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DENALI ' 82 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS H v. Brian Milne Dick Curtis 4 . All color photographs by Kurt Savikko, unless otherwise noted. « ♦■ - U tfi 4 Alaska Alaska 5 fPMV 1 6 Alaska Alaska 7 8 Fairbanks Fairbanks 9 f?!w a % h M fc « , " N»? « ? .$ . t Savikko « r , . M •-. . H ... iinAmi in » -- • • 12 Campus Campus 13 14 Campus Ijwrrncc Moht Campus 15 A 16 Contents 1917 CONTENTS History Dedication 111 f 1 Activities Entertainment Athletics Student Life Graduates Advertisers m Contents 17 S3 o ' N «tive loader crttica , 18 Looking Back Looking Back If a survey were taken to name the most memorable events of the 1981-82 school year, what would some of the answers be? Many people might say that the X -Rated Film Festival, Starvation Gulch activities, intramural sports, or evenings spent at The Pub were the highlights of their college year. These things, being annual events, may seem too routine for others. What really made last year different from any other? For the students who spent the first week, or longer, sleeping on mattresses in various dorm lounges , t Ik- fourteen percent enrollment increase was memorable. With this increase came overcrowded dorms, crowded parking lots, and the need for four extra freshmen English sections to be opened during fall registration. To ease the impact of another expected enrollment jump for 1982-83 faculty, staff and students around the university discussed the possibility of pre-registering for classes. In the spring of 1982 eleven hundred students participated in UAF ' s effort to streamline the registration process. Among all the new faces on the UAF campus appeared Chancellor Patrick O ' Rourke. His contribution to making 1981-82 different from many other years seemed to be a general reaching out to students to increase their interest and involvement in campus activities. Two of the events he sponsored to honor students were the Rootbeer Float Social and the first Chancellor ' s Banquet for students earning a 4.0 grade point average. Some might say it was a unique year because of all the controversies that popped up or were carried over from past years. These controversies involved athletic groups, faculty members and students alike. For athletes the conflict began when fifteen team players were dismissed due to low grades. Early in February five male basketball players, seven members of the hockey team, two rifle team members and one ski team member were declared ineligible to play. It was the first year the university had taken such a hard-line stand on the school ' s eligibility requirements and many athletes were upset that they had not been given more advanced warning of the administation ' s position. In addition to the problem with poor grades, the athletic department ' s staff records were the subject of a state Ombudsman ' s investigation. This controversy, which began as early as September 1980, dealt with differences in the amounts of meal allowance money reported by the men ' s hockey and basketball coaches on travel expense reports and the amounts players testified that they had actually received on road trips. The focus of controversy shifted to faculty members at various times throughout the year as they tried to decide whether to unionize or not. In March, with ninety four percent of the eligible faculty participating, a vote ended their arguments. There was an overwhelming decision not to enter the National Education Association. Perhaps the groups that faced the most controversies last year were the average students and their representative body, the senators in the Associated Students of the University of Alaska. The topics they addressed that made sparks fly ranged from the merger of the two student newspapers, The Northern Sun and Polar Star into The Sun-Star, to a proposed tuition increase for 1982-83; from initiating an all campus game of " Elimination " alias " Killer " , to how to better help Native students adjust to campus life. While Sara Hannan was being appointed Student Regent, the engineering department was building their ice arch up and watching it fall down, and Nerland Hall teams were smearing everyone else in College Bowl, other students were studying and worrying whether their student loan money would ever come. Sounds pretty much like any other year at UAF doesn ' t it? So what really made last year unique? Most people would say it was the friends they met in classes and at impromptu parties that impressed them. It was not the politics, the problems, the debates over whether DiBene, Jackson, or Sterling would make the best ASUA president for 1982-83— but the individual personalities that melded together to make UAF a friendly place that were memorable. Karole McKee Looking Back 19 Dedication Jimmy Bedford came to the University of Alaska — Fairbanks in 1965 to teach at a journalism school that was made up of a handful of students, one typewriter, and a broom closet darkroom. He brought with him great energy, willingness for hard work, and excitement to accept a challenge. A familiar figure around the community and the state, Jimmy is known as an energetic promoter of the University. His concerns lie in the interest and good of the students. Cited by the Alaska Legislature as " being a refreshing voice and personality at the university, creating an awareness of the