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1 115' "fm V' 'Y fy f ,, - f Jibwmiwi i A 1 A ,V V K - ,:,-,,..,..-v- A A 0' "1!7,'fJ!gkfx, , 4 Jmyv-"n M, Aww , g5vfMM,.,LU ?, .,f'Mh bew MNH f U' ' 10 'J ,EI ww' W ffwf . , nfl 6 lqliu-A' C4-Q f2U'0U'Q l'WU"'- I .Kl,uAlL,1-5,-,vxvguii ,j.,,. KJ ,,, .- ,bbw Gb? IQLLLMLZ IMA, QUQMV ch- ,N ', 1 L igifk M5 0 UU ,Tub Qww K5QQ5Wf'!'mf i ..- QV, 0. b A ' CUKLJLFLLNE S J R I 5,55 'tam Qgv ' My OX? , ' Q. I 'O - a ff' V' w:M5f?iff ' W NA Q 2? l ' - v' + QQ5mQ'P?!5M.Wi!ffWf AQQH E yJf5'!,9 ww- f 5iJdi,05y f WI WC kg, yi- QVM .1 1' ' . 43 ' WV JV 'Wad CWKM 7651 R I 4 ,, fy ,Q r - v 1 J . Y 1 g. - - A . D ,nz 4 ' A ' ' -L sv Jifjw W D 'W DUJMZV WJDLTWD , N265 M UW M' WM pdf' f4'4cgMfjW Oflfjd I mg! if 6 OM? Add df 7 I R AQ I K Z! W HJ 1 Luwfw, am! M007 H? JVJL cu KLA' vlwfb -W7 -g lAfAf1QQfx,, md' 91 .7 ' W if W WMM fwfg My . XJ gywpffw WBUYAM' dui VV' ,JW wfy ,QW UL N fvffw Ncyjlf jun, J 0JQMj. AivWlIJ ,J 3 . yy! N ,, W4 W' ,A kfvv ' .Wk I . , Q l.! K, F- 424433. lii!V6.f ly! PM MW Q31 gg Mlffa Qfff W Q4 H313 if 1 QQ? J f I fv 1 .,2 I .J ' f ff rl ., . V ,' ,' ' .J . I ,A U fefjvf ffff fl, My fbw f ,f Mx fly f MJ! J fff WWW f f X V I THE 1961 WHITE CAP The Whzte Cap Staff Unwerszty Hospztal School of Narsmg Birmmgham Alabama A Nurseas Prayer God, may we ever follow where you have us to, May we learn what you would have us know. Give us the strength to forget any selfish personal feeling, And guide us that we may always aid in healing. Give us the grace to be patient, to be kind, to understand, When we must bind a wound, give a shot, or hold a quivering hand Give us the faith to smile when it might help one to conquer death, To go on when we get more weary with each breath. Grant us the courage to face death, to kneel and say a prayer, To give sincere words of cheer, to smooth a wayward strand of hair May we always live in just and righteous ways, That others may live to enjoy happier days. God, give us the insight into the heart and mind of man, That we may help him as best we can And each day we will dedicate ourselves anew, Doing the work you would have us do. For doing unto them, we have done unto you. 1 g A --,x-.--YN ,'--IQ, Dedication For your patience and understanding, guidance and help, to you, Miss Longshore, we dedicate "The White Cap of l961." For faithfully working with us year after year - as a guider when guidance was needed and a friend when we needed a friend. When the present was dim you were always there to brighten the future. For love and devotion with the greatest of respect and admiration we dedicate our White Cap to one so deserving. The Annual Staff .-1-111-n Vftzif f"II"'-' L L.. Kai Q1 Q T I N MXH xg f x. ,X 'X X ln f -' If 13,53 Q llllll lllll-I an nuns. Administrator University Hospital and Hillman Clinics Mr. Matthew F. McNulty, Jr. z i Associate Administrator Mr. James E. Crank gm-,Y t Y . ' w s L Director 0 Nursing Miss Mary Edna Williams Associate Director o Nursing Mrs. Anne M. Howell It is my privilege to bring greetings to the students from the members of the faculty of the School of Nursing and the Nursing Serv- ice - all of whom are sincerely interested in students as future nurses and co-workers. Nursing is an old and proud profession. We hope that you will be as proud to be members of this group as we are. But always remem- ber that to attain the greatest personal satis- faction we must give the best of ourselves. Wisdom is found in the works of William Ellery Channing, and may you always re- member: "Whatever you may suffer speak the truth. Be worthy of the entire confidence of your associates. Consider what is right as what must be done. It is not necessary that you should keep your property, or even your life, but it is necessary that you should hold fast your integrity. " Y Nursing Office Supervisors '7-3 Mrs. Ross Roberts Mrs. Edith McCulloch QM of 4,7 l 3-ll Jkt' Mrs. Gordie Lackey Miss Hazel Taylor m. 