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. 115' -'Q' J jrffi: ' X 'ffl-5 . +,,A, ,, 5:1-2 151' " 151: I ' ' -y-fm. 4 1, -, 4 ., 21, . u. 11 'Q 1 -fu.. . 'fiilrlf' .1 'gl , . 5:3 " -. .12-v'f 120, .JM L , 'Iii-'5' I w P:-,LQ-. I Q my ,, J- Til: -C' W. , Aux- 1' I wwf-9 ' 235,19 ff, K., 'I J fs 1 ,:'.Z:: ,A N .ggi . V , uf - A, fu 1 J" ' ,. ., 1 b H. ,HL .M ,, "1 4 ..',Q n. ..j .. . J'f.:51k , ' -ff'-'Q if 5 . - is-' fi, ' , gum, X s .Q X- Tw"-N. f J, ,flu 11. xt.. ,v T '- '9 M ,. 'I 1', . 'HH Y -4 ,Q V ,- ,,,::, f vw fx X 1 nv' , ,, . V ,J 1, A L' , , 1 1 , 1 . , W, f 1 W ,., 1 N ' I 4' r 'ff , 1. '. . .- I' ' i " V . --' '.,:'5- 4 Q - -,.r 1 4 N . J1i5r.a"" " " 1' . v w ' x 1 . v r W I V A Y AUKQHC-q ...U l1'bI1.' .12 li' 'rg v fl , .. 4 5,-NT 'Wy 1 N-'I " . ...,,1, , . l -. -.4.,.. Im., . H f f' - " X .1.,-'- .- -'. X. , 4, . ..p -.:.., H- ' Y ', o 1' -!..1-mtg." flff, 5.34151 . :ww .1 . "l'.. .-" mac. -4 fpftdfm 41.11 nl! 4' iv u ,Q ."4 .Jig '-Z J ull! 'IF' . Gr " . .-.4 :Q rw,-.,. W . ,ff ,..-Inj' J -1. Hx Y' 'un '-Hs "'::' f . 5. - 1 11, 4, "' . 1 s ' " .V H .n 14 A? A , V H - , .. 1 . 1 I .I A -.ev ' 'I " . ga". , . A. . 5 w 1... inf ur 1. 1 3 L . , X A L' ' '..- I 1 v L' H' C"""'I.d""-"" ."'5- .' .J . JU ' ' " "". ' iz'-was-wf' . .5 'V X I ' 5 1 V 1 1 -' . 'X J ' ' . L Q, . IU '1', "E.-jing "'I .I .,..i .. . . y . .. 3 ' .-W-,..m.::: .,! 1655. aiggbv ' , 3, . sl ,.'.e .. ...x - 1 ' .I rw " Yr Si "0 ' V. . :-.,41,',,t -w NJ, ,f ,.g,Q,'1 nl I-id' - I I .pdf :vs-11 55 -w ' + . 'vw 'L-"'a.'N ....- fl ',"f9:."'2'y , ' . 1'ff'w """7""5 ' ' . . . . , 4' .lx I A., - 4. ,f :. gl -. . . A I- , - fl: 'J .fp 'm 'Y 'J' ,".' . - .. - .. .. ' . ,Y,'.,v , .. . . , ' 1 U ' 'I 'qu 'G' .: 3 '. . 4 lfusn f IQ, 'fr gm .,f.Qf1:,'. V, . . 'fpk' . :' -1' I' . . W : .- ' - 'Wifdi - .. .JI i A U .. . W . .,. - V' ,--'lanftu .N H . ,4f..'4.5'.. V. ,bfyyi I., - -- ., t 3.5 , ,, W 171 1 V ,I-...Af uf. .VTE Eh " ' J P "' "u, '.--0 - 1 - ... ' ."-.. 5" 1, 'g-1.1-' . . , . .1 --.-, ,..l -.. ,A ' . . ,,.',,1-. --IPI, -Ev ' ' ., aw. cv 4' Y r vw' .4 .- I A V ' ' - . 1 an ' .J 3 Y. x, ' Ii .7- k , I . -151.-, mn . 4- 'I .. A. A -1 , - 1' k"" -. ' a 'I ', . ff .' -- . u -. . u . ,a. Q M 9s ..,, ,. h .H '1 w' .. ww. V .5 ' u l Q k", I . s . q I' l 'f ' - ' ' y A .I I 1 H " ' 4h '1 U I +L I U - Jn . ' J f 1 1 . 1 :K In 3 . -. . . Q 3 . , sy .X ,L , r is ' z , ... . - . Q. , wr' . ru-.1 1' ' f : . -1 ' . W. ' v .Q . n 1 X - v..n-- .,.:.., --A.. .-.. ,. 4. , .-.,.f H ,- f:..f,-- A.,- 4 l r . . , I , 4 1 . w . A 1 , .3 ' . .4 - .rg ' 1-gh -- Y? rig ' X -J ' ' ' W ':'.' 5 .I ,'-1, .' ,H f' "':. "f:'Eg,.f'fQ"Zv'5 l , .1 A . , 1 A I ,, - 1-. . X -iv. .SA 4? ,'?. f. - ' v " '.' W.. -, .. '.'.-' . - :. W M ,. L sb -.!'r.,,'..:..'5.. . . . 1. - . . . , , ., . . , . .l. .. .11.I,,,' I , I s 1 1 s 5 , V ' 'PV l ' W F H . -.Wf-1.--. '.-...!.. 5 4 , . ' u . og , -:' ", . 4.4 X P 1' M ' w. . . . .. s . wh , rl , 5 5 , ' , fl "', , ' . 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My H -' ' . 41 .exfeigry--.lsr -lv ' ., if , e-'efffi . we- S hge:-I f 51'-' fi. I - . --' ':"1'i 'vffw I - Alaska is, externnlly, -ffofrnidable member of only begun to Drearners and ized in Alaska hope for the future of the American nationf Although Alaskaggihaseirnade great progress, it must ful, intelligently'directe'dAWay. A developing state depends on trained, visionary menuand women. These men and women do not .spring from the 'cradle to leadership. Theymust be molded SO, ,,,d that they in 7tu'rni sess the' necessary abilities- to rnold the destiny of the state. 1 , ' . 'i V p ' , p '.4- The University of Alaskae plarys 'ap uniqpuevrole in the'1'moldgmg -priocess, ia'1irolee'y4as unique as the country "it seqrves. In: meeting individuel need throughlthe depalrtnients and extension services, the' educationnl' objectives of the entire' state- :ire y These entities injturn ieenreiylsuiel eiieemeiueiy reprise rapidly learning expressed pby lprogresilve Alaskans i Wh-o t V: reality ofl Alaslra's lfutureg 4 l 'i'l . , ,e."'STi'6 ,... ,, ' J . ' ,IFZ ,3z', . ' ATQK, ,-fe-efil .- if-'lsr' Mx A, ,. D. i fi' ,L I, x- . ' . ,-in f. '. 4 -- fl'-if l. .r '. i.. ., F. 5 ' ' ' 4 'ev .45-. , F e. 7' 'v .' ' ' q7'!f"g,':I' Tv L4 WT N ,.Yl i3f3i7iTsia ftalke pmiif to in dedicating lSllD Matty oolk to me an msc imnestt O Dr. Ernest Patty is both a builder and a man of vision. I-Ie believed in the University of Alaska, and under his guidance the University gained national recognition. We know that for a man of Dr. Patty's stat- ure, the continued growth and development of the University will be sufficient thanks for a job well done. Mrs. Patty has provided the University with warmth and social leadership. As the quintes- sence of grace and hospitality, she has offered to the future wives and mothers on our campus a goal well worth attaining. The University knows, and Dr. Patty has proof, that the statement about the woman be- hind the great man is no mere maxim. 4 40-1 , I QW Q rf U'TlnH'?k1' . ,J45?ff5l?gfATaiiE95 5Ef:wfffa7af" anf'1'y1E'?A,:ff f ' x pu , xl -Q-,11,w,,, ' .5,g'Q5' 1 ,Q f ,,, 1 iff "-'WEL ' arm, . JE. ' ,r X 7 7 Z ,f I ,,,,x 1 Educational opportu- nity . . . in the Sal- mon Capital of the A World. ' Kettcolhiilkan oiminniuiiniiil o ege Far down at the bottom of the Alaska Pan- handle is located the farthest south branch of the nation's farthest north University. Many students at Ketchikan Community College make their living in the fishing, pulp, logging or mining industries. On this page you have a glimpse of some of them in class, in a college shop and at a col- lege dance . . . always in the shadow of the KCC TOTEM. s or i 3 , g., :,,a'lv- X - r X.-A dL..NL. snow- X "C gee-s ' ' "' " -0'-......,-N.-- ,- W , .-Ze, tuiiuioattuizf otuig as oinnrinntuuniit Qiolllloge Located between Gastineau Channel and Mount Juneau, at Juneau, the Juneau-Douglas Community College is operated as an evening college and uses the same facilities as the Juneau High School. The Juneau-Douglas Community College meets the educational needs of those members of the com- munity not regularly served by the elementary or the high schools. The College serves adults of all ages who desire to complete the first two years of college work or to secure additional training through vo- cational courses. The College also enables adults to make up high school deficiencies, and to broaden and deepen their general education. In addition, the College serves groups, organizations and individ- uals in the community by providing educational opportunities not otherwise available. -.ta A ,- AnufCHnwnDIage 0 mm Hwxumulmiifly CQIIlfegfe G IF261 IIIILHBIIECBS GERTIE ANDERSON EDNA DENK CHARLES ELLIOTT MERRILL GILMORE GERALDINE HARLAN VIRGINIA HAWICK D. CLARK HORTON DENNIS KOHLMEYER ALBERT MERCHANT PHIL RILEY tb Mft' ho lllifllgil? wzhznumriiify kcollllegce VU . guidance of Mr. Gene Short, who directs five time faculty members and forty-three part time teachers, the Anchorage Community College provides knowledge and culture to 1246 students. The A.C.C. was established when the University of Alaska joined with the Anchorage Independent School District to plan the Colleges opening on February 8, 1954, under the direction of Dr. Leroy V. Good. A.C.C. considers its basic purpose to be the de- velopment of its students into responsible citizen- ship, to develop educationally those students who ex- pect to transfer to a senior college or university, to provide a two-year degree for students who do not plan on continuing after receiving an associate de- gree, to provide an opportunity for those adults who desire to continue and broaden their education and finally to provide specialized vocational training for those seeking it. The college is noted for its cultural contributions to the Community. Theatre arts are promoted through the Speech and Drama departments of the school, The Anchorage Community Chorus, The Film Society, and the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra are affiliated with the college. In 1960 the A.C.C. graduated ten students with associate degrees and has prepared many more to continue their education in advanced colleges. S 2 X xc . 4' 0 in 4 ,fe Drama director Frank Brink is responsible for the many college- community productions brought to Anchorage. College Director, Mr. Gene Short, left, plans Registrar john Kollstoe. Sally Monserud, left, Beatrice McDonald, cen- ter, and Doris Kuhler are three of the full time faculty for the college. S s the future with Military irmainrcz es 0 O O lv , -r-1 in . 43 12. 4 A , 2 1 , at 1 aZi'ia2?,gi'fa5z,.ta'f: if e . t - e f 1960 graduates after successful completion of study under the new "Operation Bootstrap" program are shown. Three of the four U of A honor graduates were participants in this project. The University of Alaska is one of four American Universities that have extended their facilities beyond the walls of the campus to offer opportunities for education to our far flung military installations. Through 'the media of extension services offering university recognized courses at military bases, and a new "Operation Bootstrap" which enables eligible service personnel to attend the University for resident instruction to complete work for graduation, thousands of Military personnel are now taking advantage of previously un- obtainable goals in education. , 54 I A Personnel Management course in action Military personnel and their dependents taking advantage of University courses offered at Elmendorf Air Force Base Mr. Paige at L.A.F.B. and his accounting class H A LH QUIET 77Qm1f,f CLASSES IN SESSION ,wmyfA,wV1wwwNa -,yxmqyw Y gpg Y . - " ,- ,vw M MM' A- M V . 2-- wL.w'WeZW2z11eu Slgzenwwf RNSSAKS-'4X+1r 'v,W.'NhMN'.a W A 'L A X ,. 70,WMk,..,, I ,, , . , I f ,W ,, A ..,, , W MMS. b,,,ff,,,W,,W . .A-WM- ,A ,,,WM,,, ,,,A,...,,4,,M,,,,,,,4 ,,f, -, , , .X , . x I O O O The university offers programs of instruction leading to advanced degrees in many areas, some of them vital to Alaska and many of them requiring Alaska as a workshop for research. The program is coordinated by Dr. Minnie E. Wells, and is administered by the graduate faculty, composed of the division chairmen and department heads as well as some university administrative personnel. General policies and procedures for graduate study are formulated by the graduate council pictured at the left. The University of Alaska, because of its unique north- ern location, attracts many graduates of other schools in such fields as mining, engineering, civil engineering, biological science and wildlife management as well as our famous geophysical institute with its study of auroral zone phenomenon and investigation in the ionosphere. 'U-3' X MW r 1. ,-farm., 1 'K ' a ff af A fx A+ may Aww If if .,, x I , ,ff Q ,., J' M , , K coop ysiictat Located on the University of Alaska campus, the for work delving into the mysteries of Auroral Zone T. Elvey, work at the Institute has been both unique particularly suited for studies concerning the Aurora are made mainly through the medium of electronics. at work. Geophysics Institute is internationally recognized phenomena. Under the leadership of Dr. Christian and varied. Because of geographic location, it is and the Ionosphere. Measurements in this region On the next few pages, you will see the scientist tr ,U ' ' i - .i t,,, . 3 i fi :-2 + M' 1' U O b! 0 13? - - - Iliffia-...,. i , ., time -Q V 0 f X N eff' f 'i 0 'v' r f f it . 4' f ' X zz fY 5 N Q4 The unique work of the Institute is exem- plified in the multitude of visiting scientists at- tracted to the University. One of the better known of these is Dr. john Winckler's high elevation balloon group from the University of Minnesota. The 30 inch Baker-Nunn satellite tracking camera being assembled, right, will probe the subarctic sky and will obtain precise positions of satellites which will be forwarded to our National Computing Centers. ffl x , if , ' if sit? ff fliiysiics inrsttiittuitte . O . A. ff , ,.sy2f9.f9mf.f., H W ff . - f' i gf1x,f,f,M+.. .. 4. ff , f "' I .M "sg--: X as 'V fly- ,,. ,News rf KQN5 L: ,fJ,tJ,S7' +r'l. I f , wif fa iw 1? :fn Mir .1 s -f V kf ., SEQQ5 Z K le' A A f ,g f ft ff Z5 X f pf, EX 2 X l f f X , A, f 1 ff 'f I , fe .Ap 2 v.,: X ff' ,f I fs 6 'S 191 ycgff ,r, ,i ,W rf Qditmvf I KXV' X A f if z AMW, 3 49? ,.a ' NW W Ws 1 .3 ' yn ws hut ,.,.r,t ,sa 5 w , -,ffm 2, st V, 'f e 9 4 'W t f -ff -s' , as 1 fe f 54 il M' , . z .fr 'WWW Jw' Instruction at the Geophysics Institute is confined to a graduate program. Students here work with in- ternationally known scientists such as Dr. Sydney Chapman, scientific leader of the International Geo- physical Year and author of a prize winning book. Much of their work is concerned with collecting and analyzing data measurable only by faint electronic impulses. At lower left is pictured a "Whistler" de- vice designed for recording impulses graphically. Rec- ords on paper tapes constitute much of the visual evidence from which the scientists and graduate stu- dents hypothesize. In a scientific world, cooperation with both home and foreign scientists is an important attribute. Pic- tured above are Drs. Pembroke Hart, Hugh Odi- shaw, and Alan Shapley, representatives from the Secretariat of the United States I.G.Y. Committee. Not all investigation into the ionosphere is done on the University campus. At the for- mer Alaska Communications System site located about a mile and one half from cam- pus geophysicists send radio waves into the disturbed re- gions of the ionosphere searching for the causes of the disturbance. The records are then brought into the offices for a detailed analysis. Aside from those who work with experimentation, W geo- physists also deal with the purely theoretical. Their tools are mathematics and comput- ers put to use ultimately for the betterment of mankind. Qsfaifv T -3 wwuq 1 1 4 1, Uwwf, Wm ,, f . -L, M4- 2 ,ffyt gf ii ii iiii?iysies iiiislfjiiiilutfe 0 0 O Executive Officer Al George surveys work at ri "whi5ler" device ff Q4 ,gf X 2 ,7 ,we I' Dr. Elvey consults with a visiting scientist Dr. Clark and jerry Romig adjusting scanning spectrometer for Aurora studies Many elements go into the functioning of the in- stitute. Consultation with visiting scientists, adminis- tration, collecting and analysis of data, and cooper- ation with others are necessary attributes to the end product. The end product is a fusion of scientific research and the training of the future scientists who will mold the next two decades. .5 A mugs MKS 1 l QW HM Alaska's nearly untapped resources provide the School of Mines with nationally unparalleled opportunities for research and development. Dr. Patty has seen his Pioneering project of 1922 grow to maturity both as an accredited university school and an in- valuable center of service to the state. Three departments make up the School of Mines. The Department of Geology, with all of Alaska as a laboratory, offers a well rounded curriculum to both undergraduates and graduate students. The outstanding faculty has contributed to research all over the world from Antarctica to Greenland. Together with celebrated guest lecturers, they provide practical and professional guidance for future geologists, and mining engineers. Actual tunnel and in-the-field work program provided by the Department of Mining and Metallurgy. In addition to meeting student needs, this department participates in nationally sponsored research carried out in their well-equipped laboratory. Again, the outdoor workshop that is Alaska adds immeasurably to the effectiveness of the practical courses given in the Department of Mining Extension. These courses are designed for the prospector in his search for Alaska's underground wealth. ir , a mr g The Geologist locates ore. It is the Mining Engineer who determines its value and who must work underground to bring natures resources to the laboratories where it may be molded into usable form. Step by step Alaskas youth are trained in modern methods, given practical as well as theoretical experience, Pictured here is the miner at work learn- ing to use the tools of his trade in an underground workshop all his own. Drilling ' a ' ar Dynamiting if G .t i, , i ., ,N Timb61'iUg Hauling it out X23 Sf ies!! 