profession of journalism that stimulated his students to reach far beyond what they might have considered their optimum capabilities, " Jimmy has tried to promote quality education and spent his 16 years at the University keeping in touch with the ever expanding needs of the students. The past 10 years have been spent working to obtain space and equipment for an expansion in the Journalism Department, seeking accreditation by the Americam Council on Education in Journalism. Jimmy has been involved in many student oriented groups and is an active member in the community. He strove to expand the Journalism Department from a handful of students to nearly 100 majors in 1981, which now have options of careers in five fields of journalism. He was instrumental in the introduction of an annual award winning magazine, Alaska Today, and the inception of a weekly laboratory newspaper, The Northern Sun, to further benefit the students and community. For his many efforts to the University, Jimmy Bedford was named professor emeritus by President Jay Barton upon his announcement of retirement in February 1981. Jimmy spent most days and nights of his 16 years at the University in the Bunnell Building attending to the needs of the students. Many of us owe him a great deal for his energy, hard work, and challenging nature which affected our lives, but can only repay him with a hearty, THANK YOU, JIMMY!! This dedication is given on behalf of the 1982 Denali Yearbook and the students of the University of Alaska — Fairbanks. Polly Walter, Editor emeritus, 1981 graduate in journalism and Photo Editor of Alaska Magazine. Kurt Savikko Jimmy Bedford and Polly Walter during 1981 Journalism Banquet 20 Dedication Jimmy Bedford and the late Emily Brown during 1980 Commencement. Dedication 21 Jay Barton 22 President Jay Barton has been president of the University of Alaska, Statewide System, since 1979. He serves as the chief executive for the University and as executive officer of the Board of Regents. The statewide system which Barton oversees includes: three university centers at Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau; ten community colleges at Anchorage, Bethel, Fairbanks, Kenai, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Nome, Palmer, Sitka and Valdez; thirteen rural education centers at Adak, Cold Bay, Delta Junction, Dillingham, Fort Greely, Fort Yukon, Galena, King Cove, McGrath, Nenana, Sand Point, Tok and Unalaska; as well as numerous research institutes and experimental stations around the state. Total 1981-82 student enrollment for the University of Alaska, Statewide System, averaged over 25,000 students per semester. That ' s quite a responsibility! Statewide University of Alaska President-Jay Barton President Patrick O ' Rourke 24 Chancellor University of Alaska - Fairbanks, Chancellor - Patrick O ' Rourke. The " desire to get out of the megalopolis of New York " and the feeling that Alaska would be a rewarding place to live brought Patrick O ' Rourke to this state in 1964. Since then, his rewards have been many. He has served as Chancellor of Community Colleges, Rural Education and Extension Service, as well as director of Upward Bound, a student service program. He became Chancellor of the University of Alaska — Fairbanks in August of 1981. His life in Alaska is shared with his wife, Charla Ranch, and their four children, Colin, Kirsten, Meghan and Conor. Unfortunately, most UAF students know the Chancellor only indirectly. How many know that Chancellor O ' Rourke played a major role in the provision of funds for new dormitory furniture? So next time you settle down into an oak chair or sofa... count your blessings... and remember that not everybody in the administration is out to get you! O ' Rourke receives publicity in SUN STAR end of year spoof. Chancellor 25 ■ YUPIK .•. ' 5j 1 iSCAi 1 ig§m p -Jv L m. HIBHA W L Hfl 26 Activities I jrvy ACTIVITIES ; •■-■ ' . " Activities 27 Equinox Marathon 28 Activities 206 Equinox Marathon runners Over 100 Equinox hikers Activities 29 Bill Brody 30 Activities Pat Kling, first woman finisher w ti - " Vv i ■ -- y x - - 1 ' " ' •355? — " N - — fS ■4BPR 9 Winner : Stan Justice - 2:46.03 Activities 3 1 32 Activities Arctic Winter Games Tl h Rope gymnastics Activities 33 34 Activities 1 foot - high kick Biathalon Activities 35 Haida dancers Hb BHH H w - ( Hl Hn k Bi 40E 9 % 1 1 V Sr ?T3H D _ 3 8 ■ ' £ Becky Stemper and the blanket toss 36 Activities Chuna Mclntyre Festival of Native Arts Activities 37 38 Entertainment I ' V ?air ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment 39 ' Jesse Colin-Young Jesse Colin- Young Leon Redbone l .eon Redbone a z 3 _ i : . ■ ■ V -9 — JCY Band Entertainment 41 an Picnic Directed by Lee H. Salisbury Setting and Lighting by Walter G. Ensign, Jr. Costumes Designed by Jayna Orchard The Cast Helen Potts, a neighbor Hal Carter, a young vagabond .... Millie Owens, a sixteen-year-old girl Bomber, the paper boy Madge Owens, a beautiful girl .... Dorothy Hotchkiss Greg Gustafson Lisa Hitchcock Brad Bartz Flo Owens, the girl ' s mother . Rosemary Sydney, a school teacher Alan Seymour, boy friend of Madge Irma Kronkite, a school teacher , Christine Schoenwalder, a teacher Howard Bevans, friend of Miss Sydney . . Pat Schmidt Scott Wattum . . Laura Me ' Smith Lori Rowland DonDeWitt ' r A ' tir «A 44 Entertainment f r B r p Clockwise from bottom center: Don DeWitt and Pat Schmidt Dorothy Hotchkiss Lisa Hitchcock and Paula Line Greg Gustafson and Paula Line Entertainment 45 46 Entertainment Vanities Directed by Lee H. Salisbury Set and Lighting Designed by Walter G. Ensign, Jr. Costumes Designed by Jayna Orchard Technical Direction by Richard Klyce The Cast Joanne Kathy . Mary . . . Lori Ann Roland Shelly Reed . Elizabeth Newman Entertainment 47 i I SI iff ' ' »- J -1 1S 1 JIB Choir ol Ihe North University - Community Chorus Arctic Chamber Orchestra OinaOttinger Entertainment EN- if " 3 ' w P F 1 t5 IV Music UAF Jazz Band UAF Concert Band Entertainment 49 B± + ■■ Q I Kurt Savikko I H Hot Flash 1 ' « 5 M ■. 