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St. Georges Banner The banner is the Work of the Ladies of Wantage, England, and was presented to the University in 1911 through the good oflices of Earl Grey, at that time Gov- ernor General of Canada. During subsequent years, the banner has become recognized as the emblem of the authority of the Students' Union and each spring is taken to Convocation Hall to symbolize the transfer of power from the outgoing to the incoming student administration. 1 I I ' l ini- . ' I I I I ' I I I A , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I 'I II Q I I I I II I I I I If f, mi -4 K. s -P , . ' 11 A Q ' f I L X. . ' 4 x I' 'x - 'A N f h-T fi l 1 ' if? I i 3' 1 5 , iff X 4. , 1 -A U 2 E I i f ' V. I R J 5, 1 ffl: gvfjw ' ' 5" lvl i 4, L . .ru SA N a , AV. if 'Q , . HIUPUS vi 737' "fi """""" .F ,Qi-sf ,N1?..i. 2"2LL4i242Qi.X!..1 -',,,, ,, ..... H, , ,, U. - -Ji .gs ,Ng X V, w. Q V J Vi I A ,E I I fl .il ' 1 1 ug, I ,k WHL Wi Qnfi' Jffi 5 ,gg 4g Zu ' v V 7-W: f-iv ,L M. 1 ' ,x x M x- 7 ww.: rf' 'Q ' gy: 5' 1 , E. I! 'i a v .IW s H A .N U pf' W -', A .'i""',.?f: F' irfg k . w E 11" 'fi-Q. - r ps 's JI -1 .dj ,ly L 4 sta. I VET f. .. i -4 nv ai, s. ., l T511 Sw' qs. Ya 7? ,,, A, 4 N 'NJ EBX W :fm M il W an K 4 W Ill X' Qf ff! 'Xl 1 JI W L an Va., . if ,. f 'Q . . Zfnzae',4la' 3 302,-M22 , ' H..44..j1'3:1w- " ,zvmf-H 1 pemiina Ala!! 311-"T'i"' ' " """ " 'Y ' " A ff'7qki.g..,, ,,,,. ,,,1., . . , fgfizf 1121 1 xf- I 11 fi 1,1 '1 1 155, 1.31" 1 1 f., 11 11 '1 ' 1 I 1 1 E11 11 i'1 4 141 1 VV' ,J wr 1 1 1 1' 1 gx.-4 1f,.,. Q11 ,gig 1 1 . A 9 1 Q w I 1 . 1' 4 ,,, YJ' jiri- .X 1 4,11 15611 334171 1 ff 'I 91' S21 16, Irli 1 .1 ,L .I 1,151 W1 4 '1 :aw ' -11 1 1 223 , :Fly . blurb - :.4 , 1 m,,.n..m.-,,,W,W,,Y,Wvv,1 'mayl ,, ,, 1 Sf. '4 Gallege EQfwlx"11U Q HF-A" ' nxt F f Af-Igfvgflyg ,x.,.fx, 5111?f.'Q3ki5WW"'1b' . 1 14 Ja!! I . .il ll B sz. .s f eazzqe iv: 1-gg.,.,,, , A, . 1 H I 4 1 4 I 'Cx 1 5,7 1 f r I af b '- m ,,, , 1' wg. ' as , '1 .! 76 f alla!! 4, ,lv ' ALJ' ,pf .... J " I DIHIHISTHHTIUH u ,, L s ,- ,-' r A J 79' Iyffm- 'ff f Zg..f.,..W-- Y -' L! 1-f V-fa W KW K ,ffff ffkff Vf ffflf gfffffgf ff K KXXJXX7 ff if ff -,XM ,gg M, ,, , ,,,,, 1 N gf f 1 ff A-iff 7f N E s 1 4 ' 1 ' ED A1be,,:4gmom QQ, L M Sh ealoggcai .W ip 1 ,s 'Hmm xxmmmxmmmmm. xxxmxxx MNXW rtxxxxxxuh QU' mxmw NNW .nmmmmmmxmm. .mmmummxx mm- mmm mmmmmu- xxxxnvl' llllll Q 1 u 1 4 t I I I Ar I V l 5 DR. W. A. R. KERR, M.A., PH.D., LL.D., CHEV. LEG. D,H., o.1.P: President of the University of Alberta ERITAS Veritas te liberabit Quaecumque sunt vera These are the mottoes of three universitfes known throughout the world. One word is common to them all, one of the noblest words in a tongue that was for centuries the othcial speech of civilized mankind. Since their foundation seven hundred yCl1S ago all universitiees worthy of the name have devoted their scholarship to the quest for the truth. They have gone boldly and conhdently forward, head high, wherever this ideal may have led them, but nevertheless believing courageously that the search for truth can only lead man to an ever enlarging control over nature, to larger freedom of action and to larger tranquility of mind. The immense advancement of learning since the day of Roger Bacon is proof of the onward and up- ward march of man in his efforts to liberate himself from the moral and physical shackles into which, untold ages ago, our race was so mysteriously born. A generation since no one would have gugssed that in our time the whole body of doctrine, demo- cratic, economic and Christian, on which our world has so long and aspiringly revolved was to be ignorantly challenged and savagely attacked. In the place of truth as an ultimate goal we are offered lies and treacheryg instead of mercy and compassion, we are offered Cru elty and cynicismg in lieu of honor we are offered dis- honor. These are the hideous crudities that have forced the English speaking nations to throw themselves once more into the breach, grimly determined to destroy root and branch the bestial cult of Naziism, which, if human life is to be worth living in the long future, must at whatever cost be stamped upon and finally burnt out. This is the hard and relentless task of the youth of today, as it was that of the youth of yesterday. It must be so for miracles are ceas'dg And therefore we must needs admit the means How things are perfected. Shakespeare-King Henry the Fifth. QQ! N 'XEQA . Hfx' , V19 R! Q H I I, ' ff. THE HONORABLE A. C. RUTHERFORD, B.A., B.c.L., LL.D. Chancellor e x X H. H. PARLEE, K.c. Chaivmcm of Board of Govevnovfs wap. 1.1 ,- faux., A Af iw' 5 . L , ,ffgg f ' V' ' W, ff f' 5 gf, 'SQ N 'fr ' DR. J. M. MACEACHRAN, The Provost DE.AN 1. A. WEIR, K.c Faculty of Law BROTHER ANSBERT, St. loseplfs College DR. A. S. TUTTLE, St. Stepl1en's College P' Y REV. DR. G. W. KERBY, Mount Royal College aft .1 . , M-vt, I Miss F. E. DODD Advisor to Women Students X I W , Warden of Pembina Hall ff' Z, Kg " W.: I-, ' 3 ' fi? '15, ' , . . , ,159 Li? HW' vs . 1 .1-af NV 'tw' fa' 2 , s 5 N T , 'mv ,, ,H 1" 5 f - .. . , , 2'1" 'M A A nv, 'mn " K, .,- ss , . . L.: Y NK -fy' 1 MQ -1, ' x ' 5 Q1-, El- f. slip, N' I ,fi . ENB ' . :SLB - I -. fin .4 ' Nw, W.kj2N4fg,'f,i? 'fails ,A I ,. ,,. 553' -1 .xiii f- ' hvwfv'-, Sis 1:1 ,f . KY 'N' 'ikfss . iw" . ' 'lift 'I Vx' . w- - Wi," 4 X K 4, 'J' --X W,-W-ffffifxz fin.. ' , fs , X t ,,f54:g,jffQt.5v3i-6 35,5 ' 4 K , '.,,s if , w 'ffff - I 9 1 si.. 3 Qt.. -fs, .sv -- - , -s ww vjls H., ,, -is' ". 'V t- S: x x ,iq 3 MR. A. E. OTTEWELL, The Registrar MR. A. WEST, The Bursar Q . , , .Wi 52 - - ' lffff P1113 A Q M , W Epi 4 -1. A xiE.5Q5m- K. '43 wi? 1, ,e . . ff N, 2 A N H1 .- .rf ,f KY rsgygv? l A ..4 ,- NAWQNM P 54.1 IIC!!! ..--...Q .,,,. ,..i..,x- - - .15-,,..nQ:-,, qw. f , X .v- 'lk wg 1 , ' v ' w 1 1 , I 1 5' 2 ' 'Y 3, v3.3'., . ,Ky 5, Q. Hi, -vu- 1 N ,'. vs.-. , .-1. ,.,..-4l 1- , N ,Y rx if g ,iw f rib. 4- ,.., x f 'F ,Z- -fx 1,- """c" ffm of N , x4:i- .--T ,- Q , , 1: ' X 4414 'V .---i" - ..f"xg-xx , . V- '- ,A if 1 s i 'I ' ' .,' 1 -1 gi 4. 454i V 'Q If P ' ' i?l'L-' l t" fx , .is if' Q. Af 4 .TY 1. ff-1 . 5+ ,Mr nl X , dl-I I l EX 'N , .lmgwfj Q if r. sy w..v-so f' si - Vim? L' fi' 5. 'I' - 1 N ' ' --5 ' A , W AX if 'i , ' i X ,SN Z , fu A , X 4 : ' 4 - 1 iq' 3 ' L f"'1 :I 1 4 s - gf ,a f ,Q -L-.--1 - ' 5' 2 i E1 I 2 i , - if . ' , -'mf'-2+ ' 144. - . 'QLFIGI DAVID THOMPSON, scout, prospector and explorer who crossed the Saskatchewan at this point in the course of his historic crossing of the moun- tains in 1807. Sczskafcfleuvazz .QQZUM CHIC! ogricfge Jaspclf-Banlfi Higilway TUDEHTS www. 6 Ami -4 5 2 4 5 i 2 VA -M , 5 - 2 if 5 g -5- 5 P 5 5 4 -4 , , 4 4 J 5 5 5 P 4 4 ' g 1 J 2 1 , 4 4 4 , 4 4 4 - 4 4 4 4 , v - s f - ' 7 g " 1 ' 'Hs -y-,.- ' ef zbtiafuf of Glam i9-451 BETH RANKIN X HE term University dehes definition. It is concrete, yet contains much of the abstract and inexpressible. Each mtmbtr of our graduating class will weave a different story from the same events in our history. During our hrst day, in SEPICIDDCY of 1937, we were caught up in the whirlwind welcome that is offered all new students Such festivity and good will, although the tempo eased, became a part of all that was to follow. We were not long in organizing as a Class. Our first two honorary presidents were Called to posts at other Uni- xersitits Dr. McPhail to Toronto and Mr. Mitchell to Wisconsin. In our junior term Dr. Walker graciously , s ' ' 1 . accepted this position. In this same year, 1937, the University concluded its third decade and the Gateway, in a commemorative issue, brought back campus life of former days to us. Dr. Alexander, who had been a member of the faculty since the of the University, resigned to take a post at the University of California. Although few of us had been in his classes, we knew of him and shared the regret with which his resignation was accepted. We were the last class to witness a Med- Engineer battle and, although we foresaw the end of this traditional feud, it was a never-to-be-forgotten sight. Our Literary Society has grown and flourished. The Philharmonic has given us repeatedly successful productions and carried that success to Calgary. Their "Mikado" will long hold the spotlight amongst our literary productions. The Dramatic Society provided variety and interest in their two annual productions, the Interyear Plays and the Spring Play. We still remember the famous "Happy journey" which charmed three festival audiences. The "Taming of the Shrew", staged in modern dress, provided excellent entertainment. The Debating Society was also active and, in this connection, we note two visits from the Australian Debaters, the American tour in 1937 and the annual Inter-Varsity debate. Athletics formed the major interest for many of our class. Through this medium the finest Inter-Varsity relation- ships have been fostered. Our hockey team has retained the Halpenny Trophy throughout our stay. In '38 they played at the University of Southern California. Finis was signed to women's hockey in a famed student council conflict. Also, in '38, we gained the Cairns track trophy, were victorious in tennis and although we lost in rugby, we saw enthusiasm reach a fever pitch. True student spirit was never higher than in 1939-40 when the rugby season was inaugurated by a monster pep rally and parade. This event was repeated the next year with the same marked success. We have the usual scandals and dissentions, which are a part of every class. In this connection we note the Prom "fuss" of '38, invalid class elections, the Year Book contract dispute of '39, the battle for mortar boards Qwhich were adopted for convocation '4Oj and the week of feminine dating. In '37 the Gateway publicized a Union Building campaign, introducing us to this oft promised and much discussed dream. The Gateway celeb.rated its thirtieth anniversary in '39 wih a special edition which traced the history of its development. In the fall of '39 an energetic freshman committee brought in the wearing of green and gold caps for our newcomers. The first telephone directory appeared in this year and established itself as a true student aid. Student radio work was organ- ized on a larger basis. Attention focussed on the "Varsity Varieties" program with its special quiz feature. The war brought noticeable changes such as, the suspension of the Rhodes appointment, certain readjustments in the facvlty lisr and a full C.O.T.C. enrolment. This year the war has cast its shadow over the campus. Military training has been organized into two divisions, the C.O.T.C. and the Auxiliary Battalion, to include every male student, Former spare hours whiled away in Tuck have been replaced by the daily marching columns of khaki-clad hgures. Familiar faces are gone, already serving in forces at home and overseas. The women of the campus formed into a group known as the Wauneita War Workers. A notable in- novation has been the replacing of corsages with Red Cross ribbons at formal dances. Within the past three years we have welcomed several new faces to the faculty, and have been deeply grieved by the loss of two beloved student and faculty friends, Dean Howes and Dr. Stover. In all these happenings each of us has found something vital and significant. The future holds dim promise but we have an ideal that Disraeli so aptly expressed in these words, "A University should be a place of light, of liberty and of learning." FORTY-TWO O "Double, -double, toil and trouble, i y 1 fire burn and cauldron bubble. MAC BURKA OUBTLESS the immortal Bard would roll in his graxe to hear his words so profaned by f W Y Y . one as unworthy as myself. Yet these lines seem particularly appropriate to the graduating class of '41, because they suggest a striking analogy. We are leaving the shelter afforded by the University, and are being thrown into a vast melting pot, a cauldron fired by the hatred of our enemies, a vat from which many of us will never return. When we take our places in the world we are about to enter, whether it be civilian or military life, we will become cogs in the mighty war machine of the empire. In the seething pot of international strife, we must forget about personal gain and advancement, forget the petty ambitions and desires of individual existence, and work together for the attainment of a common purpose-the trampling into the ground of oblivion those forces of evil that would chain our bodies and enslave our minds. We must take a far-sighted view and realize that only when the success of all is assured, will the happiness and success of the individual become possible. just as the herbs and charms of the MacBeth Witches lost their identity and became part of a potent brew, so shall we, by united effort, form a brew more potentg a brew that will purge the world of the poisons that are eating her vitals. During our brief years of study here, I wonder if we have ever given sufficient thought to two latin words that have been the motto of our University-"Quaecumque Vera"-"Whatsoever Things are Truen. I wonder if even now we have grasped their significance and their meaning. If the world had followed those Things that are True and had turned a deaf ear to the false teachings of demagogic ideologies, we would not be faced with the struggle we are today. Since the dawn of human life, man has searched for truth. It has been an intense, silent, struggleg a war involving the weighing of one conclusion against another, sometimes correctly, sometimes falsely. Our studies should have equipped us with the arms necessary to fight that war, the tools necessary to seek that truth. It is a far harder battle to win than one of blood and iron, for it is one against subtle evasion and fallacious reasoning. The man who can separate the chaff from the wheat, who can tear aside the trappings of appearances and find within the hidden germ of truth, he is the man whose motto is Quaecumque Vera. May it be our standard as we go forth to battle! After this war has been fought, and won, the world will need such meng men who will lead the battle for Truth with the same vigor and determination as our leaders today lead the battle against oppression. This day of graduation is one to which we have all looked forward with keen aiticipation. Now that it has dawned, we turn from our Alma Mater with regret. But, whatever our emotions as we stand on the threshold of our future life, we enter upon it with the confidence that She has prepared us well. "We shall finish the task." FORTY-THREE S G FLORENCE BRENT Vice-President WILLIAM A. HOWARD President PEGGY O'MEARA Executive i , V JACK C. STAPLES Executive HERBERT S. WILSON Executive A ROBERT G. VVALFORD Executive Dr. O. J. VVALKER I ROBERT E. POW Hon. President Sec.-Treasurer HE Graduating Class of 1941 is leaving these halls to take its place in a society . which needs more than ever before, a nucleus of educated young men and women. In the course of our stay at the University we have learned to study, to think, and to apply ourselves along the lines in which we think we can offer most to Canada, to the Empire, and in the immediate future to democracy itself. We of this the second graduating class in the midst of the Second World War do indeed cherish the right to learn, to study, and to enjoy "What- soever is true". We are indeed humble as We think of much that we have not done. At the same time, we on the threshold of our life Find some comfort in knowing that while much remains to be done, we in some small way can do our part in making this world a better place to live in. FORTY FOUR AGRICULTURE 4,....:-f ,V EMIL T. ANDERSEN, B.Sc., Wayne. Inter-Faculty Basketball. Inter-Faculty Boxing. Badminton Club. ' Inter-Faculty Rugby. BOB GORDON BENTLEY, B.Sc., Edmonton. ARCHIE F. BISHOP, B.Sc., High River. Agriculture Club. Manager Inter-Faculty Hockey. MACDONALD BURKA, B.Sc., Calgary. Ag. Clubg Students' Council. Debatingg Dramatic Award. Year Book Awardg Executive Awardg Valeclictorian Lieut. C.O.T.C. Phi Kappa Pi. JACK BUTTERFIELD, B.Sc., Regina, Svask. Ag. Club. Manager Senior Basketball 1939-40. Sec.-Treas. Men's Athletics, 1940-41. ROBERT G. CHRISTENSEN, B.Sc., Edmonton. Ag. Club Executive 1938-39. Ag. Club President 1940-41. Sports Publicity Committee 1940-41. Sec.-Treas. Inter-Fraternity Council 1940-41. Delta Upsilon. . GEORGE G. GOLDBERG, B.Sc., Alix. Inter-Faculty Rugby. Ag. Club. SHOSUKE GOTO, B.Sc., Edmonton. Ag. Club. c.o.T.c., R.Q.M.S. ROBERT GRAHAM, B.Sc., Coaldale. Inter-Faculty Rugbyg Senior Rugby. Soph. Executive 1936-37. Ag. Club. Delta Upsilon. WILBERT MARTIN HAUGAN, B.Sc., Edmonton. Ag. Club. Outdoor Club. Philharmonic. Dramatics. B. CHARLES JENKINS, B.Sc., Bon Accord. Ag. Club. Soccer. FORTY FIVE AGRICULTURE 1- JAN", Q, meg as. -pi fb 'S' f"vvi , Wx Ninn- HECTOR C. LANG, B.Sc., Medicine Hat. HARRY W. LEGGETT, B.Sc., Ottawa, om. Senior Rugby, Senior Hockey and Inter-Faculty Inter-Faculty Basketball. Pres. Junior Class 1939-40. Phi Delta Theta. BENJAMIN JAMES MCBAIN, B.Sc., Cremona. Fencing Club. Ag. Hockey. St. Stephen's Students' Council. JOSEPH Wm. POLOMARK, B.Sc., Mundare. ROY MELVIN REYNOLDS, B.Sc., Bremner. Ag. Club. JIM ROSS, B.Sc., Elgin, Manitoba. Pres. Public Speaking Club 1939-40. Ag. Club Executive 1939-40. History Club. Badminton Club. Debating Society. WARREN EDWARD SMITH, B.Sc., Cardston. Senior Rugby. Wrestling. GORDON R. STERLING, B.Sc., Westlock. JOHN A. TOOGOOD, B.Sc., Chancellor. Inter-Faculty Basketball. Philharmonic. Ag. Club Executive 1940-41. History Club. FRANK WHITING, B.Sc., Lloydminster, Sask. Inter-Faculty Hockey. Ag. Club. Ag. Club Executive. JOHN HUGH YOUNIE, B.Sc., Elmonton. Ag. Club. Inter-Faculty Rugby. Inter-Faculty Hockey. FORTY SIX ARTS. WILFRED YORSTON ARCHIBALD, B.A., Stettler. Business Manager of Alberta Law Quarterly. Delta Kappa Epsilon. MONA E. ASSELSTINE, B.A., Fernie, B.C. President Womeifs Basketball 1940-41. Senior A, Basketball. Panhellenic Representative, 1940-41. Pi Beta Phi Fraternity. MABEL ATTNVOOD, B.A., Calgary. Rooters Club. IAN BAIN, B.Sc., Ranfurly. LOIS BARNES, B.A., Calgary. Blue Stocking Club. Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity. W. R. NELSON BLAIR, B.A., Lloydminster, Sask Philharmonic Society. WINNIFRED MAY BRIDGES, BSC., Edmonton. Chemistry Society. CLAUDE CAMPBELL, B.A., Leduc. Law Club. Political Science Club. ARTHUR CARR, B.A., Lacombe. DONALD W. CLARKE, B.Sc., Vermilion. Chemistry Club. Music Club. Alpha Chi. EDNA M. COLCLOUGH, B.A., Pincher Creek. Philharmonic Society. ERIC CONYBEARE, B.A., High River. Boxing. Chemistry Club. Dramatics. Lieutenant C.O.T.C. FURTY SEVEN ARTS 94 j I .3 Q-an-'- FELT? 3. fb - E' JOHN CORBETT, B.A., Edmonton. Gateway News Editor 1938-39. Junior Class Executive 1939-40. Treasurer Law Club, 1940-41. Zeta Psi SIDNEY CORNICI-I, B.A., Nanton. Feature Editor, Gateway, 1938-40 Representative Philosophical Society, 1939-40. Debating, History Club, Music Club. Mining and Geological Society. LENORE DIXON CRAIG, B,A., Edmonton. President of Kappa Alpha Theta, 1940-41. GORDON DARLING, B.A., Edmonton. Senior Hockey. Mining and Geological Society. ROLAND DECOSSE, B.A., St. Paul. Interfaculty Hockey, Rugby. JOHN DIXON, BSC., Medicine Hat. Senior Rugby, Interfaculty Hockey, Boxing, Men's House Committee 1940-41. Vice-President Boxing 1940-41. Arts Interfaculty Sports' Manager, 1940-41. Block HA". Phi Kappa Pi Fraternity. HENRY J. DOMBROWSKI, B Sc., Cadomin. Band. Track. Dental Club. Spiked Shoe Club. RICHARD H. DOUGLAS, B.A., Edmonton. Mathematics Club. Physics Club. Philharmonic Society. C.Q.M.S., C.O.T.C. MARCIA DOWER, B.A., Edmonton. OLIVE G. DUFF, B.A., Calgary. Dramatics. ' Delta Gamma. IAN GRAHAM DUNLAP, B.A., Edmonton. S. C. M. . University Choir. Gateway Reporter. LILLIAN DUTTON, B.A., Lethbridge. S. C. M. French Club. Musical Club. ,Swimming Club. Archery Club. r0RTY- EIGHT C.O.T.C O. E. EDWARDS, B.Sc., Cadomin. Chemistry Society. MacI.EOD R. ELOFSON, B.S:. Ponoka OSCAR ALVIN ERDMAN, BSC., M.Sc., Barons HONOR EVANS, B.A, Edmonton IEANNETTE FARMAN, B.A., Calgary. Badminton Club. Kappa Alpha Theta. S. VERNON FAWCETT, B.A. Didsbury S. C. M. MICHAEL FENIAK, B.A., Warspite. Sec.-Treas. Mining and Geological Society. Soccer, Public Speaking. Philosophical Society. Vallee French Prize, 1937. JAMES DELMAR FOOTE, B.A Year Book, 1938-39-40. Philharmonic Band. C.O.T.C. Sergeant. Wrestling Club. Delta Upsilon. ROBERT FREEZE, B.A., Calgary. Senior Rugby. Track. Skiing Phi Delta Theta. CHARLES J. GOGEK, B.A., Edmonton BRIAN R. B. GORE, B.A., Nelson, B.C. Senior Hockey, Inter-Collegiate Track. Inter-Collegiate Swimming, Inter-Faculty Rugby Junior Class Sec.-Treas., 1939-40, Law Club C.O.T.C. Sergeant. Phi Delta Theta. JEAN GRAHAM, BA., Red Deer House-League Basketball. Philosophical Society. Wauneita Executive, 1939-4C. Delta Delta Delta. FORTV NINE WILLIAM E. GRUMMITT, B.Sc MSc Hanna Science Association. Chemistry Club. Outdoor Club. ISIDORE HARDIN, B.A., Edmonton. JEAN HILL, B.A., Calgary. Senior Basketball. Gateway. Pi Beta Phi. ISABEL HOWSON, B.A., Edmonton. Household Economics Club. Students' Union Vice-President, 1940-41. Junior Class Vice-President, 1939-40. House-League Basketball. Kappa Alpha Theta. BERNARD HURROCK, B.S Phi Delta Theta. JEAN HUTTON, B.Sc., Edmonton. French Club. FRED H. IRWIN, B.Sc , Edmonton Chemistry Club. Delta Kappa Epsilon. ALON M. JOHNSON, B.A., Edmonton. Gateway. JEAN LOIS KELSO, B.Sc., Edmonton Badminton Club. Le Cercle Francais. Outdoor Club. FREDERICK E. KENDRICK, B.A., Moose Jaw Sask History Club. Schedule Man. Gateway. Parnassus Society. FIFTY ARTS LORENE LOUISE KENNEDY, B.S:., Edmonton. CHAPIN KEY, B.A., Drumlxellcr. Inter-Faculty Rugby. DOUGLASS S. KIRKVVOOD, B.A., Edmonton. GEORGE THOMAS KOKOTAILO, BSC., Wfillingclon Mathematics Club. Soccer Club. GEORGE B. KOLOTYLUK, B.SC., Smoky Lake. HENRY B. KUNST, B.Sc., M.Sc., Lethbridge. GEORGE H. LAMBERT, B.A., Abbotsford, B.C. Philharmonic. DAVID LARMOUR, B.A., Edmonton. Philharmonic. ROBERT B. LAYTON Jr., B.A., Medicine Hat. Philharmonic Society. Theologue Club. SIDNEY V. LEGG, B.A., Calgary. LEONARD LOVESETH, B.SC., Edmonton. Gateway. Dramatics. FIFTY-ONE ARTS ...,,, f?-iw 127 ' 'AX 'Cf' S., -nn. ann -YB QQ' Ai? 1 1 'A-inf-f,.+:Z"1 NORMAN R. LUNDY, B.SC., Calgary. Badminton Club. Chemistry Club. AfSgt. c.o.T.c. WILLIAM JOHN MacDONALD, B.Sc., Calgary. MARGARET MaCLEAN, B.A., Edmonton. Delta Gamma , JAMES L. MacLEOD, B.A.. Medicine Hat. Inter-Faculty Hockey. Inter-Faculty Debating. Delta Kappa Epsilon. RAYMOND MAHAFFEY, B.A, Kitscoty. Boxing. ALBERT VICTOR PAUL MARCOLIN, B.SC., Bellevue Inter-Faculty Hockey. Inter-Faculty Track. Chemistry Club. Alpha Chi. JAMES H. MARSHALL, B.A., Innisfail. Boxing Club. Swimming Club. HORACE FILLMORE MCCALL, B.A , Rumsey. HILDA MCCONKEY, B.A., Drumheller. Outdoor Club, Fencing, Swimming. S. C. M. University Choir. Skating, Basketball. DONALD MCCORMICK, B.Sc., Lacombe. Soph. Class Sec.-Treas., 1938-39. Junior Class Executive, 1939-40. Business Manager, Philharmonic, 1939-40. President Philharmonic, 1940-41. Gateway Features Editor, 1938-39. Parnassus Club. . 1 , -U , JACK MCGUIRE, B.sC., Edmomon. X- 50- J Inter-Faculty Hockey. , 'T' V "' f f Y C. S. M., C.O.T.C. ' I 4 I K ' firr, -Z i ' FIFTY-TWO ARTS mf? SFI' sq.. N Q? ' - ' -A - -' - M s. g X . I , 1 'Qa- -Wm frank- , "-'rf' .3 LLOYD A. MCLEOD, B.Sc., Calgary. Chemistry Society Executive, 1938-39-40-41. Alpha Chi. CLARENCE W. B. MCPHAIL, B.Sc., Eston, Sask Class Representative Znd Year Dent, 1939-40. Sec.-Trcas. Dental Club, 1940-41. Inter-Faculty Wrestling. DEMITRO MELNYK, B.Sc., Primula. JOHN WHITLA MILLAR, B.Sc., Edmonton. Senior Rugby. Block HA". Phi Delta Theta. FRED J. L. MILLER, Esc., Nakusp, B.c. 5 Chemistry Society. A , MARGARET MoLLoY, B.A., Edmonton. ff. Y H v f 5 4 .1 -' 1 1 fy, A 'uff"71- .,-95,LA 1- Philharmonic. Pi Beta Phi. JEAN MOORE, B.A., Edmonton. Students' Christian Movement. French Club. MARION E. NANCEKIVELL, B.A., Athabasca Philharmonic Society. French Club. Spring Play 1941. ISABELLE, NEWCOMBE, B.Sc., Camrose. French Club. Pi Beta Phi. BETTY NEWMAN, B.Sc., Calgary. Swimming Club. Delta Delta Delta. FRANCES HELEN NORRIS, B.A., Medicine Hat. Badminton. French Club. Musical Club. Dramatics. FIFTY-THREE ARTS 4a..' tr W, CORWIN PINE, B.A., High River. Badminton. Philharmonic. Gateway. Dramatics. CYRUS G. POW, B.A., Pincher Creek. Badminton. Dramatics. Student Players. WILLIAM I. PRICE, B.A., Edmonton. WILLIAM C. PROWSE, B.A., Taber. Secretary Dramatics, 1939-40. Pres. Dramatics, 1940-41. Lieut. C.O.T.C. Delta Upsilon. ROBERT D. REIKIE. B.Sc., Edmonton. Intef-Faculty Rugby. Senior Basketball. Delta Upsilon. DENNIE ROSS, B.S:.. Edmonton. Badminton. Pres. Mathematics Club, 1940-41. JOHN STANLEY' ROWE, B.Sc, High River. Student Christian Movement. JOHN MAGESTE sANToP1NTo, B.S:,, Chemistry Club. Senior Hockey 1939-40-41. Interfaculty Rugby. St. joseph's .House Committee, 1940-41. DOUGLAS G. SCHELL, B.Sc., Edmonton. Chemistry Club. FRANK SEMAKA, B.Sc., Drumheller. Mathematics Club. GWYNETH SHAW B.Sc., Edmonton. 4 1 , X ' ' 1 , ' X 1 ' j ' E iii 5 I 3 , ,l 5 ' ,, ,. 'IA . Y 1. 'iifSiIT.5V :f" 5f , ' " Secretary Cercle Francais, 1940-41. Badminton Club. Swimming Club. FIFTY-FOUR I Calgary. ARTS -if ""'...-'fi' Y N I g W ' A V 5 ' 1' in , 1 7 E 1 F STAN SHAW, B.A., Regina, Saskatchewan. ERNEST C. SHORTLIFFE, B.A, Edmonton Rugby Training, 1938-39. Debating Club Executive 1937-38. Political Science Club Executive 1938-39. Phi Kappa Pi JAMES ROBERT SHOULDICE, BSc.. Calgary. Delta Kappa Epsilon. BESSIE SIDORSKY, B.A., Calgary. French Club, English Club. Council of jewish Women Scholarship. History Prize, French Prize, Latin Prize. 2nd Year, French Consul Prize. Aristide Blais prize in French. ERIC H. SMITH, B.A., Edmonton. Gateway. Tuesday News Editor, 1939-40. H. GORDON SMITH, BA., Trochu. Inter-Faculty Rugby. Inter-Faculty Hockey. MARGARET EVELYN SMITH, B.A., Veteran. Philharmonic Society. Swimming Club. M. HOPE SPENCER, B.A., Edgerton. Sec. Political Science Club, 1938-39. Public Speaking Club, Sec., 1936-37-38, Blue Stocking Club, Music Club. Gateway, Dramatics. Literary A. Pin. BETTY STEINBACH, B.A., Trochu. Swimming. Year Book. French Club. Delta Delta Delta. MAX D. STEWART, B Sc., Edmonton. Cercle Francais. German Club. Telephone Directory, 1940. Delta Upsilon. HERBERT THOMPSON, B.A., Edmonton. lrrv-viva ALVIN TROTT, B.A., Edmonton. MARGARET I. TROTTER, B.Sc., Calgary. Outdoor Club. House Committee. Mathematics Club. DONALD G. ULRICH, B.A., Vulcan. Senior Rugby. Inter-Faculty Boxing. Intex-faculty Hockey. HELEN MARCIA UPTON, B.A., Berwyn. Music Club. Archery Club. French Club. CHRISTINE VAN DER MARK, BA., Calgary. Pres. English Club, 1940-41. Blue Stocking. Organization Committee of the W. W. W. WINNIFRED VAN KLEECK, B.Sc., Armstrong Dramatics. V Vice.-Pres. Wauneita, 1940-41. Kappa Alpha Theta ALBERT VENABLES, B.A., Nelson, B.C. CHARLES KENNETH VOGEL, B A., Carstairs. Boxing. Dramatics. WILLIAM T. ,WAITE, B.A., Sovereign, Saskatchewan. Dental Club. 1 DONALD B. WALLACE, BSC., Edmonton. Inter-Faculty Basketball. LESLIE D. WEDMAN, B.A., Edmonton. Parnassus Society. Gateway News Editor, 1938-39g Tuesday Editor, 1939-40. Editor in Chief. Gateway A Award. Executive A Award. FIFTY-SIX V11 '5'7"f 'L ' R ' ' 5- ei" . . l f vA-.- '.fT92'w'f" l 7A 1 L ' -.5 q " ' ' "1 ' K i ' fm ,Q 9' aw. +A " W" '55-.Wir -i-1' ah Q 'Q' an S . V f , Kd :ur V, .- Y. ,J , .X . ,I . 4 0 ' Ir , . X U' , man. rw., A A in . t . J , V ,V . Je- l' , . I 5 4 ,.-L' . 'L Inf ' fu . M, , ,, , .- Dig if ' . 4 T ll , ' 13' -. ' ,, F' 1 iv Wl1HTEg.B.A.Q Edmonton. 'L O 1 'iFff?2'ih ClQb4- f " l 'N f Hhilhhfmonio. ' w 1 I 1. ' , , A . l ,sy J . 'Ll I . . A- . ,. ot .Q . g ROBERT LA,WRENQl25'5Q7lGGINS, BSC., Edmonton. gi Phi Kappei ' D' A . I I E4 A GWEN75Vllliams, B.A., Lethbridge. l' l lgrgglgsriwfcaliib, x P F? - C59fi1O:?ffifC1ubf . lg . sa!ig1.mghggQ1ub. , I Khfpipaf Alplid 4Thetaa l ' 'v - . v. . f kr Fl 1 i 4 I .X . . - C' 'lOLIVE.MAY WILLIAMS, B.A., calgary. ' w ' ROBERT WILLIAMS, B.Sc., Calgary. 4 . I . " ,V I - EDWARD DONALD WILSON, B.Sc., Edmonton. l Outdopr' Club. ' , MADCE WILSON, B.A, Consort. Ll Frendh Club. . F . is , 5 ' 1. H6 w, I , V 1 I, . w ' i v, 9 m l 1 " 1-4' ' TEPHEN L. YQAREMCHUK, B.A. 1,1 ms f is - El o. xv MISAO YONEYAMA, B.A Girl's Medical cms. 1.7.1 - Medical Uxidergradualze Society. I . 5 I Y , :'. -. 'la E7 ' o',' N- 4 . ,FIFTY-SEVEN I I f 1 h 3 fl I' 0 , K. A I 'ff' IOAN B.A., Edmonton. 'Y . . Pres. leffgrgiggais 1 40-41. ' '- -ir' ' ' ' g S l ' ' lg .f- k -P! .911 I COLLEGE OF EDUCATION if Iv f' ' ' isrnwmzffw r-"ww va' 40. ",,Fj.. .f-. ' . ,QL T Q - , :ZS Q I.. ,W O-4 l. A kia' A R -5 . f A I - V5 liz: . -- V ff AILEEN AYLSWORTH, B.A., caiggeyf 1 A A 3 . ..OAO ..,,.. Gatewayf ' , A H' Dramaticsl 'I A Year Book. Pi Beta Phi. U I f, 1 , , JOHN H. ELLIS, RA., Hi,-gilftgivefg KATHRYN MARY EREY, RA, Lerhbfi.1ge.i A JEAN FUNK, B.A., Red Deer. . Swimming. Club. - Houie League' Basketball. French Club. . PHYLLIS DOROTHY GORDON, B.A., Innisffee. Q KATHARINE GOTTENBERG, fB.Scq, fghampiorg, 1 . Household Economic Club. ' A Y I Sec: College of Education Club 1940-41. Z v JOHN EDWARD: HAWKER, E.A., Edmonton. Students' Council, 1936-37.f, , Philharmonic. . V Constitutional Enforcernc-:nt,"1'937-38. Parnassus Club. , 4- ' If EMMA HUGHSQN, B.A., EDITH LANGRIDGF., B.Sc., Banff. Household Economic Club. Hardisty. .V f - 1 JJ? 'f' ,. LJ . --ff' in ' Q ' 'YA JEAN CALDWELL eMacLEAN.' RA., ?E7d11i5Qipbiv. j ' ,an-.,. ,, .. . A ZA .... ,gl ' , H, . .. J.-- ' '32 5 ' , 1 ' 1- '. 'Fl . ' ., 'R .. Q '." if.-if MAUREEN MAXWELL, RA., .Edi'l1OI'ftfii5l3A'f', A43 11 .:, 13 gg Delta Delta Delta. 5 g A- 95151 nf' " . ' 1 .- I. '54, "fr, 'K liv' -"LAL 'I 1 - . '57 ' . BEATRICE McBAIN,'BtAvq,5QjiQlmonton. ' gi ' ' 1 'vgxjlfb ',' ' 1 l FIFTY-EIGHT . 'B rf? , . 1 -rw , , us.. 91.31, V fx her A '11 11.4 f.-.Lb . , I- 'Q' lv cv, ' r 1"'- 'Q -' -J. X, I .I ,nl J' ig ', U . 5 .- Q. f- 'MJT . fat. ljvi- YQ., rf ' 'M If. ". .shlhf wi- Qf. .x --Iv. . . S, -- K f"'z -.,.- My: ... . . if -.1 l ,,.- -Q-fn.. .. . :L Ll? 14 .tm M, , ugh, Z GDL'-595. 9F..FPPF5T'0N -,F - ,. -,,.... ... .- ..2....--.,.-....,, . ... ,L ,.,, V - . , 6'lk"T"'-F' 5 . FIFTY-NINE 'I . - " -1 . f '. 2 'z 1-P: f . . .d:fP', .U, . . , . . . .iv.' - .ilu .. JOHN A. BETH RANKIN, B.A., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Dramatics, Swimming. Vice-Pres. Students' Union 1939-40. , Athletic Executiveg 1938-39. Class Executive, College of Education, 1940-41. Class Historian. V ' CLARE REED, RA., Edrnonfon. JEAN ROBERTSON, B.A., Edmonton. Pres. of Women's Atl11etic'Association, 1940-41. Students' Council, 1949-41, Vice-Pres. of Women's Athletic Association, 1939-40. Senior Basketball. :- GLADYS GWENDOLYN ROBINSON, B.Sc., Vermilion Vice-Pres. College of Education Society, 1940-41. House Ec. Club. . ' V o i Kappa Alpha Theta. I J. M. RYAN fBrother Ephremj, B.'A., Edmonton. MARJORIE SHACKLETON, BA., Olds. I THOMAS SIDDALL, B.A., Hanna. NORMA A. SMITH..