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' A VV •i} 4j ' •■;. ■»; ' 7 ' tikV ' ,jL . i . S.:;fefe ,!M:ar K ■V, i»,.-r •„;..••■ i ,V .•x-, ' «-Vv, ' , . ' - ,i-i ' }.S ' ' ■•■■}■■ " vi r r t ' v . ,a V ,4? ;-v;; ' ;. ,i(« : ' r S},r. n; 1: v «• ? ' ?.!-i » ' ' • ' • ' aT ' i ' ' l-.vj-, " ' »• ' ■ ' -, ' V J- ;, .V «■ ; ' • ■ ' , ' . ? : ' ' - ' ;•. ' . ' ' ■- .-■ ' ■■-, ' %;! ' ., ■ . • ' - ' . »■ v.t XI J -t ' f fW ' X ' . ' ' ■■■ ' ■ ■■■ ' ' ' ■;., ' : •■-•• ' V ■.-■ ' ■ ' " ■ ' .-■••■■ ' ¥ ' Vv ' ■■. " .■:,. ' ■ ' — ' ■. ' - ' . ' •. ' ■ ' " ■.; , ' i ' -?- ' ' ' -,; m WSP t f, nil rm Associared mmn EDITOR JoAnne Wilbanks ASSISTANT EDITORS Judy McKinley Kenneth Reed SPORTS EDITOR Joseph A. Meade ART EDITOR Clint Dice LAYOUT EDITORS Jeanette Watkins Stuart Watkins Sherry Stephens Fred Sharp PHOTOGRAPHERS SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHER William Koon BUSINESS MANAGER Ernst W. Mueller ADVERTISING MANAGER John H. Nielsen Dale Sue Wilde Steve Fowler John Rosa Larry Fulton m 7 i ••; - »f " - ■ H ■•..wi r ' - ' .,-=- ' • " •- . " I l ■ H n I Dr. Charles E. Bunnell Memorial Building Welcome to your treasure of memories of the 1960-61 collegiate year on the Campus of the Polar Bears. It has been an exciting, entertaining and we hope a studious eight months. We realize that printed word and picture cannot begin to tell your story. Yet, it is our sincere wish that in the years to come as you look through this DENALI your fondest and most pleasurable memories will again be relived. We hope the enjoyment we experienced compiling this panorama of events will be shared as you view it. Sincerely, JoANNE WILBANKS Editor M CONTENTS FACULTY 16 CLASSES 54 ORGANIZATIONS 102 ACTIVITIES 146 ATHLETICS 186 ADVERTISING 218 DR. WILLIAM R. WOOD PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA I am deeply concerned about the gravity of the problems which today face free men every- where. We must depend upon the maturity of the individual for the solutions to the world problems. If our higher education does not develop this maturity in its students, then such fail- ure may well mean the early end of western civilization. We possess a noble heritage. We must be proud of it and let people everywhere know that we are. This is no time to question the " faith of our fathers, " but to be militant and extend it. This faith for a long, long time has been the dream of free men everywhere, the hope of the free world. We must not let it perish with us. Walk proudly in your heritage! Then others following you may also live as free men and free women. Uj - WILLIAM R. WOOD President PRESIDENT ' S INAUGURATION The new President of the University of Alaska. President William R. Wood delivers his inauguration address. m 1 ■ H L SHI tf i Kt V ' M la iH " 1 w T M ? M ■ e " ' " 1 . Mk -a ■ m flHilLJ B ■ KJ IK= jiil flft HKl 1 1 HQ Dr. William R. Wood leaves the Bunnell Lecture Hall as the new president of the University of Alaska. M Dr. Ivar Skarland, Professor of Anthropology, congratulates the new president. II »m II- The faculty members slowly approach the Bunnell Lecture Hall, scene of the Inaugura- tion Ceremony. Dr. Minnie Wells, Professor of English, congratulates President Wood. DEANS DEAN EDWARD VOLDSETH Dean of Students JOYCE DALATRI Secretary DEAN BETTY WATSON Dean of Women 10 IN MEMORIAM GALEN McWILLIAMS Galen was a brilliant young student with a splendid record of achievement. A young man sensitive to nature who will long be remembered by his many friends. II DEDICATION WILLIAM S. WILSON 12 Whereas, since 1939, as an instructor he has never been too busy to stop and talk, to tell a good story, to offer a kindly word. Whereas, he has understood students ' limita- tions at the University of Alaska for more than fourteen years, and has brought to the students and faculty a larger concept of the intellectual content of college. Whereas, he has become, as head of the Chem- istry and Chemical Engineering, well- known and respected by students, fac- ulty, and alumni alike. Whereas, for these and many other reasons; we, the DENALI staff of 1961, proudly dedicate this yearbook to Dr. William S. Wilson, Professor of Chemistry. JOANNE F. WILBANKS Editor Daiil Park 13 GOODBYE TO A VICE PRESIDENT upon arrival at Cripple Creek, Elliot Jones clapped on his sombrero and six guns. He then snapped handcuffs on the surprised couple, and took them to the party held in their honor. 14 -T Js - ' y " j V - ; - During the summer of I960 the Univer- sity of Alaska regretfully said goodbye to Dr. Robert R. Wiegman, Vice President, and his wife Helen. Before the couple departed the University faculty and admin- istration held a surprise going away party. Fairbanks photographer Bud Nelson pho- tographed the " doings " at the Malemute Saloon, Cripple Creek, Alaska, and swore on his camera that all props in the pictures were empty. Dangerous Dan (Prof. Charles Keim) plays a friendly game of cards with Mrs. Jones (Lou). Dean Earl H. Beistline, third from left, demanded that the couple be punished for leaving by enduring the act, " The Lady Known as Lou. " 15 16 DIVISION OF ENGLISH AND PHILOSOPHY Professor William Magee and Pro- fessor Wills talk over a problem. Prof. Magee is the head of the Liberal Arts Department. Professor Thomas Wilcox, visiting Carnegie profes- sor of English, leaves us to return to Bennington College, Vermont. 18 " V - J ' .. ' -. J. ' l ' . U . J . . ' . II IBERAL ARTS rsr Professor Minnie Wells, instructor of English and head of Graduate Study. Professor Wells is a familiar person on the campus. Professor Thomas Roberts, also a Carnegie pro- fessor of English, taught freshman English and also American Literature. Mr. John Bernet is an instructor in many of the English courses. Professor Ann Bolgan recently received her doc- torate and will start her third year of instruction here. 19 Mr. Thomas Much — instructor of English. Mrs. Kay Hitchcock — instructor of English. j JOURNALISM Professor Charles Keim is the sole member of the Journalism department, but his devotion and stamina has helped to produce many talented writers and pho- tographers. 20 .r ' S. Ar ; ? - LANGUAGES Professor Michael Krauss, the Head of the Language department, came to the University last fall to do research on the Eskimo language as well as teach courses in Linguistics and French. Professor Rudolph Krejci came to Alaska in 1959 and now teaches Russian and German. Mrs. Annette Bork, a dynamic French instructor, taught first year French to many students. 21 ART Danny Pierce runs his own department of Art. internationally known for his work in Art. Professor Pierce, artist-in-residence, is DRAMA Professor Lee Salisbury is head of the Speech and Drama Department. He has directed the many plays that have been put on here. His latest success was William Soroyan ' s play " Time of Your Life. " 22 « w r ' v WV 41» If DIVISION OF MILITARY SCIENCE Colonel Kenneth C. Haycraft, Professor of Military Science, retires this year to take a civilian job. Colonel Haycraft became the PMS T in 1956. Captain Orr instructs the cadets in third and fourth year Military Science. Major Barry helps coordinate all of the activities of the ROTC Department. 2 3 Sergeant Walters is a busy man on campus. He teaches freshman courses in ROTC and also super- vises the Women ' s Drill Team. Sergeant Horton came to the U of A this year and has coached the rifle teams on to victory. Sergeant Yocum teaches the sophomores tactics, map-reading, and squad maneu- vers. 24 II Sergeant Hamlin is the Supply sergeant for the ROTC department. Sergeant Charleson is the administrative NCO for the department. Colonel Haycraft and Cadet Lt. Colonel Glav- inovich talk at the ROTC Ball held at Fort Wainwright. 25 R.O.T.C. VISITS FT.GREELY Some of the cadets at Ft. Greely. Escorted by Captain Orr. This orientation trip gave the cadets a chance to see some of the equipment in use. 26 _-l W,-.4. ' ? ' Clarence Vickaryous and Vadney Bledsoe check the communications. Fred Sharp and Howard Sturgis look glumly in the punch bowl. Clarence Vickaryous in the trophy room. Howard Johnson also made the trip. 27 Some of the cadets were given rides in the helicopters. These three pictures show some of the many tanks that the cadets explored and rode. 28 DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES ANTHROPOLOGY Professor Ivar Skarland, Head of the Anthropology Department, has been here since 1926. He is also the Head of the Social Science Division. Prof. Skarland also teaches courses in An- thropology. ECONOMICS Professor George Rogers instructs courses in Eco- nomics. Professor Hans Jensen also teaches Economics. 