'Ns 11-7 Mrs. Era Burbank Miss Elsie Gray University Hospital and Hillman Clinic GROUN5 ' ,':L is ,f .Zig 4 'IJ V Q., r. " ta, .15 'I Q f, , UNIV Bw ""RgfrsmfHosK RE GSTU PM X XXX A .9 , .er - W School of Nursing Nurses' Residence Extension Center .....,, as I x f Y W . :grams Y 'Mmm Q V 41 q :mal mf JSP L ,S I .3 7 Q ' r2'7+'t'u ' to t j School of Nursmg ' Dzrectors 5 MISS BETTY TOMLIN Education MRS. EDITH DODD Assistant Educational Director QIAQQQS 5 xssn XXAYQ, X I XCK-Uqaxex time, 'sfo one-5 G.xi:.Xf5l'rK 'Xb OUQ1'G.svng 6xO5R4'0xlLXQ5 ... QKHDSBQQ1 .r M D S ?b'f'f eff 'Wax' WF'-Q5ixK .tg MISS MARY EDNA WILLIAMS Director of Nursing Assistant Director of Nursing Faculty U i il STANDING: M. Barrett, L. Adams, C. Moore, J. West, R. Howell, J. DuVo1sin, S. Thornton, K. Dannelly, S. Johnston, P. Flippen, R. Greene, J. Collier, M. Jackson, B Mendoza, R. Longshore. SEATED: J. Garrett, M. Welch, T. Yahnel. FUNDAMENTALS OF NURSING Mrs. Polly Flippen - Chief Instructor Mrs. Martha Barrett - Asst. Instructor Mrs. Jane DuVoisin - Asst. Instructor Mrs. Sarah Johnston - Asst. Instructor Mrs. Kathryn Dannelly - Asst. Instructor OBSTETRIC NURSING Mrs. Thelma Yahnel Miss Martha Jackson MEDIC AL- SURGICAL NURSING Miss Carolyn Moore - Instructor Mrs. Louise Adams - Instructor Mrs. Joyce West - Instructor Mrs. Stella Thornton - Instructor Mrs. Jeanette Garrett - Instructor PEDIATRIC NURSING Miss Martha Welch Mrs. Jackie Collier Mrs. Betty Mendoza - PUBLIC HEALTH INSTRUCTOR Miss Rebecca Longshore - NUTRITION INSTRUCTOR Mrs. Ruth Greene - BASIC SCIENCE CO-ORDINATOR Miss Rose Howell - OPERATING ROOM INSTRUCTOR Y, , .H r , Q j Supervisors - 1 ' 5 ,,, yy Divisions and Units M A MEDICAL 7 As ' r Mrs. Berry Wade A 32135535.3231 ,Qmgwgj 4 ., 'nie---fa X' i A f?'1-ii w ff A im 'B A ro ' 'I - .' . - "Q - fl f' V H6 . A L,-. , 'Q g X, r y 1 r 1 -'fv ' ,- , We f L A , TY? , UH ' A L x . ' X .X , vm K9 . 'I f OBSTETRICS, NURSERY AND PEDIATRICS SURGICAL Mrs. Ethel Seymour Mrs. Mar uerite Gonzalez Mrs. Julia Simpson Mrs. Victoria Ewing Mrs. Joyce Hilder Miss Martha F5 WLT 'S ..,..-xl. H, 4 ll OPERATING ROOM AND RECOVERY ROOM OUT-PATIENT DEPARTMENT Mrs. Minnie McGee UQ Miss Ethel Carver Mrs. Mildred Christian JSR Mrs. Nannie Lou Posey ,gr l .1 xy Head Nurses 1 Nw 4 SEATED: Mrs. Brown, 4 Ped., Mrs. Beebe, Univ. Del., Mrs. Furrio, 9 East, Mrs. Walker, 10 West, Mrs. Lyles, 8 West, Mrs. Tokarz, 12 West, Mrs. Ryan, 12 Isolation, Mrs. F. Gaines, 9 West, Mrs. Rynolds, Univ. Nursery. STANDING Mrs, Dickinson, 3 Ped.: Mrs. Jacobs, 11 West, Mrs. Odgers, 14 East, Mrs. Pennington, 3 South, Mrs. York, 10 East, Nurse Whisenant, Hill. P. P., Mrs. M. Gaines, Hill. Nursery, Mrs. Crawford, 14 West, Mrs. Sizemore, Hill. Del., rse McGhee, 2 West, Nurse Ikner, 3 East, Nurse Tucker, 4 East. Mfr ftiegiiff Dr. Glenn H. Baird , 1 ll L' II v rl M l Student Health Mrs. Margaret Dale, Miss Louise Benefield, Dr. Earl Sugerman. jlyuing X, sf ff ' Registrar M Jfxbpnf' Mrs. Ida Harper ,F 7 W .ra ,fffskfv fl? jcgwf L -' w w Housemotliers Mrs Mrs Mrs Hazel Pope Jennie English Emma Thorne Mrs Frances Davis J l s. Geo ia Halliburton - , 'D rr W Wim IP Reside Director Housekeeping Supervisor Mrs. Lois Beauford Mrs. Nancy Fritz 2 n CUBQJXQJ U 1,,,.Q-a "7fvr,de.,v1,. Q Qcyrff H "Nfh9'v0 4 44 , ,W ,.-, . Psychiatric 1 V HOUSTON USVA HOSPITAL 'N PSYCHIA TRIC BUILDING If ff V. A. HOSPITAL WOMEN'S RESIDENCE INS TRUC TORS Mrs. Margaret S. Cannon Mr. W. I. Beha Mrs. Ida L. Lewis Ajfliation BRYCE'S HOSPITAL vi ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDING BRYCE'S HOSPITAL NURSES' RESIDENCE Q 71 iff-A5 i INS TRUCTORS Mae Ann Wilson Elizabeth S. Dutter Janice Thomas The Nightingale Pledge I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assem- bly to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. Iwill do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping, and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my profession. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work and de- vote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care. MT? , A I' 'XX 1 , ,I N. N 5 411' 2 f .xr-4 XX 3 ff ff Y R A """"gX x X x XE, X Q ,,...,-...- a ---- RN . l 'FWZ IEW, N . 1' 'Skt f ' ,.4 ..." . 4 X I FUN L., Lf President MISS JAYNE BARTLETT Lanett, Alabama Vice-President MISS CAROLYN CARTER Anniston, Alabama Secretary W Treasurer MISS EILEEN BRINKMAN MISS RUTH AULTMAN Memphis, Tennessee Brighton, Alabama Advisor MRS. THELMA . YAHNEL gf' MRS. MAIDIE BOWEN Atlanta, Georgia MISS BRENDA BAKER Attalla, Alabama MISS RUTH BRAND Ashland, Alabama MISS LINDA BIRCI-IEAT Gadsden, Alabama MRS. DOT BROOM Tuscumb1a, Alabama MISS JANE BLAIR Talladega, Alabama - S NSE .1-- ,,.Y".' In ' Nz- W. r 1 .5 ,:w- I w.u .4 .Lima 1" 'fi--ff .1.a1L','wMff. 