'luv ' 5. S O p hu REG. THURBER executive HELEN MCG :pun record as the largest Soph. class in U. of A. history. The class went all out in presenting its colorful "Night in Paradise". It was a function thoroughly enjoyed by all present, and it is hoped that it will set the precedent for the return of spirited and impres- sive class formals. HONORARY PRESIDENT i 66 l junior executive Despite the difficulties arising from the present reconversion the -Iunior Class has had a very success- ful year. The inter-year play was up to a very high standard and had the distinction of being the best-directed play. Our Prom was the social event of the season and the class turned out in force. We owe special thanks to the Engineering and House Ec. classes for the dec- orating of the Drill Hall. Our honorary presi- PRESIDENT Y AL PETTIS i VICE-PRESIDENT , dent, Prof. I. F. Morrison was ever available to offer his advice and help us i with any problems. ,.l BETH TANNER SECRETARY - TREASURER 'fill MORRISON ' I.. ,......- .-1----1-u X .K WN-,,, ,,,,A A M., ,t . ..,-., IACK FLAVIN :sf si, Qs. DORIS CARVER 67 qi ' " " - ' f-' f- ,ff ,L fm.-s 5-LV ,P 1 . .Ing 'JH ,. -:J A x 9' I. ,A n , vm H' " f 5 .1 . ,.,. 2 :V V H ' I 4 7L,gb'f'L nx- F " , 4t"r., "VP A , 1 X ,hc l y .5 flu, , . , ry- .. . 9 Nh- , 'v.1- ' ,urn . 5 ff ' if -' Y 4 '. ,.V. 4. ,4 hi . ' NX X 'Ei Riu" ,-,, 1 - A ,- , - , ,, g1'.., , .. - I, ,, . A ,Q , I - 1:-. '-.l , 'QQ a ' . 1 if-ii " K. Y 'em 1 .I . --Y -s.- Y ' H- -- .. . Y L wJ., 1 ,I-. - , - ' I V 4 1 A . ,' Q, I I., Y , ' V ' '83, 4 1 X H . Q , . ' , . ,. L- ain. jg." " , Y'-1,.-HR-:gf ' .NA . I, -K :.3J ' . Jn, ,J ,Q ' 1 .., -1, A 4 , , l .1 f '-.1 x .I , - " . ., ,Nr - I ,.,,, . ,K . 4 ' Q , . . "NF, : . ff -, " " , , -4-2--,, 4 .' "'vv"': X " .SJ x . f,1f5fg--":- if fgveg. f'f'n:.' ' ' A x In ,Jllx bl A X 5 V, I' 1 .1... ' 'fu ., ,, , : , r Y t .N P. 14, 7 I h hx ' 1 H ' , QC , 1 ,, , V. ,. ,, A , ., ,. ima.: 5 I ' ,' A , V. wg .fx X. 4: , Z. x - ' - '- t, '- A F. . , .4 . ' - 13- r 'M ,,. V 1 .- K , I f .- 321, .JI -, ravi nu- ' 1 1 . ,T ' C' X521 l'.' Y ' idx' ' H -L 'I .. M . . xv' V. . ,,-pu--e.. il, 4105, I ,V X 4 - ' 1-2, , ' - - 1 ' ag- gv,1'5,N -f - 'Y L 'V , ' , ' " l ,U 'Zi ' 'W'-, 'I -' ' ' W --5, Vg F , ,mg , , , W -HQ .ri Q' rf . ' '.J 1' I N- 4. if HBH! i .. ,,+. , cf' L-1, , ' ' . x W, fr.-. A V 5 i ,- A 'W Y.-"4 ,'.- , v ' .lr 4' ,gym-A - ' , ,E -XJ' MJ.. 1-u. ' 1 'f ' 1 ,. , JU, xr . 311, S 1- - .V 1 ' , . ' x . 7-, 4 y I ,.,. Z . W7 QTY. M '. , 3 Q" - -Je NI ., ,vt ,.3,.b ' w, In ,-"5 Ag 1- it . ,Lp - wg' ,.-51, ., .V 4, b A4 . ,gk ,V , 31.4.1-, V . I -. - , 3 ,- -qw,-, ,A - '. 1 -f V ':"l-f,-- ,V 'V -V 1.53 M . J -J V . ' 2' ' . ' -A ' ' ' w .. ,V if , . W, 'fi ,' ' '- ax f ' . ,,, f '., V1 x1.,1. , , , NJ ,, .. .N . , :U -V., ' qv: QI., 'Q B L ,1 I 1 N I url. A 3,4 L -4 FX, . , X v- -vw, LA ' f, 'ff-4, I 4 -4- . 'v- x , ,4,- -In v ' ' K " "La,-Q5 , .1-V 1 , fly V 1 Vw 'Al - Y, . 1 -, .. -53' uw. . tai, 4 ', ,, 1-45" 'A , V .X X 4 , - , 1, J A , l A, J ' A"'4 I , r .A-. y. xx' ,-Lfjxf , ,,. -w, ' ' 5, ' .' 5-,"'l4 ,A . - "I F12 -.Q 1 J' ' "A'sfV" t . I ' '1 - ,1 - ., , ' , Q" 1-- I ' l' h Y Y --31.5 J 4' 5 ,. I . ,. 5, ,, f - , , 9 -V, VL- -1 A , . x ,f 11,25 p lr f. ,W-. any w ,IN , A , , V . ,K F . , : A a 'S . ' 1 ' Q ' -.- A -, X ,fa.f:T, 1. ,x L 1, "'4. 1 . ' K ." fx-2-" A . I 1 , Tu, .1 .1 i , Y ,W Y ,Yi .,,f,, UQ,- Z' 1 f.'1 v H' ' 1 -- . F ' 'N . Af' I' 32 ! 21 ' 3 . -f-A ' I, ' ll.'l'x, . 5, ,V ' Y' 'W ,, - , .,,., K , A, - , 1' , -,QA .:1r,,. A I, i RI. , W g.:, . , "..',f" 11 QIA., Q, ,',.1fg"f1. A A' . -N , fl, Q Y , V' I.-X I rg.. '-,,, Q -7 -:T ,J . '.. 7 - . T .cw- 7-' S " -v .If ,.'. '-,,'w., . J 1 1 ,,,!, V ,L , ,Y Q Y M I, ,5, -'unc 1,5 , 4 .: .1-l. -- Y 'H+ A. W T.,,v.,'wgr ,J -. K V! .. L, S, ,F I -.-f 1 A ' g 3 ? "- V 'l.:nL4 graduates if history... class of '47 We, the class of '47, began our university careers over a wide period of time. Quite a few of us started I P" out with the green and gold "freshie" buttons in 1943. The paper sox of '44 set others of us on the 3,-'wr way. But for many the history of class '47 began way back when the war was in its black infancy. The date does not matter. We began as freshmen-that was common to all of us. We all wore the beanies or the buttons or some other conspicious label of our low estate. The gay whirl of Freshman Introduction Week convinced us that Varsity was a wonderful place. True, our lectures and assignments interfered somewhat A, A with our education, but we thought that the situation would improve as we learned to "cut" classes with the easy casualness of the upperclassmen, Then came the "Novembers,', and the "Christmasses", and the realization that the university, particularly in war- time, demanded a great deal of its students. So, for the rest of the year we did our best to make our eight o'clocks along with the marching platoons of Number Two Army Course. We still found time for coffee at the newly-b,uilt cafeteria, and we still made our dates for MURIEL G. BUCHANAN, B.A., B.Ed. Tuck. By the time of our sophomore year we had grown quite accustomed to seeing the boys attending classes in uniformg and the girls parading under the paternal guidance of Major Owen no longer rated a whistle, even from the boys of St. Steve's and St. Joe's. We were upper-classmen now, and having struggled successfully through one set of finals we threw ourselves wholeheartedly into the business of finding dates for the Wauneita, and Waw-Waw, and especially for our own big dance, the Froph. That was the year when the Choir Concert made its debut and the campus went modern with the Varsity Show. That was the year too, when after an absence of eleven years, the McGoun Cup for debating found its way back to our trophy shelf, and our Golden Bears for the first time since 1928 won the coveted Dr. Hardy Trophy for football. That was albusy year- one which ended on a brighter note, for peace was not far off. ' With the Allied victory over Germany and Iapan, our university underwent a transformation. As Iuniors we watched spirit come back to the campus with the return of our men from the battlefronts. Uniforms van- ished. The hall where we had paraded was reconverted into the Varsity Rink, and the "Drill Shed" became the centre, not only for the final exams, but for the house dances and even for our formals. Pembina, Athabaska and Assiniboia rejoined the campus, and we spread out to encompass the large Education Buildin' January saw the start of a new class, and the girls for the first time in many years found themselves pleasantly outnumbered. It was early in '46 that our engineers in a tremendous burst of the old spirit raided Pembina, and Club 4OO played its part in raising funds for World Student Relief. Then came our seninr year, W'hat shall we say about 1946-47? This has been the biggest year in the history of our University. With 4200 students, our activities have been almost limitless. After the lively snakeline and the football parade through downtown Edmonton, no one can accuse us of lacking spirit. Our sports, right down to curling and fencing went intervarsity. The Gateway again became a semi-weekly publication and the Alarm, our most recent printed project, brought us the Varsity news at eight o,clock every morning. Intervarsity drama on a non-competitive basis entered its second successful year with production being staged at Vancouver. A symphony orchestra gained recognition and the ballet club's presentation amazed us. The Mixed Chorus was so popular that it completed two full concert tours. Instead of supporting the Major War Drives of previous vears we turned our attention to the proiect of raising funds for a new Students' Union Building, We have watehed our university expand in other fields. The Col. Mewburn pavillion, the quonset huts, the new Nurses' Residence, the Provincial Lab, are familiar to all of us. The construction on the Med Building was brought forci- bly tc our attention as we wrote our finals to the tuneof rivcring machines. Yes, this has been a tremendous year, socially, athletically and academically. It is a good point at which to end our university careers for we leave on an inspiringly- high ncte. With mixed feelings we, the class of 47, close this chapter in the annals of the history of the University of Alberta and take leave of her halls, proud of the imposing trail of accomplishments which we have left behind us. 70 valedictory. . . class of '47 Graduation is many things. It is a time for joy and celebration, it is a time for pomp and ceremony. It is a time for quiet reflection and happy smiles as we recall the past few years of our lives, it is a time for serious thought about the future. For many it may seem to be the achievement of a goal. Let me suggest though, that graduation, by itself, can never be a final goal. Regardless of the pattern of our future life the real goal IOHN RANDLE, BSC' is the application of our knowledge- our talents, to that ever-changing picture. Learning does not end with graduation: It is only beginning. Up until this time we have merely been taught how to learn. Our thoughts have been directed towards a study of our particular course. Now, along with the thousands of graduates of this and other years, it is our opportunity to help place Canada among the world's best educated and most enlightened nations. Some few from this "Class of '47" fought with the forces of freedom during the recent world conflict for "whatsoever things are just." Many more of us were privileged to continue in our pursuit of "whatsoever things are true." We are now joined together in an even greater battle, an even greater search-the battle of the forces of good, of justice and of equality against those of evil, of distrust, of hate and of preiudice-the search for everlasting peace. In orderito win this fight and to persist in this search the great men and women of the world are presently engaging their minds. It has been said that "There is no defence save stupidity against the impact of a new idea." Peace is not a new idea, but it is a new peace that we are seeking . . . a peace that is all-inclusive, a peace that will extend to all peoples and a peace that must come from all peoples. Like a spade though, this peace will work only if there is someone there to work it. Within the week there will be some six thousand students who, even as we, will be leaving the shelter of a Canadian University to take their places in modern civilization. We have all been given the opportunity to learn how to use our minds. It is now the duty of each of us, in our own line of endeavor, to strive whole-heartedly to put this wealth of knowledge to the common good. Ours are the tools . . . the job stands before us. - fs X 71 l MARGUERITE WEIR SECRETARY - TREASURER u is af' HARRY WISMER With "Memories of U" in the background, we, the Senior Class of '47 look forward to the challenge which this post-war world presents. Seniors, in spite of concentrated study, have played an outstanding part in sports, dramatics. and all campus activities in this stellar vear of Varsity life. It is a year which will long he remembered and cherished in the memories of all. With thanks to dear old "Alberta" we leave the halls Of learning with a tolerant out- ' ' look and a determination to be HONORARY PRESIDENT . a credit to our "Alma Mater". 11,5 X -, yr-,. V: ,ja Z.,--.,. e X. At, -. V 1f5'2-y - 1 72 ' i S e n I 0 I' GORDON PROCTOR f executive s, .. DOUG BAIN 1 lv MV ! if scholastic awards awards Restricted to graduating or graduate students THE FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE i:The Governor General's Gold Medal Joan Campbell Fraser The School of Commerce The T. Eaton Cornpa:ny's Gold Medal in Commerce Marcel Joseph Aime Lambert The Hudson's Bay Company Gold Medal in Commerce Thomas Hugh Buchanan The Institute of Chartered Accountants Prize George Arthur Garbutt The School of Household Economics The Preiiey Gold Medal in Household Economics Phyllis May Buchan THE FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE The Alberta Branches of the Agricultural Institute of Canada Gold Medal Stewart Lamonte Dallyn THE FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE The Henry Birks and Sons Gold Medal in Applied Science William Douglas Baines The Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta Gold Medals In Chemical Engineering: Michael Mttro Chmilar In Civil Engineering: John Anderson Randle In Electrical Engineering: Edward Bruce Allsopp In Mining Engineering: Bruce Aston Cameron THE FACULTY OF DENTISTRY The Alberta Dental Association Prize In the fourth year: Michael Murray Dereniuk THE FACULTY OF EDUCATION Faculty of Education Alumni Gold Medal in Education Ronald Ralph Jeffels The THE FACULTY OF LAW The Chief Justice's Gold Medal in Lauf Harris Gillespie Field The Judge Greene Silver Medal in Law John Theodore Burger The Raymond James .llernorial Prize in Lau' Not Awarded The National Trust Prize in Lau' Harris Gillespie Field and Howard Francis Gain lequali The Sydney Woods Memorial Prize in Constitutional Lau' Howard Francis Gain The Carsuiell Price in the Faculty of Lau' In the third year: Harris Gillespie Field THE FACULTY OF MEDICINE The Reseairch Fellouiship of the College of Physicians and ' Surgeons of Alberta Donald Bruce Baker The School of Nursing The President's Gold Medal in Nursing Lorna May Fraser The Prizes of the Board of Governors of the University for Nursing General Proficiency in senior year: Sheila Josephine Plewman Hiilhest standing in examinations in senior year: Sheila Josephine Pleman Highest standing in practical work in senior year: Maruaret Isabelle Tovell The Prize in Obstetrical Nursing offered by the Dean of Medicine Maxine Lillian Urch The Ilr. A. C. ilIl'fi'll.jfll n Prise for Greatest Cantrilrution to Student ll'elfare Lucy Chisholm Gainer 72b The School of Pharmacy The Alberta Pharmaceutical ,Association Gold Medals in Plzarmacy In the degree course: Jean Elizabeth Macdonald In the licentiate course: Andrew Stanley Snatynchuk The Alberta Pharrnaceiutical Association Prize in Dispensing Glenrose Doris Devicq The Neil I. McDer'mid Memorial Prize in Pharmacy Andrew Stanley Snatynchuk GRADUATE AWARDS The Robert Tegler Research Scholarship Charles Ernest Blades The University of Alberta Research Scholarship John Ross Colvin The Research Prize of the Science Association Gordon Wesley Hodgson ENGLISH The Rutherford Memorial Gold .lledal in English Not awarded The Dowling Memorial Prize Alexander James Bertridge HISTORY The Gordon Stanley Fife Megnorial Pri:e in History Mary K. Robertson PHILOSOPHY , 'The Gold Medal in Philosophy offered by Dr. J. M. MacEachran Not awarded POLITICAL ECONOMY The Duncan Ale.i'ander Ma.cGibbon Gold Medal in Political Economy Marcel Joseph Aime Lambert AWARDS MADE BY OTHER INSTITUTIONS The National Research Council Awards STUDENTSHIPS Robert Lee Clarke, B.Sc., Harry Gifford Vaux Evans. B.Sc., Charles George Farmilo, M.Sc., George Bradford Gunn, B.Sc.. Gordon Wesley Hodgson, B.Sc., Arthur Franklin Johnson. B.Sc.. J0hIl Edwards Mayhood. B.Sc., David Milroy Miller, M.Sc., Alex- ander Allen Robertson, B.Sc.. James Maxwell Roxburirh, B.Sc., Osman James Walker, B.Sc. BURSARIES Doreen A. Ockenden. B.Sc., George Peter Semeluk, Martin Duns- Muir Winning. B.Sc. The following students have been awarded fellowships at Universities in the United States: W. D. Baines. G. Ford. M.Sc., M. A. Nay, B.Sc., J. D. Wordie, S. R. Wright, B.Sc. MATRICULATION AWARDS University of Alberta Honor Prizes Donald Harvey Aikenhead, Lorne W. Calhoun. Shirley D'ais. Donald I-'rcderick Daw, Mary Clare Ditto, Kathleen Winnifred Eckel, Josephine Margaret Ferguson. Hugh Hay-Roe, Steve Kraychy, Clark Thcmas Leavitt, Sheila McCully, Harold Lavell Morrison. Wallace Elton Mydland, Albert Okazaki, Dorothy Kimball ihanier. Emily Marie Spence, Kathleen Grace Tanner. Roman L. an a. University of Alberta Matriculation Scholarships Clark Thomas Leavitt. Josephine M. Ferguson. William Francis Kelly lby reversion from Kathleen Taylor! The Robert Tegler Matriculation Scholarships Lorne Calhoun, Dorothy Sham-r, Kathleen Tanner The Viscount Bennett Scholarships Dorothy M. Hayhurst. Dalton C. Macwilliams, Albert Okazaki , awards UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS The Viscount Bennett Scholarship Muriel Gladys Buchanan, Norman John Campbell. Lillian M. Dunn Gerald David Easman. Leonard H. Greenberg. Lloyd D2 MacLeanl Marion Lois Roberts, Robert NV. Robertson. The Presidents Scholarships XVill'am B. Cairns, Joan E. Hay, Eileen E. M. Keyte GRADUATE AWARDS The Daughters of the Empire Post-Gradzlute Orerseus Scholarships Hubert VVilliam Harries The Rhodes Scholarship lvlarcel Joseph Aime Lambert The Cominco Fellou'ship Howard Townlc-y Fredeen The Shell Oil Company Fellou'ship Stuart R. Wright The Robert Gardiner illeinoriol Sc-holurship VVilliam Lobay The University Woiizeiz's Club Graduate Bursary Kathleen Trout The Inzperiul Oil Graduate Research Fellowships Ivan Mearns Six, Charles Richard Stelcli BURSARY AWARDS, 1946-47 The following' Bursaries were awarded during the session ltlslli--17: MATRICULATION AWARDS The Daughters of the Empire Mutriculation Bursaries Coronation Bursaries: Alberta John Goodjohn, William J. M. Hen- ning. Steve Krachy. William H. Lakey, Ruth Milton. Richard F. Moyse. Evelyn F. Silk Marshall Bursaries: Elizabeth Marjorie Ellerby, Elsie Parton. Murray Lesley Seward, Dorothy Ann Sherring, William Soprovich, Lois Josephine Willmott The University lV01nen's Club of Edmonton Blursary Nellie L. Mcclung The Friends of the I7niversity Mutrioulution Bursary William Hall Lakey, Clark Thomas Leavitt City of Calgary Scholarships Patrick Morgan Mahoney Imperial Oil Undergrtidiuate Scholfzrship Evelyn Mae Dennis UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS The Robert Tegler Special Scholarships Roy Frederick Clark, Daniel Herbert Warner The Robert Tegler Bursaries in Mathematics and Physics Douglas V. Cormack. James A. Mair. Robert Keith Mortimer The Dan Baker Scholarships Don Evert Berg, Stephen George Fushtey. Stanley I. Pethybridile. Andrew Wynnyk The McLean Bursuries Murray Simpson Boyce, Stewart Dallyn, Rene Albert Diamond, Frances Mary Forrest, Redmond Kenneth Lobb, Douglas Low, Mavis V. Strong, John Douglas Wordie. 'lc The Friends of the University Bursfiries In Arts and Science: Eileen E. M. Keyte, Marguerite M. T. In Commerce: Mervyn Stanley Devonshire In Household Economics: Jessie Audrey Dundas In Dentistry: Gan Yat Chang. Royal C. Sills In Education: Gloria Kupchenko. Melvin Thomas Sillito In Medicine: Georire James Gibson In Nursing: Helen Head Lambert The Phylis Osborne llleGuchie Bursary Lorna Myrtle Wood Restricted to underuraduatinu or graduating students THE FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE The Prize of the Board of Governors uf the University in the First Year Arts and Science Harold Richard Hawes The Scholarship of the Edmonton Section of the Council of Jezvish Women Emily Marie Spence The Edmonton B'nui B'rith Scholarship Alex W'asylewsky The School of Commerce The Winsprrzr, Hninilton, Anderson and Company Sc-holrirshzps In the second year: Vernon Millard In the first yr-ar: Douglas M. Wilson. Edmonton Thr Cevil Ethelhert Rrice Illenzoriul Prize VVilliam Iiiniiil Vilelsh The T. Eaton Conipunifs Prizes in Conznzerce In the second year: Vernon Millard In the first year: Douglas M. Wilson The School of Household Economics The Edmonton. Home Econonzics Association Prize Jessie Audrey Dundas The Grettu Shuu' Simpson lVIenzoriul Prize Norah Marian Brown The David illilivyn Duggan Memorial Prize Jessie Audrey Dundas and Bernice Lucille tequalj The .lluriu Isuhel O'Cun.nor Prize Norah Marian Brown The lllrs. H. A. Friedman Prize Mary Alice Morrison THE FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE Prize of the Board of Governors of the University in First Year Agriculture Jack NVilliam Morrison Th e The Rohert Gardiner Jleinoriczl Scholarship Paul Melnychyn THE FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE The Gus Coinprzny Undergrodulite Scholarships Deferred ' until completion of fall survey school The H. R. Webb i'lTt'll10l'lifll Scholarship Deferred " until completion of fall survey school The Pri:e of the Board of Governors of the University in First Year Applied Science Deferred until completion of fall survey school The Alfred Driscoll Memo-rifzl Prize in Surveying Deferred until completion of fall survey school The Engineering Institute of Canada Prize for Third Year Students in Engineering Israel Arnold Lesk The Northern Alberta Brunch of the Cfvnfidian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Prizes First: James Aloysius Harquail Second: Rodney Thirsk Phipps The Chemical Institiute of Canada Prize in Chemical Engineering Arthur B. Metziier The Wehh Men1ur'iul Student Paper Competition First: Malcolm NVolverton Clark Second: William Douglas Baines ' Third: Robert Charles Meyer awards THE FACULTY OF DENTISTRY The Alberta Dental Association Prize In the second year: Lawrence Soloway The Edmonton Dental Society Prizes In the third year: Van Evangelos Christou In the first year: Louis Anthony D. Hague The Pro Liberis Prize Georxze V, T. Clarke THE FACULTY OF EDUCATION The John. Wallfer Barnett Scholarship Peter Maclaren Roberts The Edmonton Jewish Federation Scholarship in Ediication Barbara Frances Davidson The Prize of the Board of Gorernorsvof the University in First Year Education Stanley S. Roberts The First Year Prize of the Education Society of Edmonton Elinor K. Stolee THE FACULTY OF LAW The B'nai B'rith Prize in Second Year Lau! John Winfred Karran Shortreed The Prize of the Board of Governors of the University in First Year Law Crawford Ferguson The Carsirell Prizes in the Faculty of Lau' In the second year: John Winfred Kari-an Shortreed In the first year: Crawford F6l'2'l.lSOI'l THE FACULTY OF MEDICINE The Prize of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Alberta In first year Proficiency: Robert Foster Scott In first and second years Anatomy: Garfield Kennedy In first and second years Physiology: Frederick Neal Spackman The School of Nursing The Prize for General Proficiency in Intermediate Year Nursing offered by Dr. E. L. Pope Thelma Elizabeth MacKenzie The lilo-men's Au.riliary of the University Prize Edith Moody McRoberts The School of Pharmacy The Prizes of the Alberta Pharmaceutical Association In the second year: Donald A, Zuck In the first year: George Ira Drummond The fllerclc Prize in Pharniacn George Ira Drummond The Frosst Proficiency Prizes in First Year Pharmacy Carman Arthur Bliss. Joseph William Altilio, Peter Hughes Coyle, VVilliam Albert Ilkiw, Alfred James Thorsley. The Canadian Foundation for the Adrancenicnt of Pharmacy Scholarships In the second ye-ar: Donald A. Zuek In thi- first yt-ar: George Ira Drummond GRADUATE AWARDS The Cominco Fellowship James Burris DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS CHEMISTRY The Chemical Institute of Canada Prize in Chemistry Agnes Niven MacKenzie The ehmann Prize in Cheniistfry Robert William Meston The Paul Edzvard Macleod Memorial Prize in Chemistry Allan Stuart Hay and John Charles Wood and Fred Friesen lequalj. The Fred H, Irwin Memorial Prize in Organic Chemistry Gerald David Fasman The D. K. E. Memorial Prize in Chemistry 40 Robert W. Friesen CLASSICS The Ahepa- Prize in Greek Shirley Anne Tournay The Monica Jones Aamodt Prize in Classics in English 50 Vivienne J. Scorah ENGLISH The Aikins Scholarship in English Language and Literature Richard Lawrence Gordon The Priscilla Hammond Memorial Scholarship in Honors English Not awarded The English Ififriting Prize Richard Lawrence Gordon and Harold Victor Weekes tequali-. The Samuel Richard Hosford Memorial Prize in English James Reire Lindsay Linn The Priscilla Hammond Memorial Prize in English 2 Emily Marie Spence The Charles James Thompson Memorial Prize in English 4 Ronald Edgerton Galloway FINE ARTS The Fuller Brush Company Scholarshfp in Art Elva Bertha Pearson The Prizes of the Calgary Section of the National Coufnczl of Jewish Women of Ca-nada In Music 51 lEd. 234l: Elizabeth Manning In Music 45 lEd. 3343: Joyce Richardson In Drama 44 lEd. 1361: Gordon Peacock In Art 51 tEd. 232l: Una Mary Lewis GEOLOGY The Stutclibury Prize Not awarded The George E. Cole Prize in Economic Geology Roman Daniel Sluzar HISTORY The John Henry Stanley Memorial Prize in History Richard Lawrence Gordon and Geoiwze Alexander Cameron Steer lequa J. The History Club Prize William Rodney The A. L. Burt Prize in History Not awarded MODERN LANGUAGES , Lc .llinistcre des Affaires Etrangeres Bronze lllcdal in French. Agnes Elizabeth Teviotdale The Aristide Blais Prize in. French Richard Hugh Robinson The Carnegie Corporation Language Scholarships in French Jeanne N. Riddell, Michael G. Toma POLITI-CAL ECONOMY The lllcrfs Economics Club Prize William Thomas Sinclair AWARDS MADE BY OTHER INSTITUTIONS The J. M. MacEachraJn. Essay Prize Richard Robinson masters in agriculture HOWARD T. FREDEEN, ms.: ARTHUR A. GUITARD, ETSC. rAG,m ALFRED E. HARPER, B. sc, 1AG.1, LETHBRIDOE IOHN W. KENWOOD, B, sc. cAf:.n, EDMONTON WILLIAM LOBAY, B. sc. rAG.w, EDMONTON HAROLD D. SIMONSON, asc. ms., +5 1st year masters as fx ROBERT ARTHUR HEDLIN, B.s.A,, FQENOVUIJ KSASELJ 1 NEIL D. HOLMES, 5.50.5 LETHBMDOE ROBERT s. BAPTIE, EHSKINE Agriculture Club Sec.- Treas. '45-'46, Pres. '46- '47: Inte-rfac Hockey '45-'46: Lambda Chi Alpha. STEPHEN G. FUSHTEY, WASEL Agriculture Club, Sec.- Treas. '46-47: Track C l u bg Inter - varsity Track '46g Badminton Club: Archery: Outdoor Club. ,nn-. year agriculture ELDOR R. BERG, MILLICENT Agriculture Club, Jr. Rep. '45-'46: Sport's Re-p. '46-'-17: Boxinf Club Sec. '45-316: In- lerfac trnckg Interfac Hockey: Intercollezizlte Boxinr '45-'47s Housi- Committee lAthubascal '45-WIT. FRANK M. JACOBS, CALGARY Arrriculture Club: Mixed chorus '45-'46: Boxing Club '42-'43, '45-516. IOI-IN S. BLACKIE EDMONTON WILLIAM LAZARUK, WILLINGDON Agriculture- Club, NORMAN L. BRENNAN, CAMPOSE Aurivultnrc Flubg Curl- ing '-13-'47, RONALD I-I. MANERY, l-IEHEMEOS, B C. Agriculture Club, Spun-ts' Rep, '-15-'Mig In- tcrliru- Ita:-.lwtbzllli 'l'rzu'lx Club '44-'-15: l'ul. Sc. Club Vice-lifes. '43-'46, Ath:ibasc:i Hmlw font- mittve '46-Elf: M.A,A, Sur-rolzxry :mil U.A.B. treus., '-Ui-'-IT. S .4 MALCOLM A. STEWART L. CAMERON, V DALLYN, EVMOIITOII ALf1'i1'nlture l'lubg In-ltn HFQTONE li:np1vzL Epsilon. A u rl C u l I u 1' e Club? IYrcstlim: Club '43-'4T. DONALD C. MATHEWS, IOHN W. 'MGAHY MELNYK, .-Xuri1'ul1l1rv Club, Stu. DEHWENT flint 4':+i'4-if-vizx Com- rniltm- '45 'UL Stuzlent Aurii-ultnre Cub, Exee llifi-iylliixzlrv Vurnlnilt-'e vulivv Ulf!-'Hg Council 'MS-' IT1 lhrlla: Ii:1p1v11 ll--yr, VHS '-17: Curling Ellsilnn. Club Pri,-s. '-15-'-1' Li 1.1 l .-., 6' I 'Y . W Y agriculture LEA I. MILLAR, EDMONTON Agriculture Club: Interfac Hockey: Phi Delta Theta. IAMES A. MUNDY, EDMONTON Agriculture Club, Senior Rep. '46-517: Phi Delta Thrta. STANLEY I. PETHYBRIDGE, TEES Agriculture Club, Pol. Sc. Club, Wrestling Club '44-'47. Interfac Hockey '44-'45, Drama Club, Interyear plays '45-'4T. ROBERT W. RENNER, CALGARY Agriculture Club. Interfac Rugby '42-'44, Phi Kappa Pi. GEORGE W. VARSEVELD, TRP-ll., B.c, Agriculture Club. Interfac Rugby '42-'-1-l. Outdoor Club, Cu 1 P1 rling Club '46-'4', Phi Kappa DESMOND B. WATT EDMONTON Agriculture Club, Sophomore Rep. '-14-'45, Interfac. Hockey '45-'47, Senior Rugby '44-'46, Wrestling Club '-46347, WILLIAM G. WIGGINS, EDMONTON Agriculture Club. Boxing Club '39-'40, EDMUND I-I. WOOD EDMONTON applied science -:- chemical engineering IAMES FRANCIS BUCKINGI-IAM, CAIVIROEE E.S.S. Ext-cutive: Phi Delta Theta. GEORGE S. I-IORNE, CALGARY ESS.: Kappa Sig. MICHAEL M. . CHMH-'AR C IOI-IN P. DOUG. GRAY, ' ' TRAIL B.C. HILDHEDI . xx z 1 . .c. - -, . V V, i C A N I . . Ebb., Phi kama P E.S.S.: Musical Club. Ighgircigraiiiher 'ESI 9-i-16. CALGARY GORDON A. 7- E.s.s. MCGUFFINI ALLAN WILLIAM CALGARY MARTIN, IOI-IN RYER, HSS.: Li li - ' iz1,3h.., tfuiEn?"if1Si2Z wma, SASL CALGARY MAURIOE SPOT, : ito 1: w- -a MM: , fag m liiociivfy u 19-lg?-1:55 E bb' fE46i 3 b Aliiig LEDUC Manauer Interfac Hoc- Mu- E-S-S' key 19-16-47, "-P37 I 7 . Y F V' 'N "' A "155'4' 'Q ,E I . X x . Q i . xl NU?-,x . E . A ' ,, , 'Q YJ .. , . f N 53... N--'li 'i ra -.Ea-55 'Arif 2 ,Sr .- -, N 'gb .-xt TW. . V .39 'X X civil engineering RALPH I. ALLMAN, EDMONTON E.S.S., S.E.I.C. ANDREW BARACOS, BATXIFF E.S.S. A. LAWRENCE BERRY, EDMONTON E.S.S., S.E.I.C., Canterbury Club, Phi Delta The-ta. IOHN W. BLAIR, EDMONTON E.S S.. S.E,I.C. HERBERT GORDON CLARK, cwvnn BAR E.S.S., S.E.I.C., Lambda Cha Alpha. R. C. DILKE, EDMONTON E.I.C., ESS.. Swimming: team '43-'47, Interfac basket- ball '43-'4T, Delta Upsilon. EUGENE F. D. HOCHHAUSEN, PROVOST E.S.S., S.E.I.C., Boxing Club, Newman Club. GEORGE HODGE, INNISFAIL E.S.S., S,E.I.C. IOHN F. HUNT, MACLEOD E.S.S., S.E.I,C., V.C.l7., Swimming: Club. civil engineering KENNETH R. LAUER, BRUNO. SASK. E.S. S. GORDON U. PROCTOR, EDMONTON Soph. Class Exec. '44- '45. Outdoor Rink Mngr. '44-'45, Sec. M.A.B. '45-'46 Mgr. Golden Bears Rugby '46-'47. Rink Committee '46-'4'T. Pres. Senior Class '46- '47, Senior Rugby '44- '45. Senior Hockey '43, '44, '45: E.S.S., Kappa Sigma. OHESLEY L MOOONNELL, VICTORIA. B C. E.S.S., S.E.l.C. PHILIP F. PROCTOR, STIRLING Senior Basketball '43- '4T, Biyz Block A Club '46-'47, E.S.S. '43-'47. L.D.S. Club '45, '46, '47. Pres. Men's Basket- ball '46-'47, WM. .A. MCLAGGAN, CALGARY E,S.S., S.E.l.C.. Kappa Siilma. JOHN A. RANDLR CALGARY E.S.S. Pres. '46-'47, E.SS. Vice-Pres. '45- '46. Schedule Man '45- '46, Light and Sound '44-'43, Frosh President 4 '42--'44, E.S.S. Lite-i':xi'y Rep. '44-'-15. Junior Exec. '45-'-16. E.S.S.. Kappa Sigma. iii 543' . .L .3 Q3 P , sv AI? .-1 Noi' . F J? 3 i 'it ::." ll. o- I '. rf -L ,va 'N-'ss . , ,. .. ,K ..., 5,i,.... 4 1 CARL NYBERG, AMISK ES S.. S.E.I.1". CARLTON H. OLSON, CAMROSE E.S.S., S.E.l.L'.. xVl'f"F-t' lim: Club. WILFRED WENDELL RYAN, GEM Soph. Rep, E.S,S, '44- Snph. Exec. '44-'45. Tennis '44-'45, Track '44-'45. Pres. Junior Class '45-'46, Vive-Prre. Spike Shoe Club, '45- '46: E.S.S., S.E.I.C., Phi Kappa Pi. BRENT H. SCOTT, CALGARY E.S.S.. S.E.I.C.. Phi Kappa Pi. 'fi 3'- sr ' 'cf-" .pf 8 .2 I 54.5 by civil engineering HAR'OLD CECIL SHANNON, EDMONTON E.S.S.. S.E.I.C., Sec. Treas. Soph. Class '44-'45, Sec. Treas. Junior Class '45-'-16. IOHN GORDON SPENCER CALGARY E.S.S., S.E.I.C. MURRAY E. STEWART, EDMONTON E.S.S., S.E.I.C., Gateway '43-'45, Dramatics stage crew '43-'45 Frosh Exec. '43-'44:'Soph Pres. '44-'46, House Dance Comm. '44-'45, Mgr. Track '44-'46, Sports Editor Gateway '45-'46, Men's Athletic Board '45-'46, Pres. of Track '46-'47, S.U. Council '46-'47. Sports Editor E. 8: G. '46-'47, Rink Committee '46-'47, Prosh Intro- duction '46-'47, Intercollegiate Track '46-'47, Tennis '44-'46. BENI.AMIN B. TORCHINSKY, CALGARY E.S.S. A. H. VAN DER LEE, ci-TIPMAN ES S., E.I.C.. Boxing '44-'45 Delta Upsilon. ALEX. WEBER, SEDGEWICK E.S.S,. Swimming Club, Exec. Junior Class '45-'46. Delta Upsilon. engineering physics W. DOUGLAS BAINES, EDMONTON E.S.S., S.E.I.C., Math :ind Physics Club Exec. '46-'47, Outdoor Club. Canterbury Club. Senior Class Exec. '46-'47, Lambda Chi Alpha. R. KENNETH LOBB, EDMONTON E,S.S. Exec. '45-'46, S.E.I.C., Math. and Physics Club, Kappa Sigma. applied science -:- electrical engineering BRUCE ALLSOPP, O. I. AMUNDSEN, EDMONTON Freshmen Executive CLARESHOLM '43-'44: Light and E,S.S.: A.I.E.E.: Phi Sound Crew '-i4-'45-'46- Dt-Ita Theta '4T: Freshman Introduc- tion Committee '44-'-15: Class Dance Ticket Manager '45-'-47: Out- door Club: Parade Mal'- shall '46-'47: A.I.E.E. E.S.S.: Kappa Sigma. S- R- HNYDA, R. W. KING, EDMONTON EDMONTON I.R.E.: E,S.'S. A.I.E.E. '45-'4T: I.R.E.. '46-47: E.S.S. '43-'4T. V. s. BRADLEY, CALGARY Vice Pres. St. Steve's Students' Council '46- '4T: Musical Club '44- '471 A.I.E.E. '4s.'47: E.s.s. '4:a-'.n. I.R.E. K. KUWAHARA, CALGARY I.R.E., E.S.S. L. W. CALDWELL CALGARY I.R.E. Vice-Pres. 45-463 Pres. 46-47: A.I.E.E. '45-'4T: E.S.S. '43-'-473 Math and Physics Club '43-'45: Music Club '45- '47: Lisrht and Sound Crew '44-'451 Outdoor Club. PAUL G. MCCONNELL, VICTORIA E,S.S.: Light and Sound Crew '45-'4T: A.I.E.E. '45-'47 Sec. Treas. '46-. '-47: House Committeel '45-'-16: Swimming Club '44-'45: Outdoor Club '-16-'-IT. T. M. CARSGADDEN, PORT SASKATCHEWAN E.S.S.g A.I.E.E.: Tennis Club 42-45, Pres. '15- '46: Curling Club '45- '46: Royal Astronomi- cal Society '42-'47, Exec. '45-'46: Delta Kappa Epsilon. D. R. MCGILL, CALGARY Sec. Treas. Sophomore Class '40-'41: I.R.E. '45-'-16: A.I.E.E. '45- '4T : E.S.S. '45-'4T: Delta Kappa Epsilon. '27 ig r r Qu, 1, ' , . ,QL-X .P . 4 ,Q ' 2. A . 1 2-f' I' 5 f'if:.- . A . 11155 . was-fr . I. F. GRAHAM, COLEMAN E.S.S.g I.R.E.: Zeta Psi. H. E. PEACOCK, BARONS Interfac Basketball '42- '214: Interfac Rugby '-12-'443 Senior Rugby 44-47: E.S.S.: I.R.E.: A.I.E.E. electrical engineering I. F. PERRIER, SIOUX LOOHOUT, ONT. Q R. SHORTREED, EDIvlONTOli A.I.E.E. Vice-Chziirmain '45-'-iii, t"hziii'm:iii 46-JT, ES 5- Outcloor Club, lleltn Kziiipzi Epsiloli. A. L. STIRLING, EDMONTON A.I.E.E., E.S.S. R. I. WALKER, EDMONTON A.I.E.E.. E.S.S,, Exec. '45-'46, Outdoor Vluli Pros. 44- 4.., 5.-in Trezis. '45-'-16. masters HERBERT I. CHALMERS, ana-3 1Al1'l' rf i RUSSELL A. HEMSTOCK, asc., IAPP, sci iiAimA RANDOLPH M. LAUER, BCC. KAFP. sci mining engineering MALCOLM W. BRUCE A. CLARKE, CAMERON, EDMONTON LLOYDMINSTER Outdoor Club '-ill-'-15. . -1 . .. E.S.S.. Mininu ani Ge- Boxing Llub 31- -39, V, . L-I , Interfaculiy Hockey '3T- Uloiiual bmliti' '37, E.S.S. Mining: und Geological Society. EDWARD 1. ROBERT C. PANCHYSYN, EDMONTON I JASPER Senior Rugby '-11-'-12' Interfzxc. Hockey '40, '-lil. '-16: E.S.S., Minin! and Geological Society. E.S.S., Mining and Ge- ological Society. fy? ...wo ,,r.. , ,...L,, ,,. Q .Xl 'ggi I g- .RN X, ww- xi : X , LDL ii! wif' ai" 7' 7 .43 '3 x masters in engineering fww. .ea '71 2' ev- Is ENGINEERS DELIGI-IT GRAYSON MICHAEL HAIASI-I, BROOKS Si-niui' Rugby 'Ali-'-17, Interfziculty Hockey '-lil-'-IT, 'l'rzick '43-'-IG, President Siiikeil Shiie -ih- -i i . ESS., Mining ami Geoloigiczil Society. l"luli '-lil-'45, Piwsinluiit M.A.B. IAMES A. HARQUAIL, CAMPBELLTOWII, ILE. Sf:-.-'l'i'e:i:4ui'e1' Nilwmiin Flub '-in--lb, E.S.S., Mining and Ge-ulogiczil Sucif-ty. RODNEY PHIPPS, STHOME Intei'f:ic-ulty Hui-key ':1r4, '40, '-16: Boxing '::xJt:5r. E.S,S.. Mining: and Geological Soviet y. 77 MERRITT PIZZELL, CALGARY Pi Phi. L.. 'b- f?i5,l W... WOR BOON, CALGARY THOMAS H. FORD, LACOMBE Gateway News Ed. '45- '-l6. Gateway Editor-in chief '46-'47, I.R.C. V W '67 A iff! IO.AN C. FRASER, EDMONTON Cercle Francais '43-'47, Pres, '45-'46, English Club '44-'47, Delta Gamma. IOAN E. HAY, LETHBRIDGE: A.S.C. Nth Yr. Rep. '-16-'4Tl. Cercle Francais, Co-Ed Club. Sr. Ren. V46-477, Archery Club lPres. '45-'47J, W.A.A. '45-'-IT, Mixed Chorus, '44-'46, Outdoor Club, '46-'-IT. EILEEN KEYTE, CALGARY Cercle Francais. DENNIS TOWNSEND, VICTORIA, Bc. Gateway Literary Editor '45-'46, Cercle Francais '44-'47, Pres. '46-'-IT. ERIC C. BLADES , TORONTO, ONT. lB.Sc. in Pharmacyl. M. MALLABONE, CANMORE lSummer Session, 19461, Swimming Club, E.U.S., Co-ed Club Treasurer '44-'45. ROBERT I-POLLINGSHEAD, HILLCREST 1First year mastersl. E.S.S.. S.E.I.C, EMIL SANDEN, HUSSAR fF'irst. year mastersl. E.S.S., S.E.I.C., Swimming Club. Outdoor Club, Archery Club. arts DONALDA 1. BREOKON, CALGARY Musical Club. LILLIAN R. GEHRKE, RED DEER President Wauneita '46- '47 HAROLD BRYANT, EDMONTON IANET E. COVEY, French Club ws- '47. EDMONTON Swimming Club '43, Arts and Science Club, Archery Club '46. Outdoor Club. ARCHIE GREENAWAY, MISSION CITY. B.C. Gateway '45-'47, Phil- osoph. Society Exec. '47 a I' f S STELLA F. HOLOSKO, CALGARY Interfaculty Baskvtball '44-'-16, Choir Q-I-1347. Philosoph. liallf-t Club '46-'-17. SAMUEL HUBERMAN, CALGARY I.R,C, '-I5-'47. Sigma Al1.'Ii:i Mu. BOYNE IOHNSTON, LETHBRIGDZ Students' Council. Arts and Scitnce Club, MAUHICE IORRE DE ST.-IORRE, VICTORIA, B.C, Varsity Show, Ticket Manager '47, Law Club. BERNARD W. KELLY, OLDS. Law Club, Newman Club. ALAN KEHSHAVV, HEHSCHEL I. MCBRIDE , MICRICRI French. Badminton Club. CLARE L. LIDDEN, HOLDEN N . Senior Hockey '45-'47, Phi Dt-Ita Theta. L f aff! ENID M. MCLAUGHLIN, EDMONITON Philoioiih. Societjy,DAi'ts MALCOLM S. gnliuzgrence Clu , e ta MCLEANI V KIIIEXMONTON IRENE B. OSWALD, IAMES B. WETASKIWIN l?fZ.'iS?'u"S0Ei5'1' 5213222 NELSON! B-0- Club, Musical Club. Law Club. C' l PARLIAMENTARY DINNER LOIS NEILSON, EDNIONTON Drama Srwir-ty '44-'45 S.I".M. Cabinet 'JS- '46, S01-h. Inter Year Playa '46-'47, U.M.C. Co-ed Club. Hnflmintun Club, Pres. Vu-1 ll. Club, Secretary-'1'reaf,urc-r Waunsitn. S.1,'.M. IOAN O'R'OURKE, CALGARY Badminton Club '44-'-Ili Prt-s. '46-'47, Naw- mnn Vlula, llelta Gamma. GEOHGINA RIVET, VIMY Newman Club '-1-1-'47, Social Service Club '46-'47, Co-ed Club '45-'-IG, Arts :intl Sc-il-nov Club '45-'-IG. MARY K. ROBERTSON, WESTCOTT Interfaculty Basketball. Pembina House Comm. '46-'47 Musical Club, English Club. Co-ed Club Exec. '46-'47, ww HUGH T. BUCHANAN, CALGARY NV.1'. I. A. U. NVelter- weight Championship '40-'41, Beaumont Tro- phy VVinner '-11, Inter- faculty Hockey. Public Speaking Club, Com- merce Club. Phi Kappa Pi. DORIS D.AU, THREE HILLS Commerce Club. XVO- mcn's Political Eco- nomy Club Kappa Al- pha The-tzi. L-5 -fr 5 IAMES E. CARMICHAEL, EDMONTON Commerce Club Execu- live '45-'46, C.U.R,lVI.A Executive '-15-'46, GEORGE A. GARBUTT, CALGARY Commerce Club. Varsity Publicity Agency. Inter- faculty Basketball. St Stephi-n's House Com- mittee. Uni COITIITIEFCE PATRICIA MARY CAVE-FINN, EDMONTON Commerce Club. Vice- Pres. '46-'47, Newman Club, VYomen's Political Economy Club Pres. '46- '-IT. Outdoor Club, Delta Delta Delta. ERIC GEDDES, L EDMONTON Commerce Club, Senior Basketball. Interfaculty Basketball, Cen. Gates Receipts Manager '45- '46: Phi Delta Theta. IOI-IN A. CUNNINGHAM, EDMONTON Commerce Club Exec. '44-'-15. Curlimr Club. Kappa Sigma. LORNA LYSTER, EDMONTON Interfaculty Basketball, Swimming Club, Mixed Chorus, Commerce Club. W0men's Political Eco- nomy Club. 8I'1'S IOCELYN R. SIMPSON, EDMONTON Ifadminton Club '44-'47 Pres. '45-'46, Mixed Chorus '45-'47, Cercle I-rancais 46- -17. Prychology Club '46-'47, Women's Discip. Council Chairman '46-'47, Arts and Science Club, Delta Gamma. LORRAINE A. SKEITH, NEW DAYTON Gateway '44-'46, Radio Directorate '45-'46, Women's Group Council '-16-'47, NVomen's Discip. Council '46-'47, Pembina House Comm. Pres. '-16-'47, Badminton Club. IEAN B. SPANKIE, CALGARY Musical Club. Co-ed Club. FRANCES STANLEY, EDMONTON Senior Basketball '45'-'47, Gateway '44-'45, Arts and '46-'4T. Pi Beta Phi. IOSEPH I. STRATTON, EDMONTON Newman Club, Law Club, Club 400, DORIS M. TAYLOR, EDMONTON Science Club Dramatics Society. Interfacully. Basketball, W.A.A. Science Rep. '44-'45, rhilosophical Society. MARGUERITE WEIR, CALGARY yaurfit-y Show '45, Gateway '45-'46, Vice-President Senior Class Ju- -ti. E. Sz G. '46-'47, Arts and Science Club, Kappa Alpha Theta, E. MARIE WEIR, CALGARY Mixed Chorus '45-'46, Accompanist Mixed Chorus '46-'47. B. T. DALSIN, EDMONTON Commerce Club, Inter- faculty Rugby '40-'42, Spanish Club, Gateway Arlvertisim: '41-'42. FRANK I. MCEVOY, EDMONTON Commerce Club, Execu- tive '46-'47: Newman Club. Delta Upsilon. C0l'l'lITlEI'C6 GORDON MCLEAN, EDMONTON Commerce Club Secretary-Treasurer 45 to 47. Varsity Publicity Agency. Men's Economics Club 45 to 46, Assistant Central Gate Receipts Executive 1947, Varsity Bancb Manager 46. AL. MELNYK, ELK POINT Commerce Club, C.U.R.M.A. Executive 45-46, Delta Upsilon. R. T. MILNER, EDMONTON Commerce Club. TOM MUNDY, EDMONTON Commerce Club, Inter-faculty Basketball 45-47, lnter-faculty Commerce Hockey Manager 46, Varsity Publicity Agency, As- sistant Gate Receipts Manager, Varsity Band. ENID K. ROPER, RIMBEY Commerce Club, Women's Political Economy Club. Junior Basketball. Kappa Alpha Theta. WILLIAM SWITZER, CALGARY Junior Bears Basketball, Inter-taculty Haskel- ball, Commerce Club. Sigma Alpha Mu. MARCEI.. IOSEPH AIME LAMBEHT, EDMONTON Commerce Club, Newman Club, History Club, Gateway, Asst, News Editor 39-40, Gateway "A" Friday Editor 40-41. Men's Economics Club President 40-41. 46-47: Senior Rugby 39-40, C.U.R.M.A. Chairman-Summer Worll Committee, Rhodes Scholar 1947. household ec GERTRUDE ARMBRUSTER STONY PLAIN House Ec Club LOIS MARIORIE COURTNEY CALGARY House Ec Club, Badmin- ton Club, Kappa Alpha Theta. EDITH M. ARMSTRONG EDMONTON House Et' Club MARCIA GILLESPIE EDMONTON Philharmonic Society, V a r sit y Orchestra, House Ec Club. Golf Team. Debating Club, glutdoor Club. Pi Beta l. fr-1? 'W honors point ical SCOTIOTHY 'i '20 all l "DEAR MOM-" PHYLLIS BUCI-LAN, TORONTO Interfaculty Basketball. Track, President, House Ec l'lub 46-47. MARGARET CARTER, DM, House Ec Club, Wauneitn Society Execu- tive 45-46. Outdoor Club, Psychology Club, Delta Delta Delta GWENDOLYN GUILD, LETHBHME House Ec Club, Outdoor Club, Archery Club, Philosophical Society, Evergreen and Hold 46-47. Drama Club, Pi Beta Phi. VERA N. HOLE, EDMONTON Fresh. Representative to W.A.A. 43-44, Senior Basketball 43. 44, 45. 463 Inter- faculty Basketball Manager 45-46, Faculty Sports Representative to W.A.A. 45-46, Secretary of W.A.A. 45-46 iStu- dents Council 45-46J, Secretary of Awards Committee 45-46, President of W.A.A. 46-47 lStudents Council 46-471. Secretary of U.A.B. 46-47. Senior Basketball 4 4-4 5, household ec DOROTHY C. I-ONES, ODNDD 45-46: Faculty Representative to W.A.A. 46-47, House Ee Club Executive 46-47. Delta, Delta Delta. MARGARET LIPSEY, DDNONTON Cercle Francais. Junior Class Vice-President, 45-46. Cheering Squad 45-46, 46-47: House Ec Club. Delta Gamma. M. ANNA MACQUEEN, ODDODN, Badminton Club, Outdoor Club, Executive. 44-45, Junior Class Executive 45-46, House Ee. Club. Vice-President, 46-47, Interfaculty Bas- ketball. C TERESA MACRAE, DDNONNON House Ec. Club. Newman Club, Archery Club. P'i Beta Phi. LILLIAN MICHALUK, DDDDWDN., House Ec. Club. Newman Club, Archery Club. Skating. KAY MORAN, CALGARY Secretary of Dramatics 47. Interyear Play 45- 46-47, Spring Play 46-47, Makeup Club, Debat- ing Club, Public Speaking Club, Mixed Chorus 45-46-47, Badminton, Curling, House Ec Club, Education Club, Newman Club. EILEEN NELSON, NDNDNTNODPD Outdoor Club. Swimming Club, House Ec Club, Philosophical Society, Evergreen and Gold. Gateway. SOPHIE PUCHALIK, OODONNDO House Ec Club. Newman Club. JEAN ROBERTSON, DDONN DUNN House Ec Club, Varsity Mixed Chorus, S.C.M., Co-ed Club. household economics IRMA ROLE EDMONTON House Ec Club. Badminton Club. Evergreen and Gold. Cheering Squad. Pi Beta Phi. ELIZABETH SZILAGYI CALGARY Archery Club. House Ec Club. Badminton, French Club. Secre- tary of Evergreen and Gold, 44- 45. 45-46: Outdoor Club. Psycho- logy Club. Philosophical Society. Newman Club, Music Club, Kappa Alpha Theta. . -9, .9 in -fax uni '94 as . S2 ORENE I. ROSS CORONATION House Ec Club. Badminton Club. Dramatics Club, Interyear Plays 45-46, Swimming Club, Outdoor Club, Tennis Club. Musical Club. Evergreen and G0l.l, Pi Beta Phi. IDA WARKE ROYALTIES House Ec Club. Archery Club. Outdoor Club. Delta Delft, In-Ita. MARIORIE P. SEDGWICK EDMONTON House Ee Club, Swimming Club. Badminton Club. MILDRED HOEH WEISER HIGH RIVER University Choir. Interisiculty Basketball. House E: Club, Bad- minton Club, Psy-fho'o:y Club. MARGARET STEWART EDMONTON House Ec Club, Archery Club Outdoor Club, Skating, Skiing. LORNA M. WOOD WESTLOCK Badminton Club. House Ee Club, Kappa Alpha Thzla. ilu science -second year medicine WILLIAM TERRANCE ARMSTRONG Basketball, Badminton, Newman Club 43-44-45. D.K.E. 43-44- 45-46. ' KIMBERLEY MAMIE ELIZABETH BAILEY, OKOTOKS DONALD BRUCE BAKER, EDM ONTON Junior Rugby 43-44, Senior Rugby 44-45. M.U.S.. P.IT.T. HAROLD E. BELL, TAB., V.C.F. 42-43-44. Swimming Club 46-47. A.K.K. Club, M.U.S. DONALD REID COLTER, E,,,,,,,,,O,, M.U.S.. P.D.T. BARNEY MARTIN DLIN, E,,,,ON.O,, M.U.S. EDMONTON A.K.K., M.U.S.. Newman Club, Interfaculty Hockey 46. NEIL FRASER DUNCAN I EDMONTON Inter-faculty Hockey 43-44-45-46, Interfaculty Rugby 43-43. M.U.S.. P.D.T. science GEORGE IAMES GIBSON EDMONTON 'Track 44-45. V.L'.F President 44-45. Executive 43-47: M,U.S., McGoun Debates 47. LEONARD A. MAHER VANCOUVER Featherweight Boxing: Champ.. Secretary - Treasurer Boxing Club 43-45, President Boxing: Club 45-46. Newman Club, M.U.S.. Lambda Chi Alpha. MARGARET HUNTER EDMONTON VVOmen'S M.U.S.. Blue Stock- ing Club President 45-46, VVaunita Executive -47. 44 Soph Class Executive 44-45, Outdoor Club Executive 43-44. ERNEST E. MCCOY VICTORIA Track 44-45, Mixed Chorus -ln- 46, Mixed Chorus Executive 44-45. S.C.M. Cabinet 45-46. Advertising Manager E. K: G. 46-47, St. Steve-'s House Com- mittee- 46-47. Alpha Kappa Kenna- . 1 ' . K fer 'Nui . ""T7P I it X4 5 Ii' I 3+ S' if 44, 5. Fi.. ue... gs. I sm. I R -N-.R-.,-.--xx Co - . 'I' W-4, Q. ' :Ruiz-.H wg-me Jws'-'.-Y" "f',.i1ifQgg.fNf?2ii EAI-Tgg ,f ,N ., -'i' Qglifzijf . , 1-32 - K .N- 's-1 'Nw' it Xxqagxs' Q. if 5 , A we ..X..: 5. .t 4: Q.. X X 1 , f,, v,i .'z . J Wx 1 5 - -lux A I f, If 'V lf.- 1 N A , --...., Q . 'x IV!! 'Q 'EFT' N AT THE PRESIDENTS HOME DAVE KLASSEN, SWALYVELL Sxviniminig Club, M.U.S.. A.K,K. WILLIAM R. N. LINDSAY, lS.C.M.l EDNIONTON President Arch:-ry, Swimming SQCl'9fIll'5',.OUl- floor Club. International Relations President, Gateway C.U.P. Editor, Advertisinsr Manager. Telephom- Book Director. Track. McGoun De- bates 47. French Club. History Cluli, Public Speaking Treasurer. LLOYD MACLEAN, CALGARY P.K.P. M.U,S. Executive 45-46, Dirertor, FreSh- man Introduction 45: Enforcement Committee 46-47, Presiclent Men's Tennis 45. Interfaculty Hockey 46-47. IOI-IN RONALD NATTRESS, EDMONTON Junior Rugby 42-43, Inte-rfaculty Rugby 42-43- 44, lnterfaculty Hockey 43-44-45-46, M.U.S.. Phi Delta: Theta. 83 ' 'las AL hav 'IL' R x'f.r science-second year medicine JOHN D. RARAGOSKYOONONTON M.U.S. 45-46, Mixed Chorus 44-45-46, Kappa Sigma. ROBERT PARADNY, OONONTON M.U.S. IACK G. PECK, COALDALE Swimming Club, Tumbling Club, Res. House Committee 45-46, M.U.S., A.K.K. ELI W. SHEOTOR, OONONTON Badminton Club. Swimming Club, M.U.S. IOHN s. SKENE, ONLONNN E. 8: G. -I5-46-47, Kappa Sigma. HENRY M. TOUPIN, LOGAN Newman Club 43-44-45, D.K.E. ALLEN s. WRIGHT, ONONNN S.C.M., A.K.K. IIM WESOLOWSKI, A.K.K. MUNDARE science LEEN P. CAPSEY, DOUGLAS I. CHARLES E LC. H-LEC., CRAWFORD . WILLIAM R. DIMOCK STUART R. VVRIGHT AMEL CONYBEARE B.SC., KAPP. SCJ B.SC., CAPP. SCJ BSC, KARTSl TRAIL EDMONTON BERNARD EEROOV MARGUERITE T- , LAMBERT KCHEMISTRYJ GEORGE P. SEMELUK DBEL v. BURWASH -CHEMISTRY? DOUGLAS 1. WORDIE EDMONTON NCHEMISTRYJ LUSCAR ,TANY7 EDMONTON 4-ll?-4-lA1:, Chemistry Club, Newman Club, DIDSBURY ONTON Uhemistry Club. Club 43-47. Outdoor Club -13-44. Zeta Psi. Chemistry Club. asiars In science onors ,CIQIWCQ S C I E I1 C E ALEXANDER ANDREKSON, BARONS Track 44-45. Senior Basketball 44-45.,Inte1'faculty Basketball 45-47, Manager of Golden Bear Basketball 4647, Arts Sc. Exec.. Boys' Sports Representative 46-47. Delta Upsilon. BRUCE L. BAKER ,UMM BERTHA F. BATTY, VALOH MARGARET C. BERTRAND, ROCKY MOL,NTA,,, H Pi Beta Phi. JAMES A. BROWN, MOOSE ,AW I-A-MES A. BRYANT, mmmou RUTH CARTER, WWW Co-Erl Club. Swimming Cluh. Curling Club. LLOYD C. CHAMBERLAIN, mm I DONALD LYLE DONALD M. DAVIES DOWNIE VICTORIA, RC. Enmowrorr KENNETH H. ESTHER GEE HARDIN EDMCNTCN EDMONTON OUSE 17" rl "i'...." XA :ffl QW: - QQ, RESIDENCE XMAS PARTY. PHYLLIS ESTRIN EDMONTON Swimminw: tlluh. Arts and Svie-live Clulw. DOUGLAS A. GAUDETTE EARONS ROY H. D. HARRIS EDMONTON NORMA M. HOWARD EDMONTON Senior Basketball 4445. Cheer Squad 44-47, Arts and Science Club, Delta Gamma. R ,Q JOHN E. MONACLE LOYALIST LEANDER A. SHERBECK WETASKIWIN l., OLIVE OXLAND LETHBRIDGE Symphony Orchestra 45-46, Archery Club 44- 45, Delta Delta Delta. KENNETH M. SIMPSON EDMONTON science SYDNEY E. JONES, PONONN Philosoph, Arts and Science Club, Music Club. Math. and Physics Club, Blue Stocking Club, Pi Beta Phi. MARY C. LOWE, OOMONTON Delta Gamma. THERESA S. MCCARTHY, Newman Club Executive 45-47, Junior Rep. Wauneita -16-47. Pi Beta Phi. D ALBERT R. MQGORMAN, EDMONTON EDMONTON DONALD M. MCDONALD, LNOOMOO WILLIAM N. McKAY, NOOMN RUDOLPH S. MELNYCHUK, EDMONTON CLIFFORD A. MITCHELL, OMOAN, Curma science ARTHUR R. PENNY EDMONTON JOSEPH U. STREETER EDMONTON BLAKE G. RYAN ROBERT N. SiifJQ5?E?R52?FZMiping SAWICKI Dlelta i!i0agE2i.caEpsllg:ty' CALGARY VIVIAN ANN ETHEL SUEY TORCHINSKY VULCAN Arts and Science Club. CALGARY Drama Society, Musical Interfaculty Basketball, Club, Co-Ed Club. Co-Ed Club. Make-up Club. Tennis Club. ETHEL C. SHELENE EDMONTON Newman Club, Wau neita Society. PAUL E. VINEY EDMONTON Q-np Mn? lo wp., iw science EUNICE WADE, CALGARY Swimming Club 46-47. . MARGARET WALLACE, LACOMBE Archery Club, C0-Ed Club Executive 46-47, SLIM MARGARET WANNOP, E,,M,,,,,-ON Wauneitu Society NORMAN 1. WHITNEY, ,,,,,,G,,O,, I.R,C. 45-46 S.C.M., Muck Parliament 46--17. HAROLD E. WILLIAMS, ED,,,O,,,O,, Swimming Club, Phi Kappa Pi JEAN L. WILLQX, CALGARY Delta Gamma. HARRY D. WISMER, m,.,B,,,,,GE Badminlun. Tennis, Sec.-Tre-as. Senior Vlass 46-47 Delia Upsilon. CHARLES A. YACKULIC, ,mB,,,,,GE Ice Rink Manager 46, Assistant Director Year- bokok 47, Organizer Camera Club Gateway, Sec. Newman Club, I.R.C. President 47, Photography Co-ormlinator. lst PRIZE IN E. and G. PHOTO CONTEST 'wa I if Wi' lk -Q. 5 ,gg . 'I , A gf , .- .. I ,, Iiv I 4 5 I' 'rx I fb, X gp I - A , I . Q ' 1'.'f' 'J .... i .. an -if. ii 'img , . A 'TZP 2 I r 6 ' V. , ,fix 1 ' . . N-- ' -I 'Y K 4 ANDY G. ' ' W J f Q 51 . S3 ,-'ff f gun' LEO' P. LYMAN EDMONTON D.U.S. 43-47, Vic.-Pres. 45-46, Interfac. Basket- ball 43-47, Manager Golden Bears 45-46, Varsity Show 44-45, Sixzma Alpha Mu. IOHN N. PENZER LRNGLEY PRAIRIE D.U.S. 43-47, Mixed Chorus 44-45, Secretary Students' Council 45-46, Phi Delta Theta. get 'IIN KENNETH ALAN MCMURCHY tB.A.l SWIFT CURRENT Inlerfaculty Basketball 43-47. D.U.S. 43-47. Music Club 45-46, Phi Ilelta Theta. SAMMIE S. SHECKTER lB.SC. 423 EDMONTON D.U.S. 42-44. 45-47. President Men's Basket- ball 44, Golden Bears B.B. 39-44, 45-46, Bear- Cuts Coach 46-47, Block A Club 44. uv 47.1 LLOYD WILLIAM MILLER lB.A.i SHELLBROOK lnterfaculty Hockey 43-47. Interfaculty Rug- by 44-45, Senior Rugby 45-46. Manager Bear- vats 46-47, D.U.S, 43- 47. Lambda Chi Alpha. WONG tB.A.l MOOSE IAW li.U,S. 43-47, Executive D.U.S. 45-46. ORSON T. D.U.S. 43- dentistry EINGHAM, MAGRATH DONALD IRWIN OULHAM, cm, N ORBERT D'.U.S. Sec.-Treas. 44-45. Council Representative 45-46, President 46-47, Interfaculty Basketball 44-47, Lambda Chi Alpha. MICHAEL MURRAY DERENIUK lB.Al WINNIPEG Interfaculty Basketball 43-47, Interfaculty Rug- by 44-45, D.U.S. President 45-46, D.U.S. 43-47, Lambda Chi Alpha. I- DUST, ammo D.U.S. 43-47. Newman Club 43-47, St. Joe's House Com. 44-46. RAYMOND B. HAGER, EDMONTON D.U.S. 43-47, Student Council 46-47, Phi Delta Theta. ARTHUR M. HORODEZKY, CALGARY D.U.S. 43-47, Philharmonic Society, Manager Dent Interfaculty Basketball 46-47. Sigma Alpha Mu, EDWARD LAPPA cB.Au, ,,,,,,,,,,, D.U.S. 43-47, Interfaculty Hockey 43-47, Interfavulty Rugby 44-45, D.U.S. 43-47. FRANK 1. LEBOLDUS, COMPEER dentistry NORI-KAZU NISHIO MONTREAL D.U.S. 43-47. faculty Rugby Senior Rugby Inter- 42-43. 43-46. Senior Basketball 42-47. MEROSE WORONUK RYCROFT D.U.S. 43-47, Philhar- monic 42-43. Varsity Orchestra 45-47, Exec- utive 45-47. Varsity Choir 45-46, University Talent Program 44-45. Varsity Show 44-45. U' W4 'K X- Y igd K. 17' 9 af. 3 f KJ -1- .,, V . . f ,---,I I X ,L 4 X W I gl a- , 4 X Q I .4 an I F v 1 X' I ' 'nf ,. W I x Xxx lr, ' f ky is I masters in education HOWARD BENEDICT CARRICO, B.SC., B.ED., EDMONTON MARGARET IEAN BURWASH, B.A., B.ED., EDMONTON CATHERINE PIERCE, B-A-1 B-ED-1 wnirsnocic, a.c. RICHARD SAMOIL, B-ED-1 EDMONTON - N " ii ,QU I I I f l l '?'fmmm"G W' gn . I I Cl l' ' ARTHUR E ERNEST E. I ANDREWS ADAMS ,mx CALGARY IVlixed Chorus, Badmin- on. INES A. DAPPOLONIA ERNEST E. COLEMAN CULLEY Newman Club 45-47 Mixed Chorus, Wau- EDMONTON neita. a5QGgMggwf'A550e1' "44""' - Q ' QQ 'fa 52.1 H6 06,67 Cifn..-an-a ,ci7!f.1a May 14, 1947. Faculty and Students, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. On behalf of The Alberta Teachers' Association we are pleased to take this opportunity of extending best wishes to the faculty and students of the University of Alberta. The members of the A.T.A. have always been keenly interested in the University, and in the progress and welfare of its students. Each year, hundreds of young people whom we taught in our high schools enter the various faculties of the University, and our interest in these young men and women does not cease when they leave our classes. To all those who have gone on to enrich their education and training, and especially to the graduates in the Class of '47, we join in expressing our congratulations on their achievements. We also desire to extend a special greeting to the students and graduates of the Faculty of Education who will soon be eo-workers of ours in the schools of Alberta. Sincerely yours, ALBERTA TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION. General Secretary-Treasurer. President. IRENE ELMA BUCKLES, FIEDCLIFF E.U.S., Philosophit- Society. Co-Ed Club. EDMONTON L.D.S. Club, Interfaeully Basketball, E FREDERICK N. DEW, EDMONTON Curma. E.U.S. BETH E. EDWARDS, 1-1-mm: Hitts BRIGHAM Y. CARD, B.SC., -'af 5' .. zu. M: Q' -NN.: lov" B9 G Vx. e J u c a f i o n ,x. Y Ne X . QV? GRACE KAECHELE RED DEER V.G.F. Executive 46-47. Le Cercle Francais, A,T.A.. Musical Club. EILEEN L. MACARTNEY CASTOR Interfaculty Basketball -15-46-47, Junior Bas- ketball 45-46, Secretary Spike Shoe Club, 46-47. Truck Representative to W.A.A. 46-47. Uni- versity Track Team 46- 47. Executive C0-Ed Club, 45-46-47, Outdoor Club 45-46-47, Social Service Club 46-47. 3- ROBERTA B- GEORGE MARY E. A KIEFER KUAVETZ LESKIW EDMONTON INNISFREE DERWEIXIT University Choir. Uni- versity Orchestra 45-46, Inter Year Plays, Var- sity Varieties 4P'r0- gramme Organizer Stu- dent Talent Broadcasts CKUAD. WILLIAM C. I. ALFRED TOSEPH M. MCROBERTS MARCOTTE MELNYCHUCK CALGARY BONNYVILLE EDMONTON KEITH L. EVANS, OONONTON GEORGE FILIPCHUK, NNONNW MICHAEL N. GAVINCHUK, NNOWNN HAROLD B. GISH, OTNTNON O LESLIE E. GUE, NONONTON if g' - -I I Debating Club 45-46, President Public Speaking Club f' " 43-47. President S.C.M. 46-47. History Club 45-47. GAVIN E. HALKETT, OONONTON ELAINE I. IACOBS, ONNOWNLO MINERVA E. IANSEN, NNNOOOWN IOYOE E. IAQUE, NNNNNNN education RUSSELL S. MACARTHUR HUXLEY ELFRIEDE L. MILBRADT EAST COULEE Debating Club, Interna- tional Relatiuns Club. M"dCh'sG.t', Ike OIU , 'I QNX ay Cateterm Committee. HAROLD A. MACNEIL MEDICINE HAT GERTRUDE M. NELSON WETASKIWIN V.C.F. 45-46-47, Swim- ' Cl b 44-45 U mint: u . Mixed Chorus 45-46. G d U C 8 1' I O I1 MARY A. NOY, AOAAAUA Newman Club, Outdoor Club, Interfaculty Basketball, Roynl Astronomical Soviet y. SARAH R. PEARLMAN, CAAGAAY Secretary-'l'reusuI'eI' University Musical Club All 4 SWIFT CUFIHFNT DOUGLAS R. PULLMAN, ADMOAAAA WILLARD R. PYBUS, CAAAAAAAA President Student Union 46--l MARGARET H. RAMSAY, AA AMAA WILLIAM H. RERKA, AAMOATOA Cerule Francais, Curma. NEVIS B. I. ROBB, AOAA Drama Society, Makt--up Uluh, Swimming Club Shoe Club, Pi Beta Phi. VIVIENNE I. SCORAH, CAAGAAY Ballet Club, Ce-role FI'2H1L'1iiS, Pi Bn-tn Ph eclucation STEPHEN A. DONALD V. SKLEPOWICH SMILEY EDMONTON EDMONTON H. EILEEN VVHITE JEAN E. CALGARY WILLIAMSON V.C.F., A.T,A., Philo- sophical Club. TABER FRED TARLTON ELIMONTOI1 DOROTHY I. WILTON-CLARK FERNIE Pi Beta Phi. 1F57 ALBliRTA'S BEAUTIES CEDRIC M. WARD EDMOIJTOIT Int-rlni-silty lfontlmll, In tLI'l'III'ul1y Hockey, Swim min: Vinh, Math. Club, Ph Knppa Pi. ELEANOR E. WHITBREAD EDIVIONTON Ilrzimzi Club, Ulub 400, U Mixed Chorus, Pembina Hnuse Committee 45-46. MARIAN G. WOLFE ELK POINT V.C,F., S.C,M. TURN OVER- WE'RE BUSY! fs GILBERT M. BLACKST-OCK EDMONTON Debatinxr Club. Law Club. Philharmonic S0- cicty. ROBERT D. FREEZE CALGARY Senior Rugby 39-42. 