29 HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE Professor Herman Slotnick is the head of the Department of History and Political Science. Professor Ronald Cease came to the University this year to teach courses in Political Science. Assistant Professor Orlando Miller teaches History. 30 ' PSYCHOLOGY Mrs. Norma Forbes, one of the Psychology instructors, taught Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Adjustment, and Contemporary Theories in Psychology. SOCIOLOGY Miss Sondra Betsch taught courses in Sociology. 31 DIVISION OF BIOLOGY Professor Brina Kessel is the Head of the Bi- ology Department. She also teaches biology courses. Mr. Leslie Viereck teaches courses in Botany. Mrs. Eleanor Viereck teaches courses in Zool- ogy- 32 PHYSICAL SCIENCES CHEMISTRY Professor William Wilson, Head of the Chemistry Department, teaches most of the Chemistry Courses. Mrs. Elaine Jacobson teaches and helps in the laboratory. Ass ' t Professor Norman Birkholz also teaches in the department. 33 MATHEMATICS Professor F. D. Parker is the Head of the Mathe- matics Department. Professor William Cashen teaches advanced math. i 1 Mr. Peter Longley teaches math courses as well as a course in Logic. Professor Torcom Chorbajian teaches mathematics. 34 ' " ., " ,•! ■ ' .I.Wi.SJI.iiaiKi.lMllfjMH. — DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Instructor Joan Ryan teaches Educational Psychology, Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, and other Education courses. This is her second year here at the Uni- versity of Alaska. Miss Marjorie Marple teaches Elementary Education courses. 35 DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Professor Vernon Kiely, Head of the Business Administration Depart- ment, teaches many of its courses. Pe Sheng Wang teaches while work- ing for an advanced degree. He came from Peiping, China. 36 . !- ' mri.Kiiii DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Rachel A. Thomas is advisor to WAA as well as instructor of Women ' s Physical Education classes. P Mr. Ray Wheeler is our basketball coach. We were sorry to hear that this will be his last year as Polar Bear coach. 37 DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS Jill Cope and Jeanette Watkins help Mrs. Lola Tilly, Head of the Home Economics Department, serve tea. Miss Vena A. Clark, Home Economics in- structor, teaches the clothing courses. 38 flf, iVy!,J. !tt!IUI» ' l«WH»!! ' .ll l!|iil,«. ' -. GEOLOGY DEPARTMENT Dr. Troy L. Pewe, Head of the Ge- ology Department, is one of the in- structors in the School of Mines. CIVIL ENGINEERING Dr. Elbert F. Rice, Professor of Civil En- gineering, teaches many of the upper divi- sion engineering courses. 39 :s v: OLD --i fc« ■ ' MAIN COMMENCEMENT Dr. Ralph Bunche, Under- secretary at the United Na- tions, delivers inspiring address at the Commence- ment exercises. Choir of the North performs at the Graduation exercises. 42 vw« •» -.-% I Col. Haycraft and Dr. Ralph Bunche at reception following graduation ceremonies. I Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Wood greet guests at their home following graduation. Presentation of a degree. Brother Herbert Grossman chats with visi- tors and students. Presentation of Special Commendation award to Col. Kenneth C. Haycraft. 43 James Vickaryous, Representative of the Senior Class, speaks at Commencement. GRADUATION EXERCISES Graduating students at the Baccalaureate. 44 Faculty and guest of honor at Baccalaureate. President Wm. R. Wood addresses graduates and guests. A guest speaker at the Baccalaureate Service. 45 ' MEN ' S J Sfe " -: ' • ' -■ »» ' «Bii52!i DORMS • i i " ' ' ' - ■»- za ' - m 21 ill ' i r ' ll- : 2 DR. IVAR SKARLAND, Chairman of the Division of Social Science, whose many hours of untiring labor have contributed so much to our museum. EARLY ALASKAN Furnishings on display are indicative of the ingenuity of the early pioneers of Alaska. 48 Modern Goldilocks coyly decides to have none of this Papa Bear ' s porridge! This huge brown bear, taken in Alaska, is a con- stant attraction to the many tourists and visitors at the U. of A. Museum. An Artist ' s conception of an Alaskan wild life scene. This picture is burned en a moose hide. DR. IV AR SKARLAND delves happily among Alaskan artifacts. 49 THE UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA LOOKS INTO Field House Gymnasium Auditorium and Museum Fine Arts and Humanities Academic and Administration — (Existing) 6. Engineering— (Existing) 7. School of Mines — (Existing) 8. Food Service 9. Dormitory — (Existing) 10. Dormitory— (Existing) 50 ■ ( " iHPijjqrTrrr.-i ITS CRYSTAL BALL AND SEES PLANS FOR 1975 11. Dormitory — (Existing) 12. Women ' s Dormitory — (Existing) 13. Academic 14. Geophysical Institute — (Existing) 15. Student Union 16. Academic 17. Academic 18. Academic 19. Academic 20. Academic 21. 12 unit apartment house (Existing) 22. 12 unit apartment house (Existing) 51 U. OF A. FIREMEN PROTECT THE CAMPUS AND NEIGHBORHOOD AREA First comes the phone call ! One of the firemen in the basement of Hess Hall then rings the bell, which alerts the others. Quick! Get dressed fast! And then rush to the truck. 52 -t •• • ■-- J iT n- A J -i-. The firemen man the truck which has already been prepared for just such an emergency. And then, several minutes after the phone call, speed to the fire to aid in the prot ection of lives and property. 53 54 " ar 1 v, - ■■ ;; ' - t . " TTT-TTl- ff . ff f - ' — r cxi ie 55 GRADUATES JIM M. BROWN JOSEFINA S. LACHICA PHIL A. FINDLTNG NING-YUN PAI HUANG THOMAS KAM JOEL RUDINGER NORMA SPANSAIL 56 SENIOR OFFICERS Left to right: Ernst Mueller, Treasurer; George Franklet, Vice President; Richard Free- man, President; Erma Doogan, Secretary. 57 EARLE V. AUSMAN A.S.C.E. Oregon State Swim Team Oregon State Model U.N. U. of A., United World Federalist RAYMOND A. BLACKETT WALTER F. BALDWIN EVELYN BLY SENIORS ALANSON D. BARTHOLOMEW Rifle Team Chairman Health Insurance Committee Fire Department Ski Team MICHAEL H. BRADY Arctic Anthropological Society United World Federalist 58 t .,-. .,1 i .-.i - SENIORS ROBERT BRIZZOLARI BRIAN J. BRUNDIN A.S.U.A. Vice President Who ' s Who Fire Department Democrat Club President Choir of the North Legislative Council Polar Star PHILIP J. CARBOY University Choir GORDON E. BRUNTON Mining Society Alpha Phi Omega SOL R. CARRILLO Delta Gamma Historian Newman Club United World Federalist GEORGE W. BUTROVICH 59 GEORGE E. CASH JACK DeVILLE JR. Pep Band German Band Young Democrats Club Education Society President Intramural Council United World Federalists Polar Star Alaska Native Brotherhood SENIORS SHELDON CLARK DARLENE DeWREE mmJtsI J JAMES S. COUCH RONALD J. DONER 60 isr " ' TTE SENIORS ERMA M. DOOGAN CATHERINE H. DUBIEL BEATRICE DOWNING DONALD W. ESTER GARY F. EISEBRAUN J. D. EIDEM 61 SENIORS GEORGE FR ANKLET Mining Society Alpha Phi Omega Hockey Team RICHARD FREEMAN STANFORD LEAMAN GABRIEL BERNARD M. GAUTHIER Sophomore Class Treasurer Nerland Hall Secretary BRUCE R. GILBERT Alpine Club Conservation Society PAUL J. GLAVINOVICH Mining Society Mcintosh Hall President A.I.M.E. R.O.T.C. Drill Team Commander Battlegroup Commander Alpha Phi Omega 62 SENIORS GEORGE E. GORDON Rifle Team JOHN HAJDUKOVICH HERBERT MAXIM GROSSMAN B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation, Brooklyn College Hillel College Chorus Cosmopolitan Club, U.C.L.A. Daily Bruin Paper Polar Star Biology Club Student Chapter, United World Federalists NOLAN HAMM LAWRENCE E. HEINER Co-editor Denali Rifle Team Student Council Mining Society Intramural Hockey Alpha Phi Omega MARCIA HAJDUKOVICH 63 SENIORS GUDNE HOOK PAUL CLARK HUNTER Chief Justice, Judicial Council J.V. Basketball Institute of Radio Engineers FREDERICK J. KENT RON JAWOREK Newman Club Curling Club Junior Class President Senior Class President Social Affairs Committee A.S.C.E. President ALBERT G. KILLGROVE Varsity Basketball 2 years Volunteer Fire Department Mcintosh Dorm Secretary JULIANNE KNIGHT Albion College— W.A.A. Albion College — Theater Wayne State University — W.A.A. 64 " T ' SENIORS . DENNIS F. KRIZE KENNETH LOWNEY RITA MILLISON GEORGE MacCLANAHAN Math Club Part time instructor of Surveying WILLIAM E. MORRIN Mathematics Club Dramatics JANE MIDDLETON House Council 65 SENIORS ERNST W. MUELLER Denali Business Manager Class of 1961 Treasurer Legislative Council Legal Advisory Chairman Young Democrats Club CLAUS M. NASKE RAY A. NESBETT University Flying Club, President Varsity Rifle Team Legislative Council Judicial Council JUDY NELSON Wickersham Hall President Social Affairs Committee Secretary of Junior Class Arctic