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 - Class of 1958

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be .,.,- aww, QMIHIQ ff-- V- ' --' ' ""'-"""W"? , 121 791' Lf , M" ..Q4u...1..--,- ,.:,.. -. - - M l 1 1 5 E 1 s r 1 I x l l 1 i I 1 r 5 3 3 3 1 f 1 3 1 l E 1 3 n 4 3 Z 3 5 ? 3 a 1 4 T 1 1 , 1 ,w 7 ? 1 pi i 1 3 Q f vs, 1- ,.:,g ,suse -V iw, mg 1 A X. 2, -,-f g zxwsff 5, J, 1 ,:f1xw-a9::.:2:f.,4Q:,.u,Qe., mi ,,,, ,,i, QQ.. , A. 51,1--.. THE FIRST DECADE The graduation of The Class of 1958 will mark The compleTion of The TenTh year of operaTion of The UniversiTy of Alabama School of DenTisTry. During This decade iT has grown from one class, housed in Temporary quarTers and wiTh a modesT faculTy, To an insTiTuTion ThaT ranks wiTh The finesT in iTs field. The physical growTh is aTTesTed by The excellenT faciliTies for Technical and academic insTrucTion in The new Medical- DenTal Basic Science and DenTal Clinic Buildings. The caliber of The faculTy is documenTed by The many granTs made To Them for Their re- search endeavors by federal and privaTe agencies. The conTribuTion To The oral healTh of The sTaTe is evidenced by The many services rendered in The denTal clinics of The UniversiTy Medical CenTer, Bryce HospiTal, Talladega Schools for The Deaf and Blind, The Children's HospiTal, and The Crippled Children's Clinic, and The mobile denTal clinics of The Jefferson CounTy Healfh DeparTmenT. More imporTanT, however, Than all of These accomplishmenTs has been The emergence of The DenTal School as a scholasTic leader. This has been repeafedly demonsTraTed by superior sTudenT performances in compeTiTive examinaTions prepared and supervised by naTional agencies. AlThough limiTed crediT for This achievemenT is aTTribuTable To superior insTrucTional faciliTies and The dedicaTion of The faculTy, The major crediT musT be given To The sTudenTs. As each class has been admiTTed, They have been reminded ThaT wiTh Their maximum efforT a superior denTal school may be realized. Each has responded in a manner ThaT exceeded our fondesT anTicipaTions. Thanks To Them, an academic TradiTion has been esTablished ThaT fuTure denTal sTudenTs may nurTure and cherish. DR. J. F. VOLKER CONTENTS THE FIRST DECADE CLASSES SENIORS' CHOICE ACTIVITIES FACULTY ORGANIZATIONS ADVERTISEMENTS THE SENIORS' CHOICE This i958 edition of Dentala takesigreat pride in presenting an un- precedented feature among yearbooks at the University of Alabama School of Dentistry. The current Senior Class wishes to substitute for the customary dedication a list of professors to be honored-this list to be designated henceforward as "The Seniors' Choice." The l958 Dentala is dedicated .t.o all those who have striven for the advancement of dentistry. Particularly, we would like to honor a group of men whose outstanding ability has won the respect of the senior class. This group of men was chosen by a secret-ballot election, a similar selection will be made in years to follow and presented accordingly. The Senior Class of 1958 has carefully chosen five professors who they feel have been most outstanding in the past four years. These men have given most generously and earnestly of their time and ability in helping us reach our goal as dentists. Election to this list of honorary faculty members is the highest citation the students can bestow upon a professor. These men have been chosen because they deserve our respect and admiration, and because they have been most sincere in their efforts to teach us. They have striven, over the years, to present conscientiously informa- tion which will enable us to further the profession of dentistry and to develop that inward feeling of being critical and just in our decisions. Dentala proudly presents the i958 selection of honorary professors in alphabetical order: Dr. R. Jerome Barnett, Jr. Dr. David D. Bloom Dr. Paul E. Hammons Dr. Adeeb E. Thomas Dr. Irving J. Weber And the Senior Class wishes to confer a special citation upon a man who has contributed much in helping us with the laboratory techniques of Dentistry. Mr. Johnie J. Gibb f 2 Q 4 4 I 5 5 4 i , 1 v X 5 I Q s Q X n l A i 3 5 5 e fi L S 1 I msmuuuunmm,num1nnmun:mmnmnn,1nnmus.:..r--uannumuu1 n-muunnmmns--nun-nun All about anatomy is considered must!!! I BRIEF Chemistry of the body, Things begin to take shape. Next to prosthetics with spatulas and wax . . . Partial dentures complete with Ken- neciy's classification. Lots to learn about microbes, streaking, diseases - pathologies of all sorts!!! Then physiology and pharmacology Taught us just what makes things work. Roentgenograms, and at last the clinic. At last, we cut our first preps. Line angles and all . . . HISTOR ARCHES ON . . . Then Crown and Bridge . . . and later Orthodontics CLINIC - first day, first patient. A prophylaxis and operative starting check. Still days ot hard lab work are re- quired. I SCQN 4 YEARS HAVE PASSE Diagnosis and ever aleri Childrerfs Deniisiry and four years reaches its zenith, Endodoniics and The definmve ireai- menf is compleied. SURGERY Finally it seems the big day has come ND MIXED WITH STLIDY, LOTS OF FUN . . . TERMINOLOGICAL INEXACTITUDES f ' 'fN NM M E ' if ' 4 ff f ,if . 1 U-E1 dia. T-M 1ToxNT Synovial??? 46-a'G'6'6 C P K, D fb TVN' X W . ,T 1 flkgf .M , 1 Cellul ol Strip N CARIE in The ld 7 2 , X ai" ' Bi1e Plane 1 His Excellency JAMES E. FOLSOM Governor of The Stare of Alabama UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA MEDICAL S E. FRANK ROSE - A.B B D LL.D. PresidenTof1he Unlverslfy of Alabama Im.. qi? if I S EI ,S Ii ROBERT C. BERSON, A.B., NI.D. Vice President in Charge of Medical Affairs U ' 'T I AI b ENTER ADMINISTRATION JOSEPH F. VOLKER A.B., M.S., D.D.S PhD Dean of The School of Denfisiry 1 S 5 N W I i L CLIR DENTAL FACULTY DR. ARTHUR H. VVUEHRMANN, D.M.D Associate Dean The Dentala wishes to pay special tribute to the faculty of our school. Since the stature of an institution is determined by the quality of its staff members, Dentala is proud to empha- size some of the high achievements attained here. lt is through the untiring efforts of our faculty that the dreams of a few have become manifest in this dental center. Our school, only lO years in existence, has risen to un- precedented heights among dental schools. Advancements in research, technical ability, teaching, and organization have made this possible. Because we know our staff is the best- Dentala wishes to commend the faculty. ,E wav V E ss' 4:53 'Hu H ,E.z,,.-E,,v1:.:5, 1 K. ' ,Eff 3435? swsf' ,Eiga ' M? 4: "'4f'b?L Li 5: ii NME .5!S'35 i 5 is mmf Q : Qifsiia QA QM. f Z S 5 ,ay L E A 1 5 5 3 L2 4 'fishy rf, 5 Q S 1' f 12 W -mei, 1 1,3 E 5 , Q 1 :V ,l - , ',,VV ,',:: 5 I., 2 2 2 5 494mg mi, gg 1 5 .A ai' ,gg 'ea ix: qs '55 53 5? 165 .zz 5 Q 5, La xv: Q 3? Q52 932 Ex 35 is '31 .W w K Q: iw M 35 52 , fi' xr i S H if 2 ss, X as FIS K E 533 35 as Z? XV yi 3, mf 2 553 QL if -if s ' Q aff 2: 6. N 3 fi w fe 1, .29 lag LQ: af Ss' fa QF ARTHUR H- WUEHRMANN, D-M-D- LINCOLN ROY MANSON-HING, D.M.D. Professor of Dentistry and Associate Assistant Professor of Dentistry Dean, Head, Department of Roenfge-nology "A dwarf on a giant's shoulders sees farther of the two." "Technical proficiency is a mark of the craftsmang integrity, iuclgment, and tolerance mark the man." ROE TC-IE OLQGY AARON A. CHILCOAT X-Ray Technician :ax-uuumm umwww X in ga K , Lgyw . F34 A ' ss , ,Ma A-fH1?is?fi Qsvlmzsissi' as F DAVID D. BLOOM, D.M.D. Associate Professor of Dentistry and Chairman, ROBERT F. LIEBLER, B.S.. D.M.D. Instructor in Odontology Division of Odontology "There is no person that is wiser than everybody, and that "Our goal is to train ourselves to serve the patient in the is anybody." most effective manner possible within the limits of existing knowledge." l OD0 TOLCGY AN BURNICE E. BURNHAM, B.S., D.M.D. Instructor in Oclontology "lnstruction ends in the classroom, but education ends onl with life." Y W. RUPERT BODDEN, JR., A.B., D.M.D. REENING CLINIC WALTER J. KYLE, B.S., D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry rl il it LEON V. FARNUM, B.S., D.D.S. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry 4 limi? 25,5 S, fn sa 112 P22 1? is 3 as 3 S 5 Q4 51 .fx QA 1a L 15 H -Q Fa Si is K F5 is Q Q Z, 3 A 5 Q , as 55 , ji 1? J 5 5 3 5 5 x K 9 ff 5 3 3? X 5 Q 5 +5 Z 2 3 E 9 1 w 1 BASIC DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY Left to right: Benjamin C. Moffett, Associate Professor, James O. Foley, Professor and Chairmanrof Department, Henry H. Hoffman, Instructor, Eleanor A. Hunt, Instructor, E. Carl Sensenig, Professor, H. N. Schnitzlein, As- sistant Professor, Clarence E. Klapper, Profes- sor, Thomas E. Hunt, Professor. DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY Left to right: William J. Wingo, Associate Pro- fessor, Emmett B. Carmichael, Professor and Chairman, James W. Woods, Assistant Pro- fessor, Walter Johnson, Laboratory Tech- nician, Edward Ronwin, Associate Professor. DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY Seated: Dorothy Curtright, Technician, Ellen Palmer, Technician, Louise Casson, Assistant Professor. Standing: Hans.A. Hirsch, Fellow in Bacteri- OIOQY: Fredrick Kraus, Assistant Professor, Edward Evans, Associate Professor, Thomas A. Paine, Professor and Chairman of Depart- ment, Charles H. Winkler, Associate Profes- sor, Robert Francis, Associate Professor. SCIENC DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY eated: Sidney Kent, Associate Professor, Robert Mowry, Associate Professor, Albert E. asey, Professor, J. F. A. McManus, Profes- or and Chairman of Department, Fred C. D. ollier, Professor of Surgical Pathology, Beu- lah Hathaway, Associate Professor, Charles Lupton, Associate Professor. tanding: Stavros Meimaridis, Resident, Biong oo Lee, Resident, Gilard Wideman, Resi- dent, Edmund A. Dowling, Assistant Profes- sor, Stanley Kurtz, Fellow, Charles O. Hatha- ay,,Resident Associate, Leonard Robinson, Professor of Dental Pathology. DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY obert S. Teague, Professor and Chairman of epartment, Samuel B. Barker, Professor. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY ack D. Emerson, Assistant Professor, John . Bruhn, Professor and Chairman, True W. obinson, Associate Professor, Leon . chneyer, Assistant Professor, Leroy L. Lang- ey, Associate Professor. 5.55 5. ...,...... ...,. ,... .,,-.,... 5 5,-, 555 '.5.S 555. .5 55, J5gs:WQ5',gfLT515:gf3ff-ififfliillf ,25- S ' 555 5... .5 ,,....5.5.,55 5 5 SSS 5 S5 5. .55g,5g.,55..--5 155 5.5 5 SS 55 S5 51.5, ,. .f r. YRSSS, is . ,.i55S1SsS,: F JS lifts -, -5. . .5 5 5 , ,5..5,55, .f.ff. ,. at-5,,,,y.5. . 5 , 5 2 'SSSQS55 .55 ,S 555 -,.- 5. ,, S-SSfS2.55,5..,. 5-55 SSSQH5. 1 .5 ,,,, -S .Sz 5555. ., S .5 .5J,fS-,'SS?TSw 515 H.. ,,., 5 ,.,,. 