45- 46: Track 'ZS-39. Ski Il'lSIl'l.lCifT!' 40-42, 45-46. Ski Team 45-47, Presi- dent Big Block Club 45- 47, Phi Delta Theta. law JOHN T. BURGER EDMONTON Ilebatinl: Club 41-42. Law Club Treasurer 41- 4-- HOWARD F. GAIN CALCABY WILLIAM D. CLARK EDMONTON IOHN H. JAMIESON EDMONTON Law Club. Delta Kappa Epsilon. b.a. hed MYRTLE s. BAXTER, ONOEONO Badminton, Swimming, Cercle Francais, Vice-President Psy- chology Club. G Club. ateway News Reporter. CKUA. Social Service MUIIIEL C. BUCHANAN, ODEOED, Editor E. and G. 46-47, Club Editor E, and G. 45-46. English Club, Cercle Francais. Kappa Alpha Theta, B-Oss P. BISHOP, EDNONEON Philharmonic. 1943: Badminton. Delta Upsilon. MABIAN L. DAVENPORT, DE WDNEON Make-up Club, Co-ed Club. E.U.S. Executive. 45-46. KENNETH B. DOUCAN, EDNONEON ALTA B. MITCHELL, EDNONEON ALEXANDER D. Badminton Club, S.C.M., Inter-Year Plays, 43- 47, Sec. Drama Society 45-46. Inter-Varsity Drama Festival 45-46, Executive Co-Ed Club 45-46, President Literary Association 46-47. President Drama Society 46-47, Radio Director- ate Committee 46-47. Gateway News Reporter 46-47, b. sc. b. ed IARDINEI CALCABY Senior Rugby 44-45, President Men's Basketball 45-46, Inter- faculty Basketbal l, Sports Representative on E.U.S. 46-47, M.A,B. 45-46. Lambda Chi Alpha. CONST ANTINE LUTIC, E,E,N,, ,DEE MARIE VABCHOL, ENDDED, KENNETH L. CROCKETT EDMONTON Sec.-Treas. Freshman Class SB-39. President Public Speaking Class 38-39, Evergreen and Gold 38-40. 44-45: Gateway 38-40. 44-45: Philharmonic 33-40. Vice-President CURMA 44-45. President VURMA 45-46, Vice- President Law Club 45- 46, Students' Council tLaw Repd 45-46. War Memorial Committee -15-46, Zeta Psi. DAVID C. EDMONTON Soccer 38-40. Inter- faculty Hockey 38-41, Philharmonic Society 39-41. Golf 45-47, Chairman of Disciplin- ary Committee 46-47. Musical Club. A.T.A. ROBERT F. HARRIS G. DUMONT FIELD BOSEBEBBY EDMONTON Delta Kappa Epsilon ERIC A. D. MCCUAIG EDMONTON Law Club Senior Repre- sentative 46-47. Phi Delta Theta. in nursing PATRICIA G. ALCOCK, EED DEED McLeod Club, MARY M. BOORMAN, DEEEENOEE Mixed Chorus, Swimming Club, Ml'LEtllI Club. Se ur Claus Executive. PATRICIA A. DARLING, EDMONTON Mixed Vhorus, Badminton, Banketball, Mi-Lfml Club. GRACE DOUGLAS, EDMONTON McLeod Club. Badminton, llelta Gamm MARJORIE G. GROVE, EDNONEON McLeod Club, Curling' Club. MRS. IACQUELINE HANNON, EDNONEON K.A,T HELEN HEAD, ONEEOEON Mixed Chorus, Swimming Vlub. K..-X.'I'. McLeod Club ISABEL HOORER, EDNONEON .I th lmll. IIOLET JIUTCH PRINCE ALBERT iplomcl FN UUIC . Q D 1' E H 4 V- x:m3: :.,' '-vi' E - '- -. - 1 'Q if ' Year Represuitrltive McLeud Club, Tennis, Baxlwl- M. JOAN MACLEOD, EDNEONEON Badminton Club, Mn-Lend Flub. In-Ita Llalnn . nursing MRS. HELEN RABOUD EDMONTON C. IOAN ANDERSON MEDICINE HAT MURIEL L. SANGSTER CALGARY McLeod Club. Badmin- ton Club, Delta Ilvlta Delta. IRENE BECKLER LUCKY LAKE Mc-Leod Club. C.U.R. M.A. 1' -0 fn' LOLA WILSON TOFIELD Mixe I Vhorus. M. BETTY WILSON GHOST PINE CREEI- Iih-I.eml Club. HELEN L. BYRT LLOYDMINSTER I!:ulmIntnn. Curmn Ngxxmun Club. R. LAURIE PAGES REGINA Political Sc. Club, M Leod Club. IVA E. PATON YELLOW GRASS Public Speaking and Debatinxr. Political Science Club. McLeod Club. GERTRUDE UTLEY MOOSE IANV McLeod Club. -0" ELIZABETH RAMAGE EDMONTON Curma. EILEEN WILLIAMS MEDICINE HAT Mixefl Chorus, Badmin ton Club, McLeod Club. I1Ul'S ISABEL G. REINHARDT CALGARY Curma. '74 diploma in public l1ealtl1 MARGARET M. FARRELL, POMOKA Badminton, Curma, Newman Club. PHYLLIS c. FRASER, EMM Curlinz Club, McLeod Club. ANNE A. GAIR, ,OMAM - VERA M. GINES, EDMONTON Curma. V.C.F., Canterbury Club, McLeod Club. MARGARET M. HUTCHISON, OALOARY ALBERTA RUTH LEWIS, French Club, V.C.F,, Badminton, McLeod Club, Political Science Club. CALGARY A. KATHLEEN MAYHEW, EOMOMOOM EMILY MAYHEW, OOMOMTOM Orchestra. CHRISTINA NICOL, OROMMEMOR Curma. I IRENE M. M. BETTY CONSTANCE A. ROBERTSON ROBERTSON SWINTON CALGARY CAMROSE TOFIELD Badminton Club, McLeod Club, Badmin- V,C.F., McLeod Club Leod Club. ton Club. KATHLEEN SONIA GLORIA AMBHOSE ANHILL ARTYM EDMONTON ROSEDALE ATHABASCA fb' ,OH .-J Q llUl"Sll'lG is -9- diploma nursing diploma AILEEN BIBBY, SPEUCE GROVE SARAH CAMPBELL, MOOSE MW A-RTERI MAGRATH IUNE CLARK, ERSKINE IEAN CLIMIE, EDMONTON CALGARY GUNDBIORG FIALSTAD, EAWLF ELSIE FAIRHEAD, EDMO,,TO,, nursing LUCY MARGARET GAINER GRIGSBEY EDMQNTON Lmnamnfss KATHERINE IOYCE ANNABELLE JENKINS IOHANNSON KELLY DAWSON CREEK EDMONTON EDMONTON ,nr 'ix lgwp T 'af .Qi ! -g.. '0- ,- Nj nursing diploma NATALIE MICHASIW, KAMSACK PATRICIA NEWELL, mm KATHLEEN NEWMAN, FORT VERMILION PEARL NIOHOLSON, WMNWRIGHT MILDRED PEARSE, EDMONTON SHEILA PLEWMAN, DOROTHY ROSTRUP, CANMS MAYERTHORPE PHYLLIS SKATPELD, 5,,AUNA,,AN nursing anci pharmacy MARION BARBARA STINSON STRONG EDMONTON ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE ...s .- harmacq Incenlmle MURIEL SWEETNAM EDMONTON SAMUEL ROY SOLDEN ELK POINT Interfauulty Hockey -17 . Pharmacy Club 46--17. MARGARET DOROTHY MAXINE TOVELL WEST URCH VERMILION CALGARY ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE ARI' 'N INNI- IPAREDTDLIIYYER WILLIAM ALEX' DORIS ELIZA CALGARY ANDER SWITZER BETH FULKS Pharmacy Club 46-47, EDSON Tennis 46, Badminton President Pharmacy EDMONTON 46-47. l'lub 47, D.K.E. -16. Pharmacy Club 46-47. I y'I. QS' I-IAZEL MARIE BENNET, ONOWAY SENIOR BASKETBALL 45-46, BADMINTON, SKATING, NEWMAN CLUB, PHARMACY CLUB EXEC. 45-47. 4 LESLIE GEORGE CI-IATTEN, EDMONTON PHARMACY CLUB 40-4 2 ROBERT CRISAFIO, FERNIE, B.C. INTERFACULTY BASKETBALL 41-42. GEORGE THOMAS DARICHUK, MUNDARE PHARMACY CLUB. KEITH WILFRED DIXON, CALMAR NEWMAN CLUB, PHARMACY CLUB, U.N.T.D., INTERFACULTY HOCKEY LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, TI-IERESA FRERE, TROCHU SWIMMING CLUB, NEWMAN CLUB, PHARMACY CLUB STEPHANIE ANNE KOBYLNYK, DEHWENT SWIMMING CLUB 44415, PHARMACY CLUB, UNIVERSITY MUSICAL CHORUS 4 5-46. DAVID NATHAN KUSHNER, EDMONTON TENNIS CLUB, PHARMACY CLUB. SARA LUTSKY, EDMONTON PHARMACY CLUB. pharmacy IRAN E. MAURICE H. MACDQNALD MAKOWICHUK PONOKA EDMONTON PHARMACY CLUB INTERI-AC, HOCKEY, P, BETA PHI PHARMACY CLUB DOUGLAS L. ERMA DOREEN SCI-IIOENING STAUFFER LETHBRIDCE EDMONTON PHARMACY CLUB EXEC. BADMINTON 45-47, SENIOR REP. 46-47 PHARMACY CLUB SHIRLEY E. MCPHAIL OLDS INTERFAC. VOLLEYBALL, INTERFAC. BASKETBALL 44-45, SENIOR BASKET- BALL 45-46, PRES. GIRL SENIOR BASKETBALL 46-47, E. G G. 45-47 S DON ANDERSON STEED CARDSTON SENIOR BASKETBALL 44-47, DIRECTOR INTER- FAC. BASKETBALL 46-47, INTERFACULTY FOOTBALL 44-45, PRES. CAMPUS CO-OP 4 6-47 b . A "5 - -5-Rf.: in ' I If s - ' 5:14 iisf SI- M M- Q ' ' 7 'EI ,- V"-WP , I DOROTHY A. NEWTON PENTICTOII I- Lfl-'AMA I"'UB II IE YEA P -1 I I II I AY A k. UB I 7 PHAR! A CLUB EXEC -In--47 NANCY PAULINE FRANCES PASCOE EDMONTON CURLING CLUB EXEC. -I5--I7 PHARMACY CLUB EDWARD HENRY STEWART EDMONTON PHARMACY CLUB U,N.T,D, 44-46 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA WILLIAM ZELENKO EDMONTON PHARMACY CLUB a I 1 n tes-fy' ' -fqwm 4-f.f-'-f'- 1- 2,1 ' v. - -,' 12 r'7Y. A A ., ,I v,iE .rv Vile ,.. A .ff 9'-' hx wrt gf gif L N ,H P sr-- ,v. ,K . L - .f-. -14' 'A . . v - - - . . ' -.,-g',5- I "' "-. 7-,.u41j,: -as Q rr- 'I u 'V ' ' 'A I , 'x L 1, S' f -.- Y, V Q ' . "" 1, ' nr V : .1 yn , ,L f -,iv - A w ' , '-. -755 J ., 4 , K? - F . f.-- . 'gn--4. f' 1,-N .5 " 'A' -zu ' ' s Aa5J,i-V. .1 A". ' X '-- 1-Q. . -Y 4 7 Et ht, T., , I-,N . , 1 .N J lf? '75, 1.7 - .x, , ' -fs . . " Z1 ., d V . V. f- -4 fs w 4 ' 7:5 'L Q 1 ll I" Q. g 4. , .4- 'O . f 5 S ' . n "J J., 1 1 -. 4: 1 f:r:"3 . .f wh. . . .-- ,ru 'ff' ,, -s Q. agriculture agriculture 1styear THE OLD FARM 100 GORDON ALLENBY, EDMONTON DAVID BELL. cnnsnms RUSSELL BENEDICT. EDMONTON ROY BERG, MILLICENT DONALD BLACK, CAMROSE OMAR BROUGHTON. MEETING CREEK JOHN BROWN. ACME LAWRENCE CANNING. Annowwoon EIOM CHISHOLM. EDMONTON JOSEPH CHRUMKA, TILLEV ALLEN COCHRANE, ARROWWOOD ROBERT COLLINS, EDMONTON PERCY CORDERY. EDMONTON GEORGE CRAWFORD, GUNN KURT DEPNER. EDMONTON DONALD DAIBBS, FORESTBURG EMILE DEPUTAT. TWO HILLS STUART DOUGLASS, VULCAN STEVE DUBETZ. sMOKv LAKE W. E. DUNKIN, EDMONTON CRAIG EDWARDS, DRUMHELLER CHARLES FRENCH, HILL SPRING LOWELL FORDSHAM CARDSTON ROBERT GIFFEN. EDMONTON RUEL GILCHRIST. LETHBRIDGE HAROLD GLIDDEN, VERMILION JOHN GORDON, EDMONTON ROBERT GREEN, HERNONTON N. JOHN GREENWAY, ACME LEIF GROSSETH ST. EDOUARD VERNON GRUNDBERG, DINANT JOSEPH GURBA, WASKATENAU PHILIP HALISKY, sMoNv LAKE WILLIAM HANEVICH, aEvERLEv SVEND HANSEN, CALGARY CYRIL HARKE, EDMONTON FRANK HARRISON, EDMONTON MURIEL HAWE, EDMONTON GEORGE HEATON. LUNDBRECK VINCENT HELTON, THREE HILLS ALAN HODGSON, EDMONTON DONALD HOOD. CALGARY JACK HORRICKS MANNVILLE DONALD HUNT, EDMONTON ALECK HUTCHINSON. EVANSBURG VICTOR JANSSEN. HILLSDOWN DONALD JANTZIE, VULCAN ANTHONI JASINSKI. EELLIS DONALD JORGENSON, EDMONTON ANDERS KJEARSGAARD, DlcKsON JOSEPH LANCASTER, BLUESKY VERN LAWRENCE, EDMONTON ARTHUR LONGAIR. CALGARY ERNEST LONGAIR, CALGARY WILLIAM LOVE. CALGARY EARLE LOWE, PICARDVILLE DOUGLAS MACKIE, BEAVERLODGE NEIL MADSEN. SEDGEWICK DONALD MARION. EDMONTON GARNET MELLON, CALGARY METRO MELNYK. CALGARY PETER MELNYK. aELLIs OLIVER MICKELSON, STONY PLAINI ROY MILLAR. LETHBRIDGE RICHARD MILLER. ELK POINT JOHN MOORE, SEVEN PERSONS THOMAS MORROW, SPRING couLEE NEIL NIOWATT, PARKLANII I CYRIL MCANDREWS, VAUXHALL BRYAN MCANDREWS. VAUXHALL JAMES MAEARTHUR. HACKETT MALCOLM MACDONALD, CALGARV MILTON MCINNIS, BRUCE DONALD MCMILLAN. EDMONTON FRANCIS OLSON, DRUMHELLER BRUCE OWEN, EDMONTON DAVID OWEN, wETAsxlwIN STANLEY OWEN. EARLIE ADDISON PARKER. EDMONTON GARTH PASSEY. MAGRATH DAVID PENGELLY, DELBURNE ALFRED PETERSEN. ROSEDALE ROY PINDER. STETTLER HENRY POWERS, WESTLOCK STANLEY POWERS, wEsTL0cK JOHN RAFFA. EnMoNToN ALBERT RAYMENT, EDMONTON GEORGE ROBERTSON, FOREMOST NORMAN RUSHMER. ROSETOWN, sAsK. JAMES SALYZYN, EASTGATE ERIC SANDEMAN, c0wLEv ROBERT SIMMONS. ROSEMARY ALLEN SCHINDELER, cI.vnE LLOYD SEATH. PROVOST J. A. SHEMANCHUK, ST. MICHAEL WILLIAM SKOROPAD, PLAIN LAKE ARTHUR SMITH. EDMONTON CLARENCE SMITH. MAVERTHORPE KENNETH SPREAD, I BUFFALO LAKE RUSSELL STOGRYN. EDMONTON LEONARD STONE, EDMONTON ROBERT STONE, TRAIL, s.c, BOHDAN TATARYN. RADWAY KENNETH TAYLOR, IIALNIIIK JOHN THORNTON. CALGARY WILBUR TOMLINSON, ONOWAY VAN VAN ORMAN, TABER' D. G. WALKER, VULCAN LESLIE WARDEN, CALGARY HAROLD WEBBER, TOLLAND PIUS WEISGERBER, scHuLER DONALD WHENAM. EDMONTON PASSING THE -'BUCK' I N 4 2 Nbr' , ! E I A 4 IES: My L AA Z- 101 -1 561 Qqx tn: 'Or i Q5 ,LSP agriculture 2nd year PETER ANDREWS, Two HILLS WALTER BARR. EDMONTON FREDERICK BARBER, EDMONTON AUSTIN BASSETT, EDMONTON STANLEY' BEACOM, CALGARY ALLAN BEATTIE. EDMONTON RICHARD BEDDOES, DAYSLAND DON BERG, MILLICENT BERNARD BOWLEN, CARSTAIRS DOUGLAS BROWN, CALGARY LEONARD BURTON, CALGARY LETVAE CIAHOON, LEAVITT W. P CAMPBELL, WILLOWLEA VICTOR CHANASYK, INNISFREE LOUIS CHAUVET, LEGAL ALBERT CHURCH, CAMROSE SHERIDAN CLARK, ERSKINE JAMES CLARKE, EnMoNToN DONALD CLAYTON, EDMONTON AUSTIN COOK. LETHBRIDGE RODERICK COOK, EDMONTON GLEN COOPER, EDMONTON DONALD DAVIDSON, EDMONTON OLIVE DIXON. eRmsHAw CHARLES DOUGLAS, snoons LYLE DUNSMORE, anooxs KENNETH EASTON, VEGREVILLE LJAWRENCE EDWARDS. THREE HILLS ELDON EDWARDS. TAEER DAVID ELFORD, FOREMOST KENNETH EASTON, VEGREVILLE EDWARD EVANS, INNISFAIL WILLIAM EVANS, EDMONTON RALPH FARVOLDEN, PENHOLD ROBERT FAUNT, CALGARY JOHN FITZSIMMONS, ALIX CHARLES FORD. EDMONTON DOUGLAS FORD, EDMONTON RICHARD FRANKISH, CALGARY CLARENCE FUERST, BASHAW VARGE GILCHRIST. EDMONTON NORMAN GRIFFIN. EDMONTON N EDMUND HAMULA. Lsnuc ALEXANDER HARBOWAY. FORT SASKATCHEWAN HARRY HART, wHlTELAw JAMES HIRONAKA. RAYMQND GEORGE HUGHES, VEGREVILLE WALTER HUGHES. CALMAR KENNETH HUTCHINGS, eusson RODGER IRELAND. EDMONTON EARL KELLER. MEDICINE HAT CARL KERIK, BASHAW - SAMUEL KLUMPH. mANoLA NICHOLAS, KUFEL, EGREHONT ARTHUR LARSON, :RMA GEORGE LEAHY, sRAssv LAKE CHARLIE LILLY. WAINWRIGMT EAN LINDSAY, EDMONTON WILLIAM LINDSAY, CALGARY DOUGLAS LOW. CARDSTON ALLAN MATHESON, EDMONTON CALVIN MITCHELL. CALGARY VANCE MOLSBERRY, DOWDEN JAMES MACARTHUR. MEDICINE MAT ROBERT MCGINNIS. PICKARDVILLE KENNETH MACKENZIE, FOIIEMOST GORDON NELSON. EDMONTON RUSSELL OLEKSHY, CALMAR JAMES PARKS. NETI.Aw JAMES PAULL, IIAYNES MIKE PAWLIUK. ISPAS JOHN PERROTT. sTAvELv ROBERT PHARIS. MAGRATH ROBERT PHILLIPS, LLOYDMINSTER URBAN PITTMAN. WARNER WILLIAM PLUMER. BASSANO STEVE PYREZ. LEDuc RUTH RENNER. CALGARY PETER RITCHIE, BERWYN DONALD RIX. WETASKIWIN GORDON ROSS. DUHAMEL FOREST SHERWOOD. EDMONTON ANDREW SMITH. LETMDRIDGE BENEDICT SMITH, LEDUC SYLVESTER SMOLIAK, MYRNAM LAWRENCE SPARROW, CALGARY JOHN SPENCER. MAGRATH IVAN STONEHOCKER, EDMONTON HARRY STRYNADKA, EDMONTON LES USHER, SCOLLARD ERNEST WALKER, BOYLE RALPH WEIR, CALGARY MURRAY WILDE, WALLING WILLIAM WOODBRIDGE, EDGERTON KEITH YOUNGER, EDMONTON THIRD YEAR RAMSAY BELLINGHAM, DAwLr ILMAR ERDMAN, DANONS GERALD FITZPATRICK, EDMONTON JOHN GROOMBRIDGE, CLYDE ALEX HARPER. LETHDRIDGE ROBERT JACK. CLYDE WILLIAM JULIAN. STFIATNMORE PAUL MELNYCHYN, BIG VALLEY MARGARET MACKAY, EDMONTON FRANK PAWLOWSKI, VILNA MARVIN SEALE. EDMONTON RIDLEY SHAW. CALGARY KILBURN URQUHART, JAMAICA LAWRENCE WILLIAMS. ENSNINE ANDREW WYNNYK, STRV WALTER ZINTER. sowNEss Q '?' BUUIC 5 rd year TINIIQS 'A WASTINO 103 agricuIture 2nd and 3rcI years n' .iv 1 . 'lx Q 1- v. 1 ' 4 .,. 'hu ..- , . 'i x ' 1 , .H ' ' ll e '. 1 ' .Yu v, I "tp-v F. , 1- Q. V "rs 'J','wf ' ' vt .1 vnu! . . - .:,, 2-. s ' .ff M ' ' 4 Q . 3 v x. Y. .. y . .Y . V . "- 1."x,f,-'f' arf, : 1 '1 D 5.74" Q L. L- yu - F 4 .,,. 4-Q? s ,. . -'Pi 4' .a , . max J , an L 41 - ., .'-5' I :. I E. A ' f I 'fe' .YEA my-.ww 1 4-,rn , . -.. , A , r?n 1? 1 1:-'.4 -,w grf v 5 . . , .1,, Ik .' 's .--,'r- applied science 0' . '1- ,T... Y-, ,, 5 QI 1? Xi' Y --s? f ,If 1' s..- Q--Y ,,, .. .OA I. 5:4 T. G. ,,, 'ef' N.. Tuul applied science 1st year and V,-1 NIIIIQ I . 106 an: Q WILLIAM ADAIR, EDMONTON EDWARD ALEXANDER, EDMONTON JOHN ANDERSEN, EDMONTON FELIX APPELT. EDMONTON VICTOR APPELT. EDMONTON JOSEPH BADZIOCH, COLEMAN DONALD BAKER. EDMONTON JAMES BARNES, CALGANV LEMUEL BARNES. CALGARY BURNETT BARTLETT, EDMONTON HAROLD BEARE, cAI.GARv ERNEST BELIK, COLEMAN EDWIN BELSHEIM. ONION LAKE ELDON BERGESON. EDMONTON GROVER BERRY. v.cIOI'IIA, E.C ROBERT BERRY, EDMONTON ROBERT BLAIR. EDMONTON MALCOLM BLAKE. DLAIRMORE ARNOLD BOETTCHER, EDMONTON VICTOR BOHME. EDMONTON ALAN BOLDUC. STRATFORD, ONT. DONALD BORWICK. LRUMHELLER JAMES BOUCHER. suuaurzv ONT HUGH BOWMAN, HIGH RIVER HENRY BREDIN. SUNIVGROOK LESLIE BRODDY, :ARRI-IEAD PETER BROWN, EDMONTON CHARLES BROWNING. CALGARY CURTISS BUCHHOLZ. REDOLIFFE CYRIL BURWASH. SCOTT SASK ALVIN BURZLOFF. GALAI-IAD LAWRENCE BUSH. RED DEER EVISON CAREFOOT, wAsxATENAu CECIL CARRICK, EDMONTON JAMES CARVETH, GRANDE PRAIRIE NESTOR CEBULIAK. CADOMIN PAUL CHABA, EGREMONT JOHN CHAPA. EOYLE FRANK CHASE, MAGNOLIA HUBERT CONNOR. CHINOOK ERNEST CONQUEST, EDMONTON MILTON COULSON, EDMONTON NORMAN COULSON. EDMONTON DAVID CRAIG. NORDEGG JOHN CRAM, THREE HILLS EDMUND CRAWLEY, EDMONTON ROBERT CROCKER, HARDISTY WILLIAM CURTIS. PONOKA PHILIP DACK. CALGARY RICARDO D'AMICO. HILLCREST EARLAND DAWSON. CHAMPION JOHN DEFIR. cHERlLL RONALD DELAMATER. EDMONTON DOUGLAS DEWOLFF. VANCOUVER, B.C. WILLIAM DEXTER. EDMONTON ALBERT DORIN. HOLDEN JOHN DORISH. WILLINGDDN THOMAS DOUGLAS. CALGARY DONALD DUGUID. EDMONTON CARL DUMKA. CALGARY ROBERT DUTHIE. LETNBRIDGE BRUCE EBY. EDMONTON ALLEN EGGLESTONE. CALGARY DONALD ELFNER, EDMONTON HARRY ELHORN. EDMONTON ROBERT ELLESTAD. RED DEER FREDERICK FENWICK. CALGARY BOHDAN FER'BEY. EDMONTON IVAN FINLAY. CALGARY GLENN FINLEY. CRANBROOK. B c THOMAS FORD. CALGARY JAMES FOREST. PRINCE ALBERT, EASK. DOUGLAS FREEBORN. EDMONTON RICHARD FREEMAN. EDMONTON ROBERT GEDDES. CALGARY INGRAM GILLMORE. PICARDVILLE EDWARD GLASS. PINCHER CREEK MARCEL GOLDENBERG. CAIRO. EGYPT JOHN GRAINGE. EDMONTON FERGUSON GRANT. MILLCREST HARRY GREAVES. EvANsauRG GEORGE HADLINGTON. LETHERIDGE THOMAS HALL. EnMoNToN JAMES HAMILTON. REGINA WARD HANNA. LoMoNu CALVIN HANSEN. BENTLEY EDWIN HANSON. NAMAKA DONALD HARGRAVE. REDCLIFF DONALD HARVEY. BARRHEAD THOMAS HARVEY, CALGARY MICHAEL HAWKES. EDMONTON MURRAY HENRY, LETNDRIDGE ERIC HERBERT. EDMONTON HUGH HILL. LLovDMlNsTER WILFRED HIRNING, swmn' nxvsn JOSEPH -HLAVAY, MINNEHIK STANLEY HNYDA, BRULE ARTHUR HOLROYD. WATERTON PARK JAMES HORNBY, YELLOWKNIFE L HARRY HOWARD. EDMONTON' PHILIP HUDZ. sExsMl'rH JAMES HUTCHEON. CALGARY CHARLES IRVINE. EDMONTON CHALMER JACKSON. EDGERTON ' MORDER JACKSON, EDMONTON WESLEY JOHNSTON. HELMSDALE STANLEY JONES, LETHBRIDGE RENE KAMBOUROFF. ' MEADOW LAKE WILLIAM KELLY, PINOHER CREEK- STANLEY KENDRICK. CALGARY ELMER KENNEDY, CONSUL ROBERT D. KENNEDY. EDMONTON ROBERT J. KENNEDY. CALGARY DONALD KENNEY. REDLAND JOHN KITCHEN. PONOKA NICKOLAS, KITZ, PLAIN LAKE EARLE KLOHN. EDMONTON ROMANUS KONCOHRADA. FAwcE'rT .41 RONALD KOO. CALGARY - ANDREW KOWALCHUK, EDMONTON ARTHUR KOWALCHUK, An-maAsxA V PETER KOZIAK, EDMONTON JOHN KUNIGISK-IS. TMORHILD MARSHALL KUTYN. EDSON BERNARD LACEY. EDMONTON , GERALD LANGMAN, EDMONTON PHILIP LARBALESTIER. BLAIRMORE VERNON IJARSON. CALGARY 1 JOHN LAWRENCE. LACOMBE BERT LEAVITT. RAYMOND HERMENE LEITCH. -ARROWWODD WILFRED LENCUHA. ELAIRMORE DORCY LENTZ, EDMONTON WILLIAM LEWICKY, SPEDDEN EDWARD LINNEY, EDMONTON ROBERT LOCKIE, EDMONTON JOE LONG, LOMOND ROBERT LORD, HARDISTY DONALD LOVE. CALGARY -- WARD LYMBURNER. CAMROSE , WILLIAM MIACENKO, CALGARY A 5 MELVILLE MALONE. EDMONTON .- DONALD MATHE-SON, EDMONTON MORRIS MAYER. EDMONTON 'I' -'Qc ' "-I ,P lx" , ... A .4 j Q :A mx .N n E. ,, ,- I I I Jr 1 WILLIAM MEAGHER, EDMONTON GEORGE MERRILLS, wHlTEcouRT MARK MILLAR, EDMONTON KENNETH MILLIONS, EDMONTON JOHN MITCHELL, CALGARY WILLIAM MOORE, CRANEROOK, a.c. BERNARD MOREAU, BONNVVILLE T. J. MORISON. AIRDRIE HAROLD MORRISON, EDMONTON HOWARD MOSS, EDMONTON DAN MCCOLL, LETMERTDGE GEORGE MCDADE, HILLCREST JOHN MCDONALD, RED DEER EDWARD MACFARLAN. CALGARY GREGOR MCGIBBON, CALGARY FENTON MACHARDY, VERMILION ROBERT McKAY, EDMONTON JAMES MAGLEAN. EDMONTON CLIFFORD MACLEOD, EDMONTON RALPH MACMILLAN, EDMONTON DONALD MCNEIL, TROCHU DONALD MCNICHOL, HIGH RIVER WILLIAM MCOUAY, WINNIPEG STANLEY MCOUITTY. sExsMlTH GORDON MACRAE. MOOSE :Aw LIONEL NARROWAY, EDMONTON ALLEN NOREM, EDMONTON TERENCE NUGENT, EDMONTON ROBERT O'BRIEN. EDMONTON NORMAN ORR. CALGARY VERNON OSBALDESTON, FORT SASKATCHEWAN MILTON OZUBKO, LAMONT NORMAN PARRY. RED DEER JOHN PASCOE, SUFFIELD CAMERON PAUL, EDMONTON WILLIAM PEARSON. cAMnosE DONALD PETERSON. Mcconn, SASK. EDWARD PHILLIPS, CALGARY KENNETH PLUMLEY. ST. CATHERINE, ONT. CECIL PRIMEAU, WINNIPEG, MAN JAMES PROBERT, ALCURVE JAMES PROUDFOOT, cnmoox HAROLD RAGAN, EDMONTON GORDON RAIS-BECK, CALGARY LEON RASKIN, EDMONTON WILLIAM REA, EDMONTON ERHARD REINELT, TUPPER CREEK STUART RICHARDSON 3' SPIRIT OIT CHENI. '40 In .LE-Lf.Z,.- X . gf, ' T-'YY ' , .L S S Q I r I- , ?I .1 I, 1 1 A 5 A .T 4 . 3 ' 9 7 Q1 U ov -.A ,E .xx 47 I ' if Qi 'I VI - ,,V f 109 iii inv- 'gxh 'mf- R" ,,,.v 'WH :ff Y ,.,A-A ' I me 7 L.-I x .wr 4:-5 ANDREW ROBSON, CALGARY WILLIAM ROMANCHUK. EDMONTON GERALD ROSS. CALGARY JOHN ROSS. TORONTO GORDON ROUTH. LETHBRIDGE WILLIAM ROY, LETI-IERIDGE TRENT RUSSELL, PONOKA RONALD RYALL, EDMONTON WILLIAM SACUTA, LEO ZENON SADOWAY, DELPII FRANK SAX. EDMONTON JOSEPH SCARBOROUGH. EDMONTON LLOYD SCHULTE, KILLAM BILL SCOTLAND, RED DEER JAMES SEATH, PROvOsT NICKAH SEMELUK, VILNA KENNETH SHEERAN, ARROWWOOD FRANK SHERRIFF, JASPER JUDAH SHUMIATCHER, CALGARY WILLIAM SIDJAK, FLEET CHARLES SIMMONS, ROSEMARY HENRY SKARLICKI. VILNA JOHN SKLAR, EDMONTON GEORGE SMITH, wETAsRIwIN RONALD SMITH, EDMONTON LLOYD SNOW, AMIsx RICHARD SPILSTED, EDMONTON RONALD SQUIRE, EDMONTON JOHN STAN, DYSART, sAsR. WILLIAM STANLEY. ALBERT PARK MONTE STOUT, EDMONTON EARL STROUD, HIGH RIVER IRVIN THOMAS. FORT SASKATCHEWAN CHARLES THOMSON. CALGARY ALBERT TIDSBURY, EDMONTON GLENN TRAUB, EDMONTON THOMAS TRIMBLE, MOOSE .IAw WILLIAM TURNER, ORION RONALD UMBACH. COCHRANE ROBERT UNDERHILL, CALGARY GEORGE WALKER. HIGH PRAIRIE WILLIAM WANAT, EDMONTON WASEL WASELENCHUK. SMORY LAKE GORDON WATT. CALGARY CHARLES WEIR. LOUOI-IEED WILLIAM WELBOURN, EDMONTON CYRIL WHITE, EDMONTON JOHN WHITEHEAD, EDMONTON PEM. PYIAMA PARTY appIiecJ science 1st year ROBERT WILDE. WELLING FRANK WILKINS, EDMONTON DONALD WILLIAMS, WINNIFRED THOMAS WILSON. GHOST PINE CREEK JOHN WOLOSHYN. DERwENT LLOYD YAKIMOWICH, EDMONTON NOAYUKI YOSHIDA, ENDERBV, E.c PETER YURKIW, ST. MICHAEL MICHAEL YURKO. EDMONTON WILLIAM YURKO. EDMONTON JOHN ZOWTIAK. sHAusNNEssv WALTER ALLEN K. S. ATTRELL E. C. CHALMERS G. P. CHINN ARTHUR CRAIG G. M. CRAM JACK DUNKIN W. B. GILLESPIE FRED HARVEY D. B. PORTER W. C. TRIMBLE SECOND YEAR GEORGE ADAM, CALGARY DAVID ALLAN, EDMONTON JACK ALLWORTH. WINDSOR, ONT. CLARE AMIES, EDMONTON ALAN. AMUNDSON. CLARESHOLM FRANK ANDERSON, EDMONTON LORNE ANDERSON. EDMONTON HAROLD ARCHIBALD, RED DEER HOWARD ATKIN, ALTARIO HERBERT BAILEY. CALGARV REGINALD BAILEY, WATERTON WALTER BALKE, EDMONTON NORMAN BARBER, CALGARY GRAHAM BARKER, EDMONTON JAMES BARRON. ERSKINE REGINALD BAYLISS, ATHABASCA STUART BEGG. EDMONTON BRUCE BELL, EDMONTON HENRY BERTRAND. EDMONTON ROLAND BICK. JARROW WALTER BIGG, EDMONTON RICHARD BINGLEY, CALGARY ALBERT BISHOP. CALGARY MURRAY BLACKADAR. EDMONTON GEORGE BLAIR. I.ANcI.Ev PRAIRIE, s,c. WILLIAM BLAIR, ROSE LYNN RAYMOND BOWER, STRATI-IMORE DONALD BOWH-AY. ACME THOMAS BRAITHWAITE, RED DEER II.-1,2 ,.3Q35. ' .A 1135.5 P I I II - . E F . 5' 'I 4 'I - Xt' .f f I ' -vw Q ,vs L . A 9 39 Ina I x X ,ln . A 2 Y LS., I .37 E: In 1 - Jn I , -: , N 1. I' f I A, X ' I xv '25 sl , . 1, V . 'Y 5. ' a Ie . I I I e I A 'fix f. f ri 1 - . .. s , ' ' -I :lc ,. ' J 5-T., 5 f I nd Ye a r in Of Q H f 7 -' I J .5 . .7 ., - -me .- 1 f- 'R'- -f' -14, 93. XY A -A ,,....--' A , if Q 4 ' I THE AXP A D , I f " I 37 appIiecI science Ist and 2ncI years 'X 1 ,1 0 ' A -Xb -oi Un. 4 , ' 44 it I!" , I . I ' -11 KITCHEN MECHANICS - I appIiecI science Qnd year 112 WILLIAM BRANDER, EDMONTON DOUGLAS BRESSEY, EDMONTON WILLIAM BRIDGEMAN. WETASKIWIN W. E. BROUGHTON. MEDICINE HAT DOUGLAS BROWN, REGINA, sAsx. ROY BUE, EDMONTON HAROLD BURNS, Dmssunv LEONARD BUSSARD, WETASKIWIN EDWARD CALDWELL, EDMONTON GLEN CAMPBELL, SENLAC THOMAS CAMPBELL. EDMONTON WALTER CAMPBELL, EDMONTON ELWOOD CAPLING. OU'APPELLE, sAsx. RICHARD CARDY, EDMONTON WILLIAM CASE. ROBSON, E.C. STANLEY CHAPMAN, EDMONTON CHARLES CHESHIRE, EDMONTON WILLIAM CHMILAR, EDMONTON DONALD CLARKE, LETHBRIDGE PHILIP CLARKE, EDMONTON EUGENE COOK, EDMONTON VICTOR COX, EDMONTON DOUGLAS CRAIG. MACLEOD GERALD CULLEN, EDMONTON FREDERICK CUMMER, CALOART ANDREW DAME, EDMONTON NORMAN DANFORTH, TABER VERNON DAVID. EDMONTON MALVERN DAVIES. CALGARY GEORGE DAVIS. LETI-IBRIDGE GORDON DAVIS LLOYDMINSTER JAMES DENIS MIDLANDVALE JOHN DENLEY, EDMONTON ALBERT DEUGAU. EDMONTON CHARLES DITTRICH, STETTLER WILLIAM DOCKERY, CALGARY FREDERICK DORWARD. EDMONTON MARY DOUGHERTY. CALGARY GRANT DUNSMORE, cALsAav JOHN EATOCK, BRIGHT BANK RODNEY EDGECOMBE, EDMONTON DONALD EDIE, VANCOUVER HAROLD EIKELAND, GALANAD ROLAND ELLEFSON, GROSMONT ROBERT ERIKSON, ELAIRMORE LLOYD FAIBISH, EDMONTON I ALEX. FALLOW. EDMONTON WILLIAM FALLOW. EDMONTON JAMES E. FINLAY, ,EDMONTON NORMAN B. FLAVIN, EDMONTON DONALD J. FOREST, EDMONTON THOMAS F. FORMAN, CALGARY THOMAS G. FORSYTH, GALGARY FRANK M. FOSTER, WABAMUM IAN H. FOWLER, EDMONTON FRED FRIESEN, EDMONTON GERRY GAINER, ROSEBUD JAMES R. GEE, EDMONTON WILLIAM L. GODLEY, CALGARY RONALD A. GOLISS, EDMONTON CHARLES R. GUEST, EDMONTON GEORGE E. GUNN, EDMONTON ARNI S. HALLDORSON. HIGH PRAIRIE HARRY K. HAM, CALGARY FRANK A. HANNING, EDMONTON JEROME M. HANSON, NAMAKA VICTOR HARMS, EDMONTON EDGAR L. HARRISON, CALGARY WILLIAM E. HAWKINS, CALGARY SAMUEL L. HENDERSON. EDMONTON JOHN M. HENRY, EDMONTON GORDON B. HERBERT, GRIMSHAW EDWARD L. HEWSON. KAMLOOPS, a.c. WILLIAM H. HOLMES, EDMONTON VERNON L. HORTE, KINGMAN JOHN M. HOWARD, CALGARY CECIL C. HOWELL, CALGARY DOUGLAS P. HOWELL, CALGARY BERT M. HUFFMAN, CALGARY ALVIN E. HUGHES, ALFROS JAMES R. HUME, BASHAW RALPH G. HUMPHREYS, GALGARY MICHAEL HUNKA, EDMONTON WILLIAM A. HUNKA, CALGARY DONALD G. HYMAS, ROSEBUD MURRAY C. HYSLOP, EDMONTON JOHN A. IRVINE, CALGARY J. FOSTER IRWIN, HAZELDINE S. M. ISTVANFFY, IRRICANA JACOB JANZEN. GEM WILLIAM G. JEWITT, TRAIL, s.c. ARNOLD F. JOHNSON, EDMONTON VERNON G. JOHNSON. EDMONTON WILFRED R. JOHNSON, EDMONTON KENNETH C. JOHNSTONE, EDMONTON RONALD W. JONES, EDMONTON . 5 . av JM 1 Q :Jn -1 - Ki N5 .ff . 5, ,N Qi gg ,,, K A v 3,1 X A SN, ,. L . ,- ..,, , ,I L! A S 'dig , A, , Q ,ay R. .-,,., . X A E ,,'b' v a- I i -' .s N- ,,,, J .x y' . MES. 9' at ' Z-:e'-.525 Sd A. 5,1-gg" T Q--r .,, ,, . K-Wy' V, Iv N,- aw ri -' v E5 .Q wi sg A-...E 1, .gg A, . .., I . ' 1 . 1-.f . LHNN1 A y , - N W: X T A G. -1 , 'Ii!!ff":kQg x Q ' 1 l lil' 'Q J' A X y A .ry I If ' ' ' wi I . I V, A 'F I PHYSICS FAMILY PORTRAIT ,,, , . . V - 'S .1 Y' F A W N 7 T I -QA5"5v 'II' 'N 113 v-1' 'F 13 nay ldv ff "f 32? P911 51 applied science 2ncI year SCENIC PEMBINA 114 - H -.wmv t I- n E in . u-Hy OSCAR J'UNKE,R,' EDMONTON , LAWRENCE P. KANE. CALGARY PATRICK E. KELLY, DERWYN , JOHN B. KERBY, EDMONTON ROBERT E. KEYES, MEDICINE HAT JAMES M. KILLEN, LLOYDMINSTERV THOMAS W. KITCHEN. EDMONTON KENNETH M. KNIGHT, WOOLFORD RONALD J. KNIGHT, woDLFonD GEORGE W. KNOWLES, BVEMOOR KILROY WAS HERE IVAN J. KRPAN, EDcoN CLELAND D. LAMB, LETHBRIDGE YVON H. LEFEBVRE, EDMONTON PERICLES LEONIDAS, EDMONTON JOHN F. LERBEKMO, TOFIELD WALLACE L. LINDBERG, KINGMAN . ERNEST L. LITCHFIELD, RAYMOND . HERBERT G. LITTLE, EDMONTON MORLEY F. LUFT, OALGARV BILLY Y. LYNN, EDMONTON EDWARD W. MOCONNELL, cALsAnv GORDON E. MCCORMACK, . EDMONTON HEDLEY H. MCCREEDY, EDMONTQN ARCHIBALD D. NICCUTCHEONT EDMONTON JAMES W. McGORMAN, EDMONTON HAROLD M. MACKAY, EDMONTON ALLAN S. MCLATCHIE, CALGARY IAN A. MACLEAN, sEDeEw:cx WILLIAM R. MCMILLAN, EDMONTON , DONALD L. McNEILL, cALsANv GRANT E. MACPHERSON, JEDSON ROBERT W. MCQUEEN, I DAWSON CREEK EDWARD MADSEN, CLUNY GEORGE R. MANSON, EDMONTON JOHN M. MARTIN, LACOMBE HERBERT E. MATHER, EDMONTON FRANK B. MATTHEWS, HARDISTY RICHARD J. MATTHEWS, ,CALGARY LEONARD S. MEERES, RED DEER JAMES A. MILLAR. wmv NORMAN R. MILLAR, EDMONTQN JOHN B. MILLER,-EDMONTON ' VALDOMIR 'R. MILLER. CALGARY ' KEITH MILLER. EDMONTON '- HAZEL M. MILLETT, ELAIRMONTEZS' ,fiflf '. ff .- ff. Y ejrfv .QL WILLIAM H. MILLEY, COLEMAN VINCENT P. MILO. EAST couLEE DAVID E. MITCHELL, cnuslmv DON L. E. MOORE, svmn' RIVER BERNARD L. MOREAU. ' aonn1vlu.E THOMAS E. MORIMOTO, Enuouron ALEXANDER G. MORISON. PoNoxA JOHN D. MORISON. PONOKA ' RICHARD K. MOYSE, nan DEER ROBERT E. MOYSE, nan DEER ARPAD MUNKACSI, CALGARY EDMUNDE NEWHALL. cusnnv STANLEY NIXON. Enuornon DONALD NOREM. snuonrou BERNARD L. NUGENT, ennonron JOHN R. NUSS. eouonrou JOHN R. O'BRIEN, cmnsmw GORDON J. OLSTAD, EDMONTON EDWARD OLYNECK, CALGARY EINAR M. OVERN, Euuornon MAX A. PALMER, cmnsrou DONALD V, PARKER, Len-:amass MACLELLAN L. PARKER, RED ussn EDWIN K. PARKS, nasn ALEXANDER A. M. PATTON. Eououron ALEC PAWLIUK, lsns CHESTER O. PEEL, sumonvou ROBERT E. PELLETIER. uoRmvu.LE RALPH PILKINGTON, cuannv CLIFFORD J. PIPRELL, snuonrou KENNETH M. POPE, aenwvu JOHN E. PREECE. nssnu, snsx. WILLIAM H. PRICE. snuornon FRANK D. PRIESTLY. nssnu. snsx. ELMER F. PROVOST. cnennv FRANK RABUSIC, nuuouo NORMAN L. REID. Eououron RICHARD G. REID. Enuorn-on AAGE REINHOLDT, nussn ALBERT W. RIDDELL. GLEICHEN JAMES G. RILEY. ronesnauns WILLIAM A. ROBERTSON. CALGARY WILLIAM G. ROBSON, CALGARY 'HARRY F. ROGERS. c1u.e1mv FFALBERT RONAGHAN. A ' Enuonion 'GIQIAFFCRD P. RONDEN, wEs'rl.oCx ' J' nag -. . ,fwrx ..4 35" lk AES - L2 Q-11, appl 4 . , , ill 9 vgg , 5'9" - gi v' ..- L ied scien 2nd year ii LJ TIM ROONEY, CALGARY ROBERT D. ROSSER. CALGARY THOMAS B. ROWLEY. VICTORIA, B.c. JOHN RUPTASH, Mmm HILL JOHN R. RUTBERG. EDMONTON WALTER SALAMANDICK. ROYAL PARK ROBERT H. SANDILANDS. EDMONTON JOHN I. SAUNDERS. CARDIFF HEDLEY G. SAVILLE. REGINA. sAsK. REINHARD SCHMIDT, EDMONTON MILTON S. SCHELER. vonesnsune ALEC SHAPIRO, EDMONTON JOHN W. SHARPE, EDMONTON GEORGE R. SHIPLEY, EDMONTON NICHOLAS SIDJAK. FLEET WILLIAM R. SPENCER. EDMONTON JACK G. STABBACK. EDMONTON DOUGLAS M. W. STEVENSON. EDMONTON JOHN W. STRANGE, czAR JAMES A. J. STRETTON. LETHBRIDGE ROBERT F. STURROCK, CALGARY LILY SAMYCIA, RADWAY DALTON TAMNEY, EDMONTON HARRY I. THOMAS, Ecxvn.LE CHARLES R. THOMPSON. EDMONTON FRANK S. THOMPSON, CALGARY SELBY M. THORNE. FORT SASKATCHEWAN REGINALD C. THURBER, EDMONTON ROY S. TRUSSLER, EDMONTON ARNOLD G. TURNOCK, EDMONTON CHARLES TYRELL, EDMONTON J. W. UIBEL, CARDSTON CHARLES M. ULRICH, EDMONTON ARNOLD G. UNDERHILL. CALGARY REGINALD A. UNDERHILL. CALGARY WM. DAVID USHER, SCOLLARD M. W. UTAS, RED DEER HAROLD VAN CAMP. MARWAVNE BERNARD C. VAN HEES, KILLAM ROBERT W. VERGE, CALGARY WILFRID R. VERNON. EDMONTON CHARLES A. WALRATH, EDMONTON ANTHONY B. WACOWICH. EDMONTON MICHAEL F. WAKAL. EDMONTON GORDON W. WALKER, EDMONTON HARTWIG B. WARNKE, EDMONTON HAROLD M. WHITTLES, EDMONTON DONALD M. WOLCOTT. PONOKA THOMAS E. WILSON, EDMONTON H. L. BERTRAND, EDMONTON KENNETH POPE. BERWYN .H ROBERT J. BADEN. OALGAMY JOHN E. BAKER. EDMONTON JAMES D. BALFOUR, EDMONTON NEAL BLACKBURN, EDMONTON ALAN BRAY, CALGARY GORDON E. BROWN. EDMONTON GEORGE F. BRUNET, MEDICINE HAT BRUCE A. BURGESS, CALGARY ALLAN C. BURNARD. THEODORE, snsx. DAVID E. BURNHAM, BANFF JOHN F. BURTON. EDMONTON WILLIAM L. CARY. EDMONTON DAVID CHERRY, LETHERIDGE PERCY R. CLARKE. PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE RALPH L. CLARK, CALGARY GORDON F. COATES, MILK RIVER D. HUGH CURRIE, MEDICINE HAT ZUPITO D'AMICO. NORDEOG PHILLIP DAU. EDMONTON FREDERICK E. DEM BISKE. EDMONTON RENE A. DIAMOND. BLAIRMORE ROBERT A. DINGWALL, EDMONTON HERBERT H. DOFKA, EDMONTON MARSHALL J. DOLINSKY. MVRNAM J. H. DONOVAN. EDMONTON RODERICK P. DOUGLAS. GRANUM JAMES S. C. DUNN, EDMONTON IVAN C. EDWARDS. RED DEER DOUGLAS R. ELLS. nOwLEv JOHN E. FLAVIN. EDMONTON ELDON L. FOWLER, WASKATENAU ANSEL GARFIN. EDMONTON GEORGE M. GIBLING. snnms, E.c. DAVID G. GILLIES, PICTURE EUTTE LEE GODBY, EDMONTON a pIied scien 3rcI year REALLY COOKING 118 --4 VICTOR GREENWOOD. EDMONTON DOUGLAS HALL. roar SASKATCHEWAN DAVID C. HARDING, LouGHEED JAMES E. HARGREAVES, EDMONTON J. STANLEY HARRIS. CALGARY STANLEY P. HAUCK, MEISLER KEITH A. HENRY. coNson'r ARTHUR T. HORSLEY, EDMONTON DENNIS I. HOUGAN. EDMONTON DONALD L. HYDE. DE WINTON ROSS M. JEFFERIES, CALGARY JOHN G. JONES. RED DEER JOHN G. KOCH, MEDICINE HAT WILLIAM D. KURYSH, EDMONTON ROSS K. LAMB, LETHBRIDGE JOHN A. LEASK, EDMONTON ALFRED LEROY. FORT SASKATCHEWAN ISRAEL A. LESK, MEDICINE HAT GEORGE W. LEWIS. ACADIA VALLEY DONALD D. LOUGHEED. CALGARY FREDERICK MACENKO. CALGARY ALEX MAIR. EDMONTON ROBERT G. MASON. EDMONTON ARTHUR B. METZNER. BARRHEAD CHARLES G. MICHIE, EDMONTON KENNETH W MOORE. EDMONTON WILLIAM G. MORISON. PONOKA JAMES E. MORRIS, CANMORE LEO F. MCDONELL, EDMONTON DONALD G. MCEACHERN. RED DEER RICHARD MCEWEN, CALGARY K. R. McFARLAND. EDMONTON unrs AND scIENcE7 RONALD W. MCNEIL. EDMONTON 'A A. 4 I ERNEST NACHTIGAL. EDMoNToN 3 HAMILTON H. NEELANDS, EDMONTON , VI I 4 li 'a .l,. 27' gi. it - NEWTON, VICTORIA, a.c. - - --4 74? RNLPH- S. NIXON, NANTON JOHN G. O'NEILL, EDMONTON JOHN F. PARDER. CALGARY ASHTON M. PATTERSON. Mzmcme HAT D'ON W. PATTERSON, EDMONTON LEO A. PEARCE. CAROLSIDE RAYMOND PHILLIPS. EDSON CLARENCE W. POOLE, EDMONTON J. ALAN PETTIS, EDMONTON ANDREW E. POTTER, CALGARY KEITH PROVOST. wE,TAsKlw1N ROBERT G. REYNOLDS. EDMONTON ALAN T. ROBERTSON, EDMONTON RICHARD J. ROUSSEAU. EDMONTON ROBERT A. SPENCER, Mmnon JAMES D. RUSSELL, EDMONTON WILLIAM N. SANDE. CALGARY JOHN H. SCRIMGEOUR, CALGARY CLIFFORD D. SMITH, oLns RAE SUTHERLAND, EDMONTON NICHOLAS W. TAYLOR. Dow ISLAND ROBERT M. TAYLOR, DNUMHELLER LLOYD L. THORSLEY, RYLEY ALLAN R. WALKER VULCAN ,ROBERT B. WALKER, NANTON JAMES D. G. WALLBRIDGE, Tnocn-u JOHN M. WAMPLER, EDMONTON RUSSELL J. WARWARUK. EDMONTON VIRGINIA E. WEBB, EDMONTON GORDON H. WEISSER. EDMONTON MICHAEL J. YACHEYKO, 'MVRNAM CLARENCE G. YOUNGS, Dlnssunv .:.lxAAMEs E. MOPRIS, mmm , , 116 a - - JA ','7' I ' fwxffi -. M. ff. 4' -Q. 'lf-,.yLk"'.. -nv sf Q, , g . ' 'W' ill' uf . . , FWF.. If , EV., ..,, CA wx X i .sg QQ: 4-SX' 'F i 1-Vw 3' png? ' KW' 3 wa' E . ' fm .H 5' II 'sw f w k 'es 'f .Q D rwfsw? , Y . " '9I"r,. I ' ' . x . X 0 W. S 3-6' f AA -J 1:1 WITH GAS ' r. '.'u.+4 1. " 3 V , v-sl':1,"'L',..,:,:""'f, , N r t .,,,h,.,x-.h I R f ..55T'?f1"5f W . A N L 5, 7 I tw , , I x 5 ,I I ' 119 I if X 3 D- 'I :.V,:., . r.-I .,. ,lf -2 v Lx f r 1 4- - ' was-4,'Ag, -A . xi.:-. , . - . f"s,1,:, f, ..1.. .1 A ,..- '. :ILA 'a-J. ISA . -.4A 5 'W , A , . , ff' 2 4.5 -. ng, x- , EQ 'Q . .,- ,. v., ' 25 ji' "EJ f. fy - -.- Li! gf 5 ,, .' w ,' ' - l'. I 5-..,. 'z V f- -UL 'V 1 ' 'fzmfff ' ,f:1'. . L f Q .r-:: ' 'f 14:- ,e 1., ,,,,,zr ,zz ,,,'7Q31.H .- ig!-,f,2!5f: 1 ,:s- r,-, i,,,-,:w.L - w - H .- ' .. ,. 4 , , " -'. . - - . Q . ,1 1. 32. HA - ,. ' X 1 Q'- 3.,I -I- ,Y-w 1 j., U.-: x p mx. .I -ki. ' '-. '- f:', 1 ' ,-. . ' I' ' Q ' f ,.f .k Q, X . X. ,fx 13? JJ., . ' ' - Q -gf 34' 0 .',. ,J .,4.. " 1 K- ,.. .34 -N 1 .,. .,.g,, X . -., u V .ll , - '12 P '1 F M' I "l'l' . Y 1 m f I 3 5A I' Q vii . , i'l ay-.5 - 'Q' Mc - ' 1 ' xf JP ,A I V H' a Sip.: 8 -. - 1' ,. ,J-r x ,. ,vt F-. f-.Q , I 1 -.-- Y' v Y -r -5. v- , - I - . s 1: 6.- .N 9-- 1 -. ul ,,.,g,.l arts and sciences gf.-. . - .- . . .PHILLITP E. ALLEN. I ' NORTH BATTIEFORD, sAsK. CARL AMERONGEN, EDMONTON 'HARRY P. ANDREASSEN, HUXLEY MARJORIE A. BAILIE, CALDARV SOZEN O. BILINSKI, EDMONTON BERYL BISSET, EDMONTON ALLAN B. BOOMER, EDSCN ROBERT L. BROWER, EDMONTON A. C. BROWSEY, RYOROET ALICE A. BROWN, EDMONTON R. E. CAMPBELL, EDMONTON EVELYN CAPSEY, CAMROSE R. E. CAMPBELL, EDMONTON EDWARD H. CARSON, EDMONTON ALBERT P. CATONIO, BLAIRMORE ROBERT A. CAWSEY, CALGARY LOIS B. CHISHOLM, EDMONTON .V MARY S. CLARK, EDMONTON RAYMOND T. CLENNETT. ELAOK DIAMOND JUNE A. CLOONEY. EDMONTON MARY E. COLLINS, EDMONTON JAMES A. CONNOLLY, CALGARY JOHN W. CRAIG, EDMONTON KATHLEEN E. CRUICKSHANK, EDMONTON WILLIAM DECHANT, NORTH sun H. R. DENSMORE, RED DEER ' CATHERINE M. DICKIE, CALGARY CECILE ECKENFELDER, TROCHU JEAN I. EMSLIE, EDMONTON JOHN GRANIK, PAKAN MAY G. GRIFFITHS. LETHDRIDGE NORMA M. GRANTHAM. EDMONTON SELMA D. HAMILTON. EDMONTON WILLIAM C. HART. PINCHER CREEK JOHN M. HICKEY, EDMONTON HARRY B. HOBBS. cALsAnv JACK HOLMES, EDMONTON ALFRED J. HOSKING, VEGREVILLE ISOBEL L. JOHNSON, EDMONTON NANCY J. JOHNSON. EDMONTON JAMES P. JORGENSEN, NAMPA ISADORE C. KATZ, EDMONTON JACK W. KENNEDY. TORONTO MARGARET F. KENNEDY. cAl.sARY GERALD W. KRUCIK, LINDDERG LILY M. LAKUSTA, EDMONTON JAMES H. LAYCRAFT, HIGH RIVER MARY M. LEE. DONALDA DANTE A. LENARDON, FERNIE, a.c. WALTER LOTT. EDMONTON JAMES P. LOW. EDMONTON MANDLY LUPUL, EDMONTON MORRIS LYONS. EDMONTON JEAN B. MOFFAT. ELAINE LAKE. snsx. WILLIAM K. MORAN. CALGARY RONALD R. J. MULLIGAN, , .EDMONTON QT: .Q 9' AT.: I -.ROBERT W. TURNER, EDMONTON ANT' IJOHN .A. MURRAY EDMONTON LAWRENCE E. MUTUAL, ANDREW 'NELLIE L. MCCLUNG, EDMONTON RICHARD V. MOCREARY. .DEAvERMlNEs ANGUS G. MACDONALD, EDMONTON ROSALIE A. MOHAFFIE, EDMONTON LAWRENCE D. MACLEAN. PINOHER CREEK WILLIAM F. MGLEAN. EDMONTON! IRIS J. MACLEOD. CALGARY ALEXANDER B. MOPHERSON, OALEY HELEN I. MCWILLIAM, EDMONTON MICHAEL B. O'BYRNE, EDMONTON F. RICHMOND OLSON. CAMROSE SHEILA M. O'NElLL. EDMONTON GERTRUDE C. OTTERSON. EDMONTON J. JOSEPH OUELLETTE. EDMONTON JOHN PARISEAU, EDMONTON DOROTHY F. PATTERSON. GRANDE PRAIRIE JAMES D. PATTERSON. LETHBRIDGE GORDON P. PETERSON. STIRLING VICTOR PETROWSKY, lNNlsrREE LIONEL H. PILON, EDMONTON BRUCE A. POWE, EDMONTON ALEXANDRA PYRCZ. LEDuc MANUEL PYRCZ, LEDUC JOHN A. RACHERT, REGINA. sAsx GERTRUDE S. REID. PONORA DUNCAN V. REYNOLDS LEDUC FLORENCE L. RIMMER. PIBROON ROSS G. ROBINSON. LETMDR1DGE PHYLLIS J. RUSSELL. EDMONTON EWALD RYLL, LAVINGTON. D.: JAY D. SALMON, CALGARY SUZANNE D. SAUCIER. CALGARY ARTHUR SCOTT, EDMONTON DOUGLAS SHERBANIUK. VEGREVILLE PATRICIA SHEPPARD, CALGARY ERNEST A. SMITH. EDMONTON VERNOR W. SMITH. EDMONTON ALICE STAINTON, EDMONTON WILLIAM J. STAINTON, EDMONTON F. JOHN STOREY, YONMERS, N.v STEPHEN SWERYDA. EDMONTON JUNE G. TAYLOR. EDMONTON DOROTHY M. THOMSON. EDMONTON EDNA E. THOMSON. EDMONTON GWEN E. TIDSWELL. EDMONTON ARTHUR M. TOBIN, EDMONTON WM. E. TOLLER. EDMONTON THEODORE TOM ASCHUK. sMOKY LAKE GLEN A. TOMPKINS. LETHDRIDGE FRED H. TROLLOPE, CALGARY VIOLET ULASOVETZ. EDMONTON 'JOHN W. URSCHEL, GRENFELL Sv Cx 1,- , . l 3 4? f A as . . l 'XX D, 5 X A . XXIAITING FOR THF. TRAIN TO CONII IN R'-Y" HUGH A. BLUE. 'LAW ELAINE BROWN mars: PETER M. OWEN ILAW LILA ENGBERG IH. EC IJ J. E. NIX QTHEOLOGY I3 SYLVIA TILLARD, QEDUCATIONT CLIFFORD VAN DOSTDAM. ST. PADL ELLEN V. VOSS, MAnsDEN WILLIAM J. WACKO, s'r. MICHAEL ELIZABETH B. WALKER, SYLVAN LAKE THOMAS J. WALSH, Oxsow, sAsK. MARY E. WARREN, EDMONTON LAWRENCE B. WICK, KINGMAN KATHLEEN A. WHEELER, LETHBRIDGE AUDREY M. WILLSON, EDMONTON ROGER H. WILSON, EDMONTON JUNE WISEMAN, EDMONTON RETA L. WOODROW, LACOMDE FRANK G. WYATT, EDMONTON JOHN T. WYLIE, EDMONTON ORMUS A. BATES, cAnDsTON ETTA BARNECUT. CALGARY WILLIAM R. BRENNAN, EDMONTON DONALD H. BRUNDAGE, DAVSLAND ROBERT J. BUCK, EDMONTON MARY J. CAMPBELL, EDMONTON JAMES CAMPBELL, EDMONTON ALICE E. CARTER, VEGREVILLE ERNEST L. CARTER, LAMONT FRANK H. CHUBB, BON Acconn ROY C. CHUBB, BON Acconn JAMES E. CLEMENGER. Mmaon GLADYS I. COCKS, MEDICINE HAT L. S. COLEMAN. MAORATH ROY S. COLLINS, EDMONTON WESLEY H. COONS, VEGREVILLE RHONA R. CORBETT, EDMONTON WILLIAM R. CORBETT, EDMONTON JACK A, CRAIG, MACLEOD ENID CROCKETT, MACLEOD ARTHUR W. CROSSLEY. EDMONTON HAL. H. CUSH, CALGARY MARJORIE E. DAVIDSON. MENAIK M. JODY DAY, EDMONTON ROBERT C. DAY, EDMONTON J. P. DECHAMPLAIN, LEGAL ROBERT D. DICKIE, PRESTON, ONT. ALBERT H. ELLISON, CALGARY LORRAINE M. GAGNON. EDMONTON A JEAN K. GALBRAITH, CALGARY JOAN GALBRAITH, CALGARY MARY M. GISH, EDMONTON ENID M. GLAUSER, EDMONTON GEORGE K. GOODERHAM. GLEICHEN WILLIAM G. GOWARD, EDMONTON JOYCE M. GREENE, EDMONTON 'ERNEST G. HALTON, EDMONTON EILEEN M. HART, STETTLER WILL D. HARTMAN, EDMONTON ww -ver SHIRLEY J. HOOKS, CALGARY LOIS HILL. cALsAnv HORACE M. HERLIHY, EDMONTON JENNY L. HENDERSON. EDMONTON JERRY HEFFERNAN, EDMONTON MARY M. HUGHES. CALMAR HOWARD IRVING. EDMONTON SHEILA G. JACKSON, EDMONTON J. K. JOHNSTONE, ATHADASCA FRANCES R. KITCHEN, EDMONTON JOHN E. LAW. EDMONTON LOIS LEEDER. OLDS GERARD LEPAGE. MANVILLE MICHAEL LETERSKY, WASKATENAU AARON A. LEVINE, EDMONTON FRANK S. LEIBER, EDMONTON HELEN F. LILLY, EDMONTON NEVILLE N. LINDSAY. EDMONTON STANLEY R. MEALING. EDMONTON DONALD H. NIEDHURST. FOREMOST M. ANNA MEIKLEJOHN. EDMONTON CECIL H. MOLYNEUX, CALGARY STEWART C, R. MONTGOMERY. RANFURLV COLIN G. MURRAY, EDMONTON KATHLEEN R. McADAM. . Assmnsom, sAsx. NORMAN A. MCAFEE, EDMONTON NOREEN MCCULLOUGH, CALGARY FRANCIS C. MCDERMOTT, EDMONTON AUDREY L. MACDONALD. EDMONTON MARJ OLSTEAD, STETTLER CHARLES F. NOBLE, EDMONTON JAMES A. MACRAE, EDMONTON MACQUARRIE B. MCKENZIE. EDMONTON DONALD A. MACKENZIE. WAINWRIGHT GORDON MCILROY, OALGARY MILES H. PATTERSON, cm.sAnv ROBERT W. PAYNE, CALOARY BLAKELY M. PRITCHARD. CALGARY JAMES M. PRITCHARD. EDMONTON PAUL C. RACETTE. sT. PAUL ELIZABETH M. RAGG, CALGARY CARLA RANDERS, oLDs JOYCE M. RICHARDSON, NANTDN ANDRE ROSTAING, cncnnv DEAN SAKS. EDMONTON ALWYN SCOTT, EDMONTON CLARA SHANKMAN, EDMONTON A JOHN J. SIGAL, CALGARY JOHN R. SMITH, CALGARY NORMAN R. SMITH. CALGARY IRENE C. SPADY, ALLIANCE JAMES W. THOMPSON. HUMBOLDT DALE C. THOMSON, FT. ASSINIBOINE JAMES M. THOMSON, DRUMHELLER H. BRUCE TIFFIN, EDSON PAUL D. TILLEMANN. HDRSHAM CATHERINE TOOHEY. EDMoNToN SHIRLEY A. TOURNAY, CALGARY EMERY A. TRANN, wAsKATENAu WM. PETER TURLOCK, EDMONTON PATRICK VAN TIGHEM, sTRATHMonE MARGARET J. VERGE, CALGARY PHYLLIS VOISIN, CONGRESS AILSA H. WALKER, EDMONTON WILLIAM B. WALTON. FT. SASKATCHEWAN D. HERBERT WARNER ROBERT A. WEEKS, EDMONTON JOHN WELYKOCHY, EDMONTON M ARGARET E. WHITTAKER. EDMONTON PAMELA J. WILDMAN, EDMONTON ABRAHAM M. WILLMS, EDMONTON EDMONTON DONALD WILSON, EDMONTON HARRY F. WILSON, EDMONTON GORDON S. WOOD, TABER JAMES S. WOODS. EDMONTON PETER C. WOTHERSPOON, EDMONTON FIRST YEAR LAW JOHN M. BALLACHEY, msn RIVER FRANCIS T. BYRNE, LETHDRIDGE PETER S. FAMINOW, LUNDBRECK WILLIAM HURLBURT, vEsnEvlLLE OWEN JONES, EDMONTON ROBERT JUDGE, EDMONTON PAUL MATISZ, EDMONTON JOHN O. PARRY, CALGARY J. O. STARRITT, NANTON PETER VALLANCE, CALGARY SECOND YEAR GUY BEAUDRY, sT. PAUL' JOHN F. BRENNAGH, EDMONTON ELDON D. FOOTE. LACOMBE E. FRANK MURPHY, HANNA FRANK OUIGLEY, CALGARY . WILLIAM 'SINCLAIR, EDMONTON ' . v EDWARD .i. ALLAN. E....Q...o.. R. ROSS ANDERSON. RUXLEY BLAINE o. ARCHIBALD. .mm JOHN K. ARMSTRONG. MEDICINE HAT EUGENE C. AUDELL. EDMONTON WILLIAM VII. BAIRD. EDMONTON ROBERT M. BANNON. DLAIRMORE ROBERT B. BANNERMAN. CALGARY JOHN BARCLAY. CALGARII PATRICK N. BARRY, EDMONTON MARGARET I. BENEDICT. EDMONTON R. C. BERGLUND. EDMONTON ARTHUR G. BLOOM, EDMONTON WALTER W. BOISSEVAIN. STRATI-IMORE DON BLUE, EDI-IONTON JOHN D. BOWERS. EDMONTON DOREEN M. BRADLEY. EDMONTON ARTHUR BRADSHAW, EDMONTON THOMAS R. BRADSHAW. EDMONTON JACK D. BRECHIN. EDMONTON LLOYD G. BROWN. EDMONTON WILLIAM D. BUCHANAN. EDMONTON WILLIAM H. BUCHANAN. LETHERIDGE ELMER V. CARLSON, EDMONTON M. D. CARTER, EDMONTON MICHAEL CEPIN. EDMONTON ROBERT B. COLBORNE. MEDICINE HAT LAWRENCE D. COLLINS. EDMONTON WILBUR G. COULSON. EDMONTON GEORGE K. CRUIKSHANK. EDMONTON KENNETH W. DEBNAN, aOwNEss ANDREW D. DEMKO. EDMONTON ALPHONSE R. DESSUREAU. IaONNvvILI.E L. R. DONNELY, EDMONTON WM. URONIUK. sI-IADOI-INEssv E. DOUGLAS. EDMONTON J. H. DUCK. EDMONTON EDWARD N. EDMUNDSON. EDMONTON ARTHUR G. EMMOTT. MANvII.I.E HAROLD C. EYFORD. EDMONTON JOSEPH T. FALVO, EDMONTON JOHN J. FITZPATRICK. CALGARY CHARLES FLAHERTY MARGARET L. FLANDERS. TURNER VALLEY CLIFFORD R. FLETCHER. EDMONTON LEO R. FLETCHER. EDMONTON GORDON L. FLYNN, MEDICINE HAT JACK FOWLER, EDMONTON THOMAS J. FORAN. EDMONTON KEITH O. FOWLER, WASKATENAU DAVID J. FREEZE. CALGARY RONALD E. GALLOWAY. CALGARY JOHN E. GARLAND. CALGARY A. H. GILMORE, EDMONTON WALTER GOLINOWSKI. EDMONTON THOMAS H. GORDON. EDMONTON ... A T ..5If.. A -i I' 1? i S Q F 3 D D.. " V AI! '- Oi' . Ai. L ,af H R ' A 75 ,fr K J m x' an 7- I ft, 2 A 1. , I3 .mi J 'Z 135' O O PS 1... M , 4-. ' vx A --... 127 eff- 1' O , -r - A' Q we Q16 A gg It A E , v - A 'A' 'V' ' ' .. .. My 3 s -FR I 5- .-af' entry It R' . .- I Q ,gg '5 . I 'ONS N 33 'T' I Aff COmmEfCE 1st year fax F C 1 . . ,, V' I . ti- c. GUYIGREENWOOD. momu ROBERT W. GRIEVE. SYDNEY' s.c. CLARENCE NI. HAAKENSTAD. EDMONTON DOUGLAS R. HAGERMAN. RENO, NEVADA DONALD A. HALL, OKOTOKS EDWARD HEWKO, EDMONTON LAWRENCE J. HILL, EDMONTON GEORGE HOLLANDS. EDMONTON ROBERT E. HUTCHEON, CALGARY JOHN E. HYDE CONRAD IONIDS. PoRTAcE LA PRAIRIE MAURICE A. IPPOLITE HENRY R. JEFFERS, CALGARY CLIFFORD J. JENVING. EDMONTON AIME M. J. KEROAK, EDMONTON AUGUST KLOVAN, FALLI5 ALBERT J. KNEBEL, EDMONTON KATHERINE LACHMAN, EDMONTON MELVIN LAUER, EDMONTON JOHN E. LINDOW. ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE STANLEY A. LONG, EDMONTON J. P. LYONS JAMES A. MACKIE, EDMONTON STUART A. MACKIE, EDMONTON GORDON W. MAIR, EDMONTON KENNETH G. MARTIN. EDMONTON HOWARD J. MORTER. CALGARY MARGARET B. MULLOY. A WETASKIWIN JOHN A. MACDONALD, EDMONTON RONALD S. MCGILLIVARY. EDMONTON RODERICK G. MAcGREGOR. WEYBURN, SASK. GORDON MCLAWS, CALGARY STUART McLEAN. EDMONTON DON A. NAISMITH, EDMONTON JERRY J. NECYK, COSSACK GERALD JAM ES NICHOLSON. CALGARY MICHAEL ANTHONY NUGENT. EDMONTON WILLIAM G. NYKOLAYCHUK, DELLIs REGINALD V. PAUL, EDMONTON JACK H. PEACH, ST.' MICHAEL DONALD A. PHELPS. CALGARY LEON J. PLOTKINS, CALGARY GUY W. POITRY, CALGARY PATRICIA A. POLAND. CALGARY EDGAR C. PULLMAN, EDMONTON ILLA R. RICE, ToRRINeToN ALEXANDER J. ROBERTSON' WINTERDURN - MURRAY K. ROBLIN. REGINA MAURICE C. ROE, RED DEER CLARE P. ROONEY, EDMONTON L. D. ROGERS JOHN C. SADLEIR. CALGARY ARNOLD SAFFEL, BARONS JAMES H. SCOTT, CALGARY ROBERT A. SEATON, LUSCAR 0 BEN SHIKAZE, Plc'ruRE su1'1'E W. T. SINCLAIR, CALGARY. NORMAN D. SPEEDIE. sYLvAN LAKE. ROBERT F. STAYSKO. MEDICINE Hn. KENNETH B. STEWART. EDMONTON. DONALD SUTHERLAND. wssnocx. LAWRENCE W. SWINGLE. EDMONTON. PETER SWITYK, CALGARY. WILLIAM J. TOOLE, CALGARY WILLIAM H. TYE, EDMONTON. WILLIAM E. VANNER, CALGARY ANDREW VERAG, NACNINE. LEONARD E. WARREN. EDMONTON DUNCAN R. WATSON, CALGARY HARRY WEITZ, EDMONTON JOHN V. WHITE, EDMONTON CLARENCE L. WILSON. CALGARY DJUGLAS WILSON. EDMONTON DOUGLAS WILSON JAMES W. WILSON, cmnoox EDWIN W. YAREMCO DAVID A. ADAMS, EDMONTON JARVIS M. ANDERSON. EDMONTON JOHN E. BEATON, MEDICINE HAT SAMUEL BELZBERG, CALGARY CHARLES H. BLAND, NBER DAVID C. BRADSHAW, EDMONTON DONALD L. BRANDELL. EDMONTON REUBEN BRICKER. Lnvov DONALD G. BUCHANAN, CALGARY GORDON R. BURTON. EDMONTON GILBERT G. BURRINGTON, l.ousANA GEORGE CAMP, CALGARY DONALD G. CARMICHAEL. CALGARY JAMES G. CASKEY, EDMONTON DOUGLAS CLARKE, ssnswlcx JOHN J. COLLINS, EnNoNToN WILLIAM S. COUTTS, EDMONTON GEORGE W. DARLING, EDGERTON CHARLES T. DETRO, IRMA MERVYN S. DEVONSHIRE. EDMONTON WILLIAM D. DICKIE, CALGARY IAN W. M. DUNAWAY JOSEPH FINLEY, EDMONTON FRANCIS C. FINN, vncmc JAMES R. FISH. CALGARY GREGORY B. FULTON. CALGARY DONALD A. GOWER, EDMONTON DUNCAN C. GRAY, EDMONTON JOHN G. GUNDERSON, RRUNHELLER ELSIE MURIEL HAMILTON, EDMONTON GEORGE P. HARTLING. EDMONTON GEORGE A. HAY, cnsmv MICHAEL J. HENEY. :ALGARV E' T,'3 I b.c1. CANTERBURY CLUB DINNER COITIITIETCE 2nd and 3rd years 130 GORDON F. HOOD. EDMONTON- THOMAS C. HUMPHREYS. EDMONTON ROBERT L. JONES. CALGARY HYMIE KLEIN, VEGREVILLE ALBERT S. KNOWLER, EDMONTON THOMAS E, LAKUSTA, EDMONTON HARRY G. LINDSKOG, I.AcOMIaE GORDON S. LONG. EDMONTON GORDON J. LOGAN, Mccss JAw JOE LOOMER, ITEQINA, sAsx. EDITH L. LOSIE, EDMONTON JOHN E. LUTZ, DAYSLAND ' " FRANK J. MAIR. EEMONTON BURTON MARGOLUS, EDMONTON VICTOR F. MARK, EDMONTON ARTHUR R. MAYNARD. RED DEER VERNON MILLARD, CALGARY DANIEL H. MINCHIN. GRANDE PRAIRIE . GEORGE s. MOREAU, EDMONTON JOHN H. MORGAN, IsIIsHAw V ALEXANDER MUIRHEAD. ., EDMONTON JEAN MOBRIDE, EDMONTON CHARLES A. MACDONELL. BEAVERLODGE V STAN LEY MACDONALD. I.ETH BRIDGE KENNETH L. NELSON, PONOKA JULIUS A. OBERHOFFNER. REGINA. SASK. HAROLD PARK,, EDMONTON NORMAN F. POWELL. STONY PLAIN HUBERT S. PROWSE, LETIIBRIDOE JAMES M. RICH. CALGARY NELLIS REDMOND, A PARADISE VALLEY GERALD J. ROBINSON. VANCOUVER, B.c. RALPH MQ ROOKWOOD. EDMONTON RALPH C. SCHONERT, CALGARY HERBERT W. SKIRTEN, CALGARY JAMES W. SNOWBALL, CALGARY ERNEST C. STILLING. CALGARY ROBERT STROTHER, EDMONTON GEORGE W. SUTHERLAND. EDMONTON FRED H. TYLER, cENuTIIEIas ROBERT A. URTON, CALGARY HAROLD W. WARD, CALGARY JAMES L. WAY, STRATI-IMORE DONALD J. WELLS, EAsTEND, SASK. . WILLIAM D. WELSH, RED DEER t ARTHUR M. WHEELER, ACME GORDON G. WILLIAMS, CALGARY JAMES F. WILSON, EDMONTON KENNETH N. WILSON, I-IIGI-I RIVER LLOYD C. WRIGHT. LOUGHEED THEODORE IBAY, ANDREW HAROLD BRONSON, CI-IERHILL JACK COUGHLAN, EDMONTON RENE FREDERKING. EDMONTON RICHARD ROBINSON, CALGARY BERTHA S. ANDREASSON. NuxLEv JOAN M. ARNOLD, CALGARY HELEN BAWOL. TMORHILD ALYS M. BRADY, EDMONTON MARION L. ARCHIBALD. EDMONTON MARIE BROOKS, CALGARY MARGARET D. CARNOCHAN. EDMONTON DOROTHY D. DODDS, RED DEER ELIZABETH A, DONALD. EDMONTON MOIRA G. EDGINGTON, LACOMDE SHEILA M. FORREST, NANTON BLANCHE C. FORTIER, CHIPMAN WILMA F. GUITARD, OLDS MARGARET B. HABKIRK, OLDS MARGARET C. JOHNSON. EDMONTON MARGARET F. KENDRICK. , EDMONTON ADA J. A. KOTCK, SHAUGHNESSY DONALDA M. LLOYD, EDMONTON DOLORES I. MILLAR, EDMONTON JOYCE A. MORRIS, EDMONTON MARY A. MORRISON, CANOE, B.c. MARY E. MUNRO, DRuM1-:ELLEN MARTHA E. MCCOY, EDMONTON ELEANOR A. MACDONALD. CALGARY CATHERINE LAVINA NEIGHBOR. JASPER BETTY HELEN NEILSON. EDMONTON ISOBEL AGNES NICHOLSON. CADOMIN AUDREY M. PATERSON. LETHDNIOOE ROSE POI.AK.'THORHILD VERA D. PORTER, CALGARY AMELIA RANDLE. HIGH Niven MYRNIE L. SANDS, wEsTLOcx MARY L. SAUDER, STRATHMORE JEAN S, SMITH, EDMONTON SHARON G. SPRUNG, CALGARY HELEN TAYLOR. HALKIRK ELIZABETH G. UNDERHILL, CALOANV ELIZABETH L. WILSON. EDMONTON SHIRLEY M. WILSON. LACOMEE SONIA WOYTKIW, MuNDAnE NANCY-JEAN YORK. CHAPMAN cAMP, D.c. ELLA ZACEK, wEsTLOcK CAMERA CLUB EXEC. I'l0U5EI'1OId economics 1st year 131 :- v Xie.: 1 ' u.. .P , 'V' J ' ' .. H... f . xx 4 Cr F ' Q Q 1 A I Q -Q 6 W fbi- f T I x J. 35 x Q7 I TOO MANY COOKS Household economics 2nd year 152 TREVA ABELL. EDMONTON DOROTHY M. ARMSTRONG. EDMONTON JOAN ARMSTRONG, EDMONTON MAY BEAMISH. EDMONTON ELIZABETH J. BELL, EDMONTON WILMA E. BLEAKLEY, EDMONTON NORAH M. BROWN. CLARESHOLM ILA L. BRUNSDALE, CALGARY MILDRED E. CAMPBELL, ARDLEY DORIS E. CARVER, CALGANY' MARIA CASTELLI, DRUMHELLER JOAN DAWSON. PnovosT AUDREY DUNDAS, ALLINGHAN MARGARET I. EDWARDS, cnusnmr M. JEAN FERRY, EDMONTON PHYLLIS FITCH. CALGARY PATRICIA B. FRAME, EDMONTON E. M. BETTY HARRIS, EDMoNToN LAURA H. JOHNSON. EDMONTON NORA H. KOWALSKI, BON Accomm DOROTHY B. LAW, EDMONTON JOYCE G. LISTER, EDMONTON MONA J. MICHIE, EDMONTON ELLEN-ANNE MILLARD, CALGARY RUTH MURRAY. LOUSANA JUNE L. MCCUTCHEON. EDMONTON BERNICE L. MCELHINNEY. PROVOST ISOBEL JEAN NEWTON. PENTICTON, a.c. THOMASINA PAUL, CALGARY ESTHER W. POIRIER, EDMONTON ANNE PUCHALIK, conoruno KATHERINE PUCHALIK. CORONADO LOIS RADFORD, EDMONTON GERRY B. ROBBIE, EDMQNTDN STEPHANIE SAYKEWICH. DERWENT MARJORIE M. SINCLAIR, EDMONTON NORMA A. SMITH, EDMONTON ARLENE C. STEFFENSEN. mum EDNA B. TANNER, EDMONTON MARILYN VERONNEAU. EDMONTON LILLIAN WASIUTA. CALMAR AMY L. WIESE. mMA LAURINE WOYTKIW. EDMONTON LOUISE ABOUSSAFY, COLEMAN JOHN T. ADAMS, TURNER vAI.I.EY WILLIAM H. ALLEN, EDMONTON JACK I. ANDERSON. CALGARY MAVIS J. APPLETON, REVELSTOKE ARTHUR M. ARBEAU, BANFF ALLAN B. ARMSTRONG. RED DEER W. ARMSTRONG. CALGARY DOUGLAS M, ASP, KINGMAN RUSSEL O. ASPLUND, LETHRRIDGE WALTER G, BAHAN. CALGARY OLGA L. BARILKO, CANYON CREEK RONALD F. BEDFORD, EDMONTON ROBERT E. BELOT, CALGARY MATT W. E. BERNSTEIN. CHICAGO. ILL. YORK BLAYNEY. HIGH RIVER MARGARET J. BLUNDELL. WETASKIWIN HARVEY BODNER, MUNDARE MARGARET E, BOWER, RED DEER WILLIAM J. BRICKMAN. EDMONTON LEVIS A. BRODEUR, EDMONTON BARRY L. BROOKS. EDMONTON EVERETT L. BROWN. EDMONTON JACK R. BROWN, EDMONTON DANIEL P. BROWNLOW. EDMONTON DOROTHY M. BROWNLOW. EDMONTON HARVEY A. BUCKMASTER, CALGARY PATRICK J. BYRNE, EDMONTON LORNE W. CALHOUN. EDMONTON RICHARD C. CAMERON. SYLVAN LAKE JAMES S. CARLISLE. GRANDE PRAIRIE ALBERT CHARE. EDMONTOY JAMES V. CHATWIN. EDMONTON JOHN M. CHERNOCHAN. EDMONTON JOHN L. CHISHOLM. CALGARY MARY I. CHRISTOFFERSON. BRANT JACK M. CHURCHILL. KAMLOOPS, D.c. ELIZABETH CLOW JOHN T. COOK, EDMONTON JOHN T. COSTELLO. EDMONTON GRAHAM S. CRAGG EDMONTON MAX B. CRANDALL. PONcIcA ROBERT A. CRUIKSHANK. EDMONTON JAMES R. CUTHBERTSON EDMONTON RONDA M. DAHL. RAYMOND FREDERICK W. DALBY, EDMONTON RAY G. DAVIS. SEDGEWICK CHARLES E. C. DAW, CALGARY DONALD DAW CALGARY THOMAS DEMKO, EDMONTON EVELYN M. DENNIS, CALGARY VERNON DENNIS, MEETING CREEK OSWALD DESANTIS, TRAIL D.c. OTTO DEUTSCH, ALDERTA CREEK WILLIAM A. DOLL, FAIRVIEW MAN vs. ARTHROPOD 133 science 15? year K I I science 1st year DENTIST'S DELIGI-IT 134 GRANT W. DOMINY, EDMONTON NEVILLE F. DULMAGE. EDMONTON HUGH BRIAN DUNFORD, SYLVAN LAKE ERIKA DUSTERHOFT, LEDUC ALAN EAGLESON, EDMONTON DUNCAN C. ELLIOTT, RANNA GLEN D. ELSTON, EDMONTON VERNON M. ERICKSON. OLDs FREDERICK W. L. EXHAM. EDMONTON ANDREW FARMER, CLARESNOLM GEORGE FENIAK, wARsPlTE JOSEPHINE FERGUSON, CADOMIN GEORGE M. FINDLAY, EDMONTON RAYMOND W. FLEMING. GRANDE PRAIRIE GREGORY R. FORSYTH, CALGARY CORINNE E. FRASER, EDMONTON ISABELLA G. FRASER, EDMONTON MANUEL W. FRIEDMAN, EDMONTON LLOY K. FRITH, EDMONTON GEORGE H. GIBB, RAYMOND IRENE E. GLEN, EDMONTON ALBERT J. GOODJOHN, CALGARY BEN A. GREENFIELD. EDMONTON HUGH R. G'REINER, EDMONTON CLIFFORD L. GULLERSON. WAINWRIGHT NORMAN A. HALE, NEW DAYTON TEDDY HALUZA. EDMONTON GORDON E. HARGREAVES. JASPER JOHN W. HARVEY, EDMONTON ALLAN S. HAY. EDMONTON DONALD L. HAY. EDMONTON HUGH HAY-ROE. EDMONTON WILLIAM A. HAYNES. CRANEROOK, D.c. HAROLD R. HAWES. CALGARY CHARLES R. HEMPHILL. EDMONTON RONALD G. HENBEST, EDMONTON WILLIAM J. M. HENNING. EDMONTON NORMAN E. HEWITT. BON ACCORD GORDON K. HIGGINSON. EDMONTON MAURICE A. HOLMES, EDMONTON HENRY T. HOPKINS. BATTLEFORD, sAsK. MARGARET E. HOUGAN, EDMONTON JAMES DONALD HOUSTON. EDMONTON JULIA L. HRAPKO. SMORY LAKE WILLIAM M. HUMPHREYS. EDMONTON A J. DALE IMESON, LETHBRIDGE HERBERT A. JACOBSON. OKOTOKS FRANCIS H. JAMESON, sYEMOor DOUGLAS A. JAMIESON, EDMONTON EDWARD W. JENNINGS. CALGARY JACOB JANZEN. ROSEMARY MITSURU KATAYAMA, EDMONTON DONALD KENYLES, EDMONTON VIVIAN M. KIRKPATRICK, T EDMONTON CONSTANTINE KOSOWAN, RED DEER STEPHEN KRAYCHY. REDWATER LORNE P. KROETCH, STROME HARRY G. KROKOSH, EDMONTON OREST A. KRUK, EDMONTON MARSHALL KRYS, EDMONTON WM. H. LAKEY, MEDICINE HAT CLARK T. LEAVITT, FLENWOOD DOUGLAS B, LEITCH, EDMONTON CHARLES F. LAILEE I-IANNA RAY E. LEPPARD, HANNA JAMES LETTS, wEsTLOcx JAMES M. LEVY, EDMONTON KENNETH N. LEWIS. ACADIA VALLEY FRED LOBAY, SPEDDEN ROBERT S. LOCKE, SASKATOON MARJORIE L. LONG. wAsEcA ALEXANDER M. LOVE. CALGARY JOE LUKENCHUK, sLAwA DORIS E. MABERLEY. CALGARY DAVID M. MACKIE, FAIRVIEW THOMAS H. MAGINLEY, CALGARY LOUIS G. MANLIN DUCK LAKE ROBERT D. MARBLE, LACOMBE CECIL J. MARRIOTT, EDMONTON DONALD R. MATHESON. EDMONTON BENJAMIN E. METCALFE, LETHBRIDGE HELEN R. MIGHT, EDMONTON MARGARET MILLER PHYLLIS M. MILLER. ,. SCEPTRE. SASK. ERIC M. MINOGUE. EDMONTON GORDON K. MINTY, WINNIPEG ADELINE MISKEW, MUNDARE DOUGLAS G. MITCHELL, ' EDMONTON FREDERICK E. MOORE. EDMONTON KEN MOORE. CALGARY DORIS J. MORISON, PONOKA LEONARD A. MOTIUK. MUNDARE DANA MURRAY. EDMONTON FRANCES E. MURRAY. EDMONTON KENNETH W. MURRAY WILLIAM G. MURRAY. DRUMHELLER WILLIAM M. MUSTARD. EDMONTON , WALLACE E. MYDLAND, HIGH RIVER SHEILA MCCULLY. MEDICINE HAT JOHN A. MACDIARMID, EDMONTON HUGH P. MAODONALD, EDMONTON JOHN E. MACDONALD. EDMONTON BRUCE E. MACDONELL. EEAVERLODEE JOHN R. MCGREGOR. EDMONTON DONALD MACKINNON, EDMONTON WM. A. MOJANNETT, EDMONTON MALCOLM A. MACKAY, EDMONTON ALVIN H. MCKENZIE, LETHBRIDGE GORDON J. MCKENZIE, sOwDEN FREDERICK McKENZIE. cALaARv RONALD S. MACLEAN, SEDGEWICK IAN C. MCLEOD, EDMONTON A SOPHS TAKE OVER 135 Qi' 1 .5 A fw science 1st year KENNETH R, MACLEOD. EDMONTON JOHN W. MCLUHAN, EDMONTON JOHN F. MCMORRAN, BINDLOSS DALTON MACWILLIAMS, CALGARY LEONARD RICHARD NEWBY, CALGARY . NICKOLAS STEPHEN NOVAKOWSKI, MUNDARE TRON PETER NYHUS, EDMONTON ROBERT H. O'CONNOR. EDMONTON J. DENNIS OFRIM, CAMROSE ALBERT OKAZAKI, CALGARY PHILIP Z. ORZEL EDMONTON DOROTHY M. OWER. EDMONTON BARRY MILES PACKMAN. O LAKE ONI N ROBERT G. PARK, LANGENBURG ALLEN PARRY. CALGARY WILLIS H. PARSONS. LETHBRIDGE DAVID PEARLMAN, CALGARY AMELIA PENCHUK. EDMONTON FREDERICK PHILLIPS, CALGARY MAURICE J. PICARD, EDMONTON HAROLD E. PORTER, EDMONTON LOIS PORTER, CALGARY NORMAN K. PRESTON. MEDICINE HAT FREDERICK D. READ, PROVOST DEAN D. REAVIE. MEGAN, sAsx. HARVEY A. REIST, WETASKIWIN WM. R. RICHARDS, EDMONTON DOUGLAS RINGROSE, EDMONTON WM. HARVEY ROBINSON. CALGARY WM. H. ROLLANS, VIKING NORMA W. RONN. CALGARY MARGERY E. ROWBOTHAM. EDMONTON RAYMOND RUDKIN, EDMONTON JOY RUSSEL, RED DEER NORMA V. RYAN, PINCHER CREEK EUGENE SAKOWSKY, DERWENT LILY O. SAMYCIA. RADWAY JOHN C. SAUNDERS, EDMONTON MARIE A. SCHWARZ, EDMONTON GEO. W. SCHWINOT MARILYN SEARS, NANTON DOROTHY K. SHANER, EDMONTON DONALD R. SHAW, CALGARY ELDEN B. SHIELDS, EDMONTON JOHN A. SHIELDS, EDMONTON WALTER SHYDLOWSKI. EGREMONT J. D. SIBLEY, CALGARY WM. E. SIGURDSON, CHAUVIN HAROLD SIMOVITCH, EDMONTON WALTER E. SKASKOW, EDMONTON JOSEPH T. SMITH, RAYMOND ARTHUR E. SOVEREIGN. PEACE RIVER LESTER R. SPACKMAN, STIRLING ALEXANDER SPANOS, PRINCE ALBERT SAMUEL L. STEEVES, swALwALL RONALD E. STEPHENS, HANNA f'. . GLEN G. STEWART. CALGARY JOHN B. STEWART, EDMONTON NEIL J. STEWART, EDMONTON GEO. W. STREET. OLDS RALPH SUTHERLAND ROBERT L. SUTHERLAND. EDMONTON NORMAN SWAIL. .EDMONTON WM. TACIUK. cuxv LAKE KATHLEEN TANNER, EDMONTON ADELAINE I. TAYLOR, RED DEER LAUGHLIN B. TAYLOR. RED DEER CYRIL J. THOMAS, EDMONTON ANDREW C. THOMPSON. CRAIGMYLE GORDON TRAVIS. NATAL MABEL M. WALLACE, MANOLA CHARLOTTE E. WARD, MEANOOK RAYMOND E. WETTER. KAVANAGH ROBERT M. WEYMAN, EDMONTON ROY WHITNEY. LANGDON GILBERT R. WILLIAMS. EDMONTON JOHN A. WINTERTON. MAPLE CREEK, sAsK. GORDON W. WORDIE, DIDSBURY JOSEPH W. WOROBEC, EDMONTON FREDERICK A. WOURNELL. EDMONTON ROMAN L. YANDA. EDMONTON CARL E. YOUNGREW. EDMONTON GEORGE R. YOUNIE. EDMONTON STEVE ZAHARICHUK DONALD M. ADAMSON. EDMONTON MARTIN L. ADAMSON. EDMONTON . HINDS AGNEW, CALOARV GEORGE A. AINSCOUGH. LETHBRIDGE ROBERT L. AIRTH, EDMONTON BETTY L. ALLAN, EDMONTON GEORGE E. ALLIN. EDMONTON JOHN D. ALTON. LAMONT NANCY S. ALTON. LAMONT PETER ANDROSCHUK, EDMONTON DONALD E. ARMSTRONG. NANTON DORIS L. ASHLEY, Aux SHIRLEY ATKINSON, EDMONTON THOMAS P. ATKINSON. EDMONTON RALPH F. BAILEY, EDMONTON ROBERT B. BAILEY, EDMONTON MARY E. BAIN. EDMONTON HUGH A. BAKER, EDMONTON 9.9 s ., CIQHCQ 5 znd. UQCIP 5-3' - gif,-far. .wr 6,4 . . '- ,"f CL fv- ,, -::?'