Anthropological Society Vice President Alaska Native Sisterhood JOHN H. NIELSON Washington State University Varsity Basketball Intramural Basketball Chorus Alpha Phi Omega Forestry Club University of Alaska Choir of the North K.U.O.A. Denali Yearbook B. GORDON RANDLETT 66 SENIORS RICHARD REGER Mining Society, President Judicial Council CHARLES SMELCHER Nerland Hall President President of Alaska Native Brotherhood Alpha Kappa Psi DONALD B. ROSEN ROBERT G. SMITH Rifle Team DIANE SHERRIFF Rifle Team A Club A.S.U.A. Secretary ft., al PHILIP SOUSA Alpha Phi Omega Mining Society 67 JERENE STEPHAN J. A. STERNOLA Lion ' s Club Charter Member Alpha Kappa Psi Member ALICE STUMP Choir of the North 2 years Community Chorus ROBERT A. SUMMERS SENIORS ERNA STRASBOURGER BERT VARNELL Intramural Sports Choir of the North Mining Society 68 •ar SENIORS JAMES VICKARYOUS A.S.U.A Secretary Choir of the North Junior Class President Legislative Council Denali Business Manager Epsilon Pi Vocollegians Choir Council B.A.E.S. President HENRY WATERFIELD CHARLES YOUNG GUY A. WATSON SHARON JOHNSON YURKOVICH BLAIR WONDZELL Mining Society President 69 SECOND SEMESTER RONALD PAYER GUY A. GALLAWAY CAROL L. HALL BERNARD R. IVEY GERALD H. IVEY GEORGE R. METTEY FRED W. VILLALI 70 JUNIOR OFFICERS Sue Anderson, Secretary; Jim Scott, Treasurer; Joe Williford, President; Rodger Hughes, Vice President. 71 JUNIORS Joe Abel Josephine Abella Robert Anderson Ronald Andersen JUNIORS Doug Bullard Donald Callahan John H. Clark Laura A. Clark Carl Clemson Gerald Coghlan Renwick Congdon Jr. Jill Cope V i Caroline Cox William Dalatri Charles Davis Edward Davis Carl Divinyi Peter Dzikiewicz Edward Eastaugh Linda Eastaugh Richard Erickson Bruce Foote Leon Getz Robert Graff 73 JUNIORS T ry I Jli Charles Green Brian Gutierrez Robert Hahn Fred Hankinson rW jr E. LeRoy Heer Thomas Hendrix Stephen Jose Herbert Tom Hix Maureen Holden Rodger Hughes Charhe Humber Tom Johnson Ken Kareen Paul Kelley Edward Kelly Bruce Kennedy William P. Keen Carol Korman Robert Kranich Jr. Ron Leask 74 " T— TT -rrrwmjry JUNIORS Ronald R. Leone Kris Lethin John D. Martin Dan R. Mellon Joseph Okedara Karen Olsen Judy Orr Janet Palecek Marjorie Parkins Jim Perham Latham Perkins Marshall Ponko JUNIORS Kathleen Powers Wayne B. Powers Albie Rasmussen Kathleen Reger JUNIORS Fred A. Tampke Louise Tansy Rex Thomas Terry L. Thomas Ambrose Towarak VreNon L. Walton Neville A. Waterfield Sally R. Wien 30 r . William Williams Jr. J. C. Williford Jr. L. H. Winterer Clayton Yamada 77 SECOND SEMESTER Betty J. Fenno Janice Disch Janice Ivey Jr. Sometimes we Study . . . And Sometimes??? 78 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS John Stuart Watkins, President; Nanq Philips, Vice President; JoAnne Wilbanks, Secretary; John Rosa, Treasurer. ' , 79 SOPHOMORES Barry Bergdoll William H. Biden William W. Blackburn Vadney Bledsoe Dick Boehl Edmund Borkowski Maureen Bradshaw Lee Browning Letty R. Apostol Edward Armstrong Ellen Arvidson A. Carolyn Bagley David Bruce Sally Carson Mary Lee Cashen Lee Cassel SOPHOMORES Fred J. Chambers Harriet J. Clabo James Clark Charles Clements -iS? Victor D. Cresap Jr. Ted Crites Charles Degnan Clint W. Dice Glenna J. Dickson Steven Domonkos Keily Downes Richard Downing Ron Dukes Dennis Eastaugh Patricia Eastland Sally Erickson Richard Farris Joan Fitzhugh Alexis Foote Alice Foote 81 SOPHOMORES ir% Vy A ' KWI ' ' ' % W James Foster Robin C. Fowler Larry Lee Fulton Kenneth Jay Gain ar o mtaaJM Gordon L. Ganschow George B. Gardner Jerome Rowley George III David A. Gilbert Dennis Gillilan Lynn Grant Valden D. Green Karl Hahn Mark Halvorsen Stephen K. Hamilton Dave Hamon James H. Hansen Bruce Harden Robert Hartmann Deann Hawman Gerald V. Hawman 82 SOPHOMORES Donna Herbert Duane M. Heverling Edward Isto Gary L. Jenkins Lyman Jennings Clay O. Johnson Dennis G. Johnson Keith Jones m rA Robert C. Kallenberg Kristin Kennedy John R. Kito Gerhard Klages Calvin John Klein Michal Kleinback Darrell E. Korman Larry Kuhns Gerald L. Ledbetter Diane E. Lee Carol W. Lewis Joe Lounsbury 83 SOPHOMORES Mark Ludwig Kathy Lundstrom David L. McCaleb Judy McKinley Robert James Orr Betty Parent Brad Parrish James Paschall SOPHOMORES Judi Pattinson Ronald K. Paulsen Robert Peratrovich Gary Peterson J hiMi m. SOPHOMORE S Tom Ryckman Joanne Saario August Schaefer Joan Schopport Fred Schultz David Schwantes Bruce Scott Joseph Senungetuk Fred Sharp John A. Shilling Kluane Simonds Kenneth Smith Ji l Pauline Smith Duane Snedden David L. Spilman Sam H. Stanford William Stauffer Howard O. Sturgis, Jr. George G. Tibbetts Jaci Tolman 86 SOPHOMORES William J. Towne Clarence John Vickaryous Martin Dennis Victor III John Stuart Watkins Terence Weiland Roger Weiss Clifford A. Wells Pete Wheatley SECOND SEMESTER Carroll Susan Baer Albert Lanstra iii Dennis Marrion Sophomores enjoy party during Christmas. Stuart, Nancy, John, and JoAnne who are the officers of an active and most interesting class. 88 FRESHMAN OFFICERS Gary Lewis, Vice President; Pat Thompson, Secretary; Kathryn Nilsson, Treasurer; Steve Morrissey, President. 89 FRESHMEN Glenn Armstrong Pat Atkins Janette Baker Martha Bang David M. Barber James Bennett Walter E. Bickford Marjorie Blatchford Rod Boucher Dana Bradshaw Thomas Brady Norma Brekke Fred E. Brown Melvin Brown Marsha Lynn Burke Bill Busch Bill Campbell Douglas Carney Alan T. Chaddon Ralphine Chase 90 FRESHMEN Pat Chudyk Carolyn Clasby Robert Clasby Ruth Clemson FRESHMEN Bill Elmore Christena Elvey Dick Estelle Donald Etageak ik iBik 1 1 1 H Roxanne Farchione Marjorie Farkas Jackie Fitzhugh Joseph Fleckenstein Mardell Foster Marleyne Franus Johnny Fulton Jackie Gannon Lillian Gavin Lawrence Gelo Jeff Gibson David Gordon Michael Gordon Douglas R. Gosnell Gary Hadfield Martin J. Haley 92 FRESHMEN Mary Halm Fred Haltiner Carol Anne Hart Dave Hatler Richard Hayr Gerrald Head Dennis Heimdahl William Hensley C)Cf Jill Hering Tom Hicklin James Higgins Frank Hill Terry Hix Ronald Hoffman Stuart Holm Jay Holmes Bengie Howser Rolland Huffman Leslie Hunter William Hurford 93 FRESHMEN Cathy Huston Pauline Jacques Jacki Jatzeck Jesse Jefferson HI ■72B km David R. Jewell Harry Johnson Jr. Karen Johnston Rita Karges Zeno L. Keeling Calvin Kincheloe Hendree Klepac William Kohler Charlene Komakhuk Carol Koon Barbara Koroch Jan Koslosky Jr. Donna Krier Harriett Kunz Heather Lang Lucy Lazanas 94 FRESHMEN Boyd LeFevre Roberta LeSueur Gary Lewis George Livesley Michael Mitchell John W. Moore Albert Morgan Shirley Morrison FRESHMEN Steve Morrissey David Mottley Edmund Mueller III Robert J. Munk Richard Palmiter John Patterson Vance Perrine, Jr, Phil Pope Michael Potter Dennis Pullar Joe Quashnock Kenton L. Reed 96 i A FRESHMEN Richard S. Robb Jesse Romer Virginia Ruesink Wade Sanders FRESHMEN Edward W. Sugura C. Ralph Swap Richard Swarner David C. Swenson Rosalie Usibelli Lue Rae VanKirk Charles Wallace Fred Van Wallinga George Wang Jeannie Ward Thomas F. Weed Carlene Welfelt 98 FRESHMEN Lynn Wells Nancy Wells Malcolm Weston Louis Wheeler 99 SECOND SEMESTER Steve Fowler Ed Gustafson Dee Oley Shofner EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: David Gordon, Janice Crabtree, Gary Lewis, Pat Thompson, Kathryn Nilsson, Steve Morrissey, David Jewell. LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL SEATED: Barbara Koroch Christena Elvey Katherine Love Sherry Stephens Janice Crabtree STANDING: Dave Gordon Dick Odsather Robert Munk Jim Higgins Dave Jewell 100 Rebels without a Cause ! 