1 1 0 A • v 1 52 Athletics Athletics 53 Bucky Scott 54 Athletics Dr. William R. and Dorothy Jane Wood Half-time strategy with Coach Al Svenningson THE Flying Nanooks Athletics 55 a Caroline Grys 56 Athletics THE Lady Nanooks Nan Wetherbce Kelsy Kuehn UAF Volleyball Coach Karen Morris 58 Athletics Lisa Mandclin 60 Athletics UAF Hockey Athletics 61 Women ' s Hockey 62 Athletics Ski Team Ro n Sumanik, NCAA Championship relay - Lake Placid Lake Placid, New York Matt VanEnkevort, Ron Sumanik, Lance Bodnar and Coach Marianne Carlson Athletics 63 VOLLEYBALL Beth Allman Donna Burch Kathy Dushkin Susan Everts Ronnie Hood Lisa Mandelin Yvonne McHenry Suzanne McKechnie Jennie McLean Dee Dee Miller Michelle Milles Venus Robb Laura Welp Coach-Karen Morris FLYING NANOOKS Steve Carlson Sam Green Earl Johnson Kerwin Lee Roy Raymond John Renfro Ken Sykes Ray DePriest Howard Hornbuckle Lloyd Johnson Bruce Noonan Roy Regaldo Bucky Scott Coach- Al Svenningson Assistant-George Roderick Anchorage 82 Linfield 54 E.Washington 58 Notre Dame 73 San Francisco 72 Puget Sound 76 Seattle 73 Simon Fraser 93 Seattle Pacific 86 Seattle 57 Concordia 80 Anchorage 69 Puget Sound 65 E.Washington 86 Linfield 64 Eastern Montana 88 Oregon Tech 62 Chico 62 Hayward 71 Seattle 66 Simon Fraser 88 Lewis Clark 69 St. Martins 62 Pacific Lutheran 76 Concordia 64 Seattle Pacific 81 Eastern Montana 81 Seattle 74 Meet win. Los Southern Oregon Loss Southern Oregon Loss W.Washington Loss W.Washington Loss C.Washington Win C.Washington Loss Portland Loss Portland Loss Anchorage Win Anchorage Win W.Washington Loss W.Washington Win Willamette Loss Eastern Oregon Loss Southern Oregon Loss Oregon Institute Win Willamette Loss Portland Loss Portland Loss Anchorage Loss Anchorage Loss Hawaii Loss Hawaii Loss C.Washington Win C.Washington Loss RIFLE TEAM Mike Abels Danny Cole Kathy Eyth Jim Larkin Matt Philbrook John Sarna Bruce Christianson Nils Degerlund Ivar Halvarson Jerry Mustard Gerry Purvis Sally Vegors 64 Athletics •h-Bill Smith Meet Position Xavier University 5th Eastern Kentucky 8th University Kentucky 1st Air Force Academy 2nd Idaho State 15th NRA Open 1st WOMKVMIOCKKY Leslie Anderson Krisli Conover Tina Denton Lisa Carraway Eileen Mayne Jeanie Morkel Sue Ayer Jackie Delancy Suzanne Dommert Juliene Larson Genie McNeil Donna Ncidhold Hi abeth Pojhola Kristin Walatka ( ouch- Scot t Roselius Assistant-Jeff Belluomini Nanook Statistics LADY NANOOKK Peggy Ellis Karin Jackson Trad Mantz Celeste Thibodeau Amy Welch Caroline Grys Kelsy Kuehn Andriene Powell Natalie Thomas Nanette Wetherbee Coach- Barbara Moles Assistant-Carol Alstrom Opponent UAI- Anchorage 69 61 Anchorage 68 65 Chico 49 71 Chico E.Montana 65 56 E.Montana 69 55 Idaho 81 54 Puget Sound 68 71 Anchorage 52 44 Anchorage 59 66 Anchorage 69 65 Seattle Wi ' ' Seatlle 68 67 C.Washington 64 85 C.Washington m Gonzaga 67 64 Gonzaga 80 53 Washington St. 79 45 Washington St. 74 51 W.Washington 67 65 W.Washington 61 60 Idaho 94 48 Idaho 91 41 Lewis-Clark 67 63 Lewis-Clark 87 76 Portland 94 55 Portland 102 54 Athletics 65 Nerland College Bowl team Equinox Marathon 66 Athletics Battle of the Beef 1 I I I Intramural Sports Athletics 67 ; • wf t mm Intramural bowling ■ !.; : s ; - y. .W: : : -. 8$ 70 Student Life " Vfe ; ? m m m ' Student Life 71 Ron Wayne, photo lab instructor 72 Student Life Student Art Show Physical Geography with Dr. Pearson Sculpture by Dave Polly George Chaney Student Life 73 Eric Gosnick, Quantitative Analysis Ann Larson, weighing fish for Harp Seal feeding 74 Student Life zzzzzzz] Beginning Ice Skating Student Life 75 Terry Gacke Navin Sharma and Christine Economides, Petroleum Technology 76 Student Life T.V.C.C. Ground School The Great Hunter by John Oscar Student Life 77 Engineers ' Ice Arch All Campus Day - Dean of Engineering Vince Haneman waits on Wayne Englishbee Trish Olsen and Robert George 78 Student Life Traditional bonfire Starvation Gulch Casino Night Student Life 79 Karl Kowalski relaxes at the Beach Party Lathrop Hall 80 Student Life Kate McKee - Swim Suit Contest Winner Amy Welch LATHROP HALL Student Life 81 Isabelle " Carrie " Cleveland and Sam Green iniiiiniiiiim ii ii i ■ •■ ■iiniiniiiniiiiiiMiii gi niiniimmi " mi mi mi Installation of sidewalk access ramps Beluga collapse during Starvation gulch. Student Life 83 Kurt Savikko 7th Floor Moore Steve and Noreen McKee 4th Floor Moore 84 Student Life Moore Hall l 6th Floor Moore 2nd Floor Moore The upper dorm lobby is recarpeted 86 Student Life 3rd Floor Moore 5th Floor Moore Student Life 87 Lower Commons ' servers Alice Vorwerk, Winnoa Allen and Kathy Voorhees Fairbanks ' Night Lights 88 Student Life Wood Center multi-level lounge Student Life 89 STEVENS HALL 90 Student Life Jeff Babcock Bernice Morgan, Joy Herlihy, Geri Thibodeau, Paula Lincoln and Joni McNutt Stevens Hall Lauren Hickey Student Life 91 Cheapo-Sleazo night at the Pub i -1 1 - i ASUA President Jason Kuehn and Vice President Phil Okeson 92 Student Life ASUA Presidential candidate debate General Westmoreland visits UAF Kenny Savok Student Life 93 Tina Willard, Doug Bue and DeAnn Lincoln 3rd Floor Wickersham Hall 94 Student Life Wickersham Hall 1st Floor Wickersham Hall Joan Ewing 2nd Floor Wickersham Hall Student Life 95 Larry Korkowski and Ann ' Oz ' Osentoski Nerland Hall Sue Cargill injured in College Bowl action? 