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1 I F . 1 1 H v H i 1 T 1972 ALABAMA COROLLA TABLE OF CONTENTS IMPRESSIONS PAGES 4-43 ADMINISTRATION PAGES 44-79 • m • 1710 m n WMIIM n ■ Mi » TM. ro„ H Tn,K„, Wm i?m m 1 »,nH| m. . m ' ' m i . TheTuscaloosa News l M PEOPLE PAGES 80-159 FEATURES PAGES 224-259 GREEKS PAGES 260-355 ORGANIZATIONS PAGES 356-419 e ■k DIRECTORY PAGES 420-511 INDEX PAGES 512-560 A new youth reaches out to grasp understanding. This understanding not only feeds a hunger for knowledge, but also intensifies this hunger. The University of Alabama plays a part in the universal quest for knowledge. As Alabama grows, acres of land are encompassed in its campus. Steel and glass structures rise from these acres. With the con- struction, the enrollment continues to grow. Students come, eager to experience life and to discover things for themselves. As they pursue their goal, their beliefs broaden, mature . . change. Their minds grow restless with the curiosity of youth. and Their first years are spent adjusting to the new environment. Their ad- justment is a learning experiment. Social experience follows the acqui- sition of confidence. As upperclassmen they realize that one phase of learning is at hand; yet the beginning of another is still awaiting them. ipocl BoP m UNIVt THE COMMUNITY . . . Tuscaloosa has had to expand with the ever- changing University. The public ' s sentiments seem to shift with the trends at U of A. Each new year brings with it new students with new ideas and aspirations. A blend of the new and the old is necessary in creating an environment acceptable to all. I ' m surprised when I return every year to see the number of new shops that have appeared around campus. New clothes bring new temptations and money seems to stretch less and less. That ' s the price one must pay for convenience. w. ■ » ■ . !%- m-i b t» k 3 ifc Br; ' J ' . ' ' • a rliP- «. I All T i j p - lyP m 1 F 1 si ■i 1 ' ■v 1 m i 1 mm 1 ' .; v r THE UNIVERSITY . . . I took a walk around campus the other day. I walked the same places I did four years ago when I was a freshman. Parking lots and buildings have replaced the trees. The con- stant flux, the ever-changing face of the campus symbolizes to me a changing life. I learn to appreciate the ordinary things because tomorrow they may be gone. The joys of today are replaced by better things. Memories are sweet but they ' re also fleeting. A growing university taught me to live for the future. Aiy perspective of the school changes with each new addition. It ' s like something stable, something permanent is added, and I must do my part to contribute something. I see a new building and I know this was built for me, so I can have the bene- fits of it. I become prouder and more determined to take advantage of the facilities around me. I want to show I appreciate these additions. HARD HAT AREA NO EXCEPTIONS ■ H[ B 5L_itfii Hife i 1 li K J-.J ' " ■PQV L A I «- tau fey»-. - J ;?«f ses fumi ffw ry ss ! -; •heart Of 01 63-2A10 il O ALABAMA HMES HYLOB CHECK CHECK I5MIN. PARKING v8AM. 5RM, As a teacher I ' ve seen the change in the students here. They are more serious in their studies, they enjoy and appreciate good times too. They ' re under pressure everywhere — among themselves and from the outside. They ' ve got more to learn than I did at their age. But they can handle it. They ' re a new genera- tion with a new outlook. I look at them and find that they have great abilities. I have the utmost confi- dence in them. I came to Alabama hoping to instill in my students a real enthusiasm for learning. My big surprise was in learning that many of them already had this enthusiasm. It wasn ' t that way when I was in school. We worked more for grades than for knowledge. I ' ve noticed a change in the caliber of students and the feeling they have for each other. They ' re saying " I ' m mature. I can think and func- tion and act. " They ' re proud and confident. They have a strong sense of identification with each other and a sense of pride in them- selves. Through this pride they have learned respect for others. They recognize the similarity of their goals. M ■••■ ' i ::..;. Alabama keeps building and growing; changing and expanding. I still enjoy a casual walk on the quad. It represents a sense of stability on this everchanging campus. THE STUDENT . . . M perspectives of the students around me have changed. At first we were merely friends,- but with the education, they ' ve changed. I respect them for their opinions. It ' s fascinating to see people develop into adults, with intelligence and their own special talents. I guess I ' ve changed too. But it ' s a gradual change. Maturity and education sort of seep into you. Before you know it, you ' re Somebody. In a university the size of Alabama, there are many types, each with his own special fasci- nation. My " ideal " has changed countless times. But at last I ' ve found what I ' m after. The thing that has changed the most is the type of people I used to associ- ate with and the ones I associate with now. When you ' re exposed to new ideas you sometimes shrink away. That ' s what I did. Now I ' ve found real satisfaction in shrugging off the hy- pocrisy and pretense with which I used to live. The people, the contacts here, are the most important thing to me. If one un- derstands people, he can do well in whatever he attempts. Everything around here is always on the move. Hurrying to classes, running to the post office; students are rushing to go someplace. I wonder if they have ever stopped to think where they are going, or are just caught up in the action. I ' m always going someplace. My parents seem to think its just classes and studying. There ' s so much to enjoy here . . . lots of people and lots of places. I always pictured college life as being sort of a frantic race with people running from classes to dates. It ' s even more true than I ever thought. We ' re always going somewhere while wishing we could stop and rest for a few minutes. One just can ' t help getting caught up in the rush around this place. 4 All the girls rely on males for their en- tertainment here. Weekdays, and es- pecially weekends, life just seems to revolve around dates. M concept of freedom has changed. Here, whatever happens is because of what I do. I organize my time, choose my friends, study what inter- ests me. I can appreciate freedom be- cause I ' ve just become aware of it. It ' s easy to abuse, but I think I ' ve fi- nally learned to use it profitably. I guess you could say I ' ve become a realist. I see now what college is real- ly like. I have to fight all the way and that isn ' t always enough. Luck deter- mines a lot of my grades as well as the success I may have in my social lih. Many people say that after being in college for a few years they don ' t think grades are as important as they did when they first entered. They think they learn more from the cultur- al, moral, and social aspects of the school. I think a good student is one who can keep all these things bal- anced. He strives for the best possible grades yet he is aware of the many things he can learn other than in the classroom and in books. The perspective, that is my relation- ship with the world, has only re- cently struck me. I ' ve realized that I can dissent if I want to instead of accepting everything the way I did formerly. It ' s a great feeling to object and know that something may come of my objection. My views have changed from some- thing bordering on awe to a sense of identification. When I was home I listened to my family ' s political views. I never had to think for myself. Now I ' ve talked with people who have different ideas. I ' m doing my own thinking. I don ' t think it ' s right for a person to fight for something he doesn ' t believe in or has never really thought about. A democracy has to allow some room for dissent. College seemed like something al- most intangible before I came here. Now it ' s real but also somewhat disappointing. It was glorified then, it seemed glamorous, but now it ' s just a lot of hard work. I suppose it ' s worth it, but sometimes I won- der. I ' ll find out soon enough if col- lege is the " golden key " after all. think there is a lot more student involvement now than in previous years. Not only more school spirit in football games and athletics, but more concern as a whole. Just in the last year I ' ve noticed a change in the perspective of everything. At a football game, for example, I look from one end of the stadium to the other and see 58,000 persons. Looking over the campus I see new buildings where nothing existed last year. It ' j henomenal. Stu- dents become aware of the pt stige of the school. Students provide actiigJiek for one an- other in all seasons. Students strike out for a voice. Most universities have a reputation for one thing or another. Here at Alabama students create their ov n fun. There are always plenty of parties which allow a relaxed flow of information and casual conversation in an uncontrolled atmosphere. As the years passed in college, I happened to realize that I was spending more time studying. But I liked the subjects, so I didn ' t mind the extra time. Thank Cod for those study breaks, though. ff ■ r When I graduate from Alabama, I ' ll try to think of the things that meant the most to me. I ' ll always re- member the big campus events, but the little things will mean more. The friends I made will last a life- time. I suppose that ' s what college really means to me . . . lasting friendship. • v r -■■■ y -fm: Edited by Joan Baqqef Education is a social process . . Education is growth . . . Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. JOHN DEWEY 1 m 46 Administration LEGAL AID CLINK MR.SAMFORD Administration 47 ' -! «« ' -T- .r- -■■■». -. ijiayOT jgte s t iw-VM x UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA UNION BUILDING- AIDCD BY $4,000,000 FEDERAL LOAN C XUGE HOUSING PROGRAM •. ?J ' OJECT NO. " ,H-ALA- IOC ( S ) EMT rJP pA I - »ID rmi DEVEUMEMT Administration 49 50 Administration Administration 51 President David Mathews The University is very proud of its president. Dr. David Mathews, who has shown much leadership and progress in the relatively short time that he has served. Dr. Mathews was installed as president in 1 969, moving up from the position of Executive Vice-President, which he held from 1 968- 69. Presently, he also serves as a lecturer in the department of his- tory. Originally from Grove Hill, Alabama, David Mathews received his B.A. and M.A. from the University of Alabama, and then went on to receive his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1 965. A few of his many honors and activities include Phi Beta Kappa, member of the Board of Directors for the Alabama Division of the American Can- cer Society, State Chairman of the March of Dimes Campaign 1 970-71 , and member of the Executive Committee of the Southern Regional Education Board. Dr. Mathews was the recipient of one of the awards given to four " Outstanding Young Men " in Alabama by the Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1968, and was named one of " Ten Most Outstand- ing Young Men in the Nation " by the United States Jaycees in 1969. The University is fortunate indeed to hove Dr. Mathews as its presi- dent. His lovely wife and two daughters complete the picture of an ideal university president. Administration 53 Governor George C. Wallace George Wallace began his political career as Assistant Attorney General to Governor Chauncey Sparks. He first ran for a seat in the legislature at the age of 27. His horizons began to broaden and he became interested in national politics. In 1948 he was a delegate to the National Democratic Convention; and in 1 956 he served as Chairman of the Southern Delegation Platform Commit- tee. His first attempt at the governorship in 1 958 was unsuccessful, but in the 1 962 Gubernatorial Race, he won, receiving the largest vote ever given a candidate for governor in the State of Alab ama. He was inaugurated, January 1 4, 1 963, and became the 46th Gover- nor of Alabama. He has now served two terms as Governor of the State of Ala- bama. From the State Capitol, Wallace now continues his pro- grams of economic, educational and social growth. BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Benjamin B. Gravel, Joieph F. Volker, Tommy Wells, John A. Coddell, Winton M. Blount, Thomoi D. Ruttell, John T. Oliver, Daniel T. McCall, Thoma S. Lawton, J. Rufui Bealle, Ehney A. Camp, Erlt F. Paul, Samuel G. Hobbs, Ernest G. Williams, David Mathews. 54 Administration Richard A. Thigpen, Executive Assistant to the President Floyd H. Mann, Special Assistant to the President for Community Relations Joan D. North, Special Project Assistant T. Sharpton, Special Assistant to the President for Junior College Relations Administration 55 Joseph A. Jackson, Acting Director of Libraries Richard V. Gregory, Director of Development Roy W. Kiliingsworth, Director of Physical Planning and Facilities Joseph T. Sutton, Vice-President for Institutional Studies and Services 56 Administration Larry T. AAcGehee, Academic Vice-President Fred L Drake, Comptroller and Treasurer J. Rufus Bealle, Executive Secretary to the Board of Trustees and General Counsel Administration 57 Janws C. Wilder, Diractor for University Relations Jefferson J. Coleman, Director of Alumni Affairs Beverly M. Leigh, Director for Safety and Security SB Administration Col. Bill R. Blalock, Professor of Military Science Col. Robert A. Jackson, Professor of Aerospace Studies Administration 59 Thomas W. Christopher, Deon of the Low School Joab L. Thomas, Dean of Students Hubert E. Mate, Dean of Admissions and Records James D. Ramer, Dean of the Graduate School of Library Sciences 60 Administration Eric Baklanoff, Dean for International Programs Neal R. Berte, Dean of the New College Golen N. Drewry, Associate Academic Vice-President and Dean of Extended Services Charley Scott, Associate Dean of the Graduate School Administration 61 John S. Fielder), Dean of the College of Commerce and Business William Edward Lear, Dean of the College of Engineering Mary A. Crenshaw, Dean of the School of Home Economics «2 Administration Paul G. Orr, Dean of the College of Education Howard B. Gundy, Dean of the School of Social Work Douglas E. Jones, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Administration 63 Arts and Sciences SCHOOL OFFICERS: P. King, Secretary-Treasurer; H. Luscher, Vice-President; T. Hones, President. 64 Colleges OD HALL 1028 NAMED IN HONOR.; ' OF - . COOD. PROFESSOR OF ECONOMIC MVERSITY OF ALABAMA..1913 — -■ N OF THE SCHOOL ' of Commerce and Business SCHOOL OFFICERS: F. Stimpson, Vice-President; R. Lee, President. Not pictured: A. Brown, Secretary- Treasurer. Colleges 6S raoi irikTA.vjri Education Nml2 Nov 17 -• • -• • — • • ♦ • Fu ItonCounty 6w iGecr8 i j « » INTERVIEWS RccrMit«r« froin KtMteoht |n»«Mt »r« gHtiK )em will hold int«r j l«M»n oncamput Hfih pr««p ctiv« [•ppltcmtv A| pcirt(i««nt« mu%1 ba Urr«ng5 i bcf«rr«ih lay«ri[4erY«Ht | il5 Detalur, Alabanva g cKaibGxri iMiGa — fiS fCoMP SCHOOL OFFICERS: T. Drummond, S«cr«tary-Tr«a urer; B. Allen, President; P. Fountain, Vice-President. 66 Colleges Home Economics SCHOOL OFFICERS: C. Dyar, President; J. Jones, Vice-President; J. Baggett, Secre- tary-Treasurer. Not pictured: M. Guthrie, SGA Representative. M0N0PRINT5 CRAFT5-:0 Colleges 67 Ill.1lp1i Social Work l«ORK ROOM lis 114 SUMRiOJL EONAROS BAUMHOVER 816 814 M Colleges Engineering SCHOOL OFFICERS: A. Henry, Secretary-Treasurer; B. Boykin, Vice-President; M. Trimm, President. P ' Colleges 69 Graduate School SCHCX3L OFFICERS: G. Do»$, President; R. B. Rob- ertj, Secretary-Treasurer. Not pictured: G. Banton, Vice-President 70 Colleges V A •- " v L • « School of Law LAW SCHOOL OFFICERS: R. Williams, Secretary-Treasurer; D. Rowe, President; S. Cosh, Vice-President. g H xRVARD LAW 9 KVIEW HARVARD ■ LAW REVIEW mm •■■ r OL. 51 37-38 VOL 52 1938-39 mm - ' -. « , 1 College: s 71 New College SCHOOL OFFICERS: J. Pumilio, Vice-President; M. Barnes, President; M. Pike, Secretary-Treasurer. NEW COLLEGE 77 Colleges The Tutorial Assistance Program is an organization through which University students tutor high school and junior high school students in every subject taught at the secondary level. At present, the program operates at Druid High School, Boteler Junior High School, and Westlawn Junior High School, with hopes to add more schools in the near fu- ture. Students who participate in the program receive a reward- ing, enlightening experience In helping the tutees, who oth- erwise would n ot be able to receive tutorial help. We of the program feel that if we con bring tutorial assistance to just one student, our program will be worthwhile. TAP Board members for 1971-72 include: Lino Gutierrez (chairman), Tuscaloosa; Joe Pumilio, Birmingham; Kothy Am- erine, Washington, D. C; Jan Haynes, Talladega; Dennis McMillan, Birmingham; Bob Bamburg, Mobile; Winn Ryan, Jacksonville, Florida; Lorry Auerboch, Biloxi, Mississippi; and Will Femiany, Mobile. Army ROTC 74 Colleges Air Force ROTC Colleges 75 Special Programs Today ' s student is more aware of the real and changing world outside his artificial campus envi- ronment. As a result of this awareness, students are becoming more involved in programs designed to give them a broader and more realistic view of what ' s going on in the world. In accordance with this, the University of Alabama offers various pro- grams in several different fields of study to stimu- late the student ' s intellectual awareness. Many students are unaware of the special pro- grams and activities which are made available to them in the various schools on campus. A few of these programs are mentioned in this section to il- lustrate the educational opportunities made availa- ble to the students outside the classroom. Field Geology European Field Tour Arboretum 76 Colleges Environmental Geology Colleges 77 Latin American Studies Program 78 Colleges Crisis Center Colleges 79 Edited by Carey Harrison 84 Student Life 88 Student Life 1™ i p?1 1 Jl ' 1 1 i Im- i J WKJt 1 Ml S K " I Student Life 89 ,4 I m H - ' iL i ' - . t : " " ' . ■. ' ' ' ■■ ' ' ' Vi garned ife. 92 Student Life Marriage really isn ' t such a drastic step, commented o UA coed who recently made the switch. Of course, a few adjustments had to be made. For example, a roommate was no longer temporary and dis- pensible. In case of disenchantment or disaster, there was no simple parting. Getting along became crucial. Instead of living in a nice apartment with a group of room- mates of his own sex, the married student lived in a clean, but dilapidated, house with one roommate of the opposite sex. Household habits changed. New wives were expected to cook three meals a day. New husbands expected to eat three times a day. The old try-it-out-on-the-roommates trick was outlawed. Housecleaning lost its hodgepodge charac- ter, laundering became a regular activity, and housekeeping ceased to be a game. Being married saved a lot of time which was usually wasted watching the opposite sex, worrying about the opposite sex, flirting with the opposite sex, arranging encounters with the opposite sex, and in short attempting to attract the opposite sex. Married couples concentrate on each other. Socializing became more focused. Married students still feel a port of the University; however, their interests often shifted. Instead of taking part socially, they found themselves more academically inclined. Gradua- tion and degrees became major attractions. Studies became urgent. Marriage marked the end of a solo and the beginning of a together time, a sharing time. Joy became the most impor- tant consideration. Student Life 93 94 Student Life Student Life 95 Student Ufa 97 98 Student Life W l M ..VA B MAf ulAhiA dLmJU oJUjucL k4uu o kJL y 4 jJUL AJUxJL tAA;t y omIL uhJLuj x k A " Wl ' tTU t A« -t443t. ir p;; uu ?::ri 1 ' •■ i ' ' • . ■ ' Siu Twmj -I-J----J- , 1 . » liijiaiM I ALABAMA fVf I % 102 Student Life Student Life 103 parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parkin parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parkin parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parki j,|ing parking parking parking parking ' parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking t! " 0f WJ, , J «inq porking parking parking parking porking parking parking parking ' parking parking parking ' porking parking ' parking parking ling parKng parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking parking 2 MK ill ' li B ■i ;? 110 Student Life Student Life 1 1 uf ELVIS PRESLEY Emphasis The Who •- ' • r T» w g I - 1 ■ " - " k 1 1 1 N IC 1 Fn 1 1 ■ f r ll Student Life 115 " alab - umvcYum center presents ■ v ' n:m EC cket seal iilIlM iOMer ocnc c utc i£ir book sto c tapft v;llace cmo t. wa i ) ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALL OWED IN STAD IUM No Glass, Metal or Similar Containers Allowed In Stadium raiSSiSii 118 Student Life Student Life 119 HOMECOMING 1971 Homecoming lai ,, ' ' ' -. ■■ : M- ' . . P: ■■- s Pi h ' ■•• -SC??; ry • %»■,}. t y y " h " ' ' H) . •V. . - ' 5 ' " " " 0- .»i: ' - ii % .4 - ». 4«W« V ' ' « ' - ' ' ' ' .»s x i ' ii ' m " ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' - ' - ' ' •rSi " SE 1 1 : %i A 126 Student Life s Student Life 127 - - USJft. »it i»a ' H . - » -. ' -.—f ' l.isiuJjfi V I- ■ y V ' n ' 1 It ' u II Student Life 1 29 130 Student Life Student Life 131 6i Th ompany Student Life 133 134 THE COMPANY THE COMPANY 135 13« Student Life Student Life 137 .. -m ■i-... %; Earlier, I found thot I simply could not folk to my friends. By putting myself away from everyone. Off in my own little corner of the world, I lost touch. With everyone, with myself. I thought I knew what I wanted. Oh well . . . I ' ve been wrong before. I realize that isolation is never an answer. People must relate to each other if they want to be productive to feel fulfilled. ' lfl W.1 --- f ■ i t H " ' ' ' :M i f • as y f t f —ar 142 Walk-A-Thon Wafk-A-Thon U3 :t I i 146 Student Lite Student Life 147 148 Student Life Student Life U9 ' - ' " SfciC ; ■ " - ' • " ' . 150 Student Life Student Life 151 THEATRE " 2 University Theatre University Theatre 1 53 i{: University Theatre " K,« _f ' v ' 158 University Theatre II University Theatre 1 59 Edited by Bill Coats •? m t ' f g lfic Tide Topples Trojan:. 77 10 ] k TUM.llu.,.,, ,, ,s W ;.wrs.-.i .-. ' :, , i. AV »» . " i;.,- — -it TheT ' -. J • . ' M m _J L ' ' °°°°s 162 Athletics gi " -.«. i»T! «K «4« . ' Athletics 163 164 Athletics li Athletics US Football Basketball Dec. 1 Dec. 4 Dec. 9 Dec. 10 Dec. 13 Dec. 21 Jan. 3 Jan. 8 Jon. 10 Jan. 15 Jon. 22 Jon. 25 Jan. 29 Jon. 31 Feb. 5 Feb. 7 Feb. 12 Feb. 14 Feb. 19 Feb. 21 Feb. 26 Feb. 28 Mar. 4 Mar. 6 Mar. 9 Mor. 11 Rollins College Texoi Alabama Classic Alabama Classic Oklahoma Louisville Florida Georgia Tech Louisiana State Vanderbilt Auburn Georgia Tech Tennessee Kentucky Mississippi State Mississippi Louisiana State Georgia Auburn Vanderbilt Tennessee Kentucky Mississippi State Mississippi Georgia Florida Schedules Baseball iJJM Sept. 10 Ala. 17 Southern Cal 10 Mar. 14 Sept. 18 Ala. 42 U.S.M. 6 Mor. 17 Sept. 25 Ala. 38 Florida Mar. 21 Oct. 2 Ala. 40 Ole Miss 6 Mar. 23 Oct. 9 Ala. 42 Vanderbilt Mar. 23 Oct. Oct. 16 23 Ala. Ala. 32 Tennessee 34 Houston 15 20 Mar. Mar. 24 24 Oct. 30 Ala. 41 Mississippi State 10 Mar. 25 Nov. 6 Ala. 14 L.S.U. 7 Mar. 25 Nov. 13 Ala. 31 Miami 3 Mar. 28 Nov. 27 Ala. 31 Auburn 7 Mar. Apr. 31 1 Wrestling Southern Open Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. 4 Nov. 26 7 8 11 Nov. 27 Southern Open Apr. 14 Dec. 3 Tennessee Apr. 15 Dec. 4 Chattanooga Apr. 18 Dec. 10 Georgia Tech Tourney Apr. 21 Dec. 11 Georgia Tech Tourn«y Apr. 22 Jan. 7 Hofstra, L.S.U. Apr. 25 Jan. 15 Tennessee Apr. 28 Jon. 21 Auburn Apr. 29 Jan. 28 Georgia May 2 Jon. 29 Go. Tech, Navy, So. 1 linois May 5 Feb. 5 Florida, S.V .L. May 6 Feb. 12 L.S.U. Feb. 25-26 S.E.C. Mar. 10-12 N.C.A.A. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jon. Jon. Jan. Jon. Feb. Feb. Feb. U.S.M. (2) Jacksonville State (2) Birmingham Southern (2) Arkansas State Ohio University Arkansas State Ohio University Arkansas State Ohio University Southern Miss (2) Mississipp tate (2) Mississippi Stot e (2) Auburn Mississippi (2) Mississippi (2) V Stillmon (2) Louisiana State (2) Louisiono State (2) V SHIIman (2) MS«ssippi (2) Mississippi (2) Auburn Louisiana Slbte (2) Louisiana State Open Mississippi State (2) Mississippi State (2) -, Swimming 5-6 6 12 19 20 3 4 12 14 15 16 22 27 11 18 19 Feb. 24-26 Mar. 2-4 Mor. M- Mor. 23-25 Southeastern Aquatics Clinic Intersquad Meet Alumni-Varsity Water Polo Water Polo Tournament Aloboma-Tulane Relays U. of Texas-Arlinjton and Texas A M SW Relays Missouri North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt Indiana Miami Tennessee Auburn Tulone Sl Championships S.K homBionshipt Gulf StoWt Championships N.C.A.A. Championships Mar. 1 8 Mar. 24-25 Apr. 1 Apr. 7-8 Apr. 14-15 Apr. 22 Apr. 29 May 12-13 June 1 -3 or. Mar. " " Mor. Mar. Mor. Mar. Mor. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mor. Mor. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. 3 11 12 14 18 19 20 21 22 i 28 31 1 3 4 5 7 8 11 1 1 20 21 22 26 27 28 29 Track 166 Athletics I L.S.U. Florida Relays Ala. Relays Texas Relays Southwestern Relays Tennessee Auburn S.E.C. Championships N.C.A.A. Championshi Tennis Wake Forest Austin Peay State Flo. State Samford Georgia Minnesota Minnesota Michigan State Michigan State L.S.U., Miss. State Southern Illinois, Memphis j Houston Tenn. Tech Tennessee ▼ Vanderbilt Kentucky Middle Tenn. Florida Georgia Tech South Alabama . Columbus College f Jefferson State Southern Miss. L.S.U. Tulone Samford Jeffers Bulldog Classic Bulldog Classic - ' Golf Oflm Classic May 12-14 June Dixie Classic Tupelo Miss. Invitational Maxwell Air Force Base Senior Bowl Tournament Florida State Invitational U. of West Fla. Invitational St, Andrews International Invitati i St. Andrews International In All American Tournament Chris Schenkel Invitotioni Tournament S.E.C. Championship N.C.A.A. Golf Tournomeni Football Rosters Aavis , ele Poppas m jlenr Woodruff J K Jim Simmons TE Roymond Odums 100, 200 Bobby Parmer C WR Jimmy Horton TE Henry Drum Hurdles, JuMps Joe Howley 2B TE Randy Moore TE Bill Russell 440, 880 David Benton SS ireg Gantt | K Danny Taylor WR DE DE Alton Sizemore 880, mi. »..|__ C 1 L 1 t Pete Pettus 2B ohn Dorough erry Davis 1 K OB Ed Hines Robin Parkhouse Ooylon omitn J mi, Sandy Stimpson 440 Eddie Robinson Zock Rogers 3B IB Jary Rutledge QB QB Mike Denson Dexter Wood -tmmt Am OT Mike Sullivan Porter Thomas Sprints, Hurdles Randy Collins 2B illy Sexton 100, 200 David Tipton 3B enny Rippetoe t on Richordjon j j QB Oovid Wotkins ? ■nK S lt E Steve Tucker 100, 200 Marvin Rogers 2B RB Noah Miller ' • -»i ' B IH LB Pot Weaver Jumps David Zouchln IB utch Hobson OB Skip Kubelius JX 9 DT Paul Weaver 440 James White SS avid McMakin DB Jim Patterson f _S DT Thomas Whatley 60, 100, 200 Butch Hobson 3B at Keever WR John Mitchell ' ' Steve Williams 100, 200 Robin Cory SS bil Murphy ayne Atkinson hnny Musso RB OB RB Frank Lory Greg Mantooth Joe Cochran DE DT OG DT Swimming Craig Allen Freestyle Anthony Davidson Ronnie Hardin Terry Dubose Norman Locey RF RF CF jhnny Sharpless DB Woody Flowers CF :iul Spivey Hp " iff Blitz KKtt RB Don Groves DE Ray Bolt Diver Bex Bynum Rodney Coins Tennis IF Dbby McKinney DB Freshn len E Jim Hahn Freestyle Colin Herring Freestyle John Kogon Butterfly LF jbbo Sawyer WR Joe Dale Harris eve Williams DB Rick Meadows Francis Kyle Freestyle : bby Rowan DB Sylvester Croom Jackie Leioup Butterfly John Anionas e LoBue RB Robert Brophy Randy Midkiff Breoststroke Chuck Bibee ' arren Dyor WR Tom Nelson Jon Perkowski Sprint Greg Boucher eve Wode DB Dave Copan Scott Powell Bock Rike Cohill 3rl Toyloe DB John Lewis Dennis Pursley Breoststroke M Don Dillord d Steakley WR Rudy Wooten Jeremy Roths Freestyle 1 T Akhtor Farooq lis Beck RB Randy Hall Ron Ressegieu Diver 1 ■ Fernando Guarachi luck Strickland LB Barry McGee Steve Rieser Freestyle 1 K Losson nmy Dawson DB Lamar Langley Bill Robertson Bock VPH[. 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II Raines DT Randy Faust 440 Bemie Strown Rex Marshall 142 lb. en Cox OT Tim Hamilton Pole Vol ult Jeff Carpenter Ross Mason 142 lb. •chell Weaver DT John Hannah Shot, Discus Gory Mims Tony Morton 158 lb. f Beard DT Bobby Hart Hurdles Steve Brjfcnt J - Richard Rew 118 lb. ve Sprayberry OT Wayne Hicks Pole Vault Stan Chanei dUHL Tommy Sims 150 lb. ry Reynolds OG Don Hobson High Jimip Pete Bloc k B Doug Sloy Hwt. Ibur Jackson n Lusk lyne Wheeler ' n Croyle WR DE WR D WR Tom Huey John Jormon Jon Johnson Hurdles 1, 3 mi. Pole Vai " Gory EpperA k. ,_«» ►.» Baker ' P Pk fiSiiimy Wood lenn Woodruff Bil! Miller Mike an Sehoick 126 lb. i - Bob Wolker Wes Webb Davie Weir Cliff Wiidsmith 190 lb. 177 1b Don Leverelt I, 3 mi. 134 lb. «id Bailey Bill Nobors Javelin 134 lb. i Athletics 167 168 Football The slump had to end sometime. For three years, the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide and its fanatic following had experi- enced the doldrums of mediocrity. But people said that things would change in 1971, and, curiously, many believed it. It certainly wouldn ' t be the offense though; twelve letter- men had graduated. Not to mention the fact that Scott Hun- ter, the greatest passer in Tide history, was now in a Packer uniform. The defense had potential, but then, people hadn ' t been living up to potentials lately, so who could really tell anything . . .? Football 169 ife . ■ " ' Wk THE BEAR RETURNS 170 Football There was clearly, however, an inexplica- ble conviction that Bama would shake some people up. Coach Paul Bryant, in spite of recent humiliations, was a 199 game winner, and was one of the out- standing college mentors In American his- tory. Alabama fans held abiding faith in his abilities, and thus had faith in ' the 1971 Crimson Tide. Footboll 171 Th« 1971 Crimton ' Tid was composed of Bill Davis (1), Glenn Woodruff (7), Greg Gantt (8), Terry Davis (10), Billy Sexton (14), Benny Rippetoe (15), Johnny Sharp- less (16), Butch Hobson (17), David McMakin (18), Slade Rhodes (19), Phil Murphy (20), Wayne Adkinson (21 ), Johnny Musso (22), Ron Richardson (23), Paul Spivey (24), Jeff Blitz (25), Bobby McKinney (26), Bubba Sawyer (27), Steve Williams (28), Robby Rowan (29), Joe LaBue (30), Steve Wade (32), Rod Steakley (34), Ellis B (35), Chock Strickland (36), David Knapp (39), Lonny Norris (40), Tom Surlas ( ' Steve Bisceglia (44), Jerry Cosh (45), Joe Cochran (46), Robin Cory (48), St Higginbotham (49), Wayne Hall (50), Fred Marshall (51), Andy Cross (52), Raines (53), Jim Kropf (54), Jimmy Grammer (55), Jeff Rouzie (56), Terry Ro 172 Football 1 1, Mom« Hunt (60), Morvin Barron (63), Buddy Brown (65), Jock White (66), • ' • Roof (67), Rick Rogers (68), Dan Cokely (70), Jimmy Rofser (72), John Han- I (73), Mike Raines (74), Allen Cox (75), Jeff Beard (77), Steve Sproyberry (78), ' « Denson (79), Wilbur Jackson (80), Tom Lusk (81 ), Wayne Wheeler (82), John ' !• (83), David Bailey (84), Jim Simmons (85), Jimmy Norton (86), Robin Park- house (90), Don Groves (91), Dexter Wood (92), David Watkins (93), Skip Kube- lius (95), Jim Patterson (96), and John Mitchell [97). Football 173 The Southern Cal game loomed as a horribly harsh opener for the ques- tionable Tide. This same group had walloped Bama 42-21 in Bear Bryant territory only o year before. The Trojans had reportedly, " improved great- ly " since then and confidently awaited Musso and Company in the Los An- geles Coliseum. Before three minutes had elapsed in the 1 971 season, Alabama was estab- lished as potential power. A Bobby McKinney kick-off return began the " no monkey-business " offensive charge which Johnny Musso ended with a 1 3-yard touchdown run. Rookie quarterback Terry Davis engineered the second drive just like the first with Bill Davis booting the 37-yard payoff. Bama soon got the ball for the third time, and, for the third time, scored. Musso added his second touchdown, and the disbelieving Californians found themselves seventeen points behind. An awesome Trojan offense then began to move, reaching paydirt in thirteen plays. With seven seconds left in the half, U.S.C. struck again, with a 37-yard field goal of their own. For the entire second half, Alabama fought to extend its lead while valiantly staving off the Southern Cal attack. One could possibly name the typical team leaders as standouts . . . Parkhouse, Rouzie, Hannah, LaBue, etc. . . . but every member of both the offense and the defense played like star, so the Crimson Tide Roster os a whole should be commended. With about three minutes of playing time left, Jimmy Jones unsuccessfully led the last Trojan drive. Terry Rowell ended it with a fumble recovery, but the Party of the Decade had already begun in Tuscaloosa, and nothing real- ly mattered. 174 Football A labama 1 7 Southern Cal 10 Football 175 A labama Southern Miss 42 6 By 3:30 Saturday morning, Bama students were out of the Administration Building fountain, and by 1 :30 Sun- day, the Tide was back at home. By Monday, regret- fully, U.S.C. had to be forgotten, and the challenge of U.S.M. considered. Crimson Tide players now faced one of the most difficult tasks in football, " psyching up " for an inferior opponent. If they failed, they, like any high flying team, would be sitting ducks for an upset, of which the Southerners were certainly capa- ble. U.S.M. was, indeed, a challenge, if only an ob- scure one. Alabama, however, was " up. " With the Wishbone T offense in effect. Southerner defenses were shattered, and three first half touchdown drives resulted. In the second half, the Bama machine steadily, almost effort- lessly, added to that 21 -point lead. LoBue ' s touch- down run climaxed the initial drive before veterans turned the game over to the less experienced. While the stars relaxed, Rippetoe, Steakley, Wheeler, Croyle, Blitz, Root and others carried on, tallying four- teen more points for the Tide. A relentless U.S.M. of- fense also scored in the final quarter with a 73-yard march. As everyone had expected, though, Bama came through as a solid winner, and the fans re- mained ecstatic. 176 Football Alabama 38 Florida Bama would make its Southeastern Conference debut in the Land of Gatorade. S.E.C. vic- tories seldom come easy, and, more than once, Doug Dickey forces had crushed Alabama. The threat was nevertheless milder this year, since Florida had suffered close defeats to Duke and Mississippi State in its two openers. In fact, many had already remarked that the question was not " Who will win? " but " How thoroughly will the Tide triumph? " With its first ball possession, Alobama drove for a field goal. Floridian Tommy Durrance was later belted at his 31, lost a fumble, and a Musso touchdown resulted. The offense was in full gear by the second quarter, so a Tom Surlos interception meant a 47-yard scor- ing drive. Eight minutes later, Higginbotham ran an interception to the Gator 24, and Bama cashed in again. The Crimson Tide continued to romp after a halftime break. Musso cli- maxed a 70-yard drive with his fourth and final touchdown of the afternoon. Billy Sexton stepped in at quarterback, and by the fourth period had passed for the final tally. Bill Davis completed his fifth perfect conversion to end the scoring. Meanwhile, Auburn beat Tennessee in a last-ditch flurry of passing, and the state of Ala- bama showed the first signs of becoming a hothouse of collegiate football. Football 177 Alabama 40 Ole Miss 6 With momentum at a peak, the Crimson Tide primed for the undefeated Mississippi Rebels. According to Johnny Vaught, a former Rebel mentor, the " untested " Ala- bama defense would collapse, leaving Ole Miss a two-touchdown victor. Some- body, however, stenciled GO TO HELL OLE MISS GO TO HELL on every overpass from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham, so appar- ently not everyone took Coach Vaught se- riously. The Tide certainly didn ' t. Alabama ' s first drive ended with a fumble, after which the defense held, and the sec- ond drive ensued. Davis concluded this one with a 25-yard field goal and repeat- ed his performance on the next series of downs, this time from 42 yards out. An exchange of fumbles left the Rebels at midfield, where they stretched a pass play into their lone score. Then, Bama played steady offense until a Davis to Bailey touchdown throw ended the half. Ole Miss took the kickoff thwarted, for that drive, and for the afternoon. A devastating Ala- bama attack hit for four subsequent touch- downs (LaBue, Musso, Bisceglia, and Hob- son), and totaled an astonishing 532 yards on the ground. Alabama ' s blocking and tackling on this occasion was vicious, and noticeably ef- fective. It was the epitome of Bear Bryant football, and undoubtedly there was, as Sports Illustrated termed it, " Pride in the Red Jersies. " r-t " kr|w 3isi 178 Football Football 179 A labama 42 Vanderbilt By October 9, the rolling Tide hod moved to sixth in the national polls. Local bookmakers had grossly un- derestimated Alabama in each of its first four games (14 points was their closest), and the line for that night ' s outing against Vanderbilt hod sailed to twenty-eight points. Still, the Crimson Tide was an excellent bet. The Commodores came out fighting, and Bama couldn ' t score until its third offensive series, which the Italian Stallion climaxed with his 32nd career touchdown. The Tide ' s next scoring opportunity come wHh a Vondy fumble at the Commodore 1 9, but they had to settle for a 33-yard three-pointer. A field goal situation evolved again, near the end of the half, and this time Greg Gantt tallied. Vanderbilt rallied OS the third period began, only to lose a fumble at the Bomo 42, where the Tide began its rout. Ellis Beck dove in for the score. Moments later, Jamie O ' Rourke dropped Vandy ' s third costly fumble, and Alabama profited to the tune of a Dovis-to Simmons touchdown pass. Bobby McKinney carried Bama ' s spree into the final quarter with a 55-yard scoring punt return. Reserve quarterback Johnny Shorpless later contributed the final Tide score with an eleven yard keeper. Alabama hod 424 yards total offense to Vandy ' s 192, and it was the Tide ' s most convinc- ing shutout in ten years. Go to Hell, U.T. ISO Football Alabama 32 Tennessee 15 Football iai Evan at a fift n point favorita, Alabama would hava no troubia " gatting up " for tha Tannassaa Vol- untaart. Winning straaks and confaranca champion- ships wara mara incidantolt among tha factors that drova tickat pricas to $100 par pair. Sinca Paul Bry- ant taoms had dafaatad U.T. only onca in tha last six attampts, tha words " Big Orange " were spoken with bitter hate at the Capstone, and hate seamed to be the issue at hand. The Vols received tha kickoff and threw an intercep- tion to Stave Wade at their 48. Both teams ex- changed fumbles, then exchanged punts, then U.T. fumbled again, leaving Bama in business, 22 yards from paydirt. Bailey caught .Hie scoring pass, but Davis missed tha conversion. Later, Tennessee capi- talized on an interception with a 44 yard touchdown march and a 35 yard extra point kick. More ball ex- changes followed until tha Tide pushed to U.T. ' s 10 where Bill Davis kicked a three-pointer. A Higginbo- thom interception set up the next score which Davis achieved in four ploys, a fumbled snap prevented any conversion. Steve Williams ran tha third quarter kickoff to the Vol 42, and tha offense took it in for another seven points. In the final period, Bama ' s defense seamed to momentarily quit, while tha Volunteers, with four plays, streaked 90 yards for a score and a two point conversion. However, a desperate Tennessee offense forfeited the boll twice in the final minutes of play, first on downs, which cost them three points, and then on a fumble, which led to Musso ' s touchdown. Several oranges hod been thrown on the Legion Field turf by then, and their meaning was becoming clearer by the hour. 1S2 Football A labama Houston 34 20 Alabama fan were, by this time, spoiled. Since their Crimson Tide hod just rocked its most crucial mid- season foe, many assumed that visiting Houston was simply " gonna get smeared. " In actuality, the Tex- ans hod lost only to Arizona State (18-1 7), and were probably the most underrated squad on the Tide schedule. Also, one ot the most rigorous college training programs in the nation was beginning to leave the Tiders both mentally and physically fo- tigued. It would be a rough afternoon. Well into the opening quarter, Bamo drew first blood, with o classic touchdown dive by Johnny Musso. Houston soon retaliated with a drive of their own, and scored from the Alabama two. Terry Davis and David Bailey followed with two precious touch- down passes before the end of the half. In one of his best games, Bobby McKinney provided a 64-yard punt return to snap a third quarter defensive strug- gle. A second Musso tolly soon resulted, only to be followed by o 97-yard Cougar drive, which netted the stubborn Texans a score of their own. The final stanza amounted to a fiercely fought stalemate with each team scoring once. Somebody hod finally softened Alabama ' s defense. The Tide coaches, however, recognized the problem and had the solution. The players had to hove a break from work and pressure, so Paul Bryant re- laxed training rules, and in a Sunday afternoon meeting, announced on unprecedented " day-off, " Monday. He also offered his troops a deal: If they could go 11-0, then the Tide, Bryant promised, would ploy somebody, somewhere, for the national championship. Football 183 A labama 41 Mississippi State 10 The Mississippi State schedule often brings to mind some kind of savage meat-grinding system with Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, L.S.U., and Ole Miss appearing consecutively. After several years against such opponents, any team would tend to develop a little spunk. It was in fact, this spunk that U.T. had barely overcome (10-7) in the closing minutes against State the week before, and it was this spunk that would keep the Tide hurting for three quarters on October 30. The two squads began by exchanging punts, then fumbles, then punts again, including an 85-yarder by Gantt. Bama ' s offense final- ly began to churn from its 31 -yard line, and the outcome was a field goal. The next Tide threat took place in the second stanza, but this time a Davis kick sailed wide. With a Lanny Norris interception, the defense soon claimed its third turnover of the contest, and it led to a diving touchdown reception by Wayne Wheeler. The battle resumed until Steve Higginbotham intercepted and ran for the 29-yard score. Taking advantage of a fumble, the Bulldogs did score before inter- mission, in the form of a 41 -yard field goal. Mississippion Frank Dowsing welcomed Bama to the second half with a punt return, 88 yards to the Alabama end zone. A ten minute struggle followed, then the offense went in again, Musso style. Chuck Strickland soon put the Tide in field goal position with his in- terception, ond Davis added three points. When Tom Surlos later smacked the Bulldog quarterback, he fumbled to Rouzie. David Knapp scored from 17 yards out on the next play. A Croyle- Kubelius combination stole the next fumble, which a Hobson-led of- fense converted into the final seven points. When the dust settled, Alabama discovered a plague of injuries suf- fered at the hands of the hungry Bulldogs, and the outlook for the next week ' s trip to Cajun country wasn ' t much brighter. 184 Football Alabama 14 L.S,U. 7 The prospect of a Bourbon Street bosh fol- lowed by o Tide-Tiger gridiron battle proved to be on irresistible combination for thousands of Alobomians. The conse- quent multitudes that invaded Baton Rouge, though, did face the madhouse en- thusiasm common to L.S.U. Teeming with the some fever, Charlie McClendon ' s Ben- gal Tigers planned to make shrimp gumbo of the Crimson Tide, and almost succeeded. Football I8S Rugged defensive play held both teams to only sluggish attacks, but in the opening quarter, Bama did drive close enough for one 29-yard field goal. Defense once more dominated, until a second period drive again put Davis close enough to boot a three-pointer. With the start of the second half, a Mitchell, Rowell, etc. ram- page gave the Tide possession at midfield, where wishbone magic led to a touch- down. Johnny Musso blasted around right end for the two extra points. Highlighted by a barrage of passes, the L.S.U. re- sponse come immediately. Star receiver Andy Hamilton caught the payoff to cap a 69-yard drive. Even without further scor- ing, the game became a brutal spectacle, both for the 65,000 fans present and the millions watching ABC. The Tigers won statistically, with a 232 yard rushing total, but Bama took the gome, mainly with big plays on kicks, fumbles and interceptions. True to tradition, rumors had, by this time, come seeping out of bowl game offices. According to the grapevine. Orange Bowl men were lining up a showdown of the un- defeateds, and a decisive win over Miami would give the Tide a bid. 1S6 Football A labama Miami 31 3 The injured Italian Stallion wouldn ' t dress out for Alabama ' s Homecoming clash with Miami. Joe LaBue wouldn ' t either, and nei- ther would Jeff Beard, who was currently the A.P. ' s Southeast Lineman of the Week, so alumni would be severely dissappointed. If it was any consolation, though, the Tide would have Tom Surlas, Sports lllustrafed ' s national defensive player of that week, and Terry Rowell, the Southeast Player of the Week from the Atlanta Constitution and Journal. Not to mention ends John Mitchell and Robin Parkhouse, who tied for U.P.I. Defensive Player of the Week, also for the past Saturday ' s performance against L.S.U. Moybe Alabama could still pull out a victory. The Hurricanes seized a Bama bobble on the first play, and only alert defensive play averted a touchdown. Miami did manage a long field goal, after which the Tide drove 73 yards to make it 7-3. Bama failed to capitalize on a blocked punt, but later scored when Wilbur Jackson broke three tackles on a 67-yard TD scamper. After being thwarted twice, Alabama managed one second period tally, a 34-yard boot by Bill Davis. The only third quarter score was an eight point combination of keepers by Terry Davis. Bama ' s final seven points came near the end, with Butch Hobson ' s " icing on the cake " touchdown run. Alabama thus remained in a two-way tie for the S.E.C. lead with Auburn, who had, that afternoon, broken the three-way tie with a 35-20 blitz over Georgia. For once. Auburn fans were the loudest in the state, but the condition was only temporary. Football 1t7 Alabama 31 Auburn 7 Only a native Alabamian could have comprehended the awesome polarization process which this state underwent prior to the Alabama-Auburn War of 1971. It had developed in storybook fashion; each group using its own unique but devastating attack to crush all previous foes. Late developments hod thick- ened the plot. Since Nebraska ( 1 ) met Oklahoma ( 2), and then they played Alabama ( 3) and Au- burn ( 4), respectively, in bowl matchups, each of these top four could conceivably snare an undisput- ed national crown, or they could oil possibly elimi- nate each other. At any rote, the Cornhusker-Sooner battle would leave either Auburn or Bomo with a shot at Number 1 . It turned out to be Bama, but Thanksgiving night, Pat Sullivan won the Heismon Trophy, so morale factors were still even. The contest was labeled a history-maker before it even began, and notional T.V. coverage only multiplied the madness. 188 Football A bad punt snap was fatol to Auburn who Ull Mv n point b«hind, •■•van plays into th« game. The Tifleri w»r« stopped again, and Boma ' s offense rumbled 80 yards to double the lead with Davis " second touchdown. Sullivan soon unveiled his pasting at- tack, but the score came on a halfback pass to the heralded Terry Beasley. Fumbles, penalties, and rugged defense stymied both offenses for the rest of the half. Each team managed one offensive drive in the third stanza, but each drive fizzled. The big final quarter, however, found the Tide in field goal territory, and Bill Davis mode the successful boot. Auburn began to gamble and Alabama began to romp. Chuck Strick- land soon stole a Sullivan aerial, and a Musso touch- down followed. Tide defenders held and Bomo drove 63 yards only to lose a fumble in the Plainsman end zone. Rouzie, however, ran on interception to the Auburn five a minute later. Redeeming himself for the previous fumble, Musso come on Ifie field, lined up, and scored the final touchdown of the day. It wot the biggest victory of the year. kl Football 119 The Orange Bowl: Nebraska 38 A labama 6 Polishing off Auburn became only a prelude to the monumental task of stealing " Number 1 " from Nebraska in the Orange Bowl. Having warmed up with several other " Games of the Decade, " publicity men pulled out all the stops. The impending matchup outshined almost all other sports events combined, and, for a week on NBC, a film of " Musso around right end " was more com- mon than Alka-Seltzer commercials. The game itself was tragic. The Tide was blasted out of contention when Nebraska applied the Bear Bryant strategy of " hold the adversary until he makes mis- takes; then capitalize on them. " A punt snap gave Nebraska pos- session at midfield after both offenses had been stopped. The Cornhuskers soon found themselves at the Bama two, the result of on interference call, where they scored, but missed the PAT. Defy- ing Tide gome plans. Speedster Johnny Rodgers soon added to the margin with a 77-yard scoring punt return. Nebraska ' s two-point conversion was an encore. Bama ' s Steve Williams then fumbled away the kickoff at his 27-yard line, and the Huskers gave it bock at the Tide goal, where Bama lost the ball once more. The Corn- huskers ' consequent seven points were the last of the half. 1»0 Football Alabama was the first to strike after halftime, with an offensive charge led by Terry Davis. The two-point conversion attempt failed, but Bama was still top scorer for the period, stopping Ne- braska for only a field goal. The Cornhuskers gained their final points with a last period interception which took them to the Tide one-foot line. Substitutes scored the TD and finished the game. Alabama ' s climb to the top hod been one of the steadiest, yet most dramatic in football, beginning with that stunning triumph ages before in the Los Angeles Coliseum. In light of the gradual progression from 1 6th in the nation to 2, the Orange Bowl was a sad and seemingly inappropriate ending; but the Tide had sur- passed everyone ' s expectations with an 11-1 season and wasn ' t making any excuses. Football 19) Freshman Football 192 Freshman Football ■, ! ■ ■« I « ' «l « While devoting most of their efforts toward practice with the varsity Crimson Tide, Bama ' s freshman football players did group on five occasions to grapple with first year squads of other schools. Led by standouts such as Mike Dubose and Danny Ridgeway, the " Baby Tiders " won four of the contests. The team ' s strong points, as viewed by the coaching staff, were fast bockfield personnel as well as prolific blockers and tack- lers. The majority of the players are described by Coach Clem Gryska as " fundamentally grounded, " a trait which could prove valuable to future varsity squads. ki Freshman Football 193 Million Dollar Band 194 Band Band 195 Basketball Members of the 1972 Crimson Tide basketball team are (seated, I. to r.}: Head Coach C. M. Newton, W. Hudson, D. Williams, R. Odums, B. Lynch, J. Hollon, F. Alford, Ellis, E. Odom, Assistant Coaches W. Sanderson and J. Bostick, (standing) Graduate Assistant D. Hart, Manager B. Shurett, W. Garner, A. House, E. Knox, D. Dunn, D. Od. ble, G. Garrett, A. Ott, M. Quigley, Manager D. Dockery, and Manager A. Cowan. 196 Basketball The Crimson Tide cagers once again present the same personnel as the year before, so experience is naturally a significant asset. Every major starter from the 1 970 squad re- turned, including star forward, Wendell Hud- son who was injured. An outstanding crew of back-up men give the squad more depth than ever before, and the result is the most prom- ising group of Bama basketballers to appear in several years. The standouts on the 1971 team are Hudson, All-Southeastern Confer- ence center Alan House, guards Jimmy Hol- lon and Bobby Lynch, and forward David Williams. Basketball 197 198 Basketball Basketball 199 200 Basketball Basketball 301 Cheerleaders CHEERLEADERS: Philip Bowling, Connie Griffin, Ira Parsons, Barbara Jean Adams, Jim Corley, Caron Halsey, Cliff Roberts, Dyan St. Clair. 202 Cheerleaders Cheerleaders 203 Track 204 Track The Alabama track program, like many ofher athletic bronches, seems to be on the upswing. In his third year at Bama, Coach John Mitchell boasts of a team which admittedly lacks depth, but fea- tures more frontrunning talent than any squad of the past. The backbone of the 1 972 Crimson Tide tracksters is composed of such veteran stars as Mike Sullivan, Steve Williams, and Jerry Cargile. Brightening the picture, too, are recent signees, including sprinter Thomas Whatley, who is currently challenging world records, and former world record holder Jan Johnson, a pole vaulter. Last year ' s group finished fifth out of the nine S.E.C. competitors. Thus, o change for the better will leave Bama in the winner ' s bracket, and a change for the worst, in the loser ' s. Judging from recent trends, " talent " will make the difference. - -itfJ Z. M. I Track 30S ..V.TZ 206 Track Track 307 H ' l g iiiig p ' F " ' ' " " l l Swimming Diver Ray Bolt. The Tide Teammates, a swimming booster orgartization. Coach Foster and team leaders II to r) Jon Perkowski, Jackie Leioup, and John Kagan. 208 Swimming SWIAAMERS (I to r) Jim Hahn, Ron Ressegieu, Steve Rieser, Scott Powell, Randy Midkiff, and Roy Kyle. Even with the most star-studded roster since its inception, the Alabama swim team faces an awesome challenge in matching last year ' s 10-3 record. The main reason is a rugged schedule, where- in the Tide meets Indiana ( 1 ), Tennessee ( 6) and S.M.U. ( 8), to name a few. If Bama tankers do come through victori- ously, it may very well be through the per- formances of a handful of superstars. Among these are Ail-American and All S.E.C. Jeff Wade, S.E.C. Champ and Bel- gian Olympic flyer Jackie Leioup, All American and New Zealand freestyle Olympian Colin Herring, and former S.E.C. breaststroke Champ Dennis Pursley. General trends indicate rapid im- provement among all members of the group, and in light of such progress. Coach John Foster can forsee the possibili- ty of every school record being broken in the 1972 season. DIVERS (I to r) Ron Ressegieu, Jay Thompson, Steve McCoy, and Ray Bolt. L Swimming 209 Tennis 210 Tennis iyrl $ w% Among spring sports to watch, the Ala - bama tennis team should be extremely in- teresting. The main reason is, in the eyes of Coach Bill McClain, is the factor of youth. Of Bama ' s fourteen netmen, eight are freshmen or sophomores, and, more- over, five of these are considered the backbone of the team. Handling one of the toughest schedules in the eastern Unit- ed States, this group could either " sink " or " swim " from its success in the often un- predictable doubles matches. In light of potentials, many can foresee a Southeast- ern Conference berth of fourth place or better for the 1 972 Tide. Tennis 211 Golf The Alabama Golfers are: (standing) Coach Rehling, Jerry Pate, Honk Whitworth, John O ' Nell, Frank Vines, Tony Hollifield, John Belton, Clyde McLendon, fJcnee ing Wheeler i Stewart, Gary Burns, Alan Pate, Raimundo Mejia, Bernie Kirkland, Hall Reynolds, Rick Sirmon, and Ray Cox. 212 Golf The 1971-1972 edition of the Alabama golfers, from all indications, promises to be one of the finest in recent years. Com- peting with the nation ' s top twenty teams in the Dixie Classic, Bama finished sixth, with S.E.C. rivals, Georgia and Florida faring only a few points better. Impressed by what he calls " great potential, " first year coach Conrad Rehling is confident of " on outside chance at the S.E.C. championship. " f :: Golf 213 Rifle The University of Alabama Intercollegiate Rifle Team competes within the Southeast- ern Athletic Conference each school year. During the 1970-1971 term the team won the State of Alabama Intercollegiate Rifle Match, firing against twelve other teams from Alabama colleges and universities. Mike Rauch set a new University high score record this year by firing 279 out o f a possible 300. Current Alabama sharpshooters include: (I to r, standing) Ralph Cabaniss, Allen Cockrell, Sergeant Major Curtis Duco, James Staples, Michael Rauch, (kneeling) Michael Nil Ashley Stewart, and James Morris. 314 Rifle Bama Skydivers Currently in its seventh year of competition, the University of Ala- bama ' s Sport Parachuting Club, the Bama Skydivers, has become solidly established as on active organization on campus. The group is now supported by the Student Union, and, as a member of the United States Sport Parachuting Association, adheres to the stringent safety requirements set forth for all national skydiving clubs. Among recent ventures, the Bama Skydivers competed in the National Collegiate Parachuting League Championships in the fall, finishing fifth out of the sixty-one competing universities. " We have fleetingly gained the freedom of eagles. " Skydivers 315 Baseball From all indications, better hitting is the key to better baseball for the 1972 Ala- ban a team. The team members ' improve- ment at the plate was, according to Coach Hoyden Riley, the most significant devel- opment of fall practice, and was en- hanced greatly by the acquisition of junior college transfer David Tipton. Relatively unhurt by graduation, the squad boasts experienced players at every position but shortstop and second base. Especially well staffed is the outfield, where returning vet- erans Anthony Davidson, Ronnie Hardin, Terry Dubose, Norman Lacey, and Rex Bynum share duties. Quality pitchers Ber- nie Strawn and Jeff Carpenter also add to the Tide ' s defensive strength. In spite of facing perrenial powers Ole Miss, Auburn, and Mississippi State in ten outings. Coach Riley views the 1 972 baseball season with optimism. 216 Baseball b B " ' ' Bl m ' y. I l 2g fcj - H -i-i: -:--:_i_„.i_jL Baseball 217 Wrestling While the training rituals of keeping trim and fit are an integral part of any athletic program, they carry special emphasis in the field of wrestling, and, more so than any other factor, will determine the level of success for Alabama ' s 1971-1972 squad. This year ' s Tide fields wrestlers in each of ten different weight classes. The trimmer an individual team member is, the smaller will be his weight class, and the smaller will be his opponents. Thus his ad- vantage lies in being at minimum weight throughout the season. Consequently, a major duty of the 1971-1972 Tide wres- tlers, including leaders George Landis, Rex Marshall, Wes Webb, and Garry Cas- telli, is to maintain the respective weight levels assigned to them by Coach Tanara. If this discipline is carried out, then the S.E.C. title will definitely be within reach. ALABAMA VT R E S T L I The Crirraon Tida WrasHing program faaturM Hm following: (I to r, seated) M. Von Schoick, R. Cozart, T. Morton, G. Landis, R. Marshall, (kneeling) R. Raw, R. Mason, D. Li brand , W. Wabb, C. Wildsmith, T. Sims, (standing) C. Fundarburg, D. Wair, K. Fuqua, G. Castalli, O. Balchar, D. Slay, B. Walkar, and Coach J. Tanara. 218 Wrestling In Memoriam 4 k Charles Levison Skydiver Chuck Levison died in early September when his parachute failed to open. Details surrounding the event have often proven to be obscure; yet, for our purposes they are irrevelant. Chuck was, at the occasion of his death, a sportsman in every sense of the word. The curious sensation which attracts and enchants people with the pastime of skydiving seems undoubtedly to be linked with what one could call the sportsman ' s thrill, and he obviously sought this thrill. Mak- irig his first jump. Chuck was satisfying an adventurous urge for the same experience found in a 440-yard relay, a home run, a fast break, or a goal line stand. He pursued his aspirations for adventure relentlessly, without regard for practicality; obsessed, or maybe blessed, with the true sporting spirit. It is for this spirit that we of the Corolla retain the memory of Chuck Levison with admiration. Memoriam 219 Men ' s Intramurals i K .i Men ' s Intramurals ' " 1 1 ■ IIHHIH IRRH HHBBBIH K " M f B ic V H 1 1 V 1 t .... I;- 1 1 222 Women ' s Intramurals Women ' s Intramurals Women ' s Intramurals 223 Edited by Mel Sparkman If I i Homecoming 1971 226 Features Features 227 cH Siniana m£ Uv peh nohmBx Sommm am I i tiii ), mhj, m k Dwmnmd. mg ah£y mhj TOP COROLLA BEAUTY Beta Theta Pi •V K .mi tit Lambda Chi Alpha Delta Tau Delta 2 uSo iy cAfeGmv Army ROTC Cadets fGnnO Kappa Sigma Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Chi Omega Delta Chi Homecoming Queen Corolla Favorites Gmi m Theta Xi Favorites 24 1 0 Oims Delta Delta Delta 242 Favorites Kappa Kappa Gamma Favorites 243 244 Fovorites Jjehbie dAahtmam Chi Omega Kappa Alpha Theta Favorites 245 246 Favorites 2)Mu gsL Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta Tau Delta Favorites 247 1 248 Favorites Chi Omega Phi Gamma Delta Favorites 249 c Tutwiler 250 Favorites JjmnjOu JjcuHS Alpha Chi Omega Favorites 251 ' d(ik9ViU 252 Favorites Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Chi Fraternity Sweethearts Kappa Sigma Sweethearts 253 tUcuiCb c7 Ciijinmw Sigma Phi Epsilon Pi Kappa Alpha 254 Sweethearts , H Chi Phi Pi Kappa Phi Sweethearts 255 Phi Kappa Psi j ' ... -,»?-- Kappa Alpha 256 Sweethearts Beta Theta Pi LM)d Uam rv Lambda Chi Alpha Sweethearts 257 Theta Chi Phi Sigma Kappa Theta Xi 258 Sweethearts Phi Gamma Delta c4c Delta Chi Sweethearts 259 Edited by Beverly Creel ' ■? 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E «rt .a u o ■5 Z S i J ■s s o E « 0 s « 5 i o o ill ,2; a cl a iC O- O A ate oe ae (J P .0 o ? - -= ' a 2 i O c g-g 8 = 15 o E o i£.2 J •5 . c -O .S o « ■S 2 _- E - ■8 - o fe - - O O o e o c • 1- = -g O E -c fe E a X c-D o 11 o e ' • 2 o o « J B o - £ " 5 c o » o o U o E § .U O u- S O e S ' ■ " t 1 it -c -c .p - i « s S .- S J .- " o i «- LU .£ . Ti 3 or c iill?f II S I 3 O 8 2 c f , O o .. o .. . £ J lA t ' ? IS § E Greeks 327 C ' „ • --r] -v%- I II. 4 ' ' •.r;.,: I OEK S £• s (J w o _ " 5 o t -f « c 5 t: 8° ii I -? I Sis « oc g III jj o c E § III " § .So " ' = o- c ill • n • Greeks 329 ' •I A. J f I ' f y F ft « " 3 i i ' Wt» B ' Ei nB$ «- o s 1 1 ' , S 5 s t -o- 10 lO ,§ = S • c S - o ui I z " : o. CD o c i x -S " o " ' si o -S S o 1. i — __.. ' o " o £ := • - • • u. e €-2 1 c o a — - . -S E " 3 • a. u o in £.- . E 3 " S S O • S 3 O 3 O illli Greeks 331 HKA at m •J t: • e S " • -I W o J- €.-5 A .a • •- J I " - 1 " a- o « ■.as fSCc ■ " s ? c « O • 1-1 -go S » j£ J S|2 S e 2 3 o s I •ill Q n »j «fl Greeks 333 ws E 2 = c OS " ' f « o i t S S o • - o ■« " 5 " " S S:5 ■c o o - o 2 s ' O OK • . 11 JO it- " ' ' I • E --2 « t- ■ 0=5 Q O o £ « = ic 3 I = " « t 8 : i X S3 2 3 " :;; « - »3 = i« J s-t J o E • o ) .E uj Wo? o X J! o b E « •- - 1 J -; E = 2 o • X C 2 O p-2 s i " 5 " S (J 5 s5 6 o i S cO I .SI t " -£ = c « at - X .3 X 3 O ■? J.E " eJ nK$ Greeks 33S m- 2AE s P " ' " HH H HP H V ■S c £ ,2 5 O 8 2 S P . o • e ami = -S o " 5 2 P fc 5 c C M lO c s c PC 5 o o £ O o lA ,•.§•- • ? = o I 2 5 ,i S J • I " «- ? 3 c -S =5 =5 .0 ? g I J fel " 5 6 t I c i g « f ■fljii- 5 IF. ! s-f » I 3 I X 5 5 c Greeks 337 y « ) ■x: Z e o ■« g ■go- ■g-p£ N « . s .-s • s " i e 5 oz c ■ c «i--g i o o • . c III ■a 9 c C c 10 S S = e| £• = = " E - S _© w _o g J i , O- " O -D .5 5 So - " It- .= i I 5 Me 8 5 ° S.S10 E N to u. 3 F-2 E o ' £ III S o Q. o U c c 2 c 2 i ? ■g S,§ i Q .a .-3 ■o i e • ■ U S T) O , O TJ c O c E S J i ' - - o J £ " " 3 5 ..- X 5 X C w • o » v " S 2 -si -2 Jill Greeks 339 • ' V l»- ' V ' ' i 1 JL M i 1 11 « .H j A iiur yi .1! P ' . ' ;i ' ; m » ' ' ' r ' lf ;f ' i to ]iiriv ,1 IV till iW r ?• ' ' r: r . . . LU, i " , ' ' " W- M . 2AT | ■2 ? -i S icg c « .£ « gill sJ-§ « 5 Z oc a 5 2=3 o» £ - • C ' S » « s = -5 • « Q " - - , . I E ? 5 ■c o iS5 If I " 2 -2 o .= •90 . c o = I 5 6 • ■5 = 1 i o o i j 4 1 Greeks 341 , S ' - m L K p § 5= I So IS • o S " -S • «0 - " ■ 5 s s s n Hi " S g I 5 S J E eg S - i fe ° " «o « " - ' 2 . 2 o E -g I .2 oQOu-g ' - - ,i; O , . o - J- 2 g. 5 J £ = 11 iTI-F-iC OlO I I • 5 ,2 i« o « S S i| I S I S = « -Q. • « £ •- - - C3 I «, I J ■5 - 5 c5 - - 8 • - S- E 5 o? o o o» Ei l Msi ■e g I X s; = » S I - § i I. S l« Greeks 343 E E " O I I § S-s-s oc J S q Z E _ • z t 0-5 c I. " " c Z § O I o c b a: o S = S ■8 2 • • - " " J J = o ■? J li .0 - 2 I i too ■8 J- . O X X ' ' I g tig 211 i3 - » j-gO ll a i o s 3 II • « ■o " " A U ? i-8 u s i S c i! Greeks 345 Ci ' --■ • i r , ' -K «i iiPf biilfiSiliil k ggjj5fl 4 o.s =5 -g C t c o • o o - : ? 5 J x-s « • o 5 o -i " ■ 5 S ■? .£ o Q - ft c c E = A • 15 1.5 «5 » _- . E 55; E ...■ -K « ■ " » 1 1 _ c O o = »■ !i £ • - S t I? 8 1 1 -I? I £ e l - « _ c 2 w 5 c u u. S J " " O n C S ° 8 i o « « U .2 c 4} 3 o = 0 " - at 2 O • CD " D ■a go a r? £-5 E o E % c E • = .= O -1 i2 s£0 O J- g 11 a ._ 8 o 2 i-S dS o ■SI ' S igl3 6 = t • d E • -= , e I ' ? 8 ° i g| .25-8 il Gre«kt 347 :im ? -s 1 » Ill M c i » 6 I E T • " " = a. c - £ c % ? ._ 3 aa c = Hi Greeks 349 m ' , ' " j " _i " ' J- lTuTu I 4U M; ' ' : _ HH,h- -r lis u -5 e t± i -J O ■f 9 3 O O si - §o I o © - U X c t ■e sll I I -E g = ■= " 2 » 8 - -2:2 I i 2 O - o " 5 t • _ O B n -C -o 5 o " o -fi « x.a " S j t c- 111! c A -5 " o .