University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada)

 - Class of 1940

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University of Alberta - Evergreen and Gold Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 338 of the 1940 volume:

f,V CEE QW 6 A21 'K' 5' ' ' , ."'-' JCWFF'-4. A-G ll' ul .,'i,'l'W 'i " '4- Jigs? '1l:'K"I.'f VA,.f,t1I7'?1.Jv"dl22?F!KI5?U'TnEI!P?f . ws X if 1 K X.. 'XT 'S , x I is N I E B ' Q. Directed by JACK CUYLER Assistant Director IOHN SKENE Business Manager V COLIN CAMPBELL Editor MARYLEA HOLLICK-KENYON Designed and Engraved by' HOUSEZ LTD., EDMONTON Printed by COMMERCIAL PRINTERS LTD., EDMONTON Covers by TI-IE BROWN BROS. LTD., TORONTO Y S e"n ,. ,A WV, ...,.,, -H'i,.,- AA -. ,V al 5 asf' , Q X A , , Ai., ' x f -521-F -J-A P' 5-f V VV, 4., 5'-,, , -1. .uw f.. - . .Q 1 -4. . N .MQ C VVVV 'Y' fjff-'Y' ,ff , g ,ff 'pfw , ,. ' V," ' ,V ,HV 1. . . V "' wx' . ' PQ'-I?-L" VV .V , 1.1fr',vg,.. . 5' ' - X sph -4 . Mk-,,-g..VV!-' ,X U V Ef4.V". ', ' f ' ,3V:,,4s QQ-',-,i'47gfZj -'gif-tif K A X ,. f7'- V ,- V VV V, -VV, ,V.VVYV,,V,-.SV 1. V 1 V' ,f , VV. V-TV.. V . ,Q -:,5,VV. y , x . ,V ..,- VV5 V-V - , ,. . Ng ' 5Qx3Sz2+" 3-555 ' , 1- --j ,- 22,3 .r.,!Ig'51!-Q'-fjgf ,M - . f ag-W V 444,-f-+. 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A V V , VVVV. A , Qi ,g,V,.TV,VV,V V mm. .V VVVJV A . VV 6' -, ' gk- "NA .52 x M ' '- -- -5. --A - 'Q ' QV ..-- , x X V V . V N, VV, V - A , V, -, -gy - f' '-'Eg ffm. X V X 'TY' X fvifhr, iw 'V ' 45:4 , w . . "yi , . , - - ' xw. ws X 'Q ' X- fl mf- 1 Q, ' .m A, -, 'F is-fb if K V- , .XV .. ix ? 5 Xi-V2 t . . ""fsi'X,f!"'9 .gx M. -I -. ' . X . o W :VV ., . . V- V:.VV' VV 'ix 1 K x X is Q4 X ' Hx? N V V 3 , 3? VVV I , mpgs -, VV H x -S 34 iq . Qs ' :VH :M s N' N m ,Q - - ,f W uf -, . ,gm M, ,V F X? Q 'ww V ax , ., 6 " . .rf O 5 x, ..X X ' SQ F gl- Q V ,VV 7: V?qV 5 V VV V Vx :N NX ,H RV :VV 7 ,U .VN VV K .- Q V, ,S , ' Y V f vgx -Vx V .- , V,VV ,- , My . Q V: T5 JN ,.. . ': 'VV' . s sa ,QV . V ,V QV 'V . VV . 5 V ""'. ,-..- -- -1 ,Jw f' "v- 1: , 'S - '53- x 'VV' 5 f ' 5 f ' " XI' ,. ' , A 4 -13' H.. .5-1. ... .M - ' I - im-. . - - -emu. f . -4 A r-W 'RY -4.- 'i A I QSYTY 0F41 St 0691? 11 4- g n min Al'lnlIDIf 2hIUl "u X, 90 h 'T QR- 4ECUMQUE Vt AND U ID BQA nnud 1 Publicajrion of H16 S1u1denJtS'Union of Jfhe Universiiy of Alberjca ai E dmonio 11. . EDMONTON BRANCH- lfberta Genealogical Socfefy 12'7eS"f 7 f' 151725 lllll THE torpor of eight o'clock lectures . . . the way your prof mumbles into his collar . . . howling mobs rushing to the Caf. at noon . . . studying till the small hours . . . squeezing into a booth after a formal . . . these memories are among the mind's gallery to appear in future years at the mention of "Varsity '46". University life in its broader aspects, with new viewpoints and warm friendships, widens the vision and strengthens the purpose of everyone it touches. Many students pass through years of change and expansion which they will see in retrospect as profoundly inf fluential periods in their livesg like a traveller at the bend of a road, they will pause to look back to the landmarks that lie behind. It is the essence of university life that we have attempted to presentg may your glances backward be happy interludes in a shining future! 2?fLf56 9 CAMPUS ADMINISTRATION STUDENTS CAMPUS LIFE MILITARY FRATERNITIES ADVERTISING 0 WF DEDIC These years open a new age. Man's new machines threaten to annihilate their builders as long as social responsibility lags far behind technological development. In order to survive, man must make world citizenship a reality. The old nationalism must be put asideg the concept oi the commonwealth of all nations must take 'its place. As the unique beauties of our own country are only a part of the earth's bounty, so must our national welfare be integrated within the common cause. To this ideal we dedicate this book. . gf 'v ' 1 6,41 A: , 4 5.43, i ,I fl QQ.- Hui Q. .W 1 I 1 ,X uv Nw- H Q25 Ni ,N-"'w. .W- 1. 1 ' x N, K 395m I-,-. fn ,. x WA .- pw , ,,, Q 'Jw f ?"f. ,M.1' V r eff fiffw. .mg ' t , ff'-K Jig, , , Y P V . l A - 5 .N QV.. L , h Mi l . fli ' 'Tm .. , .1 ' "'!'C"'i. A . ' Y -35" ' ti 1 ":.f4Q' l R' Z' Q Q' ' We f' .f ',.'f , '-Q xwg 1 . -W - -. X- ,ii A . , .V -M L ' ,A ,, . . gm, ,' 'Nw X Tlx? Us W' '- . X .. , . 1 . , 'K ' ' 'A ' , a" , 3 in T523 A ,e. ' . :V Z s.. . . " , Qi . . ' - ' ' -. yy X 4 U J' rv: vin s ' V QV .- - , - . x 'M 15-N L, W-Fw '. A +L, . in , N X we-5 , . . -. Q1 N .,l' ,Ir -,gn I. 4. " '2 'H' sy- wr X, t- ,fr in ' it ,A r . 'C 5 59535 .p. g.. f .-,MAI , . .nv ' . ,. V 5" 'O , 44121 ,ml ' 1 u 455, 'X' Q in . 1 Q 4 2- If f' . f l in: Waaf' u A 4 :Q wv' ef . - 'f ' , .Ng N, eg ' L , ,. -. ' , Ti .v , 4 , f' .43 .. 'arf J ',-ff! ' . . 'A , .,. ,N 'J :Ui nv- . Ffa-'H 1+ S3 M ilfigvfi gh K H Y A . -4 " , if , ,X .ff Q. 4 . 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X, -p.vx, 1, fx .,--'ws ' 1' W f y 1 C , X 3 X 1 3 ' f . . ' 1 P. Qt, Q . Y, 4 J-K! i- 1 '39 1 R , .Q i . f 5 Hi' Q . rf ' Vw ' 'ff , 3 Y . y 1 "A .- . 5' 1 3 - .M At, 1 , 3 ,, 5 ,J , Q . J, X. , E 1 '7 1 1 Cr' NA ROBERT NEWTON, M.C., B.S.A., M.Sc., Pl1.D., DSC., F.R.S.C. Prcsfaleni uf ffm UnfL'cr'sify of A-Ulvcria PEA CE THE students who proposed a professorship of peace as a war memorial had the right idea, even if there were difficulties in working it out. They recognized that the only adequate tribute to the fallen is to see that their sacrifice is not in vain, that the causes of war are sougt out and rooted, out. They realized that peace is not a negative thing, the mere absence of war, but a positive, dynamic force generated in the minds of men dedicated to the cause of law and justice. The plain speaking that has characterized our postfwar diplomacy has given an impression of a world anything but peaceful. But it is better to have all the dangers clearly indicated than to say, "Peace, peaceg when there is no peace." Then men of good will can set themselves to remove the causes of friction. Moreover, the stirrings and strivings after more political freedom in various parts of the world need to be guided, not suppressed. The conditions of peace can never be static in a changing world, and people who devote themselves to maintaining the status quo are no true friends of peace. ' The United Nations Charter does not of itself guarantee peace and security, the opportunity to build a better world in an atmosphere of freedom from fear. It merely provides machinery which may be used to achieve that end, if men have a mind to work it unselfishly. What is needed, then, is a change in the hearts of men. Nothing less than a great spiritual awakening can create the conditions of peace. Graduates of the University of Alberta are expected to be enlightf ened citizens, who take a positive stand on every important issue. If they speak out plainly, their influence will soon spread and be multiplied. No issue transcends in importance the maintenance of a just peace. For what says the law? "Te shall not therefore oppress one another, but thou shalt fear thy God: for I am the Lor-d your God. Wherefore ye shall do my statutes, and keep my judgments, and do therng and ye shall dwell in the land in safety." LEV. 25: l7f18. Roherf Newton PRESIDENT. EDMONTON BRANCH Alberta Genealogical society .y n XX , X E K X THE HONORABLE MR. JUSTICE PARLEE CHAIRMAN BOARD OF GOVERNORS DMI I T THE HONORABLE MR. JUSTICE FRANK FORD CHANCELLOR ATIO A WEST My Q05 G. B. TAYLOR ASSISTANT REGISTRAR BURSAR QTY? R' S Q69 Y, p ' W GXs5'YY'Ps ROVOSQRREN 7' C. L. KING ...I-QR, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT ' I , 3 C .I FAC ILEYE A N W. E- BOWLAW DEA .DEAN OF E . LAZERT DEAN DDAEEDDOCPMON DEAN O DEAN R. S. L. WILSON DEAN J. 1. GWER DEAN OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEAN OF MEDICINE TY HEAD ON PWD QE A09 DEAN SAAD 5068 AW AH E OWN O AWE SIN CL 9 - UYNY DE PM RAGRICU LT QE AN O? DEAN W. S. HAMILTON A. D. MILLER REV. BROTHER PRUDENT DEAN OF DENTISTRY PRINCIPAL OF RECTOR OF ST. STEPHEN,S COLLEGE ST. IOsEPH's COLLEGE 1 1- , ,. .fm . 3.4: 5 '1. 14" 1' ' . :Z .JH- ,,V,,,F 3. ly.. N .L ,,.x1,- - ., ,-N. , .-. A 1 Bn V FQ, i.. . , 4 - ,, . .,'- ima'-' I - 4 A, bi, . .,-:Vu -, .' .' V V 1 g.,.,.-WM - , U,-V - -, .M 1 , fun, .,- '-r ,yr V, Y' - 1'-"',,,.M Q - , fm ,MI V' ng-v...,3, ' W "1.'u""" ,1 ' l, , -pt .1 'wx ,.,! 1. ,, A ,L , - M-, , , 4 . 1 L. . 1 , .x an .I, ,,, . 53. , ',1 4 ,. , V1 4 . Q - . V' P , J! I .. , , X , , 4.',, ,- V ' I , I W , A K , . x I ., '- , ,N 1 , Q' f , X' x.. X 1 , w ' , " L- . V, ' , us' ,xx p 1 . 1' xr.. X' ' 1 bg. 1 , , 4, , ,, 5 , ..' 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MORRISON In September of 1945 the Hrst wave of student vet- erans rolled over Alberta's campusg a new group, Worlds removed from the average freshman. More mature men filed into freshman lectures, with a universal determination to make good back at the books which they had so long ago laid aside. The class as a whole entered into most of the campus activities. In their class play, "The Jack and the Joker," their leading lady was judged best actress. Freshmen dis- ported themselves at "The Aftermath," on January 11, in a transformed Drill-Hall. Most freshmen were CURMA members, and prob- lems like housing and hnance were handled by the Associ- ation. This class had the most difficult year of any group in the Universityg with the readjustments to civilian life, strong competition in every faculty, and overcrowding in classes and labs, the freshmen of 1945 have met a real challenge. Murray Cunningham Maurice Roe Betty Gibson Vern Millard Varge Gilchrist FRE HME TREVA ABELL. EDMONTON HOWARDADAMS, ST. LOUIS, SASK. ALAN AINSCOUGH, LETHBRIDGE BETTY ALLAN, EDMONTON RALPH ALLMAN, EDMONTON JACK ALLWORTH, WINDSOR, ONT. NANCY ALTON, LAMONTT CARL AM ERONGEN, 'EDMONTON CLARE AMIES, EDMONTON DOUGLAS ANDERSON. In OCEAN FALLS, Is c. N LORNE ANDERSON, EDMONTON ROBERT ANDERSON, CALGARY STEVE ANDRIASHYK WILLINODON PETER ANDROSCHUK, EDMONTON ROBERT ANDRUSYSHYN, BARICK GEORGE ANNESLEY, EDMONTON I DOREEN ANTHONY, LLOYDMINSTER DON ARMSTRONG, NANTON DOROTHY ARMSTRONG. NANTON JOAN ARMSTRONG, EDMONTON MARY ARTHUR, TNORSDY THELMA ASHBY, EDMONTON FRED ASTLE, EDMONTON HOWARD ATKIN, ALTARIO SHIRLEY ATKINSON, EDMONTON TOM ATKINSON, EDMONTON JEAN AUSTIN, RANFURLY HELEN BABIUK, HAIRY HILL BRUCE BAILEY, EDMONTON HERB BAILEY, CALGARY LYLLA BAILEY, TOFIELD RALPH BAILEY, CALGARY REG BAILEY, wATERTON LAKES GEORGE BAKER, ALLIANCE HUGH BAKER, EDMONTON STEWART BAKER, EDMONTON WALTER BALKE, EDMONTON JIM BALLANTYNE, EDMONTON FRED BARBER, CAMROSE GERALD BARKER, GLENBORO, MAN. GRAHAM BARKER, EDMONTON WILLIAM BARNES, EDMONTON MARY BARNETTI,,TIsW' BARRY BARRITT, EDMONTON PAT BARRY, EDMONTONT NORMAN BARTLEY, EDMDNEON JOHN BASISTIUK, EUMONTONK AUSTIN BASSETT, EDMONTON? ART BATES, CARDSTON " BOB BATHGATE, DIAMOND CITY " MELVIN BAUMAN, INNISFAIL MARIE BAYENS, GRANDE PRAIRIE VICTOR BAYROCK, EDMONTON STANLEY BEACOM, CALGARY FR E GUY BEAUDRY, ST. PAUL DICK BEDDOES. DAvsLAND WILLIAM BEECROFT, ISLAY FRED BEGORAY, REDWAIER BETTY BELL, EDMONTON JOYCE BELLOWS, EDMONTON SAM BELZBERG, CALGARY RAY BENJAMIN, CALGARY DON BERG, MILLICENT ETHEL BERRY, DAvsI.AND STEWARD BERTLES, EDMONTON ALEX BEVERIDGE, NORDEGG DEMI BIDIUK, GAINSFORD BOB BIJOU, EDMONTON MARVIN BISHOP, ARROWWOOD JEAN BLACK, WAINWRIGNT KAY BLACK, EDMONTON BILL BLAIR, ROSE LYNN HELEN BLAQUIERE. EDAM. SA N YVETTE BONNAURE. GALAHAO CLAIRE BONNEL, EDMONTON SAM BOORMAN. BLAIRMORE OLGA BORUTSKI, ELK POINT BETTY BOWN, CALGARY RAY BOWER, STRATHMORE DON BOWHEY, THREE HILLS BERNARD BOWLEN. CARSTAIRS HAROLD BOWMAN, SHAUNAVDN, sAsN NORMAN BOYSE. CALGARY EARL BRABBINS, FORT SASK JOHN BRACCO. RED WATER DAVID BRADSHAW, EDMONTON BRIAN BRADY, EDBERG RAY BRANTON, CALGARY REUBEN BRICKER, LAVOY BILL BRIDGEMAN, wETAsxIwIN WALLY BREEN, EDMONTON HELEN BROSSEAU. ST PAUL BILL BROWN, EDMONTON DOUG A. BROWN, REGINA, sAsA, DOUG L. BROWN. CALGARY NORAH BROWN, CLARESHOLM NORMAN BROWN, EDMONTON WILLA BRUCE. EDMONTON DON BRUNDAGE. DAYSLAND ILA BRUNSDALE. CALGARV JOE BRYANT. JASPER BILL BUCHANAN, EDMONTON ELENOR BULFORD, GRANDE PRAIRIE WILLIAM BURCH, HUXLEY EARNEST BURCHELL, CALGARY BILL BURGE, NELSON, Dc. NORM BURNETT, CALGARY PAT BURNS, EDMONTON PRE HME GORDON BURTON, EDMONTON JOHN BURTON, DRUMRELLER LEN BURTON. CALGARY VERA BUSHKO, vEsREvlLLE LEONARD BUSSARD, WETASKIWIN HAROLD BUTCHARD, EDMONTON JOAN BYE, KYLE, SASKATCHEWAN FRANCIS BYRNE, LETHBRIDGE ALBERT BZOWY, RYCROFT I.ERVAE CAHOON, LEAVITT BILL CAIRNS. EDMONTON JACK CALVERT. DIGGAR, SASK. KATHLEEN CAMERON, ROCKY RAPIDS KAY H. CAMERON, CALGARY GEORGE CAMP, CALGARY DELLA CAMPBELL, WESTLOCK DORIS CAMPBELL. THORSBY GORDON CAMPBELL, CALGARY JAMES CAMPBELL, EDMONTON MARY CAMPBELL, LEDUC MARY K. CAMPBELL, LETHBFIDGE ROSS CAMPBELL, EDMONTON TOM CAMPBELL, EDMONTON DICK CANNIFF, PROvosT EDYTHE CARDIFF, RON ACCORD RICHARD CARDY, EDMONTON JAMES CARSON, WARSPITE BILL CASE. FARKSVILLE, B c. MARIA CASTELLI, DRDMRELLER DORIS CASTLEMAN, BENTLEY MIKE CEPIN, EDMONTON HARRY CHALMERS, Er-MONTON JAMES CHALMERS, EDMONTON VICTOR CHANASYK, INNISFREE RON CHAPMAN, EDMONTON STAN CHAPMAN, EDMONTON TED CHARNE. EDMONTON LOUIS CHAUVET, LEGAL BEN CHETNER, CALGARY JOHN CHMELNISKY, RED wATER OLEH CHORNOPYSKY. EHIGH IJRAIRIE WALTER CHORNY, RANFURLY MARY CHRISTOFFERSON, DRANT FRANK CHUBB, BON ACCORD ROY CHUBB, BON ACCORD RAE CHURCHILL, EDMONTON ALAN CLARK, JASPER DOUG CLARK, EDMONTON SHERIDAN CLARK, ERSKINE DON CLARKE, LETHBRIDGE DOUG CLARKE, SEDGEWICK HUGH CLARKE, EDMONTON PHIL CLARKE, CALGARY CHES. CLENDENING, LETRERTDGE EK E HMB CELIA COCKERAM. CALGARY GLADYS COCKS, MEDICINE HAT DON CODY, CEREAL PAULETTE COLLINS, FORT ROY COLLINS, EDMONTON ANNIE COOK, COLINGTON KENT GENE COOK. RED DEER GLEN COOPER, STAVELY JOHN COOPER, NANAIMO, R c, GWENETH COOTE. LEDUC IVAN CORAM. CALGARY RHONA CORBETT, EDMONTON DOUG CORMACK, ALIX BILL COUTTS, VICTORIA, a,c, MARGUERITE COUTTS, FoREsTBuRG EDITH CRUICKSHANK, Mxr:auRN ENID CROCKETT, EDMONTON VIVIAN CROFT, MANVILLE DONNA CROSS. EDMONTON HELLEN CROUGH, MILLET NORA CROUGH. MILLET WESLEY CROWLE, CALGARY HUGH CROZIER, NAMAO GERALD CULLEN, EDMONTON RUTH CULLERNE, EDMONTON MURRAY CUNNINGHAM, MILLARVILLE MONA DALEY, EDMONTON DALE D'ARCY, EDMONTON GEORGE DARLING, EDGERTON DON DAVIDSON, EDMONTON MARJORIE DAVIDSON, MENAIK THOMAS DAVIES, HILLSPRING DORIS DAVIS, SEDGEWICK GORDON DAVIS, LLOYDMINSTER, SASK. JOAN DAWSON, PROVUST JODY DAY, EDMONTON DON DEADRICK, DIDSBURY JIM DENIS, MIDLANDVALE MARIE ROSE DESCHATELETS. LEGAL CHARLES DETRO, IRMA VIC DEUGAN, EDMONTON GLENROSE DEVICO, FORT SASK. MERVYN DEVONSHIRE, EDMONTON BERT DICKIE. PRESTON, ONT. BILL DICKIE. CALGARY MARY ELLEN DICKSON, INNISFREE BOB DINGMAN. CALGARY ROSALIE DINZEY, CALGARY 'RUSS DIXON. MEDICINE HAT BILL DOCKERY, CALGARY FRED DODD, GREENWOOD, Rc. ANN DOMONEY, RED DEER ,FRED DORWARD, MANVILLE MARY DOUGHERTY. CALGARY FRE HME CHARLES DOUGLAS, BROOKS STUART DOUGLAS, VULCAN OLGA DRON, LYNIRURN BILL DRONIUK. SHAUGHNESSY BARBARA DUKE. EDMONTON LEO DUMAINE, LEGAL AUDREY DUNDAS. ALLINGHAM BOB DUNN. EDMONTON MARJORIE DUNNING, NANTON LYLE DUNSMORE, BROOKS EMILIE DUPUIS. EDMONTON LAURA DUPUIS, LAFONT GORDON EAST. WETASKIWIN JOHN EATOCK. STONY PLAIN FRANK EBDON, EDMONTON KATHLEEN ECKEL, LAMONT ART EDEN, EDMONTON ELDON EDWARDS, TARER IRENE EDWARDS. CALGARY LAWRENCE. EDWARDS, THREE HILLS HAROLD EIKELAND, GALAHAD MARTIN EISNER. CALGARY DAVID ELFORD, FOREMOST METRO ELIUK. HAIRV HILL DOD ELLIOTT, TRAIL. Ia C HAROLD ENGLAND, RED DEER NANCY ENGLISH. MILLET ADELIAIDIE ENNS, EROOKED CREEK EMMA ERGEZINGER, VDODEVNLD ROSINA '-ERSKINE. MARY EVAVNOVICH. ANDREW EDWARD EIIENS, INNISFAIL VERNA EVEINSON, MULHURST MARGARET EXHAM. EDMONTON LLOYD FAIBISH, EDMONTON JACK FAIR, CA-LGARY ALEX FALLOIIIIQDDNONTON BILL FALLOW. KIEDMONTON STANLEY FAREWELL. EDMONTON MARY FARMER, EDMONTON RALPH FARVOLDEN, FORESTBURG HERSCHEL FAWCETT, DLAGKIE LILLEY FERBEY. E'praI9NToN RAYMOND FERGLISEQN1 NDNDLDY THOMAS FERGLISONQ MENAIK ROSE FEWCHUK, EDMONTON GEORGE FILIPCHUKQQANDRDW THOMAS FINK, FALUN1, JIM FINLAY, EDMONTONQDV, GERRY FISH, CALGARY PHYL FITCH, CALGARY ARTHUR FITZPATRICK. IIIIILGAN WILFRED FITZPATRICKQI, EDMONTON 3' .4 JOHN FITZSIMMONS, ALIRQ , , ,i -I 5"i il THIRTY-EIGHT M 'Q' A A Q' L ERE HMIi GUNHILD FJALESTAD. BAWLF NORMAN FLAVIN, EDMONTON NORMA FLINTOFF, FORT SASK. GEORGE FONG. RED DEER ELAINE FORBES, DRUMMELLER NANCY FORBES, GRIMSHAW CHARLES FORD, CALGARY TOM FORD. LACOMBE DON FOREST, PR. ALBERT. SASK. DOLORES FORSYTH, EDMONTON LEWIS FOSS. STANDARD JEAN FOWLIE, COLINTON PAT FRAME. COLINTON DEAN FRIANCIS, TABER VIOLET FRAY. TURNER VALLEY WAYNE FRENCH, DINANT ISABEL FRIZZELL. LACOMDE GARTH FRYETT, LETMDRIDGE ELIZABETH FUCSKO, IRMA CLARENCE FUERST, BASHAW DORIS FULKS, EDMONTON GRACE FUNK. MAPLE CREEK, sAsx BERNARD GABERT, EDMONTON PETER GABINET, DELF JEAN GALBRAITH. CALGARY JOAN GALBRAITH, CALGARY BOB GARVIN, PORTAGE-LA-PRAIRIE JEANNE GAULT, EDMONTON CHARLES GAUTHIER, EDMONTON JACK GEDDES, MILESTONE, sAsN DON GEE, EDMONTON JAMES GEE, EDMONTON KEN GEIS, DARRMEAD TED GEORGE, LACOMBE EDGAR GERHART, CORONATION LENA GERLYWICH. v:LNA GERRY GEROLAMY, ROcANvnLLE, SASK. JIM GIBB. EDMONTON BETTY GIBSON, LETHBRIDGE MURIEL GIBSON. DELTA MILTON GILCHRIST, EDMONTON VARGE GILCHRIST. LETHBRIDGE ANGUS GILLIES. EDMONTON GEORGE GILLIES, EDMONTON BILL GILLNIORE, EDMONTON HARLEY GILLMORE, PICKARDVLLE ALBERT GINSBERG, CALGARY MARY GISH. EDMONTON DORIS GLASENER, RYLEY ENID GLAUSER, EDMONTON GRACE GLEBE. EDMONTON MARIE GLOVER. CALGARY HAZEL GLIDDEN. VERMILION SPENCER GODDARD, EDMONTON FRE HME WILLIAM GODLEY. CALGARY LEO GOELMAN, EDMONTON RON GOLLIS, EDMONTON KENT GOODERHAM, GLEICHEN ESTHER GORDEY. WILLINGDON RAY GOULD. EDMONTON WILLIAM GOWARD, EDMONTON DON GOWER, EDMONTON LORIMER GRAHAM. EDMONTON ALAN GRAY. LETHERIDGE JOHNNY GRAY, EDMONTON BETTY GREEN, NANTON TED GREENAWAY. Rocxv MOUNTAIN HOUSE JOUCE GREENE. EDMONTON HARVEY GREY. CALGARY ALAN GRIFFIN. EDMONTON NORMAN GRIFFIN, JARVIE YVONNE GRIFFIN, CHAMPION ARTHUR GRIMSRUD, wEMsLEv VELMA GROHN, BARRHEAD LEIF GROSSETH, ST, EDOUARD EMERY GRUNINGER. SUNNVENOOK LES GUE, EDMONTON GEORGE GUNN, EDMONTON SHEILA GUNN, ARDROSSAN SHEILA GWANRTNEY. GRANDE PRAIRIE OLGA HABIAK, SPEDDON LOUIS HAGUE, EDMONTON HARVEY HAIDUK. Two HILLS JEAN HALCROW, PENTICTON, Iac. TOM HALFORD. EDMONTON GORDON HALIBURTON, EDMONTON OLGA HALINA, RANPURLY ELIZABETH HALL, CARMANGAY ARNI HALLDORSON, HIGH PRAIRIE LENA HALLDORSON, HIGH PRAIRIE ISABELLE HALWA, LEDuc LOUISE HALWA. OALMAR KEITH HAM. CALGARY KEN HAM, CALGARY ED HAMULA, CALHAR GEORGE HANDFORD, INNIsPAII. ANNA HANSEN, snucz BILL HANSEN, LETHBRIDGE CALVIN HANSEN, BENTLEY GORDON HANSON, PEMBRIDGE AL HARBOWAY. EDMONTON JOHNNY HARDING, LOUGHEED ALEX HARPER, LETHBRIDG! MILLAN HARRIS. EDMONTON VI HARRIS, wETAsKIwIN ALBERTA HARRISON, EDsoN LEE HARRISON, CALGARY YVONNE HARRISON, PEACE RIVER FORTY FORTY-ONE FRE EILEEN HART. STETTLER HARRY HART, wI'IITELAw BRUCE HATFIELD, CALGARY MARIE IHAUGEN, TOFIELD WILLIALM' HAWKINS, CALGARY GEORGE HAY, CALGARY SHIRLEY HAY. SEDGEWICK ROSALIND HAYDAK, VILNA EDWARD HEDIGER. EDMONTON JERRY HEFFERNAN, EDMONTON HAROLD HELM, VANCOUVER DON HENDERSON, EDMONTON JENNY HENDERSON, EDMONTON JIM HENDERSON, BLACK DIAMOND MICHAEL HENEY, CALGARY LORNA HENNESSY, TOFIELD JOHN HENRY, EDMONTON GORDON HERBERT, GRIMSHAW JOHN HERREILERS, EDMONTON HORACE HIERLIHY, EDMONTON GORDON HIGGINSON, EDMONTON CAL HILL, TABER JEAN HILL, LACOMBE LAWRENCE HILL, EDMONTON LOIS HILL. CALGARY JAMES HIRONAKA, RAYMOND KENNETH HISAOKA, IRON SPRINGS STEPHEN HNYDA, CAMROSE BOB HOARE, CALGARY VELMA HOCKENHULL, CHIGWELL JEAN HODGKINSON, LOusANA JOHN HOFMAN, DARONS ALBERT HOHOL, TWO HILLS FRANCES HOLDEN, EDMONTON ED. HOLLICK, Two HILLS TILLIE HOLOWAYCHUK, CMIPMAN GERTRUDE HOLSETH, FORT KENT MARION HOOVER, DELIA FRANK HOSKYN, VULCAN MARY HRYNK, MYMAM NICK HRYNK. EDMONTON JOHN HUCKELL, EDMONTON ROSALINE HUCULAK, PAxsON BERT HUFFMAN, CALGARY GEORGE HUGHES. VEGREVILLE SHEILA HUGHES, CALMAR SHIRLEY HUGHES, RUSELAND. sAsx. WALTER HUGHES, CALMAR TOM HUMPHREYS, EDMONTON GORDON HUMPHRIES, CALGARY ALEX HUNKA, CALGARY BILL HUNKA. ANDREW PAMELIA HUNTER. GRANDE PRAIRIE DOROTHY HUSBAND, EDMONTON FRE HELEN HUSTON, MACLEOD GLENNA HUTCHINGS, EDMONTON KENNETH HUTCHINGS, GIBBONS JOHN HYDE, EDMONTON DON HYMES. ROSEBUD MURRAY HYSLOPI EDMONTON CONNIE IDDINGS, RIMBEY WARREN IRVINE, DAWSON CREEK HOWARD IRVING. EDMONTON LOIS JACKSON. WETASKIWIN ELAINE JACOBS, CALDWELL MARJORIE JAMES, PONORA EDDIE JAMIESON. BARRHEAD JACOB JENZEN, GEM EDNA JARDY, THORHILD PAT JEVNE, WETASKIWIN ARDISTE JOHNSON. MILLET ARN JOHNSON, EDMONTON DOROTHY JOHNSON. AMISR FAY JOHNSON, FORT SASKATCHEWAN GORDON JOHNSTONE. EDMONTON JAMES JOHNSTONE, EDMONTON KEITH JOHNSTONE, FERINTOSH KEN JOHNSTONE, EDMONTON BOB JONES. CALGARY GEORGE JONES. CALGARY DONALD JORGENSEN. MEDICINE HAT LARRY JUDGE. EDMONTON KATHLEEN KACHUK, HAIRY HILL LENA KACHUR, ST MICHAEL GRACE KAECHELE. RED DEER ANNE KASSIAN, HAIRv HILL ROSELLE KATZ. EDMONTON EARL KELLAR, MEDICINE HAT FLORENCE KELLIN-GTON, RED DEER DON KELLY, EDMONTON MARIE KENNY. CALGARY EUGENE KERN, GIENWOOD CATHIE KETTYLS, COLEMAN ROSS KETTYLS.- COLEMAN JAMES KILLEN. LLOVDMINSTER EARL KINDLEY, TOFIELD MARY KIRSTINE, EDMONTON FRANCES KITCHENT, EDMONTON BETTY JANE KLIINCK. DIDSBURY ALAN KNIGHT, EDMONTON BERT KNOWLER, EDMONTON GEORGE KOSTASHUK, EDMONTON MICHAEL KOSTETK, TWO HILLS NETTIE KOST"YNU,K. EDMONTON EILEEN KOWALOI-IUK, WILIINGDON JOHN KOZMAK. lj!.AIFIv HILL GEORGE KRAVE'I7Z,,INNIsrREE EUNICE KREUT-i'-EDMONTON FORTY-TH REE FRE HME ROLAND KROENIG METRO KROKOSH. SPEDDEN JOHN KRPAN. EDSON JOHN KRULAK. RADWAY MILDRED KRYSTAL, CLAIRMONT MATTHEW KRYSTOFIAK. HEISLER JOSEPH KUCHMAK. ELDORENA NICHOLAS KUFEL, EGREMONT MARION KULAK, EDMONTON GLORIA KUPCHENKO, WARSPITE ALEC KURYLO. SMOKY LAKE MURIEL KYLE. EDMONTON MARIE LABERGE, DAPP MAURICE LABRIE. DROCNET JEAN ETTE LAGGASSE, clRouxvlLLE CHARLES LAILEY. HANNA BOB LAING, EDMONTON ESTHER LAKUSTA. MORECAMDE TOM LAKUSTA, EDMONTON CLELAND LAMB, LETHBRIDGE GORDON LAPP, MEDICINE HAT ISABEL LARKIN. ALIX DOROTHY LAW, EDMONTON JOHN LAW. EDMONTON FREDA LAWRENCE, rr, sAsx. ARLEIGH LAYCOCK, CALGARY PAULINA LAZO, CALGARY THERESA LECOMTE. CORK LOIS LEEDER, OLDS MARY LESKIW, DERWENT NICK LESKIW. SPEDDEN DOROTHY LETTS, WESTLOCK LARRY LEVINE, EDMONTON SHIRLEY LEWIS. ATHADASCA JOSEPHINE LIBER, MUNDARE FRANK LEIBER, EDMONTON HELLEN LILY EDMONTON WALLACE LINDBERG, KINGMAN IAN LINDSAY, EDMONTON HARRY LINDSKOG, LACOMBE TED LINDSKOOG, EDMONTON HELEN LISS, SANGUDO VLAD LISS, SANGUDO JOYCE LISTER. EDMONTON NICK LOBAY, SPEDDEN LILY LOKEN, BAWLF EDITH LOSIE. EDMONTON DON LOUDEN, CALGARY DOUG LOW. CARDSTON DOROTHY LOWRIE, MARWAYNE MARIAN LUKAWIECKI, HOLDEN EARL LUTZ, DAYSLAND DAPHNE MACARTHUR, RED DEER EILEEN MACCARTNEY, CASTOR FRE HME AUDREY MACDONALD, EDMONTON JAMES MACDONALD, MEDICINE HAT NORMA MAODONALD, WANHAM SHIRLEY MACDONALD. EDMONTON CHARLIE MACDONELL. BEAYERLODGE KEN MACEACHERN, 4WETASKIWIN MALCOLM MACKAY, EDMONTON BRUCE MACKENZIE, STETTLER KEN MACKENZIE, EOREMOST GRANT MACPHERSON, EDSON JIM MACRAE, EDMONTON ED MADSEN, MAKEPEACE BILL MAH. EDMONTON GRACE MAH. EDMONTON ALEC MAIR. CALGARY EDMUND MAJESKI, DINANT PAULINE MAKAR, PROSPERITY JAMES MALLABONE. CANMORE LARRY MALLETT. EDMONTON MIKE MANDRYK, HAIRY HILL JAMES MARK, BONNYVILLE VIC MARK, EDMONTON JEAN MARR, PINCNER CREEK JACK MARTIN, LACOMEE JOHN MARTIN, FAIRVIEW BETTY MARTINELL, OLENDON JEAN MARTYN, CALGARY JOHN MASON, EDMONTON HERB MATHER, EDMONTON ALLAN MATHESON, DUHAMEL GLEN MATHESON, EDMONTON ALISON MATTHEWS, CALGARY FRANK MATTHEWS. HARDISTY RICHARD MATTHEWS, CALGARY CONNIE MATTIE, ALIX PHYLLIS MATTOON, NEW NORWAY CLAUDE MAY, CARDSTON BILL MCAFEE, CALGARY ROD MCALPINE, EDMONTON JEAN MCBRIDE, EDMONTON DICK MCCAFEREY, DAYSLAND EILEEN MCCAFFREY, EDMONTON EVE MCCALLUM, DAPP JEAN MCCONNELL, CADOOAN GORDON MCCORMACK. EDMONTON ROSS MCCORMICK, CALGARY KEN MCCRIMMON, FT SASK HELEN MCCUAIG, EDMONTON DOUGLAS MCCIEILLOUGH. CALGARY GLENN MCCULLOUGH, CALGARY JUNE MCCUTCHEON, EDMONTON CLARE MCDERMOTEI7, EDMONTON BERT MCDONALD, IALIX DOROTHY MCDONAILQD, ST. ALBERT FORTY-FOU R EL FR FORTY-FIVE I E DOUG MCDONALD, EDMONTON AUDREY MCDONOUCH. WETASICIWIN JEAN MCIWOUGALL, KELOWNI. B C ALLAN CFADDEN, EDMONTON ELSIE"MCFARLAND, TwIN BUTTE ELZAIIDA MCOHEE, QRRNEI JIM MCGORMAN, EDMONTON ALEC MCGREGOR, REGINA. sAsx GWEN MCGREGOR, EDMONTON HELEN MCGREGOR, EDMONTON DOUG MCINTYRE, EDMONTON MARGUERITE MCKAY, EDMONTON BRUCE MCKENZIE, VANCOUVER, B C JACK MCLEAN, KITSCOTV PHYLLIS MCLEAN, PENHOLD STUART MCLEAN, EDMONTON BILL MCLEOD, EDMONTON LIONEL MCLEOD, WAINWRIGHT PAT MCMILLAN. EDMONTON KATHLEEN MCNEILL, RED DEER BOB MCOUEEN, DAWSON CREEK MARJORIE MCTAGGART. EDMONTON KATHLEEN MEDA, SPEDDEN STEWART MEERES, RED DEER DORIS MELLING. CADOMIN FLORA MERRILL, HILL SPRING ELLEN-ANNE MILLARD. CALGARY VERNON MILLARD, CALGARY DON MILLER, LLOYDMINSTER,L1SASK JOHN MILLER, CALGAM KEN MILLER. ELK POINT MARY MILLER, DLACNFALDS ROGER MILLER. CALGARY TEVIE MILLER, EDMQNTON HAZEL MILLET, BLAIRMORE BILL MILLEY, COLEMAN BARRY MILLS. EDMONTON ELSIE MILLS, EDMONTON VINCENT MILO, EAST COULEE BOB MITCHELL. CRANBROOK, s C BOB MITCHELL. EDMONTON CAL MITCHELL, EDMONTON ARDIS MOCHULSKI, MILLET ERIC MOFFATT, LETMDRIOGE STEWART MONTGOMERY. RANFURLII BERNIICE MOORE, EDMONTON BILLIMOORE. RED DEER DON MOORE, SPIRIT RIVER DON MOORE. EDMONTON 'EVELYN MOORE, EDRT SASN. WILLIAM MORAN, CALGARY GEORGE MOREAU, EDMONTON JOHN MORGAN, EASHAW AL MORISON, PONOKA FRE HME JOHN MORISON. PONOKA BETH MORRIS, wEsTLocx JACOUELINE MORRIS, HARDISTY ANGUS MORRISON, STETTLER ELLEN MORTENSEN. CAMROSE BOB MORTIIVIER, DIDSBURY EDWARD MOTTUS, ECKVILLE ROGER MOTUT, EDMONTON DICK MOYSE, RED DEER NELS MULLOY, WETASKIWIN JACK MUNSEN, CALGARY ANNE MUROWCHUK, GRASSLAND COLIN MURRAY, EDMONTON RUTH MURRAY. LOUSANA BILL MIKITIUK, EDWAND BILL NEKOLSICHUK. LAFOND BERT NELSON. LACOMBE DOYAL NELSON, WRENTMAM GORDON NELSON, EDMONTON NORMAN NELSON. EDMONTON NED NEWHALL, CALGARY LUCILLE NEWMAN, BRUDERHEIM EILEEN NEWSOME, COLLEGE HEIGHTS ISOBEL NEWTON. PENTICTON. s c DOUG NICHOLS, EDMONTON STANLEY NIXON. EDMONTON LLOYD NORDLUND, KIMBERLY. D c GLADYS NORDTORP, CAMROSE PEGGY NORTHEY, EDMONTON EMILY NOWAK, HOREN BERNARD NUGENT, EDMONTON JOHN NUSS, EDMONTON FRED O'BRIEN, BERWYN RICHARD OLDAKER, CAIGARV RUSSELL OLEKSHY, CALMAR MARION OLIVER. CALGARY GARTH OLMSTEAD, REO DEER JOYCE OLSON, CAMROSE RICHMOND OLSON, CAMROSE MARGERY OLSTEAD, STETTLER RALPH OMOE, BAwLr BETTE O'NEILL, RusvLvlA REG. O'NEILL, wETAsKlwlN BRUCE OWEN, EDMONTON STAN OWEN, KITSCOTY DOROTHY OWER, EDMONTON CATHERINE, OVIATT, CLARESHOLM MORRIS OZUBKO, RADWAV BESSIE PALANIUK, ANDREW BETTY PALATE, LETHBRIDGE ERNEST PALLISTER, EDMONTON MAX PALMER, CARDSTON MARTHA PANAS, HAMLIN HAROLD PARK, RADWAY FORTY-SIX FREE HME - -SST.. f f -E: if Wk' W- ig ,555 wi? mf Qx V--w .ein I lug,- iw 'TLT' ,,-Q snr. 'Q' C-r I ,f 8 Qu-A 41 5 3' FORTY-SEVEN DON PARKER, LETHBRIDGE MAC PARKER, RED DEER HAZEL PARKS, ESTI-TER JIM PARKS, RETLAIN LUCILLE PARKS, TADEIT BRANDER PARSONS. EDMONTON .IO PASKWEYAK. HAMLIN AUDREY PATERSON, LETI-IDRIDOE BUD PATTERSON, HPARDISTY DARRELL PATTERSON. EDMONTON LEONA PATTERSON. EDMONTON ALEX PATTON, EDMONTON HARVEY PAULL. HAYNES MORRIS PAULSON, MEDICINE HAT MIKE PAWLIYK, ISPAS GORDON PEACOCK, PIBROCH ART PEARCE, KAMSACK, SASK GWEN PEARSON. CALGARY MARGARET PEARSON, ACME LORRAINE PEDERSEN, HUGNENDEN CHESTER PEEL, EDMONTON PENNY PENNIEOLD. EDMONTON KEN PERRY, cHAuvIN JOHN PERROTT, STAVELV JACK PERRY, LETHBRIDGE DORIS PETERS. OLDS CHARLES PETRIE, EDMONTON MAY PHILLIPS. VERMILION BARRY PIERCE, EDMONTON ALLEN PIKE. SWIFT CURRENT, SASIQ RALPH PILKINGTON. CALGARY CLIFF PIPRELL, DORDEN, sAsx. URBAN PITTMAN, WARNER EDITH PLOWMAN. DRUMHELLER BILL PLUMER, BASSANO ESTHER POIRIER, EDMONTON ANNE POLOWAY. LAC aELLEvIEw BILL POOHKAY, ARDMORE LADDIE PORAYKO. ITITSCOTV EVAN POTTER. VICTORIA NORMAN POWELL. STONV PLAIN JEANNE PREFONTAINE, LEGAL BILL PRICE. EDMONTON JAMES PRITCHARD, EDMONTON ANNE PROKOPUIK, EDMONTON STEPHANIE PROSKIW, LAKE ELIZA JANETTE PROVOST, WESTLOCK HU PROWSE, TABER ANNE PUCHALIK. COITONADO KAY PUCHALIK, CORONADO DOUGLAS PULLMAN, EDMONTON MARY PUNDYK, OPAL WILLARD PYBUS, cARsTAIRs STEVE PYRCZ, Lsnuc FRE I-IME FRANK RABUSIC, RAYMOND PAUL RACETTE, sT. PAUL BETTY RAGG, CALGARY VIVIAN RAMISCH, MCLEOD VALLEY RUTH RAMSTAD, DONALDA CARLA RANDERS. oLDs RAY RAYMOND, NOKOMIS, sAsx EWEN REAR, ALLIANCE HUGH REDMOND, EDMONTON LOUISE REDMOND, EDGERTON NELLIE REDMOND. PARADISE VALLEY JACK REGGIN, CALGARY DOROTHY REID, PONOAA JACK REID, KAMLOOPS. D c RICHARD REID. EDMONTON AAGE REINHOLDT, HUSSAR ALFRED REINHOLTZ, LACOMDE JERRY REVDA, BEITWVN JOHN REYNAR, FOREMOST BEATRICE REYNOLDS, BREMNER CLARENCE RHODES. BRANT ROBIN RICHARDS, EDMONTON JOYCE RICHARDSON, NANTON STUART RICHARDSON, CALGARY BILL RIDDELL, GLEICHEN FLORENCE RIDLEY, DLACNIE BILL RILEY, roREsTnuRG JIM RILEY, FORESTBURG VIVIAN RILEY, EDMONTON PAUL RITCHIE, MUNDARE PETE RITCHIE, BERWYN DON RIX, WETASKIWIN GERRY ROBBIE, EDMONTON PETER ROBERTS, LETHBRIDGE BILL ROBERTSON, CALGARY BILL ROBINSON. JASPER HARVEY ROBINSON, CALGARY JOHN ROBINSON, ALLIANCE BILL ROBSON, CALGARY JIM ROE, cAnDsTON MAURICE ROW, RED DEER BETH ROGERS, GRANDE PRAIRIE VERNA ROGERS, EDMONTON ROD ROLF, EDMONTON TIM ROONEY, CALGARY ALAN ROPER, EDMONTON RALPH ROOKWOOD, EDMONTON KATHERINE ROSA, PRDSPERITY JIM ROSBOROUGH, STETTLER ETHEL ROSE. EASTBURG MARGARET ROSKI, BONDISS GORDON ROSS, DUHAMEL JEAN ROSS, vEcREvILLE VESTA ROSS, HEISLER FORTY-EIGHT FORTY-NINE FR E ',- BOB ROUTLEDGE, FORT SASN, RALPH ROWE, EDMONTONf THOMAS ROWLEY, EDMONTON AL RUDKIN, EDMONTON ORIST RUDKO, WASKATENAU NORA RUGLAND, VIKING JOHN RUPTASH. MAIRY HILL MADELEINE RUSSILL. REAVERLODGE JOHN RUTBERG, VULCAN RON RYALL, CALGARY WILLIAM SACHKO, MYLO JAY SALMON, PICTURE BIJTTE ANNE SAMOGRAD. INNISFREE ZEL SAUDER, STRATHMORE ETHYL SAUNDERS, FLEET JOHN SAUNDERS, CARDIFF JEAN SAWDON, THREE HILLS SOPHIE SAWKA, EDMONTON STEPHANIE SAYKEWICH. DERWENT SELNIA SCHAFER, EDMONTON MICKEY SCHELER, FORESTBURG TED SCHMIDT, EDMONTON ERIKA SCHNELL. USANA GEORGE SCHULHA. BELLIS NORMAN SCHULTZ, CALMAR JANET SCOTT. BREMNER NORMAN SCOTT, EDMONTON DENNIS SCRAGG, EDMONTON SPENCER SCRAGG. EDMONTON GORDON SCRUGGS, woRsLEY MARILYN SECTER, EDMONTON EMIL SENFT. CALMAR NICHOLAS SENIUK, NILLIARD ALBERT SHANK, GROSMONT CLARISSE SHANKMAN, CALGARY ALEC SHAPIRO, CALGARY JACK SHARPE. CALGARY DICK SHERBANIUK. VEGREVILLE MURRAY SHICK. CALGARY JOHN SHILLABEER. WETASKIWIN GEORGE SHIPLEY. EDMONTON THEODOR SHNITKA, EDMONTON DAVID SHOULDICE. CALGARY MILDRED SHOULDICE. CALGARY RAE SHWETZ, WASRATENAIJ ALOYSIUS SHYMANSKI. DELPH NICK SIDJAK. FLEET SIMON SIGAL, CALGAR-Y, JUNE SIGSWORTH, EDMONTON IRENE SILK, PARADISE vALI.Ev LLOYD SILLS, EDMONTON BOB SIMMERMON. IRMA ERROLL SIMMONS. HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA L GEORGE SINAL, CADOMIN A FRE MARJORIE SINCLAIR, EDMONTON RALPH SKITCH, EDMONTON STEPHEN SKLEPOWICH, EDMONTON EDITH SLADE, EGREMONT HELEN SLOBODON, EDMONTON RUBY SLYTER, RIMDEV BENNIE SMITH, LEDUC DOUG SMITH LETHDRIDOE GRANT SMITH. EDMONTON HARCOURT SMITH. CALGARY LOIS SMITH. EDMONTON NORMA SMITH, EDMONTON NORMAN SMITH, cALOAnv STAN SMITH. MEDICINE HAT SYLVESTER SMOLIAK, MYRNAM DOROTHY SMOOLE, ROCHFORT BRIDGE ANDREW SNATYNCHUK. EDMONTON MARY SNEDDON, BONNYVILLE VERNA SNYDER. WAINWRIGNT DOROTHY SOBY, CLARESHOLM OLGA SOLDAN, TWO HILLS SAM SOLDON. ELK POINT VIOLET SOLLANYCH, EDMONTON BETH SOMERVILLE. EDMONTON PAUL SOMERVILLE. VULCAN MARY SOPROVICH. I-IAIAV HILL IRENE SPADY, ALLIANCE MARIAN SPAK, VEGREVILLE JOHN STAINES, CALGARY FLOYD STANLEY, VICTOAIA, D c JACK STARRITT, NANTON ELAINE STEED. CARDSTON EMERSON STEELE, EDMONTON ROBIE STERLING, CARSTAIRS LAURA STEVENS, EDMONTON TED STILES. BASSAND ERNIE STILLING. PEACE RIVER GRANT STRATE, OAROSTON VELNA STRAUSS, ENTWISTLE KAY STRAYCHUK, MAOKAY BERT STRETTON. LETHBRIDGE MAVIS STRONG, OLDS BOB STROTHER, EDMONTON BOB STURRACK. CALGARY OUENTIN SUNDBERG. ALIX DON SUTHERLAND. WESTLOCK JEAN SUTHERLAND. BERWYN GORDON SWANN, CALGARY ELEANOR SWAREN. OALANAD STAN SWAREN, FORESTBURG BETH TANNER. EDMONTON TOM TARIO, MICHICHI JIM TAYLOR. ATHABASCA NEIL TAYLOR, EDMONTON "-TQ, rg! 5 Q ,T-,. . I 'fm Io ., , -or I-1.-sr A I L.'L i' - I" I IB -vog- Ir Q FIFTY ' 7 AF' "W: 'TSW ,-'I .pf hu' TTY 'N ,411 'lla 'FHWA Ear' ND' --.D 'ii W"'7 I, an FIFTY-ONE 'FY FR CONSTANTINE TCHIR, VILNA CHARLIE TEMPLETON, EDMONTON FLOYD TERRIFF, EOREI-IosT EMILE TETREAULT, EDMONTON WENDY TEVIOTDALE. EDMONTON BERNICE THOMAS, CALMAR DALE THOMSON FORT AssINIIaOINE SHELBY THORNE, FORT SASK IRIS THOROGOOD, VICTORIA. s.c. REGINALD THURBER. EDMONTON OLIVE THURSTON, IRMA BRUCE TIFFIN, EDSON GEORGE TINGLEY. NoPEwELL HILLS, N e, LUCY TKACHUK, BEAUVALLON STANLEY TOMASZEWSKI, SUNNYBRCIOK MARY TOMSHAK, CLAIRMONT GENE TOTTEN, CALGARY LAURA TOWNSEND, GADSBY JOYCE TREVITHICK, VERMILION ROY TRUSSLER, EDMONTON DICK TUFTS, vANcouvER, B c. WANDA TURNER, ORION LILA TYM, REAUVALLDN CHARLES TYRRELL. EDMONTON CHARLES ULRICH, NILLCREST PHIL UNIAT. INNISEREE CLARENCE URSEL. GAINSFORD BOB URTON, CALGARY GUS UTAS, RED DEER MERVYN UTAS. RED DEER TELLEF VAASJO, COLD LAKE BERNARD VAN HEES, RILLAM FRANCIS VAN TIGHEM, STRATI-IMDRE VICTORIA VE-RENKA, KALELAND BOB VERGE, CALGARY MARILYN, VERRONNEAUP BRUDERHEIM FRANK VIKSE. DONALDA ROY WADSON, RED DEER AILSA WALKER, EDMONTON DON WALKER, vuLcAN ERNEST WALKER, BOYLE LOIS WALKER, VILNA ALVIN WALRATH, EDMONTON WILLIAM WALTER, EDMONTON BOB WALTHAM, CALGARV BILL WALTON, FT. SASKATCHEWAN JOHN WANAMAKER, JASPER NORMA WANGSNESS, EDMONTON CLIFF WARD, HYTHE HAROLD WARD, CALGARY MARY WARD, EDMONTON HERBERT WARNER, TorIELD ED WARSHAWSKI, MUNDARE LENA WASIK, THORHILD FREE HME ALEX WASYLEWSKY, EDMONTON VERA WATERS, CALGARY LAWRENCE WAY, STRATHMONE DOROTHY WEBB, EDMONTON BOB WEEKS. EDMONTON MARGARET WEIR, EDMONTON DON WELLS, CALGARY JOHN WELYKOCHY. EDMONTON ADAIR WHEELER, LETHDRIDOE LOIS WHEELER, EDMONTON MARK WHEELER, ACME EILEEN WHITE, SUNNYSLOPE JIM WHITELAW, CALGARY JOYCE WHITELEY, COLINTON BETH WHITTAKER. EDMONTON AMY WIESE, :NMA BETTY WIGGINS, EDMONTON FRED WIHAK, MELVILLE, 5AsK. AUDREY WILD, EDMONTON MURRAY WILDE, wELLuNc, PAM WILDMAN, EDMONTON WILLIAM WILES, EDMONTON CAROL WILLIAMS, EDMONTON DOROTHY WILLIAMS, MEDICINE HAT FLOYD WILLIAMS FT ASSINIEOINE MARJORIE WILLIAMS, LACOMEE BETTY WILLIAMSON, TABER PAT WILSON, EDMONTON , SHIRLEY-ANN WILSON, DRUMHELLER BUD WILTZEN, TOFIELD KATHERINE WINARSKI, EDMONTON DON WOLCOLE, PONOKA BURNS WOOD, TABER JIM WOOD, ATHABASCA BILL WOODBRIDGE, EDGERTON MERLE WOODS, OAMROSE LAURINE WOYTKIW, EDMONTON DAVE WRIGHT, EDMONTON RALPH WYATT, MOOSE JAw, SASK MARY WYGERA, HAINY HILL JIM WYNN, INNISFAIL KAZUKO YAMAUCHI, EDMONTON ELMER YOUNG EDMONTON JOHN YOUNG, NELSON, a.c. WILLIAM YUSAK. MUNDARE JOHN YUSEP, EDMONTON HELEN ZADARYNIUK, SLAWA STEVE ZAHARICHUK, WTLLINODON ANNIE ZILINSKI, wAuON STELLA ZIMEMIC, ELK POINT ANNE ZORKO, MAGRATH DONALD ZUCK, EDMONTON JOHN ZUROWSKY, THDRHILD GEORGE ZYTARUK, sMoxv LAKE FIFTY-TWO af" in I ' vx. M QA 7 . ,X .e".'F,wf"f ' Swikw 1 "N -. + wmv .f ......,3 fo PROFESSOR . KEEP YOUR MONEY OUT FRESHIE! . THE BRASS SECTION RIDIN' HIGH. . FRESHIES ENIOYING THE FRESHIE MIXER. . MUST BE A MOONLIGHT WALTZ'-' DARN THAT FLASHBULB! . Tm: Joys or wAmNG IN LINE. . LET ME SEE . . . WHAT'S MY NAME? . TWEEN DANCES. . IOE SCHOCTOR WELCOMING A PAIR OF NEWCOMERS. . CAMPUS TOUR IN PROGRESS 10. DON'T LOOK NOW BUT I THINK YOU'RE DOUBLE EXPOSED! 11. SOLID! 12. BETTY SZILAGYI AND MURRAY HYDE DANCE A DREAMY ONE. . BETTY WIGGINS AND TOWERING FRIEND. . CAMPUS TOURYSTILL IN PROGRESS. . LOOKS TRICKY! 16. GORDY PROCTOR, DODIE YOUNG AND MURRAY STEWART AWAIT ANOTHER VICTIM. . TURN AROUND CUTIE! . TIME OUT FOR NOURISHMENT. . CUYLER'S EARS RISE TO POINTS WITH SHIRLABEE HAY. . DON'T YOU LIKE THE MILK SHIRLEY? . GLIDING. . BILL ESDALE AND LOVELY FRIEND RIDING ON A CLOUD, . GLAMOROUS SIDELINE. llIllllIIIHIllllIllIIIIllIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL IllllllllllllllllllllIIIIlllllllIlIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIII' Om S 'Q S eb Dar' Professor james Knudsen ehalks one up. Dr. R. B. Sandin pauses a mo- ment in his busy lab. f-Asks-, I ,- f if 1... plrifr pai- ""I" ral ls 636-,O I' UYQUZN SQJZQG f fora E66 , r, .I V 0115 uf J C offre 'I flfera O 'I - 121 . 7' A Qu C6e,,flC1r!erf?11g O dayg. iprepfeparts L URM? ffinf ar.-ills Fo 66.01. Qldesa Ol. dlelfer O1-jf. res Englhee Cbemlbptg to-5 I7 FIFTY-FOUR Ps, HI Us Ja ..1-- - 1 .sz r-1 4 . . ' . - - 1 ' 1.1. ". ' ' 1 -.' -11 V1 --1 , 5 ' 1 Li ,..' ' 1 s "' 1 - x V, 1 ' 1 . 1 1 1 7 1 W 1 . 1 .- , 9 1 1 ' 1 I 3 1 1 1 , n v , ..,. 11 4 - I .e ' 11- ' "1 1 . x,.,.1 ..,n X . 1 1'- 1 , ,.. , ' 1 Q . X I1 '31 5'- Jv-. , . my , .1 5 - 1 - 1 r ,' Z.-' -1 ff ' . S-11: I 1.1, . Q . l "1. 11 , ,A 'A .z, X -"' , -1 . 1 ,A f - I . N. .1 - - ' I 1, . 1 1 , .,', 1 ..",E:' ,h 1 1 - ' -' . W 1 -., .,- I V I- , - 1.2: gi ' , ,1. , M- ,,f1' I --1 H .413 1 M' 4 4,-2,1 461, - 4- 5 1 N 1l 1 1.1 " 11115: .1 1 11 , X 1 xlamm J.. - .' 1 ' 11 ""Xk"'f ga 1-F2 5... .1 1' lu- " ., 1. '-num 14"h' V , Wm V X. P .bl -KS ' 4' .f,v Yi ,, w .,-- - ,:- Mjdfff 4 'fi- X HQ' - W. M Vg' 'Q' ff L gf , vm M, .X 'Y K Y S Q' " . , A ,A,,, gif- ,ff iilggs iff'-sr.. is , - ,. W., XF, ui v3.Nf 24+'f fwk, 'Q ,, A. ..,,. , , UVQQ ,, Q. A Y 2 A V , q 0 i , ,- Q ' Q -I y ,Q " 4 ' mf -414 W 143 'fwxm Awewfkf if ,wQ4, QYM zL 4 A' 'qvw .W A,. ,:TfXf ,, N , il 5' vs, ,,., , Q I iw 'fy X K ,init ' k'l?f"3 , -' i, mg, A wg 1. ' ,f H, 441 5, 'fwaw4xwnM'.A b ax mAh M -,MM 'MK' ' , ' f 1? I Ll ,L ,S .V 'lu' an-.2 4- he PRESIDENT JOHN KOCH VICE'PRESIDENT BILL BOYAR SECRETARY!-TREASURER COLIN CAMPBELL EXEOUTIVES: VIRGIE WEBB ROSS JEFFPTIES BOB SPENCER ,E ry' ORE CLASS P HONORARY PRESIDENT, MR. W. W. PRESTON The sophomore class, in spite of being composed mainly of Meds and Engineers nevertheless manages to get along without coming tO blows more than Once a year. At Registration the soph class Cwhich rumor says includes Only nine women!j reviewed the freshettes in the timefhonored manner, and also took over the cheerfleading duties at freshmen functions. The sophs, as the smallest group must lower themselves to combine with the freshmen in their most important duty, presentation of their class dance, this year "The Aftermath" on Jan. 11. The soph play was 'johnny Dunn", an experi' mental type comedy, featuring frosh and other natural phenomena. Sophs were well represented in sports, with several men in senior strings and the golf champion a loyal Soph. The observant reader might notice that the entire soph executive with the exception of the vice' president, are engineers, a fact which should constitute a challenge to some people . . . SOPHOMORE CLASS EXECUTIVE PHOMORE DOUGLAS AL T . RAYMOND CARL ANDERS x.: . EDMONTON JEAN ANDERSO TQN ALEX ANDREKSO ARONS DORIS AUSTIN, MO ON ROBERT BADEN, CALGARY BRUCE BAKER, KILLAM l JOHN BAKER. EDMONTON JIM BALFOUR. EDMONTON JOHN BALLACHEY, HIGH RIVER WALTER BATIUK. EDMONTON MYRTLE BAXTER, OKOTOKS RAMSEY BELLINGHAM, BAWLF ERWYN BISSELL. HIGH RIVER NEAL BLACKBURN, EDMONTON BOB BLACKETT, EDMONTON EARNEST BOETTCHER, EDMONTON ERWIN BOETTCHER. BRUDERHEIM LORNA BOON. BANFF BILL BOYAR. RED DEER ALAN BRAY, CALGARY DONALDA BRECKON, CALGARY HENRY BREZER, EDMONTON HAROLD BRONSON, CHERHILL BOB BROWN, CALGARY GORDON BROWN, EDMONTON JIM BROWN, MOOSE JAw. SASK, RAYMONLFBROWN, KAHYRN GENEVIEV ARUCE. BRUCE GEORGE x'MEDICINE I-IAT D ARTHUR BRYANIEQ CE RIVER KEITI-I BRYANT, REED gi' E BRUCE BURGESS. CAL 'RY ALLAN BURNARD, THEQ ZJE DAVE BURNHAM, BANFF A. .--, gf KAY BURNI-IAM, CARDSTON ' BILL BURTON. LOUSANA HYMAN CALMAN, LETHERIDGE COLIN CAMPELL, CALGARY WILLIAM CARY, CAMROSE FIFTY-NINE SIXTY OPHOMORCE DAVID CHERRY, 'LETI-IERIDGE DERYCK CHOATE. RED DEER HOLGER CHRISTENSEN TILLEY PERCY CLARKE PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE MAN. RALPH CLARKE CALGARY ROY CLARKE EDMONTON GORDON COATES MILK RIVER ED. COFFIN CALGARY ERIC COFFIN EDMONTON DAVE COLLS TRAIL B.C. MARGARET CRAIG, BENTLEY BERT CURRIE. CALGARY HUGH CURRIE, MEDICINE HAT ZUPITO D'AMICO, NORDEGG DORIS DAU. THREE HILLS PHIL DAU, THREE HILLS VERNON DAVID, EDMONTON BARBARA DAVIDSON, EDMONTON JACK DAY, EDMONTON HENRY DEERING, ESTUARY, sAsx I-'RED DEMBISKE, EDMONTON LAURENT DESPINS. CALGARY LAWSON DEWAR. BIG VALLEY RENE DIAMOND. BLAIRMORE ROBERT DINGWALL. EDMONTON HERBERTA DOFKA. EDMONTON MARSHALL DOLINSKY. MYRNAM JOE DONOVAN. EDMONTON RODERICK DOUGLAS, GRANDM DON DOWNIE. EDMONTON JIM' DITINN, EDMONTON AELAN EDWARDS, THREE HILLS ALLAN EDWARDS, EDMONTON IVAN EDWARDS. RED DEER DAVID ELLIS. EDMONTON DOUGLAS ELLS. ROWLEY ILMAR ERDMAN, sARONs WILLIAM ESDALE. CALGARY GERRY FASMAN, CALGARY FRANK FISH, CALGARY OPHOMORE GERALD FITZPATQRICK. EDMONTON AMY FONK, EDMOINTON ROBERT FORBES,' INASICAJENAU ELDON FOWLER, WASKATENAU RON FRANCIS, TABER SHIRLEY FRASER. EDMONTON CHARLES GORDON, CALGARY ANSEL GRIFIN, EDMONTON LILLIAN GEHRKE, RED DEER GEORGE GIBLING, SARDIS, a.I:. GERALD GILLIES. PICTURE IauTTE LEE GOLDY. MOUNTAIN PARK GORDON GORE-HICKMAN. CALGARY LOIS GREEN, WHITELAW LEONARD GREENBERG, CALGARY GOUG GREENOUH, EDMONTON GORDON GREENWOOD, EDMONTON PAUL GREENWOOD. EDMONTON VICTOR GREENWOOD. EASSANO JOHN GROOMBRIDGE, CLYDE LILLIAN GUITARD, OLD5 JAN GUNN, CALGARY DON HALL, ROCKY MOUNTAIN I-IOUSE ROBERT HALL. FORT SASKATCHEWAN ROY HALL, sTAvELv ESTHER HARDIN, EDMONTON DAVID HARDING, LOUGREED JIM HARGREAVES, EDMONTON DENNIE H.ARRIS,' EDMONTON LORIN HARRISON. JASPER HENRY I-IASEGAWA-.E EDMONTON STAN HAUCK, I-IEISLER - SEVERIN HEIBERG, mam SAM HENDERSON, EDMONTDNJ1 KEITH HENRY, CONSORT STEPHEN HNARKO, FREEDO ALEX HOLLEY, TRAIL, BC, KATHERINE HOLMES. FORT SASKATCHEWAN ARTHUR HORSLEY, EDMONTON DENNIS HOUGAN EDMONTON SIXTY-ONE OPHOMO E SIXTY-TWO if iff, J' , .9 M- . ,Ex NORMAN HOWA MILK RIVER BILL HURLBU , vEOREvII.I.E LLOYD HUT,. N. HANNA DON HYD 'FEWINTON ROBERT ACK. CLYDE 54,3 D. ,1 f Q JEFFRIES, CALGARY -lr: 5,fMBERT JOHNSON, EDMONTON J VERNON JOHNSON, EDMONTON N9 RONALD JONES, WETASKIWIN BOB JUDGE, EDMONTON BILL JULIAN, STRATHMORE HUGH KENT, MARWAYNE ALICE KJOS. CADOGAN STEPHANIE KOBLYNK. DERWENT JOHN KOCH. MEDICINE HAT ALFRED KONESKY. VANCOUVER. E.C, MELVIPI KREUTA. EDMONTON STAN KREZANOSKI, EDMONTON ROSS LAMB. LETHBRIDOE HARLEY LARGE. YORKTON. SASK. BURNS LARSON, RAYMOND JACK LEASK. EDMONTON IRVING LERNER. EDMONTON ALFRED LEROY, FORT SASKATCHEWAN ARNOLD LESK. MEDICINE HAT CLARE LIDEN. HOLDEN ESER LIPSETT, EDMONTON FRED MACENKO. CALGARY HAROLD MACIIQAY, EDMONTON :Ziyi 5 JACOUELIINQMACKAY, EDMONTON NIARQARET MAOKAY. EDMONTON AG-NLEHS MAEKENZIE, CALOAAI AIEQIIEMAIR. EDMONTON 'EDB MASON. EDMONTON MJOHN MAY ELL. CALGARY THERESA MCCARTHY, EDMONTON LEO MCDONELL. EDMONTON MAC MCEACHERN, RED DEER NEIL MCKAY. KEOMA RUSSELL MELBY, CALGARY OPHIOMORE PAUL MELNYCHYN, EIC VALLEY ARTHUR METZNER, BARR!