96 Student Life NERLANDHALL R.A., Mitch Pies, coaches Nerland ' s softball team Nick Poling, Sue Cargill, Caroline Collings, Dan Parish and Carol Buttimore John Pohjola Steve McKee, Noreen McKee and Kerwin Lee 98 Student Life Margie Gumlikpuk Lisa Hitchcock in Picnic Student Life 99 Kurt Savikko 2nd Floor Bartlett Kent Widmayer and " Animal ' 100 Student Life 5th Floor Bartlett Bartlett Hall 8th Floor Bartlett Kurt Stvikko Rodger Eckhmrt Bartlett College Bowl Team 41 Sherman Carliles 3rd Floor Bartlett 102 Student Life 7th Floor Bartlett 6th Floor Bartlett 4th Floor Bartlett Student Life 103 SIT HAIDAi v. Kurt Savikko ; » H m i J L j Native Arts Festival UAF Fire Hall Assistant Chief Wayne Million and the UAFD Dave Dreydoppel 106 Student Life Student Life 107 Natalie and Charity Kusz - NEW MARRIED STUDENT HOUSING HARWOOD HALL 108 Student Life Tim and Kathy Johnson Married Student Housing Kristi Conover prepares breakfast e WALSH HALL Dan Castenson and Julie Slais Student Life 109 5Z= . W " . — »— jr " l ' " I " 1 " — — - fe ••«l»taii » ' ( s Mcintosh hall 11 0 Student Life Roy Raymond and Roy Regaldo Mcintosh Hall Forrest Powell Student Life 111 Skarland Talent Show Danny Jenkins 112 Student Life Candy Barra and Tracey Williams Skarland Hall Tom Morse SKARLAND HALL Student Life 113 Elizabeth Foglesong and Rich Hill 114 Student Life Colleen Agnes Ryan Student Life 115 Jo Kuchle, Toni Kunkel and Kathy Hites - Toga! 116 Student Life Otto Geist Museum Betty Williams, Nobel Peace Prize - 1977, Bartlett Lecturer. Larry Korkowski Student Life 117 A.S.U.A. Senate 118 Student Life Chess Club Model United Nations Clubs Organizations Sharon Davis, A.S.U.A. secretary Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Student Life 119 Kappa Alpha Mu, honorary photojournalism Society of Petroleum Engineers 120 Student Life . The Sun Star staff American Society of Mechanical Engineers, student branch Student Life 121 122 Student Life Sherman Carliles Kurt Savikko - Photo Editor Dick Curtis - Graduate Editor 9 Kathy Hites Jackson Parry and Lorikay Duncan Denali Student Life 123 Dennis Rogers and Nick Messina - Business Manager 124 Student Life " Freckles " — West Ridge harbor seal Student Life 125 .yf .i v.. 126 Graduates GRADUATES » ;?j£T ■ 1- A I £$ Graduates 127 1 128 Graduates Claire Fejes receives honorary Doctor of Humanities degree Emeritus professors Axel R. Carlson, T. Neil Davis and Earl H. Beistline Graduates 129 arlene F. Anderson B.Ed. Elementary Education Patricia H. Anderson B.B.A. Accounting Jeff R. Bellumoni B.B.A. Management Finance 130 Graduates Jody Vignola - " It ' s about time! " Iradly B. Berg B. S. Petroleum Engineering Brian T. Billingsle B. S. Civil Engineering Nikolaus J. Botscheller B.A. Linguistics Corinne A. Bradish B.B.A. Management Marketing Daniel M. Cabot B. S. Natural Resource Management Miriam C. Bregoff B.Ed. Elementary Education Peter W. Carey B.S. Natural Resource Management Timothy M. Burgess M.B.A. Colleen L. Cartledge B.B.A. Management Marketing Graduates 131 Catherine L. Cochran B. S. Natural Resource Management Sigurd E. Colberg B.S. Civil Engineering Nancy D. Comfort B.M. Music Education-Elementary Debra P. Damron B.A. Journalism Mark R. Deiro B.B.A. Travel Industry Management Delores A. DeWitt B.B.A. Accounting 132 Graduates erald W. Foster B.S. Geological Engineering B.S. Petroleum Engineering Graduates 133 Robert E. Gieck Jr. B. S. Natural Resource Management Francis M. Gleason B.B.A. Management Thomas A. Gleason B.B.A. Accounting Rebecca F. Gray B.B.A. Marketing mm John P. Griffin B. S. Natural Resource Management Diane K. Hanson M.A. Anthropology A. A. Accounting Roark A. Head B.S. Mathematics Robin Anne Heard B.Ed. Elementary Education 134 Graduates Monica M. Heath B.Ed. Elementary Education Janis M. Hymel Helton B.A. Journalism •ranklin T. Hoffman B.A. Art Philip A. Hoffman B. S. Civil Engineering Michael W. Holman B.Ed. Secondary Education Deborah R. Honea B.B.A. Finance; Management Clifton J. Inch B.B.A. Accounting Sherry Ann Jackman A.A.S. Office Occupations Kathleen L. Jenkins A. A. Liberal Arts Graduates 135 136 Graduates Donna Levesque B.A.English Anthony M. Lombardo B.A. History;Political Science Charles A. Mailander B. S. Biological Sciences John F. Martin B.S. Natural Resources Management Graduates 137 Michael McGee M.F.A. Creative Writing Michael L. McKitrick M.B.A. Loyola M. McManus M.Ed. Administration 138 Graduates Joni G. McNutt B.A. English Jack C. Mellor Ph.D. Oceanography Ocean Engineering Jansy R. Mie William R. Miller Jr. B.A. Sociology Michelle J. Milles B.B.A. Management; Marketing Donna K. Montague B. S. Fisheries Biology James T. Moran B. S. Biological Sciences Madan R. Naidu M.B.A. James D. Oliver B. S. Petroleum Engineering Graduates 139 Renee Webb Otis B.B.A. Accounting