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,s .- rug, an ii , as -5.1 EL, 4. L rl -5 A f if an I , ul . M A af lg, w, 'X 'v EF :fl x 'J , s o H Q o '-X . Y 5 t 1 fd 1 51591. - r yy 1 1 11 v ,Z , 'Kf- Tffeiviai 4' 1 Aiilfiflh H 35Q5rA - if '. ,A ga+:',ff?ggs-,gi,Q -,- '?gl!g?A?fi4fff. iig Q . R '-if-A' Q I if , Q ? ..-- YY a . A ', I, il .fiffi . ., VQQV . in I! af-P-Q T 5 ga . .ff fvzuaar' . 4i2 H ,gf-as-' " ..3F, ' U - ,,--:gg up 'Hs .W '-uf.. ' A cv" 4 A ' I 4? 5 I Q H 5 5 I E 5 ! 5. e F a R E -1 si i 1. 1. Q E E S .. E Q i 7 Presented by THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA VOLUME VI The Dentala of 1957 is designed to record the activities of one year of our lives. A year filled with happiness, sadness, doubts and friendship. It is my sincere hope that this volume in the future will bring to mind all the events of this year as pleasant ones. The moments of sadness, in time, will be memories of laughter, the periods of doubts will be remembered as foolish anxiety and the friendship found this year will be further ce- mented to form lasting bonds of brotherhood. With this in mind, we present this Dentala of 1957 to you. VAN T. GREENE. Editor, 1957 DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY PERSONNEL CLASSES ACTIVITIES ADVERTISING SECTION We Flaaaalfq Zedctate z'4e7?57 20446454- DR. JOSEPH F. VOLKER Dr. Joseph F. Volker was born in New Jersey, March 9, 1913. In 1936 he received his D.D.S. degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry, A.B. in Chemistry, 19383 M.S. in Biochem- istry, 1939, Ph.D. in Biochemistry, 1941, from the University of Rochester. After an internship in dental surgery at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, New Jersey, he held Carnegie fellowships at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, where he did basic research in the etiology of dental caries and ultimately became Assistant Professor in the department of Biochemistry at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. In 1942 he was appointed Professor of Clinical Dentistry at Tufts College Dental School, a position he held until his appointment as the Dean of the Tufts College Dental School in 1947. In 1948 he became dean of the University of Alabama School of Dentistry. Dr. Volker led the infant University of Alabama School of Dentistry in less than ten years to one of the top ranking dental schools in the world. Under his able guidance many research grants have been given to not only the dental school but to the entire medical center as well. It is with this in mind that we proudly dedicate this 1957 DENTALA to Dean Joseph F. Volker. His Excellency JAMES E. FOLSOM Governor of the State of Alabama OLIVER CROMWELL CARMICHAEL M.A., B.Sc. fOxon.J LL.D., D.C.L., D. Litt., L.H.D. President of the University ROBERT C. BEARSON, A.B., M.D. Vice President in Charge of Medical Affairs, Uni- versity of Alabama, Dean, Medical College of Alabama ARTHUR H. WUEHRMANN, D.M.D. Associate Dean JOSEPH F. VOLKER, A.B., M.S., D.D.S., Ph.D Dean of the School of Alabama HAROLD A. HELMS, BS. Business Manager The faculty is forever watchful for our well-being 7 JOSEPH F. VOLKER, A.B., M.S., D.D.S., Ph.D. Dean of the School of Dentistry ARTHUR H. WUEHRMANN, D.M.D. Associate Dean IRVING J. WEBER, D.D.S. Professor of Dentistry, Chairman, Division of Restorative and Prosthetic Dentistry M4 Z R. JEROME BARNETT, JR., D.D.S. Associate Professor of Dentistry M4040 ADEEB E. THOMAS, D.M.D. Associate Professor of Dentistry ,,tc564' svn, W , PAUL E. HAMMONS, B.S., M.S., D.D.S Assistant Professor of Dentistry pazwvw owl :, . 5 EMANUEL CHERASKIN, A.B., M.A., M.D., D.M.D. LEONARD ROBiNSON, A.B., D.M.D., M.S., M.D Professor of Dentistry and Chairman, Division of Oral Professor of Dentlstry Medicine and Surgery P MARGARET s. KLAPPER, B.s., M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine 01465 CHARLES A. McCALLUM, D.M.D., M.D Fellow in Dentistry THOMAS W. JONES, B.S., D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry WILLIAM PETTUS BUCK, D.M.D. Resident in Oral Surgery JAMES D. JONES, II, B.S., D.D.S. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry SAM TATUM, D.D.S. Graduate Student FREDERICK G. McFALL Intem in Oral Surgery JOHN A. MORGAN, B.s., D.D.s. Resident in Oral Surgery KENNETH FOLLMAR, D.D.S. Assistant Resident in Oral Surgery ANTON J. HEJ L Resident in Oral Surgery BYRON HARRISON Fellow in Oral Pathology I GILBERT J. PARFITT, F.D.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. WILLIAM S- REYNOLDS, B-S-, D-D-Sf, M-S-D Professor of Dentistry Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry PAUL R. l-IUEFSTUTLER, D.D.S. HUNTER A' ALLEN, D.D'S. Instructor In Chmcal Demlstrl' Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry JAMES C. WESTBROOK, JR., B.A., D.D.S. R. HENRY BALLARD, B.S., D.M.D Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry Instructor in Clinical Dentistry ANTHONY AUGUSTINE RIZZO, D.M.D. JOHN A, HANCKEN, D,M,D, N.l.H. Fellow Resident in Periodontology PAUL M. CUMMINGS, JR., B.S., D.D.S. Resident in Periodontology 0,4,,wt0507" DAVID D. BLOOM, D.M.D. Associate Professor of Dentistry and Chaimxan, Division of Odontology ROBERT F. LIEBLER, B.S., D.M.D Instructor in Odontology ROBERT c. CALDWELL I ' ma I' I ' H.D.D., L.D.S. .W Fellow in Dentistry 'I ROBERT H. FREEMAN A.B., D.M.D. Instructor in Odontology BURNICE E. BURHAM, B.S., D.M.D. Instructor in Odontology SIDNEY B. FINN, A.B., D.M.D., M.S. Professor of Dentistry LEON H. SCHNEYER, A.B., D.D.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Dentistry and Assistant Professor of Physiology WALTER C. ANDREWS, JR., B.S., D.M.D. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry EVERETT F. WILKIE, D.D.S. Fellow in Dentistry JESSE E. MCCORMACK, D.M.D. Fellow in Dentistry IRVING J. WEBER, D.D.S. Professor of Dentistry -'L WILLIAM L. MCCRACKEN, D.D.S Associate Professor of Dentistry ,Ji WILLIAM D. POWELL, JR., D.M.D. Assistant Professor of Dentistry JOHN J. SHARRY, BS., D.M.D Associate Professor of Dentistry THOMAS H. BRIGHAM, D.M.D. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry JOE B. BRATTON, D.M.D. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry BOYD W. TARPLEY, B.A., D.D.S Professor of Clinical Dentistry H. PERRY HITCHCOCK, D.M.D. Associate Professor of Dentistry JAMES B. MCCABE, D.M.D. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry WILLIE F. KELLY, JR., D.M.D. Graduate Student JACK LEE GILES, D.M.D. Graduate Student WILSON C. BELLENGER, B.S., D.M1D. FelIow in Dentistry WENDELL H. TAYLOR Fellow in Dentistry 72 uwaqfww LINCOLN ROY MANSON-HING, D.M.D. AARON A. CHILCOAT Assistant Professor of Dentistry Technician-Oral Roentgenology POLLY AYERS, A.B., D.D.S., M.P.H. Associate Professor of Clinical Dentistry .W ' ' W. RUPERT BODDEN, JR., A.B., D.M.D. WALTER J. KYLE, D.D-S- Instructor in Clinical Dentistry Assistant Professor of Dentistry X I ly .X 6 ' x ' 'Lx ,sn- ' , , '2 1, X sf Le suicide ou la conscience professionnelle MICROBIOLOGY-Front row, left to right: Louise R. Cason, A.B., M.A., M.T., Assistant Professorg Carolyn Gaston, B.S., M.T., Instructorg Emily Hill, Laboratory Assistant. Back row: Thomas A. Paine, B.A., M.D., Professor and Chairmang E. Edward Evans, A.M., M.S., Ph.D., As- sociate Professorg Frederick W. Kraus, M.D., D.D.S., D.M.D., Assistant Profes- sorg Charles H. Winkler, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Associate Professor. ANATOMY-Left to right: Clarence E. Klapper, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Pro- fessorg Leonard L. Ross, B.S., M.S., As- sistant Professorg E. Carl Sensenig, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Professorg Benjamin C. Mof- fett, Jr., A.B., Ph.D., Assistant Professorg S. M. Kurtz, Ph.D., Instructor, Eleanor A. Hunt, A.B., M.S., Ph.D., Instructorg Harold N. Schnitzlein, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Instructorg Charles C. Boyer, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Assistant Professorg James 0. Foley, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Professor and Cliairmang Thomas E. Hun-t, A.B., Ph.D., Professor. BIOCHEMISTRY-Left to right: William Ward Pigman, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Asso- ciate Professorg James W. Woods, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Assistant Professorg William J. Wingo, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professorg