'xl' '. nu X4 Y 1' ' A ., F v . mi. nn ,H H" H-. -- "' " 55 'l., ' -.J 5 'PE' .4- ' 'I , ., f" -' . ei: elif' V ,v R-'T ' - ., ,fa , H .XJ PQ:-' sig: !,w1N'x A: n v Ni as X :F MISS MARCELIA MEACHUM Birmingham, Alabama W W We Wi QW MRS. SHARON HODNETT Lincoln, Illinois MISS PAT NORRIS Tarrant, Alabama MRS. MARGERY LESTER Opp, Alabama MISS PEGGY PATTERSON Sheffield, Alabama l W, . ' WMM Miss Peggy Long Russellville, Alabama MISS IEANETTE PHILLIPS Cordova, Alabama MR. MARSHALL TOWNSEND West Palm Beach, Flonda MISS RUBY RIDDLE Talladega, Alabama MISS BARBARA VINES Pell City, Alabama MRS. DORIS ROBERTS Livingston, Alabama Miss MARTHA WEBBER waive Talladega, Alabama MISS DARLENE WOLFE Bynum, Alabama MISS MARTHA WEST Garden City, Alabama MISS ELIZABETH YANCEY Opp, Alabama MR. MARVIN WHEELER Birmingham, Alabama YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high and don't be afraid of the, dark. At the end of the storm ls a golden sky, and the sweet silver song of a lark. Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain, tho' your dreams be tossed and blown - Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, and you'l1 never walk alone. You'll never walk alone. Class Will We, the Senior Class, being of warped mind and body do hereby bequeath this our last will and testament. To the faculty - the Seniors leave I! To the head nurses - softer cushions on their chairs. To the Dietary Department - a robot to punch meal tickets. To the Nursing Service - more time to take coffee breaks. To the doctors - Hearing aids to facilitate hearing pages. To the Junior Class - TOLERANCE To the Freshman Class - HELP To Mrs. Fritz - a years supply of yellow note paper. Ruth Aultman leaves her moods to song writers. Brenda Baker leaves her ability to smoke to Elaine Hackworth. Linda Bircheat leaves her "crush" to someone who has a better excuse to go to the U. E. R. Rusty Brinkman leaves her therapeutic attitude to Barbara Hill. Marcelia Meacham leaves her singing voice to Charles DuBose to go along with his singing personality. Darlene Wolfe leaves her conversational ability to Sarah Gladden. Ruth Brand leaves her sunglasses to Mavis Hart. Madie Bowen leaves her ability to ask questions to Sherrll Gilliland. Ruby Riddle leaves her energy to Dee Berkman. Peggy Patterson leaves her class participation to Lucy Ridley. Becky Burns leaves her Southern Drawl to Robert O'Connor. Marshal Townsend leaves his ability to get along with instructors to Frances Jordan. Jeanette Phillips leaves her seat in speech class to Jessica Hinton. Dorothy Hester leaves her ability to stay on restriction while in Tuscoloosa to Ann Hayes and Judy Tharpe. Ruth Cain leaves her sense of Humor to Pat Scott. Carolyn Carter leaves her walk to Betty Burchfield. Martha Webber leaves her infatuation to Rebecca Feltman. Doris Roberts leaves her recommendation for a marriage counselor to Ann Richards. Jane Blair leaves her love for Tuscoloosa to Joy Beason. Liz Yancey leaves her left over sick days to Linda O'Barr and Barbara Crowe. Martha West leaves her "little black book' to Patty McEwin. Pat Norris leaves her shampoo to Mary Ellen Sparks. Barbara Vines leaves her dramatic ability to Jo Ann Phillips. Peggy Long leaves her figure to Maxine Sullivan. Jayne Bartlett leaves her sympathy to Kay Buchanan as next years editor of the annual. Dot Broom leaves her "jokes" to Carol York. Jan Davis leaves her "schedules" to Becky Jones. Margery Lester leaves her maternity clothes to Canatha Earley. Billy Ezell leaves his imagination to Viola Hill. Ann Gollghtly leaves her athletic ability to Nona Ramsey. Marvin Wheeler leaves his vast knowledge to Sarah Flemming. And I leave before this annual is published, I hope SHARON HODNETT Class Lawyer Class History of 1961 It was a beautiful sunny September day of 1958 - not a cloud in the sky for they were all in our heads. A time for which each had longed for - becoming a nurse. The beginning of a new life for each of the sixty four. An experience that each would remember, one that would mark each happening as re- membera ble as yesterday. Our first nine months - what a nine months! It was filled with everything from why my elbow bends, to how to make a bed, to why the river was important in Huckleberry Finn. Then we were given our uniforms - eak gads! real human patients not just Miss Chase. Thanksgiving we went home and helped cure everyone's aches and ills, then back to U. H. and our first patients. Will we ever forget the number of times we walked by their doors before our instructors pushed us in? We talked about our patients for a week for we could finally call ourselves nurses. Those were the days! The end of our first nine months - our class had worked hard and we had money in the bank so Panama City here we came. P. C. wrote us down in their history. We had our annual school picnic that year, too. Will we ever forget the look on Mrs. Douthit's face when we threw her in the lake? Better than that, will we ever forget the look on our faces? September came and went just as fast. Juniors