.rff,:-'f g . 2. .T ..,, S sc i e n c e ,. ff" ' -2 1 s t a n cl 2 n cl ye 'ERA-L 4, .I 4' ' .gg F ' 'P 3' Vl'BZl-s H L:'LL.gfiv2,., -- x -, 7' - . ffff' 1 Q .- " D " 4. -' 1' 'fgaif' A - - T. 137 1 .E 5- . '- Ji- T 1 A-. '- Q 4 - z J., ILT . - f" ' A E, ft? GFS UNWEPT, UNHONOURED AND UNSUNG science 2ncI year 138 MILTON V. BAKER. EDMONTON W. NEIL BARNES. EDMONTON NORMAN H. BARTLEY, EDMONTON JOHN BASISTIUK. EDMONTON ARTHUR D. BATES. CARDSTON JOYCE E. BELLOWS. EDMONTON STEWART B. BERTLES. EDMONTON ALEXANDER J. BEVERIDGE. NORDEGG CHARLES E. BEWELL, EDMONTON ROBERT L. BIJOU. EDMONTON SAMUEL T. BOORMAN, DLAIRMOIIE DONALD M. BLACK. CALGARY NORMAN BOYSE. CALGARY BRIAN BRADY. EDMONTON DAVID B. BULLOCK. TABER JOHN T. BURTON. DRUMI-IELLER WILLIAM B. CAIRNS, EDMONTON PETER CARMICHAEL. EDMONTON CECILIA J. CAVERHILL. LACOMBE JAMES M. CHALMERS, EDMONTON JOHN M. CHERNIWCHAN. WAHSTAO OLEH J. CHORNOPYSKY, HIGH PRAIRIE PAUL E. CHRISTIANSEN. PONOKA WILFRED C. CLENDENNING. LETHDRIDGE CELIA H. COCKERAM, OALOARY DUNCAN B. CODY. CEREAL . WILLIAM D. CONNOLLY. EDMONTON CATHERINE R. CONROY. EDMONTON JOHN W. COOPER, NANAIMO. s.c. IVAN T. CORAN. CALGARY DOUGLAS V. CORMACK. Aux MARGUERITE H. COUTTS. FORESTDURO WILLIAM L. COX, MOOSE uw DONNA M. CROSS. EDMONTON WESLEY E. CROWLE. CALGARY JOHN A. CROWTHER, EDMONTON I. MURRAY. CUNNINGHAM. EDMONTON MONA E. DALEY. EDMONTON DALE G. D'ARCY, EDMONTON PIERRE F. D'ESTRUBE, VICTORIA, s.c. MARY E. DICKSON. INNISFREE ROSALIE M. DINZEY, CALGARV RUSSELL A. DIXON, MEDICINE HAT LEO D. DUMAINE. LEGAL LILLIAN M. DUNN, CALGARY J. W. GAERZEN ROBERT H. ELLIOTT HAROLD H. ENGLAND. RED DEER I ,JOHN J. ENGLISH, CALGARY KENNETH R. ETZKORN. EDMONTON JACK W. FAIR, CALGARY ARTHUR FITZPATRICK, VULCAN WILFRED J. FITZPATRICK. EDMONTON GEORGE FONG. RED DEER J. ELAINE FORBES, DRUMHELLER NANCY E. FORBES, GRIMSHAW FRANCES M. FORREST, CALGARY DUANE H, FORSYTH, cARDsTON DOUGLAS T. FRASER, CALGARY GARTH FRYETT, VANCOUVER LEO J. GANS, FAIRVIEW ROGER V. GARIEPY. EDMONTON ROBERT J. GARLAND. EDMONTON JEANNE B. GAULD, EDMONTON DONALD W. GEE, EDMONTON KENNETH S. GEE, EDMONTON JAMES A. GIBB, EDMONTON PRICE J. GIBB. EDMONTON MICHAEL R. GIBNEY, CALGARY GORDON A. GIBSON, OYEN MILTON R. GILCHRIST, EDMONTON A. M. GILLIES. EDMONTON GEORGE A. GILLIES. EDMONTON WILLIAM M. GILMOUR, EDMONTON ALBERT B. GINSBERG. CALGARY LORNA D. GLEN, CALGARY LEO GOELMAN, EDMONTON RAY G. GOULD, EDMONTON METRO. GUSHATY, SPRING CREEK THOMAS A. HADDOW. EDMONTON OLAF W. HAGEN. EDMONTON THOMAS G. HALFORD, EDMONTON FLORENCE HALINA, RANFURLY GEORGE B. HANDFORD, INNISFAII. GERALD W. HANKINS, CALGARY JOHN A. HANTHO. CALGARY THOMAS HARDIN, EDMONTON JOHN H. HARDING, LOUGHEED DONALD M. HARRIS, EDMONTON C. BRUCE HATFIELD, cAI.sARv FRANCIS E. HAUGHIAN, HERBERT, SASK. GORDON A. HECK. STETTLER ANNE S. HEIBERG, KINGMAN HAROLD W. HELM, EDMONTON DONALD H. HENDERSON. EDMONTON 'lf BUY A HORSE! 139 .1 X IEE. 1. I PN science 2nd year .13 'Q 'xr f 9 CHARLIE HOSKINS AND BOOK STORE STAFF 140 JAMES D. HENDERSON. BLACK DIAMOND HILLIARD C. HETHERINGTON. TABER DONALD F. HICKS, EDMONTON KENICHI K. HISAOKA. IRON SPRINGS ROBERT HOARE. CALGARY JOHN M. HOFMAN, BARONS RODNEY K. HOLBROOK. EDMONTON JOHN R. HUCKELL. EDMONTON DONALD R. HORTON. VICTORIA. B.C. ROBERT .GORDON HURLBURT. EDMONTON HELEN ISABEL HUSTON. MACLEOD WALTER ILKIW. DERWENT AILEEN J. IRWIN. CALGARY DANIEL I. ISTVANFFY, EDMONTON MAURICE R. JEGARD, EDMONTON EUNICE K. JENKINS. CALGARY ALBERT V. JOHNSON, EDMONTON ROBERT V. JOHNSON. EDMONTON GORDON S. JOHNSTONE. EDMONTON DAVID L. JUDGE. EDMONTON ROSELLE KATZ. EDMONTON DONALD J. KELLY, EDMONTON MORRIS KLIMOVE, EDMONTON GEORGE KOSTASHUK. EDMONTON EILEEN KOWALCHUK. WILLINGDON ROBERT P. KROETSCH. I-IEISLER HARRIS M. KROON, STANDARD EDWARD J. C. KRYSKOW. EDMONTON GORDON E. LAPP, EDMONTON JOSEPH W. LENCUCHA. BLAIRMORE STANLEY M. LESLEY. VICTORIA. s.c. GORDON A. LESLIE, CALGARY LLOYD R. LIPSETT. EDMONTON DOUGLAS W. LOGAN. CALGARY PAUL P. LOZERON, sExsMITI-I SIDNEY B. MAEROV. CALGARY JOHN J. MAHONEY, CALGARY ALEX. J. MAIR. CALGARY JAMES E. MALLABONE, CANMORE LAWRENCE MALLETT, EDMONTON JOHN H. MARTIN, FAIRVIEW I. JEAN MARTYN. CALGARY JOHN T. MASON, EDMONTON BRIAN E. MAXWELL, EDMONTON PERCY A. M EI KLEJOHN. EDMONTON J. A. MERKLEY, CALGARY DONALD M. MILLER, EDMONTON KENELM C. MILLER, ELK POINT LLOYD A. MILLER. GRANDE PRAIRIE TEVIE H. MILLER. EDMONTON JOHN A. MINCHIN. EDMONTON ROBERT A. MITCHELL. CRANEROOIC, a.c. D. GEORGE MOLNAR, CALGARY BERNICE MOORE. EDMONTON DONALD W. MOORE. EDMONTON JAMES W. MOORE. CALGARV MARGARET K. MOORE. SEVEN PERSONS ANGUS W. MORRISON. STETTLER ALEXANDER GUS. MORRISON. PONOKA ROBERT K. MORTIM ER. DIDSBURY EDWARD H. MOTTUS, EDMONTON WALTER J. MUDRY, CALGARY WILLIAM H. MULLOY. CALGART VINCENT J. MURPHY, CALGARY FRANCES E. MURRAY. EDMONTON RODERICK D. McBRIDE. EDMONTON RICHARD J. MCCAFFREY. DAYSLAND ROBERT I. MCCALLA. EDMONTON GEORGE T. MCCALLUM. MUNSON HAZEL M. MCCASKIE, CALGARY FRED C. MCCONNELL, DERWENT EVELYN VERA MCCORMICK. CLAIRMDNT DONALD MCKECHNIE, EDMONTON CHARLES F. MCCULLAGH. CALGARY R. DOUGLAS MCCULLOUGH. EDMONTON GLENN W. MCCULLOUGH. EDMONTON JAMES C. MACDONALD. MEDICINE HAT RICHARD J. MACDONALD. EDMONTON AU DREY McDONAUGH. WETASKIWIN GEORGE H. MCFARLANE. EDMONTON HELEN MCGREGOR. EDMONTON CHARLES S. MACINTOSH. NELSON. Ia.c. DONALD C. McKAY, EDMONTON JAMES L. MCKEEN. PENTICTON, s.c. LIONEL E. MCLEOD, wAINwmsIIT WM. D. MCLEOD. EDMONTON CAREY G. MACRAE, EDMONTON ASAEL LAWRENCE NELSON. CARDSTON NORMAN ALLAN NELSON. EDMONTON ARNE RUDOLPH NEILSON. STANDARD GEORGINA SUSIE NISHIMOTO. OPAL LLOYD HAROLD NORDLUND. NINBEDLEV. D.c. FRED F. O'BRIEN. GRIMSHAW RICHARD B. OLDAKER, CIILGANT MARGERY R. OLDSTEAD. sTETTI.ER . I E: Y F .Q- .I I 5 .. v ,i 3 lf T .ti I CHARNIED, VXI SURE 141 I science 2nd year V I? 'Y wr, .w 95 PER CENT QOH the rccordj 142 ALFRED E. PA LLISTER. EDMONTON LESLIE L. PALMER. RAYMOND LUCILLE M. PARKS. TABER DOUGLAS H. PARRY, EDMONTON MARGARET G. PEARSON. ACME DORIS T. PETERS. OLDs GEORGE V. PETERSON. LETHERIDGE CHARLES A. PETRIE, EDMONTON DONALD D. PHILLIPS, CALGARY G. BARRY PIERCE. WHITE ROCK, B.C. ANATOLE POUSHINSKY. EDMONTON JOHN L. REGGIN. CALGARY JEROME REYDA. BERWYN JOHN A. REYNAR. EOREMOST HENRY C. RHODES. DRANT WILLIAM J. RIDDLE, EDMONTON JOHN L. ROBINSON. VANCOUVER, B.C. AUDREY D. ROE, CARDSTON CARL H. ROLF, EDMONTON JAMES A. ROPER, EDMONTON ARTHUR L. ROWE. ACME ALFRED RUDIN. EDMONTON LOIS R. SCHOOLING. HUSSAR NORMAN F. SCOTT. EDMONTON RICHARD D. SCRAGG. EDMONTON GORDON F. SCRUGGS, EDMONTON JOHN R. SETTLE, EDMONTON GORDON H. SHEPHERD, CALGARY LLOYD W. SHEPPARD. MORNINGSIDE RICHARD W. SHERBANIUK. VEGREVILLE THEODOR R. SHNITKA, EDMONTON DAVID H. SHOULDICE. CALGARY SIMON J. SIGAL, CALGARY KAZIE A. SILUCH, SEXSMITH SETH M. SMELSTAD. CLARESHOLM HARCOURT D. SMITH. CALGARY VIOLET L. SOLLANYCH. EDMONTON PAUL N. SOMERVILLE. VULCAN BRIAN J. SPROULE. EDMONTON RAYMOND F. STANLEY, EDMONTON DONALD O. STEWART. RED DEER MERVIN D. STEWART. sT. JOHN, N.B, GRANT E STRATE, CARDSTON HERBERT W. STRETTON, LETH BRIDGE MAVIS V. STRONG, ULDS JOHN K. STURROCK, CALGARY JAMES ERNEST TAYLOR. ATHABASCA ROBERT N. TAYLOR. EDMONTON CHARLES W. TEMPLETON. EDMONTON WENDY TEVIOTDALE, EDMONTON IRIS E. THOROGOOD. VICTORIA, a.c. JOHN C. WARD. NYTHE EDWARD WARSHAWSKI. MUNDARE ALEX WASYLEWSKI. EDMONTON ' ROBERT H. WATSON, CALGARY DONALD A. WEBB. CALGARY GORDON C. WELLS. CALGARY ALFFED L. WHITEHEAD, CLARESHOLM GEORGE D. WHITMORE. DRUMHELLER NORMAN J. WIGHT, BASSANO ROY W. WILES. EDMONTON FLOYD G. WILLIAMS. FORT ASSINIBOINE DONALD B, WILSON, GRANDE PRAIRIE PATRICK T. WILSON. EDMONTON A. O. IBUDJ WILTZEN, TOFIELD JOHN L. YAETS, EDMONTON WILLIAM YUSAK, MUNDARE ANNE R. ZORKO, MAGRATM GEORGE HARDY. EDMONTON KARTSX CARL W. ANDERSON, EARONS JEAN M. ANDERSON, EDMONTON ALLEN J. BLAYNEY, HIGH RIVER RAYMOND R. BROWN, KATMRVN LORNA BOON. BANFF JOHN HARVEY DAY, IaARONs ERIC COMER, PENHOLD FRED C. CORNET-CHING, CALGARY GERALD D. FASMAN. CALGARY LEONARD H. GREENBERG. CALGARY SEVERIN A. HEIBERG, KINGMAN STEPHEN I. HNATKO, FREEDOM ESER LIPSETT, EDMONTON AGNES N. MACKENZIE, CALGARY E. A. G. MGLEAN, CALGARY RUSSEL MELBY, CALGARY JOYCE PERKINS. EDMONTON MARION L. ROBERTS, GALGARY FRED TERENTIUK. LETHBRIDGE VIVIAN SUEY, vuLcAN HERBERT E. WAHL, NEW SEREPTA GEORGINIA YULE. wETAsnIwIN LARTSD SCIQITCQ Ord UQCII' J Gb' ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN Qncl and 3rd years 143 H 'svfm ziwn-1 -Q' .5 n"w'g!9g',:7,+iY..g ' ' " ' -- ' u ' -f " ' . 534 1 f, -- - f- 3 fl . .4 1,5-5-1, , i '. '7 r- - ,HL , '1-.sw , "GE A. "L 'f ' x 727 3, ' r ' I . ' .Jw Lf.. 1. 5. 1.4: 'lb' A , ii- ,xi ,x .- ...f . , , is .f Y 4 X ,N ' ' v 4 f'!,, x -.,',m .nil -qq -My V " VA A. 'NHT -, :, V: L is .,'. EQ . ..' K J A, Vw-1, - '4'f"f4': ,fn -:- ' i ,JS ,Ain , J .. ,t Q V, ..3.'.:? If " ,, Dis,- . ,H ,, V 'Y , iv . . ' - ix -1 N :Q.., , . ' ' , .- b , .Ml ' ' ' ' ' 2131. - " - -1 f x. 'Q , .. rl . " .ff':" . . , ,Q . 7' - 4'. j1v -. ',,.-'s,,.',N-F, E?-V ,i fs' 49 X 3 ..'-"vi A - If - 1 . .1-' N -1 ff , ff-. ' 'p .. nr x x ' :lf ..'Y .. ' K -- .. X A , ' - 5 . ' ,t rw 33 -N , .t i ,mv at , Qi.: -, ,, 4: Q. ,. , . I ' V, ,Q g, . .A.. 1 f I l -Al Q A-, R -i ,, . . if A 4 . 1 gn -3. " 1 . L-ks ' , ' br -.1 ' '. "2 f' A . . f ' V . 'MTF if' -' . , -L "auf . ' 1 education 4? -Q., F .7 C7 v-.Y ' .i f ,Q '. ?,. K. . ' Q f f 1-'rf .1 Mb.: 2.3 V' ' ' i v V-':.x ' 5" E ef 1 -TN " - iWwR mfg HW 'Q ,1 I ' ,, ' 1 ,. '- I T , I -E . f I T ,N ' Y Kina fl. I-11 -.V E ag. 'llc 'fk' '- r 'iw QF'- - . s. Q. X . A IS ff nv f. ,W ts.. .A 5. 5 N I . 'ES 5' L. educaHon Ist year .25-i f T1 Q, .IOE'S PANCHOS xr- jf I xy 7 -H -Q, ,, ' .'--.- . A wp , PHYLLIS AARBO, ELK rom-r . 'j Ross K. AcHEsoN, mn JL, AMMON O. ACKROYD, CARDSTOILQ JOHN D. ALEXANDER. BREMNER' 5 HERBERT H. ALLAN, CALGARY . 1 MARGARET AMBLER, . Funnzss, SASK. f ETHEL M. ANDERSON, cALMAR ,, Q ,,- NICK ANDRUSKI. BOYLE 'A MARCEL C. ASQUIN, DRUMHELLER af HELEN ATKINS, PEACE RIVER E CHARLES A. BAILEY. ' MEDICINE HAT - ARTHUR B. BAKER, BITTEN LAKE 4'- PETER J, BARANYK, HEINSEUAG F M ICHAEL BARTMAN, VEGREVILLE 's PERCY LEE BAXTER. wr-me counr W GORDON K. BECKETT. l, PARADISE VALLEY REGINALD BEERE, PmcnEA CREEK MARTIN BEREZANSKI, MVRNAM ADRIAN D. BERRY, EDMONTON LOUISE BEST, STONY PLAIN DONALD BICKERDIKE. ARGENTELIIL, P.0. , WILLIAM BROADFOOT, BASSANO , LOELLA BRODER, EDMONTON WILLARD BROOKS. cAnns1on ELROY BROSZ, MEDICINE HAT CHARLES E. BURGE, RETLAW ' BERLY BURROUGHS suNNvaRooK ' GRACE BUSSE. KILLAM GERTRUDE BYRTUS. A'rHAaAscA ADELAIDE CALVERT, VILNA EDITH B. CARTER, NEW amsnzn, MICHAEL CHARUK VEGAEVILLE ALBERT CHISWELL, CARSTAIRS NICK CHORAN, THORHILD HARRY CHOMIK INNISFREE GEORGE CHOPEY, MARDISTY MARY CHORNEY. WASKATENAU HAROLD CHRISTENSEN STANDARD DOREEN M. CHRISTIAN. MCLENNAN 'J WALTER CHYKERDA, nAnwAv GEORGE R. CLARK, WASKATENAU I . THOMAS J. CLARKE, CLUNY ELSIE J, COCKROFT, EDMONTON ELAINE J. COLLINS. Ensou V MARGARET A. COOPER. ' ASHMDUNT. ,H WALTER M. COOPER. ASHMDUNT' -j JEANNE A. COUILLARD LAFOND K ROBERT S. COWDEN, EDMONTON. A PHILIP J. COX Enmonron 1' HARRIETT CROSSMAN Asn DEER JOHN CZAR WARWICK MICHAEL A. D'ANDREA HELEN DANYLUIK ELK Palm LOIS DARKES. HARDISTY JEAN DAVIDSON EDMONTON I 4 sp LETHBRIDGE ' I JEAN DARGAVEL, EDMQNTOIN 'EW 4 DANIEL J. DAVIES, LETHBRIDGE GORDON F. DAVIES. EDMONTON ISABELLE M. DAVIES. CRESTON. s.c. JAMES B. DAVIES. RADWAY MARY A. DAVIES. HILL SPRING RICHARD DAVIS, EDMONTON GRANT C. DEFRAINE, EDMONTON MARY DELANSKI, HILLCREST EUGENE DEPUTAT. TWD HILLS LAURENT DESPINS, cALsARv DOROTHY DEVOLDER, MORINVILLE JUNE M. DILLON, EDMONTON ROSE DOLINKO, EDMONTON MILDRED DOMONEY, EDMONTON JOHN H. DONEY, BRANT AGNES DOYLE, CLANDONALD CLIFFORD DRIVER, Iurscorv TOFEN DUBLANKO, CALMAR JOHN E. DUCHAK. VIMV FRED DUMONT. GIROuxvILLE JOYCE D. EASTON WESLEY EDDY, PEACE RIVER GEORGE W. ELASCHUK. SMOKEY LAKE ERNEST ELKINS. CALGARY DOROTHY ANN ELNISKI. EDMONTON JOHN W. ENO, DRLIMHELLER DOREEN EXLEY, CALGARY MIKE FEDORAK. WILLINGDON ANDREW FERENCE. RIRRIEMUIR JANET FICHT, SWIFT CURRENT JACK B. FISHER, EDMONTON JOE B. FISHER EDMONTON JOHN A. FORBES, DRUMI-IELLER MILLARD L. FOSTER, PEACE RIVER HAROLD FOWLER, WASKATENAU KENNETH J. FRASER, CALGARY AMY O. GEE. TURNER VALLEY .IAMES M. GIBSON, HARDISTV ELMER S. GISH. STETTLER HELEN J. GLASER, ROSALIND GERMAINE GODBOUT. FORT SASKATCHEWAN JEAN E. GOODWIN, PONOKA ALEXANDER W. GORDEY. SPEDDEN WILLIAM J. GORDON. CALGARY CLARENCE E. GOURLAY. CALGARY PEGGY A. GRANT. ROCKY MOUNTAIN Nous: LAVERNE GREENE, CARMANGAY JOHN GROTSKI. BONNYVILLE BENJAMIN HALBERT, ROSEDALE JOHN HAMMOND, EDMONTON RUTH E. HANEY. PICTURE auTTE NICK HAUCA. I-IAIRV HILL NETTY HAWRYLIAK, SPEDEN JEANETTE HEFFREN, RIasToNE LOUISE HEIDECKER. FEDERAL SHIRLEY HEMPHILL, BRUCE TRI IJELTS GE 147 T 'ICE CI.A-n 4 at HAZEL HEN HEFFER. RADVILLE, sAsK. AUDREY G. HERD, EDMONTON JOSEPHINE HEWKO, MUNDAAE BETTY C. HOAR. PONOKA ERNEST D. HODGSON. EDMONTON ALBERT E. HOLMES. LETHBRIDGE ARNOLD W. HOLMES, cARsTAms H. S. HOLOWAYCHUK. SMOKY LAKE FRANK J. HOLUBOWICH. FEDORAH KATHLEEN HORNER. nEsPAno KOST HREHIRCHUK. CHIPMAN ANN HRYNIW, ST. MICHAEL WILLIAM HURLBURT. FORT SASKATCHEWAN MARIAN HUTCHINSON. MARWAYN E LESTER E. INMAN. CLUNY .IOY R. INNES. SEDGEWICK GENEVIEVE IRVINE. CARMICHAEL, SASK. HUBERT J. IRVING. EDMONTON MARIAN E. IRWIN, WETASKIWIN CHARLES E. JAMIESON. EDMONTON CLARENCE JEVNE, WETASKIWIN EIRA T. JONES, cLAREsHoLM JUNE R. JUSTIN. PDNoKA PAUL KARASHOWSKY, NORDEGG EDWARD W. KEMP, EDMONTON KARL H. KEMP, MILLET ROMEO KENEL, EDMONTON MARY A. KENNEDY, RED DEER JOHN KIRKCONNELL. FRANK NICK KITT, MYRNAM ANNIE KOCHAN, RADWAY JOSEPHINE K KOLISNIAK. EDMONTON TONY KORBIE, EDMONTON HARRY KREWAY. MoR1NvlLLE PETER K. KULBA, MDNDARE ALEX KURYLO, EDMONTON FRED KURYLO, EDMONTON ARMIN KUTZNER, MILLET ROLAND A. LAMBERT, LEDUC THELMA LARSON, PRovosT BARBARA M. LEARD, DELEURNE DANIEL H. LEFEBVRE, EDMONTON ALEX LEONTY, SHALKA RUSSELL LESKIW, SPEDDEN MARY UNA LEWIS, EDMONTON MARY LOFTUS, ELK POINT DOUGLAS B. LORD, vuLcAN MARIAN O. LORING, PEACE RIVER JOHN A. LOVE, CALGARY FLOYD LUDWICK, MDAECAMBE NICK LUPASCHUK, ANDREW AGNES LYNASS, CALGARY NICHOLAS LYNKOWSKI. MYRNAM BERTA B. MACKLIN, ELMSDALE SIDNEY Z. MACKLIN, RANFunLY WADE M. MAGRUM. PEACE RIVER CECILE MAILLOUX, ST. PAUL JOHN P. MARSHALL, EDSON KATHLEEN MARSHALL, CASTOR ANNA MARTINEK, ST. PAUL CLAIR MEDD, MOON LAKE WALTER T. MELNYK. GRASSLAND EILEEN MEYER, CLOVER BAR MARIE MEYER LENORA MICHELOT. ST. ALEENT BETTY MIDDLETON, MORINVILLE RUTH A. MILTON, PEACE RIVER POLLY MISIEWICH, ASHMUUNT ORVAL C. MIX, vuLcAN ILA MOEN, TOFIELD DELLA J. MOORE, FNENCHMAN EUTTE. SASK DENISE MORET, EDMONTON RUBY J. MORRIS, HARDISTY GWEN M. MORRISON. Annuals WILLIAM MOYSA, EDMONTON THOMAS H. MURRAY, EDMONTON ROBERT B. MCCAIG, WASKATENAU RALPH L. MCCALL, RUMSEV SHIRLEY MCCARROLL, DAVSLAND JOHN H. MCCLURE, OHATON ELEANOR MACDERMID, DRDMNELLER DONALD A. MACDONALD, EDMONTON ERIC J. MACDONALD, EDMONTON ARTHUR F. MACKENZIE, TORONTO IRENE E. McLEOD, MANNVTLLE NORMAN H. MCRAE, coRONAT1ON MARIAN S. MCROBERTS. CALGARV WILLIAM NACIUK, MANNVILLE ANNA NAHAIOWSKI, Tnom-uLD NADENE NIELSON. CARDSTON ALICE M. NOWICKI, CLUNY WARREN L. OGILVIE, EDMONTON NATHAN J. O'HARE, EMPRESS ALBERT O. OLSEN, EDMONTON STEPHEN ORLESKI, KALELAND MARK ORYDZUK, UKALTA AVILA L. PAGE, WAINWRIGHT HELENA PANKOW, wHlTELAw ELAIN M. PARKER, WASKATENAU ELSIE PARTON, WESTLOCK CECIL C. PATON. EDMONTON ELVA PEARSON, EDMONTON MARY PELAK, COLINTON DORIS PETERSON. CAMROSE EUNICE PETERSON, RED DEER FRANK W. PETERSON. ROSEDALE WILLIAM PETRUSEK, VILNA VELMA PODULSKY, BEZANSON HERBERT PRITCHARD, CALGARY FRANCIS B. RAMSDEN, WEMBLEY EDWIN A. READ, GLENWOODVILLE JEAN M. REID, VERMILLION RONALD L. RHINE, oKoToKs J 1-er. .55 S! ff" 4.1 -A ANU DID YOU III All PIII ONI ABOUT Q ITV' M114 ' .- 1- 4f'P :Lrg- 149 ff ff IW EEE 'QT Z education 1st year AN IMPOSING STRUCTURE 150 GORDON W. RIES, srnucs GROVE .ALBERTA ROBB, Ross EUNICE H. ROBERTSON. CALGARY MARIE T. ROSTAING, OHATON ESTHER RUBIN, EDMONTON ROSALIE RUBIN, EDMONTON CAROLINE RUDKO, WASKATENAU JEAN RUDKO, PENO CECELIA SELANSKY, LETI-IDRIDGE HELEN SANDULAK, BELLEVUE MARJORIE SARTOR, EDMONTON RONALD SAUDER, DON AccORO LENORA SAUVE. LACOMBE JOSEPHINE SAWCHUK, MUNDARE ALMA SCHEIDEMAN, DUFFIELO DOREEN SCHULTZ. sPRucE GROVE ELEANOR SEGAR, CALGARY WILLIAM SEMOTIUK, EDMONTON STEVEN SEREDIAK, EDMONTON HAROLD SHARLOW, wETAsxIwIN JOSEPHINE SHARPE, ,GRANDE PRAIRIE JEAN C. SHEEHAN. CLAIRMONT THELMA SHEFFIELD, cARDsTON WILLIAM SHEWCHUCK, wI-IITFORD WILLIAM A. SHUPENIA CHIFMAN VICTOR SCHYMANSKI, DELPH FRANK M. SHYMKO. Two HILLS LYDIA SIDJAK. FLEET EVELYN F. SILK, EDMONTON EDWARD SIMBALIST, EDMONTON HOWARD SINGLETON, EDMONTON JOHN SKAKUN, Two HILLS JUNE E. SMART, ERUDERNEIM LILIAN A. SMART. BRUDERHEIM PETER SMART, MANNVILLE CLEON V. SMITH, sLENwoOD FRANKLIN H. SMITH, RAYMOND JOHN B. SMITH. TALBOT MARY ANN SMITH, HILL SPRING ROBERT W. SMITH, EDMONTON WILLIAM SOPORICH, HILLCREST GEORGE SPAK, ROYAL PARK JENNIE STEMNASCHUK, SPEDEN FRED STEPHENSON, CLOVER BAR SABINKA STASZEWSKI JOANNA STEWART, CAMROSE ELIZABETH STINSON. TOFIELD ELINOR K. STOLEE, cAMROsE BERTRUM J. STRAIN, NEMISKAM DANIEL W. SULLIVAN, NEMISKAM RUTH SUTHERLAND, DEEOLT JOE SYWENKY, VERMILION JOHN E. TAYLOR, vERMILIoN THEODORE TETREAU, EDMONTON BERNICE THYNE, EDMONTON WILLIAM TICHKOWSKY, STAR I SYLIA TILLARD. EDMONTON N. TKACHUK, HEMLIN VIRGINIA TORSTENSEN, IIIILLET RICHARD L. TRAVIS, ST. PAUL WILMA TRELEAVEN, NEW NORWAY JOSEPH TROFIMUK. CALMAR, ELIZABETH M. TYNER, WILLOWLEA JAMES R. TWA, TALBOT CHARLES TYMACHUK, Two HILLS HARRY M. UNIAT, INNISFREE EILEEN VAN ALSTYNE, - TELFORDVILLE LOUIS P. VOGHELL, Eomouron MARJORIE WALKER, SALT PRAIRIE STEVE WARMAN, BLACKFOOT VERA M. WALTERS. EDMONTON HELEN A. WELDON, ATHAaAscA ERNA WELK, TOMAHAWK SHIRLEY WELLAR, EDMONTON NICHOLAS WENGRENIUK. GUNN AMELIA J. WERBISKY, EDMONTON TORY WESTERIVIARK WESLEY WETTER. FLEET VERN L. WHEELER. CARDSTON STANLEY B. WHITBREAD, CALGARY ORAN P. WHITNEY. nan nssn ALBERT J. WILKIE, EDMONTON MARGUERITE WILSON, vmv THOMAS WORBETS, VILNA JACK R. WRIGHT, Euuourou RUTH E. WRIGHT, LAcoI4I3E WYSOCKIE, DERWENT ARTHUR D. YATES CLARENCE E. YEOMANS, BLACKIE PHYLIS M. YOUNG, EDMONTON RUSSELL R. YOUNG, EDMONTON JOSEPHINE YURKIW, RADWAY NICHOLAS, YURKIW, nAnwAv SECOND YEAR EDUCATION JOHN AW. ACHTYMICHUK. EDMONTON EMMA L. ANCIEN, LOUSANA ROBERT D. ARMSTRONG, EDMONTON WARREN S. BAILEY. ALsAsIc, snsx. JAMES T. BALLANTYNE. VICTORIA, a.c. C. C. BARRY, STROME CLIFFORD S. BAWDEN, KINSELLA PAUL BECKETT, cARLos FRED P. BEGORAY, REDWATER CLAIRE M. BONNELL, EDMONTON ' aw -9 T 1 if EI Il F1:.'fxgf "" , ,J . , Q ' Q, 9 I , 6 jk 5 se ..,E I fzfv N.. -D ' I 'I su Q, 3 T3 '. X I S I R12 A , X Q 29 53" X 'ix' "" '- X .. t , " I W . ,Q 33 N: H-x ,.. - . ' -, F. A V I 3 I HI K ..-f 55 Rf? 524 year SINCLAIR, LAW 2 ca, YI Ei education 1stand 151 2nd ye X-sr' 6 BTS nv W '23 F 1 TIIIT YOUNG LADY WINS A RADIO educaHon 2nd year 152 BRUCE C. BOWEN. CALGARY EARL S. BRABBINS. FORT SASKATCHEWAN JOHN D. BRACCO. EDMONTON GEORGE IBILLJ BROWN. EDMONTON JOAN E. BYE. KYLE, SASK. ALBERT E. CAHOON. CARDSTON MARY K. CAMPBELL LETHBRIDOE RICHARD H. CANNIFF, Pnovosr EDITH J. CARDIFF, BONACCORD MERRON CHORNEY. RANFURLY MARGARET M. COATES. MILK RIVER GWYN COOK. EDMONTON MARY V. COX, PINcv-IER CREEK THOMAS G. DAVIES, HILLSPRING DONALD J. DUFF, CALGARY JOHN L. ELIASON. wEIaIa. sAsK. DAVID T. ELLIS, EDMONTON CELIA P. EVANS. INNISFAIL GEORGE G. FAREWELL. EDMONTON JOHN S. FAREWELL, EDMONTON VIRGINIA FARMER, CLARESHOLM ZELLA L. FERGUSON, AMIsx ROSE FEWCHUK. EDMONTON ETHEL M. FILDES, SPIRIT RIVER JOSEPH T. FINK. FALUN K. WAYNE FRENCH, DINANT MARGARET P. GANS, FAIRVIEW CHARLES M. GAUTHIER, EDMONTON EMERY GRUNINGER, SUNNY BROOK MARGARET GUILD, sTrIOME PATRICIA L. GUTTERIDGE. EDMONTON HARVEY E. HAIDUK, PLAIN LAKE LENA HALLDORSON. HIGH RIVER THOMAS H. HANSON. oLDs ANDREW G. HARCOURT. EDMONTON YvoNNE P. HARRISON. PEACE RIVER ROBERT E. HENLEY. vEeREvILLE LORNA G. HENNESSY, TOFIELD CALDON M. HILL. TABER RUTH M. HILL. LEsLIEvILLE EDWARD J. HOLLICK, Two HILLS NICHOLAS HRYNYK, EDMONTON DOROTHY HUSBAND, EDMONTON GLENNA R. HUTCHINGS, EDMONTON LOIS JACKSON, wETAsKIwIN LENA JOHNSON. EDMONTON GEORGE JONES. WETASKIWIN CLARENCE E. KILLEEN. EDMONTON ETHEL M. KING. CALGARY BETTY J. KLINCK. DIDSBURY ERIC H. KNIGHT. CALGARY MARY KOMHYR, SFEDDENP GLORIA KUPCHENKO, WARSPITE MURIEL F. KYLE, EDMONTON MAURICE J. LABRIE. IIIROCKET MARY I. LANGDALE. MAVEITTI-IORPE ANNA L. LARSON. RETLAw ROLAND H. LEFEBVRE. EDMONTON MARY E. LESKIW, DERWENT LLOYD F. LINDBERG. EDMONTON GRANT MATKIN, CARDSTON CLAUDE A. MAY. EDMONTON JOHN MAZUREK. cI-IIPMAN BARRY A. MILLS, EDMONTON HUGH K, MONTGOMERY. EDMONTON GLADYS E. MOREN. ELK POINT ELLEN M. L. MOREN. ELK POINT JOHN A. H. MORRIS. EDMONTON ELLEN M. MORTENSON. KELSEV RODERICK J. MCALPINE. EDMONTON FRANCES MCCONNELL. MILLET NORMA E. MACDONALD, EDMONTON JOHN D. MCFETRIDGE. CONSORT GWEN E. MCGREGOR. EDMONTON ALBERT E. NELSON. LACOMBE LEONARD D. NELSON. WRENTHAM HARRY E. NEWSOM. LAcoMIaE LOIS P. NICHOLS. BLACK DIAMOND WILHELMINA L. NIZIOL. EDMONTON EDITH I. OLSON. VULCAN CATHERINE OVIATT. cLAIIEsI-IOLM JOSEPHINE PASKWEYAK. HAMLIN MORRIS J. PAULSON. MEDICINE HAT GORDON PEACOCK, PIDROCH JACK PERRY, EDMONTON ANN J. PROKOPUIK. Two HILLS JEAN PURCELL. ImENTwoOD GUY RABOUD, EDMONTON COLIN J. RAMSEY. CALGARY DOROTHY REID. PONOITA FLORENCE M. RIDLEY. IaLAcxIE MARGARET L. ROBERTS. GRANDE PRAIRIE PETER M. ROBERTS. LETHERIDGE THEODORE J. SAWCHUK. EDMONTON TLATo'rAI.I.I4Ias 153 education 2nd and 3rd years THEODORE H. SCHMIDT. EDMONTON MIRIAM E. SEALE, TOFIELD MILDRED J. SIGSWORTH. EDMONTON LLOYD F. SILLS, EDMONTON STANLEY J. SKIRROW, EDMONTON STANLEY S. ROBERTS, EDMONTON WALTER H. ROWLEY, ACME METRO W. RUDIAK, smoxv LAKE OREST D. RUDKO, WASKATENAU ENID S. SAUDER, BON Acconn ETHEL l. SAUNDERS, FLEET HUBERT M. SMITH, EDMONTON MURRAY F. SMITH. EDMONTON MARY I. SNEDDON, aoNNvvu.LE LAURA STEVENS, EDMONTON DURENE SNOW. RAYMOND O. STANLEY SWAREN. EDMONTON THOMAS A. TARIO, Mlcmcr-N JOHN B. TAYLOR. EDMONTON ROY A. TAYLOR BLUFFTON PETER THOMAS, EDMONTON WM. LLOYD THOMPSON. EDMONTON THOMAS D. THORSON, EDMONTON GEORGE A. TINGLEY. NOPEWELL HILL KENNETH J. TORRANCE. EDMONTON LAURA M. TOWNSEND, GADSBY WANDA TURNER, ORION LLOYD B. URDAL, ARMADA DORIS A. WEINHEIMER. WELLTNO JAMES A. WHITELAW, CALGARY DOROTHY F. WILDE, WELLING MARIE CECILE WILFART. :ENN CAROL WILLIAMS, ,EDMONTON DOROTHY E. WILLIAMS. MEDICINE HAT ELVA WOOD. CAYLEY E. MERLE WOODS, cAMnOsE LORNA E. WRIGHT, EDMONTON CARL A. YOUNG, STIRLINO ' JOHN YUSEP, EDMONTON JOHN ZUROWSKY, THORHILO GEORGE ZYTARUK. NORTH KUTZMAN MARIE NORRIS. CALGARV NON-GRADUATING SENIORS PAULINE E. ARNETT, EDMONTON R. RETA ASH, COLEMAN SHEILA M. CARY, STETTLER HAROLD B. CASSAN, HOPE, a.c. JOHN E. CHEAL CALGARY A 1 BARBARA F. DAVIDSON. EDMONTON JEAN L. DIXON, SASKATCHEWAN KENNETH J. ELVES, EDMONTON ARTHUR EVANS, DIDSEURY GERALDI NE FARM ER. CLARESHOLM BERTHOLD FIGUR, INNTSFREE Y. B. GRIFFIN, CHAMPION EMERY GRUNINGER, SUNNY enoox W. HENDERICKSON. OALGARY FLOYD HENHEFFER. RADVILLE. snsx. A. E. HOHOL, TWO HILLS FRANK W. HOSKYN, VULCAN HUGH S. KENT, MARWAYNE E E. KOROLUK, VERMILION S. KREZANOSKI. MUNDARE G. A. LEWIS, CAMROSE J. J. LUKENCHUK, sLAwA MRS. ROSE MADSEN JEAN E. MARR, PINCHER CREEK ELSIE M. MCFARLAND. TWIN BUTTE JEAN W. MOGILLIS, MORINVILLE VINCENT J. MALONEY. EDMONTON WILLIAM R. MORRIS. MEDICINE HAT ROGER G. MOTUT, EDMONTON GLADYS NORDTORP. CAMROSE LOVELL PATMORE, OLDs SAMUEL E. POLLOCK, RED DEER EDWARD RAITZ. OANMONE PAUL RITCHIE, MUNDARE JAMES M. ROSBOROUGH. STETTLER GLYN W. ROBERTS. EDMONTON D. A. ROSE, EDMONTON MILDRED ROSENBERGER, EDMONTON ROBERT ROUTLEDGE, EDMONTON MELVIN T. SILLITO, EDMONTON GRANT B. SMITH, EDMONTON SOLVEIG STEFFENSEN, INMA DOUGLAS J. STIRLING, TAEER PHILIP UNIAT. INNISFREE YVETTE G. VIENS, FAKHER R. B. WALLS, EDMONTON R. M. WADSON, RED DEER KATHERINE WINARSKI, EDMONTON FRED E. WORGER, CALGARY JAMES H. WOOD, EDMONTON MORRIS G. YAWORSKY. WINDSOR, ONT. CLARENCE A. WEEKES. EDMONTON FLOYD WILCOX, OALGARY FIT? : E ,a 'sv ,Q E ,Al TXV, 'Nag -r ,, T? H AIASH MONOPOLIZES education nonegraduating seniors 155 HTH! .1 1, -n V -., 5 5' ' 99.-"1 :- -.. 0' uf 2 .7 .m , ' v v' JS' ln . 4-. ,s ,ry 'QQL ,34-, ,L 4 x t A 5 .1 alia K. P 1 T' io"E'f ' 1 s 5 'il . f f ' f . g- -.1'l-ee., z",-"so .2 . . . 1654 J".-4 .gym 5 s ' ' ' i Q- I. -' ' 5 ' 'lpn F I P3 meciicine and cientistry I . 1 .X-A .1 Q- ,l ': . .,.N3..5g 'w g 55155 A . T- IQ 4? J 1 3 Q ng W A ' Q O r Q av f a' N 'Qi' qu 'Q 1 3 -M- v fx '- wa EFL., 'ig axially. Q5 - 3 .Nw A 5 B ' . X ff' ii- I fE:1."1 Q gf- ,un V . .-lv H QW ' . ,"V 3, 1 A ' - D K E-:I -S E Q .. Ifx y , 5 0 I dentistry Ist year WHY MOTHERS GO GRAY 158 T. A ALEXANDER. NANTON L, E. AMONSON. EDMONTON H. S. BAKER, EDMONTON G. E. BARKER. OLENDORA M. K. BAUMAN, INNISFAIL BEN A. BISHOP. ALSASN. sun. JOHN M. CALVERT, BIGGER, sAsx. DALTON DEABRICK, DIDSBURY WARREN DENNIS, EDMONTON JOHN EBY, BATTLEFORD, sAsK. REX EHLERT. RAYMOND JACK GEDDES, MILEETONE KENNETH GEIS, BARRHEAD SINCLAIR AGEROLAMY. ROCANVILLE ALAN GRAY. LETHBRIDGE ROBERT GRAY. NUT MOUNTAIN, sAsK. H. A. GRIMSRUD. WEMELEY LOUIS HAGUE, EDMONTON JOHN HARMS, ARBUTHNOT, sAsK. WILBERT HEWITT, UNITY, sAsuc. ROSS KETTYLS, EDMONTON VICTOR KU7YK. INNISFREE REED LAMB, EDMONTON JACK LEWIS, VANCOUVER, a.c. GUSTAVE LINDSKOOG. EDMONTON BRUCE LOW. EDMONTON H. L. MATKIN. CARDSTON K. L. MOYSEY. ESTON, snsx. BRUCE MACKENZIE STETTLER WALTER MAOMILLAN. EDMONTON RICHARD MCCLELLAND. HERBERT. sAsK. CAMERON MCCUNE. DRUMHELLER ALEX MCGREGOR. REGINA, sAsK. GEORGE MCIVER. WOOLSEY, snsn. GORDON MOMURRAY, EDMONTON GEORGE PEARCE, EDMONTON RALPH ROWE. EDMONTON WILLIAM SIMPSON, EDMONTON ALBERT WILLIAM SOKOLOFSKE, MEDICINE HRT '15 ' Linh WILLIAM STEIN. KENTVILLE. MAN DONALD STRATTON. CHILLIWACK. a.c. GORDON SWANN. cALcAnv ROBERT VAN ALSTINE. EDMONTON ALEXANDER WALLACE! VANCOUVER, a.c. LEON WENDT, EDMONTON FRED WIHAK, MELVILLE, sux, DOUGLAS N. ALLEN, RAYMOND JOHN YOUNG. NELSON, sa c IRWIN ZACHARIAS. FISKE, sAsx SECOND YEAR DENT. DOUGLAS A. ANDERSON. OCEAN FALLS, B.C. WALTER BATIUK. EDMONTON KAY A. BURNHAM, CARDSTON HENRY DEERING. ESTUARY. sAsN. LORIN F. HARRISON. JASPER JOSEPH J. HOCHHAUSEN. PROVOST ALFRED KONESKY. VANCOUVER, B.C. HARLEY J. LARGE, YORKTON, sAsx ALAN A. MILLER. ABBOTSFORD B.C. MAYNARD W. MCCUNE. KELOWNA. s.c. CHALM ERS T. MCNICHOL. msn mvsfz LEON RICHARDSON. EDMONTON JOHN B. ROSEBOROUGH. PORT ALEERNI, B.C. ROYAL C. SILLS. EDMONTON LAWRENCE SOLOWAY. WINNIFEG, MAN. ROBERT W. STEWART. EDMONTON GEORGE E. WINDSOR. KAMSACK, SASK. TOM O. WITBECK. RAYMOND CYRIL G. WORTS, REDCLIFF THIRD YEAR DENT GORDON F. ANDERSON, RAYMOND VAN E. CHRISTOU. LET:-:BRIDGE ALFIE W. DION. cur KNIFE, sAsn. LLOYD N. KJORVEN, CABRI SAMUEL J. MARTENS. MAIN CENTRE FRANCIS W. MCGOEY, nosE'rowN RONALD PAYMENT, RAYMORE GORDON R. ROBERTSON. EDMONTON ALEC SLOVINSKY JULIAN A. THORSNESS. PRINCE GEORGE MAC G. STRELIOFF. CANORA, snsx. ALBERT R. URSCHEL. GRENFELL, sAsK. vs' 3r'd.yec1r dent LORIJ HIGH FXIUCIQY NIUCK , -Q dentistry 2nd.yr'. d h QD 1st, 2nd and 3rd yea 159 scaf, T"'P FS N Q ' ,,. . . v Q . . -1 . . - W 5 .. . 'Ts . V tt :gi -5 L ASQ is Q- YN- znd. year A mQd 5 I . av-if . , E. - . n-,Qdc T S' ' .. A 5.4.4 . - AN A A DR. HUNTER AT MED BANQUET medicine , 2nd and 3rd years 160 ERWYN N. BISSELL, HIGH PRAIRIE ERNEST N. BOETTCHER. EDMONTON WILLIAM T. BOYAR. RED DEER KEITH N. BRYANT, RED DEER ROY F. CLARK, EDMONTON ALLAN M. EDWARDS. THREE HILLS WILLIAM L. ESDALE, CALGARY GERALD EVANS. vANcouvER. s.c. AMY FONG, EDMONTON CHARLES J. GARDEN, CALGARY F. GORDON GORE-HICKMAN. CALGARY DOUGLAS A. GREENOUGH. EDMONTON IAN M. GUNN, CALGARY HAZEN W. HANKINSON. PRINCE RUPERT D. ALEX HOLLEY. TRAIL. Ia.c. NORMAN A. HOVAN, MILK RIVER ALICE K. KJOS, CADOGAN D. MELVIN KREUTZ. EDMONTON BURNS J. LARSON, RAYMOND IRVING LERNER, EDMONTON MELDRUM LITTLE, EDMONTON ARTHUR J. OSWALD, INETASKIWIN SHIRLEY PATTERSON. CALGARY ROY POWLAN. CALGARY J. GORDON RUSSELL, EDMONTON ROMEO L. SKWAROK, EDMONTON MORRIS L. SNELL. EDMONTON ISABELLE C. M. STEVENSON. CALGARY ALVIN E. WALKER. BEAVERLODGE IRA L. YOUNG, EDMONTON SECOND YEAR MED MARGERY M. FRASER. KOOTENAY BAY, B.C. WILLIAM A. FALK. VANCOUVER, B.c. RODERICK C. MACKENZIE. VANCOUVER, B.c. W. DOUGLAS McCAULEY. VICTORIA, s.c. JAMES MCCRACKEN, EDMONTON MARY A. SHEAHAN. sT. PAUL ERNEST C. SHORTLIFFE. EDMONTON FRED N. SPACKMAN, STIRLING THIRD YEAR MED FRANK BENEDICT. DLDS NORRIS BERTRAND, MILO MAURICE BESNEY, EDMONTON CLIVE BOWLSBY, MORSE, SASK. fsfrwff NORMAN CAMPBELL, CALGARY MICHAEL CHONKO, MYRNAM GORDON CLARK, EDMONTON ALLAN DIXON, WAINWRIGHT JOHN FLANAGAN, VICTORIA, D,c. HARRY GILCHRIST EDMONTON CATHERINE HANEY, CALGARY SHIRLEY HAYNES, EDMONTON RALPH JOHNSON, CALGARY VERNON KRAUSE, EDMONTON JAMES LEEDER, EDMONTON JOHN LIPINSKI, MUNSOIN ELAINE MACLEAN, PINcI-IER CREEK GERALD NICHOLSON, wAINwRIcNT JOSEPH O'BRIEN. EDMONTON JAMES PATERSON, VICTORIA, a.c. HYMIE POLLACK, EDMONTON DONALD REES, BELLEVUE VICTOR SAMUELS, EDMONTON ABRAHAM SATANOVE. EDMONTON HAROLD SCHWARZ, EDMONTON WILLIAM SIMPSON, EDMONTON ROY SPACKMAN, STIRLING JOHN STEFANELLI, TRAIL. a.c. ADAM WALDIE, TRAIL, B.c FRANCES WARSHAWSKI, ' MUNDARE ' ROBERT D. WILSON, EDMONTON ROBERT W. ROBERTSON, CALGARY JOHN APPLEBY, VANCOUVER. s.c. STEELE C. BREWERTON. RAYMOND GORDON D. BROWN CALGARY JOHN DEPEW. VICTORIA, B.c. HENRY B. DIMOCK. TRAIL. a.c. GORDON M. FIERHELLER. VANCOUVER D.c. GORDON R. FINLEY. CRANBROOK, s.c. ARTHUR V. FOLLETT, CALGARY PAULINE GOULD, EDMONTON HERBERT B. HALL. EDMONTON RUSSEL J. LPSTIWKA, EDMONTON JOSEPH A. MACKAY, EDMONTON DORIS E. MACKAY, EDMONTON CECIL H, MICKELSON. VICTORIA, D.c. JOHN A. OSBQRNE, MEDICINE IIAT OTTO J. RATH, EDMONTON , GEORGE L. WONG, EDMONTON ERNEST F. YELLE, EDMONTON ,qih 2-11 ' 'Q W A I ,, 3. If f X6 ws I 1 Q., '5 t -w+ORw 4 f -:Tw ' w az- .N . fl QA .. , f A, X J Q V 5 4 ,IL , .Q A H' I r , X K ,4E, L Illllgl i .JV . --'N I. ' 7 ,T A ,, ' 'I ,555 I ' " -:A 1 , ' - 7 fur Q Y I- -1 I I V I I - I 4K '44 X 4 V- J' .3 s lg if Q I' f J A S K I 4th gear S , -z, .AL 5 , Q ,II . A Lvl I 2 - , . I , ... I 212 "':5 2' ,Q I I I 'fs ,, i g . I fn If A' P I 'Q 'A I - vbk -IV .V... f 5 E Wg , A i ,. ,VT A1 X QE .I-nlhk.. 7' L. .Al 2 ..I, Z' A A I if I I A ,.. X... ,plz . 'A I R F 3 V V 7' ,qew ,2 js , - I' . 5 I 'X K STIFF LAB medidne 3rd and 4th years 161 - .4 .A x I' ,, Wg 'HT-V' if X E E . X' . I 1 ,. V LE -is 2ncI gear' nursing Ist and 2nd years, B.Sc. V' 9' Fr CAREER WOMEN 162 K. JEAN BEAMISI-I. EDIIONTQII 'I I ELISABETI-I L. BURPEIE, I EDMONTON PEGGY G. CHAMBERS. CALGARY EILEEN M, CREASEY. . PRINCE ALBERT, sAsK. M. JANE EGLESTON, CALGARY HELEN FAROUHARSON. PROVOST MARY E. FOLLETT, CALGARY LORRAINE V. GILLIES, PICTURE EUTTE DOROTHY I. GRIFFITHS. KALISPELI., MONT. GLADYS E. HAMILTON, MARKHAM, ONT. ANN' K. HESELTINE, IIIGI-I RIVER HELEN K. HICKS. VEGREVILLE SHIRLEY HURST, BRANDON MAN. EVELYN B. JONES, EDMONTON LAURA PAT KINGERLEY, cALsAnIr JEAN S. LEWIS, CLARESHOLM AGNES T. LYSNE. VICTORIA, D.c. FRANCES MCCLELLAND, IIEEEITT, snsx. ELIZABETH S. MACKAY, Q DODSLAND, sAsK. MARYALICE MILLAR. EDMONTON LAURA J. MILNE. CALGAIIII EMILY M. MILNER, FALLIS YVONNE L. MOGEN. EDMONTON ELIZABETH C. MOORE. EDMONTON MONICA JEAN NOONAN. EDMONTON SONIA H. PODGURNY, EDMONTON MARGARET SAKAL. DRUMI-IEI.I.En ETHEL C. SHAW, EDMONTON NORMA J. SHEARER, BLACK DIAMOND ISABEL F. SHORT, MEDICINE HAT BEULAH M. SINCLAIR. DRDMHELLER NANCY D. SOUTHGATE. EDMONTON JEAN B. SPENCE, MIcHIcI-II MARGARET C. SPROIULE, EDMONTON PHYLLIS M. VANGO, EDMONTON DOROTHY M. VELLNER. WETAsIuwIN NORAH J. WHITE, VEGREVILLE LENORE A. WRIGHT, WAINWRIGHT KATHLEEN BLACK, EDMONTON MARGARET EXHAM, EDMONTON ISOBEL FRIZZELL, LACOMBE MURIEL GIBSON, DELIA SHEILA GWARTNEY. GRANDE PRAIRIE TILLIE HOLLOWAYCHUK, I CIIIPMAN , . MARJORIE JAMES. PONOKA 4 CATHERINE KETTLES, EDMONTON MARJORIE MCTAGGART, EDMONTON - ALISON MATTHEWS. CALGARV MARGARET MURRAY, GRIMSHAW EDITH PLOWMAN. DITUMIIELLEIT ' Q LOUISE REDMOND, Eocsnrou JANET SCOTT. BRENNER SONIA SHEPTICKI, MUNDARE ELIZABETH SOM MERVILLE, EDMONTON MERCEDES McKAY, BIGGAR, sAsK. FRANCES WADDELL, VANCOUVER, B.C. MARIAN BRENNAN, cAMRosE AUDREY FYSH, Moose nw, SASK. MARY GREER. xsnnoasnr, sAsK. ELIZABETH HELLER, BEAVERLODGE ZETTA KRUKOWSKI, THORSBY EDITH LINNEY, EDMONTON JACQUELINE MACKAY, Ennonrou THELMA MACKENZIE. STETTLER GRACE PETTIFOR, MAPLE CREEK, snsx. IRENE STRILCHUK. Rounn HILL ELAINE WAGNER, Enmonron KATHLEEN WILLIS. swrrr cuRReNr, sAsx. EVELYN WILSON. oxoroxs IVIIARGARET BARRON, ERSKINE MARGARET BLAKELY, BUTHA MARY BOULTER, KERROBERT, sAsK NOLA CAHOON. CARDSTON GERALDINE CAMPBELL. LLOYDMINSTER MARGUERITE CHOATE, RED DEER DORIS CONNICK, CARMICHAEL. snsx. MARY' CURRIE, IRMA MILDRED DOBIE, Punron, sAsK. JEANETTE DOULL, MARWAVNE ANNA FLICZUK, vEsREvII.I.E SHIRLEY FROOME. SPIRIT RIVER VIVIAN HARDING, Loucussn DORIS HAZLETT, EDMONTON DOREEN HILL, ARROWWOOD ETHEL HORN, SHEUNDRON, sAsK. WINNIFRED HUNTER, EDMONTON ANNA LEADER, ucomaz CYBIL MCLEOD, coAI.HuRs1' EDITH MACROBERTS, IRMA ALICE MARYKA, THORSBY IRENE MARSHALL, wesuocn BEULAH ROSE, THORHILD JOSEPHINE RYPIEN, ATIIABASIIA MARJORIE TAYLOR, WAINWRIGHT ELEANOR TELFORD, snmonron JEAN USHER. SCOLLARD ELIZALBETH VOLNEY, NEwcAsTLE GRACE YATES, ROYAL PARK ww 3I"I'i Izsc. ISLUQGP A dlpknna LEE 5,3 QT' , ,I I N I is yr-, ' "1:r.w.b....... Van W, . I BUSY NIGHT ON THIRD FLOOR nursing 2ncI and 3rcI year, B.Sc. a 1st year diploma AI ,I M I fr' Cb' ir-v' 'wwwwv ZR vi v 3 .Lv .NQRA ARNOTT, ,wmv CHRISTINE BERNHARDT CORONATTON ISOBEL CLANCY. KELOWNI sic PATRICIA DAFOE CORONATION EVA ECKVALL, Aux 'v T w..J 'a"'-I's'!.,"'4' . 7 ,I-',.4f,., ' '.:.'y.',,...i. J-fn' .. - fu l,.rA'- 1.1, , . '- Y' n , I E .A ', o. JEANNE FINDLAY, RED DEER I PHYLLIS FLEIVIING. , I GRANDE PRAIRIE CECELIA GERWIN, EDMONTON V JEANNE HANNA, EDMONTON DOROTHY HOLROYD, WATERTON MARIYQRHILL, LLOYDMINSTER 1 , MIMI INGERSOLL, CALGARV LENORE KING, CALGARY - MARIAN LAY, PRINCE ALBERT, srxsx. LORNA McKAY, PONOKA . MARGARET MARLATT. EDMONTON .I EAN MILNE EDMONTON RUTH N ICHOLSON, LUSELAND, snsx. DOREEN ROBINSON, LETHBRIDGE HELEN ROBSON, Aux BONNIE ROBSON, WINNIFEG, MAN. SYLVIA SIMMONS, LLOYDMINSTER KATHLEEN SMITH, LLOYDMINSTER RUTH STARKEY, STAN Cmr, sasx. M U RIEL STRICKLAND, EDMONTON DORIE TURCOTTE, EDMONTON ' EUGENIA WASUITA, CALNAR , CARMEN WILSON INNISFAIL ALMA BATTLE, DELIA EDITH GOURDENIER, PoNoNA n u r s I n g 2nd year diploma january class nurses Back Row: Barbara Wfakclyn, Arlene Miller, Marguerite Back Row: Gwen Bailey, Beverly Hain, Gilda Goble, Mcliay, Margaret Vickery, Pat MacMillan, Betty I-Iinman, Margery Ells, Winifred Cox, Val Drinkal, Avxs Falr, Eleanor Betty Wiggins. Durnim. Front Row: Daphne MacArthur, Naralka Parayko, Marion Front Row: Barbara Hansford, Helen Bergman, Mabel Kulak. Dean. JOSEPH W. ALTILIO. CALGARY MATT. W. BERNSTEIN. 'cMlcAeo, ILL. CARMAN BLISS, CALGARY WALTER BODDY, Tuonssv TEDD BREWERTON, RAYMOND DOUGLAS R. BROWN, EDMONTON OTTOG BUCHWALD, STANDARD GERALD A. BUSBY. EDMONTON AUDREY CULLER, WRENTHAM WILFRED A. ETHERINGTON. EDMONTON NORA J. FLEMING. Rocxv MOUNTAIN House ALAN F. FORHAN. ECKVILLE MAX L. HUSBAND. cALsARv WILLIAM ILKIW, DERWENT GEORGE A. JOHNSON, ELK POINT MICHAEL KONDRO, RADwAv RALPH MARKIN. EDMONTON JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, MINHURN DONALD G. NEWINGER. CALGARY MARJORIE R, OLIVER, LAvov ROBERT PANKHURST, LETHBRIDGE ARTHUR K. PETERSON, IRMA GORDON P. RETALLACK. EDMONTON SAMUEL ROGERS, EDMONTON LEONARD G. SLIPP, TRDCHU BENJAMIN STEPHENSON. CALGARY MAXINE STOCK, WETASKIWIN OSWALD C. STUBBS, HANNA JOHN R. TACIUK. EDMONTON JAMES E. TAYLOR, EDMONTON FRED W. TEARE, LACOMBE JOSEPH TUCKER, CALGARY ROBIN WALLACE, CALGARY HELEN BROSSEAU, sT. PAUL WALTER CHORNY. RANFURLY GLENROSE DEVICA. FORT SASKATCHEWAN VIOLET FRAY. TURNER VALLEY DORIS FULKS. EDMONTON EDGAR GERHART, EDMONTON IRVING GOIULD, EDMONTON BETTY GREEN. NANTON IRENE JOHNSTON, EDMONTON EILLEEN MCCAFFERY, EDMDNTQN LAWRENCE NORTHEY. RED DEER REG. 0'NElLL. WETASKIWIN CHARLES POLLOCK, EDMONTON WILLIAM POOHKAY, ARAMORE VIVIAN RILEY, EDMONTON JOHN SHILLABEER, EDMONTON RALPH SKITCH. EDMONTON ANDREW SNATYNCHUK. EDMONTON VERA SNYDER, WAINWRIGHT LOIS WALKER, VILNA DONALD ZUCK, EDMONTON n 'gf' 'C' J 4 T Q , phabfnacg AFTER FIFTY YEARS OI: NURSING pI'aarmacy 1st and 2nd years 165 2nd, year ,,', .-,' K qv, .-,qv--v. - - f' + 1 sw 1 , .g.'.. f . ,rl Bl", 1 f 1 ,f ,H ,px f v i . .1. 5 ff J . L , , .I " A A -x 1 ' A J... N , vt, ff N m -Cr JY n ,'Y., ...xx I 511- ' . Section Editor' JEAN DIX6N U 1 X A 14- . . ,V '--' 7'-ef? Lx 3: v I, al I 0 N 1 ,fl J, K i-.4-f-'4 ' ' if N, , m 1. ,YV u ' . sf..- ' , .. Y . 'I ,A 'V'- x ,. -,--. 1 1 A 9i , 1. 1.-- K v -f ,---,Lf ,.Y...-1 Q - As-- V-.. l..,,Q 6 !.'k"'h +R I. A 31' .- Ji 4 r--1' ' nwwgrsmvrvvlt. ev .. F' If I-uw, . v-w i 9 5. f .K uf pi ig, f"- - - V ,f 'tra'-4 1 1 pf 'fr ummer session .T ' Wh-.swf ' I university summer session DR. H. E. SMITH Director of the Summer Session the direcror's message Clear thinking has seldom in our country's history been more in demand than at present. And fortunately at no time have Opportunities been so generously provided to this end. Happy indeed are those who can avail themselves of these rich provisions. If clear thinking, in addition to natural ability demands both incentive and a back- ground of experience, then our present generation of students should meet all requirements. Teachers frozen to war-time jobs, no less than returned personnel, have the knowled e of people and of human affairs which only experience yields. To these must be added the in- cgntivj of an appreciation at first hand of great and urgent problems both at home and a roa . But said one, "Students in the Summer session aim only at securing their credits as quickly as possible and being quit of a tiresome job." He explained that most students come from'a heavy year's work and are tired both physically and mentally. In a sense this may be true but he failed to realize that there is no cure for fatigue so effective as new interests and challenging ideas. The administration labors to provide worthwhile courses and wise instructors. It nat- urally expects students to secure credits for their immediate purposes, but it sincerely hopes that students will go far beyond this achievement to a broader and clearer understand- ing of their world. The University encourages discussion of anything between heaven and earth. Student life is not student life at all unless issues of all sorts are freely expounded and debated. The words of Terence are to the point: "All that is human must enter into educa- tion that is humanistic and liberalf' . The Summer Session through its instructors, its libraries, and the opportunities it pro- vides for the interchange of ideas, wishes its students-soc1ety's potential leaders-to leave re- freshed and recreated both in body and mind. H. E. SMITH. 168 f faki MISS M. S. SIMPSON MR. A, DQUQETTE Adviser to Won1en Students Adviser to Men Studcnti b-Q v-vm-Q...----v.......,i...,.,. .. studentf councH ' Back ROW: R. S. MacArthur fVice Presidentj, W. R. Eyres CSecretaryj, W. Bolick fMen's Athleticsj, J. A. Brown CDai1y Bulletinj. ' Front Row: R. M. Ward CTreasurerJ, A. R. Patrick fPast Presidentj, C. L. I-Ioskin fWomen Athleticsj, E. E. McFall fPresidentj, J. L. Dixon flivergreen and Goldj, H. H. Repp CSocialj. 169 IOHN BICKNELL, B.sC., BED, MARSHALL, SASK. G. P. BRIMACOMBE, RSC., RED., VERMILLION GENEVIEVE BRUCE, E'-.ED., BRUCE RONALD BURWASI-I, Esc., B.ED., EDMONTON ALINE CAOUETTE JUNIOR DIPLOMA ED., LEGAL ERIC COFFIN, BED., CALGARY K. L. DANE, RSC., B,ED., CLYDE DORIS DRUMMOND, RA, EDMONTON ARTHUR ELLIOTT, BSC., TOFIELD summer session graduancls BERNICE ESHPETER B.ED., DAYSLAND IOHN HODGE B.A1, CALGARY FREDERICK FISHER, B.ED., MEDICINE HAT ANNE I-IERMA SENIOR DIPLOMA ED., CAMROSE HENRI FORGUES, B.ED,, LOUSANA N, ROBERT I-IORTON, SENIOR DIPLOMA ED., CALGARY RUTH FREEBURY, B.ED., VEGREVILLE SADIE GIBSON, RED., EDMONTON MARY HOSKIN, B,ED,,u CALGARY HELEN IRELAND, B.ED., CAMROSE 1. D. HAY, B.ED., STETTLER VERA JOHNSTON, B.ED., CALGARY MARGERY IONES, B.A. B.ED., CALGARY SYLVAIN LE FEBVRE, P SENTOR DIPLOMA ED., LEGAL BERTA MARTIN B,ED., EDMONTON GORDON MATTHIAS, B.ED., BLACKFALDS MARY MCINTOSH, B.L:D., CALGARY CLARENCE MUHLBACH, B.ED., SIBBALD FRANCIS O'HARA, DA. D.ED., EDMONTON HARRY PARKINSON 13.1-ID., 1-:XSHAW A. R. PATRICK, BED., SIBBALD 23: RALPH RING-DAHL, B.ED., STRATHMORE DONOVAN SWANSON, B.ED., PONOKA MARLAN ROGERS, IUNXOR DIPLOMA, PARADISE VALLEY RICHARD TENOVE B.r:D., EDMONTON --V Mixed Soccer MADELINE SINGER, BED., EDMONTON MARY SMITH, BED., CORONATION IOHN VAN TIC-THEM, B.ED., STHATHMORE EDWARD WILSON asc., B,ED., i me-2 asi.,g. Fastball Champions in Ladies' and Men's Leagues Bowling enthusiasts showed their skill every Wednes- day evening. Beth Borgan and Doris Brown made the highest scores for the season. The tennis courts were in constant use for either tour- nament or practice games. The summer session co- operated with the January Class in the maintenance of the courts. Margaret Slip was ladies' champion in singles and Lilly Berg and Peggy Fisher in doubles. Swimming was arranged at reduced rates bv the Stu- dents' Council. - Members of the ,Ianuarv Class were permitted to buy summer student cards entitling them to participate in all summer session activities. Champions and All-Star . 'f' plaYers received crests at the ff 5 1...j,3SlV1 final dance of the session. Tlx .fi f 5 172 if 3' summer school Fastball proved the most popular of summer sports for both men and women. Women's honors were won by Dora Dart and her team: Hazel Parks, Al- berta Parks, Connie Hoskyn. Therese Padberg, Netta Ford, Pat Doolan, Helen Succa, Evelyn Reiger, H. Slivinski. Frances Holden. Leona Golembioskv, and Peggy Fisher. Women's All-Star Team included such outstanding players as ,Ioan Hamilton, Dora Hart. Netta Ford, Kay Henderson, Connie Hoskyn, Bertha Matheson, Hazel Parks, Joyce Kulak, Rose Stepa and A. Anthony. Winners in the men's playoffs were Ernie Block and his men: Bill Pawluck, Al Shvmanski, Steve Kor- chinsky, Mike Solowski, Ken Blair, Dave Voth, George Braham, Sam Morie, Paul Somerville. Robert Andrusyshyn, Norm Bragg, and Steve Boyko, Men's All-Star Team consisted of Art Elliot, Dick Staples, .Ioe Quintilio, Ernie Block, Steve Skuba, Henry Meyer, Roy Oshiro, Pete Maclborsky, Henry Ward, Burt ylorgenson, Ken Blair and Bert Hohol. Hold It P.T. for Teachers Jack Van Tighem --aio 'F ' 17 A xi. N 'H 1- P' . -sf, , e s A ., - K ', : -fkgsf 'if ' ,e ' - One of the many Lawn Parties activities The Drama Classes, ever-increasing in popular- I ity, presented their Festival of One-Act Plays in 3 August, under the supervision of Eugene C. Davis of Cleveland, Ohio, Betty Mitchell of Cal- gary, and Doris Sheppard of Edmonton. The plays presented were: The F'La.ttev'ing Word by George Kelly, directed by Ernest Radkeg Ile, by Eugene 0'Neill, directed by Edna Morrisg When .qllflh'ES1lPCl7'8,S Ladies Meet, by Charles George, -- ll A directed by Helen Kosierg The Lust of the Low- ries, by Paul Green, directed by Henry Ward, A Young illurfs Funcif by Hilda Manning, direct- ed by Ernest Stauffer, andThe Lovely Illiiracle, by Philip Johnson, directed by Doris Berry. Folk dancing was enjoyed by many every Mon- day evening in the Education Gymnasium under the able supervision of Jean Forster of Toronto. 'Shocking' Tired of "Thumbing" Higmry 65 Between Claggcg "Editor" Ford Iennic Ulan 1 . . . Summer students danced to the music ot larank Mc- Cleavy's Orchestra on Tuesday nights in the Education Gymnasium and on Friday nights in the spacious Drill Hall. Wonien rejoiced at the increased male attendance this Vear. The social activities for the summer ended with a semi formal ball. Henry Repp deserves much credit for arranging the full program of social activities, including dances, lec- tures on current topics, singesongs, "get-acquainted" teas picnics, and the Amateur Variety Program. Twelve hundred copies of the Summer Session Bul- letin were mimeographed daily and eagerly read. They contained news and notices as edited by lohn Brown. Q' i it 5 nv? 5' 2 . I 4 "' I Canoeing at Picnic in the Woods Whitemud 1 73 1 - f -nw - . 1 ,v'- ,:"""'.'7---ibaxw V , -.. --N rx- L- r.-, Y .W b . ' k-wi ' 4 1 1 '6 ' hm 4 . , V 1 - ' "A I-!-. 2 Q' J"-'K . .- Q, uf". 4 Q V . , I - -A , 4' . . ,---N 4 Q5S'1','a'.'.S'F f ' f.. A I 'xskl' -1 'ff-6 . ' V I ..,. 1 vw N. 1 n W 4 1 .K. i .1 ,--ls .f 4 E1 4 we W1 fggfgfz ' Y Sui' - ' xi 1 1.4 't ,:.G'1 : -3 ' J 1 Lrf ,- f , .- C - . 1 ..' -VT - 1.-,i'- ' ' A ,.. . pu L, . . ,-, . 1 PJ.- . ,':' - " ---' - ,, .MU , ' I K-, -.Q . -.faq p a 4 f ' ' sal, 6 , 1 . 4 1- A . .- R v -.-'.. 4 kr 1 f-,. 4 . 1. L ' x 1 Wu 1 ., , I I . as ni ' .. L, 4. J ' ...Q -- I vb? , . .,. ,G ,V+ S? ,J' ,. -w ,M-Q - , ' 'i"0.3 ' .Q 1 if . I -,,:- .+".,'- F: Q 4 x 'f 1" 1 I 1. LQ, ' - K 6 'xi .Q ,, ,. 1: X , ,K v , QQ L,-jf - flaiiiti, v- Q L -5: A "' - -vt!" 1" ..' ' I . .-' .5 1 2- fgri Nt 'gt-V.. , .A V, 9 7 1,. Q :F-51.-,ig-,.. .N V -A". .. v-g ... '1,- " '- -" ' u Flu f - ' '- ." f ' .'f'ig- .,'-S -,J Y? - qi.-V-tlxlx ,fq , - 2' 1. f .SJ ' V ' f .31 P 'S .' A -. '- -. .-- ik-q ,it flv. -4.,' 'm X 2 L " ' -' Q!'E4 ,L ,A g' A , 31' ' ,5 4 ' " ,- " . . . 4 1 . ' '-N ' - ' .L"Yvg-, - 1 ' ' ' x 2151, ,lay 1 I. ,- . A ,.'n '4 x 'l.""i:: , . 4 f,' ' W 3' ' " '. , :A . ' 'ff - :WF - Ae-f . L fe: , X . ., v- ' - + ra' 'f Xl , ' 3-. 1,-m-A,-'1 ,, 67 . .f!fY'7'., A 3 f'71"j.f ., F1 , - -- -f 15' L H. ' " ' a Y'1'r,'l-1. - Y I - Y , ,... ,AJ .4 F - . . L I V ,Mhxz . A, '. .- ' ' A " ' n I ' i 'I , 1 J., U- -, ' ,1 X ' 'ky' ,Y :"9 I ' K ' . 7 '::--V -" ,,. Y Y '- ' -- 1: ,I 1 ' 1- V - Q --iq' A: Tr- -32 --'dm' - "MM, , gg b, a 1- l , - Av.. , , gent ,in 1 ,.. f A L , '.', ,v -. 5 Ku . ' 'Q E-N " W .fp - - - 57'-.ff X ,, LY . - gr P - . . a P. -4' ' uri ,, A,-J .- r'T .. ,. ..-,."a s WH' T 2 -f . 'Q 1 . o K I L p Q. , ,min 1. . .-- 1 'f-v 1 ..'u-'A " 1 ,nlwn , bk ,hi , .,. , 1, 1 -. 1 . T. 1 1 A H. . ,mn V 'Yu fy fx ' . ,- , I. ul AJ xp 1'w 514:1- V ,NFB I it vt publications DIHEC TOR 14735 'r Dffafcrofa I EDITDR ' n 1 Y "' .I nv' A Nwwfz BacH,9fv+2N Blu. FALK CHHHLE5 wvofuuc C'-f-72VPU5 F --7--i---l .4 va. A Afvqq sf Q ' if X - :N V Q I .I I2 N .K p - -pEp.bLlNE... X , Y '4- S v , n11u.l9-947 Q -. .., . 0 ' f - --..... I A " 5239" " vi..-1' , . .1- . I -vig fl esf 0 -- J I , , J! - , .-..,,:,,,,:: lt : 2 - X2 e 4,-i 'T J' 1 -, , fi ' A- , D -HRT D!!-7EC7'0l'? I' i--- ' ' E 147LEX HHRDEIJ pgowv Rtgp C'f7M'!-105 iiifil , 1 fa ff v S? ,f , :Yi BILL ESDHLE X 1 '.S f Q' If ,Q I 9223.9 ff LY EL wr P5611 sofv if V- ' 'fi - Dfilff Sffouz wcf V ' X STUDENTS Y ' f nf X Q 'XX , x T, ' f 1 " , vig, QQ ff , Az f ,f , --3 In C-yflfj T: K, H. L "f "" ,, EF, wg 1 " H ,. f at ' -X5 ,N .. , ,. 1 dl., ' 5- - 3 pi- ' f 4? " -- Q X Jofffv SKENE I B ,. l .sp WNFSS MGP fravffarfsffvs +7ouEf-rnsffva I UMTS EHNIE M4'C0V BRUCE BUHGES5 I Mm v ofvomsmfaf ' I Mummy srewmrrf Q is 176 ' , 1 sruoewrs A Cz ues "Gaim wvofn HILL 5 suefw Pomarsr- x Pm - - - af N'DE14MlD 5 " 6i0,C'Lf7HK 5 H, lvofafafsav DUN Hyas 5 sfffqesf Cl UBS V DICK 5Ht'l'7Bf7AllUIf I-'f-7675 Blu Hnouuv -r-71-77' gf-mar Dwvsffaf-IE Bill Esofflf 5 MV!-7715 B'i'X7'fl-7 k fri G E+Gomu fi U f, f x A-- czwff K Q + Q ff fmf 4 S52 N ' , , ' , , 'L , 7-Q, "qj"""' KX " .f E """' 9 J mfg ey ' J ' X G N Swm-vs 'fv' sc mms fl'-F15 7'f!0HOG OOD C'fif-117:15 6, HDMIN fsrf7f17'10Al amd "- -me WUHMING sr-arf! " 177 5' 01111114-'1-7 S cl-l00L. 1, A .9 .-P-.. A . 1 , ,. 3-.1 4. 'g'.,1QS'S'l, 5 Q. J N5 K. 2- Avfwsg, 1 es 56'1 .,,...,............. JE'-im D IX ON 1 6 a +70 VER TISING V ...... , . ' W I ' 5133: X I f: 2 ., ,. E . W- ii , A W r A .' - ' J' 5: Gi ff 1, , 1 N 3 1 y f K , if . 1 N11 I- W V I i ,.,f.:,'-X.: , li V ' ', I ? Sf , , ww., .Q-XM-, V. mmf 5 awacfss . ' ' F ,Q by A 1 YVONNE MOGEN AMELIA RANDLE NANCYJEAN MARGUERITE PHYLLIS FITCH YORK COTUTTS MARIAN EVELYN CAPSEY EILEEN DAVENPORT CELIA MACARTNEY mNOG,A,,HE,,S cocKERAM SIENOGRAPHERS STUDENTS ART STAFF UIRECTORI ELVA PEARSON ADVISORYI H u GLYDE, BOB WILLIS, ALLISON FORBES' HELEN BERRY CARMEN SHERBECK, ORENE ROSS, JEAN WILLIS. HAROLD MORRISON, GEORGE LARR, SHEILA ONEIL, NEIL MOWATI, evergreen 8a gold Four thousand students, .1 completely baffling system of classilication in the Faculty of Education, innumerable clubs, a great increase in sports activities, a skeptical printer, a pessi- mistic engraver, and a shortage of paper . . . these are but ci few of the problems which faced the 1947 E. 86 G. Our ob- jective was to get the book out by Christmas . . . 1950. lf, by chance, the book comes out in 1947, it will be thanks prim- arily to the continued hard work of the editorial board- Muricl, Chuck, and Bill-throughout the year. This volume represents the work of so many students that it is ditiicult to give all of them the credit they deserve. Dave Shouldice and Alex Harper tried out many new ideas, aided in their execution by Grant Dunsmore and "the gals." Murray Stewart carried on a friendly rivalry with Iris Thorogood over the best sport pictures of the Camera Club, a much-needed organization founded by hard-working Chuck Yackulic. An army of gremlins eventually got IHOSI1 of the students straight- ened out into their proper years and faculties, after many de- moralizing mixups. The resulting collection of pages was given coherence by the art stalf under the direction of Elva Pearson, who did much to animate the pages with her car- iooned Golden Bears. Bob Willis not only designed the cover but also made the plaster cast from which it was moulded. Bill Esdale kept the proof-reading staff busy, also pinch-hitting in other jobs when needed. Merv Devonshire had his hands full managing the financial affairs so that the books would balance in the end and not show a delicit. The finances were helped along by the advertising statf, which showed very good results in spite of our increased price for ads. Throughout the year we have had one main objective-to have the yearbook designed as much as possible by our own statf. This year we have just made the first step. Many lay- outs and most of the art-work and designing have been done by students, instead of by professionals as in the past. The cover was designed and cast by a student. The end-papers were drawn by a student. Campus photography was done by students, as well as most of the dark-room workg the results, as you see, have been very gratifying. All this will eventually result in a substantial saving to the student body, but will have another more important purpose in providing invaluable experience for those who have the spirit to take advantage of it. We hope that in the very near future we shall see all of the work on the E. Sc G. done by those who will benefit most from it-the students. HAROLD MORRISON PHYLLIS RUSSELL GWEN UNDERHILL SHEILA FORREST MYRTLE BAXTER MARGUERITE WEIR STUDENTS STUDENTS STUDENTS STUDENTS PROOFREADER PROOFREADER .4 ' L ' GWEN GUILD EILEEN NELSON RUTH MURRAY MAY GRIFFITHS LOIS COURTNEY ALEX HOLLEY tampus CAMPUS cAMPus cAMPus PROOFREAUER PROOFREADER 178 photography CO-ORDINATOR EVERGREEN AND GOLD AND GATEWAY CHARLES YACKULIC SECOND TERM 'BRUCE HATFIELD DARKROOM SUPERVISOR BOB COOK OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS ANN HESELTINE, BILL IVMLAGGAN. BILL DICKIE, BILL RITCHIE, GLEN FINLEY. GEORGE GIBSON, DON NIATHESON. BOB COOK Backed by one "U.S. Camera" and a couple of enthusiasts the Evergreen and Gold and Gateway of- ficials adopted the idea of having all the pictures for the publications taken by .1 staff of student photo- graphers instead of being dependent upon pro- fessionals. The results were depressing at first, but by Christmas our flash cameras had moved in success- fully on every campus activity. Shortly before Christ- mas the photography staff, inspired by Chuck Yackulic, formed itself into the Camera Club. By now this group boasts a well-equipped dark room in the basement lounge of Athabasca Hall. This new experience in press photography, and has given the publica- tions the best picture coverage in its history. The most con- sistent member of the photography staff was probably Bill Haynes, making every shot count, whether it was a building plan has given our members valuable shot or a portrait. jack Fair and Bruce Hatfield teamed up YCAHCANRULSE to give an excellent coverage of the club and fraternity sec- tions. Bob Cook, Bill McLaggan, Gordon Hargreaves, and George Fong doubled in photography and in darkroom work. The few enthusiasts who started the project have laid a solid foundation in amateur photography for the future benefit of the publications. CAMERA CLUB EXECUTIVE: President-Bill HHYHCS. gli-L HAYNES Vice-President-Chuck Yackulic. Secretary-Treasurer-Gordon Hargreaves. Darkroom Supervisor-Bob Cook. HASGJRTEJIQVNES JACK FAIR GEORGE FONG DOUG GRAY BRUCE HATFIELD 179 I BUCKMASTER gateway im Wtwods ffuesday Editorj and Editor-in-Chief Ford lay out the "dummy" The Gateway resumed publication on a bi-weekly basis for the hrst time since 1942. Day Editors Jim Woods and Archie GREG FULTON' DICK BEDDOES and Steno. Greenaway ably directed operations on the Tuesday and Friday editions, and were of inestimable value in making the change-over possible. jack Day and 'KI-Iandlebarsn Murray guided an inexperienced news staff, but many new- comers including Kay Gruikshank, Bruce Powe, Finlay MacKenzie, George Clark and Ernie Halton showed outstanding promise in the writing field. With the help of Assistant Editor Greg Fulton, Maestro Dick Beddoes called the tune in the sports world, and proved to be a radio annoueer of no mean repute. Features took a panning from Gateway readers, but after a slow start they improved with succeeding issues. Editor jack Beaton had a tough job handling the features pages of both issues on his own hook. An unexpected contribution to the paper was the line letter column built up by readers with ideas of their own. Looks like a good year ahead . . . ARCHIE GREENAWAY and KEN GEIS JACK DAY and HUGH KENT 180 JIM WOODS Tuesday Editor TOM FORD Editor-in-Chief ARCHIE GREENAWAY Friday Editor GOLD "A" AWARDS COLIN MURRAY Tuesday News Editor JACK DAY Friday News Editor DICK BEDDOES SILVER "A" AWARDS Sports Editor GREG FULTON JACK DAY IACK BEATION Marg Weir Jean McBride jack Beaton Ralph Skitch Assistant News C.U.P. Editor Features Editor Business Manager Editor 181 .ARCI-IIE GREENAWAY COLIN MURRAY DICK BEDDOES GREG FULTON Assistant Sports Editor I-G5 E009 A vie: + 95: 5 ,Q 1 'Ai 6553 CoXXeg, K '29 ,gaouakxoox we e 'le the 5w5enx5 0609 0 e cows. plbeqvl. OG 8 We ao Yo'0Y,51eA 'dx-vIe0Y3fJ vac: me auiooivd oi Otis-mimi ot puegwgav ,WNW-es' of 6:39999 6,9405 15 y,ewe1gxsL194, :awe was 'oe 'cab 6909 seqoesh xo A me eekgsvv, X5-wage: ok che Gaw-el-a+3,?w0vv S?-. Mba- hgsca ga9,01iwe,eLvq ot pwqw. 5s1'Q4?i19K3ootax6s'. , 5295 Q21 qw an We Ggmned ewes ,na Caoagw X99 - - , 04 ec vuqiip SXX55 9515? ss .......... , ,,.. .1 ..A,,..K...,.... 120196 339 440065 ' Gieeva 15933 901191 69?- dmc YXO N!-915 es'-I Q9 Sac. xg efxt ' gives ,,., , ...., 'boi ,..........,......,....,., 'WA'Qf,Q'fffQfQ1iw.fq, assx'vcYasXA e65q0+a WY-W' 95x 'lf ......, .. Se cv? M109 ax E53 8969605 ?ixAafJ EAW: ...., ,,,. 43108551 .Sade Cds ., Eiwawg 1Sev4s?,55x0: . ...A,....,,....... ygixskwot 'Searle Sami .., ,... . 00? Qbkws ,...,... 2 ..........,.. , ....,..,...... . .. .....,..., .. ageing Saws ..1 ...,,.,.,.,,.... ,, .... ..,,, DX Sixem-aux gg0weS5Kwo1 ,..,...,.......,... , ............,....,..... ,:..i:eq,2! 