Emmett B. Carmichael, B1A., M.S., Ph.D., Professor and Chairmanf PATHOLOGY-Seated, left to right: Doctors Shoen, Graham, Hathaway, Casey, McManus, Professor and Chairmang Boyd, Lupton, Mowry. Standing: On Ja Kim, Hathaway, C. 0.5 Johnson, I.: Giaunella, Kwong, Singletary, Montgomery, Ringsdorf, Student Fellowg Rizzo, Student Fellowg Delatower, Robinson. Not pictured: Doctors Cunningham, Scott, and Bishop. PHYSIOLOGY-Left to right: John M. Bruhn, A.B., Ph.D., Pro- fessor and Chairman: Jack D. Emerson, B.S., MS., Ph.D., As- sistant Professor: True W. Robinson, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Leroy L. Langley, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., L.L.D., Associate Professorg Leon H. Schneyer, A.B., D.D.S., Ph.D., Assistant Pro- fessor. PHARMACOLOGY-Left to right: Dr. Teague, Raymond Lindsey, Graduate Studentg Walter Lewis, Student As- sistantg Dr. Barker. HAROLD C. ASKEW, B.S., D.D.S. Graduate Student Department of Prosthetics DANIEL T. MEADOWS, B.S., D.M.D Graduate Student Department of Prosthetics TAE SUK SHIM Graduate Student Department of Prosthetics HAROLD A. HELMS, B.S. Business Manager E. LINDSEY ODEN, B.S., M.S. Assistant Business Manager BLANCHE B. ALEXANDER, B.A. Secretary to the Dean KATHRYN H. WIRTZ Secretary to the Director of Research and Graduate Studies MRS. NONA M. BRIDGES Secretary to the Associate Dean MARTHA HELTON BETTY BRYANT MRS. CHRISTINE BAGLEY ANTONIA RIZZO CORNELIA NEWMAN LILLIAN TODD MRS. MARY JULIA LEE MRS. FRANCES FROLIK JOHNNIE HARPER MRS. LILLIAN MESSER MRS. MARY AYMAR HOBART Receptionist LILLIAN PITTS Chart Room MRS. DOROTHY SMITH Supply Room MRS. ALTA LUKER Orthodontics MRS. MARY FOWLER Screening Clinic MISS BETTY R. SHRADER Nurse in Oral Surgery MRS. FRANCES FLYNN Medical Technologist MISS LURA GUIN Nurse in Oral Surgery MISS MILDRED SMITH Dental Assistant MISS MARTHA BAILEY Dental Assistant P.B.X. OPERATORS-Left to right: Mrs. Willie Tuck, Frances Grant, Patsy Wein- stein, Faye Kirby, Rita Simonton, Vivian Smith. BUSINESS OFFICE-Left to right: Vivian Smith, Nell Stewart, Faye Wade, Rita Simonton, Peggy Franklin, Faye Kirby, Mrs. Agnes Franklin, Mrs. Alice -Hughes, Gofdon Chastain, Barbara Horton, Jim Murdock, Jim Huey, Henry Gibbs. EH-CA ',MiN h?Q5x?5dMW?MXK22Wn3R MR. JOHNIE .l. GIBB Dental Technician MRS. VIVIAN DAVIS Manager Supply Store MR. J. HARVEY JETT Director Maintenance Department lace Tuggle, Marshall Batey, Frank Farrar MAINTENANCE-Left to right: Curtis J ohn- ston, William Wenger, Glenn Wheeler, Wal- ELEVATOR OPERATORS-Left to right: Susie Gulley, Mary Hicks, Jane Boyd. SUPPLY STORE GIRLS-Left to right: Tillor Clopton, Lois Chaney, Ella McCall, Louise Swanson. .tif ff Nc 35m ---f' Q n. and Y l Don Qulxote f V 7 ., - J, afaq 4 4 44,4 T gf,-f 20'-i ' 44. 4 . 4444 . 444.f4 4-4 4 4 4 4 4 A .4444 'dad , 444, 4444 'e 'id K 144. ,L Vi '- ,QQ 3 1, .,. ' vi-1,11 ,. . .. .- A 44. ggi f 55 A4 Q5 , gf .ld to Don Quixote Hey, Martha, look what I found! Teeth. ig-1-1 nv' l li Z' Dr. Barnett and Farina out for a spin. pp Q ff'- Z", 4 4 . 4 4 6 ! E 4 ?2f1-:-.1-f1ww:f- 'V ' - fff' Lv vw mi zaigmif-PQQHLSZEIVE'l.E'z,- 5 'lf , I' 'EX 1 E 5 1 .:, fri lk,'ii:':!z:2L:7-. ::MiW5ff:J'.f7,2fi If'5'7I5M"iul'W5fL:'7 isElfa5fuLal E' Q'L.EI.5AifELS'2,-S2125iw?Rsf?LLEF2LiiiKNi5L1SE:-f-'i'1ni:-Wecfwi , : 1 , fi K X X S 5 'E be 1,922 3 :::fEL J:,f',5,,- 7 3 lim- 'U CHARLES SAM ABRASLEY, IR. Birmingham, Alabama Auburn, Southwestem Louisiana Institute, Howard College. "What 'chew talkin' about . . ." "Yeah" . . . Kept the "Spider" company for four years. "Ah, now, Marvin . . ." Going to Iceland to work for his Uncle CSamJ in the Air Force. PEDRO T. GONZALEZ BARRIOS ccspeedyn Vega Alta, Puerto Rico - University of Dominican Republic, B.S., D.D.S., D.T. "Meester Geebs, why don't you come to Puerto Rico weeth me. I could keep you beezy and you could make pleenty of pesos." "That Sheeml" "These weemen, ffffssst!" Going backdto Vega Alta and be the heegest deentest en the is an . WILLIAM DAVID ALLGOOD "Fox" "Blinkey" Mentone, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., 19505 M.S., 1951. Psi Omega. "Heck now, I didn't do good at all." "I just study enough to make 70. That's all it takes to pass, ain't it?" "Well . . . Barry . . . this State Board setup has taken me three days and all I' lack is festoonin'." MARVIN LEE BARRON "Spider" Section, Alabama Auburn, B.S., 1953. Delta Sigma Delta. 'fAh, you boys get off my back now." "Don't give me a hard time 'brasley'." "Now, you boys know why I got on the free check list." "Please don't disturb me while I am working on my pa- tient." Waxy has faith in him. The "Spider" is going to Sand Mountain to practice. WDW I ---f :T -vxfavk Tiff, W - FWNIX YR , '-K ffziiillipiibil Wil! 'L 'Af ' 'S AZXEZHFTQ ,5fYA7VfeLI5Ef5M L 5, ,Ki 'i L' -n?5l?4H5'A K 'iZ5fCI'3M1f 5: , X -m:2',!ZXY"93m,i'fi"i'? QS' 8 9,532 ' 'K' ' LOUIS A. CEDENO Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico University of Dominican Republic, BS., D.D.S. "Meester Geebs, what ees thees?" "I y'am goin back to German some of thees days." "Yaa, I like eet. Eet is good, yaa . . ." Back to Puerto Rico. RUFUS CHESTER DARDEN, JR. HR C!! Huntsville, Alabama Mississippi State, Louisiana State. Psi Omega. "That d- Dr, B1 has got it in for me." "What did I have to come back for." You should have seen him at Class Night, wow! "Where's Buddy-Buddy?" Member of the Odont Quartet. "Man, that new Buick is somethin'," or so he told the dean in a letter. Going to Germany . . . Frankfurt, no less! HOWELL FRANK COX "Hollywood" Gadsden, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '54. Psi Omega. "Foxy Coxyf' "Hell, I just gave her a ride home for the holidays." Member of the Odont Quartet. 'il-Iey, Deatherage, how about another song." "Quittin' time!" "Come on, Spider, let's get on it now." The only guy that comes back from Christmas vacation with a tan. He must be loaded. Going to work for Uncle Sam. WILLIAM SAMUEL DEA-THERAGE "Bill" Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham Southern. Psi Omega. "Frogman." "Come on, Oscar, let's get my boat and go do a little skiing down at the Warrior." Leader of the gospel singers of the Oclont Quartet. The only guy never caught without an answer in class. DONALD WILLIAM ENGLEBERT "Engles" Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham-Southern, B.S., '53. Psi Omega. "Pay me that five dollars you owe me, Farina." "I can't, Stormy, my wife just gave me a half-a-dollar to spend today." Almost made the book store go broke at night. 'AI went to twelve movies while I was at Bryce's last week." "Aw right, you guys, pay me." "I'm going to write my congressman about these orders, he'll straighten them out" . . . Leaving for the Air Force in October. LOUIS VINCENZO FARINA s:Luigesr Schenectady, N. Y. St. Bernadine of Siena, B.S., '11-8. University of Alabama, M.S., '53, Xi Psi Phi. "Geez, you guys." "Hey, Englebert, how you pronounce Spleenomegalia'?" "Zaaahden, zaaahden -here I go!" "That Healey almost killed me driving down from New York." 'Tm through fishing in Alabama, there are no fish here." 'LAh like cawn bread, blackeyed peas and hawg Jawlsf' 'GI made ninety-nine on that quiz." SAMUEL FRANCES EVANS ccsamss Decatur, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '53. Never had too much to say, just got busy and got his requirements off. "What's the matter with you . . . You sorry knocker . . ." "I like to froze to death in Farina's little car." The Army is getting this one. WILLIAM LAWRENCE GAFF ORD ..H0t,, Opelika, Alabama Troy State, B.S., '51, Auburn, MS., '53. Delta Sigma Delta. '4Can you 'Ham Bond?" "I like p-ony tails." Mr. Magoo. "Hang loose there, Barry." "I don't see how I'll ever finish, will you?" Air Force bound. 