Jackson Parry B.S. Civil Engineering Janet G. Pearson B.B.A. Accounting Donna L. Peterman B.A. Sociology Michael T. Peters B.A. Physical Education Hai Phung B.S. Electrical Engineering 11 John Pritchard Jr. A.A.S. Electronics Technology Maria-Elisabeth Ranft B. Music Performance Robert E. Reichhard Jr. B.A. Justice 140 Graduates Dale L. Russell B. S. Wildlife Management Julia R. Scott B.A. Journalism Linda T. Schuman A. A. Computer Information Systems B.B.A. Accounting Carla R. Szitas A. A. Computer Information Systems Navin K. Sharma B. S. Petroleum Engineering David A. l nompson B.A. Economics Graduates 141 Mark Van Rhyn M.Ed. Leon E. Van Why e B.A. Economics Jody Ann Vignola B.A. Speech Communications Andrea H. Waarvik B.B.A. Managemen t Masuo Watabe B.A. Yupik Eskimo Timothy M. Zadalis B. S. Biological Sciences All graduate portraits by Bud Nelson (unless otherwise noted) UNDERGRADUATE DEGREES College of Arts and Sciences lytJaM lAiwd I) ( in | Irttc V Dalcli Associate Degree I l Ik.wd -luvlKC rnce Row Marie George Justice Kaths | i her a I tu iey-Science Jamas M. Midnn Jutlice Scan H. Mw» Juiiict (navtoiie ( aroitne Gray Morgan - Science Robert E. Spcnccr-Scfcncr Jennifer Win M tf-Owmkal Science Darnel H Wood-JlUlic jraphy nJiry M Angajaji N. upil kimo total i Barfcdoll PoJJUcaJ Sdeacc Dantac M Boadurani I ngtish ondary Mkolaui i Botschnfiai I taguattki i ' logy V ajjaca l Brown Psychology John i Bum rUstor) Jane H I Seouj V Cupar lorn Jonathai titfcal Science Ju Her Chang— Art Mduvd I CUne sociology .IlkMI • nllcmentary I DaJra Justice Daawoo jom Roman J. Dial— Mairu 1 kcils I ology h k DufdaJo— Politic al Science Dwyer— Humanities Carman (. Dykema— Foreign Language Baccalaureate Degrees John W Englei-I ' t Ramona L Eipotilo- Humanities tar men Garcia— Drawing Melody A. Gray— Ait Jared A. Hall— Mathematics ' Phytic Joseph , HaVttM Jr.— Mai hematic Roark A. Head — Mathematics Jams Mane Hymel Helton— Journalism W.iit Hctmil mdary Performance franklin I Hoffman— Art Piiula M lanowicx IS chology Alice J. Johnson— Humanities Michael h fill J I Balm J icr D Kott — Justice Kathleen T. Lavelle— Geography Stanley E. Leaphart— History Ij-Her C 1-ee— Mathematics Kama R. Lindaht— English Anthony M. Lombardo— History Political Science Barbara J. Lyons— Physical Education Lou Anne Maxwell— Psychology Deanna L, McGec- Psychology Ronald D. Mcsler— Political Science Wilham R. Miller Jr.— Sociology Sara R. Monaghan— Music Education -Secondary Elizabeth M. Moore— Music Education -Secondary Martha E. Morgan— Psychology Michael J. O ' Brien— History College of Environmental Sc iences Susan S. Pennell— Psychology Donna 1.. Peter man— Sociology Mkhael I. Peieis Physical Education I verett C Pierce - History Jan L. Ramsey— Spanish Mana Elisabeth Ranft— Performance dly S Reed-Theatre Robert K. Reges Jr. -English Robert E. Reichhard Jr.— Justice Brcnda J. Richard — Justice Julia R. Scott— Journalism Daniel J. Solie— Ph Jonathan E. Sperber— Geography Joyce D. Staton— Sociology Catherine Stephenson— Journalism Karen S. Stomberg— Printmaking Leone M. Thierman— Journalism Yvonna S. Tomlin— English Mica nor B. Trigg— Art Deborah J. Uotila— Psychology Garry O. Utermohle— Drawing Jody A. Vignola— Speech Communications Masuo Walabc— Yupik Eskimo Donna L. Weihs— Chemistry Michael E. Welsh— Geography and Regional Development David Wike — Electronics Technology Computer Science Gregory T. Williams— Political Science -Biological Sciences Jeffrey C. Barnard— Biological Sciences Gayle L. Allegro— Geology ftandnc J. Benms— Biology Geology Dirk A. Bod nar— Geology Douglas G. Bue— Fisheries Biology Jamie A. ( arlon— Fisheries Biology Robert W t. gggajl Biological Sciences Li abech A. Choate— Biological Sciences Michael W CBfmj Wildlife Management Roman J. Dial— Biological Sciences Martha L. Farris— Biological Sciences James E. Finn— Fisheries Science Gregory ' L. Finsiad— Wildlife Management Baccalaureate Degrees Joseph C. Gass— Biological Sciences Ellen K. Hannan— Biological Sciences Jo Ann Johnson— Biological Sciences Knut Kiel land— Anthropology Knut Kieliand— Biological Sciences Thomas M. Kuble— Geology Thomas D. Lahey— Biological Sciences Robert M. Lipchak— Wildlife Management Charles A. Mai lander— Biological Sciences Thomas C. McCall— Wildlife Management Lisa K. Miyoshi— Biological Sciences Donna K. Montague— Fisheries Biology James T. Moran — Biological Sciences Gregory L. Myers— Geology i C. Niclson. Jr.- Wildlife Management Kevin M. Nuss— Wildlife Management Terry M. Owen— Geology Ann B. Pease— Biological Sciences David P. Rhode— Biological Sciences Michelle M. Robert— Biological Sciences Laurie G. Robertson— Earth Science Mark D. Ross— Biological Sciences Dale I Russell— Wildlife Management Dixon W. Sims— Anthropology Cynthia F. Sisson— Biological Sciences Bob S. Tepley— Biological Sciences Arthur A. Wynne — Fisheries Science Suzanne Y. Yerian— Biological Sciences Timothy M. Zadalis— Biological Sciences School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management Peter W. Carey— Natural Resources Management Catherine L. Cochran— Natural Resources Management Robert E. Gieck Jr.