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C5 andfed Sefc ltq one ad fud Cn 0 'St -' Ve k Ca Hate en fs He Ilbu P O Val fly- S, ad ts, lj the b nL1nf1b fed He h CVeI' N The D, verti nlon ook ers V1 Hr theumbern- ' evlll lr Sefs Offic' al5o ' nd and S' Inc C eCt and 131 CO O ud Ind of th S C1 nf ' fe L Cock ed Say if this C 'dn ub P84115 thsseq of 1 . ' . X Di INDS Cram I Falkfltlng Year W lversfeslde e Ph all rector AY Al . y Ch as B as ed. ity Omnts f One the the I Un' uck Yuslne lted ces, rate QUU1- C0St b1VerS. ack Ss M by L' rnltip c' It L1 ' 2 1 '5. ln Y 1 2 ' 3 m Stud C' Ad gfr Llnd Cr Cn 2 ' T S ' b t D1 h 21 V Ire Y S S Fe W C 5 X W' Bugctor- ale of ceive aldie Gxecutftl, lne B1 ad 7 an Ive S - Va S 5 Ma Llnd vftis. ook eliv na g Sa l n g f .1 Cr-Ny. and 6,66 of eV n 10 Ch a C I1 I' Lin d Sub . Se, 51 S 3 Y Y l radio directorate Qllkflffdif A 1 N ' F27 Q I 'nj f S.. . 'ol s X " ' 60 X 12 GUY BEAUDRY ' Director 1 - The Radio Directorate expanded greatly in 1946-47, having presented eighty-two programs during the year over Radio Station CKUA. Broadcasts of Gayfezvay News and Varsity Sports News, and a news feature, Varsity l'7fL7'1'Gf1'?S kept listeners informed on campus affairs. In addition special programs have been presented direct from the campus. A new line was installed from the Drill Hall to carry broadcasts of Varsity basketball, with Dick Beddoes and Greg Fulton at the microphone. The staff of the Radio Directorate included: Chairman Guy Beaudry, Alta Mitchell, Bill Love, Gerry LePage and Dick Beddoes. Additional announcers were: John Harvey, Myrtle Baxter, lnex D'Appolonia, Greg Fulton and Phyllis Voisin. Last February, the student radio representatives of the four western Universities met at Saskatoon, and the Western University Radio Federation was formed for the purpose of organizing exchange broadcasts between these universities. The Radio Directorate has extensive plans for next year. Through the Western University Radio Federa- tion, it is hoped that broadcasts will be carried over the C.B.C. and that the construction of radio studios on the campus will be started by the University. Outstanding programs of the year included: an interview with the two Alberta representatives at the West- ern University Beauty Contest in Vancouver, a broadcast of the opening of the Student Mock Parliamentg the Engineers' and Arts and Science Balls: the important basketball gamesg the University Symphony Orchestra directed by Ted Lindskoogg the E.U.S. Broadcast from the Education Buildingg the Newman Club Mixed Choir, directed by Peter Bakaj: and the L.D.S. Club Broadcast. ...aff Charlie Katz, Al Smith, Trudy Frazer, George Clark, Nick Hrynyk, Mary Bain, George Gibbs Leon Raskin, Hubert Smith, Jack Kirkconnell 184 the alarm An entirely new publication on the campus this year, THE ALARM, had its meagre beginning as an endeavour of the Students' Council. The purpose of this mimeographed daily sheet was to keep the stu- dents informed of coming drives, elections and socials. In its sixty-odd editions during the year the students, as well as the staff, have felt only too well its growing pains but this paper has great possibilities and it is to be hoped that next year it will mature into an in- dispensable publication on the campus. This dynamic little paper has filled a growing place for much-needed advertising on the campus. From a small otlice next to that of the Gateway in the basement of Athabasca Hall came the many little sheets each morning at eight olclock to tell stu- dents that the score in the game last night was twenty-to-nothing for Alberta, or to be sure to vote in the elections today, or that there is a meeting of your club tonight at 7:OO p.m. The energetic staif of over forty people have do- nated much of their time and effort to make this paper successively better with each new issue. Their line co-operation is responsible for the excellent showing. Early in January three contribution boxes were placed in the Arts, Education and Medical buildings for the convenience of those who wished to con- tribute items of general student interest. The finances of the paper were handled by Stu- dents' Council subsidy, lVlAURlCE ROE Editorein-Chief ,M . A 1 w if cf Llitfe J Back row: Greg Forsythe, Eric Comer, Gerald Hankins, Benny Smith, George Hughes Front row: Bob Judge, Marg. Coates, Bill Naciuk, Sue Saucier Missing: Larry Judge, jack Cooper, Doug Sherbaniuk 185' if C' ' ' is-5' . 1 . -. I A ' .-T ' ' 'J "W 1 "."' 1 '. A 7 X' 54:1 ! y ' ' .a . J I 0 1 7 . f Section Editors DICK SHERBANIUK DON HYDE ' 1 ' Q I - ' ,g", if if H, -1 . 1 L ' V ."'.--I , , . ff, cg? ,f-, HE '-Egg., X .. Kaffe Hs. - 'Sf , 'A fin' zfkxpkjlx, , 1 Qivx. ' 'X ' A - ' " 457 I -Q x 'fA4'?3'4. 195-:f'3'f S -, .V we V, . - .15 . ,X-.-,. . 1 T Y. , .,, g - -z- X a .g-,mis T. N 1 7' .'-" 'JL V. , . .-Vx'," xx zt S . 21. 1 Rx l U agriculture club EXECUTIVE President . Vice-President ,. ,, Secretary-Treasurer. ,, Council Representative ,...., Sports Representative ,. ,, 4th Year Representative 3rd Year Representative ., 2nd Year Representative .. lst Year Representative . Executive: clockwise from left: Bob Baptieg Steve Fush- teyg John Melnykg Ruth Rennerg Dick Beddoesg Lee Millerg Paul Melnychyng Don Rixg Dick Crawford. 1 V, Q xi 4' i Aa yn X aa .,. fa I F- ife? --r ' t Bob Baptie Ruth Renner . Steve Fushtey John Melnyk , .,.,,. Dick Beddoes Lee Miller Paul Melnychyn ...., .. Don Rix Dick Crawford Football Parade Winning Float, led by Cowgirls The Introduction Banquet in the Education Cafeteria started off a round of activities for the Ag Club. The club promptly showed its supre- macy by capturing the Football Parade Trophy. The social tradition was carried on when the Nurses and the Aggies got together at the Informal Dance in Athabasca gym, and reached its peak at the annual formal dance held at the Trocadero. Athletics played a prominent part in Ag activity. Under the leader- ship of Howie Fredeen a Held day was inaugurated. Following this the energetic Aggies retired to the Varsity Rink where the profs eked out vic- tory 'by a narrow margin in a game of broomball with the seniors. At the annual Graduation Banquet at the Macdonald the guest speaker, Dr. J. W. Howe, spoke on "Agriculture in Jamaica." It was at this func- tion that awards to winners of the various Field Day events were made. "STAMPEDE" 188 Mus sf sumti utr arts and science b clu EX ECUTI Honorary President President Vice-President . Secretary . . L, ' ' If Horsm, Around with jim Wood and Treasurer Em Palllster Council Representative 4th Year Representative 3rd Year Representative 2nd Year Representative lst Year Representative VE: Dr. R. li. Gordon Tevie Miller Helen McGregor XWendy Teviotdale Ernie Pallister Horace Herlihy Joan Hay Karl Erdman George Pong Elaine Brown The Arts and Science Club, formed only last year, found that it had many precedents to set. The executive realized that they were at the head of a very large group of students with widespread interests. It was difficult to organize meetings that would be of interest to all branches of the Faculty. However the professors' panel discussion on "The Attitude of Canadian University Students" brought forth an enthusiastic president TEVIE MILLER group. A similar discussion was held later on, when four stu- dents expressed their opinions of the faculty. The annual Mardi Gras was held on February 15 in the Drill Hall. Under the individualistic and able management of Alwyn Scott, the hall took on a festive aspect in keeping with the traditions of the New Orleans Mardi Gras. Ted Bay, Pembina candidate for King of the Mardi Gras, reigned over the proceedings after eliminating Lloyd Below, Am HUM from dw High Level Bridge Eamer and Colin Murray. Princes Colin Murray, Ted Bay, Lloyd Eamer and Friend- Mardi Gras time at City jail. l l I I 1 ' i i l A T I F I i I 5 l M f f l i ,4 'li 11111-.5-. ballet club Grace and Symmetry in the "Waltz of the Flowers" Newly introduced to the campus, the University Ballet Club was formed early last fall under the sponsorship of the Wfauneita Society. Much credit is due to the initiative and ability of Miss Stella Holosko for the formation and existence of the Club. Students responded enthusiastically to the venture, and spent approximately three hours a week learning the art of ballet. Surprisingly enough, the membership boasted five men as active participants. The purpose of the Ballet Club is to further the interest and appreciation of ballet, by giv- ing instruction in the dance to its members. Many stiff joints and over-fed figures succumbed to the strenuous practices each Tuesday evening. The main feather in the cap of this club is the "Nutcracker Balletl' presented in Convoca- tion Hall on March Zlst. For a club still sutfering growing-pains, the presentation of such a successful production was a remarkable achievement. EXECUTIVE: Hon. President-Mrs, R. Hughes President-Bob Georee Vice-President-Vivienne Scorah Sec.-Treasurer-Grant Strate Choreographer-Stella Holosko Above: "Hmph!" Right: The "Nutcracker Suite" poses commerce club Raw Material QEreshmenj: 143 Goods in Process Qjuniorsj: 98 Finished Goods CSeniorsj: 18 It doesn't take a Chartered Accountant to see that the Commerce Club this year was slightly "top-heavy." The freshies not only rescued the Treasurer, but also joined whole-heartedly in Club activities. As most of them were L- Y- CAIRNS, B-A-, veterans they worked hard to catch up on lost study years. I..L.B., K.C., Honorary President . . . The luniors were more nonchalant about their courses, participating in extra-curricular activities, especially sports. The staid old seniors, paced by Marcel Lambert, Alberta's 1947 Rhodes Scholar, bent their heads over the books by day and by night. The Executive was fortunate in having the guidance of Mr. L. Y. Cairns, K.C., B.A., as Honorary President. Activities of the Club included a Get-Acquainted Party in Atha- basca Gym in early Cctober, a series of four vocational meetings, the sponsoring of sports teams, and participation in campus activities. Highlight of the year, as always was the Graduation Banquet and Dance, held in mid-March at the Macdonald. EXECUTIVE .. X .. .. .....,,-,E.,,.,,- . Erma., E- ,.,., . , EXECUTIVE: President-George A. Garbutt Vice-President-Patricia Cave-Finn ' Sec.-Treasurer-Gordon McLean 3rd Year Representative- Franlt McEvoy 2nd Year Representatives- Keith Krinke, George Hartling lst Year Representatives- jim Hogan, Tony Nugent Sports Representative-Bill Dickie Back row: Frank McEvoy, Tony Nugent, jim Hogan, George Hartling Front: Gordon McLean, Pat Cave-Finn, George Garbutt, Bill Dickie, 191 , A33 X, , X '. Lois Neilson EXECUTIVE: Honorary President .. ..,....... , President . ,. ..,, ..,. . ,, ,, .. Vice-President ., .. Secretary , , X, Treasurer .,.,,..,...,.., .,,,,.... me 4, X Senior Representative , junior Representative , Soph. Representative , Freshman Representative co-ed club Miss M. Sherlock , ., , Lois Neilson Mary Robertson Eileen Macartney jean Wallace joan Hay . ., Mary Gish Ellen Moren , Trudie Fraser The enlarged membership of the Co-ed Club increased the enthusiasm for the activities of 1946-47. Our program was wide and varied. A reception for new members was held in Pembina Lounge. A Hal lowe'en hike, a skating party and supper meetings encouraged the girls to make new friends. The fraternity girls were our hostesses for an evening in November and were our guests in March. "STARDUST," the semi- formal dance held in February, was the highlight of the year for Co-eds. At the home of Miss Marjorie Sherlock, our Honorary President, we brought our activities to a close with a delightful spring tea. The club is grateful to Miss Sherlock who helped to make this year a truly memorable one and to other faculty members who co-operated so kindly with us. s i V a .Y xl 'ity it L Eileen Macartney, Trudie Fraser, Jean Wallace, Eileen Moren HSTARDUSTD Mary Robertson, Mary Gish, Joan Hay 192 campus cd-op President Don Steed Secretary Treasurer Dick Robinson House Manager H Howard Fredeen Nineteen forty-seven was another successful year for the Campus Co-Op. Inaugurated in 1937 for providing living at cost to varsity students, this organization also provides administrative experience and fellowship. This year the fourteen members were again active in all phases of extra-curricular activities-and one member learned in four months how to blast a fair tune out of the bagpipes. But in spite of these obvious handicaps they managed to acquit themselves well academically. Co-operation is the keynote of the organization and this co-operation is not limited to dish washing and house- cleaning, but extends on a very solid basis to homework fhow about it, Donj and girl friends Cyour turn to talk, I-Iansj. Of course tubbings deserve honorable mention, for they served not only as punishment for erring individuals, but also as social events greatly enjoyed by the other 13 members observing the operation. In theory, the House Manager is in charge of this de- partment, but he began to doubt the value of his authority when he was carried up to that tub of ice-water. 193 I . ps Top: The front porch creaks with re- laxing house members. Middle: Bow-tied freshmen pose. Bottom: Corner room, complete with Varga, and other girls. k. l is! YELLIE McCLUNG LILLIAN GUITARD Honorary President ' President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Debates Manager NEVILLE N. LINDSAY PROP. A. S. R, TWEEDIE The program of the Debating Club was to have been threefold in 1946-47 with the inter-faculty debate for the I-Iugill Cup, the intervarsity competition for the McGoun cup and the Mock Parliament. The interfaculty debates for the I-Iughill Cup was announced but because the Faculty of Education, last year's winners, failed to contest the cup, and because of a general lack of interest on the campus, the debate was cancelled for this year. In the intervarsity debates Alberta's visiting team, Bill Lindsay and George Gibson, lost the debate by a narrow margin to U. of Saskatchewan, in Saska- toon. Manitoba defeated the Alberta home team-Peter Faminow and I-Ial Bronson, and retained the McGoun cup. The Mock Parliament was an innovation on the campus. The constitution was prepared and all arrangements made by the Debating, Public Speaking and Political Science Clubs. debating club P EXECUTIVE A. S. R. Tweedie Neville N. Lindsay Nellie McClung Lillian Guitard Hal Bronson jack Chapman 194 HAL BRONSON IACK CHAPMAN dental undergraduate society Hon. Pres. Dr. W. Scott Hamilton Hon. Vice-Pres. Dr. A. B. Mason PFCS. Don Culham ' Vice-Pres. Gordon Anderson ' Sec. Treas. Doug Anderson Witlm over a hundred students registered in the Faculty of Dentistry the Dental Undergraduate Society has had a successful year. The agenda of monthly meetings of the Society included addresses by members of the staff, interesting films and refreshments. Although their facilities have been crowded and equipment hard to get the students and staff persevered. The first year class, the largest ever registered and the first post-war class, is made up of veterans who have had the interests of their class and the faculty at heart. Our graduating class was the first since the accelerated course of the war years began. Highlight of the social functions of the DON CULHAM society was the annual banquet and dance held at the Macdonald Hotel in the spring. Several informal dances and other group gatherings were arranged during the year. Along with the well-attended meetings and the social functions the D.U.S. actively participated in sports. Dent teams were en- tered in interfac competitions in Hockey' and Basketball. W 1 1 .X Jlfw . YliS? ef2:'?i - 'K - ' 1 W e -.ids ' -W ag, ' -1 I t 3' ' ' ..... H. DOUG. ANDERSON GORDON ANDERSON 195 drama ful year in the annals of the Drama Society. Active membership in the thusiasm, co-operation and helpfulness , 1946-47 was another highly success- of actors, directors, technical and pro- duction crews, business, publicity and executive- members made for some ex- ceptionally fine dramatic productions. Professor R. Orchard, of the Depart- ment of Fine Arts, and adviser to the Drama Society, led the way in firmly establishing productions of first-rate quality. The Inter-Year Plays staged in Convocation Hall at the end of Nov- ember were proclaimed by the judges the finest in 26 years. January saw eight privileged and excited members travelling to U.B.C. with i?HE'p1ay Martine, and in March a highly successful production of Shakespeare's Tfwelfth Night was presented. gl Regular monthly meetings with guest speakers kept the Drama Society functioning smoothly. The year was brought to a close with an informal banquet. President .. ,,,. , .,.... Alta Mitchell Vice-President . .. .. ,.il.,i. Kenn Scott Secretary , .. .,...... Kay Moran Counter lo kw s Al a Mitchell, Kenn SCOH, Kay Treasurer ,i.i . .. ..,..... .. Stan Swaren Moran Stan Swarei lean Ferry. ' . Technical Director ,, ..,..,.......,,.., , Jean Ferry Adviser ., .. ...... . .. Prof. R. Orchard ,z 4 -v xx wif' -fflif' 1 wi'.'-'iikff X .M X -NMA. sg!! QQ- I .1b,A,A - 1 . . 18' V V -W' U --- '- 'S b- 2, -4 , uri gw f Q I S ww - b..-X , , . Q4 yi , ? I. ,..-s Zi E 4,-. nz-E .1 2 L , 1 , .Wig N xi H , I: -- -L . ' 1 : ' 500' 1 X' L 5 ,f .bb ,. L A Q y, w 4 X " '51 - Gm A W, 4 ,-J .AK Vi .5 l 'fx E .Q xx, 5. 3 -x if ,mail ' .r . xx. 'iirfx Q : - 'ff'-Q I V 14' xg fc' 3 ""'MkT1W2sieavs. was wa ,M y 'S V. -,Ma-sf..-W v ,mv +--, 2 aL,-zen, A- 3 M . " ,, 1, 22. K .A ,Q . X2 - , - i 1391535359 ' Ai , 1 ' ,gf , vj1Q5fXf'E'.ff fi - 3"'!wj :' g-1 -1. A gg. fs- S ' ' 4 V ' . ' ii.. 5 .vqQLi,,,, 1 X J wb.. ,i Qeg5.x:w- M, wiv, ,Q h A T3 1 ' A f- 5 . . , I . :I Lf-11? 1. " ' . V 4 ,. ' Q W 1 I ' ' " G T I f2h?':-W?-3.5-W "1 - :' KH: Y' ' V 5 V: 1 5, . , ,, x , . .22 .1 f ldv i ' , It - - fm-J 1- - i 5 " ' ,' W' "JA s . I ' EM ' "A W M 25' ' 'ik ' di-ff in xg-h.q,,, ,. ' , ' , TW' .,N5,M,,,,,.. , 'V' My N : ' jul' V .. uf- .Y W.-lswaupw .. H ....Y - f . 'f Y A., - x ..:.' 1 EJ X X453 x Sw 9' 5 .14 5 .Z-..,. fn! 'j ST -- ....,-, . ... .,.. - ..,,.-v-.1 .- -,S "" ,.-.Q-QA I :M 'ah "fav ' A JW, ,4' ' Q sv 1 ff , tg av 'S X f 0 K' X ' ! oo I' 0 62 Rx ii f . ' xx , A '-5, it X' O ,N G1 Qi, I 'llllffl I ' A P 5 fl Qi l l 5 13 lntervarslry drama festival ar u.b.c. i Fr-imethe-audience View as Parks. Cross. perform. radio Under the able direction of Don Bickerdike, Al Smith and -lack Storev the radio drama enthusiasts accomolished new and big thinvs this year. Voice recordings were made, at least one play a month was pro- duced, and a play-writing contest was held, the winners of the latter being Trudv Fraser, Dante Lenardon and Violet Ulasovetz. 199 l I l -qu :Ffa f 4--f ' 4 -. 67" "The ' 's Rf ho rx? f- N- Baclt from Yaiicouver. Llramatists ileft V to ritghti Lerner. Nlitchell. Parks. Linn. and Crust ifronti mu: for the camera, martine Ianuarx 16. 1' and 15 the Drama Societx par- ticipated in the 2nd annual Inter-Varsitv Drama Festival at- L'.B.C. with their production of .lIrtrtme.a l-rench drama in file scenes hx' lean Iacques Bernard. The Alberta plav won wide acclaim for its delightful representational setting. and the sincere naturalistic stvle of actin: turned in hx' the plavers-Donna Cross. lim Linn. Lucille Parks. Irvin: Lerner and Alta Nlitchell. Prof. Orchard did the solendid ioh of directing. Courageous Coward" - on the air in tum iriiiutes. - Q v 5 .. .4 as ' ni if education il gfff-Q fn! sf f , lf: fi r Lb The Education Undergraduate Society is the student organiza- tion of the Faculty of Education. Its purposes are: to direct social, literary and athletic activities within the Facultyg to act as a liaison between students and staff members of the Facultyg and to act in its official capacity as Alberta Teachers' Association Local No. 57 in sponsoring professional activities and in furthering the profes- sional interests of teachers and teachers-in-training. Under the direction of Miss Scorah, four maior social events were scheduled for the term, two informal dances, one formal and the graduation banquet. 200 .-' in 7! Dean M. E. Lazertc Don Smiley Merton Chorney undergrad society Hon. President President Vice-President , Secretary Treasurer , Men's Athletic Rep. ,, . XVomen's Athletic Rep. , . Pauline Arnett Social Convener ., ., . Vivienne Scorah Education Rep to Students' Union. . Kay Pierce Professional Rep. Znd Year Rep. lst Year Rep. .. ,.,, Paul Karschowsky Gwen McGregor Pat Guttridgc Dr. M. E, Lazerte . Don Smiley Gwen McGregor Pat Guttridge Merron Chorney . Alex Jardine Hugh McCall Peter Roberts Cosy-looking "Snowball" Two men's basketball teams and one woman's team entered the interfaculty leagues and one hockey team was sponsored in the in- terfaculty hockey league. A radio program under the direction of Ernie Hodgson and Bob George was put on February 4. The 1946-47 term was marked bv the increased professional activity within the Faculty. In November 1946 a Professional Emphasis Committee was formed with Hugh McCall, Stan Willkie and .lean Dixon as executive, to acquaint students with problems of a professional nature. A.T.A. suppers were held twice monthly, and interest indicates that our local is one of the most active in the province. N M6 I 1 n Y N K -S - ig '43, 5 3 - f I X40 is vc- 'Q . 201 engineering Honorary President President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Council Rep. Sports Rep. Senior Rep. , junior Rep, Sophomore Rep. Freshman Rep. COMPETITION WINNERS students' society The words of an old Engineers' song y go something like this: "It's a pity there ain't millions Made up from the same designf, referring to Engineers of course. This year we tried hard to fulfill this situation as some nine hundred would-be slip-stick artists roamed the campus. With such a large enrollment it was only natural that the E.S.S. would have a bumper year. Engineers won the interfac track championship again and the colors of the Engineers were carried into all interfac sports but the Bulletin trophv passed from I This sinister-looking sextet is counting ballots-pre-smokebomb OUI' DOSSCSSIOD. picture. Meetings rolled around frequently with various guest speakers and films pro- viding the bulk of the entertainment. By far the most successful meeting, however, was the one at which the candidates for queen of the ball were introduced to a properly appreciative audience. In .Ian- uary the ninth annual ball under the capable direction of George Davis surpassed all previous undertakings. When Pres. -lack Randle crowned Queen Denise history was made as the first varsity dance ever to be broadcast went on the air. Elections came and went quietly this year fbecause of a few l1Ot too subtle hints from headquartersj and as usual another very successful year was ended by the annual conference at the Mac. 1 '53 DI A , -J ll Q wig Q Qlf fi. , up A ,- V- ,, f V, ' LJ? ,ft Queen's All: Nylon exhibitors Bonnie jones, Marg Sproule, Beulah Sinclair, Denise Moret, Kay Tanner. 203 W... ,. , 'P ' 1 V' 7' ' T . if I A if ' all' ' t. 4. aaa Dale Thompson Dr. Robert Newton Paul Tilleman international relations club In its second year of existence the International Relations Club, led by Dale Thomson, carried through a broad program of activi- ties. Guest speakers such as Dr. G. F. McNally, Dr. N. Izzedin, Darson Singh, Emeric Sala and Dr. I-Iitchmanova whose talks on world problems contributed to the general interest in internation- alism were sponsored by the club. Speeches arousing a wide inter- est were broadcast. Panels were held on subjects such as Trieste and the Potsdam Agreements. Documentary films of international importance proved interesting. In November Bill Lindsay represented the club at the Portland International Relations Clubs Conference. After Christmas six groups met weekly to study the international relations which led to the outbreak of war in 1939. The international outlook of the large number of veterans on the campus suggests that I.R.C. will continue to advance in the YCRFS IO COITIC. j fx BJ- ,J Q ' FV' I6 I if lg xt- 92 "' -I Honorary President . President . ..,..,,,., Vice-President ......,, Secretary , .....,.......... Publicity Manager ....... Asst. Publicity Manager Librarian ,...,.,. ,..,.,.., . ., Radio Manager Public Relations ,, 204 Dr. R. Newton Dale Thomson John Oyler Paul Tilleman Bill Lindsay lane Becker Elfriede Milbradt Don Bickerdike Neville Lindsay A house ec club 1946-47 was a busy and successful year for House Eccers. The club, with an in- creased membership, was fortunate to have as Honorary President Miss Duggan who re- turned to the faculty this year from her posi- tion as chief nutritionist for the Canadian government. A party at the outdoor cabin on October 3 welcomed the freshettes. Further activities included a float for the football parade, a skit for the Wan'-Waw carnival, decorations and lunch for the Junior Prom and lunch for the house dance honouring the intervarsity basketball players. Monthly meetings in Pembina Hall were highly successful and well attended. Interest- ing programs included a talk bv Mrs. Bentley on "Designing as a Career", a fashion show by club members, discussion of summer work, and an address by an Alberta graduate, Mrs. Cliff Walker, on research in South Car- Miss GRACE DUGGAN Olina, Honorary President PHYI-Us BUCHAN The year's activity was climaxed by the president formal supper dance held at the Macdonald Hotel on February 12. NAN MMQUEEN Vice-President nf' -QS BETH TANNER Secretary-Treasurer IEAN SMITH l7reshm.1n Rep. DOROTHY IONFS Athletic Rep. MISS PATRICK PLAYS HOSTESS JK mf! , W 1221. fx- NZ Xl Y 51 it, V 1 h Ill 7 as x ,I 0 ,sf X "'e f ii H 205' id ggpnun- '22, 1 S TS MRS, l. WERRY HON. PRES. Z-Q .gli 35? . J Os I ...J-A 206 cercle francais L'ann6e 1946-47 a 6t6 parnii les lneilleures dans l'l1istoire du Cerc-le Francais. Environ 150 mein- bres se sont riiunis deux fois par mois dans la grande salle d'Athabasca pour parler francais et pour lkicouter. Les etudiants ont beaucoup ap- priicie les chansons, les jeux frangais, les filmes frangais, et les groupes de conversation, qui fai- saient parti de chaque reunion. Le programme de cette annee a Site bien varie et tr?-s intfiressant. Dr. Healy a parle de "La Reprise Gconomique en Francef' M. Snow- don d'un voyage iinaginaire en France: M. Laval- lee de la Bataille de Normandie: M. Bates de "Sous le Ciel de la Mediteranneeg Mlle Fraser a fait une causerie sur son sejour dans un camp frangais au Colonibie Britanniqueg Mlle. Anderson a parle du Cours d'et6 en franqais in Trois-Pistol- esg et M. Card nous a donne ses impressions du "Paysage Suisse et Italien". En fevrier, Mlle. Sigsworth, aceolnpagne par Mlle. Kitchen, a chante quelques jolies chansons franqaise, Enfin, le Cercle s'est termini? avec un banquet et Soiree Soeiale, qui a en un grand succes. CERCLE FRANCAIS EXECUTIVE Jean Anderson, Dennis Townsend, Eileen Keyte Lydia Dams law club EXECUTIVE 1946-47 Honorary President Mr. W. F. Bowker President Sam Lieberman Vice-President Frank Murphy Treasurer Howard Gain Secretary Bill Sinclair Howard Gain, Sam l.lClTL'l'l11IlI1, Bill Sinclaii lrink Nlur The Law Club of the University of Alberta is one of the oldest and IHOSI active groups on the campus. Membership is confined to those students enrolled in the Faculty of Law. The headquarters of the organization are located in the .Iunior and Senior Law libraries in the Arts Building. The year's activities got under way early in the term with .1 smoker, held so that new members might get acquainted with others in the group. ,lust before Christn1as the Club Roosevelt was taken oyer for a yery successful mixed party which was well attended by students and faculty members. The highlight of the term came on February 24, when the twenty-sixth annual banquet, in honor of the eleven members of the graduating class, was held in the Macdonald Hotel. President Sam Lieberman presided as toast-master. The Club was honored to have as its guests the Honourable Horace Harvey, Chief justice of Alberta: other members of the supreme Court, Dr. Robert Newton, President of the University: the Honourable Lucien Maynard, K.C., Attorney General of Alberta: and members of the faculty. Mr. -I. C. Mahaffy, K.C., of Calgary, delivered a yery instructive and entertaining after dinner address. A novel feature of the occasion was the highly original form of the pro- grammes which took the shape of a miniature appeal book. The traditional skit put on by first year members had as its theme .1 well known and amusing case in the law of torts. Law Library Laborers: Note feet on tables, closed eyes droop ing pipes. 207 light and sound crew BoB Rossek D ' The year 1946-47 has seen the organization and initial operations of the Light and Sound Crew. It was inaugurated as a separate group under the Students' Council to provide all clubs and organiza- tions with lighting and sound service. The efforts of this crew, who worked behind the scenes, will be well remembered in the lighting of the Drama Club productions, the Ballet, the Musical Club's concerts, and the Symphony concert. Dances, basketball games, and numerous other functions requiring sound equipment were capably handled by this active group. Because of the efforts of the crew, our Drill Hall was equipped with the finest public ad- dress system in the city. Two new microphones, two portable speakers, and a new amplifier were purchased, greatly increasing the crew's original sound and stage-lighting equipment. The progress made by the Light and Sound Crew, since its formation on our campus has been outstanding. The crew hopes the future will see further extension of its field of activity. Impressive-looking Apparatus Doesn't Baffle Hugh Irving Director-Bob Rosser Hank Bertrand Phil Campbell Mel Cotterill Crew- Mike Gibney Hugn Irving Paul McConnell Norm Parry 208 maize-up club With shouts of "Who's got the No. 9" and, "Where's the spot-lite clearf' the Make- up Club started another active season. Events followed in rapid succession throughout the term keeping all cosmeticians extremely busy. Besides the Drama Society's functions the four interyear plays and Twelfth Night and the ALWYN SCOTT Ballet Club's production of the Nutcracker Suite, we offered our help at dances and in skits around the campus. Several overtown jobs came our way: the engineering types flocked in to apply leg make-up to the chorus line at the Glenora Ice Show. After lessons and pep talks by our coach Mrs. MacDonald we were ready for anything and everything. XVe thrive on contrasts. The frosh play featured an Indian in full war-paint: the senior play was a drawing-room comedy of the 19th centuryg the soph play was of medieval settingg and the junior play was .1 modern effort set in New York. The Shakespearean play proved to be our greatest difficulty. As the other clubs got into full swing and expanded their activities the Make-Up Club enlarged as well. President Alwyn Scott and Secretary Nevis Robb say that next year there will be openings in this club for many novices. Since the club offers lessons in make-up even the lowly beginners will be wel- comed. The necessary qualifications are perseverance and extreme patience- of course an artistic temperment helps. Mrs. R. MacDonald powders wrinkled Pat Sheppard as pale onlooker swallows Adam's apple. 'as ' Mrs. MacDonald Adviser Alwyn Scott . President Nevis Robb Secretary E 209 university mixed chorus With the pending retirement of its conductor, Gordon Clarke, the University Mixed Chorus this spring concludes a remarkable three-year history. Started in September, 1944, the choir gave its first concerts in Convocation Hall the following spring. In 1946 it filled Edmonton's McDougall auditorium two nights in succession, immediately to re- peat the success in Calgary. This spring, in addition to performing again to both these cities, there was a successful tour through southern Alberta including Didsbury, Card- ston, Claresholm, Lethbridge, Raymond, McLeod and Coleman, finishing with a final ap- pearance in Convocation Hall on May 14. In February of this year, the Chorus broadcast over the C.B.C.'s Westeril Network, while the R.C.A. Victor Co. is shortly to issue a limited edition of selected recordings. Merely bad luck prevented the appearance of the choir in Toronto during May, under the sponsorship of the Kiwanis Down Town Club. For a newly organized amateur chorus, this is a brilliant showing. Its repertoire has included only the best in choral music, while it has made a special feature of unaccom- panied selections. The university may justly pride itself on the laurels collected by its Mixed Chorus. Its moving spirit has been its founder and conductor, Gordon Clarke, who now re- linquishes his post under the pressure of the final years of medicine. It is with unanimous and unqualified regret that his choristers bid him farewell and wish him a comparable success in his chosen profession. Choristers aggregate for annual McDougall United Church formal portrait lilfihlflllld -na' 113 Cfluicfl, .C.1lg.1rvx Honomrv .Prcsidunr Rowan begun pukc Jr poxr-umm-rr feud. XXQUN ' . ' P . K-ALO .QQ chmm . -QYYCL ' Xafk L, -wx- C xdugtofdgq rchkm Ol r " BW med' uni , Sen ight, Slggarer, and Hnrfleld as ob 'PF XVIII 5- . . C Lb bus-seat performal TCC. d. rOa heff' SOM QWV on gn Stop . buses d sunshine as . an , X1 an F115 211 Gordon Fierheller Iohn Osborne Frank Benedict Don Wilson 'i Doris MacKay Harry Gilchrist m. U. S. Honorary President .. Dr. I. R. Bell Faculty Adviser . ,. ,..,,, Dr. J. Romeyn President A Gordon Fierheller Vice-President and lnterne Chairman .. Doris Mackay Sec.-Treas. .. Harry Gilchrist Women's Rep. . s . Shirley Haynes Council Rep. . . , ,.,, lack Osborne Pres. of C.A.M.S.I. . ., . . . Frank Benedict Sec.-Treas. of C.A.M.S.I. , . Don Wilson First Year Rep. , . Burns Larsen Second Year Rep. . .. Douglas McCauley Third Year Rep. .,... , Bill Edwards Fourth Year Rep. Perren Baker The 1946-47 term started with a bang with the Medical Ban- quet and Ball held in the Macdonald Hotel in September. At this affair there were over two hundred present, a large percen- tage being local practitioners. The guest speaker for the even- ing was Dr. Hardy of the Department of Classics. In November Gordon Fierheller and Frank Benedict went to Montreal to attend the Tenth Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Medical Students and Internes. This highly successful conference was attended by delegates from all the Medical Schools in Canada. Much progress was made, one item being affiliation with the Canadian Medical Association. The M.U.S. holds monthly meetings in the Medical amphi- theatre. Guest speakers are invited from various fields to ad- dress the students. This year we were fortunate to have Mr. Robert Muir, President of the Edmonton Red Cross Society, Dr. Stephen Taylor, Member of Parliament from London, Eng- land, and Dr. Collip, former professor at Alberta noted in the field of research. 212 music This year the University Musical Club has had a large and enthusiastic membership of music-loving students and Edmon- ton residents who have shown a gratifying response to the ef- forts of the executive to present good music by talented artists on Alberta's campus. Five Sunday night concerts featuring student and local artists were presented during the past season in Convocation Hall. Themes for these concerts included "Music of Schubert, Weber, and Saint-Saens", ulmpressionalistic Music", and "Dance Forms". For the first time artists received a small re- muneration for their services. The policy of presenting a nationally known artist at the University was begun last year by the club and it is expected that this will continue to be an annual event. This year the Musical Club presented as its special guest artist Miss Claire Gagnier, prominent French-Canadian soprano. Her perform- ance in Convocation Hall on Febraury 14 was enthusiastically received by a capacity audience. The Executive is indebted to the Honorary President, Prof. L. H. Nichols, for much encouragement and practical assist- ance and to Miss Maimie Simpson, Mrs. lohn Revmes-King and Mrs. D. B. Scott for their gracious patronage. A Norris Bertrand Sarah Pearlman Francis Kitchen -1 'G Honorary President Prof. L. H. Nichols President Norris Bertrand Vice-President Frances Kitchen Secretary-Treasurer Sarah Pearlman Ted Lindskoog June Sigsworth john Henry Petite brunette, and charmingly French, Miss Gagnier bows 213 gracefully. mining and MALCCLM CLARK geological society The Mining and Geological Society was organized in 1914 as a student organization affiliated with the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. It affords the students in mining and geology a chance to get together and talk shop. During the year speakers of interest and films on geology and mining tooics were featured at the meetings and as is the custom of the Society each meeting was started with the serving of Coffee in the Geology Laboratory. This year saw the first Annual Banquet and Dance of the society held at the Macdonald Hotel. It was a great success and marked the 32nd anniversary of the oldest student organization of its kind on our campus. lust a-sittin, and a-rockin'-miners at work, Geologist labors on the rocky road to success. NEWMANITES REJOICE AT VALENTINE FESTIVITIES Moderator Brother Mark President Des Hill Vice-President Theresa McCarthy Secretary Charles Yaekulic Treasurer , Norm Dawson Inez D'Appolonia Art Fitzpatrick Al Harboway The Newman Club is the organization for Catholic students on the campus. The club's raison d'etre is threefold: to aid the members in their faith, that each may be- come a stronger asset to the cause of Christianity: to encourage the student members in their studies, in order that they may excel academically: and to give an opportunity to all the members to develop their talents for entertaining one another so that each might adapt himself to a social world. The 1946-47 season has seen considerable activity. Communion breakfasts, round table discussions and special lectures were well attended by members. A choir which the Club formed proved to be most enioyable. The Sunday evening socials highlighted by the Valentine's and St. Patrick's party were the club's most popular activities. 215 'WS Wigan?-O . xx gall' r wwbc , sl .1-, .1 mcleod club rs. A. McGugan a lib.-WA EXECUTIVE X396 Honorary President . ,, M i' il President ., . ..,,. A Vice-Pres. i .fl I Secretary , .. .. K Treasurer . .. W Publicity Manager . . First Year Rep. Second Year Rep. Fourth Year Rep. Fifth Year Rep, i 1 T This year was of great significance to the McLeod Club, A con which is expected to form the foundation for next year's program was adopted. This organization is to be of social and educational value to the students in the school of nursing and aims to stimulate a keen sense of personal and social re- sponsibility. The immediate purpose of the McLeod Club is to foster sympa- thetic understanding and to provide a medium of expression among the stu- dent nurses on the campus and in the hospital. Although the executive took office late this year, serious attempts were made to establish the Club officially. Activities were numerous and varied- h C l l M burn Pavilion initiated the successful A social get-together at t e o one ew season. Highlights of the year were a sleigh-ride and moccasin dance, medical talks and informal gatherings. The annual Banquet and Dance held at the Mac- ' ' ' h d d t'nformer donald Hotel was well attended and maintained the hig stan ar se 1 years. 216 Third Year Rep. . Mary Boorman ., , Muriel Sweetnam Carmen Wilsoli innifred Hunter Yvonne Mogen . Phyllis Vango Beulah Rose lean Hanna Gloria Artym Isobel Hooper 'no Mooflne -.311 Car , me V615 On Ma B fy , oorrnan lgnnjfred Uni-er M . urlfl Sweetnam --M-1 stitution p outdoor club cabm' X rs 'iam We , we . om wash U ' if fllfnf gf owlooi F 47i?, 1:55352 " r ff N. lim , " '1' 4? - F' 5' B s , ll' My ' , at Z , , g ' '-n.. Skim i ffm e. 'a .1 . ,,. The 1946-47 Varsity year saw a bigger and better club beckoning many campus enthusiasts to the great out- of-doors. Sleighrides, ski trips, moccasin dances and bonfires highlighted the year's activities. Freshmen were hrst introduced to the Outdoor Club as they gathered around a roaring bonfire at the hill dur! ing Freshmen Introduction Week. During the weeks that followed, ski manager Dave Freeze directed would-be members in clearing a bigger and better hill before the first snowfall. Brush and stumps were removed and the toboggan run banked under the direction of Albert Wells and Alex Holley. Later each afternoon Marion Puf- fer's crew served doughnuts and coffee to the work parties. An innovation in membership fees was the arrange- ment whereby one afternoon's help on a work party entitled members to a reduced rate. Sunday after Sunday, the results became more gratifying as the main hill was prepared for the first snow fall. An auxiliary hill was cleared, where in future years the club experts can develop their style free from many beginners who struggle up and down the main slope. After Christmas, the club held a successful new year's sleighride and helped to entertain the visiting basket- ball teams from Manitoba and Saskatchewan at a gathering on Sunday afternoon at the cabin with films and eats to welcome our eastern visitors. The annual winter-weekend Feb. 7 and S coincided with Edmontoifs Siberian spell, when temperatures drop- ped to 30 below. Biting winds failed to keep sporting enthusiasts from the trolley tramp and mocassin dance Fri- day nightg however the ski-meet scheduled for the following afternoon was cancelled. The best snow of the year coming late in February and March played havoc with Hnal studying. Those who could not resist the temptation spent some fine last hours on the hill, winding up a happy year of out-door activities. 217 'K Honorary president pharmacy club Dr. M. Al. Huston President . ,,.. , Bill Switzer Vice-president . ., ,, Donald Zucli Secretaryetreasurcr ,. Hazel Bennett Social Convenor Publicity Agent ,, Dorothy Newton , ,, Ralph Skitch Class Representatives: lst Year i George ,lohnson Audrey Culler Hal- fxf' E33 I, Znd Year , . ,. .. ., Donald Cameron Hazel Bennetbolliill Marion Oliver gwit-Len and Zuck. 3rd Year , ..,. ,,.... . Doug Schoening Stephanie Kobylnyk I-eff to fish . Afiligrinoncaahieliffllrlstildcglillery G?0I',f-Z6 lohi Newtoii, idler? Doug Sclqgijniliftch ffrontl? ssmg: Stephanie Kggyglflorhy Backed by the largest paid-up membership in its history, the Pharmacy Club, under President Bill Switzer and his executive, started the season with a successful party at the National Hall. This evening included a novel "Take-it-or leave it" program, community singing, refreshments and dancing. To pro- vide entertainment at the Waw-Waw week end carnival the club sponsored an ambitious side-show, complete with a luscious trio of South Sea maidens and a harmonizing barber shop sextet. An enjoyable sleighride and dance at East- wood Community Hall ushered out 1946. A gala banquet held on january 17 in the main dining room of the Mac was followed by dancing to the mellow music of Frank McCleavy's orchestra. This function has come to be recognized as a farewell to the graduating class who are leaving the sheltered confines of A405. The Pharmacy B111 Ralph Skitch and meaty friends having a hulava good time at Waw Waw Carnival. i i V i political science club Q73 fX.f f e " Fl The Political Science Club was late in forming but once under way it proceeded with great gusto and held much interest on the campus for the rest of the session. Its first and most ambitious undertaking was the formation of a Mock Parliament. Uniting with the Public Speaking Club and the Debating Society for this purpose, the Political Science Club sponsored an exciting and interesting election campaign with all political parties being repre- sented. The sessions of the Mock Parliament which followed held wide interest and pro- moted much thought. Such was the success of the Mock Parliament this year that it promises to be a permanent feature of the Political Science Club. Hardly was the shouting of elections over, when the Club embarked on a series of study meetings, at each of which a speaker from one of the political parties presented his party's views on the topics under discussion. Other highlights of the vear were: a mass m:eting at which Harper Prowse, M.L.A., gave a stirring address on the part the University student should play in political affairsg a radio forum broadcast over CKUA in which five Club members gave a lively discussion on "Im- migration for Canada." The institution of this Students' Radio Forum is also a new activity on the Campus which will undoubtedly change to become a permanent feature of the Political Science Club. the pre-med-dent lub President R. Bedford Secretary O. Baulko Treasurer QI. Rodney Education Chairman R. Fleming Social Chairman F. Mackenzie Athletic Chairman A. Sovereign Arts and Science Rep. J. Stafford Provost II. MacGregor 'Q' 11 The pre-med and pre-dent students voted in February to form a club, "The Pre-Med-Dent Clubf, At the first meeting guided by Mat Bernstein and E. Cowan nominations for the executive were accepted. Following the nominations, Dr. Campbell, a graduate in medicine of this university gave an interesting talk on psychosomatic medicine. A An executive was elected on March IO and the position of vice-president was left vacant to allow a freshman to fill it in the fall. A publicity committee composed of Mcjannett, -I. Macdonald and A. Tobin was chosen to have the club announced to new members in the fall. Other committees will be filled in the fall terfn. 219 public spealzing club EXECUTIVE Harry Wilson- Vice-President Phil Voisin- Treasurer Les Gue- President Bill Lindsay-Secretary Dr. W. H. Iohns- Honorary President The Public Speaking Club had a greatly enlarged membership this year. Under the cap- able leadership of Les Gue it carried out a program which was designed to acquaint is mem- bers with the fundamentals of speaking in public and develop them to a point where they were given experience in the various situations in which public speaking is done. The club was given a talk on the fundament l f bl' a s 0 pu ic speaking and this was followed by several practices in which every 'nember gave a short talk. At subsequent meetings longer talks were given. Mr. john A. Mclntyre, member of the junior Chamber of Commerce Public S ck. Cl b . . . . . pea mg u , was present at every meeting and his helpful criticisms enabled the members to realize their mistakes and to improve their style. Highlights of the year included a fascinating evening spent learnin the t f k' g ar o spea ing before a microphone and the many tricks used for obtaining special voice effects. Another evening was devoted to recording voices to hear what they sounded like over the radio. Trials were held in Convocation Hall in order to become accustomed to large halls. As a conclusive test of their newly developed talents fifteen- minute talks wer e given by the members. 220 social service club ' ' h , vs' -131 NF-W, 'C' :sl':i ' o :si Lelt to Right: Vice-President, Berry, guest speaker, U. li, Smithg Sec.-Treas. Shanknian, and President May converse. 4 lf? This club arose out of the common interest in Social Service worls among students and their realization ol social responsibilities. For some time before its formation Claude Mav had tried to gather interested students together to assemble and dispense all information regarding the fields of the work. the educational requirements and the standing of the various schools of Social Wforlt. The organization meeting was held in Arts 139 on Uctober 16, at which time temporarv officers Claude Max' as chairman and Sylvia Tillard as Secretarv were elected. After the acceptance of the Club Constitution bv the Students' Council on lanuarv 22, a formal election was held january 28, at which time the following were elected: Claude May, Presidentg Adrian Berry, Vice-Presigentg and Clarise Shanliman, Secretarv-Treasurer. Interesting talks and livelv discussions featured the meetings, including addresses bv Mr. D. lf. Smith on "Schools of Social Worls and Requirement", Mrs, Elizabeth Richardson on the "Field of Social NX'orlt," and Miss MacLean on "Child XVelfare and Adoptionu, Several films on associated subjects were also shown. At a supper meeting before Christmas Mr. A, S. R. Tweedie, Associate Professor of Extension was asked to act as Hon. President. He has assisted in manv wavs in sustgesting more practical and concrete activities. Starting from back left: Clare Shankeman, Georgina Rivet, ,lean McGillis, Margaret liennedv, Mr, A. S. R. Tweedie, Myrtle Baxter, Beth Jawnsen, Shirlev Reid, Irene Oswald, lean lfmslie, Silvia Tillard, Una Lewis, Eileen MacCartney, Pauline Arnett, Marjorie Davidson, lris MacLeod, Adrian Berry, Angus Gillies, Don Lister, Claude May, Lawrence XVick, Gordon MacDonald. 221 student christian movement LES GUE This year the Student Christian Movement expanded under a partly-new executive, a new campus secretary, and a flood of fresh ideas. We held a retreat at the Bissel Memorial church to brief our members on the aims and purposes of the group. Here we defined our function, en- larged our cabinet and clarified its duties, and laid plans for the coming year. Many of our plans bore fruitg Student church services were held monthly in Con Hall, addressed by our new Campus Secretary Rev. Frank Ball. We jointly sponsored Chapel Services each morning from 7:40 to 7:50 in St. Stephen's College Chapel. Study groups tried to fathom the problem, "What is this Christianity?" Once every two weeks our Firesides came around with their addresses, sing-songs, discussions, refreshments and worship. The Penny Boxes for relief to Europe and Asia were typical of the action side of our program. One of the high spots of our S.C.M. year was the visit of the popular speaker Dr. Koo. Many other visitors add- ed to the interest of our program, among them Rev. R. H. Ting, Missionary Secretary of the National S.C.M-5 Rev. Kenneth Prior, Agricultural Missionary to Africag and Philippe Maury of the World Student Christian Federa- tion of which our S.C.M. is a member body. Many other activities flash before us as we view the year's activities-the freshman hike, the tea for the New Zealand students, the carol service, the group leadership course, the ban- quet, and, best of all, the spring camp. This, for 1946-47, was the Student Christian Movement. S.C.M. SUMMER CAMP SCENES President . .... . Leslie Cue Vice-President . . Agnes MacKenzie Past-President . . , .. Ernie Nix Recording Secretary...Berniee Moore Treasurer ..,... . Bert Dickie Campus Secretary ...... Rev. Frank Ball theolog club Honorary President, Rev. E. I. Thompson President Ernie Nix Vice-President Betty Cantelon Sec.-Treas. -lack Law , Arts Rep. Roy Chubb Fresh. Rep. Ted Tomaschuk ERNIF NIX One of the oldest clubs on the campus, the Theolog Club, in its 21st year had plenty of the old fire. Non-denominational, members came from six different communions, giving strength in diversity. International visitors who addressed the Club were Rev. Ken Pryor, Alberta grad now of Nigeria, M. Phillippe Maury of the World Student Christian Federation, formerly of the student underground movement during the occupation of France, and Rev. K. H. Ting of Shanghai, now Missionary Secretary of the S.C.M. of Canada. Honorary Pres- ident Thompson addressed the Club on the subject "Church SE3.tCSHlQ1l1Sl1IDnQ Professor John Reymes-King spoke on "The Relation of the Minister to Church Musicng Professor George B. Caird gave an address on "The Idea of a University". Student members participated vigor- ously and profitably in all programmes, especially in a four-man forum on "The Student Mis- sion Field", and in the Annual Banquet which climaxed the year. Once again the Theolog Club, not large in membership, carried through a stimulating and well balanced year. It holds a deservedly respected place among faculty clubs as one in which students and professors meet in a spirit of sincere good fellowship and devotion to a common faith. "In LLll'l1lI1ff Tuo Lumen" LIBRARY FREQUENTERS POSE Left to right: Standing s Blair McPherson, Dr. E. I. Thompson, S. P. Suttill, Blake Pritchard, lack Law, Seated-Bill Iulian, Ted Tomaschuk, Roy Chubb, Ernie Nix, Paul Tilleman, Russ Bearsto. 223 university symphony orchestra g. THE ORCHESTRA Knot - hole view: Lindskoogg b e a t s head, Zender sings, as fiddlers play, A full symphony orchestra was formed at the University last year, and over forty members gave their first concert on March 5 this year, under the direction of Ted Lindskoog. The mem- bers undertook the presentation of a concert with some trepidation but, to quote a local news- paper, the performance "turned out to be the surprise musical package of the year". The first portion of the program was broadcast over CKUA and a recording was made of it. Cathyrn Zender, soprano, was the guest artist. Although the nucleus of the orchestra was made up of students, it was necessary to supplement them with a few professional players in order to provide all the wide variety of instruments required for a full musical score. The audience at the initial concert declared themselves enthusiastically in favor of more frequent performances of symphonic music by this "baby,' of the campus. UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA EXECUTIVE 224 varsity -christian fellowship Conferences have been the out- standing feature of this year's V.C.F. activities. Enthusiasm ran high among the fifty students who enjoyed a week- end conference at Pidgeon Lake in October when Mr. Wilbur Sutherland, V.C.F. secretary for the three prairie Universities, emphasized the need of positive Christian thought and action as the result of a personal relationship with God. Also present were Alberta's ten delegates just returned from the Western Canadian Inter-Varsity con ia signed to provide a balanced program OFF TO TORONTO, vention at Saskatoon Throughout the year three study groups were sponsored each week, de of Bible study, special lecture series, and missionary discussion. Prayer meetings were held daily in St. Steven's chapel and in the Educational Building. The social program was launched by a freshman reception, which was followed throughout the year by a variety of outdoor activities. A service to the general student body was provided through the operation of the Book Exchange. The highlight of the year was the International Conference for Missionary Advance, held at the University of Toronto during the Christmas vacation. The theme, "Complet- ing Christ's Commission" was elaborated by outstanding speakers including representa- tives from India, China and Islam. Upon returning from Toronto, Alberta's eleven dele- gates instituted a local conference on the same missionary theme. For members of the V.C.F. the past year has been a profitable one in establishing their Biblical faith that Christianity is practical in everyday life. execuHve President-james Clemenger. f Vice-President-Gertrude Nelson. Treasurer-Paul Beckett. Secretary-Allen Dixon. Publicity-Mavis Strong, George Gibson. Social Convenor-Laura Stevens. Prayer Secretary-Jack Reggin. Missionary Secretary-jack Law. SUNLIGHT AND COMPORT-SUMMER CAMP SCENE. Bible Study Secretary-Grace Kaeehele. 225 L 'P. 3? Z El. 5 9 R, r V E r nf: Q tg' l,. V w-w. , -ea :il GL .W if? ii. i , 1-wr' fi, L.: iw rl' SLD 5 gg? .4 Section Editor: MURRAY STEWART 'WOmC71,S Editor: SHIRLEY MCPHAIL4 513 . V Lrg, . i. -Z rw - 3 'V 1"' . , , ,' ff' ,L . . HSL Q- .-f , J 'M1,1F.2ily A ' -55.2 .4. ,lx .,-:U-X: ., . 