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THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA 1971 COROLLA Published by the Students of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. Volume Seventy-Nine THE COROLLA: It is suggestive of flowers . . . It is now a car . . . But our ' s is the most everlasting A book of memories. Tommy Cash Editor Charles Perry Managing Editor David Hassell . . . Business Manager Kathi Ide Office Manager Tracy Holy Layout Editor Table of Contents Introduction 6 Student Life 46 Academics 122 Sports 154 Features 226 Greek 266 Organizations 354 Classes 400 Index 516 Acknowledgements 559 Epilogue 560 " Let us dispense with the usual conventional mush-and-milk sentimentality that one is accustomed to find under the heading ' Foreword ' or ' Greeting ' in a volume like this. We offer you our book without apologies and without excuses. It is the result, gentle reader, of several months of toil and hair-graying worry. If you like it, we are very glad indeed; If you don ' t like it, we are sorry. It has many defects, we know; and probably, if one should look through it from cover to cover, one wouldn ' t find a single thing that could not be criticized severely. But when you are tempted to ' knock ' it and when you feel like saying what you could have done were you the editor, kindly remember the Golden Rule. Please keep this in mind, then: If you don ' t like this book, at least refrain from saying so when we are around. " 1911 COROLLA The year is 1971. Everything is moving to a more interrelated world, everything but man. Man must still face life him- self, for he, himself, is the only one that can decide his own future. The University of Alabama is no different than the rest of the world. Each student is a number, and each must take care of himself. A person is himself, and must be true unto himself in order to exist. His independence he cherishes. His desolation he mourns. ' People who need people are the luckiest people in the world. " Although we are lost in a mass society, there are always friends somewhere to laugh with, party with, and love. To smile is to show the world that you care, and that you are still a per- son with feeling — something we some- times feel no longer exists. With a smile you can crown yourself king . . . with a frown, you ' re a pauper. 10 II A man in part, is not a man. It takes more tlian clothes and a smile to make man an integral part of society. To be- come more than a drop in the water, or a soldier in the ranks, a man must be- lieve in himself, and live in the belief that he is as good as the next, if not better. To be a man, one must stand up for what his conception of right and wrong is. He must live, and in life reach a point of true self actual- ization to be happy. 12 V- f «iii 1 -tI- ' ' - ' V . 1 ' " P ' «i ■Mm ' - mm t ■ a 41 4 - .i S. Li ' ,; .T . If i. mmlM.mmm ' 1 hhhIIIbmhS S s 13 Walking to class, we smile and speak to all familiar faces. We laugh and say how much we like the other ' s shirt or dress. What a farce. Faked smiles, made-up comments, we ' re all like clowns playing the role of life. (Did Shakespeare say something to this affect?) Must life indeed be but a play. Why can ' t we say what we feel? All would be better in the end. 14 Isn ' t it time we stopped playing this costumed role and act like the individuals we are. I am me. You are you. I don ' t like your hair, you don ' t like mine. But aren ' t you glad we ' re friends? IS We can talk forever about what makes a man a whole person, or how he should present himself, but one thing is cer- tain ... we must rely on others to supply what we cannot give ourselves . . . love and adoration. We must smile and be happy. Tell others that we do care, and live on the standards we have set, acting equally to all men. Man was made in the image of God, and must treat himself as a god. For once life is over, we can never retract the mistakes we have made. Whether there is heaven or hell can make no difference to those we leave behind with distrust and hate in themselves toward us. Smile and be happy again. 16 17 18 19 £ : 20 21 1:MM -.12 , " _ ' : 22 O ililiaiiii 23 24 25 26 27 28 CANADIAN WHISKV .1 M1,K-V l 29 30 31 32 33 B rumv 34 35 36 37 There are many ways here at Alabama for one to satisfy his many wants and needs — love, leadership, learning, and food. All one need do is look. 38 T, ' .«;i= jp I y - To many we are still a backward institution with conservative staffs, conservative administration, and conservative students. This hypothesis probably holds more truth than what many parents are now thinking after " last spring. " To many of the ' southern baptists ' in this state, the University of Alabama is too liberal for young protected daughters. If they only knew their daughters, if they only knew the University. Enrollment did not increase by a large percentage this year, whereas all across the state enrollments went to ever higher proportions. It ' s true that Alabama is backward, but it is not the University of Albama. 39 40 ». ■ . - rrv 41 44 1 lim»i !t--:TSsS! KMS WiiMi M 1 ' " ■ % (« -.- . - « - t - i-V . 1 :. " -v . ' . s f I P ' ' 3iE ' ' W " 4flPK JM ' ? g IPSps E -mmmmm mmmm ) ■ ' ' ... ■ T i " fil « f ' r 45 jnr ' - -mf( i ' mi V -i STUDENT LIFE ' ■: ' ' : J ' .. kjjm f. " m .. w ' ..uL MFiMf ' . y - i : m ■i " J HBb h k ' 1 i H Spring- 1970 The spring of 1970 started out reasonably normal. There were the usual Student Government elections, Bama Day, baseball games, and spring formal. As usual in the SGA elections, there was the majority of students who could have cared less about who won, and the ones who did win some- how carried the same feeling. Things looked as though an- other dull spring was going to pass. When the word spread of the meetings of the Student Co- alition, the general feeling was that just a few long hairs were meeting to talk about their most recent trip on some type of drug. But more was to come out of the meetings than this. As time passed, feelings were getting higher and higher about the conditions confronting the students at the University, and around the nation. As the meetings became more in number, so did the number attending. Students from all facets of student life became members of the coali- tion and finally the University Administration was beginning to take notice of the desires of the group of students. After meetings and attempts at meetings with the administration, it was clear that little or nothing would be accomplished. Therefore, the tool of mass rallies was incorporated. a Mf 48 ■ 9II $(0 49 What happened last spring here at one of the nation ' s most conservative universities? Was it outside agitation, some asked? Did the trouble that erupted sperm from the surprise visit of Jerry Rubin, or was it inevitable? These ques- tions will probably remain unanswered, but still the fact remains that the University of Alabama was disrupted by unheard of d em- onstrations, violence, and burnings. From one point of view, the demonstrations were for the right. They were protesting the holds that " the administration " had on the individual freedoms of the UA students. They were protesting the unfair and unjust war in Vietnam, the slaying of four students at Kent State, and later at Jackson State. To all eyes, these reasons are a good cause for action. The difference in opinion comes from what type of action should be taken. There are many al- ternatives to violence. 50 • :2j. m fik-4l tl J - K • H H xl hb 4 - 51 t 92 Feelings came to a boil when the administration refused to allow Abby Hoffman to speak on campus, but yet George Wallace could come anytime he pleased. Finally one Sunday afternoon, the word was spread that Jerry Rubin was going to speak at Foster Auditorium. His coming was so secret that the University had no idea that he was even in the state. Three nights later Dressier Hall was burned, and a strict curfew was placed on the campus. During the following nights many students were ar- rested, some were beaten. Investigation insued on the actions taken by the Tuscaloosa Police Department against the demonstrators and student onlookers alike. Six months later cases were still unresolved. People for apparently no reason were arrested. Many people still have their doubts about the incidents, and the way they were handled by the police. After the rash of arrests during the curfew, things seemed to quiet down considerably. There were still meetings of the coalition and candlelights at the Army ROTC building and at Denny Chimes, however, no more violence was experienced. The saying goes, " All ' s well that ends well. " No major questions were answered by the administration, but at least we did get optional finals which was a switch for the administration and a pleasure for the students. 53 Bama Day-1970 Bama Day Committee — L. to r.: Harold Ward, Isabelle Perry, Margaret L ee, Don Gilbert, Mike Watson, Harold Allred, Sarah Skipper, and Ronny Salloway. Miss Bama Day Contestants. L. to r.: Dale Holmes, Leslie Melton, Miss Bama Day, and Day Walker. U Bama Day 1970 -Kif.,!; . " O? S4 57 Concert Series LADO, Yugoslavian National Folk and Dance Ensemble, stages flashing color and pageantry as fifty dancers, singers and musicians ring out the heart and soul of Yugoslavian history in stories of love, rapture, and harvest time. Ancient rhythms demonstrate the songs and dances of Croatia, Ser- bia, Macedonia and Dalmatia by this colorful group, one of the most stun- ning folk groups ever to tour the United States. , Captivating Company of 50 nETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA SIXTEN EHRUNG Conductor M Standing ovations by growing audiences and the praises of critics have followed the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, led by Swedish born Sixten Ehrling. This ensemble of over 100 is widely recognized as one of the front-rank symphonic or- chestras in the United States. 59 Prize- Winning Musical BEST MUSICAL- N. Y. Drama Critics ' Circle Award. BEST MUSICAL-Tony Award " 1776 " , the magnificently staged and stunningly witty mu- sical from the Broadway stage is one of the most successful shows of recent years, and was one of the surprise hits of the New York season when it opened in 1969. The events that occurred nearly 200 years ago in Independence Hall before the signing of the Declaration of Independence are retold in jocular, slightly spoofing musical terms. 61 UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA AND CHORAL UNION This Beethoven concert involves over two hundred musi- cians, vocalists and instrumentalists of the University Choral Union and Symphony Orchestra. This is one of a series of programs by the University Department of Music com- memorating the 200th birthdate anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven. 62 n$tf NINE WORLD-FAMOUS SOLOISTS SAMUEL BARON Flute ROBERT BLOOM Oboe NORMAN FARROW Bass-Baritone MAUREEN FORRESTER Alto BERNARD GREENHOUSE Cello RICHARD LEWIS Tenor LOIS MARSHALL Soprano OSCAR SHUMSKY Violin YEHUDI WYNER Piano The internationally celebrated Bach Aria Group is com- posed of nine world famous instrumental and vocal soloists, and performs the arias and duets from the cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach. The repertoire, comparatively un- known, is remarkable for its vigor, its melodic qualities, its beauty, and its infinite variety. The group has delighted audiences in New York and on concert tours in all the ma- jor music centers of the United States, South America and Europe. 63 The creativity, emotion, and bare-foot freedom of modern dance is clearly communicated by the Paul Taylor Dance Company. This troupe spent the summer touring Europe, following their third New York City Center Season last May. This modern dance troupe has been featured on TV Pro- grams, and has appeared at Philhar- monic Hall. PAUL TAYLOR DANCE COMPANY MEMORIAL COLISEUM Thursday, April 29th, at 8 p. m. Admission: Students, Show Act Card Others, S3.00 or Season Ticket University Concert Series 64 The dramatic pantomime of the Kipnis Mime Theatre offers a unique venture in a world of theatrical illusion and a rare communion between actor and spectator beyond the spoken language. French born Claude Kipnis has been compared to Char- lie Chaplin in dramatizing his sounds of silence before an audience. 65 University Center • • WIN Sunoayn ov. Ist — 3 p.m n alaDam imiversity cent X " Xx if xi 69 ' Pee Nfs VUL C. FIELDS ' ■X.m ioUUlIlL EMJOi. SALLY OF THE SAWDUST THIS PICTURE HOLDS THE RECORD OF LAUGH CONTENT OF ANY- COMEDY WE HAVE MEASURED IN OUR 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE! 253 S( SOLID LAUGHS! ■Hm ' sm We. OU WSlf I . £Jk- ' . 1 1 C 1 Jf] X HNHIIES mm WGHT cdocjnunder barnwell hall 8pm- 12pm SO KOIMDA Homecoming 76 THE BAND Presented by U. of A. Student Entertainment Committee u(!llmmjfiim(Xit (%st .l IN CONCERTS® ( Ryii 77 Homecoming 78 79 ! - ' =»« % ' mi ' ff iimmm- 1 ■ ' -.». fc ' % . ' ■l: i Rock Musical »■ ■ KS t: : ;A :. ■•• tf- m ' M ' 1 ' mi CRIIVISON-WHITE UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA Pete Cobun, Editor. Row one: Terry Clark, Bailey Thomson, Theo McGinnis, Pete Cobun, Despina Vodantis, Beverly Barnes. Row two: Johi Croft, Rick Young, Barry Whitcomb, Allen Perry. •3 d jrerry Clark, Student Affairs Editor; Despina Vodantis, Copy Editor. lohn Croft, Campus Activities Editor; Theo McGinnis, News Editor. John Sullivan, National Advertising. i tiJ A L. J. Panther, Business Manager. Cathy Cloud, Writer. m Allen Perry, Entertainment Editor. Pete Cobun, Editor; Bob Bass, Writer and Photographer. Hunter Byington, Photographer. 85 9 ALABAjyiA ' S 25, ' Popsi " ir I i I f NASTY LETTERS CAMPUS RECIPES .... THE NEW COLLEGE . . . GAY BOY A Farrago Parody .... STUPID JOKES THREADS POETRY: by Bruce Evans .... ALABAMA ' S FARRAGO is published by the students of the University of Ala- bama; its purpose is to entertain and en- lighten its readers. Barry Copeland 86 L to R: Mike Whitten, JaneHaywood, Harold Ward, Mel Sparkman, Buzz Cosper, Richard Moore. JAMES " POPSr MILLER Editor BARftY COPELAND Business Manager Richard Moore Associate Editor Jane Haywood Feature Editor Mel Sparkman Advertising Manager Mike Whitten Distribution Manager Crosby Thomley Bill Lewis Photography Harold Ward Subscription Johnny " Buzz " Cosper Artist •7 i 1971 Corolla The COROLLA staff — a jumbled up mass of humanj ity, who all feel it ' s more important to play than work( But here is a book. It ' s been a long time coming, an(i at the end it was hell week for us all. A yearbook is big responsibility placed on a few students. Its relei vancy is questioned on many of today ' s campuses. It expense is questioned by the administration. Its use fulness as a directory, its joys as a yearbook, simplj demand its continuance. We ' ve had fun and head aches — but we have no regrets, except we ' re all ii school for an extra semester because of it. ' , ' »- , y J Tommy Cash, Editor. J, David Hassell Business Manager Charles Perry Managing Editor Kathi Ide Office Manager «UI« Adelaide Kilgrow Advisor Special Assistant 89 Peggy Miller Classes Index Kathleen Baumgardner Assistant Office Manager Ernie Crates, Special Assistant Suzanne Austin Greeli Editor Flinn Kilgrow Greek Editor Tracy Holz Layout Eklitor Barbara Allen Organizations Jo Inzer Contributor Dean Healy Advisor True Friend 91 Student Government Association Approved Health, Accident and Major Medical Insnrance Program Jimmy Zeigler, President 92 The SGA has been active in initiating and carrying out many student oriented programs and activities. The 1970-71 SGA worked for the new calendar change which will go into effect next year. In the Spring of ' 70 they worked with the admin- istration for optional finals for that semester. The Student discount service was in effect this year along with the tra- ditional Emphasis, and Helaritas programs. Unique to this administration ' s success is the organization of a summer camp, the voter registration drive, and the study of an aca- demic grievance board. Mark Mandell, Vice-President • 5! Ur-: Jimmy Bank, Secretary -Treasurer 93 SGA LEGISLATORS Harold AUred Betty Allums Hohn Breckenridge Lamr Garden George Clark Peggy Deam Heanne Deloney Collier Espy George Faulk Brian Finnan Margaret Finocchio Sandra Gunter Tom Hanes Ran Holladay Sandy Jacobs Richard Jaffee Cathy Johnson Roger Lee Parry McArthur Brooks Mclntire Brian Mickles Ralph Mittchell Ricky Mitchell Jim Montgomery Caine O ' Rear Rusty Parsons Phillip Reeves Marty Shamblin Sarah Skipper Suzanne Sloan Julie Smeds Sherman Suitts Bert Taylor Charles Thigpen John Thompson Candy Wade Harold Ward Tommy Wells John Wilkerson J. D. Wingard Bob Zasa M m.i Underway with a new constitution, and new type president, the 1 970-7 1 Student Government Association seemed set for an exciting, (as far as politics go) year. With the passing of a new constitution many questions arise as to its interpre- tation. To date, the major question that has arisen concerns the im- peachment charges brought against SGA President, Jimmy Zeigler. The legislature imp)eached Mr. Zeigler in early February in a surprise meeting of the group. The charges brought about and defended by Jim Montgomery included telephone calls made at Zeigler ' s direction amounting to several thousand dollars. Another charge was that Zeigler had set up a separate bank account for use of student loans. However, Zeigler was the only one who could touch the money. Another aspect of controversy involved the ex- penditure of a reported $1400 for a trip to Las Vegas he and three associates had made in November, 1 970. The trip was taken under the auspices of the Associated Student Government Association, an organization for which Zeigler made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency while in Nevada. From the legislature ' s 29-4 vote to impeach Zeigler, the question was sent to the Student Court, a court appointed by Zeigler. Attempts were made to remove jurisdiction from the Student Court to the Superior Court due to the stacked nature of the former court on the grounds that Zeigler was not enrolled as a student at the University. The attempt failed and at the time of printing, the outcome is unknown. Zeigler says he is innocent. Only time will tell. 95 The Million Dollar Bands The " Million Dollar " Band, with a season of eleven football game half times plus a bowl, played before more fans than ever this year. National television took the band and its spirit before many million more avid watchers. To such an audience, the Million Dollar Band presented its new image . . . girls. For the second year there were batons leading the Crimson music makers instead of flowers. This year, however, there were three. Added to the attraction of the feature twirlers, flag bearers brought forth an even newer complexion for the school. As tradition has demanded, the band performed difficult timing drills, and filled the stands with the sounds of now popular tunes and those that are loved by young and old alike. True spirit can be found nowhere in any stadium in finer form than that presented by the members of this organization. Their support has added many points to an Alabama season. VJ Ira Parsons Patti Strain Steve Blaisdell Cheerleaders Barbara Jean Adams 9S David Jones Kathy Neugent Dwayne Morgan Cathy McDonald 99 Inter-Fraternity Council Jack Reamey Treasurer, David Muhlendorf— Vice-President, Marvin McConaghy — President, David Williams — Secre- tary. The Inter-Fraternity Council of the University of Alabama is the i governing body of the twenty -five social fraternities on campus. Under its present constitution it is divided into three divisions, the legislative, the executive and the judiciary. The legislative branch is the council itself which is composed of each fraternity president and an additional IFC Representative from each chap- ter. The executive branch is composed of the officers, president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, and the standing commit- tee chairman. Our judiciary is made up of five justices, four as- sociates and one chief justice. There are four goals which the Interfraternity Council works forward. First, to encourage participation among members of the individual fraternities to raise the standards of the entire frater- nity system. Second, provide fraternity support for the programs of the University. Third, establish relations with proper Univer- sity officials in order to facilitate the understanding between the University ' s administration and the fraternities. Fourth, encourage expansion and development of the fraternity system. We in the IFC welcome those who are interested in fraternities to come by any time and talk with us about your interest. 100 Alabama Panhellenic Association Officers are seated second from left: Ann Abercrombie, Publicity chairman; Moira Judas, treasurer; Suzanne Sloan, President; Vir- ginia Cooper, Rush Chairman; Julia Smeds, Vice-President, pictured) Barbara Hellman, Secretary. (Not The Alabama Panhellenic Association is composed of the Presidents and Panhellenic representatives of the seventeen sororities on campus. Working to improve sorority inter- relations and to promote the Greek system, Panhellenic par- ticipates in campus activities and engages in various pro- grams to assist the university community, such as the joint IFC-Panhellenic Thanksgiving Food Drive. One of the major purposes of Panhellenic is the co-ordination of open and closed Rush, during which each year a large percentage of incoming women students seek to join a sorority. As ex- pressed on the Panhellenic creed, " The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and help- fulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live. " 101 m - 6 4 i I 1S70 A.A.U.W. is the capaj AWS V.t ? " f,- -JJ ■sr , The Associated Women Students is the organization to which every woman student enrolled on the University campus is a member. By unifying the women and offering them the voice of self-government, AWS has branched out to many areas, all contributing to the development of mature, responsible citizens. The purposes of ASW are to serve the women students in a representative form of self-government, to determine and maintain high standards of conduct, to encourage a high level of personal responsibility and citizenship, and to foster firiendships. AWS provides many services for the student body and pre- sents programs for the college woman to deal with her spe- cial needs. One of AWS ' s most important functions is to achieve women ' s rights on campus and to give women the opportunity to prepare for life after college as well. J y- ' J ,». . ?s. a- -»j: :1 ' . • ' , i: Kr- " ' •■«( . ro j ty««jw Cathy Wright, President Sally Davenport, Education; Brian Michaels, Community Action; Jeannie Deloney, Publications; not pictured: Barbara Shamblin, Uni- versity Affairs, Linda Prewitt, Publicity; Ree Kiely, Programs. Diane Harrison, Secretary; Mary Jane Finney, Treasurer; Charlotte Ward, Vice-President. 104 Frederic Storaska AND WE WORRY ABOUT NEXT E£K ' S FOOTBALL GAME AWS HONORS CONVOCATION APRIL 29, 1970 The efficacy of any program is the presentation and Frederic Storaska ' s presentation was dynamic. His program was not designed to scare or shock the girls, rather it was to put their fears of assault in their proper perspectives. He came to the University to give the girls of this campus an understanding of the types of people who assault and why and how they assault, what types of environmental situations are uaually contributory to the assault interactions, and what types of be- havior from the girl usually elicits the most detrimental and the most beneficial behavior from the assaulter. His delivery was excellent — his information vital! 105 f 106 107 108 lor 110 Ill W P •- I I •TP - 1rpB : K " - - 1 ' i — — ' HMifl VX V i •■jSI •mm •TC AJj ' lP ' ' ■• " Hd ♦«cr- •.y.v-t ' V : i: .I ' AW X AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA IING FOR THE THEATRE i hcatre at Alabama means classes and participation in all the arts and crafts of the theatre, through a varied produc- ii in schedule. It also means research in theatre, supported rich library resources. aire students participate in the University Theatre sca- , of major productions, in student productions in the bnrooni, and in a touring theatre for children, produced ssociation with the Alabama Council on the Arts and Banities. Theatre students are also customarily involved jlhe University Opera and the University Dancers. tason of major productions typically includes a period lie, the premiere of a new full-length play, a musical ■action and a contemporary play. Recent seasons have included reader ' s theatre, new translations and adapta- of foreign plays. lction is provided on the graduate and undergraduate fs in acting, directing, technical production, lighting, de- theatre management and history. auditions give acting opportunities to all qualified stu- whether or not they are planning careers in the ITC. Theatre at Alabama is housed in a fully air-conditioned 350 seat theatre with a modified proscenium stage flanked by completely equipped shops for building and painting scenery. On the ground level are dressing rooms, wardrobe, property and drapery storage, the costume shop and the Greenroom with provisions for varied forms of staging. Newly installed electronic sound and lighting control equip- ment are controlled from a booth above the rear of the auditorium, providing a full view of the stage for the operators. Degree programs lead to the AB and MA in Speech The atre. Assistantships are available on the graduate and on the undergraduate levels. The University Theatre, under the direction of Dr. Marian Callaway and John Ross, again provided the University o ' Alabama campus with live dramatic entertainment. Anion, the accomplishments of the year is the new touring children theatre, which will be a continuing feature of the Theatre. 1)6 SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH Among a handful of truly important American playwrights, Tennessee Williams ranks high. His great gift is pity, the ability to understand human inadequacy — the people who might have been happy if, the people whose reach exceeded their grasp, the ones who turned to vice and couldn ' t be blamed if you understood their frustrations. An interesting parallel might be drawn between Sweei Bird of Youth, written at the peak of Williams ' creative powers, and The Master Builder, which Ibsen composed after his greatest plays had been written, as a kind of presage of the end of his career. More egotistical than Williams, however, Ibsen saw no end for the aging artist but self destruction. Williams finds a brief respite for Alexandra del Lago in Sweet Bird, but destroys the weakling youth who demands to enter the doors of art without respect for his goal. 117 LYS I STRATA ADAPTED FROM ARISTOPHANES ay DUDLEY F 1T6 t s- f ' »°:inrK . ..A p ' - ipji[_ ii V r 7 76 WAR ' Ar w Feb. 24 28 UNIYERSITYTHEATRi Look Homeward Angel RECENT PRODUCTIONS Sow Dance on the Killing Ground Once Upon a Mattress All Is Bright (Premiere) The Imaginary Invalid (New Translation) Julius Caesar Barefoot in the Park Look Homeward Angel The Merchant of Venice The Coop (Premiere) The Subject Was Roses The Visit A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum The Hollow Crown Camino Real The Good Woman of Setzuan The House Within (Premiere) Captain Jinks (New Musical) The Glass Menagerie Under Milkwood Oedipus Rex Oedipus at Colonnus 12) m III it 1 11 ADMINISTRATION ,T g r- - it siki . ; fe, ■i GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA Hon. Albert P. Brewer 124 PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA Dr. David Mathews 12S Larry T. McGehee Executive Vice President Richard Thigpen Administrative Assistant to the President 126 C. T. Sharpton Special Assistant to the President Raymond F. McLain Vice President for Academic Affairs 127 Jefferson J. Coleman Director of Alumni Affairs and Alumni Secretary J. Rufus Bealle Executive Secretary of the Board of Trustees 128 Joseph T. Sutton Vice-President for Institutional Analysis Dr. Joab Thomas Dean of Student Development 129 Richard W. Gregory Director of Development Glenn Stillion Assistant Dean of Student Development Sarah L. Healy Associate Dean for Student Development 130 Col. B. R. Blalock Professor of Military Science Col. Robert A. Jackson Professor of Aerospace Studies Mary A. Cremshaw Dean of the School of Home Economics Paul G. Orr Dean of the College of Education 132 Paul Garner Dean of the College of Commerce and Business Administration William E. Lear Dean of the College of Engineering Hubert E. Mate Dean of Admissions and Records Douglas E. Jones Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 134 Dr. Thomas A. Jones Acting Dean of the School of Law Eric Baiclanoff Dean for International Programs 135 ■ ' vm ' v rymil rfr ' " wvm Eric Rodgers Dean of the Graduate School Col. Beverly M. Leigh Director of Safety and Security » ' - 136 . Tutorial Assistance Program The Tutorial Assistance Program is an organization through which students from the University of Alabama and Stillman College tutor high school and junior high school students in the Tuscaloosa area. Each semester some one hundred tutors spend two hours per week helping deserving students who have volun- tarily sought help. The tutors travel twice weekly to the schools in the TAP arranged car pools. At the schools, tutoring is done in almost every subject taught at the secondary level. TAP is now operating programs in three schools in the Tuscaloosa area. It was found that many of the tutees were having difficulties in school due to an inadequate reading ability. To help alleviate this problem TAP has instituted remedial reading programs in two of its schools. It is felt that the reading and tutoring pro- grams will complement each other in aiding the tutees. Tutorial Assistance Program feels that its program is of sub- stantial benefit to both the tutors and the tutees. Studies have shown that the secondary school students, almost without ex- ception, show both an improvement in their performance in the particular subject and an improvement in their attitude to- ward their education. The tutors, although they receive no ma- terial compensation, receive a rewarding, enlightening, and en- joyable experience. 137 Crises Center Call 758-3331 138 Community Action Tuscaloosa, like any other urban area in the United States, has its share of squalor and poverty. Poverty in the Tuscaloosa area, manifests itself on culturally and psychologically stricken people. Community Action, sponsored by AWS, is a pro- gram which enables students to extend their concern to the residents of the Tus- caloosa community. Its efforts are directed toward alleviating the depressing con- dition of poverty areas encircling the University and aiding the various mental health institutions in Tuscaloosa. 139 is 1971 emme heat and u ht to the UNIVERSITV CAMPUS SINCE m John Wymer Chairman of Emphasis Jim Daniel Publicity Chairman 140 Madeline Murray O ' Hair Begun in 1966, the Emphasis Committee has had as its slo- gan " To bring heat and light to the University. " However, this harmless, simple-sounding slogan must have been easier to think up than it has been to implement. It seems that everyone has a different opinion as to what speakers can best bring " heat and light. " Since a total of only about six speakers are brought each year, obviously many students will be disappointed that their favorite did not appear. In any event, the Emphasis Committee attempts to bring not only the speakers who the students want to hear, but also the speakers who bring different and informative perspectives to the University. Unfortunately, many students want to hear the more glamorous and dashing political figures who must, by virtue of their occupation, deal largely in non-com- mittal rhetoric. Often the most informative speakers are also the least glamorous. An obvious dilemma arises. Do we bring popular, yet not very informative people; or do we bring enlightening speakers and run the risk of small audiences and unpopularity? Perhaps the dilemma is not irreconcilable. We have tried to bring informative and attractive people this year. In any event, the participation on the part of the students has been both commendable and widespread. We are most apprecia- tive for the way the students have turned out for our pro- grams and for some of the constructive comments which have been made. Maybe someday everyone will agree with the choices of the Emphasis Committee, but we hope not. Disagreement is one of the best avenues to the improvement of the Emphasis Program. 141 THEY WOULD NOT LET ABBIE HOFFMAN COME.. so WE BROUGHT HIS LAWYER... • LAWYER FOR THE CHICAGO SEVEN • CURRENTLY INVOLVED IN KENT STATE INDICTMENTS. WEDNESDAY NOV. 44970 MEMORIAL COLISEUM 8:00 P.M. EMPHASIS f .a 143 SENATOR JOHN TOWER SENATOR from TEXAS ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE • KEY MAN In The NIXON ADMINISTRATION A CONSERVATIVE ANALYZES THE ELECTIOI I HEAR SENATOR TOWER WEDNESDAY, NOV. 11 1:00 P.M. MORGAN AUDITORIUM EMPHASIS 71 144 145 New College The New Co ' is new because it replaces curricula with contracts, advisors with Contract Advising Committees, major subjects with depth-study programs and grades with total evaluation. In the words of its dean. Dr. Neal Berte, " The New College at the University of Alabama represents a bold departure from the traditional approach to the under- graduate educational experience. " Next semester the New College will accept about twenty freshman and sophomore students currently enrolled at UA for its initiation. After the pilot semester, mostly entering freshmen will be accepted so that they may benefit from a four-year experience in the program. The educational venture is financed by a grant from the Sidney A. Mitchell Foundation. The Mitchell Foundation seeks to create an educational experiment that improves upon those tried at other universities. The result is Alabama ' s New College, which is unique in the United States in that it offers flexibility and a personal ap- proach though it operates within the framework of the exist- ing university. Dean Neal Berte, M.A., Ph.D., Phi Beta Kappa, directs affairs of the New College with the assistance of John Wy- mer, adrpinistrative intern and a senior from West Palm Beach, Fla. The secretary is Sherie Moody. Their offices are in 1 07 of the Old Administration Building. The aim of the New College is to stimulate student growth and encourage individual potential. The principles of this approach are based on the following assumptions: — That each individual is unique with different needs. — That an educational program should be developed that reflects the interest and capabilities of each student. — That opportunities should be provided for an individual to be able to learn to think and to deal with principles and concepts rather than to memorize data. — That students are capable of accepting much of the re- spwnsibility for their own learning when given the oppor- tunity to do so. — That significant learning occurs outside of class as well as within. — That core experiences of an interdisciplinary nature which demonstrate the integration of knowledge are highly desir- able in our modern day world. According to Dr. Berte, all the program features — course work, advising, off -campus experiences — are planned arounc the theme of a practical integration of knowledge. The goal — " To give each student a depth of understanding and the ability to make decisions on the basis of informed and thoughtful judgment. " Characterized by small size and flexibility, both structural and procedural, the New College will set its own require- ments for admission, operation and graduation. ADMISSIONS The New College is not an honor ' s college and is available to students from a wide range of academic backgrounds and achievements. The college is seeking those with a high degree of motiva- tion and intellectual independence and will be a representa- tive cross section of students based on such factors as ability, age, race, sex and interests. Those accepted must be eager to learn and ready to accept much of the responsibility for their own learning. Thus ap- plicants will be asked to participate in admission conferences in which they describe their educational background and fu- ture ambitions. CONTRACT-ADVISING COMMITTEE The student will be a member of his own Contract -Advising Committee, which also consists of a New College Core Tu- tor and a maximum of two other persons of the student ' s choice. These may be faculty members, fellow students or someone from outside the University community. This concept includes not only concern for the amount of knowledge the student gleans, but also a concern for his character, attitudes, interests and motivation. The commit- tee will meet periodically with the student to discuss and evaluate his progress and performance. CONTRACT Contract is the term that refers to the student ' s program of education, similar to the concept of a school or college. The contract may be modified or changed if the student and his Contract-Advising Committee request. A Committee on Contract Review will study requests. INTERDISCIPLINARY SEMINARS These seminars, required of all students, will provide 25 to 30 per cent of the student ' s educational experience. They are the bond that fosters a sense of community in the New Col- lege, since they continue until the student completes grad- uation requirements. The problem-focused seminars have three objectives: 1. To provide the student with an opportunity to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of the main discipli- nary areas within the humanities, social sciences and sciences. 