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' i v - . m h J.C Road in Iur - II In Memoriam ELTON THAYER JOSEPH HUNT JOHN McCALL No, Time, thou shall not boast that I do change: Thy pyramids built up with newer might To me are nothing novel, nothing strange; They are but dressings of a former sight, Our dates are brief, and therefore we admire What thou dost foist upon us that is old; And rather mike them born to our desire Than think that we before have heard them told. Thy registers and thee I both defy, Not wondering at the present nor the past. For thy records and what we see doth lie. Made more or less by thy continual haste. This I do vow, and this shall ever be, I will be true, despite thy scythe and thee. — Sonnett ( XXIII, William Shakespeare. Morning frost nn Hunnrll (,lid - Northern Ligiits Above the Campus DENALI 1955 ' Dr. Willibald Weniger, Professor of Physics Dedication We dedicate this book to Dr. WUlibald II eniger, who retired May. 1955 after devoting over forty years of his life to the anse of education and to the advance of science. Becoming head of the Combined Department of Phytic and Electrical Engineering after lie retired as Dean of the graduate school at Oregon State I niversity in 1951. Dr. W eniger gave lip many of his summers to the task of building up the department and its equipment. But more than being a tireless norker Dr. W eniger has been a friend and elder advisor to people in general at the I niversity of Alaska. To him, a man who has devoted his life and efforts to his fellow men, we dedicate this DENAU. FOREWORD During the past few years our University has grown very rapidly. There has been a great influx of students and growth in interests which have brought tremendous pressure on the University of Alaska to expand. Not until recent years has the University been successful in bringing to the attention of the Terri tory that the University is no longer a one-building operaton. We have tried in the following pages to give you OUR University as it now stands. Many problems have been created by the rapid growth; the need of additional funds to expand campus facilities and maintain the splendid faculty that we have enjoyed in the past few years are among the most important. We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to the Territory for its appropriations tvhich have certainly marked a distinct gain in the interest and welfare of OUR University. A change of atmosphere may be felt on the campus, a gain of interest, and the phrase of " PUSH FORWARD " rings throughout. Yes, " PUSH FORWARD " ! This too is our ivish-to bring to the students a book that will be a flicker of the past. We have tried to arrange this annual as a treasure book in tvhich we have attempted to capture and bind some of the happier moments of University life. Throughout the book you will be able to see the groivth of the University and its promise of the tuture - cuuu Z. } jl lUrriri llrss Mall ' ' « - f ■ » 1« I ' ll T s : 1 M »l§fe ; ■ J Dean Hosley ' s Residence Administration The President ' s Residence - |)r ( hartal I Bunnell. I ' rrsidrnt-Kmrritus When be retired nl ol the University ol Alaska on July l. 1949. Dr. Charles E Bunnell added another distinction to was then a Ions and honorable ■ ■.line the fust president emeritus Of this institution And. in this ' Dr Bunnell continues today i " promote the Interests of the university that be I Hi- labor for thi of Alaska never ceases At presenl a cheery man of Bunnell is hard at work compiling a history ■ ( the Institution which he guided from it -mall, struggling agriculture college to a permani university !)• the world to gather documents, museum articles, and books in order to contribute more to the growth of the University of Alaska Dr Bunnell teemed destined almost from the start of life to ! •• a leader in the education field and ultimately to guide the University of Alaska for more than a quarter entury Bon. Pennsylvania swk In 1878, he worked his way through high school and through a prl • finally entering Bucknell University in 1896 !!■ from that institution summa cum laude on June 2(1. 1900. when 22 •ig |M,sition in the ■ vernment school on W( trait I m Kodlak Alask luata work for an M A from Bucknell. and here he began his lone career in A! In 1921 Um Agricultural College and Si ■). • Judge Bunnell v. I qualified to bead the new institution • | nt of the only school of higher learning in the territory, thus beginning hi with the institution In 1925 Bucknell l ' n.. implishments and I him an honorary d ' .ctor of law degree in recognition of |hfa and law in Alaska In 1935 the Ihf nai l ge to th. .wing that the institution had . sufficiently under Dr Bunm . to merit thl is Today. Dr Bum • - flexing its muscl- iching the maturr stage In which It will .. ' titUtton ' S motto Ad Summum " or Dr. Ernest N. Patty, President CONTROL OF NATURE IS WON-NOT GIVEN Many of the graduates of the class of 1955 are destined to pjay an important part in the future of Alaska as engineers, scientists, business people, or educators. The stage upon which you will play your role is a large and ' challenging one. In a frontier country you will frequently come into contact with the primitive forces of nature. Remember that the control of nature is won— not given. Set your sights high— make big plans— and work to make them come true. ERNEST N. PATTY, President DEAN WILLIAM R. CASH FN William R Cashen is a familiar name and figure at the University native son of Douglas. Alaska, he entered t! • • of Alaska as a freshm.m in 1933. took his Bachelor of Science degree in 1937. After five years as a teacher in the An- chorage Public Schools, he returned to the -ity as Instructor in Mathematics in 1942 Except for one year. 1947-48, whin he took a leave of absence to earn a of Arts degree at I ington. Mr Cashen has been on the faculty ever since. In January. 1950. Mr Cashen was appointed Director of Summer Sessions and in August of the same year he was named Dean of Men Besides these administrative duties he continues teaching on a half-time basis as professor of mathematics DEAN NEIL W. HOSI E Y Hr I! .ith a ■ ■ tudenti and helpii 1934-33 Ph D III Wildlife Itanagl this • and Wildlife M with l Wildlife Service as a f Wildlife 1 on Public Lands In 1950 I Wildlife research Unit w;is ami Univei -a. and Dr Hosley trans- ferred to College as the Unit l.. A year Utter, on July I. 1951 he a . ■i as Dean of the Uni- DEAN DRUSKA C. SCHAIBLE Mrs Druska Schaible has served as Dean en for the past year, succeeding Mrs Mary Little She is a graduate of U ■ ■ if Alaska, having received a Bache- Science degree in 1938 She received pee fro mtl i erf Washington in 1 M1 Mrs Schaible comes from .■ father. Dean Duckering. served as Dean of U .ears. logical • ■ Department, and maintains a full schedule of courses in Zoology, Bad- Mammology and other biological m MM Faculty ..l, J Hud • i. IImI ' I .IIii ' Im ., I. » Mr Stra-sh and Mr. Byrns at a Linguistic Display (.ivr mr .1 spirit that on life ' s much Ktl I.o rs tn h ' p his sails filled u Ith a lu ty u ind. f rn till his sail ards trrmhlc, his masts crack. And his rant shin run nn hrr sirtr so low- That »h« drinks uatrr and hrr krrl ploughs air. Thrrr is nn dan»rr to a man that km. us What llfr md dralh Is; there ' s not anv law fv.rrds his knoulrdrr; nrlthrr Is it lawful That hr should stoop to any othrr law — Grorge Chapman. Club Dormitory Campus, Taken Across the Hockey Rink BEISTLINE. DR. EARL H University of Alaska ' 39, B Mtn. Engr . 47. E M Dean of rhf School of Minti, Profit M • ' ' .i; Engim ■ HULLEY, DR CLARENCE C University of British Columbia, ' University of Washington, ' 43, P)i .ssor o Hisfon and H Department of History BORK. DR ALFRED M. Georgia fristifufe of Technology ' 47 B.S., Broun University, ' 50, M.S.. S3. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physics BRADY THOMAS Instructor m Mumc and English BRINSMADE. MRS. ELLEN M. ersity of Alaska ' 48. B. Ed University of Colorado ' 52. M.A. Assistant Professor of Education BUCKLEY. DR JOHN L. Stare University of New York College of Forestry ' 42, B.S., 47, MS., ' 51, Ph.D. Leader, Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit HOSKINS. JOHN R University of Idaho. ' 47, B.S. Assistant Professor of Mining BYRNS. DR. RICHARD H Colorado State College of Education ' 38, B A . University of California, ' 45, MA • ssor of English CHRISTENSEN, MARK Instructor in Geology JOHANSEN. H. WOODROW University oj Alaska, ' 40, B.S in C.E.: B.C.E.; University of Illinois, ' 49, M.S. in C. E. Professor of Civil Engineering and Head, Department of Civil Engineering DEAN, FREDERICK C. Assistant Professor of Wildlife Management CLARK, MISS VENA Cotner College, ' 25, A.B.; Iowa State College, ' 33, M.S. Assistant Professor of Home Economics DONOGHUE, MISS LORRAINE F. University of Washington, ' 39, B.A. in Music; ' 47, M.A. in Music Professor of Music and Head, Department of Music BUSWELL, ARTHUR S. University of Maine ' 49, B.S., ' 50, M.S. Associate Professor of Aggriculture and Head of the Department of Agriculture KEIM, CHARLES J. University of Washington, ' 48, B.A., ' 50, M.A. nstructor in Journalism and University Director of Publicity EL-MELEHY, DR. MAHMOUD Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering GROOM, HARRY M JR Assistant Professor of Geology KESSEL, DR. BRINA Corru-u University, ' 47, BS [ nfocrain o Wisconsin. ' 49, M S Cornell Universit y, ' 51, Ph. L). Assocafe Professor of Biological Srienci KELLER. DR. WILLIAM K State College of Washington. ' 21, A.B. and M.A.. ' 41 Ed. D. Professor of Education and Head, Department of Education KILDAY. LT COL THOMAS T. Senior Commander of the Detachment and Professor of Military Science and Tactics SELFORS. MISS SHERRY University of Washington, B.A. and MA. Instructor m Drama MAGEE, DR WILLIAM H. L ' nirersity of British Columbia, ' 45, B.A.; University of Toronto, ' 50, PhD Associate Professor of English MOBERG, DR. DONALD R University of Washington, ' 41, B.A.; ' 47, M.A. University of London, ' EB, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Political Science MUKHERJEE, DR. NALIN R. University of Calcutta, ' 39, B.S . Coll. of Eng. and Tech. (engal), ' 43, B.ChE. A.M.. Ch.E ; Imp. College of Science] and Tech. (London), ' 49, D. 1C; Univ of London, -19, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry and Metalluro 3Cl PHILLIPS, DONALD C. State College of Washington, ' 44, B.S. Instructor in Civil Engineering RATLIFF. DR. ANTONIA S. University oj Heidelberg, ' 47, Ph.D. Associate Projessor of German and French RICE, ELBERT F. University of Kdaho, ' 48, B.S.; Oregon State College, ' 50, M.S. Associate Professor of Civil Engineering ROBERTS, VERNE E. Massachusetts State College, ' 25, B.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics RUDDY, MAJ. KEN E. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics SARGENT, CHARLES University of fdaho, ' 48, B.S., (C.E.), ' 52 C.E. Associate Professor of Civil Engienering SKARLAND. DR. IVAR University of Alaska, ' 35, B.A.; Harvard University, ' 42, M.A.; ' 49, Ph.D. Professor of Anthropology and Head of Department of Anthropology STRASH, VICTOR C. Imperial Institute of Moscow, ' 15, B.A. University of Washington, ' 30, M.A. Assistant Professor of Russian and French SAV + VAN STONE, im JAMES W Oberl.n I ' otl.-or. ' 4 , H -A t ' riirersiti of Pcunaytamia, ' 50. M .4 . ' 54, Ph. M. Associate Professor oj Anthropology WILSON, DR WILLIAM S. Brou-n [fatoerttiy, ' 31 ( Sc.B.; 34, Sc.M V.i!,- [ fo nity ' 36. Ph.D. 4 Professor of Chemistry and Head of Department of Chemistry FISH. MISS ISABELLE Un veraity Surse KAUFMAN, GOLDIE Manager University Book Store MAGEE. MRS C F. Dormitory Hostess FETZER. JOSEPH B Associate Professor of Business Administration and Head, Department of Business Administration GENAUX, CHARLES T. lou ' a State College, ' 50. B S.: r sity of Rochester, ' 53, M.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry BLACK, HAROLD R .S ' rate Agricultural College ' 42, B.S Assistant Professor of Agriculture 1 ROOF, RAYMOND B. DOLNEY. EDWIN L. Northern State Teachers College 1 (S. Dak.), ' 48, B.S., University of I Notre Dame, ' 50, M.S. I TIMS, MELBA FAYE North Texas State College, ' 46, B.S.; ' 52, M.B.E. Instructor in Business Administration WENIGER, DR. WILLIBALD University of Wisconsin, ' 05, A.B.; ' 06, A.M.; ' 08, Ph.D. Professor of Physics and Head of De- partment of Physics and Electrical Engineering ELVEY, DR. C. T. University of Kansas, ' 21, A.B.; ' 23, M.A.; University of Chicago, ' 30, Ph.D Director of Geophysical Institute WELLS, DR. MINNIE E. University of Missouri, ' 25, B.S.; New York University, ' 38, Ph.D. Professor of English and Head of Department of English TILLY, LOLA CREMEANS University of Illinois, ' 20, A.B.; ' 12, M.S. Professor of Home Economics and Head of Department of Home Economic LUNNEY, JOE Night Watchman M.un Building I irrlrt llrss Hall Geophysics Laboratory CI asses I ii-Im.ii Memorial Huildine A llttlr li-irmnr l« « danrrrous Uiliu:. Drink drrp or last not thr Plrrian spring; Ilirsi- shillow draurhts Intovlralr thr brain. And drlnklnr larrrlv sobrrn us again — Alrxandrr I ' opr. Seniors Kntrr these enchanted woudv You who dare Nothing harms benea ' h ' he leaver Mure Ihan «iir% a swimmer cleaves. I mxn iiur hrart up w it h thr lark. r nut at peace with mouse and worm. Fair you fare. Only at a dread of dark tfuaver. and they quit their form: I hulls i nd e ehalls under hoods llavf you by the hair l.nter these enchanted You who dare. cood.s. —George Meredith ANDERSON, PATRICIA MAVIS (Pat) Educ; Anchorage BARNARD, EARL ROSS C. E. Houston. Tex. BECKER, BARBARA ELLEN (Barb) Educ; Chorus Fairbanks CLARK, DONALD WOODFORDE (Don) Geo.; Cordova BLOOM, GEORGE C. (Blossom) Min. Eng.; Intramural Sports; Min. Soc; College CAHILL, WILLIAM JAMES (Jim) Wildlife Man.; Rifle Teams; Wildlife Club; Letterman ' s Club College KNIGHT, GEORGE R I L C E -nan ' s Club; Rifle CAMPBELL, WILLIAM JOSEPH tie; Physic Who; V. r IHAPMAN, MARGARET MARY (Marge) Arts and Letters Canada CLARKE, LAURENCE BOWEN (Larry) B. A.; Basketball; B. A. Club: Polar Star; Ski Club; Stud. Council; Cordova DAVIS. T. NEIL Ceophy . Film Group. Play Reading; Alpine Club; Some GREIMANN ILDITH LOUISE (Judy) H E . Char. ' , Polar Star. AS ' ' ■ nrbanks HANNA, GENE ARNOT C. E.; C. E. Soc; Juneau HERDERING. CARL FREDRIC (Herdy) Bio. Sci.; Chem. Club: Fairbanks HILBURN, PAUL KERN Educ; Stud. Council; Vets ' Dorm Officer; Japan IIOLMAN, WILLIAM E. (Bill) Arts and Letters; Royal Oak. Michigan IIOWSER, MYRNA ARLEEN F.duc; Chorus; Band; Haines JOHNSON. BONNIE McRAE B. A.; ASUA Treas.; Sec.-Treas. Soph. Class; Haines JOHNSON, RKYNOLDT. Fcon.; Fairbanks STANLEY W - ' " E Rifle Team; Palm it LANE, WENDELL EVERETT F.duc: Custer. S. Dak LUCK, GAIL MA Yonkers, X V LIVINGSTON. HAROLD RAY (Hal) Geo . Gapr. Rifle Team. Soc; Colo. Spr., Colo. MOODY. (J m) C. E.; Ed. Polar Star C51) Ed. Collegian ( ' 52 ). Si ■ ASIA V-Prti Fairbanks MOORE, JAMES DREXEL (Jim) C. £.; Varsity Basketball; V-Pres. Nerland; C. E. Soc; Anchorage MORTON, BRYAN DENSMORE B. A.; Fairbanks PAIGE, RUSSELL ALSTON; GEO. (Al) Capt. Ski Team ( ' 54); Alpine Club; AIME; Junction, Colo. Grand Junction, Colo. PERKINS, DONALD, ARL (Don) Educ; Outdoor Sports; Poplar Bluff, Missouri RAGLE, JANE HULBERT English; Fairbanks RAY, HEZ HOUSTON Educ; Capt. Basketball Team; Pres. SCA; Coach JVs; Bonham, Tex. SAAJUO DORIS JUNE flio. Set . Prt Play Reading ( ! Anc : SCHALLER, GEORGE B IT MARIAN LOUISE TAYLOR ALICE MAY ' ! E RTHUR T: MORTON, FREDEICK TOPPLETON (Fred) B. A.; Sec.-Treas. Wildlife Club; V-Pres. B. A. Club; Bend, Oregon PENDER, ROBERT C. Physics; Central WHITEHEAD, ALBA CLYDE (A. C.) C. E.; Guthrie, Okla. vVILBER, DONALD ELL WOOD (Wilber) C. E.; Varsity basketball and Hockey; Pres. Letterman ' s Club: Pres. Sen. Class; Who ' s Who Award; Stud. Council; Juneau LEWIS, FRANK K E E Watilla, ANTAKI, .JOHN LINDSAY BAKER, GLENN EUGENE CAIN. ANNE B. CLARK, ARTHUR WILLIAM COLBETH, PERLEY R. DOUGHERTY, JAMES J. ELLIS, ROBERT G. FERKO. ROBERT JOHN FRAZIER, GLENN ALBERT GARCEAU, PAUL HART, KEITH KAHLE, JAMES E. LUND, EDWARD F. PATTEN, KRISTIN ROBERTS, CARL ARTHUR ROY, CARL C. SHARP, BERT M. STEPHL, JACK L. STEVENS, WALTER ARTHUR URBANO, EUSEBIO J. WALSH. DAVID ALFRED WEDfcMtlER, TERR T. VILBER, NOVA PEARL Class Officers i Senior Class: Donald Wilbur, vice president; William Campbell, president; Fred Morton, secretary-treasurer. Junior Class: Barbara Tiemann, secretary-treasurer; John de Yonge, president; Allen Hansen, vice-president Sophomore Class: Louis Bandirola, treasurer; Ann Maxwell, secretary; Ken Jensen, president. J I Freshman Class: Ray Keturi, president; Robyn Buzby, secretary; Ben Davis, vice president; Richard Denny, treasurer Juniors I am not concerned that I have no place, I am concerned how I may fit myself for one, I am not concerned that I am not known, I seek to be worthy to be known. —Confucius. BERRYHILL. PATRICIA M. (Pat) Arts N Letters Fairbanks + t BROTT, CLARK WALLACE (Dusty Knuckles) Anthrop.; Radio staff; DENAL1 staff; Play Readinq Group; Anchouie BLACKETT, RAYMOND ALLEN (Fish) E. E.; Seldovin BUCKINGHAM, EDWL 1 (Buck) Eng.; Drama: North Pole BOWDISH, MEREDITH EARL (Pete) C. E.; Anohoraae ;. , BURKETT, LOYAL DENSMORE B. A.; B. A. Club; Pres. ASUA ( ' 54); Halth Ins. Coram.; Fairbanks BROOKS ROBERT WARREN BURTON, JOHN EDWARD (Jack) Pre-Med.; Chem. Club; Stud. Council; Prcs. Norland Hall; Film Group: Spenard L VI I arson. KENNETH W Geol E. Ktnneurick, Wisconsin DICK, HENRY NOBLE JB nta Roia, I ' ( COI LINS, CLIFFORD PHILIP DOUGLAS, GEORGE ROBERT (Bob) Arts N Letters Ed. DENALl ( ' 54 L model 7. N. delegate: Fairbanks CRUIKSHANK. FRANK PETER College DOWNING, AARON HAROLD E. S.; Ri le Team: College ucYONGE. JOHN DANIEL (Jack) Eng.; POLAR STAR ed. ( ' 54); Pres Soph. C54), fun. Clu re ( ' 54 ); Who ' Who ( ' SS); Fairbanks DIETRICH SAMUEL SMITH -f EDMUNDS. MORGAN CHRISTOPHER C. E.; Anchorage HACKENBERGER, BERTRAM L., Ill (Nick) B. A.: B. A. Club: Drill Team; Fairbanks FENNER, NANCY ANN (Nan) Bio. Sci.; Ski Club; Girls ' Athl.; Cordova HANSEN, ALLAN BRUCE (A ) E. E.; Intramural Basketball; Anchorage FORBIS, MERWYN CARL (Mert) B. A.: B. A. Club: College HARRAH, ALLEN LEWIS (Al) B. A.; Ed.DENALI ' (55;) Radio Program; Ch. Organ Comm. Concert Comm.; Music; Charleston. W. Va. GARRISON, JACK WARREN Tacoma, Wash. HARRIS, ROBERT EDWARD (Bob) Radio St. Mgr.; Drill Team; Intramurals Eska £j IHI.Y NICHOLAS JOHN I KUZMA JUNE MARH (Brt ■ Club: ISBKIU;. WILLIAM HOWARD; C K. AS( ' B, Health Iiu Coinm.; ■ ream; Intramural Basketball; Fairbanks MILLER, DAVID ! JACKSON. MARIAN E. (Jackie) H E.; Juneau Student Council: DENAL1 Staff. Radio Staff NEIDHOLD, ALLAN JOHN il . Sports: Richland, Washi KIDNEY, ROBLRT BRYAN Arts and 1 (Sm; ■ . Kfilwk PORTER, DON GILMORE F.duc; Puyallup, Wash. SMURTHWAITE, CHARLES B. A.; Utah RIVARD, NORMAN RUSSLE ' Bruno) Geo.; A1ME: Ski Team; Big Bay, Michigan STARK, ROBERT A. SHEPHARD, PETER V STEVENS. BETTY Editc; College SMITH. ROBERTA KATHERINE Geo.; House Council, Hess Hall; Van Nays, Calif. TIEMANN, BARBARA CLAIRE Arts n Letters; Film Gioiip; House Council Hess Hall; Eiclson AFB KIMBALL, AHTIIt ' H L. Ait MAKIK DONAL1 TIKKA. RUBIN (Tik) Educ; Intramural Sptiris: Prcs Sourdough Dance Club ( ' Si RHODES, RONALD ALAN (Ron) El Palos Verdes Estates, Calif WALLACE. TEDD G. (Wa-Wa) Educ: Varsity Basketball; Stud. Council; POLAR STAR. DENALl C53); Class Officer C52): Fairbanks SANDERS, NORMAN KAHL California lT .. z VATSON. DAVID CLARKE EdtlC.; Stud. Barber; tern Spr., ![. In K GERARD ROGERS. LESLIE IRVING C. E.: College LARSEN, ALFRED KRISTIAN (Al) Wildlife; College NOVOSEL. GEORGE G. Eng.: Pennsylvania VOURNAS. GEORGE Mi ' tj. Eng.; Crosby. N. Dak MEASE, AUDREY LORAINE R. A.: Fairbanks Adams, w. warden baumeister, alfred a. bollinger, jack donald carlson, james d. denton, pedro dornack, eddy laurence eikel, thomas hugh fritter, karolin lu guerrero, john francis HAUSER, EMELYN ANN HENDRICKS, THOMAS A. MAXWELL, ROBERT MILLER, DAVID MORRIS, THOMAS B. PESTANA, HAROLD RICHARD STARK, R OBERT TURNER, HARVEY WARD, WINSTON PARKER Sophomores I m I irrnity the other nijht. Like a crcat rin of pure and endless lijrht, n ..iim. .is it was bright; And round henealh It. Time in hours. da s, ears, Driven hy the spheres Like a vast shadovt nimi ' d: in uhiih the uorld And all her train uere hurled. — Henry Yaughan. ACRES, MARGOT ANN (Muggsv) Bio. Sc; Student Council; Polar Star; Fairbanks AVERY, CHARLES C. (Chick) Min. E.; Intramural Basketball; New York AMOUAK, KALPH Wildlife; Fairbanks BANDIROLA, LOUIS STEPHEN (Lou) Wildlife; Rifle Team; Letterman ' s Club; Sourdough Club New York ARMSTRONG. HARVEY LEE (Harv) Arts and Letter Texas BEEBE, BILLIE GLENN C.E.; Basketball Team; Intramural Sports; College. ASTRIN, ROBERT FRANCIS (Bob) Chem.; Long Beach, Calif. BLACKWELL, MELBOURNE DALE Arts and Letters; Band; Fairbanks BR] A 1VER DAVID Intramural : fthall. Pall DeLOUGHARY, JOHN ANTHONY tVitcoturin BUTLER STEWART PERRY M SEY, BARBARA JFAN POL IR S7 4R Statf; Arfs and Letters: Washington JAMARDA. FRANK S Wild York DOUTHIT, ANN CHAMBERLAIN, BYRON BIRDSALL ) Biol. Sc: Hockey Team; Wildlife Club; Intramural Basketball, FA Segundo. Calif. si DWYF.R. RAY Art a ilvanu EIDEM, JERALD DALE (Jerry) B.A.; Drill Team, Rife Team; SCF; Fairbanks FISCHER, RICHARD WILLIAM (Dick) E. £.; Radio; Anchorage FATE, HUGH BERRY, JR. (Bud) Min. E.; Fairbanks FORD, BEVERLEY JEAN (Bev) B. A.; Ski Club; Hous e Council Hess Hall; B. A. Club; Rally Squad; Bellingham, Wash. FATE, MARY JANE (Janie) Biol. Sc; Fairbanks FRANK, NANCY FERKO, MARILYN ANN Chem.; Ski Club; Chorus; Ski Team; Chem Club: Anchorage FUGELSO, ERLING GODFREY (Fugie) Educ; POLAR STAR; Chorus; Anchorage GARCEAU JAM !( A . H A Club; Drama •.v Ri Ic ream; Health Ins Comtn . A? I1NG, NKI.A CAROL Bio Sci . ChoruM, Rally Squad, Dorm N. Fairbanks GARDNER, CHARLES GLENN Ena.; Intramural Baaketball; Band. Track, Fairbanks HERING, RL ' TIi (Ruthie) Educ; House Council Hess Hail; Fairbanks GIBBONS. JULIENNE MARIE (Juliet Geol.; Chorus; Anchorage HAWKINS. GEORGE FARRING Geol.; (Jerry) POLAR STAR. Inter. Relations Club; Treas. ASUA ( ' 54) GILBERT, JEAN ANN Educ.; Sec. Ski Club; Fairbanks HITCHCOCK. LAWRENCE (Larry) Fduc; Varsity Basketball: Washington HOLTROP, BERNARD KING (Happy) B. A.; Fairbanks ISBERG, CLIFFORD ALLEN (Cliff) E. £.; Stud. Council; Intramural Basketball; Fairbanks HOOPES, DAVID TOWNSEND (Dave) Wildlife: POLAR STAR; ASUA V-Pres.; Health Ins. Coram.; Rifle Team; Pres. Lettermen ' s Club; Wildlife Club; College IVEY, ALBERT HUGH (Al) Educ; Intramural Basketball; McGrath HOSLEY, RALPH NEIL Wildlife; Wildlife Club; College JACOBSON, WILLIAM CAVERLY (Whitey) B. A.; B. A. Club; Campus Radio; SCF; Chorus; Madrigal Singers; Killisnoo HUNTER, LORNE HALL M. £.; Bellingham, Washington IRVING, LAWRENCE HUNTER Bio. Sci.; Anchorage V JOHNSON JOHN WEBS1 Zurley Act. rburp ' ■+ v . 1 fo. 4k| KANTNER HOWARD JAMES Rill,- ■ JOHSTON. DON ALU F.dnc . College KINDGREN, GERALDINE FRANCES (Gerry) Educ; Rally Squad; Cheerleader; Sec. ASUA: POLAR STAR. Sec Fnshman Class ( DENALl Staff Palmer S, I.VI.F PAUL M. F..; Sourdough Dance Club; Anchorage -Ml ' S. DELORKS MARUELL KAISER, HENRY SAMUEL (Bud) Biol. Sci.; Nenana I ky K i Arts s I I LEVEQUE, JAMES (Jim) Arts and Letters; Juneau McKINLEY, IRA BLAKELY (Blake) Agri.; Pres. SCF; Chem. Club: Palmer LILLEY, ELAINE MARGARET (Bunky) Chem.; Inter. Relations Club; Chem. Club; V-Pres. SCF: Bristol, Connecticut Mclaughlin, william whitmore (Bill) Educ; Music: Philadelphia, Pa. LOFTUS, JULE Educ; Fairbanks MAXWELL, VIRGINIA ANN B. A.; Rally Squad; Stud. Act. Comm.; Denali; B.A. Club; Chorus -jr. i; HA " W 3L 1 Anchorage LUNDQUIST, CARL DAVID Geol; Min. Soc; POLAR STAR; DENALI; Fairbanks MEASE, J. W. C. E.; Fairbanks MII.I.KS CHARLES LEO (ChucJ -J V Y Tk PARKE! YE MITCHELL, IRWIN W. and SUSIE I . Jurrett, Virginia 5CHECK, BERNICE EILEEN ell, Oregon NKW.,u. I. JOE ' lrolina PHELPS, MABEL TAYLOR M chigan ORREN, DELMAR EUGENE I C E Intramural Basketball; Richland, Washii VNF E Anchoi RENSHAW, ANSON LEVAKE Mm. Eng.: Intramural Basketball and Football: Anchorage SHERREL, MARGARET Artt, and Letters; Mississippi SAGMOEN, DONALD PALMER C. E.: Dillingham SIMPSON, MARGARITA (Marg) Arts and Letters; Ed. POLAR STAR ( ' 55): Russian Club; Health Ins. Coram. ; New Women ' s Dorm Comm.; Oak Park, III. SEPPI, ROBERT Educ; Fairbanks SLATER, BETTY JEAN C. E.; Fairbanks SHERMAN, ANNAJEAN H. E.; SCF; House Council Hess Hall; Dorm Proctor; Detroit, Michigan t- STOUT, ALBERTA (Bert) Bio. Sci.; Fairbanks 1 $ x N r TREMARELLO, JOE MICHAEL Educ . Batkvtl Fairbanks idelino, Fait bonks WALKER, DANIEL Fairbanks JENSEN, KENNETH DAVID i Ken) Arts n Letters; • I Relations Club; Drama Club; .K STAR; Soph Class Pre . Anchorage WIEN, RICHARD ALLAN (R ch) C E.; Fairbanks WINKLF.R. ROGKR ARTHfR (Wink) C. £.. C. E. Soc Hockey: Health Ins. Comm.; Wisconsin CAPPS, JACK ELIAS HUGHES, KENNETH ARDEN JR. JOHNSON, MAURICE QUENTIN PUTNAM, QUINTIN SCHUST, PETER THOMPSON. LANE STORER WANGELIN, GRAY CHRISTIAN C ' olleg-e Road Fresh men frxii ULi d y ' ALGUIRE, JAMES EVANS E. E.: Anchorage POLAR STAR Staff BORJESSON, CLARENCE HARRY Fairbanks BANDO, JOSEPH D. (Joe) Bio. Sci.; Hockey; Intramural Football and Basketball: Ketchikan BOsWELL, MARION LOIS Arts and Letters; Fairbanks BELL, KENNETH DOANE, JR. (Kenny) Chem.; Chem. Club; Fairbanks BOSWORTH, DALE Wildlife; Petersburg ) BLACKJSTT, ROGER FISKE Wildlife; Hunting and Fishing: Ridgewood, N. J. BOWDEN. WAYNE ROOP Arts and Letters; Fairbanks Ik BRADLEY RONALD KEITH id ) Arts i Ifi Itofi v J« «. BUTTON EUCHARD I. f JiC - .•lid rd BRUCE. DONALD CHET i l Eielson AFB -v BUZBY. RONALD II BURNHAM, ELIZABETH FRANCES (Liz) H. " ... Cheerleader: • ' nir- BUZBY. RUTH ROBYN (Duke) Educ.; Chorus; .Madrigal Singers; Sec. Fresh. Class; Fairbanks BUTLER. THOMAS ABRAHAM rAMERON. HELEN MARIE Educ ; Pep Clul Fairbanks v CARLSON. MARGIE LEE (Marg) Educ; Fairbanks COSGRAVE, RONALD FRANCIS (Cassy) Geol; Albany. N. Y. CARTER, ROBERT LANE (Bob) E. E.; Anchorage CUPPLES, EMERY MERVIN C. E.; Anchorage CLARK, DON CRAIG (Craig) C. E.; Anchorage DAHLSTROM, MAX WARDELL (Stretch) Arts and Letters; Pocatello, Idaho COHOE, BEVERLY ANN (Bev) H. E.; Cheerleader, Pep Club; Basketball; Fairbanks DAVEY, GARRY JOSEPH C. E .; Chulitna DAVIS WARD I Arts and lasketball; •nift. Calif. I.I.V. PATRICIE AW | Pol I B A Fairbanks DE BOW, PATRICIA DUBIEL. ALBERT JOSEPH (All Educ: Hartford. Connecticut DENNY. RICHARD LEE (Dick i C.F. Treasurer of Anchorage ELVEY, THOMAS CHRISTION STFO: College DOHFNY. MICHAEL JEROMF Anchorage EUBANK. DORRAS TARI: Arts and Lettei : DENALl STAFF; Fairbanks FAST, BILL BRUCE (TUBBY) Educ; Varsity Sports; Oakland, Oregon GEBHART, PATRICIA ANN (Pat) Arts and Letters; Anchorage FAGERSTROM, GERALDINE GRANT, MAE ELEANOR Educ; Tanana FERGUSON, DOROTHY MARIAN Educ.; Billings, Montana GRAU, LEONARD J., JR. (Shubie-Dubie) E.E; Radio Station; Ski Club; Anchorage GAUTHIER, BERNARD MELVIN (Gooch) Biol. Sci.; Intramural Sports; Anchorage HARRIS, DONNA MAY Edus.; Rally Squad; Eska s WILLIAM JOHN ( Willy Fairbanks HLADKE MICHAEL JAMES Miami, F HEN DE U ' licii etball roledo, Ohio HORN. VERNELL KEITH Vern Basketball: Fairbanks IIERSCHBACK, CLARENCE ALBERT Hester, Illinois IVANOFF, HENRIETTA HITES. ROBFRT DALE Ski Team. Rifle 1 " rage . »N R( BERT Li ' ) ARD ; J V Basketball; Douglas KASHEVAROF, ANDREW KIRCHER, RALPH OTTO C.E.; Rifle Team; Intramural