'si 2' i Minerals, the most vaunted of Alas- ka's resources, continues to lure men into the remote areas of Alaska. To- day's miner replaces hand power with horsepower in the huge dredges that sift riches from rock. University of Alaska faculty illus- trate the details of such an operation and prepare students for any event- uality. This includes the possibility of the disaster which sends men scram- bling underground to rescue human elements from Mother Natures store- house. liialmumgy Fire assaying X 'Q- Use of optical pyrometer In the laboratory, the process is con- tinued. Ore is sifted, analyzed, and restructured. From this comes the final step into usability, and the products we enjoy each day. Research extends knowledge to a dynamic industry, ex- tends new products to a grateful so- ciety. fl 1 ' 'A ning Extensifon An important function of the University of Alaska lies in the extension of educational opportunity beyond University walls. The Department of Mining extension offers courses wherever people express a desire to learn. To date, approximately 18,000 people have accepted the challenge offered by our roving professors. PERMAYRUH C'f0nlinuuuc9er'nmEart 5 'SP05'C1illlPfi!71Glil'Ut i The exchange of ideas is essential to the dis- covery. Conferences in which outstanding men present new developments, stimulate further re- search, and point out opportunities, add to the professional growth of student and faculty alike. Study, research, and exchange are the tools which unveil Alaska's resource potential. A M OH 7'Vf3 Wy 5 eo ogy The Department of Geology, Work- ing within the School of Mines, com- bines expert instruction in the use of the "tools of the trade" with practical experience in the field. Alaska provides a natural geologic laboratory. The Uni- versity helps to provide the men to explore and develop her hidden re- sources. nik In the classroom, theory, tech- niques, and practice are employed in the identification of samples and use of geologic maps. Not all work is done in the field. The Geology student is equally at home with ei- ther pick' and shovel or a micro- scope. fl.. Q 4? Z ' T K? Q1 f, 7,,xZ5m7wAY 5 N " 4 JW is -lf W tub' nf iff A The Summer Field Course fur- nishes seniors with the opportunity for summer fun while applying principles acquired in the classroom. Icy streams add to the excitement. Natures grandeur becomes a work- shop. .. , ,., ,,1,,.... , ,,,.,y X A4 , 1 LM, fff, QW y f X we w w! ,W s, at i f -ig ' f aa 1 7 Ha ss , 2 sf,.x', fi ,ML QQ ,fi .X QM, if 4. 'V fqem ui N , .-44" H A, ,f ..,. 'W ff .V :I f :M , H , fi A ig" 1 f Win ' ,'. Q wi 5QMf5'Ls,- ,Wi ,,,Ff-,avr X. ,ff Vlsfflz' -f if .www , ,zu arwdi: tv. v fluffy. ,. .wfjgxvf ,,, 9 .gl ,Dlx , . f v Q ,S4 vw . "W '-whim 35 .1--1 ffl JH .V Zyl lg 1 ,V ,V I 0 0 0 Not all of the work done by the Department of Geology is confined to Alaska. Faculty and graduates alike have participated in research work from the Antarctic to Green- land. Pictured above we see a gla- cial face hanging precariously above a custer of tents. In Greenland, trac- tors and sleds provide a different kind of accommodations and its own special lure. At home, in Alas- ka, the work continues, no less im- portant, set in a scene of no less magnitude. 1. all JF -S A wide variety of experiences is offered the University student. Danny Pierce, visiting Car- negie instructor of Art, introduces students to traditional as well as modern art. Dr. Arthur Wills conducts a class in Philosophy, introduces ideas and encourages questions and free discus- sion. In an informal atmosphere classes are held in Modern Drama, opening new avenues for the student to pursue. s Something different in the way of lectur- ing appeared through the inspiration of Professor Tom Wilcox of the English De- partment. With the use of guest lecturers from the department and well prepared in- formation, voluntary classes in literature held at the Bunnell Auditorium became popular campus wide. Two instructors debating the merits of a controversial work for students of the English Department. ff five' 'f'N2'512Yr'v UA.-, pg, f:,, -aff? 2 f-,,.,,e1 . , 1 H4i,,,. ,A 5 in . : . V, Q, If C aug A f ,,x,, . - 40 Planning and preparation provided the nucleus from which the weekly performances were given. Y' 442W A4 layw SX -ov me Q2- - -'MV f" . , , , .. w 5 ,, X. f swag' vw 1 4, ,LJ -I 1 ' . Gm' 36? ' bis, - ,4 ,S Wm ' fb 'I 'fuhw -' . iv ,W , WJ A555-aw , . L, f. . A WH' n , np., f-fr N1 f., - ,,. ,A . ei, .., ,. ,Fi if" .-H" t W" ez .- me ,. ZA 'AK' 'W An indication of the University's emergence as a mature and nation- ally recognized institution is the Choir of the North. Under the di- rection of Mr. Bergh, this phenom- enal growth has been largely quali- tative. This year a national broadcasting network chose ten outstanding choirs from among thousands of excellent choirs to present a coast to coast choral concert. The Choir of the North was one of the groups selected. And when the choir held a fund raising telethon to finance a southern tour, the statewide re- sponse of Alaskans was enormous. Mr. Berghls choristers have won the hearts of both the Alaskan and na- tional public. F"--..., Q , if p 1 ' -.. 'VY . if 4 if , ff . , X, ir, V-.,, y w l vi -minlf W' D Z A7551 H :sa LS, ' Fl i A 1 -Q fi ,, gl il , j' , ," U " "": W 1 - t Under the direction of jack O'Connor a Community Band has become reality. University students participate and are given a chance to express themselves musically. Be- low we see Larry juhnke, a music major, performing. Experience which will prove invaluable as he strives to establish himself. M Drama Wfomkshwp pmcescenttce w11 This Chalk Gahdlan Professor Lee Salisbury and his troupe of Thespians from the Liberal Arts Di- vision brought a touch of Broadway to a campus eager for exceptional enter- tainment. The Chalk Garden, a comedy by Enid Bagnold which had delighted New Yorl-: audiences, was admirably interpreted and successfully presented by the University's Drama Workshop. with F' fm, 5, X W ZXMA 45 Members of the Anthropology Department when not in the class- room are on the go throughout the expanse of Alaska hunting, examin- ing and classifying the many speci- mens available to those who have the will to seek them. Native craft of relatively recent origin combines with age old spec- imens from the ice age to make the field in Alaska both exciting and varied. 'xiii 55842: LEHQUPQ C3 J A Q fx W " ff , 4' .F , X ' Q0 Q, jd W 1 f, 4' Q f 3. we J' -- " 4 X ,uw W Q X, 7 xi' X NWN 'atm KS y fff 1 ,N f . , , 4 . M Y, ,Q W K 3:-, I 'mf f -A if ' X f 1, V , , Sy g, 1 K 'I I 4 :M , - -ff f W . 14 0 0 0 7 ill QF 'it tm 1 O O O 1 R.O.T.C 'ffmnp takes six weeks from an i students sum- mer vacation l3f.'liil.YC'Qu iris junior and senior year to proiille instruction and observation of the military not possi- ble during four years in the classroom. During this period cadets become well acquainted with ranges, maneu- vers, weapons and occasional free time. -., A mm During the year R.O.T.C. cadets are offered field trips to Eielson Air Force Base. Ladd Air Force Base and Fort Greely, Alaska. These orientations provide cadets with first hand information on new equipment and procedures in the military establishment and provide many of the students with their first look at the Army in action. s R ag iroopiiing itlhe lllfiiine Weekly drill periods for R.O.T.C. Cadets provide these future officers with the basic skills of the soldier while extending experience in lead- ership to future officers. Platoon competition at the end of the year separates the "men from the boys." To the winning group goes the honorsg the losers provide janitorial service after the R.O.T.C. Ball. Wlillliie iilliittaiiry Btarllll O 0 0 W my I N : W Vln, X Formals and formality bring the year to a close for the R.O.T.C. Cadets. The Military Ball, sponsored by the Corps, draws both civilian and military dignitaries to the campus to Witness the Coronation of the Honorary Battle Group Commander and the traditional Grand March. Physics Q 0 0 " - ff r A Q Dr. Bork with a lecture on physics. Mr. jalbert prepares a lecture. 1 new 4 -M 1 .-,. ...N..W..-Nl' ' wwumww 5 il , "1l-near-unq- ft 5 , E We ' Y 1 , ,L A LL Mshrby v xW , 'Fw . WZ , Q ffl 'f 0 gf M Av! X I . 'J ' Vx 'igfgiffff ? MW Chemistry, with the aid of both age old and modern tools, is one of the few unique fields in which one may look into the past, stay with the present, or delve into the unknown of the future without straying too far from any of the three. With the opening of the new Bunnell building the U of A Chem Department moved from the base- ment of Old Main to modern well equipped laboratories and class- rooms where they are in a better position to offer students of the department a higher challenge. ,441 F9 7 . .1 :f is ,ip R f-. 4m..,fa.a I Q .... i , gyda! it f X F fa EH ri W O O 0 v 1' QWM I if 2 ii L "H , , ix sf ii : ef 3, agp X Q ' W www? 5 Q X fm . W .- QW' Whig N S K Vf 3' A ,XXX 'YAXSNS 5 S if H gffxtg Z 3,2 2 2 fwgiw' Y -iw 0 O lologiicota CllCfBlfllCCCG The world of living creatures is explored in the classroom, labora- tory, and in the field within the U of A Biology Department. All facilities for study from be- ginning freshman classes to ad- vanced degrees are offered to the many students of the living crea- tures. x A. 1 p, M J Z S . , .HW L ag, X 15 V 5,54 W J' X V X A 4 " X 5 f 6- ,gy ik f..mNWNM iyii In the Civil Engineering curriculum, about twenty per cent of the senior division courses is field work. The students travel to various places in the Fairbanks area studying the problems that confront the Civil Engineer. These pictures are representative of the work done at the Fairbanks Sewage Treat- ment Plant. Here the students learned how to safely dispose of the waste products of a city. The students also study heavy construc- tion projects in local areas, as well as utility projects. This study acquaints the student engineer with the applications of the theory he has learned in four years of class work, and equips him to handle engineering prob- lems under field conditions. . 'we' mgincecelring ...nur N Q5 Q ,c :mu U ,. 1 Q1 1 " ., 4 -:L X. 151,13 5 3 - 1 f' wwf '.'U"3 ,Um ,mggf WLM? gjf ..., pf: :I Mn: f A :'.mf Nfff, lufugf ,,.-H Af gp?-nf ,I.!.Mm'X' 'fgfliigi ,:. w:.m,, ' Sv 4 i4W"Am+ .- ,.,541', . www r ,fi , 1 lfbllilfw f V .Wig-' " .. U 'nit r Nagy.:-x. V , V+., 'F ww -... fQ,,.,w:- , Malik' . fn ,, ,QM f , 4X:n5, EH ccltriccfu ngincecesming 9 ca lwgjs i 909 Qeef J 'D X E f I fx: ,, 'Z' UH" 1 ,J -A 'TTTQE in 1 3 WSF '21 4 1. 12- 'J ,. 6 An., Aux TLV! Wir- ' ?,:9 zL34?0?i ff. 'L 5qag5w!f5Qw ff 1 ' , 4,5 , 3355 y f,, fwik Qgsimuess mi is wlwamitiom ?4l""z , 1-v-Wffoi www 3 y-Hug. l li 1? ,, Li, , ,, J 'if lllfll ce CUEfll0ll'lIllllCCS Many college women, although they have their hopes set on careers for a while, feel that sooner or later they would like to settle down and have a fam- ily and homelife. In the modern and complex world of today, run- ning a household economically and efficiently takes either many years of practical experience or Z1 good course of instruction in the subject. Mrs. Tilley, with the aid of Miss Lamison and Vena Clark, is doing her job Well-that of training the future wives, mothers and homemakers of the state. W, awww X 2, , ' Y T, I xwfff' AV x-Q, ' ff 4f"' " , '2'9. it , ,.. F3 .Q I ,f' 5 avg 5 xx b iraq., r' "'C ii Q 0 ratio K, J f,ff,g,,,,A Dr. Keller, Dr. Breen, Miss Marple and Dr. Ray staff the Education Department. W, WSF? am , ' W r , , X f .Wm VS . . s 1 W,'gWWZ,i,a fqaaaw-fm X S ff M Y , U""0 Dr. Keller counsels janet Wilbanks, joan Meuckel, and Mike Brady,-a continuous process through four years of work Alaska, like the other 49 states, has a great -,sm need for well qualified educators, particularly -Qfm for teachers of the elementary levels. The De- partment of Education at the University of Alas- ka is attempting to fill this demand for teach- ers with a constantly expanding program of ed- ucational research and teacher training. It is to the credit of the Department of Edu- cation, that quality of training is not sacrificed to the increasing demand for quantity of teach- ers. Every effort is being made to ensure that future teachers of Alaska's children receive a thorough grounding in both subject content and teaching methods. Of primary importance is the practical classroom experience provided in the program of student teaching. Both local and Anchorage schools have worked in conjunction with the University to join master teachers with students of the Department to bring Alaska's youth the best possible instructors. tfffa pf 3 ,sw yf .Z il P ill fs if 1 v Q ,K-af-4-0-., ,wang- Ywwf- , Q.-arg-'s I sf A X., ' Q. f ,f . W5 ff f . g ,f V , X J . V Mt n I ,Ln f 1. N, 4, M .. , .M n Maxi, W . .. jygii xt Q 5 In the classroom 1 Efcllucautiiom University graduates contribute greatly to the State School Systems. Here Miss Meir is shown in her position as curriculum coordinator for the Fairbanks Public Schools. M.:-"""" f , Sfs xs. X ,,,,, The Education Club meets informally to discuss Current y problems or hear guest speakers. Dr. Breen at work Mr. McCarthy, Principal of Fairbanks High School, meets with beginning student teach- ers Mrs. Baker confers with master teachers prior to be- ginning student teaching. Dr. Keller, right, confers with a school principal rel- ative to the progress of their student teachers. Wm mv u ivy? than ii f- Lifirriihurealttirnn 0 O O tiwdx fir X 7 f ff Q 24 B ta, M NS X fr, wx, ,if 'Y ZLMJL M. 7. ' 1 Cal Scougal at Fairbanks High School , X it Madge Stragiers student teaching in the third grade Y-'-wnmmlnvww Marilyn Latta at Ladd Air Force Base,..,,.1.....w.n.,n.,...,.,....7M...--.......... ........7....m7...,.- .7.-7 .... -. 7.7-77 777777777 777 777 f 12,1 .-M: -' , ff - Q? V 1 N N 1 Vx X X iff SWE we its 1 X4 N A ' J' IK A J X Sf ' ix? , 1 ki 'xg 1 x 10 ,Q X x X ' 'Tl Bob Browning and a high school Chem class h rr 'fa- C 'yi is V- i It ,,W,,w,v l bm, Linda Wellman instructing typists Rita Tavis at home in the primary grades ' 'a'Wf5,' N , ' iii N iw: as 2. "-' ' . ,. , Ez: 5 Dr. William K. Keller, Chairman Division of Education- retiring May 1960 Dr. Keller came to Alaska as Superintendent of the Fairbanks Public Schools in 1917, just four years after the establishment of the Territorial Department of Education. He has served as Superintendent of Schools in Fairbanks and Juneau, Commissioner of Education for Alaska, Superintendent of Schools in Anchorage, and for the past seven years, Head of the Department of Education at the University. Under his direction the Department "extended its campus" to serve the needs of the larger cities of the state. Department majors enrollment have increased from 16 to approximately 250 students. Grad- uate work leading to either a fifth year of work or a Master of Education degree is now offered. As Alaskans we thank you, as students we wish you well in all new endeavors. ihrctic R QSGHTCL1 Hdmbommtwmy PtB The Arctic Research Laboratory is operat- ed by the University of Alaska for the Of- fice of Naval Research. At this unique scien- tific outpost north of the Arctic circle, re- search into everything from the life and chemistry in tundra lakes to the structural properties of ice takes place. ' The University is, at present, responsible for the administrative procedures associated with A.R.L. Aside from some departmental work contracted for by the Navy, much work is done by other Universities and the Office of Naval Research itself. As such the Uni- versity of Alaska serves mostly as a coordin- ator. l' 'QMQC ce arcs L Hwmnliolry LY is 2 V 5 w 214,- 4, - -RN 9 .fx f Af? - 7 X 'QQ ' any Q , ' f -ffvwn-nsn,4,,..,.. .,,,, , X 3' One of the research projects con- ducted jointly by the University Geophysical Institute and the Civil Engineering Department deals with the structural and mechanical prop- erties of ice. Stephen I-I. Nathanson, who is carrying out the research work has a unique opportunity. At least he has plenty of ice to gather in the Arctic night. what escemaum: cmrnamtfory 0 0 0 -TA V x 1- W, X . W x vw .A AL WMM 'MM , if Vw M w" k w "' A 4 M .f JUI Wg W Ax, H5 A Q, X L ' ' -iff 80 ' 'ww J' M 7 MA. WW, W 7 - , . -W., M, Q, w v , X' I ,X ,. , R ,, XN5 N ' AW Y sw ' X L if I I , ,M I X .. MN ww Y W.. ww 4 K , f if , .NZM Qi, M I X 4 7, ,. - Q W 'N 4 R K ,X XX x 2 ,H X XX-X f A , WLM, . 4' X ' Nam, f .S',y1XWf4Q ' ' WW Q 0 M 7 , , , L S X X ' X X W V , , ,X 1 X X 2 f Q XX JJFX ,F fef 1, A 7,7 f ,. I V .4 4 fn, x ,Wy X, ww - W X x ,Q ,X Q X , ,, VP 5,7 ,fi 1 XX f ,W M1 . XXL, X ,L ,. , WN lx .X W X Q , .: V M My , I f ' f X ,, my 4 ' . 1 ,,,, , X5 XR , ff Peter's Lake X ,Q .v'XXiX,- M, v ,X we S A X.. .-X , W Nw XT' ' ., ,,,,.. .XM fe Wnmf... l ,, XW1 A study into the limeology of tundra lakes is being carried out by Assistant Inves- tigator H. H. Howard through the sponsor- ship of the Department of Botany, Michigan State University. The purpose of the study is to determine any inter-relationships be- tween the life and chemistry of the tundra lakes in the vicinity of the Brooks Range. --:-7 i C 1:13 B E .W v-Y. - -W M- mi 1 3555405351 "l1?3'-75 .ff L -M..