-|£ 5 EA.S Greeks 35) m ZBT O O O c r r £ i s:f i s .£ c 8 1 i i s s° E iS- I uj = ig rill ■ c ' :5- I - e- 5.i| E o o Greeks 3S3 ZTA |S 2 E 3 9I i " ■ i«ft jgg l s m tm Snidil S! ' p. o • • i o g S. J .-s P S o o -o I! is E « a. ., « - ?5 iC u .S 3 • " I " I - «« a -O S =1 I IS n • 2 -D ? M 3 O III i Q.(J O o o - o " = S •«■ s • _ c o .t o •- J « o» o lis 5 § , = -6 St- 5 10 £ 2 S-2 « c 3 3 £ C — J a. (L is s -? U J III -c I S g « t - " So ivrs 111 ill ; .2 - 5- o c • c O Q. Z -« o " £ S 5 O o 2 C -• -= • go S " E » U C N § I 5 c s£i 5 S 2 - X =5 o »- .? -8 S. E E ° 3 c U- I E H-8- E o • s . E o % a. Greeks 355 m : Edited by Jamie Duval ' ' ry «».r ftf r_ • Alabama University Center Wade Hornby, President Don Corley, Head of Publicity and Public Relations Program Council COUSEUM-N0V.Z2 4. 358 University Center The Alabama University Center has been designated " the programming agent for the University. " We feel the Alabama Uni- versity Center is more than just a program- ming agent, but is the response of the Uni- versity Community for more than just the classroom environment. We are the whole University community. The University Cen- ter is for you, attempting to create an en- vironment of educational exposure through film media, intellectual stimulation through lectures, cultural expression through the stage, simple entertainment through music or art exhibits, and commu- nity service through serving. It is through you, the student, in contributing by attend- ance and participation, that the University Center is possible. THE N C Michelle Ooherty, Sacntary Barbara Blocker, S»cntary University Center 359 Recreational Division Lee Jackson, Chairman Entertainment Division Doug Casmus, Chairman Cultural Division RECREATIONAL DIVISION: R. Orensfein, D. " Poncho " Lewij, L. Jackson, S. Dode, G. Renault, F. GofortP, Rawls. ENTERTAINMENT DIVISION: M. Doherty, R. Morton, D. Moore, B. Blocker, M. Trucks, M. Britton, D. Cosm I. Riley, K. Voswinkel. Educational Division Judy Sweorengln, Chairman Joe Miller, Chairman Roger Hall, Accountant 360 University Center The SGA has been active in initiating and carrying out many student oriented programs and activities. It serves as a link between the students and the administration. One of its goals is to stimulate student interest and partic- ipation in all phases of the university community. In an ef- fort to achieve this goal, nunferous committees within the SGA have been formed. With the aid of these committees students are better able to voice their opinions. Caine O ' Raar, Vice-Pmidtnl Bob Qamanta, Saentoqr-Tnatunr SGA 361 Is 1971 ama 36486 Legislature EMPHASIS: Vicki Hoynie, Sand Barnett, John Saxon, Roger Lee, Chairman; Nancy H Jimmy Kennemore, Becky Skeen, Mike Monroe. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTSi Jimmy Bank, Chip Krebt, Perry AftcArthur, Bob Zaso. SECRETARIES: Gloria Harbin, Pam Caraway, Marilyn Bates. (Net Pictvndj ' M Wallace. 3 2 SGA ti I SGA Committees F4 ' B L ,i NN K inL 4 8 . f.f IT: (Seated) Linda Havrisik, Nancy Bartmess. (Standing) John Cornelius, Chair- Fred Smith, Carolyn Rosich, Jenny Wyatt, Sandra Harbin. GRIEVANCE: Larry Childs, Tricio Segal, Chairman; Denise Steiner. It ' ; EXCHANGE: Chip Krebs, Chairman; Bobbi Harbert, Joe Mocksoud, Horry ly, Chairman. (Not pictured) Lorry Childs. HOMECOMING: Fred Benjamin, Tim Hennessey, Steve Flowers, Larry Turner, Billie Sue Glover, Bobbi Harbert. (Seated) Harry Holiday, Chairman. JJ ' ' mr COMMIHEE: (Seated) Mary Baxley, Renee Gillespie. (Standing) Tol ' ' ' , Co hairman; Fred Smith, David Thomas, Bill Blount, Allen Choppelle, " » on; Rick Shipley. I -J - ■ 1 HH H i!Iiii?.;wTI7 i-n ' • « 71 f • L.. TRAFFIC AND PARKING: Barry Mullins, Tricio Segal, Jim Corley, Suzie Maring, Fred Benjamin, Lorry Childs, Melissa Rhodes, Darnell Martin. (Not pictured) David Bcason, Colette Ditoro. SGA 363 Lf 364 AWS AWS Associated Women Students AWS is the organization to which every woman student on campus belongs. It serves to unify the women by offering them a voice in student government. The purpose of AWS is to determine and maintain high standards of conduct, to en- courage a higher level of personal respon- sibility and citizenship, and to foster friendships. AWS provides many services for the stu- dent body and presents programs for the college women to deal with her special needs. One of AWS ' s most important functions is to achieve women ' s rights on campus and to give women the opportuni- ty to prepare for life after college as well. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Rosie Contri, Education of Women; Nancy Bartmess, Publicity; Nancy Thomas, Strvicas; Carol T«w, Academic Education Director; Debbie Bennett, Programs Director. ICERS: (Seated) Lynda Proitt, President; Candy Wade, Vice-President, inding) Sally Davenport, Treasurer; Lorrie Prentice, President of the House; Cynthia Sconyers, Secretary. AWS 365 The Crimson-White Bi-Weekly Campus Newspaper Barry Whitcomb, Managing Editor 366 Crimson-White Rick Young, Sports Editor Crimson-White 367 toson M 368 Crimson-White Crimson-White 369 1972 COROLLA A new home, new staff, and old headaches ... the 1 ' : COROLLA was in the making. This year we were going I y organized — no lost pictures, no late hours, no last m t rush. Think again! We didn ' t actually lose pictures; we r e had them to start with. We had early hours — two, tin four o ' clock in the morning, several Friday nights, ancu grades suffered. As for last minute rush, we patiently w. ei around for the last minute to come before any serious r was completed. The Dallas trip and deadlines provided new opportunitii ti learn more about the individual staff members. Each oid line brought more questions than we had answers. S H how, among all the havoc and confusion, the k COROLLA was sent to press telling the story of the UnHrJ ty year. Barbara Allen, Editor I Nancy Brock, Assistant Office Manager Kathleen Baumgardneo Office Manager ILi COROLLA 371 Staff STUDENT LIFE: Louise Mayo, Karen Henritze, Carey Harrison, Editor Nancy Hoskins, Layout Editor ORGANIZATIONS: Peg Coffee, Jamie Duval, Editor; Ann Burks SPORTS: Bill Coots, Editor FEATURES: Mel Sporkman, Editor; Honk Nichols, Joe Donahue. (Not pictured) Morcia Wood, Bobby Mt 372 COROLLA Tim Hennessey, Distribution Manager CLASSES: Helen Doss, Mary Forsyth, Ann Midkiff, Brendo Rock, Maude May, Mike Bollard, Lawton Hall, Editor ADMINISTRATION: Joan Baggett, Editor Bruce Dillord, Contributor LI COROLLA 373 Board of Publications A Committee guiding University Publications (Seated): Chri« Poythres», Tim Pace, Dean Dorothy Moser, Mrs. Louise Boylan, Jimmy Bank. (Standing): Dr. John Seynwur, Bo Harrison, Jim Wilton, Bruce Dillard, Col. Arlyn S. Powell, Ronnie Salloway. 374 Board of Publications Spirit An organization to promote school spirit C !ERS (left to right): Lynne Taylor, Projects Chairman; Faye Deal, Secretary; Mark Ann Freeman, Vice-President; Kathy Eloise Turnham, President; Renee Stephens, Treosur- t • Ivey, Activity Chairman; Ann Avery, Publicity Chairman. Spirit Usherettes The purpose of Spirit is to fur- ther the development of friendship, spirit, and good will among the students and to encourage greater support for all University events. Throughout the year Spirit promotes and encourages the moral of all athletes by mak- ing favors, signs, etc. for them. Spirit also presents a plaque to the Outstanding Freshman Woman Student at the end of each academic year. The Spirit Usherettes serve as hostesses at University Thea- ter Productions and University Concert Lecture Series. Organizations 375 (6 ' A " Club Sports Lettermen ' s Club (Row one) David Knopp, Jeff Rouzie, Fred Marsholl, Rod Steakley, Ed Hines, Terry Dovij, Jim Simmons. (Row two) Tom Huey, Marvin Barron, Rick McKay, Terry Du- Boie, Jeff Beard, Jerry Cosh, Mike Kagan, Bubbo Sawyer, Lanny Norris. (Row tfiree) David Youell, We» Webb, George Landis, Monte Mims, Bernie Strawn, Tim Hamilton, Bobby McKinn ' ey, Glenn Woodruff, Don Cokley, Jim Kropf, Wayne At- kinson, Jimmy Norton. (Row four) Jack White, Butch Hobson, Gory Mims Siiomore, Dexter Wood, Cliff Wildsmith, Eddie Echols. (Row five) Bill Rob si Steve Bell, Jeff Carpenter, Rex Bynam, Bobby Stanford, Jimmy Rosser, Jim tt« son, Joe LaBue, Terry Rowell, Jim Grammer, Bennie Rippitoe. 376 Organizations im Shirley Mohan, Head Crimson Girls Hostesses for the University of Alabama The Crimson Girls serve as the University ' s official hostesses. Each year these sixteen girls serve as hostesses to all University guests, distribute shakers to the students at the games and other importont programs, and assist any campus organizations with the charity drives. To be a Crimson Girl, you must be nominated by your dormitory or sorority house. You are then screened and selected by a panel of judges who feel that you have the poise, personality, appearance, and charm to represent the University. It is an honor, a pleasure, and a good feeling to be a Crimson Girl. " I ON GIRLS: (Seated) Debbie Gehlen, Gayle Shirley, Shirley Mohan, Frankie Foshee, Mory Alice Davij. (Standing) Marsha Gulhria, Merry Fleming, Susan Johnson, " ' « Bern, Cecil Berry, Bobs Thigpen, Beverly Roiner, Jon McKeniie, Judy demons, Rosa Lee McQuire. I Organizations 377 Crimson Girls Judy demons Greer Ben Cecil Berry Mary Alice Davis Merry Fleming Frankie Fothee Debbie Gehlen 378 Organizations Marsha Guthrie Jan McKenzia Sutan Johnson Rosa Le« McQuire Baverly Rainer I Gayle Shirley Sarah Skipper Bobs Thigpen ll Organizations 379 Ad ' I A mold A ir Society An Air Force ROTC service organization The Thomos H. Borders Squadron of the Arnold Air Society at the University of Alabarr the epitome of everything positive a service organization can be. Technically, AAS is a fessional honorary service organization composed of and controlled by selected AFR( ; cadets. Thus far this year 50-1- service projects have been completed by the Bon Squadron. The community receives the bulk of the benefit of AAS vuork. The visits to Bryce, Portj , and the V.A. hospitals bring happiness into the routine of the patients of these institt One of the favorite projects is taking the Words of the Court — boys and girls 5 to 1 picnics and tours in on effort to show them the benefits of living as productive, law-abi citizens. Among the many other projects are visits to area nursing homes, a food driv Thanksgiving, and working with children in the low income areas of Tuscaloosa. i On the national level the Borders Squadron mounted a POW-MIA petition drive oime freeing American POW ' s. The international project sow AAS members selling Amer Flags to assist the helpless multitudes in Pakistan. Keep one fact in mind, however, AAS is the " service organization ' s service organizotk and only the hard work of the members makes that reputation hold true. G«org« Barr Mik« Farmer Danny S«v«roo« Lorry Fornvll Mike Bfinkmofl L«wii Flowsri David Brown Rondoll Foutt Thomai Bryan Pot Fr.d«rkk Stoolcy Bynum Gorry Gill »pi« Rolph Cobaniu L « Hardvmon G«org« Coll n Bart Hildrvth Ron CartM Jeff Hill«k Don Col Gtorg Howard Don CoH«y Bob John ton Rick D«lon«y Danny Jonvt 380 Air Force ROTC Poul Jonvi Ed King Roger lowlcy T«d Lvacfi Thod Uvingtion John McCreary Stave McCroikey Chorlei Mouldin Mkhoal Mink G n MoMl«y Jam Pott rson Tarry Phillips John Reed Pot Richardson Jack Robbint Bob Sovog Ed Simpton Alan Spencer Andy Taylor St ve Tetney Lynn Utiey Tommy Wells Paul Whiteford Steve Windom Mojor G org Szobo I AAS Cares . . . Mum-. wim i t 4 I Tv V. A. Hospital Visitation A helping hand at Rosedale Courts m r m II CAioi P f ' V |irl ML l.Tf%LA ' 41 ' ILi ' JS I ' -:. ' Thanksgiving Food Drive for Juvenile Court g Brother " at Portlow Halloween Party A.A.S. Cares . . . about our Angels Football at L.O.V.E. Boys Home Air Force ROTC 381 Angel Flight OFFICERS: Margaret Hayes, Debbie Hartman, Susan Pfomey, Ruth Boyd, Patty Galvin, Bettye McGinnis. (Kneeling) Maryanne Cotrino, Jackie Biedorf, Kathy Turnham, Betty Yann. (Standing) Debbie Hartmann, Kathie McDoniel, Corel Partridge, Lois Owens, Peggy Corn Pott Galvin, Soson Ptomey, Margaret Hayes, Florrie Chapman. (Not pictured) Susan Silvey, Morlene Hanks, Tossy Crawford, Mickey Thorne. 382 Air Force ROTC USAF ROTC Sabre Drill Team if Air Force ROTC 383 ARMY ROTC Army Reserve Officer Training Corps 384 Army ROTC BRIGADE SPONSORS The Cadet Officers Club selects outstand- ing women students to serve as Army ROTC Sponsors for the school year. These lovely young ladies enhance Espirit de Corps and inspire pride in the Cadet Bri- gade by participating in drill ceremonies, receptions and other cadet social func- tions throughout the school year. ' K ORS: Carol Morris, Nancy Hoskins, Linda Baker, Gail Home, Ann Williamson, Sharon Patterson, Colonel Blolock, Susan AAcCain, Caron Halsey, Deborah Kennedy, • t 1 Allen, Jane Wotkins. Army ROTC 385 Scabbard And Blade A national military fraternity OFFICERS: Tom Todt, President; Gary Kessler, Vice-President; Wayne Fuller, Treasurer; George Woo, Sec- retary. The Scabbard ond Blade is a notional military fraternity with over 1 00 chapters across the United States. K Company, 5th Regiment, was founded at the University of AlixM in 1 946. Members are chosen from cadets enrolled in advanced Army ROTC who have achieved outstanding records in scholarship, leadership, character and militor; ' oi ' ciency. 386 Army ROTC HE CADET OFFICERS CLUB: composed of junior and senior co- lets, was established in 1 923. It contributes to the Espirit de Corps if the Cadet Brigade by adding a social organization to the Mili- ary Department. The club is responsible for the selection of the figode Sponsors, the presentation of the Military Ball and various ther social events. The aim of the Cadet Officers Club is to build true feeling of unity and loyalty and to show that military train- )g is of value socially as well as in the field of leadership. Cadet Officers Club OFFICERS: (Front row) Allan Chappalle, Secretary; Jim Soxton, Treasurer; Gary Kettler, Vice-President; Terry Rumore, President. Ifc Army ROTC 387 Crimson Guard An honorary military society In 1 958 the Crimson Guard was founded on the University of ■ banna campus as an honorory military society and as a sepor unit of the ROTC Cadet Brigade. Its purpose is to promote miJit leadership and drill proficiency among selected basic cadets, their distinctive uniform, this organization performs as an elite ( I team at various University functions such as football games, G ■ ernor ' s Day and Homecoming activities. ■ siS i 388 Army ROTC I Ranger Company An organization of selected Army ROTC cadets I Cadet Major Michael Mouldin, Ranger Commander. The Ranger Company is an elite organization of selected Army ROTC cadets. The program of instruction includes mountaineering techniques, water survival, patrol operations, hand to hand com- bat and map reading. It is designed to build leadership and confi- dence. Criteria for selection are based on military and academic grades, physical fitness, attitude and recommendations by military instructors. Army ROTC 389 Honorary Cadet Colonel Susan McCain, Head Sponsor and Corolla Beauty K ' wt p I B 1 fjM Vk H U H H H W Kt : -.1 : . ' »ve . ilfa I H Cadet Colonel Don James, 1970-71 Brigade Commander, selected as outstanding cadet in state of Alabama Veteran ' s Day — Open House Army ROTC honors " TIDE " 390 Army ROTC Army ROTC Summer Camp Fort Bragg, NC 1 1 i Army ROTC 391 Omicron Delta Kappa A national leadersjiip fraternity for men Founded in 1914, Omicron ' aTappa is dT»aTfo?Kil leadership honor society. Outstanding faculty members, administrators, and community leaders are members of Iota Circle, as well as students of at least junior standing, who are in the top 35% of their class scholastically. Members have distinguished themselves in many areas of college life: scholarship, student government, social and religious affairs, publications, and the arts. The local Iota Circle was founidW o brw l 924, and since that time has been cited frequently for its outstanding record of achievement. Sam Bailey Allen Bales J. Rufus Bealle William R. Bennett Neal Berte Woodrow W. Boyett Paul W. Bryant Ralph M. Burns John Burnum Clark Culpepper Harry Cohen Jefferson J. Coleman Jack Drake O. B. Emerson Paul S. Garner T. F. Gatts Victor Gibean Emmet Gribbin M. Leigh Harrison R. Murray Havens Iredell Jenkins Carl Benson James Briscoe Douglas Brock Ed Carnes Bob Carpenter Robert Coskey Bob Childs Andrew Chitwood Bob Clements Jerry Colvin John Croft Bill Curry William A. Davis Richard Dick Collier Espy Joe Espy Joe Estep Jimmy Hig Roger Lee Winston L Curtis Liles Joe Mocksi Pete McMi Woody Mc Jim Montgomery Johnny Musso Caine O ' Rear Charles D. Perry Hugh Ragsdale John Ramsey illiom K. Rey c Rogers Wilbur H. Rowand C. Dallas Sands Roger Soyers Charles Seebeck tT Sharpton n Smith Sokol [Spritzer I Stinson Charles G. Summersell Richard Thigpen Joab J. Thomas Robert N. Whitehurst Wilder Charles W. Owen Lewis Page Joe Perkins Chris Poythress Tim Raines Benjamin Rowe Dag Rowe Bart Socher John Saxon Winston Sheehan Ken Smith Newman Strawbridge Mike Wells Tommy Wells Steve Windom Bob Zosa 392 Honoraries Phi Beta Kappa Honoring scholars in the Liberal Arts since 1 776 Phi Beta Kappa, the first Greek letter society, was founded on December 5, 1 776, at the College of WiHiom and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. The University of Alaboma chapter. Alpha of Alabama was established in 1851 and was the twelfth chapter in order of establishment. The sim- ple key, with the Greek letters Phi Beta Kappa, the three stars, and a pointing hand, has come to have universol identification with superior scholarship. Membership is for those students in liberal arts who are elected on the basis of broad fi turol Jnjtfjsts, scholarly achievements, and good chara er. Faculty and Staff Members Mable E. Adams Neal R. Berte Woodrow W. Boyett Wade H. Coleman Rolph W. Cowart Jacqueline V. Davis Louie R. Davis Eugene Dobson James F. Doster Dwitht L. Eddins Alston Fitts, III Virginia Oden Foscue S. Paul Garner Robert Henry Garner Silvia L. Gilmore R. Emmet Gribbin M. Leigh Harrison R. Murray Havens Robert B. Highsaw Max O. Hocutt Timothy Hoff Rebecca Leo Bagget John Ira Bailey, Jr. Patricio Cheryl Boyd Rita Elizabeth Cannon Shirley Jo Cherry Fredrick S. Crown, Jr. William Alton Curry Sally Louise Davenport Nancy Ann DeWitt Charles Louis Dyos, Jr. Catherine Anne Engelman Randolph Mott Fowler Denie Wayne Graves Christopher I. Gruenewold Roger J. Hondley Janice Ellen Haynes Kothy Jean Hemphill Course Jcpn Calloway Hendrix, III Cctfolyn Frances Hereford Stephen Brooks Jarrell Cecil Philip Jean Mariorie Camille Johnson Mary Elizabeth Johnson Moife Olhrer Kiely Elaine Dianne Kistler Virginio Alison Little Som Maples Duncan Randall Marsh Richard Edwin May Constance Jeon McKee Rivord Donord Melson Martha Irene Morgan Anito Marie O ' Neal Pamela Marie Perry Charles U. Pittmon, Jr. Robert L. Plunkett John Ramsey Coleman B. Ronsone, Jr. Eric Rodgers, Jr. Sarah H. Rodgers Cynthia S. Ruiz-Fornells I. Willis Russell Jerome W. Schwietzer Winston Smith Linton C. Stevens Hudson Strode Charles G. Summersell Joob L. Thomas Robert E. Tidwell Buckner B. Trawick Charles S. Watson Marcus Whitman Nancy Marie Whitt Charles Beaumont Wicks Roger B. Wicks James Robert Phillips Walter Eugene Plott Jerry Clomor Pruett Cotherine Johnson Randall Catherine Elizabeth Rittmonn Suzanne Sloan Sharon Elizabeth Speer Susan Colwell Stoler John Luther Thomas Thomasene F. Thomoson Allen E. Tullos Emily Turner Deborah Kay Webster Dorothy Patricio Willis Georgia Willis James Milton Wilton Honoraries 393 Jasons A honorary society for men Jasons is the oldest honorary society on the University of Alabama campus today. The organization was founded in 1914 and con- tinues to select the most outstonding leaders on the basis of char- acter, scholarship, and service to the University community. The familiar " Derby, Cane and Sweetpea " (symbolizing the gen- tlemen representing Jasons) can be seen worn by happy male stu- dents during the week following Honor ' s Day in the Sprinjl tiates are traditionally tapped into the organization by some ■ ber of Jasons pouring a bucket of dirty water on the head ' pre-selected spectator in the crowd around the mound on Hd) Day. Then the newly informed Jasons are taken into the shrine c jocent to the library) and are initiated into the society. (Seated) Roger lee. Bob Zoso, Secretory-Treasurer; Chris Poythress. (Standing) John Saxon, Joe Perkins, Dr. John Ramsey, Ed Cornes, President; Tommy Wells, Collier Espy, Coine O ' Rear, Bob Clements. (Not shown) Johnny Musso, Joffe, Bob Montgomery, Jeff Wade, Dr. Joab Thomas. I 394 Honoraries il Mortar Board A National Senior Women ' s Service Honorary Htmiitgimt,jiim • On: Undo Pruift, Suzanne Sloan, Susan Beckley, Sara Skipper, Paf Creel, ' ■ Evoni, Becky Baggett, Judy Clemmons, Pam Duncan, Carol Dyor, Marjorie mt. Sue Shimoda. Row Two: Betty Alums, Debbie Bennett, Catherine Engle- T ■ ' ■- man, Betsy Cannon, Treasurer; Solly Davenport, Kathy Johnson Randall, President; Sharon McMahon, Helen Edwards, Moira Judos, Virginia Little, Secretory; Delores Boyd, Margaret Lee, Vice-President; Ann Jobson, Shirley Fowler. Mortar Board, a national organization founded in 1915, is the University ' s senior women ' s service honorary. Membership is the highest honor that can come to an Alabama coed, being based on scholarship, leadership, service and character. This year the members of Mortar Board initiated a new service in educational ad- vancement on campus by offering courses in Effective Learning. There was a Big- Brother Big-Sister program to work with local children and the four year scholar- ship to a University was continued. Ill Honorories 39S Triangle An honorary scholastic sorority for women Members FIRST YEAR MEMBERS Joan Ballard Debbie Bennett Nona Bowles Antoinette Broswell Nancy Brock Margie Brown Paulette Burke Mary Lou Burks Mary Campbell Cherry Crawford Laurie Elmore Melissa Forris Sally Fortner Fronkie Foshee Patsy Franklin Margaret Freeman Mark Ann Freeman Jane Goodner Joy Ivey Susan Johnson Mary Kitchings Rosa Lee McQuire Jan McKenzie Lee McPhillips Kathy Neville Kathleen Powers Alone Quinn Rosa Lee Rowson Frances Roton Elaine Taylor Judy Thomas Sue Vickers Sally Youngs THIRD YEAR MEMBERS Frances Bledsoe Sally Clark Pom Duncan Beth Hunter Susan Kuster Margaret Lomberth Margaret Lee Janis Purdy Linda Scarborough Sue Shimoda Suzanne Sloan Nanci Starnes SECOND YEAR MEMBERS Nancy Bartmess Susan Bennett Martha Bucher Rosie Contri Mary Alice Davis Faye Deal Jeanne Deloney Katie Elmore Mary Jane Finney Barbara Jones Jan Jones Julianne Partridge Louellyn Rearden June Reynolds Cynthia Sconyers Carol Tew Beth Wise Betty Yann Paulo Young OFFICERS: Margaret Lee, President; Rosie Contri, First Vice-President; Marl Bue er. Second Vice-President; Susan Bennett, Recording Secretary; Margo Latr berth. Treasurer, Julianne Partridge, Publicity Chairman; Nancy Bartmess, ' 9 " " Chairman. (Not pictured) Louellyn Reordon, Historian. 396 Honoraries Alpha Lambda Delta An honorary scholastic sorority for freshman women 3 )•.■ Debbie Smilherman, Debbie Smith, Marga Frit, Carol Trant, Rosemary liginia Mohaffey. Row Two: Patsy Franklin, Dottie Simpson, Kathy Turn- ham, Linda Hamner, Glendo Hamner, Heidi Glassner, Mary Temple, President; Mrs. Rose, advisor; Caroline Phillips. Kappa Delta Epsilon An honorary sorority for students majoring in Education Kappa Delta Epsilon is an honorary educational sorority uniting women in an active professional organiza- tion for campus and community ser- vice. Membership is chosen from those women students maintaining a 2.00 or better quality point aver- age who have completed six hours in the educational curriculum and have given service to the College of Education and to the University. President Margaret Lee Vice-President Dionne Morgan Secretary Sue Botes Treasurer Nanci Starnes Historian Anne Whetstone Membership Mikie Penick Publicity Martha Bucher Public Relations Cynthia Sconyers Advisor Dr. Moriorie Ann Swift Honoraries 397 1 . Carlton Proctor and John Mclnnis packing for Notional PRSSA Convention in Washington D.C. 2. George Fuller, PRSSA Pres. and Jim Montgomery, Chap-i ter Professional Advisor and Pres. of PRSA of Alabama. 3. 1971-1972 OFFICERS: George Fuller, Pres., Bill O ' Con- ner, V. Pres., M. J. Byars, Sec.-Treas. 4. Col. Arlyn S. Powrell, PRSSA Chapter Advisor, Sec. Treas.j of Alabama PRSA. The Col. Arlyn S. Powell Chapter Public Relations Student Society of America 398 Organizations Alabama Debate Squad !• Stressing excellence in I .ate has enjoyed a long and rich tradition at the University of , oama. Originating in the literary and debating societies of the I sfeenth Century, debate became an intercollegiate activity at ( vma dyring the 1 930 ' s. Shortly after World War II, the de- l ' . program was reorganized and expanded to reflect increasing I onol and national interest in debate as a meaningful college t ity. ( important objective of the debate program is to teach the stu- (; how to intelligently apply the tools of critical inquiry to signifi- ( public issues. Beyond this, training in debate is designed to ( . ' lop in each student the ability to defend his ideas publicly and national collegiate debate with style. An extensive schedule of tournament competition provides the op- portun.ty for practical experience in the use of the techniques of in- tercollegiate debate. The Alabama Debate Squad attends over twenty tournaments each year. Abundant success in regional, national, and international competi- tion has made Alabama one of the top five universities in debate Alabama teams have won twice the National Debate Champion- ship, an honor shared by only five other American colleges and universities. h .) Annobel D. Hogood, Director of Forensic.; Mike Su.ko, Ed Culpepper J on Manager, Alabama Debate Council; Joseph Perkins, Susan Cloud De- t«n D n ■ ' ° ' " " " - Co o) Ro " Cartee, Varsity Representative, Debate Kon Green, Asst. Manager, Debate Council; Steve Smith, John Bertolotti, President, Debate Honory; Rick Richordson, Novice Representative, Debate Coun- cil; Ross Cohen, E. Culpepper Clark, Assoc. Director of Forensics; Steve Windom Director, Novice Debate. (Not pictured) Timothy D. Raines. Organizations 399 Marketing Club A professional business organization The University of Alabama Marketing Associ- ation is an organization sponsored by the Marketing Department of the University of Alabama. It holds as its main objectives: (A) To further the professional develop- ment of its members; (B) To promote closer relations between students, faculty, and businessmen; (C) To instill high ethical standards in its members; (D) To promote sound concepts concerning marketing for oil members. During the course of the academic year, there are six regularly scheduled programs. These programs consist of businessmen from various ports of the country making presenta- tions concerning their particular field, be it advertising, retailing, research, or any other marketing related area. These programs offer the student not only a realistic picture of job opportunities in marketing related areas, but also they offer students the opportunity to meet influential businessmen in their cho- sen major fields of study. Delta Sigma Pi is a profes- sional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in the University; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to pro- mote close affiliation betv een the commercial world and stu- dents of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. OFFICERS: Rob Arendall, President; Mr. Sam Himes, Advisor; Richard Pizitz, Speaker; Dale Scively, Fii t k President; Lorry Cormichoel, Treasurer; Mel Sparkman, Second Vice-President. (Not pictured) Diane F fK Secretary; Phil Peterson, Member-At-Large; Sara Skipper, Member-At-Large; Collier Espy, Member-A irj Delta Sigma Pi A professional business fraternity 400 Organizations Alpha Kappa Psi A professional business fraternity for men C ■ ERS; Gary Williams, Pledge Trainer; Robert Lopcr, Secretory; ' : Downs, Treasurer; Harold Word, President; Hammond Cobb, Vice President; Pot Richardson, Master of Rituals. I ' S: (Row one) Sandy Flowers, LiHie Sister; Mary Ann Zlcorelli, little ' " lannon Norman, Little Sister; Pom Nidy, Little Sister; Alice Hon- ? Sister; George " The Greek " Pihokis, Richard Moloy. (Row two) ams, Doug Smith, Stuart Welch, Harold Ward, Jim Harden, Jerry Jud Huett, Pot Richardson, Ed Goodwin. (Row three) Hammond Cobb, Kenneth Trimm, Charles Watkins, Alex Jones, Tom Downs, Robert Loper, Eldridge Watkins, Mark Lee. (Not pictured) Liz Cunningham, Sweet- heart; Janice Hanson, Little Sister; Dovid Muhlendorf, Leonard Hasson, Wil- liam C. Robinson, Gary Chapman, Billy Boumon, Ronald Dale Woodard, Gary Tipton, Johnny Cooper, Bruce Dilliard. lit Organizations 401 Kappa Delta Pi A national education honorary for men and women Kappa Delta Pi, an Honor Society in Edu- cation, was founded March 8, 1911, at the University of Illinois. It was incorporat- ed June 8, 191 1 .X i Chapter was instolled at the University of Alabama by W. M Fleming on May 2, 1922. 1971-72 OFFICERS ' sidHlnt James Kimbrough Viee-Presidenf George Doss Tom Pebworth Secretary , Janice Hyde Treasurer Howard Anderson Counselor Dr. Jeannine Webb Kappa Delta Pi Initiates William A. Add Judy Ann Adderhold Ethel Kay Atkins Helen Hall Atkins Charles W. Babb Sharon C. Bagwell Tracy A. Boldrote Connie Lynn Baldwin Mildred A. Batchelor Eunice M. Beal Charlotte R. Beck Leroy Bell, Jr. Mary Cecil Berry Mamie R. Bolton Colleen R. Boshell Undo B. Boshell Jack I. Boyd Cleveland J. Bradner, Jr. Jonathan D. Brown Rosemary Burge Mary Lou Burks Phyllis J. Burnett John B. Bush Wilford D. Calhoun Mentor W. Catlin Mary J. Caylor Robert W. Chapman Suzanne Cobb Doris K. Cohen Vodo Kay Colbert Tony O. Cole, Jr. Rebecca C. Corder Nancy C. Couch James H. Crawford Anna J. Crow Wylodine Curtis Edward Daniel Melve E. Davis Suson Davis Deirdre DeGrotte Adrienne G. Dinwiddie Karen Dittmer Sandra Marie Dodd Cassandra L. Donahoo George M. Doss Robert E. Dowdle, Jr. Janie F. Dyson Jennifer Brown East Jennie Sue Elliott laurel D. Elmore AAtmorie Lv€lliott Catherine p. Finch ames D Finch Peggy pinch. ' Kay Fswler Chorus Bernord Frazer JudW Dobbs Frazier Judv Frozer Qpigory Frith Horry L. Garvin, Jr. Aureiio S. Glosser Judy Glover Debra Gray Ken Qunter Evelyn V. Hardy Jeonette Harpole Peggy S. Harrell Angelo C. Harris, Ronnie R. Harris Davis W. Head Ullmo E. Heinz Juanito R. Gerring Martha N. Hester Julion Hinesley, Jr. Carolyn S. Howell Jeon M. Hudson Eva N. Hunter Doyle G. Hyett Ann P. Jacobs Jobson C. Johnson K. Jones E . Jones R. Jones King Kullman t Lomberth LeGrone McCormitk C. McCracken ll A. McCreody M Cwen cGee Mann Bori DTMazer Norman I. Miles Gene Harbaugh Miller Janet Musick Ray Nelson Mary A. Osborn w w Thomas F. Pebworth Barbara W. Pollock Jeonette Miller Press Janyce E. Rader Joyce E. Roder Jancy J. Ramsey Janice A. Ropino Elinor F. Reed Flora G. Reese Henry W. Rejent June Reynolds Mary G. Riley Susan M. Sorcone Morion A. Sellers Sheila G. Sporpe Linda G. Shirley Abigail DeVoughan Shiver Barbara S. Smith Deboron A. Smith Katherine J. Smithson Rebecca A. Sparkmon Noro A. Stollings Georgia E. Stallworth Myndall H. Stonfieid Irene L. Stanton Noncy L. Starnes Judith M. Stillion Mory Sue Sutherland la W. Tapley Diane Tote Sara M. Terry Gordon M. Thayer Susan C. Thompson Zello M. Thompson Marhtha C. Tillotson Mary F. Tindell Cecilia G. Tinnye Chloe K. Trammell Margaret I. Underwood Tommie S. Walker William R. Walker Donna L. Weidenbock John L. West Lelond R. West, Sr. Judith A. White Ann E. Willard Avalee Willoughby Carol Wolfe 402 Organizations SNEA Student National Education Association OFFICERS: Dr. Robert Leigh, Advisor; Trisho Tote, President; Brent Jordan, First Vice-President; Veronica Hirschfeldt, Secretary-Treasurer; Mode- lyn GImer, Partlow-Project Choirman; Dr. Authur Miller, Advisor. Chi Delta Phi A literary honorary for women Chi Delta Phi, founded at the Uni- versity of Tennessee in 1919, is an English literary for women. " The purpose for this sorority shall be to form bodies of representative v omen who shall, by their influence and their literary interest, uphold the highest ideals of a liberal educa- tion. " Delta Chapter at the Universi- ty of Alabama is sponsored by Dr. Emerson Loomis. President Betti Wise Vice-President Ginny Hewitt Secretary Phyllis Wright Treasurer June Reynolds Membership Anne Whetstone Historian Elizabeth Petree If Organizations 403 Phi Upsilon Omicron A professional home economics honorary fraternity Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national honorary professional fraternity in the field of Home Economics. It was founded at the College of Agriculture at the University of Minnesota, February 10, 1909. Membership is by invitation and is based on scholarship, leader- ship, character, and service. One is eligible upon completion of the third semester in Home Econom- ics if an overall 2.0 average has been achieved. OFFICERS: Leah Moodie, President; Pat Creel, Vice-President; Carol Dyar, Recording Secretary; Alicia Skinner, C c spending Secretary; Cheryl Moore, Treasurer; Peri Book, Chaplain; Jan Jones, Marshal; Nancy Ramsey, Historian; Bi da Oldacre, Librarian; Susan Finch, Reporter. Agnes Ellen Harris An organization for home economics majors OFFICERS: Peri Book, Secretary; Jan Jones, First Viee-Preiident; Jane Goodner, Second Vice-President; Kathy Wildmon, Treasurer; Suzl Crowley, President; Dr. Hamner, Faculty advisor. 404 Organizations Fashion, Inc, A professional organization promoting fashion study interests and work IFICERS: Soro Everett, Recording Secretary; Carol Dyor, President; Linda Lem- t, Flrit Vice-President; Emily Cochrane, Corresponding Secretory. (Not pictured) Sarah Skipper, Second Vice-President; Connie Scott, Treasurer. Interior Design American Institute of Interior Design I Organizations 405 Tau Beta Pi An honorary fraternity for men in the field of engineering ITXTTpTTTjT 1 TTjnrrTrr The Tau Beta Pi Association was founded at Lehigh University in 1885 to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges. The Beta of Alabama chapter was founded in 1926. OFFICERS FOR 1971-72 President Mike Wells Vice President Jim Snowden Rec. Secretary David Wooldridge Cataloger Bryan Willis Treasurer Prof. Warren G. Keith Carres. Sec Prof. Howard H. Meigs V ADVISORY BOARD: Dr. Charley Scott Dr. Ralph M. Burns Prof. W. K. Rey Dr. H. R. Henry Dr. E. R. Reinhard 406 Orgonizations i :i. Engineering Executive Council Engineer ' s Governing Board ISIffd) Allen Henry, Secretary-Treasurer; Mickey Trimm, President; Bill Boykin, ' iPrnident. (Row two) David Woolridge, Elmer Taylor, Mike Simmons, Tim I ' ,:«tt, Ronnie Jobe. (Row three) Carol Smith, Maria Chiepalich, Fred Harsany, George Fidler, Keith Barnette. (Row four) Mike Wells, Wayne Godfrey, Jim Snow- den, Tommy Warren, Mark Peters, Don Lawrenz, Lamar Larrimore, Curtis Croft, Dennis Herron. ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers Our technology is advancing rapidly and changing continu- ously. Engineers associate them- selves with a technical society because it provides a means to keep abreast of modern technol- ogy. Membership in such a socie- ty is a demonstrable sign of indi- vidual qualifications and of ac- ceptance of professional respon- sibility. The primary purpose of ASME is to bring the ME students into contact with leading engi- neers in all branches of Mechani- cal Engineering. OFFICERS (left to right): Curtis Croft, Chairman; Doug Bailey, Treasurer; Doug McKinney, Secretary. Organizations 407 ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers (Row one) Michael Simmons, Junior Representative; Tom Wood, Treasurer; Burns Whittoker, Secretary; Rickey Harrison, Vice-President; Lamar Lorrimore, President; Carol Smith, Yearbook Editor. (Row two) David Jordan, Roger Crowson, David McGriffert, Steve Grissett, Francis Glenn, John Hewitt, J. B. Smith. (Row three) Ger- ald Coker, Donald Beal, Theo Boors, Max Buttrom, Richard Browder, Darnell Mar- tin, Bobby M. Roberts. (Row four) Richard Newman, Jack Althoff, John D iki Greg Gainer, Lanny Nelson, Tommy Whitehead, George Fidler. (Row fiv Bo Cooper, Neil Ferguson, Terry Carlton, Danny Sudduth, Hubert CallowoOc Price, Roger Peirce, Louie King Avery. AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Row one) Lewis Flowers, Richard Brodely, Tim Plunkett, President; Lorry Cunning- ham, Jim Norris. (Row two) Ronnie McGregor, Tom Bryan, Steve Rossbottom, Joe Wallace. Lorry Farreli, Stanley Bynum. 408 Organizations 4 I AIME American Institute of Mineral Engineers iiiri on ) Dr. R. M. Cox, Don Lowrenz, Phil Reeves, John Morris. (Row two) Randy I ' kr, MHy Walker, David Milligan, Dennis Callahan. (Row three) Glen Golson, Fred Harsany, Tommy Warren, Donny Hagood, Dr. Charles Hoynes, John Matthew Blue. t IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers me) AAox Davis, F. C. Chang, Norman Harris, Larry Covert, Mario Chiepolich, " Hiam. (Row two) Dr. T. F. Gatts, Elmer Taylor, Dr. O. P. McDuff, Jimmy Kil- ► " , Blair Stewart, Herb Strong, Stan Kimble. (Row three) Mickey Gouldin, Joe Moreno, Mike Wells, Terry Peak, Eddie English, Danny Reese, John Gibson. (Row four) Ed Finnell, Bill Williams, Ken Cox, David Conner, Mike Nobors, Malcolm Har- ris. 1 Organizations 409 Eta Kappa Nu An honorary for students in Electrical Engineering (Row one) Larry Payne, Bridge Correspondent; Feng-cheng Chang, Eddie Friday, Secretary; Terry Peak, President; Bryon Willis, Treasurer; Randy Hiam, Vice-Presi- dent, C. L. Hugan. (Row two) Mike Wells, Mario Chipalich, Warren Campbell, Charles Crocker, Mickey Gouldin, Herbert Strong. (Row three) Don LaBorde, Danny Reese, Jimmy Kilpatrick, David Trenkle, Malcolm Harris. (Not pictured) Norman Harris, Gregg Vaughn, Wayne Causey, Gabriel Armijo, John Dearth, Dovia ch ardson, Herbert Forsythe, Carl Wrinkler, Richard Curtis, George Riley, Willian- an iels, James Biekkola, L. A. Adams, Edward Finnell, Terry Green, Jenn-Luer eh Hugh Crossely, John Stensby, David Mathews, William Allford, Dr. Russell E. eg Alpha Sigma Mu An honorary for Metallurgical Engineers Alpha Sigma Mu is the Honorary Metallur- gical and Materials Engineering Society designed to recognize outstanding stu- dents in these programs who attain high rank in scholarship and who possess to o high degree the qualities of exemplary in- tegrity, leadership, and initiative. By this recognition and by establishing high standards for ethical conduct and emphasizing the obligation each of these students has to contribute to the well- being of his fellowman, this society pro- motes the over-all best interest of this pro- fession. Dr. C.H.T. Wilkins, James Earl Forlines, James Edward Wren, James Elliot Snowden. (Not pictured) D d M Wooldrige, Thomas Campbell, Antonio Saauedra. 410 Organizations I Chi Epsilon A national honorary for Civil Engineers BERS: Burns Whittoker, Secretary; Rickey B. Harrison, President; Carol Smith, " :Wood, Treasurer; Roger Crowson, Marshall; Francis Glenn, Jack Aitoff, Don Price, Editor; Lamar Lorrimore. (Not pictured) Jock Mercer, Vice-President; Ronald Andrews. Student Industrial Relations Society ERS: Andrew Simineiti, Lorry Day, Tommy Thompson, Norman Ippolito, Jim ' - lett, Dennis Campbell, Jerry Jacobs, President; Walter Romey, Paul Wallace, ° McCurley, Secretory; Roger Lee, Micheol Volk, Vice-President; Ira Blank, Andy Maraz, Steward Locy, Dr. Alan Spritzer, Fac ulty advisor; David Connolly, Pot Ballard, Treasurer. (Not pictured) Dr. Minnie Miles, Faculty advisor. I Orgonizafions 41 ) Alabama Real Estate A professional organization for students interested in real estate OFFICERS: John Bailey, Pre.kJ.nt; RIchord Woters, Vice-Pre.ident; Jay Dobson, Treo.urer; Joe Mocksood, Secretary; Dr. L. T. Reeves, Advisor. 412 Organizations Graduate Student Association An organization for graduate students from all the colleges MEMBERS: Gary Benten, Robert Ward, Broox Mclntyre, George Doss, R. B. Roberts. (Not pictured) Gloria Raines. Circle K A collegiate service organization for men (fe le) Mike Wohl, Bryan Dodson, President; Jan McKenzie, Sweetheart; Ed w ' p ,er. Secretary; Barry Musick, John Soxon, International Trustee. (Row two) Jim Mosley, Steve Christopher, Ron Debter, John Brining, Grey Redoitt, Treasurer; Robert F. Kennedy. ( Not pictured) Richard May, Danny Hortzog, Tony Petrick. I 1 1 Organizations 413 International Students Association An organization for foreign students President: Malikkamadem Rujan; Vice-President: Hamish Wong; Secretary: Jacqueline Graubourd; Treasurer: Jorge Meave; Faculty Advisor: Bonnie Lamor, Afro-American Association A student organization for Blacks 414 Organizations A IE-SEC An organization promoting mutual understanding among peoples of the world I on ) Don fatmei, Doug McCraw, Bob Garzarek. (Row two) Bobbi Herbert, : i ' tntn, Linda " Tiki " Wilkins, Loila Liddy. (Standing) Paula Rodgers, Don Mills, Jim McGee, Mike Knighton, Helen Edwards, Gregg Weaver, Toni Pomell, David Hooks, Dr. Douglas Lamont, Faculty Advisor. " For value received per dollar expended it would seem that AIESEC is one of our nation ' s most efficient and productive efforts to create better mutual understanding among peoples of the world and to train future leaders. " Orgonizations 415 NCAS National Collegiate Association for Secretaries OFFICERS: Sandy Rushing, President; Ann Lowe, Vice-President; Debbie Montgomery, Secretary; Pam Perkins, Treasurer; Carole Holmes, Historian. Residence Hall Council The voice for on-campus housing residents - " ' , " (Seated) Terri Burchfield, Susan Smith, Ona Carter, Brenda Ivy, Kay Liscomb. (Standing) Robert Caskey, Harry Holioday, Ed Besecker, Paul Webster. 416 Organizations Sallymanders Social Organization One: Linda Mitchell, Russell Turner, Johnny Morrow, Carol Wilson, Fred Harsan . Row Two: Jimmy Hoffman, Pot Frederick, Phyllis, Mike Brand, John Holmer, Eddie Eor- i. Not Pictured: Many. Mary Burke Coed Residence Hall Row One: Allen Davit, Judy Johnston, Tim McAbee. Row Two: Wanda Skinner, Terri Burchfield, Robert Dennie, Mrs. Morgan, David Stephens, Lyn Taylor. t jl li Dorms 417 Mallett Hall Men ' s Residence Hall MEMBERS: M. Blackman, Robert Booth, Dwight Brodshaw, Robert Caskey, Mike Chandler, Ken Danii, Jim Davit, Mike Hughey, Wes isolo, Joe Mocksoud, Dan McKonzie, Mike Ready, Roy Robinson, Tom Sellers, Mike Susko, Tom Th ' ton Kem Thompson, Steve Tipton, David Watson, Myron White, Russell Bryoni 418 Dorms Tutwiler Women ' s Residence Hall OFFICERS: Gail Williamson; Terri Points; Alison English; Debbie Milton, President; Pat Hearst; Stan Standeffer; Verdery Roo- sevelt; Janice Deese; Marceria Ludgood; Connie Kovak; Joan Eich; Pot Crawford; Sharon Coleman. I I Martha Parham West Women ' s Residence Hall OFFICERS: Deo Valkema, Secretory-Treasurer; Pat Mclnnis, AWS Representative; Renee Stephens, President; Kothy Turnham, First Vice-President. Not pictured: Emily Miller, Second Vice-President. II Dorms 419 " i»g » Edited by Lawton Hall Who ' s Who Membership in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " seeks to honor those students who have reached beyond the requirement, who have dared to be- come involved. Their activities and grade point averages indicate why these high- reaching students have been selected for this honor. Yet what is recognition here is not merely a list of achievements, but a state of mind — the attitude of involve- ment, the courage of caring. Betty Allums Delores Boyd Terry L. Burchfield Ed Carnes Allan Chappelle Bob Clements Judy demons Sally L. Davenport 422 Who ' s Who George Doss Pam Duncan Carol Dyar Melford E. Espey, Jr. Collier H. Espy, Jr. Elliott Gunn Jan Jones V. Margaret Lee Virginia Little kit Who ' s Who 423 Who ' s Who among students in America} Joseph Macksoud James R. McGee Jim Montgomery Lech M. Moodie David Muhlendorf Caine O ' Rear, III Joe Perkins Lynda K. Pruitt Cathy J. Randall 424 Who ' s Who alleges and universities John Saxon Justine A. Susko I Michael A. Wells Sarah Skipp er - Charles Thigpen Tommy Wells Suzanne Sloan Despina C. Vodantis Robert J. Zasa II Who ' s Who 4J5 Senior Class Row Five: ANDERSON, JAMES FOSTER: Commerce and Business; Northport; Phi Kappa Sigma. ANDERSON, MARK: Arts and Sciences; Madison. ANDREW, E. A.: Commerce and Business; Mobile; Kappa Sigma. ANDREWS, BRUCE S.: Arts and Sciences; Citroneile. ANDREWS, JOHN D.: Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Six: ANDREWS, RHONDA J.: Commerce and Business; Hueytown. ANTHO- NY, KATHERINE: Education; Andalusia, Kappa Kappa Gamma. ARENDALL, ROB- ERT A.: Commerce and Business; Mobile. ARGO, KATHERINE: Education; Jasper. ARGO, MURRY C: Commerce and Business; Jasper. Row Seven: ARMOUR, BEVERLY: Home Economics; Birmingham. ARMSTRONG, STEPHEN R.: Commerce and Business; Florence; Pi Kappa Alpha. ARNOLD, ELIZA- BETH: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Zeto Tau Alpha. ARNOLD, LINDA: Arts ond Sciences ; Montgomery; Delta Gamma. ASHTON, DOLLY: Home Economics, Tusca- loosa; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Eight: ATKINS, DANNY: Commerce and Business; Kappa Sigma. ATWELL, PAULA: Commerce and Business; Son Francisco, California, Chi Omega. AURY, ELTON H.: Education; Tuscaloosa. BAARS, FRAUNA: Education; Pensocolo, Flori- da; Kappa Alpha Thela. BAARS, THEO D.: Engingeering; Pensocolo. Florida; Delta Koppo Epsilon. Row Nine: BAGGETT, REBECCA LEA: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BAGWELL, CLIFFORDS G.: Commerce and Business; Butte, Montana; Phi Delta Theta. BAILEY, BARBARA: Arts and Sciences; Russellville. BAILEY, BARBRA JANE: Arts and Sci- ences; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Tau Alpha. BAILEY, DOUG: Engineering; Montgomery. Row Ten: BAILEY, GUY: Commerce and Business; Montgomery. BAILEY, JOHN DAVID: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. BAILEY, JOHN I.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. BAILEY, PAHIE: Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Koppo Delta. BAIRWALD, ROSSi Commerce and Business; Bynum; Pi Kappa Phi. Row One: ABERNATHY, ELLIOTT: Education; Conover, North Carolina. ABERNA- THY, ROBERT J.: Education; East Gadsden. ADAIR, OLIVIA: Arts and Sciences; Mo- bile; Zeto Tau Alpha. ADAMS, BARBARA JEAN: Education; Nashville, Tennessee; Delta Delta Delta. ADAMS, COROLELLA DAVIS: Tuscaloosa. Row Two: ADAMS, WILLIAM C: Commerce and Business; Dothon; Sigma Nu. AL- DREDGE, RAMONA: Arts and Sciences; Florence. ALEXANDER, DANNY L.: Educo- tion; Mobile. ALEXANDER, LYNN: Education; Mobile. ALLEN, GAIL: Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Chi Omega. Row Three: ALLEN, JACK: Commerce and Business; Enterprise; Sigma Nu. ALLEN, MARY: Home Economics; Florence. ALLEN, WANDA: Education; Alpha Chi Omega. ALLEN, JOHN M.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa. ALLIN, MARCIE: Arts and Sci- ences; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. Row Four: ALLUMS, BETTY: Education; Dora; Delta Gamma. ALVIN, PATTY: Educa- tion; Pacific Palisades, California; Pi Beta Phi. AAAASON, JAMES R.: Engineering; Albertville; Phi Kappa Psi. AMERINE, KATHRYN: Education; Oxon Hill, Maryland. AMMONS, ROXANNE C: Home Economics; Bessemer. - « i 426 Seniors Row One: BALCH, MILTON: Engineering; Tutcumbio. BANKSTON, LINDA: Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro; Chi Omega. BARANSKI, LINDA: Education; Miami, Flori- da. BARBER, THOAAAS G.: Arts and Sciences; Fairfield; Beta Thcia Pi. BARNES, BILLY M.: Commerce and Business; Roanoke, Row Two: BARR, DAVID: Arts and Sciences; Annlston. BARTON, DUDLEY: Com- merce and Business; Vernon. BASSETT, AAARVIN: Arts and Sciences; Troy. BATES, SUE: Education; Phil Campbell. BAUMGARDNER, KATHLEEN: Arts and Sciences; Alexandria, Virginia; Alpha Omicron PI. Row Thr»»: BEADLES, KATIE: Home Economics; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Chi Omega. BEALTY, CHARLOTTE: Education; Northport. BEARD, HUGH: Commerce and Business; Huntsville. BEARD, MICHAEL F.: Engineering; Birmingham. BEARDEN, CATHY: Arts and Sciences; Montevollo. Row Four: BEAUCHAMP, ANN: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BEAVEN, HORACE H.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BECK III, ROLLA E.: Law; Birmingham. BECKER, STEVEN: Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon. BECKLEY, SUSAN: Arts and Sciences; Langley Air Force Base, Virginia; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row Five: BEDFORD, WYEMA: Education; Semmes. BENNETT, CHERRYE: Arts and Sciences; Greenville. BENNETT, DEBBIE: Arts and Sciences; Springfield, Virginia; Kappa Alpha Theto. BENNETT, LEANNE: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Kappa Delta. BENNETT, NANCY: Arts and Sciences; Lincoln. Row Six: BENNET, SIAAMONS PEGGY: Education; Cottondole. BERGOB, CHARLES T.: Commerce and Business; Florence. BERRY, CECIL: Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. BERRY, EVELYN: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. BERRY, PAT: Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro. Row Seven: BERTOLOTTI, JOHN: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. BEST, ROGER: Educa- tion; Athens. BILLITS, LAWRENCE T.: Engineering; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi. BINGHAM, BARBARA: Education; Tuscaloosa. BIVENS, CARMELITA: Arts and Sci- ences; Tuscaloosa. Row Bghf: BIVENS, JOHN A.: New College; Tuscaloosa. BLACK, JOHN: Com- merce and Business; Montgomery; Delta Chi. BLACK, MARCEL: Arts and Sciences; Sheffield. BLACKBURN, BILLY L.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. BLACKMON, CONNIE: Home Economics; Gontt. Row Nine: BLACKSTON, DALE: Commerce and Business; Bessemer. BLADES, MI- CHAEL: ArH and Sciences; Marathon, Florida; Sigma Chi. BLAIR, JO ANNE: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. BLAKE, MARTIN W.: Engineering. BLANK, IRA: Commerce and Business; Wantogh, New York. Row Ten: BLAZYNSKI, LARRY: Commerce and Business; Chester, Pennsylvania. BONDS, FAYE: Home Economics; Greensboro. BOOK, PERI: Home Economics; Bir- mingham. BOOREAM, CYNTHIA: Education; Florence; Delta Delta Delta. BOOTH, TOM; Commerce and Business; Alexander City; Lambda Chi Alpha. bli Seniors 427 Borders — Cobern Row One: BORDERS, GRACE: Education; Carbon Hill. BOWEN, THERESA: Com- merce and Business; Dothan. BOWAAAN, DWIGHT: Commerce and Business; Sil- verhill. BOYD, DELORES: Arts and Sciences; Ramer. BOYD, RUTH: Education; Mo- bile; Phi Mu. Row Two: BOYD, WENDY: Education; Mobile; Delta Zeta. BRACKEH, ROSALIE: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. BRADLEY, DAVID: Commerce and Business; Tusca- loosa. BRADLEY, JOE: Commerce and Business; Phi Delta Theta. BRADLEY, LIBBY CAROLYN: Education; Jasper. Row Three: BRAMBLETT, JIM: Commerce and Business; Scottsboro. BRANCIFORTE, JOHN: Arts and Sciences. BRAND, JAMES M.: Arts and Sciences; Tarrant City. BRANDON, THOAAAS L.: Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro. BRANTLEY, BO: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Four: BRANTLEY, WARREN: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. BRICE, JAMES W.; Commerce and Business; Montgomery. BRICE, AAARILOIS: Education; Mont- gomery. BRIGHT, WILLIAM W.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Pi Kappa Phi. BRINING, JOHN M.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Delta Sigma Pi. Row Five: BRINKMAN, MICHAEL: Commerce and Business; Huntsville. BRISCOE; JAMES: Arts and Sciences; Decatur. BRITAIN, JAMES A.: Commerce and Business;: Jasper; Phi Sigma Kappa. BROCK, DOUGLAS: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa BROCK, NANCY: Arts and Sciences; Elba; Alpha Xi Delta. Row Six: BROCK, ZANDRA: Home Economics; Jasper. BRONOUGH, RICK: Comi merce and Business; Tuscaloosa. BROWN, BRUCE WHITAKER: Arts and Sciences; Jacksonville; Sigma Nu. BROWN, CALVERT: Arts and Sciences; Vicksburg, Miss BROWN, DEBORAH ANNE: Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu. Row Seveh: BROWN, JAMES W.: Commerce and Business. BROWN, LINDA C Education; Akron, Ohio; Alpha Xi Delta. BROWN, AAARGARET: Education; Mobile Kappa Kappa Gamma. BROWNING, RHONDA: Education; Birmingham BROYLES, CAROLYN: Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Eight: BRUNSVOLD, LOREN L.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville. BRYANT BETH: Arts and Sciences; Boy Minette. BUCKLEY, DRUSILLA. BUCKLEY, AAARKI Commerce and Business. BUFFORD, NANCY: Home Economics; Dothan. Row Nine: BURCHFIELD, TERRY: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BURKS, MAR LOU: Education; Pensacola, Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta. BURLESON, WILLIAM F Education. BURNEH, GENE: Commerce and Business. BURNEH, PHYLLIS: Educ( tion; Montgomery. Row Ten: BURNUM, SUSAN: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. BU I ROUGHS, JUDY: Education; Tuscaloosa. BUSH, JAMES A.: Columbus, Georfli BUSH, THOMAS: Commerce and B usiness; Birmingham; Delta Tau Delta. BYARJ AAARIE: Education, Tuscaloosa. 428 Seniors Row On»: BYE, STEPHEN R.: Education; Alpena, Michigan; Delta Tao Delta. BYNUM, R. REX: Education; Geneva. CAGLE, DAVID B.: Arts and Sciences; Hunts- ville; Phi Kappa Psi. CAIN, FRANKIE SHARON: Home Economics; Birmingham. CALDWELL, DAN: Commerce and Business; Dadeville; Delta Tau Delta. Sow Two: CALIX, JR., ARTHUR: Commerce and Business; Decatur. CALLAWAY, NANCY K.: Home Economics; Birmingham; Phi Mu. CAMERON, TOM O.; Graduate 3; Tuscalooso. CAMERON, JOE: Arts and Sciences; Greensboro. CAMPBELL, CE- CELIA: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Xi Delta. Row Three: CAMPBELL, REGINA: Education; Tuscaloosa. CANNON, BETSY: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Zeta Tau Alpha. CANTLEY, DON: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Theto Xi. CAPILOUTO, DAVID: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Beta Tau. CARETTI, JR., JAMES S.: Education; Cullman. ■ Row Four: CARMICHAEL, LINDA C: Education; Valley Head. CARNES, ED: Com- merce and Business; Tuscaloosa. CAROTHERS, CONNIE: Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham. CARPENTER, JR., ROBERT H.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Pi Koppo Alpha. CARSON, RICHARD WARREN: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row five: CARTER, SANDY: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. CASH, AAARSHALL: Commerce and Business; Pensacolo, Florida. CASTAGNA, JOSEPH A.: Education; Huntington Station, N. Y. CATLIN, THOMAS W.: Commerce and Business; Birming- ham; Phi Kappa Sigma. CAUSEY, SHARON: Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Six: CERVANTES, WALTER: Engineering; Tuscaloosa; Theta Tau. CHAMBLER, RONALD: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. CHANEY, STAN: Education; Huey- lown. CHAPMAN, GARY: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. CHAPMAN, JAMES E.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Sigma. «oi Seven: CHAPMAN, KATHY: Education; Tuscaloosa. CHAPMAN, WILLIAM THOMAS II: Commerce and Business; Evergreen. CHASON, ALLEN R.: Commerce ind Business; Bay Minette; Phi Delta Theta. CHIEPALICH, MARIE JANE: Engineer- ng; Jacksonville. CHILDS, JACK F.: Arts and Sciences; Hohn, Germany. tow Eight: CHRISTESON, NORTON: Arts and Sciences; Florence. CHRISTIAN, AARGARET: Home Economics; Bessemer. CHRISTOPHER, SANDRA: Education; uscoloosa. CLARK, SALLY: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. CLARK, AYLOR: Commerce and Business; Pleasant Grove; Phi Delta Theta. owNine: CLAY, ANITA J.: Education; Falkville. CLAY, SUSAN: Arts and Sciences; •reenville. South Carolina; Alpha Gamma Delta. CLEIND, BILL: Engineering; Tus- sloosa; Theto Tau. CLEMENT, JOHN: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Ipha. CLEMENTS, BOB: Commerce and Business; Northport; Sigma Chi. ow Ten: CLEAAMONS, MARTHA ANN: Home Economics; Ethelsville. CLEMONS, JDY: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Delta Delta. COBB, HAA MOND: ommerce and Business; Birmingham; Sigma Phi Epsilon. COBBLE, CHARLOTTE L.: iucation; Fort Payne; Alpha Gamma Delta. COBERN, MARVIN C: Arts and Sci- ices; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha. ,1 mSM i ii Seniors 429 Cochrane — Edwards Row One: COCHRANE, TORRE: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Phi Gamma Delta. COFFAAAN, MARION: Arts and Sciences; Elkmont; Phi Gamma Delta. COLE- MAN, JERRY L.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. COLLIER, NATHAN: Engi- neering; Tuscaloosa. COLLINS, CHERRYL: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row Two: COLLINS, MARY M.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. COLQUEH, JERRY K.: Arts and Sciences; Opp. CONDRA, CINDY: Education; Hendersonville, Tennes- see; Chi Omega. CONNER, DAVID V.: Engineering; Bloomsburg, Penn. CONNER, KENNETH P.: Engineering; Gadsden. Row Three: CONTE, GAETON: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. CONYERS, DONNA: Education; Tuscaloosa; Pi Beta Phi. COOK, RITA K.: Education; Arley. COOK, SAMUEL M.: Arts and Sciences; Pine Hill. COOLEY, HUGH L.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Phi Sigma Kappa. Row Four: COOPER, EARL: Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Theto Chi. COP- PEDGE, WAYNE: Engineering; Billingsly. CORDER, BRENDA: Education; Tuscaloo- sa. CORDER, LARRY: Education; Tuscaloosa. CORLEY, DON: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row Five: CORNELEIUS, JOHN E.: Arts and Sciences; Miami, Flo.; Pi Kappa Phi CORRIGAN, STEVE: Arts and Sciences; University; Pi Kappa Alpha. CORY, LINDA: Education; Upper Saddle River, N. J.COSPER, ERIC: Engineering; Bynum. COUCH; JANIE: Arts and Sciences; Jasper. Row Six: COUCH, MARY: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. COW LEY, STEPHEN P.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Theta Chi. COX, CATHERINE: Educe tion; Booz; Alpha Gamma Delta. COX, LELAND: Commerce and Business; Universi ty. COX, MICHAEL D.: Engineering; Wheeler Dam. Row Severt: COX, THOMAS BLAIR, JR.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Delt Theto. CRABTREE, JEAN: Arts and Sciences; Madeira Beach, Flo. CRAIG, MILTOI L.: Commerce and Business; University. CRAIG, NEELY R.: Commerce and Busines Tuscaloosa. CREEL, PAT: Home Economics; Bessemer; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row Eight: CROCKER, CHARLES: Engineering; Birmingham. CROCKER, THOMA W.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. CROOK, ALFRED: Arts and Sciences; Univers ty; Koppo Alpha. CROSBY, KATE: Education; Greenville; Delta Delta Delt CROSS, DOUGLAS: Education; Bethesdo, Md.; Theta Chi. Row Nine: CRUM, GEORGE: Arts and Sciences; Hayneville; Sigma Nu. CULBE SON, CHARLES: Engineering; Tuscaloosa; Theta Tau. CULBERSON, JAMES: Cor merce and Business; Anniston; Delta Tau Delta. CUMMINGS, CHARLES: Commen ond Business; Huntsville. CUMMINGS, CURTIS: Arts and Sciences; Ettrick, Virgin! Theta Xi. Row Ten: CUNNINGHAM, LARRY: Engineering; Tuscaloosa. CURRIE, MARTHA I Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. CURRY, WILLIAM: Arts and Sciences; Carrolltc Kappa Sigma. DAHMER, DAVID A.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Sign Chi. DANIELL, JAMES R.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. 431 Seniors fimm Row Five: DICK, CHARLES: Arts and Sciences; Brentwood, New York. DILLARD, ' BRUCE L.: Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Delta Tau Delta. DINGES, STE- PHEN: Arts and Sciences; Florence. DIXIE, LUVERNE: Home Economics; Uniontown. DOBSON, JAMES W.: Commerce and Business; Ft. Myers, Florida; Sigma Nu. I (tew Six: DODSON, LYNN: Education; Montgomery; Delta Gamma. DOMINICK, SUSAN: Arts and Sciences; Vicksburg, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma. DON- ALD, JOHN W.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. DOTZHEIMER, LINDA: Education; Huntsville. DOUGLAS, JOAN: Arts ond Sciences; Goodsprings; Alpha Xi Delta. Row Seven: DUBE, ROGER: Commerce and Business; Nashua, New Hampshire. DUBOSE, TERRY: Education; Brewton. DUMONT, DAN: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. DUNCAN, MARIAN: Education; Northport; Alpha Delta Pi. DUNCAN, PAM: Arts and Sciences; Hartselle; Alpha Chi Omega. Row Eight: DUNN, RONALD: Arts and Sciences; Cullman. DUREN, TIM: Education; Gordo. DUTT, KATHY: Social Work; Lexington, Kentucky. DUVAL, CARLOS: Com- merce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. DUVALL, LEE: Arts and Sciences; Monroeville; Koppo Kappa Gamo. Row Nine: DYAR, CAROL: Home Economics; Albertville; Alpha Chi Omega. DYAS, JUSAN P.: Elementory Education; Orlando, Florida. DYE, ADRIAN M.: Social ■Vork; Gadsden. EARLEY, TONI: Education; Huntsville; Zeto Tau Alpha. EASON, lAROLYN: Education; Fayette. fow Ten: ECHOLS, SHERRY: Education; Gadsden. EDDINS, SHARMON: Arts and ciences; Monroeville; Chi Omega. EDWARDS, DONNA: Arts and Sciences; Platts- urgh, New York. EDWARDS, ELLEN: Education; Plathburgh, New York. ED- WARDS, JANE A.! Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row One: DARDEN, MARGARET N.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Delta PI. DATZHEIMER, JANE: Huntsville. DAUGLAS, SANDRA O.: Education; Tuscaloo- sa. DAUSSAAAN, JUDY: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. DAVENPORT, SALLY: Arts and Sciences; St. Petersburg, Florida, Alpha Xi Delta. Row Two: DAVIDSON, MARGARET S.: Educotion; Huntsville. DAVIS, BRENDAi Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. DAVIS, DONNA: Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. DAVIS, ELIZABETH T.i Arts and Sciences. DAVIS, MAX R.: Education; Northport. Row Three: DAVIS, PATSY: Education; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. DAVIS, THOMAS G.; Arts and Sciences; Bessemer; Koppo Sigma. DRAMENT, SARA: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. DEES, PLIA: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. DEHANEY, LU- CRETIA A.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row Four: DELONEY, RICHARD E.: Education; Hueytown. DEMPSEY, H. YOUNG: Arts and Sciences; Jacksonville; Sigma Nu. DENNIS, BEN: Commerce and Business; Guin; Phi Kappa Psi. DENNISTON, DWAIN C: Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Koppo Epsilon. DESLATTES, DOUGLAS: Commerce and Business; Tuscoloo- Mm Seniors 430 Row Five: EYSTER, KAPPY; Home Economics; Decatur; Delta Delta Delta. FAAUGHT, JOE: Arts and Sciences; Clayton. FANNING, ROUND: Commerce and Business; Elona, Tennessee. FARMER, FRED RAY: Engineering; Talladega. FARRELL, AAAURA: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. Row Six: FAUCETT, AMBURS M.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. FAUST, RANDALL J.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. FERGUSON, NEIL: Engineer- ing; Hue town. FERLISI, ANGELO: Engineering; Birmingham. FETNER, LEON: Com- merce and Business; Ashland. Row Savem FICHTNER, MONICA: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. FINCH, SUSAN: Home Economics; Birmingham, Delta Delta Delta. FINDLAY, JOHN DAVID: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. FINNEY, MARY JANE: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FISHBEIN, CASSIE: Education; Mobile. Row Eight: FITZGERALD, EARL: Home Economics; Montgomery. FITZPATRICK, BONNIE: Education; Birmingham. FLEMING, LINDA: Arts and Sciences; Grove Hill; Alpha Xi Delta. FLOYD, BONNIE KAY: Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia. FOL- LOWILL, DAVID: Engineering; Enterprise; Theta Xi. Row Nine: FORDHAM, SUE: Education; Heflin. FORREST, HUDDLESTON: Home Ec- onomics; Montgomery; Delta Delta Delta. FORSYTH, MARY: Education; Fayette; Chi Omega. FORTNER, TOM: Arts and Sciences; Dothon. FOSTER, AVELYN: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. Row Uni FOSTER, DOUGLAS B.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Sigma Nu. FOS- TER, GARY: Commerce and Business; Chickosow. FOSTER, GREG: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Pi Kappa Phi. FOUNTAIN, PENNY: Education; Attollo; Delta Gamma. FOURROUX, SHARON: Education; Alpha Delta Pi. Edwards — Grover Row One: EDWARDS, HELEN A.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. EDWARDS, JEAN M.: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. ED- WARDS, STEPHEN H.: Commerce and Business; Athens. EILAND, REBECCA: Educa- tion; Montgomery; Alpha Xi Delta. ELLIOTT, DARRELL W.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row Two: ELLIOT, JENNIE SUE: Education; Haleyville. ELLSWORTH, AAARY LOU: Home Economics; East Lansing, Michigan; Kappa Kappa Gamma. EMFINGER, TRISH: Arts and Sciences; Union Spring; Alpha Gamma Delta. ENGLISH, ALISON: Education; Jackson. ENGLISH, GAIL: Education; Evergreen; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Three: ENNIS, R. LARRY: Commerce and Business; Harvest; Beta Theta Pi. ESPY, COLLIER H.: Commerce and Business; Dothan; Sigma Nu. ESPY, GRIGG: Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Sigma Nu. ESTES, EMILY: Education; Oneonta; Zeto Tou Alpha. ETHEREDGE, DEBBI: Home Economics; Jackson; Chi Omega. Row Four: EVANS, BETH: Education; Decatur; Chi Omega. EVANS, PATRICIA: Edu- caKon; Gadsden. EVANS, PEGGY: Education; Tuscaloosa. EVANS, STEPHANIE. Education; Anniston; Zeto Tau Alpha. EVERETT, ROBERT N.: Arts and Sciences, Montgomery; Lambda Chi Alpha. mm A 432 Seniors Row One; FRANKLIN, MIKE: Arts and Sciences; Delta Kappa Epsilon. FRAZIER, ROBERT W.: Arts and Sciences; Ft. Lauderdale, Flarida; Sigma Nu. FREDERICK, PATRICK D.: Engineering; Childersburg; Theta Tau. FREEMAN, JACOB R.: Educa- tion; Columbus, Georgia; Pi Kappa Phi. FREEMAN, JAMES A.: Education; Northport. Row Two: FRIEDUNDER, GAIL: Education; Montgomery. FRISARO, LEONARD: Arts and Sciences; New York City, New York; Chi Phi. FUHR, JAMES W.: Engineer- ing; Theta Chi. FULLER, GEORGE: Arts and Sciences; Spanish Fort; Theta Chi. FINK- lEA, WYNN: Home Economics; Americus, Georgia; Alpha Delta Pi. Row Three: GALLOWAY, ROBERT M.: Social Work; Tuscaloosa. GANN, CAND- ACE: Education; Birmingham. GANTT, WAYNE: Commerce and Business; Mont- jomery; Pi Kappa Phi. GARREH, LESLIE A.: Education; Mobile; Phi Mu. GARREn, ' AM: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. ' iowFoun GARRISON, MARY K.: Education; Birmingham. GARZAREK, ROBERT P.: commerce and Business; Fairfield. GAUBERT, LENNIE: Arts and Sciences; New Or- «ans; Delta Zeto. GIBSON, JOHN: Engineering; Sheffield. GIBSON, MARILYN: Education; Birmingham. Row Five: GILBERT, CATHERINE R.