-B.A., Ednioriton. , Athletic Executive. up A 1 5 I ' t Kappa Alpha "Theta. . ' K - TOOGOOD, B.A., chonoollon HELEN TOWERS, B.A.5 Ednoonton.. . MORRIS ZASLOWQ' RA., Edmonton. ' IL APPLIED SCIENCE vi ww., Wu' gr-ff 4-qfifl' 9, 'ff JACK WILFRED BAILEY, B.Sc., Chemical, Edmonton. RALPH FRANCIS BAILEY, B.Sc., Chemical, Calgary SHELDON DONVITO, B.Sc., Chemical, Luscar. LUCAS J. EHLY, B.Sc, Chemical, Edmonton. JULIUS PAUL GLOWA, B.Sc., Chemical, Edmonton. E. S. S Chemistry Society. ,WILTON D. JONES, B.Sc., Chemical, Macleod. RAYMOND A. LEASK, B.Sc., Chemical, Edmonton. Chemical Club. E. S. S. HECTOR A. LOGAN, B.Sc., Chemical, Slave Lake G. REX McMEEKIN, B.Sc., Chemical, Calgary. Inter-Faculty Basketball. Inter-Faculty Hockey. E. S. S., Chem. Club. Alpha Chi JOHN MULLIGAN, B.Sc., Chemical, Rossland, B.C. NORMAN F. MURRAY, B.Sc., Chemical, Vancouver, BC. Kappa Sigma SIXTY F Tr I APP.kL5.:B..2E'E!CE , . 'Nav -Q-if" 'fl' 'firm -:'q':s.. I ,, a.- 'A 4. ' A -4 o. f . -w ASAEAN FRANCIS SHORT.-B.Sc., Chemical, Coloinao E.. S. S., Q. ' -Chemistry Society Vice-Pres. 1940-41. 'Alpha Chi. . A ' t JAMES W. SLOAN, B.Sc., Chemical, Calgary. . .s- Inter-Faculty Rugby. . E. S. S. ' Chem. Club, 1940-41. ' Zeta Psi X JOHN A. SWIFT, Rso., Chemical: Toaold. Ii'1terfaGulty4Hockey. ' 4 " E. S. s.,tchom. Club Boxingg V Alpha chi. ROBERT G. WALFORD, Rso., chomiool, calgary. A Senior Rugby. A Chemistry Club Executive 1939-40. A Senior Class Executive, 1940-41. Phi Kappa Pi HARRY L. WILLIAMS, B.Sc., Chemical, Edmonton. A ' HERBERT SCOTT B.Sc., Chemical, Lethbriilge. E. S. S. Executive, 1939-4O.'Senior Executive, 1940-41. V 4 Inter-Collegiate Wrestling. ' Inter-Faculty Rugby. Q Gateway. . NORMAN G. BLAKEY, B.Sc.5.Civil, Ottawa, Oimfio. 'V an -"1 1 ' ' - GEORGE CUMMINGSQ B.Sc1, Civil, Edmonton. I1 If ' ,Q 'J ox' .. H S - 3 Vi il Aifgtrb A 3 .JoHN'H. HARGKAVE5, B.Sc.g Civil, Walsirf fl 1- I . 1 jx, E V I " 41 3 - . '1 I 1 , , . ' 'Q.,j,4?-Q13 N. A. LAWRENCE, B.Sc., Civil, Hartell. 5 A .5 ff' A 11 'Wi fin, . , xi- I 4. ': .gt K - l P ' I 4, ' ' I' ., -I Q lil SIXTY-ONE ' I ... A ', ,fgiil , a 1 "qi 1 if ' Pi flxr fl ' 1 z 'il ' 1 . hr'-f 5 ' ' " 1 Fo-f'Du'. A .I -we . APPLIED SCIENCE vw- -'rf' 'fi 4649" MARTIN O. ROLLEFSON, B.Sc., Civil, Medicine Hat. CHARLES A. STOLLERY, B.Sc., Civil, Edmonton. Pres. E. S. S. 1940-41. DONALD BARCHYN, B.Sc., Electrical, Edmonton. A. I. E. E. E. S. S. WALTER BAYLIS, B.Sc., Electrical, Edmonton. A. I. E. E. ALLAN RAY CLINK, B.Sc., Electrical, Edmonton. A. I. E. E. V E. S. S. HUGH HERBERT L. CREIGHTON, B.Sc., Electrical, Edmonton A. I. E. E. 4th Year Rep. E. S. S. ARTHUR P. DAVIS, B.Sc., Electrical, Calgary. Engineering Physics. Radio Club. DON GARDNER, B.Sc., Electrical, Calgary. Trackg Boxingg Rugby. Pres. Track Club 1934. A. I. E. E. Phi Delta Theta. GRANT HOLLENBACK, B.Sc., Electrical, Edmonton E. S. S. V A. I. E. E. ROBERT T. P. HOULIHAN, B.Sc., Electrical, Edmonton. A. I. E. E. 4 SIXTY-TWO R 1 ff' i H .i ,i ,ii I ,, x .4 1 io , ,Sign qw R I ' Mx, WTJL fisimljiigiji. Y ., 'V ll .: ' P ,"' il'f' ia, i R , N 'I -rl' w "'. I "" ' 'vi' ' C - ' 2--LQ-Cn.. . 5" Q , . 1 ' 5 ' 1 Nl ' I. 4-,. 4 f. ,IL..1yD L 8- , U 1. A' A' . wi"-: """ " " ' 9 J ,. ' G i i U I.. 'J . K ' Q, is. 9 1 n i Nw. i my-, iw,--if Jw.- A . in l QQ' .- ' il . I g. ,. 1 N- 3. L., M r . v. x . .. L I I 1 4' 'isugil E? if .ii L l A ,., L-I' ",.. 4' I ' ..T'5 I :I T331 ,,. 1. Y , , ,H A-'A w""' 7 . I Y A fi. I ii' n V l in 5 W li F . sb' i Pi N X l E I vb. 5 MCKERNAN, B.Sc., Electrical, Edmonton. s. s. . L . Chairman A. I. E. E. -' SIDNEY CHARLES PHILLIPS, Rss., Elnctricnlp--Inipnnfi .- A. I. E. E: - , ' E. S. S. Pax-nassus Club. 1 GORDON O. SUT!-IERLAND, B.Sc.,-Elccti., Edmontoni A. 1. E. E. f .V . ' , E, s. s. L CECIL KYLE BRIDGEMAN,,,B.Sc., Mining Wninskiwink- E. S. S. Chairman I-Iousc,CommitLee, 1940-41. - Alpha Chi. I DAVID T. BROWN, B.Sc., lVIining, Edmontoni ,. i Mining and GeOlogical'Society. i X Senior Basketball, - X ' ., 4 I I I - a I H. J. CHALMERS,'B.Sc45 Mining, Bfandnn, Manitoba: 9. 1 . P ' -f ff: '. TULLY I. CQNi1I,'BgSc., Miining,-MedieinQ"'Hni. 2 V Z. A.iU. - - -- -i - I I i l ' I 1 , N014 4. ALBERT A. HANSON, BQSAC., Mining, Calgary. E. s. s. H D ' y -i Mining and Geological-Society. - . ., , f 1. R. VICTOR-HENHNING, B.Sc., Mining,:fEaninifppn. Intei-LFaculty A. Hockey. A V' ' ,Il RANDOLPH MATHIAS LAUER, B.Sc., Mining, Bruno, Sgsk. l Inter-Faculty Hockey. ' ' - V H-I V E. s. s. ' , I Mining and Geological Society. i A : ' 1 SIXTY-THREE l limi.. . nr-Anil APPLIED SCIENCE W'-ur 'RJ ka S, QQQ.-1 Q 9, -...J ...HY 6' RAYMOND A. LITKENHAUS, B.Sc., Mining, Edmonton Alpha Chi. DONALD W. MacGREGOR, B.Sc., Mining, Daysland. E. S. S. Mining and Geological Society. Sec.-Treas. Freshman Class, 1936-37. Inter-Faculty Hockey. Alpha Chi. T. O. NEUMANN, B.Sc., Mining, Pincher Creek. HARVEY L. NOBLITT, B.Sc., Mining, Waskatenau. D. E. PICKETT, B.Sc., Mining, Olds. DONALD LEE REDMAN, B.Sc., Mining, Calgary. E. S. S. Mining and Geological Society. JOHN SYDNEY ROPER, B.Sc., Mining, Edmonton. E. S. S. 3rd Year Rep. 1939-40. Mining and Geological Society Rep. 1939-405 Pres. 1940-41 Soph. Class Executive 1938-39. App. Sci. Rep. 1940-41. Delta Upsilon. GORDON A. SAVAGE, B.Sc., Mining, Edmonton. Rugby. JAMES VETTOREL, B.A., B.Sc., Mining, Edmonton. E. S. S. V Mining and Metallurgy Society. ROBERT W. WINSON, B.Sc., Mining, North Battleford, Sask. SIXTY FOUR COMMERCE BETTE ADAMS, B.Com., Rosemary. Commerce Club. Swimming. Women's Pol. Ec. Club. BRYSON BURROWS, B.Com. Edmonton. Commerce Club. Phi Delta Theta. KATHLYN E. CAMERON, B.Com., Edmonton Commerce Club. Outdoor Club. Spanish Club. S.C.M. Women's Pol. Ec. Club. LEO OSCAR CROCKETT, B.Com., Mayerthorpe. Commerce Club Executive 1940-41. Senior Rugby. Delta Upsilon. VIOLET DAVIDSON, B.Com. Castor. Commerce Club. Swimming. Women's Pol. Ec. Club. French Club. EARL C. DIXON, B.Com., Edmonton. Senior Basketball. Commerce Club. Phi Delta Theta. HOWARD A. FORD, B.Com., Milk River. Commerce Club. MARGARET A. FULTON, B.Com., Edmonton. Vice-Pres. Commerce Club 1940-41. DOUGLAS H. GALBRAITH, B.Com., Vulcan. Trackg Inter-Faculty Boxing. Spiked Shoe Club, Sec. 1940-41. Commerce Club. Band, Librarian 1940-41. ROBERT GAMMON, B.Com., Coalhurst. Track. Inter-Faculty Basketball. "B" Team Basketball. SIXTY FIVE COMMERCE LEONARD H. GROTT, B.Com., Hanna. Commerce Club. Spanish Club. JOHN HENRY HENNING, B.Com., Edmonton. Philharmonic Society. Commerce Club. JAMES GEO. HERRINGER, B.Com., Maple Creek, Sask Track Team 1939-40-41. St. Joseph's ,House Committee 1939-40. Zeta Psi. RALPH K. HOLE, B.Com., Edmonton. Commerce Club. A Gateway. DORIS JONSON, B.Com., Hayter. Political Economy Club. Spanish Club. Swimming Club. Pi Beta Phi. PETER W. LEACOCK, B.Com., Calgary. Inter-Faculty Hockeyg Five Mile Race 1936-38. Commerce Club. ' ' Constitutional Enforcement Committee 1940. Editor of Yearbook 19393 B.S.M.,VC.O.T.C. Delta Upsilon. ELIZABETH LOW, B.Com., Cardston. Pres. Women's Political Ec. Club. Swimming Club. ' f FRANCIS RICHARD MATTHEWS, B.Com., Calgary. Badmintong Outdoor Club. Commerce Club. Spanish Clubg Band Librarian 1939-40. Gateway Photographerg Dramaticsg Lieut. C.O.T.C. Delta Kappa Epsilon. DAVID KEITH MCELROY, B.Com., Edmonton. Senior Basketball. Phi Kappa Pi. WILLIAM BOYD McFETRIDGE, B.Com., Shaunavon, Sask. Commerce Club. Spanish Club. SIXTY SIX H up commence 5 Am- U -1 if 1 -any- '--uv 'Staff' ,,,f1f. y is 1 JOHN DAVID RAE, B.Com., Edmonton. ' Commerce Club. Kappa Sigma. . BRUCE -LYRANKIN, B.Com., Saskatoon, Sask. Pres. Com. Club 1940-41. - 1 History Clubg Outdoor Club. Editor Yearbook 194Q-41. Dramatics Exec. 1937-38,1939-40. 1 Phi Kappa Pi. WILLIAM R. SINCLAIR, B.Com., Edmonton. Inter-Faculty Rugbyg History Cliibg Pol. 'Ec. Club. Outdoor Club. ' Arts Rep. 1940-41g Year Book 194.0-511. Sergeant C.O.T.C. Phi Kappa Pi. DAVID TAIT, B.Com., Edmonton. Inter-Collegiate Track 1938-39. Pol. Ec. Club. A Pres.. Men's Track 1940-41. Radio Clubg Spike' Shoe Club. f K 'Inter-Faculty 'Hockeyg Rugby. 'I GLENN ALBBAI TRELACY, B.Com., Hussarf Inter-Faculty Rubgy, Ba5ieefba11, Hoekey, Track. Com-Law Sports Rep. 1940-4.1.5 ., , Spanish Club.-' f A f '. Commerce Club. 1 , , - 1, t W ' JANET IRENE TRoTTE1f,i'B.'Q6ii1g calgary. .if A ,, - , 'V fue- ,.,1 -I , Badminton. . 4 , rj.: it , iq tv, . , Outdoor Club., A '-' -K A- 1- A ,W Spanish' Club. " I Allfgil. E2:.C1ub1. - . . e. if-fy . .. ' A , 1 . A- . .1 .ggi " . - I ' .. rw' WILLIAM K. YOUNIEQ B.C6gi.,-Edmgnfon. ' 5 Senior Basketball., 1 1- g ' A '- A Commerce Club. ' ' . A Phi Kappa Pi. . "',' va gg 'L ' - ' ' 521 I 'I 1 73.-i' . -pa. F l U Q Ji . w - uf - lb , . i 1 ll 1 , wi P. V' l'f . ':. ii ' ' " . ROWLANHl'CAMPBEiLL.4 inns., Z.WhIfCW0Od, z .Inteiq-Eaetfljggftljlqgkexxp 'T' W, L 1 in , lt' nent.1.Q1AB..1see.-Try., by T wig?-4 . - - Qt, 13.-L . lf i . 1 :KE 'V - CHARLES G. DUKE, D.D.S., Premier, B.C. . 1'-A x '- A Dental Club President 1940-41. qua MARK DUMONT, B.A., D.D.s., Roseberry, B.c. Dental Club: Pres. Neuman Club 1940-41. Inter-Faculty Basketball. St. Ioseph's House Committee 1936-39. .11 SIXTY-SEVEN DENTISTRY 'N ... o r ...fl I Q 5 w . S' 1 ,V A i J ' GILBERT F. GEMEROY, D.D.S., Winchester, om. V' if Q' ' ' I Inter-Faculty Hockey. -- Dental Club. 6'5" 4 It A, , A l F... ,.,g:.. , y 1, , .w f ' I- ' 1 A' LIONEL HOLMES, D.D.S., Lacombe. v ' X Dental Club. NICK HUCULAK, D.D.S., Willingdon. Dental Club. 1 at 'sf a"fT:-- DONALD G MMGREGOR, D.D.S., Edmonton. Dental Club. WILLIAM A. MCIVER, D.D.S., Wolseley, Sask. Band. Philharmonic Society. Dental Club. cr:-.r A--f O. LORNE OATWAY, D.D.S., Stony Plain. Inter-Faculty Hockey. Dental Club. Philharmonic Society. JOHN W. NEILSON, B.A., D.D.S., Saskatoon, Sask. Mm' Senior Rugbyg Pres. Rugby 19393 Senior Basketball. Men's Athletic Boardg House Committee. Pres. Students' Union 1940-41. Big Block Club. Phi Kappa Pi. FREDERICK GORDON PEDLAR, B.Sc., D.D.S., Oxbow, Sask. Tennisg Badminton Club. f . J PQ- Dental Club. V D Year Book. .. s . -. A sa HAMILTON GRAEME STEED, B.A., D.D.S., Nelson, B.C Dental Club. Q I i Delta Kappa Epsilon. A WI , I JACK WALKER, D.D.S., Pincher Creek. Inter-Faculty Basketballg Inter-Faculty Hockey. Manager Senior Hockey 1940-41. Dental Club. Band. Zeta Psi. ' SIXTY-EIGHT PERSIS CAPSEY, B.Sc., Camrose. Philharmonic Orchestra. Swimming. House Ec. Club. MARION COOPER, B.Sc., Edmonton. Philharmonic. House Ec. Club. S.C.M. Kappa Alpha Theta. NELLIE IRENE COYLE, B.SC , Calgary. House Ec. Clubg S.C.M. House League Basketballg Skating. Wauneita Societyg Won1en's House Committee. Students' Council 1940-41. Philharmonic. HARRIET EASTON, B.Sc., Edmonton ETHEL FIFE, BSC., Arts, Two Hills. House Ec. Club. Archery. GERTRUDE GATTENMYER, B.Sc., Edmonton. House EC. Club. Dramatic Club. Kappa Alpha Theta. MARGUERITE GRISDALE, B.Sc., Olds. House Ec. Club Executive 1939-40-41. Women's Disciplinary Committee 1939-41. House League Basketball. Kappa Alpha Theta. MARGARET HANNAH, B.Sc., Calgary Pres. Women's Badminton. House League Basketball. Executive W.A.A. Delta Gamma JEAN HUTCHINSON, B.Sc., Calgary. House Ec. Club. Badminton Club. Delta Delta Delta DILYS JONES, B.Sc., Luscar. House Ec. Club. Delta Delta Delta. MARY MOFFATT LAWSON, B.Sc., Dutch Flat California House Ec. Club. University Choir. Organizing Committee of Wauneita War Workers KATHERINE LISTER B.Sc., Edmonton Badminton Club. House Ec. Club. Outdoor Club. Swimming Club. XTY-NINE HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS . '- 1 'ff ff i, V ,.-'cw A ny ' .39 .. Q ' , ' , 3 I ISABELL MacKENZIE, B.Sc., Lacombe. House Ec. Club. Sec.-Treas. House Ec. Club 1940-41. Delta Delta Delta. WINNIFRED JEAN McEWEN, B.Sc., Calgary. House Ec. Club. - Outdoor Club. NORA MARGARET MCLEOD, B.Sc., Cadomin. House EC. Club. Pres. Women's Tennis 1940-41. ' Kappa Alpha Theta. KATHLEEN MCNEVIN, B.Sc., Rimbey. VIRGINIA MORROW, B.Sc., Edmonton. House Ec. Club. Philharmonic. Delta Delta Delta. BARBARA PEDDLESDEN, B.Sc., Calgary. House Ec. Club. Women's Disciplinary Committee. Dramaticsg Year Bookg Outdoor Club. Kappa Alpha Theta. BETTY ROSS, B.Sc., Edmonton. House Ec. Club. President Archery Club 1939-40. RUTH TANNER, B.Sc., Edmonton. House EC. Club. Year Book. C. MARGERY UPTON, B.Sc , Calgary. -- I KATHARINE NAN DER MARK, B.Sc., calgary li 'Blue Stocking Club. - i Pres. Women's'.Fencing 1940-41. 'AQ ' A ' ,,fOrganization Committee of Wauneita 'Wan'fWbfkbrs. . zFrench,Clubg Iihilosophical Club. V - 'E . ,' 'T' 'af' Fi' 1' ,il D I I f . ll A'AMfl.'k .. fm' --gap X .M RENA WISHART, B.Sc., Ediliontgfsfg-,efp "5 A House Ec. Club. ' pf X r -+1-f if '1' . Z I C. A. . .H I., Q V WM' . 4: Jllws- 4 ' . , Philharmonic. - 4 , f -' It ,fi Wauneita Executive 1940-41. " ' 134 """' 'Axim SEVENTY LAW BLAKE ALLAN, ILA., LL.B., Nelson, B.C. Law Club. Coll. Freshman Class Executive 1934-35. Sophomore Class Executive 1935-36. Delta Kappa Epsilon. ALAN MARSHALL BRONX NLIEE, B.A., LL.B., Edmonton Parnassus Club. Law Quarterly. PETER F. B. DEWDNEY, B.A., LL.B., Nelson. BC. ROBERT F. DRISCOLL, B.A., Ll .l5., Medicine Hat. Law Club. Parnassus Club. MICHEL DUBUC. B.A., LL.B., Edmonton. History Club. Inter-Varsity Debate. Delta Upsilon. LAVAL FORTIER, B.A., LL.B., Athabasca. EMILE F. GAMACHE, B.Com., LL.B., Falher. Tennis. Zeta Psi. JOHN M. GOOD. B.A., LL.B., Edmonton. President Law Club. Zeta Psi. WILLIAM HADDAD, B.A., LL.B., Edmonton. Inter-Faculty Hockeyg Senior Hockey. Asst. Sports Editor Gateway 1937-38. Manager Senior Hockey 1938-39-40g Special Managers Award 193 President Men's Athletic Board I9-10-41. Students' Council 1940--H: Law Club. WILLIAM A. HONVARD, B.A., LL.B., Calgary. Law Club. President Senior Class. Consulting-Editor Alberta Law Quarterly. President Phi Delta Theta. DAVID EDWIN LEWIS. B.A., LLB, Calgary. Senior Rugbyg W'restling: Law Club. Treasurer Students' Union 19-IO-41: Gateway Columnist. Year Book Staffg Business Manager Year Book 1939-40. Business Manager Telephone Directory 1939--SO. 3 Debating Executive 1937-38-39g Provincial Debating 1937-38-39. Evergreen and Gold "A" Award: Delta Upsilon. j. GREGORY MacDONELl, B.A., LL.B., Edmonton Senior Hockey. Inter-Faculty Rugby. Law Club. SEVENTY-ONE LAW FW' ' vb by l 4 Qi 5 I, B X 1 J 1.7 Qg 'fr' 'TP' DONALD P. fMcDANlEL, B.A., LL.l'l.. Calgary. Wrestlingg Debating: Law Club. ' ' President History Club. ' Lieutenant C.O.T.C. Delta Upsilon. ' WILLIAM MCGILUVRAY, 'B.A., LL.B., Edtnanmn. Law Club. .A " ' Delta Upsilon. i ' A ROSEMARY HOPE MCQUEEN. B.A.,t LL.B., Edmonton. A Secretary Law Club. V V f ' N Pi Beta Phi. . V . NEIL DOUGLAS MEDI-1URsT,. B.A., LL.B., rmnmst DAVID HUGHES NEWSON. B.A., LL.B., Edmonton. FRED PRITCHARD. B.A.. LL.B., Lethbridge. Inter-Faculty Basketball: Law Club. Freshman Class Executive 1936-37. Prov. News Department 1939-41. Gatewnyg Rooters Club. Freshman Introduction Committee. R. E. CECIL ROBSON, B.Sc., LL.B., Edmonton. Secretary Students' Union 1940-41. Coach, Manager and Member of Wrestling Team 1938-41. Member Varsity Band l938-401 Leader 1940-41. Law Clubg Kappa Sigma. Senior Rugby 1939-405 Inter-Faculty Rugby 1938-39. Member Men's Athletic Board 1938-471. MORRIS SHUMIATCHER, B.A., LL.B., Calgary. Imperial and Inter-Varsity Debates 1938-39-41. Students' Council 1939-40g Literary "A" Award. Vice-Pres. Law Clubg Law Quarterlyg Gateway. Pres. Musical Club 1940-41. i Philosophical Society Executive. A JOHN MICHAEL SINGER, HSC.. LL.B.. Edmonton. Law Club. ALEX SMITH, B.A., LL.B., Vermilion. Students' Council: Sec. Literary Society. Sec. Debating Society: Philharmonic. Inter-Faculty Debating: Treasurer of Law Club. Editor of Law Quarterly. President Cleo Club. ALEX VUILLIAMSON. B.A.. LL.B., Knee Hill Valley. Vice-Pres. Law Club 1940--H. Law Representative Students' Union l9-OO--ll. Philharnionic. SEVENTY-TWO MEDICINE V.,-'Bm ri:-.K . X AL CHARLES OREN BAKER, M.D., Edmnnton. Parnassus Club. Inter-Ifaculty Hockey. W. ROBERT BELL. M.D., Vancouver, B.C. S.C.M. Executive I936-37-38. 5.C.M. President 1938-39. M.U.S. President 1940--Il. GORDON RICHARD BLOTT, ILA., M.D., Edmonton RAYMOND VV. BLYRNAP, M.D., Edmonton. Medical Club. ALBERT WILLIAM ,IAMES CADZOW, M.D., Vcgreville. Parnassus Club. Inter-Faculty Basketball. Medical Club. EDWARD CALDWELL, M.D., Edmonton. Medical Club. Philharmonic. THOMAS ALBERT DOBSON, B.A., M.D., Vancouver, B.C. THOMAS DURKIN, M.D., Victoria, B.C. Parnassus Club. MAX R. EARLE, M.D., Vancouver. B.C. St. Joseph's House Committuc l93R. Delta Kappa Epsilon. THERON GARRISON, M.D., Wcstlock. SEVENTY THREE RAYMOND E. GILHAM. M.D . Calgary. Parnassus Club. MEDICINE win an VVALTER STANLEY HARTROFT, M.D., Calgary Medical Club. Delta Kappa Epsilon. JEAN HOLOWACH, B.A., M.D.. Edmonton. Medical Club. MARGARET HOWSON, M.D., Edmonton. M.U.S. Philharmonic Society. Kappa Alpha Theta. BARBARA HUMPHREY. B.A., M.D.. Calgary. JOHN WRIGHT HUNT, B Sc., M.D.. Foremost. Medical Club. IOICHI GEORGE KATU, NLD., Vancouver, B.C. Senior Rugby. RGBERT WENDELL RULLBERG. M.D., Taber. Medical Club. . Inter-Faculty Rugby. WI GEORGE LAZARUK. M.D. Parnassus Club. CLARENCE G. MCNEILL, B.Sc.. M.D., Edmonton. Medical Club Executive 1938-40. Inter-Faculty Basketball. Year Book Executive 1931-32. Cheer Leader 1932: Sec. Osler Club 1939-40. Editor in Chief U. of A. Medical journal 1940. CONSTANT MEGAS, B.Sc., M.D., Edmonton. Medical Club. Kappa Sigma. SEVENTY FOUR DONALD H. MCINTYRE, RA.. M.D.. Edmonton. MEDICINE DAVID J, MOFFAT. asf.. qsask.,, Mn., Bradwell, 5.1.4, Inter-Faculty Basketball Trainer Rugby Club 1938-40. NELSON NIX, B.Sc., M.D., Ednwnron. Outdoor Club. Medical Rep. Students' Council 1939-40. Medical Club Executive 1959-40. Philharmonic. JAMES ITREDERICK RFID, M.D., Vegruillu. DOUGLAS C. RITCHIE, B.Sc., M.D., Nelson. ILC. Medical Club Executive 1936-38. Inter-l-acuity Hockey and Basketball. Phi Delta Theta. CHARLES ALLAN SHAVER, M.D.. Calgary. C. HAMPTON SMITH, B.Sc., NLD., Camrose. PETER C VOLOSHIIN, B.N.c, MJD., Saskatoon, Sask. VVESLEY PATTERSON XYAISH. MJD., Yancuuvcr, B.C. JOHN HLCII YOUNG, M.D.. lklmonxon. "x WILLIAM A. YOUNG, NLD., Edmonton. Medical Club. Inter-Faculty Basketball and Rugby. Mo. Delta Kappa Epsilon. SEVENT F VE NURSING ,ag 'lm V 'O-1 X -0- 0 -O' -G JESSIE ADDISON, R.N.. B.Sc., Nursing. Calgary. Philharmonic. LOIS OLIVE BIRD, KN., Youngstown. MAXINE BOXV. R.N., B.Sc., Nursing, Edmonton JEAN BUCHANAN BROWN, R.N. Mountain Park. CHRISTINA BRONYNING, R.N.. B.Sc.. Nursing, Edmonton. Fencing Club. MARGARET BURTON, R.N.. Trail. ILC. MARY CI'IRlb'l'lANNl"N, R.N.. Edmonton. JEAN S. CLARK, R.N., B.Sc.. Nursing, Calgary. Nurses Students, Union l936-37. Executive Students' Council 1939-40. Philharmonic: Archery Club. B.Sc., Nurses' Club. MARGARET FIFE, R.N., Olds. ANNE CAIR. KN., lxillam. SEVENIY RUTH GILCHRIST, R.N., Edmonton. NURSING T .A Qu: KATHERINE GORDON. R.N.. B.Sc . Nursing, I dm-wnmn wr? Fencing Club. Pi Beta Phi. DOROTHY M, GRAHAM. R N., B.Sc., Nursing, Drumheller, B.Sc., Nurws' Club. Archery Club. MARGARET GRAHAM, R.N,, B.Sc.. Nurwiu Regina. haik. Archery Club. Prcs. BSC., Nurses' Club 1940-41. 'Q- ETHEI HAIL? S, R.N., Stettler. Q- if ...4 ! 55 DORIS HASLAMQRN.. Claresholm. ESTHER SOPHIA HEDLIN, RN.. Renown, sm. EVELYN HEXX SUN, RJN., Red Deer. MARGARET HURF. R.lN.. llapp. .2 uf 'ff DEllA l'lOl'l"S R.N., hllnuntm1. -Qs. QW H. MARGARET JOHNSON. R.N., calgary. .'f9N SEVLNIY LV wr? NURSING Y-r v-O-. gN:qs.. -11 -QT' 'QF' K Hrv- V-.. . 'asf' .4- I Na QW. . N ANNA LIND. R.N., Valhalla Centre. BEATRICE MAY, R.N., Mcanuuk. NORAH MCCALLUM. R.N.. B.Sc., Nursing. Edmonton B.Sc.. Nurses' Club. RUTH MCCLURE, R.N., Edmonton. DOROT HY MCCGY, R.N., Lethbridge. AUDREY IRENE MQLURE, R.N., Peace Riwr. Tennis, Skating. AIRDRIE MERRY. ILN., Edmonn-n. JEAN MOORE. R.N., l,m'kd.1lc. ILC. GRACE MUIR, R.N., Lcduu. 'Yi , Q2-fr., 'A MARION MURRAY. um., wg.-Walla. '-IF' 'TV IQ . X , ' A i 'ij S Q SEVENTY EIGHT INEZ NOREM. R.N., Berwyn. JOAN E. ORMRUD, R.N., S.xsk.1w-111, Sneak. RUTH POOLE, RN., Edmonton. ISABEL M. REESOR. R.N.. Vcgrcvillc. HELEN P. TALBOT. R.N., High BERYL TIFFIN, R.N.. Eulnmnton. CLAIRE WEST. R.N., Vermilion. EVA MYRTLE VVHEELER. R.N., BSL.. Numm, Amn Archery Club. B.Sc., Nurses' Club. WINNIFREIJ M. WILSON, R.N., Mayor Suk WINNIE E. YOUNG. R.N., Wilkie. Snsk. B.Sc., Nurses' Club. SEVENTY- NINE PHARMACY ...asf -0'f Sw 'cs' f. ARTHUR ANDERSON, Diploma, Calgary. Senior Rep. Pharmacy. RICHARD HENRY APPLEYARD, Diploma. Carbon. Pharmacy Club. CHESTER R. BROCKLEBANK, Diploma, Calgary Pharmacy Club Social Convener. WILLIAM ROBERT CORNYN. Diploma. Pincher Creek. ALBERT H. COWLES, Diploma. Edmonton. Pharmacy Club. HELEN DAY. Diploma. Consort. Pharmacy Club. WILLIAM FERGUSON, Diploma. Calgary. Pharmacy Club. GEORGE FINDLAY GRAHAM. Diploma, Chilliwack, B.C. Pharmacy Club. HYMEY HANSON, Diploma, calgary. Pharmacy Club. RUBY HARTE, Diploma, Three Hills. EIGHTY PHARMACY ELEANOR jONES, Diploma, Vulcan. Pharmacy Club. WESLEY EARL LANE, Diploma, Wainwright. Inter-Faculty Hockey. Pharmacy Club. Pharmacy Sports Rep. 1940-41. EDNWARD PERCY LANGRIDGE, Diploma, Banff. Sec.-Treas. Pharmacy Club. Varsity Varieties. Kappa Sigma. COLIN F. LAYTON, Diploma, Edmonton. Pharmacy Club. Kappa Sigma. EDNVARD MARLES, Diploma, Calgary. LUDWIG NAVALKOWSKY, Diploma, Rostl1crn.1Sask. Pharmacy Club. MURIEL NAYLOR, Diploma, Coleman. Pharmacy Club. LESLIE NICHOL, Diploma, Lomond. LAURA MAY NICKERSON, Diploma, Edmonton WILLIAM ODELL, Diploma, Wetaskiwin. Pharmacy Club. Alpha Chi. EIGHT! ONE PHARMACY E NE' is L FRED C. PLUMB, Diploma, Drumheller. Pharmacy Club Press Rep. Kappa Sigma. FLOYD G. PRITCHARD, Diploma, Calgary. CATHERINE QUINLAN, Diploma, Medicine Hat. Vice-Pres. of Pharmacy Club 1940-41. SAMUEL SEREDA, B.Sc., Pharmacy, Edmonton. Pharmacy Club. WILLIAM P. SKELTON, B.Sc., Pharmacy, Edmonton Pres. Pharmacy Club, 1940-41. Kappa Sigma. PAM WOODRUFF, Diploma, Edmonton. Pharmacy Club. Swimming Club. Outdoor Club. ALBERT P. YATES, B.Sc., Pharmacy. Gleichcn. House Committee. C.O.T.C. Lieut. Zeta Psi. HOWARD EARLE YOUNG, B.Sc., Pharmacy, Calgary. Pres. Freshman Class. 1938-39. Rep. Pharmacy Club, 1938-39. Social Convener, Pharm. Club, 1939-40. Kappa Sigma. EIGHTY-TWO NGN-GRADUATES EIGHTY THREE ROY AMUNDSEN A CIJFFORIJ AWES DAVID BELL FLORENCE BRENT I STANLEY CAMERON I -LRAY DLCESQN LAWRENCE EDMUNDS , KATHLEEN GRAHAM Ross KITQHFN EUGENE LA BRIE WATSON IVIacCROSTIE NIARGIE MQCREA ALLAN MCKENZIE I W JOSEPH MOREAU I PEGGY O'MEARA PETER POQHKAY RUBERT vow BRUCE SANGSTER I'I'IILII' SCOTT MURRAY SMITH RUSS UPTON CECTII. W AI.Kl',Y ARTHUR WALSH F. . nf' 4. '. V45 . 4 1 I lt, Q , if B' ,. 9 r-'A 'E 'Sri .11 . 'A I: I viii 1 -all 3 rw H ' 1 J - , ',i -1 n 4 "' .1 -n . nf' -N' Hr ' r 9424 1 Q-I I - ..r -. :dw wi vs . I ,X 'a. ..,,. 5 ' vw -1 ii ' I X ,TL i"'5 -. YQ. -f ..,.. -w , -4 14? A. -.. , Q, 'Y . .,, P Y Q. , K L --,r., 3, .-. . , . ,Q -.'. Lx' af' 65" . 1 if-, 3' v- ' 3.931 4 Rf ,w .fn w Q M' I 1 ' 1 V-fl. 3 .s 1 -.r 1 5 2 Q f 5 Z Z E 2 :Q Q 1- 2 2 W1 PN- 4, EGERTON KING President RUTH ROSTRUP Vice-President SHEILA HAYHURST Executive BARBARA MASON Executive STAN EDWARDS Executive FRANK F OX LEE Executive 1-we Dr. A. MGCDONALD GEORGE MCDOUGALL Hon. President Sec.-Treasurer T the end of a successful year, the class of '42 can look back with satisfaction on a term of active participation in Campus life. Although there have been increased demands made on our time by added hours of military training and other wartime ac- tivities, we were able to carry out a full program. The junior Prom again proved to be an out- standing event of the social season, with its back- ground of Strauss waltzes, crinoline and old lace. Our hope is that our senior year will be as successful and as full of pleasant memories as the year we now leave behind. EIGHTV SIX WILLIAM ACTON JOHN AITKEN ROSS ALCER CECIL ANDERSON FAY ANDERSON LESLEY ANDERSON WALTER ANDERSON GRAHAM AUSTIN CLAUDIA BARKER THERISE BARRY HENRY BELHOUSE ROBERT BETTS JEAN BLACK ROBERT BLACKMORE WILLIAM IOHN BLACKSTOCK CLARK BLACKWOOD ORLEN BRATVOLD WILLIAM BREDO ALBERT BROSSEAU JOHN THEODORE BURGER CHARLES CAMPBELL MARIORIE CAMPBELL SHIRLEY CAMPBELL NEIL CARR DOROTHY CLARKE W. L. CLOW MARGARET COPELAND WILLIAM CORNS VIVIAN CRAIG DORIS DANNER VERONICA DAVIES GWEN DAW ISABEL DEAN DOUGLAS DEANE IACK de HART JOHN DENHOLM EDNA DOONER IAN DUNAWAY MARION DUNK EIGHTY SEV N CHARLES DUNKLEY JEAN EAGLESON NEAL EDWARDS VENETIA FALLOXV MARGARET FERGUSON BETTY FETHERSTONHAUGH HARRIS FIELD ARTHUR FILMER MARGARET FINLAYSON DONALD FLACH GEORGE FORD JEAN FOWLER FRANK FOXLEE MARY FRANCIS MARGARET FRASER SYBIL FRATKIN JAMES FRENCH FRANCES FULTON ROBERT GALBRAITH LLOYD GARDINER CONNIE GHOSTLEY JOSEPH GIDZINSKI DOUGLAS GILCHRIST CHARLIE GILES BARBARA GILLMAN RAYMOND GOTTFRED DAPHNE GRAFTON LLOYD GRAHAM MARGARET GULICK ETHEL HANNA HELEN HARDY ALLAN HARPELL CAMERON HARRISON SHEILA HAYHURST JOSEPH HEATH WILLIAM HEDLIN JIM HEMSTOCK MARGARET HEYWOOD MITCHELL HODGE EIGHTY EIGHT GORDON HOLGATE JOHN HORNE JACK HOSKIN KAY HUCULAK BRUCE HUNTER H RUTH HYNDMAN ROBERT INKPEN THAD IVES IVAN JACKSON SECORD JACKSON MERVYN JAQUE DAVID JONES MARGARET KEILLOR MURRAY KENDRICK GERALD KENNEDY ELIZABETH KERR SHIRLEY KERR SAM KIRKWOOD NORMA KREUTZ HAROLD KRIVEL V. H. KUPCHENKO AUDREY LADLER JESSIE LANCASTER MOIRA LAW J. L. LEBEL MARJORIE LEGATE NORMAN LEGO JAMES LOVE ROBERT MACBETH JOAN M:1cDONALD MARGARET MacKENZIE WILSON MacKENZIE MARION MacREA HELEN MAGEE ANNA MALANCHUK DON MARSHALL VVILLIAM MARTIN MARY BARBARA MASON EIGHTY NINE WILLIAM MASON MARGARET MASSIE LOUISE MCAULAY THOMAS MCDONALD GEORGE MCDOUGALL RONALD MCINTYRE AVELINE IRENE MCKENZIE KENNETH MCKERNS AGNES MCKINNON NORMAN MCLEAN BETTY MCNALLY KATHERINE MCPHERSON MARGARET McWILLIAM ROBERT MENZIES GEORGE MILLER HERBERT MILLER MAY MILLER MAURICE MITCHELL ARNOLD MOIR HELEN MOSESON STANLEY MOSESON CLARICE NAGLER RHODA NEIL ELBERT NIELSON THOMAS NIKIFORUK JOHN O'CONNOR GUNDER OSBERG HARRY PATCHING GLEN PATTERSON LIONEL PERRY DOUGLAS PETTIGREW RONALD PHILLIPS GRANT PHIPPS JOSEPH PREBOY STUART PURVIS JOHN RAE JOHN REYNOLDS ALVA RIPLEY NINETY MARY ROBERTSON RUTH ROSTRUP GERDINE ROWAN JAMES ROXBURGH ALFRED RYTER MURIEL SANGSTER DOUGLAS SARGENT JOSEPH SCHOMMER MILLS SHIPLEY GORDON SISSONS MARY LOU SMITH MARYELYN STAPELLS HENRY B. STELFOX DORENE STETSON BETTY STEWART GORDON STRAUGHAN GEORGE STUART OSSIE STUBBS CARSON TEMPLETON LAURENCE TOLLINGTON ROBERT TORRANCE GERARD TOUGAS BETTY TOWERTON JEAN VALLANCE GWEN VENABLES GLADYS VICKERY VICTORIA WACHOWICH BLANCHE WALLACE RUSSELL WENDT QUEENA WERSHOF BRUCE WHOLEY LLOYD WILLIS CHRISTINE WILLOX MARGARET WILLOX PHYLLIS WOLOCHOW YACHIYO YONEYAMA CATHERINE YOUNG LYDIA ZIMMERMAN NINETY ONE ffw. am BAM- Miami, if ig- , 4 ...- ,...-f' ' Jr... 'war A W . s ' 'sf We-rf'-'- 9'?"7, , ,i 2. 3 4 '5 ., X una, . v.- ..,NV ,- . X N f I 1 . .Mr 3,,4nv101" a'+f""'M, 3 X 'X xbfl 'I 1 4 H A ,.,, ' -4- , iw 'ha 'W ' - -',, i E s 412334 : '. I1 1. Dr. E. W. Sheldon. professor of Mathematics. Mr. G. B. Taylor, assistantkegistrara Dr. W. H. johns, lecturer in Classics. ' N . E..S. Keeping, assistant professor of Mathematics. , ., . -Yr.,., ,i :ww-so-wwfff Mr.lW. E. Cornish, assistant professor of Electrical Engineering. Q I L ' . Mu .Q fs 2 ef r l in I . M. H. Long, professor of History. L. H. Nichols, assistant professor of Physics. E. O. Lilge, lecturer in' Milling and' Metallurgy. D. M. Healy, lecturers Romance Languages. 'Q ' -14'.,z'g TN .453 . 'PW 4 'M ' ,ez .aft . Lf ' M' , '- ..1s ML? 35' 'A 1, , -1 ' f n :i,:e.fis5'.i1ss.S4mf-em Wm.-V mm. Dr. J. W. Shipley, professor of Chemistry. 7. Dr. A. W. Henry, associate profesor of Plant Dr. O. 1. Walker, profesor of Chemistry. Pathology' Dr. F. A. Wyatt, professor of Soils. 8- DY- R- CEWIYIC, ICCYUFCI' in Soils- Dr. 1. R. Fryer, professor of Genetics and Plant 9. Mr. J. H. Brown, lecturer in Entomology. B d' . ree mg 10. Dr. I. W. Boyes, assistant professor in Field Crops Dr. R. B. Sandin, associate professor of Chemistry. Mr. A. Ryan, lecturer in English. Dr. H. Johns, lecturer in Physics. N., 1'. Hi r, .1 uf is-Q N 1, V : us. if -,, - a . QI I 4 -1 -L Q1 ,s. A - 1'-Ffa 5 3 K R x X, In 'KY W ' Nix W N s'. '7.ff 'Y'1u, .31.e . 4,,gSwL,f': . A ' g1Qs,w .1 ' , . 4 4 4 5 E , E , 5 g ?' . 4 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 5 '. 5 2 5- 1 e g 5 I 5 4- 4 4 3 P 5 4 4. ' 4 -b P 4 9 4 4 F ' 4 ' 4 4 4 4 4 9 4 4 r 4 4 4 4 4 4 , 4 'P 4 4 - 4 4 415 5 1 4 P 4 - 4 4 5 G 4 5 4 ' 4 4 5 4, 1 4 g 4 4 f . 9 4 5 1,- 4 4 4 4 . , 5 4 Q 4 4 4 4 4 ' 4 , 4 4 ' f 4 f - 2 - - 1: f 4 4 5' 4 4 1 'J 1 4 4 4 4 1 4 5 2 I '1 I I z ,i 'ii X ,y wg!Q rf f k 1' l l , ' 'Y' 3 4 , 1 ' ix I if 53 '4 36? QF' BRUCE F. WILLSON MARION LOCKERBIE Prof. L. H. NICHOLS DON MCGILL President Vice-President Hon. President Secretary-Treasurer BYRON ANDERSON Executive JACK SIMPSON Executive JACK FLAVIN Executive ,X GEORGE YAVIS Executive HILE we, as Sophomores, have completed two years in these halls of learning one must re- member that a little knowledge is a danger- ous thing. It is with this in mind that we look forward to the continuance of our work. Our thoughts should be of the future and what it holds in store. Nevertheless, in these troubled times much comfort can be gained in retrospect and in the completion of a job well done. V The Sophomore Reception to Freshmen was one of the most successful formals of the year in which a high stand- ard was set for the following years to attain. Sophomore superiority was shown in the Inter-Year Plays when Noel Coward's "The Family Albumu received the judges' decision as the best performance of the year. A Sophomore, Murray Kendrick, brought further honour to our class when his performance won the best actor award. To Professor Nichols, our honorary president, we owe our thanks for his kind and helpful co-operation in all matters. NINETY SIX GERWARD AMERONGEN OWEN AMUNDSEN BYRON ANDERSON LOUIS BEAUCHAMP ROBERT BLACK JAMES BONTHRON GEORGE BOORMAN PERCY BOULTON KENNETH BRADSHAW NORMAN BRENNAN GORDON BROWN ALLAN BROWNLEE DONALD CAMPBELL BRUCE CLARKE CECIL COMPTON ARNOLD DEAN ALLAN ALVIN DIXON ROBERT SCOTT ELLIS DAVID EMBREE GUSTAVE ENGBLOOM GARTH EVANS ARTHUR FISH ALF F-IORDBOTTEN CLAIR FLEDDERJOHN HOXV ARD GAIN CLIVE MAURICE GARDAM XVILLIAM GILES SOPHIA GOGEK NATHAN GOODMAN LLOYD GRISDALE ELEANOR GYLANDER JAMES GYLANDER WILFRED HAHN MURRAY HANNA RUSSELL HANNAH DOUGLAS HAZELTON GERALD HEATH ALEX HEMSTOCK COLIN HESELTINE NINETY-SEVEN WILLIAM CLIFFORD HEWSON CAROL HINCHEY NEIL HOLMES EARL IRELAND JOHN JACKSON COOPER JOHNSTON ROBERT JOHNSTON JAMES KNUDSEN MURRAY KRASNOFF LUCIEN LAMBERT MARCEL LAMBERT ARTHUR LAMPITT GERARD LAVALLEE DENNYS LAW RAYMOND LEMIEUX CECIL LEWIS JOHN LEWIS MAXWELL LIPKIND MARION LOCIQERBIE DAVID LUBERT TONY LUKAVVESKY GEORGE MATHEWS PAUL MATISZ GORDON MCCANNEL NORMAN MCCLARY MURRAY MCCORQUODALE ERMA MCCOY JAMES ANGUS MCCRACKEN JOHN RICHARD MCCRUM ERIC MCCUAIG VERN MCDOUGALL DON MCGILL JOHN MCPHERSON JAMES LEA MILLAR ROY MILLHAEM DONALD MOORE KENNETH MOORE JAMES MORRISON NINETY EIGHT JAMES MURPHY LAWRENCE NORTHEY TERENCE OLDFORD AUBREY OLSEN GLENN OLSON JACK DOUGLAS PARK EDWIN PULLYBLANK JOHN REID STANLEY REITEN GWEN RICHARDSON WILBERT ROBERTSON ROBERT ROCHE BETTY SEAMAN EDWARD SCAMMELL GORDON SEGALL SAMUEL SHECRTER JIM SIDDALL HAROLD SIMONSON JACK SIMPSON JOHN SKALITZKY ALEXANDER SLEVINSKY LLOYD SMITH HELEN SOLDAN RAY STEED HARRY STEVINSON WILLIAM STEWART ARTHUR STINTON RICHARD SWANN HARRY URETZKY LENNORA WALLIS GORDON WEBSTER DONALD WETTERBERG BERT WILKINS BRUCE WILLSON CHARLES WINDSOR GEORGE YAVIS JOHN LORS YEATS IAN YOUNGER NINETV NINE .professor ,of Biochemistry . . Greene lecturer in Suralcal Anatomy. professor of anatomy. X of Physiology. -professor of Min-igrg,,lE-Engineering. in Biochemistry. agrieultural Ehgineering. ' A , 1 Dr. H. E. Rawlinson, associate professor of Anatomy Dr. G. Hunter, professor of'Biochemistry. Dr. W. G. Hardy, professor of Classics. Dr. K. A. Clark, professor of Metallurgy. Dr. I. S. Shoemaker, professor of Horticulture. Z5 a Jn .y -'Q .0 .P 1 ,LA n. Q-'If .2 , Q4- JS' i J: gllll ? 