2. To assist the student in .gaining an understanding of the relationships and interdependencies between these and other bodies of knowledge, including those of a vocational nature. 3. Since the seminars are directly concerned with the great and urgent problems of the human condition, they are designed both to help the student understand these problems and to be effective in responsible relationship to them. For example, an issue such as poverty or pollution may be under study for a period of time. In the seminars, students will analyze how various disciplines affect the problem — his- tory, biology, journalism or political science. This would be the basis for class discussions reading and projects. DEPTH-STUDY PROGRAM Similar to the concept of a major, the depth-study will be ilie student ' s area of interest. However, a student may be exempt from selecting a specific area if his interests do not neces- sitate it. In addition to taking courses in the field that are currently offered in the existing University, the student will have the opportunity for independent study options. ELECTIVES Regular courses offered in department of the University will comprise a major portion of the student ' s total academic work. He will be expected to take a number of elective courses to develop broader interests. OFF-CAMPUS EXPERIENCE Each student will be encouraged to take part in an off-cam- pus learning experience for credit. This will enable the student to gain practical experience of an apprenticeship nature. For example, if a student ' s interest is journalism, he may become involved in the actual processes of journalistic fields, such as newswriting, photography or magazine work. The student would keep a record of experiences or report back to persons on campus. EVALUATION In the New College, the student will be involved in the eval- uation of his own performance. Though there will be some type of examinations and grading, evaluation will include specific comments by instructors and the Contract-Advising Committee. Some fields will require traditional course grading, but others will permit experimentation with the pass-fail system, ad- vanced placement tests for credit and proficiency tests con- ducted by outside examiners. These unique evaluation methods will result in variety in the programs for different students. Thus the equivalent of 1 1 hours may be enough for one student ' s bachelor degree, while 1 28 may be necessary for another. The various program features of the New College are inter- woven by a common thread — education for personal develop- ment within a constantly changing social context. 148 149 152 153 . w k L-- Jl If . 81 .V«U« SPORTS " K-i ' : , ' A X ' jV -afc, ; 156 » i. 157 1970 ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE FOOTBALL SQUAD Front row, left to right: Terry Davis (10), Neb Hay den (11), Scott Hunter (12), Billy Sexton (14), Bennie Rippetoe (15), Butch Hobson (17), Frank Mann (18), Dave Brungard (20), Wayne Atkinson (21), Johnny Musso (22), Lane Lawley (23), Griff Langston (24), Bill Blair (25), Bobby McKinney (26), Bubba Sawyer (27), Steve Williams (28), Rob- by Rowan (29), Joe LaBue (30), Phil Chaffin (31), Steve Wade (32 1. Second row: Carl Tayloe (33), Rod Steakley (34) Ellis Beck (35), Eddie Bentley (36), Tommy Wade (38), Steve Dean (39), Lanny Nor- ris (40), Danny Gilbert (41), Tom Surlas (42), Jesse Causey (43), David Knapp (45), Jerry Cash (46), Buddy Seay (47), Ken Emerson (48), Steve Higginbotham (49), Reid Underwood, Fred Marshall (51), 160 Andy Cross (52). Pat Raines (53). Third row: Jimmy Grammer (55), Jeff Rouzie (56), Terry Rowell (57), Alec Pittman (58). Carey Var- nado (59), Woodie Husband (60), Mike Hand (61), Tommy Ford (62), Ried Drinkard (63), Buddy Brown (65), Jack White (66), Steve Root (67, Mike Eckenrod, Don Cokely (70), Don Harris (71), Jimmy Rosser (72), John Hannah (73), Billy Strickland (75), Jeff Beard (77), Ken James (78), Clyde Butler (79). Back row: Steve Doran (80), Tom Lusk (81), Bob Montgomery (83), David Bailey (84), Jim Sim- mons (85), Jimmy Horton (86), Randy Moore (87), George Ran- ager (88), Ed Mines (89), Robin Parkhouse (90), Marvin Barron (91), Dexter Wood (92), Glenn Woodruff (93), Cecil Quick (94), Richard Ciemny (95), Jim Patterson (96), Terry L. Davis. 161 Southern California 162 During the 1970 football season Alabama fans ex- perienced the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, but neither of these emotions adequately describe the first encounter with Southern California. Although this was the first game of the season it was the eleventh scheduled and, therefore, it need not be elaborated. The Trojans journeyed to the far east, not to pillage or conquer, but to triumph. They could have looted the Legion turf arena of its artificial turf but chose not to. Instead they returned peacefully to their home- land with their 42-21 victory reward. VPI 1 4 ,::J Alabama began its regular season with a 5 1 - 18 victory over VPl. Quarterback Hayden with Brumgard, Musso and Seay sparked the offense making the game a runaway. The Tide first got on the scoreboard with a 36 yard field goal by Ciem- ny (th e Kansas Cowboy) following a 25 yard run by Musso. The Tide ' s second score was a six pointer by Brumgard which ended a 68 yard drive. Jerry Cash plucked a Scott Hunter aerial in the end-zone for the next in a long line of Bama TD ' s. Musso put his throwing arm into action and a pass to David Bailey resulted in yet another touchdown. The next score came on the ground when Tommy Wade rushed 7 yards. After Tech ' s second score, Brumgard returned the kickoff 59 yards to put the ball to rest on the 26. He later rambled 20 yards for yet another six pointer. The final two TDs resulted from a Hunter to LaBue pass and a 36 yard romp by Buddy Seay. The Tide had a winning streak going. 165 Florida 166 Florida traveled to Tuscaloosa to give the Tide its second victory of the season. Could it be a winning streak? In the opening minutes of the game Bama marched 75 yards to the Gator 4 in eleven plays. Hunter held until the last but was injured. Hayden came in for the TD. Before the first period ended an interception by Steve Williams was con- verted into a 33 yard Ciemney field goal. A Musso 3 1 touchdown run was called back during the early part of the second period. A few plays later, Blair intercepted a Gator pass and ran 73 yards for a TD. It too was called back, the penalty — face guarding. The call back resulted in a Florida TD, but the Tide came back as Hunter completed a 20 yard pass to Brumgard for a total of 77 yards and 6 points. Bama scored again on a 10 yard pass from Hayden to Langs- ton, again on a 79 yard run by Musso, and again on a run by Buddy Seay. Hayden passed for 2 points, and Soph, quarter- back Terry Cavis ran for six points. Ciemney kicked the PAT. Alabama won. 167 Ole Miss Unfortunately, this game did not end with Archie Manning in tears as we had seen the year before. Can we con- sole ourselves with the thought that Scott Hunter was injured and didn ' t play? Quarterback Manning led Ole Miss to an easy 41-23 victory over the Tide. Bama got on the scoreboard with a Ciemny field goal and Hayden tosses to Jarry Cash and Johnny Musso. The half-time score was 26-17. A bad snap from center gave Ole Miss the ball on the Tide 26 and Manning engineered two more scores. The last flicker from a sputtering offense came on a 19 yard TD pass from Hayden to Doran. Alabama couldn ' t ask the question " Archie Who? " 149 Vanderbilt The Crimson Tide offense came to life against an outclassed Vandy team. When the afternoon ended, Bama had bounced back from the Ole Miss game to defeat Vanderbilt 35-1 1. The first score came on a two yard Ranager run following a 60 yard Musso sprint. Bailey picked off a second quarter pass to increase the lead 14-0. With 12 seconds remaining in the half, Buddy Seay raced 93 yards for the day ' s third score. Six plays after Bobby McKinney ' s fumble recovery, Musso plunged into the end zone. The final TD came on a carry from quarterback Neb Hayden. Vandy ' s points came in the final quarter as Coach Bryant began to empty the bench. 170 171 Tennessee fir , 1 ' ■ " ■ i««4 ' Si 172 Take away eight Tennessee pass interceptions and it would have been a ball game. The Tennessee volunteers scored one touchdown on a 22-yard pass in- terception return by linebacker Jackie Walker and two other touchdowns and a field goal were set by Vol pass thefts. Tennessee and rookie coach Bill Battle inflicted a fourth straight loss upon Battle ' s old mentor, Paul Bryant. No other team has ever done that to the Tide Boss. And to add misery, the 24-0 final score was Alabama ' s first scoreless performance in nearly 1 1 years, since Penn State blanked the Crimsons 7-0 in the 1959 Liberty Bowl. Bama ' s 1 15-game streak ranks second to Oklahoma ' s 123-game record. 173 Houston 174 A fired-up Bama eleven proved that they still had what it takes when they invaded Houston ' s Astro- dome. Two interceptions by Steve Higginbotham and the Kansas Cowboy ' s field goals gave Alabama one of her most thrilling victories of the season. Phil Chaffin recovered a Houston fumble on the 13 which, three plays later, gave Alabama an early 3-0 lead. An offense dominated by Hunter, Musso, and Bailey, and the Cougar quarterback proved too much for the Cougar defense. Three Ciemny field goals, a Musso to Bailey pass, a Brumgard TD, and Higgen- botham ' s 80 yard interception gave the Tide a big 30-21 victory. I7S Mississippi State At Homecoming ' 70, the ears of Bama fans were numbed by the unceasing clang of Mississippi State ' s cowbells. A 69 yard march ended with a Hunter to Musso pass giving Bama a 7-0 lead. Four more Tide TDs followed with a pass from Hunter to Ranagaer and runs by Brumgard, Chaffin, and Musso. Hayden directed a 52 yard drive which resulted in the fifth score of the afternoon on a Phil Chaffm scamper. The defense held State scoreless until the last 16 seconds. The Tide was as hot as the afternoon became, earning a Home- coming victory, 35-6. 176 ' - I u 177 L.S.U. WBm Alabama took on LSD hoping to do what they had done to Houston but the Bengal Tigers refused to be caged in the Bama Zoo along side the Cougars. The Crimson Tide struck first with a field goal by Richard Ciemny and managed to dominate the first quarter of play. LSU only gained 7 yards during the first period but eventually made their comeback. The Tigers first breakthrough came during the second quarter with a punt return that resulted in a TD. This ended the scoring for the first half and Bama was down 7-3. As the second half opened up so did LSU. In 12 plays and 87 yards, they punched in their winning touchdown. Another march from the goal was ter- minated at the one yard line. Bama ' s TD came late in the game. Passes from Hin- ter to Bailey, Ranager, and Langston moved the Tide to the LSU 23. Bama gained three yards on a keeper and two plays later Bailey danced in the end zone. A two point sweep failed but it made little difference. The game was over with the score 14-9. 178 179 Miami The Miami Hurricanes became a subtle breeze as the Crimson Tide rolled and wrecked their Homecoming. After an uninspiring quarter of punting, defen- sive back Lanny Norris intercepted a Miami pass and returned it for a TD. The Tide began to roll. The next time Bama gained possession, 87 yards were covered in 8 plays by Hunter, Musso, Brumgard and Cash. Cash scored with only 3 1 seconds re- maining in the half. Terry Davis, a new quarterback, ran 43 yards late in the third quarter to set up yet another score. Musso, Chafin, and Selay aided in the drive that was capped when George Ranager reached pay dirt. A Ciemny field goal and Jerry Cash TD ended the scoring and gave Bama a 32-8 victory. ISO 131 Auburn The " Game " this year was truly a classic. Alabama journeyed to Birmingham to meet its cross state rivals with hope of regaining the crown of who ' s best in the state, but this wasn ' t the year. The Tide took the opening kick and in 7 plays and 80 yards got the first touchdown. Ciemny ' s kick made it 7-0. After Auburn failed to move the ball the Tide took over and drove 70 yards in 6 plays to make it 14-0. The score came on a Hunter to Bailey pass. After the Tide defense held once more the offense took over and moved to the Auburn 13 where Ciemny added 3. In the second quarter. Auburn recovered a Bama fumble and marched from the Tide 44 for the score. Later in the quarter, Hunter threw an interception at the Auburn 16 and from there. Auburn raced the clock. With only 3 seconds remaining before the half. Auburn had moved within field goal range and made three points. It was 10-17. After the half, the Tigers quickly cut through Bama ' s defense to tie up the game 17-17. m M The Tide then rolled down field, Musso running through holes in the Auburn defense. He was stopped short though and Ciemny kicked another field goal, making it 20-17. Auburn then dominated the next two sets of downs. First getting a field goal and then going ahead for the first time in the game. Only 10 minutes were left and the Tide needed the lead. Hunter was dropping at his 46 on his first time out on second down, he unloaded a bomb to George Ranager who snatched the ball out of an Auburn defender ' s hands. The play was for 56 yards and a Touchdown. A Hunter to Bailey pass gave Bama the lead on the two point conversion. But Auburn came back in a 4 plays to take the game 33-28. 183 Astro-Blue Bonnet Bowl irj iliip ■4 184 Excitement was the name of the game as Alabama fought from behind to tie the Oklahoma Sooners 24 to 24 in the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl. Between the two ball clubs, 17 re- cords were broken, with Alabama getting more than its share. The first Tide TD came on a Hunter to Moore pass from the four. The Sooners came back with a 74 yard drive to tie the score 7-7. A 46 yard kick off return by Brumgard was canceled as Oklahoma picked off a Scott Hunter pass in the end zone. This error proved costly as five plays later Oklahoma blasted across the goal line to take the lead 14-7. Then after a missed field goal attempt by the Tide, Oklahoma took over on their 20 and marched 80 yards for a score. Then late in the second quarter the Tide moved within 7 points with a 2 yard pass from Hunter to Bailey, and then within 4 as Ciemny kicked a field goal in the third. The final Tide score came on a pass from Musso to Hunter from the 25. Alabama had one last chance to score late in the fourth quarter only to have it end in a wide field goal attempt from the 34. IBS Freshman Football 186 SCHEDULE AND RESULTS Alabama 24 Miss. State 7 Tuscaloosa Alabama 38 Vanderbilt 7 Nashville Alabama 41 Ole Miss 28 Oxford Alabama 28 Tennessee 20 Tuscaloosa Alabama 9 Auburn 3 Tuscaloosa 187 188 FRESHMAN ROSTER NO. NAME POS. NO. NAME po: 10 Bill Davis K 61 Joe Cochran G 12 Gary Rutledge OB 62 Scott Duke G 14 David McMakin OB 63 John Rogers G 15 Jimmy Dawson OB 64 Steve Patterson G 16 Richard Walters OB 66 Ronny Robertson LB 21 Joe Doughty HB 67 Mike Kendrick T 24 Paul Spivey HB 68 Larry Pollard G 25 Bobby Kiely HB 70 Rick Rogers T 26 Geary Eason FLK 71 Gary Reynolds T 27 Brian Faino HB 72 Steve Paulsen T 28 Phil Murphy HB 73 Don Groves T 30 Mike Harter FB 74 Mike Raines T 31 Eddie Brown HB 75 Skip Kubelius T 32 Richard Bryan LB 76 Woody Flowers T 33 Mike Ryan HB 77 Scott Langner T 34 Noah Miller LB 78 Steve Sprayberry T 35 Frank Lary, Jr. HB 79 Greg McLelland T 36 Chuck Strickland LB 80 Rand Lambert E 40 Mike Ledkins HB 81 Geary Greenberg E 42 Wilbur Jackson FLK 82 David Watkins E 44 Pat Keever FLK 83 John Becktel E 45 Charlie Johnson HB 84 Pete Pappas E 48 Gary Hurwitz HB 85 Steve DeMedicis E 51 Doug Jacobs C 86 Greg Gantt K 52 Chip Burke C 87 Glenn Thompson E 57 Bill Lowery T HEAD FRESHMAN COACH: Clem Gryska. ASSISTANT COACHES: Jim Tanara, Ken Martin, Chris Vagotis, Robert Hig- ginbotham, Alvin Samples, Mike Dean, Danny Ford, Perry Willis, Pete Moore. 189 Basketball Ordinarily a team with all five starters back from the year before could just about count on putting the same lineup on the floor. However, that is not the case with the 1970-71 Univer- sity of Alabama Crimson Tide. Last year Bama lacked depth and experience. This year head coach C. M. Newton figures to have more of both. " One thing is for sure, " he points out. " We won ' t have five unexper- ienced men out there together this year like we did last sea- son. " But he ' s also quick to point out that the returning starters from the 1969-70 unit don ' t have any positions cinched. " We feel that we have about 10 men with the ability to play on this year ' s team, " says Newton. " First of all that means that people like Jimmy Hollon and Bobby Lynch won ' t find themselves in the position of having to play 80 to 90 minutes a week. They probably led the conference in playing time last year. This year we ' ll be able to substitute more freely and it should result in our first line people playing better. " Coach Newton feels that it will be another year for Kentucky in the SEC, with Tennessee, Auburn, Vanderbilt and Georgia top challengers. Alabama faces one of the toughest schedules in its history. In addition to the conference slate, the Tide meets Southern Cal, Ohio State, Louisville, Texas, Oklahoma and the University of the South, and is playing in the greater Texas Classic Holi- day Tournament with TCU, Drake and Texas at Arlington. 190 »I 192 e-- . .4»P ' ' 1 ,•«. . ' S 1970-71 BASKETBALL ROSTER NO. NAME CLASS 10 Bobby LYNCH, guard Junior 11 Dick APPLEYARD, guard Sophomore 12 Tom HOOVER, guard Senior 14 Paul ELLIS, guard Sophomore 15 Farra ALFORD, guard Sophomore 20 Wendell HUDSON, forward Sophomore 21 Ken HOGUE, forward Senior 22 Jimmy HOLLON, guard Junior 23 Wendell GARNER, forward Sophomore 30 Doug GAMBLE, center Junior 31 Glenn GARRETT, center Sophomore 32 David WILLIAMS, forward Junior 33 Alan HOUSE, center Junior 34 George HARRISON, center Senior Head Coach: C. M. Newton Manager: Ben Shurrett Assistants: Winfrey Sanderson, John Bostick 193 194 )»5 1970-71 SCHEDULE Dec. 1 (Tues) SEWANEE TUSCALOOSA Feb. 1 (Mon.) Mississippi Oxford Dec. 5 (Sat.) TEXAS TUSCALOOSA Feb. 6 (Sat.) Louisiana State Baton Rouge Dec. 7 (Mon.) Ohio State Columbus Feb. 8 (Mon.) GEORGIA TUSCALOOSA Dec. 12 (Sat.) LOUISVILLE TUSCALOOSA Feb. 13 (Sat.) AUBURN (TV) TUSCALOOSA Dec. 14 (Mon.) OKLAHOMA TUSCALOOSA Feb. 15 (Mon.) VANDERBILT TUSCALOOSA Dec. 18 (Fri.) Texas Christian Fort Worth Feb. 20 (Sat.) Tennessee Knoxville Dec. 19 (Sat.) Texas at Arlington Fort Worth Feb. 22 (Mon.) Kentucky Lexington Dec. 21 (Mon.) Southern California Los Angeles Feb. 27 (Sat.) MISSISSIPPI STATE TUSCALOOSA Jan. 4 (Mon.) LOUISIANA STATE TUSCALOOSA Mar. 1 (Mon.) MISSISSIPPI TUSCALOOSA Jan. 6 (Wed.) FLORIDA TUSCALOOSA Mar. 4 (Thur.) Georgia Athens Jan. 9 (Sat.) Vanderbilt Nashville Mar. 6 (Sat.) Florida Gainesville Jan. 11 (Mon.) Auburn Auburn Jan. 23 (Sat.) TENNESSEE TUSCALOOSA Home dates all caps. Jan. 25 (Mon.) KENTUCKY TUSCALOOSA _. To be announced Jan. 30 (Sat.) Mississippi State Starkville 196 jx-wk ' 1?7 Wrestling The emphasis is on tournaments for the 1970-71 University of Alabama wrestling team as head coach Jim Tanara prepares his team for the South- eastern Conference and National Collegiate Athletic Association tournaments. " It ' s nice to win tournaments and dual meets and have your men get as many individual honors as they can during the year, " points out Coach Tanara, " but it all comes down to the last couple of tournaments — the SEC for the team and NCAA for the individuals. " Following their first two seasons of 10-0-0, and 8,5,0, the Bama Grapplers looks even better than last year. The Tide team is led by Steve Dildine, a 167 -pound performer who had a perfect 13-0 dual meet record and was 3-0 in both the Southeastern Conference and Southeastern Intercollegiate Wres- tling Association tournaments. In the heavyweight division the team is abounding in talent. Jim Kraph and John Hannah had combined record of 25-1-1 last year and the lone defeat, inflicted on Krapf came at the hands of Hannah. Hannah won the SIWA and Kraph the SEC. 198 V = 199 200 WRESTLING SCHEDULE at Georgia Tech Invitational at Chattanooga Invitational FLORIDA STATE L.S.U. at Troy State at Auburn at Florida Invitational at Tampa at Appalachian Invitational at Virginia Invitational TENNESSEE FLORIDA, TROY, GEORGIA AUBURN at SEIWC (Chattanooga) SEC Championship (Auburn) NCAA District (William Mary) NCAA Championship (Auburn) 1970-71 TIDE WRESTLING ROSTER NAME CLASS WGT Greg BROWN Freshman 177 John CRAVENS Junior 190 Steve DILDINE Senior 167 Steve ELISUS Sophomore 134 Graig FUNDERBURG Freshman 118 Cavin FUQUA Freshman 142 Norm GREGORY Freshman 134 John HANNAH Sophomore 277 Tom KEITH Sophomore 150 Richard KLAMIAN Senior 190 Jim KRAPF Sophomore 240 George LANDIS Freshman 175 Dave LIBRANDE Sophomore 140 Rex MARSHALL Freshman 145 Tony MORTON Junior 158 Richard REW Freshman 115 John THOMPSON Freshman 116 Mike VANSCHOICK Freshman 123 Wes WEBB Sophomore 177 Cliff WILDSMITH Sophomore 140 Swimming Last year Alabama was 15-2 in dual swimming meets and finished in the top three in the Southeastern Conference for the 10th consecutive year. This year Coach John Foster ex- pects the Tide to be even stronger, but an ambitious schedule that included the NCAA defending champion, Indiana, may make it difficult to improve last year ' s record. Alabama hopes for 1970-71 are based on the return of two All-Americans; the return of two members of the diving team, which scored highest in the SEC last year; and the ad- dition of five high school All-Americans and one European national champion to this year ' s squad. The returning All-Americans are Jeffry Wade of Daytona Beach and Colin Herring of Auckland, New Zealand. Wade, a two letter junior, competes in all strokes, while Herring is a sophomore freestyler with one letter. Toughest conference competition this year is expected to come from Tennessee, last year ' s SEC runner-up and sixth- place NCAA finisher, and Florida, the 1969-70 league cham- pion. For the first time since 1963 the SEC championships will be held at Alabama March 4-6. 202 ROSTER NAME (LETTERS) CLASS EVENT Craig ALLEN Freshman Freestyle Robert ANDERSON (1) Sophomore Medley Steve BLAISDELL(l) Senior Backstroke Ray BOLT (1) Sophomore Diver Colin HERRING (1) Sophomore Freestyle Gregory HUl 1 (1) Sophomore Breaststroke John KAGAN Freshman Butterfly Dennis KONE (2) Junior Butterfly Jacques LE LOUP Freshman Butterfly Ray Mcdonald Freshman Backstroke Charles NOONAN (3) Senior Diver Jon PERKOWSKI Freshman Freestyle Dennis PURSLEY (2) Junior Breast, Medley William ROBERTSON (1) Sophomore All Stroke Wayne SYKES Freshman Freestyle Jay THOMPSON Freshman Diver Tim TUCKER Freshman Distance Jeffry WADE (2) Junior All Stroke Greg WOLKE Senior Freestyle Steve WRINKLE Freshman Sprints MANAGER: Tim Schwulst. 204 1970-71 SWIM SCHEDULE DATE MEET SITE (TIME) DATE MEET SITE (TIME) Nov. 2 INTRASQUAD POLO TUSCALOOSA (4 p.m.) Feb. 6 LOUISIANA STATE TUSCALOOSA (7:30 p.m.) Nov. 20-21 AQUATICS CLINIC TUSCALOOSA (6 p.m.) Feb. 8 FLORIDA TUSCALOOSA (3 p.m.) Nov. 21 INTRASQUAD MEET TUSCALOOSA (2 p.m.) Feb. 12 Tennessee Knoxville (7 p.m.) Nov. 27 Tulane-Alabama Relays New Orleans (10 a.m.) Feb. 13 Vanderbilt Nashville (2:30 p.m.) Dec. 5 EASTERN KENTUCKY TUSCALOOSA (2:30 p.m.) March 4-6 SEC CHAMPIONSHIPS TUSCALOOSA (1 p.m.) Dec. 11 Indiana Bloomington (2:30 p.m.) March 1 1 South Florida Tampa (7 p.m.) Dec. 12 Iowa State Ames (2:30 p.m.) March 1 2 Miami Miami (7:30 p.m.) Dec. 14 Missouri Columbis (2:30 p.m.) March 20 GULF STATES H.S. MEET TUSCALOOSA Jan. 9 Tulane New Orleans (TBA) (2:30 p.m.) March 25-27 NCCA Championships Iowa State Jan. 29 SOUTH CAROLINA TUSCALOOSA (2:30 p.m.) April 3 ALABAMA (TBA) Feb. 5 AUBURN TUSCALOOSA (2:30 p.m.) H.S. CHAMPIONSHIPS Tuscaloosa (TBA) 209 I: Baseball rirv ?Ti.: ' " 206 1971 ALABAMA BASEBALL ROSTER NAME POS. NAME POS. NAME POS. NAME POS. Joe Hawley 2B Randy Ryan C-OF Ronnie Hardin OF Sydney Alexander P David Vann P Zack Rogers IB David Youell P Glenn Woodruff C David Mewbourne 28 Norman Lacey OF Butch Hobson 3B Erwin Moyd 3B David Benton SS Jeff Carpenter P Stan Chancy P Gary Mims P Anthony Davidson OF Carl Wright P Mike Innes P Bill Miller C Pete Pettus 2B Allen Baker C Bernie Strawn P Rex Bynum OF Eddie Robinson 3B Bob Leazer OF Rickey Rucker P Mark Gray SS Jimmy Wood C Steve Bryant P COACHES Charles Buckner IF Foots Parnell P Terry Dubose OF Head: Hayden Riley As- sistants: Hoss Bowlin, George Johnson, Joe El- lenbury. 207 1971 BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 8 South Alabama (2) Tuscaloosa April 3 Mississippi (SEC) Tuscaloosa March 9 South Alabama Tuscaloosa April 7 Southern Mississippi (2) Hattiesburg March 12 South Alabama (2) Mobile April 9 Mississippi (SEC — 2) Oxford March 13 South Alabama Mobile April 10 Mississippi (SEC) Oxford March 16 Birmingham Southern Tuscaloosa April 12 Memphis State Memphis March 19 Southern Mississippi (2) Tuscaloosa April 14 Stillman College Tuscaloosa March 20 Birmingham Southern Birmingham April 16 Mississippi State (SEC — 2) Tuscaloosa March 22 Livingston University Livingston April 17 Mississippi State Tuscaloosa March 24 Florida Tuscaloosa April 20 Auburn Auburn March 25 Arkansas State Tuscaloosa April 23 Mississippi State (SEC — 2) Starkville March 25 Stillman College Tuscaloosa April 24 Mississippi State Starkville March 26 Arkansas State Tuscaloosa April 27 Stillman College Stillman March 26 Stillman College Tuscaloosa April 30 Louisiana State (SEC — 2) Tuscaloosa March 27 Arkansas State Tuscaloosa May 1 Louisiana State (SEC) Tuscaloosa March 27 Stillman College Tuscaloosa May 4 Auburn Tuscaloosa March 30 Memphis State Tuscaloosa May 7 Louisiana State (SEC — 2) Baton Rouge April 2 Mississippi (SEC — 2) Tuscaloosa May 8 Louisiana State (SEC) Baton Rouge ■ m OHDHr ' ' ir SB I 1 ' i n; V-, ' 4;W§: . -4 VISITORS B B " if- 308 209 Track John Mitchell, head track and cross country coach, brought impressive credentials when he came to Alabama from Kan- sas two seasons ago to start rebuilding the Tide program. Mitchell is a 1958 graduate of Los Angeles State College and served as a high school coach for seven years prior to moving to Kansas as Bob Timmons ' assistant in 1966. Known throughout the nation, Mitchell has produced a film on pole vaulting, has written numerous technical articles and done much work and research in track and field. Assistant coach Charles Strong is a former Big Eight Con- ference standout. He was the league ' s outstanding performer and a 1963 Ail-American at Oklahoma State University. He served as a graduate assistant coach at Kansas while earning his masters degree, coached the All-Service team in Greece and was the running coach for the Pentathlon team. 210 a . TRACK ROSTER NAME Steve BELL LeRoy BLACK Jerry CARGILE Jerry CASH Steve DE MEDICIS Eddie ECHOLS Fred EMERLING Jim GEORGOULAKIS Mike HAFFNER Tim HAMILTON John HANNAH Angeio HARRIS Wayne HICKS Tom HUEY EVENT(S) 100,220 880 220,440 Decathlon Hurdles 100,220 Mile, 2 Mile High Jump 880, Mile Pole Vault Shot Put, Discus Mile Pole Vault 60 HH, 120HH, 440IH NAME John JARMON Dan LEVERETT Tim Mcdonough Mike OBROFTA Van POLIDRO Gary REYNOLDS Bill RUSSELL Alton SIZEMORE Gaylon SMITH Mike SULLIVAN Porter THOMAS Pat WEAVER Paul WEAVER Steve WILLIAMS EVENT(S) Mile, 2 Mile Mile, 2 Mile Mile Long Jump, Triple Jump Shot Put, Discus Shot Put 440, 880 880, Mile Mile, 3 Mile 100, 220, 440, 440 Hurdles 100, 220 High Jump, Long Jump 440 100, 220 211 r.- Jnn 312 1971 TRACK SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT PLACE Mar. 6 L.S.U. Tuscaloosa Mar. 20 MEMPHIS STATE Tuscaloosa Mar. 26-27 FLORIDA RELAYS Gainesville April 3 ALABAMA RELAYS Tuscaloosa April 9-10 SOUTHWESTERN RELAYS Lafayette, La. April 17 GULF COAST Tuscaloosa April 24 AUBURN Auburn May 1 MOBILE INVITATIONAL Mobile May 8 OPEN May 14-15 S.E.C. Lexington, Ky May 29 AUBURN INVITATIONAL Auburn June 17-18-19 N.C.A.A. Seattle, Wash. 213 Tennis TENNIS ROSTER NAME Charles BIBEE Greg BOUCHER Mike CAHILL Tommy ENGLISH JimGIVAN Fernando GUARCHI Rick MacKAY Monty MIMS Barry OWEN Stokes RITCHIE John THOMAS Bill THOMPSON Bill McClain Coach CLASS Freshman Junior Freshman Junior Freshman Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Junior Sophomore Senior Junior 214 1971 TENNIS SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT SITE MARCH 2 FURMAN UNIVERSITY TUSCALOOSA MARCH 3 NORTHWOOD (MICHIGAN) INSTITUTE TUSCALOOSA MARCH 10 MEMPHIS STATE UNIVERSITY TUSCALOOSA March 14 Mississippi State Starkville MARCH 20 TENNESSEE TUSCALOOSA MARCH 24 MICHIGAN STATE TUSCALOOSA MARCH 26 SOUTHERN ILLIONIS TUSCALOOSA MARCH 27 WESTERN ILLINOIS (A.M.) TUSCALOOSA MARCH 27 WILLIAM MARY (P.M.) TUSCALOOSA MARCH 31 SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI TUSCALOOSA APRIL 4 ILLIONIS STATE TUSCALOOSA April 8 Florida Gainesville April 9 Florida State Tallahassee April 10 Auburn Auburn APRIL 11 SOUTH ALABAMA TUSCALOOSA APRIL 12 EASTERN MICHIGAN (A.M.) TUSCALOOSA APRIL 12 KENTUCKY (P.M.) TUSCALOOSA April 15 Georgia Tech Atlanta April 16 Georgia Athens April 17 Columbus College Columbus April 21 Samford University Birmingham April 23 South Alabama (A.M.) Mobile April 23 Spring Hill College (P.M.) Mobile APRIL 26 MISSISSIPPI STATE TUSCALOOSA APRIL 27 SAMFORD UNIVERSITY TUSCALOOSA APRIL 28 AUBURN UNIVERSITY TUSCALOOSA MAY 1 LOUISIANA STATE (A.M.) TUSCALOOSA MAY 1 MISSISSIPPI (P.M.) TUSCALOOSA MAY 2 TULANE UNIVERSITY TUSCALOOSA MAY 3 TENNESSEE TECH TUSCALOOSA May 6- 8 Southeastern Conference Oxford June 14-19 NCAA Championships South Bend 313 Golf 197 1 GOLF SCHEDULE ROSTER DATE EVENT SITE NAME CLASS Feb. 25-26 Tulane Invitational New Orleans, La. John BELTON Sophomore Mar. 4- 6 Seminole Golf Classic Tallahassee, Fla. Mark FREDERICK Sophomore Mar. 12-13 Corbitt Golf Classic Baton Rouge, La. Joe FREEMAN Senior Mar. 25-27 University of West Florida Pensacola, Fla. Lee HARPER Senior Intercollegiate Bernie KIRKLAND Junior April 2- 9 International Scotland Invitational St. Andrews, Scotland Sam LINNICK Senior April 14-17 All-America Intercollegiate Houston, Texas Clyde McLENDON Junior May 13-15 Southeastern Conference Championships Callaway Gardens, Ga. Raimundo MEJIA Freshman June 21-26 NCAA Championships Tucson, Ariz. John O ' NEILL Hall REYNOLDS Rick SIRMON Wheeler STEWART Junior Freshman Senior Sophomore .- Frank VINES Walter WOOD JR. Sophomore Freshman Golf Coach Ronnie Laffoon 216 Men ' s Intramurals An intrical part of University sports is the men ' s in- tramural atliletic program under tlie direction of Coach Lewis Bostick. The intramural program pro- vides athletic facilities and referees for planned ath- letic competition for University students and faculty. Practically all competitive sports are played by teams that are divided into leagues and divisions, such as dorms, fraternities and independents. An All-Sports trophy is awarded to the championship team of each league and division. The championship is awarded to the team with the most accumulative points based on their overall standing for the year. 217 Men ' s Intramurals I _»,j:::...i,_ -. .•■.■■ ' s E •-■ »• 219 Women ' s Intramurals The University ' s intramural program for women in- clude basketball, softball, volleyball, and badminton organized under the direction of Miss Liles and the physical education department. The program is designed to offer each woman student an opportunity to partici- pate in some form of organized physical activity which will be an aid in maintaining physical and mental fit- ness. jgr- iatfria 220 221 Rifle Team The Alabama Rifle Team retained its position as state champion this season by winning the " All Ala- bama " match which was held in Tuscaloosa in February. The team finished the season with an 11-4 record. The top riflemen this year were James Rauch with a 263 average, James Staples, James Flanagan and Dennis Utley with 258 averages. Allen Cockrell set a new school record of most points scored in a match by shooting 277 out of a possible 300 against Marion Institute. The team tied the school ' s highest total record of 1062 points against Tennessee. 222 I 223 I -i. ' A- V Bama Skydivers The Alabama Skydivers was formed at the University of Alabama in 1964 to promote the sport of parachuting. The club has grown considerably and now has a membership of approximately thirty. Skydiving has become an increasingly popular sport at all of the schools around the country. Sky- diving can offer a lot of fun for the adventurous individual. Membership is open to all students and faculty. Till •hf-w M- ■ . .awjprmit f.v 224 225 ' JMts ' k FEATURES • ■mv 228 229 Homecoming 1970 rLK- ' Sr . TiiVt 230 Corolla Beauty Ball 231 f TOP COROLLA BEAUTY Kappa Kappa Gamma 233 ' ' y n u y ioye tdy Phi Kappa Psi 234 Chi Omega 335 Lambda Chi Alpha 23« Circle K 237 Martha Parham West 23S Alpha Chi Omega 239 Delta Delta Delta 340 . c .S idAi!; ny " Sigma Chi 24t 242 Phi Mu HAM «i«f S Chi Omega 243 . e iey yO t l Jy Alpha Gamma Delta 244 J dct e S i( t My AU i z Kappa Sigma 245 Sigma Chi 246 Delta Zeta 247 . 5S « Zi t6 t Kappa Alpha Theta 248 Zta Alpha Gamma Delta 249 tu d y Phi Sigma Kappa 250 II i ? t4Z ty 1 • f i . Alpha Chi Omega 251 u d{Z y yOC ' ly Zeta Tau Alpha 252 Homecoming Queen 1970 2S3 Farrago-Capstone Cameo Alpha Delta Pi 254 Fraternity Sweethearts Pi Kappa Alpha k 255 ' y(ZM e Theta XI Lambda Chi Alpha 256 " i i ay .