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. GILBERT, LYNNA M.: Home Economics; Collinsville; Chi Omega. GILES, DOROTHY: Educa- tion; Tuscaloosa. GILL, ANITA: Arts and Sciences; Decatur. GILL, ANITA: Social Work; State Line, Mississippi. Row Six: GILLIAM, RICHARD H.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Lambda Chi Alpha. GILMER, MADELINE: Education; Birmingham; Alpha Xi Delta. GLASSCOCK, GREG: Commerce and Business; Moplesviile; Beta Theta Pi. GLASSCOCK, JEFF: Education; Moplesviile; Beta Theta Pi. GLENN, GLORIA: Education. Row Seven: GLENZ, SUSAN M.: Arts and Sciences; Pensocola, Florida; Kappa Kappa Gamma. GOLSON, GARY R.: Arts and Sciences; Prattville. GOODNER, JANE: Home Economics; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. GRANT, CLAIRE: Educa- tion; Dozier. GRAVES, DUDLEY: Education; Birmingham. Row Eight: GRAVES, SARA J.: Education; Russellville; Alpha Gamma Delta. GREEN, CHARLES: Commerce and Business; Hamilton. GREEN, JOHN C: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. GREEN, SHEILAH: Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. GREENE, JIMMY R.: Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. Row Nine: GREENLEE, KAREN: Home Economics; Birmingham; Delta Zeto. GREEN- LEE, KAREN: Engineering; Podunk Bay, Alaska. GREGG, MIKE R.: Education; Gar- dendole. GRIEF, NANCY: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Zeto Tau Alpha. GRESH- AM, DAVID R.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row Ten: GRIFFIN, HELEN B.: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. GRIFFITH, JERRY: Commerce and Business; Fairhope. GRIGSBY, RAY M.: Commerce and Business; Gadsden; Beta Theta Pi. GRISSETT, STEPHEN K.: Engineering; Hueytown. GRO- VER, PATRICIA E.: Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta. Seniors 433 MM Groves — Huett Row One: GROVES, JAMES C: Commerce and Business; Louisville, Kentucky. GULAS, THEODORE: Commerce and Business; Huntsville. GULIEY, JAMES L.: Edu- cation; Atmore. GUNTER, KEN: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. GUTHRIE, TERRY J.: Education; Prichord. Row Two: GUTHERY, ANNE: Commerce and Business; Cullman. GUTIERREZ, LINO: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. HAGOOD, VIRGINIA: Arts and Sciences; Mounton. HAILEY, JANET: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. HAIRSTON, DEBRA: Home Eco- nomics; Gardendole. Row Three: HALL, CAROLYN: Education; Tuscaloosa. HALL, CYNTHIA P.: Educa- tion; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Omicron Pi. HALL, LAWTON: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Tau Delta. HALLADAY, TRISSY: Home Economics; Pell City; Phi Mu. HALLAM, WILLIAM J.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Pi Kappa Phi. Row Four: HAMBY, GREGORY W.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega. HAMILTON, FULTON: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Theta Chi. HAMIL- TON, REBECCA L.: Education; Huntsville. HAMMOND, PATRICIA: Education; Tus- caloosa. HAMPTON, JR., JOHN B.: Commerce and Business; Tuscumbia. Row Five: HANBY, DAVID E.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. HANES, THOMAS B.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. HANE, JAMES T.: Edu cation. HANEY, JOHNNY: Commerce and Business; Decatur. HANNON, SARA Education; Mobile. Row Six: HARDEGREE, KATHY: Education; Ashland; Kappa Kappa Gamma. MAR DEN, JAMES: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. HARDIN, HANS: Arts and Sci ences; Montgomery; Delta Tau Delta. HARDIN, JOHN: Commerce and Business, Warwick, England; Phi Delta Theta. HARDIN, PATRICIA: Education; Montgomery Row Sever : HARDIN, SANDRA JANE: Arts and Sciences; Jasper. HARMON, UL LIAN E.: Education; Birmingham. HARPER, LARRY: Engineering; Huntsville; Ph Koppo Psi. HARRELL, BETH: Education; Tuscaloosa. HARRELL, DIANE: Education Hueytown. Row Eight: HARRELL, TOM: Commerce and Business Administration; Tuscaloosc HARRELL, WILLIAM B.: Education; Texorkana, Texas; Sigma Nu. HARRIS, MAI COLM S.: Engineering; Fort Payne. HARRIS, MARION L.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscc loosa; Theta Chi. HARRISON, RICKEY B.: Engineering; Vernon. Row Nine: HARSANY, FREDERICK: Engineering; Birmingham; Theta Tau. HARl ZOG, DANNY I.: Arts and Sciences; Ariton. HASKINS, NANCY ELEANORE: Cott merce and Business Administration; Jacksonville; Zeta Tau Alpha. HASSINGEF DAVE: Commerce and Business Administration; Birmingham; Theta Chi. HASSO LEONARD S.: Commerce and Business Administration; Montgomery; Zeta Beta Toi Row Ten: HATCHER, NANCY E.: Education; New Hope. HAUGHTON, PATS " Commerce and Business Administration; Dothon; Alpha Gamma Delta. HAUP LORRAINE: Education; Tuscaloosa. HAWKINS, JEFF: Commerce and Business A ' ministration; Gadsden. HAWKINS, JOHN; Commerce and Business AdministrotiOi Birmingham; Delia Tau Delta. 434 Seniors Row One: HAYES, GEORGE G.: Arts and Sciences; Newton. HAYES, JONATHAN D.: Education; Tuscaloosa. HAYES, MARGARET: Arts and Sciences; Brewton; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HAYGOOD, MARION: Arts and Sciences; Greenville; Alpha Gamma Delta. HAYNES, JANICE E.: Arts and Sciences; Talladega. ffow Two: HELD, RONNY: Commerce and Business; Anniston. HENDERSON, CARL R.: Education; Northport. HENDERSON, JAMES M.: Engineering; Hueytown. HEN- DERSON, SUSAN: EducaHon; Decatur. HENDRIX, JERRY F.: Commerce and Busi- neu; Cullman. Row Three: HERBERT, JAMES: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. HERRIN, CHARLES L.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. HERRIN, KITTY B.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. HERRING, MELINDA L.: Home Economics; Phil Campbell. HERRING, PATRICIA L.: Arts and Sciences; Fairfield. otv four: HERRING, RANDALL: Commerce and Business; Savannah, Georgia. HIAM, RANDY: Engineering; Birmingham. HICKMAN, FRANK A.: Commerce and Business; Greenville. HICKAAAN, FRED E.: Commerce and Business; Greenville. HICKS, BENNY B.: Engineering; Bessemer. tow Five: HICKS, CAROL A.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. HIGHTOWER, SU- ZANNE: Education; Mobile; Chi Omega. HILL, BRUCE: Commerce and Business; I Gadsden; Beta Theta Pi. HILL, DAVID A.: Commerce and Business; New York City, New York. HILUS, ALLYSON: Education; Birmingham. Row Six: HINCHEY, FRANCILLE: Education; Reform. HINCHEY, HAROLD: Com- merce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Theta Xi. HISS, WARD J.: Arts and Sciences; Coral Gables, Florida. HITE, VONNIE: Arts and Sciences; Pensacolo, Florida; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HIXON, JULIE: Arts and Sciences; Perote; Kappa Alpha Theta. How Seven: HOLBROOK, RHONDA: Education; Winfield. HOLLEY, ELAM: Arts and Sciences; Selma. HOLLEY, SANDRA: Arts and Sciences; Greensboro. HOLLING- SWORTH, JOHN C: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Tau Delta. HOL- IWGSWORTH, MARCIA V.: Educolion; Fayette. tow Eight: HOLLON, BEN F.: Engineering; Prattville. HOLMES, PATRICIA L.: Educa- tion; Birmingham. HOLMES, RHONDA: Arts and Sciences; Clearwater, Florida; Phi Mu. HOLTON, KAREN: Arts and Sciences; Douglas, Georgia. HOOKS, GLEN A.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Tou Delta. «ow Nine: HOPKINS, NANCY: Education; Ramsey, New Jersey; Alpha Delta Pi. HORSIEY, WILLIAM D.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. HOSEY, STEPHEN E.: Commerce and Business; Gadsden. HOUSEAL, WILLIAM B.: Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. HOUSTON, JIM: Commerce and Business; Fort Payne; Phi Kappa Sigma. Row Ten: HOWELL, GWEN: Home Economics; Panama City, Florida; Kappa Delta. HOWELL, MARY ANN: Education; Dothon; Alpha Gamma Delta. HOWELL, NANCY P.: Arts and Sciences; Hartselle. HUDSON, LINDA: Education; Tuscaloosa. HUETT, JUDSON L.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Seniors 435 Huffman — Libby Row One: HUFFMAN, DANIEL J.: Arts and Sciences; St. Louis, Missouri; Theto Chi. HUGHES, BARBARA: Education; Pensocola. HUGHSTON, CAROLINE: Education; Tuscumbia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HUMPHREY, HERAAAN O.: Arts and Sciences; Lonett; Alpha Tou Omega. HUMPHREYS, AAARY L.: Education; Homewood. .Row Two: HUNTER, BETH: Education; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. HUTCHENS, JAMES: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Beta Theto Pi. HUTCHISON, BARBARA: Education; Panama Ctty, Florida; Delta Gamma. IMES, T. M.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. INMAN, W. B.: Commerce and Business; Aurora, Illinois. Row Three: INZER, JO: Education; Gadsden; Kappa Kappa Gamma. IPPOLITO, NORMAN: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. JACKSON, BILLY W.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. JACKSON, DANNY: Commerce and Business; Vernon. JACKSON, J. RANDALL: Engineering; Montgomery; Theto Tou. Row Four: JACKSON, JOHN: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. JACKSON, MARGARET: Education; Mobile. JEAN, PHILLIP: Arts and Sciences; Cordova. JEFFERS, JOHN A.: Social Work; Westfield, New Jersey. JEFFREYS, EDWINA: Arts and Sciences; Hat- ton. fS 3ilp Row Five: JETER, ELLEN: Education, Ennis, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. JOBSON,i ANN: Education; Northport; Alpha Chi Omega. JOHNSON, BONNIE: Education;; Adamsville. JOHNSON, CARROLL: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. JOHNSON,) ELIZABETH: Arts and Sciences; Dothan. Row Six: JOHNSON, GUY V.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. JOHNSON, LANA D.: Education; Tuscaloosa. JOHNSTON, JANH: University. JOHNSTON, JUDY F.: Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. JOLLEY, WINDELL L.: Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Seven: JOLLY, MACK: Arts and Sciences; Tallassee. JONES, ALEX: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Tou Omega. JONES, ANNETTE: Arts and Sci- ences; Sheffield. JONES, BARBARA: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Kappa Alpha Theta. JONES, DONNA H.: Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. Row Eight: JONES, GUY G.: Commerce and Business; Valley Head. JONES, HAR OLD G.: Arts and Sciences; Largo, Florida. JONES, JAN: Home Economics; Bir mlnghom; Alpha Chi Omega. JONES, LINDA: Education; Memphis. JONES, AAARI LYN D.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row Nine: JONES, NANCY C: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi JONES, PERRY: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. JONES, VELAAA: Education. JORD AN, BRENT: Education; Huntsville; Alpha Delta Pi. JORDAN, DENNIS: Arh one Sciences; Brewton, m Row Ten: JOYNER, MARY: Education; Atmore; Delta Gamma. JUDAS, MOIRA Education; Wortrace, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi. JUSTICE, WILEY: Arts and Sci ences; Mobile; Theto Chi. KANE, MARY A.: Education; Dowiness Grove, Illinois KEEL, RALPH H.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Chi. 436 Seniors mm Row Five: KNAPP, KATHY: Education; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. KNIGHT, NINA: Arts and Sciences; Eufaula. KNOPF, DAVID: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. KNOPF, JAN: Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. KOVACH, RON: Arts and Sciences; Pottjtown, Pennsylvania; Phi Sigma Kappa. Row Six: KREBS III, GEORGE A.: ArH and Sciences; Memphis, Tennessee. KU- CHARSKI, JOEL: Engineering; Dearborn Heights, Michigan; Lambda Chi Alpha. KUSTA, LENIX F.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. KUSTER, SUSAN: Arts and Sci- ences; Normal, Illinois; Delta Delta Delta. KUYKENDALL, KENNETH H.: Commerce and Business; Northport. Row Seven: LAMBERT, DIANNA: Education; Athens. LAMBERTH, MARGARET: Edu- cation; Alex City. LANDRUM, DONALD: Commerce and Business; Sumiton. LA- ROCCA, ANTHONY: Commerce and Business; Fairfield; Theta Chi. LARRIMORE, LAAAAR: Engineering; Grove Hill. Row Eight: LAW, PHIL: Commerce and Business; Atlanta, Georgia; Lambda Chi Alpha. LAWHEAD, LAURIE: Education; Aiken, South Carolina. LAWRENCE, TONY D.: Arts and Sciences; Opp. LAWSON, EMILIl: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. LEACH, STEVE: Arh and Sciences; Gadsden; Beta Theta Pi. low Nine: LEE, MARGARET: Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Kappa Delta. LEE, ROGER M.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Tau Omega. LEES, MICHAEL: Arts ind Sciences; Columbus, Georgia. LEMMER, LINDA C: Home Economics; Birming- lOffl. LENZI, LINDA: Arts and Sciences; Marathon, Florida; Pi Beta Phi. fow Ten: LESTER, MARION JEAN: EDUCATION; Lanett. LEWIS, CANDICE: Arts ind Sciences; University. LEWIS, GORDON: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. LEWIS, ANE: Arts and Sciences; Pensacola, Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta. LIBBY, PHYLLIS Wi Arts and Sciences; Beaumont, Texas; Alpha Xi Delta. Row One: KEENER, PATRICIA: Education; Altoona. KEITH, WAYNE F.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Theta Chi. KELLY, M. KENOR: Education; Montgomery. KEMP, SALLY: Education; Mobile; Alpha Delta Pi. KENDRICK, MIKE: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Two: KENNEDY, FAYE T.: Education; Tuscaloosa. KENNEDY, KAREN: Arta and Sciences; Venice, Florida. KENNEDY, STEVE: Commerce and Business; Red Bay. KETTLES, DAVID: Commerce and Business; Rossville, Georgia. KILPATRICK, CLAUDIA: Education; Frisco City. Row Three: KILPATRICK, JIMMY D.: Engineering; Russellville. KIMBLE, STEPHEN: Engineering; Florence. KIMBRAUGH, JENNIE: Arts and Sciences; Linden; Delta Delta Delta. KINa(d, DAN L.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. KINCAID, TERESA R.: Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Four: KINDBERG, BARBARA: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. KING, ANN: Education; Jasper. KIRK, ANGELA: Arts and Sciences; Tuser. KIRK, DANNA: Edu- cation; Hixson, Tennessee. KISER, SYLVIA: Education; Jasper. Seniors 437 Row Fiv0! LOYD, SHARON: Home Economics; Stevenson; Delta Zeta. LOYD, TIM: Commerce and Business; Gunter Air Force Base. LUCK, SHARON: Home Econom- ics; Mobile. LUKER, PEGGY: Education; Talladega; Delta Zeta. lUSCHER, HARRY A.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Six: LYDA, JAMES H.: Education; Bridgeport. LYLE, MELINDA: Home Econom- ics; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. LYON, MARTHA JULIA: Education; Bayou La Batre. LYONS, REBA: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. LYONS, THERESA: Arts and Sciences Mobile. Row Seven: MABREY, BRENDA D.: Education; Tuscaloosa. MABREY, JIM E.: Com- merce and Business; Tuscaloosa. AAACE, DAVID W.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. MACKECHNIE, LINDA A.: Education; Huntsville. MACON, JO: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row Eight: MADDOX, MELINDA: Education; Enterprise. MAGEL, NANCY: Arts and Sciences; Delta Zeta. MAGNUSSON, DAVID: Engineering; Ardmore, Tennessee. MAHAN, SHIRLEY: Arts and Sciences; Midwest City, Oklahoma. MANGUM, EDGAR F.: Education; Laurinburg, North Carolina; Pi Kappa Alpha. Row Nine: MANOS, DOLLY: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. MANOS, MICHAEL E.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. MAPLES, SAAAMY Z.: Arts and Sciences; Besse- mer. MARINO, FRANK: Engineering; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. AAARINO, JO- SEPH T.: Engineering; Wayne, New Jersey. Row Ten: MARKS, SUSAN C: Education; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Delta Tau. MARQUIS, DANNY F.: Education; Tuscaloosa. AAARSH, MELISSA: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. MARSH, NANCY H.: Arts and Sciences; Auburn. MARSHALL, RICK W.: Engineering; Mobile; Sigma Chi. Lindell — Miller Row One: LINDELL, REBECCA: Education; Pinson. LIGHTER, STEPHEN MARK: Com- merce and Business; Birmingham; Zeta Beta Tau. LINDSAY, BARBARA: Arts and Sciences; Ozark. LINEBAUGH, SCOTT: Commerce and Business. LISENEY, BETTY: Home Economics; Huntsville. Row Two: LITTLE, VIRGINIA: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Kappa Alpha Theta. LinRELL, JAMES C: Arts and Sciences; Moulton. LIVELY, WILLIAM: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha. LOEB, DOUG: Commerce and Business. LOEB, JACK: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. Row Three: LOPER, ROBERT: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. LOFTIN, THOM- AS; Engineering; Piedmont. LOGAN, STEPHEN: Arts and Sciences; Tarrant City. LOLLY, ANN: Education; Tuscaloosa. LONG, DUDLEY: Education; Uniontown; Chi Omega. Row Four: LOTHROP, SHERYL: Arts and Sciences; Campisce, Pennsylvania. LOTT, MARILYN: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Koppo Kappa Gamma. LOVELADY, ROBERT: Commerce and Business; Dorce. LOWE, ANN: Commerce and Business; Birming- ham; Alpha Omicron Pi. LOWRY, INDIA: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theto. M m 438 Seniors Row Ona: MARTIN, CAROLYN: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. A ARTIN, MARY: Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma. MASSLER, VICKI: Education; Ozark. MASTERSON, PAULINE: Education; Tuscaloosa. MATHIS, JAMES: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. «ow Two: MAXWELL, GARY R.: Commerce and Business; Dothan. MAXWELL, JOHN F.: Commerce and Business. MAY, HAROLD BRANT: Home Economics; Chi Phi. MAY, TOM: Education; Greensboro. MAYERS, RICHARD: Commerce and Busi- ness; Millport; Pi Kappa Phi. Row Throe: MAZER, BARI DEE: Education; Birmingham. MAZZONE, RICK L.: Arts and Sciences; Wayne, New Jersey. McADAMS, STEVE S.: Commerce and Business; Kennedy. McALPIN, CLIFFORD STILES: Arts and Sciences; Gulf Breeze, Florida. AAcCAIN, SUSAN: Arts and Sciences; Ashville; Zeto Tau Alpha. Row Four: McCARTY, MICHAEL J.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. McCLINTOCK, GEORGE: Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Kappa Sigma. McCONNELL, EDWIN: Com- merce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. McCORMICK, JANE: Education; Fayette. McCOWN, RICHARD G.: Commerce and Business; Toney. mwM Row Five: McCULLEN, RICHARD: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. McCU- LOUGH, SUSAN: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. McCUL- LY, SHARON: Home E conomics; Orange Park, Florida. McCURLEY, MARTHA D.: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Alpha Chi Omega. McDANIEL, CHARLOTTE: Home Economics; Kennedy. Row Six: McDonald, CATHY: Education; Meridian, Mississippi; Delta Delta Delta. Mcelroy, SHELIA: EducaKon; Oxford. McGEE, ALVIN: Arts and Sciences; Fyffe. McGEE, JIM: Commerce and Business; Boaz; Sigma Chi. McGEHEE, WILLIAM BOYD: Commerce and Business; Talladega; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Sever): McGINNIS, BETTYE J.: Education; Birmingham. McGREGOR, RONALD C: Engineering; Town Creek. McGRIFF, MEG: Social Work; Kappa Delta. MclNT- YRE, HARREH: Bessemer; Alpha Chi Omega. McKAY, KATHY HUEY: Home Eco- nomics; Tuscaloosa. Row Eight: McNEIL, MAUREEN: Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia; Delta Zeto. McRAY, LINDA: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. MEADOWS, PHILLIP E.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. MEADOWS, WILLARD: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. MEANS, WILLIAM E.: Commerce and Business; Butler. Row Nine: MEDINA, ELENA M.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MEEKS, LESLEY: Engineering; Jasper. MELTON, JUDY N.: Education; Childersburg. MERKL, TIM: En- gineering; Birmingham; Delta Chi. MERRILL, ROBERT G.: Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham. Row Tert: MIDGLEY, SHEP: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Kappa Alpho. MIDKIFF, ANN: Education; Montgomery; Chi Omega. MILES, SAMUEL H.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. MILLER, GLENDA: Education; Flomaton. MILLER, JOSEPH W.: Arts and Sciences; Jamestown. Seniors 439 Miller — Pearson Row One: MILLER, MARTHA J.: Sociol Work; Owens Cross Rood. MILSTEAD, BAR- BARA ANN: Arts and Sciences; Linden. MIMS, CARL E.: Education; Sylacauga. MINSLOFF, BILL: Engineering; Butler; Theto Tau. MISKO, DANELLE: Home Econom- ics; Tuscaloosa. Row Two: MITCHELL, BARRY M.: Arts and Sciences; Hartselle; Sigma Chi. MIT- CHELL, CELLIE: Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta. MITCHELL, GAYLE: Education. MITCHELL, MIKE: Arts and Sciences; Rainsville; Gamma Theta Epsilon. MIXON, AL- LISON FRANCES: Home Economics; Sulligent. Row Three: MOBLEY, SHEILA JOYCE: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MONEY, DAVID: Education; Abbeville. MONEY, JERRY T.: Commerce and Business; Abbe- ville. MONK, JOHN ANDREW: Commerce and Business; Pine Hill. MONROE, CAROL: Education; Centre; Pi Beta Phi. Row Four: MONROE, ELLEN R.: Education; Montgomery; Chi Omega. MOODIE, LEAH: Home Economics; Vinegar Bend. MOODY, LARRY A.: Commerce and Busi- ness; Northport. MOON, LARRY H.: Arts and Sciences; Talladega. MOORE, BILLY D.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row Five: MOORE, CHERYL: Home Economics; Mobile. MOORE, LINDA: Educa- : Hon; Wetumpka; Pi Beta Phi. MORGAN, JAMES PERRY: Commerce and Business; ' Birmingham; Kappa Alpha. MOORE, LINDA G.: Education; Parrish. MOORE, TERRI H.: Education; Huntsville. Row Six: MORGAN, E. SPENCER: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MORGAN, RICKEY: Education; Fayette. MORRIS, DEBORA: Home Economics. MORTON, ANN: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. MORTON, TONY: Education; Bessemer. T Row Seven: MOSELY, SCOTT: Home Economics; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Chi Omega. MOULTRIE, FRANK: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Lambda Chi Alpha. MRAZ, ANDREW P.: Commerce and Business; Pemberton, N. J. MUGLACH, MI- CHAEL M.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. MUHLENDORF, DAVID: Com- merce and Business; Sheffield; Zeta Beta Tau. Row Eight: MUHLENDORF, HANNAH: Education; Andalusia; Delto Phi Epsilon MUNGENAST, JAMES: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. MURCHISON MARY: Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. MURRELL, MARGIE: Commerce one Buslneii; Psottsvllle; Kappa Alpha Theta. MURRIE, JAMES: Education. Row Nine: MYERS, CAROL: Arts and Sciences. NABORS, MICHAEL LEE: Engineer ing; Memphis, Tennessee. NEAS, GEORGE M.: Commerce and Business; Birniing ham. NEBLEH, KATHLEEN: Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu. NEERGAARD, JOHN: Grad uate; Knoxville, Tennessee. Row Ten: NELSON, JULIE: Education; Alpha Gamma Delta. NELSON, JOHN M. Commerce and Business; Los Angeles, California. NELSON, LINDA: Home Econom ics; Alpha Omicron Pi. NEWMAN, DAVID R.: Engineering; Troy; Pi Koppo Phi NEWAAAN, LOYCE: Arts and Sciences; Lonitt. 440 Seniors Kow One: NICHOLS, MARTHA: Education; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Kappa Kappa Gamma. NICK, JOHNNY M.: Erigineering; Cullmar). NILLAR, MELINDA: Home Eco- nomics; Annapolis, Maryland. NOBLES, FLETCHER H.: Engineering; Pensacola, Florida. NOLAND, CHIP: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. Row Two: NOLEN, CRUSE: Arts and Sciences; Florence. NOLEN, JANET: Educa- tion; Gadsden; Pi Beta Phi. NORDEN, AUGUSTA: Home Economics; Mobile; Zeta Tou Alpha. NORRIS, JAMES A.: Engineering; Plocentio, California. NORRIS, STE- PHEN L.: Commerce and Business; Arlington, Virginia. ffow Three: NOWLIN, YANCEY: Commerce and Business; Gadsden; Delta Delta Delta. O ' BRIANT, LINDA L.: Education; Reform. O ' BRIEN, MICHAEL A.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. O ' CAIN, DONALD R.: Commerce and Business; Birming- ham; Delta Chi. O ' DONNELL, MAUREEN: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron PI. Row Four: ODUM, ELAINE: Home Economics; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. OGLESBY, PATRICIA P.: Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. O ' GRADY, PA- TRICE: Arts and Sciences; Millington, New Jersey. OGLETREE, ROBERT W.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. O ' HEAR, JOHN W.: Arts and Sciences; Theta Xi. •Row Five: OLDACRE, BRENDA J.: Home Economics; Somerville. O ' NEAL, ANITA: Arts and Sciences; Andalusia. O ' NEILL, JOHN: Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Tou Delta. ORCUTT, TOM: Arts and Sciences; Evergreen Pork, Illinois. O ' REAR, CAINE: Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Sigma Nu. Row Six: O ' REAR, MICHAEL R.: Commerce and Business; Jasper. OS8URN, CHAN- DLER: Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. OSBORN, GARY: Com- Tierce and Business; Gadsden; Beta Theta Pi. OTWELL, BRENDA: Education; Jos- ser; Phi Mu. OVERSTREET, ALEX: Arts and Sciences; Collinsville. low Seven: OWEN, BARRY: Education; Tuscolooso. OWENS, CAROL: Home Eco- omics; Columbus, Georgia; Chi Omega. OZBIRN, THOMAS: Arts and Sciences; lorence; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PACE, BOBBY: Engineering; Cullman. PAGE, CHER- Y R.: Home Economics; Hamilton. ow Eight: PALMER, CAROL: Edoeotion; Montgomery. PARDEN, STEPHEN R.: Arts id Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. PARKER, DIANNE: Home Economics; illodego. PARKER, GINGER: Education; Memphis; Kappa Kappa Gamma. PAR- :R, WILMER: Commerce and Business; Ozark; Sigma Nu. 3v» Nine: PARSONS, CARL P.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Beta Theta . PASS, ALAN B.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Tou Delta. PAT- MK, BIRAT L.: Education; Tuscaloosa. PAHERSON, KENNETH: Arts and Sel- ' ces; Son Diego, California. PATTERSON, REBECCA: Arts and Sciences. ' w Ten: PAUL, RONALD L.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. PEACOCK, RENEE: Arts d Sciences; Boy MineHe; Delta Delta Delta. PEAK, TERRY C: Engineering; Cull- in. PEARCE, AAARTHA S.: Education; Danville. PEARSON, JOHN: Commerce and siness; Bessemer. I 1 Seniors 441 Pearson — Roberts Row One: PEARSON, MARY C: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. PEARSON, PATRICIA: Education; Contreville. PEARSON, WILLIAM E.: Arts and Sci- ences; Huntsville; Kappa Alpha. PEBBLES, VICKI: Arts and Sciences; Monroeville; Zeta Tau Alpha. PEPPERS, RALPH E.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. Row Two: PERHACS, SHEL: Arts and Sciences; Lake Park, Florida. PERKINS, PAME- LA K.: Education; Tuscaloosa. PERRY, CHARLES: Commerce and Business; Centre; Sigma Chi. PERRY, DOROTHY A.: Education; Florence. PERRY, ELIZABETH: Educa- tion; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. Row Three: PERRY, PAMELA: Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia. PERRY, WILLIE M.: Education; Brighton. PERSON, SYRINTHIA: Commerce and Business; Montgom- ery. PETELOS, JOHN: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. PETERSON, RANDALL C: Commerce and Business; Dora. Row Four: PHARO, STEPHEN: Arts and Sciences; Beach Haven, New Jersey. PHIL- LIPS, JAMES R.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. PHILLIPS, REBECCA: Education; Empire. PinMAN, AAARY E.: Education; Athens. PinS, ALAN J.: Arts and Sciences; Pleas- ant Grove; Lambda Chi Alpha. Row Five: PITTS, NANCY N.: Education; Nashville, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma. PLOH, WALTER E.: Arts and Sciences; Livingston. POELLNITZ, AUGUS- TA: Home Economics; Greensboro; Kappa Delta. POLLAN, GENE: Engineering; Dothan; Theta Tau. POTERA, MALCOLM A.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row Six: PORTNOY, DIANE: Commerce and Business; Jackson, Mississippi; Sigma Delta Tau. POWELL, DANIEL R.: EOl; Irondole. POWELL, DAVID L.: Commerce ond Business; Gadsden; Lambda Chi Alpha. POWELL, MICHAEL: Commerce and Busi- ness; Tuscaloosa. POWERS, JERRY: Commerce and Business; Torey. Row Sever}: PRESTON, CAMILLE: Home Economics; Danville, Kentucky; Delta Delta Delta. PRESTON, JIAAMY D.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville. PRICE, BARBARA: Education; Abbeville; Alpha Chi Omega. PRICHARD, JOHN R.: Arts and Sciences; Jacksonville. PRIESTER, JOSEPH B.: Commerce and Business; Montgomery. Row Eight: PRINCE, CHERYL: Arts and Sciences; Anderson. PRUIH, LYNDA: Arti and Sciences; Fayette; Delta Zeta. PUCKETT, SAM; Commerce and Business; Gads den; Theta Xi. PUGH, ROBERT L.: Arts and Sciences; Memphis, Tennessee. PURDY JANIS: Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Alpha Delta Pi. Row Nine: PURNELL, WILLIAM H.: Arts a nd Sciences. PYRON, SARAH; Home Eco nomics; Gadsden; Alpha Delta Pi. QUALLS, DORTHY: Education; Lincoln Parl Michigan. QUIGLEY, ANDREW H.: Arts and Sciences; Machanicsbury; Chi Phi QUINN, ALANE: Arts and Sciences; Oneonta; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row Ten: QUINN, CHARLES M.: Commerce and Business; Enterprise; Sigmo Nl QUINNEY, DALE E.: Education; Gollion. RABON, JAN: Social Work; Tuscaloosc RABON, JOHN R.: Commerce and Business; Atmore. RADCLIFF, ROBIN: Arts an Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 442 Seni( Row Five: REEVES, RANDALL C: Education; Gadsden. REID, JESS: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. REIO, TRICIA: Education; Birmingham; Pi Beto Phi. RELFE, MARGARET: Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. RENAULT, G.I Arts and Sciences; Montreal, Canada. Row Six: REYNOLDS, BILL: Arts and Sciences; Basking Ridge, New Jersey. REYN- OLDS, JUNE: Education; Annandale, Virginia; Delta Gamma. REZNIK, DAVID M.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. RHEA, WILLIAM: Commerce and Business; Gadsden; Lambda Chi Alpha. RHINESMITH, WILLIAM: Commerce and Business; podMlwi. »■ Wow Seven: RHODES, MELISSA: Education; Montgomery; Kappa Delta. RIALL, WILLIAM: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Tau Delta. RICE, CHARLES: Commerce bnd Business; Tuscaloosa. RICE, JANET: Education; Birmingham. RICE, JUDY: Arts 3nd Sciences; Tuscaloosa. (ow Eighf: RICE, MICKIE: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. RICH, JERRY: Commerce ind Business; Tuscaloosa. RICHARDS, DAVID: Arts and Sciences; Geneva. RICH- vRDSON, RONNIE: Education; Columbus. RICHARDSON, TOMMY: Commerce ind Business; Talladega; Sigma Nu. Nina: RICHERSON, LAURA: Arts and Sciences; Daphne; Kappa Alpha Theta. CHESON, GEORGE: Commerce and Business; Florence. RIDLEY, RICHARD: Com- •re and Business; Panama City, Florida. RILEY, GEORGE F.: Engineering; Hunts- lie; Phi Kappa Psi. RINGLAND, BILL: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Eptilon. ow Ten: ROACH, DANNY: Education; Tuscaloosa. ROBBINS, RUDI: Education; HIen; Delta Delta Delta. ROBERSON, EDDIE: Commerce and Business; Birming- im. ROBERSON, TOMMY H.: Commerce and Business; Talladega. ROBERTS, AVID: Arts and Sciences; Talladega. Row One: RAFALSKY, CELESTE A.: Home Economics; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. RAGSDALE, CAROL W.: Education; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. RAINEY, RODGER: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. RAMEY, WALTER: Commerce and Business; Akron. RAMSEY, SHARMIN: Education; Dothan; Delta Delta Delta. Row Two: RANDALL, CATHY: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. RASCO, MELINDA: Arts and Sciences; Fairfield. RAST, NAN: Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Kappa Delta. RAWLINGS, WHITNEY: Commerce and Business; McComb, Mississippi; Kappa Sigma. RAY, DANITA: Education; Birmingham. Row Three: RAY, DONALD A.: Education; Steens, Mississippi. RAY, AAARJORIE J.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. RAYNAUD, JORGE E.: Commerce and Business; Buenos Aires, Argentina. REAMS, PAUL E.: Education; Montgomery. REAVES, ' ROBIN A.: Education; Montgomery; Phi Mu. Row Four; REDDITT, GREY: Commerce and Business; Spanish Fort. REED, JUDY: Education; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. REED, LILLIE A.: Arts and Sciences; Thomaston. REESE, DAVID K.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Chi. REESE, PRISCILLA: Home Economics; Greenwood, Florida. Seniors 443 Row Fiv0: RYAN, GARY: Commerce and Business,- Decatur. RYLE, BEN: Arts and Sciences; Gulf Breeze, Florida; Phi Sigma Koppo. RYMER, TIHOMAS M.: Commerce and Business, Huntsville; Kappa Alpha. SADDLER, I.ATHAM G.: Commerce and Business; Jasper; Sigma Nu. SATTERWHITE, BETH: Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mis- sissippi. Row Six: SAVAGE, KENNETH: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. SAXON, JOHN D.: Arts and Sciences; Anniston. SCAIFE, GUY: Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Theta Chi. SCANION, BENE: Arts and Sciences; Athens. SCARBO- ROUGH, LINDA: Education; Gadsden; Alpha Chi Omega. Row Seven: SCHOTT, SHERYL: Arts and Sciences; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Alpha Xi Delta. SCIVLEY, DALE T.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma, scon, CONNIE: Home Economics; Florence. SCOn III, HENRY: Arts and Sci- ences; Evergreen; Delta Kappa Epsilon. SCRIVNER, PATSY: Education; Samantha. Row Eight: SEALY, BRENDA: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. SEDWICK, SARA C: Edu- cation; Birmingham. SELLERS, JOYCE: Education; Tuscaloosa. SELVA, LANCE: Arts and Sciences; Dolhan; Pi Kappa Phi. SEAAMES, SARA C: Commerce and Business; Anniston. Row Nine: SHACKELFORD, CAROLINE H.: Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. SHEALY, LARRY L.: Commerce and Business; Macon, Georgia. SHEAR, JOHN W.: Arts ond Sciences; Cullman; Pi Kappa Phi. SHELL, MICHAEL: Commerce and Business; Aliceville. SHELL, STEPHEN: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row Ten: SHELTON, STANLEY W.: Commerce and Business; Ashford. SHERER, REE: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SHIMODA, SUE: Home Economics; Dothan; Pi Beta Phi. SHIRLEY, GAYLE: Education; Dothan. SHIRLEY, THOMAS: Arts and Sciences; Cottondale. Robinson — Stallworth Row One: ROBINSON, CLARENCE: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. RODBERG, KAREN S.: Education; Dayton, Ohio; Phi Mu. ROEDER, JAMES A.: Engineering; Tuscalooso. ROGERS, BETSY: Commerce and Business; Moundviile. ROGERS, LIBBY: Home Eco- nomics; Jekyll Island, Georgia; Alpha Xi Delta. Row Two: ROGERS, AAARGARET: Home Economics, Tuscaloosa, Alpha Gamma Delta. ROGERS, MARK: Education; Urbana, Ohio. ROPER, ROBERT C: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. ROSS, T. J.: Education; Mobile. ROUSH, LOIS BETH: Arts and Sciences; Falls Church, Virginia. Row Three: ROWLAND, DAVID A.: Education; Jasper; Phi Sigma Koppo. ROW- SON, ROSS LEE: Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Xi Delta. RUDOLPH, FRAN: Education; Albertville; Pi Beta Phi. RUMORE, DONNA: Education; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. RUMORE, TERRY: Commerce and Business, Birmingham. Row Four: RUSH, RICKY: Arts and Sciences; Chickasaw. RUSHING, SANDRA: Com- merce and Business; Birmingham. RUSSELL, DON: Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Phi Sigma Kappa. RUSSELL, LARRY: Commerce and Business; McCollo. RUTLEDGE, GUY L.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. f 444 Seniors How One: SHORT, CHARLES R.: Commerce and Business; Gadsden; Kappa Alph a. SHULMAN, BILL: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Zeta Beta Tau. SHUREH, GINGER: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Delta Zeta. SIKES, MARGARET: Arts and Sciences; Andalusia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SILVEY, KERN: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. Row Two: SIMONETTI, ANDREW: Commerce and Business; Bessemer. SIMONS, ANDY: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. SIMPSON, EDGAR W.: Commerce and Business; Montevallo; Lambda Chi Alpha. SIMPSON, JACKIE L.: Commerce and Business; Opp. SIMPSON, JANET: Social Work; Gardendale. Row Three: SIMS, CLARA J.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. SIMS, WILLIAM L.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Delta Tau Delta. SINGLEY, ALICE: Social Work; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Omicron Pi. SITZ, SUE E.: Education; Gadsden; Alpha Omicron Pi. SKELTON, CHARLOTTE: Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. (Ow Four: SKELTON, CONNIE: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. SKINNER, ALICIA: Home Economics; Greenville. SKINNER, WANDA J.: Commerce and Business; Eas- tabaga. SKIPPER, SARAH: Home Economics; Blacksburg, Virginia; Zeta Tau Alpha. ' SLAUGHTER, CHRISTOPHER: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row Five: SLEDGE, JAMES J.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. SLEDGE, ROB- ERT C: Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. SLIGH, TERRILL: Commerce and Business; Bessemer. SLOAN, SUZANNE: Arts and Sciences; Scotts- boro; Delta Gamma. SLONECKI, JIM: Engineering; Linden. Sow Six: SMART, BRENDA: Education; Scottsboro; Alpha Omicron Pi. SMITH, BRIAN J.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Alpha. SMITH, CAROL D.: En- gineering; Leighton. SMITH, DEBBIE: Education; Northport. SMITH, DENNIS A.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row Seven: SMITH, GINGER: Education; Akron. SMITH, GLENN W.: Commerce and Business; Albertville; Alpha Tau Omega. SMITH, LARRY S.: Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro. SMITH, LOYD A.: Commerce and Business; Nashville. SMITH, SCOTT: Commerce and Business; Decherd, Tennessee. Row Eight: SMITH, SUSAN: Arts and Sciences; Hatchechubbee. SMITH, WILLIAM G.: Education; Louisville, Kentucky. SNELLGROVE, SETH D.: Commerce and Busi- ness; Ozark. SNOWDEN, JAMES E.: Engineering; Birmingham. SOLOMON, AAARK: Commerce and Business; Atlanta, Georgia. Row Nine: SPANGLER, JANICE: Arts and Sciences; Knoxville, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi. SPARKAAAN, MEL: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. SPARKS, JUDY: Commerce and Business; Tuscumbio; Alpha Gamma Delta. SPEARS, JOEL: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. SPENCER, GARY H.: Com- merce and Business; Florence; Kappa Sigma. Row Ten: SPENCER, MIKE: Commerce and Business; Holt. SPENCER, NANCY: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Zeta Tau Alpha. SPIVEY, BEVERLY: Education; Brewton; Kappa Alpha Theto. STABLER, ANNIE: Home Economics; Greenville; Delta Delta Delta. STALLWORTH, ELINOR: Education; Evergreen; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Seniors 44S Stallworth — Walker Row One: STALLWORTH, FRANCES R.: Arts and Sciences; Evergreen. STANBERRY, JUDY: Education; Birmingham; Phi Mu. STANDRIDGE, SALLIE: Education; Tuscaloo so. STAPLES, JAMES W.: Arts and Sciences; Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. STARNES NANCI: Education; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. Row Two: STEADAAAN, CHARLES WAYNE: Commerce and Business; Jasper. STEAKLEY, ROD: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Sigma Chi. STEPHENS, MARY JULIA: Education; Gadsden; Pi Beta Phi. STEPHENS, RENEE: Education; Montgom- ery. STEPHENSON, FRANKIE: Arts and Sciences; Dothon. Row Three: STERGIADES, ANDREW L.: Engineering; Birmingham. STEWART, OR PAHANN: Arts and Sciences; Monroeville. STIMPSON, FRED T.: Commerce am Business; Mobile. STOKES, BILL: Commerce and Business; Madison. STONE, HER BERT D.: Commerce and Business; Wetumpkia; Delta Tau Delta. Row Four. STONE, NANCY: Education; Bay Minette; Delta Delta Delta. STOVALt MURRAY: Arts and Sciences; Jasper. STRICKLAND, JOHN M.: Commerce and Busi ness; Hueytown. STRICKLAND, SHARON: Education; Berry. STRICKLAND, ME LINDA: Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Five: STRONG, WILLIAM HERBERT: Engineering; Evergreen. STROTHER, NE» LIE GRAY: Home Economics; Wieton. STUARDI, KATHLEEN: Commerce and Bus ness; Mobile. STEINER, CAROL HUCK: Education; Birmingham. STEINER, EDWAR C. JR.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha. Row Six: STUTTS, DAVID: Arts and Sciences; Jackson; Alpha Sigma Phi. SUAAME ' FORD, CLARK E.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Delta Chi. SUSKO, JU TINE: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Gamma. SUSMAN, WILLIAM: Commen and Business; Mobile. SUTHERLAND: Arts and Sciences; Hempstead, New York Row Seven: SUTTLES, LARRY: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. SWINDAl SHARON LESLIE: Arts and Sciences; Homewood. SYLTIE, DAVID O.: Engineerin Mobile. TABER, SUSAN: Education; Gadsden; Kappa Alpha Theta. TATE, TRISH Education; Alexander City; Alpha Chi Omega. Row Eight: TAYLOR, ELAINE: Arts and Sciences; Lineville; Alpha Delta Pi. TEf FRANK S.: Commerce and Business; Rockford. TERRY, EDWARD M.: Commer and Business; Birmingham; Delta Chi. TERRY, AAARSHALL: Commerce and Busine: Decatur; Pi Kappa Phi. TESSAROLO, MARK K.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa. Row Nine: THIGPEN, TERRI: Arts and Sciences; Lakeshurst, New Jersey; Phi N THOMAS, JERRY: Education; Phil Campbell. THOMAS, NANCY: Home Economi East Lansing, Michigan; Kappa Alpha Theta. THOMAS, RONALD W.: Commer and Business; Decatur. THOMAS, TERRI: Commerce and Business; Bessemer; I Mu. Row Ten: THOMASON, MICHAEL E.: Arts and Sciences. THOMPSON, EDWAF Arts and Sciences; Repton. THOMPSON, F. W. Jr.: Commerce and Business; A land. THOMPSON, JOHN B.: Arts and Sciences; Union Springs; Sigma Alpha E| Ion. THOMPSON, JOHN G.: Arts and Sciences; Valley Forge, Pennsylvanio; Kappa P(i. 446 Seniors Row On»: THOMPSON, M. GRAHAM: Arts and Sciences, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. THOMPSON, MICHAEL: Mobile. THOMPSON, PATRICIA: Home Economics, Tusca- loosa. THOMPSON, REBECCA: Education, Gadsden. THOMPSON, ROBERT T.. Cardendale, Pi Kappa Phi. Row Iwo! THOMPSON, SUSAN: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. THOMPSON, WAID: Commerce and Business; Pi Kappa Phi. THORN, CECELIA: Education; Har- vest. THORNE, MICHELE: Arts and Sciences. THORNTON, GEORGE W.: Com- merce and Business; Huntsville. Kow Three: THORNTON, JOE: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha. THORNTON, MICHAEL: Commerce and Business; Clayton; North Carolina. TID- WELL, PERCIE: Education; Nashville, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma. TIERNAN, KATHI ANN: Education; East Orange, New Jersey. TILLY, WILLIAM H.: Commerce and Business; Phi Delta Theta. Row Four: TINNEY, GLENNA: Social Work; Huntsville. TIPTON, GUY L.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville. TODT, THOAAAS A.: Commerce and Business; Anniston; Phi Kappa Sigma. TOPAGI, JERRY: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. TOWNSEND, CHARLES: Commerce and Business; Memphis, Tennessee. Row Five: TRAPP, WILLIAN T.: Engineering; Tuscombia. TRIMM, JERRY: Engineer- ing; EIrod. TUBBS, STEVE: Arts and Sciences; Jasper. TUCKER, WANDA: Education; Eldridge. TUCKER, WILLIAM: Education; Wildwood, Florida. Row Six: TUMLIN, EDWARD D.: Commerce and Business; Anniston; Delta Tau Delta. TURNER, JAMES P.: Commerce and Business; Florence. TURNER, RUSSELL: Arts and Science; Venice, Illinois. UNDERWOOD, HOWARD: Commerce and Busi- ness; Montgomery. USSERY, JUNE H.: Education; Phi Mu. Row Seven: VANCE, LINDA: Education; Birmingham; Phi Mu. VAUGHN, GREGG: Engineering; Sylacaugo. VEAGLE, GEORGE W.: Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu. VERCHOT, EDGAR: Arts and Sciences, Decatur. VESS, KYLE K.: Arts and Sciences, TuKoloosa. Row Eight: VINEGARD, GAY: Education; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. VINGLE, DEBO- RAH: Education; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Phi Mu. VOLK, MICHAEL J.: Commerce and Business; Newark, New Jersey. WADE, JEFFERY S.: Arts and Sciences; Holly Nil, Florida. WADSWORTH, KAY: Education; Prattville. ow Nine: WAITES, JANET: Home Economics; Montgomery; Zeto Tau Alpha. WAITTER, H. BURNS: Engineering; Enterprise; Sigma Nu. WALDROP, SHERRILL: Education; Aniey. WALKER, EDWIN D.: Social Work; Mc Callo. WALKER, HARRY C: Commerce and Business; Key West, Florida. low Ten: WALKER, JAMES E.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Phi Kappa iigma. WALKER, JOEL C: Arts and Sciences; Prattville. WALKER, KARON: Educa- ion, Cooling. WALKER, NANCY: Arts and Sciences; Birmlnghom; Phi Mu. WALKER, IANCY C; Arts and Sciences. Ill Seniors 447 Walker — Zeanah Row One: WALKER, PAULETTE: Education. WALKER, TOMMIE SUE: Education; Cin- cinnati, Ohio. WALKER, VICKI WHEAT: Education; Fayette. WALLACE, PAUL: Com- merce and Business; Las Vegas, Nevada. WALSH, JAMES P.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row Two: WARD, HAROLD WADE: Commerce and Business; Sylacauga; Pi Kappa Alpha. WARD, JACQUELINE: Education; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. WARREN, ELIZA- BETH: Education; Huntsville; Alpha Gamma Delta. WASH, SANDY: Home Econom- ics; Sheffield. WATHEN, WILLIAM F.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row Three: WATKINS, JOHNNY: Arts and Sciences; Pinson; Sigma Chi. WATSON, ELDRIDGE J.: Commerce and Business; Hanceville; Alpha Kappa Psi. WATSON, JAMES R.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. WATSON, REBECCA: Arts and Sci- ences; Cullman. WATSON, SHARON A.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row Four: WAHS, LYNN: Education; Ookman. WAHS, M. FRANK: Education; Jasper. WAY III, ARTHUR L.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville. WAYLON, S. KYLE: Commerce and Business; Guntersville. WEAVER, ALLAN L.: Arts and Sci- ences; Dallas, Texas. i?2f Row Five: WEAVER, ELAINE: Education; Double Springs. WEAVER, WAYNE A. Commerce and Business; Birmingham. WEBSTER, DEBORAH: Arts and Sciences ' Decatur. WEIDENBACK, DONNA: Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Zi Delta. WEIDI MAN, JACK K.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row Six: WEINSTEIN, ROSALINE: EducoHon; Mobile. WELCH, BETSY: Home Ect nomics; Mpbile; Alpha Chi Omega. WELCH, KATIE: Home Economics; Chonci WELLS, H. THOMAS: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Delta Kappa Epsilon. WELL! TOMMY: Commerce and Business; Dothon; Sigma Nu. Row Seven: WESTMORELAND, SAM: Commerce and Business; Winter Pork, Fior da. WEUS, MIKE: Engineering; Andalusia. WHELAN, JOHN: Commerce and Bus ness; Hackettstown, Hew Jersey; Beta Theta Pi. WHITE, MORENO J.: Engineerinf Evergreen; Theta Tau. WHITEFORD, JR. PAUL R.: Engineering; Miami, Florida. Row Eight: WHITEHEAD, DONNA: Education; Tuscumbio. WHITEHEAD, RONN GLYNN: Education; Tuscumbio. WHITEHEAD, TOMMY: Engineering; Tuscumbi WHITEHURST, MICHAEL: Commerce and Business; Ashford. WHITLEY, JAME: Education; Sweetwater. Row Nine: WHITT, LINDA: Home Economics; Ardmore; Alpha Chi Omega. WHI TEN, WILLIAM M.: Commerce and Business; Beta Theta Pi. WIGGINS, JOE W Commerce and Business; Andalusia. WIGGINS, WARNER M.: Arts and Science Tuscaloosa. WILDMAN, KATHY: Home Economics; Vero Beach, Florida; Kopf Alpha Theta. -m Row Ten: WILKIN, ROBERT W.: Commerce and Business; Perth Amboy, New Ji sey. WILKINS, LINDA TIKI: Home Economics. WILKINS, STEVE: Commerce ai Business; Daphne. WILLHITE, MARY: Education; Eloro, Tennessee. WILLHITE, RIC ARD: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. 448 Seniors I sMm ow Five: WISE, EDWARD J.: Arts and Sciences; Columbus, Georgia. WISEMAN, ARRY: Commerce and Business; Mobile; Lambda Chi Alpha. WOLCOTT, CARO- LS B.: Education; Mentone. WOO, GEORGE: Arts and Sciences; Savannah, •eorgio. WOOD, JACQUELINE: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. 3W Six: WOOD, JOHN: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Phi Delta Thefa. OOD, MARCIA: Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Chi Omega. WOOD, THOMAS: igineering; Winder, Georgia. WOODWARD, CHERRY J.: Arts and Sciences; Unl- rsity. WOODWARD, LEE A.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville. m Seven: WORDS, MARTY: Education; Cottondale. WREN, JAMES E.: Englneer- i; Fairfield. WRENN, PATRICK R.: Commerce and Business; Stone Mountain, lorgia. WRIGHT, ANNE T.: Education; Mobile; Kappa Delta. WRIGHT, LARRY P.: mmerce and Business; Madison. eight: WRIGHT, LESLIE: Arts and Sciences; Montrose. WRIGHT, PAMELA L.: Timerce and Business; Cinnaminson, New Jersey; Delta Zeta. WRIGHT, STACY Education; Meridian, Mississippi; Delta Delta Delta. YEAKLE, PRISCILLA: Arts I Sciences; Pensacola, Florida; Kappa Delta. YONGE, PHYLLIS: Education; onelle. Nine: YOW, JOHN C: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. YOW, LESTRYET: I and Sciences; Birmingham. ZASA, ROBERT J.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; to Chi. ZEANAH, SHELBY K.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. BLACKERBY, HN W.; Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Kow One: WILLIAMS, BOBBY T.: Art and Sciences; Livingston. WILLIAMS, DAN- IEL: Commerce and Business Administration; Anniston. WILLIAMS, DAVID: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Phi Kappa Psi. WILLIAMS, GARRY A.: Commerce and Business Administration; Phi Kappa Psi. WILLIAMS, SUSANNA K.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row Two: WILLIAMS, MARTHA SUE; Commerce and Business Administration; Co- lumbia. WILLIAMS, RICHARD W.: Arts and Sciences; Meridian, Mississippi. WIL- LIAMS, WILLIAM J.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa; Theto Tau. WILLIAMSON, CARL G.: Commerce and Business Administration; Huntsville. WILLIAMSON, LAMAR: Com- merce and Business Administration; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha. Row Three: WILSON, GREG: Commerce and Business Administration; Tuscaloosa; Pi Kappa Alpha. WILSON, LESTER A.: Commerce and Business Administration; Rainsville. WILSON, PATTY: Educ Son; Tuscaloosa; Delta Delta Delta. WILSON, PEGGY NELL: Education; Albertville. WILSON, ROBERT JAMES: Education; AAiltbrook. Row Four: WILSON, RONALD: Engineering; Bessemer. WISDOM, JOHN: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. WISE, BETH: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. WISE, JR., CECIL E.: Arts and Sciences; Elba. WISE, DANNY PAUL: Arts and Sciences; Kinston. Seniors 449 Graduate and Law Row One: ABERNETHY, SHARON: Graduate; Tuscumbia. ALLIE, HARRIETT: Gradu- ate. ASKEW, EDWARD: Law; McWilliams; Phi Beta Sigma. AVERBACH, LARRY: Graduate; Zeta Beta Tau. BAGWELL, DAVID A.: Law; Montgomery. Row Two: BARRETT, ROBERT C: Graduate; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha. BAR- TON, W. J.: Graduate; Savannah, Go.; Pi Kappa Phi. BROMLEY, CLAUDE T.: Graduate; Mobile; Kappa Sigma. BROYLES, DAVID: Graduate; Tuscaloosa. BED- SOLE, ANN: Graduate; Jackson; Delta Delta Delta. Row Three: BELL, WILLIAM K.: Law; Huntsville; Delta Chi. BENTON, EDWARDS: Graduate; Mobile. BRAGG, PHYLLIS: Graduate; Kingsport, Tenn. BUSH, TERRY T.: Law; Fyffe. CAIN, IRENE D.: Graduate; Brighton; Alpha Kappa Alpha. Row Four: CAIN, JERRY: Law; Anniston; Phi Kappa Psi. CAIN, AAARY S.: Groduate;i Geneva. CAMP, JOHN H.: Law; Montgomery. CAMPBELL, FRAN: Graduate; Liv- ingston. CHENAULT, WILLIAM L.: Law; Tuscaloosa. Row Five: CHILDS, ROBERT F.: Law; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHO, KYU KAB: Graduate. COLLIER, CLARK: Law. COLLIER, RITA: Graduate. COLLINS, DANA: Graduate. Row Six: COHLE, LAWRENCE: Law; Mobile. CRAWFORD, JOYCE L.: Graduate; Eutaw; Delta Sigma Theta. CRASS, AVA L.: Graduate. CROWLEY, DAVID: Law DAVIS, ALLEN: Law; Decatur. Row Seven: DAVIS, WILLIAM A.: Graduate; Talladega; Kappa Alpha. DICKER ' SON, FONDA S.: Graduate; Montgomery. DILWORTH, JOHN W.: Groduate Gadsden. DONALD, REBECCA: Graduate; Lakeland, Fla.; Delta Zeta. DOSS GEORGE M.: Graduate; Gadsden. Row Eight: DUNAGAN, PATRICK E.: Graduate; Birmingham; Phi Sigma Kappc DUNN, DOLORES: Law; Birmingham. DYSON, JANIE F.: Graduate. EARNES1 JAMES B.: Graduate. EICH, JOAN: Graduate; Cedartown, Ga. • I Row Nine: ELKOURIE, PAUL: Graduate; Birmingham. ENSLEN, JOHN E.: Low; Tu: caloosa. EULER, RUSSELL: Graduate; St. Joseph, Mo. EVANS, ROY G.: Groduoti Birmingham. FE LD, LOUIS B.: Law; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Beta Tau. Row Ten: FLANAGAN, HARRY: Law; Tuscaloosa. FOWLER, CONRAD: Law. FORI EDGAR: Groduate; Birmingham. FRANKS, JOHN: Graduate. FRAZIER, ROSEMAR M.t Graduate; Tuskegee. 452 Graduate and Law I Row One: GALBRAITH, G. LOCKE: Law; Anniston; Alpha Tau Omego. GEHLEN, DEDDIE: Graduate; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. GIDEON, BETH: Graduate; Mobile. GIDIERE, PHILIP: Law; Prattville; Sigma Nu. GRACE, H. TED: Law; Enterprise. fow Two: GRAY, GLEEN R.: Graduate; Blountsville. GREGORY, VICKI L.: Gradu- ate; Hanceville. GREGORY, W. STANLEY: Low; Blocksburg, Va. GUNTER, GUY: Low; Opeliko. HALL, JOE B.: Law; Pi Kappa Alpha. jtow Three: HALL, GERALD A.: Graduate. HALL, PATRICIA N.: Graduate; Huey- town. HAMILTON, DAVID R.: Graduate. HAMMOND, SHIRLEY E.: Graduate; De- catur; Phi Mu. HAMMOND, STEPHEN: Low; Decahjr. Row Four: HAMNER, HERSCHEL: Law; Birmingham. HAYES, AAARY: Graduate; Brewton; Kappa Koppo Gamma. HEDRICK, BRUCE B.: Graduate; Adamsville. HEN- DERSON, DON: Low; Birmingham; Theta Chi. HIPP, DONNA C: Graduate; Richmond, Va. Row Five: HIXON, B. DWIGHT: Low; Perote; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HOBBIE, RICH- ARD M.: Graduate; Montgomery; Phi Delta Theta. HOPKINS, VIVIAN D.: Gradu- ate; Birmingham. HOWARD, CHARLES: Law. HOWELL, ALLEN W.: Low; Montgomery. Row Six: HUGHES, LOUIE E.: Graduate; Coker. JAMES, GREGORY: Law; Birming- ham. JARRILL, MICHELE G.: Graduate; East Point, Ga. JOHNSON, GRIFA: Gradu- ate; TuKoloosa. JOHNSON, JOSEPHINE M.: Graduate; Repton. Row Sevan: JOHNSON, RICHARD J.: Graduate. JOHNSTON, JAMES C: Low; Mo- bile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. JOHNSTON, JAMES G.: Low; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. KEENE, THOA S H.: Law; Phi Gamma Delta. KEY, R. LYLE: Law; Birmingham. Row Eight: KIMBROUGH, JAMES D.: Graduate. KIRK, JOHN: Graduate. KRUDOR, JAMES D.: Graduate; Andalusia. KULAKOWSKI, JOSEPH: Low; Theodore. LAN- DERS, MARY: Graduate; Decatur. Vow Nine: LEATHERBURY, GREGORY L.: Law; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. LEE, •OYCE L.: Gradu ate; Birminghom. LEE, YANG-CHUN: Graduate. LESTER, JAMES .: Law; Lonett. LETT, WENSTON L.: Law; Opeliko; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. tow Ten: LEWISKI, LARRY: Graduate; Gadsden. LIPSON, HARRY: Law; Zeta Beta ou. LITTLE, HENRIETTA: Graduate; Chickasaw. LOGAN, VICKI: Graduate; Bir- linghom. LOVE, WILLIAM C: Graduate; Odessa, Texas. mm lit Graduate and Law 453 Lunngren — Zehle Row One: LUNDGREN, FRED: Graduate; Hobart, Ind. MACKSOUD, JOSEPH A.: Law; Birmingham. MADDOX, JOE W.: Graduate; Cullman. MARABLE, MELVENIA: Graduate; Birmingham. MARSHALL, JUDY: Graduate; Birmingham. Row Two: MASINGILL, JOHN H.: Graduate; Russellville; Phi Kappa Psi. MAT- THEWS, CARTER: Law; Mobile; Theta Chi. McCOMBS, ROBERT: Graduate; Birming- ham. McDonald, CLAIBORNE: low; picayune. Miss. McDONNELL, OWEN E.: Law; Mobile; Theta Chi. Row Three: MEADOWS, ROBERT: Law; Opeiiko; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MEDDERS, CAROL: Graduate; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. MESSELT, CHRIS: Graduate; Hunts- vlll . MIDDLETON, ROBERT D.: Graduate. MILLER, HUGH: Graduate; Birmingham. Row Four: MIXON, HERMAN: Low; Birmingham. MOLONY, KATHY: Graduote; Mobile. MOORE, GEORGE A.: Law; Huntsville. NEWMAN, LARRY: Law; Birming- ham; Zeta Beta Tau. NORRIS, PHILIP: Graduate; Montgomery. Row Five: OBRIEN, D. J.: Graduate; Florence; Delta Kappa Epsilon. OGILVIE JEAN: Graduate; Jacksonville. O ' NEAL, WILLIAM W.: Graduate; Chickasaw; Ph Kappa Psi. O ' SHIELDS, DONNA C: Graduate; Oxford. OWINGS, JUDITH B. Graduate; Brent. Row Six: OWINGS, THOAAAS: Graduate; Brent. PARRISH, ROBERT D.: Graduate PAVLOS, MICHAEL: Graduate; Cypress. PHELPS, KEN: Graduate; Columbia, Ky PHELPS, LINDA: Graduate. Row Seven: PICKRON, CELESTE: Graduate; Opeliko; Pi Beta Phi. POOL, JIMMY B Law; Roanoke. POYTHRESS, CHRIS: Graduate; Sacramento, Calif. PRICE, JAME M.: Graduate; Huntsville; Pi Kappa Alpha. PRICE, TERRY L.: Graduate; Carbon Nil Row Eight: PURCELL, DOUGLAS: Graduate; Trussville. RADFORD, BRENDA: Grac uate; Gadsden. RAMSEY, JOEL: Law; Dothon; Pi Kappa Phi. REDD, KATHLEEN Graduate; Montgomery. REID, CHARLES M.: Graduate; Anniston. Row Nine: RILEY, MARY J.: Graduate; Tuscaloosa. RISSELL, ROBERT A.: Graduat Oak Hill, Flo. ROBERTS, MAXEY J.: Law; Mobile. ROBERTS, R. B.: Graduate. ROI ERTS, RONALD: Low; Winfield. Row Ten: RODEN, MARY J.: Graduate; Winfield. RODRIGUEZ, ALICE: Gradual. Tuscaloosa. ROYER, GEORGE W.: Low; Decatur. RUDNICK, MARTIN: Graduat. Miami, Flo. RUMORE, SAMUEL A.: Law; Birmingham. 454 Graduate and Law :MH ■Row Five: TELLER, HENRY E.: Graduate; Tuscolossa. THOMAS, WILLIAM H.: Grad- uate; Gadsden; Theta Chi. THOMASON, JIM: Law; Birmingham. TIDWELL, WIL- LIAM C: Low; Phi Kappa Psi. TURNBACH, JAMES E.: Law; Gadsden. I Row Six: ULMER, MILLARD B.: Graduate; Demopolis. VINSON, LAURENCE D.: .ow; Gadsden; Pi Koppa Phi. VODANTIS, DESPINA: Graduate; Fairfield. VODAN- nS, IRENE C: Graduate; Fairfield. WALLER, JOHN K.: Graduate; Montgomery. Row On; RUSSELL, STEPHEN V.i Graduate; AAobile, L ambda Chi Alpha. SALIO- WAY, RONALD G.: Low; Sylocougo; Zeto Beta Tau. SANDERS, RITAi Graduate; Gordo. SAUNDERS, KENNETH B.: Graduate; Clarkston, Georgia; Kapf. ' b Sigma. SCEXANDER, MICHELL: Graduate; Tuscaloosa. Row Two: SCHWERTNER, CHARLES ).: Graduate; Northport. SEARCY, MARGIE: Law; Tuscaloosa. SEAAMES, THOAMS M.: Graduate; Huntsville. SIMS, MYREHA: Graduate; Tuscoloosa. SMALLWOOD, GARY: Law; Anniston. Row Three: SMITH, CAROL J.: Law; Anniston; Alpha Xi Delta. SMITH, SYDNEY B.: Law; Phenix City. SMITH, THOMAS M.: Law; Gadsden. SMITHEY, WAYLON: Graduate; Tuscaloosa. SPARKS, CHARLES L.: Low; Decatur. Row Four: STEWART, SARAH A.: Law; Jackson. STINNEH, SHEILA: Graduate; De- catur; Delta Delta Delta. STREET, DOUGLAS: Graduate; Hartselle; Sigma Chi. SUL- LIVAN, TOMMY C: Law; Montgomery. TAYLOR, CHARLES: Graduate; Florence. «ow Seven: WAH, GEORGE A.: Graduate; Western Springs, Illinois. WHITEHEAD, )AN: Law; Enterprise. WILLIS, ALEX: Law; Birmingham. WILSON, JAMES M.: Low; Mbertville. WILSON, KATHY: Graduate; Huntsville. ' ow Eight: WILSON, SALLIE A.: Graduate; Orlando, Florida. WIMBERLEY, RA- HAELL: Graduate; Port St. Joe, Florida. WOODHAM, MICHAEL: Graduate; harieston. South Carolina. WOODARD, THOMAS B.: Law; Reform. ZAKANYCZ, ARY A.: Graduate; Decatur. 3w Nine: ZEHLE, MARTHA: Low; Huntsville. Graduate and Law 455 Underclasses Row FIv: ALFORD, PATRICK: (Fr.); Engineering; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Theta Xi. ALLEN, ANN: (Soph.); Home Economics; La Grange, Tennessee; Delta Zeta. ALLEN, ANN W.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Selmo; Alpha Gamma Delta. ALLEN, BARBARA: (Jr.); EducaKon; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. ALLEN, DAVID: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi. Row Six: ALLEN, GLENDA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Athens; Alpha Gamma Delta. ALLEN, JODY: (Jr.); Engineering; Dothan; Pi Kappa Phi. ALLEN, KAREN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. ALLEN, MILDRED JEAN: (Fr.); Social Work; Jasper. ALLEN, RONALD: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston; Delta Tau Delta. Row Seven: ALLIN, KELLY: (Soph.); Education; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. ALLISON, DAVID: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. ALLRED, HAROLD: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Millport; Pi Kappa Phi. ALM, DANNY: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Huntsville; Sigma Chi. ALMEIDA, JOHN A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Newport, Rhode Island. Row Eight: ALSBROOKS, RONNIE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Chi. ALTOBELLO, FRANCES: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Okeechobee. ALVIS, WILLARD C: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Cullman. AAAASHTA, VICTOR: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Barronquilia, Colombia. AMBERSON, PHILLIP: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Boaz; Sigma Chi. Row Nine: AMBROSE, MAE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Nashville, Tennessee; Delta Delta Delta. AMRHEIN, GEORGE P.: (Fr.); Engineering; Scottsboro; Phi Sigma Kappa. ANDERSON, CATHY: (Fr.), Social Work; Collinsville; Delta Zeta. ANDER- SON, JUDY: (Jr.); Education; Chotom. ANDERSON, LARRY A.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Madison; Beta Thcto Pi. Row Ten, ANDERSON, MARK: Arts and Sciences; Madison; Phi Delta Theta. AN- D ERSON, STUART C: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Phi Kappa Psi. AN- DREWS, CAROLYN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Brewton. ANDREWS, JOYCE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Dothan. ANDREWS, KAY G.: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. Row One: ABELE, BETSY; (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ABERNATHY, JILL: (Fr.); Birmingham. ABRAMSON, SETH D.: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Norwolk, Connecticut. ACHTERHOF, JON: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Nu. ADAIR, MARCIE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. Row Two: ADAMS, ANGIE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden. ADAMS, DON: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Sylocaugo; Kappa Sigma. ADAMS, JAMES M.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. ADAMS, JUNE B.: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Demopolis. ADAMS, KATHY (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Fairfield; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row Three: ADAMS, MICHAEL J.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Demopolis. AD- COCK, JOE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Foley; Sigma Nu. ADDERHOLD, JUDY: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. ADKINS, JIM: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Dothan; Sigma Nu. ADKINSON, JANET: (Fr.); Education; Pasadena, Flor- ida; Phi Mu. Row Four: AGRICOLA, TOM: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Delta Kappa Epsi: Ion. ALBERT, JEANETTE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. AL BRIGHT, MELANIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kapha Alpha Theta ALCOTT, RUSSELL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon ALEXANDER, JENNIFER: (Jr.); Education; Decatur. 456 Undergraduates ,ii I Row One: ANDRASKO, GARY S.: (Fr.); Education; Livingston; Delta Chi. AN- DREWS, PATi (Jr.); Am and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Omicron Pi. ANDREWS, SHARON: (Fr.); Education; Mobile, Alpha Chi Omega. ANDROSKI, AAARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Ansonia, Connecticut; Delta Gamma. ANNOLD, EVELYN: (Soph); Education; Montgomery; Kappo Delta. Kow Two: ANZALONE, ARTHUR: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pi Kappa Alpha. ARGO, ROBERT: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Pi Kappa Phi. ARENDALL, DEBBIE: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Kappa Delta. ARMBRECHT, KATH- ERINE: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ARMSTRONG, MONI- CA: (Jr.); Education; Nauvoo. Sow 7J»f»«: ARNOLD, DONNA: (Fr.); Education; Scottsboro. ARNOLD, WESLEY D.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Oak Ridge, Tennessee. ARONON, OWEN: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Zeta Beta Tau. ASHBURN, VICKI: (Jr.); Education; Lakewood, Colorado; Alpha Chi Omega. ASHCRAFT, RYAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Green- wood, Mississippi; Delta Delta Delta. Row Four: ATKINS, KAYE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Sheffield. ATKINSON, HUBERT: (Soph.); Commerce and Business. ATKINSON, SHARON: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; ' Oemopolis; Alpha Gamma Delta. ATWELL, PAULA: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. AUSTIN, PHIL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Alexandria, Virginia. Row Five: AUSTIN, SUZANNE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Phi Mu. AVANT, LARAINE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. AVERY, ANN: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics; Monroeville; Koppo Delta. AVERY, SUSAN: (Soph.); Home Economics; Montgomery; Kappa Koppo Gamma. AXELROTH, JOY: (Fr.); Education; Columbus, Ohio; Sigma Delta Tau. Row Six: AYCOCK, FRANK: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha. AYERS, JACKIE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Gordendale. BABKE, ANNA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. BACK, ESTER: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. BACKER, GARY W.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row Sevan: BAGGETT, CATHY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. BAGGETT, CLINT: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Holeyville; Delta Chi. BAGGETT, JOAN: (Soph.); Home Economics; Repton; Zeta Tau Alpha. BAGGETT, LELAND A.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Silver Hills. BAGGEH, LOWELL R.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Silver Hills. Row Eight: BAGGETT, VANCE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BAGWELL, THOMAS L.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Boaz; Sigma Chi. BAGGIANO, JO- SEPH F.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Jamestown, New York, Chi Phi. BAHR, WILLIAM G.