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Va £0 5 . $A -1-1- ari mum - 1 k T J 1 " 1 p | , i i ; ; i I ■ — | - :- 1... . V 2 1 , J j5H _____ ' - " ,■ " V 0. c I ■■ " ■ ' •r« I . m Wm " 4V I % II III ill ill ii ffipjt jlWiii n tru I u ■l ll II ill ? ,j V HI nl HI ill uf ii ii _SSaW M n ii i • I I I I I »- • -«! - -r 5S 0EIA Commemorafing 30 Years of Education and Progress Published by the Associated Students of the University of Alaska Ed if or : Jean Anderson Graves three ii .ii mri smrr T c i Hl " x " " 118 , II .31 ■ ii II 1 ill] SJBJLM— ■ Llll FOREWORD The University of Alaska is proud of its thirty years of progress. It has had to fight for its existence, until it became recognized as a true uni- versity. It has had to fight all the problems brought with an arctic winter. It has had to fight lack of funds and public apathy. Today the University is secure in the knowledge that it is indeed filling a need of the territory. It is growing every year, always holding before it the motto: " Ad Sum- mum " — To The Top. DEDICATION " Cap " Austin E. Lathrop will always have a special place in the history of the University of Alaska. Not only did he come to the University ' s aid during times of financial stress, but he also gave of his time and energy for the building of a greater University. " Cap " Lathrop spent fifty-five years in the territory, and unlike so many others he turned his wealth to the task of making a better Alaska. He was vice-president of the University of Alaska Board of Regents, and in his will left one hundred shares of the Lathrop Company to be set up as a scholarship fund. " Cap " Lathrop was born on October 5, 1865 and died July 26, 1950. five £ _ " 2 v - " " ££ v- 51 ■-4. 1 - £ fc !bi Vy « » « Mh£ V H ' " ■ J ' ' » v ..„ m ■ X ' ,. 4 4 . " « - ,- ' ■ .. ?. •♦ ' si . ■ W SSo2flBMHIHi l " l- ' - ' t P»m|HH f i ; ! 1 THE UNIVERSITY IN YOUNGER DAYS r eight II II STR ATION ii i ii 4 II I i:i ' ■■■ :. :■ DR. CHARLES E. BUNNELL President Emeritus DR. BUNNELL ' S MESSAGE The kind of an education I want you to have is a dynamic force calcu- lated to afford you greater happiness, and insure for the public a greater and more useful service. It is not enough to know that certain forces exist or can be produced. The worth of knowing is in doing the thing to be done so that constructive results will be accomplished. You are surrounded with physical forces. They await your command. They are wholly impersonal. It matters not to the keg of powder to what use it is put. It has no mind, and can make no choice. To you is given a gift than which there is none greater. Yours it is to measure forces, and through the power of thought to direct those at your command in fields of action where you engage to make, and do make, the worth while worth most. CHARLES E. BUNNELL This message was good in 1940. It is still good. ten DR. TERRIS MOORE President PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE The Members of the Class of 1952 graduate in an anniversary year: the thirtieth since the beginning of instruction in 1922. There are other anniversary dates in the University ' s history also: 1915 when Congress made the first Grant of Land and our Cornerstone was laid; 1917 when the Territorial Legislature simultaneously created a corporation, a Board of Trustees, made an appropriation, and incidentally, provided the official date of our seal. The year 1918 when the first building was erected is also an occasion of some interest; and then again in 1935, another important date occurs when the development of research and the prospective offering of advanced degrees called for the recognition of University status. But to students the 1922 date of thirty years ago will always be the important one for this is when the University ' s actual life visibly began. Graduates of the Class of 1952 move out into a rapidly growing Alaska, and the future before them looks bright. In fact, the latest figures reveal that this growth, at seventy per cent for the decade just ended, was the most rapid of any part of the United States. For the long run, Alaska will need to develop new industries, new techniques, and new ideas to take the place of the present heavy military construction effort when it is completed, and no longer the principal support of our economy. The leadership in these developments will come from the new generation, those who are graduating from college now. TERRIS MOORE. eleven BOARD OF REGENTS Dr. C. Earl Albrecht of Juneau, M. J. Walsh of Nome, Elmer Rasmuson of Anchorage, Dr. Terris Moore, Board President Andrew Nerland of Fairbanks, William Stuart of Ketchikan, Mrs. Essie R. Dale of Fairbanks, and Leo Rhode of Anchor- age. (Not pictured is William O ' Neil of Anchorage.) twelve _ FACULTY CHARLES E. BEHLKE Instructor in Civil Engineering EARL S. BEISTLINE Dean of the School of Mines ELLEN BRINSMADE Instructor in Education LEONARD W. BRUMM, JR. Director of Athletics JOHN L. BUCKLEY Leador of Co-operative Wildlife Research ARTHUR S. BUSWELL Assistant Professor of Agriculture LUTHER W. CASE Head of the Department of Education WILLIAM R. CASHEN Dean of Men thirteen FACULTY NATHAN H. CHANEY Graduate Assistant in Physics EDWIN L. DOLNEY