-lEAD.,A GORDON MIOIIIE, EDMONTON' ' ALAN MILLER, ABBOTSFORD a.c. DON MOORE, CALGARY Y KENNETH MOORE, EDMONTQJNI BILL MORISON, PONOKA JAMES MORRIS, CANMORE WILLIAM MORRIS, MEDICINE HAT CLARENCE MUHLBACH, SIBBALD ERNEST NACHTIGAL, EDMONTON HAMILTON NEELANDS, EDMONTON RALPH NIXON, NANTON MARY NOY, ROSEBUD JOHN O'BRIEN, EERWVN JERRY O'NEILL, EDMONTON ART OSWALD, WETASKIWIN ASHTON PATTERSON, MEDICINE HAT DON PATTERSON, EDMONTON SHIRLEY PATTERSON, YCALGARY FRANK PAWLOWSKI. VILNA LEO PEARCE. CAROLSIDE JOYCE PERKINS, EDMONTON ALAN PETTIS, EDMONTON DONALD PHILLIPS. CALGARY RAY PHILLIPS, EDSON CLARENCE POOL, EDMONTON BETTY'-YPOPE. EERWYN KENNETH POPE, BERWYN ANDREW POTTER CALGARY ROY POWLAN, CALGARY KEITH PRIOTIOST, WETASKIWIN RUTH RENNER, 'CALGARY LEON RICHARDSON, EDMONTON GLYN RoBERTs',IEDMQNmN MARION ROBERTS CILGARI' 'E ALAN ROBERTSON THREE HILLS RICHARD ROBINSON, CALGARY MARION ROGERS, PARADISE VALLEY' JACK ROSEBOROUGH, PORT ALBERNI, s.c. SIXTY-THREE SIXTY-FOUR OPHOMORE RICHARD ROSSEAU, EDMONTON GORDON RUSSELL, EDMONTON RONALD RUST, ROLLING HILLS BLAKE RYAN, RINCMER CREEK WILLIAM SANDE, CALGARY VIVIENNE SCORAH, CALGARY ALWYN SCOTT EDMONTON JOHN SCRIMGEOUR. CALGARY MARVIN SEALE, EDMONTON RIDLEY SHAW, CALGARY ROYAL SILLS, I-IANDEL, SASN ROMEO SKWAREK EDMONTON MARG. SMATHERS MIRROR DONALD SMILEY, AIRDRIE .JEAN SPANKIE, CALART BOB SPENCER, MIRROR ISABEL STEVENSON, CALGARY RUSSELL STOGRYN, EDMONTON BILL STOLLERY, EDMONTON JOSEPH STREETER, EDMONTON VIVIAN SUEY, CONSORT RAE SUTHERLAND, EDMONTON LORENS SWANSON, BROOKS NICHOLAS TAYLOR, sow ISLAND ROBERT TAYLOR, DRUMHELLER FRED TERENTIUK, LETI-IERIDOE LLOYD THORSLEY, my NILDURN URQUHART. KINGSTON, JAMAICA, B.W.I. PETER VALLANCE, CALGARY PAUL VINEY, EDMONTON HERBERT WAHI., NEW SAREFTA ALLAN WALKER. VULCAN ALVIN WALKER. DEAVERLODGE BOB WALKER NANTON GORDON WALKER, EDMONTON JIM WALLBRIDGE, BENTLEY JOHN WAMPLER, EDMONTON RUSSELL WARWARUK, EDMONTON VIRGINIA WEBB, EDMONTON MARIE WEIR, CALGARY OPH ORE GORDON WEISSER Enuomo ,I ELEANOR WHITBREAD. CALGA .25 VERNON WHITE, EDMONTON NORMAN WHITNEY, LANGDON TOM WITBECK nnuonn CYRIL WORTS, nsncurr IQ , ,I Ay sw WYNNK, mv I . g i ES YACKULIO,'LETHs Q. t '5 I MICHAEL YASHEYKO MVRNAM IRA YOU I Ermonron CLARENCE OUNGS, DIDSBUF GEORGINA ULE, CALGARY N I X.. I. I I WILLIAM ZELENKO. EDWAND WALTER ZINTER, CALGARY SIXTY-FIVE x Wa ,e 1 ' YW' lgxocg. 33161 Qxgf , ,G CMYQSXI C96 . ' efi A si aa goo X if . Wg . U I d Wh . . 1,1 in P O 111 I heC'31fV1 ng ll, "9 00 j Who' N gb. 5 1" 2 F , I l 4 ' ll . E45 ri .g I Ll E"3"fe' ,1 A. ,rr Mx PIO GSSUI' M ., 'A ...X l , .1qIu1".',.' ,. ' ,, A ' 'if-I-Z'-'ei:::'4f2 . ew . l lx. , -'w ffl, .- , 1 , Vflie-like-l ',,,':: Dr. K. A. Clark at work in Dr. E. W. Sheldon and Anatole Roshko Dr. R. K. Gordon and one the Metallurgical lab. hold a conference on the where- of his early morning abouts of infinity. English classes. SIXTY-SIX ,xv rksrkx- 'o 'ACU . eid N6 s YXGLU 0- eguf-1 3060 0 I' ge G . , F Ov oiiel' tack! C. es 43 , 2512 2. M- , :tm liiffit-65' N In orma 8 Prof. Bob Hardy of the E. D'Appo1onia smiles while putting "I is confused"-Ralph CW11 Engmeefmg.De' the boys through their paces. MCMQHUS Of the C- E- partment deep IH Department' thought. SIXTY-SEVEN ist? 1,5 s 9521952 3, ' 1 f-,www QA ii ?"'? 55 ,,.WP,,,Y gm Eff ' ci, Y .gg ,sf ,:' g. ay . Q f? 4 4 ,um Q Q M' M , -if Q ,,,L if M fs 4 f I I .25 4 y ffifyf "Zin . ,Q , ff. 4 U sf f f 4 'F' if f' V, v' gf, ywx, ,fi ff -K. .Y X, if 3,1 R, -A, ap W? Iv, if '- 1 91, KN, PRESIDENT WILE RYAN VICE'PRESIDENT MARG. LIPSEY SEcRETARYfTREAsURER HAROLD SHANNON EXEOUTIVES: NAN MOQUEEN JACK RANDLE ALEX WEBER i 'Z LNX7' fu sd 2 .f ' f,1,f,, . va, ICR CLASS HONORARY PRESIDENT, PROE. ANDREW STEWART The Juniors this year felt themselves to be in a sufficiently august position to welcome freshmen to the campusg a large part of the Introduction Committee was from the Junior Class. The frosh were launched on their careers and simultaneously acquainted with their lowly positions. A Junior was responsible for the success of Waw Waw Weekfend. The Junior Prom was a "Campus Daze", feaf turing a red and whitefdecked Drill Hall and a Model T careening precariously among the revellers. Most of the Spike Shoe Club Executive are juniors, and a junior won the highestfpointftotal award at the Track Meet. With the onset of winter, the class hurled themselves with equal enthusiasm against Alf berta's opponents in the other sports. The Junior play, "Into Thy Kingdom" won the judges' award as the best of the plays. In literary activities, three juniors are Gateway page editors and others are seen on the masthead as assistants. The class as usual has been an active oneg great things are expected next year . . . JUNIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE R, IU TOR wx. A --MH w . 1. -5- g I , .1 OWEN QAM UNDSON, CLARESHOLM GORDON ANDERSON, RAYMOND GERTRUDE ARMBRUSTER, s115Nv' .READER BILL ARMSTRONG, AIAAAEAAEY, A E RETA ASH. COLEMAN HAROLD BELL, TABER' HAZEL BENNETT, DNQ-WAYA ELDOR BERG, MILLICENIT LAWRENCE BERRY. EDMONTON ROSS BISHOP, EDMONTON BURT BLAIR, EDMONTON VAL BRADLEY. cALGARv NORMAN BRENNAN. DAVSLAIID HAROLD BRYANT. EDMONTON PHYLLIS BUCHAN, LETHERIDGE MURIEL BUCHAN. CALL RV .IIIA BUCKINGHAM. cA:TROsE LEWIS CALDWELL. CALGARY IAIAC CAMERON. EDMONTON JAMES CARNIICHAEL. EDMONTON TOM CARSCADDEN. FT. SAQNATCNEWAN BETTY CARTER. EERWVN MARG CARTER, DELTA SHEILA CARY, CAMROSE PATRICIA CAVE, HARDTSTV MIKE CHMILAR. .VEGREVILLE VAN CHRISTOLI, ILETHBRIDGE HERB CLARK, ELQQERABAA MALCOLM CLARRL,-QQAAQAAOA MARGARET CONY. "E, 'F Rocrcv MOUNTAIN HOUSE ROBERT COOK. CALGARY - 133, LOIS COURTNEY, CALGARY JANET COVEY. EDMONTON ERNEST CULLEY, CALGARY JACK CUNNINGHAM, EDMONTON ,4- T1 ,. ..A, A A A,-3? 5 'ri-2. E33 SEVENTY-ONE SEVENTY-TWO IU IOR GEORGE DARICHUK. MUNDARE MARION DAVENPORT, DE WTNTOI DONALD DAVIES. VERMILION JOY DAWSON. ROCKFORT ERIDCE ALFIE DION. CUTKNIFE KENNETH DOUGAN. EDMONTON PATRICK DOYLE. EDMONTON BOB DILKE, EDMONTON KEITH DIXON. OALMAR BARNEY DLIN, EDMONTON LYDIA DONIS, EDMONTON CHAUNCE DRAKE. EDMONTON BERNICE ESHPETER. DAYDLAND PHYLLIS ESTRIN. EDMONTON DAWN FAIRBAIRN. QALOANT WAUNITA FIZZELL. CALGARY JCHN FRASER. EDMONTON RENARD EREDERKING. EDMONTON AUDREY FRYER. EDMONTON STEPHEN FUSHTEY, WASEL GEORGE GARBUTT, CALGARY MICHAEL GAVINCHUK. RADWXY ERIC GEDDES. EDMONTON GEORGE GIBSON. EDMONTON PHIL GIFFORD. CALGARV MARCIA GILLESPIE, EDMONTON ARCHIE GREENAWAY. EDMONTON GWENDOLYN GUILD, LETNBEID E MICKEY HAJASH. BROOKS GAVIN HALKETT, EDMONTON DONALD HAY. STETTLER JOAN HAY, LETNENIDGE GORDON HILFRED. :Aram GEORGE HODGE, INNISFAIL VERA HOLE. EDMONTON IU TOR GEORGE HORNE. CALGARY MAY HOSKIN, CALGARY SAM HUBERMAN, CALGARY JOHN HUNT, MACLEOD MARGARET HUNTER, EDMONTON EDITH HUSTON. MACLEOD MAVIS HUSTON, ASHCROFT AILEEN IRWIN. CALGARY JOYCE JAOUE, HUALLEN ALEX JARDINE. CALGARY BOYNE JOHNSON, LETHSRIDGE VERA JOHNSON. CALGARY DOROTHY JONES. cLvDE ELUNED JONES. FONOKA MAURICE JORRE-DE-ST.-JORRE, VICTORIA, B C BERNARD KELLY, OLDS EILEEN KEVTE, CALGARY ROBERTA KIEFER, EDMONTON ROBERT KING, EDMONTON NORA KOWALSKI. BON ACCORD DAVID KUSHNER, EDMONTON KEN KUWAHARA. CALGARY MARCEL LAMBERT, EDMONTON MARGUERITE LAMBERT, EDMONTON MARGARET LATTER, EDMONTON KEN LAUER, BRUNO, SASK LAWRIE LEVINE, CALGARY KEN LOBB, EDMONTON MARY LOWE, EDMONTON CON LUTIC, MAIN HILL SARA LUTSKY, EDMONTON LEO LYMAN. EDMONTON LORNA LYSTER, EDMONTON RUSSEL MACARTHUR, HuxLEv JEAN MACDONALD. PONOKA SEVENTY-THREE SEVENTY-FOUR JU 1012 JEAN NIACDOUGALL. EDMONTON NIELVIN MACKLIN. RANFURLY MAURICE MAKOWICHUK. EDMONTON RONALD MAN ERY, KEREMEDUS. B.c, SAMUEL IVIARTIN3, MAIN CEMTEE, sur- ALLAN MARTIN. PARNBEG 5 BK DERTA IVIARTIN. EDMUIIJN DON MATTHEWS. CALGARY MARIAN MCCLELLAN. EDMDNTDN CHESLEY ITICCONNELL. VLTOYI-1 BC PAUL IJQCONIIELL. vul N : L C ERNEST LICCOY. vm' R A B ' ER.C NILCUAIG. EJ?-IOHTON FRANK IIQEVOY. EDMD TDN FRANCIS NICGOEY. POJTE x SASN GORDON NICGULLIN. caps RY I.IAVIA McKAY. anew SA N DILL NICLAGGAN. CALGARY LNID MCLAUGHLIN. Luno TON NAC MQLEAN. MCCREF-F1 SHIRLEY NICPHAIL. OLU5 JOHN MELNYK. DERWENT ELLY NIILBRADT. EASY QQULEE ALTA MITCHELL. EDMONTON TOM MUNDY. EDMONTON RONALD NATTRESS. EDMONTON LOIS NEILSON. EDMONTON EILEEN NELSON. MATERTHORPE GERTRUDE NELSON. PONDNA DORJTHY NEWTON. PE.TTcToN, sc CARL NYBERG. Music CARLTON OLSON. CAMRUSE JOAN O'ROURKE. CALQART OLIVE OXLAND. LETHBRIDGE BOB PARADNY, EDMONTON JU TOR JOHN PARDER, CALGANV ASHTON PATTERSON, MEDICINE HAT JEAN PAUL. EDMONTON ROLAND PAYMENT. RAYMQRE JACK PECK. RED DEER RODERICK PENNY. CALGAT-Tv PETER PETRASHUYK. CALGARY RODNEY PHIPPS. STROME PHIL PROCTOR. STIRLING SOPHIE PUCHALIK. EDMONTON MARGERY RAMSAY. LAQONDE JACK RANDLE. cALOAnv JIM RITCHIE. NELsOn, a C GEORGINA RIVET, VIMY NEVIS ROBB. Ross GORDON ROBERTSON. EDMONTON JEAN ROBERTSON. STONY PLAIN MARY ROBERTSON. wEsT'c0TT ENID ROPER.R1MsEv ORENE ROSS, CORONATIOI WILF RYAN, GEM JACK RYER. UILOART THEODORE SAWCHUK. CNLGARY BOB SAWICKI. CALGARY RICHARD SCHILKE. EDMONTON DOUG SCHOENING. LETNHRIDDE BRENT SCOTT. cALGANv BUD SEAGER, EDMONTON MARJORIE SEDGWICK. EDMONTON HAROLD SHANNON. EDMONTON WALTER SHECTOR. EDMONTON ETHYL SHELENE, EDr.wO:aTON ROBERT SHORTREED, EDMONTON JOE SIMLA, COLEMAN JCCELYN SIMPSON, EDMONTON KEN SIMPSCN. EDMONTON MADELAINE SINGER. EDMONTON LORRAINE SKEITH. NEW DAY OI DUREIIE SNOW. RAYMOND LAWRENCE SOLOWAY. WII-NTPLG. I-IAN SEVENTY-FIVE SEVENTY-SIX IOR JOHN SPENCER, CALGARY MAURICE SPOT, LEDUC, FRANCES STANLEY, EDMONTON ERMA STAUFFER, EDMONTON DONALD STEED, CARDSTON TED STEWART, EDMONTON MARGARET STEWART, EDMONTON MURRAY STEWART, EDMONTON JOSEPH STRATTON, EDMONTON WILLIAM SWITZER, CALGARY BETTY SZILAGYI. CALGARY PEGGY TAYLOR. EDMONTON JULIAN THORSNESS, PRINCE GEORGE, EI C, ETHEL TORCHINSKY, CALGARY TORCHY TORCHINSKY. CALGARY HENRY TOUPIN. LEGAL NORMAN TROUTH, EDMONTON ALBERT URSCHEL. GRENFELL, SASK, ARIE VAN-DER-LEE, CRIPMAN EUNICE WADE, CALGARY JEAN WALLACE. LACOMEIE IDA WARKE, ROYALTIES LILLIAN WASIUTA, CALMAR ALEX WEBER. SEDGEWICK GORDON WEIR, CALGARY MARGUERITE WEIR, CALGARY MILDRED WEISER. HIGH RIVER ALBERT WELLS. EDMONTON BETTY WELLS, EDMONTON JIM WESALOWSKI, EDMONTON HAROLD WILLIAMS, EDMONTON JEAN WILLOX, CALGARY HARRY WISMER, LETI-IDRIDGE GWEN WOLFE, ELK POINT EDMOND WOOD, HUDDERSFILLA, ENGLAND LORNA WOOD. WEETLOCK DOUGLAS WORDIE, DIDSBURY ALLEN WRIGHT, EDMONTON ,142 X s Ye- as X W' ,af 26 fif :,, I . 4 W 1.3 ' 1 K - X 0 . A is f A Q 5.1 5 N 2 k N V x A Q W D if ' fi V U A A ' gi: 'ff .4-F 1 I . 'C Q 5 W gi ldfwf A QE 5'fYCA'f f94f i R . AM, ,Q ,1 3, ' ':. 5 ,, YE' f fffx ,M N ,AA K .fm iw ,EY 167 I " 1 .M J 6, -1 .1 S V . X 1 1 I na, L, ff: 5' F 4 xv a Q if ,Q 16 5 s Kr if K Si' , , awww! -Q4 jdsfoty ofthe CfaSs Q! Lia E are the class of '46, A class that dedicated itself to a world of classrooms and books in one of the bleakest years in the history of the University. We watched restrictions relax as the assurance of Allied victory gradually became a reality. We contributed to a year of reconstruction, of creation, and of rebirth. The privilege of recollection is ours, for our history is inscribed as one unique in the annals of the University of Alberta. Our freshman days began as we stood in tedious lines and queues for registration. Even the war did not lessen the thrill of wearing the green and gold frosh badges. After the Hirst DOROTHY WARD whirl of tea dances, pep rallies, smokers andWauneita functions, we carne to know the daily routine of lectures and labs. The shadow of war loomed constantly overhead. We remember the No. 2 Army Course whose sixty members could be seen marching to and from lectures. Through compulsory military training for men, and army drill, canteen duty or Red Cross knitting for women, we were preparing for our country's needs. Many were called to serve their country in a more direct way sooner than they had planned, as the results of Christmas exams refused them the privilege of continuing their studies at Alberta, for the requirements of study and scholarship were very severe. lnterfaculty sport again took the upper hand as Intervarsity sport was laid aside. Nor was our social life without its limitations. Yet we recall the class and faculty dances as interludes of fun, memories to be treas- ured. There was no place on our campus program for the Philharmonic, the Year Play, for the dreamed-of adventures in dormitory life. We met and made our friends at Tuck dates, and later, in the new Cafeteria, which was compketed in the spring of 1944, we talked over the pleasures of our hrst year at University, and worried over the climax to a year's work, exams. Our initiation to Varsity life was complete. We retuaigned eagerly in the fall of 1944. We were upperclassmen. The war picture was a more encouraging one for the Ames, and the reflected confidence and optimism touched many aspects of our University life. We welcomed to oiiikg-ranks several returned men, and CURMA became a campus organization. The revival of Intervarsity sport brought a burst of student spirit which knew no bounds when the Golden Bears carried home the prized Rigby Trophy for basketball, and, for the first time since 1928, the Dr. Hardy Trophy for foot- ball. Another bout of-ifffriendly rivalry centered around the lntervarsity debating contest, in which Alberta proved herself worthy of the McGoui1 trophy. One of the highlights of the year was the Choir Contest presentation which was praised and applauded by student and city audiences. The new wing of the University Hospital, the Colonel Mewburn Pavilion was presented with an X-Ray unit after a sweeping campus drive for funds. Most of the students were enrolled infthe "Blood Donor" drive, and proudly wore their donor buttons. Thus we found our second year one of varied experiences, increased friendships, and more extensive learning. Then came the defeat of Germany and Japan! The surging release from straiia and worry let loose a flood of new ideas, new hopes, and new ambitions. Changes had to come. The campus on new life and size with the reopening of the residences, the additions of the R.C.A.F. Drill hall and the Education building. Forty-five minute lectures allowed travelling time for stu- dents who made the trek to the Ed builiiling. Our trophy display boasted the Cecil Race Cup, won by the Pandas for Intervarsity basketball, and theiqlglalpenny Trophy for senior hockey. Physical education took the place of military training. CURMA grew toftve one of the largest campus organizations with the influx of re- turned men at the fall and January registratio, Q The old Drill Hall was reconverted to an indoor skating rink. while the new Drill Hall became the scene of i ahfgity athletics, and many of the formal Class and House dances. lntervarsity drama on a non-competition basis inaugurated at Alberta through instigation of our Drama Society. The first step towards the establishment oif,V,QDepartn1ent of Fine Arts at the University came in the form of a Music Department. It was a year of pulsatiii energy and innovationg a year climaxed by a campus- wide drive for funds to aid students in other less fort if countries. We have made the journey through the halls of o Alma Mater and we are ready to throw open the doors to the world beyond. It is a world that struggles i w e throes of reconstructiong a world that needs us. Others have fought through war. We must hght through p ee ElG5HTY QQ Cya fedicfoty .... ffcifczss of L6 QUR years ago we were hrst welcomed into this university. Today we bid it farewell. It is only Htting at this time that we should pause in evaluation of the past and in anticipation of the future. In 1942 our country's strength was pitted in battle for survival against superior forces. We W entered a stern university, girded' for war. The results expected of us at that time could not have "-" ee e been less exacting than they were. Fellow students ROY REYNOLDS throughout the world had been deprived of their opportunities to study and were enrolled in the grimmer school of destruction. The lack of frivolity in our campus activities has been compensated for by increased tolerance, un' derstanding, friendship and scholastic achievement. We have toiled strenuously, but our efforts have not been in vain. The acknowledged contributions of this university towards final victory are fitting reward for our labors. What pleasures we have had we have en' joyed m-ore because of their paucity. Four years ago we came here seeking enlightenment, we knew not in what form. We have now learned-our lessons, but what is more important, we have also glimpsed the outlines of a way of li-fe. In retrospect we do not feel the petty heartaches we have suffered, recalling only the moments of accomplishment and enjoyf ment. Such has been the past. Today we pause in contemplation of the future. Today is the time for such a pause. Tomorrow we must 1lOt falter. Tomorrow we must forge ahead with renewed vigor. In the past sacrifices have bee 9 made in our behalf. The time has now come when we must justify those sacrihces. We .gil raduating at a mo' mentous time. For the Hrst time since 1939 all the members of th raduating class will go forth to apply their knowledge directly to the peaceful pursuits .,f- . e. The world is once more at peace. But it is a young and feeble peace, weak in min d body. It must be nurf tured with untold care and vigilance. At present it is bowed arf the weight of famine and illness, dissention and intrigue, greed and hatred. These ew' must be erradicated. During the war the physical sciences have made advances. Fields undreamt of a decade ago have been opened' to exploitation for me Sefits of mankind. We must not hesitate. We must go forth prepared to apply these overies to useful purposes. The advances of our social sciences must be accelerated to eep pace with the physical environf ment if chaos is to be averted. Qur future must lie in gijlgigm' ing and disseminating the knowlf edge acquired during our stay here. rj Cur faith in "Whatsoever things are ,ss whatsoever things are just" must be maintained. We must proceed with courage with confidence. Cut ideology must be tempered in the fire of determination. Cur thi t for knowledge must never become satia' ted. The search for truth and justice must end. This period is not one for relaxing in our efforts. Rather, it is a period duri if:-ffl' ch we must dedicate ourselves to the purf suit of those things in which we believe ' which we know to be honorable and worthy of our endeavor - ROY REYNOLDS. EIGHTY-ONE ' PRESIDENT GUNNAR CAMPBELL V1cEfPREs1DENT MARY MACDONELL SEcRETARYfTREAsURER MAC GoR R u M EXECUTIVES IEANNE SMELTZER DON GRAVES TACK HCDULGATI 1 ji' da '11 if? lv ' i, , K f"'i3', ,gi ROR LAss HONORARY PRESIDENT DR. W. G. :HARDY The seniors as the old men of the campus are naturally infirm and full of cares but nevertheless man' age to carry on. Notably, they serve on the Student Gouncil, the Gateway, and the Evergreen and Gold, with the aid of infusions of younger blood. The senior prom had as its theme, "Gur World, Tomorrow" with appropriate decorations. It took place at the Mac, as one of the nrst peaceftime college proms. Broadcast of part of the proceedings by GKUA was a new feature. "The Three Hundreth Performance", was the Senior Play, and received the audience's choice as the best playg the director and one -of the stars, as well as most of the cast, were seniors. Seniors contributed their finesse and experience to most of the linefups in rugby and hockey, as well as assuming many of the administrative duties connected with sport. With all their worries and cares about finals and jobs and freshettes-going steady, the senior class hopes to graduate to a new position as the "youth" of the postfwar world .... SENIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE MASTER ARNOLD DEAN CLARENCE RICHARD DON LAZERTE Edmonton GERBRANDT GRUNERT Edmonton Edmonton Edmonton SAM LOSHAEK Calgary DAVID MILLER NORMAN FRED SIMPSON Calgary PUTNAM Edmonton Edmonton LESLIE WETTER Edmonton GRICL LT RE DOUGLAS NICK CHQMYC JOE FRASER CAMERON HAY BARNES Two Hills Edmonton Stettler Blndloss Newman Cluln Ag. Club Phi Kappa Pi EIGHTY-THREE TYMEN HOFMAN Barons Mum: Ayx. Iuterfau-. Basketball -14-45 Mgr. Ag. Football 45--Ili Vice-Pres, Ag, Club 45-46 Ag. Rep. on Counvil 45--I6 I AGRICULTL RE Idsf BOB KASTING Edmonton Pres. Swimming Club 44-45: Interfac. Rug- by 42-44: B Rep. M. A.B. 44-45, 45-46: Ag. Club: Phi Kappa Pi. RONALD LISTER Edmonton Int:-rfac, Bgygby' g. Club: Phhilfso . So- DAVID LUBERT Calgary lnterfac. Rugby 3 In- terfaculty Hockey Champs: Delta Kap- pa Epsilon J. MacCRI MMON Ft. Saskatchewan Ag. C l u b. Chem. Club: Outdoor Club: Delta Kappa Epsilon ART MCGINNIS Pickardville, Alta. Interfac Football 45- 46. 42-43, 43-44: In- terfac. Basketball 44-45. 45-46: Ag. Club 42-43, 43-441 Alf. Club Exec. 44- 45: Pres. Ag. Club 45-46: Kappa Sigma GLENN OLSON Tofield Interfac. Hockey 8: Basketball: Badmin- ton Clubg Ag. Club. REED PAYNE Mountain View Inlerfac. Basketball 42--lil, 43-44: Inter- lar Rugby 44-45: Mgr. Interfac. Bas- ketball 44-45: Men's Sr. Basketball -14-45, 45-46: Ag. Club D. PU RNELL Cardston Track and Field 43- -l-1 3 Basketball 44-45: Outdoor Club 412-43 Campus Co-op. JOHN PYRCH Edmonton M e n ' s Economics Club: A g . Club: Lambda Chi Alpha: Boxing Club: Curl- inir Club: Interfalu. Hockey HUNT ROBSON Vermilion f 25: 1-1 qw ROBT. RUSSELL Calgary Interfac. R u g b y : Badminton Club: Ag. Club, Delta Upsilon JOHN SKORY DOUG SMITH D. SPARROW Edmonton EIGHTY-FOUR Calgary DEL STEED Cardston Sr. Men's Basketball 43-44 : Interfac. Rug- by 43-44: Pres. Men's Basketball 44- 45: Sr. Men's Bas- ketball 45-46: Pres. of Men's Athletics 45-46: Ag. Club 43- 44-45. APPLIED CIE CE CHEMICAL BILL ANDERSON TED BAUGH JAMES BURRIS Edmonton Mirror, Alta. Edmonton Swimming Club Cafeteria Committee E.S.S. lnterfac. Football. Outdoor Club 41-2-3 Newman Club 43-44: E.S,S. E.S.S.: Zeta Psi Music Club Delta Upsilon MacK. CORKUIVI Calgary Sec.-Treas. Senior Class 45-46 E.S.S. Lamlnlzi Chi Alpha JACK CUYLER Calgary Evergreen 8 Gold Director 45-46 E. 81 G. Stall -I4--I5 Dance Ticket Mgr, 44-45 Freshman Introduc- tion Com. 1944 E.S.S.: Kappa Sigma JOHN DICK BILL DIMOCK Trail, B.C. Interfac. Hockey, 4 2-43-44-45 Coach Eng. Interfac. Hockey 44-45-46 Golden Bears Hockey 45-4 6 E.S.S. C.O.T.C. 42-45 St. Joe's House Comm. 45-46 JACK DONALD Port Alberni, B.C. St. Stephen's College House Comm. 45-46 Sec.-Treas. 44-45 Vice-Pres. Badmin- ton 45-46 E,S.S. JOHN DMYTRUK Delia, Alta. E.S.S. E. GRAHAM Calgary E. Sz G. Badminton: E.S.S, Kappa Siginzl. ROBERT GRAY HERB. GUTTIVIAN RON HELMER New Westminster Calgary Calgary Photog. Ed. E Kr G ESS. Pres. S udents' 1945 Sigma Alpha Mu Union 45-46 Director of Photog. Pres. Soph Class E. K: G. 1946 43-44 Engineer's Parade Pres. Junior Class Marshall 45 44-45 Gateway Photog. 45 Dir. Freshman In- E.S.S., Outdoor Club tl'0dl1C'Cl0H 44-45 Swimming Club E.S.S, Phi Kappa P'i Archery Club A. HOWARD Calgary Interfac. Hockey 42-43 Interfac. Rugby 42-43 Junior Rugby 43-44 Senior Rugby 44-5-6 Sec.-Treas. E.S.S. 44-45 Phi Delta Theta EIGHTY-FIVE JACK HOULGATE Senlac, Sask. Archery Club Swimming Club Music Club: E.S.S. Sr. Class Executive Kappa Sigma L. KERKHOFF Taber, Alta. Interfac, Basketball -12-43-4-I-45--I6 Ne-xrnmn Club E.S.S APPLIED CIE Ci CHEMICAL Hit f g me . V2 , -1. 1-.vpn -1 I4 . FX- .ide M. KLAPAUSZAK VAL KUDRYK R. LAZERTE Edmonton Chipman Edmonton lntci'I'1xc. Hrrclif-y, VVi'e-slling, lut131'l':ic. Huck y BSS. Swinnnirnf Ileltu Kzippn Ep-:ifnn ' I Vlmm. C.ub F. LEEDER Edmonton Newman Club ES S. Muaic l'lub HUGH REA Edmonton Swimminu Club E.S.S, lr.-lla Kalppn Epsilnn -L H. SIMPSON Calgary I-LS S. I.:imInl:i I'hi Alpha l'.O.'l'.C. -I 71-4 4 --I 5 A.. ART WAGNER M. WINNING Trail, B.C. Edmonton Iizulmintou: llnyul A lrnnomiffu' C.S.M. Society. Philosophy, Sz G. M1-ns'Spoi'I.ri Eililnr -15-45 St. Jutfs Housc Sp Cnmm. -I-I-45 ' ' CIVIL Philhzirmnnic Club. Mixed Chorus, Archery. ike Shoe Club. S.. Musical llluln DOUGLAS LOVE Edmonton Vice-Pres. Junior Class -I-I-45 E.S.S. Exec. 44-45 L'hairnmn Waw- Waw Comm. -I4-45 Enforcement and Discipline Comm. 45--16 E,S.S. Ilelta Upsilon BOB PRICE Calgary E.S.S. Badminton Club Gulf Club lnterfac. Rugby -I Si. Stcplmenk Stu dent-' Council 45-41 Don wmgai-IT Turner V3-Iley Pres. Swim Club.- -I5-Jli A lnIel'I'm'. Rugby E.S.S. STUART WRIGHT Edmonton JANIES BROWN H. CAHSWELL GUY DOWNIE R. FERGUSON BOB Edmonton Penhold Edmonton Vegrevilie HOLLAINGSHEAD l-hiln.n-m..nit- 41.42 Intvrfnc. Basketball i..imi.t1.. Chi Aim... swimming Club H"'CfeSf ES S. -I2--Ili S-ec.-'l'l'e:is. E.S,S. Art-he-ry Club E.S.S.: S,E.l.C. Lieul. C.O.T.C. MMV. No. 2 Team 46 -I5-46 Y.C,F. Lambdn Phi Allv'lI1I Intel-far. Rugby E.S,S.2 E.l.1'. EIGHTY-SIX APPLIED CIE CE I clvlL HENRY KASTEN BOB LOW DICK LOW Edmonton Cardston Cardston E.S.S. lnterfac. Basketball Interfac. Basketball 42-46 42-46 E.S.S., S.E.I.C., E.S.S., S.E.I.C., Lieut. C.0.T,C. Lie-ut. C.O.T.C. I- Vairsity Choir '-I., IAN MCBRIDE Edmonton Outdoor Club 42-43 E.S.S.. E.I.C.. Sgt. C.O.T.C. Ilelta Kappa Epsilon VICTOR MCCUNE Lougheed lnterfzic. Hockey 42-43 Tumbling Club 45 Curling: Club 45-46, E.l.C., E.S.S. HUGH MCDONALD REED NELSON S. RUTLEDGE EMIL SANDEN ALLAN SPENCE F. TWIDALE Medicine Hat Cardston Edmonton Hussar Calgary Elngra lnterlac. Basketball E.S.S., S.E.I.C., Swimming Club, Hockey. Junior 42-46 Outdoor Club 44--I5 Outdoor Club, Class Sec-Treas. lnterfuc. Rugby Archery Club 45-46 E.S.S., S.E.I.C, 44.45 -I4-45 Archery Club E.S.S. Vice-Pres. E.S.S.. S.E.I.C. 44-45 ELECTRICAL Fourth Year Rep. 45-46. S.E,IiC. Phi Kappa Pi JIM BARTON FRANK BLACK G. CAMPBELL Edmonton Calgary Stage Electrician Lambda Chi Alpha Interfac. Rugby 42-43-44 43-45 Mgr. Light KL Sound Crew 44-45-46 Senior Class Pres. 45-46 A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Dramatics, Philharmonic. 45-46 Varsity Show, E.S.S. 41-46 E.S.S., A,I.E.E. Lambda Chi Alpha L. CASTELLI Drumheller Engineers' Council Rep. 45-46 A.I.E.E., I.R.E., E.E.S. Newman Club Exec. 4 5-46 St. Joe's House Committee EIGHTY-SEVEN JIM CLOW Calgary Varsity Show, E.8zG. Staff IPhotographer5 Sophomore Class Exec. A.I.E.E., E.S.S. Kappa Sigma BILL COWLEY Edmonton E.S.S., A.I,E.E.. Delta Upsiln Delta Upsilon PPLIED SCIENCE ELECTRICAL ff? STAN DEA,lgiAAN,,45'l'LEoN de LAUNAY KEN oAl.LowAv Edmonfbh' Red Deer Ft. Saskatchewan fl' - Lieutenant C.O.T.C. Outdoor Club : E.S.S.. A.I.E.E.: I,R.E. qw S. HAUPTMAN EdYT1Ont0n Lieutenant C.O.'T.C. A.I.E.E.. ,E.S.S. Newman Club. Aero- nautics Club GORDON HERZOG Delia E.S.S., A.I.E.E., Math. and Physics Club Y' STUART JONES Edmonton Transmitter Engin- eer CKUA, 1942-43- 44-45-46. Pres. I,R.E 1945-45, E.S.S, RAY KITTLITZ Bruderheim E.S,S., l,R.E. JOHN LINNEY Edmonton Archery Club, Out- door Club, U.N.T.D., E.S,S.. A.I.E.E., BOB lVIacKENZIE Edmonton Varsity Show 19-14- 45. Exec. of Major Wzir D'i'iVe 44-45 I. R. E. Junior Class Exec. ll!-13-4-1. E.S,S.. A.l.E.E.. Delta Up- silnn. GEO. MATHERS BOB MCCLARY WILFORD MEDD Calgary Edmonton Edmonton E.S.S.. A.I.E.E.. E.S.S., A. I. E. E. E.S.S., I.R.E., Math I.R.E.. Physics and :ind Physics Club Math Club 44-45. Pres. 45--lli auf R. MONTALBETTI Coleman lVllath Ezgid fliliyeiis fu' . .S.. .. . . Phkhewrfmqggal Club ' 5. ..fv-Xi! AL. wivi. PETTiNcsER JCE POOLE ALBERT PREBOY R. PRQUDFOOT H. ROBERTSON Calgary Calgary- Fox Valley, Sask. Chmook Edmonton A.I.E.E.. A.I.E.E. I-R-B V-C-FH Lieunenam c.o.'r.c. I.R.E. Newman Club Llevl- C-0-T-0 E.s.s., v.c.'.F., 1.R.E.. 'L .SQ EIGHTYVEIGHT Hockey, Tennis, Varsity Choir L. SCHUMACH EF Provost E.S.S.. A.I.E.E.. Newman Club A w. APPLIED SCIENCE ELECTRICAL IAN SCOTT TOM SISSONS MURIEL SMITH AAGE SYLVEST DICK WYSTMA Medicine Hat Edmonton Ponoka Red Deer E.S.S., A.I.E.E. Vice-Pres. Frosh Lieut. C.O.T.C. 42-43 Kavifu Sigma Vice-Pres. Sophs 43-44 Blue Stocking Club A A E.S.S., I.R.E. ' '. f llelta Delta Delta MINING 'E P. YACHIME Egremon ' 9 4 .A-'f ' DON GRAVES Edmonton E.S.S., Mining and J. HARQUAIL Campbellton, N.B. Swimming Club, Geological Society Sec.-Treas. Junior Class Exec. Newman Club 45-46 44-45 Mining: Ku Geological Senior Class Exec. Society 45-46 Chairman of House Dance Com. 43-44 A J, R. HEMSTOCK Hanna JAMES HUTTER St. Paul E.S.S.. Mining and Geological Society Outdoor Club C. KIRKVOLD New Westminster E.S.S., Mining and Geological Society Sec.-Treas. 45-46 Swimming Club JIM MCLEOD LLOYD ROBOCK Trail, B.C. Edmonton E.S.S., Kappa Sigma I EIGHTY-NINE ELDON ROGERS .1 Cereal K E.S.S., Mining and 5- Geolopfical Society l Swimming Club Archery Club. Outdoor Club, Musical Club. ART CIE CE ARTS 4 . r sb fs.- 'Q' 'yV',,,-5, . W. ARCHERf i OLIVE BARNES K. COUTTS T. DANDURAND E. DALAWRAK Beaverlodge Calgary Calgary Donnelly Vegreville Swirnnling Club Barlminton Club Vick-Pres. Newman All'-ha Gamma Delta ,Curl-ing Club 44-45-46 Club 46, lU.B.C.l ,.ff,'Tnter-year' Plays French Club 45-403 Co-ed Club. Le ' 44-45 Kappa Alpha Theta. Cercle Francais, K Pres. V.C.F. 45-46 Musical Club Sw-, Theul. Club 44-45 4 C. DESLANDES D. DRUMMOND BETH EDWARDS BARBARA FISH B. GRAHAM Calgary Edmonton Three Hills Calgary Edmonton Philosoph, liateuay ferr-le Francais Kappa Alnha Thsla. Cercle Francais. Unixersity Clmir, Exec. 45--ltl Musical Club llelta Gamma. Musical Club Exec. 45--lti, Drama Flub, Enulish Club. V. GRAHAM S. HOLOSKO LAWRIE JOSLIN DORIS KERR YVETTE LEBEL. Calgary Calgary Edmonton Calgary Edmonton Philharmonic' Sur. Int.-r-l'ac', Baskeiball Arts Sports' Rell., Pres, Musical Club 44--15-'Ili -l-I-45 42-421 Choir 44-45. Manager of Girls' Student Com. CKUA Phllusoph. Hockey. President Symphony Orches. uf Tennis 45--16. Cercle Francais, lnterfac. Basketball -.,,Qfatl-way. -14-45-46 -V Newman Club, French Club. XV.A.A K A NINETY ART CIENCE ARTS 4. DENCY IVICCALLI' Calgary S.C.M. Exec. 43-44. Vice-Pres. 44-45 Exec. 45-46. Univ. Mixed Chorus Ex. 43-44. Archery 43-44. Co-cd Club 45-46 4 AL' S. IVIACKINTOSH NORA MITCHELL IVI. PRIMEAU J. PRITCHARD Edmonton Edmonton Breynot Edmonton Swimming Club Swimming' Club Newman Club KKDPZ Sigma Freshman Introduc- 44-45-46 Correspondent 45-46 tion: Le Cercle Co-ed Club 42-43, French Club Francais Music Club 44-45-46 Correspondent 44-45 Delta Gamma -- French Play 44-45 President. English Club Co-ed Club, Philosophical Soc. ROY REYNOLDS KEN SIMPSON IVIARY SPENCER Wainwright Calga y Edmonton Public Sgezlknu' Le Cercle Francais Arts X: Science Club. Club Exec. 43-44 44-45-46, Exec. Wauneita Debating Society Treas. 43-44-45 Pres. 45-46 Political Science Club Pres. 44-45 Vice-P'res. -lil--l-I Men's Economics Club 42-46 Vice-Pres. 45-46 PreS. -I4-45. Treas. 45-46. Curling: Club. t'.Q.M.S.. C.O.T.C. 44-45 Pi Beta Phi IVI. STERLING Edmonton Sec. Everirreen and Gold 43-44-45. l.S.S, Com. 44-45. Philosophical Soc. Arts 8 Science Club Halma Alpha Theta DOROTHY WARD P. WESTON Edmonton Badminton Club 43-44. 45-46 Dramatic Society 43-44, 45-46 COMMERCE Calgary 45-46 Women's Sport Editor Gateway Treas. 4.4-45 45-46 Track Club 43-44. Everirreen Sz Gold Sec.-Treas. 44-45-46 45-46 Track Rep. to Arts 8: Science Club W.A.A. 44-45545-46 Sec.-Treas. 45-46 Vice-Pres. W.A.A. Pi Beta Phi H. AFFLECK Eumonton Men's Political Economy Club Commerce Club Spanish Club Gateway 44-45. BILL ASTLE DAVE BENTLEY JOHN BURROWS Edmonton Westlock Edmonton Commerce Club, Spanish Club Pres. Commerce Club 41-42-43, 45-46 44-45 39-41, 45-46 Political Economy Commerce Club Phi Delta Theta Club 42-43 45-46. Sec.-Treas. 44-45 - Delta Upsilon. Advertising Mgr. Evergreen 8: Gold Students' Union 44-45 Treas. 45-46 Commerce Club Pres. 45-46 NINETY-ONE Men's Poly Ec. Club Zeta Psi VERONA ELDER Calgary Co-ed Club Vice- Pres. 43-44-45-46 Commerce Club Exec. Women's Poly. Ec. Club Exec. 45-46. Choir, French Club, Gateway Staff, S.C.M. ART CIENCE COMMERCE HONORS CHEM AGNES FLEIVIING Edmonton Cfolnmercl- Cluh Vice-Pres. 45-46 W'Omen's Economics Club Pres. 45-46 Education Club C. HAUGER Dawson Creek Commerce Club 43-4 6 XVOmen's Poly. EC. Club 44-46 Spanish Club 423-45 Math. Sz Physics Club 44-45 University Choir 44-46 EVAN WOLFE Edmonton Varsity Show 45 Commerce Club llvlta Upsilcm HONORS CHEM D. COGGLES W McCONNELL Edmonton Edmonton Badminton Chem. Club, Exen 44-46 Co-ed Club JAMES IVIURPHY MARSHALL NAY DAVID NELSON TED REID BILL REPKA BOB RIMMER Victoria, B.C. Hilliard Wetaskiwin Biggar, Sask. Calgary' . , C.O.T.C Nufwman Club. Varslty Mixed Chem. Club. CU.R.M.A Chem Club, Chorus V.C.F. ' "RR" Club Chem. Club PAT ROBERTSON Winterburn VVaunc-ilu Vice-Pres. 44-45 Senior Rep. 45-46 Newman Club Vice- Pres. 43-44 CO-ed Club, Chem Club A. ROGINSKY HARRY RUBIN B. STOCKWELL. TONY THORN JACK WILLIAMS Calgary Edmonton Throne Edmonton Edmonton Me-n's Economics Club Treas. 44-45 Pres. 45-46. Debating Club, V.C.F'. NINETY-TWO ART AN CIE CE HONORS HONORS ENGLISH MATH HONORS PHYSICS NANCY DAVIS Kathryn Enxrlish Club ill-43. 45-46 Frenvh Club 40-41: Blue Stocking Club 41-43 International Rela- tions Club 45-46 E. KENNEDY KEN HART Hughenden EdI"Y1Ol'!tOI'l Sec. Fencing Club Math- Hnll PhYSlCS 44-4 5. Club, Math. and Physics, S.C.M.. Co-ed Club, Archery Club 41-42. W.A.A. Ili-lla Upsilon. HOUSE EC. JOHN NIAYHOOD Calgary Interfac. Rugby 43-44 Senior Rurrby 44 Math. and Physics Club. Kappa Sigma. JACK OLYAN Edmonton Tennis, Hockey, Math. and Physics Club, Musical Club L.. CHELADYN M. DAVIDSON DORIS ELFORD P. FOSTER S. GlLLIES Edmonton Alliance Foremost Carstairs Edmonton Choir. House Ee. Club, Basketball 43-46. House Ee. Club. Badminton Club. House Ec. Club E. ARMSTRONG SHIRLEY AULD Edmon on Calgary Swimming Club 44-46. House Ec. Club 44-46 Kappa Alpha Theta. DORIS BARKER Bergen Inter-year Plays 44, House Ee. Club 45 Archery Club 44. NINETY-THREE JEAN BLACK G. CAVERHILL Taber Lacombe House Ec. Club Interfac Basketball Delta Delta Delta. 43-46, Junior Basketball 44-45, Badminton Club 45-46, W.A.A. 44-45, House Ec. Club Co-ed Club. Musical Club. RTS A D SCIENCE HOUSE EC. DOREEN HAAS JEAN HICKEY ISABEI. HILL M. JENKINS M. LONGMAN Calgary Calgary Calgary Cochrane Edm0f1f0H Musical Club Exec. Badminton. Outdoor House Ee. Club. House Ec. Club. H0059 EC- Club 45-46 Club, Swimming, House Ev. Club House Ec. Club. 43-46. Pi Beta Phi. als-.L M. MacDONELL M. MCNEILL IRENE MILLER Edmonton Calgary Lamont Vice-Pres. House Ea. Club, Badminton, Senior Class 45-415 Wauneita Exec-. Outdoor Club. House Ea. Club. 43-44, 45-46, House Ev. Club, Newman Club, E. Sz G. 44-45, Pi Beta Phi. University Choir, Kappa Alpha Theta. Kappa Allrha Theta. MARILYN OLIVE Stettler House EC. Club. Choir 44-46. Archery, Swimming, Outdoor Club, Musical Club. Sec. S.C.M. 45-46. Co-ed Club. A. PEPPFKE Vancouver, B.C Hou:-u Ee. Club BETTY PULLAR Calgary Women's Disc. Com. 44-46. Enforcement Com. 45-46. Badminton Club, House EC. Club. Kappa Alpha Theta HELEN RISKIN EdlY1Of'ltOn House EC. Club. NINETY-FOUR RUTH RUSTE Wainwright Swimming, House Ee, Club, University Chorus. F. STEWART Calgary Swimming Club, Outdoor Club, House Ec. Club. ARTS AND SCIENCE HOUSE EC. RUTH WHALEY P. WYATT B. VOUNG Webley Edmonton Edl'Y10rlt0n MEDICINE House EC. Club Make-Up Club. F. BENEDICT N. BERTRAND IVI. BESNEY C. BOWLSBY N. CAMPBELL Olds lvlilo Myrnam Morse, Sask. Calgary Track. Interfac. Choir 43-45, Phi Kappa Pi. Hockey, lPres. 451, Varsity Choir 43-44, Musical Club Pres. M.U.S., 46. Pres. Camsi 45-46, M.U.S., S.C.M.. F Zeta Psi. Alpha Kappa Kappa M. CHONKO Myrnam Hockey 42-46, Tennis 42-43, M.U.S., Alpha Kappa Kappa ALLEN DIXON S. GILCHRIST C. HANEY R. JOHNSON Wainwright Edmonton Calgary Calgary NINETY-FIVE Varsity Show, Club 400, Constitutional Enforcement Comm 45-46. Kappa Sigma. l ART CIENCE MEDICINE AL VERN KRAUSE Edmonton JIM LEEDER Edmonton JOHN LIPINSKI lVlLlnStBI'1 M.U.S. Newman Clulr A.K.K, Newman Uluh Excc. 44-45, 45-46 St. Joseph's House Committee 44-45 Music Club 42-43, French Club 43-44 Medical Ethics Club, M.U.S.. A.K.K. E. MACLEAN G. NICHOLSON Pincher Creek Wainwright M.U.S.. A.K.K. K. NICKERSON JOSEPH O'BRlEN JIM PATERSON HYMIE POLLACK DON REES Edmonton Edmonton Victoria, B.C. Edmonton Bellevue M.U.S., A.K.K. ROY SPACKMAN Stirling BILL SIMPSON Edmonton Pres. Freshman 42-43, Sec. M.A.B. 43-44. Senior Rugby 42-43 43-44 44-45 45-46 Director of Color Night 43-44 Pres. U. of A. Mixed Chorus 45-46 Varsity Show 44-45. Asst. Director C.O.T.C. Band 44-45 M.U.S. Phi Delta Theta J. STEFANELLI Trail, B.C. Newman Club Exec -13-44. Interfac. Basket- ball 43-44, Gate Receipts Man-agel' 44-45. Pres. St. Joe's House Com. 45-46 Medical Ethics Club. M.U.S., P.N.Kinpr, Phi Kappa Pi NINETY-SIX F. WARSHASKI DON WILSON Mundare Edmonton M.U.S.. ART CIENCE SCIENCE HUGH BLUE Edmonton Skiing. Badminton, C.O.T.C.. Pres. Outdoor Club Aero C'lub Exec. 45-46 ROSE ROZZER M. BRANSCOMBE J. BUSHEIKIN LLOYD Bellevue Olds Calgary CHAMEEFKLAIN C yde E. CHESNEY ROBERT NEAL COLLINS M. DALSIN S. DIAMOND Cadomin CHRISTIANSEN Lethbridge Edmonton Edmonton Outdoor Club Edmonton Kappa Sigma Blue Stocking, Pi Beta P'hi. Pres. Public Speaking Club 43-44 Chem. Club. ll. D. DINNING LOIS DUNBAR G. EVANOFF MARY FAIRHEAD DAVE GOLISS Calgary Camrose Edmonton Edmonton Edmonton Delta Gamma V.A.D. Work at Swimming Club, Univ. Hospital. NINETY-SEVEN Pres. 45-46. Gateway 43-44, Co-ed Club. ARTL CIE CE SCIENCE H. HANKINSON A. HECKLEY PEGGY HILL G- HODGSON G. HOLGATE Prince Rupert. B.C. Jasper Lougheed Dewberry Edmonton g4,y-ilnnyilm-, Pl-95, VVon1en's I7isc-ipliu- Hnusr-hold EC. Clulr, GHi-QWHY. C.0-T-C. linrlmintnn l'lulf ary Com. -15--16, Swimming' Club, Me-n's Athletic L9 il"I'1'lC Fl'?llH'Hlh Cc--ed Club, Bum-il, E, Q QL, P1 Beta I'hi Archery Clulv, Hgitewny. Hnusc I'l1ilosophir:1l Sm-., llzlun-v l'nmmilIuc, Ml-lSlCHl SfYl'l1'lY lizxjrpsx Sigrnrx. NVnl1nG-ii:-1 Sfwleiy. GORDON M- HOLUCK, of-xvio HORNE ALLAN HUNT H, JACKSON H01-l-INGSHEAD KENYON vermaiion calgary Ca,ga,y WeStl0Ck Edmonton Hzilvwzxy -1-1-45, Uulelour l'lul1 -1-1--15-46, lC.zS:G., Arls and S4-ience Club, Excr- lilrsl your Relmj, Pi Beta Phi. IVI.-L.. KWOLL ELEANOR KFKYS J. lVlaCDOUGAl.L L. MacPHERSON Edmonton Edmonton Edmonton Edmonton Nexxrnnu Vlulx -12-lil. Svniur Bziskethull Freshman Com- Vurlinu' Vluln -I3-'16, -131--1-1-45--16, mittee 45--Ili, Sul.-ply 1'miv0nel', Real Vrnss Cllllr -1-1--15. Mgr. Interfac. lhislwllbaill 43--1-1-45, Pres. Senior Basket ball 4 5-46 Varsity Show, Svc. Musical Ass. -15-46. Evergreen Sz Gold 44-45 Kappa Alpha Theta NlNETY-EIGHT D. NELSON J. O'CALLAGHAN Edmonton Cadogan ART science CIE CE D, QCKENDEN S. OZEROFF DAVID POLLACK E. REINHOLD J. SMELTZER Nl. SNELL Edmonton Edmonton Edmonton Calgary I Edmonton Calgary Badminton, C.S.M.fC.0.T.C.J Senior Class Exec. Swimming' Math. and Physics Frosh Introduction Co-ed Club Exec. Club 45-46 43-46, Musical Society Comm. 45 Si-'ma Alpha Mu. Swimming Cluh Delta Gamma. NAT STARR N. SWABB BILL TASOHUK WILF WALKER Provost Owgllingmzjonb I glegrgvlllletb H EdmcEntonM ut oor u , nler ac. as 'e a Gateway 'i1'c. gi' ' pggjgfegaqiffil' P'hi10s0,.h, 33.39, 45-46. , - - - Music Club. Curlinlr. Asst. Circ. Mgr. Varsity Publicity C U R M A 44-45 giizfgi Badminton Club. Sigma Alpha Mu. Phi Delta Theta. GEOLOGY GEORGE BULL Edmonton Outdoor Club, Mining 8: Geol. Soc., Treasurer 44-45. J. ANDRICHUK Edmonton Outdoor Club. Vice-Pres. Mining 8: Geol. Society 44-45. NINETY-NINE 4 N. WERSHOF B. WHITTAKER Edmonton Calgary Mixed Chorus 43-.lli W0men's War Services. Fencing Club, Co-ed Clulw. Philosoph. Musival Clulw. VERN TAYLOR Edmonton Outdoor Cluls. Mining: 8: Geol. Soc. Pres. 45--Hi, Philosoph. EDUCATIO JOHN BICKNELL G. BRIMACOMBE R. BURWASH Edmonton Vermilion Edmonton Philharmonic. Dramatics, Rugby, Track and Field, Ag Club, E.U.S.. Outdoor Club. S. CALLAWAY Edmonton Sr. Basketball 43-46 Jun. rep. Wauneita 44-45. Pres. W.A.A. 45-46, Women's Sports Ed. Gateway 45. E.U.S., A.T.A., Co-ed Club, Blue Stocking Club. Spiked Shoe Club, Cercle Francais. A. CAOUTTE Legal Newman Club, A.T,A., E.U.S., Co-ed Club. Outdoor Club. J. COLDWELL H. CASSAN RUBY DEKSNE M. DENNELL GEORGE DESSON Ottawa, Ont. Ashcroft, B.C. Tomahawk Dewberry Calgary Ed. Rep. Students' Swimming Club, Choir. E.U.S. Council, Badminton. Music-al Club. Ed, Fac, Executive. Interfac. Basketball. International Choir, Relations Club, Cercle Francais, C.U.R.M.A. Co-Ed Club. E.U.S. IQ? -iii FRED DEW FREO FISHER M. FREEHILL MORRIS GAYFER SADIE GIBSON Edmonton Medicine Hat Marwayne Edmonton Edmonton Dir. Junior Play. E.U.S.. Newman Club. Drama Club. ONE HUNDRED ED CATIO GRETA HANNA P. HAYNES BOB HOOD Fi. HORTON GWEN HUNT Edmonton Edmonton Calgary Calgary Strathmore E.U.S., A.T.A. Outdoor Club Exec. E.U.S., A.T.A. Unlverslty Mixed 43.44-451 Chorus, P1-es, E,U.S, 44.45, SCM. Exec. 44-46. Gateway 44-45-46. Dramatics. Swimming Club, E.U.S,, A.T.A., English Club, HELEN IRELAND BILL JAMES M. HANES G. KOKTAILO JAMES KRUGER Camrose Calgary Calgary Willingdon Gadsby Exec. Varsity Choir Le Cercle Francziis 43-44-45 Sec. 43-44, Gateway Staff 4 5- -4 6 Pres. 44-45 Education Under- graduate Society, University Choir, Music Club. Philosophical Soc. G. MATTHIAS Blackfalds University Mixed Chorus 44-45 Philosophical Society 45-46. Education Under- graduate Soc. 45-46. IRENE McBRlDE Michichi LOIS MCLEAN Edmonton Drama, Director Gateway News Reporter 44. Women's Editor 45. E.8zG. Activities Editor 45 Mixed Chorus Vice- Pres. 45, Radio Script Committee 46 E.U.S., French Club. Co-Ed Club, Debating Club, A.T.A. ONE HUNDRED AND ONE HERTA MOLL Magrath Swimming Club 43-44, Interfac. Basketball 4-1-45. Sr. Basketball 45--16 Drama 44-45, House Ec. Club 43-44. Exec. Education Undergraduate Soc. Sports Rep. 45-46, University Choir 44-45, S.C.M. FRANCIS 0'HARA Edmonton Newman Club. Vice-Pres. Public Speaking Club 45-46 Librarian University Symphony 45-46. EDUCATIO ALBERT OKE JOYCE OXLAND Edmonton Lethbridge Badminton. Ileltn Delta Delta E.U.S.. C.U.R,M.A. H. PLASTERAS Regina, Sask. Gateway News Editor 43-44, Day Editor 44. Provincial News Director 45 Commerce Club Vice-Pres. 44-45. Wnme-n's Economivs Club Sec. Trens. 44-45 Christmas Fund Exec. 43. I.S.S. Fund Exec. -15 Chairmzin Pembina House Committee 45-46 Blue Stn:-kim: Club MABEL POWELL K. RABKIN Drumheller Calgary Varsity Choir, Badminton. lk 5 PETER RAFFA Edmonton Calgary Ilramzi Society Treas. 45-46, Inter-Year Plays 44-45-46, Spring Play -16, Newman Club. Education Under- graduate Society Dramatic Society STAN SAWICKI A. SNOWDEN B. SIMMONS MARY SMITH S. SWINTON Calgary Clairmont Coronation Tofield 11. S. TENOVE J. VAN TIGHENI Edmonton Exec. E.U.S. 44-45. University Chorus 44-45-46, E.U.S., A.T.A. Strathmore M. YV-ENSEL S. WILKIE E. WILSON VINCENT YOUNG Medicine Hat Mawer, Sask. Edmonton Edmonton ONE HUNDRED AND TWO RTS A D EDUCATION M. OESTREICH Manola Vice-Pres. Pembina House Com. 45-46. A. BIAIVIONTE Clover Bar II'llLl'l'l'!1C. Basketball. Mgr. Intc-rfaw. Vglleyball, Vice-Pres. Co-ell E,U.S.. A.T.A.. Club 44-45, N0wm:1nClub. l'l'9S. 45-415. E-U-S C. PIERCE Edmonton Supb. Rep. Ed. Club 43-44, Pres. Co-ed Club -1-1-43. S.C.M. Czlbim-L 45-46. Sac.-Trezxs. E.U.S. 45-45. Yii'e-Pres. Siucle-nts Union 45-46, lull-rfui-. Viilli-yball. GARTH C. LANGILLE EGGENBERGER Edmonton Edmonton Pi-e.4. Literary Soc. 39-40, Soph. Exec. 217-33. Plxilharmoniu Exer. SIT-38-39. Pres. History Club flfl--lil, 43-411, EDMOND JORRE DE ST-JOFIRE Victoria, B.C. Cmlstitutiorial En- forcement Com. f'h:nirmun 45-46. I.:uw Club S2c. 45-46 'l'i-1-as. St. Joe's llimusu Com. 43--lli, EDICI A KAY SH EASBY Redcliffe Pres. Musical A:4s'n -1:1-4h. .Xrcoinpznliist Univ. F-'Ilx?cl Chfrlus English Cub, l"lu:siCz1l Club. French Club, Outdoor Club, Swiniming' Club S.l".M, Exvr. -lil-44 lille-l'i':l4'. Volleyball E.l'.S. ARNOLD NIOIR Milk River l'.S.M.. C.O.T.C'., -ll Open Forum 42. Law Club, Law Quzirlerly S-'iz Ilibzxtinu Sur. Ni-winzin Club 'l're:L-4 MARY ARMEY J. BROWN PAUL DROUIN RAY DUNCAN JACK EDWARDS Vulcan Ryley St. Paul Victoria, B.C. Edmonton M.U.S. Class Rep. 42. Vllrestling' Club, A.K.K. ONE HUNDRED AND THREE MEDICIN CARL FLETCHER MARTIN GISH DON HEESEL R. JOHNSTON A. LARSEN Lethbridge Stettler Edmonton Edmonton Cloverdale, B.C. i NATAN LEITH J. MCCUTCHEON LEO SPACKNIAN DONALD ULRICH Edmonton Edmonton VUICBI1 NURSBNG DEGREE PAT FOSTER Calgary Vice-Pres. Frosh 40-41. Sr. Basketball 40--ll. Nurses' Wauneitu Rep. 44-45, McLeod Club 40-'16, Pi Beta Phi. D. GEESON PAT GEORGE D. GUILD Holden Killam Lethbridge McLeod Club. Outdoor Club, Newman Club. Swimming: Club. ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR M1-L1-oil Club, ARLENE PINCH Edmonton McLeod Club. Press Rep. 41--12. Vice-Pres. 4-l-45, Archery, Evergreen 8: Gold Swimming Club, Make-up Cluh, Fencing. Pi Beta Phi. NURSING DEGREE MEDICINE X -i l l A. MacKINNON E. SHELDON ELAINE SLEATH C. TENOVE Edmonton Edmonton Edmonton Chipman IIGIIII Delta ITeIta NURSING DIPLOIVIA P. ALCOCK LOIS ANDERSON MARY BOORMAN E. CARDIFF IONE DAVIDGE Red Deer Lethbridge Blairmore Bon Accord Pongka Class Rep., Pres. Nurses' Stu- YVIcLeml Club 45-46. dents' Union 4:1-46. GRACE DIXON L. DOWNING Liesiland, Sask. Kindersley, Sask. LOIS DUNLOP EdTl"l0I'It0n Sec. Nurses' Stu- dents' Union, 44-45. Basketball Club. ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE G. EDWARDS SHIRLEY ELLS Saskatoon, Sask. Rowley Swimming, McLeod Club. MEDICIN NURSING DIPLOIVIA E. FAIRHEAD E. FJALESTAD PAT FLAVIN HELEN HEAD ISABEL HOOPER Nl. HULBERT Edmonton Bawlf Edmonton Cardston Edmonton Calgary Varsity Choir, Tvnnis Ciub. Sei-. Lil. Soc, -14-45 Kulipu Alpha Thclta. Ss-V. Mc-Lend Fluh -I-I-1.7. BETTY HUNTER F. .KONKIN KAY LITTLE MARY MacLEOD M. METCALFE NORA MOSS Westlock Verlgin, Sask. Beaverlodge Edmonton Lloydminster. Sask Leduc Swimming. Badminton. IH-II:1 Gamma. V. OEMING XENIA PYRCH H. REMINGTON MIGGI SCHLAG M. SCRIMSHAW K. SMITH Edmonton Leduc Claresholm Sangudo Saskatoon, Sask. Vulcan Swimming: Sxviniminxr. MvLeml Club. ONE HUNDRED AND SIX NURSING DIPLOIVIA MEDICI E P. SPROSTON EILEEN SUMNEF M. STEPHENS AUDREY SWEET BETTY WILSON F. YELLAND High Prairie Westlock Spiritwood. Sask. Lloydminster, Sash Three Hills Cadomin Vive-Pres. Nurses' Mc-Lend Club. Students' Uninn .I4-45. Mr-L1-ml f'lnIr. NURSING DIPLONIA IN PUBLIC HEALTH E Mk J. CAUSGROVE Q. ESDALE NI. FITZSIIVIIVIONS E. JAIVIIESON HILDA LAW Edmonton Edmonton Delia Sylvan Lake Edmonton Senim' Iiaskifllmll Swimmillii VCIUIJ, 13.46. Mc-Li-ml Club 'l'i'urk, Sxximminu. I':N""4 1546- Prca. Nurses' Stu- iliints' Vnion I1-ii. Mi-I.0n4I l'IuI1. E. MacDIARMlD W. MCCORDICK PEGGY MILNER R. SHEPPARD M. THOMPSON Sexsimth Wembley Fallis Edmonton ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN Edmonton PHARMACY DEGREE ERNIE BLADES BETTY GRAHAM G. GROVES DICK KROENING GORDON MYERS Toronto, Ont. Calgary Wetaskiwin Lamont VU'C'3l'1 Outdoor Club. E. Sz G. Pharmacy Clulx, Pi Bela Phi. LICENTIATE I i 1 G. LARSEN JEAN NANCY PASCOE DORIS Strome NETTLETON Edmonton WYNOHAM Calgary Plmrmzlcy Club. Grainger Cu-'ling Club, Pharmnvy C'uh, fExec. 461. S.C'.M. NON-GRADUATION SENIORS ORSON BINGHANI COLLIN CORKUM HOWARD GAIN E. GANDER M. GRANT Magrath Calgary Calgary Edmonton Edmonton ONE HUNDQED AND EIGHT I PHARMACY NON-GRADUATION SENIORS RAY HAGER ALF. HARPER BOB HAZLETT JAS. HERRINGER L. HORODESKY Edmonton Lethbridge Vancouver, B.C. Maple Leaf, Sask. Calgary L AL NIACKAY DORIS MACKAY ROD MACKENZIE C. MICKELSON LLOYD MILLER Edmonton Edmonton Vancouver, B.C. Victoria, B.C. Shell Br-ook, Sask. 4k NORI NISHIO ED. PURDUE FRANK QUIGLEY DONALD SCOTT JOE SHOCTOR Montreal Calgary Edmonton Edmonton ONE HUNDRED AND NINE PH RM C NON-GRADUATING SENIORS WM. SINCLAIR F. SPACKMAN A. C. WALDIE D. WILLIAMS ANDREW WONG M. WEFIONUK Edmonton Stirling K. DANE N. J. DUST Bruno, Sask. Trail, B.C. Lethbridge K Moose Jaw. Sask. Rycroft S. HENCLEY ANNE HERMAN F. LEBOLDUS KAY PIERCE East Coulee Compeer Westlock BRUCE ALLSOPP L. CASEY Edmonton D. J. CLARKE BETTY JANSSEN S. SHECKTER D. TOWNSEND - Hillsdown Edmonton Calgary ONE HUNDRED AND TEN PICTURES RECEIVED TOO LATE TO LLASSIFX G. E. ALLEN. EOMONTON JOHN BASISTIUK, Olosaunv EDWIN BATIUK, EDMONTON WILMA BLEAKLEY, EDMONTON HELEN BROSSEAU, ST PADI. HUGH BUCHANAN, EDMONTON PIERRE D'ESTRUBE KENNETH ELVES, EDMONTON RONALD FRANCIS. TABER JAMES GRANT, THREE HILLS JOHN HANTHO, CALGAPY ROBERT HENLEY, VEGREVILLE H. E. HETHERINGTON, TABER SHIRLEY HOOKS. cnomv IRENE HOOVER WALTER ILKIW, DERWEITT IRENE JOHNSTON, EDMONTON J, D. KENNEDY, BROADVIEW SASR E, KOWLUK. WHEREFROM ALLAN S. KREBS. FORT SA x R, D, KROETSCH, HEIELER TOM LAKUSTA, EDMONTON GEORGE LAPERSKINSKY, W. RAY MACMILLAN. CALGAM GEORGE MCFARLANE, EDMONTON ROBERT MCINNES ALLAN MCLATCHIE, CALGARY MARGARET MURRAY, GRIM HAW JOSEPH L. NORTHEY. RED DEER JOHN PERROTT STAVELY CHARLES POLLOCK, EDMONTON FLORENCE REIMER. CROOKED CREEK CLARA RENTZ, MELLOWDALE FRANCES RESZEL. ST PAUL HELEN ROUX, EDMONTON NICHOLAS SENIUK. HILLIARD SONIA SHEPTYCKI, MUNDARE DAVE SMITH, EDMONTOn MURRAY SMITH, EDMONTON JIM THOMPSON, FORT SASK vu l E IX 2 ' ',!' 'ZEZA 5 1 74 , 4, 44 'M .W :wff wxmgig wx ' : - iii, .nv ' 5 4 ' V ' L , S5 -, . 2 Ea WZ A k 4 ik' , A k , nj f of. lf. O. Lilgc tackles a small volume of work. Dean M. E. Lazcrte and Dr. Smith pause for the birdie Ihr. Scott tells all in thc Physicx Zl lab. , r 2 3,4 P' 1 NX '. Q. X--.f K - H 5 I 53' 1 lf? x . A , xv fv far ,,, , f ,-fi? M' .Y gg. H .V . X .,. ,ug -. V U! --'m',,,f..- AN' ., x Q .., , . . JM, 4, , in 4, . W, X 1 1 Q 4 x w 4 H. ... x J' I M ,. r,- 'U ... ..,.i,q,. . x y ' H '. ." 'dir Q s 1-. I . 1 1 1-P .M n 7 , 5-1 .'v' x '...' :H ,' ,, ,.x ,ms .-M' 5 , . , n,- .V-" I. lm 4 7-. - -Q I . C 1 - " . v Q.,-V1 1., " 'pl-r 1 . mtl-'Ji 1 'Q' fr' W ' . v ' I-'34 vig - ,xl s 11' ' , - ' " fu 14" - . , W"- sb ,. , A lf 1 F 1? Je Q 9 ' , W -1 . . wwf? Q ,,.. ,S Q A , ,,v.m, 558-,, f iii "K 'ff f 4x.v.:w :Q vw ,...,, 6 THE U I ER TTY DR. H. E. SMITH Director of the Summer Session The Directors Message For many years two summer schools worked out their respective destinies side by side on the University of Alberta campus. These were the Summer School of the University itself, and the Summer School of the Department of Education. The University permitted its stu- dents to earn credits on degree programs, while Department of Education students strove only for diplomas and certificates. For them, however, the struggle lasted for only five weeks. The University students on the other hand had not only to hold on for six weeks, but as well had to make pre-session preparation involving as much as one-quarter to one-third of the total course load. Two directors were required to administer the schools. All this has been changed. In 1944, the Department of Education decided that the re- sponsibility for the training of teachers should be placed upon University shoulders. Hence a single integrated summer school in 1944, and hence a suddenly expanded Faculty of Educa- tion in the University in 1945. The Department of Education retains an interest only in the certification of teachers trained by the University, and, in the basic principles and practices of teacher training generally. As most who know will agree fthough perhaps some time after the experience is overj the summer term is thoroughly enjoyable. A highly selected teaching staff offers instruction in many interesting fields, the Students' Council Executive arranges plenty of diversihed enter- tainmentg life in the University residences is itself an experienceg and the cities, both Edmon- ton and Calgary, are attractive, especially in summer. To this add the facts that session fees are modest, and that every effort represents a step to worth-while objectives. The Director wishes to take this opportunity to express his appreciation of the splendid work done by, and of the cooperation received from, the Executive of the Students' Council. H. E. SMITH, Director of the Summer School. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN MMER CHGGL THE EXECUTIVE DR. MARY WINSPEAR MR. NORMAN KENNEDY Advisor to Women Students AdViS01' FO MCH Students STUDENTS' COUNCIL Back Row: N. Kennedy fAdvisor to Men Studentsjg D. Sheppard Clivergreen and Goldjg G. Sncltvet fsocialjg L. Reid fWon1en's Athlcticsjg Brown QDaily Bulletinj. Front Row:N. Muir QVice-Pres.jg H. McCulIogh fMcn's Athleticsjg R. Patrick fljresidentjg R. Eyres CSecretaryj: R. Ward fTreas.j ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN GRADUANDS FROM SUMMER SCHOOL HOW' 55.1-If '15 Q . -k,v . . f'Ai"' 4L. Robert B. Baron Godfrey N. Brady Jenni: M. Brnnum james XV. Briggs Arthur S. Corneliuson Mid. B.A. BSC. BA. Bid. 44 AX Rosa juan B. Coulris Kenneth L. Dam- Harry A. Duwar jean L. Dixon Ernest Gander BA. BSc, Bid. B.Ed. B. Ed. B.A. Fdwin R. Hndlingmn Florence M. Harman IQTHEL G. HYDE H. XY'ilhclminn Rail Iili1.lbC'EI'l A. Kerr B.ITd. BJX., BJX. Bid. B.A., B Ed. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN Robert A. Kimmitt janet I. Martin Betty T. Mason Bessie A. McAvoy Marguerite Morgan B.Ed. B. Com., B.Ed. B.Ed. B.Ed. BSC., B.Ed. Richard A. Morton Loran Nichols Reed L. Shields Alexander Stockwell Wilma M, Sutherland B.Ed. B.Ed. B.Ed. B.ECl. B.A., B.ECl, -ni -up-l!'i L Elizabeth M. Taylor E. Elizabeth Tregale Wilma V. Van Dehlen Campbell Young Wanda E. Young B.Ed. B.ECl. B.ECl. B.Ed. B.Ed. ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN A WOMEN'S ALL-STAR TEAM Back Row: L. Reid, V. Merchant, I. Gillespie, E. Gish, H. Suca, M. Holuhowich, T. Pitcher. Front Row: K. Henderson, D. Childress, C. Hoskyn, I. Moran. MEN'S ALL-STAR TEAM WOMENS CHAMPION TEAM Back Row: E. Gish, E. Shield, H. Suca, I. Gillespie, D. Statham, T. Pitcher. Front Row: D. Childress, K. Henderson, C. Hoskyn, I. Munro. Q FA LL rx. This year's increased enro ent resulted in greater participation in Fas ll than in previous years. Six men's and fou women's teams were entered in the league. I two' outfof three playoff, Hoskyn and Mac tosh led their respective teams to victory. At the sessioifs end, AllfStar linefu were selected. These players successfully chalf lenged several outside teams. Back Row: B. Esopenko, E. Block, A. Elliott, Car. S. Skuba, J. Melnechuk, A. Nicholas. Front Row: T. Aola, R. MacIntosh, R. Bower, R. Staples, H. McCullogh, L. Jenkin. ' .yffr I .sv .... 1 . NN-. N L MEN'S CHAMPION TEAM Back Row: S. Oslonberg, Hadlington, A. Elliott, Blumenauer, R. Staples. Front Row: L. Olson, R. McIntosh, D. Bower, E. Meen, L. jenkin. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY GTHERA PORT . BOWLING was prominent in the sports program. Ten teams of six members each were entered, and Tuesday nights saw some keen competition. High scores for the season won crests. A TENNIS, because of the delayed repair of the courts was late in starting. Nevertheless, tournaments were followed with great inter' est. Marion Staples defeated twenty entries in Ladies' Singles. Doris Sheppard and Bessie McAvoy copped the Ladies Doubles while Clare Ames won the Men's Singles. BASKETBALL was more avidly supported by ladies who turned out four teams for the league. In the men's circuit the Physical Eduf cation Juniors wallopped the seniors. I - ,LL 'VS4 BOWLING CHAMPIONS Back Row: J. Dubeta, M. Irwin, C. Douglas, C. Haukedal, I. Falkenstein, F. Powell. Front Row: F. Toews, I. Cummings, S. Batiuk, H. Repp, M. Humphries, G. Boothman, W. Brown. TENNIS CHAMPIONS B. McAvoy, C. Ames, D. Sheppard TWi1, A I' -lei T WOMEN,S BASKETBALL CI-IAIVIPIONS I 'fl MEN'S BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Back Row: A. Bebee, M. Irwin, D. Gaught f Back Row: Barnard, T. Meen Front Row: Mrs. Cummins, K. Henderson, P. McDonald. ,K A Front Row: W. Boelich, C. Allison, H. McCullough. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE OCIH A :" S. A .J . J? T Q ities 9 ,gf LH .A social life f Su imer School Li't..:,' i . wa This of its bi g ?hnQl Bi weekly .5 ',., ' W Y v,W'gwAA' g "f ' 'jiuces dr gmbers under the enthusi- ous times classes put on amusing programs lec- 355,5L,iC..M'f'If1ng of Mr. Norman Kennedy. At vari- tures on current topics were given, sing-songs, amateur nights and summer amusements com- pleted the social whirl. Mr. H. Leibie of Ann Arbor, Michigan, directed folk dancing classes for the more energetic students. The session concluded with the awarding of athletic honors at Crest Night. Dramatics The junior and Senior dramatics 'classes were under the direction of Mr. Eugene Davies of Cleveland, Ohio. After a very busy six weeks plays were presented in Convocation Hall on August 11th and 13th to capacity audiences. Plays presented were: "Where the or is Madei'i,,jby E e O'Neill, directed by Mr. . Davies. A "The Dear Departed' 5' by StanleyiHou ' ton, directed by Sarah Ches 're. iv "The Courtship of Mar' Jenvrinn, b Gwen Pharis Ringwood, direc d by Helen Hegler. yu "The Perfect Gentleman", by A' wa Best Joder, directed by Margaret Coates. "The Little Darling", by Peggy Oh er, directed by Ethel Metz. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-TWO Q is X X Z? 5, ., -on The Breadline Ladies' Single Finafs Chem I Hopefuls Pembinites English 52 class takes time Popular Instructor On the steps of St. Joe'S The Southward Trek Two genial professors Before the curtain rises Serious business Time out for fun ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE Amateur artists starting out Mr. Leibie cooking supper for P.Ed. hikers Energetic P.Ed. class Victors Hard at it Mr. Davies and his stage crew y . I v " 1 1 ' " ' 1, ' H N A . . . Yr 1 ' : .7 X , s V ' 1 K 1 V l. -,W . X 1 1 A 1 I K ' r .JW V' , 1 . .V- . ,. , . , ya w. lp ,A . .U . ,. Yu K ..i nn " V . " ' n W ."l' 4' r V T , ,., . ' Ll VU. . ,IAQ . h V X LL f , T31 J . -,Y pg N. 4,,J 1-.f ,lr . jx u aT' . ,Ir 1. 414 fl! - 1 vs dh ' 4 -fwwzenwww W ,, K 3' .V-Nw-.M , V, ., ,,,,FWL- Q' 4 Q Ill i ask.-J , mg : 5 1 ESB! ' will Ili lnnlnslnwur 35131511-,,4 gum, f , .- ww: , , ,gags ' A, Aww Q t 3 X ' ' ' ggi app - 1.--.. Q-W ,..-V 'i0 iiiiii W ' A t,5.,-f-www-, ,- ,, Q ,, ,ig If ' -1-'--4-,m,A...., 4 . , 4 4 QE 1-,Q .lr 5 , su., .., an , ,9,,,Qx.,. Xl.. -4 ,. Q x..,5, -nw M-wwf ' ' .4 mnwrw. f ' 'W snwnusunnllrilllulul ' I 5 libs: 5 353 EH 'S' ill , ll! Ill Ax? , - , I ik! I Pq--Q 2 E E r i ' Hi iii 222 ' 'fun XX Xb!! 'Q H' mv- '!'l'WAQfg 2 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SIX INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLIFFORD AWCOCK LYLE BARBER R. C. CARRAN G, H. HARE TOM HUMPHREY IDRIS JENKINS BOB LEITCH J. W. MATHER DOUG. MCLEOD J. L. MOFFATT R. A. PEARCE STANLEY RICHARDS AUSTEN ROBSON G. A. SAUNDERS LESLIE TALBOT LYN WALKER. ssc. C, E. WHITE EDUCATION JEAN ANDERSON MABEL ANDERSON SHEILA ANDERSON AGNES ANDREWS I ALICE ANHORN I' ANNE BACHURO HELEN BARNES JOSEPH BATES RUTH BECKLUND LUCILLE BEINGESSNER ELLA BELLAK MARGARET BERGSTROM JACK BLACK KENNEIEI BLAIR BRUCEQIBOWEN DOREEN Bovss if R5 H BRAY IEIUCILLE BRIETZKE RITZ BROCKMAN MARGARET BROSOSKY DORIS BROSSEAU EDUCATION I I T ANNIE BROWN ESTHER BROWN MARJORIE BRUCE JEAN CAMPBELL JIM CAMPBELL ALMA CHALLAND BETSY CHRISTOFFERSON MARY OOX SHIRLEY CROWDIS GRANT CUMMINS STELLA CWIKILEWICK EDWARD DAHMS FRANCES DOHERTY CORINNE DOYLE DONALD DUFF PAT DUFFY BILL EDE RUTH ERICKSON JEAN FAIRBOURN VIOLET FALK MARGARET FISHER ALLAN GIBB DORIS GILBERTSON HAZEL GILLILAND MARION GOLDSTROM HEATH GORDON MARY-ADELAIDE GCRDON JULIA HAGEL ALICE HALL BELLA HAMILL ELEANOR HAMM ANN HANSEN LYDIA HERTZ DORIS HITTLE VERDA HOFFMAN PAT HOLMEN JEAN HUNT JEAN HUNTER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SEVEN ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-EIGHT EDUCATION MARGARET IMES ERNEST INGRAM MILLS JOHNSON JILLANE JOZSA JENNY KEEGSTRA ETHEL KING EDWIN KNODEL EVELYN KOBBERSTAD FLORENCE LANDYMORE PEGGY LANE DAGNE LINDSTEDT ELIZABETH LINTICK MARIE LONGSON ROSEMARY LYONS BERTHA MAETCHE MARY MAKALOSKI HELEN MEYER BETTY MILLS NINA MINDRUM LEONA MCBEAN LAURENCE MCCOOL JOYCE MCELROY JOAN MCGILLIVRAY GEORGINA MCPHEE JEWELL NERLAND HARRY NEWSOM LOIS NICHOLS MICKEY NOBLE MARIE NORRIS ELSIE OSINCHUK ORLA OSTROM THERESE PADBERG MAY PEARSON JEAN POLE MARGARET POMROY JEAN PURCELL- BETTY REID BETTY REIMER , EDUCATION I 5, x :lj M' IRMA REINHARDT MII' WILBUR RHODES ALINE RouLEAu Rf WALTER ROWLEY ' GLADYS RUBEN GEORGE SAGKMAN ALICE SCARLETT VIVIAN SLATER VIVIAN SODEROUIST ELIZABETH SOLVERSON MARY SOLVERSON ETHEL STAPELY RACHEL STEEVES LOREEN SUTHERLAND ADELINE THIELAN ENA THOMAS BETTY THOMPSON EILEEN THORNTON GEORGE TIMKO FAYE TRODDEN GERTRUDE TROTMAN MARGUERITE TURGEON ANNE UNGRE BARBARA VERES .IOSEPHINE VINEY MURIEL WARK DORIS WEINHEIMER RUTH WEINHEIMER KATHLEEN WIHNAN DOROTHY WILDE ADA WILLIAMSON LORNA WRIGHT ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-NINE tudents' o COUIICI aaa LAURENCE MCCOOL BILL EDE lst Term Vice-Pres. 2nd Term Vice-Pres. JACK p BRACK Pr1if:si,de'nt ,,. z., ,Jkt Fr. The .1945-46 Calgary Students' Council of Freshmen experienced a somewhat difhcult year of experiment, in an entirely new situation. As far as'Was possible, the Students' Union activities were carried out withintljte limits of the Constitution of the Students' Union in Ed- monton. ' ..-.F .f5'iAlthough unavoidable problems of distance and campus facilities prewgnted the most desirable union with Edmonton, the Council's ,tactivities in organizing and the carrying out of student functions were 'Vquite successful. It was, too, the good fortune of the Council in 2 , ,Saving Mr. G. K. Sheane as Faculty adviser. f . - DON DUFF It is felt that the year has been very prohtable. Secretary -A-tif Q3'V3t.3g D Mary Mills Walter 'Lois joe Gordon Johnson Marguerite Roley Mary Nichols Bates Literary Choral Pres. Turgeon Gateway Salverson Treas. Men's Athletics Evergreen 86 Gold House Comm. Social Comm. Class Rep "A" lst Dram. Pri Mufifll DOri.S Pat Mabel Leona Josephine Gladys .Warls - Weinheinierl Holmes Anderson McBean Viney Ruddy Union Pianist Girls' Athletics 2nd Dramatics Pres. Class Rep. "C" Class Rep. "D" Class Rep. "E" Class Rep. "B ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY Athletics Athletics has always claimed prominence in extra- curricular activities of the teachers in training. We strive primarily, not for professional skill, but rather for the educational values of teamwork and good sportsmanship. I JOE BATES, Chairman Boys, as well as girls, had their own leagues for the major athletic events. These activities have been ably guided by joe Bates and Doris Weinheimer. Softball, basketball, volleyball, and badminton were the games which found much favor with the students here. There were eight girls' teams and three boys' teams organized to take part in various events. Thanks is tendered to,the Physical Education instructors, Mrs. Mar- garet Kinsell and Mr. Lou Goodwin for their help in making these activi- ties a success. DORIS WEINHEIMER Individual trophies are to be awarded to six students whose partici- Girls' Rep. Athletics pation, good sportsmanship, and co-operation were oustanding. Literary The Literary Society was instrumental in providing both recreational and educational diversions for the stu- dents, particularly at the weekly Students' Union meetings. Activities undertaken throughout the year included after- C outings, inter-class competitions in general enter- tain ent and quizzes, presentations by the Dramatics and Chor A Qcieties, and instructive addresses by Calgary busi- ness men. A very we and successful year was experienced by Chairman Biddy on and her committee of three, Mary Solverson, Pat lmes, and Walter Rowley. MARY GORDON Chairman ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-ONE ca-, K CH RAL Under the capable lea ship of our Music In- structor, Mr. I. H. Graham, organization has done much to develop in its me ers the apprecia- tion and enjoyment of music. O ff.. sixty students largest group activity in the Faculty. Eac f the sec- tions has its respective leader. , MILLS JOHNSGN The Honorary President . .... .. ,. ,. ,Mr. I. H. Grah President I a P'res1dent ,..,...... ., ..., Mills johnson Vice-President .. ,. Alice Scarlett Sec.-Treas. ,. ,. ,Wfalter Rowley Pianist ..,..... ,.., . .Bruce Bowen l fx P 'A comprised this year's Choral Society H is ng it the Ks xx Some of its performances included a half-hour Christmas Radio Program, supplying the musical background for the "Nativity Playn, presented to the Demonstration School, and en- tertaining the Veterans in No. 2 Convalescent Hospital. One of the largest undertakings was the rendition of the "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Messiah at Christmas time. Within the comparatively short time of five to six months, entailing about fifteen hours of actual practice, Mr. Graham blended the assembled voices into a pleasing and harmonious Acapella Choir. MARG TURGEON Chairman T e l Committee ided for many enjoyable eveni s r well as being ponsible for various outings A, first form of the year, a farewell to one of t e classes, a distinct success, and similar hopes l or graduating formal in April cs, hikes, dances, and parties rounded out the s social activities, proving a great source of fun and reltxation ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO 4- , - f p, 1, , C .fi 1 new QW, V If-"l ll jf i gl, ' l ' ' . - . 1-5 . . . . l' Wi' V I ,ff . cc E 'Al' 1. eff. . - - - - 5.12 H d f iJ?iY,?,a:, . . . . V -.-?j"w , is lp9af"9":ni w S.-77? . - DRAMATICS The Dramatics Society was organized on Octo- ber 25th with Miss Olive Fisher as adviser. Election 1 of the officers was as follows: President , ., ,.., . Mary Solverson Vice-President . . ,.., .Jean Purcell Sec.-Treas. . Heath Gordon Stage Manager . . ..., Jim Campbell MARY SALVERSON The president for our second term was Patricia . PAT HOLMES ls: Pres. Holmes, who succeeded Mary Solverson. 2nd Pres. The Hrst venture of the Society was a Nativity play presented December 14, before the student body and again over station CFCN on December 15. It was a co-operative venture of the Dramatic and Choral Societies. In the second term the Dramatic Society combined its effort with that of the Choral Society to present to the students H.M.S. Pinafore. The .amatic Society read the Libretto and recordings were played by Mr. Graham. "The Courting of Marie Jenvrinn, a comedy w'vf th! letting in a Yellowknife hotel, is being produced on March the 15th, for the studen f dy. -a is play is to be, be culmination of the Dramatics Society activities for this year. ' a 'S 1, V P , - r V 1 I 1: Q Q- I -F 1' si i if , If The I.V.C.P .1 as enjoyed ery successful year -of Christian fell ' ship e leadership of Miss Bessie Dodds, ponsor eg nter-School Fellowship Grou s. 1 'H P .I 6 , From Seii em until January, Rachel Steeves held the flag esident. For the remainder of the year Jenny 'gig ofhciated, Ruth Becklund was the Secret jf reasurer. wit e Senior I.S.C.F. High School groups. JENNY KEESTRA T roup enjoyed several missionary meetings RACHEL STEEVES 2nd pres. 1st Pres. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE -' .,: N rg' , .rg fm' v ' . .N W 1 .gs A' Q w. PZ. - .ml , ' ay . , .' - 'Hg ' A '- 0 . , . . .. , N '.- .,., .N 1" 'lt' . ill " , H ,ji 'Q .1 ' in : r. 7 A V ,J wr '. JI B .Q ' ,141 ing-' Y4 ' ' . U ,NM sq ' jrl 4. .ll .,y! I I fm r I , x 1-, 4: f" . , 4 f.,-XXI X x 1 x x r ,J . ww E , I ' ff, le.. G Q f u., 44 . 1 s Q A I I- 'f 11. v -v. , .V fl. , ..4,, 1 Y: -1 - ,uf a ,Q - - . , if I . 9 1 - 1 I 14, u f 4 ., W J Q 711' I I. X U fi , . l . , 'M x 1 v . W, J M f, 4 1 ,- , 1 ' v 1 . .N -3' -A 74:4 J . ,,. , ' 1 4' . f.,':- 1 'M . ,. f 5 ' I,-, ,-v. - V MY" -. uf' 'f wr . , ,A ,V ,. rw A '7 G0 RNME ,TUDE T ' CIL if The 1945-6 Students' Council handled the biggest job in council history. With the largest budget since its inception, this group channelled Union funds into the various student enterprises. All aspects of the picture in Athletics looked better this first post-war session. Sparked by Nat Starr as Marshall, C1 PRESIDENT RON HELMER football parade romped through the city for the Hrst time in years. Plans were made for new bleachers for the Varsity grid. The covered rink came back into Union hands-those of Mike Bevan in particular surmounting many problems in the students, interest. Drama took a new lease on life with the formation of the Western University Drama Committee, initiated from Alberta by Lois McLean, and the staging of the Hrst Festival on our campus. New Clubs formed included the Curling Club which ran off a huge bonspiel, and the Arts and Science Club, organized through the activity of Jack Pritchard. The Varsity Publicity Agency, CVPAQ was set ufpbas a long-needed coordinating body. I. The prime purpose of any council is the promotion of student welfare. In this direction one of the most important steps was Alberta's participation in the NFCUS conference in Montreal. This body is reviving its peacetime activity in improving the students' lot in many wafyfs, explained President Helmer. vy' :lf its A letter of support and friendship was sent to Argentine! students who were opposing the Fascist govern- ment. A committee under Don Matthews surveyed conditioiigl-in the Cafeteria and brought in a IOW student f? fy A , Q I, if ff KAY PIERCE 5 DAVE BENTLEY Vice-President Treasurer .5- A ON xLl UNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT if ' if PR ': MAB ..,. ..,....,., . ...DEL STEED AGRICULTURE . . . . . TY HOFFMAN S . MAB ...,. .. .. GORDON PROCTOR APP. SCI. .. . . . . .... .. LOU CASTELLI ES. WAA . . .... .. SYLVIA CALLOWAY ARTS Sc SCI. .. .. .. .. .JACK PRITCI-IARD EC. WAA ......... .. . VERA HOLE EDUCATION .... .. JACK COLDWELL PRES. LIT .. .LAWRIE LEVINE LAW .. ..... ..... . . .. ...KEN CROCKETT "PRES, MUS. .. . .... ..... . ...... K AY SI-IEASBY MEDICINE .. .... .. . . BUS OSBORNE PRES. WAUNEITA .... ...... M ARION FINN NURSING .. . .. . .. MARY BOORMAN discount. Members of the January class of veterans protested the proposed move to barracks on the north side of town and a council committee investigated the question and supported CURMA. Union ofhces were moved to more accessible quarters in Athabasca and plans were made to obtain a permanent Union Secretary-a prac- tice found to increase efhciency at other Universities. To parallel changes in University set-up, the Union amalgamated under the guidance of vice-presi nt Kay Pierce with the one hundred and fifty Education students at the Calgary branch. They contribute to if d receive the Union publications and have their own point system for Union awards. Campus activity was varied. Freshman introduction, directed by Lloyd MacLean, was the usual ersion for seniors. Bud Macdonald, Minister of Feminine Affairs, directed Waw-Waw Weekend as capa ifas coul.l any mere male. The Major Drive raised some 54,000 for World Student Relief under chairmans iof Eldon Foote. ii?- Reading through minutes of Council meetings, one sees that beneath the usual hagglin his year's Coun cil has taken several steps ahead which we hope can be continued in future. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-NINE I A L Marg. Carter, Pres., Marian Finn, Jeanne Gauld, Marion McNeill, Pat Robertson. The OCI Soft o er the campus, gleam the lights of P ' Home of the Wauneitas ---- " This year saw the return of the Watlneitas to their tribal home-Pembina Hall, which they had left four years ago. The Wauneita Society, along with most other societies on the campus this year, had a very active season. In the fall the freshettes were welcomed with a tea in Pembina Hall and a hike held at the Outdoor Cabin. Having proved their worth, the freshettes were received into the Watlneita Society with fitting solemnity. A most successful Wauneita formal dance was held his year, with SOO couples present, the largest number ever recorded. The spring term opened with a tea in Pembin I g the girls of the January class. The highlight of the term's activities was A, kiiiwauneita banquet held in the Cafeteria in February. There was an excellent number in attendance and itj s 'considered a most successful event. The year ended with a Spring Tea at w 'Eh our Honorary President, Mrs. J. Macdonald was presented the Wauneita pin as a token of our esteem. Q A new Squaw enters the tribe Fireside initiation ceremony ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY URSES' STUDE T U IO Miss H. S. Peters, Mary Boorman, Joyce Johannson, Pat Newell, Dorothy West The Nurses' Student Union is an organization which exists for the benefit of some one hundred and thirty student nurses at the University Hospitalg to discuss and try to eliminate their problems. The Union coordinates social functions. These occur at least once a month and to welcome each incoming "probie" class. Each year, Dr. McGugan, hospital superintendent, spo ors a staff dance which occurs in February as a Valentine Party. '- S Y- Interhospital Fellowship was founded this winter, and is designed to promote friend- ly re figs among the four large hospitals. There is a prevailing notion that nurses are never abroa ter dark. This is idle rumor. They have four twelve o'clock passes per month, which can A-' to twelve-thirty for the four major campus functions, and a twelve-thirty for New s Eve Whoopee!!j. After the year's slavery they look forward to the Gradua- tion Dance, they are allowed to disport themselves until one-thirty A.M. Qhistory relates Heaven fo that the foregoing remarks should dissuade campus gallants from dating he Midnight Cin llas, just because 1 nurse leaves at eleven fifty-five doesn't mean she sn t there President Vice President Secretary Treasurer IV 9 lBO0'm'm September,1946 oyce annstn September, 1947 CWL January, 1948 DOI'Oll'Iy " X September, 1948 January, 1949 .,... ONE H 7 FORTY-ONE 3 C that this stretchedj. xx ' , ' p p J 2 january, 1947 ,. 'tix 'ff Representatives: . . .Betty Hunter Mary Elias ,. Esther Mahon ., Muriel Strickland , .Mary Greer .. Jean Ratcliif PE BI A HOU E MMITTEE ,r'X Q li X What dffer institution can approach the traditions of Pembina? ll? From tales of "Belsenlike" conditions under "the Geis ,U to poems immortalizing "the Fast- est Thing in Penaljlkq. . . the clock . . . j come rumors of Wraiths with bailaand chain: all have only a small semblance of truthf- ali YW 3 V 3 ' W- 5 Q 1 xi , Adair Wheeler, Presidentg Helen Plasteras, Eleanor ith 1 4,gH-ls 19 C house there S never a Whitbread, Mary Oestreich, Irene Edwards. moment? alhnlght bfldg ames ' ' ' Shouts down the corridor "Nylons! lucky yA V' . . . 8:01 for breakfast and you've had it . . . pilgri' ge at eve to the caff . . . Miss Fa11a's tactful reminders 11:29 . . . and still we study ii Highlights this year included -ewlnter-residence Christmas Banquet and dance, the Pen 1 rance C'Fiesta'j -and of course the holding of the fort 9 E.S.S. day. This year has seen the foundation of many friendships in "Pem"g the return of the re ences has improved campus spirit considerably. A factor in the happy year at "P'em" has been the enjoyable ociation with our Warden, Miss Mary Faunt. To her we say "Thank-you" and to each other "Good luck Scene at the Pembina Pranc Hen Party . ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO M N'S HO CO MITTEE The first half of the 1945-46 term saw the Men,s House Com- mittee sponsoring dances almost every Saturday night. In years previous to the Air Force occupation of the residences, House Dances were staged in the gymnasium, but this year it was foun.l that the I.T.S. drill hall was the only place large enough to accommoglate all the "eager beavers" fstudentsj who wished to attend. The major social function of the year, for those in residence occurred when the Men's House Committee, in conjunction with the XVomen,s House Committee, held a formal banquet and dance just before the Christmas Examinations. Back Row: Eldor Berg, Stu Robertson, Ken Mac Eachern, Paul MacConnell, jack Peck. Front: A. Cooke, Zeke Grey, George Molnar, Guy Fulton. Lamb to the slaughter . . Convivial feasters . . . Pem, welcomes the new "inmate" - e Ye carollers after ye feast at Yule . . lf C -, , 1-..- onlmittee The E FORCE E T ,T V ,V if 2' and DI GEIPLI sf af 1 X V Enforcers Doug Love, Ed. jorre-de-St. Jorre, Bill Rorke 'f , F, . This organization with the awe-inspiring title occupies some eight pages in u f e Consti ion. The chair- man and three members are appointed by Council and the fifth is the chairmanf Q' the en,s Disciplinary Committee. This body is set up to preserve the sanctity ofthe Constitution, tgsi revenjfirny blot from falling on its pristine pages, and to see that the Council toes the line in all respects. Tlj e Hv 'are also a disciplinary body entitled to take evidence, call witnesses, chase ambulances, and in all Wax oxc iduct a legitimate investi- gation into any alleged offence or misconduct. The accused can be summone ,f ' led, and a regular trial take place which may end in the offender's suspension from student activity or pri ce and possibly the extortion from him of a 2515.00 fine. Y L, Omen' Discip inary Hxfff Anita Heckley, Betty Pullar, Marion Finn, 'mx Jean Farley. 'a N12 N.. 4. ,, ' u 'Tlx , l il4:H"3l LI C . . . The Wogrienk Disciplinar . Committee is a committee of women students consisting of a chairman from last year's comnfittee, two appoinied junior students, one elected member, and the President of the Wauneita Society. Q A V QT . , . fi . . . . - This ear the Wfomcn s Discs hnar Committee found no occasion to exert its powers of lining women Y y P Y students or dismissing them from offibe, which is a tribute either to the deportment of Alberta co-eds or to the loyalty of their friends .... i 3 i. .1 l V1 'X .A Q ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR lv xtwi Rib I! orld. Youth Con erence Lon on, an Oct 31st - Nov Qth Representatives of 30 youth from 63 coun- tries throughout the gathered in London during November, 1945. The rld conference of youth to follow World War II called to discuss the general ERNIE INIX subject Youth's Fight n and a Better World, Vice-Chairman, P W N d fY dl . IY h C Canadian Delegation ost- .ar ee s o an nternationa out o- Operation. To the Conference Went ten Canadian Delegates from across Canad with an additional seven service- men from the Canadian Army Overseas. Organizations represented were a cross-section of youth interest in this country-the Junior Chamber of Commerce, the labor unions, junio armers' associations, community youth serving groups like the Y.W.C.A., French-speaking groups from ebec. Canadian students were rep- resented by Ernie Nix, student of this University, who Was D the S.C.M. of Canada. The Conference was unanimous in its desire for peace, order, world of justice and a world of truth. To this end they established a representative federation to express will and desire. This was the begin- ning of the "World Federation of Democratic Youth". ' Their concern is for the establishment of stable and lasting They desire to aid in the reconstruc- tion and relief of devastated countries. Their hope is for the of world brotherhood and understand- ing among all young people, irrespective of race, creed or color their effort be firmly built, wisely directed and attended with success and long life. Section of audience in Royal Albert Hall, The Conference Hall. Sessions were held in The Speakers' rostrum. Miss Margaret Gale London, Oct. 30, 1945, assembled to witness Seymour Hall, near Marble Arch, Marley- of Great Britain speaking. L. to R. R. Slayko the opening rally of the World Youth Con- bone, London. The national delegations Komar, Yugoslaviag Nicolai Mikhailov, ference. totalled some 600 youths. U.S.S.R.g Thomas Neill, U.S.A.g C. Z. Chen. Chinag Jean Jousselin, France. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE 0+ .J Menis Athletic Boar Back Row, L. to R.-Alex Jardine, Bob Freeze, Murray Stewart. Dr. Broadfoot, Bruce Blayney. Front Row, L. to R.-Prof. M, L. Van Vliet, Pres. Del Steedg Secretary Gordon Proctor: Dr. P. S. Warren. University athletics during 1945-46 enjoyed a very successful year with the return of in- tercollegiate competition in rugby, hockey, assault-at-arms, tennis, and all around increase in sport activity. The University was very fortunate in obtaining Maury Van Vliet as the Direc- tor of Physical Education and coach of senior rugby and basketball squad. Alberta combined with Saskatchewan and British Columbia to reform the Westerii Canada Intercollegiate Rugby Conference to compete for the Hardy Trophy. The Golden Bears made a strong bid for the trophy but lost out in the final to the British Columbia squad. The Rigby Trophy was again strongly contended for by the Alberta Basketballers, at the annual competition held this year on the Manitoba campus. This year saw the return of intercollegiate hockey with a series between Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Bears retained the Halpenny Trophy, defeating Saskatchewan in a four game series. Minor sport clubs showed greatly increased activity and membership. The tennis club, Boxing and Wrestling Club, also travelled to Saskatchewan but failed to obtain their respective trophies. Interfaculty Athletics had a very successful year with strong competition in basketball, hockey, and track. Intercollegiate sport has been very prominent this year, and with the possibility of still greater activity in the next year, athletics on the campus are once again becoming a major in- terest on the University campus. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY SIX Q ""f"'o 0 0 ome, S ALlrflet1,cjZfXsSoc1at1on yi The eliminapi' of cdifnpulsory War.f4ervices for women students put women's ath- letics on a more al Peace time basis' lathe Alberta campus. Although the number of participants was e s than last year, thqsefwho entered athletics had true sports interest and ability I'I ht on the sport alendar was the sweeping Panda victory over Saskatchewan and Manitob lberta girls eagpfeijtly trained by coach Tommy McClocklin, carried home from Winni the prized Cecil Race Trophy for Womenls Intercollegiate Basketball. I elen Lill and Dorothy Soby represented Alberta in the Intercollegiate Tennis Tour- nt atdgiziskatoon. Unfortunately their success did not parallel Panda fame, but hopes are next year. Interfaculty rivalry was keen in basketball, volleyball, track and other clubs with the result that Arts won the Rose Bowl from the Education faculty by only a very narrow margin. Badminton archery and fencing enjoyed a succesful year having the advantage of better facilities The use of the Drill Hall and Athabasca Gym aided practices and meetings of all the sports clubs The Y.W.C.A. was again the scene of the Swimming Club's activities for a year of fun and improvement under coach Doug Lemmon. Tribute was paid to the outstanding athletes of the year at Color Night. The many who Q ," "I "nf . t ,JT W -I, , . ' ,fi . ' J ' I C. Y received awards show ample proof of the success of the W.A.A. during 1945-46. 52 sssy , if " ' 'ti Q ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE MEETS IN SENATE CHAMBER ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-SEVEN L,. I 1. X . WNW: Ja . f ,. A -M... 4 X- I M, ,V B.:-. -X. - Qi! T'. 1-5 1:2 - ' f , V f .1 , I . -, Rh . Y. U1 L1 ',-5. x ' . . 3" X 4' J., - 1 ps, .v . E' A . "A, Lf -, - Inv'-Z -v.,. Q 1 "V KTM, -r- , ' 4' f Jig: sk' N. ., A. W , . I X A , ! X . ,.,.,i ,M I ' . x ' 1 r H 0 1 if 4 N.. 2 4 r ,-wx ,L 'M' F542 ' ' Pl'-T" -,F :iii , .? UQ! 1.- Q . ' , 3 S 4 wh., "L 1 Lx W 'S v . , , 'fm I ' x 'Mi'- -yi:-,Jw . ,ini-' 'JT' af' f W' , .U " " ,qq 5' 1: V v -4, ik- X ,. 4. -Y xv:-,-1' . vm. v,-'- J'-,J NQKFPA , - . . ' -'Qflsi f f'-'Q Y., 1:-',v 111'f"w 1 '3fT1Fh,'y,,P" J, l'f"ffffI.' , -"WW-K'1f' " - 1T'TW+.3Vf"i.l-L J'4..1.".,JB5.AarW'NI6i2i75aciAiEi. , ,N --,,,1.,- . , ' 1 '1,,:'fx'i, 1 L v if imissfiswgmi ' SBSH M X gy-, 2 ff Qi ., ,l K 5 J ,f- EVER REE JACK CUYLER Director ,....f1x .-A- ' z-R yo , W Q A XQ5- A I XXX X X Xvxxkyfff,-A1 X .X 'N' xwxgxwab is " ' N XS' wmv? .. ,L ' MARYLEA Z HOLLICK-KENYQN COLIN CAMPBELL Editor Bus. Manager ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY D Gow Having reached its final destination after passing through the hands of the year b D staff, the engravers and the printers, the Ever- green and Gold is no resented as a record of U. of A., 1945-46. This year has, like all before '11, been a tedious one for the staff endeavoring to put out a book with few mistakes as possible and at the same time one which possesses thos ualities which can make it a treasured volume for years to come. -. Althou h a membe f the E.S.S., Jack Cuyler proved to be an excellent director ""- rg all-out for the book from September through to the Hnish. I cluding john Skene, Assi ig Directorg Marylea Hollick-Kenyon, Editor and Collin Campbel the go-getting Business Manager. In the fall, Merv. Devonshire be 1 work as advertising manager and along with Bruce Burgess and Ar e i"i - Pinich soon had a record total of adver- tising to add to the credit sid ol the ledger. There people worked hard and in so doing lessened the .fi ncial burden that the Students' Union g IC 7 U Several members of th pi aH: were chosen in the spring of '45 in- D I must suffer in publishing the ergreen and Gold. ' Again this year, Bob and oug Gray could always be depended upon to be there with their Ca eras clicking wherever scenes of year book interest could be found, uriel Buchanan spent many hours in the diminutive E. and G. offic, fammering her head in desperation in her efforts to bring the write- , pictures, and set-ups of the various clubs together in a section bo pleasing and informative. Seniors marked down as Freshmen and F shmen as non-graduating seniors gave Bob Jack, the class editor, his sh H e of worries. We still don,t know if . . and . . exist or what t ir initials are if they do. , - . ' ii paper dolls. The years work closed Wit the typists finishing up the index, Mar lea looking for the Gatewa write-u , and Cu ler cutting out Y o P Y o JOHNSKENE Assistant Director Muriel Buchanan Club. Ed. BOBJACK Student Ed. Bob Gray Art Wagner Dot Ward Merv. Devonshire Director of Photography Men's Sport Womenls Sport Advert. Mgr. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-ONE Fraternity Editor Lloyd MacLean "Get Busy!" . wi S K W? lI.K. at Work Bu back in a flash! Q "i lf tie" Ss! , 94,5 ,,, 4 1.5, . Vi , , -,N -- fix ,iffyf :gi P 1: L A li 91 , Q 4 krgij f 'iigiff ', Typist Jean Anderson i: l Waiting for Inspiration Vergreen ancl Golcl. I-.5 A 6 Muriel Buclianan, Club Editor The student editor ' The Sports staff, Wfagnei' .intl Howard l,.1st minute typing 5, Doug Gray-cainerainan 9. More of club staff 6. Proof readers Falk and Esdale 10. Bstty Szilagyi, secretary 7. Part of club staff ll. Business Conference h. Checking students' layouts ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO lsnnnwhqnanq,-QA UHMRMBMWBQQQ wmafruumua H4 WY Hw?: !1w H4 MANY9Iantg,tl1 , gf A ,- Q. ., . ,, he QQ? 'W .1 . A 3 S:- s '1 .N E ,' Q..-..m.m......,.9a,. ' " 'W ff' dx- S-INW the 11 NY Phnl ix , 'mturauumam ff. if RAM! RSVP! 'Ilia ix slay Qgliivvlv luis Eauwaypla in 1814114 y 1 w 'i PUBLISHED WEEKLY UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE STUDENT UNION OF THE U. OF A The Gateway set up shop in the fall with no experienced personnelg page make-up, editorial technique and publishing routine had to be learnt from the ground up. The business staff was also new to the gameg Bill Boyar did a good job, assisted by Ralph Skitch, dynamo ad. salesman. The sports picture was interpreted ably by Murray Stewart and Dot XY"ardg Bill Lindsay was a standout as C.U.P. Editor. Among this year's cubs, Milbradt, Day, Lepage, Kroetsch, Buck and Sherbaniuk, are promising writers. Features men Oflenbacher fat the Gateway's "meatgrinder"j and "Handlebars" Murray, with able assistant, attempt to assemble the weekly "bags of fun and gamesng to regale the student body with gems like College Quiz. the cryptical Opus One, the Tiger's avidli'-read "Angles', fi.e. from an Arts ashecan viewpointj and other articles relevant to wine, women, and song . . . matters on the lighter side, handled gently but firmly . . . For the first time, Calgary students contributed, uride-r Editor Rowley, and received weekly copies. Paper supplies permitting, the Gateway hopes to return next year to its pre-war bi-weekly basisg "The Fencepostu, Tuesday edition of the Gateway was a forerunner of this arrangement. 