with a whole lf4 of a black band. We worked hard our Junior year. There are so many things to remember, bit rotations and the doctors finally called us by name, not just "that little nurse. ' We developed symptoms of all descriptions, funny tho they went with our service. Heaven helped us that year through surgery. Houston was the greatest for some of us. They moved Ellington when we left. And Bryce's - we'll let those re- member it who want to. September rolled around fast that year, too. But there was a certain magic to this September, On the first, a day for each, we had reached one of our biggest goals - a full black band - we were Seniors! Our Senior year, it seemed so long and yet so short. Medical - Surgical was a terror for -some of us. Heaven had helped us before through surgery, but Mrs. Thornton, black coffee and cigarettes finally pulled us through. And will we ever forget the saying of the doctors and Head Nurses "you are a senior, you knowl" How wrong they were but we took our new responsibilities and carried them like seniors. May rolled around fast and the 28th we called ourselves "Graduates" with bright shinny pins and all. But we weren't finished - not yet. Three more months would they ever pass? June came! Another trip to P. C. was a must! Poor Mrs. Yahnel, will she ever get through counting the new gray hairs she acquired from that trip? July and our last Junior-Senior Dance. The Dinkler Tutwiller let us in the door once more. How many was it that went off the Terrace that night? August flew so fast and finally September. We gave our -black bands to the new seniors with gladness and yet sorrow. We were finished. It was as simple as that. No longer could we call ourselves a part of U. H. for each went their separate way - each to our own destiny. Yet we can look back at our history and truly say "we made history." A history that we can be proud of, call back all the "old memories, " and remember all the "old times, " A class that worked hard and one that will not be easy for -forget! Class Historian BARBARA JAYNE VINES Class Prophecy After many hours of deep concentration and repeated consults with my faithful crystal ball, I predict the following to happen within the next twenty years: Dorothy Broom will write a textbook for student nurses. Ruth Brand and Madie Bowen will establish a school of Beauty and Charm for Student Nurses. Peggy Patterson will join the military and become a key member on the com- mittee for germ warfare. Jan Davis will obtain a B. S. degree, join the Navy, go to Alaska and Hawaii, become a nurse anesthetist, and will then go to Cullman to be a general duty nurse in Gedunk General Hospital. Liz Yancey will become a model for a uniform company. Rusty Brinkman will oil her joints and be the first woman on the moon. Billy Ezell will marry Bridgett and retire to a country villa in France. Marvin Wheeler will continuously ask for relief in the emergency room. Becky Burns will become co-ordinator of Basic Science for the School of Nursing, specializing in microbiology. Jayne Bartlett will become health nurse for the National Basketball Association. She already knows how to dribble. Ruby Riddle will marry Jim Question and raise four answers. Dorothy Hester will become the president of the "League of Old Maids" better known as "Can You Top This." Marcelia Meachem will write a book titled "I'll Diet Tomorrow. " Marshall Townsend will become chief photographer for a man 's magazine. Sharon Hodnett will be employed by a public relations bureau. One of her func- tions will be teaching foreigners the basic principles of the "Southern drawl. " Barbara Vines will become tangled in some very serious international affairs. W. H. O. ? Pat Norris will become the endorser for Prell Shampoo. Ann Golightly will eventually make the moon via kite. Martha Webber and Doris Roberts will write a book titled "How to be a Professional Nurse." Linda Bircheat will save her money, buy a tractor and send it to Castro in fair trade for a man. Carolyn Carter will go to South America to instruct the cha-cha. Ruth Aultman will nurse children with open heart surgery under the supervision of Mike Stowe. Brenda Baker will become nurse for the Dairyman's Association. Jane Blair will become Public Health Nurse for Clay County. Jeanette Phillips will become the head of an information bureau for the govern- ment. Peggy Long will give birth to quads the least weighing nine pounds. Martha West will become a physician specialist. Margery Lester will still have a light in the window, waiting for Martin to come home