Instructor in Mathematics LORRAINE F. DONOGHUE Associate Professor of Music KATHARINE S. DUROE Assistant Professor of Home Economics CHRISTIAN T. ELVEY Professor of Geophysics JOHN O. FORD Assistant Professor of Military Science BURTON L. FRYXELL Professor of English WILLIAM B. GUENTHER Instructor in Chemistry MATTIE CLAY HERNING Assistant Professor of Business Administration LYNN O. HOLLIST Associate Director of Extension Service " vr GORDON B. JACOBS Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering STANLEY P. KACABA Instructor in Military Science BRINA KESSEL Assistant Professor of Biological Science DUANEKOENIS Associate Professor of History EDWARD M. LITTLE Professor of Physics JOSEPH LAWLOR Instructor in Agriculture WILLIAM H. MAGEE Instructor in English CLAUDE W. MATTHEWS Assistant Professor of Geology JOHN S. MEHLER Librarian WALTER H. PIERCE Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering FACULTY KAREN PEHRSON Instructor in Weaving LOUISE POTTER Dean of Women RICHARD C. RAGLE Director of Military Branches ANTONIA SLOCK RATLIFF Assistant Professor of German and French C. H. REILLEY Administrative Assistant, Military Science JIM D. REARDEN Assistant Professor Wildlife Management VERNE E. ROBERTS Instructor in Mathematics MARGERY WAYNE SHAW Instructor in Biological Science IVAR SKARLAND Professor of Anthropology MAYNARD S. STIMSON Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering LOLA CREAMEANS TILLY Professor of Home Economics BOND TABER Instructor in Geology FACULTY CLIFFORD J. VAN SICKLE Professor of Military Science LOUIS A. WEINBERG Assistant Professor of Political Science MINNIE E. WELLS Professor of English WILLIBALD WENIGER Professor of Physics S. C. WILHOITE Instructor in Military Science ERMA F. WILLIAMS nstructor in English and Speech ERNEST WOLFF Research Associate in School of Mines seventeen Me mo nam DEAN WM. ELMHIRST DUCKERING A tribute to Dean Duckering by Dr. Terrls Moore Our friend is gone and yet we can scarce believe this. Yesterday he was here; we conversed with him earnestly on the future and the part we hoped he might play. Each of us has that last sight, that last look, which we shall always treasure. Tomorrow now we must journey on without him. His was a loyalty more binding than that of mere friendship — the high- er loyalty of service to that unknown destiny to which we have pledged our lives here at this University. Faithful to the last, he fell on life ' s broad field of battle, ever at the forefront without thought of self. The individual makes his contribution and passes on. But the institution lives and continues to move ahead. The great figures of history pass from sight, and society, benefitted by their labors, continues its progress. From failing hands we grasp the torch of responsibility and with renewed vigor press forwrd. May God grant peace at last to a weary and most valiant soul. eighteen CLASSES SENIORS • 1951 LOUIS L. REEBS Civil Engineering LABON L. HARTFIELD Civil Engineering LAWRENCE R. FESS Pre-Medicine GEORGE A. CAREY History JOHN F. CIPPERLY Geology TOM J. CADE Biological Science GORDON W. HERREID Geology HERBERT C. LANG Agriculture SENIORS • 1951 DOROTHY T. SCZAWINSKI Education GEORGE S. MARTIN, JR. Civil Engineering LEONA NEUBARTH Anthropology and Biology BERNIECE M. LUTHRO Home Economics ■m r EDWARD W. LEWISON Civil Engineering WALTER J. SCZAWINSKI Biological Science fETER E. GALLI, JR. ■ y Geological Engineering STUART A. YAFFE Geology ■! ' SENIORS • 1951 JOSEPH P. LAWLOR Agriculture JOHN R. SIGLER Biological Science DONALD H. EYINCK Civil Engineering F. RUTH BLANKENSHIP Biological Science PETER O. SANDVIK Mining Engineering VIRGINIA H. HALL Business Administration FREDERICK F. KOHLS Physics SENIORS • 1952 JEAN K. ANDERSON GEORGE W. ARGUS, JR. Geology and Biology EDWARD P. ASHBY ALBERT E. BELON Physics MARK N. CHRISTENSEN Geology JAMES R. CLINTON LESLIE J. CONLEY, JR. Mining Engineering BYRON COLSON SENIORS • 1952 ■illlHF 1 WALTER FLUEGEL Pre-Medicine HENRY N. GETTINGER Agriculture NORMAN GRAUERHOLZ DONN A. HUBER Civil Engineering GEORGE GUILSHER Anthropology RENE V. HEILBRON WILLIAM N. IRVING Anthropology JOHN G. KOROPP Geology CARL A. ROBERTS SENIORS • 1952 JOHN FRANKLIN HOGGAN Mining Engineering KENNETH JOHN HUSEBY Civil Engineering WARREN E. JONES Education FREDERICK A. MILAN Anthropology and History HELEN L. OSWALT Anthropology WENDELL H. OSWALT Anthropology I ' EARL L. McCORMICK Mining Engineering LOWELL L. PATTEN Mining Engineering SENIORS • 1952 JOSEPH POPE VINCENT M. RAIMOND Civil Engineering GEORGE R. SCHMIDT Mining Engineering GEORGE E. STILES Civil Engineering GERALD J. ROMICK Physics RONALD O. SKOOG Wildlife Management RICHARD SMITH SENIORS • 1952 :0 MARK ANTHONY Mining Engineering ■i TANLEY HOFFMAN GEORGE CORT BOB GRAY LETTY MIZAR FRED RICH STEPHEN HARCHARIK Education Ifca DAVE SIVYER I NANCY HARVEY LAILA THORSEN WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES LORENZO ANDERSON JAMES BROOKS PERCY COFFIN EDWARD DEWITT PAT DILL CATHERINE FREEBERS DONALD GRAVES SALEN HANSEN LOUELLA HAWES CONSTANCE HUBER DOUGLAS HUBER CURT JOHNSON FRANKLIN JONES twenty-eight JUNIORS • 1952 ROBERT LEAR ORLEY LORINS CURLENE FROSTAD EILEEN MEAD ANNA MUELLER