5 lllllll llll llllllll llllll mll nm lllllll llll I m, yn. -cl ll lllllllllllllllllll A llllll A Q. 1 lll' ' mu I m, q 1 A nmnm' ,f , ,nf-9"i'Cf'gf ,.. f , - ' f ' f 'T -.f ' ""2P:,i55g'1-ia? 5 F:-si Ala. - r ' q' - Ne, - fiieai-'4'?s.?f'1i 1.4t.w-52 r -- v- .N-1fs':, zfffh'-1 I ' .- .Q A' A' 'N 'fi-. J-5.-iii" H".-A!- T-La-Vx 412' V7 ith! , Mf'if.,1., 1 Q 44. .. 1. if , 'V . , 4 . -, 5 , 1' ig-.,-ff,1',K,-,,,'fYx W., . qw A if i ff:-. ' A: '??...:?ii-:Q-."' dy 9.5: 5 ,-if-,:1m'1-2 Ale'-"4 --.a'!g,:z,e't..H1-ai'-1 , Wig, . 4 -' ' ., T '. 5? 'L-,, ,- -""is'ff ' ,afihf " ' W 5 ,- .. , .'.I. K I GEORGE MORRIS Executive :lA it 1 r fyux G. RENE BOILEAU PAT FOSTER Professor JACK TIMMINS President Vice-President F. M. SALTER Sec.-Treasurer EDYTHE VIRTUE Executive CLIFTON PROWSE Executive Honorary President UR first year has come and gone! A year which we long looked forward to-and one which We will long remember. We were' very fortunate and pleased to secure Mr. F. M. Salter as our Honorary Presi- dent. Throughout the term, Mr. Salter gave gener- ously of his time and kindly advice. The Class took part in many activities. The Freshman Sleigh Ride and the Frosh Reception to the Sophomores were both highly successful. Besides these events, members of the Class participated in dramatics and philharmonic Work. Our Class was well represented on the rugby Held, the hockey team and the basketball squad, be- sides the many who took part in all forms of inter- faculty competition. During the year, our gaiety was often pierced with sadness resulting from the loss of several mem- bers of our Class, who left to join the fighting ser- vices. To them, We Wish the very best! A marked spirit of good sportsmanship has char- acterized the Class of '4-3. May this spirit be always with us! l' : ' 41 it ., ja , fi Q17 .1 . ' ttf .' 92 5 ' 3 if 'g 3, it ", x. ,if L. J" ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR CHARLES D. ACHESON VLADIMIR ADAMIC DELLIS ALLEN MARION ALLEN GEORGE EDGAR ALLIN MARGARET M. ANDERSON WILLIAM ANDREW JAMES ANDREWS MARY-CATHERINE ARMEY MARGARET A. ARMSTRONG V. EDWARD BAIN PERREN BAKER RUTH BAKER JEAN K. BALL ROMA D. BALLHORN DOROTHY LEONORE BARBER LEONARD GORDON BARRETT MARY BASS THOMAS EDWARD BATE ELMER BATES THERESE BEAUCHEMIN 1. MILTON BELL SOLOMON BELZBERG HAROLD BENSON FRANCIS BENY GEORGE C. BERGE MICHAEL RICHARD BEVAN ALEXANDER BILTEK MARION BLACKBURN ROBERT H. BLAQUIERE WARWICK BLENCH ARTHUR BOILEAU RENE BOILEAU WILLIAM T. BOTHWELL STEELE CONWAY BREWERTON GILBERT P. BRIMACOMBE ROBERT WILLIAM BROOKES-AVEY GENICE BROWN MERTON BROWN ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE T. HUGH BUCHANAN JAMES F. BUCKINGHAM JOSEPH BUSHEIKIN JEAN ELIZABETH BUTCHART HERBERT JOHN CARLETON GERTRUDE E. CARLYLE JAMES CARMICHAEL J. CLAYTON CARNEY JOHN L. CARR WILLIAM P. CARR GEORGE CARTER WILLIAM LUCIUS CARY PATRICIA CAVE JEAN CAWLEY WALTER CHALLIS JOSEPH CHAMEERLAIN MARY CHANDLER LESLIE CHATTEN GEORGE CHORNLECKY HERBERT LLOYD CHRISTIE NORMA H. CHRISTIE BRUCE COLLINS GERALDINE COPE RICHARD CORBET VILLIERS CORBET DONALD MERCER CORMIE WILFRED COTTER ROBERT S. CROSBY ELIZABETH CULLERNE HAROLD W. CUMMING KEITH CUMMING BEVERLY DAHL GORDON FRANCIS DALSIN RALPH J. DALSIN DOUGLAS DARRAH THOMAS RALPH DAVIDSON MARGARET NANCY DAVIS HARRY DERENIUK MARILYN DIAMOND ONE HUNDRED AND SIX SIMONE DION JACK s. DIPPIE J. HARRY DONALD CHRIS DONALDSON BOYD DOUGLAS LOLA DOWER GEORGE C. DRAKE GEORGE H. DREWES RALPH M. DUNCAN ROBERT D. DUNLOP GLEN DUNN SHEILA C. DUNN RUDY DUTKA GORDON B. EAST HOMER EDWARDS KENNETH J. ELVES ELIZABETH L. EMPEY ALAN DOUGLAS FEE KENNETH FENSKE CATHERINE FERGIE JULIETTE MARIE FETAZ FRANK FINN PATRICIA FIRTH FRANK FITZGERALD CALVIN FLETCHER EDWARD J. FOLEY JACK EORSTER PATRICIA FOSTER HELEN MARY EOWLER JAMES ALLAN FRANCIS ROBERT FRASER ELIZABETH FREEBORN ALEXANDER PETER GARROW WILLIAM JACK GARVIN LILLIAN GIBSON SHELDON GIBSON WILLIS GIBSON MARTIN GISH RONNIE GOODISON ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN ELIZABETH M. GORDON LORNE ALLAN GOTTFRED HOPE GOULD MARSHALL N. GRP NT JACK GREGG ERNIE GRENEK ARTHUR GUITARD EDNA HALL MILTON HAMILTON H. W. HANKINSON FLORENCE HARMAN RICHARD E. HARRIS HARVEY WILLIAM HARRISON CHARLES H. HAVERSTOCK JOHN HAVERSTOCK MERVIN HEWSON RICHARD HILL VERNON DOUGLAS MYRNA HIRTLE GEORGE HODGE RODNEY HOLBROOK CHARLES W. HOLDSWORTH NORMAN HOLLIES LESLIE HOPKINS ARTHUR HORSFALL JOHN HURLBURT DON HAROLD HUSEL GEORGE HUTTON JUNE IRVING ROBIN R. JACKSON J. RALPH JAMIESON WILFRID RICHARD JOHNSON EVELYN JOHNSTON MARGARET JOHNSTON MARY 1. JOHNSTON HARRY JONES RITA LOUISE JONES MARIE JORDAN JACK JORGENS ONE HUNDRED AND EIG T ANNA KAPUSCINSKI BETA KARSH JOE KASTELIC NORMAN KEIL BERNARD KELLY KATHLEEN DORIS KELLY ELEANOR KENDEL KATHARINE KIDD WILLIAM KNAPP STANLEY S. KOSTASI-IUK MILTON LaFLEUR CLEMENT LAGASSE ROSS LANE HELEN LARSON GERALD A. LARUE CECIL ALBERT LAW DONALD LaZERTE HERMEN EDWIN LEITH NATHAN LEITH ROBERT GLYN LEWIS J. KATHLEEN LIND SHAUNA LITTLE DONALD DAVID LIVINGSTONE RALPH LODER WALTER 1. LONGSTREET EDWIN PHILIP LOVE DONALD LYON MacDONALD HELEN MacDONALD ALASTAIR MACKAY ANDREW E. MACKAY BRUCE MACKAY ANNIE MacKENZIE ROBERT MACKENZIE GEORGE MacKINTOSH MARGARET MACLEOD AARON W. MANN JAMES MANNING TED R. MARR ONE HUNDR D AND NINE ,- N.-I A if ,R,,.:1 ,D 5? .,5 'WQQ l 636 'is .13 'X'- is 1314 ... ww U 'ip sg. R is 'J fw JANET ISABEL MARTIN TED MARTIN ANNE A. MARTYNSE FREDA MASON HERBERT ARTHUR MAYBANK GWEN MCAULEY JUNE MCCAIG LORRAIN MCCALLUM WILLIAM MCMORMACK DUNCAN J. MCCRACKEN RUTH ELIZABETH MCCUAIG JOHN D. MCCUTCHEON FLORENCE MCDONALD ALAN NEIL MCDOUGALL HAROLD DOUGLAS MCFARLAND JACK MCILVEEN MARGARET MCKECHNIE JAMES MCLEAN AUDREY MCLEOD JACK MCLEOD JAMES MCPHEE ALINE MERCIER HUGH MERRYWEATHER FRANK MESTON JAMES METCALEE JANET MIDDLETON AUDREY MILLER HOWARD MINCHIN JACK MINCHIN WILLIAM DONALD MITCHELL HOWARD MOLSTAD BETTY MONTGOMERY ALLAN L. MOORE FREDERICK E. MOORE PEGGY MORGAN J. M. MORIE GEORGE W. MORRIS BESSIE MORRISON ONE HUNDRED AND TEN WILLIAM LEONARD Moss COLIN MURRAY JEAN MURRAY GORDON MYERS JOHN EARLE MYERS EDDIE NAHREBESKI DAVID NELSON STUART NEWI-IALL STAN NIDDRIE KEITH NICHOLLS MEGAN NICHOLS ARCHIE I. NICOL JANE ORCHARD EDWARD J. PANCHYSHYN OLIVE PARKER ROSE PAWLUK EVELYN PETERSON STEWART PETTET BETTY PORTER ROSS PRINCLE DAVID CLIFTON PROWSE DONALD QUON MURRAY W. RABY HAROLD T. RAPPEL JACK C. RASKIN JUDITH REE BRIAN REESOR NORINE REILLY ROBERT C. REYNOLDS BERNARD E. RIEDEL HUGH A. RIGNEY CHARLES F. RIPLEY MARY LOUISE ROBB JEAN W. ROBBIE ALEX R. ROBBLEE ROBERT ROBERTSON WILLIAM OLIVER ROWAN RICHARD SAMOIL ONE HUNDPED AND ELEVEN 'W-" wr' Q f :A-1.-45 "C" sk 'WMQQ 3.2. Qin MARGARET JOAN SANFORD ROY ANDREW SCHLADER MARVIN ERNEST SEALE ROBERT SMITH SI-IANKS ROBERT W. SHARPE MARGARET SHAW PHYLLIS SHAW ELEANOR SI-IELDON ADAIR SHERBECK DORA B. SHIELDS ROBERT GRANT SIMONTON FRED J. SIMPSON JANE SINCLAIR STEWART SINCLAIK MARJORIE SKELTON ALEX SKENE GEORGE L. SMITH WALTER S. SMITH GORDON SOBY LEO SPACKMAN ALBERT D. SPARROW MANUEL SPECTOR NATHAN STARR MARY VERA STERLING PAUL E. STEWART MARY IOSEPHINE STRATTON HARRY STRYNADKA LILIAN M. SUTHERLAND FRANK SWARTZLANDER JACK SWITZER WILLIAM TAFT MORLEY TANNER ALBERT JAMES TAYLOR ELIZABETH TAYLOR JAMES TAYLOR JOHN TAYLOR ORVILLE E. TAYLOR CHARLES TEMPLETON ONE HUNDRED AND TWELVE ROBERT TESKEY ALICE THOMAS DORIS MARIE THOMPSON MARJORIE M. THOMPSON DOREEN THOMSON DONALD JAMES THORNTON JACK TIMMINS EDWARD TIPMAN SHEILA TOSHACH ODETTE TOTTON BILL TRAINOR BETTY TREGALE WALTER RAYMOND TROST ELEANOR MARIE TROTT WILMA VAN DEELEN EDYTHE TORRANCE VIRTUE TORSTEIN OLAV WALHOVD CEDRIC WARD HELEN WARNOCK MARY WATSON NORMA WATTERBERG ART WEBB ALBERT VVELLS NORRIS J. WEST LESLIE ROBERT WETTER G. ARNOLD WHITEHEAD MAUDE WILDMAN CARMAN H. WILKINS DOUGLAS O. WILLIAMS FAYE WILLIAMS ISOBEL WILLIAMSON GEORGE WINDSOR EVAN WOLFI3 JAMES S. WOODS MARY WOODWORTH WILLARD T. XVORTHINGTON WALLACE WRIGHT ROGER YOUNG ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN 'H CTIVITIE F 3 I 5 . - i 1 f' , X R. , I .Y x ' .-1 .,. v . .-4 - ' ww N . nr., , :Zi :Q .gi-X , 4. Q' rf ., W.. ,. . L ,g 5,.. U . -- af- .hz ' - q . . ,...--ua.. 5- ., . 72' - - an '35- - ,Q .. 1 N - 1 ,iiwku ff, 1. .1 'li--- . +n.:,4. a.. -gyhr. - .M . JN, Q, 7 1: Q 1, ' 5 4' 1 -e' 1 . ,:..,- , . J-i : .i . 3 . 4 fa . . i A 4 n-Qia..2. . 'I I , . , ... , .3 , . A x V . rn .- 1 Q Y . YJ.: ' "lv .' if-w..5:' Q X , , .. ,: , . , .1 - L. ---.1-..A :.-l ,Q fur- I-,El -,-'sf . .74 ,lv- , - K ,Tv V. 3. .N mv- ,v-,' ,f 1 . , .- f.. Q 4 -- 119 1. :b,1...'.f, ..- if :Bri ' V . . J. -5 .1 ,-5 .f., Q- ..Q.,-.-,.1--5-2 .. 'gggflfw ,.j.':l,-r Q25-13.16 rf,-, 1.1 " 1. 4 'H' -.1 . .2 . . -I gr ,hail 1:-, 4 wf.x,I-xi-:1::fa"T X-Y -F" ' L ' ' --K -'..: ." 1 ..,,l1L- ., -x:.Sf'12'-if ff- 9 !-- , pf" '1 H , -1, "1 . 1.-Aa.: -24.3 . Q-1 5,4 ., '- 'E 'J '1 534 L:.s': . - 5 3' .: - , W. , gr, ,. ' 44 ,. ,- ' .5 4, ,gi . - 1 ' H , i ' .- J f ig.-. 1 4 gm ., Inf.,-.-A-'1"r2n-. ff,.'. , ,-2'-:1.,i:gg ,-" L . 1 W 1. . , -A .I ve: jg," . -.L Q. f 1.5',,.sf3., Y 3,51 -. , 4-T. .-1 M. mai A-5.423 ,qw-was 1" . -- f- iff . ', -- hh. ' -'---::.f" " "",'.ff a Q4 .1 :.' . --, ',T'5'S. T' 'u.f,L'i3 , ,. 'x' SL J n H lit. FQZIESR-1 . 'I 'g ,pi ' ' . Rn, , 'Sf - gn ,514 1 ..f, . V ,- .--Aff, " ,- ' 1? .iv- .- . .10 xx!!! N X! HRX ummm ,1!!!!!! WX!!! ' m!!!!!!!! . .1!!!!! !!1, Mm 1 !!!!!!! !!!!!!! 1!!!!!!!! ' .mm . -mm . Wx' X , A xxxXNX.xxxxxxmm HMM -xhxuux Xu- K hy !!x u ' ! !x I !!h 1 !v q !!!!! t Xb ! !!!!!!!!! h I !l !!!!!!!!! m!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X !! !!!! L- CECIL ROBSON si 4 , -gre qi X3 -'Y 4 X we lf' MAC BURKA Agricultur R BILL Arts and Science e eprcsentntive SINCLAIR Rep. ALEX WILLIAMSON Law R epresentative ISABEL HOXVSON EDYVIN LEWIS Secretary Vice-President Treasurer X- JACK NEILSON President 5 ' Gaunoif HE s .ouncil embarked upon its term of ofhce under vastly different conditions from any council of previous years. These circum- stances were such that the work and position of the Council were very difficult at many times during the session. War conditions naturally brought about a curtailment of various activities on the campus. However those branches providing a maximum diversion and enjoyment to students were continued and extended. In this category were the highly successful performances of the Philharmonic Oper- etta "The Mikado" both in Edmonton and Calgary as well as the annual dramatic and athletic presentations, the es- tablishment of an outdoor rink to take the place of the covered rink requisitioned for military purposes. The money earmarked for the Students' Union building has been placed in trust for that specific purpose in the hope that the building may be erected at some appropriate future date. 1940-41 Student ' C .J f rs 1 -'T 5, E r 1' A f YQ' The student newspaper, "The Gateway" has been sub- jected to considerable criticism. In an endeavor to better NELLIE COYLE JACK BUTTERFIELD President Wauneita Secretary, Me n,s Athletics ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN l - fffs sttr l l i a t I P 'il ' , , , , '12, .,.- J BLAIR FULTON JEAN RO BERTSON BILL HADDAD President Literar S ' y oeiety Pres. Wowen's Athletics Pres. Men's Athletics DR. W. A. R. KERR Hon. President of the Union the newspaper in its service both in the cam d pus an abroad, an Investigation Committee was set up, and its report is awaited with interest. The Men's Ahtletic Board was re-organized this fall, and its status was more clearly defined, so that it has now assum d ' ' ' ' ' e its proper position in governing the athl ' l' V etic po icy of the University-a position rather jeopardized in past years. In the matter of war services, the students have responded h to t e emerency. They have purchased some 52,000 in War Bonds, and have successfully contributed to the Spitfire Fund, the Red Cross, the Greek War Relief Fund, the Wfauneita War Workers, and have established a War Contact Service for our own graduates. Every able bodied student has taken his present military training and the students may well be proud of their individual and combined war effort. The annual Christmas Fund was also carried out as suc- cessfully as ever, with the grateful acknowledgments of the recipients providing ample reward for the effort extended. The Students' Council wishes to express its appreciation and complete satisfaction with the work of the Physical Education Department and sincerely regrets the decision to disband or re-organize the department. To think that this Council has given complete satisfac- tion would be folly. It has carried out certain reforms and advances in student government, policies and activities as has every Council. There may have been as well more criti- cism levelled at this Council, but it is hoped and felt that time will prove that its judgement and l' po icy were of a justifiable and commendable nature. MARGARET WILLOX ALEX. SMITH Sec Women's Athletics Sec. L't 1 erary Society ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN ,wr- l .. KEN GIBBONS Medicine Representative JACK ROPER Applied Science Rep. RUTH POOLE Nursing Rep. NELLIE Pres. NX'on1en's House Committee MA RGERY UPTON GERALD MISS M. PATRICK Advisor to Women Students and Warden of Pembina Hall DR. J. M. MacEACHRAN Provost MR. J. T. JONES Professor in Residence CEC. BRIDGEMAN Chairman S the elected representatives of the students in residence, i the House Committee is concerned with the general management of the residences. XVeekly house dances and the Christmas Banquet, held this year in January, are outstanding events which are part of the program carried out by the committee. Numerous problems arising in the lives of the students in residence add to the activities of the organ- ization. Under the guidance of Dr. J. M. Macliachran and Pro- fessor T. jones the House Committee enjoyed a ver term. y satisfactory COYLE JOHN DIXON TED SMITH YATES ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY Sl. Slap, Sl' eaancil i Y l , . .T.v,a15. , 3 M W I l - LAWRENCE TOLLINGTON Vice-President St. Stephens College has had another successful year, despite the fact that the residence was not as full as usual this term. However, the group may still be rightly termed a cross-section of the campus. Social activities featured two well-at- tended parties which left little to be desired. ln keeping with the spirit of Sadie Hawkins week a tea was held for the co-eds of the campus. Basketball, volleyball, badminton, ping- pong and chess made up a complete pro- gram of recreation. The House Committee had few un- pleasant duties to perform thanks to the co-operation of the studentsg the commit- tees of the council carried out their duties with eiliciency, helping to make this a year that will be long remembered. M.: l , BEN MCBAIN DR. E. S. TUTTLE Sec.-Treasurer Hon. President GERALD HUTCHINSON OTTOMAR CYPRIS Pres. of Literary KEITH HORSEFIELD Pres. of Athletics GEORGE SPADY Chairman, House Com. l DAVID ELVES Sec. of Vespers ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE A' - I.. ... ' f' ,,x.y'. -- "' -yu W ' N JF, -.4 ,. iv. .,,. , I .. ' iv fe- fr- ff "-f'::4r"fe'. ',y4d4-,'- -M-we f4fwe,. President GORDON PYBUS GERALD LARUE Sec. of Athletics Sec. of Literary A xf A '57 . -- :..5,f-if -a fa,-ff ,, M 9 A A, if Nw ff if J wx.. 544 44 .-cv. u 3 D '71 f' ' i-Y.. iv ii ,sli'ff:,,i -if:-1 19'-'Q Q 'KW ES X QV A ya 9 it .fd- f , . -'ffsafr' ' ' 7 1412- ' F .z:I- 'X it + WJ '2 X I, ,,, ixix 1 1 3, W s 1 1. 1 Lgzfi'-" is X an , W, , , A y 1 iigfma- M. SANTOPINTO ,4 Wdduav l i BOB SHRADER MARK DUMONT BROTHER AN Rector Jfame The opening of the scholastic year found many of last year's students returning to St. kloseplfs, with new students from widely scattered sections of the West replacing those who had hnished their U ' ' " d mvtrsity careers. Many were saddened on their return to hear of the sudden eath during the summer months f B h o rot er james, who had been Collage Bursar for the past two years. I-Iis replacement by Brother E h f ' p rem o Toronto was the only chanve 1 h C 11 D n t e o ege Faculty. The House Committee, under the enervetic Guida f E. C, O nce o D'Appolonia, got away to a flying start in early October. It organiz- ed a highly successful basketball league of four teams, which came toah""' 1' " triu 1 cctic close in February, when Dembickfs Spithres narrowly mphed over Kelly's Colonels to win the coveted Cott er Trophy. The Annual Fall Formal was voted one of the best ' in years. Much credit is due to th- D " ' ' ' el-Tort. c ance Committee for a well-organized In mid-December the House B1 : .nquet and Dance proved .1 welcome res ' 1 ' plte to the grind preparator to th Ch' ' y e ristmas Examinations. relat A spirit of good fellowship and co-operation has marked the ions among the students of St, Jos eph's this year. CHE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-TWO Ga ' -'i9?"..?' SBERT JIM FLYNN Sec.-Treasurer ELIO D'API-'OLONIA Chairman WINNIFRED VAN KLEEK Vice President 1-7 '7!1e Wawmla Saw This marks the twenty-ninth year of active service of the Wauiieita Society-a society that composes all women students on the campus. A new organization was formed this year-the Wauiieita War Work- ers who held a successful tea to raise money for the war fund. The reception to men, the first formal of the year, was as usual a great success. The Wauneita Banquet which is held every spring was enjoyed by many alumnae members who come back each year to re- new old acquaintances. The Society in conjunction with the Musical Club, sponsored the famous Hart House Quartet-the funds being used to further our war eifort. Mrs. R. Sandin was the Honorary President whose friendly co-operation and interest ensured the success of our activities. l DAPHNE GRAFTON HELEN WARNOCK ELFREDA REAR junior Rep Freshman Rep Nursing Rep JNE HUNDR:D AND TWENTY-THREE MRS. R. B. SANDIN NORA MCPHAIL Hon. President Sec Treasurer W da Wm Waakeu ,4- 'V eraaavc' - e ' gi, 1. ' ifaf? I ,,V. , . . ' if ' fffiirf ri ifah-' '5 ffffzf I ' U ' 2 :A t. 'x'fi!:f7'x! . E sm. ie' ' f if ,41 'arf' CHRISTINE VAN DER MARK ' DOREEN DARLEY KAY VAN DER MARK See.-Treasurer The Watiiieita W'ar Workers are a new organization this year and are under the Wauiieita Society. The Committee was start- ed last October on a voluntary basis. Miss Duggan and Dr. Sheldon as our advisors have given us much appreciated help in our new enterprise. The Household Economics lab. was used for a working centre and for distributing materials. Work included knit- I . ting and sewing for the forces and refugees first aid classes and radio programmes. In the fall materials were given to us by the Red Cross until we could raise money to buy our own. Materials and finan- cial assistance also came frornl the Sadie Hawkins' Dog-Patch Dig, Faculty donations, Engineers' Ball, Hudson's Bay Company, Kresgels and XVoodward's. A highly success- ful h tea was eld in January in Convocation MARY LAWSON Chairman Hall under the auspices of the Faculty XVomen,s Club. All the refreshments were donated by firms overtown. Financial aid was also receix ed fro h . . f- m t e concert of the Hart House Quartette. The Executive Committee would like to thank all the girls for their help during the year. Now that a good beginning has been made, next year's XVauneita's will be able to go forward t m . 3 ff -' 1 ' A ' ANNA KAPUSCINSKI MARGARET FRASER DORENE STETSON c an utn greater contribution to our war effort. ,qw QU'- SECORD JACKSON MARJORIE McCREA ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FOUP 11 MARGUERITE President GRISDALE N'-' . BARBARA PEDDLESEN -f" Secretary 'rape' Wameni fbbici ' my eammilllee RUTH ROSTRUP NELLIE COYLE It is the duty of the Women,s Disciplinary Committee to see that the women students at the University of Alberta obey the rules set down by the Constitutional Enforcement Committee of the University. The Committee consists of a Chairman, two members who are elected each year, the president of the Wauiieita Society and the Head of the Pembina House Com- mittee. Although the Committee is not often called upon to act its powers are such that if necessary it can effectively deal with disciplinary infractions of women students. gfbfa-Ilceffleffvz 8041414151133 S l . pi fi Yi. 3 ' Y. I ir, New VV .,i' 'N h A 1- RALPH FISHER PETER LEACOCK FERNE MCKEAGE The primary purpose of this Committee is the enforcement of the Constitution. To this end it has the power to levy fines up to 510.00 or to bar students from Campus activities and offices. A student who feels that he has been unjustly dealt with has the right to appeal the decision to the Committee on Student Affairs. Though its operation is fundamentally judicial, that responsibility is frequently related to an advisory capacity in an effort to remove friction, promote harmony be- tween students and student administration, and good government of the Students' Union. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE W. Q ,x ,4.,.,,, :-' . " .Y , , .lf'. M-," 7 ':' PM : ' "-,.1' z ' , if 'TTI' pal? Y Q li way "ffl-f . . . . n ' -'Y '-1,A.' ,II-:,! , . .-'V 7 1 J , + f. by. ,M 'Q H' 'aww 4 ' 'Lv , ' "'e rl 1 M 1 .1- v 4 I lg f x i 'l 7 'K I 'Y 'v I u 171 f i Qi' l + Z 1 s Wu I' , '1- ' "Lf , . Y Q 1 J ' I I 5 I nf 4 -V "vw-' 1 r ' ' -74. H 4 , 5' A 1 J , I' 4 I ' 1- I ff: swf- u .4 Q fnfkl-: 'ad .1 m0 IIIIW IIIIIII IIIIII A IIIII ll ll AIIIIII II III II IIIII IIIIIIIII I IIIII I III II II In III' IIII- ' I II IIII II I I I II II II IIII ml 4 f 2 f f 9 4 4 f 4 E : 5 1 I 9 I n 5 1 4 1 1 , n E 2 E S E ' 1 s E 1 1 1 5 5 1 5 2 5 5 5 5 5 ' 5 5 ' . ' ' B 0 I , g , , f f : . - ' . ' . 1 - - ' 1 I Q : - - , . I 1 , . . ,-,K ii W was SUI , X-,IW-v. -U .fm av. gxi.-A, ua w .-. 4 I ,Iv I ,, I' II II I I 1.. II m I I I I MACDONALD BURKA gaeagfzeen Z QOOOOOOQOOQQOOQOOQOOQOO .-8' . . Photography G. GIBSON FRAN FULTON BILL FRENCH Director ROSS ALGER Assistant Director When we graduate, the only permanent record of Uni- versity life is the Year Book. The staff planned this volume with the object of making it the most complete summary of the events of the past year. For the Hrst time in many years we have chosen a purely university theme so that every cut whether decorative or not will mean something to the student. The Year Book Staff though small has worked diligent- ly through the winter compiling material whichf it thought would be of interest to the graduateuin years to come. We extend our thanks to the student body for the co-operation they gave us. We have tried to keep the book free from mis- takes but undoubtedly a few have slipped by our checking. We hope you will pardon any errors for even the best inten- tions always fail in some respect. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT 4- ,.7 ,WW RONALD GOODISON RANKIN ASSiStal1t Edit0I' Editor BOB TORRANCE Advertising Mgr. DELMAR FOOTE 1 Business Manager gf-..,, .44X' M- QQ, Aileen Aylsworth Doug Pettigrew RUTH TANNER FRED PEDLER B. STE Barbara Peddle INBACH ON E HUNDRED AND TWENTY-NINE sen Jack Neilson '7efe7zfzane 25' MAY D QTUART Editor ef T 1940 41 2 uruvsasm' T' ALBERTA Second Annual STUDENTS UNION . TELEPHONE DIRECTORY Flowers y Ramsay s Phone 23488 - Jisper Avenue next to the Bin-ln Building ron me nANcs.s , WALTER RAMSAY 'LIMITED ROBERT TORRANCE Business M1nager Having proved itself of great benefit to the students IH eneral the Students Union Tele- phone Directory appeared on the campus this year for the second time In the lnterests of in- creasing IES usefulness the names of graduate students were added If this booklet keeps pace with Changing circumstances and is ever refreshed with help- ful innovations from year to year it will un- doubtedly become more and more indispensable to everyone on the campus. It is to be hoped that ways will be found of having this directory in the hands of the stu- dents earlier than in preceding years. . af 421241.83 ' go: DRED AND HI TY -f A . -4 .. ALQI. UH , A,. ag., Q ' !'.. D ZA' - 233 T 'Q il Ar Z 53 A sg , Q W ..-QW KW D E Y- -' ' X 1 wus-lk 'iAix,1x..,L.,A..Qv'- ' Q fs .. X Q 1 , imaxcxmwl- wr-'A' A x 'B N' , , 2 133 ig-if W 4 l.Q..E2 'Q W5 W R s i VHS W H ,,,. ,. E i 5 -6 A S? ffO'x 3.96 4-Vijlgs 9696992 x cb ab ,fax fe' 3, 't'f'ff 'Q' 4, ,ff S6 ,x-QQ. If Y ff-'A I . Cf, J.. I A!! X , wil, M' 151-25' . .X . .Q 4 Q sewgkjzs 995. L Q, ,f N FN i I 1 I I I. . fr 1-. M gn li II H i W 1 r . x f I my x I I W 'A A M fl I Q 1 I I1 I 'A ,bm ofibc U! 1 'fb nqawxqt , yy' T funk, 4 erm, , f xi J ' ,nm W QM ff :A A 1. J "' af If Im In .V sq, g, 1 P , 1' . and cwfigtdl vu . uma ffl. N Pm-,q.,,mvn,,,"bI,"'in L., mr A 0 , , uw Us - Q ' ! Q19 .NN ,gm fx I 5 'So f" - L"ff'1w,"1Pvff'f': ""fi"""""31"s1,""m""'L"gf" 2 its 1 --XV! ,fL1Pf11,.,',f'1,"lfzhf,,, Um I X Q Q 5 q X mqg-Jfdkhwwi .1 , X XX was ' ' MMR 1 ' Q1 amen ff 90, N - if A 'QM E.. - ivy! i 1, 4, rrr' an f IAN DUNAWAY KEITH HUFF Casserole Filing Clerk 'J'-of at WQ I -.fri- if 1. x .uP' 2 Gefwwf Although the year 1940-41 was a hectic one for the Gateway, we have completed it safely and the results on the whole have been more than satisfying. There were times when we had our doubts, when frank out- spoken editorial policy resulted in numerous criticisms by a small sec- tion of the students following which a "committee to investigate the Gate- wayn was set up. However, the Co-ed issue, the outstanding Christmas number, the Colour Night issue, and the photo- gravure section and literary supple- ment in the Easter issue have, we feel, redeemed the paper in the eyes of students. News got a complete coverage this year, and some of the stories on campus activities were scoops, the envy of every newspaper- man. Sports were given a mediocre l MARGERY SKELTON Reporter GEORGE MORRIS Reporter IACK MYERS Reporter JACK RASKIN Reporter ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO Q. ,ia FRANK MESTON Reporter LESLIE WEDMAN Editor-in-Chief 1- IEAN BALL MANUEL SPECTOR E 1 M u l--- Y e A N CAMERON Ad. Solicitor Ad. Solicitor BILL MARTIN Ad. Solicitor coverage, possibly due to the sports editors and their staffs, possibly to the Editor-in-Chief who was not as interested in sports as he should have been. Alth h oug the dizzy heights of literary achievement were never in any danger of being scaled, we at- tempted to avoid the depths of rabid journalism. Contributions from stu- dents were few and far between, and the pressure of work prevented the Gateway staff from completely shouldering the burd f en o collecting material themselves. Th U in the heart of the editor when the last issue is out, and this year was no exception. At times we thought it was rather a headache but now that it is all over we find we have really enjoyed it, and we trust that this last feeling is shared by our readers. ere is always regret ' GORDON HOLGATE Circulation Mgr. DON CAMPBELL Circulation Asst. VICTORIA WACHOWICH BRUCE HUNTER STA ALON M. JOHNSON Business Mgr. Reporter BETTY JOHNSTON Asst. Women's Editor ISOBEL DEAN JEAN HILL , one Hummel: AND -rumrvm-mas ' 9' fi- ' x"i'fi, .,, ' . ,,-, . . -P' i- .a-X.-.:e1i+ -13 ,z. as . . .. -. .ff " "f 'ii i " "' ' far - ' ' 5z'3-':-e'L- . 1 I ' 1,,.,.,a,b. VY Y. VA an U I .vf1,. ix ii, N 4-. .. , ' -,:-.q:wbmfe'..-:-!':f'-iff'.f"iP A' 1 , ' I' ' ' . , .. . ' ' 14 .51 It J.. - .- ..'Tr.'4u. 1. JJ' 4.1 , ,M '1 1 1 l .. JAMES WOODS BARBARA MASON FRED KENDRICK FC'lILll'C9 Edntor News Edltor Sports Editor "I-M Tuesday Edltor QUEENA WERSHOF Womens' Editor BILL I-IEWSON Asst. Sports RENE BOILEAU Reporter HOPE SPENCER Reporter ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR 1 DON FLACH SECORD JACKSON GEORGE MATHEWS News Editor Womens' Editor WW? -4-09" ALAN MCDOUGAL Features Editor 3 6 RALPH LQDER Asst. Sports Editor RONALD GOODISON Reporter MARYLIN DIAMOND Reporter one HUNDRED AND THIRTY K , , A A ' AM 1 V ' ' -FIVE . ' 1 +- ' " "V J ffxfziifff I, if 74"f'nff4'i" "fa ' - 'J ' ' J 195,616 nab.-if ., - - s - Sports Editor i 1 I i 3 E ...Qtr .quark-""' MARCEL LAMBERT Friday Editor ROSS AL GER JIM HERRINGER ,.i. . ' ' , .-. M7 ,Q , ii.-.fx 1- . A . -f -sm. was inf s ., U. , j " ,. 'bij - Nam, G' 2 anal' 1 QQ 'rv X '31 FRED PRITCHARD Editor atwva' - X ' - la sfiff , " 'S"f'Ig," mt-15 'xt - . ' Y i ' B? 2? -14 BETTY STEWART Assistant Editor Concentrating on radio broadcasts concerning student life and activities, the Provincial News Department has endeavored to continue to stimulate a friendly public interest in our University. Campus news was broadcast weekly over the Alberta Edu- cational Network as has been the custom during the past few years. Increased public interest in the program resulted from the addition of a women's editor to this news broadcast in the person of Betty Stewart, whose weekly notes on Pembina's activities kept many parents informed of their daughters, doings when letters just didn't get written. With the University sports program curtailed, play-by-play descriptions of games were limited. However, Alberta fans heard Varsity yells as the rugby team chalked up victory after victory last fall, and later heard the sighs of disappointment as the basket- ball squad failed to pick up the Rigby trophy. Varsity Varieties, an all-student radio program went into its second year and continued regularly throughout the winter. Programs were of a varied nature with dramatists, musicians, and even the "quiz-winning" professors taking the spotlight. Dramatic productions were under the direction of Bill Bredo and Mr. Mac- donald of CKUA. Others regulary working on- program presentation were Ralph Weir, announcer, and Don McCormick, pianist. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SIX ...Lx -.Q N' M N 'N 3, ,zg,w,,L , , 4 A 71 -5 j'fL"f ' , ,E -' E . :BJ 1. .1 ' J - vg.-.w if "A" K: .2 ' .fi ,, .- ' gy, gd, Q , .as-fqwrw W if' 'I 4 Wea K , Z"-. A, Aff ,,,, . .W -.-".-sw nf'-,, "-Qu, ' f Us lwhlwwfg 1+:ALm1mmr Qiuul 11 imiilsiiia ,. Q3 Lf IKCMQJW 'Wei HY WGPJL IWWUJWF J A QL lwfiliwlf CW' 1D5fD'1'1hlw1'p TP- , " fm fi f'T"f" fl ' ii1ir1"'L'-"13'J'G 1:-J 'f 3 L.'.'Q':-: gigtjffli :"- 1-.wx':-ZQL?-1f,'G,D'g'1EfggX5LUJ, nm. 