3 V' Ti " -'wx 4 "rf."" Jfpsf x-' .. Y v. X.. 1 1 1 Ji' an lil - Hn . Lk., --.- an ' i FI 5 Dv ,- Jimi :- .-YJ' .1 . 1 IQ, q ,Q 'N' -,,. fo S -4 L i E435 .4 - Hi msn., L 17-, if 'P ,Ak ,. . I 7. ui. If -fix ,' Tv . An n' ,Q ,af , A Q, ' 4' H sports major awards The most coveted award in Wo- men's athletics is the white blazer worn by the winners of the Major Athletic Award. This award corresponds to the Men's Block A Award, and is made on the basis of participation in a variety of sports, leadership in the Held of ath- letics, personal co-operation and sports- manship. PAULINE ARNETT, I -IEANNE GAULD, Basketball, Swimmin B k b ll, A h I g cups and trophies WILSON TROPHY DR. o. J. WALKER TROPHY THE ROSE BOWL Outstanding Athletic Achievement Intercollegiate Badminton Women's Interfaculty Competi Awarded to Mickey Hajash. Won by Alberta. tion-Won by Science Intercollegiate Golf-U. of A. Golf Beaumont Trophy QOutstanding Boxerj- G. H. Steer Trophy fGiant Slalom Team, Jim Hogan and jim White Eldor Berg. W.C.I.A.U. Champ,-Bob Freeze law' Beaumont Tf0Pl1Y fouqfsfanding Men's Interfaculty Basketball- lntercollegiate Curling-U. of A. Curling Wfestlefl-hen Hlsaoka- Education II. Team. Dr. Shoemaker Trophy fOutstanding Mews Imerfacult U - . . y Hockey-Arts and Dr. Broadfoot Golf Trophy-Bill Graves. Hodxey Player, Blu Dlmock lfor Science I, the second consecutive yearj. Kerr Cross Country Trophy- v Dr. Broadfoot Curling Shield-Jack Le- Women's Interfaculty Basketball- Nick Lupaschuk. beau, George Varseveldy Jack Brown Household Economics. Riley High Aggregate Track Trophy- and LCS Warden- Women's Interfaculty Volleyball- Nick Lupaschuk. Interfaculty Track-Applied Science. 5Ci6nCe- NEILSON CUP THE BULLETIN TROPHY Priscilla Hammond Trophy Intercollegiate Assault- Men's Interfaculty Competition Intercollegiate Mixed Doubles Won by Alberta Won by Arts and Science. GOFCI McLaws and Jean Martyn 228 5 2 X . 9 K .j..'!Q1 Z 5- . PHIL PROCTOK. Basketball Q : at ,...- .X E L M . 'L 2' M . 5N2'?'e3y Q X B N. is lg mlnrd , num SI'E.IiI!, ' Basketball . , I . Qf K 34. 5 , .Q MICKEY HAJASH, Rugby, Track ps VERA HOLE, Basketball, Track B 3 6-. A . . 3 , , Y Track, R ugby, Sk ii ng a xg. l x ,,- If fa BOB FREEZE. LRIC utllblllii link.-Lb.1Il We ,:'. N'- : I W P., 8 Y IIUHN Ml-'l,Nllx, IPX! IIINI XKNl'I I. Curling l'l.1vlxk'll1.lll, Nw llltllllllll lill I IJIMHQ lx ll0CkcY f"' graduating athletes This section of the '46-'47 ulirmm lvl' Llu' lkwgxu-11 .md Gold is Qlulicatcd those sportsmen .md xportwxwnn.-m wlw xx ill am I-nl xkl lxnswcr thc ,ull to xupporr tlw Um- ll mtl twill lfmu 1 lo men .md xxwqrncu llrcczc, Bill Dimoclx, U'Rourlxc and .1 lloxt t1'ilNL1tf:. to nhl- g11'1ll',1.xring .lllllbluk W nw xuglw lla Mmlwx ll.1j.1wlw, lhwlw 'll , " f L Xlvil lkllll l l liuuln - hw. jf A v i If ll , ' X y 1. X 1 K' ' ff X 1 -, ff? "5 ,, 2 ' 'l :LQ bll , V 1 -a v . -X ELDOR BERG, ,IUAN U'l1l7URlXK, -. Boxing, Track liallminlon '- x ..4 l N ,fx x A X , ,, 1 I . JOAN H A Y Sl'lllil,.lfX VVlcl'l'l1Xll , Ar.gl1cl'y H.1xkcllv.1lI X 1 E. .I FW jack Allen C479 Bill Dnckcry lam Ted Sawchuk F471 Ncrm Brysc 1'-l7l l f sg big bloclz club The Big Block Club, at present under President Bob Freeze and Secretary jack Flavin, originated in 1935 with the intention of acting as an organization to sponsor sports and sportsmanship on and off the campus. Membership, which is closed, is given as an award for what is considered to be outstanding ability and sportsmanship in athletics. The Big Block Club may award a special Big Block A, the major athletic award on the campus, to an athlete prominent in managerial ser- vice. . A 'VW' " The club was not active durin the ,. K 3 I if gl war years but now that intercol- is e""' ' Nfflf B"fWffl"'1 legiate athletics have returned . T ' '45 . . . . . . Q z Dun Simi NM l l it is rapidly regamlng 1ts form- er prestige. In addition to llill llimuck Nm , iw- 1 .- all other activities the Big ' . Block Club annually puts he 'I T 3 g on an Inter-High School " ' X 4 ' ' Ski meet, and s onsors . , , . t . t P Y 'i " E1 Color Night. An al- , 6 Bill WCC V473 sky umni member of the 1 K Gerd Pfofwl' Hgglilialieixfk club sits on the - . S w 5- . jr, g I 4 1-33-f l pun' 477 ,V l 'l X- Awards Commit- . V ..,.. . , h i " 235.3 tee. This years H0 Hein lul .5 QU' if member is Dr. K 4:-l " . 5- ' jack Neilson. 1 , J , 1:-:ij ' Frank Quigley ' i , V465 V Phil Proctor C465 Y Rm jellrics C475 ' .- - Us D W X 5, Bert Hall l'46l , A R' ff J " Q Ab ,' B 1 M4 q J , -4' ff' V N ' Ban Rich , , - , . M 4747, Mickey Hapash . ' " 'S' Bill Ingram Rae Sutherland l45l C472 C471 jim Macrac C471 Murray Smith ,E-f:T C473 N A , '- Q' ' Sam Sheckter A Art Bib Strother Note: Year Awarded in C473 jack Flavin Nori Bracket 230 51 s 4 X , . ,xt 3' 1 N rf , 'sail I Y Mff L .L , . , s I ."' ' f ' t I M. 2 ,. A . .L Q Xa, . I Hama, , x HELEN LILLY NORNIA HOWARD MARC. LIPSIQY IRMA ROI F 'I' h cl VARSITY! VARSITY! RAI-I! RAI-I! RAHI Xxx The iirst oflicial function of the Varsity Cheer Squad was to introduce thc j -N 4, Alberta yells and cheers to the freshmen at the Frosh Pep Rally held in Renfrew C 7 f Park. Amid fireworks, enthusiastic freshmen and freshettes and blaring band, Tevie Xx Millerls crew of lung experts put over the best Pep Rally in years. in Q y At the football games the girls in their snappy short skirts braved the cold to .-2 cheer Alberta on to victory over Saskatchewan. Highlight of the year was the f 0 f Cheer Squad jaunt to Saskatchewan where the Bears were voeally driven to two f more wins. jf, After Christmas jim XY'ootls tools over as leader of an expanded crew that really put a kick into the Intercollegiate Basketball series even though thev did ww.-H ,,,..,,.,,.,.,.,, suffer severe competion from Manitoluk Pqtn sisters. Carry on Cheer Squad! Alberta! Rah! -,.,-14" Frosh Introduction Chief Collin Murray Presents jim Woods Leads the Cheer Crew at the Intercollegiate Hat to Cheer Leader Tevie Miller. Basketball Tournament. 231 s e n I o r r u g b y . .il Xl! X XX ei if E I L 1 ei , 'Q l V - , - ' ' ' ' LN. ' f K1 , V J.. sw. ,, Clive Bowlsby X '- ,Mx Jf -, N g' rl ' Pres. of Rugby ls. ' L" ' ' A ' ' ' T. if i 'LFP " . ' .,.. . . - 1.-. , ll. as g 1 ., ' Gord Pfwof Mark Millar 1 5.-js .G-left .1 ' "' Manager Equipment ' ' 3'g1'f:i'if,":gP f., . ' Gernrgculxlooiicx Al Batchelor' ,QS ' 'N Z - ,- K an I t Trainer Equipment Ya 't .- As early as the middle of September, Head Coach Maury Van Vliet, with Percy Daigle as assistant backfield coach, began putting the boys through their paces at the Varsity grid. A new addition to the coaching staff was Jerry Searight, outstanding centre of the Calgary Stam- peders. Trainer George Mooney was back for a second year. The front office consisted of President of Rugby Clive Bowlsby and a capable manager, Gordon Proctor. Both Allan Batchelor and Mark Miller were with the team again to handle equipment and any other details. Coach Van Vliet started the season with a good nucleus of men from last year's team. Mickey Hajash and Billy Ingram returned to the backfield and such stalwarts as Art Follet, Jack Allen, Rae Sutherland, Jack Perry, Ted Sawchuck, Hal Peacock and Murray Smith to the line. Many newcomers, including Bob Causgrove, Ken Fraser, Ken Cox and Grant De Fraine proved to have the style needed for Golden Bear play. Harry Hobbs and Ken Moore came to the Bears directly from the Calgary Stampeders. It is doubtful if Alberta has ever before fielded a stronger team. Co-captains Mickey Hajash and Art Follett led the team through a very successful season, the highlight being the winning of the Hardy Trophy from Saskatchewan with four straight victories. In two games with Calgary Stampeders the Bears gave a good account of them- selves, proving to all that before long they'll be able to travel successfully in senior company. Financially the year was a real success as a spirited team put on a real display of talent ending a bang-up year with the first rugby banquet held at the Macdonald Hotel. ' MICKEY HAJASH CARRIES THE MAIL. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. SENIOR RUGBY SCORES ZSX46-Calgary junior Stampeders ................... 35- O 5-Ed. Junior Maple Leafs 14- O 12-Saskatchewan Huskies .. 8- O 14-Saskatchewan Huskies .. 18- O 19-Calgary Stampeders .... 2- 9 26-Calgary Stampeders ,..... 1-12 26-Saskatchewan Huskies .. 14- 5 28-Saskatchewan Huskies .. 19- 6 111-32 232 .x I ' .lr t F . ff Q' ' I if Q9 J, 1' 5 . if 5 I s ,Q egi l z i i X s Q if -1.,f.::' .iw ' ' F i i mf E ,Q X if :E , i X , . he , r ar R ii ai 5 5 ggi 15: SK' -.Z EQ X .tb :. 1.... ., i ,Q N is, x, 1 swan: - ., X , O, QR K R Leon Plotkins End S a Eric MacDonald. Halfback 3 , 2 ' Q E. is w ,fl ,, 3 1 , V K H e 5 i i, 1 1. E ,ii , jack Allen, End Ingram, ' Quarffrback Mickey Haiasli, Full back Co-captain ' 'wry 5 i x Percy Daiglc, Asuistnnt Coach if fl l Q'- V ll . Q4 ' H. x N i E 215. . Graham Cragg, End Norm Gilfen, Center -i7:f5.1T'f by Ss Nl.llll'lCC Van Vlivt ki0IlClI Tlelll HARDY CUP incur-llcgiiile Clmmpiim 1 1 e , .. . .Fl- 4. 1 i i rin if A i N Murray Smith, Flying Wing - J.- .1 ,.,AV,,: jx ri ' , A i V' V A , V E 1 'L i ' 1 ' fl , 'K Dell McNecly Art liollcll, Guard Cn-captain hm ff- iw -.,, we -P, jerry Scarighl, Line Coach Bob Causgrove E 4' V ' J - A I, if Q Bob Barry, End , ,gms X . i 1, ,X Le ,. k X -l Q ,, W1 Grzuit DeFraim: Flying Wing 50-mfg , l.. . ' if 2 iiihii i X Tackle limi Hifi-.L1ilii.iil, Tackle lil it I 1.2 kqqbv Ar ,A,V, Ska: - Qs! Q A f . , Ken Torrance. '- , Quarterback Ken Moore: 'Y' , I I , . . -us 5 , in .Y . gif .til . THE GOLDEN BEARS vs. CALGARY JUNIOR STAMPEDERS. HUSKIES vs. GOLDEN BEARS AT SASRATOON. Huskies O-Golden Bears S. Huskies O-Golden Bears 18. hardy cup series at saslcatoon On October 12th and 14th the Bears got OE on the right foot as they turned the Huskies back hard 8-O, and 18-O, at Griffith Stadium in Saskatoon. Despite cold weather both games were well attended and on Saturday enthusiastic fans watched a close struggle, as Harry Hobbs went over for Alberta's lone touchdown after Bill Ingram ran an interception back 60 yards to the Husky 17 yard Iine. In Saturday's game the Huskies gave a great display of offensive and defensive work, outplaying the Bears, but failing to take advantage of the breaks. Final score: Bears 8, Huskies O. On Monday the Huskies, with four regulars out with injuries, went down before the superior Bear Reserve strength. Ken Cox was the Bears' only injury in Saturday's game. In the First quarter Graham Cragg took a Bill Ingram forward pass to put Alberta on the score- board. In the second half the powerful U. of A. machine rolled over the hapless U. of S. squad almost at will, clicking off nine hrst downs to two and 195 yards rushing as against 35 for the Huskies. Husky plays were consistently stopped for losses. Grant DeFraine toted a Claire Rooney pass over the line for the second touchdown and Harry Hobbs netted the third on a IO-yard plunge over centre. Both were converted by Mickey Hajash. Final score: Bears 18, Huskies O. Ixtn Cox, End Ted Sawchuk, Guard jack Perry, Guard Ken Fraser, Halfback it 'f 'P Claire Rooney, Halfbackg Harold Peacock, Guard: Rae Sutherland, Tackle: Harvey Hobbs, Halfback GOLDEN BEARS vs. HUSKIES AT EDMONTON Golden Bears 14-Huskies 5. Golden Bears 19-Huskies 6. hardy cup series at edmonton At Edmonton two weeks later the Bears made it four straight over the Huskies with 14-5 and 19-6 wins. Clark Stadium was the coldest place in the country Saturday afternoon as over SOO alumni in the home-coming-day crowd saw the Golden Bears win the Hardy Cup, held last year by the University of British Columbia, and held previously by Alberta only the years of '28 and '-14. Huskies uncorked a sizzling forward pass attack, completing 7 out of 13 attempts but they could not hold back the cohesive and powerful Bears. In the first quarter Ken Fraser rounded right end on a 20-yard run to score the first touchdown. Haiash converted to make the score 6-O. In the second McFadyen scored Saskatchewan's hve points on a long solo dash of 87 yards around left end. Eric MacDonald scored for the Bears in the third, and that, with .1 couple of rouges by Alberta, made the score 14-5 and ended the series. On Monday in an Exhibition game both squads turned loose many passes in what was probably the best football display ofthe year. N'Xf'oodman scored a converted touchdown for the Huskies, MacDonald, DeFra1ne and Hobbs carried the ball across for the U. of A. lluggernaut. And thus the greatest team Alberta has ever fielded has returned the Hardy Trophy to the Arts Building showcase. "No Hard Feelings. Eh! Z" linroutc to Saskattsnn. F L L "- f ef -s ,77 'I l President .... MURRAY STEWART. Coach .... RITCHIE HUGHES. Secretary .... EILEEN MACARTNEY. Below-Stan Harris vaultz and Inter- collegiate Distance King Nick Lupaschuk. I w -. . ' ., i? . .- , , U 9 -,war Q?-if ...fir --. -Q.. X. . ,. ' L iff? .em as... the spilzecl shoe club Because of the co-operation of Assistant Professor Ritchie Hughes, an addition to the staff of the Physical Education Depart- ment, the Spiked Shoe Club began its comeback from the wartime low. On October 19th, three and one-half weeks after Varsity opened, the Track Team competed in Saskatoon against Saskatch- ewan and Manitoba for the Cairns and Rutherford trophies. Both trophies were won by Saskatchewan on the strength of 51 points to Manitoba's 46 and Alberta's 29 in the men'sg and Saskatchewan's 36, Manitoba's 30, and Alberta's 6 in the women's events. Marion Irwin took a first in the high jump to be the only placer on the wo- men's squad. The men's points came mainly from the efforts of one and two-milers Nick Lupaschuk and Bill Lindsay who far outdistanced their fields to place Hrst and second in each of the two events. President Murray Stewart gained Al- berta's only other first with a win in the iavelin throw. The managing duties for the Saskatoon trip were handled by Tim Tyler. In Interfaculty competition Elsie McFarland with 16 points led the Education girls to a lopsided 54-4 win over Arts. Murray Stewart paced Applied Science with 12 of their 44 points to defeat Arts and Science 30, Agriculture 27, Ed-Med-Pharm-Dents 18 and Comm-Law with 6. Karl Erdman and Bill Lindsay were next high scorers with IO and 8 respectively. On home-coming day Nick Lupaschuk outran Bill Lindsay and Bob Rosser to capture the Kerr Cross-Country Trophy. Nick, who is the Calgary Herald Road Race champion, won the Riley Trophy as the outstanding track man for '46-'47. The Track Team-Front row: W. Boddy. S. Mackie, Coach Hughes, W. Minion lx Sturrock, W. Lindsay. Second row: M. Noy, E. Macartney, B. Moore, B. Urquhart J Mackie. Back row: S. Fushtey, Mrs. Hughes, M. Irwin, K. Erdman, J. Macrae M Stewart, S. Harris, A. Lesk, N. Lupaschuk. Missing: B. Strother. Lower right: jim Mackie Hits the Tape. "e'Ki goll 9 Q we "' Men's Champion .... GORDON McLAWS. Runner-up .... JOHNNY STOTT. Intercollegiate Team . . . JIM HOGAN. JIM WHITELAW. tennis Following on the heels of Freshmen Introduction Week, the tennis tournament was run otf at the Garneau and University courts. Despite the frosty air of mid-October, and the result- ing necessity for speedy elimination before the courts were snowed under, about one hundred would-be Bill Tildens and Alice Marbles thronged to the clubhouse. The entry list was studded with such well-known names in the local tennis world as Gordon McLaws- Provincial Men's Champion, johnny Stott-Civil Service Tennis Club Champion, jean Martyn-runner-up to Alberta Ladies' Champion, and Isobel Hooper-Edmonton Ladies' Champion. Gordon McLaws and johnny Stott both came through to the finals of the men's singles without dropping a set. Gord was victorious in the final three-set battle. jean Martyn and Helen Lilly-Edmonton Junior champion, had more difhculty reaching the final bracket. In the semi-linals each was extended to three long sets with Isobel Hooper and Mary Collins re- spectively. The intercollegiate tourney was held in Winnipeg, where the Green and Gold's four! man team was greeted with a howling gale and a raging snowstorm. Our two champions Gor- don McLaws and Jean Martyn teamed together to win the Priscilla Hammond Trophy for mixed doubles after a terrific battle against the Saskatchewan team. The game was a real audience thriller Q9-7, 13-llj. Saskatchewan won the aggregate trophy, after edging out U. of A. by one point. Saskatchewan . 11 wins Alberta . .. , IO wins Manitoba . O wins ix JV. 2 ' if 1 -ff .' Q ff' 1, ii" I s " , Q' ' -ii jqj1'22'z.,' ' ilk . .feri All ' - Women's Champion .... JEAN MARTYN. Runner-up .... HELEN LILLY. Qt fx' x In the post-war re-inauguration of the Intercollegiate Golf Meet, Alberta's team of Canadian Amateur semi-finalist Jim Hogan and steady jim Whitelaw took all honors in competition with Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Braving near-winter conditions, U. of A's. representatives stepped out onto Niackwa course in Win- nipeg and belted their way to victory. In the women's division of play, Manitoba won an easy victory over the Saskatchewan and Alberta entries. Because of the very bad weather the women played only a nine-hole competition. Alberta's entrants on the distaff side were Nellie McClung and Marcia Gillespie. Back in sunny Alberta, second-year Applied Science student, Bill Groves won the Dr. Broad- foot Intramural Golf Trophy with a very steady display of golfing technique. In the Hnal, Groves met Alex Mair and defeated him 3 and 2. President of Golf Bill Sande did the honors for the golfers in eye-on-the-ball fashion. With golfers such as "beltin"' jim Hogan on the campus the odd Varsity Golf Championship should filter our way. 237 4 K . YN ii Intercollegiate Team . . . . MARCIA GILLESPIE. NELLIE MCCLUNG. senior basketball Z'TiX 1 Tx . N X. V , A ' N ' A . 4 5s iif . , sf iii 7 -1 . l i I Y"-'f U Q2 I nfl 'V i' i xiii ' - i ' i 'fs i il ' ' .V KF 1 MAURIE VAN VLIET 'ff 92- -4 Coach. PHIL PROCTOR, ALEX. ANDREKSON, President. Manager. In the fall of 1945 a big future for the U. of A. athletes was heralded by the appointment of Maury Van Vliet, as Professor of the new Physical Education Dept. The season of 1945-46 saw Coach Van Vliet take twelve men who had learned their basketball under seven different coaching techniques, and mold them into a smooth functioning unit using still another system of play. The seeds that were sown during that first season burst into vigorous flower this past year. Two teams were entered in the Edmonton City Senior League, the Golden Bears emerging in first place undefeated, and the Bearcats placing second. During the Christmas holidays the Bears dipped into the Southern part of the province, playing three games, dropping two by scores of 43-62 and 40-51 to Magrath Lions and Raymond Union jacks, and gaining a win over Cardston. In mid-january the Raymond jacks made a visit to Edmonton, playing two games before the largest basket- ball crowds seen in Edmonton since the heyday of the Commercial grads. In the first game the jacks eked out a 41-40 win, with the crowd on its feet most of the timeg but the following night the Bears came back strong for a 54-47 win. On january 31 and February 1 the intercollegiate tournament was held on the campus, Manitoba and Sas- katchewan falling before the mighty Bears 59-48 and 49-27 as Alberta won the Rigby Trophy. Eastern Montana State Normal School Yellow Jackets paid a visit to the campus in February and went home with a 53-52 overtime win that was a real thriller. The Bears paid a return visit to Montana, playing Butte Sshool of Mines, Billings Polytechnic Institute and Eastern Normal School. Scores were 48-56, 47-48, and 44-40 respectively, but though the team gained but one victory on the floor they made a great start toward opening the way for future International competition. To end the season with a bang the Bears took the Provincial Senior Championship, unseating the perennial champion Raymond Union jacks in two straight games. The greatest team Alberta has ever produced had come into its own. Handling the team as manager was Alex. Andreksen, who performed a job in that department also of cham- pionship calibre, And lots more could be said, but no more space. Golden Bears vs. Bus, Down Raymond Why ,L F' i S SENIOR BASKETBALL SCORES Nov. 6-R.C.A.F. Aces. Feb. 1-Manitoba Bisons ........... Nov. 15-L.D'.S. ........... . . - i n Vets .. Nov. 29-Legion Vets .. Feb 7 Lego Feb. 11-Eastern Mon- Dec. 6-Bearcats ......... uma N01-mal. DEC- f-Police --------- ---4 F eb. 26-Butte School of Mines ....,.. Jun. 2747-Magrath Lions '---------- Feb. 27--Billings Poly- technic Inst. , Jain. 3--Cardstun Mflllle Leafs -- Feb. 28-Eastern Mon- tana Normal . Jan. 4- Raymond Uni0I1 Jacks .- Mar. 7-Calgary Detroit Bears Jan. -Raymond Union Jacks .. Mar, S-Calgary Detroit Bears Jun. -Raymond Union Jacks... Mar. 14-Raymond Union Jacks.. Jan. 24--Bearcats .... .... Mar. 15--Raymond Feb. 1-Sask. Huskies.. Union Jacks.. 33 L A7 Er 7 fl ll? 'E fir ,mfg R Xl Nmap Q 44 . QV R1 .5 I Ilan Hluc Irnckwlx Slum ,K X I M 'N .rf , i"""f, 1' 1. 1 ,E 7x12 1 6, , L ji X kku x"' AN4 X iv, ,I .i ff ? x 4 1 ffl! in mlm '03 9 Xa, I 1 l'l.1x I n ll m- Afk w 5. x tw fy 1 K . fp- 5 Sfrnl limfl Uwrlmlimn ' 'N .rv 'E I 3 . ' 'X .331 Hill Rirh 'Z' x in K.,4' ,. . . - Wm " X 6 1 X X 2 Q, N x "4 A , X , Z, .ff Viaon Suxd 213 Sam Erickson .lim Mllfmc ,mln-I 1 the varsity bearcats INF ,L ,WW ' 3 ,,,,,,,, gAm- . A 1 , v S:-,v -ffsz . I I' For the first time in history the University of Alberta floored a second senior age team, consisting in the main of those players who felt themselves unable to devote the time necessary for play on the senior Golden Bears. The team was built around Nori Nishio and Sammy Sheckter, former Golden Bears. Both of these players were asked to join the Bears at the first of the season but preferred the less time-consuming position on the Bearcats. The Bearcats played a ten-game senior schedule, wind- ing up in second place with seven wins and three losses. The coach, Sammy Sheckter, took the honors as league high scorer. When the City League Schedule was finished the Bearcats switched to the Intermediate playdowns for Alberta, handily disposing of last year's champions, the Canadian Legion team of Edmonton, in two straight games. In the Final the 'Cats went down before a New Dayton squad playing on its home floor. For a couple of games after Christmas Dr. J. Nielson acted as bench coach, while Lloyd Miller was the very able manager throughout the season. Other players besides Sammy Sheckter and Nori Nishio were Forrest Sherwood of Leth- bridge, Burns Larson, Doug Allen and Ted Brewerton of Raymond, Gordon Retallack of Ed- monton, and Bill Toole, brought up near the season's end from the Varsity junior Cubs. Ironically enough, no place was found in the awards system, for the members of the Bear- cats and, with two exceptions, no recognition was given to the Northern Alberta Intermediate Champions. Front row: Forest Sherwood, Sam Sheckter, Doug Allen. Back row: Burns Larson, Bill Toole, Nori Nishio. League Leading Scorer and Team Coach Sammy Sheckter THE VARSITY JUNIORS Back row: VV. Minion, C. McDermott, N. Barnes, IJ. Barnes, Ii. MacLeod, gl. Harrie, Front row: H. Robinson, B. Duthie, fvlacrae QCoachj, G. Greenwood, Saunders, B. Toole. junior baslzetball For the second year Alberta entered an under-age squad in the city iunior loop and for the second time the Cubs found themselves about the middle of the ladder in the final standing. The Edmonton junior Basketball League offered the best junior basketball ever seen in this area, featuring three well-balanced and outstanding squads: the Y.M.C.A. Toilers CProvincial Championsj, Central Edmonteens, and the South Side Edmonteens. The most heartbreaking game of the schedule for the Cubs occurred when Central 'Teens defeated th-em 53-52 with only seconds to go. In the league playoffs Central 'Teens outlastei South 'Teens to enter the final against the defending champion Y. Toilers. Central 'Teens then proceeded to give the city championship to the Toilers with no fight whatever. The Cubs, managed by Tim Tyler, started the year without .1 regular coach and not until half the schedule had already been played did jim Macrae, sophomore Golden Bear basket- baller, take the job. Loss of key members weakened the team in the second half-Harvie Rob- inson was out with a kne: injury, john IVIacDiarmid was elected President of the Boxing Club, and Dave Barnes was granted a transfer to the Toilers. The rest of the team carried on in worthy style, hghting for every game. JUNIOR BASKETBALL SCORES Nov 15f46-A.Z.A. 47-I9 Nov. 22-Y Hornets 55-29 Nov. 27-Y Torches 17-55 Nov. 30-Red Deer Senior High 55-ZS Dec. 6--Central Teens 52-53 Dec. 11-South Teens 17-22 Jan. IOX47-A.Z.A. 66-23 jan. 13-South Teens 25-41 jan. 24-Y Hornets 52-I8 Feb. 7-Toilers 25--51 241 CUBS vs. RED DEER SENIOR HIGH. ps interfaculty baslzetball FINAL STANDINGS Won Lost For Against Points Ed. II .. ,, . 10 ArtsI..... 9 Meds...,..,, 9 Arts II ., 8 Ags. .,,, . 7 Comm 6 Dents , 5 Eng. I .. 4 Eng. III ., 3 Eng. 11 , , 1 Ed. 1 . 1 Theologs . 1 362 410 399 345 312 260 213 239 201 218 201 133 CHAMPIONS Education II. Front: George Chopey, Ken Plumley, jim White- law, Fred Kurylo. Back: Len Pallesen, Bill Collier, l Fred Stephenson, Brig Card, johnny Taylor. DON STEED, Interfac. 242 Manager Early in the fall the Interfaculty Basket- ball loop got underway with twelve teams making up a league which was completely successful. Manager Don Steed, assistants Bert Hall and Karl Erdman, and referees and scorers Mike D'Andrea, Tim Tyler, Cal Hill, Lowell Frodsham, Gordon Peterson and jay Salmon ran a well-organized, smoothly sche- duled program throughout the winter. Education II set the pace right through while Meds, Arts I and II, Ags and Com- merce supplied most of the opposition. For the semi-finals Meds ousted Arts I, 30-28, 24- 45, and 52-46, and Eds II downed Arts II 22- 23, 29-24, and 47-16, both semi series being lardfought and well-played. The four teams were well-matched as was shown by the fact that both series went the limit. In the Hnal Education II defeated the scalpel men in two straight victories, 35-30 and 34-27, to take the interfac-crown. Individual high scorer for the year was Alex Andrekson of Arts I with a score of 158 points-35 better than Ken Plumley of Ed II who had 123. The other three of the big five were Johnny Hoffman of Arts I, Roy Spackman and Sandy Gilchrist of the Meds. RUNNERS-UP Medicine Front: Roy Spackman, Sandy Gilchrist, Charlie Garden. Back: John Stefanelli, Doug McCauley Fred Spackman, Bert Hall. 3x I , rl t lf? fumbllng gi f is ,S s sm fi' -5'c"'oaf . H, .f ,tiff X - '. A I' 'f'E!3fa.IL-, L 1 A . . . 2 we f T JIM WHITELAW 1 President The Tumbling Club, under the direction and coaching of Assistant Professor R. L. Hughes, ofthe Physical Education Dept., had a very successful year. President jim Whitelaw and his cohorts put on six displays of tumbling, hand-balancingg and box-horse vaulting at some of the dances and at several basketball games. The activities of the club were enlarged this year to include high bar and parallel bar work, and a popular newcomer to the campus, hand-balancing. Approximately twenty students comprised the club membership. Although about one- half of the members were new the club was not as large as could be expected. In the main this was caused by time-table conflicts and the erroneous impression prevalent among the student body that one HILISI be an accomplished tumbler before joining the club. All students, regardless of previous experience, are welcome, and it is hoped that next year, with the varied and interesting program now in operation, many more students will become members of the tumbling club. Right: Bob Freeze, Somebody, and Coach Ritchie Y! ,l,,,h.,,-',,!l.,JL.l.,.'... 7 GET OFF ME, YA BIG BUM ! ! 1" BEHEMOTH AL OEMING p N wrestling f F .V SX Y ff I THE INTERCOLLEGIATE TEAM: Back Larry Edwards, joe Gurba. Centre: Howard Fre- deen QManagerJ, Coach Van Delzen, Fred Dembiske Presidentl Front: Lloyd Yakimowich, Ken Hisaoka. On March lst the wrestlers added another intercollegiate title to Alberta's lengthen- ing list. With victories in four out of six bouts with Saskatchewan, the wrestlers under Manager Howard Fredeen, President Fred Dembiske and Coach Van Delzen did their share toward the Neilson Assault-at-arms Trophy. Ken Hisaoka, fast featherweight, registered two falls in short order and for his very efficient performance received the newly-donated Beaumont Trophy for the best wrestler on the card. Alberta's other three wins were registered by Welterweight Joe Gurba, lightweight Lloyd Yakimowich, and in the light-heavy division by Howard Fredeen. Saskatchewan gained their two victories in the middleweight and heavyweight classes, Skaasgard over Larry Edwards and Jones over Fred Dembiske. Dembiske, outweighed by twenty pounds was substituting for outstanding heavyweight Al Oeming who contracted blood poisoning a short time before the meet. Manager Howard Fredeen, quite a performer on the mat, and Coach Van Delzen handled the job of getting a team into shape for the meet. Picking the team was in itself no small task because of the large number of members in the club. , 4 BIRD'S-EYE VIEW boxing The Boxing Club, under the able supervision of Coach Jack Perry and President johnny Mae- Diarmid, witnessed a very successful season. The Club met twice a week in St. joe's Gym, where personal instruction and assistance was given to every member. The fundamentals of boxing were B-Wlii l-Wk -ljffff' lCs'-19l1l- Fld-af BIT 'HH 1 ls discussed, demonstrated and practised until each U'1"'1"s'lP"fS's""fP-'W' Um T boxer could apply them efficiently. The training schedule for the thirty enrolled members included the proper boxing stance, accurate and powerful hitting, the correct guarding system, foot work, the art of counter-punching, ring strategy, and pre-light conditioning. The boxing season was brought to a close with the Assault-at-Arms against the Unif versity of Saskatchewan. Ray Fleming won his bout when Saskatchewan failed to produce an exponent of the fistic art in the heavyweight division. Rough light-heavy Eldor Berg flashed a beautiful right hook to put Bob Gray from U. of S. away in the third on a T.lx.O. In the middle- weight set-to jack Perry, club coach, took a crowd-pleasing but unscientihc bout after cutting up his opponent severely, winning a unanimous decision. Laurie MacLean outpointed Johnny Galon of Saskatchewan in the welterweight divia sion on a split decision. Feature of this go was the collapse of the ring during one of MacLean's more ambitious attacks upon Galon. Novice Bill Parsons of Alberta fought a very game but losing battle against smooth Horace Beach, voted best boxer of the night, to go out by the TKO route in the fourth round. The featherweight title went to Alberta on a unanimous decision as fast, talented Lennie Maher bested lfranls Howarth of Saskatchewan. Our Club claimed the Howe trophy by defeating live ol the six Saskatchewan boxers. The Beaumont trophy was awarded to lildor Berg for the line sportsmanship and boxing ability that he has shown throughout the boxing season. Honoraix li si Cnr XYALLY BI AUVON l' Featherweight LEN MAHER MAHER BLOCKS HONVARTHS RIGHT l.lfAlD. light-Hum Elder THF lNTlfRCOl.l.EGlATl' Tl ANI Front: laurie Nlaclean, Bill l irso s senior hoclzey 3' V1 K' W , je , ,. A er 5 MK? .Z M i 2 n -7 c K ju 4 i I si ' . -P' ' , - ii "tif QF 'L' Andv Purcell. Q I, ' ' Coach. K ' Ross ' , I... K. Jefferies, . 1' President. Swfilenalggen' George Hughes, Bert Hall Equipment. Trainer. The Golden Bear hockey squad defenders of the Halpenny Trophy, started the '46-'47 sea- son in the Edmonton Intermediate Independent League but when this league folded after Christmas they had to resort to exhibition games with various Edmonton and Central Al- berta teams. Of twenty games played during the year the Bears got the nod on fourteen occasions and in four of the remaining six were defeated by only one goal. Bill Dimock, a graduate student in Chemistry, and winner of the Dr. Shoemaker award as the most outstanding player for two years in a row, centered the first line with Kenny Cox on the right wing and Bill fwingyj Dockery on left. Vic Kuzyk, Harry Hobbs, Bill McQuay, Ken Fraser, Scotty Gourley, Bus Younger, johnny Lyons, Bob Colbourne and Eric Mac- Donald Hlled out the other two forward lines, packing a lot of scoring punch in every position. At the blue line opposing forwards were met by such solids as Bill Ingram, Porky Boyse, Sam Soldan, and "jimer" Cameron. In the net was Ross Jeffries, the President of Hockey, who was very good if the shot was off the ice and in plain view. Dependable Jeffand capable Jim Ritchie ably took care of the cage work. In his second year as coach of the Bears, Andy "Shorts" Purcell again welded together a fast, hard-checking team with lots of the "never-say-die" drive. Alberta's reputation as a hockey centre has been well maintained. BILL DIMOCK CENTERS AGAINST SWIFTS. SEASON'S SCORES Nov. ISX46-Ed. Street Railway.. 4- Nov. 22-Legion Vets ...........,...... 6- Nov. 27-Burns ....,,....,,,.........,........ 6- Dec. 4-Ed. Street Railway ........ 4- Dec. 11-Legion Vets ..,..,.,.....,...... 8- Dec. 18-Burns ....,.,.,... ...........,....,.. 1 O- Dec. 27-Ed. Street Railway ......,.,. 6- jan. SX47-Independent All-Stars. 12- jan. 17-Independent All-Stars 6- jan. 18-Camrose Maroons .... ..... 2 - Jan. 23-Camrose Maroons ........,. 11- jan. 28-Wetaskiwin Colonels .... 1- jan. 30-New Method ............,.,. 4- Feb. 8-St. john's College ,....,.. 7- Feb. 17-Manitoba Bisons ...,.,. ..,. 1 2- Feb. 21-Saskatchewan Huskies .... 8- Feb. 22-Saskatchewan Huskies .... 3- Feb. 28-Saskatchewan Huskies ..., 6- Mar. l-Saskatchewan Huskies .... 7- Mar. 3-Manitoba Bisons ..........,. 5- 246 .- 5--1 .1 , ,M gl , ' x K X lxEN FRASIQR, N WIIMER CAMERON. Ccnlru. X Dufcncc. HARRY HUISISS. Right XX ing. "SHOW Q And' ,Il , ' 5.4 4, TQ: .. 'f ..M AN X '54 'F 4 sw gk Y Q ,, Cf JI vw X J' IN" VUIM 'I'l I f0.XL'l!, HUB CU LBi5li N ff, Left YYing. X 7? Nfl F um" xml wumfw Ucfcucc. u 'X-qv L V+ .K , A 41-1 I . X ,pur1rxw'1,xwxs. Luft XYing. GOAL Rx VNS llplxl l'lill,N Rumi. .!' h :N f THE HALPENNY TROPHY '- E I Intercollegiate Champions 3,3 'X X ' I VIC KUZYK, BILLY INGRAM, X. Center. Defence. , 6 A ' , -::4k,M TI' X ' 'NW ' ' .' L ' ' ,. A ii N , :aim Q 1 ,- 5 A "H" if: 'Y' ' 5 I , gg . 1 7 'ig L V . ' BILL McQUAY, .4 A j . L Left WWI' ' TED CALDWELL, V ' QLNORM BQYSE, - ' SCM GOURL V -Defence. ' ' A , Defgncc, . V Lgfp Wing., fr , " in Gourlay Scores Against Saskatchewan. THE VICTORIOUS B'ARS. Swede Liden, Bert Hall and George Hughes handled the managing, training, and equip- ment respectively. This season the intercollegiate Halpenny Trophy series once more be- came a three-cornered fight as Manitoba re-entered after a lapse of seven years. In the round robin series Al- berta came through in fine style with live wins in six games to successfully hold the trophy which has been in the U. of A, silver chest for the last ten years. INTERCOLLEGIATE SERIES BEARS vs. AT HOME Man. 12-8 Sask 6-2 Sask 3-2 AWAY Sask , 6-2 Sask. 7-6 Man. . . 5-6 1 At Alberta the Bears out- lasted and outscored the highly-touted Manitoba Bisons 12-8 and then continued in winning form with two home- ice wins over the Saskatchewan Huskies 6-2 and 7-6 but went on to Manitoba to lose a close one, 6-5, to the Bisons. Throughout the series Al- berta impressed everyone with her smooth passing Cat timesj, hard play, and fast backcheck- ing. At times lack of condi- tion slowed the Bears but the three line system almost en- tirely overcame this defect. Bill Dockery, Left Wiiig. Bill Dimock. Centre. Ken Cox, Right Wing CHAMPIONS Arts and Science Left to right: B. Sovereign, G. Totten, M. Alton, K. Moore, K. Strange, S. Liden, Harvie, G. NX'iggins, D.. Ofrim, M. O'Byrne, F. Quigley, I-I. Hobbs QManagerj. GORD McGUFFIN. Interfaculty Manager. ' terfaculty hoclzey Interfaculty hockey during the winter of 1946- at 14, came the slow-starting Ags, mostly on the 47 was slightly disorganized and confused, mainly due Strength of a live-game winning streak down to the to the fact that when Manager McGuffin first quizzed wire. Tied at I2 points were the powerful Arts I the Sports reps five or six teams were indi- cated, and ice at the FINAL STANDING Played Xlfon Lost Tied Pts. and the giant-killing Dents who played six games in nine days, rink was asked for on Engl 9 R I - 16 winning live! that basis' But when I Z 2 i In the sudden death the c i r c uit finally Dems 9 5 2 2 12 Semi-EMIS Eng I down, Shaped UP, AHS, AP- Qjfnm' Z 3 1 T 12 ed the Dents 4-2 and Plied Science, Medicine' EHS U 9 4 4 1 9 Arts I took the measure Dentistry, PharmaCY- lzjfisu Z 5 j 3 of Age S-4, Thcn ily C0mmCfC9v A8fICUlU'l'C Pharm. 9 I R - 2 the lwcst of three finals, .1 n d Education h a d the out-for-hlootl Arts come through with ten teams. I cracked down hard on the lighting Engineers to Engineers I took an early lead, ending the Schel take it all in two straight, 8-l and 5-3, the last game dule with one defeat and 16 points. Close behind, in overtime after Quigley's last-second goal. RUNNERS-UI' Applied Science Left to right: D. Mclxlichol, S. Sherrill, P. Clarke, C. Kerr, S. Thorne, D. Harvey. R. Douglas. KI. Lerhekmo. B. Sande, D. Lougheed. T I Roch, F. Burton, B. Baden llwlanagerj. an ft' - I 249 Q I K I gd With a powerful aggregation of skiers on the campus it was only natural that this year a Western Canada Inter- collegiate Meet should be suggested. Backed 'by the Uni- versity of Alberta and the Alberta Provincial Government, ' gb, . - ' W slzllng Top: Ski President Bob Freeze. Centre: Varsity Ski Hill, Cabin in Back round. 3 Bottom: On one of the Ski Trips, Rae Sutherland in Foreground. li8i5Q-Tw s 5 lififffwr. 42. z if which donated trophies for team awards Qwith a replica for each memberj and for individual three-way performance, the meet was made an international affair by the entry of a team from Montana State College. Other teams were entered by Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba. The meet was held on the slopes of Mount Norquay at Banff on January 25th and 26th with the University of British Columbia walking off with the team award. The individual championship was won by Jack Davis of Montana, an outstanding skier, who set a new downhill record for the course-23 seconds under the previous one. Montana State took the slalom, U.B.C. the downhill and Alberta the giant slalom. In the giant slalom big Bob Freeze showed real skill and headed the Held. The Alberta team consisted of Bill Armstrong, Dave Freeze, Bob Freeze, Clarence I-Iaakenstad, Norm Rault, Bob Sutherland and Bob Turner. Norm Rault and Bob Freeze also represented Alberta at the Western Canada Ski Cham- pionships at Revelstoke, B.C. In the Edmonton City Slalom Championships Varsity placed Hve of the Hrst seven with Bob Freeze out in front, Bob Sutherland fourth, Norm Rault fifth, Clarence Haaken- Us I 1 stad sixth and Bob Turner seventh. The Intercollegiate Ski Team-Front: Bob Sutherland, Bill Arm- strong, Bob Turner, Clarence Haakenstad. Back: Bob Freeze, Normie Rault, Dave Freeze. At Right-Flying Low. curling The Curling Club, under Presi- dent John Melnyk and Honorary President Prof. Van Vliet was strengthened in its second year of operation by the addition of several new members prominent in pro- vincial curling circles. One hun- dred and forty-four members curled twice a week at the Granite Club from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Though time-table difficulties made the work of the Draw Committee doubly hard 1+ this year they were very successful. Alberta came out on the winning end in both divisions of the newly-inaugurated intercollegiate spiel, held this year in Saskatoon. Two rinks consisting of Don Butt, skip: Jack Lebeau, thirdg Gord McLaws, second, Dick Bearisto, lead: and Ernie Stillings, skip, Lloyd Miller, thirdg Howard Min- chin, second, and Will Johnston, lead, brought home the honors for the men. In the ladies' play Mrs. M. Cunning- ham, skip, Phyllis Fraser, third: Nancy Pasco, second: and Jean Moffat, lead were more skilled than the opposing teams from Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In the annual bonspiel for the Dr. Mathews Curling Shield, jack Lebeau, member of a Brier rink a few years ago, skipped his rink of George Varseveld, jack Brown and Les Warden to a well-earned title. Three rinks from the Varsity Club entered the Northern Alberta Spiel. The rink of Don Butt, jack Lebeau, John Challenge and W. H. Hewitt's foursome copped fourth in the Bank of Montreal competition. Middle Right: Winners of The Matthews Shield. Lower Right: Let 'Er Ride. Centre: Sweeping ,Er ln. Left: 'Er Must Have Been Good, Ont- prg ' fs FIQQCQLJAC Pasfe-1ahbkLl1N'Q E , Ai ITIOIKIGIZJ- 835115 -YQCJZI IEWAYO I Fey Q0 E 'TLD , 'XEQ ' fE,wR.C.j' B. Lin! 4110276 Pfofi I, C' yprm 2.111 I,ll,Ut ' C K' ' U. UNI, SOl'L'l7SC:,7iQg:7C7f3Aix. any The lntr.1mur.1l Curling Shield women's senior basketball ,- D if , g i v L- "L 15.71-f ' TOMMY MCCLOCKLIN - f s . Coach , 1 SHIRLEY MCPHAIL VERAVHOLE President Captain "The Green Years" would be an excellent title for the 1946-47 season as far as the Pandas were con- cerned, since only three of last seas'rn's trophy-winning team returned to the campus. This meant that nine of the players had no previous experience in senior play in the intercollegiate grind. The three veterans were Captain Vera Hole, President of Basketball Shirley McPhail and Frances Stanley. Next year seven of this year's squad will be returning. With these as a core the Pandas will have a better chance of regaining the Cecil Race Intercollegiate Basketball trophy. In the two games played at the Intervarsity meet on Feb. 1, the Pandas took it on the chin twice, going down before the Champion I-Iuskiettes from Saskatchewan 29-16 and the Manitoba Bisonettes 28-25. Vera Hole paced the Pandas with twenty points in the two games. joan Arnold was a bangup second with Fifteen, thirteen in the Second game. The absence of a city league seriously curtailed the chances of the Pandas for outside competition. In addition to intervarsity games the Pandas played against Red Deer Ramblers twice, winning the first 31-27 at Red Deer but going down to defeat in the return match 22-32. Numerous practice games were played against Mortons, of last season's city leagueg in these the U. of A. squad more than held its own. Tommy McClocklin made an excellent job of coaching the team. Starting from scratch he built up a strong nucleus from which next year's team will return to the strength displayed two years ago, The team members were Ray Tanner, Jeanne Gauld, Pat Handel Brngz, Lil GE-hr-ke, Frances Stanley, Evelyn Silk, Aloari Arnold, Shirley McPhail, Pauline Arnett, Vera I-IOIQ, Marie Schwartz, and Donalda Lloyd, McCLOCKLIN LIKES TO START THEM YOUNG. . Q.: 11 I l I I Y' " iii' .. Q it . ' ,M w X- vw-- 'i X 'uv L . 5, sw - .? 4+-,'..., s V4 9 X f 1 v , " K x R . X , Xi!" X i 3 Q, nf' ' 1 ,- " 3 5 ,Q ' .5 f kia, if Q , fr . ' K L R., ,ii I U 41 va e W - 1 mf W? X ulI.l1,l an R fi l'Jl Ph mlkl linux 1 , f jx. wwmaw. Xlnilfcx NIxl'ln,znl h l'.1m1.1- l.xlw Wu lla, i-lui IM.: I , 1 Iaxhlrleullll-, HQIUIQWI vf 4' 'Ho A 1 x 1 n Y 'W mix! ' H34-K , V 5 lv-J 'K X Q N 2, 5 . E' Y . 1 if 4 1, ' 3' , ' N-,ifg -1 'f ' 5? 'Q be Q Wi' 4 ' . uqqx A I if .Lf 2 i : Q' ,Q in E- Q Xl nn. M hw ll liHi1f1l..rlvk Q ' ,ix fe luulim Xrmgu M1-J rink ,Q .Q lfvmmx NIJ L-wlxllil, 5 w1.!z. XL the Ir1!ur.wvllcgi.x1,u Nlvfl, ' Smk. ZW. Mlwrm lu. K f ' iw.. :D 5 J sl ,x :La 6 E Kay 'I'.sn1xur fl mv -A ix-.ff X' x 3'isLg 5. 'S i - 1 A Vlnllcuw Nlanl Fwlyn Si ' Ik THE GIRLS IN ACTION AS SCIENCE nnferfaeulfy ,W , ,.,.. .. .,, 4 ,. ,Y - -T . ----Y Ni-W. if-. -7 f --- 15,1 i"'E'laC"l'Y A late start somewhat curtailed activity in women's interfaculty basketball where five teams answered Marion Irwin's call to action. The Hve, Arts, Educa- tion, House Ec., Nurses, and Science played many a close and interesting gameg one of the best was that in which the rough and ready school marrns downed the smooth passing nurses by a nip and tuck IO-9. Household Economics Walked off with the league crown, defeating the Nurses in the semi-final and taking a close 9-8 decision from Education in the final. Mem- bers of the winning team were Manager Dorothy Jones, Betty Bell, Marg Carter, Phil Buchan, Peggy Kendrick, Nan MacQueen, and Beth Tanner. The Hnal standing of the teams was Household Economics, Education, Nursing, Science and Arts in that order. 'it bashetbau CHAMPIONS Household Economics Front: P. Kendrick, M. Carter, B. Bell. Back: B. Tanner, N. MacQueen, D. jones fManagerj, P. Buchan. MARION IRWIN, Interfaculty Manager. Although this league was very small and was car- ried on for a short time only, it did not lack enthusiasm. Many of the girls played volleyball for the first time and are now looking forward to playing again next season. The "Ag." girls were the main support of the win- ning Science team which consisted of: Bernice Moore, Olive Dixon, Ruth Kenner, Margaret Mackay, Dorothy Bryant, and Charlotte Ward. Runners-up were the "House Eccers" whose team members were: Beth Tanner, Ann Puchalik, Kay Puchalik, Laurine Woytkiw, and Betty Bell. It is hoped that next year a more suitable time can PAULINE ARNETT, Interfac. Manager. COPS' THE TITLE. voHeybaH be arranged for the games to enable a greater number of girls to participate. ' 254 archery In 1946-47 the archery club reached a new peak in both membership and en- thusiasm. The increase in male membership was especially noticeable. Twice a week the Drill Hall was the scene of flying arrows, as the amateur Robin Hoods sought to improve their scores, and improved their postures and muscles at the same time. Excellent coaching was given by men's president Norm Danforth who, practising what he preached, walked off with the men's crown in the annual club tourney. The wo- men's champion was women's president, joan Hay. On March third the two teams chosen at the club-shoot met the Edmonton Archers for the 1947 indoor championships. The U. of A. males came out on top by a consider- able margin while the women's team met de- feat by a close score. Joan Hay gave a stellar performance when she defeated Bess Copeman, provincial champion, by one point. At Right: One of the Fairer Sex. Centre, Top: Coach F r an k Wetterburg. Left: Alwyn Scott 1PresJ. Right: Elaine McLean QSec.j Below: The Inter-Var- sity Team, Front: E. McLean, N. Alton, B. Whittaker. Back: D. Saks, H. Chomik, S. Mealing, Coach Wet- terburg. Yxf . Above: A Typical Night. Center: joan Hay QWO- men's Pres.j and Norm Danforth QMen's Presi- dentj. At Left . . . On the Firing Line. fencing' The '46-'47 season brought the fencing club back into the intercollegiate picture with the intercollegiate meet being staged March lst at Alberta. Only Saskatchewan and Alberta competed, with Saskatchewan easily taking the laurels. President Alwyn Scott maintains, however, that with another year's experience his group of fencers will be able to give a much better account of them- selves. The intercollegiate team consisted of Beth Whittaker, Nancy Alton, and club secretary Elaine McLean, Harry Chomick, Stan Meal- ing and Dean Saks. In the Club tournament held in Atha- basca gym, Harry Chomick was acknowl- edged King of the Fencers. Stan Mealing was rated Alberta's best in the Intercol- legiate. Next season it is expected that Dr. White of the Botany department will be aiding the tireless fencing coach Frank Wetterburg. With new foils on order and a trip to Saska- toon in the otfing high interest is expected in the ancient art of fencing. PRESIDENT JOAN O'ROURKE and SECRETARY STU IvIacINTOSI-I. PLAYING WITHOUT A RACKET, EI-I ! ! badminton To say that the Badminton Club had a boom year would be putting it mildly. Over three hundred members signed on under President joan O'Rourke and her executive of Stu Mac' Intosh and jack Young. In a club tournament two new singles champions topped the entry of more than one hundred. In women's singles Joan O'Rourke put an end to the three-year reign of Marge Fraser by defeating her in a close finish. In ladies' doubles joan and Marge combined to annex the doubles title for the third successive year. Pat Darling and jocelyn Simpson were the luckless opponents. Men's singles play saw Norm Preston come off the stil? side of the draw to defeat Stu MacIntosh in the final, Bob Watson and Don Sneath downed Stu MacIntosh and Bill Armstrong to take the double's title. In mixed play Marge Fraser and Stu MacIntosh outclassed Joan O'Rourke and Bob Watson. At Saskatchewan the Badminton team made a clean sweep. taking five of seven games to become the first holders of the new Walker Intercollegiate Badminton Trophy, donated this year by Dr. O. J. Walker of the University of Alberta Chemis- try department. Saskatchewan's two Wins were one in Men's Singles and one in Menls Doubles. The members of the 46-47 Intercollegiate Team were joan O'Rourke, Marge Fraser, Eleanor Macdonald, Norm Preston, Bob Watson, Don Sneath, and Stu MacIntosh. Originally the tournament was to have been a three-way affair but at the last minute Manitoba was forced to withdraw due to money difficulties. Lower left: Don Hicks in Action. Centre: Intercollegiate Team D Norm Preston, Don Sleath, Bob Watson, Eleanor Macdonald Marge Fraser. Lower right: Elaine Wagner Beats the Bird. l I 17? swimming The swimming club mentored by Don Pat- terson, aided and abetted by Hazel Millet and Coach jack Flavin, had its best season in years, with the inter-collegiate meet at NXfinnipeg climaxing a winter of excellent weekly tour- nanients. In the lone interfaculty meet Don Mackay led his Arts team to victory over the Applied Science swimmers to give the Engineers their nrst setback in three years of intertaculty come petition. Don Moore, Don Mackay, Bob Mathe- son and Tom Walsh packed the Arts, wallop, while Don Dick, jack Flavin, Bob Duthie, Rae Sutherland and Don Patterson cut the tank for the Engineers. Top mermaids of the interfaculty meet were lrene Glen and Marion Puller, followed closely by Mavis Appleton, Pauline Arnett, Gwen Cook, Marg Lambert and Hazel Millet. At the Intercollegiate Meet, the first since 1942, an ill-conditioned Alberta squad took second place in the men's and third in the ,,v-v- Coach slack lilavin, Secretary Havel Millet, l'resident lion Patterson Bob liutliie and Mavis Appleton practice for tht Intercollegiate Meet women's competitions, Manitoba taking both ends. Individual stars of the meet were Ned Feenan of Saskatchewan and Alberta's Don Moore, who took lirsts in the IOO- and ZOO- yard free-style, and swam a leg on the winning ZOO-yard relay team. The two Bobs, Matheson and Duthie added their share to Alberta's total. Lone woman to shine for Alberta was lrene Glen, as superior Manitoba and Saskatchewan teams pulled lar out in lront. When the Students' Union building with its swimming pool goes up, the swimming club will undoubtedly become the most popular club on the campus. lts present popularity has been proved by the weekly turnouts at the NY". 2 P17112 nmffJlygf!'E5Qf it N f' fw . R A .N . . .-1 ' Section Editor' -BILL BROWN .'s 1, , V I g Q, I' X 1 Q. s , 1 r nf .I , I -I -4 f n 1,4 u rn. A :im Rf . .. , ,1 F ' ' 'Sidin- . F 1 -v -1 .V , , J A ,Jar-' p lg? .-' 91' V Bw -' 1 fraternities delta delta delta FOUNDED 1888, BOSTON UNIVERSITY Canada Gamma Chapter Established 1932 FACULTY EXECUTIVES PRESIDENT ---- JEAN ANDERSON MISS MAMIE SIMPSON VICE-PRESIDENT - OLIVE OXLAND MISS JEAN MURRAY TREASURER - PATRICIA EINN MISS ELEANOR CAIRNS SECRETARY - JUNE MLCUTCHEON A C T I V E S JEAN ANDERSON MARGARET CARTER MARIE CASTELLI PATRICIA FINN LUCY GAINER ENID GLAUSER DOROTHY JONES FRANCES KITCHEN JUNE MCCUTCHEON ALLISON MATHEWS OLIVE OXLAND MARION PUFFER ELIZABETH RAGG VIVIAN RILEY JUNE SIGWORTH JOY VERGE PHIL VOISIN IDA WARRE JACKIE McKAY P L E D G E S MAVIS APPLETON AMELIA PENCHUK MARION ARCHIBALD KAY TANNER MARGARET MULLOY LOUISE WILSON CI el t a g a m m a FOUNDED 1847, LEWIS SCHOOL Bern Beta Chapter Established 1931 EXECUTIVES PRESIDENT ------ MARGARET IIPSEY VICE-PRESIDENT --vf-- MARY LOWE RECORDING SECRE.TARY - JOAN MACLEOD CORRESPONDING SEC. - - GRACE DOUGLAS TREASURER ----- RUTH RENNER AGTIVES BETTY ALLAN MARGARET LIPSEY NANCY ALTON MARY LOWE JOAN ARNOLD KAY MQADAM LOIS CHISI-IOLM AUDREY MACDONALD RHONA CORBETT ELEANOR MJQDONAI D JODY DAY AUDREY MCDONOUGH MARY ELLEN DICRSON GWEN MCGREGOR GRACE DOUGLAS HELEN MCGREGOR BETH EDWARDS ENID MQLAUGI-ILIN MARY FIELD JOAN MACLEOIJ PHYLLIS FLEMING HELEN MIGHT NANCY FORBES JOAN O'ROIJRKF JOAN FRASER AUDREY PATERSON AUDREY FYSH SHIRLEY PATTERSON ISOBEL FRIZZELL LOIS PORTER IRENE GREENWOOD RUTH RENNER EILEEN HART JOCELYN SIMPSON PAT HAWE MARGARET SPROULE SHIRLEY HOOKS SHARON SPRUNG NORMA HOWARD XVENDY TEVIOTDALE SHEILA JACKSON ELAINE WAGNER NANCY JOHNSON MARGARET WEIR PEGGY JOHNSON KAY WILLIS BONNIE JONES JEAN WILLOX HELEN LILLY BETH WHITTAKER PLEDGES ALICE BROWN DOLORES MILLAR M1 xx happa alpha theta FOUNDED 1870, INDIANA ASHBURY UNIVERSITY Beta Chi Chapter Established 1931 E X E C U T I V E S PRESIDENT ----- MURIEL BUCHANAN VICE-PRESIDENT - - CEORCINA YULE CORRESPONDINC SEC. - - ENID ROPER RECORDING SEC. - - SHIRLEY ATKINSON TREASURER - - - - DORIS DAU A C T I V E S SHIRLEY ATKINSON MURIEL BUCHANAN DORIS CARVER LOIS COURTNEY ENID CROCKETT MONA DALEY DORIS DAU JOAN DAWSON JEAN CALBRAITH JOAN GALBRAITH HELEN HEAD AILEEN IRWIN P L E D G E S DOREEN BRADLEY LOIS MQINTYRE KAY HICKS DOREEN PORTER NELLIE MCCLUNG NORMA RYAN ESTHER MAHON JEAN MARTYN MARGARET MACKAY LOIS MACPHERSON JEAN MCBRIDE NAN MILLARD ENID ROPER BETTY SZILAGYI FRANCES WADDELL MARGUERITE WEIR LORNA WOOD GEORGINA YULE -..