ALLIE MURPHY JOSEPH NISTLER ANNE NORTHRUP VERELYN SMITH WALTER STEVENS SHIRLEY STEWART HARVEY TURNER DOUGLAS WALKER CURTIS WILSON ALFRED YOUNG RAY DE PRIEST twenty-nine SOPHOMORES • 1952 JERRY ADAMS CAROL ADAMS WILLIAM ATWOOD MILLARD AUBEY BETTY BLUNCK EDWARD BOCHMAN HOWARD BOWMAN KARL CARLSON JAMES CARNEY JAMES CARROLL JAMES CARSON WARREN COLVER EDDY DORNACK JAMES DOUGHERY MORGAN EDMUNDS MIRIAM EUBANK ERVON FAIRBANKS thirty SOPHOMORES • 1952 PAUL GARCEAU DOROTHY HUGHART CHRISTINE GOVONI LAURENCE IRVING REYNOLD JOHNSON JOY KOROPP SHEILA MacSPADDEN JAMES F. GRAHAM LEONARD ISBERG MARY ANN KARSNER ANNE LEWIS JOHN MEAD KEITH HART ELINOR JEWETT LOUIS KEGLER DAVID LITTLEFIELD JAMES MOODY thirty-one SOPHOMORES Eh! ) b n.Liw JOHN NICKLES DAVID PENNELL AL PAIGE BARBARA BECKER BARBARA SILBERER ELTON THAYER TERRY WEDEMEIER HOWARD PARK EVELYN ROBERTS JAMES SOFOULIS ARTHUR TUN LEY JEAN WIEN ROBERT PENDER RICHARD SEARS HELEN STENVALL FRED WALATKA RICHARD ZAGARS thirty-two — . _ _. FRESHMEN • 1952 GEORGE BLOOM ROBERT BROOKS WILLIAM CAMPBELL DONALD CLARK PERLEY COLBETH EDWIN COONJOHN AZEL CRANDALL AARON DOWNING y - — ' - x ■■ M ■ Va DUDLEY DUVALL EDDIE FROSTAD JOYCE HARDAGE FRANCIS EBEN BELLA GARDINER MARY HAWES MERWYN FORBIS LESLIE GLASSER CARL HERDERING LARRY FOUNTAINE JUDITH GREIMANN RALPH HOSLEY thirty-three FRESHMEN • 1952 MYRNA HOWSER DEAN HUGHES JOHN IDOM ARTHUR JESS STANLEY JOHNSON STANLEY KARDANOFF GEORGE KRYNITSKY MAYANNE LEMP ROGER LIEN BONNIE McRAE GEORGE MEALEY NANCY MILLER VERNE MILLER JOY NELSON JAMES MOORE GUY MYHRE RONALD NEWMAN HARLAND OBERG WILLIAM PENDER NOVA RHOADS thirty-jour , FRESHMEN • 1952 RONALD RISCH BERT SHARP CLINTON STRACHAN THOMAS WALLER DORIS SAARIO JACK STEPHL LEE ANN THATCHER ZIEGER WARNER BARBARA WICKSTROM GEORGE SCHALLER ARNE SUNDT FLORENCE ULEN HAROLD WEILER DONALD WILBER FRED SEATER MARY STEWART JON WALDORF ALICE WHITE DUANE WOODS thirty-fine thirty-six « I - ACTIVITIES t ; A : " " r rife irt ™ fccnE ' ' i 9k i ' :...» , ' ' " ' ' - )E J | r ' •«, ' 1950-51 President Louis Reebes Vice-President ....Stuart Yaffe Secretary Ruth Blankenship Treasurer Herb Lane A. S. U. A. STUDENTCOUNCIL 1951-52 President...-. Howard Park Vice- President. ...Mark Christensen Secretary ...Jean Anderson Treasurer Curlene Frostad thirty-eight MINERS ' SOCIETY 195 1 1952 thirty-nine 195 1 CIVIL ENGINEERING SOCIETY 1952 forty WILD LIFE CLUB TOWN CLUB forty-one CHORAL GROUPS MADRIGAL SINGERS CHORUS forty-two ALL-U-REVUE DRAMA The University Players in scenes from JANUARY THAW (December, 1950) and MR. PIMM PASSES BY (Novem- ber, 1951). JANUARY THAW mm " -r - - ' " % - T ■- ' , ' -;.• ' ;:■% " jP ■■ 9E n. 1 Sw ' - m m m ?m L. mK ti S %J5VbT JUk9 P ; ' " ■fl " ■■ ' • « pi i VHn y jj iW " JBi y • s, h I. ' .--- -- ■ RADIO CLUB POLAR STAR forty-five M SPORTS it HOCKEY 1951 TEAM 1952 TEAM forty-eight -■ BASKETBALL 1951 TEAM fifty 1952 TEAM BASKETBALL GAMES fifty-one ICE BOWL TEAMS 1951 1952 fifty-two 1951 QUEEN Sheila McSpadden 1952 QUEENS Mayanne Lemp — Judy Greiman SKIING UNIVERSITY SKI TEAM fifty-four WOMEN ' S SPORTS fifty-six =————— , STUDENT LIFE HESS HALL 1952 fifty-eight r i VETS ' DORM 1951 1952 fifty-nine CLUB DORM 1951 sixty 1952 r MAIN DORM 1951 1952 sixty-one ' k ef OF K WW B? . J . 4 if; ■ Lifr » ■ . i IBiv 1 B v» i vBB if |j ' V • 1-7 w H - " A ' - B k - B A rssr -; fl. r£ ■ ¥ $ £?§ ■ Ww 7 ' -. ' ' Til 1 V. 1 V IT f — m-- 1 .ft 1? II I DEDICATION seventy-one r MRS. HARRIET TRIMMER HESS seventy-two I Dedication of the 1953 DENALI to the memory of Harriet Trimmer Hess is most fittingly appropriate. Before me are evidences of her worth as a student. On the fifth day of June, 1896 Harriett Bell Trimmer received her diploma from the Central Minneapolis High School. On the fifth day of June, 1902 Harriet Trimmer was graduated from the University of Minnesota with the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and was granted a Teacher ' s Certifi- cate. On December one, 1904 she was awarded a Permanent Certificate to teach in the Public Schools of Minnesota. On September I, 1902 Miss Trimmer arrived in Juneau and became the supervis- ing principal of Juneau ' s first four year high school. In 1907 she was appointed to a position on the faculty of the Fairbanks High School. A Certificate of Marriage to Luther Constantine Hess and Harriette Belle Trimmer was issued on the eleventh of September, 1911 in Dawson, Yukon Territory. On November I, 1948, in my reply to an official letter from Mrs. Hess, Secretary of the Board of Regents of the University of Alaska, I closed with this statement: " In these eventful years when the institution as it stands today was building I want you to know how greatly I have appreciated the confidence you have had in me. None would have ventured to predict on December 7, 1921, that the institution ' s Secretary and President would continue in their respective roles for more than a quarter of a century. " The death of Mrs. Luther C. Hess, March 3 1, 1951, came as a great loss to the University of Alaska, to the town of Fairbanks, and to the Territory of Alaska. Her devotion to the cause of higher education, and her ideals for the betterment of the social structure are worthy of our deepest reverence and esteem. CHARLES E. BUNNELL President Emeritus seventy-three I M ■85 JH ■ X x twHwim ■ ' I .. , it _ -—.