'I N- ff " -4 4 r y 5 7' X . , M..,s-, 0 I X A U, .Q E . i :Q- ,pa ,xy 'sr , L Jig, if ff' . Ju A f f -.,f i.. ' 1 bf ir Nl' L: .FR Lyffv-' If H15,j3,. . Z, ., ..- , ' -:' ' 2-:'..'1 s QS - 45u'f:Ls ,C A n 'mn , 4 A 1 .I ., ,, 4 A Q . - ,., .. ,. ,f 1.1 I-gi I x, ,,. , .A, , - J X I W 1 , , I -, 1 SRA, by 1 W1 "- v ei. 2. 8 A 'L I lr '25 ' Pg: ' . , 1 4 V 'JE-., '- ,J -QW -if 1,f "I," ly ,' '.- ' . . ', -Q, Y if ? , " 1 , x in 2 'ilu' -23? - 1 r 4' 75' ' gs - za 4' J.. L 5 , ,w 3 Y M 5. 1- .v,, , Ev. . J-uf '- ,1 w ' 'JE -6 ...X 7 if fs' A ' v xg I ,VZ 1 V l Z. Y" . -sung.. ' I I ' 'f,- L 1. A, .gui '52 V' r ' , , . f-.4 Y . xg.,-Lu A N . 1 .:,,.:i Y-."g,J?j , ...Je - .QA -V., 1 , if' ' , ,. -Eilffi , f , , ,.j N , , l VI I., 43 - 542, ' 1 1?-5 t ,-,aww xg -, 5. vm. A, , , , H .7 ,. .,.4 w t - c- 1 '-,wx 1'- an , -,.: Q M v,-, 1- w 125 .,, airy' ,,. -,.4, D. -1.1 . . . 7.1 ?'.q !llfll'.'ifnlf5'!M ,,, N.-, V1 .,,r,,, ' s-4 la-.A Ll- 'Vx' Ea ,Tn . rms" , , yu.. J EA. 'FI 1,5-,. 1 "5 -I 5 l F? ,N 4, ? A?,,,.1:' ' ' 1: .4 ji 4 g, 4 4 5 4 5 XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXW 4 9 4 5 , 1 5 f 4 ' Q 5 5 4 4- 5 4 - 4 4 5 1 5 5 4 ' 5 5 P 4 4 4 4 , - I 4 4 5 4 4 , 5 4 4 5 4 4 4 9 4 4 5 ' 4 4 4 5 1 ' 4 4 1 f 4 4 , J 4 5- - 4 5 5. 5 1 .' '5 4 4 5 4 4 A4 , 4 4 4 4 - 5 5 5 5 g 5 4 Q , 1 4 4 1 4 4 - 4 5 ' 5 l? , E 4 ' 5 4 5 , f , 5 1 f 5 F 'B 'xx f N I W I 1 Y f .n li? BLAIR FULTON I fill' Nuadwfian if f President ull' ,44- .wwf DON MCCORMICK President of Philharmonic BILL PROWSE President Dramatics EUGENE LABRIE President Political Science CEC ROBSON Band Leader ALEX SMITH Secretary In the face of certain adverse factors this season Literary Activity maintained its equilibrium more than satisfactorily. 3 Enthusistic response of audiences, both at home and in Calgary, to the "Micado," has advanced the reputation of the Philharmonic Society to a new peak. Under the excellent conductorship of Walter I-Iolowach, this, the best and most effective of Gil- bert and Sullivan productions, was performed with a distinct touch of professionalism. Don McCormick gave his utmost in executive effort to the endeavor and the laurels for its success belong to him as also to his very able Publicity Man in Calgary-Dave Stanslield, graduate of '4O. 3 The Inter-year Plays stirred new interest in theatricals this year, countenanced by a capacity house at their one-night opening. Thorton Wilder's "What Say They," as the Spring Play, capably di- rected by E. M. jones, climaxed the Year's Dramatic efforts. President of Dramatics, Bill Prowse, has skillfully managed Thespian activities. The Debating Society struggled to overcome the handicap of nearly complete disinterest in ora- tory this session, and, notwithstanding, almost succeeded in returning the McGoun Intervarsity Debating Trophy to Alberta. Co-operating in their attempts to hold their respective Clubs together, Margaret Ritchie and Eugene Labrie, heads of Public Speaking and Political Scienceg carried on their activities and two Open Forums with praiseworthy success. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY Back row, Gordon P b 1'- 3 Q y us, Percy Wells, Armand Weaver, Doug. Galbraith, Henry Dombrowski, Bert Penman. Second row, Gordon Barrett, Dave Elves, Alex Garrow, Bill Nelson, Edward Tipman, Bernard Krasnofi Front row, Jack Raskin, Cec. Robson. Absent, Ivan Barber, Keith Cummings, Maurice Marshall, Jack Sinclair, Orville Wright. CEC. ROBSON Leader 743 Zi ' 41:1 Business Manager DOUGLAS GALBRAITH Bam! For the sixth year since its organization the University Band has once again shown itself a small but vital part of student activities. Having lost its founder and conductor for the past four years, john Porter, the Band carried on under the equally capable guiding hand of Cec. Robson. The lack of Intercollegiate Sport and the closing of the Covered Rink left the Band with little incentive, and the failure of negotiations to form a C.O.T.C. Band proved another obstacle. True to tradition, the Band defied Alberta fall Weather, to inject college spirit at Varsity's home football games. As in former years, practices were held wherever suit- able accommodation could be found, in the Arts and Medical Buildings and in St. Stephen's College. Cec. Robson and his executive, Armand Weaver, Doug. Galbraith and Gordon Pybus, wish to thank all the members who turned out so faithfully when time was at even a higher premium than in other years. ONE Hl' NDRED AND FORTY ONE M BILL BREDO Vice-President MORRIS SCHUMIATCHER JOHN MAXWELL EUGENE LABRIE President The Political Science Club is directly sponsored b th S d Y e tu ents' Union and exists as a branch of the L' f ' r ' iterary Society. Its purpose is to encourage thought and discussion by students on topics of present da - Y social, political and economic interest. In the past this purpose has always been well carried out. Recently however, owing to the war, the Clubis activities have been somewhat curtailed. This year the Club has sponsored meetings at . which student and outside speakers have been heard on topics of current public interest. Alberta this year again defeated Mani- toba by a unanimous decision, when John Maxwell and Morris Shumiatcher opposed Doug. McWha11nell and Roy Matas, of the U. of M., at Alberta. Our Travelling team, Gerard Amerongen and Michel Dubuc, debating at Saskatchewan, strongly defend- ed but lost the rather lop-sided argument, "Resolved that a System of International Law, enjoying Primacy to National Law 5 would be in the Best Interests of Permanent World Peacef, Saskatchewan retained the McGoun Trophy, symbol of Inter-collegiate suprem- acy on the realm of Debating, but we hope that next year we may be able to bring the cup back to Alberta, where it has not been for several years. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO N5- s-.qw--+ BETTY RITCHIE Secretary-Treasurer MICHEL DUBUC sf I GERARD AMERONGEN L EUGENE LABRIE BETTY RITCHIE BLAIR FULTON Pol.-Science Public Speaking Debating JOHN T, BURGER ERIC CONYBEARE TERRENCE OLDFORD EDWIN LEWIS gi '17 'I ,", r,-1 5 'AAA 1.5 f7 ,-1 'i,f'j!- I Y . tp, A, ,wa , i . .. . - .1 .- r-' The Open Forum is an organization oper- U ated under the combined sponsorship of the Political Science Club, the Public Speaking Club, and the Debating Society. It seeks to stimulate the intellectual life of the Univer- sity by providing an opportunity of training lntervarsity debaters, by allowing members of the audience a chance of learning to express themselves in public, and by demonstrating various types of public speaking. This year two lively debates were presented. The Hrst of these, "Resolved that democracy contains the germ of its own destruction," was argued by Theodore Burger and Terrence Qld- ford for the afhrmative, with Eric Conybeare and James Ross for the negative. Eugene La- Brie, President of the Political Science Club, was chairman for the evening. The second, "Resolved that the present policy of President Roosevelt tends toward the establishment of a dictatorship in the United States after the War" was presented by Edwin Lewis and Robert Gal- braith on the affirmative, with John Leask and Hugh Wallace supporting the negative. The Public Speaking Club, under President Betty Ritchie,was in charge of the debate. Despite the handicap of increased military activity on the campus, the Open Forum ex- pects to H11 an even greater need in student life as the University itself expands. aw? JAMES ROSS JACK LEASK ROBERT GALBRAITH HUGH WALLACE ONE UNDRED AND FORTY THREE , ,:. - 3 2 'xv- . , xl L . ,,. , , ,. A x n.- uaz' is ' yn A af-. - 'J' K r v M-.5 '1 , 1 ' 'S A 1 f J A A, A-Y , I -m ' 5 . ,.f. 1 w t , 1 H pl ' J J , , 1. . ww , A A .,,A 1 0 1 4 5 - ' ' , .x at v I 3 X , 1 !' . x I L , K If 'n' ? I , . , , s' -1 f 1 I 4 y U ff ,x,.y- .,.- . . , Arn L' 'yau' r-'S' A . 3, , 4, ,L V vu' g wi: .r..J :i f x K Z.f7fJ,,-r ',.1+'1 wr X- .Q ,M-,V . - "J fe. U, ' 1, -'-f 5 ,,.1 I-. , ,D . .. .. .- - 1 , , ., '. .m 'Q Q' X ix? ' lg' . Y 'L .-X ?.-3' 'vw 3 s ,f E s 6 : ag E . 5 i 4 i f : 's 2 .Z P 4 f 5 9 ' . : s 1 4 I 5 2 : 5 -5 ' 1 9' 2 - z 5 5 4 f 9 2 ,EE 5 E, - 5 1 -, Svg 5 . 4 .S SE: ' 'Q b r 5' 5 5 .Ss 1-- ei -.'52.E.,' 9 5 s 1- 9 f 1 I 5 f 4 I ' 9 f 4 I 5 4 . y ? N .F 1 - 2 -Q is r in .iw 14 - N I I V, lr 4 . J i I W l , I ,, ..- H f! Q Q f Q Q'5-'QHQ-906 weeefw weeesss 0 - 0 Q Q BILL PROWSE The Inter-Year Play Competition this year saw all four plays well presented and very well received by a capacity house. The Frosh Class presented "Tea-Kettle on the Rocks," the Sophs "The Family Albumf, and the juniors "The House of Juke" and "Still Stands the House" by the Seniors. President This year for the First time, medals were presented. Flo Brent won the Best Actress Award Qfor the second year in su iance in the Senior play. Murray Best Actor Award for his Bob Black won the E, MALDWYN JONES directors' play. This play, "The Hgn, President Family an all time high for dramatic "What production, although playing was a credible per- formance and Were at times excellent. The has welcomed many talented newcomers this year and looks forward to their future achievements with conhdence. OLIVE DUFF Vice-President FLORENCE BRENT MURRAY KENDRICK WILL HAUGAN RUSS HANNAH SECORD JACKSON Secretary Treasurer Stage Manager Lightrician Property Mistress MARY WATSON BOB BLACK JOHN AITKEN Freshman Sophomore Junior Representative Representative Representative ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-SIX The to its record of successful the pages of its history o" so success- fully to an unusually stron chorus and a was one of which might Well approve. The Calgary affair, was suc beyond all expectation. T. W. Dalkin, Stage Director, and G. A. Kevan, Chorus Director, once more performed the remarkable feat of making troupers from students, and Walter Holowach made a successful debut as Conductor. This year the scenery was designed and constructed entirely by the student stage crew, under the super- vision of Richard McDonald, and the new "stylized" setting contributed in large measure to the success of the show. Credit is also due the light crew, who worked in close co-operation with the stage crew to carry out the ustylizationf, to be an annual and financially BOB TORRANCE JACK LEASK Secretary DON MCCORMICK President BETTY TOWERTON Vice-President Business Manager HARRY INMAN e be AsSlsiZg:laB5,slneSS Left to right, Pish-Tish QErnest Shortliffej, Peep-Bo CClaudia Barkerj, Pitti-Sing g QBarbara Gillmanj, Pooh-Bah QGilbert Blackstockj, The Micado Qjohn LEON BELL Bradleyj, Katisha fNorma Madillj, Ko-Ko fRoger Flumerfeltj, Yum-Yum Librarian fMargaret Huttonj, Nanki-Poo Uacques Sylvesterj. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-SEVEN Ida- em Playa MARY WATSON FRESHMAN CLASS UTEAPOT ON THE ROCKS" Director By john Kirkpatrick CAST Shauna Little Beverly Dahl Arthur Boileau Kathleen Lind Max Grant Bill Harrison A Sophomore Class "FAMILY ALBUM" BQB BLACK By Noel Coward Dlrector Play Award CAST Murray Kendrick Norma Coburn Fran Norris Bob Black Marg Ferguson Bob Hole Marg Fraser Bill Carr MURRAY KENDRICK Corwin Pine Actor Award ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY EIGHT By Valentine Davies "THE HOUSE QF JUKEX' JOHN AITKEN CAST junior Class Audrey Ladler Tom McDonald Peter Poohkay Wilson MacKenzie Isobel Dean Director OLIVE DUFF "STILL STANDS THE HOUSE" Senior Class Director By Gwendolyn Pharis Florence Brent Delmar Foote Beth -Rankin Mac Burkn CNE HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE FLORENCE BRENT Actress Award "WHA E. MALDWYN JONES Director Spain? T SAY THEY' Dan McEntee Adol phus Hayman QBILL MITCHELLJ CBEN KINGJ ONE HUNDRED AND F MARY WATSON BOB BLACK CAssistant Directorsj IFTY Sfwwff WHAT SAY THEY" -----.1 fx. Dan McEntee pacifies the riotous students Sir Archibald Asher Ada Shore Dan McEntee QDON THORNTONJ QMYRNA HIRTLEQ QBILL MITCHELLJ HANNA CHRISTOFFERSON DICK MACDONALD BILL MITCHELL ONE HNUDRED AND FIFTY ONE MKKADO Opening: Men's Chorus, Act. I. Conductor, MR. WALTER HOLOWACH Dramatic Director, MR. T. W. DALKIN Chorus Director, MR. G. A. KEVAN JOHN BRADLEY MARGARET FULTON The Micado VIRGINIA MORROW -5-B., RENA WISHART In ,I YW W "So please you sir, we much regret that we have failed in etiquette." Katishzfs Accusation of Yum-Yum meets with a derision ofthe company TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY TWO The Micaclo condemns the schemers. Chop it off." "Let us all he happy Schoolgirls' Chorus, Act II. The Cast and the Orchestra. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE 4 1 A , fi 4 ,- I. N 'ag 27' 6-0 if ri v 'I Q" .- 5. . Q- - 'I U, - -gf , , V' ,, , fb r, N i4 ' , 'F Q, .Vx , ,N V . - , " Q, gl-i A V. Q . --ap, , 1, 'J -1 L- . ,. v v, 1, I , ,- w "Q , I 4 ,., i ..-1. . -.. , . - 1 hp ,,, . I ..l,. ., , ,.. Jn 1 , .,,, . . 1-,- - . ,., ., .--0 - .". xi- v.:::.:,'v , 1 "An , -r, 7 . .ra-H '-- ,. 4 V f --4-uh: ' . if . fi, 1 .1 , A., x -L - . ,a.v,,,1 ,.,,3 ""v-., f A. 4-f.,. e , , ':.. . Y -.1 H 1 . ,V u N V in 1- IF! 0 - : n 1'-4 fr A ' . g ,:. '-1 4 ' ,lip f . , Y J 1 -. , a 1 w ' . ' -e 1. ,a , 1 J- ... "nk: V N , -, SEK, A 5' . . , al I. - WL, . ' ' ' 's , -L . Lv' ,Q ', fc' - f V . ,.,' 1-' ".'. - V ".l,.. . ., x 'Q' "M 'T 3'1" ' "1" - 'I , , 'Q 1- gee-fr. '- Q 1 ,fr 'L .4 ,x f., .1 .AH .,,g1 7 :ml Y - '- A 5 AJR, Yrs- . - - ' . 1 .f." 4 A .4 H ,..f.-Lk..-' X . .'-A " lf . 1 - , w a-.'N!',- I En, ' .1 1 vi P x , .1 , .,-I ' V- . 'f-, , rf -A 'A JJ., .T 'EY f , '- gi Li xy., L 44? fx I.-QF .vw f W .51 35, 2. -5. V4 L:-' -I . Q .4 .hx . p 1 ' 4-1-f, . U, H, . ,V-J, , r .. ff - " ' h 'A V- , - .,.,,J:., S .,-'. 1 ' L- w E s E s 1 s 1 , 1 f - . a 1 5 9 1 9 1 . 5 5 5 5 1 4 1 1 1 f 6 4 4 1 1 5 r a 2 2 , 1 1 5 1' 4 4 4 f 4 ,ph f. 5 5 'G' ' 1 Y - 5 5 5 ' , , 1 .4 4 - 5 4 1 I 5 5 I ' 5 5 4 4 ' 5 s 1 I 4 ' 5 Y 4 is' Q! I , I I ' i I A FERNE MCKEAGE JEAN ROBERTSON MARGARET WILLOX Mapa AWWJ4 4. CEC. ROBSON Special Athletic HUGH BUCHANAN Winner of the Beaumont Trophy for Boxing x 'X' xx T -T N. XX 3 , .X xlx ' - l wezknwwa BOB FREEZE Winner of The Wilson Trophy for Aggregate Athletics 1 , ' 1- 'CL ,, A f if KEN BRADSHAW Winner of the Riley Trophy for Track MARTY DEWIS Winner of the Kerr Trophy for Cross Country Race ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SEVEN ONE HUNDRED AND FIF'IY EIGHT Bag Black GM STAN CAMERON BUD CHESNEY PAT COSTIGAN ED. CROWDER MARTY DEWIS JOHN DIXON ALBERT DOBSON JACK FLAVIN BOB FREEZE DON JOHNSTON HARRY LEGGETT NORM MCCALLUM JACR MILLAR SAMMY MOSCOVITCH LES. VVILLOX JACK NEILSON GEORGE STEWART LLOYD WILSON NICK WOYWITKA BRICK YOUNIE Nwaach 00000000 000000 000000 000000 DELMAR FOOTE C155 Pts.j Assistant Director Evergreen and Gold '38-'39. Director Evergreen and Gold '39-'4O. Business Manager Evergreen and Gold '40-'41. CECIL ROBSON C155 pts.j Manager and President 'Wrestling '38 to '41. Band Leader '40-'41, Secretary Students' Coun- cil '40-'41, Law Club Executive '39-'4O. EDWIN LEWIS C145 pts.j Manager Interfac. Debates '37-'38, Secretary Debating Club '38-'39, Year Book Staff ,38-'39, Business Manager Year Book '39-'40, Treasurer Students' Union '40-'41. MACDONALD BURKA C130 pts.j Director Year Book '40-'41, Assistant Director Year Book '39-40, Agriculture Rep. on Council '40-'41, WILLIAM HADDAD C125 pts.j Gateway Staff '37-'38, Manager Senior Hockey '38- 39-'4O. President Men's Athletics '40-'41. JACK NEILSON C125 pts.j President Senior Rugby '39-'40, Men's House Committee '39-'40, Year Book Staff '40-'41, President Students' Union '40-'41. FRED M. PRITCHARD C125 pts.j President Freshman Class '36-'37, Schedule Man '37-'38, Provincial News Department '39- '4O-41, Director Freshman Introduction '40-'41. LESLIE WEDMAN C120 pts.j News Editor Gateway '38-'39, Tuesday Editor '39-'40, Editor-in-Chief '40-41. NELLIE COYLE C115 pts.j Wauneita Execu- tive '38-'39, Vice-President Wauneita ,39- '4O, President Wauneita ,4O-'41, Pembina House Committee '39-'40, Head Pembina House Committee '40-'41. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-NINE HAIIRMW ELIZABETH RANKIN MORRIS SHUMIATCHER Three years lends in Dramatics , Four years Intervarsity ' Debating ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY .fileaaay N14 " rqwmcli GILBERT BACKSTOCK FLORENCE BRENT ROGER FLUMERFELT DOUGLAS GALBRAITH NVILBERT HAUGAN MURRAY KENDRICK JOHN MAXWELL DON MCCORMICK BILL PROWSE MARGUERITE RITCHIE CECIL ROBSON ALEX. SMITH GATEWAY "AU AWARDS MARCEL LAMBERT MARY BARBARA MASON JACK PARK YEAR BOOK "A" AWARDS ROSS ALGER BRUCE RANKIN RONNIE GOODISON ROBERT TORRANCE Ko'-A vvrf S 23' M...- lk GRADUATING WOMEN ATHLETES Mona Asselstine Hanna Christopherson Honor Evans Margaret Hannah Jean Hill Jean Hutchinson Maureen Maxwell Hilda McConkey Ferne McKeagc Nora McLeod Beth Rankin Jean Robertson Peggy Trotter ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY ONE . '1 9 s : :l' 3', 'ie 9 A A . P, w P up A I s-U: V ,. A , i M. ull nh UC .Iv-. V ,, .' L ' fri' U' ' ' .-fer Y C Q, .1 1 , , . I . . , A. ' f 1, . , ,, ' ."' , li wx , 'T f I'. '..-' li hi,- ,Q -,,L..'.,1. -5 ! 1 4 1 1 e L 1 ,, I ' ,. I ',F'n '55 4- ? I : , ,. Z'. ' 'MY L-1 . SL- u :K 'If Q1 6' , 1' . . .1 V MA" Lg 5:13 ', 'I J . I x v 1 1 ,f 'rd' ' J ' 1 -4. I , ,Vw . U - - 1' 4 '- - ' -1, , x 1 V , 1-' - "-, 'J f ' I -,1 1 , rf 1 . qi H. ','-'iff' ,, V 1: bfi . ,., .c ,, - , ,.'u-" w., , -,. , ,gig q,.l Stn: U-I nf :.,'4 La-, - . .Ma-'iff' 1'- . -, 4 ' 1 .,A , V ., " ' ' ,,,.."J'n3 . r' ' ' ' A . 1. A 4: 12' Q 4 v I J Xt V . 1 ? '4' i' ' VL, - 1 ' . me . Y. rf Zi "wx Y .. - 5, f' ' , 1, ' ., K ju. X, it H 3' -A' "-ALS'-.'? - 3 ' "' 7' 1' 'Fl . I. fm, - 5-1.3 J., A F Q 'ff uf' 1, ,QV ' 5514! m. V V :'v'i4V?? ,--,t 'A' Z xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxkmxx .xxx l 0 4 5 Q uxxk 'V xxxxxxv xxx WY Rl xxxx -xx xx x! 4 xxxxxxx Nh HW Nm MXHW Y HW 3 5 E l Q 4. HHH HHN 1011111 XXXX S ,I- x x uhm K KXHXNNKX Q ll 1 V x XXXXXXXXXXX A, xxx xxxxxxxmxx A . x x X .ml xlh All llxllllllllllh- xx MBR! .1 Kllxxhxxlxxlxxx I V 116 M 'N Z ' ' N v 1 DEAN R. NEWTON PERCY BOLTON H0mJkw' Vice-Pres. F ,4 JOHN TOOOOOD JACK BUTTERFIELD Discussion Group Leader Sec.-Treas. gl' BOB CHRISTENSON President MAC BURKA Council Rep. FRANK WHITING Senior Rep. CECIL ANDERSON junior Rep. LLOYD SMITH Soph. Rep. Glad af 'ff TOM DAVIDSON DICK HILL Freshman Reprs. 6 . , , .. ,f' i , .1 eve rw ing .' ,.,.wf'fie OOOO L,.AL4! 'bf Vice-Pres. PAT ROUTLEDGE MARGARET JOHNSTON Treasurer MISS H. KEILLOR S ecretary RUTH GI LCHRIST Hon. Pres. B Sc fVwL4.e4 MARGARET GRAHAM President NORAH McCALLUM Fifth Year Rep. WINNIE YOUNG Fourth Year Rep. KAY HERMAN Third Year Rep. JEAN BRUMWELL Second Year Rep. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE Th rolled around with much 1 e fourth year of activity of the club has ncrease in member ship and enthusiasm by all the B Sc nurses Each of our monthly meetings has been very successful Clue to mterestin talks and dis cussions iven by prominent women o the Clty Our meetings Xaried alternately with dns cussions and entertainment provided by the dilfierent classes of nurses. Much of our success may be attributed to Miss McArtl'ur who has shown steady interest in our activities. We wish to thank Miss Keiler our Honorary President also for her interest in our club. if PAT FOSTER NINA SAGE First Year Rep. Reporting Exec. 1 4 i 1 I l l s l l . I l 5' fail' 'Q' , . - rf i NORINE MORTON he ,A -A, .,, Sec.-Treas. M..----e Miss H. s. PETERS BETTY CLENDENAN Hon' Pres' Vice-President "3-.. '3-I X fm' B .. W.. .1 Km 352 mar' RUTH POOLE President MARION McKAY Executive JESSIE FODCHUCK Executive RUTH MCCLURE Executive MARG. JOHNSTON Press Rep. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX Nwua' Siuclenis' W . The year 1940-41 marks a step forward for our nurses. We have now a Student Govern- ment. The first Tuesday of the month is set aside for our meetings, which are business or social. Twice a year we welcome a fresh crop of "probies," in September with a corn roast, January with a sleigh ride. A certain sum of money was dona in ted to various organizations for war work. Basketball, bowling, skating, Glee Club and knitting for the boys overseas are but a few of the activities which kept the nurses busy. The fo honor of the graduating class was, as always the highlight of our social year. rmal dance at Athabasca Hall in Z . Siademix .S V47 ,Y I ,,.., iff, 'Nw' MURRAY SMITH Secretary-Treas. DR. J. A. ALLAN BUD CHESN Vice-Pres. CHARLES A. STOLLERY President LOWRY CREIGHTON Fourth Year Rep. BOB INKPEN Third Year Rep. BYRON ANDERSON Second Year Rep. DICK HARRIS First Year Rep. EY Hon. Pres. Another very successful e y ar comes to a close for the Engineering Students, Society. Membership in the society reached a new high this year. Due to military requirements, meetings were held every three weeks in the form of smok- ers. Large turnouts indicated the interest shown by the members. Guest speakers were obtained from overtown and the usual student papers were presented. The Engineers, Third Annual Ball was a decided success, being one of the highlights of the social SCHSOII. Corsages were banned and Red Cross ribbons substituted in their place. Science men were prominent in interfaculty sports. They were victorious in the hockey league but lost out in th l e payolis for the rugby championship. nerd, IACK YEATS JACK ROPER Sports RCP- Council R ep. A rf-f -ff' ' V. . s '. L-- - f 1 ., ' ' 60 cel Y s GMA MARGARET FULTON Vice-Pres. BRUCE RANKIN President LEO. CROCHET Senior Rep. GRAHAM AUSTIN junior Rep. RALPH LODER Freshman Rep. JIM LOVE BRO. ANsBERT see T ROSS ALGER .- reas. Hon. Pres. Pres. Spanish Club 4"'l BOB TORRANCE PROF. F. G. WINSPEAR SCC--Tfm Hon. Pres. Following the traditio f n o past years the Commerce Club again proved to be one of the most energetic of campus groups, par- t.g. . O . icipatmg in all faculty events, as well as holding its regular series of luncheon and supper meetings In the annual "overtown', sport parade, the club, came out with its new model of bigger, better and more daring floats. Ralph Hole was production manager for the endeavor. Militar o 1r1St1- lute a novel luncheon-lecture meeting. Mem- bers gathered for their regular monthly luncheon meeting, h d ff L ear a guest speaker, and then finished oif the eve' ning with their scheduled Commercial Law lecture. The system proved a decided success. y training caused the club t ' ' Biggest accomplishment for the group this year was the sponsoring of the Undergrad dance, complete with original "ledger" pro- grammes and floral motive. Corsage ribbons were sold with entire proceeds goin to the Red Cross. - mwfpt ,-Aff ,xmfv-Rx Y ... Betty Adams jim Andrews George Berge ' Bryson Burrows Jack Burrows Kathlyn Cameron Shirley Campbell Neil Carr Pat Cave Violet Davidson John Denholm Earl Dixon Roger Flumerfelt Howard Ford Helen Fowler Jim Francis jim French Francis Fulton Doug. Galbraith Marg. Gulick John Haverstock Ralph Hole Bruce Hunter Harry Inman Murray Kendrick Gerald Kennedy Marcel Lambert Pete Leacock Beth Low Helen MacDonald Janet Martin Bill Martin Dick Matthews Dave McElroy Boyd McFetridge Norm McLean Frank Meston Howard Minchin John Minchin Glen Patterson Evelyn Peterson Clif. Prowse jack M. Rae John D. Rae Bert Ross Bill Sinclair Mary Sterling Max Stewart Doris Thompson Betty Towerton Glen Treacy janet Trotter Brick Younie G if 77 V ' Q-are , 3 . eb 'I' 1 A 5.5, TZ. Z-1 fi uv-W' S ig. 'VI 43 ..-A 'B'-af?-. TD' 'wp- 6... YS. ms- xl 'UQQ' W7 -411 25 1--f ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY NINE Y 'Jn ,ci A 44 gi w Jil' . N O' ,Pyle .sniff 4541 , .. l DR. H. A. GILCHRIST HOU- Pres- Hon. Vice-Pres. 'X' will!" CHARLES G. DUKE President Q19 BILL MePHAIL Sec.-Treas. C SANFORD FLEMING Vice-Pres. DR. H. E. BULYEA fbwid Glad The session 1940-1941 will go down in history as one of the most successful years in our Club. Coupled with one hundred per cent membership was the spirit of advancement and co-operation. Our contribution to advancement Was to make our Club Fees compulsory and payable at Registration. Benefits of the Club will be extended to all, and by participation it will hold well in the fore as a good club on the Campus. Our functions, the Supper Meetings in the Tuck Shop, our Fall Dance, and the Spring Banquet held at the Corona, will be re- membered for a long time to come. The Supper Meetings gave us an opportunity to hear speakers from the Faculty and from overtown, as well as to foster a little talent among the members. The Intermediary Board functioned well this year and problems concerning Faculty and Students in Dentistry were solved to mutual benfit. Besides our own interests Dents have been behind "Alberta" and have Clone her criedit in man: Campus Activities. sk Clifford Ames ' Bob Blackmore Roland Campbell Ray Dickson Henry Dombrowski Mark DuMont Gilbert Gemeroy Lionel Holmes Nick Huculak Don McGregor Bill Mclvor Doug. McKechnie Jack Neilson Tom Nikiforuk Lorne Oatway Fred Pedlar Grant Phipps Graeme Steed Ross Upton Bill Waite Jack Walker Cecil Walkey Orville Wright F Yachiyo Yoneyama JL tif x .raw gZ'i1,-, -. ,ri ff, AQ 4:3 Eff, Y"-p . Mig. S.. , 'r-N, ,4 p as K 13 'fwfr ,pv- bn E ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ONE pw. fi? t -9 'G' N SHEILA HAYHURST Vice-Pres. MARGUERITE GRISDALE President I we ISABELL MacKENZlE Sec.-Treas. MRS. 1. R. VANT Hon. Pres. JA: gc icy! GM The Household Economies Club showed its usual spirit in 1940-1941. At the beginning of the term the Agricultural and Household Economics students held a dance in the Rain- bow Room of Big Tuck. The Household Economics float was prominent in the rugby parade overtown last fall. The monthly meetings were all very in- structive and interesting. Mrs. Dill, Wife of Senator Dill, of Washington, a graduate in Household Economics from Alberta, gave the Club an interesting talk. In November, Mrs. Davidson, another graduate, Charmed everyone with her description of her work as dietitian at Bullock's Wilshire Tea Room in Los Angeles. In December the Club was favoured by a display of handicraft by Mrs. R. Sandin, who last year attended the Boston School of Fine Arts. Mrs. Garret presented an interesting talk on Food in New Zealand, England and on the Continent, at the February meeting. The year was climaxed by the Household Economies Formal held in January at St. Joseph's. The departure from the usual banquet and dance was a high spot in the year's activities. ' g ' N K X i' ii F Fe 7' is HUDsoN's F F- ' V ' B ff X t Mx k AY' COMPANY I f . . i ' 4 t 1 .. . X . P RITA 1oNEs F 5 ' - , Q Freshman Rep. Q ,X 6:5-L-ji? r.-r,.,ii .ap i C AY 171: -3 "e . 1, L v -.fy I Q i 4 Q t . .M .ul v fa-Q xiQKE.j':l. .... " "SV ,-9 'w- " , "' .. if 3 J. if-'7 46:3 f Er 'X '- ,353 i Jw 1 f I ix i get I W, . - Q . "" 1 ' ' , e 'rfqfqn ' il L.. ,uf ' ..'. " . - ma " ' e' " . 44 ' '- ,,', Dorothy Barber , Therise Beauchemin Persis Capsey Margaret Casper Amelia Chabon Marion Cooper Gerrie Cope Margaret Copeland Nellie Coyle Doris Danner Gwen Daw Edna Dooner Harriet Easton Beth Empey Kay Fergie Ethel Fife Pat Firth Marg. Fraser Betty Freeborn Gertrude Gattenmeyer Eleanor Hamilton Marg. HANNAH Isabel Howson Kay Huculak Jean Hutchinson Dilys jones Kay Kelly Shirley Kerr Helen Larson Mary Lawson Marjorie Legate 1:-14" ,vw-u. :X Sv A, 'if' if V 3 ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THREE -R bl ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FOUR Kay Lister Ruth McCuaig jean McEwen Aveline McKenzie Nora McLeod Kay McNcvin Bess Morrison Virginia Morrow jean Murray C. Newman Megan Nichols Barbara Peddlesden Alva Ripley jean Robbie Mary Robertson Betty Ross Ruth Rostrup Marg. Shaw Helen Soldan Doreen Stetson Bunty Sutherland Ruth Tanner Sheila Toshach Margery Upton Kay Van Der Mark Isobel Williamson Peggy Williamson Marg. Willox Rena Wishart Phyl Wolochow Mary Woodworth HOPE MCQUEEN JOHN CORBETT Secfmfy PROP. M. M. MCINTYRE Treasurer DEAN J. A. WEIR Hon- Pres' F . aculty Advisor Y v , U JOHN M. GO President ALEX SMITH Editor ALAN BROWNLEE Editor WILFRED ARCHIBALD Business Manager ALEX. WILLIAMSON Council Rep. OD .Emu 0 M6 .Eaw.Q J 1 f Z In 1940-41 the Law Cl t ub successfully con- cluded its twentieth year as a faculty club of the University. In the course f 1 . . O the year two uncheons were held, both of which were characterized by excellent speakers. The annual banquet, at which many distinguished members of the bench, bar and university were in attendance, was h ld e at the Macdonald I-Iotel and was an outstanding success. The war has had its effect on the class, in that two ol' the members are already on active service, and it is expected that the majority will join up on graduating. The chief Outlet for the activities of the Law Club was the Alberta Law Quarterly, which, with the Class of '41, entered its seventh year of continuous publication as the only legal periodical of its kind entirely managed and controlled by the students of a Canadian Law School. WLS' NELLIE COYLE VERNON FAWCETT DR. E. H. MOSS VERONICA DAVIES STUART PURVIS Vice-Pres. President Hon. Pres. Secretary Treas DOREEN DARLEY IAN YOUNGER CLAUDIA BARKER GORDON PYBUS RUSSELL WENDT Study Groups Publicity Programme Sunday Service Executive As a result of the enthusiastic work of both the Executive and members, the S.C.M. carried out a most successful programme of Christian work on the campus this year. In addition to the usual Spring camp, a Fall camp was held at Fallis during the Thanksgiving Week-end. A new and very successful venture of the Movement was the handling of the University Book Exchange. Over 51,200.00 worth of used books were handled on a non-profit basis at a great saving to students. BILL FARMILO JACK ROPER DR. P. S. WARREN MIKE FENIAK Vice-Pres. President Hon. Pres. Secretary Another successful year can be written into the annuals of the Mining and Geological Society as an affiliate of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Membership showed an increase over that of last year. Meetings were well attended and instructive papers were given on: "The Origin and Occurrence of Placer Gold," "Drilling Methods in Turner Valleyf' "The Oil Industry in Alberta," "Oil Possibilities in Relation to Structure," "Shrinkage Recovery Methocl at Creighton." Outstanding occasions of the year were: the visit of G. C. Bateman, President of the Institute, and Dominion Metals Controller, whom members were invited to hear at a banquet held in his honor by the Northern Alberta Branch of the C.I.M.M. Members gained valuable information from a talk by Mr, Bill West on "Columbian and a talk on "Some Legal Aspects of Mining" by B. C. Whittaker. ONE HUVDRED AND SEVENTY SIX l , ,, .... 