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business. BAILEY, CHARLES: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Delta Theto. Row Nine: BAILEY, DON: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Lexington. BAILEY, FOSTER P.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Decatur; Pi Kappa Phi. BAILEY, J. PAUL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Pi Kappa Alpha. BAILEY, KAREN: (Soph.); Home Eco- nomics; Brent. BAILEY, SHERWOOD R.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Gulfport, Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Ten: BAITES, JOHN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. BAITES, JOHN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. BAKER, JAMES D.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Phi Sigma Kappa. BAKER, JUDY: (Jr.); Arts and ScieiKes; Albeftvill . BAKER, LINDA: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. Undergraduates 457 Baker — Bevington Row One: BAKER, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Arts ond Sciences; University; Phi Psi. BAKER, PHYLLIS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Talladega. BALKEMA, JEAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. BALL, JOANNE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Coker. BAL- LARD, JOAN: (Jr.); Education; Gadsden; Alpha Delta Pi. Kow Two: BALLARD, LINDA: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa. BALLARD, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Theto Xi. BALZLI, BARRIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Alton; Alpha Delta Pi. BANK, JIMMY: (Sr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Zeto Beta Tau. BANK, JOEL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row Three: BANKS, JAMIE: (Jr.); Education; Eutaw; Chi Omega. BANKS, JESSICA: (Jr.); Education; Gadsden; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BANKS, AAARY ANN: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Alpha Omicron Pi. BANNISTER, BELVA: (Fr.); Education; Univer- sity; Alpha Omicron Pi. BARCLIFT, SANDRA: (Jr.); Education; Albertville. Row Four: BARELARE, HELEN: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. BARK-! ER, JILL LESLIE: (Soph.); Education; Somerville. BARNET, SANDY: (Soph.); Educa- tion; Tuscaloosa; Zeto Tau Alpha. BARNETT, TOMMY; (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Northport; Theta Chi. BARNES, ALISON: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; University; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row Five: BARNES, DEBBIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Lancaster, Penn.; Phi M u.. BARNES, JAMES M.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Marlon. BARNES, JOHN R.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Lancaster, Penn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BARNES,! KATHY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Poplarville, Miss.; Alpha Delta Pi. BARNES, SHER- MAN P.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Pensacolo, Fla.; Kappa Sigma. Row Six: BARNES, SUSAN: (Jr.); Education; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi BARNES, WILLIAM C, JR.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Decatur; Theta Chi BARR, BRENDA: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Florence; Chi Omega. BARR, JOHN (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Florence; Kappa Alpha. BARRENTINE, JANIE: (Jr.); Educo tion; Tallassee; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row Seven: BARREH, PAUL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. BARRET1 RONNIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Fairhope; Theta Chi. BARTLETT, BUDDY: (Soph. Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. BARTMESS, NANCY: (Jr.); Arts and Science! Sheffield; Kappa Alpha Theto. BARTON, CHRIS: (Soph.); Education; Montgomer) Alpha Delta Pi. Row Eight: BARTON, DEBBY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Chi Ome gi BASS, BARBARA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. BAS: RICHARD: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Sigma Phi Epsilon. BASSETT, PAA (Jr.); Home Economies; Sheffield; Delta Delta Delta. BATEN, STEVE: (Fr.); Cor merce and Business; Huntsville; Delta Chi. Row Nine: BATES, DEBORAH: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Bremen. BATES, AAARI (Soph.); Home Economics; Mobile; Delta Delta Delta. BATTS, PHILLIP W.: (Jr.); Ar and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Kappa Sigma. BAUAAAN, JEFF: (Soph.); Arts or Sciences; Dothan; Zeta Beta Tau. BAUAAAN, WILLIAM: (Jr.); Commerce and Bu: ness; Huntsville; Zeto Beta Tau. Row Ten: BAXLEY, BILL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta T. Delta. BAXLEY, MARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fairfield; Alpha Omicron Pi. BA TER, GINNY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. BEAL, PATTY: (Fr.); Arts a Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Delta Pi. BEALE, STEVE: (Soph.); Commerce and Bu ness; Birmingham. I I 458 Undergraduates . . ill How One: BEADLE, GREG: (Sr.); Commerce and Business; Florence; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BEAN, TERRYE JO: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. BEAN, TRICIA: (Fr.); Home Economics; AHanta, Georgia; Koppo Alpha Theta. BEAROEN, JR., JOHN L.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. BEAR- DEN, MARY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Maplesville. Row Two: BEARDEN, MARTHA ANN: (Jr.); Education; Miami, Florida. BEASLEY, KEB: (Fr.); Home Economics; Tuscumbio; Kappa Delta. BEASON, DAVID: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BEAUCHAMP, KIT: (Fr.); Social Work; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BEAULIEU, DENNIS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Sigma Phi Epsilon. tow Thr—: BEAVERS, JR., CHARLES A. J.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; appa Alpha. BECK, DREXEL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Fairfax. BECK, SARAH V.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Gamma Delta; BECKER, RICKI: Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Cincinnati, Ohio; Delta Phi Epsilon. BECKER, H. STEV- :N: (Soph); Arts and Sciences; Elk Grove Village, Illinois; Zeta Beta Tau. low Four: BECKERT, ANN: (Fr.); Social Work; Gadsden; Alpha Gamma Delta. lECKWITH, CAROLYN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; St. Petersburg, Florida; Alpha Xi Delta. BECKWORTH, RALPH: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Montgom- ry. BEDSOLE, CURRY: (Soph.); Education; Koppo Delta. BEECH, GAIL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Panama City, Florida; Phi Mu. tow five: BEINDORFF, MICHAEL A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Kappa tlpho. BELL, BONNE: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. BELL, DEBORAH: (Jr.); Social iVork; Birmingham. BELL, JOHN L.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BELL, OHN ROBERT: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Bessemer. ow Six: BELL, LEWIS E.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fort Deposit; Delta Tau Delta. ELL, SUSAN J.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. BELLENGER, JEANNE: r.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. BEND, TOWANDA: (Fr.); Arts id Sciences; Bessemer. BENEFIELD, DENNIS W.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Fort lyne; Phi Kappa Psi. Jw Stvon; BEVILLE, LEWIS: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Delta «ta. BENJAMIN, FRED: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BENNEH, EMILY: oph.); Education; Bessemer. BENNETT, JEAN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Greenville; lta Delta Delta. BENNETT, SUSAN: (Jr.); Arh and Sciences; Columbia, Tennes- •; Delta Gamma. tw Bght: BENSON, CAROL A.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. BEN- )N, HUBERT LEE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Northport. BENTON, ROBERT •i(Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Guntersville; Sigma Chi. BENTON, THERESA: (Jr.); Edu- 400; Hueytown. BERMAN, CAROL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Hollywood, Florida. w Nin»: BERN, SUE ANN: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery; Delta Phi Epsilon. !NS, ROBERT M.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Robertsdale. BESSER, GINGER: ph); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Sigma Delta Tau. BEST, BETSY: ph.); Education; Scottsboro. BEST, DIANE: (Jr.); Education; Jasper. ' Ton: BETBEZE, LINDA: (Fr.); Education; Fairfield. BETHEA, GINNY: (Soph.); cation; Birmingham; Chi Omega. BEURLEIN, LOUISA (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Bingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. BEUOY, SUSIE: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- I; Huntsville; Alpha Delto Pi. BEVINGTON, PRIS: (Jr.); Education; Cincinnati, 0; Koppo Alpha Theta. mm iH ' m Undergraduates 4S9 Bewley — Brown Row One: BEWLEY, VIOLEHE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BIBB, WIL- LIAM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Decatur. BICE, TONY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Guntersville; Lambda Chi Alpha. BIGHAM, JUDY: (Jr.); Berry. BISHOP, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Row Two: BJORK, KRIS: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. BLACK, BORDEN A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Kappa Alpha Theta. BLACK, CLAIRE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fayette; Alpha Gamma Delta. BLACK, GINGER: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. BLACK, JAMES E.: (Jr.); Engineering; Jasper. Row Three: BLACK, PATTI: (Fr.); Home Economics; Geneva; Alpha Chi Omega. BLACKBURN, JOSEPH D.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Fayette. BLACKLOCK, BOB: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dallas, Texas; Sigma Chi. BLAIR, DANA: (Fr.); Education; Odenville; Kappa Delta. BLAIR, ROY E.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row Four: BUKNEY, JOHNNY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Reform. BLOUNT, SUSAN: (Jr.); Education; HunHville; Delta Zeta. BLOUNT, WILLIAM B.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Troy; Sigma Nu. BLUE, LYNN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. BLUM, DENISE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. m iR msm Row Five: BLUME, GARY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. BODDIE, JUAN TA J.: (Soph.); Social Work; Phenix City. BODINE, GRADY: (Jr.); Arts and Science Guntersville. BOHANNON, FRANKLIN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Sylacaug: BOHORFOUSE, GEORGE F.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row Six: BOLDING, PAM: (Soph.); Education; Randolph. BOLDING, VAN: (Soph Commerce and Business; Decatur; Theta Chi. BOLIN, SUSAN: (Fr.); Educotic Dothan; Alpha Omicron Pi. BOLLING, CATHY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; V bile; Alpha Gamma Delta. BOLT, RAYMOND: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingha Theta Chi. Row Seven: BOLTON, JOHNNY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro; Theta Ct BOMAR, AAARTHA: (Fr.); Education. BOND, RICKEY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; M(! dian. BONDI, DIANE: (Soph.); EducaKon; Gadsden. BONNIST, LUCY M.: (Soph Education; Mercer Island, Washington; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row Eight: BOOKOUT, DARYN M.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Trussvi BOOTH, R. ANDREW: (Fr.); New College; Vicksburg, Mississippi. BOOZER, DEB A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Linden. BOSWELL, DANNY: (Jr.); Commerce c Business; Geneva; Pi Kappa Phi. BOULDIN, ANNE: (Soph.); Education; Russellvi Zeta Tau Alpha. Row Nine: BOWERS, DANA J.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delto Gomr BOWERS, DENNIS: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Elba; Phi Sigma Kap BOWERS, NANCY: (Jr.); Education; Gadsden; Alpha Chi Omega. BOWL NONA: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery; Alpha Chi Omega. BOWLES, ROBI M.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston. Row Ten: BOWLING, ANN: (Jr.); Education; Jackson; Chi Omega. BOWRC CHIP: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Houston, Texas; Phi Delta Theta. BO RON, MARGARET: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Pi Beta Phi. BOX, JANIE (Fr.); Home Economics; Helena. BOYCHUCK, PAULA D.: (Fr.); Education; Montg ' ery; Alpha Gamma Delta. 460 Undergraduates mm • ow five; BREGNET, UBBY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Jasper; Alpha Gamma i«lta. BRECKENRIDGE, SHEILA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. BRELAND, DAVID: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Chi Phi. RELAND, KENNETH R.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Gulf Port, Mississippi; .Ipha Tau Omega. BREWER, JENNIFER: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. ow Six: BREWER, BRUCE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. BREWTON, VANDA KAY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. BRICE, MARY NORVELLE: ■r.]i Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Kappa Alpha Theta. BRIEN, DEBBIE: (Fr.); rts and Sciences; Huntsville. BRIGGS, BILL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; An- jston; Delta Tau Delta. ' m 3w Seven: BRIGHTWELL, JEANEANE: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery; Kappa ippo Gamma. BRIGNET, PAUL J.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Sigma Nu. iOAD, DEBORAH: (Fr.); Education; Brownsboro. BROCK, BARRY: (Fr.); Arts and : ences; Elba; Pi Kappa Phi. BROCK, DEBORAH KAY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; »mon. •w Eight: BROOKS, MIKE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Hueytown; Chi Phi. OOKS, NELL ROSE: (Fr.); Huntsville. BROUGHTON, ADELE: (Fr.); Social Work; idalusia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BROWDER, HERBERT E.: (Fr.); Commerce and siness; Chi Phi. BROWER, CARL T.: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Phi Kappa Psi. w Nina: BROWN, ALLEN: (Soph.); New College; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epti- . BROWN, ALTON R. (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Lambda Chi Alpha. OWN, CHARLYNN: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery; Alpho Omicron Pi. OWN, COOTER: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Eptiton. OWN, DAVICE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business. ♦ Ten; BROWN, DONNA: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. BROWN, DONNA: I; Home Economics; Dothan. BROWN, GUEN: (Soph.); Education; Clopton. 3WN, JOHN: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappo Sigma. BROWN, HNNY; (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Oxford. Row One: BOYD, DAVID: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Greenville; Kappo Alpha. BOYD, JO ANN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur, Georgia. BRABNER, NANCY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Alpha Gamma Delta. BRABSTON, GENE: (So9h.); Arts ond Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Gamma Delta. BRACKETT, JOHN: (Jr.); Huntsville. Row Two: BRACKIN, SUSAN ELAINE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. BRAD- FORD, BEVERLY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. BRADFORD, CAROLYN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BRADLEY, FRAN: (Soph.); Education; Mo- bile. BRADLEY, KEITH: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Pensacola, Florida. Row Three: BRADSHAW, DWIGHT: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Pell City. BRAGG, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Social Work; Dothan; Alpha Omicron Pi. BRAGG, SUSAfi; (Jr.); Home Economics; Dothan; Alpha Omicron Pi. BRANCH, SUSAN: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. BRANDON, SANDRA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro. Row Four: BRANDT, MIKE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Pi Kappa Phi. BRANNON, CINDY: (Soph.); Education; Greenville; Alpha Delta Pi. BRANUM, SU- ZANNE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. BRASFIELD, JOYCE B.: (Fr.); Education; Akron. BRASWELL, ANTOINETTE: (Soph.); Home Eco- nomics; Demopolis; Kappa Delta. Undergraduates 461 m mi msm Row Five: BRYAN, JAN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Gadsden; Alpha Gamma Delta. BRYAN, LYNN: (JR.); Education; Birmingham; Chi Omega. BRYAN, RANDAL: (Fr.); Arts ond Sciences; Rutledge; Chi Phi. BRYAN, THOMAS: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Jasper; Sigma Nu. BRYANT, DAVID ALAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston. Row Six: BRYANT, BARBARA: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa. BRYANT, LOIS: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Oneonta. BROUGHTON, DUNTON M.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. BUBIS, LINDA: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Woshville. BUCHER, MARTHA: (Jr.); Education; Sikeston, Mo.; Kappa Delta. Row Seven: BUERGER, BECKY: (Jr.); Education; Theodore. BUGG, BILL: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Gadsden; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BUGG, SAM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile. BUHL, SUZANNE K.: (Jr.); Education; Bessemer. BULLOCK, WAYNE: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Bessemer. Row Eight: BUMPERS, DAWN: (Fr.); Education; Jackson; Alpha Chi Omega. BUNDY, LESLIE: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Alpha Delta Pi. BUQZACHERO, VIC- TOR: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Arab; Lambda Chi Alpha. BURDETT, PATSY: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Huntsville. BURFORD, BEN A.: (Soph.); Birmingham; Delta Tau Delta. Row Nine: BURGESS, CHARLES M.: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Opp; Sigma Nu. BUR- GESS, JAMES: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Sigma Nu. BURKE, CINDY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Anniston; Alpha Gamma Delta. BURKE, PAULETTE: (Jr.); Education; Theodore; Alpha Xi Delta. BURKE, SUSAN: (Fr.), Social Work; Moundville; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row Ten: BURKS, ALAN; (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Pensocola, Florida; Sigma Chi. BURKS, AAARGARET A.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Pensacolo, Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta. BURNER, LINDA: Arts and Science; Pensacolo, Florida. BUR- NETTE, SAM: (Fr.); Engineering; Birmingham; Theta Chi. BURNS, CAROL: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Bessemer. Brown — Capeloto Row One: BROWN, JONATHAN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Millport; Pi Kappo Phi. BROWN, LELAND: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BROWN, LINDA: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. BROWN, NANCY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Syla- cauga; Zeta Tau Alpha. BROWN, REGINA: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Kappo Delta. Row Two: BROWN, ROY H.: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. BROWN, SARAH: (Fr.); EducaHon; Millry. BROWN, SHARON: (Jr.); Home Economics; Millry. BROWN, SUSAN: (Soph.); Home Economics; Hamilton. BROUGHTON, RICHARD: (Jr.); Engi neering; Montgomery; Kappa Alpha. Row Three: BRUCE, ANN: (Fr.); Education; Northport; Alpha Omicron Pi. BRUM BACK, CATHY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Chi Omega. BRUNER LENORA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Selma, Phi Mu. BRUNER, LEON EARL: (Jr.); Art: and Sciences; Dothon. BRUNER, PHIL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Ashford; Thetc Chi. Row Four: BRU NNER, RICKIE LOUISE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Cullmon BRUNO, RONALD: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma BRUZZESE, ANNE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntington, W. Vo.; Alpha Delta Pi BRYANT, CELLA: (Jr.); Special Education; Birmingham; Chi Omega. BRYAN CLAUDE G.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Phi Kappo Psi. umM mm 462 Undergraduates Row One: BURNS, JAMES ALAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BURNAM, LESSIE: (Fr.); New College; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. BURROUGHS, KATHERINE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BURTON, ANN HUNTER: (Jr.); Home Economics; Harrodsburg, Kentucky; Alpha Delta Pi. BUSBY, MICHAEL E.i (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Vinemont. Kow Two: BUSH, JOE: (Soph.), Arts and Sciences. BUSH, LANA: (Soph.); Educa- tion; Montgomery; Alpha Chi Omega. BUTLER, BARI: (Jr.); Education; Bessemer; Alpha Gamma Delta. BUTLER, CAROL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Rogersville. BUT- LER, KATHIE: (Jr.); Social Work; Meridian, Mississippi. Kow Three: BYARS, DEBRA: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery; Chi Omega. BYERS, MIRIAM: (Jr.); Education; Leeds. BYINGTON, HUNTER: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. BYRD, ALBERT: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Clanton; Phi Sigma Kappa. BYRD, MARY WALLACE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. Row Four: BYRD, ROBERT A.: (Jr.); Engineering. BYRNE, GLADIN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Brewton. CADDELL, CATHY: (Fresh.); Social Work; Montgomery; Chi Omega. CADE, JUDY: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa. CAFFEY, PEG: (Jr.); Education; Anniston; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row Five: CAGLE, KARON: (Jr.); EdueoHon, Tuscaloosa. CAHILL, MICHAEL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences. CALDWELL, HARRY E.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi. CALDWELL, WILLIAM P.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Atmore; Phi Kappa Psi. CALEY, FRANK: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness Administration; Sigma Nu. Row Six: CALHOUN, DRUCIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Moss Point, Mississippi; Delta Gamma. CALLAHAN, DENNIS: (Soph.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa. CALLA- HAM, MIKE: (Jr.); Education; Decatur. CALLAWAY, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Phi Mu. CALLEN, GEORGE M.: (Jr.); Arts ond Sciences; Bir- mingham. Row Seven: CALVERT, BECKY: (Jr.); Social Work; Alpha Gamma Delta. CAMER- ON, CAPPIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Chi Omega. CAMERON, DENNIS R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Lieghton; Phi Kappa Psi. CAMP, AAARCIA: (Fr.); Education. CAMPBELL, EUSABETH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Delta Delta. Row Eight: CAMPBELL, AAARY: (Soph.); Social Work; Scottsboro; Delta Gamma. CAMPBELL, MIKE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Koppa Epsilon. CAMPBELL, STEWART: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Franklin, Ten- nessee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CAMPBELL, TERRY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Ad- ministration; Florence; Delta Chi. CANADA, CARL: (Soph.); Engineering Talladega. Row Nine: CANFIELD, CHARLOHE SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Annaus, Penn- sylvania. CANNON, BECKY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Brookhaven, Mississippi. CANNON, PAM: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Dothan; Alpha Xi Delta. CANNOVA, MARY: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. CANTRELL, BRENDA: (Soph.); Education. Row Ten: CANTRELL, CAROL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Brewton. CANVER, AAARCIA: (Fr.)i Commerce and Business Administration; Holt. CANTRELL, MARY LOU: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. CANSONERI, FAYE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Phi Mu. CAPELOLO, AL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Zeta Beta Tau. Undergraduates 4 3 mm 9m Capeloto — Cochrane Row Ont: CAPELOTO, ELEANOR: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery; Delta Phi Epti- lon. CAPUZZO, PAUL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; HunHvilie. CARD, AAAURA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Fairfield. CAREY, JOHN A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Phi Kappa Psi. CARLISLE, RAY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Alexander City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row Two! CARLTON, AMELIA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. CARMACH, SANDI: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Zeta. CARNES, BILL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Pi Kappa Phi. CARMICHAEL, CONSTANCE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscumbio; Kappa Alpha Theta. CARPENTEN, TOAAMY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Beta Theta Pi. Row Three: CARPENTER, BERTHA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. CARR, ANNE: (Fr.); Social Work; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. CARRELL, PEGGY S.: (Soph.); Education; Gadsden. CARROLL, CINDY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Pasadena, Texas. CARROLL, DENNIS R.: (Fr.); Engineering; Mobile. Row Four: CARROLL, HANK: (Jr.); Engineering; Mobile; Pi Kappa Phi. CARROLL, ! LINDA: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. CARROLL, MARTHA: ' (Soph.); Arh and Sciences; Port Charlotte. CARROLL, MICHAEL: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; North Babylon, New York; Phi Sigma Kappg. CARROLL, SARAH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Mu. Row Five: CARTER, E. JANE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Greenville; Kappo Delta, i CARTER, KAYE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Russellville; Alpha Delta Pi. CARTER, I MIKE: (Fr.); Engineering; Huntsville. CARTER, PATRICIA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. CARTER, RILOUS J.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloo- sa. Row Six: CARTER, ROBERT M.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Florence; Beta Theta Pi. CARTWRIGHT, BRADLEY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Kappa Alpha. CASSA- DY, WILLIAM: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Fort Deposit; Delta Tau Delta. CASSELS, WILLIAM H.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. CASTINE, VICKI: (Fr.); Educa- tion; Levittown, Pennsylvania; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row Seven: CASTLE, BARBARA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Mobile. CARTER,: FRANKIE: (Fr.); Engineering; Montgomery. CATRINO, MARYANNE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. CAUGHRAN, CARL: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Talladega; Chi Phi. CAUTHEN, L. JANE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Chat- tanooga, Tennessee. Row Eight: CAWTHON, PATTY: (Soph.); Education; Hamilton. CAWTHON, STEVE: (Jr.); Education; Hamilton. CHAFFE, DEBRA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. CHAFIN, LARRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birminghom. CHAMBERS, CAROL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row Nine: CHAMBERS. LINDA JOYCE: (Soph.); Social Work; Northport. CHANCE, DONNIE: (Fr.); Education; Cullman. CHANDLER, DORIS: (Fr.); Education, Sylocau- ga. CHANDLER, PAMELA C: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Pi Beta Phi. CHAPAAAN, CARL F.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile. Row Ten: CHAPMAN, DON: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. CHAPAAAN, WIL LIAM LEONARD: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Grove Hill. CHAP PELL, CONNIE: (Jr.); Education; Talladega; Zeta Tau Alpha. CHAPPELLE, LILLIAN (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Chi Omega. CHAPPELL, THOAAAS MAT THEW: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences. 464 Undergraduates Row One: CHENOUETH, MARGARET: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birminghom; Kappa Alpho Thefa. CHILDRESS, DORIS: (Fr.); Arts ond Sciences; Columbus, Mis- sissippi. CHILDS, CRAIG D.: (Soph.); Commerce ond Business; Dothan. CHILDS, LARRY: (Soph.); Arts ond Sciences; Tuscolooso; Theta Chi. CHILDS, PAUL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Kow Two: CHILLINGWORTH, NANCY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; San Marino, Cali- fornia; Koppo Alpha Theta. CHITTUM, CONNIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgom- ery. CHORBA, JOSEPH J. (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Guntersville; Sigma Chi. CHRAMER, SCOn: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; St. Charles, Illinois. CHRIST, DEBO- RAH: (Fr.); Education; Mobile. Row Three: CHRISTIAN, NAOMI L.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. CHRISTIAN, CINDY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothon; Koppo Alpha Theta. CHRIS- TOPHER, JIM: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden; Pi Kappa Alpha. CHRIS- TOPHER, PAM: (Soph.); Education; Butler; Chi Omega. CHRISTY, JOYCE: (Soph.); Education; Tuscolooso. 1 Row Four: CHUMLEY, JANE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. CLANAHAN, ANN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Corrollton. CLANTON, BEVERLY: (Soph.); Home Eco- nomics; Sylocaugo. CLARK, CATHY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Ozark; Alpha Delta Pi. CLARK, CHARLES: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Shubuta, Mississippi. Row Five: CLARK, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Education; Eufaulo; Alpha Gamma Delta. CLARK, ' FOSTER, L.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Delta Chi. CLARK, J. HOW- ARD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Delta Chi. CLARK, JAMES G.: :(Soph.); Commerce and Business; Browns. CLARK, MARK: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Chi. Jlow Six: CLARK, WANDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. CLAY, HELEN: Soph.); EducoHon; Huntsville; Kappa Alpha Theta. CLAYTON, AAARY: (Fr.) rts and Sciences; Pell City; Phi Mu. CLAYTON, RONNIE: (Fr.); Engineering; Cross- ille. CLEM, KIRK: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Athens. •fow Seven: CLEM, JR., THOMAS M.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Athens. :LEMENT, MARC: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. CLEMENTS, ABIE C: Ir.); Arts ond Sciences; Northport. CLEMENTS, WILLIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; torthport. CLEMMONS, LINDA: (Jr.); Education; Hueytowrn. ow Fighl: CLIFFORD, PAUL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Sommervillo, Massachusetts; Kappa Phi. CLOKEY, CAROL: (Soph.); Home Economics; Gadsden; Kappa appo Gamma. CLONINGER, KARL: (Jr.); Education; Beta Theta Pi. CLOUSE, ARY K.: ( Soph.); Education; Woodstock, New Jersey. CLOWDUS, BETTY: (Jr.); Jucotion; West Blocton; Delta Gamma. w Nine: CLOWDUS, SHARRON A.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. CLOW- 1, CONNIE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Troy; Phi Mu. COAKER, EUGENE: (Jr.); •ts ond Sciences; Stoteline, Mississippi. COATS, BILL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; obile; Sigma Chi. COBB, JEANINE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Atlanta, Georgia; ippo Alpha Theta. w Ten: COBB, MARY JANE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Arlington, Virginia; Ita Gommo. COBB, RANDY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothon; Sigma Nu. COBB, •JNA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. COCHRAN, JOE: (Soph.); Commerce d Business; Fort Walton, Florida. COCHRANE, EMILY: (Soph.); Home Economio; ' colooso; Chi Omega. wsss II Undergraduates 44S Cocker — Crosta Row One: COCKER, TIMOTHY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsi- lon. COCKRELl, DEBBIE: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. CODD, KAREN: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery. CODY, ELIZABETH: (Jr.); Education; Wetumpka; Alpha Chi Omega. COGGIN, JOHNNY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Kappa Phi. Row Two: COHEN, ROSS: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Zeta Beta Tou. COHEN, TERRI: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. COKER, BEN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden. COLBURN, MICHAEL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Pi Kappa Phi. COLE, ANN: (Soph.); Education; Gadsden; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row Three: COLE, BOBBY R.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Fort Payne. COLE III, HERB: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Theta Xt. COLE, JACKIE: (Jr.); Educa- tion; Nashville; Alpha Phi Epsilon. COLE, JAMES L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Annis- ton. COLEAAAN, SHARON R.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Annandole. Row Four: COLEAAAN, THOMAS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fort Deposit. COLEMAN, VALERIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. COLLEY, CANDACE LEE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. COLLEY, CONNEY: (Soph.); Education; Troy; Kappa Delta. COLLEY, DENNIS: (Soph.); Engineering; Fairfield. Row Five: COLLINS, BETH : (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro. COLLINS, ME SA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Jackson; Chi Omega. COLSTON, REGINA: (Sop;, Arts and Sciences; Carrollton. COLVERT, KEN: (Soph.); Commerce and Busin ; Birmingham. COMMANDER, DAVID M.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Decat Row Six: CONDITT, MARGY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Gamma. Ci DITT, PATTY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Gamma. CONLEY, MIKE ( , Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. CONLEY, SUSAN: (Jr.); Home ■ nomics; Huntsville; Kappa Delta. CONN, GLEN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Sti Row Seven: CONTRI, ROSIE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omi . CONVERSE, VALERY: (Jr.); Social Work; Mobile; Kappa Delta. CONWAY, Bf ■ EY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Sylocauga. CONYERS, EDDIE: (Fr.); Commerce i Business; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. COOK, ANN: (Fr.); Education; Se ; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row Eight: COOK, JANET: (Jr.); Education; Selmo; Alpho Gamma Delta. CC ' ■, KAY: (Soph.); Education; Scottsboro. COOK, MILLFORD M.: (Fr.); Commerce d Business; Jasper; Delta Chi. COONEY, PAM: (Soph.); Education; Lumberton, « Jersey; Alpha Omicron Pi. COOPER, CHRISTINA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; I ; Chi Omega. Row Nine: COOPER, DIANE: (Jr.); Education; Reform. COOPER, EDDIE: (Jr.); »» and Sciences; Elba; Pi Koppo Alpha. COOPER, JOHN M.: (Fr.); Arts and Scie i; Montgomery; Beta Theto Pi. COOPER, KATHLEEN C: (Soph.); Education; God; n; Delta Delta Delta. COOPER, MANDY: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Ten: COOPER, MIKE H.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. COOPER, SU! i (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. COPELAND, GEOFFREY: (Jr.); Arts an i : ' • ences; Fairfield; Beta Theto Pi. COPELAND, JOSEPH: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi H Lambda Chi Alpha. COPELAND, RACHAEl: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. Undergraduates ::: I How Fivt: COX, MELINDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Danville, Virginia,- Alpha Chi Omega. COX, RAY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Pell City; Phi Gamma Delta. COX, SHALAH M.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Abbeville; Kappu Alpha Theta. COX, YORKE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. CRADDOCK, EDIE: (Fr.); Social Work; Tuscaloosa; Delta Delta Delta. I?aw Six: CRAIG, DAVID: (Soph.); Engineering; Florence. CRAIG, LANDIS: (Jr.); Home Economics; Florence; Chi Omega. CRAMER, CRAIG: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. CRANDALL, CAROL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. CRANE, JR., FRANK: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fosters. fow Seven: CRANE, RANDY, (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Sigma Chi. CRAWFORD, CHERRY: (Soph.); Education; Marion; Alpha Gamma Delta. CRAW- FORD, TASSIE: (Jr.); Education; Kenner, Louisiana; Phi Mu. CRAYTON, BRENDA: (Fr.); New College; Opp. CREEKMORE, DANNY LEE: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Russellville; Phi Kappa Psi. Row Eight: CREEL, BEVERLY: (Jr.); Education; Dothan; Zeta Tau Alpha. CREEL, KATHY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. CREEL, TERRY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Midfield. CROCKER, MARY E.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Demopolis; Alpha Gamo Delta. CROFT, DIANE: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row Nine: CROFTON, ARTHUR F.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. CROKER, CHARLOHE ANN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Brewton. CROSS, CHARLES D.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Sigma Nu. CROSS, PEGGI JOYCE: (Fr.); Educo- Kon; Birmingham. CROSS, RICHARD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Theta Chi. tow Ten: CROSS, SANDRA: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. CROSSLEY, HUGH 3AVID: (Jr.); Engineering; Anniston. CROSSLIN, WILLIAM T.: (Soph.); Commerce ind Business; Florence. CROSSWHITE, TOMMY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; ' luntsville; Sigma Chi. CROSTA, JOHN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. ow One: COPELAND, W. DENTON: (Soph.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa; Phi Kappa Psi. CORBITT, NAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Geneva; Alpha Chi Omega. CORK, JANET: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. CORLEW, CAROLE: (Fr.); rts and Sd- •nctt; Hazel Green. CORNETT, PHYLLIS: (Soph,); Education; Lowndmboro. Row Two: CORRIGAN, NORA: (Fr.); Education; Florence; Chi Omega. CORRY, MARY JO: (Jr.); Home Economics; Ookmon. CORWIN, PAUL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. COTHRAN, CHARLES MELVINi (Soph.); Engineering; Greensboro. COTHRUM, SHERLENE: (Soph.); Social Work; Russellville. - " Row Three: COTTON, PATRICIA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Starkville, M«sissippl. COUNTS, REBECCA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tallossee; Delta Zeto. COURTNEY, JAMES: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Oak Lawn, Illinois. COVERT, URRY: (Jr.); Engineering; Dothan. COVERT, LINDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. Row Four: COWLEY, ANN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; AAobiie. COX, BILL: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Pell City; Phi Gamma Delta. COX, DAVID: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. COX, LAURA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Besse- mer. COX, AAARTHA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. iii ISi!L£ kil Undergraduates 467 sis Row Five: DAHIKE, MARY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Meridian, Mississippi; Delta Zeta. DALTRY, ROGER: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Orlando, Florida; Chi Phi. DAM- BACH, DALE: (Soph.); Engineering; Montgomery. DANIEL, JIM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Sigma Chi. DANIEL, CHERRILL: (Jr.); Education; Heflin. Row Six: DANIELS, HELEN SUZANNE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Boy Minette; Pi Beta Beta Phi. DANIS, KENNETH: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Mobile. DANNER, GAIL: (Fr.); Education; Nashville, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi. DARK, PHILLIP: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. DATSON, DONNA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Parrish; Delta Gamma. Row Seven: DAVIDSON, DEMISE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. DAVIDSON, JENNIFER: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. DA VIES, ROBERT T.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Beta Theta Pi. DAVIS, BARBARA: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. DAVIS, BEN R.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Montgomery; Sigma Chi. Row Eight: DAVIS, DALE: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. DAVIS, DAVID HARDY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Decatur; Kappa Sigma. DAVIS, DONNA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Delta Zeta, DAVIS, DONNA: (Fr.); Education. DAVIS, FORREST RAY: (Fr.); Commerce ond Business Administration; Jasper. Row Nine: DAVIS, FRED: (Jr.); Centerviile; Theta Chi. DAVIS, GLORIA: (Soph.), Education; Berry. DAVIS, JAMES DALE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. DAVIS, JAMES L.: (Soph.); Education; Alexander City; Alpha Gamma Delta. DAVIS, JANE: (Jr.); Social Work; Talladega; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row Ten: DAVIS, JANET: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omego. DAVIS, KATHY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Centre. DAVIS, LARRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. DAVIS, MARY ALICE: (Jr.); Education; Dothon; Alpha Chi Omega. DAVIS, MARY SUE SMITHER: (Fr.); Home Economics; Decatur. Crouch — Donovan Row One: CROUCH, MANDY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Bir mingham; Pi Beta Phi. CROW, DONNA: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Birmingham; Alphc Chi Omega. CROWE, ANTH ONY J.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Philcampbell. CRUMP LELA: (Fr.); Education; Memphis, Tennessee; Chi Omega. CRUTE, CHARLES A. (Soph); Commerce and Business Administration; Huntsville; Phi Delta Theta. Row Two: CULPEPPER, EDWARD J.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. CULPEP PER, MARSHALL: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birmingham. CUl VER, SALLY: (Fr.); Education; Delta Delta Delta. CUMMANS, DAVE: (Jr.); Corr merce and Business Administration; Gadsden; Delta Chi. CUMMINGS, MARL: (Fr.| Commerce and Business Administration; Mobile; Sigma Chi. Row Three: CUMMINS, DOROTHY L.: (Soph.); Sociol Work; Montgomery. CUS NINGHAM, JUNE: (Fr); Arts and Sciences; Adamsville. CUNNINGHAM, KAI (Soph).); Commerce and Business Administration; Butler. CUNNINGHAM, LIZ: (Jr. Commerce and Business Administration; Birmingham; Chi Omega. CURRY, B. KING (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Tuscaloosa; Phi Gamma Delta. Row Four: CURRY, RAGAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Phi Gamma Dell( CURTIS, ALAN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Tuscaloosa; Sigm Nu. CUTTING, RICHARD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Brottli boro, Vermont. DABBS, KATHY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Hueytown. DAGEh JAMES: (Fr.); Engineering; Atmore. 468 Undergroduates Row One: DAVIS, PAT: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Montgomery; Chi Phi. DAVIS, ROB- ERT L: (Soph.); Engineering; Bessemer. DAVIS, ROSEANN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Mobile. DAVIS, SHEDRIC L.: (Fr.); Am and Science; Northport. DAVIS, THERESA: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Two: DAVIS, TIMOTHY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Alexander City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DAVIS, TOMMY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Decatur; Lambda Chi Alpha. DAWSON, IRA: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Henkel. DAY, ERNIE: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Huntsville; Delta Chi. DAY, GEORGIA F.: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Tau Alpha. I ow Three: DEAL, FAYE: (Jr.); Education; Dothon. DEAN, MELISSA E.: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Samson. DEAN, VERWELDA: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birming- ham. DEBTER, RONALD: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Sheffield. DE GRUY, KEN: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Phi Delta Thela. Row Four: DEITZ, STEVE: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Mobile; Sigma Phi Epsilon. DE- LIVDICE, SANDY: (Jr.); Education; Anniston. DENDY, WALT; (Fr.); Arts and Science; Tuscaloosa; Pi Kappa Phi. DENNIS, CATHERINE: (Jr.); Social Work; Talla- dega; Phi Mu. DENT, JOAN: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row Five: DERINGTON, NANCY: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Huntsville. DERZIS, PETE: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Arlington, Virginia; Theta Chi. DESANTIS, ANGELA: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. DE SHAZO, DEANNE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Leroy. DESSERT, PEGGY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Montgomery; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Six: DEUEL, ALLEN C: (Fr.); Engineering; Huntsville. DEUPREE, CATHY: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Alpha Delta Pi. DEUPREE, RICHARD C: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Mobile. DEVANEY, ROBERT E.: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Russellville. DEWIH, STE- PHEN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Lambda Chi. Row Seven: DEYOUNG, LYNN: (Fr.); Home Economics; Huntsville. DIAMOND, MIKE J.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Lambda Chi Alpha. DICKSON, DOROTHY: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Lowndesboro; Kappa Kappa Gamma. DICK- SON, SANDI: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Birmingham; Phi Mu. DIFFRIENT, AMANDA: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Brookhaven, Mississippi. Row Eight: DILIBERTO, ANTHONY S.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tusca- loosa. DINGES, LINDA M.: (Jr.); Education; Florence. DINNING, SHANON: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Demopolis. DINOLEY, VIRGINIA: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Huntsville. DIPIZZA, RICK: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row Nine: DISPENEH, MICKEY: (Soph.); Education; Guntersville. DITORO, CO- LETTE: (Fr.); Arts and Science; West Pittston, Pennsylvania; Delta Zeta. DIXON, TOAAMY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon. DOBBS, JUDY G.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Brent. DODSON, GRAY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Homewood; Pi Kappa Phi. Row Ten: DODSON, H. BRYAN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Sheffield. DOD- SON, JANET: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. DONAHUE, JOE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. DONALDSON, SUSAN: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. DONOVAN, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Praltville. Undergraduates 469 Donovan — Fast Row One: DONOVAN, LINDA: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery. DONNAHOO, LARRY D.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Chi. DOROUGH, MARTHA: (Fr.); Education; Russellville; Alpha Omicron Pi. DORROUGH, DAVID: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. DOSS, HELEN: (Soph.); Education; Alexan- der City; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Two: DOUGLASS, KAREN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Kappa Delta. DOWDLE, HENRY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Millport; Pi Kappa Phi. DOWE, KELLY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery, Kappa Delta. DOWLING, EVELYN JOYCE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Hartford. DOWLING, SALLY ANN: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Mobile. Row Three: DOWNEY, MARTHA: (Jr.); Educotion; Scottsboro; Delta Gammo. DOWNS, BERNARD: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Delta Kappa Epsilon. DRAKE, JOSEPH A.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business. DRENNON, CATHARINE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Memphis, Tennessee. DREW, BETSY: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Four: DRISCOLL, BARBARA: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. DRISCOLL, MARY ELIZABETH: (Fr.); Home Economics; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. DRIVER, BARRY: (Soph.); Arts ond Sciences; Selmo; Sigma Chi. DRUMMOND, TERESA: (Jr.); Educa- tion; Northport. DU BOIS, WILLIAM B.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Enter- prise; Sigma Nu. Row Five: DUFFEE, CECIL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Dadevllle; Phi Delta Theta. DUFFEE, STEVE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Dadeville; Phi Delta Theto. DUKE, BARBARA ANN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. DUMAS, CONNIE: (Fr.); Home Economics; El Dorado, Arkansas; Kappa Kappa Gamma. DUNAVANT, LYNN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Union City, Tennessee. Row Six: DUNCAN, CATHY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Delta Gammo. DUNCAN, CHERYL: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. DUNCAN, PHYLLIS: (Soph.); Home Economics; Hartselle; Alpha Chi Omega. DUNN, KATHY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Palo Alto, California; Kappa Delta. DUNN, KAY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Troy; Delta Phi Epsilon. Row Seven: DUNN, VICKIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. DURANT, DEBRA i G.: (Fr.); Education; Miami, Florida; Pi Beta Phi. DUREN, ROD: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Mobile. DUnON, JOHNNY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Leeds. DUVAL, JAMIE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row Eight: DWYER, DIANNE MICHELE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Louisville, Ken- tucky; Kappa Delta. DYAL, DEE: (Fr.); Education; Fort Lauderdale; Delta Gamma. DYKES, JR., FRANKLIN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscoloosa. DZIAK, CHAR- LENE: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Delta Gamma. EARNEST, VICKI: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Goodsprings. f Row Nine: EARNHARDT, BUDDY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. EASTEWOOD, JANE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Delto Zeta. EATMAN, JR., PAUL N.-. (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. EBERTS, BILL: (Fr.); Engineering; Perryopo- lit, Pennsylvonia. ECHOLS, CHARLOTTE: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. Row Ten: EDDINGS, MIKE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dalton, Georgia; Beta Theto Pi. EDGE, ROBERT: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson; Kappa Sigma. EDWARDS, JACKIE: (Jr.); Education; Sylocougo; Alpha Delta Pi. EDWARDS, JENNIFER: (Jr.); Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Gadsden. EDWARDS, LINDA D.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. ». : 470 Undergraduates Row One: EDWARDS, SALLY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Sylacaugo, Alpha Delta PI. EHLERS, IRIS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Zeta Tou Alpha. ELAM, VICKI: (Jr.); Home Economics; Brent. ELDEN, MARTHA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gun- lersville. ELDER, LEE DWAIN: (Jr.); Engineering; Guntersville. Row Two: ELIJAH, RONNIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hope Hull; Sigma Nu. EL- Lion, JACQUELYN: (Soph.); Education; Athens; Zeta Tou Alpha. ELLIOT, LARRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Tau Delta. ELLIOTT, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Talladega. ELLIS, BEN W.: (Fr.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa. Row Thr»«: ELLIS, CAROLYN ELAINE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Loxley. ELLIS, CHUCK: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Miami, Florida; Alpha Tau Omega. ELLIS, JR., OAVID L.: (Fr.); Education; Mobile. ELLISON, GRACE M.: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Sylacouga. ELMORE, KATIE: (Jr.); Education; Dothan; Kappa Delta. Row Four: EMBLOM, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Education; Dothan; Alpha Gamma Delta. EMER- SON, VIRGINIA ANN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston; Chi Omega. EMFING- ER, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Union Springs; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. EM- MONS, CLARKIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Winter Park, Florida; Phi Mu. ENGE- MAN, KAREN: (Fr.); EducaHon; Huntsville. : Kow Five: ENGLAND, CHERYL: (Fr.); Home Economics; Centreville. ENGLAND, GARY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Tau Delta. ENGLISH, NONNIE: (Fr.); Education; Scottsboro. ENGSTRAND, DAVID: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. ENTREKIN, JAMES: (Jr.); Engineering; Lacey ' s Springs; Pi Kappa Phi. Row Six: ENZOR, CELESTINE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Crestview, Florida, Phi Mu. EPPERSON, JANICE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Foley; Kappa Alpha Theta. ERB, JANIE: (Jr.); Education; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Alpha Omicron Pi. ETHERIDGE, CEIL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Greenville. ETHRIDGE, CHARLES L.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Adger. Row Seven: EVANS, GARY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. EVANS, JOYCE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Alexander City; Alpha Delta Pi. EVANS, LYNN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fort Payne; Delta Gamma. EVANS, OLAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Alexander City; Zeto Beta Tau. EVANS, TIPTON H.: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Anniston; Sigma Nu. low Eight: EVERETT, SARA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Norcross, Georgia. EVERHART, RED: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Fort Poyne. EZEKIEL, MELISSA: (Soph.); Home conomics; Sylacouga. FAIRCLOTH, VICKERS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Atmore; appa Alpha Theta. FALKNER, JOHN R.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birming- am; Delta Tou Delta. 5w Nine: FALLON, CATHY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gardendale. FANNING, RKIE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Eloro, Tennessee. FARMER, DANA: (Fr.); »me Economics; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Chi Omega. FARMER, JIM: (Soph.); Arts and :iences; Dothan; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FARRAR, JANIS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; ta Tou Alpha. Ten: FARRELL, DOT: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Delto Zeta. FARRIOR, MARY NA: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery; Phi Mu. FARRIS, MELISSA: (Soph.); Home onomics; Jasper; Alpha Chi Omega. FARRIS, JR., WADE: (Soph.); Commerce and siness; Tuscaloosa; Theta Chi. FAST, AAARSHA: (Soph.); Home Economics; AAont- " nery; Delta Phi Epsilon. A Undergraduates 471 Faulkner — Garrett How Ona: FAULKNER, GAYLE: (Soph.); Special Education; Dothan. FAULKNER, VIRGINIA LOUISE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. FAUST, SHARON L.: (Fr.); Social Work; Oneonta. FAYARD, GARY PRESTON: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Atmore. FEAGIN, BEVERLY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. Row Two: FEAGIN, CHARLES: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Enterprise; Pi Kappa Phi. FEAZELL, LARRY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Anniston. FEHLER, ALLISON: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. FEINSTEIN, SANDRA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Montgomery; Delta Phi Epsilon. FELDMAN, DAVID: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery. Row Threa: FELKINS, ROBERT: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. FERGUSON, JAMES: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Dothan; Beta Theto Pi. FERGUSON, SHELLY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. FERGUSON, SUZANN: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. FERNIANY, WILL: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Mobile; Sigma Chi. Row Four: FERRELL, BILL: (Soph.); Education; Madison, Tennessee; Delta Tau Delta. FIELD, KAREN: (Soph.); Education; Sylacaugo; Pi Beta Phi. FIELDS, TOM: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Langdale; Delta Chi. FIKES, DAVID H.: (Jr.); Engineering; Huntsville; Theta Chi. FIKES, DEBBY: (Jr.); Education; Hamilton; Alpha Delta Pi. Row Five: FINKEL, MARION: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Phi Eps: Ion. FINLEY, JR., JAMES: (Fr.); Arts ond Sciences; Mobile; Sigma Alpha Epsilor FINLEY, JAMIE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. FINLIN, FRAN: (Fr.); Educe Hon; Birminghom. FINN, PATRICIA: (Soph.); Social Work; Sylacaugo; Alph Gamma Delta. Row Six: FINNEY, DAVID: (Fr.) ; Commerce and Business; Dolton, Georgia; Bel Theta Pi. FINOCCHIO, CECILIA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Koppo Alph Theta. FISHER, KATHY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Delta F FISHER, LYNNA: (Jr.); Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Xi Delta. FLEMING, JOHN STE EN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Talladega; Kappa Alpha. Row Seven: FLEMING, WAYNE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Del Tau Delta. FLETCHER, CHARLES: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Atlantic, Virginia; P Gamma Delta. FLOWERS, MIRIAM: (Jr.); Education; Ruleville, Mississippi; Sigir Delta Tau. FLOWERS, RONALD: (Jr.); Engineering; Demopolis; Theta Chi. FLOV ERS, SANDY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Pi Beta Phi. Row Eight: FLOWERS, STEVE: (Jr.); Arts ond Sciences; Troy; Sigma Nu. FOA NAYA, PEIDRE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Augusta, Georgia. FORBUS, TRIN (Soph.); Home Economics; Alexander City; Alpha Delta Pi. FORD, RAYMON (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Butler. FORD, VICTORIA: (Soph.); Commerce ai Business; Jacksonville, Florida; Alpha Xi Delta. Row Nine: FORAAAN, PAM: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. FORSYTHE, JULI (Soph.) Arts and Sciences; Mobile. FORTNER, SALLY: (Soph.); Education; Dotht Phi Mu. FOSHEE, FRANKIE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Talladega. FOSTER, GLINC (Jr.); Education; Huntsville. Row Ten: FOSTER, JEAN: (Fr.); Education; Florence. FOSTER, PHIL: (Fr.); Comme and Business; Koppo Alpha. FOSTER, RANDY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fort Dep it. FOUNTAIN, JOHN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. FOURT, JR., R. A.: (Fr.); t and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Delta Tau Delta. 472 Undergraduates ow five: FUHR, JANET C: (Soph.); Arts ond Sciences; River Falls, Wisconsin; iCoppo Alpha Theta. FUKSMAN, ROSLYN: (Soph.); Education. FULLER, CECIL: ■Soph.); Commerce and Business; Sprott. FULMER, AAARY LYNNE: (Jr.); Arts an ' d sciences; Mobile; Kappa Alpha Theta. FUNDERBURG, CRAIG: (Soph.); Education; iirminghom. tow Six: FUNK, COLLEEN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. FUQUA, KEVIN: Soph.); Commerce and Business; Sy locaugo; Kappa Alpha. GADDIS, GREGG: ' r.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden. GADDY, LYNDA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Jneonto. GADEL, LENORE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. Mir Seven; GAGGSTATTER, ELLEN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Miami, Florida; Sigma ■etta Tau. GAIL, HAWKINS: (Fr.); Education; Tarrant. GAINES, HADEN: (Jr.); Edu- ition; Camden; Delta Gamma. GALBRAITH, GEORGANNE: (Soph.); Home Eco- )mics; Rome, Georgia; Chi Omega. GALLAAAN, JANE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; itcalooso. w Eight: GALLOWAY, ROBERT: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Theta Xi. VLLOWAY, ROBERT M.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. VNN, DON: (Soph.); Commerce and Business. GANN, JAMES: (Soph.); Com- rce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Chi. GANTT, KARLA: (Soph.); Education; anta, Georgia; Koppo Alpha Theta. w Nine: GARBER, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Chi. RDNER, BETH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Memphis, Tennessee; Chi Omega. vRDNER, EDDIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Demopolis; Theta Chi. GARLAND, )NNA: (Jr.); Education; Enterprize; Chi Omega. GARDNER, DEE DEE: (Soph.); me Economics; Dothan; Delta Zeta. ¥ T»n: GARNER, JAIME A.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Delta Zeta. GAR- t, JANICE LYNN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. GARNIER, LYDIA M.: b Arts and Sciences. GARNER, STEVE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; ipa Sigma. GARRETT, DIANNE: (Jr.); Education; Montgomery; Pi Beta Phi. Row One: FOUTS, THOMAS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Brev on. FOWLER, JOE S.: (Jr.); Education; Tanner. FAX, ROGER W.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Alexczider City. FRANK, SHARON: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Cullman. FRANKLIN, DAVID: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Tau Delta. Row Two: FRANKLIN, KATHY ANN: (Fr.); Business and Commerce; Northport. FRANKLIN, LYNN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. FRANKLIN, PATRICIA L.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; St. Petersburg, Florida; Phi Mu. FRASIER, SUE SUE: (Jr.); Education; Selmo; Alpha Gamma Delta. FRAZIER, MARY: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Chattanooga, Tennessee. Row Three: FRAZIER, SANDRA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Plantersville. FRAZIER, STEVE: (Fr.); Engineering; Opp; Phi Kappa Psi. FREDERICK, WINSTON: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. FREE, VAL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. FREED, DEBBIE: (Soph.); Education; Columbus, Georgia. Row Four: FREEMAN, MARGARET: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. FREEMAN, AAARK ANN: (Jr.); Education; Dothan; Kappa Delta. FRENCH, ANNETTE L.: (Fr.); Education; Willingboro, New Jersey; Alpha Xi Delta. FRENCH, DORI: (Jr.); Education; Willingboro, New Jersey; Alpha Xi Delta. FRIS, MARGA: (Soph.); Social Work; Huntsville; Alpha Chi Omega. mm Undergraduates 473 Row Five: GILLIAM, KAREN K.: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville; Kappa Delta. GILLIS, LUCIAN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Grove Hill; Kappa Sigma. GIRARDEAU, BOBBY: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Birmingham; Delta Tau Delta. GIVAN, JIMMY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Dothan; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GIVENS, PRISCIL- LA: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Mobile; De lta Zeta. Row Six: GLASS, TERRI: (Fr.); Home Economics; Phi Mu. GLASSON, HEIDI: (Soph.); Social Work; Coral Gables, Florida; Delta Zeta. GLENN, DENNIS: (Jr.); Arts and ' Science; Denton, Texas. GLENN, JAMES E.: (Soph.); Chemical Engineer; Sommer- vill . GLOVER, BILLIE SUE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Leroy; Chi Omega. Row Seven: GLOVER, SHELIA: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. GLUSMAN, MURRAY: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Miami, Florida. GODFREY, T. E.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GODWIN, PHILLIP: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Kappa Alpha. GOGGANS, RANDY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega. Row Eight: GOLDMAN, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Miami Beach, Florida; Phi Delta Theta. GOLDSBOROUGH, SNIPPY: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Baltimore, Maryland; Alpha Chi Omega. GOLSON, CHERYL: (Soph.); Home Economics; Mo- bile; Zeta Tau Alpha. GOLSON, W. KEITH: (Soph.); Education; Phi Sigma Kappa. GOODMAN, JOE M.: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Doytono Beach, Florida. Row Nine: GOODRUM, SUSAN: (Soph.); Home Economics; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. GOODSON, ALAN: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Sigma Nu. GOODSON, LADD: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Birmingham; Sigma Nu. GOODWIN, JOE: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Huntsville; Lambda Chi Alpha. GOODWIN, PHOEBE: (Jr.); Education; Florence. Row Ten: GOODWIN, RODGER: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Birmingham. GOODWIN, SKIPPER: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Bessemer. GORDAY, KAREN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. GORDON, PRISCILLA: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. GRACE, JACK: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Garrett — Hagood Row One: GARRETT, GINGER: (Soph.); Education; Germontown, Tennessee; Kappa Delta. GARRISAN, ED: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Eufalo; Sigma Nu. GASKIN, CONNIE: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Birmingham. GASKINS, DORIS J.: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Atlanta, Georgia. GATTIS, JAMES E.: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Woodville. Row Two: GREASLAND, WENDY: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Montgomery; Alpha Delta Pi. GEE, MICHAEL H.