Sports; J Palmer KAUFMAN, THEODORE KNOPPE, WILL M. (Willy) C. E.; Anchorage KAWAGLEY, OSCAR Educ; Bethel KORNFEIND, RICHARD W. (Dick) E.E.; Band; Fairbanks KETWRI, RAY CARL (Finn) C.E.; Basketball; Freshman Class Pres.; Fairbanks LAMPARD, PETER SIMMONS (Pete) E. E.; Zelienople, Pa. LANDER. CHARLF.IN ALLEN li A . Fairbanks LOFGREN, ROBERT ALLEN • | Agri; WildUftClub; Chem. Club; Ski cIhI . Homer LAURITZEN, THOR A Geol.; Chorus; Seattle Mcdonald, Kathleen e. (Kuty) Bio. Sci.; Ski Club; POLAR STAR; Stockton, Calif. LENTZ. CAROLINE IDA (Slim) H. E.; Palmer McKECHNIE. JACK DARRELL C. E.; Basketball; Palmer LINDLEY. RICHARD JERRED (Dick) Wildlife; Ski Club; Anchorage f MERRILL, CHARLES WHITE, JR. MOE, DONALD WAYNE Arts and Letters; Intramural Basketball; Ping-Pong; Anchorage METZGER, WAYNE MALLORY Bio. Sci.: Renton, Washington MOURANT, ROBERT REGINALD (Bob) E. E.; Ski Club: Civil Defense; Anchorage MICKELSEN, ROBERT LEE (Mick) Wildlife Mg.; Intramural Basketball; Anchorage MURPHY, SHAUN PHILIP E. E.: Bethel MILLER, GLENN D. C. E.; Anchorage NEBEL, BRERETON EDWARD (Bret) Physics; College , r MKM1. DELBERT RAYMOND (Dfl Fairbanks PORTER, V. EdtiC . Fairbanks NURNBERGER HERMAN HENRY i reol Fta itertrille, Pa. POSTON. TERRY IRVING E Anchorage PARHAM. SHIRLEY RUTH (Pretty) B. A.; Cheerleader; Fairbanks RABER, BERT FRANKLIN (Bud) Bio. Sci.; Port Angela Washington PEUGH, FRANK JAMES H A Cisco, Texas RATCLIFFE B( Kally Squad; Ba Anchorage READER, PETER LeROY, JR. (Pete) M. E.; Band; Nome RUSING, SHARON KAYE E. E.; Fairbanks RICHARDSON, GENE CARROLL Geol.; Glastonbury, Conn. SANDBERG, RAY EDWARD Arts and Letters; Glee Club; Fairbanks RIDENER, MARTIN THOMAS B. A.; Spenard SANDEL, ANDREW LEE (Andy) E. E.; Anchorage ROARK, ALMA LORENE Educ.; Chorus; Rally Squad; Stud. Council; Palmer SANDS, MYRTIS EVELYN (Myrt) H. E.; Chorus; North Pole m 4 SCHROEDER DOROTHY JOY (Dot) Bduc; Chonu, Biuketbali; Dillingham SHELDEN, BILLY D J ' llot. Tnnono SCHUERCH, ANTHONY ANDREW (Tony)C, F. ; Kiaiin SIMS. .JOHN RAY VV.kif • , Ii e Club; Alaska Film Group: Fairbanks jth SEABORN, ROBERT ALLAN w (Bob; Arts and Ler iJSr POLAR STAR. Junior Vtti f» Fairbanks SMIRNOFF. MARY L. H. £ . Folk Dance Club, Voe « :ANDS. JOHN LETCHER ■ j x (Doc) Bio. Sci ; Dorm Treas : Anchorage IRKS, RONALD KEITH (Stan) Wildli e fC w u Jt j STANLEY, JACK TAYLOR, ROBERT ELLIS (Bob) B. A.: Band: SCF: Inter. Relations Club: Lockport, N.Y STEPHAN. JANE ANNE (Janie) Bio. Cci.: Palmr It t 4L BREZINA, DE ANN STEARNS, RONALD TURNER, PATRICIA LOU (Pat) H. £.; College SWANSON, NORMA KRISTINE 11 E .; Cordova WEAVER, JANET LEE Arts and Letters: Valdez WIllIMM I LELIA KAY YURKOVICH EUGENE G Band WILLIAMS DER1CK I Kfl 1 ' k ' lIT ' N W R " • ' • ' ' ■T LuUIS WILLIAMS. FREDDIE JACK fCorfcyJ Chctn; Fairbanks KAISER, HENRY SAMUEL (Bud) Biol. Sc .; Nenana WYTHK. NK1.UA foi.KKN f Iters; Basketball: ■I AH STAR, limner v ORCUTT, STANFORD R J§Lm y (Stan) E. £.; Cardston, Alb if S t II Canada SCHULZ. THOMAS ELLSWORTH (Tom) Arts and Letters; POLAR STAR; Junior Varsity; Anchorage ADAMS, HAROLD BRASKER, PEARL BUTCHER, EDSON BUTLER, THOMAS CALVIN, UTAH GATLIN, KENNETH HURD, IDA JUNE LEAVENS, EUGENE McDOUGAL, RONALD MALONE, DONALD MORRIS, SYLVIAN QUEBBEMAN, ALOYISIUS SWANSON, RICHARD VINCENT, PETER One chill evening last year in earl October. Dr Ernest Patty stood before a large gathering of tirrd hut exuberant student . Behind him rose a mountain of oll-fillrd barrels, logs, and rubber tires «hti,h needed only the striking o( a match to transform it Into the Freshman Bonfire, object of m.inv d:i s of hard labor b us fresbmen and conscientious destruction by the upper With a few words before setting off the bonfire, Dr Patty welcomed the freshman class to the campus T " the spectators who had come to view tin ' annua he explained the symbolism of the bonfire as the flame of knowledge which is pa — ed on at the beginning of the year Thin the torch was applied, the gasoline caught, and Boon the entire massive pile was ablaze, culminating Initiation Week and marking the beginning of a new w-iy of life for 110 freshmen at the University of Alaska This new manner of living was not long in asserting itself in the dormitories Those who had always lived in the spacious comfort of a home found the one-room quarter! .1 little cramped, the closet space Inadequate, me heating system irritating No longer was there a staunch mother with patient reminders of classes; instead, the little alarm clock became a hated but vital piece of equipment When the toothpaste or razor blades gave out it meant a personal walk to the book store, not a yell to kid brothel n our own That we were ill-prepared for the close budgeting necessary for college was evidenced by the stampede to the post office slots not long after studies began The old joke about the letter home asking for money became a grim reality 1 especially at home, where the humor soon wore thim. What had happened to all those expense accounts so glibly composed during the idle minutes of a lummi one had told us that a cup of coffee every day. an occasional bus trip to town, a contribution toward a gift tor an engagement shower, a few library fines — could devour a fund marked " Misc " so quickly Had it not been for the student loan fund and some determined parents, half of us might have repacked and headed back for our old hometown The Miners were the first to give us our fir-- life with their annual Miners ' Picnic Experiencing a few qualms, we descended upon the picnic spot and were immediately enveloped in sinning groups of happy students Soon all our misgivings about the first supply of homebrew were drowned in a second batch of the potent mixture, the Miners ' specialty, which they must brew the previous year and allow to age in the tunnel under Main building Excepting a few good-natured skirmishes, the evening was one of jovial good fellowship, and we all went away with a warm glow ( ' 1 and the conviction that there ' s nothing to compare with the U of A In the months that followed, this conviction was continuously upheld, but in not so light a vein It was with a jolt that we realized how different studying in high school is to studying in college Passing a coui much more than merely attending most of the 1 nd out (tome later than others, but ■ iighly for their tardiness 1 For those who had not learned the value of scheduling time as explained -in Dr K lectures, the 12 00 bedtime became a wistful memory and all-night sessions a necessity Through these dark hours, many a freshman wondered whether a college education was worth the mental and physical strain involved, not to mention the financial But. finally, the first sbc-weeks exams passed, and with a big sinh of relief that most of us weren ' t on the " Dean ' s Honor Roll. " and maybe it would be better to Struggle Suddenly Starvation Gulch was upon us with all its crazy costumes and the unforgettable ! n-can line The stories we heard about Starvation Gulch land there were many had no ' long bar with Sophie gracing the rear wall and the slick-haired bartend 1 ah delicious punch, the unbelievably original costumes — it was just as we had been told ' • of talent •• sheet-draped student, which one dim-eyed sport mistook for Jesus and Imi nk to his kl • ness And the football player with a six-pack carton serving as a helmet Or i: complete to hat and valise, but missing an important piece good time ' This year had its tragic note also, the polio epidemic which had I -,g in many Alaskan I reached College Fearing a wider breakout. Miss Fish, campus nil gamma globulin shots to nca: irnpus and m not before taking the lives of two small children and a well-known professor at the ' November brought with it the athletic season, but, unfortunately, not much school spirit. Since our junior high school days we had been accustomed to fierce loyalty to both team and coach and unanimous attendance at all games. If the team lost, it was certainly not becaus? the fans had not supported and yelled it on. The almost complete distinterest on the part of many University students regarding campus athletics is pathetic and almost totally inexcusable. It is not a good reflection on any college, regardless of size, when a basketball game brings out five cheerleaders and twice that many rooters. While the basketball team had only a fair season, the hockey team, for the first time in quite a few years, produced a good record. For many freshmen coming from small schools, the Polar Bears were the first hockey team they had ever seen outside the movies, and all agreed they couldn ' t wish for a more exciting game to watch than hockey. Highlighting the pie-Christmas festivities was the freshman-sponsored " Snow Ball " , with music by the popular Southcrnaires. Hours of preparation and hard work went into the planning and decorating of the dance, one of the most enjoyable of the year. As One Polar Bear columnist described it, " It was a good dance until 11:00; after that, it was a good party! " No one was happier to leave on Christmas vacation than we first-year students. For many it meant a reunion with our families and old friends for the first time since