3'w5i11"1hH. W ? X' me L ii RALPH WILKERSON GILMORE Ucillyii Brundidge, Alabama Tulane University, B.S., '53. Psi Omega. "Let's have a party." '6Yeah, man." Little Willie Gilly, "Let's cut out of here." "Go, dad, go." In the Air Force. LABRUCE MORTIMER HANAHAN, JR. "Bruce,' Dothan, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '53. Psi Omega. "Whatta you gonna study?" "Brocho." "Where's buddy-buddy?" "Dr, Penick, what do I do next?" "Let's have a party." The Air Force has him. VAN THOMAS GREENE "Gangrene" Birmingham, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '53. Delta Sigma Delta. Dr. Thomas' boy. "I don't know what you made on that last test." Likes to listen to exhaust sounds. "Sure they will hold you to the requirements." "I can't give you any extra credit, Mohley, they double check my work." Into the Army. DONALD SHAFTER HARDEN "Stormy" Birmingham, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '54. Psi Omega. "Hey, Brocho, where are you going?" The boy-dentist. "Aw right now, Engles, lay off." "What's the matger, didn't your wife give you your allowance this week?" '6Yes, sir, Dr. McCrackin." Working for Uncle Sam. K WILLIAVI LASATER HEMBREE JOHN HARRIS JAYNE ssl-leav-yn Ensley, Alabama University of Alabama, B.D., '54. Delta Sigma Delta. "I gotta lay some tile this weekend." "Yeah, I'm through with my requirements, why?" 'il did six bridges, is that gesoug-gh?" "Hey, big snake . . ." With the Navy at Key est. ROY RACHFORD KRACKE "Roy" Birmingham. Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '50. Xi Psi Phi. '6Anyhody want to buy some bottles?" The old man. "My wife just had another baby." S'Hey, you old buzzardf' '4Davie" Kracke, king of the odont lab. Going into chi1dren's dentistry. iifvfz 1Jif' i'H1 AUGUSTINE LEWIS LEO "Lightnin, il Birmingham, Alabama Auburn, B.S., '50. Psi Omega. 'LI started to deck him." 'Tm meaner than Jack Palancef' "What did you make on that quiz?" "I told him . . ." Ask Leo, he'll tell you yourlaverage. "Aw, Dr. Thomas." Going into private practice. HAROLD EMERSON MOORE Wilsonville, Alabama Howard College, BS., '51, Xi Psi Phi. "Hey, Pickle, letis go." A whiz in the odont . . . Private practice in Bir- mingham. JULIAN LEIGH MOBLEY, JR. "Jules" Birmingham, Alabama Auburn, B,S., 1953. Psi Omega. 'Tm gonna flunk out!" HLet's blast them." If you are ever at a party with him, look out. "Do you have an inlay patient that I can use?" "Dr, McCracken is coming over tonight to tape my records." "Momma" Going into the Air Force. HARVEY REX NOWELL 66Rex?5 Dothan, Alabama Auburn. Delta Sigma Delta. "Hey, Marvin, whatcha doin', Marvin?" "There is no other school but Auburn." "Sure Auburn'll win Saturday." In the Navy. F 2 2 2 2 2 5 2 2 Z SAMUEL JOHN OLIVER ilsanli! Cullman, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '51. Psi Omega. "I have to do a lot of inlays, Dr. Hammons said my amalgams aren't worth a damn." Clear the lab, Sam's gonna cast. Entering private practice. JAMES ATWOOD PICKLE IGP' ki, Birminghahi, Alabama Howard College, B.S., '53. '5Dang, I'm not gonna do that." "Hang if I know." Dr. Volker likes his big Olds. The good luck kid. With the Navy at Hollywood, Florida. LEON ERNEST PAPPANASTOS Klpapii Montgomery, Alabama Auburn, BS., '54, Psi Omega. Has never missed an Auburn football game. "The bet's off, Pete, I can't throw a golf hall that far." "Man, I'm really sore after that game last night." Gone to the Air Force. JOHN BASCOM PONDER, JR. Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham Southem. "What in the world are you doing, Sam?" "I don't think I will ever get through." To go in partnership with Uncle Sam. I t '2ikS5SL8S,'Ja?H 'cfm -fi::..':f.:ff..ft1,g . ga, .V SAMUEL ENOCK PRUETT, JR. Sisammyii Decatur, Alabama University of the South, University of Alabama. "I think I will just wait about going into the Army." 'Tm going to charter a boat and cruise the Gulf, wanta go?" "I'm trying to find out something about the Vacu-dent unit." Private practice in Decatur. RODNEY JULIUS ROBINSON "Ronin Abbeville, Alabama Emory University, B.A., '50. Delta Sigma Delta. Old man . . . "That Mobley don't have good sense." "The boys are trying to give me a hard time." "What are you crying about, Steve?" A'No, that's not a horseshoe, it's a bridgef' Going into private practice. OSCAR ERLE RALLS "UhZ" Gadsden, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '54. Psi Omega. "Ye gods, you mean that Dr. Thomas bought the house that I'm living in?" "Are you kidding? I doubt if I will ever get all my work inf, Going into Public Health. CARL WYCKLIFE ROSEBROUGH ECROSYSP Fairfield, Alabama Birmingham Southern, B.S., '53. Delta Sigma Delta. "I have a new lawsuit against me." "It just don't pay to drive." "Yes, sir, Dr. Bratton, I know what you did in the Air Force." "That damn Rouss!" The guy that did a sixteen unit bridge . . . and it worked! The Navy has him. ANGELO STEPHEN ROUSS "Steve" Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham-Southern, B.S., '5I. Delta Sigma Delta. "I don't know what I'll do when I get out of here, if I get out." "But Dr. Weber, I can't . . ." "Has anyone seen my sister?" "Come on, Mobley, let's go." "I'll never get through." Private practice in Birmingham. ALFRED TERRELL SCOTT fCTed!, Birmingham, Alabama Howard College, Birmingham-Southern. Psi Omega. "Have you heard the one about . . ." He has mastered the art of impression taking. "But Doctor, I've only been working on these dentures for a year and a half." The class jester. FRED BRYCE SANDERS "Freddie B." Scottsboro, Alabama University of Alabama. Peabody College, B.S., '49g M.A., '50, Psi Omega. "I-i-i-i, y-y-yes, D-d-dr. Llllangley, uh, I-i-i, d-d-don't knnnow." "You boys know this stuff." "I just got a hundred and fifty pages of notes this morning." "What'a you think we'll have?" In private practice. WILLIAM OSCAR SESSIONS "Oscar" Grand Bay, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '54, Xi Psi Phi. "Yeah, we have a new baby. I don't know how many that makes." "I have everything finished, I think." Not a worry in the world. Going into private practice. ., Q- .f 5 ,.'l .tt,z w f 'K L 3? 24? S1 iv MILTON ARNOLD THOMAS "Min" Leighton, Alabama Florence State Teachers College, A.B., '53. Xi Psi Phi. "Did you see that?-Dang!" 'iWhere're we goin' tonight, Billy?" "You should have been with me last night." In the Army. FRANK LANE VINES 'fMike" Birmingham, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '53. Delta Sigma Delta. "l'll tell you guys sumpin', I ain't never seen a test 'at I couldn' pass if I tried." "I cud lay enuf brick in a' hour to make a great big house." "Wall, I jus' done about fawty 'mal- gums today." w5bN3l",. .ifflaisilif - - ' N X 7 iglflbw tliazliill I-'-'LM f- PAUL CAVEL THOMAS HP C93 Bangor, Alabama Snead Junior College, Howard College. Xi Psi Phi. "Heck, yeah, Hayden's got the best team in the state." '6'I'here's gonna he a'ball game tomar', now I want all you guys to be thar." "Coach" Thomas. "I ain't got but nine brothers." Class "vocalist." Q?J Going into the Services. WALTER ALLEN WALKER "Walt" Athens, Alabama Athens College, B.S., '50. Delta Sigma Delta. Lost thirty- six pounds while taking Physiology. "D-d-d-dr. S-S-S-Senig, I-I-I-I th-th-think i-i-it's a-a-a-a f-f-f-female." "I gotta go study, I don't know nothin'." In private practice in Athens. si"Il7l1LLil.E-:M F" at . ' W GEORGE EUGENE WATSON THOMAS BARRY WHATLEY Mobile, Alabama "B1QdCly-Bulldyi' University of Alabama. He came up swinging when the Opelika' Alabama , chips were down. "Hey, man, whatta' you doin'." "Chief, University of Alabama. Psi Omega: "Come on, Gaff, les I got somethin' for you." He enjoys a party. In private go to a show." 'ADon't worry, Spider, l'm gonna hang practice. loose." "Le's go, Brochof' In the Air Force. JOSEPH MAROON ZADEN ..J0e,, Birmingham, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '52. Xi Psi Phi. Always blowing his horn. "Just call me Caruso." "Hey, Chief, how about helping me here." "All right, you hoyth, be- have now." Going to France with the Air Force. S If E -1 -gf,1Q'g E W 1 2 E ?"'1 W S F saggy, fl.. 2 f -Q 5 di 311 E E K 5 x 5 X s I ROY WAYNE ANDREWS Enterprise, Alabama CHARLES LEWIS BELLENGER Birmingham, Alabama NICHOLAS EDWARD BOTTA Birmingham, Alabama VICTOR LEON CHESSER Bessemer, Alabama HAROLD ERNEST CLARK Munford, Alabama ROY GLEN COWAN Butler, Alabama TOXEY EDWARD DORSETT Birmingham, Alabama WILLIAM PHILLIP GILLILAND Goodwater, Alabama JOHN DONALD GORDON Oneonta, Alabama CLARENCE HENRY GUNTHROPE Mobile. Alabama WILLIAM ABRAM CURWITCH Prichard, Alabama ROBERT PHYFER HALL Mobile, Alabama HUGH BROWN HARMON Gardendale, Alabama CHARLES LEE HICKS, JR. Birmingham, Alabama WILLIAM THOMAS HOLCOMB Birmingham, Alabama RICHARD ZARBELL LOGAN Centerville. Alabama GEORGE HAROLD MANN Brilliant. Alabama GEORGE WHEELER MATTHEWS. .lR Birmingham. Alabama JOHN CARROLL MILLS Ozark. Alabama PAUL GRAHAM MCCLINTOCK Gadsden. Alabama , Lx, JESSE NEWMAN MCCLUNG. JR. Birmingham, Alabama WILLIAM ISAAC PERRY Childersburg. Alabama PAUL ADRIAN PETREY. JR. Florala. Alabama