from the hospital. Darlene Wolfe gave up her career as a nurse to become an author, Her first big seller is titled "Learn Spanish in Ten Easy Steps." Well, I guess that accounts for the class of '61, If you are ever near U. H. drop by the Anesthesia Department and visit with me for a while. RUTH CAIN University Hospital School of ursing Awards The Faculty Award - to Elizabeth Yancy who demonstrated the highest degree of excellence in general scholastic achievement. The Senior Class Award - to Jayne Bartlett, whose exceptional character, personality, and spirit have contributed most toward the achievement of the goals of the class. The Nursing Service Award - to Peggy Long who demonstrated outstanding ability and professional aptitude in bedside nursing. The Administrator's Award - to Jan Davis, who has demonstrated outstanding ability in leadership. The Hospital Auxiliary Award - to Peggy Long, who demonstrated outstanding ability both in knowledge and practice of nursing. . fffvj-gg?-f 1 5 -id., SO WHY UORRY LTEOUT IT? fi - rvuufm I LIKE 'rowmss L ,u-'ff' -lj. f- .mf-, , K ,H A-3 GALVESTPN .5 L ' '19, yg , Z Q f"'w, Q r ' ,. ii 'Ti 1-"Xiu f--,. -, , , . L. .., X 4 X -1" Q -X X . A I E. F I " "W ' i M8159- 3 Sw k s 'X' ' I f-- ef i Q.,!'f'.'1c'11erf+iseQRDg ll 'g j , I VLINITI A II I . I I I 2 'I : a I 'v I 5. . A . 5 ' '- 1, 1 I , I . Y ' 4 i . I K X I 14 I! ff!! iff-3f'q,, F Name ..., , ' K 1 . 5- , .4 L-wif., . WJ x x 'JAM 1 W. Q53 J President Vice-President KAREN BEASLEY BEVERLY BUSBY ,www fu igjjf N l Secretary Treasurer JUDY HARRIS LINDA O'BAR JD N' R0 0 x ffigy Lo. QQHMJ 1 W, ,Q Advisors MISS MARTHA WELCH, MISS ROSE HOWELL MELBA ASHLEY Belgreen, Ala. HANNAH BAKER Natchez, Miss. IOY BEASON Panama City, Fla. DEE BERKMAN Vero Beach, Fla. NORMA BRISTOL B'ham, Ala. JOYCE BROWN Atmore, Ala. FRANCES BRYARS Atmore, Ala. KAY BUCHANAN Panama City, Fla. BETTY BURC HFIELD B'ham, Ala. W A R ,-5 Y m li Q 3 ft BARBARA CROWE Hartselle, Ala. LINDA DEATON Hamilton, Ala. CHARLES DuBOSE Meridian, Miss. REBECCA FELTMAN Zion, Ill. SARAH FLEMING Geneva, Ala. BRENDA FRAZIER Hartselle, Ala. 5 X. fiilf - .55 CR ,pa .i 1 N 'I . ' .1 PEGGY HOWLETT B'ham, Ala. REBECCA JONES B'ham, Ala. LOUISE MASSEY Purvis, Miss. GLORIA MCCAIN Anniston, Ala. PATTI McEWEN Centre, Ala. ANNIE LOU NEWTON Vina, Ala. SHERILL GILLILAND Clanton, Ala. SARAH GLADDEN B'ham, Ala. ELAINE HACKWORTH B'harn, Ala. MARTHA HAMNER B'ham, Ala. MAVIS HART Albertville, Ala. ANN HAYES Cottonwood, Ala. BARBARA HILL Opelika, Ala. VIOLA HILL B'ham, Ala. JESSICA HINTON Anniston, Ala. 5111. 1 H A 11 11 1 I,I1f1i!A f I l l 1i ,X 1 Ll r W 1 1,31 -1 1:,. " , 11 1, : 1z.1'11-' 1 QQHHIL5- 4:11-1.-Q .:441.L1 . 1, '1-..' ' -'4',:L" K", . 4 wyzp- - gln' L? N k v 1- 3- -' j ' ff. " . -. - f' ,,..'-,url 1 f- '- W I1 W, in :1 W 1 x9 wh I1 11 - Iwi ,3 I L1, L '11 31 Q ' W1 1 M31-,f,f .. l L3 A 1,, ' .je M A 53 Fm W I 4 1 f- Q 1 Q .sry-,1!1 1 -,IL H, I s - p Y Il I X "V 'li '1 1: ' ::'L1I-111: -4- 1 ' ,111 1 1 . -.11,. uL..1,U E J E15 '1' X 11: E .r 1 ' A 2 - .-4. - f 1. l?..'1f1'1lW'f 9 17:51 ' A.. .1-'11-jf."1,gg?75lv7g'.1-11115, 1' ij: , L " ' -1 55-:ui-' 'tmga-'-' -'glfnflal P 1 .1 .H 11' . Q, . J lyk A ,1 11, 1 x'1':,n1 V X NH NH 1 1 5 1 mfr. 1 .11-T rl R1 " ' FF' - ,11F14g1E.17T.'1'v1,.j1.L A1 V W 1 'Ili-M1117-,-1-mr 4? N LQ- ,5E:,iL, L' L H ...M fig 1 f if .-502.1-"" . A 4 LW "' 1 , ng:- ,Q Q 1 1 5 r 1 N 1., X ,-.M-X. N X ' "1 ,,.1:- , -3-1 S' Q5 F 1 41 -N f 1 1 , 114 ,gin-Q,-.:'1,f ,L - I f Q, 1-. 1 ' 1 A l' 1 '1 ' 1 - V.:5!.- V, Aff- ,Q 51 I ..',,1m11.1l , 1 Jw ,.,.. 11' .-.-. 1 1. -- 134 1 ' 111 1 1 15 X 'ln ' I , 45 ll IA T. Q! X . V 1. Y ! x w 1 vw . xx ff: X film x mix '-. 1 . E CAROL ANN YORK Grovehill, Ala. BARBARA ZAKARY Bucks, Ala. HAZEL Wi-IITAKER Atmore, Ala. PAT WHITAKER Leeds, Ala. FAYELLEN WILSON Fairfax, Ala. S 1 1 CD Cv -,591 , N,,,...f--- - I ..- ,,.,.- , V ,.-.-- 4 fuss gang n w fx N FXTO NX Y wi., 7 i '---Bw , 1 x 'gf I ,. 