1 Y., W,..,.,,.,,.,,,,, ,,,,, ,. - ' Q55 - Ev A P X 441 3 ,, iz f 4 N5 l l l i KAY LEWIS Vice-Pres. DR J J OWER BARBARA HUMPHREY Hon P Pres Wo Wade The Medical Und ergrad ed in the fateful year altered the tone of the M the occupants from that of to that of a college of without destroying the ple a W ' estern Medical School The new executive re , pres per cent membership of th on th e campus, ineuleated senting material of pert' men while at the san ' me time retai of campus social activity. The Med' l ica Banquet won of h t e Faculty and the Pr es in this manner a st cl an ard unachieved. Amon g the major undertak cutive of MUS of A ' . . . ., IS the formal Quarterl U y. nder the M M. Cantor such an express immed' I ion sho ld iate and lasting Value b tributors and members. 'Maid' BLAIR FULTON DON MCALPINE Second Year Rep WOLFF Year Fourth Year R Q y Sacieiff af Shacfenii FRANK CHRISTIE President CLARENCE MCNEILL Secretary The Osler Club is limited to members of the graduating class in Medicine. Osler clubs are discussion clubs where problems of medical interest are presented and discussed by the members. Sir Williana Osler, the great physician and teacher, was a Canadian, the most famous of any Canadian doctor. He became the centre of medical life in Montreal, Philadelphia, Baltimore and England, and Hnally a sort of "ambassador to England from North America". He introduced into this country the clinical system of teaching which has had a profound effect on medical education. The Club wishes to extend its thanks to Dr. Ower and Dr. Cantor for their help in the formation and organization of the club, and to the other physicians who have shown interest and have entered into the discussions. xx! I . ,fx-xi ..-.3 Engineers' Float Ag. Floats Law A Float flfewman Glad GERARD AMERONGEN Executive JOE MOREAU Executive BROTHER AZARIAS THERESE BARRY Hon' Pm' Vice-President MARK DUMONT President .-rm" , . ' 530' Me m h e ELIO D'APPOLONIA Sec.-Treas. The Newman Club, t K great Catholic Leader of 19:11 Century England, Cardinal Newman, is primarily concerned in fostering and developing the spiritual. intel- lectual and social interests of Catholic University students. akins, its name from the rs ofthe Newman Club met the first Sunday of each month in the chapel of St. joseph's Colleve for M d U ass an Communion. Among those who addressed these monthly gatherings were His Excellency, H. Mac- Donald, Archbishop of Eclmontong Father R. Britten, Editor of the Westeriu Catholicg F ather Wfoodhouse, Pastor of St Edmundys and Father M. Foran, Pastor of St. Anthony's. Father Foran also presided over the exercises f h o t e annual three day spring retreat. Newman Club Breakfast Meeting ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE Glad KIT QUINLAN PROF. F. A. s. DUNN V'Ce'Pm' Hon. Pres. MR. A. NW. MATTHENVS Hon. Vice-Pres. ,N 'qlfm BILL SIXELTON President TED LANGRIDGE Sec.-Treas. ART. ANDERSON Senior Rep. MARG. junior Re MCKECHNIE P. FRED PLUMB Press Rep. During the fall term the club held two supper meetings, at which the guest speakers were Col. Dunn and Mr. M. Huston, and two informal dances, all held in the Rainbow Room at Big Tuck. While the drive was proceeding for the Christmas Fund, the club held two raffles, re- sulting in a net contribution of 524.00 to the fund. In the annual inter-year hockey game at the Varsity Rink held in january, the Seniors were victorious over the Freshmen. The big formal function of the year, the Pharmacy Club Banquet, was held in the Mac- donald Hotel on February lst. This was the most successful affair for many years, because of greatly increased attendance of representa- tives of the University Faculties, of the Alberta Pharmaceutical Association, of Wholesalers and Manufacturers, and of local druggists. CHESS BROCKLEBANK EARL LANE Social Convenor Sports Rep. , 4 77' Dick Appleyard Les. Chatten Bill Cornyn Al. Cowles Harold Cumming Helen Day George Graham Hymey Hanson Ruby Harte Eleanor Jones Ross Lane Colin Layton Andy Mackay Gerry McIntyre Aaron Mann Ted Marles Ted Martin ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-ONE ll Q3 -X., 655 el 'K ONE RUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWO Bill Moss Gordon Myers Eddie Nahaebeski Lud Navalkowsky Muriel Naylor ' Les Nichol Laura Nickerson Stan Niddrie Bill Odell Floyd Pritchard Bernard Reidel ' Sam Sereda jim Taylor Orville Taylor Pam Woodruff Gerry Yates Howard Young QPR! GWYNETH S HAW Secretary AUDREY LADLER DR E SONET MNRCIA DOWER Treasurer Hon Pres Vice Pres 1' e eeac-fe fzancaiet Les reunions du Cercl c meme succes que l'an dernier En depit du fait que de nombreaux etudiants ont ete empeches par leur service militaire de venir a nos reunions, grace fi l'activite, at Venthousiasme de la presidente Mademoiselle Wood, ide la secretaire Mademoiselle Shaw et de la tresoriere Mademoiselle Ladler, le nombre des membres du Cercle s'est eleve a 125. Un coup d'oeil jete sur le programme sufifit a indiquer l'interet que presentaient ces reunions: La France en Guerre, Les folies du Monde Present, Etudes Univer- sitaires, Au Pays des Dictateurs, Ces braves Ecossais, Mein Kampf, Une Etudiante Canadienne a Paris, tels sont les sujets varies qui ont ete traites. En outre, durant ces charmantes mais trop courtes reunions, nous avons eu le plaisir d'entendre des artistes de grands talents, pianistes, violonistes, cantatrices, etc. Eniin u comedie "Le GH ' e Francais ont onnu cette annee le A ne aide Forestier S ' ' " improv' ' ' olitalre, isee et interpretee par les etudiant a obtenu un vif succes. Un banquet organise fi l'h6tel Corona et suivi d'n bal a marque la cloture des reunions pour la session 1940-1941. Les membres du Cercle et leurs invites garderont longtem ps de cette soiree un agreable souvenir. L , 5 rv A Ylilgxi. 51 " -- v x ,l T ' N' ' xi ' '43 , ' 4 v I n.,A .V I. V Fw .Q .g 3 f ' rx' ,I R 1 , lf- EW -3 if Q' alt., fa V' f414kg F, . fg, A ml- , I I f'v-- sf 33 iff 4 ullllnllll X 'hhxxxxxmw Ill HHH! "' f ummm! WW I . lx s . xx l 1 mlm mu 1 MH 1. l I .n mmmummm nmh ll 1 llllll M XHM N NV Mlhy MRI umm x J .n 1 M1-11.-KS f 1 v .KW I w .liz 1 x , ml Q.. - Q 'f I. 1 Y A k a v , 1 -v-nqhh Q1 51' Qi X' gv 5-dk.. V r 11 TQ 2- 1 'U " f' i2""T- V 'AM'f'xf?Xf'W7'f" "' , J it P !"'Lf , 5? if wif' ' U -if :.' ' V5.5 N' f, i I K xx ,,.,. x I' '-r , ., .. . 3 5 mi" Azz, fl .- . vyavgf ' -' 'qiixtib Q.. nf . 'fx 1 , s 1 "ik W .34 U, sv 'R 4 o --. Wg, 3, :vwrgi , 'I f . my W, .y t. wifi Yr, I' I , 4 A lv 40' 'SWK "lf," " Wx, f A -,swf 25'3'f f' I 3 ' img, , tm ,., xi" v wg. 1 ' if. ygzzw' affwxpx .. . --if if ,-rf' .pd-L qfgf., ,gi A: NNT . -+ I A1 vm 7 ix 1' in 5 :Aff ' Yu!-1, , A J.. XX. ,rw xv .,,. - . . .ff jg ' , xi gy ,,Tig'fg,.,,,'::x , Rf, - z mx. 1 W ' ' Z , Q ic. Ky. .g, fl. i,q..w 5 A , gif , 2 , , ff' i fs:- .1 4 , u iw ' 1 x , Q ,X . X .Q m K , ll I if W5 y 1 ff' 4 ,., ww NIM fy 'f fav 3,4 ,gb P .4 'Ii K ' in I A gig I wi '12, -.0 -2 :E ' xl 'Ag' " 1 ' , . -L1 ff' iii gr r' - V' qw ff x ' ii gl 2 . r 'Y Q ,. Lqi K. 2 -5- 53 bg? p-1' N-iv Q u 552 Kbps-L' - ...Y .W .. .-.- agz' ' w.,.N.'.'N7 1- gg ' ggi wfif' 'Y , A, x-,AL. 3 , . , Q z YN 1' 1 V L V1 3 Q, T -nf W fi V ., .::',7g:',.-. l H - .' K k..4 'Q "-'H-than I ,iq 'E..'9" ,'-1 Q Sm . ' '1" "-4- P - 1: ,lx . ' '?iu.g,w X5 ff -1 ' '-T 44-Q .Vw is fig . 9 L 'A M .wg ,f lf- 'ighr 'Q -L Vx H uns .adv 5 . www? 1 v ,,,.fw5 ,ff ,fg M A 5 ' Q' A vw gm, ww - :Ugg 'VQYN3 A b .fy 2.1 ,A .x 41 .Q ,lg . j..'.sv:4g.,::,. s , , 'syf .w 3-71 A va-S. -.-vi. XA .14 'f' - ,glTl'35!Q' -g. , 9.-"X, . X ,xy-, X f, x - 'lax , ., 4 v ' g:5.1,,,5 1, Nl '- ' .K A K :'l.lL.t,X"..:7tT's k 1"t'm,'i' K -W..- f 1 9 inf" . . ' A N - .. .. .Mt 1 J' v 95, 4. f 'MY' 57' 4 MUSLES J' est 322- p,...- , gf. Gil 53.5, wana 1. Pie eating contest at Christmas House 2. Spring is here. 3. Nellie Coyle being coy. 3A. One Gateway man in trouble. Al. john- son and Bruce Bate. 4. Ice cream, chocolate bars and chewing gum. 5. Worthiiigtoii, Wells and Wfillsins in Math 22 lab. 6. Engineer banquet? 7. Dr. Kerr and Jack Neilson. S. Neilson as a freshman. 9. Prof. Scott. IO. Ralph Hole. 11. What price beauty? 12. Norrie Craig. 12A. Marcel Lambert, with a summer's growth on his chin. 13. Now we know why men want to be young again. Four School of Ed'ers. 14. Jack Hosliin. 15. Midnight oil and Chemr 40. R. M. Mason. 16. Pat Firth and Bunty Sutherland. 17. Barbara Gillman. 18. Engineer watching co-ed. 19. More studes. 20. John Dixon and the winner. Frank Finn. Ruth Rostrop and john O'Connor. Kitty Quinlan-pharmacy has gone to the dogs. jean McEwen feeding a ground squirrel. Dellis Allen. House Ec. Ball. Casserole preview. Med Ball. ZS. Color Night. Midnight snack at the D. G. House. Marty Dewis and Glenn Treacy. Bruce Rankin auctioning ties at the Christmas banquet. . Q90 Vdfqw "+R Ss 3 .. V -5355? .. , 1 NSS' ,L 'Q . Q? 4' 7 'qfggstg 'Ei 3 ,AQ :P Q W P' .ZKJ 5 Af Vs. .4 Q we fp jf www 1-'47 ' 1 .ff d I X ,Qs ,ix , K6 ' ,S fs.-5 b 'f!"3'K"W'a'- sauwfnw . Q Z' ,"5NL""f fi lv" 3 If J, 61 1 Q. -ffl ' V' i4 ay, ' 2 1. I ,lm 'lx ...gwgm vu u ,mb g 'Lsm Q N4 KH: V445 . f ya-1'fw:2avYff?'A K ' F iii? Xp ' 'siiw . I E V'-Q E2 1 s ,fl I .v..v-uw! 'Q 2 lt ff Q 2 ,ff A fad, G.-.-I .mi-.W ...- 4, H I M e., , f ' ,,. ',X , Aw W ww Q II M QM 41,1 f ., -v 'Q ,X ,sg W. M , Wy, -mi ,N :I - . 4 Wy Y y-f.H1 15.5.5 M..-.4 ,- Q- t MJ"w3vi:M N "'4f251.v'nS,'F2+':PA"FFWf',1:f 'E 1' 'Q... a5,3w31 W ,q:,4NsAqa.R1 Q7ff,w.19fH , nw-4,'1,3,3'?v.u:,w 1 1,559 . " 'H+' my-gr Ag. WWQIMW 'xi4+"Y?fwQ , vu ,4,,-1zwia:A1-H.'!1- ., 5. - ,W 'u,EngJ5QfL ' V :',A,u5g1.v.' ' f ' ' ,?,,,.,,, . . jmry '+ -. 'f 1 ,E , eiw- 33" V ' Aw-4 Y ,- ,- W-,fe gs. Eh p THLETIC ,- 9 'wigx ft X il 5173! Q 'FE , . ,!, NTI' A I I V N n gh A . Ig - M 1 ' i .,f,. , .M. ,1 ur.. - - If , " : l.,'!'.'.. z- ' KN ':,,' '-',. . A , , X . ' -1 A' , 4 ur ,, f V y 'V ,Q . , f , qv ,, If ,. X i 'E , l A A I 51 ., .A :.,r, 1 A I J I Q4 .rf-z'.:"..-fs, ,llgli .tix I, Q' rj 'N IQ! if 'f -.52 n , by L - f 1' f- ir rn- - m 1 -1 - , - - fy, . AM" ..a"At" b ' . 1 T... A -Q 7 we L .. ' Flj.. -, -4. -, . ' ' 1 . . 1 V .JI - S x-'Q ,Au ' Lf A v-C f V F V LAK x - , ' ,x . . 9-,1 Q , 4 .1 u 4 ld '-.-,475 Alyfg-'-fe' 'gp-' v . . 'wi 0 , sl-k f, 'KM , , Ng, 'Q .A .4 'WH' ' ix . 4 'X f 7 V. 3' U -nk ' : 'l L - 'Nial- -' 5.2 sue. u, J- ,M " '- W .I Q 5 5, 5. 6 Z 1 Wm N AN KN' 5 f 9 e Q mm r mx funky. Q l l h. gmxxh all N' mmmmmum x m D MR. JIM PANTON Acting Athletic Director MR. BOB FRITZ Acting Athletic Director Panton came to the Alberta cam- . . . Assistant Athletic Director pus in the fall of 1940, to take over the duties of temporary head of the Department of Physical Education. As one of the finest all round athletes and sportsmen produced in Saskatche- wan, Panton gained his greatest fame at the University of Washiiigtoii. As a track and field star, he represented the Dominion of Canada in the British Empire Games. After this highly successful and varied career as an athlete in Canada, the United States and Australia, he received a faculty appointment here with instructions to organize an intramural sports programme. Since his arrival the Department of Physical Education has assumed its proper status in the eyes of the students, for this session has seen an ever increasing appreciation of competitive games on the part of the student body-an in- clination which undoubtedly will increase in succeeding years. Mr. Panton's constructive ideas have instituted many highly successful innovations this session-Won1en's Physical Education, the Big Block Club, the Spiked Shoe Club., House and Interfaculty Leagues, Minor sports and indeed every branch of our athletic programme has benefitted from him active and comprehensive interest. This curriculum will be carried away from the university as will the name of its originator. And so, Mr. Panton is in reality a member of the class 1940-41. His is a name which will be remembered in these halls much longer than the majority of our graduates. He will be remembered for his admirable per- sonal qualities, his popularity and sportsmanship, his organizing and coaching ability and his conscientious efforts to help all branches of worthwhile endeavor on our campus. Men's athletics this year had to carry on under the difficulties of wartime conditions. In spite of the military training for men, the students found enough time to play their regular interfaculty schedules in all branches of athletics, and, after a doubtful start, a programme of intercollegiate sport competition was completed between ourselves and the University of Saskatchewan. Because of wartime regulations at the first of the term, the annual intercollegiate track meet between the western Universities and the intercoilegiate tennis tourna- ment were not held. Owing to the fact that it was necessary to turn the University rink over to the C.O.T.C. for military work, the intercollegiate hockey series had to be dropped. The rugby team, however, enjoyed a very good season. The basketball team, boxing, wrestling and fencing teams were active and competed against clubs from Saskatchewan. Interfaculty sport experienced a great impetus and intra-mural sports instituted for the first time, is hoped to continue with the same success it had this year. Hl7Wc.., .a I 5 4 w , -'lgf r ' 'v?T'1!'l- C I V A I l . 5 F e F xx H M N., l 4 'N l l Q 2 3? 5 ' Q F x "P, I Jack Burrows Mabel Attwood Fred Kendrick The Rooters' Club in past years has attempted to rouse school spirit and en- thusiasm at all athletic events and other occasions. Its success has been repeated again this year with the help of the efforts of its members and the responsive attitude of the spectators. Although its activities were somewhat curtailed because of the lack of inter- collegiate sport this year, the club was able to stimulate Varsity spirit at numerous other times during the term. At the beginning of each term the Rooters' Club takes a major part in the many and varied activities of Freshman Week. Freshmen were taught Varsity yells and songs at several pep rallies, smokers and other events held for the occasion dur- ing the first week. The Club also directed the cheering section at several rugby games later in the fall. With the renewal of intercollegiate sport next year, the club looks forward with expectations towards even more activity and success than in past seasons. STAN CAMERON JACK MILLAR Pres. Bask b GEORGE STUART JACK BUTTERFIELD et all Pres. Rugby Pres. Hockey Secretary-Treas. Mew ihleiw Bama! ,, ,9- JIM PANTON Corresponding Sec. CEC ROBSON BILL HADDAD "A" Rep. President JACK FLAVIN ccBn Rep. BRUCE SANGSTER C" Rep. in-f D SAMMY MOSCOVITCH P Dr. MQICEACHRAN Pres. Big Block Faculty Member TWO HUNDRED AND SIX .-4 Women! iqlthleiifl R5 bl., MARC. WILLOX Sec.-Treas. MONA ASSELSTINE Basketball ..... FERNE MCKEAGE MRS. W. H. JOHNS Vice. Pres. Miss PATRICK Hon' Pm' Chairman Awards Comm. IEAN ROBERTSON President DORIS DANNER Track KAY VAN DER MARK Fencing The Women's Athletic Association ei joyed a particularly successful season Ev' woman stud ' . tr ent is a member of h Aw . . . B I 1- y t e W.A.A ctivities are under th e management of th Executive which is composed of the P dents of 'h C resi- eac sport. We appreciate the interest and co- operation of Mr. Panton as Physical Direc- tor, and the time and eiiort expended by Mr. Bob Fritz on the Senior Basketball tean 1. We gratefully acknowledge counsel so generously given by Miss Patrick, Permanent Faculty Advisor, Mrs. W. H. Johns, Honor- ary President and Mr . s. Hewetson, Faculty Representative on the Awards Committee. qw If Juul ph X221 H. Christopherson Blanche Wallace Outdoor Club Nora McLeod Gerdine Rowan Archery Kay Lind Tennis Swimming Maureen Maxwell Fresh. Rep. Marg. Hannah Chris. Willox Awards Comm. Badminton House League Basketball TWO HUNDRED AND SEVEN A, gif . iff? If we' L. f . I I, ef , bfi na' F1 F . ,V ,- if 2 - . . 'I xt. .4 A1 4- it ,y. I ,V --'lf 'JN 1.5 1.- 5, 1 1: .- ": 5, '1 I l if fy. F, ' r 'gf X U . leg. ' Fi-m f 1 Lf, , . , 91, . , E- ai Lg ' j ' ,Q A . 'J-Q1 ' Lb. 3' P. : ' X' l .5 1 ,F ' lx Qi' I, Y. 46 1 3 . '-x 1 517' .,z. 1 s N ' 1 f v,..,. v' x. .5 Q . 1 "1 -,ff -' ,H su. ..-v' any , gf? .ff" aff-ff' ' .5"' f . 2. 4 I ' 5 E 5 5 5 5 5 Q I Z 1 5 5 5 - f f 1 ' 4 5 5 5 5 5 5- ' ' 5 1 1 5 5 5 5 I f 5 ' 5 5 ' 4' X 5 5 f 5 45 5 A 5 ' -' 5 5 5 5 " 4 p 1- 1 6 7 "J " .5 5 5 ', 5 . 5 4 5 1, a L 9 I - 5 5 5 f v 5 5 P ' 4g Y 5 '5 f 5 f c, 1 4 4 5 5 , .4 , -5 5 fx 1 5 5 '-' Q' 1 5 9 5 4 J 5 Z ' 'g. E 5 -4 E Z 7' E . .: 'Rwx W W XXX Q x X. WN h I N r IN 64' I 4 W is 4 I. 'C-Q f, . Wx Seniaa fo v o Q o o o o o o o a Q 0aO'Q Q-LQ,-G-159-Q 5,-Qp.'g.Q,Q. 1-fl BOB FRITZ Coach The 1940 rugby season may be said without fear of criticism to be the most successful of recent years. Because of the suspension of intercollegiate competition this year, naturally the sport was laboring under a handicap. However there was no lack of spirit either among the players or spectators, and the games which were arranged were well attended by enthusiastic crowds. Newly appointed and justly famous Coach Fritz heightened his repute as a developer and coach of BOB TORRANCE gridiron talent by taking a comparatively new team Manager and moulding it in the space of a few brief weeks D, BROADFOOT into one of the finest football squads ever to wear Lme Coach the Green and Gold. In five Edmonton League games the Bears piled up a substantial number of points while yielding only a few to Senior as well as junior teams. The final league standing left the victorious Bears unbeaten. The resumption of intercollegiate sport was announced unexpectedly late in the season, and the climax of the season came in a hastily arranged post-season game with the Saskatchewan Huskies. Although the Huskies up to last season had been vic- I l -. ...M TWO HUNDRED AND TEN -EL A - . V, . . 'I 1 ii' 7 ' i hx . :girl " . 4 I. V g As- I my 1, i z . a ' a Q M, , " A V .,,. , . , , g , . I K-4 1 I . , -- f- ' t ,X . i -ig. V. 2g:g,,,,,:. -Q Y .zgkiefgii fi ' W l ' 1 - ,, SN C Y ,- g5?fS1."' ,. ..,, X . xi- M X- -.5 C . g , ., ., . ga- . f . x W ,. , . f- - . BOB INKPEN ED. LEWIS DON JOHNSON Half Middle Centre Guard JACK NE1LsoN torious over Alberta for the last eight years, the spell was broken last year. This season, last year's victory was repeated by sending the Green and White back to Saskatoon under the burden of a 27 to 5 defeat. Negotiations for a return game and also for a series with U. B. C. fell through because of the lateness of the season. Tribute must be paid to Coach Fritz, Assistant Coach Broadfoot, Athletic Director Panton, Manager Torrance, Trainers MacLaren and Shortliife as well as Cap- tain Jack Millar, who played outstanding rugby all year. Tribute also goes to every last man who turned out this year, with little or no hope of tangible return from the sport -truly these men play the game for the game itself. s TWO HUNDRED AND ELEVEN Coach Fritz giving the boys some advice kg at half time. Gray McLaren Ernie Shortliife Trainers gli ,,1..' , , ,.. I' vi, YV Q W x ' 4 A ' ' A '3mi'v., Tia! i If A X ,Z M X N"' A -asf' I I G "-'v 2 'i':i D 2 r I, V f,,QiA J P H K- ,.,-! - 4? V Q Q i zN ,5-jx 4 H 1 A q b5,yiQ j fzf. of A RWM DON ULRICH HARRY LEGGETT TED SMITH LES WILLOX End Half Middle S T 1 A WWW . - . ywiffx-wwf' , 1 ' ' , I 1 l , ! - ' .' V I Middle TWO HUNDRED AND TWELVE if STAN WATERS JOE RYSKI PERREN BAKER End End Half - A 'X K - ,gi - 'Q Q , , 6 PH.-I 7 5" X , ' ELIO ITAPPOLONIA Guard DON MCDONALD GORDON DALSIN End Guard JACK SIMPSON End JACK FLAVIN Middle TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN f R T J fl . ' 1? 1 :L .. I X gl .-., :I ' F A N ' 'I 1 -' ' ' Q-,,g"'!'X RW -' ' -1'. 1 I I' ,, ,. V . Q A,4,Q 1:. , ,T 574 J W 3 q A D , A V :gi VV 4 3 . it n if R 1 , A"-A G BOB FREEZE GEORGE STUART JACK MILLAR NORM MCCALLUM Half Half Captain Half , .,.:,. 'T :" 5 ' X if V, 'M' l ' T i 5 hm S f J, f' "VV , ',,1' '1fa1L": fv.. . 2 ' 1' X R ,f 1 ' ' ' K, G. 3 Q . R , V f 3 1, ' 4251 R 'FV 2 7 ,7 T D R v'..A,.n,ff A X M 3 wmv- ,Af li JACK JORGENS GORDON MCCANNEL LUCIEN LAMBERT ORVILLE WRIGHT Half Middle Centre End F 1 TWO HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN .44 N . 515- :ff f fi X I 4 8 3 4 4 v Q 7.9 .- , ff , .,,, -- A if l ,,. 1 .A. f' ' - I Qgifl r . """ BUD FOLEY LLOYD GRISDALE Half Half V r I I WARWICK BLENCH Centre f TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN . F 3 uf? n 5-Z xx, , . .r"' hiv. I. L . ,'. 4 -fd ff: .r sg F 411'- !: , 1, ,rw- 'ik-Q QQ, - Ll we IS ., '4 '47 ' ELL J if uv, ,. ,Q , 'U 5-. 'F' 1 J- l .L . K .,,"."1's .- . il 1 1M , -. ' u ' J Ez. , ' K A i' ' H 1 I , -I . 1 K u i 4' V 4 My K f .. eq 'N ni: ? . 1 .ks - 7 , .A.,',, . 1 Ax aa r. A hhk' X ,. vw,-.F gf'-f . J., .,, 91 -,W ,.' F.. ' ..f" N ,-"Z, ry, .,f""' ff ffl? 12 Q 4 ,f J I 'V X W . 4 l E f 5 4 5 1 4 4 5 f Z' 4- 5 5 5 s 1 p., p 4 2 9 5 2 E 4 4 Q , 4 4 4 5 5 'f 4 s 5 5 f f 5 1 4 4 4 ' I 4 , ' g 4 4 1 f 4 4 Q 5 4 5 9 ' 5 , . 5 5 - S 4 2 E 9 .9 , .5 2 2. . 5 9 ' 5 4 ' - 5 f 1 '1' ' -9 9 "'- -15 g- g, yr ff? Y. T7 WT? va 3 Y 'w"' V 1A ' 'L V1 ' a Q y fb 1 WWA 1,1-FM ...P ,, 15' 1" ,Je .- ' , f' 'I wgwaif' ,,- " . ,- 1 fs V .ff ,ww an 4,,,x U ,Wu 1 bf, Y W 1 I, X L1 II I W X 4 1 N X 1 1 Y 1 w h V 4 F hh A Q MM s ' Jacky, Western Inter-Varsity Champions STAN MOHER Conch JACK WALKER Manager MAX YAT ES Trainer HARRY LEGGETT GEORGE STUART BOB TORRANCE Goal Captain-Left Wing Goal BUD CHESNEY JACK MINCHIN ED. CROWDER Centre Right Wing Centre UE to several unavoidable obstacles, Senior Hockey was not a highlight in winter sports this year, The loss of our covered rink affected the team be' cause it rendered impossible the formation of a city intermediate league, which in the past years has afforded many interesting games. The only available games this year were four played away from home with Lacombe and Wetaskiwin of the Central Alberta Intermediate League, and three games played in the city with the EAC. and the Maple Leaf Iuniors. The University of Saskatchewan's rink is now being used for military train' ing, and thus they were unable to form a team to compete with Alberta in the West' ern interfcollegiate series for the Halpenny Trophy, which we still have in our possesfs sion. gl ---- .. ,.- J-A - . - ,v- A .-.--,., ,.,.. s.a..,i , .f x K. A , VARSITY vs. E.A.C. 1 l , . E i F il , lr l yi 15 as i 1 l l li A r J l 1 i L ll. EARL LANE BOB SCHRADER JIM TAYLOR Left Wing ' ' Rnght Wmg Left Win MAGESTE SANTOPINTO Left Defence S .mfr , I f , N' , -T ,M ' : f .KN" ,pw ., . .1 ,fa 8 ,fufilay-,,. ff- ,, x ,1-g,,,,:. ,uWs'!"v+v f. .1--1'-. fwwm6twZ'.,.g 4s mmm 1 e ,M "W 'M n. TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY lv-snQmu..+.vL VL . N . .nw . 1 GORDON DARLING Right Defence PAT COSTIGAN Right Defence LUCIEN LAMBERT Left Defence This year a new scheme was inaugurated with the Edmonton Flyers whereby they had the power to call upon any players which they might need, in return for which we were given ten practice hours in the city arena. Three players were called upon, they were Pat Costigan, George Stuart, and Bud Chesney, all of whom have starred with the Varsity club for several seasons now. Coach Stan. Moher called upon many new men this year such as Harry Leggett, ,lim Taylor, Bob Schrader and Jack Minchin, all of whom showed up very well. Several of last year's men turned out again to bolster the strength of the club, namely Bob Torrance, Ed Crowder, Mag. Santopinto, and Gordon Darling, and these players turned in their usual stellar performances. TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE , , .g, QQ., ' 1 iv:GV.nnl"Sn 1 V -1 51 W is F 9, L ,1 Q --Q LA' il ,z LCS' at M:-f !E f vc I' M, 1" Q .. T. ,y , -1 . V" VS! 1.1" ,, -. , f . Tc, F , , X . ff - L " 4 vl is Q 1, v- N W: 2 ..o.1. fa, 7 24, 1 x L., .4 . 1 1- -wr- 14.- Q,,1-A . ,. . Q ,Q + A x. rg, 2, ,jd ' r JE., . I ,fr -" 1 ,, ,, ,, ' -N m 1 , x -'- .- -V - 1 ,,: 4 ,f. ' 1: an , 1 . I 9 8 Y , 1 1- -. 41.- V ' s 42' I., .... -44' 1' Him I' ' :A I, V Q' K:- ffi J M .. 'aff' .u 5' , f. .- Q, 'E :AA v. A .. Y -?i,::X.p,'l'fM. u. ' V' f, , - .J-W1 ' .f K.. J . JI, r qt' v s .J ,N-I ,L , L f,,... - .bl , V , Y, .1 ul s- - V W 4. I--A-fear Y 5 -.: A 5 v , H. -if: 'f mn-T4 VI, 1 .,..H, - 1 1. 4 ' Q -cf' P 4 3 , X , ,- gn ,, A, Q sas? , Q 1' ,N r yan , F V, .. .'. 1 V. af' F". 4 rw I 'e ,z .w --W .lg 2 L 43 - 52 A 5' 4 :E 5 55 5 5 ff 4 94 55 5 55 gg 5 ff , . : : 551 45 f , 5 44 49 9 - 4 44 49 9 ' 5 55 :41 f 4 ff 'ga 5 5 55 Sf? 4 4 55x65 f r vpn' 4, 4 fue g. 4 ff 154 2,422 'Q v '6' 5' 5 4 4,5 7 Z g'f 2 2,iE'ge f f554, f grga 4 1' 'f 545 Q fra f ff' f 'G 4 " 4 1 f 5 g. fl 5 F I. -a rf V '54 ' 4 E ? T A 1 W , 1 IIM PANTON Coach "BRICK" YOUNIE Captain and Guard fWen'4 5 ' Bafikeidall LTHCUGH for the seventh consecutive year Alberta has failed to wrest the Rigby Trophy from the University of Saskatchewan, basketball enjoyed one of its most successful sea' sons this winter. With six reliable veterans back from former years the prospects at the begin' ning of the season appeared very bright. Cn top of this we were fortunate enough CHARLIE GILES to have as coach, Jim Panton, who Manager TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTYVFOUR - possessed the ability of being able to bring out the best in the boys at all times. At the beginning of the season a city league was formed with two overtown teams and Varsity. However, just as it was getting well under way, the Auroras had to drop out as they found that they would be unable to field a team due to the fact that several of their players were joining the army. At the time the league folded up, Varsity was leading the league, and had not lost a game. Following this came the series with Saskatchewan. In the early part of Feb' ruary Alberta travelled to Saskatoon for the first two games of the four game series. The Huskies emerged victorious in both games by the close scores of 3226 and 3160. FAY ANDERSON STAN CAMERON DAVE MCELROY Forward Centre Forward TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE EARL DIXON SAMMY MOSCOVICH KEITH HORSFIELD Guard Forward Guard At the end of the month Saskatchewan came here for the remainder of the series. Alberta was victorious in the first game by the score of 4065. However the boys slumped in the crucial final game and were beaten 3221. Alberta was unfortunate this year in losing the services of Stan Cameron just before the intercollegiate series because 'of illfhealth. Graduating this year are Brick Younie, Dave McElroy, Earl Dixon and Wally Stinson. The rest of the team will be back for another season. Everyone on the team is sorry to see the coach, Jim Panton, leave. Possessed of expert basketball knowledge, the ability to impart it to others, and being accorded a degree of respect and confidence by the players which few coaches attain, Jim set a standard of sportsmanship which will be hard to .beat. 'f1f,1::w s'x.g . "6 e em 2 ' 4 -1-:.1a.3 ,.v IQ, p '-+,..,Q 1 Q X-Q, x Y XSQQSRYQ S'-f ox ' .N S . . fislmsf-X I 1 ,5 A a - " ix ig., sf- as . 'Tl X SAMMY SHECKTER Forward MONA ASSELSTINE Captain and Forward TUG-men '4 S . Baahetdall JEAN ROBERTSON, Centre JEAN HILL, Forward HE women's basketball team worked under two very strong handicaps this year, Hrstly, in that there was no city league formed and see' ondly, graduation took sevenftenths of last year's team. However, under the able direction of their new coach, Bob Fritz, a strong team was built up around the three veterans, namely, captain Mona Asszlstine, jean Robertson, and Margaret Guliek. The new memf bers of this year's team were Jean Hill, Pat Foster, Christine Willox, Margaret Willox, Kay Lind, Louise MacAuley and Maureen Maxwell. MARG. WILLOX Centre This was the team that travelled to Saskatoon in February to play the intervarsity tvvofgame series against the University of Saskatchewan for the Cecil Race Trophy. Due mainly to lack of experience, Alberta Went down to defeat in the series but with customary Alberta spirit, the girls fought hard all the way until the linal Whistle of each game. The yearly Cofed vs. Professor game was held in aid of the University Christmas Fund. The game this year proved as popular and as amusing as in former years. The girls turned out for the LOUISE MCCAULEY KAY LIND CHRIS WILLOX Forward Forward Guard TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT battle royal dressed in rugby suits-including everything from shoulder pads and helmets to nose guards and the traditional adhesive tape patches. The professors pref sented a much more varied picture dressed in everything from modern bathing suits to old fashioned dresses. As for the winner of this game-both cofeds and professors are still claiming that honor. PAT FOSTER MARC. GULICK MAURINE MAXWELL Guard Guard Forward TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE v, ' k 4 .":1,.H" ' 41 - C, 4- 13, , Vx . nf X '1 v W' 1. ny L. '. if,- - .rn v -.42 ,J . A V ' V, Q. . , . J A. , 5 , 7 .-. "' v-,, -,Q .- . . ,4 - x .- A 'F ' aa -- 1- - 2 'is - " 1 'I , . , x--- .. - 4. J, . - 3 1, 'Aw , . 1 . - 'T x " b Q 1 , ft. V. A w 4.21 .1 :9.f7- ' Y 'I' . ,f-' , ff . , ' ,, iv, xx ' ' . I .1 I . ' . .' , . 2 'wi I . : I , ...-- - 1. -x xg '.v.,,, ' . , - A , .,'. s , V ,ru ,A V V vlr: ' , . . ..x pl. ,. -,-. 1, a- . tw- fl , .v -' , , X- fa--. f , .- 1 lx - -' x 4 Y, -5 1. A, - , 'Nw A ,H-,f Q . -., 3'1" D ' Hui 5,--,.j,."PLL 51,4 "' ' r. I 'TY x h-A ,ke L ua , 4 ll' V4 I vqnaf x l 1 W: an , nk. L '41 -.amz -1 umm, ANN mxuxx. 2 . ' HRH, uw' . t 1 f Q X WWW 1 YuuluXnHXXllx W" ' Q Q L P . lm il K I A-MM DAVE TAIT President and Manager JIM PANTON I-IE ban on Intercollegiate competition somewhat reduced the turnout for track. Those who trained for the Interfaculty meet were rewarded by receiving the new ideas and expert coaching of Mr. Panton. So much improvement was evid- ent after a short period of coaching that a new spirit over- Ktook the athletes and they determined to build for next 4l'year's team and the regaining of the Cairns trophy. The 'First step in this direction was the organization of the "Spike Shoe" ' ub, which meets monthly to hear talks on matters of inte to track enthusiasts, and to see movies of track meets and famous athletes in action. The fterfa ulty meet was held on Thanksgiving Day, as it .as fe ' 's postponement to the regular Inter- collegiate tr i Q 37 ay would give the athletes a better chance to i" o Pesondition. However, as usual, the weather man to co-operate and the day was chilly with a raw wind. bined with the fact that the Varsity Rugby team. ,N S p aying an interesting match overtown, interest waned 'iignd the competition was cut short. The Interfaculty meet saw the introduction of several new track innovations sponsored by Mr. Panton, and we would like to extend our gratitude for his untiring efforts to give Track a new deal. F. wh' . wr f , . TNO HU' VWQED AND THIRTY TVO !Wen'eL Wash ng,,' L+: xv! l r E YA1,.J in-ff' KEN BRAD'SHAW CEC COMPTON FRANK FOXLEE "'56aJw'.w DOUGLAS GALBRAITH Dons Danner throws the discus Glenn Tracy clears the high jump Ken Bradshaw leads the 100 yard dash Dons Danner 'WT " ., 74 :H S -vm- npir-'.iMQl S' ' Zifamen '4 7aack ffvi . 