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Talladega. GEORGE, FRAN: (Jr.); Education; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. GEWIN, CRIS: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Mobile; Sigma Chi. GIARDINA, DON J.: (Fr.); Birmingham. Row Three: GIBSON, CHARLOTTE: (Fr.); Education; Gadsden; Delta Zeta. GIB- SON, DOMINIQUE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Huntsville; Kappa Alpha Theta. GIL- BERT, DEBAROH: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Selmo. GILBERT, DON: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Alexander City; Delta Tau Delta. GILBERT, ELLEN: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Clanton. Row four: GILBERT, MARK A.: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Birmingham. GILBERT, : PEGGY: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Gadsden. GILBERT, SHARON: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Alexander City; Alpha Chi Omega. GILCHRIST, DIANNE: (Soph.); Educa- tion; Somerville. GILLESPIE, RENEE: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron PI. 474 Undergraduates Row On0: GRAFF, CONNIE: (Soph.); Arh and Sciences; Franklin; Alpha Omkron Pi. GRAFFEO, MIKE: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. GRAHAM, STUART: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Jacksonville. GRAINGER, JOHN P.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Bessemer; Phi Sigma Kappa. GRAMLING, TERRI: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; PhiMu. Row Two: GRAVES, ROY S.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Folrhope. GRAY, JAMES W.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi. GRAY, AAAC: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Guntersville; Pi Kappa Phi. GRAY, STEVE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Theta Chi. GREEN, GINNY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. Row Three: GREEN JR., JIM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon. GREEN, KINCEY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Selmo; Kappa Alpha. GREEN, MARJORIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. GREEN, MARK: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Forest Park. GREEN, RICHARD: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Pell City; Sigma Phi Epsilon. I Row Four: GREEN, SALLY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. GREEN, SUSAN: (Fr.); Education; Hoden. GREENLEE, MICHAEL K.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Koppo Sigma. GREER, JAMES M.: Commerce and Business; Birming- hom; Phi Delta Theta. GRESHAM, JERA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Decatur; Delta Zeto. a M Row Five: GRIFFIN, ELLEN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Kappa Delta. GRIFFIN, LEE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Pell City; Phi Gamma Delta. GRIF- FIN, LYNN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. GRIFFIN, RONALD B.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Forest Park. GRIGGS, ELIZABETH: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Arab. Row Six: GRIMES, ANN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Louisville; Alpha Gamma Delta. GRIMES JR., JAMES T.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Enterprise; Sigma Nu. GRIAAMETT, MARGARET: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Pleasant Grove. GRIM- WOOD, JOAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hazel Green. GRISSETT, LARRY A. (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Opp. Row Seven: GRISWOLD, NEAL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Enterprise; Sigma Nu. GRODSKY, KAREN: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. GRO- GAN, TEDDY R.: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Piedmont; Phi Kappa Psi. GROS, STER- LING: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Tuscaloosa. GROS, SUSAM G.: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Eight: GROSSMAN, TERRI: (Jr.); Home Economics; Columbia, Tennessee. GRUBBS, RODDY: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Irving, Texas. GUDAITIS, BEN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon. GUGLIOTTA, SAAAMY: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Birmingham; Sigma Phi Epsilon. GUILLOT, PATH: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. Row Nine: GUNDERSEN, JEANIE: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Phi Mu. GUNN, CALVIN: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Livingston. GUNTER, TOAAMY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Opeliko; Phi Koppo Psi. GUNTER, WILL: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Montgomery; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GUNTER, W. TAYLOR: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Oneonta. Row Ten: GURWITCH, JANET: (Soph.); Home Economics; Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Sigma Delta Tau. GUTHRIE, LYNN: (Soph.); ArH and Science; Birmingham. HAAS, BLAKELY: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Mobile. HAAS, MARTHA C: (Jr.); Education; Mo- bile; Kappa Koppo Gommo. HAGOOD, CORY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Paris, Texas; Delta Gamma. Undergraduates 475 wm Hagood — Helf Row One: HAGOOD, DONNY: (Jr.); Engineering; Hueytown. HAIGLER, DEBBI (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tqu Alpha. HAILS, EDDIE: (Soph.); Arts and S ences; Montgomery; Phi Delta Theta. HALL, DAVID M.: (Soph.); Arts and Science Hoyden. HALL, EMILY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. Row Twos HALL, AAALCOLM D.: (Soph.); Engineering; Birmingham. HALL, PEGG (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. HALL, POLLY: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Kapp Delta. HALL, RANDY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. HALL, ROMONA: (Jr Education; Huntsville; Kappa Delta. Row Three: HALL, SUSAN: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. HAL WAYNE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville. HALL, WILLIAM M.: (Soph Arts and Sciences; Gordo. HALLAAAN, FREDDIE: (Fr.); Commerce and Busine; Centerville. HALLAAAN, PAT: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Autaugaville. Row Four: HALSEY, CARON: (Soph.); Education; Anniston; Pi Beta Phi. HALTE MIKE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon. HAM ' B OBBY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Headland; Kappo Sigma. HAMILTON, BETTi (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. HAMILTON, BILL: (Jr.); Arts and Scienct Greenville; Sigma Nu. Row Five: HAMILTON, HUEY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Theta Ck HAMILTON, KAREN: (Fr.); Education; Muscle Shoals. HAMILTON, LEWIS !! (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Greenville; Sigma Nu. HAMILTON, NANC (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Phi Mu. HAMLETT, ELLEN: (Fr.); Arts and Science Orrville; Kappa Delta. Row Six: HAAAMACK, STEVE: (Fr.); Engineering; Russellville. HAAAMOND, AAARC (Soph.); Arts and Science; Fort Lauderdale, Florida. HAMMOND, SHERRY: (F Arts and Science; Longley A.F.B., Virginia. HAMNER, GLENDA: (Soph.); Commei and Business; Cullman; Delta Zeta. HAMNER, LINDA: (Fr.); Education; Hueytov Row Seven: HAMNER, LINDA: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Cullman; De Zeta. HAMPTON, JIM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscumbia; Kappa Alpl HANAS, PETER: (Soph.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa. HANCOCK, ALICE: (Jr.); Cc merce and Business; Athens; Phi Mu. HANAVICH, CATHY: (Soph.); Home Econc ics; Alexandria, Virginia. Row Eight: HANBY, PATRICIA K.: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Gosden; Zeta Tou Alpl HANDWERGER, RONNIE: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Mobile. HANKINS, ANNE: (F Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. HANKS, AAARLEN: (Soph.); Home Econom Monroe, Louisiana; Delta Delta Delta. HANKS, KENNY: (Soph.); Arts and Scien Talladega; Chi Phi. Row Nine: HANKS, KENNY: (Soph.); Social Work; Auburn. HANNAH, ILA S.: (J Commerce and Business; Tuscumbia. HANSON, MARY P.: (Soph.); Educali Huntsville; Alpha Chi Omega. HARBERT, ROBERTA: (Soph.); Commerce and B ness; Springfield, Virginia; Zeta Tau Alpha. HARBIN, SANDRA L.: (Soph.); Ho Economics; Luverne; Alpha Delta Pi. Row Ten: HARDAWAY, EDDIE: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Livingston. HARDI ADELE: (Soph.); Education; Son Francisco, California. HARDESTY, GEORGE: (I ; Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappo Epsilon. HARDIE, BINGHAM: (I ; Sociol Work; Florence; Chi Omega. HARDIN, LAURIE: (Fr.); Home Econorr ; Greenville; Kappa Delta. 476 Undergraduates Row One: HARDIN, MOlllE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Greenville; Kappa Delta. HARDY, ANNE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HARDY, LYMAN HANSEL: (Soph.); Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon. HARGROVE, BRENDA: (Soph.); Home Economics, Northport; Alpha Chi Omega. HARPER, CHRYS ANN: (Fr.); Home Economics; Charleston, Illinois; Kappa Delta. ?ow Two: HARPER, GARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Holly Pond. HARPER, HENRY: fr.); Commerce and Business; Barranquillo, Colombia. HARPER, NANCY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta. HARRINGTON, LESLIE: (Jr.); Home Economics; lolumbus, Mississippi; Koppo Kappa Gamma. HARRIS, BETTY JEAN: (Jr.); Home iconomics; Birmingham. tow Three: HARRIS, BLANCHE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Pensacola, Florida; Kappa Mpho Theto. HARRIS, DEBORAH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Semmes. HARRIS, HAR- ilET: (Jr.); Education; Fairfax; Pi Beta Phi. HARRISON, JEANIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- inces; Eufaula; Chi Omega. HARRIS, JOHN WYATT: (Soph.); Education; Russell- illc; Phi Kappa Psi. ;ow Four: HARRISON, KATIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Greenville, Delaware; Cappo Alpho Theta. HARRISON, TADE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Eufaula; Chi Omega. HARSH, FRANCES: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. -(ART, BOBBY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Lancaster, Texas. HART, GARY: Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha. ow Five: HART II, RICHARD W.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mandeville, Ja- loico; Phi Koppo Psi. HARTLEY, CONNIE: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. HARTLEY, ANE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. HARTMANN, DEBBIE: (Jr.); lominerce and Business; Mount Vernon, Indiana; Chi Omega. HARTZOG, GRADY: r.); Arts and Sciences; Eufaula; Kappa Sigma. ow Six: HASSELTINE, ROY: (Fr.); New College; Huntsville; Delta Chi. HASTINGS, TEVE: (Soph.); Engineering; Bessemer. HASTINGS, LEON: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- xes; Woodville. HATCHELL, DEBORAH: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. ATCHETT, MELINDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decherd, Tennessee. I iw Seven: HAUSER, CAY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Arcadia, California; Pi Beta i. HAVRISIK, LINDA: (Soph.); H ome Economics; Los Altas, California; Alpha ilta Pi. HAWKINS, HARRIET: (Fr.); Education; Birminghom; Alpho Gammo Delta. VY, LYNN: (Jr.); Education; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. HAYDEL, SUSAN: (Fr.); ts and Sciences; LoFoyette, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. w Eight: HAYES, DANNY M.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Coker. HAYES, TCHER: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. HAYNES, KENTON: (Fr.); Arts and encet; Modison; Phi Koppo Psi. HAYNIE, VICKI: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Pike id; Kappa Alpha Theta. HAYSLIP, LINDA: (Soph.); Special Education; Tusca- a; Alpha Gamma Delta. Nmei HAZELIP, SISSY: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Koppo Kappa Gamma. 0, LESLIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Koppo Delta. HEAD, flBY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden. HEARD, MICHAEL: (Soph.); Cher- •; Phi Gamma Delta. HEATH, STEVE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Son Qel, California. I ' Ten: HEATH, WANDA: (Jr.); EducaHon; Ozark; Alpho Chi Omega. HEBLON, ' Hm: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Pi Kappa Phi. HEFFLER, PAUL M.: (Fr.); ' Kmerce and Business; Birminghom. HEIMAN, JESSE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; ' Wr, Arkonsos; Zeto Beta Tou. HELF, MICHAEL ANNE: (Jr.); Commerce and Bosi- ' 1; Tuscaloosa; Delta Gamma. mMwiwmB Undergraduates 477 Helmer — Housh Row One: MELMER, DEBBY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Zeto Tou Alpho. HENDERSON, ANN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Bossier City, Louisiana. HENDER- SON, BECKY: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Gamma Delta. HENDERSON, DONALD: (Jr.); Education; Northport. HENDERSON, HARRIET: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Enterprise; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row Two: HENDERSON, HELEN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Enterprise; Kappa Alpha Theta. HENDERSON, JAMES O.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Falkville. HENDERSON, SALLYE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. HENDRIX, AL- BERT LEE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Phi Sigma Kappa, HENDRIX, EDDIE: (Soph.); Engineering; Florence. Row Three: HENLEY, JAMES: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Greensboro. HENLEY, RICH- ARD B.: (Jr.); Ar ts and Sciences; Albuquerque, New Mexico. HENNESSY, TIM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Decatur; Sigma Chi. I-IENNING, KURT: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Florence; Beta Theta Pi. HENNINGER, SALLY: (Soph.); Educa- tion; Stevenson. Row Four: HENRY, ALLEN: (Jr.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa. HENRY, MIKE: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Alexander City; Chi Phi. HENRITZE, KAREN: (Fr.); Home Eco- nomics; Huntsville; Zeto Tau Alpha. HENSLEY, DEBBIE: (Jr.); Special Education; Florence; Delta Zeto. HENSON, JANET: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Delto Zeta. Row Five: HEREFORD, ROBERT: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; New Hop Sigma Phi Epsilon. HEREFORD, TOM D.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gurley; Sigm Chi. HERRIN, CAROLYN: (Fr.); Education; Quincey, Florida; Delta Phi Epsilon. HEU RING, DANNIS: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Bessemer; Chi Phi. HERRING DAVID: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Theta Chi. Row Six: HERRINGTON, EDWIN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloos HESIN, CAROL: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. HESTER, SAI DRA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscumbia. HEWES, KITTY: (Fr.); Home Econor ics; Birmingham. HEWITT, GINNY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi; C Omega. Row Severt: HEWIH, SHARON: (Jr.); Education; Decatur; Delta Zeta. HEWSOt JAMES: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Charleston, South Carolina; Theta Xi. NIC MAN, PATRICIA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Dothon. HICKMAN, PAULA: (Fr Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. HICKS, TOMMY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Lindol Georgia. Row Eight: HICKS, VICKI: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Waynesboro, Mississippi. HIF OLBERT: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery. HIGGINBOTHAM, A CHAEL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mc Calla. HIGGINS, JUDITH: (Jr.); A and Sciences; St. Louis, Missouri; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HIGGINS, PAM: (Sopl Home Economics; Birmingham. Row Nine: HIGHTOWER, DANNY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Deca HIGHFIELD, LARRY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Sheffield. HIGHTOWER, MARGAR (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Chi Omega. HILL, BOWERY: (Jr.); Arts and : ences; Trinity. HILL, DENNIS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Collinsville, Illinois. Row Ten: HILL, GAIL: (Soph.); Education; Gadsden; Alpha Chi Omega. Ml HOLLY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Nashville, Tennessee; Kappa Delta. HILL, JAM ' (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Woodville. HILL, JEP: (Soph.); Commerce and Busim Mobile; Sigma Chi. HINES, OLIVIA: (Soph.); Social Work; Montgomery. I 478 Undergraduates mm ■Row Five: HOILEY, DONNA: (Jr.); Education; Parrish. HOLLEY, THOMAS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia. HOLLINGER, ANNE: (Soph.); Education; Mo- oile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HOLLINGSWORTH, WILLIAM ERNEST: (Fr.); Arts and ' Sciences; Talladega; Kappa Alpha. HOLLON, KEN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; ' rottville. hw Six: HOLLOWAY, TERRY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Panama City, Florida; Kappa )elta. HOLMAN, TONI: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. HOLMES, lAROL: (Jr.); Commerce ond Business Administration; Birmingham; Alpha Chi mega. HOLMES, JANICE: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. lOLMES, ROBERT M.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer; Chi Phi. iow Seven: HOLTKAMP, SUSAN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; tuntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. HONEA, SHIRLEY ANN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Syla- agga; Zeta Tau Alpha. HONEYCUTT, BURTON: (Soph.); Commerce and Business dministration; Huntsville; Kappa Sigma. HONEYCUTT, GENE: (Soph.); Arts and eiences; Fairfield; Beta Theta Pi. HONEYCUTT, VAUGHN: (Soph.); Commerce and usiness Administration; Huntsville. ow eight: HOOD, EUGENIA: (Jr.); Education; Jasper. HOOPER, MARK: (Fr.); Arts nd Sciences; Tuscumbia. HOOPER, SARAH: (Jr.); Education; Florence. HOOVER, ERRKTK: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Orangeburg, South Carolina. HOPKINS, JERRY: ' ■)i Commerce and Business Administration; Huntsville; Delta Tau Delta. w Nine: HOPKINS, WENDY: (Soph.); Education; Ramsey, New Jersey; Alpha ilto Pi. HOPPER, GEORGE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birming- im. HORNE, ROBERT D.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Cordele, Georgia; Sigma pha Epsilon. HORTON, CAROL: (Fr.); Education; Sylacouga. HOSIER, CHUCK: .); Commerce and Business Administration; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Chi. w Ten: HOSMER, MICHAEL V.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Childersburg. HOSTER, TRICIA: (Fr.); Engineering; Eufaulo. HOUSEAL, BETH: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; mingham; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HOUSH, DENESE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; irelte. HOUSH, MELINDA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row One: HINKLE, JERRY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Hunts- ville; Kappa Sigma. HITT, WAYNE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Gordo. HOBBS, EARLE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Selma; Alpha Gamma Delta. HOCUn, KATHY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Winfield. HODGES, DURWOOD: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro; Theta Chi. Row Two: HODGES, SANDI: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Fayette; Delta Phi Epsilon. HODGSON, HARRIET: (Fr.); Education; Bay Minette; Delta Delta Delta. HOLCOMB, REJEANA: (Fr.); EducoKon; Booz. HOLDEN, GARY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Rogersville. HOLDER, MIKE: (Fr.); Engineering; Huntsville. Row Three: HOLDER, NINON: (Fr.); Education; Tuscumbia; Kappa Delta. HOLE- MON, RHONDA: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. HOLLADAY, HARRY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Picayune, Mississippi. HOLLADAY, HENRY WARREN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Picayune, Mississippi. HOLLAND, JOYCE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Paris, Texas. Row Four: HOLLAND, PATRICIA: (Fr.); Education; Paris, Texas. HOLLAND, WANDA: (Jr.); Education, Wedtilochton. HOLLANDER, DON: (Fr.); Engineering; Sheffield; Phi Kappa Psi. HOLLENBECK, JOE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Phi Kappa Sigma. HOLLENBECK, NANCY: (Jr.); Education; Town Creek. mm smm Undergraduates 479 Row Five: HUGHES, LARRY W.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences,- Mobile; Theto Chi. HUGHES, AAARLENE: (Fr.); EducaHon; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. HUGHES, MOLLY: (Fr.); Education; Enterprise. HUGHES, PAT: (Fr.); ArU and Sciences; Anniston; Theta Chi. HUGHES, WOOOROW M.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row Six: HUGHSTON, LUCY ANN: (Soph.); Home Economics; Tuscumbio; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HUGUS, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Mobile. HULLET, KAY: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. HUMPHREY, BOBBY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Eutow; Theta Chi. HUMPHRIES, RANDY L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Baileyton. Row Seven: HUNT, RAGNA: (Fr.); Education; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. HUNT, RALPH COLLIER: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Northport. HUNTER, ALEX: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha. HUNTER, MIKE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Tuscaloosa. HUS- TON, LYNN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Huntsville; Delta Zata. Row Eight: HUTCHINS, PAT: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Springfield, Virginia; Delta Gamma. HUTCHINSON, JANICE F.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. HUTCH- INSON, LAURA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Kappa Delta. HUTCHIN- SON, RUTH: (Soph.); Education; Florence; Kappa Delta. HUTCHINSON, W. LE- GRANO: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. Row Nine: HUTHNANCE, ROBERT L.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. HUT- SON, PHYLLIS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta. HYDE, RAMONA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Monroeville. HYMAN, CATHY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mo- bile; Pi Beta Phi. INGRAM, KAY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Chi OnMga. Row Tent INGRAM, RUSSELL: (Soph.); Arte and Sciences; Piedmont. IPPOLITO, JIMMIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. IPPOLITO, JOHN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. ISBELL, LARRY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administra- tion; Tuscaloosa. ISBELL, PAUL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Hanceville, Illinois; Delta Chi. Horater — Johnston Row One: HORATER, GERALD: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administrotion; Tus- cumbio. HOWARD, DAVID G.: (Fr.); Engineering; Dora. HOWARD, GEORGE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur, Georgia; Delta Tau Delta. HOWARD, ROBERT: (Jr.); Commerce end Business Administration; Alexander City; Chi Phi. HOWARD, WIL- LIAM: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Arab. Row Two: HOWARTH, NANCY: (Fr.); Education; Oakland, Colorado. HOWELL, MARTHA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Gadsden; Zeta Tau Alpha. HOWELL, MARY JANE: (Fr.); EducaKon; Jackson; Alpha Chi Omega. HOWTON, BETTY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hueytown. HOWTON, GEORGIANNA: (Soph.); Education; Bessemer. Row Three: HUBBARD, CECILE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. HUBBARD, NORA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Salem; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HUDSON, JAMES: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper. HUDSON, JOSEPH W.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Cordova. HUDSON, MARKETA: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Four: HUDSON, SHARON: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. HYETT, I THOMAS B.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Silveria. HUFFSTUTLER, ANGELA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. HUGHES, GORDON: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Ad- ministration; Ozark; Kappa Sigma. HUGHES, JAMIE: (Fr,); Education; Decatur. Wm 480 Undergraduates % t How One: ISON, MALOIN H.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ISRAEL, CHARLIE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. IVEY, JOY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Webb; Alpha Delta Pi. IVEY, SUSAN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Monroeville; Alpha Gamma Delta. IVINS, JIM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Tou Delta. ffow Two: JACKLE, HELEN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Sheffield; Chi Omega. JACKSON, EDDIE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Jasper; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JACKSON, HARRY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. JACKSON, JANE A.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Eutou; Zeta Tou Alpha. JACKSON, JENNIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Three: JACKSON, JULIA ANN: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Tou Alpha. JACKSON, KEITH L.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. JACK- SON, LEE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Luverne; Kappa Delta. JACKSON, MARSHA: (Fr.); Education; Opp; Alpha Omicron Pi. JACKSON, SMITH: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Dothon; Pi Kappa Phi. . ffow Four: JACKSON, THOMAS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Ariton; Sigma Phi Epsilon. .JACOBSON, JAMIE: (Soph.); Education; Wilmington, Delaware. JAMES, CARO- LYN: (Soph.); Home Economics; Tallahassee, Florida; Alpha Delta Pi. JAMES, DAVID: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. JAMESON, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Westpoint, Mississippi; Chi Omega. Row Five: JAMISON, BOB: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. JAMI- SON, KENNY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Talladega; Kappa Sigma. JEFFERIES, LEIGH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Chi Omega. JENKINS, MARK: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Kappa Sigma. JENKINS, PEGGY: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Sycamore; Delta Zeta. Row Six: JENKINS, ROBERT: (Soph.); Engineering; Fordyce, Arkansas. JENKS, MARY: (Fr.); Education. JERNIGAN, PAMELA: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. JEWELL, BETSY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Franklin, Tennessee. JOHNSEY, AAALCOLM: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row Sevwn: JOHNSON, DONALD: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Sigma Chi. JOHNSON, DONALD: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. JOHN- SON, FRED: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery. JOHNSON, JAMES: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Maritto, Georgia. JOHNSON, JERRY: (Soph.); Engi- neering; Bessemer. Row Eight: JOHNSON, JOHN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Fairhope. JOHN- SON, LARRY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville. JOHNSON, LINDA: (Soph.); ArH and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. JOHNSON, NOEL H.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Abbeville; Theta Xi. JOHNSON, PAM: (Jr.); Home Economics; Dothon; Phi Mu. Row Nine: JOHNSON, PAUL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothon; Pi Koppo Phi. JOHNSON, REBECCA: (Fr.); Educotion; Dunconville. JOHNSON, RICHARD. (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Brentwood, Tennessee; Phi Sigmo Koppo. JOHN- SON, STANLEY: (Jr.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa. JOHNSON, SUSAN: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Pi Beta Phi. Row Ten: JOHNSON, THOMAS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. JOHNSON, WILLIAM: (Soph.); Engineering; Vestavio; Phi Delta Theto. JOHNSON, WILLIAM J.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Morielto, Georgio; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHN- STON, BETTY: (Fr.); Arts ond Sciences; Koppa Koppo Gommo. JOHNSTON, CAR- TER: (Soph.); Commerce ond Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Undergraduates 481 Johnston — Kollmeyer Row One: JOHNSTON, DAVID; (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHNSTON, LESABRE: (Soph.); Commerce one Business Administration; Honceville; Kappa Alpha Theta. JOHNSTON, V. G.: (Jr.), Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. JOHNSTON, WALLACE: (Soph.), Commerce and Business Administration; Memphis, Tennessee. JOINER, JAN M. (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Clanton; Alpha Xi Delta. Row Two: JONAKIN, MARY ANNE: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville; Pi Beta Phi JONE, VERBON: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Florence JONES, ART: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Sigma Phi Epsilon. JONES BARRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson. JONES, DANNY M.: (Jr.); Education Haleyville. Row Three: JONES, DAVID T.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; New ville. JONES, ED: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Opeliko; Kapp Sigma. JONES, ERNEST N.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Valle Head; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JONES, GLORIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fort Depos it. JONES, HARRY ROY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Phoenix City; Theta Xi. Row Four: JONES, JEAN L.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Kappa Alpha Theto JONES, JOEY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Spanish FoH Sigma Nu. JONES, KAREN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. JONE! LINDA: (Fr.); Education. JONES, LORING: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery Sigma Chi. Row Five: JONES, MARGARET: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Columbia, Missour JONES, AAARTHA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Delta Delta Delta. JONE. ' PAM: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Xi Delta. JONES, PATSY: (Soph. Education; Hartselle; Zeta Tau Alpha. JONES, PHIL: (Soph.); Commerce and Bu! ness Administration; Albany, Georgia Row Six: JONES, R. L.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Northpor JONES, RANDY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. JONES, SANDY: (Jr.); Edi cation; Decatur; Phi Mu. JONES, STEPHEN A.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business A ministration; Altanto, Georgia; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JONES, THOMAS LOUl ' (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Montgomery. Row Seven: JORDAN, BETH: (Fr.); Home Economics; Fort Walton Beach, Florid JORDON, KAY: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville; Alpha Delta Pi. JORDAN, MARK: (Jr Commerce and Business Administration; Enterprise; Sigma Nu. JORDAN, h CHAEL: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Sigm JORDAN, RODNEY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. Row Eight: JORDAN, WILLIAM E.: (Fr.); Engineering; Opp. JUNKIN, RONALD JA (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Kennedy. JUSTICE, WALLACE: (Soph.); Commerce oi Business Administration; Tuscaloosa; Phi Kappa Sigma. KAGAN, JOHN; (Soph Arts and Sciences; Ft. Myers, Florida; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KAHALLEY, JANIC (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. Row Nine: KARST, DEBBIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. KAUCHIC NANCY; (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Zeta Tou Alpha. KEI JAMES T.: (Soph.); Sociol Work; Huntsville; Theta Xi. KEITH, ALAN; (Fr.); Arts a Sciences; Birmingham. KEITH, WAYNE S.; (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Lambda ( Alpha. Row Ten: KELLOG, EDNA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Florence; Chi Omega. KEL! TOM: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Pi Kappa Phi. KENDRICK, MARK: (SopI Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. KENDRICK, SUE; (Fr.); Education; Luverne; De Delta Delta. KENNAMER, ISABEL LE: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Delta Delto Del 482 Undergraduates ..i Row One: KENNEDY, DEBBIE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Guntersvilla; Alpha OmI- cron Pi. KENNEDY, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Engineering. KENNEDY, PAM: (Soph.); Educa- tion; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. KENNEDY, ROBERT: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Centreville. KENNEY, CYNTHIA W.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Wetumpka. jtow Two: KENNON, SAMUEL EDWIN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile. KET- CHAM, KRISTINE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Jacksonville, Florida. KEHLER, PE- TRICIA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Luverne; Kappa Delta. KETTON, MARTHA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Ethelsville. KEYES, DAVIS: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Besse- mer; Theto Chi. Row Three: KEYES, JOHN J.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Bessemer; Theta Chi. KIKER, JIMMY: (Soph.); Education; Greensboro. KILGROW, FLINN: (Soph.); Educa- Hon; Koppo Delta. KILLCREAS, WALLACE; (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile. KILPATRICK, CHERYL: (Fr.); Home Economics; Montgomery. Row Four: KILPATRICK, GINNY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gulfport, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma. KIMBRELL, LINDA: (Soph.); Education; Trinity. KIMBRO, TONY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. KINCEY, ALICE C: (Fr.); Education; Enterprise. KING, ALAN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega. : Row Five: KING, CLINTON: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Bayou La Batre. KING, J. C: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Theta Chi. KING, KATHY: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. KING, WILLIAM D.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Aliceville; Sigma Chi. KINGDOM, ARTHUR: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Armitage; Phi Kappa Psi. Row Six: KINNEY, KATHY: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. KINNEY, RICHARD: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. KIRBY, GLENN: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Decatur; Alpha Chi Omega. KIRBY, JANE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Koppo Delta. KIRCHLER, REBECCA: (Soph.); Education; Haleyville; Delta Zeta. Row Seven: KIRK, SHARON: (Fr.); Greensboro. KIRKLAND, DAL: (Fr.); Commerce ]nd Business; Delta Chi. KIRKLAND, GARY: (Fr.); Arts.and Sciences; Dothon; Sigma u. KIRTPATRICK, BARRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Cordova. KISER, RICK: (Fr.); rts and Sciences; Blountsville. iow Eight: KITCHEN, BRUCE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Marion. KITCHINGS, AARY: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Delta Gamma. KITTRELL, LEE: (Jr.); Home Eco- ' Omics; Mobile; Koppo Koppo Gamma. KITTRELL, PECKY: (Soph.); Home Econom- :s; Mobile; Koppo Kappa Gamma. KIZZIAH, THERESA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; orthport. ow Nine: KIZZIAH, WANDA L.: (Soph.); Education; Northport. KLEEN, JACKIE: ioph.); Home Economics; Louisville, Kentucky. KLING, NANCY M.: (Soph.); New oilege; Huntsville; Alpha Delta Pi. KLINNER, NANCY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; ontgomery. KLONARIS, COLLEEN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Montgomery. aw Ten: KNIGHT, SONDRA: (Jr.); Educotion; Birmingham. KNIGHT, WADE: (Fr.); igineering; Tuscaloosa. KNIGHTON, MIKE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Annis- n. KNOX, ANITA: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery. KOLLMEYER, SHERRY: (Fr.); rts and Sciences; Brookhoven, AAississippi; Kappa Alpha Theta. W 0BfSi Undergraduates 483 Kopf — Lucus Row One: KOPF, MIT: (Soph.); Education; Mobile. KORNEGAY, VIRGINIA: (Jr.); Education; Centreville; Alpha Chi Omega. KOSTENBADER, SHERRY: (Jr.); Educa- Kon; Kappa Kappa Gamma. KRAVITZ, ROCHELIE: (Jr.); Education. KREBS, BUIR: (Fr.); Arts and Science!; Gadsden; Sigma Nu. Row Two: KRISH, KATHY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Roanoke, Virginia; Sigma Delta Tou. KUHNS, GINNY: (Jr.); Tuscaloosa; Commerce and Business; Delta Delta Delta. KURHS, ROBERT LYNN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Saraland; Pi Kappa Phi. KV EHN, USA: (Fr.); .Social Work; Delta Gamma. KWYKENDALL, AAARCELLE: (Soph.); Education; Northport. Row Three: KYLE, DONALD P.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Decatur; Chi Phi. KYLE, RAYMOND: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Chi Phi. LACOSTE, KEITH: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Delta Tau Delta. LACY, LEONARD: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Henagar. LAMB, STEVEN: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row Four: LAMBERT, JIM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden. LAMBERT, MIKE: (Jr.); Engineering; Gadsden. LAMONT, PENNY: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. LAND, LAVANDER: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Georgiono; Sigma Phi Ep- silon. LAND, MIKE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Theta Xi. flSBM S Mm Row Five: LANE, JAMIE C: (Jr.); Home Economics; Huntsville; Kappa Deltc LANGE, LINDA: (Soph.); Huntsville. LANHAM, KATHLEEN: (Soph.); Arts and Sc ences; Chattanooga, Tennessee. LANIER, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Derrw polls; Alpha Delta Pi. LAPEYRAUSE, STEVE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Six: LAROSE, NANCY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. LARRIMORI DEBBIE: (Jr.); Social Work; Monroeville. LARSEN, GREG: (Fr.); Arts and Science Green Boy, Wisconsin; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LARUE, CINDY: (Jr.); Home Econor ics; Paris, Texas. LASKOW, JOHN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row Seven: LASUER, JERRY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Beta Thei Pi. LOTT, ROBERT: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Sylocougo; Kappa Sigma. LAUDEI DALE, HARRY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Chi Phi. LAWRENC JAN: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. LAY, PATRICIA ANN: (Jr.); Educotio Birmingham. Row Eight: LAYE, GARY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Cordova. LAZENBY, ZILL (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Chi Omega. LEACH, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Education; Gu tersville. LEACH, TED: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. LEATHERAAAN, S. I (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row Nine: LeBLANC, IDA: (Jr.); Special Education; Mobile; Delta Delta Del LeCROY, RICHARD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Brent. LEE, ALAN R.: (Sopl- Commerce and Business; Northport; Lambda Chi Alpha. LEE, CHARLES: (Jr.); Co merce and Business; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. LEE, J. ALLAN: (Jr.); Commei and Business; Fairfield; Theta Chi. Row Tens LEE, SUSAN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Alpha Gamr Delta. LEE, SUSAN L.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. LEETH, BREND (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Somerville. LEHMAN, SUSAN: (Soph.); Educotic Huntsville; Delta Delta Delto. LEIGH, RAYMOND: (Jr.); Commerce and Buslne Tuscaloosa; Delta Kappa Epsilon. 484 Undergraduates w fne: LINSEY, GINGER: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Bankston. LINE- iUGH, GAIL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. LiniE, BRENDA: (Fr.); Edu- tion; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Chi Omega. LITTLE, HARRIET: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville; L Delta Delta. LIVELY, AL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Showmut; Delta Chi. w »x: IIVEOAK, TAl: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. LIVINGSTON, ' IN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. LIVINGSTON, JIM: (Jr.); Arts and lences; Birmingham; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LIVINGSTON, RICHARD: (Soph.); Arts d Sciences; Fairfax, Virginia. LIVINGSTON, THADDEUS: (Jr.); Engineering; Sea , New Jersey; Lambda Chi Alpha. iw Seven: LOCKHART, CHARLES: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Delta »■■ i lOFTIN, THERESA: (Jr.); Education; Piedmont. LOGAN, YVONNE: (Soph.); s and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. LOMENICK, THOMAS: (Soph.); lineefing; Shefield. LONDON, KATHRYN: (Fr.); Education; Hattiesburg, Missis- si; Delta Phi Epsilon. iight: LONG, DEBORA: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Troy. LONG, DEBO- H: (Soph.); Home Economics; Samontho. LOSSON, BRAD: (Fr.); Commerce and iness; St, Joseph, Missouri. LOTT, MARGARET: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Koppa 3pa Gamma. LOVELADY, MIKE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Haleyville; Chi ■i: ' Hint: LOVELADY, TIM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Tau ego. LOVELL, KAY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; lo Grange, Georgia. LOVETT, DE- H: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. LOW, M. MELANIE: (Soph.); Arts ond nces; Brewton; Koppo Kappa Gamma. LOWE, ANN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Isden. fen: LOWE, NANCY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Helena; Alpha Omicron Pi. ' IKi. MARION: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Leighton; Phi Kappa Psi. LUCAS, • E: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Chickasov . LUCAS, KATHY: (Jr.); Education; ' leld. LUCAS, WILLIAM: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences. itow One: LENAHAN, ARTHUR: (Soph.); Engineering; Jacksonville, Florida. LEON, FRAN: (Soph.); Education; Fairfield; Alpha Chi Omega. LESLIE, KATHY: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Alpha Delta Pi. LESTER, ELL EN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi. LE VAN, BERNARD: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; North Port. Row Two: LEVERETT, ALICE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado. LEVI, CAAAMILE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Mobile; Alpha Gamma Delta. LEWIS, CEIL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia; Alpha Omicron Pi. LEWIS, CYNTHIAs (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia; Alpho Omicron PI. LEWIS, DANNYs (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. Row Three: LEWIS, DONALD: (Jr.); Engineering; Hoyden. LEWIS, DONALD P.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. LEWIS, JUDY: (Fr.); Education; Bir- mingham. LEWIS, LINDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Woodstock. LIBBY, BARBARA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Beaumont, Texas. Row Four: LICHTENSTEIN, DAVID: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Atlanta, Georgia; Zeta Beta Tou. LIEBESKIND, JAN: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Sigma Delta Tau. LIGHT, SIMONA: (Soph.); Education; Nevr Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Phi Epsilon. LILES, DEBBIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Coral Gables, Florida; Pi Beta Phi. LIAAM- ROTH, GARY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Pi Kappa Phi. Undergraduates • Row five: MADISON, BETSY: (Soph.); Education; De Ridder, Louisiana; Chi Omega. MADISON, BRENDA JOYCE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Holt. MADI- SON, D. LYNN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper. MAGILL, SHERRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Prattville. MAHAFFEY, RACHEL ANN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Grand Junction, Iowa. Row Six: MAHAFFEY, STEVEN D.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Childersburg. MA- HAFFEY, VIRGINIA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham. MAHON, TIM: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. MAHOOD, DANNER: (Jr.); Home Economics; New Or- leans, Louisiana; Delta Delta Delta. MAKOWSKI, AAARCIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Ozark. Row Seven: MALONE, DELL: (Soph.); Education; Decatur; Alpha Gamma Delta. MALONE, PAM: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. MANCUSO, AUN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Phi Delta Theta. AAANESS, SANDRA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Albertville. MANN, CELIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; New Hope. Row Eight: MANN, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. MANTOOTH, SARAH: (Fr.); Home Economics; Stevenson; Delta Zeta. MAPLES, ALPHONSE: Law; Mobile. MAPLES, DONALD: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Delta Chi. AAAPLES, JOE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Athens. Row Nine: MAPLES, NANCY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. MAPLES, VALERIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. MARCH, CAROLYN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. MARCUM, SHEILA: (Jr.); Education; Tusca- loosa. MARCUS, ROBERT: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Greenville, Mississippi; Zeta Beta Tau. Row Ten: NORRIS, AAARILYN: (Soph.); Education; Northport. AIRING, SARAH: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Zeta Tou Alpha. MARING, SUSIE: (Soph.); Education; Selma; Sigma Delta Tau. MARINO, PHYLLIS: (Fr.); Education; Birming- ham. AAARKEL, JOE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Brownstown, Indiana; Sigma Nu. Luker — McBride Row One: LUKER, THOMAS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Talladega; Kappa Sigma. LUMPKIN, EDDIE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Chi. LUMP- KIN, ROGER: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston. LUND, PAM: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Main Shores, Florida; Pi Beta Phi. LUSCHER, SHERAREL: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Two: LYLE, CINDY: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. LYNCH, FRANK: (Jr.) Arts and Sciences; Gulfport, Mississippi. LYNCH, PATRICIA: (Jr.); Arts and Sci ences; Montgomery; Delta Zeta. LYON, WILLIAM: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MACE, BARBARA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville Alpha Delta Pi. Row Three: MocDIARMID, JOAN E.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville MocGUIRE, ISABEL: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville. MACHEFSKY, DAVID: (Fr.); Art and Sciences; Mobile. MACKAY, RICK: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birminghom Koppo Alpha. MACKEY, CLYDE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Sigma Ph Epsilon. Row Four: AAACKEY, LINDA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Huntsville. MACKSOUC EDDIE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. MADDOX, CARL: (Fr.); Cori merce and Business; Huntsville; Sigma Chi. AAADDOX, JULIA: (Soph.j; Educatioi Luverne; Phi Mu. MADDOX, V ILLIAM: (Fr.); New College; Sulligent. m m 486 Undergraduates Row One; AAARKS, HERAAAN: (Jr.); Commerce and Businesi; Tuscalooia. MARLER, RESA: (Fr.); Education; Gordo. MARLOW, SHELIA: (Fr.); ArH and Sciences; North- port. MARSH, BILL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Bridgeport. MARY, MARSHA: (Jr.); Edu- cation; Troy; Pi Beta Phi. Row Two: MARSHALL, SARAH: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Charleston, Missouri; Alpha Gamma Delta. MARTIN, BEN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Clayton; Sigma Nu. MARTIN, BARBARA: (Fr.); Education; Nashville, Tennessee; Kappa Delta. MAR- TIN, DONNA: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. AAARTIN, DOUG: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row Thrat! AAARTIN, JANET: (Fr.); Arh and Sciences; Pontiac, Michigan; Alpha Omicron Pi. MARTIN, JUDY: (Jr.); Education; Huntsville; Chi Omega. MARTIN, KATHY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. AAARTIN, MONIQUE: (Jr.); Edu- cotion; Selma; Alpha Gamma Delta. AAARTIN, ROGER: (Fr.); Engineering; Albertville. Row Four: AAARTIN, SHERRY: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. MASH, PHILLIP: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. MASON, DAVID: (Soph.); Engineering; Kappa Alpha. MASON, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Mobile; Zeta Tau Alpha. AAASON, GAYLE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Uriah. WQMa smm Row Five: A ASON, JANET: (Soph.); Home Economics; Huntsville; Alpha Chi Omega. AAASON, SHEARD: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Koppo Delta. MASSENGALE, LORNA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. MASSEMGAE, SHELLEY: (Jr.); Arts and Science . AAASSEHI, DIANA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences Anniston. Row Six: MASSEY, BEVERLY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. MASTIN, FRANK: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Boaz; Sigma Chi. AAATEER, RANDALL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. MATHEWS, ANNE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Zeta Tou Alpha. MATH- EWS, BECKY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Seale. Row Seven: MATHEWS, JO: (Jr.); Commerce and Business. MAULDIN, CHARLES: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MAY, ALICE: (Fr.); Social Work; Clorksdole, Mississippi; Delta Phi Epsilon. AAAY, BRUCE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mo- bile; Kappa Sigma. AAAY, JIAAMY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Pi Kappa Phi. Row Eight: AAAY, AAAUDE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Phi Epsilon. MAY, RONALD: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. AMYES, LINDA: (Jr.); Edu- cation; Tuscoloosa; Alpha Omicron Pi. AAAYRIELD, RANDY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Ensely. AAAYHEW, AAARY: (Soph.); EducaHon. Row Nine: MAYNOR, GIBSON: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Hilsboro; Theta Chi. AAAYS, CONNIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Helena. AAAXWELL, AAARTHA ANN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Atmore; Chi Omega. AAAXWELL, RICAHRD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Atmore; Sigma Chi. AAAZER, MIKE: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Delta Chi. Row Ten: McABEE, TIMOTHY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Palm Beach Gardens, Flori- da. AAcADAMS, DAVID: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Kennedy. McALPHIN, PA- TRICIA: (Soph.); Education; Atola. McARTHUR, PERRY: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Ashford. McBRIDE, ALISON: (Jr.); Arta and Sciences; AAontgontery; Pi Belo Phi. Undergraduates 487 Iflii McCafferty — Miller Row One: McCAFFERTY, LIZ: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delto. McCAAAMON, RICK: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. McCANE, MICKEY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. McCLEES, ELLEN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham; Alpha Delta Pi. McCLELLAN, EMMETT G.: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Tuscaloosa. Kow Two: McCLENDON, CERIL: (Fr.); Education; Butler. McCLENDON, JIM: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. McCOLL, JAN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi. McCOLLUM, BARBARA: (Fr.); Education; Winfield. McCOL- LUM, JAMES EDWARD: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscolooso. Row Thr»»: McCORMICK, DONNA: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; New Brockton. McCORD, SAM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Sigma Chi. McCRACK- EN, CINDY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Chi Omega. McCRAY, AAARY: (Jr.); Education; Uniontown; Chi Omega. McCREARY, RACHEL: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Enterprise. Row Four: McCRELESS, STIVEN G.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden. McCULLOUGH, JANICE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. McCLUNEY, SANDRA: (Soph.); Social Work; Jasper; Alpha Chi Omega. McDANIEL, JANICE E.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper. McDANIEL, KATHIE: (Soph.); Education; Alexander City; Pi Beta Phi. Row Five: McDANIEL, WILLIAM: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Robertsdale. McDONALD, I BRAD: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gulfport, Mississippi; Phi Kappa Psi. McDONALD, I CYNTHIA BLAIR: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi. McDONALD, DAVID: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Theta Chi. McDONALD, EARL: (Sr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Mobile; Delta Koppo Epsilon. Row Six: McDONALD, JAMES: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Jersey City, New Jersey. McDONALD, CAROL M.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Meridian; Delta Delta Delta. McDONALD, MIKE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dic kerson; Kappa Sigma. McDOUGLE, MARGARET: (Soph.); Education; Dothan; Alpha Gamma Delta. McDowell, JOSEPH W.: (jr.); Engineering; Butler; Pi Kappa Phi. Row Seven: McFARLAND, GARY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. McGAHEY, JANET: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Scoltsboro. McGEE, FREDA JOYCE: (Soph.); Education; Northport. McGEE, KAREN: (Jr.); Education; Roinsville. McGEE, RUS- SELL: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Memphis, Tenn. Row Eight: McGEHEE, ROSAMOND: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hammond, La.; Phi Mu. McGIFFERT, PRICE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Nu. McGIF- FERT, STEVE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Andalusia. McGILL, RANDY: (Fr.); En- gineering; Decatur. McGLAWN, MILLARD BLANE: (Soph.); Engineering; Helena. Row Nine: McGLYNN, MURRAY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Foirhope; Kappa Koppc Gamma. McGOWAN, STEVE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Dothan; Sigma Nu McGRANAHAN, KATHERINE S.: (Jr.); Education; Long Island, New York McGUIRE, EARL: (Soph.); Engineering; Florence; Delta Chi. McGUIRE, MARGA RETTE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Beole AFB, Calif.; Delta Gamma. Row Ten: MclNNIS, PAT: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery. MclNNISH, WILLIAM (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Andalusia. MclNTYRE, DEBBIE: (Soph.); Home Economics Tuscaloosa. MclNTYRE, JIAAMY: (Jr.); Education; Jackson; Chi Phi. McKAY, A EG (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Sylacaugo; Kappa Delta. 488 Undergraduates Row One: McKAY, MOLLY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Columbus, Ohio; Delto Gemma. McKAY, PHILIP W.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Childersburg. McKAY, TRAVIS G.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Sylacougo; Kappa Sigma. McKEE, BON- NIE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. McKENZIE, DANIEL: (Soph.); Engineer- ing; Selmo. Row Two: McKENZIE, GEORGANNE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Chi Omega. McKENZIE, JAN: (Jr.); Education; Gadsden; Chi Omega. McKENZIE, JOHN THOMAS: (Soph.); Engineering; Gadsden; Sigma Chi. McKENZIE, JULIE: (Soph.); EducoHon; St. Louis, Mo.; Chi Omega. McKENZIE, KENNETH B.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Chi Phi. Row Three: McKINNEY, DOUG: (Jr.); Engineering; Birmingham; Theta Tou. McKIN- NEY, WILLIAM J.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Kappa Alpha. McKISSACK, AAARK: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Atmore; Phi Kappa Sigma. McLEL- LAND, GREG: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Red Level. McLENDON, PEGGY: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Chi Omega. Row Four: McAAAHAN, DEBBIE: (Jr.); Education; Montgomery, Alpha Omicron Pi. McAAAHAN, JERRY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Go.; Chi Phi. McMAHON, BONITA: (Jr.); ArH and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. McMILLAM, BOB: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Brewton; Delta Kappa Epsilon. McMINN, RICHARD: (Jr.); Education; TuKoloosa. ' Row Five: McMINN, ROBERT: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; New Orleans, La. McMURPHY, LUCY: (Fr.); Social Work; Greenville. McMURRAY, PAUL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Roanoke; Phi Delta Theta. McNIEL, KATHLEEN: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Atlanta, Go.; Delta Zeta. McPHEARSON, GINIA: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Butler; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row Six: McPHILLIPS, LEE A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Delta. McRAE, LANE: (Soph.); EducoKon; Birmingham; Phi Mu. McWHORTER, ROBERT D. iFr.); Commerce and Business; Gaylesville; Beta Theta Pi. MEADOR, RICHARD [fr.)l Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. MEADOR, ROBERT L. (Fr.)) Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. B»r Seven; MEADOWS, JAMES: (Jr.); Engineering; Hartselle. MEADOWS, JANET: Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Koppo Kappa Gamma. MEDLEY, GARY H.: Soph.); Education; Geneva. MEDWICK, GLENN: (Jr.); Education; Perth Amboy, ew Jersey. MEEKS, MARSHA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha jomma Delta. ow Eight: MEINERT, CHARLES: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville. MENDES, WILMU: 5oph.); Arts and Sciences; Bristol, Conn. MERCY, ROBERT: (Fr.); Commerce and uiiness; Springfield, Va. MEREDITH, ANNE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Tuscaloo- 3; Kappa Delta. MERIWETHER, NEAL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; University; igmo Chi. !ow Nir e: MERRIWEATHER, NORA AN: (Fr.); Engineering; Birmingham. MESHAD, OBBIE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. METZGER, LEWIS: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Mobile; Zeta Beta Tou. MEYER, JOHN C: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- nces; Huntsville. MIDDLEBROOKS, MELINDA: (Fr.); Education; Jackson, Tenn.; eta Tau Alpha. ow Ten: MIDDLETON, CORNELIA C: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. MILES, ' EORGE: (Fr.); ArU and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Lambda Chi Alpha. MILHOUS, WNK L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mary Esther, Flo.; Phi Delta Theta. MILLS, JEAN: oph.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. MILLER, BOLER: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- mces; Birmingham. m£m Undergraduates 489 Miller — Neugent Row One: MILLER, CAROLE: (Jr.); Education; McLean, Virginia; Delta Gamma. MIL- LER, DIMEROUS: (Jr.); Hame Economics; Birmingham. MILLER, KAREN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. MILLER, MICHAEL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. MILLER, ROBERT BOYCE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epsllon. Row Two: MILLER, SUSAN: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. MILLER, TED: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. MILLSAP, AAARCIA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. MILTON, DEBRA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham. MIMS, AMANDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Sylacauga. Row Three: MIMS, JERRY: (Jr.); Social Work; Thorsby; Theta Xi. MIMS, WILLIAM E.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Clonton; Phi Delta Theta. MINK, MICHAEL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. MINOR, LARRY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Sylacauga. MITCHELL, JANE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. Row Four: MITCHELL, JANET: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Phenix City; Kappa Alpha Theta. MITCHELL, KATHRENA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Butler; Alpha Chi Omega. MITCHELL, RALPH: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Delta Chi. MITCHELL, SALLY ANN: (Fr.); Education; Sikeston, Missouri; Kappa Delta. MIXON, PATSY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Prattville. Row Five: MIZZELL, MARK: (Fr.); Engineering; Taront. MLINAREC, MARY ANN ' (Jr.); Education; Granite City, Illinois; Alpha Omicron Pi. MOBLEY, LAUREL: (Fr.)l Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MOBLEY, MARIE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Birmingham. MOBLEY, SHARON: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kapp Kappa Gamma. Row Six: MODICA, MARY JO; (Fr.); New College; Bessemer; Alpha Omicron Pi MOMAN, MARGARET: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Demopolis. MONCRIEF, JIMMY (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Little Rock, Arkansas. MONROE, MARIAN (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Arab. MONROE, J. MICHAEL: (Soph.); Arts and Sci ences; Alpha Tau Omega. Row Seven: MONTGOMERY, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. MONT GOMERY, KIRBY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Theta Chi. MONT GOMERY, RONNIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Moulton. MOODIE, ROB: (Jr.); Art and Sciences; Vinegar Bend. MOON, DEBBIE; (Soph.); Education; Cullman; Q Omega. Row Eight: MOON, DEBORAH; (Soph.); Home Economics; Gadsden. MOOh JOHN; (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Sigma Alpha Eps Ion. MOORE, ADA: (Jr.); Education; Madison; Phi Mu. MOORE, BONITA JEAh (Fr.); Northport. MOORE, CYNTHIA M.; (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row Nine: MOORE, DAVID; (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MOOR DOTTIE; (Jr.); Home Economics; Bessemer; Alpha Gamma Delta. MOOR JOHNNY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Theta Chi. MOORE, JUDY: (Jr Commerce and Business; Bessemer; Alpha Omicron Pi. MOORE, AAARIE; (Fr.); Ai and Sciences; Montgomery; Zeto Tau Alpha. Row Ten: MOORE, MELISSA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Tau Alph MOORE, MIKE; (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Holeyvillo. MOORE, PATTY: (Fr.); Arts ar Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta. MOORE, RICHARD: (Jr.); Commerce and Busines Clonton; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MOORE, TERRY: (Soph.); Commerce and Busines Phi Kappa Psi. |! 490 Undergraduates Row Five: MULLINS, CAROLYNi (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. MURDOCK, SHERI: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Memphis, Tennessee; Chi Omega. MURO, RONNIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MURPHY, FRED: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tallassee; Lambda Chi Alpha. MURPHY, MONDE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. Row Six: MURRAY, JOHN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. MURRAY, JOHN T.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. MURRAY, STEVE; (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Theto Chi. MUSICK, BRUCE: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Gadsden; Lambda Chi Alpha. MUSSELAAAN, JEAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row Savon: MYERS, BARBARA A.: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. MYHAN, DON: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Leighton. MYRICK, PATRICIA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Foirhope; Kappa Kappa Gommo. NABORS, JEFF: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. NABORS, WILLIAM L.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row eight: NAGRODZKI, LOUISE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Delta Phi Epsilon. NALL, KENNY C: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Eglin A.F.B., Florida. NALL, MARLENE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Atmore. NAPIER, RICHARD: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Fronkford, Kentucky. NASH, JEAN ANN: (Fr.); Education. Row Nine: NEALL, DIANE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Kappa Alpha Theta. NELSON, JOHN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Sigma Chi. NEL- SON, LORRAINE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. NELSON, MARY: (Fr.); ArH and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Kappa Gamma. NELSON, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Engi- neering; Onconta. Row Ten: NELSON, NOEL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Sigma Phi Epsilon. NELSON, ROBERT L.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Jackson, Tennessee; Sigma Phi Epsilon. NELSON, THOMAS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega. NESMITH, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Oneonto. NEUGENT, KATHV: Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. Row One: MOORE, THOMAS: (Fr.); Engineering; Newport News, Virginia. MOR- GAN, BEVERLY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Zeto. MORGAN, CHERYL ANN: (Soph.); Social Work; Montgomery. MORGAN, DIANNE: (Jr.); Edu- cation; Cullman; Phi Mu. MORGAN, JANICE: (Fr.); Social Work; Leighton. Row Two: MORIN, CHARLES: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. MORRIS, CAROL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Somerville; Delta Zeta. MORRIS, DEBI: Arts and Sciences; Livingston; Alpha Omicron Pi. MORRIS, FRANK B.: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Tuscaloosa; Phi Delta Theta. MORRIS, HUNTER: (Jr.); Engineering; Tuscaloo- sa; Phi Delta Theta. Row Three: MORRIS, LARRY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Decatur; Pi Kappa Phi. MORRIS, MUFFET: (Fr.); Education; Selma; Alpha Gamma Delta. MORRISSEHE, LULIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Atmore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. MORROW, EVELYN CAROL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. MORROW, WIL- LIAM S.: (Jr.); Engineering; Huntsville; Delta Chi. Row Four: MOSES, RICHARD M.