WALLACE TALMEG REESE Birmingham. Alabama TARLETON ALFRED SCHAMBEAU. JR Mobile, Alabama FRANK WILLIAM SCROGGINS Decatur, Alabama JERALD MITCHELL SHERER Jasper, Alabama THOMAS EDWIN SORRELLS Birmingham, Alabama HENRY ARNOLD STALLWORTH Marion, Alabama JULIUS GORMAN STRICKLAND, JR Alpine. Alabama LYLDON EUGENE STRICKLAND Anniston, Alabama WILLIAM BERTHEL STRICKLAND, ,IR Birmingham, Alabama GILBERT MANN SULLIVAN Birmingham, Alabama JAMES SANFORD WALL. JR. Huntsville, Alabama BILL WILLIAMS Miami, Florida C f? Eid W , X H'x ff fi Y Sowwww' WILLIAM ADDISON BEALL Luverne, Alabama GEORGE BEZECNY Birmingham, Alabama JAMES DUNCAN AUSTIN, .IR Birmingham, Alabama JOSEPH CECIL BAKER Fairfield, Alabama GEORGE A. BOOKER Mobile, Alabama HENRY CLAY BRIGHT, JR. Montgomery. Alabama CARL EUGENE BROWN, JR. Excel, Alabama WILLIAM EDWARD BURTON, JR. Tuscaloosa, Alabama MARTIN KENNETH COCHRAN Birmingham, Alabama OSMUND A. COLEMAN, JR. Greensboro, Alabama NED COLLINS CARGILE Fayette, Alabama GEORGE NORMAN CARLSON Birmingham, Alabama WILLIAM ERNEST DORRILL Troy, Alabama WILLIAM JONES DUBOSE Montgomery, Alabama KENNETH WILSON COOPER Birmingham, Alabama JOHN DANIEL CRAWFORD Atmore, Alabama GRESHAM TALMADGE FARRAR Birmingham, Alabama I LADISLAV FROLIK San Francisco, California ROBERT CHARLES GRAY Birmingham, Alabama DAVID FRANK CREER Dadeville, Alabama ROBERT HENRY HOSEY Tuscaloosa, Alabama JOHN THOMAS HUGGINS Red Level, Alabama CHARLES CORNELL HILL Birmingham, .Alabama CECIL H. HOLLADAY, JR. Birmingham, Alabama JIMMY NOLEN NEIGHBORS Alexander City, Alabama HARRY EUGENE OHME, III Montgomery, Alabama THOMAS O. KENNEMER Athens, Alabama DAVID CLAY MELLOWN Livingston, Alabama JOHN OLIVER PARRISH Auburn, Alabama ALVIN LAWRENCE PHILIPSON Gadsden, Alabama WYNSTON EUGENE PITTMAN Anniston, Alabama ERNEST CILFORD REINHOLD Montgomery, Alabama BILLY WAYNE ROE Cropwell, Alabama JOSEPH CUNNINGHAM SAWYER, JR. Anniston, Alabama BEN HARDY RENWICK Union, South Carolina JERRY RICHARDSON Jasper, Alabama BERTICE QUINN SCRUGGS, JR. Talladega, Alabama PARKER WYATT SHAFFER Alexander City, Alabama ROBERT ANTHONY SCHIFFLI Birmingham, Alabama THOMAS C. SCOTT, JR. Lafayette, Alabama JERRY SHIVER Brundidge, Alabama CHARLES McCLAIN SPENCER Tuscaloosa, Alabama in WILLARD RALPH SUMMERLIN, JR. ROBERT MELVILLE SUTTON PHILIP DANIEL TIMBERLAKE Birmingham, Alabama Luverne, Alabama Birmingham, Alabama Tofeador f" ? f'+4Z-E--:'1g,', 452-i-'i'-'7-F-...':1 C2755-2:-:S fgax ff 4 'W Q 1 jf al ,gif-3,.-. X X -. ?,w4Aww wwe 47 g fm! 1, if J iv pf . J H.-.. fx I Wmilw---A.. Pwr: Q W4 :fs"5,g1 X - REGINALD CEDRIC BEDINGFIELD Decatur, Alabama JOHN WILLIAM BOLT Birmingham, Alabama JOHN OLAN BRASWEL Decatur, Alabama CHARLES J. BRUNSON Andalusia, Alabama JAMES GLASGOW ALSTON Birmingham, Alabama DANIEL GRAHAM BADGER Birmingham, Alabama JAMES CARROLL BAILEY Mobile, Alabama DONALD J. BALDWIN Evergreen, Alabama FREDERICK CUSHING, JR. Mobile, Alabama CHARLES DENABURG Birmingham, Alabama BILLY CORNELIUS DORMINY Birmingham, Alabama DON LEE FARMER Birmingham, Alabama LAWRENCE ROBERT FESS Rochester, N. Y. ELLIS DEAN FIKES Hamilton, Alabama RICHARD INGE FINCH Mobile, Alabama ROBERT EDWARD FORD Birmingham, Alabama DAN DYKES HELMS Phenix City, Alabama JACK BUSTER HINTON Prichard, Alabama JOHN FRANK HUDGENS Pinckard, Alabama BIBB BOWLES HUFFSTUTLER Birmingham, Alabama JAMES DAVID GOODWIN, JR Gadsden, Alabama ROBERT CREATH GUILLOT Mobile, Alabama BILLY ERVIN HAGAN Foley, Alabama JAMES LLOYD HANCOCK Scottsboro, Alabama HENRY PAUL HUFHAM, JR. Eufaula, Alabama SEBRON ERNEST KAY Ashford, Alabama JOHN SALTER LOCKE, III Mobile, Alabama RICHARD KIRK MCCLUNG Birmingham, Alabama ROBERT NEWTON MCCLUNG Birmingham, Alabama WILLIAM MAX MCDONALD Geneva, Alabama WILLIAM HUSTON McLENDON Birmingham, Alabama CLARENCE WARREN MILLS Birmingham, Alabama EDWARD NELSON REED Birmingham, Alabama EDWARD CLAYTON REEDER Montgomery, Alabama ROBERT CHARLES REID Andalusia, Alabama JOSEPH THOMAS ROBERTS Alexander City, Alabama GLEN EDWARD ROBINSON Birmingham, Alabama JAMES LEON ROGERS Goodwater, Alabama PERCY DAYTON SADLER Demopolis, Alabama PHILIP BENSON SIMMS, JR. Clanton, Alabama JAMES RODERICK SMITH Whitesville, N. C. JOHN ALLEN SMITH Chunchula, Alabama BRYANT GORDON SPEED Fairhope, Alabama CHESTER HAYNES SWINDLE Birmingham, Alabama ALEX DAVID TRUM, JR. Montgomery, Alabama r JAMES RAVINELL WILSON Haleyville, Alabama the Staff at work Got'cha summer clothes ? "Bird-dog" sniffed out another one I just got married -NX is K, X Let her come up for air, Harold! X , s ,S f .sf ' , ',,,.:-5' X M -I-1 ,,f Q 'F hd h fa' O dl e "Q f . A ,. 4, .y 97 - A.. I think Greene is a hit too heavy for that new car of his sx 5, ,Q gqug M51 :si ,sax 5' QW Y'gwff'fi'ilg?fEfE2gE ,Qs A K vw -7f1:f.fl, 1'1ff , ' M1 'A A . 1' uv: . Min. 'sfm A-if .,,,,. , ,Q A ,ff , M 'SKBRWQ U, E Hs h u ,. .9 Nw , :'!f-lf r ' 'E V X Qggsiigiiiilfzfw ff V ' ' K ? w L ai' 1 ' 15 A M -.iu,:::5:v:., 'V,, W, wg? sl uh ' I 1, A g ' ""? , ' .'NQ v' f,2 WW QV H W ' '91, J jf M- . z sX,'gLx w '22 is ' ,. fiyi, war e ' W , 7- f '1 m ms- Q, ,jf +' W , H ,, - , if rv 1 - -af, Y 0 Q ggi, '14 Nr -A , ' 1 a Q- X ' E 1 , ZX ww 49' f QM , 3 545,354 'ii 6 - Q f" ,. U I QR K 4 ""', ' 52 mi 7, K 1 , ik, ,V W. Q , . K 1 f W fi. , W , 1, ,N ,K hw. wi E1wgW,kj ,w35gg63' Q-. Q- ' ' yy iawm M y ' 'f Iifssw ' hm gigseisgfi . wi22f'15V' 4 -in T, 4 in Jgws f - ,age 1 , 1, ,S S 1 Wx 1 x K Y 1 5 " Lilggfgsni N' 31 Wh glf 5' Nha f' Mini K 55. r QL!! K X, W , I .51 6 The "Vampire" I I iff 'I y" wxbl - yn 3' om NN- g-A 2-N " 2 Burnett finally made it. " sf x Sf if as 11' W Q 4 .Q x s "Dr, Weber, .how is this, for esthetics? Cox, getting his inlays off on hamsters. 5 Q 9 W' 17 GERTRUDE SINNETT, D.H., B.S. in Ed. Assistant Professor of Dentistry, Director of Department of Dental Hygiene I X S Z , 3 fi 'Z E E s Q Z E Q K S 5 51 5 i l 3 Q MISS JULIA JEAN GALBAUGH MRS. LILLIAN R. TODD l Fellgw in Dental Hygiene Secretary to the Director of Dental Hygiene The chefs of "Pt0maine Tavern" Just kids at heart . . . - A popular pastime: ignoring the conscience . . . The' flappers 0 f "soo" Reluctance is in vain-a ducking is an inevitable fate of the engaged! Le NJLNS? "v"!.45 www 4 n r,.' K .v- an jg, Jim Dandy to the rescue Elvis himself! no, sir-it's ,M State Boards tomorrow! ? ? "Genus" My feet do not smell! ! ! Bu! plenty of bait! Tanned twosome Commuting gypsies Three of the "Big Four ' GLADYS ALLEN Jacksonville, Florida Will be going back to Jax . . . The class jester . . . "But Miss Sinnett I thou ht this was a da en dish" , L , . g pp . . . "I haven't got time to study" . . . MARY FRANCES ALEXANDER Russellville, Alabama Florence State Teachers College . . . "Val" . . . going to Sarasota . . . "B-T" . . . waiting for Ravinell . . . hates to fuss. ALICE BARCLAY Des Moines, Iowa' "Ky" . . . "Have you seen Howard?" . . . Converted Southerner . . . likes to play golf. MARTHA DUFFEY BLALOCK Cullman, Alabama Sacred Heart Junior College . . . Alabama Dental Review l . . . AJDHA V. P. 2-President . . . "Oh, l'm so mad I don't know what to do" . . . Known for her frequent kitchen mishaps . . . "Asa and I-" . . . got married Easter and living in Decatur. JACQUElJYlNI BROWN Manchester, Georgia .