September. We ha d not yet completely reconciled ourselves to an unattached existence, and neither had our parents. It was only after one or two days at home lhat we realized how much we had changed, how little we still held in common with our home. In spite of the good food and sleep at home, in spite of the semester finals and paper deadlines ahead, most of us looked forward to returning back to campus on January 2. Campus activity hit an all-time low in the post-finals slump. We were content to simply sit around anyway, victims of a mild case of cabin fever. Here is where the Morals Committee and " No Loitering " signs made their appearance. The B. A. Club sponsored its annual calm and sedate dance, the cafeteria put forth its usual quality and quantity of food, the unattached men showed the same general lack of interest in the unattached females. One lone group of freshmen displayed a spark of vitality when they, with the aid of a few upperclassmen, conducted a polio fund drive in Fairbanks on the back of a truck. Their efforts were rewarded with a collection of well over two hundred dollars and the praise and admiration of everyone. After Hess Hall ' s Valentine present to Nerland, and Nerland ' s reciprocation, living picked up markedly. Something new on campus was the Pajama Dance, which turned out to be one of the most enthusiastically attended social events of the year. An interesting little irrelevant fact was unearthed by the dance; less than fifty per cent of the male population on campus own a pair of pajamas! In March, politics reigned supreme as the election campaigns for Student Council officers got underway. Although we were familiar with campaigning procedures as practiced in high school, we were astonished at the large-scale basis on which the campus candidates extolled their virtues and capabilities. Where we had used crayon for posters, we now saw typed or beautifully painted signs complete with photographs. Where we had been content to enumerate our good points only and remain silent about the opposing candidates, we now noticed derogatory statements creeping even into the college paper. Behind all the humor and nonesense of the posters ran a strong current of seriousness; and while the party platforms gave us cause for doubt, the candidates themselves did not. They were, for the most part, earnest and hardworking, and almost all of them were well qualified for the office they sought. Sadie Hawkins never had it so good as the fifty-odd Hess Hall Hellions who nabbed their man on Sadie Hawkins Day. The memorable day began with a raid by the Neriand Nursery at 1:00 a.m., continued with a man-grab by the girls at 5:30 a.m.. and was climaxed by the big Sadie Hawkins Dance that night in the gym. How could the Hellions miss, with four dorms full of handsome men to choose from! If we had been told during the first six weeks that we would hate to leave the University, we would have certainly laughed at the informer. But here it is, the last few days of school, and we find ourselves torn between anticipation of returning home and reluctance to leave all the fun and new friends we made in the dorms and classrooms. We have become (we hope, anyway) a little more mature after the nine months of independent living and the old domestic habits won ' t set easily for us. College has been a valuable experience for us, and, God and finances willing, we hope to be here again in the fall. See you all then! te Autographs t An k « A Winter Scene on Campus Activities Steamboat at Nrnana Fill the bumper fair; Every drop we sprinkle O ' er the brow of care Smoothes away a wrinkle. It " ' i Dr. Skarland ' s Cache A. S. U. A v Inc. President— Hi-ail HBfhe VlCC Presidents — Robert Maxwell, First Semester David Honprv s, , ,,ni! Semester SerreUr - ' •tm Kmdrrrn Irrisurrr ,lrrr Iliukin- From left to right: First row — Louis Banderola, William Campbell, Allen Hansen; second row — Loyal Burkett, Marian Jackson, Margot Acres, Paul Hilburn; third row — Jerry Hawkins, Clark Brott, Jack de Yonge, Larry Clark; 4th row — Robert Maxwell, Robert Hites, Allen Harrah. The Student Council, the main govern- ing body of the A.S.U.A., saw a hectic and active year. Included on its agenda were a number of important items: Constitution revision; organization of a publications board; financial aid to the campus radio, the International Relations Club, and to the numerous A.S.U.A. dances; and revision of the Health Insurance Plan. Council representatives for the first semester were: Main Dorm — Bill Campbell, Al Hansen; Vets Dorm — Paul Hilburn; Ner- land Hall— Lou Bandirola, Ted Wallace. Jack Burton, Ray Dwyer (later replaced by Dave Hoopes); Hess Hall — Margot Acres, Nancy Fenner; Town Club — Al Baumeister, Marion Jackson, Cliff Isberg. For the second semester, the student representatives were: Main Dorm — Bill Campbell, Al Hansen; Vets Dorm — Paul Hil- burn; Nerland Hall — LeVake Renshaw, Jack de Yonge, Jim Moore, Dick Fischer; Hess Hall— Alma Roark, Elaine Lilley; Town Club — Jerald Eidem, Kenneth A. Hughes. Gerry Kindgren in the old USUA office. t .- .,, gj r ' IF Wfav " . ii I. ' K Hi ■ pped construction this year on the new Student Union Building, but the structure will be completed by the opening ..f fall term. 19?v r The first of many buildings designed to meet increasing student enrollment on campus, the Student Union will be the center of student lift- in the future The structure la to include a large recreation room and snack bar in the basement, alone, with .1 new bookstore, nun ' s barber shop and a large storeroom. These facilities will alleviate the problem of crowding in the present student lounge The main floor will house the new university food service The cafeteria will have folding furniture which will enable the university to also use it as a ball room. A section of the cafeteria will be walled off by folding doors so that small dinner parties and meetings can be held while the main part of the cafeteria is in use All of the ASl ' A offices will move from their present quarters into the second floor of the new structure Housed on this floor will be the ASl ' A administrative offices, the Polar Star, the l rnall, and Radio - Kl ' OA Also includid on this floor will be a faculty lounge and a beauty parlor for co-eds and faculty ladii A Of the building will he the student lounge. Under the leadership of Dean Htl lent of the A.S.U.A.. and his fellow officers Robert Maxwell. David Hoopes, Gerry Kindgren. and George Hawkins, the student government initiated and sponsored a number of new activities and projects. The badly needed Campus Radio was put int.. operation, and arrangements were made to have the Arctic Music Trails Concert artists give special performances on campus. Other major projects put in operation wen- " Who ' s Who " nominations; a fund drive ' the McCall family; delegates were sent to the national AIMK convention and to the Model ' M| student evaluation program com- -| onsored in the Winter Carnival 1 Upon the resignation of Robert Maxw president, David Hoopes was appointed to the position by the Student Council 19M-S5 I ' Sl A officer b«lnc lnauftirat«J. POLARftSTAR From left to right — First row — Ehrling Fugelso, Dave Hoopes, Ronald Rhodes, Don Clark; second row — Kathleen McDonald, Margot Acres, Ann Maxwell, Barbara Dempsey, Marguerite Simpson, Nelda Wythe, Richard Button. rAt ° ,tR N GS Marguerite Simpson, Managing Editor DENAL HUM! hi ll.irr.ih Ml Clark Hmtt— Just before deadline. rrum left to right: Ann Maxwell, Carol Juedrv lh.rr.i-. I «.rrr himUn n ih. k Ba ipj Ba»Ma Mll II IB! ll I I HK BROTT DllKK I I It NK OH K -Mil II 1 RI. II M t l l-I J ( K HI nN ' .l Assocalte Itu-inr-. Manager and SnrrUn Photographer ( irtooni-l ( ,.p) ( K(ii ii I i i - MYKNA HOWIII, si I ii w i Ml ss MAXWtXI MAHON JACKSON staff I |N Publisher -• Campus Radio Bob Harris, the Station ' s Manager K U°A Ken Jensen in the broadcasting room. From left to right: First row — Ken Jensen, Bob Carter, Dick Fischer, Bob Harris, Clark Brott; second row — Loyal Burkett, Ann Maxwell, Don Moe, Wendell Lane, Marian Jackson. William Jacobson. ., Aurora Alchemists Krom lrft to rlifht: Kir»t rou— K»l rrt tni . I l.nnr I.iIIn. MrriUn hrrko. Kraiirlsro C.uprrrro. ( arl Hrrdrrmc. -.eiciiid m v — Donald Sloick. Blakr Mi-Kinley. J»rk Williams. Kohrrl Lof;rfn. . . . ••. Ki.hrrt - ' rm Vict 1 ' rrsnlrnl ( jrl llrrilrnnr PmMcill Oflnrr I i ill i .ind thr Hr inikonirtrr Wildlife Club From left to right: First row — Dave Hoopes, (a wildlifer), Jude Henzler, John Sims, Howard Kantner, Pete Shephard; second row — Bob Hites, Robert Lofgren, Lou Bandirola, Dick Lindlay. Pete Shephard, President Howard Kanther, Vice President Wildlife Club Dinner I R C Although far removed from the centers of world politics, the International ! ■ Club (IRCi promotes active interest in International politics and world affairs The Club began It of lectures and slide programs focusing interest ern Europe and tl I Under the leadership of Club President Douglas and Advisor Dr Donald R Moberg. associate professor of political the IHC handled preparations for the Model United Nations C .huh is