0' 0MEN'S track had a very successful season despite many discourf aging factors such as DORIS DANNER President cold and wet weather, N' military training on the grid and no intercollegiate meet. Coach 1 D . The season s training began with a goodly number of fresh' ettes plus two past members under the able coaching of Mr. Panton our new Athletic Director. On October llth the girls entered competition in the interfaculty meet. Much enthusiasm was shown by both contestants and fans. Those taking part were Marg. Gulick, Anna Kapuscinski, Marion Blackburn, Gwen McAuley, Dorothy Clarke, Kay Lind and Doris Danner. Cwing to the fact that the team was not travelling Mr. Panton arranged a meet with the Normal School girls. The meet was held Qctober 19th, at the South Side Park. The University team topped the Normal girls by a narrow mar' gin of two points. Membe1's of the team representing the University were Kay Lind, Anna Kapuscinski, Doris Danf ner, Marion Blackburn, Marg Gulick and Gwen Mcfxuley. Kay Lind a freshette of this year has shown the makings of an excellent athlete. We are expecting big things of her next year. TWC HUNDRED AND THIPTY FUUR jim Hcrringcr clcnrs the high lump Thcy'rc off Anna Knpuscinski throws thc discus shi' ANNA KAPUSCINSKI KAY LIND .Y 1..- 5311.40 H I i N 5 P W 1 I i A i i i i 4 l '5 1,- T! x l P. v f , y. v 5 Lv. f F, 1 ' , 'vi . M we if - IA. 11' 1 '-. 1 f? K" 4 1 ' I 1 . I ' ,.. , -R. nu 5 1' x -.5 -. Ag. 4 -f ve f.. Q. Liv ' A Oh,-., 1 'rw 'Af " , xg. 5 MXXXXX W" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxww X K NV xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwlm WW XXX I U I n XX slluux mall' MXN xxx 1 nk M 4. 5 5 5 5 4 E 1 Q 4 , . E' -2 2 4 9 5 1 4 5 f 5 5 5 ' 4 ' 1 5 4 f . 5 1 f 4 ' 5 f '4 4' f4 E 2 E 5 5 5- ' 5 5 , ,, , 5. 4 5 f p 4 4 '4 ' Nl" 5 , 5, f. ,ve 4 a. s 15 - Ae. ' , 5 eu 2 V: fr , 3 : 1. -' , 4 4' Q 5 4 5 5 g 4 4 1 1 E 5 G 2 5 - I X, pf ff' ,If ll' 'wif "fl I f X ,-"' Fr! ' f4 1 A X, ' W get " ' A. K, A wt 1 Hp 'J I 1 1 1 1 4 .r ' IT 4. Mui W 3 . The Boxers and Wrestlers parted company this year and formed two separate clubs. The Boxers had a very successful year under the leadership of Presi- dent Jim Flynn and Secretary John Dixon. Work- outs were held on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons this year and the boys are to be con- gratulated on their enthusiasm and regular attend- ance in spite of their heavy time-tables. Most of the former members turned out again and many promising newcomers were started on their way to a successful Hstic career. As in the past the lnterfaculty Tournament was a great success, equalling any of those in the past for excitement and thrills. Many of the beginners upset the calculations of the "experts", by winning their bouts against boys with more experience in the ring. The Club had difficulty in obtaining a coach this year and lost him in the middle of the fall term be- cause of pressing business and his army training. However the boys carried on until Christmas with the help of the Club's old coach and advisor, Wally Beaumont. During the new year, a strong team, for the Annual Assault at Arms with Saskatchewan, was chosen and trained by the new coach Alex Wyiiiiy- chuk. BOXING CLUB nw 2 INTER-VARSITY BOXING TEAM john Dixon Alex Wynnychuk Lloyd McLaren QCoach5 Hugh Buchanan Les Willox jim Flynn Back Row-Moe Hanson, Stew Sinclair, Stan Edwards, Les Willox, Ossie Stubbs. Bob Roche Middle Row-Pete Sereda, Lloyd McLaren, Jim Flynn, Alex Wynnychuk fCoachj, john Dixon, Wilf Hahn, Duncan McCracken Front Row-Hugh Buchanan, Jim McCracken, Steele Brewerton, Otto I-Iauck TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTV EIGHT i.L , a.,M...,..,.t...,...-vw. - WRESTLING CLUB Back Row--Bill McPhail, Orville Taylor, Carl Rolf, "Deep" McDaniel, Ed. Lewis, Dick Corbet, Clem Brooks Front Row-Ted Smith, Stan Pearson, Cec Robson Ccoach andmgr.J Al Trott, Don fDopeyj McCormick, Earl Christie INTER-VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM Ted Smith, Stan Pearson, Cec Robson fCoachj, Al Trott Herb Wilson, Earl Christie, Don McCormick aallin This ear the Boxinr and Wrestliiuv clubs Y S in U gained sufficient recognition to operate as two sep- arate organizations, an arrangement which proved very satisfactory. Both clubs enjoyed a very satis- factory season. Army training greatly hampered workouts and it was difficult to have all the team out at once. However, two regular periods were used together with a Saturday afternoon workout. The lnterfaculty Boxing and 'Wrestling Meet was very well attended and gave our intervarsity team good experience. In the lntervarsity Assault at Arms held this year in Saskatoon, our team turned in one win and one draw towards the winning of the Neilson Trophy. The team was coached and managed for the third year by Cec Robson. TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-NINE ARCHERY CLUB Back Row-Blanche Wallace QPresidentJ, Margaret Fraser, jean Clark, Margaret Graham, Helen Soldan, Betty Montgomery, Roma Ballhorn, Mary Chandler, Betty Ross, May Miller Front Row-Watson MacCrostie, 1CoachJ, Doreen Stetson, Dorothy Graham, Eva Wheeler, Betty Tregale, Ethel Fife, Calvin Fletcher fCoachj 14 The Archery Club, enjoyed increased membership this year when about twenty-tive girls enrolled at the first meeting. With the advantage of a longer range offered in Athabaska Gym, and under the able coaching of Cal Fletcher and Vfatson MacCrostie, shooting was greatly improved. Meetings were held Monday and Wfednesday nights from seven until eight. The absence of an overtown team prevented the usual competition, but it was replaced by an intramural meet held on March 6th, in which six Of the nine groups were represented. The manager's award this year went to President Blanche Wallace. mad The activities of the Tennis Club have been greatly restricted this year by a number of factors. The weather proved to be a serious drawback to the tourna- ment which was attempted but never completed. As a result new tennis champions have not been crowned for the year although we have several promising players on the campus assuring Alberta of a strong tennis team for next year. The loss of Intercollegiate Tennis has been a sad blow to the Club as the hope of making this team creates a good deal of added interest in the tournament held in the fall. The strong possibility of the return to the campus of a full program of Intercollegiate Sports gives us reason to believe that next year the Tennis Club will enjoy the success it has enjoyed in the past. TENNIS TEAM Bruce Sangster. jack Gregg, Emile Gamache TWD HUNDRED AND FORTY BADMINTON CLUB Back Row-R. Dutka, C. Acheson, E. Anderson, R. Inkpen, H. Hankinson, N. Lundy, D. Ross Middle Row-C. Pine, T. Davidson, N. Starr, S. Kostashuk, D. McCoy, E. Gamache, K. Gibbons, M. Howey, S. Edwards Front Row-J. de Hart, B. Fetherstonhaugh, J. Hutchinson, C. Fergie, G. Rowan, M. Hannah, J. Farman, G. Shaw, J. Kelso, C. Donaldson This year the Badminton Club enjoyed a most successful season, with the largest membership in the history of the club. Members gathered in Athabaska Gym. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings to play this most enjoyable of indoor winter sports. The year Was started OH with a Round Robin Tournament. In January the annual elimination tournament was held, in which Bob Inkpen and Kay Fergie carried off the men's and ladies' singles re- spectively. The Club had a party and dance in St. Joseph's Assembly Hall to which the Faculty bad- minton club was invited. This is the first function of its kind in the Club's history. The University was represented in the Edmonton City Badminton Tournament by Kay Fergie, Jean Hutchinson, Bob Inkpen and Bert Wilkins. Kay Fergie and Jean Hutchinson travelled to Saska- toon to meet a Saskatchewan team. Although they were unsuccessful they displayed line badminton talent. Intervarsity Badminton Team OO Margaret Hannah , Vice-President Stan Edwards Jack de Hart Kay Fergie Jean Hutchinson President Sec,-Treas, TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY ONE E A l I lx I 4 ll .J 1 l '1 v l l l 1 A 1 L A I , ew , , Y 9 . f fa A ,.Q, :ggi .?,,:t,,. ai, jew . G , A 1 l . 1 6, l -, ,....,. Q 1 as , -'Lf' ' 'fa' ' if r ef. , Lf l 6 " Nz' bw " ff " Y Aki A . ? 's FENCING CLUB Front Row-Joe Gidzinski, Bill McCormack, Dante Ubertino, Aubrey Olsen Middle Row-jean Vallance, Gwen Daw, Venetia Fallow, Betty Freeborn, Kay Van Der Mark, Peggy Tredger, Del Geary Hope Spencer, Margery Upton Back Row-Bob Dunlop, Bill Hedlin, Frank Wetterburg QCoachj, Leonard Gads fCoachj, Ed. Brooke, Ben Samuel, Gordon Greenwood, Ben McBain X f N., .A -fx 'W- X INTER-VARSITY FENCING TEAM Margery Upton, Aubrey Olsen, Leonard Gads fCoachJ, Ben Samuel, Hilda McConkey, Kay Van Der Mark, Ed. Brooke TWO HUNDPED AND FORTY TWO T, x XT ,- ARTS TEAM-INTER-FACULTY BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Back Row-H. Shortliffe, L. Grisdale, R. Dumont, H. Anderson, R. Went, R. Warshawski, I. Metcalfe Front Row-P. Baker, R. Schrader, J. Dixon fMgr.Q S. R. Moscovich QCoachj, K. Bradshaw, B Kelly fa-,, , I Q--ff' HQ, U25 ....d.,.q.. J . 'E -E4 ' hfifizf . 2 W' I 1, ' 'fe---tie . A V - - J I - ' gif' K .. .9 I A A. VMTW. . X .1 V X A fx f X THE NURSING TEAM HOUSE LEAGUE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS MM' ',', if THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION TEAM INTERFAC VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS Front Row-Tom Siddall, jack Ellis, Fred Webber Betty Owsley, Mabel Weeks, Margaret Stewart, Peggy Redmond Back ROW-Bob Guuiver, John Toogood, George Price Inez Norem, Irma Underdahl, Vera Funk Morris Zaslow TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE V. SWIMMING CLUB Front Row-Victoria Wachowich, Norma Kreutz, Babe McKenzie, Les Anderson, Beth Rankin, jean Funk. Second Row-Pam Wfoodruff, Violet Davidson, Lenora wallace, Shauna Little, Margaret Keillor, Honor Evans, Gerdine Rowan Back Row-R. jackson, B. Rowan, N. McClary, C. Ward, D. Campbell, B. McDiarmaid, D. Sinoski, T. Magee, J. Flavin M. Bevan S . . The membership of the Swimming Club this year was the greatest for quite some time and speaks well of the interest taken by the students, considering the lack of facilities. The turn-outs for the weekly overtown meetings were consistently good for the entire season. Both teams were fairly strong this year with the men's team showing up very well. For the hrst time in the history of the Club the men's team showed promise of ability to win an Inter'Collegiate Meet. Tom Magee and Robin Jackson were two outstanding freshmen who can make a good showing. The coaching was in the hands of Jim Panton, our Athletic Director, who filled the position very ably, particularly in being able to hold the competitive swimmers' interest with only the prospect of an inter-faculty meet. The selection of the teams was based on this meet. Wfomenls Team-Marg. Johnson, Lillian Gibson, Honor Evans, Beth Rankin, Shauna Little, Gircline Rowan. Men's Team-Robin Jackson, Tom Magee, Cedric Ward, Bob McDiarmaid, Norm McClary, Brian Gore, jack Flavin. TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR Q QW E is .e SOCCER TEAM Back Row-C. S. Donaldson, M. W. Feniak, E. R. Scammell, D. C. Jones, I. W. Reynolds, D. Rose, S. B. Gelfand, G. T. Kokotailo, N. Edwards, R. G. Reynolds Front Row-T. H. Rappel, E Crowder, J. A. Sinclear, Coach Webster, I. Smith, R. A. Spence, R. E. Dickson The Soccer Club this year found it impossible to carry on with the usual Interfaculty League because of necessary army training. Two different teams, both lacking practice, played two games with Scona High, the first game resulting in a 1-1 tie, the second a 5-1 win for Scona. At the annual banquet held at St. Joe's Tuck, Mr. Jim Panton made some valuable suggestions for the future conduct of the club. Acting Executive for the 1940-41 season, elected at the banquet, were, Mr. Jack Reynolds, President, Mr. Mike Feniak, Executiveg Mr. Ray Dixon, Executive. The members of this year's team wish to extend thanks to Mr. G. B. Taylor, Coach, Dr. H. johns, Honorary President, and Mr. Jack Sinclair, Captain, for aiding us in a clifhcult year. ENGINEERS' TEAM-INTERFACULTY CHAMPIONS Back Row-"Speed" Clayton, "Biff" Smith, "Pug" McLe od, Mgr. Yeats, "Bullet,' Simpson, "Hal" Haverstock Front Row-"Broadway" Steed, "Livewire" Dewis, "J oe" Ryski, "Cyclon" Swift, "Goal Miner" McDougall TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE Q "W" f 'S ' ' W ' 1 ' Keg- ,air 1 , kfhgjfw fx Q7 Q. v . 1 im, vi iriii ill, X yi i 1 -""' Pr af ' Q .s f . . A if E Mad-at Q. Q FRANK WOODMAN President 0 Glad The Outdoor club has enjoyed its usual successful season, and several new projects were undertaken. Each year, it has been the policy of the club to try and make some lasting addition to the general lay-out of the club, either to the cabin, or to the skiing and tobogganing facilities at the hill. This year, the prob- lem of adequate fresh water was settled by constructing a well behind the cabin, and it most surely has proven to be a great convenience. The ski slope was further enlarged, and tentative plans for building a kitchen annex to the cabin during the sum- mer months were drawn up. Activities got under way with a grand hay ride and bonefire, followed by a general meeting at which Dr. H. E. Bulyea, honor- ary president of the club for the third year, presented colored slides which he had taken during the summer. With the coming of the skiing season, the club hill proved to be a popular meeting place on Sunday afternoons. Sleigh riding, tobogganing and hiking were popular. Wiiaiiers of the club tournament were Bob Crosby, Bob Freeze, Neil Carr, and Art Horsfall. Winners among the women were Gladys Smith and Helen Jenkins. The Varsity ski team captured first place and the Peterborough trophy in the Edmon- ton City meet. JACK MASON H. CI-IRISTOPHERSON BOB FREEZE BOB CROSBY Press Rep. Secretary-Treasurer Manager Skiing Freshman Rep. TWO HUNDRED AND FORTYVSIX ARTS-COM-LAW RUGBY TEAM-INTERFACULTY CHAMPIGNS Back Row-Archie Nicol, Bill Harrison, Russel Wendt, M. Santopinto, David Jones QCoachb, Harry jones, Norm McLean, jack Rae Middle Row-Bruce Sangster, Gordon Pybus, Ian Dunaway, Doug Carr, Roger Flumerfelt, Cecil Compton, Gordie Nelson Front Row-Gib Brimacombe, Bob Schrader, Glenn Tracy, jim French, Bob Layton, Gerry Larue. Not shown: Gordon Smith, Bob Ellis and Murray Rabey 2 ,Q . X , A .. L1 4 Al ' 'ee " fir B' M at efd THE THEGLOGY TEAM-HB" HOCKEY CHAMPIONS Back Row-Doug Carr, Jerry Larue, John Sorochan, Bert Loree, Charlie Vogel, Vernon Fawcett Front Row-Gordon Pybus, Ted Stevens. Hartford Cantelon, George Spady, George Tuttle TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-SEVEN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION-INTRA MURAL CHAMPIONS Back Row-Beatrice McBain, Hanna Christolferson, Beth Rankin, Gwen Robinson, Hilda McKonkey, jean Funk Edith Langridge Front Row-Alma Ballantyne, Enid Parsons, Kathryn Frey, Norma Smith, Clare Reed The lntra Mural Athletic Program was set up to provide some form of Athlet- ics for every girl on the Campus. We are greatly indebted to Mr. Jim Panton for all the work and effort he ex- pended in helping the Women's Athletic Association to organize and put into effezt this new athletic program. Through this program Mr. Panton has created interest and enthusiasm in sports, great enough to have approximately 175 girls competing on eight teams. This figure is very signihcant if compared with other years. Girls may choose their sport from Track, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Badminton, Swimming, Skiing, Volleyball, Archery. Competition is held in each of these sports and the Intra Mural Athletic Trophy is awarded to the team with the most points. Points are awarded for entrance, and for lst, 2nd and 3rd place. Because the program was not introduced until after Christmas it was impossible to hold competition in Track, Tennis and Golf, but next year it is hoped that competition in these sports will meet with the success shown by the others this year. The Trophy was won by the College of Education this year. The winning teams in the different sports were: Swimming, Delta Gamma, Basketball, Nurses, Archery, Pembina, Volley Ball, College of Education, Badminton, Pembina. To participate in Intra Mural Athletics a girl cloesn't need to be outstanding. All that is required is that she be interested, bcause in this program there are no individual stars. It is team work and enthusiasm among the members of the team that co-unts. Because all the women students are members of the Women's Athletic Associa- tion, this new Athletic Program has been introduced to provide some form of sport for every girl on the Campus. TWO HUNDRED AND FORTV EIGHT .-nv' .ws Q? 'vi '. alrlr I , . , 'W 1 RW' Sv .a Q ,V L+ ' fsf K A A A if-Fi 93 ' 0 59 F 9 . .ff 'dv ar r,, ,N M v O ,gf 1 , 'Io J ? rf ra F. P -.v ff, ar, 3 .q. vs' rl 6' l4c , 5'- ' 5 -: ,, ,I , . I, Z '-VN 4l 5 ' ' 4 'M 3' , iff' ' 'Mf 5 of . 15,1 ILITHIW -. . .- 1 D 1,3 Q f .9 ..'ES a'f..' A , 1. fl, C. I "L-Q ' , K g .Ab ir 4 1 ' ' "F-r X -1 K -.-. .. - , r , A-H-L .,-5 1 4 H ,p 4 ,J , . . - -6:4-, gif-W'jJ.." V .." "L45,V!: W9- , f . - .l ,V 2' ---H 1-5 -1ffi,k'?' ' . . D .,..',V, .J pmgr, 1j':".,3, ' :' '." 2'Y . Q f'9'.' I ws:-f f 'ff 5 ffr' QQ--,'fs.1, P L '-' '71 ' ' IL ar' f ' I 1, - Ffm, ,W ,BP my . 1,4 ' 'Cape 2-f rv - ..,, 1 i " 1-g .'q' ' I 1 I2 ,A ., . . I , It 't -1- ' . . 'ww- v Fi-1 .X ' ,k 1-', 41 - :- . be A p34 f .I ...VV , , X, ,ggi :,.'y'2A,.'?, e. A, Q ---4-Ne: I1-W'2"eJ1, - , u ' , , , X lf 1 . Y .fr 4 ,T , . X 5 r 3 5 9 ' 5 1 v 5 v 5 I 5 f f 4 f 3 5 E 2 f 1 ' a P 2 s ' 2 2 , L 4 f r 4 G : 5 - 9 5 5 ' 9 ' ' G f 4 1 ' - 4 5 4 4 f f v . , 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 - 1 4 4 4 G 4 - 1- - a Q f 4 5 5 1 5 ' f A 9 g - f 4 c ' s f f ' 4 f ' 4 4 1 f g 4 , 4 , , -4 , , - 9 5 4 5 f 1 f f 1 f 5 1 2 5 5 ' 4 2 4 f I 5 f 9 e f 2 - -XEWQN1 W :Vw 9-a vw, 'nw v, L ' WN ' 'QM-v?'SQ'?iN Wg . J in X, . , gwi i w J 1 X f 5 i 1. A4--: -Aw... L Lt.-Col. P. S. WARREN Commanding OHicer His Honor Lt.-Col. I. C. BOWEN Honorary Colonel Lieut. C. R. TRACY Adjutant qnzawfa . .1 . Major A. WEST Paymaster N Lieut. R. E. BELL Adjutant for Aux. Bn. L..-v Lieut. I. H. WHYTE Quartermaster - S a result of the continuation of the war and the military disasters of the summer of 1940, the training of the C.O.T.C. for the university session 1940-41, was greatly intensihed. The contingent remained under the able Command of Lieut.-Colonel P. S. Warren, who was assisted by Major G. M. Smith, the second in command, and a full time staff which included the adjutant, the orderly- room sergeant and clerks, and the quartermaster ser- geant. The four companies Were under the command of Captain R. M. Hardy, Captain R. A. Smith, Captain D. E. Smith, and Lieutenant D. MCN. Healy. Lieut.-Colonel E. H. Strickland, a former O.C. of the unit, and a brilliant lecturer, was in charge of all instruction, on a full time basis. The instruction in the vari- ous arms was given by the following oHScers: Lieut. D. P. McDaniel fArtilleryj, Captain R. M. Hardy Clingineeringj, Captain R. A. Smith fMedicineQ, Lieut. C. E. B. Conybeare fSignalsj, and Lieut. A. M. Burka Clnfantryj. Three two-hour parades were held each Week, and qualifying examniations were Written in December and March. Uniforms were Lt.-Col. E. H. STRICKLAND Chief Instructor ASSISTANT INSTRUCTORS . 'F Capt. R. HARDY Lieut. R. A. SMITH Lieut. D. P. MCDANIEL Lieut. C. E. B. CONYBEARE Engineers Medicals Artillery Signals 'W ' E 7 Q ' 1 'V-if x ' : X Q' r Lieut. A. M. BURKA ' ,K vi.. n n l I fa try T 0 HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX available for the C.O.T.C. by Christmas, and since the wearing of them was made compulsory at all parades, the university campus was given a definitely military appear- ance. The adoption by the government during the summer i of the policy of calling up all able-bodied men of the ages Lieut- W. A' MILROY of 21, 22, 23, for compulsory training, raised an immedi- 0f5CCr iff Instruction Aux. Bn ate problem for university students. By an arrangement with the government, however, it was decided to form an Auxiliary Battalion, attached to the C.O.T.C., in which university students could take training equivalent to that given at the Training Centres, and so be relieved of the neces- sity of interrupting their academic work. Since the University authorities decided to make military training obligatory for all male students, not merely those of calling age, the Auxiliary Battalion had a strength of nearly 7OO men. The instruction of this unit has been in the capable hands of Lieutenant W. A. Milroy, a student officer who was called out on full-time duty. He has been assisted by a staff of oflicers and N.C.O.'s posted from the C.O.T.C. ARTILLERY GUN CREW IN ACTION TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY SEVEN I Y 1 w N w TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY EIGHT Lieut. G. D. CARSON, O.C. B-5 Capt. D. E. SMITH, O.C. C Coy. Lieut. D. M. HEALY, O.C. D Coy. Lieut. H. W. HEWETSON, O.C. A.2 Lieut. D. R. BUCHANAN, Aux. Bn. Lieut. G. R. MACDONALD, Aux. Bn. Lieut. J. W. STEPHENS, O.C. B-6 Lieut. J. W. REYNOLDS, Aux. Bn. Lieut. I. C. STAPLES, O.C. D-13 Lieut. F. R. MATTHEWS. Aux. Bn. Lieut. W. G. PROWSE, O.C. C-12 Lieut. E. G. CULLWICK, O.C. A-4 Lieut. R. W. ROSS, O.C. D-14 Lieut. D. M. MCDONALD, Sup'y. C. Coy. Lieut. D. F. CAMERON, O.C. D-16 Lieut. A. J. SAMUEL, O.C. A-3 Lieut. A. F. YATES, Attached Lieut. J. B. DONALD, Attached Lieut. R. T. WHITE, Attached Lieut. A. G. WHITEHEAD, Attached Lieut. G. O. SUTHERLAND, Attached Gfficwvi' zqnnaal Mad, linnea sb 2 - ,vase v The annual training for both the C.O.T.C. and the Auxiliary Battalion will be com- pleted by two weeks in camp, from the 1st to the 15th of May. The main task for the C.O.T.C. now is to train officers for active service. A large number of last year's officers and cadets joined up during the summer of 1940 and are now either in regiments on active service or in various advanced training centres. Dur- ing the winter further calls have been answered by C.O.T.C. officers and cadets, and with the opening of intensified hostilities this spring a great many more are offering their services and being accepted. It is our hope that by means of the training being given in the C.O.T.C. the men of the University of Alberta will take a conspicuous part in the national effort which is being made towards the achievement of victory and the re- establishment of an honorable peace. W N N vw QW wyxegtj D, u v 'll' - S' l 5 fli flilx 41 sixeg ! 1 -'W 3.5 T: 'H R13 T54 immin- TUO HUNDRED AND FIFTY NINE Smeyeaniil MMA. SERGEANTS, MESS, UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA CONTINGENT, CANADIAN OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS, 1940-41 Front Row, Left to Right: C.Q.M.S., E. D. Wilson: C.S.M., I. W. Hemstock: R.Q.M.S., S. Goto: R.S.M., G.M.D. Black stock: C.S.M., J. C. Moon: C.S.M., G. A. Sackville: C.S.M., W. R. Spencer: C.Q.M.S., R. H. Douglas. Second Row, Left to Right: Sgt. B. R. B. Gore: Sgt. I. S. Lewis: Sgt. S. C. Phillips: C.Q.M.S., J. B. Rohrer: Sgt. C. M. Gardam Sgt. G. P. Scott: Sgt. K. W. McKerns: Sgt. K. W. Moorzg O.R. Sgt. A. Croft. Back Row, Left to Right: Sgt. D. R. McCormick: Sgt. R. S. Ellis: C.Q.M.S., L. G. Thomas: Sgt. J. A. McGuire: C.Q.M:S., I B. Robb: Sgt. W. R. Sinclair: Sgt. I. H. Jamieson: Sgt. M. Wolochow: Sgt. M. E. Wolfe: Sgt. M. J. A. Lambert. Absentees: Sgt. R. H. Hislop and Sgt. C. Johnson. Xl ,M Milli ,f -A 31 u I xl' fx , VK ,Z-.n,..f.,.,,. A - q V ,4sfg, Q! M2 . V , . A-7 b ' ' . . ,lk 1 is 'X A t Q - . , :gmt ' I I 3 f ' . Q 3 1 WTT- 3 '7' ' 'X - ' V mf:-fg , if -V XX - 2 Qi - 9 , U A .,'.qfgQL'2.f"i3!- .Q Q . N. V Wf . 4 ,-V 1 r -' fx' - X . 2 ff-"7 "" ' 35, .1-, It V ' X ! gg. A Abt H- A.-. ,. ' ' "' if f - 3 , ,Z . . f ,Q-ga ,1. v W, I: 1, ni , 4 I 541 ! ,451ffq5i , V ,..,, , . ' .. -3 .. - m Q?f4fTTxWff4:.s. M" 2' Q 4' f . ' ' X .. " f'f:f?fi,w W A 1 as 4 V73 335 . . iii - W Q' .,. 5 ' 12 3 L , 'JV . .. L f -3 V1 . -V1-' A, V , V- " ' , .. 4' EYQ. E ' 3 A J , X e E ' .,,f . gg K . .- - -' g",i?f7'- -. ' - - . W - - f I vvirivj. ' A ' , - , ' i " A 4 522 jffk' ,f,,-fwgwf , V - .5 I x J 6 4 Q ' . - , A - ' if" ' 1 , " ,- 2 41?7'1+" -- 1 --'--1 ' ' , l . Eli, . .,, , -. x f el 5 - ' ,. ' by I E f L 'H K '5 42 ' 2 V., ' 's Yr '. 4. S, ' K , Q' 41 qv f ' , , . 5- 2 4' Q- 9 . ' , ws- A.- ,x 'Q i' . 'G 4 B N 5 X ,f I xg - : N- 6 'gf - 1 ,I Z ? X, a K J, Q 'Nz 'fl' ' I N ' ! , e' w. "Q ff 1 O- 'N-f a 1, gf I. 9 si 0 0 ig. 1 Eff ,A . ' 7:--1 fl Y ii Villain. Crime. Rcsulr. resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidcnml. B Range. Lawns Gun Crew. fl' 4 K fm ' ' " M, Q ., 'L ,f. ,.'3 Q '-'lu-.AAL ix ' L ,J-'YW .. yy ., I 1- 3, V Ax ff' H, 9, ,, 7"v-aw ,if QQWQW' .gg . . x W Q xg 8 3' . ,. . , 1 0 3 1 o 1, 'y 'L V A 1' , ,,, , A I K . Yi . V , ,5 5 if Q , M Q . ., QL A,,. . -so 2 Q R 9 , J, ' X 13 252.5 9 f ' M f , H ' A v E, Sw 4 'W . ?g,,..,,: 1 u I ,7 ' 79 'fgw Min., ' f, ' , , -Q f l J: , V ,f . -A , ka'-gy V F- I , I-1 7' 4.g,.,..... ' is - 'Q , fy f 'ff x Q , 2, M K wx , ., V ,, Xwymv-WZ. 1 A ' 'I " Q ga "T , f---ww. X..- :fig I -- f ' V' 5333544:ilY5Wf,5f72' , -. ' 7 V U 'fp A- 'ifrglfwlfhif 4' ' - 1' V - V . ... ..,, 13752. , W A- 7 Q , '- 5 3 s xi hi, fw-23,5 1, A, -' ' ' . 1 5 ' , x QS! ' 'fi SXT, i f , "' .w.'1fLw:229' k . "EEN ' Q2 'W ww A'Qg?,2x?X.Q.L. . K: ' J eg QQ djs "" gf Q Q 5 Zu, ,N X. M M I ' ' fig, X, , ., , "-iw' ' 9 - - 'af ,WA f f Q ' N , ..f,.... V .A Z Q 1 m1 HRIKBL V N - , , .A - " ,. 7-.,:'.L1fn.' ' H 'J . 1 ' a M 1 - 'TIA-1' ". 1 ' 1 'ii J- A- , af 201521-2- . - .:. .f . if V1 wr--.fc-3' 41.2. z. 1 ,Q v. if... V. 1 M:--5 - . ,V c. ...' ' 5 Qi, 4 5 3 e' T- ,-1. . A . ii, 'H Q, 1 X sr-rv pny :Wes Q. A :git . . ""'f , .Q f - ig if 8. , .wr-t. The March Put. The liieulty pose uutsitle their Club House. T. Loolxs for a Match. Mr. Tlmmas. l.ieut. Corbett .ind Engineers on Trestle Britlge. "Big jim" QCuunt lgn.1tie1Jr.j Bullx-eye Lheels slinultl he flatj. Morning Inspeetinn. "Meme" lXl.1CL'lOl'1AlKl, the R.S.M. 10 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 . Sid. Legg. A. Xllfinter Tactical Scheme. . Auxiliary Bn. . The C.O.T.C. reach Calgary. . Lieut. Healy. . Signal Section. . Stall Sergeant Croft. . Artillery Maneuvers. 17. Sareee Camp. 18. Col. Wfarren, Col. Strickland and Major Vfest. 19. Mr. Cormaek. 20. Lieut. Milroyg Col. Strickland and Major Smith. 21. Fall Drill. 22. Reg. Bowering laying a gun. 23. Bowering again "Dash it all." 24 S.A.T. The Battalion standing easy. 6 Col. Strickland supervises an angle of sight 7 instrument. 3 Lieuts. Bell and Smith. 9 Gun drill, 10 Showers in Officers' lines. 11 Af 47' C"'E1g. 4 1 1 ,X 1i!FZQ': 3.91 "Gil M, 4. .--. nfgww ,-1 f , 3" ff at Af. W'ash troughs. Ken McKenzie. 'iMoose,' MacDonald tells off the C.S.M.'s Stretcher Bearers. Radio Demonstration. Bren Gun Emplacement. an .- -, Hi fu " Q 1 HY k wg' u l L' 5 . va 1,' 1. . Z.-' 1 , , 4 -A e , 1-nr: T y IQIIVG 1 7 . , . . . .1 f . ,' ,PX . E352 . fA..1,f'v-I H :il . . . ' " 'fav' Mv , , xg V ,,4.' ,.f,, r,. 1 , , .,. u- , In -,S wr n ., f 341 . U! -A 1 YY, Si. , Q -'. . J V ,- N- Y'-ri, ' '. , w-, My ,IA Xu 1 H w 5 - ,- " .-.mln , 2. q.. E 1 g,,.'-Y: 4 - .xf..,of: ' - ,w . ,, f '4.-1 . ff L i E- - ., , ,. ,I , . ' - ua " ' ' x. Y 4 , 1 -' str, 1, '. , u , , .f-:::w,.g gn. W 'e 3"'!z- 1 ' -i' w , -, , .a5...'-. 'J A - 3 Y AA . A ' -.7.". " V u7",' s . K 4,-f. v ' 7 I '- U..-E.. A , A gaw- , y . -x - - . 1 . W -' if L, -. ,Q fb X , ' , , X "-'p N I , W 11 ' L. , .. 7 ' c.. A - w xf -, L . 4 1 V , I ::si,, -' . -- 'lux . 3 :1 2, rl- ..4. v4 , - 1. we-.44 J .- - "P" r z. , , K ,, . A of 1 .. '--"."l - , L - ,,X....5 '- ' G . s f , , 1 .'. .z - ...ntl ,, gn! , . .I 2 .- ' ' JET 5'-L' .1 Y ' .' " ' . v '-Q a ,I 1 .. 1'--'V A-.' ,fy ,J ' 5.14, flig-N. W 'n r" R 5 V' " M +1 ' . N V ' ., - ,Q 4, ,A 4 'w,",,-f ', 'ZF L'-A K , Wy., uw . ' ff - ' 5 , 1.1 if A . Vi H 1 I YL v 'uw -.3 E J , Z M 1 N. M L. r , 1 r 1 a v' f' I f 9 5 5 X xxxxxxxxllr XXXXXXXXXXXX Mmxx Ill 1 m xxx 4 lh H, 0 N tm mt xW 1 Y K ' MXXXYWKXXXXXXRX 'Wm xxw W , . A M 1 HHHHHWU Q Y is um W V'-,A yu' n I -n-'- I 1" , 5 3 0 Q I +2 - el Tfwun 2656 261266 Bella FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY 1888 Local Chapter Installed February 1932 yqafiua JEAN BLACK JEAN BUTCHART MARGARET CASPER HELEN DAVIDSON MARGARET FULTON JEAN GRAHAM EVELYN HEWSON JEAN HUTCHINSON DILYS JONES MARIORIE LEGATE ISABELL MAQKENZIE EDITH MacIiINNON MAUREEN MAXWELL KATHLEEN MQNEVIN VIRGINIA MORROXV BETTY NEWMAN EVELYN PETERSON NINA SAGE TVIURIEL SANGSTER MARYELYN STAPELLS BETTY STEINBACH CATHERINE YOUNG pledged DORIS DANNER -lEAN EAGLESQIXI JUNE GIANTON lVlARGARET KElVlP NORINE REILLY BETTY SEANlAN lVlARJORlE SRELTON M I Jean Black Jean Eagleson Jean Hutchinson Edith MacKinnon Evelyn Peterson Marjorie Skelton jean Butchart Margaret Fulton Dilys Jones Maureen Maxwell Norine Reilly Maryelyn Stapells Margaret Casper llwrix llanner june Ganton jean Graham Margaret Kemp TNl.1l'lLll'lC Legals Kathleen MCNex'in Virginia Nlwrrow Nina Sage Muriel Sangster Betty Steinbaclu Catlicrine Young Helen Davidson Evelyn Hewson Isabell Macliexizie Betty Newman Betty Seaman .ill +Ax DELTA 'Ir fbellla Ga FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL, 1874 Local Chapter Installed May, 1931 Nclfrlua THERESE BARRY SHIRLEY CAMPBELL EDNA DOONER HONOR EVANS MARGARET GULICK MARGARET HANNAH SHEILA HAYHURST PEGGY HURLBURT EVELYN JOHNSTON LOUISE MCAULAY MARGARET MASSIE MARGARET MncLEAN NORA MQPHAIL JANET MIDDLETON RUTH POOLE MARY LOUISE ROBB CHRISTINE WILLOX MARGARET XVILLOX plecfyei GERRY COPE BEVERLEY DAHL KAY FERGIE MARGARET JOHNSTON RITA JONES KAY KELLY EDYTHE VIRTUE MARY WOODWORTH ,fi .R T A H 'RSD -vt' 'G RE gm' 'Vivr- vw 'Q' SQ it .a Uh Therese Barry Shirley Campbell Gerry Cope Beverley Dahl Edna Dooner Honor Evans Kay Fergie Margaret Gulick Margaret Hannah Sheila Hayhurst Peggy Hurlburt Evelyn Johnston Margaret Johnston Rita Jones Kay Kelly Louise McAulay Margaret Massie Margaret MacLean Nora Meljlmil lanet Middleton Ruth Poole Mary Louise Robb Edythe Virtue Christine Willox Margaret Willox Mary Woodworth L54 A A.:-54. A Q Halma LOIS BARNES GENICE BROWN MARION COOPER MARGARET COPELAND LENORA CRAIG JACQUELINE de PALEZIEUX IEANETTE FARMAN B. FETI-IERSTONI-IAUGI-I MARY FRANCIS G. GATTENMEYER MARGUERITE GRISDALE ELEANOR HAMILTON AGNES MCRINNON MARGARET MacLEOD PHOEBE MacLEOD NORA MCLEOD BARBARA PEDDLESDEN MARY LOU SMITH XVINNIIIRED VAN KLEEK GWEN VENABLES I GWEN WILLIAMS n T1 1 X WTA if I 7 :J QM flledgea MARY BASS JUNE MQCAIG JANE SINCLAIR MARY STERLING DOREEN THOMSON IOUNDED AT INDIANA ASI-IBURY UNIVERSITY 1870 Local Chapter Installed September, 1931 KGWG HMG Lois Barnes Mary Bass Lenora Craig Jacqueline de Palezieux Gertrude Gattenmeyer Marguerite Grisdale june McCaig Nora McLeod Mary Sterling Doreen Thomson Geniee Brown Jeanette Farman Eleanor Hamilton Barbara Pedcllesdcn Wfinnifrecl Van Klcck Marion Cooper Margaret Copeland Betty Fetherstonhaugh Mary Francis Agnes McKinnon Margaret MacLeod Jane Sinclair Mary Lou Smith Gwen Venables. Gwen Wfilliams ,fig ig ill 'I F y-si n Q fin lfllmx if Ilfffllllllal It I lymllw If will li., 5 A .lu f"fxx'lfl' Illfll 3- 'N -Ill F9 A nfl" fl"fI11l"lll vi Pzgeiap' FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 Local Chapter Installed September, 1931 in Hmm LESLIE ANDERSON MONA ASSELSTINE MARILYN DIAMOND MARION DUNK GONSTANGE GHOSTLEY RUTH GILGHRIST BARBARA GILLMAN KAY GORDON HELEN HARDY MARGARET HEYWOOD JEAN HILL BETTY JOHNSTON DORIS JONSON MARGARET KEILLOR BETH RERR KAY MACDONALD AVELINE MECRENZIE HELEN MAGEE MARY BARBARA MASON RUTH MCCUAIG MARION MCRAE AUDREY MILLER PEGGY MOLLOY ISABELLE NEWGOMBE RUTH ROSTRUP DOROTHY STANLEY SHEILA TOSHAGH iofecfged FLORENCE EDWARDS PATRICIA FIRTH PATRICIA FOSTER MAE MILLER RI-IODA NEIL BETTY STEWART BUNTY SUTHERLAND GLADYS VICKERY BLANCI-IE WALLACE 'IJ777,77maeo40'enm -A , , 11, A, '.f.'