= z yaye t Phi Kappa Psi I ft 257 . ' yO l t Theta Chi t 2SS Sigma Chi Kappa Alpha 259 Phi Kappa Sigma 260 , ya a4. zy }(ea ty S aa zJy Pi Kappa Alpha tU64 Phi Sigma Kappa 261 Sigma Phi Epsiloni 262 mmm Ktl tOUy Beta Theta Pi Delta Chi 263 Kappa Sigma 1 Chi Phi 264 p,1 ' " - ' , 1 Phi Gamma Delta 265 AOTT 9§ ixjs. b. A GREEKS T I M ' ' I ' mtwi. ' - -- }5- w f w- ■ . A w 268 269 270 271 1 . Sharon Turner 2. Yvonne Logan 3. Janet Davis 4. Margo Reeks 5. Cheryl Rutledge 6. Judy Adderhold 7. Julia Williamson 8. Carol Palmer 9. Sydney Grady 10. Ann Owen 11. Dyan St. Clair 12. Beverly Hurst 13. Linda Whitt 14. Marcia Adir 15. Virginia Kirnegay 16. Diane Steiner 17. Ann Williamson 18. Terry Grossman 19. Kathy Neugent 20. Pat Malone 21. Charlotte Gibson 22. Jan Jones 23. Carol Hearn 24. Dale Davis 25. Judy Thomas 26. Donna Osborne 27. Janet Cornell 28. Kathrena Mitchell 29. Susie Lowe 30. Lana Bush 32. Marga Fris 33. Janet Mason 34. Wendy Watkins 35. Carol Dyar 36. Nancy Bowers 37. Harriet Mclntyre 38. Carol Holmes 39. Susan Silvey 40. Sherry Freeh 41. Alice Smith 42. Shirley Jones 43. Ann Jobson 44. Mandy Horton 45. Sharon Snider 46. Mary Ann Rudd 47. Wanda Allen 48. Sherry Sims 49. Mickey Adams 50. Etenise Dendy 5 1 . Tricia Tate 52. Mary Ruth Strickland 53. Donna Davis 54. Heather Burns 55. Frances Hayley 56. Gail Service 57. Tricia Ward 58. Barbara Williams 59. Jane Smithson 60. Mary Alice Davis 61. Melissa Farris 62. Rosie Contri 63. Nona Bowles 64. Cynthia Sconyers 65. Lmda Taylor 66. Caroline Caughey 67. Kathy Kinney 68. Brenda Hargrove 69. Gail Hill 70. Jan Logan 7 1 . Nancy Van Wert 72. Barbara Price 73. Phyllis Duncan 74. Pam Duncan 75. Jan Strubal 76. Susie Prior 77. Betsy Welsh 78. Melissa Scarborough 79. Bubba Freeman 80. Elizabeth Cody 8 1 . Carol Kendrick 82. Denise Davidson 83. Susan Strong Not Pictured Marilyn Bates Robin Bozeman Linda Birchfield Shawn Burke Sarah Culberson Judy Dienstfrei Susan Duckworth Sheila Breckenridge Wanda Heath Sharon Shope Linda Scarborough Sheila Green Ellen Meyer Linda Poole Linda Roberts Maureen Tharin Marcia Wood Aliu 272 V. j Omega What a great year 1970 has been for Alpha Chi, winning top honors for beauty, leadership, and enthusiasm. No matter what phase of campus life you examine you ' ll always find an Alpha Chi involved. To start the year off. Donna Davis and Susan Strong were named COROLLA BEAUTIES and Robin Bozeman, COROLLA FAVORITE. Then Homecoming rolled around and we pulled in more honors with Kathy Neugent selected as HOMECOMING QUEEN and our great pledge class win- ning second place in the Famous Persons parade. Our pledges made us proud again by winning first place in the Auburn Effegy skits. Alpha Chi has even more to boast about with a 3-year CRIMSON GIRL, a varsity CHEERLEADER, and a FRESHMAN CHEERLEADER to back the Tide. Our Fraternity sweethearts plus fourteen little sisters repre- senting seven different fraternities certainly prove Alpha Chi ' s come out tops in beauty and enthusiasm. Would you say Alpha Chi ' s are active on campus? Yes! For example, you ' ll find us working is AWS and SGA and serv- ing as officers for Town Girls, Triangle Mortar Board and various other school honoraries. In way of altruistic projects, Alpha Chis are the most involved. We have adopted an en- tire ship of servicemen serving in Vietnam and they have adopted us in return. I 273 " — I Wiiii 1. Nancy Hopkins 2. Carolyn Hubbard 3. Brent Jordon 4. Nancy Gleason 5. Sarah Pyron 6. Joyce Whitaker 7. Carol Duren 8. Carol Crandal 9. Julie Glenn 10. Barbara Mace 1 1 . Karen Delewski 12. Elise Hoover 13. Ann Bruzzeise 14. Fran Gerstlauer 15. Marha Spear 16. Penny Lenoir 17. Lisa Thomas 18. Kaye Carter 1 9. Suze Beuoy 20. Sharon Fourroux 2 1 . Susan Thomase 22. Trina Forbes 23. Nancy Whisler 24. Kathy Wilson 25. Patty Porter 26. Kathy Barnes 27. Sally Youngs 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. Leslie Bundy Janis Ray Francis Ward Joan Ballard Faye Deal Carol Cameron Judy Musick Margie Puckett Bella Perry Linda Malone 38. Joyce Evans 39. Donna Fisher 40. Jackie Edwards 4 1 . Margaret Darden 42. Carolyn James 43. Linda Hooker 44. Linda Haversick 45. Joy Ivy 46. Cindy Brannon 47. Donna Brown 48. Cathy Fisher Not Pictured Rosemary Betsill Kathy Blake Linda Buckley Jo Cherry Cathy Clark Win Finklea Sally Kenp Linda Lemmer Ellen Peters Karen Peterson Janis Purdy Dianne Reid Jan Robertson Becky Rushing Diane Supher Diane Sbrength Judy Sullivan Susan Swann Elaine Taylor Edie Thompson Chris Barton Trish Carter Marion Duncan June Hinson Wendy Hopkins Nancy Kling Judy Miller Sharon Stell Katie Shrive Jenny Wyatte Alph: 274 " We Believe in Alpha Delta Pi and that our sorority is more than a ritual or a symbol; that it is a way of life. We Believe that the principles established by our founders in 1851 are enduring attributes that exemplify the highest ideals of Christian womanhood. We Believe that our motto WE LIVE FOR EACH OTHER, expresses the true spirit of fraternity; and that by living this motto our lives will be enriched by true friendships and by unselfish service to mankind. We believe that the privilege of membership in Alpha Delta Pi bring the responsibility to do our best in whatever we un- dertake, always remembering that leadership requires con- fidence tempered with humility and courage blended with tolerance. We Believe that we must strive to become well- balanced individuals by following the dictates of the four points symbolized by our diamond-shaped pin; first, strength- ening our own character and personalities; second, watching our attitudes toward our fellow beings; third, recognizing the virtues of high educational standards; and fourth developing faith and loyalty. We believe that these four guide-posts, guarded by the stars and friendly hands clasped in the Alpha Delta Pi bond of friendship, will lead us to achieve rich and useful lives. " Delta Pi 279 1. Denis Hodnette 35. Linda Boychuck Not Pictured 2. Tricky Perry 36. Nancy Rodgers 3. Elizabeth Warren 37. Linda Hayslip Susanne Whitmire 4. Margaret Rodgers 38. Charlotte Echols Martha Morrissette 5. Dottie Moore 39. Paula Friday Jennifer Edwards 6. Barri Butler 40. Kay Reed Catherine Cox 7. Jane Davis 41. Ann Piper Judy Sparks 8. Lucy Bulwinkle 42. Margaret McDougle Dianne Harrison 9. Jama Davis 43. Julie Nelson Linda Logan 10. Gayle Faulkner 44. Patti Ware Ginny Boling 11. Monique Martin 45. Marion Haygood Candy Walton 12. Susan Whitfield 46. Glenda Allen Dora Ann Ricks 13. Gina McPhearson 47. Paula Edwards Terri Brabner 14. Mary Vise 48. Sue Sue Frasier Debbie Barnes 15. Debbie Sturgis 49. Diane Rogers Kathy Hocutt 16. Starr Sprigg 50. Janet Cook Cindy Burke 17. Sandy Moon 51. Mary Ann Howell Jan Richardson 18. Sara Beck 52. Pat Hinton Jennifer Reed 19. Paula Hazelrig 53. Dell Malone Patricia Burke 20. Cherry Crawford 54. Patsy Haughton Pat Long 21. Linda Trainor 55. Alyson Welch Tricia Stanton 22. Camille Levi 56. Karen Lies Carol Trant 23. Dare Justice 57. Paula Boychuck Joan Dent 24. Susan Clay 58. Kathy Dorlon Sara Marshall 25. Ann Grimes 59. Patty Pickard Jenny Ricks 26. Susan Ivey 60. Gayle Vardaman Ann Cole 27. Ann Morton 61. Ella Wyker Jan Bryan 28. Trish Emfmger 62. Ann Russell Dana Anders 29. Sandy Smitherman 63. Poppy Petri Puddy Kenworthy 30. Pat Finn 64. Charlotte Cobble Kathy Adams 31. Mary Sauer 65. Caroline Phillips Becky Gray 32. Margaret Livingston 66. Betsy Kinney Cheyrl English 33. Barbara Jones 67. Nancy Brabner Mallory Boylan 34. Libby Boiling Alph 27« ' f K ' iir. ; + . jf.. ' .-:w ' - jw, a. " -i a -.- i ' . ' - jamma Delta " We are the Alpha Gams . . . We go to Alabam . . . " and we ' d like to tell You how we launched into the Seventies with brains, beauty, and bunches of fun. Talk about Beauty, Starr Sprigg reigned as Queen of the Kentucky Derby and Dianne Rogers as the KA Rose. Flipp- ing through the Favorites, you ' ll see Debbie Barnes and Becky Gray. And Debbie was also an AFROTC sponsor along with Mary Sauer. Patsy and Dianne kept the Tide roll- ing as Crimson Girls. Our little sisters kept the frat houses buzzing. There ' s Moni- que at the PIKE House, Susan at the Delt House, Patty and Alyson at the Lambda Chi House, and of course, Ginia and Linda at the Pi Kappa Phi House. Scholarship? Well Kathy looks pretty stem in her Mortar Board cap. Tricia, Mary Ann, and Martha represent us in Alpha Beta Alpha and Theta Sigma Phi. Why even Boy- chuck landed a fellowship! AGD ' s swingin ' pledge class did their part as 3 were elected to Freshman Forum and 5 to Spirit Usherettes. But you haven ' t seen a good time till you party with the AGD ' s out at Echo Lake, at the Pledge Formal — or just any- where, any " ole " time! 277 vv . ' : ' . . .■ .• 1 1 . rt - ' • . -m .i m , • • . ' . ' ' • . ' .k , ' ,,. 1. Barbara Bass 27. Cheryl Duncan Not Pictured 2. Martha Russell 28. Charlie Brown 3. Carolyn Mullins 29. Cici Pierce Andrews, Pat 4. Nancy Maples 30. Ceil Lewis Barnes, Susan 5. Linda Tracy 31. Jeanette Albert Baumgardner, Kathleen 6. Judy Moore 32. Debbie McMahaer Bean, Barbara 7. Pam Cooney 33. Monica Fitchner Chambers, Linda 8. Nancy Jones 34. Linda Nelson Dean, Peggy 9. Donna Williams 35. Nancy Miller Durant, Charlotte 10. Liz Jones 36. Linda Bessant Fikes, Debbie II. Marga Yarbrough 37. Sherrie Ballard Lowe, Ann 12. Mary Ann Banks 38. Suzy Sitz Millsap, Marcia 13. Carolyn O ' Donnell 39. Pat Truhett Mlineric, Mary Ann 14. Sandy Stewert 40. Linda Mayes Muse, Ann 15. Colleen Klonaris 41. Cessy Comett McCord, Ginger 16. Connie Graff 42. Janie Erb McCullough, Susan 17. Terry Vaughn 43. Ann Hale McKinzie, Daria 18. Alice Potter 44. Jean Musselman Stewart, Kathy 19. Milinda Lyie 45. Danna Rumore Troup, Missy 20. Brenda Smart 46. Maureen O ' Donnell Vaughn, Robbie 21. Linda Baker 47. Carol Holleman Wallace, Tricia 22. Janice Reid 48. Alice Singley Whetstone, Judy 23. Tracy Holy 49. Lynda Hooper Wray, Deanie 24. Liz Molelt 50. Linda Rice 25. Kathy Wainwrighl 51. Moira Judav 26. Pal Creel 52. Francis Smith ■« ; ■ ■ »■ Alph 278 " :• » J» . --, " •ft . ■ . An AOII is like a triangle. Service, one side of the triangle, is one of our most important aspects. Our main project every year is supporting the Arthritis Foundation. Last year we raised over $ 1 ,500 through mail fund drives and road-blocks. We also have girls working at Partlow, Bryce, and the VA hospital. Of course we can ' t leave out all those serving the University students in SGA and AWS as well as in various honoraries and vocational fraternities. The next side of the triangle is development of the individual. Through such opportunities as the Concert-Lecture Series, members expand their appreciation of the arts. Also included are various political and educational activities intended to increase the individual ' s awareness of the world she lives in. micron Pi Now comes the most important part of the triangle — the base. For without this no lines can be brought together to form a perfect triangle. And so it is with sisterhood. It is the basis of our sorority without which service and development of the individual would be impossible. You only have to walk by our house to hear the laughter and song emanating from within. When there are tears, you will also hear com- forting and sympathic words from sisters being what is needed most — an understanding friend. Our friendship ex- tends not only to those closest around us, but to all Greeks and Independents. So remember when you pass by our house, our doors are always open to new friends and experiences! 279 1. Tim Ellington 2. Jimmy Shannon 3. Tom King 4. Bill Davis 5. Mike Nomroe 6. Roger Lee 7. Jimmy Kennemer 8. Gil Steindorff 9. Wade Hamby 10. Bill Lamar 11. Bill Blake 1 2. Thomas Nelson 13. Tommy Huey 14. Buddy Humphrey 15. Rusty Gregory 16. Greg Pappos 17. Larry Deep 18. Skip Parks 19. Johnny Sullivan 20. Paul Fredrick 21. Bill Moore 22. Ronny Cain 23. Mark Fredrick 24. Frank Alverson 25. E oug James 26. Winston Ashurst 27. David Martin 28. Clint Wallace 29. Johnny Nex 30. Gary Kessler 31. Glenn Smith 32. Bob Matlock 33. Randy Goggans 34. Sammy Smith 35. Drew Mickle 36. Al Butler 37. Bruce Reed 38. Bill Kimrey 39. Bill Moore Not Pictured Larry Blace Alex Kontos John Sherrill Robert Montgomery John Hargrove Julian Hardy L.J. Panther Sam White Mick Chappelle Chris Matsos Leighton Parrel I Gary Archer Thomas Hurst William Wood Robert Boswell Glenn Hurd Tim Hamer Alex Jones Robert Hart Tim Ellington Richard Blaisdell Joseph Schaffer Dana Curtis James Marshall Alan King William Davis Billy Hartsfield Lee Roy Holkenschinieder Tim Tucker Chuck Ellis John Davis 280 Alp Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega was founded by three young Confederate soldiers on September 11, 1865, in Richmond, Virginia. In the ensuing 104 years, ATO has grown to a brotherhood composed of 140 chapters across the United States and Canada. Since its founding in 1885, Beta Delta Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega has been an integral part of the traditions and progress of the University of Alabama. We have always been active in every facet of life at the Capstone, the Taus are presently active in all forms of campus activities, carry- ing on the honorable traditions of the past and inspiring innovations of the future. We shall continue to honor the past, live in the present and work for the future. Through its scholastic, athletic, social, and service activities. Alpha Tau Omega prepares a young man to deal with people. ATO gives him the opportunity to work with truly outstanding alumni — to compare his ideas with theirs. It gives him a forum for his thoughts, a medium for his creativity. We cannot, however, rest on what others have built for us — -we must build and change for ourselves. To the other ex- treme, we cannot depend on the future to rectify any short- comings which we have today. With the ever quickening pace of our modern University, we are constantly reminded of the importance of living in the present. Today is ours, and we are proud we can meet its challenge. 281 mi ' M}fl ' i ' «.• ' •« ' . " . - .• Ck|- P%Ki ?1 - ' •• . " • « " " • a l ' ' " !?• . » ' ' ' ' -, . , " l.J. Carolyn Beckwith Ann L. Smith Andrea Watson Patsy Beach Dee Schultz Peggy Stearns Madeline Gilmer Debbie Barrow Cicel Campbell Paulette Burke Nancy Brock Kathe Tall 14. Jane Alexander 15. Lebby Layne Victoria Ford Beth Loffredo Linda Revelle Dale Jones Becky Eiland Nita Mills Pam Cannon Sherry Schott 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Dori French 25. Linda Fleming 26. Carol Tew 27. Pam Jones 28. Lynna Fisher 29. Linda Brown 30. Sally Davenportt 31. Becky Blundell Not Pictured Philis Libby Donna Brantley Rosa Lee Rawson Carol Jean Smith Mary Lou Milam Angle Sutherland Chic Copeland Evelyn Reynolds Brenda Honeycutt Stephanie Wimberly Rosemary Pearce Alpha Xi 282 : - -sr- ' .. i fiY ' bCt. r - ' ■it— - J )elta Well, how about that! They said it couldn ' t be done, but we found the secret of having fun, yet still retained relevancy to ourselves, the campus, and community. The imaginations of a house of sisters turned the commonplace into priceless ex- periences. Who would have thought that small gifts from our house could bring such radiant joy to Partlow Inmates, or that the Thanksgiving basket we collected could be such a marvelous gift? Even during Homecoming we involved our- selves with others — collecting clothes and money for Opera- tion Amigo. Happiness was living in a brand-new house dedicated to our growing sisterhood. When they came for the dedication, we found our National Officers to be " people " — not just names on paper. Our new house has abundant space to plan and accomplish all kinds of activities that have brought us closer together. Happiness was involvement with our own campus. We are a group comprised of many individuals who have varied in- terests. Where could one find sisters working as an AWS Education director. Alpha Lambda Delta officers, Computor Instruction Committee, or in the Orchestra, Stage and march- ing bands. Coral Union, Computor Honors Program, or on SGA committees? Happiness is a house called Alpha Xi Delta and the People in it. 283 1. T. E. Gilbert 25. S. C. Pardue S. S. Davidson 2. J. B. Glasscock 26. R. H. Bolen D. L. Deslattes 3. Barry B. Copeland 27. S. H. Shimoda L. P. DeWitt 4. C. P. Parsons 28. J. R. Ray C. W. Doming 5. R. B. Swindal 29. D. R. Wylie E. R. Ellis 6. T. G. Barber 30. W. M.Whitten M. C. Fowler 7. J. F. McManus 31. M. R. Eddings K. E. Granger 8. R. A. Weems 32. G. R. Glasscock R. M. Grigsby 9. R. B. Hill 34. P. G. von Reichbauer J. C. Hamiter 10. M T. Vickery 35. J. L. Stewart G. K. Haney 11. N. L. Hanley 36. McGriff R. G.Jordan 12. J. R. Hutchens 37. B. A. Steward S. A. Leach 13. J. T. Whalen 38. Dennie W. Martin J. T. McCaary 14. D. O. White 39. W. M. Owens L. N. Miles 15. G. M. E odson A. C. Nichols 16. J. M. Phillips Not Pictured G. B. Parsons 18. J. S. Livingstone William R. Parsons 19. R. H. Planz G. H. Bowers R. L. Pearson 20. William B. Parsons A. G. Cashio K. W. Riley 21. M T. Hoffman C. W. Cloninger M. W. Robbins 22. S. L. Dodd Billy B. Copeland J. C. White 23. D. N. S. Reeves D. B. Grouse 24. Dale W. Martin Bell 3t4 The Betas again had a good year. Besides the usual array of all-sports trophys and intellectual development awards from the President, we had some interesting experiences. We, of course, moved out of our old chapter house last spring. The last one out slammed the door and saved us the expense of a demolition crew. This past fall we had two joint parties with the Kappa Sigs . . . they provided all the grass. We had the first annual Beta Bowl with our brothers from Ole Miss this fall. The Rebel Betas managed to win the football game, but we definitely won the party afterwards. Mr. Goob has been generous enough to provide us with beautiful weather most of the fall and at this writing we are 70 points ahead in the all-sports race for this year. We set an inter-fraternity record during rush this fall . . . issuing 234 bids during three days of closed rush and topping all previous records set by the Sigma Chis and Sigma Nu ' s. Our third annual Turkey Day o-Hell Open Tournament was a tremendous success with Miss Sarah Everett taking top honors. Finally, we ' d like to take this opportunity to say hello to the newest addition to our competant staff at Beta Theta Pi . . . Hi, Sammy! Here ' s to Zelda!!! rheta Pi 285 Debbie Hartmann Brenda Barr Carol White Barbara Brown Beth Evans Debbi Ethridge Carolyn Flannagan Sharon Snyder Marcie Allen 10. Cathy Rowland 1 1 . Helen Yerger Susan Bryan Ann Midkeff Dudley Long Judy Martin Marilyn Horton Bonnie Gregg Donna Denton 19. Janis Rhodes 20. Londa Bankston 21. MaryJane Stewart 22. Jeanie Deloney 23. Kathy Donnelly 24. Suzanne Hightower 25. Debbie White 26. Terri McKenzie 27. Joan Coppinger 28. Carol Vaughan Carol Partridge Liz Cunningham Joy Reid Sue Vickers Nancy Trout Peggy Hale 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. T ade Harrison 36. Jan McKenzie 37. Ginny Hewitt 38. Ruth Satterwhite 39. Martha Maxwell 40. Julie McKenzie 41. Judy Achorn 42. Janet Musick 43. Katie Beadles 44. Christina Cooper 45. Scott Mosely 46. Belle Woods 47. Gail Allen 48. Mrs. Butcher 49. Anne Youk 50. Mary McCray 51. Lyn Bryan 52. Georgeanne McKenzie 53. Francis Sullivan 54. Georgeanne Galbraith 55. Pam Christopher 56. Raneta Richardson 57. Nancy Weeks 58. Ginny Bethea 59. Nancy Nicholson 60. Pam Nidy 61. Sharmon Eddins 62. Charlotte Skelton 63. Billie Sue Glover 64. Betty Anne Orr 65. Betsy Bethea 66. Debbie Cockrell 67. Betsy Madison 68. Jamie Banks 69. Carol Owens 70. Jerry Scott 71. Kelly Allin 72. Jodie Nader 73. Kim Woodmansee Not Pictured Mickie Blair Judy Brown Emily Cochrane Landis Craig Nita Griswald Helen Jickle Jean Mills Ellen Monroe Debbie Moon Lyn Richards Paula Atwell Debby Barton Celia Bryant Claire Cochran Cindy Condra Jeanie Edwards Mary Forsyth Donna Gailand Judy Jamison Judy Joyner Lisa McBurney Emily Moore Susan Prather Susan Price Chariot Saunders Martha Williams Q 286 A lonely owl on campus there is not! How could there be with a hundred and four Chi Omega ' s who give a hoot! As the owl flies by day from tree to tree, he can ' t help but no- tice all the active Chi Omega girls on campus. They are every- where! In S.G.A., A.W.S., Spirit Alpha Lambda Delta, Tri- angle, Mortar Board, and Phi Beta Kappa. Flying over fraternity row, the owl again spots the Chi Omega ' s filling the houses with twenty-two little sisters and sweethearts. Beauties? The Chi Omega ' s lead the parade in this category with two COROLLA BEAUTIES, two CO- ROLLA FAVORITES, three R.O.T.C. sponsors, a Miss Tuscallosa and a Top Ten Finalist in the Miss Alabama contest. Not only has the owl found wisdom, wit, beauty and a house packed full of active, honor-bound girls; he has also found a wonderful group of individuals bound tightly together by openness, sisterhood, and friendship. There is always some- body who cares in the Chi Omega house and there ' s always a bright smile on a cloudy day. Where else can that flighty owl come to rest on a house of girls so outstanding yet so uniquely sincere? Nowhere! He doesn ' t even want to look anymore! 287 ■rHh ■ ' . 1. Keith Simpson 23. Al Terry 2. Blair MacBeth 24. John Fatten 3. Mickey Holmes 25. Don Kyle 4. Jim MacDonald 26. Vann Knight 5. EarleWalkley 27. Kenneth McKennzie 6. Steve Beale 28. Larry Noble 7. Kenny Hanks 29. Bill Baites 8. Lenny Frisaro 30. Larry Chamberlain 9. Grant May 10. Mike Lovelady 11. David Suther Not Pictured 12. John Sollars DougChochran 13. Danny Seaman Mike McKinney 14. Steve Foreman MikeWode 15. Andy Barrett Mike Echols 16. Dan Lary Roger Harwell 17. Mike Hyde Andy Quigley 18. Hal McCook Dannis Herring 19. Mike Henry Steve Williams 20. Steve Ross J. R.Smith 21. Rick McCammon Bill Donald 22. Rich Vance Tony Drake Ch 288 ' -f Rft . «»;4 ' J ' hi Nationally, Chi Phi was founded at Princeton in 1824. Chi Phi has been at the University of Alabama since 1920 and occupied its new house in November, 1969. It is the only fraternity to have had a chapter in Europe and at present has just under fifty chapters across the United States. Many fraternities speak to you of four years, Chi Phi speaks to you of forty — and such you must regard it, for Chi Phi represents the loyalty of a lifetime. Many groups point to their fullback, Chi Phi points to a century of history made fine by the loyalty and accomplishments of men who pledged their devotion to Chi Phi. In thirty-eight American cities Chi Phis have formed alumni associations, and in thirty- two trust associations have organized themselves to house and finance their chapters. Liberally they have contributed to the Chi Phi Educational Trust, organized to assist the undergraduates. Because the fraternity neither accepts a shoddy prospect nor tolerates a weak chapter, one ' s loyalty is not restricted to his own chapter, for every man who wears the badge is a brother, to be welcomed as such in college, in business, in life. Such is the brotherhood of Chi Phi — not four years, but forty. 289 1. Jack Reamey 21. Johnny Ryan 40. Steve Morrow 2. Ralph Keel 22. Louis Fitts 41. Terry Campbell 3. Ken Briner 23. Paul Isbell 42. Clark Summerford 4. Chris Shaw 24. Larry Vail 43. Larry Donnahoo 5. Mike Mazer 25. Mike Boan 44. Jim Powers 6. Gordon McGee 26. Nelson Ford 45. Philip Webb 7. Mike Lackey 27. Steve Reese 46. Jimmy Maples 8. Larry Warbington 28. Vic Cholewinsky 47. Ronnie Tomlinson 9. Bob Serio 29. Gary Schultz 10. Bo Harrison 30. Alan Ross Not Pictured U.John Black 31. Mackey Terry Bill Crawford 12. Clint Baggett 32. Ronnie Alsbrooks Eric Nix 1.3. Jay Wargo 33. Greg Gray John Boylan 14. Tony Sessi 34. David Middlebrooks Jou Vice LS. Bill Walker 35. David Reese John Waters 17. Allen Tant 36. I.en Burroughs Rickey Hess 18. Randy O ' Cain 37. Roy Graves Ted Wolfe 19. Ira Parsons 38. Gene Holt Ralph Mitchell 20. Jimmy Snider 39. Mike Segrest Dell 390 hi Founded in 1890 at Cornell University, Delta Chi Fraternity has grown both dynamically and progressively over the decades where today it holds the distinction of being the fastest growing fraternity in the nation. Keeping with this progressive spirit, the Alabama Chapter of Delta Chi has played an integral part in the life of the University since 1927. Knowing that the only good fraternity is the fraternity that contributes to its University, many Delta Chi ' s assumed places of leadership on campus, working in both SGA and IFC. Many members of Delta Chi received honors for their work this past year. Delta Chi ' s can be seen in Jasons, ODK, Phi Eta Sigma, and Scabbard and Blade, as well as many individual college honoraries. As a social fraternity. Delta Chi comes second to none in social activities. While there are several parties held throughout the year, the most prominent have to be the " Suppress Desire Party, " " Christmas Party, " " Red and Buff Formal, " and the " Indian Party. " During the past year. Delta Chi has maintained its high standard of achieve- ment while growing larger and stronger. Most fraternities strive to reach these standards, but none will ever attain them. 291 1 . Nancy Stone 2. Charlotte Ward 3. Ann Walton 4. Lynne Smith 5. Lizard McDonald 6. Mary Waits 7. Betsy Rogers 8. Pam Bassett 9. Rondi Bates 10. Patsy Dsvis 11. Liz Noble 12. Beverly Massey 1 3. Lois Ownes 1 4. Judy Cross 15. Carolyn Pylar 1 6. Kay Armstrong 17. Camille Prestion 18. Judy Reed 19. Kappi Eyster 20. Rudi Robbins 21. Cellie Mitchell 22. Susan Finch 23. Pan White 24. Susie Whitmeire 25. Carol Boles 26. Nancy Harper 27. Ginny Peeler 28. Susan Goodrum 29. Margaret Lambreth 30. Laurie Snone 31. Lidney Rogers 32. Georgia Wise 33. Jennie Kimbrough 34. Allyson Shutts 35. Frances Roton 36. Greer Knapp 37. Kathy Kerdrick 38. Pat Goodman 39. Nancy White 40. Kathy Thomas 41. Ginny Kuhns 42. Yancey Nowlin 43. Marie Bates 44. Isabelle Kennamer 45. Faye Otts 46. Mary C. Ray 47. Dale Holmes Barbara Lewis Suzanne Curran Cookie Motlow Rinna Cobb Manda Still __. Catherine Turner 54. Susan Caffey 55. Maggie Braden Susije Patton Susan McLallen Ida Le Blanc Sisty Matthews Fran George Danner Mahood Jane Grfey Beddow 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. Not Pictured Barbara Adams Clara Armbrecht Anna Blackmarr Betsy Bloom Leslie Clark Judy demons Kathleen Cooper Kate Crosby Peggy Deal Jo Fannin Beverly Feagin Carol Grable Peg Grover Beth Hammond Sally Harper Jane Hawkins Lilie Hill Sue Hopkins Lynn Howard Tanner Imes Teresa Inge Susan Kuster Gigi LeBlanc Susan Lehman Ann McCrory Cathy McDonald Jane Minette Mary Murchison Renee Peacock Dale Sherer Cindy Smith Louise Stone Pan Tilly Joy Turner Sally Wiggins Patty Wilson Stacy Wright Del 292 For a long time people have been trying to understand just what makes Tri Deltas so special. To us, Tri Delta is a special way of feeling that makes enthusiastic, active, and happy girls. The special feeling of Delta girls can be found in all phases of campus activities. Among Tri Delt girls you will find a Corolla Beauty, a mem- ber of Homecoming court, the first alternate to Miss. Bama Day and girls featured in the Farrago. At ball games you can see Tri Delt ' s freshman and varsity cheerleaders. Crim- son Girl, and Bear Bryant Hostess. Fraternities who have honored our girls by choosing them as Little Sisters and Beauty Contest Representatives include: Delta Tau Delta, Chi Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, and Pi Kappa Alpha. Tri Delts have also been honored by membership in Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities and other Honoraries. Tri Delta girls enjoy working in numerous campus clubs and organizations. Ajnong our members you will find the head of the Festival of Arts, the Vice-President of AWS, the Scholarship Chairman of Pan- hellenic, and officers of other various groups. Along with all the work, Tri Delts love parties, football games, and all the other fun things that make up college life. )elta Delta 293 1. Trinka Cagle 31. Mary Kitchings 2. Justine Susko 32. Beth Boyd 3. Mike Helf 33. Diane Granata 4. Mrs. Estelle Walker 34. Missy Woolfe 5. Allison Marshall 35. Lynn Dodson 6. Sandi Mades 36. Paula Dinning 7. Jean Hutchins 37. Teresa Drummond 8. Diane Wallace 38. Betty Allums 9. Martha Downey 39. Nita Baker 10. Sharon Dinning 40. Carolyn Rosick 11. Mary Campbell 41. Mary Joyner 12. Cathi Thornburg 42. Louise Williams 13. Millie McCashill 43. Debbie Bell 14. Patti Hutchins 44. Janice Rice 15. Jan Bukowsky 45. Patti Harding 16. Cathy Cooper 46. Carol Thrasher 17. Jan Perry 47. Linda Arnold 18. Carole Miller 48. June Reynolds 19. Carol Waltz 49. Ellen Coogan 20. Polly Black 50. Mary Katherine Clark 21. Mary Sue Cain 51. Alice Schaflfer 22. Rosalee McGuire 52. Sherry Stephens 23. Cathy Duncan 53. Suzanne Sloan 24. Chris Shirley 54. Judy Pritchard 25. Celeste Gray 55. Cecil Ridge 26. Mary Margaret Weathcrly 56. Becky Burger 27. Brenda Wyatt 57. Penny Fountain 28. Barbara Hutchinson 58. Belton Snipes 29. Liz Croxton 59. Hayden Gaines 30. Susan Bennet 60. Sue Hoffmann Dell 294 Gamma Anchors aweigh D.G. we ' re setting sail — and the Delta Gamma ' s have another successful year at Bama. On Christmas Eve in Oxford, Mississippi, in 1873, a very special friendship was formed, called Delta Gamma. Today Delta Gamma is one of the top national sororities. Here at the University, you will find a D.G. in every outstanding area; Beauties, Honoraries, activities and politics. Rosa Lee McGuire leads the list of beauties as Corolla Favorite, Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl and Crimson Girl. Alice Schaf- fer shares the beauty as sweetheart of Alpha Sigma Phi. We have little sister all around campus, Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Sigma Kappa, Chi Phi and Lambda Chi Alpha. D.G. ' s are tn all kinds of honories, Phi Chi Theta, Phi Mu Epsilon, Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa and Triangle. D.G. ' s are seen in all types of activities and politics. Presi- dent of Spirit, President of Panhellenic, SGA sorority Re- presentative, Education Senator, Education Class officer and Arts and Sciences Secretary-Treasurer. Our freshmen are off to a good start; Freshman forum members and President of Junior Panhellenic. D.G. enjoy helping others by giving their Homecoming money to operation Amigo and working on their foundation Sight Conservation and aid to the Blind. We shine with pride in being Delta Gammas. D.G. is the love and friendship which is genuine that it will be a part of one forever. 39S y k ' " M ' L li m ' ■ -rZtJM Tommy Agricola Ben Gudaitis Pete Owen Farra Alford Mike Halter Steve Parden Teddy Baars Crawford Inge Dick Pate Woody Bailey Jim Inzer Donald Porch David Beason Carter Johnston Frank Randall Bevo Beaven Jim Johnston Bill Ringland Travis Bedsole Vivian Johnston Ricky Rogers Bo Brantley Mike Kendrick Scotty Scott Jeb Brown Ronnie Let Mitch Shackleford Mike Campbell Taymond Leigh Tommy Sharp John Coleman Henry Loeb Griff Sikes Sam Davis Happy Luscher Clark Sledge Dwayne Denniston Eddie McConnell Maclin Smith John Des Roches Earl McDonald Riley Smith Sam Dixon Bill McGehee Rutherford Smith Brooks Donald Bob McMillian Fred Stimpson John Donald Tom McMillian Sandy Stimpson Dan Dumont Earl McMurphy Robin Swift Charles Du Pre Chuck McNeil Tom Taul Johnny Fountain David Miller Bill Urquehart Mike Franklin Johnny Murray Wayne Vowell Bob Callaway John Nielson Jummy Wetter Don Grady Charlie Noonan David Gray Billy Odom 296 Delta Kappa Epsilon was the first social fraternity in the state of Alabama, and it is one of the oldest fraternities in the nation, founded at Yale University in 1844. Alabama ' s Psi Chap ter was named the best chapter of Deke in the country last year, tieing with the British Columbia chapter for the DKE Lion Trophy — the highest honor a Deke chapter can receive. Competition is based on excellence in scholarship, chapter operations, alumni relations, chapter improvement, and community service. Traditionally, Deke is at the top of the social, athletic, and scholastic standings. Last year the chapter placed second of the University ' s fraternities in overall grade point average. On the playing field, the Dekes have won the intramural football championship three out of the last four years, also winning the " All Sports Trophy ' in 1969. In recent years, Dekes have twice held the position of Stu- dent Government Association President; and this year Dekes represented the University in the positions of Commerce Vice-President, Arts and Sciences Vice-President, two spots in the SGA legislature. Chairman of the SGA Course Eval- uation Committee, and Chairman of the Off-Campus Associ- ation. Delta Kappa Epsilon 297 1. Rosalind Weinstein 19. Elenor Capelto 2. Gail Friedlander 20. Rochelle Kravtiz 3. Jackie Cole 21. Emy Solnick 4. Lane Siegel 22. Simona Light 5. Cassie Fishbein 23. Carol Herman 6. Joanne Plensky 24. Barbara Wolf 7. Arlene Pack 25. SydelleZinn 8. Dorthy Tobin 26. Bonnie Warner 9. Marsha Fast 27. Ricke Becker 10. Will Mendes 28. Barbara Hellman 11. Hannah Rosen 12. Terry Greenberg Not Pictured 13. Sandi Hodges 14. Anne Weid Joey Robinson 15. Judy Stein Sheryl Deutsch 16. Janice Broda Frances Feinstein 17. Linda Schreck Linda Schaffer 18. Leslie Cohen Liz Varon 298 Delta P I ipsilon Pi chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon has come very far since it ' s founding on October 31, 1953, with all of the girls excelling in every phase of school life. A D Phi E is a girl of high ideals, part of an everlasting circle of friendship and sister- hood. She is one who does the best she can for her sorority, herself, and her university. D Phi E ' s are very active in campus activities. Barbara Hell- man is secretary of Panhellenic, and Sandi Hodges is secre- tary of Junior Panhellenic. Also we have girls in Spirit Usherettes, Fashion Incorpxarated, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Triangle. We were represented in every campus beauty con- test, with Judy Stein being in the Top 8 of the Homecoming Beauty Pageant. In addition to our campus activities, we have girls working in the community, such as at Bryce and Partlow School. D Phi E ' s love fun, and you will find this in our annual Pledge party, Christmas party for under-priv- ileged children, formal, and Parent ' s Weekend. This is D Phi E — Friendships — accomplishments — study — good times — as sisterhood shared by girls bound together by devotion to their sorority. D Phi E, a name that brings tears to my eyes. Friendships, so strong — We ' ll never part, never goodbyes. Purple and gold-our colors. Pride and Honor. 299 1. Barry Gary 2. Rob Holmes 3. Rick Holmes 4. Monte Carmack 5. John Ivins 6. John Hollingsworth 7. Mike Miller 8. Joe Hood 9. Bill Riall 10. Bill King 11. Glenn Hooks 12. Wayne Lee 13. Steve Fletc her 14. Mark Gray 15. Robert Haigh 16. BillCassady 17. Bobby Hogue 18. John Self 19. Bill Briggs 20. BobGirandeau 22. John Hollingsworth 23. Lawton Hall 24. John Hawkins 25. Bill Baxley 26. Chuck Greer 27. Jim Ivins 28. John Thompson 29. Don Gilbert 30. Clay Coleman 3 1 . Steve Bye 32. David Franklin 33. Benjo Burford 34. Ed Tumlin 35. Hans Hardin 36. David Henderson 37. Preston Pitts 38. John Beckwith 39. Tom Bush 40. Dwight Stone 41. Bruce Dillard 42. Mike Sellers 43. Neal Arnwine 44. Pete Yates 45. Ricky Culberson 46. Jack Grace 47. Rob Street 48. Wayne Fleming 49. Ronnie Ramey 50. John O ' Neill 51. Ronald Allen 52. Steve Simmons 53. Jeff Hopkins 54. Bill Wake 55. Jim Burford Not Pictured Mike Cooks Rodney Cook Crayton Ferguson Rick Hosier Lee Sims Dan Caldwell Ed Midkitf Jerry Hopkins Bill Poole Larry Elliot Barry Brokaw George Howard Dave Pogue Dennis Sheheane Garry Thomas Tim Hendrix Allen Pass Donnie Rush Darrell McBayer Randy Lott Hugh Holladay Bill EIrod Delt 300 J . Delta Eta of Delta Tau Delta has come a long way since it was founded at the University of Alabama on April 25, 1925. Excelling in every phase of school life, the men of Delta Tau Delta have constantly lived up to their guiding prin- ciple — " the pursuit of excellence. " Delta Tau Delta is called a " social " fraternity and this classification defines not only the nature but something of the purpose of the organization. You need relaxation and a rebuilding of interest and energy. We at Delta Tau Delta believe that enjoyable social activity is earned — it is a re- ward for work performed. A fraternity can not have as its only purpose the " fun life " of college. We at Delta Tau Delta find that our biggest asset for college enjoyment through principle. We find it much easier to make our social life of greater enjoyment through parties and other social events, and to strive for better academic status. The close relationship formed between brothers inspires each to try for better advancement through an atmosphere of friendly competition. On the football field or in class, a Delt tries for the best. It is the feeling of want- ing to do better that makes a fraternity operate, and the men of Delta Tau Delta work for the best. Tau Delta 1 301 1. Debby Taylor 34. Sharon Hewitt 2. Ginger Black 35. Sandra Campbell 3. Charlotte Skelton 36. Maureen McNeil 4. Donna Zasa 37. Carol Morris 5. Sandy Carmack 38. Barbara Kelly 6. Melissa Marsh 39. Fran Campbell 7. Susan Hall 40. Tricia Crumpton 8. Donna Yancey 41. Peanuts Robinson 9. Jackie Ward 42. Ann Allen 10. Phyl Bount 43. Sherry Crawford 11. Vera Johnson 44. Rebecca White 12. Nancy Magel 45. Ginger Shurett 13. Sue Blount 46. Nancy Mapes 14. Lisa Maddox 47. Dede Garner 15. Dot Farrell 48. Debby Salter 16. Carolyn Snow 49. Linda Best 17. Nancy Ruspino 50. Lynda Pruitt 18. Peggy Luker 51. Jan Reid 19. Susan Branch 52. Pam Wright 20. Sglenda Gimm 53. Sara Loyd 21. Xan Forres 54. Mary Temple 22. Pam Tillman 55. Mary Dahlke 23. Alice Dicks 56. Lynne Handley 24. Susan Barton 57. Patti Lynch 25. Kathy Sellers 58. Heidi Glasson 26. Linda Hamner 59. Tealla Welch 27. Sheila Bethea 60. Sheila Hagler 28. Glenda Hamner 61. Mrs. Keywood 29. Paula Sims 62. Kippi 30. Emilil Lawson 31. Linda Brooks Not Pictured 32. Lillian Vickery 33. Carol Medders Wendy Boyd Joan Brock Kathy Cloud Sandra Doolittle Terry Durmak Faye Ellis Lennie Gaubert Karen Greenlee Hope Hallmark Sherrie Harrison Debby Hatchett Mary Helms Debbie Hensley Camilee Johnson Cathy Lamb Susan Lynch Ann McAlister Leslie McGeouch Peggy McMahon Laurie Miller Sylvia O ' Rourke Lynn Padget Kay Pardue Vicky Real SheTley Roth Pat Scheer Kay Skinner Debbie Taylor Robin Walton Janelle Ward Miriam Webster Amanda Welch Ann Young Delta 302 It ' s the house on Magnolia Drive with the black rocking chairs, providing food and shelter for a group of girls that Delta Zeta ' s founder in 1902 could never have imagined. It ' s been a good year as years go. Janelle Ward, an Air Force R.O.T.C. Angel flight sponsor, was chosen to attend the Na- tional Air Force R.O.T.C. convention representing the south. Sheila Hagler was selected as an Air Force R.O.T.C. sponsor in the fall and was chosen Little Major and sabre sponsor. At the Corolla Beauty Pageant she was voted a favorite. Last spring Jan Reid was chosen Lambda Chi Alpha Cres- cent Girl. We have claimed many fraternity little sisters and sweetheart finalists including; Lennie Gaubert and Donna Zasa for Theta Chi; Peanut Robinson, Carol Morris and Terry Surnak for Pi Kappa Phi; Heidi Glasson and Ginger Black for Delta Tau Delta; Debby Taylor (Birmingham) for Beta Theta Pi; Sandra Campbell and Donna Yancey, and Glenda Hamner for Lambda Chi Alpha; Phylis Blount and Pat Grey for Delta Chi; and Shelly Roth for Phi Kappa Sigma. Lynn Handley was a Delta Chi Calendar girl. Delta Zeta claimed to Spirit officers; Mary Helms and Pea- nut Robinson. Along with members of Triangle and several members of Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Zeta ' s were every- where spreading sunshine in various honoraries, class coun- cils and just plain clubs. 