held . year. All preparation for this conference was done by the IRC The Club chose the country to represent, handled the correspondence, solicited financial aid to Send the delegates t " San Francisco, and prepared thi tives with reference materials Four delegates were chosen from among those who applied Applications we, • iident body. B. A. Club From left to right: First row— Fred Morton, Nick Hackenberger, Hal Weiler, Noble Dick; second row— Ann Maxwell, Happy Holtrop, Derick Williams, Bob Taylor, Dean Hughes, Pat Donnelly, William Jacobsen. Jacobson, treasurer; Dick, vice resident; Taylor, president; Hackenberger, secretary. The Business Administration Club of the University of Alaska promotes interest in business subjects and provides a medium for expression of common interests in busi- ness affairs for the students of the Business Administration Department and the Uni- versity. The Club sponsored film showings and meetings with business leaders and indus- trialists in the Fairbanks area. Field trips were arranged throughout the school year, covering the important industries in and around Fairbanks. The Club ' s main social function of the year was the B. A. Ball. This dance was held shortly after the second semester be- gan. The Club held an informal mixer for all entering Business Administration stu- dents shortly after the fall registration to acquaint the new students with the depart- ment. Play Reading Group I- rum left to rielit: Mrs II, irk. Mrs II, dm. in. M.imiirritr Simpson J.u k d -; ' -, Bill ( .1111 phi- 1 1 Duns S.i.irin. Mrs llrrrrid si imd rem — Mr .uul Mrs St.inK. Mrs II, .skins. I»r ' in s,i,,„,. |) r Biirk. One of the few social functions partici- pated in by both students and faculty, the Play-Reading Group has grown from a relatively small organization t one f the ■ in campus This growth was due primarily to Increasing interest on the part of the students in play reading, Th. met regularly twice ■ month In the Home Economic Lounge t read and t " enjoy refra I informal con lion after tin- presentation Some " f the : •■.ni tins rear wen The ii - bj J. an I ' aul Sarte, f wrlflh Niirht. Blilhr Spirit i.rn-n P.isturrs Amnni! the participants, including faculty. students and community residents, this year William afagee, J w VanStone, Richard Byn Alfred Murk. Annette Bork, Glen Stanley, Ciner Stanley. i k Brott, .lark dl Smith, Marilyn Herreld Bill Cat pbell and Mr- iirrrnd ii.,n- Hearts lack «ir fence i rk BroM Chorus And From left to right: First row — Alma Roark, Barbara Beck, Carol Juedes, Jan Weaver, Margie Carlson, Mrs. Bork, Opal Stowman, June Hurd, Myrna Howser, Helen Cameron, Robyn Buzby, Nela Gpetting, Julie Gibbons; second row — Miss Donoghue, Ann Maxwell, Margaret Sherrell, Oliver Brewer, Frank Rhines, Ray Sandberg, Ronald Ruzby, Allie Murphy, Dick Fischer, Dorothy Schroeder, Marguerite Simpson, Gerry Fagerstrom; third row— William Jacobson, William McLaughlin, John Cleveland, Donald Bruce. Madrigal The University Choi Singer , tnd Men ' s Chorus had an unusually succes.-: ■ t 4. with the Pall Col n continual demand for publi which ••■ the combined musical groups along with th. ■ " Uncle Jinuny ! Chri u Sprii programs Included a pi of Sir John The Crucifixion " on April 4th Th Music Department compiled with ■ request of th Elks Lodge of Fairbanks and supplied all the talent for tin Cerebral Palsy Fund Drive th The All-U-Revue was revived this year, and all the music group participated Finally, the Choru ' •• ' ih University Presbyterian Church The Madrigal Slngeri popular and colorful group, appeared on all the rod in addition tang fur the Lions Club, the Rotary, Klwai thodXn Women ' s Club of Fairbanks A Variety show was preaenti ■ in February, and two student recitals w I for Invited guests. ng on the concert programs were Oliver Brewer, Alhe Murphy. June Hurd. Bernice Black. William McLaughlin. Elaine Lilley. John Cleveland, and Robyn Buzhy. Thi- concert schedule Nov 4— Fall Concert Dec. 17— Christmas Concert Nov. 10— Lions Club Dec. 9 — Rotary Dec. 14— Methodist Women ' s Club Dec. 15— Kiwanis Feb 27— Variety Show at Bielson AFB Mar 25— Elks Club Cerebral Palsy ! Drive April 4— " Crucifixion " — University April 8— " Crucifixion " — Fairbanks April 23— All-U-Revue May 1— University Presbyterian Church Concert I -1 IJl awpffl from left t.i nrht Willi m u. ■■n-nn. min-in -■■■•. bibblsai K..».»n Ru.m Matfti .ri- Hn Bert, Hiss ItaMgfc OB . • »• , Mhr Murph Elaine Lilley and the Horn As the fall semester opened, the Music Department offered an expanded program with the appointment of Mr. Tom E. Brady as an Instructor of Instrumental Music. Full university credits were authorized for band and instrument classes. This, it was thought, would give recognition and encourage students to contribute to the cultural life of the campus. The Board of Regents authorized the procurement of several thousands of dollars worth of new instruments which are now in use. The initial student response was meager, but by basketball season a small Pep Band was able to offer entertainment at a limited number of games and convocations. Some members of the group also appeared in ensembles and as soloists at student recitals and university programs. The membership increased in the second semester and ten beginning and advanced students were registered for private lessons. The lack of woodwind players restricted the development of a full concert repertoire, but with the aid of a few people from the community the band played other programs including the Spring Style Show and at Commencement. Myrna Howser Band memlcrs: Shaun Murphy, Richard Kornfeind, Dale Blackwell, Ted Taylor, Ken Husrhes, Charlotte Taylor, Neil Moeller, Pete Reader, Gene Yurkovich, Hugh Blackwell. Lettermen ' s Club A Llvinfitonr. secretary; lloopev presides!; ll-iiidirol.i. i H prrsldent. from Irft to nrhl l.. .il Hiirkrit. Don Will.rr. Wrndrll I inr, John J..I111-..11 linr ||...,prv | ,.,, Hiniiir..l.i Jun M....rr Hill I i ni|iloll. Mlrn IIjiimm. Mr R»y C. E. Society Members: Jack Scott, Roger Winkler, Delmar Orren, Howard Isberg, Gene Hanna, Jim Moody, Walt Stevens, Buddy Roberts, Jack Stephl. Bob Ferko, Alba Whitehead, Morgan Edwards, Dick Fische r. The Yukon Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers, though outnumbered, kept up their annual competition with their " underground brethren " , the Miners. This rivalry culminated in the grand tug of war on the traditional " Engineers Skip Day " on March 17. The winner is unknown. Harvey Turner at the C. E. Picnic Mining Society M«WlllH LeVaka ftlwhlW. Tom H r (.rurjf Bloom. Ja. K l.irnvm. I ' rte Kfjdrr, Hal I lllfllim. Tom Kutlrr. Ilrrnun Nurnbrrerr. Don M.ikic. Kfn (arson, Tom Iunlrx. ( hurlrs Mrrrill The Mining Society, nn Affiliated Student Society of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, kept up their rivalry with the C E. ' a and were . group tin rig nff the student social year with the annual I the first w 1. the Mini naored their formal dance, ill. and engaged in the shenanigans of Skip Day This year again I student repri tentative to the annual A 1 ME. ...n. which was held in Chicago Don Clark was the Alaskan delegate The Miner ' s monthly meetm. i technical talks and social functions for the . s members. Meml • • n to all students who have completed their first one of the curricual of the School of Mines I), n I Ijrk J ... I I. irriv.m frirnti M .r nn Smirnoff lorn Iunlrx I jrl I undqui«.l Russian Tea Club From left to right: Shaun Murphy, Mary Ann Smirnoff, Carl Herdering, Marguerite Simpson, Mary Ann Kegler, William Holman, Francisco Guerrero, John Johnson, Max Dahlstrom, Edwin Buckingham. The Russian Tea Club met weekly this year in the Nerland Hall Younge to enjoy an informal hour of singing, dancing, and conversation in Russian and French. Organ- ized by Victor Strash, assistant professor of French and Russian, this year, the Club practiced the sociable approach to learning foreign idioms, vocabulary, and colloquial speech through the medium of singing and conversation. Members found that by sing- ing, such obstacles to learning a foreign tongue as excessive effort and self conscious- ness are forgotten, and idioms, natural turns of phrase, vocabulary, and enunciation are improved. Also, singing produced additional zest and enthusiasm for foreign languages. VICTOR C. STRASH -® f TEA ROOM Student Christian Fellowship m Krom left to right, first row: Rn Ray. rihrlinic KugelM . Dave Watson; vfumd row: Blakr MiKinlr . John fohlWOTI. Bill Jaeooson lunknowm. Phil Collins; third row: Kr Stakes, Barbara Drmpsry. Jane Il.imr LfUej Norma Swanson. ( arolmr Lentz. Julir QlbbsstB, M rlis Baada, P o r wU tl t rrjuson. Jerry Kidem. The Student Christian Fellowship, com- posed of students representing different denominations, was organized under a con- stitution this year The purpose of the Stu- dent Christian Fel. Me and :. the campus ■ : tsttan Fellowship met regularly on Sun ' ' . during the ■ ■ ' Elaine I Swanson The officers second semester were Bill Jacob gram chair: The was the high-point of the year ' s ai I Other ■■r-istmas program, roller skating parties, and Sunday The