101 102 V oiraainizdio J 103 A.S.U.A. INCORPORATED KENNETH L. KAREEN, President 104 Fellow Students: It seems an afterthought to introduce this section on the ASUA at this time. The ASUA was introduced as you opened the covers of this book. Instead, contained in this section are a few of the students who help it function. My sincere appreciation to all of them and to all of you for an interesting, educational, and profitable year as your representative in the capacity of ASUA President. It has proven to me many things, but foremost, " There could not be a finer group of people anywhere. " The very best of luck to each of you in all future endeavors. Sincerely, KENNETH L. KAREEN President, ASUA JUDICIAL COUNCIL Richard Reger, Paul Hunter, Herbert Grossman, Ray Nesbett The Judicial Council is the campus court. They rule on traffic violations, infractions of ASUA By-Laws, and render final interpretations on the ASUA By-Laws. 105 ASUA OFFICERS DONALD L. SMITH Vice President JS - ■::_:- _ jJBHHI JAMES E. NANKERVIS Secretary JAMES VICKARYOUS Treasurer 106 ASUA LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL STANDING: Ken Kareen, Ron Rizzi, Joe C. Williford, Jr., James E. Nankervis, David Schwantes, Stanford Gabriel. SEATED: Richard L. Erickson, John M. Rosa, Jeanette Wilbanks, Robert L. Anderson, Patrick L. Sharrock, Marjorie L. Parkins, Kris Lethin, Edward J. Ruckstuhl, Kenneth C. Reed. ■| t ) ■ V ai SECOND SEMESTER COUNCIL MEMBERS Guy A. Gallaway, James Scott, Kenneth Jay Gain. 107 HEALTH INSURANCE COMMITTEE Sally Wein Pat Thompson Kathleen Reger Alanson D. Bartholomew FINANCE COMMITTEE Dick Erickson Patrick Sharrock Jim Scott Kris Lethin LEGAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Joe Lounsbury Guy A. Gallaway 108 HOUSE COMMITTEE Ronald B. Boyce Kenneth C. Reed Renwick G. Congdon, Jr. Dave Hamon ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Robert L. Anderson Kris Lethin Kenneth C. Reed Joseph A. Meade 109 JAMES NANKERVIS ASUA President 1961-1962 RICHARD ERICKSON Provisional Treasurer no ASUA OFFICERS 1960-61 KEN GAIN Vice President MARY JO BRODER Secretary aglAflO PgS S. BOB ANDERSON Treasurer III A GOOD IDEA!! SOME NEW COUNCIL MEMBERS Ken Reed, BiUiken; Jo Ann Wilbanks, Billiken Elaine Stolt, Gort; John Nielson, Gort 112 DELTA GAMMA FIRST ROW: Bonita Wise, Sheilla Nelson, Carlene Welfelt, Melba Faye Pelosi (advisor), Joan Fitz- hugh, Jackie Fitzhugh. SECOND ROW: Alexis Foote, Bengie Howser, Cathy Huston. Delta Gamma, organized in the spring of I960, is designed to educate the young business women on the University campus so that they will represent highly skilled business women in particular fields. Delta Gamma is open to any University woman who has completed six credits in business courses. The weekly meetings are supplemented by speakers from the Fairbanks area and Anchorage. OFFICERS— FIRST ROW: Sheilla Nelson, Secretary; Bonita Wise, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Joan Fitzhugh, Vice President; Alexis Foote, President. 113 MARY HALM Editor POLArt KRIS LETHIN Business Manager 114 COLIN MICK Managing Editor teTAR 1 JOHN STUART WATKINS Circulation Manager 115 MARSHALL PONKO Program Director JOHN NIELSEN Station Manager FRED BROWN Chief Engineer 116 KUOA ANNOUNCERS SEATED: Rita Karges, Jim Higgins, Jean Sheffield, John Nielsen, Janet Martin, Jere Haley, Jeanette Wilbanks. STANDING: Colin Mick, Herb Holeman, Dave Jewell, Ted Chaddon, Dick Swarner, Bud Keeling. JERE HALEY, News Director (Second Semester) SORORITY Starrs tap new members . . Soph pins Frosh Ouch!! 118 TAPPING m j 1 1 From Starrs to Fidelis Fidelis takes new member . . Mrs. Wood Speaks . . 119 WOMEN ' S DRILL TEAM The Women ' s Drill Team is composed of twenty-five U of A coeds interested in precision drill. The team holds a practice session once a week. Exhibitions are held during ROTC Battlegroup formations, at various Army Nike Sites and other places around Fairbanks. Advisor for the Women ' s Drill Team is Sgt. Alfred G. Walters of the ROTC Department. The Drill Te am stands at attention for inspection before exhibition. 120 ■i ' HilV m w f -A 1 ' Around We Go . . KRISTIN KENNEDY, Squad Leader JUDY PATTINSON, Secretary JEAN MACKENZIE, Squad Leader JUDY ORR, Platoon Leader JEANETTE WILBANKS, Squad Leader Completely Mixed Up!! Hup - Two 121 ' -J f% l EPSILON ALPHA becomes ALPHA KAPPA PSI (Charter Members and Initiation Team) Alpha Kappa Psi is the only national fraternity on the University campus. It is a professional fraternity organized to further scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance. The fraternity each year carries out sev- eral projects for the benefit of the students and the University. The sponsoring of the Christmas Ball, the selling of beer mugs, and the publication of a student directory are but three of the many projects. Don Smith leaves for Regional Conference held in Portland. What, me worry ? 122 FRONT ROW: Joe Williford, Richard Erickson, Roger " Doc " Hughes, Stan Gabriel, Gordon Ganschow, Dennis Marrion, Patrick Sharrock, Joe Lounsbury, Don Rosen. BACK ROW: Dr. John Hilpert, James Scott, Duane Snedden, Robert Anderson, Kris Lethin, Professor V. R. Kiely, Joe Abel. Members work to compile Student Directory. OFFICERS: Richard Erickson, Treasurer; Don Rosen, Vice Presi- dent; Patrick Sharrock, President; Joe Williford, Secretary. ?.- -■•;:: 123 STANDING: Sally Wein, Linda Eastaugh, Sharon Yukovich. SEATED: Darlene DeWree, Judy Orr, Caroline Cox, Marjorie Parkins. STARR ' S The Starr ' s, an honorary so- ciety for Sophomore women, have sponsored several service projects this year including a window decorating contest, the selling of shakers for the U of A-Oregon game, and the collec- tion of clothes to be shipped to the needy villages in Alaska. Dean Betty Watson is their ad- visor. FIDELIS The purpose of Fi- delis is to promote col- lege loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among Uni- versity women, to main- tain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leader- ship, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college women. Dean Betty " Watson is the ad- visor of Fidelis. STANDING: Michal Kleinback, Caroline Cox, Pamela Reed, Judy Orr, Jo Anne Wil- banks. SEATED: Patsy Eastland, Glenna Dickson, Nancy Philips, Jeanette Wilbanks, Brenda Congdon. 124 NEWMAN CLUB SEATED: Pat O ' Connor, Sol Carrillo, Josefina Lachica, Ken Simpson, Letty Apostol, Marcia Hajdukovich. STANDING: John Hajdukovich, Art Roy, Father William Loyens, George Butrovich, Gerald Ledbetter, Rita Millison, Ron Jaworek, John Palzer. The Newman Club is a national organization for those Catholic students attending the various universities and colleges throughout the nation. Its purpose is to provide spiritual, intellectual, and social satisfaction and enjoy- ment to those who seek its fellowship. This organization has gained increas- ing popularity on the University campus and has proven a valuable asset to both the students and the University. 125 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MRS. DONALD THOMAS, WAA Advisor W.A.A. Officers Jean Mackenzie, Mary Lee Cashen, Kathy Love, Mary Jo Broder, Martha Bang and Kathy Nilsson. • ' SITTING PRETTY " WAA members work out on the tram- poline. Jl mmmmmm ms iL.- -, . .i aaa mmmmmm m fj Hp ' E l 126 Sue Anderson and Mary Jo Broder reach for a goal. ' Marty ' Bang takes aim. s ' f ' SM Jii " l t ' .ik Ir M ' Hi-Jenks ' on the trampoline. Marty Bang, Hendree Klepac, and Murt Cashen, chin. Ping-Pong. 127 FIRE DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW: Griff Killgrove, Burle Beard, Dan Mellon, Ron Boyce, Doug Huber, and Ron Rizzi. ON TRUCK: Brian Brundin, Bob Anderson, Curt Mitchell, Bernard Jokiel, and Bill Stauffer. The University Volunteer Firemen are the unsung protectors of the campus and the " flats. " The specific job of the department is to protect the University and University Park Grade School. The Volunteers displayed their work at the Freshman Bonfire and several fires in the Lemeta and College areas. The Volunteers also display courage by living below three floors of girls in Hess Hall. The Fire Department is headed by Doug Huber, Fire Marshal; and Ron Boyce, Fire Chief. Ron Rizzi is the Department ' s Head Aid Man. 128 Members of the Community Chorus, from both town and college, practice before the Messiah. Mr. Glen Bergh directs the combined Community Chorus and Orchestra in the Messiah rehearsal. 129 WICKERSHAM HALL FIRST ROW: Judy McKinley, Treasurer; Judy Orr, Floor Representative. SECOND ROW: Penny Buck, Secretary; Jean Mackenzie, Social Chairman; Jeanette Wilbanks, Floor Representative; Suzanne Sherman, Floor Representative. THIRD ROW: Anore Bucknell, Vice President; Judy Nelson, President; Mrs. Fitzgerald, Advisor. Hen Coop 130 niiviiiii Boo! •- • •- ' rrm,,, ,,,. K Jean Mackenzie acts as hostess at Wickersham ' s Open House. Wickersham ' s Sweetheart Harriet sits at desk while Ken places a call. 131 NERLAND HALL George Tibbetts, President; Howard Sturgis, Treasurer; Lyman Jennings, Vice President; Dave Schwantes, Secretary. Nerland men are always clean. . p. iiiJm imfjmmix A 21 gun salute for Wickersham. 132 STEVENS HALL COUNCIL JIM SCOTT, Treasurer STAN GABRIEL, President RON ANDERSEN, Vice President LYNN GRANT, Secretary McINTOSH HALL COUNCIL RICHARD DOWNING, Secretary JAMES MILLER, President 133 HESS HALL HESS HALL COUNCIL, left to right: Mrs. Buck Wilson, Supervisor; Norma Brekke, Floor Representative; Sherry Stephens, Treasurer and Social Chairman; Sue Anderson, Vice President; Martha Bang, Secretary; Alice Foote, Floor Representative; Mr. Buck Wilson, Supervisor; and Marjorie Parkins, President. MR. AND MRS. BUCK WILSON Dormitory Supervisors A few of the Hess Hall gals keeping in shape. 