-n-m-w 03 SE? E BI Official business of the growing association of University students was capably guided in the right direction by Hank Hanson, President of the ASUA. Hank was assisted by well qualified fellow offi- cers Richard Reeve, Vice- Presidentg Diane Sheriff, Secretaryg and Monty Cady, Treasurer. an, All student legislation, policies, elections, athletics, finances, publications and activities come under the realm of the ASUA and its many and varied branches. s .. Y aa S Sf Q -,,,,...---"" ,..f ! V ff ug: -fa 5 we New officers for the coming year are elected early in the spring so they 5 may be well versed on their job for 1 3 . the coming year thus providing con- tinuity to the student organization. Student selected officers for the 1960-1961 school year and Ken Kareen, newly elected President, Don Smith, Vice-President, jim Vicaryous, Treasurer and his assistant Sheila Nelson. jim Nankervis is the new student Secretary. L-+--..., M..- A Statehood dollars for the local Chamber of Commerce provided an in- centive to students to have their picture taken for the Denali. Scholarship and a contribution to student activities earned these students national recognition in Whos Who In American Col- leges and Universities. A statewide hunt for a true Alaskan husky for the University of Wfashington football team caused a furor but resulted in short lived success. TCSS HUGH Adams, Joann Allen, William Armstrong, Edward Arvidson, Ellen Barber, Peter Beard, Burle Beck, Brenda Bender, Lawrence Bengaard, Paul Berdahl, Sherron Bergdoll, Barry Bird, Bayard Blaisdell, Roger Bledsoe, Vadney Boothe, Pamela Borkowzi, Edward Bradshaw, Maureen Branchak, john Brasher, Susan Britton, Charles Broiles, Jim Brower, Dorcas Browning, Eugene Bruce, David Burley, Richard Carson, Sally Cashen, MaryLee Chambers, Frederick Christensen, Barbara Clark, james Clabo, Harriet Clements, Charles Colette, Les Cooper, Russell Couch, Joanne Cresap, Victor Crump, Beatrice Davis, Richard Degnan, Charles Dickson, Glenna Health, Service 88 The student health service is ad- ministered and controlled in great part by a board of students directly responsible to the student govern- ment. The Associated Students Health and Accident Insurance Pro- gram, commonly referred to as ASHAIP, provides medical and clinical care for the students with the money the students pay into the health fund each semester. This money is used to hire a Registered Nurse to operate the clinic during business hours and to be on call for students who are ill. A Medical Doctor, who visits the campus three days a week, is also provided for under this program. On these pages you see the stu- dent health program in action, as Miss Elenor Elsner and Dr. Bough diagnose the students' ills, and pre- scribe, and in some cases dispense, medicines to them. In the waiting room of the mod- ern, well-equipped clinic on campus, there are always several students waiting to have their discomforts diagnosed, and to receive prescrip- tions for their colds, sinuses, and other disorders. Some students come in to receive their polio and other immunization inoculations, provided for by ASHAIP and ably administered by Miss Elsner. Whatever the students health problem may be, he will always find that the warm and informal welcome extended to him at the clinic will put him at ease and as- sure him of the medical attention he needs to stay fit and healthy dur- ing the long rigorous months of study. ,J E. J ,g a egg +e ..,,, -p -Q, 'Qs My za, 53" "fi 'Eff' 1 ' Fi: 4' 49:0 , N we ., ,' X95 4 TCSS irlfhflltlljlll , if Dinkel, Audrey Domonkos, Steven Dodson, Donna Dorman, George Downes, Keily Downing, Richard Dukes, Ronald Durkee, Phillip Eastaugh, William Eastland, Patsy Epple, Gary Erickson, Carl Erickson, Sally Evans, Roy Fitzhugh, joan Foote, Alexis Foster, James Fowler, Robin Frye, James Fulton, Larry The Fairbanks Health Center, in cooperation with the Alaska Native Health Service and the Alaska De- partment of Health, provides tuber- culosis diagnosis and treatment for the Alaska Native students attend- ing the U of A. The students go into the clinic once each year at their own con- venience to receive their chest check- up and X-ray. This service is of- fered free of charge by the state to all Alaska Natives. The Fairbanks Health Center also provides medical aid for all other University students under the ASHAIP program. .V cb 4. ka all A Killa Master Sergeant Carter of the R.O.T.C. de- tachment, coached the U of A rifle team to na- tional honors throughout the year. With but a reconverted cafeteria for a range, hard work and constant practice paid off in the end. Although most matches are conducted by mail due to time and distance the team man- aged to visit Anchorage and Oregon States Col- lege, thus showing in person their sliill with firearms. Ewan. CEQEDJIIIIIS .1-""f XA -I S 'Z"3 RIFLE 'QEfaIi,I?5' ACTIVITIES MEN'S AND xvoM12N's: Postal Matches: entererl 18 u'011 I6 lor! 2 National Intercollegiate Rifle Matches 720 rerfzlfr I0 flare. NRA Smallbore Rifle Matches: Men: Third Plare in the Nfzfiofz Women: Ndll0l2dl Ifziefcollegifzfe Girly' Rifle Team Cbanzpiozzf MEN'S 6th Army Intercollegiate Rifle Matches: Third Place of twenty-eight Ieezmf Commanding Generals Smallbore Matches QUSARALJ PHASE II: U of A .cccc..... .ct. ctccccc Co. A, 9th Inf., It Co. B, 9th Inf. .i.,i, ,E PHASE 111: U of A Ettc.c c.ccc,cc I at E, Co. D, 9th Inf. .... .. Co. B, 25rd Inf. .. lst 2nd 3rd Ist 2nd 3rd TV " - pa lg r4,i Q gjl 49 H LTL ll CB 0 o o This woman's team proved to the wary that the rifle is not an ex- clusive weapon of the menfolk, and managed to show to some that they were just a little better than most. OC! Gain, Kenneth Ganschow, Gordon Gardner, George Gavin, Anita George, Jerome Gilbert, David Gillilan, Dennis Grant, Lynn Gustafson, Edwin Halvorsen, Mark Hamon, David Hartmann, Robert Harvey, Neal Henry, Judy Hill, MaryAnn Hillman, jack Hintermayr, Klaus Hoopes, Matthew Hurley, joan Inman, Bill HWS ""7"i1?' z 4 ,V fl' , f1,y,f:m. UW 1. -, it . .122 4v'.' nv "' . Ahgfggg, 7-555235 M95 if-tw: VLH- if ii7"f"'. 'Eid 2 .feipifzii M, - 71':fS'yfg,,:if'.fI 1 -,.,w11!1" , X Q at res ill1'l1'l1G?5llll W X f we Isto, Edward Jenkins, Gary Jennings, Dennis Jennings, Lyman Johnson, Clay Johnson, Dennis Johnson, James Johnson, Thomas Jones, Owen Jones, Terry Kallenberg, Robert Keller, John Kennedy, Kristin Kiffer, Kenneth Kito, John Klages, Gerhard Klein, Calvin Kleinbach, Michal Kuhns, Lawrence Lahti, Andrew Leap, Charles Ledbetter, Gerald Lenegar, Joseph Lindstrom, Albert Llewellyn, William Lounsbury, joe Ludwig, Mark Lundstrom, Katherine Mackenzie, jean Marrion, Dennis Martin, Lyle Mathew, Ralph McGinnis, Francis McKillop, Gordon McKinley, Judy McLean, Sylvia Meade, joseph Meuchel, JoAnn Mick, Linda Mitchell, Curtin lf' i?l'e WW? 5 'F ""32Ti f ' Yr? 4 s . 5 ,, 3 ' 201 nfy L is , , qv, , f., ' K' 'ea-'e:l' i f 'll E?i 11- L iriegf, V1 A-.M x .fl V if 51:3 W T ii s .pi ggi 'Q' 2,4 f v .nu V6 . 5 My V , ., ,, fl'- ff' "" In . 5 r if iQfiCi' :, Y , 1 ',,f'3: 'if' 'M -Lvuiff. 'I I 1 TCSS lllIlYl1Ql1'l1 -qw.-S Nagozruk, Floyd Nelson, Sheilla Newsome, Marion Nichols, joseph Niemi, Sylvia Niemiec, Ted Niles, Caron Nordmark, Wfilliam Norrington, Alan O'Donnell, Nancy Ogle, Leanord Orr, Robert Parent, Elizabeth Paschall, james Pattinson, Judy Peterson, Gary Peterson, Lawrence Philips, Nancy Philman, Dale Poling, Mitchell Skiing at the University of Alaska is a fa- vorite pastime by no means restricted to the varsity ski team. This sport is ideally suited to the U of A locale and has become well integrated into both the formal and informal sporting program at the University. The casual observer will find all slopes from the inclining lawns of the U of A Campus to the more inviting runs at Cleary and Ester Dome crowded with beginning and advanced skiers during any snow covered weekend. M Ski 0 Illffllgooo A A 7 , , Attrry L-...-...aufzfwf Af . 9 Z I ' wx V A -K W3 X 'W' . , M ,X NW... i X K f A, M ,,x. basin. X VIL. .NW . .. V r ' 11'-Ns , t 73 N Wwmm. ' , X I tw O A desire to go skiing and fresh snow on the slopes are only minimum requirements for the genuine skier. Whether he be a near professional or mere be- ginner, a member of the skiing crowd willingly heads for the slopes long before the snow to clear summer brush and prepare lodges for the coming season. The work is rewarding however and pays healthy dividends from the first day of the season to the coming of the spring thaw. M ?ii7 Poor, joe Prator, Melba Pritchard, Charles Quirino, Philip Race, james Rasmussen, Albie Reed, Kenneth Rice, Gary Roberts, Annie Roberts, Larry Rodenberg, Williain Romano, Mike Rosa, John Ruckstuhl, Edward Runyon, Williani Ryan, Marcella Ryckrnan, Thomas Sailors, Judith Schaefer, August Schaefer, Patricia TCSS lllfllil-Bllll ,WW .wywwfakif 5343? TCSS HUGH Pucfure Noi' ,Q Available sf we-4 Scliailvd If Sthultff, Yi-rr 114 Sclixxnintw, ifiiia :tl Sulmxirty, Mille Scofeild, Sandra Seitz, Robert Senungetuk. joseph Sharp, Fred Shields, Lorvel Simonds, Kluane Sims, XYfilli.1m Smith, Pauline Snedden, Duane Spillman, David Steinwandel, Chuck Steve, Victor Stohl, Allen Strandberg, Ifdwdrd Sturgis, Howard Swanson, Vernon pfbbiiiltlll' teenies l959: Qblfll asllietlball l s r STANDING-Terry Nelson, Stan Gabriel, Earl Pitts, Lynn Grant, Denny Krize, Ray Keturi, and Ray Wheeler, Coach. KNEELING-Tom Meaks, Curtis Robinson, Bud Ivey, junior Ramos, and Don Sanders. Members of the team not pictured include Ralph McLean, Tom I-Iix and Bill Koon, manager. UA OP Alumni .. Sportland F. Sportland . ,... . Ladd Army .. Eielson Army Eielson Army Ft. Greely . . Ft. Greely ,,m. Ladd Army .,.d.,d . Ft. Greely A . Ft. Greely ddd,.. Ladd Air .,., Ladd Air .,r...r rrr.. 1 03 Ladd Army , Eielson Air .. Basiircotfhaiii re l1959r:l1960 UA OP 90 Sportland 91 47 Eielson Army 77 69 Sportland . 60 73 Ft. Greely 56 73 Ft. Greely 53 69 Fielson Air 70 69 Eielson Air 55 62 Ladd Army 6o 61 Ladd Air . A 50 87 Eielson Army 34 T0Ill'ilLI77I6l!f 70 Ft. Greely F .. . . 60 78 Eielson Air . 56 86 Fielson Army 65 Skill and sportsmanship pay off with honors to Stan Gabriel, Ralph McLean and Don Sanders. J. MP5 cmulttllwrerrrm conuurf 'sa The Polar Bears, with Coach Wheeler ready for their departure to Adchorage, Palmer and Seward Keture, 1211, Gabriel, and Grant 1221, against former Polar Bears in annual Alumni Game. Ivey scores two against Ladd AFB Flyers. 1 dv A 3, 1 N, L11 fl " ll uf My l A all Grant makes a successful check against Ladd AFB. Robinson outjumps taller Sportland opponents. vc gg flmwg, M I , A' Zyl? 14' N X as ".ff Q P f 0 Iuunlwm Qaurfsilk 2 X . ,, X mttireiimmuirzeu Nc-rlancl H.ill, in white shirts, tlemon strate their spirit against opponents. A Combination faculty team displayed worth on the basketball courts as well as the classroom. if A., lu, . .' X xygwwi l ii fi,-.1 .HX ' I-f" ,ff .5 ' 1.. 'A l 'if ' ' 1 - ,.. I. Tallman, Leslie Thomas, Everett Thompson, Morris Tibbetts, George Towne, William Vanclermeer, Nathan Vanl-Iorn, Larry Vanl-latten, Michael Varney, Gary Vickaryous, Clarence Wfalker, Thomas Wfanice, Carol Watkins, John Weber, Carrie Wellner, Jacqueline Wilbanks, Jeanette Wilbanks, JoAnne Williams, Thomas Wilson, james Wise, Bonita TCSS lIlYl1CGlfl1 599107 fs dmc gulls best dressed touple . . . that swinging band everyone has fun at the gulch . . gagaiaia... Each Halloween, in the University gymna- sium, a boomtown called Starvation Gulch lives for a night. The citizens of this gold rush community, strangely resembling many of the members of the student body, faculty, and administration, revel in an uninhibited recreation of the town's past glories. Can-can girls, bad men, and Mar- ryin' Sam live again for the magic night. On the next morning, the town mysteriously vanishes, and the gymnasium is once more only a gymnasium. wa' -aww, wamwnis TCSS ll'H'HCE'5lll1 'MW v1"""h-H iraicillruiarte Sttiuiiilleinnts 'W Wolfe, Larry Wolfe, Richard Woodruff, Ray Wrede, Patricia Yancey, Philo Sunwoo, Moonok Thomas, Rachel Zimmerman, Robert Campbell, Helen Crockett, Mae Nielson, John Palmer, Ruth " ,415 op ornnorrves i ,fr ,. www lk ww a,Wg,,4 'a 'S Wi! 31 2,-ll-3,.,.-5:1 2fii:fff?3G1YEAi3,Qi 4 W4 4-'KW' :-"2:w'. -- 2 W 3,.iF,e,gag,-JS 1 f-r amd, L . k'fVgv?f fw.1E21G3 -" Adiiwi.-, th lem Abel, Joe Abella, Josephine Adams, Jerome Anderson, Betsy Anderson, Ronald Ariss, Dinah Backlund, Oliver Bartholomew, Mark Bayless, Bill Bidlake, Lawrence Blackburn, Wildon Boyce, Ron Buck, Penny Bucknell, Anore Bullard, Doug Bynum, Barbara Callahan, Donald Campbell, Gerald Carnaham, Roscoe Carpenter, Herbert Clark, Gerald Clark, Laura Coghlan, Gerald Cohen, Howard Congdon, Renwick Cooper, Dawson Cope, jill Counter, Gail Cox, Caroline Cox, William Davis, Charles Davis, Edward Davis, Stanley DeWree, Diane Divinyi, Carl Dzikiewicz, Peter Edwards, john Erickson, Thomas Frazier, Thomas Fryer, Mark op sl ll o Inn i gsm Q Tl '-R, WiCHiQmShdm Q5ll1II"lCiStCG3JIll'S the Fireplace The honored guests in attendance at the Wickersham fireplace christening last year were mainly members of the University Fire Department. This year, however, the Flame God was appeased with imported cham- pagne, and fire fighters were unnec- cessary. A host of academic notables, head- ed by Dr. and Mrs. Patty, attended the christening ceremony. Music was pro- vided by outstanding campus virtuosos, and Wickersham vaudevillians kept an eager audience in the aisles. Games were played and everyone was treated to a bit of the bubbly. op oimoirtes 408 GN aim ff 0 Qi. wack , 1 1 3+-t " .aim 'fc Hi5'E'f?l?l'-QIJTH 33,5331 Fuller, Kenneth Getz, Leon Gilcrist, Robert Gooschin, Lois Guthrie, Renee Hall, John Hamilton, Leonard Hankinson, Fred Heer, Edwin Herbert, Steve Howard, Patricia Hughes, Roger Karabelnikoff, Fran Kennedy, Bruce Kester, Kenneth Knutsen, Gustie Koon, William Kranich, Robert Kushin, Elena Leask, Ronald Leone, Ronald Lovett, Marion Malcolm, Garold Martin, john Mathis, Lon Meurs, Janice McDougall, Gerry McGuin, john McWilliams, Galen Mick, Colin Middleton, Herbert Miller, james Morrow, Linda Nankervis, James Reger, Kathleen Niswonger, Richard Nordby, Paula Okedara, Joseph O'Neill, Sally Orr, Judy co ip if it o inn t -.n ii! TA? IW Qilhiriisttinriias Santa Claus came to the cam- pus bearing gifts for our most ideally matched couples. Multi-colored Christmas tree lights spread a blanket of soft pastels beneath dancing students. The Yuletide holidays, ushered in with moonlight and music, provided a much needed pause in the demanding process of academic endeavor. CCDIIDJIIHQEIL Santa talks on the radio . . . Mr. Vernon R. Kiely receives a gift from grateful B. A. students op o rhino nares vawfff 9? - wage vlfww-QW' i-Q" f 1e23Epa77:'f , f fir' ' 7f5aa?2S?h : , ,,'f:- fl y .V ,QQ "ff, f 2. fm- M, niiwtwwr-,,r , 'AA P a ff' 4 A ix iff, A A X W, ff f ff K f I K f , M may X A 1 Q , r, fy 5 ti, , W gffi , ,Q BMX Q ,P Vqgfs W? 3 f f 12 X , 'X 959 2 W . ' g ,ff 1 M. -, 4 , " I 1 . ' P , ., 'i.35iR'.IF-L-g,-5.2.2122, ' wi-:1gxs3iJ,.'-g' , 9 U ,:',l:,.a-1.:.,f 'H'-I U .,-.ggfgffmfar u '- ,r,,g,'g'.1s'a, 11,1 ,qv i 114 'g-: : '. -'f,flhQ'13-Y .'::.,u5 , S'-:-,L i Y. ' 'L' 'SY':f?a,,5:ia.1sf--:swf . P- i.,vX1fw.. 7.1 v .sf , X - V .Jw-as ' .-gr'g,s-,E,44:34:2 ,V-1311: . .-" rv-Q' 1 5:12-'fu ,wi ggi.: 7 1 AWS QQ, Palecek, Eddie Parkins, Marjorie Parks, Dean Paulsen, Ronald Peterson, Carol Powers, Kathy Powers, Wayne Reeve, Roberta Rizzi, Ronald Robinson, Curtis Rosenberger, Jerome Saarloos, Art Sarber, Homer Sawey, Barbara Schaefer, David Scott, james Sharrock, Patrick Siverly, Clarence Smith, Nancy Spelhaug, Sharon Stephenson, Donald Stock, Dick Sweet, Larry Tansy, Louise Thomas, Clyda Towarak, Ambrose Valle, Theodore Wahlen, Dale Warwick, john Wells, Clifford Wiegman, Judy Williford, joe Williams, William Wilson, Barbara Yamada, Clayton 474' o 9 Q51 4' 11 C HD mm S Tp 6111171 8 41 Q f mf NS! f W X iQ? J f I Mm 4 W ,M 3 V N: wiv-2, , N2 'Ifff x qw 7, XXQ x 1 2 1 A wiv! 1 Q83 .- xv' M wx 4? 4 W Y 528 Each Christmas University Coeds play Santa Claus for Alaska's or- phans. First comes the search for gifts designed to brighten any lit- tle one's eyes, and a mound of pop- corn balls and apples. Then wide- eyed youngsters pile into cars for a ride through a winter wonderland. Wichersham Hall plays hostess for the gala event. The "kids', are hap- py, the girls are happy, and most go home with a suspicious amount of moisture beneath the eyelids. Autmgraph peg ,J 3 +U N J X43 ,JXIZM ce ll iioirus NWN . bk if if fi . 'u"fX:.- 2, ii lglliqe i i Fs kp - .fl SRRETJQQ ,KJ -J "LF 'H SQNQJYQV J ' -5 Wi?