- "Calvin, that dog!" . . . "It nearly scared the liver out of me" . . . "We're going to have company again" . . . "That Gladys" . . . altar-hound by the time this comes out. ELKA MIRIAM BLOCK Jacksonville, Florida Dentala Staff 1 . . . "Elk" . . . "That Marilyn, honestly she makes me so mad" . . . "Where's the telephone? . . has more clothes . . . headed back home. SHIRLEY CRAICE BUCHANAN Delray Beach, Florida University of Alabama, B.S., '57 . . . "oh, me, I forgot" . . . a weekend bride . . . in Anniston with Jack . . . In October there'll be three. GRACE BROWN ING Birmingham, Alabama Special Student Middle Georgia College, Graduate of Georgia State College for Women, B.S. Dental Health Educator for Jefferson County, Department of Health. Always a helping hand . . . Friendly smile . . . A part of the trailer team. CAROL CARPENTER Ashland, Alabama "Carp" . . . very meticulous . . . Locker room fugitive from Clinic . . . is mighty glad to be through with school. SELINE KRULY COMBS Valrico, Florida Topic of conversation-.lim . . . married at Christmas . . . starting her family instead of a career. MARILYN ELAINE CLICK Yardley, Pennsylvania "Demp" . . . "Hey, Elk!" . . . Modesty personified . . . '4Tug, if I like that I'll buy some" . . . we'll remember her leopard-skin dress and kelly green slip . . . Marrying Larry. MARYANNE DAVIS Mobile, Alabama Alabama Dental Review 1, 2 . . . Secretary Student Council 2 . . . ADHA 2 . . . Dentala Staff 2 . . . Co- partner in the Pharmacology caper . . . composes Poetry . . . hates pajamas and TV . . . "Did I get a letter today?" . . . Marrying Joel in July. VIRGINIA HIGGINS Hot Springs, Arkansas "Gingie" . . . University of Arkansas . . . prefers tennis to books . . . made the record for 30-second showers . . . going to the University. EUGENIA KING HULME Alexander City, Alabama "Genus" . . . Alabama College, B.S., '57 . . . Dcntala Staff 1 . . . "Let's have a party" . . . One who did study . . . "Well, let me think now-" . . . Never forgets any- thing . . . Tells the tallest tales. KATHRYN GIBSON MCKEITHEN Jacksonville, Florida "Kathy" . . . Wesleyan College . . . Student Council Rep- resentative 1 . . . "Hey, Galboooooo-" . . . the speed demon . . . Hocked her Dental Hygiene pin to finance a trip . . . loves life and laughter . . . back to Jax. MARGARET JEAN MEEK Tuscumbia, Alabama Never studies . . . short stuff . . . say the word "go" and she's gone . . . to Sarasota with Frankye. BOBBIE RUTH MOSLEY Beaverton, Alabama 'Tm staying in Birmingham" . . . Famous for her two- day diets . . . prefers domestic duties. BARBARA MORGAN Miami, Florida University of Florida . . . loves fried chicken . . . Was known for keeping left-over food in the refrigerator for months . . . Waiting for Teddy. NANCY TRANTHAM RODENBOUGH Dothan, Alabama Dentala Staff 1, 2 . . . "Isn't that right, Rondevera?" . . . "Honey, let me tell you-" . . . "Patrick says-" . . . "little mother" . . . Dewberry's private eye . . . wedding bells in July. PEGGY RUTH PUTNAM Sheffield, Alabama ADHA Treasurer 1 . . . Always coming in at the end of a conversation with "What'd you say?" . . . "Can l buy one for a penny?" . . . Faux pas artist . . . lots of fun . . . going to the University. CAROL THURMAN Miami, Florida "Thur" . . . "Oh, I don't feel like going out with him- hut, a free meal!" . . . "That dog!" . . . Is planning to work in Atlanta. CHARLOTTE MARIE VEVERA Orlando, Florida Dentala Staff 1, 2 . . . composes poetry . . . co-partner in the Pharmacology caper . . . Favorite activity-sleep . . . "All's" I know- . . . "Already yet" . . . For I heard her say, let me go to Dothan. ARLEN E GLADYS WAITE Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Special Student Graduate Forsyth School for dental hygienists . . . winters in Florida, summers in Maine . . . "Am I correct in ?Y5 assuming- DOROTHY PHYLLIS WILSON Jacksonville, Florida "Ph" . . . Nervous energy . . . lnhales her meals . . . future "Doctor's wife" . . . loves the wide open spaces . . . Has her own pharmaceutical supply house. CAROLYN JEANETTE WEST Atlanta, Georgia 'Tm so fat l've got to go on a diet" . . . passed a State Board after her Freshman year . . . One of the four. "Mrs. E., the dorm is on fire." Mrs. E. "So it is, so it is." Big SHOW job Who took Liberace? iff? ,A 5? 2. Q, ggg ii l SYLVIA MARIE CASTRO NANCY BUCKLEW CRAIG Tampa, Florida - - - UDHHUYV, - - - Defltala Staff - - - Tampa, Florida . . . Married . . . "Denny? He's the ballerina pequineta . . . Thinking of trading-pin for band. Sweetest thiinngln , , , Still waiting, ETHEL LAURE DE FRAITES VIRGINIA DOROTHY DE FRAITES New Orleans, Louisiana . . . "The Greater" . . . "Daddy, New Orleans, Louisiana . . . Dentala Staff . . . "The I need your advice!" . . . The strongest minds are seldom Lesser" . . . "Norman, Baby" . . . Bourbon Street . . . heard. Knows her Venezuelean diseases. E F E S 5 f ! E 2 li Q V Q ?1 we vs Q Q E E BETTY CROFT DYSON MYRA LOU EARPS Birmingham, Alabama . . . "What was that, prof suh?" Pensacola, Florida . . . "But, Miss Sinnett . . . . . Knows her way around . . . Gentle except in Odon "I know." lah. PATRICIA ANNE GAUGLER FRANCES CAROL HAYMAN Orlando, Florida . . . Class orator . . . "Oh, I know St. Petersburg, Florida . . . "Bill" . . . 33 1X3 set to 78 that-sure, we've had it" . . . 'Tm hungry." . . . Half the world is white and free. JANICE MARIE JOHNSON Birmingham, Alabama . . . "Bud" . . . 78 set to 33 1X3 . . . "Mornin', folks." HARRIET AUBREY HUEY Roanoke, Alabama . . . "Ya wanna see da moon?" . "Hey! Toughie-" . . . "Don't call ME nurse!" .IUDITH ANNE KITCHEN Birmingham, Alabama . . . The world looks brighter from behind a smile. MARY EULA LASATER Hazelgreen, Alabama . . . Cutest 'lil country gal . . petite and full of fun. GLENDA JUNE MILES Winfield, Alabama . . . 'Tm going home this week-end" . . . "Do you have our can opener?" VIRGINIA MARIE MOSELY Miami, Florida . . . "Bobby" . . . engaged . . . "That's right white of youll!" SANDRA RENA RHODES Moultrie, Georgia . . . "Jack" . . . Born for success she seems, with grace to win and a heart to hold. ANNINE LEE RIVES Birmingham, Alabama . . . Acrobat of the year . . Laugh and the world laughs with you. .IO ANNE ROUSS Birmingham, Alabama . . . "Co, Gina!" . . . "Dig those crazy cadavers! I l" PATRICIA ANN SEWELL Gadsden, Alabama . . . to be married . . . "Wilson" . Love at first sight . . . "Oh! That's so funny." i3 BETTY JO SLAUGHTER MARIAN LOUISE SUCGS C0ll1mb11S, Gwfgia - - - Coke, Cigarettes, and Ilefve Pius Pensacola, Florida . . . Eat, drink, and be merry, for . . . Prim and proper . . . "Bless his 'lil hea--a-r-rt." tomorrow we diet , , , "He'5 so" CHARLENE HOPE SULT PATRICIA MARY WALTER Jacksonville, Florida ' ' ' NAIHCH, brother!" - - - HH OHIY Mobile, Alabama . . . "Willie won't let me" . . . "I've lhad a piano." only been on the phone for two hours . . ." . . . "Oh, I was so embarrassed!" PATRICIA ANNE WARREN EDWINA ANNE WESTBROOK Jacksonville, Florida . . . "Frank" . . . The Duchess . . . Birmingham, Alabama . . . "May I copy your notes? 'Tm not kidding you!" . . . g'Buy one for Frank, too." . . . "Miss Sin-nett, will you come lo-ok at thi-is?" CORNELIA ADELIDA WRIGHT MARY LOUISE WYATT Roanoke, Alabama . . . "Clint" . . . "Bit" . . . "What to Lakeland, Florida . . . to be married . . . "Fred" . . do?" . . . "Oh! Really?" "Klunk!" . . . 6'Oh! Gosh, y'all." Look, Mom, we're Ieaminglv D. H.'s gone Yogi Who's modeling what? Q X.,-f f ' MA' 80000, I like this job!" .-5 rsfx THQ "Don't hand ME that bull l w I ' . , 1 "But we like the front porch, Mrs. English." 'tt Q Q . Wx -2' Uv 6 "Everyone's knittiilg f5 Sad xiu 14 P tt, 1 "Bless my po'r webbed feet . . ." 'J U 'AAA-rj asf--""' nl "Get your phalanges out of my hair! I !" YY BW 4 Mosely: "Dahling, isn't this divine?" Ayers: "Yaaaahhhl" lan! "Awww, I don't wanna go to Clinic--" "But we must!" "Yes, Willy came C.0.D." "Wake up? I haven't gone to sleep yet!" X iff, Chasing boys-made easier ii NATIONAL HONOR DENTAL FRATERNITY Samuel Francis Evans, Jr. Louis Vincenzo Farina V311 Thomas GICCHC Augusine Lewis Leo Samuel John Oliver Leon Ernest Pappanastos 0.K.U. Banquet 746 Denidzd' Van Thomas Greene Dr. Adeeb E. Thomas E Jerald A. Sherrer Rodney Robinson John Lemler Donald Englebert fi 5 2 5 2 i h y I Charlotte Marie Vevera Maryanne Davis Nancy Trantham Rodenbough Fwfd 74a 96554 SWM Marvin Barron George Booker Ivan Bradford Ken Cochran Bill Dorrill Bill Dubose Talmadge Farrar Bill Gafford Van Greene John Jayne Rex Nowell Harry Ohme Paul Petrey Winston Pittman Rod Robinson Billy Roe Carl Rosebrough Steve Rouss Dew' pwW" Joe Sawyer Bob Sittason Lyldon Strickland John ,Strother Frank Vines Walter Walker James Alston Cedric Bedingfield John Bolt John Braswell, Jr. Charles Denaburg Bill Dorminy Bob F ess Jim Goodwin Bill Hagan Bibb Huffstutler Huston McLendon Bob McClung Clarence Mills Ed Reed Eddy Reeder Glen Robinson J im Rogers Rod Smith Chester Swindle 21 i Y We Qaida ' ?afzz'y . . with laughter . . . Slnglng . . . . and goodies Dr. Barnett adds upunchv to the punch! They are singing . . .? and iwf mf . . . lessons in golf by "Pro" Jones with softball . . . and the "Chief,' showing them how to pitch horseshoes The "Spider" is trying to figure this one out. Get it, Joe, he's comin' down Let's have a party Pete s What's that? taking the cancer exam. m,,g'7dew6Z4'w . good food . . . with good drinks . . . . . . and deserving awards ! 