1 '- xiii S X I 411A A im i 5 W Q 1 r W I I A MIKE WIGGINS ELAINE HARPER QW , pw K, .f"h ff 77l f4tI?2HELL xayf.!aVERNE My ff , gjafpy few SA WYER Jiffffiw Z-cam S js-fam. kwfww- fi My Vgjfjma ,iigffmf Z' EMM- Advisors MRS. GREENE - MRS. BARRETT - fi BARBARA ALLEN Camden, Ala. EUGENE ALLEN Brookhaven, Miss. MOLLIE BAGGETT Oneonta, Ala. FRANCES BATES Birmingham, Ala. BRENDA BERRY Montgomery, Ala. ALETHEA BOGGESS -Calera, Ala. IOHNNIE BRADLEY Helena, Ala. HARRIE BROWN Birmingham, Ala. GERALDINE CARR Spruce Pine, Ala. MARY JEAN CARDON Birmingham, Ala. JUDY CHASE Bessemer, Ala. SYBIL ANN CLARK Tuscumbia, Ala. GAL PEGGY ANN CLEMENTS Columbia, Ga. ANITA ANN COATS Bessemer, Ala. GREGORY COOK Panama City, Fla. CARLA COOPER Cedartown, Ga. CAROLE CORLEY Walnut Hill, Fla. LOIS CRAIG Birmingham, Ala. CONNIE CREEK Huntsville, Ala. GLORIA CORNELIUS Huntsville, Ala. JEAN CROWLEY Birmingham, Ala. GENEVA CUNNINGHAM Huntsville, Ala. TALLULAH CUNNINGHAM Scottsboro, Ala. MARGARET CURTIS Elkton, Tenn. G I A ANNETTE HOPKINS Birmingham, Ala. ANNA FAYE HOWARD Anniston, Ala. JUDY JOHNSTON Opp, Ala. FRANCES JORDON Trussville, Ala. SANDRA KILGORE Sheffield, Ala. MELANIE KONDRATH Montgomery, Ala. SANDRA LINER Padukah, Ky. JULIA LUNA Birmingham, Ala. PAT MCCARLEY Birmingham, Ala. MARTHA MCMUNN Athens, Ala. PAT MILAM Birmingham, Ala. JUNE MILLER Anniston, Ala. JACQUELINE DOUTHIT Birmingham, Ala. DELORES DRIVER Geneva, Ala. SHIRLE EDMONDSON Birmingham, Ala. VERNA EMBREY Huntsville, Ala. LONNIE EUBANKS Meridian, Miss. RUTH FRENCH Huntsville, Ala. SANDRA FORD Opelika, Ala, JAMES FOWLER Junction City, Kansas DENISE GREGGS Fair Hope, Ala. ESTHER HANKY Cullman, Ala. PAT HINDS Helena, Ala. LAURA HOLDER Bridgeport, Ala. . , N.. ,I . 3, DIANE MOORE Bessemer, Ala. IEANETTE MOORE Blue Mountain, Ala. NAN MURDOCK Martinsville, Texas ELIZABETH PARKER Montgomery, Ala. BETTY PATTERSON Fayette, Ala. GLADYS PATTY Anniston, Ala. PATRICIA ANN PEARSON Springville, Ala. HELEN PERRY Cropwell, Ala. NAN PRESSLY Aberdeen, Miss. FRED PRICE Decatur, Ala.5 ROY PRICE Cedartown, Ga. MARGARET PUGH Birmingham, Ala. 'S 4 N I I n v I DIANE ROSCOE Gadsden, Ala. EDITH ROYSTER Stanton, Ala. PHILIPPA SALTER Darlington, Ala. ANN SAUNDERS Panama City, Fla. RUTH SCOTT Huntsville, Ala. JOY SEDBERRY Montgomery, Ala BETTY JEAN SELF Birmingham, Ala. PEG Y SIMMONS F irfield, Ala. A ANN SMITH Glen Allen, Ala. NELLIE SMITH Bessemer Ala fx ATRICIA SULLIVAN Birmingham Ala AN DRA TA NNER ' ' Will ' ' , , -A Eyy n, g , . , I ,. ,lr if , 37 E ja Montgomery, Ala. N . 57 .TIMMIE TAYLOR Tuscaloosa, Ala. PRISCILLA TIDWELL Birmingham, Ala. MARY LOU TRAYWICK Birmingham, Ala. JOANNE WADE Fontana, Calif. LINDA WADE Trussville, Ala. DOROTHY WI-IITLEY Birmingham, Ala. IERRIE WINSTON Birmingham, Ala. NAN WOOTEN Bainbridge, Ga. re 's 'Whe our 'Florence i , , .1 H' X 31 I -:J x 'f ' ' '- .e 'r-,X k fa '1 PTY LA -1 E I 'r 'Law ' 'M' 2, :fig jf P V : " -, Nr '-' . 3 T ,245-ff' i ', , A , .. I S , ,I ,,f,,A,3 .Jr-. , 1 , fx f U- , ""1'C '-left "Z " , ll .V .,. . 'U ww . Q gg' wegj'-' 1 W -,gig Q . , "N . p w i- A .- " -- Q5 5""Wuw,L.. , :wi ,wc -. .,. M442 1. . H H 'N - A , ' .. H. ' ' K fm M I va, N . 5- gfvh err Ir Sl it . . ,ff 2 fx Q WWW- N. ,, J A -. Y "g. 'Q 'ff . ' . J.. K A qis ww V. F , ,: - I L, - - -. 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Rush, Jr Dr. George Bilsten l MOST ATHLETIC Elizabeth Yancy 1 "uf ' ITTIEST W Ruth Cain YQ MOST STUDIOUS I an Davis Senior Wlzcfs Who MOST VERSATILE Jayne Bartlett MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Peggy Long C UT EST Margery Lester Q 'i 'UNH .-.3 . I Class Favorites SENIORS Ruby Riddle Brenda Baker IUNIORS Beverly Busby Patti McEwen FRESI-IMEN Fregfrice Z I .L W ,411 gsffwfm if ' ' N' , if Q L he PP THQ TA L, , his v Mg ' .11 x 0 , 54-.I 'W , A V I l 4 A x x if . 'M .V ' 'f xx ' N24 .1 Av A6 . N x xii'- n N 42 -11, mf' sg f. ,Wi ' rr N Q. ri 7 '? ig as ., v .rw - z M Q' ' A 1 ,1 i QQ. l z 15' Q Qwwb if if -f M. 9, I Br -5 'm mmm I Annual Staff ru... ' 17. T T' 1 ' I H' x. - L '-1 ' " WEE f. . V' . law-i1f4'-"'l , 1, , ' '. ' V'-3,51 'Zh 1' , ,,' -'E '25, ,'.,,j12r 4 YQ ' fliiill' , I 4 me J , . " -T '- 'uf V 15, ' Y' 4 - f Q ,V was ,G F: up 1, i W f F. - I 2.-Q, Z,-ffl. il W -- I 1 V ' x W N N 1 SEATED: R. Aultman, I. Bartlett, K. Buchanan. STANDING: B. Ezell, E. Brinkman, G. Oakes, L. Massey, A. Newton, P. Towery, S. Gladden, P. Nor- ris,XC. Ciqrley, B. Vines, C. Creek, P. Eubanks. X , 4, X . fl xi 'B 'ixa' . Q5 K . ffk NX I X Q ,Il Q ' Q. K "Trl, Xxx TNT' .a QF.. XX C' Q. U., My A-, .AX -fi HV' fr ,kr kixfxa XM.. C K A Qs, Q. X xgxif' ix. Q Exe, 1 .f 'ak ,O 5' -1 i CP 3, Cx Q -1' N ,eff px 1 A L K . TY' ix ' Kink ,Q nf, ,-. X av. N f X111 . I N W .Al X x., V P i YQ K J ff-,xdr ' , ' , , f is .XXX X 'X' N CX I X . C 'Z 'xiik' .- L.' xx' 1 Yi li- Q .1 4 Ak . bk V- 'SJ . I f-1 1, X N ,X np ff N OBQNV' v 'Qs 'L ' .xy X, Q is is '- -Eg X -.X .9-' ,QXfs.x,Xxa- X X4 QE xg X fa ...X x .5 sa mu.. . K, ,Y -4. vfk, X-.. xi f fa . Q . f W -, BSO K 1 U K 'X ' XG ' . fix .NN 3 Ck-Xu fc -ilx ix .M I A S Xie NX 4, X . 