303 ' V r ■ ' ,. ■.♦ ' CS .. •- ' ■ ' ■ ' « .» ' - . — -. --AW % t ' f V; i- ; 1. Bill Newton 30. Bob Montgomery Louis Patterson 2. Doug Gates 31. Don James Carl Posey 3. Dave Boyd 32. John Castleberry John Thomas 4. Sam Le Maistre 33. Bill Leigh Kent Wilkinson 5. Grady Jacobs 34. Larry Carlson Ben Williams 6. Pat King 35. Charlie Beavers Bill Williams 7. Dan McKenzie 36. Mrs. Verna Bobo David Wooldridge 8. Rex McDowell 37. John Hendricks David Russell 9. Dow Walker 38. Chuck Steiner Paul Ellis 10. Bob McNutt 39. Harry Randolph John Hannah 11. Jack Norton 40. Chuck Brown Bill Wyker 12. John Clement 41. Paul Dreher Ingram Bankston 13. Lee Carlson 42. Randy Mize Mickey Bray 14. Mike Rymer 43. Richard Bishop John Bone 15. Bobby Bradford Davis Chapman 16. Perry Morgan Not Pictured Charles Crook 17. Bill Pearson Wes Acee Bruce Faulk 18. Nick Rogers Phil Adams Charlie Fields 19. Bob Short Bobby Aiken Johnny Johns 20. Shep Midgley Buddy Beasley Wheaton King 21. Mike Gauldin Bobby Cobb David Mason 22. Bill Tally Fred Crook Bill Norvell 23. Richard Broughton Joel Dillard Charlie Partridge 24. Dave King Joh n Dunn Bob Rogers 25. Kincey Green Jim Hearn Dean Weatherford 26. Robert Gould Ray Holloway Steve Tilghman 27. John Robertson Arthur Jones Charles Dodson 28. Wade Reich Guy Mitchell J. R. Jones 29. Tut Norvell Bonner McLeod P. W. (Tony) Davis Kapf 304 t n i - V:K n n n n n n ? i 1 f) 1 y (M IA UK 33 34 35 V 1 3N,i - ' 3,Y„Y«Y ' u t ' aL ' aWIaI) ( || Jpha I Kappa Alpha Order was founded in 1865 at Washington Lee University through the inspiration of General Robert E. Lee. The Order ' s primary purpose at that time was to pre- serve and maintain the attributes of the Southern Gentleman for future generations of young Americans. Today, 10 6 years later, the ideals of courtesy, honesty, and dignity remain no less important to the development of young men than in 1865. It is to this end, the cultural, intellectual, and spiritual development of young college men, that Alpha Beta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order remains dedicated. Some of the most important men in Alabama, the South, and the Nation are alumni of Alabama ' s KA chapter. Con- tinuing in this tradition, Kappa Alpha claims many of the most prominent men on campus. KA ' s hold positions of leadership in almost every phase of campus life, be it polit- ical, scholastic, or athletic. In their social life, the men of Kappa Alpha could be second to none. A great, year-long series of parties comes to a cli- max at the Old South Ball in the spring when the Southern Gentlemen and their Belles sip mint juleps on the veranda while the scen t of magnolia blossoms fills the warm Southern air. 305 1 . Jean Roberts 2. Choochi Henry 3. Kathy Roberts 4. Janice Epperson 5. Ellen Jeter 6. Diane Lyles 7. Anita Boswell 8. Nella Brooks 9. Susan Taber 10. Frauna Baars 1 1. Helen Edwards 12. Beverly Spivey 13. Coral Clay 14. ShalahCox 15. Margie Murrell 16. Helen Clay 17. Nancy Bartmess 18. Virginia Cooper 19. Rita Ellison 20. Nancy Thomas 21. Betsy Harlin 22. Candi Shirley 23. Cathrine Semmes 24. Norval Franklin 25. Melanie Albright 26. Margaret Chenoweth 27. Dominique Gibson 28. Mary Craighead 29. Gayle Ruhlen 30. Dottie Simpson 31. Cindy Romick 60. Lucy Hunnicutt 32. India Lowry 61. Marsha Bowland 33. Shirly Neale 62. Rennie Ritter 34. Julie Hixon 63. Marchelle Huber 35. Virginia Little 64. Jean Jones 36. Mary Lou Burks 65. Marjorie Barr 37. Kathy Wildman 66. Peg Caffey 38. Marsha Hanks 67. Jane Craig 39. Debbie Bennett 68. Pris Bevington 40. Ginger March 69. Jackie Moore 41. Janet Fuhr 70. Cindy Smith 42. Pat Caffey 71. Janet Mitchell 43. Kathy Neivelle 72. Caroline Williams 44. Angela Danelutt 73. Carroll Knox 45. Helen Henderson 74. Betty Howland 46. Jamie Duval 47. Callene Hill Not Pictured 48. Jane Lewis 49. Janie Barrentine Cecelia Finocchio 50. Lucy Bonnist Jane Benton 51. Julia Thompson Betsy Conover 52. Gail Minga Risa Ferguson 53. Karen Staley Ka ie Harrison 54. Cheryl Smith Martee Moore 55. Barbara Jones Donna Richardson 56. Susan Payne Laura Richerson 57. Karia Gantt Debbie Sorrells 58. Robbie James Patti Walton 59. Christy McLeod Linda Wilhoit Kapp 306 SSSBS) • lor iiHBSB5S59SSSS5fi5 ' Sl, dpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta, the first Greek letter fraternity known among women, retains its tradition and yet fresh outlook through chapters like Delta Omicron. Only five years old on the University of Alabama campus, Theta has already con- tributed much to campus leadership and scholarship. As a start of our second century of Greek life, the Thetas moved into their new house on Colonial Drive. Living in a new house, Thetas have managed to squeeze an unbelieve- able amount of activities, laughter, studies and fun into each day. This has been a big year for Thetas in campus life. Seven fraternities chose Theta as their little sisters this year. Thetas also claimed COROLLA Favorite in this year ' s competition. Thetas excelled in scholarship, ranking high on campus. Our chapter ranked second nationally in the number of dif- ferent honoraries in which Thetas are members. A Theta was also chosen in Who ' s Who for American Colleges. Speaker of the AWS House, Panhellinic officers, and Presi- dent of the School of Education are indicative of Theta ' s leadership. 307 1. Sara Beth Perry 2. Valery Converse Frankie Foshee Leanne Bennet Regina Brown Nanci Starns Susan Burnurn Nan Rast Kitty Edwards Conney Colley Martha Ward Margaret Weaver Pattie Bailey Margaret Lee Ann Avery 16. Julianne Partridge 17. Libba Petree Martha Bucher Margaret Webb Anne Whetstone Lee McPhillips Anne Wright Priscilla Yeakle Jane Sellers Ruth Shearer Peggy Whaley Kate Hutchinson 28. Nancy Sewell 29. Melissa Rhodes 30. Betty Noojin 31. Laura Lewis 32. Sister Blackmon 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 33. Antoinette Braswell 34. Phoebe Goodwin 35. Nancy McCollum 36. Janet Jackson 37. Polly Hall 38. Gray Thames 39. Beth Hunter Ann Abercrombie Pal Adams Anne Meredith Betsy Shirley 44. Caroline Wright 45. YorkeCox Mary Anna Walthall Beverly Weldon Evelyn Arnold Debbie Raines Fran Tully 51. Jamie Love 52. Mark Ann Freeman 53. Julie Spear 54. Debbie Arendall Ginger Garrett Gwen Howell Betty Harris Cindy Soule Augusta Poellnitz Nikki Partlow Ann Morrow Peggy Hall Patricia Kettler Katie Elmore 40. 41. 42. 43. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. Not Pictured Frances Bledsoe Elizabeth Perry Wrenn Rainer Julie Wise Lucia Hixon Cindy Chase Susan Conley Polly Craig Romona Hall Mollie Hardin Bonnie May Kathleen Patrick Cynthia Pierson Harriet Price Marty Shamblin Lisette Verlander Pualine Arrington Peggy Smile Karen Doublass Jane Gaillard Flinn Kilgrow Meg McGriff Meg McKay Sheard Mason Julie Scott Debra Vickers Peggy Heard Paula Simpkins Pam Maxwell Kapp 308 Delta t Since Kappa Delta became the University of Alabama ' s first sorority in 1904, quite an assortment of girls have become Kappa Delta ' s. For example, some of us have been found " being brainy " at meetings of Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Alpha Upsilon Omicron, and Alpha Kappa Delta. Our more beautiful girls, however, have been seen marching in Air Force ROTC " Angel " attire or pictured on calendars across the campus. Others of us have been presiding over meetings of YWCA, Crimson Girls, Panhellenic, and Spirit. We have even been heard speaking out at Freshman Forum and SGA Senate meetings. Partiers, too, may have shared crazy times with us around the campus, at Nick ' s, or even at Pat O ' Brien ' s. Of course, our " together " times have meant the world to us too. We ' ve competed in Women ' s Intramural Sports and in playing frisbee in the front yard. We ' ve collected mojiey for Operation Amigo, contributed to the blood drive, and worked at Partlow. All of these things have brought us closer togeth- er. Even with our differences, we have shared one belief: that the individual can develop through togetherness and the sharing of lasting friendships. For us, this is Kappa Delta. 309 1. Dolly Ashton 28. Baldwin Sanders 55. Bess Dugins 2. Hill Curry 29. Susan Glenz 56. Martha Haas 3. Karen Phifer 30. Margaret Sikes 57. Jo Inzer 4. Mary Hayes 31. Helen Donelson 58. Vonnie Hite 5. Shannon Norman 32. Sadie Leatherbury 59. Martha Nicols 6. Markie Lou 33. Murry McGlynn 60. Sherry Kostenbader 7. Binkie Oswalt 34. Tish Myrick 61. Virginia Sollie 8. Percy Tidwell 35. Margie Brown 62. Janie Brown 9. Lulie Morrissette 36. Mary Lou Ellsworth 63. Katherine Anthony 10. Kathleen Powers 37. Mary Pearson 64. Robin Radcliff 11. Jennie Jackson 38. Carol Everest 65. Peckie Kittrell 12. Mary Jane Finney 39. Mary Martin 66. Lee Kittrell 13. Tee Stowe 40. Lowell Kappel 67. Sherard Luscher 14. Lynn Cunningham 41. Gail English 68. Ann Hollinger 15. " C " Lyons 42. Martha Chalkley 69. EIna Norwood 16. Ann Beauchamp 43. Elinor Stall worth 70. Alice McMurphy 17. Kristi Anderson 44. Susanne Graves 71. Missie Moflfett 18. Beth Houseal 45. Alice Reinschmidt 72. Pat Burroughs 19. Lee Duval 1 46. Ginger Parker 73. Marie Jett 20. Beverly Rainer 47. Neil Pitts 74. Emily Turner 21. Nina Rowe 48. Jane Hand 75. Janet Meadows 22. Margaret Hayes 49. Mary Carpenter 76. Susan Avery 23. Debbie Gehlen 50. Leslie Harrington 77. Jessica Banks 24. Susan Snodgrass 51. Nancy Sikes 78. Susie Dominick 25. Louise Hollinger 52. Kathy Hardigree 79. Peggy Dessert 26. Judith Higgins 53. Mary Hillard 80. Carol Clokey 27. Helen Doss 54. Betty Hines 81. Amy Parker Kappc 310 This is a special time for Kappa, as 1970 marks the centen- nial of our national fraternity. Founded one hundred years ago at Monmouth College, Kappa Kappa Gamma has be- come one of the most respected sororities in the nation. To celebrate our centenniao. Kappa has given $500,000 in scholarships to graduate students in the field of rehabilitation. Kappa can claim Top Corolla Beauty, A COROLLA fa- vorite, three military sponsors, two Crimson Girls, President of Freshman Forum, Secretary-Treasurer of AWS, and many SGA and AWS committee members. Among our numerous fraternity connections are little sisters in Theta Chi, Delta Chi, Beta Theta Pi, Pi Kappa Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Lambda Chi Alpha. Our other honors are having two frater- nity sweethearts; " Fiji Flapper " and The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Kappa can also boast of our many members in honor- aries: ABA Library honorary. Alpha Lambda Delta honor- ary, XE Engineering honorary. Kappa Delta Pi Biology honorary, and Triangle. Kappas also enjoy working on the homecoming parade, playing football, planning a Christmas party for Partlow children with the Phi Gams, and sponsoring a group of un- derprivileged children. All this and more makes Kappa spe- cial to us. Kappa Gamma 311 % V ; r- -iff ' - 1. Mike Thompson 26. Bobby Martin 51. Leslie Aspinwall 2. Bob Young 27. Bob Harte 52. Frank Marino 3. Tom Mallory 28. Robert Edge 53. BobNerf 4. John McGee 29. Gary Davis 54. John Kelly 5. John Vircigilio 30. Charles Rumley 55. Bubba Andrews 6. Nat Watkins 31. Bobby Lumpkin 56. Sammy Andrews 7. Bruce May 32. Steve Garner 57. Searcy Weed 8. Barry Jones 33. David Simonetti 58. Joe Dunham 9. Phil Peterson 34. Ronnie Gilchrist 59. Arnold Avery 10. Lee Parsons 35. Carlos Duval 11. Sam Maniscalco 36. Travis McKay Not Pictured 12. Kenny Jamison 37. Dewey Mitchell III 13. Alan Chapman 38. Dale Scivley Don Adams 14. Mel Spaekman 39. Jim Taylor Ben Blake 15. Bill Payn 40. Mike Hand Tom Bromley 16. Gilbert Johnston 41. Rey Brown John Brown 17. MikeTatom 42. Frank Vines Jim Chapman 18. Lee Clayton 43. Whitney Rawlings Fred Cusic 19. Bill Curry 44. Mike Robinson Hank Nichols 20. Jack Wallace 45. Oliver Warren Bill Oswalt 21. Tom Atkinson 46. Danny Atkins George Ranager 22. George McClintock 47. Tom Harnes Don Romano 23. Frank Ellis 48. Tommy Luker Lenny Skelton 24. Doug Valeska 49. Bill Rutledge Bill Spears 25. Eddy Roberts 50. Crumrine Kappa 312 ik I I , ' ' 1 M. 4 ' " ffl ' W lUjL w . igma f • " ■ ' 1 • ' . • «salM s - ■ ii-r v 1970 was a banner year for Beta Chapter of Kappa Sigma at the U. of A. Our continuous fall party is again proving to be a tremendous success; but our failure to be placed on social probation put a damper on the festivities. Sometime after football season ended, someone discovered that classes were being held in certain buildings in the area. A committee was immediately appointed to investigate this potentially dangerous situation. This year the Brothers of Kappa Sigma voted to decline ad- ceptance of the All Sports Trophy due to an unusual occur- ance! We were faced with a serious shortage of points. Over the Christmas holidays the brothers will be diligently searching for a new house and a new treasurer. Beginning January 1, the new occupant at 9 New Fraternity Row will be " Nub " , our ex-treasurer now permanently resides at the bottom of the Black Warrior River. In closing, we would like to congratulate two of our bro- thers who have been in the public spotlight recently; Bill Baxby, Alabama ' s newly elected Attorney General and Lance Rentzel, who was voted P.T. A. Man of the Year. 313 ' ' ' iVV ■ -- iwur : s .ti v. j» " - ' ■A:ar r: si8i» i -y»(i i wTrT 1 1. Bill Crane 2. Rich Billy Underwood 3. Bite-size Banks 4. Navel Barksdale 5. Buster Booth 6. Ray Morgan 7. Virgil King 8. Bill Rhea 9. Bill Cole 10. Joe Thornton 11. Barry Wiseman 12. Pistol Diamond 13. Mike Butterly 14. Rex Renz 15. James E. Hedgspeth 16. Dick Wood 17. Steven Russell 18. Phil Law 19. Wayne Keith 20. Brian Finnian 2 1 . Marvin Cobern 22. Garvin Blackman 23. V. Aldridge Pennington 24. Bill Rambo 25. Bobby Stewart 26. Alan Pitts 27. Bobby Guy 28. John Fairweather 29. Chuck Willis 30. Ken Harbor 31. Danny Owens 32. Rich Kennamer 33. Gary Barksdale 34. Tony Bice 35. Joel Kucharske 36. Timmy Brunson 37. Rich Ash 38. Randy Flynn 39. Joe Goodwin 40. Hayward Selby 41. Gary Burch 42. Steve Russell 43. John Noland 44. Thad Livingston 45. Ralph Amick 46. T. R.Gillam 47. Eric Ray 48. David DeWitt 49. Victor Buzzacherro 50. Lee A. Roy 51. Lannie Henson 52. Gary Hart 53. Clay Bargeron 54. Bobby Lauderdale 55. 56. Ted Leach Hotlanta Davis Not Pictured Mike Barker Ken Berry Alan Cole Joe Copeland Bob Corley Jim Drake ' Bob Everett Tom Frith Sam Graves Tichard Katz Joe Miller Norman Moore Frank Moultrie Bill Pate Charles Pienezza Joe Sasser Edgar Wirt Simpson Tommy Surtees Mike Vaughn Tom Watson Lamar Williamson Jeff Wolff Lambd 314 A N Hl ■- ' hi Alpha June, 1970, marked the date when Alpha Phi of Lambda Chi Alpha made its long awaited move to New Fraternity Row. The bond between the brothers is the backbone of a fraternity, yet it was with a sense of nostalgia as well as pride that the chapter left the memories of life at 729 10th Avenue. Since 1917, the chapter has enriched the lives of over 800 initiates — Lambda Chi continues to lead in the search for perfect brotherhood. If success can be measured in material accomplishments — Alpha Phi can submit its 1969-70 All Sports Trophy, and Sportsmanship Trophy as well as first place in golf and track. The Arnold Air Society is supported by two officers from the chapter, squadron commander and operations of- ficer. The Vice Wing Commander of Air Force ROTC and the chairman of the IFC judiciary committee — are represen- tatives to SGA. Last May, six LXA " rioters " were taken to jail by the Tus- caloosa police, 3 captured in our front yard, 3 nabbed from the steps of campus sorority houses after taking their dates in. Not all Lambda Chis are bad, though. The chapter chose to support Project Amigo instead of a float or lawn decor- ation. The house annually hosts a Christmas party for Bryce patients as well as participating in the IFC Thanksgiving Food Drive. I 3)5 fi yt . t " j W;r r i .y A 4 ; - a ID 1 m • " — Vm ' . • . 1. Jim Greer 2. Hunter Morris 3. Eddie Hails 4. David Quina 5. Paul McMurray 6. Brenta Kenamer 7. Dickie Boswell 8. Mark Rodgers 9. Elis Darby 10. WesSewell 1 1. Doug Seville 12. JeffFowlkes 13. Billy Wingo 14. Steve Springfield 15. Merrill Thomas 16. Mike Rudder 17. Rick Mitchell 18. Page Stalcup 19. Bill Houseal 20. John Hardin 21. Lewis Beville 22. Howell Lee 23. Mike Wilson 24. Charles Crute 25. Cleveland Robertson 26. Griffin Lassiter 27. David Vail 28. Robert Pugh 29. JohnAllin 30. Chip Bowron 31. Bobby Thuston 32. Bubba Phillips 33. Guy Rutlege 34. Billy Tilly 35. Joe Bradley 36. John Spight 37. Cliff Bagwell 38. Dickie Boswell 39. Steve Duffee 40. Robert Dugins 41. Peyton Brown 42. JohnGallard 43. Hilton Tomlinson 44. David Swift 45. Chandler Ogburn 46. Frank Milhous 47. Frank Morris ! iMH i v Phi Dell 316 m i fheta In the wake of recent student turmoil, Phi Delta Theta has retained its image as the bastion of the Conservative Student Apathist. Today ' s Phi is characterized by a culmination of dress, impeccable manner, and that fraternal spirit towards all — except the KD ' s of course. Daily life around the Phi House has changed little over the years. The Good Brothers can be found playing bridge and chess or just discussing matters of the day around the fire- place while waiting for the evening meal and the quiet hours of study. The Phi is somewhat active in many movements; The Educational Movement, The Temperance Movement, and were recently accused of the Paint Brush Movement at the KD house. Pi Phi ' s can ' t get interested in us. Kappa ' s seem to be grow- ing tired of us (thank God for Percie and Beth). Phi Mu ' s sometimes get too grossed out. Chi Omega ' s often seem too formal for us. However, we still have the Tri Delts; although it ' s been proven you can ' t do much with a 3-D. 317 h " T ' n;a ' Si ■i,Hif:r X % ' ' Vi ;? Y? ' ; wv " fr V- ' JI- ' .,-. . I 1. King Curry 27. Bruce Barnes 53. Marion Coffman 2. Robert Nicol 28. John Carrol 54. Dexter Reese 3. Amos Christopher 29. Richard Teil 55. David Thomas 4. Jim Fuchs 30. Dewey Watkins 56. Joe Thames 5. Jesse Sasser 31. Pat Smith 57. John Merriweather 6. Phan Hume 32. Pat Carrigan 58. Bill Richardson 7. Dodge Smith 33. Billy Field 59. Tommy Moore 8. Hugh Neighbors 34. Frank Anderson 9. Bill Carpenter 35. Steve Ronilo Not Pictured 10. Gene Brabston 36. Eddie McDonough 11. Seymor Thompson 37. Bob Robertson Bobbie Batson 12. Scott Rembert 38. Steve Speed John Barelare 13. Kent Winferd 39. Jim Saxton Torrey Cochrane 14. Mike Heard 40. David Baird Ray Cox 15. William Hodo 41. Bill Park Tim Kelley 16. Will Orman 42. Bobby Slaughter Tommy Kilgore 17. Steve Nichols 43. Linden Reeder Bob Nelson 18. Davie Mills 44. Clent Saxton David Ogburn 19. Don Bevill 45. Whit Beasley Jim Owen 20. Tim Murphy 46. Charlie Allgood Knapp Smith 21. Joe Verneiulle 47. Don Northington Clark Walters 22. Sam Stutts 48. Clem Clapp Steve Sims 23. Lee Sellers 49. Tommy Edwards Bill Robertson 24. Mac Smotherman 50. Bobby Stanford George Witinger 25. Trip Hunter 51. Jackson Hines Don Moore 26. Mike Pinderton 52. Harvey Clapp Andy Barnes Phi Gamm; 318 Founded nationally in 1848, Theta Chapter of Phi Gamma Etelta was founded at the University of Alabama in 1855. Theta is the third oldest chapter of Phi Gamma Delta and was the second social fraternity established on this campus. This year was another record-setting success for the Phi Gams. It began with fan- tastic achievement during rush. Although we didn ' t pledge anyone, none of last year ' s Seniors graduated. The Fiji sports program can be summed up with a look at our track team ' s record. In sprint and long distance competition against " Rayfield ' s Raiders " the team is currently 12-4. Unfortunately, four promising sophomores won ' t be returning next year. Our scholastic success is a legend on campus. At the end of every semester long lines of Fijis can be seen outside the dean ' s office waiting recognition for their long hours of study. In spite of the fact that for an unprecedented second consecutive year the Fijis failed to win the coveted " Social Probation Award " we limped along with the Black Diamond Formal, " Roaring Twenties, " " Fiji Island, " and other fiascoes incog- nito. Gifts, ice cream, Santa Clause and the Kappas highlighted the annual Christ- mas Party for the children from Partlow. And, finally, the Pig Dinner, our alumni banquet, gave the old grads an opportunity to howl on their old stomping grounds. )elta 319 Jim Brownbe Steve Blackwell Tom Butler Tom Catlin Ashley Curry Ed Duncan Lee Hardeman Joe Hollenbeck Jim Houston William Houston Jesse Hughes Stephen Johnston Randall Jones Craig Lamar Robert Lawson Jeff Lyons Tom McKnew Ray Mitchell John Mixon Tom Murphy Ronald Odom Bill Priest Charles Rawls Chester Salter Charles Sellers Barry Shimer Richard Shoults Kent Speigner William Trich Murray Vaughn Mike Vickery Steve Waddlington Irs Weil Stephen Windom PI 330 Phi Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Pennsyl- vania in 1850. Since then, it has grown into an international fraternal organization with chapters in the United States and Canada. Alpha Kappa Chapter, established at the University in 1903, has consistently set high standards for itself, both scholastic- ally and socially. Our parties rank among the best on cam- pus. This year was highlighted by our alumni. Completing our active social calendar will be the Rags-to-Riches week- end this spring, when we will crown our Cinderella Girl. Scholastically, we remain among the top fraternities on cam- pus, and won the Presidents ' Trophy in this area last year. We have brothers in Who ' s Who, Alpha Phi Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Debate SGA and numerous other organizations at the University. Proud to be a part of the fine tradition of Phi Kappa Sigma, we are looking forward to another successful year at the Capstone. appa Sigma 321 1 . Sam Owens 2. David Williams 3. Tommy Gunter 4. Tim Price-Williams 5. Larry Harper 6. James Amason 7. Claude Bryan 8. Gary Williams 9. Martin Bradford 10. Jack Keel 1 1. Jay Thompson 12. Edwin Lowery 13. Jim Webb 14. John Moorman 15. Ritchie Gil 1 6. Ed Wesson 17. Brad McDonald 18. Jay Masingill 19. Bill Brower 20. George Riley 21. John Olszewski 22. Bill Caldwell 23. DaveCagle 24. John Carey 25. Bill Burnell 26. Ray Muir 27. Larry Mcintosh 28. Teddy Grogan 29. Jack Harris 30. Danny Creekmore 31. Steve Smallwood 32. Ward Saxon Not Pictured Ben Denis Gene Glass Guy Gunter Alexander Hood Thomas Merrill Ralph Mitchell William Moon Pete O ' Neal Lee Pike Mercer Prickett Phi Kapr 322 iPsi Since February 29, 1964, when Alabama Alpha colony was granted a charter, over one hundred and twenty five men have been initiated into the brotherhood. In these few short years, Alabama Alphians of Phi Psi have set outstanding records in the fields of law, engineering, and business. This year the members of Phi Kappa Psi have distinguished themselves in top scholastic honoraries such as Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Gamma Tau, Phi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Omicron Delta Kappa and Alpha Epsilon Delta. This year Mr. Jay Masingill was given the Solsn E. Sommerfield award, an award given by the Phi Kappa Psi national to the member showing outstanding scholastic and leadership abilities. Around campus life Phi Psi ' s again distinguished themselves. Miss Donna Davis, Alpha Chi Omega, is Phi Psi sweetheart and has finished in the top eight in the COROLLA BEAUTY PAGEANT and in the top ten in the Homecoming Beauty Pageant. Mr. David Williams has been elected Secretary of the IPC and will serve the remainder of the year. The Phi Psi 500 was again a booming success at Bama Day and topped all other events. As for sports, the men of Phi Kappa Psi will be one of the top contenders for the all sports tro- phy. The men at Phi Kappa Psi anticipate another great year at the capstone. 323 1. Mary Edna Farrior 34. Linda Vance Ann Dalton 2. Daphne Thompson 35. Jenny Hawkins Cat Denis 3. Mary Holman 36. Patty Richey Beth Edwards 4. Sandra Strong 37. Ginger Wates Clarke Emmons 5. Patti Guillot 38. Regina McConnell Bits Enzor 6. Jody Wood 39. Nancy Cranford La Jean Faulkner 7. Kathy Hemphill 40. Anita Calvert Leslie Garret 8. Sandy Jones 41. Patsy Franklin HallieGoodling 9. Debby Brown 42. Vicki Newton Betty Hamilton 10. Bev Henry 43. Robin Reeves Kay Harwell 11. Peggy Farlow 44. Sally Fortner Jane Kerr 12. Lane McRae 45. Beth Cameron Jean Ann Lorenza 13. Nancy Callaway 46. Renee Steakley Judy McMillan 14. Mikie Pennick 47. Georgia Barnes Molly Meredith 15. BoBo Henry 48. Meg Glover Ada Moore 16. Becky Lemox 49. Cathy Lanham Kathleen Neblitt 17. Carol Morrow 50. Lind Turner Beverly Nixon 18. Judy Stanberry 51. Carolyn Feazel Elise Nunis 19. Nancy Hamilton 52. Gail McGhee Brenda Otwell 20. Janis Hanson 53. Sara Pruit Karen Rodberg 21. Jo Ann Hughes 54. Terri Gramling Gina Sealy 23. Judy Hayes 55. Rhonda Holmes Barbara Sukienik 24. Suzanne Austin Terri Thomas 25. Peggy Miller Babs Thigpen Not Pictured Cindy Tomberlin 26. Susan Troxell 27. Pan Johnson Jane Allen Debbie Vingel 28. Gail Richerson Debby Barnes Patti Vogel 29. Alice Hancock Ellen Barnes Day Walker 30. Carolyn Slaughter Linda Bostwick Nancy Walker 31. Anne Grier Ruth Boyd Wathan Williams 32. Diane Morgan Jul ia Chabannes Terri Zennah 33. Terri Thigpen Jar Collins Ph 324 If you see a coed whose head is always high and if you see a coed with a twinkle in her eye. And if she ' s always happy and has a lot of class — you can bet your bottom dollar she ' s a loyal Phi Mu lass. The Phi Mu ' s really do have something special to be proud of. Our days are full ones, packed with hard work, fun, friend- ship and laughter. Just to name a few of our many contri- butions to campus life, the Phi Mu ' s can claim a Who ' s Who in American Colleges, membership in Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle and numerous other scholastic hon- oraries. A Phi Mu girl is never one sided though, and we ' re proud to have many beauties and little sisters among our ranks to prove it. The sweethearts of Kappa Sigma, Beta Theta Pi, Chi Phi, Delta Sigma Pi and Theta Xi are Phi Mu ' s., not to mention twelve little sisters of five fraternities. We are also especially proud of our Crimson Girl, two Air force R.O.T.C. sponsors, one Army sponsor and the Sigma Chi Derby Darling title for the past two years. You might notice the Phi Mu ' s anywhere where things are happening. We enjoy pep rallies and homecoming; and some- how Christmas is a little extra special when shared with the Tuscaloosa Boys Club. 323 ir :i-m mm -- ' . 3fe ?SS 1. Mike Carroll 22. Chuck Cooley 2. Ryan Rowland 23. Pat Dunagan 3. Rick Johnson 24. Charlie Bretz 4. Joe Pienezza 25. Jim Britain 5. Keith Golson 6. Allen Rowland Not Pictured 7. Paul Murrell 8. Phil White Albert Burd 9. Ron Kouach Steve Campbell 10. Ben Ryle MikeChappell 11. Gary Mackey Bill Garrison 12. George Przychodzen Dennis Hardin 13. John Everest Joe Levio 14. Marc Ely Neal Machek 15. John Reed Chuck Murch 16. Dennis Burell Ken Powell 17. Don Holt Walter Quick 18. Larry Smith Skip Reynolds 19. Jeff Dimond Bill Swift 20. Terry Hughes Doug Taylor 21. Stewart Posey Robert Wadsworth Phi Sigmc 326 appa When a man takes his first step away from home, into the entirely new world of the college campus life, he needs a steady hand of guidance. Phi Sigma Kappa pro- vides this guidance through brotherhood, not only for its freshmen, but for its older members who have been around but occasionally make a wrong turn. We are founded on Cardinal Principles which motivate us to stimulate scholarship, promote brotherhood, and develop character. Each member takes pride in better- ing Phi Sigma Kappa so that it can in turn provide for him. It is this pride, together with the cardinal prin- ciples, which leads us to a consistently high scholastic rating as well as participation in various campus ac- tivities. The Phi Sigs traditionally have been successful in sup- porting a wide range of interests and ideas, while still striving for the common goals of brotherhood, sc holar- ship, and character. We fulfill a well-rounded program of activities which are an intergral part of fraternity life, but the strength of our fraternity lies in an intangible element which you must experience to understand, that is, true brotherhood. 327 J NHK. m mm i 7m. ' i I. Lorna Massengale 36. Tricia Reid 70. Sharon McMahon 2. Candy Colley 37. Sandy Flowers 71. Alison McBride 3. Patty Galvin 38. Karen Field 72. Dianne Garrett 4. Pam Henderson 39. Julie Smeds 73, Becky Rutledge 5. Pam Lund 40. Harriet Caminas 74. Jame Ingalls 6. Becky Moore 41. Suzanne Marks 75. Sacha Mahaffey 7. Gay Vineyard 42. Sidney Adams 76. Susan Ptomey 8. Leigh Echols 43. Merry Fleming 77. Elaine Odem 9. Patty McNeely 44. Cay Hauser 10. Claudia Sportswood 45. Ginny Walsh Not Pictured 11. Linda Lenzi 46. Jeanne Clieno 12. Louellyn Rearden 47. Donna Wheeler Sue Benson 13. Donna Conyers 48. Patty Hays Audra Bower 14. Jenny Lamb 49. Cleste Pickron Jan Crosby 15. Cynthia Spivey 50. Sara Everett Sally Dowling 16. Harriet Harris 51. Isabel Herbert Paula Hancock 17. Sara Page 52. Gray Thorworth Barbara Howell 18. Susan Johson 53. Barbara Brooks Debbie Liles 19. Caron Halsey 54. Janet Nolen Kathie McDaniel 20. Bethany Baldwin 55. Mary Wallace Byrd Carol Monroe 21. Karen Letton 56. Ann Ayer Linda Moore 22. Jan McColl 57. Bobbie Meshad Judy Pullen 23. Wendy Wilson 58. Sally Clark Donna Rickett 24. Laura Mossey 59. Kathy Dutt Donna Satterfield 25. Jinny Johnson 60. Mary Couch Sue Shimoda 26. Martha Taylor 61. Judy Harnil Susi Sidick 27. Marsha Taylor 62. Missy Kean Brenda Small 28. Carol Ragsdale 63. Nancy Kean Pam Spalding 29. Pam Pums 63. Nancy Krebs Dianne Tate 30. Tracy Camp 64. Fran Rudolph Margaret Tate 31. Mary Julia Stephens 65. Brenda Hays Sandra Thomas 32. Barbara Driscoll 66. Mandy Crouch Cynthia Williams 33. Susan Tipton 67. Jeanine Peeler Sandra Wright 34. Blair McDonald 68. Paula Young Betty Yann 35. Anne Carter 69. Sars West 328 The oldest national sorority, Pi Beta Phi has its roots at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. Since its beginning 109 more chapters have sprouted up across the nation, each being a dominant factor in the cultivation of its fraternity women. In the spring of 1949 Alabama Beta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi was pollinized on the University ' s campus. The hardships which develop with any new organization were plowed through with ease and our chapter immediately began to grow and flourished. This year was no exception. Fall was an excellent season for rush, for it left the Pi Phi ' s the best crop of Pledges on the campus. To start the year off right the whole chapter got in the groove and won second place in Homecoming lawn decorations. Throughout the Pi Phi ' s reaped many honors, and activities were plentiful. We ' ll weed out a few and mention the most outstanding: two members of Angel Flight, two Army ROTC sponsors, including head sponsor, representatives in the Mortar Board, " Who ' s Who, " and Phi Beta Kappa, 15 fraternity little sisters, two fraternity sweethearts, no COROL- LA beauties, top 3 for Homecoming Queen, a Crimson Girl, two athletic hostesses, and Presidents of Triangle and Panhellenic. So we think Pi Phi ' s are a head above all the rest. A harvest of individuals — 329 PI PHI ' S STAND TALL IN EVERY FIELD 1. Richard Maldy 24. Doug McCullough Bobby Baker 2. Pat Richardson 25. Adrian Ringland Jack Conway 3. Doug Martin 26. Mide Clonts Dee Cordell 4. John McCurdy 27. Jack Swann John Davis 5. Tommy Gargis 28. Bill Reid Montgomery Green 6. Beirne Spragins 29. Paul Wright Randy Green 7. Kel Landers 30. Clyde Richert Bill Harvill 8. Larry Laubscher 31. Don Cornell Tommy Hunt 9. Louie Musso 32. Stan O ' Donnell Lee Jackson 10. Steve Armstrong 33. George Haedicke Warren Jackson II. Sonny Gates 34. James Saxon Mark Lee 12. Chuck McDermott 35. Phil Gurgess Edgar Mangum 13. Joel Parker 36. Tim Littrell Jerry Malar 14. Bill Robinson 37. Ed Goodwin George Pihakis 15. Lewis Wood 38. George Wehby Carl Pritchard 16. Jody Harner 39. Randy Phillips Charles Rabon 17. MikeCreque 40. Jack Weidman Danny Sizemore 18. Paul Trammell 41. Bill Barnes Snuffy Smith 19. Doug King Bill Thomas 2 0. Bob Carpender Not Pictured Jackie Townsed 21. Wayne Brett Owen Vickers 22. Blaine McCaleb Tommy Bain Harold Ward 23. Geof Rhinehart 330 K appa Alpha Gamma Alpha Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Alabama in 1924 for the purpose of carry- ing on the traditions and ideals originally fostered by six ex- confederate soldiers at the University of Virginia in 1868. These men sought more than just a social club, and their ideals and values have helped make Pi Kappa Alpha mean more than that to us. Aside from our normal activities involving frequent visits to the Capstone ' s finest sorority houses, we have achieved several other noteworthy accomplishments on campus. Al- though we have tried to change things in the past year, no matter how you still look at our house, we still sit right between the Delts and Kappa Sigs. Another thing we are extremely proud of is our Little Sis- ters of the Shield and Diamonds. We were the first to initiate a program of this sort on this campus, and we are proud to say we still have the sharpest group of little sisters to be found anywhere. Parties are still a major drawing card to Pike House. The Roman Holiday is gaining a reputation second to none. And from the crowd that gathers at our house each time we have a party it seems the whole campus has learned of the splen- did time we have at our parties. 331 1. David Stokes 26. Randy Thompson 2. John Cornelius 27. Mark Stephens 3. Paul Smith 28. Johnny Parrot 4. Larry Billits 29. Joe Pumilia 5. Bill Hallam 30. Paul Yeager 6. Billy Barton 31. Jackie Freeman 7. Foster Bailey 32. Bill Carnes 8. Eddie Cooper 33. Carey Payne 9. David Neuman 34. Rick Jernigan 10. David Allen 35. Larry Brown 11. Rick Sizemore 36. Johnny Coggin 12. Hank Carroll 37. Wynn Ryan 13. Ross Baerwald 38. Mac Mayers 14. Travis Julian 39. Jimmy Kinkead 15. Alex Brown 40. Lee Foster 16. Harold Allfred 41. David Smith 17- Mike Teal 42. Dennis McMillan 18. Joe Plaia 43. David Clark 19. Lance Selva 44. R.A. Whitley 20. Wayne Gnatt 45. Joe Kelley 21. Buddy Shear 46. Derek Selva 22. Gene Tylander 47. John Seignious 23. Jerry Bennett 48. Joe McDowell 24. Jody Allen 49. Jimmy May 25. Danny Boswell 50. Bill Morris Pi Kappj 332 Phi Pi Kappa Phi was founded as a national order on December 10, 1904 at the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina. The three founders of our fraternity were Simon Fogarty, Jr., Lawrence Harry Mixson, and Andrew Alex- ander Kroeg, Jr. When asked to comment on the fraternity, founder L. Harry Mixson at the time responded: " The success of Pi Kappa Phi can be attributed to two things. From the beginning, we had the right principles. But in that regard we were no different from other organizations which start bravely but fail. So there must have been a reason why we did not fail. After the influence of the found- ing group had faded and the mantle of authority had passed from our shoulders, there were other men, ready, able, will- ing, and on whose shoulders this mantle fitted, and there came a never ending stream of men, devoted, zealous, able, fervent. Yes, in 1904 we sparked the idea, but it is to those men who came after us and are continuing to come in a steady unbroken stream that we owe our wonderful Pi Kappa Phi. " We, the present Brotherhood of Omicron Chapter of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity realize the outstanding legacy left to us by these men and the many more that followed. The motto they chose then tells our story today; " Nothing Shall E ver Tear Us Asunder. " 333 1. Greg Beadle 29. Randy Fowler Ed Hilliard 2. Paul Childs 30. Bill Johnson Tommy Hinton 3. Richare Moore 31. Ham Wilson Forest Hunter 4. Jimmy McDowan 32. Larry Reid Michael I vie 5. Jack Leigh 33. Hughes Webb James Miller 6. Ron Quarles 34. MikeQuigley Bill Partridge 7. Bill Bugg 35. Mac Barnes Bill Shugart 8. Paul Corwin 36. Popsi Miller Harris Stewart 9. Mike Pond 37. Jim Farm ' er Stewart Welch 10. Bubba Sawyer 38. Yogi Jones Jim Brown 11. Johnny Musso 39. Hootie Johnson Ray Carlisle 12. Mike Crocker 40. Ed Hines Jim Givan 13. Buzz Jones 41. Clay Wilson Charles Israel 14. Matt Walker 42. Chris Canale David Johnston 15. Dickie Roe 43. Stewart Campbell Sam Leatherman 16. Jim Livingston 44. Mike Mouron Bill Nabors 17. Ben Walker 45. Dickie Owens Rawley Patterson 18. John Thompson 46. Charles Perry Aubrey Richardson 19. Allan Chappelle 47. Congman Carroll George Shearer 20. Rob Arrendall 48. Eddie Jackson George Sneed 21. Chip Allen 49. Ralph Braden Hal Threadcraft 22. Ree Sherer 50. Tommy West Edward Wilson 23. Larry Whatley Richard Appleyard 24. George Wilbanks Not Pictured Bill Blair 25. Willie Earls Bill Privett 26. Tim Davis Joh n Anderson Tommy Hutton 27. Bill Thompson Bony Barrineau Richard Evans 28. Steve Tucker Glenn Bowron Signic 334 Alpha Epsilon Alabama Mu of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded here at the University of Alabama on March 9, 1856. Since that date, SAE has grown to be the largest national fraternity with over 175 chapters and more than 25,000 initiates. We hold the distinction of being the only fraternity to be founded in the Deep South. SAE had grown along with the Univer- sity to become one of the most prominent fraternities both on this campus and in the nation as well. Continuing in its role of leadership, Alabama Mu is rated among the top SAE chapters in the nation. In the area of Scholarship, SAE maintains the highest Standards for its members. SAE has members in Jasons, ODK, Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Editor of Alabama ' s Farrago and officers in many of the clubs on campus. SAE is proud of its continuing competition for the top place in the intramural program, as well as the members it has who represent the Crimson Tide in many varsity sports. Sigma Alpha Epsilon intends to maintain its high standards of mental, social and moral development. We here at Ala- bama Mu feel that a fraternity stands for that which must provide leadership in preparing the college man for meeting life outside the University. This we consider our foremost objective and intend in this way to make the coming year on to the most successful that wc have ever had. We look for vast accomplishments, sustained leadership and con- tinued initiative. 