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S 55SSSSz SSS rw! 5 -Sri555S:'SS2 Sf SSSl 5.555 ' 5 55,555 . . 'TIS BUT A DREAM Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over dozens of outside readings of forgotten lore, I felt my heavy eyelids closing 'twas not long ere I was dozing, Then I dreamt and what a dream!! 'Twill haunt me evermore. I dreamed I died and went to heaven, and met St. Peter at the gate. I thought he'd let me enter, but sorry to relate. He asked me where I hailed from, I said from dental school. He cried, "ALAS," then kicked my-and said, "You poor, poor fool." "Up here you are unwelcome, away, get from my sight. Hell was made for wrecks like you, wrent with such a plight." I did as Pete directed, the iourney down was fast. The devil seemed delighted to see me there at last. He screeched "I'm sorry, fellow, but now you get the works." Here's special treatment for Alabama Dental Jerks. With a giant claw he seized me, that hand closed like a clam, and then I saw in his other hand- he held a rubber dam. "Oh No," I shrieked, "please spare me, don't place that thing on me." But the dam came ever closer, and the devil roared with glee. He turned to his assistant, and said, "Go to it, Art,"p after a few thousand roentgens, I thought I was coming apart. Another assistant danced with ioy as the devil did a polka. He then shook his buddy's hand and said, "Nice work, Joe Volker." Next, he pushed me down a hallway 'n I fell into a chair, I heard a voice ring so clear, "Jerome, another victim's here" Then a wire haired man approached me, I knew he was a wicked schemer, In his left hand was a ruler-in his right a bloody reamer. He sneaked around behind me and gave a mighty thrust, then a half turn followed neatly and I felt the reamer bust!! He listened to my shrieks of pain as if they were a song. "Get'yer summer clothes, my boy, you're gonna be here real long." What happened next was terrible, my blood, it turned to wine, I had a horrible experience unlike any other kind. An Englishman approached me-his face, it wore a grin, He slashed my mouth from ear to ear and then he started in. He ripped and tore my gums to shreds with his currettes and his scalers. Using a thrust as true and mighty as those of a whaler. Then in a dimly lighted chamber, thick with sulfur fumes and smoke, You couldn't see your hand before you, and the gases made you choke. A great surprise awaited me, for I met my 37 classmates there. Half were plugging gold foils on the other half strapped in chairs. There was Gurwitch, Gordon, Gunthorpe-and around them stood all the rest, these poor devils were receiving their severest test. For no rubber dams were permitted and the fields were good and wet, The dam first piece would never stick and what was funnier yet- Although they didn't know it, The devil gave non-cohesive gold, no burners were available, and the gold was awful cold. There was a mound beside each chair of pelIeTs which wouldn'T sTay in, The cards were sfacked, The dice were loaded, Those poor guys couIdn'T win. BuT even Those wiTh skilled Technique and a Touch boTh sure and quick, A sTudenT here, a sTudenT There would occasionally make a piece sTick. And when This happened, a guy named Hammons wiTh an expression of a sphinx would pull iT out and laugh like hell, and loudly shouT, "IT STINKS." Then in a liTTle corner, I saw a friendly feller, as besT as I could Tell, They seemed To call him Keller. Busy as a bee he worked, puTTing us in a fix, cause all he did all day long was gum up our silicaTe mix. For years he'd make you sTand There holding a IiTTle band, and when you Thought you'd chance To move, iT'd fall ouT in your hand. Then I looked behind a curTain and in a cIuTTered piT, I saw whaT once was a woman-her name was also PiTTs. She was in charge of records, but wasn'T allowed any files, and in her desperaTion, she seemed To have gone wild . . . A raucous sound assailed my ears, like a bull frog groaning, I didn'T have To Turn around To recognize This moaning. JusT one man upon This earTh could make ThaT sound of hackin', I knew wiThouT a single doubT, ThaT iT musT be our McCracken. And Then I spoTTed Mrs. SmiTh, her punishmenT was iusT, she had To fix each insTrumenT ThaT all my cohorTs bursT. And if They were all laid end To end, and I'm noT Trying To be wiTTy I swear They'd reach all The way from here To Kansas CiTy. Now The clouds of smoke grew Thicker and my head whirled round and round and I found myself awakening wiTh my feeT on solid ground. IT was six-ThirTy in The morning, and I had dreamed The whole niqhT Through, so I washed and shaved and brushed my TeeTh and hurried off To school. In closing IeT me say, DEAR docTors, ThaT This is all in iesT- We like To poke our IiTTIe jokes, and geT sTeam off our chesTs. Y v N, wir? fi if 32 Q i ii 12 Q 5 'E 1 L 21 5 X: 1? is S E Fi if iii if S 2 Z if Kg if ia Q E 3 5 Qi 1 zz 95 Si si gi is if iff si' is K, .S is 5 ez is gi A KZ Q 2 si if is 3. ig sa is if QS 97 if iii a CHRISTINE E. BAGLEY LILLIAN C. MESSER SecreTary,'DepartmenT of Oral Medicine Cashier, DGVITBI Clinic SECRETARIE LILLIAN R. TODD MARY A. HOBART Secretary, Denial Hygiene Receptionist, DenTaI Clinic 2 5 i U 2 X x e SQ E 2 5 s 9 ii ff ai 5 E' FANNIE S. KLEIN Secrefary, Oral Surgery FRANCES FLYNN Technician, Oral Medicine Laboratory MARY E. FOWLER Clerk, Screening Clinic LILLIAN H. PITTS File Clerk, Clinic Record Room DOROTHY G. SMITH Supply Clerk, Dental Clinic - ...Nw ,MMA X: -L: Q Q, ig Q, Nunn SECRETARIES Left to right: Cornelia Newman, Secretary, Cleft Palate, Barbara Evans, Secretary, Oral Pathology, Betty Ann Bryant, Secretary, Re- storative and Prosthetics, Marthie Louise Hel- ton, Secretary, Antonia Rizzo, Secretary, Per- iodontology. BETTY R. SHRADER Nurse, Oral Surgery LURA W. GUIN Nurse, Oral Surgery PHOTOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT Robin MacQueen and Mrs. Julia MacQueen. S Q MARTHA BAILEY MILDRED SMITH A Dental Assistant Dental Assistant BRYCE'S HOSPITAL DENTAL CLINIC STAFF WARREN E. DAY, D.M.D. GEORGE HARTLEY, D.D.S. and Dental Assistants I I E is Q I5 5 l E 3 I s 9 is 6 is i 5 if I is , , ff .I I 'X is is 26 E. L. ODEN Assisianr Business Manager BUSINESS ADMINISTRATICN HAROLD A. HELMS Business Manager of Medical Center J. HARLEY JETT Superintendent of Building Maintenance JI 1 ll Wwmqpi ,. .. ,, i we . mffdzgaf :filmwfwasffrianssfszig wis er an -mwweipu X N 5, 3 1 3 5 5 Q 1 M fs 5 15 :E is E ff .. SUPPLY STORE CA,FETERlA Leff fo righf: Helen Sims, Olivia Compton, Eloise Dean, Vivian EVelYn Self, H65-Tel' Y0fl4, NHNCY Park, EUTl"e"la Ingram Davis, Manager. P52 ? E v MAINTENANCE ELEVATOR OPERATORS D. Tanner, F. Freeman, M. Batey, F. Farrar, W. Wenger, C. Johnson, J. Boyd, M. Hicks, S. Gulley. G. Wheeler, E. Tuggle. KITCHEN STAFF DARKROOM TECHNlClAN Left to right: R. Fells, B. Nealy, T. Clopton, E. Hall, J. Ward, B. Gracie Eaton Hill, L. Whitehead, S. Hardy, P. Gladney, L. Johnson, R. Harris. WW 4X LET an ms 1'Rxg?a':l:o,.rNow LL-':N0K3:wA:.11mes Lev me Anv occn.pMu.y You V+ 90" '-We 305- NEED vu RIVER 'ru c.w.9 fra RN EXPERIENCED Pfpgppfq-4-qs-I-ll Ili Vs N fxhxi OH HfM.7.' HEC' fic new fi cfvanjc. J-!HJ8Kf One Ski Wuehrmann prepares to while "ARMS" Weber handles Things in the clinic. Wha'cha mean, "Co 3 Duty af Bryce's . . . Hmmm . . . DenTal??? Look out, Perry . . . BEHIND You!!! Timberlake, did you drink all those? Monsieur Roberto Hall prepares to strike again . . . WELL, the McGuire sisiers did it . . Wl1a'cha see . . . Hancken??? l'Il roll you to see who goes after it . . Let's go there, twinkle toes!!! A cigarette before the big question DANGER!!! Mothers, gather in your daughters. emafmw Hey, Miss Fowler . . . who's ThaT'?'? The DENTALA cameras catch The posey picker in the act l say, ole chap, we're having a dreadfully iolly Time!!! Mills, are you bushwhackin' on us??? Dr. Finn, remember your blood pressure! Extracurricular activities. "Man, talk about a Party!!" Now, here's the fastest route out of town!! Who needs an orchestra to sing?? Delta Sig's having a blowout . . '- Qgixflyyqgfri gag f HE N 51 ff '7 X 'r ,, FEHFECT W 1-iii"-l-'-""t" My 'FEE ' -1 K 'Z Qyfmudi , V 1 x ' . k W Q v4 of NC SENIORS ROY WAYNE ANDREWS llAndyll Enterprise, Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute Married Going into general practice in Geneva, Alabama 4 CHARLES LEWIS BELLENGER "Rederick" Birmingham, Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute Married Going into general practice in Birmingham Alabama, after service NICHOLAS EDWARD BOTTA "Snoz" Birmingham, Alabama B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute Married Going into Air Force VICTOR LEON CHESSER Ilvicll Bessemer, Alabama A.B., Birmingham Southern College Married SEN HAROLD ERNEST CLARK "GO-CAT Clark" Munford, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Married Going into general practice in Talladega, Going into Navy Alabama 1eQ2QSiuiiiaswsimfgmsswxwalMwefmws2asat1wrYammmlaswsfQfz9asssnies:,ms4e2lssmi5aaiv1uaasivl:,sruesisi ROY GLEN COWAN "Roy the Boy" Butler, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Married Going into general practice in Butler, Alabama l.ASS TOXEY EDWARD DORSETT Deacon Oxford Alabama B S Howard College Married Presldent Senior Class Going Into Army LADISLAV FROLIK es Prague Czechoslovakia MD DDS Charles Umversuty Prague Married General practice nn United States WILLIAM PHILLIP GILLILAND Phu Goodwater Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute Xl Psl Phu Fraternity Slngle Available Golng mto general practice ll 11 I . ., I ul- 11 I . ., . . ., I ll -Ill I I CLARENCE HENRY GUNTHORPE "G. V., the second" Mobile, Alabama Spring Hill College Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Vice President Senior Class, lntertraternity Council Single, Available Going into Army JOHN DONALD GORDON "Dynamite" Oneonta, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Single, Available Going into Air Force SENIC i I 4 4 'Q 5 vi I: Wll.l.lAlVl ABRAM GURWITCH "Gut" Mobile, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Married Going into Air Force ? 