— Natural Resources Management Baccalaureate Degrees John Griffin — Natural Resources Management Kevin G. Keplinger— Natural Resources Management J. Thomas Kurth — Natural Resources Management John F. Martin— Natural Resources Management Richard M. Montagna— Natural Resources Management Emma L. Reed— Natural Resources Management Scott N. Taylor— Natural Resources Management School of Education Marlene F. Anderson— Elementary Scott R. Axford— Elementary Veronica K. Bel ton— Elementary Charlotte A. Bergt— Elementary Miriam C. Bregoff— Elementary Gertie Brown— Cross Cultural Brian B. Castle — Secondary David R. Charlie— Cross Cultural Phyllis Lee Herning Clark— Elementary Jeanine Kaye Gribble Costello — Cross Cultural Donna L. Dinsmore — Elementary Baccalaureate Degrees Laura C. Elliott— Early Childhood Education Lora D. Fisher— Elementary Leo J. Fuller— Elementary John M. Gagne — Secondary Carol K. Gravesen— Elementary Linda Gregory — Elementary Marie T. Hailey— Cross Cultural Robin Heard — Elementary Monica M. Heath — Elementary Michael W. Holman — Secondary Cynthia W. Hubbard— Elementary Mary K. McMorrow — Elementary Douglas W. Noon— Elementary RoseAnnc Machrec Rings tad— Elementary Janet C. Rodgers— Elementary Thelma J. Saunders— Cross Cultural Karen A. Schauer— Elementary Julia H. Shriver— Cross Cultural Amy Lou Simianer — Secondary Diane L. Travis — Elementary Teresa M. Ulroan — Cross Cultural Ruth E. Wagner — Elementary Roberta P. Ward— Secondary Graduates 143 School of Engineering Louis J. Bassier — Civil Engineering Scott V. Bell— Mechanical Engineering Brian T. Billingslea— Civil Engineering Michael S. Caughran — Electrical Engineering George T. Chaney — Mechanical Engineering Sigurd E. Colberg — Civil Engineering James P. Cusick— Electrical Engineering Dean D. Day— Civil Engineering Quang Manh Do— Mechanical Engineering Joseph G. Hawkins Jr. — Electrical Engineering William N. Henri ksen — Mechanical Engineering Steven C. Henslee — Civil Engineering Baccalaureate Degrees Philip A. Hoffman— Civil Engineering Jamil D. Huff — Electrical Engineering Kevin F. Janosky— Electrical Engineering Otto L, Johansen— Electrical Engineering Gregory Johnson— Mechanical Engineering Ronald King— Electrical Engineering Donald G. Kinney— Civil Engineering Gary R. Kuhn— Electrical Engineering Michael P. Lewis— Civil Engineering Gregory H. Luther— Civil Engineering Robert L. McGill Jr.— Civil Engineering D. Lance Mearig — Civil Engineering Russel E. Moore — Civil Engineering Alan L. Muellerleile — Civil Engineering Gregory D. Pen n— Mechanical Engineering Hai Phung — Electrical Engineering Darren V. Redick— Civil Engineering Byron J. Roys— Mechanical Engineering Robert W. Sahlman — Civil Engineering John G. Sarber — Mechanical Engineering Herb Schroeder — Mechanical Engineering George E. Stein— Electrical Engineering Damien F. Stella — Civil Engineering Paula M. Wellen— Civil Engineering Lawrence T. Baker— Computer Information Systems Ted S. Boyd— Business Administration Paula C. Caron— Computer Information Systems William G. Dougherty— Computer Information Systems Dwain L. Gibson II — Computer Information Systems Wesley G. Graf — Computer Information Systems Mary J. Hayes— Accounting School of Management Associate Degrees Janet S. Knight— Computer Information Systems Scott R. Leist — Computer Information Systems Marvin Morgan — Business Administration Janet G. Pearson— Computer Information Systems Roy E. Raaum— Computer Information Systems Linda T. Schuman — Computer Information Systems Baccalaureate Degrees Sherilyn N. Stephens— Computer Information Systems Donna V. Strack— Computer Information Systems Carla R. Szitas— Computer Information Systems Janie H. Walker— Business Administration Roland M. Walker— Business Administration Dorothy A. Carlson Wood— Accounting Mary M. Worral— Accounting Dolores K. Adams— Accounting Patricia H. Anderson— Accounting Wanetta J. Ayers— Travel Industry Management Jeff R. Bel luomini— Finance; Management Corinne A. Bradish— Management; Marketing Richard J. Bradley — Accounting Lucy A. K. Carlo— Management Colleen L. Cartledge — Marketing; Management Shin Joy Chung — Finance Albert H. Dallman — Management Mark R. Deiro— Travel Industry Management Laura Ann Eakins — Finance Susan L. Evans — Accounting Richard A. Francis — Management Francis M. Gieason — Management Thomas A. Gieason— Accounting Janice E. Glenn — Office Administration Thomas E. Goad— Accounting Rebecca K. Gray— Marketing Michael D. Grondin — Travel Industry Management Deborah R. Honea— Finance; Management Betty Huntington— Accounting Clifton J. Inch — Accounting David M. K now 1 ton— Management Jason D. Kuehn — Economics Dolores K. McKee — Travel Industry Management James R. McKitrick— Management Jansy R. Mielke— Finance Michelle J. Milles— Marketing; Management Albert D. Morgan — Electronics Technology Business Administration Douglas M. Morris — Accounting Parker J. Nation Jr.— Accounting Diana J. Newton — Travel Industry Management Renee Webb Otis — Accounting William J. Pappas— Finance Janet G. Pearson — Accounting Thurman M. Pittman Jr. Finance Ben D. Porterfield— Mineral and Petroleum Technology Business Administration Roy E. Raaum — Computer Information Systems Business Administration Timothy P. Ribar— Accounting Darlena K. Rush— Travel Industry Management Linda T. Schuman— Accounting Richard E. See— Electronics Technology Business Administration Judith A. Slajer — Management; Finance David A. Thompsen — Economics Leon E. VanWyhe— Economics Andrea H. Waarvik — Management Dennis C. Watson — Economics Clara S. White — Business Administration School of Mineral Industry Bradly B. Berg— Petroleum Engineering Douglas E. Carlson — Geological Engineering Glen T. Colbourne — Mining Engineering Michael P. Combellick — Petroleum Engineering Tina L. Denton — Mining Engineering Baccalaureate Degrees Gerald W. Foster— Geological Engineering Petroleum Engineering Glenn T. Hall— Mining Engineering David J. King — Mining Engineering Raymond P. Lester, Jr.