333 i tt3ti,.j ki0tm ' i ' : i ,- „ , » Er 8? .-- " ■ jt.aiK ' aajt. . „« 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 11. 12. 13. 14. Vann Whorton Richard Dulaney Bill King Jody Chorba Ricic Pearce Doug Garner Tommy Cash Andy Chitwood 9. Chuck Hosier 10. Johnny Christopher Steve Horn Don Taylor Bob Harris Bobby McCaleb 15. Johnny Watkins 16. James Whitmire 17. David Smith 18. Jim McGee 19. JackNeal 20. Charles Perry 21. Barry Mitchell 22. Alan Mason 23. Jesse Evans 24. Mark Maddox Ramon Arias Joe Fritz Jack Camriotes Mike O ' Gwyn 29. David Posey 30. Bob Blacklock Neal Meriwether Tim Hennessey Bob Kieley Randy Crane 25. 26 27. 28 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. Alan Burks 36. Barry Driver 37. Johnny Goodrum 38. Bill Coats 39. Jim Daniels 40. Rick Marshal 41. Will Ferniany 42. Van Newman 43. Jim Elgin 44. John Howard 45. Sam McCord Danny Simmons Roger Hyde Hugh Phillups Den Davis Bruce Pylart 51. John Nelson 52. Tom Underwood 53. Jim Mary Will Nance Dan Jennette Dan Hayes Mike Walters Don Johnson Robert Hieserman Bob Forte Tommy McKenzie 62. Zack Rogers 63. RodSteakley Charlei Smith Bradley Hicks Danny Peohler David Dahmen 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 64. 65. 66. 67. Not Pictured Jim Avery Tommy Bagwell Bob Clements Jerry Cash Ryan de Graffenreid Walter Ellison Mark Faircloth Chris Gewin Monte Gelwit Tom Hereford Glen Hamrick Lee Jackson Jerry Lake Richard Maxwell George Miller Harvey Medearis Rick Miller Chris Mathews Frank Pilsch Mark Peters Stokes Ritchie Dag Rowe Doug Street Steve Shockley Karl Shumaker Bert Taylor Flecher Thornton Seymore Trammel Buddy Williams Sigm; 68. JepHill 336 r ' . ; -rr-w ' . m%. : j M ' 11 It was indeed a year of attainment for the Brothers of the Iota Iota Chapter. Two Sigs were elected to the Student Leg- islature, one served as Commerce President, one as Corolla Editor, and one-half as President of the IFC. A number of Brothers have been active in all phases of student affairs, from the Student Entertainment Committee to the Crimson Tide football and baseball teams. Indeed it has been a very successful social year. The Chi Omegas moved in for the Christmas Party and left after the Fourth of July. Athletically we proved our good sportmanship by being gentlemen on the field. We did everything to help our op- ponents win, and we proved very successful. Our football team managed to lose every game. This feat proved to be embarrassing since one team forfeited to us and we still lost the game. It seems there is some rule against playing house boys and other sordid employees. Under the weight of our Consul ' s leadership, which proved to be quite painful, we continued our good neighbor policy. We constructed a six-foot wall around the House. Never let it be said that the Sigs are a bunch of isolationists. True to our image we painted the outside of the fence but left the inside rough and unfinished. As is obvious, the Iota Iota Chapter has attained its normal position in campus leadership, right above the Tuscaloosa Police. Sigs are active all over campus with this meeting and that just wherever the action is, the Sigs are. 337 f i te.i ;X V " - • fl 1. Evelyn Rondos 21. Dee Dee Clark 2. Susan Capitouto 22. Kathy Kirsch 3. Denis Steiner 23. Becky Wabner 4. Dana Raymon 24. Marty Weintrob 5. Shirley Salloway 25. Jane Aronov 6. Jan Ruberstein 26. Miriam Zeff 7. Susan Eubanks 27. Bobbi Foldman 8. Leann Frank 28. Janet Gurwitch 9. Ester Capp 29. Donna Maziar 10. Rosalie Nesselroth 30. Patricia Sagall 11. Diane Hasson 31. Janice Epstein 12. Lee Unger 13. Janice Segall Not Pictured 14. Ellen Corenblum 15. Judy Weinstein Besser, Ginger 16. Miriam Flowers Frank, Emily 17. Diane Portnoy Jaeger, Robin 18. Nancy Aroneck Jaffe, Carol 19. Carol Stetelman Lilienthal, Julie 20. Sue Marks Sears, Cathy Sigm 338 V ' , • t " " ' |V I v " $■ m • n» V I T --fk- m ■--•:■ •J )elta Tau In spite of current opposition to the Greek system, Rho chapter of SDT shows strength and benefits that would re- fute anyone ' s arguments. Socially, we partied and had fra- ternity favorites, but our major energy was spent on philan- thropic and cultural endeavors. In winning the National SDT Philanthropic Award, Rho Chapter has continued to fill the year with philanthropic events. Activities began with a Halloween Party given by the pledges for underprivileged children. We continued this project by entertaining children with toys, games, and food at our annual Christmas party, co-hosted by the men of ZBT. SDT also contributed to Champus Chest, Of)eration Amigo, and support an orphan in the Tennessee mountains. During the year of ' 70 and ' 71 Dee Dee Clark served as president of Both Mortar Board and Theta Sigma Pi. Dee Dee is also in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities. We are proud of Becky Wabner who is our Crimson Girl. Two of our pledges are Freshman Forum members — Janet Gurwitch and Patricia Segall. Officers for 1970 include Diane Portnoy, President; Becky Wabner First Vice-President; Miriam Zeff, Second Vice- President; Susan Eubanks, Recording Secretary; Judy Wein- stein. Corresponding Secretary; Kathy Kris, Treasurer; and Miriam Flowers, House Manager. Through the service of these girls we have seen another successful year with Sigma Delta Tau. 339 1. Joe Markel 26. Jack Allen 50. Joe Mosely 2. Billy Hargett 27. Ricky Morgan 51. Gary Garrison 3. Caine O ' Rear 28. Bill Adams 52. Rancy Cobb 4. Bill Sellers 29. Wilmer Parker 53. Ronnie Pippin 5. Jim Adkins 30. Robert Emblem 54. Keith Echols 6. Dody Rhodes 30. Jimmy Parkman 55. Bill Colley 7. Bob Robertson 31. Mike Lee 56. Bill Bubois 8. Steve Hager 32. Rollins Tindell 57. Frank Caley 9. Steve Flowers 33. Richard Waters 58. Thomas Scale 10. Jeff Davis 34. Collier Espy 59. Joe Sadner 11. Murry Argo 35. Gene Burnett 60. Randy Reaves 12. Mike Watson 36. Ben Martin 61. Bruce Brown 13. Billy Harrell 37. Brooks Moore 62. Tip Evans 14. Mike Griffith 38. Woddy Garner 63. Phillip Waters 15. Ed Garrison 39. Wheeler Stewart 64. Palph Cordes 16. Bob Reviere 40. Gerald Sellers 65. Gary Gayard 17. Craig Cramer 41. Phillip Smith 66. Bob Frazier 18. Tom Bryan 42. Mike Quinn 67. Vic McClean 19. Randy Graham 43. Bob Rush 68. Mark Jordan 20. Bob Brooks 44. Young Dempsey 69. Doug Foster 21. Steve Bryant 45. Mike McDaniel 70. Pete Hamilton 22. Doug Glasgow 46. Jay Dobson 71. Ed Drummond 23. George Veale 47. Alan Goodson 72. Sandy Daddler 24 Tommy Richardson 48. Tommy Peacock 73. Bill Scoggins 25 Bill Hamilton 49. Tommy Wells Sigmi 340 Theta Chapter of Sigma Nu views with quiet modesty its eighty-eight years of continuous existence on the University of Alabama campus. Boldly bettering the difficulties of post- Civil War days, many have stepped forth to lead and serve with dedication and purposefulness — four members of the University Board of Trustees, the present National Chamber of Commerce President, the Head football coach of the University, Congressmen, a state Supreme Court Justice, Legislators, merely an inkling of the many who have ab- sorbed Sigma Nu ideals and teachings through Theta Chap- ter. Even though heir to an inspiring history and priceless tra- ditions, Theta is no slave to yesterday, no worshipper of the " status quo. " We Treasure the best of the past while in- suring the future by developing balance with maturity — never forgetting that a fraternity is men, not things. S[u 341 1. Rene Thrift 28. Hammond Cobb 2. Noel Nelson 29. Robert Hereford 3. Judd Stinson 30. RusselAlcott 4. Terry M ikloucich 31. Jon Worrell 5. Rick Ling 32. Paul Johnson 6. John McRoberts 33. Tim Cocker 7. Bob Hamric 34. Steve Mace 8. Rick Green 35. Gary Backer 9. Doug Martin 36. BillQuarles 10. Charles Lee 11. Jerry King Not Pictured 12. Phillip Dark 13. Jim Rodgers Michael Baine 14. David Stanley Walter Camp 15. Bob Vento David Douglass 16. Ron Evans Winston Fredrick 17. Steve Backer Robert J anderlich 18. Lyman Hardy Theodore Lester 19. David Mace James Lockhart 20. Gregg Bragg Billy Murphy 21. Robert Nelson Thomas Sheppard 22. Steve Percer Samuel Sparks 23. Randy O ' Connor Willis Paul Wooley 24. Sandy Barnett Randy De Mint 25. Clyde Mackey Mike Hall 26. Art Lenahan Hal Kennamer 27. Steve Deitz Sigma Phi 342 Epsilon Since 1901, when Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Rich- mond, Virginia, we have grown to be the second largest fra- ternity in existence. Alabama Beta was founded on die cam- pus of the since. Every brother in Sigma Phi Epsilon takes special interest in growth through the fraternity system, the university, and himself. The men in our fraternity have continually dis- played high idealism and faith in their fellow brothers through service to their school and fraternity in such fields as scholarship, social life, politics and athletics. Sigma Phi Epsilon, across the nation and more important here at the University of Alabama, is changing with the times for the betterment of the individual members and the fraternity as a whole. A fraternity that is changing for the better is not one of stereotyped appearance, behavior, and ideas but is rather one of a diversified group of individuals bound together by friendship. We at Sigma Phi Epsilon are working for this ideal of the new fraternity and through our efforts in every field we are progressing towards that goal. As representative of the largest social fraternity in the world present here at the University, Alabama Beta again in so- cial events, in the Intermural sports, in Community service, in campus honoraries and politics, in scholarship, and finally in good old school spirit, stands out in front of the Greek system. 343 ••» ' . , V «5» " -«;sev Y r r m-y _. - jfi 1. David Kassouf 25. A.V. LaRocca 49. Oscar Bogle 2. Maxie Simmons 26. Earl Marbutt 50. Al Thompson 3. Alan Stevens 27. Marc Sanlin 51. Randy Jarrell 4. Don Henderson 28. Gary Grace 52. Durwood Hodges 5. Mike Padalino 29. Rick Vickers 53. Danny Wilkins 6. Andy Whitehead 30. Doug Cross 54. Bob Zasa 7. Richard Cross 31. Dave Borden 55. Mickey McDonnell 8. Doug Smith 32. Steve Murray 56. Johnny Bolton 9. Jimmy Parrish 33. George Fuller 57. Larry Ditoro 10. Gibson Mahnor 34. Gerb Forsythe 58. Jimmy Rosser 11. Fred Davis 35. Ted Sparks 59. Wayne Keith 12. Sam Dipia77a 36. John Hendrix 60. Paul Morgan 13. Larry Childs 37. Cheyney McCarter 61. Bill Wade 14. Tommy Barnett 38. Anthony Depia77a 62. Marcus Shamburger 15. Rollard Morgan 39. Zo Reute r 16. John Williams 40. Bill Wells Not Pictured 17. Johnny Moore 41. Steve Watts 18. Jim Gray 42. Bobby Humphrey Barry Mullins 19. Mike Smiles 43. Sam Simmons Ronnie Flowers 20. Bob Woodall 44. Steve Cowley Jin- Stehle 21. Steve Voller 45. Jim Keyes Richard Smith 22. Russell Burnette 46. David Fikes 23. Louie Lavender 47. Guy Scaife 24. Fulton Hamilton 48. George Boles 344 hi 7 ' W Alpha Phi of Theta Chi, founded long ago in the olden days by a band of lust-crazed gypsies, has made great strides in the last few years. From a group of fifteen third class social rejects in the late 1 940 ' s, we have risen to our present state, a group of over ninety second class social undesirables. In every phase of Fraternity endeavor we have achieved no- table success; herewith a few outstanding accomplishments. In campus politics, Theta Chi is proud to have as Brothers the President of IFC and two members of the Mystic Knights of the SGA Lodge Hall. One of the two Senators is cur- rently contacting friends and relatives across the nation in an effort to get the SGA Mafia financed. Alpha Phi is proud to boast many distinguished Alumni throughout the world. This past summer, one of our Charter members was chosen National Treasurer of Theta Chi, a big boost to our Chapter ' s finances. Other notable Alums include Brazilian banana magnate Pedro V. deMontenegro (planter of our mystic banana tree), and Mr. Bill Thomas, who is a direct descendant of Adam. As can be seen, our pride is justified, and it is easily seen why Theta Chi at the University of Alabama is not merely a way of life but indeed a social Fraternity. 345 1. John Smalley Baker, Brooks 2. Max Tomlin Brown, Bill 3. Ronnie Stone Byrd, Larry 4. Richard Browder Campbell, Ron 5. Fred Harsany Champion, Willie 6. George Fiddler Cheatwood, Randy 7. Steve Abbot Cleino, Bill 8. Beau McCarl Cosper, Eric 9. Jim Entrekin Dodd, Bob 10. David Richardson Dupre, Charles 11. Don Raab Frye, Bryant 12. Chris Anderson Gilbert, Nolan 13. Larry Campbell Harrel, Roy 14. Bruce Anderson Junkin, James 15. Moreno White Leonard, Don 16. Bill M. Boykin O ' Neal, Ernie 17. Randy Jackson Plunkett, Tim 18. Ed Tatum Pollan, Gene 19. Alan Genry Reeves, Phil 20. John Matthews Steele, Ronnie 21. Ben George Suddeth, Dave 22. Dennis Foster Trimm, Mickey 23. Pat Frederick Williams, Bill 24. Bill Minsloff Williams, Gene Wright, Rocky No I Pictured McKinney, Doug Pierce, Roger Auerback, Larry Thet 346 Fau Theta Tau, the oldest and largest national professional engineering fraternity has enjoyed sixty-six years of growth and development in the nation ' s largest and finest engineer- ing schools. The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship. Mu Chapter of Theta Tau, strives to fulfill this purpose by stimulating professional development and promoting lasting friendships through fraternal brotherhood. Also Mu Chapter creates an atomosphere encouraging social compatibility and an attitude of awareness toward ideas outside the field of engineering. Theta Tau members include the president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer of Engineering, SGA Legislator, and a host of officers in the engineering technical societies. Theta Taus are represented in ODK, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Alpha Pi Mu, Pi Tau Sigma, Chi Episilon, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Episilon, Tau Beta Pi, Arnold Air Society, Sigma Gamma Tau, Gamma Sigma Epsilon and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and A-Club. Mu Chapter of Theta Tau is a dynamic fraternity dedi- cated to building good professional men while promoting ideas and programs directed toward improving the College of Engineering at the University of Alabama. 347 1. Leigh Cummings 19. David Waitman 2. Jake Windgard 20. Marcy Carrol 3. Chip Jennings 21. Les Barnett 4. James Hewson 22. Shawn Stillwell 5. Jeff Grogan 23. Frank Wallace 7. John Peters 24. Harry Jones 8. Bill Hinds 25. BobWamsley 9. Sam Puckett 26. Jerry Mims 10. Tom Ryan 27. DonCantley 11. Jack Hataway 28. Richard Burnett 12. Mike Soppet 29. Dave Followill 13. Robert Galloway 14. Mike Carroll Not Pictured 15. Buddy Campbell 16. Ed Besecher Herb Cole 17. Ronnie Rutledge Mark Graham 18. Steve Yeager Bart Hildreth Thet 348 Xi We, at Theta Xi, do not consider ourselves as an integral part of the campus; we consider the campus as an integral part of Theta Xi. The University does a lot for us, but we do even more for the University. (We don ' t bother them and they don ' t bother us.) Consider, for example, what Theta Xi men have ac- complished . . . moving right along to the intramural scene, we had our most successful football season yet this year, de- feating Martha Parham West, Phi Mu and Alpha Xi Delta, losing only one game to a strong Tri Delt squad. But in the realm of major sports our bowling team did turn in another stellar performance and we were able at last to put a trophy in our trophy case. Looking at the scholarship list the reader would be over- whelmed, to learn that Theta Xi did finish. Seriously though, we did have a most successful semester. We only lost 35% of our active chapter and four of six officers due to academic difficulties. Our Scholarship Chairman did stay in school, a fact we ' re sure you ' ll find encouraging. Don ' t think that Theta Xi is just another socially cool house. Indeed not! We distinguish ourselves in the fact that we are the only fraternity house on campus with burlopped walls, private closets and a community sleeping porch. 349 1. Marvin Schulwolf 2. William Lulky 3. Steve Sheridan 4. Aunt Katie Entin 5. Maury Brook 6. Bruce Lustig 7. Mike Butler 8. Steve Becker 9. Gary Weinstein 10. Bob Gerson 11. Gary Raines 12. Frank Siegal 13. Leonard Hasson 14. Richard Jaffee 15. Terry Horwitz 16. BillShulman 17. Howard Kelman 18. Myron Pape 19. Barry Levin 20. Jerry Held 21. Mark Solomon 22. David Muhlendorf 23. Mark Nomberg 24. Richard Blumenfeld 25. Ronnie Salloway 26. Roger Nash 27. Bruce Miller 28. David Goldstein 29. Ronnie Leet 30. Ross Orenstein 31. TedOrkin 32. Olin Evans 34. Dan Golinsky 35. Marc Loeb 36. Jimmy Cohn 37. Phillip Redisch 38. Fred Benjamin 39. Jeff Bauman 40. Harry Lipson 41. Gary Zion 42. Eli Capilouto 43. Sandy Axelroth 46. Jerry Sokol 47. Ronny Held 48. David Reese 49. Ikev Capouano 50. Sidney Mack 51. Mark Luks 52. Bill Bauman 53. Ronald Shiland 54. Owen Aronov Not Pictured Allen Arkus Lary Auerback Jimmy Bank Larry Bern Jeff Blitz Al Capeloto David Capilouto Richard Cohen Robert Cohen Alan Datnoff Bruce Evans David Franco Steve Goldner Warren Goldstein Bill Golinsky Gary Howrwitz Jay Jacknin Richard Kohn Al Levi Russ Lewis Steve Lichter Doug Loeb Jack Loeb Mark Luks Fred May Mark Mandell Jeke Mendel Lewis Metzger Larry Newman Bart Reisman Paul Rich Boby Segall Fred Shaftman Richard Shinbawn Morry Silverfield Joe Sokol Sam Storthz Rob Studin Bill Susman Dennis Zweig Zeta 350 Zeta Beta Tau — living together to help and understand one another. Beta Tau 351 1. Susu Sellers 2. Alane Quinn 3. Cathy Baggett 4. Beth Wise 5. Laura Jane Poole 5. Kathi n Sherril 7. Sandy Barnett 8. Carol Freudenberg 9. Dottie Lacey 10. Linda Melton 11. Lane Jackson 12. Stephanie Evans 13. Alice Smith 14. Jacky Elliot 15. Paula Snead 16. Alex Rogers 17. Suzanne Ferguson 18. Ellen Warren 19. Mollis Johnston 20. Kathy Mclntyre 21. Ann Taylor 22. Beth Hewitt 23. B.J. Rogers 24. Nancy Haskins 25. Penny Burroughs 26. Debbi Haigler 28. Trish Wahanka 29. SueWoodard 30. Susie Beckley 3 1 . Karen Woodard 32. Sarah Skipper 33. Karen Parvin 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. Patti Harbert Susan McCain Debbie Helmer Susan Donaldson Connie Cahppell 39. Charlotte Vaughn 40. Melinda Housn Julie Jackson Sallye Henderson Annette Raggio Harriet Pitchford Shrley Honia 46. Joan Baggett 47. Margaret Relfe 48. Laurie Wilson 49. Patsy Hanby 50. Toni Earley 51. Nancy Kauchick 52. Jane Jackson Pam GrifTin Margaret Guerard Peggy Rice Ann Gewin Lauren Shannon Jane Williamson Debbie Brosier Carolyn Keith Beverly Creel Patsy Jones Sam Oden Becky Skeen 53 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. Judy Stone Not Pictured Adair, Olivia Allen, Barbara Bailey, Babs Bouldin, Ann Berry, Cecil Cannon, Betsey Chesbrough, Macy Ehlers, Iris Estes, Emily Evans, Elizabeth Garnett, Donna Greif, Nancy Harbert, Bobbi Harrison, Carey Kennedy, Pam Knight, Sondra Lehmann, Mary Ann McDaniel, Talethia McNeff, Maridy Norden, Augusta Pebbles, Vicki Peters, Bobbye Rafalsky, Celeste Rodfers, Sarah Ross, Shelia Spancer, Nancy Steele, Sharon Tolleson, Suzon Wsites, Janet Wozniak, June Zet2 352 The University of Alabama chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was founded by young women seeking to enrich and enoble their lives — seeking truth. In the years since, Zetas continue to seek this truth — both for those within and without our circle. Since its founding in 1910, the Zeta circle here at U of A has proven to be for many a home away from home as it restores the feeling that someone really does care about what ' s happening to each of its members. Our home here is made successful by the variety which thrives within it. Our chapter seems to represent as many interests as individuals in Zeta Tau Alpha. On our campus, Zetas are well represent- ed in student government, social, extracurricular activities, and women ' s honoraries. We can ' t forget the many dis- cussions late into the night, a helping hand in a troublesome course, or even the beautiful simplicity of a loving smile, which are always available in the Zeta house — a house where we develop because of each other. As we continue to grow, each as an individual, and each as an important part of the whole, Zetas find that the mean- ing of sisterhood becomes more and more relevant to our living today. To live and find truth is that which we en- courage in each and all — lau Alpha 3S3 m iM, •¥- I f yd ORGANIZATIONS l J u ; y. ®« ■•- ; " i V t m ■p ' m f mm r ' pj- T - ' n nfT 5 % t- •»! ■ J 1 - [ J J ¥ ' J L ia» 9 i£j ■■ 1 356 HOUR PARKING 1M M 1 357 338 !il»» ' " S-. fMi4. T Jki. 359 .(, A " A " Club Row one: Jimmy Grammer, Steve Doran, Ken James, Tommy Wade, Terry Rowell, Steve Higginbotham, Ken Emerson, Steve Wil- liams. Row two: Phil Chaffin, Jeff Beard, Bill Blair, Jim Simmons, Scott Hunter, Buddy Seay, George Ranager, David Bailey, Bubba Sawyer. Row three: Robin Parkhouse, Griff Langston, David Mew- bourne, Neb Hayden, Frank Mann. Row four: Ricky Rucker, David Vann, Jimmy Rosser, Mike Hand, Grump Drinkard, Terry DuBose, Woody Husband, Jerry Cash, Richard Ciemny, Danny Gilbert, Wayne Rhoades, Johnny Musso, Bobby Stanford, Mike Ennis. 360 Crimson Girls Margaret Lee, Head Crimson Girl The Crimson Girls serve as the University ' s official hostesses. Each year these sixteen girls serve as hostesses to all Univer- sity guests, distribute shakers to the students at the pep rallies and other important programs, and assist any campus organi- zations with charity drives. It is an honor, a pleasure, and a good feeling to be a Crimson Girl. To be a Crimson Girl, you must be nominated by your dor- mitory or sorority house. You are then screened and selected by a panel of judges who feel that you have the poise, per- sonality, appearance, and charm to represent the University. Peggy Farlow, Mary Pearson, Debbie Gehlen. Dianne Rogers, Patsy Haughton. Donna Garnett, Margaret Lee, Becky Wabner, Shirley Mahon, Frankie Foshee. Paui McNeely, Sarah Skipper, Rosa Lee McGuire, (not pictured Martha Hamby. Judy demons, Marcia Wood.) 361 Crimson Girls Mary Pearson Donna Gamett iMMi :7s mmu j s im i - Frank ie Foshee Debbie Gehlen Diane Rogers Patsy Haughton Judy Clemens M2 i ji ;V " - wSfai ' Rosa Lee McGuire Shirley Mahan Peggy Farlow ' fi;j(?.NI Martha Hanby Pattie McNeely mt Becky Wabner Sarah Skipper 363 Jasons Jasons is the oldest honorary society on the University of Alabama campus today. The organization was founded in 1914 and continues to select the outstanding campus leaders on the basis of character, scholarship, and service to the University community. The familiar " Derby and Cane " (symbolizing the gentlemen and scholars representing Jasons) can be seen worn by hap- py male students during the week following Honor ' s Day in the Spring. Initiates are traditionally tapped into the organ- ization by some member of Jasons pouring a bucket of dirty water on the head of a pre -selected spectator in the crowd around the mound on Honor ' s Day. Then the newly informed recipients are taken into the shrine (adjacent to the library) and are initiated into the society. - .lk W V- I Members: Eli Capilouto, Ran Holladay, Dr. John F. Ramsey, Spon- sor; Mike Watson, Secretary -Treasurer; Toni Davis, President; Rich- ard Sullivan. James Tait, Steve Windom, Dr. Harold Janes, Neb Hayden. Not pictured: Don James, Vice President; Steve Suitts, Popsi Miller, Mark Mandell, John Wymer, Andy Chitwood, Tim Russell, George Culver, Marbury Rainer, Glynn Tubb. Tom Gordon, Willie Rice. 364 Mortar Board Mortar Board is the University ' s senior women ' s honorary service organization. It is part of the national organization founded in 1915. Membership selection is based on schol- arship, leadership, service, and character, and is restricted, to the most outstanding women on campus. Each year Mortar Board helps provide leadership in the academic community and social service to worthy projects. It provides a four year scholarship for a deserving Univer- sity student each year. Officers: Kathy Dorlon, Vice-President; DeeDee Clark, President; Nancy DeWitt, Editor; Mrs. Henry Lyda, Senior Advisor; Carol Kendrick, Treasurer; Joyce Lee, Historian; (not pictured) Diane Tate, Secretary. Row one: Dee Dee Clark, Joyce Lee, Paula Dinning. Row two: Kathy Dorlon, Ree Kiely, Pat Creel. Row three: Susan Duckworth, Carol Kendrick, Pat Boyd. Row four: El- len Barnes, Kathy Blake, Nancy DeWitt. Row five: Suzanne Prior, Frances Smith, Mrs. Henry Lyda. Row six: Anna Blackmarr, Char- lotte Ward, Suzanne Carter, Mary Jane Stewart. Not pictured: Diane Tate, Cathy Wright, Emmalee Shanks, Ginna Twitty, Celeste Pick- ron, Andy Young Coleman, Carol Alexander Sachs. 365 Omicron Delta Kappa Officers: J.R. Brooks, President; Jimmy Highlower, Vice President; Dr. Joab Thomas, Secretary. Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society. Membership consists of outstanding faculty members and stu- dents of at least junior standing, in the top 35% of their class scholastically, who have shown special distinction in at least one of 5 areas of college life: scholarship; student government; social and religious affairs; publications; speech, music, drama and the other arts. . ' .!; 366 OBK Phi Beta Kappa, the first Greek letter society, was founded on December 5, 1776, at the College of William and Mary, in Williamsburg, Virginia. The University of Alabama Chapter, Alpha of Alabama, was established in 1851 and was the twelfth chapter in order of establishment. The simple key, with the Greek letters Phi Beta Kappa, the three stats, and a pointing hand, has come to have universal identifica- tion with superior scholarship. Membership is for those stu- dents in liberal arts who are elected on the basis of broad cultural interests, scholarly achievements, and good character. Faculty and Staff Members Mable E. Adams Mrs. AlmaJanell Anderson Neal R. Berte Woodrow W. Boyett Elizabeth Coleman Wade H. Coleman Relph W. Cowart Jacqueline V. Davis Lo uis R. Davis Eugene Dobson James F. Doster Dwight L. Eddins Alston Fitts, IH Virginia Oden Fescue S. Paul Garner Robert Henry Garner Silvia L. Gilmore The Rev. R. Emmet Gribbin E.E. Hagen Selby Hanssen M. Leigh Harrison R. M. Havens Robert B. Highsaw Timothy Hoff W. Gary Hooks George Howard W. Stanley Hoole Louis Jaffe Mrs. W.K. E.James Iredell Jenkins Margaret A. Johnson Robert E. Johnson Walter F. Koch George Lang Foed Albert Lewis The Rev. James Lilly Mirian Austin Locke Emerson R. Loomis John Luskin James B. McMillan Julian D. Mancill Mrs. Jackie McFarland Jack P. Montgomery Burton R. Morley Mrs. Emily B. Nash Jan Alan Nelson John C. Payne Charles Donald Perry W. E. Pickens, Jr. Charles U. Pittman Mrs. Glenavis Martin David Mathews Robert L. Plunkett Kenneth Rainey John F. Ramsey Coleman B. Ransone. Jr. Eric Rodgers. Jr. Mrs. C. S. Ruiz-Fornells L Willis Russell Jerome William Scweitzer Winston Smith Linton C. Stevens Ed Still Hudson Strode Charles G. Summersell Alfred B. Thomas Joab L. Thomas Robert E. Tidwell Caroline Tillery Buckner B. Trawick Charles S. Watson Marcus Whitmam Charles B. Wicks Nancy Marie Whitt Roger B. Wicks Michael H.Wills James Addison Wright Members in Course David Leroy Anderson Donnel C. Ashford Linda Roberts Atchley Glen David Dedsole John Michael Belyeu Joseph Martin Cannon David Westbrook Cantrell Suzanne Carter Andrea Young Coleman William Joseph Cook Cynthia Ann Cox William Gary Cumbie Gsy Nelle Davis Donna Kay Fowler William Curtis Friday Katharina R. Geissler Miriam Frances Gerald Linda Arlene Griffin Gerald Ronald Haggstorm James Hammond Daniel Virginia C. Harrison Clifford Jackson Hataway David Grant Heald Kenneth Clayton Hinton Lynda Ruth Hooper Tracy Anne Howell Nancy Ross Hugo Rebecca Virginia Key Melinda Gwen Kirkpatrick Virginia Ann Kremza Joyce Loo Lee Lynda W. McAdams Richard Thomas McNider Joseph Ronald Maner Michael Payne Mills Josephine Louise Nader Henry Lewis Pugh, Jr. Jowl Marbury Rainer Russell Chesley Reeves Suzanne Brooks Riddle William Lee Moper Sharon Lea Sconyers Emmalee Shanks Rylvia Diane Southwell Adelia Pearl Smith Harriet Evelyn Thomas Lois Cobb Wilson Cathy Suzanne Wright 367 Triangle Triangle, the largest women ' s service honorary on the cam- pus, was founded in May, 1939, and is composed of sopho- more, junior, and senior members. Throughout the year Triangle ' s major project has been working with certain areas of the Tuscaloosa community and helping with the Tuber- culosis Test Drive on the University campus. Triangle also presents a trophy for the Outstanding Junior Woman Student each year. Members are tapped in the Spring on the basis of Scholar- ship, Leadership, and Service to the University. The purpose of Triangle is to promote friendship, spirit, and good will among students. As a result, new women students are made to feel and experience an integral part of the University of Alabama. Officers: Leigh Eckles, Chaplain; Margaret Lee, Publicity; Second Vice-President; Carol Kendrick, Secretary. Janice Purdy, First Vice-President; Celeste Pickron, President; Charlotte Ward, 3M Alpha Lambda Delta Row one: Beverly Burns, President; Genetta Bagwell, Social Chairman; Beth Noel, Secretary; Fan Tait, Publicity Chairman. Row two: Susan Barton, Manda Wheat, Mary Alice Davis, Ini- tiation Chairman; Nancy Howell, Scholarship Chairman. Row three: Ginny Hewitt, Sandi Hodges, Susan Spivey, Barbara Bass. Row four: Cathy Fallon. Ram Reed, Brenda Barr. Rosie Contri. Row Ave: Sherrill Daniel, Karen Gorday, Olivia Saliba. Cynthia Sconyers. Row six: Paula Rogers, Lynna Fisher, Carol Yingling, Peggy Brockman. Alpha Epsilon Rho National Radio -Television Honorary Fraternity Seated: Roger Handley, President; Don Corlcy. Standing: Mike Han- lin, Pat Davis, Allan Burns, Nancy Wills, Secretary-Treasurer; Jerry Medley. Not pictured: David Lankford, President; Robert Altman, Phillip Norris, Faculty Advisor, George Katz. 369 Phi Eta Sigma Officers: Barry Musick, President; Lamar Sullivan, Vice President; David Hassell, Treasurer; Chuclc Puckett, Secretary; hrcd Williams, His- torian. 370 Sallamanders Row one: Jimmy Hoffman, John Holmer, John Morrow, John Nixon, Mike Brand, Mike Jennings. Row two: Sammy Maples, Phil Smith, Steve Stewart, Pat Frederick, John Croft, Fred Harsany. Phi Mu Alpha -Sinfonia Officers: James Briscoe, Treasurer; Douglas Brock, Secretary; Bob Goodin, Vice-President; Hixon Helton, President; Dr. Frederick B. Hyde, Faculty Advisor; Quentin Lane, Alumni Secretary; Rodney Thomaston, Historian. 371 Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta, Honorary Biological Society, was founded at Oklahoma City University in 1922. Tri Beta was organized at the University of Alabama in 1965. The purpose of Beta Beta Beta is to function as an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences, particularly under- graduates. Beta Beta Beta encourages new discoveries through scientific in- vestigation and to this end encourages undergraduate students to begin re- search and report their findings in the journal of the society, BIOS. Member- ship of Tri Beta is determined by scholastic ability and completion of three biology courses. Seated: Lynda Hooper, Karen Hartley, David Hartley. David Waltz. Tommy Pike. Standing: Virginia Little. Nancy Traylor, John Monk, Alan Blake, Joel Hataway , Dr. Thomas Bauman. Steve Yeager. Alabama Real Estate Association Seated: Randy Hough. Treasurer; Dr. L. [. Reeves. Advisor; Billy Morris, President; Mike Watson, Vice-President; Phyllis Blount. Secretary. Standing: Mark Crayne, Jerry Held. John Bailey, Richard Waters, Bob Pearson. 372 Afro-American Association Co-Presidents: Oscar Adams, III; Kenneth Taylor; John A. Bivens. 373 Alabama Debate Squad Debate has enjoyed a long and rich tradition at the Univer- sity of Alabama. Originating in the literary and debating societies of the Nineteenth Century, debate became an inter- collegiate activity at Alabama during the 1930 ' s. Shortly after World War II, the debate program was reorganized and expanded to reflect increasing regional and national interest in debate as a meaningful college activity. One important objective of the debate program is to teach the student how to intelligently apply the tools of critical inquiry to significant public issues. Beyond this, training in debate is designed to develop in each student the ability to defend his ideas publicly and with style. An extensive schedule of tournament competition provides the opportunity for practical experience in the use of the techniques of intercollegiate debate. The Alabama Debate Squad attends over twenty tournaments each year. Abundant success in regional, national, and international competition has made Alabama one of the top five univer- sities in debate. Alabama teams have won twice the National Debate Championship, an honor shared by only five other American colleges and universities. Row one: Annabel D. Hagood, Directc of Forensics; John Saxon, Joe Perkins. Delores Boyd, Georgia Fleming, Patti Harrison, Danny Yerby. Row two: Don Gilbert. Ron Cartee, Tim Raines, John Ber- tolotte, Ron Green, Steve Windom, Ed Culpepper, Mary John Smith, Associate Director of Forensics. 374 Board of Publications Row one: Dr. Morris Mayer, Dr. Glenn Stillion. Tommy Wells, James Ellison. Row two: Col. Arlyn S. Powell, Ronnie Salloway. Bo Harrison. Row three: Mrs. Louise Boylan, Dean Sarah L. Healy. Fletcher Thornton. Not pictured: Prof. James E. Seay, James Wilson, Roger Lee, Ed Still. 375 Public Relations Student Association The Public Relations Student Society of America, chartered in the spring of 1 969, seeks to promote better relations between students and professionals in this field. The University of Alabama chapter is one of 3 1 student chapters in the United States. At the national conference of the Public Relations Society of America, the UA chapter was named editor of the Forum, the national newsletter. Officers: J. Michael Manasco, President; Richard Sullivan, Vice-President; Peggy Morgan, Secretary; Frank Ward, Treasurer. International Student Association The International Student Association has been on campus for twenty years. This year ' s officers are: Walter Cervantes, Presi- dent; Herman Mortinez, Vice-President; Tahani Pascual, Secre- tary; Swarop Kulkarni, Treasurer. Our aim is to make friends and we feel that this year we have thoroughly succeeded. This year we worked very hard on a social project; Operation AMIGO, to help the Peruvian orphans from the earthquake. This was a wonderful way to make friends. We are also very active in sports. Our soccer team had a most successful season. Our social activities were also most exciting. Among others we had the Fiesta, Cafe Italiano, and a St. Valen- tine ' s party. Remember you don ' t have to be a ' fereigner ' to be a member of I.S.A. So just come on over and join us folks. We are at 1001 Riverside Drive. See you there! Pictured: Pres. and Mrs. David Mathews, Tahani Pascual, Venezuela; Oderay Raynaud. Argentina; Betty Moshkevich, Peru; Walter Cervan- tes, Peru. 377 S.N.E.A. Officers: Judy Marshall, President; Sandy Michaels, Vice President; Jeff Finkel, Secretary; Jamie Banlc, Treasurer: Dr. Robert Leigh, Dr. Arthur Milley. Alpha Beta Alpha Alpha Beta Alpha is the national undergraduate professional fraternity of Library Science. Membership in Alabama ' s Delta Chapter is open to anyone majoring, minoring or taking courses in Librarianship. ABA usually has between 25 and 30 members on roll. The purpwse of this organization is to further interest in the profession of Librarianship. Each year ABA sponsors, as their project, a fund- raising drive for special donations for the Library at Partlow State School. Officers: Mrs. Ruth Waldrop, Sponsor: Ann Ayer, Secretary; Carol Monroe, Treasurer; Sue Benson. President: Mary Emil Rushing, Vice-President: Kathy Butler, Reporter (not pictured). 