-V 2' 9 wr? 2 li: P' 362' ileylgf Ausman, Earle Baldwin, Walter Barker, Regina Bell, Kenneth Bly, Evelyn Booth, Bob Bradford, William Brundin, Brian Carboy, Philip Clark, Sheldon Glavinovich, Paul Cooke, Charles Davidson, Lynn DeVille, jack DeWree, Darlene Doogan, Erma Eastaugh, Edward Eisebraun, Gary Freeman, Richard Gabriel, Stanford Gallaway, Guy Gauthier, Bernard Gilbert, Bruce Gordon, George Graham, Russell Graf f, Bob Hajdukovich, Marcia Hall, Carol Hays, Ronald Helfferich, Carla Ivey, Buddy Johnson, Gary Kareen, Ken Kelly, Edward Killgrove, Albert Krize, Dennis Long, Ronald Lowney, Kenneth McCartney, Sharon Morrin, William O ll lllllllwlln, K'--ani alia. Am 4 , is , I s 411291 5 rd ,,,,,,,,,i7, i ,..,,, 3 li in 4 - ,:,ee ' l G ,,A v J! W - eeeee G errree l H 5 wr-:gy 11, 'NU Q was .4 .I T32 l Queen Sally Erickson in her Royal crown and robes. The crowxn, representative of Alaskan art, is studded with jade and topped by an ivory bear. -l I qi? ,. L l. Xloirfoinr lzilccfri 0 O O At the third annasa ields Coronation Ball, Miss University e ' ' 259-60 year was chosen from among lliwg- contestants. The dance, sponsored by thc lyVE1lli'l' Class and the Mining Society, was considerfgd a great success by all who were in attendance. Miss Sally Erickson was named Miss Univer- sity, and Princesses of the Royal Court were Rita Ramos, Roberta Reeve, Sandra Scofield, and Judy Wiegman. Arrayed upon the Royal throne, they presented a vision of loveliness. hw 10 Hlllll 'llw MQ! ,.- ss, A -K, .V f, ,A 9 va., mr -HE Www A XI' W Algainn :WY iioies f SN! f law! IA, wg W " , QW? Mosely, Aurelia Mueller, Ernst Nelson, Judy Nesbett, Ray Parker, Ace Paulsen, Ronald Perham, james Ponko, Marshall Ramos, junior Ramos, Rita Reese, Margaret Reger, Richard Ruff, Dennis Samson, john Schust, Margaret Senungetuk, Stan Sherriff, Diane Smelcer, Charles Smith, Don Smith, Walter le Spidel, Ann Strasbourger, Erna Stump, Alice Summers, Robert Sutton, Joyce Taylor, Ronald Tschiffely, Thomas Tweet, Aileen Vickaryous, james Walters, Arlene Walters, Fred Walton, VreNon Withers, Cynthia Wondzell, Blair Young, Charles Yurkovich, Sharon T'llfl1llr'QDHU 'fl V ,fi A . -F - I A "2 . . a: 3 'au qc. . ' ' N 4 Eilbisf' . Wx ,nw A 5 t tt it -,ff l .mxjg . V was 'ff , me ,wif ,A ' ' 'E' ef A -- A fc f- :- ' V fs- - . 1 4, ,ity ' lf 5552 J'-i Some students see creeping sweet- heartism as an insidious menace, softening the steely centers of our silent sturdy stalwarts. Each year, St. Valentine joins forces with the University's fem- nine scholars to cast an aura of mu- sic and romance over our markedly male campus. On the stroke of twelve, co-eds choose their King of Hearts, a masculine Cinderella who personifies the virility and savoir- faire typical of the University's men. vvecef eaiirntls B3 all Affgk -fm ,.. ' x A J 5534212 W HTWWWAX Q1 - - vw - 1 .. if W . Tw W aff' , 1' Z' :N wa. 1, QL mf ' 5 xx -dfx , it t ,,.,.,, 'Lf ' . Q. tif? ,ss my ,QX ,gif ' V remix., N . -A H mm- - xA N' ' vw' I 1 - f 2 2 4, f?y,'fmQ fi,Q - A 44.1 sniff, "'4f, '.T:tj xnlrw -M. 4 1" A7 1 i v W 1 .WY .NW ,vez V541 ' 1 - ' U k- W rx-3"-fy! - '-S: - L- 1 271 -if 4 9 , -Q A campus coronation jl CC'Bll'llllCODll"S ,,,ZZi,, ,. . MM V l ,A M 591 V A Z NQMW w 3, H if 1 Mix .ff I , 'F 431g:jL1 1 zjfra 17lj'j'1f E, as W V' ci X. Abel, Don jr. Alguire, James Apostol, Oscar Baker, Marjorie Baldwin, joseph Bartholomew, Alanson Benson, Howard Bersh, Carol Blackett, Raymond Boyce, Donald Brizzolari, Jacqueline Brown, Francis Brown, jim Brundin, jan Brunton, Gordon Cady, Monte Cash, George Caton, Paul Church, Alice Dinkel, Gene Doner, Ronald Franklet, George Grossman, Herbert Hajdukovich, john 0 TIIIILUIF' so StudLG:n1i WQMQS9 plays - cocccuausiongammy HIUIQERTTRCES O O Q O 0 O ,S-.. ,, -V 0 CCCCDIIUIGS F ff: Hmlujldqi- 's X , . Nil f . 1 1 'M M ,af-Af.,.:!fii 3 fs 4, ft f rg fy M " " ff s 1 a I fa V fafffff I Q ,fe-f'T J' ? I' A F I SX ., CMN., xx J 2"41E'fwm-mm-nn La' f,f'- f:-1 A r f Villv fu Xx Q , 1 0 5 -w. er A 2, .. ,, - f3?5,,Lsa UZ: f 5e : h 1 E , 2,5 'E I L ' -wzi ,, , 1 4- N " b l4I CEEflliiCGDIF'S 3 we , f , 'iff , "MW ,X . Wi ta ,Ao fn, Mr., Eff, Hanson, Henry Harrison, james Hitchcock, Kay Hubner, Eldon Hunter, Anthony Hunter, Paul jaworek, Ronald jefford, jacqulin johnson, Corliss Johnson, Paula juhnke, Larry Kaiser, Henry Kantner, Howard Kennedy, Charles Kerns, Judith Kuhns, Howard Larman, Brian Latta, Marylin Leinbach, Ruth Lent, Peter Magnussen, Roald McA1ister, Frances Mease, Audrey Mease, john 1 0 N H 110 WF' QQ' MWWVHQ W mama 3 i 1 i i ? -N,V- W, 9 I l 5 ,. , W Y' 1 v ff f X 0 9 ngnneaers mf 0 O O March 17, 1960, University En- gineers stumbled over an odiferous old monument and for one glori- ous day, "tradition" reigned su- preme. Each year on St. Pat's day, Mining and Civil Engineers demon- strate their supremacy, and the Uni- versity bows to a remnant. of the past when student highjinks consti- tuted an integral part of student life and alumni memories. CEHfllll0lf"S r WH, ,. Z Merrill, Charles Miller, john Miller, Michael Moening, Harold Moon, Bryden Moore, Roderick Morrow, Sharon Naske, Claus Niemi, Delbert Park, Daiil Pickler, Barbara Raymond, Gail Raymond, Chuck Reader, Peter Ross, Bill Ross, Carol Sanders, Donald Schraeder, Robert Segar, Katherine Sliter, Robert Smith, Robert Stump, Charles Tavis, Rita Taylor, Virginia 0 ii IIIJICODT otuuni at out This is a section dedicated to the student and his many varied activities, activities which run the gamut from the Wick- ersham social to a long, quiet night cramming for a morning exam. Learning takes place not only in the classrooms, but springs fullblown from experience and from mixing with others. Emotional maturity, personal integrity, and social grace stem, in part, from the responsibility students must assume in partaking of university life. ttlhe anmpus The United World Federalists is, perhaps, the newest and fastest growing organization on campus. With heavy backing from various po- litical people, a strong national headquarters, and many dedicated students, the organization hopes to gain eventual world peace through World law. N---'J ' OFFICERS: Daiil Park ...,.t.. ,,......s. . Prefidefzf Alexis Foote ,t.. .. ....,,.. Vice-Preridefzf John D. Martin ....., .,,,, S 6f7'6ld7'y-T7'6d5N1'6l' 'mm Q-, LL 3 Am" ., " ' 2 r fr X1 ,M Q ff: f ,' A V f f x .fx WW as W, gl: X , X , v, ' y, I -' -qw? 'wgwey Aw if My 4- fx 4 W4 A , 'S ww' f,.QR. ff6 X2 N fix ' - Q q X yy, I, A ,, 5 3534 ki ,wht l x I K AV? , ' fff' "-- , . Q A- , W, x 1 w if Q 0 0 -31? 6 Nw , E Tl!! HUA!!! C lHHlh'1li 21 if Q I 5, Polar Star, KUOA, and ASUA government form one portion of student activity. john Rosa, Don Smith, and Dave Schwantez Search for a way to resolve the Polar Star's debt, Bill Cox reports the latest campus happeningsr while jimmy Vickaryous seems to be counting that elusive "green stuff." At right Bill Morrin lodges a complaint with legislative council. ' fig, oiuxr , at out ttzihe ampus O O O ' , W fax 'Q Q75 Ay ffw fl I52 As one roams the campus during the quiet hours between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. he sees students studying almost everywhere, and in fact, anywhere that is conducive to academic pursuits. At right, one would be inclined o say that "some- body got caught napping." '1 r 5 0' V312 4? , is R'f f V E i 2. 3 A , iw, Q "' :Jani v l ouirggr at out ce am us . W 'f ig! fy ww fling 1 ' ' 'Vi , fa ffilfii. N . ' N X ' X WW- M'-dials 54355122-iff?" ff? , "1 2 2 " - A - -few - , '- ""' W W' 1 ,, . P Q s A NN f ' X if X if a f. fa . ,mx v r r . ,l f , ' ,q',f3,x V 1 mf- ' 1 1 Q5 x Q' X . . i Q 'ff f X f .M Q" swf, gf x , A- 0, 21:-Q: W ' 'fz,sq,., ' M '- uf- i tty, Nwyctwyf W, ,, -Q. W. - W ss, in W, s3!,,.Ag,,Qs.3sx, ,, N 03,147 ff wh, , X 7 S f H fm, ,Q I , ,IM V 'i x fx. ,, , , wc- ..A. , 'Q uf I' fr ', gf-.. ' 22 y ' X it 1, fx x X ,,.. I 1 TL I ,L A . I ,, 4 cr X Z -. 2, , if J- A 7 , , , .V A I, if YQ H a f f "" ., "1 " -' , J 9 M ,y f " A ' 2 .X 5 V V gf 11. f V, ,,a,WawcA.r..s ,. ..,,.,. - .. ,Q , -. Q, f if 4 X E Q a , 1,3 L, J . A H .,., 1 W ,, 1 , + 1 ir K 'Q .3 2 Q ,f A M-dm., If " A :lr ,ffo U54 .iw 4 O O O From various vantage points the students watch the university grow physically. This dynamic growth which is always going on within the View of the student of the U of A, lends a young and vigorous character to the University. At right, the bustle of activity seems to be accelerated by the demolition of "Old Main," now gone forever into the past . and into legend for the student of the future. X 1 . . . . . . l HEEL H 'V if m 1' 'Y' Q-4? - ' 1f.....f'P-'Ewa ,H 3.23 5 n-Q 5 S , 2 lr' -fav W comm l Qalnmcomif the Qjmmnpu .u1xq4fQ1....f. N bpm: Q4 -Q --w je .www :,,',L,,V,,...K M. .5a...,,,,,.W K- . V , W, , My -.avr JY M' we ff M qg., Wm' M M .Jan ., , W My W .w A-. i ' 'su ,A A 'lv 4 vw-1... W W W 'M ' Q ' N V 49. " P Q my -uw' M 53' xx - NSA' 'fl W M .,. A' . wad' I r ,ggq,'x:-ze- , ,wh 1 v 11. . Ip,..f.m.mqn..f.wu1nf.w.m,uwmwmrxl ovary, t a out tllire Qampus Any person that has ever attended a University or College knows that there are times when students and faculty alike cease for a moment to follow their lot. This moment may come after a big exam, a week- end, or just time taken from a busy schedule to relax. The photos shown on this and the next five pages were taken dur- ing moments such as these and will bring back pleasant memories for some, a knowing chuckle will emerge from others, and we hope sin- cerely, for none, regrets. l58 l W nf lt.-wx ffl! w , x fu, ...A ..,., ....,...... .f .-0.1. . l59 .-41. mn..4a4 uw.nm11,,fmum144mmlYAi1 1 an Olllldl 'lace Qampus 0 O 0 W . wi? Q,.x W4 ,fn , S-5-'-751 H, an gg f mumult films Qmmpus 9 'F .F 2, ..,..M...,.......,.'.,.41,uu-mf.-.n.4Mmm.v.mzm:fm1wmaur4w:a9i1nfx?am'4MmfIfffi:k54f?!wtQl1i otgti, alhorult the Qampus 0 C, O Be they in formals for a big dance, or skirt and sweater for attending class, or just around, the young ladies of the University of Alaska campus influence student life to a larger degree than any other body at school. To them we dedicate these two pages. A ,A ws. at ...-M., K, af- H35 conutn en out Lt ce elmpus Dr. Edward Voldseth confers with students, one of the many facets of his job as Dean of Students. TYPICAL ALICE-FAMILIAR TO ALL. A vital part of any University campus is the registrars office. Laura jones, Official Registrar, and Ann Tremerello, her assistant, answer all questions of students desiring information about grades, credits, and other pertinent mat- ters. The University switchboard and ther- mofax add to the busy routine of the registrars office. Wx,-.Af a Z I . md v A it-.sir ,...j vu.. g 'iw " i ' 1:7 0 If f X4 fa, - s ' f- ,- 19- -fb-' " , NMR ", Q.,-L, ' Wh T, .1 'iw -W :?,,Y:.,zp, ,, - !,-,,,,..f-- Qui-Nz. M""'-wwf L 9' Jmtficon , , gm'-ag JS? W7 W v YN fn iff? C 4 6 my ,.., fix? 21,3 va Q: Ly-3?f 1j,, . . - W- '4"?fe :x A 'ar- ,s 5 f X1 'V '-14, 69 W..-.1 U.. 1 .1n..,- -.1 1. ,'..u,u vszffhz, .fu 1, :mx fa"ask-,mfw.n'f.w.C:I-LnffiizfVx.,-wrlllvh ,J H' 91 4. , ' 1 2 . ,pf in N ,X ,lR5,1Q3k' S i if JW E JLQ E70 "-" ef'--'Q 'WZ "if Q 0 lD1IlCOJlI"S 2525 Thiel, Ronald Thomas, Io Ury, Virginia Varnell, Bert Weiler, Charles Weiler, Nelda Weimer, Robert Wellman, Linda if., 03' W W f I f .. . ww? un, . .i 5 pf, ,l X171 A -, QQ... ,, W X " aww! Jft f fzxffs 4 r. ,. A., ,f se ,mba M.. Q., cn HM. The Denali staff extends best wishes to the graduating class, administration, members of the faculty, and fellow stiidiznrs, In presenting the University pictorially, we present also a very definite point of view regarding the function of uf-ri-Y versity. To show growth and learning, intangible values that are indicative of such an institution has been our gn ., We found it nearly impossible to photograph an idea. The tools, however, are here for all. Sincerely, Nelda Weiler, Editor 1-iirfy 53-':wjff,. I-'7,l',':5l', lite lr it? fel iii!! ohn Coyne, Copy W.. be c , ., , eroy Heel- tlliui'-fret ikmgle, F-Um:v.'f:rKgjf.zpmrr ffl 1 u if 54 XXI' e i . 5' 2' James Vickaryous, Finance Ernest Meler l,,C'Uil.,Ufti lvl--f1ll7!llLPllk .'lifl6'7'f!l.fl3c25' ,Z Ze A 1 U Q is A W5-4' , V wsu is M 1 1292? 425 f i we im, alia 1 W dm" -ws Qin: fire , if -5. , c w? lf f,, ,.:q fifrllff. . vu imffw 1 Qiiur Congratulations to the Class of '60 US. MERCANTILE CO. "The Home of Brand Names in Nome" Groceries, Fresh Meats, and Vegetables Lowest Every Day Shelf Prices in the Area We Serve the Seward Peninsula With the Best N OME HARDWARE CO. Seward Peninsula's Only Hunting and Sporting Goods Headquarters" When planning a trip to Alaska, be sure to write or wire us regarding your hunting and fishing desires in the Peninsular area. Let us do the restg we furnish any or all equipment you may need. Every Success to the Class of '60 CITY OE N OME "THE CONVENTION CITY" oo A X O X Bu .. 4 -l V -I. .fig . i . O 1 a L 1 1 l .Ik Q 0:o: TQ " up .' ,S Q -.:4, LLL.: f,: x1 : J -uw- l r . .. 5 53 TH55 rw1.4,AR , CAVOTA'S cum slap The Family Store Bar Merchandise and Dry Goods LM ' gvre NOME, ALASKA MAE AND , A EQFDREEN NOMK, -. -A7-QA 2 -..miumz J if :xv BILLIKIN GIFT SHOP Largest Variety of Hand Carved lvory BANK OF ALASKA NoM13, ALASKA in Alaska . . . Carved hy liskimos Also Alaska jade and Gold Nugget Items Congfatulates WORLD WIDE SALES the Class of 1960 Carte Blanche Credit Cards Honored BOX 6 NOME, ALASKA Congratulations to the Class of 1960 From the NORTHERN COMMERCIAL COMPANY NOME ALASKA "Alaska's Pioneer Merchants" ll 75 ...-. . ......-. . .A -.. .-..4-.......f.-......-.M nmmmuwM.mvrmumwA4w mM MM 2MQTM9KM'JiklW53'Qb M ,, - 4--.M--A ,..- THRIFTY VARIETY Box 181.2 Palmer, Alaska Congratulations to the L ,,, l we . Class of 1960 REED'S HARDWARE Palmer, Alaska NOME LIGHT and POWER UTILITIES cjompumems of MATANUSKA VALLEY BANK Palmer NOME, ALASKA MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. MATANUSKA MAID g?o ,n"'h, , I Qual1ty Alaskan Products Q .Q I - Milk - Cottage Cheese - x - Ice Cream - Potatoes - .,,--4 Vegetables in Season MATANUSKA VALLEY FARMERS COOPERATING ASSOCIATION ANCHORAGE - PALMER -FAIRBANKS - KODIAK WRIGHT DRUG CO. fBert's Drugj NWRIGHT TRAVEL AGENCY Palmer, Alaska CALL OF THE WILD LODGE Big Lake Alaska The Heart of Alaska's Playground Hunting Boating Camping Skiing Fishing Road Paved to Wasilla WASILLA COCKTAIL BAR jumping Off Place for the Famous Willow Creek Mining Dist. WASILLA LIQUOR STORE Ice Cold Beer to Go JEAN AND JOHN POLIS, Wasilla B. M. Trucking Coal Hauling Miscellaneous Trucking Ph. FR 6-3521 XVASILLA, ALASKA COTTON WOOD DAIRY Calys and Tony Vikaryous PALMER Drink Fresh Milk 1935 The Only Perfect Food 1960 RAY De PRIEST DAIRY Palmer -, , Y --2-'rf----' V TEELAND'S SSHGPPING CENTER "A Modern Store, Country Style" WASILLA ALASKA THE PERFECT VACATION SPOT WILLIWAW LODGE on Beautiful Lake Wasilla "JUST FOR FUN" Our Sincere CONGRATULATIONS to the Graduating Class HALLEA LODGE HAROLD NEWCOMB ishtrwi LURG at Big Lake Wasilla OSCAR DAHLBERG The YACHT CLUB BIG LAKE WASILLA For the Best in Family Entertainment Get More Out of Life Go Out to a MOVIE When in HOMER, ALASKA VERN MUCH DRUGS Congrr Qulations to E311-rg Class of '60 Homer Prescription Service A . , . ALASKA First Aid Supplies Eastman and Bell 8: Howell Photo Equipment T. Film and Developing PHONE 22291 INLET INN HOTEL Coffee Shop. . . Taxi and Hertz Service . . . Gas and Oil . . . BOX 271 PHONE 22441 HOMER, ALASKA Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors From . . . THE BANK OF HOMER HOMER ALASKA PRODUC'TE5 KEN AND HAZEL HEATH HARRY AND BETTY BRUNDAGE Packaged Gift Boxes of jams, Jellies, and Seafoods for All Occasions "Treaty for fbofe who enjoy the uzzzmml . . . a Iarte of Alarkaf' GILMAN'S BAKERY GOOD LUCK, SENIORS Anchorage, Alaska ANCHORAGE GROCERY AND MARKET The Friendly Store on the Corner of 4th and H Streets .... ....,......i - -.rqmfnnunwianrn zsftawt' . ,,anrmi-,- CONGRATULATIONS From . . . OLSEN 8: SANDS ARCHITECTS juneau Compliments of BROWN AND OLIVER "Complete Outfitters" IUNEAU, ALASKA Our Congratulations to the Graduating Class B. M. BEHREND'S STORE IUNEAU ALASKA "Clothes for All the Family" The World Famous NUGGET SHOP if SHE 'Nw fir Eff Alaska s Magazine W ALASKA SPORTSMAN 53 50 a Year Box 1271 Juneau IN JUNEAU ALASKA S BFAUTIFUL CAPITAL Belle G Simpson Mgr Art Goods Curios ewelry Antiques FAMOUS ALASKAN PAINTINGS Native Made Baskets Totem Poles Eskimo Carved Ivory The Largest Stock of Nugget and Nugget and jade Jewelry in the World VISITORS WELCOME Life on the last frontier l 1 Best "AA Wishes to the Graduating Class i I Q Compliments of . --te' l I .Z.::,1:1 'fzf I ALASKA sERv1No sourii rm ALAsKA General Offices, 2 Mafii1:'g Vffiiiyi, Jugeau, Alaska rr.. rammed . AND , r rr, POWER COMPANY HAMMER sr wiagarsi I PETERSBURG, ALASKA JUNEAU "The Friendly Store Your Capital City to Serve Your Needs" l CONGRATULATIONS 5 sEN1oRs TOWN OF PETERSBURG was g i Petersburg is situated on Mitkor Island at the North end of picturesque Wraiigell Narrows. It was founded by and named after Peter Buschman who arrived in 1897 and built a salmon Cannery and a small sawmill. Petersburg was incorporated in 1910 and has shown a slow but steady growth. The population today exceeds 1600. Fishing and log- ging are the main industries found in the Petersburg area. Petersburg is predominantly a Norwegian community and boasts of the largest Halibut fishing fleet in Alaska. With the two large cold storage plants, two shrimp canneries and four Salmon canneries Petersburg is one of the major fish producing cities in Alaska. l8I -,m...:. .1 MM -am: -L forget Something in Petersburg? Q1?tlf.UCK'S CASH GROCERY Weekday Hours: 9 a.m. - to - 10:30 p.m. Open Sunday: 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. H07726 of PHONE , WE HAVE ALL YOUR GIQJOCERY NEEDS ALASKA . LUMBER 81 PULP CO. Darlgold ICE CREAM ALASKA'S ---m--l- I - - NEWEST Where the Mountains Meet the Sea . . . THE TRADING UNION, INC. General Merchandise - Hardware , . Y Tools - Meats- Groceries ln,-C on ,S S J I , , , , . . W' ,..,f-A'V""' , ' ' . . ,E Fishing Supplies - Men s Furnishings ,-- F" gg sss' 'Q " ""'W"W'M-A-M.F'f2?'S A ' Public Dock Nl-A A' " N efn- .. H I PETERSBURG, ALASKA lg g Next Time You Go to Ketchikan . . . Try the Congratulations to INGERSOLL HOTEL Wfe Think You Will Like It . . . They Have Everything: , LOCATION . . . AIRLINES OFFICES Eooo . . . cocK'rA1LS . . . ELEVATOR 4 TAXIS the Graduating Class just Airmail a Reservation and They Will Be Looking for You! Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Girls - Infants-to-Teens Go to THE STORE OF FAMOUS BRAND NAMES Serving S. E. Alaska Since 1899 A Corner Main and Dock KETCHIKAN Boys - to Size 20 l r 1 i 1 --- EDUCATION-The Key to Success for Young Alaskans New Opportunities for Young Alaskans in Business Administration, Accounting, Chemistry, Engineering, and Forestry. ALASKA'S LARGEST GROWING YEAR-AROUN D INDUSTRY KETCHIKAN PULP COMPANY BETTER ALASKA -THROUGH INDUSTRY Congratulations to the Class of 1960 While clothes cannot make the man A well-groomed appearance ls an important earmark of success In Anchorage Gene Smith's Mens Wear has been accepted as Z the house of distinctive clothing for 43 years. i H HART SCHAFFNER .sf MARX SUITS , 3 FLORSHEIM sHoEs M E N 5 W 'E A 2 sTETsoN HATS ARROW SHIRTS . . . All the best known brands ANCHORAGE, ALASKA Arru A S!-IEMYA ' PRIBILOFS ' 5025? .. , gp? ' Q4-1 2 A . ,, A ,W We am . 5 rf Serving the Alaskan Peninsula and the Aleutian, Shumagin and Pribilof Islands DC4, DC5, AND GRUMMAN AMPHIBIANS, FOR CHARTER - ANY TIME - AN Y W HERE REEVE ALEUTIAN AIRWAYS, inc. "Pioneers of the Alaskan Bush and the Aleutian Islands" ANCHORAGE, ALASKA PHONE 5400 1 Best Wishes From . . HE FIRST Nimoim ANR of Anchorage ALASKA'S LARGEST BANKING INSTITUTION With the Largest Total Capital and Reserve of Any Alaskan Bank FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE . . . Main Office-Corner 4th Avenue at G Street Northern Lights Branch - Spenarcl Eastchester Branch-Corner 15th and Garnbell Seward Branch- Seward, Alaska Banking Facility-Elmendorf Air Force Base Service Facility "A" -Adak, Alaska When writing in Anchorage, be fare to come in and fee ui- YOU'LL BE MOST WELCOME MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION , nfu.-.a .2 1 I l T To the Class of 1960 BUILDING A GREATER ALASKA As graduates of a great University you are helping to build Alaska by supply- ing talents previously not existent. Your education will contribute much to the cultural and ecomonic growth which must supplement the natural resources of Alaska. We salute you and urge you to work with us in development of this "Great Land." Your inquiries concerning banking career opportunities are earnestly solicited. NATIONAL BANK OF ALASKA "Alaska's Branch Banking System" ANCHORAGE OFFICES: OTHER OFFICES Main Office Kenai Peninsula Branch 4th and E St. Soldotna 5th Ave. Branch Skagway Branch Sth and Gambell Kodiak Branch Spenard Branch and Drive-In Ketchikan Branch Spenard Government Hill Branch Wrangell Branch Fort Richardson Facility Sitka Branch whiiiiei Facility Pelican Bfanfh Main Office Motor Branch Mt' Edgecumbe Branch 5th and E St. Homer Branch MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION AND FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM i ..... .H.. .. .L a...........-.. J Congratulations to the Class of 1960 RIGHT ON THE CORNER RIGHT ON THE PRICE RIGHT ON YOUR WAY HOME Class of 1960 KAREN S SECRETARIAL SERVICES Congratulations . . 7 DAVID GREEN of Anchorage "Serving Alaskans for Over 33 Years With the Largest Selection of Custom Macle Furs" COATS, PARKAS, STOLES Complete Selection Congrutulat?ans . . . L Llglss X60 NORTIHEWQY SUPPLY, INC, S ljf IQKTARICAL INDL AND , MINll I 'PPLIES I Ph. BR 64132 400 Post Rd. ANCHOR L alfi iasm 5 BEST WISHES . the Class of 1S5ff2 ALASKAN STATIONERS AND PUBLISHING CO. 801 4th Ave, 819 4th Ave. P.O. Box 240 ANCHORAGE Compliments of FINLEYS FAMILY SHOE STORE and THE BOOTERY ALASKA SALES 85 SERVICE Milli CADILLAC cHEvRoLET oLDsMoB1LE PONTIAC GENERAL MOTORS TRUCKS "SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS" 3rd and E Sts. Anchorage P.0. Box 2280 Phone BR-75401 -M l, H T E , ,g H 9 he zlsflpfggiflqak-ii R RJL s JEWELRLY ' SW, 5rd and Lacey Ph 427-4 Congratulates All Graduating Seniors With a Special Thanks to All Graduating Musicians for Past Patronage FIFTH AND NOBLE STREETS GENE'S AUTO SERVICE Studebaker Packard Volkswagen - Borgward Mercedes Benz to the Graduating Class . . . ANCHORAGE Extends BCH WiShCS I SERVICE STATION GARAGE to the Graduating Class lst and Barnette 730 2nd , GULDEN VALLEY ALASKA TIRE SERVICE ELECTRIC ' Tire Repair and Vulcanizing N, Telephone 5222 unix 758 Illinois 233 Illinois Street , 1 FAIRBANKS EALREANKS, ALASKA CONGRATULATIONS FROM . . . NORTHWARD KEAR .sf REAR-Tv Building Midnight Sun Broadcasting Company Apartments COMPLETE STREET LEVEL SHQPPING CENTER My Compliments and Congratulations A c. c. BAILEY, MD. BURGESS CONSTRUCI ICI ' COMPANY Is Proud to Present . . M :ff , M J ,, ,wily X . ,xx 630 THE BUNNELL MEMORIAL BUILDING 42 THE MODERN LIBRARY , -- f f ,: -M. ici-I .n.m -zu 3 1 fvaefbvifv ' - in 1 H A I O A I 40 S K A First With Propjets in Alaska Alaskals Leading Home Owned Scheduled Airline Serving Western Alaska From Anchorage, Fairbanks, Bethel NCA ALASKA AIR TOURS ALASKA SPORTSMAN'S FLIGHTS ANGLER'S PARADISE Q5 Comfortable Wilderness Campsj MAGNIFICENT KATMAI HkCharters for Business or Pleasure Anywhere in fAnd "Valley of 10,000 Smokes", MT. MCKINLEY FLIGHTS f:Specia1 Group and Individual Tours Alaska FLY WITH NOTHERN CONSOLIDATED AIRLINE in comfortable, vibrationless, speedy Fairchild F-27's jet- WORLD'S FINEST FISHING powered Rolls-Royce engines . . . high-winged visibility un- obstructed view through panoramic windows from every SCENERY UNSURPASSED seat . . . low cabin sound level and pressurization. Northward Bldg. Lobby - 5484 REGULAR SCHEDULED FLIGHTS Airport Ticket Office -- 4551 TO MQRE THAN 50 POINTS TRAVELERS INN "Where the Best Costs No More" 70 Rooms With Bath Luxuriously Furnished Q coFFEE sHoP Q DINING RooM Q COCKTAIL LOUNGE Q BANQUET RooMs Catering to Private Banquets and Parties "Alaska's Finest Hotel Service" 4 Blocks From Downtown Noble at 8th Ph. 7722 N ORTHWARD DRUG 3rd and Lacey Box 1207 Dial 2103 Offer You Complete Drug Store Service THE STORES WHERE YOU TAKE YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS WITH CONFIDENCE Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors Fairbanks Insurance Agency FIRE 551 3rd Ave. AUTO Fairbanks, Alaska BONDS CASUALTY Wallace Cathcart, jr. Marion L. Wood LINDY'S Quality - Service - Price 2 STORES TO SERVE YOU College Hayes at College Road Fairbanks 609 4th 7--N ' , -V 1- . vm- 1 - - C on L ratulations to the flass of '60 Tcl W'5 ELBOY, QQM 410 2 - L I e. i 5 :L 'H Compliments r GORDONLS ESTABLISHED 190 5 Dry Goods, Ready-to-Wear 405 CUSHINIAN ,.-. " 73 x . Q 3 ,J lg, See Alaska's Arctic 1-.giggle J." ' A H' Top of the World Point Barrow Tom if Arctic Coast, Nome-Kotzebue Tour if Yukon Valley and Fort Yukon '12 ur WIEN ALASKA AIRLINES "First in Alaska" Est. 1924 I PHONE 3355 FAIRBANKS, ALASKA BOX 649 ,-5,,,. nf 'I . L--:in Jul: COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY 722 21'lCl 81 LINEN RENTAL Fairbanks NENW LOCATION . . . SHEETS, TOWELS, PILLOW SLIPS PERSONAL LAUNDRY 112 N. Turner St. Box 1570 IOEZTHERN LINEN SUPPLY TRAVELERS SEATTLE FAIRBANKS ANCHORAGE NQRTHERN A THE CARRINGT ON cAsH REGISTER co. CGMPANY HARVEY DANKS, Owner Contracting and Mining 711 2nd Ave. Fairbanks Equipment ' 112 N. TURNER ST. BOX 1370 I em 1 mmceuieninnapamibmeymenl Spain Avenue at Noble, Fairbanks 5 E Open 10 till Qin Monday and lfhhyg 10tiIl1 other days Here in Alaska's most exciting new shop you will find items from every country, in- cluding - George Jensen and other Scandinavian imports executed in wood, pewter, crystal, porcelain, and stainless steel. Batas, Cotorines, Skirts, Ties, Sweaters and Stoles from Mexico, Peru and Scotland Prints, Posters and Reproductions - Local artists on exhibit Carvings, Masks and handcrafts from Africa, Europe, Bali Hand Crafted papers and stationery from the Orient and Italy Hand Crafted Jewelry from domestic contempary craftsmen and imports from East and West Toys for children of all ages COME IN AND BROWSE AROUND 'tw' YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID! Gift wrapping always - mailing service for your convenience Q , Inquire about International Shop's Customer Order Service Lay-away for your convenience N' ' "M" S A Congratulations to the Class of 60 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF FAIRBANKS FOUNDED 1905 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Serving the University Since Its Founding in 1917 CORNER SECOND AND CUSHMAN FAIRBANKS, ALASKA ..- 2 1 -91 4.5 1 -- - -1-1:32. ' ' 1 . 1 - r- -e I 7 E ST S S I CQAKFDAMERICAN Z fe 'S IllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 'i .. -T i "T':i.T. - i-f - ..--H?- 5L. 3 -- - -A-6 A-il' ..-.."-" g-i j-LLL.. f-nil? , 1- 5 e t- Q - -L f For the Finest Fastest jet Service to Seattle FLY PAN AMERICAN DELUXE FIRST CLASS Also Frequent Service to Southeastern Via Boeing Stratocruisers FOR RESERVATIONS CALL PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS 2118 .:xa zscrg.-. :musf.vzz.zs1.., , 4- :Q-S CONGRATULATIONS to the Graduating Class C 8: R BUILDERS, Inc. General Contractors tb 9 ISYS! AS 006 6359 5653, Yi Ygcb Q Congratulates the Class of '60 COMPLETE SAVING AND HOME MORTGAGE SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU AT OUR OFFICE . . . Znd and Lacey CURRENT DIVIDEND FAIRBANKS WALTER SCZUDLO MEMBER, FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN Pfesldenf INSURANCE CORP., and General Manager FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK SYSTEM -- ---mt-- l l 1 l For Those Who Appreciate Quality . . CARR'S CLOTHING Headquarters for THE BEST IN MEN'S WEAR 544 Second Avenue FAIRBANKS, ALASKA Gm m 5 PHoToGRAPHY - GIFTS - soUvEN1Rs 557 Second Street Fairbanks Alaska . RCTIC ALASK 'I ff IA I SERVICE Tickets a ffeservations on All frirlines SEE US Bl, ,OU PLAN YOUR f TRIP Empress Theater 7 Phgne 2141 Alaska Insurarrcr: T Ir rS QSHCY 30 Years of Service to Fa gg ALL TYPES OF INSURAIXV, Q Phone 6671 john Butrovich, jr. Grace Butrovich Howard Byrne Life, Accident and Health Fire, Auto, Liability, Aviation avg 334 GP, e C QP, XGSGWQ 9100? 90 rscflfp Pi ... 14 . - P l lei. Q. 39 527 flfd AVCDLIC Everything in Phone 3502 MUSIC AND TELEVISION 523 Second Avenue Next to the Nordale Hotel FAIRBANKS ALASKA l 'V ' :A 11: J- If J. I 'A ..A' '7 W . ' I-'V ll If ': 1 . :M 5 :IA , A wr' 4 Av A Q I ' 'Q : 7 1 3 .11 :nun .rf:z.'m1 Hhnnisrwngggmgiiragfnlfogmigin, Bmilm-I FIVE OFFICES TO SERVE YOU MAIN OFFICE Northward Building 4th and Lacey St. Fairbanks AIRPORT ROAD BRANCH Airport Road and Turner Street Fairbanks fDrive-In Bankingj EIELSON FACILITY Baker Field House Eielson Air Force Base DELTA BRANCH LDClU1JUHCUOD N ENANA BRANCH N enana COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Member Federal Deposit Corporation if? FYI A ,gg l, Ai Q i i J , -f1s:::::s:2:1- '-1: 2 mf" 1:1:f:f:1:1:1:I: 1:1:1:1:::1:2:2: :1:1:1:1:1:f:1:2: '-2: s :ra-2:2 -:121f::1:::::::: 2:e:2:::::::2:f-' 'ffE5E5:::5:5E55: -1+ -:If-' 1221: asa 'agag ty c M5125 SFPP QisipEf'tJiI2lfCS 'the -1--' Grar3l2g,iiL'2t?f,slisig Class! NORTH POLE BAKERY The Most Modern Bakery Nearest the North Pole BOX Phone 490 FAIRBANKS 3030 ART HAYR General A gent fwnnihental life INSURANCE COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA 515 ,Znd Ave. Fairbanks Where All Fairbanks Shops and Saves . . . at MONTY'S wr! AL of Course! MONTY S Congratulations E Class of '60 mm:-.gzzn departmnlslnre 'Q Lx . ,-1 ' For What's New in Photography . . See Us CO-OP PHOTO THE CO-OP FOUNTAIN Snacks . . . Shakes . . . Sodas WHERE EVERYBODY INIEETS EVERYBODY CO-OP DRU53 Your Department Dmggg Store Box 15023 FAIRBANKS, ALASKA MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED ggngnq-H zf5vumm L 11 ..:n PINSKAAS THE STORE FOR Suits Top Coats Hats Sport Clothes Haberdashery Footwear Work Clothes Hunting Togs Guns Fishing Tackle Boats Camp Gear Binoculars Boat Trailers Serving You From 2 Stores i - MEN N ORDALE HOTEL Modern Elevator Service PINSKA'S MEN'S WEAR 3rd and Cushman PIN SKA'S OUTDOORSMAN 5rd ancl Barnette For Reservations Phone 2 105 FAIRBANKS, ALASKA CHANDLER PLUMBING AND HEATING Sheet Metal Complete Plumbing and Heating of All Types Retail and Contract Phone 5282 129 Minnie St., Slaterville FAIRBANKS, ALASKA Z 1 l l lx 7 J' X fy ' 2 5 1 f' QL ' K s f i iznaliinn Oldsmoliilf S A 11:2 G.M.C. Truc? 'S Go ne. Financing SOURDOUGlI EXPRESS. . . 531 5rd Street Phone 7798 FAIRBANKS 'li Stanelarif if-ieating Oil 3' Suntrana flirt 'F Propane sl' Local Moving USIBELLI COAL SALES CORP and the USIBELLE J Y- 4. Extend Their Sincere Congratulations to the Graduating Class W., 3 9 Q 5 .T.., . if je 5 I 3 ---W i 1- l unrest :fa .- H it 040 KUOW H , E J .0.. vu-ov-ia A A1aska's Pioneer X . P Merchants 9 pAbxl . NOM ,. . K By J NTHEA . '.-,- K f :anvil AW N . f's' mann 1 ,' I -.Annu 3 V 25 ' ' ff . .. 'OM' . X 'X A wmmwonst gum. ANCHORAGE vnozl xg. V " I , O you 'S raunmn I AID ,- g JQNEAU E X ,X . .rnluaulc X ,,O0... fu' owun-:gin X ETCHIKAN ' . .nmll lurllu - X' as f" ,Z . . vlnqsgvu Location Map of NC Branches in -gg--0 1 Vu I lil Alaska and the Yukon Territory X 'SIMM NORTHERN COMMERCIAL CO Serving Alaskans Today All Mercantile Departments Under One Roof SHOP AT THE N. C. COMPANY. . . Fairbanks' Own Department Store Since 1902 "Alaska's Pioneer Merchants" - I---M ------ - 200 PIONEER CLEANERS "U-'W' -' " ' 9- L , ADI Erie Brink 81 LAUNDRY The is 1 of Adler Phone 5554 10-2 Lacey ALASKA'S O f BOOK SHOP FAIRBANKS, ALASKA H. B. Avargrfs if ' 0 Pioneer jeweler , 0 U50 Years in Alaska" We P1FZnt Eveyytbzng 551 2nd Ave. Fairbanks But Money And it takes but a little money to buy the best printing to be found anywhere . . . and that goes for everything from cards to catalogs. f - !sQ,,5 l 'E KU Vx jEssEN's WEEKLY Commercial Printers Downtown Office - 539 3rd - Dial 2511 Phone 3911 1 Mile Steese With Best Wishes From J. VIC BRowN sf soNs Jewelers - Alaska's Best Serzizzg Afaykfzzzf Since 1916 Plant- Graehl at New Bridge P- Dial 5292 FAIRBANKS ANCHORAGE M sf o AUTO PARTS BIG RAY? AND SURPLUS EQUIPMENT h "Why Pay More Wlieri We Complete Suppliers Always Undersellu Machine Shop Phone 3458 - . 507 2ncl Avenue Fairbanks ..-, ....-V...., v .,, : nufunpuaniavvuh Best Wishes for a Successful School Year KELLEY S FIRESTONE SALES AND SERVICE ILLINOIS AND SLATER Complete Service for Your Car n .'.: :Q ,T : rLU f -r. y r -1 QUALITY MEAT coMPANY1 INC PHONE 2661 FAIRBANKS POULTRY is oloo C R R BUTTER T B EGGS CHEESE For the Best in Name Brand Clothing Try Top O' the World Clothing Top Coats Sports Coats Pionffef Avenue Phones 2571 Redwing Shoes Roblee Shoes Remember A Little Off the Street Means a Lot Off the Price 08 LACEY STREET Garden Island 2 39 1 FAIRBANKS LUMBER SUPPLY Building Material of All Kinds 272 Illinois Street Box 629-Phone 2183 WE DELIVER THE GOODS" 9 n WHOLESALE MEATS l . .. Y ymziragun- FQR 65 YEARSQ 1895 1960 . . W3-1' I -,gl I , M lj, ,f ,- ' , 'Jr' . .P 2 ' YI .V -' 'JE i i VT ' ,minin g Q H n.--JBL f ". . - '7i"1. 'ill1 fllfylnl . . ',..IZI, ,, ulluluiud-L illusi- ' - - , -5 :-A , g ...4.:+:-gm., :mf ' ' 3 N 444. Z .f' :2.fe-0-by ,sp-1.::.g. .,.. ..g.-gk,V.--.-,V,.-N.-.1V.:.:.V.-.3-,-.V.V.-+V,V.,-:IH V, .,,f, A. ,V ,+V 4-. VV .- - , . - -' ,. -, . , , f -f 1- V, . V V . . . - ,-,f, 1.-:ana--,.x-YV:-:.:V.: .. - Vf: V? .Q,i:.:.E.,f,5,iz! EVA: , , VV Z In . ,I i' ., V.: .?',.::51N52E.:5i:3it ,... l ,I INAIV gs: V- .. .,.., .: .X g X . V- -V ,- 1 We'Ve come a long way together Three generations separate Alaska's early sourdough and today's young homemaker. Even so, they share a common comfort. . . the dependable shipping service of Alaska Steamship Company, for 65 years bringing in the necessities and good things of life. 'Flu its Hrst 65 years, The Alaska Line has made over 9000 Alaska voyages. A M S H The first was by the Willapa in March 1895. M M W E I ll I l M i 203 -...,... . ..,,,...