«. » » t BMbB ' •. ' ; r ' . ' . ' fsV-. ; 1 S | IIBIIBHBBIIB BBBB . mmu i HfedT : -.■ ' ■£• J EHi Kfl • " ' ■ ' B ' fl - ' 3l3 : ' ; ■ ' ' ' F BHI Bb • S - F J t. •i a R rat ,!W??xT " , ? ' te ' I 1 1 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY seventy-five President Emeritus, Dr. Charles E. Bunnell, is at present compiling a history of the University of Alaska since its inception. No one could be more qualified for this task than he for his knowledge dates from the laying of the cornerstone. sevenly-si.x Dr. Terris Moore has resigned to work on the Mt. Wrangell research project. His personal warmth and friendliness toward the students on the campus will long be re- membered. Concrete examples of his interest in the students is shown in the improved athletic program such as, the game room in the Vets ' Dorm, the hockey rink and warm-up shack, the playfield at the foot of the hill, and the swimming pool. The physi- cal plant at the University has also improved as can be seen by the completion of the Eielson Building, the School of Mines, and Andrew Nerland Hall. Good luck and an interesting future to our " flying president. " N. W. HOSLEY Dean of the Un iversity MISS M. ZUGHAIB Dean of Women W. R. CASHEN Dean of Men seventy-seven JOHN A. BAKER Instructor in Speech and Radio HAROLD R. BLACK Assistant Professor of Agriculture ELLEN M. BRINSMADE Assistant Professor of Education LUTHER W. CASE Professor of Education LORRAINE F. DONOSHUE Associate Professor of Music 4 . fe x EARL H. BEISTUNE Dean of the School of Mines Professor of Mining Engineering ALFRED M. BORK Assistant Professor of Physics ARTHUR S. BUSWELL Assistant Professor of Agriculture EDWIN L. DOLNEY Assistant Professor of Mathematics CHRISTIAN T. ELVEY Professor of Geophysics JOHN O. FORD Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics seventy-eight MATTIE CLAY HERNING Assistant Professor of Business Administration JOHN R. HOSKINS Instructor in Mining GORDON B. JACOBS Assistant Professor Electrical Enginering KEATON KELLER Assistant Professor of Physics and Geophysics CLAUDE W. MATTHEWS Assistant Professor of Geology DONALD R. MOBERG Associate Professor of Political Science ANTONIA SLOCK RATLIFF Assistant Professor of German and French ft Y CLARENCE C. HULLEY Professor of History STANLEY P. KACABA Instructor of Military Science and Tactics BRINA KESSEL Assistant Professor of Biological Science JOHN S. MEHLER Librarian ELEAZAR PARMLY IV Assistant Professor of Mili- tary Science and Tactics ELBERT F. RICE Assistant Professor of Ci ' Engineering seventy-nine eighty DRUSKA CARR SCHAIBLE Professor of Biological MAYNARD S. STIMSON Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering BOND TABER Assistant Professor of Geology FRED W. WAGNER Professor of Business Administration S. C. WILHOITE Instructor in Military Science and Tactics KATHERINE S. DUROE Associate Professor of Home Economics IVAR SKARLAND Professor of Anthropology VICTOR C. STRASH Assistant Professor of Russian and French CLIFFORD J. VAN SICKLE Professor of Military Science and Tactics WILLIBALD WENIGER Professor of Physics CHARLES E. BEHLKE Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering ISABELLE FISH Campus Nurse r ROBERT GRAY Part Time Civil Engineering Instructor WILLIAM H. MAGEE Assistant Professor of English VERNE E. ROBERTS Assistant Professor of Mathematics IVAN SIEFKER Part Time Physical Education Instructor LOLA CREMEANS TILLY Professor of Home Economics JOHN L. BUCKLEY Professor of Wildlife Management iSinsitratii MATTIE CLAY HERNING Assistant Professor of Business Administration JIM D. REARDEN Assistant Professor of Wildlife Management MARGERY WAYNE SHAW Instructor in Chemistry IVA JUNE SPROUL Instructor in Home Economics WILLIAM S. WILSON Professor of Chemistry MARK N. CHRISTENSEN Graduate Assistant in Geology eighty-one JANE McMULLEN Registrar eighty-two N. R. MUKHERJEE Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Metallurgy JAMES N. VANSTONE Assistant Professor of Anthropology MINNIE E. WELLS Professor of English w, CLASSES eighty-three SENIORS JAMES BROOKS College; Wildlife BYRON COLSON College; Arts Letters CATHERINE FREEBERG Montana; Arts Letters CURLENE FROSTAD Anchorage; Business Administration DONALD GRAVES College; Civil Engineering JEAN GRAVES College; Education GALEN HANSEN Anchorage; Electrical Engineering NANCY HARVEY Wisconsin; Education ROBERT HINMAN Washington; Wildlife DOUGLAS HUBER Illinois; Mining eighty-four SWWWWWWWWBBW ■■ ' ■ •■ ' • ... SENIORS PATRICIA JOHNSON College; Arts Letters KAY MORGAN Anchorage; Arts Letters BOOTS KORN Oregon; Business Administration ROBERT LEAR Kodialc; M ining ANNA MUELLER Nenana; Business Administration ALLIE MURPHY Alabama; Business Administration SHEILA MacSPADDEN Juneau; Mining ANNE NORTHRUP College; General Science BURRUSS McDANIEL College; Agriculture WILLIAM POWELL Anchorage; Mining eighty-five SENIORS RICHARD SMITH College; General Science. ARTHUR THOMPSON Missouri; Mining. 