-...L I F A C U L T Y MISS H. MacINTYRE MARGARET BERTRAND KAY BLACK KAY CONROY GWYN COOK DONNA CROSS MARY FARMER MERRITT FIZZELL LORRAINE GAGNON MARCIA GILLESPIE MARY GREER GWEN GUILD LILIAN GUITARD PEGGY BLUNDELL MARIE BROOKS ELAINE BROWN JEAN CAMPBELL MARY CLARK ELIZABETH CLOW KAY DICKIE p I e t a p I . b h . FOUNDED 1867, MONMOUTH COLLEGE Alberta Alpha Chapter Established 1931 EXECUTIVES PRESIDENT ------ TERESA MALRAE VICE-PRESIDENT - - ELSIE MURIEL HAMILTON SECRETARY - - - MARGARET XIII LAR TREASURER - - SYDNEY JONIIS A C T I V E S ELSIE MURIEL HAMILTON NEVIS ROBB LOIS HILL IRMA ROLE DOROTHY HUSBAND MARGERY JAMES SYDNEY JONES MARION KULAK TERESA MCGARTHY PAT MCDONALD KIEAN MacDONALD TERESA MacRAE MARGARET MILLER MARGERY OLSTEAD DOROTHY OWER PLEDGES IRENE GLEN PEGGY KENDRICK DONALDA LLOYD MARYALIGE MILLER JEAN MILNE YVONNE MOGEN ELVA PEARSON 263 ORENE ROSS DOROTHY ROSTRUP VIVIENNE SCORAH BETH SOMERVILLE FRANCES STANLEY KAY TOOHEY BETH XWEIR PAM WILDMAN DOROTHY -IEAN WILTON CLARK AMELIA RANDLE PHYLLIS RUSSELL DOROTHY SHANER JEAN SMITH ISABELLE TAYLOR PHYLLIS VANGO BETTY WIGGINS delta lcappa epsilon FOUNDED 1844, YALE UNIVERSITY Delta Phi Chapter Established 1932 FACULTY EXECUTIVES WnE.BOWmER J W:PORTEOUS PREMDENT ----- GORDON ANDERSON J.S CHARLEYWORTH I.D.CRAWTORD NHCEPREMDENT - - - JmIBuNALLY DR.C.v1JAKuESON R.EII45LOP SECRETARY - - - - EV POTTER DR. H, B. JAMIESON J. W. EORESTER TREASURER - - DON WELLS ACTIVES GORDON ANDERSON BII L ARMSTRONG BRUCE BLAYNEY GORDON BROXVN MAC CAMERON TOM CARSCADDEN BOB DAY GIG FIELD JIM FINLAY RICK HISLOP 'IOM HUMPHREYS BILL HURLBURT BOB IAMIESON VERN KRAUSE JACK LEASK BUD LOVE STU MacINTOSH DON McGILL JIM MCNALLY CHAL McNICHOL DICK MATTHEWS DON MATTHEWS LLOYD NORDLUND PLEDGES JULIAN CRAWLEY JIM HENDERSON BILL HENNING HANK HOPKINS BOB HURLBURT BILL KELLY EARL LUTZ FRED MACKENZIE IAN MCLEOD BOB MATHESON MARK MILLAR OLIVER MICHELSON NEIL MOWATT NORMAN PRESTON BOB SUTHERLAND LLOYD SHEPHERD BILL TOOLE BOB TURNER MICKEY WAKAL JACK MORGAN EV POTTER RALPH ROOKWOOD BLAKE RYAN BOB SHORTREED HARLAN TAYLOR GRAHAME THOMPSON HENRY TOUPIN MERV UTAS BOB VAN ALSTINE DON WELLS WALT ZINTER FACULTY I' G. WINSPEAR DR R. B. SANDIN DR W. G. HARDY D. M. HEALY MAC ALTON ALEX ANDRERSON DON ARMSTRONG BOB BIJOU ROSS BISHOP BILL BLAIR GORDON BROWN DON BOWEN HAROLD BURNS JIM CUMMINGS GLEN CUMMINS DHIL DAU DALTON DEADRICK BOB DILKE LLOYD EAMER NORM FLAVIN LEN BUZZARD JERR BROWN AL CHURCH BILL CRAIG JIM HUME BOB JUNKER delta upsilon FOUNDED 1834. WILLIAMS COLLEGE Alberta College Established 1935 E X E C U T I V E S PRESIDENT H---H-- ELDON IOOTI VICE-PRESIIDENT - IJICK MIIDONALD SECRETARY - - . DON BOWEN TREASURER - A VERN xx HITI ACTIVES ELDON FOOTE -IIM GEL. GORDIE GREENWOOIJ NIP GUEST MICKEY HAJIASH DAVE HARIJING JOHN HARIJING GEORGE HARDY BUD HECK BILL JIIQWITT GEORGE MANSON IZON MEDHURST AI. MELNYR FRANK MURPHY ROD MCALPINE DICK MJCDONALD FRANK MCEVOY PLEDGES BERT KELLAWAY HARRY LINDSKOG JIM MCREEN DICK MCRENZIE DON McNEILL DOUG MITCHELL 265 DON MQKECHNIE BRIAN MAXWELL AL PETTIS CLIFF PROWSE HUGH PROWSE BOB PULLEYBLANK MURRAY SMITH ROY SPACKMAN KEN TORRANCE ROY TRUSSLER ARIE VAN DER LEE ALEX NVEBER BILL WILES BOB WEEKS VERN NVHITE HARRY WISMER KEN MOORE MIKE O'BYRNE REG PAUL BILL STAINTON RON STEPHENS DICK WYLD lambda chi alpha F A C U L T Y G. xv. GOVIER T. wx MEELROY L. A. TI-IORSSEN BOB BAPTIE HUGH BAKER DOUG BAINES ALEX BEVERIDGE MEL BOVVMAN BILL BRIDGEMAN ,IACK BURTON JACK CALVERT HERB CLARK DON CODY DON CUIIHAM FOUNDED 19C9, BOSTON UNIVERSITY Epsilon-Rho Chapter Established 1945 E X E C U T IV E S PRESIDENT ------- FRED WIHAR VICE-PRESIDENT - - - DON CODY SECRETARY - - - JACK COLBERT TREASURER - - IIOII STUART A C T I V E S MIRE DERENIUK BRUCE MIQRENZIE AL DION GORDON MLGUIIEIN REITH DIXON GERRY GEROLOMY DENNIS HOUGAN WALTER HUGHES ALEX JARDINE MAURICE AIORRE DE SAINT JORRE DOUG LOGAN LEN MAHER PLEDGES JIM CAMPBELL STEW MONTGOMERY FRED CORNETT-CHING MURRAY SHIRE HAROLD ENGLAND JIM WOOD LLOYD MILLER DON RIX BOB STEWART TED STEWART AL URSCHEL DES WATT FRED WIHAK AL WILTZEN ROGER YOUNG e siion aIpI1a oi Irzappa sigma FOUNDED 1896, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Epsilon Alpha Chapter Established 1939 FACULTY EXECUTIVES IROI I SSOR M. L. VAN vI,IIa'I' PRESIDENT f------ CARL ROLI J. MAYHOOD VICE-PRESIDENT - - JACK COOPER D. HARVIE SECRETARY - - - ALAN BRAX DR B. EASTWOOD TREASURER - - DAVE SHOUIDICI- A C T I V E S BRUCE ALLSOPP CARMEN BLISS ALAN BRAY BILL BROWN BRUCE BURGESS NEIL COLLINS ALEX HARPER STAN HARRIS SAM HENDERSON GEORGE HORNE KEN JOHNSTONE LARRY JUDGE JACK COOPER BOB JUDGE JACK CUNNINGHAM LLOYD KJORVIN GRANT DUNSMORE KEN LOBB ALEX FALLOW BILL FALLOW BILL MQLAGGAN JACK PARDER JACK RANDLE JACK REYNAR MAURICE ROE CARL ROLF BOB ROSSER BOB SANDILANDS JACK SHARPE DAVE SHOULDICE JOHN SKENE JULIAN THORSNESS JIM WALLBRIDGE GORDON PROCTOR PLEDGES BOB BUCK BILL CORBETT JIM MACKIE JOHN MASON BERT MAGINLEY KEN MACKENZIE HAROLD MORRISON DOYAL NELSON BOB PANKHURST NORM PARRY BARRY PIERCE JOHN RARAGOSKY DICK SHERBANIUK FLOYD WILLIAMS phi delta theta FACULTY DR. M. J. HUSTON DR. O. J. WALKER DR, A. H. MacLENNAN DR. N. MESWAIN OWEN AMUNDSEN DON BAKER JIM BALFOUR JOHN BALLACHEY NORM BARTLEY LAURIE BERRY A. DOUG BROWN DOUG L. BROWN JIM BUCKINGHAM BOB COLLINS JERRY COLLINS DON COLTER DICK COOK D'ARCY DUNCAN NEIL DUNCAN JIM DUNN GRAHAM BARRIER JOHN CHURCHILL BOB COLBURNE FRED CUMMER PETER FAMINOW CHARLIE FLAHERTY FOUNDED 1848, UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI Alberta Chapter Established 1930 EXECUTIVES PREMDENT ------ SANDYIHLCHRBT VKEJWEMDENT - - JOELAUERMAN SECRETARY - - - HNIBUCRUNGHALI TREASURER - - - ERI GEDDES ACTIVES ERIC GEDDES SANDY GILCHRIST GUS GRIFFIN RAY HAGER DENNIE HARRIS LORNE HEWSON JOHN HUCKELL BOB JACKSON ROSS AIEFFRIES JOHN KOCH JOSEPH LAUERMAN CLARE LIDEN MALCOLM M:IcKAY BOB MASON JOHN MAYBIN PLEDGES ALAN HODGSON DON HICKS BOB MARBLE DOUG MATHESON GORDON MINTY VINCE MURPHY DICK MEEWEN DON MQMILLAN AL MCMURCHY RUSSELL MELBY HOWARD MINCHIN JACK MINCHIN LEA MILLAR CECIL MOLYNEUX RON NATTRESS JACK PENZER ANDREW POTTER JIM RITCHIE WILLIAM SIMPSON WILLIAM STEMP DON WILSON JACK YOUNG BOB ROGERS GERRY ROSS BUD SOVEREIGN VERNON SMITH FRED TEARE HOWARD THOM P 1.3 ll . fix 1 :X h . h . FOUNDED l9l3, UNIVERSITIES OF TORONTO AND McGILI. Delta Mu Chapter Established l93O F A C U L T Y EXECUTIVES DR. J. A. ALLEN DR. I. W. BRIDGE L DR. H. H. GILCHRIST PROP. M. M. MCINTYRE PRWUENT """ U-OYD MHLEAN PROF. R. M. HARDY DR. O. ROSTRUP VICHPRESIDENT - - WILV R5 ANI A. A. RYAN DEAN R. D. SINCLAIR SECRETARY - E TQM IQRD S. R. SINCLAIR DEAN R. 5. WILSON . - L B B 5 DR. E. A. WYATT DR. I. xv. NEILSDN TREASURER O EMM A C T I V E S CLIVE BOWLSBY AI.Iax MAIR KIACK SMITH NORM BOYSE LEN BURTON NORM CAMPBELL BARSS DIMOCK RUSS DIXON ALLAN EDWARDS TOM FORD GARTH FRYETT IAN GUNN JOHN HANTHO LLOYD M:IcLEAN KEN COX BOB DUTHIE JACK FITZPATRICK DON GERLITZ BUD MQDONALD GORDON MQILROY ANGUS MORRISON NED NEWHALI. FRANK QUIGLEY DICK REID BOB RENNER BILL RIDDLE KIACK ROSEBOROUGH WILI3 RYAN BRENT SCOTT PLEDGES RUEL GILCHRIST HARRY I-IOBBS BRUCE M.1cDOUGALL KEN MAQEACHERN GORDON MQLAWS 269 NORM SMITH BOB SOLEY BRIAN SPROULE -IOHN STEFANELLI IXIERVIN STEWART RAE SUTHERLAND GORDON SWANN ADAM WALDIE BOB WATSON GERRY WIIGGINS HAROLD WILLIAMS BEN METCALFE BILL MULLOY WILF SUTHERLAND GEORGE YOUNIE I sigma alpha mu FOUNDED 1909, COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK FACULTY DR. M. M. CANTOR DR. M. WEINLOS W. BARRON M. BERNSTEIN 1. RUSIHIEIRIN B. BERCOV R. BRICKER G. EASMAN L. EAIBISII A. OINSBERG A. HORODEZKY S. HUBERMAN Mu Beta Chapter Established 1941 E X E C U T I V E S PRIOR ,-------- O EASMAN EXCHEQUER - - - - E REINHOLD RECORDER ---- - I FAIBISH ASSISTANT EXCHEQIIER - - Is. TOROHINSRY A C T I V E S H. KLEIN II. PEARLMAN M. KLIMOVE A. RUDIN S. LIEBERMAN Ia. REINHOLD A. LESK 1. RYER L. LEVINE v. SAMUELS I.. LYMAN S. SIGAL S. MAEROIJ L. SOLOWAY Is. MARGOLIS W. SWITZER P. OWEN B. TORCHINSKY I. YOUNG P L E D G E S A. ESTRIN I. SHUMIATCHER M. GOLDENBERC AI. TUCKER P 4. i z e t a ps I FOUNDED 1847, NEW YORK wif! UNIVERSITY Mu Theta Chapter, Established 1930 FACULTY EXECUTIVES D52 II IIIIQSRQIN A A A A A A DR EIF DONALD DPL Hb H MEWBURN VICBPRESIDENT ' ' DON WRU DR'J'K PIPE ' DR 'F 'SONET SECRETARY - - - BILL BOYAR ' ' ' ' " I , A A ION SUTHERLANIJ DR. R. K. GORDON TREASURER J A C T I V E S DOUG ANDERSON ARNI HALLDORSON FRANK BENEDICT BILL BOYAR KEITH BRYANT BILL CLARK KEN CROCKETT DON DICK SANDY DINGWALL AL DUBENSKY FRANK FINN RENE FREDERKING JACK GRAHAM LARRY HANNON AL HEPBURN JACK HOLMES NORM HOVAN OWEN JONES BERNARD KELLY BURNS LARSON GEORGE MOONIE BUS MCCALLA FRANK MCGOEY PLEDGES AL CAMPBELL AL NOREM TERRY OLDFORD CLIFF RONDEN BILL RORKE FOSTER SCOTT GEORGE SEMELUK DAVE SINCLAIR JOE STRATTON DON SUTHERLAND BRUCE TIFFIN AL WALKER DSN WRAY DICK MCCAFFREY 271 v ' I L ,329- 41.1, .Q ':. ,.f ,fmgkmf ' 'Ne Y ' Ai. ,V-f gf. .. ,. 14" ' u 43-f, .. , , . ,N ,I I , N , . Huw fl H 2 . 'W A Q -. Q , - 1 1 . C 4 . Y ,. V military and research university naval The University of Alberta Naval Training Division continues to 'be an active organization. As a result of reorganization on a peace time basis, the unit was drastically reduced in size this year in comparison with its wartimestrength. It is hoped, however, that with greater numbers of high school graduates as freshmen, the coming years will see the unit regain its past popularity. Naval activity has been noticeably absent from the campus this year as all training has been done aboard H.M.C.S. Nonsuch, where facilities and navy gear are available. The ratings spent three hours in training each Monday night in order to complete a sixty-hour training program, which included seamanship and gunnery in the first year division, navigation, anti-submarine, radar com- munications and other interesting subjects for ad- vanced classes. To complete this year all members will take two weeks of Naval Training aboard ship at the West Coast in the spring with either American or Northern ports as destination. A large percentage of U.N.T.D. members are planning to spend the entire summer in the naval service. Most second and third year students have successfully passed the local Selection Board and now hold Officer Candidate status in the unit. Each U.N.T.D. member should on graduating receive a commis- 4 f'-X .-MU my ."' training division . 3 'PW' g' -si. wry!" E' 1 YYY lg N .1 sw .ag ... 3 Ti-M -JA 1 ,. 1 I, 5. if t, - sion in the R.C.N. CRD. It is hoped that some will see fit to give their services to the R.C.N. The unit was commanded by G. F. Dalsin, Inst.-Lt. R.C.N. QRQ, as a tender to I-I.M.C.S. Nonsuch. The two Divisional Ofhcers, both of whom have had North Atlantic sea-time and are now students at the University were Peter Thomas, Lt. R.C.N. KRD, and Bob Hurlburt, will Lt, R.C.N. QRQ. Instructors from I-I.M.C.S. Nonsuch ably assisted in the training program throughout the year. ...ii-.... Lieut-Col. F. Owen, O.C. The officers of the unit for 1946-47 were: Maj. D. F. Cameron Maj. E. Connybeare Capt. S. J. Cornish . .1'.. The adademic year 1946-47 has been a transitional year. The system of training in the C.O.T.C. has been completely changed. Members of the C.O.T.C. under the new system take their theoretical training during the academic year and the practical training during the summer months. Forty hours ot lectures are given dur- ing the winter. The cadets train for four months dur- ing the summer under the supervision of the Active Army. The plan is to grant commissions on graduation to all those who qualify. Two years are required for a commission as Lieutenant in the Reserve and three years for Captain in the Reserve or Lieutenant in the Active Army. The strength of the unit is at present set at four ofhcers and 120 cadets, but quotas have been set this year for the different Corps, and the total number of cadets which may be taken on strength is 97. During this year the lectures have been restricted to twenty on Military Science. In the second year cadets will have lectures on Military Geography and Military Economics, and in the third year on Military History and Military Economics. There has been a great deal of enthusiasm for Recreational Shooting on the Rifle Range, about fifty members of the unit having talren part. The response from the student body has been very good, and it is regrettable that all those who applied could not be taken on strength. The following is the distribution of the cadets by Corps: ROYAL CANADIAN ARMOURED CORPS Brown, G. E. Murray. G. C. Coleman. L. S. Ouellette, J. Coughlan, J. W. Roblin, M. K. Duff, D. Toole, W. J. A. Maxwell, B. E. ' Roberts, P. M. ROYAL CANADIAN ARTILLERY Berry, A D. MacLean. R. S. Buckmaister. H. A. McMoi'ran, J. F. Chriustense-n, H. V. Parsons, W. H. Daw, D. I". Reynolds, D. V, Hay, D. L. Thorpe. M. F. S. Laycraft, J. H. Trofimuk, J. MacDiai-mid, J. A. Dingwall, R. A. ROYAL CANADIAN ARMY SERVICE CORPS Dublzinko. T. Lakusla, T. E. Liden. C. L. Robinson, C. J. MacDonald. A. G. Roe. M. C. Madsen. N. B. Honey. M. J. Weisgerber. P. Bertles, S. B. ROYAL CANADIAN Allen, W. R. CORPS OI" SIGNALS Raskin. L. R. ROYAL CANADIAN ORDINANCE CORPS Asquin, M. C. Urton. R. A. Dingle, D. D. Petrashuyk, P llensmore. H. R. Caskey, J. G. Hadlington, G. A. Scrimtreour. J. H. C. Keroack, A. M. Istvannfy, D. I. Lott, W. J. Ginsberg. A. B. McLean. W. F. Rostaing, A. J. ROYAL CANADIAN ELECTRICAL AND Thgmas, H, J, MECHANICAL ENGINEERS - Duthie, R. G. Scotland, W. A. Egglestone. A. E. Chapman, F. W. ROYAJESQ-KQDEQEPQRMY Edwards. A. M. Bell, H. E. ROYAL CANADIAN ENGINEERS Garden, C, F, Dlin, B, M, Raisbeck. G. R. Wallbridge, J. D. c. Gunn' I- M- Klassen' D' Hovan. N. A. MacLean, L. D. Kreutz, D. M. Peck. J. G. CANADIAN INFANTRY CORPS Esdale. W. L. Skene, J. S. Brat-co, J. D. Sauder. R. N. Findley, G. M. Zytaruk, G. N ,, Gushaty. M. oidakei-, R. B. LANADIAN DENTAL CORP' Hodgson. A. S. Willms, A. M. Boyce, M. S. Windsor, G. E. Mc-Leod, I. C. Jorgensen, J. P. Poohkay. P. Christou. V. E. Pariseau, J. Kennedy, J. W. Richardson, L. A. Hall, H. H. Powe. B. A. Sills, R. C. Martens. S. J. 276 alumni' association -- fu .DP 1. C. G. BROWN W. H. SWIFT, President U. of A. graduates-seven thousand of them-are scattered far and wide, but they keep in touch with their alma mater and show their interest in green and gold activity through the Alumni Association-Alberta's graduate society. Aims of the Alumni As- sociation are to promote the welfare of the University and to foster fraternity and co- operation among its graduates. These aims find expression in many ways: Graduation Dinners, Homecoming Days, election of the Chancellor, raising of scholarship funds, and participation in University business through representation on the Board of Governors and Senate. There are branches of the Association in most of the larger cities of the country. Membership is open to all degree and diploma holders, and to all who have completed one year's study at the U. of A. Oiiicial organ of the Alumni Association is "The New Trail" which appears quart- erly. Headquarters of activities is the ofhce of the Alumni Secretary on the campus. EXECUTIVE: President-Dr. W. H. Swift Vice-President-Barclay W. Pitfield Hon. Secretary-G. B. Taylor Permanent Secretary-Gordon Brown 277 t t. ,XX the research RESEARCH COUNCIL OF ALBERTA Mr. L. lf. Drummond, Hon. NX". A. Fallow. Hon. N. E. Tanner fChairmanj, Mr. XV. A. Lang fSecrctaryl, Dr. R. Newton, Absent: Premier E. C. Manning, Mr. E. Davies XY. A. LANG AI. A. ALLAN - -Q-- The Research Council of Alberta was established in 1919 to promote the development and conservation of the natural resources of the Province. Their Work is financed by an annual vote of the Legislature, which in 1947-48 will amount to 599,425 The offices and laboratories of the Council are situated in the buildings of the University of Alberta. The I-Ion. N. E. Tanner, Minister ol Lands and Mines, is Chairman of the Councilg President R. Newton is Director of Research, a member of Council and Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee: Mr. A. McCulloch is Chief Chemical Engineer: and Mr. XV. A. Lang is Secretary of the Council. The Council has a full time research staff. In addition, senior members of the university staff assist with A. McCULLOCH M. B. B. CROCKFORD Z. 551 council ol alberta TECHNICAL ADVISORY COININIITTEI? Standing: ll. Cberlioltfcr, I.. D. Byrne, XV. I7. Rin iv rw Seated, left to right: XY. A, Lang, Ilr. li. A. Clark. Dean R. Nl, Hardy, Ilr. R. Newton gChairinanj, N. C. Pitclicr, xl. Crawford, Dr. gl. A. Allan, certain projects. Many university graduates and under- graduates are employed by the Council, particularly during the summer holiday season. Projects now under investigation include: geological and soil surveysg studies in relation to the separation and utiliza- tion of bituminous sandsg the analysis, classilication, prepara- tion and utilization of coal: the conversion of natural gas to gasoline and chemicals: the processing of straw for building board: the utdizatkmi of poplar: the edect of tdtra xiolet light on biological cycles, etc. In addition the Council oper- ates an oil and gasoline testing laboratory, and employs an Industrial Engineer to advise on projected commercial de- velopments. J. IF. FRYER and Al. GREGORY D. S. PASTERNACR S. II. XVARII ll. E. OBERHOITZER s. Aj. GROOT r" ' - T Q ,v Q ,A I , .. .If V - -4. ,. - ,. 1 O 1"'g"1'1 V I V, :LQ-,Q gf.. . :E-, ff., ,gn " n , x 4 1 al. 52 i ."' ,LA I- . f .Q 4 , 4 ' "R 'V ' . '-f '- 4' W Y F . Q., 1 1 Q1 x - - wx' "1-.- A k . , ' -. ,- . -'it ,:N'f13-1 v ' ' 'v-", Q, '.- - '.?"i1'f,1.x' ' '.. ' S"-r 3 - -. v 1.1 jg -lf- 1 , 1 . Section Editor' .1 w 5 . 4,3 . , -raw up , "F, v Y4,l 4' .f 'AH- X. -'f'. I' f I C - J'--1 1- 'Z K . ,-,V 'ru , I IN' . a --5 L Y N ntl, . 'hu f. Nl I 1 A GLADYS GRIFFINBEALE -. if I Q . v - ' A E 'r X' . I x Y 4 , r x x , 1 x 1. L, 5' fs ' ' .. r 'VA '4- 5? - x ' 4 - . y ' 41 'V , '. I lp - - :wg - - H13 '- ' 1 P71 V , . , . 4 I.. 1 , . NJ.. I , S+ -A 1-1. ' f , 1 . 0 , I tk' xiw , . f s I , , I , - . ' ' 4 '!'1' 1' '-gf' . .F H Q v 4 ' I 1 'Nr ,V wx 2-5 0 v . 'wc' -1. 'Q if ' A 6 --ff P -... 9c!Ili,l,1l!ABOu ps umm: vm ..,.. a-.-m--- ,- ingnvudhfm ,,,,.,, frtmffr' , .fikfg-fgv-nv iq V m , us faculty of education calgary branch Familiar to many Calgarians is the sight of streams of students trudging up the long hill on Tenth Street North West. Some are headed for the Institute of Technology and Art, some for the University Demonstration School and others for the Faculty of Edu- cation, Calgary Branch. The Faculty of Education occupies the west wing of an imposing building which has a magnilicent view of the mountains to the west and looks down on the valley of the Bow with the city nestling against its banks. Sharing our west wing is the University Demon- stration School of ten rooms. It is staffed with experienced and highly-qualified teach- ers who have given us all possible assistance with our practice-teaching problems. Compared with some four thousand students at Edmonton we are a very small unit indeed. However, most of us feel that we have gained by our small enrollment because we have come to know both students and teachers more intimately. When April comes we shall be saying good-bye, not only to the Calgary Branch of the Faculty of Educa- tion, but to a hundred new friends, not merely passing acquaintances. It has been a privilege to have the close contact with, and individual attention from our instructors. These are the links binding us closer to our Calgary school. Two things we have in common with the University in Edmonton: the week-to- week lecture schedule and the examination ordeal. But these are by no means all. There is a newly-formed tie between us-students sharing the stimulation and direction of the University of Alberta. We feel sure that it will grow yearly into something fine and intimate. activifies aff The Art Club, the Choral Society and the Dramatics Club have added to the enjoyment of our curriculum. Members of the Art Club have the op- portunity to use their own natural talent and creative expression in any held of art which they choose: clay modelling, oil and water-color paint- ing, sketching, portraiture and poster work have all been undertaken with very successful results. choral The Choral Society has broadcast several excellent programmes of music over the radio for the enjoyment of both performers and listeners. All singing was done without accompani- ment and the harmony of the four parts was pleasingly effective. dfama The Dramatics Club has had a very successful year. The make-up, costume, and stage committees proved to be in- valuable sources of information and ex- perience. In conjunction with the Choral Society, the Dramatics Club broadcast a Christmas play entitled "Glad Tid- ings," over CFCN. Members of this club have directed different plays which have been presented at our afternoon Literary meetings. Almost everyone has belonged to at least one of these clubs which have in- creased school spirit and enthusiasm, and made the year more pleasant and memorable. 1750 U V" 11- 'VMS 'lkwu v' sports Although the enrollment this year was not very large, there has been keen activity in sports. Our school sponsored a variety of athletic activities in which the students could participate as their interests and time per- mitted. Included on the sports program this year were: basketball, hockey, volley-ball, bad- minton, bowling and table-tennis. Everyone in the school took part in at least one sport and some participated on all of them. Our sports convenor for the year was Grant johnson, but each club had its own executive. When the short-course students left at the end of January, a general reorganization took place in most games, particularly in bowling. The busiest room in the school was the table-tennis room where at every spare moment a game was in progress. This game was carried on without organization and functioned very well this way. Good sportsmanship prevailed and the tables were not monopolized, but quickly turned over to those next in line. Next to ping-pong, the sport with the largest number of participants was badminton. Organized under a definite schedule by their capable leader Ruth Hurlburt, the students first played doubles. The tournament held late in the term was received enthusiastically. Under the dynamic coaching of Marge Clark the girls had an active year in basketball, having played several games with outside schools and having carried on inter-class com- petitions. On Tuesdays and Fridays one could always see the girls, cheered on by their class- mates, battling out the house-league competi- tion, which finally ended in victory for Class B. The boys' basketball club, with Jim Clark as leader, also had an exciting year. Along with some inter-class competitions which demon- strated the supremacy of Class A, the boys played regularly with other city teams. They showed an unusual spirit in that lose or draw made little difference. 'Their object was to learn the game, the technicalities of scoring, and above all to have fun. Two games which were almost crowded out of the schedule were volley-ball and hockey, and only a few games of each were played. In everyone's life, and particularly among students, there is a need for entertainment and relaxation. The best answer to this need is to be found in athletics. The sports program helped to make this year one that we shall cherish in our memories for years to come. 284 special activities The Students' Council is composed of representatives from every class in the Faculty of Education. Through their effort the short period of our stay here has been made more worthwhile. All the activities which have been spon- sored and conducted by the Students' Council have made this a most prosper- ous and happy year. This year the Industrial Arts Stu- dents, mostly veterans, divided their time between Mount Royal College and the Education Building, and took an active part in classes here as well as in the shops of the Technical School. Many informal discussions took place in the girls' lounge. Between periods those few who were attempting to catch up on last night's sleep were rudely interrupted by hilarious laughter and incessant chatter. But school life here in this teacher- training institution would not be com- plete without those dreaded weeks of practice teaching. Our determination at this time to teach the younger gen- eration was second only to their de- fiance of our efforts. fl EGR mf' ' f 285' ,, 1 if 1 Q3 A Kiifrif it ' 1 i Ilia, ' xv' . , ., , Is, . A , 1 , 1 1 1 4 . . 1- ' l K5 I S 4 x 4 , . m n 1 A 1 2 4 . T 1 I x ' 5 1 I X 'Sectiqn Editor Ixus Tnonosoon b Sports GEORGE GIBSON 5 I 2 1 1 ' 1 - ,- . nk, 1 4 f if . -v s , . . n . 4 . hmm ' Vfksaum--. "Nmap " nap FUUTBAJ. i 0 ' On Monday evening more than N 400 freshmen crowded into the Me- Amorial Hall, known to up rclass- men as the "Mem," for iii first event of the week, a smoker. Under 'the direction of Horace Hierlihy an ex-Army Warrant Officer, a crew of upperclasamen dish ' an ed out Cigarette I d pxpe tobacco t at ' S o the eager F1-osh, er sewmg refre h S k s ments. pea ers addressing the group in- cluded Dr. .A. J. C Ir ' to stud P oo , advxsor ent veterans, Dr. P. S. Warren, rovost of the University and from activities Tom Ford, Gatewayg Bill Falk, and Gold: Bill Mixed Chorus of the +I SJW aff Q eww 61" af" Tf 9 ' 4 fl: r W M? J ,I 4 A ,, H 4 W V f ,5 W ffl ' L T 7 X4 W F4 Un Kam Name - L2 -,N V ?hon9No 5- 4 Q Soaclety M The nsifu D pu-tment 'lhe banquet and ball .xrher in the term Q-bil wrder to lete th alum, class the last ated course Openmg Dr H L warm welcome to toast to by Bob Fraser whxch Llass Dr, Fulton memlvzrs at the Pat with remin- The Dean Faculty Dr J Over that as nnticlpated o! '-18. The the University accelerated course 'YA' Q21 X AVON l Q2 Ami 0 Y or .. as , VOC . Wd 5 a Schoxarsyws, Ptxze A 95 the general . 'W Z class will be 4 221 X F ears has b CBD 0'0.4.:r'CE l a- Lz, 'XJ PGAAL Q ' 5.3L '22 mf - J f I JL- ji- QE I -A 'Sl ? 8 'S -L 0 , ' Wi, A . C5 3 o 5 ' O Q ? 'gi Q,4Bo.l" K g3,'u'30'?'SoPZ'5f. ' lx S 'P Pg 95 O ixgagwsafa' ' Q Q' 3 ,'2fflxsffA'BA'sc . ,Q m lg 0 g An33xicg:m:3:'gowlxe.lA.Pf. ' nu K tg. 7lE'Z3a?f'3WlW32c'5 WS. x O ev-P' Pill- elif' QYY-A , ,VD G rs - OR'5.m.xa DSGRBEQSEPFCY D ,, '- 10 U ONGYAS mf' 5:.. Wm' l .,1 f., X D . D lx ,3:i"' AWWTD: Mini-5' - R -- x66 QRS?" ' A 9 3 ' 1 F ' 4 ' LX Bm Cgllxv 1 l K, lf- JL, ' sup' ,l sf :v a gf - 'ff :cz--" X '2- X- ' Ban - Tlielpaiatei shades ofthe girls' evening dressesfmwcle n colorful array as the Wanneita. Society pre- sented its aunu. semi-annual ball: lsacuraay evening? in the Varsity 'Dril15'Bal1.' ,-Some five hundred eonples' attendecl, the Unzlversitys iiirsis. formal-lotuxmetion, bi bhe fall ,Q-Ljzerm, ' ' , , In keepi ' thei-Thanksglv- ofdggomes and pmxiesi ellis and ish-ies served as .r eolorfqlir' -gieoixraiions. Cm-sages, worn ig-bygl ' 32339 Fwwuneitus ffflat-edQYNTi:ji1gggd"A"""x ,Eilfthd way from X giinplg iyhitsilcarnations to bronze ixthrysahihenxums elaborately tied fyvith iongxwzgu streamers. Vege- ltable sprays' were also evident, .but 'manyseemed to have diminished in A 213+-'fr irxf-Y f--2 size by the conclusion oi' the dance. Patronlzing the affairs were Mrs. P. S. Warren, Mrs. J. L. Morrison, hon. president, Miss Mamie Sin1pA son, adviser to women students, and Miss Constance Mc-Farlane, warden of Pembina. ., Frank McCleavy's orchestra fur- nished t-he music for the program dam-e, with records being substi- tuted during the two brief inter- missions. Refreshrnents were serv- ed at the Cafeteria, and judging from the efficiency with which the situation was handled, double in- termissions xnuy be xi permanent thing at large gatherings this winter. The committee in charge of ar- x-:mge-nienis. headed by President LiLlium Glierke, included Marg' H untvr. Lois Neilson. Peggy Taylor, 'Pc-'rry McCarthy, Jeanne Gauld and ling Tannvr. '- ' ,Na lveruios Prowl Nov. Waw -Waw Carnival Grandstand no iff' .f l. NJ ,Ln s..,f X , X 'L I lgf, sw f , 2 Varsity Rmk Fri., Novfl j 8:30 p.m. sharp f 'Ill 1 E . ff' '73 1- nu wiwfnl 625712 2 wx! A ' , IL 4' ,..,. hw,-V-.f. .V V' '1 V' WV. , Q'755T'f'gN1w SW -5'-2:vfV.'4'h'-4'- T77 . -"WE n , H- 2 . . 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With- nothing at stake, both teams iopened:.iJlP'Wiilr dazzlmg passing plays, and the snlall. crowd was treated to the best football display seen here .all season. ' Huskies took 'the lead in the first quarter on a Mclfadyen to Woodman touclil down pass, converted by Les Williams.. Bears tied it up asMac- Donald intercepted a forward and galloped 40 yards for a major 'score. Hajash converted. Ingram put Albertaiahead for good with a kick to the deadline just before half-time.7 In the second half, a Fraser to DsFraine pass and an Ingram to Hobbs effort were both good for tries. Hajash converted on a pass to Fraser, and Ingram kicked a convert to end thescoring. For the third time since it was donated by Prof. E. A. Hardy of the University of Saskatchewan some 20 years ago, the Hardy trophy is the property of the Alberta Golden Bears. By virtue of a 14-5 victory at Clarke Stadium, Saturday afternoon - the Van Vliet-Daigle coached squad have made it three straight ovelf the Saskatchewan Huskies, and thus take their place of ,reverence alongside the previous championship teams of 1928 'and 1944. ' Z The game produced more thrills 'than any of the previous efforts -witnessed here this season, and the chilled crowd, which included a large section of Alumni, found lots to cheer about as a courageous, fighting bank of Huskies tried vainly to stop the greatest Golden Bear team ever assembled. The rf' highlight of the contest. came in ' the second quarter as Jim Mc- Fadyen, Huskia halfback, caught the Bears napping on it left end 'sweep and gnlloped 8? yards for a major score. The Huskies also im- covered a dazzling pass attack that saw them complet-e seven out of 13 attempts. The Golden Bears got. off to a flying start in the Hrst quarter and indications pointed to a rout as they gained seven first downs and rolledxup a. total of 130 yards rush- ing, as compared to one first down and 22 yards for Saskatchewan. Ken "Fleet Foot" Fraser opened the scoring with u. 20-yard mad dash around right end for the llrst touchdown. Hajnsh converted so Albertahad a. li-0 lead as the first session ended. ' Saskatchewan made a great comeback in the second quarter as they outrushed the Bears and held them in check. After McFo.dyenfs- great touchdown run, his convert attempt was blocked by Ken Moore, hard charging Alberta tackle. The half time score was Alberta 6, Sas- -M kutchewan 5. 4 ' ' ' ' v V' fit' A--v--H - - - . -..YY Y, ?..,m,,n ,W , Y l V -X D .X ..,.,.,Q,.g "E t.,- Q, Dum. gpcafcnydbv fgcxaiuiifi f-S""' Rv? gffii JLWMJ g .qw 7W::1, Awww CJXM-4 Welcomed Last Saturday Vjckuuao. K 'N aa he 4 qu ""'i'+f.QM i lbw -V,Al V 4' QV F . rj gf ,i any A - 71 01 p-16110 ' fu MMM' A ' I 59 2 A f-Af! Ready For Roosevelt Romp ' 'The mrkey ns ready-the dance band is ready--in fact, everything is in readiness for The Gateways big banquet and dance in be held at the Club Roosevelt on Wednesday night of next week," announced Gateway Chief, Tom Ford.. The club has been obtained exclu- sively for members of the staff for Lhe special occasion. Forty Gateway members and their guest partners have already signified their intention of attending the function. It is ex- pected that about 100 will be present, The banquet is scheduled to start at 7:30 pm. and the dance will fol- low at 9 p.m. Each members of the staff is entided to bring one guest, and those who haven'v. already done so should get their name down on the office bulletin board. Dress will be informal. KX x X lim R Era -11, 5 .w , nf Qllh Hmllgnxb snrunmw. ncccmamz 1, was grin? lf, :mf V Palm llALl X x , ' , ' XX . -14 ' 5'-25 .w -:gl-wi ' il' '59 , A, Q f 1 ..., f.J::n'-,-nz Q 0 P S? - R I3 ' yn J -3 52.50 couple 1,-632,93 ll- 'wi - 1 xxnq. D 1 ,JZ my an leafy 14' nahezeen 4 Q5 558512 f 93? J9D4?tgf88'2fZ I4-'zJP0fan I fm! A' N., c. Ar-lg-.feb n I nike o 2'-fic! SQPH C15 Pass ss Q-,f 34? , A - VA , WTCJ Fir' 1 3 K L ,? : fffffffffwfwl s -1.2 -X -D ij f iq ,Z 1' 'WEL 0 The Uni 39711 u ' F' C I1 u vm,-ily Oldlbeffa Mug Chews M11 pre- Hllhzbefs range from the rejoicing " "carol of its '11-irq annual Do'Io2r1 on -Ibn"-wry 27 and 28 lb the ro the subdued majesty of Sf.-hubeffs Mcbougw Chanel: auditvrflun, 71, cancer: han been 'zfibqnkw-2114 the pefmfvenm, of Sir Arthur Slllliviqk a hi bt Ofgffnmntonk Wan' ter season for the "Th Lqn D y CI In llldbdlb th pr In are fwo and 'be umm! chaff-1.-1 iv exbecbedpxt sfllllinamjw fl-o"??jr!0We1i' and '19u"'zef'?iT: Carl mea-mne up hilly to farmer n"11dn,,,s. V Mueller. 7739 315006 C71o"f1s was 'P'0I?a4l2e,g fo im IVQGM In Qui:-Bs! are Dllackfs' '17-ack and Jill." and alsb a 5-'rn in f-be 03.411 ff-l9j4::14f?oUh 1S"'d0'S"Z Z GUZUUU srnup of colwerr rounds. Arrangements of some Negro adn, F ' nwmbem aft- of spit-itzlab by Noble Cain are On the ,9ro1?1'a,,,,. 1945 it ple-Senlrd its 5:-nt von lb Qmvw.-ation Hall, . . and file Salman was Qomphrefrezunieaz ei-fum when ,,eaS"'ce mmf? Z'f,ffl'i,f'ff W' In ' the performance as von of th, finest thnx' 1'11n,onfon PW' and . . practme Scbelule. One of the lr had seen In chorus Work' It was ewdem wat the ' tion is the Donductor Miked Clrnfun bird an eanducrur had brought same- d E Medi " thing new romllsrvellth- in rag-province: 77zey esnnb- the Chg' 3' Da' 111154-'d a 'Ubin-fflw rekmneor ww, their 1'-, an- and ms' ' -um E , lfealz-the 135-46 se-una Ure chorus wns increased f firelg Q-mehlbdrlun 05135 and bf',e me ' .D oiifsktad-lb flu-Domfhfozz. The :grin and eh-endve had limfiwd of fbe ms.-"bun Han-, ind ' was embarked upon. Bfcbnugw Gnu affeqmm 010s egujar re- offer a packed ey mea in the organ- Gordon Clark. Mr. Clark is a student, but finds time lo conduct D1-mr the bella in the Edmon lou QVDADPIODY. nonducfa the CKUA Glee Club. Marie Mer bandls the job of aecompamlft. She Can Ink: 110 U rehearsalsg for when the chorus hid: a Sour no ingest has lo be on the spn: to c-on-C-ct ir. 'Sabin .. coax the orga-'IL-qhiollaj vaork makes dem by ffieff expwenees of zhe exec-utivkclaude ll! a male ambnwus program and Bob JaClg Hs cb The 1.946 concert was held .az and cetalogn.. rch, where a larger audience could be mg odafed A Week after the Edmonton show 7719 eq the chown ioumbyed en mm ro Calgary fo D p"esg-nr the Same n'9grH4n. s.Do'IsorGd by the Opto C1116 Uribe -Youth t-ily. The Peeepfion which recgisied 131 cities prqvggi Plant U29 1'nf5'P"?6llf'g'bv1 had -'lol Scored .woflibr 77111-1 .wear the 'M Calgth-Jf ll11d6l Febfu le she d Une scene ands DDQ!! th ' ay is Busille Lib'-lr' , and mljfdr Ian, Honorary Pre ' 1-. W1l'lla'm 111154 lhellt of tlrdslqow' be' CHUM of " mivtgken. ' Geri ' me e I ily 5 and K- usp group M71 ' on Febrq be S 6 111119 -is Mins does Ure the Inllmc .udent 'o R w he fhe Ufliii' ah, rs by viz-g che 0191. The chown - wifi a Oes of the lifler Eze 4-'l2h'9fn'f0I' ily Z sf-aged in Th 8911 order' of135 f the ' ad of rsity. ue of lft he ' . the Rain ' N Opfollz' B-9120 -4110211 Red 9 11111 I HDD' mg People. Mixed Chorus is ihe Zoologtcal Depart- He is well lr.:-,owlz to all mem- the Qoffee Parties he sf-ages, :md for gwes to Urn groupk Esprit de coins. Whether Occnifin Ile a regular rehear-S31 in Med 1552 a full- drem reheilzsag at Mc-Dougal! Church, or a formal pm- smg in duvlian, D1-. Rowan is presenr with a word of advice 45, Qub. on and encouragement, 'fluxes the-rn, the On the road zo es-fnblighrnem ro. 8 nation-'war rg- ior a one-mglzt sfebd putation, the chains has made recordings re-centh' for Qrrelfolhannee LY sehedvled Lo audition by llze Canadian Br0ad0agling corporauon. 5291111 WIP f0110"'1b8 -'light The 'Boarding of "G0d Save fhe is contracted we to be pwsefsfed ii pl-filled to meet the for by radio sution Gmc in Cal sly for use oval of musk- lovers of all lan-tm. In 111005, the gigzroff musk- evesy Inf mg-ht. .. .,.X,X. CCNA as .ifiv 'gi -.1 3 S JZ3, ' i sis h E 3 .f i x . ' gr e ,6- . 'ff ., Aa-A 1 4 X If D Hi v X4 X , ,rl 23' ' i 'plus ,- V I V ' 0 7 . l, 2 .2 Q fwgwj ff' Q' 1" -T 'gl v J .N ,Z .iff ,. 1-" . my - Mar31.Gtas, -A .Q . -aiu .dug aadaa atb fmlorlul ll Gras aaumaljrtauand peieaeo damsel Gaily ,175 V8!'19U5!Y'3t Gvvxllla niierklad. mammal irangw bv-ruuf Nlzbih. -Tha! nght af dw evgniag mage fwhlz em-mam of,she,king, trumpet vfnnlare, 'und choice, of campus girls, ii!!! royal 5-egalia, amended in hm 4 lion on tha throne. flanked 1? two princes,fColhrMttl'ny and Eamar. Helen McGl'egar read Proclamalilm. which 365 "The women of Unlvemiw thml sirable ea nf maculg geademaniloess, sirability than anyone on campus. You have been chose lead and rule over them." F01 24 hom-a following the oarexmns girl had in address 'King Tearas "Rear," and cunesy befure add:-msamg him. Ted was than crowneibgr Mm McGregor, and pigmented. git: from various wemwn xfalxm. oeremany was bmadcast by Dial: Beddoes and Guy Beaudry uver CKUA. - An irnpfaasiye Grandullarch past me iudses' stand :vaulted in costume prima for Miss Lillian Gehrke, dreesedasavexynealcolinnur- Eydand srpwmmzl Jade uni. a n uv puma: an prin- relzsgh Decisions wan biased on A ty, ainkplwl' an efngen . fiing Ted's igsttyduq: in his nm 'Lion was preaen pnk ta 5:18118 winners. Gd-mr mgenioualy- mvireclumndantsawexe a ahlalz and his harem. a whine-zmdarwur clad Pembinibb, Governor Talxmdge of Georgie, and several CtlUn'llurrlya. A few mare dnringiy-dresaed co-edu added excitement to the evening. Decorations were pmbably the miibliglllli andiattructive of any function Hua htm. Alwyn Scott and hm assistants deaerve much credit for converting the Drill Hall so mx-nplewly iam a festive hall. Su-rroumilng the orchestra stand were Grecian-pillar colon- nadea, wiih furmal swag: upheld by balloon cluaton. "A new innnvation was the used of draped exmvagperom the nenhplandysizaltli andtge ai dm hall, wld Suhr xdmg' walls, and lighted b indirect apuilighm from floor level? Around the tlmmc. theu'uceax1xiva1spiritoftheM.ardi Gras was observed by a hzife balloon chandeliers, 1arga,bejevq'e ed masks planed on a canvas haclcgruund, and pillars in pastel shades, sunnounced by, galaxies of balloons. . Patmos for the ball were Miss C. McFarlane, Miss M. Simpsan. Dr. and Mrs, R. K. Gordon, Cal. and Mrs. P. S. Warren. Dr. and MN- D.. E. Smith, May. and Mrs. A. A. Rgn, Dr. and Mrs. F. H, Whylne. and . and Mrs. J. Macdonald. gl fa..- J nazi'-.ffmlrmavaaswf P'-A. l , i CET., f"M"-'-- -- kwa- fi, f ,i,,.,J 'li 'WN aww nzwmvww 2' AGXZIMJ, Q-'. 3 rsnigm a:a:3oinnrn1n-L11-JF: A I . ' Varsity Hoopsters Play Host To Montana Yellow Jackets ' or L s m "-kimigy M-A o the Green and ld athletic diet might when time Eastern Montana State Normal School Yellow Jackets angle with the Alberta Golden Bears lx an exhibition basketball gamaat by Drili Hail- The Yellow Jackets -eiesven' in allg-were, awomganied sy their school president, Drs A. G. 'mialeir mais fs, . M, Bio A . Wamy mf-loaf: tanmisyairyes- 1 , , J 1 e - pawspfy q 'gf 3 main. E. oft aw, ' 'on Faculty.. Q sxhesm Gai' I-'lr , I' rs ' W g ismiili' 'wmpeta ed , w 54-E41-fan as an ima- egarlg-:-..o A ,Q-rf, :ashipsacx-ass 1, 'M M , gm' ' Effwlwuaf JW 0 9'2fjW'fJ"Lf' 'Q' Wa ffl If Stays Here z'51MMf MM ,572 fiwi-2' pf'kfif"'f' , - - W 'gi' ,Xi ,v.,fk,L -V , ,fgffi it A Boxers My t. lt-a Arms W XM Q, ,Jw ,O-,4 QNX-AQ i www.: me if 4 5 :if " 0? g,L,4,pg,9 . .3 fl-1:-if 2 'wr , . Q, ,XM-A, qi. , gi y sk ?E:g,5LkM cc 2 n K - ' h T . . 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M3 SHOUUM LEX YIARY-E ....., Sim "N Aww, UNSHXRE S , BILL Es ' AN DAY-E Q' D B 1 T 11.11 MCLAGG med 'Z by aim, FALK ,A-A n 2' new . '-', U' 'wk'-,5',,,379.A' .X 1' . 'if . Bmw, 5 . ' Si: . , A!! .H-,M -gif ..'f-x 1,1- BALCONY .The Unifversifyluf Alberta Dramatic Society presents TW ELFTH NXGHT PQNVOCATKON mm, I 0 S15 p.m. Seat J Friday. M. Reserved , K. TWELFTH NIGHT 'wa-M M, 1941 'Ren 15: f 4fn,+,,Z wjfginbb if 7' QMM Q-lfuf M? 1511 ff? W f-,Rf 4.44,-A n-M--58321: Q 3 5 "Q, E'gf1':aff,3, E." Final Examinations Monday, April 14, will see the beginning of the final ex- aminations in all faculties with the exception of Applied Science. This week the Applied Sci- ence examination schedule was posted. Ebcaminations in this faculty will begin on March 25 and will continue until April 8. Following this, there will be a two-week sur- vey school for Engineers in their first two years. As yet the examination schedule for other faculties has not been completed, ter McDougal! 0 10,- X Wwffff Q- ! . zum --ndu xy the Q dance KN THE Som'-:lay pro- " xmdergvadugg on me 1 program wm. thru ' of .Mbe s L' mrnx-my 'tmukcd MJD graduxmds. ' dues rms MU be an .X Xlhnugh me grzrduakxwxg . eu' in expected in reach A mgh 'my Qmdenis have ces be of he ai noone Crm- at audiwrlum when mek degrees. rohes and mortar ' uc. x . mark u! 660. rn. . been inrcefi lo receive lhekr degr m :rbscxxlm The myomy 01 this " X50 vdurutinn stLldGnl5 A ' ers ol me Dr. Lv. F. . of the unwersixy, degrees. DOTHC, gruugw :np who have Kofi inr :M umm ' and in the aherxauozx rovuwe tn ' ui the shoriage. ' '-e:nr's convocation core ' X rnduamnc TNS , nxomes MH sei' the hrs sg k dm! vetcrrms, most oi ' ' hx arts Xcmss oi stu n. mm wm recewe degrees and cu BACCPKLAUREPA the brews!! to wxllheghx pf sludeur 'Ye take x e the F.E.O5 ' K l Vi X ' HHHCYCIZ. TE church 2 the conwora - and 05130188 ot ine L!! dass win t010' xhg Macmm- , V 2 ' qi gala formal fl! B ., ,. ,NNVNNMM 'P'-vim. ww N I gy ff A p C. ,Ca C ffl 0.6 H AC1'sDE.'25XC PRQCLSSXON 0 CANPQDA THE QW oflfmos mwwna of .Edmund shxm 'v',Qn.'ws A . BD ,Yun Anmfugx. gffowr of 'MS PRESLDEWY 'ro c ow oc amos N1 DEGREE OF 0144 CO1.xEERR1NG OE' HON ORM1 DOCTOR QF LAWS Hmwrnbte Chxei Jugunff Wmmm Rnmu-'Jn Huwwn. B PM LX Vmwmi sv ram-mx. cm 3....,,. um. rum xc Euxc'-X Ofw,f,..x 'Nh Funuuc wb, M. mv. c my-.u, CS P, . .W 10085, f.,-U TK ALJ A mmm . .Ncmi ENTQ X OF A . PRIZES AYAHLS np . -D MEDALS5gHOLARqm - PS THE C OVW OC ATXON 'Mc Er- -Km-Mx Evmvfr Osbm-rw Th 3-hPMm12..,,,n Th P PL-,-jg? e Aflmlgmn R .. ECLSSION CQNFE ' RR 1 . um, OF DEGREE GOD SAVE THF k .TNG PRESY -Nr, 1 A Lm"N"1F DIPLO MAS , L X grew: ,- ,LXL LLIZLDZ-I Vi dx' if by-J. Lf LL U6 , C! .1 4zLL4L,U1JIL O dam J, LL mf ffm M dm M of 04721K Owl fnnlp This year finds our yearbook the largest every both in size and financial expense. It was a large task to finance the book that you are now reading, and the firms whose advertisements follow, greatly helped to ease our burden and make the production of the year- book possible. As they have co-operated with us, let us now co-operate with them, by patronizing them in every way possible. Thank you, ' J ' . Q .a !Q1f'Lf2y il ff ZIQQZJAIQQ' Business Manager '42 'S as-,113 we . 'gd a ' 'H 1-x 1 -X e' Z . 'WN .Q-. 7 ':f , PHGE mmqg up 1 Q' :rf h , J, if '- Y. 43, V-X Q -X ,x V ii-JK 'ffm f-5" ii -, . ,ff pf, af 'X -V N A XX ..,, .N , , 4 1 ,Q,. 1 3c'?'o. A .A Xyxx - X . 'ff a ,wg .sw X usb. f - .. Q 'A 1 Wu J., YEHR BOOK Xlffith thirty-five years' experience in designing and engraving School Annuals such as this volume of Evergreen and Gold We are completely equipped to render reliable and efficient service. The utmost care is exercised in taking your year hook photo, design- ing the layouts and producing the finished engrav- ings. Individual expert attention is given to all orders by our experienced staff. For quality and service in Photography, Designing, and Photo-Engraving see McDerm1'o' Studios LM 10024 - 101st Street Phone 25444-26777 l i ffl 6' li. al I T1 .-- . . . . . . X initiative, and integrity, now seeking a worthwhile . xx , ,g 1 . M - X -, 1. K business career, are needed by the Sun Life Assur- S . I ,, 'Xp S Q' "ii, ance Company of Canada. Previous experience in x ,, 3' 5 , 5 -',.e C N selling is not essential as successful applicants will ,,5L,,', 4, MQ' receive the special training course given freely by g H14 1 .l rappe r 'L .- Sun Life experts. This course fully qualifies you 5 ' te .. 'aff' ,s - - - - ' ' ,J Q? 1 L-3 for the responsibilities of your new position. p .p -13,2532 'fi 25 Steady income from the start. Pensions and sick- . .......? --I' ness privileges are also provided. The Sun Life of Canada ADDRESS ENQU I RIES TO' is glad to have the -opportunity of discussing with you a career in a business of high standing and repute. R. A. COULTHARD Branch Manager 319-320 Empire Blk. EDMONTON Sun Life of Canada BENEFITS PAID SINCE ORGANIZATION EXCEED 51,920,000,000 INDIA' Aarbo, Phyllis, 146 Abell. Treva. 132 Aboussafy, Louise A., 133 Acheson, Ross K.. 146 Achtymichuk. John W., 151 Ackroyd, Ammon O., 146 Adair, William B., 106 Adam, George, 111 Adams. Arthur E.. S9 Adams, David A.. 129 Adams. David C. Adams, John T.. 133 Adamson, Donald N., 137 Adamson, Joan D. Adamson, Martin L., 137 Ady. David S. Agnew, Hinds, 137 Aikenhead, Donald H. Ainscoutrh. George A., 137 Airth. Robert L., 137 Aitken. Howard D. Alcock. Patricia, 93 Alexander, Edward L., 106 Alexander, Johnnie D., 146 Alexander. Thomas A., 155 Allam. John H. Allah. Betty- L., 261, 137 Allan, David M.. 111 Allan, Edward J., 127 Allan. Herbert H.. 146 Allan, James F. Allen, A1'thur H. Allen, Douglas N.. 240, 159 Allen. Harvey T. Allen. Jack NV., 230, 233 Allen. Kenneth E. Allen, Phillip E., 122 Allen. William H., 133 Allen, William R. Allen, Walter L.. 111 Allenby. Gordon M.. 100 Allin. Georze E.. 137 Allman. Ralnh J.. 75 Allred, Lorin D. Allsop, Bruce E., 76, 267 Allworth. Jack C., 111 Altilio, Joseph W.. 165 Alton. John D.. 249, 137 265 Alton. Nancy S., 255, 261. Archibald, Harold D., 111 Bail-ey, Josephine M. 137 Archibald, Marion L., 131. Bailey Mamie E., 83 Ambler, Margaret, 146 260 Bailey. Ralph F.. 137 Ambouroii, R. J. Armbruster, Gertrude D.. Bailey, Reginald E., 111 Amb1'ose, Kathleen. 94 S1 Bailey. R0be1'i- B-1 137 Amerongen, Carl, 122 Armstrong, Allan B., 133 Bailey. Warren S., 151 Amies, Clare F.. 111 Armstrong, Donald E., 137, Bailie, MarJor1e A.. 122 Amonson, Leslie, 158 265 Bain. GO1'Cl0fl A- Amundsen. Al B.. 111 Armstrong. Donald W. Pain. Gordon O. Amundsen, Owen J., 76. 265 Armstrong, Dorothy M.. Bain. Mary E-. 137. 134 Ancion. Emma L., 151 132 Baines, William D., 76, 266 Andersen, John. 106 Armstrong, Edith M., Sl Baird. William VV. 127 Anderson, Carl W., 143 Armstrong, Joan, 132 Bakaj. Peter J. Anderson, Charlotte Jgan, Armstrong, John K., 127 Baker, Arthur B.. 146 93 Armstrong, Robert D., 151 Baker, Bruce L., 85 Anderson, Douglas A., 159. Armstrong, William. 250, Baker, Eric J. 271, 195 133 Baker, Donald B.. S3, 263 Anderson, Ethel M., 146 Armstrong, W. S. Baker, Donald F., 106 Anderson, Frank T,, 111 Armstrong, William T., 83. Baker, Frederick J. Anderson, Gordon F.. 159. 264 Baker. Howard S.. 158 264. 195 Anderson, Harold D. Anderson, Jack I., 133 Anderson. Jean M., 260, 143. 206 Anderson. John A. Anderson, Jarvis M.. 129 Anderson, Lorne W., 111 Anderson. Raymond R., 127 Andreassen, Bertha S., 131 Andreassen, Harry P., 122 Andrekson, Alex, 85, 238, 265 Andrews. Ernest E., S9 Andrews. Peter A.. 102 Andreychuk, Michael M. Androschuk. Peter, 137 Andruski. Nick, 146 Angus, Robert B. Angus, William R. Anhill. Sonia, 94 Annesley, George W. Appleby. John. 161 Appelt. Felix W., 106 Appelt, Victor M., 106 Appleton, Mavis J.. 257. 133, 260 Arbeau. Arthur M., 133 Archibald, Blaine O., 127 Arnett, Pauline E., 228. 229, 253. 254. 257,154 Arnold, Edward J. Arnold. Joan M.. 253, 131. 261 Arnott. Nora, 164 Arrayet. Maurice J. Artym, Gloria, 94 Ash, Reta, 154 Ash. Sydney G. Ashley. Doris L., 137 Asp. Douglas M., 133 Asplund, Russell O., 133 Asquin. Marcel C., 146 Atkin. Howard G., 111 Atkins. Helen, 146 Atkinson, Shirley, 262. 137 Atkinson. Thomas P.. 137 Attrell. Kenneth S., 111 Auck, Herbert R. Austin, D. Audell. Eugene C., 127 Askroid. James L. Baden. Robert, J., 117. 249 Badzioch. Joseph. 106 Bahan, Walter G.. 133 Bailet, Allen M. Bailey. Charles A.. 146 Bailey. Herbert. 111 Baker, Hugh A., 137, 266 Baker. John C. Baker. John E.. 117 Baker. Milton V.. 138 Baker. Perren L.. 230 Baker, Thomas D. Balderston, John H. Balfour. James D., 117, 268 Balke. Walter, 111 Ballachey, John M., 126. 268 Ballantyne. James T., 151 Bannan. Robert M., 127 Bannerman, Robert B., 127 Baptie. Robert S.. 73, 266, 188 Baracos, Andrew, 75 Baranek, Stephen J. Baranyk. Peter J.. 146 Barber, Frederick R., 102 Barber, Norman L.. 111 Barclay. John M., 127 Barilko, Olga. 133 Barker. Gerald E., 158 Barker. Graham O., 111, 268 Barnecut. Etta. 124 Barnes. David M.. 241 Barnes. James A.. 241, 106 RADAR at the HELM The first commercial application of radar is Westinghouse Marine Radar. Now, for the Hrst time, ships at sea on peace-time missions have a naviga- tional and anticollision device unaffected by weather, storms, darkness or fog. Westinghouse Marine Radar is already proving its worth to coastwise shipping and promises to become a standard instrument of navigation. This latest example of Westinghouse leadership in the field of electronics is still further evidence of the skill and experience which lie behind every Westinghouse product V Vest' 110 SC CANADIAN WESTINGI-IOUSE CO., LTD., HAMILTON, CANADA 315 Barnes. Lemuel G.. 106 Barnes, W. Neil. 138 Barnett. William D. Baron, Stanley G. Barr. Walter K., 102 Barrett, Leonard G. Barron. James, 111 Barron. Margaret, 1631 Barron. Walter. 270 Barry, C. C.. 151 Barry. Robert F., 2321 Barry. Patrick N., 127 Bartlett, Burnett G.. 106 Bartley, Georrze A, Bartley. Norman H., 13x Bartman. Michael. 146 Basistiuk, John. 13N Bassett. Austin D., 102 Basson, Frederick T. Batch. Richard G. Bates. Arthur D.. 136 Bates. Ormus A., 124 Batiuk. Walter, 1521 Battle, Alma. 164 Battle. Geneva Batty. Bertha F., 85 Bauman, Melvin K., 155 Bawol, Helen, 131 Bawden. Clifford S.. 151 Baxter, Myrtle, 92. ITF Baxter, Percy Lee. 146 Bay, Theodore S.. 130. 169 Bayliss, Reginald E.. 111 Bayrock, Victor A. Beacom. Stanley F., 102 Beairsto, F. W. Beairsto, Russel G. Beamish, Annes M.. 132 Beamish, Katherine J., 162 Beare. Harold T., 106 Beaton. John E.. 129. 1N1 Beattie. Allan W., 102 Beaudoin, James E. Beaudry. Guy 126, 1x4 Becker, L. Jane Beckett. Gordon K.. 116 Beckett. Paul. 151 Beckler. Irene G.. 934 Beddoes, Richard H., 102. 150,1H1,1xx Bedford. Ron F.. 1353 Beere. Reginald H., 1-16 Beml. Stuart G., 111 Begoray. Fred P.. 151 Beingessner, Henry I". Belik, Ernest. 106 Bell, Bruce C., 111 Bell. David A., 100 Bell. Donald D. Bell, Elizabeth J.. 254. 132 Bell. Harold E., S3 Bellinilham. Ramsey S.. 103 Bellows, Joyce E.. 138 Belot. Robert E., 133 Belsheim. Edwin, 106 Belyea. Albert F. Belzberg, Sam, 129 Bene-dict. Jay F.. 160, 271 Benedict. Margaret I.. 127 Benedict. Russell A.. 100 Bennett, Hazel M.. 97 Bentley, Fraser A. Bercov, Bernard. B-1, 270 Berezanski. Martin, 146 Berg, Don E.. 102 Berrz, Eldor R.. 73, 229. 245 Berg, Roy T-. 100 Berglund. R. C.. 127 Bergerson. Eldon W., 106 Bernard. Donald A. Bernarde. A. J. Bernhardt, Christina, 16-1 Bernstein. Matt VY. E.. 133.165, 2711 Bernstein, Philip Berry, Adrian D.. 146. 221 Berry. Andrew D. Berry. Arthur L., 75. 266 Berry, Gerald L. Berry, Grover A.. 106 Berry, Helen M. Be-rry,Robert A., 106 Bertles, Stewart B.. 1354 Bertrand. Henry L., 111 Bertrand. Mariraret R, 85. 263 Bertrand, Norris R.. 160. 213 Besney. Maurice, 160 Bessette. Joseph H. Best. Louise E. E.. 146 Beveridge. Alexander J.. 135. 266 Bewell, Charles E.. 1516 Bibby. Aileen. 95 Bick. Roland W.. 111 Bickerdike. Donald, 146 Bicknell. John. 170 Bigg. Walter L., 111 Bijou. Robert L.. 1313. - ' Bilinski, Sozen 0.. 122 265 Bingham. Earl E, Y Bingham, Orson T.. S8 Bingley, Charles R., 111 Bishop, Albert A., 111 Bishop Ben A.. 158 Bishop Ross P.. 92, 265 Bissell, Ina B. Bissell, Erwyn W., 160 Bisset. M. Beryl, 122, 257 Bisson, Claude J. Black. Donald B. Black. Donald M.. 100, 13S Black. John M, Black. Kathleen, 263, 162 Blackadar, Murray R., 111 Bicknell, John. 170 Blackbourne. Lorne H. Blackburn, Neal. 117 Blackie, John S.. 73 Blackstock, Gilbert M., 92 Blackstock. Ross E. Blades, Chas. E.. '78 Blair, George M., 111 Blair, John W.. 75 Blair. Robert H.. 106 Boon, Ivor. 78 Boon, Lorna, 143 Boorman, Mary M., 93. 216 Boorman, Samuel T., 138 Berwick. Donald S.. 106 Boucher. James E., 106 Boulter. Mary. 163 Bowen. Bruce C., 152 Bowen Donald H.. 265 Bowen. Robert T. Bower, Margaret E.. 133 Bower, Raymond N., 111 Bowers. John D., 127 Bowhay, Donald F., 111 Bowlen, Bernard J.. 102 Bowlshy, Clive S.. 232. 160, 269 Bowman, Hugh A.. 106 Boyar, William T., 160, 271 Boyce, Murray S. Boyd John Boyd. Kenneth J. Boyse. A. Norman. 230. 247. 138, 269 Blair, William, 111, 265 Blake, Malcolm R., 106 Blakely, Margaret, 163 Blakely, William E. Blakey, Arnold P. Bland. Charles H., 129 Blayney, Alan J.. 143 Blayney. E. Bruce, 264 Blayney, R. York. 133 Bleakley. Wilma E., 132 Bliss. Carman A.. 165, 267 Bliss, Eldon H. Bloom. Arthur G.. 127 Blue. Hugh A.. 78 Blue, N. Don., 127, 239 Blumenauer. Charles R. Blundell, Margaret J.. 133, 263 Boddy, Walter L., 236. 165 Bodner, Harvey, 133 Boettcher. Arnold S. Boettcher, Ernest N., 160 Boettcher. Erwin E.. 106 Bohme. Victor E.. 106 Boissevain Walter W., 122 Bolduc, Alan M., 106 Bolick. W.. 169 Bond. David F. Bond James M. Bonnell, Claire M.. 151 Brabbins. Earl S.. 152 Bracco. John D.. 152 Bradley. Doreen M.. 127. 262 Bradley, Horace T. Bradley, Valmore S., 76 Brady. Alys M., 131 Brady, B rian, 1 38 Bradshaw, Arthur W., 127 Bradshaw. David C., 129 Bradshaw, Thomas R., 127 Braithwaite, Thomas R., 111 Brandell, Donald L.. 129 Brander. William G.. 112 Bray, Alan, 117. 267 Mary. 95 Brechin, Jack D.. 127 Breckenridge, Orvaf VJR l Brebner. Breckon. Donalda Bredin, Henry J., Brennaugh, John 1156 ' F.. 125 Brennan, Edward H. Brennan. Fea Brennan, Marion. 163 Brennan, Norman L.. 73 Brennan. William R.. 124 Bressey, Douglas E.. 112 Brewerton, Steele C.. Boomer, Allan B., 122 230. 161 Brewerton. Teddy E., 165 ESTQVIEEIEDEQOH FOUDTHII1 Pen THE IDEAL DEN E012 STUDENTS 71... naar nw.: fa. Me Way you Wah MAY BE SELECTED FROM ' 33 TTUTTTBERED POINTS Instantly Replacable By the User See Your Stationery Dealer SOLE CANADIAN DISTRIBUTORS The BROLUI1 BROTHERS Ltd. 100 SIMCOE STREET MONTREAL TORONTO WINNIPEG ENGINEERING FIELD AND OFFICE SUPPLIES THE HUGHES OLUETIS CO. LTD. 103 PRINCESS STREET WINNIPEG Also MONTREAL, OTTAWA, TORONTO, VANCOUVER "Success Through Co-operation " Through co-operative marketing, producers own and control their Dairy manufacturing and marketing facilities, and enjoy the benefits accru- ing from co-operative ownership, Northern Alberta Dairy Pool Ltd. "A ICCW producer-owned co-operative" Edmonton and throughout Northern Alberta WELCOME STUDENTS tu VARSITY TUCI4 SHOP Qllmler New NIilllflQ9lll9IIII Our Policy--"Student Service to the Best of Our Hbilityu WW Fon voun coNvl-:NIENCE NEW DRUG LINES SCHOOL SUPPLIES TOBACCOS d SUNDRIES DELICIOUS COFFEE MILK SHAKES dSUNDAES SNACKS d LUNCHES MM The Best Qualify at Competitive Pr1'CeS 37 Bue, Roy S.. 112 Bricser, Reuben, 129, 270 Bricxman, William J., 1115 Bridgeman, William E.. 112. 266 Brien, Frederick B. Brimacombe, G. P., 170 Brisbin Charles E. Broadfoot, William R., 146 Broddy. Leslie A., 106 Broder. Luella L.. 146 Brodeur, Levis A., 133 Bronson, Harold E.. 130, 19-1 Brooks, Barry L.. 133 Brooks, R. Marie, 131, 263 Brooks, Wlillard M.. 1-16 Brosseau, Helen T.. 165 Brosz, Elroy. 146 Broughton. Omar J., 1110 l Brough Brough ton. W. D. ton. W. F., 112 Brower, Robert, 122 Brown, Brown, Alice A.,122, 261 Austin D. Brown, Douglas, 112, 265 Brown, Douglas L.. 1112, 26X Brown. Douglas R., 165 Brown, Elaine A., 263. lil' brown, Everett L., 133 Brown, Gordon D., 161. 263 Brown, George L., 152 Brown, Gordon E., 117, 264 Brown, Jack R., ll..-. --1-I Brown, James A. tgraduatel Bryant, Keith N., 160, 271 Buchan. Phyllis M., Sl, 2.54, 205 Buchanan, Donald G., 120 Buchanan, Mu1'iel G.. 92. 262. 176 Buchanan, T. Hugh. Su Buchanan. William D., 127 Buchanan, William H., 127 Bucholz, Curtiss A., 106 Buchwald, Otto G., 165 Buck, Robert J.. 124, 267 Buckholz, Floyd G. Buckingham, James F.. 74. 265. 202, 203 Buckles, Irene E.. Mr Buckmaster. Harxey A., 123. 179 Bulat. Michael Bull Alcxander Bull, G. H. Bullock, David B.. llih Burge, Charles E., 1-lil Burger. John T., 92 Burgess, Bruce A.. 117, 267. 176, 177 Burnard, Allan C., 117 Burnham, David E., 117 Burnham, Kay A., 150 Burns, Harold A., 112, 265 Burns, John D. Burns. Marshall A. Burpee, Elizabeth L., 162 Burrington, Gilbert G., 121' Burroughs, Beryl, 145 Butt, Francis J. Buxton, Earl W. Bye, Joan E.. 152 Byrne, Francis T., 126 Byrne. Patrick J.. 133 Byrt, Helen L., 93 Byrtus, Gertrude E., 146 Bzowy, Michael A. Cable, Ralph M. Cable. Roy P. Cahoon, Albert E., 152 Cahoon, Lerrae A., 102 Cahoon, Nola, 163 Cairns. William B., 1394 Caldwell, Edward H., 112, 247 Caldwell, Lewis W., 76 Calhoun, Lorne W.. 133 Brown, James A., 55 Brown. John A., 100 Brown, John C. Brown, Lloyd G., 127 Brown, Norah M., 132 Brown, Peter S., 106 Brown, Raymond R., 1,13 Browning. Charles E., 106 Brownlow, N., 133 Brownlow. ll, P.. 1322 Browsey. A. C., 122 Bruce, Genevieve, 170 Brundagc. Donald H.. 12-1, 1250 Burton. Gordon R., 122' Burton, John F., 117, 249 Burton. John T., 13S Burton, Lawrence H. Burton. Leonard J.. 10" -w fr, -. -b. Burwash, Cyril C.. 106 Bur-wash, Isobel V., N4 Burwash, Margaret J.. NEI Burwash, Ronald, 120 Burzlolf. Alvin W., 106 Busby, Gerald A., 165 Brunct. George F., 117 Brunsdalc, Ila L., 13- -1 Bryant, Dorothy M. Bryant. Earnest C. Bryant, Harold. Ts Bryant, James A, H3 Bush, Lawrence H., 106 Busheikin, Judah C.. 270 Buzzard. Leonard L.. 112, 265 Busse. Grace, 146 Butchart. Harold 'l'. Calvert, Adelaide M.. 146 Calvert, John M.. 158, 266 Cameron, Bruce A 77 Cameron. Donald F. Cameron, Donald M. Cameron, John Cameron. Malcolm. 73. 264 Cameron, Richard C.. 247. 