5 and more good drinks. Dr. Penick gets a worthwhile gift A surprise speaker Music to dine by 33: . . . and there was a divorce fbetween the two on the rightj I ' 4 1 4-A . Q I 1 2 KR I ly 1 Z, wi' "" 'lr ,dl Dr. Hammons gets something to check margins with. and then we went home! Please patronize our advertisers, without whose help this book would not have been possible. To them we give our sincere thanks. ,-4f409fMf044 ,-4f409fM1044 530 Sourh I9'l'h Sl' Birmingham Alabama RQBERTSQ so -- Phone AL I-7l2l CONGRA TULA TIONS! to the NEW DOCTOR Roberfs 8: Son has "ius1' whal' +he doc+or ordered" 'For furnirure in 'l'ha'I' firsi' new office and receprion room. Lei' us work wi+h you on 'I'he planning of your comple+e office-from color scheme +o carpe+ing- from lighling fo clecorarive accessories. Two Loca+ions +o Serve You TUBB PHARMACY 73l Sou'l'h 20+h S'I'ree+ Phone FA-2I702 TUBB PHARMACY NO. 2 SERVING THE MEDICAL CENTER 2232 Highland Ave. Phone FA 2-I706 "IT'S TUBB'S FOR DRUGS" K ' f L A 2 I lr l g ti ' li l V' :fini 12 lx lu + L A Tip for Better Prophylaxis ' i N.., :iii The tip developed as the ideal if tor stimulation of interproximal spaces Two years of research and extensive investigation went into the development of Py-co-tip. The high quality rubber is finely bal- anced for fiexibility and stiffness to stimulate blood flow in the gingival areas. Py-co-tip is preferred by more dentists than any other brush-affixed stimulator. THESE FEATURES MAKE PY-CO-PAY WIDELY ACCEPTED P Straight, rigid design P- Small, compact head F Bristles uniformly trimmed F' Proper tuft spacing P Scientifically designed tip For effective cleansing, massage and stimulation, prescribe .YQ-eo-pay roornsnusi-I with PY-C0-TIP Recommended by more dentists than any other toothbrush Pycope, Inc., Jersey City 2, N. J. all tl 'X clit 5 5 O ri 1 it 'D is llllllyi i 41: 4 l C? l 4 C pl The Premier TRADE MARKS 'I'ha1' mean QUALITY RED DOT Two complele lines of diamond in- s+rumen+s for speeds up +o 20,000 and for speeds over 20,000. ALL SPEEDS High Speed Ball bearing handpiece and engine pulley wheels: high speed sfainless con+ra angle: +aperi+e angle. Q Ela CARBIDE BURS New fissure and inverred cone shapes wi+h rounded +ops called break-'lhru and regular round and inver+ed cone wi'rh a cross cu+ on every blade. PREMIERLITE Quali+y s+ainless ins+rumen'rs EZAVIT Ready +o use lemporary cavity seal. ASTRALIT The +hick mix silicale PETRALIT Time +es+ed, moulh-proven silico- phosphale filling ma+erial. I COME-A-PART S'l'ainless con'l'ra angle wi+h quick change, one piece long bearing 'For 'l'ru running burs. e'l'c. LINENIZED TOWELS Quali+y 4 ply disposable 'l'owel wi+h wel'-s+reng+h. PREMIER HAWE Ma+rix bands-an'l'erior and pos- 'l'erior. EUPERSAN Sani+ary disposable headresl' covers. Premier Denial Producls Co. Philadelphia 7, Pennsylvania ,,.., .M,,,.. M. , ...AW ...f....., ,gem fgfyidk gif V. - X -' N D t ' irxf' if Zi. ,,'5?',. z W ' - f X Wifi W 'ix HY- Ni . gy. ' 'rfm5??fii'?Pl lgEig':+1 1' ' i ,Q P , - 2- 5 , .W I ,I ' . , 1 . s ' 4, 7 it iff . W 1 ' rf W it ' ' Jim ewes. mmm ima' I .. ,:.. , ..,, 'fi' Pil c A Q ,grief ,. . Nj X , 1135 53. '. ': s be it 5 I Y X f f it 'yr PROFESSIONAL IIHUIIIE Ui THE WURLD A complete line of dental cabinets styled as smartly as tomorrow's cars-in new, contemporary colors -constructed of steel framing and sheathed ln dgidFl dtil tl-ith p f f t tt d t th lt t t h lq y ill h i g t y D t Y Y dealer has them. a -H ' M nufacturing Company T Rivers - Wisconsin Complimenrs of ELIS HALL'S MEN'S SHOP "Exclusive bui' Noi' Expensive" IO03 2O+h S+. Soulh al' Five Poin'l's 2408 Caniaberry Rd. a+ M'I'. Brook Birmingham, Alabama with SLSi gives longest lasting protection "INSIDE-OUTSIDE" ACTION Lasts More Than 2,4 Hours i SLS Q UREA 4 'ng NH 0 SLSY INSIDE. . . UREA penetrates to tooth pulpg X M d1'h'uses outward as needed to hold tooth and plaque above decalcifying level of pH 5.5. OUTSIDE . . . SLS adsorbs to enamel and plaque. A detergent with bacteriostatic, anti-enzyme and anti- acid properties, SLS effectively keeps pH above 5.5 for more than 12 hours. Because High-Urea and Sodium N-Lauroyl Sarco- sinate have synergistic action, New AMM-I-DENT with SLS provides longest lasting caries protection- pH above 5.5 for more than 24 hours. ez X. Good foaming,- 61- X Minimum Average pH an Dental Plaqu QQ N Alter Single Use ol Denmnte Followed , 5 eo- '-- by Suzan Rinse excellent cleansmgf Q X . 5 ' refreshing Iasfe. 3 ss- S, as ' 'ss E 5 7- X. -,s 4 5s E se- X. -sh -5 55,------..--...B.,:::.-..- - --- Deculcifwng o X Ns Level 5 54- ' Ns Q. g. xxx 5 53 ' 2 g sz 2 5 1 - so I I I I 0 2 4 6 12 24 NUMBER OF HOURS AFTER SINGLE USE OF DENTIFRICE il Amm-i-dent with SLS linside-oufside protection! - - - - -' Sorcosinate Only loulside protection! - - 1 High-Urea Only iinside protectionl Contains no ammonium solfs U. Dent. Children 211194 l3rd QLI l954.l Ammidenr, mc. Jmsfv cm' 2, NJQ J 'Trade Mark for Amm-i-dent brand of Sodium N-Lauroyl Sarcosinule Ticonium puts the Fit into Profit Ticonium Division CONSOLIDATED METAL PRODUCTS CORP. 4l3 Norlh Pearl Sl. ALBANY I, NEW YORK 'Ie for Complele C lalogue and Lis'f of lnformaiive T hnical Liferalure Available 0 Start Your Personal Laboratory Right- wilh fhis JELENKO PRECISION CASTING EQUIPMENT- anclf USE These 3 JELENKO GOLDS They Meel All Casling Requiremenis - MUDUI-AY f:iTTIT.OBTlI'1Egllri1A:IeHli1Tcl?yis 7' I TYPE C--HARD' for Crown 8 Inlay IIC. U-In PAY. Off. JELENKO The Patrician of Casting Golels. f P I I ..,-,,.,,.,,.,,.,,, or ar io s, Bridgework, Clusps, Bars,Saddles. ' Cerrified A.D.A. J. F. JELENKO 81 CO.. INC. Denial Golds I Specialfies Precision Casling Equipmenl' I36 Wesl' 52nd Sfreel' I New York I9, U.S.A. HTHERMOTROL JUNIOR The Den+is'I's Personal El 'r' M I+' cl ec nc e mg an Casling Unil. A Few Words Abou'I COLUMBIA DENTOFORMS . . . From a humble sI'ar'l' 36 years ago, Columbia Denfoforms have played an increasingly impor+an+ role in denial educaiion. Today, every den'I'al s+uclen+ in fhe Uniied S'Ia+es and Canada "cu+s" his 'iirsl' +eeI'h on Columbia Den+o'Forms, for we supply Denfoforms +o every den'I'aI college in 'Ihe Unifed S+a'I'es and Canada. as well as in many oiher lands. In fhese 36 years, fhere have been many improvemenfs and addifions +o Den+o'forms 'Io meei' 'Ihe ever more exacfing demands of Ieachers. Today, Denioforms number more fhan a 'Ihousand and preseni' condifions +ha+ +he s+uden+ will encoun+er in pracfice. And in graduaie years, Den'Io- forms con'I'inue 'Io help clinicians in poslgraduafe educaiion and +o help 'I'he busy pracfiiioner in his endless Iaslc of pa+ien'I'-educaiion by showing +he beH'er den+is+ry he seeks +o give. USE COLUMBIA DENTOFORMS AS AIDS IN YOUR PRACTICE Wrife for a Copy of Caialog No. 33 COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION "THE HOUSE OF A THOUSAND MODELS" I3I EAST 23rd STREET NEW YORK I0. N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS IF YOU CHOOSE... FLORIDA AS YOUR "PLACE IN THE SUN." THEN CHOOSE... AN DERSON'S THE ORGANIZATION DEDICATED TO SERVING THE DENTAL PROFESSION IN FLORIDA SINCE I906. FIVE LOCATIONS AT: Jacksonville Orlando S+. Pefersburg Tampa Miami L. M. ANDERSON DENTAL SUPPLY CO. harles Hicks Dental Laboratory Member ALABAMA DENTAL LABORATORY ASSOCIATION 408V2 North l9th Street P. O. Box 536 Phone AL- I 8873 KATHERINE OLIVER, Ceramist Durallium Licensee INSPECTION INVITED Castle General Vision light. Special reflector gives clitTuse room illumina- tion. Adiusts for all ceilings. Castle "777" Speed-Clave. Instru- ments, needles, gloves, compresses sterilized dry, ready to use. Faster than boiling. Fully automatic. for This equipment helps your practice . . . and This combination of Castle lights and sterilizers helps you do the best possiblejob for your patients . . . and yourself. PANOVISION reduces eye-strain and fatigue. Makes work easier and your day less tiring. General Vision light gives balanced illumination to LIGHTS Castle PANOVISION. Clear, non-glaring light intra-oral vision. Reduces shadow and glare. yo u sta rt keep it growing your entire office. Cuts out annoying contrast between bright work area and rest of room. New "777i' Speed-Clave gives you autoclave safety at a price you can afford. Safer, quicker, and easier than boiling. Talk to your Castle dealer or write VVilmot Castle Co., Rochester, N.Y. and STERILIZERS "Always Ahead with the Best in All Phases of Laboralory Work' yx.9Eonf'o Q . . lf' I or 9 "'1nenm0' YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO VISIT OUR LABORATORY AT ALL TIMES i' OUR UNEXCELLED QUALITY ASSURES SATISFACTORY RESULTS DENTAL TECHNICIANS P. o. sox nba BIRMINGHAM l,ALA. Phone 4-5475 Selecting Your Laboratory Wilh Denlisrs who know values, +he primary consideralion when il' comes +o Laborarory service is 'lechnical knowledge and skill. Repu'I'a+ion-"record of performance," is of u+mos+ imporlance. Repu'l'a+ions are buill' slowly, over a long period of years by fine quali'l'y and superior service. When il' comes +o selecling your Laboraiory, +he deciding 'Fac- l'ors are qualily, service, presrige-and olher considerafions less 'langible +han price, bul much more impor+an+. We have been in +his business for forly-five years: 'lhis accumu- laled s1'ore of knowledge and experience is al' your command. ARMSTRONG-SMITH CO. MASTER DENTAL TECHNICIANS Phone ALpin I-767I P. O. Box 9l2 BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA P- NK 5 f if . if WM QwQ'N mov? WMS NB ' MNH 5 0 0 us SE VK . N HW vi 0 CKE, L K Y E N 0 C 2 wk 'Y Y O J Howe ox Xooq,'xs ao ooixiew new Gow no Yoioevixo Rs oox omox Yxiexoceox oosoekdxo oi 'xgooioveq0eoxJx'x'xs wow ocoqoo xi . . . new cgovfxogv, X9 new acoxeveweox oi xoovo oo 'Nwkog' c.oXois Xfdxo ieseaich ooo ow dooqoeok so 'wwe CQAX qooi Gow exam Doom f oeq0oosx1aixoo.Do see, Gow?