2' 5 i 1 5 LASS ROBERT PHYFER HALL "Punchy" Mobile, Alabama B.A., Mississippi Southern College Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Dental Staff Single, Available Going into general practice in Mobile, Alabama HUGH BROWN HARMON "Wimmer" Birmingham, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Married Going into general practice in Birmingham Alabama CHARLES LEE HICKS, JR. "Daddy-O" Birmingham, Alabama University of Alabama Psi Omega Married Going into general practice in Birmingham, Alabama g JAMES HENRY HOLLOWAY, JR. "Long, tall, Jim" Tallassee, Alabama University of Alabama Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Married Going into general practice SEN ROBERT EDWARD HUNTER, JR., "Rapid Robert" Bessemer, Alabama A.B., B.S., University of Alabama Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Student Council, Dental Staff Married Going into general practice in Rye, New York WILLOUGHBY ECHOLS LACY, lll "Bill, hic, hic" Wetumpka, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Student Council Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Married Going into Navy MWWWWInhermaaawmmya,.siamm,WWmv4Ma:saaaaftw-aatQa,,sw.a.wtWfi:swam mts:rstwaawwsW,a, LASS EDWIN GRADY LAMBERTH "Whispering Ed" Alexander City, Alabama University of Alabama Psi Omega Fraternity Married Going into general practice in Alex City, Alabama RICHARD ZARBELL -LOGAN "Dick" Los Angeles, California B.A., University of Southern California Xi Psi Phi Fraternity lnterfraternity Council Married Going into general practice in San Diego, California JOHN FREDRICK LEMLER "Buddy-ro" Foley, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Business Manager of Dentala Single, Available Going into practice in Foley, Alabama SENIC GEORGE HAROLD MANN "Letsgeta Coke Mann" Winfield, Alabama GEORGE WHEELER MATTHEWS, JR. IIBUZZYI1 Alabama Polytechnic Institute Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Married Going into general practice in Winfield, Alabama Birmingham, Alabama B.S., University of South Psi Omega Fraternity Student Council Married Going into Oral Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama JOHN CARROLL MILLS "Lover Boy" Ozark, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Student Council Single, Available Going into Navy r A PAUL GRAHAM MCCLINTOCK, JR. "Bubbie" Gadsden, Alabama University ot Alabama Psi Omega Fraternity Dentala Staff Single, Available Going into Navy is 2 t if Q E xl 1 g fr WILLIAM ISAAC PERRY "Dad" Childersburg, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Married Going into general practice in Childersburg, Alabama I, F5 es Q JESSE NEWMAN MCCLUNG, JR. "Sonny", "The Toad" Birmingham, Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Birmingham- Southern College Psi Omega Fraternity Married Going into general practice in Birmingham I Q W 5 Qi 2 5 rt Q I ,. 3 8 5 PAUL A. PETREY, JR. "Casanova Pete" Florala, Alabama B.S., University ot Alabama Delta Sigma Delta Matrimoniated SEN WALLACE TALMEG REESE "Grenade Head" Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham Southern College Married Going into general practice in Birmingham, Alabama Going into Navy ifie?ffsmzsissawwssasfwzMyiwssissgmaiwmaeaaasswwwsfw:1wsaasxwmmaaq , , mm JERALD MITCHELL SHERER IIBOII Jasper, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Editor of Dentala, Secretary of Senior Class ' Married Going into general practice in Jasper, Alabama A THOMAS EDWIN SORRE-LLS "Good Graciousll, Ed" Birmingham, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Psi Omega Fraternit Y Dentala Staff, Treasurer of Senior Class Married Going into Air Force HENRY ARNOLD STALLWORTH "Hank" Marion, Alabama University of Alabama Single, Available, convertible Going into Navy JULIUS GORMAN STRICKLAND, JR "Strickland-J" Alpine, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Married Going into general practice in Talladega, Alabama X S Q 1 X LYLDON EUGENE STRICKLAND "L, E. alias EIvis" Anniston, Alabama B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute Delta Sigma Delta President of Student Council, Inter-Fraternity Council SEN WILLIAM BERTHEL STRICKLAND, JR. "I'II never get married-BiIIy" Birmingham, Alabama Single, available, slippery Going into Air Force B.S., University of Alabama Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Married Going into general practice in Birmingham, Alabama W fmifi t m s2.a:fwf w fvs1m::ff ew fiitmtiam asx a rtwtw ' GILBERT MANN SULLIVAN "Ace, Hoss, Chief" Birmingham, Alabama A.B., Birmingham Southern College Psi Omega Fraternity Married Going into general practice in Birmingham, Alabama A JAMES SANFORD WALL, JR. "Sonny" Huntsville, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Psi Omega Fraternity Married Going into general practice in Huntsville, Alabama l BILL VVIL-LIAMS "Round Man" Miami, Florida B.S., University of Alabama, University of Miami Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Married Going into Navy and then general practice in Miami ml 0 sim ' Eff LA-ff 1955 aF' UI 59 i ri ' 1 , I fratres qui fuerunt sed nunc ad astra or seniorium pathologique cerebelli a few verses to identify myself and Those of whom i cry i am a germ and mentioned here are students of dentistry and it is clear that for forty-eight months you have striven to find the means to have me driven from my abode within the tooth to say the least you have learned the truth what right have i to complain you think i really should refrain is it so foolish and terribly tacky i say nay for a bacillus named lackey to speak his mind from upon this podium without fear of that fluoride with sodium oh prithee peace oh woe i be this senior class has ravished me thinking me vanquished to sing my dirge my home the victim of their scourge to it they did the most dispicable remembering not while suckers are lickable i am able to hide and not lie dormant and gather couplets to write my format if my lines you will fain disparage if lord iustice he cries miscarriage if feelings be hurt and patience be sapped if cries be roused and trousers be crapped i take my stand let feathers fly to my misery makers i fling my cry life these four years i discern has surely been of great concern for in your presence i have seen another army to foil my scheme with burs and scalers you have mustered to leave my home exposed and flustered under your incompetent hands i suffered when the ph was low i was buffered fed by dextrose i was nourished causing caries as i flourished and now in my scorn older by four and more worn i take my stand on these barbarians i loathe white coated learned agrarians l N-4 v l M9 ,fr Ag? I ' fll 1792. naar, , , i ,K -,rygyfmzz VQQ y 1 l 4 -:D Jaw Us ,A ll -LIL: a comment now on my ability you must think i lack agility since present are grammatical errors i must not be an english terror not so that is not the element ' i simply failed growth and development and in my microscopic size regardless of how hard i tries like archy that incomparable cockroach one key at a time is quite my encroach so bide with me and rape the lock wotthehell with doctor brock your group began at fifty-three seeking means to septic me i started then so strong and healthy played the game both rampant and stealthy so well in fact your numbers diminished but finally i fear a few have finished and to those thirty-eight remaining i wish to say without restraining the following praises some not too kind but beneath each one you will find a genuine tribute and congratulation for your success upon graduation hallucinations were not the reason for andrews jolly summer season he went to treat the bryce demented but now it seems he doth lament it Z f' for he returned quite sedated ' after a tour with those inmated ' ' U bellenger and botta lead the group , trying to get some new recruits y to come and gather on the court fl Z it is not required you be a sport A -Y 4 '1 or have your bust in the hall of fame ,.- +V , - g to come on out and enjoy this game so throw your ball thru the hoop and air out your iockey it is time for basketball and field hockey my feelings of this guy and quite metamorphic for as it began he impressed me ascorbic forsaking his betrothed and probably some booze he returned to the lab with so much to lose but time heals most wounds he now works under pressure of whom do i speak our good friend victor chesser if your dog is in heat or has a cold if your cow is in her menses or iust wont foal if you dont hear chirps for your canary HC 'ia ., i Z l t f 1 X51 Q n ' g 'E '1i" xl rf ,av S5 X f if your rattlesnake is sick with dysentery if your parakeet is spreading psitticosls if your pet bears teeth have ankylosis if your worm has worms and is beri beric if your prize bull has reached his climacteric then harold clark is the vet i pick to keep your pets from catching sick our way of life will ere be safe by keeping the nigger in his place these works are offered by. roy cowan for them he will be reknowned toxey often raps his gavel to subdue the rowdy rabble sounding like the barrister darrow showing the way of the straight and narrow with times for cloistered meditation to allay the urge for intoxication a better man than phil you will never find i sometimes think he is just too kind taking all those rays for doctor hing can you think of any worser thing the biggest brain is dynamite gordon and you will admit it is quite a sight to watch him destroy a girl's serenity lord help protect both their virginity gunthorpe says he is g v black although he lacks a little tack he has done more than all combined and probably in half the time gut is one to plagiarize no ones work evades his eyes he always sits right close to gordon to share the knowledge he has been hoarding brace yourself refrain from a pall the next in line is punchy hall when he appears there is pandemonium give me quick the spirits ammonium harmons pate is becoming thin it surely looks like he cannot win but i always do declare who in the world would want fat hair iust a few lines to charlie hicks who martha keeps in quite a fix he doesn't make a lot of noise but then he is one of the brown bag boys Z Qs- st' I . 9 Z fv 6 . ng' dd if A IW' i ' I Q I 'Os y x col' Z . -Q al wwipf, fm un sz tampa holloway has forsaken a bee line for boston he is makin' i would Think that southern ham would be as good as new england clam but as patti in song did say he loves the moonlight on cape cod bay why does hunter haunt the cage appearing to all the worldly sage his intentions worthy so we think but rapid really wants a drink lacy and his favorite ethyl not his wife but one more lethel is always there when something is needed lord knows how many of us he treated to laughs and assistance many fold but be careful of the full punch bowl how often has ed lamberth cried hey chief come stand here by my side and help me with this final case so that i may sneak a taste from my bottle of cunnybrook hidden in its secret nook when the midnight oil is burning jack lemlers brain is churning rewriting notes and colding tests hoping he will beat the rest logan in the season of fall looks like summer provided a ball for on his boat and in the sun i am sure he has had lots of fun he gives the appearance of integration but he has iust come from the reservation this guy has said for quite some time that a good wife he would find who is this one but george harold and his wedding he has herald ioann is the one who finally showdit he declared they both had knowdit buzzys dermatatic spots look like they would like a lot to exchange him for the healthier skin of a parlay player who would always win heres to smiling iohn mills who after taking numerous pills and sleeping one off in old havana he saw all the sights from his cabana - loudly acclaimed for all to see he absolutely loves big d O Q O O 'gtlllllll Q? 