1 DOUGLAS WALKER California; Arts Letters EDWARD ASHBY South Carolina; Arts Letters NORMAN GRAUERHOLZ Nebraska; Mining BROOKE MARSTON Spenard; Arts Letters 1 STANLEY HOFFMAN Palmer; Mining ' . JOSEPH POPE College; General Science eighty-six v •f JUNIORS " % ft rva A J. ADAMS W. ATTWOOD B. BECKER R. BERRYHILL L. BEYER W. CAMPBELL M. EDMUNDS E. FAIRBANKS W. KEEP A. KJORSTAD N. LOFTUS E. MEAD J. MOODY D. MORTON F. MORTON C. PARR K. PATTON R. PENDER S. PIERSON R. SEARS P. SKOOG A. TUNLEY R. ZAGERS FRIEND Not pictured: A. Cain, A. Clark, E. Dornack, W. Hollingsworth, M. Johnston, L. Kegler, J. Mead, J. Nickles, C. Proctor, K. Stanley, W. Stevens, H. Stock, E. Thayer. eighty-eight mir i SOPHOMORES G. BLOOM M. FORBIS M. HOWSER H. LIVINGSTON R. MORTON A. BOEHMER L. FOUNTAINE D. HUGHES B. McRAE G. MYHRE J. CARLSON P. GARCEAU F. IVANHOFF G. MEALEY N. RHOADS D. CLARK J. GREIMANN S. JOHNSON N. MILLER R. RUSCETT L. CLARK G. HATTON G. KNIGHT J. MILLER G. SCHALLER A. DOWNING C. HERDERING M. LEMP J. MOORE A. SUNDT eighty-nine F. WALATKA SOPHOMORES . T. WALLER Z. WARNER H. WEILER D. WILBER FRIEND Not pictured: M. Bowman, R. Brooks, W. Cahill, P. Colbeth, F. Cruikshanlt, J. Dougherty, R. Ferko, P. Greiner, G. Hanna, M. Hawes, J. Hunt, L. Isberg, R. Johnson, S. Karlen, F. Mabbatt, R. Paige, H. Pope, D. Saario, F. Seater, B. Sharp, J. Stephl, T. Wedemeier. CLASS OFFICERS Freshmen President Loyal Burkett Vice-President.. Art McKinnon Secretary ...Pat Woden Treasurer Sally Haseltin Sophomores President Bill Campbell Vice-President Harrold Weiler Secretary My ma Howser Treasurer Bonnie McRae Seniors President Byron Colson Secretary-Treasurer Anne Northrup ninety " ■ ■ »b hri»i FRESHMEN M. ARCHIBALD K. ARMSTRONG R. ARVIDSON A. BAUER A. BAUMEISTER R. BLACKETT M. BOWDISH C. BROTT A. BURKE F. BURKE L. BURKETT G. BURKHER B. CARTER J. COFFEY P. COLLINS L. CURRY P. DENTON A. DeVILLE J. DeYONGE R. DOUGLAS W. ECKERT R. ECKHARDT N. FENNER B. HACKENBERGER A. HANSEN S. HASELTINE C. HOFFMAN R. HOSLEY W. ICEBERG C. JONES ninety-one FRESHMEN J. KUZMA A. MICK L. NANCE J. PICKETT D. WARD W. LEMP I. MITCHELL R. NELSON N. RASULIS H. WELCH A. McDANIEL J. MITCHELL E. NINNIS W. ROBB B. WHITTAKER J. McKILLOP K. MOORE R. NYMAN S. SHERWOOD J. WILLIAMS A. McKINNON D. MULROY S. PERKINS R. TORWICK P. WORDEN P. McNAVISH J. MYERS W. PETREE T. WALLACE FRIEND ninety-two SHK Wli aSMSM Mm B m ■■■■ ' ■ ' ■ — J. CAIN GRADUATES D. KLEIN C. LENSICK R. SKOOG F. WOJCIK SPECIALS J. AXTELL R. HARRIS E. KELLER R. STRAIGHT ninety-three I i SPORTS ninety-five ■■■ VARSITY BASKETBALL Varsity Basketball players pictured above: A. Baumeister, T. Wallace, D. Wilbur, L. Burkett, J. Moore, B. Gray, W. Eckert, L. Clarke, J. Ninnis, R. Torwiek. For the first time in the history of the University basketball players were sent to the States to advertise the school and to play universities on the West Coast. Those making the trip were: Teddy Wallace, Don Wilbur, Jim Moore, Bob Grey, Raymon DeVille, John Picket, Larry Curry, Loyal Burkett, and Alfred Baumeister. Among the schools played were Lewis Clark, Eastern Oregon Teachers College, Willamette, Moses Lake Athletic Club, and the University of Washington Junior Varsity. The pub- licity given the University through the good sportsmanship and fine character of these men made the trip worthwhile. ninety-six I ft ninety-seven ninety-eight I k ninety-nine HOCKEY First Row: Schaller, Sundt, Moore, Eclcert, Ferko. Second Row: Adams, Garceau, Stephl, Wilber, Hoggan. asfflsr smm --roses •WE BUY-SELL aTRADEItyt one hundred I I one hundred one wmm INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL FIRST SEMESTER WINNERS— MAIN DORM SECOND SEMESTER WINNERS— CLUB DORM A. Hansen, Campbell, Weiler, Curry, Morton, Ward. G. Hansen, Slevens, Klein, Lear, lensink, Ferlco, Graves. INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL FACULTY TEAM ALL-DORM TEAM Wilson, Siefker, Christenson, Mehler, Behlke, Lynbeck. Moore, Campbell, Curry, Stevens, Wilber, Lemp. one hundred two INTRAMURAL ACTION ' " j A R " !!! ill I Ml, one hundred three GIRLS ' P. E. one hundred four m ' M Act,v -tv ' c a « 107 ACTIVITIES one hundred seven STUDENT COUNCIL Officers for 1952-53: Dean Hughes, President; Jim Moody, Officers for 1953-54: Loyal Burkett, President; Doug Huber, Vice-President; Nancy Harvey, Treasurer; Jean Graves, Vice-President; Bonnie McRae, Treasurer; Judy Greimann, Secretary. Secretary. Student Council Representatives elected by the various living groups were: Hess Hall, Doris Saario and Nancy Loftus first semester with Doris continuing into the sec- ond semester; Club Dorm, Dick Smith; Vets ' Dorm, Art Tunley serving all year, with Ed Fairbanks for the first semester and Julian Rivers for the second; Main Dorm, Jim Moore all year, Fred Seater first semester and Don Wilber second semester; Town Club, Dick Sears and Guy Myhre both serving all year. one hundred eight POLAR STAR POLAR STAR STAFF First Semester Editor-in-Chief Harold Weiler Business Manager Nancy Miller Sports Editor - - - Jerry Adams Circulation Manager .. Nova Rhoads Cartoonist ....George Schaller Second Semester Editor-in-chief Karl Armstrong Associate Editor Ron Ruscett Business Manager Nancy Miller Sports Editor Jerry Adams Advertising Manager... .....Nick Hackenberger News Editor. Bob Douglas The Farthest North Collegian, published by the University, appeared