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Cenh-eville. MOSLEY, JOE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothon. MOSS, ROGER H.: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Moundville. MULLEN, PATTI: (Fr.); Social Work; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. MULLIN, BARRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Theta Chi. iili §MMl 0 Undergraduates 491 Row Five: NIHART, DAVID A.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile. NIX, CARON: (Fr.); Education; Foley; Chi Omega. NIX, MICHAEL E.: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Tuscaloosa. NOAH, DANNIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston. NOBLE, ELIZABETH: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta D elta Delta. Row Six: NOBLE, LARRY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden; Chi Phi. NOBLE, SAM: (Fr.); Engineering; Jackson; Delta Kappa Epsilon. NOE, BILL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Tou Omega. NOLEN, DALE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Florence. NOMBERG, MARC: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Dothon; Zeta Beta Tau. Row Seven: NOOJIN, BILL: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. NORMAN, CAROL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. NORMAN, SHANNON: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Kappa Kappa Gamma. NORRIS, BERNICE: (Jr.); Education; Adamsville. NORRIS, JEANEHE: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Eight: NORRIS, LEIGHANNE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. NORRIS, PHILIP: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. NORTON, JANE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. NORWOOD, DANIEL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Choctaw. NUNIS, ELISE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; AAemphis, Tennessee; Phi Mu. Row Nine: O ' BRIEN, JAMES MICHAEL: (Fr.); Engineering; Birmingham. O ' CON- NELL, VALERIE ANNE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; V est Springfield, Mass.; Alpha Chi Omega. ODOM, ZAN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Porrish. O ' DONNELL, CAROLYN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. O ' DONNELL, STAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. Row Ten: ODUM, ED: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. ODUM, X)EL B.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. OGLESBY, WILLIAM HOWARD: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. OLDHAM, EDDIE: (Soph.); Education; Tarrant City. OLIVER, CONNIE: (Fr.); Social Work; Tuscaloosa. Neville — Penick Row One: NEVILLE, KATHY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Butler; Kappa Alpho Theta. NEW, PATSY: (Soph.); EducaHon; Atlanta, Ga. NEWAAAN, FRANK L.: (Soph.); En- gineering; Tuscaloosa. NEWAAAN, MARSHA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. NEWAAAN, RONNA: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Sigma Delta Tau. Row Two: NEWAAAN, VANN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Guntersville; Sigmo Chi. NEWSOME, BONNIE L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Sylvanio; Alpha Delta Pi. NEWTON, BILL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Greenville; Kappa Alpha. NEW- TON, POLLY: (Fr.); Social Work; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Gamma Delta. NEWTON, VICKI: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. Row Three: NICHOLLS, SUSAN: (Soph.); Education; Talledego; Kappa Kappa Gamma. NICHOLS, CONNIE: (Jr.); Education; Red Level. NICHOLS, JAMES: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Charlotte, N. C; Kappa Sigma. NICHOLS, REBECCA GAIL: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. NICHOLS, ROBERT: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Sigma. Row Four: NICHOLSON, AAARY EVAN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Centre- ville; Chi Omega. NICHOLSON, NANCY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Centreville; Chi : Omega. NICOL, ROBERT: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Phi - Gamma Delta. NIDY, PAM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Chi Omega. NIEAAZAK, JANIC: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. 493 Undergraduates I Row X3ne: O ' MARY, SYLVIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Delta Zeta. ONER, FRANK: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. O ' REAR, GEORGE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Jasper; Sigma Nu. ORENSTEINE, ROSS: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Pensocola, Florida; Zeto Beta Tau. OSBORNE, DONNA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Grove Mill; Alpha Chi Omega. (ow Two: OSWALT, AAARION; (Jr.); Arta and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. OTTERLEI, LYNNE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Chi Omega. OnS, FAY: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Delta Delta Delta. OVERHOLSER, HER- MAN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Son Pedro, California. OWEN, LAURA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Mu. Row Pirae: OWENS, DANNY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Guntersville; Lambda Chi Alpha. OWENS, DICKIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. OWENS, LOIS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Delta Delta. PALMER, LYIE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Blue Island, Illi- nois. PALMER, ROBERT: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. : Row Four: PAPAS, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscolooso. PARKEL, JOAN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Sawyerville. PARKES, CHARLES: (Fr.); Engineering; Sheffield. PARRIS, DAVIS: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Demopolis; Theta Chi. PARRISH, ■ DEREK: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Dothon; Sigma Nu. ' BPi Row Five: PARRISH, JIMMY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Theta Chi. PARSON, DEE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Fairfield; Beta Theta Pi. PAR- SONS, IRA: (Jr.); Engineering; Bessemer; Delto Chi. PARSONS, WILLIAM R.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Fairfield; Beta Theta Pi. PARTLOW, CYNTHIA: (Fr.); Education; Lexington, Massachusetts; Kappa Delta. Row Six: PARTLOW, NIKKI: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. PARTRIDGE, CAROL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Chi Omega. PARTRIDGE, CHARLIE: (Soph.); Education; Demopolis; Kappa Alpha. PARTRIDGE, JULIANNE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Demopolis; Kappa Delta. PARVIN, MIKE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Sigma Chi. Row Stven: PATE, JAMES: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Cottondale. PATE, SYLVIA: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. PATRICK, KATHLEEN: (Jr.); Education; Nashville, Ten- nessee; Kappa Delta. PATRICK, ROBERT: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Fort Wal- ton Beach, Florida; Beta Theta Pi. PATTERSON, RAWLEY: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Bessemer; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row Eight: PATTON, BUD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Alpha. PATTON, PANDORA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. PAUGH, PAM: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Zeto Tau Alpha. PAUSIE, FRANKIE: (Soph.); Engineering; Mulga. PAYNE, SUSAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Knoxville, Ten- nessee; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row Nine: PEAGIN, JOHN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Enterprise; Pi Kappa Phi. PEAK, JIM: (Soph.); Engineering; Double Springs. PEARSON, BRENDA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Allgood. PEARSON, LYNN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Beta Theta Pi. PEATON, ALLEN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Linden. Row Ten: PEEKS, KEN M.: (Fr.); Commerce ond Business; Montgomery; Theta Chi. PEELER, GINNY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; HunHville; Delta Delta Delta. PEIRCE, ROGER: (Jr.); Engineering; Tuscolooso; Theta Tau. PELHAM, SHARON: (Soph.); Education; Monroeville. PENICK, MIKIE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Phi Mu. bl Undergraduates 493 Perdue — Rawls Row One: PERDUE, GRADY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Delfa Tou Delta. PERKINS, CHERYL: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birming- ham. PERRY, BRIAN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Centre; Sigma Chi. PERRY, CHARLES: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PERRY, RICK: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Hurtsboro; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row Two: PERRY, SARA BETH: (Sr.); Home Economics; Pell City; Kappa Delta. PE- TERSON, PIER: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. PETREE, LIBBA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Kappa Delta. PETTUS, NANCY: (Fr.); Education; Bir- mingham; Delta Zeta. PETTY, PAM: (Fr.); Education; Pulaski, Tennessee; Zeto Tau Alpha. Row Three: PEVEAR, PEGGY: (Fr.); Education; Dallas, Pennsylvania; Kappa Delta. PHIFER, LINDA MILES: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa. PHIFER, SUSAN: (Fr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Kappa Gamma. PHILLIPS, BETTY ANN: (Jr.); Education; Rockford. PHILLIPS, DAVID M.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Fort Rucker. Row Four: PHILLIPS, GARY A.: (Jr.); Education; Jasper; Phi Sigma Kappa. PHILLIPS. ' JOHNNIEM: (Soph.); Education; Oneonta; Kappa Sigma. PHILLIPS, LISA D.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. PHILLIPS, PAMELA: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Fort Rucker. PHILLIPS, SAMUEL: (Jr.); Education; Dothan. Row Five: PHILLIPS, W. H.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. PHURROUGH,! PRENTISS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. PICKENS, CHERYL: (Jr.); Homei Economics; Decatur. PIENEZZA, CHARLES: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tallassee; Lambda Chi Alpha. PIPPIN, RONNIE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administra- tion; Ozark; Sigma Nu. Row Six: PIZER, DWANELLE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Florence; Sigma Delta Tau. PIZZITOLA, JOSEPH: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birmingham. PLUMMER, JENNIE: (Jr.); Education; Greenville. PLYLAR, CAROLYN: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. PLYLER, SHERRI: (Fr.); Home Economics; Bir- mingham; Delta Zeta. Row Seven: PODY, PATRICIA L.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Wegulfca. POEHLER, LANA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Huntsville; Pi Beta Phi. POELLINITZ, CAROLYN: (Fr.); Education; Delta Delta Delta. POELLNITZ, EUGENIA: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Delta Delta Delta. POGUE, JULIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row Eight: POINTS, TERRY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration. POM- EROY, ANDY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. POOLE, LINDA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Chi Omega. POPE, JERRY D.: (Soph.); Com merce and Business Administration; Northport; Kappa Sigma. POPE, RANDY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. Row Nine: PORTER, DALE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Grov Hill; Kappa Sigma. PORTER, JOHN FINLEY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Ph Delta Theta. PORTER, PATTI: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birming ham. Alpha Delta Pi. PORTERS, CARL J.: (Soph.); Education; Bessemer. POSEY DEBORAH: (Jr.); Education; Haleyvllle. Row Ten: POSEY, JENNY: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery. POUNDS, DEBORA: (Fr.) Education. POWELL, ANDREW: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper. POWELL, BARBA RA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. POWELL, BENNY: (Soph.); Arts and Sci ences; Clanton; Lambda Chi Alpha. f 494 Undergraduates Row One: POWELL, DEBBIE: (Soph.); EducaHon; Fottort. POWELL, DONALD LEEi (Fr.); Enginaeringj Birmingham; Theta Chi. POWELL, JAY: (Soph.); Commerc and Buiineti; Tuscaloosa. POWELL, LISA: (Soph.); Education; Merritt Island, Fla.; Delta Comma. POWELL, MILTON: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Two: POWERS, KATHLEEN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. PRATER, CONNIE SUE: (Fr.); Educotion; Decatur. PREISS, KAREN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Florence. PRESLEY, CHARLES DAVID: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro. PREWITT, PHYLLIS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Fayette. Row Three: PREYOR, HARRIETTE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham. PRICE, HARRIET: (Jr.); Education; Florence; Kappa Delta. PRICE, MELISSA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Abbeville; Alpha Xi Delta. PRICE, RON M.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Robertsdole. PRICE, WALLACE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Blue Mt. Row Four: PRICE-WILLIAMS, TIM P.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Kappa Psi. PRIDE, LOUISE: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. PRIMM, JOHN T.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Jasper. PRINCE, PATRICIA ANN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Columbia, Tenn.; Phi Mu. PRITCHETT, CHARLES: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Dothon. • Row Five: PROVINCE, MELANIE: (Fr.); Educotion; Paris, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa :Gomma. PRUETT, BECKY: (Jr.); Education; Daphne. PRUETT, HENRY F.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Century, Flo. PRYOR, LILA; (Jr.); Arts ond Sciences; Tanner; Delta Delta Delta. PTOMEY, SUSAN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Houston, Texas; Pi Beta Phi. fow Six: PUCKETT, SIBYL: (Fr.); Home Economics; Jackson, Miss.; Alpha Delta Pi. ' UGH, GAIL D.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Jackson, Miss.; Alpha Delta Pi. PUL- EN, JUDY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Pi Beta Phi. PUREFOY, JULIENE: Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Flomoton. PLYANT, DAVID F.: (Soph.); Commerce and lusiness; Birmingham. ow Seven: PYMS, PAM: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Miami, Fla.; Pi Beta Phi. 3UARLES, RONALD: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epsi- on. QUICK, WALTER: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Eufala; Phi Sigma Kappa. QUINN, UDY: (Fr.); Education; Oneonta; Zeto Tou Alpha. QUINN, MIKE: (Fr.); Arts and •ciences; Silverkill. ow Eight: RADACHI, WILLIAM: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Elyria. RAD- LIFF, CAROLYN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappo Koppo Gamma. RAG- ND, REAGON: (Fr.); Engineering; Brent. RAINER, BEVERLY: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- nces; Elba; Kappa Kappo Gamma. RAINES, DEBBIE: (Soph.); Education; Mem- Us, Tenn.; Kappo Delta. ow Nine: RAINES, LAWRENCE W.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Prattville. ROJAN, M.: r); Social Work; New Delhi, India. RANDLE, ALAN J.: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- iss; Bessemer; Theta Chi. RANDLE, WAYNE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. NDLE, WINSTON: (Soph.); Commerce ond Business; Tuscaloosa; Theta Chi. )w Ten: RANELLI, MARILYN: (Jr.); Education; Ensley. RAPER, RICHARD: (Fr.); Arts id Sciences; Gadsden. RASEN, LINDA: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Montgom- y; Sigma Delta Tau. RAWLS, CHUCK: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Phi jppo Sigma. RAWLS, PHILLIP: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gontt. It . Undergraduates 495 Royal — Runions Row One: ROYAL, DEBBY OARLEEN: (Soph.); Education; Raleigh, N. C. RAYMON, DANA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Delta Tau. REAMER, J. H.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Hot Springs, Ark.; Delta Chi. REAROEN, LOUELLYN: (Jr.); Education; Fairfax; Pi Beta Phi. RECTOR, JULIE: (Soph.); Education; Garthers- burg, Md. Row Two: REECE, DEBORAH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. REED, CATHY: (Soph.); Social Work; Attolia. REED, JOHN: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Arab. REED, KAY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Russelville; Alpha Gamma Delta. REESE, EMILY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Alec City; Alpha Delta Pi. Row Three: REESE, JOE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Dothon. REESE, PEGGY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Winfield. REESE, STEVE: (Soph.) ; Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Delta Chi. REEVES, DOUGLAS: (Jr.); Education; Sulligent; Tou Kappa Epsilon. REHM, KAREN ANN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile. Row Four: REICH, WADE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden; Kappa Alpha. REICHE, DIANE: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. REID, DIANE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. REID, JANICE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Alpha Omicron Pi. REID, JOY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Moldland, Fla.; Chi Omega. Row Five: REID, TRUDY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Pi Beta Phil RESHA, ROBERT: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. REUTER, ZO: (Soph.) Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Go.; Theta Chi. REVIERE, ROB: (Jr.); Engineering; Ripl ley, Tenn.; Sigma Nu. REYNOLDS, ANNE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Troy; Koppt Delta. Row Six: REYNOLDS, CLARK: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Demopolis; Alpha Tai Omega. REYNOLDS, HALL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Chattanooga, Tenn. Alpha Tou Omega. REYNOLDS, THERESA: (Jr.); Education; Huntsville. REZNIK SARA: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Phi Epsilon. RHEA, MARIE (Fr.); Education; Gadsden; Alpha Chi Omega. Row Seven: RHINEHART, GEOF: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; F Kappa Alpha. RHINEHART, GINGER: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Waynesboro RHODES, FRANK: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Sigma Alpha Epsi Ion. RHODES, SPEARS: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Phi Delti Theta. RICHARDS, BRENDA: (Jr.); Education; Gorden. Row Eight: RICHARDSON JR., AUBREY P.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Flo ence; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RICHARDSON, BELINDA; (Soph.); Arts and Science: Tuscaloosa. RICHARDSON, GARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Saverties, N. Y. RICI- ARDSON, JOEL DALE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Miton; Pi Kappa Phi. RICI- ARDSON, LYNN: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row Nine: RICHARDSON, PATRICK: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Anniston; I Kappa Alpha. RICHARDSON, SUSAN: (Jr.); Education; Cordova. RICHARDSOh W. R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. RICHERSON, GAIL: (Jr.); Arts and S ences; Huntsville; Phi Mu. RICHERT, CLYDE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Sprint field, Tenn.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Row Ten: RICHEY, JIM: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Russelville. RICHEY, PATT (Soph.); Education; Montgomery; Phi Mu. RICKS, EDWIN: (Fr.); Arts and Science Tuscaloosa. RICKS, JENNY: (Soph.); Education; Tuscumbia; Alpha Gamma Delt RIDGE, CECILIA: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Delta Gamma. 496 Undergraduates sBm Kew Five: RODGERS, VICKY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Huntsville. RODGERS, MARK: Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Atmore; Phi Delta Theta. ROE, KIM: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- incet; Huntsville; Delta Zeta. ROGERS, BARBARA: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; ' tirminghom. ROGERS, BETTYE J.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Meridian, Mississippi; : lo Tou Alpha. W Six: ROOGERS, NANCY: (Soph.); Education; Dothan; Alpha Gamma Delta. OGERS, CHARLES E.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Decatur. ROGERS, ' AVID: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fairfield. ROGERS, EDWARD G.: (Fr.); Arts and ciences; Tuscaloosa. ROGERS, JOYCE G.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. ' ow Seven: ROGERS, MARVIN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Butler; Sigma Chi. OGERS, RICKY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. ROGERS, ZACK: Ir.); Commerce and Business; Butler; Sigma Chi. ROLLAND, JOHNNY: (Fr.); Arts nd Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia. ROOKER, DAVID: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tarrant. ywBghf: ROSE, RANDY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Flomoton. ROSICH, CAROLYN: oph.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Delta Gamma. ROSNER, MELANIE: (Fr.); lucotion; Mobile; Sigma Delta Tau. ROSS, ALAN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; mingham; Delta Chi. ROSS, LESTER: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta w NiM: ROSSER, MARK: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. ROST, SANDRA: .)) Education; Decatur. ROTON, FRANCES E.: (Soph.); Education; Tallassee; rita Delta Delta. ROWE, MELINDA G.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Athens. ROWE, NAi (Jr.); Education; Elba; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ir Ten: ROWLAND, CATHY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Hgo- ROWLAND, MARTHA C: (Fr.); Arh and Sciences; Mobile. RUBENSTEIN, li (Jr.); Education; Amory, Mississippi; Sigma Delta Tau. RUHLEN, VIRGINIA: t) Education; Brewton; Kappa Alpha Theta. RUNIONS, THOMAS A.: (Soph.); I ond Sciences; Hucytown. Row One: RIEHL, MICHAEL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Pi Kappa Alpha. RILEY, CASSANDRA: (Fr.); Social Work; Enterprise. RILEY, RODNEY A.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. RILEY, SCOTT: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Florence. RITEHLIN, CHRIS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Rochester, New York; Kappa Sigma. Row Two: RIHENBERRY, SHEILA A.: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa. RIVERS, PHIL- LIP: Arts and Sciences; Grovehill. ROBERTS, CAROL: (Soph.); Home Economics; Boaz; Alpha Chi Omega. ROBERTS, CLIFF: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. ROBERTS, SALLYE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Union City, Tennessee; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row Three: ROBERTSON, AMY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Chattanooga, Ten- nessee; Pi Beta Phi. ROBERTSON, CHRISTOPHER: (Fr.); Education; Northport. ROB- ERTSON, DEBORAH A.: (Jr.); Education; Roanoke. ROBERTSON, JANIE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Scottsboro; Phi Mu. ROBERTSON, JAN: (Jr.); Education; Birming- ham; Alpha Delta Pi. Row Four: ROBERTSON, RONNY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Signal Mountain, Tennessee; Phi Delta Theta. ROBINSON, ELMO: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Double Springs. ROBINSON, AAARIA: (Jr.); Social Work; Montgomery. ROCK, BRENDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. RODEN, DELORES: (Soph.); Home Economics; Albertville. f i tilElJH Undergraduates 497 II Row Five: SANDERS, BARBARA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. SAND- ERS, PENELOPE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsvilie; Delta Gamma. SANDERS, TOM: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. SANDERSON, RALPH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. SANDERSON, THOMAS: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Sheffield. Row Six: SANDIIN, DENISE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Athens; Phi Mu. SANDLIN, JUDY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi. SANDLIN, MARC: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business Administration; Athens; Theto Chi. SANDNER, LYNNE: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. SANFORD, LYNN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row Seven: SATTERFIELD, GEORGE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Sigma Phi Epsilon. SAVELL, SERITA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. SAWYER, JOY: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. SATTERWHITE, RUTH: (Soph.); Education; Eufaula; Chi Omega. SAUCER, GLENN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. Row Eight! SAVAGE, BARBARA ANN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. SAV- AGE, JOE: (Fr.); Engineering; Centre. SAXON, ROSEAMRY: (Fr.); Education; Gads- den; Delta Zeta. SCALICI, PAUL S.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mountain Brook. SCARBOROUGH, MELISSA: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Gadsden; Alpha Chi Omega. Row Nine: SCHAFFER, ALICE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. SCHANDOLPH, ME- LANIE: (Fr.); Education; Savannah. SCHEER, PAT: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Zeta. SCHILLACI, SAM: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. SCHMAELING, DAN EUGENE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Montgomery; Chi Phi. Row Ten: SCNELL, JANET: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Golllon; Zeta Tau Alpha. SCHULTZ, DEE: (Jr.); Education; Bay Minelte; Alpha Xi Delta. SCONYERS, CYN- THIA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Alpha Chi Omega. SCOn, ELIZABETH: (Jr.); Home Economics; Northport; Delta Gamma. SCOTT, JERRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- •iKcs; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. Russell — Sherman Row One: RUSSELL, ANN: (Soph.); Education; Selmo; Alpha Gamma Delta. RUS SELL, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. RUSSELL JEANNE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. RUSSELL, MARGARET: (Fr.); Arti and Sciences; Atlanta, Ga.; Kappa Alpha Theta. RUSSELL, AAARTHA: (Soph.); Art: and Sciences; Huntsvilie; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row Two: RUST, DEBRA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. RUTLEDGE, CHERYL (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Alpha Chi Omega. RYALS, STEVE: (Fr.); Com merce and Business; Fort Deposit; Delta Tau Delta. RYAN, JOHNNY: (Jr.); Arts one Sciences; Greensboro; Delta Chi. RYAN, PATRICIA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Hunts ville; Alpha Delta Pi. Row Three: RYAN, TOM: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsvilie; Theta Xi. RYAN WYNN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Mobile; Pi Kappa Phi SAFFELS, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Attolla. SAIN, BETSY: (Soph.); Art and Sciences; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. SALEMI, DEBRA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences Birmingham. Row Four: SALIBA, FRANKLIN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. SALLOWAY, SHIR LEY: (Soph.); Education; Sylacaugo; Sigma Delta Tau. SAMFORD, AUSTILL: (Fr.) Arts and Sciences; Opelika; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SAMMONS, WILLIAM Ml CHAEL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Bonifay, Florida. SAMPLE CATHY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. 498 Undergraduates Row One: SCOTt. KATHRYN: (Soph); Educotion; Alexander City. SCOH, RICH- ARD: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Booth. SCRENS, GARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences. 5CREWS, GARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Orlando, Florida. SCROGGINS, WIL- .lAM: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Clayton; Sigma Nu. ;aiv Two: SCRUGGS, KAREN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. SEALE, BETH: (Jr.); liducation; Greensboro. SELE, THOAAAS: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mulling- |on, Tennessee; Sigma Nu. SEALY, GINA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; ilii Mu. SEAMON, DANNY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tallahassee, Florida; Chi ■hi. Wow Three: SEAMON: KENNETH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tallahassee, Florida; Chi ' W. SEARCY, MARCIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Troy; Phi Mu. SEARS, WALLACE: Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. SEGALL, TRICIA: (Soph.); Commerce and usiness; Montgomery; Sigma Delta Tau. SEGLE, VALERIE: (Fr.); Social Work; cottsboro; Zeta Tau Alpha. tmfour: SEIBOLD, JAMES: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Guntersville; Sigma Chi. SELL- tS, CATHY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Mobile; Delta Zeta. SELLERS, CHARLES: f.)t Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Phi Kappa Sigma. SELLERS, GERALD: lOph.); Commerce and Business; Eufoulo; Sigma Nu. SELLERS, TOM: (Fr.); Arts id Sciences; Montgomery. Row Five: SELA AN, CONNIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Foirfield. SEAHMES, CATH- ERINE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Sheffield; Kappa Alpha Theto. SEMMES, MIKE: (Fr.); Engineering; Sheffield. SENN, JAMES: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Mont- gomery. SERIO, BOB: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Chi. Row Six: SERIO, BRENDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. SERIO, JOSEPH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Chi. SESSIONS, DONALD: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fairfield. SESSIONS, TRAVIS: (Fr.); Commerce and Business. SETTLE, PAUU: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. Row Seven: SEWELL, CHARLES: (Fr.); Engineering; Leesburg. SEWELL, JOSEPH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theto. SEWELL, WES: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Phi Delta Theto. SEXTON, CAROLYN: (Jr.); Education; Tusca- loosa. SEXTON, DEVIN: (Fr.); Education; Panama City; Chi Omega. Row Eight: SEXTON, STEVE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery. SHACK- ELFORD, ELIZABETH: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. SHAMBLIN, MARTY: (Jr.); New College; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. SHAMBURGER, CAROLYN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. SHANNON, LAUREN: (Jr.); Birmingham; Zeta Tou Alpha. Row Nine: SHANNON, MAURICE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden; Phi Delta Theto. SHARP, GARY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. SHARP, NANCI: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Georgetown, Kentucky. SHARP, ' TOMMY: (Jr.); Com- merce and Etusiness; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. SHAW, CARLA: (Fr.); Education; Bessemer; Phi Mu. Row Ten: SHAW, STERLING: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Koppo Sigma. SHEARER, GEORGE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. SHEPPARD, MICHAEL: (Jr.); Arh and Sciences; Corpus ChrisH, Texas. SHERER, AAARSHA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. SHERJMAN, JAC- QUELINE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Greenville, Mississippi; Phi Mu. Undergraduates « ■% Sherman — Solnick Row One: SHERAAAN, RICHARD: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Bay Minette. SHERRILL, KATHRYN: (Soph.); Education; Athens. SHERROD, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Florence; Delta Zeta. SHEILDS, DEBBIE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. SHIELDS, SALLY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Two: SHIMOTA, STEVE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Dothon; Beta Theta Pi. SHIPLEY, RICKIE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Montrose; Sigma Phi Epsilon. SHIR- EY, BRENDA: (Jr.); Education; Gadsden. SHIRLEY, BETSY: (Soph.); Education; Kappa Delta. SHIRLEY, CAROL: (Soph.); Education; Northport. Row Three: SHIRLEY, JIM: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Northport. SHIRLEY, JOHN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Northport. SHOPE, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tusca- loosa; Alpha Chi Omega. SHREVE, KATE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mo- bile; Alpha Delta Pi. SHUBERT, VICKEY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville. Row Four: SHUTS, GARY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Cullman; Delta Chi. SHUTTS,! ALYSON: (Soph.); New College; Jacksonville; Delta Delta Delta. SIDES, BETTY:! (Jr.); Business and Commerce; Guntersville. SIKES, NANCY: (Jr.); Arts and Sci-i ences; Andalusia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SIKES, PAMELA: (Jr.); Education; Duncanville. Row Five: SILVEY, SUSAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Ch Omega. SIMMONS, MARY: (Fr.); Home Economics. SIMMONS, MICHAEL: (Jr.); En gineering; Eldridga; Theta Tau. SIMON, OTTO: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile: Kappa Sigma. SIMPSON, DORTHY: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Alphc Theta. Row Six: SIMPSON, KEITH: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. SIMS JOAN: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Chi Omega. SIMS, LARRY: (Jr.) Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Phi Kappa Psi. SIMS, PAULA: (Soph.); Educa tion; Meridian, Mississippi. SIMS, TOMMY: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. Row Seven: SINCLAIR, ELIZABETH: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. SINGLETON BONNIE: (Jr.); Education; Red Bay. SINGLETON, TOD: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Eu faula; Sigma Nu. SIZEMORE, PHILLIP: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; P Kappo Alpha. SKEEN, BECKY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothon; Zeta Tau Alpho Row Eight: SKELTON, BECKY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. SKELTON LARRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Butler. SKELTON, LARRY: (Soph.); Buhl. SKIP PER, JAMES: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothon. SKIPPER, WANDA: (Jr.); Education Dothon. Row Nine: SKLAR, PATTi: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Miami, Florida; Sigma Deit Tau. SLAYDEN, JAN: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville. SLEDGE, J. WALTER: (Soph. Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. SLEDGE, ROBERT: (Jr.); Engineering; Greensborc SMALL, CYNTHIA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Wayne, Pennsylvania. Row Ten: SMALLWOOD, MARK: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscumbia; P Kappa Psi. SMEDS, JULIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Columbus, Georgia; Pi Beta PI- SMELLEY, JAMES: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa. SMELLEY, ROXANA: (Jr.); Hoir Economics; Tuscaloosa. SMILES, MICHAEL: (Jr.); Engineering; Leeds; Theta Chi. I l 500 Undergraduates Haw On»: SMILIE, BO: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomer ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SMITH, ALAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Kappa Alpha. SMITH, ALICE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Sylacauga; Alpha Chi Omega. SMITH, BRADFORD: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston. SMITH, CEIL: (Fr.); Home Ec- onomics; Jackson, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma. How Twos SMITH, CHARLES W.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Northport; Sigma Chi. SMITH, CINDY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. SMITH, CONSTANCE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hamilton. SMITH, DAVID C: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Dothon; Pi Koppo Phi. SMITH, DEBBIE L.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Midfield; Kappa Alpha Thela. «o» ' Three: SMITH, DEBBIE: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. SMITH, DOUG: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Newton; Theto Chi. SMITH, FAYE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Alpha Omicron Pi. SMITH, FRANCIS LLWYNN: (Fr.); Engineering; Double Springs. SMITH, FRED: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. ; Row Four: SMITH, GLENDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Springfield, Virginia. SMITH, ' JACK: (Soph.); Engineering; Birmingham; Theto Chi. SMITH, JACK E.: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business Administration; Hamilton. SMITH, KATHERINE: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. SAAITH, LANE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Pi Beta Phi. Kow Five: SMITH, LARRY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SMITH, : LOGAN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. SMITH, MARION H.: (Soph.); Com- ' merce and Business Administration; Anniston; Alpha Tau Omega. SMITH, Ml- ' CHAEL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. SMITH, MICHAEL RAY: (Soph.); Com- ' merce and Business Administration; Cropwell. Row Six: SMITH, MIKE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Decatur. SMITH, PAULA S.: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. SMITH, PHIL E.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Huntsville. SMITH, RAY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Flor- ence; Koppo Alpha. SMITH, RAYFORD A.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Alexander City. I pptr Seven: SMITH, RICHARD: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Tusco- Sdoso; Delta Tau Delta. SMITH, ROWAN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Admin- istration; Tuscaloosa. SMITH, THOMAS: (Fr.); Commerce ond Business Administro- Hon; Moundville. SMITH, WALTER: (Fr.); Engineering; Northport; Sigma Chi. SMITH, WILLIAM: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Demopolis. Sow Eight: SMITHERA AN, DAVID: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Tuscaloosa. SMOTHERS, BENNETT A.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administro- •ion; Albertville; Phi Koppo Psi. SNEAD, PAULA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Jeta Tau Alpha. SNEED, TRIP: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; mphis, Tennessee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SNELL, WANDA E.: (Soph.); Education; ewville. tow Nine: SNELLGROVE, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Tennessee; ipha Omicron Pi. SNELLGROVE, JAMES C: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. NIDER, RANDOLPH W.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. SNOW, CAROLYN .: (Jr.); Home Economics; Pearlington, Mississippi; Delta Zeto. SNOW, CHENEY: ' r.); Arts and Sciences; Pearlington, Mississippi; Delta Zeto. ow Ten: SNOWDEN, CHARLES: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. SNYDER, ' EBORAH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Coker. SOLLARS, JOHN ALEXANDER: (Soph.); Ds and Sciences; Montgomery; Chi Phi. SOLLIE, VIRGINIA: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- nces; Ozark; Koppo Koppo Gamma. SOLNICK, EAAMY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Jbbock, Texas; Delta Phi Epsilon. Undergraduates 501 Sommers — Tate Row On»: SOMMERS, DORIS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delta. SOPPET, C. MICHAEL: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Pleasanton, California; Theta Xi. SORRELLS, DAVID: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Birmingham. SORRELLS, DEBBIE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. SOULE, JOHN: (Fr.); Engineering; Pensacola, Florida. How Two: SOUTH, BECKY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Red Level. SOWELL, DOHIE: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Montgomery. SPARKMAN, RICKY: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Jackson, Mississippi. SPEAR, MARTHA: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Prattville; Alpha Delta Pi. SPEAS, RANDY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsllon. How Three: SPEER, JAN; (Fr.); Education; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Sigma Delta Tau. SPEER, JERRY: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Gadsden. SPEIGNER, KENT: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Montgomery; Phi Kappa Sigma. SPENCE, DEBORAH: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Birmingham; Phi Mu. SPENCER, ALAN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Brundidge; Pi Kappa Phi. How Four: SPENCER, MAJORIE: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Tuscaloosa. SPIGHT, JOHN: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Demopolis; Phi Delta Theta. SPIVEY, CHARLES: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Dothon. SPIVEY, SUSAN: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Alex- ander City. SPIVEY, SYNTHIA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. Row Five: SPRADLEY, BRYANT: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Leeds: SPRATLING, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Albertville. SPRINGFIELD, GENEI (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. STAIRHIMS, RICHARD: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Mobile; Phi Mu. STALCUP, DEBORAH: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Mobile; Delta Dellc Delta. Row Six: STALCUP, PAGE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Deih Theta. STALLWORTH, JAMES R.: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Birmingham. STANFORD JAMES: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Phi Delta Theta. STANLEY, DAVID: (Soph.) Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Sigma Phi Epsilon. STANLEY, FRANK (Soph.); Arts and Science; Montgomery; Kappa Sigma. Row Seven: STANLEY, UURA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Sheffield. STANLEY, LINDAi (Soph.); Arts and Science; Tuscaloosa. STANLEY, W AYNE: (Fr.); Arts and Science Leighton. STANTON, TRICIA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Gamm. Delta. STARNES, MARTHA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Alexander City. Row Eight: STARTHZ, SAM: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Little Rock, Arkonso: Zeta Beta Tau. ST. CLAIR, DYAN: (Soph.); Social Work; Huntsville; Alpho CI Omega. STEELE, DAVID: (Jr.); Arts and Science; Frisco City. STEELE, GINGEF (Soph.); Education; Nashville, Tennessee; Delta Delta Delta. STEELE, SHAROS (Jr.); Arts and Science; Laurel Hill, Florida; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row Nine: STEENSLAND, MAURICE: (Jr.); Engineering; Dothan; Sigma Nu. STEI SYLVIA: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Sigma Delta Tau. STEINEKER, AL: (Fr.); Con merce and Business; Montgomery; Chi Phi. STEINER, DENISE: (Soph.); Arts on Science; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. STEINER, DIANE: (Jr.); Education; Birminf ham; Alpha Chi Omega. Row Ten: STELLA, KAREN: (Soph.); Education; Fairfield. STEM, SUSAN: (Jr.); Cor merce and Business; Huntsville. STEPHEN, RICHARD: (Fr.); Arts and Science; Bi mingham. STEPHENS, CONNIE: (Fr.); Education; Chi Omega. STEPHENS, SHERR (Jr.); Arts and Science; Santa Ana, California; Delta Gamma. 502 Undergraduates Kow Five: STRICKLAND, MARGARET: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Gamma D«lta. STRINGFELLOW, MARTIN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Bir- mingham. STRINGFELLOW, MARY JOYCE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Leeds; Alpha Delta Pi. STRIPLIN, ALBERT: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; ProttviJIe. STRIPLING, MAX E.: (Soph.); Education; Northport. IP Row Six: STRONG, CRAIG: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. STRONG, GEORGE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. STRONG, JAMES FRANCIS: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Tuscaloosa. STRUBEL, JAN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. STUARDI, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. Row Sevan: STUART, LEE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Beta Theto Phi. STUMPF, ANDREW: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birmingham. SULLEN, MITCHELL: (Fr.); Engineering; Hartford. SULLIVAN, FRANCIE: (Jr.); Educa- tion; Harrisburg, Illinois; Chi Omega. SULLIVAN, JOEL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row Bight: SULLIVAN, RANDY JO: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. SULLIVAN, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. SUMMERLIN, JERRY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Pi Kappa Alpha. SUMNER, THOMAS: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Jasper; Phi Sigma Kappa. SUTTON, VERONICA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row Nine: SWANIGAN, LINDA G.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; 3uin. SWANN, ELLEN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Ashville; Alpha Delta Pi. SWANN, SUSAN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Ashville; Alpha Delta Pi. SWETNAM, JULIE L.: Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Helena; Alpha Xi Delta. SWIFT, RABI: (Soph.); Commerce 3nd Business Administration; Atmore; Delta Kappa Epsilon. ?ow Ton: TALBERT, MARCIA A.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Lucedole, Mississippi. TAL- EY, DAPHNE: (Soph.); Education; Huntsvilie; Kappa Alpha Theto. TANNER, BOB: Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Sheffield. TANNER, CECEILE: (Fr.); lome Economics; Mobile; Kappa Alpha Thefa. TATE, TERRY: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ■nces; Pleasant Grove; Chi Phi. 1 i Row One: STEPHENSON, KATHY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hortselle; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. STERLING, GERALOINE: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. STEVEN, DEBBIE SUE: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Phi Mu. STEVENS, ALAN D.: (Jr.); Education; Hunts- vilie; Theto Chi. STEWART, ASHLEY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Decatur; Pi Kappa Phi. Row Two: STEWART, CATHY: (Soph.); Home Economics. STEWART, ELLIS: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper. STEWART, KATHY: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. STEWART, LYNNE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. STEWART, RICKY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsvilie. Row Three: STILSON, CHARLES MICHAEL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsvilie. STIMPSON, SANDY: (Soph.); Engineering; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. STIN- SON, AAARY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. STOKES, JACQUELYN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Groceville, Florida. STONE, LOUISE: (Soph.); Education; Bay Mi- natte; Delta Delta Delta. Row Four: STONE, PHONDA RAY: (Soph.); Social Work; Wetumpko. STOVALL, GLORIA LEE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper. STRICKLAND, BRADFORD BOYD; (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Trion, Georgia; Phi Kappa Psi. STRICKLAND, BRIAN R. (Fr.); Engineering; Union Grove. STRICKLAND, ELEANOR: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Enterprise; Chi Omega. pA Sm tamtM Undergraduates 503 f ma Row Five: TERRY, SUSAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Boaz; Delta Gamma. TERRY, WALLY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Decatur; Kappa Sigma. TERRY, WIL- LIAM: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. TEW, BRENDA: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Alpha Delta Pi. TEW, CAROL ANN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Meridian, Mississippi; Alpha Xi Delta. Row Six: THIGPEN, BABS: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Lakehurst, New Jersey; Phi Mu. THOMAS, BRENDA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Eufaulo; Delta Gamma. THOAMS, CHERRY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. THOMAS, DENNIS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Sigma Phi Epsilon. THOMAS, GARY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Alexander City; Delta Tou Delta. Row Sevan: THOMAS, JUDY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Vernon; Alpha Chi Omega. THOMAS, KATHY: (Jr.); Education; Phil Campbell. THOMAS, KATHY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Gadsden; Delta Delta Delta. THOMAS, LISA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Centreville; Alpha Delta Pi. THOMAS, MARY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Eight: THOAAAS, MERCER: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Phi Delta Theta. THOMAS, MERRIL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. THOMAS, PARTICIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. THOMAS, RAMONA: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics; Athens. THOAAAS, SANDY: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. Row Nine: THOAAAS, STEVEN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper. THOAAASE, SUSAN: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery; Alpha Delta Pi. THOAAASON, LINDA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Northport; Alpha Chi Omega. THOMPSON, AL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Rockford; Theta Chi. THOMPSON, CAREY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Alexander City. Row Ten: THOMPSON, DAPHNE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Florence; Phi Mu. THOMPSON, DEBORAH: (Soph.); Education; Laurel, Mississippi; Phi Mu. THOMP- SON, OEBRA: (Soph.); Education; Midfield. THOMPSON, GEORGE: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; AAontgomery; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THOMPSON, GLENN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hartsell. Tatom — Turner Row One: TATOM, MIKE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. TATUM, ED: (Jr.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa. TATUM, WILLIAM: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. TAYLOR, ANDREW: (Soph.); New Col- lege; Tuskegee. TAYLOR, DEBORAH: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Delta Zcta. Row Two: TAYLOR, DOUG: (Soph.); Engineering; Hamilton; Phi Sigma Kappa. TAYLOR, ELMER: (Jr.); Engineering; Tuskegee. TAYLOR, FREIDA: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. TAYLOR, JOSEPH: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences. TAYLOR, JUDY: (Jr.); Education; Chatom. Row Three: TAYLOR, JUDY: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. TAYLOR, LINDA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Alpha Chi Omega. TAYLOR, LORETTA: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. TAYLOR, LYNNE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Son Antonio, Texas. TAYLOR, WANDA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Alpha Chi Omego. Row Four: TEAGUE, DEBORAH: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Delta Zeta. TEMPLE,. MARY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Tupelo, Mississippi; Delta Zeto. TERRELL, LIZ: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Alpha Gamma Delta. TERRY, A ARILYN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. TERRY, STEVEN: (Fr.); Engineering; Decatur. 504 Undergraduates Row One: THOMPSON, KAREN S.: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa. THOMPSON, l!AY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birmingham. THOMPSON, STEVE: (Fr.); Arts ond Sciences; Demoplis. THOMPSON, WAYNE: (Soph.); Com- merce ond Business Administration; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. THOMPSON, Wll- UAM WIGGS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciwices; Guin. Row Two: THOMPSON, LINDA LEE: (Jr.); Arts ond Sciences; Northport; Alpha Chi Omega. THORNHILL, H. G.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Chattanooga, Tennessee. THORNTON, MICHAEL D.: (Fr.); Engineering; Muscle Shoals. THORNTON, VIR- GINIA: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. THORP, RANDY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. Row Three; THORSBY, SUSAN: (Fr.); Education; Tupelo, Mississippi; Delta Delta Oeha. THRASHER, JOHN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. THROWER, JANE: |Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Dothan; Kappa Delta. THUSTON, BOBBY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. TIDWELL, MARY SUSAN: (Soph.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. :Row Four: TILLAAAN, PAM: (Soph.); New College; Montgomery; Delta Zeto. TILLY, PAM: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. TINDELL, ROLLINS L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Sigma Nu. TIPTON, PAMELA R.: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville. TIPTON, STEPHEN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Westwego, Louisiana. Bifi@ Row Five: TIPTON, SUSAN LEE: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville; Pi Beta Phi. TIREY, PAMELA Y.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Carbon Hill. TOBIN, DOROTHY: (Soph.); EducaKon; Mobile; Delta Phi Epsilon. TOENES, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Prichard. TOLLESON, SUZON: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row Six: TOMBERLIN, CINDY: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Phi Mu. TOMLINSON, DALE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson. TOMLINSON, HILTON: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business Administration; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. TOMLINSON, RONNIE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birmingham; Delta Chi. TORTORICI, ROSEAAARY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birmingham. Row Seven: TRAINOR, LINDA: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Mo- bile; Alpha Gamma Delta. TRANT, CAROL: (Soph.); Education; Dothan; Alpha Gamma Delta. TRAPP, VIRGINIA KAYE: (Jr.); Education; Phil Campbell. TRIMM, KENNETH: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; EIrod. TRONCALE, JO- SEPH A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Gamma Delta. Row Eight: TROTAAAN, RICK: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birming- ham; Kappa Sigma. TROUP, PRISCILLA: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Omicron Pi. TROUT, NANCY C: (Jr.); Education; Roanoke, Virginia; Chi Omega. TUBERVILLE, DOROTHY ANN: (Jr.); Education; Monroeville. TUCKER, STEVE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Hurst, Texas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row nine: TUGGLE, SPENCER: (Jr.); Engineering; Bessemer. TUGWELL, CHARLES: (Soph.); Engineering; Pensacola, Florida; Phi Sigma Kappa. TULLY, FRAN: (Soph.); Education; Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Delta. TURBERVILLE, ROBERT M.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. TURKETT, PHIL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birmingham; Phi Sigma Kappa. Row Ten: TURNER, FREDDY: (Jr.); Education; Union Springs; Pi Kappo Phi. TURNER, JAMES LINDSEY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Wedowee. TURNER, JOY: (Jr.); Home Ec- onomics; Luverne; Delta Delta Delta. TURNER, KATHY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi. TURNER, LARRY: (Soph.); Education; Tuscolooso. Undergraduates SOS mSk Turner — Weekley Row One: TURNER, LIND: (Jr.); Education; Huntsville; Phi Mu. TURNER, ROBERT: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Huntsville; Delta Chi. TURNHAM, KATHY ELOISE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mountain Brook. TURNIPSEED, JEFF: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega. TYLANDER, GENE: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business Administration; West Palm Beach, Florida; Pi Kappa Phi. Row Two: UMLOR, JOROY: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville. UNDERWOOD, JEFF: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Monroe, Louisiana; Alpha Tau Omega. UNDERWOOD, TOM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Jack- son, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. UNGER, LEE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Sigma Delto Tau. UPCHURCH, EDDIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Phi Kappa Sigma. Row Three: UPSHAW, WILLIAM K.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. UPTAIN, MYRON: (Soph.); Social Work; Warrior. URQUHART, WILLIAM J.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon. UTLEY, LYNN: (Jr.); New College; Cottondale. VAIL, DAVID: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Phi Delta Theta. Row Four: VAIL, LARRY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Tuscaloosa; Delta Chi. VALESKA, DOUGLAS A.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Sigma. VANDIVER, PATSY G.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Sheffield. VANIE, WILLIAM R.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Chi Phi. VARDOMAN, GAYLE: (Soph.); Social Work; Selmo; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row Five: VARON, SUSIE: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery; Sigma Delta Tau. i VAUGHAN, CAROL MYRA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Elba. VAUGHAN, CHAR- LOHE: (Soph.); Education; Tuskegee; Zeta Tau Alpha. VAUGHAN, ROBBIE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. VAUGHAN, TERRY: (Jr.); Educa- tion; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row Six: VAUGHAN, VICKI OLIVE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Elba; Chi Omega. VAUGHAN, MIKE: (Soph.); Engineering; Birmingham; Lambda Chi AlPho. VAUGHAN, TERESA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Pensocola, Florida. VEITCH, GEOR- GIA MARIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fairfield; Zeta Tau Alpha. VENTO, BOB: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row Seven: VERLANDER, LISEHE; (Jr.); Social Work; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Delta. VIBBART, LINDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. VICK, DENNY MORGAN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Hamilton. VICKERS, RICK: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business Administration; Mobile; Theta Chi. VICKERS, SUE: (Jr.); Educa- tion; Freeport, Illinois; Chi Omega. Row Eight: VICKERY, GEORGE MICHAEL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Admin- istration; Montgomery; Phi Kappa Sigma. VILLAR, CRAIG: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Sigma Chi. VINES, FRANK: (Jf.); Commerce and Business Administro- tion; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. VINES, KATHY: (Soph.); Social Work; Birming- ham. VINES, SARAH: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. Row Nine: VINES, THOMAS A.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. VINSON, WILLIAM MICHAEL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega. VIR- CIGLIO, KATHY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. VOSS, ALFRED: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston; Theta Chi. WABNER, CINDY: (Fr.); Education; Louisville, Kentucky; Sigma Delta Tau. Row Ten: WADDY, JEANEHA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. WADE, Ml CHAEL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Russellville. WAHL, MIKE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Decatur. WAHL, RANDY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Foirhope. WAID, GRADY MICHAEL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Oneonta. 506 Undergraduates Row One: WAITES, JAN: (Fr.); Home Economics; Tutcolooso; Zeto Tau Alpha. WAipiNG, ANNIE SUE: (Jr.); EdocoHon; Opp. WALDRON, MARTHA: (Soph.); Education; Columbus, Mississippi. WALKER, GARY: (Soph.); Enginaering; Huey- town. WALKER, LARRY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Cleveland. Row Two: WALKER, LARRY L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Clio. WALKER, MAH: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Mobile; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WALKER, PHYLLIS: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Haleyville. WALKER, TOM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Shorter; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WAL- LACE, FRANK: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Mobile; Theto XI. Row Three: WALLACE, HAM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Nash- ville, Tennessee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WALLACE, RONALD S.: (Fr.); Engineering; Birmingham. WALLS, LARRY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Arab. WALSH, CHUCK: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Eufoulo; Kappa Sigma. WALTHALL, AAARY ANNA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Newberne; Kappa Delta. Row Four: WALTON, THOAAAS K.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Mobile. WAMSLEY, ROBERT: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; I Huntsville; Theta Xi. WARD, ANN: (Fr.); Home Economics; Greenville; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. WARD, ELIZABETH W.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. WARD, JAMES A.: (Fr.); Dothon; Pi Koppo Phi. ' Row Five: WARD, KATIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Marion. WARD, LAURA JO: (Soph.); Home Economics; Gordon. WARD, SHELLEY: (Fr.); Education; Houston, r Texas; Alpha Delta Pi. WARD, STEVEN R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Houston, Texas. " WARGO, JOHN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Florence; Delta Chi. Row Six: WARNS, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. WARREN, JOHN E.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. WARREN, TOMMY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Jackson; Koppo Sigma. WASHBURN, GAYLE: (Jr.); Educa- tion; Birmingham. WATERS, CAROL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Kappa Delta. I tew Seven: WATKINS, JANE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. WATKINS, NATHAN I O.