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 - Class of 1956

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University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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41 4 4 4 3 'QW 1 fa. .. Sf v1 ,Q ITK - :Y ,, x . 1 cg fm n S I . r Q7 Q H, Me bf V , A ,1,,,,, ,A Q fb iw 42,21 , W I X Q 2' "1" ws f I Q M 5,343 - fy' NV 'f , M 5 ,fig H M ,..f ,, Q ww JJ' 7 ' Y. S' f f Q if , Q 34 +55 , f Q M M R ' , Q , , , ' 111 ,af , ' V . E , , I A , VQZ, xiil , 95 M V , , 'N 4Wm.M,i , L Q 1,533 W in Q , W, , X . ,Q W X ,d 5 -3 ma- wgxfv 2' NA .54 13 wa? nf' 1-9 he W6 QM Presented by the Students UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Birmingham, Alabama The Dentala is a student publication in tended to give an insight into our ex periences and functions. Herein we present to you the students, the faculty, the personnel, and the facil- ities, as well as a few glances into oc- casions Which We feel that many will Want to remember. Dwight J. Castleherry Eclitor, 1956 ADEEB T. THOMAS, D.M.D. ..... ,,,,..,,,i....,,,....,., - THOMAS LAWSON, '56 ..... GERALD DICKERSON, '56 .,,,.,... BARBARA DERING, '56 ..o,,.., RODNEY ROBINSON, '57 ...... HAROLD MOORE, '57 .,.,.,.. DON ENGLEBERT, '57 ....... .....,. JERALD SHERER, '58 .,...... Advisor Business Manager Assistant Editor, Artist Assistant Editor VAN GREENE, '57 ....,.,,,...,,.,,. .,,,....,,,,,...,,..,.....,...,, Assistant Editor, Hygiene School Assistant Business Manager Business Staff Circulation Manager Business Staff JOSEPH PETER LAZANSKY, M.D., D.D.S., D.M.D. It is with deepest sorrow that we, the Class of 1956, dedicate this book to Dr. Joseph Peter Lazansky. The dedication of a yearbook is generally a happy occasion. It offers a means by which the student body expresses their particular gratitude to a faculty member who has made an exceptional contribution to their education. Before this book could be published and our appreciation expressed, Dr. Lazansky passed away. Despite his poor health he was busy at work in his office when the fatal accident occurred. Dr. Lazansky's seemingly unexhaustible energy was continuously directed toward the further advancement of the school and student body. He attempted in his own inimitable way to convey to us the vast store of knowledge which he had ac- cumulated during his educational career. We shall continue to receive these benefits each time we apply in our practices the technique that he taught us. It is our good fortune to have been associated with Joseph Peter Lazansky. With sincerest gratitude and with deep sorrow we, the Class of 1956, dedicate this book in his memory. I 1 LEWIS RUSH BAILEY, D.D.S. Professor of Dentistry It is with regret that our tribute to Dr. Lewis Rush Bailey is also a farewell. Dr. Bailey will begin the next academic year with Indiana University. We have all been enriched by our associations with him. His gentlemanly manner, his subtle humor and valuable counsel will be missed by all who knew him here. It has been a particular interest of Dr. Bailey to acquaint each student with the newest of methods, equipment and materials - never confining us to static routines in prosthetic problems. Each case was a student problem, the solution of which was subtly guided with an endeavor to let the student arrive at the most satisfactory end result. We have benefited greatly by this attitude and pay this tribute to Dr. Bailey in recognition of our gratitude to him. HIS EXCELLENCY JAMES E. FOLSOM Governor of the State of Alabama OLIVER CROMWELL CARMICHAET. MA., B.Sc. f0xon.j LL.D., D.C.L., D. Litt., L.H.D. President of the University ROBERT C. BERSON, A.B., M.D. Vice President in Charge of Medical Affairs University of Alabama Dean, Medical College of Alabama JOSEPH F. VOLKER A.B., M.S., D.D.S., Ph.D. Dean of the School of Dentistry 1 w if if fs JOSEPH P. LAZANSKY M.D., D.D.S., D.M.D. Associate Dean, Professor of Dentistry :X at 3? it it M, E EE 5 5 is 5 S5 HAROLD A. HELMS, B.S. Business Manager JOSEPH F. VOLKER ALB., M.S., D.D.S., Ph.D. Dean of the School of Dentistry JOSEPH P. LAZANSKY MD., D.D.S., D.M.D. Associate Dean, Professor of Dentistry ADEEB E. THOMAS, D.M.D. Associate Professor of Dentistry R. JEROME BARNETT, JR., D.D.S. Associate Professor of Dentistry PAUL E. HAMMONS, B.S., M.S., D.D.S Assistant Professor of Dentistry JOHN B. DUNBAR, D.M.D. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry W. RUPPERT BODDEN, JR., A.B,, D.M.D. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry ARTHUR H. WUEHRMANN, DLM.D. Professor of Dentistry and Chairman of the Division of Odontology EUGENE MILBURN, D.D'.S. Associate Professor of Dentistry DAVID D. BLOOM, D.M.D. Assistant Professor of Dentistry ROBERT C. CALDWELL, H.D.D., L.D,S Fellow in Dentistry SAMUEL JAMES OGDEN, B.S. Student Assistant Department of Odontology V T' ECHNIQUE LAB l...Q2 X , 'ffff' f 5 W WA ,AX 1 , MEM QQ 4 fjX j 1. Xglf' 0 M X Q. V I Jw? X" fp 4 1 0 ff C W IX! II 319,425 65 .1 if :QL A - O, IIQLQFQ, 'AQ ' I Z 1 , x -Dv, LL 7 1.3 I 3 fffn et .V k Jffv A QQQQ' - - X ,H X O QSQ X G V if J ' " GI I f mx 'W' J Ax Q 'Lf T L2 fs wffbqv ,I 0' xg iw 1 K J X-I If I ' J I I If Q Q wnmfm YA So some ABOUT- IM UUST A STUDENT You KNOW -- II I I I-IEPIRIC JUST THRELJ IN THE TOWEL ON THIS A , PM I f U fm p I'If, lxo Q V I 5 6? . 5 gf' NI' x?'i I I +-X A - 416555 IV NR I If X -rug fx ,V 7QX A fiif I., J-I,-.Wv -40,1 'vig-14 E sv 34253 -'-1 L:-QL.: -'ff '-Rf' . I he -15' Lqvy I, 777444 L7 1 "1 ,f. ff-- 'f 54,71 244 f a-13,4 ,LJ , - 54 7,7 X ,x..4- df! ,.- ev: ' . Q Kb ? , Af' - -' , ,-38. 41. ,il ' 2 ,' 04,1 :'. - A nv' ,. 1 - 1441441 ,Q as ,'.' nv' W . age: 5 12,4 2532 v ' iff 7 rl., X LL . 1-. . .Q 5 -f , I . ' f - ' .. '1 -JI If fW IMQ I I m ,-1.4-I I Hove You Dow MIND-Bur 'rms IS THE FIRST I TIME 'UUE DONE THIS- AND I LORNT To CHECK ou A Few THINGS-" Hawk THAT Fon A CovER-UP ,Doc Q FOIL I IRVING J. WEBER, D.D.S. Professor of Dentistry Associate Professor of Dentistry WILLIAM L. McCRACKEN, D.D.S. L. RUSH BAILEY, D.D.S. Professor of Dentistry JOHN J. SHARRY, B.S., D.M.D Assistant Professor of Dentistry WILLIAM D. POWELL, JR., D.M.D. THOMAS H. BRIGHAM, D.M.D Instructor in Clinical Dentistry Instructor in Clinical Dentistry f f r-w WHY DoN'T You MAKE ABOUT THREE SETS OW Deurumssfboerog AND 1'LL WCK OUT THF- ONE I LIKE- BOYD W. TARPLEY, BA., D.D.S. Professor of Clinical Dentistry SIDNEY B. FINN, A.B., D.M.D., M.S. Professor of Dentistry H. PERRY HITCHCOCK, D.M.D. Associate Professor of Dentistry LEON H. SCHNEYER, A.B., D.D.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Dentistry and Assistant Professor of Physiology WALTER C. ANDREWS, JR., B.S.,VD'.M.D. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry X WILSON C. BELLENGER, B.S., D.M.D. K Fellow in Dentistry EVERETT F. WILKIE, D.D.S. Fellow in Dentistry "Now, Bellenger, no more jokes, please." The place, affectionately known as uM0nsterd0ntia." 1 A Z af -L--l SEX ,M WN XJ w QU W KW559 is 4 ' 3 P VX Vg' on 55353 X. , f 1 QM' Q , I, ,Q A 1 , 'kd' Q Z F fa., fx 7 jgwig A A:,4 33 Ls :ii 'h f Q 5. 2 gf CMD 5 Q, , fhf 6. A W jj 1 ? W fj NPO " , if M is Q ' if if S K I J 2.59241 H W Q fb as Q2 X V wi? N k QW rv 1 ' go 0 r M y N2 n ' Q D K W A r' 1 Q f 'A f ' 'J .: ' 4' I YOU LEFT SQWE OVERHANCF VEY Doc, I B'uEvE ON wus MESIAL oF 'rms MOLAR -- f Xxxlmif M 1599 ' Q91 1 N H Jx fo Lug I' xv fi' if fs :sw-,. X if :fa 'Mo el f f ,f ,f f I f WJ bmw ' ffl kia 4 4 I tl! f 1...xr'- "" Mu l lf x: I 'N afc '- XL. ggi it nu, i'L'9V"f QL Qi? X N iam HEY POP! TS Tuus Tm: Gov wuosE Movw You SMD wfas GoNNA PAY MY WAY 'fo COLLEGE? X GILBERT J. PARFITT, F.D.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Professor of Dentistry WILLIAM s. REYNOLDS, B.s., D.D.S., M.s.D. I Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry JAMES C. WESTBROOK, JR., BA., D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry R. HENRY BALLARD, B.S., D.M.D. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry PAUL R. HUFFSTUTLER, D.D.S. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry I E' fl W , 4 Q. .f L, . W I , I ' ', i l 'in ' 1, , , ' "Df'vWrfJw H 3 'XM 'W' J4- f , fi fl! C"'r ' ' ' 1 ' 'ii 5'?nQ""', " ,L G'4f'LF'1y,,5' 33" , tit... M J' H 1 'wr ,' L .qt:,n,2 tw Lf M. f we ,.,4-: ' f Lim, ' ut . , wi,f - . f. .5 rm' L, ,fx ,W ,, f ,filigl-' ' ' K , MCH , G Q 2 . L L vw' ,ge . V V 1 , 55 fm: ',i f , ' rg' U , ai . - 'f?.iFU h 1e1Wiif' '-'ss ' Hmrteinlf M :'-, 2 . .J ,. N1 -':" 5'., g,. 'fi . .wi-+'.lf, S WL' - 'tv Mewiiialhm mtltmi l 1 ' HUNTER A. ALLEN, D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry r i x N P i ci f' Wu ff low,TumE's A MAN wHo'5 REALLY wwe soma new scnme PAUL M. CUMMINGS, JR., B.S. DDS Resident in Periodontology You GO FIRST TO-DAY-' I WENT FHRST LAST WEEK N If . XONL ,Q VHNM4, v g,Enf,h1h r -.0 Q if f " f S6 ,ww J , J?F.MM gf - w .mizn ',,, AV, -, - 5.-fm Iwi WW JOSEPH P. LAZANSKY, M.D., D.D.S., D.M.D. Associate Dean School of Dentistr and Chairman of v Y Division of Dental Medicine and Surgery THOMAS W. JONES, B.S., D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry CHARLES A. McCALLUM, D.M.D. Fellow in Dentistry THAKER1NG PRASERTSUNTARASA Graduate Student WILLIAM PETTUS BUCK, D.M.D. Resident in Oral Surgery I, D.D.S CHARLES F. LANDIS, JR., D.D.S. JOHN A. MORGAN, B.S., D.D.S. Intern in Oral Surgery Assistant Resident in Oral Surgery JAMES D. JONES, ll, B.S.,. D.D.S. KENNETH FOLLMAR, D.D.S. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry Assistant Resident in Oral Surgery "Ah said ah gotta Spit!" Veterans Administration Hospital I THINK DR. BLACK as TAKING- "oo mr vouqsnf' wean Too SERnousLy 'I .,,' 4 ii. Tl X 11 i Q .,. f -TZJT QM K -'IJWIE' :SS-TQ X VE COME Now, MR. Hooven -- wine Nor scmzgq OF A urns NEEDLE-ARE wee EMANUEL CHERASKIN, A.B., M.A., MD., D.M.D Associate Professor of Dentistry LEONARD ROBINSON, AB., D.M.D., M.S., MD, Associate Professor of Dentistry MARGARET S. KLAPPER, BS., M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine EDWIN M. SPEED, B.A., D.M.D. Graduate Fellow ROBERT T. BINFORD, A.B., D.M.D. Graduate Fellow WALTER J. KYLE, B.S., D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry POLLY AYERS AB., D.D.S., M.P.H. Associate Professor of Clinical Dentistry RICHARD W. KELLOWAY,B.D.Sc. Fellow in Dentistry MRS. DOROTHY SMITH, Assistant Department of Roentgenology O X , RRY BURNS DDS. Af? I? -Sf Il? f fifa I y XJ-: 5 93 44 ' is --?--1 Mbit, el You MAY CLOSE Now, MRS. SCHNEIDER,- Qf L fl 3 7 T ,E Q31 x Q 5 K ww MA Musnc as Tun IN my BLOOD, Doom- How Lowe HAVE You BEEN OPENING- Bem Bo-runs warn vow. mourn MQ. cmmcuksv? 