— Geological Engineering Jerome J. McFadden, Jr.— Geological Engineering James D. Oliver— Petroleum Engineering Navin K. Sharma— Petroleum Engineering Thomas R. Zimmer — Mining Engineering David A. Akin — Petroleum Technology Daniel J. Beck— Petroleum Technology Dennis E. Belon— Electronics Technology Mary R. Buckalew — Petroleum Technology D. W. Burke— Electronics Technology Carol H. fiutton— Library Technical Assistant Tim D. Cabana— Petroleum Technology Michael T. Carney— Petroleum Technology Vera R. Cartledge— Paraprof ess ional Counseling Margaret L. Chandler— Petroleum Technology Mary E. Chandler— Petroleum Technology Pamela K. Christianson— Early Childhood Development Stephen M. Col ligan— Petroleum Technology Debbie J. Dallas— Petroleum Technology George Dalton— Petroleum Technology Kathleen Dalton— Petroleum Technology Sandra J. Daniels — Early Childhood Development Charles R. Darling— Professional Piloting Louise M. Dean— Office Occupations Business Supervision Jeffrey Lee Ericks — Airframe and Powerplant Joyce M. Erickson— Library Technical Assistant Tanana Valley Community College Associate Degrees Raychelle M. Mosley — Electronics Technology Mary K. Mueller— Library Technical Assistant Deborah Norton— Petroleum Technology John E. Orbeck — Electronics Technology Starlette J. Patterson— Early Childhood Development Carol L. Porter— Early Childhood Development John Pritchard Jr. — Electronics Technology Rachel A. Ramoth— Early Childhood Development Paul C. Reynolds — Petroleum Technology Gene R. Salzman Jr.— Airframe and Powerplant Harry A. Scholtz III— Petroleum Technology Barbara A. Scott— Petroleum Technology Richard Edward See — Electronics Technology Kirby A. Sharp — Airframe and Powerplant Melvin D. Shepard— Petroleum Technology Raymond Smith— Petroleum Technology Jay Andre Van Veldhuizen— Electronics Technology Brian Walsh— Petroleum Technology Aaron West — Petroleum Technology Sharon Y. West-Smith— Office Occupations Kenneth W. Willard— Electronics Technology Jed T. Williams— Electronics Technology Todd E. Fitzgerald— Petroleum Technology Larry R. Frazier — Petroleum Technology John W. Fullford— Electronics Technology Warren L. Griese— Fire Science Technology Martin Guerrero Jr.— Paraprofessional Counseling Joan D. Heidel— Electronics Technology Laurie A. Holland-Klein— Paraprofessional Counseling Randolph W. Honea— Petroleum Technology Susan Horn — Early Childhood Development Robert E. Hutchison— Petroleum Technology Sherry Ann Jackman— Office Occupations Margaret R. Johnson— Petroleum Technology Dennis P. Kaufman— Petroleum Technology James L. Kelly — Electronics Technology- Joan Koponen— Paraprofessional Counseling Kirk K. Krause— Petroleum Technology William S. Lammers — Petroleum Technology Michael T. Lester — Electronics Technology Michael G. McGowan— Fire Science Technology Kimberly R. McNavish— Early Childhood Development Charles R. Melaney Jr.— Airframe and Powerplant Janet S. Miller— Petroleum Technology Certificates John F. Berryman— Food Service Technology Bekery Ernest D. Misewicz — Fire Science 144 Graduates Nkolaus J Bolwhdler Richard I Franklin I Hoffman Commissions — U.S. Army Ronald D Mesler MASTERS DEGREES VMaan Horcnvc B Gerald V. ( 4hlc reativc Writing Joseph A I n »cilei i 5 Ihoriu .. iogy ey R Bracey (ieoph- irok»KV P Jeffrey BurtOII Geology Sarah D Campbell oology ■ !og Catherine!. Curb) Wildlife Management Page Virgina FUc- Biologic ! Oceanography [ inc K Hamon — Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences Uehra ] K ' f here ' , 4 .anon Morgan J Wgjgh CWttbH Writing College of Environmental Sciences I ale K Matter- Wildlife Management Kaihennc M Khngenimilh— Biological (Xeanography Vuji kodama— Atmospheric Sciences Carol I. inlnwiler— Wildlife Management Roger A Marihall -Spate P Jeaneife T Moore— Biology Thomas W Mortetucn— Geology John F Now- Anthropology Karen L Oakley— Biology Theresa Palus kiewior— Physical Oceanography CkHti irology Michael VanHook McOw Creative Writing kUwf Writing Management Darlenc L Pro — Biology Anne C Segum- -Wildlife Managemcnl Barbara D Sella " eology Liu Ann Shon -Wildlife Management Daniel L Slaby— Anthropology Steven A Smith— Space Phyucs Sandra K Son lakhw.— Ptahtrti James J Stc: Management Wei hong Yang— Space Physics School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management Bonnie I Friedman— Natural Resource Management Rebecca J. McGce— Natural Resource Management Susan L. Regan— Natural Resources Management Jill S Thayer— Natural Resources Management Margaret E Willeit— Natural Resource Management Diann M Aldnch- M.Ed. Martin Becker— M.Ed. Kathleen D Benson— M Id Sheila B. Bisson— M.I J Marian M. Charles— M Ed. Claudia D, Doytl -M Ed. Mary ' L- Dunion— M.A.T. Education Myra Jane Hayward Fuwh Mid Deborah Freeman-Arnold— M.A.T. Education Peter A. Glass— Ml d Margaret L. Lau— M.Ed. William J. Hoople— M.C.E. Charles J. Korhonen— Arctic Engineering Tomothy M. Burgess Surya Prakash Kathryn C. Driscoll Stanley O. Eakins School of Education Phillip A. Layral-M.Ed Becky V. Lessley— MAT. Education Robert P. Magmre— M.Ed. Michael R Mar: M I J John P. McDermotl— M.A.T. Education Loyola M McManus— M.Ed. Roberta R Nadeau— M.Ed. Jane M Niebauer— M.Ed. Diane M. Noble— M. Ed. Glenn R. Olsen— M AT. Education School of Engineering William D. Morgan Jr.