- Campus Fr. NAME Abel, Donald Abel. Kenneth J. Abclla, Josephine Aclciss, Xlifilliam Adams. Jerome Adams, Jim Ann Adkison. Perry Alfred, James P. Alguire, G ail Alguire. James Alraga, Mario Allen, Xllfillmm Anciinetanx. Ian Anderson, Dennis Andersen. Ronald Anderson, Betsy Anderson, Robert Andersen. Sally Ansari, Ziauddin Apiistol, Oscar Arisx. Dinah G. Armstrong, Edward Armstrong, Wfilliam Arxidson, Ellen Arnesiin, John R. Atkinson, Helen I.. Ausman, Earle V. Austin, Joyce T. Babich, John P. Backlund, Oliver Baggen, Mertie Bagley, Nathan Bailey, Helen Baker, Francis P. Baker, Marjorie Baldwin, Joseph Bartho Bb. Baldwin, XValter Ball. Alan D. , 7 Bancrr ft, Elxynne Barber, Peter Barker, Herbert Barker, Regina M. Barnes, Jerry A Barrels, Darwin lrimew, Alanson 5,5 Box 335 Bartholomew, Mark Basler, Elizabeth Basler, Roy P. Bates, Howard Baurick, Arno Baurick, Richard Bayless, Bill Beard. Burle B. Beck, Brenda Beers, Clyde Bell, Kenneth Belson, Leonard Bender, lawrence Bengaard, Paul Benitz, Earl N. Benson, I-limarcl Benson, Robert Berdahl, Sherron Bergdiill, Barry Bergstrom, Dale Bettrswiirtlm, Mildred Biden, W'illiam Bidlake, Lawrence Bilik, Alfred J. Bird, Bayard M. Black, Bernice B. Black, Harold Blarkburn, Wfildon Blackett, Raymrwnd Blackett, Roger Blaisdell, Roger Bledsoe, Vadnev Blv, Evelxri N. Bnissiere, R--bert Booth, Robert Boothe. Pamela Bork, Annette Borkowski Edmund Boucher, JoAnn Bouwman. Gareth Boyce, Donald Boyce, Ronald Boyd, Margaret Bradford, Wfilliam Bradner, Janet Bradner, Michael Bradshaw, Maureen Brady, Michael Brasher, Susan Britton, Charles Brizzolari. Jacqueline Brizzolari, Robert Brodersen, Joh n Jr. David WCS Bruce Broiles. Jim Brower, Dorcas Brown, Emilv Broun. Eva Mae Brown, Francis Brown. Jim Brown, Phyllis I.. Browne, William Browning, Eugene Browning, Robert Gen. Del., College Brundin, B rian Brundin, Jan Brunton, Gordon Buck, Penelope Bucknell, Anore Bullard. Douglass Burbank, Janice F. Burbank. Lawrence Bnrugraf. David Hurggrai. Roger C. Burlev. Richard Burnside Bette DEPT. B.A. B.A. H.E. Ed! 5?- 5.5. Phys. Ed. Ed. Uncl. E.E. Uricl. lib. C.E. Ed. B.A. Uncl. Gphys. B.A. I A. E.E. B.A. Ed. Uncl. Uncl. CE. Uncl. Phys. C.E. Uncl. lV.M. Uncl. Uncl. Ed. C.E. B.A Uncl. L.A. C.E. C.E. Uncl. Uncl. Uncl. Ed Uml. Gphvx Ciplixs Min E Cieiil IMA. Unrl l. A Unrl. Ed, I. A B.A. L'nrI. Plivs. B A. Cphxs. G.S. CE. Phys. Uncl. Unrl XV.M. Ciphvs E.E. Unil. Uncl. Phu. XV M. Uncl. CF Ed, I A. YV M. Fil I A. f I' NS li-l ix' M Ss Unrl. Ecl l..A. 5 5. Ed. Ed Ed CE. rl. Unrl. Uncl. CE. E 8.5. Eli. Uncl. B.A. Gciil. Ed. Geol. Geol. E. Ed. Uncl. B.A. Math. Geol B.A. BS, Gcol. Uncl. Geol. B.S. XV.M. 5.5. L.A. YEAR Sr. Soph. Soph. Er. Soph. Fr. Fr. Soph. Jr. Sr. XVCS Fr. Fr. Fr. Soph. Soph. Soph. XVCS Grad. Sr. Soph. Fr. Fr. Fr. P. Grad WCS CS Fr. Soph. WCS Fr. WCS WCS Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr Jr. W Sri Fr. Jr. Soph xvcsi Fr. Jr. Fr. WCS Grad. Grad. Jr. br. Soph. Fr. Fr. P. Grad. Jr. Sr. Fr. Fr. Soph. Sr. Grad. Fr. Fr. Fr. WCS Fr. Soph. Grad. Fr. P. Cwrad. P. Grad. Soph. Sr. Sr. Fr. Fr. Jr. Fr. Jr. Fr. Grad. Soph. Sr. Sr. Sr. Siiph. XVCS Jr. Jr. Jr. Fr. Jr. Fr. Soph. Sr. Jr. WCS Fr. Fr. Soph P. G Sr, Sr. XVCS Jr. Fr. Sr. Fr. Jr. ar. rad. Sr. Soph. Soph. Jr. XVCS Grad. Jr. Grad. Fr. Tr. RESIDENCE McIntosh-310 Stevens-206 XVickersham 169 Kutter Rd. College Apts. Wickersham Stevens-2 Tanana Tr. Ct. Apt. 10-Walsh Apt. 10-Walsh Town Nerland-206 1241 Denali Ct. McIntosh-302 Stevens-207 Wickersham Ladd AFB clo ROTC Hess-306 Stevens-501 Wickersham Stevens-217 Nerland-201 324-3rd, Grahel 1002 College Rd. Campus Nerland-322 Ladd Stevens-105 Town Univ. Ave. Mclntosh-103 1325-6th St. Town XValsh-5498 Hess-w110 Nerland-119 McIntosh-201 Town Mclntosh-204 Northern Tr. Ct. XVickersham-320 1010 Kellum 1616 Southern Mclntosh4309 McInrosh4309 Lawler Rd. Lawler Rd. Univ. Tr. Ct. Univ. Avenue Univ. Avenue Stevens-109 Hess-110 Wickersham College Nerland--220 College Hess-206 Stevens-50-1 Mclntosh-107 9'F7 Marietta, Apt. 455 1. Chena Acres XVickersham-211 Stevens-216 Ladd, Box 46. 5060 Town Mclntosh-207 Stevens-211 College Stevens-1 Campus Campus Fairbanks Nerland-117 157 Charles St. Stevens-110 Stevens-213 Wickersham 2-16 Charles S. McIntosh-312 Xlllickersham Campus Mclntosh-104 Steese Tr. Ct. 17 Mile Ricli. Hy. Mclntosh-311 HESS-108 College 1021-lst Ave. Univ. Tr. Ct. Univ. Tr. Ct. XVickersham Nerlandf2 Z-1 Xvickersham Stevens-204 Wfickersliam Nerland-1-1 307 Kody Stevens-4 Wickersham Unit V 719-20th Ave. 1-126 Eielson St. Stevens-210 Walsh Hall if 2 Eleanor McIntosh-3 McIntosh-3 Stevens-306 Ladd AFB Ladd AFB Nerland-324 Wickersham Wickersham Hess-216 Town Birch Lane College Town Stevens-110 311-18th Ave St. STUDENT ROSTER ecoinidl Semester MAILING ADDRESS Box 53. College Box 467, College Same Box -17, College Same Same Box -18-1. College Box 31, College Box 31, College Same Same Same Box 924, College Same Dept., College Box 921, College Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Box Same Same 711 356 356 882 Box Box Box Box Same Box 729 Same Same Same Same 139-1. Fbks. College College College Fbks. , College 522 522 249. College Box Box Box Box 714, Box 71-1, Same Same Same Box 1028, College Same Same Same Same Same Fairbanks Box 738. College College College Same CAM Grp. Same Same Box Same Box 82-l, College Box 824, College Box 850, Fbks. Same 1028, College Gen. Del., College Same Same Same Same Box -147, College Same Box 229 Box 501 Box 471, College Same Same Same Box 786. College Same Box 216, College Box 216. College Same Box -191, College Same Box 367, College Box 285. College Eox 283, College Same Same Box 18-l, College Same Same Box 553, College Box 458, College Box 232. College Box 232. College Same Gen. Del., College Box 705, College Same Same Box 757, College Box 592 Gen. Del., College Same Same ALASKA TOWN OR HOME STA'1E Juneau Juneau Juneau Fairbanks Wisconsin Anchorage Dillingham Yukon Terr. Ketchikan Anchorage Fairbanks Petersburg Fairbanks Ketchikan Washington Fairbanks Fairbanks College Pakistan Anchorage California Delta Junction Anchorage Cordova Fairbanks College Anchorage Fairbanks New York Fairbanks Fairbanks Soldotna Iowa Arkansas Fairbanks Aniak Aniak Illinois Fairbanks Anchorage Kansas Anchorage Fairbanks Fairbanks Texas Texas College Maryland Oregon New York New York Tok Texas Fairbanks Pennsylvania Fairbanks California Oregon Ketchikan Petersburg Michigan Minnesota Circle Springs Sitka Michigan Fairbanks Maine Yukon Terr. Illinois Anchorage College College Illinois Seldovia New Jersey Massachusetts XVasilla Connecticut Fairbanks Michigan Anchorage College College Juneau Fairbanks Anchorage Anchorage Wisconsin Fairbanks Illinois Texas Sitka Washington Oregon Anchorage Spenard Spenard Michigan Homer Pt. Barrow Unalakleet Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Massachusetts Montana Homer Homer Juneau Fairbanks Fairbanks California Tok Junciton Wlashington Florida College College Ohio New Jersey California Fairbanks NAME Bush, Carol E. Bynum, Barbara A. Byrd, Myrtle B. Cady, Monte B. Callahan, Donald Campbell, Gerald Campbell. Helen Carboy, Philip Carnahan, Roscoe S. Carpenter. Herbert Carrillo, Sol R. Carsen. Sally A. Cash, George E. Cashen, Mary L. Caton. Paul XV. Cattron, John Cattron, Patricia Chambers, Frederick Charlesen. Harry Chase, Wfalter P. Cherry, Mattie Chiamis. James S. Choi, Hou-Yan Chowdhury, Md. Mahbubar Christensen, Barbara Church, Alice Church, Richard Clabo, Harriet Clark, Gerald Clark, John H. Clark, Laura A. Clark, Mela A. Clark, Patricia Clark. Sheldon Clark, Theodore Clements. Charles Cleworth, Irene Cliff, john B. Coghlan. Gerald Cohen, jon H. Colette, Les R. Congdon, Renwick Cook, Emma M. Cooke, Charles Cooke. Donna J. Cooper. Dawson Cooper, Karin Cooper, Russell Cope, Jill Cornelius, Ann R. Cothern, John Couch, Georgia J. Couch, James Counter, Gail Countryman, Clayton Cox, Caroline Cox, Wfilliam H. Coyne, John Crank. Robert K. Cresap, Gladys Ciesap, Victor Crite-., Theodore Crockett, D. Mae Crockett. Kenneth Croxton, Lesley Croxton, Loren Crump, Beatrice Cunningham, Linda Dalntri, Wfilliam Dambeck, XVillian1 Daniels, Bill G. Dax ev. Thomas J. Davidson. Lynn Davis, Charles Davis, Edward Davis, Richard Dasis, Stanley Davis, T. Neil Davis. Theodore XV. Daxis Thomas Dawson, John' A. Dean, Merton T. Deehr, Charles Degnan, Charles Denny, Richard DeVille. Jack DeWitt, Eloise DeXVilf. Ronald DeW'ree, Darlene DeNVree, Diane Dickerson, Alvilda Dickerson. John Dickson, Glenna Diershaw, Allen Diersliaw, Beverley' Dinkel, Audrey Dinkel, Gene Disch. Judy Lou Divinyi, Carl A. Dodson, Donna Domke, Rudolph Dombmwski, Gordon Domonkos, Steven Doner, Ronald Doogan, Erma Dorman, George Dorsh, Albert Dowd, Barbara A. Downes, Thomas Downing, Richard Dranchnk. John Draper, Helen Dubiel, Albert Dubiel, Catherine Dukes, Ronnie Durfee, Alice Durfee, Marion Durkee, Philip Durley, Kenneth Durst. Edith Dzikiewicz, Peter DEPT. Ed. LA. Uncl. B.A. EE. Ed. Uncl Erl. Mrn.E Erl. B.A. Uncl. B.A. Ed Geol. Ed. Uncl. E E Uincil. Chem. Ed. E.E. Gyphs. H.E. Ed. Geol. H.E. L.A. Uncl. H.E. Ed. L.A. SS. Ed. Cenl. Uncl. Uncl. C.E. SS. C.E. Cieiwl. Uncl. S.S. Uncl. B.A. Ed. CE. I-I.I:. Unrl. Cecil. Unrl. 5.5. Uncl. Cieol. I-l.E. Unrl. I..A. B.A. Und. E.E. C.E. I-l.E. Ed. Uncl. 'Kf.lXi. H.E. B.A. Min.E Phu. Uncl. Uncl. Geol. I..A. I..A. E.E. C.E. Gphys XV.M. Geiil. Gpliys Wflvl. Gphys. Ed Min.E Ed. Ed. Ciphvs B.A. BS. LA. Uncl. Ed. EE. Uncl. Uncl. Ed. Uncl. WCM. B.A. Uncl. Uncl. E.E. C.E. B.A. Geol. Uncl. Uncl. Unrl. CF. Phys. Ed. Uncl. Ed. Uncl. Uncl. Geiil. Cxeol. WLM. Ed. XYFM. YEAR Sr. Soph. WCS Sr. Soph. Jr. Fr. Jr. Soph Soph. Sr. Fr. Sr. Er. Sr. Tr. P. Grad S ph. Cgrid. Fr. Tr. Grad. Fr. Sr. Grad. iii' ii op . Soph. Soph. WCS Jr. Jr. Fr. Fr. WCS Fr. Soph. Soph. Fr. Jr. WCS Jr. WCS Soph. Jr. Fr. Soph. WCS Sr. Fr. Sr. Soph. Sr. Soph. Fr. Jr. Fr. WCS Fr. Fr. Soph. RESIDENCE 1-E-1 Fairview Manor Wickersham Campus McIntosh-510 Nerland-123 Univ. Tr. Ct. Univ. Tr. Ct. Totem Park Nerland-119 Univ. Tr. Ct. Wickersham Wickersham 44 Walsh Hall Wickersham Stevens-210 College Motel-Apt 749 5 College Motel-Apt if 5 McIntosh-204 Ladd AFB, Bldg. 4os7, Apt 4 1. Hes s-502 Deceased Town Steven s-1 07 Hess Wickersh am Wickersh am 703 Lacey St. Fr. P. Grad Grad. Soph. Fr. Soph. Grad. WCS WCS Soph. Soph. Soph. gr' h op . Grad. Soph. Grad. Grad, Jr. Grad. Fr. Sr. J . Grad. Grad. Jr. Soph. Grad. P. Grad Fr. Fr. WCS Fr. Sr. Fr. Soph, Fr. WCS XVCS Fr. Sr. Jr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Jr. P. Gr Soph. Fr. Jr. Grad. Fr. Jr. Grad. Soph. ad Wickersham McIntosh-306 401--11th Ave. Wickersham Ladd 255 College Rd. Nerland-217 403-4th Ave. McIntosh-308 Town Stevens-5 Nerland-226 Nerland-317 McIntosh-216 Mclntosh-209 238 Well St. McIntosh-105 College Rd. Stevens-202 Dead End Alley Nerland-16 Wickersham Town McIntosh-316 Town 552-3rd-Graehl Wickersham Stevens-201 Wickersham Mclntosh-5 Hess-205 Town Campus Lot 13-Courtney C McIntosh-107 Campus Campus 1230f9th Ave. Ct. 1230-9th Ave. Ct. 312 Kody 957-Sth St. Tanana Tr. Ct. Hess-305 Club Dorm Town College Road Stevens-309 Stevens-108 Mclntosh-2 Fairbanks Yankovitch Rd. McIntosh-714 Hessv308 Hess-312 Tanana Tr. Ct. Hess-316 Nerland'Z23 alt 2 Walsh Hall Nerland-17 511-18th Ave. Hess-307 1015-10th Ave. 1015-10tl'1 AVE. I-. Hess Ave, and College Rd. College Wickersham Town Town Wickersham if 7 Marietta. Lame Town Stevens-305 Wickersham 2201 Cushman Ladd McIntosh-305 I3 Mile 4. Colle eYRd. 1224 Denali Way Tamarack Inn Hess-109 Ladd 207 Wickersham St. Mclntosh-1 1039 Riverview Dr. if 110 Marvel Mobi 1811 Central Ave. 1811 Central Ave. Nerland-124 1013-9th 1013-9th Stevens-315 McIntosh-312 1233 McCarty Mclntosh-214 le Homes MAILING ADDRESS Same Box 1001 Same Box 332 Box Box Box 325, Same Same Box 478, Same Box 555, Box 445 Box 443 Same BOX 957 Same Same Same Same Box 81 Same College 352: College 701 College College College Box 584, College Same Same Box 426 Same Same Box 262, Same Same Same Same Same Box 144 Same College Box 7 14, College Same Box 601, College 119 Rozella St. Box 1511 Box 712 , College Same Box 7-16, Same Same Box 57 Box 57 Same Box S43 Box 543 Same Same Same Same Box 70-1, Same Box 477, Same Same Box 488 College College College Box 461, College Same Box 559 College Box 348i College Same Same Box 624, Same Same Box Box Box Box Box Same 16, College 1251 1231 513 513 Same Same Same Same Same Box 244 College Box 568, College Box 232, College Same Same Same Same Box 1539 Box 223. Box 223. Same Same Same College College Box 96, College Same Box 239. College ALASKA TOWN OR HOME STATE Georgia Anchorage College Fairbanks Fairbanks Palmer Seward College Illinois Kodiak Juneau Palmer Juneau Douglas South Dakota College Washington Nome College Massachusetts Anchorage China E. Pakistan Oregon Wasilla Fairbanks Anchor Point Kodiak Fairbanks Deering Fairbanks College New York Fairbanks Manley Hot Sp. Fairbanks Pennsylvania Wfasilla Spenard Fairbanks California Fairbanks Connecticut College Fairbanks Connecticut Spenard Palmer Fairbanks Fairbanks Virginia Fairbanks Petersburg Illinois Ohio New Mexico New York Fairbanks College College Juneau College College Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks North Pole New Jersey XVash., D.C. Michigan Fairbanks College Anchorage Anchorage Kodiak Fairbanks Nome California New Jersey New Jersey Michigan Michigan Unalakleet Spenard Cordova Fairbanks New Jersey Fairbanks Fairbanks College College Anchorage Illinois Fairbanks Palmer Palmer Fairbanks Florida Fairbanks Michigan Wisconsin Hungary College Fairbanks I Pennsylvania Fairbanks Massachusetts Fairbanks Juneau Fairbanks Fairbanks College New York Tok Illinois Montana Washington Kodiak Fairbanks Massachussetts SS. NAMF Iaastaugli, Eduard Eastaugli. XX'illxam Eastland. IJ.lKI'ICl.l , l'. Arnol Eduarr Erliiilv ls, john Edu ards. Paul C. l I. l'ricks l"itriliuC F lr lr l'nller. Kennctli It ullfxx XX' lpalook. Fr. XVCS hluarrlt Sandra Eldc. Sterling Eisclxraun, Ciarx Elder. Clrl A. Ignubl-im Ritliard Epplu, Clary E. Erickson. 111-lvert Ci. Eritkvim. Richard lfritksiin, Sallx Eruin. Priscilla Exams. Romer M. lfulims Rox lfl. liylmk Donald li.ilirenkamp. llettw Fair. 'lili-'mas Li. lklrstlalil. Edina lzixer, Ronald liltzlxugli 'loin l'lnxrl flallrlla lloxd. Mau lj. I-liieutl. XYilIx.in1 Fivlta. Ritliald lmiite. Alexis lfilivtc llimc XY. lllrlme Norm: Instr-I ,lions lioslcl rl-.lm Imxxlcr Ri-bin liianklei Cir-orgc l'riiiklin Maiuncrsle l'i.i7itr llnvnas Irtemni Rirliaid 'icy Ilcttx Al irviks C Iiuilia rxt. james E, nel' Alxeemae iwci' Mails XV. I: ullnn l.iri'v Lialwiiel. btinliird Liam Kenneth rl, Cilllan ii Lilix A. fhiiixcliim r.i.rd..n L-.irrlntr Liu-rye C-llllfjues. Rivirllnl Ciaiitlilcr. Flernird liixin Alsa li. traxin. Anita I.:. Lilian. l,illi.1i1 Fr. XVCS Sandvik Rd. Lil- rue, ,lriome Metz l.e-.n C, Liillwr-rt. Cvillwrrt. llristu I7 ix id A, Liillrrlst R-iluelt lxan N, 1-illilao . Dciinis Liiiitlnri julio L-l ix mm ull, IJ.lL1l l lrcl lioclac ..1 tmostliiii Ions Cnml-iii, liciirut lvrall. Robert Clraliam Russell 1.i.u.t lann E. C-rise I-lelco I Cilaxcx Dlvoald M Liu:-in Robert A builtin, Kim 17. C-iillirlv, filnstincl. Qiriliillu, bllllufcl l', Herbert Cvrxlwrik D..n.ild Cinstals-in Edwin L.ucz.ils..n, Karen L-uilirie, Renee Haggard Martha .ilin Robert .ilulit Hildled Robert B. .iidi-ki , . H H Haiulit. H Hal-ivkr ixlrli. lohn -rich Marcia Hall. Carol Hall lil-r-:llix H ill I.