6 2 N --, Q I9 xx, 3 J YN X k X X kj iQ? PATHOLOCY-Seated, left to right: Doctors Shoen, Graham, Hathaway, Casey, McManus, Professor and Chairman, Boyd, Lupton, Mowry. Standing: On ,Ia Kim, Hathaway, C.O., Johnson, Lg Giaunella, Kwong, Singletary, Montgomery, Ringsdorf, Student Fellow, Rizzo, Student Fellowg Delatower, Robinson. Not pictured: Doctors Cunningham, Scott, and Bishop. RY-Left to right: William Ward PHARMACOLOGY-Left to right: Dr. Teague B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professorg Raymond Lindsey, Graduate Studentg Walter Lewis W. Woods, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Assistant Student Assistant, Dr. Barker. William J. Wingo, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Emmett B. Carmichael, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Professor and Chairman. ANATOMY-Left to right: Clarence E. Klapper, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professorg Leonard L. Ross, B.S., MS., Assistant Professorg E. Carl Sensenig, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Professorg Benjamin C. Moffett, lr., A.B., Ph.D., Assistant Professorg S.M. Kurtz, Ph.D., Instruc- torg Eleanor A. Hunt, A.B., M.S., Ph.D., Instructor, Harold N. Schnitzlein, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Instructorg Charles C. Boyer, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Assistant Professorg James O. Foley, B.S., NLS., Ph.D., Professor and Chairmang Thomas E. Hunt, A.B., Ph.D., Professor. . . .. ,,..,, ., ,,.,, ..., . . ,,,. . ,..., ..,,,, ...... , ,W .,,. , .,,... .............. ,..,. ...,...-- -,......t.................. MICROBIOLOGY-Front row, left to right: Louise R. Cason, A.B., M.A., M.T., Assistant Professorg Carolyn Gas- ton, B.S., M.T., lnstructorg Emily Hill, Laboratory Assistant. Back row: Thomas 'A. Paine, B.A., M.D., Professor and Chairmang E. Edward Evans, A.M., MS., Ph.D., Associate Professorg Fred- erick W. Kraus, MD., D.D.S., D.M.D., Assistant Professor, Charles H. Winkler, B.S., MS., Ph.D., Associate Professor. PHYSIOLOGY-Left to right: .lohn M. Bruhn, A.B., Ph.D., Professor and Chairman, ,lack D. Emerson, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, True W. Robinson, BS., M.A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Leroy L. Langley, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., L.L.D., Associate Profes- sor, Leon H. Schneyer, A.B., D.D.S., Ph.D., Assistant Professor. HAROLD C. ASKEW, B.S., D.D.S. Graduate Student Department of Prosthetics i 1 1 'H TAE SUK SHIM d Graduate Student Department of Prosthetics HAROLD A. HELMS, B.S. Business Manager E. LINDSEY ODEN, B.S., M.S. Assistant Business Manager BLANCHE B. ALEXANDER, BA Secretary to the Dean KATHRYN H. WIRTZ Secretary to the Director of Research and Graduate Studies BETTY C. DYSON Secretary, Dean's Office MRS. NONA M. BRIDGES, Secretary Department of Odontology and Admissions MISS BETTY ANN JONES Secretary to the Associate Dean MRS. LOUISA STROTHER, Secretary Department of Periodontology MRS. LILLIAN R. TODD Secretary to the Director of Dental Hygiene MRS. CHRISTINE E. BAGLEY, Secretary Department of Oral Diagnosis and Oral Medicine E 5 l MRS. ANN REYNOLDS, Secretary Department of Prosthetics MRS. ELWY MCCAIN, Secretary Department of Oral Surgery MRS. VlVlAN STEPHENS, Technician Department of Oral Pathology MRS. RUFUS E. LEE, JR., Receptionist Department of Childrenls Dentistry MRS. JULIA MacQUEEN and ROBIN MacQUEEN Photography Department MISS LURA GUIN Nurse in Oral Surgery MISS BETTY R. SHRADER Nurse in Oral Surgery MRS. MARY E. fPennyJ HARPER Secretary Screening Clinic MRS. LILLIAN C. MESSER, Cashier Main Clinic MRS. MARY AYMAR HOBART, Receptionist Main Clinic Q l w MRS. MAE GLADNEY, Clerk Supply Room MRS. LILLIAN PITTS, Clerk Record Room MR. JOHNIE J. GIBB Dental Technician BUSINESS OFFICE-Left to right: Vivian Smith, Nell Stewart, Faye Wade, Rita Simonton, Peggy Franklin, Faye Kirby, Mrs. Agnes Franklin, Mrs. Alice Hughes, Gordon Chastain, Barbara Horton, Jim Murdock, Jim Huey, Henry Gibbs. MRS. VIVIAN DAVIS, Manager Supply Store GRACIE EATON Dark Room Technician MR. J. HARVEY JETT, Director MRS. PATSY WEINSTEIN, MRS. ALDA McDOWELL Maintenance Department Secretaries in the Business Office P.B.X. OPERATORS-Left to right: Mrs. Willie Tuck, Frances Grant, I.B.M. ROOM-Left to right: Nell Vandergriff, Patsy Weinstein, Faye Kirby, Rita Simonton, Vivian Smith. Jerald Conner, Frances Grant. MAINTENANCE-Left to right: Curtis Johnston, William Wenger, Glenn Wheeler, Wallace Tuggle, Marshall Batey, Frank Farrar. S Q 3 5 5 2 Sf ft ,s 1 SUPPLY STORE-Left to right: Mrs. Vivian Davis, Manager, Mrs. Tomazine Wallace, Mrs. Olivia Compton, Mrs. Hester York, Mrs. Nancy Dean. ELEVATOR OPERATORS-Left to right: Susie Gulley, SUPPLY STORE GIRLS-Left to right: Tillor Clopton Mary Hicks, Jane Boyd. Lois Chaney, Ella McCall, Louise Swanson. 5 W SW HI!r1141nxWw I W ,A X, MQ , N M 3 , I , +7 QQ 5 A J 9 1 X f , ff ,E -' ' Q -,mf ww'flf'i W M, Wim- mid wgqxqvx, M is ,QQNQN5 Nu ,xmwfxfwA-A JN W ww H H' N X xv' X wfwwf "W NN 2 .wqww V .MX'- Nj-wx 'AM x , ,ywjgf W dl ,L . ling vi- 1 W A n f f L F' L K i s 1 Q 8 Q r Q w Q i 5 f ,s Q e YP E I 1 Q 5 1, S 5 V ? E 1 5 S E - A X. X5 w K, is R 5 -ii W 4 zu w Si- FZ E S fi e E SE gs 53 T S Z s 27 E 6 E 5 5 i , QE f f v 53 X 555555 ,f 5,5 55. X 33555 5125 -Xeefei-fin X , 5 -fam . :Q 5554? 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Senior Night oscar winner . . . "Wal, Ah Reckon Ah'Il Go Back Down to Goosa Countyn . . . One of the D.lVI.D. Post Office night crew. BILLIE SUE BEAN Northport, Alabama Alabama College, BS., '52 . . . The naive one . . . Kept our morals and manners up to par "Well, I don't understand that, it is supposed 'to be funny?" . . . Going to Partlow . . . as a dentist . . . Probably will get married. RAYMOND BERLIN Altoona, Alabama University of Alabama, BS., '53 . . . Alabama Dental Review I, 2g Assistant Editor 3, Editor 43 Dentala Staff 2, 35 Xi Psi Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Fraternity . . . Graduated with honors . . . Never had time for romance . . . '4Dern, I can't study for that and do my work too . . . Going into Public Health, will take saliva samples of every patient. 3 ,..f 5 Q MV EV 31? 2 i flif' ii at .Z F, it 3 JERRY BASS BLACK Montgomery, Alabama 7 FRITJOF EDVARD BERNTZEN Oslo, Norway Norway State Dental School, Cand. Odont .... Hlrritzl' . . . Instructor in Childrenls Dentistry . . . uYou single boys should come to Scandinavia with me - or Paris, yetf' . . . HWhy is it, everybody doesn't show up when I come back from Talladega? . . . Going in the Army. gg-'E'w....., -,t- ""' E Huntingdon College A.B. 52 . . . Alabama Dental 1 Review 3, Delta Sigma Delta . . . 'gG.V.,' wfhatls not really Dr. Houston, it's Jerry Black." . . . Went sane and moved away from Goofus gcWell, l don't know how, lim not too suref' Raising 6'Spider,, as a protege. JOHN ALEXANDER BLACKMAN Mobile, Alabama Spring Hill College, University of Alabama, B.S., '52, Xi Psi Phi . . the Post Office crew . . Dr. Hammons, live can I put in theref' brother Jim. . 4'Blackjackman" . . . One of . Married . . . "Well heck, cast it five times, what else . . . Going to Mobile with CARL MARTINEZ BOOTH, JR. Mobile, Alabama University of Alabama, BS., '53 . . . Married after Graduation . . . Secretary, Student Council 2, Class Secretary-Treasurer 3 . . . Psi Omega . . . HPablo," MGeneralissimo,7' ucarlosw . . . HHonestly, Cahlf, . . . Famous last Words: MYou think l oughta ask Dr. Thomas if l have to come back this summer?,, . . . Founder of the Lock and Chain Club . . . '4You should see my Betty go acreek-stompinbw . . . uMy mother thinks lim an alcoholic . . . hicv . . , Air Force Bound. LAWRENCE LEE CONOLY Montgomery, Alabama Auburn . . . Married . . . Delta Sigma Delta, Omi- eron Kappa Upsilon, Dental Honorary Fraternity . . . Graduated with honors . . . "Goofus,, . . . L'Wot the hell?', . . . 'aWhatsat?7' . . . HHoWcuma- howcuman . . . HBut Docka Lazanskyn . . . Wllhat dang Follrnar . . . chewed me out for nothing . . . he don't like me - hee, hee, heelv . . . HTake my blood pressuren . . . c4Well, I remember reading somewhere about . . . 7' . . . The Air Force took him l DWIGHT JOHN CASTLEBERRY Brrmm ham Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '51 . Dentala Staff 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4 . . P51 Omega Married . . . g'Bailey,s Boyw . . . Ml m not bragging but that thing really looked good next tlrne she comes in I Want you to see it We now this is the Way I do itn . . .' Sure Ill do lt for you, Gieger, but it'll cost you sift bucks Going to Florida, he hopes. 3 JAMES DONNELL CUBL Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham Southern, B.S., 752 . . . Married . . . Class President 3 . . . HThe friendly undertakerw . . . 'fwhatas wrong with seven months for a 3 unit bridge . . . itis a good one . . . besides, l like the patientfl . . . 'fSay, buddy, wanta buy a good watch . . . whatta you care where I got it?" . . . "l'm not pickin' my teeth, l'm 'giving myself a gingivectomyf' . . . Going in the Air Force via Arkansas. EMMETT HAZEN DENNIS Deatsville, Alabama University of Alabama . . . Xi Psi Phi . . . Married . . . flock of girl children . . . Post Office crew . . . MA course in Practice Management? . . . l didn't know anyone around here ever managed a practicefl . . . Ambition: To plant a large bomb in a small faculty restroom . . . 'fYou know where Deatsville is . down near Slapoutf' . . . Going down to practice in Ozark. jr iil i V'15,,,A, ,,.W,' Q :':.'f1'-,11,,. ' Q, F E E 1 GERALD LEE DICKERSON Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham Southern, B.S., '52 . . . Dentala Staff 2, 3, 4, Alabama Dental Review 2, 3, 4, Psi Omega . . . c',lerry" . . . artist, poet, comic, sometimes student, picnic organizer, faculty agitator . . . 5'But, Doctor Lazansky, l don't Wanta borrow a dollar from youlv . . . Distinguished originator of ADEEB, D.M.D. comic strip . . . 44Well, Dr. Cher- askiu, how did you find my book at Nick's Bar 31 Grill?" . . . Invented polish-proof amalgams . . . Going to stamp out caries in the army. JOSEPH DOMENICK DOLCE Burlington, New Jersey, Tuscaloosa, Alabama University of Alabama, BS., 753 . . . Xi Psi Phi, Alabama Dental Review 3, 4 . . . Married . . .new boy . . . Traded in mid-season from Harvard . . . HMan, I couldnlt go that Harvard crapf' . . . '4You oughta see my boyf' . . . wllhe family dentist" . . . mllhem kids were sittin? all over my feet . . . eatin, lunch alreadyll' . . . Member of noon-time pinochle club . . . Air Force bound . . . "You really oughta see my boy? JOHN FLOYD DYAR Boaz, Alabama Snead ,lunior College . . . Xi Psi Phi, Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Dental Honorary Fraternity . . . "Charley" . . . Ambition: To own his own blood bank . . . ul can't go . . . Curlls got my car." . . . "Come on, Johnny, let's go eatf' . . . "Johnny, tell us what a whiffle bird is.', . . . Going into Public Health. HUGH RAYMOND EVANS Montgomery, Alabama Vanderbilt University, A.B., '52 . . . Class President 2, Class Treasurer 4, Psi Omega . . . REALLY married . . . KAW, come on nowf' . . . MI didn't do nothing, I looked in there and the dern pulp was bleedingw . . . One of the first to get off exposure requirements . . . Kellaway's tennis pal . . . "Where,s Bodden - Bahnet won't check any- thing off for me.'7 . . . wllhat really chaps mef' . . . Going in the Air Force . . . "Wait a minute . . . let me call Lil and see if itls all right." HAROLD THOMAS FOSTER Scottsboro, Alabama BS., A.P.l., '52 . . . 