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Rfb J . , 1 ...,., 'fr limi our next stop is the room for filing where lillian pitts is always crying get out of here or where is your slip over These words i will surely flip and now my respects to a smith named d about whom exists much dignity but without fail you can hear her wailing of the many things which leave her ailing and there she sits to my chagrin -plucking hairs from her chinny chin chin and now that my salute is finished i do not feel quite so diminished in fact i have grown as big as a totem thus now is ended this minstrel's last lay to all good luck, farewell, pergelll C x 5'lu32Cr Clan-asMh's "mMv"f4l U-'OVJS uf' anB'a'om......:'6"'0Ss affflfzfaff -ff0Af-PC, 24132 glaeecf .--.. I' 197 4 "Can anything be finah" "WELL, - - " ...intlnelifeof... 2 Z I 'iz 8:00 A.M. BRIGHT Q W 12:00 Noon iw? 5 E 8:00 P.M. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS WILLIAM ERNEST DORRILL President WILLARD RALPH SUMMERLIN, JR. Sec reia ry-T reas u rer f s iig ROBERT HENRY HOSEY Vice President .IU IORS JAMES DUNCAN AUSTIN "J.A.D.A." Birmingham, Alabama Psi Omega, B.S., University of Alabama JOSEPH CECIL BAKER "Skinny Joe" Birmingham, Alabama Xi Psi Phi, B.S., Birmingham Southern College Tm "vMuuulusHWl is s ai. , I GEORGE A BOOKER Ace Birmingham Alabama University of Alabama HENRY CLAY BRIGHT JR. f "Henri" Montgomery, Alabama Psi Omega, B.S., University of Alabama , i. WILLIAM ADDISON BEALL "The Cretin" Luverne, Alabama Phi Omega, B.S., University of Alabama GEORGE BEZECNY "George" Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham Southern College 'rw NISE JUI CARL EUGENE BROWN, "Sinclair" Excel, Alabama Phi Omega, B.S,, University of Alabama WILLIAM EDWARD BURTON, JR. "GaQ9Y" Tuscaloosa, Alabama Phi Omega, B.S., University of Alabama MARTIN KENNETH COCHRAN nKenu Birmingham, Alabama Delta'Sigma Delta, B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute OSMUND A. COLEMAN "Obbie" Greensboro, Alabama Psi Omega, B.S., University of Alabama WILLIAM ERNEST DORRILL "Bill" Troy, Alabama Delta Sigma Delta, B.S., Troy State College WILLIAM JONES DUBOSE "Bm" Montgomery, Alabama Delta Sigma Delta, B.S., University of Alabama iij CECIL I-nxoN HOLLADAY, JR. mm "Hello-dago" K Birmingham, Alabama Howard College ROBERT "Jose" Tuscaloosa, Psi Omega Alabama DAVID FRANK GREER "Bludave" A Dadeville, Alabama Psi Omega, B.S., University of Alabama CHARLES CORNELL HILL "C. C." Birmingham, Alabama Xi Psi Phi, Birmingham Southern College JOHN THOMAS HUGGHINS "L. L. Higgins" Red Level, Alabama Xi Psi Phi, Alabama Polytechnic Institute THOMAS OAKLEY KEN N EMER "Get-a-cup" Athens, Alabama Psi Omega, B.S., University of Alabama ASS DAVID CLAY MELLOWN "Dave" Livingston, Alabama Psi Omega, B.S., University of Alabama JIMMY NOLEN NEIGHBORS njimu Alexander City, Alabama Xi Psi Phi, Alabama Polytechnic Institute was W Ml HARRY EUGENE OHME, III "Oh Me, Oh My" Montgomery, Alabama Delta Sigma Delta, B.S., University of Alabama JOHN OLIVER PARRISH "J-Von" Auburn, Alabama Psi Omega, B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute ALVIN LAWRENCE PHILIPSON Gadsden Alabama B S University of Alabama WYNSTON EUGENE PITTMAN npanku Anniston, Alabama Delta Sigma Delta, B.S., Louisiana State University JERRY RICHARDSON "Shadow" Jasper, Alabama Psi Omega, B.S., University of Alabama BILLY WAYNE ROE "Ichabod" Cropwell, Alabama Delta Sigma Delta, B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute .IU ERNEST GILFORD REINHOLD "Ernie" Montgomery, Alabama Xi Psi Phi, B.S., M.S., V.M.I., University of North Carolina BEN HARDY RENWICK "Uncle Ben" Union, South Carolina B.S., Wofford College JOSEPH CUNNINGHAM SAWYER, JR. "Snake" Anniston, Alabama Delta Sigma Delta, Jacksonville State College ROBERT ANTHONY SCHIFFLI lIBOblI Birmingham, Alabama Xi Psi Phi, University of Alabama ASS THOMAS CARLTON SCOTT, JR. ncurlyu LaFayette, Alabama Psi Omega, B.S., University 'of Alabama BERTICE QUINN SCRUGGS, JR. "The Ball Roller" Talladega, Alabama Psi Omega, B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute J News PARKER WYATT SHAFFER "Shaky" Alexander City, Alabama Psi Omega, Emory University JERRY SHIVER "Baby's Daddy" Brundridge, Alabama Emory University CHARLES MCCLAIN SPENCER "Charlie" Tuscaloosa, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama WILLARD RALPH SUMMERLIN, JR. "Pee Wee" Luverne, Alabama Psi Omega, B.S., University'of Alabama l .ILINIORS ROBERT MELVILLE SUTTON naobu Birmingham, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama PHILIP DANIEL TIMBERLAKE "Phil" Birmingham, Alabama Psi Omega, B.S., Birmingham, Alabama DR. AAGE JORGENSEN Copenhagen, Denmark DR. ERNEST NEWBRUN Sidney, Ausiralia DR. KWANG RWOOK ROWE Seoul, Korea ff . 7, D azz A In 274 A i nf' - a .i V X ' I 4 tr' , LQ I v 1 A f , I V I X, Q2 ' Q ' ei' , N - ' JL -L V' -. ff--wh V nifxifh NAM HE J'u.s'T 6-GT Q I I XQlM'l1,NlQ ANUTHER EXPOSURE... - ' ' ......-47 '61 I ljlj' Goo o o C J J' p 4 ' HEI x 'Q N if CL I- In ' I-W f , llfwe you haf! any fl'dYl0d-3' N A r eX0d0flfl'd ffffb ,ryncrdgfagff ' K A Jr wry.: Df7nc,e'? ur-,Puig ' I Y Fre7aem'l7?f .... . . 1 X rr caauew on " GSSSGWWENT S JOHN SALTER LOCKE III RICHARD INGE FINCH President Vice President SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS i BRYANT GORDON SPEED Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORES James G. Alston Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham Southern College Dr. Ali M. Aram Tehran, Iran University of Tehran Daniel G. Badger Birmingham, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama James C. Bailey Mobile, Alabama Spring Hill College Donald J. Baldwin Evergreen, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Reginald C. Bedingfield Decatur, Alabama B.A., Florence State College SOPHOMO John W. Bolt Birmingham, Alabama Howard College Charles Brunson, Jr. Andalusia, Alabama B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute Frederick Cushing, Jr. Mobile, Alabama Tulane University Billy C. Dorminy Birmingham, Alabama Howard College Don L. Farmer Birmingham, Alabama B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute Lawrence R. Fess Rochester, N. Y. B.S., University ot Alaska Rlchardl Finch Moblle Alabama B S Sprung Hull College Robert E Ford Blrmmgham Alabama B S Umverslly of Alabama James D Goodwm J Gadsden Alabama A B Lenolr Phyne College Bully E Hagan Foley Alabama Unlversnry of Georgia James L Hancock ScoTTsboro Alabama B A Florence State College Dan D Helms Phemx Cnty Alabama B S Alabama Polytechnic lnshtute I . ., I . ., . , l'. I . ., I I . ., I . ., SOPHOM0 Jack B. Hinton Prichard, Alabama B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute Bibb B. Huffstutler Birmingham, Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute Henry P. Hutham, Jr. Eufaula, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Sebron E. Kay Ashford, Alabama University of Alabama John S. Locke, Ill Mobile, Alabama B.S., University ot Alabama Richard K. McClung Birmingham, Alabama B.S., Birmingham Southern A i Robert N. McClung Birmingham, Alabama University of Alabama William M. McDonald Geneva, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama William H. McLendon Birmingham, Alabama B.S., Howard College Donald R. McNeal Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham Southern College Clarence W. Mills Birmingham, Alabama Howard College John M. Mitchell Tuscaloosa, Alabama B.S., University of Alabam SOPHOM0 w James R. Murphree Prattville, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Jack M. Osburne Birmingham, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama David L. Powell Pine Bluff, Arkansas University of Alabama Edward N. Reed Fairfield, Alabama Howard College Edward C. Reeder Jr. Montgomery, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Joseph T. Roberts Alexander City, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama A Glenn E. Robinson Birmingham, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama James L. Rogers Gooolwater, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Percy D. Sadler Demopolis, Alabama University of Alabama Philip B. Simms, Jr. Clanton, Alabama University of Alabama James R. Smith Whitesville, N. C. D.V.M., Alabama Polytechnic Institute John A. Smith Chunchula, Alabama University of Alabama SQPHOMORES Bryant G. Speed Fairhope, Alabama B.S., University of Alabama Chester H. Swinclle Birmingham, Alabama B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute Alex D. Trum, Jr. Montgomery, Alabama University of Alabama , . gi- UM 5521- -1 +2-'L Z? if AA.,- ,, ,...,:..- W5-f 1, II "'-"' 97e'5"'ff7f He- P1-of was 1-gif, ficy Jo MUKC be ffer Jfucfgnfff " I JJ 'Ei 2' C4 'H - 34, 714052 rd66er' Jdlnd' ". . . bro1her, you can say that again" 1' !!! " P 4,5 flnz fa 78 an ". . . H E Y C-H-I-E-F" JOHN W. HARRISON ROBERT L. PORTER President Vice President FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS MICHAEL E. SHUMATE Secretary-Treasurer 1 FRESHMEN Billy Carl Bentley Centerville, Alabama Robert Q. Borland Hartford, Alabama Lathe L. Bowen Talladega, Alabama W. James Brasher Birmingham, Alabama Ronald 5. Brown Tuscaloosa, Alabama Phillip A. Christian Scottsboro, Alabama FRESHM William W. Cole Birmingham, Alabama John P. Daniel Camp Hill, Alabama William M. Dannelly Phenix City, Alabama Billy F. Dockery Tuscaloosa, Alabama Joseph P. Donald Fairhope, Alabama Millard L. Dunkin Vinemonf, Alabama James H. Edwards Cullman, Alabama Jerry A. Files Birmingham, Alabama Edward H. Finch Birmingham, Alabama James H. Gillespie Birmingham, Alabama Charles J. Graffeo Birmingham, Alabama Phillip V. Glover Ozark, Alabama FRESHMJ- Billy J. Griffin Birmingham, Alabama James T. Haigler Luverne, Alabama l Donald M. Hamleft Birmingham, Alabama John W. Harrison Tuskegee, Alabama Andrew C. Hinton Tuscaloosa, Alabama Franklin L. Holi ll Selma, Alabama SS William G. Killough Honoraville, Alabama Otis E. Kirby, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama Frank M. Mathews Montgomery, Alabama Paul D. Nelson Cullman, Alabama Steve H. Noble Birmingham, Alabama Axel Norstedt, Jr. Mobile, Alabama FRESHM Robert M. Phillips Bessemer, Alabama Michael J. Polny Birmingham, Alabama Robert L. Porter Birmingham, Alabama Donald I. Presner Miami, Florida Joe R. Pullen Huntsville, Alabama Kidd W. Reid