again as a newspaper this year after last coming out as a quarterly in 1949-50. The paper car- ried news throughout Alaska of University activities, alumni, and related subjects. The 1952-53 editor was Jim Moody who successfully edited the Collegian, with Donald Clark as Circulation Manager, and Dean William R. Cashen held the position of Advisor. one hundred nine THE 1952-1953 DENALI STAFF Editor - - Nancy Loftus Financial Editor.. ....Katrina Moore Construction Editors Nancy Miller, Bill Campbell Photographers Phil Collins, Allan Mick Secretary... Margo Archibald Advertising ...Bob Douglas, Wesley Eckert, Pete Bowdish one hundred ten HESS HALL Officers for the school year were: President: Sheila MacSpadden; Vice-President, Mayanne Lemp; Secretary-Treasurer, Nancy Miller. CLUB DORM Club Dorm was managed completely by Dick Zagars this year with Dick Smith as Student Council Representative. one hundred eleven ■» ■■ MAIN DORM First semester officers: President, Bill Campbell; Vice-President, Harold Weiler; Secretary, Jack Garri- son; Treasurer, Fred Morton. Second semester: President, Bill Campbell; Vice-President, Wes Eclcert; Secretary, Hal Livingston; Treasurer, Allan Hansen. VETS ' DORM Dorm officers were: President, Burruss McDaniel; Vice-President, Art Tunley; Secretary-Treasurer, Arne Sundt. one hundred twelve .« C. E. SOCIETY MINING SOCIETY one hundred thirteen LETTERMANS CLUB . • r One of the nicest dances of the year was sponsored by the Letterman ' s Club and was well attended. To round up the year they gave letters to the well deserving ath- letes for all sports participated in by the students. SOURDOUGH DANCE CLUB Friday nights were old-fashioned dancing nights and to end the school year they held a well attended dance for the townspeople. Club officers were Bob Hinman, President; N. Loftus, Vice-President; and Margo Archibald, Secretary-Treasurer. one hundred fourteen I INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The school represented Egypt at the Model United Nations Conference held at the University of California and the students who went to Berkeley were: N. Harvey, D. Hughes, B. Colson, and J. Adams. Officers of the club: R. Skoog, President; J. Adams, Vice-President; K. Moore, Secretary-Treasurer; and Dr. Morberg, Advisor. B. A. SOCIETY The Business Administration Society was one of the most active clubs on campus this year for they sponsored public lectures as well as the successful New Years Eve dance. one hundred fifteen m v RIFLE TEAM Every night was study night in the Library except rifle practice nights! The rifle team had matches against army teams, town teams and also took trips to shoot against other Alaskan town teams. TOWN CLUB The early morning bus riders are Isberg, Douglas, Dodson, Wedemeier, Myhre. and Hackenberger. one hundred sixteen — ••— CHORUS Iteminii 1 1 if (Ml j ; 1 1 ■T ' = ' ft ' IJAm j» JL- - tt ; j. k v? A 5 ' MfiT IP ' H ■ MB0 K n T • - . M ■ i ■ ' 1 1 _d . win »fl ■ . HiV 1 1 41k Id Under the leadership of Miss Donoghue the music minded students presented many choral programs and they encouraged co-operation and good fellowship among the students. EDUCATION SOCIETY Officers for the year were: Jean Graves, President; Nancy Harvey, Vice-President; Secretary-Treasurer, Pat Johnson; Advisor, Mr. Case. one hundred seventeen R. O. T. C. one hundred eighteen _ ff f SOUTH SEAS DANCE C. E. FORMAL one hundred twenty NEW YEARS DANCE R. O. T. C. BALL one hundred twenty-one 774th BAND CONCERTS Four concerts were presented to the school by the 774th Band. The band played classical as well as modern pieces and also sang some choral arrangements. SUNDAY MOVIES Sunday movies were shown by the ASUA with Tom Waller as projectionist. Top rated movies were presented to a full house every week. one hundred twenty-two HOME EC TEAS The Home Economics majors gave a series of teas for the whole campus to dem- onstrate their culinary abilities. These informal gatherings helped promote a social atmosphere on Campus. SENIOR GIRLS ' LUNCHEON The Home Economics majors entertained the High School Senior Girls at a tra- ditional luncheon held in the Home Economics Department. A well-planned menu was served and then the Senior girls were shown through the department as well as shown around the campus. one hundred twenty-three NOVA RHOADS, MISS UNIVERSITY For the Winter Carnival held in Fairbanks the school entered a float with girls to represent some of the towns in Alaska. Nova Rhoads was elected Miss University and rode on the float with her court which consisted of: Miss Anchorage, Mayanne Lemp; Miss Annette, Eleizabeth Whittaker; Miss Cordova, Nancy Fenner; Miss Eek, Fina Ivanoff; Miss Fairbanks, Judy Sreimann; Miss fHaines, Myrna Howser; Miss Juneau, Sheila MacSpadden; Miss Kodiak, Sandra Perkins; Miss Nenana, Anna Mueller; Miss Outside, Nancy Harvey; and Miss Canada, Alfhild Kjorstad. one hundred twenty-four WHERE EVERYONE MEETS EVERYONE KNOWS " COUNT " one hundred twenty-five one hundred twenty-six one hundred twenty-seven one hundred twenty-eight ADVERTISERS SOURDOUGH EXPRESS Since ' 98 531 3rd, Fairbanks, Alaska COAL - FUEL OIL - CARTAGE Join Our Satisfied Customers in Your Community for Dependable Service SUCCESS TO A. S. U. A. and the UNIVERSITY Lomen Commercial Co. Nome, Alaska BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF ' 53 West Coast Grocery Co. Wholesale Grocers Fairbanks For Honesty and Accuracy MEYERS REAL ESTATE Lots in Leading Subdivisions Town Lots • Homes Investments • Property If you are going to invest in Alaska buy from an Alaskan. 