74 xxxv K X L ' iq" x kv X xg V L' 'V 1 V . X Q Csk 'TQ 3 V A "Rf iff" 'X' Qvx F pf, ' X3 ' y KJ W' Neg' V B X f L- ' ',',,7 V1 'nik X Q n X1 , asa. A X . x - xdygyf- Jayne Bartlett xii N J ef Q Kay Buchanan A M155 R, Longshore EDITOR -3 if 5 ASSISTANT EDITOR SPONSOR x, 5. ' 7 Student Council SEATED: L. Ridley, E. Brinkman, P. Long, K. Buchanan, J. Bartlett. STAND- ING: P. Scott, E. Allen, A. Newton, M. Wiggins, P. Towery, R. O'Conner, K. Beasley, M. Ashley, S. Copeland, B. Crowe, V. Hill. S.G. A. OFFICERS CLASS PRESIDENTS Peggy Long - President Jayne Bartlett - Senior Class Mary E. Campbell - Vice-President Karen Beasley - Junior Class Lucille Ridley - Secretary Mike Wiggins - Freshman Class Barbara Crowe - Treasurer HALL MONITORS Sharon Srarcevic - Captain Robert O'Conner - Male Representative Melba Ashley - 2nd Floor Peggy Towery - 3rd Floor Kay Buchanan - 4th Floor Annie Lou Newton - 5th Floor Pat Scott - 6th Floor Viola Hill - 7th Floor Eileen Brinkman - Residence H2 Susan Copeland - Residence 4392 -,..-- f' ' ' w. w fr F Basketball Team Left to right: G. Oakes, N. Pressly, J. Brown, P. McEwen, us A ' W F f I I Y P.T owery, N Ramsey, M. Curtis, E. Parker, E. Royster, M. Baggett, L. Waide. Y Ir ' Coaches YL W f, Mrs. Jane Duvoisin V w V igwvvzf . Miss Rose Howell ' Pj,-S. l' Place Wi ara Us .-Q, ..- -sn -0.--., -I '1"' QV! Mg it ..f-.ff sr' fx Q4 s r'- sf' 'UO' .hi :T .5 15 f ,R Q ' "3 1 1 , f 1 .. I Ln. Q Q, ,ulxl 40? 'M -1. , -N If-'al -ur -Af. , 4- , K.-9, re.-...A x ii e . .'+ 15 ,- '7 4 ' K ' ' J ,- , X" , , 'A 'nl ' , X ,:.'V:.'A"' ". .F , .1 ' ' , if 1 . A , .YQ N 'f -fl Q-'71 1.2 ' . ' 'w W - .WJQ2 . u- 1 . , L :M ' , 7 -- ' - I L 5 2 an 'lim- I S nf ' I , ,I 5 9 F J ".' 3 ' P - .45 fl V 1 - ,, X ff, 3.23 , . 'Til in k" .' :I V Q ! H1 ' VW .I fy, . Yvl. . 4. A y ' , 'V' U 1. -1 g , v I fm.. 1, ,-fl ,V Wh. ' s.. 1' if :I , 3,5 4, 1 s' '-s I .4 a 3-LW EW Y A . J r r .1 .iw Q -5 .-'su my .aa u ,. ,E av Q. Lulu m Q' -Ti. E. A I x,' 1 ig Committees Curriculum Barbara Crowe Ruby Riddle Jerry Winston Student Life Fred Price Ann Hayes Patti McEwen Priscilla Tidwell Sandi Tanner Betty Patterson Brenda Baker Ian Davis Not Pictured: Barbara Hill Brenda Frazier Library Marcelia Meachurn Marther McMunn Not Pictured: Irma Rogers Records Jeanette Phillips Diana Roscoe Not Pictured: Judy Tharpe ,-1 I 5 . V 1 ,vw- YJ f-ii, 'ff "1 1 J 'M' J WL Q shocked!! 1. I. -.5 1 ' ssh, ig, S w ue-thev-nasal. 2 hare day 3 W ik. 04 nf' 4' - '- f' 'ffl A P Y' k A " kgs 1,32 mi f' ', , I , R QW M YJ L 4 W. V qt H 'dia-llll' , 4,441 we 'I rv in V ,wf,,5?,M . -A--fre" 1 I-at ..,1:1 .-,' V . I ' w , 4 f A 43 v f X QSM, 1 1" J . "wa 7 . ""Tff?.'Q,+fQ' f ".' gn u ' ,, qx1:ar' ff'm" gg . , Q, .,as QM Hkeiaf . Mk E 'F f ..' Rfb A av N - ' nh' ,Kp . Q .il .' . V. ' 'LY' . ' . ,Lk up ' fa' 5+ - ,- . 1 'el V M0 Q ,1,,:' f , V' V. -' A .HSI J- SP X S Q. ha? 'F ' ' 9' xr V4 7v ill 5 'U .- 1' -r-' ,l. .sg jf .Nc . Hg .LM . f yn ,J Ll Q'- -e 'wx " . 2 W 1.- RALPH B. PFEIFFER RICHARD A. DILLARD BLUITT L. LANDERS, JR. A. H. RUSSAKOFF CHAUNCEY B, THUSS WILLIAM G. THUSS WILLIAM G, THUSS, JR. GORDAN GOODALL JOSEPH L. BUTLER G. C. BUCK, JR. OSCAR DAHLENE, JR. DONALD SLAPPEY FURNIE JOHNSTON JOSEPH DIXON BENJAMIN MEYER WALTER FROMMEYER, JR PAUL S, WOODALL WADE CLINE H. RALPH SMITH THOMAS O, PAUL J. B. CLAYTON ALBERT E. CASEY C. J. DONALD, JR. BOOSTE RS DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR , DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR GEORGE W. WARRICK CHAMP LYONS ORVILLE W. CLAYTON RAY O. NOOJIN S. K. KAHN B. BARELARE HARRY BANKS SAMUEL C. LITTLE JOHN HODO JAMES SUSSEX JOHN L. CARMICI-IAEL ROY C, GREEN BURIS RAY BOSHELL J. GARBER CALBRAITHI STANLEY E, GRAHAM GRIFF R. HARSH, III DONALD B, SWEENEY WILMOT S. LITTLEJOHN JOHN H. NELSON STERLING EDWARDS CLYDE D. MCLALLEN, JR JOHN B. BURRETT ROBERT H. YOE, JR. J g g 5 , - -- i as -a 7 Qi F f f Q ' .MTSiiibiiisibiiimiiiiiiviiiwwwWww ' ji A 4.7 E the -LTZT2? ,iluff A 441 graduating Y """!"' "" "' "" ' class 1iiiiiivibiii5iibiwiiibbibiiiiiiibbbbiiiiiibbwbii BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORIT OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY ORAWFORO JOHNSON at OO-' INC- miiiiiiiziwrimwwmiiiiiwiiTimwww Birmingham , Alabama DURR SURGICAL SUP PLY COMPANY Serving the Medical and Nursing Professions Since 1896 Birmingham Montgomery 'f' rw. I 1 50UT"'5' DE ' s x A in J J 5 o.K. RUBBER WELDERS - ', 1 U! : " f .. T. X is 5 E K iifgfig 3 'fir-' X1 QQ, ' " 5 601 So. Zlst 'xillggs . "'E35? 1. M l! Birmingham, Alabama Phone FA 4-1485 10th Ave. BADTIII. INN and 18th Street South In the Medical Center Home of the Jimi- 0Tf+w+ffrf.