Birmingham, Alabama A SS Beniamin A. Rives Roanoke, Alabama Edward L. Rose Jr. Birmingham, Alabama Richard G. Scholl Birmingham, Alabama James E. Sellers Jr. MonTgomery, Alabama Michael E. Shurnale Arab, Alabama Stifaya Sirisinha Bangkok, Thailand FRESHM! Charles W. Smith Reform, Alabama Edwin L. Smith Birmingham, Alabama Leon D. Terry Montgomery, Alabama James B. Thomas Jr. y Highland Home, Alabama Buddy L. Thorne Cordova, Alabama John B. Walters Jr. Birmingham, Alabama A SS Donald G. Watson Oneonta, Alabama Thomas W. Weatherford Linden, Alabama James C. Webb Jr. Columbia, S. C. John Clyde Yarborough Anniston, Alabama mlm James E. Yeager Clanton, Alabama Hmm H F WHAT IS A DENTAL HYGIENIST? It is not at all surprising that when the graduate Dental Hygienist proudly states, "l am a Dental Hygienist," that she should get either an "Oh, yes," or an inquisitive expression in reply. The field of Dental Hygiene is a young one, particularly in the Southern region where there are only nine ac- credited schools of Dental Hygiene. There are many persons who know nothing about this field, and many others who have an unfortunate misconception of it. That is why an answer must be given to the question "What is a Dental Hygienist?" The hygienist is first characterized by her healthy personality. Most evident among her qualities is a sincere interest in her fellow beings. She is one who enioys other people and enjoys helping them. She is grateful to be able to share her blessings by exerting her talents in a field that in- creases the health status of her fellow beings. She is one who is well adiusted to present-day society in all its various phases, for it is to this society that her efforts are directed. She is humble, for she well realizes that she is only part of a great team that provides for health, yet she is con- fident that her contribution will yield great results. She is sympathetic and cheering, she is atten- tive and alert. She is inquisitive and eager to find the answers. She is understanding and easily understood, for she is a woman motivated by the specific purpose to help others. The hygienist, as a student, is not unlike other professional students. She is immediately im- pressed with the responsibilities that will be hers and thus immediately assumes the responsibility of the studies she is to undertake. The formal training of the hygienist includes, not only her tech- nical training and its practical application, but also a thorough background in the basic sciences. It is in school that the trained hygienist learns the importance of the oral cavity in relation to the entire anatomy, and in contrast to "apprenticeship hygienists," she definitely realizes that she is not me- chanically removing calculus, but is working with a being as an entity. This realization is one of the most important acquired through her formal education. Also included in her curriculum are various liberal subiects to more fully qualify her for patient contacts. During the two year period she is a student, the hygienist works with her professional brothers in all the facets of dentistry and thus develops a broad knowledge of this vast field. Further, through this association, she also de- velops effective working relationships. Trained primarily as a dental health educator, the hygienist is afforded the opportunity to learn and exhibit training techniques, to understand human behavior, and to acquire a sense of interpersonal procedures. Professional demeanor is learned and practiced by the student hygienist. Upon graduation, the hygienist has opportunities in,many fields of practice: private dental offices, health agencies Cfederal, state, county, cityl, school health services, hospitals, industrial clinics, the Armed forces, and schools of dental hygiene. The dental hygienist may be employed in any state, district, or territory in which she holds a license. All forty-eight states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Territories of Alaska and Hawaii license the practice of dental hygiene. The hygienist has an important role to play in alleviating the shortage of dental manpower. Through her competence in the prophylactic service and in many other related dental tasks, she expands dental services 25fM:. This means that the dentist increases his services and concomitantly increases his in- come. Patient education is the prime factor in preventive dentistry, and the hygienist is the one who devotes her time and energies to this phase. By emphasizing the importance of home care com- plemented by regular dental care, the hygienist not only renders a tremendous service to the pa- tient, but also encourages the establishment of a sound practice for the dentist. The hygienist is the dentist's diplomat. Her position in the office allows for the time necessary to develop cooperative patient relationships. She is better able than any other personnel in a practice to stress the importance and qualities of the dentist. She can raise the status of the dental and dental hygiene professions through her thorough knowledge of them. Her role as a diplomat extends be- yond her employment, however, as a diplomat she enters the community. As a professional person, the hygienist is expected to assist in community proiects. Through her efforts, great dental contributions can be made in formal activities directed toward the improve- ment of health education. Further, the hygienist is often called upon by certain civic organizations to assist in promoting dental health. Through an accurate presentation of dental problems existing in a community, she may aid in the establishment of corrective measures. This diplomatic role de- mands that the hygienist be fully familiar with all new findings in dentistry. She must be respected professionally, -as well as personally. What is a Dental Hygienist? She is an important member of the dental team by being primarily a dental health educator and by rendering the oral prophylactic and other related services. She is the dentist's diplomat. It is easily understood, then, that the graduate hygienist radiates with pride and dignity when she announces, "l am a Dental Hygienist." I9 8 HYGIENE CLASS ELIZABETH ANN ATWOOD Augusta, Georgia LOLLIE ELIZABETH BAGGETT Birmingham, Alabama SYLVIA MARIE CASTRO Tampa, Florida ETHEL LAURE DE FRAITES New Orleans, Louisiana VIRGINIA DOROTHY DE FRAITES New Orleans, Louisiana MYRA LOU EARPS Pensacola, Florida ..,,m',w,,,l,,M ,,,,. U. .,. . M ..,i , ., ,W ,,.., ,.,,,,h.,,,.,,,,,h FRANCES CAROL HAYMAN ST. Petersburg, Florida JANICE JOHNSON MITTS Birmingham, Alabama HARRIOT AUBREY HUEY Roanoke, Alabama JUDITH ANNE KITCHEN Birmingham, Alabama MARY EULA LASATER Hazel Green, Alabama VIRGINIA MOSELY IMWALLE Miami, Florida GLENDA JUNE MILES Winfield, Alabama RENA SANDRA RHODES Moultrie, Alabama MARY LOUISE WYATT VROONI Lakeland, Florida I PATRICIA ANN WARREN Jacksonville, Florida EDWINA ANNE WESTBROOK PATRICIA SEWELI. WILHITE Birmingham, Alabama Gadsden, Alabama CORNELIA ADELIDA WRIGHT Roanoke, Alabama THE 1958 CLASS PREDICTIONS FOR 1963 MRS. ANNE ATWOOD PETRY-has lost her Georgian accent and has gained an Alabamian twang. MRS. LUCY AYERS-is preparing her three red-haired, freckled faced daughters so that they can enter Dental Hygiene School as she did. MRS. LOLLIE BAGGETT-has establishedla permanent practice of housekeeping for Ronnie with pro- phylaxis treatments on the sidelines. MISS CAROL BOCKLER-is riding around in Sputnik doing research on how the ionosphere affects the DMF rates. MRS. EVELYN BROWN-got her degree and is doing well in Auburn. MRS. SYLVIA CASTRO COSTA-has retired and is busy rearing four Danny Jr.'s. MRS. NANCY BUCKLEW CRAIG-sits with baby on lap, helping her hubby carve inlays. MRS. ETHEL DE FRAITES ?-having travelled around the world, has FINALLY settled down to rear a football team. MRS. VIRGINIA DE FRAITES PALERMO-is practicing and ioining her husband on geological field trips. MRS. BETTY DYSON STANLEY-had to retire from practice to rear five sons. MISS MYRA LOU EARPS-has limited her practice to midshipmen and Nav-Cads in Pensacola. MISS PAT GAUGLER-is running a water-ski show and doing well in her practice. MRS. CAROL HAYMAN HUTCHINSON-retired and is teaching her three children to speak without reat ing. MISS HARRIET HUEY-is giving sodium floride treatments from her Thunderbird to only elite children. MRS. JANICE JOHNSON' MITTS-her two children keep her occupied but not as much as her practice in Dallas, Texas. MRS. JUDY KITCHEN ?-is flying in the Air Force with her husband scaling the co-pilot's teeth. MRS. MARY LASATER ?-had a hard time deciding who to marry, but now has three daughters as cute as she. MISS JUNE MILES-is touring Europe in her Renault, patronizing restaurants that serve elaborate cot- tage cheese and prunes. MRS. VIRGINIA MOSELY IMWALLE-gets her housework completed faster than her prophylactic treat- ments. MRS. SANDRA RHODES ?-a Georgia peach of a wife as well as a hygienist. MISS ANN RIVES-is as successful in her practice as she was in her school work. MISS JO ANN ROUSE-now featured at Carnegie Hall singing "Dem Teeth Is A Pain In De Neck." MISS JO SLAUGHTER-is executive vice president of the Coca-Cola Company and spends her spare time inventing new nerve pills. MRS. MARION SUGGS ?-enioying her practice in her husband's office. MRS. CHARLENE SULT-is the only hygienist who sits on a piano stool to give pros. MRS. MARY LOU WYATT VROOM-is always hurrying home from work to feed her family and five kittens. MRS. PAT WALTER MCRANEY-is making impressions for Will after a hard game. MRS. PAT WARREN ?-is president of A.D.H.A. and is using puppets for patient education. MRS. ANN WESTBROOK ?-in spite of housework and her practice, she still finds time to play golf. MRS. PAT SEWELL WILHITE-has retired and gets lost in her towering family. MRS. CORNELIA WRIGHT ?-has retired to enioy her many social activities. Y They crack the whip . . " w f"' H: I ww ' ..,..T.:l ,A 5uExX MmmWW . . and we lump . . . usually . . buf, we DO do things on our own. 'I as K LIU D3 if it 2 af 3 ODE TO A DENTAL HYGIENIST Hygienist, in your dental chair I sit without a single care, Except when tickled by your hair. I know that when you grab the drills I need not fear the pain that kills. You merely make my molars clean With pumice doped with wintergreen. So I lean back with calm reflection, With close-up view of your complexion, And taste the flavor of your thumbs While you massage my flabby gums. To me no woman can be smarter Than she who scales away my tartar, And none more fitted for my bride Than one who knows me from inside. At least as far as she has gotten She sees how much of me is rotten. I-fa , is f X G , UN ll X. 3 I I x Q s Y l . T if A A hi' -gli b '19 , il I cl , QYQQ GQQJ, '99 4 P se -s Q5 I -' 'Z-J' "M Q4 I LJ We have daiing girls . . . , "promised" girls , . . and married girls. We work in Clinic . . . . . . and rest in The lounge . . get confused in X-ray . . - We "study" in class . . We say goodbye . . . and ill in Oral Surgery and in the dorm. . . and leave. TER-FR TER ITY COUNCIL President ......... ...... R ICHARD Z. LOGAN Xi Psi Phi Vice President ........ .,.....,...... D AVID F. GREER Psi Omega Secretary-Treasurer ......,.. WILLIAM H. McLENDON Delta Sigma Delta Council assembled for meeting. This year the three dental fraternities at the University of Alabama School of Dentistry gave birth to the Inter-Fraternity Council. This council, better known as the I.F.C., is composed of three men from each of the three fraternities. The idea for the Inter-Fraternity Council began back in the spring of 1956. At that time several organizational meetings were held and a temporary constitution was drawn up. Henceforeward, all three fraternities worked very harmoniously toward their common goal, then on November l8, 1957, the l.F.C. was officially documented and a dream became reality. It is the aim of I.F.C. to coordinate the three fraternities with school activities, sponsor beneficial dental programs, and to settle any disputes which might arise among the fraternities. lt is sincerely hoped that the l.F.C. will flourish and develop to realize its many potentials. CHARTER MEMBERS DR. R. JEROME BARNETT, JR., Council Faculty Advisor RICHARD Z. LOGAN, Xi Psi Phi DAVID F. GREER, Psi Omega WILLIAM H. MCLENDON, Delta Sigma Delta CLARENCE H. GUNTHORPE, Xi Psi Phi ROBERT E. FORD, Xi Psi Phi PAUL G. MCCLINTOCK, Psi Omega DAVID L. POWELL, Psi Omega LYLDON E. STRICKLAND, Delta Sigma Delta WILLIAM E. DORRILL, Delta Sigma Delta ONGRATULATICNSIII To the University of Alabama Medical Center Bulletin reaching 1500 readers . . . R. Z. LOGAN C. H. GUNTHORPE N. CARGILE J- NHGHBOR5 President Vice President Secretary TFSBSUFSI' Xl P I PHI FR TER ITY D. Badger J. Bailey D. Baldwin J. Baker G. Beznecy G. Booker N. Cargile N. Carlson J. Daniel W. Dannelly J. Donald I. Finch R. Ford P. Gilliland J. Gordon C. Gunthorpe R. Hall J. Hinton J. Holloway H. Hoyer R. Hunter S. Kay W. Killough W. Lacy J. Lemler R. Logan G. Mann W. McDonald J. Mills J. Neighbors E. Reinhold R. Schiftli J. Sherer W. Strickland J. Thomas B. Williams J. Yeager XI PSI PHI FRATERNITY G. MCCLINTOCK D. GREER P. TIMBERLAKE B. BURTON President Vice President Secretary Treasurer PSI OMEGA FR TERNIT D. Austin W. Beall R. Borland Bowen Brasher Brighi Brown Brown Burton Chrisiian Coleman Cooper Cushing Dockery Farmer Greer Harrison Hicks Hinton Holt Hosey Hufham Locke F. Mathews G. Mathews G. McClintock J. McClung R. McClung D. Mellown J. Mitchell J. Murphree S. Noble J. Parrish R. Porter D. Powell J. Richardson J. Roberts T. Sadler R. Scholl C. Scott B. Scruggs J. Sellers P. Shatter G. Shumate J. Smith E. Sorrels B. Speed R. Surnmerlin G. Sullivan P. Timberlake A. Trum J. Wall C. Yarbrough PSI OMEGA FRATERNI QY L. STRICKLAND W. DORRILL T. FARRAR W, PITTMAN President Vice President Secretary Treasurer DELTA SIGMA DELTA FRATERNITY J. Alston R. Bedingfield B. Bentley J. Bolt C. Brunson M. Cochran B. Dorminy W. Dorrill W. DuBose M. Dunkin J. Edwards T. Farrar L. Fess J. Gillispie D. Goodwin B. Hagan T. Haigler B. Huffstutler B. McClung W. McLendon - l-1-in-n1 -1 C. Mills P. Nelson H. Ohme J. Osburn P. Petrey W. Pittman M. Polny J. Pullen E. Reed E. Reeder B. Rives G. Robinson B. Roe J. Rogers J. Sawyer P. Sims S. Sirisinha C. Smith E. Smith R. Smith L. Strickland D. Swindle L. Terry B. Thorne J. Walters DELTA SIGMA DELTA FRATERNITY X QMICRO K PP LIPSILO Seated: Drs. Cletis Hand, William McCracken, Adeeb Thomas, Sidney Finn. Standing: Drs. Emanuel Cheraskin, Jerome Barnett, Gilbert Partitt, Arthur Wuehr- mann, David Bloom, Leon Schneyer, Polly Ayers, Stanley Keller, Jack Sharry, Manson Hing. TUDENT COLIN Seated: Phil Timberlake, Ethyl DeFraites, Lyldon Strick- land, President, Dr. John Sharry, Advisor, David Greer, John Smith. Standing: Bill Dorrill, John Locke, -John Mills, Bibb Huffstutler, Henry Hufham, Toxey Dorsett, John Har- rison, Ben Rives. LABAMA DE TAL REVIE ALABAMA DENTAL EdItor-in-Chief ............................ Associate Editor .. Assistant Editor . ..... . Advertising Manager Abstract Editor ....,..... ..., Activities Editor .,.,.. Circulation Manager Faculty Advisors ..... REVlEW STAFF HARRY E. oHIvIE ERNEST cs. REINHoLD JOHN s. LocI4E PHILIP D. TIMBERLAKE .PVTIILLIAM J. DuaosE JOHN NI. MITCHELL FRED CUSHING BRYANT G. SPEED DR. SIDNEY B. EINN Business Manager ..........,.. . .,... . -um--DRL--CLARENCE Ia. KLAPPER In November, 1953 the first edition of Alabama Dental Review was published. ln this edition, the first editor, Hugh C. Lane, stated the prime purpose of the publication to be, "To teach each other to read, write, and evaluate articles of specific interest to our profession." Since that time, one to three iournals have been published each year. Regular features found in the Review include scientific articles, school activities, sports, special reports, fraternity, alumni, hygiene, and dental auxiliary news. Within its pages the review has presented a kaleidoscope of materials ranging from the effects of saliva on blood coagulation, to a review of ultrasonics and always a little humor. The covers of the first two volumes of the iournal carried a photograph of the Dental Clinic and Basic Science Buildings. Since Volume 3, however, prominent men who have con- tributed to the dental school and our profession have been featured on the covers. Over a span of five short years the Alabama Dental Review has grown from a dream to a scientific publication. lt has also received national recognition. Publication of this iournal is financed by advertisement of local firms and an increasing number of national manufacturers. From its birth to the present, the Alabama Dental Review has belonged to and existed for the students in the University of Alabama School of Dentistry. Best of all, the Review offers the stuclentfan opportunity to supplement his curriculum by participating in writing and publishing a journal. SENIORS-JUNIORS Seated: B. J. Hunter, Nancy Williams, Kathryn Holloway, Billie Sherer, Sara Schiffli, Norma Sawyer, Jean Carlson. Standing: Joann Shiver, Charlotte Brown, Geanie Matthews, Gail Andrews, Betty Lambreth, Jane Tim- berlake, Maryhelen Harmon, Dot Crawford, Barbara Lacy, Jorgie Cochran, Joyce Roe, Bertha Farrar, Mary Sutton. DET SOPHOMORES-FRESHMEN Seated: Jean Hufham, Pat Scholl, Barbara Kirby, Betty Jo Finch, Bert Bentley, Helen Osborne. Standing: Marilyn Hinton, Jessie Ford, B. J. Hagan, Betty Hancock, Katrina Terry, Gloria Edwards Martha Dorminy, Lloyd Harrison, Bettie Mills. XILIARY UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA MEDICAL CENTER LIBR RY FRANCES CUMMINS SARAH C. BROWN Director of Library LILIAN COLLIER The Medical College of Alabama Library was established in T945 when the collections of the University of Ala- bama School of Medicine, the Jefferson County Medical Society, the Hillman and Jefferson Hospitals were amalgam-I ated to form the library for the new four-year School of Medicine at Birmingham. ln 1948 The University of Alabama School of Dentistry Library became part of the general collection. The Medical Center Library quarters containing the collections of the medical, dental and nursing schools are lol cated on the first and second floors of the Hillman Hospital. The Library contains approximately 70,000 volumes and receives 800 current subscriptions to British, French, German, Italian, Spanish and American Journals. Complete files of many important iournals both in pre-clinical anc clinical subjects are available. The list of books comprises standard reference works in medicine, dentistry, nursing, surgery and related subi iects, as well as many of the latest textbooks and monographs. A special collection illustrating the history! of dentistry and the development of the literature in the field, especially that of th I state of Alabama, is being built up througa purchase and through generous gifts. This- collection contains, in addition to books, other items such as instruments, portraits an medals. The Library has facilities for microfilm pro- iection, and offers the service of obtainin microfilms for material which the library doe not possess. Inter-library loan service is als maintained. Students studying in main library. Reynolds Library reading lounge REY OLDS HISTORICAL LIBR RY The Medical Center Library is the fortunate recipient of one of the finest private collections of rare medical books n the United States, donated by Dr. Lawrence Reynolds of Detroit Michigan Dr Reynolds a foremost l'BdIOlOglSl nd editor of the American Journal of Roentgenology Radium Therapy and Nuclear Medicine is a native of Ala ama and holds an honorary LL.D. degree from the University of Alabama He has spent over thirty years represent ng outstanding contributions to the development of medicine Dedication ceremonies were held February 2, 1958 for the Reynolds Historical Library which will form a wing of the future Medical Center Library building. This beautiful building, designed and equipped in the most modern detail, has been exquisitely decorated and furnished by Dr. Reynolds. For the first time medical his- torians and scholars in this area will have a valuable collection of original sources avail- able in their own locality. Library museum and display cases XI PSI PHI FRATERNITY'S .. ZIPPETTES Seated: Helen Reinhold, Betty Lou Cargile, Jessie Ford, Marilyn Hinton, Kathryn Baldwin, B. J. Hunter Standing: Shirley Strickland, Ann Hugghins, Betty Logan, Doris Booker, Ginger Hill, Sara Schiftli Lucy Andrews, Joann Mann, Barbara Lacy, Jean Carlson, Billie Sherer, Nancy Williams, Joann Neigh- bors, Kath ryn Holloway. but, Dr. Thomas . . . listen . . ' Tha1's 'ole Milly behind Those hands. . . and back in Sidney, we usta' . . "Wl'1a'da Use: Ear W3X??? . . Yes . . . No . . . add 2V2'X, here and remove 141, The Christmas Fairy??? No, no l iusf don't like it . . ." KDEEB E. THOMAS DENTAL acuity Advisor PHIL CHRISTIAN Freshman Representative VIRGINIA DEFRAITES Hygienist Representative DAVID GREER Circulation Manager ROBERT HALL Photography Staff I AFF JOHN F. LEMLER Business Manager BETTY BRYANT GRAHAM MCCLINTOCK EDWIN SORREU-5 Secretary Editorial Sfaff Dir'-ECTOF of PBOTOQFBPVIY ROBERT HUNTER PARKER SHAFFER Al-WN PHI'-UPSON Editorial Staff Artist Assistant Business Manager 5- Young man youll have to wan your Turn! No comment. Lucky Doggs!!! SORRY, coffee tl me 'Oh, few it's not hard after you've done H "Now when I was practice . . ." in ADN YOU, TOO, CAN HAVE A BEAUTIFUL OFFICE LIKE THIS IN YOUR OWN HOME An "Offic:e in fhe Home" can be beaufifull In facf if can enhance fhe sfyling ancl decor of fhe enfire home scheme, yef be funcfional- ly complefe and luxuriously business-Iilce. There are many execufives and professional men 'I'o whom a business office af home is essenfial. If is fo fhese men ancl fheir wives 'Ihaf Phcne we address fhis message. Q FA-3-352' One of our courfeous, efficienf represenfafives will help you plan your "Office in fhe Home." AT ZAC .5MlTH'5 Revitalized You Will Find S "BUSINESS GIFT for Business PeopIe" cl P 'I S f lS'l'lka,'lccel'lT-les e S STATIONERY COMPANY Lealher Gomfls , Downfown Sfore . . . 