1946 Gateway brought vital questions to the attention of faculty and students alike, in its effort to stimulate thought and keep Alberta progressive. Peggy Haynes, chief typist and re-write gal, Archie Green- away, editor of the Fencepost, and Literary Editor Dennis Town- send slave away cosily together in an office nook . . . Peggy has been a mainstay for three years now, probably could publish single-handed if necessary . . . Archie is a solid sort and an enterprising newsman . . . Townsend infuses the literary page with some of his own wit and insight . . . 1 1 Editor-in-Chief Alf Harper Lawrie Joslin Bill Clark Editorial Board Tom Ford A. Greenaway D. Townsend News Ed. Ass't News Ed. Literary Ed. ONE HUNDRED ANE F'FTY-FOUR Policy men confer on a knotty problem-probably the precedent ref garding financial responsibility for the first round of refreshments. Lean, convivial Lawrie loslin, Associate Editor, is a literary type: CBC playf write and a Philosoph. Essay winner, Bill Clark, hardfheaded lawyer, direcf tor of the Gateways fortunes, has a finger on the campus pulses, his time and effort have gone into Gateways of the past four years. Tom Ford showed a sense of news values that promoted him to News Editor half throl the term: his enterprise and ability pointed him to the 1947 Edit' orship. The circulation men poring over problems financial . . . Haynes haggling on the phone with Mrs. Donnan, keeper of the flame at the print sh up . . . Dark villains next to wall probably struggling h over possession of the paper-Cutter, an indispen- 3 C2 2' sible article which periodically disappears to parts X ' distant and unknown . . . Neville Lindsay, second from left, was a capable man on circulation, aided and abetted by Wilf XValker fwho escaped the cameraj. The Gateway was cramped for oil'-ice space, as usual, aside from the influx of chronic loafers . . . a long muddy trip to the printshop around deadline time . . . Pete Oifenbacker Colin Murray jane Becker Murray Stewart Dorothy Ward Bill Boyar Features Editors Society Ed. Sports Editors Business Mgr. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FIVE . The Tele 110116 ff . P is T Dlrectory i 'I 'sl ,l I' , f 'I 4 , fr, Af ,- - .. 43" up ,fa a iff, ' M: mi 1 E.-,K SANDY GILCHRIST Editor This year the Students' Council decided to divorce the Telephone Directory from the Handbook, and to revert to the original set-up, in having published a separate Tele- phone Directory, and a combination Handbook - Constitution. This separation enabled the Directory to appear about the middle of October, a month earlier than usual. Besides the telephone numbers and address of all the registered students, the book also contains the phone numbers of prominent Student Union officials, club presidents, fraternities, advertisers and the University offices. fi The Directory this year was edited by Sandy Gilchrist, who also aged" as Business Manager. He was ably assisted by Bill Buchanan, joe Lauerman,,Clawiden, and Don McMillan. All university students receive this book free of ' 61, the cost being m:t by sal: of advertising and Union subsidy. 6 " -E if . T 4 ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SIX ,ff Director Garth Eggenberger Committee c Lorraine Skeith The Radio Directorate Al Dubenski Vic Graham Although CKUA has been taken over by the Alberta Government Telephones and its studios moved overtown, it has continued to sponsor several hours a week of university programs under the direction of a student committee. Every other Monday night, Varsity Variety Time has featured various clubs on the campus. The Dramatic Society has put on radio plays, and CKUA has offered a plaque to be presented to the club presenting the best program. Cn Tuesday at noon, Al Dubenski has reported on sports activities at the university. Tuesday nights featured Campus Musicale, a fifteen minute program starring aspiring young artists from the campus. Another regular feature Thursdays at noon has been Gateway News, broadcast by Joyce Olson. Apart from all these regular programs, CKUA has also sponsored many special programs, including a broadcast of the concert by the Varsity Mixed Chorus in january. Q ' g i , I limi? fi 1 iw D , so ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SEVEN -rl, , .N F 1 .. g , .ff 1 "5 f ., I if -u M n I .f Y E Q Elf. , 1 9 .': , 'L v, L , ri ' Sr..- 41, 0 , ,, Elf Im an, Q. 3 B F, ,. .1- ,I . ,I . .. . ., EG. , .v 94 ' . 0 'K 5., .L F1 me' .wr E V' Q. 'wa . A -'rf 'X ,ll l . . X, 1' HJ . ati W , 'lu 4 , -37' A il A f -L ,, 'N' 1 'l,, - J'-V' .1 ,,v If V an ' V' '. wr.. -"x' I ', . v . 1 Q ..,1.- L" . fr JJ, " M - v u. L .M ... x L 1 . - 4 1, .. .. ' 13' 'A . 'f7'f 'f-Zfi Y ., . 1 4-3, , m 'V ,I lvl x . 3 . 4. . -" 'L 'm . .Q A 'ff ' 4 .och ' SPL 'S . X . 1 s V?- Q , .ut w J ,,. K . ., ' 'V' -' f1"r,r' '-n .-1. , I ,-f"""'W 1- H mi :gp by Inter Varsity Drama Festival Inter Varsity Drama is a great step forward in the field of dramatics- one to be commended and supported to the utmost. A meeting was held in Edmonton during the festival at which the founder, Lois McLean, and rep- resentatives of British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan drew up a working agreement to perpetuate this innovation. After spending half an hour choosing a name, the Western University Drama Committee, the delegates got down to work. Expenses are to be divided among the four universities, and gate receipts equally' shared. The plays are to be limited to one act, with casts up to eight members. The committee of five, one from each university and two from the host campus aided by the permanent advisory board-Mr. Risk, and Mr. jones' of Saskatchewan-will be responsible for the festival. Each year the universities will present a play on one of the four campuses and a panel of three critics will discuss the plays privately with the casts. Let us hope that this may develop into a national theatre movement. ' ALBERTA RAISIN' THE DEVIL" BY ROBT. E. GARD PETER PETRASHUYK KTHE 'DEVIL'J BEING RAISED IN A CLOUD OF FLOUR. EVANGELIST, KIIM SPILLIOSB, ALTA MITCHELL. GNE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SASKATCHEWAN . TO THE DEAD MAN" BY CHARLES DICKENS MANITOBA "STILL STANDS THE HOUSE" BY GWEN PI-IARIS RINGWOOD BRITISH COLUMBIA "ALTARP1EcE" BY EMMANUEL LEVY ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-ONE ..,,,..,w-mff"A"'..K-I " T AMPEDEW A Three-Act Play BY GWEN PHARIS RINGWOOD Time 1912. Setting: "Stampede" was written especially for the Spring production by -Mrs. Ringwood, a graduate of U. of A. It is a colorful panorama of crowds, music, cowboys, policemen, Indians, salesmen, pioneers-all the characters of the Calgary Stampede. Many of the characters such as Nigger john, john Ware, Chief White- calf and jim Carson actually existed. The play was presented in Calgary, as well. LIST OF CHARACTERS Lonesome Frank Rabsuic Lolly Betty Palate Manuel Alwyn Scott Bertie , Orest Rudko Slim Donald Macdonald Two Girls Pat Burns, Berta Martin Larry Gordon Peacock Policeman O Ralph Nixon Nigger john Nlffare Albert Urschel Sal Donna Cross Bud Robert Sawicki White Calf . Richmond Olson Shark Stan Swaren Beanie Peter Petrashuyk Shorthorn Stanley Sawicki Pedro , Quentin Sundberg jim Carson Irving Lerner Suzanne Alta Mitchell Pete Kenneth Scott Betsy Vivienne Scorah Ma Raybourne , . Lois McLean The Announcer Nicholas I-Irynyk Celia I Elsie Muriel Mills People at the Stampede- Mickey Nicholas I-Irynyk Cecille Shaw Peanut Vendor Robert Pharis LIGHTS aff' A COUPLE OF SHORT CIRCUITS IIM BARTON BOB ROSSER ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Douglas McCullogh Glenn McCullogh MAICE-UP "REMOVE YOUR NOSE!" MARION DAVENPORT RALPH NIXON - ai, ff' W3 ' 'If mam. . ., ffl" -sw R 1 .J 1 4 S CHOW TIME DICSGRUNTLED "SI-IORTI-IORN" FOUR HITS AND A MISS ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-THREE Inter -Year Play Competition Dorothy Wllll2lI'I1S Ieadinv Actress ' ' Maurice Freehill ' ' 3 Irving Lerner - Leading Director Leading Actor At this, the 25th annual presentation of the Inter-Year Plays, the Drama Society attempted to show something new and unusual in every play. The Seniors offered a revolutionary disregard of the audience by Changing scenery while the play was in pro- gress. The junior class presented a biblical play with a modern rendition of an old theme. The Sophomore play used neither scenery nor the stage and employed a speaking chorus. The Freshmen produced a regional play written by a graduate of U. of A. THE JUNIOR CLASS PRESENTS "INTO THY KINGDOM" By Dorothy Clak Wilsrwii Directed by Maurice lirechill List of Cliarauters: joseph Cain ph as Malcli us Tam ah Adina Nieodeinus llabal Reba Best Directed Play Peter Petrashuyk Bert Loree Alta Mitclnl Orene Ross Albert Urschel Stanley Pethybridg-: Dorothy Newton ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FOUR ' -if ,AA YY- THE SOPHOMORE CLASS PRESENTS "JOHNNY DUNN" By Robert E. Gard Directed by Alwyn Scott l List of Characters: l l johnny Dunn ...... , , ,, .... .Alwyn Scott Mrs. johnny Dunn . ,. , Lois Neilson Narrator , .,,..,,,....,.. ,. ..,Charles Petrie Chorus ,,... , .,,.,.,, Celia Cockeram, joan Dawson, Bettp Palate, Jim Wall- bridge, Kay Winarski, John Basis- I tuk, jerry Heffernan, Pat jevne, I Richmond Olsen, Orest Rudko- 1 Leader, Doris Davis. l ri .,--nlni5f,.f.'lf,1-.J . f W A I THE snmoa CLASS PRESENTS f "TH: 'rx-mar: HUNDREDTH l Prznr-onMANcr:" : l By Stephen Barnett Directed by Barbara Fish E List of Characters: f Sir julian Rossiter Viola Rossiter . Leslie , ..... ,. Muriel .,,.. Maud ....,.....,., Harry ............ . Tony Kingscote ..,.,.. Daphne Kingscotc .........,Irving Lerner . .. ,. Dorothy Ward . . .Colin Campbell .. . .,.,.,, , Kay Moran ,, Florence Stewart . . ,Roland Ellefson , ., .Stan Sawicki Boyne Johnston god ..,-,.....-.W...J ....k...Q.,...--.-....-,., L.-- -,. J. A ,, THE FRESHMAN CLASS PRESENTS "THE IACK AND THE IOKER" By Gwen Pharis Ringwood Directed by jean Ferry List of Characters: Bob Edwards .,.. , ,Emery Grunigcr S Claribelle Gudgeon .. , Phyllis McLean Dorinda Carp .. . ,,.... Dorothy Wfilliams Bertha Foggin ,, .,,.. ., Dudley B. Carp ,,,, . Florence Wize ,..,. , James Foggin ...., ..,..Theresa Lecomte Raymond Ferguson . ,. Pat Burns Gordon Peacock ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FIVE DRA A CLI The Cfnfuersify of Affverfa presenfs THE DRAMA SOCIETY DIRECTED BY MR. SIDNEY RISK - A THREE ACT PRESENTATION Act 1-Inter-Year Plays Act 2-Inter-Varsity Plays Act 3-Spring Play LIST OF CHARACTERS Lois McLean, President President , .. . I... , ..,. s ,, ,. . Lois McLean Vice-President , , Alwyn Scott Secretary Alta Mitchell Treasurer s. . .. I . Stan Sawicki Stage Managers , , Doug and Glenn McCullogh Costumes . , , Vivienne Scorah Alwyn Scott, Vic:-Pres Properties ,. ,. .. Cecille Shaw Lightrician . ., ,. Jim Barton Cosmeticians . . Make-up Club Time-1945-46 Setting-Convocation Hall Since Professor Rymes-King was forced to use the stage as a classroom, drama craftsmen had to do all their work in "heaven"- nickname of the drama loft backstage-to the strains of Beethoven and Strauss. However the club retaliated by forcing the music class to work one week in a medieval beerhall, and the next at the Calgary Stampede. Summary of Story: The Drama Society, under the leadership of president Lois McLean, this year gathered its equipment together, shook the mothballs out of its drapes and embarked on a successful year. The executive has proven most prolific, fostering such offspring as the Inter-Varsity Drama Competitions, a Radio Division and re- vising such old institutions as the Spring play. It catalogued all the scenery, formulated a constitution and even swept out the loft backstage. At the monthly meetings, the Club played host to artists prom- inent in movies, theatre and radio. A final banquet was held where the honorary president, technical adviser, father confessor and friend, Mr. Sidney Risk, spoke. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SIX Alta Mitchell, Secretary . ,, .vw,..s,,.,T, .?. N Stan Sawicki, Treasurer ,N,vf60Ce Presidem' L Secretary, jim Spillios President, Kay Sheasby Secretary, Lois Macpherson Levine LITERARY OCIETY Dramatics enjoyed a busy year, breaking all records for attendance and for quality and quantity of production. The annual three-act play returned with performances in Edmonton and Calgary, the "Inter-years" produced four five one-act efforts, and a number of Drama Club mem- bers gained some experience at radio work. A great innovation was the Inter-University Drama Festival. Scarcely a week passed without at least one event sponsored by the Public Speaking, Debating, or Political Science Clubs. In addition to the Inter-University Debates, Inter-Faculty debates were again conducted with the Hugill Trophy as prize. The Make-up Club and the stage and lighting crews did a tremen- dous amount of work in expert fashion, all through one of the busiest years yet enjoyed by the Literary Society's members. MU 1 ASSoc1AT1o Entering its second year as a full-fledged member of the Students' Union, the Musical Association again promoted ai sgdcessful and varied term ol activities In addition to the regulaijiniusical clubs have grown up on the campus, an added feature for 1945-v46f3was the formation bfqthe University Symphony Orchestra, . '--fi." V V' ,. . . . under the expert direction of Professor johrg lReymes-Ising, Head of the Division . . . of Music. E: 12.-I 13 - rua t s. The Musical ASSOCi35lii0l1 supported threg-main activities, open to every student on the campus: the University Mixed Clmorusfflilie University Symphony for thos: interested in actual participation, and the Unigialrisity Musical Club for those wha enjoy music from a listener's pogrgtg-of view. Musical experience, educatioit, and enjoyniegiti for every student on the campus was otfered at U. of A. in 1945-46. , x I . V, ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVEN 'N 5, 54.7. ii ix Th .I 1 v-,f . 1-Vi, 2 " i . ,lg X il Q31 143 The Executive: Collin Corkum CVice- Presidentjg Norris Bertrand CPresidentjg Frances Kitchen CSccretary-Treasurerjq Barbara Fish CExecutivejg Doreen Haas flixecutivej. Dr. D. B. Scott CHon. Presidentj. THE MU ICAL CLUB This year the University Musical Club enjoyed one of the most successful sessions of its somewhat lengthy life. Over seven hundred members have cn- joyed the monthly Sunday evening programs in Con- vocation Hall. We have been extremely fortunate in finding so many talented students at the Univer- sity. These, together with a number of accomplished guest artists, have rendered selections from the Mod- ern, Romantic and Classical periods. During the final meeting of each year the retiring executive suggests a slate of officers for the coming term, which is voted on by the club members. To bc- come a member of the club one has simply to invest fifty cents in a season ticket. On March 8, the Musical Club sponsored a lec- ture-recital by Harry Adaskin, prominent Canadian violinist from Toronto. This is the Hrst time the University has presented a nationally known musi- cian and it is hoped succeeding executives of the club will invite at lgzistione great artist on concert tour, to perform in Convocation Hall. Vic Graham at the Organ ML1giQ,1l Club in Session ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT NTWER ITY PHoNY QRCHE TRA 7. This year saw the ,oiiganization of the University's first ,vi Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. John Reymes- King, Professor of Music. Tlhe enthusiasm for this new under- taking was shown by the mefffhership of some forty musicians. Sections of the orchestra assisted at the Varsity Mixed , Choir Concert in january, and played a major role at the Spring play, "Stampeden. Q 2 The orchestra was formed iioo late in the season for a major production, and plans for a broadcast also fell through, but its president, Ted Lindskoog, and lifts other fine musicians, offer the promise of some good musigal concerts for next year. 'L ,1 r .53 17 THE EXECUTIVE PROP. REYMES-KING CONDUCTING ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-NlNE 'Z I ER ITY MIXED CHOR At the conclusion of its second year under the Directorship of its creator and conductor, Gordon Clark, the University Mixed Chorus can look back with satisfaction on a brief but remark- able record. Last year's concerts were held in Convocation Hall before a limited audience, local connoisseurs, some of them familiar with University shows over a period of 30 years, described them as the most memorable home-product of the institution's musical history. This year, before large and sophisticated audiences in McDougall auditorium in Edmonton and Knox United Church in Calgary, informed opinion rated its concerts as among the outstanding musical events in pro- vincial history. In commemoration of this unique achievement, the Year Book introduces herewith a page that is also unique. We present it as a tribute to, and symbolic of, the entire chorus whose members gave their time and energy unstintingly towards that final goal which will stand for all times as a milestone in the cultural evolution of the student body. To its other executive officers, inscribed below, the Mixed Chorus owes an additional debt of gratitude. I-Ion. President ,, . . . Prof. Wm. Rowan President A... .,.,,..,,. ,. . Bill Simpson Vice-President ..,.,, . . Ron Francis Business Manager , ., . ,, Claud May Secretary ,..,. .... . Boyne Johnston Librarian . . ,, ..., i . ,. H M Bob Jack Social Convenor . , Marion McClellan ff 1? 1 D fa- X' H 1 I 7? ' . I K - X. 51"'if:.clV:, da ' .,...,, YQCNX, N nw, . .- . x A 1 X 0 - 4 If DNN X59 1 'YQ I w, in ,, L1 1 X 4 A . Q ,fef K, .fag fx ix r. ' A -gf? wif' K ,ffm , A ,ix A I by QE fix gi c :SU f ' .2 sig! Q K r- Q2 ' f h f . . AL :ff ' bl I- r I! 1 ,EMF In-Kd ff 2' f 1"A ffl?" i ni X 'AIQQD X 24 2 W 'yi X J N A S ' U NM 'J 52,3 ' N .w-2 M. 153' A L :J ii , Ralf-Q f QJNRQ 1 15.35 F' A ,-,,,,,,f'---X ,As f A 7 ,cf " 4352: f ff 7 I .I so 52-7 44" fix? ,rg ffii' -ff, X- , -F 4 .. A - , 1 '- . H , 5' j- 2 I g -2 Q' , " E A VF ',1, ' D KMA.. , A, Q - 4 ..Q --Q:- Q X. D X' Q X n a, " 2 , ' H . :blk if A From a pencil sk 'h b eu y Professor W. Rowan ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-ONE ELDON FOOTE Director MARJ. OLSTEAD Secretary DON WELLS Treasurer World tudent Relief This year instead of the multitude of tag days sponsored on the campus in former years, one Major Drive was held during the week March 4th to 9th. The objective was set at S2,500.00g the pro- ceeds were in aid of World Student Relief and the annual Christmas Fund. World Student Relief isan international organization which promotes and assists recovery of European universities and their stu- dents from the effects of the war. The first four days highlighted interfaculty competition with drive representatives soliciting class mates. The enthusiasm was over- whelming, with the Pharmacy Club Hrst to go over the top. The last two days of the campaign were declared "open season"g and those who had managed to slip by before were soon buttonholed by per- sistent co-eds. The progress of the individual faculties was recorded daily on thermometers arrayed on the walls of the Arts Rotunda and the progress of the whole University in achieving its quota was recorded on a giant thermometer at the entrance to Convocation Hall. Everyone on the campus was approached and the co-operation was outstanding. Both the lty and the office staffs generously contributed. To focus campus inter t on the drive? courageous characters pulled stunts in,-t r Rotunda and o u he campus each morning. Students joined eartedly in stom g to the strains of a jam band, gulping live g fish, Q3 girls ey lj and donating money the pleasant way at a Booth, fe' three lovely co-eds one morning and three ef so-lovely-but-ju as-eager campus wolves the following morning. the final mor of the drive, cracked eggs were thrown at two artyrs who allo themselves to be trussed in chairs out in front a howling Tickets were sold during the Week for dates wit three lovely co the winners were entitled to an evening at Club loosevelt Wit expenses paid. This scheme so ably handled by Qlstead Gail over S200.00. This year the lawyers went all out nd raffled two 1 s rather than the usual one. Qln view of the necessity of th harity it was felt that no effort should be spared making the dri "'i 5 as successful as possible.j The city council was proached an mission was granted to sponsor an overtown tag ay. Under the ei ent manage- ment of Frank Murphy and Sam Lieberman with th sistance of over 50 co-eds from the girls' frateisiiiies, the Co-ed CTR and Pem- gl A 5 bina, this venture was most successful T realized ' j g S600.00. Over-town business firms interested in t W rive were :ig solicited. Cn the final night of the drive, Club was hel the drill hall. A floor show and dance with a cast of was dir ed by Joe Shocter inia very convincing night club setting. V-add nal 5500 was added to the ascending total by this highly su fessful clusion to a hectic week. The final total of the drive-sligh y S4,000. 1 n , ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-TWO Drive Cluh 'LLOOW Ralph Johnson tickling the ivories while Direc- tor Joe and the glamor- ous cast look on. Accomplishe l vocalist Naomi Wershof in an off stage moment. E-Bob-O-re-Bbbl joe Shoctor. The drill hall acquiring a new central Porcelain department. joe Shoctor and Frank Quigley in 'Samuell You elongated the trousers much too muchl' This calls for a long low whistle! "Lifebuoy really stops The lovely songstress S h i r l e y MacDonald smiles for the camera. Cheesecake! are 1- ref' f"'-H-.J ee 'wr .f 1 1- ' A .'1-, . , ' x.K "ir: 1, : WN 41-" :.' uh mi' , '--,QL-M L "Q, : I K ln 'W ' 4. 9 A sf .-P 5 i' Q wx fu I f, 5a:f.,E, 1, 5 ,54k,m1.r30AIA ' . fx f , , . iw .,., swf ' -3, - ?1+-f- ,. . , ' 4 f iff Elfiff f?fi?Ez?Ff'T?f1eif1L-Q -"A' 21? f'E'1L" L ..v A A , .:,g...g fi ,x -I 1. 1 A , f " TJ. 311, 5 .Nfl 5 'LA . ' ' P . . ,vii , F i Sf, waz, ' """' , x - . W, . i N Mr. Percy Page delivering his interesting after-dinner speech .ZX H'-'U ff!! X i ff ' ki ,gig ik' , B Q A 1 E X ffm- . X ' f - i ,,... , . - 3' A .K t . . , .., , .,.N , , ' me ,A -If V ik 1 71 ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SIX 41 ..- frih ' Y. D ,f' X, Part of the dancing crowd showing Roy Reynolds and friend, and Tom Ford with Boyne Johnston in the foreground. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SEVEN ALUC17' S DAX E SYLVIA GARTH RON BOB JIM BENTLEY CALLAWAY EGGENBERGER HELMER ROBERTSON SPILLIOS 'No OIZUI21' war S JACK RAY ROY RAY DEL CUYLER PIERCE REYNOLDS SI-IEASBY STEED I -if Qc Y , 4 A, 12 Ex 1, K.-W V 5 .4 .Xu ,il E HUNDRED AWD SEVENWEIGHT 'v WO7f7'ZQW --- Afajor war S g' JUNE VERA ELEANOR CAUSGROVE HOLE KRY5 Big Bfock A BILL DIMOCK DEL STEED BERT HALL PHXL PROCTOR ART HOWARD FRANK QUIGLEY ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTYANINE gg, a t 3' Retiring Union President Ron Helmer re- ceives a presentation from the new presi- dent, Bill Pybus. Art Howard becomes a worthy member of the Big Block HA" club for outstanding athletic ability. Bill Dimock receives the Halpenny Trophy on behalf of the Westeril Canadian Inter- collegiate Hockey Champions, the Golden Bears. 4. 5. 6. Ken Nickerson receiving the Wilsoii Tro- phy from Prof. Van Vliet. Tommy McClocklin presents June Caus- grove with her Major Athletic Award. Foreman Helmer delivering the year's wages to Director jack Cuyler of the Ever- green and Gold. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY . . ,, Q.. I-:ve , ' i lCll U ,SN i 2. fl 3.5! Marylea Hollicli-Kenyon rc- ccives licr award for out- standing E. R G. service, I 'lx xx X l 1 1 fi 5 is t 2 . 3- 9 w, i Xu Xu I wonder where the l10rse's head is? N NJ' Bill Dimock and three trophies, two silver and one blonde. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-ONE Sylvia G.1'laway receives her Gold Executive "An from th: well-known Percy Page. f , X if ,r' 1 M 'lfi , .I-,gw . 4:?,-. 1 V , V K ' 1 .s - ' .,.- - .ng L 5,2- , a 'v TJ , L" qv. gif' ' F.. J. I lx' . . X, FN'- Q.: ji 512 :U . W . '-. I ' y' ag -- ii? . f" " .e 'lg t ' r Q ' 171 53 . Rst ' 1 175' I v' ' Blu? , ffl i by W". ' in - vw If I J J." '- WI- jngi r .vi I , 'I , ,W L. mi, L ' 1. -z,.. W 5'e.' Q4 ng J ' YQ j. I., . k - x ' I 'Q , A ,N v- -.q. . 1-.5 " . ' r .12 'f?',. , . N . -,A 1- ' f".': Six ' ' - ,z 1 , -: IW uf' V -w x A gf ,in "X - ,-'4.' . ,, -, 4 1 ' ,c-,z - ' 'L- - - ml ,Sf M ., K A I V. --Q' . ,U . 5.1, 4, , E, ' , ,v-,. .wx -1 .--fm, . . -. P. 71 ff 4 A N , ' 24 .",.-' 3-.L-v .gy I. 'n. 4' ' ' wif.- - I ,fl-. , A . N ,,....,. .L ,,,. Y.: :ivy , --1: L.'C,...' ,A U,:fv,1lf- J 'H Q- ' U 9 2 5: W" ' , '4 .. f -, K 'I-gg I- I- --V' 'vm , - -w .. V. 0 -.-' , r H, ,. -.r If C . abil J! 1 ,fL-:P 'NV' 3 CL Q Q -I al n 5 3 40" , . rw-A','vL - v.-'P-8,'f' 4 a... ,, z L 'X' ,,. - , , -VR ,f 4 L. F .,11.'h N A . - I, 'N . 'Ga - ' '-'-. fi? f -v4w,,.Y... .wgsf , W. .ff-wx if-fam-. X f 3 C L 49- ..-ff . s . ,ww- 'v'r' in - Q f '35 ' -fu" ,"'y"'.."- Y ' 1" .' . f.'Aw gi' - V, ' - "'-4g"pi5r ' 7-.I : . . U A ,-'K We-'1,4g'5w, 'AA -, V, ' .' if ,Q ' , I ,..7'..: .4 Q, . .,, '. . 1 l i .,, N b . M 5. ,,,,.4 . , X AA N, W t 4 KA , If ' - -,r -Je 1' '. , - -w.-."'M-' A " 'K' , Ll? 1-',,, ,,.a'Mad!vJ!.? m i a , C,..,L,:.., . H, ,X Eng . I-I-, .wht X ,gm P. X xx -X . .N 1 Y , g ,' . .- 'QQ JI 1 "nh yf-a-'cv wk, - ' Q' 1 f Gai" :AF57 5'-ff. 'rf 4.11P'.'4"4 T ' fX5!:Tfg,gQ?n,. 5 'S' if , A ' ' ,lf-fi-'fi 1'5" 'AZ , ' U, , - . fb? ""- if ' - ' Vl'."cEI5.':," .-'. .Lf fl. .uv 'AIJ 2: 1 M TMR' X. A, - J 1 'V ' K., , ,J '.4 .-, - . . Q if , . , , A-,5 . -, - 1 , ! ' 8 f , -.1 ' ' -' 5' . ', . N-' I x ' "f ix 1. 'Vx - ' pa rfklr' 4 . - 9 ., ., ' ' . ' 2 ' Q .. ' , A ' , s A - - , ' I' Qin If 9. x , 5 1 . I n ,K . z w'. w w , f ai I unlvsnslw or ALBERTA ,Regis I . DR. DUNKLEY Hon. Pres. x ' x riculture Cluls "Collegium Agricolarumv was founded in 1911 by A. E. Ottewell and john Blackmore, bringing a small group of farm students into agricultural discussions. In 1914 the organization lapsed owing to war conditions, but under Dr. Lehman's guidance, was revived in 1916-17, the year following the inauguration of the Faculty of Agriculture. R. D. Sinclair was elected president. On January 31, 1920, the "Agricultural Club" officially came into being. 1945-46 saw the membership increased by nearly 300017 and marked the return of quantity to the club. Quality has been ever present. The Ags again fought valiantly in the Interfaculty sport wars and contributed wg ' several stars to the senior teams. Highlights of the year were the Freshman Introduction Banquet, the Pl, victorious Aggies' Football Parade entry, the Ag Roundup at the Masonic and the Annual Graduation Banquet at the Macdonald. Several general iiiii meetings F , 'an informal dance rounded out the activities of a very suc- W cessful in BUD MCGINNIS 1 President Q EXECUTIVE 'lv 'l"' T' A ,,,., . ,,p, Q .1 ,ll . I A ' 'J." - " t H10 L esident Dr. Dunkley Senior Rep. . . . Doug Barnes lil ident ., .. Bud McGinnis Junior Rep , Eldor Berg Vi Q V e-Pres. . . Ty Hofman Soph Rep.. Paul Melnychyn ,Sec-Treas. . Bob Baptie Fresh. Reps. . . Doug Brown ""..i, I iiports Rep. Ron Manery Jack Reid 1 ig., p A , 1 TY HOFMAN Vice-Pres. and Council Rep. ' "df 2 A 1 BOB BAPTIE if Parade Highlight Parade Trophy Guest, R. M. Putnam at the Sec.-Treas. ' "Roundup", ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FOUR . X I i 5 P 5. ,E I Q. x I Arts anlubcience A8616 - Name 4A.,,,... A.S.C. was organized early in 1946. Arts and Science, which has muddled along for nearly 40 years, at last has its own faculty club. Jack Pritchard, Arts and Science representative on the Council and a fiery Theolog, was the power behind the idea, and called a meeting on January 15, 1946, when an executive was elected by some 80 students present and 'R blessings pronounced by Dean john Macd nald, t e 'rst honor , presi- dent The Club s mentors, headed by C01 Ha lebars M ,ray decided that a major function would best establ Lf sfc. as a ca power, so plans were laid for the first Mardi Gras. l'., Brennan gg ted three other princes after a slapstick election camp n fand abduc n by Engineers, to reign as the first King of the Mardi ras Memberships were sold to nearly ' O students 1 a one day drive, out of a possible total of about 700. enabled e club to salt away a sizeable cash balance during its infaim A S C challenged E S S in th nnual udent Relief Drive and ex- ceeded them in both per cent ibuti and cash "rake-in", as 65170 contributed to the tune of S467 ofa . l other faculties. The Arts and Science Clu es to foster faculty spirit to a point where it can become constr ely helpful to its students and to the campus in general. The need ch an organization has long been felt. Plans for the future incl I such meetings as will draw together the varied types in the faculty annual major function, an potent organization in all COLIN MURRAY President mutual enjoyment, the sponsoring of an ,T tive participation wherever possible as a JACK PRITCHARD PLIS aCt1V1t1CS Council Rep. EXECUTIVE s, jf ' c J , 5 ly a ' :C i 'VT is - Q I THE EXECUTIVE Dean john Macdonald Hon. President Colin Murray President Boyne Johnston Vice-President Dorothy Ward Secretary-Tren jack Pritchard Council Rep. Tevie Miller Fresh. Rep. Tim Tyler Jan. Class Rep Lillian Gehrke 2nd Year Rep. Marylea Hollick-Kenyon 3rd Year Rep. Eileen Kennedy 4th Year Rep. THE MARDI GRAS ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FIVE X JOAN FRASER KEN SIMPSON P"e5'dfm Vice-President DENNIS TOWNSEND EILEEN KEYTE Secretary Treasurer M' m 'f . I 0 74 u N 1-V' s if x if X 'W . 0 x 'I J l be t . . 1 1 . La fin de la guerre et le retour du Cercle l n gais a la grande salle d'Athabasca-voila les causes pri - es du succes vif et brillant de cette organisation pegs'-it l'annee 1945-46. Les membres du Cercle se sont assembles deux fois par mois pour parler francais et pour l'entendre. Cette annee le programme du Cercle Francais a compris des causeries d'un interet varie. Dr. Sonet a parle du "Bon Vieux Temps" at l'Universite d'Albertag M. Graham d'une visite en Angleterreg M. Lambert de sa vie comme prisonnier de guerre et M. Martin du "Nord", Le sujet du discours de Mlle. Bowman etait "Nos Compatriotesug celui de M. Greene "La Psychologie Nationale" et celui de Mlle Donis 'tUne Lecon d'Histoire". M. Gerald Hankins a fait un discours interessant. Sans doute vous avez ecoute notre emission du poste de radio CKUA et avez vu notre modele de la Tour Eiffel qulaqeggit notre contribution au bal du club des Arts et ., ai" ,, Sxdmemces. af' . , l , . Un programme musical, et un banquet at l'h6tel5fCorona ont ajoute au succes de l'annee. Outre ces causerles le . , . . , f - - - programme a compris des saynetes improviseesupwr' les etudxants, des chansons et des Jeux francais. Sans manquer de modestie,lon'peut ajouter que le Cercle Frangais est l'une des plus nombreuses et des plus vivantes organisations de l'Universite cl'Alberta. CLUB MEETING FRENCH QUIZ ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-SIX Chemistr cl 1, THE EXECUTIVE This year the Chemistry Club reached a new high, and attained a greater prominence M because of the reinforcement of returning vet- erans. As a student chapter of the' Chemical Institute of Canada, we received Dominion-wide recognition by having our own news section in the Canadian Industries Limited Journal. Several joint meetings were held with the OVCI'-tOWI1 Chemical Society. At these meetings prominent speakers discussed various important aspects of chemistry. At the end of February all the chemists and their guests got together at the Corona Hotel for their annual banquet and dance. Wide-eyed amazement was exhibited by everyone present because of the excellent chemical display. Semeluk concentrates Glass blowing Busy! Busy! The props. Wordie framed! ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-SEVEN Miss M. Patrick Hon. President Mary Oeistreich President Doreen Ockenden Vice-Pres. I - Cl 15 This the popularity of the Co-Ed Club was proven by the spirited support which a record high membership gave to the Club's activities. Q The "Co-Ed College Party" started the social Ruth program rolling. A hilarious November sleigh-ride Secret W followed, and then a Christmas banquet-complete with tree, carols, and yes, even a charming "St. gl I Nickn. A sparkling "Winter Wonderland" was the Ines giiioma theme for the semi-formal dance which was the hi- fi: light of the new year. Monthly supper meetings were rounded OH by a Hnal banquet, where the election of the new executive took place. Special thanks is given to Miss Mabel Patrick, Honorary President, for her kind co-operation and help on all occasions. Winter Wonderland Christmas PartY ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-EIGHT T UIIIHIGICG The executive of the Commerce Club has had to learn to count above thirty this year with the influx of over a hundred freshmen, mostly veterans, and the return to the fold of THE EXECUTIVE several upperclassmen, who took a few years off while in the armed forces. The club is making a mighty bid to return to its pre-war high standard, and to this end a hockey team and basketball team were sponsored. Mr. H. W. Hewetson, Honorary President of the club was guest speaker at the first activity of the year, a supper meeting held in the Cafeteria. Two more meetings, held after Commercial Law sessions, were addressed by Mr. F. G. Winspear and Mr. Johnstone. The Annual Banquet and Dance, held this year at the Macdonald, climaxed a year which saw the club transformed from a small enthusi- astic Qbut selectl to a large, enthusiastic Cand just as selectj group. The only difference is in num- bers-but it certainly has made a difference. - Strother concentrating on figures Sitting one out Intermission ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-NINE cl UI Ro Mo O 251' SESSJELAND 4. Ssocm 1on Th- ana ian U fiversitiesi Rei rned Menis A .t. The Canadian Universities' Re rned Men's Association was formed at this University in October 1944 wh the first group of thirty-seven ex-service men banded together to take conc ted action on problems peculiar to the veteran-problems of assisting to I- bilitate returned men and women to civilian life and studies. This small 5 oup was the guinea-pig class and paved the way for the 850 veterans of Septe er 1945 and the 500 of January 1946. Returned men found theiff professors keenly interested in giving them every assistance. The help of Mr V D. E. Cameron and Lt. Col. E. N. Strickland was especially valuable. The D artment of Veteranls Affairs sent a represen- tative to the CURMA office t 1 e weekly to give every possible assistance. Vive-President Bill R Veterans in Montreal, at National Council. Many sent to Ottawa. In October '45, fi ber hired a permanent 1 attended the National Conference of Student where he was elected Vice-President of the were discussed and recommendations were acquired Arts 152 for its office and in Decem- to handle the increasing business. n Dave Sinclair jim Herringer Part-time Work Committee Ken Crockett Xviuqlfi PRSFIW Claude May PrESidC11t 'Lt rw' Sec.-Treas. C. U. R. M. . ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY ii cl UQ I I Ao C Gerry Richards A1 Melnyk First Housing Committee Second Housm Committee Publicity Entertainment Phil LeScelleu1' Qchairmanjg Jack House, Harry Chalmers, Bill Bybus chairmanj jim Carmichael Dalton Tamney fabsentj Bert Currie fabsent CURMA meetings were held every two weeks at first, but later monthly. Special meetings were called for certaingpressing problems, notably the proposed move of the Jan. ,46 class to the U.S. Airbase. CURMA,s principle headache was the desperate housing shortage. Accommoda- tion of any sort was difficult to find, and family quarters almost impossible. The First Housing Committee with the help .of Col. Strickland set up the City- Provincial Housing Scheme. Army huts from Dawson Creek were converted into 100 satisfactory suites. This project has enabled a number of men to attend university who otherwise would have been unable to do so. The Second Housing Committee took over these duties at Christfnas and has done a splendid job. The Dawson Creek huts could not adequately solve the housing problem and efforts were made in other directions. The Housing Bureau was set up and through the press, radio, bulletin boards, and even a house-to-house canvass in Garneau, new listings were obtained for the benefit of all the veterans. CURMA of 1945-1946 has laid a sure foundation upon which the stu- dent-veterans of the post-war years can build a strong organization to solve their difficulties by united action. Housing Bureau Loan Committee Summer Work Committee Ed Elford Peter Thomas Roy Trussler, Charles Tyrell, Charles Ulroch Arni Halldorson, Marcel Lambert chairman 0 Us Ro 0 0 ' TTTT- ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-ONE 4 PUBLIC PEAKI y EII1 R. Reynolds N. Lindsay L. Levine President, Debating President, Secretary, Debating Public Speaking CLU L. Guitard Burrows Treasurer, Debating Sec.-Treas., Public Speaking The McGoun Cup, once more in Alberta's possession, fired a new interest in the art of public speaking. As a result, the Public Speaking and Debating Club once more took its place among the very active clubs on the campus. Outstanding on this year's program was an address, attended not only by the members but by the gen- eral public, on the "Arab-Jewish Problem in Palestine." Another highlight was the series of inter-faculty de- bates. The Faculty of Education emerged victorious, and are the proud possessors of the Hugill Cup. The win- ning team members were Les Gue and Hugh Kent. The spotlight turned from inter-faculty to inter-varsity debating with the battle for the McGoun tro- phy. Although Alberta was an able contestor for the cup against Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Manitoba man- aged to carry off the coveted trophy. Les Gue and Dick Beddoes McGoun Cup Debators-Alberta and Saskatchewan Les Gue, Hugh Kent-Education Travelling Team Hugill Trophy winners ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-TWO Dental Under raduate Dr. Hamilton Michael Dereniuk Leo Lyman . Dean President Vice-Pres. y., Lloyd Kiorven Doug Allen Don Culham Sec.-Treas. lst Year Rep. Council Rep. Our wisdom teeth have finally erupted! After twenty-one years of many aches and pains, the School of Dentistry has been created a Faculty. While still in its teething stage, the school taught only the first two years of the dental course, and the final years were finished elsewhere. Now the five and six year courses lead- ing to D.D.S., and D.D.S., B.Sc., can be completed at the University of Alberta. The registration of potential dentists has grown rapidly, as is shown by the large enrollment of eighty pre-Dental students, compared with the average class of twenty-live in previous years. Our growth has been accompanied by severe growing pains which must be alleviated soon. Accommodation in the Medical Building is at a premium, and unless drastic measures are taken toward building a new Dental Building, many students will be unable to continue their professional training at this University. The students wish all success to Dr. Hamilton and his co-workers who are so intent on making this one of the best Schools of Dentistry on the continent. We hope that their ideal of a new 'building may be realized in the near future. There will be no graduating class in 1946 because of the Canadian Dental Corps speed-up course. Those who would normally have graduated in April received their degrees at Christmas 1945. 1 l i An Opqnin The Clinic Stat? Whatcha doin' ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-THREE Doc? ,pa ' I E.U.S. EXECUTIVE DEAN M. E. LaZERTE Education Under PRESIDENT AL RONAGI-IAN The E.U.S., successor to the Education Club, merges the pro- fessional and social activities ol the Education students under one executive. Our main problems this year were caused by having the Faculty removed from the University proper to be housed a few blocks away in the Education building. E.U.S. activities had to be tied with those of the University at large so as not to become isolated. Furthermore, many of the students thought the dashes between the Arts and Educa- tion buildings constituted the P. T. course and failed to show up at regular classes. The E.U.S. produced a women's championship basketball team and a men's team which fared quite well. Our hockey team, though ultimately defeated, showed stylish playing to the rest of the campus. The E.U.S. debating team won the Hugill Trophy and took part in the Intervarsity debate for the MeGoun Cup. YV W , , ,, ,,,., .,, ... -- BERTA MARTIN CATHERINE PIERCE ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-FOUR s Q 632 OFF TO THE EDUCATION BUILDING T Graduate ociety A P.A. system bought jointly with the University High School Students' Union helped to rouse faculty spirit and to bring attention to all Varsity events. The E.U.S. program consisted of educational films, talks by noted speakers, skating parties and dances. The highlights of the social season were the "Snow-ball," Whose decorations were the envy of every other faculty on the campus, and the graduation banquet and dance held at the Macdonald. The inauguration of a Senior Discussion Group, probably the first of its kind in Canada, met to discuss professional matters, and was another important activity of the E.U.S. Members of our Faculty were prominent in all activities on the campus and the "torch of learning" is becoming a Well-known and respected insignia. THE SNOWBALL CHIEF TICKET SELLER THE TWO ENDS OF THE NEW P.A. SYSTEM ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-FIVE ict G fi 'jr I SEQ , Q" A , ,j WHAT AQ? wt- HER MAQIESTY QUEEN VIRGINIA WEBB -fi ineerin JIM CLOW President ls there an opener in the house? ., Thus spake one grizzled Senior: whereupon the engineers' year rted with a bang. And the banging continued night and day thence- lorth: truly a spirited season it was! E.S.S. meetings saw few dull moments: two-hsted debates, capable speakers, color Elms, food, and-sorry, no jokes-four lady en- gineers, you know. In sports, Hajash starred on Track points, but the West trophy passed to Arts. The engineers won Interfac Hockey, and carried the Swim meet, with Jack Flavin and Hazel Millet outstanding. However, top place in Interfac Basketball was yielded to brilliant opposition. Bill Sande culled honors in the Broadfoot Trophy competition. A boisterous campaign wound up as Virginia Webb, Civil 2, led Varsity's fairest to reign as Queen of the Engineers at the biggest E.S.S. Ball in history, while the parade, election, and banquet made a ribald climax to a successful season. DRAW FORTY! 'W ii. THE DAY or THE PARADE A TYPICAL MEETING ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-SIX tuclent 7 Society R. E. PHILLIPS Hon. Pres. EXECUTIVE Hon. President ., .,... ..., , ..,...,.,,.. R. E. Philli President . .,... .. ,. . ,,,. jim C af- I Vice-President , , . .. J2Ck R21 , Sec.