Sur. student discussions, guest musical programs and films ip during Uk Presbyterian Community Church I Found April Life is just wonderful! Drama Club: Margaret Chapman, Marjorie O ' Rourke, Millie Bukanovich, Bob Dourlas, Charlein Lander, Martin Ridener. -100- Minlnf Operations at Suntrarva Placer Mininx at l»trr V. - —lts » • - J " The Queen " ces University Gymnasium t rrn h I ' ulrhrl ' urir Bonnir llcniu. Ilunk and I.ii. Starvation Where the North Meets the South Ugh! Gulch!! M ket Street in Constantinople Lovers " ■ ll ' rr Miners ' Ball Miss Fish Is Made Queen of the Miners ' Ball —110- Nancy and Dran Christmas Dance Let ' s Have More Christmas Spirit! + f A Nice Party ■Mt4S A Real » " vv ba» A hn-.ini.ts Round What II ft IU r C E. Ball Waltz Me Aro What, no KM »» " ,w B. A. Club Dance Nimbletoes (Ouch!) Nerland Hall Dances Alaska Star X . ' -. ■ " A ' sL t 4 f A , 4k , - m v tSt ji- Vjjg§ -J Bi m- Kthrlbrrt Krsld In thr Mu-rum K University Ski Jump 3RT " i£ Hi 1 y£p i s « T t ' if q University Hockey Kink Hockey Team Unit ro«: Bob Kirkpatritk. Mikr ( h .unl.crl .mi Jark C.arrisnn. Koerr Winklrr; second rou : Buddy Rolirrts. Krn ( .irsmi. Mark ( hrislcnsrn. Orrrn. (irorirr Sihallrr Jur Hindu ,. ... h Mark hri-U-nvrn Mike Chamberlain George Schaller Buddy Roberts Roger Winkler Jor Kind. lirlm ir Orrrn Boh Kirk,, .ir.. k Krn ( i r - . -ri That Ain ' t Fair! Coming Out of the Corner Jiv-v Whi. h Hiy Did It GoT Onr Down, Two To Go Muh I rri Hurl ' Let ' s Not Fight, Boys! What Goes On Here? Somebody Goofed! M lunr Basketball U of A Basketball Team I Ml h Irrrrwrrllc. I ipping It Over Ml Ted Wallace Joe Tremarello Ilj r H M.irn Hidrnrr Bob Johnson Vera Home jude Hensler Out vr In " Mli Kidrnrr Mak a l.onc Shot University of Alaska 73 94 Blue Bn. University of Alaska 78 71 Ladd Flyers University of Alaska 89 73 274th AFA University of Alaska 60 85 1st Inf. Bn. University of Alaska 75 49 3rd Inf. Bn. University of Alaska 61 83 Eielson Outlaws University of Alaska 67 76 6 Mile Camp University of Alaska 90 82 Big Delta University of Alaska 78 85 450th AAA University of Alaska 73 71 93rd AAA University of Alaska 68 74 4th RCT Universiyt of Alaska 78 77 502 AAA University of Alaska 59 71 Blue Bn. University of Alaska 44 68 Ladd Flyers University of Alaska 60 95 274th AFA University of Alaska 71 65 1st Inf. Bn. University of Alaska 68 37 3rd Inf. Bn. University of Alaska 61 73 Eielson Outlaws University of Alaska 72 58 6 Mile Camp University of Alaska 70 65 Big Delta University of Alaska 75 51 93rd AAA University of Alaska 71 79 4th RCT University of Alaska 61 70 502nd AAA 1622 -U6- 1632 Home Take Onr Off thf Bark hoards Shall Wr Danrr- s Rifle Team First row: Ralph Kirscher, Hal Livingston; second row: Jerry Eidem, Wendell Lane, Bob Harris, Stan Johnson, Lou Bandirola, Ron Rhodes; third row: Tom Butler, George Knight, Dave Hoopes, Martv Ridener, Dale Bosworth, Lane Ratcliffe, Bob Hites. Aaron Downing, Vice President Lou Bandirola, Secretary-Treasurer Hal Livingston, President First row: Dale Bosworth, stan Johnson, George Knight; second row: Aaron Downing, Wendell Lane, Lou Bandirola, Dave Hoopes, Hal Livingston. Livingston and John-on Thf Eiffel t rd hiur I lir I inns B« mi Fire When Ready U. Of A. Skiiers A I I ' jiirr. Larr Irvine. Manlwi I rrkc , Ki .ircl. I r, mini (.r..u N n. rrtuirr Modrlinf thr Prlif Jarkrt Lightning Niedhold in a Fast Turn Cleary Summit Tht Knd of thr l)a I ilkin I( Over I irr»idr I rirnd f V 5 AT ANCHORAGE Rally Committee i: ill i iimmillrr: Burnhani. Julinm lehBSOII Bonnlf K.ilrliffi-. It. obOC, Shlrlei Partamm, Ami M.iwirii. Mountain Climbing Mount Drum ■ ... Keith and Swenson Making Camp Time Out Halfway Vp the Mountain 1 Still a lone Wj To Co On the morning of June 1, 1954 two University of Alaska students and an Austrian mountaineer finally stood on the summit of 12,002- foot Mt. Drum to record the first conquest of the mountain. Keith Hart, George Schaller and Hemrich Harrer made the successful climb to the summit after waiting at their 8500-foot base camp for good weather and favorable snow conditions which had defeated three previous attempts on Mt. Drum. The third attempt in May, 1954 by Phil Betler, George Swenson, Keith Hart, and Schaller had failed becaus e of bad weather and avalanche slopes near the summit. Other attempts had been made earlier on the unclimbed peak by mountaineers from the University of Alaska in 1952 and 1953. Betler, Hart, Elton Thayer-who was killed m 1954 on the slopes of Mt. McKinley— Leslie Viereck, and others oarticiDated in these unsuccessful climbs. Still a Long Way To Go Everybody Stops as Schaller Takes a Picture Harrer and Hart at the Summit Intramural Sports Main Dorm Intramural Tram Hi- II rr Makr If Thr Mil, loir Vets ' Dorm Intramural Team Jump! Hrjutv jiid Mr.iMii VrrUnd Icim i i Girls 7 Sports fflffl TO ' ■ " « 1 F ■ 3 The Gals Have at It In the good old summertime! Scramble 1 hr I.inr I p Pat-a-Cake v(,r Madr If Dog Sledding u Rounding the Homestretch The Trail Driver ' s-eve Vie Other Intramurals Jona i « i- in-truilni li ( iui h Strait Julrs the R. O. T. C. Platoon Sergeant, Front and Center (3rd Platoon) hJkl Inspection Arms New Officers ou : l run llucli ' -v I • m.i I 1 Wilhrr. Jjmrs ( ' .ilnll. .I.imi-. Modltl, MCOH Hal Living-tun. Ilaruld Wrilrr Thomas Tunlry. William ( imphrll I Mlrt ,ll,rr Is l»r, ..ratrd Ih.tinrul-hr.I MlllUn Mudrnt [ r « I • « 1 • ill ; i . ■ •:..■ Living Groups Main Dorm and Ihr Tower Houiir Nrrland Lobby A Konm al Nrrland Nerland Hall • " » n r - r r£ The Men of Nerland Brott, Secretary; Burton, President; Moore, Vice President; Seamands, Treasurer I j ir- Mekl 1 P t fir- ( ruml s Max and Burtnn I hu( i l.u( — Coco I ' ultinr 1 1 hrr !•• ll I Oh, yeah! Lining Up for Goodies Harrah ' s Cadillac Hess Hail r irsl rnu Bernii r falsi heck. Alma Ku.irk. (ierry Kindgren. Kitt Ml llnnald. Nela ioeltln|r. M ariturnte Mrn|i nn Dw«th} lereii-.m second rnvi l ..n- Saarin. Bonnie Rati liffe, nn.ijiin slnrnun. Itoherla Sniilh. Mvrn.i HoWMr, Dora Howard. ( harlein lender Vniiv I rink; third rn« : lbirta Stout. Helen (aincruii. Hcw-rU I ..rcl. Marrnt aires Kuth Herinc. Ki h n Bu ln . fourth IMT S l i.i Morn- Doroth) Si hroeder. Barbara Dinip-cs . M.uiic 1 1 1 1 «- v Kirolin r rittrr. Melons Kolshtis. S in. s 1 rnnrr. Norma swanson. I aim la (.rbhardl, Judith (. minimi Jrjnnr Gilbert; Mh row D«M Harris Bc rrl ohoe, Jane Str|, (arolinc l.inl , Janet Weaver. M rlis Sands. Buffi rilthw nn Maxwell. Kristin ratten. Barbara Tlemann. Julie (iihhons. eia (loeitmc t rn mlan ttmumttt nn Maxwell n e I ' r. Mlirrit I ..r is | Wfa I 1 " - dml Yah don ' t sav! Thr -urn. 1,1- Hmmmh " Now Irt mr rc- Mimpum Watcha got, Julie? Study Group « m There ' s nothing like a good book — Main Dorm n r n til %2aiHfHM r irM r..» N.U-..H 11. K.iv (link .-r . Mikr ( li.iiiil.rrl.iin. ilrnn Millrr. Kill Kiiik; MMOd r,,v Hud Nirdh.ild. S.imurl Dirtrnh. r ( Km ( irscni. Kilter Winkler. Nurntierger. H..11..M ( osjravr. Ji.r B.inili.. C.imir.l.i; lliird m« : h.irles Merrill. Bob OiuikI-iv Mini Min-en Drlmjr (Irrrn. Bill Campbell. Ki.t.ert Mnuranl. Mike Swain. Bud llrrv hlu.h, Si. k lhl . Hi. k Kutlon. I»..rin iiffi. rr- SSbsr ' V ' " Hez Plays a Western Tune A Little Party A Littler Party Vets 7 Dorm Hr l mu: Bill Ml L.iughlin. M.i ll.ihMrnm. I.l ingslmi. Boh Ilnuglav -ri mid r.. v I II k (..mismi B..I. Iu l(.r. l)i. k. I - . i .t I Burkrtt. (irorge K in hi Larry Irving. r red Mnrlim. ll.irw lurii.r. lluglirv third row: Hal Wrilrr. N.irnun Kiwrd. I ' rtr Bow dish Jim Mondy. Mert r ' orhls. Don Malonr, Paul llilhurn. George Srhallrr, Dave Walsh. George V minus I p. uic-t.m President Hillmrn student (mm. il Hrprrsentallx e Town Club Town Club renovates its quarters: Howard Isberg (the hat), Al Baumeister, Leonard Isberg (unknown), Jack Scott, Bryan Morton. 317 Made It Again Slrp« to Uir I nJvrmity MARRIED STUDENTS ' DORMITORY UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA EDWIN B. CRITTENOEN ••■ ARCHITECT The rapid growth of population within the territory during the last decade has. stimulated a comparable rise in student enrollment at the University. Accordingly, as the present physical plant cannot meet the needs of this enrollment, the University of Alaska has instituted a building program designed not only to meet present needs, but future ones as well. Last August work began on the University ' s food services building which will be completed by September. 1955. Also due for construction during the summer of 1955 is a 12-unit married student dormitory, which will provide modern, roomy, and comfortable quarters for the Mr. and Mrs. going to college. Eventually, additional such structures will be built as the need arises. This building program also has a long range application. A master, designed by Prentice French, well-known San Francisco landscape architect, locates the sites of all new structures so that when the building program is finally complete a well-planned arrangement will prevail. :1 I 1 Ml , The univi -i The construction of an engineering-science building that would permit classrooms »nd l.