-c Pm- 'ois . . .see Qodw ivgox-fscnsovoxoq, ' so oxe,cQxseXq qoaxckxeolxw xeexo. 'loxiXX insist omg U mv oc 4 o va 'oem 6601 'Voc o xecio xeu amos :Wm and 4 fm ev-qxixixxe 'Waiweoesi' . . . 'mo coXot oxsoevixoos. 'oem Xoxegakeo '09 faofl 'wee sixopes wo eXecu ooxc, oxocesses, oxeaixwga mxxovaX '5-cixqoeoixoofa ei- oxoo Kecx so 'oioixfaxxw faiweko We qooovo oeoio xo 'oo ivaxwxs v'mof.yXXq 'xxooosdqow xo ow sooo kkiwac . . . ixogoxsxx Qoego Kxoqo JMX keekb. . . . 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The exc:cT moferiols ThoT you specify. 3. The correcT Technique for eoch individuol cose. 4. The besTequipmenTovoiIc1ble for The job. Therefore your work is in good honds when senT To us for This is ci modern up-To-dciTe denTol loboroTory, employing only skilled Tech- nicions, dedicoTed To The service of The denTol profession only. Our personnel hcive o combined ToTol of 204 yeors of experienced service. IT will be o privilege ond ci pleoisure To serve you. You ore cordiolly inviTed To visiT ond inspecT our IoboroTory oT oinyTime. We offer ca complete laboratory service including Durallium cast porfials. SIIUTHEIIIII DENTAL LABIIRAIIIIIRY 1729M THIRD AVENUE, NORTH Phone 3-6319 --- P. O. Box 42 BIRMINGHAM I, ALABAMA HIGH SPEED IIIJNTIIA ANGLE NO GEARS. FULLY BELT DRIVEN. ELIMINATES VIBRATION, WEAR AND LUBRICATION PROB- LEMS WHICH ARE UNAVOIDABLE IN CON- EQUIPPED WITH OWN WRIST JOINT, WHICH ATTACHES TO ARM OF ANY DENTAL ENGINE. vENnoNAL GEAR omvss. If 9 Q ,' I ' v-. lvl0Datl.y Care Aff XXX ' .rw E "I V I Z I A Requured F tx I., ff -'rj f ' ' . .U f if V ' X - ' . " u 2' W A ,f E' ,f , aka l .,. , E4 11 p we I E ' """E COMPLETE SET mciunssz 4 l Page-Chayes Contra Angle,Madel lf ft E- X-I ifor dual controll ' l Air Filter I f and Valve Unit ' I2 Carbide Burs ' I2 Mounted Points ' 6 Rubber xg 91 Chucks ' I Chuck Insertion 8- Re- K I 45" slums. :Assn crmnosn !""'1'T'mI f ""'f"QT""9S 1 Tub' RUBBER CHUCK HOLDS Bun ifrixg and Pittman? for connection to , ff AND CUSHIONS IT AGAINST efmex Dua amml' -. vianmon. S300 Cvmplsts ' VIBRATIONAL UNBELIEVABLE GREATER EESQXENSXTIENTS, FREEDOM cowmot. THAN OF CUT EVER BEFORE SONIC THRESHOLD Higher speeds with rotary in- struments are a material aid in the control of trauma. Clinical work indicates that somewhere between 90,000 and 100,000 RPM the patient loses ability to tell when tooth structure is being cut. At these speeds, the patient is vibration- ally unaware of cavity prep- aration. All who have used the Page- Chayes have been impressed by the ease with which diffi- cult cavity preparations are accomplished . . . a result of the unbelievable freedom of cut which this instrument af- fords. The bur, running at these speeds, may be laid on the margin without any tend- ency ta iump. The Page-Chayes Contra Angle provides a heretofore unob- tainable "controI". The Page- Chayes lets you operate with a "light as a feather" touch . . . lets the instrument do the work-resulting in more accu' rate cavity preparation with increased efficiency and less fatigue. Only 2 to 4 ounces of pressure is required. Literature and reprints upon request - DENTAL INSTRLJMENTICORP. the right START for professional success s. s. WHITE DENTAL.. PRODUCTS Look around the operating room of almost any successful dentist - and it's a safe bet you'1l see S. S. White products. They belong there traditionally. Chances are they're the same make of products the dentist started with - and stayed with - because they do what is claimed for them. The name "S. S. White" is your assurance of this - on every- thing from burs to operating units. Take the first step to success by getting to know your S. S. White Dealer - or write to us. Inci- dentally, our free oflice planning service is at your disposal, too. THE S-S. WHITE. DENTAL MFG- CO. Fhllidelphll 5, Pl. FILLING ORTHODONTIC PROSTHETIC MATERIALS SUPPLIES MATERIAL EQUIPMENT Hmomrcss HAND INSTRUMENTS SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS PRECIOUS METALS PLIERS A BEAUTIFUL OFFICE LIKE THIS IN YOUR YOU TOO CAN HAVE OWN HOME An "Office in the Home" can be beautiful! In fact it can enhance the styling and decor of the entire home scheme, yet be functionally complete and lux- uriously business-like. There are many executives and professional men to whom a business office at home is essential. It is to these men and their wives that we ad- dress this message! Phgne One of our courteous, efficient - 1 representatives will help you plan your 53 352 "Office ln The Home." xtilniilloiitllf S L If S X Repitalized ' AtZacSmith's fffr riiiiiiixxxxx You Wlll Find 5E3:5:5E5E5:5E: A"' 1 W .5 -:2:i15f'frEr:-, .-:rE'1515E5": W- ,.,-. A 1253:-.,:1kEE52Er. 1575 ll s For Business PeopIe" f 'Riff , 4 S Pen and Pencil Seis ' Desk Accessories ""' "" N "' """""' " ll ' M Leather Goods Social or Business Stationery Chairs Downtown Store . . . 2014 FIRST AVENUE Lamps . f ' - Greeting Cards For All Occasions Owned and open: ed by the same famdy smce 1883 "Engraving Of The Finest Quality" ' O "", , Agn' f A 427325, v mf CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS PRACTICE SeIecI' your Labora+ory wi+I1 +I'1e same iudgmenI' you use in seIec+ing your office. Here a+ EANES we offer a compIe+e Laboraiory service of I'I1e I1IgI1es'r 'I'ype. QUALITY PAYS EAIIES LABIIIIATIIIIY CIIIIIPAIIIY Phone 4-5526 P. O. Box I030 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 4 I 4 STORES 4 FINE STOCKS The ability to serve begins with these four stores -all well stocked. Reading from top left they are: THE COLLEGE BRANCH DOWNTOWN BIRMINGHAM MONTGOMERY MOBILE Your visits to any of them are always welcomed. Today's Plan 9522516 I I I l --ll .-IQIQ-Q----A i Florence . S Service to the Dental Tu,,i, I Huntsville X Profession has been ' I I Gadsden our pleasant i v X responsibility for many ' years. And we are M I S X always striving to , Birmingham X serve better. cnlumbugl 44 I We can assist you vvitlw I Tuscalvvsa x ! A L A B A M A 3 0 Local Studies I 5 o Office Designs and Plans Meridian I Montgomery X 0 Equipment Selection 0 I x x 0 Professional Finance Plans I , , 0 Quality Dental Supplies I I I I ' i' Territory Served I I Stars indicate stores ' ' and stocks. I Uuthan ' Representatives call I . ' ' Tlequemly lhroughoul I ' Fljlililil-I Qt t is area. I a I Mobil' X FLORIDA ' 'A' O p I iBring Tomorrow's Profits"2. ' Mm ! 'fl 5 Panamatity l Pig? 0 I L P BIRMINGHAM MONTGOMERY MOBILE THE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER BOOKSTORE A Complete Line of Books, Supplies ond Instruments for Students of the University Medical Center LOCATED BASEMENT OF BASIC SCIENCE BUILDING Friendly Soda Fountain Service to the Medical Center SANDWICHES, SOUPS, SALADS. SOFT DRINKS. SUNDAES, LIGHT LUNCHES MRS. VIVIAN J. DAVIS, Manager i ei ig teg i sp,s, ,s, srrr s it lllllll Multiplies handpiece speed 2111 times at the Angle. lf 50,000 at the handpiece, Angle devel- ops 125,000 r.p.m. A cooler running high speed Angle capable of multiplying handpiece speed 2V2 times. Flexible-to reduce handpiece'speed . . . remove Hi-Drive Angle and replace with standard ball bearing angle. Available in both Contra Angle and Right Angle. Featuring the GMM 43. 