.:,4:u, v. .. ff A .. N. we . 0' sn- W -8- Leslie Anderson Mona Asselstine Marilyn Diamond Marion Dunk C. Ghostley Ruth Gilchrist Barbara Gilman Kay Gordon Jean Hill Betty Johnston Doris Jonson Margaret Keillor Aveline McKenzie Helen Magee Mary B. Mason Ruth McCuaig Mae Miller Peggy Molloy Rhoda Neil Isabelle Newcombe Betty Stewart ' Bunty Sutherland Sheila Toshach Gladys Vickery Gila Patricia Firth Helen Hardy Beth Kerr Marion McRae Ruth Rostrup Blanche Wallace Patricia Foster M. Heywood Kay Macdonald Audrey Miller Dorothy Stanley 'Iv "" lw"" X la rqfpfza ew FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA December 15, 1940 ,Lf 1' rg gf 1'-1 'N' if' . 9 GORDON BARRETT FRANCIS BENY BOB BLACK CEC BRIDGEMAN DON CLARKE BOB CLARKE RAY DICKSON MERV HEWSON Adam GEORGE HUTTON SYD LEGG RAY LLTKENHAUS DON MMGREGOR ALBERT MAROOLIN VERN MCDOUGALL LLOYD MCLEOD new REX MCMEERLN BERT MILLER BILL ODELL TOM OTTO ALAN SHORT RAY STEED JOHN SWIFT ROGER YOUNG .TACK GARVIN MARK GRANT I HAROLD RAPPEL ., , , ,I :yu . .-ILT.. 4 xgfi 4, " -, -4 . AY ig ..., t Alb, ,Z ' lllllllllllllll mlllllllllllllll L J N xxwaevwxob W. f MIM" full ,..nIIlEl5 QMIIIn.. Xf 5 5 Q J. apps. pda ,lg ' 74 U,-2.-1 FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1833 .X V - Local Chapter Installed December, 1932 DR. W. A. R. KBRR qPres.J DR. C. V. JAMIBSON GEORGE TUTTLE LEIGH MCBRIDE PETER DEWDNEY GRAEME STEED FRED IRWIN HAROLD SMYTHE PAT ROSE GIG FIELD DICK MATTHEWS DON MARSHALL . DOUG ROY PAUL RENTIERS HERB MAYBANK DAVE LUBERT NICK CHAMBERLAIN aww, DR. H. C. JAMIESON J. W. PORTEOUS Aotiau WILF ARCHIBALD JIM SHOULDICE DON MCGILL JIM MACLEOD GORDON HIsss JIM MCNALLY DON RICE HARRY PATCHING JOHN HURLBURT ROY SCHLADBR BOB FRASER DICK HISLOP p!eJ9"i BOB CROSBY JIM TAYLOR DR. R. K. THOMSON J. S. CHARLESWORTH DAVE PHILIPS LOUIS LEBEL HARRY JONES FRED MOORE HUGH STANSFIELD MUNRO WILLIAMSON BLAKE ALLAN JOHN JAMIESON MAX EARLE STAN HARTCROFT LIONEL DOBSON CY YOUNG BYRON ANDERSON JACK EDWARDS GEORGE SMITH "Inu 'ia rl lgllllltlllllJllllHllllll f lm , Mil My n x I Amana nom-lm ' 'Q Q 'E 'J 'f"""Hl Y LuI! tl nl Ju WM. n.: LMI In ,Ml M 5 ll I ll A A XX SLIM MQLQ ella Zlfufllan FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 Local Chapter Installed January, 1935 fs" Lv: wfffvff-" - 'I' ' .'f5"fiE:fW7 x . 5 Ip'5,uT7 I. N DR. R. CARLYLE DR. W2 G. HARDY A. G. AUSTIN K. BRADSHAW R. W. CHARD R. CHRISTENSEN L. O. CROCKETT M. DUBUO G. O. EVANS D. FOOTE -W. M. KENDRICK E. W. KING RENE BOILEAU DICK CORBETT TIM CORBETT AL FRASER HOWARD GAIN RONALD GOODESON D. M. HEALY vqcfiaat P. W. LEACOCK D. E. LEWIS H. A. LLOYD J. A. LOVE M. MCOORQUODALE D. P. MCDANIEL W. MCOILLIVRAY G. MILLER W. A. MILROY J. B. MURPHY E. J. O'CONNOR nz..A,.,. JACK JORGANS RALPH LODER LLOYD LOVESETH JIM MacLEAN BOB McKENZIE DR. R. B. SANDIN F. G. WINSPEAR W. c. PROWSE O. J. REID R. D. REIKIE J. s. ROPER D. M. SMITH M. D. STEWART J. TOMLINSON R. TORRANCE -W. A. WICKETT M. E. WOLFE . ROY MILHAEM BILL MITCHELL DOUG PETTIGREW CLIFTON PROWSE GRANT SIMONTON EVAN WOLFE .fs 'Xu f ,z . ,, w, vAL?,,,':g' 1 Mil? -gr i v l I 1 r I 1 I I i'w I ,. E I 1 .f A I Q if A if ' KQMSSYA- .if fa- . H . m L.. p Q H ,-ff, '22 5 : K 'N fr . ' - .w.,, ' s ...LA-n..L:..... 1 I .5-:,f.L'!,'rll J. J. ANDERSON C. BLACKWOOD WM. BROKES-AVBY L. B. BROWN G. M. CAMPBELL J. B. CORLEY B. J. CHRISTIE M. DAVIS B. J. EASTAWOOD N. BRADLEY N. CARR ..'3c. L .n.,...zl...". qaculiq 1. PANTON rqcfiued. C. A. JAMISON A. B. KING C. F. LAYTON E. P. LANCRIDGE N. MCLEAN N. F. MURRAY G. E. MCDOUCALL C. MEGAS J. C. MOON f2ze.fg,,, H. HANKINSON N. HOLMES K. MCKERNS F. C. PLUMB WM. PETERSEN C. W. ROBSCN J. D. RAE J. M. RAE C. R. ROLF W. P. SKELTON C. N. TREDGER H. E. YOUNG J. MCCORMACK D. SARGENT SW' af ' 1"Z -Tfll w-I 1 A Ill' x QU?! V i 1' t i f 'I' S' I Gm? mE H 13 354 x.: 'Y I lixii n f l ., -Il. I X , 1 PM alia '7!wZa FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 Local Chapter Installed September, 1930 DR. O. J. WALKER J. E. AIKENHEAD L. R. AMUNDASEN W. F. ANDERSON G. S. BALFOUR R. B. BURROWS D. M. BELL R. E. BELL W. A. CAMERON J. H. CHESNEY F. E. DEAKIN A. A. DIXON E. G. DIXON R. D. FREEZE G. ARNOLD O. AMUNDSEN L. BEAUOHAMP G. BRIMACOMBE J. BURROWS E. CROWDER E. FITZGERALD qacwfiy DR. W. MACKENZIE Melina D. GARDNER B. R. B. GORE J. E. GOUGE L. O. GRISDALE H. M. HOPE W. A. HOWARD M. J. HUSTON T. O. IVES R. D. JAMIESON A. H. JOHNSTON R. J. JOHNSTON H. W. LEGGETT N. R. LEGGE 111.470, C. FLETCHER I. HAVERSTOCK H. HAVERSTOCK J. JOHNSON J. KIDD J. MANNING G. MACKINTOSH DR. A. H. MacLENNAN D. M. MACDONALD 1. W. MILLAR J. A. MORRISON E. A. D. McCUAIG N. D. McCALLUM G. E. POOLE D. G. RITCHIE G. P. SCOTT J. L. SIMPSON G. W. STUART B. J. STURROCK O. J. WALKER Jr. G. C. YAVIS J. MCLEOD G. MCOANNEL T. MAGEE L. MILLAR H. MINOHIN J. MINCHIN R. ROCHE 422.a'?:x M was -as if 11. 1, 6 'lx lr- 'Ir L "l n, up 'lp 0 il 'en a"' -1 ' 3-Zz ? : i f o,' x l '51 'l 1' 1:7 :Jr -4. 5 an ."'o o ' : o ,Q ,H ,N ,0'4 u:t 5 'F 1' n's I pt 0 ,II ,WI TW Sq f FOUNDED AT Az Kappa pi TORONTO AND MCGILL UNIVERSITIES, 1913 B5 di Local Chapter Installed October, 1930 DR. J. A. ALLAN DR. E. A. CORBETT PROF. W. E. CORNISH PROF. J. FISHER DR. H. A. GILCHRIST PERREN BAKER DAVE BELL HUGH BUCHANAN MAC BURKA BRUCE CLARKE BRUCE COLLINS JOHN DIXON GUS ENGBLOOM FRANK FOXLEE BOB FRANCIS BLAIR FULTON RUSSELL COLLEY CHAUNCE DRAKE aww., PROF. R. M. HARDY PROP. A. W. MATHEWS PROF. M. M. MCINTYRE DR. H. J. MCLEOD DR. M. R. MCPHAIL Adm JACK CRECG HARRY INMAN DON JOHNSTON BOB MacBETH DAVE McELROY ALAN MCRENZIE J. METCALE JACK NEILSON BRUCE RANKIN BOB ROBERTSON BRUCE SANGSTER LORNE DUNSWORTH HON. A. C. RUTHERFORD DEAN. R. S. L. WILSON DR. F. A. WYATT DR. R. D. SINCLAIR BOB SHARPE ERNIE SHORTLIEEE BILL SINCLAIR STEWART SINCLAIR RICHARD SWANN CARSON TEMPLETON JACK THOMPSON BOB XVALFORD STAN WATERS LAURIE WIGGINS LES WILLOX BRICK YOUNIE HANCE SHORTLIFFE LORNE MCDIARMID A nl 'NJ' Q., ww 'lla - . ""1"4 C 5-f, Ellku, ' 1' I Q, dv. x I .N sk XX QQ W Ah XX XX ilu N X , 1 1 qlf 1: K... .X I an ml- D .. . . lm 'IH ' QQVQ QQ 5 ma 14 Mu of Q9 9. Q Founded at the College of the City of New York, Nov. 26, fZ KS 1909, Local Chapter installed, March, 1941. CLIFFORD AMES I-IYAN BOLOCAN TULLY I. CONN EARL ELLISON THEODORE H. AARON LEONARD B. FRATKIN aww, DR. M. M. CANTOR CAPT. M. WEINLOS, M.D. Klafwa CHARLES J. GOGEK ' BENJAMIN GUREVITCH I ' H-ARRY L. URETZKY HAROLD KRIVEL SAM S. LIEBERMAN NORMAN s. SAMUELS ,A SAMUEL VEINER HYMEN WOLOCHOW MICHAEL WOLOCHOW www MORTON MICKELSON JACK M. GOODMAN PINNIE SHRAGGE fff sf ' PU! 11 A i J' ,mln ffl 1, ll? "may I f '-"AQ-H :MTN ' 1 L ff -'SX fTii?Qbf6L lla' FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 Local Chapter Installed, 1930 - , DONALD CAMERON DR. J. K. FIFE DR. R. K. GORDON ARTHUR BEAUCHAMP ALBERT BROSSEAU DONALD F. CAMERON PAT COSTIGAN JOHN H. CORBETT FRED DAY JOHN DAY EMILE GAMACHE GORDON CALLBECK CHARLES DUKE CECIL LEWIS aww, DR. F. H. H. MEWBURN PROF. N. C. PITCHER DR. P. H. MALCOLMSON DEAN A. C. RANKIN DR. E. L. POPE Mmm KEN GIBBONS GORDON GIBSON JOHN GOOD JAMES HERRINGER JOHN G. JACKSON FRED KIDD DENNYS LAW JOHN MAXWELL PETER MCCALLA PM JOHN MacKENZIE EDWARD MARTIN DR. E. SONET MONTY NICRO TERENCE OLDFORD CAMPBELL OWER GEORGE SACKVILLE JAMES SLOAN REGINALD SMITH JOHN STAPLES JOHN G. WALKER MAX YATES CECIL RITZ ROBERT SCHRADER JERRY YATES OO .fn 14 ' ' OOO At last the nineteen fortyfone year book is completed. As I turned the pages of the proof copy I realized that such an accomplishment is only possible as the result of perfect cofoperation of everyone associated with its production. Therefore on this last page I wish to extend my thanks to the students, staff, engravers and printers. I hope these words of thanks will not be accepted as an empty formality but with all the connotation that only deepffelt appreciation can express. A. M. BURKA, Director. OO f Q W f 'V V 'Hr 1-, 2-Mvfi"hv',9... '15 M X ,,j,.3i3,g..i.L"!1AiI1- " ',' F. 1 . 2 1 ,Q ,W . 1: 5, , - 1, A ff' 4-1 1 1 5 1 3 l ? 1 5 ' w 5 N . , X 1 , 1 1 ' ' 1 3 , , V 1 5 ? Q 2 9 . W , 1 1 J X754 U' ' 1 2 Ja ,A Y i f S! , 1. X 5 L - gg I "W I I: i, 1 M V Z 1 , fini Y G : if .UI I ' 1 3 -j' , 1+ ' iisiij 1' 1 pri' I ' X E Q fu 5 I A 1 fx' 2 ,! ' , 1 4.493 1 2 F N , X AJ ,, , ' N 1" 1 l:1':' , . - - 1 --Af ' 1 I 0 W i , 1 , Q N 3 w '7 K 1 Q N ' ..w , W V. I V191 xfri A fig! I 4-ig D ERTISIHG - 1 I , 4 of' 52 I 5 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 -3 9 5 5 f 4 f s , - 5 4 4 4 5 4 , 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 f 4 ' 4 ' Z .4 4 4 4 f 4 4 4 1 4 f 4 4 4 5 4 ' 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Z 4 4 4 4 4 4 , 4 4 5 4 5 4 4 1 4 2 5 - - s E 5 1 ' E 4 f S S I 4 4 4- 5 4 4 - 1 , . 4 4 U' 4 Z ' 4 3 5 2 ' 5 ' , Q 1 4 4 - 4 4 4 4 5 5 4 5 5 1 ' 5 5 5 5 5 ' Z 2 7 5 4 - 7- 4 5 6 ' V' 4 w-wise-LH' ' " h X vv!Xl'f5S"9"b" f k 'X' 2 , -Y pf? X 5 5 u , X ' ,K e'r.,, X J 1 ,.,4:vH'i, ,. X , ,tr , , -M :"f. uf, Z ,-.. . 'arf ,, 4- , "' 317' 1 44 VO' Ima he QGUJK 065 X. , , mf V 4 WN -4 ' 955' V15 rl,-,Q 4" :H J il CSIS, i33.Cii6Ci. 576813 Of experience iiave made masters in tineir iieid oi Pifiofograpiiy, Piioto Engraving and Commerciai Art Work. mc:Dermid Studios Limited uqutists : gngnaveas : ocpllotogfzapfiehs 'IOOQ4 'iO'i St., Edmonton Phones 25444 -26777 4 1 VERLCQKING the Sas' katchewan valley at 101st ,D , f X ii' lx St. and Macdonald Drive, . X. the Journal building stands out as a landmark in the life of this ZW Kilns Flaw city and province. f 1 t l l fl ff fir W ' -Q Here the news of the world is 0 Xflfll gathered and published daily. I l - From this point 600 carrier boys, 100 street boys, 400 newsf dealers and 5 00 postmasters dis' tribute the JOURNAL day by day to the homes in which accurate reporting, wholesome features, constructive editorials and interf -l l it-ifafvi'2'E"! ' T 4. Illlllllll ' S itll . lt s l u 'I u ll it :iz l H 0 ,.: ia W.. .vi V..- n .,, E ll KI' ' 1 , 1 mg W A n i vi '!iIIl"IIl"Ml' -,i,:,5 I uh I UD' ii , Y ZZ, 5 pretive articles have built well' merited readerfconfidence. This confidence in the JOURNAL is reflected in its circulation coverage of every district in Edmonton, in every town and village, and in the farm homes throughout central and northern Alberta. 1 if f1I31P31l?I1 1IEEE111EEl, Extensive, up-to-tlne-minute equipment operated by sl4iIIed craltsmen, a pride in an enviable reputation ol doing better printing, carelul attention to tlie needs ol tlwe buyer, a consultative service operated to enable customers to get tlwe greatest possible value lor tlieir printing dollars---all tliese add up to a complete printing service in vvliiclw quality, price, and promptness ol delivery are just rigI'it. COMMERCIAL PRINTERS LIMITED ,4 eww fiwufmq swine . ' ' VV , .- , :.t A '4'. I A :1l:' Auusi i ullq FOR EVERY GIRL gifi aijiiil -3 b ZVRL Y ' ' n a n I n I --., ' ww E I' fRR, .. 1 I- ,,, ti am 'f 1 1, 5 3 'f A H11 , ."' , ,Ii . U 3 ,fi-'-iq 'QQ "' -Dj - 'f1I:::.:. -" . ,- V Q 1 ,.,, V v.,. Q ,,.. 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AAAb x who are ambitious should consider Life Assurance g , selling through the Sun Life of Canada as a career. '.'. 1:-:' '- ,-,1 Egg: '.,,',V,,VA lm gi? i"' The high standards of this leading international - ',:-c q-.v a n institution require representatives of unquestioned integrity and charactelr. Applicants passing Initial Q .1 -. a11'f -:1:':'2A1 f 'IIT '2'1-1 15-11,- iw tests receive tralnlng to qualify them for MmM.Wm miomomme thatexpertserdce by which the Sun LHe ADDRESSENQUIRIESTO: Agent is so favourably Icnown the world over. R. P. SUTTON, Branch Manager 0 ESTABLISHED 1865 BENEFITS PAID SINCE ORGANIZATION EXCEED SL38i00l000 O ? O 'j Ke o OOO Iffli 32 Students enjoy banking at the BANK TREAL Hu Limit IFIIKIE smnii account , rv Ll 'ze LVL' COIN? EDMONTON BRANCH - FRANK PIKE, Manager 10089 Jasper Avenue CHEM '40 COOKING CLASS a million deposit accounts denote confidence X. Ploflern, Experience-il 'Elf' Banking Service tl t of 123 y . successful operation T E The University Book Store Stationery - - Drafting Supplies - Textbooks - - - University Sweaters University Pennants and Crests ------ Embossed Notepaper Laboratory Coats and Aprons - - - Eversliarp Pencils ------ Fountain Pens New Photographs of the University in Folders of Twelve Any book published can be ordered here. If we 'have not got it in stock we will get it. The University Printing Department ADMISSION TICKETS DISPLAY CARDS BOOK-BINDING INVITATIONS CONCERT PROGRAMS HAND-BOOKS DANCE PROGRAMS PAMPI-ILETS A Printing Service for the University and University Societies GROUND FLOOR, ARTS BUILDING THRE HUNDRE AND SEVEN 55? A CQNGRATULATIQNS T0 , W t ,,, '-- ' ii E Caiaiiak CLASS 41 f 5 ,, -ilg'lf distributors A QQ: 1 ga " ltp gfffiig of all lines ' - ' ".1' 1:"': 'Fifi H hffl ' Northern Elecfrzc a n : 5 .Qt e k p ijafijjg? 10241 103rd Street i . ' .,,f ijkfh fiili ' A- EDMONTON ALBERTA V A,.'VA ,,, A ,- c MARSHALL-WELLS ALBERTA COMPANY LTD ' Edmonton ln Edmonton . . Buy your Lumber and Building Materials from P. MANNING Lumber Co., Limited 10443 80th Avenue Highest Quality with Prompt Eriicient Service 0460 "Ike Howsan and fack Millar cutting a THE Modern - Fireproof A Dining Room Service You Will Appreciate Attractive 2 Blocks East Rates C.P.R. Depot f A WWMWW 99? ' I .A "936"'V"'MniNwA - sf. ' ,Y ,tl .. M -tjey 5 - Q X- .X ,ef m f . 33' . , E. . is 19" A ,tw X me wwf. O O STUDENTS . . . 'We invite your inspection . . . for your sporting requirements. The finest selection at moderate prices. Northern Hardware Co. THE SPORTSMAN'S HEADQUARTERS lOlst Street Edmgnton THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHT CANADIAN LABORATORY SUPPLIES LIMITED Canada's Leading Laboratory Supply House HEADOUARTERS IN CANADA FOR LABORATORY APPARATUS AND CHEMICAL REAC-ENTS WINNIPEG TORONTO-5, ONT. MONTREAL SAINT JOHN, N.B. 388 Donald St. Hartz Building, 32 Grenville Street 296 St. Paul St. West 108 Prince William St. VARSITY STUDENTS! FOR SMART WEAR COMPLIMENTS OF TI-IE SOLEX LHMP compnw LTD. Manufacturers of . Christie Grants INCANDESCENT ELECTRIC LAMPS ACCOUNT WITH grim determination this young and virile nation dons her armour .... buckles on her sword. From coast to coast the tempo of Canada's war effort accelerates. Tanks, planes, shells, foodstuffs and equipment of every kind are being rushed and massed for victory. Can- ada means business. Personal Sacrifice Must Match this National Effort Yours is the duty of providing the dollars so vital to Canada's war needs. Yours is the duty to save .... that you may be ready and able to lend your money to the nation when the call for money comes. Money, no less than men and machines, is a decisive factor in this war. Thrift is a national necessity. Savefor Mkfory PRCDVINCIAI. LABCDRATCDIQV public Health, Eacteriological and pathological Examinations UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA, Edmonton Q ' ff f f ff f IXX4 -east ,ef gk, eff l ,46ie:awgs::n9fe X ff f"-2, E- lg, X045 1 ff! " ""' " ' ffdp ff'f',, 1 f ff I f ,X f ffgff 9 f , 1 X f,f4 4 ff! l . M , ." " "' "" I :,.,'-- H ' U Q l A, fr 5 " 'ns 'NEW , I fig if A -"-N'-" '- .. ..... .. ,.....' -- 1 X X Q 6 2 ff 1 f f lfff j THE CHALLENGER .. TIMED TO THE MOMENT., Ladies' Wrist Watch, 14kt. natural gold. silk cord bracelet, Challenger movement, 560.00 Ladies' Wrist Watch, natural gold Hlled case, silk cord bracelet, Challenger movement, 527.50 Nationally Serviced f , f JACK PARK AND "ELSIE" another campus couple being led astray by "Deep" Daniel. THREE RED AN E l -fs -.,:. 4 -Qvnux, 1 f 5' "?2f-'ff'fi,-:Ef'3f?i' I I ' ' " 5? -l .. " ""' 1 '5 ' "" . 5' . '51 2:12 ,,.. P . -- ffqiaf' ff -'ff' . , . , on it . Q. it K K ' iv .V ,V 'A 2: ns- .i P I112135:ES,-:..:ii I "1 . ., - by ' .feffz - lif-'f-'F a ff" . f ' Qs., ' ' la, l " -. f'3fE:' ff". ' H ""' ,1 .- Mlfii' ' f- " - - .. - .. ' '- 5, ' " ' .' 7 ' .J 'A l 1 "" - 1?-Ffa , -' -3 " 5' T ' ica - . .,, , . . , .-,3"P'f .-5. ,- .. , , ,P 0 00 '21 " V rea- ',f.,sI'zg5 -' 1752239 land leadershxp m X ,..,. V :5,,A,.gff,z51,,5.25.,-- .V Bette, Dairy prod- -.--::- .-'f'- . . . - se- -sr, -:Q-f ' V . - -' . . I. . . . NEW, delicious Ice ..., 5: The Smooth at ' 'mv ".':5??c?f'1'7"'Er'S""Q'i:'A Q ' -'., '- 'H ,,' ,Mir-2- 4132 , ,V . Delicious Kind" At Your Nearest Woodland Dealer. MICHAEL DUMON Lumber Mills Galloway, B.C. l Students wishing summer employment in lumber camp or saw and planing mill--write T KLONDIKE NITE at the M- DUMONT Phi Kap House Galloway, B.C. THREE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN IMPERIAL BANK OFCANADA - It I Head CfHCeg Toronto if' QW I Utd with the I THE PIONEER BANK OF EDMONTON l 7? I Edmonton Branch opened 1891 E- 1 meats slwe I . , , , , . If I This Bank will afford you painstaking and reliable ,C I I Banking Service X I ZS Q ' FOUR BRANCI-IES IN EDMONTON sa 0 , U I Main Branch-Corner Jasper and 100th Street , I J. A. Wetniore, Manager ii' I Norwood Boulevard-95A Street and 111th Avenue I 1 L. L. Mason, Manager -I-l'1Q and I West End Branch-10702 jasper Avenue I H. W. Harrison, Manager that are deliciously different I I Ed1"O'mf Avenue i . . , H...l I I 1891- -1941 I Interest allowed on deposits in Savings Bank Departmentg Drafts and Money Orders issuedg Safety Deposit Vaults, Boxes to rent. I ,-pw.. , 'Jw-...A..,.,, - V , ' ' uh-vr'.g"r 'A f'f- .. . ff- ' tix .. fvvuy- .. ,L 1 Q,-tu ,. J . -. "Nil-.N Fm-4.1. I'Q'?-i4'a.'2.+.a"f., agi5..i1r- f .u,,Y" ,, 4: -5.4-A,. -A.f..,1 . P v -Q -Un, .,.,1,,v ' ,,. nur., -.. 1 ' " . eg., " if ,""'.i'7"'M" THREE HUNDRED AND TWELVE Ready for Life in the Modem Manner fl-IEN graduation is over . . . the world of reality lies ahead. It is a world which the university graduate is eager and ready to face. Perhaps she dreams of making a name for herself, or carving out a brilliant career. But even deeper than that, in the very heart of her, are dreams of a home of her own . . . not just an ordinary home of endless toil and drudgery, but one of charm and freedom in which she will have the time to express her newly acquired knowledge, and follow up her many new interests. Such a home is made possible with Electricity and modern Electrical Appliances. Electricity gives freedom-for living in the modern manner. Calgary Power Co. Ltd "SERVING ALBERTA" 1- Ta nn.. Eu Q L.. lin l .. THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN AN INDUSTRY 77!eff-7 TIJ THE FLIIIITHEIIIANCE Elf AlIl5llCUl.T ITE Founded and developed on the basis of helpfulness to the farmer, the implement industry is entirely dependent on the prosperity of agriculture for its own success. Through the years the implement maker has, with quality of product and genuinely helpful service, won the high regard and goodwill of the users of his product. There are few farmers who do not value sincerely the service of the implement company. Lack of understanding of some of the problems of the industry may give rise on occasion to criticisms that seek to detract from or disparage the part that the implement maker plays. In the light of the facts, however, misunderstandings vanish and a better appreciation results. Farmers' Equipment Investment Greatly Reduced Most of the discussions on prices of implements, compar- ing them with those of years ago, for instance, fail to take cognizance of the improvement in methods that have taken place, resulting in the use of different machines from those of a quarter-of-a-century ago. The One-Way Disc Seeder has displaced, to a serious extent, so far as the manufacturer is concerned, several other machines, and it does so because it cuts the cost of tillage and seeding by from 405k to 50132. The small combine has spread the use of this method of harvesting until the sale of them now almost equals that of binders. And this because it costs only 26c per acre for out-of-pocket expense to harvest with the small combine as against 51.90 per acre by the Binder- Thresher method-a saving of 51.64 per acre. The wheat farmer can equip today with the latest tractor and tillage and harvesting equipment at 28fZ7 less than he could for comparable machines ten years ago-equipment, too, that enables him to cut the costs of his operations by over 5092. This is the contribution of the implement industry to the furtherance of agriculture and Massey-Harris takes pride in having played an important part in it. MASSEY-HARRIS LEADERS IN THE IMPLEMENT INDUSTRY SINCE 1847 THREE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN ff - fn" Q!! ff f 'e X I T l X1 lll ill 1 l . 'tzlv Sires!! - . 4, Tn II' nl- , -,. Inf' GI! 'Q 1' I 'Z 7 . ' 1 1' I l , ff NWN if 1 1.7 Ili., if riff, V 'lr , 'I 'Wx 'mm .Qu ?fs3'H5P11h'e . compuments Glnllvgv l OF Extends its heartiest goodmm to the The BRUWNI BROTHERS line young men and I-lmned Women of the A Monmtat Toponto Class oi 1941 l VANCOUVER u . The Undergraduate and His Future NDERGRADS look forward to the time when they will have their degrees and will be able to make prac- tical use of the knowledge they have gained at University. They plan on years of activity in their chosen profession or business. They plan also on building up a home! Optimism is the keynote of their plans. In your plans you would do well to include the matter of Life Insurance which has a direct bearing on the future of every man and every woman too-for Life Insurance means security, protection and investment. Members of the Class of 1941 should consider NOW the value of Life Insurance. Most men intend sooner or later to provide adequate protection for themselves and their dependents and the younger they are the cheaper the rate and the better their health. Our representatives throughout Alberta are fully qualified to assist you with your insurance problems, and will be glad to do so without obligation on your part. Recognizing that the Life Insurance business offers a field of endeavor with great possibility for advance- ment-a Held where individual integrity, enterprise and initiative are the main factors to success, many College graduates have associated themselves with the Mutual Life of Canada in the underwriting field. Our Managers will be glad to discuss any enquiries. THE MUTUAL LIFE OF CANADA Calgary Office: Edmonton Oflice: Toronto General Trusts Building Head Offifier W2tCrl00. Ol1Iari0 219-21 Empire Block C W. Luckhart, C.L.U. Est. 1869 R M. Moore, C.L.U. Branch Manager Branch Manager THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN GIRLS - FACULTY BASKETBALL GAME ln Aid oi the Christmas Fund Back Row, left to right: johns, Preston, Fritz, P anton, Thorssen, Azarius, Hewetson. Front Row: Gulick, M. Willox, Robertson, Hill, Lind, Maxwell, McCauley, Asselstine, Manager Jack Butterfield. WELCOME To CDz'ne at the SELKILIEFE1-SYALE i purple I-dmtem I 3 in the Heart of Edmonton's l Good Foods AMUSEMENT, SHOPPING AND FINANCIAL DISTRICT SERVED IN AN ORIENTAL ATMOSPHERE I TUDY Y QERTZ We Wish to express our appreciation for your patronage during the past year, and we sincerely hope that the graduating students will meet with every success in their many different professions. 'IOQQ5 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta phone 25766 for Appointments THREE HUN RED AND SEVENTEEN A Custom-Builf Insurance Program When you graduate, throw out an "anchor to windward" in the form of a Life Insurance policy or bond with The Commercial Life. This guaranteed reserve will help you weather any diflicult times through which you may be compelled to pass. We issue low-cost protection policies, sawn s bonds and pension plans, to suit individual circum- stances and requirements. Let us help you plan a "custom-built" insurance program-something within your present ability to finance but capable of ex- pansion with your growing earning power. THE COMMERCIAL LIFE ASSURANCE C0. COMPLIMENTS of KRESGETS LTD ' I eiolisinsww Have a lovely photograph taken in your graduation gown by GLADVS REEVES j. W. GLENWRIGHT, Managing Director The Art League Studio H0221 051601 TOYOHIO Cover Empress Theatre, Western Head Oiice: C.P.R. Bldg., Edmonton Phone 21914 for appointment if wg 'wif 77 l 3.7, , 7 Wi, , FOI' 6 DZVSOD to Sdyl KK' 1 got it from Johnstone WaIker's" IS A COMPLIMENT TQ I-TIS or I-IEI2 GOQD TASTE and JUDGMENT Varsz'ty's Favorite Shopping Place THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN . . .THE . . . UNIVERSITY of ALBERTA 1941 O SESSION QP 1942 Courses will be offered in the following: Arts and Science - Agriculture - Applied Science including Summer including Chemical, C l Session Electrical and ,Mining E gineering Commerce - Dentistry - College ol Education Sclwool ol Graduate Studies - l'louseliold Economics Law Medicine Nursing Pliarmacy MQ 'For lnformation Regarding Registration, Courses and Residential Accommodation, Apply to THE UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA, EDMONTON sen. cn A Y E WYEM tm Q 1' ...M X X XX Wt Q X M a f A a '. - 'I EE a 'XM , ig-v: - gg f ' ' N '-w 5' Y il? g J fuk - 1 T W , , Q. MJMANTIL n m wnuld .l 3 -1. unfold hefnre you Q 'fam avi. d VX? , V' 5 Qld fkf Alb th 1151 y 5 ill lkgsslfiltl t I3 I Lua ghtfmdrenlochim h h ll 111, , L1 it f ,P :QS ffriim 'if' 1 55 tr Y 'ifgfsrri :Tix ' Y . ff. tg Etlttf mlm? h lg E 1 EbfLIfl?h Tliajdttg if I EDMONTON'S THE CANADIAN WESTERN GAS COMPANY Natural Gas, Light, Heat ancl Power Co. Ltd. EDMONTON CALGARY SS20219 l i 4 , E IE, l l K. 4 i 9 A - if 1 l E i ' 1 l li 024712 QUALITY CLEANLINESS National Maid NP S2025'3 4 ' , I 1' 5zok2s1! l ii BREADS - CAKES - HES Some of the boys were wlioopiii it zip' "Always Oven Fresh" National System of Balcing ALBERTA STORES No, just tlie iilcntificatimi pictures of the eiigiiieeis. Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Drumheller FRIENDLINESS SERVICE in BETTER CLASS GV U em IC FURNISHINGS See F A th t' St I Ciowlnodna X W X .. Reasonably Priced l 10073 Jasper Avenue phone 25495 J. C BURGER LUMBER CQMPANV, LIMITED l 1 1 1809 - 1941 132 Years of Experience at your disposal 1 1 "Any Book or Periodical can be procured through us" Wm. Dawson Subscription COMPLETE STOCK OF BUILDING Service Ltd MATERIALS AND HARDWARE ro KING STREET EAST, TORONTO i London - Paris - Capetown W- I T A To A A an -Qgiw -ffm, vp 1 1 NDUQGN GRADUATES HEL NEW are in TWO YARDS MQDERN DIFFERENT 8604 1o3rd Street 12402 110th Avenue Phone 32333 Phone 81702 1 HENDERSON SECRETARIAL EDMONTON, ALBERTA A SCHOOL LIMITED 509 Eighth Avenue West CALGARY ALBERTA Upper-S1nm1ng IIICTTLSCLLVCS on the A1't's steps Lower--Ralph Hole and Betty IvIcNally. A BUY THE FAVORITE 1 BUY 1 lIPTaT13fT1DAT1R11Ta MADE ONLY BY GENERAL MOTORS Alberta Distributors 1 Bruce Robinson Electric: Ltd. Calgary Edmonton qw AMONG OUR ASSETS WE LIKE TO COUNT THE ONLY ONE THAT MONEY CANNOT BJY YOUR GOOD WILL lDOUGLAS PRI TI I Co. , Limited A Complete Printing Service T Pliones: 26480-21563 Jasper at Fourtli Cec. Robson and Lady. fcmet Farmen and Ken Gibbons. l l l i THE I MACDONALD A Edmonton, fAxlber'ta l A Canadian National Railway Hotel of Distinction l ' ZOO rooms at moderate rates Z SUPPER DANCES l Every Saturday Night during season ' SUNDAY EVENING DINNER i l Special menus are a feature of our Sunday night , dinners, A ' ' ' ' Special attention given to family parties. AIR-COOLED CAFETERIA l Modern in every way, and serving the line food at .attractive prices. . Tx. l i I THE MACDONALD is the ideal place to do your entertaining-sorority or fraternity functions-bridge N parties-banquets --l-a-1- STUDENTS . . Woodward's have caught the true College Spirit, snappy up to the minute Clothes for the young col- lege Miss and young Man. From Campus Outfits of sport clothes to good reliable every- day Suits, Dresses and Acces- sories. You'll find us ready to serve and to help you make a real success .... At Woodward's Moderate Prices A RD an THE CQMPLIMENTS HORNE a PITFIELD W bolesafe Grocers V Calgary l Filing Systems and Office Equipment A Coast-to4Coast Direct-to-User Service QFFICE SPECIALTYMEQEQ1. ' NEWMARKET, Canada Edmonton Branch: Calgary Branch: 10514 Jasper Ave. 327A 7th Ave. W. Northern Alberta Dairy Pool LIMITED Makers of "ALBERTA MAID" BUTTER AND "NU-MAIDH ICE CREAM Distributors of Pool Milk Phone 28102 Lumber oz Millwork "CBetter Material at N0 Extra Costv W. H. CLARK LUMBER CO. LIMITED 109th Street Edmonton BAKEWELL'S Tea 84 Coffee Co l Edmonton Pioneer Coffee Roasters I Lethbridge 1 p EDMONTON Red Deer I l Grande Prairie It's Smart to Shop at .... l PCM Rivef DUNCAN? LAD YPVEAR LTD, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton U'S Compliments of ZELLER'S CAIta.j Beth Low and Ossic Stubbs, L' I M I T E D Nora Nfclxod and Del Foote. f 3 sxsfisv S si ,Ag THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH . . . In all man's endeavours Truth is the goal for which he seeks! Diogenes walked the streets with a lantern, looking for an honest man. The artist toils long hours to present what he sees, exactly as he sees it. The scientist bends over his microscope, devoting his life to the unremitting pursuit of scientific truth. A great busi- ness firm conducts a nation-wide trade based on honesty. EATON'S of today carries on a long tradition of fair dealing in business. That tradition, a heritage of the founder, is shown every day in every EATON store. Most dramatically of all, you see it in the EATON Research Bureau, Where trained men and Women spend their days learning the truth about merchandise in EATON stores. Because EATON'S goes to such pains to protect you in everything you buy-and because honesty is the cornerstone of EATON advertising-you will find any EATON store a most satisfactory place to shop. The EATON slogan is your assurance of complete satisfaction- "GOODS SATISFACTORY OR MONEY REFUNDEDU asT, EATON C 1 WESTERN LIMITED D011 Ulrich in L'Aftcr the Ball Vxfas Oven, 1 C.O.T.C. GRADUATES-- 1 1 a i For your Uniforms, See 1 Dunnis Tailors 10119 Jasper Avenue l l W i, Y YWm i is fa Good pastime 1 RECREATION 1 Bowling Academy l 101st Street, just South of jasper Avenue Phone 21223 -1 PIQOFGSSIO YH. CHRDS - Milner, Steer, Poirier, Nlartland and Bowlaer BARRISTERS, SOLICITORS, ETC. H. R. Milner, K.C. G. H. Steer, K:C: R. Martland P. E. Poirier W. F. Bowker F. Layton Royal Bank of Canada Chambers Edmonton, Alberta Cable Address: l'Milmat,' IQUTHERFORD, IQUII-IERFORD and NEWTON BARRISTERS, SOLICITORS, NOTARIES Hon. A. C. Rutherford, K.C., LL.D. Cecil Rutherford, K.C. Gordon I. Newton 914-5 McLeod Bldg. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Wood, Buchanan, Macdonald and Campbell Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries Nelles V. Buchanan Sydney Wood Hugh John Macdonald, K.C., M.L.A. Clarence S. Campbell 409-411 McLeod Bldg. Edmonton, Alberta FIELD, HYNDMAN SC MCLEAN BARRISTERS and SOLICITORS S. XV. Field, K.C. L. D. Hyndman, K.C. A. T. McLean 314-318 McLeod Building, Edmonton, Alberta The North American Life Assurance Company Solid as the Continent R. E. STAPLES, S23-S25 Tegler Bldg. Branch Manager ARTISTS SUPPLIES DRAFTING MATERIALS 0' WEST DIS l N FECTI N G SURVEYING EQUIPMENT qv BLUE PRINT PAPER T ' OZALID PAPERS Q5 00 . W. E. IREDALE 107 ST' l Alberta Resident Manager also l MONTREAL TORONTO 215 1Oth Ave. W. Calgary, Alberta OTTAWA i N THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN 1. P6'I'I'LLJ17'l1iIf?S. 3. P1etty,eI1! 2. Petco' Leacock and LKMIISCIESI, Gwen Venables. 4. Some of the D.Ufs. BEVERLY CQAL CQ. LIMITED H Where Quality Counisn We are privileged to supply the University of Alberta ALL STUDENTS ARE CGIQDIALLY INVITED TQ VISIT TI-IE MINE BY APPCDINTIVIENT Mine 25333 Nights 28421 with those things which last in your memories of university, there will al- ways he the Varsity Tuck Shop. D? D7 P7 C4 44 44 HLJTQGRHPHS W ei, , pf, ,H 1? . 7? I 1 9" w X. .- . 'ie B ' 1 , A N 'x 1 5 'n 4. 5 4 c g 4 in rqpfvzeoicalian OO To the merchants and professional men who are represented in Evergreen and Gold for 1941 must go a great deal of credit. Without the wholehearted co'-operation and support of these men it would be impossible for this publication to maintain its enviable position in the front rank of college year books. We are indeed privileged to have these men as leaders in our com' munity, and through their part in this book they have shown an interest in our University. May I express appreciation of the entire student body for their enthusiastic support in making Evergreen and Gold 1941 another success for our University. DELMAR FQOTE, Business Mavzagcr. QQ of Sllucfewh Acheson, C. D., 105 Acton, W. C., 87 Adamic, V., 105 Adams, Miss M. E., 65, 169 Addison, Miss J. E., 76 Aitken, J. F., 87, 146 Alger, R. P., 71,128,135,161,168 Allan, R. B., 71 Allen, Miss D. S., 105 Allen, Miss M., 105 Allin, G. E., 105 Amerongen, G. J., 97, 142, 179 Ames, C., 83, 171 Amundsen, L. R., 83 Amundsen, O. J., 97 A 180 Anderson, . J., 80, Anderson, B. J., 96, 97, 167 Anderson, C. E., 87, 164 Anderson, D. H., 243 Andersen, E. T., 45 Anderson, Miss L. M., 87, 277 Anderson, Miss M. M., 105 Anderson, W. A., 87 Anderson, W. F., 87, 225 Andrew, W. T., 105 Andrews, M., 105, 169 Blair, W. R. N., 47 Blakey, N. G., 64 Blaquiere, R. H., 105 Blench, W. A., 105, 215 Blott, G. R., 73, 177 Boileau, A. F., 105 Boileau, G. R., 104, 105, 134 Bonthron, P., 97 Boorman, G. C., 97 Bothwell, W. T., 105 Boulton, P. F., 97, 164 Bow, Miss M. W., 76 Bradshaw, A. K., 97, 243, 157, 232 Bratvold, O. G., 87 Bredo, W., 87, 142 Brennan, N. L., 97 Brent, Miss F., 44, 83, 146, 149, 160 Brewerton, S. C., 105, 238 Bridgeman, C. K., 63, 120 Bridges, Miss W. M., 47 Brimacombe, G. P., 105, 247 Brocklebank, C. R., 80, 180 Brooke, E. H., 242 Brookes-Avey, R. W., 105 Brooks, W. H., 239 Brosseau, A., 87 Appleyard, R. H., 80, 181 Archibald, W. Y., 47, 175 Armey, Miss M. C., 105 Armstrong, Miss M. A., 105 Asselstine, Miss M. E., 47, 161, 207, 227, 277 Attwood, Miss M., 47, 205 Austin, A. G., 87, 168 Aylsworth, Miss A., 58, 129 Bailey, W., 60 Bailey, R. F., 60 Bain, I., 47 Bain, V. E., 105 Baker, C. O., 73 Baker, Miss R .N., 105. Baker, P. L., 105, 243, 215 Ball, Miss K., 105, 132 Ballhorn, Miss R. D., 105 Barber, Miss D. L., 105, 173 Barchyn, D., 62 Barker, Miss C. A., 87, 176 Barnes, Miss L. M., 47, 275 Barrett, L. G., 105 Barry, Miss T. M., 87, 179, 273 Bass, Miss K. M., 105, 275 Bale, T. E., 105 , Bates, E. W., 105 Baylis, W. J., 62 Beauchamp, L., 97 Beauchemin, Miss T., 105, 173 Belhouse, H. C., 87 Bell, D. M., 83 Bell, J. M., 105 Bell, R. E., 255 Bell, W. R., 73, 177 Belzberg, S. I., 105 Benson, H. I., 105 Bentley, R. G., 45 Beny, C. F., 105 Berge, G. C., 105, 169 Betts, R. H., 87 Bevan, M. R., 105 Biltek, A., 105 Bird, Miss L. O., 76 Brown, D. T., 63 Brown, Miss G. E., 105, 275 Brown, Miss J. B., 76 Brown, J. C. G., 97 Brown, M. A., 105 Browning, Miss C. M., 76 Brownlee, A. M., 71, 175 Brownlee, J. A., 97 Brumwell, Miss H. J., 165 Buchanan, D. R., 258 Buchanan, T. H., 106, 238, 156 Buckingham, F., 106 Burger, J. T., 87, 143 Burka, A. M., 43, 45, 118, 128, 159, 164, 256, 275 Burnap, R. W., 73 Burrows, W., 205, 169 Burrows, R. B., 65, 169 Burton, Miss M. R., 76 Busheikin, J., 106 Butchart, Miss J. E., 106, 271 Butterfield, J., 45, 118, 164, 206 Cadzow, W. J., 73 Caldwell, A. E., 73 Cameron, D. F., 258 Cameron, Miss K. E., 65, 169 Cameron, S. D., 83, 133, 158, 206, 225 Campbell, C., 47 Campbell, C., 87 Campbell, D. K., 97, 133 Campbell, Miss M. M., 87 Campbell, R. B., 67, 171 Campbell, Miss S. B., 87, 169, 273 Cantelon, H. A., 247 Capsey, Miss P. A., 69, 173 Carleton, H. J., 106 Carlyle, Miss G. E., 106 Carmichael, J. E., 106 Carney, J. C., 106 Carr, A. D., 47 Carr, D. B., 247 Carr, L., 106 Carr, L. E. N., 87, 169 Bishop, A. F., 45 Black, Miss J. R., 87, 271 Black, R. G., 97, 146 Blackburn, Miss M., 105, 234 Blackmore, R. V., 87, 171 Blackstock, G. M. D., 160 Blackstock, W. J., 87 Blackwood , A. C., 87 Carr, W. P., 106 Carson, G. D., 258 Carter, G. W., 106 Cary, W. L., 106 Casper, Miss M. A., 173, 271 Cave, Miss P. M., 106, 169 Cawley, Miss J. I., 106 Chabon, Miss A., 173 Challis, W. L., 106 Chalmers, H. J., 63 Chamberlain, H., 106 Chandler, Miss M. A., 106 Chatten, L. G., 106, 181 Chesney, H., 158, 167, 219 Chornlecky, G. W., 106 Christensen, R. G., 45, 164 Christiansen, Miss M. B., 76 Christie, E. J., 239 Christie, F. M., 178 Christie, H. L., 106 Christie, Miss N. H., 106 Christofferson, Miss H., 246, 161, 207 Clarke, D. W., 47 Clarke, Miss D. E., 87 Clarke, H. B., 97 Clarke, J. S., 76 Clendenan, Miss M. E., 166 Clink, A. R., 62 Clow, W. L., 87 Colclough, Miss E. M., 47 Collins, B. W., 106 Compton, C. M., 97, 247, 232 Conn, T. I., 63 Conybeare, C. E. B., 47, 143, 256 Cooper, Miss C. M., 69, 173, 275 Cope. Miss G. L., 106, 173, 273 Copeland, Miss M. H., 87, 173, 275 Corbet, R. C. B., 106, 239 Corbet, V. S. B., 106 Corbett, H., 48, 175 Cormie, D. M., 106 Cornish, S. J., 48 Corns, Vf. G., 87 Cornyn, W. R., 80, 181 Costigan, P. G., 158, 221 Cotter, W. A., 106 Cowles, A. H., 80, 181 Coyle, Miss N. I., 69, 118, 120, 125, 123, 159, 176, 173 Craig, Miss L. D., 48, 275 Craig, Miss V. B., 87 Creighton, H. H. L., 62, 167 Crockett, L. O., 65, 168 Crosby, R. S., 106, 246 Crowder, E., 158, 219 Cullerne, Miss E. O., 106 Cumming, E. K., 106 Cumming, H. 'W., 106, 181 Cummings, G. L., 61 Cypris, O. F., 121 Dahl, Miss B. M., 106, 273 Dalsin, G. F., 106, 213 Dalsin, R. J., 106 Danner, Miss D. E., 87, 173, 207, 271, 234 D'Appolonia, E., 122, 179, 213 Darley, Miss D. E., 124, 176 Darling, G., 48, 221 Darrah, D. F., 106 Davidson, Miss H. M., 271 Davidson, T. R., 106, 164 Davidson, Miss V. M., 65, 169 Davies, Miss A. V., 87, 176 Davis, A. P., 62 Davis, Miss M. N., 106 Daw, Miss G. G., 87, 242, 173 Day, Miss H. L., 80, 181 Dean, A. M., 97 Dean, Miss I. M., 87, 133 Deane, D. D., 87 Decosse, F. R., 48 de Hart, J. E., 87 Denholm, J., 87, 169 de Palezieux, Miss J., 275 Dereniu k, H., 106 Dewdney, F. H. B., 71 Dewis, M. VV., 157, 158 Donald, J. B., 2 Diamond, Miss Dickson, R. E., M. M., 106, 135, 277 83, 171 Dion, Miss S. J., 107 107 Dippie, J. S., Dixon, A. A., 97 Dixon, E. C., 65, 169, 226 Dixon, H., 48, 120, 238, 243, 158 Dobson, T. A., 73, 158 Dombrowski, H. J., 48, 171 58 Fledderjohn, E. C., 97 Fleming, H. S. A., 170 Fletcher, C. M., 107 Flumerlelt, R., 247, 160, 169 Flynn, T., 238, 122 Fodchuk, Miss E., 166 Foley, E. J., 107, 215 Foote, D., 49, 129, 159, 331 Ford, G., 88 Ford, H. A., 65, 169 Donald, J. H. A., 107 Donaldson, C. S., 107 Donvito, S., 60 Dooner, Miss E. M., 87, 173, 273 Douglas, B., 107 Douglas, R. H., 48 Dower, Miss L., 107 Dower, Miss M. L., 48, 183 Drake, G. C., 107 Drewes, G. H., 107 Driscoll, R. F., 71 Dubuc, M., 71, 142 Duff, lvliss O. G., 48, 146 Duke, C. G., 67, 170 Du Mom, M. A., 67, 122, 179, 171 Du Mont, R. F. H., 243 Dunaway, l. W. M., 87, 247, 132 Duncan, R M., 107 Dunk, Miss M. J., 87, 277 Dunkley, C. S., 88 Dunlap, I. G., 48 Dunlop, R. D., 107, 242 Dunn, G. R., 107 Dunn, Miss S. C., 107 Durkin, T. J., 73 Dutka, R. R., 107 Dutton, Miss L. M., 48 Eagleson, Miss E. J., 88, 183, 271 Earle, M. R., 73 East, G. B., 107 Easton, Miss H. G., 69, 173 Edmunds, L. M., 83 Edwards, O. H., 107 Edwards, E. N., 88 Edwards, O. E., 49 Edwards, S. E., 86, 238 Ehly. L. J., 60 Ellis, H., 58, 243, 247 Ellis, R. S., 97 Elofson, M. R., 49 Elves, D. W., 121 Elves, K. J., 107 Embree, D. G., 97 Empey, Miss E. L., 107, 173 Engbloom, G. A., 97 Erdman, O. A., 49 Evans, G. C., 97 Evans, H. G. V., 49 Evans, Miss H. J. E., 161, 273 Fallow, Miss V. C., 88, 242 Farman, Miss J., 49, 275 Farmilo, A. W., 176! Fawcett, S. V., 49, 247, 176 Fee, A. D., 107 Feniak, M. W., 49, 176 Fenske, G. K., 107 Fergie, Miss C. A., 107, 173, 273 Ferguson, Miss M. J., 88 Ferguson, W., 80 Fetaz, Miss J. M., 107 Fetherstonhaugh, Miss H. E., 88, 275 Field, H. G., 88 Fife, Miss E. A., 69, 173 Fife, Miss M. V., 76 Filmer, A. J., 88 Finlayson, Miss M. C., 88 Finn, F. C., 107 Firth, Miss P. S., 107, 173, 277 Fish, A. W., 97 Fisher, R. E., 125 Fitzgerald, F., 107 Fiordbotten, A. L., 97 Flach, D. H., 88, 135 Flavin, E., 96, 158, 206, 213 Forster, J. W., 107 Fortier, L., 71 Foster, Miss P. L., 104, 107, 165, 277, 229 Fowler, Miss H. M., 107, 169 Fowler, Miss J. A., 83' Foxlee, F. H., 86, 88, 232 Francis, J. A., 107, 169 Francis, Miss M. T., 88, 275 Fraser, I. R., 107 Fraser, Miss M. K., 88, 124, 173 Fratkin, Miss S. B., 88 Freeborn, Miss E. A., 107, 242, 173 Freeze, R. D., 49, 246, 157, 158, 210 French, P., 88, 247, 169 French, W. E., 128 Fiey, Miss K. M., 58 Fulton, Miss F. L., 88, 128, 169 Fulton, Fulton, J. B., 119, 140, 143, 177 Miss M. A., 65, 168, 271 Funk, Miss J., 58 Funk, Miss V. K., 243 Gain, H. F., 97 Gair, M iss A. A., 76 Galbraith, D. H., 65, 141, 160, 169, 233 Galbraith, R. P., 88, 143 Gamach e, E. F., 71 Gammon, R. R., 65 Ganton, Miss E., 271 Gardam, C. M., 97 Gardiner, L. W., 88 Gardner, D, 62 Garrison, T. W., 73 Garrow, A. P., 107 Garvin, Gattenn J. W., 107 ieyer, Miss G. F., 69, 173, 275 Gemeroy, G. F., 68, 171 Ghostley, Miss C. I., 88, 277 Gibbons, A. K., 119, 177 Gibson, G. G., 128 Gibson, A. S., 107 Gibson, Miss L. R., 107 Gibson, W. J., 107 Gidzinski, J. D., 88, 242 Gilchrist, D. C., 88 Gilchrist, Miss R. E., 76, 165, 277 Giles, C. R., 88, 224 Giles, W. M., 97 Gilham, R. E., 73 Gillman, Miss B. E., 88, 277 Gish, M. M., 107 Glowa, J. P., 60 Gogek, C. J., 49 Gogek, Miss S., 97 Goldberg, G. G., 45 Good, J. M., 71, 175 Goodison, R. A. C., 107, 129, 135, 161 Goodman, N., 97 Gordon, Miss E. M., 108 Gordon, Miss K. M., 277 Gordon, K., 77 Gordon, Miss P., 58 Gore, B. R. B., 49 Goto, S., 45 Gottenberg, Miss K., 58 Gottfred, L. A., 108 Gottfred, R. G., 88 Gould, Miss H., 108 Grafton, Miss D. L., 88, 123 Graham, Miss D. M., 77 Graham, G. F., 80, 181 Graham , Miss K., 49, 271 Graham, Miss K. S., 83 Graham, L. B., 88 Graham, Miss M. E., 77, 165 Graham, R., 45 Grant, M. N., 108 Greenwood, C. G., 242 Gregg, J. W., 108 Grenek, E., 108 Grisdale, L. C., 97, 243, 215 Grisdale, Miss M. K., 69, 125, 172, 275 Grott, L. H., 66 Grummitt, W. E., 50 Guitard, A. A., 108 Gulick, Miss M. S., ss, 169, 273, 229, 234 Gulliver, R. A., 243 Gylander, Miss E. K., 97 Gylander, R., 97 Haddad, W. J., 71, 119, 159, 206 Hahn, J. xv. V., 97, 238 Hailes, Miss E F., 77 Hall, Miss E. F., 108 Hamilton, Miss E. M., 173, 275 Hamilton, M. M., 108 Hankinson, H. W., 108 Hanna, Miss E. J., 88 Hanna, M. M., 97 Hannah, Miss M. E., 69, 161, 173, 207, 273 Hannah, M. R., 97, 146 Hanson, A., 63 Hanson, H., 80, 181 Hanson, M., 238 Hardin, I., 50 Hardy, Miss H. E., 88, 183, 277 Hargrave, H., 61 Harman, Miss F. M. M., 108 Harpell, A. L., 88 Harris, R. E., 108, 167 Harrison, H. W., 108, 247 Harrison, R. C., 88 Harte, R. E., 80, 181 Hartroft, W. S., 74 Haslam, Miss D. E., 77 Hauck, O. S., 238 Haugan, W. M., 45, 146, 160 Haverstock, C. H., 108 Haverstock, M., 108, 169 Hawker, J. E., 58 Hayhurst, Miss S. M., 86, 88, 172, 273 Hazelton, D. E., 97 Heath, G. H., 97 Heath, J. U., 88 Hedlin, Miss E. S., 77 Hedlin, W. A., 88, 242 Hemstock, J. WY, 88 Hemstock, R. A., 97 Henning, H, 66 Henning, R V., 63 Herman, Miss K. A., 165 Herringer, J G., 66, 235, 135, 233 Heseltine, C. H., 97 Hewson, Miss E., 77, 271 Hewson. M. W.. 108 Hewson, W. C., 98, 134 Heywood, Miss M. E., 88, 277 Hill, Miss H., 50, 133, 161, 277, 227 Hill, R., 108, 164 Hills, V. D., 108 Hinchey, Miss C. E., 98 Hirtle, Miss M. L., 108 Hodge, D. M., 88 Hodge, G., 108 Hoke, Miss M. A., 77 Holbrook, R., 108 Holdsworth, C. W., 108 Hole, R. K., 66, 134, 169 Holgate, G. P., 89, 133 Hollenback, G., 62 Hollies, N. R. S., 108 Holmes, L., 68, 171 Holmes, N. D., 98 Holowach, Miss J., 74 Hopkins, L. N., 108 Hopps, Miss D. I., 77 Horne, F., 89 Horsfall, J. A., 108 Horsfield, K. C., 121, 226 Hoskin, J. J., 89 Houlihan, R. T., 62 Howard, W. A., 44, 71 Howson, Miss I. A., 74, 50, 118, 173 Huculak, Miss K., 89, 173 Huculak, N. W., 68, 171 Huff, K. F., 132 Hughson, Miss E. W., 58 Humphrey, Miss B. M., 74, 177 Hunt, W., 74 Hunter, W. B., 89, 133, 169 Hurlburt, J., 108 Hurlburt, Miss M. A., 273 Hurrock, B. J., 50 Husel, D. H., 108 Hutchinson, G. M., 121 Hutchinson, Miss J. M., 69, 161, 173, Hutton, G. A., 1O 8 Hutton, Miss J. C., 50 Hyndman, Miss R. E., 89 Inkpen, G. R., 89, 167, 211 Inman, H. C. M., 147, 169 Ireland, E. C., 98 Irving, Miss J. A., 108 Irwin, F. H., 50 Ives, T. O., 89 Jackson, I. R. C., 89 Jackson, J., 98 Jackson, Miss L. S., 89, 124, 135, 146 Jackson, R. R., 108 Jamieson, J. R., 108 Jaque, M. H., 89 Jenkins, B. C., 45 Johnson, A. M., 50, 133 Johnston, Miss B. B., 133, 277 Johnston, D. C., 98, 158, 211 Jonson, Miss D. C., 66, 277 Johnson, Miss H. M., 77, 166 Johnston, Miss M. P. L., 108, 165, 273 Johnston, Miss M. E., 108, 273 Johnston, Miss M. I., 108 Johnston, R. J., 98 Johnson, 'W. R., 108 Jones, D. C. L., 89, 247 Jones, Miss D., 69, 173, 271 Jones, Miss E. M., 81, 181 Jones, J. H., 108, 247 Jones, Miss R. L., 108, 172, 273 Jones, W. D., 60 Jordan, Miss M. L., 108 Jorgens, R., 108, 214 Kapuscinski, Miss A., 109, 235, 124 Karsh, Miss E., 109 Kastelic, J., 109 Kato, G., 74 Kcil, F. N., 109 Keillor, Miss M., 89, 277 Kelly, Miss K. D., 109, 173, 273 Kelly, W. B., 109, 243 Kelso, Miss L., 50 Kemp, Miss M. L., 271 Kendel, Miss E., 109 Kendrick, F. E., 50, 134, 205 Kendrick, W. M., 89, 146, 148, 160, 169 Kennedy, G. B., 89, 169 Kennedv, Miss L. L., 51 Kerr, Miss E. A., 89, 277 Kerr, Miss S. M., 89, 173 KQV. C., 51 Kidd, Miss K. M., 109 King, E. W., 86 Kirkwood, D. S., 51 Kirkwood, S.. 89 Kitchen, R. M., 83 Knapp, W. W., 109 Knudsen, J. G.. 98 Kokotailo, G. T., 51 Kolotyluk. G., 51 Kostashuk, S. S., 109 Krasnoff, M., 98 Kreutz, Miss N. B., 89 Krivel, H., 89 Kullberg, R. W., 74 Kunst, H., 51 Kupchenko, V. H., 89 LaBrie, F. E., 83, 140, 142, 143 Ladler, Miss A. E., 89, 183 LaFleur, P. M., 109 Lagasse, C., 109 Lambert, G. H., 51 Lambert, L. J., 98, 214, 221 Lambert, M. J. A., 98, 135, 161, 169 Lampitt, A. W., 98 Lancanster, Miss J. E., 89 Lane, R. P. L., 109, 181 Lane, W. E., 81, 180, 220 Lang, H. C., 46 Langridge, Miss E., 58 Langridge, E. P., 81, 180 Larmour, D. K., 51 Larson, Miss H. L., 109, 173 Larue, G. A., 109, 247, 121 Lauer, R. M., 63 Lavallee, G. D., 98 Law, C. A., 109 Law, D. G., 98 Law, Miss M. C., 89, 183 Lawrence, N. A., 61 Lawson, Miss M. M., 69, 124, 123, 173 Layton, C. F., 81, 181 Layton, R. B., 51, 247 Lazaruk, W. G., 74 Lazerte, D., 109 Leacock, P. W., 66, 125, 169 Leask, A., 143, 147 Leask, R. A., 60 Leb,el, J. L., 89 Legate, Miss M. L., 89, 173, 271 Legg, S. V., 51 Legg, N. R., 89 Leggett, H. W., 46, 158, 212, 218 Leith, H. E., 109 Leith, N., 109 Lemieux, R. U., 98 Lewis, C. J., 98 Lewis, D. E., 71, 118, 239, 143, 159, 211 Lewis, J. G., 98 Lewis, Miss K. C., 177 Lewis, R. G., 109 Lind, Miss A. N., 78 Lind, Miss K., 109, 235, 207, 228 Lipkind, M. J., 98 Lister, Miss K. M., 69, 174 Litkenhaus, R. A., 64 Little, Miss S., 109 Livingstone, D. D., 109 Lockerbie, Miss M. A., 96, 98 Loder, C. R., 109, 135, 168 Logan, H. A., 60 Longstreet, NW. J., 109 Loree, A. E., 247 Love, A., 89, 168 Love, P. E., 109 Loveseth, L. J., 51 Low, Miss E., 66, 169 Lubert, D. J., 98 Lukawesky, T., 98 Lundy, N. R., 52 McAlpine, D. G., 177 McAulay, Miss D. L., 90, 273, 228 McAuley, Miss O. G., 110 McBain, Miss B. S., 58 McBain, B. J., 46, 242, 121 Macbeth, R. A., 89 McCaig, Miss J. I., 110, 275 McCall, H. F., 52 McCallum, F. L., 110 McCallum, Miss N., 78, 165 McCallum, N. D., 158, 210 MeCannel, M. G., 98, 214 MCCIHfJ', N. E., 98 McClure, Miss R. E., 78, 166 McConkey, Miss H. M-., 52, 242, 161 McCormack, W. B., 110, 242 Mecofmiek, D. R., 52, 239, 140, 147, 160 McCorquodale, M. E., 98 McCoy, Miss D. G., 78 McCoy, Miss E. A., 98 McCracken, D. J., 110, 238 McCracken, J. A., 98, 238 McCrea, Miss M., 83, 124 MacCrostie, M. W.,i83 McCrum, R., 98 McCuaig, E. A. D., 98 McCuaig, Miss R. E., 110, 174, 277 McCutcheon, D., 110 McDaniel, D. P., 72, 239, 256 McDonald, D. M., 213, 258 MacDonald, D. L., 109 McDonald, Miss F. M., 110 Macdonald, G. R., 258 MacDonald, Miss J. 'W., 89 Macdonald, Miss K. L., 277 MacDonald, Miss M. H., 109, 169 ' McDonald, T. G., 90 MacDonald, W. J., 52 MacDonell, J. G., 71 McDougall, A. N., 110, 135 McDougall, G. E., 86, 90 McDougall, V. S., 98 McElroy, D. K., 66, 169, 225 McEwen, Miss W. J., 70, 174 McFarland, H. D., 110 McFetridge, W. B., 66, 169 MeGi11, D. R., 96, 98 McGillivray, W. A., 72 MacGregor, D. G., 68, 171 MacGregor, D. W., 64 McGuire, A., 52 Mcllveen, D., 110 McIntyre, D. H., 74 McIntyre, R. G., 90, 181 Mclver, NV. A., 68, 171 Mackay, A. E., 109, 181 MacKay, B. W., 109 MacKay, A., 109 MacKay, Miss M. E., 166, 180 MCKeage, Miss F. M., 125, 156, 161, 207 McKechnie, D. C., 171 MeKechnie, Miss M. C., 110 McKenzie, A. D., 83 MacKenzie, Miss A., 109 McKenzie, Miss A. I., 90, 174, 277 MacKenzie, Miss I. I., 70, 172, 271 MacKenzie, R., 109 MacKenzie, Miss M., 89 MacKenzie, T. W., 89 McKernan, E. W., 63 McKerns, K. W., 90 McKinnon, Miss A. M., 90, 275 MacKinnon, Miss E. C., 271 Mackintosh, W. G., 109 McLaren, A. G., 212 MacLaren, L. B., 238 McLean, R., 110 MacLean, Miss M. L., 52, 273 McLean, N. E., 90, 247, 169 McLeod, J. C., 110 Macleod J. L., 52 McLeod, L. A., 53 Macleod, Miss M. F., 109 McLeod, Miss M. A., 110, 275 McLeod, Miss N. M., 70, 161, 174, McLure, 207, 275 Miss A. I., 78 McMeekin, G. R., 60 McNally, Miss E. A., 90 McNeill, C. G., 74, 178 McNevin, Miss K. A., 70, 174, 271 Mcphail, C. W. B., 53, 239, 170 McPhail, Miss N. J., 123, 273 McPhee, A. J., 110 McPherson, J. D. P., 98 McPherson, Miss K. J., 90 McQueen, Miss R. H., 72, 175 MacRae, Miss M. E., 89, 277 McWilliam, Miss M. B., 90 Magree, Miss H. A., 89, 277 Mahaffey, R. B., 52 Malanchuk, Miss A., 89 Mann, A. W., 109, 181 Manning, H., 109 Marcolin, A. V. P., 52 Marles, E. L., 81, 181 Marr, T. R., 109 Marshall, D., 89 Marshall, J. H., 52 Marshall, Miss M. L., Martin, Miss J. I., 110, 169 Martin, E., 110, 181 Martin, W. E., 89, 133, 169 Martynse, Miss A. A., 110 Mason, Miss F. T., 110 Mason, Miss M. B., 86, 89, 134, 161, Mason, W. R. M., 90 Massie, Miss M. A., 90, 273 Masson, J. W., 246 Mathews, G. C., 98, 135 Matisz, P., 98 Matthews, F. R., 66, 169, 258 Maxwell, J. A., 142, 160, 177 Maxwell, Miss M. D., 58, 161, 207, 271, 229 May, Miss B. E., 78 Maybank, H. A. G., 110 Medhurst, N. D., 72 Megas, C., 74 Melnyk, D., 53 Menzies, R. G., 90 Mercier, Miss A., 110 Merry, Miss A. J., 78 Merryweather, H., 110, 134 Meston, A. F., 110, 169 Metcalfe, J. O., 110, 243 Middleton, Miss J. C., 110, 273 Miller, G. E., 90 Millar, J. L., 98 Millar, W., 53, 158, 206, 210 Miller, F. J. L., 53 Miller, Miss H. A., 110, 277 Miller, H. B., 90 Miller Miss M. M. 90 277 Miiihiiem, D. R., 95 i Minchin, D. H., 110, 169 Minchin, J. A., 110, 169, 219 Mitchell, M. S., 90 Mitchell, W. D., 110 Moffat, D. J., 75 Moir, A. F., 90 Molloy, Miss M., 53, 277 Molstad, H. L., 110 Montgomery, Miss E. M., 110 Moore, A. L., 110 Moore, Miss C. J., 53 Moore, D. F., 9 8 Moore, F. E., 110 Moore, Miss J., 78 Moore, K. W., 98 Moreau, J. P., 83, 179 Morgan, Miss M., 110 Morie, Morris, J. M., 110 G. W., 104, 110, 132 Morrison, Miss B. E., 110, 174 Morrison, J. A., 98 Morrow, Miss V. M.. 70, 174, 271 Morton, Miss N. M., 166 Moscovich, S. R., 243, 158, 206, 226 Moseson, Miss H. V., 90 Moseson, S. G., 90 Moss, W. L., 111, 182 Muir, Miss G. V., 78 Mulligan, J. C., 60 Murphy, J. B., 99 Murray, G. C., 111 Murray, Miss M. E., 78 Murray, N. F., 60 Murray, Miss S. J., 111, 174 Myers, G. E., 111, 182 Myers, E., 111, 132 Nagler, Miss C. R., 90 Nahrebeski, E. M., 111, 182 Nancekivell, Miss M. E., 53 Navalkowsky, L., 81, 182 Naylor, Miss M. G., 81, 182 Neil, Miss R. B., 90, 277 Neilson, J. W., 68, 118, 129, 158, 159, 171, 211 Nelson, R. D., 111 Neumann, T. O., 64 Newcombe, Miss I. D., 53, 277 Newhall, S. O., 111 Newman, Miss B. L., 53, 271 Newman, Miss C., 174 Newson, D. H., 72 Nichol, D. L., 81, 182 Nicholls, K. A., 111 Nichols, Miss C. M., 111, 174 Nickerson, Miss L. M., 81, 182 Nicol, A. J., 111, 247 Niddrie, S. I., 111, 182 Nielsen, E. L., 90 Nikiforuk, T., 90, 171 Nix, N. W., 75 Nix, N. W., 75 Noblitt, H. L., 64 Norem, Miss I. A., 79, 243 Norris, Miss F. H., 53 Northey, L., 99 Oatway, O. L., 68, 171 O'Connor, B., 90 Odell, W. H., 81, 182 Oldford, T., 99, 143 Olsen, A. A., 99, 242 Olson, G. R., 99 Orchard, Miss J. S., 111 O'Meara, Miss M. W. H., 44, 83 Ormrod, Miss E., 79 Osberg, G., 90 Owsley, Miss M. E., 243 Panchyshyn, J. E., 111 Park, J. D., 99, 134, 161 Parker, Miss O. R., 111 Patching, H. R., 90 Patterson, G. A., 90, 169 Pawluk, Miss E. R., 111 Pearson, S. G., 239 Peddlesden, Miss B. O., 70, 125, 129, 174, 275 Pedlar, F. G., 68, 129, 171 Perry, L. H., 90 Peterson, Miss E. M., 111, 169, 271 Petter, S., 111 Pettigrew, D. A., 90, 129 Phillips, R., 90 Phillips, S. C., 63 Phipps, G. T., 90, 171 Pickett, D. E., 64 Pine, C. D., 54 Plumb, F. C., 82, 180 Polomark, J. W., 46 Poohkay, P., 83 Poole, Miss R. A., 79, 119, 166, 273 Porter, Miss M. E., 111 Pow, C. G., 54 Pow, R. E., 44, 83 Preboy, J. W., 90 Price, G. M., 243 Price, W. J., 54 Pringle, R. B., 111 Pritchard, F. G., 82, 136, 182 Pritchard, F. M., 72, 159 Prowse. D. C., 104, 111, 169 Prowse. W. C., 54, 140, 146, 160, 258 Pullevblank, E. G., 99 Purvis, S. P. S., 90, 176 Pybus, G. H., 247, 121, 176 Quinlan, Miss C., 82, 180 Quon, D., 111 Raby, M. W., 111, 247 Rae, J. D., 67, 169 Rae, J. M., 90, 247, 169 Rankin, B. E., 67, 129, 161, 168 Rankin, Miss E. J., 42, 59, 160, 161 Rappel, T. H., 111 Raskin, J. C., 111, 132 Rear, Miss E. L., 123 Redman, D. L., 64 Redmond, Miss M. M., 243 Ree, Miss J. M., 111 Reed, Miss C., 59 Reesor, B., 111 Reesor, Miss I. M., 79 Reid, F., 75 Reid, J., 99 Reikie, R. D., 54 Reilly, Miss M. T. N., 111, 271 Reiten, S. V., 99 Rentiers, P. L., 177 Reynolds, W., 90, 258 Reynolds, R. G., 111 Reynolds, R. M., 46 Richardson, Miss G., 99 Riedel, B. E., 111, 182 Rigney, H. A., 111 Ripley, C. F., 111 Ripley, Miss R. A., 90, 174 Ritchie, D. C., 75 Ritchie, Miss M. E., 142, 143, 160 Robb, Miss M. L., 111, 273 Robbie, Miss J. W., 111, 174 Robblee, A. R., 111 Robertson , Miss J., 59,119, 156,161, 207, 227 Robertson, Miss M. M., 227 Robertson, Miss M. F., 91, 174 Robertson R. W., 111 Robertson W. J., 99 Robinson, Miss G., 59 Robson, C. W., 72, 118, 238, 140, 141, 156, 159, 160, 206 Roche, R. M., 99, 238 Rolf, H. c., 239 Rollefson, M. O., 62 Roper, S., 64, 119, 167, 176 Ross, Miss B. E., 70, 174 Ross, J. S., 46, 143 Ross, R. D., 54 Ross, R. W., 169, 258 Rostrup, Miss R. M., 86, 91, 125, 174, 277 Routledge, Miss M. P., 165 Rowan, Miss G., 91, 207 Rowan, W. O., 111 Rowe, J. S., 54 Roxburgh, M., 91 Ryan, J. M., 59 Ryski, L. J., 215 Ryter, A. A., 91 Sage, Miss N. F., 165, 271 Samoil, R., 111 Samuel, A. B., 242, 258 Sanford, Miss M. J., 112 Sangster, B., 83, 206 Sangster, Miss M. L., 91, 271 Santopinto, M., 54, 247, 122, 220 Sargent, D. A., 91 Savage, G. A., 64 Scammell, E. R., 99 Schell, D. G., 54 Schlader, R. A., 112 Schommer, H., 91 Schrader, R. C., 243, 247, 122. 220 Scott, G. P., 83 Seale, M. E., 112 Seaman, Miss B. E., 99, 271 Segall, G. H., 99 Semaka F., 54 Sereda, P. J., 238 Sereda, S., 82, 182 Shackleton, Miss L. M., 59 Shanks, S. R., 112 Sharpe, R. W., 112 Shaver, C. A., 75 Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Shaw Miss G. B., 54, 183 Miss M., 112, 174 Miss P. E., 112 S. D. 55 Sheckter, S. S., 99, 226 Sheldon, Miss E., 112 Sherbeck, L. A., 112 Shields, Miss D. B., 112 Shipley, M., 91 Short, A. F. D., 61 Shortliffe, E. C., 55, 212 Shortlilfe, H. L., 243 Shouldice, J. R., 55 Shumiatcher, M., 72, 142, 160 Siddall, J. N., 99 Siddall, T. A., 59, 243 Sidorsky, Miss B. G., 55, 183 Simonson, H. D., 99 Simonton, R. G., 112 Simpson, F. J., 112, 215 Simpson, J. L., 96, 99 Sinclair, Miss B., 112, 275 Sinclair, S. R., 112, 238 Sinclair, W. R., 67, 118, 169 Singer, J. M., 72 Sissons, G. H., 91 Skalitzky, F., 99 Skelton, Miss M. D., 112, 132, 271 Skelton, W. P., 82, 180 Skene, A. AW., 112 Slevinsky, A., 99 Sloan, J. W., 61 Smith, A., 72, 119, 140, 160, 175 Smith, C. H., 75 Smith, D. M., 83 Smith, E. H., 55 Smith, G. L., 112 Smith, H. G., 55 Smith, K. G., 247 Smith, L. M., 99, 164, 167 Smith Miss M. E. 55 Smith: Miss M. L.,,91, 183, 275 Smith, Miss N. A., 59 Smith, R. A., 256 Smith, W. S., 112 Smith, W. E., 46, 120, 239, 212 Soby, G. F., 112 Soldan, Miss H., 99, 174 Sorochan, J., 247 Spackman, L. F., 112 Spady, G. W., 247, 121 Sparrow, A. D., 112 Spector, M. N., 112, 132 Spencer, Miss M. H., 55, 242, 134 Stanley, Miss D. M., 277 Stapells, Miss F. M., 91, 271 Staples, J. C., 44, 258 Starr, N., 112, 233 Steed, H. G., 68, 171 Steed, R. H., 99 Steinbach, Miss B. A., 55, 129, 271 Stelfox, H. B., 91 Stephens, J. W., 258 Sterling, G. R., 46 Sterling, Miss M. V., 112, 169, 275 Stetson, Miss F. D., 91, 124, 174 Stevinson, H. T., 99 Stewart, Miss B. J., 91, 136, 277 Stewart, Miss M. M., 243 Stewart, M. D., 55, 130, 169 Stewart, P. E., 112 Stewart, W., 99 Stinton, A. W., 99 Stollery, C. A., 62, 167 Stratton, Miss M. J., 112 Straughan, G. E., 91 Strynadka, H. J., 112 Stuart, G. W. 91, 158, 206, 210, 218 Stubbs, O. C., 91, 238 Sutherland. G. O., 63, 258 Sutherland, Miss L. M., 112, 174, 277 Swann, R. H., 99 Swartzlander, C. F., 112 Swift, J. A., 61 Switzer, L., 112 liatt, W. E., 112 Tait, D. A. L., 67, 232 'li3lDOf, Miss H. P., 79 Tanner, R. M., 112, 129 Tanner, Miss R., 70, 174 Taylor, A. J., 112, 182 Taylor, W., 112, 220 Taylor, B., 112 Taylor, O. E., 112, 239, 182 Templeton, C. H., 91 Templeton, C. W., 112 Teskey, R. H., 113 Thomas, Miss A. R., 113 Thompson, Miss D. M., 113, 169 Thomson, Miss D. J., 113, 275 Thompson, Miss M. M., 113 Thornton, D. J., 113 Tiffin, Miss B. E. L., 79 Timmins, H., 104, 113 Tipman, E., 113 Tollington, L. A., 91, 121 Toogood, A., 46, 59, 243 Torrance, R. J., 91, 129, 130, 147, 161, 218, 168, 210 Toshack, Miss S. R., 113, 174, 277 Totton, Miss V. O., 113 Tougas, G. R., 91, 164 Towers, Miss H., 59 Towerton, Miss B. E., 91, 147, 169 Trainor, W. J., 113 Treacy, G. A., 67, 247, 169, 233 Tredger, C. N., 242 Tregale, Miss E. E., 113 Trost, W. R., 113 Tron, A. W. J., 56, 239 Trott, Miss E. M., 113 Trotter, Miss J. L, 67, 169 Trotter, Miss M. I., 56, 161 Tuttle, G. M., 247 Ub.ertino, D. J., 242 Ulrich, D. G., 56, 212 Underdahl, Miss E. M., 243 Upton, Miss C. M., 70, 120, 242, 174 Upton, Miss H. M., 56 Upton, W. R., 83, 171 Uretzky, H., 99 Vallanee, Miss J., 91, 242 Van Declan, Miss W. V., 113 van der Mark, Miss C., 56, 124 van der Mark, Miss K. M., 70, 242, 124, 174, 207 Van Kleeck, Miss W. M., 56, 123, 275 Venables, A. J., 56 Venables, Miss K. G., 91, 275 Vettorel, J., 64 Vickery, Miss G. L., 91, 277 Virtue, Miss E. T., 104, 113, 273 Vogel, C. K., 56, 247 Voloshin, P. C., 75 Wachowich, Miss V. V. A., 91, 133 Waite, W. T., 56, 171 Walford, R. G., 44, 61 Walhovd, T. O., 113 Walker, J., 68, 171, 218 Walkey, G. C., 83, 171 Wallace, Miss B. E., 91, 207, 277 Wallace, D. B., 56 Wallace, H. N., 143 Wallis, Miss L. M., 99 Walsh, A., 83 Walsh, W. P., 75 Ward, C. M., 113 Warnock, Miss H. M., 113, 123 Warshawski, R. J., 243 Waters, S. C., 215 Watson, Miss M. K., 113, 146 Watterberg, Miss N. L., 113 Weaver, S. A., 141 Webb, J. A., 113 Webber, F. C., 243 Webster, G. B., 99 Wedman, L. D., 56, 132, 159 Weeks, Miss A. M., 243 Weiis, A. ie., 113 Wendt, 14. A., 91, 243, 247, 176 Wersnot, Miss E., 91, 134 West, Miss C. li., 79 West, N. J., 113 Wetter, L. R., 113 Wetterberg, D. C., 99 Wheeler, Miss E. M., 79 White, Miss E., 57 White, R. T., 258 Whitehead, G. A., 113, Whiting, F., 46, 164 Wholey, W. B., 91 Wiggins, R. L., 57 258 Wildman, Miss M. S., 113 Wilkins, C. H., 99, 113 Williams, Miss F. I., 113 Williams, Miss G., 57, 275 Williams, H. L., 61 Williams, Miss O. M., NVilliams, O. D., 113 Williams, R. G., 57 Williamson, A. S., 72, Williamson, Miss I. H., Williamson, Miss M. I., 57 118, 175 113, 174 174 Willis, L. E., 91 Willox, lV1iSs A. C., 91, 207, 273 228 Willox, G. L., 238, 158, 212, 228 Willox, Miss M. L., 91, 119, 146 174 207 27 Willson, B. F., 96, 99 Wilson, E. D., 57 Wilson, Miss M. S., 57 Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, H. S., 44, 61, 239 L. E., 158 Miss W. M., 79 Windsor, C. L., 99 Windsor, G. E., 113 Winson, R. W., 64 Wishart, Miss R., 70, 123, 174 Wolfe, E. M., 113 Wolff, R. G., 177 Wolochow, Miss P. S., 91, 174 W'ood, Miss J., 57, 183 Woodman, F. L., 246 Woodrui-1, Miss P. J., 82, 182 Woods, J. S., 113, 134 Woodsworth, Miss M. E., 113, 17245 Worthington, W. T., 113 Woywitka, N. W., 158 Wright, o. F., 171, 214 Wright, W. G., 113 Yaremchuk, S. L., 57 Yates, A. F., 82, 120, 182, 258 Yates, M., 218 Yavis, G. C., 96, 99 Yeats, L., 99, 167 Yoneyama, Miss M., 57 Yoneyama, Miss Y., 91, 171 Young, Miss C. R., 91, 271 Young, H. E., 82, 182 Young, J. H., 75 Young, R. G., 113 Young, W. A., 75 Young, Miss W. E., 79, 165 Younger, I. L., 99, 176 Younie, H., 46 Younie, W. K., 67, 158, 169, 224 Zaslow, M., 59, 243 Zimmerman, Miss L. H., 91 35 4 . 1-Q.: f ., 'L N 15'- L 1 -: 5, If i?" 'Q Q. v . 'Q 4 l X' 1 ik Qi. bf' ' .f uf iff. F. ,lx li J J B 1 'Q' , M ,b I . , W . -.. .W - it ,N Z9 'A i' iii? I ': , Lf, if ag X bv- N. W' ' U- 5,4 .M :Q '93 ff E53 " '7f -+7l3"X ' A V xfxi . 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Suggestions in the University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) collection:

University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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