319 Cushman Street Phone 2770 tyii fatb Photography • Gifts • Souvenirs 552 Second Avenue Fairbanks one hundred thirty-two I f PRIBILOFS Shi, AMCHITKA l ™ - ft •ce df 21 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE ALASKA BUSH, THE ALASKAN PENINSULA, AND THE ALEUTIAN, SHUMAGIN, AND PRIBILOF ISLANDS SEE The Pribilof Fur Seals. Special Tourist Flights leaving each Saturday, June through September. Rates on request. REEVE ALEUTIAN AIRWAYS, INC. 420 D Street, Box 559 Anchorage, Alaska NADINE ' s Fabric Sho p Fairbanks, Alaska Sig. Wold Storage Transfer 8C Cor. 2nd Wickersham W e Store Anything from Suitcases to Pianos Phone 3544 P. O Box 791 WILBUR AND BELL CO. HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS • Heating and Plumbing Contractors 2nd Cushman Dial 3838 ADLER ' S BOOK STORE — The House of Adler — INTERIOR ALASKA ' S OLDEST BOOK STORE one hundred thirty-three Compliments of UNITED STATES SMELTING, REFINING AND MINING COMPANY Nome Department Nome, Alaska RINGSTAD BEVERAGE CO., INC. Bottlers Pepsi-Cola Hire ' s Root Beer Nesbitt ' s Orange Squirt Bubble-Up MILLER HIGH LIFE BEER Distributor Phone 4050 308 Hall St. Fairbanks Department Fairbanks, Alaska NORDALE HOTEL Fairbanks, Alaska one hundred thirty-four L I NATIONAL BANK OF ALASKA 446 4th Avenue, Anchorage Branches at Banking Facility at 5th Ave. Gambell Fort Richardson Spenard, Alaska Associated with Skagway, Alaska Bank of Wrangell Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of BANK OF PETERSBURG PETERSBURG, ALASKA Established 1912 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF KETCHIKAN Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposits Insured Up to $10,000 Ketchikan Alaska one hundred thirty-five ■ DEPENDABLE COAL for Interior Alaska as Supplied for 30 Years from Deep Underground at the company ' s Suntrana Mines THE HEALY RIVER COAL CORPORATION FAIRBANKS, ALASKA RED CROSS DRUG STORE 111 Cushman Dial 5002 Fairbanks, Alaska THE REXALL STORE PHOTO SUPPLIES PRESCRIPTIONS JESSEN ' S WEEKLY ALASKA ' S MOST WIDELY READ NEWSPAPER For All Printing Needs Fairbanks Alask ca one hundred thirty-six NUGGET SHOP Juneau, Alaska " Most Interesting Shop in Alaska " Eskimo Carved Ivory Fossil Ivory Beads Native Made Baskets Totem Poles Largest Stock of Nugget Jewelry in World Established in 1915 ALASKA INSURANCE AGENCY John Butrovich Jr. Nordale Hotel Building Fairbanks, Alaska ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE McMULLEN ' S 1923-1953 -GIFTS- WOMEN ' S APPAREL One of Alaska ' s Outstanding Shops Seward, Alaska Compliments of PIGGLY WIGGLY Featuring NATIONALLY ADVERTISED FOODS Phones: Meat— 3 064 Groceries — 5 2 1 1 Fairbanks, Alaska one hundred thirty-seven ANCHORAGE 4th AVENUE THEATRE EMPRESS THEATRE FAIRBANKS LACEY STREET THEATRE • NEW EMPRESS THEATRE LATHROP APARTMENTS LATHROP BOWLING LANES The Lathrop Company THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of ANCHORAGE Anchorage, Alaska " Largest Banking Institution in Alaska " Branch Office at Seward, Alaska Facility Office at Elmendorf Air Force Base Adak, Alaska Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COOPERS HARDWARE Fairbanks, Alaska " IF IT ' S HARDWARE WE HAVE IT " Corner of Second and Lacey Phone 4022 one hundred thirty-eight BJORNSTAD STORE C. F. Doody GENERAL MERCHANDISE Telephone 201 Haines Alaska MAR ' LOU APPAREL " THE SHOP FOR SMART WOMEN " Box A847 Kodiak Alaska Compliments of Wells Alaska Motors, Inc. Fairbanks, Alaska Compliments of SACH ' S MEN ' S SHOP Fairbanks, Alaska one hundred thirty-nine limiiii i . H ii- n nm P LH FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF FAIRBANKS Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation All Deposits Insured to $10,000 Serving the University Since Its Founding in 1917 Complete Departments: Meats - Groceries Hardware - All Apparel - Sporting Goods Building and Plumbing Supplies DONNELLEY ACHESON (Alaska ' s Oldest Store— 1795-1953 ) GENERAL MERCHANDISE FISHING BOAT SUPPLIES ORIGINALLY RUSSIAN TRADING CO. Established by Baranof, 1796 Cadillac Chevrolet Pontiac Buick Evinrude Lanson Kodiak, Alaska Westinghouse Thor Bendix Hallicrafters Zenith Remington Rand Phone 2502 TOP O ' THE WORLD CLOTHING OUTFITTERS FOR THE WORKING MAN 208 Lacey Street Fairbanks, Alaska Proprietors: Krize Brothers one hundred forty Interior Equipment SERVING ALL POINTS IN INTERIOR ALASKA TRUCKS— ALL INTEGRAL PARTS TRACTORS and DRAGLINE PARTS STEEL • HOSE • INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES Box 653 — Fairbanks, Alaska Robert Miller Max Miller Arctic Alaska Travel Service Your Home Town Travel Agency Empress Theatre Building Dial 2141 Fairbanks MADDUX JEWELERS Doug Maddux Third Lacey Fairbanks SPORTS MECCA CAFE STEAKS • SEA FOODS Fairbanks Life is a continued process of graduation . . . we hope. Nevada Kid Super Market, Inc. Box 1143 Fairbanks one