134 ' Poppa " Wilson and one of his daughters. They sleep anywhere in Hess Hall. Smiles galore! Mmmmmmm . . . 135 DENALI STAFF STANDING: Ken Gain, Copy; JoAnne Wilbanks, Editor; Ken Reed, Ass ' t Editor; John Rosa, Copy; Joe Meade, Sports Chief; Stuart Watkins, Layout. SEATED: Judy McKinley, Ass ' t Editor; Jeanette Wilbanks, Layout. 136 MR. CHARLES J. KEIM Advisor ERNST MUELLER Business Manager FRED SHARP Photographer 137 JOE QUASHNOCK Photographer Studying their work are: Clint Dice and Jeanette Wilbanks. JOHN NIELSON Advertising Manager 138 ' t i i t ' W3 - - " t jvr. Il l p n 1 1 Sherry Stephens, Joe Meade, Larry Fulton, Dale Sue Wilde, and Steve Fowler. Larry Fulton checks picture for Denali. Judy McKinley and Stuart Watkins admire B+ rating of last year ' s Denali. 139 1.: WHO ' S WHO LeROY HEER ERNST MUELLER HERBERT GROSSMAN 140 PAUL GLAVINOVICH RICHARD REGER STAN GABRIEL MARJORIE PARKINS 141 THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE Childhood memories are stirred at Nick ' s Pacific Street Saloon and Entertainment Palace, when Joe (Ben Zeller) plays a toy music box, ac- co mpanied by Wesley (Gilbert Martin) on the piano. Left to right are: Ben Zeller (Joe), Gilbert Martin (Wesley), Jack Wil- liams (Nick), Harry Howe (Harry), and David Jewell (Dudley). The Time of Your Life by William Sar- oyan was presented during the University ' s annual Festival of Arts. Mr. Lee Salisbury, Associate Professor of Drama and Speech, directed the play. 142 Kitty Duvall (Alma King) regards her dingy room with despair. The drunkard (Arthur Roy) is thrown out of the saloon by Nick (Jack Williams). Joe (Ben Zeller) listens sympathetically as Tom (Ken Warfel) tells him of his sad love for Kitty DuvalL Kit Carson (Merritt Helffrich) bellows a favorite hymn of his childhood. 143 CHOIR OF THE NORTH FIRST ROW: Elaine Stolt, Lenora Townsend, Roxie Bergh, Harriett Kunz, Diane Lee, Pauline Jacques, Patsy Eastland, Annette Bork. SECOND ROW: George Gardner, Mary Jo Broder, Alexis Foote, Marjie Farkas, Nancy O ' Donnall, Linda Dahl, Kathy Reger, Karen Olsen, Willy Allen. THIRD ROW: Harry Johnson, Bud Keeling, Bill Hensley, Louise Sims, Michal Klein- bach, Jerry Haley, Jim Vankervis, James Vickaryous. FOURTH ROW: Roger Weiss, Brian Brundin, Ted Chaddon, Jack Hillman, Keily Downes, John Nielsen, Dave Spilman, Leon Get2, Frank King, Ronnie Dukes, Ron Rizzi. 144 Past presidents and advisors chat alter banquet. STARR ' S BANQUET Carol Koon signs into the official role book. New members wait to sign the official role book. Janice Crabtree, Martha Bang, the new president, Pauline Jacques, and Brenda Beck in the back- ground are all enjoying the banquet. 145 146 ' rff«. •-.• ' , ■ aci i w I 147 MARIANNE NESBETT MISS UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA 148 I. 11 t .I " , ! f I I BEST ALL AROUND COUPLE MR. DUANE SNEDDEN MISS NANCY PHILIPS 49 BEST LOOKING COUPLE MR. DON ROBISON MISS PAT THOMPSON 150 MOST EMOTIONAL COUPLE MR. JOHN STUART WATKINS MISS JEANETTE WILBANKS 151 FRIENDLIEST COUPLE MR. GEORGE FRANKLET MISS JUDY NELSON 152 1. ' wtt-wmtiW ' ' ' BEST DRESSED COUPLE MR. ROBERT L. ANDERSON MISS JOAN FITZHUGH 153 ORPHAN ' S PARTY Tf - w 5r|f ff ' mf " ENGINEER ' : = I I jBBimirD Help! Faculty meeting Engineer turns teacher 156 Mt -jm DAY Mickey Mouse Hess wages price war Where ' s the Prof? 157 Go, Dr. Hilpert If you can ' t beat ' em, join ' em . . . 158 Whee! What fun Going, Going, Gone . . Beautiful, but what is it? Typical Hydraulics class . 159 RONALD JAWOREK Typical Engineer PATRICIA ATKINS Miss SUderule 160 Ji3 Dr. Wood, University of Alaska President, purchases Christmas Seals. Wickersham Christmas Decoration. 161 ELECTION Enthusiastic Supporters Billikens, anyone? I Promise 162 A spellbound constituency TIME » I ' m not impressed. 163 SWEETHEART ' S BALL Last year ' s King, Ronald Andersen, sits on throne for last time. King George I is presented with honorary Wickersham Dorm Key. But everyone enjoys the Dance. 164 GEORGE G. TIBBETTS King of Wkkersham 165 GASLIGHT Robin Fowler appears to be having a little difficulty in finding a certain ob- ject. I I ■■■ ) Spencer Blake tries an- other method of getting rid of his wife. The murderer always returns to the scene of the crime and it is better to be safe than sorry is the motive behind the Inspector ' s intense interrogation. 166 Roxanne Farchione as Nancy in one of many crucial scenes from gaslight. 7 The inspector thinks Maureen Isberg needs a dose of his com- bination pacifier and backbone- stiffener. Roxanne haven ' t. " mind? Farchione muses, " What ' s she got that I Is the same thought crossing Spencer Blake ' s 67 " All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. " Here Fred Boyle, Ray Wheeler, and John Mehler fill in for the regular chorus line in the Malemute Saloon at the Cripple Creek Resort. 168 ALL CAMPUS DAY Students and faculty not only cleaned up the campus, but cleared University land at the bottom of the hill. The women of Hess Hall loaded the trucks with the brush and trees cut by Nerland Hall men and M Sgt. Walters. 169 WATERMELON PICNIC Ernst Mueller, campus politician, delivered an address before the picnic started. Miss and Mrs. Wood help Doug Barrette of H G cut the 800 pounds of watermelon. 170 Judy Orr, Nancy O ' Donnell, Mark Bartholomew, Jean Mac- kenzie, and Alice Foote enjoy watermelon. SMORGASBORD LUNCH ' ■f ' - i sH: ' r " ' J$1 { 1 171 The " Bored Regents " as portrayed by Alpha Kappa Psi mem- bers wait to hear about the plan for University organization. ALL-U The All-U Review is held each year on the night of All Campus Day. The money derived from the talent show aids foreign students at the University. Mrs. Jones dictates a letter to her new staff of all men sec- retaries. Ken Kareen introduces varsity team members of the present and future. REVIEW The theme of the AIl-U Review was " The Woodline Disorganization Plan. " The plan called for many new deans to disorganize the University. The new disorganization would, of course, be helped by the faculty. One of the new deans suggested by the Geophysical Institute becomes very disorganized. And so ended the 196I AU-U Review. MEN ' S MUDB You ' re supposed to kick the ball, not sit on it. James Vickaryous officiates the game by disguising himself to blend with the mud. Two teams converge at midfield to take a water sample. 174 ALL GAME i The players become confused when the ball sinks in the quicksand at one end of the field. Faculty member takes time out to do the can-can during the student- faculty game. Shower at the mudball game. 175 GIRLS ' MUDBALL GAME Mudball official Dale Sue Wilde enforces clean sportswomanship during the game. Hail the conquering, if unrecognizable, vic- tors Beatrice Downing, Mary Jo Broder, and Suellen Anderson. A quarterback sneak across the right mud puddle. 176 ifi " -r: i " iMM« .»-v ' wii w " ' " . " - - TRACK MEET Janice Crabtree attempts to high jump in the girls ' intramural track meet. Ron Dukes successfully completes a pole vault. 1 ! .1 i 1 « ' H i Calvin Kincheloe and Bill Stauffer vie for first place. 177 Stevens Hall Queen Miss Alice in Wonderland PAT THOMPSON 178 I R.O.T.C. BALL R.O.T.C. Queen KATHRYN NILSSON 179 R.O.T.C. Princess PATRICIA ATKINS R.O.T.C. Princess MARTHA BANG 180 R.O.T.C. Princess CHRISTINE MacDONALD R.O.T.C. Princess MARIANNE NESBETT 181 R.O.T.C. Princess KATHLEEN REGER Queen Kathryn Nilsson dances with President William R. Wood. Queen Kathryn Nilsson and her Royal Court at the ROTC Ball. 182 SPORTS ' QUEEN MISS MARY JO BRODER I 183 ALPHA KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY BANQUET Nancy Phillips, 1961-62 Chapter Sweetheart, re- ceives bouquet of roses from President Joe Wil- liford. Vernon R. Kiely receives surprise award from past chapter presi- dent, Mr. Patrick Sharrock. MISS JOAN FITZHUGH 1960-61 Sweetheart 184 Brian Brundin received the Schol- arship key and certificate. Funny leaking things, aren ' t they? A drop of this and a drop of that and . . . Rare site on campus ! ! ! 185 186 y» j ' Vi ' V ' ' N -V cOltikiiicg k .nMJij JSIg " ' " - " 1 MiniTiwiiaiBfllirTr i1ifWtiii»iiii . yy $mmmmmmmm ' M } Lmm B Hl H NATIONAL CHAMPS Standing with their coach, M Sgt. Horton, are Linda Dahl, Diane Sher- riff, Kathy Powers, and Judi Pattinson, the best women ' s rifle team in the nation. The Women ' s Rifle Team composed of Linda Dahl, Judi Pattinson, Kathy Powers, and Diane Sherriff won the National Women ' s Intercollegiate Rifle Team Match and the National Intercollegiate Women ' s Prone Team Match. Linda Dahl in her first year of shooting placed as the third best woman shooter in the nation. Diane Sherriff placed as the ninth best woman shooter, and Judi Pattinson was 12th, while Kathy Powers was 13th. In the Prone Match Kathy Powers placed second in the nation. Diane Sher- riff placed fourth, Linda Dahl seventh, and Judi Pattinson was tenth. 