-u the civil engineering biology, and wildlife fn.m the | classroom building The construction of a new gymnasium and library which would permit the clearing of the :ilding which DO would ■ ■:ymnasium-library structure mediate fill number at new dormitories are planned The first rh will be built like • .• building planned lory which will accommodate 70 Th. : Hiding follow on this priority list •ars ' Glacier Ice at Black Rapids 1 Tanana Valley From Pedro Dome — 176- Special Events llrrr s t.. thr four hlnc- " ' friendship— 1.» int. Mralinr s«nrlnf. and Caml.llne Whrn u hi- li«- In a c..«.d ciusj-. uhrn .iu j»ii [mm I. .id .»n whrn m,u mrar surir bj " " r n.untn; and uhrn w.u c-»mhlr, |jmMr ..n ..ur own futurr. The Freshman Bonfire Hal Weiler.President Patty, and Dean Hughes apply the torch. -178- 774th Band SnnriM Srrrnjilr I ? ( - M Man and I -I " Hnssirii (Krrturr Visits By Adlai Stevenson With Dr. Patty Dr. Patty With Secretary McKay Earn NeltOVI I .ike. a Bow Oljj ( Delia I Btak t lk Tur Two Guests on an Egypt-to-Alaska Trip Visit Dr. Weniger The Library is presented with a recording of Eskimo music. Sir Hubert Wilkin fives a talk on Arctic MarjurrtU imp- ' n vh.itis Mr Hubert an Eskimo damlnf nu»k McCALL AWARD CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION-Big. Gen. M. S. Carter, deputy commander of the U. S. Army, Alaska, presents the Department of the Army ' s Certificate of Appreciation to Mrs. John McCall for the late Dr. McCall ' s leadership and heroism displayed in the rescue of injured Cpl. George Argus from Mt. McKinley last May At left is Dr. Neil W. Hosley, University of Alaska dean who attended the presen- tation at the McCall home at College. On the sofa is Mark Henry, next to the youngest of the McCall ' s four children Near her mother is Kari Gill. The certifi- cate is the highest such award the Department of the Army can present to a civilian for such an achievement. Dr. McCall was head of the University of Alaska geology department when he died from polio November 5. At that time the certificate was in the mail from Washington, D. C. Gen. Carter presented the certificate on behalf of the president of the United States and Secretary of the Army Robert T. H. Stevens. The latter signed the certificate and accompanying citation. Student Life A r -nrb 75 g ■■ (fir n_ ■«■ Hal, BaMio ts l Go " to 1 S P - ' 7 9 — • tT e £oys ' S koo KumJ •r ? will be. x. Scrob- Q.- dub r o.rri ed PcLsaina oirr do. LaoiT e. , bLo.hjT I Bed c i o e S torieS Sove VteeN A bLoes Singer Or. Lyo NS CruN CH Wca-P " The. Qouu -TLftX Varied " Ccl XcS Advertising Hark! the hearld angels sing, Beecham ' s Pills are just the thing; Peace on earth and mercy mild, Two for man and one for child. ALL THESE SERVICES CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES AFTER-HOUR DEPOSITORY (For Personal Accounts as well as Commercial Accounts) BANK BY MAIL ESCROWS TRUST DEPARTMENT AND MANY MORE . . . ' For Busy, Progressive Alaskans Are Available At Northward Building: BANK OF FAIRBANKS The Friendly Bank 4th and Lacey Fairbanks, Alaska ECKMANN ' S FURNITURE 417 FIFTH AVENUE BOX 379 ANCHORAGE, ALASKA WAREHOUSE SHOWROOM AT 1st AND B STREET Congratulations From The Book Cache 415 E Street Anchorage ' ' £ rag 5T U " I ' ll »tudy and get ready Kk and then maybe th© chance will come. " — Abraham Lincoln Congratulations from Chugiak Optical Service and Manufacturing Company Stateside Prices One Day Sen-ice Giuen Eor Mail Orders 730 Fifth A Anchorage Best Wishes From Mac ' s Foto Shop 315 Fourth Avenue Anchorage Congratulations Class of ' 55 PAUL ' S JEWELRY Anchorage SEE — Alaska ' s Arctic Conducted All-Expense Tours North of the Arctic Circle ir Top of the World Point Barrow Tour Arctic Coast, Nome-Kotzebue Tour Yukon Valley, Fort Yukon, Circle Hot Springs Tour Visit the largest Indian village on the Yukon River . . . Parallel to the International Date Line . . . Visit the larthest north village on the American Continent . . . See Eskimo dances ... and see many other interesting sights in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Wien Alaska Airlines, Inc. The Wurld ' s Fartliest North Scheduled Airlines Fairbanks, Alaska To the Class of ' 55 CONGRATULATIONS In nil ho .in Mi v standing .it tl I wi ■ w ml the Best the Futun an offci on youi Road ti Life, Liberty, and tin Pursuit I I mm I v I airbanks Dail) News-Miner, America ' s Farthest North DaiK Newspapci rep i nt; Fairbanks, Crossroad ol Alaska FA IRBAN KS Daily Mews - Miner wniiwi, iiwh nr i. sii Alaska s Branch Banking System ' VX - ♦ ♦ ♦ Anchorage, Skagway, Spenard, I ui Richardson, Whittier ♦ ♦ » Deposits insured » maximum ol S 10,000 Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF 55 TtenlcuuCi. Complete Home Furnishings Since ' 98 Consult Us for Your Student Furniture Needs FAIRBANKS 545 3rd Ave. We Print Everything But Money And it takes but a little money to buy the best printing to be found anywhere . . . and that goes for everything from cards to catalogs. 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In the same pioneer spirit and tradition that helped lay the foundation banks over 52 years a • tin- discovery (if gold in 1902. we ha r might to bring Alaskans the foodstuffs, dry goods, drugs, hardware and machinery- the goods and and want As Fairbanks and the whole oi Alaska buildl toward a bright future. we will continue to expand our facilities to serve better our CUati and the community in which we live Liberal Credit Terms ( i.mrnirnt ( rurge Accounts Will all and L r-Aw»] PfeUM . 1 rrr Itrlivrry and toll • ( ourtrou- Service at ill time • Plinnr .mil Miil Orders promptk fillril . ALL MERCANTILE DEPARTMENTS I ' NDKH ONE ROOK SHOP AT THE " N. C. " COM MRBANKS OWN DEPARTMENT STORE Since 1902 NC COMPANY Alaska ' s Pioneer Merchants CO-OP DRUG Your Department Drug Store Box 1308 Fairbanks. 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Bottlers Pepsi-Cola Hire ' s Root Beer Nesbitt ' s Orange Squirt Bubble-Up MILLER HIGH LIFE BEER Distributor Phone 4050 308 Hall St. Aurora Motors CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE PONTIAC G. M. C. TRUCKS SACH ' S MEN ' S SHOP Fairbanks, Alaska HEINZ BORCHARD WATCHMAKER - JEWELER 503 3rd AVi Lambretta Motorscooter Dealer For Insurance W ith Continental Assurance Co. Continental Casualty Co. SJV ® A 556 Second Ave. Fairbanks - Telephone 3302 SOURDOUGH EXPRESS Since ' 98 531 3rd, Fairbanks, Alaska COAL - FUEL OIL - CARTAGE Join Our Satisfied Customers in Your Community for Dependable Service Compliments of The Service Store TIVDY ' S W e Cash P " C6S GROCERY AND BEVERAGES 609 4th, Fairbanks, Alaska Compliments of NORTHWARD SHOE STORE FAIRBANKS, ALASKA Compliments of FAMILY SHOE STORE FAIRBANKS, ALASKA 208- jmtfma ail of alaska, YUKON 1 DEALERS IN ALUS - CHALMERS and other allied lines of equipment 120 Second Avenue Dial 2135 The Music Mart Quality Musical Instruments " Lowrey Organo " Utl Organ Music Piano Console hman LEAAETA GARAGE PRECISION REPAIRING STEAM CLEANING - WRECKER SERVICE GAS and OIL - - LUBRICATION 810-20 College Road Phone 4273 Anderson 9 s Floiver Shop S 3 Specializing ,: v T " " y 5£ + _ Lii ' IfT Arrangements JH and Corsages 3p COLLEGE INN Quality Merchandise Box 3002 College, Alaska HART ' S AUTO SERVICE COMPLETE BODY REPAIR AND PAINTING Best Wishes From 1 OAVfcSUPER 1%M WO MARKET ALASKA ' S GREAT ECONOMY FOOD CENTER ED ' S BAKE SHOP IN CONJUNCTION Compliments of SPORTS MECCA CAFE and BAR 210 211 V RED CROSS DRUG STORE 111 Cushman Dial 5002 FAIRBANKS, ALASKA THE REXALL STORE PHOTO SUPPLIES PRESCRIPTIONS Complete Outfitters for Men Clothing Sporting Goods Boots Tackle In Nationally Advertised Brands Exclusive Dealers for Timely Clothes Wilson Bros. Haberdashery Walkover Shoes THE MARTIN A. PINSKA STORE Established 1898 Fairbanks, Alaska Compliments of PIGGLY WIGGLY Featuring Nationally Advertised Foods Quality — Staple — Fancy Phones: Meat - 3064 Groceries - 5211 Free Delivery Fairbanks, Alaska 212 H. B. AVAKOFF Diamonds Watches Nugget Jewelry at Popular Prices FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF FAIRBANKS VLember Federal Deposit Insurm ration All Deposits Insured to $10,000 Serving the I nrversity Since - Founding in 1 1 1 ANCHORAGE ltli Avenue I lieatre Empress I neatre FAIRBANKS -ir Empress I neatre I at ey Street I neatre l.alLnu) Apartments THE LATHHDP unil ' ANY 213 since its inception Alaska Airlines has been a vital factor in the growth and development of Alaska by aiding the defense effort and contributing to its peace-time progress. This support has been achieved through economi- cal transportation of passengers and freight to 75 stations throughout the Territory and through many special missions for the Armed Services. Alaska depends on Alaska Airlines because, through the years it has learned the transporta- tion need of Alaskans and how to fly under severe weather conditions. Alaska Airlines will continue to progress with a policy of service with the passenger in mind. LA SKA RUNES 214 in that thai i»n.l ' drvdtrr an rxamplr ir .lu.h. " Thl. l tram of al. u it- Irad i! a powerful, blut ■ ■ • r»wt for thr a»allln« their daily ration -. i »■• ' .■ 1 ■ ,

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