— Environmental Quality Science Bernard Nidowicz — Civil Engineering School of Management Richard N. Guttenberg John M. Hopkins Robert G. Lambourne Michael L. McKitnck School of Mineral Industry Michael Richard Mark Anthony— Mineral Preparation Engineering Mary Rae Pigg— M.Ed John C Purcell— M A T Education Kurt B. Richter— M.Ed. Mna M. Sinkey-M.Ed. James A. Smith— M. A. Mass Media Education Joyce D. Slalon— M.Ed Sherie D Steele— MAT. Education Michael Thibodeau— M.Ed. Mark fc Van Rhyn— M.Ed. Carol A. Wallace-M.Ed. Linda E. Witt— M.Ed. George R. Sleen— Environmental Quality Science Shinji Takasugi— Civil Engineering Madan R. Naidu James R. Ranney Daniel L. Slaby Jacquclyn Rene McKcvitt Zinck DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY DEGREES College of Environmental Sciences Susan Marie Ashwell-Erickson— Biological Oceanography IgCk C Mellor— Oceanography Ocean Engineering Lewis A. Molot— Oceanography- Frederick T. Short— Oceanography Michael G. Weber— Plant-Soil Relations School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management JoEllen Page Spencer— Applied Plant Ecology EMERITUS AWARDS Earl H. Beistline— Dean of the School of Mineral Industry, Emeritus; Professor of Mining, Emeritus Axel R. Carlson— Professor of Extension, Emeritus Dr. T. Ndl Davis— Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus Dr. Elbert F. Rice— Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus HONORARY DEGREES Emily Ivanoff Brown— Doctor of Humanities Claire Fejes— Doctor of Humanities Graduates 145 146 Advertisers %w Ty-V - ; - 7-r I . . _,»» Congratulations Graduates 1982 OKSTORE 148 Advertisers VwdLVM -J , r 2% 1 7 IKJSK [ Ri M . • • 1 ' s ' •Irfrt Class of 82: You can ' t get them any fresher! Distributed by Fairbanks Distributors Gary Wilken 456-7088 Go For It ! 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CLOSET New women s clothing you can afford to buy, not borrow. " " We believe in you, trust us, ' Walking distance from the U 3535 College Road 77 ..! Tues.- Fri. 9-9 Mon.-Sat. 9-5 _ZrL 479-4246 or 479-HAIR One hour " mmmizi is: THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING Bentley Mall East 20 College Road Phone: 456 1898 Advertisers 151 Bond Enterprizes Forever Living Products ALOE VERA Terrific income opportunity for distributors Choose hours to fit your schedule 427 Baranof Fairbanks, AK 99701 (907) 456-3800 (907)452-4154 Michele ' s Campus Barber Shop 474-7037 In Constitution Hall 9am - 5pm weekdays Weekends by appointment Congratulations Graduates ! from your ' Home-owned Bank ' Main Office Northward Bidg Airport Road 620 Gaffney Road College International Airport 794 University Ave UN BAN K OF THE NORTH Member FDIC 152 Advertisers HIS FIRST YEAR OUT OF COLLEGE. FRANK QUACKENBUSH RENOVATED THREE BUILDINGS, WORKED ON A DAM, PAVED A ROAD, AND BUILT TWO CHOPPER PADS. " Most of the engineers I grad- uated with probably wound up-asan.. assistant engineer to somebody else. Maybe doing the details for somebody else ' s design or supervising some small aspect of construction. " But my first year as an Engineer Lt., I ' ve designed many of my own projects and supervised the construction on everything from baseball dugouts to the concrete work on a dam. Earthmoving, grading, fill- ing, paving, concrete work, masonry —you name it, I ' ve supervised it. " Whether I stay in the Army or go into civilian construction work later, I ' ve got experience that some engineers won ' t have when they ' re 30! " Army ROTC got Frank Quackenbush off to a good start in his field. It can do the same for you whether you ' re a civil engineer or an English major. For more information stop by the Army ROTC office on campus. And begin your future as an officer. 2nd Li Frank Quackenbush majored in civil engineering at the University of Arisona and was a member of Army ROTC ARMY ROTC. BEALLYOUCANBE. ATVJLJ SEE MAJOR BERT JASTER ROOM 7 PATTY GYM Advertisers 153 ADA FOOD SERVICES Congratulations Class of ' 82 Best Wishes For A Successful Future 154 Advertisers Clinkerdagger Bickerstaff Pett ' s Located in the Bentley Mall Lunches Monday-Friday Dinners nightly Lively entertainment For your travel arrangements Domestic and International Hotels, Tours, Cruises, Car Rentals, Ferries Airline Tickets at Airport Prices It ' s a Sr m WORLD TRflVfL r» 3525 College Road 479-4267 J Personalized Travel arrangements at no cost to youl ALASKA MOTORS 1648 Cushman Fairbanks, Alaska 452-1901 +AMC - Jeep - Renault SOS IENTLEY OR. FAIRBANKS. 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Dan Wendeborn Wood Center staff Clarence Beers Joe Cupp K W Trucking I)e Ann Lincoln James McCann Bud Nelson Registrars Brett Stewart Ann Tremarello Polly Walter George Winford Marge Zielinski Roy Corral Sharon Davis Jason Kuehn Corry Lindahl Meisel Tricia Olsen Dennis Rogers Sun Star Matt Van Enkevort Nicolet Werner Tom Wolf MOM Advertisers 159 4 . . • ■ »r? - • 3 -■ -•» -« ■ ■ • _. v «?•« i ;;. - - ' «? % •r « »« • ■» ' - r v y ALSWOHTM PUBLISHING COMPANY MAafTtlNE MISSA HI SSOV ' Hl 160 Best Wishes from the Denali! -•

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