-lrn 15. ll ll-.iiwn ll lla aiwn. ,land lilxiiiseiu Mark .llI1I.lclltI. flnlft I-liinxlt--ii. le-vnard 7 Hamilr-ui. ,ona F. H .1 mm Nolan A. l' Daxnl I. llmklns-un, Fred I Hansen. amcs H. Hansen, Octixia Hanson. C-.irv H. Hanson . Henry XY. I-larman. Dax id . l'l. Stanlex Harrell. Dollve Harris. XY'ilda Harris. NY'illiam I'I.1l'fiiun, Agnes Harrison. james Hartlev, Albert Hartmann Robert Harxex. Neal E. Hauman. Deann ll.15cr,1II. Marion Haw. Ronald C. Hazleton. Ralph Heei. Eduin I.. llc-iner Daxid Huviier, Iauxremc lflciner. Virginii DI lfl B.S. I'lirv H.l.. Liml, lveol. klliil l. A XX' M. Miirlg, Llllrl. llml. lfnrl ll IX, IVA I A, llxitl Mm l l2.l'. K ,I . lid C li IRI ll,x li 11, llml. l'nrl l'iiLl I7 M ll A llml lllvnl Xliii I I Ii. liml lrcwl liml klnrl l l l'ilrl l' A l'il ll A 1'ncI Mer li, limi. l,M. I.A. BA I li Malls. Il 1 IL: M.l,. li.A Ed, lid, llnrl. Crew-l. li If lsrl. XXIM Cieul. Unrl. E Malli. be-vl. llml. 14.8. EE, li A, BS. E.E, Linrl. Uncl. Llntl Ed. lid. Uncl, H.F. hllii lf Ililcl. Uncl. H.E. Uml. Ed Uncl. Uncl, IS.A. H.E. Ld.'lLl. Chem linrl. Fd CE. CE. lid. lclnigl. EE. L'nil. Cie--I. Min.E. Ed. Min.E lien-l. C F Untl. Uncl. E'l lclncl. NE. C E. Xkfol 13.5, IMA. lad. Math Uncl. Math Genl. H.E. Uncl. YEAR Jr. Fr. Fr. XVCS Soph. Fr. Sr. Soph. Soph. XVCS XVCS Fr. Fr. Sopli. Fr. XVCS jr. Fr. Q P. Grad Grad. jr. Grad. jr. Fr. Fr. XVCS Soph. Grad. Fr. Soph. XVCS Fr. Fr. Fr. Sr. XVCS Fr. jr. XVCS jr. Grad. Fr. XVCS Soph. Fr. Grad. Fr jr. Fr. jr. Fr. Fr. Soph. jr. Grad. Fr. Sopli. Tr. Fr. jr. WCS Fr. Fr. jr. XVCS Fr. Ir. jr. Sopli. XVCS XVCS Fr. Grad. XVCS Sr. Soph. Fr. XVCS Soph P. Grad Soph. XVCS XVCS Jr. jr. jr. XVCS Soph. XVCS Sr. Fr. Jr. Soplm. XWCS Sr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Grad. Fr. Sr. jr. P. XVCS Sr. XVCS Sr. Tr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Grad. Soph. Fr. Soph. Fr. Sr. Soph. RESIDENCE Stevens-205 Stevens-313 Wickersham Sprucewood Rd. Nerland-119 Town 123 Fourth Ave. I-less-315 Hess--213 Town Fairbanks Hess-210 Mclntosh-517 Mclntosh-106 Xlifickersham Town Nerland-221 Stevens-303 Yankovich Rd. College Campus College Nerland'-220 Xvickershan Town Fairbanks Stevens-315 Hess-50-I XVickersham Hess-205 College Stevens-211 Town Nerland-205 Stes ens-3 North Pole Mclntosh-107 Stex ens-107 5-I6 Minnie St. S16 Noyes Sln Noyes Nerland-220 Campus Campus Stevens-106 Sprucewood Rd. Grad. Nerland'-515 Stevens-109 Nerland-18 Mclntosh-109 Nerland-121 Stevens-305 Nerland-215 Mclntosh-301 Hess and Col. Rd. Wickersham Hess and Col. Rd. Stevens-515 Mclnttwsh--305 Box 218 Stevens- 215 Stevens-3 I-less-5 Mclntosh-2 Fairbanks Mclnrosh-217 Hess-4 XVicl-cersham-102 Nerland-219 Northern Tr. Ct. Mclnrosh-105 Stevens-315 619'Ilfh Ave. Campus Town Wfickersham-306 College Town Stevens-4 1-less-215 Nerlarid-225 Town Wfickersham 10-I2 Pedro Stevens-203 Town Town 1210-5th Ave. 1210-Sth AVC. XVickersham 303 Slater Dr. Nerland-317 3-F-8 Fairview Manor 3--F-8 Fairview Manor Stevens-216 Mclntosh-307 Mclntosh-305 40-l College Rd. McIntosh-217 Mclntosh-209 Mclntosh-316 Town Town Stevens--8 1252-9th AVC. Cf. Queen's Ct. Apts., Ladd AFB if 7 Mack Rd. Fairbanks 210 Alaska XVay Nerland-221 Town Stevens-313 Nerland-126 4 1,12 Mi. Chena Ridge Rd. Campus Mclntosh-105 Mclntosh-110 Stevens-104 Mclntosh- Univ, Tr. Ct. Campus MAILING ADDRESS Box -102, College Same Box 7-11, College Same Same Same Box 755, College r'o Fed. Electric Same Same Same Box 759. College Same cfo Complroller's office Box -163 Box 172 Same Same Same Box 611, College Same Same Box 369, College Box 162 Same Same Box 705, College Box 91 Same Same Box 1222 Box 1222 B-ax 19, chiiege Same Box 248 Same Same Box 571, College Same Gen. Del. Same Box 88, College Same Box 88, College Same Box 756, College College Same Same Same BOX 1266 Same Same Same Box 729. College Same Same Box 231 Same Box 72 i. Colloge Same Box 22 7, College Same Same Same Same Same Same Box 708, College Same Same Same Same Box 486, College Same Same Same Same Same cfo B.P.R. Box 1600 Same Box 749, College BOX 1781 Box 659 Same Same Same Box 622, College Box 937 Same Same Box 445, College ALASKA TOXVN OR HOME STATE Wfrangell Wrangell Fairbanks XVashington Cape Pole Maryland Maryland Oregon California Texas Fairbanks Seward Fairbanks Seward Brasil College California Anchorage College Seward College gen' jgrsey enar Tliexas Idaho Anchorage California Anchorage Massachusetts College Kotzebue Fairbanks England California North Pole Kansas Anchorage Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Nenana Washington Wlashington Anchorage XVisconsin Spenard College Ninilchik Seward Palmer Fairbanks Fairbanks Anchorage Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks College Anghorage Wlashington California New York Anchorage Kodiak Michigan Nome Washington Anchorage Anchorage Minnesota Oregon Anchorage Fairbanks College Idaho Kenai College College Homer Indiana Fairbanks Fairbanks Petersburg Fairbanks Washington Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Anchorage Fairbanks Anchorage Washington Wfashington Mt. Edgecumbe Mt. View Ketchikan Fairbanks Spenarcl Palmer Anchorage Eagle Fairbanks Ft. Greely Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Palmer Fairbanks Fairbanks Washington Washington California Seward California College Oregon Nenana Ninilchik Petersburg Petersburg College NAME Helllericli, Carla Helrlerxrlw. Merritt I-lelser. Rodnev Hemphill. james Hendrix, Thomas Henry. judith Hensel. Richard Herbert. Stephen Herrick, Rodnev Hill, Marv Ann Hillman. ,lack 1-lintermayr Klaus Hitchcoclr, james Hitchcotk. Kay Hitcliock. I..1u fence Hiv. Tom lee Holden, Dennis Holden, Maureen Holley, Eugene Holliday. Grace Hook. Dennis F. Hook, Gudne H. Hook. Jerry L. Honpes. Mattliexx Horn, Vernell K. Howard, Patricia I-louarcl. Sallv Huber. Anne Hubner, Eldon L. 1-luey, Norvella V. Huff, Carol jane Hughes, Rodger Hume, Harold Hume. Jeanne 1-I. l-lunsucker, Robert Hunter. Anthonv Hunter. Celia Hunter. Lorne H. Hunter, Paul C. Hurley, Francis Hurley. joan M. Hurst, Virginia Husson. Thomas Ingman. Allan Inman. Wfilliam Elmer Irving, Stephanie lsberg, Maureen lsto, Edu ard lxey. Bernard jaekman. Robert jackson. Raymond jackson. Vivien Jacobson, Elaine jam-rek. Ronald Ielfnrd. -Iacqulin Iellinek. Arthur jenkins, Jennings Gary 1.. . Dennis Jennings. Lyman Jernigan, Frances Johansen, Carolyn johnson, Alain johnson. Bex erly johnson. Clay O. johnson, Corliss johnson. Dennis johnwn, Gary j. jolmeon. james johnson, Margie johnson, Marie johnson, Paula A. johnson, Philip R. johnson. Thomas Jokiel, Bernhard jones, Gavin Jones, Helen S. jones. Owen J. jones, Terry E. juhnke. Larry Kaiser. Henry S. Kallenherg. Robert Kantner, Howard Karabelnikolf, Frank Kareen, Kenneth Kaufman. Lorenz Kegler, Marv Ann Keller. john I.. Kelly, Edward Kemak, Emily B. Kenn, Deanne K. Kennedy, Bruce Kennedy, Charles Kennedy, Kristin Kent, Frederick Kent, Jeanette A. Kerner, Mary C. Kerns. judith Kesrer, Kenneth P. Keturi. Ray C. Kelly, Lillian H. Killer. Kenneth Killgrove, Albert King, Alma R. King, Charles D. Kink. K. Mel Kitn, john R. Kitson, George Klages. Gerhard Klein. Calvin Kleinbach. Michael Knutsen. Audree Knutsen, Gustie Koch, JoAnn I.. Koon, Wfilliam F. Kopnnen. Anne E Koponen. joan Koponen, Niilo Kornfeind. Richard Kranich. Robert Kranz, Francis Kriebs, jean O. Dlflfl' IHA. I. A. fveol. lieivl CF. H.F. XV.lNl CE. XXCM. SS. CLS. HA. Cos. l..A. Ed B.S. E.E. H.E. Chem Uncl. 12.5. Hb. Uncl. l..A. BA. SS. LA. l..A l..A. Uncl, Ciphvs. B.A. Uml llncl. Goliys Unel. M E.E. Uncl. I..A. Uncl. Cieol. Ed. XV.lNI Ed. Ed. IMA. CE. Ed. Cecil L'ncl. llncl. Chem Ed. Cueol. ILA. Uncl. XV.M. Uncl. lclncl. Uncl. ga. lgcl. Ed. E.E. B.A. BS. Ed. Uncl. l,,A. Uncl. Uncl. CE. Uncl Unel. Uncl. B.A. Uncl. Ed Plus. B.S. C.E. Ed. Uncl. Uncl. CE. C ,E. llncl. Uncl. Uncl. C.E. B.S. Ed. Ed. Uncl. H.E. FLA. Ld. d. Chem. B.A. Uncl, B.S. E C.E. XV.M. Ed. W.M. XV.M, Ed. S.S. Ed. Uncl. Ed. Uncl. Uncl. Uncl. Ed. CE. B.A Fd, YEAR jr. jr. Fr. Fr. jr. Fr. Grad. Soph. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Soph. Sr. Sr. Soph. Soph. jr. Grad. P. Grad. Fr. Soph. WCS Fr. Soph . Soph. Sr. Sr. Sr. WCS Fr. Soph. Soph. WCS Grad. jr. WCS Sr. Sr. WCS Fr. Fr. Fr. Sr. Fr. Soph. Soph. Soph. Fr. jr. P. Gard. Soph. Fr. Grad. Sr. Sr. Sr. Fr. Fr. Yr. WCS WCS XVCS Grad. Soph. Sr. Fr. jr. Fr. Grad. WCS Sr. WCS Fr. Fr. Fr. P.Grad. Fr. Fr. Soph. Sr. Fr. Sr. Soph. jr. P.Grad. Jr. fr. r. P.Grad. WCS Fr. Sr. Fr. jr. Fr. WCS Sr. Soph. Sr. Jr. Fr. Jr. WCS Ir. Tr. Fr. Soph. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. WCS Soph. WCS XVCS P.Gracl. Sr. Soph. Sr. Grad. RESIDENCI l1N. Mary' lenpli 11 N. Marv 1.cit1 500-2nd ANL Campus Univ. Tr. Ct. Wlickersham Coup. XVild R-p.. I Mclntosh-511 Mclntosh-2117 Xlifickersliam Nerland-323 1-126 Eielson St. Univ. Tr. Ct. if 5 Walsli Hall Town Nerland-520 Campus Univ. Tr. Ct. Hess-303 Ladd AFB Stevens-108 College College Nerland-321 Town Wickersham 2-B-5- Dixon Apts., Fbks. 314 Slater Dr. Stevens-10-I Town XVickershamL-101 Nerland-216 Town 4 Mi. College Rd. 12-15 Kennicott Mclntosh-310 Dogpatch, Bal. Rd. Thomas St. Mclntosh-305 Town Wfickersham-217 Ladd -101-11th 1427 Lacey Nerland-125 Stevens-2 Town Town Mclntosh-l Hess-202 Nerlandf502 Univ. Tr. Ct. Campus Yankovich Road Stevens-305 Wickersham McIntosh-212 Mclntosh-30-1 Stevens-316 Nerlandi507 Town Univ. Ave. 3 ll2 Mi. Col Rd Campus Nerland-118 College Stevens--213 Mclntosh-210 Hess-108 1511 Laurene 1337-6th Ave. Ladd. 5060th Tr. S Mclntosh-315 Nerland-122 Ladd College Stevens-208 Stevens'-308 Nerland-526 College Nerland-207 Farmers Loop Rd. Nerland-325 Nerland--201 College College Nerlnnd-122 Nerland-216 3-I8 Brandt Town Hess-208 Nerland-305 Wickersham Univ. Tr. Ct. Univ. Tr. Ct. Grenac Rd. 126--Znd Ave. Stevens Town Town Stevens-212 Mclntosh-210 Town College 1106-2nd Ave. Nerland-124 2-A-5- Fairview Manor Nerland-506 Stevens-214 Wickersham Sprucewood Rd. Stevens-2 CIEUXYU Stevens-los Eielson AFB Chena Ridge Clxena Ridge Town Nerland-322 BOQ 5 Ladd AFB Sprucewnod Rd. MAILING ADDRESS Box 769. College Box 769. College Same Box 331. College Same Box 998 Same Same Same Same llox 116 llox 116 Same lliw 514 .mime Same not 232. College liox 912, College Same Same Same Box 702, College Box 175, Fnlle-'e Same Box -559 Same Box 449, College 526 Box Box 511 , College 449 Box , Box 7-15. BOX 707 College College Same Same Box 1600, Fairbanks Gen. Del. College Box 651 Same Box 174, College Same Same Same Same Box 422 Box 2 Same Gen. Del., College Same Same Same Same Same Box 806 Box 545. College Same Same Same Same Same Same Box 417 Same Box 18, College Same Same Box 76 Box 258. College Same Same Same Same Box 729. Collellf Same Box 451, College BOX 451, College Box 154 Same Same Box llff 1 Bin xarm- 'olive 2i..,.g College Omg. .M..,,i. Z i To e L1 ,i -. '49, College Same Bos: 92.4, College Same Box 885 Box 885 Murphy Hall Box Q2 ALASKA TOWIS. OR HOME STATE Connecticut Connecticut Seward-Hope Ha Colorado XVashington - Fairbanks College Fairbanks Maine Pennsylvania Fairbanks Fairbanks College College Wasllington California Anchorage College New Hampshire Fairbanks Anchorage Montana Tanana Pennsylvania Massachusetts Fairbanks Georgia Fairbanks Minnesota Xlifashington New York Fairbanks College College fliegon liansas - llege 'xX'...liington Kaiisas Fairbanks Palmer Fairbanks Michigan College Illinois Kotzebue Juneau Fairbanks Fairbanks McGrath Oklahoma New York Washington, D. C. College Illinois Anchorage Yukon Terr. Juneau Valdez Illinois Tennessee College Fairbanks College Palmer California Eska Anchorage Fairbanks Illinois Fairbanks Texas California Petersburg New Jersey Connecticut Anchorage Anchorage Anchorage Chugiak College Dillingham Ohio Spenard Anchorage College I Pennsylvanii Colnrail 1 Fairlw-' . Faivliai : IQ iw i 5 l i ., 1 . 1 f nir- .. ,lar Q- idiington 1,1 ,ixliington I 1-llegc I-.iirhanks California Fairbanks Mrliinley Park Ketchikan Anchorage Palmer College I California Petersburg Massachusetts New York- Pennsylvania Fairbanks Texas Dillingham New jersey Washington Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Homer Fairbanks College 205 Hf 11 Nfvhllz Krize, lffcnm. F, Kuhns, Hoxxard Kulms, l,.lw1cnCe Kura.iw.1, Matthew Iiushin, Elena latli, XV.1lrlcmar l.alil1 Amlrew Inindgutli, Beverly Lang, Anna R. Lange, Nancy J. Linstra, Albert lurman, Brian T. Larsen, Al K. Ixirscn. Norma Latta, Marilyn M. Layne, Mary Etta Leap. Charles Leap. john R. Leask, Rnnalil Lcdbetter, fic-rald Leinbach, Ruth Leigh-Kendall, Trula Lemon, Joseph Irnegar, Joseph Lent, Peter I.c-onard, Kathryn Iuonc, Ronald Lerxick, Glenn Lethm, Kris Lindquist, James Lindstrom, Albert Lindstrom, Xvlllldm Link, Francie Llewellyn, Wfilliam Loyal, Ji1Ck D. Loftus, Audrey S. Long, Dorothy Long, Ronald Longley, Patricia Lnunsbury, Joe Lovett, Marian Lowclen, E. Philip Lowney, Kenneth Ludwig, Mark S. Lunilstrom, Katherine M.1cCl:mahan, George Mad-cenzie, Jean McAlister, Frances McCann, Clifford Mcfartney, Sharon McClain, David R. Ilcllaniel, Mattie B'cDiarmid, Rachel I"3ougall, Gerry Miiimnis. Frances McGuin, John D. If'lcKillop, Gordon Mclixnley, Judy McKinney, John H. McLean, Dora E. McLean, Ralph E. McLean, Sylvia McTaggart, Francis McXVllliams, Galen Maddocks, Roy Magee, Mary M. Nagnussen, Ronald Mahle, Jacque luialcnlm, Garold T- mn, Elizabeth Uarkcl, Xxllllldm llarimri, Dennis Martin, John Martin. Lyle lviartindale. Frances Mathews, Ralph C. Mathis, Lon U. Mazonnin, George Meade, Joseph A. Mease, John XV. Meeks, Tommy Joe Melchnir, Hilda Melville, Jay Mclxxlle, John XV. Merrill, Charles Merritt, Doreen Merritt, Kenneth Mcuchel, Joann Meurs, Janice Michalow, Peter Mick, Colin K. Mick, Linda I-I. Middleton, Herbert Middleton, Mary Miller, James B. Miller, James W. Muller, John M. Miller, Michael Millison, Richard Miltcnberger, Mary Mitchell, Curtin Mncnlng, Harold Moon. Bryden E. lvloore, Roderick Moores, Eugene Moores, Lnlisa Morgan, Myra M. Muffin, Wfllliam Morris, Mclvan E lvliirrow, Linda R. Murrow, Sharon Morton, Elizabeth Morton. Robert Mmclv, Aurclia lxli.-lrry, Clarence Mueller, lirnxt Muller, lircd Munson, Marie Murray, Daxiil Myers. Frederick Nagozruk, Floyd 206 DEPT B.A. B.S. B.A. lid. Min. Malli. Ed. Ed. G.S. C.E. E.E. Uncl. Uncl. Ed. Uncl. Chem. Phys. E.E. E.E. 5.5. Ed. B.A. Uncl. B.S. L.A. E.E. Uncl. B.A. Ed. Min.E. C.E. Uncl. C.E. EE Uncl. Uncl. XV.M. L.A. B.A. H.E. C.E. C.E. C.E. B.S. C.E. Ed. Ed. Uncl. H.F XV.lNl. Ed. Ed. BA Uncl. B.A. B.A. H.E. Uncl. L.A, B.S. L.A. Uncl. W.M B.A. Uncl. E.E. Uncl. C.E. lid, Math. B.A. E.E. B.A. Uncl. fi F. XY' N Uliil Uml CL. L-l. Uml. C.E. Uncl. Gu-l. Chem XV.M. Ed. Ld. Uncl. L.A I..A. GS. G.S, Uncl. B.A. C.E. E.E. Uncl. H.E. Chem. Geal. Ed. C.E. Gefml. Uncl. Uncl Ed. XXf.lNl. Ed. Ed, Uncl. C.E. S.S. Uncl. Chem Phys. L.A. W.M. L.A, Ed. YEAR Jr. Sr. Fr. Sr. Fr. Fr. Fr. TR. WCS Grad. Soph. Sr. P.Grad. P.Grad. Sr. WCS Fr. Fr. Soph. Fr. Sr. P.Grad. Sr. Fr. Sr. Grad. Soph. Fr. Soph. WCS Fr. Fr. Jr. Fr. Fr. WCS Fr. Jr. Grad. Fr. Soph. Fr. Jr. Fr. Fr. Jr. Fr. Sr. WCS Soph Fr. Grad. Sr. Soph. Fr. Soph. Fr. Fr, Sr. Sr. gr. r. WCS Soph. Fr. WCS Sr. XVCS Soph. Grad. Grad. Fr. Soph. Fr. XVCS Fr. Fr. Jr. Fr. Sr. Fr. WCS Fr. WCS Sr. Grad. Fr. Fr. Soph. Fr. Soph Fr. Soph. Sr. WCS Soph. Sr. Sr. WCS jr. Fr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr. WCS XVCS Jr. Sr. Soph. Sr. Soph. Sr. Jr. P. Grad. Jr. Fr. Grad . Grad. Soph. Fr. RESIDENCE 1006 Kellum 543-8th Ave. Stevens-307 BOQ 5 Ladd AFB Wickersham-220 Hess-212 Mclntosh 111 Town 5060th Sup. S . Walsh Hall fl 1616 Southern McIntosh-205 Sprucewood Rd. Sprucewood Rd. 1406 Airport Rd. Town Town Town Mclntosh-213 Stevens-306 Ballaine Rd. Fairbanks BOQ 5 Ladd AFB 200 Charles St. Town Town Stevens--209 Mclntosh-502 Stevens-509 21 Mi. Rich. Hy. Steven s-2 14 Hess-207 501-2nd Ave. Stevens-209 Town Town 905 Polaris Stevens-207 College 220 Charles St. Wickersham Mclntosh-206 Hess-208 Mclntosh-313 Wfickersham Totem Drive Wickersham Unit V Fairbanks Town Stevens-506 615 Northward 2005 Cushman Mclntosh-215 5 Kathryn, Lameta Stevens-501 Stevens-504 Wickersham Town 2-H--1 Fairview Manor McIntosh-311 Wickersham Fairbanks Farmers Loop Rcl. 520-lst Ave. Campus College Wolf Run Nerland-226 Town Hess-3 College Nerland-15 Stevens-5 25-l Charles Nerland-207 Stevens--305 Pedro Dome Stevens-111 2035 Airport Rd. Town College 156 Kutter Town Nerland-205 11116 Noble St. Ncrland-301 Wlckersliam Wfickersham College Nerland-121 Wickersham Mclnrosh-314 Wickersham Ladd Mclntosh-5 2 Eleanor Ave. Walsh if 7 1563 Noble St. Bldg. 4009-6, Ladd AFB Stevens-307 Walsh 944 6 Hess-5 Birch Lane Univ. Tr. Ct. Univ Tr. Ct. Northward-Apt. 516 Hess-104 Mclntosh-106 Wickersham Wickersham I0-l Eagle St. 104 Eagle St. 119 Charles St. 619-17th St. Nerland-319 Nerland-220 Walsh Hall Tanana Tr. Ct. 109 Dawson St. McIntosh-208 MAILING ADDRESS Same Same Same Murphy Hall Same Ladd AFB Box 768, College Same Box 431, College Box 293 Box 293 Same Same Same Box 501 Box 485 Murphy Hall Gen. Del., College Same Same Gen. Del., Same Same Same Same Same Box 345, College Same Same Same Same Box 1170 Same Box el-H Same Box 564 Box 661 Same Same Same Same Same Same Box 601. College Same Box 117 Same Box 79, ACS. Fbks. Box 505, College Same Box 749. College Box 742, College Same Box 78. College Gen. Del., College Same Same Same Same Box 2190. Fbks. Same Same Box 161 Box 427, College Box 52. College Box 24 Same Box 227, College Box 1271 Box 593, College Same Box 285. College Box 283. College Same Same Box 435, College Same Box 215 Same Box 468, College Same Box 1-12. College Box 759. .College Sox 739. College t3ox12231. Fbks. Box 1553. Fbks. Box 746, College Box 7-16, College Same Same Box 268, College Same Same Box 768, College Box 446, College Same Same ALASKA TOWN OR HOME STATE NAME Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks St. Paul Is. Connecticut Anchorage Fairbanks Fairbanks Ohio Fairbanks Juneau College College Sitka Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Merlakatla Anchorage College Fairbanks Fairbanks New York New Jersey North Dakota. New Hampshire Ketchikan Fairbanks Homer I-Iomer Fairbanks Wisconsin Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Washington North Carolina Fairbanks Illinois Homer Fairbanks Juneau College New York College Fairbanks Palmer Sitka Fairbanks Wisconsin Washington Fairbanks Spenard New Mexico Palmer West Virginia Fairbanks