3 7 AUTOMATIC 0lllNG SYSTEM Daily maintenance is elimi- nated. No daily oiling. Oil mist unit prolongs Angle life . .pre- vents infiltration of cutting debris. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! ? tv Vllif' iurff mf nt THE in r 1, ' ' A' N E Y C H AY E S rec H N IC Alto Ney Ney Ney Bridge 6 Inlay Book Gold Handbook Planned Purtials The four Ney publications mentioned above contain basic up-to-date information about Ney golds and dental laboratory techniques. We are glad to make them available because we feel sure that you will find them truly useful in your daily work. We also want to call to your atten- tion the consulting services of the Ney Research and Technical Departments and then, closer to you, the availability of your local Ney Technical Representative. You will find him particularly helpful when you establish your practice. NEY TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVES HOWARD W. ELDRIDGE 5 Harrington Road Fra mingham, Mass. NEIL B. SWANSON 713 Graisbury Ave. Haddonfield, N. J. W. SCOTT ALBAN II6 Sheffield Road Columbus I4, Ohio JACK REINHARDT 244 N. lincoln Ave. Park Ridge, III. EARL S. KENNEDY 6122 Worth St. Dallas, Texas JOHN ADAM 736 Leavenworth San Francisco, California HARRY E. GOWER B9-5I Vanderveer St. Queens Village, L. I., N. Y. DAVID E. PAULEY Route il, Box 70-R Winter Garden, Fla. BRENDON B. SCULLIN H302 Delaware Ave. Lakewood 7, Ohio CART DILLINGHAM Box 2 Kitsap, Wash. ATHOL DICKSON BI4 Lockwood Richardson, Texas LOUIS ANDREATTA IBOO Iroquois Ave. Long Beach, Calif. EDWARD C. GLENN, JR. 3189 Pineview Drive Decatur, Georgia DANIEL C. SULLIVAN 6 Orchard Lane Kirkwood, Missouri THE J. M. NEY COMPANY E HARTFORD l. CONNECTICUT You're looking at three Ritter Centuries . . . Chair, Unit and the outstanding, new X-Ray . . . designed, engineered and styled for modern practices . . . today, tomorrow and the years ahead. Maw Firm Your Ritter equipped operatory provides the finest facilities for the utilization of your professional skills. Ritter equip- ment also reduces your physical effort, and enhances the real and psychological comfort of your patients. RITTER HELPS YOU START . . . with an Office Planning Service, the Statistical Service and a Professional Equipment Plan. fdadaaa Mp! Your Ritter dealer or college representative will give you complete information on all the outstanding new dental equipment, as well as the above services. See him right away! 0 QU Ritter RITTER PARK - ROCHESTER 3, N.Y. W Z7 H f 5 Economicfzl? L01 us prove iff aim., SGW? Semlfor neu' folder on Williams "6". Write f' ctlrctl I Z 7 t y U internal structure ,greater it ' , g ALNA 4 P strengthtin artificial porcelain teeth. ., .L ,,,s, ,. '-1,". N K . K Q H f .fffi ' ' . , ,, ,524 ,,, .2 LIL' . , ,V -, ,,ff:'f,1f-.:.-Q-5 g,ix5EQeummMwmf'-ef'.:::wfw.x.1:g'-fm. f'.' , U - - , V , .V .-'miie-. .ts'mfr-"s':tw,+'W'f!t'+wv'f4',. ,,,, 'uff ,--' , :vw iwvi'6.g,g!L,-M-,f,z ft'1-flkivtslg-'f1:f'I'+IT'1lf,, f ' 'V f --'''f,VC,Iaf:,1wf,!i:br.eit-.tY'm.afnmfwffag:Hzilnriffilhitfe' 'ff 2 'f.f' f ,f "'- I 1:ffwz-w'lmfgizta tikilzizvgyffi-'mfif of 1,.:,:m,a.aatwife-fl?mwf 'hz it I V, -' . '- + ,. , A l I , ,',,5..f,-'Z--35-3f.r, ' ' in-t-1, ww" f.f,.,.,,W'f,J, YQ . ,3.f4a,,,.-,Y f ,,,, nan' , :, ,L ,,q.,.,,,glXb. 1-fp -fill ',,"3.wwipf,J+fg:"',1':l,i?,,'pil5lfm,y' 'Miglia Q 'f i Q fst' .wtf flea ' fyrfwyq ' .1-135.1 tfffqft A H " . f','s5Yr 'i::!tf1-'g 'e 'f A " I f '-fr",'tz, fi ,mfg '43 'f,ff,-W-'1.,Qt!'5w.'7 .- gjfiizxafm .mi "i'?'?'s1'a?iJtfgkwi, ,-jffvf ff- f 25:1 353 5"1U,":f 1' in Aff.wjfi-Qggifzigej g,HZw,u -fs'-? H ', ' 1 Y ' , 1 " 2 " . ' , ' ,.-,- . 7, " .. 'eff 'ails -5, . i, I , I , , . E X ,,-. ,, .L . . , ,,,,, X , V- - sl., 'A .XT11 ',", 9, ,' 5? "S ggi-g1.!Q'fJ.J,: ' ' K May-,iiifi s - . ,-,,, P 1 peiusf- M f . . ' f'-- sv LEW 19, Ejwfi, f ., gw:ie1sL:uw'l'Ss.'.- .zessza - f f H 'f ww ' ' vain-V1.1-H .. 'kkk 1. .. .. , I I ' , ,- ,,-, I ,,.,fggJQEfF' ,f-- -g ' Q f ' 5 ,,-. ,, , ' ' ""- :g,.q 1 - ' ' '3ej,zgFlI,1pzfXt5Q7-5 f-,. ', 1 , ,ffE51Ig,f5,gjggf:ffgSp5fg,:f'n5fpfriQ1'i,gL ,wr - , Z 5 , I 1IX'1Igg':lf,Q!QQ3jifv:g1fA'fi-QQ.,f':1AfF 'x.- - ' ' . is ' 332521152harms 'tw 1 rf-41,,sg:,q.fp,ffW5ifttfw.,k??,57mg5lW?-' wggg, ' I w tltfrxiw' 1.:!,'t,,e-'-This-IWW I. swf.'Ziffnfxfffiwisigyvrvi'qarfh,agwMir,.s ,, .mi nw Qliffiwf' i,,r35t all,It,m:,,,MM?55k gW,?.,,W5 W, Wg. ,W . W.. , '1,igu+,w, ,.i+s54,4-Ji '.:i:-sign ww f W' is ,,,wg, ,, ggwfgsfifg, ' 7 ' ' ,gif '5gg,52wfjz5gfaL!vlztwf:Qev fffilgli vi ,,qgsgq,g,,.' W, , Y syfiltzfw-3,,2g'E If. if iw, fffz4g'f1ff+5Qs,, ,s1+5rg5lg.Qfg:b5,1,5-gyms'i' fv' I' - - ,,,w Q . Whcxhasn t seen strength gg, f.f.- I -' . -, - . ,,,. ,. 1, if-1:5Y il . . V: . of n-Er . V in the structureofta treefydgxsjgigut across a mighty . 3 '.' 44,4 : x. Q. I ,,,, Q , f 1. ,,q,eg.. 0 X5 X X Y trunk to find thetsecreizsisone ear s ' , ' f5f,,gwgfgjt f Q X 1 growth bonded to,anotherfllizfafiglow natural process W ,fm 'N lm 'All A , - 5" . ::a":1 j f ff . X I ll . - K , . fi I 'gm yi that welds, laminates 1141111-millumk gx-'QW my ,Il 'M ' I, U. Ki ! f'u7.,.'g. at the . ,gs , M35-2L',f f -I 4 .4 , ,ff-fp: .fffu-gfuf,1sij,5n'4fyf,f,:'g,49355 A :-.?-5- ' . f'f"1' .1159 Sui-EQ " 1 A L . I Q-Qi .V ,If -, i .f six. -:.-e 4.44, 1 . . a 9 Pa um t v ' - mf i2,,,Li.i'1,f.5,Lf-lip' E, , fy5,,,,,.W.,55,511.1 1, gs,-5 15.2 . ,,-4: .1 . ding a dense, -sL ..,,,,,,,.-ay i , ' 1 In r ,K 114 K . 'NVQ ,N l . I f Ig , 456 f f 4 ' ' If J, '45 ll , ' ' ' ' ' 1 I CONVENTIONAL All FIRED FOICILAI N TRUBYTE IIOFOIM VACUUM FIIED PORCELAIN Note in these two micro-photographs how the denser, more homogenous structure of vacuum fired porcelain is substantially free from the voids and bubbles found in conventional porcelain. L I C Only the vacuum fired porcelain of Trubyte y YBioform Teeth has a dense, homogenous M structure comparable to that of natural teeth. This exclusive Trubyte Bioform process creates not only stronger teeth, but more natural, vital and lifelike teeth. The greater strength and beautiful esthetics of Trubyte Bioform Vacuum Fired Porcelain offers a new opportunity for increased success in modern professional denture service. trubyte Bigfgrn? teeth g The VACUUM FIRED PORCELAIN Teeth THE DENTISTS' SUPPLY COMPANY OF N. Y. YORK, PENNSYLVANIA CONVENIENTLY LOCATED TO GIVE BETTER SERVICE lI"s Now flue "Vogue" 'ro Eal' a+ Bogue's TO MEDICAL CENTER PERSONNEL 3028 Clairmom Ave. LAUNDERER CUSTOM CLEANER Phone 2-9780 THAT EXTRA INDIVIDUAL SERVICE Open Daily 9:00 A.M.,l2:Q0 pM. 522 S. 20I'l1 S+ree+-V2 Block 'lo Medical Cen'l'er Sunday l2:00 Noon +o l2:00 P.M. Two Wonderful Places +o Ea'I in The Medical Cenfer VARSITY DRIVE IN MRS. TODD'S DELICIOUS FOOD, LTD. Bo'I'I1 Open 7 Days Weelrly PORTRAITS FOR DENTALA by Ken Ives Studio I903 CAHABA ROAD, BIRMINGHAM A , , ' r. W Z, ,,,., I ' wp' ' ' 0- 5 f W ff . .I .F 1: If 1 9 1 , , . ' 'A ff 'fi f , t " ,, ,,.g 'EL 4. . Q ., , . E - ' " ' 'fliwilii' Q "wit U' 'L Y, ,, :QL ff m: 'H ' ' . ' A X, J 4 Y Q-Q" 5-:Z V . , ' I 4' - V , F W , '.S,. , b sv- +u5,afqf4gsf-f-1- , , -,,,w.P5.:Q!Li,lv'n A f ' 1 .g ' T iff" .iz1:1Z :'? ,-9' v ei lg Q 3, 4, ,J ,W qi? . fi " fQ'Tgg,z -f ,QW i, If 2. V'?'5" 'F 4 I fi . , r-: , 1 . . Nu- 1 ',- ., - - .-W-. , r.,3 .. . 'T , ,. . ,,.. ., ,,.n ,, -. HA AMT, , ,, if f ff . fsifgiqglf- A t ri .-'1, 4 ,.J1.',' 'tr-". , w r 3 v Q, ...,-1...:,v. .: "' ' -.,,,,. . t . "iff .6 Q I O 5 . 4.1 3 1 U P . . ,, ,,...1,. L ,,,, ,, H, , J .- Q ., . in N' -, . . -at . Q 4.1, - ..:,- . '-,H Q ' g V V fx'-'s ,v.-, ' 1' 'L . jf - . ,".'k iw! ' "il ff 1... , 1 1. i. f-fr ' W : Ii Y Q , , x gg- .. ' 4 ' . ff .. 1 ' ,A E 2. 'il :'. 1 I' aff? .sf 'L 5. Quia Ng! + it . 1. 35 4 ,Q - r i .E .. - 3' ii 2 'oi . as 1 - 'r fl, J uf?-A .I ' , . . ' - 'JL r ' v ' SQ" xl! I Ei' . F la 2 if rf sv Env, , fl.. 1r, 5- ' - P+ .- af Q 1 . 1 -fr 0545- , -r ' 3 K? I i . ' I I 1, Q 1 . 353 , J 4 1 . ' Q ... . ' 3 1 i -rw! 4 V , ' "ii 'ff - . ' , S np.: v , - , A . , ' . ' -"' .If 1 14'--.,51,",1-A 1,, .1 . '. . , .f ' 4. ,-' 'Q Y If xl , , ' 1 3-ZH ' 41.41,-V " ' ' ' - - , . '13 . . 'W '. ' . - 1 , .g' , ' 5 5"-1f" ,'n 1 w " A-' ' 1 T'. ' A , -A . f - .. A.. " - v- W. N14 '5' ' . . tx ' ' Lf? i....' 1 . S. . . , , . - , ' , '1 V- ,. ,. J - Q ir. 1' 1- . V' "'

Suggestions in the University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) collection:

University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 9

1957, pg 9

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