20I4 FIRST AVENUE Social or Business Sfaflonery EFIBIFS Homewood Sfore Z grrggfing Carcls for All Occasions Owned and Operafed by fhe Same Family , Since I883 "Engraving of 'Ihe Finesf Qualify" f Charles Hicks Dental Laboratory Member ALABAMA DENTAL LABORATORY ASSOCIATION 4O8If2 NOTII1 I9l'I1 Sfreel' P. O. Box 536 Phone AL-I8873 KATHERINE OLIVER, Ceramisi DuraIIium Licensee INSPECTION INVITED 1 , Lo N :fm-:'.ii G Colon . srnmcru Y . X Free literature available . . . WRITE DIVISIUN UF CIJNSULIDATED METAL PRUIJIJCTS CDRP. ALBANY 1. NEW YORK . . . My!!! Mildred, how you've grown. . . Professional digni1'y777 Convenient AMPLE FREE PARKING ADIACENT TO BANK BUILDING DOWNTOWN-FIVE POINTS SOUTH Drive In Teller Service Large Enough to Serve You Small Enough to Know You 7ke Zlfnmclln B E MEMBER or -THE E.D.r.c Which 'iwin has 'ihe Toni??? "Mann, +ha+'s my wife!!!" Confucius say: Qualify nof quanfify builds Ioeffer pracfices. For Experf A-Henfion in FuII Denfure-Parfial Denfure Crown and Bridge-Nobilium Casfings HICKMAN DENTAL LABORATORY 205V2 Norfh 2Isf Sfreef Posf Office Box 52I BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA BARNES HICKMAN Phone AL I-6704 Tandberg LAWRENCE I'II FI CENTER I923 II+I1 Ave. So. Phone FA-2-6674 For Every Recording Pleasure For Every Sound Need DENTAL OFFICE BACKGROUND MUSIC L. M. BARLERON AGENCY PENN. MUTUAL LIFE INS. Complefe Insurance for fhe Denfisf Prompf Compefenf Service PHONE AL I-5I06 III02 SO. 20fI1 ST. JIMMY'S DRIVE INN Sfeaks-Sandwiches-Snacks Meef Your Friends af Jimmy's Curb Service Delicious Food II07 SO. 20fI1 ST. NEAR THE MED. CENTER Experience with New Posterior Teeth Confirms Research Findings MYERSON AND SEARS DESIGN AND COMBINATION OF MATERIALS PROVE BENEFICIAL IN FULL RANGE OF CASES Review February 1956, Richard L. Myerson, re- ported to the American Academy for Plastic Research in Dentistry his finding of dramatic reduction in wear of plastic teeth when opposed to properly designed porcelain teeth. At a clinic in Boston in November 1956, remarkable success was reported in forty-eight clinical test cases. At the time of this writing, thousands of full dentures have been made with Myer- son and Sears porcelain-plastic posterior teeth by the profession-at-large. There can be no doubt that this use has been sufliciently extensive both in quantity and duration to be highly conclusive. Results Success has been reported on the most difficult as well as on normal cases. Equally important, no single case of fail- ure or disappointment has been reported either voluntarily or upon solicitation. Fla! Crushing Areas Transverse Cutters Clearance Cutting Margins l v Flash: 'i-1Q.iEfi5iili: ..,. Details of occlusal construction of new Myerson and Sears pos- terior teeth. Insert drawing shows how upper and lower teeth meet in one plane. Conclusion Many benefits can be derived from the use of Myerson and Sears posterior teeth. They are listed below. I Benefits of Opposing Porcelain Teeth to Plastic 1. One tenth the loss due to wear compared to that experienced when opposing plastic teeth to plastic. 2. Less shock and resultant trauma and "clicking" than porcelain-to- porcelain. 3. Easier adaptation and adjustment due to lower teeth being plastic. 4. Increased masticating efficiency due to maintenance of sharpness by the upper teeth which are por- celain. II Benefits of the Myerson and Sears Occlusal Design 1. Fulfilling the requirements essen- tial to success in opposing porce- lain to plastic. 2. Increased stability by directing the vertical force of mastication mainly to the lingual side. 3. Increased stability by directing most of the vertical force of masti- cation to the second bicuspid - first molar region. 4. Increased stability by absence of interdigitating cusps. 5. Easy set-up and articulation. Whenever the above benefits are desired, the use of these new posterior teeth is indicated. Available literature includes a booklet describing the new development, a tech- nique by Dr. Victor H. Sears, and mould charts. Inquiries are welcomed. Address: MY1sRsoN Tooru CORPORATION, 65 Ham- ilton Street, Cambridge 39, Mass. 66 85 92 80 70 77 88 l P .. ...... .N ..e,,a.,a..e.,.., s. .. A .'1' k . ,.., 1 f f,,Ib,,, t My ' , "HSM:-M-M rw -P ar 4 yi P 5- fs i, is ggi, , .I A H Q Y ,ii ai , ts Qo ' jx r my ,, f i g l I ,Q we M fi' ' Qing? ai, if ' as ii? in-mf r, ' if I E rf, gi 5? x 'init 3 ar ' .I3-f l If PRUFESSIUNAL UHUIEE UF THE WllRllJ A complete line of dental cabinets styled as smartly as tomorrow's cars-in new, contemporary colors -constructed of steel framing and sheathed in wood-grained Formica and stainless steel-with f f t - per ormance eatures a tuned to the latest tech niques you will bring to your new operatory. Your dealer has them. J -H ' Manufacturing Company - Two Rivers o Wisconsin Start Your Personal Laboratory Right- wiih lhis JELENKO PRECISION CASTING EQUIPMENT- ancl USE These 3 JELENKO GOLDS They Meei' All Cas'I'ing Requiremenis 0 Wrile for Complele Catalogue and Lisl of lnformalive Technical Liferalure Available 0 TYPE B-MEDIUM HARD' for M.O.D. 8- Simple Inlays.. nts. u,s. vu. err. TYPE C-HARD' for Crown 8 Inlay see. ms. -.f. sn. Abmmemsi JELENKO N05 The Pofrician of Costing Golds. ,,m,Ul,',A,'o,,A for Pariials, Bridgework, Clusps, Bars'Saddles. " Certified A.D.A. J. F. JELENKO 8: CO., INC. Den+al'Golds 0 Speciallies Precision Casiing Equipmenl' 627 Sou'l'h 2O+h S'l'reel' I36 West 52nd Sireel 0 New York I9, U.S.A. 75 Q. TQ gulls ""' HTHERMOTROL JUNIOR The Denfis+'s Personal Electric Meliing and Casling Unil. Congratulations IF YOU CHOOSE . . FLORIDA AS YOUR "PLACE IN THE SUN," THEN CHOOSE ANDERSON'S THE ORGANIZATION DEDICATED TO SERVING THE DENTAL PROFESSION IN FLORIDA SINCE I906. FIVE LOCATIONS AT: Jacksonville OrIancIo S+. Peiersburg Tampa Miami L. M. ANDERSON DENTAL SUPPLY CO. AL 2-7223 BOGUE'S RESTAURANT TOWNSMEN II"s Now 'rhe Vogue +o Ea+ a+ Bogue's 3028 CIairmon'I' Ave. 2009 8II1 Ave. So. Phone AI 2-9780 . . U Barbers MBHICUFISI Shine open Daily moo A.M.-u2:oo PM. Managed by Sunday I2:00 Noon 'Io I2:00 P.M. WOODY WOODALL BENTON FOSTER VARSITY DRIVE IN SERVICE HILL DENTA YOUR FRIENDSHIP OUR GREATEST ASSET wx- f'v"' -L Ee Eyffest reward jlra man? toifis not wEat EKCQKTSIFJT zt buf what Ee Hecomes fy 11' XM ff join Ruskzng bpm?- W xW ,fi jigzlmhfgf lffzenkw FW Tay ,aw MG 0 Morris O Jaguar Aus'I'in Healey O Eng. Ford IMPORTED CARS Auihorized Dealer Sales and Service Service on AII Makes of Foreign Cars NICK GRAFFEO MOTORS I809 3rd Ave. So. FA 4-994I Jaclceis-Coars Pan+s-Shoes BERMAN'S STORE NO. 3 I800 Fourih Ave. No. PHONE: AL 2-I422 Free Monogramming and Delivery Charge Accounis Convenienfly Locaied 'Io Give Be'H'er Service +o Medical Cenier Personnel LAUNDERER CUSTOM CLEANER TI1a+ Ex+ra Individual Service 522 S. ZOII1 Sfreei V2 Block io Medical Cenier "YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME" MRS. TODD'S DELICIOUS FOOD, LTD. ICafe'reria S+yIeI 3 Meals Daily 7 Days Weekly LW. Haircu'I's-Shoeslnines Manicures FIVE POINTS BARBER SHOP I02b 20+h S+. So. SERVING THE MEDICAL CENTER SA LES SER VICE ADAMSON FORD MOTORS CO. I922 2nd AVE. SO. These are the suggestions made by thousands of enthusiastic Page-Chayes users who prove in daily practice that this instrument has long since passed the stage of experiment and theory. To repeat an old cliche, we respect- fully request that you "ask the man who owns one". ADEQUATE TORQUE - For SAFE, EFFICIENT perform- ance at all operating speeds. FOOT RHEOSTAT CON- -TROLLED SPEEDS-Which may be changed while op- erating. NO DAILY MAINTENANCE -Sealecl in factory lubrica- tion. RESILIENT, REPLACEABLE BUR CHUCK USEABLE WITH YOUR PRES- ENT EQUIPMENT-Easily in- stalled. as W ., M --znxqgg-5, . E.. DENTAL INSTRUMENT CORP. 460 West 34th Street, New York 'l 3 STORES 3 FINE STOCKS The abiIi+y Io serve begins wifh I'I'1ese +I1ree sI'ores - all well sfoclc- ed. Reading from 1'op Ieff Ihey are: BIRMINGHAM MONTGOMERY MOBILE Your VisiI's 'I'o Any of Them Are Always Welcomed. Today's Plan I 52W Service to the Dental Profession has been our pleasant responsibility for many years. And we are always striving to serve better. We can assist you with 0 Local Studies 0 Office Designs and Plans 0 Equipment Selection 0 Professional Finance Plans 0 Quality Dental Supplies i' Territory Served Stars indicate stores and stocks. Representatives call frequently throughout this area. ing Tomorrow's Profits BIRMINGHAM MONTGOMERY MOBILE I I I -1.1-?nTuil1lil1l1 I I FIOFBYICC ' I 1-,Weis I Huntsville I I . ! Gadsden R I M I S S , Birmingham Columbus Tuscaloosa Meridian g M0ntg0m8PY ' 4 I I I i 'g ' ' !A'LABAMA3 I I x ' I S . I I I ' ' .I I n I Dothan ! Pliuininilil Ox wwe x FLORIDA Q , 'I' 9 Pensacola 'tl 9 Q -3 :anama City I I f i I Beginning here . . . a. dental career! a. RITTER CENTURY equipped operatory You have acquired a superb education . . . learned many priceless skills. There's a lifetime of professional opportunity ahead. You deserve the very yinest dental equipment in your new operatory . . . that means Ritter! Your investment may be a little more for the best in equipment. However, it truly becomes a saving when you thoughtfully consider the capability, operating ease, depend- ability and of all Ritter equipment. Ritter Company offers you Office Planning Service and practice location recommenda- tions through its dealers. Our modern Professional Equipment Plan makes it easier to own this unexcelled equipment. Make plans for the future with your Ritter dealer, soon. 1 C0'YWp0AflM 9110. S Ritter Park e Rochester 3. New York ...go modern .' W . f S. - ... Wg " I- SI! .