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; York; Koppo Sigma. WATKINS, SHEILA: (Jr.); Edu- cation; Cullmon. WATKINS, WENDY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Northport; Alpha Chi Omega. WATSON, ANDREA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hartselle; Alpha Xi Delta. Row Fight: WATSON, CAROL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. WATSON, DAVID: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. WATSON, MARY GRACE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. WATTS, STEVE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; New Orleans, Louisiana; Theto Chi. WEATHERFORD, PATRICIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Pensocolo, Florida; Koppo Alpha Theto. Row Nine: WEATHERLY, MARK: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Appomattox, Virginia; Delta Tau Delta. WEATHERLY, AAARY AiURGARET: (Jr.); Education; Fort Payne; Delta Gamma. WEAVER, LARRY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; De- catur; Sigma Chi. WEAVER, MARGARET: (Soph.); Education; Nashville, Tennessee; Koppo Delta. WEBB, MARGARET: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; RusselMlle; Kappa Delta. low Ten: WEBB, TOAAMY S.: Arts and Sciences; Webb; Theto Chi. WEBSTER, lANA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Berry. WEBSTER, AAARCIA J.: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- inces; Decatur. WEBSTER, PATSY: (Fr.); Arts ond Sciences; Vernon. WEEKLEY, ' AN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; AAeridion. @m am mm Undergraduates 507 Weeks — Wray Row On»: WEEKS, SCOTT: (Soph.); Commerce end Business; Pell City. WEEMS, DICK: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Beta Theto Pi. WEINMANN, LEE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hartselle; Chi Phi. WEINSTEIN, JUDY: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. WEIR, DAVID: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row Two: WELCH, ALYSON: (Soph.); Education; Gadsden; Alpha Gamma Delta. WELCH, AAtANDA: (Soph.); New College; Montgomery; Delta Zeta. WELCH, EDDIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. WELCH, LEE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Houston, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma. WELCH, PATRICIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Zeto Tau Alpha. Row Three: WELCH, TEALLA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Zeto. WELLS, JAMES: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. WELLS, PAM: (Fr.); Social Work; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Chi Omega. WELLS, WILLIAM: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; The Chi. WESSON, CLARENCE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgom- ery; Phi Kappa Psi. Row Four: WEST, BRENDA: (Jr.); H ome Economics; Memphis, Tennessee. WEST, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Delta Delta Delta. WESTON, GEORGE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Headland. WEHER, CAMILLE: (Fr.j; Education; Memphis, Tennessee; Chi Omega. WETTER, JIM: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Memphis, Tennessee; Delta Kappa Epsilon, SRM Row Five: WHARTON, VAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. WHITSTONE, ANNE: (Jr.); Sylocaugo; Education; Kappa Delta. WJIDBY, GARY: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Pi Kappa Phi. WHIGHAM, KATHY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Opp. WHITE, AUDIE: (Fr.); Engineering; Birmingham; Theta Chi. Row Six: WHITE, CYNTHIA: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. WHITE, DEBBIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Chi Omega. WHITE, NANCY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. WHITE, PAMELA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Lookout Mountain, Tennessee; Delta Delta Delta. WHITE, VALERIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Pom Beach Gardens, Florida; Delta Zeto. Row Sevan: WHITEHEAD, PEGGY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. WHITFIELD, SUSAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Russellville; Alpha Gamma Delta. WHITFIELD, TOM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Northport. WHIT- LEY, R. A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Pi Kappa Phi. WHITLOCK, SU- ZANNE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row Eight: WHin, ANN: (Fr.); Education; Decatur; Phi Mu. WHin, JAY: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Gadsden. WHITTEN, MICHAEL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. WIGGINS, JIMMY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. WIGGINS, SCOH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. Row Nine: WIGGINS, STEVE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Sheffield. WIGGINS, SU- ZANNE: (Fr.); Social Work; Huntsville; Delta Zeta. WIGINTON, WILLIAM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Theto Chi. WILBANKS, ANITA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Delta Pi. WILDER, BONNIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Eufaulo. Row Ten: WILDSMITH, CLIFF: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Theto Chi. WILKINS, AAASON: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Theto Chi. WILLIAMS, ADA: (Soph.); Social Work; Tiblue. WILLIAMS, ANNE: (Soph.); Social Work; Bir- mingham; Phi Mu. WILLIAMS, CAROLINE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Alpha Theta. SOS Undergraduates ROM ' Fiv: WILLMAKTH, LUCY: (Fr.); Home Economics,- Russellville. WILSON, CAR- OLE: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. WILSON, DAN ERWIN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Greensboro; Theto Chi. WILSON, DANNY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Demopolis. WILSON, DAVID: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Huntsville. Row Six: WILSON, GLENDA: (Jr.); Arts ond Sciences; Morris. WILSON, HAM: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILSON, JANICE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. WILSON, JUDY: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Columbus, Mississippi. WILSON, WENDY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Memphis, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi. Jbw Sevent WINFIELD, PAM: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. WINGO, BILLY: (Jr.); Arts ond Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. WINSLETT, CHRIS: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administrotion; Tallossee; Delta Gamma. WINTON, WIL- LIAM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Birmingham. WODE, MI- CHAEL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Nashville, Tennessee; Chi Phi. Kow Eight: WOHANKA, TRISH: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Zeta Tou Alpho. WOLF, BARBARA: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Salida, South Carolina; Delta Phi Epsilon. WOLF, E. GEORGE: (Fr.); Arts ond Sciences; Gulf Breeze, Florida. WOLKE, REBECCA A.: (Jr.); Education; Aliceville. WOOD, RANDY: (Soph.); Engineering; Gadsden. Row Nine: WOOD, WILLIAM LEE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Bir- mingham; Alpha Tau Omega. WOODALL, FREDDIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega. WOODALL, JOHN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Guntersville; Kappa Alpha. WOODALL, ROBERT: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Theta Chi. WOOD- ARD, SUE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Reform. Kow Ten: WOODHAM, GENE: (Soph.); Commerce ond Business Administration; Abbeville; Kappa Sigma. WOODMAN, ALGIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgom- ery. WOODS, BELLE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Boinbridge, Georgia; Chi Omega. WOOLF, CHARLES: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Administration; Anniston; Thetd Chi. WRAY, DEANIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Shreveport, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row One: WILLIAMS, CARY J.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Chi. WILLIAMS, CAHTY }.-. (Soph.); Education; La iey Springs. WILLIAMS, CRAIG: (Soph.); Arts ond Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Chi. WILLIAMS, DEBBIE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Montgomery; Delta Delta Delta. WILLIAA , DUNCAN H.: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business Administration; Memphis, Tennessee; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon. Row Two: WILLIAMS, ED: (Fr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Tuscaloo- sa; Delta Kappa Epsilon. WILLIAMS, HADYN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. WILLIAMS, JANICE L.: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. WILLIAMS, LOUISE: (Soph.); Elba; Delta Gamma. WILLIAMS, MARJORIE F.: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham. Row Three: WILLIAMS, RAY: (Fr.); Engineering; Russellville. WILLIAMS, TERESA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Evergreen. WILLIAMS, TERRY N.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAMS, TOM W.: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. WILLIAMS, W. MICHAEL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business Administration; Alpine. Row Four: WILLIAMSON, ANN: (Jr.); Education; Montgomery; Alpho Chi Omega. WILLIAMSON, JANE: (Soph.); Arts and Science; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. WIL- LIAMSON, SKEETER: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Koppo Kappa Gamma. WIL- LINGHAM, BRENDA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Fayette. WILLINGHAM, MARILYN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Columbiana. MM g Undergraduates 509 Wright — Zinn Row One: WRIGHT, CAROLINE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. WRIGHT, JUANITA: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. WRIGHT, SANDRA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hamilton. WURTELE, REID: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. WYLIE, DAVID: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Beta Theta Pi. Row Two: WYROUGH, ANN: (Fr.); Education; Mountain Brook; Phi Mu. YANCEY, DONNA: (Jr.); Education; Belford, New Jersey; Delta Zeta. YANN, BETTY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Louisville, Kentucky; Pi Beta Phi. YARBOROUGH, JOE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Theta Chi. YARBROUGH, TOAAMY: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Roanoke. Row Three: YARCHUK, LARRY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Jasper. YEAKLE, SUZANNE: (Fr.); Education; Pensacolo, Florida; Kappa Delta. YEATES, MARY (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Kappa Gamma. YERGER, HELEN (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson; Chi Omega. YORK, ANNE: (Jr.); Education, Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. Row Four: YORK, ROSEMARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. YOUNG, GARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. YOUNG, JIM: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Chi Phi. YOUNG, PAULA: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. YOUNG, PHILIP: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery. Row Five: YOUNGS, SALLY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. YOUNT, TERRY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. ZASA, DONNA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. ZEFF, MIRIAM: (Jr.); Education; Mem- phis, Tennessee; Sigma Delta Tou. ZIAK, DONNA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Deca- tur; Delta Gamma. Row Six: ZICARELLI, AAARYE ANN: (Soph.); Commerc e and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. ZINN, SYDELL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Charlestown, South Carolina; Delta Phi Epsilon. mrn 510 Undergraduates n Undergraduates 511 «i« ' r » Edited by Nancy Brock Barry Brock f ,•:.■ % .••■ ■ •■■•■.■..« v, 1 ' : ' IM WMMMMMM ■ ■■ ■■! ■ : " 9 jP " :_ ' ■ " ' ' . ' . ' ■ ' ' ' pC ■-■ ' ' - ■W- %X ' ' i. ■ -:: " ' H«aMMMaAM M«lMia «Aa IvH.-. S?-?fSu ■W WkZ " - ' J t ■; ' ' ' -,. ' .--v;;»j! M - " ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ■■ " fll " ' ' ' -J ' r! ' 4:1 ;:5: ,1 ' : ' - ' ' ■■¥■-. ' ' ■■ - ■5? ' . ilPF , , i.., — , • • : : ■• ' ■ IT " , m h4 • • n ■ ■ ■ n • T tI J . . •■• • r Ab«le, Elizabeth Scotta 456, 313 Abernathy, Jill 456 Abernathy, Robert J. 426 Abernathy, Jr. Elliott L. 426 Abernathy, Sharon H. 452 Abramson, Seth David 456 Adair, Marcia Diane 456, 275 Adoir, Olivia Vynn 426 Adams, Angle Rebecca 456 Adams, Barbara Jean 426, 295 Adams, Donald Roy 456, 315 Adams, James Michael 456 Adams, June Carol Brown 456 Adams, Kathrynn Ann 456 Adams, Michael John 456 Adams, William Calvin 426, 343 Adcock, Ronald Joe 456, 343 Adderhold, Judy Ann 456, 259, 275 Adkins, James Allen 456 Adkinson, Janet Louise 456, 327 Agricola Thomas S. 456, 299 Albert, Evelyn Jeanette 456 Albright, Melonie 456, 309 Alcott, Russell Joy 456, 345 Aldridge, Ramono Gaye 426 Alexander, Danny Levert 426 Alexander, Elizabeth L. 426 Alexander, Jennifer 456 Alford, Patrick Raymond 456 Allen, Adrienne Gail 426, 289 Allen, Ann Wayne 456, 305 Allen, Ann Williams 456 Allen, Barbara Carol 390, 456, 355, 239, 370, 385 Allen, David Luther 456, 335 Allen, Glenda Marie 456 Allen, Jock Glynn 426, 343 Allen, Jr. Joseph Marion 456 Allen, Karen Lou 456 Allen, Mary Ann 426 Allen, Mildred Jean 456 Allen, Ronald Luther 456, 303 Allen, Wanda Rachel 426 Alley, John Michael 426 Allie, Harriett Jones 452 Allin, Kelly Ann 456, 289 Allin, Martha May 426, 289 Allison, William David 456 Allred, Harold Pearson 456, 335 Allums, Betty Jo 426, 297 Aim, Danny Leroy 456, 339 Almeida, John Andrade 456 Alsbrooks, Ronald Lee 456, 293 Althoff, John Charles 4 11, 408 Altobello Mildred F. 456 Alvis, Willard Carruth 456 Amashto, Victor D. 456 Amason, James Richard 426, 323 Amberson, Phillip H. 456 Ambrose, Mae Hamilton 456, 295 Amerine, Kothryn Paula 426 Ammons, Roxonne Cherie 426 Amrhein, George P. 456, 329 Anderson, James Foster 426, 325 Anderson, Joe Mark 456, 319 Anderson, Judy Virginia 456 Anderson, Lawrence A. 456, 287 Anderson, Mary Cathy 456, 30 5 Anderson, Stuart Carl 456, 323 Andrasko, Gary Stephen 456, 293 Andrews, Bruce S. 426 Andrews, Carolyn 456 Andrews, Edsel Alriedge 426 Andrews, John Douglas 426 Andrews, Kay Guin 456 Andrews, Patricia Jean 457 Andrews, Rhonda Jean 426 Andrews, Sharon Marie 457 Andrews, Wondo Joyce 456 Androtki, Mary Bush 457, 297 Anthony, Katherine V. 426, 31 3 Anzalone, Arthur A. 457, 333 Arendall, Debro Potter 457, 31 1 Arendall, Jr. Robert A. 426, 400 Argo, III Murray Chesley 426, 343 Argo, III Robert A. 457, 335 Argo, Katherine J. 426 Armbrecht, Katherine H. 457, 313 Armour, Beverly Murray 426 Armstrong, Monica Sue 457 Armstrong, Stephen R. 426, 333 Arnold, Donna Jo 457 Arnold, Elizabeth A. 426, 355 Arnold, Evelyn Virginia 457 Arnold, III Wesley D. 457 Arnold, Linda Christine 426 Aronov, Owen William 457, 353 Ashburn, Vicki Lee 275 Ashcroft, Mary Joanne 457, 295 Ashton, Dorothy Cecilia 426 Askew, Edward Louis 452 Atkeison, Sharon E. 457 Atkins, Danny Dean 426, 315 Atkins, James Gary 343 Atkins, Jerrie Koye 457 Atkinson, Hubert F. 457 AKvell, Paulo Lee 457, 289 Auerboch, Larry Allan 452 Austin, Philip Oliver 457 Austin, Suzanne 457, 327 Avont, Loroine 457 Avery, Carol Ann 457, 375, 31 1 Avery, Louie King 408 Avery, Susan Elizabeth 459, 3 1 3 Axelroth, Joy 457, 342 Aycock, Frank Allen 459 Ayers, Jackie Oral 457 Boors, Frouna McComas 426, 309 Boors, III Theo Dunwody 426, 408 Back, Esther Elaine 457, 341 Backer, Gory Wayne 457, 345 Boerwold, Ross Forney 426 Boggett, Cathy Lynn 457, 355 Boggett, Clint Allen 457, 293 Boggett, Joan Nanette 457, 373, 355 Boggett, Lelond Alonzo 457 Boggett, Lowell Richard 457 Boggett, Rebecca Leo 426 Baggiono, Joseph F. 457, 291 Bagwell, Clifford G. 426, 319 514 Index THE IIOI lOBSS 809 10th Street 9:00-5:30 Monday thru Saturday Ph. 759-U312 Bagwell, David Athely 452 Bogwell, Thomas Lee 457, 339 Bohr, Williom Gregory 457 Boile , Barbara Gail 426 Bailey, Barbara Jane 426, 355 Bailey, Chorles Everett . 457, 319 Boiley, Doriold Leiond 457 Boiley, III Guy Hubert 426 Bailey, III John David 426 Bailey, James Douglas 426, 407 Boiley, Jr. Foster P. 457, 335 Boiley, John 426, 412 Boiley, Jr. Joyce Paul 457, 333 Bailey, Jr. Sherwood R. 457, 299 Boiley, Karen Fon 457 Bailey, Pattie Edith 426, 31 1 Baites, John Edwin 457 Baker, James Dennis 457, 329 Baker, Judy Marie 457 Baker, Linda Joyce 457, 385 Baker, Michael Stanley 458, 323 Baker, Phyllis Ann 458 Bolch, Milton Vance 427 iBolkemo, Jean Dehoon 458 iBoll, Joanne Martin 458 iaollord, Joan Carol 458, 277 Sollord, Linda Irene 458 iollord, Michael Eugene 458, 373, 351 iallord, Somuel Potrick 41 1 iolzli, Mary Borrie 458, 277 lank, James Thorman 362, 458, 353 kink, Joel Martin 458 tanks, Jamie Reynolds 458, 289 )anks, Jessica Anne 458, 313 tanks, Mary Annie 458 kinkston. Undo 427, 289 lonnister, Etelvo Stone 458 kiranski, Linda Lea 427 kirber, Thomas Griffin 427, 287 Kirclift, Sandra Jo 458 arelore, Helen 458, 277 orker, Jill Leslie 458 ornes, Alison Bynum 458 ornes, Betty Kathleen 458 arnes, Billy Michael 427 ornes, Deborah Jeanne 458, 327 ames, John Robert I 458, 337 ornes, Jr. James Murrel 458 ornes, Jr. Sherman P. 458 ames, Jr. William C. 347 Barnes, Susan Moykish 458 Barnes, William Audie 458 Barnett, Jr. Joseph T. 458, 347 Bornett, Keith Winons 407 Barnett, Robert L. 317 Barnett, Sandra Elaine 458, 355 Barr, Brendo Thompson 458, 289 Borr, John David 427, 307 Borr, John Jeffrey 458 Barrentine, Sara Jane 458, 309 Barrett, Paul Thomas 458 Barrett, Robert Carter 452 Barrett, Ronald G. 458, 347 Barron, Marcio Fern 376 Bartlett, Jr. Alfred 458 Bartmess, Nancy Louise 363, 458, 396, 365, 309 Barton, Emily Christine 458, 277 Barton, Jr. William J. 452, 335 Barton, Mary Deborah 458, 289 Barton, Thomas D. 427 Bass, Barbara Lorraine 458 Bass, Richard Edward 458 Bassett, Marvin W. 427 Bossett, Pomelo Parker 458, 295 Boten, Steven Scott 458 Bates, Carolyn Sue 427 Bates, Deborah Gail 458 Bates, Marie Young 458, 295 Bates, Marilyn E. 362 Botts, Phillip Wayne 458, 325 Bauman, Jeffery Daniel 353, 458 Baumon, William Meyer 458, 353 Baumgordner, Kathleen R. 427, 371 Baxley, III William H. 458, 303 Baxley, Mary Carol 458, 363 Baxter, Virginia Kate 458 Beadle, Samuel Gregory 459, 337 Beadles, Kotherine 427, 289 Beol, Donald Morris 408 Seal, Patricio Jane 458, 277 Beole, Stephen Patrick 458 Bean, Potricio Lynn 459, 309 Bean, Terrye Jo 459, 275 Beard, Jeffrey Lynn 376 Beard, Jr. Robert Hugh 427 Beard, Michael Furman 427 Beorden, Cathy Dionne N. 427 B«irden, Jr. John L. 459 Beorden, Martha Ann 459 Beorden, Mary Elizabeth 459 Beasley, Kathryn Ennis 459, 31 1 Beoson, David William 499 Beotty, Charlotte Anne 427 Beouchomp, Annette M. 427, 313 Beouchomp, Kathryn F. 459 Beaulieu Dennis Gerard 459 Beoven, Jr. Horoce H. 427, 299 Beavers, Jr. Charles A. 459, 307 Beck, Drexel 459 Beck, III Rollo Earl 427, 339 Beck, Sarah Wright 459 Becker, Howard Steven 459, 353 Becker, Ricki Lee 459, 301 Beckert, Ann Frederick 459 Beckley, Susan Eleanor 427, 355 Beckwith, Carolyn Anne 459, 285 Beckworth, Ralph Milton 459 Bedford, Wyemo Ann 427 Bedsole, Martha Curry 459, 311 Bedsole, Mary Ann 452 Beech, Gail Lovine 459, 327 Beindorff, Michael A. 459, 307 Bell, Bonne Elizabeth 459 Bell, Deborah Jeanne 459 Bell, John Lawrence 459 Bell, John Robert 459 Bell, Jr. Lewis Ermon 459, 303 Bell, Stephen Richard 376 Bell, Susan Jacqueline 459 Bell, William Kermet 452 Bellenger, Jeanne Carol 459 Bend, Towonda D. 459 Benefield, Dennis W. 459, 323 Benjamin, Frederick S. 363, 459 Bennett, Cherrye Lena 427 Bennett, Deborah Jo 427, 365 Bennett, Emily Ruth 459 Bennett, Jean Cameron 459, 295 Bennett, Leonne 427, 31 1 Bennett, Nancy Louise 427 Bennett, Peggy Simmons 427 Bennett, Suson Short 459, 396, 297 Benson, Carol Ann 459 Benson, Hubert Lee 459 Benson, Theresa Alaine 459 Benton, Gory Joseph 413 Benton, Robert Grady 459, 339 Benton, Torilton E. 452 Bergob, Charles Thomas 427 Bermon, Carol Irene 459 Since 1947 1RL • o Creative S P«rtraitst S 1005-7lh Ave. P.O. Box 2087 Tuscaloosa, Ala. 35401 pm205 7586746 MEMBERS OF THE F T PHONE OAT .9e-30S9 PHONE NIGHT T9« 37«I PN ACCOUNT WITH Tuscaloosa Flower Shop FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS V s Tuscaloosa. Alabama 2127 LniversilN Blvd. i Index 515 JL i latjama W Jfasffiionjf 75S-7553 MESSES SIZE 1 TO 16 PERSONALIZED SERVICE TO EVERY CUSTOMER Visif Our USE vow CHAIMt CARD Pouti ' que Pouboir 1010 8»h AVE. J Phone. 752-7524 1431 PARKVIEW PLAZA Tuscaloosa, Alabama Bern, Greer Lowery 378 Etern, Sue Ann 459, 301 Berns, Robert Michael 459 Berry, Evelyn Levone 427 Berry, Mary Cecil 427, 241, 258, 378, 355 Berry, Patricia Ann 427 Bertolotti, Jr. John E. 427, 399 Besecker, Edward Lee 416 Besser, Ginger Alice 459, 341 Best, Betsy Margaret 459 Best, Dianna Fay 459 Best, George Roger 427 Betbeze, Linda Marie 459 Bethea Mary Virginia 459, 289 Beuerlein, Susan Louisa 459 Beuoy, Susannah Kaye 459, 277 Beville, Lewis Edward 459, 319 Bevington, Priscilla J. 459, 309 Bewley, Violette Jane 460 Bibb, William Kieffer 460 Bice, Anthony Ray 460, 317 Bighorn, Judy Annette 460 Billits, Lawrence T. 427, 335 Bingham, Barbara Diane 427 Bishop, Susan Leigh 460 Bivens, John Alan 427 Bjork, Kirsten Ruth 460 Block, Borden Allyn 460, 309 Black, Claire Alexander 460 Black, Douglas Marcel 427 Block, Ginger Leigh 460, 305 Block, John Travis 427, 293 Block, Jr. James Emmett 460 Block, Patricio Elise 460, 275 Blackburn, Billy Lamon 427 Blockburn, Joseph Dole 460 Blocklock, Jerry Bob 460, 339 Blockmon, William Mack 418 Blackmon, Connie 427 Blackston, Willord Dole 427 Blades, Michael Hyatt 427, 339 Bloir, Joonne Haynes 427 Blair, Jr. Roy Egbert 460, 395 Blair, AAorgoret Dona 460, 31 1 Bloke, Martin Warren 427 Blokney, John Lindsey 460 Blank, Ira Leonard 427, 411 Blozynski, William L. 427 Blocker, Barbara Lee 359 Blount, Jacquelyn Susan 460, 305 Blount, William Bell 460, 363, 343 Blue, Barbara Lynn 460 Blue, III Matthews P. 409 Blum, Sara Denise 460 Blume, Gary Lee 460 Boddie, Juonito Jonelle 460 Bodine, Jr. Grady 460 Bohonnon, Franklin L. 460 Bohorfoush, George F. 460 Bolding, Pamela Koy 460 Bolding, Russell Van 460, 347 Bolin, Susan Dionne 460 Boiling Catherine Dunn 460 Bolt, Raymond Lanier 460, 347 Bolton, Johnny Orin 460, 347 Bomor, Martha Elaine 460 Bond, Richard Lewis 460 Bondi, Diane Marie 460 Bonds, Faye 427 Bonnist, Lucy Margaret 460, 309 Book, Peri Franses 427, 404 Bookout, Daryn Michael 460 Booreom, Cynthia Anne 427, 295 Booth, Robert Andrew 460, 418 Booth, Thomas Warren 427, 317 Boozer, Debra Ann 460 Borders, Grace Shelton 428 Boswell, Daniel Calhoun 460, 335 Bouldin, Jo Anne 460, 355 Bowen, Theresa E. 428 Bowers, Dana Jean 460, 297 Bowers, Dennis Howard 460, 329 Bowers, Noncy Carol 460 Bowles, Nona Marie 460 Bowles, Robert Mark 460 Bowling, Margaret Ann 460, 289 Bowman, S. Dwight 428 Bowron, Clifford Peters 460 Bowron, Margaret Anne 460, 331 Box, Jonie Frances 460 Etoychuck, Paulo Diane 460 Boyd, David Randall 461, 307 Boyd, Delores Rosetta 428, 399 Boyd, Joonn Reynolds 461 Boyd, Ruth Elaine 428, 327 Boyd, Winifred K. 428, 305 Boykin, William Braxton 407 Brobner, Nancy Robin 461 Brobston, Jr. Eugene W. 451, 321 Brockett, Jr. John Henry 461 Brockett, Rosalie J. 428 Brackin, Susan Elaine 461 Bradford, Beverly Ann 461 Bradford, Carolyn 461 Brodley, Charles Keith 461 Bradley, David Lee 428 Bradley, Joe Walton 428, 319 Brodley, Libby Carolyn 428 Bradley, Mory Frances 461 Brodley, Richard Leon 408 Brodshow, Dwight K. 461, 418 Bragg, Debra Ann 461 Bragg, Mary Phyllis 452 Bragg, Susan Elizabeth 461 Bromblett, Jr. James H. 428 Branch, Susan Lorene 461, 305 Branciforte, John T. 428 Brand, James Michoel 428 Brandon, Sandra Beth 461 Brandon, Thomas L. 428 Brondt, Michael Joseph 461, 335 Bronnon, Cynthia G. 461, 277 Brantley, III Joseph K. 428 Brontley, Warren G. 428 Bronum, Suzanne Lee 461 Brasfield, Joyce B. 461 Broswell, Antoinette R. 461, 311 Breckenridge, Sheila 461, 275 Breland, David Joe 461 Breland, Jr. Kenneth R. 461 Brewer, Arthur Bruce 461 Brewer, Jenifer Wren C. 461 Brewton, Wanda Kay 461 Brice, James Walter 428 Brice, Morilois Sloan 428 Brice, Mory-Norvelle 309, 461 Brien, Deborah Ann 461 Briggs, William Watson 461, 303 Bright, William Whitley 428, 335 Brightwell, Jeoneone M. 461, 313 Brignet, Dorothea E. 461 Brignet, Jr. Paul Joffre 461 Brining, Jr. John Martin 428, 413 Brinkmon, Michael Lee 428 Briscoe, James R. 428 Britain, Jr. James Alton 428 Broad, Deborah A. 461 Brock, Borry James 461, 335 Brock, Deborah Koy 461 Brock, Douglas Howard 428 Brock, Nancy Jo 428, 371 Brock, Zondra Korene 428 Bromley, III Claude T. 452, 315 Bronough, Ricklian De 428 Brooks, Michael Allen 461, 291 Brooks, Nell Rose 461 Broughton, Jr. Dunton M. 462 Broughton, Richard E. 462, 307 Broughton, Ruby Adele 461, 313 Browder, Jr. Herbert E. 461, 291 Browder, Jr. Roy Richard 408 Brower, Carl Timmons 461 Brown, Allen Gregg 337 Brown, Bessie Sharon 462 Brown, Bruce Whitoker 428, 343 Brown Charles Kenner 461 Brown, Chorlynn 461 Brown, David Long 461 Brown, Deborah Anne 428, 327 Brown, Donna Jean 461 Brown, Donno Jo 461 Brown, Guenda Iris 461 Brown, III Alton Rives 461, 317 Brown, III John Newton 461 Brown, James William 428 Brown, Johnny Garfield 461 Brown, Jonathan A. 462, 335 Brown, Jr. Calvert Hill 428 Brown, Jr. Ernest Leiand 462 Brown, Jr. Roy Hubert 462 Brown, Linda Christine 428 Brown, Linda Koy 462 Brown, Margaret Lillian 428 Brown, Nancy 462, 355 Brown, Regina 462, 31 1 Brown, Sarah Ruth 462 Brown, Suson Carol 462 Browning, Rhonda Sheryl 428 Broytes, Carolyn Brown 428 Broyles, George David 452 Bruce, Ann Patricio 462 Brumbock, Cathy Jean 462, 289 Bruner, Lenora Ann 462, 327 Bruner, Leon Earl 462 Bruner, Linda Corol 462 Bruner, Phillip Beachum 462 Brunner, Rickie Louise 462 Bruno, Ronald Gregory 462, 315 516 Index Brunsvold, Loran Larry 428 Bruizes , Anne Gilbert 462, 777 Bryan, Claude Gilley 462, 323 Bryan, Thomas 408 Bryon, Janet Evelyn 462 Bryan, Lynn 462, 289 Bryan, Randal Edward 462 Bryan, Thomas Eugene 462, 343 Bryant, Barbara Jean 462 Bryant, Cello Ann 462, 289 Bryant, David Alan 462 Bryant, Elizabeth Ann 422 Bryont, Lois Marie 462 Bubis, Linda Ann 462, 301 Bubke, Anno Marie 457 Bucher, Martha Louise 462, 311, 396, 255 Buckley, Mark Leon 428 Buerger, Koron Rebecca 462 Bufford, Nancy 428 Bugg, III Samuel Roy 462, 345 Bugg, Jr. Bill Knight 462, 337 Bullock, Stanley Wayne 462 Bumpers, Iris Down 462, 275 Bundy, Leslie Ann 462, 277 Burchfield, Terry L. 428, 416 Burdette, Miriam P. 462 Burford, Ben Allen 462, 303 Burgess, James H. 462, 343 Burgess, Jr. Charles M. 462, 343 Burke, Lucindo Anne 462 Burke, Paulette Ruth 462, 285 Burke, Susan Elizabeth 462 Burks, Edward Alan 462, 339 Burks, Margaret Ann 462, 309 Burks, Mary Lou 428, 309 Burleson, William F. 428 Burnett, Jr. Ralph E. 422 Burnett, Phyllis Jean 428 Burnette, Samuel Eugene 462 Burns, Ethel C. 462 Burns, James Alan 463 Burnum, Carol Celeste 463, 31 1 Burnum, Susan Lillian 428, 31 1 Burroughs, Judy Fowler 428 Burroughs, Mary 413, 313 Burton, Ann Hunter 463, 277 Busby, Michael Eugene 463 Bush, Joe Re id 463 Bush, Jr. James Arnold 428 Bush, Lano Ruth 463, 275 Bush, Terry Tumlin 452 Bush, Thomas Wells 428, 303 Butler, Bari Gray 463 Butler, Jeannie Carol 463 Butler, Kothie Lynn 463 Buttrom, Maxie Wayne 408 Buzochero, Victor V. 462, 3 1 7 Byars, Debro Leigh 463, 289 Byars, Lynette Marie 428 Bye, Steven Raynor 429, 303 Byers, Miriam Celio 463 Byington, Jr. William 463, 368 Bynum, Ronald Rex 429, 376 Bynum, Stanley David 408 Byrd, Albert Douglas 463, 329 Byrd, Mary Wallace 463, 331 Byrd, Robert Allan 463 Byrne, III Glodin Scott 463 Index 517 Downtown Tuscaloosa Caddell, Cathy Leigh 463 Cade, Judith Elaine 463 Caffey, Margaret Lee 463, 309 Coffey, Patricia 372 Cagle, David Burke 429, 323 Cagle, Karon Sherree P. 463 Cohill, Michael Warren 463 Coin, Fronkie Sharon 429 Cain, Irene Davis 452 Coin, Jerry Lynn 452, 329 Cain, Mory Sue 452 Caldwell, James Daniel 429, 303 Coldwell, Jr. Harry E. 463, 335 Caldwell, Jr. William P. 463, 323 Caley, Thomos Franklin 463 Calhoun, Drucilla P. 463, 297 Colix, Jr. Arthur A. 429 Callohom, Michael Lee 463 Collahan, Dennis 463, 409 Calloway, Nancy Kay 429, 327 Callaway, Suson Lynne 463, 327 Collen, III George M. 463 Callowoy, Hubert Clyde 408 Colvert, Rebecca Marie 463 Cameron, Carolyn C. 463, 289 Cameron, Dennis Roy 463 Cameron, Jr. Joseph H. 429 Cameron, Tom Owen 429 Camp, Jr. John Harold 452 Camp, Marcio Gwen 463 Campbell, Cecilia 429 Campbell, Cecil Warren 410, 285 Campbell, Dennis 41 1 Campbell, Elisabeth W. 463, 295 Campbell, Frances K. 452 Campbell, James Terry 463, 293 Campbell, Jr. Stewart 463, 337 Campbell, Mary Ruth 463, 297 Campbell, Michael G. 463, 299 Campbell, Regina Myron 429 Canada, Carl Ritchey 463 Canfield, Charlotte S. 463 Cannon, Becky Bryan 463, 355 Cannon, Pamela 463, 285 Cannon, Rita Elizabeth H. 429 Connova, Mary Rose 463 Cantley, III Donald A. 429, 351 Contrell, Brenda Kay 463 Cantrell, Carol Lojune 463 Contrell, Mary Lou 463, 295 Conzoneri, Faye Lillian 463, 327 Capeloto, Eleanor Ann 464, 301 Copeloto, II Albert D. 463, 353 Copilouto, David Franco 429, 353 Copuzzo, Paul Richard 464 Card, Maura Geneva 464 Caretti, Jr. James S. 429 Corey, John Anthony 464, 323 Carlisle, Roy Wilbur 464, 337 Carlton, Amelia Frances 464 Carlton, Terry Lee 408 Cormack, Sandra Gail 464, 305 Cormichoel, Constance L. 464, 309 Cormichoel, Lorry 400 Cormichoel, Linda C. 429 Carnes, Edward Earl 394 Carnes, Robert William 464 Corolhers, Constonce J. 429 Carpenter, Bertha Dean 464 Carpenter, Jefferson B. 376 Carpenter, Jr. Robert H. 429, 333 Carpenter, Roy Thomas 464, 287 Carr, Anne Louise 464, 355 Correll, Peggy Sue 464, 382 Carroll, Cindy Kay 464 Carroll, Dennis Richard 464 Carroll, Henry Holmes 464, 335 Carroll, Linda Kay 464 Carroll, Mortho V. 464 Corroll, Michael J. 464, 329 Carroll, Soroh Jane 464, 327 Carson, Richard W. 429 Cortee, Ronald Frank 399 Carter, Eleanor Jane 464, 311 Carter, Gloria Koye 464, 277 Carter, Joe Michael 464 Corter, Patricia Lola 464, 277 Carter, Rtlous James 464 Carter, Robert Miles 464, 287 Carter, Sandra Foye 429 Cartwright, III Bradley 464, 307 Carver, Marcio Ellen 463 Cash, Jerauld Wayne 376 Cosh, Morhsoll Wayne 429 Coskey, Jr. Robert G. 416, 418 Casmus, Douglas Paul 360 Cassody, William Earle 464, 303 Cossels, Williom Henry 464 Costogno, Joseph A. 429 Castine, Victoria Lynn 464 Castle, Barbara Lynn 464 Cater, Jr. Wiley F. 464 Cotlin, Thomas Woodson 429, 325 Catrino, Moryonne 464, 248, 382, 289 Coughron, Corl Wiley 464, 291 Causey, Sharon L. 429 Causey, Wayne 410 Couthen, Linda Jane 464 Cowthon, Chorles S. 464 Cowthon, Potty Williams 464 Cervantes, Wolter 429, 349 Chaffee, Debro Ann 464 Chofin, Larry West 464 Chombers, Foith Carol 464 Chambers, Linda Joyce 464 Chomblee, Ronald Eugene 429 Chance, Donnie Hoyt 464 Chandler, Doris E. 464 Chandler, Michael 418 Chandler, Pomelo 464, 331 Chaney, Stonley Lomor 429 Chang, Feng Cheng 410, 409 Chopman, Corl Franklin 464 Chapman, Donald Alan 464 Chapman, Florrie Lou 382 Chopmon, Gory James 429 Chopmon, II Williom T. 429 Chapman, Jr. James Earl 429, 315 Chopmon, Jr. William L. 464 Chapman, Kotherine 429 Choppell, Connie Jean 464, 355 Choppell, Thomos M. 464 Choppelle, Allan 363 Choppelle Lillian Lee 464, 289 Choson, Allan Richard 429, 293 Chenoult, III William L. 452 Chenoweth, Margaret 465, 309 Chiepolich, Mario Jane 429, 407, 410, 409 Childress, Doris Lynn 465 Childs, Croig Dudley 465 Childs, II Jock Forrest 429 Childs, Jr. Robert F. 452 Childs, Lorry Brittoin 465, 363 Childs, Poul Collier 465, 337 Chillingworth, Nancy H. 465, 309 Chittum, Constance E. 465 Cho Kyu Kob 452 Chorbo, Jr. Joseph John 465 Chromer, Scott A. 465 Christ, Deborah Theresa 465 Christian, Margaret H. 429 Christino, Naomi Lee 465 Christionsen, Cynthia A. 465, 309 Christopher, James D. 465, 333 Christopher, Pomelo 465, 289 Christopher, Sandro Koy 429 Christopher, Stephen 413 Christy, Joyce Elaine 465 Chumley, Cynthia Jane 465 Clonohon, Hazel Ann 465 Clonton, Beverly Jo 465 Clork, Cotherine Lyn 465, 247 Clark, Charles F. 465 Clork, Deborah Reynolds 465 Clork, III Foster L. 465, 293 Clark, III James G. R. 465 Clark, John Howard 465, 293 Clark, Mark Dale 465, 293 Clark, Soroh Louiso 429 Clark, Stephenson T. 429 Clark, Wondo Koy 465 ! Clay, Anita Jo 429 Cloy, Helen Noble 465, 309 Cloy, Susan Florence 429 Clayton, Mary Neely 465, 327 Clayton, Ronnie Joe 465 Cleino, Williom Henry 429 Clem, Jr. Thomas Melvin 465 Clem, Richard Kirk 465 Clement, Jr. William J. 429, 307 Clement, More Roy 465 Clements, Abie C. 465 Clements, Jr. Robert L. 429, 361, 394, 339 Clements, Willie E. 465 Clemmons, Martha Ann 429 demons, Judith Bryant 429, 378, 295 demons, Linda Lee 465 Clifford, Paul Edward 465, 335 Clokey, Carol Pho 465, 313 Cloninger, Karl Warren 465, 287 Cloud, Susan Louise 399 Clouse, Mory Kotherine 465 Clowdus, Betty Gene 465 Clowdus, Shorron Anita 465 Clower, Connie 465, 327 Cooker, Clarence Eugene 465 Coots, Jr. William 465, 372, 339 Cobb, Corinno Trotter 465, 295 Cobb, III Henry Hammond 401, 429, 345 Cobb, Jeonine Koy 465, 309 Cobb, John Randall 465, 343 Cobb, Mary Jane 465, 297 Cobble, Charlotte L. 429 Cobern, Marvin Clinton 429 Cochran, Joseph Leon 465 Cochrane, Emily Leach 465, 405, 289 Cochrane, Torrey J. 430 Cocker, Timothy Lynn 466, 345 Cockrell, Debra Jane 466, 289 Codd, Karen 466 Cody, Elizabeth Embry 466, 275 Coffman, Monion M. 430, 321 Coggin, John Franklin 466, 335 Cohen, Ross Neil 466, 399, 353 Cohen, Terri Liso 466, 341 Cokely, Debs Donald 376 Coker, Gerald Jones Lee 408 Coker, Henry Benjamin 466 Colburn, Michael Means 466, 335 Cole, Anno Claire 466 Cole, Bobby Ray 466 Cole, III Herbert P. 466, 351 Cole, Jacqueline Ann 466, 301 Cole, James Lenwood 466 Coleman, Jerry Lone 430 Coleman, Sharon Ruth 466, 419 Coleman, Thomas Henry 466 Coleman, Valerie Marie 466 Colley, Condoce Lee 466 Colley, Dennis James 466 Colley, Mary Constance 466, 31 1 Collier, Charles Clork 452 Collier, Nathan Bernard 430 Collier, Rita Whorton 452 " « Index r ff iiiiiifiif I ■■■■■■■■■■■■- im:n:i a ir A «c i ;ii;i XV XWEl£RS_ Jewelers Since 1893 GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION Diamonds Silverware Jewelry Crystal Lamps Montgomery 4, Alabama Watches China cbRNER; The Students Choice TUSCALOOSA ALA. JOHN M. PURYEAR OWNER Charge Accounts Welcome I Collins, Beth Melindo 466 Collins, Cherryl Ann 430 Collins, Dona Morion 452 Collins, Mory M. 430 Collins, Melissa Joyce 466, 289 Colquett, Jerry K. 430 Colston, Regino 466 Colvert, Kenneth Linn 466 Commander, David Miller 466 Conditt, Margaret Karen 466, 297 Condilt, Patricia Jo 466, 297 Condro, Cynthia A. 430, 289 Conley, Ralph Michael 466, 315 Conley, Susan Margaret 466, 31 1 Conn, Glen Mollis 466 Conner, David V. 430, 409 Conner, Kenneth Paul 430 Connolly, David 41 1 Conte, Gaeton Vincent 430 Contri, Rosemary 466, 396, 365, 275 Converse, Valery A. 466, 31 1 Conway, Rebecca Ann 466 Conyers, Donna Joyce 430 Conyers, IV Samuel E. 466, 337 Cook, Ann Marie 466 Cook, Janet Lee 466 Cook, Jr. Milford Manly 466, 293 Cook, Reto Kay 466 Cook, Samuel McPherson 430 Cooley, Jr. Hugh L. 430, 329 Cooney, Pomelo Jane 466 Cooper, Amanda Morton 466 Cooper, Christina 466, 289 Cooper, John Marshall 466, 287 Cooper, Jr. Edwin Walker 466, 335 Cooper, Kathleen C. 466, 295 Cooper, Michael Moyt 466 Cooper, Patricio Diane 466 Cooper, Robert 408 Cooper, Susan Yvonne 466 Cooper, William Earl 430, 347 Copelond, Geoffrey H. 466, 287 Copeland, Joseph R. 466, 317 Copelond, Walter Denton 467, 323 Coppedge, Wayne Leon 430 Corbitt, Nanette 467, 275 Corder, Brenda Savage 430 Corder, Larry Wayne 430 Cork, Janet Marie 467 Corlew, Carole Ann 467 Coriey, Charles Donald 430, 358 Index 519 Corley, Jr. Jim Stewart 363 Cornelius John Errol 430, 363, 335 Cornett, Phyllis Evelyn 467 Corrigon Noro Webster 467, 289 Corrigan, Steven E. 430, 333 Corry, Mary Jo 467 Corwin, III Paul C. 467, 337 Cory, Linda Claire 430 Cosper, Eric Milner 430 Cothron, Charles Melvin 467 Cothrum, Clara Sherlene 467 Cottle, Lawrence Dubose 452 Cotton, Patricia 467 Couch, Janie Maxsine 430, 331 Couch, Mary Ann 430, 331 Counts, Rebecca Lew 467 Courtney, James Willie 467 Covert, Larry Paul 467, 409 Covert, Linda Leah 467 Cowley, Ann Louise 467 Cowley, Stephen Patrick 430, 347 Cox, Alyce Yorke 467, 31 1 Cox, Catherine Irene 430 Cox, David Wilson 467, 293 Cox, Jr. Leiand M. 430 Cox, Jr. Raymond Foy 467, 321 Cox, Jr. Thomas Blair 430, 293 Cox, Kenneth Larry 409 Cox, Laura Sue 467 Cox, Martha Bradshaw 467 Cox, Melinda Grace 467, 275 Cox, Michael Dale 430 Cox, Shalah Margaret 467, 309 Cox, William Jackson 467, 321 Crabtree, Jean Esther 430 Craddock, Carolyn Edith 467, 295 Craig, David Arnold 467 Craig, Mary Landis 467, 289 Craig, Milton Larry 430 Craig, Richard Neely 430 Cramer, Craig Alan 467, 343 Crondall, Carol Ann 467, 277 Crane, Joseph Randall 467 Crane, Jr. Frank Cloyd 467 Crawford, Cherry C. 467 Crawford, Glennis S. 467 Crawford, Joyce L. 452 Crawford, Patricia Ann 419 Crayton, Corin e Brenda 467 Creekmore, Danny Lee 467, 323 Creel, Beverly Carol 467, 373 Creel, Kothy Jaye 467 Creel, Pat 430, 404 Creel, Terry Michael 467 Crocker, Jr. Charles M. 430, 410 Crocker, Mary Elizabeth 467 Crocker, Thomas William 430 Croft, Curtis Russell 407 Croft, Johnnie Diane 467 Crofton, Arthur Feagin 467 Croker, Charlotte Ann 467 Crook, Alfred Marshall 430, 307 Crosby, Kotherine F. 430, 297 Cross, Avo Lynn 452 Cross, Douglas Edward 430, 347 Cross, II Charles D. 467, 343 Cross, Peggi Joyce 467 Cross, Richard Goso 467, 347 Cross, Sandra Campbell 467 Crossley, Hugh David 467, 408 Crosslin, William T. 467 Crosswhite, Thomas Roy 467, 339 Crosta, John Morton 467 Crouch, Amanda Anne 468 Crouse, David Barr 355 Crow, Jerry Donna 468, 275 Crowe, Anthony Jerome 468 Crowley, David A. 452 Crowley, Suzanne 404 Crowson, Roger Dale 411, 408 Crum, George Barton 430, 343 Crump, Leia Douglas 468, 289 Crute, Jr. Charles A. 468 Culberson, Charles W. 430, 349 Culberson, James R. 430, 303 Culpepper, Ed 399 Culpepper, James E. 468, 413 Culpepper, Marshall W. 468 Culver, Sally Ann 468, 295 Cummans, George David 468, 293 Cummings, III Charles H. 430 Cummings, III Marl M. 468, 339 Cummins, Jr. Curtis L. 430, 351 Cunningham, Elizabeth C. 468, 289 Cunningham, June Rose 468 Cunningham, Kay Maree 468 Cunningham, Larry Glenn 430, 408 Currie, Martha Ellen 430 Curry, Burton King 468, 321 Curry, Frank Ragan 468, 321 Curry, William Alton 430, 315 Curtis, Alan Ellis 464, 343 Curtis, Richard Alan 410 Cutting, Richard Allan 468 520 Index THE SHOP Fine Apparel for Men Downtown Plozo Tuscaloosa, Ala. Volore Clubman Enro Impulse Forum Wright Male Liberty Dobbs, Mary Kathryn 468 3ade, Stephen Wesley 360 3agen, James Douglas 468 Sahike, Mary Alice 468, 313 )ahmen David Atherton 430, 327 3ambach, Dale Lynn 468 Daniel, James Davidson 468, 327 Joniel, Martha Sherrill 468 )aniell, James Robert 430 Oaniels, Helen Suzanne 468, 331 )anis, Kenneth William 468, 418 anner, Gail Ann 468, 331 )arden, Margaret Nadine 431 )ark, Phillip Franklin 468, 345 aussman, Judith Ann 431 avenport, Sally Louise 431 avidson, Denise A. 468, 275 lovidson, Jennifer Jo 468, 275 avidson, Margaret S. 431 ovies, Robert Thomas 468, 287 lavis, Barbara Anne 468, 355 avis, Brenda Burns 431 lavis. Dole Lynn 468, 275 lavis, David Hardy 468 ' avis. Donna Gayle 431, 275 ' avis. Donna Kim 468 ■ovis, Donna Roy 468, 305 avis, Elizabeth Thorpe 431 avis, Forrest Ray 468 avis, Freddie Eorl 347 avis, Harvey Stephen 468 avis. III Potrick W. 469, 291 avis. III William A. 452 avis. Jama Lynn 468 avis, James Dale 468 ovis, Jane Georgion 468 ovis, Janet A. 468, 275 ovis, Jim 418 avis, Jr. Ben Reeves 468, 327 ovis, Jr. Frederick H. 468 ovis, Jr. Max Reid 431, 409 avis, Jr. Robert Lorry 469 avis, Kotheryn Lyie 468 avis. Lorry Stewart 468 Davis, Mary Alice 378, 275 Davis, Mary Smither 468 Davis, Patricia Leigh 431, 295 Davis, Shedric Lee 469 Davis, Terry Ashby 376 Davis, Theresa Moe 469 Davis, Thomas Gary 469, 317, 315 Davis, Timothy Bledsoe 469, 337 Davis, Walter Allen 452 Dawson, Ira Lee 469 Day, Ernest Carroll 469, 314 Day, Georgia Frances 469, 355 Day, Jr. Lawrence Wesley 4 1 1 Deal, Foye Carolyn 375, 469, 396 Dean, Melissa Elizabeth 469 Dean, Vernelda Ann 469 Debter, Ronald Edmond 469, 413 Dees, Plia 431 Deese, Janice Marie 419 Degruy Kenneth Verloin 469 Deitz, Edward Taylor 469 Deitz, Stephen Rudder 345 Deljudice, Sandra Kay 469 Deloney, Jr. Richard E. 431 Dempsey, III Harry Y. 431, 343 Dendy, Walter Pearson 469, 335 Dennis, Benjamin D. 431, 323 Dennis, Rose Catherine 469, 327 Denniston, Dwain C. 431, 299 Dent, Joan Elizabeth 469 Derington, Nancy Ann 469 Derzis, Jr. Peter N. 469, 347 Detontis, Ted C. 469 Deslattes, Douglas Lee 431 Dessert, Margaret Irene 469 Deuel, Allen Callahan 469 Deupree, Cathy Louise 469, 277 Deupree, Jr. Richard C. 469 Devoney, Robert Edward 469 Dewitt, Stephen Paul 469, 317 Deyoung, Mary Lynn 469 Diamond, Michael Joseph 317, 469 Dick, Charles Joseph 431 Dickerson, Fonda Storks 452 Dickson, Dorothy F. 469 Dickson, Sandra Ann 469, 327 Diffrient, Amanda Ruth 469 Diliberto, Anthony S. 469 Dillard, Bruce Lee 431, 373, 303 Dilworth, John Wayne 452 Dineley, Virginia M. 469 Dinges, Linda Margaret 469 Dinges, Stephen Eorl 431 Dinning, Sharon Mayes 469, 297 Dipiazza, Richard 469 Dispenett, Mickey Alton 469 Ditoro, Colette Jane 469, 305 Dixie, Luverne Mercedes 431 Dixon, Thomas Albert 469, 299 Dobbs, Judy Gayle 469 Dobson, Jr. James W. 431, 412 Dodson, Howard Bryan 469, 413 Dodson, Janet Carol 469, 305 Dodson, Karia Lynn 431, 297 Dodson, Michael Gary 469, 335 Doherty, Michelle L. 359 Dominick, Susan Canon 431, 313 Donahue, Joseph Thomas 469, 372, 315 Donald, Jr. John Watson 431, 299 Donaldson, Susan J. 469, 355 Donaldy, Rebecca Murray 452 Donnahoo, Larry Dale 470, 293 Donovan, Deborah Ann 469 Donovan, Linda Carolyn 470 Dorough, Martha Louise 470 Dorrough, David Lee 470 Doss, George Marvin 452, 4 1 3 Doss, Helen Louise 470, 373, 313 Dotson, Donna Jo 468, 297 Dotzheimer, Jane Ellen 431 Dotzheimer, Linda Lee 431 Douglas, Doris Joan 431, 285 Douglas, John Arthur 408 Douglas, Sandra Owens 431 Douglass, Patricia K. 470, 311 Dowdle, Henry Davis 470, 335 Dowe, Kelly 470, 31 1 Dowling, Evelyn Joyce 470 Index S3I Dowling, Sally Ann 470, 331 Downey, Martha Ann 470, 297 Downs, Jr. Bernard B. 470, 299 Downs, Thomas Dennis 401 Drake, Joseph 470 Drennon, Catharine W. 470 Drew, Elizabeth Tyler 470, 31 3 Driscoll, Barbara Jane 470, 331 Driscoll, Mary E. 470 Driver, Jr. Charles B. 470, 327 Drummond, Teresa Jo 470, 297 Dube, Roger Maurice 431 Dubois, William Bentley 470 Dubose, Donald Terry 431 Dubose, Terry Phillip 376 Duffee, III Cecil G. 470, 319 Duffee, Stephen M. 470, 319 Duke, Barbara Ann 470 Dumas, Constance Ann 470, 313 Dumont, Dan 431, 299 Dunogan, Patrick Edward 452 Dunavant, Lynn Forrest 470 Duncan, Cheryl Mayo 470 Duncan, Marian Annabel 431 Duncan, Mary Catherine 470 Duncan, Pamela Elaine 431, 275 Duncan, Phyllis Ann 470, 275 Dunn, Brendo Kay 470 Dunn, Dolores Ann 452 Dunn, Kathryn Emerick 470, 301 Dunn, Ronald Daryl 431 Dunn, Vickie Regina 470 Durant, Debra Gay 470, 331 Duren, Jr. Jomes Harvey 431 Duren, Rodney P. 470 Dutt, Kathleen Louise 431 Dutton, Johnny Glenn 470 Duval, Frank Corios 431, 315 Duval, Jamie Lee 470, 313, 309 Duvall, Dorthea Lee 431 Dwyer, Dionne Michele 470, 31 1 Dyol, Damoris 470, 297 Dyar, Carol Jean 431, 405, 404, 275 Dyas, Susan Porkhouse 431 Dye, Michael Adrian 431 Dykes, Franklin B. 470 Dyson, Jonie Faye 452 Dziak, Chorlene 470,297 Eariey I Toni Kay 431, 355 Earnest, James Bythel 452 Earnest, Vicki Leigh 470 Earnhardt, III Robert W. 470 Eason, Carolyn Ann 431 Easterwood, Mary Jane 470, 305 Eatmon, Jr. Paul Norwood 470 Eberts, William Leonard 470 Echols, Charlotte 470 Echols, Edward Glen 376 Echols, Martha Sherrill 431 Eddings, Michael R. 470, 287 Eddins, Gloria Sharmon 431, 289 Edge, Robert Edward 470, 315 Edwards, Ellen Viola 431 Edwards, Helen Antonio 432, 415 Edwards, Jackie Lee 470, 277 Edwards, Jane Allen 431 Edwards, Jean Marie 432, 289 Edwards, Jenniger Jean 470 Edwards, Jr. Donald A. 431 Edwards, Linda Diann 470 Edwards, Sally Lynn 471 , 277 Edwards, Stephen H. 432 Ehlers, Iris Cornelia 471 , 355 Eich, Joan Nicholson 452, 419 Eilond, Rebecca 432 Elom, Vickl Dawn 471 Elder, Jr. Lee Dwoin 471 Elder, Martha Jane 471 Elijah, Charles Ronald 471 , 343 Elkourie, Paul F. 452 Elliott, Darrell Wayne 432 Elliott, Jacquelyn 471, 355 Elliott, Jennie Sue 432 Elliott, Michael Pierce 471 Elliott, Robert Larry 471 , 303 Ellis, Carolyn Elaine 471 Ellis, Charles Michael 471 Ellis, IV Benjamin W. 471 Ellis, Jr. David Leon 471 Ellison, Grace Maude 471 Ellsworth, Mary L. 432, 313 Elmore, Kate Durr 471, 311 Emblom, Deborah Anne 471 Emerson, Virginia Ann 471, 289 Emfinger, Michael O. 471, 337 Emfinger, Patricia E. 432 Emmons, Clarke William 471 , 327 Engeman, Karen Roe 471 England, Cheryl Ann 471 England, Gary William 471, 303 English, Alison lone 432, 419 English, Edward Allen 409 English, Tommie Gail 432, 313 English, Wynonda Joy 47 f Engstrand, David A. 471 Ennis, Robert Larry 432, 28 Enslen, John E. 452 Entrekin, James Lowell 471, 335 Enzor, Celestine 471 , 327 Epperson, Janice G. 471, 309 Erb, Mary Jane 471 Espy, Jr. Collier Hollan 432, 394, 343 Espy, William Grigg 432 Estes, Emily Ruth 432 Etheredge, Deborah Kaye 432 Etheridge, Marilyn V. 471 Elhridge, Charles Lewis 471 Euler, Russell Nelson 452 Evans, Anita Joyce 471 , 277 Evans, Donna Lynn 471 Evans, Elizabeth Ann 432, 289 Evans, III Roy Gaston 452 522 Index Evans, Jame Gary 471 Evans, Olon N al 471 , 383 Evans, Patricia Gross 432 Evans, Peggy Ann 432 Evans, Stephanie Ann 432, 355 Evans, Tipton Hamlin 471, 343 Everett, Robert Nathan 432, 317 Everett, Sara Lillian 471 , 405 Eyster, Katharine Ann 432, 295 Ezekiel, Melissa Ruth 471 Foireloth, Dorothy V. 471, 309 Falkner, John Roland 471, 303 Fallon, Cathy Irene 471 Fanning, Arkie Dean 471 Fanning, Roland Ray 432 Former, Dona Ruth 471, 275 Farmer, Fred Ray 432 Farmer, James Davis 471, 337 Farror, Janis Carolyn 471, 355 Farrell, Dorothy Louise 471 Farrell, Maura Jane 432 Farrior, Mary Edna 471 Farris, Jr. Wallace Wade 471 , 347 farris, Mary Melissa 471 , 275 rast, Marsha llene 471 , 301 =aucett, Jr. Amburs M. 432 ■aught, Joe Kerry 432 -aulkner, Martha Goyle 472 -aulkner, Virginia L. 472 =aust, Paul Randall 432 -oust, Shoron Lee 472 =ayard, Gary Preston 472, 343 -eagin, Beverly Ann 472, 295 -eogin, John Douglas 335 reagin, Jr. Charles A. 472, 335 reozell, Lorry Joe 472 rehler, Martha Allison 472 reinstein, Sandra Dana 472, 301 ' eld, Louis B. 452 eldmon, David Gary 472 elkins, Robert Steve 472 Ferguson, James F. 472, 287 Ferguson, Jr. Neil wylie 432, 408 Ferguson, Susan Giles 355 Ferguson, Suzanne 472 Ferlisi, Angela Michael 432 Ferniony Isaac William 472 Ferrell, William Edward 472, 303 Fetner, Charles Anthony 432 Fichtner, Monica Inge 432 Fidler, Jr. George A. 407, 408 Field, Karen Louise 472, 331 Fields, Thomas Fred 472, 293 Fikes, David Howell 472, 347 Fikes, Debra Jane 472 Finch, Susan 432, 404, 295 Findlay, Jr. John D. 432 Finkel, Marion Susan 472, 301 Finklea, Mary Leewynn 432, 277 Finlen, Frances Louise 472 Finley, Jamie Lou 472 Finley, Jr. James B. 472 Finn, Patricio Ann 472 Finnell, III Edward 409 Finney, David William 472, 287 Finney, Mory Jane 432, 313 Finocchio, Cecilia M. 472, 309 Fishbein, Cossie Gwen 432 Fisher, Kothryn Elaine 472, 277 Fisher, Lynna Jonette 472, 285 Fitzgerald, Robert Earl 432 Fitzpatrick, Bonnie 432 Flanagan, Horry Burton 452 Fleming, John Steven 472, 307 Fleming, Linda Faye 432, 285 Fleming, Meredith M. 378 Fleming, Wayne Greer 472, 303 Fletcher, Charles R. 472, 321 Flowers, Aliceanne 472 Flowers, Jock Stephen 472, 363, 343 Flowers, Lewis Don 408 Flowers, Miriam Mark 472, 341 Flowers, Ronald Wayne 472, 347 Flowers, Sandra 401, 331 Floyd, Bonnie Kay 432 Followill, David F. 432, 351 Fomlnaya, Deidre Maria 472 Forbus, Trino 472, 277 Ford, Edgar 452 Ford, III Raymond Ellis 472 Ford, Victoria I. 472, 285 Fordhom, Marilyn Sue 432 Forlines, Jomes Earl 410 Forman, Pamela Coffee 472 Forsyth, Mary Allen 432, 373 Forsythe, Julio b. 472 Fortner, Sally Clair 472, 327 Fortner, Thomas Milford 432 Foshee, Fronkie Sue 472, 378, 31 1 Foster, Avelyn Jones 432 Foster, Douglas Byron 432, 343 Foster, Gory C. 432 Foster, Glindo Jeon 472 Foster, Gregory Young 432 Foster, James Philip 472, 307 Foster, Jean Elizabeth 472 Foster, Randy Paul 472 Fountain, John Ernst 472, 299 Fountain Penny J. 432, 297 Fourroux Sharon Lynn 432, 277 Fourt, R. A. 472, 303 Fouts, Thomas Alvin 473 Fowler, Joe Spencer, 473 Fowler, Jr. Conrad M. 452 Fox, Roger Wayne 473 Frank, Sharon Jone 473 Franklin, David Byrd 473, 303 Franklin, Joseph M. 433, 299 Franklin, Kathy Ann 473 Franklin, Lynn Adoire 473 Franklin, Patricio L. 473, 397 Franks, John Clark 452 Frosier, Susan Parker 473 Frozier Jr. Robert W. 433, 343 Frozier, Mory Frances 473 Frozier, Rosemary Moore 452 Frozier, Sondro Jean 473 Frozier, Stevie Gerald 473, 323 Frederick, Jr. Augustus 473 Frederick, Patrick D. 433, 349 Free, Myrtle Volcine 473 Index 533 Cut Flowers " Say it with Flowers " from THE BLOSSOM SHOPPE " Your Friendly Florist " We wire flowers anywhere MEMBER OF F.T.D. and FLOROFAX 2406 University Blvd. Phone 758-7492 Decorations Corsages Student Discount Prices Freed, Debbie Sue 473 FreenKon, James Alan 433 Freeman, Jr. Jacob Rist 433, 335 Freeman, Margaret Jo 473, 233 Freeman, Mark Ann 473, 375, 31 1 French, Annette Leigh 473, 285 French, Dori Mori 473, 285 Friday, Edward Carney 410 Friedlander, Gail Ruth 433 Fris, Margaretta H. 473, 397, 275 Frisaro, Leonard A. 433 Fuhr, James William 433, 347 Fuhr, Janet Catherine 473, 309 Fuksman, Roslyn Jean 473 Fuller, Cecil Randolph 473 Fuller, III George E. 433, 347 Fulmer, Mary Lynne 473, 309 Funderburg, Craig S. 473 Funk, Patricio Colleen 473 Fuquo, Kevin John 473, 307 Gaddis, Thomas G. 473 Gaddy, Lynda Corene 473 Godel, Clare Lenore 473, 331 Goggstotter, Ellen J. 473, 341 Gainer, Gregory M. 408 Gaines, Haden Jones 473, 297 Golbroith, Georganne 473, 289 Galbroith, George Locke 453 Gollman, Iva Jane 473 Galloway, Robert Edward 473 Galloway, Robert M. 473, 351 Galloway, Robert M. 432 Galvin, Kathleen P. 426, 382 Gonn, Horace Don 473 Gann, III James G. 473, 293 Gonn, Mary Condoce 433 Gantt, Karlo Denise 473, 309 Gontt, Wayne D. 433, 335 Gorber, Michael Stephen 473 Gardner, Beth Ellen 473, 289 gordner, Charles Edwin 473, 347 Garland, Donna Lee 473, 289 Garner, Diane Clair 473 Garner, Jaime Alison 473, 305 Gamer, Janice McLain 473 Gamer, Steven Earl 473, 315 Gamier, Lydio Mario 473 Garrett, Dionne 473, 331 Garrett, Ginger Ellen 474, 31 1 Garrett, Leslie Ann 433, 327 Garrison, Edward Dent 474, 343 Garrison, Mary Kathryn 433 Garzorek, Robert P. 433, 415 Gaskin, Constance Marie 474 Gaskins, Doris Jo 474 Gattis, Jr. James Edward 474 Gaubert, Leonise Mary 433, 305 Gauldin, Mickey Gregory 410 Geasland, Rhonwyn 474, 277 Gee, Michael Hayes 474 Gehlen, Deboroh Ann 453, 246, 378, 313 George, Frances Miller 474, 295 Gewin, Henry C. 474, 339 Giardino, Don Joseph 474 Gibson, Cohrlotte Ann 474, 305 Gibson, Dominique J. 474 304 Gibson, John Robert 433, 409 Gibson, Marilyn Gladys 433 Gideon, Elizabeth Dole 453 Gidiere, Jr. Phillip S. 453, 343 Gilbert, Catherine R. 432 Gilbert, Deborah Anne 474 Gilbert, Donald Joe 474, 303 Gilbert, Ellen Ruth 474 Gilbert, Lynno Meadows 433, 289 Gilbert, Mark Alan 474 Gilbert, Peggy Annette 474 Gilbert, Sharon Rose 474, 275 Gilchrist, Ida Dianne 474 Giles, Mildred D. 433 Gill, Anita Joyce 433 Gillespie, Dianna R. 474, 363 Gilliam III, Richard H. 432, 317 Gilliam, Karen Kelly 474, 311 Gillis, Jr. Lucian 474, 315 Gilmer, Madeline Leigh 432, 403 Girardeau, Robert M. 474, 303 Givon, James Milan 474, 337 Givens, Priscillo Agnes 474, 305 Gloss, Terri Lynne 474, 327 Glasscock, Greggy R. 433, 287 Glasscock, Jeff Benny 432, 287 Glasson, Heidi Jean 474, 397 Glenn, Dennis Eugene 424 Glenn, Francis Everette 408, 41 1 Glenn, Gloria Zone 433 Glenn, James Edward 474 Glenz, Suson Marlyn 433, 313 Glover, Billie Susan 363, 474, 289 Glover, Sheila 474, 313 Glusmon, Murray 474 Godfrey, Gilbert 407 Godfrey, Jr. Thomas E. 474, 337 Godwin, Phillip Sides 474, 307 Goforth Frederick W. 360 Goggans, Randall Hugh 474 Goldman, Susan llene 474, 301 Goldsborough, Solly C. 474, 275 Golson, Cheryl Kay 474, 355 Golson, Gary Richard 433 Golson, Grover Glen 409 Golson, Walter Keith 474, 329 Goodman, Joseph Michoel 474 Goodner, Eleanor Jane 433, 404 Goodrum, Susan Lynne 474, 295 Goodson, III Lodd G. 474, 343 Goodson, Max Alan 474, 343 Goodwin, III Bedford K. 474 Goodwin, III Robert E. 401 Goodwin, Joseph Paul 474, 317 Goodwin, Phoebe Davis 474, 31 1 Goodwin, Rodger Dale 474 Gorday, Karen Ann 474 Gordon, Myrtis P. 474, 327 Grace, II Hobart T. 453 Grace, Jr. Jock Otis 474, 303 Graff, Cornelia Anne 475 Groffeo, Michoel Gerard 475 Graham, Stuart Elliot 475 Grainger, Jr. John P. 475 Gramling, Terri Michele 475, 327 Grommer, James Wallace 376 Grant, Claire 433 Graubord, Jacqueline E. 414 Graves, Charles Dudley 432 Graves, Glenna Sue 432 Graves, Roy Stanly 475, 293 Gray, Glenn Roy 452 Gray, Jr. James W. 475, 347 Gray, Jr. Jeff McKinley 475, 335 Gray, Steve Eugene 475 Green, Charles Everett 433 Green, Evelyn Virginia 475, 295 Green, John Clifton 433 Green, Jr. Bailey Kincey 475, 307 Green, Jr. James Hommett 475, 299 Green, Marjoeie Joy 475 Green, Mark Edwin 475 Green, Richard Earl 475 Green, Ron 399 Green, Solly Forrest 475 Green, Sheiloh Ann 433, 275 Green, Susan Anita 475 Greene, Jimmy Raye 433 Greenlee, Karen Foye 433, 305 Greenlee, Michael Kent 475, 315 Greer, Jr. James Motson 475, 319 Gregg, Michael Roland 433 Gregory, Vivki Lovelody 453 Gregory, William S. 453 Greif, Nancy Ann 433, 355 Greshom, David Ross 433 Griffin, Dennis Lynn 475 Griffin, Ellen Pitts 475, 311 Griffin, Helen Brett 432 Griffin, Joseph Lee 475, 321 Griffin, Ronald Bloir 475 Griffith, Charles Jerry 433 Griggs, Elizabeth Ann 475 Grigsby, Raymond M. 433 Grimes, Ann Wood 475 Grimes, Jr. James Thomas 475 Grimmett, Margaret H. 475 Grimwood, Joan Isabella 475 Grishom, Jero Kay 305 Grissett, Lorry R. 475 Grissett, Stephen K. 433, 408 Griswold, Jr. Emmett O. 475 Grodsky, Karen Beth 475, 341 Grogon, Teddy Roosevelt 475, 323 Gros, Jr. Sterling J. 475 Gros, Susan Gainer 475 Grossman, Terry Joe 475, 275 Grover, Patricio E. 433, 253, 295 Groves, Jomes Carlos 434 Grubes, Jr. Charles R. 475 Gudoitis, Benjamin M. 475, 299 Gugliotto, Somuel V. 475, 345 Guillot, Patricio Ann 475, 327 Gulas, Theodore C. 434 Gulley, James Lebyron 434 Gundersen, Jeonie Ethel 475 Gunn, Calvin 475 Gunter, III Guy Fleming 453 524 Index Gunfer, IV William A. 475, 337 Gunler, Ken 434 Gunter, Thomas Lynn 475, 323 Gunter, William Dale 475 Gurwitch, Janet Lynn 475, 341 Guthery, Anne 434 Guthrie, Cheryl Lynn 475 Guthrie, Marsha Ellen 379 Guthrie, Terry Jackson 434 Gutierrez, Lino G. 434 Haas, Martha Catherine 475 Haas, Mary Blakely 475, 313 Hagood, Donny Carl 476, 409 Magood, Nancy Cordelia 475, 297 Hagood, Virginia S. 434 Haigler, Debra Nan 476, 355 Hailey, Janet Lucile 434 Hails, Jr. Edward Troy 476, 319 Hairston, Oebra May 434 Hall, Carolyn Cathy 434 Hall, Cynthia Powell 434 Hall, David Michael 476 Hall, Emily Anne 476, 305 Hall, Gerald Arden 452 Hall, Joe Bryan 452, 333 Hall, Jr. Henry Lowton 434, 373 Hall, Malcolm Douglas 476 Hall, Margaret 476, 31 1 Hall, Patricia Nelms 453 Hall, Pauline 476, 31 1 Hall, Ramono Fay 476, 31 1 Hall, Randy Lee 476 Hall, Roger Lee 360 Hall, Susan Elaine 476, 305 Hall, Thomas Wayne 476 Hall, William Michael 476 Hallam, Williom J. 434, 335 Hollmon, Fred Howard 476 Hallman, Patricio Sue 467 Halsey, Caron Allison 476, 385 Halter, Jr. Lawrence M. 476, 299 Hornby, Gregory Wode 434, 358 Hamil, Jr. Bobby Philip 476, 315 Hamilton, Betty Jean 476, 327 Hamilton, David Ronald 453 Hamilton, Fulton S. 434, 347 Hamilton, Huoy Carter 476, 347 Hamilton, Jr. William 476 Hamilton, Karen Lynne 476 Hamilton, Lewis Steiner 476 Hamilton, Nancy Martin 476, 327 Hamilton, Rebecca Lee 434 Hamilton, Timmy Rhett 376 Hamilton, William F. 343 Hamlett, Ellen Semple 476, 31 1 Hammock, Steven Dale 476 Hammond, Marcy Gale 476 Hammond, Patricia Ann 434 Hammond, Sherry Ellen 476 Hammond, Shirley E. 453, 327 Hammond, Stephen Van 452 Hamner, Glenda Louise 476, 397 Hamner, Jr. Herschel T. 452 Hamner, Linda 476 Hamner, Linda 476, 397, 305 Hampton, James Frank 476, 307 Hampton, Jr. John B. 434 Honos, Peter Archie 476 Honovich, Cathy Lee 476 Honby, David Elmus 476 Honby, Patricio Kay 355 Hancock, Alice Jo 476, 401, 327 Hand, James Thomas 434 Handwerger, Ronald H. 476 Hones, Thomas Bernhord 434, 315 Honey, John Murray 434 Honkins, Dorothy Anne 476 Honks, Kenneth Lee 476, 291 Hanks, Marlene Jo 476, 295 Hannah, Ho Sewell 476 Honnon, Sara Elizabeth 434 Hanson, Mary Patricia 476, 275 Harbert, Roberta Gail 476, 363, 355, 415 Harbin, Gloria Jean 362 Harbin, Sandra Lynn 363, 476 Hordowoy, Jr. Eddie 476 Hordegree, Kothryn Lee 434, 313 Harden, Adele 476 Harden, Jr. James W. 434, 401 ll. Index 535 Hardesty, Jr. George N. 476, 299 Hardie, Anne Bingham 476, 289 Hardin, Hans Rupert 434, 303 Hardin, John Rucker 434, 319 Hardin, Laurie Stanley 476, 31 1 Hardin, Mary Vivian 477, 31 1 Hardin, Patricio Ann 434 Hardin, Sandra June 434 Hardy, Anne Jaudon 477, 313 Hardy, Lymon Hansel 477, 345 Hargrove, Brendo Kay 477, 275 Harmon, Lillian E. 434 Harper, Chrys Ann 477, 311 Harper, Gory Thomas 477 Harper, Henry Grady 477 Harper, Larry William 434, 323 Harper, Nancy Beverly 477, 295 Horrell, Beth Odom 434 Horrell, III William B. 434 Harrell, Sheila Dionne 434 Horrell, Thomas Leon 434 Harrington, Leslie C. 477, 313 Harris, Betty Jean 477 Harris, Blanche E. 477, 309 Harris, Deborah Lynn 477 Harris, Harriet E. 477, 331 Harris, Jr. John Wyatt 477 Harris, Jr. Molcolm S. 434, 410, 409 Harris, Marion Lawrence 434 Harris, Norman 410, 409 Harrison, Carey Ann 372 Harrison, Corro Jean 477, 289 Harrison, Kotherine E. 477, 309 Harrison, Richard B. 434, 41 1 Harrison, Rickey 408 Harrison, Tade Merrill 477, 289 Harsony, Frederick 434, 409, 407, 349 Harsh, Frances Kettig 477, 277 Hart, Gory Robert 477, 317 Hart, Jr. Robert Henry 477 Hartley, Constance E. 477 Hartley, Vera Jane 477, 327 Hortmonn, Debra Kay 477, 244, 382, 289 Hartzog, Danny Larue 434 Hartzog, Jr. Grady C. 477, 315 Haskins, Nancy Eleanore 434, 355, 372, 385, Hasseltine, Roy Lee 477, 293 Hassinger, David Shield 434 Hosson, Leonard Stanley 477 Hastings, Steven Lamar 477 Hatcher, Nancy Ellen 434 Hatchett, Deborah Lynn 477 Hatchett, Melindo Lee 477 Houghton, Patsy Anne 434 Houpt, Lorraine 434 Houser, Catherine Ann 477, 331 Hovrisik, Linda Carol 363, 477, 277 Havfkins, Beryl Gail 473 Hawkins, Harriet Osborn 477 Hawkins, III John H. 434, 303 Hawkins, Jeffrey Leon 434 Hay, Margaret Lynn 477, 295 Haydel, Susan Eileen 477 Hayes, Daniel Mitchell 477 Hayes, Fletcher Paul 477 Hayes, George Guy 435 Hayes, Jonathan Douglas 435 Hayes, Margaret M. 435, 382, 313 Hayes, Mary Beth 313 Hayes, Mary Elizabeth 453, 313 Hayes, Patricio Ann 258 Haygood, Marion Lee 435 Haynes, Janice Ellen 435 Haynes, Kenton Lyie 477 Haynie, Victoria Leigh 477, 309 Hoyslip, Linda Lorraine 477 Hazelip, Carolyn P. 477, 313 Head, Caroline Leslie 477, 31 1 Head, Jr. Robert Windel 477 Heard, Michael Anthony 477, 321 Heath, Steven Moxey 477 Heath, Wanda Lynne 477, 275 Heblon, Jr. Erwin E. 477, 335 Hedrick, Jr. Bruce B. 453 Heffler, Paul Mark 477 Heiman, Jesse 477, 353 Held, Ronald Stephen 435 Helf, Michael Anne 477, 297 Helmer, Debra Lynn 478, 355 Henderson, Carl Richard 435 Henderson, Chinomi Ann 478 Henderson, Donald B. 453 Henderson, Donald Leroy 478 Henderson, Harriet 478, 309 Henderson, Helen 478, 309 Henderson, James M. 435 Henderson, James Otto 478 Henderson, Rebecca K. 478 Henderson, Sollye Ruth 478, 355 Henderson, Susan G. 435 Hendrix, David Edward 478 Hendrix, Jerry Fronk 435 Hendrix, Jr. Albert Lee 478, 329 Henley, James Clyde 478 Henley, Jr. Richard B. 478 Hennessy, Timothy 363, 478, 373, 339 Henning, Kurt Michael 478, 287 Henninger, Sally Ruth 478 Henritze, Karen Elaine 478, 372, 355 Henry, George Michael 478 Henry, Thomas Allen 478, 407 Henry, William Arthur 349 Hensley, Deborah Kay 478, 305 Henson, Janet Elizabeth 478, 305 Herbert, James Charles 435 Hereford, Robert Joseph 478, 345 Hereford, Tom Douglas 478, 339 Herrin, Charles Lowton 435 Herrin, Frances Carolyn 478, 301 Herrin, Kitty Brown 435 Herring, David Richard 478 Herring, Edward Donnis 478, 291 Herring, Melindo Laurel 435 Herring, Patricio Lynne 435 Herring, Randall L. 435 Herrington, Jr. George E. 478 Herron, Dennis James 407 Hester, Patricia Jane 479 Hester, Sandra Jean 478 Hewes, Kathleen Mullen 478 Hewitt, III John W. 408 Hewitt, Sarah Virginia 478, 403 Hewitt, Sharon Marie 478, 305 Hewson, James Robert 478, 351 Hiam, Randall Addison 435, 410 Hickman, Franklin Alvin 435 Hickman, Frederick E. 435 Hickman, Patricia Nell 478 390 Hickman, Paulo Anne 478 Hicks, Benny Bloke 435 Hicks, Carol Agnes 435 Hicks, Tommy Carl 478 Hicks, Vicki Maurene 478 Hielt, Jr. Olbert H. 478 Higginbothom, Michael L. 478 Higgins, Judith Taylor 478, 313 Higgins, Pomelo I Koy 478 Highfield, Larry Ellis 478 Hightower, Danny Roy 478 Hightower, Margaret J. 478, 289 Hightower, Suzanne 435, 289 Hill, Bowery Evon 478 Hill, David Andrew 435 Hill, Dennis Charles 478 Hill, Holly Louise 478, 311 Hill, James Stanley 478 Hill, Janice Gail 478, 275 Hill, Jr. John Jeptho 478, 339 Hill, Raymond Bruce 435, 287 Hillis, Nancy Allyson 435 Hinchey, Froncille Huff 435 Hinchey, Jr. Harold L. 435, 351 HInes, Edward Thomas 376 Hines, Ruth Olivia 478 Hinkle, Jerry Anthony 479, 315 Hipp, Donna Carol 452 Hirschfeldt, Veronica J. 403 Hiss, James Ward 435 Hite, Deborah Yuvonne 435, 313 Hitt, Lester Wayne 479 Hixon, Ben Dwight 453 Hixon, Julio Rose 435, 309 Hobbie, III Richard M. 453, 319 Hobbs, Ellen Earle 479 Hocutt, Kathryn Ann 479 Hodge, Kindred Earl 399 Hodges, Jr. Durwood M. 479 Hodges, Sandra Lynn 479, 301 Hodgson, Harriet 479, 295 Holbrook, Rhonda Goyle 435 Holcomb, Rejeono Kay 479 Holden, Gory Wayne 479 Holder, Ninon Ruth 479, 311 Holemon, Rhonda Lynn 479 Holladay, Horry Ross 479, 363, 416 Holiadoy, Henry Warren 479 Holladay, Patricio L. 434, 327 Holland, Joyce Carol 479 Holland, Patricio Goil 479 Holland, Wanda Goyle 479 Hollander, Donald Roy 479, 323 Hollenbeck, Joseph C. 479, 328 Hollenbeck, Nancy N. 479 Holley, Donna Lorraine 479 Holley, Jr. Elom Porrish 435 Holley, Sandra Bonda 435 Holley, Thomas William 479 Hollinger, Anne Starr 479, 313 Hollingsworth, III J. C. 435 Hollingsworth, John A. 303 Hollingsworth, Morcio V. 435 Hollingsworth, William 479, 307 Hollon, II Benjamin F. 435 Hollon, William Kenneth 479 Hollowoy, Terry Claire 479, 31 1 Holman, Toni Shirley 479, 277 Holmes, Betty Carol 479, 416, 275 Holmes, Janice Lynne 479, 355 Holmes, Patricio Lynn 435 Holmes, Rhonda June 435, 327 Holmes, Robert Michael 479, 291 Holtkomp, Susan Marie 479 Holton, Karen Ann 435 Honea Shirley Ann 479, 355 Honeycutt, Barry Eugene 479, 287 Honeycutt, Jr. Claude 479, 315 Honeycutt, Jr. Eugene J. 479 Honeycutt, Vaughn Paul 479 Hood, Eugenia 479 Hooks, David Mark 415 Hooks, Glen A. 435, 303 Hooper, Marcus Lee 479 Hooper, Sarah Fay 479 Hoover, Derrick 479 Hopkins, Jerome Lee 479 Hopkins, Nancy Jeanne 435, 277 Hopkins, Vivian Delois 453 Hopkins, Wendy Ann 479, 277 Hopper, George Meyer 479 Home, Jr. Robert Dorley 479, 337 Horsley, William David 435 Horton, James Dole 376 Horton, Susan Carol 479 Hosey, Stevee E. 435 Hosier, Charles Morgan 479, 339 Hosmer, Michael Vaughn 479 Houseal, Eva Elizabeth 479, 313 Houseal, III William B. 435 Housh, Dionne Denese 479 Housh, Melindo Annette 479, 355 Houston, James Kelly 435, 325 Hovater, Gerald Goylon 480 Howard, George Clifford 480 Howard, III Charles L. 452 Howard, Jr. George D. 480, 303 Howard, Jr. William W. 480 Howard, Robert Ethridge 480, 291 Howarth, Nancy Lorraine 480, 238 Howell, Allen Windsor 453 Howell, Glenn Michael 435, 31 1 Howell, Martha 480, 355 Howell, Mary Ann 435 Howell, Mary Jane 480, 275 Howell, Nancy Pitt 435 Howton, Betty Jo 480, 285 Howton, Georgionno Anno 480 Huong, Chiang Liang 410 Hubbard, Margaret C. 480 Hubbard, Nora Ann 480, 313 Huddleston, Forrest L. 432, 295 Hudson, James David 480 Hudson, Joseph Wilburn 480 Hudson, Linda Joyce 435 Hudson, Marketo Dionne 480 Hudson, Sharon Yvonne 480 Huett, Jr. Judson L. 435 Huett, Thomas Bennie 480 Huey, III Thomas Edward 376 Huffman, Daniel James 436, 347 Huffstutler, Angela J. 480 Hughes, Barbara Lynn 436 Hughes, Elmer Gordon 480, 315 Hughes, Jamie Miriam 480 Hughes, Lorry Wilson 480, 347 Hughes, Louie Edward 453 Hughes, Morlene 480 Hughes, Molly 480 Hughes, Patrick Paul 480 Hughes, Woodrow Milton 480 526 Index Insurance — Real Estate 1818 University Boulevard Phone 758-3344 " Professional Service Since J898 " •__•_• • Kiiwiil V K.C.A. Magnavox Pre-recorded tapes Records SALES and SERVICK 752-5511 II Index 527 ASTOUNDING GROWTH BECAUSE OF OUR PERFECTED PLANS Preferred Life Insurance Company ESTABLISHED 1929 HOME OFFICE MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA LEGAL RESERVE LIFE INSURANCE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY S. H. LONGSHORE W. J. LONGSHORE Chairman of the Board President ©AYFER-Sp. m F,ocated in McFarland Mall Tuscaloosa and West Alabama ' s Most Complete Department Store Fashion Headcjuarters for the Family and Home J 528 Index Hughey, Robert Michael 418 Hughston, Lucy Ann 480, 313 Hughston, Lutie C. 435, 313 Hugus, Deborah Lynn 480 Hullett, Anita Kay 480 Humphrey, Jr. Herman O. 436 Humphrey, Jr. Robert L. 480, 347 Humphreys, Mary Lucille 436 Humphries, Randy Lee 480 Hunt, Ragna Ruth 480, 305 ■ Hunt, Ralph Collier 480 {Hunter, Alex Burl 480, 317 Hunter, Mary Beth 435 Hunter, Micheal Steven 480 Huston, Janice Lynn 480, 305 Hutchens, James Ray 436, 287 Hutchins, Patricia Ann 480, 297 Hutchinson, Janice Faye 480 Hutchinson, Laura Roper 480, 31 1 Hutchinson, Ruth Roper 480, 31 1 Hutchison, Barbara Ann 436, 297 Hutchison, William L. 480 Huthnonce, Robert Leon 480 Hutson, Catherine P. 480, 309 Hyde, Romono Sue 480 Hyman, Cathy Lynn 480, 331 I Imes, Nancy Tanner 436 Ingram, Jennifer Kay 480 Ingram, Russell Leon 480 Inman, Jr. Wallace B. 436 Inzer, Joan Cantreil 436, 313 ippolito, John Robert 480 ppolito, Jr. Jimmie R. 480 ppolito, Norman A. 436, 41 1 shell. Lorry Joe 480 shell, Paul Thomas 480 solo, Wesley Alan 418 son, Jr. Malvin H. 481, 337 sroel, Charles Wesley 481, 337 vey, Brenda Joyce 416 «cy, Melba Joy 481, 375 Ivey, Susan Knox 481 Ivins, James Martin 481, 303 Jackie, Helen Ann 481, 289 Jackson, Billy Wayne 436 Jackson, Carrie 257 Jackson, Danny Wayne 435 Jackson, Edward Reed 481, 337 Jackson, George Smith 481, 335 Jackson, Harry C. 481 Jackson, Jane Allison 481, 355 Jackson, Jonie Lee 481, 311 Jackson, Jennie Harris 481, 313 Jackson, Jimmy Randall 436 Jackson, John Wayne 436 Jackson, Jr. Thomas W. 345 Jackson, Julio Ann 481, 355 Jackson, Keith Lynn 441 Jackson, Margaret M. 436 Jackson, Marsha 481 Jackson, William Thomas 481 Jacobs, Jerry 41 1 Jacobson, Jamie Lee 481 James, Carolyn Killis 481, 277 James, Don Massey 390 James, Gregory 453 James, Jr. David Herbert 481 Jameson, Deborah Ann 481 Jamison, Kenney Millard 481 Jamison, Robert Dole 481 Jorreli, Michele E. G. 453 Jean, Cecil Phillip 436 Jefferies, Leigh Cherie 481 Jeffers, Jr. John Henry 435 Jeffreys, Mary Edwino 436 Jenkins, Margaret W. 481, 305 Jenkins, Mark Thaxter 481, 325 Jenkins, Robert Douglas 481 Jenks, Mary Anno 481 Jernigon, Pamela Jean 481 Jeter, Carol Ellen 436, 309 Jewell, Elizabeth Berry 481 Jobe, Ronald Lee 407 Jobson, Ann Boswell 436, 275 Johnsey, Malcolm Lee 481 Johnson, Bonnie Faye 436 Johnson, Carol Dean 436 Johnson, Donald Earl 481 Johnson, Donald Lamar 481, 339 Johnson, Elizabeth Ann 436 Johnson, Fred Ashley 481 Johnson, Griffin Ivan 453 Johnson, III James C. 481 Johnson, III William E. 481, 319 Johnson, III William J. 481 Johnson, Jerry Wayne 481 Johnson, John Frank 481 Johnson, Josephine M. 453 Johnson, Jr. Guy Voughon 436 Johnson, Jr. Richard T. 453 Johnson, Lana Dawn 436 Johnson, Larry Craig 481 Johnson, Linda Gail 481 Johnson, Noel Herman 481, 351 Johnson, Pamela Frann 481, 327 Johnson, Paul Edwin 481, 335 Johnson, Rebecca Lynne 481 Johnson, Richard Gray 481, 329 Johnson, Stanley Truman 481 Johnson, Susan 481, 256, 379, 331 Johnson, Terry Leon 399 Johnson, Thomas Leonard 481 Johnston, Carter Ulmer 481, 299 Johnston, David Bruce 482, 337 Johnston, Elizabeth H. 481, 313 Johnston, III Vivian G. 482, 299 Johnston, James C. 452, 299 Johnston, Janet Lee 436 Johnston, Jr. James G. 452 Johnston, Jr. Wallace E. 482 Johnston, Judy Franke 436 Johnston, Lesabre Eve 482, 309 Joiner, Jan Michele 482, 285 Jolley, Windell Leon 436 Jolly, Herbert Mock 436 Jonakin, Mary Anne 482, 331 Jones, Arthur Calvin 482, 345 Index 529 Jones, Barbara Gail 436, 309 Jones, Barry Vayton 482 Jones, Danny Michael 482 Jones, David Leon 482 Jones, Donna Higdon 436 Jones, Edward otagus 482 Jones, Gloria Jean 482 Jones, Guy Gordon 436 Jones, Harry Roy 482, 351 Jones, III Ernest N. 482, 337 Jones, III Loring S. 482, 339 Jones, Jan Elizabeth 436, 404, 275 Jones, Jane Karen 482 Jones, Jean Louise 482, 309 Jones, Joe Neal Lombuth 482, 343 Jones, Jr. Alexander W. 436, 401 Jones, Jr. Harold Glover 436 Jones, Jr. R. L. 482 Jones, Jr. Verbon T. 482 Jones, Linda Carol 436 Jones, Linda Frances 482 Jones, Margaret Ann 482 Jones, Marilyn Denise 436 Jones, Martha Peach 482, 295 Jones, Nancy Claire 436 Jones, Pamela Jean 482, 285 Jones, Patsy Elaine 482, 355 Jones, Perry Kenneth 436 Jones, Phillip Edward 482 