College Washington Nebraska Illinois Fairbanks Montana Vermont New York North Pole Fairbanks Ohio Spenard Anchorage Juneau Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Washington Washington Fairbanks Arizona College Fairbanks Fairbanks Wash. D. C. College Juneau Montana Petersburg Fairbanks Palmer Fairbanks Homer Homer North Carolina Anchorage Fairbanks Arizona Fairbanks Fairbanks California Minnesota Fairbanks Maine Maine Maine Oregon Ohio Washington Anchorage Anchorage Fairbanks Fairbanks Virginia Fairbanks Fairbanks Nenana Minnesota Vermnnt Arkansas Nome Nankervis. James Naskc, Claus Nelson, Beauford Nelson, Judy Nelson, Sheilla Nelson, Terry A. Nesbett, Ray A. Ness, Mabel C. Newsome, Louis Newsome. Marion Nichol s, Joseph Nielsen, John Niemi. Nicmi. Delbert Sylvia Niemiec. Thaddeus Niles. Caron A. Niswnngcr Richard Nistler. Joseph Nobles, Mark A. Norclby, Paula Nnrdmark, XV1ll1am Norrington, Alan Oakes, Patricia O'Dnnncll, Nancy Oetzcl, Geofuf O'Farrell, Thomas Ogle. Leonard Okedara. Joseph Olsen, Knrrmn D. Olsen, Jerry G. Olson. Orlcnc M. O'Ne1ll, Sally Olpalka, Michael Orcutt, Helen Orcutt, Stanford Orr, Judy M. Orr, Robert J. Osborne, Robert Owen, Hazel M. Owrcn, Ingrid Paige, Marcia Palecek, Eddie Palccek, Janet Palmer, Ruth N. Palzer, John Parent, D. Bruce Parent, Elizabeth Park, Daiil Parker, Ace R. Parker, Marjorie Parkins, Marjorie Parks, Dean G. Parsons, Janet I.. Paschall, James Pattinson. Judith Paulsen, Ronald Payton, Fred Peasgood, Ethyl Peel, Emil Pogues, Geoffrev Pelosi, Melba Pence, Evelyn B, Pender, Frances Pender, Wfillum Pennell, David Pentland, Wfxlliam Peratrmich. Robert Perham, James Perkins, Latham Perkins, Richard Perryman. Luanne Petersen, Lawrence Peterson, Carl Peterson, Carol Peterson, Gary Peterson, JoAnn Peterson, Robert Phillips, Edgar Philips, Nancy Pickler, Barbara Pierce, Julia Pihlman, Dale Pitts. Emmett Poling, Mitchell Ponko, Marshall Poor, Val J. Pope, Joseph H. Porter, Don I-I. Porter. Porter. Potter Puwel Powers, Power Irma Marilyn Margaret , Alice S. Kathleen s, Xllfayne i Prarnr, Melba Pritch ard, Charles Quebbemann, Aloysius Quirino, Philip Rabinnwitz, All Race. James L. Ramos, Andy A, Ramos, Junior Ramos, Rita M. Rasmussen, Albie Raymond, Charles Raymond, Gail T. Reader, Peter Reams, Marvin Reed, Kenneth Reed, Irving Reese, Margaret Reeve, Richard Reeve, Roberta Reger, Kathleen Roger, Richard Renner, Ralph Renshaw, Daniel Reynolds, Richard Rice, Garv Lee Rice, Katherine DEPT. S.S. 5.5. Uncl. H.E. Ba. 5.5. L.A Uncl. Uncl. Ed. B.A. B.A. B.S. B.S. Ceul.E. B.A. B.A. Uncl. Uncl. Uncl. E.E. B.A. Ed. Ed, Gphys. XV.M, S.S. B.S. C.E. Ed Ed. H.E. Ag. Math. E.E. Ed. C.E. C.E. Geol. Math. Uncl. B.A. Uncl. L.A. B.A. C.E. Ed. Chem.E. M.E. Uncl. Ed. Uncl. B.S. E.E. L.A. Ed. Cfeol. Uncl. Gefrl. B.A. Uncl. Uncl. Uncl. Geol. Ed. Uncl. E.E. C.E. XX',lvI. Chem. Uncl. Uncl. Ed. Ed. M.E. S.S, WLM. Uncl. Math. SS. Uncl. W,M. C.E. Chem. Geol. B,A. Gphys. Uncl. Uncl. L.A. Ed: Uncl. Math. Ed. Ed. L.A. B.S. Phys. Uncl. Uncl. B.S. Ed. Ed. H.E. Phys. I..A. L.A. Uncl. 5.5. Uncl. lid. B.A. Uncl. H.E. Cecil. Uncl. Min.E. W.M. C.E. B.A YEAR S h. sip P. Grad. Jr. Fr. Fr. Jr. P.Grad. Soph. Fr. Fr. Jr. Sr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Soph. P.Grad. Fr. Soph. Fr. Fr. Grad. Fr. Grad. Grad. Fr. Soph. Sr. Fr. Jr. Soph. Fr. Grad. Jr. Soph. Fr. Sr' h op . Grad. WCS Jr. WCS Sr. Jr. Fr. Fr. Jr. br. WCS Soph. Fr.. Jr. Fr, Fr. Soph. Sr. P.Grad. Jr. Fr. P.Grad. WCS WCS Jr. Sr. Jr. Fr. Jr. Soph. Fr. P.Grad. Fr. Sr. Soph. Fr. Sr. Fr. WCS Fr. Sr. WCS Fr. Soph. Fr. Jr. Fr. Grad. WCS. YC? op . Jr. WCS Soph. Soph. Fr. Fr. Sr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Sr, Soph. Jr. Soph. Sr. Sr. Sr. Fr. Fr. WCS Jr. gr' h op . Soph. Jr. Fr. Jr. Fr. Fr. Sr. RESIDENCE Nerland-319 Hess-205 606 Bentley Dr. Wickersham Wickersham Nerland-524 Mclntosh-203 if 21 River Rd., Berrys T 1019 Smythe Wickersham Hess-206 1376-6th Mclntosh--218 905-9th Avenue McIntosh-315 701 Ninth Stevens-20-1 310 172 First Mclntosh-203 Wickersham McIntosh-306 Stevens-111 2-A-3 Dixon Apts. Wickersham Stuart 999 12 Stuart if 2 Nerland-117 Stevens-312 Town Town Town Wickersham Campus College College Wickersham Stevens-111 Hess-212 Town Campus Campus Univ. Tr. Ct. Univ. Tr. Ct. Univ. Tr. Ct. Stevens-218 702 Bentley Dr. Wickersham Hess-204 207-4th Ave. College Wickersham Stevens-8 Town , Stevens-105 XVickersham 409-4th Sr.. H.A. 231 Minnie St. Burgess Apts. Stevens-318 if 8 Eleanor St., Apt if 1 College 594 Hamilton Wolf Run Wolf Run Campus Nerland-20-i Hess-107 Nerland-325 Dead End Alley Stevens-307 172-3rd Ave. Stevens-215 1213 Bunnel St. Univ. Tr. Ct. Nerland-326 College Town 4-B-1 Fairview Manor Wickersham Wickersham College Road Nerland-320 McIntosh-213 Nerland-126 Mclntosh-108 Stevens-206 College 1607 Gillam Way 329 Eureka Ave., H.A. 1607, Gillam Way Town Town Wickersham McIntosh-6 Wickersham Nerland-321 Walsh if 5 704 Turner Town Stevens-212 1563 Noble St. Town NX'ickersham Wolf Run Walsh if 9 Walsh if 9 Mclntosh-318 126-2nd Ave. Nerland-222 College C.B.Q. Ladd AFB McIntosh-310 Wickersham 'Wickersham Mclntosh-103 Stevens-205 Mclntosh-502 Nerland-307 Nerland-206 do Lt. James Rice r. Ct. MAILING ADDRESS Same Box 2-16 Same Same Same Same Box 5 5 3 Same 1019 Smythe Same Same Box 583, College Same Same Same Box 367, Same Same Same Box 554, Same Same Same Box 252, Box 267 Same Same Box 469, Box 112, Box 112, Box 717, Box 717, Same Box Box , Box 784, Box 784, Box 825 Same Box 1255 Same Same Same Box 605 Box 601, Same 495 785 Same Same Same Same Box 1971 Box 247 Fairbanks Box 265 Same Gen. Del College College College College College College College College College College Col lege College Gen. Del. Same Same Same Box 339. Same Same Box 347 Col lege Colle e , S Box 552, College Same Same Same Same Box 473 Same Same Same Box 145, College Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Gen. Del., College Same Same Same Box 727 Box 634. Box 634 College College Box 771: College Same Same Box 766 Box 779. Same Box 447. Box 447, Same Same Same Box 500, College College College Eielson AFB ALASKA TOWN OR HOME STATE Spenard College Fairbanks Juneau Skagway Sitka Anchorage Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Tanana Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Illinois Fairbanks Anchorage Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Washington Yukon Terr. Fairbanks Petersburg Wisconsin College Seldovia Nigeria Oregon Cor ova Texas Anchorage New York Canada Canada Anchorage Anchorage Anchorage Uganic Bay College Kansas Kansas Kansas College Fairbanks Fairbanks McGrath Korea Fairbanks College Anchorage Palmer Fairbanks Texas Anchorage Washington Fairbanks Fairbanks College Juneau College Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks California Idaho Klawock Illinois California Sitka Texas Ft. Yukon Sitka Spenard Palmer Juneau Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks California College Ketchikan Fairbanks Nenana Idaho Douglas College Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Spenard Juneau Spenard New York Illinois Texas Fairbanks Ketchikan Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks College Anchorage Tennessee Nome Fairbanks California College Washington Anchorage Anchorage Soldotna Soldotna Washington Anchorage Juneau XY'asilla NAME Rich, John W. Richmond, Robert Rizzi, Ronald Roberts, Annie Roberts, Helen Roberts, Larry R. Robinson. Curtis Rodenberg, William Roe, Joan M. Romano, Michael Romick, Gerald Rosa, John M. Rosen, Donald Rcsenberger, Jerome Ross, Billy D. Ross, Carol J. Rowinski, Christine Roy, Arthur L. Rnckstuhl, Edward Ruff, Alfred D. Runyon, William Rush, Robert R. Rutter, Nathaniel Ryan, James D. Ryan, Marcella A. Ryckman, Thomas Saarloos, Arthur Sailors, XVeston Sailors,Judith St. Amand. Lynn Salisbury, Lee Salisbury. Lesley Samford, Sallie Samson, John S. Sanders, Donald Sanders, Nola B. F. Ruth Sandvik. Sarber, Homer Sather, Patricia Sawey, Barbara Saylor, John Schaefer, August Schaefer, David Schaefer, Patricia Schaible, Jane Schallock, Eldor Schene, Adrian Schene, Earl L. Schreiber, Ruth Schraeder, Margaret Schraeder, Robert Schultz, Frederick Schwantes, David Schwartz, Owen M. Scofield, Sandra Scott. David Scott. Elva R, Scott, Helene Scott, James A. Scougal, Calvin Seger, Katherine Seilstad, Marian Seitz, Robert Sellmann. Paul Senungetuk, Joseph Senungetuk. Stanley Sexton, Marlene Sharp, Fred P. Sharrock, Patrick Shaw, Audrey V. Shaw, Jean Sherriff, Diane Shields. LorVel Shroyer. Peter Simmerman, Charles Simmons, Agnes Simon ds, Kluane Simpson. Ross Sims. Bill E. Siverly, Clarence Sleness. Wallace Slater, Helen L. Sliter, Smith Smith Smith Robert J. Smelcer, ,Charles Donald L. i George E Janet G. Smith: John H. Smith Smith Smith , Monte , Nancy L. Pauline Smith: Robert Smith Smith , Vernon XValter L Smythi, Jamie C. Snedd en, Duane Snodgrass, Leonard Sollenherger, Mark Sorri, Fred A. Southall. Alfred Spelhaug, Sharon Spidel. Ann Spilman, David Spooner, Marlene Spooner, Robert Staskanis. Frank Steinwandel, A. Charles Stelson, Jimmie Stephan, Jerene Stephenson, Donald Stermer, Richard Sternola,Joseph Steve, Victor J. Stock. Richard Stohl, Allen E. Stokes, Jean Storteboom. Fred Stragier, Madge Stragier. Noel Strandberg, Edward Strasbourger. Erna Stroud, Donald DEPT. E.E. Geol. Ed. Ed. Ed. Geol. C.E. Uncl. Uncl. E.E. Gphys. S.S. B.A. C.E. Ed. H.E. S.S. Ed. C.E. Phys. W.M. Ed. Geol. Uncl. B.S. L.A. B.S. Ed. B.A. Uncl. Uncl. Uncl. Uncl. B.A. Ed. Uncl. Uncl. W.M. Uncl. L.A. Ed. Uncl. C.E. L.A. L.A. W.M. E.E. W.M. Uncl. B.A. Geol. W.IwI. B.A. W.M. B.A. Uncl. Ed. Uncl. B.A. Ed. B.A. W.M. E.E. Geol. Ed. B.A. Uncl. Ed. B.A. Uncl. Uncl. B.A. Uncl. S.S. Phys. Uncl. H.E. Uncl. B.A. C.E. Uncl. Ed. B.A. B.A. B.A. W.M. Uncl. B.A. S.S. Ed. Math, C.E. Uncl. C.E. Ed. B.A. E.E. Geol. Uncl. E.E. Ed. B.A. Ed. Uncl. B.S. Uncl. M.E. Ed. L.A. E.E. S.S. B.A. W.M. B.A. Uncl. Uncl. W.M. L.A. C.E. M.E. G.S. W.M. YEAR Soph. Grad. Soph. FL P. Grad. Fr. Soph. FL XVCS FL Grad. Fr. Jr. Soph. Sr. Sr. Jr. Soph. FL Soph. Fr. FL Grad. WCS Fr. Fr. Soph. Grad. FL XVCS P.Grad. P.Grad. WCS Soph . SL WCS WCS Jr. WCS Soph. Grad. Fr. Soph. FL Fr. Soph. FL Grad. WCS Jr. SL Tr. FL Fr. Fr. Fr. WCS WCS Soph. Sr. SL Tr. Fr. Grad. Fr. Soph. WCS Fr. Soph. VUCS WCS Jr. Fr. Jr. Jr. XVCS Fr. WCS Fr. Soph. WCS Tr. Sr. Jr. Soph. Soph. WCS SL Fr. Soph. Fr. Sr. WCS Soph. Soph. Fr. Soph. Fr. WCS FL Soph. Soph. FL VVCS Soph. VUCS Fr. SL SL Soph. Soph. Jr. FL Soph. Fr. VUCS Fr. SL SL FL JL TL RESIDENCE Nerland-13 Town Hess-107 Front St.-Graehl Tanana Tr. Ct. McIntosh-206 Stevens-514 Nerland-316 Ladd Stevens-317 1311 Denali Way Nerland-15 1017 Gilmore St. Nerland-322 12 Mi. Rich. Hy. 12 Mi. Rich. Hy. Yankovich Rd. Campus Mclntosh-202 Nerland--305 Nerland-124 Nerland-125 Hess-7 303 Cowles St. Wickersham--209 Nerland--15 Stevens-312 2-H-5 Fairview Manor Wickersham 520 Illinois XVay College College Town Hess-109 Univ. Tr. Ct. Univ. Tr. Ct. College Nerland-125 827-51h Wickersham Hess-7 McIntosh4i Stevens--314 Wickersham Wickersham Univ. Tr. Ct. McGrath Rd. McGrath Rd. Town Lameta Lameta McIntosh-21-I Nerland--16 Mclntosh-4 Wickersham Nerland-222 Town 329 Eureka, H.A. Stevens-310 Hess-301 Wickersham-319 615-10th Avenue McIntosh-216 Hess-308 Mclntosh-208 Nerland-315 122 Noble-Apt. 315 99-6th St., H.A. Stevens--106 Town Fairbanks Wickersham Stevens-309 Town Town Fairbanks Wickersham-308 Fairbanks Nerland-204 I-less-202 Town 609 Bentley Dr. Stevens-8 1019-6th Univ. Tr. Ct. Hess-201 Town Ladd AFB Town Campus Wickersham McIntosh-109 Town McIntosh-302 Fairbanks St. Mclntosh-317 Stevens-302 Nerland-16 Fairbanks Town Wickersham Wickersham Nerland-323 Hess and College Rd. Hess and College Rd. Town Hess--214 Walsh iff 11 Town Nerland-305 Hess-207 Hayes Ave. College Stevens-202 Mclntosh-304 College College 922-7th 922-7th Mclntosh-308 Wickersham Nerland-14 MAILING ADDRESS Same Same Same Box 726, College Same Same Same Same Same Box 103 Same Box 523 Box 525. College Box 86, College Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Box 33 Box 33 Same Box 428, College Box 428, College Box 337 Same Box 376 Same Box 365, College Same Same Same Same Box 98, College Box 631 Box 631 Box 122, Box 122, College Same Same Same Same Same College Sarnc Same Box 191-1 Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Box 617, College Box 469 . College Box 515 Box 842 Same Same Same Same Box 124, College Same Same Box 929. College Gen. Del., College Same Box 228. College Same Same Same Same Box 22 Box 22 Same Box 61-1, College Box 228, College Same Box 531 Gen, Del., College Same Same Box 555 Same Same Same Same ALASKA TOWN OR HOME STATE Virginia Missouri Minnesota Fairbanks Wfashington Palmer Anchorage Petersburg Fairbanks Anchorage Juneau New Jersey College Auke Bay College Anchorage New Jersey Maine Fairbanks VC'asilla Texas New York Massachusetts Fairbanks Anchorage Spenard California Fairbanks Fairbanks Washington College College Fairbanks Anchorage Seward Anchorage College Petersburg Fairbanks Texas Montana Spenard Anchorage Palmer Illinois Wisconsin Fairbanks Fairbanks Fairbanks Oregon Kansas Wisconsin Petersburg Vilashington Indiana Fairbanks Fairbanks Ft. Greeley Fairbanks California Fairbanks Fairbanks Iowa Nome Nome Minnesota Fairbanks Anchorage South Carolina Fairbanks Anchorage Anchorage Connecticut Fairbanks Fairbanks Anchorage Fairbanks Seward Oregon XVashington Fairbanks Minnesota Fairbanks Anchorage Fairbanks College Alabama Xwashington Georgia California Anchorage Indiana Anchorage XVasilla Fairbanks Anchorage California Fairbanks Illinois Fairbanks California Anchorage College College Michigan Anchorage Colorado Palmer Anchorage College College Stebbins Fairbanks Fairbanks College Michigan Fairbanks Fairbanks Anchorage Illinois California NAME Stump, Alice A. Stump, Charles Stucnkel. Omar Sturgis, Howard Summers, Robert Sundquist. Dennis Sunxvoo. Mnnnok Sutton, Joyce E. Swanson, Jeanne Swanson. Vernon Swartz, Mary M. Sweet, Larrv R. Take. Jeannine Tallman, Leslie Tampke. Fred A. Tansy. Louise Tavzs, Rita C. Taylor, Clare R. Taylor, Virginia Teeluk. Martha Templeton, Jessie Thelen, David Thiel. Ronald L. Thomas, Clyda E. Thomas. Donald D. Thomas, Io T. Thomas, Rachel Thomas, Terry L. Thompson, Eldon Thompson, Gladys Thompson, Joyce Thompson, Morris Tibbetts, George Tolman, Jacqueline Towark, Ambrose Towne, Xllfilliam Traxler, Roy E. Trilling. Susan Trujillo, Elizabeth Tryon, Helen Tschiffely, Thomas Tweet, Aileen R. Ullman, Edna Ury. Virginia R. Valle, Theodore Vandermeer, Nathan VanHatten, Michael Vanl-Iorn, Larry Varnell, Bert Varney, Gary C. Veghte, James Vickaryous, James Vickaryous, Clarence Victor. Martin D. Vogelsang, Gerald Voss, Ronald L. Vournas, George Wahlen, Dale Xllfalcheck, Kenneth Walker, Lawrence Walker, Stuart J. XValkcr, Thomas XValters, Arlene Wlalters. Edward Walters. Fred Walton, Lois Wfalton, VreNon Wanice. Carol Wfard, Kenneth E. Warxx'ick. John Wfashburn, Barbara Xllfashburn. David XY'atkins, John XVatson, Guy A. XVel-er, Carrie Ann Wlebcr, Florence XVeiler, Charles Xllleiler, Nelda Wleimer, Robert XVellman,Linda XVellner, Jacqueline XY'ells, Clifford XVesc-itt, Eugene Wfheeler, Eldon R. XVheeler. Wlilliam Wfhisenhant, James Wlhite, George XVidman, Carole J. Xllfiegman, Judith Xllfien, Ken F. Wfilbanks, Jeanette Wfilbanks. JoAnne XViIbur, Charlotte Wlilliams. David XVilliams, Hildegarde XVilIiams, Tom B. XVil!iams, Wfilliam Williford. Joe XVilson, Barbara H. Xlifilson, James A. Wfilson, Wfilliam XX'inn, Emmett B. XVise, Bonita B. XY'ithers, Cynthia Wlolfe, Lawrence XVolfe, Richard Xllfondzell, Blair XVood, Morton S. Woodruff, Karl NXf'orthington, Lillian Wlrede. Edythe Wrede. Patricia Yamada, Clayton Yancey, Philo B. Yarnot, Jack Young, Charles Yount. Roy L. Yurkovich, Sharon Zak, Elizabeth G. Zarafonitis, Cynthia Zimmerman, Robert Zonge. Kenneth Zook, Rachael S. DEPT. H.E. E.E. Ed. Math. C.E. L.A. E.M. Ed. Uncl. Ed. Uncl. E.E. S.S. H.E. C.E. Ed. Ed. Uncl. B.S. Ed. C.E. Uncl. C.E. 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Grenac Rd. Nerland-202 XVickersham Mclntosh--211 2-B-1 Fairview Manor. Hess Avenue Stevens-30-I Hess'-310 Campus 1-ll5--22nd St. College 62s Bentley Dr. Ladd AFB Wickersham 801-Bth St. Wlickersham Wickersham 1013 Gilmore St. Nerland--301 Town 139 Charles Mclntosh-215 Stes ens-310 Wickersham Stevens-314 1515 Airport Rd. 5060 Sup. Gr. XVickersham Town Nerland-304 Birch Lane Nerland-219 College Stevens-4217 Town 302 Cowles Wickersham Stevens--6 Mclntosh-111 Mclntosh-307 I-less-203 Town 302 Noyes St. Town 1500--xth Are.. ff S Club Dorm North-Camp Tr. Cr. Small XVood Rd. FIAILING ADDRESS Box -16-I flox 46-I Moi B12 Same :sme facie saint mme :same 'wine Same Sarne Same Flo:-5 IEL, College Same Bio. 193, College liul La-:ex St. Boa C.-allege Bog. TTR, College Box 103. follege Box 45" College Box E-05. 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