378 Agnes Ellen Harris The University Chapter of the Agnes Ellen Harris Club is a professional organization of the School of Home Economics and is affiliated with other Alabama and American Home Economics Associations. The club was founded in 1931 and is named for the Dean of the School of Home Economics from 1930 to 1952. It now has over 200 members. The club is a service honor organization and membership is open to all students majoring in home economics. The chap- ter seeks to enrich each member ' s college career and to pre- serve the ideals and promote the lasting values of Home Economics. Anita Boswell Carolyn Feazel Sherry Elliot Shirley Eaken Suzanne Prior Jean Roberts Carol Kendrick Linda Logan Charlotte Ward Suze Crowley President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Project Chairman Publicity Chairman Membership Chairman State Officer 379 Fashion Inc. Officers: Judy Stein, President; Anita Boswell. First Vice-President; Millie McCaskill (not pictured). Second Vice-President; Carol Dyar. Recording Secretary; Linda Lemmer, Corresponding Secretary; San- dra Norris. Treasurer. American Institute of Interior Design Seated: Tommy Nelson, President; Grant May. Standing: Jan Jones. Alice Potter, Second Vice-President; Betsy Rogers, Betsy Welch, Ann Cartey, Susan Haney, Carol Holley, Georgette Cain, First Vice-President; Charlotte Ward, Evelyn Jones, Becky Blundell, Me- linda Lyie, Linda Lienbach, Pat Morgan, Secretary-Treasurer. 380 Phi Upsilon Omicron Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national honorary professional fraternity in the field of home economics. It was founded at the College of Agriculture at the University of Minne- sota, February 10,1909. Membership is by invitation and is based on scholarship, leadership, character, and service. One is eligible upon completion of the third semester in home economics, if an overall two point average has been achieved. Officers: Carolyn Feazel, President; Sandra Norris. Recording Secretary; Sherry Elliott, Corresponding Secretary; Dianne Sayler, Treasurer; Anita Boswell, Chaplain; Charlotte Ward, Marshal; Carol Kendrick, Recorder. Spirit -. M ri rk t Officers: Beth Wise. Co-Chairman; Shelia Mobley, Historian; Renee President; Margaret Lee. Vice-President; Janis Purdy. Secretary. Stephens, Treasurer; Mary Kitchens, Publicity, Millie McCaskill. 381 Theta Sigma Phi Seated: Despina Vondantis, Mary Wimberly, Historian; Cheryl Eng- lish, Vice-President; Dee Dee Clark, President. Standing: Terry Burchfield, Patsy Hanby, Vicki Hicks, Terrell Clark, Martha Mor- rissett, Cecilia Finocchio, Linda Lenzi. Graduate Student Association officers: Herbert Chuven, Vice President of Campus Affairs; Kayron McMinn, Vice-President of Social Affairs; Bob Serum, President; Brent Carper, Vice-President of financial affairs; Carol Bullock. Secretary; Mike Ferniany, Vice-President of Public relations. Not Pictured: Ed Crowder, Vice-President of Academic Affairs; Camel- la Serum, Vice-President of Membership. 382 Alabama Insurance Society Officers: Nick Noriea, President; Richard Smith, Vice-President; Rex Brown. Treasurer; Julia Chabannes, Secretary; Dr. John Biclcley. Ad- visor; Dr. C. A. Spencer. Alpha Sigma Mu Officers: John Bowlin, Jr., J. R. Wilson. President; James Wren, Secretary-Treasurer; James Snowden. Jr.. Vice- President; Dr. C. H. T. Wilkins. Advisor. Not pictured: Gregory Simmons. James Snowden, Carl Wetzel. David Woolbridge, James Wren, John Bowlin, Jr., James Tree, Gilbert Plot. 383 A.S.M.E. The main purpose of the student chapter of (ASME) is to offer an outlet for the expression of student ideas — Professional, Social and Rec- reational, and to sustain and promote the ethics of a professional mechanical engineer. This year ' s membership at Alabama totals 72. Row one: Bill Boykin, Junior Representative; Don Leonard, President; Ernie O ' Neal, Vice-President. Engineer ' s Executive Council Seated: Max Tomlin, Steve Abbott, Vice-President; Don Rabb, President; David Richardson, Secretary; Randy Jackson, Mickey Trimm. Standing: Don Leonard, Richard Bradley, Jim Edgar, Bill Boykin, Mike Wood, Tom Campbell, Fred Harsany, James Vaughan, Don Lawrenz, Phil Reeves, A. J. McDanal, Donnie Haynie, Clark Shields, Burns WhiUaker, Johnny Smalley, Jim Krai, Larry Payne, Herb Forsythe. 384 J. • J_y • J- • J_! • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. is the largest engineering society in the world. The University of Alabama Student Branch of IEEE strives to develop professionalism in its members through monthly meetings, technical presentations, guest speakers from business and indus- try, and a host of technical magazines published by IEEE. Yearly activities of the Alabama Student Branch also include joint meetings with the Auburn Student Branch and the Birmingham Branch, field trips. Electrical Engineering Open House on Engineers Day, and a picnic each spring. Eta Kappa Nu Officers: James Marler, Jr., President; Charles Crow, Vice-President; Robert Benson, Corresponding Secretary; Philip Zettle, Recording Secretary; Danny Jones, Treasurer. 385 .i3.V .JlI . Row one: Lamar Larrimore, Dwight Richardson, Tim Wright, Burns Whittaker, Bill McAllister, Charles Melson, Richard Browden, Terry Carlton. Row two: Steve Abbott, Ronny Stone, Larry Weygand, Jim- my Black, Bruce Anderson, John Corn, S. T. Bunn, H. S. Koski. Row three: Johnny Smalley, John Crigler, Donald Beal, Mike Silva, Nicky Calhoun, Ken White, Gerald Coker, David Elmore, Larry Franks. Row four: Carol Smith, Doug Bohannon, J. T. Fuller, Mike Simmons, Lanny Nelson, Francis Glenn, Richard Duke, George Fid- ler, Ricky Harrison. .l. l.. . M itt Ik h Row one: John Jackson, Edward Champion, Ronnie Steele, Larry Cunningham. Row two: Max Tomlin, Reginald Gains, Joe Roberts, Larry Campbell, Richard Bradley, Larry Byrd, Mark Barkasy. Row three: Robert Dodd, James Rowland, Larry Farnell, Mareno White. 38« Alpha Pi Mu Officers: Ronnie Jobe, Secretary Fall, Treasurer Spring; Jim Kial. Vice- President Fall; Donald Hardin, President Fall; Tom Merrill, President Spring; Jim Hayes. Vicc-i ' rcsidcnt Spring; Ronnie Boles, Secretary Spring. A.LI.E. Officers: Larry Hester, Treasurer; Randy Jackson, Jr. Representative; Jim KraU President; Steve Yates, Vice-President; Ronnie Jobe, Secretary Spring; Martin Brannon, Secretary Fall, President Spring. 387 N.C.A.S. Row one: Brenda Robertson, President; Linda Huff. Madolyn Clep- son, Susan Phillips, Treasurer; Dale Jones. Row two: Martha Hol- comb. Dr. Ashby, Jane Ryan, Ann Lowe, Donna Watts, Peggy Math- as, Carolyn Keith, Wanda Skinner Parol Prewitt, Annette Batchelor, Joan Parkel. Not pictured: Dana Anders, Judy Anderson, Linda Baker, Secretary; Linda Burchfield, Carol Crandall, Dianne Davis, Martha Dennis, Toppy Ezell, Ann Hodge. Linda Holbrook, Marcia Hollingsworth, Carol Holmes, Frances Johnson, Mary Kitchings, Leigh Lawson, Susan McCullough. Anne Norris, Donna Packs. Publicity Chairman; Patricia Pearson, Pam Perkins, Historian; Pat Porter, Dr. Lena Prewitt, Lydia Randman, Margaret Relfe. Debbie Robertson, Sandy Rushing. Vice-President; Denise Satterfield. Dianne Scott. Elizabeth Sullivan. Robin Walton. Sue Weddell, Ellen Warren. Phi Chi Theta Joan Parkel, Wanda Skinner, Kay Rehm, Sandi McCurley, Terri Thomas, Corresponding Secretary; Susu Sellers, Vice-President; Yancey Nowlin, Alice Schaffer, President; Karen Gorday, Rosa Lee McQuire, Ginny Kuhns, Celeste Picken, Treasurer; Ellen Warren. 388 Pi Tau Sigma Row one: David Magnuson, Corresponding Secretary; Ben George, President; Bill Hammond, Vice-President. Row two: William Wright, Paul Conner, Recording Secretary; Brooks Baker, Larry Knox. A.S.T.D. The purpose of ASTD is to stimulate the student ' s interest in business and industry; to inform the student of op- portunities, problems, and responsi- bilities of the graduate who plans to enter the business world; to acquaint him with the kind of training he may expect upon entering a business or in- dustrial firm; and to give an oppor- tunity for closer contact with leaders in the various areas of job opportunity. Officers: Steve Snipes, President; John Dor- sett, First Vice-President; Norman Beatty, Second Vice-President; Martha Wingard, Secretary; David Avery, Treasurer. Delta Sigma Pi BBUi B BS Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to fos- ter the study of business in university; to encourage scholar- ship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote close affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commer- cial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Alpha Sigma chapter was founded at the University of Ala- bama in 1926, and since its founding has grown to a brother- hood of approximately 75 members. Julia Cabannes Sweetheart Ronnie Salloway President John Parrott Senior Vice President Richard Wood Junior Vice President Don Griffin Secretary Cecil Brown Treasurer Dr. D. E. Corley Faculty Advisor 390 Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi, founded at New York University in 1904, is the oldest professional Commerce fraternity. Alpha Rho Chapter at the University of Alabama was granted its charter on April 2,1924. Since that time it has constantly served the School of Commerce as well as the Tuscaloosa community with its many school and community projects. The objects of Alpha Kappa Psi at the time of its founding are to " further the individual welfare of its members; to fos- ter scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote and advance in institu- tions of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administration. " Officers: Keith Jones, Secretary; David Jones, Treasurer; Frank Ryerson, Vice President; Rod Clark, Master of Rituals; Phillip Jones, Pres- ident. Arnold Air Society « » — Row one: S. Harper, B. Niles. J. Sanders. D. Utley, S. Russell. J. Thompson, P. Simpson, J. Winter, J. Langford. Row two: D. Corley. J. Robbins, B. Finnan, E. Moseley, R. Jones, G. Drake, M. Joiner, A. Pennington, J. Hillike. 392 Angel Flight AFROTC BoMom to top: Debbie Hartman, Debbie Barnes, Paula Atwell, Jan Ward. Betly Noojin, Beverely Hurst. Ruth Boyd, Day Walker, Pal Adams, Patti Galvin, Sheila Haigler, Susan Ptomey, Margaret Hays, Shirley Jones, Kristi Anderson. 393 Army ROTC Sponsors I Sponsors: l.cigh hchoK, Susan McCain, Barbara Jean Adanib. Anna Blackmai, Col. U. R. BlayU)ck. Cynthia Williams, Sharon Ambrose, Barbara Brown. Carolyn Slaughter, Susan Snodgrass. 394 Scabbard And Blade Officers: Don Banks, Treasurer; Don James, President; Sam Graves, Secretary; Jimmy Shan- non, Blood Drive; Tom King, Vice-President. Members: W. E. Abernethy, S. T. Bachus, J. D. Banks, C. R. Bar- ton, W. R. Bayne, T. M. Bedsole, M. V. Boan, R. C. Bristow, J, B. Burgess, C. R. Cahoon. T. M. Carroll, John Clement. F. S. Crown, D. C. Denniston, J. J. Dunham, S. W. Fuller. W. F. Girtman, R. H. Gould, S. P. H. Graves. W. S. Gregory, H. L. Griffin. D. J. Grzym- kowski, D. M. James, S. D. Johnson, James Jones, G. R. Kessler, J. T. King, W. M. Kruidenier, G. T. Lassiter, K. B. Letherwood, Claiborne McDonald, O. E. McDonnell, J. S. Meriwether, M. H. Miller, P. J. Nobels, E. W. Patterson, T. C. Peak, J. F. Powers. M. A. Quina, R. P. Reaves, B. P. Rowlett. F. E. Ryerson, J. M. Shannon, G. C. Steindorff, C. J. Thompson. W. C. Tidwell. T. A. Todt, J. O. Tomlinson, W. A. Tucker, B. F. Williams, W. O. Will- iams, T. S. Wilson, George Woo, R. W. Wood, W. T. Trapp. 395 Mallett Hall 396 Martha Parham West Officers: Shirley Farmer, Librarian; Carol Johnson. First Vice-President; Rhonda Brown, President; Rcnee Stephens, Secretary-Treasurer; Regina Colston, Editor. Not Pictured Curmilla Brumlow, Second Vice-President. New Hall Officers: Debbie White, Treasurer; Kathy Watson, Second Vice-President; Gwen Sloan, President; Carolyn Snow, Women ' s Residence Hall Representative; Margaret McKey, Secretary. 3»7 Mary Burke West Row one: Anita O ' Neal, Treasurer; Terry Burchfield, President; Lois Roush, AWS Representative. Row two: Nancy Ramsey, Second Vice-President; Vivian Petty, AWS Representative; Wanda Skinner, Secretary. Not pictured: Judy Johnston, First Vice-President; Ginger Wallcer, Second Vice-President. Mary Burke East Officers: Roger B. Slaughter, President; Phil Turkett, Secretary-Treasurer. 398 Tutwiler House Council Officers: Teresa Benson, Judiciary President; Tiki Wilkins, House Council President; Hallie Wynn, House Director; Denise Blum, House Council Treasurer; Pat Chieves, House Council Secretary. Judiciary Council: Joy Morton, Susan Smith, Debbie Smith, Jackie Klein, Orpah Stewart, Alison English, Virginia Phillips, Kathy Par- sons, Sandy Locke, Cindy Bishop. House Council: Marjorie Williams, Sherry Coleman, Debbie Milton, Carol Huck, Beth Satterwhite, Susan Haney, Cheryl Wright, Sandra Brandon, Vicki Smith. 399 1 r ■id ■ - ' - f rf . mm CLASSES F Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges And Universities John Wymer Marsha Hanks 402 Kathy Dorlon Dee Dee Clark Mary Jane Stewart 403 Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges And Universities Suzanne Prior iSttl .. Mike Watson 404 William Davis X .. ' ' ' ..a- tlk ' . ' " N4!. -■ Neb Hayden Celeste Pickron 40S Susanne Carter Diane Tate Ellen Barnes 406 i James (Popsi) Miller Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges And Universities George Faulk 407 Donna Dearman Clark Richard Shields 408 Quentin Lane Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges And Universities Lynwcx)d Smith 409 Chris Poythress lUi«Mr - Ben Rowe Stephen Suitts 410 Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities T T Greg Vaughn Don James 411 Andy Chitwood Charlotte Ward Cathy Wright 412 Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities Mark Mandell Frances Smith 413 Alabama University Center A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT The Alabama University Center is not a what, but a who — 13,000 University of Alabama students and the ac- tivities they support. Without students and their attendance of our 30 or more monthly programs the Alabama Univer- sity Center is nothing but a name. From our largest lecture, play or concert to our bi- weekly movies — or any of the hundreds of programs brought in a year ' s time — the efforts of your University Center are in vain without the support of the students. To live, the University Center must serve the students; to grow strong it must tire its people through over-work; to be relevant, it must be creative. We at the University Center move into the future with one eye on reality and the other on idealism in hopes of providing programs to enrich the student as a whole being. Phillip E. Norris President Alabama University Center Phil Norris, President 414 Dave Gardner, Executive Assistant Michelle Doherty, Secretary Steve Underwood, Artist Joe Miller, Cultural Director 415 University Center Staff iND 1 ' " ' w ■M PHBRI ! 1 HNflu B j " ' k J ■ ' 1 1 B j; i g ' t ' s B " " E p l ■ . ' f )M H 1 1 4 1 t9 ' ' i W%} i L «- B Ikr-M jH I Vf ' j iv w w j lk mF ■nfP ' ' " j2 if " JT TJ V .. jI Iw y L M r ' I i MlH H Student Entertainment Committee Bill James, Bob Reed, Director Educational Division Tom McDonald and John Helbig, Recreation Division Chairmen Don Corley and Melanie Richardson, Publicity and Public Relations ■416 Cultural Division People should not be scared by the idea of a " cultural event. " The Alabama University Center and the Cultural Division want to show each person that a " cultural event " can be fun, interesting and even exciting. With the purpose of planning events to interest each individual, the Cultural Division brings lecturers, theatrical productions and other stage per- formances to the University. The University Center Art Gallery is open for exhibits of both student and professional artists. Each spring, a creative arts contest is held with divi- sions for short stories, pt etry and art work. The newest addition to the division is the Classical Gas series of old movies — the " oldies but goodies " we all love to see. As you see, the programs are definitely not the typically dry " cultural event " but are programs to have fun and in which to participate. Jane Fonda 417 A standing-room-only crowd in Foster Auditorium heard Jane Fonda call for University students to enter into — " immediate massive protests " to bring about an end to United States intervention in Laos. Miss Fonda is noted for her concern about the war in Southeast Asia, ecology and women ' s liberation. In a setting reminiscent of a 1910 lecture hall, John Chappell presented a characterization of Mark Twain which left one feeling as if Samuel Clemens himself had been present. Twain is remembered for his biting wit, tall stories, and social criticism. Chappel duplicates the spirit and appearance of the man — his ways of sitting, standing, the white suit and hair. The illusion of reality is com- pleted and the audience delightfully entertained. John Chappell, " Mark Twain Tonight! " 418 bioRS bove Agnes Varda came to America with her husband, Jacques Demy (THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG) . She fell in love with Los Angeles and decided to make a film about her feelings for the city. Enlisting the aid of the writers of HAIR, Jim Rado and Gerome Ragni, plus the Andy Warhol superstar. Viva, the project took shape. One of the nicest things about this collaboration is that LIONS LOVE cannot be categorized. It is about the movies, life in America, being a superstar, and a vision of the American Dream through the eyes of contemporary youth. The film and the characters in it live through the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy and the attempt on the life of Andy Warhol. The beauty of the film is that it never imposes an arbitrary form on these and other events. Tbeir vitality remains intact as Miss Varda weaves them into her narrative, creating the kind of spontaneous flow that has identified her as oik of the most sensitive and intelligent filnwmakers of our time. To Be Young, Gifted and Black is a portrait of Lorraine Hansberry — the youngest American, the first woman and the only black playwright ever to win the New York Drama Critics ' circle Award for the Best Play of the year. Presented as part of the University Center ' s Festival of Arts program, the play tells of Miss Hans- berry ' s search for herself, for her Black heritage, for meaning in her own life. To Be Young, Gifted and Black 419 LA ' l 8 PM I ( as presents Sonc M, , Seft 1 - 8pm - MoRGjak) .- ■ ' ■• ' Jeanne jHoreao Oakar vferMCr Th laughed atlV. in a theatre. hock Tfeeatre ;t 9 6PM Woods Qofld r perHi iiJg, Morgan n? Hot Free ' Double fea-tore 431 Education Division The newest part of the University Center is the Education Divi- sion. The main part of this division is Community Service. Com- munity Service mainly works with underprivileged youth near the University Community providing recreation, arts and crafts, and many other valuable functions. Expansion in these and other areas is being considered. Another primary concern of the Educational Division is the in- teraction among students, faculty and Administration. Programs under the " Give a Damn " series offers students the chance of discussing the University with not only the President David Mathews but also other leading faculty and administrative peo- ple in an informed and informative atmosphere in the Union Supe Store. The Educational Division also provides several movies through- out the year both documentary and innovative in nature to help stimulate the students awareness of the world around him. 4 22 Social Division The Woods Quad Committee, Downundcr Coffee House Committee, and the Student Entertainment Com- mittee comprise the largest division of the Center the Social Division. The Social Division is primarily responsible for bring- ing popular entertainment to the campus. The Woods Quad Committee produces the widely-known free out- door music concerts with bands from throughout the southeast. The Downunder Coffee House located in the base- ment of Barnwell Hall sponsors primarily folk singers as well as various local and regional entertainers at least once a month. Students enjoy the leisurely coffee house atmosphere the Downunder provides. The Student Entertainment Committee produces all major concerts of well known contemporary entertain- ment on campus. Audiences from all over the state come to enjoy the top entertainment artists that the Entertainment Committee brings. The Social Division has also expanded into providing a series of mini-concerts for the winter months in Foster Auditorium since weather will not permit the Woods Quad outdoor. Dusty Lemont The Downunder has gained a reputation for providing varied entertainment for those who journey to the basement of Barn- well Hall for a musical experience. The music ranges from blues to folk rock to rock and back again. The performers come from the campus, the state, the country. The enjoyment can be found almost any weekend of the year. Ric Masten — music; intellectual stimulation, informal, keenly critical comment. Coming to Alabama after appearing in forty-one states, Ric added a special touch to February at the Downunder. An example of the fine, local talent which abounds around campus is Dusty Lemont. Dusty can be characterized as a Southern optimist — a quality which comes through in his music. With a soft, smooth sound that reminds one of James Taylor, Dusty has become a favorite not only around the campus but around the region. Ric Masten 423 The Band 424 One of the highlights of Homecoming 70 was the ap- pearance of The Band. Without introduction or prelimin- aries, The Band took the stage against a stark background and made pretty music that put all who heard it under their spell. While some groups make noise, The Band plays music. The lead guitarist, Robbie Robertson, said, " We always wanted to play in Alabama. " we can only hope that they enjoyed playing half as much as the audience enjoyed listening. ■j m ■0 ' x ' l " ■ ' M -™i ijl l gjl. J|0 L HkI? ' 4 25 The Student Entertainment Committee ' s December concert featured Mountain, Bloodrock and Hydra. Hydra is noted for doing Cocker better than Cocker himself. Bloodrock should have been at a high school dance rather that a Uni- versity Center concert. Mountain was by far the highlight of the evening. As one , critic has said, " Mountain is never depressing or boring or i anything that their predecessor heavies almost always are. " Felix Pappalardi and Leslie West are musicians who ob- viously know their instruments well. Their music is not the kind that gives for a headache. In short. Mountain was high and mighty. ?i II P- ' ■.J •T ' w 1 mLi nH ' 1 :• ijsj " ! w - |Pl -1 4 27 The reactions to Cactus were strong — those who heard them either loved or hated them. Comprised of former members of the Vanilla Fudge, Mitch Ryder ' s Detroit Wheels, and the Amboy Dukes, the individuals are good musicians. But they performed more as individuals than as a cohesive group. The Student Entertainment Committee has the Allman Brothers, Grand Funk Railroad, and Bill Cosby and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band among others on tap for the re- mainder of the spring. Cactus alalsama uniyersi center Frsdat) , October 30 ftemopidl ColiSGum CONCERTS EAST PRESENTS Sdiuraaj , October 3i rbster A« J«torioM Suncld4 , Movembcr 1 MoMiecomin WeekehJ BTQ J Fel • • leiano IN coNceB.- FRidAy,Sep|. ?5 " ftf M HeHORiAl Col I sew. Trcke-4 a4- I Black FRiedman U)iMs| w Mcwsom-s Colisfcom Z- 431 432 " .ci ' yi:y e- ' f- - ' m ' • ::;- ' w if r PMl !•:■ ' - " »: ' ■:• ■•!» ' : i- :JLIU_Iij ••s -vj ill . - Ir Ar, 1 fir- - -i ' A H 1 flBflH I 1 H m BlNt i ' ,£% mA 4jn ■J s a SENIORS 1 B mm Senior Class Row five: ANDREWS, JOHN D.: Education; Fayette. ANDREWS, SAMMY W.: Commerce and Business; Sylacauga; Kappa Sigma. APEL, JOHN F.: Commerce and Business; Cullman. ARGO, JAMES R.: Commerce and Business; Prattville. ARKUS, ALLEN S.: Arts and Sciences; Anniston; Zeta Beta Tau. Row six: ASPINWALL, LESLIE: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. AUVIL, JIMMY D,: Education; Tuscaloosa; Acacia. AVERY, JR., DAVID W.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. AYER, ANN E.: Education; Huntsville; Pi Beta Phi. BAARS, FRAUNA M.: Education; Pensacola, Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row seven: BACCHUS, JOE D.: Education; Birmingham. BAG- GETT, PAMELA J.: Education; Gordo. BAKER, JANELL C: Education; Jackson, Mississippi. BALDONE, DONNA M.: Home Economics; Birmingham. BALENGER, BELINDA J.: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. Row eight: BALL, J. ALICE: Home Economics; Coker. BALLARD, GEORGE P.: Commerce and Business; Northport. BALLARD, MARGARET S.: Arts and Sciences; Elberta; Alpha Omicron Pi. BANKS, J. DONALD: Commerce and Business; Mobile; Lambda Chi Alpha. BARFIELD, MARTY E.: Home Economics; Vicksburg, Mississippi. Row nine: BARNES, BEVERLY J.: Home Economics; Mobile. BARNES, ELLEN A.: Home Economics; Montgomery; Phi Mu. BARNES, REBECCA L.: Education; Montgomery; Alpha Delta Pi. BARNETT, JOHNNY M.: Education; Cordova. BARNHART, JONATHON S.: Engineering; Ormond Beach, Florida. Row ten: BARROW, DEBBIE: Arts and Sciences; New Iberia, Louisiana; Alpha Xi Delta. BARTON, KATHY M.: Arts and Sciences; Laurens, South Carolina. BARTON, WILLIAM C: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. BARTON, WILLIAM J.: Arts and Sci- ences; Savannah, Georgia; Pi Kappa Phi. BASSHAM, JAMES W.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row one: ABBOTT, MICHAEL S.: Engineering; Birmingham; Theta Tau. ABERNATHY, JR., WILLIAM E.: Commerce andl Business; Columbus, Georgia. ADAMS, MARY F.: Education;! Sylacauga; Alpha Chi Omega. ADAMS, SUSAN E.: Education; Springfield, Virginia. ADDINGTON, VICKl A.: Education; Shef- field. Row two: ALEXIS, CAROLE A.: Education; Huntsville. ALFORD, ELLEN C: Arts and Sciences; Wapping. Connecticut; Alpha Xi Delta. ALFORD, PHILLIP: Commerce and Business; Gadsden ALLEN, AUBREY B.: Education; Jacksonville. Florida. ALLENJ DAVID A.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row tliree: ALRED, DEBORAH D.: Education; Montgomery. ALRED, ROBERT W.: Commerce and Business; Montgomery. ALTHERR, JR., JACK R.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa, ANDERS, DANA L.: Education; Blountstown, Florida; Alpha Gamma Delta. ANDERSEN, PAUL J.: Arts and Sciences; Wor- cester, Massachusetts. Row four: ANDERSON, BRUCE H.: Engineering; Huntsville; Theta Tau. ANDERSON, DAVID W.: Engineering; Scottsboro. ANDERSON, EDWIN L.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. ANDER- SON, FRANK Y.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Phi Gamma Delta. ANDREWS, DONALD F.: Arts and Sciences; Cullman. 4U Row one: BATCHELOR, MILDRED A.: Education; Double Springs. BATEMAN, BONNIE J.: Home Economics; Port Char- lotte. Florida. BATES. SUSAN S.: Education; Birmingham. BATES. WILLIAM N.: Arts and Sciences; Nashville. Tennessee; Chi Phi. BAYNE, WILLIAM R.; Arts and Sciences; Headland. Row two: BEAMS. JIMMY: Commerce and Business; Samantha. BEAN. BARBARA " J.: Education; Reform; Alpha Omicron Pi. BEASLEY. JR.. CHARLES A.: Commerce and Business; Albert- ville; Kappa Alpha. BEAVERS. WENDELL M.: Arts and Sciences; Pell City. BEDSOLE, MELVIN T.: Commerce and Business; Moundville. three: BEDSOLE. TRAVIS M.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BELCHER, BRENT: Arts and Sciences; Centreville; BELCHER. LINDA L.: Arts and Sciences; Mt. Olive. BELL. SHEILA M.: Commerce and Business; Mobile. BELYEU, JOHN M.: Arts and Sciences; Oneonta. Row four: BENNETT. DANNY E.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. BENNETT, WALTER J.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BEN- NETT. WILLIAM G.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. BENSON. NANCY S.: Education; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. BERRY, DEBORAH W.: Education; Northport. ms Row five: BERRY. KENNETH W.: Commerce and Business; Northport; Lambda Chi Alpha. BERRY. SUSAN E.: Education; Richards-Gebaur AFB. Missouri. BETSILL, ROSEMARY: Home Economics; Huntsville; Alpha Delta Pi. BIBLE, W. BRUCE: Commerce and Business; Shelbyville, Illinois. BLACK, FRANCES P.: Arts and Sciences; Section. Row six: BLACK, LARRY D.: Arts and Sciences; Section. BLACK, W. JIMMY: Engineering; Vernon. BLACKMARR. ANNA G.: Mobile; Education; Delta Delta Delta. BLACKSHEAR. ALAN D.: Education; Dothan. BLACKWELL. JAMES S.: Commerce and Business; Panama City, Florida; Phi Kappa Sigma. Row seven: BLAIR, JR.: DENNY W.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville. BLAKE. ALAN B.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; BLAKE, BEN W.: Commerce and Business; Blountsville; Kappa Sigma. BLAKE, V. KATHY: Home Economics; Russellville; Alpha Delta Pi. BLAKENEY, CHARLES W.: Education; Geneva. Row eight: BLAKENEY, SARAH R.: Education; Geneva. BLA- LOCK, GLENYSS T.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. BLALOCK, JAMES H.: Commerce and Business; Abbeville. BLANKENSHIP, CLYDE A.: Commerce and Business; Hartselle; Sigma Chi. BLOUNT, PHYLLIS M.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Delta Zeta. Row nine: BLUNDELL, REBECCA D.: Home Economics; Hunts- ville; Alpha Xi Delta. BOGGESS, ANDREW L.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa; BOHANNON, BARBARA E.: Education; Sylacauga. BOLES, RONALD W.: Engineering; Huntsville; Kappa Alpha. BOLTON, WOODFORD H.: Education; Flomaton. Row ten: BOSCHUNG, RALPH D.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. BOSWELL. ANITA: Home Economics; Geneva; Kappa Alpha Theta. BOWLIN, JR., JOHN: Engineering; Steele. BOYD, LARRY R.: Education; Birmingham. BOZEMAN. ROBIN E.: Education; Montgomery; Alpha Chi Omega. 437 Brabner-Cork Row one: BRABNER, TERRI A.: Home Economics; Mobile; Alpha Gamma Delta. BRACKIN, RONALD J.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. BRANNON, JOSEPH W.: Commerce and Business; Arab. BRANNON, MARTIN L.: Engineering; Altoona. BRANTLEY, RICHARD: Commerce and Business; Pelham. Row two: BRAZIL, JANET: Education; Bessemer. BREWER, MICHAEL T.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. BRISTOW, RICHARD C: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. BROOKS, LINDA J.: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. BROWN, BARBARA S.: Arts and i Sciences; Sylacauga. Row three: BROWN, BETTY G.: Education; Birmingham. BROWN, CAROL P.: Education; Huntsville; Kappa Delta. BROWN, JR., CECIL V.: Commerce and Business; Eutaw, BROWN, GEORGE P.: Commerce and Business; Metairie, Louisi- ana. BROWN, KENNETH R.: Arts and Sciences; Hamilton. Row four: BROWN, LARRY W.: Arts and Sciences; Daytona Beach, Florida; Pi Kappa Phi. BROWN, REX J.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. BROWN, WINFRED C: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Tau Omega. BRYAN, EDWIN D.: Commerce and Business; Florence. BRYAN, SUSAN I.: Home Economics; Tupelo, Mississippi; Chi Omega. Row five: BUCKLEY, LINDA C: Education; Selma; Alpha Delta Pi. BUCKLEY, MARY S.: Arts and Sciences; Sulligent. BUCK- NER, CHARLES M.: Commerce and Business; Newport, Tennessee. BUCKNER, JOANN C: Education; Haleyville. BUERGER, CAROLINE S.: Education; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. I Row six: BULLINGTON, MICHAEL W.: Commerce and Business; Dothan. BUNNEL, JIMMY L.: Education; Russellville. BURCH, LINDA A.: Commerce and Business; St. Louis, Missouri; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BURFORD, JAMES E.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Tau Delta. BURGER, KENNETH E.: Educa- tion; Huntsvjlle. Row seven: BURKE, JANE C: Home Economics; Thousand Oaks, California. BURKE, PATRICIA H.: Education; Gadsden; Alpha Gamma Delta. BURKE, SHAWN M.: Education; Mobile. BUR- LEY, ALVIN J.: Commerce and Business; Loxley. BURNELL, WILLIAM J.: Commerce and Business; Spruce Pine; Phi Kappa Psi. Row eight: BURNS, JOHNNY M.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa. BURNS, ROENA B.: Education; Northport. BURROUGHS, PATRICIA C: Arts and Sciences; Alex City; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BlIRTON, BEN F.: Commerce and Business; Birming- ham. BUSH, MARY A.: Education; Tuscaloosa. Row nine: BUTTERLY, MICHAEL D.: Commerce and Business; Anniston; Lambda Chi Alpha. BYESS, CAROL J.: Home Econom- ics; Union Grove. CAIN, GEORGETTE J.: Home Economics; Jasper. CAIN, MARY S.: Home Economics; Geneva; Delta Gam- ma. CAIN, ROGER D.: Home Economics; JASPER. Row ten: CALHOUN, NICKY L.: Engineering; Marion. CAL- VERT, RETA J.: Home Economics; Jasper. CAMPBELL, FRANCES K.: Education; Livingston; Delta Zeta. CAMPBELL, LARRY L.: Engineering; Blountsville; Theta Tau. CAMPBELL, THOMAS E.: Engineering; Hueytown. 438 Row one; CANCEL, IVAN R.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Umbda Chi Alpha. CANCEL, PATRICIA A.: Education; Hunts- ville; Zeta Tau Alpha. CANNON, BART L.; Commerce and Bus- iness; Jackson, Mississippi. CANTRELL. DAVID W.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; CANTRELL, PHIL G.: Education; Fayette. Row two: CAPP, ESTHER D.: Home Economics; Montgomery; Sigma Delta Tau. CARPENTER, DONALD L.: Commerce and Business; Haleyville. CARPENTER, MARY: Education; Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma. CARR, JUDY A.: Education; Coker. CARROLL, LARANDA: Arts and Sciences; Fort Payne. Row three: CARROLL, III, SAM: Commerce and Business; Ozark; Sigma Nu. CARTER, SUZANNE: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. CARTER, THOMAS W.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. CARTY, ALICE A.: Home Economics; West Point, Mississippi; Chi Omega. CASH, JAN K.: Education; Birmingham. Row four: CASMUS, III, CHARLES A.: Arts and Sciences; Mont- gomery. CATER, JAMES T.: Arts and Sciences; Beatrice. CAU- DILL, REGGIE J.: Engineering; Branson, Missouri. CERVANTES, WALTER R.: Engineering; Piura, Peru; Theta Tau. CHABANNES, JULIA R.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. Row five: CHAMBERS, LINDA M.: Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Alpha Omicron Pi. CHAMPION, JR., EDWARD R.: Engi- neering; Bessemer. CHAPMAN, CHARLES A.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. CHAPPELL, MICHAEL A.: Arts and Sciences; Prattville; Phi Sigma Kappa. CHASE, CINDY: Educa- tion; Lakeland, Florida; Kappa Delta. Row six: CHECKETTS, LARRY A.: Commerce and Business; Colorado Springs, Colorado. CHERRY, JO: Arts and Sciences; Newton; Alpha Delta Pi. CHRISTENSEN, AMELIA S.: Education; Birmingham. CHRISTOPHER, PEGGY J.: Education; Gadsden. CLARK, DEE DEE: Arts and Sciences; Clarksdale, Mississippi; Sigma Delta Tau. Row seven: CLARK, MARY K.: Arts and Sciences; Nashville, Tennessee; Delta Gamma. CLARK, TERRELL A.: Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham. CLEMMONS, THOMAS W.: Commerce and Business; Ethelsville. CLLIFTON, JAMES R.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. CLONTS, SHARON L.: Arts and Sciences; Chattanooga, Tennessee. Row eight: CLOUD, MARGARET W.: Education; Birmingham. CLOWDUS, SHARON M.: Arts and Sciences; Oneonta. COBB, ROBERT H.: Home Economics; Mobile. COCKE, III, JOHN D.: Commerce and Business; Montrose. COHEN, ALISE J.: Education; Montgomery. Row nine: COHEN, LESLI A.: Education; Dayton, Ohio; Delta Phi Epsilon. COKER, GERALD J.: Engineering; Dawson. COL- BURN, MARY L.: Home Economics; Fayette. COLEMAN, ANN M.: Education; Coker. COLEMAN, CHARLES M.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row ten: CONTE, GAETON V.: Engineering; Birmingham. COOK, ANN M.: Education; Selma. COOK, ROBERT: Commerce and Business; Millport. COOPER, VIRGINIA B.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. CORK, SONNY L.: Education; Kennedy. 439 Corley-Ferguson Row one: CORLEY, THELA D.: Education; Bay Minette. CORN, JOHN T.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa. COTHREN, ROBERT A.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. COX, CAROLYN S.: Arts and Sciences; Attalla. CRAIG, R. NEELY: Commerce and Business; Fairfield. Row two: CRANFORD, NANCY C: Education; Gadsden; Phi Mu. CRAVEN, TEDDY W.; Education; Parrish. CRAVEN, THOMAS M.