Jones, Randy Allen 482 Jones, Sandra Ann 482, 327 Jones, Stephen Allen 482, 337 Jones, Thomas Louis 482 Jones, Velma Ethel 436 Jordan, Brent Elizabeth 463, 482 Jordan, Dennis Jerry 436 Jordan, J. David 408 Jordan, Kay Ellen 482, 277 Jordan, Michael Loy 482, 315 Jordan, Rodney Douglas 482 Jordan, Steven Mark 482, 343 Jordan, William Ernest 482 Joyner, Mary Elizabeth 436, 297 Judas, Moiro Elizabeth 436 Junior, Randy 409 Jvnkin, Ronald Jay 482 Justice, Jock Wallace 482, 325 Justice, Wiley Hugh 436, 347 Kogon, John Curry 482, 337 Kohalley, Janice Marie 482 Kane, Mary Ann 436 Karst, Deborah Anne 482 Kouchick, Nancy Louise 482, 355 Keel, James Terence 482, 351 Keel, Jr. Ralph Hardy 436, 293 Keene, Thomas Howard 453, 321 Keener, Patricio P. 437 Keith, Alan Crocker 482 Keith, Frank Wayne 437, 317, 347 Keith, Wayne S. 482 Kellogg, Mary Edna 482, 289 Kelly, III Marvin K. 437 Kelly, Jr. Thomas Glenn 482, 335 Kemp, Sally Marie 437, 277 Kendrick, Margaret Sue 482, 295 Kendrick, Michael Gene 437, 299 Kendrick, Richard Mark 482 Kennamer, Isabelle C. 482 Kennedy, Deborah 482, 385 Kennedy, Foye Tyson 437 Kennedy, Karen Virginia 437 Kennedy, Michael David 483 Kennedy, Pamela E. 483, 355 Kennedy, Robert F. 483, 413 Kennedy, Steve Ray 437 Kenney, Cynthia Winona 483 Kennon, Samuel Edwin 483 Ketchom, Kristine Ruth 483 Kettler, Patricia Ann 483, 31 1 Kettles, David Lerea 437 Ketton, Martha Ann 483 Key, Jr. Rutherford Lyie 483 Keyes, John James 483, 347 Keyes, Thomas Davis 483, 347 Kiker, Jimmy Edward 483 K ilgrow, Elizabeth F. 483 Killcreas, Jr. Roland W. 483 Kilpotrick, Cheryl M. 483 Kilpotrick, Claudia A. 437 Kilpotrick, Jimmy Dole 437, 410, 409 Kilpotrick, Virginia 483, 313 Kimble, Stephen Owen 437, 409 Kimbrell, Linda Karen 483 Kimbro, Tony Marshall 483 Kimbrough, James Daniel 453 Kimbrough, Sibyl V. 457, 295 Kinord, Danny Lyn 437 Kincoid, Teresa Ann 437 Kincey, Alice C. 483 Kindberg, Barbara Box 437 King, Alan Lamar 483 King, Clinton Russell 483 King, IV William D 483, 339 King, James Coleman 483, 347 King, Katherine Olivia 483 King, Rebecca Ann 439 Kingdom, III Arthur J. 483, 323 Kinney, Kathy Ann 483, 275 Kinney, Richard Bernard 483 Kirby, Jane Weatherford 483 Kirby, Louisa Glenn 483, 275 Kirchler, Rebecca Ann 483, 305 Kirk, Angela Holemon 437 Kirk, Donna Jo 437 Kirk, Jr. John Bertram 453 Kirk, Sharon 483 | Kirklond, Gary Dwight 343 Kirkland, III Jewett D. 483, 293 Kirkpatrick, Barry W. 483 Kiser, Poul Ricky 483 Kiser, Sylvia Ann 437 Kitchen, William Bruce 483 Kitchings, Mary J. 483, 313 Kittrell, Lee Randle 483, 313 Kittrell, Margaret N. 483, 313 Kizzioh, Terry Theresa 483 Kizzioh, Wanda Lou 483 Klein, Mary Jocquelyn 483 Kling, Nancy Margaret 483, 277 Klinner, Nancy Clay 483 Klonaris, Ivy Colleen 483 Tuscaloosa ' s Finest Theatres PRINTERS TELEPHONE 758-7575 ■ 1925 SIXTH STREET Chuck Collins Studios Natural Color WEDDINGS • CHILDREN • COMMERCIAL • ADVERTISING McFarland Mall Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401 530 Index Knapp, Jr. Charles David 376 Knapp, Mary Kathleen 437, 295 Knight, Michael Wade 483 Knight, Nina Carmen 437 Knight, Sondro Foe 483 Knighton, Michael P. 483, 415 Knopf, David Alan 437 Knopf, Jan McAuley 437, 277 Knox, Anita Allene 483 Kollmeyer, Sherry Lynn 482, 309 Kopf, III Milton Aubrey 484 Kornegay, Virginia Len 484, 275 Kostenbader, Sherry J. 484, 313 Kovoc, Connie 419 Kovach, Ronald John 437, 329 Krapf, James Paul 376 Krovitz, Rochelle Lynn 464 Krebs, Algernon Blair 484 Krebs, Chip 362, 363 Krebs, III George Allen 437 Krisch, Kathryn Jane 484, 341 Krudop, James Deas 453 Kucharski, Joel 437, 317 Kuehn, Elisabeth Neff 484, 297 Kuhns, Jr. Virginia K. 484, 295 Kulakowski, Joseph O. 453 Kurtis, Robert Lynn 484, 335 Kusta, Lenix Fred 437 Kuster, Susan Lynn 437, 295 Kuykendall, Kenneth H. 437 Kuykendall, Marcille 484 Kyle, Jr. Donald P. 484, 291 Kyle, Raymond Francis 484, 291 La Suer, III Gerald B. 484 loborde, Donald Joseph 410 I labue, II Joseph 376 I lacoste, Robert Keith 484, 303 I Lacy, Howard Stewart 41 1 I Lacy, III Leonard Calup 484 Lamb, Steven Frederick 484 Lambert, Dianno C. 437 Lambert, Douglas M. 484 Lambert, Jr. Allen James 484 Lamberth, Margaret 437, 396 Lamont, Laura P. 484, 289 Land, Lovonder Brock 484, 345 Land, Michael Lee 484 Landers, Mory Gene 453 Landis, George W. 376 Landrum, Donald Floyd 437 Lane, Jamie Clay 484, 31 1 Lange, Linda Luise 484 Lanham, Kathleen Mary 484 Lanier, Susan Gale 484, 277 Lopeyrouse, Stephen L. 484 Larocca, Anthony V. 437, 347 Larose, Nancy Moe 484 Larrimore, Charles L. 437, 411, 407, 408 Larrimore Deborah 484 Larsen, Gregory James 484, 337 Larson, Juliana G. 484 Laskow, John Newell 484 La Suer, Jerry 287 Lauderdale, Jr. Harry A. 484, 291 Law, Phillip Herbert 437, 317 Lawhead, Laurie Ann 437 Lawrence, Janis Elaine 484 Lawrence, Tony Douglas 437 Lawrenz, Donald Kurt 409, 407 Lawson, Emilil 437, 305 Lay, Patricia Ann 484 Loye, Gary Douglas 484 Lozenby, Zillah P. 484, 289 Leach, Deborah Jo 484 Leach, Jimmy Ted 484 Leach, Steven A. 437, 287 Leatherbury, Jr. Gregory Law 453, 299 Leatherman, IV Samuel R. 484 Leblanc, Ida Ross 484, 295 Lecroy, Richard Donald 484 Lee, Alan Roy 484, 317, 347 Lee, James Allan 484 Lee, Joyce Loo 452 Lee, Jr. Charles Vernon 484, 345 Lee, Mark 401 Lee, Roger Wayne 437, 394, 41 1 Lee, Stephen Michael 437 Lee, Susan Adele 484 Lee, Susan Loo 484 Lee, Vela Margaret 437, 396, 31 1 Lee Yang-Chun 452 Leeth, Brenda Gail 484 Lehman, Susan Stone 484, 295 Leigh, Raymond Breyer 484, 299 Lemmer, Linda Claire 437, 405 Lemox Rebecca Diane 254 Lenahan, Jr. Arthur L. 485 Lenzi, Linda Lou 437, 331 Leon, Frances 485, 275 Leslie, Kathy Ann 485, 277 Lester, Ellen Clark 485, 331 Lester, James Larry 453 Lester, Morion Jeon 437 Lett, Winston Tatum 543, 337 Levan, Bernard Paul 485 Leverett, Alice P. 485 Levi, Ann Comille 485 Lewis, Cynthia Rheo 485 Lewis, Danny Lee 485 Lewis, Donald Andrew 485, 299 Lewis, Donald Phillips 485 Lewis, Gordon Wayne 437 Lewis, Helen Condice 437 Lewis, Jane Anne 437, 309 Lewis, Judith Marie 485 Lewis, Laura Cecile 485 Lewis, Linda Jean 485 Lewiski, James L. 453 Libby, Barbara Sue 485 Libby, Phyllis Ann 437, 285 Lichtenstein, David N. 485, 353 Lichter, Stephen Mark 438, 353 Liddy, Roselle Laila 415 Liebeskind, Jon 485, 341 Light, Simona Juliet 485, 301 Liles, Debra Jean 485, 331 Limmroth, Gory Weldon 485, 335 Lindell, Rebecca L. W. 438 Lindsay, Barbara Jean 438 Lindsey, Ginger 485 Linebough, Gail Patrice 485 Index 531 Linebough, Scott C. 438 Upson, III Harry Aaron 453, 353 Lisenby, Betty Sue 438 Little, Brenda Ladale 485, 275 Little, Harriet Belle 485, 295 Little, Henrietta 452 LitHe, Virginia A. 438, 309 Littrell, James C. 438 Lively, Jr. Alvin L. 485, 293 Lively, William Joseph 438, 317 Liveoak, Talmadge Wade 485, 363 Livingston, Ann M. 485 Livingston, III James A. 485 Livingston, Richard L. 485 Livingston, Thaddeus A. 485, 317 Lockhart, Charles D. 485, 293 Loeb, Albert Douglas 438 Loeb, Jr. Jack 438 Loftin, Theresa N. 485 Loftin, Thomas David 438 Logan Fae Yvonne 485 Logan, Stephen Douglas 438 Logan, Vicki Elaine 453 Lolley, Rebecca Ann 438 Lomenick, Thomas C. 485 London, Kathryn Newman 485 Long, Deborah Rogers 485 Long, Deborra Lynn 485 Long, Mary Dudley 438, 289 Loper, Robert Edward 438, 401 Losson, Jay Bradford 485 Lothrop, Sheryl Lynn 438 Lott, Margaret A. 485, 313 Lott, Marilyn Manning 438, 313 Lott, Robert Lorry 484, 315 Love, William Curtis, 452 Lovelody, Mike Hiram 485, 291 Lovelody, Robert Philip 438 Lovelody, Timothy R. 485 Lovell, Debro Kay 485 Lovett, Deborah Lynn 485 Low, Mary Melonie 485, 313 Lowe, Alleta Anne 438 Lowe, Cathy Ann 485 Lowe, Nancy Lynn 485 Lowery, Marion Edwin 485, 323 Lowry, India Patricio 438, 309 Loyd, Sharon D. 438, 305 Loyd, Timothy Gibson 438 Lucas, Kathy Jane 485 Lucas, Shirley Diane 485 Luck, Sharon Joan 438 Lucus, William Edwin 485 Ludgood, Mercerio L. 41 9, 250 Luker, III Cohen Thomas 486 Luker, Peggy Chloelene 438 Lumpkin, Clyde Roger 486 Lumpkin, Eddie Newton 486, 339 Lund, Pamela Jean 486, 331 Lundgren, Frederick N. 454 Luscher, Borbara S. 486, 313 Luscher, Harry Adams 438, 299 Lydo, James Harold 438 Lyie, Cindy Elise 486, 331 Lyie, Melindo Foye 438 Lynch, Patricia Ann 486, 305 Lynch, Willie Frank 486 Lyon, Jr. William Maury 486 Lyon, Martha Julio 438 Lyons, Mary Theresa 438 Lyons, Rebo Marshall 438, 313 M AAabray, Brenda Dianne 438 Mabrey, Jim Edward 438 Mocdiarmid, Joan Ellen 486 Mace, Barbara Ann 486, 277 Mace, David William 438, 345 MocGuire, Isabel M. 486, 295 Machefsky, David Joseph 486 Mockay, Richard M. 486, 307 Mackechnie, Linda A. 438 Mackey, Jr. Clyde D. 486, 345 Mockey, Linda Sue 486 Macksoud, Fuod Edward 486 Mocksoud, Joseph A. 454, 363, 412 Macon, Jo P. 438 Moddox, Carl Vann 486, 339 Maddox, Joe Wayne 454 Moddox, Julia H. 486, 327 Maddox, Melinda Ann 438 Maddox, William M. 486 Madison, Brenda Joyce 486 Madison, Donald Lynn 486 Madison, Elizabeth 486, 289 Mogel, Nancy Lee 438, 305 Magill, Sherry Patricio 486 Magnusson, David Cletus 438 Mahaffey, Rochoel Ann 486 Mahoffey, Steven Darryl 486 Mahaffey, Virginia Lynn 397, 486 Mohan, Shirley Louise 438, 377 Mahon, Timothy Michael 486 Mahood, Danner Lee 486, 295 Mokowski, Marcio 486 Molone, Dell Elizabeth 486 Malone, Pomelo Smith 486, 327 Moloy, Richard Alan 401 Moncuso, Al an Stephen 486, 319 Maness, Sandra Gail 486 Mangum, Edgar Fletcher 438, 333 Mann, Celia Diane 486 Mann, Michael Edward 486 Manos, Dolly Dekrafft 438 Monos, Michael Emanuel 438 Mantooth, Sarah Roy 486, 305 Maples, Donald Paul 486, 293 Maples, Joe Mack 486 Maples, Jr. Alphonse 486 Maples, Nancy Renee 486 Maples, Sam 438 Moroble, Melvenia W. 454 March, Carolyn Loraine 486 Marcum, Sheila Joy 486 Marcus, Robert Howard 486, 353 Moring, Sarah St. Clair 486, 355 Maring, Susan Bloch 486, 363, 341 Marino, Frank Ronald 486, 315 Marino, Jr. Joseph T. 438, 409 Marino, Phyllis Frances 486 Morkel, Joseph Keller 486, 343 Marks, Jr. Herman Hudson 487 Marks, Susan Carol 438, 341 Marlor, Jerry Don 401 Marler, Resa Diane 487 Marlow, Shelio Ann 487 Marquis, Danny Fred 438 Marsh, Jr. William H. 487 Marsh, Melissa Boothby 438, 305 Marsh, Nancy Harlan 438 Marshall, III Fred H. 376 Marshall, Judith Helen 454 Marshall, Rick William 438, 339 Marshall, Sarah Graham 487 Martin, Barbara Wyatt 487, 31 1 Martin, Carolyn J. 439 Martin, Donna Jean 487, 275 Martin, Douglas Scott 487 Martin, III Ben R. 487, 343 Martin, Janet Carolyn 487 Martin, Judy Lynn 487, 289 Martin, Kothy Lois 487 Martin, Mary Smith 439, 313 Martin, Monique 487 Martin, Roger Dole 487 Martin, Sherl Ann 487, 355 Martin, Thomas Darnell 363, 408 Mary, Marsha Jean 487, 331 Mash, Jr. Phillip Adair 487, 319 Masingill, III John H. 454 Mason, Barbara Goyle 487 Mason, Dovid Lafayette 487, 307 Mason, Debro Ann 487, 355 Mason, Janet Leigh 487, 275 Mason, Sheord Lovelace 487, 31 1 Massengole, Lorno J. 487, 331 Massengole, Shelley 487 Mossetti, Diana Vivian 487 Mossey, Beverly Tulane 487, 295 Mossier, Victoria Anne 439 Mosterson, Pauline S. 439 Mastin, III Frank T. 487 Mateer, Randall Cloy 487, 339 Mathews, Anne 487, 355 Mathews, Rebekoh Corrin 487 Mothis, James Hoys 439 Matthews, Alethea Jo 487 Matthews, Jr. Carter B. 454 Matthews, John 409 Mauldin, Charles F 487 Maxwell, Gary Roy 438 Maxwell, John Francis 439 Maxwell, Martha Ann 487, 289 Maxwell, Richard King 487, 339 May, Alice Ann 487, 301 May, Bruce Clark 487, 315 May, III James Little 487, 335 May, III John Thomas 439 May, Jr. Harold Grant 439, 291 May, Maude Anne 487, 373, 301 ' HAl»T SCHAFrNCR C MARX CLOTHES HC.S.E..WIESEL CO. " ' - ' ' " " " tJ 532 Index IN MONTGOMERY: " OlMit ' s cMy monk! THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MONTGOMERY M«mb«r F«d«r«l o«po«tt lnsur»nc« Cofporation May, Ronald Edward 487 Mayes, Lindo Sue 487 Mayfield, Jeff 368 Mayfield, Randy Max 487 Moyhew, Mary Lorene 487 Maynor, Spence Gibson 487, 347 Mayo, Louise Minge 372 Mays, Connie Sue 487 Mazer, Bori Dee 439 Mazer, Michael Maurice 487, 293 Mazzone, Richard Thomas 439 McAbee, Frank Timothy 487 McAdams, David Ray 487 McAdams, Steven 439 McAlpin, Clifford S. 439 McAlpin, Patricio A. 487 McArthur, III Willis P. 362, 487 McBryde, Alison Byers 487, 331 McCafferty, Elizabeth 488 McCain, Susan Christine 234, 439, 385, 390, 355 McCommon, Robert Rick 488, 367 McCane, III George Adom 488 McCarty, Michael J. 439 McClees, Ellen Rushton 488, 277 McClellan, Jr. Emmett G. 488 AAcClendon, Ceril C. 488 McClendon, Jim Brooks 488 McClintock, George C. 439, 315 McCluney, Sandra E. 488, 275 McColl, Jan Karen 488, 331 McCollum, Barbara Ann 488 McCollum, James Edward 488 McCombs, Robert Joseph 454 MeConnell, Edwin W. 439, 299 McCord, Samuel Robert 488, 339 McCormick, Donna Ellen 488 McCormick, Jane Moore 439 McCown, Richard Gary 439 AAcCrocken, Cindy Lynn 488, 275 tMcCrow, Paul Douglas 415 McCray, Mary Lucille 488, 289 McCreory, Rachel Marie 488 McCreless, Steven G. 488 McCullar, James Richard 439 McCullough, Janice K. 488 McCullough, Susan Lynne 439 McCully, Sharon Gail 439 McCurley, Martha Dawson 439 McDoniel, Charlotte E. 439 McDaniel, Janice Elaine 488 McDoniel, Kathie C. 488, 382, 331 McDaniel, William Eual 488 McDonald, Bradford G. 488, 323 McDonald, Cynthia Blair 488 McDonald, IV Claiborne 454 McDonald, James Andrew 488 McDonald, Jr. Earl M. 488, 299 McDonald, Mottle Carol 488, 295 McDonald, Michael Fred 488, 315 McDonald, Sue Catherine 439, 295 McDonald, William David 488, 347 McDonnell, Jr. Owen E. 454 McDougle, Margaret E. 488 McDowell, Joseph W. 488, 335 McElroy, Shelio Wren 439 McFarland, Gary Arthur 488 McGahey, Janet Lee 488 McGee, Charles Alvin 439 McGee, Freda Joyce 488 McGee, Jr. James Ralph 439, 415 McGee, Karen Elizabeth 488 McGee, Russell Oneill 488 McGehee, III William B. 439, 299 McGehee, Rosamond L. 488, 327 McGiffert, John Price 488, 343 McGiffert, Stephen Ray 488 McGiffert, William D. 408 McGill, Randolph M. 488 McGinnis, Bettye Jean 439 McGlown, Millard Blone 488 McGlynn, Elizabeth M. 488, 313 McGowan, Stephen Glenn 488, 343 McGronahon, Kotherine J. 488 McGregor, Ronald 439, 408 McGriff, Marguerite N. 439, 31 1 McGuire, III Earl H. 488, 293 McGuire, Morgorette R. 488 Mclinnish, William G. 488 Mclnnis, Patricio L. 488, 419 Mclntyre, Benjamin B. 413 Mclntyre, Deborah Helen 488 Mclntyre, Harriet Ruth 439, 275 Mclntyre, Jimmy Lee 488, 291 McKoy, Kathy Huey 439 McKay, Margaret Ruth 488, 297 McKay, Mary Robin 489 McKay, Philip Watson 489 McKay, Travis Gary 489, 315 McKee, Bonnie Sue 489 McKenzie, Daniel Burch 489, 418 McKenzie, Georgonne 489, 289 McKenzie, Jr. John T. 489, 339 McKenzie, Julio Lee 489, 289 McKenzie, Kenneth B. 489, 291 McKenzie, Mary Janet 489, 413, 379, 289 McKinney, Doug 407, 489, 349 McKinney, Jr. Robert B. 376 McKinney, William J. 489, 307 McKissock, Mark Thomas 489, 325 McLelland, William G. 489 McLendon, Peggy Ann 489, 275 McMohan, Debro Susan 489 McMahan, Jerry Lee 489, 291 McMohon, Bonito A. 489 McMillan, Robert C. 489, 299 McMinn, Jr. Richard C. 489 McMinn, Robert Errol 489 McMurphy, Lucy E. 489 McMurrny, Paul Augustus 489 McNeil. Kathleen Anne 489, 305 Index 533 .- . S K RAY JON McFarland Mall - " f. Sfi. o r. hi ' ■ McNeil, Maureen Anne 439, 305 McPhearson, Virginia L. 489 McPhillips, Lee Ann 489, 31 1 McRae, Lane 489, 327 McWhorter, Jr. Robert D. 489, 287 Meador, Jr. Robert L. 489, 299 Meador, Richard Sellers 489, 299 Meadows, III Robert T. 454, 337 Meadows, Janet Ruth 489, 313 Meadows, Jr. James Floyd 489 Meadows, Jr. Willard J. 439 Meadows, Phillip E. 439 Means, William Edward 439 Meave, Jorge Gonzalo 414 Medders, Carol E. 454 Medina, Elena Margarita 439 Medley, Gary Haynes 489 Medwick, Glenn Carl 489 Meeks, Jr. Raymond L. 439 Meeks, Marsha Leigh 489 Meinert, Charles B. 489 Melton, Judy Nix 439 Mendes, Wilma Susan 489 Mercy, Robert Andrew 489 Meredith, Anne Norton 489, 31 1 Meriwether, Robert N. 489, 339 MerkI, John Timothy 439, 293 Merrill, III Robert G. 439 Merriweother, Norman 489 Meshad, Bobbie Joyce 489, 331 Messelt, Christopher D. 454 Metzger, Lewis Albert 489, 353 Meyer, John Clinton 489 Middlebrooks, Melinda D. 489 Middleton, Cornelia C. 489 Middleton, Robert Dent 452 Midgley, Charles S. 439, 307 Midkiff, Ann Cornell 439, 373 AAiles, II George B. 489 Miles, Jr. Samuel Harold 439 Milhous, Franklin L. 489, 319 Miller, Arvil Boler 489 Miller, Corole Ann 490, 297 Miller, Dimerous 490 Miller, Glenda Sue 439 Miller, Jean H. 454 Miller, Joseph 439, 360 Miller, Karen Nell 490 Miller, Martha Jane 440 Miller, Michael Walter 490 Miller, Robert Boyd 490, 337 Miller, Susan Vettler 490 MUller, Ted Ferrell 490, 345 Milligon, David Charles 409 Mills, Donald 415 Mills, Jean Hughes 489, 289 Millsap, Marcia Lee 490 Milstead, Barbara Ann 440 Milton, Debro 490, 419 Mims, Elizabeth Amanda 490 Mims, Gary Ronald 376 Mims, Jerry Wayne 490, 351 Mims, Linda Carol 440 Mims, Monty Lee 376 Mims, William Edward 490, 319 Mink, Michael Russell 490 Minor, Larry Wade 490 Minsloff, William Don 440, 349 Misko, Danelle Marie 440 Mitchell, Barry M. 440, 339 Mitchell, Celestine M. 440, 295 Mitchell, Helen Gayle 440 Mitchell, Jane E. 490 Mitchell, Janet Gail 490, 309 Mitchell, Jr. Ralph E. 490, 293 Mitchell, Kothreno Jean 490, 275 Mitchell, Michael N. 440 Mitchell, Solly Ann 490, 31 1 Mixon, Allison Frances 440 Mixon, Herman 454 Mixon, Patricio Ann 490 Mizzell, Mark Timothy 490 Mlinarec, Mary Ann 490 Mobley, Laurel E. 490 Mobley, Sharon Lee 490, 313 Mobley, Sheila Joyce 440 Modica, Mary Jo 490 Molay, Marie Frances 490 Molony, Katherine Anne 454 Momon, Margaret Ann 490 Moncrief, Jr. James Troy 490 Money, Jerry Thomas 440 Money, Micheol David 440 Monk, John Andrew 440 Monroe, Carol Elane 440, 331 Monroe, Ellen Rose 440 Monroe, John Michael 490 Monroe, Morion Verno 490 Montgomery, Deborah A. 490 Montgomery, Kirby V. 490, 347 Montgomery, Ronnie E. 490 Moodie, Jr. Robert Lee 490 Moodie, Leah Marcel 440, 404 Moody, Larry Augustus 440 Moon, Deborah Denise 490 Moon, Deborah Lynn 490 Moon, John Deaderick 490, 337 Moon, Larry Hordwick 440 Moore, Ada Elizabeth 490, 327 Moore, Billy Dan 440 Moore, Bonito Jean 490 Moore, Cheryl Anne 440, 404 Moore, Cynthia Marie 490 Moore, David Frazier 490 Moore, Dorothy Ann 490 Moore, John Robert 490, 347 Moore, Judy Burks 490 Moore, Linda Frances 440, 331 .Moore, Linda Studdord 440 Moore, Marie A. 490, 355 Moore, Melissa Mayo 490, 35S Moore, Michael Neil 490 Moore, Patty 490, 309 Moore, Terri Hendry 440 Moore, Terry Dewayne 490, 323 Moore, Thomas Thorpe 491 Morgan, Beverly Ann 491, 305 Morgan, Cheryl Ann 491 Morgan, Deborah Dionne 491 Morgan, III Ernest S. 440 Morgan, James Perry 440, 307 Morgan, Janice Yvonne 491 Morgan, Rickey Betesque 440 Morin, Charles Kevin 491 Morris, Debora Lynn 440 , Morris, Deborah Anne 491 Morris, Frank Brady 491, 319 Morris, Hunter Burnett 491, 319 Morris, John 409 Morris, Lawrence Joseph 491 Morris, Linda Carol 491, 385, 305 Morrissette, Lulie S. 491, 313 Morrow, Evelyn Carol 491, 327 Morrow, William Stephen 491, 293 Morton, Elizabeth Ann 440 Morton, George A. 440 Mosely, Mary Scott 440, 289 Moses, Richard Marvin 491 Mosley, James 413 Mosley, Joseph Hershel 491 Moss, Jr. Roger Henry 491 Moultrie, Frank Alan 440, 317 Mroz, Andrew Peter 440 Muglach, Michael M. 440 Muhlendort, David M. 440 Muhlendorf, Hannah R. 440 Mullen, Patricia G. 491, 289 Mullins, Barry Lynn 491, 363, 347 Mullins, Carolyn M. 491 Mungenast, James M. 440 Murchison, Mary Eugenia 440 Murdock, Sheryl Ruth 491, 289 Muro, Ronnie Joe 491 Murphy, Fredrick A. 491, 317 Murphy, Monde Michelle 491, 331 Murray, III John Tobin 491 Murray, John Franklin 491 Murray, Stephen Chester 491, 347 Murrell, Morjorie Ann 440, 309 Murrie, James Irvin 440 Musick, Barron Quinton 413 Musick, James Bruce 491 Musselman, Jean 491 Myers, Barara Ann 941 Myers, Carol Anita 440 Myhon, James Donald 491 Myrick, Patricio Mae 491 N Nabors, Jeffery Robert 491, 337 Nabors, Michael Lee 440, 409 Nabors, William Ledford 492, 337 Nogrodzki, Louise 491, 301 Noll, Kenny Charles 491 Noll, Margaret Morlene 491 Napier, Richard Hones 491 Nash, Jean Ann 491 Neoll, Patricia Diane 491, 309 Neas, III George M. 440 Neblett, Kathleene P. 440, 327 Neergoord, John Runyon 440 Nelson, Carolyn L. 491 Nelson, John Horton 491 Nelson, John Marshall 440, 339 Nelson, Julia Duncan 440 Nelson, Lonny Earl 408 534 Index Nalton, Linda Kathleen 440 Nelson, Mary Franke 491, 313 Nelson, Michael Dale 491 Nelson, Noel John 491, 345 Nelson, Robert Lynn 491, 345 Nelson, Thomas Reagan 491 Nesmith, Pamela Susan 491 Neugent, Kathy 491, 275 Neville, Mary Katherine 492, 309 New, Patsy Jo 492, 285 Newman, David Robert 440, 335 Newmon, Frank Lindsey 492 Newman, James Vonn 492, 339 Newman, Larry Ronald 454, 353 Newman, Loyce Marie 440 Newman, Marsha Lynn 492, 341 Newman, Richard 408 Newman, Ronno Lynn 492, 341 Newsome, Bonnie Lou 492, 277 Newton, Carol Victoria 492, 327 Newton, Polly Lucille 492 Newton, William David 492, 307 Nicholls, Susan Lucille 492 Nichols, Connie Terry 492 Nichols, Honk 372 Nichols, III James H. 492, 315 Nichols, Martha Jane 441, 313 Nichols, Rebecca Gail 492 Nichols, Robert M. 492, 315 Nicholson, Mary Evan 492, 289 Nicholson, Nancy J. 492, 289 Nick, Johnny Mike 441 Nicol, Robert Frederick 492, 321 Nidy, Pamela Ann 492, 401, 289 Niemzak, Janice Lee 492 Nihart, David Ashley 492 Nix, Betty Caron 492, 289 Nix, Michael Eugene 492 Noah, Dannie Michael 492 Noble, Elizabeth M. 492, 295 Noble, Larry Joe 492, 291 Noble, Samuel McClure 492, 299 Nobles, Jr. Fletcher H. 441 Noe, William Earl 492 Noland, Jr. George K. 441 Nolen, Alice Lonsdale 492 Nolen, Cruse Potton 441 Nolen, Janet Sue 441, 331 Nomberg, Marc David 492, 353 Noojin, William Beelond 492 Norden, Vera Augusta 441, 355 Norman, Carol Joan 492, 277 Norman, Cheryl Shannon 492, 401, 313 Norris, James 441, 408 Norris, Jeanette Brown 492 Norris, Lanny Sevier 376 Norris, Leighonne E. 492 Norris, Marilyn Kay 486 Norris, Marion Berneice 492 Norris, Philip Newton 492 Norris, Phillip Eric 454 Norris, Stephen Floyd 441 Norton, Mina Jane 492, 285 Norwood, Daniel Alan 492 Nowlin, Alice Yancey 441, 295 Nunis, Ann Elise 492, 327 O Mary Sylvia Ann 493, 305 Obriant, Linda Louise 441 Obrien, Donald Joseph 452, 415, 299 Obrien, James Michael 492 Obrien, Michael A. 441 Ocoin Donald Randolph 441 Oconnell Valerie Anne 492, 275 Odom, Legusta Zan 492 Odonnell, Carolyn Marie 492 Odonnell, Maureen E. 441 Odonnell, Stanley M. 492 Odum, Elaine Marie 441, 331 Odum, James Edmund 492, 315 Odum, Joel Bascome K. 492 Ogilvie, Jean Marie 454 Oglesby, Patricia P. 441, 289 Oglesby, William Howard 492 Ogletree, Robert Wayne 441 Ogrady, Patrice Robin 441 Ohear, John Wallace 441, 351 Oldocre, Brenda Joyce 441, 404 Oldham, Jesse Edward 492 Oliver, Connie Jo 492 Oneal Anita Marie 441 Oneal, Jr. William Worth 454 Oneil, Frank Berry 493 Oneill, John Alexander 441, 303 Orcutt, Thomas Charles 441 Oreor, George Isbell 493, 343 Orear, III Coine 441, 361, 394, 343 Oreor, Michael Ross 441 Orenstein, Ross Spencer 493, 360, 353 Osborn, Gary Dowdle 441, 287 Osborne, Donna Marie 493, 235, 275 Oshields, Donna Clisson 454 Oswalt, Marion Jane 493 Otterlei, Lynne Marie 493, 289 Otts, Fay Roberta 493, 295 Otwell, Brenda Kaye 441, 327 Overholser, Herman Jose 493 Overstreet, Jr. Paul A. 441 Owen, Barry Green 441 Owen, Laura Emilie 493 Owen, Linda Jeanne 327 Owens, Danny Glenn 493, 317 Owens, Lois 441, 242, 382, 295, 289 Owens, Lois 493 Owens, Richard Rhett 493, 337 Owings, Judith Beal 454 Owings, Thomas Gene 454 Ozbirn, Jr. Thomas W. 441 Pace, Bobby Lee 441 Page, Cherry Rudicell 441 Palmer, Carol Elizabeth 441 Palmer, Jr. Robert E. 493 Palmer, Lyie Joy 493 Panther, Jr. Louis J. 367 Poppas, Susan Deborah 493 Porden, Stephen Roy 441, 299 Parkel, Joan 493 Parker, III Wilmer 441, 343 Parker, Sherrian Diane 441 Parker, Virginia K. 441, 313 Parkes, Charles Leonard 493 Pornell, Toni Sharon 315 Parris, Hubert Davis 493, 347 Porrish, Charles Derek 493, 343 Parrish, James Wiley 493, 347 Porrish, Robert Dole 454 Parsons, Dee Self 493, 287 Parsons, Jr. Carl P. 441, 287 Parsons, Jr. Clarence I. 493, 293 Parsons, William R. 493, 287 Portlow, Cynthia Ford 493 Portlow, Margaret Nixon 493, 31 1 Partridge, Carol Jean 493, 382, 289 Partridge, III Charles 493, 307 Partridge, Julio Anne 493, 396 Parvin, James Michael 493, 339 Pass, Alan Burton 441 Pate, III James Simeon 493 Pate, Sylvia Diane 493 Potnoik, Birot Loxmi 441 Patrick, Kathleen 493, 311 Patrick, Robert G. 493, 287 Patterson, Kenneth J. 441 Patterson, Rowley W. 493, 337 Patterson, Rebecca M. 441 Potton, Jr. Robert L. 493, 307 L Index S3S PoHon, Pandora 493 Paugh, Pamela Turner 493, 355 Paul, Ronald Larry 441 Pausic, Frankie Charles 493 Payne, Larry 410 Payne, Susan Elisabeth 493, 309 Peacock, Renee Allen 441, 295 Peak, James Howard 493 Peak, Terry Cecil 441, 410, 409 Pearce, Martha Sue 441 Pearson, Brenda Joan 493 Pearson, John Calvin 441 Pearson, Jr. Ralph L. 493, 287 Pearson, Jr. William E. 442, 307 Pearson, Mary Coleman 442, 313 Pearson, Patricio Kay 442 Peaton, Jr. Allen Louis 493 Pebbles, Vicki Marie 442, 355 Peeks, Kenneth Michael 493, 347 Peeler, Virginia W. 493 Peirce, Roger Allen 493, 408 Pelham, Sharon E. 493 Pennick, Edward Jerone 493 Peppers, Jr. Ralph E. 442 Perdue, Daniel Grady 494, 303 Perhacs, Sheldon Carl 442 Perkins, Jr. Joseph W. 394, 399 Perkins, Martha Cheryl 494 Perkins, Pomelo Kaye 442, 416 Perry, Brian Alon 494, 339 Perry, Charles Lewis 442, 339 Perry, Charles William 494, 337 Perry, Dorothy Ann 442 Perry, Elizabeth C. 442 Perry, III Patrick H. 494 Perry, Jr. Willie Milt on 442 Perry, Pamela Marie 442 Perry Soro Beth 494, 31 1 Person, Syrinthio Reshe 442 Petelos, John Nick 442 Peters, Mark 407 Peterson Enid Pier 494, 295 Peterson, Randall Clay 442 Petree, Elizabeth N. 494, 493, 31 1 Pettus, Nancy Carole 494, 305 Petty, Pomelo Anne 494, 355 Peveor, Margaret 494, 31 1 Phoro, Stephen Alfred 442 Phelps, Kenneth Allen 454 Phelps, Linda Foye 454 Phillips, Betty Ann 494 Phillips, Caroline 397, 236 Phillips, Dovid Michael 494 Phillips, Gory Alva 494, 329 Phillips, James Rebecca 442 Phillips, James Robert 442 Phillips, Johnnie M. 494, 315 Phillips, Jr. Samuel M. 494 Phillips, Jr. William H. 494 Phillips, Lisa Dawn 494, 331 Phillips, Pamela Karen 494 Phurrough, Prentiss A. 494 Pickens, Cheryl Foye 494 Pickens, Nancy Carol 253 Pickron, Mary Celeste 454, 331 Pienezzo, Charles B. 494, 317 Pihokis, George 401 Pippin, Ronald Horace 494, 343 Pittmon, Mory Emma 442 Pitts, Alan Joseph 442, 317 Pitts, Nancy Neill 442, 313 Pizer, Dwonelle E. 494, 341 Pizzitolo, Joseph Mark 494 Plott, Walter Eugene 442 Plummer, Virginia B. 494, 295 Plunkett, Timothy T. 407, 408 Plylor, Carolyn W. 494, 295 Plyler, Sherry Kay 494, 305 Pody, Patricia Lee 494 Poehler, Lono Jeanne 494, 331 Poellnitz, Augusta C. 442, 31 1 Poellnitz, Corolyn Dale 494, 295 Poellnitz, Eugenia A. 494, 295 Pogue, Julie Ann 494 Points, Terry Denise 494, 419 Pollon, Eugene Neil 442 Pomeroy, Andrew John 494 Pool, Jimmy Bryan 454 Poole, Linda Norman 494, 275 Pope, Jerry Dean 494, 315 Pope, Randoll Paige 494 Porter, Dole McVoy 494, 315 Porter, III John Finley 494, 319 Porter, Potricio Lynn 494, 277 Portero, Jr. Carl Joseph 494 Portera, Malcolm A. 442 Portnoy, Diane Lee 442, 341 Posey, Deborah Gale 494 Posey, Jenny Lynne 494 Pounds, Debora h Ann 494 Powell, Andrew Merrill 494 Powell, Borbaro Jean 494 Powell, Benny Frank 494 Powell, Doniel Roy 442 Powell, Dovid Lee 442, 317 Powell, Deborah llene 495 Powell, Donald Lee 495, 347 Powell, Elizabeth L. 495, 297 Powell, III Jerry A. 495 Powell, James Milton 495 Powell, Michael Keith 442 Powers, Jerry Glenn 442 Powers, Kathleen E. 495, 313 Poythress, Christopher 454, 394 Prater, Connie Sue 495 Preiss, Karen Jean 495 Prentice, Laurie 365 Presley, Jr. Charles D. 495 Preston, Jono Comille 442, 295 Preston, Jimmy Doyle 442 Prewitt, Phyllis T. 495 Preyor, Horriette L. 495 Price, Borbaro Ruth 442, 275 Price, Horriet Cloy 495, 311 Price, James Milford 454, 333 Price, Don 411, 408 Price, Melissa Ann 495, 285 Price, Rion Michoel 495 Price, Terry Lee 454 Price, Wallace Chester 495 Price, Williams Timothy 495 Prichord, JR. John R. 442 Pride, Elizabeth L. 495 Priester, Joseph Bonds 442 Primm, John Thomas 495 Prince, Cheryl Dorline 442 Prince, Patricia Ann 495, 327 Pritchott, Jr. Charles H. 495 Province, Melonie C. 495, 313 Pruett, Jr. Henry Floyd 495 Pruett, Rebecca Foye 495 Pruitt, Lynda Kinser 442, 365 Pryor, Lila Lamb 495, 295 Ptomey, Susan 495, 382, 331 53 ' Index Puckett, Polly Sibyl 495 PuckeH, Samuel Dalton 442, 351 Pugh, Gail Diane 495 Pugh, Robert L. 442 Pullen, Judirh E. 495 Purcell, Douglas Clare 454 Purdy, Jonis Lee 442, 277 Purnell, Wjlliam H. 442 Pylant, Jr. David Floyd 495 Pyms, Pamela Allison 495, 331 Pyron, Sarah Joyce 442, 277 Quails, Dorothy Louise 442 Queries, Ronald Carl 495, 337 Quick, Walter Mason 495, 329 Quigley, Andrew Howard 442, 291 Quinn, Charles Michael 442, 343 Quinn, Emily Alone 442, 355 Quinn, Judy Lynne 495, 355 Quinn, Michael John 495 Quinney, Dale Earl 442 Rabon, Janet Spivey 442 Rabon, John Robinson 442 Radachi, William A. 495 Radcliff, Carolyn G. 495, 313 Radcliff, Robin 442, 313 Radford, Brenda Joyce 454 Rafalsky, Celeste Ann 443, 355 Roglond, L. Regan 495 Rogsdale, Carol Waller 443, 331 Reiner, Beverly Lynn 495, 243, 379, 313 Raines, Deborah D. 495, 31 1 Raines, Lawrence Wesley 495 Roiney, Dennis Rodgers 443 Rojan, Malikkomodom 495 Ramey, Walter Randolph 443m 41 1 Ramsey, Joel Wordlow 452, 335 Ramsey, Nancy Jane 404 Ramsey, Sharman B. 443 Rondle, John Alan 495, 347 Randle, Richard Wayne 495 Handle, Winston Marry 495, 347 Ronelli, Marilyn Agnes 495 Rosco, Melinda Ann 443 Rost, Nancy Burke 443, 31 1 Rowlings, James W. 443, 315 Rowls, Jr. Charles Alva 495, 325 Rawls, Phillip Gantt 495, 360 Rowson, Rosa Lee 444, 285 Ray, Danita Carroll 443 Roy, Donald Allen 443 Roy, Morjorie Jean 443 Roymon, Dana 496, 254, 341 Raynaud, Jorge E. 443 Ready, Michael Lee 418 Reamey, John Howard 496, 293 Reams, Paul Ellisor 443 Rearden, Debro Louellyn 496, 331 Reaves, Robin Ann 443, 327 Rector, Julia Lynne 496 Redd, Kathleen Moloney 454 Redditt, Jr. Frank Grey 443, 413 Reece, Deborah Sue 496, 277 Reed, Catherine Elaine 496 Reed, John David 496 Reed, Judith Evans 443, 295 Reed, Lillie Ann 443 Reed, Wanda Kay 496 Reese, Danny 410, 409 Reese, David Keith 443, 293 Reese, Emily Jo 496 Reese, Joseph Alan 496 Reese, Peggy S. 496 Reese, Priscilla Diane 443 Reese, Steven Charles 496 Reeves, Douglas Edwin 496 Reeves, Phil 409 Reeves, Randall Curtis 443 Rehm, Karen Ann 496 Reich, Wade Eokins 496 Reiche, Diane 496 Reid, Charles Michael 454 Reid, Diane Elizabeth 496, 277 Reid, II Jess Lowrence 443, 337 Reid, Janice Marie 496 Reid, Joy Elizabeth 496, 289 Reid, Martha Patricio 443, 331 Reid, Trudy Lee 496, 232, 331 Reife, Margaret Davis 443, 355 Renault, Gilbert M. 443, 360 Resho, Robert Thomas 496 Reuter, Richard F. 496 Reviere, Jr. Robert J. 496, 343 Reynolds, Anne Louise 496, 31 1 Reynolds, Evan Clark 496 Reynolds, II Frank Hall 496 Reynolds, III William C. 443 Reynolds, June 443, 403, 297 Reynolds, Theresa Lynn 496 Reznik, Meyer David 496 Reznik, Sara Ann 301 Rl)ea, III William Henry 443 Rhea, Marie Elvelo 496, 275 Rhinehart, Geoffrey R. 496, 333 Rhinehort, Ginger Kay 496 Rhinesmith, William L. 443 Rhodes, Frank Powell 496 Rhodes, Jr. Spears R. 496 Rhodes, Melissa 443, 363, 31 1 Rioll, Jr. Benjamin W. 443, 303 Rice, Charles Woodrow 443 Rice, Janet DeLois 443 Rice, Judy Eugenia 443 Rich, Jerry Lynn 443 Richards, David Leslie 443 Richardson, Etolinda Ann 496 Richardson, Carroll L. 496 Richardson, Gary Dewitt 496 Richardson, III Thomas 443, 343 Tuscaloosa ' s Nicest Stores TUSCALOOSA Downtown Alberta The Moll (I cnnQut lA AVC CIDQT rillAIITV " ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Downtown Tuscaloosa MORGENTHAU ' S-GATES, INC. Sooner or Later Your Favorite Cleaner TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Index 537 Rkhardton, Joel Dale 496, 335 Richardson, Jr. Aubrey P. 496, 337 Richardson, Jr. Walter R. 496 Richardson, Pat 496, 401, 333 Richardson, Ronald T. 443 Richardson, Susan D. 496 Richerson, Laura Louise 443 Richerson, Martha Gail 496 Richert, III Clyde W. 496, 333 Richeson, Wallace G. 443 Richey, James Lee 496 Riehey, Patricia Ann 496, 327 Ricks, Edwin Gordon 496 Ricks, Jennifer Adcock 496 Ridge, Cecilia Ann 496, 297 Ridley, Richard Maxwell 443 Riehl, Michael Thomas 497, 333 Riley, Cassandra D. 497 Riley, George Francis 443, 323 Riley, John Scott 497 Riley, Mary Jane Giles 454 Riley, Rodney Alvin 497 Ringland, William S. 443, 299 Rippetoe, Thomas B. 376 Rissell, Robert Alan 454 Ritchlin, Christopher T. 499 Rittenberry, Sheila Ann 497 Rivers, Phillip Wayne 497 Roach, Danny Gene 443 Robbins, Martha Ruth 443, 295 Roberson, Jr. Frank E. 443 Roberson, Tommy Harold 443 Roberts, Bobby Michael 408 Roberts, Carol Lynne 497, 275 Roberts, David Alan 443 Roberts, Maxey Jerome 454 Roberts, Ralph Brantly 454, 413 Roberts, Webb Clifton 497 Robertson, Amy Trude 497, 331 Robertson, Christopher 497 Robertson, Deborah Ann 497 Robertson, Jamie 497, 327 Robertson, Jane Durant 277 Robertson, Janice M. 497 Robertson, Ronald Dale 497 Robertson, William A. 576 Robinson, Clarence E. 444 Robinson, Jr. Elmo P. 497 Robinson, Jr. Roy Robert 418 Robinson, Maria 497 Rock, Brenda Marguerite 497, 373 Rodberg, Karen Sue 444, 327 Roden, Delores Jane 497 Roden, Mary James 454 Rodgers, Mark Edward 497 Rodgers, Nancy Camilla 497 Rodgers, Vicky Gail 497 Rodriguez, Alice 454 Roe, Kim Elaine 497, 305 Roeder, James Alan 444 Rogers, Barbara Neal 497 Rogers, Bettye Jo 497, 355 Rogers, Charles Edward 497 Rogers, David Patrick 497 Rogers, Edward Gerald 497 Rogers, Elizabeth Layne 444 Rogers, III Zack 497, 339 Rogers, Joyce Gail 497 Rogers, Margaret Shaw 444 Rogers, Mark Vincent 444 Rogers, Mary Elizabeth 444 Rogers, Strudwick M. 497 Rolland, Jr. Stanley J. 497 Rooker, David Franklin 497 Roosevelt, Verdery Anne 419 Roper, Richard Harold 495 Roper, Robert Cleveland 444 Rosbottom, Stephen Kirk 408 Rose, Randolph Gregory 497 Rosen, Linda Sue 495 Rosich, Carolyn Price 363, 497, 297 Rosner, Melonie Ann 497, 341 Ross, Alan Bunker 497, 293 Ross, Jr. Lester Marion 497, 293 Ross, Thomas Jerry 444 Rosser, Jimmy Lynn 376 Rosser, Thomas Mark 497 Rost, Sandra Jane 497 Roton, Frances E. 497, 295 Roush, Lois Beth 444 Rouzie, Jefferson Corr 376 Rowe, Melinda Grace 497 Rowe, Nina Hazel 497 Rowell, Samuel Terrell 376 Rowland, Catherine A. 497, 289 Rowland, David Allen 444, 329 Rowland, Martha Carol 497 Royal, Debby Darleen 496 Royer, Jr. George w. 454 538 Index Rubenttein, Jan Martha 497, 341 Rudnick, Martin Richard 454 Rudolph, Frances Vivian 444 Ruhlen, Virginia Gayle 497, 309 Rumore, Donna Jo 444 Rumore, Jr. Samuel A. 454 Rumore, Terry Leon 444 Runions, Thomas Allen 497 Rush, Richard Allen 444 Rushing, Sandra Lorene 444, 416 Russell, Ann Drummond 498 Russell, Deborah Lee 498, 355 Russell, Donald Dewalt 444, 329 Russell, George Larry 444 Russell, Laura Jeanne 498 Russell, Margaret L. 498, 309 Russell, Martha Ann 498 Russell, Stephen Virgil 455 Rust, Debra Ann 498 Rutledge, Cheryl Ann 498, 225 Rutledge, III Guy L. 444, 319 Ryals, Stephen Culbert 498, 303 Ryan, Gory Dewoyne 444 Ryan, John William 498, 293 Ryan, Jr. Lawrence T. 498, 351 Ryan, Patricio Hartman 498, 277 Ryan, Winfield Louis 498, 335 Ryle, Benton Warren 444, 329 Rymer, Thomas M. 444, 307 Saddler, Jr. Latham G. 444, 343 Saffels, Michael Aaron 498 Sain, Elizabeth Lester 498, 331 Solemi, Debra Lynn 498 Saliba, Franklin Alexy 498 Salloway Ronald Glenn 455 Sallowoy, Shirley E. 498, 341 Samford, Mary Austill 498, 313 Summons, William M. 498 Sample, Catherine Jane 498 Sanders, Barbara Ann 498 Sanders, James Thomas 498 Sanders, Penelope Ann 498, 297 Sanders, Rita Louise 455 Sanderson, Jr. Ralph D. 498 Sanderson, Thomos W. 498 Sandlin, Denise 498, 327 Sondlin, Judy Ayres, 498 Sandlin, Paul Marc 498, 347 Sondner, Lynne Carol 498, 311 Sanford, Lynn Marie 498 Satterfield, Jr. George 498, 345 Sotterwhite, Mary E. 444 Satterwhite, Ruth R. 498, 289 Saucer, Glenn Julius 498 Saunders, Kenneth Brian 455 Savage, Barbara Ann 498 Savage, Joseph Arnold 498 Savage, Kenneth Dale 444 Savell, Serita Ann 498 Sawyer, Joy Elizabeth 498 Saxon, John David 444, 413, 399 Saxon, Joe 394 Saxon Rosemary 498, 305 Sacaife, Jr. James Guy 444 Scalici, Paul Stephen 498 Scanlon, Bettye Bene 444 Scarborough, Linda C. 444, 275 Scarborough, Melissa A. 498, 275 Schoffer, Alice F. 498 Schandolph, Melonie G. 498 Scheer, Patricia Ann 498, 305 Schillaci, Sam Anthony 498 Schmaeling, Dana Eugene 498 Schnell, Janet Louise 498, 355 Schott, Sheryl Leslie 444 Schultz, Deirdre 498, 285 Schwertner, Charles J. 455 Scivley, Dole Thomas 444, 400, 315 Sconyers, Cynthia Nell 498, 365, 275 Scott, Connie Sue 444 Scott, Diane Elizabeth 498 Scott, III Henry Eldon 444, 299 Scott, Jerry Olinda 498, 289 Scott, Kathryn Belle 499 Scott, Richard Wayne 499 Screws, Gory Wayne 499 Schrivner, Patricia M. 444 Scroggins, Jr. William T. 499, 343 Scruggs, Karen Marie 499 Seale, III Thomas M. 499 Seale, Lila Elizabeth 499 Seale, Valerie Dionne 499, 353 Sealy, Brendo Adele 444 Seoly, Gino Carol 499, 327 Seamon, Daniel Wayne 499 Seamon, Kenneth Douglas 499, 291 Searcy, Marcia Gayle 499, 327 Searcy, Margaret Tyler 455 Sears, Wallace David 499 Sedwick, Sara Coleen 444 Segall, Patricio Gail 499, 363 Seibold, James Lloyd 499, 339 Sellers, Cathryn Anne 499, 305 Sellers, Charles E. 499, 325 Sellers, Gerald Osborne 499, 343 Sellers, Jane Kotherine 444 Sellers, Nona Joyce 444 Sellers, Thomas 499, 418 Selmon, Connie Susan 499 Selvo, Lance Hamilton 444, 335 Semmes, Catherine M. 499, 309 Semmes, Michael H. 499 Semmes, Sara Cook 444 Semmes, Thomas M. 455 Senn, James Nolan 499 Serio, Brenda Joyce 499 Serio, Joseph Anthony 499, 293 Serio, Robert Andrew 499, 293 Sessions, Donald Harry 499 Sessions, Travis Allen 499 Settle, Paula Ann 499 Sewell, Charles Elby 499 Sewell, III Joseph W. 499, 319 Sewell, Jr. James Wesley 499 Sexton, Carolyn Naomi 499 Sexton, Devin Jane 499, 289 Sexton, Ronald Steve 499 Shackelford, Caroline H. 444 Shackelford, Elizabeth 499, 277 Shamblin, Martha K. 499, 31 1 Shamburger, Carolyn 499 Shannon, Jane Lauren 499, 355 Shannon, Maurice C. 499, 319 Sharp, Gary Stephen 499 Sharp, III Thomas E. 499, 299 Sharp, NancI Ellen 499 Show, Carlo Janet 499, 327 Shaw, Rosamond Sterling 499 Sheoly, Larry Lamar 444 Shear, John Wesley 444 Shearer, George Howot 499, 337 Shell, Michael Clinton 444 Shelton, Stanley Wayne 444 Sheppard, Leslie M. 499 Sherer, Jr. Raymond J. 444, 337 Sherer, Marsha Ann 499, 275 Sherman, Jacqueline M. 499 Sherman, Richard E. 500 Sherrill, Russell H. 500 Sherrod, Deborah Lee 500, 305 Shields, Deborah Delia 500 Shields, Sarah Marshall 500 Shimoda, Steve Hidetako 500 Shimoda, Sue Harumi 444, 331 Shipley, Richard M. 400, 363, 345 Shirey, Brenda Gait 500 Shirley, Carol Jean 500 Shirley, Elizabeth C. 500 Shirley, James Gary 500 Shirley, John David 500 Shirley, Linda Gayle 444, 379 Shirley, Thomas Earl 444 Shope, Deborah Foye 500, 275 Short, Charles Robert 445, 307 Shreve, Kate Newkirk 500, 277 Shubert, Valerie Kay 500 Shuimon, William S. 445, 353 Shults, Gory Lee 500, 293 Shurett, Virginia F. 445 Shutts, Sara Alyson 500, 295 Sides, Betty Ruth 500 Sikes, Margaret Ellen 445, 313 Sikes, Nancy Evers 500, 313 Sikes, Pomelo Dawn 500 Wilven, Delvin Kern 445 Silvey, Silvia Susan 500, 230, 275, 257 Simmons, Jr. James R. 376 Simmons, Mary Margaret 500 Simmons, Michael 500, 349 Simon, Otto Myron 500, 315 Simoneiti, Andrew 445, 4 1 1 Simoneiti, Andrew S. 445 Simpson, Dorothy N. 500, 397, 309 Simpson, Edgar Wirt 445, 317 Simpson, Jackie Lavon 445 Simpson, Jonet Yvonne 445 Simpson, Keith Emory 500 Sims, Clara Jean 445 Sims, III Thomas Andrew 500 Sims, Joan Elaine 500, 275 Sims, Larry Jim 500, 323 Sims, Myretta Vernell 455 Sims, Paulo Maurine 500 Sims, William Lee 445, 303 Sinclair, Elizobeth Ann 500 Singleton, Bonnie Lou 500 Singleton, William Tod 500, 343 Singley, Alice 445 Sitz, Sue Ellen 445 Sizemore, Jr. Alton 376 Sizemore, Phillip Larue 500, 333 Skeen, Rebecca Ann 500, 355 Skelton, Cohrlotte Ann 500, 289, 305 Skelton, Charlotte C. 445 Skelton, Connie Faye 445 Skelton, Larry Oneal 500 Skelton, Rebecca Foye 500 Skinner, Alicia Ann 445, 404 Skipper, James Michael 500 Skipper, Sarah Roberts 445, 379 Skipper, Wondo Marilyn 500 Sklar, Patricia Ellen 500 Slaughter, Christopher 445 Slayden, Jan Claire 500 Sledge, III Joseph W. 500 Sledge, James Johnson 445 Sledge, Robert Clark 500, 299 Sligh, Terrill Andrew 445 Sloan, Suzanne 445, 297 Slonecki, James John 445 Small, Cynthia Louise 500 Smollwood, Gary Stanton 455 Smallwood, Mark Steven 500, 323 Smart, Brenda Sue 445 Smeds, Julia 500, 331 Smelley, James Edward 500 Smiles, Michael David 500, 347 Smilie, III Clifton P. 501, 337 Smith, Alan Randolph 501 Smith, Alice Dole 501 , 373, 275 Smith, Barbara Lone 501 Smith, Bradford Nolty 501 Smith, Brian Jackson 445, 333 Smith, Carol 445 Smith, Carol 455 Smith, Carol 408, 411, 407 Smith, Constance V. 501 Smith, Cynthia Gail 501 , 295 Smith, David Alan 501 , 335 Smith, Deborah Ann 445 Smith, Deborah 397 Smith, Deborah Louise 501 , 309 Smith, Debra Robertson 501 Smith, Dennis Arnold Smith, Doug 501, 401, 347 Smith, Faye Delone 501 Smith, Francis Llwyn 501 Smith, Fred Glennon 501, 363 Smith, Ginger Carol 445 Smith, Glendo Louise 501 Smith, Glenn Warren 445 Smith, Helen Lucille 501 Smith, III C Roy 501 Smith, Jack Edward 501 , 347 Smith, James Oliver L. 501 Smith, John Allen 307 Smith, John AAichoel 501 Smith, Jr. Charles Wiley 501 Smith, Jr. James W. 501 Smith, Jr. John B. 408 Smith, Jr. Williom Eorle 501 Smith, Kotherine 501 Smith, Larry Jan 501 Smith, Larry Steven 445, 337 Smith, Loyd Axley 445 Smith, Marion Huston 501 Smith, Michael Roy 501 Smith, Michael Warren 501 Smith, Paula Susan 501 Smith, Phillip Dewey 501 Smith, Rayford Adrian 501, 307 Smith, Richard Howell 501 , 303 Smith, Rowan Dennis 501 Smith, Stephen 399 Smith, Susan Colleen 445 Index 539 r Cheese n Sausage Trail Chaai ' n SsuMif • Tray . . S«fv«. is-as . . S rv iJS-31 Cheese Tray 3 SIZfS 17 Ch t Tray . . . S rv« 6-i0 16 Ch««i« Troy . . . Sarv l5-2i It Ch« i«Trav . . . S rw 3S-3S Teleprompter Cable T.V. mitfvsmfma Offering More Channels With Better Quality 2008 8th Ave. Smith, Sydney Bowen 455 Smith, Thomas Michael 455 Smith, Thomas Odom 501 Smith, Walter Hamiter 501, 339 Smith, William G. 445 Smith, William Scott 445 Smitherman, David C. 501 Smitherman, Deborah Key 397 Smithey, Shelby Waylon 453 Smothers, Bennett A. 501, 323 Snead, Paula Marie 501 , 355 Sneed, George W. 501, 337 Snell, Wanda Elaine 501 Snellgrove, Debbie 501 Snellgrove, James W. 501 Snellgrove, Seth D. 445 Snider, Randolph Wayne 501 Snow, Carolyn Elizabeth 501 , 305 Snow, Elizabeth Cheney 501 , 305 Snowdcn, Jr. Charles E. 501 Snowden, Jr. James E. 445, 410, 406, 407 Snyder, Deborah Jean 501 Sollars, John Alexander 501, 291 Sollie, Virginia Oneol 501, 313 Solnick, Emily Kay 501 , 301 Solomon, Mark Harris 445 Sommers, Doris Jeonette 502 Soppet, Charles M. 502 Sorrells, David Wayne 502 Sorrells, Debbie Elaine 502, 309, 245 Soule, John Fayette 502 South, Susan Rebecca 502 Sowell, Dorothy McLeod 502 Spongier, Janice M. 445 Sparkmon, Jr. Julius M. 445, 400 Sporkman, Ricky Brandon 502 Sparks, Charles Lorry 455 Sparks, Judith Collier 445 Spear, Mary Martha 502, 277 Spears, Joel Denver 445 Speas, George Randolph 502 Speer, Jan 502, 341 Speer, Jerry Lynn 502 Speigner, Jr. Marvin K. 502, 325 Spence, Deborah 502, 327 Spencer, Alan Crawley 502, 335 Spencer, Gary H. 445, 315 Spencer, Marjorie G. 502 Spencer, Michael A. 445 Spencer, Nancy Louise 445, 355 Spight, III John Henry 502, 319 Spivey, Beverly Sue 445, 309 Spivey, Charles Edker 502 Spivey, Susan 502 Spivey, Synthia Lyn 502, 331 Sprodley, James Bryant 502 SproHing, Susan Ann 502 Springfield, Johnny E. 502 St. Clair, Frances Dyon 502, 256, 275 Stabler, Annie Hunter 445, 295 Stairhime, Jr. Richard G. 502 Stolcup, Deborah Anne 502, 295 Stalcup, III Lewis Page 502, 319 StalKvorth, Elinor B. 445, 313 Stoilworth, Frances R. 446 StalKvorth, James Rott 502 Stanberry, Judith Lynne 446 Stondeffer, Vinesso 419 Standridge, Sallie Jean 446 Stanford, James Edward 502, 319 Stanford, Robert F. 376 Stanley, David M. 502, 345 Stanley, Frank Edgar 502, 315 Stanley, Laura Janice 502 Stanley, Linda Faye 502 Stanley, Wayne Godd 502 Stanton, Patricio Ann 502 Staples, James W. 446 Stornes, Martha Dele 502 Starnes, Nancylee 446, 3 1 1 Steodmon, Charles Wayne 446 Steakloy, Roderic G. 446, 376, 339 Steele, David Brooks 502 Steele, Ruth Pettus 502 Steele, Sharon Ann 502, 355 Steensland, Jr. Maurice 502 Stein, Sylvia F. 502, 341 Steineker, III Alfred W. 502 Steiner, Anita Diane 502 Steiner, Carol Huck 446 Steiner, Denise Berry 502, 341 Steiner, Jr. Edward C. 446, 307 Stem, Susan Jane 502 Stephen, Richard Sidney 502 Stephens, Constance E. 502, 289 Stephens, Mary Julia 446 Stephens, Renee 446, 375, 419 Stephens, Sherry Lynne 502, 297 Stephenson, Franklin H. 446 Stephenson, Kothy Ann 503 Stergiodes, Andrew L. 446 Sterling, Geraldine 503 Stevens, Alan David 503, 347 Stevens, Deborah Sue 503, 327 Stewart, Ashley Tisdole 503, 335 Stewart, Cathy Lynn 503, 331 Stewart, Ellis Elton 503 Stewart, III Sanders R. 503, 347 Stewart, Jasper Blair 409 Stewart, Kathryn Ann 503 Stewart, Orpah Ann 446 Stewart, Patricia Lynne 503 Stewart, Sarah Ann 455 Stilson, Charles M. 503 Stimpson, Frederick T. 446, 299 Stimpson, William S. 503, 299 Stinnett, Sheila Ann 455, 295 Stinson, Mary Lillian 503 Stokes, Bill Joe 446 Stokes, Jocquelyn 503 Stone, Herbert Dwight 446, 303 Stone, Louise Bartlett 503, 295 Stone, Nancy Dickson 446, 295 Stone, Rhonda Roy 503 Storthz, III Sam Jonas 502, 353 Stovall, Gloria Lee 503 Stovall, III Murray P. 446 Strown, Jr. Bernard C. 376 Strickland, Bradford B. 503 Strickland, Brian R. 503 Strickland, John M. 446 Strickland, Margaret S. 503 Strickland, Sarah E. 503, 289 Strickland, Sharon 446 Stricklen, Sara Melinda 446 Stringfellow, Martin B. 503 Stringfellow, Mary J. 503 Striplin, Albert C. 503 Stripling, Max E. 503 Strong, Craig Lomont 503 Strong, George Quentin 503 Strong, James Francis 503 Strong, William Herbert 446, 409 Strother, Nellie Gray 446 Strubel, Jan Lorkin 503, 275 Stuordi, Kathleen V. 446 Stuordi, Michael F. 503 Stuart, Lee S. 503, 287 Stumpf, Jr. Andrew W. 503 Stutts, David Hugh 446 Sudduth, Danny Stephen 408 Sullen, Mitchell Lee 503 Sullivan, Frances M. 503, 289 Sullivan, Joel Clayton 503 Sullivan, Randy Jo 503 Sullivan, Susan Jane 503 Sullivan, Thomas C. 455 Summerford, Clark Edgar 446 Summerlin, Jerry C. 503, 333 Sumner, Thomas Sartain 503, 329 Susko, Justine Ann 446, 297 Susko, Michael A. 399, 418 Susmon, William Julian 446 Sutherland, Jr. Frank H. 446 Suttles, Lorry Wayne 446 Sutton, Veronica Ann 503 Swonigon, Linda Gale 503 Swonn, Ellen Jane 277 Swann, Susan Alice 277 Sweorengin, Judy Ann 360 Swetnam, Julie Louise 503, 285 Swift, III George R. 503, 299 Swindall, Sharon L. 446 Syltie, David Owen 446 Taber, Mary Susan 446, 309 Talbert, Morcia Ameto 503 Tolley, Daphne Diane 503, 309 Tanner, Julia Cecile 503, 309 Tote, Jr. Terrell Hughes 503 Tote, Patricio C. 446, 403, 275 Tatom, Michael Patrick 504, 315 Tatum, Edward Finnell 504 Tatum, William Howard 504, 337 Taylor, Andrew Clark 504 Taylor, Charles Raymond 455 Taylor, Deborah Leigh 504, 305 Taylor, Douglas Dean 504, 329 Taylor, Freida Arlene 504 Taylor, Jr. Elmer A. 504, 407, 409 Taylor, Judy Anita 504 Taylor, Judy Ann 504 Taylor, Linda Sue 504 Taylor, Loretto 504 Taylor, Lynne Sheryl 504, 375 540 Index Index 541 Telephone 758-4511 Televisions Radios Records DE SCHOT RADIO TV SERVICE 2107 Broad Street, Tuscaloosa RCA Sales Tuscaloosa Alabama Sales — Service 297 345 Taylor, Mary Elaine 446, 277 Taylor, Wanda Pearl 504, 225 Teague, Deborah Jean 504, 305 Teel, Frank Selman 446 Teller, Jr. Henry E. 455 Temple, Mary Ernestine 504, 397, 305 Terrell, Elizabeth Amis 504 Terry, II Edward Mack 446, 293 Terry, James Marshall 446, 335 Terry, Jr. Claude W. 504 Terry Marilynn Evelyn 504 Terry, Susan Joy 504, 297 Terry, William J. 504, 299 Tessarolo, Mark Kevin 446 Tew, Brenda Anne 504, 277 Tew, Corol Ann 504, 365, 285 Thigpen, Mary Babette 504, 379 Thigpen, Teresa Karyn 446, 327 Thomas, Brenda Joyce 504, Thomas, Cherry Lynn 504 Thomas, David Eart 363 Thomas, Dennis Craig 504, Thomas, Elise Marie 504 Thomas, Gary Vaughan 504, 303 Thomas, Jerry Paul 446 Thomas, Jr, Mercer S. 504, 319 Thomas, Judith Ann 504, 275 Thomas, Katherine L. 504, 277 Thomas, Kathy Lafunda 504 Thomas, Margaret S. 504, 275 Thomas, Mary Foy 504, 313 Thomas Merrill Pratts 504, 319 Thomas, Nancy Ann 446, 365, Thomas, Patricia Ann 504, 285 Thomas, Ramona Scott 504 Thomas, Ronald Wayne 446 Thomas, Steven Allen 504 Thomas, Terri Louise 446, 327 Thomas, William H. C. 455, 347 Thomase, Susan Marie 504 Thomoson, III James C. 455 Thomason, Linda Lee 275 Thomoson, Michael Edgar 446 Thompson, Carey Moore 504 Thompson, Charles E. 446 Thompson, Daniel Wayne 505, 315 Thompson, Daphne Sue 504 Thompson, Deborah L. 504, 327 Thompson, Debra Janell 504 Thompson, George E. 504, 337 Thompson, Glenn Edward 504 309 Thompson, III Williom W. 505 Thompson, John Byron 446, 337 Thompson, John Greene 446, 323 Thompson, Jr. Albert H. 504, 347 Thompson, Jr. Burl Roy 504 Thompson, Jr. Fred W. 446 Thompson, Jr. Mervyn G. 447 Thompson, Karen Susonne 503 Thompson, Kem 418 Thompson, Michael F. 447 Thompson, Patricio D. 447 Thompson, Rebecca Dawn 447 Thompson, Robert Thomas 447, 335 Thompson, Ronald Waid 447, 335 Thompson, Stephen Wayne 504 Thompson, Susan Ann 447 Thomson, Linda Lee 504 Thorn, Cecilia Jean 447 Thorne, Michelle Adrione 447 Thornhill, III Harry G. 505 Thornton, Fletcher B. 371 Thornton, George W. 447 Thornton, III Joseph C. 447, 317 Thornton, Michael David 505 Thornton, Michael Jay 447 Thornton Thomas Lee 4 1 8 Thornton, Virginia Mary 505 Thorp, Jr. Randall Blair 505 Thorsby, Susan E. 505, 295 Thrasher, III John J. 505 Thrower, Jane 505, 3 1 1 Thuston, Robert Dixon 503, 319 Tidwell, III William C. 455, 323 Tidwell, Mary Susan 505 Tidwell, Percie Corene 447, 313 Tiernon, Kathi Ann 447 Tillman, Pamela Kaye 505, 305 Tilly, Jr. William H. 447, 319 Tilly, Pamela Green 505, 295 Tindell, Jr. Rollins L. 505, 343 Tinney, Glenno lea 447 Tipton, Guy Larry 447 Tipton, Pamela Reed 505 Tipton, Stephen K. 505, 418 Tipton, Susan Lee 505, 331 Tirey, Pamela Yvonne 505 Tobin, Dorothy Zelda 505, 301 Todt, Thomas Anthony 447, 325 Toenes, Deborah Kay 505 Tolleson, D. Suzon 505, 355 Tomberlin, Cynthia M. 505, 327 Tomlinson, Barbara Dale 505 Tomlinson, Frank H. 505, 319 Tomlinson, Ronald D. 505, 293 Topazi, Jerry Edward 447 Tortorici, Rosemary 447, 505 Townsend, Charles T. 449 Trainor, Linda June 505 Tront, Rilla Carol 505, 397 Trapp, Virginia Kaye 505 Trapp, William T. 447 Trenkle, David Anthony 410 Trimm, Jerry Michael 447, 407 Trimm, Kenneth Jackson 505, 401 Troncale, Joseph Alder 505 Trotman, Richard Hodges 505, 315 Troup, Priscillo Allyn 505 Trout, Nancy Curtis 505, 289 Tubbs, Steve Lewis 447 Tucker, Jr. William A. 447 Tucker, Stephen Vaughn 505 Tucker, Wondo Kay 447 Tuggle, Spencer Harvey 505 Tugwell, Charles Allen 505, 329 Tumlin, Edward David 447, 303 Turberville, Dorothy A. 505 Turkett, Philip Edward 505, 329 Turnbach, James Edward 455 Turner, Harold F. 505, 335 Turner, III James P. 447 Turner, James Lindsey 505 Turner, Kathryn Reid 505, 331 Turner, Larry Van 505, 363 Turner, Naomi Lind 506, 327 Turner, Robert Lorry 506, 293 Turner, Russell 447 Turner, Velma Joy 505, 295 Turnham, Kothorine E. 382, 506, 375, 419, Turnipseed, William J. 506 Tylander, Gene Raymond 506, 335 U Ulmer, Jr. Millard B. 455 Umlor, Jorgy Marie 506 Underwood, Jeffrey Todd 506 Underwood, Jr. Eugene H. 447 Underwood, Thomos M. 506, 339 Unger, Lee Ellen 506, 341 Upchurch, Eddie Joe 505, 325 Upshaw, William Kent 505 397 The grandest entrance you ' ll ever pass through is Adrians GREEN DOOR . . . OreenD een uoor just off campus on 7th Avenue, where the smart coed shops. Other stores. Uptown and in McFarlond Moll. 543 Index ■RATERNI i COMPLIMENTS OF: A Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi Delta Chi L Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Epsilon Pi W Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Psi Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi Sigma Phi Ej)silon Theta Chi Theta Tan Theta Xi Zeta Beta Tau V ' ms ' OL UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE Owned and operated by the University of Alabama SERVICES OFFERED • Check Cashing Personal checks cashed free 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Mondays through Fridays and 8:30 to 1 1:00 A.M. Saturdays. Office on the bal- cony. Repair Service Factory repair service for fountain pens, slide rules, drawing tools, etc. Pay only factory charge plus postage. Special Order Service Orders promptly processed special books or equipment ordinarily stocked. for not Repurchase of Books We will pay cash for your new or used books at highest prices pos- sible. A MESSAGE ABOUT YOUR SUPPLY STORE Since 1944 the University Supply Store has been owned and operated by the University of Alabama. The Supply Store is your store and the profits go Into the Student Welfare Fund. By shopping at the Supply Store you al- ways buy merchandise at reasonable prices, PLUS the profit from every purchase goes to help support activities which YOU enjoy such as the Intramural Sports Program, the Swim- ming Pool, and the Golf course. ITEMS SOLD • New and Used Books • Art Supplies • Engineering Supplies • Other School Supplies • Novelties • -Alabamo Seol Stationery • Greeting Cards • Cosmetics • Toiletries • Drug Sundries • Magazines and Newspapers • Official Class Rings • Sporting Goods 5 Index Uptain, Myron Allen 505 Urquharl, William J. 50«, 299 Usseiy, June Hankins 447 UHey, Arthur Lynn 506 Vail, David Trotter 506, 319 Valesko, Douglas Albert 506, 315 Vance, Jr. William R. 506 Vance, Linda Ann 447, 327 Vandiver, Patsy Geneva 506 Vardaman, Lyndo Gayle 506 Varon, Susanne 506 Vaughan, Carol Moore 289 Vaughan, Charlotte B. 506, 355 Vaughan, Myra Carol 506 Vaughan, Robbie Jo 506 Vaughan, Terry Kothryn 506 Vaughan, Vicki Olive 506, 289 Vaughn, Gregg Lynn 447 Vaughn, Michael S. 506 Vaughn, Verna Teresa 506 Veale, George, Warren 447 Veitch, Georgia Marie 506, 355 Vento, Robert Dominic 506, 345 Verchot, Jr. Edgar A. 447 Verlander, Lisette K. 506, 31 1 Vess, Kyle Kinkead 447 Vibbort, Linda Gail 506 Vick, Denny Morgan 506 Vickers, Richard W. 506, 347 Vickers, Susan C. 506, 289 Vickery, George Michael 506 Vickery, Micheol Ray 325 Villar, Robert Craig 506, 339 Vines, Frank Woodrow 506, 315 Vines, Kotheryn A. 506 Vines, Sarah Frances 506, 331 Vines, Thomas Alan 506 Vingle, Deborah Rae 447, 327 Vinson, Jr. Laurence D. 455 Vinson, William M. 506 Vinyard, Paulo Gay 447, 331 Virciglio, Kothryn L. 506 Vodantis, Despino C. 455, 366 Vodontis, Irene Chris 455 Volk, Michael Joseph 447, 41 1 Voss, Jr. Alfred Roy 506 W Wobner, Cynthia Lee 506, 341 Waddy, Jeanetto 506 Wade, Jeffry S. 447 Wade, Michael Earl 506 Wodsworth, Melinda B. 447 Wahl, Michael Robert 506, 413 Wahl, Randy Charles 506 Waid, Grady Michael 506 Waites, Janet Elaine 447, 355 Woites, Janice 507 Walding, Annie Sue 507 Waldrep, Sherrill Y. 447 Woldron, Martha Ann 507 Walker, Billy 409 Walker, Edwin Dougols 447 Walker, Gary Steven 507 Walker, James Ethard 447, 325 Walker, Joel Calhoun 447 Walker, Jr. Harry C. 447 Walker, Karon Elizabeth 447 Walker, Larry Daniel 507 WAIker, Larry Ladon 507 Walker, Mary Poulette 448 Walker, Matthew Boykin 507, 337 Walker, Nancy Clarice 447, 327 Walker, Nancy Jo 447 Walker, Phyllis P. 507 Walker, Thomas Woodward 507, 337 Walker, Tommie Sue 448 Walker, Vicki Aleta W. 448 Wallace, Joe 408 Wallace, III Marion H. 507, 337 Wallace, III Paul A. 448, 41 1 Wallace, Jr. Frank E. 507, 351 Wallace, Ronald Stephen 507 Waller, Jr. John K. 455 Walls, Lorry Wayne 507 Walsh, Charles Brown 507, 315 Walsh, James Parker 448 Walthall, Mary Anna 507, 31 1 Walton, Thomas Ralph 507 Wamsley, Jr. Robert M. 507, 351 Ward, Elizabeth Wills 507 Ward, Harold Wade 448, 401 , 333 Ward, III James Andrews 507, 335 Ward, Jacqueline 448, 305 Word, Kate Elizabeth 507 Ward, Laura Jo 507 Ward, Patricio Ann 507 Ward, Robert Fletcher 413 Ward, Shelley Teresa 507, 277 Ward, Steven Ritchie 507 Wargo, III John 507, 293 Warns, Susan Mara 507 Warren, Elizabeth Irene 448 Warren, John Edward 507 Warren, Thomas 409 Warren, Tommy 507, 407 Wash, Sandra Carol 448 Washburn, Vivian Gayle 507 Waters, Carol Sanderson 507 Waters, Jr. John R. 412 Wathen, William F. 448 Wotkins, Deandra J. 507 Watkins, Johnny Martin 448, 339 Wotkins, Jr. Charles B. 401 Watkins, Jr. Nathan G. 507, 315 Watkins, Sheila Annelle 507 Watkins, Wendy Anne 507, 275 Watson, Andrea Lynne 507, 285 Watson, Carol Sue 507 Watson, Eldridge J. 448 Watson, Harriet Rebecca 448 Watson, James Russell 448 Watson, Julian David 507, 418 Index 545 ICECREAM AND IMIRY PROULCTS nothing fresher Watson, Mary Jacqueline 507 Watson, Sharon Ann 448 Watt, George Adair 455 Watts, Lynn Pierce 448 Watts, Marion Frank 448 Watts, Steven Alan 507, 347 Way, III Arthur Lyman 448 Weatherford, Patricio J. 507, 309 Weatherly, Jr. Mark G. Weatherly, Mary Joan 303 Weatherly, Mary M. 507, 297 Weaver, Allan Ross 448 Weaver, Elaine 448 Weover, Gregory Noel 415 Weaver, Lorry Clark 507, 339 Weaver, Margaret Culver 507 Weaver, Wayne A. 448 Webb, Margaret Wilson 507, 31 1 Webb, Melvin Wesley 376 Webb, Tommy Snell 507, 347 Webster, Deborah Kay 448 Webster, Jano Koy 507 Webster, Morcia Jane 507 Webster, Patsy Jean 507 Webster, Paul David 416 Weekley, Lilli J. 507 Weeks, William Scott 508 Weems, Richard Allan 508, 287 Weidenbock, Donna Lyn 448, 285 Weidman, Jack Kennedy 448 Weinman, Lee Pryor 508, 291 Weinstein, Judy Ann 508, 341 Weinstein, Rosalind Ann 448 Weir, David Lee 508 Welch, Amanda Jean 508, 305 Welch, Betsy Glo 448, 275 Welch, Edward Duffey 508, 315 Welch, Grace Alyson 508 Welch, III Stewart H. 401 Welch, Katie Mae 448 Welch, Leila Ruth 508, 313 Welch, Patricia Ellen 508, 355 Welch, Tealla Hoye 508, 305 Wells, Jr. Huey Thomas 448, 361 , 394, 343 Wells, Jr. James Curtis 508 Wells, Michael 448, 406, 407, 410, 409 Wells, Pamela Leigh 508, 275 Wells, William Ainsley 508, 347 Wells, William Thomas 448, 299 Wesson, Jr. Clarence E. 508, 323 West, Brendo Jo 508 West, Susan Elaine 508, 295 Westmoreland, William S. 448 Weston, George Weedon 508 Wetter, Camille M. 508, 289 Wetter, Jr. James Hunter 508, 299 Wharton, Van L. 508, 339 546 Index Index 547 TANNER BROS. WHOLESALE Fruits and Vegetables 758-2891 758-2892 BUILDING MATERIALS PAINTS • TOOLS • HOUSEWARES • GIFTS fm II j.oviatt] k rl BOWERS llMm.ll HARDWARE J Phone 758-4466 2105 Second Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama Whelan, John Thomas 448, 287 Whetstone, Anne 508, 403, 31 1 Whidb , Gory Abbott 508, 335 Whigham, Kothy Ann 508 Whitcomb, Barry Wilson 366 White, Audie Victor 508, 347 White, Cynthia Diane 508 White, Deborah Ann 508, 289 White, Jr. Jack Oliver 376 White, Jr. Moreno J. 448, 349 White, Myron Howard 418 White, Nancy Rigdon 508 White, Valerie 508, 305 Whiteford, Jr. Paul R. 448 Whitehead, Joseph D. 455 Whitehead, Margaret J. 508, 277 Whitehead, Robert T. 448, 408 Whitehead, Ronna G. 448 Whitehurst, Michael 448 Whitfield, Susan Carol 508 Whitfield, Thomas E. 508 Whitley, James Sidney 448 Whitley, Jr. Ralph A. 508, 335 Whitlock, Suzanne 508 Whitt, Jr. Lester Jay 508 Whitt, Linda 275 Whitt, Margaret Ann 508, 327 Whittaker, Harrison B. 411, 408, 343 Whitten, Michael Curtis 508 Whitten, William M. 287 Wiggins, Jimmy Wayne 508 Wiggins, Joe Morris 448 Wiggins, Scott Bennett 508 Wiggins, Stephen P. 508 Wiggins, Suzanne 508, 305 Wiggins, Warner Merrill 448 Wiginton, William R. 508, 347 Wilbonks, Anita Karen 508, 277 Wilder, Bonnie Susan 508 Wildmon, Kathy 404, 252 Wildman, Sara K. 448, 309 Wildsmith, Clifford N. 508, 376, 347 Wilkin, Jr. Robert W. 448 Wi lkins, Joseph Steven 448 Wiikins, Jr. Mason D. 508, 347 Wilkins, Linda 415 Wilkins, Linda 448 Willhite, Mary Ann 448 Willhite, Richard J. 448 Williams, Ada Angelyne 508 Williams, Anne Wathon 508, 327 Williams, Bobby T. 449 Williams, Caroline B. 508, 309 Williams, Cory James 509 Williams, Cathy Jo 509 Willioms, Craig Lamar 509, 339 Williams, Daniel Leon 449 WUIiams, David Carl 449, 323 Williams, Deborah Anne 509, 295 Williams, Garry Alan 449, 323 Williams, Gary 401 Williams, Hodyn T. 509 Williams, III Duncan H. 509 Williams, Janice Lynn 509 Williams, Jr. Roger E. 509 Williams, Jr. Tom Walter 509 Williams, Kotherine S. 449 Williams, Marjorie Faye 509 Williams, Marjorie L. 509, 297 Williams, Martha Sue 449 Williams, Ray Allen 509 Williams, Richard W. 449, 349 Williams, Teresa Diane 509 Williams, Terry Nelson 509, 337 Williams, Walter M. 509 Williams, William J. 449, 409, 349 Williamson, Ann 509, 255, 275 Williamson, Carl Gross 449 Williamson, Jane Hall 509, 355 Williamson, Jr. M. L. 449, 317 Williamson, Linda Gail 419 Williamson, Skeeter A. 509, 313 Willingham, Brenda Jo 509 Willingham, Marilyn Sue 509 Willis, Robert Bryan 406, 410 Willmarth, Lucy Lynn 509 Wills, Jr. Alex Bery 455 Wilson, Carole Ann 509, 289 Wilson, Daniel Erwin 509 Wilson, Danny Wayne 509, 347 Wilson, David Randall 509 Wilson, Elizabeth P. 295 Wilson, Glenda Kaye 509 Wilson, Gregory K. 449, 333 Wilson, James Milton 455 Wilson, Janice Leigh 509 Wilson, Jr. Edward H. 509 Wilson, Judith Ann 509 Wilson, Kathy Diane 455 Wilson, Lester Alton 449 Wilson, Peggy Nell 449 Wilson, Robert James 449 Wilson, Ronald Dona 449 Wilson, Sallie Ann 455 Wilson, Wendy Ray 509, 331 Wimberley, Rochael L. 455 Windom, Stephen Ralph 399 Winfield, Pamela Jean 509 Wingo, William Taylor 509, 319 Winslett, Christine V. 509, 297 Winton, William Craig 509 •Wisdom, John Charles 449 Wise, Danny Paul 449 Wise, Edward J. 449 Wise, Jr. Cecil Edmond 449 Wise, Mary Elizabeth 449, 403, 355 Wiseman, Melvin Barnett 499, 317 Wode, Michael Muryl 509, 291 Wohanko, Potricia F. 509, 355 Wolcott, Carolyn Berry 449 Wolf, Barbara Carol 509, 301 Wolf, Jr. Earl George 509 Wong, Hamish Hin 414 Woo, George 449 Wood, Charles Thomas 449, 41 1, 408 Wood, Jacqueline Ann 449 Wood, John Halsey 449 Wood, Marcio Elizabeth 449, 275 Wood, Randy Michael 509 Wood, William Dexter 376 Wood, William Lee 509 Woodoll, Freddie Lynn 509, 275 Woodoll, John Thompson 509, 307 Woodall, Robert David 509, 347 Woodard, Mary Sue 309 Woodord, Thomas Bee 455 Woodham, Franklin E. 509 Woodhom, Michael Ollan 455 Woodman, Algernon Scott 509 Woodruff, Glenn Edward 376 Woods, Barbara Tidwell 509 Woods, Belle Dabney 289 Woodward, Cheryl Jean 449 Woodward, Lee Alan 449 Wooldridge, David 406, 407 Woolf, Charles Richard 509, 347 Wray, Geraldine 509 Wren, III James 449,410 Wrenn, Patrick Ronald 449 Wright, Anne Tennent 449, 31 1 Wright, Caroline Powers 510, 311 Wright, Juanita 510 Wright, Lawrence P. 449 Wright, Leslie Ann 449 Wright, Pomelo Lynn 449, 305 Wright, Phyllis L. 403 Wright, Sandra Gail 510 Wright, Stacy Ann 449, 295 Wurtele, Jr. George Reid 510 Wyott, Jennifer Lee 363 Wylie, David Royce 510, 287 Wyrough, Ann Elizabeth 510, 327 Yancey, Donna Kay 510, 305 Yonn, Elizabeth F. 510, 258, 382, 331 Yorborough, Jr. Joseph F. 510, 347 Yarbrough, Tommy Wayne 510 Yarchuk, Lorry Charles 510 Yeakle, Priscilla Jane 449, 31 1 Yeakle, Suzanne 510, 311 Yeotes, Mary Gertrude 510, 313 Yerger, Helen Elizabeth 510, 289 Yonge, Phyllis Leigh 449 York, Anne Stewart 510 York, Rosemary 510, 289 Youell, David Michael 376 Young, Gory Cheslie 510 Young, James Lyon 510, 291 Young, Paulo Jane 510, 331 Young, Phillip Boker 510 Young, Richard 367 Youngs, Sarah Madeline 510, 277 Yount, Terry Andrews 510 Yow, John Charles 449 Ydw, Lestryet Norris 449 Zokanycz, Mary Anne 455 Zoso, Donna Leo 510, 305 Zaso, Robert Joseph 449, 362, 394, 347 Zeonah, Shelby Kimbrell 449 Zeff, Miriam Elaine 510, 341 Zettle, Martha Estell 455 Ziak, Donna Marie 510, 297 Zicarelli, Marye Ann 510, 401 Zinn, Sydelle Judy 510, 301 548 Index , ' - ' :■ LOVEMAN ' S PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO Western Hills Mall 4 Official Yearbook Photographers for the 1 972 Corolla I believe that man will not merely endure; he will prevail. William Faulkner r -■ k. It doesn ' t matter who you love or how you love but that you love. Rod McKuen m_ r f am a can be of H f - t m J m ' ' T r- " ' rA ' .vtae r n si U ■ -■ ■ . S » i " y human, and nothing human indifference to me. 1 ¥ Some men see things as they are and say, why. I dream things that never were and say, why not. Robert F. Kennedy fl : J» r X4p ot ' afraid of tomorrow, for I " ' i X " J 0G seen yesterday and I love . . - day. William Allen White It has been a difficult task to compile the history of 1 972 while that history is being made. We have tried to capture the changes, spirit and mood of this particular year, and, at the same time, create a treasured and valuable memory book for the future. I am sure there will be many different opinions concerning this year ' s book — I have tried to incorporate new ideas, as well as meet the pre-established criteria. It has been a difficult task, but, de- spite the problems, doubts, and headaches, it has been a reward- ing experience. I would like to express my thanks to those who have contrib- uted to the production of the 1 972 COROLLA. First and foremost, to my dedicated staff who spent many hours working on this book. And, to Bruce Dillard and Dean Dorothy Moser, members of the Board of Publications, who did much more than their share to help us. Special thanks to Jeff Mayfield, Steve Wiggins and Jerry Smith, COROLLA photographers, for their many hours spent tak- ing and developing pictures; Audio Visual for supplying last min- ute photographers; the University Theatre for their pictures; Mel Sparkman for making all the arrangements for the Corolla Beauty Pageant and Karen McQuillen, Burt Banks, and Mayor Snow Hin- ton for acting as judges. Recognition is due Jim Robbins, Fred Koger, and Jim Thompson of Taylor Publishing Company, for their advice, suggestions and supervision. We also wish to thank Alabama Power Company and the other patrons who showed in- terest in the 1 972 COROLLA. Finally, my greatest appreciation to my parents and understanding and patient friends who have made editing the COROLLA possible and enjoyable. Barbara Allen, Editor

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