-Treasurer Guy jvnic 4th Year Rep. . . .. Al A-lince 3rd Year Rep. .,.. ,. , , ., Kei obb 2nd Year Rep. lst Year Rep. Council Rep. Sports Rep. . Literary Rep. E. S. S. AWAR .UM CLOW BILL D1Moc GUY DOWNI I ART HOWA r DOUG :gi e Colin C iv pbell Lo Castelli b Walker , ,. ,, .. Ralph Pi pigton , . 'aj Jefferies f1 l, I i .1 'A ' I 2' 've fl Q Ji QQ X411 Comma TO 2 THE EXECUTIVE AT THE FAMOUS ENGINEERS BALL THE CHEMICALS EXHIBIT ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-SEVEN HOHSS C Miss Patrick Hon. President Despite all the added activity on the campus caused by the return of many veterans, both men and women, the House Ec-cers found time to get together at monthly meetings of the House Ee Club. These meetings took place in one of Pembina's reception rooms. The theme of the meetings was 'KFood and Nutrition," and a series of lectures was given by distinguished outside speakers. Excellent attendance at all these discussions showed the customary enthusiasm of all House Ee-cers for their profession. Something new was added this year! The club undertook to enter a float in the faculty parade to welcome the Huskies from Sas- katchewan. The "Honorable Mentionn meant a great deal to all those girls who put forth so much effort and who did such a good job on it. The highlight of the year was the formal banquet dance held at the Corona Hotel early in February.. Along with Mildred Longman meetings, it did a great deal toward making this one years president the club has had. .lean Bl?-Ck Vice-President Margaret Lipsey Sec.-Treas. Miss Patrick presides Cooking norcg? ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-EIGHT T11 C111 This the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the founding of the Law Club saw a sharp increase in the enrollment of law students from the all-time low of nine in 1944-45 to the present number of thirty-six. With the absence last year and the ultimate resignation of Dean Maclutyre, over-town lawyers kept the Faculty of Law from closing its doors. Great credit is due them for their self-sacrihcing interest in the school. This year, Mr. W. F. Bowker has done a magnificent job of putting the law school back on a permanent basis. Once again, law took a leading art in the extra- curricular activities of the Highlights of the C included entry of an ingenious float in the football parade, formal parties and the annual banquet at the Mac Mr. W. F. Bowker Hon. President Bob Hazlett President Ken Crocker Vice-President Edmond jorre de St. jorre Secretary Garth Eggenberger Treasurer Law Library ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-NINE McLeo C1 la tt me Sth years plus Float Nurses Formal The 'beod Club boasts a phenomenal increase in membership this year since the club was enlarged t A include all nurses on the campus. This group of girls, who work like beavers on duty, put i F as much energy into their social affairs and have had a very successful year. These century Florence Nightingales have found time to participate in the various soc educational activities ofthe club. They have been seen engaged in out-of- door sports skating, skiing, sleigh riding, and their favorite indoor sport, eating. of the year was the opportunity for the the club to hear Dr. jack Brown, discuss social conditions in the United States. Nursing genius in a new with the presentation of a new nursing song and club crest, brought of an interyear contest. the year's activities took the form of the annual formal-a banquet and dance held at the Hotel, where the usual enthusiasm displayed by the Nurses reached an all-time future. Muriel Sweetnam Lois Anderson , Thelma Mackenzie Margaret Marlatt Eleanor .lamieson . Barbara Strong Mrs. McGugan Betty Wiggiiis . Luella Downing Alison Mathews lone Davidge f TWO HUNDRED of the largest faculty clubs on the campus, this progressive group has a very EXECUTIVE-Left to Right Secretary 4th Year Rep. Treasurer 3rd Year Rep. President Znd Year Rep. Hon. Presi t Press rter ear Rep. , Ist Year Rep. res. fahsentj .-F' if The 2- .,.. 7. 1" , A p in , , 5 1 il ' a on f' a a y Me 'A cal if af it MED. HOUSE The AKK Club is a group of Medical and Pre-Med students living at the "Med House" or in close contact with it. The main purpose of the Club is to bring together a congenial group of fellows whose common interests are Medicine and a full enjoyment of University life. The AKK Club came into existence in 1931. At -that time it was called the Aesculapian Club. In 1939 the name was changed to Alpha Kappa Kappa in view of expected affiliation with international Alpha Kappa Kappa. Since its inception, the Club has expanded progressively. It now has an alumnus-register of well over a hundred doctors, many of Whom are frequent visitors at the House. Several alumnae who have been serving overseas have returned to add new life to the organization this year. Highlight of the social life was the Annual Banquet and Ball held at the Macdonald Hotel in january. EXECUTIVE President .... . . ...,. A ..,, ..,. . .s . , . john Depew Vice-President . .. Gordon Fierheller Secretary . . s . Cecil Mickelson Treasurer , , M Elmer Johnson TWO HUNDRED AND ONE Medical U Jack Osborne Doris Mackay We Norman Campbell Sandy Gilchrist Don Wray , . A. Mackay , Benedict . Fierheller I I Gilchrist . .. MacLean Doris Frank Benedict Don Wray The year 1945-6 devoid of Fourth Year fourth year students. The s graduate this fall, approximately A Convocation was held in J The M.U.S. holds bi tre. The agenda usually includes and refreshments. In January the Dr. Leone McGregor Hellstedt, Alberta present home is in Sweden. In November the annual Medical donald Hotel by storm with its high calibre right students, and sparkling womanhood. In raduate ociety DR. SCOTT . . .. . . HON. PRESIDENT . , President . ..., .. Sec.-Treas. . ,.., Camsi Rep. . 3rd Year Rep. 2nd Year Rep. . 1st Year Rep. Camsi Sec.-Treas. Council Rep. . . Won1en's Rep. in a Medical Course which was entirely the chief reason being the entire lack of the war-time accelerated course will ahead of the regular schedule. the previous class. in the Medical amphithea- speakers, motion pictures most fortunate in hearing Medical graduate whose and Ball took the Mac- stately gentlemen, up- same month something resembling a Med. float was driven or pushed t I. larke Stadium for the Sash.-Alta. rugby game. The Alberta Committee of the Canadian Students and Internes QCAMSU is being handled by Frank Benedict. It is hoped that next year CAMSI the Canadian Medical Association. rw 45.1 Unusual . . . Meds at work . f -. P Head Table-Med Banquet TWO HUNDRED AND TWO of Medical year student. be affiliated with Gordon Fierheller Lloyd MacLean MINING AND GEOLOGICAL GCIETY With a membership of thirty-five students and Q professors, the Mining and Geological Society was . if ' , Wing.. nfjt .v,' 1.3 " . if .1 the largest that it has been for several years. Mem- mi,".,..- ity . ' ,A f . A -n . . . . . fffgl ' . i , ' I 1 1-sg " ,5,.,'. ' W bers of this Society have the privilege of becoming - gf 4 5 gf. I e,7f .,,,. Q3 student-members of the Canadian Institute of Mining V. . -' f .f ,.'ff3s .g. iii' .?,,,o..43?'F' +3 425213 ' ' and Metallurgy, thereby receiving the monthly bulletin of the Institute. The graduating members played a leading role in the annual western meeting of the C.I.M.M. which was held in Edmonton last fall. Meetings were held about once a month. Under the capable direction of President Verne Taylor and Secretary Charles Kirkvold, an interesting series of guest speakers and films was arranged. , Front Row Cleft to rightj: M. Yasheyko, C. F. Kirkvold, N. C. Pitcher QI-Ion. Pres.j, V. Taylor, H. D. Gray. Second Row: E. M. Rogers, D. C. Graves, F. I-lutter, B. Ryan, E. Panchysyn, N. W. Taylor, G. H. Bull. Third Row: A. Brown, G, M. Hajash, A. Golden, B. A. Cameron, L. H. Robock, R. A. Spencer, M. Andrichuck Back Row: J. A. Harquail, E. V. Ryski, A. J. Richardson, A. Hanson, R. N. Laver, H. I. Chalmers, J. N. Willson. Absent from Picture: J. L. Carr, W. D. Macdonald, I. D. Crawford, R. T. Phipps, M. W. Clark, C. W. Temple- ton, I. W. MacLeod. TWO HUNDRED AND THREE Brother Azarias Richm- CLUB d Flannagan Therese Dandurand Hon. PI'CSidCHf President Vice-President James Harquali The Sec. Treasurer john Lipinsky Executive The Newman Club is a religious organization established to serve the spiritual, intellectual and social interests of Catholic students attending Uni- versity. The first Newman Club was established at the University of Pennsylvania in 1893. Established at Alberta in 1939, the Newman Club now numbers more than two hundred students. The club has concluded an active and interesting year. Guest Priests at our monthly Mass and Com- munion included: His Excellency, john Hugh Mac- Donald, Archbishop of Edmontong Major, the Rev. F. B. Thornton, Associate Editor of The Catholic Digestg Rev. K. Foran, Pastor of St. Anthony,s Pro-Cathedral, Rev. M. Murphy, Pastor of St. Andrew's Church, Very Rev. C. Ehman, Vice-Provincial of the Redemptorist Orderg Rev. R. V. Britton editor of The Western Catholic. Guest speakers at our bi-monthly general meet- ings included Dr. Shaner, Dr. W. Johns, Prof. A. Stewart of the staff, and Lt. Col. E. Markey of the U. S. Army. The Annual Retreat in November was con ducted by Rev. C. MacDonald, C.S.S.R., and the weekly discussion groups by Rev. E. Briere, Rev. A. O'Brien and Brother Azarias. resa McCarthy Executive 3 Spacious and recently-renovated club rooms provided social facilities for the members. These included special entertainment at Hallowe'en and St. Valentine's Day, Bridge Games, Recordings, Table Tennis and the usual bi monthly dance. A radio programme in March, directed by Elizabeth Filipkowski, drama tized the history and activities of the club. r I GRADUATE ssavics CLUB RGOM TWO HUNDRED AND FOUR The OUTDOOR CLUB , 4' ff" v ' favs ?:Q-if 4 , Je 'ff-fifff, B is 4-in-1 s ..i s-f-A4551 'rag ' 'v ,. " 9' 111' 'sf' ' .l L., rf' ,:N"Lf'?! P- 7 q.,-Y. 'f'- -.f4 "ba,- Hy iaa,. ,,gQ,g5sfZlieqgg egaulyeg, 1 :eff-Y . at nz Q is I ,-.. 5 Y s" ge5taiinmlEntgGoiH1imittee: 1 Z 'L .M g Q J eff u 2 ILO .s Dunbar, egergflsdirie ...P I N - h .I -ug, .f ,. ,.,. , . , ., 4 1" Y- . 4- 4 9.3. C l"""f gg a ommisgteeferf-.if 5 6 V jk - Gordon "eg3l'4li' f' an, Lornaf'3Eb'5 , ean Marr 1 . fs,'fiv,3f5 T, fe, - wifes: fl .gg .v 1 v.-figs.. M V 15 Q i MQ , if l if Q, ,U f-2-5 f?-541. Fi - .i 'if "mf-V5 3-. 3 ,-V we qv C , G0 P islgiiifg 1 , -- 7, fl 'V af' .' ".'fg,::F ' .1 ' 53' F V ,fy Hugh Blue Bob Walker Rhona Corbett President Sec. Treasurer Vice-President Stan Chapman Wendy Teviotdale Albert Wells Entertainment Fresh. Rep. Steward Mel Clark Bob Freeze Keith Johnstone Ski Manager Ski Coach Reporter Ski stars this winter tangled for honors in the Varsity ski meet, after scoring a pair of thirds in the hard-fought City competition, while echoes of "Tra-a-ck!" marked aspiring Vajdas' swift progress on the home slopes under expert instruction. The Club welcomed the return of Dr. Bulyea, builder of the cabin,s stone 'fireplace and a pioneer member. Despite iron bars and bolts, summer's end saw the cabin a mass. Speeding repairs, the ZOO-plus outdoors-ers set out for a magnificent season, featur- ing such activities as Hhaywrecksu and toboggan par- ties, chummy steak fries, a big dance, and the peren- nial Trolley Tramp. Good snowfall kept skiirs happy. SUMMER 5,' . T -fflgi sf ,Q .1 A WINTER TWO HUNDRED AND FIVE PHAR ACY CLUB EXECUTIVE Gordon Groves Hazel Bennett Ted Stewart Marion McClellan Irene Johnson 'Willa Bruce 5 Charlie Blaumenaver p Bob Milward Doug Schoening , I . Pharmacy Club Executive 'V ' First Year Pharmacists in Zoo lab. Three cheers for the Pharmacy Club! After a series of pep-talks by President Gordy Groves, it has achieved the 100170 enrollment of the Pharmacy students on the campus. The active interest of the large membership gave the club a Well-deserved recognition as a spirited and co-operative organizationd All club functions were well attended, none with more pleasure than "Pharmacy Prancev, the annual banquetfand dance, held at the Macdonald early in January. As in other years, regular meetings have been supplemented by joint meetings with the Edmonton Retail Druggists. In this Way, better relations are formed between druggists and students, thus attaining one of the primary objects of the organization. g J Dot Newton sets it up Bill Zelenco checks it A smile from George Darichuk Marion McClellan sees the result TWO HUNDRED AND SIX k PHILG OPHICAL OCIETY Allen Ronaghan jane Becker Art Boorman EXECUTIVE 1945-46 Honorary President - - - - - Dr. J. M. MacEachran President ---- - - - Andrew Stewart Vice-President - - - Dr. K. F. Argue Secretary ----------------- E. H. Greene Treasurer ---------------- Dr. Max Wyman Student members: Allen Ronaghan, Jane Becker, Art Boorman. PROGRAMME 1945-46 The Philosophical Society held five meetings during the 1945-46 season, on the second Wednesday evening of each month. First speaker in the series was Col. H. A. Dyde, who delivered a paper on "Canadian-American Relationsn at the October meeting. In November, Mr. Alexander Calhoun, of the Calgary Public Library, spoke on "Education in a Free So- ciety". Mr. D. W. Clapperton, also of Calgary, delivered the january paper, "Full Employment in a Free Society". In February, Dr. R. W. Collins of the University Department of History discussed "Canada and the U. S. S. Rf, Dr. A. G. McCalla of the University Faculty of Agri- culture concluded the series in March with "Some Canadian Contributions to Scientific Re- H 1 search . - Kjisi , 3 xr The M. MacEachern Essay The M. MacEachern Essay Prizes are offered annually by the Pl"i""""l'iE'i The Essay Competition is open to all undergraduate students, and prizes are awarded three best essays. Marylea Hollick-Kenyon Lawrie Joslin Marguerite Pfimeau TWO HUNDRED AND SEVEN JIM SPILLIOS President RON MANERY Vice-President DICK BEDDOES Sec.-Treasurer ff' 'W 1 . If if ,Ji 1' V ,. Yi! olitica ,, cience C119 Although the Political Science Club held only a few meetings because of the scarcity of prominent political leaders visiting the city, it nevertheless -gn- barked on an ambitious program, and has ended with some worthwhile recommendations. ' I - 3 Next year, finances permitting, there is to f Political Science Club essay competition whicht 'C ill deal exclusively with Canadian affairs. A l' ond recommendation is that there be a merger eff . red between the Political Science Club and the national Relations Club, since many of the qu ons dealt with in both clubs overlapg it is difficult 'dis- cuss Canada's domestic policies without refe mg: ce to her foreign affairs. With these plans for the coming fiilif- club hopes to attain even greater promine on the campus, and to keep the purpose of :w ell alive. This purpose is to increase the political cq sciousness of the students and to make them reali the heavy political responsibility which rests on t shoulders. 5 lla i. if 5 V , ,i , : el ,: at if TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHT tj Ii A tudent ,' V,., Qin.. X . I Vital questions of the day, pro and c0n,. . .I world-travelled visitors . . . serious study of the great aflirmations of faith . . . expansion of pro- i gram and endeavor . . . a conferencing President -these were the Alberta SCM this year. A trial was made at activity consolidation: instead of scattering SCM functions over the whole week, a single night was chosen as "SCM Night". And so, on Thursday evenings any night throughout the term you found a wide variety of students from almost every faculty running the gamut of Study Groups, social hour, speaker or forum and worship, almost fbut not quitej in a single breath. Major interests on the serious side were Dr. E. Thompson's and Professor D. C. Elson's group on "Towards an Intelligent Chris- tian Faith", and Dr. E. W. Sheldon's and George V. T. Clarke's groups on "jesus as Teacher". Programme highlights featured such diversified topics as "The Atomic Age" with Dr. D. B. Scott and Dr. Thompson, "Sex, Morals and Marriage" given by Dean A. M. Tren- dell, and "Student-in-Industry" camps as an experimental 'testing- ground for Christian vocations, led by work-camper Eileen Kennedy, fourth-year Honors Math student. The Unit felt like moe than a fly-speck onthe globe at the visitation of international personages. There was Dr. John Coleman of the World Student Christian Federation staff, headed for Europe and ultimately the Orient, who was here to put in a good word for the I.S.S. There was Dr. John Karefa-Smart from Sierra',I.eone, highly qualified Negro physician who made Meds and all of TISQN3-Wl'1O heard him see colonial needs as our concern. There was genial "Mac" Ran- som, fiery-haired National Staff Missionary Secretary, who sparked arrangements for the Western Regional Conference on jChristian Community, at which Alberta was host to delegations froifn some seven other universities and colleges. There was Ernie Nix, our President, who arrived back at Christmas from the World ,Youth Conference in London and the International Student Congitiess in Prague to let us in on British and European conditions, and the 1105-5 sibility of new international youth co-operation. There was the Japanese-Canadian question, in which the unit took a serious in-- terest and vigorous action in protesting the famous government? order-in-council. All these, and not least among them the Western' orous sense of the reality of the "One World" to which this Ever- green and Gold is dedicated. It is with regret that we see the departure of our esteemed Campus Secretary, Don Read, who leaves us, bound for Britain. The Rev. D. R. Read, B.A., L.Th., as he is more formally known, has throughout his two year term made a secure place for himself in our esteem and affections. Wherever he may go, we wish him a sincere "Valete"! TWO HUNDRED AND NINE . 1 Regional Conference mentioned above, gave the membership a vig-:fig jf? S.C.M. CABINET EXECUTIVE President: ERNIE NIX Vice-Presidents: GWEN HUNT, MARJORIE RAMSAY Secretary: MARILYN OLIVE Treasurer: ART BOORMAN Campus Secretary: REV. DON. READ Associate Secretary: MARGARET ROBERTSON BY CANDLE LIGHT Theology Club EX 'IVE Honorary President - - - -In - - Rev. E. H. Birdsall, M.A., B.D. President - - - - -ly' -M ---- J. A. Boorman, B.A. Vice-President - - - - - - J. Ernest Nix, B.A. Sec.-Treasurer - - - - - x g: - - A. E. Loree, B.A. Arts Representative ----- - - ----- Roy C. Chubb "Theology! Theology! Faith, charity! Long-tailed coats and poverty! Ah . . . . h . . . men.', fmzb. The non-denominational Theolog Club maintained iniiits 20th year the same vigor and friendly spirit for which it has long been noted. Meetings vsiefifg of an informal nature: A NVafHe Nightg an address by John Karefa-Smart, M.D., son of a native prince of Sierra Leoneg a musical socialg a report from Ernie Nix on the Youth Conferencegialt London and Pragueg reminiscences by Principal Miller of students he had known. The anntiial closing banquet was highlighted by a farewell to Dr. Miller, whose long and friendly associatiodigvith the Club will make his retirement keenly regretted. 231, Never in the history of the Club have its members been so greatly 'wccupied with extra-curricular interests and youth workg but despite this Cand the fact that matgigaony, com- pleted or contemplated, undermined the whole-hearted devotion of many membdigij the year 1945-46 was altogether successful. "In Lumine Tuo Lumen". Two HUNDRED AND TEN D Varsity Christian Femlloyys ip kk I , s Q Q- f is . The record F eghman class and thxelintroduction of the Veteran's view- point has increased thelxenthusiasmmaiid vitality of the University of Alberta V.C.F., our chapter of thgzinterdenominatibnal evangelical student organization. rf? . We all enjoyed suchihighlights as the Freshman Reception, the weekend conference at Wetaskiwin, Stiiixday afternoon Missionary Teas, the hike to the Pines, and snow-drenched sleighkriides and skating parties. The weekly discussion groups and Bible studies were directed by members of the group, and such guest speakers as Rev. McBeath Miller, Dr. Cook, and Flt. Lt. Maurice Murphy. These, along with daily noon prayer meetings, contributed much to the Chris- tian experience of each member. This year V.C.F. undertook the operation of the Book Exchange, a serv- ice to the entire student body. As winter snows depart, weary members of the group are inspired by thoughts of their V.F.C. camp-Campus-in-the-Woods. EXECUTIVE President . . . Wm. Archer Vice-President Sadie Gibson Secretary . , Dave Nelson Treasurer ., I-I. Robertson Bible Study Secretary , B. Stockwell Publicity , George Gibson . Gertrude Nelson R. G. Proudfoot Social Convener Missionary Secretary I EXECUTIVE WILLIAM ARCHER President CAMPUS-IN-TI-IE-WOODS THE SOCIAL SIDE TWO HUNDRED AND ELEVEN 1 ,JN V fm.: 1, ut' 4. .J J , . . ,hw .y Nw X ,-,.,, . W . 4, 1 ,. fc-:gg , 'K' ,-1 F' ' w 'l, fu. . .57 .f , .,, .xA ., -,I ,, . 1 , I af .- -X-J., -- 1 , ,, ,. in Wy . . . lr.1,L,f 1-s!Aqf!E4'JK11',-4,1 x . r W f bfffff,rlyt,t!1kfyx.ifwf,s f 'f1'x""5'1r"f'4 'x6'l YK' i'ZgJ,1'xz'x fr: 1 g 1 f r + I 1 I -S' , Q -N. 1 1 v 1 t . .1 :, .faffliiiz 2. ,, f ,.-xx AA.,.,.V,,-ww wr., .-v,.x, , .W N , , ., N I , f f J H V f X K X W .,"'X---M., f QF- - V: 7 v,iI.f?, R ' if 4 if a Qi :g ,Y 5 I 'ihff fl C " - rl ef 11, OG Cll, Lucky Cctober 13th brought victory to the men in the Arts-Comm-Law Team, and women of Arts, when these groups emerged on top in Track and Field events. Manager Murray Stewart and Presi- dent Mickey Hajash hustled an unusually large number of male contestants through the various events. A smaller womens' sec- tion showed real fighting spirit in a close competition between Arts and Education. Laurel wreaths for individual honors went to Mickey Hajash, Bill Hansen, Dor- othy Ward and Doreen Anthony. A FEW TRACK MEET HIGHLIGHTS VME THTNNJQ , . 73' .-., i fi J Joe Fraser Clive Bowlsby GCOYSG Mooney Manager President Tr-IIHSY Maury Van Vliec Head Coach 6111015 Ru Percy Dingle Asst. Coach The fall of '45 ushered in a new era of football on the campus. Under the able coaching of Prof. Maurice V an Vliet and Percy Daigle, last year's veterans and this year's freshies were whipped into a formidable team of pigskin toters. The University of BC. realized how formidable the Alf berta Golden Bears actually were when they went down to a l2fO SHORE STOPPED NEATLY BY INGRAM AND COMPANY BACKFIELD Paddy Westcott QBlocking Backj, Bill Simpson fLeft Halfj, Mickey Hajash CFullbackj, Bob Freeze fFullhackj Norm Boyse fFullbackj Sandy Gilchrist QRight Halfj, Nori Nishio CLeft I-Ialfj, Jerry Wiggins fBlocking Back Absent jack Perry QBlocking Baekj, Bill Ingram fQuarterbackj, Rick Hislop fRight Halfj. defeat under the lights of Clarke Stadium. In a home and home series with Saskatchewan, we won the right to meet U.B.C. for the hnals by downing the game Huskies 146 and 13f0. Our hopes of retaining the Hardy trophy faded and vanished after the two games were played at Vancouver, as our boys bowed out to the tune of 19f3 and 17f1.' ' Although we' lost the Hardy trophy, symbolic of Western Canada Intercollegiate Championship, it was a good year for the club. First we acquired' an Afl coach in the form of Prof. Maurice Van Vliet, and secondly, we saw our way clear to purchase HAJASH KICKS BEHIND SOUND BLOCKING as Q Wit .LINEMEN Art Follet fGuarclj, Art Howard QCentrej, jack Allen fGuardj, Ken Nickerson, Capt. Cfacklej, Ray Sutherland Clindl Murray Smith qEndp, Alec Kufylo qracklep, Bm Hall qEndp. L Absent-Barry Mills qraeklep, Ted Sawchuk fGuarClj, Lloyd Miller QTackleJ. some lovely new equipment. Bob Robertson, as President, was inf strumental in getting the club off to a good start. Unfortunately, Bob's ill health forced him to retire early in the season and Clive Bowlsby was elected by the boys to ,carry on in his place. Ken Nickerson was unanimously chosen as captain for a second year. With a few new recruits expected next fall and most of the stars of this year remaining, we anticipate a better and strongerteam than ever before. Cur exact schedule is unknown at the present time but if we ever get a chance-Look out B.C.l A HUsk1Es FINALLY CATCH FREEZE 1-E .r ' GH In this year's tougigiment, Golf Manager Pat Johnstone received entries, a record number since the organizationiyof the club in the fall of '43 by Dr. W. C. Broadfoot, who also donated a trophy. In spite of drizzling rain, 32 competed on Sat- urday, October 56th, with diminutive Bill Sande edging out fellow-engineer Ross Jeffries to take the Broadfoot trophy with a neat 79. on1enSlfqnterlaculty Volley all y 12" X1 rg Five teams corjipeted in a round-robin series this year, under capable management of Aurora Biamonte isggginners and experts alike jostled to a chorus of "keep that ball off the e In spite of a stiff fight from Arts, Science, Nurses and House Ec teams Education sparked by Haze Bratrud, was the only aggregation to survive the series unbeaten The Victorious Education Team Aurora Biamonte Practice Ses ion TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN TOM CARSCADDEN M:n's singles champ is Freshman Eiginezr Clare Amies, who defeated Piul Drouin. Close behind were Bob Str thzr and Murray Stewart. Doro- thy Soby topped Helen Lilly to take th: YVom:n's Singles crown, after tl:f:.1tin3 Yvette Lebel and Betty Y7ilii.1mson by a narrow margin. Alberta's fouEsom'e"'of Lillylglsoby, Amizs and Drouin found the opposi- tion of good tennis and bad .Weather at Saskatoon too much for them, as Manitoba and Saskatchewarfetiqok the honors. p ' 'jf ,iil ax ' w t fi , : 1 The club hopes to bring baclgithc Bert Smith-jones Intervarsity 'Tro- phy and the Priscilla Hammond Memorial Trophy for mixed doubles next year. YVETTE LEBEL TENN CLUB Q The Tennis'x,Club, under the leader- ship of Tom Giafspadden and Yvette Lebel, campus tour- ' ., 5:2 nament and Wefeflzble to send four players to Saskatoon 'for the Western Intercollegiate tournament. HELEN LILLY ' YVETTE LEBEL DOROTHY SOBY TWO HUNDRED AND NINETEEN , -vu. PAUL DROUIN, CLARE AMIES AND OPPONENTS AT SASKATOON IM I CLUB This year boasted a larger than ever Swimming , Club, carrying on in weekly sessions at the Y.W.C.A. Doug Lemmon, popular club coach, led relays and i follow-the-leader games in addition to his regular expert instruction. Presidents: DON WRIGHT and IVIARY FAIRIHIEAD In two meets, November and March, records fell before Don Moore, who broke the long-standing backstroke record, and Norman Flavin, who shattered the previous figure for Mens' 40-yard freestyle. Among the girls, Hazel Millet, Shirley Auld and Mary Fairhead showed well in interfaculty contests. Club members are active among the groups pushing the campus gymnasium project, lack of a swimming pool is a hindrance and precluded an intervarsity meet this year, although high hopes are held for a travelling team next season. "THE VELOCITY OF FALLING BODIES . . ." TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY W O I Q O -I ' BARSS DIMOCK HSI-IORTSU PURCELI. President of Hockey Coach IOR HOCKEY fy.. 1 ,, ,fad JOE FRASER MURRAY COWAN Manager Trzlirler' Intercollegiate hockey returned to the campus for the first time in five years with our Golden Bears retaining the Halpenny Trophy for the 14th con- secutive year. Under the infinite patience and "hockey knowledgeu of coach "Shorts,' Purcell, our smooth, high-spirited team came through by defeating the powerful Saskatchewan aggregate in three straight games. , KICKING AUP THE ICE JEFFERIES IN GOAL THE FAMOUS DIMOCK LINE CLARE LIDEN SEX x Ross IEFFERIES GoaI Goal DAVE ELLIS NORM BOYSE Defence Defence AL SPENCE FRANK FINN Defence Defence BILL CASE L. Wing KEITH YOUNGER R. Wing FRANK QUIGLEY Centre HALPENNY TRCPHY Two HUNDRED AND TWENTY-Two PAUL DROUIN R. Wing BILL DIMOCK Centre BILL DOCKERX L. Wing enior Hoclzey Although the Bears were not included in a league during the season, several games were arranged with teams of the Independent loop, as well as out-of-town tCaI1lS. The Hrst two playoff games wereiplayed in our own Varsity Rink and the Golden Bears showed the resultsof these former games and their excellent coaching. In what proveclito be Edmontoifs best games this season, the Bears came from behind to win- 8-6 and 5-3. A The following week, Alberta journeyed to Saskatoon and made it three straight by way of a 3-Zfyictory over the muchwaunted Huskies. Much credit. is due to likeable coach "Sh'orts,' Purcellgllfresident of Hockey Barss Dimoick, Manager Joe Fraser, and trainer Muirrayffowan. To- gether they formed our victorious club, and proved that Senior Hockey is back on the campus to stay. THIS MAKES IT ALBERTA 7 - SASKATCHEWAN 5 THE ENGINEERS lnterlac Hoclzey For the Hrst time in many seasons, Interfac Hockey was played in the Varsity Rink. Play throughout was smooth and the Engineers completed the schedule at the top of the league, consisting of Commerce, Engineering, Education and Agriculture. In the playoif semi-finals, Engineers walloped the Ags 8-3 to ad- vance into the finals against Education, who disposed of Commerce 6-1. The well-balanced Engineers copped the finals by defeating Education 7-O and 10-5. EDUCATION-SEMI-FINALISTS S gr . R N Q f . ,i , 'Hai g gtg MW, ,gf F umhlin Tumbling this year became dissociated from the Wrestliiig Club. Under President ',ecil Mickelson, and the excellent coaching of Bob Routledge and jim Wfhitelaw, the club made outstanding progress. Ten of the members assisted by Stella I-Iolosko performed at the Mardi Grasg five other displays were put on at city functions. In addition to this more advanced work, many beginners have made good progressg this illustrates the club,s aim: to enable larger numbers to enjoy the STELLA I-IOLOSKO AND PYRAMID OF TEN sport . . . a triad of exercise, body development and sheer fun. AT MARDI GRAS BODY BUILDING TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE FE CIC? Lunge! Parry Riposte! . and another meeting FQILED start with a bang! , ,,.- . -- -if This year ha not only have ' Club mCIT1lDCrS another but, also, V have had to fe j i en's and men's basket- ' ball Clubs and dclub. When our club i gave up space in ' ' it ll Cwith a basketball 'N24'5:ea"" game on one side a V t iigidf dminton marches on the otherj to take up Eh 'n Athabasca Gym, it found itself crowded off the floor lby more basket shooters. After New Year's, all members returned Hlled with good spirits and high hopes for a successful season of fencing, only to find that our complete sup- ply of foils and masks had absconded with a maid, thereby originating the Club motto: "Curses! de- foiled againf, Next week, the foils were found and the maid reprimanded severely. Excepting occasional tussels with the battling bruisers of women's basketball, the Club settled down to make up for lost time. As Pres. Alwyn Scott had promised, thanks to the sympathetic assistance of Sec.- Treas. Elaine McLean, and the slave-driving of Coach Frank Wetterberg, the Club offered and delivered- poise to the boys and chassis to the lassies. ARCHERY The Archery Club, in its 1945-46 Session, benefited greatly by the general return to a peace-time basis on the campus. f Membership was large, cspecialllyfinithe men's section,-since eager enthusiasts had time to become regular attendants. Another factor, responsible for the club's success was the new shooting range. Accuracy in marksmanship improved considerably with the better lighting and heating facilities of the new Drill Hall. f "'ii C Yearis highlight waslfthe Interfaculty tournament. The four topfscoring girls constituted a team which challenged the Y.W.C.A. to af competition, " - 'X X Under the Winning and the Presidency oan y and Ray Brown, the Ar- chery Club has enjoyed of most fsuccessful years. 'g a . l READY! AlMl THE GANG'S ALL HERE Two HUNDRED AND TWENTY-sux .,, ,, f' ,JM ,', THE CLUB BACK ROW: DOUGLAS, BREWERTON, PURNELL, BRONSON, E. BERG, KNOWLER, HENDERSON. D. BERG. FRONT ROXV: ROE, PYRCH, PERRY, WALKER, STRATTON. Th Boxin After scrambling around at the 'beginning of the year, the boxing club managed to get installed in St. Joe's Gym wherethey put uplight and heavy punch 'bags and worked- out twice a week. They began by learning the fundamentals and progressed until they had some knowledge of the art ofifeinting and weaving. Attendance varied between ten and twenty-five members and faces changed frequently. In january we had hopes of staging an assault-at-arms to prepare the university's contestants for Saskatoon but acci- dents and lack of interest among the participants forced us to abandon the idea. The boxers who made the trip to Saskatoon on March 8 were: Len Maher Qflyweightj, Steele Brewerton Cwelterweightj, Jack Perry Qmiddleweightj, Eldor Berg flight-heavyweightj. They split honors at Saskatoon, Maher and Berg winning, the other two losing their decision. The boxing executive this year consisted of Len Maher, president, and jack Perry, coach. HARD AT IT PERRY SHOWS THE BOYS ,Q Howard Fredeen, fCoachJ George Klurnph, Allan Edwards, Stew Dallyr Art Lewis, Ben Van Hess, Val Kudryk, Stan Pethybridge Wre tlin Cl The Wfrestling Club boasted a large membership this year, and with the excellent coaching provided, keen competition was maintained throughout the year. Four of the top wrestlers attended the intervarsity assault-at-arms held in Saskatchewan early in March, and acquired two championships of the four classes entered. Val Kudryk, middle- weight, and Howard Fredeen "grunted', their way to intervarsity championships in their respective classes. It is hoped that interest and memberships will increase still more in this club to maintain the high standard of wrestling that it is capable of producing. OUCH I ! ! I THOUGHT THAT XVAS YOUR ARM! +w-mmm ' ' fr ,- --Nu. -vu mem 1 ' s-ffww ff , gl ,W X KRW' 6 wf' A . QT". Q56 be sim NIELNYR AND EXECUTIVE SIGN THE CONTRACT WITH THE GRANITE CLUB. XYHILE RITCHIE ADDS THE FINAL TOUCH. arsit ur in b The roarin' game ofthe Scots, curling, was added to the U. of A. sports calendar this year. The game rapidly developed into the most active sport on the campus and embraced a total of 14-I regular members. These members co-operated with a livewire executive of john Melnyk, Dick Beddoes, Lloyd Kjorven, Nancy Pascoe, john XWolfe, and jim Ritchie, to make the maiden voyage of the club on the campus a successful one. In the club bonspiel staged in March, Grand Challenge honors were won by john Melnylx and his rink of A. Basset, Bill Lobay, and Ray Phillips. The club promises to be strictly big time next year, and with a McDonald Brier in sight for the university curlers throughout the Dominion next year, prospects for continu- ing curling interest is high. The game is on the campus to stay and will long provide thrilling sport for the Besom an' stone artists. STARTING THE ROCK ON ITS WAY AND KEEPING IT ON ITS WAY awww: . ' a FRONT TO REAR FRONT TO REAR DON STEED ALEX JARDINE DEL STEED Pres. of Merfs Basketball BOB STRUTHQII KIND SAM SHIQCIITEII BILL RICH LEO LYMAN qIvIgI-.3 BILL PIIICI2 NQRI NISHIQ X, JIM IVIQRAE' PHIL PRQCTQR 5 IKRIBVRAYNER GQIIDQN MICCQRMACII 4 PIIQIQ, M. I. VAN VLIET qcmhp VYJO HUNDRED AND THIRTY enior Ba lzet ll --fa , ' Coached by Maury Van Vliet, the Golden Bears began the season as holders of two trophies-the Rigby Cup, mug of Inter-Varsity supremacy, and the Edmonton Men's Bas- ketball Championship trophy. Entered in the six team City league, the Bears lost only three games, all to the Air Base Clippers, to end the season in second place. The Clippers took the finals from the U. boys to the tune of 54-41 and 59-55, in what were the best games seen on the campus for many moons. On january 30, the Golden Bears left for Winnipeg and the Inter-Varsity Basket- ball Tournament. The first game was lost to the Saskatchewan Huskies 34-24, and the Manitoba Bisons outplayed the tired Alberta team to the tune of 44-29. The University of Manitoba took the Rigby Cup by taking this game and a previous one from Saskat- ehewan. Manager Leo Lyman and President of Men,s Basketball, Alex Jardine, guided bas- ketball at Alberta through one of its most successful seasons. INTO THE BASKET Back Row-Jack Reid, Neil Barnes, Clare McDermott, Jack Munson, Floyd Searle fCoachj Front Row-Doug Allen, Harvey Robinson, Don Phillips unior Ba ilzetball For the Hrst time in several years the University of Alberta fielded an underage basketball team. This squad, early dubbed the Varsity Cubs, played in the Edmonton junior Men's Basketball league and ended the season Hrmly entrenched in third place. During the season the Cubs dropped no fewer than five games of the fifteen games played, by margins of two points or less. FINAL LEAGUE STANDING W L F A Pct. Y.M.C.A. Toilers 14 0 488 251 1.000 Victoria High 8 5 400 404 .625 Varsity Cubs 7 8 407 434 .462 West Edmonteens 4 10 357 379 .284 South Edmonteens 2 12 281 465 .142 In the semis the Cubs met the undefeated Y. Toilers and went down bzfore the smooth-working crew in two straight 28-27 and 28-44. The Toilers went on to take the league title with a two out of three conquest over West Edmonteens. Great credit is due to Floyd Searle who coached and managed the Cubs. TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO lnterlac Ba lzetball Karl Erdman is to be congratulated on his leadership of the hne interfac basketball league this year. The end of league play saw the Engineers and Ags tied in hrst place, but in the semi-finals, Arts banished the Engineers by 4 points and Commerce shaded the favored Ags by 3 points. In the total-point Finals, Arts won the first game over Commerce and although Commerce gained the second game, the lead of the "cultured-men" was not overcome, and they gained the honors for the year. Thanks are extended to team managers and coaches for their excellent efforts. . A SCORE! THE TOSS-UP omenys Basketball 'wi'- PANDY AND PRIZE PANDAS IN ACTICN TW HU U WOHIGHIS enior Baslzetba l Alberta's Pandas brought glory Alma Mater as they returned victorious, bearing the Cecil Race y from an intercollegiate meet at Winnipeg. Coach McClocklin Worked and patiently with the girls until they outshone Saskatchewan 34-27 and 22-17 respectively. Tommy received whole-hearted from such strong players as president of basketball Eleanor QQ Vera Hole, June Causgrove, Sylvia Callo- way, Olive Barnes, Dorothy jones, ances Stanley, Shirley McPhail, Herta Moll and Gretta Hanna. Although fans were un e to see the Pandas in action against other campus hoop squads, the City Senior Womens' League afforded some good basketball, the Pandas placed cond in the league, going down before a fast team from Morton's. This year's team v ed long and hard for the Race Trophy, in spite of the fact that part of t ' r talent is graduating this year, the Pandas hope to put up as good a fight n ., Winter, to keep the trophy at Alberta. Dorothy jones June Olive Barnes I-Ierta Moll i 1 i Eleanor Krys Frances Stanley Vera Hole Shirley McPhail Gretta Hanna 034 ,lb Q2 vow unior omenrs Baslzetlmall This year the Junior Varsity team has been active in basketball circles. Under the com- bined coaching of Tommy McClocklin, Eleanor Krys, Sylvia Calloway, june Causgrove, Vera Hole and other Panda members, junior players learned the A.B.C.'s of basketball and are ready to follow in the footsteps of the Senior team. Next year's P'anda's will be chosen from the Junior team. Actual game experience came from encounters with a team from University High School and a Westglen squad. Though the Alberta girls came out on the short end of each score, players gained much from the games. v , in T As a potential source for Panda players which provides the same style of coaching as the Senior team receives, the junior team will be maintained and encouraged next year. Members of this year's team are: Eileen Macartney, Elsie McFarland, Jeanne Gould, Aurora Biamonte, Lillian Gehrke, Pauline Arnett, Bernice Moore, Yvonne Harrison, Lorraine Gagnon, Geraldine Fish. omen S Inter i u tyg 1 126 ba After 1 closel atched interfa y series the Education girls t A ed the Scieu team 34 18 Sci ence Arts and use Et trai the teachers in that order Un h le direction of Vera Hole the season a highly competitive one The inter , , k h t t o for Top Row, lelt to right: Pauline Arnett, Dorothy Husband asketball SPH-It ept I e Compe 1 1 n Ruby Deksne, Elsie McFarland, Dorothy Soby. Bottom Row: Yvonne Harrison, Eileen Macartney. Aurora l he Hrlal rally Was made Biamonte. Audrey Fryer. 1 i 1 QA l A o V f' lf f is ' T t 0 I . f . If e ir-fi'-0 i i ' , 1 . . . i . 1 A faq ' ' i i ' th terfaculty Rose Bowl Trophy at peak rivalry TWO :mp AND THIRTY-six ii. xx. . BADMI TGN CLUB' THE EXECUTIVE Pres. Vice-Pres. Sec'y. Jocelyn Jack Marion Simpson Donald McLellan Although working under difficulties this year because of a lack of necessary facilities, the badminton club managed to attract over 150 members. The club was organized successfully under its executive Jocelyn Simpson, Marion Mc- Clellan, and jack Donald. The highlight of the year was the tournament held at the end of january. About 60 members participated and great enthusiasm was shown. joan O'Rourke and Marge Fraser teamed up to defeat Lorraine Skeith and Jocelyn Simpson. For the second year in succession, Marge Fraser won a close decision from joan O'- Rourke to take the ladies, singles crown. ' Big upset was Freshie Bob Watson's defeat of last year's champion, Bill Armstrong. Watson fell before the onslaught of Bill Burge who in turn was defeated in a very close game by jack Williams. In the rnen's doubles, Bill Armstrong and Bill Burge downed jack Willianis and Ken Nickerson in two straight games. The tournaments ended when Joan O'Rourke and Bill Armstrong defeated Marge Fraser and Bill Burge in the mixed doubles. To close the season, some of our members were invited to play a Round Robin with the Faculty Club. BEATIN' THE BIRD LOVELY SHOT! A TIVELY DOUBLES TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SEVEN N -,ff Www X, nm-.,,f. K xl x . , v K, iv N4 'z , .Hu . . 'mth . L ,., X. . ,, ,V . , n ' . 1, l'I. N v J ",.1,.'4F 1 f 4 ff--. wry, y ,I ,-,, ,, ,tm lf, , w. -1 , Aw. .,,,.,,,. 1 1-U 9,-H, .v., v vw' ' . ., W " " ' w'f?'.w ' .W 41s."wn' H. ' Q .Sm-Lv' 'Huff kg?-H 'S 7 " 2' 'Zim N fgf ll' -"V A 4 .1 I K . Q I S A K i' Q E, .Qi Elfnr Elmer mlm Binh Wnife rivers run info the sea, b wlzife on ine mounfafns snaalows move over ine sfop wfaife neaven feeals ine stars ever slzaff flzy honor, ing name, ans! ing praises enalure. Wt N ,f3.... ,, j" 1xV V.-, V. J ,A muuullulnn- Q ,....xmf'f9'-" NX K 2 .