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. CREW, ALLEN E.: Education; Birmingham. CROCKER, ALICE F.: Home Economics; Birmingham. Row three: CROOK, SAMUEL F.: Education; Atmore; Kappa Alpha. CROWN, FREDERICK S.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. CRUMPTON, PATRICIA A.: Arts and Sciences; Tarrant; Delta Zeta. CULBERSON, SARAH E.: Education; Mobile; Alpha Chi Omega, CULLOTTA, PAMELA B.: Home Economics; New Orleans, Louisiana. Row four: CUMMINS, CURTIS L.: Arts and Sciences; Ettriek, Virginia; Theta Xi. CUNNINGHAM, GWENDOLYN O.: Home Economics; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. CURRY, ASHLEY C: Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Phi Sigma Kappa. CURTIS, PHYLLIS A.: Home Economics; Double Springs. DAILY, BUFORD J.: Arts and Sciences; Florence. Row five: DALGO, LAWRENCE F.: Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. DALTON, ANN M.: Arts and Sciences; Memphis, Tennessee; Phi Mu. DANELUTT, ANGELA R.: Educa- tion; Sylacauga; Kappa Alpha Theta. DAUGHTRY, JAMES H.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. DAUGHTRY, LYNDA C: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row six: DAVIS, CHARLES W.: Engineering; Cleveland, Missis- sippi; Phi Sigma Kappa. DAVIS, EDWARD L.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. DAVIS, MAX R.: Engineering; Northport. DAVIS, RONALD L.: Education; Kennedy. DAVIS, E. SUSAN: Florence; Education. Row seven: DAVIS, WILLIAM A.: Commerce and Business; Talladega; Kappa Alpha. DEASON, ROBERT E.: Arts and Sci- ences; Pell City. DE BARDELABEN, JIMMY L.: Commerce and Business; Wetumpka. DEMPSEY, WILLIAM R.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Sigma Phi Epsilon. DENMARK, RAYMOND H.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. Row eight: DENNIS, HARRY G.: Education; Boise, Idaho. DEN- NIS, MARTHA J.: Commerce and Business; Montgomery. DENS- MORE, ROYCE G.: Commerce and Business; Phil Campbell. DENSON, PHILLIP B.: Education; Gadsden. DENTON, DONA A.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Chi Omega. Row nine: DE WITT, NANCY A.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. DICK, CHARLES: Arts and Sciences; New York, New York. DICKERT, MARIANNE; Arts and Sciences; Anniston. DICKS, ALICE H.: Education; Linden; Delta Zeta. DICKSON, LOUISE M.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row ten: DILDINE, HERBERT S.: Education; Indianapolis, In- diana. DINNING, PAULA E.: Arts and Sciences; Demopolis; Delta Gamma. DI PIAZZA, ANTHONY J.: Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Theta Chi. DITORO, LAWRENCE: Arts and Sciences; West Pittston, Pennsylvania; Theta Chi. DOBBINS, CAROLYN R.: Education; Birmingham. 440 Row five: EADY, JR., JAMES C: Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham. ECHOLS, SARA G.: Education; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. ECKLES, LENORE L.: Arts and Sciences; Honolulu, Hawaii; Pi Beta Phi. EDGAR, GINGER M.: Home Economics; Mobile. EDGAR, JAMES H.: Engineering; Jefferson City, Tennessee. 1 Row six: EDWARDS, JAMES E.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; I Sigma Chi. EFFINGER, ANNIE B.: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. 1 ELDER, LINDA: Education; Guntersville. ELLIOTT, JIMMY: i Commerce and Business; Haleyville. ELLIOTT, MARY J.: Arts ' and Sciences; Wichita, Kansas. Row seven: ELLIOTT, SHERRY D.: Home Economics; Harper- ville. ELLIS, JOHN V.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. ELLIS, MYRA J.: Education; Birmingham. ELLIS, WILLIAM R.: En- gineering; Tuscaloosa. ELLISON, JAMES M.: Arts and Sciences; Sumiton. eight: ELMORE, DAVID L.: Engineering; Gordo. ELMORE, MANDERSON R.: Arts and Sciences; Gordo. ELMORE, RONALD G.: Arts and Sciences; Athens. ENFINGER, BEVERLY L.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. ENGEL, ROGER S.: Commerce and Busi- ness; Scottsboro. Row nine: ENGLISH, CHERYL: Arts and Sciences; Gulfbreeze; Alpha Gamma Delta. ERIKSEN, PETER A.: Commerce and Business; New York, New York. EVANS, CHARLES E.: Com- merce and Business; Birmingham. EVANS, ROBERT B.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. FAIR, HENRY T.: Commerce and Busi- ness; Dothan. Row ten: FANNIN, SARAH J.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Delta Delta. FARRIS, DOUGLAS R.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. FEAZEL, CAROLYN F.: Home Economics; Birming- ham; Phi Mu. FEINBERG, JOYCE H.: Education; Opelika. FERGUSON. DARRY A.: Engineering; Athens. Row one: DODD, ROBERT G.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa. EXJDD, RONALD H.: Arts and Sciences; Semmes. DOE, III, WELDON W.: Commerce and Business; Montgomery. DOGGETTE, LARRY M.: Engineering; Toxey. DOLAN, DORIS A.: Home Economics; Phil Campbell. Row two: DOMINICK, DELORES D.: Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Delta Pi. DONALD, SUSAN E.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. DORAN, STEPHEN C: Education; Murray, Kentucky. DORLON, KATHRYN S.: Education; Mobile; Alpha Gamma Delta. DOWDLE, ROBERT E.: Education; Tuscaloosa. Row three: DRUMMOND, TOMMY R.: Commerce and Business; Dora. DUCKWORTH, SUSAN J.: Education; Montgomery; Alpha Chi Omega. DUNAGAN, PATRICK E.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Sigma Kappa. DUNCAN, KENNETH J.: Com- merce and Business; Brighton. DUNHAM, ELIZABETH R.: Com- merce and Business; Union Springs; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row four: DUNLAP, LARRY M.: Commerce and Business; Rock- ford. DUNN, DAVID E.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. DUNN, SUZANNE: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. DURANT, MARY E.: Home Economics; Mobile; Alpha Omicron Pi. DYSON, RONNIE F.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. a ■ " mmmi m ■■RHBaHBI ■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ S 441 »■ Field-Hargrave Row one: FIELD, WILLIAM N.: Arts and Sciences; Sylacauga; Phi Gamma Delta. FIKES, JERRY A.: Arts and Sciences; Win- field. FINDLAY, WILLIAM D.: Arts and Sciences; Fairfield High- lands. FINKEL, JEFFRY M.: Education; Westbury, New York; Alpha Epsilon Pi. FINNAN, BRIAN G.: Commerce and Bus- iness; Mobile; Lambda Chi Alpha. Row two: FINOCCHIO, MARGARET R.: Home Economics; Bes- semer; FITZGERALD, BILLY RAY: Education; Sheffield; FIU- ZEL, URSULA E.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. FLOURNOY, JR., SIMON W.: Commerce and Business; Foley. FOGARTY, SARAH L.: Education; Prattville. Row three: FORD, MARYELLEN: Arts and Sciences; Winnie, Arkansas. FORD, F. NELSON: Commerce and Business; Hunts- ville; Delta Chi. FORTE, PRISCILLA A.: Education; Tuscaloosa. FOSTER, DENNIS C: Engineering; Tuscaloosa; Theta Tau. POUTS, THOMAS A.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row four: FOWLER, KAY L.: Education; Montgomery. FOWLER, RANDOLPH M.: Arts and Sciences; Columbiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FRANKLIN, KRISTIE LEE: Education; Birmingham. FRANKLIN, NORVAL M.: Education; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. FRANKS, LARRY D.: Engineering; Guin. Row five: FREDERICK, CLAUDIA A.: Arts and Sciences; Cleve- land. FREDERICK, SANDRA L.: Education; Hackleburg. FREEL, CATHERINE C: Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FRITZ, HERMAN J.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Sigma Chi. FROST, LINDA LEE: Arts and Sciences; East Gadsden. Row six: FRYE, MARY D.: Home Economics; Atmore. FRYE, WILLIAM B.: Engineering; Birmingham. FUTATO, EUGENE M.: Arts and Sciences; Macon, Mississippi. GALBRAITH, CLAUDIA L.: Home Economics; Rome, Georgia. GAMBLE, FREDERICK D.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row seven: GANN, GERALD D.: Commerce and Business; Tus- caloosa. GARDNER, DAVID M.: Arts and Sciences; Childers- burg. GARDNER, JR., J. WARREN: Commerce and Business; Columbus, Mississippi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GARY, FRANCES M.: Education; Tuscaloosa. GARZAREK, ROBERT P.: Com- merce and Business; Fairfield. Row eight: GATTMAN, JAMES A.: Engineering; Florence. GEER, MARTHA FAY: Education; Gordo. GERARD, BLUM L.: Com- merce and Business; Birmingham: Phi Epsilon Pi. GERSON, ROBERT L.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Zeta Beta Tau. GEWIN, ANN A.: Home Economics; Greensboro; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row nine: GIBBS, JOHN C: Education; Altoona. GIDDENS, ROBERT C: Commerce and Business; Greenville. GILBERT, BARBARA E.: Education; University. GILBERT, JR., CHARLES W.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. GILBERT, GREGORY W.: Arts and Sciences; York; Alpha Tau Omega. Row ten: GILLIAM, WANDA C: Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham. GIRTMAN, PAM F.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Delta Pi. GIRTMAN, WILLIAM F.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Sigma. GIULI, MICHAEL F.: Arts and Sci- ences; Annandale, Virginia. GLENN, JULE C: Arts and Sci- ences; Mobile; Alpha Delta Pi. 442 mmi Row one: GODWIN, ROBERT E.: Commerce and Business; Shef- field; Pi Kappa Alpha. GOLDSTEIN, MARSHA A.: Education; Montgomery. GOODLING, HALLIE M.: Home Economics; Meridian, Mississippi; Phi Mu. GOODSON, JERRY L.: Commerce and Business; Northport. GORDAY, CARL L.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row two: GORDON, FREDA K.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. GOULD, ROBERT H.: Commerce and Business; Selma; Kappa Alpha. GRABLE, CAROL: Education; Montgomery; Delta Delta Delta. GRACE, DONNY H.: Engineering; Jasper. GRACE, GARY K.: Engineering; Huntsville; Theta Chi. Row three: GRADY, SYDNEY L.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Chi Omega. GRAHAM, DANNY E.: Arts and Sciences; Brundidge. GRAVES, DONALD H.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. GRAVES, DONNIE W.: Arts and Sciences; Cullman. GRAVES, FAYE S.: Education; Gadsden; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row four: GRAVES, SAMUEL P.: Commerce and Business; Demopolis; Lambda Chi Alpha. GRAVLEE, ROSANNE: Educa- tion; Tuscaloosa. GRAY, H. LEONARD: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. GRAY, LILLIAN R.: Education; Elkmont; Alpha Gamma Delta. GREEN, TERRY A.: Engineering; Atlanta, Georgia. Row five: GREGORY, VICKI L.: Arts and Sciences; Hanceville. GREGORY, WILLIAM S.: Commerce and Business: Blacksburg, Virginia. GREY, GREGORY A.: Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham; Delta Chi. GRIER, ANNE M.: Arts and Sciences; Arlington, Virginia; Phi Mu. GRIFFIN, DONALD J.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row six: GUARINO, JOE: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. GRIFFIN, LINDA: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. GRIMES, ROBERT L.: Commerce and Business; Elba; Pi Kappa Phi. GROVER, JOEL M.: Education; Montgomery. GROVES, JAMES C: Commerce and Business; Louisville, Kentucky. Row seven: GTZYMKOWSKI, DENNIS J.: Commerce and Busi- ness; Rochester, New York. HAEDICKE, GEORGE J.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Pi Kappa Alpha. HALEY, JOSEPH: Com- merce and Business; York. HAMILL, CHRISTIANA D.: Education; Birmingham. HAMMOND, SHIRLEY A.: Home Economics; Lexington. Row eiglit: HAMMOND, SHIRLEY E.: Home Economics; Decatur: Phi Mu. HAMMOND, STEPHEN V.: Arts and Sciences; Decatur. HAMMOND, WILLIAM M.: Engineering; Birmingham. HAMNER, BARBARA A.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. HAND, JANE C: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row nine: HANDLEY, LYNNE E.: Education; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. HANDLEY, MARIAN J.: Home Economics; Birmingham. HANDLEY, ROGER J.: Arts and Sciences; Berry; HANLIN, WILLIAM M.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. HANNON, HELEN L.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row ten: HARDEN, PAUL M.: Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. HARDIN, DARRYL C: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. HARDING, PATRICIA A.: Commerce and Business; Hershey, Pennsylvania; Delta Gamma. HARGETT, DANNY J.: Engineering; Russellville. HARGRAVE, KARL D.: Arts and Sciences; Newport News, Virginia. 443 f w Row five: HELD, JERRY E.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Zeta Beta Tau. HELLER, ANN-RAE P.: Education; Birmingham; Delta Phi Epsilon. HELM, LARRY B.: Education; Birmingham; Sigma Nu. HELTON, G. HIXON: Arts and Sciences; Petermaa. HEMBREE, H. KERRY: Commerce and Business; Vinemont; Delta Chi. Row six: HEMPHILL, KATHY J.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Mu. HENDERSON, BRENDA J.: Education; Birmingham. HENDERSON, DON: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Theta Chi. HENDON, JAMES R.: Education; Arley. HENDRIX, III, JOHN C: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Theta Chi. Row seven: HEREFORD, CAROLYN F.: Arts and Sciences; Adamsville. HERRIN, JR., DUDLEY J.: Arts and Sciences; Florence. HERRING, CHERYL A.: Education; Birmingham. HESTER, ROBERT L.: Commerce and Business; Scottsboro. HICKS, DIANNE: Commerce and Business; Mobile. Row eiglit: HICKS, MICHAEL E.: Arts and Sciences; Blountsville. HIERBAUW, MARK: Commerce and Business; Margate, New Jersey; Sigma Phi Epsilon. HIGDON, MONA: Education; Falk- ville. HIGGINS, CHARLITTE A.: Education; Birmingham. HIGGINS, LARRY G.: Engineering; Cordova. Row nine: HILDRETH, WILLIAM B.: Arts and Sciences; Brun- didge; Theta Xi. HILL, ALICE F.: Home Economics; Anniston; Alpha Delta Pi. HILL, DIXIE C: Arts and Sciences; Lafayette; Kappa Alpha Theta. HILL, GAIL: Arts and Sciences; Russellville. HILL, ROBERT W.: Commerce and Business; Bessemer. Row ten: HILLARD, MARY K.: Education; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HILLMAN, BOBBIE L.: Home Economics; Poplarville, Mississippi. HINDS, BARBARA C: Education; Tusca- loosa. HINES, R. ELIZABETH: Arts and Sciences; LaFayette; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HODNETTE, MARY D.: Education; Pensacola, Florida; Alpha Gamma Delta. Harrell-Jennings Row one: HARRELL, THOMAS ROY: Engineering; Quinton; Theta Tau. HARRELL, JR., WILLIAM E.: Arts and Sciences; Alexander City. HARRIS, CAROL L.: Home Economics; Tusca- loosa. HARRIS, ELIZABETH M.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Delta. HARRIS, ELM A R.: Arts and Sciences; Livingston. Row two: HARRIS, RITA R.: Education; Heflin. HARRISON, DIANNE F.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Alpha Gamma Delta. HARRISON, JANICE G.: Arts and Sciences; Sylacauga. HARRI- SON, RICKEY B.: Engineering; Vernon. HARRISON, SHARON, A.: Education; Huntsville; Delta Zeta. Row three: HART, ROBERT H.W.: Commerce and Business; Winter Haven, Florida; Alph a Tau Omega. HARTLEY, KAREN S.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. HARTLEY, ROBERT R.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. HARVEY, JADA M.: Arts and Sciences; Albertville. HARWELL, B. KAY: Education; York; Phi Mu. Row four: HATAWAY, CLIFFORD J.: Arts and Sciences; Brun- didge; Theta Xi. HATCHER, NANCY E.: Arts and Sciences; New Hope. HAWES, RUSSELL F.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. HAYWOOD, MARY J.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. HEARD, SAM B.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. 444 Row one: HOEFLER, JR., ARTHUR P.: Commerce and Business; Northptirt. HOFFMANN, SUSAN G.: Education; Bellerose, New York; Delta Gamma. HOLCOMB. WILLIAM H.: Commerce and Business; Guin. HOLDBROOKS, DANNY: Commerce and Busi- ness; Haleyville. HOLDERFIELD, MARGARET A.: Education; Florence. Row two: HOLLADAY, C. RANDOLPH: Commerce and Business; Picayune, Mississippi. HOLLAND, THOMAS L.: Commerce and Business; Mobile. HOLLEY, CAROLE K.: Home Economics; Evergreen. HOLLINGSWORTH, BRENDA K.: Education; El- dridge. HOLLINGSWORTH, MICHAEL D.: Arts and Sciences; Gordo. Row three: HOLT, GENE: Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Delta Chi. HOLT, JOE: Arts and Sciences; Sylacauga. HOOPER, LYNDA: Arts and Sciences; Albertville; Alpha Omicron Pi. HOOVER, THOMAS J.: Commerce and Business; Nashville. HORAN, JOHNNY C: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row four: HOUCHIN, LINDA L.: Education; Duncanville. HOUGH, RANDY T.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. HOWARD, JOHN R.: Arts and Sciences; Toney; Sigma Chi. HOWLAND, DAVIS C: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. HUCKA- BEE, ERICG.: Engineering; Birmingham. Row five: HUDSON, WANDA J.: Education; Vernon. HUGGINS, CHARLES P.: Commerce and Business; Red Level. HUGHES, TERRILL W.: Arts and Sciences; Tucker, Georgia. HUMBER, JAMES: Commerce and Business; Fayette. HUMBER, JOHN D.: Engineering; Fayette; Kappa Alpha. Row six: HUMBER, ROBERT W.: Commerce and Business; Fayette. HUMBER. THOMAS: Commerce and Business; Fayette. HUNT, JOSEPH J.: Commerce and Business; Northport. HUSLER, JR., KENNETH M.: Commerce and Business; Towson, Maryland. HUTCHESON, JOHN L.: Engineering; Selma; Phi Sigma Kappa. Row seven: HUTCHINSON, KATHERINE H.: Home Economics; Montgomery; Kappa Delta. HUTSON, MARGARET A.: Education; Tuscaloosa. HYCHE, JR., JAMES K.: Arts and Sciences; Jasper. HYETT, DOYLE G.: Education; Anniston. HYMEL, DARRELL A.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. Row eight: ICH, WANDA O.: Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. INGALLS, IDA: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Pi Beta Phi. INGE, D. TERESA: Education; Eutaw; Delta Delta Delta. INNES, JAN E.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. INNES, MICHAEL W.: Commerce and Business; Holt. Row nine: INSLER, JILL M.: Education; West Palm Beach, Flori- da; Sigma Delta Tau. INZER, ANN: Education; Gadsden. ISON, JOY: Commerce and Business; Mobile. IVEY, MARTHA A.: Arts and Sciences; Webb. JACKSON, JOHN E.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa. Row ten: JAMES, DON M.: Commerce and Business; Russellville, Kappa Alpha. JAMES, WILLIAM E.: Education; Montgomery. JAMISON, JUDY F.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. JARRELL, STEPHEN B.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. JEN- NINGS, CARLA J.: Education; Birmingham. 445 Laborde-Kulkarni Row one: LABORDE, DON: Engineering; Decatur. LADD, JUDY M.: Home Economics; Woodlawn, Tennessee; LANE, QUENTIN L.: Arts and Sciences; Selma. LANGHAM, CHARLIE B.: Com- merce and Business; Birmingham. LANGSTON, LEE G.: Com- merce and Business; Birmingham. Row two: LANIER, RANDOLPH H.: Commerce and Business Mountain Brook; Kappa Sigma. LANTHORNE, RUSSELL J. Education; La Jolla, California. LARRIMORE: CHARLES L. Engineering; Dickinson. LAUBSCHER, LINDA S.: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. LAW, CHARLES M.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. Row three: LAW, JAMES E.: Commerce and Business; Bessemer; Accacia. LAWLER, SUE: Education; Wales, Tennessee. LAWLEY, JEAN M.: Home Economics; Leeds. LAWRENCE, GEORGE L.: Commerce and Business; Fayette. LAWRENCE, JUDITH M.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row four: LAWRENCE, KENNETH E.: Arts and Sciences; Cull- man. LAWRENCE, MILDRED L.: Education; Panama City, Florid?. LAWRENCE, NEAL B.: Engineering; Hamilton. LEE, JOYCE L.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. LEISER, BERTRAM E.: Engineering; Red Bay. Row five: LE MASTER, GLORIA S.: Arts and Sciences; Tusca- loosa. LE MASTER ROBERT L.: Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham. LENOIR, PENNY: Education; Huntsville; Alpha Delta Pi. LETTON, KAREN L.: Arts and Sciences; Danville, Kentucky; Pi Beta Phi. LEURS, MARGARET A.: Arts and Sciences; Tusca- loosa. Row six: LEVENS, BRENDA F.: Education; Birmingham. LEVIO, JOE: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Sigma Kappa. LEWIS, HERBERT J.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. LEWIS, LAURA: Education; Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Delta. LILLY, KRISTY E.: Arts and Sciences; Tallahassee. Row seven: LINDLEY, JR., ED H.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. LINNICK, SAMUEL N.: Commerce and Business; Mobile. LITTLE, HENRIETTA: Education; Chickasaw. LITTON, DAVID K.: Education; Tuscaloosa. LOCKARD, JULIA: Education; Montgomery. Row eight: LOGAN, BARRY W. Commerce and Business; Char- lotte, North Carolina; Alpha Sigma Phi. LOGAN, JAN: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Chi Omega. LOGAN, LINDA G.: Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. LONG, PATRICIA I..: Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. LOONEY, MARY A.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. Row nine: LORENZA, JEAN A.: Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Phi Mu. LOVE, TERRY D.: Commerce and Business; Hayden. LUFF, JANICE E.: Commerce and Business; Sheffield. LUNDBERG, DEBORAH L.: Arts and Sciences; Bay Minette. LUTZ, ELIZA- BETH: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row ten: LYERLY, RICHARD H.: Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham. MACE, STEPHEN A.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. MACKEY, LUCY E.: Education; Shelbyville, Kentucky. MADDOX, TERESA R.: Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham. MADISON, JOHN K.: Arts and Sciences; Fayette. 446 Row one: JENNINGS, HARRY C: Commerce and Business; Enterprise: Theta Xi. JENT, DONALD N.: Engineering; Cordova. JETER. CAROL E.: Education; Ennis. Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. JETT, MARIE: Arts and Sciences; Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma. JOHNSON, CHESLEY R.: Engineering; Tusca- loosa. Row two: JOHNSON, GLEN: Arts and Sciences; Fort Sheridan, Illinois. JOHNSON, JAMES D.: Commerce and Business; Somer- vlllc. JOHNSON, M. CAMILLE: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. JOHNSON, PAUL T.: Commerce and Business; Albertville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. JOHNSON, YVONNE G.: Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham. Row three: JOHNSTON, JR., JAMES G.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham: Kappa Sigma. JOINER, MICHAEL C: Arts and Sciences; Clanton. JONES, BRENDA E.: Education; Birmingham. JONES, DANNY L.: Engineering; Oxford. JONES, DEBORAH A.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. Row four: JONES, KEITH M.: Commerce and Business: Holt. JONES, MARGARET E.: Arts and Sciences; Homewood; Alpha Omicron Pi. JONES, MARGARET E.: Home Economics: Gadsden. JONES, PHILLIP G.: Commerce and Business; Andalusia. JONES, RICHARD: Commerce and Business; Haddenfield, New Jersey. Row five: JONES, ROBERT: Commerce and Business: Hadonfield, New Jersey: Delta Tau Delta. JONES, ROGER K.: Education; Guin. JONES, SONDRA J.: Arts and Sciences: Guin. KAMINSKY, DIANE: Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Tau. KEITH, CAROLYN L.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row six: KEITH, JERRY M.: Commerce and Business; Northport. KELLY, BARBARA: Education; Mobile: Delta Zeta. KENDRICK, L. CAROL: Home Economics: Luverne; Alpha Chi Omega. KENDRICK, DEBORAH K.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. KENDRICK, DENNIS E.: Engineering: Cordova. seven: KENDRICK, KATHRYN: Education; Winter Haven, Florida; Delta Delta Delta. KESSLER, RICHARD A.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. KEW, JANE S.: Arts and Sciences; Tusca- loosa. KEY, EUGENE W.: Engineering: Tuscaloosa. KIELY, MARIE O.: Arts and Sciences; Bluefield, West Virginia. Row eight: KIMBRELL, RITA L.: Education; Jasper. KING, J. THOMAS: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega. KING, JR., JACK A.: Commerce and Business; Chickasaw. KING, MARTHA E.: Education; Birmingham. KINNEY, ELIZA- BETH M.: Education: Birmingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row nine: KIRBY, ROGER W.: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. KIRK, ELIZABETH A.: Education; Birmingham. KIRKPATRICK, M. GWEN: Arts and Sciences; Prattville. KIRKSEY, MARY B.: Arts and Sciences: Aliceville. KNOX, LARRY R.: Engineering: Birmingham. Row ten: KNOX, SUSAN R.: Education; Birmingham. KOSKI, HJALMAR S.: Engineering: Tuscaloosa. KRAL, WILLIAM J.: Engineering: Huntsville. KRATOHVIL, PETER S.: Commerce and Business: Huntsville. KULKARNI, SWAROOP D.: Arts and Sciences; Bombay, India. 447 Maecker-Mullins Row one: MAECKER, GREGORY P.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville. MANER, JOSEPH R.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MANNING, PATRICIA G.: Arts and Sciences; Frisco City. MAPES, TOM R.: Education; Tuscumbia. MAPES, HELEN B.: Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma. Row two: MAPLES, ROBERT A.: Arts and Sciences; Somerville. MARCHMAN, BETTY R.: Education; Tuscaloosa. MARCHMAN, ROBERT S.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. MARCUS, ROBERT G.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Alpha Epsilon Pi. MARKS, SUZANNE S.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. Row Ihree: MARQUIS, GARY G.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. MARSHALL, JERRY W.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MAR- SHALL, JUDITH H.: Education; Birmingham. MARSHALL, RONALD: Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. MARTIN, CHARLES D.: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. Row four: MARTIN, MARTHA A.: Education; Birmingham. MARTIN, MARTHA S.: Arts and Sciences; Dothan. MARTIN, ROBERT C; Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. MASON, PRIS- CILLA G.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. MASSEY, LAURA J.: Education; Nashville, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi. , mm Row five: MATTHEWS, BRADLEY E.: Arts and Sciences; An- niston. MATTHEWS, JR., CARTER B.: Commerce and Business; Mobile; Theta Chi. MAY, FREDRIC G.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Zeta Beta Tau. MC CALLEB, BLAINE S.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Pi Kappa Alpha. MC CALL, TERRY L.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row six: MC CARVER, STEPHEN: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. MC CASKILL, MILDRED E.: Education; Tuscaloosa. MC CLUNG, WILLIAM N.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MCCLURE, ROGER L.: Arts and Sciences; Albertville. MC COL- LUM, NANCY: Education; Birmingham. Row seven: MC CONNELL, REGINA: Education; Mobile; Phi Mu. MCCORMICK, III, FRANCIS L.: Engineering; Hueytown. MCCOY, DOUGLAS B.: Arts and Sciences; Grosse Point, Michi- gan. MCCRARY, BETTIE M.: Education; Birmingham. MC- DANAL, III, ALMUS J.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa. Row eight: MC DONALD, DAVID: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. MCDONALD, MICHAEL J.: Commerce and Busi- ness; Guin. MCDONOUGH, TIMOTHY C: Education; Whistler. MC ELROY, MONTE L.: Commerce and Business; Shelbyville, Illinois. MC GILL, TED M.: Arts and Sciences; Satsuma. Row nine: MC HATTON, STEPHEN R.: Arts and Sciences; Dothan. MC KINNEY, JAMES A.: Commerce and Business; Gadsden. MC KINNEY, JOHN M.: Commerce and Business; Miami, Florida; Chi Phi. MC LEROY, LARRY W.: Arts and Sciences; Rogersville. MC MINN, JAN B.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Phi Kappa Sigma. Row ten: MC MOY, MIKE: Arts and Sciences; Dothan. MC MUR- RAY, JAMES L.: Arts and Sciences; Roanoke. MC NEFF, MARY D.: Education; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Tau Alpha. MCNEILL, JAMES L.: Engineering; Foley. MCTYEIRE, ROBERT A.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. 448 Row five: MILLER, MICHAEL H.: Commerce and Business; Montgomery. MILLER, NANCY A.: Home Economics; Columbus, Georgia; Alpha Omicron Pi. MILLER, PEGGY A.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Phi Mu. MILLER, STANLEY L.: Commerce and Business; Joppa. MILLICAN, DAVID C: Engineer- ing; Attalla. Row six: MINIARD, LARRY T.: Engineering; Atmore. MINK, BRUCE A.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. MITCHELL, DEWEY D.: Commerce and Business; Florence; Kappa Sigma. MITCHELL, GARY: Arts and Sciences; Luverne. MITCHELL, NED A.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row seven: MOLETT, ELIZABETH G.: Education; Lafeyette, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. MONK, JOHN R.: Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham. MONTGOMERY, ROBERT M.: Commerce and Business; Shelbyville, Kentucky; Kappa Alpha. MOODY, MORTON W.: Commerce and Business; Childersburg. MOORE, ELLEN M.: Arts and Sciences; Loxley. Row eight: MOORE, EMILY: Education; Dyersburg, Tennessee; Chi Omega. MOORE, J. LARRY: Arts and Sciences; Berry. MOORE, LARRY D.: Commerce and Business; Cullman. MOORE, MARTHA: Home Economics; Selma; Kappa Alpha Theta. MORAN, JOHNNY: Engineering; Birmingham. Row nine: MORENO, WHITE: Engineering; Evergreen; Theta Tau. MOREY, SUSAN S.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MOREY, WALLACE C: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. MORGAN, PAUL T.: Arts and Sciences; McCalla; Theta Chi. MORGAN, STEVEN W.: Engineering; Gardendale. Row ten: MORRIS, DOROTHY C: Education; Tuscaloosa. MORRISON, RONALD W.: Education; Marion, Illinois. MOR- ROW, ANNE H.: Education; Webb, Mississippi; Kappa Delta. MULLINS, JAMES H.: Arts and Sciences; Columbiana. MULLINS, LARRY C: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. i Row one: MEACHAM, KATHY W.: Home Economics; Columbus, Mississippi. MEALINS, BRIAN: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MEDDERS, CAROL E.: Education; Delta Zeta; Birmingham. MEDLEY, JERRY M.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. MEDWICK, LEE N.: Arts and Sciences; Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Row two: MEEKS, SHERRY L.: Education; Rainsville. MEN- DELL, PEGGY: Arts and Sciences; Columbus, Georgia. MEON, PATRICIA M.: Education; Birmingham; Chi Omega. MERRILL, THOMAS P.: Engineering; Birmingham; Phi Kappa Psi. MESSELT, C. D.: Engineering; Huntsville. Row three: MEWBOURNE, DAVID E.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. MICHAELS, SANDRA L.: Education; Jasper. MICKLES, BRIAN P.: Arts and Sciences; Palm Beach Shores, Florida. MIDDLETON, HARRISON D.: Arts and Sciences; Bridge- port. MILAM, DAVID: Commerce and Business; Hueytown. Row four: MILES, KAYRON: Education; Winfield. MILLER, GRENDLYNE: Home Economics; Vinemont. MILLER, JAMES H.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Sigma Alpha Epsilon MILLER, LINDA: Education; Birmingham. MILLER, JR., MAURICE H.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. 449 Murch-Ray Row one: MURCH, CHESTER £.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Sigma Kappa. MURCH, NANCY H,: Education: Birmingham. MURPHY, CAROLYN: Arts and Sciences; Jacksonville, Florida; Alpha Gamma Delta. MUSE, S. ANN: Education; Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi. MUSICK, JANET S.: Education; Chi Omega. Row two: MYRICK, PAM D.: Commerce and Business, Fairhope. NADER, JOSEPHINE L.: Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. NATION III, HORACE H.: Commerce and Business; Acmar. NEAL, JR. .GEORGE M.: Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham; Sigma Chi. NEALE, SHIRLEY: Arts and Sciences; Columbus, Ohio: Kappa Alpha Theta. Row three: NELSON, EDDY L.: Education; Perry. NELSON, SANDRA F.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. NELSON JR., WILLIAM T.: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. NEWMAN, RAY- FORD W.: Commerce and Business; Fayette. NIX, ERIC K.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Delta Chi. Row four: NIXON JR., JOHN H.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. NOOJIN, MARTHA E.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. NORRIS, LARRY N.: Education; Tuscaloosa. NORRIS, PHILLIP E.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. NORRIS, SANDRA I.: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. Row five: OBREIN, VIRGINIA H.: Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Alpha Chi Omega. O ' CAIN, CHARLOTTE R.: Education; Greensboro, North Carolina. OGILVIE, JEAN M.: Education; Jacksonville. OGLE, THOMAS L.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. OLENSKY, JOANNE: Education; Mobile; Delta Phi Epsilon. Row six: OLIVE, DEBORAH A : Home Economics; Birmingham. OLIVER, MARGARET E.: Arts and Sciences; Matthews, North Carolina. O ' NEAL, ERNEST G.: Engineering; Partdale, Arkansas. ORKIN, THEODORE S.: Commerce and Business; Jackson, Mis- sissippi, Zeta Beta Tau. ORR, BETTYE A.: Education; Florence; Chi Omega. Row seven: OWEN, JAMES R.: Arts and Sciences; Meridian, Mississippi. OWENS, JAMES L.: Commerce and Business; Attalla. PACE, BOBBY L.: Engineering; Cullman. PADALINO, MICHAEL: Arts and Sciences; Bessemer, Theta Chi. PADDOCK, PAUL B.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Pi Kappa Phi. Row eight: PAGE, LINDA G.: Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro. PALMER, GENIE B.: Home Economics; Birmingham. PALMER, MARJORIE: Arts and Sciences; Northport; Zeta Tau Alpha. PARKER, LARRY F.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. PARRISH, BARBARA I.: Arts and Sciences; Blountsville. Row nine: PARROTT, JOHN: Commerce and Business; Birming- ham; Pi Kappa Phi. PARSON, CHRISTINE L.: Education; Hunts- ville. PARSONS, RUSSELL F.: Commerce and Business; Bessemer. PATTERSON, FRANCES J.: Arts and Sciences; Fairfield. PAT- TON, JOHN E.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Chi Phi. Row ten: PATTON, SUSAN M.: Arts and Sciences; Florence; Delta Delta Delta. PAULIN, CHARLES R.: Commerce and Busi- ness; Boca Raton, Florida. PEAK, DONNA A.: Education; Double Springs. PEARSON, JAMES R.: Commerce and Business; Knox- ville, Tennessee. PEEK, GREGOREY W.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. 430 Row one: PERRY, CHARLES L.: Commerce and Business; Centre; Sigma Chi. PERRY, GLORIA M.: Education; Fairhope. PERRY, KATHERINE E.; Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. PERRY, SHERRY J.: Commerce and Business; Oakman. PERSON, SYRINTHIA R.: Commerce and Business; Montgomery. Row two: PETERSON, KAREN A.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Delta Pi. PETITTL MAFALDD J.; Education; Montgomery. PETRL JEAN M.: Education; Gadsden; Alpha Gamma Delta. PHILLIPS, ALVIN H.: Arts and Sciences; Greenville, South Carolina. PHILLIPS, TERRY E.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa. Row three: PICKRON, CELESTE M.: Commerce and Business; Columbus, Georgia; Pi Beta Phi. PIERCE, JR., RALPH B.: Arts and Sciences; Warner Robins, Georgia. PIERSON, CYNTHIA A.: Arts and Sciences; Livingston; Kappa Delta. PIKE, CHARLES T.: Arts and Sciences; Carbon Hill. PIKE, DANNY H.: Commerce and Business; Piedmont. Row four: PIRKLE, JUDY C: Arts and Sciences; Hueytown. PLESS, RONALD B.: Commerce and Business; Tallahoma, Ten nessee. PLUNKETT, JAMES T.: Commerce and Business; Arab. POELLNITZ, LAWRENCE R.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery, POLIDORO, WILLIAM V.: Commerce and Business; Auburn. Row five: POLNIAK, DAVID: Commerce and Business; Camden; Zeta Beta Tau. PORTER, LINDA K.: Education; Fayette. POR- TER, M. BELINDA: Arts and Sciences; Charlotte, North Carolina. POTTER, ALICE L.: Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. POUNDSTONE, LORE; Education; Montgomery; Kappa Delta. Row six: POWELL, ROGER W.: Commerce and Business; Joplin, Missouri; Phi Sigma Kappa. PREWITT, CELESTE A.: Education; Tuscaloosa. PRICE, MARY L.: Arts and Sciences; Alexander, Virginia. PRICE, SUSAN F.: Education; Evergreen; Chi Omega. PRICKETT, JOHN M.: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Phi Kappa Psi. Row seven: PRIOR, SUZANNE: Alpha Chi Omega; Elba; Alpha Chi Omega. PROCTOR, ELIZABETH A.: Education; Decatur. PTOMEY, JR., WILLIAM R.: Commerce and Business; Flomaton. QUEDEWEIT, GREGG A.: Commerce and Business; York. RAAB, DONALD E.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa; Theta Tau. Row eight: RABON, JOHN R.: Commerce and Business; Atmore. RADER, PATRICIA J.: Education; El Paso, Texas. RADFORD, BOB R.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. RAGLAND, REBECCA A.: Education; Alexandria. RAM BEAU, RICHARD G.: Commerce and Business; Mobile. Row nine: RAMEY, PEGGY S.: Education; Jasper. RANDMAN, LYDIA C: Education; Birmingham. RASBURY, EVANGELYN W.: Commerce and Business; Winfield. RATCLIFF, SANDRA J.: Home Economics; Hanceville. RAY, JANICE E.: Arts and Sci- ences; Northport. Row ten: RAY, JANIS: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. RAY, JOAN K.: Education; Gadsden; Delta Zeta. RAY, JOHN R.: Commerce and Business; Gadsden. RAY, MARY C: Education; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. RAY, ROBERT M.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. 431 Ray-Smith Row five: RITTER, IRENE M.; Home Economics; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Kappa Alpha Theta. ROBERTS, JACKIE: Education; Parrish. ROBERTS, JEAN: Home Economics; Union City, Ten- nessee; Kappa Alpha Theta. ROBERTS, LAURA: Education; Fayette. ROBERTS, LYNDA I.: Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. Row six: ROBERTS, THOMAS M.: Engineering; Jasper. ROBERT- SON, BRENDA G.