4'Scottsboro Boy" . . . '4Dr. Baileyls gonna make me do another bridge." . . . Evals running mate . . . '4C'mon, Ray, l gotta be home in a few minutesf' . . . 'Tm really shookf' . . . 4'Let's put this stuff up and go play nine." . . . Air Force material. DANIEL RALPH FRANCO Montgomery, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '53 . . . Xi Psi Phi . . . '4Dan77 . . . HDrop lemf' . . . 4'Did you swallow my crown?" . . . MBut, Iris, l have to work in the clinic on Monday nights, requirements, you know." . . . Miami and Air Force bound . . . Chief student agitator . . . Starts more rumors than Bill Wade. JOSEPH JAMES GIAMBRONE Praco, Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute, B.S., '51 . . . Xi Psi Phi . . . L'The Galloping Onew . . . Member of Post Office Crew . . . uCan't go to work tonight, gotta catch up on my homework, setting up teethf, . . . Setting up practice in Graysville . . . HYou're gonna get yours." . . . 4'All the way, choo, chooll' . . . HW'arrrr Eaglev . . . Seen frequently with Walker and Burnett. HOLLIS NORMAN GIEGER Gadsden. Alabama University of Alabama, BS., '53 . . . Psi Omega . . . 4'lVlr. Es uirew . . . "IVIuntz, how about borrow- s q n ing your notes before the exams?,' . . . HH1, b ----- M . . . HI really should go over to the school one day and meet all the profs." . . . "Dean Volker, I had to give a pint of blood this morning." . . . Going into pedodontics . . . Had more wingmen than an Air Force squadron . . . Beat Periscope at his own game . . . MHello, hunneeee . . . Hollislv TINSLEY RANDOLPH HARRISON .IR Birmingham Alabama Psi Omega . . . '4Randy,7 . . . "I can,t take that cancer quiz, I have to play golf Saturday." . . . First man in class to buy a Cadillac . . . UCome on Wade, letfs go Gonna make the Air Force send him to Texas My daddy said I cant go to Bryce's I gotta go to Nassau on a two weeks' cruise We wuz on the back nlne and I wuz one under par when this partner of mine got spastic RICHARD WALLYS KELLAWAY Brisbane, Australia Psi Omega, University of Queensland, BD. Sc. . . . "Aussie,' . . . 4'Who wants to take this lateral jaw?'7 . . . '4We don't have any dental equipment in Australia, how about borrowing the key to your locker?7' . . . 4'Tl1at's the lot." . . . MI really oughta immigratef' . . . Going back to the land down-under. WILLIS CLIFTON KELLY Birmingham, Alabama Fairfield University, BS., '52 . . . HBi11,' . . . 4'lVly Wife wants me to come home and get the clothes in, it's beginning to rain." . . . "l'm ready for another Senior Night, arenit you, Randy?" . . . Going into Childrenis Dentistry in Crestline. Zi 5 A a WILLIS GLENN KILGORE Winfield, Alabama Southern California, AB., 748 . . . Xi Psi Phi . . . "Killer7' . . . alust leave the car in the street, Edna Earl, lim late for schoolf, . . . "Dickerson, you better shut upf' . . . Reenlisted in the Army. SAM GEORGE KOUTROULAKIS Birmingham, Alabama University of Alabama, Psi Omega . . . ccwhatta you say, slick?" . . . HI blasted last night!" . . . "Hi, sweetsf . . . "That lVlcColloh,s a hot-headf' . . . Always giving back massages . . . '4Let7s see . . . " :'lVlan,, l tell you . . . those Greeks are the greatestlv . . . c'Question77 . . . Has for his idols, Gus Triandos and Nick Montos. THOMAS CLAY LAWSON Flon-nee. Alabama University of Alabama . . . Xi Psi Phi, Dentala 3, 4 . . . The old apple polisher . . . 'Al donlt see why l canit handle 10 chairs unless I have another eoronaryf, . . . ccwhose apples do l polish now that llm outa school?" . . . cgwell, thatls the Way Rip does itf' . . . Bull Shooter supreme . . . "l'll let you see these old exams, Max, if youill pledge my fraternity.77 . . . HI really knew those National Board Exams cold." . . . " Started here with the Colonel A Private Practicef' LAWRENCE KENNETH LEVIN Birmingham, Alabama Emory University, B.S., '52 . . . Xi Psi Phi . . . Alabama Dental Review 2, 3, LL . . . 4'Larry77 . . . Berlin's running mate, Saliva collector, eternal lover, dance floor grappler, Originator of the uBar- nett Study Clubf . . . wllhatlll teach you, Lumpkin, to come to Bac-T-Lab." . . . Joined Public Health when he found out the Air Force sends dentists overseas. ROBERT FRANKLIN LUMPKIN Birmingham, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., 752 . . . Psi Omega . . . '4Lump-Lump" . . . uHey, Mac, have you seen Doris lately?v . . . The only man to finish his partials before getting into Prosthetics Clinic . . . MI-low about working for me this Week-end, Jack, live gotta go to South Carolina? . . . "I Want youth and beauty around the home." . . . 'cl got sump'n for youfi . . . Army bound fhopes to go to Europe with Dickersonj . MAXWELL CLAY MASHBURN Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham Southern, BS., 750 . . . MMaX,'7 or uFathead" . . . HHow do you boys think you did on that exam?" . . . Lawsonls protege . . . "l7ll pledge your fraternity, Tom, if you'll let me see the old quizzes? . . . HLet me see your grades, Rushf' . . . 'LI don't know what Iam gonna do, I canlt afford to open a dental practicefl . . . Going into G. P. in Homewood. MARION LESLIE MUNTZ Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham Southern College, BS., 752 . . . Psi Omega, Alabama Dental Review 2, 3, 4 . . . '4Mad- manw . . . c'Ummmmmm, boy - You,ll get yours? . . . '4You,ll have to take your own notes this semester, Geigerfl . . . Small dentist with a big mouth . . . Founder of the noontime pinochle club . . . HI need a ride for this week-end, Lumpkin" . . . g'What do they make besides Waterfield and Frazier?7' . . . HI didnlt draw that dl sign, Dr. Volker? JAMES CALVIN MCCULLOH Birmingham, Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Psi Omega . . . ".l. Cf' . . . 4'Lump, I think you oughta let me bat in clean-upn . . . "Dadgummit" . . . 4'The reason I can't hit in this league is the pitchers are too slow.'7 . . . HI wasn't mad at Fritz, I just wanted to throw. flour on him." . . . '4No, Lump, I haven't seen Doris, lately." . . 1 4'One of these days, Koutsf' . . . Air Force bound. JACK HOWARD MCINTYRE Florence, Alabama F.S.T.C .... Xi Psi Phi . . . '4Silent Jackw . . . Four years -of quietude . . . This may be news to most folks but heis married and has two kids . . . Corpuscle counter at Kentis . . . MSure, I'll work for you, Lumpkinf' . . . Navy man . . . So quiet we could never hear any comments to remember. LOUIS JAMES NAMAN Mobile, Alabama Spring Hill College, B.S., '52 . . . Xi Psi Phi . . . Ulf I want anything outa you, I'll knock it out." . . . 6'Don't give me any of your cheap -F---.M . . . 6'Didn't you see it in the Mobile paper Pm going back and be an oral surgeon, or T may go to Tulane and do more researchf' . . . Inventor of the Unsanitary bridge . . . "Barnett always helps Wade and Williams but he won't help mefi . . . Back to Mobile. SAMUEL JAMES OGDEN Mer Rouge, Louisiana Northwestern Louisiana State, B.S., '50 . . . HJim" . . . Barnett's boy . . . glam sorry I turned on the lights in the dark room, but that was an emergency filmw . . . Divorced Springer during Junior year . . . The object of an Oral Surgery romance . . . Going back to the bayous of Louisiana for general practice. CHARLES OLIVER PARKEL, JR. Hueytown, Alabama University of Alabama, HS., 753 . . . Class Presi- dent 1955-56 . . . Psi Omega . . . "Charlie'7 . . . 'glust call me doctor, thatis all l askf, . . . "Sam, are you coming up to the lab tonight?'7 . . . u1'll never finish these requirementsn fAnd he never didl . . . HLazansky may cut your throat, but he's still your best friendn . . . Chief agent for secret service Sam . . . Air Force bound. SAM LEE PEEPLES Birmingham, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '52 . . . Psi Omega . . . Student Council 3, 4 . . . "Secret Service Saml' . . . H1 donit know if 1711 be at the lab tonight, Charlie, my wife is having some friends over." . . . Always whispering sweet nothings in Parkelis ear . . . HPsst, did you get a letter?" . . . One of the 64Brown-nose Fourn fliterallyj . . . Air Force bound. WARREN MARSHALL RINGSDORF, JR. Elba, Alabama Asbury College, A.B., '51 . . . Delta Sigma Delta . . . Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Dental Honorary Fraternity . . . Dentala 1, 2, 3, 4-, Alabama Dental Review 2, 3, 4 . . . 4'Ringworm7' . . . One of the pathology twins . . . "l've only been studying for this test for 3 weeksf' . . . Ambition . . . to study and make better grades than Rizzo . . . Going to the Air Force. ANTHONY AUCUSTINE RIZZO Birmingham. Alabama Birmingham-Southern College, A.B., 751 . . . Delta Sigma Delta, Dentala Staff 3, 45 Alabama Dental Review 3, Editor 41 . . . Wfonyii , . . Ambition . . . to make OKU like Marshall did. Another pathology twin . . . NSure, lillftake you to town . . . for 1507, . . . HI think Iill stay here and teachi' . . . HAH this pathology really helps one to put an amalgam in." . . . Going in service. JOSEPH BURFOOT RUSH Mobile Alabama University of Alabama BS. 75 . .HBubba Only dental student going to school on Social Security . . . Oldest man in the world . . . MWhy this damned place ---- that dirty . . . 'Al hate white coats, food, people, debts, work and living in general? . . . 44Wardis wonder Pak? l never even heard oftitln . . . 6'lVly folks were too poor to buy me a cadaver when I was a child that's why I made a MC" in Anatomy my own wife put on a white clinic coat, I'd shoot her!" RALPH OTIS SPRINGER Union Springs, Alabama University of Alabama, A.B., 746 . . . HRalph" . .. '4Gee, golly, lill never get these teeth set up" . . . Oldest draftee in the class Qdodged the draft for 14 yearsj . . . Ml hate this damned place" . . . "I canit understand why Ogden moved out on me" uGuess what, live got a date for Field Dayw . . . Heis in the Army now. OTTO MOSE STACEY Monroeville. Alabama Mississippi Southern College . . . Class President I . . . 4'O1d Man Mosew . . . The two-car denture man . . . MI think Langley had something in that bald-head theoryw . . . '4Well, Dr. Weber, in my experiences with dentures, I've found . . . 7' . . . HI always stay up until 3 A.lVI., I'm afraid I might miss something." . . . HAW, Muntz, I'm sorry I was late for Pharmacology lab, but I'll be here next time . . , Doesn't know where he's going to prac- tice . . . might retire now. JERRY MACK STUDDARD Clanton, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '53 . . . Psi Omega . . . Student Council Representative 3, Student Body President 4 . . . 'clerryn . . . Not easily shook . . . uWe really had a ball at Booth's wedding . . . I drank 3 quarts of orange juice and ate two quarts of ice cream .H . . . Have you guys seen my Mer- curyfw . . . 'LI don7t think they'll hold us to those requirementsw . . . Didn't start his second partial until the last week of school . . . Navy bound. I 1 IGNATIUS JOSEPH TORTORICI i Fairfield, Alabama I University of Alabama, B.S., '53 . . . Psi Omega . . . HNat77 . . . a'And Iill tell you something elsef' . . . "Hey, howlre you?" . . . 