133 Cameron. Stanley D. e ' . 1 Camp, G oige W, 29 Campbell, Edwin D. Campbell, George W. Campbell, Geraldine. 163 Campbell, Gilbert L. Campbell, Glen, 112 Campbell, Gordon N. Campbell. Gordon G. Campbell, Gordon N. Campbell. Ian M. Campbell. Ian W. Campbell. James. 124. 266 Campbell , Jtan. 263 t1aIl1DlZJell. Mary J. Camnbell 124. Campbell Campl ell 161. Campbell Campbell Campbell , Mary K.. 13 , Mildred E., 1312 . Norman J.. 269 , R. E.. 122 . Robert E., 1112 . Sarah, 95 Campbell. Thomas A., 271 112. Campbell, Walter G., 112 Campbell, William P., 102 Cannitf, Richard H., 152 Canning, Lawrence R., 100 Cantelon, Betty M. Cantor, Lora Caouette, Aline, 170 Capling, Elwood G., 112 Capling, Lloyd C. Capsey, Evelyn 122, 178 Capsey, P. A., 84 Card, Brigham Y., 89, 242 Cardiff, Edith J., 152 Cardiff, Julia M. Cardy. Richard C.. 112 Carefoot, Evison I.. 106 Carignan, John J. Carlisle. James S., 133 Carlson, Elmer V., 127 Carmichael, Donald G., 129 Carmichael. James E., 80 Carmichael, John W. Carmichael, Peter, 138 Carnochan, Margaret D., 131 Carrick, Cecil E., 231, 106 Carrico. Howard B., 89 Carruthers, Robert B. Carscadden, Thomas M., 76, 264 Carson, Edward H., 122 Carter, Alice E., 124 Carter, Earnest L., 124 Carter, Edith B., 146 Carter, Margaret A., 81, 254. 260 Carter, M. D. Carter, Nora, 95 Carter, Ruth E., S5 Cartwright, Arthur B. Carver, Doris E.. 132, 262 Carveth, James L.. 106 Cary, Sheila M., 154 Cary, William L., 117 Case. William A., 112 Caskey, James G., 129 Castelli, Maria, 132, 260 Cassan, Harold B., 154 Catonio, Albert P., 122 Causgrove, Robert G., 233 Cave. Patricia M., SO, 191 Caverhill. Cecelia J., 138 Cawsey. Robert A.. 122 Cebuliak. Nestor J., 106 lfepin. Michael. 127 I. 1 --If fr- The right note COMPRESSING GASES T0 MAKE AMMONIA SING NITROGEN DRAWN from the air of Alberta skies and hydro- gen extracted from Turner Valley natural gas as raw materials, these Canadian Inger- soll-Rand High Pressure Compressors aid in the production of synthetic ammonia QNI-IQ, for the manufacture of explosives, fertilizers and other chemicals. These Six-Stage Compressors are de- signed to operate at 350 atmospheres-a pressure equal to that at the bottom of the ocean-2 miles down. Each has the power of a locomotive and compresses nearly a box-car of gas per minute. The gases enter the Compressors through a 16" intake and after compres- sion are discharged through a pipe 34 mm. in diameter. Built at Sherbrooke, Quebec, for Al- berta Nitrogen Products Limited, Calgary, these Compressors were installed in 1941 and 1942. Each unit weighs over 132 tons without its 2500 H.P. electric motor. Similar machines are operating in syn- thetic ammonia plants in British Columbia and Ontario. The synthesis of ammonia is outstand- ing among high pressure compression pro- cesses. Other high pressure applications include the manufacture of compressed gases, synthetic rubber, plastics and petro- leum products. Canadian Ingersoll-Rand has designed and built Compressors for all of these industries. Canadlan Ingersoll -Rand Lfia.. head office -MONTREAL Que. -1 works-Susximooxa Que. hudufxt SYDNEY'5HERBRO0KE-MONTILf.AL'TORONTO'K1RKLAND LAKE'TTMMl'NS'WlNNlPEG'NELSON'VANCOUVEl AIR AND GAS couwnsssons S- izbcx omits' - Holsfs - PUMPS Rf -atowfns -' coNbfNsER's - AIR roots IT'S MORE THAN JUST A SLOGAN if sifvrntrz:-1: '-:'-: zrwfrpt-t-zffczz 'S e.-.-1-:-:-:+:-:--:-3 . .4 .. . ..,, Wiififiaf : i -- .EfErE1E'E23rIrf'E2ErEf?z-1-1 1 2...-r 1. 1-z.1-11E1ErErErE2E1E2E1ErE-1-:-1 :-1-1-1-:+:.:-1-:-:-z.:-.1E1ErErErE2E2:.:..-, , ,I .,.,. 1 . .. ...,, ...,.......,,.... . ...., ,,....,,... ..... , .,.,. -. .,,.. , , . ,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,, ...... .. i i :-..-:- .:...:..1.:.:.:5.g1g: -- ---'-- ---'- ' ' '----'- '4"' - -M 4.5 5.5 3.5.5.:.:.3.1.:.: .......,.3S. 355:11-5: :gg-zi. :Vx fx ....-.,.-.-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:f N, x x x kb:-z-:-:c-:-:cw-mise IT'S THE FOUNDATION UPON WHICH EATON'S WAS BUILT . . . A SOUND REASON WHY "IT PAYS TO SHOP AT EATON'S" "J'q'T- Cgmrrso Chaba, Alex Chaba Paul, 106 Chalmar. Edward C.. 111 Chalmers. H. J., 77 Chalmers, James M., 135 Chamberlain, Joseph S. Chamberlain, Lloyd C., 85 Chambers, Peggy G., 162 Chanasyk, Victor. 102 Chang. Gan Y. Chapa, John, 106 Chapman. Frederick W. Chapman, Jack L., 194 Chapman, Robert S.. 112 Chard, Robert W. Charuk, Michael J., 1-16 Vhare, Albert. 133 Chase, Frank M., 106 Chatten, Leslie G., 97 Chatwin. James V., 133 Chauvet. Louis C., 102 Cheal, John E., 154 Uherniwcham- John M., 135 Cherniwchan. Nickolas Chernochan. John, 133 Cherry, David D.. 117 Cheshire, Charles A., 112 Chetner. Ben S. Chinn, Geoffrey, P.. 111 Chinneck. Chester M. Chisholm, Eiom A.. 11111 Chisholm, John L.. 133 Chisholm, Lois B., 122. 261 Chiswell, Albert B.. 1-16 Chmilar, Michael, T4 Whmilar. William A., 112 Choate. Mariruerite, 163 Choran. Nick A., 146 Chomik. Harry, 255, 146 Chonko. Michael E., 161 Chopey. George. 146, 242 Chornopysky, Oleh T., 135 Chorny, Merron, 152, 200 Chorny, Walter. 165 Chorny, Mary, 146 Christensen, Harold H., 146 Christenson. John Christian, Doreen M.. 146 Christiansen. Robert G. Christiansen, Paul, 135 Christie, Herbert L. Christoflerson, Mary I., 133 Christou. Van E., 159 Chrumka, Joseph J., 100 Chubb. Frank H., 124 Chubb, Roy C., 124 Church, Albert J.. 102, 265 Churchill, Jack M.. 133, 268 Chykerda, Walter. 146 Ciz, Albert Clancy, Isobel, 164 Clapperton, Edward L. Clark, Clifford S. Clark. George R., 146 Clark, Donald L. Clark. Gordon F.. 161, 211 Clark, Herbert G., 75, 266 Clark, Julia l'lark, June, 95 Clark, Malcolm W.. 77, 214 Clark, Mary S., 122. 263 Clark, Roy F.. 160 Clark, Sheridan. 102 Clark, William D.. 92, 271 Clarke. Douglas, 129 Clarke Donald A., 112 Clarke: George V., 177 1" .b4 Clarke. James H.. 102 Clarke. James S. Clarke, Malcolm D. Clarke. Percy R., 117. 249 Clarke. Philip, 112 Clarke , Ralph L.. 117 Clarke, Thomas J.. 146 Clayto n. Donald D.. 102 Clemenger. James E.. 124 Clende nning, Wilfred C., 138 Ulenne Climie. Cloone Clow, tt. Raymond T., 122 Jean. 95 y, June A.. 122 Elizabeth M.. 133. 263 Clow, William H. Coates. Gordon F., 117 Coates. Margaret M., 152. 1S5 Cochrane. Allen E.. 100 Cockeram. Celia H.. 138. 173 Cockroft, Elsie J., 146 Cocks, Gladys I., 124 Cody, Duncan B., 138 Cof1'in, Edwin L. Ccflili. Eric, 170 Coggles, Dorothy E. Cohen. Eugene L. Colborne, Robert B., 127, 247. 268 Cole, William R. Coleman. L. S.. 124 Collier, William G.. 242. 268 Collin, Elaine J., 146 Collins. Henry N.. 267 Collins, John J.. 129 Collins, Lawrence D., 127 Collins, Mary E., 122 Collins, Roy S., 124 Collins, Robert D., 100. 268 Colter, Donald R., 83. 265 Colvin, John R. Colwell, Howard C. Comer, H. Eric., 143. 185 Compton Cecil M. Connick, Doris. 163 Connolly, James A., 122 Connolly, William D., 13S Connor, Hubert D., 106 Conquest, Ernest A., 106 Conroy, Catherine R.. 263. 133 Conybeare, Charles E., S4 Cook, Austin D.. 102 Cook, Eugene T., 112 Cook, Gwyn. 257. 263, 152 Cook. John T., 133 Cook, Robert E., 179 Cook, Roderick N. P., 102, 268 Coombs, William D. Coons, Wesley H., 124 Cooper, Glen R.. 102 Cooper, George S. Cooper. John W.. 138, 267. 185 Cooper, Margaret A.. 146 Cooper, Walter M., 146 Coram. Ivan T.. 138 Corbett. Rhona R.. 124, 261 Corbett. William R., 124. 267 Cf-rdery. Percy H.. 100 Coimack, Douglas V.. 138 Cornrliuson, Arthur S. Ccrnett-Ching. F. C., 143. 266 Cornish, Sidney J. Costello. John T.. 133 Cottcrill, Melvin J. Coughlan. John W., 130 Couillard, Jeanne A., 146 Coulson, Milton L.. 106 Coulson, Norman W.. 106 Coulson. Wilbur G.. 127 Courtney. Lois M., 81, 262. 178 Coutts, Marguerite H., 138, 178 Coutts. William S., 129 Covey. Janet E., 73 Cowan, Charles H. R. Cowan, Everette L. K. Cowan, John M. Cowden, Robert S.. 146 Cowen, Arnold H. Cowley, John J. Cowley, Robert K. Cox, Kenneth C., 234. 245. 265 Cox. Mary V., 152 Cox, Philip J., 146 Cox Cox Coy . Victor R.. 112 . William L.. 138 le. Peter H. Cragg. Graham S.. 233. 133 Craig, Arthur R., 111 Craig, David. 106 Craig. Douglas R., 112 Craig, Jack A., 124 Craig, John W., 122, 265 Craig. Stanley G. Cram. John M.. 111, 106 Crandall. Max E., 133 Crawford. George R.. 100. 133 Crawford, Douglas, S4 Crawford, James E. Crawley. Edmund J. M.. 106, 264 Crea.:.y'. Eileen M.. 162 Crisafio. Robert. 97 Crocker. Robert C.. 106 Crockett. Enid, 124, 262 Crockett, Kenneth L.. 92. 271 Cross, Donna M.. 263. 138. 197, 199 Crossley, Arthur W., 124 Crossman. Harriett R., 146 Crowle, Wesley E., 138 Crowther. John A.. 138 Cruiksglank, George K.. 1 7 lluilfan. Cruickshank, Kathleen E.. 122 Cruicksliank, Robert A. 133 Culham, Donald I., 88, 266, 195 Cullen, Gerald R., 112 Culler. Audrey D.. 165 Culley, Ernest E., 89 Cummer Roy F., 112, 268 Cummings, James D., 265 Cummins, Francis G.. 265 Cunningham, John A., 80. 267 Cunningham, George E. Cunningham, I. Murray, 138 Cunningham, M. Mrs. Currie, D. Hugh, 117 Currie. Mary, 163 Curtis, Charles H. Curtis, William E., 106 Gush, H. H., 124 Cuthbertson, James H. Cuthbertson, Norman H., 133 Cnflan. Edward R. Cutt, William T. Czar, John, 146 Dabbs, Donald H., 100 Dack, David Blake Dack, Philip Herbert, 107 Dafoe. Patricia, 164 Dahl, Ronda M., 133 Dalawrak, Elsie Dalby Frederick W., 133 Daley. Mona E., 262, 138 Dallyn, Stewart L., 73 Dalsin, Benjamin T., 80 Dalsin, Gordon F. Dame, Andrew A., 112 D'Amico Ricardo R., 107 D'Amico Zupito, 117 D'Andrea. Michael A., 146 Dane, K. L., 170 Danforth, Norman P., 112, 255 Danyluilr, Helen, 146 D'Appolonia, Ines A., 89, 215 D'Arcy, Dale G., 138 Dargravel, Jean A., 146 Darichuk, George T., 97 Darkes, Lois C., 146 Darling, George W.. 129 Darling, Patricia A., 93 Darrah, Douglas F. Dau. Doris M., 80, 262 Dau. Philip H., 117, 265 Davenport, Marion L., 92. 178 David Vernon. 11 2 Davidson. Auber M. Davidson, Barbara F., 155 Davidson, Donald F., 102 Davidson, Jean. 146 Davidson, Marjorie E., 124 Davidson, Thomas R. Davidson, Violet M. Davies, Davies Davies Davies Davies Davies Ann V. D. F. V. Daniel J.. 147 Donald L.. S5 Gordon F., 147 Isabella M., 1-17 Davies James B., 1-17 Davies John S. Davies Malvern L., 112 Davies Mary A.. 147 Davies Philip H. Davies, Thomas G., 152 Davis, George F. S., 112 Davis, Gordon A., 112 Davis, John E. Davis, Margaret N. Davis. Ray G., 133 Davis. Richard W.. 147 Daw, Charles E.. 133 Daw, Donald F.. 133 Dawe, George H. Dawson, Earland M., 107 Dawson, Joan. 132, 262 Dawson, Norman A., 215 Day, John H.. 143, 181 Day, M. Jody, 12-1, 231, 261 Day, Robert C.. 124, 264 Deadrick. Dalton C.. 155, 265 Debnam, Kenneth W., 127 De Champlain Joseph P., 12-1 Dechant, William. 122 Deeprose. William A. Deering. Henry, 159 Defir, John. 107 DeFraine. Grant C., 233. 147 Delamater, Ronald C., 107 THE MACDONALD A Canadian National Railway Hotel of distinction. ZOO rooms at moderate rates. SUPPER DANCES Every Saturday Night during season, SUNDAY EVENING DINNER Attractive menus are a feature of our Sunday night Delanslte, Mary, 147 Dembiske, Frederic E.. 117, 244 Demko, Andrew D., 127 Deniko, Thomas, 133 Denis, James S.. 112 Denley, John T., 112 Dennis, Evelyn M., 1311 Dennis, Vernon, 133 Dennis Warren A., 158 Densmore. H. Robert, 122 Depew, John, 161 Depner, J. Kerr R., 100 Deputat, Emile, 100, 147 Deflutat. Eugene Dereniuk, Michael M., 58, 266 Derpak. Ernest A D'e Santis. Oswald, 133 Desnins, Laurent J. 147 Dessureau, Alphonse R., 1117 D'Estrube, Pierre F.. 135, 215 DeTro, Charles T., 129 Deugau. Albert V., 112 Deutsch, Otto, 133 Devica. Glenrose D.. 165 Devolder, Dorothy. 147 Devonshire, Mervyn S., 129, 176 Dew, Frederick N., Ml De VVolff, Douglas A., 107 Dexter, William A., 107 Diamond, Rene A., 117 Dick, Donald D.. 257, 271 Dickie, Catherine M., 12211, 263 Dickie. Nester Dickie, Robert D., 124 Dickie, VVilliam D.. 119, 179. 191 Dickson, John M. Dickson. Mary E., 261, 135 Dickson. Ronald G. Diederichs. Valentine J. Dier. James S. Dike, Harold N. Dilke, Robert C.. 75, 265 Dillon, June M., 147 Dimock, H. Bill, 2211, 230, 161, 246, 2-in D'imo5. James Dingle, Donald D. QQXQ Egbert Says: Co-eds lznow it fool NOW what, Egbert? That Ag fmoneyj has a way of leaking through your pocket like NAQHJCO3 out of a busted bcaker? Dingwall, Robert A., 117, 271 Dinzey, Rosalie M., 133 Dion. Alfie W., 159. 266 Ditto, Mary C. Ditto, William J. Dittrich, Charles A., 112 Dixon, Allen E., 161 Dixon, Jean L.. 155, 177, 169 Dixon, Keith W.. 97. 1266 Dixon, Olive V., 102 Dixon, Russell A., 138, 2621 Dlin, Barney M., 83 Dobie. Mildred, 163 Dobson, Robert L. Dockery. Patrick W.. 112, 230, 248 Dodds, Do1'othy E., 131 Doe, Charles R. Dofka, Herbert H., 117 Doherty, Hugh A. llolinko, Rose, 1-17 Dolinsky, Marshall, 117 Doll. VVilliam A., 133 Dominy, Grant, W., 134 Domoney, Mildred G., 147 Donald, Elizabith A.. 131 Honey, John J., 1-17 Donis, Lydia A., 206 Donnelly, Laverne R., 127 Donovan, J. H., 117 Doran, Vifilliam J. Dorin, Albert H., 107 Dorish. John, 107 Dorward, Frederick R., 112 Dougherty Mary E.. 112 Douglas. Charles S., 102 Douglas Edward J., 127 Douglas Grace E., 93. 261 Douglas Stuart C.. 100 Douglas, Roderick. 117 Douglas Thomas S., 107 2429 Kenneth B., 92 lioulle. Jeanette. 163 Downie, Donald M.. 55 Doyle, Agnes, 147 Doyle, Patrick J., 83 Drziice, George C,. 74 Driver, l,'lifford R., 147 Droniuk. William, 127 Drozdiak, B. B. Drummond, Doris, 170 Drummond, George I. Dubasz, Illes Well, sure! Every student knows that. And stu- dents everywhere, from U.N.B. to U.B.C.. also know that the best way to sew up that leaky pocket is with a B of M Sav- HMY HANHV ings Account. U. of A. students will find ouwr Edmonton brarzclzes c0'nven'ient.' la A mural: uruouux dinners. Special attention given to family parties. AIR'OOOLED CAFETERIA Modern in every respect and serving the finest food at popular prices. Edmonton Branch: Thomas Dickson, Manager 1. E. Tritschler, Assistant Manager 118th Avenue Branch: Dave W. Iverach, Manager BANK or ONTREAL The Banle wllere StuJe11ls'r1ccazu1fs are welcome Fetherson, Charles R. Ev ans 7aJa4f foaa pawn lo Say : "1 got it at JOhD5tOHC'WH1k6fS,i is a compliment to his or her good taste and judgment. IOHNSTONE WALKER Limited STQRE Established over 6O years ago LABORATORY SUPPLIES AND CHEMICALS For Assay Oiiices, Educational, Hospital and Industrial Laborities CHVE 8: COmPFlnY Limited 567 Hornby Street Vancouver, B.C. Marine 8341 Phone 22352 10005 jasper Ave. Photographic Distributors and Supp liers HANSCO STOCK HOUSE" Dubensky, Alesander, 271 Dubetz, Steve, 100 Dublanko, Tofen, 147 Duck, John, 127 Duchak, John E., 147 Duff, Denny E. D'url', Donald J., 152 lluguid. Donald A., 107 Uuguid, Harry C. Dulmage, Neville F., 134 Dumaine, Leo D., 138 llumka. Carl W., 107 llumont, Fred, 147 lJu Mont, Robert F., 92 lrunaway. Ian NV. M., 120 Duncan, D'Arcy D., 268 lfluncan. Neil Fraser, 83, 263 Dundas. Jessie A., 132 Dunford, Hugh Brian, 134 Dunkin. John L., 112 Dunkin. W. F.. 100 Dunn, James S. C., 117, 268 Dunn. Lillian M., 133 Dunsmore, Frederick G., 112, 267, 177 Ilunsmore, Lyle K.. 102 Dushenske, Alex W. Dust, Norbert J., SS Dusterhoit, Reika, 134 Duthie, Robellt G.. 241, 257, 269, 107 Dutton. John E. Dymond, Richard Darby Eagle-son. David A.. 134 Eamer, Arthur L., 265, 189 Easton. Joyce D.. 147 Easton, Kenneth R., 102 Eatock. John J., 112 Eby, John E., 158 Eby, K. Bruce, 107 Eckenfelder. Cecile L.. 122 Eckval. Eva.. 164 Eddy, Welsley, 147 Edgecombe, Rodney W., 112 Edgington. Moira G.. 131 Edie, Donald F., 112 Edmundson, Edward N., 127 Edwards, Allan M., 160, 268 Edwards, Beth E., S9, 261 Etlv aids C. Lawrence, 102 Edwards Craig W., 100 Edwards Eldon R., 102 Edwards Ivan C., 117 Edwards John E. Edwards Margaret I., 132 Edwards, Mary M. Edwards William F Egglestone, Allen E., 107 Egleston, Mary Jane, 162 Ehlert Rex P., 158 Eikeland. Harold S., 112, 233 Eis. Amile L. Elasehuk, George W.. 147 Elfner, Donald G., 107 Elford. David C.. 102 Elford, Edgar V. Elhorn. Harry B.. 107 Elias, Mary, 95 Eliason, John L., 152 Elkins, Ernest H., 147 Ellefson, Ronald A., 112 Ellestad, Robert E., 107 Elliott. Arthur, 170 Elliott, Duncan C., 134 Elliott. Robert H.. 138 Ellis. David T., 152 Ellison. Albert H., 124 Ells, Douglas R., 117 Elniski. Dorothy Ann. 147 Elston. Glenn D., 134 Elves. Kenneth J.. 155 Emmott, Arthur G., 127 Emslie, Jean L.. 122 Emslie, John H. Engbe1'2. Lila E. England, Harold H.. 133, 266 English, John J.. 139 Enman. John R. Eno. John W., 147 Erdman. Ilmar E., 103 Erdman, Karl L., 236, 189 Erickson. Arthur C. Erickson, Evan D., 239 Erickson. Vernon M., 13-l Erikson. Robert G., 112 Esclale. William L., 160. 276. 177 Eshpeter, Bernice, 170 Estrin, Bernard A., 270 Estrin. Phyllis, S5 Etherinerton, Wilfred A., 165 Etzkorn, Kenneth R., 139 Evanolf. George Ferguson v Josephine, 134 Evans, Arthur J.. 155 -i M C Evans, Celia P., 152 lerguson' L'f'5d' C ' Evans' Edward J., 102 Ferguson, William F. Evans. Gerald E., 160 Ferguson, Zella L., 152 Evans. Glynne J. Ferry, M. Jean, 132, 196 Evans. G. S. Evans, Hugh A. Evans. John N. Evans, Keith, 90 Evans, Thomas 'il 102 ' . W'l iam, Ewaniw, Wladyk Ewasuk. William Ewtuehovich. Peter Exham, Frederic W. L.. 134 Exham, Margaret. 162 Exley, Doreen, 147 Eyford, Harold C., 127 Eyres, W. R.. 169 Fares. R. Laurie, E13 lfallwish. Lloyd M., 112, 270 Fair. John W.. 139, 179 Fairhead. Elsie, 95 Falk. William. 160. 267, 176 Fallow. R. A.. 112, 267 Fallow, William L., 112 Falvo, Joseph T. Faminow, P. S., 126, 268 Farewell, George. G., 152 Farewell, John S. Fetsko. Paul Fetchuk. Rose, 152 Ficht, Janet A., 147 Field, George C. Field, Harris G., 92, 264 Field, Mary P.. 261 Fierheller, Gordon M., 161 212 Figur. Berthold. 155 Fildes, Ethel M., 152 Filipchuk, George, 90 Findlay, George M., 134 Findlay, James R. Findlay. Jeanne, 164 Fink, Joseph T., 152 Finlay, Ivan G.. 107 Finlay Finley Finley , James E., 113. 264 , Glenn S., 107, 179 . Gordon R., 161 Farmer, Andrew, 134 Farmer. Geraldine, 155 Farmer. Mary, 263 Farmer , Virginia, 1 52 Farquharson. Helen, 162 Farrell, Margaret M., 94 Farrugia, Donald Farvolden. Ralph E., 102 Fasman, Gerald D., 143 Faunt, Allan E. Faunt, Robert J., 102 Fedorak, Mike S.. 147 Fefferman Harry L. Feir, James E. Fellows, Jackson D. Feniak, George, 134 Fenwick, Frederick L., 107 Ferbey, Bohdan A., 107 Ference, Andrew, 147 Fergues, Henri, 120 Ferguson. Crawford Finley, Joseph, 129 Finn, Francis C., 129, 271 Finn, Patricia, 260 Fish, Frank H. Fish, James R., 120 Fisher, Edward G. Fisher, Fredrick, 170 Fisher, Jack B., 147 Fisher, Joe B., 147 Fitch, Phyllis, 132, 17S Fitzpatrick Arthur, 139, 215 Fitzpatrick, Gerald, 103 Fitzpatrick, John J., 127. 269 Fitzpatrick, Wilfred J., 139 Fitzsimmons. John E., 102 Fizzell, Merritt W.. 78. 263 Fjalstad. Gundjorg, 95 Flaherty, Charles T., 127, 268 Flanagan, John R.. 161 Flanders, Margaret L., 127 Flavin. John E.. 117, 230, 257 Flavin. Norman B.. 113. 265 Fleming. Nora J., 165 Fleming, Phyllis, 261, 164 luwllslsutmu- mm mwl Modern Workhorse of Industry ,....ln I ' e-W. X i 5 . ' 31, V 4 LQ ' I: 1 'C-3: . -"u f i t 4 4- 4 iw3w'w,r .Q A HW QFK ' W i, A I of f Q.. 'fi' ff? I ii" 'Ag , - mf. g..1,,:,.Qf,t,Z..i --fu . 41 ref J' 2,3 5 QW? .f ,0iWNsKQ mfif' fl M ,AV,, In gf L MQQW iiidflliigggf A 'ee:ee.'- Q... fi V ' ui. ' if l w 'J .4, GE ERAL ELECTRIC MOTORS Wherever driving power is needed, the versatile electric motor is hard at work. And for half a century Canadian General Electric has been Canada's leading manufacturer of electric motors. Dozens of different types are built, ranging in size from l X 20 horsepower for tiny fans to huge 9,000 horsepower units for large mills. To make the electric motor even more versatile and flexible, the company produces motor starters, speed controllers, electronic devices, and other control equipments that enable the electric motor to perform tasks con- sidered impossible a few years ago. To assist you in the selection of motors and control best suited to your needs, Canadian General Electric maintains a staff of experienced engineers. CGE GAST CANADIAN GE ERAL ELECTRIC ffhnw HEAD OFHCE TORONTO IIII IIIIIIIIIIIIHI IIII OUTSTANDING INCREASES FOR TI-IE LAST FIVE YEARS 1941-1946 1941 1946 Increase Business in Force ., 511,576,903 519,032,661 64.40'70 Premium Income 326,391 592,189 81.44 Total Income 500,663 820,019 63.79 Assets 2,763,809 4,132,963 49.54 The Commercial Life Announces ANOTHER IOWO INCREASE IN DIVIDENDS TO POLICYHOLDERS THE COMMERCIAL LIFE IS PLANNING RIGHT NOW FOR THE FUTURE EDMONTON, Alberta. MR. J. VV. GLENVVRIGHT. President, The Commercial Life. DEAR SIR: I am writing to you as President of that great Company, The Commercial Life. to express my most sincere thanks for the wonderful Servifle and treatment which I have received. My son, James, who passed away recently in California had a policy with your Company while he was living in Edm0nt0Il. W'hen he left. only a short time ago, for the United States he was not interested in keeping up the policy. You can imagine my grief and surprise when Word was received that my son had been taken away. I was not aware that his insurance with The Commercial Life was in effect. but without any inquiry whatever on my part your representative, Mr. F. B. Taylor. who had noticed the announcement in the local paper, called to see me. Mr. Taylor explained that under the rules of your Company the insurance was still in force. Your representative was most kind and helpful in attending to the details and completion of the necessary papers and I have today received your Company's cheque. I cannot properly express to you. Mr. G11-nwright, just what a relief and benefit this money has been. If it had not been for that policy I could not have brought him back for burial. This was xi great comfort to me and if for no other reason I would always feel that I owed a heavy debt of gratitude to The Commercial Life. The treatment which I have received is a testimonial to your Company for prompt and fair dealing. With best wishes for your continued success, I am, Yours very sincerely, MRS. GEORGINA HEBDEN. WESTERN HEAD OFFICE: C.P.R. BLDG., EDMONTON 324 Fraser, Joan C., Tb. 261 If X x 51.11 Q' I-5 7' 'S K' .- ! 1 LUHHT DO YOU PLHT1 TO BE AN EXECUTIVE . THE job has its points . . . a carpeted office, buzzers to push, business trips fexpenses paidl. personal secre- taries, dictaphones. . . . . But while preparing for the upholstered seat and all that goes with it, get the habit of organizing your own affairs. Start by balancing your own personal budget. Spend no more . . . . and preferably less . . . . than you receive, and put small savings away faithfully n as a "reserve fund" against future needs. That s smart business practice, and good training for anyone no mat- ter what his future calling may be. Open your own savings account at our nearest branch. We welcome it. Fleming. Raymond W.. 245 . 134 Fleming, Robert F. I. Fletcher, Clifford R., 127 Frederkingz, R., 130 Glen. Lorna D., 139 Fletcher, Leo R., 127 Fliczuk, Anna, 163 Flg-wers, Leonard B. Flynn, Gordon L.. 127 Follet, Arthur V.. 229, 230, 233. 161 Follett, Mary E., 162 Fong, Amy, 160 Fong. George, 139. 179, 189 Foote. Eldon D., 126, 265, 207 Foran, Thomas J., 127 Forbes. George Forbes. John A., 147 Forbes, M. Elaine. 139 Forbes. Nancy E., 261. 139 Ford, Charles M., 102 Ford, Douglas J., 102 Ford. Thomas F. R., 107. 269 Ford. Thomas H.. 78. 180. 181 Fordsham. Lowell, 100 Forest, Donald J., 113 Forest James V., 107 Forhan. Forman Forrest. Alan F.. 165 . Thomas F.. 1111 Frances M., 139 Forrest. Sheila M.. 131. 173 Forsyth , Duane H.. 130 Forsyth, Gregory R., 134. 185 Forsyth. Thomas G.. 113 Fortier, Blanche C., 131 Foster F. M., 113 Foster, John P. Foster, Millard L.. 147 Fowler, Eldon L., 117 Fowler, Harold R., 147 Fowler, Ian H., 113 Fowler, Jack P., 127 Fowler. Keith O.. 127 Fox, William Frache, Raymond L. Frame, B. Patricia. 132 Frankish, Richard B., 102 Fraser, Allan W. Fraser Cedric A. Fraser. Corinne E., 134 Fraser. Douglas T., 139 Fraser, Elmer C. Fraser, Hugh B. Fraser, Isabella G., 134. 154. 192 Fraser, Kenneth I.. 234, 247. 147 Fraser, Lorna. 95 Fraser, Margaret. S. Fraser, Margery M., 256, 160 Fraser, Phyllis, 94 Fray, Violet M., 163 Fredeen. Howard T.. 73. 1144, 193 Freeborn. William D.. 107 Freebury. Ruth, 170 Freeman. Richard O., 107 Freeze. David J., 127, 250 Freeze, Robert D., 92, 229. 230. 243. 250 French. Charles E.. 100 French. Barney G. French, Kenneth W., 152 Frere, Theresa, 97 Friedman. Manuel W., 134 Friesen, Fred, 113 Friesen, Robert W. Frith. Lloy K., 134 Frizzell, Mary Isobel. 261, 162 Frodsham, Lowell Frohlich, Samuel S. Froome. Shirley, 163 Fuerst, Clarence. 102 Fushtey, Stephen. 73, 236. ISN Fryett, Garth, 139 Fulcher. Howard J. Fulks. Doris E., 96, 163 Fulton. Gregory B., 129, 180, 191 Fyfe. Charlie P. Fysh, Audrey, 261, 163 Gads, Dorothy A. Gaerzen, J. W., 138 Gagnon, Lorraine M., 124. 263 Gain, Howard F., 92 Gainer, James G.. 113 Gainer, Lucy. 95. 260 Gair. Anne, 94 Galbraith, Jean K.. 124. 262 Galbraith, Jessis Galbraith, Joan, 124. 262 Galloway. Ronald E.. 127 Galron. Henry F. Gan:-, Leo J.. 139 Gans, Fargaret P., 152 Gabert. Bernard Garbutt, George A., 807. 191 Gardam Clive M. Garden Charles F.. 2-12, 160 Gardiner, James S. Gartin, Ansel, 117 Gariepy, Roger V., 139 Garland, John E.. 127 Garland. Robert J., 1759 Garrett. Leonard J. Gass. Charles Gaudette. Douglas A., Q5 Gauld, Jeanne B.. 223. 253. 139 Gauthier, Charles Mc.. 153 Gavinchuk. Michael N., 510 Geary. Mabel L. Geddes, Eric. H0 229 230 '16 t . .. .. -- .. ... fd G4-ddes, John G., 15N Geddes. Robert S.. 107 Gr-e, Amy O., 147 Gee, Donald NV.. 130 Gee. James B.. 113, 263 Gee, Kenneth H., 85 Gee, Kenneth S.. 139 Gee, Richard F. Gerhke. Lillian R., 7H, 253 Gels, Kenneth E., 1594 Gt-orsze, Robert F. Gerhart, Edgar H., 165 Gerlitz. Donald J.. 269 Gerlock, Henry Gerolamy Sinclair B.. 153. 266 Gerrish, Edward F. Gerry. Harold M. Gerwin. Cecilia. 164 Gibb, George H.. 134, 194 Gibb, James A., 139 Gibb, Margaret A. Gibb. Price J., 139 Gibling, George M.. 117 Gibney, Michael R., 139 Gibson. Gordon A., 139 Gibson. George J., R3 Gibson. James M., 147 Gibson. Muriel. 162 Gibson, Sadie, 170 Gilfen. Robert N., 100, 2-13 Gilford, John P.. 74' Gilchrist. Harry A., 2-12,161,26S, 212 Gilchrist, Milton R., 139 GllCl'11'lSI, Rllel H., 100, 2519 Gilchrist, Varge, 102 Gillespie. Marcia M., Bl, 237, 263 Gillespie. William E., 111 Gillies, A. M.. 139 Gillies. David G., 117 Gillies, George A.. 139 Gillies Lorraine V., 162 Gillmfji-t-, Ingram B., 107 Gilmour, Arthur H., 127 Gilmour, VVilliam M., 139 Gines. Vera M., 94 Ginshertr, Albert B., 139. 270 Gish. Elmer S., 147 Gish. Harold B., 90 Gish. Mary M., 124, 192 Glaser, Helen J., 147 Glass, Donald J. Glass, Edward F., 107 Glauser. Enid M., 124, 260 Glen. Irene E., 257. 134. 263 Glidden. Harold W., 100 Godhaut, Germaine. 147 Godby. Lee. 117 Goddard, Frederick S. Godley. William L., 1191 Godwin, Robert B. Goelman. Leo, 139 Goerzen, Jacob W. Goldenheriz, Marcel S., 107. 270 Golinowski. Walter. 127 Goliss, Ronald A.. 113 Gooderham. George K.. 124 Goodjohn, Albert J., 134 Goodman. Keith S. Goodwin, Jean E.. 147 Gordey. Alexander W., 147 Gordon. Chester D. Gordon Gordon. Colin A John G., 100 Gordon. Richard L. Gordon, Stanley G. Gordon. Thomas H., 127 Gordon William J.. 147 Gore-Hickman, Gordon F.. 251. 160 139. 179 Gorman, Alfred A. Gorman. Louis P. Gould, Pauline, 161 Gould, Ray G., 130 Gould. Isaac I.. 165 Gourdenier, Edith, 164 Gourlay, Clarence E.. 247, 245. 147 Goresky, Walter V. Goward, William G., 124 Gower, Donald A.. 129 Graham, John F., 76, 271 Graham, William C. Grainpfe, John W.. 107 Grainxrer. William R. Granger. 1Villiam J. Granik, Jon, 122 Grant, Ferguson, 107 Grant, James L, Grant, Jamcs M. Grant, Pearly A-- 147 Grantham, N. M., 12.. Graves. William P. Gray, Alan S., 155 Gray, Duncan C.. 120 Q1-ay, Douglas, 74. 170 Gray, Horace Gray. Robert A.. 15N Greaves, Harry T., 107 Green. Robert A., 100 Green, Betty, 165 Green, David P. Greene. Joyce M.. 124 Greene. Gjerman Lauerne. 147 Greennoway, Archie M.. 714, 1511, ISI Greenberyr, Leonard H., 1-lil Greenoupzh, Douglas A., 160 Greenfield, Hen A., 1134 Greenway. John A., 100 Greenwood l'. Guy, 1234, 2-ll Greenwood, Gordon Viet-rr. 11s, 265 Greenwood, Guy M. Greenwood, Mary I., 261 Greer, Mary. 263. 1631 Gregory. John G'ReinrAr, Hugo R., 1324 Grieve, Rolmert VV., 127 Grilfin, Gus M., 265 Griffin. Norman NV.. 102 Gridin, Yvonne B.. 153 Griffith, Alan F. Griffith, Leonard -1 Grilfiths, Dorothy I., 162 Griffiths, May G., 122, 173 Grifrsliy, Margaret. 05 Grimsrud H. A., 158 Groombridge, John A., 103 Gropp. Kenneth A. Grosseth. Leif O.. 100 Grotski. John, 147 Hall, Howard H. Hall, Robert D. Hall, William G. Hall. Donald A.. 128 Hall. Donald H. Hall, Douglas, 118 Hall, John A. E, Hall. Thomas J.. 107 Grove, Marjorie G.. 93 Groves, Gordon A, Grundberg, Vernon N., 100 Gruninvzer, Emery, 152, 155 Guv, Leslie R.. Sill, 22o, 222 Guest. Charles R.. 113, 265 Guild. Marxraret, 152 Guild. Margaret E. Halldorson, Arni S., 113, 271 Halldorson. Lena, 152 Halliday. James A. Halton. Earnest G., 124 Haluza. Teddy, 134 Ham, Harry K., 113 Hamill, Bella C. Hamilton, Elsie Muriel. 129, 263 Hargrave. Donald R. F., 107 Hargreaves. Gordon E., 134. 178 Hargreaves. James E., 118 Harke, Cyril J., 100 Harley, Patricia Harman, John R. Harman. Robert E., 139 Harms, John R., 158 Harms, Victor, 113 Harper, Alex M., 103, 267. 176 Harper, Alfred E., 73 Harper, Jack D. Harquail, J. A., 77 Harris, Donald M., 139 Harris, E. M. Betty, 132 Guild. Gwendolyn M.. Sl. 263, 17S Guitard. Arthur A.. 73 Guitard, Lilian. 263, 194 Guitarfl, VVilma F., 131 Gullf-rson. Clidord L.. 1124 Gunderson. John G.. 120 Gunn. Georze B, Gunn, George E., 1127 Gunn, Ian M., 160, 260 Guarha, Joseph, 100, 244 Gushaty. Metro, 130 Gulteridue, Patricia L., 152, 201 Gwartney. Sheila. 162 Haakenstad. l"larence M.. 12s, 250 Haas. Herbert llabkirk, Margaret. B.. 1231 Haddow. Thomas A. lf.. 1151! Hacllinulon, Georyze A., 107 Hazen. Olaf VV,, 13:51 Hauer, Raymond B., NN. 26N Hag.-rman, Douglas R.. 12s Hairuf-, Louis A.. 15s Haiduk. Harvey E.. 132 Hamilton, Gladys E.. 162 Hamilton, James D., 107 Hamilton, Roy E. Hamilton. Selma D., 122 Hammond, John A., 147 Hamula, Edmund V., 102 Handford, George B.. 139 Hanerich. William N., 100 Haney, Haney, Catherine A., 161 Ruth E.. 147 Hankins, Gerald W., 139, 155 Hankinson. Hazen W., 160 Hanks, James Hanna. Jessica D. Hanna. Jeanne. 164. 216 Hanna. Ward C.. 107 Ilanning, Frank A., 113 Hannon, Mrs. Jacqueline. 93 Hannon. Lawrence W., 271 Hansen. Calvin R. Hansen. Svend A., 100 Hanson. Carl N. Hanson. Edwin C., 107 Hanson. Jerome M.. 113 Hanson. Thomas H., 152 Hantho, John A., 139. 260 Harr Harr Harr Harr is, J. Stanley, 113, 236, 267 is, Roy H. D., S5 is. Rufus L. ison, Edgar L., 113 Harrison. Frank. 100 Harr Harr ison. Lorin F.. 159 ison. William E. I Harrison, Yvonne P.. 151. Hart, Eileen M., 124, 261 Hart. George W. Hart. Harry N., 102 Hart, Kenneth H. Hart, William C., 122 Hart Hart ling. George P. 129, 191 man. Will D., 124 Harvev. Donald W 249, " 107 Harvey, Fred. 111 Harvey, Thomas M., 107 Harrie, Charles H. Harrie. Donald S. Harvey. William J. 241. 249. 134 Harwood, Ernest L. Hatfield, C. Bruce, Hajash. Grayson M.. il 229, uno, 2:12, ewan, 2:5 Hallmc-rt, Benjamin G.. 147 Hale. Norman A., 121-1 Halford. Thomas G., 129 Halina. Florence, 130 Haliskv, Philip, 100 Halkett, Gavin E., all Hall. A. John Hall, Herbert B.. 230, 242, 246, 161 1-Iarboway, Alexander, 102, 215 Harcourt, Andrew G.. 152 Hardin. Esther, N5 Hardin, Thomas. 139 Hardinsr. John H.. 265 Hardinfz. David C., IIS, 265 Hardinfr. Vivien, 163 Hardy. Ge-orare E., 143, 265 Hausa. Nick G.. 147 Hauck, Stanley P., 118 Haughian, E. E. Haughian, Frances E., 139 Hawe, Muriel P., 100, 261 Hawes, Harold R.. 134 Hawkes. Michael G. D., 107 Hawkins, William E., 113 Hawthorne, Claude H. H122 DRAFTING Congratulations REPRODUCTION SURVEYING MATERIAL 1947 SLIDE RULES MINUSA DRAWING INSTRUMENTS WYTEFACE STEEL TAPES Keullel Sz Essex Co. Graduating Class of from the Your FRIENDI, Y Store 7-9 Notre Dame St. W. Montreal Que. T?UOK0ll3'B82 mumlmnn- a meonouvu IW suv novo '76 ay'4 7amaaaaw '4 .Lbadefu There are never enough trained people to go around. Industry as a whole faces this great and ever- troubling problem. The responsibility of industrial greatness falls, not only on the possibilities of prox- imity to raw materials, but also on the skills within the community. Industrial prosperity may be achieved only by the essential knowledge to meet the demands of today's constantly widening field of science and re- search. The Province of Alberta stands on the threshold of development undreamed of heretofore. Rich in the requirements for modern industry . . . the future of this province stands as a challenge to the graduates of today . . . the trained leaders of tomorrow. Qaacfaalleet ,Jah g".'.ZZ7 my 327 cpl For the NEWS of the World--and your Home Town-- end the Background of the NEWS Reno Tl-le 'Ehmnntun Jnnrnal Oo .5 11 4: la H ' 0 Q - O O 0 oo - 'J i ll aff' Q. -, .yt 9 u Bmxs DESIGNERS lead in the creation of ring mountings of modern design. The engagement ring illustrated is fashioned in lovel 14kt. natural gold with settings of 181-rt. white gold. It displays five Birks flaw- less diamonds. Price 200.00 Other models from 50.00 Purchase tax extra 1264 1 ' ' 1 is Y COFFE For. FLHVOR and STRENGTH then you have Good Coffee. Flavor determines quality, Strength determines what Coffee costs you per cup. By these standards judge . . MPERIAL COFFEE "Always Good" BAKEWELL TEA 81 COFFEE C0. EDMONTON REGISTERED JEWELLERS AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY Hawryliak. Netty, 147 Hawthorne, James W. Hay. Hay Hay Hay Hay Hay Allan S., 134 Donald L., 134 George A., 129 Helen J. D., 170 fJoar1 E.. 78. 229. 255. 189. 192 Henry. John M., 113. 213 Henry. Keith A., 118 Hepburn, Allan L., 271 Herbert. Eric C.. 107 Herbert, Gordon B., 113 Herbut. Michael Herd. Audrey. G.. 148 Herlihy, Horace M., 125. 189 Hay, Margaret, 95 Herman, Anne, 170 Hay. Ralph L. Heseltine, Ann K., Hay-Roe, Hugh, 134 162, 179 Haynes. Shirley V., 161 Hetherington, Hilliard C.. Haynes. William A.. 140 134. 179 Haynes. William S. Hazelton. Douglas E. Hazlett. Doris. 163 Head. Helen, 93, 262 Heaney. Gerald P. Heaton, George R.. 100 Heck. Gordon A.. 139. 264 Hedlin, Robert A., 73 Heffernan, Jerry W. T.. 125 Hetfren, Jeanette. 147 Heiberg. Anne S., 139 Heiberg, Severin A., 143 Heidecker, K. Louise, 147 Hein. Samuel S. Heller, Beth, 163 Helm, Harold W.. 139 Helton. Vincent F.. 100 Hemphill. Charles R.. 134 Hemphill. Shirley E., 147 Hemstock. John R, Hemstock, Russell A., 77 Henbest. Ronald G., 134 Hendel, Patricia K.. 253 Henderson. Donald H.. 1311 Henderson. James D., 140. 264 Henderson. Jenny L.. 125 Henderson, John E. Henderson. Norman R, Henderson. Samuel L., 113. 267 Hendrickson, William, 155 Heney, Michael J., 129 Henheffer, Floyd J., 155 Henheffer, Mrs. Hazel, 148 Henley, Robert E.. 152 Hennessy, Lorna G., 152 Henning. William J. M., 134. 264 Henry, Francis Murray, 107 Hewitt. Wilbert H.. 158 Hewitt. Norman E., 134 Hewko. Edward Hewko. Josephine. 148 Hewson, Edward L., 113, 268 Hickey. Francis L. Hickey. John M., 122 Hicks, Donald F., 256. 140. 263 Hicks, Helen K., 262, 162 Hicks, Nelson E. Higginson. Gordon K., 134 Hildred. Gordon C.. 74 Hill. Caldon M., 152 Hill, Desmond H., 215 Hill Doreen. 163 Hodgins. Harold S. Hodgson, Alan S., 100 Hodgson. Ernest D., 148 Hodgson. Gordon VV. Hodgson, Kenneth A., 268 Hodnett, Phillip G. Hofman, John M.. 140 Hogan. James A.. 237, 101 Hogge. Harvey L. Hohol, Albert E.. 155 Holbrook. Bruce W. Holbrook. Rodney K., 140 Hole, Ted G. Hole. James F. Hole. Vera N.. Sl. 229, 2.52, 253 Hollands. George, 128 Holley, Donald A., 160, 178 Holliek, Edward J., 152 Hollingshead, Robert J., 78 Holmes, Albert E., 148 Holmes, Arnold W., 148 Holmes, Jack K., 122, 271 Holmes, Maurice A.. 134 Holmes, Neil D., 73 Holmes. William H.. 113 Holmgren, Ernest F. Holosko, Stella F.. 70 190 Holowaychuk. H. S.. 1 4 8 162 Hilll Hu 11 E. 1 Hill, Hill. S , 07 Kenneth W. Lawrence J.. 128 Hill. Lois, 125. 263 Hill, Mary, 164 Hill, Robert O. Hill. Ruth M.. 152 Hirning. Wilfred C., 107 Hironaka, James W., 102 Hisaoka. Kenichi K.. 244, 140 Hislop, Frederick C. Hislop, Richard H.. 264 Hlavay, Joseph F., 107 Hnatko. Stephen I.. 143 Holowaychuk, Tillie Holroyd, Arthur W., 108 Holroyd, Dorothy, 164 Holubitsky, Myron B. Holubitsky. Waldemar Holubowich, Frank J.. 148 Hood, Donald A., 100 Hood. Gordon F., 130 Hood. W. Robert Hooks, Shirley J.. 125. 261 Hooper, Isabel M., 93, 216 Hope, John M. Hopkins, Henry T., 134. 264 Hopkins, John T. Hnyda. Stanley. 76. 108 Hnyde, Stephen Hoar, Betty C., 148 Hoare, Robert, 140 Hobbs. Harry Bertram. 122. 269, 235, 247, 249 Hochhausen, Eugene F., 75 I-Iochhausen. Joseph J., 159 Hodge, George, 75 Hodge. John. 120 Horn, Ethel, 1 63 Hornby, James T., 108 Horne, George S., 74, 267 Horner, Kathleen, 143 Horodezky, Arthur M., SS, 270 Horricks, Jack S., 100 Horsley. Arthur T., 118. 251 Hoi-te. Vernon L.. 113 Hortie. Hector J. Horton, Donald R., 140 Horton, Robert. 120 Hoskin, C. L.. 170 Hoskin, Mary, 170 Hosking, Alfred J., 122 Hoskyn. Frank W.. 155 Hougan, Arthur 0. Hougan. Dennis I.. 118. 266 Hougan. Margaret E.. 134 Hougestol. Gordon E. House. John Thomas Houston, James Donald. 134 Housman. Harvey L. Hovan. Norman A.. 160. 271 Howard, Harry D.. 108 Howard. John M.. 113 Howard, Norma M., S5. 231, 261 Howarth, Charles D. Howell. Cecil C.. 113 Howell, Douglas P., 113 Howko. Edward, 128 Hrapko. Julia L., 134 Hrehirchuk, Kost, 148 Hryniw, Annee. 148 Hrynyk, Nicholas, 152, 184 Huberman Samuel, 79. 270 Huckell. John R., 140, 268 Hudz, Philip. 108 Huffman. Bert M., 113 Hughes, Alvin E.. 113 Hughes. George S.. 102, 246, 185 Hughes, Mary M.. 125 Hughes. Walter L.. 102, 266 Hulbert, Vans H. Hull. John A. Hume. James R., 113, 263 Humphreys, Thomas C.. 130. 264 Humphreys, William M., 134 Humphreys, Ralph G., 113 Hunka, Daniel Hunka, Michael, 113 Hunka. Wasyl Hunka. William A., 113 Hunt, Donald W., 100 Hunt. John F.. 75 Hunter. Margaret. 83 Hunter, Winniired, 163 Hurlbut. William R., 264 Jones Jobc. Mabel F. Hurlburt, Robert Gordon, 140 Hurlburt, William H., 126. 148, 264 Hurst. Shirley, 257. 162 Husband, Dorothy M.. 263, 152 Husband, Max L. Huston, Helen Isabel, 140 Hutcheon. James G., 10S Hutcheon. Robert E.. 125 Hutchings. Glenna R., 152 Hutchings, Kenneth H., 102 Hutchinsin. Aleck. 100 Hutchison. Marrzaret M., 94 Hutchison. Marian G.. 148 Hutton, John E. Huxley, Audrey, 95 Hyde. Donald L., 1154. ITT Hyde. John E.. 12S Hyde. Ralph E. Hymas. Donald G.. 113 Hvndman. Georile M. Hyslop, Murray C.. 113 Ilkixv, VValtf-r, 1-10 Ilkiw, VVilliam A.. 165 lmeson J. Dale. 134 Ingersoll. Mimi, 161 Ingram. William L.. 230. 2331, 247 Inman. E. Lester. 14N Innes. R. Joy. 148 Ionidis, Conrad. 125 Innolite, Maurice A. Ireland, Helen. 170 Ire'and. Rofrer N.. 102 Irvine, Charles VV.. 108 Irvine. Genevieve. 143 Irvine, Gloria Irvine. John A.. Ilil Irvine, John W. Irving, Howard, 125 Irvinir, Hubert J., 148 Jackson, Sheilla G.. 125, 261 Jacobs. Elaine J.. 90 Jacobs, Frank M., 73 Jacobson, Herbert A., 134 Irwin. Aileen J.. 262. 110 Irwin, J. Foster. 1151 Irwin. Marion E.. V16 7w4 14k lstvanlfy. Daniel I., 1110 Istvanffy, S. M.. 1121 Jack. R Jackson. Jackson. ohert G.. 103 Chalmer G., 103 I.ois. 152 Jallep, William James. Helen James, Margery, 263, 162 James, Hugh D. James, William L. Jameson, Francis H., 134 Jamieson, Charles E.. 148 Jamieson, David C. Jamicso Jamieso n. Douulas A.. 1114 n, John H., 92 Jamieson, Robert l".. 204 Janssen, Beth Janssen, Minerva E., 00 Janssen, Victor T.. 100 Jantzie, Donald N.. 100 Janzen. Jacob, 113 Janzen. Jacob. 134 Jaque. Joyce E.. 00 Jardine. Alexander D., 02, 266 Jardine. Doutllas H. Jasinski, Anthoni J., 100 Johnson, Nancy J., 122. 261. Johnson, Ralph, 161 Johnson Robert V.. 140 Johnson: Keillor, Vick Keillor. Violet lMrs Kellar, Earl L., 102 Kellaway, Herbert G -J .. 260 Vernon G., 113 Kelly. Annabelle, 95 Johnson, Wilfrid R., 113 Johnston, Boyne, 79 Johnston, Charles W.. 103 Johnstone. Gordon S., 140 Johnston, Irene R., 165 Johnston, Vera. 170 Johnstone, John K., 125 Johnstone, Kenneth C.. 113 '61 Jones, David C., 92 Jones Dorothy C.. sz, 254. 260, 205 Jones Eira T., 14N Jones. Bonnie, 261,162,203 Jones George B.. 1531 Jones .Innes John G., 11N Marguerite O. Jones Margery. 171 Jones Owen J.. 126, 271 Jones Robert L., 1210 Jones Ronald W., 1121 Stanley G.. 10rd Kelly. Donald J., 140 Kelly, Patrick E., 114 Kelly, W. E., 79, 271 Kelly, William F., 108, 264 Kemp, Edward W., 143 Kemp, Karl H., 148, Kenal Romeo, 148 Kendrick, Margaret F., 254, 131, 263 Kendrick. Stanley K., 103 Kennedy, Elmer C., 108 Kennedy, Garfield Kennedy, Mary A.. 143 Kennedy. Jack W., 122 Kennedy. James A. Kennedy, Lucien J. Kennedy, Margaret F., 122 Kennedy. Robert D.. 108 Kennedy. Robert J., 108 Kenney. Donald W.. 10S Kenney. Norman Kent. Hugh S., 155. INO Kenwood, John W.. 73 Jaspar, Joseph L. Jelfels, Ronald R, Je-lleries, Ross M.. 119. 2510, 246. 247. 20:4 Jellers. Henry R., 12x Jeyzard. Jenkins. Jenkins. Jenkins. Jenkins. Maurice R.. 1-10 Katherine, 05 Charles A. Eunice K.. 1-10 Kit Jenninxzs. Edward VV., 1:1-1 Jevnr-, Clarence O.. 14N Jevnin!I. Clifford J., 1254 Jr-witt. 113 VVilliam G., . 26-1 Johannson. Joyce. 05 Johnson, Albr-rt V. KR.-v.1 140 Johnson. Arnold F.. 1123 Johnson, Elmer VV. Johnson, George A., 1413 Johnson. George W. Johnson . Isobel L., 122 Johnson. Laura H., 1312 Johnson, Lena Jones. Sydney E., NG, 203 Jordan. Francis A. Jorxrens, John R. Jorirenson, Donald J., 100 .Ioreensr-n, James P., 122 Jorre de St. Jorre. Maurice A., 79. 266 Judge. D. Lawrence, 140, 267. INS Judge. Robert Mc.. 1213, 267, 1X5 Julian VVilIiam E., 102 Junker. Oscar, 114, 265 Justin. June R., 1-IN Kaechelc, Grace L., 00 Kallal, Rita M. Kambourofi, Rene J.. 10N Kane. Lawrence P.. 114 Karashowsky, Paul, 148 Karashowsky, VValter Katayama. Mitsuru. 12111 Karnotf. Theo. M. Karsten. Henry L. Kastinf, Robert Katz. Isadore C.. 122, 154 Katz. Roselle, 140 Kenyles. Donald, 134 Kerby, John B. Kerik. Carl A., 102 Kei-oak. Aime M. J., 128 Kerr. H. Clem, 249 Kershaw, Alan. 79 Kettyls, Catherine. 162 Kettyls. Georze D. M. Kettyls, Hugh Ross. 158 Keyes, Robert E.. 114 Kcyte. Eileen E. M.. TN. 206 Kidd. Stuart J. Kiefer. Roberta. B.. 00 Killeen. Clarence E., 153 Killeen. R. J. Killen. James M. 114 Kinfr Ethel M.. 1523 Kinxr. Lenore. 164 Kinnr. Robert W.. T6 Kinxrerly. Laura Pat. 162 Kirkconnell. John R.. 148, 154 Kirknatrick. Vivian M.. 1114 Kitchen, Frances R.. 125. 260, 213 Jackson, Morder A., 108 Johnson, Maruaret C., Kean, Murray T, Kitchen, John C.. 108 Jackson. Nancy R. 131, 261 Keil. Frederick N. Kitchen, Thomas W.. 114 I. THE ASH-TEMPLE Company Limited DENTAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Head Ofhce . . . Toronto, Canada H SERVICE FROIT1 ' COFIST TO CO FIST MONTREAL - OTTAWA - TORONTO HAMILTON - LONDON s WINNIPEG REGINA - CALGARY - EDMONTON VANCOUVER - VICTORIA Sporting Goods AND Sports Wear MWAYS IIIE BEST Northern Hardware Co. limited 10 1 st Street Phone 21012 Phone 21013 N verq 3 MACDONALD'S Bnmsu CoNsoLs c no A R 5 1 r e s KI' 331 x 9 A .' f b ""'1 7 in , X 645 THE TREND ff T0 FUR All HEATING I L You can do if Wherever this modern fuel is availfable, more and more "The Trend is to GAS". No other fuel so completely fulfills present-day exacting heat require- ments in the home and in industry. Wherever heat is required there is a job for GAS. As material and labor become available, Alberta's two Natural Gas Utilities con- tinue to extend Natural Gas Service to an increasing number of Alberta Cities and Towns. This Magic Blue Flame Of Service combinesg O FLEXIBILITY 0 CLEANLINESS 0 ECONOMY I INSTANT CONTROL 0 RAPID HEAT 0 DEPENDABILITY 0 VERSATILITY OF APPLICA- TION 0 AUTOMATIC REGULATION When You Need Heat- YOU NEED GAS. Northwestern Utilities The Canadian Western Natural Gas, Limited Light, Heat and Power Co. Ltd. EDMONTON CALGARY Natural 605 Service 332 YOU'LL FIND IT A Pleasure TO SHOP WITH Leisure AT In Edmonton CORONA HOTEL MODERN - FIREPROOF A Dining Room Service You Will A . ul-Il E3 Attractive PPWCIZZCBLOCKS EAST EDMONTON,S SMART STORE Rates C.P.R. DEPOT Kiteley, James W. Kitt, Nick, 148 Kitz, Nickolas. 105 Kittlitz, Norman E. Kjearseaard, Anders A.. 100 Kjorvin, Lloyd N., 1514, 267 Kjos. Alice K., 160 Klassen, David 53 Klatt, Wallace D. Klein, Hymie, 130. 270 Klimove, Morris, 140, 270 Klinck, Betty J., 153 Klohn, Earle J., 105 Klovan. August, 125 Klumph, Samuel G., 102 Knebel, Albert J., 125 Knight, Eric H.. 153 Knight. Kenneth M., 114 Knight. Ronald J., 11-1 Knoll, George F. Knowler, Albert S., 130 Knowles, George W., 114 Kobylnyk. Stephanie A., 97 Koch. John C.. 118, 249. 268 Kochan. Annie. 145 Kokotailo, John T. Kolisniak, Josephine, 1-125 Komhyr, Mary, 153 Koncohrada, Romanus. 105 Kondro. Michael, 165 Konesky, Alfred, 159 Koo, Ronald, 108 Korek, W. Korek. Walter S. Korble, Tony. 148 Koroluk, Euphemia E.. 155 Kortgard, Alan R. Korth. Clayton Koslowski. Michael W. Kosowan, Constantine, 134 Kostash, Ladimer L. Kostash, Theodore L. Kostachuk. George, 140 Kotck, Ada J. A., 131 Kowalchuk. Andrew, 108 Kowalchuk, Arthur, 108 Kowalchuk. Eileen. 140 Kowalchuk, Eileen Kowalski, Nora. 132 Koziak, Peter P.. 108 Krause, Vernon W.. 161, 264 Kravetz, George Kraychy, Stephen, 134 Kreutz, Donald M.. 160 Kreutz. Eunice Kreway, Harry, 1-15 Krezanoski, Stanley, 155 Krinke, Keith H. Kroeker, Henry Kroetsch, Lorne P.. 135 Kroetsch, Robert P., 1-10 Krokosh. Harry G.. 135 Kroon, Harris M., 140 Krpan, Ivan J., 114 Krucik. Gerald W., 122 Kruk, Orest A.. 185 Krukowski. Zetta, 163 Krys, Marshall, 135 Kryskow, Edward J. C., 140 Kuavetz. George, 00 Kuchinski. Dennis Kufel. Nicholas. 102 Kulak, Marion, 263 Kulba. Peter K., 145 Kunigiskis, John, 105 Kupchenko, Gloria, 153 Kupchenko, Vladimir H. Kurylo, Alec, 14S Kurylo, Fred, 242, 148 Kurysh, William D., 118 Kushner. David N., 97 Kutyn, Marshall, 103 Kutzner. Armin, 1-lx Kuwahara, Ken. T6 Kuzyk. Victor, 247, 155 Kylr, Frank J. Kyle, Muriel F., 153 Kyle, VVilliam D. Lnbrie, Maurice .I,, 153 Lacey, Bernard H., 108 Lachmrin. Katherine, 128 LZIEHSSE, Clement Lailee, Charles F.. 135 Lakey. Wm. H., 1213 Lnuusta, Lily M., 122 Lakusta, Thomas E., 130 Lamb, Glen Lamb, Cleland D.. 114 Lnmb, Reed D., 158 Laimb. Ross K.. 113 Lambert, Marcel J., H1 Lambert, Marguerite M., 84 Lambert, Roland A.. 148 Lancaster. Joseph. 100 Langdale. Mary Irene, 153 Langille, Donald W. Langman, Gerald S., 108 Lnpp, E. Gordon, 140 Lappa, Edward, SN Larbalestier, Philip IJ., 10s Large, Harley J.. 159 Larson, Anna L., 153 Larson, Arthur M., 102 Larson. Burns J., 240, 160, 271 Larson, Vernon C., 105 Larson, Thelma, 145 Lastiwka, Russel J.. 161 Lauer, Kenneth R.. 75 Lauer, Randolph M.. 77 Louerman. Joseph M., 265 Iiavalee, Gerard D. Laver, Melvin Law, Dorothy B., 132 Law, John E.. 125 Lawrence, John M., 108 Lawrence, Vern S., 100 Laycraft. James H., 122 Lay, Marrion, 164 Lazaruk. Wm., 'TE Leader, Anna, 163 Leahy, George D., 102 Leard. Barbara M., 1-18 Leask. John A., 118, 264 Leavitt, Bert K., 10S Leavitt, Clark T., 135 Leavitt, Stanley A. Lebeau, Jack B. Leboldus, Francis J., 88 Lee, Mary M., 122 Lee, Ronald B. Leeder, James R., 161 Leeder, Lois L., 125 Left-hvre, Daniel H., 148 Lefebvre. Roland H., 153 Lefebvre, Sylvain. 171 Lefebvre, Yvon H., 11-1 Leitch. Douglas B., 135 Leitch, Hermene, 108 Leitch. James G. Lenardon, Dante A.. 122, 197 Lencucha, Joseph W., 140 Lencucha. Wilfred S., 105 Lentz, Dorcey E., 108 Leonidas, Perilces. 114 Leonty, Alex.. 143 LePage, Gerard L., 125 Leppard, Ray E., 135 Lerbekmo. John lf., 114, 249 Lerner, Irving, 160, 199 Leroy, Alfred J.. 118 Le Scelleur, Phillip C. Lesk, Israel A., 118, 236. 270 Leskiw, Ma1'y E., 90. 153 Leskiw, Russell, 1-16 Lesley, Stanley Mle., 140 Leslie, Gordon A., 140 Letersky, Michael, 125 Letts. James, 135 Leversedge, Lillian M. Levine, Aaron A.. 125. 274 Levy, James M., 135 Lewicky, William D., 105 Lewis, Alberta R., 94 Lewis, George A., 155 Lewis, George W.. 115 Lewis, Jack C., 155 Lewis, Jean E., 162 Lewis, K. N., 135 Lewis Una Mary, 145 Lewko. Edward R. Lieber, Frank S., 125 Liden. Clare L.. 19, 2-16, 249, 26S Lieberman. S. S.. 270, 207 Lilly, Charlie E., 103 Lilly, Helen F.. 125, 231, 237. 261 Lindberg, Lloyd F., 153 Lindberg. Wallace L., 114 Lindow, John E., 123 Lindsay, lan S., 103 Lindsay, Neville N., 125, 194 Lindsay, William R, N.. 83, 236, 183, 220 Lindsay, William R., 103 Lindskog, Harry V., 130. 265 Lindskoog, Gustave T., 158, 213 Lindsay. James R. Linney. Edith, 163 Linney. Edward T.. 108 Lipinski. John J.. 161 Lipsett. Eser. 143 Lipsett, Lloyd R., 140 Lipsey. Marxzaret J.. 32, 231, 261 Lister, John D. Lister. Joyce G., 132 Litchfield, Ernest L., 114 Little, Earl E. Little, Herbert G.. 114, 251 Little. Meldrum W., 160 P ' IN BETTER CLASS N FURNISHINGS . . Sec moorted Woolens f?LOTH1NGand BUESEESY fEr12rr's 'iiimiiv 'OZWEER men's l.Uear Specialists PHONE 25495 The Unifversit Book Store Stationery - - Drafting Supplies - Embossed Notepapcr - Ifversharp Pencils - Any book published can be ordered here. - Textbooks - - University Pennants and Crests - L.1bor.1tory Coats - Fountain Pens If we have not got it in stock we will get it. Little, Shawna Lutsky, Sarah, ur McColl, Raeman D., 100 Maclhqnald, Malcolm D., Lloyd, Donulliil M-. Lentz, Dorcy E., 10- Mclfonnell, Chesley J., T5 106 253. 131. 253 Leversedge, Lilliam M. McConnell, Edward W., 114 lslaplmnald, Mgilcolm W, Lubily. Fl'61-1- 135 Lutz, John E., 130, 264 McConnell, Frances, 153 MacDonald, Norma E., 153 Lobay. William. T3 F Lyman, Leo P., 35, 270 McConnell, Fred C.. 141 MacDonald, Patricia, Lobb, Kenneth R.. 76. 1351 Lymburner, Ward R., 10s McConnell, Paul Goodwin. 95, 263 Locke. Robert S-. 135 Lynass, Agnes L., 1-lm T6 M.-cllmiald, Richard J., Lockie, Robert W.. 105 Lynkowske, Nicholas M., McConwaym, Patricia 141, 265 Loftus Logan, , Mary, 145 Douglas W.. -1 141, -66 Logan, Gordon J., 1310 Logan, Samuel A. Long, Gordon S. L., 130 Long, Joe, 105 Long, Marjorie, 1255 Long, Stanley A., 125 Lonlrair, Arthur M., 100 Longair, Ernest L., 100 Loomer, Joe, 130 Lord, Douglas B., 14s Lord, Robert G., 10S Loring. Marion O.. 148 Losie, Edith L., 130 Lott, Walter J.. 122 Louden, Don I.f-uxrheed, Donald IJ.. 115. 2-ll! Love, Alexander M., 1225 Love, D., 108, 148 Love, Edwin P. Lore. Gordon D. Love, John A. Love. William N. 100, 264 Low, Bruce, 1595 Low, Douglas. 103 Low, James Paton. 122 Lowe, Earle C.. 100 Lowe, Mary C., 56, 261 Lozeron, Paul P., 140 Lucas, George R. Ludwick, Floyd. 145 Luft, Morley F., 114 Lukenchuk, Joe, 135 Lukenchuk, John J., 155 Lupaschuk, Nick, 236, 14 Lupul. Alexander G. Lunul, Mandly, 122 Lutic, Con., 02 Lutsky, Sara, 91 0 H Huberman, Samuel, 79, .70 Kenyles. Donald. 134 Keyes, Robert E., 114 Lcaxitt, Stanley A. Long, Gordon, S. L. 1-ls Lynn, Billy Y., 114 Lyons. Morris, 122 Lyons, J. P., 128, 247 Lysne, Agnes T., 162 Lyster, Lorna, S0 McAd:im. Kathleen R.. 125, 261 MeAlpine, Roderick J., 153. 265 Mt-Afee, Norman A., 125 McAnaIly, Joseph H. McAndrews, Cyril J., 100 McAndrews, Bryan, 100 Mt-Arthur. James A. MacArthur, James G,, 1033 MacArthur. Russell, UU, 169 Mt-Bride, Jean Mary ll., 129, 262, IRI McBride, Irene J., T0 Mc-Bride, Roderick D., 141 Mcthifferyl Eilleen, 165 McCalTrey, Richard J., 141, 271 McCaig, Robert B. McCall, Jean Mctfall, Ralph L.. 149 Mt-Calla, Peter D. McCalla, Robert I., 141, 2Tl MacCallum, Georire J,, 141 Mr-Carroll, Shirley I., 149 Mt-lfarthy, Theresa S., 56, 263 Mtfaskie. Hazel M.. 1-11 MiCauIey, Douulas VV., 242, 160 McClelland, Frances E.. 162 McClelland, Richard C., 158 McCluny:, Nellie L., 123, 237. 19-1 McClure, John H.. 140 McCormack. Gordon E.. 114. 239 McCormick, Evelyn Vera, 1-I1 McCormick. Ross F. l.lvCoy, Ernest E., 53, 176, 177 McCoy, Martha E.. 1311 McCracken. James A., 160 McCreary, Richard V., 1233 McCreedy. Hedley H.. 114 McCuai1:, Eric A. D., 92 Mcl'ullai!h, Charlie F., 141 McCulloup,', R. Douglas, 1-I1 McCullough, Glenn W.. 141 McCullough, Noreen, 125 Mcl'ully, Sheila, 135 Mvtfune. Cameron Thomas, 15s McCune, Maynard W., 150 YIIL-Cutcheon, Archibald D.. 11-1 McCutcheon, June L., 132, 260 McDade, Georlre H.. 109 Mcl7'ermid. Eleanor, 149 McDermott, Francis C., 125, 241 MacIliarmid, John A.. 245. 135 Mar-Donald, Angus G., 12.1 MacDonald, Audrey L., 125, 261 MacDonald. Donald A., 149 Mat-Donald, Donald M. Nacllonald, Eleanor A.. 256, 131, 261 MacDonald, Eric J., 23511, 1-lf! Mac-lfonald, Hazel M. Maoliqnald, Hugh P., 135 MacDonald, Charles J. MacDonald, James C., 141 MacDonald. Jean L., 07. 263 MacDonald, John A., 12S ..1 Mai-Dorald, John E., 135 MacDonald, Stanley, 130 Macllonald, Donald M., 86 MacDonald, John Mcllonztld, John D., 109 Mcljonald, Robert Y. MacDonell, Bruce E., 135 MacDonel1, Charles A., 130 Mac-Donell, Leo F., 1125 Mat-Donough, Audrey, 261, 141 MacDougal1, Dugald B. McDowell, Helen C. McEachern, Donald G.. 118 MacEachern, Kenneth L., 269 McElhinney, Bernice L., 132 McEvoy, Frank J., 50, 265, 191 McEwen, James R. Mt-Ewen, Richard, 113. 26S Mclfall, Earl. 169, 125 McFall, William G. McFadyen. James E. McFall, E. E. McFall, W. G. MacFar1an, Edward, 109 McFa,rland, Elsie M., 236. 155 McFarland, Kenneth R., 118 McFarlane, George H., 141 McFetridge, John D., 153 McGhee, Edith E. ML-Gibbon. Gregory D., 109 McGill. Donald R., 76, 264 McGillis, Jean W., 155 McGillivary, Ronald S.. 12S McGinnis, Robert C., 103 McGorman, Albert F., S6 McGorman, James W., 114 McGoey, Francis W.. 159. 271 McGregor, Gwen E., 261, 153. 201 McGregor. Helen, 261. 141, 189 McGregor, John A. TI-IE UNIVERSITY PRINTING DEPRIQTIVIENT ADMISSION TICKETS DISPLAY CARDS BOOK-BINDING INVITATIONS CONCERT PROGRAMS 1-1AND-B00K5 DANCE PROGRAMS PAMPHLETS ATTENTION FRATERNITIES! See us about your various printing needs A PRINTING SERVICE F OR 'THE UNIVERSITY AND UNIVERSITY SOCIETIES 334 MAKING BETTER F FUR 100 Since 1847 when Daniel Massey built his first little factory which was later to join hands with the firm founded by Alanson Harris, the efforts of the Company have been devoted to the production of imple- ments to save time and labor, reduce costs and increase production on the farm. The history of the Company has been the story ofa series of epoch-making develop- ments which have played an important part in the amazing evolution of agriculture in Canada and throughout the world during the past hundred years. From earliest days until about 1850 seed had been sown by hand, grain had been cut with the sickle or cradle, and threshed by hand with the flail. Then in various parts of this continent, men's minds began to turn to labor-saving devices. About 1850 began the greatest develop- ment in agriculture in the history of the world-a development in which Massey- Harris played a leading part. Within thirty years, machinery had largely taken the place of hand labor in seeding, harvesting and threshing. Soon one man could do the work ARM MACHINERY YEARS formerly done by Eve. Production costs were reduced as much as 70 per cent. The new machines made possible the de- velopment ofthe great Canadian XVest, and from the prairies, streams of golden wheat poured into the markets of the world. Early in the present century came the development of power farming which again increased production and lowered farming costs. During this whole amazing century, Massey- Harris plants were expanded time after time to supply the increasing demand for the new machines in the development of which they had played a leading part. From the far countries of the world came orders for this new machinery to eliminate farm drudgery and speed production. Today with factories in Canada, the United States, England and France, and sales branches throughout the world, Massey- Harris has become the largest maker of farm implements in the British Empire, and the name Massey-Harris it household word throughout the world wherever grain is grown. MASSEY-HARRIQTABLEEQIMPANY, LIMITED Toronto Montreal Moncton Winnipeg Brandon Regina Swift Current Saskatoon Yorltton Colgory Edmonton Vancouver I 335 McGregor, Joseph A., 15S McGregor, John L. Mt-Gregor, John R., 135 MacGregor, Roderick G.. 128 McGuire, Robert W. McGu1'fin. Gordon A., 74, 249. 