- MARTIN FLOWERS at Five Points Phone AL Z-3103 Birmingham, Alabama GULF 20TH STREET SERVICE STATION 940 South 20th Street Birmingham, Alabama Phone AL 2-926.1 Compliments VARSITY DRIVE-IN 2016 - 7th Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama FIVE POINTS APOTI-IECARY SAM S. ROMANO, Prop. Phone AL 1-3273 1035 South 20th Street Free Pick-Up and Delivery for Your Prescriptions and Drug Needs ALL TYPES OF TAILOR MADE NURSES' UNIFORMS NIGHTINGALE UNIFORM COMPANY G eor giana , Alabama REPRESENTED BY LE JOY Birmingham, Alabama DOBBS HOUSE SNACK BAR 615 - So. 20th Street FRANK GUTHRIE, Mgr. Carry Out Service 24-Hours a Day Phone in Your Order Any Time Day or Night FRANCES FLOWERS Town House QMedical Centerj 727 South 20th Street Phone FA 2-7523 Congratulations to the Senior Class THE CRUTCHER DENTAL SUPPLY COMPANY 616 South 21st Street 5-POINTS SPEED-WASH Operated by Micldlebrooks Laundry and Machinery Company Featuring Speed-Queen Washers Phone AL 1-4108 L- SUPPLIES FOR THE NURSING PROFESSION GENERAL SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY .1630 6th Ave. , South Birmingham, Alabama Phone AL 1 -4.176 I Q Mm TI-IE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER gygg BOOKSTORE '.Z?3:5n A Complete Line of Books, Supplies '-13:23, and Instruments for Students and Nurses of the Medical Center. ,XQISQQQQ Located in the Basement of the ksviccu Basic Science Building moneys so z BLADDER w is X Awcumx Sum! rbwwcn unls MRS, VIVIAN J. DAVIS, Manager Where Shopping Is a Pleasure! THE EMILY SHOP 1001 SO, 20th Street Birmingham, Alabama mm , l 1 T MARK THE OCCASION WITH A PHOTO REFLEX PORTRAIT Let the Unique Mirror Camera of Your Official Yearbook Photographer Be Your Recorder of All Memorable Occasions f n VIEIlX4E.A.1N"S Photo Reflex Studio Fourth Floor l Serving the Medical Center Exclusive Cleaning by Medical Arts Building CUSTOM Fwe Poms South CLEANER at LAUNDERER Phone AL P9253 522 south 20th street City Wide Delivery Birmingham Alabama TOWN HOUSE HOTEL Birmingham, Alabama CONGRATULATIONS BUN FROM NICK ERBEN'S N' BUN Five Points South Sandwiches of All Kinds Featuring Nick's Famous Hunndinger We Deliver Phone AL Z-1643 TOWN HOUSE BEAUTY SALON .gn .., ,... 1,1-Xffi ijpqxx 71 I 5"X'1f"" 'Af I I ' 4' ' ' 1 . r'!y' xi A ' . ,Q 72.5 South 20th Street Birmingham, Alabama Phone AL Z-8439 Quality SCOTT'S APOTHECARY Phone FA Z-6627 Birmingham, Ala. ROY A, BROWN WALLACE I-I, WELLS Free Pick Up and Delivery Service 1007 So, 20th Street - Accuracy Put Your Best Foot Forward Trade at FIVE POINTS SHOE HOSPITAL 937 So. 20th St. Birmingham, Ala, WAIT'S FINE FOODS 2101 7th Avenue South AL .1-92.24 KESSLER'S PHARMACY 1152 East Lake Blvd. Tarrant, Alabama TU BB PHARMACY TUBB's FOR DRUGS 73 1 South 20th St. Birmingham, Alabama JOHNS-RIDOUT'S FUNERAL PARLORS 2116 South 8th Avenue Birmingham, Alabama LLEWELLYN W. JOHNS, Director You Are Welcome at DAIRY CREME STORE 1912 6th Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama Soft Serve Ice Cream, Shakes, Malts, Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Coffee, Cold Drinks 1 xr . Az .L A A R l I . 'z .v ax C , '-'xfgfzi ::u 1 "s..,,,,,,41 N' 1 ,- V Ut' . N 1511629 me , J7i' T fjig W fy' J! QW- ? dvaluiff-10119 ' ' ' MHLQIJQ-7 VI' n fin 'Ch-I-.L 13-rf "gpg gk f .1 I fb ala 3 phan- 511 . 1.-,,-. gag! ' if xl. .1 jf! lx A, , - 1-Y: ' . . Y .gwxg ,124 wikgb., ' 'f2NgS:P:,.N m:'.'.4 , Srz' '.5cff.f :-' "' gill, . N,,V,.,. 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'- 1 ., 4. .V , .lg-za ,. , . -r , -1 ,r n , ' , . . - f. V , Aga, I 1 , "", fcgp ' 4 4 . . ff -. ,,, j. 'Q -5. .- za - . 1 , -V '-' .' ,. - R - F 'Ni' .. ' , ..-- . Y it t ' n 1. o' Q-. i I v- ...JA A , 4 ' ,, ,. . ..., , -. gi jvf '-A' ,, , -- -gg 4, ft- ' '- A' -' , QQLIQQC-.4 f r h , - A Q' -- , , P J - ' 4 - . . . - C ' -'QW ' ' ' -. Q 5' " , ' .- - ,, -'cf' L ., 7 0" A-T ' Q' "- ' ' A . iq. . , I lwz- I .3 Y ,L ,, ,. M . f ' - ' - '. ' ' . 7 " Q' " -X f, 'I , . . ' ' 1-ll , ' . fl bn. . 'I , ,gf Jil" if ' .HHEQT .:. Six ,f ' ., - . , , Z ,- , 4-.swf , . , --- A . I M ., . 4 U Q, up- V t-H , :Y ,, ' Q- . A M - 1- ll 1 Fil' . I.. V, A -. '--ff ' - L ann E . - ' ' ' - " ai. - ' 5-7391 BET - .1 h . 9' v , 4. N.. jqr . Q I - - 1. t .i p A, qu wi ' ' Am., 5 ,V L- 7' .,,, 1 P. ' v' 1' 6 -, -' 1 .- r -.- 'W 1 .- . , . -- I .Ti .,.. I M , tv 3151 .. .-"- ' . . .- 2.1 , , ' 1" .. " 4 :"Af' V' A , I A-,Ig . 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Suggestions in the University of Alabama School of Nursing - Pectoris Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) collection:

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1961, pg 74

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