4'Me and the Knight- marels really gonna roll tonightf, . . . Artist, vocal- ist, song writer, orthodontist, musician . . . Wish We could write Natis laugh . . . Pathological liar . . . Cultivated chronic abscess in No. 5 for two years . . . '4Me and Lumpkin are real operators." HENRY FORD TURNER Hanceville, Alabama University of Alabama, AB., 7505 MS., '51, Ph.D., '53 . . . Married . . . Xi Psi Phi . . . Graduated with Honors . . . 4'Ford7' . . . 4'Steelballls7' right-hand man . . . '4You can call ME doctor." . . . The man who apprehended '4Periscope.7' . . . "Pm through getting degrees after this one." . . . Going into G. P. in Huffman, Alabama. WILLIAM MARVIN WADE, JR. Gadsden, Alabama Vanderbilt University . . . Married . . . Psi Omega . . . Graduated with Honors . . . Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Fraternity . . . "Parkinson- isrnw . . . 'CI'mgoingdowntoBrycetoshoWoffmyOK- Ukeyi' . . . '4WaitformeHarrison.'7 Mlgottagostudy- now,can'tletthatdamlivansgetaheadsh . . . Blabiti- blabitiblabita' . . . '4WellBarnettsaidthatblabitblabiti . . . thiswholedarnaoufitischicken -U Going into the Air Force. EDDIE CLARK WALDHEIIVI Opelika, Alabama Auburn . . . Class Secretary 2 . . . Psi Omega . . . g'Eddie, My Loven . . . 'AI-Iollywood Eddiew . . . 'tHigh School Eddiel' . . . Married . . . uI'rn sorry I had to move away from Liles and Booth but my wife donit want me living with those nasty old bachelors." . . . War Eagle supporter . . . "Come on Edikins letls o on home 7, HB0 I reall , g . . . . y, y enjoyed Senior Night . . . tell me . . . what was it like?,' . . . Eddie is one of the Fly boys. JAMES EDWARD WALKER, JR. fllontgomvry. Alabama Huntington College, B.A., '51 . . . Psi Omega . . . Wlfhe Lone Wolfi' . . . He stalks the streets at night . . . MMeet you at the Esquire, Joew . . . HI guess IIII move back to the Psi O house . . . I got my toothbrush hack this morningf' . . . WUIIIIHITIINIIIIIIIII . . . he better check it offg lim not gonna do it again? . . . uljm not datini any more women wrestlersf, . . . L'Boys, Iim too old for that game! ll' . . . Going into practice in the Cow Town. F FRANK WILLIFORD WILLIAMS, JR. Phenix City, Alabama University of Alabama, BS., '5Ig MS., '52 . . . Xi Psi Phi . . . mAh thank ahfll op'n up a whole quadrant this ahftinoonn . . . Won a place on the uFree Listn in a poker game . . . Laweaull, this mawnin' ah cut out a crown prep, two inlay preps, seated all three of 'em, and done a amalgahm while they wuz in th' uhvan . . . '7 M . . . Ah thank ah like that hi' speed, ah thank ahill let ole Max use it on mah tooth ef heis kerfulw . . . '4Me 'an Dr. Hammons went out fore a little whiule this mawnin7 fore daylite and caught ubout uh hunnerd and fo' . . . 7' . . . Bigger mouth than Muntz . . . Ole Frank was undisputed poker playing champ . . . Air Force said they may as well. LILES NELSON WILLIAMS R. , I Morton-, Mississippi Mississippi State . . . Class Vice President 2 . . . Psi Omega . . . f'Mississippi Williams'7 . . . 'Tm not concerned about that Alabama Board, but MAN, I gotta pass that Mississippi Boardi' . . . Had a different disease for each week of the year . . . Known to get Hspasticv when things got rough . . . '4Pat didnit know I wore dentures until I gradu- ated" . . . His working area would get so untidy even MeCulloh would complain about it . . . '4Gad, men, I can't go overseas now! W I just can'tl" . . . '4Booth, this is the last dang time I'm gonna help you when you run outa gasw . . . Going back to Mississippi - to extract teeth and throw ,em out the window on an ole tin roof . . . Has to go in the Air Force first. DR-HARRY HANDS DDS ez ' " 2? f? E' x R Af 12 G 9 Win! Z l .42 ZZ' X y OR 7' V X Q fn' MP1, ff. X XX . , Y-turf' .. f :xii-jpg - - - . fx? lf Lv , U KA fu IN A U, nm 2 fy fvxfbxggyvgq :QL Kwqgxgifxkik A 522551. , , ft A'12xSu-.I-A, I-I 5 'QMQWEQWEF 4 Elia' f . ',H f 1 V 1730 iff 19' Q-Z L gi':,3 ..! X-:.J..s Hows BUSINESS , HARRY I .IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right DONALD W. ENGLEBERT ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, T reasurer RODNEY I. ROBINSON ,,,,,,,,, ,.,..,,,,,,, P resident RUFUS C. DARDEN ,,,.,,,,, ,,,,.,. V ice President WALTER A. WALKER ,,,, ,,,,.,,. S ecretary CHARLES SAM ABRASLEY WILLIAM DAVID ALLCOOD Birmingham, Alabama Fox Auburn, Southwestern Louisiana Birmingham, Alabama Institute, Howard College University of Alabama, BS., '50g M.S., 751 Psi Omega PEDRO T. GONZALEZ BARRIOS MARVIN LEE BARRON Vega Alta, Puerto Rico Spider University of Dominican Republic Section, Alabama Dental School Auburn, B.S., '53 B5-, D-D-S-, D.T. Delta Sigma Delta ' i- f wo IVAN BURTON BRADFORD Madison, Alabama David Lipscomb College WALTER RICHARD BURNETT Puppy Garden City, Alabama University of Alabama, BS., '53 Auburn, BS., '50g lVl.S., ,51 Delta Sigma Delta Xi Psi Phi ROBERT C. CALDWELL 5315736 HAROLD GRAY CARTER Bob Shane University of Glasgow, H.D.D., ,51 Birmingham, Alabama Glasgow, Scotland Auburn L.D.s., ,50 Psi Omega LUlS A. CEDENO HOWELL FRANK COX Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Hollywood B.S., D.D.S. Gadsden, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '54 Psi Omega RUFUS CHESTER DARDEN WILLIAM SAMUEL DEATHERAGE RC Bill Huntsville, Alabama Birmingham, Alabama Mississippi State, Louisiana State Birmingham-Southern Psi Omega Psi Omega fff..,.,, ..v.-W----.......-W ff fwvn.., - f wwwmwwmmmngm , , DONALD WILLIAM ENGLEBERT Engles Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham-Southern, B.S., '53 Psi Omega SAMUEL FRANCIS EVANS Sam Decatur, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '53 LOUIS VINCENZO FARINA WILLIAM LAWRENCE GAFFORD Luigi HOT Birmingham, Alabama Opelika, Alabama Siena College, B.S., '50 Troy State, B.S., '51g Auburn, M.S. 53 University of Alabama, MS., '52 Delta Sigma Delta Xi Psi Phi K E 5 l A E E RALPH WILKERSON CILMORE Gilly Brundidge, Alabama Tulane University, HS., '53 Psi Omega VAN THOMAS GREENE Cangrene Blrmm ham Alabama Umverslty of Alabama B S 53 Delta S1 ma Delta LABRUCE MORTIMER HANAHAN, JR. DONALD SHAFTER HARDEN Bruce Stormy Dothan, Alabama Birminffham Alabama University Of Alabama, BS., ,53 Universityuof Alabama BS. '54 Psi Omega Psi Omega 1, 5 f-mx , ff- ., ff -111f,ww-1m"f-f-If:wh:Mi:,,-wx,1w:ww-,wf:12,4sz,za.w, f WILLIAM LASATER HEMBREE Bill Bridgeport, Alabama University of Alabama, A.B., i51 , Psi Omega AMOS MUNROE JONES, JR. Pete Dothan, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., ,511 Psi Omega JOHN HARRIS JAYNE Heavy Ensley, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., ,54- Delta Sigma Delta ROY RACHFORD KRACKE Roy Birmingham, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '50 Xi Psi Phi CHARLES BARNETT LANIPKIN HI AUCUSTlNE LEWIS LEO Wzlfze Lump lump Lighmin' Tuscaloosa Alabama Birmingham, Alabama Unlverslty of Alabama B S 53 Auburn, BS., '50 Psi Omega J ULIAN LEIGH MOBLEY JR HAROLD EMERSON MOORE Wilsonville Alabama Howard Colle-fe BS. '51 X1 P 1 Phl D3 5 l 5 il an l 1 HARVEY REX NOWELL SAMUEL JOHN OLIVER Rex Sanz Dothan, Alabama Cullman, Alabama Auburn University of Alabama, B.S., '51 Delta Sigma Delta Psi Omega LEON ERNEST PAPPANASTOS JAMES EDYZAIRD PICKLE Pap ic ' Montgomery, Alabama Auburn, B.S., '54 Psi Omega Birmingham, Alabama Howard College, B.S., '53 l JOHN BASCOM PONDER, JR. SAMUEL ENOCH PRUETT, JR Birmingham, Alabama Sammy Birmingham-Southern Decatur, Alabama University of the South University of Alabama OSCAR ERLE RALLS RODNEY JULIUS ROBINSON Uhl Rod Gadsden, Alabama Abbeville, Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '54 Emory University, B.A., '50 Psi Omega Delta Sigma Delta ---V-'T V ,-,,, M-.- -WW..,.w..,.,,m,,,wM,,m,.,,..M,,..,,,,,,,,,.W.,....,,.,..,w...,.WM,.,.,.,...m,..a..,, V , . .H-,W 3, 5 - 5 CARL WYCKLIFE ROSEBROUGH Rosy Fairfield, Alabama Birmingham-Southern, BS., '53 Delta Sigma Delta FRED BRYCE SANDERS Freddie B Scottsboro, Alabama University of Alabama Peabody College, BS., '49, MA., '50 Psi Omega '! 2 E 3 , ANGELO STEPHEN ROUSS Steve Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham-Southern. AB.. ,5l Delta Sigma Delta ALFRED TERRELL SCOTT Ted Birmingham, Alabama Howard College, Birmingham-Southern Psi Omega R r-if 5 l 3 W ILLI NNI OSC NR SESSIONS JAMES HOLI' SIVIONTON Oscar lm C1ancl Daw Xlabama Abbe-vlllo Alabama Umwey m of Xldbama B S 54 Emory Unlvermty Huntm don Colle 0 X1 P 1 lh1 Howard Colle 0 A B 49 X1 P 1 Phl ROBERT DARE SITTASON JR IVAN RAY SMITH B0 Smitty Decatur Alabama Anmston Alabama UH1VPfSlIy of Alabama B S bl ,lacksonvllle State Teachers Colle e A B B S 51 Delta S1 ma Delta X1 P 1 Phl JOHN CLIFFORD STROTHER JC Decatur, Alabama University of Alabama Delta Sigma Delta PAUL CAREL THOMAS Bangor, Alabama Snead Junior College, Howard College Xi Psi Phi rl A MILTON ARNOLD THOMAS Milt Leighton, Alabama Florence State Teachers College, AB., '53 Xi Psi Phi FRANK LANE VINES Mike Birmingham, Alabama University of Alabama, BS., '53 Delta Sigma Delta WALTER ALLEN WALKER GEORGE EUGENE WATSON Walt Mobile, Alabama Athens, Alabama University of Alabama Athens College, BS., '50 Delta Sigma Delta THOMAS BARRY WHATLEY JOSEPH MAROUN ZADEN Buddy-Buddy Birmingham, Alabama Opelika, Alabama University of Alabama, BS., ,52 Universit of Alabama Xi Psi Phi 'Y Psi Omega f 'W' ' ""- 'ff'-'f ' 1 'Y "'L1t" 1 'lt If f-s cfs P K' 3' M C 9 -J Q52 ' ,fn 344 UQ gx X Q X X SR ,, x JA N NEVER SEE .- Q kg.. N AN UPPER DENTURE LAJITH SUCH RETENTlON-- , .J ri ..,1, A-,. CTW 5 5 '3 X V Q ., Eff! ' 2' 'n-512 ' 1 1 K X 4 , 4 . , Z V. fk 1495.3 X Egg ! V 514 A 1 ' Qi o", K X I , . K v 'Er-'X21-lg I k f , - , 1 af I .. K Lvucflimef CAN I BRHNG 'lou ANYTHNNG- xi ,Mas venwuc SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right T. A. SCHAMBEAU, JR. ..S,, S,.,.w,. T reasurer JOHN C. MILLS ..,...,,.., ,,,,,A,,..,.. P resident TOXEY E. DORSETT ....,, ,,A..... V ice President HAROLD E. CLARK LLLLLLL ....LLLLL.... S ecretary ROY WAYNE ANDREWS CHARLES LEWIS BELLENGER GEORGE A. BOOKER Enterprise Birmingham Birmingham Auburn Auburn University of Alabama Xi Psi Phi Xi Psi Phi Delta Sigma Delta NICHOLAS EDWARD BOTTA VICTOR LEON CHESSER HAROLD ERNEST CLARK Birmingham Bessemer MUY'1f0fd Auburn, B.S., '54 Birmingham-Southern, AB., '53 University 0fA1ahaH12l, B-S-, ,50 Xi Psi Phi Xi Psi Phi ROY GLEN COWAN TOXEY EDWARD DORSETT WILLIAM PHILLIP GILLILAND Butler Birmingham Coodwater University of Alabama Howard Collegc, BS., ,511 Auburn Xi Psi Phi Xi Psi Phi Xi Psi Phi JOHN DONALD GORDON CLARENCE HENRY GUNTHORPE WILLIAM ABRAM GURWITCH Ong-Uma Mobile Pritchard University of Alabama Springhill College University of Alabama, B.S,, '54 Xi Psi Phi X1 Psi Phi X1 PS1 Phi ROBERT PHYFER HALL HUGH BROWN HARMON CHARLES LEE HICKS Mobile Garde-ndale Birmingham Mississippi Southern College University of Alabama. BS., '52 UHiVPl'5iW Of Alallfima Xi Psi Phi Xi Psi Phi Psi Omega l w WILLIAM THOMAS HOLCOMB JAMES HENRY HOLLOWAY ROBERT EDWARD HUNTER Birmingham Tallassee Bessemer University of Alabama, BS., '54 University of Alabama University of Alabama, B.S., '50 Xi Psi Phi Xi Psi Phi I l 1 1 l l LOU4 ECHOLS LACEY, III EDWIN GRADY LAMBERTH JOHN FREDERICK I-EMT-ER Wetumpka Alexander City F0l9Y University of Alabama University of Alabama UUiVf1'SiiY Of Alabama, B-S-7 554' Xi Psi Phi Xi Psi Phi RICHARD ZARBELL LOGAN GEORGE HAROLD MANN