189 FRONT ROW, left to right: Rosalie Usibelli, Marjorie Parkins, Mrs. Thomas, Women ' s Physical Edu- cation Instructor; Kathy Powers, Judi Pattinson, and Sondra Eickman. BACK ROW: Alexis Foote, Martha Bang, Alice Foote, Col. K. C. Haycraft, Advisor; Linda Dahl, Janet Martin, M Sgt. Horton, Coach; Jean Mackenzie, Kathy Love, Glenna Dickson, and Marleyne Franus. WOMEN ' S RIFLE TEAM Women ' s Rifle team prepares to shoot from the sitting position. 190 t • T— • - • " -V - The Men ' s Rifle Team had a very successful season, winning 25 postal matches and losing only five. In December the ROTC Rifle Team won the 6th Army Area Hearst trophy with the highest score ever recorded. The 6th Army Area includes the 1 1 western states. The team also set a new record when it won the 6th Army Area Intercollegiate championship against all the Army, Air Force, and Navy ROTC units. In March the Rifle Team won the Yukon Command small bore tournament against Army teams located North of the Range. The ROTC Rifle Team won the All Alaska Army Championship for the third time in a row and retired the " Commanding General ' s Trophy " in April. Also in April, the Rifle Team swept the All Alaska Sectional Championship. The Team placed five shooters in the top six over-all scorers of the meet. Alanson Bartholomew successfully defended his state championship. MEN ' S RIFLE TEAM FRONT ROW, left to right: William O ' Neil, David Gordon, Mark Bartholomew, Captain; Herbert Mid- dleton, Gerald Wilson, and Charles Stump. MIDDLE ROW: Alanson Bartholomew, Walter Bickford, Col. K. C. Haycraft, PMS; M Sgt. Horton, Coach; Terence Weiland, and Carl Divinyi. BACK ROW: Duke Wheeler, George Gordon, Howard Sturgis, Charles Shurtleff, David Summerfelt, Vance Perrine, Cliff Wells, and Walter Phillips. 191 «. ' HOCKEY 192 FRONT ROW, left to right: George Tibbetts, Glenn Armstrong, Ken Kareen, Assistant Captain; Karl Woodruff, Ed Brandon, Ed Armstrong, Captain. BACK ROW: Frank Hill, Jim Brown, Jon Neubauer, Ron Hoffman, Larry Bidlake, Ken Gain, Gary Hadfield, Clarence Vickaryous, and Bill Dalatri, Coach. HOCKEY TEAM 193 HOCKEY SEASON RECORD Won 14 — Lost 2— Tied UA OP 5 Ladd A.F.B. 2 7 10 4 Fairbanks Hockey Club Fairbanks Hockey Club Ladd A.F.B. 4 6 2 6 7 5 7 Fairbanks Hockey Club Fairbanks Hockey Club Fairbanks Hockey Club Ladd A.F.B. 1 2 4 4 8 6 7 Fairbanks Hockey Club Fairbanks Hockey Club Dawson All-Stars 3 2 4 5 Dawson All-Stars BLEFGEN TROPHY TOURNAMENT (Alaska State Championship) 4 4 Hohn Plumbers 9 13 Fairbanks Athletic Club 4 9 Hohn Plumbers 6 2 Anchorage Merchants FINAL STATE STANDINGS 1. Anchorage Merchants 2. University of Alaska 3. Hohn Plumbers (Anchorage) 4. Fairbanks Hockey Club 8 194 - !■ mm m r »j h ik M ' iHl Polar Bears score a goal . and another . . . and another. 105 for the season. 195 The Polar Bear Hockey Team received little local competition and won every local game. The team traveled to Anchorage during the semester break, but their six games were rained out. The Polar Bears showed well in the state hockey championship, the Blefgen Trophy Tournament. The Bears played all four tournament games within 33 hours. Al Norrington scored ten of the Polar Bears ' 28 goals and Ed Armstrong scored four goals and assisted in another six. The Polar Bears won second place in the tournament by beating the Hohn Plumb- ers of Anchorage and losing to the Anchorage Mer- chants. During the Fairbanks Winter Carnival the Polar Bears played the All-Stars from Dawson City, Yu- kon Territory. The Bears downed the fine Canadian team in both of their games. BILL DALATRI, COACH OF THE HOCKEY TEAM Terry McLean (16) attempts to score a goal. 196 " H y ■•xr-nxAA . m yt ' Ki: ] iii||!gftis:! jF- 4 z ' Where are the Polar Bears? " m ' W U of A Hockey players have their ups and . . downs. 197 ft ?5 P ! X ■ mr H W " " Br M i m K " vl B m 1 R? " " ' " ' ! H ' - k. i k aaB sp Coach Ray Wheeler directs the fast break offense of the Polar Bears. NORTH OF THE RANGE LEAGUE UA 67 Ft. Wainwright Rangers 53 Ft. Wainwright Warriors 60 Ft. Greely 68 105 Ft. Greely Ft. Wainwright Warriors 94 Eielson A.F.B. 73 Ft. Greely 88 Eielson A.F.B. 79 Ft. Wainwright Rangers (OT) 48 Ft. Wainwright Rangers 37 Ft. Wainwright Warriors 72 Eielson A.F.B. 72 Ft. Wainwright Rangers 89 Ft. Greely 96 Ft. Wainwright Warriors 78 Eielson A.F.B. ♦Played by Junior Varsity FINAL LEAGUE STANDINGS University of Alaska 12 Ft. Wainwright Rangers 10 Ft. Greely 8 Ft. Wainwright Warriors 7 Eielson A.F.B. 3 STATESIDE TRIP DP UA OP 49 62 St. Martins 75 46 48 University of Portland 73 65 60 Eastern Oregon 81 61 73 Eastern Oregon 85 90 81 Northwest Nazarene 77 63 75 College of Idaho 79 84 41 College of Idaho 57 55 58 St. Martins 73 74 88 LEAGUE TOURNAMENT 59 69 Ft. Wainwright Rangers 73 52 77 Elmendorf A.F.B. 66 69 51 62 84 Ft. Greely 68 EXHIBITION GAMES 65 43 Alumni 48 66 Eastern Oregon 72 98 Eastern Oregon 76 85 Eastern Oregon 91 4 73 Eastern Oregon 75 6 51 Army All-Stars 73 199 BILLY ACKISS Sophomore FRANZ SPERNER Freshman POLAR BEARS 1 RALPH McLean, captain Senior STAN GABRIEL Senior FRED VAN WALLINGA Freshman 220 i; . ' KWTV KSe j r T -i 1960-1961 BILL STAUFFER Sophomore LYNN " STRETCH " GRANT Sophomore DICK FARRIS Sophomore BOB HAHN Junior TOM HIX Junior 201 POLAR BEARS Billy Ackiss, Stan Gabriel, Bill Stauffer, Dick Farris, Franz Spern- er, Ralph McLean, Fred Van Wallinga, Bob Hahn, Tom Hix, and Lynn Grant board the plane for the stateside trip. For the second time in the Univer- sity ' s history, the Polar Bears invaded the " Southern 48 " for eight games with other colleges. The tour took the Nan- ooks to Washington, Oregon, and Ida- ho for 11 days. Although the Bears won only one game, they proved them- selves worthy of the University by dis- playing good sportsmanship wherever they played. i 1 1 wj m2 L ' - ir; 1 fa !■ 1 Bill Stauffer (15) shoots over a tight Eastern Oregon defense while . . . Ralph McLean finds the Northwest Nazarene basket unprotected. 202 — »-vl,l- .« ' STATE SIDE Bill Stauffer (15) outjumps Northwest Nazarene as teammates Billy Ackiss (10), Dick Farris (5), Bob Hahn (12), and Ralph McLean (4) watch. Ralph McLean shoots the ball for a field goal against College of Idaho as Fred Van Wallinga (20) acts as a screen. 203 JUNIOR Junior Varsity Polar Bears make a basket against Honest John ' s 49ers. 204 VARSITY The Junior Varsity Polar Bear Basketball team had a better than average season this year. Don Sanders coached the team to a first place tie in the Farthest North Basketball League. John Kito and Melvin Brown were elected to the League ' s AU- Star Team. Melvin Brown (21) jumps against Honest John ' s 49ers as Erling Nelson, Joe Poor (30), Weston Malcolm, and John Kito (22) watch. 205 I» ' ' - ' ■ f SKIING 206 Fred Boyle, Athletic Director and Ski Coach, awards Eugene Cox the Ski Meister Award for the Gold Nugget Races. On February 23-26 the Polar Bear Ski Team competed in the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Ski Races. In the Class A Cross-Country race Ron Andersen placed second, Eugene Cox placed fourth, and Richard Odsather placed fifth. In Class B competition Keith Jones won first place, Lyman Jennings placed second, and Rod Boucher placed third. Eugene Cox placed fourth in the Class A Straight Slalom, Ted Crites was first and Bill Kohler placed third in Class B, and Lyman Jennings placed third in Class C. In the first Class A Giant Slalom Eugene Cox was fourth. Ted Crites won first place in Class B as Keith Jones placed second and Bill Kohler placed third. In Class C Lyman Jen- nings placed fourth. The second Giant Slalom was held the next day and Eugene Cox placed fourth in Class A. In Class B Ted Crites placed first, Keith Jones placed second, and Bill Kohler placed fourth. Lyman Jennings won the Class C division. Early in April the Polar Bear Ski Team competed in the John McCall Memorial Races at Cleary Summit. In the Class A Straight Slalom Eugene Cox placed third and Joe Able sev- enth. Dick Reynolds placed second in Class B, Keith Jones was third, and Ted Crites was fourth. Ole Vagt won first place in the Class C race, while Lyman Jennings placed fourth and Ron Boyce placed fifth. Eugene Cox won the first place and Joe Able placed second in the Class A Giant Slalom. In Class B Ted Crites placed second, Bill Kohler placed third, Keith Jones placed fifth, and Dick Reynolds placed sixth. Ole Vagt placed second, Lyman Jennings came in fourth, and Ron Boyce captured fifth place in the Class C division. Later in April the University swept the first three places of the W. W. Internation Ski Race held at Old Crow, Yukon Territory. Ron Andersen placed first in the 13 kilometer Cross-Country race. Eugene Cox placed second and Ted Crites was third. Ron Andersen, Eugene Cox, Ted Crites, Lyman Jennings, Keith Jones, and Richard Od- sather received varsity letters for skiing. 