hundred forty-one Standard Garage Your Chrysler - Plymouth Dealer NEW AND USED CARS GENERAL REPAIR, OIL and GREASE SERVICE MOTOR PARTS • ACCESSORIES GOODYEAR TIRES AND TUBES • BATTERIES 2nd Noble Fairbanks, Alaska Phones: Accounting 3370; Parts Service 4256 THE DINNER HOUSE We cordially invite you to the Dinner House BANQUETS AND SMALL PARTIES FINE FOODS 406 2nd Ave. Fairbanks FOR ALL THAT ' S NEW IN MEN ' S WEAR Be Sure To Shop LEE ' S MEN ' S WEAR 2nd Lacey Fairbanks PUT YOURELF IN OUR HANDS AND LEARN TO DANCE WELL Fox-Trot — Waltz — S wi ng — Rumba Samba — Tango Private or Group Lessons Special Two-for-One Rates for Couples Colombany Dance Studios 231 Northward, Phone 5069 Fairbanks 845 5th Avenue, Phone 46673 Anchorage CONNIE ' S BARBECUE We Feature BARBECUED SPARERIBS 416 2nd Ave. Fairbanks one hundred forty-two Compliments of FENTON ' S PHARMACY and NORTHWARD DRUG YOUR COMPLETE DRUG STORE SERVICE Fenton ' s 534 2nd Ave. Phone 4040 Northward Northward Building Phone 2103 Fairbanks, Alaska THE MUSIC SHOP EVERYTHING IN MUSIC 523 Second Avenue Next to the Nordale Hotel Fairbanks Alaska Fairbanks Cigar Store REFRESHMENTS • CANDY TOBACCO Larry Meath — R. K. Lavery 536 Second Ave. Fairbanks " Everything in Men ' s Wear " Dress Clothing ® Sportswear • Work Clothes In Nationally Advertised Brands Exclusive Dealers for Timely Clothes • Wilson Bros. Haberdashery • Walkover Shoes THE MARTIN A. PINSKA STORES Established 1898 Fairbanks, Alaska one hundred forty-three " w " « " i Glenn Carrington Co Serving Alaska Since 1915 INTERNATIONAL TRACTORS • TRUCKS • POWER UNITS FARM MACHINERY Industrial — Mining CONSTRUCTION AND ROAD BUILDING EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Seattle Fairbanks Anchorage Nome MODEL CAFE " Meet Your Friends There " GOOD FOOD Courteous Service Reasonable Prices Fairbanks Alaska CORNER DRUG STORE Drugs Prescriptions Chemicals Kodaks - Film Sundries Photo Finishing Stationery Sporting Goods On Cushman by the Bridge— Dial 3116 Fairbank , Alaska COLLEGE CLEANERS for the SMARTEST APPEARANCE Fairbanks Alaska one hundred forty-four THE The Country Hub of Fairbanks EXTENDS AN INVITATION TO THOSE WHO SEEK THE MOST EXCELLENT IN CUISINE AND CHARMING ATMOSPHERE. For Those Who Appreciate Quality . . . CARR ' S CLOTHING Headquarters for THE BEST IN MEN ' S WEAR Fairbanks, Alaska Compliments . ANDERSON ' S Variety Store Fairbanks Alaska Congratulations to the Class of 1953 front the Denali Staff one hundred jorty-five To the Class of ' 53 CONGRATULATIONS To You Who arc now standing at the Crossroad of Life ... we extend the Best the Future can offer . . . on your Road to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. From Us the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, America ' s Farthest North Daily Newspaper . . . represent- ing Fairbanks, Crossroad of Alaska. r -f7AjRBANKg - Daiiy Mews - Miner J. VIC BROWN SONS JEWELERS Second and Cushman FOR THE FINEST IN JEWELRY, SILVERWARE AND GIFTS, come in and shop around in our modern and convenient store. Friendly salespeople . . . absolute guaranteed satisfaction in everything. WATCH REPAIRING JEWELRY MADE TO ORDER Serving Alaskans For Over 3 6 Years one hundred forty-six Location map of NC branches in Alaska and the Yukon Territory NORTHERN COMMERCIAL CO. SERVING ALASKANS TODAY. . . In the same pioneer spirit and tradition that helped lay the foundation of Fair- banks over 50 years ago . . . since before the discovery of gold in 1902, we have sought to bring Alaskans the foodstuffs, dry goods, drugs, hardware and ma- chinery — the goods and service — they need and want. As Fairbanks and the whole of Alaska builds toward a bright future, we will continue to expand our facilities to serve better our customers and the community in which we live. • Alaska ' s Pioneer Merchants • Liberal Credit Terms • Will Call and Lay Away Plans • Free Delivery and C.O.D. Arrangements • The Store for Everybody Since 1902 • Convenient Charge Accounts • Courteous Service at All Times • Free Parking All Mercantile Departments Under One Roof Caterpillar distributors in Alaska and Yukon Territory. Buick, Dodge and Plymouth agencies. Complete Automotive Repair. Fully Equipped Machine Shop Aviation Department, Standard Oil Products NORTHERN COMMERCIAL CO. ALASKA ' S PIONEER MERCHANTS one hundred forty-seven A ESTERN ' S leadership in the high school and college annual field has been tested by the yardstick of proven ability and consistent performance over a period of forty-five years. Our services include the assistance of a special annual depart- ment, abundant modern equipment, and the help of a staff of expert craftsmen. WESTERN ENGRAVING COLORTYPE CO. SEATTLE, WASHINGTON one hundred forty-eight 22 YEARS OF SERVICE TO ALASKA AND ALASKANS IS BEHIND EVERY TRIP ON A FLYING CLIPPER RESERVATIONS TO ANY PLACE IN THE WORLD, CONFIRMED IN ADVANCE DIRECT CONNECTIONS AT SEATTLE-TACOMA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT FOR CALIFORNIA, HAWAII AND ALL THE EAST. Pan American World Airways 3 Cffie System of tlie li iny Clippers 513 Second Ave. Phone 2118 one hundred forty-nine J •la If I I III III III Iff 11 111 II ,!= " |

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