GEORGE WHEELER MATTHEWS, JR Centerville Brilliant Birmingham University of Southern Calif. Auburn Universit of Alabama BS. ,54- Y a 1 Xi Psi Phi Xi Psi Phi Psi Omega ' Bukit Ai - '- ' - - ' 'l'N"'Wv'-X " Wi "M ' ' ' ' JOHN CARROLL MILLS PAUL GRAHAM MCCLINTOCK, JR. JESSE NEWMAN MCCLUNG Ozark Gadsden Birmingham University of Alabama University of Alabama Birmingham-Southern Xi Psi Phi Psi Omega Psi Omega JOHN FREEMAN NICKERSON WILLIAM ISAAC PERRY PAUL ADRIAN PETREY GHdSdC1'l Childersburg Florala Auburn University of Alabama, BS., '49 University of Alabama, B.S., '54 Xi Psi Phi Delta Sigma Delta Transferred to Medical School Second Semester , WALLACE TALMEG REESE TARLETON ALFRED SCHAMBEAU .IR FRANK WILLIAM SCROGCINS B1rm1ngham Mob1le Decatur BlfH11l'l ham Southern UHIVCISIIY of Alabama B S 54 UHIVCTQIIY of Alabama X1 Pal Phl B S 1954- Psx Ome a .IERALD MITCHELL SHERER THOMAS EDWIN SORRELLS HENRY ARNOLD STALLWORTH Jasper B1rm1ngham MHTIOH UHIVCISIIY of Alabama UDIVCISIIY of Alabama UHIVCISIIY of Alabama X1 PS1 Phl PS1 Omeba X1 P51 Ph1 JULIUS GORMAN STRICKLAND, JR. LYLDON EUGENE STRICKLAND WILLIAM BERTHEL STRICKLAND Alpine Anniston Birmingham University of Alabama, B.S., '49 Auburn, B.S., '54 University of Alabama Delta Sigma Delta Xi Psi Phi GILBERT MANN SULLIVAN JAMES SANFORD WALL, JR. BILL WILLIAMS Birmingham Huntsville Miami, Florida Birmin ham-Southern A.B. '54 Universit of Alabama University of Alabama g 1 y Y Psi Omega Psi Omega Xi Psi Phi X . X X X X i N N M W idfpx RQ in 5 V Xlgfbx Q l ' milf-QQ? SEE! I TOLD You -'-HECS ABSOLUTELY VLA Q xgwc Ky C K1 .Lx qi! Q59 -- i.,.f-ff ' !6 f p?,,4Z4Q4.9l - 'f K 1 NN . fy- ALBERT CAN ENT JUST ABOUT ANYTHING WITH HIS NEW DENTURES "' 191 b FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to right ROBERT M. SUTTON .,,,,,,, ,O Secretary-Treasurer PARKER W. SHAFFER ...,.,, ...,.... V ice President JOHN O. PARRISH .,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,..,. P resident .IAMES DUNCAN AUSTIN, JR. Birmingham University of Alabama, BS., ,55 Psi Omega JOSEPH CECIL BAKER Fairfield Birmingham-Soutliern WILLIAM ADDISON BEALL Luverne University of Alabama Psi Omega GEORGE BEZECNY Charles University, Prague, and Birmingham-Southern HENRY CLAY BRIGHT, JR. Montgomery University of Alabama Psi Omega CARL EUGENE. BROWN, JR. Exel University of Alabama Psi Omega WILLIAM EDWARD BURTON, JR. Tuscaloosa University of Alabama, BS., '55 Psi Omega NED CARGILE Fayette Auburn Xi Psi Phi GEORGE NORMAN CARLSON Birmingham University of Alahama, B.S., ,53 Xi Psi Phi CHARLES ,W. CHAMBERS Huntsville University of Alabama Psi Omega MARTIN KENNETH COCHRAN Birmingham Jacksonville S.T.C., Auburn Delta Sigma Delta OSMUND A. COLEMAN Greensboro Emory, University of Alabama Psi Omega KENNETH WILSON COOPER Birmingham Vanderbilt, University of Alabama Psi Omega GENE MELVIN COXWELL Jackson Mississippi Southern College MERRIDA P. COXWELL Jackson Livingston S.T.C. and Birmingham-Southern JOHN DANIEL CRAWFORD Atmore Auburn ERNEST L. DEBARDELEBEN, JR. Birmingham Birmingham-Southern. Auburn University of Alabama WILLIAM ERNEST DORRILL Troy Troy State Teachers College Delta Sigma Delta WILLIAM JONES DUBOSE lllontgomery University of Alabama, BS., '55 GRESHAM TALMADGE FARRAR Birmingham Howard College Delta Sigma Delta ROBERT CHARLES CRAY Birmingham Oklahoma and Oklahoma A81M Psi Omega DAVID FRANK GREER Dadeville University of Alabama Psi Omega CHARLES CORNELL HILL Birmingham Marion Military Institute Birmingham-Southern College Xi Psi Phi CECIL H. HOLLODAY, JR. Birmingham Howard College, A.B., '55 BOBBY DON HOOKS Gadsden University of Alabama, Psi Omega B.S., '55 ROBERT HENRY HOSEY Tuscaloosa University of Alabama Psi Omega , GHINS JOHN THOMAS HUG Red Level Auburn, BS., '54 Xi Psi Phi THOMAS O. KENNEMER Athens University of Alabama, BS., '55 Psi Omega ARTHUR LEISER, JR. Mobile Auburn, BS., ,55 Xi Psi Phi DAVID CLAY MELLOWN Livingston University of Alabama, B.S., ,55 Psi Omega JIMMY NOLEN NEIGHBORS Alexander City Auburn Xi Psi Phi HENRY EUGENE OHME, III Montgomery University of Alabama Delta Sigma Delta .IOHN OLIVER PARRISH Auburn Auburn Psi Omega ALVIN LAWRENCE PHILIPSON Gadsden University of Alabama WYNSTON EUGENE PITTMAN Anniston Louisiana State University, RS., ,50 Delta Sigma Delta ERNEST GILFORD REINHOLD Montgomery Virginia Military Institute, BS., '50 University of North Carolina, MS., '51 Xi Psi Phi BEN HARDY RENWICK Union, S. C. Wofford College, BS., 549 .IERRY RICHARDSON Jasper University of Alabama, BS., '55 BILLY WAYNE ROE Cropwell Auburn, BS., '54 Delta Sigma Delta .IOSEPH C. SAWYER, JR. Anniston Emory, Iacksonville S.T.C. Delta Sigma Delta ROBERT ANTHONY SCHIFFLI Birmingham University of Alabama, B.S., '55 Xi Psi Phi THOMAS C. SCOTT, JR. Lafayette University of Alabama, B.S., ,55 Psi Omega BERTICE QUINN SCRUGCS, JR. Talladega Auburn Psi Omega .IERRY L. SESSIONS Mobile University of Alabama, B.S., '55 PARKER WYATT SHAFFER Alexander City Emory, Auburn, Birmingham-Southern Psi Omega JERRY SHIVER Brundidge Troy, Emory, University of Alabama CHARLES MCCLAIN SPENCER Tuscaloosa University of Alabama, B.S., '55 Psi Omega WILLIAM ALFRED STARNES Pell City Marion, University of Alabama Psi Omega I I WILLARD RALPH SUMMERLIN, JR. Luverne Univgrsity of Alabama ROBERT MELVILLE SUTTON PHILIP DANIEL TIMBERLAKE Birmingham Birmingham-Southern College ARTHUR CLEVELAND TUCKER, IR. Birmingham Birmingham-Southern College Sumiton Howard College, A.B., '54 ....,.i..,',, HE HAS soon oumme FQRM-BUT we MARGANS BRE SHABB77 . Qiiei, 'X 2 5 4, 1 X M 1 pg f lL155 f ' QQ? L? fl i T S ig L ,I 7 ,ff Ir L ii ' X1-f Q 35 'Lia ze - 15 chow S 'M QONSTES :-- M5 PHIL Purg Has TEETH IN A Guxss QF warm EVERY NIGHT'-" LJELL -HE GOT CONTAQT LOOK AT THAT OVERHANG-9 -B BUT I - v JJ w w W ll-1 fi fi ' QA f V , 9 , I L -T5 f X?" ,- Tj., A ' qw Q7 H-G I J .l.l ff A fix U' " Eff' X F ' ' ' v Q lx 9 X 0 0 ' R'-'- 4 1 i X 'S ' .' 9. I WJ ' X' W :Tl JWX A NL' :Vw x . Q ix M S X x2 C Q73 Xgxu Y! W - M1 W 45 125212 l Q .f 1? ' -A -"'- 2 6.5 - '---' F ' '-Q -.TQQ 'I 'D fx M, ' , , 4 GWE HIM ' D Aw.-1 monk mow TD THA tx FAR D wrt EITH a ! ,Mi 5471.75 A.D.J.H.A. OFFICERS Top row, left to right: BEVERLY SHAPIRO ... .....-. P resident MAY YONGE ,,,, ,............ ., S wefflfy Bottom row, left to right: PEGGY PUTNAM .................. ---f----A- T TGUSUVGV MARTHA ANNE DUFFEY ...... 7.-.. V iCff Pfwidenl IN HISTORY KW' Two years ago this class was a group of wide-eyed and somewhat confused people looking for a place known only as 1135 South 12th Street. Today, the class is a wide-eyed and still somewhat confused group of people, with each looking for a place that now may only be a street with a number. That first year, we trudged to the bus stop at sunrise, and after a hard day in class, we trudged from the bus-stop at sundown. It could only happen to us. After classes had started, we became acquainted with something called the Dentex. We were informed that Dentex would be our playmate for at least the next six months and after that time, if we had successfully learned to mutilate him, we could start on real,-live patients. We'll always remember . . . Dr. Houston's practicals . . . Dr. Charlotte Schneyer's lectures, especially the one in verse . . . the cat that Martha brought to the dorm to study for the gross final . . . May's "private', telephone and bathtub . . . the night Betty ironed the wall . . . Bryncy's sewing - Hbut why must it be so neat?" . . . lroning lessons for Iris and Bev . . . Then suddenly, the year was finished and we were headed for home and a vacation, or a job, or just loafing. Soon the summer was over - the vacation ended, the job finished, and the loafing just stopped. It was September and time to get back to school. This time not wide-eyed, but still a little confused. Oh, joy!! . . . We had moved to civilization . . . we, living in the dorms on Twentieth Street. Our number had been reduced by five. Those five had decided to get an Mrs. instead of a D.H. Things were soon in order and we began seeing patients and going on assignments. This year more emphasis was put on practical work. Someone failed to inform the instructors. A good time was had by all at the party given by the A.D.H.A. at Avondale Villa. "The Game" from Damned Yankees has never been and probably never again will be presented as it was that night. When Spring came, thoughts occasionally turned to a more serious vein. Soon school would be out . . . Graduation, State Boards, and a job. We would take steps forward in achieving our goals. We'll remember most . . . the hours playing bridge . . . gab sessions on the front porch . . . the constant cry - "Where,s the stopper" . . . the expected from Dr. Volker . . . "and Miss DeRing, what do you think?,' . . . Mr. Smith as late to class as often as we were . . . Public Health Trailer . . . Mimi's plans to study . . . and all the good times that we had . . . lt has been two years filled with worthwhile experiences. Now we can see the value of the constructive criticism given to us by Miss Sinnett, Miss Galbaugh and Mrs. Bloom. We feel that through the efforts of our instructors that we are ready to go ahead, but it is with reluctance that we leave. GERTRUDE SINNETT, D.H., B.S. in Ed. MRS- MINNIE A- BLOOM, DH Assistant Professor of Dentistry Instructor in Dental HYSEU67 Director of Department of Dental Hygiene Part Time MISS JULIA JEAN GALBAUGH Fellow in Dental Hygiene JEAN FRANCO BEARMAN Montgomery, Alabama University of Alabama . . . Married . . . "All-vinu . . . 'SAnd my mother-in-law gave me this recipe" . . . 'lDid you-all study?" JANE RUTH BROWN Oxford, Alabama Rarely says a word, but when she does . . . 'Tm going to Miami" . . . Champion Bop artist in the class . . . Hl'll get married in 1958" BETTY BOND Robert Miami Florida Alabama Dental Review 1 and 2 Dentala l . L'I'm just not hungry!" . . . The Miami Kid 'TH vo to work for Eastern if I don't like tooth cleaning." . . . Always finishing something BRYNA LEE DATZ Bryncy Jacksonville, Florida University of Florida . . . Laughs all the time . . . "Bev-ver-ly!" . . . "l'm going to leave my body to science" . . . "Please explain that jokef' "When . . . "Guess l'll have Married 3 if 5 ts NANCY HOOD COPE St. Augustine, Florida Bert comes in this weekend to talk to Miss Sinnettf' l BARBARA ELOISE DERING Tampa, Florida Dentala 1 and 2 . . . "Where's the stopper?', . . "Guess I'll go to Auburn this week-end." . . Usually mixed up in something . . . 'Tm starving to death." LUCY MARILYN DE RUSSY Birmingham, Alabama "We can use my car." . . . Doesnit say much, but Sl167S always there. DONNA JEAN FERRELL Homestead, Florida To be married . . . "Wonderful, just wonderful." . . . Say Jim and watch her eyes light up. OLA F. ELLIOTT Alexandria, Louisiana Didn't mind walking to Five Points . . . HNOW that patient this morning . . . " . . . '4Now if you catch her in a good mood . . " - subtle humor. I s an aWH"""M- IRIS THORPE FRANCO I Miami, Florida, University of Alabama, B.S., '56... Dan's wife . . . ulean, do you put one or two tea- spoons?" . . . Made highest grades usually, but always said that she didn't study. SHIRLEY MAE FORD Tampa, Florida Getting married, too . . . "He's the most wonderful person in the world" 4 . . Floridian becomes Ala- hamian. EK XM BARBARA ANN FREELS Bobbie Greenville, Alabama "I was engaged to him, once" . . . Gone to New Mexico . . . 