- I TW 'r . J' . . I i J it 'x X 'Ta EETIW Qill' E-" A .I ,gl .ESQ f X QQ ml vw qi-I. Q ' x v U86 PIIIMIICMNE a brand of METABUTOXYCAINE HCI rdf A 6 "W : xblzl S :lv Primacaine HCI is lhe registered trade mark of Novocol Chem. Mfg. Co., Inc., designat- ing IIs product, 2'-dieIhyIamino-eIhyI-2- butoxy-3 amino benzoute HCI. Prirnacaine HCI fMetabutoxycaine HCU -the modern local anesthetic - oPiers the qualities you look for in a local anesthetic . . . very rapid anesthesia . . . great potency . . . adequate margin of safety. ..ideal dur- ation . . . and excellent tolerance by all types of patients. CAvailable in 2 concen- trations of epinephrine - epinephrine l:60,000 for general useg and epineph- rine l:125,000 for special cases.j If you do not use PRIMACAINE HCl routinely, we suggest that you try it and compare in your day-by-day practice. Clinical data on request. CHEMICAL MFG. CO., Inc. - BROOKLYN 7, NEW YORK Canadian Laboratories, TORONTO 5, ONTARIO Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous Practice Select Your Laboratory With the Same Judgment You Use in Selecting Your Ottice. Here at EANES We Otter a Complete Laboratory Service ot the Highest Type. Quality Pays EANES LABORATQRY COMPANY Phone FA2 5526 P.O. Box l03O BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA EQUIPMENT SUCCEED VVITI-I S.S.VVl-IITE DENTAL. PRODUCTS Product confidence is an essential part of professional competence. With S. S. White products you have that essential - because, from burs to operating units, they fulfill their promises in terms of practical advantages for the dentist. Start out right by getting to know your S.S. White dealer - or write to us. Our service also includes advice on practice locations and helpful guidance in oiiice planning -at no cost to you. THE S.S.WHITE DENTAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY Phlladelphla 5, Pa. ORTHODONTIC SUPPLIES 3 ,..,.:.,.:: 5 :,.,, 3 .,. ..,....,,, 3 V' "'1 HAND HANDPWCES llsz 1 INSTRUMENTS H t w ..,, ,............, , as .... A PRECIOUS SURGICAL A METALS PUERS INSTRUMENTS f i l f' ,.,, I X fx giasmwfiw I :T ...Sf-Ml :if'2 PROSTHETIC FILLING ZLLLLEEEIE' 2"': MATERIAL MATERIALS A 5 :" X :"i::' ':" L... Selecting Your Laboratory With Dentists who know values, the primary consideration when it comes to Laboratory service is technical knowledge and skill. Reputation-"record of performance," is of utmost importance. Reputations are built slowly, over a long period of years by 'Fine quality and superior service. When it comes to selecting your Laboratory, the deciding fac- tors are quality, service, prestige-and other considerations less tangible than price, but much more important. We have been in this business 'For forty-six years: this accumu- lated store of knowledge and experience is at your command. ARMSTRONG-SMITH CO. Master Dental Technicians Phone ALpin I-767I P.O. Box 9l2 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA A FRIEND TUBB PHARMACY 73l Souih 20+h S1'ree+ FA-2-l702 Serving 'Phe Medical Cen+er "ITlS TUBBS FOR DRUGS" DR. GUS' DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 630 Soufh I8I'h Sfreef Quick Service Noon Time Specials Walking Disrance From I'he CIinic" FAMOUS OVER THE SOUTH GUS L. CONSTANTINE, Owner DURR SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY A dependable source of medical and surgical supplies and equipmenl'-since I89b. BIRMINGHAM MONTGOMERY ALABAMA Complimenfs of THE OLD HICKORY RESTAURANT "We Serve 'I'he Besl' Ob'I'ainabIe" 5I6 Souih I8'I'h Sireei Pho. AI-28868 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA FIVE POINTS AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY 2II7 Magnolia Ave. SouI'h Phone Fa 4-4083 7:30 A.M ......... 8:30 P.M. Monday-Friday 7:30 A.M ......... 5:00 P.M. Salurday "PICK UP AND DELIVERY IN DORMITORIES" A Few Words Abou'I COLUMBIA DENTOFORMS From a humble sI'ar+ 37 years ago, Columbia Denfoforms have played an increasingly imporiam' role in denial educalion. Today, eve denI'aI siudenf in 'Ihe Uniied S+a+es and Canada "cuI's" his firsi' I'ee'Ih on golumbia Den+oforms, for we supply Denfoforms 'Io every den'I'aI college in 'I'he Unifed S'I'a'res and Canada, as well as in many oiher lands. In fhese 36 years, Ihere have been many improvemenis and addi'I'ions Io Denfoforms Io meef Ihe ever more exacfing demands of Ieachers. Today, Denfoforms number more 'Ihan a 'Ihousand and presenl' condifions I'ha'I' Ihe sfudenf will encounfer in praclice. And in graduafe years, Den'I'oforms con- Iinue Io help clinicians in posfgraduaie educaiion and Io help 'I'he busy praciiiioner in his endless Iask of paiienl'-educaiion by showing 'Ihe be'I"I'er denI'isIry he seeks 'I'o give. USE COLUMBIA DENTOFORMS AS AIDS IN YOUR PRACTICE Wrife for a Copy of Cafalog No. 33 COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION "THE HOUSE OF A THOUSAND MODELS" I3I EAST 23rd STREET NEW YORK.I0. N. Y. "IT PAYS TO DC IT RIGHT' We con do your prosTheTic coses righT-Ioecouse we use only: I. Experienced, quolified Technicions in eoch deporTmenT. 2. The exocT moTerioIs ThoT you speciTy. 3. The correcT Technique Tor eoch individuol cose. 4. The besT equipmenT ovoiloble for The job. Therefore your work is in good honds when senT To us Tor This is o modern up-To-doTe denToI IoboroTory, employing only skilled Tech- nicions, dedicoTed To The service of The denToI profession only. Our personnel hqve ci combined ToTol of 204 yeors of experienced service. IT will be oi privilege ond o plecisure To serve you. You ore cordiolly inviTed To visiT ond inspecT our IoboroTory oT onyTime. We offer ca complete laboratory service including Durclllium cast parficals. SIIU'l'llERlII DENTAL LABIIRATIIRY l729V2 THIRD AVENUE, NORTH Phone 3-6319 --- P. O. Box 42 BIRMINGHAM I, ALABAMA "Always Ahead Wifh I'he Besi' 'in AII Phases of Laboraiory Work" y,RlO4 Q95 Q 3,0 gf M 74 fi 'I 9 . .wi Q 0 lf . 4' 9 I. "Mmm we YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO VISIT OUR LABORATORY AT ALL TIMES Si? OUR UNEXCELLED OUALITY ASSURES SATISFACTORY RESULTS VEDEL DENTAL TECHNICIANS P.O. Box I763 BIRMINGHAM I, ALA. Phone FA2-5475 THE PREMIER Trade Marks Thai- Mean QUALITY RED DOT: Allspeeds Diamonds for speeds from 5000 'lo 200,000 R.P.M. HACITIN: Cleans and slerilizes Sleel and Carbide Burs and Diamonds lnslrumenls - all al' lhe same lime and in 'lhe same solulion. ELA CARBlDE BURS: New fissure and inverled cone shapes wilh rounded l'ops called break-'rhru and regular round and inverled cone wirh a cross cul' on every blade. ALLSPEEDS: Ball Bearing Hand Pieces, Angles, and arm pul- leys for speeds up +o 50,000 R.P.M.: also - Non-Ball Bearing Angles for speeds ro 30,000 R-P.M. DIAKET: The mosl' salisfaclory rool- canal filling malerial - used by mosl leading endodonlisls. PREMIERLITE: Qualify slainless insfrumenls. CAVIT: Ready +o use 'lemporary cavily seal. ASTRALIT: The 'lhick mix silicale. PETRALIT: Time lesfed, moulh-proven silico-phosphale 'filling malerial. COME-A-PART: Slainless conlra angle wilh quick change, one piece long bearing for 'I'ru running burs, el'c. SUPERSAN: Sani- 'l'ary disposable headresl' covers. PREMIER DENTAL PRODUCTS CO. PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNSYLVANIA Marlhas7?7' "I-Iey. Man! Look'+ dis Too+." Shhh. Genius P+ work key X- 8 ,0 .' -1- I 9 1 , , , f i sn n N ,.,-E D I t 'I '. '9 l'99nmR X9 Doctor : Yes! we are compIe'I'eIy equipped Io service you w i 'I' h I'he uI+ima+e in precision denial resI'ora'I'ion. Our NEW GOLD DEPARTMENT wifh iI's vasr experi- ence wirh Hydro-colloid rechnique on mou+h rehabilira- I'ion-veneer and acrylic iackef crown work. Chayes aHachmenI' parfials. Our denrure deparrmenr resI's on i+s pasl' repuIa'I'ion. Our chrome deparI'men'I will salisfy you. Lei us convince you on your nexl' res'roraI'ion. The uI+imaI'e in precision denial service. BIRMINGHAM DENTAL LABGRATORY Phone FA 2-3489 3I4 Lyric Building P.O. BOX 828 BIRMINGHAM I, ALABAMA . A r FQR THE BEST AIDS TO BETTER DENTISTRY Watch Williams Q 5 ? Q '+ ' ' -.- g Q- Z E N 'Hu sv" Congra+ula+ions From THE BOOK STORE AND CAFETERIA AL. 2-7223 BOGUE'S RESTAURANT l'l"s Now 'rhe Vogue 'I'o Eal' a'l' Bogue's 3028 Clairmonf Ave. 922231132 gjriir Phone AI 2-9780 Open Daily 9:00 A.M.- l2:O0 P.M. MANAGED av Sunday l2:O0 Noon 'l'o I2:00 P.M. Wsaixggggggigg UNIVE , .,V.,., ,.AA.,:.. vga NEW BRIILY NT NIITIIRAI MA It Lxwy A s W. "ALIVE" BI' IILNFWICVQQSI-DIMEN5IUNIIIQHFECTS fs' if Q' f' ii? i hx f Q I J N LIFELUCENT PORCEL qiz. -iziiigzill M RIO Here at long last is an entirely new and radiant lifelucent porcelain of exquisite beauty . . . new glowing "aliveness" . . . new "living" colors and color dispersions. These have been integrated by advanced tech- niques and electronic processes, creating a natural 3-dimensional ef- fect so brilliantly alive in the mouth that it is virtually impossible to dis- tinguish them from vital teeth. Univac Porcelain is not merely an improvement-it is truly a complete- ly new achievement of tooth porce- lain research and development. Call your Universal Dealer for a demonstration. D0 see Univac An- teriors . . . see their light-absorbing properties so precisely matched-in- depth to human teeth. You'll insist upon Univac . . . and only Univac , . . for your patients. 1' ar 'A' NEW UNIVAC DENSE PORCELAIN GRINDS SMOOTHLY AND CAN BE POLISHED TO ITS ORIGINAL GLOSS AND FINISH. SPECIFY WITH THE DUAL-DIAL COLOR GUIDE RSAL DENTAL COMPANY ' PHILA.39, PA PORTRAITS FOR DENTALA by KEN IVES STUDIO l903 CAHABA ROAD BIRMINGHAM CpI+f THE S. E. MASSENGILL COMPANY BRISTOL, TENNESSEE NEW YORK KANSAS CITY SAN FRANCISCO ow-free light. 'open wnona PLEASE!" When you plan your new oliice, donit be handicapped by old-fashioned equipment. Specify a Castle SpeedClave for safe, simple instrument sterilizing and Castle Lighting for eye comfort and efficiency. They will keep pace with your growing practice and you can get them at a surprisingly low cost. See your Castle Dealer or write for Bulletin No. D121. LIGHTS Q STERILIZERS WILMOT CASTLE COMPANY, 1779 E. Henrietta Rcl., Rochester, N.Y. PANOVISION LIGHT-Just like GENERAL VISION LIGHT- "sunlight." lt floods the entire Gives soft, over-all light.. Used mouth with high-intensity, shad- with the PANOVISION Light for restful Balanced Lighting. NO. 777 SPEEDCLAVE-Ideal for beginning practice. You can set it and forget it. Fastest, simplest portable made. Economical to oper- Clie. ATLAS FIXTURE 81 EQUIPMENT CO.. INC. SEE ATLAS tor modern reception room turniture, desks, chairs, dental cabinets, etc. We are custom built manufacturers. BUY DIRECT AND SAVE. 50l Second Avenue North Phone-AL- I -42 74 ? C I A FRIEND AUTOGRAPHS ALITCGRAPHS LITQC-ER PH LITHOGRAPHED BY ZZ , M Lon PUBLISHING co. " 4 My flag, X ' M W DALLAS o TEXAS " ":-A., The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE Thr Bell Ytlrbookl Arr TAYLOR MADQ TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS TEXAS Abu- --'.,1.. -5...-.f .... ,bs,'.-L,,,, J... - .,..4...,v,,f...--13 'ff -L 'ull ...L .q . -: '::, - :E ,Y ,. -. .- - - 52. . , ,A - V .. Q R ... -., su.. ,K , -.. '

Suggestions in the University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) collection:

University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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