207 EUGENE COX i- - -A. JOE ABLE 208 V n RON BOYCE ; LYMAN JENNINGS fn 209 DICK REYNOLDS OLE VAGT 210 V Dick Reynolds and Lyman Jennings watch the action at a ski meet. Eugene G)x waits his turn to start in a race. Joe Able and Eugene Cox prepare for skiing at Qeary Summit. 211 FIRST ANNUAL Sven Johansson spoke on " The Contribution of Athletics to Physical Fitness and the Vigor of a Nation. " The First University Athletic banquet was held on April 26, 1961. The featured speaker was Sven Johansson of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team. Governor William Egan also spoke at the affair. The Varsity Letters for Basketball, Hockey, Ski- ing, and Rifle were awarded at the banquet. Out- standing players were also given special awards. Another speaker at the banquet was Bill Ordway, soon-to-be University basketball coach. Bill Ordway, Basketball coach of Juneau High School and soon-to-be Uni- versity Basketball coach, was introduced. 212 SPORTS BANQUET Ron Anderson was awarded a trophy as the Outstanding Alaskan Cross- country Skier. Bob Hahn received the Most Inspira- tional Player Award for basketball, and Franz Sperner was awarded the Most Outstanding Player Trophy for Basketball. Diane Sherriff, Kathy Powers, Linda Dahl, and Judi Pattin- son received the award for being National Rifle Team Champions. Iff 1 i| 1 3 1% 1 Al Norrington won the Outstanding Player Award for hockey. 213 CHEERLEADERS SUE ANDERSON BENGIE HOWSER 214 u MINER " SPORTS V STUDYING TROPHY THROWING HAND HOLDING 215 ALL-AMERICAN RIFLE TEAM John Stuart Watkins is the first shooter in the history of the U of A Rifle Team to earn a position on the National Rifle Association AU-American Rifle Team. He is the first University of Alaska athlete to earn such a high national honor. Ail-American shooters are selected on the basis of superior shooting average and outstanding character. Stuart maintained an excellent 392 average and won top honors in all rifle matches he entered this year. 216 " The music goes ' round • and it comes out here — POLAR BEARS VERSUS OREGON ' S MOUNTAINEERS Pep Squad and Band leads student partici- pation at Polar Bears ' Basketball games. 217 218 cidweirlii iiin r 219 RAY ' S SUPER MARKET In the Northward Building Third and Noble FAIRBANKS WRIGHT BROS. CONSTRUCTION CO. Road Construcdon, Hauling, Excavation, Fill Dirt GLobe 6-6968 Box 752 NORTHWARD Building Apartments COMPLETE STREET LEVEL SHOPPING CENTER 3rd and Lacy GLobe 6-4274 SINGER SEWING CENTER Fairbanks For Free Home Demonstration 432 First Ave. Phone GLobe 2-3088 PORTRAITS 12 1 3 R. D. SHEPHERD COMMERCIAL Photography ARCTIC STUDIO 209 Fireweed Lane Phone BR 5-7781 ANCHORAGE, ALASKA SCHOOL L. G. HARTMAN BIG BEND TIRE SHOP South Cushman Fairbanks, Alaska THE LATHROP COMPANY ANCHORAGE 4th Avenue Theatre Empress Theatre FAIRBANKS New Empress Theatre Lacey Street Theatre B C AUTO ELECTRIC Fairbanks Spenard Anchorage Soldotna ART HAYR General Agent INSURANCE COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA 515 2nd Ave. Fairbanks GLobe 2-3600 or GLobe 6-4006 For the Finest Fastest Jet Service to Seattle FLY PAN AMERICAN " First Class Tourist " Also Frequent Service to Southeastern Alaska Via Boeing Stratocruisers FOR RESERVATIONS CALL PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS 2118 NORTHWARD DRUG 3rd and Lacey Box 1207 Dial 2103 Offer You Complete Drug Store Service THE STORES WHERE YOU TAKE YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS WITH CONFIDENCE YOUR FRIENDLY COMMUNITY BANK FIVE OFFICES TO SERVE YOU ' MAIN OFFICE Northward Building 4th and Lacey St. Fairbanks AIRPORT ROAD BRANCH Airport Road and Turner Street Fairbanks EIELSON FACILITY DELTA BRANCH NENANA BRANCH (Drive-In Banking) Baker Field House Eielson Air Force Base Delta Junction Nenana COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Member Federal Deposit Corporation SOUJRDOUGHi TiEPUMDABhE SERVICE SINCE exphess. . . 531 3rd Street Phone GLobe 6-7798 FAIRBANKS Standard Heating Oil Agents for Pacific Air Freight Propane Local Moving BIG RAY ' S SURPLUS STORE " Why. Pay More When We Always Undersell " Phone GLobe 2-3458 507 2nd Avenue Fairbanks SEATTLE FAIRBANKS ANCHORAGE THE CARRINGTON COMPANY Contracting and Mining Equipment 112 N. TURNER ST. BOX 1370 GLobe 2-2181 NORDALE HOTEL Modern Elevator Service For Reservations Phone GLobe 2-2105 FAIRBANKS, ALASKA " " The Martin A. Pinska Stores, Inc. " THE STORE FOR MEN Suits Top Coats Hats Sport Clothes Haberdashery Footwear Work Clothes Hunting Togs Guns Fishing Tackle Boats Camp Gear Binoculars Boat Trailers Serving You From 2 Stores PINSKA ' S MEN ' S WEAR 3rd and Cushman PINSKA ' S OUTDOORSMAN 3rd and Barnette Cadillac Oldsmobile Pontiac G.M.C. Trucks G.M.A.C. Financing Fairbanks Insurance A gency, Inc. FIRE 551 3rd Ave. AUTO Fairbanks, Alaska BONDS CASUALTY Wallace Cathcart, Jr. • Marion L. Wood Griffin ' s PHOTOGRAPHY — GIFTS — SOUVENIRS 552 Second Street, Fairbanks, Alaska yitiixmdk Complete Home Furnishings Since ' 98 Consult Us for Your Student Furniture Needs 545 3rd AVENUE FAIRBANKS Jiin FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF FAIRBANKS FOUNDED 1905 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Serving the University Since Its Founding in 1917 CORNER SECOND AND CUSHMAN FAIRBANKS, ALASKA STANDARD GARAGE INCORPORATED Chrysler-Imperial DeSoto-Plymouth Valiant-Simca - DEALER - 404 Second Avenue Phone GLobe 2-3370 Fairbanks, Alaska For What ' s New in Photography . . . See Us CO-OP PHOTO CO-OP DRUG Your Department Drug Store Box 1308 FAIRBANKS, ALASKA MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED ALASKA AUTO PARTS COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOP Blue Streak Ignition Thompson Products Fairbanks ' finest automatic transmission stock. Complete automatic transmission ex- change and rebuild service. Immediate Crank Shaft Exchange NEW PARTS— USED PARTS WHOLESALE— RETAIL 2416 Cushman GL 2-3269 Or GL 2-3270 ARCTIC ALASKA TRAVEL SERVICE Tickets and Reservations on All Major Airlines SEE US BEFORE YOU PLAN YOUR NEXT TRIP Empress Theater Bldg. Phone GLobe 2-2141 Ailer ' 5 Book Shop — The House of Adler — ALASKA ' S OLDEST BOOK SHOP Fairbanks FAIRBANKS LUMBER SUPPLY Building Material of All Kinds — | 272 Illinois Street Box 629 — Phone GL 2-2183 " WE DELIVER THE GOODS " SEWARD TRADING CO., INC. Groceries • Fresh Meat Vegetables Imported Liquors Wines • Beer SEWARD, ALASKA WE GIVE ALASKA GOLD STAMPS For the Best in Name Brand Clothing Try Top O ' the World Clothing Top Coats — Sports Coats Redwing Shoes — Roblee Shoes Remember ... A Little Off the Street Means a Lot Off the Price 208 LACEY STREET ALASKA SHOP Headquarters for Camera Supplies JEWELRY— SOUVENIRS MAGAZINES— FOUNTAIN SEWARD, ALASKA USIBELLI COAL SALES CORP. AND USIBELLI COAL MINE, INC. MR. DENNY BRAID, Mgr. Alaska ' s Pioneer Merchants ..« Location Map of NC Branches in Alasi a and the Yukon Territory NORTHERN COMMERCIAL CO. Serving Alaskans Today All Mercantile Departments Under One Roof SHOP AT THE N. C. COMPANY . . . Fairbanks ' Own Department Store Since 1902 ica ' Alaska ' s Pioneer Merchants ' DISCOVER THE WONDERS OF THE 49TH STATE! For the best in Sightseeing, Sports! Anchorage, Nome, Kotzebue Tours Available IIIRLINES Travelers Inn " " or Nordale Hotel Ph. No.— GLobe 6- 733 %; 7j£ci Aft!i ' tid ( tkC ' CC( mm( dee 4 nd WHERE THE BEST COSTS NO MORE Anchorage 720 Gambell Phone BR 5-0201 Owned and Operated by WALTER J. HICKEL Fairbanks 820 Noble Phone GL 6-7722 Dailv Mewvs - YOUR COMPLETE DAILY NEWSPAPER Phone: GLobe 6-6661 NORTHERN REDI-MIX, INC. READY MIX CONCRETE Building Materials Agents for T. L. Smith Company Office and Plant 2 Mi. Richardson GL 6-5575 Eielson Plant 22 Mi. Richardson Special Rates to Students ALASKA LANES I4th and Gillam Fairbanks, Alaska LEMETA AUTO SERVICE 404 College Road Phone: GLobe 2-2450 One [j asn one e Located in the Northward Building in Downtown Fairbanks 403 FIRST AVE FAIRBANKS, ALASKA TOMMY ' S ELBOW ROOM 410 2nd Ave. c;iccccl PRINTING COMPANY, INC., Complete printing services PHONE: GLobe 6-6668 FAIRBANKS, ALASKA Aja ac ' Ii MENS SHOP H A A M Congratulates the Graduating Class! G OOPERS . 