6'Please let me have late ermission . . . . . , p I haven't seen him in three monthsf WILMA JANE GRIZZARD Griz Another getting married . . . A'Have you seen Barry?" . . . Learning to play bridge . . . g'l've got to Wash my hair, iron a dress, and . . . H ILA CAMILLE HOLZENDORF Mimi Albany, Georgia "Think I'll go to the library." . . . Planned to study every quarter . . . "Where is something to eat?" . . . "Gilly says the cutest things." W. y" EXW 1,, lil ETHEL MAE HILL Jacksonville, Alabama Jacksonville State Teachers College . . . California hound . . . 'gl was sooooo mad." . . . Rumored that she studies . . . 'clf you all don't mindf' """'f...w H L gs? if SUZANNE JOHNSTON Suzie Pensacola, Florida Treasurer ADHA 1 . . . "his a Ceil Chapman." . . . 'gG0odlookin' out of his heady . . . Always with Bruce . . . "He had beautiful manners." EBU 2 ft" ESTER KATHRYN HYER Kitty Huntsville, Alabama nl got a letter, yesterdayf' . . . L'Bobbiel" . . . "When l get back to Charleston . . . 'l . . . 'EH0pe I pass the South Carolina hoard." uH"""' .-...H GAILYA DAWN JORDAN Daybreak Cullman, Alabama Altar-hound . . . HWhen Larry and I get married." . . . Always something cookin' . . . "Whatever you decide, Fm for itf' KARLA NAN KAHRE Birmingham, Alabama uYou-all going to play bridge?" . . . "Are to play softball again next Saturday?" . . ready to provide transportation. GAYLIA MCKINNEY Gay Atlanta, Georgia Tennessee can claim her, too . . . "Now, Mae Waits for the mailman . . . She studies. JESSIE ANN OHME Montgomery, Alabama "Tennis, anyone" . . . Class orator . . . Goes with a man from Auburn. MARTHA JOY NASH Marcy Tampa, Florida University of Tampa . . . Student Council Rep. 1, Student Council Secretary 2 . . . "And bla, bla, bla" . . . Most traumatic experience playing bridge . . . A'Barbara, do you have the stopper?', . . . Call Railway Express, tomorrow" . . . "Get married, me??" BEVERLY RUTH SHAPIRO Bev Miami, Florida Women's College of University of North Carolina, University of Alabama, B.S., '56 . . . Vice President ADHA 1, President ADHA 2 . . . "Wh0's for bridge?" . . . '4Let's go to a movie," . . . Never a dull moment . . . "Bryncy, I do not owe you 35 cents!" BARBARA THOMPSON Chic Opelika, Alabama Student Council, Rep 2 . . . Was never in a hurry to do anything . . . "Well-l" . . . "But, donit you think . . . " . . . "Sho nuff?" S. LUVERNE MCKINNON Birmingham, Alabama Special Student June bride . . . "lt was horrible." ,. . . 'Tm getting out of this place." My application for the New Jersey board is a week late and I haven't even sent it." SCOTTIE MAY YONGE May Jones Jacksonville, Florida Florida State University . . . Secretary ADHA 2 . . . Has a diamond . . . "Better wash my hair and dress." . . . Have a date in 15 minutes." . . . Has she ever been on time? Last row: Barclay, Newby, West, Thurman, Wilson, Postle, Roberts, McKeithen Craige. Middle row: Davis, Mosley, Putnam, Higgins, Kruly, Glick, Hulme, Duffy Front row: Carpenter, Alexander, Meek, Rodenbough, Block, Vevera, Smith, Allen Brown. tvve ot un' - C.O.D. to Atlanta! v Oh . . .how PRETTY!! Just a bummin' around Your time will come Ending it all . , . OK . . . so y0u're next . FRANCES ALEXANDER Frankie Russellville, Alabama, Florence State Teachers College 'LA smile is the trademark of a happy soulf, GLADYS ALLEN Flossie Mae Jacksonville, Florida . . . 'Tull of laughter, full of pep, never quiet, thatis her rep." ALICE BARCLAY Ky Des Moines, Iowa . . . 'The secret of success is constancy of purposef' ELKA BLOCK Ellra Belka Jacksonville, Florida . . . Dentala Staff . . . "Born for success she seems, with grace to win and a heart to hold." JACQUELYN BROWN Jackie Manchester, Georgia . . . i'The best things come in packagesf' E 2 AROL CARPENTER Carp shland, Alabama . . . 'LA good nature is one of the richest fts in life." SHIRLEY CRAIGE Delray Beach, Florida . . . University of Alabama . . . "If eyes were made for seeing then beauty is its own excuse for being." MARYANNE DAVIS Mobile, Alabama . . . Maiden fair, sweet and true . . . what's hidden in your eyes of bluef' MARILYN CLICK The Gliclro Kid Yardley, Pennsylvania . . . "Wit, that can call forth smiles." ARTHA ANNE DUFFEY illman, Alabama . . . Alabama Dental Review, ADJHA :ep . . . Sacred Heart Junior College . . . "Full of fun td a smile for all." 'ill . amz - 9 9 'P Gomg my WHY- - - Yoka Hama Mama Malocclusion S st oil the lD03l Santa's helpers u 5 'Hai 1?2fw1s1 ixsffsgqsagfsz kggfwssfi .mp I-fwyg1ggrzV.fe.:v :lx ws. 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Dentala Staff . . . 4'l.ovely brown eyes, ideas of her own and a keen sense of humor." 'SELINE KRULY Valrico Florida . . "Eat drink and be merr 7 ' 7 7 ya for tomorrow we may dief' KATHRYN MCKEITHEN Kathy Jacksonville, Florida, Wesleyan College Student Council Representative . . . "Happy am I, from care I am free, why aren't they all contented like me." JEAN MEEK Alabama . . . "Brim full of mischief, wit, and as ever a human soul could be." Oh YEAH! ! ! W0 . S I 'gigfle 631' p Ben 1'0f Yxeta 6881 01761 9 Beauty is so painful Sitting pretty Lemonade? 'F ? - xx yew' H L'-desi Y onofee RUTH MOSLEY Alabama . . . "Joy is her motto, friendship her ERNESTINE NEWBY Emy Birmingham, Alabama . . . 4'Nothing is rarer than real goodness." PEGGY RUTH PUTNAM Sheffield, Alabama . . . ADJHA Treasurer . . . "The key to friendship is in her smile." NANCY RODENBOUGH Tess Dothan, Alabama . . . Dentala Staff . . . 4'Small of stature but magnetic of personality." ROBERTS Florida, University of Florida . . . "She can - she thinks she can." CAROL THURMAN Miami, Florida . . . "A manner so quiet, a brain so a better one is hard to find." RUBY SUE SMITH Suzy Q Altoona, Alabama . . . "A merry light gleams from her eyes." CHARLOTTE VEVERA Sunshine Orlando, Florida . . . Dentala Staff . . . "Pretty brown hair, friendly eyes, wonder where her E fortune lies?" CAROLYN WEST 1. Atlanta, Georgia, University of Georgia . . . "A kind heart makes a success." in PHYLLIS WILSON Phil I V Jacksonville, Florida . . . "A friend to everybody, alwayf cheerful and wearing a smile." X 1 f ' V' 3 QE? E sl 2 a, ,Q E ls ' I Q T X i W? I aria? X. sw sa fx EW1 -im .maui '4Man . . . that's smoothn Hygienists . . . before and after testimonial to L'SCl100lh0y Punch" Wave ' Crazylegs tells the one about the travelmg hyglenlst You df0PPf?d YOUT 513555 Where? 1 X 1 1 4 1 ' 7 7 7 ' ' 7---ll-if A1 v mn:i:urx:Y Y 7 -u-ww: an--ov:-az , wmwwmw-Mm-wvwu fm-,mvmwwmmf mum-rl a V ww wwf.-w-AW I Mrs. Bloomis party for the girls 'LBut you can't go swing . . . it's raining outside" Hill Dental Company's senior class feast at Pacific . . . 2 Ivan hid out and had two lunches 0 0 0 ' v 1 1 I Not a swimmer in the + More of the Hill banquet S Senior dinner Seems like all we did had chow by the yard was eat, drink and . ...liveit. ...upl The Champs' Champs . . . Senior MX" Team We renovated the Psi Omega house so that it would look .... ..... l ike this! mwla.!aZa,4,,. Theylre not in dental school . . . but who cares . . . ? Lawson gets out the ZOE so he can take the practical The Monday night executive I I I au' No Comment! l l More of the Hen party at the Bloom's Hollis did his part . . . he came to school!! Hygiene uniform for the summer clinic She makes Buzzy Buzz D1d somebody say PARTY? 771644 Sorry . . . thot you were my wife . thumbs . . . what're you gonna do now . . . punt out??? "Man . , . that's a real ulcer factory up there Keepers of the artificial mouth just wait til he drinks a whole one . . . 0 DeRuSSy plays a fine harp! af 1455 female , , . Hand me and Buzzy were out at the Lodge . . . " Another testimonial to "Scho0lh0y Punch" better than Pamless Parker . . . in case you missed it . . . this is the library Delta Sigs outing . . . Same The "Supe" Bathing beasts Who dat? ? ? ? flrst you carve ,em in wax . . . lookin' for an x-ray with no overhang . . . Q ag 0 fwjofhl 5' C9 031' vols OQBXQYG 'S is W Qveggxfv "Well, l'm jus half trying . . . '6Don't worry, Flash . . . I'm on the MFree', list . . 502 0,4 G . . . O.K. . . . Mobley . . . who's the woman? ? ? ? Chilclrerfs Hospital X-Ray Department I I I Oral Surgery Department Public .Health Trailer Oral Surgery demonstration X-Ray technique Pablo draws one Dr. Day of the Bryce Staff S crgenm v www 55555, 4: R started OH Ca 1m1Y enb I , I e gan to liven up got a little livelier . . . and a little bit wild there were skits . . and toasts . . . These were the renowned "Brown-Nose Fourn . . ww impersonations . . and songs . . . presentations for meritorious service . . . . . animated tributes . . . subtle hints . . . and a special filet for Fritz . . . ? Fritz ai 1-t xiii ,111 H U If k f r S U1 . . . more nonsense by the "B-N" Four . . . G31 , ' at wvfwa , Y OXL ' . 08136003 wx ex 'Lo MNOW . . . that's what I call good anatomy . . . . Wake up, Rush . . . it's for real! ! I! 4 l f 9 and ' It rained on us . . . but nobody seemed to care . . . Student Government Dentala Ala-Dental Review Fraternities OKU Dental Auxiliary 0 THE PURPOSE OF S.G.A. The Student Government Association functions to foster the general welfare of the Student Body, and to facilitate the proper relationship between the students, the faculty, and the administration. The Student Council acts for and by the authority of the Student Body in all matters of legislation. Its power to legislate for the Student Body in all matters pertaining to University activities is limited only by the Con- stitution and the authority of the Dean. Subject to this limitation, they have the power by appropriate act or resolution to supervise, regulate and restrict or in any way modify or alter any and all student activities. JERRY STUDDARD ..,,..,,., 4,.,,..,,,.,, P resident BOB SITTASON ................. ....... V ice President LYLDON STRICKLAND ....... ,,.,,,,,,,,,, T reasurer MARTHA NASH ,..,........ .......,. S ecretary REPRESENTATIVES Charles Parkel Bob Hunter Sam Peeples John Mills Bill Deatherage Charles Hill Rodney Robinson Robert Schiffli Jw yu 1 QASTLEBER R A E TH QWKGH Efhtor ddvgsar OMAS GERALD DICKERSON VAN T GREENE TOM LAWSON Art Edztor Asszszant Edztor Buszness Manager wif M Z NNEWZW M EW N X 1? 5 X X A wwf ' RAYMOND BERLIN Editor-in-Chief W JAMES OGDEN Local Advertising Manager JOSEPH DOLCE National Advertising Manager FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. Sidney B. Finn Dr. Clarence Klapper EDITORIAL STAFF Bill Gilmore Harold Moore John Mills Betty Bond Maryanne Davis Martha Anne Duffey Jerry Black Gerald Dickerson J. F. Dyar Anthony A. Rizzo William M. Wade Liles Williams FORD TURNER Abstract Editor LAWRENCE K. LEVIN Circulation Manager mmm Kappa Zzpaeaw Wdliaaal 'Zfoaafz Umm! ' K RAYMOND BERLIN LEE CONOLY FLOYD DYAR BILL WADE MARSHALL RIN GSDORF n1uiu ww--A-WH M'A-v'-- V'--N' N '- '--' '--v - 'X vX"v 'Xkv N N' 6fX'-k 'Wk k'k'k'k K' 'K K'-nan' 74a amid! fffaxcfcklfcq 31' .. .ai fu sy .4 Y W mga w 4 . W v i ' Y- 245712-.A 1,. Nav xg: sk y gp ff 45, x ww ,- "I, 'W .mil 1 " , -f 922- , , .5 "" 3 4 , A Yi ., H Q Mg .,: A 2 lf , f' '?fffWJQ, A , :gr ,. I Q ,.., F T- s BILL GAFFORD BOB SITTASON Preszdent Vzce Preszdent MARVIN BARRON ROD ROBINSON Secretary Treasurer FRED BICKLEY JERRY BLACK IVAN BRADFORD KEN COCHRAN LEE CONOLY BILL DORRILL TALMADGE FARRAR VAN GREENE JOHN JAYNE REX NOWELL HARRY OHME WINSTON PITTMAN PAUL PETREY MARSHALL RINGSDORF TONY RIZZO CARL ROSEBROUGH STEVE ROUSS LYLDON STRICKLAND JOHN STROTHER FRANK VINES WALTER WALKER BILLY ROE JOE SAWYER pad 0 ":5.f:X A ,ff,X,-,f,f5 , ,.X. ,XX X .fe . X 554aX5w WXXXX f fe Hf X X .XX X ,. , E f 5 ?2 f M 5 .f X 3. k7fgXXL X f 6m ff fe 1 X 7 . 