266 McHatTie, Rosalie A., 123 MacHardy. Fenton V., 109 Mcllroy, Gordon, 125, 269 Mclnnis, Milton L.. 100 MacIntosh, Charles S.. 256, 141. 264 McIntosh, Mary, 171 McIntyre, Lois B., 262 Mclver. George Dickson, 158 McJannett, William A.. 135 MacKay Donald C., 141 MacKay, Doris E., 161, 212 MacKay Edward A. Mac-Kay, Elizabeth S., 162 MacKay Frank A. MacKay. Harold M.. 114 MacKay Joseph A., 161 MacKay Malcolm A.. 135, 268 MacKay, Margaret R., 103 262 McKay, Lorna, 164 McKay, Jacqueline M., 260, 163 McKay, Mercedes, 163 McKay, Robert, 149 McKay, Robert A., 109 McKay. William N., S6 McKechnie, Donald S.. 265 McKeen, James L.. 141 MacKinnon, Donald, 135 Mat-Kenzie, MacKenzie Agnes N., 143 Thelma. 163 McKenzie, 'Alvin H., 135 MacKenzie, Arthur F., 149 MacKenzie. Bruce M.. 158. 266 Mac Kenzie, Roderick G., 160 Mac Killon, Douglas M. McKinley, William J. McKinnell, Walter K. McKinnon, Clarence A. MacKinnon, William L. McLachlin, James W. Mclsaggan, Wm. A., T5 26 T, 179 l.lfi'Latchie. Allan S.. 114 McLaugh2lgn, Enid M., l 79, McLaughlin. John T., 165 McLaws, James G., 128. 237. 269 McLean. Allan S., 128 MacLean, Elaine J., 255, 161 MacLean, Ian A., 114 Mclean Ernest A., 143 McLean, Gordon F., 51. 191 MacLean, James W., 109 MacLean, Lawrence D.. 123, 245 McLean, Lloyd D., N3, 2611 McLean, Malcolm S.. 79 MacLean, Ronald S., 135 McLean, William F., 123 McLeofl. Audrey M. MacLeod. Clifford B., 1011 MacLeod M. Joan 93 261 McLeod, 'lan C., 1'35. ,264 McLeod, Irene E.. 149 MacLeod. Iris J.. 123 MacLeod, Kenneth R.. 241, 136 MacLeod. Sybil. 163 Mr-Lend, Lionel E., 141 McLeod, Marie E McLeod, Wm. D.. 141 McLulian, John W., 136 McManus, Thomas M. McMillan, Donald L., 100 NlfUJ1lr1l'l8'D. Donald W.. 268 MacMillan , Ralph B., 109 McNeil. Donald L., 114, 109 MacNeil, Harold L., 90 McNeill, Ronald W., 118 McNichol, Chalmers T, 159, 264 McNichol, Dona'd W.. 249. 109 McPhail, Shirley E.. 97. 229, 252. 253 McPherson, Alexander B., 123 MacPherson, Grant E.. 114 McPherson, Kenneth C. MacPherson, Lois J.. 262 MacQuarrie, Arnold E. McQuay, William J., 247, 109 Mac'Queen. M. Anna, 82. 254. 205 McQueen. Robert W.. 114 McQuitty Stanley G., 109 MacRae, Carey G., 141 MacRae, Ervin D. MacRae, Gordon A., 109 Macrae, Norman H.. 149 Macrae, James A., 125, 230, 236, 239, 241 MacCrae, Teresa P.. S2, 263 McRoberts, Edith, 163. 216 McRoberts. Marion S., 149 McRoberts. William S., 90 McTaggart, Marjorie, 162 Mac-Williams, Dalton C., 136 McWilliam, Helen I., 123 Maberley, Doris E., 135 Macartney. Eileen L.. 90, 236, 178, 192 Macenko, F1'ederick, 113. 10S Mackie, David B., 135 Mackie, George D., 100 Mackie. James A.. Maerov, Sidney B., 140. 270 Maginley, Thomas H., 135 Magrum, Wade M., 148 Mah, George Mahon, Ester, 95 Mahoney, John J., 140 Maher. Leonard A., 83. 245. 266 Matillouz, Cecile, 148 Mair, Alex, 118, 140, 269 Mair, Gordon W., 128 Mair, Frank J., 130 Mair, James A. Makoroff, Robert P. Makowichuk, Maurice, 97 Malanchuk, W. Malxolm, Harry A. Mallabone, James E., 140 Mallandaine. Arthur J. Mahon, Esther, 262 Mallabone, M., 78 Mallett, Lawrence, 140 Malone, Melville C., 108 Maloney, Vincent J., 155 Mandin. Louis G. Manery, Hubert Ronald, 73 Manlin, Louis G., 135 Manning, Elizabeth Manson, George R., 114, 265 Manuel, Marguerite G. Marble, Robert D., 135, 268 Marcoff, Marjorie M. Marcotte, Joseph A., 90 Markle, Alexander G. Margolus, Burton, 130, 270 Marion, Donald G.. 100 Mark, Victor F.. 130 Markin. Ralph, 165 Marlatt, Margaret, 164 Maron Peter Marr, Jean E., 155 Marriott, Cecil J., 134 Marshall, Irene, 163 Marshall, John P., 149 Mar-Kenzie, Donald A,, 125 McMillan, Robert M. 128. 236 Marshall, Kathleen, 149 McKenzie, Gordon J., 135 MacMillan. Walter R., 158 Mackie, Stuart A., 128, 236 Martens, Samuel J., 159 McKenzie, John F., McMillan, William R., 114 Mackintosh, George W. Martin, Arthur P. 135, 264 McMorran, John F., 136 Macklin, Bertha B., 148 Martin, Douglas F. MacKenzie, Kenneth, McMurchy, Allan, SS. 263 Macklin. Sydney Z.. 148 Martin Gerald A. 103, 267 McMurray, Gordon K., 155 Maddison. Harry C. Martin John H., 140 McKenzie, MacQuarrie B.. McNally, James A., 264 Madsen, Edward, 114 Martin John M., 114 125 McNee1y, John D.. 233 Madsen, Neil, 100 Martin Kenneth G., 12S McKenzie, Richard M.. 265 M4-Neil, Donald J., 265 Madsen, Mrs. Rose, 155 Martin. Vernon C. Prize Winners at 76 International Salons In 24 Different Countries GQEIQTZ STUDICS Portraits - Commercial photos UNIVERSITY GRADUATES! You may have reprints of your sitting at any timeg they will be kept in our file. La Fieche Building, Half Block South of josper Avenue on 102nd Street EDITICDIWTOD Phone 25766 Evening Sittings by Appointment Mit'-hell POWER . . . by remote control The new Barrier Plant, seven miles up the K3l1Jl1J5lilS River from Seebe, will operate without a single attendant. All opera- tions will be controlled automatically or by remote control from the Horseshoe Plant at Seebe. The dam will be about 2.100 feet long with si maximum height ol 145 feet. A lake 312 miles long and covering about 700 acres will thus be formed. Sufficient energy will be available in .1 149 foot drop to the plant to operate Q1 14,000 h.p. turbine and genemtor, which will be connected to the C:OI11Pi1l'1y,S 110.000 volt system to supply the increasing demands for power. Picture shows plant under construction. looking down from top of dam. SX . .7 vlxtvk-.-47 ,,-!v J- f- -- - LIMITED fa? ak- MH' M I -7 PQWER-.,gOM'PANY' VINE ALBERTA dn 541 1 Wd' Martyn. Islay J., 237 Martin, William A., 74 Martyn, Jean. 262, 1-111 Martinek, Anna. 149 Maryka. Alice. 163 Mason. John T.. 140, 261 Mason. Robert G.. 118. 211s Mather, Herbert E., 114 Matheson, Allan D.. 103 Matheson, Donald R., 13-1 Matheson, Douglas R.. 108, 263 Matheson, James D. Matheson, Robert S., 257. 264 Mathieson. Leslie Matisz, Paul. 126 Matkin, Grant, 153 Matkin. Heber L., 155 Matson. Orran Matthews, Alison, 260, 162 Matthews. Donald C., T3, 264 Matthews, Francis R. Matthews, Frank B., 114 Matthews, Richard J.. 114, 264 Matthias, George. 171 Maxwell, Brian E., 1411. 265 May. Claude A.. 153. 221 Maybin, John E., 268 Mayer, Morris H., 108 Mayhew. Annie Kathleen. 94 Mayhew, Emily E., 114 Mayhood, John E. Maynard, Arthur R., 1311 Mazurek, John, 153 Meagher, John W.. 11111 Mealing, Geoffrey R. Mealing, Stanley R., 255 Mecklintz, Arthur C. Medd, Clair. 149 Medhurst, Donald H.. 125. 265 Meeres, Leonard S., 11-1 Meikle. John H. Meiklejohn, M. Anna. 125 Meiklejohn, Percy A.. 1411 Meisner. George C. Melby, Lester R., 143, 268 Meleshko. Fred Mellon. Garnet M., 100 Melnychuk, J. M.. 90 Melnychuk, Rudolph. S6 Melnyehynl Paul, 103, 188 Mt-lnyk, Alexander. al. .. .,6 .... Melnyk, John, TSI. 2211, -.t1 231, lxs Melnyk. Metro, 11111 Melnyk, Peter F.. 11111 Melnyk. T. Melnyk. VValter T.. 1-111 Menzies, Robert G. Mercer, Mercer. Ernest H. Richard A. Merkley, J, A., 1411 Merrick, Steve J. Merrills, George M.. 11111 Meston. Robert W. Metcalfe, Benjamin E., 135 6 1 .ir Metcalfe, George L. Metzner, Arthur E.. lls Mill--r. Te-vie H., 2571.1-11.1s11 Miller. Yaldomir R., 11-l Miller, William K. Millett. Hazel M., 11 1. 2.3 Milley, 1Villiam H., llfi l1iill1ons, Kenneth A.. 11111 Mills. lizfrry A., 153 Mills, llaviml C. Mills. Elsie M. Milne. Jean, 21131, 11111 Milne. Laura J.. 1112 Milne. Retzinalrl Milner. Emily M.. 1112 Milner, Joseph L. Milner. Robert T.. N1 Milo. Vincent P.. 113 Milton. lfretlerit-k t'. Mooine. 11--orfe T.. ., .,- 2 ... -il Moore, l'orni1'e, 21314. '1-11 Nlooie, llwlla J., 1-111 l11oo1'e, llonaltl F., 1-11 l1loor1-, l1on 1... F.. 115 Moore, l1onal1,1 WV., 257 .1'lo1ir1', Elizzilivth C.. 1152 Moore. 1'vl'l.1l1'l'1t'li E., 1315 1i'loor1-. 1"red1-rie W, Moort-. John H., 11111 Moore, J amos V1 .. 1-11 Nlooii-. Keninth VV., lx .11 '1 l lfflll, I 2. Lil Mooie, 1V1aru':iret 1-11 Monro, 1.X'il'iam A.. 11111 Mooio XN'illiam K 1"3 Meunier, Francoise Meyer, Eileen M., 1411 Meyer, Marie. 1411 Meyer, Robert C., Michaluk, Lillian, Miehasiw, Natalie. Michelot, Lenorn T., 1-111 Michie. Charles G.. 115 Michie, Mona J.. 1242 Mickelson. Cecil H.. 161 Mickelson. Oliver. 11111, lb Middleton. Betty R.. 1111 Miirllt, Helen L., 135. 2131 Milbradt. Elfriede L,. 1111 Mile. William H., 115 Millar. Dolores l., 1"1. 213 Millar, James A., 11-1 Millar. James L., T4 Millar, Mamrziret A., 2621 Millar, Mark E.. 232 11111 "1'4 ..., ,,..1 Milton, Ruth A., 1-111 Milwnrtl, Robert 11. Mint-hin, I'Y:iniel H., 121114, 1311 Mint-hin, John A., 1-11, 211s Minion, Douglas W., 21111, 2-11. Minogue. Melvin 1315. Minty, 1 iorclon K., 1155, 211' Misiewich. Polly. 1-111 Misltew, Adeline. 137. Mitwhell, Alta R., 112. 11115 1 Mitchell, t,'li11ortl A., Mi Mitrhell. Colvin G., 11121 Mitrhf-ll. David E., 115 Mitt-hell, lfores.-n Mitvhc-ll, Douglas ll.. 135, 265 Mitrhifll. 1"rederi1'k A. Mitchell, John L.. 111'1 . Robert A., 1-11 Millar. Mary Alice, 21:33, 11: 11 Millar. Millar. Norman R., l ROA' L., 11111 Millarml, Ellen-Anne. 132, 2132 Millard. Vernon, 12111 Miller, Alan A., 1511 Miller. Donald M., 1-111 Miller, Harold W. Miller. John B., 11-1 Miller, Keith. 1111 Miller, Kenelm C., 141 Miller, Lloyd A., 1-ll, 266 Miller, Lloyd W.. KH. 11114 Miller. Margaret H., 135 Miller. Phyllis, 135 Miller. Richard B., 11111 Mix. Orval C.. 1-111 Moen. Ila. 1-111 Molllit, Jean H.. 122 Mogen, Yvonne L.. 21111. 1615. 1TY,2111 Moliiar, D. George E.. 1-11 Molslierry, Vance E.. 1113 Molvneux, Cecil H.. 125. 26N Monaule, John E.. H11 Monkman, William J. Montiromery. 1-lenrv W. Montgomery, Hugh Ii. 1571 Montsiomery. Stew-irt 1'. R 125. 266 Montgomery, Walter L. Mtirzin. Kathleen M.. 5.2, 11111, 1111 Mor:1n. Paul J. l1'l11r:il1. W'illi11m K., 122 l111111!'i-, 1Villi21m J. , lvloreau, 1i1'1'l11l1'K1 L., ' 115, lllN Moi-ian. George 15511 1V1o"1,n. tllznlys E.. 133 Moren, Ellen M. L.. 1551, 11112 Mori-t. lit-nise A. M.. fl, 3113: Morimoto, Thtirnas E.. 11. Nlorison. Alexander' G., 115 lVl1iiison, ll'oris J., 1115 Morison, John I1.. 115 Morisoli, T. J., 11111 Morison. William G., 115 Morris, James E,, 11N Mor.-Is, John A. H., 1551 Morris, Joyt-11 A., 1111 Morris, Ruliv J., 1-111 ltlorris, William R., 155 ll lvlorezin. John H., 1311, 11151 Morrison 1-11, Angus E., "1i'l Morrison, A tl.. 1-11 M orrison 1-111 Morrison 2117. Morrison Morrison lVl1irrison Mol'rou'. Mortenst . Gwen M. A., Harold L. 177. 1TS Jac-lt W. Mary A., 1.11 .1 . VVilliam B. Thomas D.. 111171 n Ellen M 153 l 1 -1 Morter. Howard J.. 12X Mortimer, Robert K., 1-11 LUESTERH SUPPLIES LIfTiITED Eclmonton -:- Hlberta f BELL and mORRIS LTD. Calgary -:- Hlberta I UJHOLESFILE DEFILERS In Plumbing and Heating materials Builcling, mine and l.Uell Supplies To Inform To Enter am To Educate Radio's first function is to inform the people. CFRN complete indepen- dence, its own news department, its own writers, guarantee impartial ful- fillment of this function. But radio must do more than inform-it must entertain, and educate. Over 26 top network programmes each week, plus CFRN's own productions mean radio enjoyment at its bestg a host of Mosley. James W. Niktlioiuk, Allen Theodore Nob.,-s. Leonard Thomas educational shows rounds out a sche- dule recognized as one of Canada's finest. 5,000 Watts ' manager of "Big Tuck." 1260 Kilocycles ' Basic Dominion Network jerry johnson, CFRN's emcee of the "Talking From Tuck" pro- gramme, here interviews one of the better known campus figures, President Robert Newton, Looking on is Cliff Roy, owner- CFR Moss, F. Howard, 11.19 Motiuk. Leonard A. Mottus, Edward H.. 141 Motut, Roger G., 155 Mowatt. Neil A.. 1011, 26-1 Moysa. William, 149 Moyse, Richard F.. 115 Moyse. Robert K.. 115 Moysey, Kirby I... 155 Mraz, John P, Mudry. Walter J. Mudryk, Marshall S. Muhlback, Clarence. 171 Muirhead, Alexander, 1311 Mulligan, Ronald R. J., 122 Mulloy, Margaret B,, 128. 260 Mulloy. Nels B. Mulloy, William H., 141, 269 Mundy. James M,. '14 Mundy, Thomas A., 51 Munkacsi, Arpad, 115 Munro, Mary E,. 1311 Munro, Russel J, Nadusdi. VVilliz1m Uuilvie, 1Varren L., 1411 Nahziiowski. Anna, 1411 Naismith. Ilon A.. lllx Narraway, Lionel M., 11111 Nattress. John R.. 521, 219 Necyk. Jerry J.. 12a Neelands. H. H., lla Neighbor, C. L., 131 Neils, Anne R., 141 Neilson Neilson Neilson T11 Neilsoini, , Arthur Jens Betty Helen, 11-11 , Martha Lois. 192 Nndene. 1411 Nelson, Albert Emanuel. 153 Nelson, Asael Lawrence Nelson, Chris George Nelson. Eileen Vivien. 52, 178 Nelson. Gertrude Marion. 911 Nelson. Gordon Albert. 11171 Nelson. Nelson. Nelson. Kenneth L,. 1311 Norman Allan, 141 A. Laurence, 141 Nivhols, Lois Patricia. 1521 Murphy, Edward 1-'.. 126 265, 1207 Murphy. Vincent J.. 141, 268 Murray. Catherine R.. 132, 176. ITS Murray, Charles D. S., 131 Murray, Frances E., 141 Murray. Francis E.. 135 Murray, G. Colin, 125. 231. 1111. 12111 Murray. John A.. 122: Murray. John A. Murray. John R. Murray. Kenneth W., 1515 Murray. Maryzaret, 162 Murray, Thomas H., 1411 Murray. William G., 135 Nelson. Leonard Doyal. 153. 2167 Ness, Muriel Netterville, Stanley 11. Newall, P'atricia, 1111 Newby, L. R., 1315 Newhall, Edmunde. 115, 269 Nt-winner. Donald ti,. 165 flwvrnan. Kathleen, E16 Newsom, Harry Edwin, 15?7 Newton, Dorothy, E17 Nu-mon, Isobel Jean, 1:12 Newton, T. Harry. 1111 Ni-ahimt. V 141 to, liE0l'1ll1111 Susie. Nishio. N-irisl-iazi, ss 22111, 12411 7 xx., Ei nie, Lili, 13-1 Nixon, Rnlph Steven, 1111 Nixon. N111-ol, Noble. Nt1l1lt1, Stanley, 115 Wilhelmina I., 15:1 Vliarles F., 125 llonaltl Nock. John Russell Nooiiaii, Monit-at Jean, 115: Nordlui id, Lloyd H., lvll. Lili-1 Nordtorp, Gladys, 155 Norelri. Allen Gordon. 1l1'1 071 Noxun, llonald, 115 Noi tis, Arnold Nvilly .st-rris, Marie. 154 Norris. Marilyn M. Ourgulitik, Boris O'l1z1re, rrancis, 171 U'l'1are. Nathan J. Ukazaki, Albert Ulte, Albert L. Uldztker, Richard li., 141 Uldford, T1-renee, ZITI Uldkinu. Edward W. Ulekshy, Russell. 1U3 Northey. J. Lawrence, 111.1 Nzixako wslti, Nicliolas fi., 12111 fltiuivlti, Alive M.. 1-151, 2115 Noy, Mnry Anne XV.. 111 -11. 5 22 ', 211. Nugent, lit-rnzird L.. 115 Nuuw-nt, M. A.. 125 Nugent, Terence James. 11121, 1111 Nuss, John Richard, 117. Nuttall. Nvberu. Nvhus. George Edward Furl. T5 Tron Peter, 17113 Ulfman. Bertha tlliver, Marjorie R., 165 Oliver, Marion NV., E115 Uliver, Zella J. tflson, Albert U.. l-121 11lson, Carlton H.. TT. Olson. Edith I., 153 Olson, E. Richmond, 122 Olson. 1-'rttnris J. R., 11111 Ulstad, Gordon J.. 115 Ulsteat l. Margery R.. 5 -'tae lall ll..-.1. Ulvnek. Edward. 115 l1'Neill. John G., 1111 t1'NeilI, Reuinnld ll.. 1115 U'Neill. Sheila M.. 1231 Urlt-ski. Stephen. 1-114 U'Rourke, Margaret J., 711, 2151, 11211. 256 Urr, Norman, 11151 Urydzuk, Mark, 1411 Urzel, Z. Philip. 13113 Uslinldeston, Vernon W.. 11111 tlshorne. John A,, 1151, I Oswnld, Arthur J.. 1511 Uswziltl, Irene B.. T9 Utterson, Gertrude 1'.. 1 Un'-lette. J. Joseph, 1221 Nylt-11ayt link, William ll- 1 N,t-olson. N11-holson Alexander H. , G. J., 125 Nicholson, Gerald. 16 1 eming, Mustard, W. M., 135 Mutch, Violet, 93 Mutual, Lawrence E., 11121 Muzyka, Nadine E. Mydland, Wallace E., 135 Myers, George W. Myers, George E. Mykietyn, Joseph Nachtigal. Earnest. 118 Naciuk. William, 149 Nicholson. lsoliel Annes, 131 Nieholsun. Ruth, 164 Nicholson. Pearl, 96 Nickolotf, George Nicol, Archibald John Ni:-ol. Christina. 9-4 Nlicoll. Ian Mt-Donald Nzcholson. Allen Robert lLs tlant-int, Steve 1ll1erho1l'ner, Julius A.. 1311, 2311 U'l3rien, Fred F.. 141 U'l5rl1-11. John R., 115 0'11rien, Joseph A., 161 O'l'iri11n, Robert J., 11151 tfliryntf, Michael B., 123, 249, 265 0'L'onnor, Robert H., 1312 U'11onnell, Joseph P. O Albert F.. 2 4-1 Oxiatt. Catherine, 152: Ove-rn. Ein-il' M.. 115 Owen. Blnlfil IJ., 1111.1 Owen, David H., 11111 Owen, Peter M.. 2711 Owen, Stanley P.. 11111 Uwer, Dorothy M,, 2631. 1 1 Oxlztnd. Olive M., SG. 2611 Uyler, John E. Ozubko. Milton. 11111 Uzust. VValter B. Pztckman, Barry Miles, 1 Pane. Leonel Avila. 1451 Pallesen. L. C., 2-12 Nielsen. Arne Rudolph Nielson. Nadene Ofrim. J. Dennis, 2411, 12111 Ouilvie, John R. l':.llister, Alfred E.. 142. 139 mi? 4.4-Q41-0 ESM To Graduates: CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES P-OR SUCCESS THROUGH THE YEARS. To HII Undergraduates: WE LOOK FORWARD WITH PLEASURE TO SERVING YOU AGAIN NEXT YEAR. The University Cafeteria Palmer, Leslie L.. 1-12 Palmer, Max A., 115 Palmer. Rayman O. Panchysyn, Edward J., 77 Pankhurst. Robert E., 165, 267 Pankow, Helena, 149 Paradny, Robert, 34 Parder, John F., 119, 267 P'ariseau. John, 123 Park, Harold. 130 Park. John D. Park, Robert G., 136 Parker Addison R., 100 Parker, Donald V., 115 Parker Elain M., 149 Parker, MacLellan L.. 115 Parkinson, Harry, 171 Parks, Edwin K.. 115 Parks, James H. H., 103 Parks, Lucille M., 142 Parry. David J. Parry Douglas H.. 14 2 Parr l John O. Y. Parry. Parry, Parry, Norman A.. 109, 267 Robert A.. 136 Robert D'. G. Parsons. Willis H., 2-15. 136 Parton, Elsie, 149 Pascoe, John, 109 Pascoe, Nancy P. F., 97 251 Pasemko, John Paskweyak, Josephine. 153 Passey, Garth W., 100 Patterson, Ashton M.. 119 Paterson, Audrey M., 261 131. Paterson, Barney H. Patterson Don W., 119, 257 Patterson, Dorothy F., 123 Paterson, James D., 123 Paterson, James L.. 161 Patterson, Miles H., 125 Patterson, Richard E. Patterson. Shirley, 261, 160 Patmore, Lovell E., 155 Patrick. A. R., 171, 169 Patson, Cecil C.. 149 Paton. Iva E., 94 Patton. Alexander A. M.. 115 Paul. Cameron M., 109 Paul, G. W. Paul. Jean 1. Paul. Reginald V.. 125. 265 Paul, Thomasina, 132 Paull. James H.. 103 Paulson. Morris J., 153 Pawliuk, Alec, 115 Pawliuk, Mike, 103 Pawlowski, Frank F., 10.1 Pawlowski, Joseph Payment, Ronald A., 159 Payne. Harold W. Payne, Robert W.. 125, 197 Peach. Jack H.. 128 Peacock. Gordon. 153 Peacock, Harold E.. 76, 230, 235 Pearce, Edward S. Pearce. George A.. 156 Pearce. Leo A.. 119 Pearce, Mildred, 96 Pearlman. David, 136, 270 Pearlman. Sarah R.. 91, 213 Pearson, Elva, 263, 149, 176, 190 Pearson, Marearet G.. 142 Pearson, William J.. 109 Peck. Jack G., S4 Peel. Chester O., 115 Pelak, Mary, 149 Pelletier, Robert E.. 115 Pemberton. John E. Pe-nchuk, Amelia. 260. 136 Pengelly, David H., 100 Penny. Arthur R., 86 Pefnzer. John N., 88, 26N Peilins. Joyce V., 143 Pexlsins, William Perrier, Joseph F.. 77 Parrott, John F., 103 Pc' ry. Jack, 126, 230, 234. 245. 153 Peters. Doris T., 142. 149 Petersen. Thomas A., 100 Peterson, Arthur K., 165 Peterson. Allan W. Peterson, Benjamin N. Peterson. Donald A.. 109 Peterson. Doris P. Peterson, Eunice M., 149 Peterson, Frank W., 149 Peterson. George V.. 142 Peterson, Gordon P.. 123 Pethybridge. Peter Pethybridge. Stanley I., 74 Pettey. Robert E. Petriechuyk. Peter Petrie, Charles A., 1-42 Petrowsky, Victor, 123 Petrusek, William, 149 Pe-ttiior. Grace, 163 Pettifor. Richard E. Pcilis, John A., 119, 265 Pewman. Sheila. 96 Pharis, Robert L., 103 Phelps, Donald A., 128 Phillips, Donald D., 142 Phillips. Edward L.. 109 Phillips. Frederick, 136 Phillips, Raymond, 119 Phillips, Robert M., 103 Phimester. Ian G. Phipps. Rodney T., 77 Picard, Maurice J.. 136 Pierce, G. Barry, 142, 267 Pierce. Catherine, S9 Pike, Harvey A.. 91 Pilkington, Ralph, 115 Pilon. Lionel H.. 123 Pinder, Roy S., 100 Pinsent. Gerald A. Pinrell, Clifford J., 115 Pittman. Urban J., 103 Plewman, Sheila, 96 Plotkins, Leon J., 12S, 233 Plowman, Edith, 162 Plumer, William W.. 103 Plumley. Kenneth O.. 242. 109 Podealuk, Henry Podersky, Malcolm Podrzurny, Sonia H.. 162 Podulsky. Velma, 149 Poirier, Esther W.. 132 Poitry, Guy W.. 128 Polak, Rose, 131 Poland. Patricia A.. 128 Pollack, Hymie. 161 Pollock. Charles D., 165 Pollock, Samuel E., 155 Polsky. Albert Poohkay, Peter Poohkay, VVilliam M.. 165 Pool. Clarence W., 119 Pone, Kenneth M., 115 Porter, Donald B., 111 Porter. Harold E.. 136 Porte1', Kenneth D. Porter, Lois, 261. 136 Porter, Robert J. Porter, Vera D., 131, 262 Potter, Allan R. Pottel. Andrew E., 119, 263 Potter, Donald Potter. Richard E. P'ourbaix, William E. Poushinsky, Anatole, 142 Poive. Bruce A., 123 Powcll, Norman F., 130 Powers. Henry J., 100 Powers. Stanley C., 100 Powlan. Roy, 160 Preece, John E., 115 Preston, Norman K., 256. 136, 264 Price, William H., 115, 230. 239 Priestly. Frank D., 115 Piieur. Louis A. Priineau, Cecil J., 109 Piztchard. Blakely M., 125 Pritchard. Herbert T., 149 Pritchard, Hugh J. Pritchard. James M., 125 Probert, James F., 109 Proctor, Gordon U.. 75. 230. 232. 267 Proctor, Philip F., 75, 229, 230. 233, 239 Prokopiuk, Ann J., 153 Protheroe, D. H. V Proudfoot, James A.. 109 Provost, Elmer F., 115 Provost, Keith, 119 Prowse, David C., 265 Piowse. Hubert S., 130, 265 Puchalik. Anne. 132 Puchalik, Katherine, 132 Puchalik. Sophie. S2 Putter, Marion A., 257, 260 Pulleyblank, Robert W., 265 Pullman. Douglas R., 91 Pullman, Edgar C.. 128 Purcell, Jean M.. 153 Pybus. Willard G., 91 Pylypluk. E. Pylypow, Henry Pyrcz, Alexandra, 123 Pyrcz. Manuel. 123 Pyrez. Steve. 103 Quigley, Hugh F., 126. 230. 249, 269 ,Q ,Q Q? ox f l of' ,w,.,.fg. ,V gmt i ,Q 47 J A Unless you happen to have seen the figure before, you're probably in for a surprise. There is actually 315 billion dollars invested in Canada's dairy industry. And here are some more facts that give some idea of its size and importance. 'X Take d glleif How much capital is invested in the dairy industry? Dairy cows total nearly 4,000,000 a one cow for every three people. The industry takes the output of 500,000 dairy farms and produces many prod- ucts besides butter, cheese, ice cream and milk concentrates. It does a yearly business of over fS400,000.000 and employs, directly or indirectly, over 17fQ, of Canada's population. ,f ,i ' Plays An Important Part ml As stated in our last annual report, the Borden Company paid out 520,840,258 to farmers and suppliers of agricultural PownERED Muon M1114 materials, employees and for taxes. A ,fix " Q i -....,, - There are 42 Borden plants and branches with over 3,000 employees. The Borden Company is aware of its great responsibility to the dairy in- dustry and to the Canadian public. We are doing our level best to live up to the highest standards of quality and service. THE BORDEN COMPANY, LIMITED. SPADINA CRESCENT - TORONTO 4 - ONTARIO PRODUCERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF FINE DAIRY PRODUCTS SINCE l899. A 341 151 I Ll ..,.,,1i......... l ' - . 'sump-fl -:.4.: . . i133 K 'f11..--., '2 .1 Edmonton Butchers' 8a Paclaers' Supplies 9953 JASPER AVE. EDMONTON Electric Refrigeration Boxes and Coolers Food Preparing Machinery, Scales, Bread and Meat Slicers, Meat Choppers, Cash Registers, Pastry Mixers, Butcher Blocks, Coffee Mills, Kitchen Tolls, Safes, B11tcher's Supplies and Equipment. Pleasingly Portraying Your Personality Day 26 TYRELL PHOTO TUDIU 10121 IOOA St. Phone 765 Edmonton Night Phone Alta. 21730 Raboud, Guy, 153 Repka. 1Villiam H., 91 Robertson, Eunice H., 150 Rose, Donald A., 155 Raboud, Helen, 93 Rapp, H. H., 169 Robertson, George W., 100 Roseborough, John B., 159 Rabusic, Frank. 115. 215 Retallack. Gordon P., 105 Robertson, Gordon R., 159 R0S9Hb0I'geI', Mildred S., Racette, Paul C., 125 Ritchie. Pete D. Robertson.1l'9He M.. 94 155 Rachert. John Andrew, 1213 Reytla. Jerome, 142 Robertson. Mary E.. ROSS, Donald S. Radford. Bruce Reynolds. Duncan V., 127-C 94. 192 ROSS. Elizabeth R. Radford. Lois. 132 Reynolds, Robert G.. 1151 Robertson, Jean E.. S2 Ross Gerald B., 110. 268 Radley. Sidney A. Reynolds, Roy H. Robertson, Mary K., 79 Ross, Gordon A., 103 Ratfa, John, 100 Reynolds, V. Robertson, Robert W., 161 Ross, Harry P. Ragan, Harold, 109 Reynnr. John A., 142, 267 Robertson, William A., Ross, Hugh J. Rage. Elizabeth M.. Rhine. Ronald L., 149 115 Ross, John F..110 125. 260 Rhodes, Henry C., 142 Robinson, Doreen, 164 Ross. Orene J., 82, 263 Raisbeck, Gordon R.. 100 Rice. Illa R., 128 Robinson, Gerald J., 130 ROSS, William A. Raitz, Edward, 155 Rich. James M., Robinson. John L., 142 ROSSL William D, Ramatze. Elizabeth, 04 130. 230. 230 Robinson Richard H.. 13" Russel-, Robert D., Ramsay. J. A. Ramsay. Margery H.. E11 Ramsden, Francis B., 140 Ramsey, Colin J., 153 Randers, Carla, 125 Randle. Amelia, 131. 263,173 Randle. John. 75, 267, 202 Rainseth. Harold Rannard. Frederick W. Raraxzosky, John D.. R4, 267 Raskin, Leon R., 100, 184 Rath, Otto J.. 161 Rault, Norman A.. 250 Rayment. Albert F.. 100 Rea, NVilliam M., 109 Rearl. Edwin A.. 149 Read, 1"redericl-t D., 136 Reavie, Dean D., 136 Redmond. Louise, 163 Redmond. Nellie Richards, Albert G, Richards, Jean Richards, 1Villiz1m R., 136 Richardson, Leon, 159 Richardson, Joyce M.. 125 Richardson, S. E. J.. 1051 1-lirlnlell, Albert VV., 115 Riddle. 1Villiam J., 142. 269 Ridley, Florence M., 153 Ries. Gordon W., 150 Riley. James G.. 115 ltiley. Vivian V., 260, 165 Rimmer, Florence L., 123 Robinson: Ross G., 123, 193 Robinson, William H.. 136 Roblin. Murray K., 128 Robson, Andrew D.. 110 Robson, Blanche, 164 Robson, Helen, 164 Robson, William G., 175 Rodman. Floyd S. Rodney. John J. Rodney, William Roe, Aubrey D., 142 Roe, Maurice C., 128, 267, 135 Rogers. Harry F., 115 Rinizdahl. Ralph, 1 Rintros 71 e, Douglas, 136 115111612 Charles L. Ritchie, James B., 79. 247, 268 Ritchie. Paul. 155 Ritchie, Peter D., 1073 Ritchie. Robert C. Rees, Donald L., 161 Regflin, John L., 142 Reid, Colleen D.. 153 Reid, Gertrude S., 123 Reid, Harold A. Reid. Jean M., 149 Reid John E. Reid: Norman L., 115 Reid, Richard G.. 115, 269 Reik Rein Rein Rein ie, Robert D. elt, Erhard R.. 109 holdt, Aage, 115, 270 hardt Isabel 0 . ' G.. .4 Reist. Harvey A., 136 Renner, Robert W., 74 Renner, Ruth O., 103, 261, 269, 1SS Rennie, Gordon R. Riva. Walter J. Rivard, Philip J. Rivet. Georgina M., 79 Rix. Donald A., 103. 266, ISS Robb. Alberta, 150 Robb. Nevis B., 91, 263 Robbie, Gerry B,, 132 Roberts, Glyn W., 155 Roberts, Marxraret L., 153 Roberts. Marion L., 143 Robertson, Alan T., 119 Roberts, Peter M.. 153 Roberts. Robert G. Roberts, Stanley S., 154 Robertson. Alexandra J., 128 Robertson, David S. Rotrers. Leo D., 12S Rogers, Marian, 121 Rogers, Samuel R., 165, 26S Rolf. Carl H.. 142. 267 Rolf, Irma M., 82. 231. 2651 Rollans. William H.. 136 Rollins. Bryce Romanchuk, Steve Romanehuk. John Romanchuk, William. 110 Romanick, William Ronaghan, F.. Albert, 115 Ronden, Cliilford P., 115, 271 Ronn. Norma W.. 136 Rockwood, Ralph M.. 130, 264 Rooney, Clare P.. 128. 235 Rooney, Tim, 116 Roper, Enid K.. 81, 262 Roper, James A.. 142 Rorke, Willard, 271 Rosborough, James M., 155. 269 Rose, Beu lah, 163, 216 116. 267, 208 Rostaing. Andre. 125 Rostaing, Marie T.. 150 Rostrup, Dorothy, 96, 263 Rousseau, Louis Rousseau, Richard J., 119 Routh. Gordon L., 110 Routledge, Robert H., 155 Rowan, Sylvia Rowbotham, Margery E., 136 Rowe, Arthur L., 142 Rowe, Ralph R.. 158 Rowley, Thomas B., 116 Rowley, Walter H., 154 Roxburgh, Reginald Roy, William J.. 110 Roy, William H. Rubin, Rosalie, 150 Robin, Esther, 150 Rlldiali. Metro W.. 154 Rudin, Alfred. 142. 270 Rudkin, Raymond, 136 Rudko, Caroline N. Rudko, Jean, 150 Rudko, Orest D., 154 Rurrtash, John, 116 Rushmer, Norman J., 100 Russell, Alfred H. Russel, Helen J., 136 Russell. James D., 119 Russell. John G., 160 Russell, Orvin Russell, 0. L. Russell, Phyllis J.. 123. 263, 178 Russell, Trent P., 110 Rutbersz. John R.. 116 Ryall, Ronald W., 110 Planning your fu ture... . Mar ,M-O You ARE building Z1 foundation for your ctlrccr in the business or professional worlcl lwy obtaining a good education. It is wise for you to make sure early in life that you build a good foundation for your financial lluturc by obtaining the right kind of life insurancc policy. MUTUAL LIFE representatives do not mcrcly sell Mpolicicsu, but are trained to arrange for you the best contract to suit your particular circumstances and plans. WE sn.-xL1. bc glad to dircct you to the ncarest Mutual Life rcprcscntative. THE os CALANADA L1fe.Insurance Low Cost HEAD OFFICE 0 WATERLOO, ONTARIO Since ll al ,,,.,, Branches in Alberta: Calgary, Toronto General Trusts Bldg. W. T. Bebbington, Branch Manager Edmonton, 219 Empire Block R. M. Moore, C.L.U., Branch Manager 343 Semeluk. Nirkah. 1111 ' . X Y ,. ,A-W, X5 rife J P , - fee -: f f ZX Q2 ' , xx SXQT f'N ,f X ff xxx X N f' X X X N 1 LL? W Forty years ago United Grain Growers, Ltd., X ' X was founded on the principles of the world's original co-cperative society . . . "The Roch- 1 K dale Pioneers." The contribution which United X f' . . Nix UNITED f . Grain Growers, Ltd , has made to the develop- Mlmaowtns nnent of agriculture over that period,stands as 'M'YED 1 a lasting testimony to the faith . . . and to the A E 1 ji. ideala of ns founders. 'They budt even better X It than they knew. This is ever the way with l I i - 1 ' men of vision. In the years that lie ahead . . . 552 Q nsin the years gone by . .. young rnen ndth faith . . . .md with ideals . . . will pioneer the 2 X ' XA . X g It Z p:1ths,of progress. I 1 Z ll f success TO EACH or You: 1 1. X . ' 'I ' 1 nt ' 1 ff m trim , X, .f N SE .za -N Row R 5 52 , 'LE 'Q f A 1 fi' , 1 f 1 fm... ff' 5, Ol'1'l' 40 l't1'l1'N In S1i'i'1'1'f to fufllwlff rfizrl Stoi'l.'1ni111 iff" 1'1" ' A Q -.- Q, i llyan, lllalw ll., Stl. 215-1 l llyan. Noinia V.. 2152, 1311: llyan. 1Yilfi ed X1 .. 1.1. 211 llver, John J., T-l, 2711 Ryll, Ewald, 1271 Rypien, Jose11hinv', 1133 llyeki. Emil Y. Slrkyillt-, George A. Sm.-uta. William, 1111 Sadli-ir. John f'., ILIN Sailoway, Xenon, 1111 Satlel, Arnold O., 125 Satrert. Lawrence A. Sziknl, Mzurixart-t. 1152 Sakowslty, Eutrene. lilti Saks. llvan. 123, 233 Salamandii-lt, N1'al11r. 1113 Swlansliy. t"1-L-ella M., 1311 Salmon, Jay Il., 123 Salyzyn, James. 11111 Samuels. Victor, 1111, 2711 Samoil, Ri:-hard, MI, 1117 Samyt-ia, Lily O., 12115 Sande, William 1111. 24 Sanilen. Emil, Tx Sandeman, Eric M., 11111 Sanderuarth, Luffy E. S.in1lfrsmi, Edwin S. S1l11flll2i1lflS, Rohr-it H.. 1111, 2137. Sands. Myrnie L.. 1311 Sandulalt, Helen. 1511 Sanrrster, Muriel L., SIZE Sartor, Marjorie N.. 1511 Satanoye. Abraham. 1151 Saucier, Suzanne I1.. 123. 1115 Sandrr, Mary L.. 1511 Sauder, R. V.. 257, 150 Sauder Enid S.. 15-1 Sauntler. Mary L. Ronald N. Saundt-r. Saunders, Ethel I., 15-l Saunders. John F.. 15115 Saunders. John I.. 1111 Lennra, 1511 Sauve. Savane. Alfred l1., 23211 Saville, Hedley tl.. 116 Sawchuk, Josephine-, 150 Sawchuk, Theodori- J.. S iylwwii-ll, Stephanie. 1312 S--zirlrfwouuli, Joseph M., " 1111 Settle. John R., 142 Seward. Lesley - . Seward, Murray L. S S S S S S S 'ln-ideman, Alma L.. 1511 1-hmidt, Reinhard, 1115 , rhmidt. The-odore H., 154 1-hot-ning. Douglas L., 117 vlioeiip. llonald J. 1'llll'l9l', Marvin K. .wlielt-r, Mickey S. S1-h--ler, Milton 1111 Swhillte. Rey. Richard Srliinidelt-r, Allen S., 11111 5"l1lJ14l9lA, Roy S S'-ln-nert. Ralph C., 12111 S.-hnolinir. Imis R., 142 Swillte, Lloyd J., 1111 Si-hultz, llorei-n M.. 1511 .1-hwarz, lI:irol1l A., l1il S--huartz. Marie A., 2531, 1111i Si-lixril1e-t. George NV., 13211 S-'orah. Vivienne, 511. 21521 S hi-otland, Bill A., 1111 S.-mt, Arthur M.. 12:1 5' Svntl, Janet. 163 Scott. Alwyn P., 125, 197. 21111 Evolt. H. B., 75, 2611 St-ott, Herbert K. Scott, James H., 125 Si-ott. Kenneth VV. Srott. Norman F'., 1-12 . vott, Robert F. 5.11'2l.!J!l'1 Richard IJ.. 142 Si-rimireour, John H., 1-12 S1'ri11:uS. Gordon G., 1-12 Seath. J. C. Seal. Charles M. Seal:-. Marvin E.. 11111 Mirian E.. 154 Edward Seale. Searle. S.ars. Elizabeth M.. 136 James, 11 0 Seath, St-ath. Lloyd G.. 1011 Seaton, Rnln-rt A., 128 Sificluwirk. Marjorie P., R2 Si.-uar. Eleanor M., 1511 Selt-zinka. VVilliam Semchuk. VValter Semelnk, Georire P.. 94, 271 2311, 2:14, im: Sawicki. Roliert J., Mi. 1511 Sax. Frank IJ., 1111 H Semotuik. 1Villiam. 1511 Senio. John A. Serediak. Steven, 150 Shane-Y, Dorothy K.. 2621. 136 Shankman, Clarisse, 125 Shanks. Janet. E16 Shannon. Harold C.. 76 Shapiro, Alec, 116 Sharlow. Harold, 150 Sharman. Vincent D. Sharpe, John W., 116, 267 Sharpe, Josephine P., 1511 Shaw, Donald R.. 136 Shaw. Ethel C.. 162 Shaw, tiidley K., 103 She-ahan. Mary A., 160 Shearer, Norma J.. 162 Shector. Eli W., N4 Sheckter. Samuel S.. NN. 230. 240 Sheehan. Jean C.. 1511 Sheeran, Kenneth P.. 110 Sheeran, R. P. Shellield. Thelma, 150 Shelene. Ethel. N6 Shi-ltnn, Phyllis Shi--manchuk. Josenh A.. 11111 Shepherd, Gordon H., 142 Shephard. Lloyd W.. 142, 264 Sheppard, Patricia. 123 Sheptycki, Nicholas B. Sheiwtycki, Sonia, 163 Sherbaniuk, Douglas, 123 Sherbanuik. Richard. 142. 267. 177, 185 Sherbeck, L. Adair, S6 Sherbeck, M. Carmen Sherman. Aubrey E. Sherrilf. Frank S., 249. 111.1 Sherwood, Forest N.. 2411, 103 Shewchuk, William, 150 Shields, Elden B., 136 Shields. John A. Shier, Donald M., 266 Shikaze, Ben. 129 Shillabeer, John A., 165 Shipley. George R.. 116 Shnitka, Theodor K., 142 Shore, Edna M. Shore. Harold M. Short. Isabel F., 162 Shot-tlit'1'e, Ernest C., 160 Shortreed. John W. Shortreed, Robert. 77, 264 Shouldice, David H., 142, 267, 116 Shrimpton Jack S. Shumiatcher. Judah, 1111. 270 Shupenia. William A.. 150 Shydlowski, Walter, 136 Shvmanski, Victor, 150 Shymko. Frank M.. 1511 Sibley. J. D., 136 Sidjak. Lydia, 1511 Sidjak, Nickolas. 116 Sidjak. William. 110 Sigal, John J.. 126 Sigal, Simon J.. 142, 270 Sigsworth. Mildred J.. 260,154, 213 Sisrurdson. William E., 136 Sikal. John D. Silk. Evelyn F.. 253. 150 Sillito. Melvin T.. 155 Sills, Lloyd F., 154 Sills, Royal C., 159 Siluch, Kazie A.. 142 Simbalist, Edward N,, 150 Simmons, Charles E., 110 Simmons. Robert A.. 100 Simmons. Sylvia, 164 Simovitch, Harold Smpson. Jocelyn R., 210, 261 Simpson, Kenneth M., 86 Simpson, William J.. 158. 268 Simnson. William S., 161 Sinclair, Beulah M.. 162. 203 Sinclair, David H., 271 Sinclair, Marjorie M., 132 Sinclair. William R.. 126, 207 Sinclair, William T.. 129 Singer, Madeline, 171 Singleton, Howard B., 150 Sinsrer, Walter L. Skakun. John. 150 Skarlicki. Henry J.. 110 Skaskow, Walter E., 136 Skatfeld. Phyllis, 96 Skeith. Lorraine A.. 80 Skene. John S., 84. 267. 176 Skinner, Frederick A. o CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF '47 FROM Frohi her Exploration C I d 00 It 0 C. E. ANDERSONfDISTRICT MANAGER Devoted to the Exploration and Development of Canada,s Northland Mining Properties Yellowknife, 25 King St. W., N.W.T. Toronto COMPLIMENTS DUSTBHHE UJESTERH LIfTllTED EDMONTON BRANCH Leaders in SANITARY SUPPLIES CLEANING MATERIALS and EQUIPMENT ACROSS CANADA IITIPERIHL BHl'lH OF CHTIHDH Head Office: Toronto THE PIONEER BANK OF EDMONTON Edmonton Branch opened 1891 This Bank will alIord you painstaking and reliahle Banking Service FIVE BRANCHES IN EDMONTON Main Branch-Corner jasper and lOOth Street xl. W. Muljiarmid, Manager N. S. Mackie, Ass't Manager Norwood Boulevard-95A St. and lllth Avenue West End Branch-10702 jasper Avenue Edmonton South-lO319 Whyte Avenue Alberta Avenue Branch-9426 118th Avenue Interest allowed on Saving Deposits Drafts and Money Orders issued Safety Deposit Boxes to rent 345 --THE- UNIVIHSIIY Ui HIHHHH 1947 O SESSIONS Q 1948 Courses will be offered in the following: ARTS AND SCIENCE - AGRICULTURE - APPLIED SCIENCE Including Summer Including Chemical, Civil, Session Electrical, Mining Engi- neering and Engineering Physics. COMMERCE - DENTISTRY - EDUCATION Including Summer Session GRADUATE STUDIES - HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS LAW - MEDICINE - NURSING PHARMACY Q For information Regarding Registration ancl Courses Hpply to The Registrar University of Hlberta, Edmonton 346 In Edmonton ' Its... Better Dair the pattern of Edmonton! pro! greis over the years is closely interwoven the development of her important indus- tries. In the midat of Central and North- ern Alberta's vast park lands, so ideally suited to mixed farming, it was inevitable that Edmonton should become a great Canadian centre of the Dairy lndustry. Woodland has taken .1 leading place in this development, giving effec- tive, forward-looking leadership to the Dairy lndustry - fostering higher breeding Standards in dairy herd: and increased production on the one hand-and liner dairy products for the consumer on the other. Woodland Dairy Compan Ltd. Products Skirrow, Stanley J.. 154 Skirten, Herbert W., 130 Skiteh, Ralph W.. 165, 181 Sklar, John, 110 Sklepowieh. Stephen A., 91 Skoropad, William. 100 Skwarok, Romeo L., 160 Slee, Margaret G. Slettedahl. Edwin J. Slevinsky, Alex. 159 Slipp. Leonard G., 165 Smart, June E,, 150 Smart Smart Smart. Lillian A.. 150 Peter, 150 William C. Smoliak. Sylvester, 103 Sneath, Donald M. Sneddon, Mary Isabel, 154 Snell, Maurice L., 160 Snow. Durene, 154 Snow. Lloyd E.. 110 Snowball, James W., 130 Snatynehuk, Andrew S., 165 Snyder, V.-ra P., 165 Soklofake, Albert VVm., 15N Soldan, Samuel R., 96, 247 Soley, Richard O. Soley, Robert L., 260 Sollanyeh. Violet L., 142 Soloway, Lawrence. 159, 270 Somervi St aezew Smedstad, Seth M., 142 Smerek. Alexander lle, Paul N., 142 Sprung. Sharon tl., 131. 261 Squire, Ronald E., 110 Stabback, Jack G., 116 Stafford, James R. Stainton, Alice E.. 123 Stainton, William J., 123. 265 Stan, John, 110 Stanley, Frances J., 50. Stanley, 253. 2613 Raymond F., 142 Stanley, William H., 110 Slansberry. James W. Staples, John C. Staples, Lloyd D. Starkey, Ruth, 164 Starritt, J. O., 126 ski, Sabinka A., Stvivairt. Str-wart. Stewart. Nt-il J.. 1237 Paul E. Robert W., 159, 266 Stewart. 1Villi:im l'. Stewner, Robert Stinson. Marion. 96 Stillinir, Ernest lf., 130 Stilwell, VVilli:im V. Stinson, Elizabeth J., 130 Stinson. Marion Stirling, Arvhie L., TT Stirlinlr. Douglas J., 135 St. Louia, Armand Smiley, Donald V., 91, 200 Smith, Andrew D., 103 Smith, Arthur J., 100 Smith, Benedict, 103, 185 Smith, Clarence VV.. 100 Smith Cleon V.. 150 Smith, Clifford D.. 119 Smith, Elmer L. Smith Ernest A., 123 Smith, Franklin Hyrum, 150 Smith, George A., 110 Smith, George W. Smith, Grant B., 155 Smitl., Harcourt D., 142 Smith Harold G. Smith Hubert M., I 4. 184 Smith. Jean S.. 131. 263. 205 Smith Smith John B.. 150, 269 John R.. 126 Smith, Joseph T., 136 Smith, Kay. 164 Smith, Lois Smith Margaret. Smith Mary. 171 Smith, Mary Ann, 150 Smith. Murray F., 230. 233, 154 Smith, Norma A., 132 Smith. Norman B. Smith, Norman R.. 126, 260 Smith, Robert W., 150 Smith. Smith. Ronald A., 110. 184 Vernon W.. 123. 26x Smitten, Leslie Sommerfeldt, Theron G. Somerville, Beth, 263, 1651 Sonetf, James Soprorich, William, 150 Sorenson, Clitford L., 251 Southgate, Nancy D., 162 Sovereign, Arthur E., 136. 26S Spacey, Stephen R. Spackman. Fred N., 242, 160 Spackman, Lester R., 136 Spackman, Lester Spaekman, Roy R.. 242. 161, 265 Spady, Irene C., 126 Soak, George, 150 150 Stautfer, Erma D., 97 Staysko. Robert F., 129 Steed. Donald A., 91, 229. 230, 239. 242, 193 Steen. William I. M., 150 Steer, George A. C. Steeves, Samuel L., 136 Stefanelli, John, 2-12, 161. 269 Stelfensen, Arlene C,, 132 Stetfensen, Solveig M.. 155 Steinbrimz. George B. Stemnasehuk, Jennie, 150 Stn-mp. William H., 268 Stephen, John W. Stephens. R. E.. 136, 265 Spanos, Spankie Alexander. 136 . Jean B., 80 Sparrow. Lawrence A., 102 Speedie. Norman D., 129 Spence. E. Marie Spence, Jean B., 162 Spence, Robert A. S encer John F., 103 L17 . Spencer. John G.. '16 Spencer, Robert A., 119, 202 Spencer, William R., 116 Spillios. James Spilsted, Richard N,, 110 Spot, Maurice. 74 Spread. Kenneth J., 100 Sproule, Brian J., 142, 260 Sproule. Margaret C.. 261, 162, 203 Snroule. Norman G. Stephen son. Arthur R. Stephenson. B. H.. 165 Stephenson, Fred W.. 242, 150 Stevens, Laura E,, 154 Stevenson, D. M. W., 116 Stevenson, I. C. M., 160 Stewart, Donald O., 142 Stewart. Doreen A, Stewart, Edward H., 97. 266 Stewart. Glen G.. 137 Stewart. Joanna L.. 150 Stewart, John B., 136 Stewart, Kenneth B., 129 Stewart, Margaret L., 82 Stewart, Mervin D., 142. 259 Stewart.. 76 Murray E.. 236 176, 203 Stock. Maxine. 165 Stoizryn, Russell V., 100 Stolee. Elinor K., 150 Stollery Tohert, Stone, Leonard. 100 Stone. Robert P.. 100 Stonehoeker, Ivan P., 103 Storee-r. Joseph Storey, Franklin J., 123. 196 Stott. John R., 237 Stout. Monte H.. 110 Strain, Bertrum J., 150 Strange. John W.. 116, 249 Strate, Grant E., 142 Stratte, Victor A. Stratton. Donald 159 Stratton. Joseph J.. 80. 271 Street, Georze NV., 1517 Streeter. Joseph U., R6 Strelioff, Mac G., 159 Stretton. Herbert W.. 142 Stretton, James A. J.. 116 Strickland, Muriel. 164 Strilchuk. Irene, 1611 Stronrr, Barbara, 96 Stronxr. Mavis V.. 142 Strother, Robert. 130. 230. 239 Stroud. Earl L., 110 Strynadka. Harry G., 103 Stubbs, Oswald C., 165 Sturroek, John K., 236. 1471 Sturrock. Robert F., 116 Suey. Vivian A., 86, 143 Sullivan, Daniel W., 150 Sutherland. Donald. 129 Sutherland, Donald A., 271 Sutherland. George W., 120, 269 G. C. Proctor N. D. Giles PROCTOR'S RED 8. LUHITE 1 1051 88th Avenue Phones 21184-21185 Groceries, Fruit, Vegetables, Ice Cream, etc. Electric Refrigeration Self Serve - Store Serve - Phone Serve 1809 - 1947 138 Years of Experience at your disposal "Any Book or Periodical can be procured through us" lUm. Dawson Subscription Services Lfcl. 70 KING STREET EAST, TORONTO London - Paris - Capetown anadais 7-out-of-10 Typewriter Choice . . . Underwood N., , . . l..e:i u'f"" F Built in Canada by TYPEWRITERS x , , may 4 7.-. Underwood Llmlted REBUILTS RENTALS f . . . f'1?531if2QTf:4 ' 'A' joseph L. Seitz, President SERVICE SUPPLIES - in V : 10060 100th ST., EDMONTON Branches in all Canadian Cities W .q . , u C .V 'I Tillz'd.Sl",151 T ,W.H..129 Smhilsliiiwiail 2164 1111113119 Tilleii-d. I5 Ha Tiler. Filed- 130 Sutherland, Rae, 119, 230. 235 "6'9 250 757 sutheillinii, -Ralph i Sutherland, Ruth, 150 Swail. Norman, 137 1217 Taylor, Taylor. Taylor. Taylor. Norman T. Robert M.. 119 Robert N., 143 Roy A., 154 Tearv. Fred W.. 265 Swann, Gordon C., 159, 262' Swann. Leslie F., 116 Swanson, Donovan A.. 171 Swaren. 0, Stanley. 154. 196 Swayne. Elwyn J. Sweetnam. Muriel, 06, 216 Sweryda. Stephen, 123 Swingle, Lawrenre W., 129 Swininrski, Josef W. Tebhy John C. Telford, Eleanor, 163 Templeton. Charles W.. 11123 Twnove, Richard. 171 Terentiuk, Fred, 142 Ternoway. Mary E. Terriff, David F. Tetreau, Theodore A., 150 Texiotdale, Agnes E., 261, 143,189 Thom, Howard N., 268 Thomas, Cyril J., 137 Thomas. Harold J. Swinton. Constance A., U4 Swityk, Peter. 129 Switzer, William A.. 91, 270 Switzer, William Alex, 06 Sywenky, Joe, 150 Szilapzyi. Elizabeth M.. S2, 262 Sr. Bonnie. Mary I. Sr. Mary of St. Lucy Sr, Marie Saint Philias Sr. Mary Joseph-Hector Sr. Mary of St. Guy Sr. Zenaide-Maria Taciuk, William, 137 Taciuk. John RI. 165 Tamney, Dalton D., 116 Tanner, Edna B., 254, 132. 205 Tanner. Kathleen. 253. 260, 137, 203 Tario, T. A. Tario. Thomas A., 154 Tarlton, Fred, 91 Thomas. Thomas. Thomas. Harry I., 116 Irvin F.. 110 54 Peter, 1. C.. 137 Thompson, Andrew Thompson. James W., 126 Thomson, Charles R.. 116 110 Thompson, Charles R. Thompson, Frank S.. 116 Thompson. Wm. Lloyd, 154 Thomson, Dale C.. 126, 204 Thomson Dorothy M., 123 Thomson, Edna E.. 123 Thomson James Thomson, James E. Thomson James M.. 126 Thomson James S. Thomson Wm . . G. Thorne, Selby M., Thornton, John A., Thororrood, Iris E.. 143 177 116. 249 100 Tataryn Taylor, Taylor. , Bohdan. 100 Adelaine I., 137 Doris M.. 80 Taylor, Harlan G., 264 Taylor, Helen, 131 Taylor, Isabelle. 263 Taylor, James E.. 143 Taylor, James Ernest, 165 Taylor, John B., 242, 154 Taylor, John E., 150 Taylor, June G., 123 Taylor, Kathleen Taylor, Kenneth G., 100 Taylor, Laughlin B.. 137 Thorpe, Maurice F. 'ihorsley, Alfred J. Thorsley, Lloyd L., 119 Thorsness, Julian A., 159, 267 Thorson. Thomas D., 154 Thurber, Reginald C., 116 Tlxyne, Berniece C., 150 Tichkowsky, Wm.. 150 Tidsbury, Albert D., 110 Tidsbury, Wm. H. Tidswell. Gwen E., 123 Tiffin, Harold B., 126, 271 Tighe. Hugh N. Tillemann. Paul D., 126, 204 Tingley. Georire A., 154 Tite. Dennis A. Tkachuk, N., 151 Tobin, Arthur M.. 123 Toller, Wm. E., 123 Tomaschuk. Theodore. 123 Tomlinson. W. G.. 100 Tompkins. Glen A., 123 Toohev, Catherine, 126. 263, 190 Toole, Wm. J.. 129. 240. 241. 264 Topolnisky, Metro Torchinsky. Benjamin B., 76. 270 Torchinsky, Ethel, S6 Torrence, Kenneth J., 233. 154 Torrie, Robert M. Torstensen, Virginia, 151 Totten, Donald E.. 249 Toupin, Henry M., 84, 264 Tournay, Shirley A., 126 Tovell. Margaret 96 Townsend, Dennis A.. 73, 206 Townsend. Laura M.. 154 Trann, Emery A., 126 Tx-aub, Glenn E., 110 Travis, Gordon, 137 Travis, Richard L., 151 Treare, Fred W., 165 Treleaven, Wilma, 151 Tremblay. B. J. Trinkey, Joseph Trimble. Thomas J., 110 Trimble, Woodrow C.. 111 Trofimuk, Joseph. 151 Trollope. Fred H.. 123 Trussler. Roy S.. 116, 265 Tucker. Joseph M., 165, 279 Turcotte, Helen, 164 Turlock, Wm. Peter, 126 Turner. John R. Turner. Robert W.. 123, 250, 264 Turner. Wanda. 154 Turner, Wm. E., 110 Turnock. Arnold G., 116 Tustin. Thomas G. Twa, R. James, 151 Tyler. Wm. G. Tymchuk. Charles, 151 Tyner, Elizabeth M., 151 Tyrell, Charles, 116 Uibel. J. W.. 116 Ulalker, A. R. Ulan, Jenny, 173 Ulasovetz, Violet. 123 Ulmer, Harold F. Ulrich. Charles M., 116 Umbach, Ronald H., 110 Underhill, Arnold G., 116 Underhill. E. G., 131. 177, 179 Underhill, R. VV., 110 Underhill, Reginald A., 116 Uniat, Harry M., 151 Uniat, Philip, 155 Urch, Maxine. 96 Urdal, Lloyd B.. 154 Urdal, Mary L. Urquhart, Kilburn D., 236, 103 Urschel, John W., 123 Urschel. Albert R., 159, 266 Urton, Robert A., 130 Usher, Charles L., 103 Usher, Jean. 163 Usher, Wm. David, 116 Utas, M. W.. 116. 264 Utley, Gertrude, 94 Vail, Gordon D. Vallance, Peter S., 126 Van Alstine, Robert S.. 159. 264 Van Alstyne, Eileen R., 151 Van Camp, Harold, 116 Van Tighem, John, 121 172 Vanderlee. Arie, 76, 265 Van Dostdam. Clifford, 124 Vango, Phyllis M.. 263, 162. 216 Van Hees. Bernard C., 116 Vanner, Wm. E.. 129 Van Orman, Van Demar. 100 Van Tighem, Patrick, 126 Varchol, Marie. 92 0 STREAMLINED MEAL-MAKING Q Xi FOR THE MODERN AGE ' Q ass? H X' a on Q5 I pi W5 1 ,TX ax OH BOY! What a gai can do , g.ff"l2QgE , with a line like this QUALITY CANNED IVIEATS ffh BURNS x . "' 1 BURNS 6 OO. LIMITED As soon as you start to Earn. Start to Save. The Dominion Bank can be of use to you through its Savings Department. Open a Dominion Bank Savings Account Now, and as soon as you begin to earn money in civil life start making regular deposits from earnings. Once formed the savings habit can become the foundation of financial independence. Our nearest Manager will welcome your account or gladly discuss any financial problem you may have, in confidence. THE DOMIN ION BANK Established 1871 M. C. Fraser, Manager. Edmonton, Alberta ST. IOSEPI-I'S COLLEGE God Speed to the Graduates of 1947 349 PRODUCTS FOR THE PROMOTION OF SANITATION Luesr Dlslnfecrlno co., LTD. R. A. Kemp, 10023 102nd Ave., Edmonton Phone 29486 " odern Tool of dence" .ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT 'OUR NEW WAREHOUSE Canadian Laboratory Supplies Limited 167 GRAIN EXCHANGE - PHONE 97 630 WINNIPEG, MANITOBA Van Varseveld, George W.. 74 Vellner, Dorothy M., 162 Verag, Andrew, 129 Verge, Margaret J.. 126, 260 Verge, Robert W., 116 Veres, John Vermneau, Marilyn, 132 Vernon, Wilfrid R., 116 Veronneau, Marilyn Vickerman, Robert Viens, Yvette, 155 Viney, Paul, 86 Virtue, Wm. W. Voghell, Louis P., 151 Voisin, Phyllis, 126, 260, 220 Volney, Elizabeth, 163 Voss, Ellen V., 124 Wachnow, VVilfred L. Wacko, William J., 124 Wacowich. A. B., 116 -i 63 71 24 Waddell. Frances, 262, I Wade, Eunice W., P47 Wadson, R. M.. 155 Wagner. Elaine. 256, 261, 163 Wagner, Frederick G. Whal, Herbert E., 143 Wnkal, Michael F., 116,264 , Waldie, Adam C.. 161, - Walker, Ailsa H.. 126 Walker. Allan R., 119 Walker, Alvin E., 160, 2 Walker, D. U., lmao Walker, Elizabeth B., 1 Walker, Ernest W., lu!! Walker, Ernest W. Walker, George C., llll Walker, Gordon W., 116 Walker, Lois I., 165 Wrlker, Marjorie E.. 151 Walker, Robert B., 119 Walker, Robert J., 77 Walker, Winston 0. Wallbridge, J. D. G., -7 119, 67 W.r'lace, Alexander M., 159 Wallace, Margaret Jean 87, 192 Wallace, Mabel M., 137 lu 9 Vtnrlace. R. R., 165 Walls. Robert B., 155 Wnlrath. Charles A., 116 Walsh, Thomas J., 124, 257 Walters, Vera M., 151 NValton, William B., 126 Wampler, John M., 119 Wanat. William, 110 Wannop, A. Margaret. ST Ward, Charlotte E., 131 Ward, Cedric M., 91 Ward. Harold W., 130 Ward, John C., 143 Warden, Leslie R., 100 Warke, Ida G., 82, 260 Warman, Steve, 151 VVarner, Daniel H., 126 VVarnick, William Warnke. Hartwig B., 116 Warren. Leonard E., 129 Warren. Mary E., 124 Warrinir. Glenn K. Wan-iniz. Kenneth H. Warshawski, Edward, 143 Warshawski, Frances G., 161 Wa1'W2u'uk. Russell J., 119 Waselenchuk, Wasel G.. 110 Wasiuta, Eugenia, 164 Wasiuta, Lillian, 132 Wasylewsky, Alex, 143 Waterman, Benjamin L. Waterman. Robert A. Watson, Dennis E. Watson, Duncan R., 129 Watson, Robert H.. 256, 143, 269 Watson. Victor B. Watt, Desmond B., 74. 266 VVatt, William G.. 110 Way. James L., 130 Webb, Donald A., 143 Webb, E. Virginia, 119 Webber. Harold W., 100 Weber, Alexander, '76, 265 Webster. Ernest B. Weekes, Clarence A., 155 Weekes. Harold V. Weeks, Robert A., 126, 265 Weinheimer, Doris A.. 154 Weinheimer, Ruth E. Weir, E. Marie, 80 Weir, Elizabeth M., 263 Weir, Margaret J.. 261, 151 Weir, Marguerite E., 80, 262, 178, 177 Weir, Charles H., 110 Weir, Ralph G., 103 Weiser, Mildred H.. 82 Weisgerber. Pius, 100 Weisser, Gordon H., 119 Weitz, Harry, 129 Welbourn, William G., 110 Weldon, Helen A., 151 Welk, Erna. 151 Wellar, Shirley, 151 Wells, Albert F. Wells, Donald J., 130, 264 Wells, Gordon C., 143 Wells, Robert J. Welsh, William D., 130 Welykochy, John, 126 Wendt. Leon F.. 159 Wengreniuk, Nicholas, 151 Werbisky, Amelia J., 151 We-solowski, James. S4 West, Dorothy. 96 Westermark, Tory I., 151 Wetherell, Stanley R. Wetter. Raymond E., 137 Wetter, Wesley I.. 151 Weyman, Robert M., 137 Wheeler, Arthur M., 130 Wheeler, Kathleen A., 124 Wheeler, Vern L., 151 Whenam, Donald C., 100 Whitbread Eleanor E., 91 Whitbread, Stanley B.. 151 White, Cyril E.. 110 White, Helen E.. 91 White. John V., 129. 265 White. Norah J., 162 White. Robert C. White. Robert T. White, William J. Whitehead, Alfred L., 143 Whitehead. John P., 110 Whitelaw, James A., 237. 242, 243. 154 Whiteley, Robert D. Whitmore. George D., 143 Whitney. Eoin L.. 151 Whitney, Norman J., S7 Whitney, Oran P. Whitney, Roy, 137 Whittaker, Margaret E., 126, 255, 261 Whittles, Harold M.. 115 Wiber, John R. Wick, Lawrence B., 124 Wickett, William A. Wight, Norman J.. 143 Wiese, Amy L.. 132 Wiggins, Betty. 263 Wiggins, Gerald A.. 249. 269 Wiggins, William G. M.. 74 Wlhak, Fred, 159, 266 Wilcox, Floyd L.. 155 Wilcox. Lloyd D. Wilde, Dorothy F., 154 Wilde, Murray F., 103 Wilde, Robert H.. 111 Wildman P. J., 126, 263 Wiles. Roy W.. 143. 265 Wilfart, Mariel Cecile 1. C.. 154 Wilkie. Albert J., 151 Wilkins, Frank A., 111 Wilkins. John Williams. Carol, 154 Williams. Donald M.. 111 Williams, Dorothy E.. 154 Williams. Floyd G., 143 267 Williams, Gordon G.. 130 Williams, Gilbert R.. 131 Williams, Harold E.. 87. 269 Williams, Lawrence ll., 103 Williams, M. Eileen, 94 Williams, Stuart A. Williamson. Jean E.. 91 Willis. Kathleen. 261, 163 Willis, Robert C. Willms, Abraham M.. 126 Willox. Jean L.. 57. 261 Willson, Audrey M.. 124 Wilson. Carmen, 164. 216 Wilson. Clarence L., 129 NVilson, Donald. 126, 143, 268 Wilson Donald B. Wilson, Donald B. Wilson Douglas M., 129 Wilson Edward, 171 Wilson Elizabeth L., 131 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Evelyne. 163 Harry F., 126, 220 James F.. 130 :James W., 129 Joan B. D. Wilson, Kenneth N., 130 Wilson Lola, 93 Wilson, Marguerite Wilson, M. Betty, 93 Wilson Mary E. Wilson Patrick T., 143 Wilson Robert D., 161 Wilson. Roger H., 1224 Wilson. Robb W. Wilson, Shirley M., 131 Wilson Thomas E., 116 Wilson. Thomas M.. 111 Wilton 91 -Clark. Dorothy J.. 263 Wiltzen. A. O., 143, 266 Winarski. Katherine, 155 Windsor, Charles L. Windsor. George E., 159 Winterton, John A., 137 Wiseman, June. 124 Wison, Marguarite, 151 Wismer, Harry D., 87. 26.1 Witbeck, Tom O.. 159 Wolcott, Donald M.. 116 Wolfe, Marion G.. 91 Yioloshyn, John, 111 Wong, Andrew G., SS Wontr. George L., 161 Wood, Burns W. Wood, Edmond H., 74 Wood. Elva, 154 Woodhams Geoffre G. . Y Woods. E. Merle, 154 Wournell, Fred A., 137 Woytkiw. Laurine, 132 Woytkiw. Sonia. 131 Wray, Donald B., .471 Wright, A. Lenore, 1613 Wlight, Allen S., 84 WVright, David J. Wright. Jack R., 151 Wright, Joseph S. R. Wright, Stewart R. Wright. Lloyd C., 130 Wright, Lorna E.. 154 Wright, Ruth E.. 151 Wyatt, Frank G.. 124 Wyld, Richard C.. 265 Wylie, John T., 124 Wynnyk, Andrew, 103 Wysocki, 151 Yackulic, Charles A., ST, 116. 179. 215 Yakimowich. Lloyd, 244. 111 Yanda. Roman L., 137 Yaremco, Edwin W.. 129 Yarwood, Ralph E. Yasheyko, Michael J.. 119 Yates, Arthur D. J., 151 Yates, Grace. 163 Yaworsky, Morris G.. 155 Yeats. John L.. 143 Yelle, Ernest F., 161 Yeomans. Clarence E., 151 Yeomans Frydon M. York, Nancy-Jean, 131. 175 Yoshida, Naoyuki, 111 Young, Carl A.. 154 Wood, Gordon S.. 126 Wood. James E.. 231 Wood. James H., 155. 266 Wood, John C. Wood, Lorna M.. 262 Wood Marion E. Young. Ira. L., 160, 270 Wood, Mary L. Wood. Stephen H. Woodbridge, William G.. 103 Woodrow, Reta L., 124 Woods. James S.. 126, 180. 181 Worbets, W. Thomas, 151 Worclie, Gordon W., 137 XVordie, J. Douglas. 34 Worger, Fred E.. 155 Worobec, Joseph W.. 137 Wforonuk. M. Merose, SS Worts, Cyril G.. 159 Wotherspoon, Peter C., 126 Young. James R. Young, John E.. 159, 268 Young, Phylis M., 151 Young, Russell R.. 151 Young. Vincent T. Younger. Keith S.. 103 Youngrew, Carl E.. 137 Younie. George F., 137, 269 Younie, James M. Youngs. Clarence G., 119 Yule, Georgina R., 262, 143 Yurkin. Josephine, 151 Yurkiw, Nicholas. 111, 151 Yurko, Michael, 111 Yurko, William J., 111 Yusak. William. 143 Yuseiv. John. 154 Zacek, Ella, 131 Zacharias, Irwin I., 159 Zacherl, Walter Zaharinhuk. Steve, 137 Zelenko, William, 97 Ze-man, Fero F. Zinter. Walter K.. 103. 2164 Zordo. Anne R., 143 Zowtiak, John. 111 Zurk, Donald A.. 165 Zuderman, David Zurowsky. John, 154 Zytaruk. George, 154 A CHALLENGE TO THE GOLDEN BEARS! ,C -cial'- Now I I I ..... ,, , ...,.. ..............,....,..... in ' REHOU N A , , .Inj ,..,. Q , Dffers Accommodation 4t5 For Everyone The New Super Coaches Now you can enjoy complete travel comfort via Greyhound. More than 25 new Cruiser-type SUPER COACHES of an order ot 75 are already in service. Now, Greyhound is in l . . . Are Here' .1 position to orler MORE seats . . . MORE convenient sche- dules , . . MORE service and luxury comfort. And Grey- hounds traditional LOW FARES are still the biggest bargain ' in travel! NOW . . . more than ever . . . you'll want to GO ., jr 'si 1 6 GREYl'lOUNl-ll X H -I Your local Greyhound Agent will he pleased ' lv' 'all if to give full information regarding routes, 'P ,rjly ' . schedules and low fares. ff' -I . - x 1 7 P x i.5' X l OOO X G R E H O xy' i 4 ' ' ' h uni: 351 In Appreciation . . . It is impossible to assess the amount of thanks which is due to each individual who has helped to produce this book. For each contribution, no matter how small, we are gratefulg but more important than the contribution itself is the spirit in which it was given. It was always a pleasure to work with you who gave so willingly of your time. Among those who have assisted us, we would like to acknowledge the ready re- sponse of the Extension and the Pine Art Departments of the university when their aid was requested. The staffs of McDermid's Studios and Commercial Printers have offered many helpful suggestions which were greatly appreciated. They have tried, along with us, to make this edition of the E. Sc G. better than ever. Any success we have had is largely due to the indispensable help of Chuck Yackulic and Muriel Buchanan Arm- strong in the organization and execution of the work, and to Elva Pearson in planning and checking set-ups and co-ordinating them with the theme. Bill Esdale was a lifesaver when he stayed after exams to help finish up, working as everything from office-boy to editor. The rest of you are too numerous to mention individually, but I hope that each of you who worked with us this year realizes how much your help was appreciated-and that you consider the time well-spent now that you can see the final product. Thanks for everything 68266 ,' x-:QM r Q ' .. f fi., 'N wi .'f'e ' -', G T, .H . '1 .1 ..., , ,I 'if-1. 5 , J!! F' . r ul' 1 f ,, . 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