--GiI'-- "iam Wi it Q s X J' X . bxe X 'Q 'x , 2- XQQA be X Eff 2 f ' 1 'hr illallvn W7-fiefir' NGITYQ Liuetfz for Evermoren Vladimir "Laudy" Adamic Aubrey Abram Adams Gordon Forbes Alger joseph Cletus Allen Richard Henry Appleyard Arthur Campbell Archibald Walter Gray Arnold Charles Oren Baker George Raymond Baker Alex Addington Ballachey Gilbert Thompson Blair Richard Gustav Briese john Bright Wilfred Henry Brooks Albert E. Brosseau William Wood Lindsay Brown Douglas john Alex Buchanan William Gledstanes Bury Richard Laurence Callaway Wilfred Lawrie Cameron john Sommerville Cardell Earl john Christie Fenner Hugh Clark Bennett Winthrop Clarke james Constabaris Leroy Duncan Coons Bruce Sherwood Corbett Norman Edward Costigan john Walter Dallamore Harry Kenneth Davies Richard john Secord Dawson Francis Irving Dewar Frederick Sayre Dewis john Edmund Diamond Roderick joseph Digney Arlie Breton Douglas Glenn Richard Dunn joseph C. Dwyer QMissingj Norman Douglas Edmond George Albert England Robert Clive Felstead Kenneth Gordon Fenske john Frederick Filteau Rowan Purdon Fitzgerald Vincent Bernard Fleming Thomas Rex Forsyth Robert Charles Foster Robert Ross Gammon Irving Walter Garfin joseph Leon Gibault Robert Finlay Gibson john Arthur Gerald Gordon Robert Graham Robert H. "I-Iammy" Gray Thomas Farrell Greenhalgh Harold Gulbraa Stanley Mervyn Heard john Anthony Heffernan William George "Reg' Henry William Clifford Hewson Lloyd G. Hinch Hugh Munro Hope joseph Arthur Horsfall Richard MacBain Howey Arthur Francis G. Hughes john Hurlburt Walter Lloyd Hutton Thomas Vincent Hyland Earl Clifford Ireland Harry Charles Irvine Frederick Hansell Irwin Robert Aubrey Irwin William Thomas johnstone Wm. Edward Wellington King Harry Nettleton Kirkland Douglas Stanley S. Kirkwood William Ward Knapp Andrew Drew Lennox Robert Lepsoe jr. john Lloyd Lewis Walter Carlyle Little Robert Fraser Logie Leslie Duncan McAllister james Archilbald McCormick Donald Patton McDaniel Alan Stuart MacDonald Charles George Macdonald George Lloyd McDonald Ian Batty Macdonald Verdun Frederick McDonald Alan james McEwen Thomas Wilson MacKenzie john Goodsir Mackid William Lidstone McKnight Howard Mark McLaughlin james Robert McLean Donald Robert McNabb Hugh Douglas MacPherson Thomas john Magee jacob Barney Mandel Neil Douglas Medhurst Hugh Merryweather john Whitla Millar William Anderson Millar TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE Kenneth William Moodie joseph Evan Morgan james Roy Munn Gordon Chapman Munro W. james Murdoch Nickerson Archie Thomas Noble Nick E. Nykiforuk Edmund W. Burton O'Meara Donald Moir Palethorpe Alexander Granton Patrick William Andrew Payne Francis Lionel Peters Hunter Pfrimmer john Marshall Polomark Richard C, K'Bill" Procter Robert Lanning Procter Gordon Henry Pybus joseph Coates Redmond George joseph Reid William Archibald Reid Ian Crichton Robbie john Milne Roberts Donald Kenneth Robertson Wilbert james Robertson William Garland Roxburgh Robert Allen Scott William A. Semeniuk William Stuart Sewall Robert Smith Shanks Douglas Haig Sharpe Hance Logan Shortliife Bonn Cory Smith Ivan Winston Smith Richard Clare Smith john Rutherford Sterne Kenneth Roger Sutton john Rodger Talbot Norman Allin Terwillegar Edward Craig Thomas Robert Aubrey Thorne Cyril Nisbet Tingle Charles Travers Harry Uretzky Wm. Alexander Walkinshaw james Arthur Whiston Laurence Hughes Wilkinson David Gabb Williams john Henry Wilson Patrick Henry Woodruff George C. Yavis Alan Vfilmot Young HGNCR RGLL William Charles Acton Garnet Denison Adam Donald Adamson Wilfred Ernest Addinell Bernard Adilman Arthur Christian Ahrens Emil Aiello john Franklin Aikenhead Marion Isabel Aikenhead Austin Foster Aikins john Forster Aitken Leon Alaoglu Ross Patterson Alger james Grant Allan john Donald Allan Robert Blake Allan Harvey Tansley Allen Gordon Alexander Allen Harvey A. Allen john C. M. Allen George Edgar Allinti' Robert Henry Allsop john Glen Alston Gerard joseph Amerongen Clifford Ames Lester Roy Amundsen Gwen jennings Amundsen Carl William Anderson David Henry Anderson Fay Walter Anderson james Oliver Anderson Lloyd Francis Anderson Walter Stirling Anderson james MacOwen Andrews Roger Angus Dougald Sinclair Arbuckle Herbert Seymour C. Archibold john Carlisle Archer Arthur Campbell Archibald Harold David Archibald Harold William Archibald Robert David Archibald William Seymour Archibald Wilfred Yorston Archibald Mary Catherine Armey Donald Eugene Armstrong Heman Brock Armstrong john Grant Armstrong Gordon Stuart Ashley William john Astle Walter Falahy Atkins Arthur Graham Austin William Burton Ayre Geoffrey George' B. Ayres Wilfred Seth Backman 4 Garnet Aubrey Badger john Francis Badner jack Wilfred Baileyii Ian Bain Fred Bainbridge Westley Bainbridge Alfred Dominico Baker Andrew Randall Baker Frederick james Baker Harold Stewart Baker Howard Stewart Baker P'erron Laurence Baker William Edward Baker George Sigurd Balfour Henry Ezra Balfour john Balfour james David Balfour james Thorburn Ballantyne Harry Alden Banks William Robert Barclay james E. M. Barlow Lorna Dorothy Barnhouse Edgar William Barrie Robert Herbert Barron john Bartleman Robert Frederick M. Bartlett Lloyd Winston Bassett john Bruce Bate Thomas Edward Bate Margaret jean Baxter Morris Bay Arthur joseph Beauchamp Louis Beauchamp Mark Louis Beauchamp Walter james Beaumont Herbert Napier Crawford Begg David MacPherson Bell Donald Munns Bell Gordon Irving Bell Robert Edward Bella' Robert Murray Bell Thomas Arnold Bell William Robert Bell William Wilberforce Bell Albert Franklin Belyea Soloman Izadore Belzberg Frank Bennett William Leland Lloyd Bennett Forrest Glen Bentley David Berezan Amy Ruth Beata Berg Matis W. E. Bernstein Frank Lovatte Bernstein Henry Deryk Berry james Ralph Berry Manes Albert Berteig Arthur Daniel Bessemer Michael Richard Bevan Alexander james Beveridge David Earl Bicknell john Evans Bicknell james Bill Alexander Peter Bilteck TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO . Il" Lois Olive Bird Edward Eversley Bishop Howard judson Bishopii' Ross Porter Bishop Erwyn Wallace Bissell Donald P. MacKenzie Bissett Robert Harold Blackburn Lorne Hamilton Blackbourne john Stuart Blackie Robert Valentine Blackmore Gilbert McNeill D. Blackstock john William Blackstock Thomas Rushton Blades james Blair William Robert Nelson Blair Robert Henry Blaquiere Ralph Edwin Blefgen Warwick Adams Blench john Campbell Blewett Carmen A. Bliss jesse Franklin Block Louis Bloom Gordon Richard Blott Hugh Allan Blue john Francis Blue Arthur Finn Boileau Rene George Boileau Hyam Bolocan Hugh Honson Bolton Stuart Murray Bolton Kenneth Leon Bond Herschal Bookhalter George Coverdale Boorman Emerson Milton Borgal Russell Everett Borgal Almer Melvyn W. Borrowman Malcolm Bow Donald Haines Bowen Robert Taylor Bowen Lloyd Russel Bowlsby Ronald Fraser Patrick Bowman Allen Coleman Boyce Russell Boyd Robert Wallace Boyd john Royce Boylan George Cameron Bradley john Edward Bradley Leonard Orville Bradley Nelson john Bradley Kenneth Alfred Bradshaw Thomas Robert Braithwaite XVilliam Bramley-Moore Edward MacPherson Bredin john Frederick Brennagh Norman Lorne Brennan Gerard joseph Breton john Weightmen Bridge Frederick Blyth Brien Aubrey Harry Bright HONOR RCJLL Douglas Andrew Brimacombe Gilbert P'lante Brimacombe Francis Marion Brink Gaylord Frederick A. Brink Charles Elgin Brisbin Edward Chester Britton Chester Ray Brocklebank James Ernest Bromley Robert William Brookes-Avery Charles Gerald Brown Emerson Dalglish Brown Frank Brown Frederick Ure Brown Gordon Edward Brown Harry Knowlton Brown john Clemence Gordon Brown john Milton Brown Leigh Borrodell Brown Leslie james Brown Alan Marshall Brownlee George Fred Brunet James Ferguson Brunton David Morris Bruser Michael Bruser Harold Bryant Douglas Roy Buchanan Gordon Lewis Buchanan Thomas Hugh Buchanan William Howard Buchanan Ernest Howard Buckingham james Francis Buckingham Robert Roy Buckley Allan Kivan Buckwold Charles William McKay Burge john Theodore Burger Alexander Macdonald Burka Douglas john Burke Donald Kenneth Burke Raymond Webster Burnap David E. Burnham Reginald Beatty Burnard Robert Edward Burns Elizabeth Louise Burpee Samuel Martin Burris John W. Burrows Richard Bryson Burrows Gordon Ralph Burton John Franklin Burton Margaret Jean Burwash Isobel Victoria Burwash Ronald Allan Burwash Lorne Samuel Busby Jack Butterfield John Murray Byers John Nelson C. Byers Robert Edward Byron Edmund Francis Cain Andrew Cairns Alexander Duncan Cairns james Calder Alexander Lorne Caldwell Hugh Lyonnes Caldwell John William Grant Caldwell Gordon R. McLean Callbeck Bruce Aston Cameron Donald Forbes Cameron Donald Roy Cameron Elbert Frederic Cameron Evan Giles Cameron Ian Blake Cameron Norman Sidney Cameron Stanley Daniel Cameron Archibald Weldon Campbell Claude Andrew Campbell Charles Edwin Campbell Clarence Sutherland Campbell Charles Scott Henry Campbell Donald Kilgour Campbell Duncan Carlyle Campbell Edna Ruby Campbell Gilbert McCully Campbell Harold Reid Gordon Campbell james Arthur Campbell Lachlan Maclean Campbell Rowland Black Campbell Stuart William Campbell Walter Graham Campbell john joseph Emmett Canty Timothy Michael Canty Sander Caplan Persis Aileen Capsey Brigham Young Card Thomas Edward Cardell james DeVic Cardy Cecil Henry Carley Gertrude Evelyn Carlyle James Ernest Carmichael Morris Carnat Stephen Frederick Carr William Paterson Carr William Kent Carruthers Alan Newton Carscallen George Donaldson Carson Joseph Edward Carson William Lucius Cary Joseph McGill Casault George Robert Castles Joan Melbourne Caudwell Patricia Mary Cave Herbert james Chalmers John Herbert Chamberlain john West Chalmers Allan Langmuir Chambers Edward Francis Chapman xf,1:g'1i',N pr Nelson Thomas Chappel J' ' 'ii ' Robert Wilson Chard - john Constantine Chary L q Pcs, ' ,tt Leslie George Chatten f TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE -7 A D. Nestor Cherniawsky William Cherrin fCherniawskyj J. M. Cherniwchan David Douglas Cherry James Hugh Chesney C. Montgomery W. Chinneck Audrey May Johanne Chowne Edwin George Chown Hans Frederick Christensen Holger Christian Christensen Frank Melrose Christie Harry Robert Christie Norma Bell Christie Reginald George Christie Harry Ford Chritchley Albert Joseph Church Edward Clark Chute Rupert McConnell Clare Donald Walter Clarkeif' Kenneth Andrew C. Clarke Thomas William Clarke Geo. Vivian Tremayne Clarke Robert john Clarke Stanley Chas. Tremayne Clarke Thomas Wfilliam Clarke Stanley Burnham Clay Margaret Louise Clayton Frank Street Cleall Allan Ray Clink Harry William Cochrane Barter john Cody Albert Frank Collin Eric R. Coffine Bernard Cohen Eliot Cohen jack Herschel Cohen Russell Quentin Colley Edward Cecil Collier Phyllis Kathleen Collier Bruce 'Wheeler Collins John Jerome Collins Dean Alvin Colpitts john Benjamin Comfort Tully Israel Conn Gladys Mary Conquest Marion Catherine Conroy Wilfred Allen Conroy fohn Convey Charles Eric Bruce Conybeare Vivian M. Conybeare Robert Townsend Cook gi James Itha Coons Wesley Harrison Coons ' +Ardon Blayney Cooper -PI-Ienry George Cooper Ralph Blain Cooper Ross Henry Cooper R. James G. Cooper Walter Irish Coplick HONOR ROLL James Blakely Corbett jack Edward Corbett john Harper Corbettzf' P'aul Dickson Corbett Richard Crofton B. Corbet Theodore Corday QCohenj john Bryson Corley Eric Wyld Cormack Donald Mercer Cormie john Gordon Cormie Thomas Roy Cornett Sidney James Cornish Stephen Samuel Cosburn Everett William Costello Patrick Gerald Costiganx' Ernest Adolphe Cote Wilfred Andrew Cotter John Darnell Cottrell David Bastedo Coutts Cauldwell Gardner Craig George Edward Cragg Frank Lawrence Crawford George Lyndon Crawford john Biggs Crawford Thomas Kenneth Creighton Robert Jerome Crisafio jared Bernard Critchfield Kenneth Lord Crockett Leo Oscar Crockett Frances Ellen Crone Maxwell Collins Crosbie Douglas Richard Crosby Howard DeLong Crosman Norman Wigle George Crux Ernest Emery Cudby Roy Frederick Cummer Edwin Keith Cumming Harold Wallace Cumming George Louis Cummings john Bruce Cummings Marguerite Cusson john Clapham Dale Benjamin Theodore Dalsin Gordon Francis Dalsin Doreen Elizabeth Darley Gordon Bruce Darling Douglas Francis Darrah Robert William Darrah James Phillip Mervin Cecil John Calder Davis Edgar Hawkins Davis George Frederick S. Davis Harold Leon Davis Margaret Nancy Davis Matthew Davis s Ralph Cargill Davis Egerton Winnett Day Frederick George Day john Craig Day William John Dean Douglas David Dean Philip Lawrence Debney Joseph Andre Miville Dechene George Edward Decker john Edward DeHart Harry Dembricki Frederick Ernest Dembiske Harry Dereniuk Laurent Joseph Despins Charles E. DesRosiers Charles Michael Devaney Thomas Bernard Devaney Alfred Frederick Deverell Walter Gordon Dewar Frederick Hamilton B. Dewney john Pineo Dewis Marshall Woodworth Dewis John Maxwell Dickout Ann Elizabeth Dickson Archibald Hadley Dickson Hugh Marquis Dickson john M. Dickson Raymond Evered Dickson James Dimos Robert Alexander S. Dingwall Walter A. Dinwoodie Charles Richard Dixon Earl Charles Dixon John Howard Dixon Kenneth Sloane Dixon Raymond Patrick Dixon Creighton Robert Dobson Howard Lionel Dobson Max Dolgoy Henry Joseph Dombrowski chie Scott Donald Ferris Donald Bruce Donald Ctorrar Donaldson Benson Donaldson Rudolph Donnelly Richard james Dorsey Leo Doucette Alpine Dougan Blois Dougan Arthur Douglas Walter Douglas Jas Reginald Charles Dowdell TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR Harold A. Dowler Alvah Alvin Downey Melvin John Victor Downey William James Downs George Chauncey Drake Helen Jessie Drew Robert Frederick Driscoll jack V. Drumheller George Drummond Michel Dubuc Eric M. Dugganti' Hector Ewart Duggan john Winston Duggan L. A. Duharnel Charles Gavin Duke Mark Aurele DuMont Robert Francis Henri DuMont Ian William Metcalf Dunaway Douglas Dean Dunbar D'Arcy Douglas Duncan Dorothy Jean Duncan Ralph McLaren Duncan Burtt Dunham Ian Graham Dunlap jack Hunt Dunlap George Murray Dunlop Robert Douglas Dunlopf' Eileen janet Dunn Francis Russell Dunne Glen Richard Dunn R. A. Dunn Robert William Dunn Frederick Grant Dunsmore Thomas James Durkin john William Durno Earl Edward Dutton joseph Dvorkin Henry Alexander Dyde Herbert Lorne Dyer Maximilian Redmond Earle Gordon Bryon East Benjamin joseph Eastwood Clarence john Eastwood George V. Eckenfelder James Edward Edgar Lawrence Mervyn Edmunds Orville Harold Edwardh Cecil Allan Edwards Frank Joseph Edwards George Leslie Edwards Lewis Homer Edwards Ivan Clare Edwards Milton Chalmers Edwards Stanley Ewart Edwards William Fraser Edwards Andrew Thomson Elder Edgar Vivian Elford Daniel M. Ellingson Alistair James Knox Elliott HONCDR RCDLL Clarence Wilbert Elliott james Francis Elliott Russell Howard Elliott Thomas Campbell Elliott Harry Gordon Ellis Ian Campbell Ellis Earl joseph Ellison Douglas Ray Ells Whorton William Elmore David Whitfield Elves Kenneth Elves James Paul Elwell Francis William Emery Fred James Emmett George Coburn Empey Gustave Adolph Engbloom George England William Carlyle England Frederick James Ennis William Harold Epstein Harry Herman Erickson Albert Henry Erswell Hubert Eschx' Queena May Esdale Anne Bradda Lyndhurst Evans Garth Cameron Evans Margaret Augusta Evans Sidney Ephraim Evans Sylvia Isabel Evans Calvin Lingard Fairbanks Lloyd Mark Faibish Alex Fallow john Frederick Fanset Mary Netal Faryna Elizabeth Farquharson Robert E. Hughes Farquharson Allan Edward Faunt Garnet Kenneth Feader Alan Douglas Fee Gordon Madole Fee Harry Lewis Fefferman J. D. Fellows Michael Walter Feniak Francis Aylmer Fergie Charlotte Elizabeth Ferguson Donald Simpson Ferguson Jack Lawrence Ferguson Margaret Jane Ferguson William Foster Ferguson Francis Alex Fernet William Donovan Ferris Joseph Paul Ficht Harris Gillespie Field Alexander Stewart Findlater? Glenn Sherman Finley Francis Cleary Finn Patricia Spencer Firth Arthur William Fish Frank Hamilton Fish Frank Hamilton Fish, Jr. Harvey William Fish James Richardson Fish Ralph Edward Fisher Roderick Yorke Fisher Francis Joseph Fitzgerald Donald james Fitz-Osborne Alf Lee Fjordbotten J. E. Flavin Norman Bruce Flavin Henry Sanford Alex. Fleming Elmo Eugene Fletcher Nyal Alston Fletcher Douglas George Florendine joseph Roger Flumerfelt Marion Nellie Fodchuk Edward Joseph Foley james Patrick Folinsbee Robert Edward Folinsbee james Delmar Foote David Gordon Forbes james Wendell Forbes Austin Henry Ford Kenneth Rosny Ford Laval J. Fortier Ralph Perrin Forster Frank Montague Foster William Henry Foster T. Harold Fountain . john Richard Fowler Harold Fox Edward Francis Foy James Allan Francis james Robertson Francis Robert Robertson Francis Arthur Alexander Fraser Allon Winfield Fraser James Anderson Fraser Meta Doreen Eliot Fraser Stuart Burbeck Fraser William Ronald Fraser Leonard Benjamin Fratkin Paul Walter Frebrowski Reinhard E. Frederking William Howard Freebury Robert Donald Freeze David Thomas French William Edward French Harold Clay Frick Melvin I. Freidman Bernard David Friesin Allin William Frost Anne Laura Fuller James Blair Fulton Frieda Margaret Funk Paul George Gaboury Leonard Eustace Harold Edward TWO HUNDRED EDRTY-FIVVE Howard Francis Gain Herbert Lloyd Gainer Walter Dunham Gainer Annie Amelia Gair Evan McBean Galbraith Robert P. Galbraith Charles Wilfred Gallirnore Emile Ferdinand Gamache Thomas Alfred Gander Norman jack Gardener Lloyd William Gardiner John Smith Gardner Nettie Carline Garfield Andrew Boyd Garrett Leonard james Dixon Garrett Theron William Garrison Melvin Lloyd Gaudin james Bernard Gee Kenneth Herbert Gee Kenneth Stanley Gee Gswald Frederick Geehan Max Edwin Geissinger Abe Gelom Gilbert Fraser Gemeroy Edith Cavell Gershaw Alfred Kenneth Gibbons Eric Leon Gibbs George Martin Gibling Don.1ld Campbell Gibson Harry Edward Gibson john Paton Gibson William Gidman jack Albert Gilbert Douglas Gilchrist Charles Ray Giles William MacLean Giles Raymond Edward Gilham john joseph Gillis Donald Saunders Gilmour Harold Bruce Gish Robt. Ronald Maclean Glasgow Kenneth Glatiotis Frederic Euston Glover Robert Melvin Glover john Clarke Goddard Morris Gogek George Gilman Goldberg A-2, Albert Golden Sam Gore N. HONOR ROLL Shosuke Gote Lorne Allan Gottfred Raymond Gustav Gottfred William Nelson Gourlay Daphne Lennox Grafton Albert Ronald Graham Clifford Ellroy Graham Findlay George Graham Francis Lorimer Graham Grenville G. Kennedy Graham Lloyd B. Graham Robert Graham Thomas Graham William James A. Granger Alexander Cameron Grant Dorothy Elizabeth Grant Andrew Reid Seymour Gray Gordon Cameron Gray Jr. Frederick Syas Walter Green Kenwood Green Muriel jane Green Archie Gaylord Greenaway Norman Edward Greenaway Claude Greenberg Edward Joseph H. Greene Joseph Lloyd Greer Hubbard Thorton R. Gregg Ernest Grenek Robert Washburn Grieve Louis George Grimble Lloyd Carl Grisdale Leonard Haynes Grott Donald James Gschwendtner Julius Guild Arthur Alexander Guitard Robert Arthur Gulliver George Bradford Gunn Ian Martin Gunn Anne Beryl Guthrie Theodore Hackie John Wright Hackney William Haddad Kenneth Walker Haddow Eric Griffith Hale Thomas G. Halford Allan Stuart Donald Hall James Robert Heetp Mat ew et -L Q john Herbert Hancock Roland Lawrence Hancock Hazen Wood Hankinson Richmond F. Lionel Hanna William Fielding Hanna Margaret Elizabeth Hannah Merwin Russell Hannah Albert Hanson Hymey Hanson Morris Hanson Samuel Hanson Irene Dorothy Harbison Isidore Hardin Susky Julius Hardin Roger Boyton Harding Albert William Hardy George Evan Hardy Arthur R. Carlton Hargrave Herbert Thomas Hargrave John Huxley Hargrave Margaret Lissa Hargrave james Edward Hargreaves Douglas Scott Harkness Robert James Harmer Orrie Wetherilt Harris Allan Henry Harrison Clifford Clark Harrison Harvey William Harrison Robert Cameron Harrison Robt. Henry Charles Harrison Regisinal Hart Walter Stanley Hartroft Charles Herbert Harvie Donald Southam Harvie james Allan Harvie Frank james Hastie john Fred Hatch Otto Simon Hauck Wilbert Martin Haugan Glen Robert Haun Charles Harold Haverstock john McNeil Haverstock Andrew Hawreliak Thomas Earl Hawkins George Clarence Haworth Stephen William Hawreliak Andrew james Stewart Hay Cameron MacDonald Hay William Gordon Hay Hazelton McNiece Healy Winnifred Heath Heath Taylor Heckbert ,Hedderick HUNDRED 5 . Arnold Edwards Henderson Donald H. Henderson Harold Arthur Henderson Ronald Herman Henderson William L. Hendrickson John Henry Henning Roy Victor Henning Keith Austen Henry William A. Henry James George Herringer Harold Frederick Herron Paul Hervieux Colin Hastings Heseltine john Cecil Hewson Mervin Wallace Hewson Robert Daniel Hewson Donald Frederick Hicks Robert Andrew Hicks Benjamin Sinclair Higgs Arthur Garhn Hiller Walter Andrew Hiller john Edward Hilliker Robin Cyril Hind Patrick Bernard Hines Frederick C. Hislop Richard H. Hislop Edward Hitchin Charles Richard Hoar Frederick Sidney Hobbs David Mitchell Hodge George Hodge Ewart Willis Hodgins Harold Sanford Hodgins Kenneth Albert Hodgson Bruce Wilbur Holbrook Rodney Holbrook Harry Hole Jack Henry Hole Ralph King Hole Gordon Philip Holgate W. R. Hollinger Clarence Edward Holmes Cecil R. Macdonald Holmes Lionel Stanley Holmes Neil Devlin Holmes Robert Noel Roland Holmes Raymond Wallace Holmes Nicholas Holowaychuk Arthur Warburton Holroyd Steve Homulos Walter Robert Hood Earle Ryerson Hoover Ralph Egerton Hoover Worthy Hoover John McIntosh Hope john Fairneld Horne Leslie Esmond Horne Ronald Hilborn Horner john James Hoskin HONOR ROLL Norman Arthur Hovan William Arnold Howard Florence Dorothy Howey Melville Wesley Howey Wilfred Hoyle Nick W. Huculak William Sydney Huckvale P'eter William Hudson "Molly', E. R. Hughes Jean Templeton Hugill John Templeton Hugill James Humphries Allen Hunt Alice Manning Hunt John Wright Hunt Edward Frederick Hunter Harry Melville Hunter Watson Trusdale Hunter Harold Lancelot Hurdle Robert Gordon Hurlburt Richard Heman Hurlburt Charles Kenneth Hurst Abe Hurtig Henry Hurtig Clarence Dudley Husband Per Osborne Huse Eileen Freeman Hustler Agnes Hutchison Douglas Charles Hutchinson Huert McLaren Hutchison John Linton Hutchings Donald Lee Hutton Glenn Hugh Hutton William Arthur Hutton Percy Denheardt Huxley John Elmer Hyde Vladimir Ignatieff Brainard Shields Imrie Lorne Edward Ingle Hugh Frederick Inglis Wm. Alexander Nelson Inglis Charles William Ireland Adele Margaret Irving Henry Vere Irving William Pollard Irving Armon Fulton Irwin C. Theodore Isaacson Cecil William Jackman Ivan Rufus Carl Jackson Jack Jackson John Gerrish Jackson Robert Gordon Jackson William Burley Jackson William Ivan Jackson Robert Gordon Jacobson Donald McCormick Jacquest William Jallep Thomas Wesley James Kenneth Richard Jamieson John Henry Jamieson Robert Douglas Jamieson Clarence Arnold Jamison John Macauley Jamison Jacob Janzen Joseph Louis Jasper James Donovan Jecks Ronald Ralph Jeffels Helen Louise Jenkins Harry Jensen Hilliard Lyle Jestley Alexander Homer Johnston Arvid Napoleon Johnson Alon Mueller Johnson Arthur Franklin Johnson Clarence Johnson Carmen McKee Johnson Donald Cooper Johnston Fergus Duncan Johnston Francis Severin Johnson Gordon Charles Johnston James Allan Johnson James Crosby Johnston Leavert Edwin Johnson Lloyd Wallace Johnston Morse Albert Johnson Malcolm Ramsey Johnstone Robert James Johnston Stanley Johnson Y Wilfrid Richard Johnson Jonas Christian Jonason David Charles Llewellyn Jones John Henry Jones John Thomas Jones John Robert Blakely Jones? Maclean Everett Jones Marguerite Olwyn Jones Wilfred Lawrie Joslin David Lawrence C. Judge Robert Magee Judge Rudolph George Kaser Fred Katz Jean Louise Keen Frederick Noiigrgp Keil William Rober1t"f,Kei'r Bruce Ainslie Daisy Rosamond Kellam John Ross Kelly William Bernard Kelly Stanley Verrigzg Kernbry Charles Artl1g3iiilKe4msley Frederick Errfest.Kg-indrick, Garheld Kennedy Robert Elliott Keyes Edward James Kibblewhite Lawrence A. Kickham Edward Garland Kidd James George Kidd Stuart James Kidd Clarence Edward Killeen Gordon Killick James Bernard Killick Clifford Wellsley King Egerton Warren King Frederick Edward King William John Cameron Kirby David Keith Kirk Orville John Kirk Morris Klimove Thomas H. Knight Donald James Valentine Knoll Marvin Russell Knott George William Knowles Leonard Charles Knudtson John Zenon Koshuta Stanley Stephen Kostashuk Peter Edward Kozak Bernard Krasnoff Murray Krasnoff George Kravetz Ernest Frederick Kreutzer Harold Krivel Ivan Krpan Richard Alexander Kroenin Edward C. Krysko Robert Wendall Kullberg Vladimir Harold Kupchenko Garnet Lorne Kyle Milton A. Kyle Lorna Jane Laidlaw William Gordon Lake Cleland David Lamb Ross H. Lamb Arthur P'eel Rasoni Lambert George Henry Lambert Lucien John Lambert Marcel Joseph A. Lambert Robeit Leslie Lancasteryad- A Ross Philip Landon Lanef' ,.,.- Wesley Earl Lane iff Gerald Charles Lang Q Hector Craig Lang i Margaret Graham Lang Gilbert Craig Langille Edward Percy Langridge Albert, Edgar Langston Gerald Bruwllennedy . L . Arthur Parker Kelriiit I . .iff i aibson magutgyly, ,sa John Wooster Kenwood F Larson Allan Kershawi in !5i:"f Olaf Meter Larson ii ' John Kenneth A Randolph Mathias Chapin Key V Gerard Duvernois Lavalle , 'ei 7 ,.y- I 5, Two HUNDRED ANDg?fR iEiVEN J H J sv ' . is if si W e, vp A Q., jj ' - fl V- I vjfr . 1 9' S7-x F., ig. HGNOR ROLL George David Lavers Bertha Lawrence Norman Alexander Lawrence james Biggar Lawrie Colin Frederic Layton Frank Perley Layton Robert Blackwood Layton jr. Claud Spencer Lea Peter Windsor Leacock john Angus Leask Raymond Alexander Leask jean Louis Lebel Carlton George Lee Robert Edward Lee Robert Edward Lee George Vivian Leech Andrew Wfelsh Leeszi' john McCracken Lees Margaret jane Lees john Allan Cecil Legate Francis john Leger Sidney Vincent Legg Harry Wright Leggett Oliph Leigh Leigh-Spencer Armand Lepine john Franklin Lerbekmo Alfred Joseph Leroy Willie George Lesick Thomas Blake Letts Lloyd Albert Levesque Cecil james Lewis David Edwin Lewis Frank joseph Lewis George William Lewis John Sydney Lewis Walter Vernon Lewis Sereth Samuel Lieberman Aylmer john Eggert Liesemer William Line Maxwell John Lipkind Harold Stanley Lisson Bert Kay Litchlield Raymond Arthur Litkenhaus Herbert George Little Meldrum Wells Little Arthur Graham Livingstone Robert Donald Livingstone Herschel Alun Lloyd A Mary George Edward Edwin v... -4 , -..- Peere Caroe Lund john Earl Lutz Norman Hugh McAfee Charles Barnet McAllister Gault Alexander MacAllister john Edward McAllister William Fraser Macalister Donald Grant McAlpine Allan Arnold McAskile D. Louise McAulay Graham Falconbridge McAulay john David McAulay Murdock Grant Macaulay Allen Ross McBain Wfilliam Norseworthy McBain Robert A. Leslie Macbeth james Montgomery McBride Leigh Morgan McBride Hugh Charles McCall Peter D. R. McCalla Robert Irvine McCalla Forrest Lorrain McCallum Norman Duncan McCallum Malcolm Graham McCallum Wm. MacKendrick McCallum Malcolm Gordon McCannel Patricia Ethel McCarthy Alexander John McCaskill Norman Edward McClary Mark Meclung Mack Bentley McColl William Brewster McCormack Donald Robert McCormick Edward joseph McCormick Murray Elliot McCorquodale Donald Philip McCracken james Angus McCracken Hugh MacCrostie Murray Watson MacCrostie john Richard McCrum Eric Alexander D. McCuaig Andrew MacCullie Allan Cunningham McCurrach Catherine Eloise MacDiarmid Alexander Duncan Macdonald Alan Fraser Macdonald Allison Roderick S. Macdonald Bruce Fraser Macdonald Bruce john Stewart Macdonald Donald Gould MacDonald Donald Lyon MacDonald Donald Malcolm McDonald Earle George McDonald Gordon Reid Macdonald ugh john MacDonald ugh Robert McDonald Charles MacDonald Alexander McDonald Alexander MacDonald AND FORTY-EIGHT John Alistaire McDonald John Kingsley MacDonald Lloyd George MacDonald Lorenzo Vance Macdonald Ralph Crawford Macdonald Shirley Graeme MacDonald Thomas Gordon McDonald William John MacDonald Charles Alexander MacDonell john Gregory MacDonnell Thomas Douglas McDonnough Alan Neil McDougall Vernon Stanley McDougall john Taylor McDougall Donald james McEachern David Keith McElroy Roderick Archibald McEwen William Fulton McEwen William Russel MacEwan Arthur Donald McFadden Douglas Harold McFarland Margaret Elizabeth Macfarlane Alan Fielding McGill Donald Russell McGill john Scott McGillvray Archibald D. MacGregor Donald Gordon MacGregor Ernest Morgan K. MacGregor Leonard Vincent McGurran Dougald Haig McIndoe john Debs Mclnnis james Grey McInnis John George McIntosh Donald Harvey McIntyre Hugh Risdon McIntyre jack James McIntyre Ronald Gerald McIntyre William Alvin McIver David Stanley MacKay Lloyd Merril McKay Wallace Bruce MacKay William Minto MacKay john Fleming McKeage Douglas Craig McKechn1e George Vernon McKee Allan Douglas McKenzie Alvin Hubert McKenzie Charles Hugh McKenzie Donald Bruce Mackenzie Gordon Jackson MacKenzie Isabel Mackenzie john Robert Mackenzie? Kenneth Albert McKenzie Kenneth Currie Mackenzie Roderick Chisholm MacKenzie Neil Carlyle McKernan Kenneth Wilshire McKerns Carman Fulton McKim William James McKinley HONOR RGLL Walter Kinnaird McKinnell Hector Neil MacKinnon George Wright Mackintosh Murray Fraser Mackintosh Isobel Hannah McLaggan Gray Alexander McLaren Lloyd Bayheld MacLaren john Harold McLaughlin Philip Michael McLaughlin William M. MacLaughlin William Randolph McLaws Cedric David McLean jean Alameda McLennon Lorne M. Maclean Norman Ernest McLean Ralph Duncan McLean Timothy Blair McLean Wilfred Oliver McLean John Graham Maclennan Alexander H. MacLennan l' Agnes Jean Macleod Arthur Malcolm McLeod Ernest John MacLeod James Lorne Macleod Willard john McMahen Stanley Ramsome McMillen james Alfred McNally John Frederick McNally Wm. Norman MacNaughton Clarence Grenfell McNeill john Irwin McNeil Noel john McNeill John Earle Bruce McPhail James Nesbitt McPhail Archibald james McPhee Alexander Donald MacPherson Eugene Lionel McPherson James Campbell MacPherson John Donald Perrin McPherson John Ross MacPherson Mary Lois MacQueen Charles Edmund McRae George Douglas McRae Marion Elizabeth MacRac Norman Henry McRae Allan Douglas McTavish Donald Moore McVicar john Francis McVea John C. Kenneth Madsen Maude Alta Magoon Charlotte Elizabeth Mahaffy Raymond Royd Mahaffey Sidney Giffard Main William Lillico Main Robert Cormie Mair Harry Abana Malcolm Patrick Hamilton Malcolmson James Edward Mallabone Lloyd Ellison Mallin Albert Hedley Manifold Aaron Williamson Mann james Munro Mann George Percy Manning Teddy Lee Marfleet Ben Margolus Burton Margolus Theodore Robert Marr James Heslam Marshall Maurice Marshall Samuel Fenwick Marshall Carlyle George Martin Raleigh Lloyd -Martin William Allan Martin William Erratt Martin Maxwell Pearson Martyn Robert George Mason Thomas Francis Gordon Mason William Richardson Mason Bruce Vanwart Massie Wilfred Ernist Massie Donald Gordon Masson jack Watson Masson William Clark Masters jr. Matthew Matas Herbert Ellis Mather Floyd Francis Mathers George Charles Mathews Paul Matisz . Donald Charles Matthews Francis Richard Matthews John Alexander Maxwell Richard Freeborne May John Edwin Maybin Walter Mazuryk Charles Frederick Medhurst Constant Megas Peter Melling Demitro Melnyk Mary Melnyk Taras Melnyk Cecil Robert Menzies Donald Elton C. Merner Archibald Frank Meston Robert William Meston James Overgard Metcalfe Robert Hamilton Mewburn Robert Charles Meyer Bohdan Michalyshyn Joseph Stanley Michener Gordon Charles Michie Mona Michie Marty Mickelson Morton Mickelson joseph Gilbert James Lea Millar Alexander Kennedy Miller Eldin Charles Miller Eleanor Elizabeth Miller TWO HUNDRED AND Edward james Miller Frank Robert Miller George Emerson Miller Herbert E. Miller Sidney Ray Miller Frederick Randolph Millican Robert James Milligan George Durward Mills William Oliver Mills William Allan Milroy john Archibald Minchin Daniel Howard Minchin Maurice Minton Gordon Keith Minty Fraser Gordon Mitchell Helen Elizabeth Mitchell jack Pullar Mitchell Kenneth Dryden Mitchell William Abbott Mitchell David James Moffat Arnold Fraser Moir John Edgar Monagle John Ronald Monilaws John Craig Moon Donald Francis Moore Don james Moore Frederick Ernest Moore john Francis Moore Kenneth Wayne Moore Robert james Moore Harold Louis Moreau Joseph Paul Moreau George Peter Mores Arthur Robinson Morgan Charles Edward Morris George William Morris Harold Kempffer Morris Ian Morris Loren Wilson Morris Neil Alexander Morris Angus Edward Morrison Donald McIntyre Morrison John Herbert Morrison Lloyd Fletcher Morrison Sheila Morrison Robert John Morrow Thomas David Morrow William George Morrow? Guy K Bernard ovit Joseph James W ,af-..,ai,.,W s HONOR ROLL john Malcolm Murray Norman Frank Murray john Malcolm Murray john Randolph Murray William Barr Murray William Spencer Murray Gordon Edward Myers Herman Arthur Myers Violet Myers Nicholas Myskiw jack Naimark Stanley Norman Naldrett Edward Michael Narbeske Alex S. Nay Rhoda Bernice Neil John Warrington Neilson Gordon Harold Nelson Leslie William Nelson Sidney Richard C. Nelson Stanley Douglas Netterville Edith Frances Newell Stuart Owen Newhall Harlin Kenneth Newingerx' David Hughes Newson Dora Allison Newsom Frank Major Newson David Leslie Nichol Alan Nicholls john Henry Nicholls Donald Arthur Nicholson Archibald john Nicol David Nicol Robert Hamilton Nicolson Alexander Hamilton Nicolson Arne Rudolph Nielsen Jens Bernhard Ditler Nielsen Robert Monty Nigro Russell Allan Nikiforuk Thomas Nikiforuk Harold Leake Nix Nelson William Nix James Robert Nixon Harry Grattan Nolan Ib Libner Nonnecke Donald Murray Norem Valma Tyyne North Joseph Lawrence Northey George Iveson Norton SiWf5,.W,, Menachem Mandle Nozick A fn Qalahan .'Ca1gha.a Oatway i'Q'igkOliver.Lorne Oaitfway :IZ 'L' es1ey:O'Brien . o ' tgp xllyligtong -Iefrpriie OiB3rien Q - llliarh Henfgy ,Odell .5 f Thotiii,a3gRobC1fEiaO'Don1iell 0 ephmd in Qdsagigell gm Mil- I2etaevf'Ma1gi5AQg?'i'ibacher W M fig Johi'+R,p.berg,O-gilygie " .. .EAM Robert Finlay Ohlson David jason Wesley Oke Terence Oldfordx' Aubrey Aird Olsen Clare Whillans Olsen Orville A. Olsen Margaret W. Helen O'Meara John Gerald O'Neill Reginald Donovan B. O'Neill Hugh Lynch Ormsby John Andrew Orobko William Orobko Walter Alyn Orrd' Gunder Osberg Gustav Lawrence Osberg Anthony George Osburn Milford Harrison Ottem Thomas Garfield Otto Bernard Anderson Ower John Rattray Ower Roland Campbell Ower George Harvey Page Percival E. Page Thomas Edwin Pain Leonard Carl Pallesen Edward Panchyshyn Edgar Lorimer Park John D. Park Olive Rhoda Parker Stephen Sackville Parlee William Ogden Parlee john Ogwen Parry Albert Norman Parsons William Bull Parsons Myron Leo Pasnak Delbert Charles Patching Harry Rex Patching Donald Marvin Patrick John William Newton Patrick James Tennant Pattenson Alexander Campbell Patterson Ashton Maynard Patterson Glen Alexander Patterson Henry Stuart Patterson lan Cunningham Paterson john Clarke Paterson Glenn Watson Paul Frances Lillian Payne Joseph Willard Payne Robert Walter Payne Cecil Leslie Pearsonii' Stanley Gordon Pearson George Peck john William Peck Frederick 'Gordon Pedlar William Oswald Peffers john Kenneth Penley Arthur Roderick Penny Philip Randolph Pepper sv 5, "R 1' ,F f sg, wQNO'I-LUNDRED AND FIFTY nity .H , ' wg ,1 f 1- -1, at ..- " 1: ""lv4'-' A ' -"' "' ' ' ' :A 'Y IM. - aaa" ' Q i V ,....,f - - -'ij 51 vii? -- -... Audrey Elizabeth P'eppre Richard Bennett Perciheld M. Thomas Percival Charles Augustus Perkins Edna May Perkins Donald Alfred Perley Thomas Walker Peters Benjamin Norton Peterson Edwin George Pethybridge Howard Broadhurst Peto Charles Alexander Petrie Stewart Pettet Douglas Archie Pettigrew David Lloyd Garrick Phillips Ronald Edward Phillips Raymond Stanley Phillips William Harley Phillips Grant Thomas Phipps Rodney Thirsk Phipps Daniel Eugene Pickett Howard Watson Pickup john Leslie P'idoux Francis Rodney Pike Wilfrid Pilkington George Reginald Pinchbsck Corwin Delemater Pine Gerald Arnot Pinsent Mary Elizabeth Pitcher Peter Naismith Pitcherif' Joseph William Polomark Peter Poohkay Clarence Weller Pool George Ernest Poole john Jacob Porter Winston Dyas Porter Andrew Eldon Potter Ernest Ray Poulsen Cyrus Graham Pow Robert Edward Pow Ruth Ellen Carlyle Powell Percival Hammond Powers Wilfred Laird Poxon Chester M. Francis Prevey James Edwin Price William Jackson Price George Oliver Prieur Blakely M. Pritchard Fred Milton Pritchard Mario Prizek John Proskie Michaelangelo Provenzano David Clifton Prowse Hubert Samuel Prowse James Harper Prowse William Colquhoun Prowse William Pryde Lloyd David Publicover John Herbert Pullen Robert W. Pulleyblank HONCJR ROLL Stuart Somerville P'urvis William Pyrch Eby Quehl john james Quigley Louis Athole Quirk Albert Ferdinand Rader John McQueen Rae Mary Viola Rae Baruch Remelson David Lincoln Ramsay Donald McCrae Ramsey Bruce Irving Rankin Terrence Maurice Raragosky jack Cecil Raskin Ronald Pinsent Rawlinson Hugh C. Redmond Alice Margaret Rea William Alexander Reedx' Robert Ellsworth Recs james Douglas Reid James Frederick Reid james Leslie Reid john Lestock Reid Robert Findlay Reid Robert Douglas Reikie Patrick Thomas Reilly Otis Ferdinand Reinhard Stanley Victor Reiten Robert William Renner William Repka Daniel Graisberry Revell john Windley Reynolds Robert George Reynolds Donald Arthur Rice Harold Lane Richard Thomas Albert Richardson Leon Arkle Richardson Percival Lindsay Forbes Riches Franklin Meredith Riddle William John Riddle Bernard Edward Riedel Michael Aloysius Riffel Herbert Angus Ripley Douglas Campbell Ritchie Robinson L. W. Ritchie Cecil Raymond Ritz Glyndwr William Roberts Alexander Allen Robertson Charles Ian Robertson Cyril Marcus Robertson Gordon Raymond Robertson Gladys Gwendolyn Robinson john Van Wart Robinson Patrick John Robinson Roy Walter Robinson Robert Morrill Roche Maurice Roe Charles Bernard W. Rogers Samuel Robert Rogers joseph Bryce Rohrer Martin Orrel Rollefson Ralph Maurice Rookwood john Sydney Roper Donald A. Rose P'atrick Blair Rose Anatol Roshko Colin Andrew Ross David George McDougall Ross Ernest Victor Ross George Ross Gerald Bruce Ross joseph Donovan Ross james George Ross john Holland Ross Robert Whitla Rossi? Frederick James Ross-jones Gunnar Maurice Rostrup Olav Rostrup Haldor Enger Karl Rosvold Frank Adams Rothe john Rovers William Oliver Rowan Ralph Roby Rowe Douglas Brant Roxburgh James Maxwell Roxburgh Douglas Gaetan Roy Charles Emmett Ruddy Metro W. Rudiak - Alfred Rudin john Ulric Rule Joseph Bernard Rumberg Albert Russell Alfred Herbert Russell Loris Shano Russell Marjorie Norma Russell William Fred Russell Aylmer Arthur Ryan Donald Allan Rylands George Alexander Sackville james Saks Arthur Jacob Samuels Harold Louis Samuels Norman Samuel Samuels Edwin Maurice Sanderson Richard Louis Sanburn Bruce Sangster Douglas Acton Sargent Max Satanove Margaret Beryl Saul Gordon Alexander Savage Hedley Goodall Saville Leonard George Sayers Edward Richard Scammell Roy Andrew Schlader Egil Schonning Robert Coulson Schrader Frank William Schroeder Andrew Lewis Schrag TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-ONE Henry Scott George Philip Scott Lelia Eileen Scott Percy Crichton Scott Robert Govenlock Scott Robert james Scott Walter Allister Scott William Burns Scott William Gray Scott William LeVerne Scott Gordon Hart Segall William john Sellhorn Mitro Mike Sereda Leyda Sestrap john Robert Settle Wilfred Rupert Settle john James Parker Sexsmith Michael Nikon Shandro Milton Share Louise Agnes Shaw Fransi Drake Shelton Lionel John Shepard L. Adair Sherbeck M. V. Shevchishin Richard Thomas Shillington Everett Howard Shiplett George Richards Shipleysi' james Mills Shipley William Frederick Shwarok Harvey John Short William Allan Short Ernest Carl Shortliffe james Robert Shouldice Pinnie Shragge Morris Shumiatcher Thomas Aaron Siddall David Sigler Edro Signori john Derick Sikal Ronald Beverley Simmons Robert Grant Simonton Henry Peter Simonson Simon D. Simonson Douglas Benjamin Simpkin jack Lloyd Simpkin Alexander Mills Simpson Kenneth McNabb Simpsons, J Donald Lamont Sinclair A ,fs 1 'A ames MacKenzie ohn Arthur J J Stewart William John 'fs J f'- 95' .iq F23 HONOR ROLL Isabelle Jeanette Sloane Agnes Dowell Smith Arthur James Smith Clifford Douglas Smith Christopher Hampton Smith Derek Basil Smith George Lewis Smith Gordon Ward Smith Harold Douglas Smith Harold Gordon Smith Harry Havelock Bills Smith Ian Smith John A. L. Smith Kenneth Gordon Smith jean Annabel Smith Lloyd Muir Smith Marjorie Dean Smith Nancy Mary Smith Reginald A. Smith Warren Edward Smith Walter Sanford Smith Samuel Eugene Smolyk Peter Thomas Smylski Harold Hemphill Smythe Donald McGregor Sneath Maurice Lynn Snell Beverly Wells Snyder Richard Otto Soley Robert Lyall Soley Bernard Spaner Sidney Spaner Harry Donald Sparkes Thomas Henry Speedie Allan john Spence Robert A. Spence William Robert Spencer Mary Beatrice Spohn Edwin Gordon Spooner Gordon Harvey Sprague Edward Victor Springbett Norman Gordon Sproule Florence Winifred Stacey Margaret Stanford Donald Russell Stanley Geo. Francis Gillman Stanley Ra nil d Stanley Stansheld vid Steed Steen Cameron Steer Steilo f Stelfox William Henry Stemp Clive Wilson Stephens john Wesley Stephens Sydney Campbell Stephens Audrey Isabelle Stephenson George Roy Stevens john Stevenson Harry Thompson Stevinson Duncan Russell Stewart john Jamieson Stewart Max Douglas Stewart Neil Alexander Stewart Robert Edward Stewart William Dod Stewart Frederick Austin Stickney Archie Lyon Stirling jack Ernest Stokes Charles Alexander Stollery Kenneth Mayson Stone Margaret Marianne Stone Donald john Storey Marion Storey Winston Stothert Fred Strashok Gordon Elbert Straughan George Richard Stretton Elwood William Stringham William Strojich William Ross Stuart Oswald Charles Stubbs Robin Anthony Stubbs john Hislop Sturdy Bernard -Iames Sturrock Elmyr Hewston Stutchbury Herbert David Surplis T. Sydney Sutherland Cyril Swales Kathleen Anderson Swallow joseph Francis Swan Albert Raymond Swann Frank Gustave Swanson Gordon Carlyle Sweet Michael Syrotuck Robert Miller Tait Fred Tarlton William Allan Taschuk Iohn Godfrey Tatham Albert James Taylor Douglas Kendall Taylor john Bradford Taylor john Edward Taylor Mary Molly Taylor Orville Edward Taylor Robert McKay Taylor Thomas Clark Taylor William Glover Taylor John Charles Tebby Charles W. Templeton William R. Terwillegar TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO Hugh Garth Teskey james Ramsay Teviotdale William Donald Thexton john Wilbert Thomas Lewis Gwynne Thomas Orlough Paul Thomas Walter Leonard Thomlinson Annie Grace Thompson john Allan Dean Thompson Margaret Emily Thompson Robert Wallace Thompson Martha Ruth Thompson Arthur McKim Thomson Haughton Gimby Thomson john Thomson Robert Kenneth C. Thomson William Grahame Thomson Wallace Malcolm Thorvaldson Henry Dolphin Patrick Tighe Paul D. Tillemann Ernest Robert Tinkham William Bently Tobey Edward Emil Tomashewsky Oliver Belyea Tomkins john Tomlinson Kenneth john Torrance Leslie Alfred Torrance Henry John Towerton George Edward Trasov Cecil Norman Tredger john Clealand Treleaven Alvin Walter john Trott Raymond Howe Trott Edmund Burke Trowbridge Mabel Edith Trowbridge Donald Turner john Richard Turner Thomas George Tustin Morley johnson Tuttle Frederick Thomas Tyler William Garth Tyler Francis William Tysoe John Franklin Tysoe William Ross Upton Malcolm Charles Urquhart Harold Van Camp William Charles Van Camp John Douglas Van Kleek Winifred Van Kleek Samuel Veiner Albert john Venables Paul George Venini Jos. Frank Xavier Veronneau Francis Tremaine Vikse Peter Chariton Voloshin William Philip Wagner Norman Alexander Wait Robert Gordon Walford Torleif Haldor Walhovd HONOR ROLL Torstein Olav Walhovd Alvin Earl Walker Arthur Earl Walker Arnold Morley Walker George Carmichael Walker Harry Walker John Frederick Walker John Goodison Walker Lynwood Arthur Walker Patrick Herbert Walker Wilfred Alan Walker William James Keith Walker Arthur Harold Walkley Donald Bruce Wallace James Beatty Wallace John Douglas Wallace Leslie George P'ostille Waller Arthur Campbell Walsh Michael Joseph Walsh John M. Wampler Albert Edward Ward Cedric Malcolm Ward George Oliver Ward Stanley Herbert Ward Stewart Hadley Ward Robert Rodger Wark Arthur Hood Warr Douglas Howard Warren John Milton Warren Pearl V. Fowler Warren Rupert Falkland Warren Rudolph James Warshawski Stanley James wafshawski John Roderick Washburn Keith Carbery Wasson Stanley Charles Waters Richard Washburn Watson Frederick Balmer Watt Merritt James Watt Ernest Hay Watts Simeon Armand Weaver Frederick Chester Webber LeRoy Grant Weber Gordon B. Webster Carman Holden Weder Clarence Arthur Weekes Wilfred Rusk Wee Chaim Harry Wolf Weinlos Morris Weinlos Charles Victor Fraser Weir Gordon Robert Weir Vorece Houston Wellman John Perley Wellwood Russell Allan Wendt Frederick E. Werthenbach Norris John West John Robert Westlake Charles Augustus Weston Benjamin Morrill Wheeler John Maclean Whidden Frank Henry White Clarence Edward White Harry Edward White Mary Gwendolyn White Ranald Dunaverty White Robert Tait White George Arnold Whitehead William Carleton Whiteside Frank Whiting Y Eoin Laird Whitney Bruce Cavanagh Whittaker James Howden Whyte Robert S. Henderson Whyte John Cameron Wickett William Ashton Wickett Robert Lawrence Wiggins William G. M. Wiggins Archie Glenn Wilcox William Clayton Wilde Albert Lawrence Wilk Ernest Bertram Wilkins Arthur Wilkinson , Egbert Wilkinson George Albert David Will Charles David Williams James Davies Williams Lawrence Davis Williams Leslie Reginald Williams Robert Guy Williams Jr. Alexander Shaw Williamson Donald Munro Williamson Lloyd Everett Willis Roy Ward Willis Robert St. Clair Willis George Ralph Willoughby George Leslie Willox Margaret Louise Willox Bruce Franklin Willson Donald Robert Wilson Ernest Brown Wilsonzi' Edward Donald Wilson Eric Donald Wilson Gerry Einer Wilson Gordon Lochead Wilson Herbert Scott Wilson Jack Douglas Wilson John Norman Willson Malcolm M. Wilson Ralph Herbert Wilson William Arthur Wilson TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-THREE William Robert Brown Wilson Harrison Lynn Wiltze Aaron Olaf Wiltzen George Edward Windsor Charles Leslie Windsor Robert William Winson Karl F. Wintemute Lawrence Norman P. Winter Evan Maurice Wolfe Merrill Edwin Wolf: R. George Wolfe David Morris Wolochow Hyman Wolochow Michael Wolochow Fred Wood Harry Solomon Wood Lorne George Wood Edwin Kenneth Woodford Frank Leslie Woodman James Sutherland Woods S William Alan Woods Jos. Gowanloch Woodsworth Harold Nelson Woodworth Alexander Woronuk Willard Thomas Worthington Harold Barber Wortman Nicholas Wasyl Woywitka Robert Houston Wray Dorothy Olive Wright Joseph Samuel Rogers Wright Orville Fitzpatrick Wright Oliver Morrison Wright Thomas Albert Wright Wallace Gordon Wright James Lyle Wyatt Gordon Kenneth Wynn Richard Yaholnitsky Stephen Lloyd Yaremchuk Michael Yasheyko Maxwell Yates George C. Yavis John Lors Yeats Frederick George Y John Hugh Young MacLean Kenneth Rikard Younge Keith Stewart Y Lewis Iain Y John Hugh Y William Kirk Y John Jacob Zack Morris Robert Joseph William Smith John Zowtiak C. O. T. C All Platoon Officers during the year have been Engineering students, of Whom eight attended Sum- mer Training Courses for Third Year Engineering students in the summer of 1945. On Feb. 14 the Unit supplied a Guard of Honor to His Honor the Lieutenant Governor on the occa- sion of the opening of the Legislature. Many favor- able comments were made about the Guard which was under the command of Capt. R. W. Ross, assisted by Lieut. M. Lambert. Only one parade a week has been held during the year with some Saturday afternoon parades to make up the required time. The training has been along the same lines as during war time. About fifteen members of the unit are writing LT.