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IWXY' ,X LEVIN LEMLER LOGAN MANN MASHBURN McINTYRE QHYW ww Wbraaaemf .W V wwil x I Iflgk X X 3, w i v, 'Mx Tu gx ,LX ,Xx flQIVN5!T x ' . X 2, . xx 3, I X x X ? ' ' wx Z' ' ' ' x ' Eg I' xx I W I QI Y x x X xXx X x XY XxXxX XXX AE I xii 6, ef 'T I4 SX xx -NX,-x , xx x xxx x x xx I 3 xXx x x x X x Q ws Xx K3 H I I W x X x Xx MN W x XMAS x W xxx xX x x X x xx I X xx ' A 2 Tig X . x4,,QXr,xiFXgXX,X,5Xx . x . f - :W 'Iwi iw MOORE 83 . W fx J 41'xf3Xi3x,gY'x lxwx ,mi HQ x, Q x X2 x 5 X x AUX X x x x X xx Mx I V x ax x x x ,EN X xx x x X x 6 X x x X , XX xx 33' N x X I xx x 1 A ' Cx' 'A ' xfxxx S I ,fx x - 14' 1-Lwfx N PE2fx3Xxx14Xfx -X x xixfxxsxww ,, xx 'm,, :T5xI UxAVxPf'7 Q11 Y . , I my Sf - I xfx. Wu , ' f .5 fifefglxf 'Y ' 805353 SCHAMBEAU SHERER SIMONTON SMITH 'Vw' I 'J' xxx?Tly 24? 1 A13 Wxaxzxkfx ff . f ' xc-I ' 1' -f , x4,. x,g,X x,xx1 gf, I ' x Q :xg xxyxgxup ,M x W 9 X N XXL X x x X Q x 'H' ix' xg ir 5 x xx A., . XM: ' '27 'Vwrik xwx x M fx xx mia- ' wwf? 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We strongly urge you to give them your support and business. THE '56 DENTALA STAFF Selecting Your Laboratory Wilh Denlisls who know values, 'rhe primary consideralion when il' comes +o Laboralory service is lechnical knowledge and skill. Repulalion - "record of performance" is of ulmosl imporlance. Repulalions are buill slowly, over a long period of years by fine qualily and superior service. When il' comes +o selecling your Laboralory, lhe deciding 'laclors are qualily, service, preslige - and olher consideralions less l-angible l'han price, bul much more imporlanl. We have been in l'his business for forly-'Four years: l'his accumu- laled slore of knowledge and experience is a+ your command. ARMSTRONG-SMITH CO. MASTER DENTAL TECHNICIANS Phone ALpin I-767l P. O. Box 9l2 BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA TICONIUM CAST CASES side. now better than ever! You can now after your patients more comfortable, "person- alized" partial or full dentures. Tru-Rugoe cases duplicate each patient's rugae exactly - produce greater phonetics - adapt to the tissue quicker! Ticonium lab rat rie now ' ' o o s use an exacting new technique to duce Tru-Rugae cases! These Ti-Lectro polished cases accu- I od the b th :ss d f rate y repr uce rugae on o the i ue an ongue Each case is made to feel better - fit better - look better. . B T I C 0 N I U M Serving dentistry for 20 years . .. ua N.. I-..ns..,ui....,1, nv. Name .... ,... Address, ..,..,, ..., U E ..., harles icks Dental Laboratory Member ALABAMA DENTAL LABORATORY ASSOCIATION 408V2 North I9th Street P. O. Box 536 Phone AL- I 8873 KATHERINE OLIVER, Ceramist Durallium Licensee INSPECTION INVITED sr!! Your Next Step Toward Success! ...EI B The professional skills you have ac- quired deserve the finest dental equip- ment. A Ritter operatory offers you the facilities for the latest techniques . . . with the maximum of efficiency and ease of operation. Modern Ritter dental equipment gives you much wanted flexibility . . . contributes greatly to that professional atmosphere patients respect and appreciate. While your purchase of Ritter equipment gives you the advantage of all those incomparable features . . . it also offers the benefits of extended, de- pendable service, minimum operating costs and up-to-date features that will endure. The investment in your educa- quipped Uperatory tion will soon be followed by your next biggest investment. . . an opera- tory. Be sure it is a sound investment by specifying Ritter. You'll be glad to know how easy it is to "Start Right with Ritter." The Ritter Professional Equipment Plan enables you to have all the advantages of a complete Ritter operatory. . . with a reasonable initial, and minimum monthly, investment. Then, too, there are the Ritter Office Planning, and the Statistical Service available through your Ritter Dealer at no additional cost. Before you take that "next step toward success," see your dealer for the complete story. RITTER PARK ' ROCHESTER 3, N. Y. HU-FRIEDY PRODUCTS PERIODONTIA ORAL SURGERY GENERAL DENTISTRY HU-FRIEDY INSTRUMENTS are enjoying a World Wide Rep- u+a+ion for precision-in Worlcmanship-Accuracy in Design and High Qualify. Hu-Friedy Ins'Irumen'I's have been designed and manufaciured under 'rhe personal supervision of +he de- signer. Therefore all Hu-Friedy Ins+rumen+s have +he sramp of approval of many auI'horiI'ies in Den+isI'ry. Hu-Friedy InsI'ru- men+s are scienfifically produced and are INCONTESTABLE. Hu-Friedy Producls are dislribuled by all repuI'abIe Dealers. CATALOG BY REQUEST HU-FRIEDY, INC. 3I I8 N. Rockwell Srreel' IHu-Friedy Buildingl CHICAGO I8. ILLINOIS Our re'pu'ra+ion for superior parrials has been esrablished by slcilled workmanship. use of rhe finesf ma'IeriaIs, acquisilion of 'Ihe besl Iaboralory equipment adoprion of +he mosl- accuraie, proved Iechniques, plus prompi- service. NOW. we have furiher improved our faciliries by 'Ihe ins+aIIa+ion of I'he WILLIAMS INDUCTOCAST Casfing Machine, which enables us +o offer you Ihe very 'Fines+ par+iaIs yef obiainable in eirher gold alloys or chrome- cobaI+. Take advanrage of 'Ihe exfreme accuracy of 'rhe precision Fil' of casi- ings processed by Ihe INDUCTOCAST merhod by sending us your cases. BIRMINGHAM DENTAL LAIIIIIIATIIRY 3I6 Lyric Bldg. Birmingham, Alabama PHONE 54-2584 THOMAS BIDDLE WILLIAM BIDDLE P. O. Box 427 Phone 4-0927 BIDDLE DENTALAB Specializing in FULL AND PARTIAL DENTURES 427If2 Souih 2O+I1 Sfreei' BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA TURBIS PHARMACY 73I Soufh 20+h Sfreef Phone 4-I702 SERVING THE MEDICAL CENTER "IT'S TUBB'S FOR DRUGS" CONVENIENTLY LOCATED TO GIVE BETTER SERVICE TO MEDICAL CENTER PERSONNEL LAUNDERER Custom CLEANER THAT EXTRA INDIVIDUAL SERVICE 522 S. 20I'I1 S'I're'eI'-V2 BIocIt Io MecIicaI Cenfe NMWMWWN '11, ',1ll 'ill' 11 113 ill' ll A :ev 4 W Q lx 11 111. ,151 1111-1 31111 , 1.111111-1 H 11 ,, 1 1. 1111 wa: , , ,V,,12 5 .... 111111 111111 1 1 11-1 x,11113ll' .5 1111 as 1. -1 f -111 11132 'ill Q15 -1111flE ' Eg.153 1111l 11 11111' -11 - M . 1111 ?1fWEeEie1a2W?.1pQ .... 2,V Sr? 31 11 5132151 .iw gg E2 li' -A- ff 11? 11 J? L :AA i .:. ,, .1 , , , , ,,,.: X , is 11 ,1,1: A l': 11-2 1 131- 1 ' 1 :::: 44 1 . ,,,::- :s ..': 1 111 ww: 'N :,:-- 1 gl? 1 . 5 11, C 1 ' 111" 111 1- . ..,. , . . . . 11: fzsfg: 31111 111 11' 1 ' ,, , ,,.,Vz ..,. ,X 1.1 , 1151 , M A 1 fe 2 -,I1 ' A1111 ' 2.5: 5211?-i 1sz::::::::,:::' 5,,,i1: -1-11. 111' 111, 1-131515: E," X111 f 11111- 1 1:. .,,,1 . 1 . , ieaasaaaaas. 31111111 1111- '11" 'lillllg fp 111111' ll 111 ' J Q l 1 'if 2 I 11 1111! 1511111 1 -:Ziff 111131 1 '1'1 .11 , I., . 1 1,1,1 ,. 11, .1 1 11'1'1'1' 11 gig? thai? 111 givesd Eprotection against caries fLll3RlQAlED Q AliiNlUNlMED E ANT!-'ENZYMATIC ISODIUM FLUORIDEI iHIGH-UREAl iSLS"'i Super Amm-i-dent combines all three of the recognized methods of reducing tooth decay: fluoride to harden the enamel making it more resistant, high-urea to penetrate to the pulp and diffuse slowly to the surface to maintain an elevated pH, and SLS to adsorb to the enamel and plaque to keep pH above decalcifying level throughout the day and night. No other toothpaste combines these features in a safe, stable form. Only Amm-i-dent offers protection, effective cleansing, and refreshing foaming action. Super Amm-i-dent is a cool icy blue in color and has a wonderful new flavor! You can recommend Amm-i-dent to your patients with confidence, use Amm-i-dent yourself with pleasure. 1 5777711 , 5 ' 2255 ",' "f: I 3 ,llz ,.,. W M71 4 AMM-I-DENT Fon EVERY PATIENT IVAPA, 7 W RED BOX Super Amm-i-dent with Fluoride, high-urea and .fi 1g,23.1 " r ' ,,,. 1 . , M- ami-enxymniic SLS . . . Hor patients over 6 M,,,,-1 ' years of agel. L' I I ,111s ,...,.,,, 1 1 -,-. BLUE BOX Regular Amm-i-den!-high-urea and anti-enzymatic SLS. -I-53' GREEN BOX Chlorophyll Amm-i-den!-high-urea and ami-enzymatic SLS. all T ,,,r Q IE 4 V .- 'mkkitiww .l'l1lIiiEFiM. 0 'Trade Mark for Amm-i-dent brand of Sodium N-Lauroyl Sartosinaie j4l77l7H'd6l7f wc. :msn cm' 2, N. 1. ' S : . . 1' 2 Q i A Tlp for Better Prophylaxls ' 1 1 11j,11?1'?"1t1 1 21121163 fi M-, i ' lf .,-2f 1l1l l l V 15 ggi Vgvnlz 11 1:1 I :Es :LR V1 M 1 , '11 its i,,ig1N1.gQ11111E5, yi 11, L11 ' Q N55 iii'1j,,,,,gQ5gg5 11!fW't' it 1 fill 1 lj 1 itil?i1,M15t1Mwi? The tip developed as the ideal N ll iii! ii , , , , sit! 51 lor stimulation of interproxlmal spaces ,El 5,1 5, ii l,.- Two years of research and extensive investigation went into the development of Fy-co-tip. The high quality rubber is finely bal- anced for flexibility and stiffness to stimulate blood flow in the gingival areas. Py-co-tip is preferred by more dentists than any other brush-affixed stimulator. THESE FEATURES MAKE PY-CO-PAY WIDELY ACCEPTED E F F 1 E Straight, rigid design Small, compact head Bristles uniformly trimmed Proper tult spacing l i ' '11 i l W V Scientitically designed tip 1 . 1 l i 1 1 'L i 1 - Qi 'I For effective cleansing, massage and stimulation, prescribe i 1 i '1 1 Q 6 it .at ,lb 1,1 ,. fl H lllljli my i ii it .l fbi' ig lc? 1 it- !,ll: rg itxmii Q-'Wm Y ,li '11 ' vnu' i 5 ' we 11.1 feftsmiil 1 et 1 i 7 -M fe 'M QE P, y 1 1 I" .Wy-w-pay Toon-:BRUSH with PY-CO-TIP E fl Recommended by more dentists than any other toothbrush Q' Pycope, Inc., Jersey City 2, N. J. f l t lllll Illll , S ' I E E I MI 3 HI-SPEED NEEDLE BALL BEARING HANDPIECE No. 