324 Second Ave. Fairbanks, Alaska H. B. AVAKOFF Pioneer Jeweler " 54 Years in Alaska " 531 2nd AVE. FAIRBANKS Jf urniture $c pliance " Furniture With C haracter " Home of Nationally Advertised Brands SIMMONS RCA VICTOR PHILCO WHIRLPOOL BASSETT VIRTUE Box 636 Seward ti€ usic Chop Everything in MUSIC AND TELEVISION 523 Second Avenue Next to the Nordale Hotel FAIRBANKS, ALASKA LINDY ' S Quality — Service — Price 2 STORES TO SERVE YOU College Hayes at College Road Fairbanks 609 4th Choosing the right bank to handle your financial matters is one of the most important steps that you will ever make. The next time your activities take you to Anchorage, stop in and see for yourself how FIRST NATIONAL ' S convenient, personalized service is tailor-made to meet your individual financial needs. WHEN YOU THINK OF BANKING THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Anchorage Member: FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Member: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM A Sound Bank, a Solid Bank in Alaska ' s Largest City x m " Where All Fairbanks Shops and Saves ... at MONTY ' S LOCATED AT 512 SECOND AVENUE IN DOWNTOWN FAIRBANKS ± MONTY ' S WHEREVER YOU GO THERE ' S GOOD LISTENING RADIO ANCHORAGE KBYR 1270 Kc. FAIRBANKS KFRB 900 Kc. JUNEAU KJNO 630 Kc. Alaska ' s most exciting new shop invites you to stop in and browse You ' ll find from the markets and bazaars of the world — Porcelain — Stoneware Stainless Steel Crystal Fabrics Matting Jewelry Ties Perfume Toys Chemex Coffee Pots George-Jensen Imports Eraser ' s America Europe Omnibus Modular Furniture Original Art — Prints — Cards — Books FREE GIFT WRAPPING FREE DELIVERY WRAP FOR MAIL SERVICE BRIDAL REGISTRY IL t t 1 tepn-Sitlozi UL LOOK FOR THE RED AND WHITE STRIPED ROOF ON NOBLE AT 5th AVE. IN FAIRBANKS For Those Who Appreciate Quality . . . CARR ' S CLOTHING Headquarters for THE BEST IN MEN ' S WEAR 544 Second Avenue FAIRBANKS, ALASKA NOBLE STREET MOTORS, INC. Second and Noble P. O. Box 570 Phone GLobe 2-2178 FAIRBANKS, ALASKA FORD FALCON MERCURY COMET LINCOLN ARCTIC PIGGLY WIGGLY DUTCH MILL BAKERY 3rd and Steese in Grael HEADQUARTERS FOR KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS J. VIC BROWN SONS Jewelers-Alaska ' s Best Serving Alaskans Since 1916 FAIRBANKS ANCHORAGE NORTHWARD SHOE STORE Home of DeLiso Deb, Winthrop, Red Wing and Red Goose Shoes. Located at the Corner of Fourth and Noble in the Northward Building in Downtown Fairbanks TRAVELERS FLORAL GIFT SHOP NEW LOCATION . . . 532 Second Ave. Box 1370 FAIRBANKS JMM KFAR Radio KFAR-TV 660 Kc. Channel 2 All Alaska Broadcasters ' ' Midnight Sun Network " IN FAIRBANKS BROWN HAWLKINS Serving Alaskans Since 1900 Brown Hawlkins of Seward is one of Alaska ' s fine department stores and we proudly count our customers from all parts of the state. BOX 157 SEWARD ALASKA SITKA Home of Alaska Lumber Pulp Co., Inc. ALASKA ' S NEWEST Where the Mountains Meet the Sea JWK ' ipT ' £ i ' 22i . ■-.r- ' Compliments of BROWN AND OLIVER " Complete Outfitters " JUNEAU, ALASKA STOLT ELECTRIC SUPPLY 436 4th Avenue Anchorage ELECTRIC APPLIANCES LIGHTING FIXTURES— GIFTS WIRING SUPPLIES— SOUVENIRS Alaska ' s Magazine . . . ALASKA SPORTSMAN $5.00 a Year Box 1271, Juneau " Life on the last frontier " CLASS OF ' 61 . . . One door closes, another opens ? Your destiny is charted ? Nuts ! Graduation is a time of tender platitudes, congratulations, and optimistic observations on the future. Now hear the hard truth: You are going into a keenly competitive, sometimes vicious society to wring out a living for yourself — the best living you possibly can. No matter what you do or how you do, sooner or later your choice of Bank ' s will either sink you or keep you afloat, in varying degrees and as the case may be. So choose your Bank carefully and cultivate its friendship. Incidentally, Congratulations ! U. S. Government Depositary ANCHORAGE AND PALMER 1 LEARN MORE NOW - EARN MORE LATER New Opportunities for Young Alaskans in Business Administration, Accounting, Chemistry, Engineering, and Forestry SOUND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF ALASKA THROUGH PROPER UTILIZATION OF NATURAL RESOURCES KETCHIKAN PULP COMPANY BETTER ALASKA — THROUGH INDUSTRY TEELAND ' S COUNTRY STORE " A Modern Store, Country Style " WASILLA ALASKA ALASKA SALES SERVICE, INC. CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE CHEVROLET PONTIAC GENERAL MOTORS TRUCKS " Service Is Our Business " 3rd and E Sts. Anchorage P. O. Box 2280 Phone BR 7-3401 TOWN OF PETERSBURG a t " " — Petersburg is situated on Mitkof Island at the North end of Picturesque Wrangell Narrows. It was founded by and named after Peter Buschman who arrived in 1897 and built a salmon cannery and a small sawmill. Petersburg was incorporated in 1910 and has shown a slow but steady growth. The population today exceeds 1500. Fishing and logging are the main industries found in the Petersburg area. Petersburg is predominantly a Norwegian community and boasts of the largest Halibut fishing fleet in Alaska. With the two large cold storage plants, two shrimp canneries and four Salmon canneries Petersburg is one of the major fish producing cities in Alaska. B. M. BEHREND ' S STORE JUNEAU ALASKA " Clothes for All the Family " KAREN ' S SECRETARIAL SERVICES HAMMER WIKAN PETERSBURG, ALASKA " The Friendly Store to Serve Your Needs " NORTH POLE BAKERY The Most Modern Bakery Nearest the North Pole Mail Orders Promptly Filled Box 706 Second Avenue 490 Fairbanks Phone GLobe 2-3030 NOME LIGHT and POWER UTILITIES NOME, ALASKA Alaska ' s Arctic Top of the World Point Barrow Tour Arctic Coast, Nome-Kotzebue Tour Yukon Valley and Fort Yukon Tour Polar Sea Tour WIEN ALASKA AIRLINES " First in Alaska " Est. 1924 FAIRBANKS, ALASKA PHONE GLobe 2-3855 BOX 690 NORTHERN SUPPLY, INC. ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIAL AND MINING SUPPLIES Ph. BR 6-4151 400 Post Rd. ANCHORAGE, ALASKA For the Best in Family Entertainment Get More Out of Life Go Out to a MOVIE When in HOMER, ALASKA ic NORTHERN COMMERCIAL COMPANY NOME ALASKA |CI3 t " Alaska ' s Pioneer Merchants " t OLSEN SANDS ARCHITECTS JUNEAU ALASKA ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY JUNEAU Your Capital City GOTO CHURCH ON SUNDAY 241 To the Class of 196I BUILDING A GREATER ALASKA As graduates of a great University you are helping to build Alaska by supplying talents previously not existent. Your education will contribute much to the cultural and economic growth which must supplement the natural resources of Alaska. We salute you and urge you to work with us in development of this " Great Land. " Your inquiries concerning banking career opportunities are earnestly solicited. . . . Statewide . . . NATIONAL BANK OF ALASKA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and Federal Reserve System " Alaska ' s Branch Banking System " ANCHORAGE OFFICES: OTHER OFFICES Main Office Kenai Peninsula Branch 4th and E St. Soldotna 5th Ave. Branch Skagway Branch 5th and Gambeli t j- 1 n 1 Kodiak Branch Spenard Branch and Drive-In t , 1 1 t 1 cT 1 Ketchikan Branch Spenard Government Hill Branch " " S " " " Fort Richardson Facility ' " Main Office Motor Branch P " " ' " 5th and E St. Mt. Edgecumbe Branch Homer Branch MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION AND FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM We Print Everything But Money And it takes but a little money to buy the best printing to be found anywhere . . . and that goes for everything from cards to catalogs. JESSEN ' S WEEKLY Commercial Printers Business Office and Plant Graehl at New Bridge Dial GL 2-2511 Dial GL 6-5292 The World-Famous NUGGET SHOP Iff ' - - 3l5 ,- -«, IN JUNEAU, ALASKA ' S BEAUTIFUL CAPITAL Belle G. Simpson, Mgr. Art Goods — Curios — Jewelry — Antiques FAMOUS ALASKAN PAINTINGS Native Made Baskets — Totem Poles Eskimo Carved Ivory The Largest Stock of Nugget and Nugget and Jade Jewelry in the World VISITORS WELCOME Alaska Insurance Agency 30 Years of Service to Fairbanks ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE Phone 6671 John Butrovich, Jr. Grace Butrovich Howard Byrne SERVING ALL OF ALASKA. YUKON ] PMENT, INC. FairbanKs Alaska DEALERS IN ALLIS-CHALMERS and Other Allied Lines of Equipment GLobe 2-2135 320 Second Avenue STANDARD OIL OF CALIF. WESTERN OPERATIONS, INC. FAIRLANES BOWL 3rd and Steese GRAEL PARTS ACCESSORIES BU IC K PEL ' Box 257 • Phone GL 2-2523 FAIRBANKS, ALASKA 1 I TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World ' s Best Yearbooks ' Are Taylor-made " ■•rfii II! I " " " ' " " ' " ' II

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