-COL. F. OWEN Officer Commanding the qualifying examinations at the end of March for Commissions in the Reserve Army. COL. OWEN AND MAJOR TOWERTON At the beginning of the Training Year there were several changes in the cadre of officers. Lt.-Col. P. S. Warren gave up the command to take over the duties of Provost of the University. Other officers retiring were: Maj. W. G. Hardy, Capt. C. Tracy, Capt. W. Johns, Lt. G. Elliott. The services of Lt.-Col. P. S. Warren who had commanded the unit for six years and of the other retiring ofhcers were greatly missed. Fortunately for the unit several former members of the unit, who had returned to the University from service overseas, were willing to rejoin. These officers were: Maj. D. F. Cameron, Maj. D. M. Jacquest, Capt. R. W. Ross, Capt. S. J. Cornish, Lieut. M. Lambert. The Training Officer for the year was Capt. G. P. Chpin, P.P.C.L.I. who has been accepted in the Interim Force. The rest of the permanent staff con- sisted of: C.S.M. Croft, A., C.Q.M.S. Robb, J. B., Sgt. Cruickshank, D. L. OFFICERS' MESS C. 0. T. C. A , . ' . fs. 1 QUARTERMASTER STORES TWD HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FIVE SERGEANTS' MESS i 1 I THE GUARD OF HO QR 2 ' ', Q' I n , Wi fA1wFg5'T' , , "1 'F' ,.w..fv..' -.4-3 3,- fw 33:5 , ,J D, -Q as Niifxv :5 ' f ,Q , R viii' - ' -f - I mv is S' 1 ' ,. 1 hi " ' ' -" 533. K - , 1 ' .V , 5'z:'1fil5'3 if 23,31 'F 5- h -Q?""' 1, ., M 1 N , X s. ' ' ' ' v 1 fm V - : L I f ,. , A - LN QQ 'q ' ? 5 is ' ' ' . -N - - 1, Q r . r , R , 5 ' L- -1- " 11 Q n :- 7 'ui 1 . ' ' --K-ff '. " N? ' M' i ' '- O Y I wx V.. I , . L 'bl If H. I.. as 4 , , 1 5 Q 'Yi 1 xx 9 Q 4 X I ' 1 ' ex , og., ggi, . N - ,DMM 4 N A a WMA ., ., , V mm:-. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SIX , x , MM ga, THE OFFICER BA Q ET OFFICERS OF THE C.O.T.C.: Lt.-Col. F. Owen, Officer Commanding Maj. D. F. Cameron, M.B.E.-2 ifc Maj. D. M. Jacquest, M.I.D.-Adjutant Maj. A. West, E.D.-Paymaster Capt. QLt.-Col.j K. A. Hamilton-M.O. Capt. S. J. Cornish-H.Q. duties Capt. A. Stewart, Quartermaster fon leave of absencej Capt. R. W. Ross, Croix dc Guerre, M.I.D., O.C., B Coy. Vice-Capt. Broadfoot Capt. W. C. Broadfoot--O.C. B Coy. for first half of year Lieut. M. Lambert-O.C. A Coy. 2nd Lt. I. Shoctor 2nd Lt. J. A. Brown 2nd Lt. L. H. W. de Launay 2nd Lt. S. I. Hauptman 2nd Lt. D. R. Low 2nd Lt. R. D. Low 2nd Lt. P. Petrashyk 2nd Lt. R. G. Proudfoot 2nd Lt. T. A. Sissons 2nd Lt. A. J. Spence 4 ,. QD p 1 2 Q E . xii A TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SEVEN STEN GUN INSTRUCTION CPL. BURGESS AND BREN GUN CLASS WORKING IN THE DARK TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-EIGHT Hour in ON PARADE - ww. H A FIRING POSTURE Khaki I SHOULDER HIGH ZINTER AND TI-IE PLUMBERS DELIGI-IT MORE BREN WORK FIELD MANOEUVERS IN CHALK PIAT GUN DEMONSTRATION TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-NINE yu Jw. -an "' ' ' 1 x ,Q Q .4-v 4 - 1 'K X 8 4 - 1' A -N-.K U vw I 2 -1 . 2! .W ii. 1 I s g P SX " -vs.-AG Q W3 H. ' 1 . Q G I 'QF' o N gi is - Q 2 'Q W' 'Wink Ki 'W' M www- 5 --1, if Il Ili 1' w . I I if .M I . ' FI 'jfv ' ,p11I.' "3 , If , , Q., ' I I II 5 I' " -'t I, -. - ' ' 'z ,, I I f . 1' ' lr- ' f ' , .- I 3. , , " ' ' . ., , I ,..-Z 5 . I' I I 2 III ,, f , Y III I . ,I I II, I G, - '..III., ... - I -, III . 'L- IIIF II .II ,.LI.I, - ' , U I . .f J, . , gb ? I ,I , . I.. . Ir - 1' 'T. S II I., . I I 1 I I - I .ff ie-J - " , T I ,. , , I 4 I I 'I I I :- ' W- , 'Q A I ' " - " ' I I I Ji' A 1? , H53 V N 'ti - 4 ' '- .Ir I- ' ' V F -sg 0 5' I .I I, . If .. , . ,D I .r I I' ' Iv Ii. - ' .Iv . 'Vi L 1- 572? ' ,QI ' ,. .. .- My ,Y , I ' .yt ' .I . Q , .I fn " .I I ,, I I f 5' if I I If?-,I I I I I 5 5534, . ,1-- I I, '- .II. I I IIIII I 1 . I 1 . ,: f I I I rl v I .I ' II Igglr ' ' . T, If' I"2 . - , :Ii 'II' I, 5, "' 5 I n I -.f I 1 ' 'Q I I I III In I I , I I , all I I , ,. III' I Q . I, , If I-If. I 15,--gf I- ,.-' 'm' II5 " I ' Y " fx - ' QU -e I ' un IVII 1 "2 I 1 52 'S "1 - I ff. Wi. fi ' WX, I X W 1 t. s fi 12, . -' . - m+Qa:,g::,..,Mf- :fist A .. .. ,xaggrt ,GNN K , V 'ba v N-x G V ts heart ' a i aa nies? 2 . K ox.'..Q X X W ,fs 1,-'2"N-fi' ff ,xyraxaf-fE3flgga.W.Qx?S at W, Egg . mx N 1 1 'Sf -naw-W ---- V be I , W ,,,:..,, as I5l7",'g 'swf I5 g it 1. Pembina initiates freshettes 2. She,s not UBC-she's ours!! 3. Nurse's playmates 4. Vitamin D in cheesecake 5. More than one use for fire escapes 6. Cigars, cigarettes? 7. More shy QFD initiates 8. Skirts shorter this year . . 9. Can I move in, Pat? 10. Wfillis and two lucky patients TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FOUR M xxx K1 ,av sk A Three Tobacco Rhodas from Pem A few charter members, P.T.L. Tiger's three avid fans A11 for the I.S.S. Brightest probies in years. E N G had to pay them 7. Can't put it Clown Jimmy Wallbridge, sweater boy S. lntcllectuals from J0c's Athabaskzfs quieter moments 9. House dance hep-cats Can you spot Maria? IO. A plot in thc hatching Collins at war with Physics 46 11. McLaggen out to raise funds Murphy displays 12. Bill Dimock thinking . . . fat last!j Gibson practiccs for the Waunicita Jacked! The Joe-boy who can read Rush at Flo's date bureau Uugghll , nn:lI-1 .nx-.t, .waz-www V... . 1' -r"r1ms.s.ww M.. . . --M ., - --Qi. Hurray! mdbile for the Rugby parade! 6. Ags prepare to win Phullatnite trophy 7. Typical parade Weather 8. Engineer Hildred draped for ESS, day 9 Townsend on Arts float 10 I-Iorne's winter outlfit 11. More of same Dirty ol' Chemicals 12. Where Godiva? First post-war parade 13. Engineers pucker up Chems lay smoke screen 14. Meds drum up trade Arts IX Science effort fbefore A.S C.!!j Qbmwlfnla wlgfvff 2 MAT S 52335552 you SHS K MNC gl if Ax, .fn lst A denture, a dollar, a ten o'clock 6 scholar . . . Clinic Day 7 What's cookin', Adele? Dishwashing . . . only one of the joys of advanced Chem. Must be the eleventh hour 10 Dr. Morrison and star inmates of the Chem. Dept. 8 9 Wherels my lab. man? 11 Viewing vegetables . . . the Botany lab.12. Budding medicos hunt microbes Problems of the Atomic Age 13 Honors Chem., The mainstay of Littlew- Tuck 15 No, No, not that!! Kathy Kettyls' bubble, bubble, toil and trouble . . . some witch! Fasman and the Time machine Generators, transformers, engineers, etc. Business end of University Power House 'M NW SEQ ""'Hw-u 5? of -Q in M' , 'livin 255 232 11" f' is V113 ' ' E A W, ug .Fi Home stretch in the Daily QCafeteriaj 9. Med's-eye view of an Engineering Double 6. Athabaska, the first campus building stronghold 8c 3. "This stuff dreams are made of. . ." IO. ltls a long Way to an eight o'clock Edmonton, Gateway to the North 7. Sc S. Pembina Hall . . . 'Tll go no morell. Assiniboia on a frosty morn Invasion of the sacred precincts on a-roving . . .', 12. Pembinals portal graced by star boarders ESS day Fray, Ragg and Leader 2' if 2 V X E 2 'll' fi 22 1 ,rw N. ,,-'rfix' Y 4, ,ffv-' "' .- ' 'V 4 1 .fm I 1 P' sf fi ,ss -fmwwc ,Q v-wr' fl F? 1 I2 .l'f'ffr ,, .. , . 1" 'vvrwf' II A 5523 ., 'ff . X, Q 8 QA? R I4- Hubba! Hubba! Hubba! The Civils' bridge Queen Virgie More of the same Allsopp on the hill lb! - rw 6. Mickey for Fazak 7. Beauty and the bridge S. The Chemicals' exhibit 9. Hubba Hubba club initiation 10. The six beauties TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-ONE --V.. Bend them stems MacLeod has the floor Ski school Outdoor clubbers Lucy and pals pose I .. 98' 'F 'I R QI. vin' x xi ,L -2 C I .M-.,,, 1, -, - 4 .133 P ,'. - v ,J ' 1 4 v n 1 1. 'Q . -gi mi r ur . " 'V'-.-J. 4 Fd' J . --Q f .a f 4- V . - , . r ' " w "?' wx.. I 1 " s 'JW ' -' , . 1 -Q A I 'T , , v ' ' ' ' 49" r N 2 T". ' ' -' -:" ' '1 I . - Le : -- .. ' ' If 1 K r' A I . , . ' .- D . - " -Q ' .4 ' J' w. 1 ' I. S 3 . w rf" ' L - av-w1 ' '1 1 F I l Q r 'fi .-+ lv, , "+' "+. J -w-" . iii 9" . 'uv ,. . .. Pixy. I' ' 1 a 4 n . 5 A . " - I I 1. ... .. 4 . I ,.' ' .ag J.fyY.' --it 1. I' 0 ,r- W 4 ,Hwy 1,- 1, H' V, - ' ,v,n .ry w.- I, AN -YN - v--- 1 2 -, me -lim- J' P rs I . N . I J .A 5. X I E , P E n E L 1 VIEW Delta Delta Delta FOUNDED 1888, BOSTON UNIVERSITY Canada Gamma Chapter Established 1932 ACTIVES JEAN JUNE ORIS LUCY . PLEDGES 'BETTY GIBSON - E JUNE SICQSWORTH I - EXECUTIVE , President ------ JEAN BLACK - DOROTHY SOBY - JOYCE OXLAND Recording Secretary - - - OLIVE OXLAND I ' corresponding sec. - - E DORIS DRUMMOND Vice-President -- Treasurer - - - TW'O HUNDRED AND SEVENTYWFOUR 'lean Anderson lean Black Nfuriel Sniitll Mar'garet Carter Patricia Cave Doris Druninioncl Betty Gibson Enid Glauser Dorotliy fones Frances Kitclien Alison Mattlieufs Iune McCiitcl1eoii Alice NIacKinnon Olive Oxlancl fune Sigswortli , - Ei-'III N.-mmf Delta amnia FOUNDED 1847, LEWIS SCHOOL BETTY ALLAN A NANCY ALTON RHONA CORBETT JODY DAY MARY ELLEN DOROTHY GRACE BETH JEAN MAR ISOBEL SUZANNE FRANCES A A SHIRLEY V ' NORMA H D MARIE EILEEN A President - . Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer Two Beta Beta Chapter Established 1931 DOLORES KIMBALL MARGARET LIPSEY MARY LOWE MacDONALD ACDOUGALL MCGREGOR MCLEOD SIMPSON TZER ELAINE WAGNER MARGARET WEIR BETH WHITTAKER KAY WILLIS JEAN WILLOX JOCEL P L E D G E S MARY KIRSTINE JEAN MCDOUGALL XECUTIVE - - ASHEILA MACAINTOSH JEAN MACDOUGALL - SUZANNE GILLIES - DOROTHY DINNING ' HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SIX N Betty Allan Nancy Alton Rhona Corbett focly Day Mary Ellen Dickson Dorothy Dinning Beth Edwards Nancy Forbes joan Fraser Isobel Frizzell Suzanne Gillies Eileen Hart Frances Holden Shirley Hooks Mar'ie Kenny Mar'y Kirstine Mar'y Lowe Audrey MacDonald jean Macdoiigall Sheila Mackiritosli jean McDoiigall Helen McGv'egor' Enid McLaiighliii Ioan O'Rourke Audrey Paterson Shirley Patterson Ruth Renner loselyn Simpson Ieanne Sineltzer Margaret Weir' Beth Whittaker' lean Willox TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SEVEN I Kappa Alpha Theta FOUNDED 1870, INDIANA ASHBURY UNIVERSITY SHIRLEY ATKINSON' IRLEY AULD URIEL BUCHANAN LOIS OOURTNEY KATHERINE COUTTS ENID CRCCKETT A DGRIS DAU DAWSON Beta Chi Chapter Establisfxed 1931 ACT ESTER MAHON MARY MACDONNEL MARGARET MacKAY JEAN MARTYN JEAN FRANCES W - . MARGUERITE KAISER I LORNA WOOD - DORIS KDERR GEORGINA YULE . . P L E D G E S JEAN GALBRAITI-I I I GLEN MATHESON JOAN GALBRAITI-I ELLEN,.ANN MILLARD E X E C U T I V E President - - KATHERINE COUTTS Vice-President - - - - DORIS KERR X , Corresponding sec. - - AILEEN IRWIN Treasurer - - MURIEL BUCHANAN TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-EIGHT Shirley Atkinson Shirley Auld M1ir'iel Buchanan Lois Courtney Katherine Goutts Enid Crockett loan Dawson Nfarjorie Dunning lean Galbraith loan Galbraith Elizabeth Grahani Helen Head Aileen Irwin Doris Kerr Mar'y MaCDoiiell Lois Macpliersori lean Nlartyn Glen Matheson lean McBride lvlarion McNeill Ellen Anne Millar'd Elizabeth Pullar Enid Roper Nlary Sterling Elizabeth Szilagyi Nlarguerite Weir' Lorna Wood Georgina 'Yule TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-NINE Pi Beta Phi FOUNDED 1867, MONMOUTH COLLEGE Alberta Alpha Chapter Established 1931 ACTIVES DORIS AUSTIN 5 JEAN MacDONALD EUNICE CHESNEY PAT MacDONALD TERRY MCRAE - MILLER , YER GUILD HAY MAR OTHY W MARY W BETH PAM . SHIRLEY-ANN ' P L E D G E S MARCIA CHLLESPIE MARGERY OLSTEAD LOIS HILL , DOROTHY OWER THERESA MCCARTHY ETHEL SHELENE EXECUTIVE ,3f' R I . President - - - - DOROTHY WARD ,,. fi5544g,,,g,Q5:x P My ' Viceeliresident - - DORIS AUSTIN I 'WL I' I- .giyi Secretary - - - - JEAN HICKEY '2fk ffL" . N' ' Treasurer - SHIRLEY-ANN WILSON O TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY Marj Hulbert Doris Austin Eunice Chesney Marg. Gony Mary Farmer Merritt Fizzell Pat Foster Audrey Fryer Marcia Gillespie Betty Graham Gwen Guild Shirley Hay Anita Heckley lean Hickey Lois Hill Marylea HolliclqfKenyon Dorothy Husband Marion Kulalq Mildred Longman lean Macdonald Teresa MacGarthy Irene Miller Elsie Miiriel Mills Marj. Olstead Dorothy Ower Gwen Pearson Arlene Pinch Orene Ross Vivienne Scorah Ethel Shelene Margaret Srnathers Beth Somerville Mary Spencer Frances Stanley Dorothy Ward Sidney Eluned jones Mary Ward Pam Wildmaii ShirleyfAnn Wilsioii Isobel Hill TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-ONE 1 Dig.. ff , A if f I i ,1 Delta Kappa Epsi on FOUNDED 1844, YALE UNIVERSITY ' Delta Phi Chapter Established 1932 F A C U L T Y A . J. S. CI-IARLESWORTI-I J. W. PORTEOUS DR. C. V. JAMIESON DR. B. JAMIESON' A. R. ROBBLEE I. D. CRAWFORD I V B S ANDERSON DAVE LUBER ARMSTRONG JOHN HUGH BLAYNEY TON IAN MCIBRIDE BROWN DON MCGIL CHAL L TDM JACK REA TOM HUMPHREYS BUD SEAGER BILL I-IURLBURT BOB SHORTREED BOB IAMIESON HARLAN TAYLOR RRRN RRAUSE HENRY TOUPIN . RQLAND LAZERTE WALT ZINTER JACR LEASE. A P L E D G S MARTIN ADAMSON STU MAQINTDSRI GEORGE ALLIN . LLOYD NDRDLUNDI MILITDN BAKER JAQR REQR FRED BASSON EV POTTER RILL BURGE DARE SMITH ALLAN C1-IESNEY BILL SWITZER MURRAY CUNNINGI-IAM MERV UTAS BOB DAY MILT UTAS JIM :FINLAY Ros VAN ALSTINR RIQR HISLDP DON RIRLLS JAY KILLEN ' E E I I I I , A X U T . V E I President ---,- GORDON BROWN vicapfesideng - I-IARLAN TAYLOR Secretary - - - IAN MCBRIDI-3 - KEN GALLOWAY Treasurer - TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-TWO ., ,- 1 TT' QQ L 1- :7'. f, I! C 1 Q , , 1 2 'i V Jr! 74 ,, 1' ff I , - 57 Q' ' ' f f 4 25 L' 'Y -2214 , 1 W - 1 - f 1 ffl . f ' 4 1 4 Lamlacla Alpha FOUNDED 1909, BOSTON UNIVERSITY . Epsilon-Rho Chapter Established 1945 FACULTY G. W. ALF KEITH DON GUY ALEX BEVERIDGE BILL BRIDGEMAN BRANT BUCHANAN JACK CALVERT MERVYN DEVONSHIRE GERRY GEROLAMY ART HORSLEY WALTER HUGHES ' ERIC KNIGHT KEN MacEACHERN President - Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer TWO ES- W PYR Y SIMPSON STEWART URSCHEL WATT JIM MILLAR Q VERNON MILLARD WALTER MITZEN MILES PATTERSON DON RIX HERBERT SKIRTEN HUBERT SPEAR BOB STEWART FRED WIHAK AARON WILTZEN E X E C U T IV E - - - - - DON CULHAM HUNDRED AND EI LLOYD MILLER - FRANK BLACK DOUGLAS BAINES GHTY-FOUR 5 , ,. 1 V nal? 1 1' Q A , Qf fs vS'f'1 4' ' Q O Kappa Slgma FOUNDED 1896, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Epsilon Alpha Chapter Established 1939 c CUL HAL CORMICK A C T I V E S ALLSOPP JIM BRAY JACK P BROWN JACK BURGESS GORDON JACK TOM ALEC ALEC STAN WRIGHT I- SAM GEORGE HORNE JACK HOULGATE , BOB JUDGE LARRY JUDGE LLOYD KJORVEN JACK REYNAR KEN LOBB MAURICE ROE JOHNNY MAYHGOD BOB ROSSER BUD MCGINNIS DAVE SHOULDICE BILL MQLAGGEN P L E D G E S BILL FALLOW FRANK FISH LORIMER GRAHAM KEN JOHNSTON BOB MCQUEEN President - Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer ASHTON PATTERSON BILL PYBUS BOB sAND1LANDs G JACK SHARPB FLOYD TERRIEE EXECUTIVE - - - - COLLIN CORKUM - T- RALPH JOHNSCN - - - JIM CLOW EV GRAHAM TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FIVE -l iyvelv 'fx ' in wig Y Jfffmicrl W V 5 Phi Delta Theta FOUNDED 1848, UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI DR. A. H. MCLENNAN Alberta Chapter Established 1930 F A C U L T Y DR WALTER MacKENZIE J. . M. 1.1-IUSTON R TEVIOTDALE DR. G. I. BELL T. L. SIMPSON DR. O. J AC I K M0 5 v,' . f-1, . DI' ,. .A ,:"'i 5 575171 . - 1 :ifiv'?I"f 'g . A J, L' YH: - "-,gg ' Aff' ' JIM BOB GIB JIM DAVE DON BOB FREEZE . ERIC GEADES SANDY GILCHRIST .. GUS GRIFFIN J I RAY HAGER I BERT HALL DENNY HARRIS GRAHAM BARKER NORM BARTLEY DOUG BROWN . DOUG BROWN LARNE CREIGI-ITON DARCY DUNCAN ILORNE HEWSON VERN HORT JOHN HUCKELL JOHN KOCH President - Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer - ART S RO S OE DON AIG CHY CHEN TED ALEC RICHARDSON JIM RICHIE BILL SIMPSON DOUG SMITH . BILL STEMP WILF WALKER JACK WILLIAMS PLEDGES . MORLEY LUFT MALCOLM MACKAY' KEITH MILLAR BOB MITCHELL CEC MOLYNIEUX ANDY POTTER JACK REID GLYNN ROBERTS CLINT SMITH JACK YOUNG EXECUTIVE - A - - - JACK PENZER - - KEN NICKERSON - - SANDY GILCHRIST - AL MCMURCHY TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-SIX 3 .A f Q35 I' A' xii ' t i 'R i 'I' Qin: V FOUNDED 1913, Phi Kappa, Pi RYAN TORONTO AND MCGILL Chapter U L T PROP SINCLAIR L. WILSON IVES ' I PERRIN BAKER ANGUS MORRISON A CLIVE BOWLSBY NED NEWALL NORM BIRTH OLMSTEAD LEN BUR FRANK QUIGLEY HUGH DICK REID NORM BOB RENNER ' 'GRAHAM ' BILL RIDDLE A BARSS I BOB ROBERTSON ALLAN EDW JACK ROSBOROUCH I I-IOMER EDW WILF RYAN SIKIV EDW NORM SMITH DAWN E MERVIN STEWART ART TOM BRENT SCOTT JOHN STEEANELLI JOE RAE SUTHERLAND CARTH FRY AL SPENCE HARVEY ERNIE SHORTLIEEE IAN BOB SOLEY JOHN SOLEY RON SWANN PAT SINCLAIR SNELL J RON BRIAN SPROULE LLOYD BOB WATSON ALEX ADAM WALDIE BUD GERRY WIGGINS JIM OLD WILLIAMS P L E D G DIXON GORDON E X E C U T I - - - - JT SCOTT .J Q - MACLEAN , Ji AJ CID secretary - - JACK ROSBOROUCH J K Treasurer A - CLIVE BOWLSBY ' A 5,1 I TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-SEVEN XII KM J! 4 R Jie: Ef?,ig,'f" Wa mlm! U S1gma Alpha Mu 1909, COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK Mu Beta Chapter , Established 1941 ' F A C U L T Y T D R M. M. CANTOR DR. M. WEINLOS A C T 1 V E S 1 HENRY LEG LYITIAN MELVIN MAQKLIN 4 MARVIN DOWER GERALD FASMAN HERBERT GUTTMAN ART HORQDEZKY T SAM LIEBERM-AN ARNDLD LESK SAM PLEDGES SAM BELZBERG BEN BERCOV REUBEN BECKER LLQYD FAIBISH ALBERT GINSBERG SAM HUBERMAN HY KLEIN EXECUTIVE President ----- ART Secretary - - - - Treasurer - - JUD TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-EIGHT PETER OFFENBACHER ERNEST REINHOLD JACK RYER' SAMUE THAN STARR SWITZER LS LARRY LEVINE ESER LIPSETTT' SIGAL LYMAN MARGOLUS RUDIN WAY eta Psi FOUNDED 1847 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Mu Theta Chapter established 1930 ' Y K. FIFE UGH PAUL GREENWOQD . ARNI HALLDORSON ' . mwgllufkwgibqn LARRY HANNON Preddent 9 Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer - W 743 991. A fx'- M BERNIE BURNS Bile FRANK GEQRGE BILL DQN SUTHERLAND , 'ALWAI.KER.' r DON WRAY ' ,-.. PLEDGES HUGH 'REDMOND EXECUTIVE V 'A - - - - y D- Q BILL-CLARK - - BUD EGGENBERGER - FRANK ZBENEDICT DON WRAY r TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-NINL Business Mana er Reports WITHIN every structure, physical or otherwise, there are pillars or members without whose support the structure would fail to stand. WITHGUT the cooperation of our advertisers the publication of this, the Evergreen and Gold 1946, would have been impossible. Let us express our gratitude, of which they are worthy, by patronizing them at every possible opportunity. 'Thank you, COLIN CAMPBELL, BUSINESS MANAGEI1. iWO HUNDRED AND NINETY E x E 'HMM a. 1 X Xu X f s 4 my X '-. X - ' h . fg: . .Q - A X x - V. 1 .5, 553511.-: In 6 Q f L 4, 3X ,figgy :,V ..,, iw? at X XL 1 3 Q R h X5 ,X K rX X , X A x. . i Q-:X-. " ,X X . - , Q t Q : .X . - G . Q, X. N .. , A! Rl K .XXj.55kwgx Q , gm XX . 1 .Hs X X ' X .X 1:25 Q5-X, ' - Q ' . . ,1X X AVQXXX. 1 X X - , . A X zvxxanllf Xf 9' 3' , 1 ' ' ' ' - - .un V xx XXX X . gn gamut, V X NK' , . 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E-'Die'-E1 ,No Illusmnon IM mmusuUBLISMKAGEDPSIGNS,CATALOGUE XA-DVERTI5 5 E H E gi I X I A If - V- among the MEN who illustrate and photofengrave for HOUSEZ LIMITED are those who have produced almost every design which has gone into EVERGREEN AND GOLD in the past twenty years. The MODERN outlook of this Hrm of skilled craftsmen, tempered by a wealth of past exf perience, places it in an unparalleled position to serve brilliantly in the future. ARTISTS' PHOTOGRAPH ERS- LITHO-DESIGNERS' ENGRAVERS GRAPHIC ARTS BUILDING 9523 IASPER AVE. EDMONTON 0115-6 R PORTRAIT STUDIOS: 10155-102 ST. EDMONTON EATON'S the Store For Young Canada . . . UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA EATON'S l I UNIVERSITY Barton, EATON'S Junior E.vec'1lfi've Jzmicrr Fuslzion Coznzcillor YOUR UNIVERSITY REPRESENTATIVES FOR 1946-1947 "'T- EATQN CfZ..,,. Abell, Treva, 35 Adams, Howard, 35 Affleck, Harold, 91 Ainscough, Alan, 35 Alcock, Patricia, 105 Allan, Betty, 35 Allen, Douglas, 59 Allen, G. E., 111 Allman, Ralph, 35 Allsopp, Bruce, 110 Allworth, jack, 35 EDMONTON CANADA Armstron Bill, 71 Barker, Doris, 93 Armstron Don, 35 Barker, Gerald, 35 Armstrong, Dorothy, 35 Barker, Graham, 35 Armstrong, Edith, 93 Barnes, Douglas, 83 Armstrong, joan, 35 Barnes, Olive, 9O Arthur, Mary, 35 Barnes, Willianm, 35 Ash, Reta, 71 Barnett, Mary, 35 Ashby, Thelma, 35 Barritt, Barry, 35 Astle, Bill, 91 Astle, Fred, 35 Atkin, Howard, 35 Barry, Pat, 35 Bartley, Norman, 35 Jim, 87 Alton, Nancy, 35 Amerongen, Carl, 35 Amies, Clare, 35 Amundson, Owen, 71 Anderson, Bill, 85 Anderson, Carl, 59 Anderson Douglas, 35 Anderson, Gordon, 71 Anderson jean, 59 Anderson Lois, 105 Anderson Lorne, 35 Anderson, Robert, 35 Andrexson, Alex, 59 Andriashyk, Steve, 35 Andrichuk, John, 99 Androschuk, Peter, 35 Andruyshyn, Robert, 35 Annesley, Anthony, George, 35 Doreen, 35 Archer, Willianm, 90 Armbruster, Gertrude, Armey, Mary, 103 71 Atkinson, Shirley, 35 Atkinson, Tom, 35 Auld, Shirley, 93 Basistiuk, John, 35 Basistiuk, john, 111 Bassett, Austin, 35 Austin, Doris, 59 Bates, Art, 35 Austin, Jean, 35 Bathgate, Bob, 35 Babiuk, Helen, 35 Batiuk, Edwin, 111 Baden, Robert, 59 Batiuk, Walter, 59 Bailey, Bruce, 35 Baugh, Ted, 85 Bailey, Herb, 35 Bauman, Melvin, 35 Bailey, Lylla, 35 Baxter, Myrtle, 59 Bailey, Ralph, 35 Bayens, Marie, 35 Bailey, Reg, 35 Bayrock, Victor, 35 Baker, Bruce, 59 Beacom, Stanley, 35 Baker, George, 35 Beaudry, Guy, 36 Baker, john, 59 Beddoes, Dick, 36 Baker, Hugh, 35 Beecroft, William, 36 Baker, Stewart, 35 Begoray, Fred, 36 Balfour, Jim, 59 Balke, Water, 35 Ballachey, John, 59 Ballantyne, Jim, 35 Barber, Fred, 35 TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY-FOUR Bell, Betty, 36 Bell, Harold, 71 Bellingham, Ramsey, 59 Bellows, Joyce, 36 Belzberg, Sam, 36 "MOIlEllN TOIllS UF SGIENGP' ' Canadian Laboratory Supplies Limited TORONTO VANCOUVER MONTREAL vii 6' I ,L 3 ' 'slr , . ' Y. X initiative, and integrity, now seeking a worthwhile f R ' A business career, are needed by the Sun Life Assur- i , K . NR ancue Company of Canada. Previous experience in I Eg, l i I Z S, Q selling is not successful applicants will I 574 . 5,-,P I A 'w.jQ receive the special training course given lireely by . g ig mfgvg lh Sun Life experts. This course fully qualifies you 1 .. E" Q3 for the responsibilities of your new position. .W . -wi 'R - Steady income from the start. Pension and sickness -E" -ee f- ---4-uf privileges are also provided. The Sun Life of Canada is glad to have the opportunity of discussing with you ADDRES E - . . . . S NQUWES To a career in a business of high standing and repute. R. A. COULTHARD Branch Manager ' 319-320 Empire Blk. EDMONTON qw M I l 4 ss'rAaLlsl-lab uses B.E,NElfITS"l?AID SINCE oRnANlzATloN EXGAEED S1,700.000,000 Noffhw' Amis Dai'Y Poo' p Marshall-Wells CAIhertaD Makers of GUI "ALBERTA MAID" BUTTER AND T "NU-MAID" ICE CREAM l EDMONTON Dimlb"t0'S of Pool Milk ' Western Canada's largest distributors o Phone 28104 l all lines of Quality Hardware. THE C0-OPERATIVE DAIRY T TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY-FIVE . S , i Geri ,Mwf.::w:u-.,"'PH V ' I up ,K ,,,,., , ,.,, W, .ia mi-iP:w,Q"Zttg'43:'-3' gil? W , ' . - W-2'-M::f:!:w.' .. - 521- A-1, :nm-. Clfiylfi-'W'1?'I' P" 'S 'x3fL,..,', w"'.?:'-7 "Jfl'r'jf' -1211.4 .5-3 J' 41' - :Inf-v' . .g:m.rfi'g:f?-i- -1 - "fi Z? 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MUTUAL LIFE representatives do not merely sell "policies,', but are trained to arrange for you the best contract to suit your particular circumstances and plans. NVE SHALL be glad to direct you to the nearest lXIutual Life representative. THE Low Cost E Life Insurance HEAD OFFICE U WATERLOO, ONTARIO Since 1869 TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY-SIX Benedict, Frank, 95 Bennett, Hazel, 71 Benjamin, Ray, 36 Bentley, Dave, 91 Berg, Don, 36 Berg, Elclor, 71 Berry, Ethel, 36 Berry, Lawrence, 71 Bertles, Steward, 36 Bertrand, Norris, 95 Besney, Maurice, 95 Beveridge, Alex, 36 Biamonte, Aurora, 103 Bicknell, john, 100 Bidiuk, Demi, 36 Bijou, Bob, 36 Bingham, Orson, 108 Bishop, Marvin, 71 Bishop, Ross, 71 Bissell, Erwyn, 59 Black, Frank, 87 Black, Jean, 36 Black, jean, 93 Black, Kay, 36 Blackburn, Neal, 59 Blackett, Bob, 59 Blades, Ernie, 108 Blair, Burt, 71 Blair, Bill, 36 Blaquiere, Helen, 36 Bleakley, Wilnma, 111 Blue, Hugh, 97 Boettcher, Ernest. 59 Boettcher, Erwin, 59 Bonnaure, Yvette, 36 Bonnel, Claire, 36 Boorman, Mary, 105 Boorman, Sam, 36 Borutski, Olga, 36 Bowlsby, Clive, 95 Bown, Betty, 36 Bower, Ray, 36 Bowlen, Bernard, 36 Bowman, Harold, 36 Boyar, Bill, 59 Boyse, Norman, 36 Bozzer, Rose, 97 Brabbins, Earl, 36 Bracco, john, 36 Bradley, Val, 71 Bradshaw, David, 36 Brady, Brian, 36' Branscombe, Marg., 97 Branton, Ray, 36 Bray, Allan, 59 Breckon, Donalda, 59 Brennan, Norman, 71 Brezer, Henry, 59 Bricker, Reuben, 36 Bridgeman, Bill, 36 Breen, Vfally, 36 Brimacombe, Gilbert, Bronson, Harold, 59 Brosseau, Helen, 36 Brosseau, Helen, 111 Brown, james, 86 Brown, Jim, 59 Brown, Josephine, 103 Brown, Norah, 36 Brown, Norman, 36 Raymond, 59 Genevive, 59 Willa, 36 Brown, Bruce, Bruce, Brundage, Don, 36 Brunet, George, 59 Brunsclale, lla, 36 Bryant, Arthur, 59 Bryant, joe, 36 Bryant, Keith, 59 Bryant, Harold, 71 Buchan, Phyllis, 71 Buchanan, Bill, 36 Buchanan, Hugh, 111 Buchanan, Muriel, 71 Buckingham, jim, 71 Bulford, Elenor, 36 Bull, George, 99 Burch, William, 36 Burchell, Earnest, 36 Burge, Bill, 36 Burgess, Bruce, 59 Burnard, Allan, 59 100 Burnett, Norm, 36 Burnham, Dave, 59 Burnham, Kay, 59 Burns, Pat, 36 Burris, james, 85 Brown, Bill, 36 Brown, Bob, 59 Brown, Doug. A., 36 Burrows, John, 91 Burton, Bill, 59 Burton, Gordon, 37 Burton, John, 37 .Z B01-lay, Dgn, 36 Brown. Doug. L., 36 Boon, Lorna, 59 BFOWH, G0fCl0I'1, 59 I 5332 5 4,4 Nvuu mw y , ,,.. , ,X s.... , I I , 'f -. S I , Qty - S, ,...,., ia as A . 'T , ,siei ' 33 ' I ..., IQ.. I A25 , 12222,--1251 b ,..' , l ,lg ,V . 1 diamonds. ENGAGEMENT RING of modern design, , skilfully fashioned in I4kt. natural gold. I A worthy setting for Birks flawless Price 172.00 Other models from 50.00 JE Purchase tax extra WELLERS , Rah DRAFTING I REPRODUCTION SURVEYING I MATERIAL 1 , SLIDE RULES I MINUSA DRAWING I INSTRUMENTS 1 WYTEFACE STEEL TAPES , 1 Keullel 81 Esser Co of New York 7-9 Notre Dame St. W. Montreal, Que. TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY-SEVEN Burton, Len, 37 Burwash, Ronald, 100 Busheikin, Judah. 97 Bushko, Vera, 37 Bussard, Leonard, 37 Butchard, Harold, 37 Bye, Joan, 37 Byrne, Francis, 37 Bzowy, Albert, 37 Cahoon, Lervae, 37 Cairns, Bill, 37 Caldwell, Lewis, 71 Callaway, Sylvia, 100 Calman, Hyman, 59 Calvert, Jack, 37 Cameron, Kathleen, 37 Cameron, Kay H., 37 Cameron, Mac, 71 Camp, George, 37 Campbell Colin, 59 Campbell Della, 37 Campbell Doris, 37 Campbell Gordon, 37 Campbell Gunner, S7 Campbell James, 37 Campbell Mary, 37 Campbell, Mary K., 37 Campbell Norman, 95 Campbell, Ross, 37 Campbell, Tom, 37 Canniff, Dick, 37 Caoutte, Aline, 100 Cardiff, Edythe, 37 Cardiff, Eleanor, 105 Cardy, Richard, 37 Carmichael, James, 71 Carscadden, Tom, 71 Carson, James, 37 Carswell, Harry, 86 Carter, Betty, 71 Carter, Marg, 71 Cary, Sheila, 71 Cary, Willianm, 59 Case, Bill, 37 Casey, L., 110 Cassan, Harold, 100 Castelli, Louis, S7 Castelli, Maria, 37 Castleman, Doris, 37 Causgrove, Jean, 107 Cave, Patricia, 71 Caverhill, Gwen, 93 Cepin, Mike, 37 Chalmers, Harry, 37 Chalmers, James, 37 Chamberlain, Lloyd, 97 Chanasyk, Victor, 37 Chapman, Ron, 37 Chapman, Stan, 37 Charne, Ted, 37 Chauvet, Louis, 37 Cheladyn, Lillian, 93 Cherry, David, 60 Chesney, Eunice, 97 Chetner, Ben, 37 Chmelnisky, John 37 Chmilar, Mike, 71 Choate, Deryck, 60 Chormyc, Oleh, 37 Chonka, Mickey, 95 Chornopysky, Olen, 37 Chorny, Walter, 37 1 i 1 fwa als you losef Christensen, Holger, 60 Christiansen, Robert, 97 Christofferson, Mary, 37 Christou, Van, 71 Chubb, Frank, 37 Chubb, Roy, 37 Churchill, Rae, 37 Clark, Alan, 37 Clark, Doug, 37 Clark, Herb, 71 Clark, Malcolm, 71 Clark, Sheridan, 37 Clarke D. J., 110 Clarke Don, 37 Clarke Dough, 37 Clarke Hugh, 337 Clarke, Percy, 60 Clarke, Phil, 37 Clarke, Ralph, 60 Clarke, Roy, 60 Clendening, Ches., 37 Clow, Jim, 87 Coats, Gordon, 60 Cockeram, Celia, 37 Cocks, Gladys, 37 Cody, Don, 37 Coffin, Ed., 60 Cofhn, Eric,.60 Coggles, Dorothy, 92 Collins, Paulette, 37 Coldwell, Jack, 100 Collins, Neal, 97 Collins, Roy, 37 Colls, Dave, 60 Cony, Margaret, 71 Cook, Annie, 37 Any BUSINESS or INSTITUTION must prove its usefulness to its Home-town merit its PATRONAGE, SUPPORT, and GOODWILL! g . V N H 'I T0 I IIHIWI UIIDIANS Tossing's a good way to pay for your milk shakes-but it doesnit pay Off in success in the business and professional world. Not to be too grim about it . . . but the people who get ahead are not the ones who are occasionally lucky but those on the ball in everything, including money matters. Start today to develop a good banking connection. It will be of immense value in the years immediately ahead. The manager of our Edmonton branch will b: glad to see you and talk over your plans. BANK or MON'fREAL 10089 Jasper Avenue THOMAS DICKSON, Manager Working with Canadians in every walk of life since 1817 Iohnstone Wa1ker's . . . Has served the people of Edmonton and District SIXTY YEARS THIS AUTUMN lohnstone Walker Limited Edmonton's Own Store TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY-EIGHT Magic Biuz Hama of Szrvicz E ATURAL GAS The modern fuel in step with the spirit of today .... serving nearly 50,000 homes in four cities and twenty' two towns in Alberta with additional lines being ex' tended to serve two more cities and three towns' this year. r b d It rr r d r I p p ry 1 db g fi l gr th h The Canadian Western Natural Gas light, Heat and Power Go. Ltd. CALGARY Northwestern Utilities Limited EDMONTON SERVING ALBERTA TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE . I r im ! , ,. . V ' ' .32-'-if -:5'1:'."'1:3 -:1:1:E'i:f:2:7:lR-::5:f:2'f'?:i:I: -ffifzfiffffii' - - 553532555i5ilEl22f"'3I5' Z45:f:7:3:5:1:7?5:f: W .... . .' 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Far reaching wheathelds, great beef herds, Turner Valleyis oil and natural gas, great deposits of coal, and vast hydro-electric power are but the highpoints of the rich natural wealth of the Calgary district. If you can't come to live in Calgary, do the next best thing come and visit. The welcome mat is always out. CITY OF CALGARY reserves of "BETTER MATERIAL AT NO EXTRA COST" l For forty years we have served the l Builders of Edmonton with LUMBER AND MILLWORK W. H. CLARK Lumber Co. Ltd. 1o9rh Street, EDMONTON 1. M. MILLER, City Clerk '5"iull-'ll' Ya-.-iw--. i? wh wx R V-1-I H K AS... ..,V gggg A f - ",. P- .- """"" ' --ff' 71 5 i qfwfv. .- 1 i ,il .. Lxgku-M iQ7EI"'T" ' ' - . iL..xM-V 'gm l i ' 1 TT" " "tt'-- Af V R-kNgR"T'x'M -L in Ed B h ' monton utc ers 8: A ' S I' l Paclcers upp les 9953 JASPER AVE. EDMONTON l Electric Refrigeration Boxes and Coolers Food Preparing Machinery, Scales, Bread and Meat Slicers, Meat Choppers. Cash Registers, Pastry Mixers, Butch Coffee Mills, Kitchen Tools, Butchers' Supplies and Equi er Blocks, Safes, pment. THREE HUNDRED Cook, Gene, 37 Cook, Robert, 71 Cooper, Glen, 37 Cooper, John, 37 Coote, Gweneth, 37 Coram, Ivan, 37 Corbett, Rhona, 37 Corkum, Collin, IOS Corkum, MacKenzie, S5 Cormack, Doug, 37 Courtney, Lois, 71 Coutts, Bill, 38 Coutts, Katherine, 90 Coutts, Marguerite, 37 Covey, Janet, 71 Cowley, Bill, S7 Craig, Margaret, 60 Crockett, Enid, 37 Croft, Vivian, 37 Cross, Donna, 37 Crough, Hellen, 37 Crough, Norah, 37 Crowle, Wesleyf, 37 Crozier, Hugh, 37 Cruickshank, Edith, 37 Cullen, Gerald, 37 Cullerne, Ruth, 37 Culley, Ernest, 71 Cunningham, Jack, 71 Cunningham, Murray, 37 Currie, Bert, 63 Currie, Hugh, 60 Cuyler, jack, S5 Daley, Mona, 37 Dalawrak, Elsie, 90 Dalsin, Marjorie, 97 D'Amico, Zupito, 60 Dandurand, Ted, 90 Dane, K., 110 D'Arcy, Dale, 37 Darichuk. George, 72 Darling, George, 37 Dau, Doris, 60 Dau, Phil, 60 Davenport, Marion, 72 David, Vernon, 60 Davidge, lone, 105 Davidson, Barbara, 60 Davidson, Don, 37 Davidson, Marjorie, 37 Davidson, Mary, 93 Davies, Donald, 72 Davies, Thomas, 37 Davis, Doris, 37' Davis, Gordon, 37 Davis, Nancy, 93 Dawson, joy, 72 Dawson, joan, 37 Day, Jack, 60 Day, Jody, 37 Deadrick, Don, 37 Deakin, Stan, 33 Dean, Arnold, S3 Deering, Henry, 60 Deksne, Ruby, 100 , de Launay, Leon, S8 Dembiske, Fred, 60 Denis, Jim, 37 Dennell, Mary, 100 Jeschatelets, Marie Rose, 37 Deslandes, Constance, 90 Despins, Laurent, 60 Desson, George, 100 d'Estrube, Pierre, 111 Detro, Charles, 37 Deugan, Vic, 37 Devicq, Glenrose, 37 Devonshire, Mervyn, 37 Dew, Fred, 100 Dewar, Lawson, 60 Diamond, Renne, 60 Diamond, Shirley, 97 Dick, John, 85 Dickie, Bert, 37 Dickie, Bill, 37 Dickson, Mary Ellen, 37 Dilke, Bob, 72 Dimock, Bill, S5 Dingman, Bob, 37 Dingwall, Robert, 60 Dinning, Dorothy, 97 Dinzey, Rosalie, 37 Dion, Alfie, 72 Dixon, Allen, 95 Dixon, Grace, 105 Dixon, Keith, 72 Dixon, Russ, 37 Dlin, Barney, 72 Dmytruk, John, S5 Dockery, Bill, 37 Dodd, Fred, 37 Dofka, Herberta, 60 Dolinsky, Marshall, 60 Domoney, Ann, 37 Donald, Jack, 85 Donis, Lydia, 72 Donovan, Joe, 60 Dorward, Fred, 37 t ,Bal WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO BE J A Scien tzst? It pays to experiment-when you know what you are doing. If you don't, you are due for unpleasant surprises. Of one thing you can be certain. No matter what your future calling may be, careful money man- agement can mean much to your peace of mind, enable you to concentrate on making a success of your calling. A good way to acquire the habit of thrift is to open a savings account now even though deposits may be modest at first. We Welcome your account. TI-IE ROY L BANK UI' GANA THREE HUNDRED AND ONE In Edmonton . . FOR QUICK SERVICE AND THE , MODERATE PRICES l in binding of Magazines, Music, Repairing , Bibles, Hymn Books, Books, etc. MODERN - FIREPROOF l I . l l THE A Dining Room Service You Will , 1 I i C l B d . Apprec ate 1 , a gary In ery Attractive 2 Blocks East 108 Second Street West Rates C.P.R. Depot l 112442 CALGARY R2442 ,M,W,M,Ml Y ,EMM , , ,, ,YE ,YM Dougan, Kenneth, 72 Edwards, Irene, 38 Fallowi AICX- 33 Dougherty, Mary, 37 Edwards, lvan, 60 FallOW, Bill, 38 Douglas, Charles, 38 Edwards, Jack, 103 Farewell, Siimley, 33 Douglas Roderick, 60 Edwards, Lawrence, 38 Farmer, Mary, 38 Douglas, Stuart, 38 Eggenberger, Garth, 103 FarV0lClEr1, Ralph, 38 Downie, Don, 60 Eikeland, Harold, 38 Fastman, Gerry, 60 Downie, Guy, 86 Eisner, Nlartin, 38 Fawcett, Herchel, 38 Downing, L., 105 Elder, Verona, 91 Ferbey, Lilley, 38 Doyle, Patrick, 72 Elford, David, 38 Ferguson, Ralph, 86 Drake, Chaunee, 72 Elford, Doris, 93 Ferguson, Raymond, 38 Dron, Olga, 38 Eliuk, Metro, 38 Ferguson, Thomas, 38 Droniuk, Bill, 38 Elliott, Bob, 38 Fewchuk, Rose, 38 Drouin, Paul, 103 Ellis, David, 60 Filipchuck, George, 38 Drummond, Doris, 90 Ells, Douglas, 60 Fink, Thomas, 38 Duke, Barbara, 38 Ells, Shirley, 105 Finlay, jim, 38 Duinaine, Leo, 38 Elves, Kenneth, 111 Fish, Barbara, 90 Dunbar, Lois, 97 England, Harold, 38 Fish, Frank, 60 Duncan, Ray, 103 English, Nancy, 38 Fish, Gerry, 38 Dundas, Audrey, 38 Enns, Adelaide, 38 Fisher, Fred, 100 Dunlop, Lois, 105 Erdman, Ilmar, 60 Fitch, Phyl, 38 Dunn, Bob, 38 Ergezinger, Emma, 38 Fitzpatrick, Arthur, 38 Dunn, Jim, 60 Erskine, Rosina, 38 Fitzpatrick, Gerald, 61 Dunning, Marjorie, 38 Esdale, Queena, 107 Fitzpatrick, Wilfred, 38 Dunsmore, Lyle, 38 Esdale, William, 60 Fitzsirnmons, John, 38 Dupuis, Emil, 38 Eshpeter, Bernice, 72 Fitzsimmons, Marguerite, 107 Dupuis, Laura, 38 Estrin, Phyllis, 72 Fizzel, XVaunita, 72 Dust, N. T., 110 Evanoff, George, 97 Fjalestad, Eldrid, 106 East, Gordon, 38 Evanovich, Mary, 38 Fjalestad, Gunhild, 39 Eatoek, john, 38 Evans, Edward, 38 Flavia, Norman, 39 Ebdon, Frank, 38 Evenson, Verna, 38 Flavia, Pat, 106 Eekel, Kathleen, 38 Exhani, Margaret, 38 Fleming, Agnes, 92 Eden, Art, 38 Faibish. Lloyd, 38 Fletcher, Carl, 104 Edwards, Allan, 60 Fair, Jack, 38 Flintoff, Norma, 39 Edwards, Beth, 90 Fairbairn, Dawn, 72 Fong, George, 39 Edwards, Eldon, 38 Fairhead, Elsie, 106 Fonk, Amy, 61 Edwards, Gwyneth, 105 Fairhead, Mary, 97 Forbes, Robert, 61 'ff 7--W -f-- i A f ff- ,7.,,, 1 l l l Morning, Afternoon or Evening 1 Buy your Lumber and Building , A Materials from Dial 960 ' P MA NNING 1 C F A C l 1 ' l i 1 l i 1 . . 1 CALGARY l I-Ulnbef CO., Llmltzd ' 10443 80th Avenue For the Finest , Highest Quality with Prompt Efficient Dramatic Entertainment l Service THREE HUNDRED AND TWO 'lax ver! e beneHis 00111 W siifeelii lll'T In g iimlliig lk ll f,f3,,fzj3g I ff,wFfi",d: ' ' swear ELL-LIGHTED streets and highways are a community investment that pays all-round dividends-in public safety, traffic facility, social well-being and civic attractiveness. They mini- mize night-driving hazards-thus reducing traffic fatalities. They deter crime. They speed the How of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. They stimulate business. GENER L EL1-:C mc STREET LIGHTING Bright streets meanahappier community-a more streets and modern street lighting equipment is available which provides generous light. Prominent in the development of this equipment have been the lighting engineers of Canadian General Electric whose services are at the disposal of all authorities interested in street and highway illumination. active community- a more prosperous community. They attract crowds to centres of shopping and amusement. They set a new stage for living and leisure . . . they set a new pace for civic growth. Bright streets today need cost no more than dim CGE-l645C CANADIAN GENER L ELECTRIC HEAD OFFICE - TORONTO THREE HUNDRED AND THREE Gibb, jim, 39 Forbes, Elaine, 39 Forbes, Nancy, 39 Ford, Charles, 39 Ford, Tom, 39 Forest, Don, 39 Forsyth, Dolores, 39 Foss, Lewis, 39 Foster, Pat, 104 Foster, Pauline, 93 Fowler, Eldon, 61 Fowlie, jean, 39 Frame, Pat, 39 Francis, Dean, 39 Francis, Ron, 61 Fraa, Violet, 39 Francis, Ronald, 111 Fraser, joe, 83 Fraser, john, 72 Fraser, Shirley, 61 Frederking, Renard, 72 Freehill, Maurice, 100 Gander, Ernest, 108 Garbutt, George, 72 Garvin, Bob, 39 Gauld, Jeanne, 39 Gauthier, Charles, 39 Gavinchulc, Michael, Gayfer, Morris, 100 Geddes, Eric, 72 Geddes, Jack, 39 Gee, Don, 39 Gee, James, 39 Geeson, Doroth y, 104 Gehrke, Lillian, 61 Geis, Ken, 39 George, Pat, 104 George, Ted, 39 Gerbrandt, Clarence, S3 Gerhart, Edgar, 39 Gerlywich, Lena, 39 Gerolamy, Gerry, 39 Gibling, George, 61 Betty, 39 French, Wfayne, 39 Frizzell, Isabel, 39 Fryer, Audrey, 72 Fryett, Garth, 39 Fucsko, Elizabeth, 39 Fuerst, Clarence, 39 Fulks, Doris, 39 Funk, Grace, 39 Fushtray, Stephen, 72 Gibson, Gibson, George, 72 Gibson, Muriel, 39 Gibson, Sadie, 100 Gifford, Phil, 72 Gilchrist, Milton, 39 Gilchrist, Sandy, 95 Gilchrist, Varge, 39 Gabert, Bernard, 39 Gillespie, Marcia, 72 Gillies, Angus, 39 Gillies, George, 39 Gillies, Gerald, 61 Gillies, Suzanne, 93 Gillmore, Bill, 39 Gabinet, Peter, 39 Gain, Howard, 108 Galbraith, Jean, 39 Galbraith, Joan, 39 Galloway, Kenneth, SS Gillmore, Harley, 39 Ginsberg, Albert, 39 Gish, Martin, 104 Gish, Mary, 39 Glasener, Doris, 39 Glauser, Enid, 39 Glebe, Grace, 39 Glover, Marie, 39 Glidden, Hazel, 39 Goddard, Spencer, 39 Godley, Williani, 40 Goelman, Leo, 40 Goldy, Lee, 61 Goliss, Dave, 97 Gollis, Ron, 40 Gooderham, Kent, 40 Gordey, Esther, 40 Gordon, Charles, 61 Gore-Hickman, Gordon, 61 Gould, Ray, 40 Goward, NX'illia1n, 40 Gower, Don, 40 Graham, Betty, 108 Graham, Betty, 90 Graham, Everett, S5 Graham, Lorimer, 40 Graham, Victor, 90 Grant, James, 111 Grant, Marshall, 10S Graves, Don, S9 Gray, Alan, 40 Gray, Johnny, 40 Gray, Robert, 85 Green, Betty, 40 Green, Lois, 61 Greenaway, Archie, 72 iw a-- -W ie" f A 7 a , gf' ., - 'afazli-P sw f . " - "'-. 1 1 i:g11,. ' - Af! ,-:Sf jg? 5, oi. .1 '- ,gg I . ,.3:33'3 -'.,, , '21 2" V -221255.51-if-"1a '5 "" 1' 'Q 'SF .':135:Ql?51'-'A ' ' XG' gi i- is-'T' Z ---- I : , ' ,vihzfaiffjfg fff' ,EAW s QQL -"' 1 'g ,,Q E 'Q , , - --E-:ggi ,i Y -: - an ',-, .15-:1:,', ' -gig U,-t vs- -, -. Hi, ,- ,I , if Rafi: . .',' 1 " ,.s. i ,Q Q -if ,- i V 1 1 sz ..-' , 'N - t . 1 .',' "'i ' 'L Q '51 ' ,a ,, Of My Offdflvn f ' 1' 9 '.r- 11114 ' -- L.Zf -ez ine. 1 . .. . 