'I0 WITH WHAT IT IS: The Midwest TRANS-SPEED is an efficient speed multiplier, mounted on the .',CI"I0 Hi-Speed Handpiece delivering hlgher usable speed than previously obtained by any other means. HOW IT WORKS: Speed is multiplied at the hand- piece by the mechanical ratio of a small idler, driven by the cord, and transmitting energy at high speed to the handpiece spindle alone. TRANSMISSION FUR HIGH SPEED HIINDPIECES increases hcmdpiece speed at the spindle . . . with no speed increase in idler pulleys on engine arm WHY IT WORKS Higher speed is delivered to the cutting surface because energy is conserved in o slow moving belt and pulley system, result- in in an increase in rotational energy at the spindle. COMPLETE YOUR I-ll-SPEED CONVERSION , WITH THESE MATCHED X ANGULAR ATTACHMENTS -' 2'- r ewrfrff7e:'f?f:v 5'i' f'5i E'if ' i- .215 HI-SPEED BALL BEARING CONTRA ANGLE-N LONG SHEATH TYPE FOR LATCH BURS "' ' ' ygnxmnmlum " ' ' :hmmm in We 4 'T -gif 'A,L -5,l,,E,i,5,5,,?, rv Hx, :-T:-:e : Q, jeigggff,-g5,i,v ,se ,,e,,,j I Moron RATING ACTUAL HANDPIECE lmrrem MOTOR SPEED SPEED 4 500 RPM 5 000 RPM 20000 RPM Hl-SPEED BALL BEARING CONTRA ANGLE T-N FOR TAPERED SHANK BURS I70 ohm resistance! I 175 chin resistancel I250 ohm reslstancel Peak RPM 'Il 000 RPM 41 000 RPM I0pen roslstancel I I I 6,500 RPM 8,500 RPM 31,000 RPM I I Handpieco speed will vary depending an the type and condition oi the mator motor pulley size and the ohms reslstonce used MIDWEST DENTAL MFG CO 4439 W MOTOR RATING ACTUAL HANDPIECE IS. S. WHITE l MOTOR SPEED SPEED 4,500 RPM 4,600 RPM 24,000 RPM 4,500 RPM 6,700 RPM 33,000 RPM 'It a 2114" diameter motor pulley ls used, add ISV. ta handpiece speed. .I- Rlce St Chicago Sl III ' ONE MOMENT, PLEASE... See Your Weber Dealer FIRST, Before You Decide! TH Wllll li ll TAL MFG. CIIMPA Y CANTON 5, OHIO Castle General Vision light. Special reflector gives diffuse room illumina- tion. Adiusts i' for all ce lungs. Castle "777" Speed-Clove. Instru- ments, needles, gloves, compresses sterilized dry, ready to use. Faster than boiling. Fully automatic. for This equipment helps your practice . . . and This combination of Castle lights and sterilizers helps you do the best possible job for your patients . . . and yourself. PANOVISION reduces eye-strain and fatigue. Makes work easier and your day less tiring. General Vision light gives balanced illumination to LIGHTS Castle PANOVISION. Clear, non-glaring light intra-oral vision. Reduces shadow and glare. yo u sta rt keep it growing your entire oflice. Cuts out annoying contrast between bright work area and rest of room. New "777" Speed-Clave gives you autoclave safety at a price you can afford. Safer, quicker, and easier than boiling. Talk to your Castle dealer or write Wilmot Castle Co., Rochester, N.Y. and STERILIZ ERS University Hospital me NEY CHAYES y rec:-:Nic -I Also Ne Ney Ney Bndge Gr Inlay Book Gold Handbook Planned Partials The four Ney publications mentioned above contain basic up-to-date information about Ney golds and dental laboratory techniques. We are glad to make them available because we feel sure that you will find them truly useful in your daily work. We also want to call to your atten- tion the consulting services of the Ney Research and Technical Departments and then, closer to you, the availability of your local Ney Technical Representative. You will find him particularly helpful when you establish your practice. NEY TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVES HOWARD W. ELDRIDGE 12 Ardmore Road Framingham, Mass. NEIL B. SWANSON 713 Graisbury Ave. Haddonfield, N. J. W. SCOTT ALBAN 116 Sheffield Road Columbus 2, Ohio JACK REINHARDT 244 N. lincoln Ave. Park Ridge, Ill. EARL S. KENNEDY 6122 Worth St. Dallas, Texas WARREN T. HAMMOND 18 Mardone Ave. San Francisco, Calif. HARRY E. GOWER 89-51 Vanderveer St. Queens Village, L. I., N. DAVID E. PAULEY Route 321 Winter Garden, Fla. BRENDON B. SCULLIN 14302 Delaware Ave. Lakewood 7, Ohio CART DILLINGHAM Box 2 Kitsap, Wash. ATHOL DICKSON Houston, Texas LOUIS ANDREATTA 1800 Iroquois Ave. Long Beach, Calif. THE .T. M. NEY COMPANY W HARTFORD l, CONNECTICUT stands for Blonde blonde, IF., 4 L L blondus, yellowj, 1. blondg 2. blond, a. 1, having a fair skin, light Cusually bluej eyes, and fair hairg xanthochroic: said of a per- song 2, flaxen or golden, said of hair. .s .. .. .- wnm You spsclrv room sl-:Anas . . . snsclrv B ron BIOFORM . . . and whether your patient is blonde, brunette or redhead, you'1I find there's always a suitable shade for every age and complexion in Trubyte Bioform. Trubyte Bioform shades have a natural, radiant vitality and natural shading which compare most favorably with healthy natural teeth. Your Trubyte Bioform shade guide is the key to the most natural appearing shades in artificial teeth. Start specifying "B For Bioform" today and you'll note immediately the improved esthetic appearance of your complete and partial denture cases. TRUBYTE BIOETMG THE Fmsr vAcuuM men PoRcel.AlN Teen-I ASK YOUR TRUBYTE DEALER io show you the "'0 fe""'eS0' me nsrmsrs' suPPl.Y COMPANY of N. Y. Tfubyfe Bi0f0l'm York, Pennsylvania K Color Superiorify" s' Hospital Veteran Zac Smith's hos successfully served the Sunny South for over 73 years -wifl1- Sfafionery Supplies for Home and Office -Specializing in- General Fireproofing Company-Sfeel Office Furnifure and Equipmenf Mosler Record Safes-Money Chesfs Wood Office Furnifure Qualify Prinfing in our Modern Planf Engraving of Fine Qualify -ll? TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU 608 Graymonf Ave. 20l4 lsf Ave.. N. For Easy Parking For Downfown Convenience ZAC SMITH STATIONERY CO. 53-352l Owned and Operafed by fhe same Smifh Family in Birmingham for over 73 years .. . 1, . ., ,.,, ,. .,.. . . ,, , 4 STORES 4 FINE STOCKS The ability to serve begins with these four stores -all well sfockecl. Reading from top left they are: THE COLLEGE BRANCH DOWNTOWN BIRMING MONTGOMERY MOBILE Your visits to any of them are always welcomed. Today's P 52W Service to the Dentol Profession hos been our pleosont responsibility tor mony yeors. And we ore olvvoys striving to serve better. We con ossist you with 0 Loccil Studies 0 Office Designs and Plans o Equipment Selection 0 Professional Finance Plons 0 Quality Dental Supplies 'A' Territory Served Stors inclicote stores ond stocks. Representatives coll frequently throughout this cureo. ing Tomorrow's Profits BIRMINGHAM MONTGOMERY MOBILE I J I lil -nuiTnTu1n1n1l1l 1 I I Florence . t I ! Tuselo i Huntsville d x I i Gadf en X M I S S l , Birmingham X Columbus I xx R I Tuscaloosa ! A L A B A M A 3 Meridian g MOHtg0meW X 4 '. 5 1 ! I l I Dotnan ! i rlQljl1lil-I . Mgbie x' Pensacola F L 0 R I D 3' 9 Q -5 lzanama City "Always Ahead with llae Best in All Phases of Laboratory Work" wx9EonfI'o, of Q . Q I , ,HM - Z o,9 X lnanmi YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO VISIT OUR LABORATORY AT ALL TIMES 'A' OUR UNEXCELLED QUALITY ASSURES SATISFACTORY RESULTS DENTAL TECHNICIANS P. o. sox 1163 BIRMINGHAM I,ALA. Phone 4-5475 9 VITALLIUM LUXENE Q REYENTION :gs CHNIQ Thank You for Your Patronage STATE DENTAL 50V2 S+. Francis S+. MOBILE, ALABAMA P. O. Box l62I Pho. HE 8-4566 Start Your Personal Laboratory Right- wiI'h Ihis JELENKO PRECISION CASTING EQUIPMENT and USE These 3 JELENKO GOLDS They Meer AII Cas+ing Requiremenis TYPE B-MEDIUM HARD' M for M.O.D. 8. Simple Inlays.. TVUCWE' REG. U.S- FA1. OFF. TYPE C-HARD' nes. u.s. sn. err. Abufmenfsl JELENKO NO.: The CAST GOLD Pat an of Casting Golds. ,,,G,u.s,,A,,o,,I for Purfiuls, Bridgework, Clusps, Bars'SaddIes. I' Certified A.D.A. 0 W Ie for CompIe+e Ifiue and Lisf J. F. a CO., n ormaiive . ' ' T Mica, Lnemure oen+.?I. Golds 'O SPOCIBIIIGS Available Precision Cashng Equlpmenr ' 627 Sou'I'h 20+h S'I'reeI I36 Wes+ 52ncI S+ree'l' 0 New York I9. U.S.A. fi? ' Q 'THERMOTROL JUNIOR The Den+is+'s Personal EIec+ric Melfing and Casiing Unif. I , . 1 Complimenls JOSEPH FRANK, D.D.S. Dental Supplies For Dependable, Courleous Service" Suile 300 Exchange Bldg. NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE Phones: CH 2-2900 or CY 2-0353 lt's NEW . . . lt's MOBILE . . . lf's an AMERICAN CABINET! ,.w.., ,M lexus. lf. -CQ: it . if T 4 I i i' i- 5- ,,,'f li 'ni-1. dm-.0 xl 1 Ne styling new colors pmctical W , , 1 mobility, work-saving features pro- f s ' I hf ' ci e ex ect e siona men .ue cm to p in American Cabinets. Think of the convenience-visualize it in your new office-ask your cleuler to show you American Cabinet No. 180. No wonder more dentists use Amer- ican Cabinets than any other make! H 0 MANUFAC Two nivs -I Durr Surgical Supply Co. 627 Soulh 20I'h S+ree+ BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA A Dependable Source of Medical and Surgical Supplies and Equipmenl' Since I896 BIRMINGHAM MONTGOMERY FIVE PolNTs BARBER SHOP I026 SouI'h 20+h Sfreel' Eigh+ Barbers Io Serve You MOTTO: "I+ Pays +o Look WeII" BERMANS STORE NO. 3 l800 FourI'h Avenue, No. 7-I422 MEDICAL AND DENTAL UNIFORMS SOCKS AND SHOES Names LeH'ered Free Charge Accoun+s Inviied CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS PRACTICE SeIecI' your Labora+ory wI+I1 'rhe same iudgmeni' you use In seIec+Ing your office. Here a+ EANES we offer a compIe're Labora+ory service of 'Ihe I1igI1esI' 'I'ype. QUALITY PAYS EAIIIIIS LABUIIATUIIY CIIMPAIIIY Phone 4-5526 P. O. Box I030 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Indiddual AttenHon to Your Problems SERVICE ,prism 'Y W ,,A. .. A "IT PAYS TO DO IT RIGHT' We can do your prosthetic cases right-because vve use only: I. Experienced, qualified technicians in each department. 2. The exact materials that you specify. 3. The correct technique for each individual case. 4. The best equipment available for the iob. Therefore your work is in good hands when sent to us for this is a modern up-to-date dental laboratory, employing only skilled tech- nicians, dedicated to the service of the dental profession only. Our personnel have a combined total of 204 years of experienced service. It will be a privilege and a pleasure to serve you. You are cordially invited to visit and inspect our laboratory at anytime. We offer a complete laboratory service including Durclllium cast partials. SIIU'I'IIERlIl DENTAL LIIIIIIRI-ITIIIIY 17295 THIRD AVENUE, NORTH Phone 3-6319 --- P. O. Box 42 BIRMINGHAM I, ALABAMA THE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER BOOKSTORE A Complete Line of Books, Supplies and Instruments for Students of the University Medical Center LOCATED BASEMENT OF BASIC SCIENCE BUILDING FriendIy Soda Fountain Service to the Medical Center SANDWICHES. SOUPS, SALADS, SOFT DRINKS. SUNDAES, LIGHT LUNCHES MRS. VIVIAN J. DAVIS, Manager C P'e""enT5 Of: 093 RGHCA ,yea S mo f esfau ram'- H'GHWAY 5 DELICIOUS SANDWICHES BAR-B-Q and DRINKS Open Seven Days a Week THE VARSITY DRIVE-IN 20I6 7+h Avenue Sou+I1 ADJACENT TO THE MEDICAL CENTER For Exper+ Barbering Services +o Alabama S+ucIen+s and Personnel THE MEDICAL CENTER BARBER SHOP Across 6I'I1 Avenue from Hillman CLOSED WEDNESDAYS 530 20I'I1 S'I'reeI' SouI'I'1 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA LAMBERT at BROWN MOTOR COMPANY HALL'S "Serving Dodge, Chrysler, PIymou+I1, DeSo'ro Owners Since l934" Service and Parfs for AII Makes Cars BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS 0 CAR REFINISHING I924 Six+I1 Avenue, Sou+h PHONE 4-3453 Five Poin+s Exchange Bank Building "ExcIusive bui NOI Expensive 2006-8 Ten+h Avenue, SouII1 BIRMINGHAM 5. ALA. putt 4-9- 1 O" 5. if-f I s ML.- LI Il 15.15 "one of your cousins done i'I"' - LITHOGRAPHED BY TA LOR PUBLISHING CO. lffflpl DALLAS 0 TEXAS The Bes1 Yearbooks are TAYLORMADE v"31v,,,v' 'Eli'-'5 ' -:-I-' ,L 1.2. tm. 'H!'2"2' Mwyww' .J,.',Q7lHiljv 'EMM ff ' ..5g:f. i 1 5 1 1 If , . A I

Suggestions in the University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) collection:

University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 7

1956, pg 7

University of Alabama School of Dentistry - Dentala Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 66

1956, pg 66

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