'Z f ,ff:Te"'i. . . A -- ,lvll The most meaningful of gifts, flowers convey your . fi-" ia:-:Y ..-X. Y fi ., ' ... .. ,,-,- . fr.:-1-1-:-L-12 ' ' ' . , , . . .... 1 A. feelings better than words. For sick friends, fox .ii 'Te-12' birthdays and anniversaries, to brighten a snrrow- .w-'-43 I :'iii ?1f'- inf' home, as a corsage for that special occasion . . . ,, ,wr 1 :3' .1-:ima "" Q """-,:f-f:-1aai-'-- EW' D - D i., - ,, ' ,. .. 1- Q4 "" qt ,.-. ..,12- whenever the sentiment must be just right send i , , ' ' flowers. i - r"- - ,. yr-1 ,5EwiEJi:mg5, H A,Q,Q1vQim?w wggg , . ,.-a-- -"-' V G 1 . . ra-siffsfx eb I A 1 i"' ' , ,IV i' -' 'il 23. .4 -1131 . iv -ly: ,,,. Aw, .T ?-' 7131112121122-F.. 1 iIE": 11.- Z- '- -. ' ., ' ":-in' ' 'N' " "' nr. .: . , K, ,N ..,. ,-132 - Y CL- :- y X "" Order from your 1 4 X "'Q ' 3" ix F.T.D. FLORIST TODAY X THREE HUNDRED AND FOUR THE ASH-TEMPLE Company Limited DENTAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Head Office . . . Toronto, Canada l A SERVICE FROM COAST TO COAST , MONTREAL - OTTAWA - TORONTO HAMILTON - LONDON - XVINNIPEG REGINA - CALGARY - EDMONTON VANCOUVER - VICTORIA 1 I 1 l 1 Builiinnif 'Bag Qlnmpang ONOORPORATIQ an nav :vor A GOOD RULE TO FOLLOW THROUGH THE YEARS Cl SHOP AT THE BAY III Your Friendly Store Greenaway, Ted, 40 Greenberg, Leonard, 61 Greene, Joyce, 40 Greenough, Doug, 61 Greenwood, Gordon, 61 Greenwood, Paul, 61 Greenwood, Victor, 61 Grey, Harvey, 40 Griiin, Alan, 40 Griffin, Norman, 40 Griffin, Yvonne, 40 Grifen, Ansel, 61 Grimsrud, Arthur, 40 Grohn, Velma, 40 Groombridge, John, 61 Grosseth, Leif, 40 Groves, Gordon, 108 Grunert, Richard, 83 Gruninger, Emery, 40 Gue, Les, 40 Guttman, Herbert, 85 Guild, Dorothy, 104 Guild, Gwendolyn, 72 Guitard, Lillian, 61 Gunn, George, 40 Gunn, Jan, 61 Gunn, Sheila, 40 Gwanrtney, Sheila, 40 Haas, Doreen, 94 Habiak, Olga, 40 Hager, Ray, 109 Hague, Louis, 40 Haiduk, Harvey, 40 Hajash, Mickey, 72 Halcrow, jean, 40 Halford, Tom, 40 Haliburron, Gordon, 4 Halina, Olga, 40 Hall, Don, 61 Hall, Elizabeth, 40 Hall, Robert, 61 Hall, Roy, 61 Halldorson, Arni, 40 Halldorson, Lena, 40 Halkett, Gavin, 72 Halwa, Isabelle, 40 Halwa, Louise, 40 Ham, Keith, 40 I-Iam, Ken, 40 Hamula, Ed, 40 Handford, George, 40 Hanes, Margery, 101 Haney, Catherine, 95 Hankinson, Hank, 98 Hanna, Greta, 101 Hansen, Anna, 40 Hansen, Bill, 40 Hansen, Calvin, 40 Hanson, Gordon, 40 Hantho, John, 111 Harboway, Al, 40 Hardin, Esther, 61 Harding, David, 61 Harding, Johnny, 40 Hargreaves, jim, 61 Harper, Alex, 40 Harper, Alf, 109 Harquail, James, S9 Harris, Dennie, 61 Harris, Millan, 40 Harris, Vi, 40 Harrison, Alberta, 40 0 THREE HUNDRED AND FIVE Harrison, Lee, 40 Harrison, Lnrin, 61 Harrison, Yvonne, 40 Hart, Eileen, 41 Hart, Harry, 41 Hart, Ken, 93 Hasegawa, Henry, 61 Hatfield, Bruce, 41 Hauck, Stan, 61 Haugen, Marie, 41 Hanger, Charlotte, 92 Hauptman, Stanley, SS Hawkins, Williaiii, 41 Hay, Cameron, 83 Hay, Donald, 72 Hay, George, 41 Hay, joan, 72 Hay, Shirley, 41 Haydak, Rosalind, 41 Haynes, Peggy, 101 Hazlett, Bob, 109 Head, Helen, 106 Heckley, Anita, 98 Hediger, Edward, 41 Heesel, Don, 103 Heffernan, jerry, 41 Hemstock, R., S9 Heiberg, Severin, 61 Helm, Harold, 41 Helmer, Ron, 85 Heneley, Stephen, 110 Henderson, Don, 41 Henderson, jenny, 41 Henderson, lim, 41 Henderson, Sam, 61 Heney, Michael, 41 Henley, Robert, 111 Hennessy, Lorna, 41 Henry, John, 41 Henry, Keith, 61 Herbert, Gordon, 41 Herman, Anne, 110 Herreilers, John, 41 Herringer, James, 109 Herzog, Stanley, SS Hetherington, H. E., 111 Hickey, Jean, 93 Hierlihy, Horace, 41 Higginson, Gordon, 41 Hildred, Gordon, 72 Hill, Cal, 41 Hill, Isabel, 94 Hill jean, 41 Hill Lawrence, 41 Hill Lois, 41 Hill Peggy, 98 Hironaka, James, 41 Hisaoka, Kenneth, 41 Hnarko, Stephen, 61 Hnyda, Stephen, 41 Hoare, Bob, 41 Hockenhull, Velma, 41 Hodge, George, 72 Hodgkinson, jean, 41 Hodgson, Gordon, 98 Hofman, John, 41 Hofman, Tymen, 83 Hohol, Albert, 41 Holden, Frances, 41 Hole, Vera, 72 Holgate, Gordon, 98 Holley, Alex., 61 Hollick, Ed., 41 Hollingshead, Bob, 86 Hollingshead, Gordon, 98 Hollick-Kenyon, Marylea, 98 Holmes, Katherine, 61 Holosko, Stella, 90 Holowaychuck, Tillie, 41 Holseth, Gertrude, 41 Hood, Bob, 101 Hooks, Shirley, 111 Hooper, Isabel, 106 Hoover, Irene, 111 Hoover, Marion, 41 Horne, David, Horne, George, 73 Horodesky, Louie, 109 Horsley, Arthur, 61 Horton, Robert, 101 Hoskin, May 75 Hoskyn, Frank, 41 Hougan, Denis, 61 Houlgate, Jack, 85 Hovan, Norman, 62 Howard, Arthur, S5 Hrynk, Mary, 41 Hrynk, Nick, 41 Huberman, Sam, 73 Huckell, -Iohn, 41 Hucalak, Rosaline, 41 Huffman, Bert, 41 Humphries, Gordon, 41 Hunka, Alex., 41 Hunka, Bill, 41 Hunt, Allan, 98 Hunt, Gwen, 101 Hunt, John, 73 Hunter, Betty, 106 Hunter, Marg., 73 Hunter, Pamelia, 41 Hurlburt, Bill, 62 Husband, Dorothy, 41 Huston, Edith, 73 Huston, Helen, 42 Huston, Mavis, 73 Hutchings, Glenna, 42 Hutchings, Kenneth, 42 Hutter, James, 106 Hutton, Lloyd, 62 Hyde, Don, 62 Hyde, john, 42 Hymes, Don, 42 Hyslop, Murray, 42 Idclings, Connie, 42 Ilkiw, Walter, 111 Ireland, Helen, 101 Irvine, Warren, 42 Irving, Howard, 42 Irwin, Aileen, 73 jack, Bob, 62 jackson, Hartley, 98 Hughes, George, 41 Hughes, Sheila, 41 Hughes, Shirley, 41 Hughes, Walter, 41 Hulbert, Marjorie, 106 Humphreys, Tom, 41 Jackson, Lois, 42 Jacobs. Elaine, 42 James, Bill, 101 James, Marjorie, 42 Jamieson, Eddie, 42 Jamieson, Eleanor, 107 , THE I MACDONALD EDMONTON ALBERTA A Canadian National Railway Hotel of distinction. 200 rooms at moderate rates. CONGRATULATIONS TO . . TI-IE U. of A. GRADS, 1946 -a step but from the Future NEW LIVES! NEW HOMES! When thoughts of New Homes arise-as they surely will-Be sure to think of Campbell's Furniture Ltd. 10135 100A STREET "The House of Personalized Service" SUPPER DANCES Every Saturday night during season. SUNDAY EVENING DINNER Attractive menus are a feature of our Sunday night dinners. Special attention given to family parties. AIR-COOLED CAFETERIA Modern in every respect and serving the finest food at popular prices. Pictures - Picture Framing Greeting Cards T. H. MORGAN 10355 Jasper Ave. Phone 24858 THREE HUNDRED AND SIX verylv cly Happy- fh Var it Tuck h WA Sfznulenzfk Hor1ze O P AS THESE PHOTOS SHOW . . . YOU CAN BET THEY ALL ARE! TUCK'S PIES, CREAMY MILKSHAKES, .AND GOOD SERVICE, MAKE ALI.. TUCK DATES A MUST ON THE STUDENT AGENDA. 1410651 FTOWZ HOlf77Q N THREE HUNDRED AND SEVEN jansen, Betty, 110 janzen, jacob, 42 jaque, joyce, 73 jardine, Alex. 73 jardy, Edna, 42 jefferies, Ross, 62 jenkins, Marjorie, 94 jevne, Pat, 42 johnson, Albert, 62 johnson, Ardiste, 42 johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson , Arny, 42 , Boyne, 73 , Dorothy, 42 , Fay, 42 , Ralph, 95 , Vera, 73 , Vernon, 62 johnston, Irene, 111 johnston, Ralph, 104 johnstone, Gordon, 42 johnstone, james, 42 johnstone, Keith, 42 johnstone, Ken, 42 jones, Bob, 42 jones, Dorothy, 73 jones. Eluned, 73 jones, George, 42 ,I I jorgense ones, Ronald, 62 ones, Stuart, 88 n, Donald, 42 jorre-de-St. jorre, Edmund, 103 jorre-de-St. jorre, Maurice, 73 joslin, Lawrie, 90 judge, Bob, 62 judge, Larry, 42 julian, Bill, 62 Kachuk, Kathleen, 42 Kachur, Lena, 42 Kaechele, Grace, 42 Kassian, Anne, 42 Kasten, Henry, 87 Kasting, Bob, 84 Katz, Roselle, 42 Kellar, Earl, 42 Kellington, Florence, 42 Kelly, Bernard, 73 Kelly, Don, 42 Kennedy, Eileen, 93 Kenny, Marie, 42 Kent, Hugh, 62 Kerkhoff, Leonard, S5 Kern, Eugene, 42 Kerr, Doris, 90 Kettyls, Cathie, 42 Kettyls, Ross, 42 Kevte, Eileen, 73 Kiefer, Roberta, 73 Killen, james, 42 Kindley, Earl, 42 King, Robert, 73 Kirkvold, Charles, 89 Kirstine, Marj., 42 Kitchen, Frances, 42 Kittlitz, Ray, 88 Kjos, Alice, 62 Klapauszak, Michael, 86 Klinck, Betty jane, 42 Knight, Alan, 42 Knowler, Bert, 42 Koblynk, Stephanie, 62 Koch, johnnie, 62 Koktailo, George, 101 Konesky, Alfred, 62 Konkin, Florence, 106 Kostashuk, George, 42 Kostek, Michael, 42 Kostynuk, Nettie, 42 Kowalchuk, Eileen, 42 Kowalski, Nora, 73 Kowluk, E., 111 Kozmak, john, 42 Krause, Vern, 96 Kravetz, George, 42 Krebs, Allen, 111 Kreuta, Melvin, 62 Kreutz, Eunice, 42 Krezanoski, Stan, 62 Kroening, Dick, 108 Kroening, Roland, 43 Krokosh, Metro, 43 Krpan, john, 43 Kruger, james, 101 Krystal, Mildred, 43 Krys, Eleanor, 98 Krystofiak, Matthew, 43 Kuchmak, joseph, 43 Kudryk, Val, S6 Kufel, Nicholas, 43 Kulak, Marion, 43 Kupchenko, Gloria, 43 Kurylo, Alec., 43 Kushner, David, 73 Kuwahara, Ken, 73 Kwoll, Mary-Louise, 98 Kyle, Muriel, 43 Laberge, Marie, 43 Labrie, Maurice, 43 Laggasse, jeanette, 43 E, E W K I Y i IMPERIAL BANK The CIGSS OI 46 i OF CANADA I Xe A 4 Safe G ' 7 j Head Office: Toronto 1 I I I THE PIONEER BANK OF EDMONTON i . j Edmonton Branch opened 1891 I , 1 , This Bank will afford you painstaking and reliabll: f Banking Service j ,ff W, FOUR BRANCHES IN EDMONTON 1 Main Branch-Corner jasper and 100th Street Q0 5 A M f R. Carson, Manager 13, 1 N. S. Mackie, Ass't Manager . I Norwood Boulevard-95A Street and 111th Ave. I ' Alberta Avenue-9426 Alberta Avenue I j , i . . . i L- L- M2-Sen, Manage , So Dellclously Different X West End Branch-10702 jasper Avenue I I H. W. Harrison, Manager ' I Edmonton South-10319 Whyfte Avenue j . I I , j. M. Kinnear, Manager l lnterest allowed on Savings Deposits I ' j Drafts and Miney Orders issued PACKERS 8: PROVISIONERS I Safety Deposit Boxes ti rent - W I l E THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHT Qotttaits ,Cfetsonalitg ART KST S EN GR PN ERS PHOTOGRAPHERS NXGDERNHD STt!Bt0S UB. th et tasper ltvemxe 26111 ttltst Street Sou ?.5lWt Tetephene Q Teteptume Lapp, Gordon, 43 GCDEIQTZ STUDIGS , portraits Commercial Photos Prize Nllfinners at 75 International Salons In 24 Dirlierent Countries l La Fleche Building, Half Block South of Jasper Avenue on 102nd 1 Street l r UNIVERSITY GRADUATES! l You may have reprints of your sitting at J any time, they will be kept in our Hle. Phone 25766 J Evening Sittings by Appointment Lailey, Charles, 43 Laing, Bob, 43 Lakusta, Esther, 43 Lakusta, Tom, 43 Lamb, Cleland, 43 Lamb, Ross, 62 Lambert, Marcel, 73 Lambert, Marguerite, 73 Langille, Craig, 103 Laperskinsky, George, 111 Large. Larkin I-Iarley, 62 , Isabel, 43 Larsen, Anthony, 104 Larson . Burns, 62 Larson, Gordon, 103 Latter, Lauer, Marg, 73 Ken, 73 Law, Dorothy, 43 Law, Hilda, 107 Law, John, 43 Lawrence, Freda, 43 Laycock, Arleigh, 43 Lazerte, Don, S3 Lazerte, Roland, S6 Lazo, Paulina, 43 Leask, Jack 62 Lebel, Yvette, 90 Leboldus, Francis, 110 Lecomte, Theresa, 43 Leeder, Francis, S6 Leeder, Lois, 43 Leith, Natan, 104 Lerner, Irving, 62 Leroy, Alfred, 62 Lesk, Arnold, 62 Leskiw, Mary, 43 Leskiw, Nick, 43 Letts, Dorothy, 43 Levine, Larry, 43 Levine, Lawrie, 73 Lewis, Shirley, 43 Liber, Josephine, 43 Leeder, Jim, 96 Leiber, Frank, 43 Liden, Clare, 62 Lilly, I-Ielen, 43 Lindberg, Wallace, 43 Lindsay, Ian, 43 Lindskog, I-Iarry, 43 Lindskoog, Ted, 43 Linney, John, SS Lipinski, John, 96 Lipsett, Eser, 62 Liss, I-Ielen, 43 Liss Vlad, 43 Lister, Joyce, 43 Lister, Ronald, S4 Little, Kay, 106 Lobay, Nick, 43 Lobb, Ken, 73 Loken, Lily, 43 Longman, Mildred, 94 Loshack, Sam, R3 Losie, Edith, 43 Louden, Don, 43 Love, Douglas, S6 Low, Bob, S7 Low, Dick, S7 Low, Doug, 43 ' Lowe, Mary, 73 Lowrie, Dorothy, 43 THREE HUNDRED AND TEN Lubert, David, S4 Lukawiecki, Marian, 43 Lutie, Com, 73 Lutsky, Sara, 73 Lut7, Earl, 43 Lyman, Leo, 73 Lyster, Lorna, 73 MacArthur, Daphne, 43 MacArthur, Russel, 73 MacCartn-ey, Eileen, 43 Macflrimmon, John, S4 MacDiarmid, Eloise, 107 MacDonald,F Audrey, 44 MacDonald, James, 44 MacDonald, Jean, 73 MacDonald, Norma, 44 MacDonald, Shirley, 44 MacDonell, Charlie, 44 MacDonell, Mary, 94 MacDougall, Jean, 98 MacD0ugall, Joan, 74 MacEachern, Ren, 44 Macenko, Fred, 62 Mackay, Al, 109 Macliay, Doris, 109 MacKay, I-Iarold, 62 MacKay, Jacqueline, 62 Macliay, Marg, 62 Maclienzie, Agnes, 62 Mackenzie, Bob, SS MacKenzie, Rod, 109 Mackin, Melvin, 74 Macliinnon, Alice, 105 Mackintosh, Sheila, 91 MacLean, Elaine, 96 MacLeod, Mary, 106 lHl EHMMIHEIHI llll Qutstancling lncreeses lor the Last Five Years 1941-1945 1941 1945 Increase Business in Force - 511,576,903 516,629,363 43.64170 Premium Income 326,391 512,161 56.922, Total Income - 500,663 761,519 52.10117 Assets - - - - - 2,763,809 4,053,813 46.67070 Full Report Will Shortly Be Issued An Increase of 10170 in Dividends to Policyholders Has Been Announced lDV6Ddl'lI'18 lor IDR l:UlIUV6 The Commercial Life, just as soon as accommodation can be obtained, will establish at least three additional branch offices in Toronto and at other points within a hundred miles of Toronto large enough to warrant the establishment of a branch office. At other points within a hundred miles of Toronto, perhaps not large enough for the establishment of a branch office, we will consider the appointment of full-time and part-time representatives and The Commer- cial Life has developed a very attractive contract. Even though The Commercial Life may not be able to establish these offices at once, we would like to get in touch with anyone inter- ested so that the matter may be thoroughly discussed and considered. WESTERN HEAD OFFICE-EDMONTON REPRESENTATIVES: H, C, Cooper-Manager G. R. Hoefling, Leo Lawrence, VV. G. Mayne, E. C. Naylor-Supervisor, Monthly Division F. A. Mclierrall, W. M. R. Soars, F. B. Taylor, W. E. Smith-Supervisor. Standard Division - and G. A. Wyllie THREE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN 11051 -88 Ave. Phones 21184-21185 PROCTOR'S RED 81 WHITE Groceries, Fruit, Vegetables, Ice Cream, etc. Ekcnk Rehmemuon Self Serve - Store Serve - Phone Serve 1809 - 1946 137 Years of Experience at your disposal "Any Book or Periodical can be procured through usu Wm. Dawson Subscription Services Ltd. 70 KING STREET EAST, TORONTO London - Paris - Capetown William Innes St Sons and Earl Berg Optometrists and Opticians Iior Appointments 10128 101 St. Upstairs Phone 22562 Edmonton, Alberta Filing Systems and Office Equipment A COAST-TO-COAST DIRECT-TO-USER The Office Specialty Mfg. NEWMARKET, Canada Edmonton Branch: Calgary Branch: 10514 jasper Ave. 327A 7th Ave. XV. Heintzman 8: Co. Ltd. FOR TI-IE TEACHERS: We carry a complete line of Records, Sheet Music, Teachers' Supplies and Musical Instruments as well as New and Reconditioned Pianos. .1- 329 - Sth Avenue West CALGARY ALBERTA Gntario Laundry LICENSED CLEAN ER LIMIT "RDY CLEANERS Work Mailed in will have our Prompt Attention M7391 CALGARY Going through a school room and right out on a date okers no problems when your wardrobe includes clothing such as you will End in our .... READY-TOJNEBIR SECTION MEN'S WEAR SECTION SECOND moon AND MAIN Fnoon GET IT AT WOODWAIQDS "EDMONTON'S FAMILY SHOPPING CENTER" THREE HUNDRED AND TWELVE l 'Af 5 ii 5 i 4 Ie W fiereifer Your Travel i -, W . If 5 ompass ozntf . . . . 1 x ,'4,.,. , - - X , -"' 1 I 1 - If v AV-Q1QQ:l. ki - N ui IZFQVV J. E Y 5 Whether you are going East, West, North or A 7' ' . l . H y South, on Business or Holidays, the smart thing I Annbi E 4 ,,i 1 to do is to go Greyhound. You can travel in I f ' - I 4.:.:.:,g.:.,.- .-:.g.:.-g.:.:.,:,:.:.::::: gg grq.: .,.:.:,:g. 5 ,4.: :-: : 4 per ect safety for less cost with more comfort. S, .:,,: ,E.,,f,gy,,,,q,Qq,,i .... , , 5 P - -ro. 1 new u u ,.,' , 1- - - . , , " V f0?'5IlZfli2'illiIlh62511101176 s,,, , , ,J Gy, - ' ' ligiiizd Ofliifeiztiey MacMillan, Ray, 111 Macpherson, Grant, 44 Macpherson, Lois, 98 Macrae, jim, 44 Madsen, Ed., 44 Mah, Bill, 44 Mah, Grace, 44 Mair, Alec, 62 Mair, Alex, 44 Majeski, Edmund, 44 Makar, Pauline, 44 Makowichuk, Maurice, Mallabone, James, 44 Mallett, Larry, 44 Mandryk, Mike, 44 Manery, Ronald, 74 Mark, James, 44 Mark, Vic, 44 Marr, Jean, 44 74 Martin, Allan, 74 Martin, Berta, 74 Martin, jack, 44 Martin, john, 44 Martinell, Betty, 44 Martins, Samuel, 74 Martyn, jean, 44 Mason, Bob, 62 Mason, john, 44 Mather, Herb, 44 Mathers, George, 88 Matheson, Allan, 44 Matheson, Glen, 44 Matthews, Alison, 44 Matthews, Don, 74 Matthews Frank, 44 Matthews, Richard, 44 Matthias, Gordon, 101 Mattie, Connie, 44 Mattoon, Phyllis, 44 May, Claude, 44 Mayell, John, 62 Mayhood, john, 93 McAfee, Bill, 44 McAlpine, Rod, 44 McBride, lan, 87 McBride, Irene, 101 McBride, jean, 44 McCaffrey, Dick, 44 McCaffery, Eileen, 44 McCalla, Dency, 91 McCallum, Eve, 44 McCarthy, Theresa, 62 McClary, Bob, 88 McClellan, Marian, 74 McConnell, Chesley, 74 McConnell, Jean, 45 McConnell, Paul, 74 McConnell, Wallace, 92 McCordick, Wilma, 107 McCormack, Gordon, 44 McCordick, Ross, 44 McCoy, Ernest, 74 McCrimmon, Ken, 44 McCuaig, Eric, 74 McCuaig, Helen, 44 McCullough, Douglas, 44 McCullough, Glenn, 44 McCune, Victor, 87 McCutcheon, john, 104 McCutcheon, june, 44 McDermott, Clare, 44 McDonald, Bert, 44 McDonald, Dorothy, 44 McDonald, Doug., 45 McDonald, Hugh, 87 McDonell, Leo, 62 McDonough, Audrey. 45 McDougall, Jean, 45 McEachern, Mac, 62 McEvoy, Frank, 74 McFadden, Allan, 45 McFarland, Elsie, 45 McFarlane, George, Ill McGhee, Elzaida, 45 McGinnis, Arthur, McGoey, Frank, 74 McGorman, jim. 45 McGregor, Alec, 45 McGregor, Gwen, 45 McGregor, Helen, 45 McGullin, Gordon, 74 Mclnnes, Robert, 111 McIntyre, Doug, 45 McKay, Marguerite, 45 McKay, Mavia, 74 Mcliay, Neil, 62 McKenzie, Bruce, 45 McLaggan, Bill, 74 McLatchie, Alan, 111 McLaughlian, Enid, 74 McLean, jack, 45 McLean, Lois, 101 McLean, Mac, 74 McLean, Phyllis, 45 McLean, Stuart, 45 McLeod, Bill, 45 McLeod jim, 89 McLeod THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN Lionel, 45 Especially for students and their families at home "TALKING FROM TUCK" 11:00 A.M. - SATURDAYS YOUR DOMINION NETWORK STATION l ,Lila - -IEEE I Y Ol VOIIII if-17 l mu. EDMONTON, ALBERTA WOODLAND MILK IS . . . PURITY-PROTECTED mom I-'ARM 'ro Youn HOME Herds and farm buildings are . regularly Inspected. STEPS T0 WGODLMID rulmv. .. E 1- . ' ' 2. The raw product is regularly analyzed tor bacteria count. I I I 3. Every can is inspected by an expert milk grader. 4. Milk is pasteurized by latest methods. 5. Cans are sterilized before re- turning to farm. 6. Bottles are thoroughly washed and sterilized. ANYTIME IS WOODLAND GLASS O'MILK TIME THREE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN McMillan, Pat, 45 McNeill, Kathleen, 45 McNeill, Marion, 94 McPhail, Shirley, 74 McQueen, Bob, 45 McTaggart, Marjorie, 45 Meda, Kathleen, 45 Medd, Wilfred, 88 Meeres, Stewart, 45 Melby, Russell, 62 Melling, Doris, 45 Melnychyn, Paul, 63 Melnyk, John, 74 Merrill, Flora, 45 Metcalfe, Marjorie, 106 Metzner, Arthur, 63 Mickelson, Cecil, 109 Michie, Gordon, 63 Milbradt, Elly, 74 Millard, Ellen-Anne, 45 Millard, Vernon, 45 Miller, Alan, 63 Miller, David, S3 Milner, Mitchell, Alta, 74 Mitchell, Bob, 45 Mitchell, Bob, 45 Mitchell, Cal, 45 Mitchell, Nora, 91 Mochulski, Ardis, 45 Modatt, Eric, 45 Moir, Arnold, 103 Moll, Herta, 1Ol Montalbetti, Raymon, S8 Montgomery, Stewart, 45 Peggy, 107 Moore, Bernice, 45 Moore, Bill, 45 Moore, Don, 45 Moore, Don, 63 Moore Don, 45 Moore, Evelyn,- 45 Moore, Ken, 63 Moran, Williani, 45 Morea l Geor e 45 ls Q-I 4 Morgan, john, 45 Morison, Al, 45 Muhlbaeh, Clarence, 63 Mulloy, Nels, 46 Mundy, Tom, 74 Munsen, Jack, 46 Murowchuk, Anne, 46 Murphy, james, 92 Murray, Colin, 46 Murray, M., lll Murray, Ruth, 46 Myers, Gordon, IOS Mikitiuk, Bill, 46 Nachtigal, Ernest, 63 Nattress, Ronald, 74 Nay, Marshall, 92 Miller, Don, 45 Miller, Irene, 94 Miller, John, 45 Miller, Ken, 45 Miller, Lloyd, 109 Miller, Mary, 45 Miller, Roger, 45 Miller, Tevie, 45 Millett, Hazel, 45 Milley, Bill, 45 Mills, Barry, 45 Mills, Elsie, 45 Morison, Bill, 63 Morison, john, 46 Morris, Beth, 46 Morris, Jacqueline, 46 Morris, james, 63 Morris, William, 63 Morrison, Angus, 46 Mortensen, Ellen, 46 Mortimer, Bob, 46 Moss, Nora, 106 Mottus, Edward, 46 Motut, Roger, 46 Neelands, Hamilton, 63 Neilson, Lois, 74 Nekolsichuk, Bill, 46 Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson 1 v w Bert, 46 David, 92 , Dorothy, 98 , Doyal, 46 , Eileen, 74 Gertrude, 74 Nelson, Gordon, 46 Nelson, Norman, 46 Nelson, Reed, 87 Nettleton, jean, 108 Newhall, Ned, 46 Newman, Lucille, 46 Newsome, Eileen, 46 Newton, Dorothy, 74 Newton, Isobel, 46 Nichols, Doug, 46 Nichols, Gerald, 96 Nickerson, Kenneth, 96 Milo, Vincent, 45 Moyse, Dick, 46 Nishio, Nori, 109 ARTISTS SUPPLIES DRAFTING MATERIALS I SURVEYING EQUIPMENT MKG' The New BLUE PRINT PAPERS 04 OZALID PAPERS C, , 0 H E V R 0 l O 103 I i Princess St. , Q90 WINNIPEG 1 O also , 1 -QCXII' MONTREAL TORONTO I BRINGS You THE PROVED 1 We 5 5 l I FEATURES .u I that have made Chevrolet the most popu LABGRATORY SUPPLIES : lar of all low-priced cars. AND CHEMICALS I For I ' l Assay Offices, Educational, Hospital T G 1 s 1 l Industrial Laborities I CAVE 8: COMPANY LIMITED Limited Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Dealers 567 Hornby Street. Vancouver, B.C. CALGARY, ALBERTA 1 Marine 8341 , I , T .. THREE HUNDRED AND ITIFTEEN For the NEWS oftheworld-and your Home Town- enol the Background of the NEWS READ THE liilmnntnn Elnurnal .THE. UNIVERSITY of AL ERTA 1946 Q SESQSIONS Q 1947 Courses will be offered in lhe following: ARTS AND SCIENCE - AGRICULTURE - APPLIED SCIENCE Including Summer Including Chemical, Civil, Session Electrical, Mining Engi- neering and Engineering Physics. COMMERCE - DENTISTRY - FACULTY OF EDUCATION including Summer session SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES - ' HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS LAW MEDICINE NURSING PHARMACY For Information Regarding Registration and Courses Apply to The University of Alberta, Edmonton THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN urns ,I Meeting the ever changing food needs of the nation a basic policy of Burns Sc Co Limited for more than half century BURNS 8g CO. 1 CNHI. - . . through new products and new processes . . . has been 1 B 1 - fl 3. . Q 7 X ' ' Q THE PIONEER MEAT PACKERS OF Pioneer: To girls such as these third-year Home Ec. students shown in the lab. goes a good share of the credit for the present day evaluation of food. Through their activities and leadership they have helped to make the Cana- dian people realize that food must do more than just appease hunger. LIMITED CANADA Nixon, Ralph, 63 Nixon, Stanley, 46 Nordlund, Lloyd, 46 Nordtorp, Gladys, 46 Northey, joseph, 111 Northey, Peggy, 46 Noy, Mary, 63 Nowak, Emily, 46 Nugent, Bernard, 46 Nuss, John, 46 Nyberg, Carl, 74 O'Brien, Fred, 46 O'Brien, john, 63 O'Brien, Joseph, 96 O'Callaghan, Julia, 98 Ockenden, Doreen, 99 Oeming, Verginia, 106 Oestrich, Mary, 103 O'Hara, Francis, lOl Oke, Albert, 102 Oldaker, Richard, 46 Olekshy, Russell, 46 Olive, Marilyn, 94 Oliver, Marion, 46 Olmstead, Garth, 46 Olson, Carlton, 74 Olson, Glenn, 84 Olson, Joyce, 46 Olson, Richmond, 46 Olstead, Margery, 46 Olyan, -lack, 93 Omoe, Ralph, 46 O'Neill, Bette, 46 O'Neill, Jerry, 63 O'Neill, Reg., 46 O'Rourke, Joan, 74 Oswald, Art, 63 Oviatt, Catherine, 46 Owen, Bruce, 46 Owen, Stan, 46 Ower, Dorothy, 46 Oxland, Joyce, 102 Oxland, Olive, 74 Ozeroff, Shirley, 99 Ozubko, Morris, 46 Palaniuk, Bessie, 46 Palate, Betty, 46 Pallister, Ernest, 46 Palmer, Max, 46 Panas, Martha, 46 Paradny, Bob, 74 Parder, jack, 75 Park, Harold, 46 Parker, Don, 47 Parker, Mac, 47 Parks, Hazel, 47 Parks, Jim, 47 Parks, Lucille, 47 Parsons, Brander 47 Pascoe, Nancy, IOS Paskweyak, jo, 47 Paterson, Audrey, 47 Paterson jim 96 Patterson, A, 75 Patterson, Ashton, 63 Patterson, Bud, 47 Patterson, Don, 63 Patterson, Shirley, 63 Patton, Alex, 47 Paul, jean, 75 Paull, Harvey, 47 Paulson, Morris, 47 THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN Pawliyk, Mike, 47 Pawlowski, Frank, 63 Payment, Roland, 75 Payne, Reed, S4 Peacock, Gordon, 47 Pearce, Art, 47 Pearce, Leo, 63 Pearson, Gwen, 47 Pearson, Margaret, 47 Peck, jack, 75 Pederson, Lorraine, 47 Peel, Chester, 47 Pennifold, Penny, 47 Penny, Roderick, 75 Peppre, Audrey, 94 Perkins, joyce, 63 Perratt, john, 111 Perry Ken, 47 Perrott, John 47 Perry, jack, 47 Peters, Doris, 47 Pettinger, William, SS Petrashuyk, Peter, 75 Petrie, Charles, 47 Pettis, Alan, 63 Phillips, Don, 63 Phillips, May, 47 Phillips, Ray, 63 Phipps, Rodney, 75 Pierce, Barry, 47 Pierce, Catherine, 103 Pierce, Kay, 110 Pike, Allen, 47 Pilkington, Ralph, 47 Piprell, Cliff, 47 Pittman, Urban, 47 2 r Sporting Goods l 1 Sports Wear l MWAYS TIIE BEST r l , r A St. losephl College God Speed to the Northern Hardware A co- Limited Graduates ol Phone 21012 Phone 21013 1946 S Plasteras, Helen, 102 Plowman, Edith, 47 Plumer, Bill, 47 Pioror, Esther, 47 Pinch, Arlene, 104 Pollack, David, 99 Pollack, Hymie, 96 Pollock, Charles Poloway, Anne, 47 Poohliay, Bill, 47 Pool, Clarence, 63 Poole, joe, 88 Pope, Betty, 63 Pope, Ken, 63 Porayko, Laddie, 47 Potter, Andrew, 63 Potter, Evan, 47 Powell, Mabel, 102 Powell, Norman, 47 Powlan, Roy, 63 Preboy, Albert, 88 Prefontaine, Jeanne, 47 Price, Bill, 47 Price, Bob, 86 Primeau, Marguerite, 91 Pritchard, jack, 91 Pritchard, James, 47 Proctor, Phil, 75 Prokopuilt, Anne, 47 Proskiw, Stephanie, 47 Proudfoot, Robert, 88 Provost, Janette, 47 Provost, Keith, 63 Prowse, Hu, 47 Puchalik, Anne, 47 Puchalik, Kay, 47 Puchalilt, Sophie, 75 Pullar, Betty, 94 Pullman, Douglas, 47 Pundyk, Mary, 47 Purdue, Edward, 109 Purnell, Delbert, 84 Putnam, Norman, 83 Pybus, Willard, 47 Pyrch, John, 84 Pyrch, Xenii, 106 Pyrcz, Steve, 47 Quigley, Frank, 109 Rabkin, Kalman, 102 Rabusie, Frank, 48 Racette, Paul, 48 Raffa, Peter, 102 Ragg, Betty, Ramisch, Vivian, 48 Ramsay, Marjorie, 75 Ramstad, Ruth, 48 Randers, Carla, 48 Randle, jack, 75 Raymond, Ray, 48 Rea, Hugh, 86 Rear, Ewen, 48 Redmond, Hugh, 48 Rees, Don, 96 Redmond, Louise, 48 Redmond, Nellie, 48 Reggin, jack, 48 Reid, Dorothy, 48 Reid, jack, 48 Reid, Richard, 48 Reid, Ted, 92 Reimer, Florence, 111 Reinhold, Ernie, 99 THREE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN Reinholdt, Aage, 48 Reinholtz, Alfred, 48 Remington, Hilda, 106 Renner, Ruth, 63 Rentz, Clara. 111 Repka, Bill, 92 Reszel, Frances, 111 Revda, jerry, 48 Reynar, john, 48 Reynolds, Beatrice, 48 Reynolds, Roy, 91 Rhodes, Clarence, 48 Richards, Robin, 48 Richardson, Joyce, 48 Richardson, Leon, 63 Richardson, Stuart, 48 Riddell, Bill, 48 Ridley, Florence, 48 Riley, Bill, 48 Riley, jim, 48 Riley, Vivian, 48 Rimmer, Bob, 92 Risliin, Helen, 94 Ritchie, jim, 75 Ritchie, Paul, 48 Ritchie, Pete, 48 Rivet, Georgina, 75 Rix, Don, 48 Robb, Nevis, 75 Robbie, Gerry, 48 Roberts, Glyn, 63 Roberts, Marion, 63 Roberts, Peter, 48 Robertson, Alan, 63 Robertson, Bill, 48 Robertson, Gordon, 75 " S lf-Contained" with " Self-Propell d " Users like and appreciate the advantages of the Massey-Harris Self-Propelled Combine "Self-Contained" harvesting is the regular custom now on many tarms where there is a Massey-Harris Self-Propelled Combine. For with the Self-Propelled members of the family are' able to handle the crop Without additional manpower. With experienced help hard to get and with high wages in effect, the Self-Propelled has proved a great boon to the grain grower. Users like the Self-Propelled too because it handles a lot of crop in a short time, does not run down standing grain when opening the field, and readily permits selective harvesting ot the grain as it ripens. Harvesting is easier, speedier, and more profitable with a Massey-Harris Self-Propelled Combine. Your Local Dealer will be glad to give you full particulars. MASSEY-HARRIS COMPANY, Limited ESTABLISHED 1847 Toronto Montreal, Moncton, Winnipeg, Brandon, Swift Current, Regina, Saskatoon Yorkton, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ITIUSIC I EAT RIGHT TO FEEL RIGHT! You FOR ALL-and All Occasions I need ' 9 B I Popular, Standard and Classical All School Requirements vegetables V 6 , Rhythm Band Instruments ' every I Ill I I Victor Records and Players day CANNED VEGETABLES MUSIC Alberta Grown , and Packed 130 8th Ave. West, Calgary TI-IE UNIVERSITY PRINTING DEPARTMENT ADMISSION TICKETS DISPLAY CARDS 1 BOOK-BINDING INVITATIONS I CONCERT PROGRAMS HAND-BOOKS 1 DANCE PROGRAMS PAMPHLET5 A'TTENTION FRATERNITIES! See us about your various printing needs A PRINTING SERVICE FOR TI-IE UNIVERSITY AND I UNIVERSITY SOCIETIES Robertson. Harold, SS Rowley, Thomas, 49 - Schnell, Erika, 49 Robertson, -lean, 75 Rubin, Harry, 92 Schoening, Doug, 75 Robertson, Mary, 75 Rudin, Al, 49 SCITUIIIH, GEOFE9, 49 Robertson, Pat, 92 Ruclko, Orist, 49 Schultz, NOfUI3lI, 49 Robinson, Bill, 48 Robinson, Harvey, 48 Robinson, john, 48 Robinson, Richard, 63 Robock, Lloyd, S9 Robson, Bill, 48 Robson, Hunt, N4 Roe, jim, 48 Roe, Maurice, 48 Rogers. Beth, 48 Rogers, Eldon, 89 Rogers, Marion, 63 Rogers, Verna, 48 Roginsky, Adelle, Rolf, Rod, 48 Rooney, Tim, 48 Roper, Alan, 48 Roper, Enid, 75 Rookwood, Ralph, 48 Rosa, Katherine, 4S Rosa, Ethel, 48 Rosborough, jim, 48 Roseborough, Jack, 63 Roski, Margaret, 48 Ross, Gordon, 48 Ross, jean, 48 Ross, Orene, 75 Ross, Vesta, 48 Rosseau, Ri Routledge, Roux, Hele Rowe, Ralp Chard, 64 Bob, 49 n, 111 h, 49 Rugland, Nora, 49 Ruptash, John, 49 Russel, Gordon, 64 Russel, Robert, 84 Russill, Madeleine, 49 Rust, Ronald, 64 Ruste, Ruth, 94 Rutberg, john, 49 Rutledge, Stanley, 87 Ryall, Ron, 49 Ryan, Blake, 64 Ryan, Wilf, 75 Ryer, jack, 75 Sachko, Williani, 49 Salmon, Jay, 49 Samograd, Anne, 49 Sande, Williani, 64 Sanden, Emil, S7 Sauder, Zel, 49 Saunders, Ethyl, 49 Saunders, john, 49 Sawchuk, Theodore, 75 Sawdon, jean, 49 Sawlicki, Bob, 75 Sawicki, Stan, 102 Sawka, Sophie, 49 Saykewich, Stephanie, 49 Schafer, Selma, 49 Scheler, Mickey, 49 Schilke, Richard, 75 Schlag, Miggi, 106 Schmidt, Ted, 49 Schumacher, Leo, 89 Scorah, Vivienne, 64 Scott, Alwyn, 64 Scott, Brent, 75 Scott Donald, 109 Scott, Janet, 49 Scott Ian, 89 Scott Norman. 49 Scragg, Dennis, 49 Scragg, Spencer, 49 Scrimgeour, john, 64 Scrimshaw, Mabel, 106 Scruggs, Gordon, 49 Seager, Bud, 75 Seale, Marvin, 64 Secter, Marilyn, 49 Sedgwick, Marjorie, 75 Senft, Emil, 49 Seniuk, Nicholas, 49 Shank, Albert, 49 Shankman, Clarisse, 49 Shannon, Harold, 75 Shapiro, Alec, 49 Sharpe, jack, 49 Shaw, Ridley, 64 Sheasby, Kay, 103 Sheckter, S., 110 Shector, Walter, 75 Sheldon, Eleanor, 105 Sheppard, Ruth, 107 Sheptycki, Sonia, 111 Shelene, Ethyl, 75 THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE Sidjak, Nick, 49 Shcrbaniuk, Dick, 49 Shick, Murray, 49 Shillabeer, john, 49 Shipley, George, 49 Shoctor, joe, 109 Shnitka, Theodor, 49 Shortreed, Robert, 75 Shouldice, David, 49 Shouldice Mildred, 49 Shwetz, Rae, 49 Shymanski, Aloysius, 49 Sigal, Simon, 49 Sigsworth, June 49 Silk, Irene, 49 Sills, Lloyd, 49 Sills, Royal, 64 Simla, Joe, 75 Simmermon, Bob, 49 Simmons, Barbara, 102 Simmons, Errol, 49 Slade, Edith, 50 ' Sleath, Elaine, 105 Sloboden, Helen, 50 Slyter, Ruby, 50 Smathers, Marg, 64 Smeltzer, Jeanne, 99 Smiley, Donald, 64 Smith, Bennie, 50 Smith, Dave, 111 Smith, Doug, 50 Smith, Doug, 84 Smith, Grant, 50 Smith, Harcourt, 50 Smith, Kathleen, 106 Smith, Lois, 50 Smith, Mary, 102 Smith, Muriel, 89 Smith, Murray, 111 Smith, Norma, 50 Smith, Norman, 50 Smith, Stan, 50 Simpson, Bill, 96 Simpson Fred, 83 Simpson Harry, S6 Simpson Jocelyn, 75 Simpson Ken, 75 Simpson, Ken, 91 Smoliak, Sylvester, 50 Smoole, Dorothy, 50 Snatynchuk, Andrew, 50 Sneddon, Mary, 50 Snell, Maurice, 99 Snow, Durene, 75 Soprovich, Mary, 50 Spackman, Leo, 104 Spackman, Roy, 96 Spady, Irene, 50 Spak, Marion, 50 Spankie, Jean, 64 Sparrow, Douglas, S4 Spence, Allan, 87 Spencer, Bob, 64 Spencer, John, 76 Spencer, Mary, 91 Spot, Maurice, 76 Sproston, Pamela, 107 Staines, John, 50 Stanley, Floyd, 50 Stanley, Frances, 76 Starr, Nat, 99 Starritt, jack, 50 Stauffer, Erma, 76 Steed, Don, 76 Steed, Del, 84 Steed, Elaine, 50 Steele, Emerson, 50 Stefanelli, john, 96 Stephens, Mary, 107 Sterling Mary, 91 Sterling, Robie, 50 Sinal, George, 49 Sinclair, Marjorie, 50 Singer, Madelaine, 75 Sissons, Tom, S9 Skeith, Lorraine, 75 Skepowich, Stephen, Skitch, Ralph, 50 Skory, john, 84 Skwarok, Romeo, 64 Snowclen, Alex, 102 Snyder, Vera, 50 Soby, Dorothy, 50 Soldan, Olga, 50 Soldon, Sam, 50 Sollanych, Violet, 50 Soloway, Lawrence, 75 Somerville, Beth, 50 Somerville, Paul, 50 Stevens, Laura, 50 Stevenson, Isabel, 64 Stewart, Florence, 94 Stewart, Margaret, 76 Stewart, Murray, 76 Stewart, Ted, 76 Stiles, Ted, 50 Stilling, Earnie, 50 Stockwell, Bligh, 92 far the Needs of Expanding Industsy Through the war years Calgary Power met all emergency needs and steadily continued its policy of looking to the future. One phase of this pro- gram was realized with the completion of the Cas- cade Plant, live miles east of Banff. This plant has installed capacity of 23,000 H P. in one unit, with a head of 340 ft. The water sup- plying Cascade comes from Lake Minnewanka by way of a control dam and pumping station with 2,200 h:p. in motors, 2M miles of canal, 2,000 ft. of 10 ft. diameter wood stave pipe, and 450 ft. of S ft. diameter steel penstock. A surge tank 171 feet high is located at the junction of the wood stave pipe with the steel penstock. --i .. .W - .s ew:- , .. . ' .1 . Ne w RX' -':'.:S-'iz--:a1'..--f I .X . ., eg, . ,a , - . -am we " Egzfit. ,ji - -' , ,313 .gg , 5 ,. "?' , 1 fa - I " P 'H ' 13'--va t. N ws Qt'f,:"'1".,---Q.-.4 ' , ' :' ,. ,1 - rff- ca We 1+ S i A1731-5--1 T21p:"n.iiv c :Y i at-, ,i 4-,,f,,.s+ -- --'- R t -3, . -L iLiaz.sia- .5743 , . THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-TWO YOUR FUTURE STARTS TODAY The habit of thrift is the first step on the ladder of success. It is the starting point of all future progress. It will give you confidence and help you to build for the future. l l Regular deposits in a Savings Account in The Dominion Bank will help you to form T the habit of thrift and a growing account will enable you to plan more surely for the future. ' WHY NOT OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT TODAY? The Dominion Bank Established 1871 l M. C. Fraser, Edmonton Branch Stogryn, Russell, 64 Stollery, Bill, 64 Strate, Grant, 50 Stratton, joseph, 76 Strauss, Velna, 50 Straychuck, Kay, 50 Streeter, joseph, 64 Stretton, Bert, 50 Strong, Mavis, 50 Strother, Bob, SO Sturrack, Bob, SO Suey, Vivian, 64 Sumner, Eileen, 107 Sundberg, Quentin, 50 Sutherland, Don, 50 Sutherland, Jean, 50 Sutherland, Rae, 64 Swabb, Nickolas, 99 Swann, Gordon, 50 Swanson, Lorens, 64 Swaren, Eleanor, 50 Swaren, Stan, 50 Sweet, Audrey, 107 Swinton, Shirley, 102 Switzer, William, 76 Sylyest, Aage, 89 Szilagyi, Betty, 76 Tanner, Beth, 50 Tario, Tom, 50 Taschuk, Bill, 99 Taylor, jim, SO Taylor, Neil, 50 Taylor Nicholas, 64 Taylor, Peggy, 76 Taylor, Robert, 64 Taylor, Vern, 99 Tchir, Constantine, 51 Templeton, Charlie, 51 Tenove, Christine, 105 Tenove, Stanton, 102 Terentiuk, Fred, 64 Terriff, Floyd, 51 Tetreault, Emile, 51 Teviotdale, Wendy, 51 Thomas, Bernice, 51 Thompson, jim, 111 Thompson, Margaret, 107 Thomson, Dale, 51 Thorn, Tony, 92 Thorne, Selby, 51 Thorogood, Iris, 51 Thorsley, Lloyd, 64 Thorsness, julian, 76 Thurber, Reginald, 51 Thurston, Olive, 51 Tiffin, Bruce, 51 Tingley, George, 51 Tkachuk, Lucy, 51 Tomaszewski, Stanley, 51 Tomshak, Mary, 51 Torchinsky, Ben, 76 Torchinsky, Ethyl, 76 Totten, Gene, 51 Toupin, Henry, 76 Townsend, Dennis, 110 Townsend, Laura, 51 Trevithick, Joyce, 51 Trouth, Norman, 76 Trussler, Roy, 51 Tufts, Dick, 51 Turner, Wanda, 51 Twidale, Frank, 87 THREE HUNDRED AND TWNETY-THREE Tym, Lila, 51 Tyrrell, Charles, 51 Ulrich, Charles, 51 Ulrich, Donald, 104 Uniat, Phil, 51 Urquhart, Kilburn, 64 Urschel, Albert, 76 Ursel, Clarence, 51 Urton, Bob, 51 Utas, Gus, 51 Utas, Mervyn, 51 Vaasjo, Tellef, 51 Valance, Peter, 64 Van-der-Lee, Arie, 76 Van Hees, Bernard, 51 Van Tighem, Francis, 51 Van Tighem, Jack, 102 Verenka, Victoria, 51 Verge, Bob, 51 Verronneau, Marilyn, 51 Vikse, Frank, 51 Viney, Paul, 64 Wad Wad e, Eunice, 76 son, Roy, 51 NVagner, Art, S6 Wahl, Herbert, 64 Wlalker, Ailsa, 51 NValker, Allan, 64 Walker, Alvin, 64 Walker, Bob, 64 Walker, Donald, 51 Walker, Ernest, 51 Walker, Gordon, 64 Walker, Lois, 51 Walker, Wilf, 99 Wallace, jean, 76 Wallbridge, Jim, 64 Walrath, Alvin, 51 XValter, William, 51 Waltham, Bob, 51 Nllfalton, Bill, 51 Wampler, John, 64 Wanamaker, John, 51 Wangsness, Norma, 51 Ward, Cliff, 51 Wfard, Dorothy, 91 Ward, Harold, 51 Ward, Mary, 51 Warke, Ida, 76 Warner, Herbert, 51 XVarshawski, Ed., 51 Warshawski, Frances, 96 Warwaruk, Russell, 64 Wasik, Lena, 51 Wasiuta, Lillian, 76 XVasylewsky, Alex, 52 XVaters, Vera, 52 XVay, Lawrence, 52 Webb, Dorothy, 52 XVebb, Virginia, 64 Weber, Alex, 76 Wensel, Martha P? Wershof, Naomi, 99 Wesalowski, Jim, 76 Weston, Phyllis, 91 Wetter, Leslie, 83 Whaley, Ruth, 95 Wheeler, Adair, 52 Wheeler, Lois, 52 Wheeler, Mark, 52 Whitbread, Eleanor, 65 White, Eileen, 52 Xlifhite, Vernon, 65 Whitelaw, jim, 52 Whiteley, Joyce, 52 Whitney, Norman, 65 Whittaker, Beth, 52 Whittaker, Beth, 99 Wiese, Amy, 52 Wiggins, Betty, 52 Wihak, Fred, 52 Wild, Audrey, 52 Wilde, Murray, 52 Wilman, Pam, 52 XViles, William, 52 Wfilkie, Stanley, 102 Wilson, Pat, 52 Wilson, Shirley-Ann, 52 Wfiltzen, Bud, 52 Winarski, Katherine, 52 Winning, Martin, 86 Wismer, Harry, 76 Witbeck, Tom, 65 XVolcole, Don, 52 Wolfe, Gwen, 76 XVolfe, Evan, 92 XVood, Burns, 52 Wood, Edmond, 76 Wood, Lorna, 76 Wood, Jim, 52 Woodbridge, Bill, 52 Woods, Merle, 52 Wordie, Douglas, 76 Worts, Cyril, 65 Woytkiw, Laurine, 52 Wright, Allen, 76 Wright, Dave, 52 Wright, Don, 86 Wright Wyatt, Wyatt, , Stuart, S6 Patricia, 95 Ralph, 52 Xlifeelis, Bob, 52 Weir Gordon, 76 Weir, Margaret, 52 NVeir, Marguerite, 76 Weir Marie,l64 Weiser, Mildred, 76 Weisser, Gordon, 65 Wells, Albert, 76 Wells, Betty, 76 Wfells, Don, 52 Welykochy, John, 52 XVilliams, Carol, 52 Wfilliams Williams , Dorothy, 52 , Floyd, 52 XVill iams, Harold, 76 Williams Williams Williams , lack, 92 , Marjorie, 52 on, Betty, 52 Willox, -lean, 76 XVilson, Betty, 107 Wilson, Don, 96 Wfilson, Edward, 102 Wygera, Mary, 52 XVyndharn, Doris, 1OS Wynn, Jim, 52 Wfynnyk, Andrew, 65 Wfystma, Dick, 89 Yachimec, Peter, 89 Yackulio, Charles, 65 Yamauchi, Kazuko, 52 Yasheyko, Michael, 65 Yelland, Flora, 107 Young, Baunita, 95 1 To Graaluafes Congratulations and Best Wishes for your Continued Success To UHL2lQTg1'dc1lMdfQS We Shall Be Loolcing forward to , Serving You Again Next year l 6 i THE UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FOUR WILL ALWAYS CALL COMMERCIAL III FOR DISTINCTIVE QUALITY PRINTING CALL COMMERCIAL PRINTERS LIMITED E TELEPHONE 25595 - 21782 OR WRITE COMMERCIAL-EDMONTON U WISE BUYERS 'OF PRINTING XIVILL ALWAYS CALL COMMERCIAL U EOR DISTINCTIVE QUALITY PRINTING CALL COMMERCIAL PRINTERS LIMITED EI TELEPHONE 25595 - 21782 OR WRITE COMMERCIAL-EDMONTON El WISE BUYERS OF PRINTING WILL ALWAYS CALL COMMERCIAL U FOR DISTINCTIVE QUALITY PRINTING CALL COMMERCIAL PRINTERS LIMITED D TELEPHONE 25595 - 21782 OR WRITE COMMERCIAL-EDMONTON El WISE BUYERS 'O'F PRINTING WILL ALWAYS CALL COMMERCIAL U F-OR DISTINCTIVE QUALITY PRINTING CALL COMMERCIAL PRINTERS LIMITED II! TELEPHONE 25595 - 21782 OR WRITE COMMERCIAL-EDMONTON U WISE BUYERS OF PRINTING WILL ALWAYS CALL COMMERCIAL lj EOR DISTINCTIVE QUALITY PRINTING WESTERN SUPPLIES LIMITED EcImonton -:- AII:erta O BELL and MGRRIS LIMITED CaIgary -:- AIIJerta O WHOLESALE DEALERS IN PIumbing ancI Heating MateriaIs BuiIcIing, Mine and Well SuppIies X Nl r g, H5 Q. if me Z, .11 5 GJ The Borden Co. Ltd. "Wa Wag fin nal' a sef-man? woman, " huyiea' flak Me BOIGIZII fan' "BDI, MOMMY, of course you are!" argued little Beulah. "It,s your own wonderful personality and executive ability that's put you where you are!" "Oh no, dear," protested Elsie. "I owe my success to the men in my life-lots of them." "Men!" cried Beulah, shocked.,"What men?" H, "Well," enumerated Elsie, "there are the Borden inspectors and the veterinarians who help the farmer see that all the cows who give milk for Borden's are in the pink of condition always. Then, there are all those fine men in the Borden laboratories-" "How could those men with their funny old test tubes possibly help you?" asked Beulah. "They guard every single step in the prepar- ation of the foods that make me famous," explained Elsie. "Foods like cheese, ice cream, Evaporated Milk, Klim and fluid milk to name a few!" "Maybe those men did help some," conceded Beulah, grudgingly, "but I guess you had to be pretty good all by yourself to become the most famous cow in the whole world!" "Of Course," laughed Elsie, "I'm a Borden Cow, and if it's Borden's, it's GOT to be good!" - iflv Z'oraQ1z3t 123' gg! io be goof!! THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SEVEN The University Book Store Stationt-i-y - - - Drafting Supplies - lTlIIlT0'aHCLl Nwwpzlpcl' - f f Eversharp Pencils Any book published can be ordered here. -Tevbwolw - - University PCIIIIIIIIQ ind Crtxts - - - Laboratory Colts - Fountain Pens If we have not got it in stock we will ge it "AUTOPOI T" The Better Pencil No. 48G DE LUXE EXECUTIVE is Now Available For Every Person and Every Purpose With the Famous "Grip-in-the-Tip" SEE YOU RSTATIONERY DEALER Sole Canadian Distributors The BROW BROTHERS Limited Established 1846 100 Simcoe Street TORONTO 436 Canada Cement Bldg. MONTREAL 902 Electric Railway Chambers WINNIPEG THE CALGARY DRAFTING 61 BLUE PRINT CO. Drafting, Electric Blue Printing, Map Mounting Engineering, Surveying and Drawing Supplies Photostat Copies 609 lst Street West, Calgary Phone M 1959 Ii. L. MIDDLETON l YOU'LL FIND IT A Pleasure TO SI-IOP WITH Leisure , AT EDM?3i'?,,lifEiZ,i?ilIi?T,RE Young, Elmer, 52 Young, Ira, 65 Young, John, 52 Young, Vincent, 102 Youngs, Clarence, 65 Yule, Georgina, 65 Yusak, William, 52 Yusep, john, 52 Zadaryniuk, Helen, 52 Zaharichuk, Steve, 52 Zelenko, William, 65 Zilinski, Annie, 52 Zimemic, Stella, 52 Zinter, Walter, 65 Zorko, Anne, 52 Zuck, Donald, 52 Zurowsky, john, 52 Zvtaruk, George, 52. THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-EIGHT I I IN BETTER CLASS mpofted Wwlefis 1 X. - 9 wr. . room JASPER Blilfff-RRY CEYPPI' 5 'l-JIIUITPTI PHQQEF 5-S1395 Men's Wear Specialists PRODUCTS FUR TI-IE PROMQTION OF SANITATION WEST DISINFECTING CO., LTD. R. A. Kemp, Sanitary Supervisor-Consultant 10023 102nd Ave., Edmonton Phone 29486 Students Excelsior "May your zeal of life ring true And life be enololed by you." 7: Fr 7-' 9? The exchange of photographs keeps memories, and binds friendships of happy college days. Portraits from your year book may be had at any future date. You will always be welcome at TICEERSTEDT STUDIG STUDIO 908 CENTER STREET NORTH RES. PHONE CALGARY, ALBERTA PHONE H1144 H2072 Film Finishing - Enlarging Copying - Cameras and Supplies Picture Framing Fluorescent Lighting THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-NINE ml -anna f, 1.. if 1 " ' .sffif :. -,g x-: 55.3, I ' n 1 q,,.,. 4,5555 . I' Q ., f f '- ' , I I g h e "" VII1, i f 1 ,.,, , -. , l bu I 'I A V . I iper r 1 I r i iiiip , f E I I I I Il Kggr ., I 'A E- 'fff "1i'f MILK CHOCOLATE AT ITS BES lblnnn "'A ::'::4' 'Ai '-'- an ' T ' I QQQATDQS p Q QBEA ' NTEDASL Improve your efficiency through our correspondence courses in . . Bookkeeping Typing Shorthand CGregg or Pitrnanh -1 1 , HENDERSON SECRETARIAL SCHOOL LIMITED 509 EIGHTH AVE. WEST CALGARY ALBERTA THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY , , -X. , ,,. N 1,41 :- Y , .. W 3. , - 4- , L- ,V ...Q .R 'w 1 ,., 5 uv. .Jr qf, ., , ' .' A.,-' " ' U x. , 1 ' V.. I.. vw A uf , , 2.2 ,.'-,- - . '. H 2. f. '.-fr 'Mr -134--N ' ' " J f ,f '-'1 1 . , ' , , ,, L4 1 -. 5, I QQ, - ,4 , .1 . , Q, .v.,,1., . ,. 5 3 ,xx f nz '- JN - ' 11 .XE UCL ' , Q ' , .-.-V ' V. . 1, ,- :iff 1- , X 1 , , '. f- fr. . . x 1, 1. - A 1 " -':f.f,A., Z -f.. 'f 3y: f .w V, .1 5" ' 4- .. I,-1,09 :. px.- X o new GGG GGG EQ HUD QQQUQUQ M0999 UUOUUUW gf' va on UU HQ mx U3 UD ma W3 J Q W an fn if g iii f,V CEE QW 6

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