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. ROBI- CHARUD, MICHAEL J.: Arts and Sciences, Northport. ROBIN- SON, DALE D.: Commerce and Business; Millport; Pi Kappa Phi. ROBINSON, FREDA B.: Education; Double Springs. Row seven: ROBINSON, MICHAEL A.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. RODGERS, NORMA S.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. ROGERS, MARY E.: Home Economics; Marion; Delta Delta Delta. ROGERS, NICHOL- AS S.: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Kappa Alpha. ROLLINS, ANITA v.: Education; Atmore. Row eight: ROSE, BETTY J.: Education; Northport. ROSE, EDDIE: Commerce and Business; Decatur. ROSE, CATHERINE J.: Education; Northport. ROSS, STEPHEN C: Arts and Sciences; Naples, Florida. ROWLAND, DAVID A.: Education; Jasper; Phi Sigma Kappa. Row nine: ROWLAND, JAMES T.: Engineering; Birmingham. RUCKER, FRANK R.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. RUDD, MARY A.: Education; Ozar; Alpha Chi Omega. RUSSELL, RAY C: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. RUSSELL, SAMUEL L.: Commerce and Business; McCalla. Row ten: RYAN, JANE A.: Education; Childersburg; RYAN, RONNIE: Education; Hueytown. RYERSON, FRANK E.: Com- merce and Business; Tuscaloosa. SAAD, GEORGE N.: Commerce and Business; Dothan. SALLOWAY, RONALD G.: Commerce and Business; Sylacauga; Zeta Beta Tau. Row one: RAY, WILLIAM P.: Commerce and Business; Fayette. REAVES, RANDY; Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Sigma Nu. REDD, RICHARD J.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; REDING, JANE M.: Education; Jasper. REED, JOHN R.: Arts and Sciences; Pinson; Phi Sigma Kappa. Row two: REEKS, MARGO: Education; Ashland City, Tennessee; Alpha Chi Omega. REEVES, BENNY: Education; Birmingham. REEVES, PHILLIP G.: Engineering; Gurntersville; Theta Tau. REINSCHMIDT, ALICE: Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. RENZ, REX W.: Commerce and Business; Mont- gomery; Lambda Chi Alpha. Row three: REVELLE, LINDA: Education; Columbus, Georgia; Alpha Xi Delta. REYNOLDS, JUDY K.: Home Economics; Millry. RHODES, JANIS R.: Commerce and Business; Gadsden. RHODES, JANIS R.: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. RICE, DAVID G.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. Row four: RICE, LINDA C: Education; Hueytown; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. RICHARDS, GWENDOLYN D.: Home Economics; Jasper. RICHARDSON, DONNA K.: Education; Pensacola, Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta. RICHARDSON, SARA D.: Arts and Sciences; Ariton. RIEMER, STEPHEN L.: Commerce and Business; Elberson, New Jersey. 452 Row one: SALMON, HERBERT S.: Arts and Sciences; Mt. Brook. SANDERS, JOHN R.: Commerce and Business; Fayette. SANSING, CHARLES H.: Education; Woodstock. SATTERFIELD, CHARLES E.: Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. SAUNDERS, CHARLOT A.: Arts and Sciences; Greenwood, Mississippi; Chi Omega. Row two: SAWYER, DEBORAH C: Education; Dothan. SAYLER. DIANNE D.: Home Economics; Maplesville. SCHAFFER, ALICE p.: Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Gamma. SCHMITT, J. RANDALL: Commerce and Business; Louisiana; Phi Gamma Delta. SCHNEIDER, CHARLES G.: Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham. Row three: SCHOTT, SHERYL: Arts and Sciences; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Alpha Xi Delta. SCHWULST, TIMOTHY J.: Commerce and Business; Bloominston, Illinois. SCONYERS, SHARON L.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. SCROGGINS, MIKE: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. SEARCY, KAY: Arts and Sciences; Sylacauga. Row four: SEARCY, MARGIE: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Delta Pi. SEARS, CATHY A.: Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Sigma Delta Tau. SEGALL, SHARON D.: Commerce and Business; Montgomery. SEGREST, ANTHONY T.: Commerce and Business; Slocomb; Sigma Nu. SELF, W. NOLAN: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Alpha. B AS Row five: SELIA, SUSAN M.: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. SELLERS, SUSU E.: Commerce and Business; Sylacauga; Zeta Tau Alpha. SELLERS, WILBUR A.: Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Delta Tau Delta. SERVICE, GAIL A.: Education; Williamsburg, Virginia; Alpha Chi Omega. SESSI, W. ANTHONY: Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Chi. Row six: SEXTON, JOYCE K.: Education; Gadsden. SHANNON, JAMES D.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. SHANNON, JR., JAMES M.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega. SHERER, DALE: Home Economics; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. SHERMAN, CAROLYN E.: Home Economics; Birmingham. Row seven: SHERRER, JAMES H.: Arts and Sciences; Cleveland. SHIELDS, CLARK R.: Engineering; Decatur. SHINBAUM, RICH- ARD D.: Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Zeta Beta Tau. SHIRLEY, CANDACE J.: Education; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. SHOCKLEY, STEVEN: Commerce and Business; Wiesbaden, Germany; Sigma Chi. Row eight: SIMPSON, LINDA R.: Home Economics; Oakman. SIMPSON, STEVEN W.: Arts and Sciences; Ozark. SIMS, KEN- NETH L.: Engineering; Birmingham. SIMS, MYRETTA V.: Educa- tion; Alexander City. SIMS, NORMA J.: Education; Huntsville. Row nine: SKELTON, LEONARD C: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. SLAUGHTER. ROGER D.: Com- merce and Business; Birmingham. SLONECKl, JAMES J.: En- gineering; Linden. SLUYTERMAN, VAN LOO, LEXIE: Home Economics; Clinton. SMILIE, MARGARET A.: Education; Mont- gomery; Kappa Delta. Row ten: SMITH, ANN: Arts and Sciences; Florence; Alpha Xi Delta. SMITH, CYNTHIA A.; Home Economics; Toledo. Ohio; Kappa Alpha Theta. SMITH, DAVID: Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham. SMITH, DENNIS A.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. SMITH, FRANCES L.: Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Alpha Omicron Pi. 453 Smith-Vinson Row one: SMITH, PAUL T.; Engineering; Gadsden; Pi Kappa Phi. SMITH, PHILIP R.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. SMITH, THOMAS M.: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. SMITH, ROBERT C: Social Work; Tuscaloosa. SMITH, THOMAS R.: Commerce and Business; Florence. Row two: SMITH, III, WILLIAM B.: Engineering; Steele. SMITH, WILLIAM E.: Engineering; Winfield. SMITH, WILLIAM: Arts and Sciences; Union Grove. SMITHERMAN, HOWARD: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. SMITHSON, KATHERINE J.: Education; Birmingham: Alpha Chi Omega. Row three: SMITHSON, SHIRLEY J.: Arts and Sciences; Tusca- loosa. SMITHWECK, WILLIAM T.: Commerce and Business; Mobile. SNIPES, BELTON Y.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Gamma. SPARKS, CHARLES L.: Arts and Sciences; Decatur. SPARKS, MIKED.: Engineering; Graysville. Row four: SPARKS, SAMUEL R.: Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham; Sigma Phi Epsilon. SPEER, SHARON E.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Zeta Tau Alpha. SPENCER, MICHAEL A.: Commerce and Business; Holt. SPRINGER, CHARLES T.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. SPRINGER, RONALD S.: Com- merce and Business; Echola. Row five: SPURLIN, GLENN E.: Education; Albertville. STACK- POLE, BRENDA M.: Education; Tuscaloosa. STANARD, CLAIRE W.: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. STANTON, IRENE: Education; Richmond, Virginia. STAPLES, GLORIA J.: Arts and Sciences; Colonial Beach, Virginia. Row six: STEELE, RONALD P.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa; Theta Tau. STEIN, JUDITH S.: Home Economics; Miami Beach, Florida. STEINDORFF, GIL C: Commerce and Business; Green- ville; Alpha Tau Omega. STEPHENS, CALVIN W.: Arts and Sciences; Childersburg. STEVENS, JOHN H.: Engineering; Hunts- ville. Row seven: STEWART, MARY J.: Arts and Sciences; Jackson; Chi Omega. STEWART, JERRY W.: Commerce and Business; Woodville. STEWART, MARGARET A.: Home Economics; Bay Minette. STEWART, SANDRA J.: Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. STEWART, WILLIAM G.: Engineering; Scotts- boro. Row eight: STILL, M. AMANDA: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Delta Delta. STINSON, JUDD: Arts and Sciences; Evergreen; Sigma Phi Epsilon. STONE, DWIGHT: Commerce and Business, Wetumka; Delta Tau Delta. STONE, JOSEPH R.: Engineering; Birmingham; Theta Tau. STONE, JUDY: Arts and Science; Union City, Tennessee; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row nine: STONE, LAURIE B.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. STOREY, JOHN A.: Commerce and Business; Eutaw. STOWE, ELEANOR: Arts and Sciences; Wetumpka; Kappa Kappa Gamma. STRAIN, PATRICIA: Home Economics; Brewton; Kappa Delta. STRICKLAND, MARTIN C: Commerce and Busi- ness; Montgomery; Pi Kappa Phi. Row ten: STRICKLAND, MARY R.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Chi Omega. STRICKLAND, WILLIAM L.: Engineering; Huntsville. STRUSS, FRANK R.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa. STUCKEY, DONNIE R.: Commerce and Business; Mobile. SUKIENNIK, BARBARA J.: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. 454 Row one: SUMNERS, GLENN E.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. SUTTON, LINDA J.: Home Economics: Birmingham. SWANSON. CHARLES F.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa. SWIFT, WILLIAM L.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Phi Sigma Kappa. TAIT, JAMES E.: Commerce and Business; Coy. Row two: TANNER, ROBERT C: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. TANT, MYRA G.: Arts and Sciences; Talladega. TAPPER. DOUGLAS S.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville. TATE, DIANE: Education: Selma; Pi Beta Phi. TATE, MAR- GARET S.: Education; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. Row three: TATE, WILLIAM E.: Commerce and Business; Louis- ville, Kentucky. TATUM, GREGORY N.: Engineering: Mont- gomery; Phi Kappa Sigma. TAYLOR, DONNA G.: Education; Tuscaloosa. TAYLOR, MYRA E.: Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham. TAYLOR, SAM J.: Commerce and Business: Tuscaloosa. Row four: TERRY, JUDITH D.: Arts and Sciences; Decatur. TESNEY, BOBBY: Commerce and Business: Hackleburg, THOM- AS, DONNA M.: Education; Greensboro. THOMAS, HARRIET E.: Arts and Sciences: Dothan: Delta Gamma. THOMPSON, DANIEL W.: Arts and Sciences: Phenix City. Row five: THOMPSON, SUE: Arts and Sciences: Tuscaloosa. THOMPSON, SUZANNE: Education; Huntsville. THORN, DON- ALD W.: Engineering; Vina. THORWORTH, PATRICIA G.: Education; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. THRASHER, AMANDA G.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row six: TIDWELL, GLORIA M.: Education; Greenville. TIN- NIN, CHARLES A.: Arts and Sciences; Meridian, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. TINNIN, JANET A.: Education; Meridian, Mississippi; Chi Omega. TOMLIN, ERIC M.: Engineering; Ashland; Theta Tau. TOMLINSON, JACK O.: Commerce and Business: Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. Row Seven: TOOLE, LUCKY L.: Arts and Sciences: Birmingham. TRAMMELL, CATHY S.: Home Economics: Hurley, Mississippi. TRAYLOR, JAMES L.; Arts and Sciences; Geraldine. TRAYLOR, NANCY R.: Arts and Sciences; Section. TREESE, MARGARET H.: Arts and Sciences; Selma. Row eiglit: TRUHETT, PATRICIA A.: Education; Meridian, Mis- sissippi; Alpha Omicron Pi. TUCKER, GERALD, G.: Commerce and Business; Anderson. TUCKER, KELLY M.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. TURNER, C. BRITTIN: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. TURNER, CATHERINE E.: Education; Montgomery; Delta Delta Delta. Row nine: TURNER, EMILY: Arts and Sciences; Sylacauga; Kappa Kappa Gamma. TURNER, JR., FRED H.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. TURNER, JAMES D.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. TYRELL, JR., IRVING M.: Arts and Sciences; Citronelle. UTLEY, DENNIS D.: Arts and Sciences; Cottondale. ten: VAIL, ROBERT B.: Arts and Sciences: Selma. VAUGHAN, JR., JAMES H.: Engineering: Tuscaloosa. VICK, JAMES L.: Commerce and Business: Elgin AFB, Florida. VICKERS, CHARLOTTE A.: Education; Samantha. VINSON, DONALD K.: Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. smm 4SS Vodantis-Zettle Row one: VODANTIS, DESPINA C: Arts and Sciences; Fairfield. VODANTIS, IRENE C: Education; Fairfield. WADE, ERNEST R.: Commerce and Business; Talladega. WAITS, MARY E.: Edu- cation; Andalusia: Delta Delta Delta. WALDROP, RONALD: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row two: WALDROP, SANDRA M.: Education; Gardendale. WALKER, ANNABEL M.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. WALKER, B. DAY: Home Economics; Birmingham; Phi Mu. WALKER, CHARLES C: Education; Tuscaloosa. WALLACE, PATRICIA A.: Home Economics; Montgomery: Alpha Omicron Pi. Row three: WALTON, ANNE C: Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Delta Delta Delta. WALTON, CANDY E.: Home Economics; Mobile; Alpha Gamma Delta. WALTON, RICHARD J.: Com- merce and Business; Montgomery; Phi Delta Theta. WARD, AUDREY P.: Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. WARD, CHARLOTTE: Home Economics; Camden; Delta Delta Delta. Row four: WARD, JANELLE M.: Arts and Sciences; West La- Fayette, Indiana; Delta Zeta. WARD, MARTHA A.: Education; Florence; Kappa Delta. WARD, WILLARD W.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. WARREN, JOHN B.: Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham. WATES, GINGER C: Education; Bessemer; Phi Mu. Row five: WATKINS, HENRY B.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. WATSON, BENJAMIN M.: Commerce and Business; Dothan; Sigma Nu. WATSON, ELDRIDGE J.: Commerce and Business; Hanceville. WATTS, DONNA L.: Commerce and Busi- ness; Gadsden, WAY, ROBERT L.: Arts and Sciences; Rattway, New Jersey. Row six: WEAR, MARY L.: Arts and Sciences; Ft. Payne. WEATHERS, JIMMY D.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha. WEBB, PHILLIP R.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Delta Chi. WEBSTER, III, HARRY N.: Commerce and Business; Mobile. WEEKS, JIMMY G.: Commerce and Busi- ness; Opp. Row seven: WEIL, IDA K.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Phi Kappa Sigma. WETZEL, JR., RICHARD C: Engineering; Birmingham; Delta Chi. WHALEY, PEGGY L.: Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. WHEELER, DONNA L.: Education; Montgomery; Pi Beta Phi. WHITAKER, JOYCE L.: Commerce and Business; Decatur; Alpha Delta Pi. Row eight: WHITTAKER, SUZANNA: Education; Enterprise. WHITE, HERBERT K.: Engineering; Tuscaloosa. WHITE, JR., SAMUEL B.: Commerce and Business; Anniston; Alpha Tau Omega. WHITLOCK, SHARON A.: Education; Birmingham. WHITMIRE, SUZANNE P.: Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row nine: WHITT, LARRY W.: Arts and Sciences; Toney. WILLIAMS, BARBARA A.: Education; Eufaula; Alpha Chi Omega. WILLIAMS, D. DRENNEN: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. WILLIAMS, DONNA F.: Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. WILLIAMS, FRED S.: Commerce and Business; Russellville. f Row ten: WILLIAMS, GENE H.: Arts and Sciences; Northport. ' WILLIAMS, JOEL S.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. WILLIAMS, MARTHA S.: Commerce and Business; Columbia. WILLIAMS, MICHAEL E.: Education; Columbus, Georgia. WILLIAMS, MYRON D.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. 456 Row five: WOODARD, THOMAS B.: Arts and Sciences; Reform. WRIGHT, SILAS T.: Engineering; Montgomery. WYATT, CHARLES F.: Education; Tuscaloosa. WYMER, III, JOHN P.: Arts and Sciences; West Palm Beach, Florida. YARBROUGH, MARGA D.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row six: YEAGER, ALFRED H.: Arts and Sciences; Sacramento, California. YEAGER, E. STEPHEN: Arts and Sciences; Welch, West Virginia; Theta Xi. YOAKUM, JOHN FRANKLIN: Arts and Sciences; Orlando, Florida. YOUNG, DAVID M.: Engineering; Birmingham. YOUNGBLOOD, E. SUSAN: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row seven: YOW, JOHN C: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. ZAKANYCZ, MARY ANNE: Education; Decatur. ZAPOTOCKY, JO ANN: Education; Huntsville. ZETTLE, PHILLIP: Engineering; Huntsville. Row one: WILLIAMS, NANETTE S.: Education; Tuscaloosa. WILLIAMSON, GILFORD C: Commerce and Business; Mont- gomery. WILLOUGHBY, VERONICA G.: Education; Wadley. WILLS, NANCY C: Arts and Sciences; Tarrant. WILSON, CEDA D.: Commerce and Business; Florence. Row two: WILSON, JAMES M.: Arts and Sciences; Albertville. WILSON, KATHY D.: Home Economics; Huntsville. WILSON, PATTIE A.: Arts and Sciences; Livingston. WILSON, ROSEMARY G.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. WINDLE, MAUDE E.: Home Economics; Aliceville. Row three: WINDOM, CATHERINE C: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. WINDON, STEPHEN R.: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Phi Kappa Sigma. WINGO, EMILIE J.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. WISE, DAVID C: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. WOOLFE, MARIANNE T.: Education; Houston, Texas; Delta Gamma. Row four: WRIGHT, CHARLES W.: Education; Jasper. WINTER, CAROL A.: Education; Birmingham; Kappa Kappa Gamma. WOOD, MARIAN B.: Education; Blountsville. WOOD, RICHARD W.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. WOOD, ROBERT W.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. , 437 458 il UNDERGRADUATES Graduate Law Row Hve: DANLEY, FRAN A.: Education; Mobile. DAVIDSON, JERRI: Law; Mobile. DAVIS, DONNA R.: Education; Centreville. DIXON, JAMES: Commerce and Business; Huntsville. DONALD, LUCY: Arts and Sciences; Millbrook. Row six: DOROUGH, AARON: Commerce and Business; Amarillo, Texas. ELKOURIE, PAUL: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. ELLIS, EDWARD R.: Commerce and Business; Montgomery. ENSLEN, JOHN E.: Law; Wetumpka. FELDMAN, STAN: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. Row seven: FERNIANY, MICHAEL: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. FIEVET. HAROLD: Law; Birmingham. FRIED, STANLEY: Com- merce and Business; Birmingham. GARGIS, THOMAS: Commerce and Business; Tuscumbia. GRIFFITH, BILL: Commerce and Busi- ness; Nashville, Tennessee. Row eight: GUY, DAN M.: Commerce and Business; Fayetteville, North Carolina. HALL, GERALD A.: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. HARTLEY, PAUL R.: Law; Greenville. HASSELTINE, ROBERTA A.: Education; Huntsville. HATTON, WANDA: Education; Hunts- ville. Row nine: HAYNES, JOHN: Arts and Sciences; Talladega. HES- TER, SHARON: Arts and Sciences; Tuscumbia. HIGHTOWER, PATRICIA: Education; Mobile. HINTON, THOMAS F.: Com- merce and Business; Tuscaloosa. HONEYCUTT, BRENDA: Edu- cation; Berry. Row ten: HUGHES, HUGH P.: Commerce and Business; Temple, Texas. JACOBS, PAUL: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. JONES, CHARLES: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. KING, RICK: Edu- cation; Selma. KNIGHT, DELORES A.: Education; Alexander City. Row one: ANDERSON, MARGARET: Education; Newville. AN- DREWS, GEORGE: Law; Union Springs. ANTONIO, PATRICIA J.: Law; Birmingham. AUERBACH, LARRY: Commerce and Busi- ness; Biloxi, Mississippi. BAGGETT, BYRON: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row two: BAKER, JAMES R.: Law; Gadsden. BARRETT, ROBERT C: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. BERNHARD, CHARLES: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. BOOTH, BETTY: Education; Mobile. BOOTHE, EDMUND: Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row tliree: BOX, DANIEL W.: Education; Helena. BURGE, DON A.: Engineering; Florence, South Carolina. CABE, LEWIS: Com- merce and Business; Franklin, North Carolina. CAYLEY, JUDY: Education; Birmingham. CHEW, BYRON: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row four: CHILDS, BOB: Law; Tuscaloosa. CLEVELAND, CLIF- FORD W,: Law; Millbrook, North Carolina. CONNELLY, WILLIAM E.: Commerce and Business; Nashville, Tennessee. CUM MINGS, SALLY A.: Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. DE LA HOUSSAYE, DENISE: Education; Glen Ellyn, Illinois. 460 Row one: LARIN. CARLOS C: Engineering; Sans Salvador, El Salvador. LEATHERBURY. GEORGE: Law; Mobile. LUDWIG, , JOHN: Arts and Sciences; Montevallo. MANCUM, F. EDGAR: Education; Laurinburg, North Carolina. MASSEY, DIANNE; En- gineering; Greenville. Row two: MC CORQUODALE, GAINES C: Law; Jackson. MC- CORQUODALE, JOSEPH C: Law; Jackson. MC MILLAN, T.E.: Commerce and Business; Brewton. MILAM, MARY L.: Arts and Sciences; Le High Acres, Florida. MOSHKEVICH, VLADIMIR: Commerce and Business; Lima, Peru. Row three: MULLINS, ROGER: Law; Tuscaloosa. NOONAN, CHARLES: Commerce and Business; New Orleans, Louisiana. OWEN, PETER W.: Commerce and Business; Birmingham. PACK, GLEN: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. PARDEN, STEPHEN: Arts and Sciences; Mobile. Row four: PIKE, DANIEL A.; Law; Mobile. PRICE, JAMES M.: Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. ROBINSON, CHARLES: Law; Hunts- ville. ROBINSON, MARY: Education; Butler. ROBINSON, THOMAS R.: Law; Huntsville. WfJiP Row five: ROSS, JULIE: Education; Gadsden. SCHRIEBER, GAY- LEN A.: Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. SCHWERTNER, CHARLES J.: Commerce .and Business; San Angelo, Texas. SHEPHERD, TOM: Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. SMITH, CAROL: Law; Annis- ton. Row six: SMITH, KARL: Arts and Sciences; Decatur, Mississippi. STEWART, DONALD: Law; Gadsden. STEWART, SARAH: Law; Jackson. SUH BYLONG-IN: Commerce and Business; Pusan, Korea. THOMASON, JIM: Law; Birmingham. Row seven: TIDWELL, BILL: Law; Tuscaloosa. TRICE, ELIZA- BETH O.: Commerce and Business; Gilbertown. TURNBACH, JAMES E.: Law; Glencoe. VICE, JON: Education; Birmingham. VINSON, LAWRENCE: Law; Gadsden. Row eight: WALLACE, CAROLYN: Education; Lakeland, Florida. WHITTAKER, RICHARD: Law; Enterprise. WILKINSON, DAVID C: Education; Hueytown. WILLIAMS, W. K.: Education; Phenix City. WILSON, JAMES E.: Law; Montgomery. Row nine: ZETTLE, MARTHA: Law; Huntsville. 461 Underclasses Row one: ABERCROMBIE, ANN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Mobile; Kappa Delta. ABERNATHY, ALOIS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. ABERNATHY, ELLIOT: (Jr.); Education; Conover, North Carolina. ACHORN, JUDITH L.: (Jr.); Education; Florence; Chi Omega. ACHTERHOF, JON O.: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Nu. Row two: ADAIR, FAYE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Taladega. ADAIR, MARCIA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. ADAIR, OLIVIA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Zeta Tau Alpha. ADAMS, BARBARA: (Jr.); Education; Nashville, Tennessee; Delta Delta Delta. ADAMS, KATHY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Fairfield. Row three: ADAMS, PAL: (Fr.); Education; Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Delta. ADAMS, RANDAL: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Jackson. ADAMS, SYDNEY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan, Pi Beta Phi. ADDERHOLD, JUDY: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. ADEN, MARK A.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville. Row four: AGRICOLA, THOMAS S.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Delta Kappa Epsilon. ALBERT, EVELYN: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. ALCOTT, RUSSELL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. ALEXANDER, DANNY L.: (Hr.); Education; Mobile. ALLEN, ANN: (Fr.); Home Economics; Memphis, Tennessee; Delta Zeta. Row five: ALLEN, BARBARA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. ALLEN, DAVID: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi. ALLEN, GAIL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Chi Omega. ALLEN, GLENDA M.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Athens; Alpha Gamma Delta. ALLEN, JODY: (Soph.); Engineering; Dothan; Pi Kappa Phi. Row six: ALLEN, MARY A.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Florence. ALLEN, PAUL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. ALLIN, JOHN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Jackson. Mississippi; Phi Delta Theta. ALLIN, KELLY: (Fr.); Education; Jackson, Mis- sissippi; Chi Omega. ALLRED, HAROLD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Millport; Pi Kappa Phi. Row seven: ALLUMS, BETTY: (Jr.); Education; Dora; Delta Gamma. ALMEIDA, JOHN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Nevi ' port, Rhode Island. ALSEBROOKS, RON: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Delta Chi. AMASON, JAMES: (Jr.); Engineering; Albertville; Phi Kappa Psi. AMBROSE, SHARON A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Reform. Row eight: AMERINE, KATHRYN P.: (Jr.); Education; Mobile. ANDERSON, ANNE D.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. ANDERSON, BOE: (Soph); Education; Atlantic Beach, Florida. ANDERSON, JOHN L.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ANDERSON, JUDY: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Chatom. Row nine: ANDERSON, KRISTI: (Jr.); Education; Denver, Colorado; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ANDRESS, AMELIA E.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Peterman. ANDREWS, KAY G.: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa. ANDREWS, MICHAEL R.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. ANDREWS, PATRICIA J.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row ten: ANGLE, THOMAS: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mont- gomery. ANTHONY, KATHERINE V.: (Jr.); Education; Andalusia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ALPIN, LINDA S.: (Fr.); Education; Sam- son. ARBOGAST, LINDA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mis- sissippi. ARENDALL, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Kappa Delta. 462 ■J « Row one: ARENDALL, JR., ROBERT A.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ARGO, KATHERINE: (Soph.); Education; Jasper. ARIAS, RAMON: (Jr.); Engineering; Decatur; Sigma Chi. ARMSTONG, STEVE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Florence; Pi Kappa Alpha. ARNOLD, EVELYN: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery; Kappa Delta. Row two: ARNOLD, LINDA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Gamma. ARONECK, NANCY A.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Columbia, South Carolina; Sigma Delta Tau. ARONOV, JANE: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery; Sigma Delta Tau. ARONOV, OWEN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Zeta Beta Tau. ASHTON, DOLLY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row three: ASHURST, WINSTON: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mont- gomery; Alpha Tau Omega. ATKINS, JUDITH C: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Reform. ATTAWAY, WALTER: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Atlanta, Georgia. ATWELL, PAULA: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. AUSTIN. SUZANNE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Phi Mu. Row four: AVANT, LARAINE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mont- gomery. AVERY, CAROL A.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Monroe- ville; Kappa Delta. AVERY, SUSAN E.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Montgomery; Kappa Kappa Gamma. AYCOCK, DONNA D.: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. BAARS, THEO D.: (Jr.); Engineering; Pensacola, Florida; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row five: BACKER, GARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. BACKER, STEPHEN A.: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. BAERWALD, ROSS: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Bynum; Pi Kappa Phi. BAGGETT, BECKY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BAGGETT, CLINTE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Haleyville; Delta Chi. Row six: BAGGETT, JOAN N.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Repton; Zeta Tau Alpha. BAGWELL, CLIFF: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. BAILEY, BARBARA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Russellville. BAILEY, BARBARA J.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Tau Alpha. BAlLEY, FOSTER: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Decatur; Pi Kappa Phi. Row seven: BAILEY, JOHN I.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. BAILEY, SHERWOOD R.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Gulf- port, Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BAILEY, TINA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Huntsville. BAIN, THOMAS G.: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Pell City; Pi Kappa Alpha. BAITES, JOHN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. Row eight: BAKER, ALLEN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham. BAKER, JUDY M.: (Soph); Arts and Sciences; Albert- ville. BAKER, LINDA J.: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. BAKER, LINDA K.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. BALDWIN, BETHANY A.: (Soph.); Education; Coral Gables, Florida; Pi Beta Phi. Row nine: BALENTINE, SHEILA R.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BALLARD, JOAN: (Soph.); Education; Gadsden; Alpha Delta Pi. BALLARD, LINDA: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. BANKS, JAMIE R.: (Soph.); Education; Eutaw; Chi Omega. BANKS, JESSICA A.: (Soph.); Education; Gadsden; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row ten: BANKS, MARY A.: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Alpha Omicron Pi. BARKSDALE, DAVID: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Anniston. BARNES, BILLY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Roanoke. BARNES, DEBBIE: (Jr.); Education; Demopolis; Alpha Gamma Delta. BARNES, DEBORAH J.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Memphis, Tennessee; Phi Mu. 463 Barnes-Bouldin Row one: BARNES, GEORGIA: (Fr.); Education; Berry; Phi Mu. BARNES, SUSAN M.: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. BARNES, WILLIAM: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Alpha. BARNETT, FRANK: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. BARNETT, KEITH: (Soph.); Engineering; Huntsville. Row two: BARNETT, SANDY E.: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Tau Alpha. BARNETT, TOMMY: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Northport. BARR, BRENDA R.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Florence; Chi Omega. BARR, GEORGE: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Anniston. BARR, J. DAVID: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston. Row three: BARRENTINE, JANIE: (Soph.); Education; Tallassee; Kappa Alpha Theta. BARRETT, ANDREW: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Calera. BARRETT, RONALD (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Fairhope. BARTMESS, NANCY L.: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Kappa Alpha Theta. BARTON, SUSAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Clanton; Delta Zeta. Row four: BASS, BARBARA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Alpha Omicron Pi. BASSETT, MARVIN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Troy. BATES, MARIE Y.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Mobile; Delta Delta Delta. BATES, RONDI: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mo- bile; Delta Delta Delta. BATES, SUE: (Jr.); Education; Phil Camp- bell. Row five: BAUMAN, JEFFERY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Zeta Beta Tau. BAUMGARDNER, KATHLEEN R.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. BAXLEY, BILL: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Tau Delta. BAYER, JEFFERY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Zeta Beta Tau. BEALE, STEVE P.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birming- ham; Chi Phi. Row six: BEAN, TERRY E.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. BEARD, MIKE: (Soph); Engineering; Birming- ham. BEARD, ROBERT: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville. BEARDEN, ELIZABETH: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Fort Rucker. BEARDEN, MARTHA: (Soph.); Education; Miami, Florida. Row seven: BEASON, DAVID W.: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BEAVEN, HORACE H.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BECK, DREXEL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Fairfax. BECK, SARAH: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. BECKER, RICKI: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Cincinnati, Ohio; Delta Phi Epsilon. Row eight: BECKLEY, SUSIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Langley AFB, Virginia; Zeta Tau Alpha. BECKWITH, CAROLYN A.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; St. Petersburg, Florida; Alpha Xi Delta. BECKWITH, JON: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Hillsdale, Michigan; Delta Tau Delta. BEDFORD, WYEMA: (Jr.); Education; Semmes. BELL, BONNIE: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa. Row nine: BELL, DEBORAH J.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BELL, JIMMY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Evergreen. BELL, MARVIN D.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BEL- MONT, MIKE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BENNETT, LEANNE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Kappa Delta. Row ten: BENNETT, SUSAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Columbia, Tennessee; Delta Gamma. BENSON, THERESA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. BENTON, JANE: (Fr.); Education; Alexander City; Kappa Alpha Theta. BERMAN, CAROL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hollywood, Florida; Delta Phi Epsilon. BERRY, CHARLOTTE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Red Bay. 464 Row nve: BLACKMON, SISTER: (Soph); Commerce and Business; Eufaula; Kappa Delta. BLAIR, MICKIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Montgomery; Chi Omega. BLAISDELL, RICHARD S.: (Jr.); Education; Portland, Tennessee; Alpha Tau Omega. BLARNEY, JOHN L.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Reform. BLISS, SARAH C: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Talladega. Row six: BLOCKER, BARBARA L.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. BLOOM, BETSY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Delta Delta Delta. BLOUNT, JACQUELYN S.: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Huntsville; Delta Zeta. BLUE, MATTHEW: (Jr.); Engineer- ing; Jacksonville. BLUME, GARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mor- ton Grove, Illinois. Row seven: BLUM, DENISE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences, Birming- ham. BLUNDELL, REBECCA D.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Hunts- ville; Alpha Xi Delta. BODDIE, JUANITA J.: (Fr.); Social Work Phenix City. BOLAND, MARSHA: (Soph.); Home Economics Estill, Mississippi; Kappa Alpha Theta. BOLES, CAROL: (Fr.) Home Economics; Titusville, Florida; Delta, Delta, Delta. Row eight: BOLTON, JOHNNY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Scotts- boro; Theta Chi. BOMAN, DENISE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huey- town. BOND, RICHARD: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Meridian, Mis- sissippi. BONDS, FAYE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Greensboro. BONDS, SANDRA S.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Greensboro. Row nine: BONNER, JAMES: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Northport. BONNIST, LUCY M.: (Fr.); Education; Florence; Delta Delta Delta. BOOREAM, CYNTHIA: (Jr.); Education; Florence; Delta Delta Delta. BOOTH, TOM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Alexander City; Lambda Chi Alpha. BORDERS, GRACE S.: (Jr.); Education; Carbon Hill. Row ten: BOSTWICK, LINDA: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Phi Mu. BOSWELL, DANNY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Geneva; Pi Kappa Phi. BOSWELL, RICHARD S.: (Jr.); Engineering; Montgomery; Phi Delta Theta. BOTELER, REBECCA: (Jr.); Education; Northport. BOULDIN, ANNE: (Fr.); Education; Russelville; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row one: BERRY, EVELYN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. BERRY, M. CECIL: (Jr.): Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. BESSER, GINGER: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery; Sigma Delta Tau. BEST, BETSY: (Fr.); Education; Scottsboro. BEST, LINDA R.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Zeta. Row two: BETHEA, BETSY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Chi Omega. BETHEA, MARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Chi Omega. BEUOY, SUSIE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Alpha Delta Pi. BEVILLE, DOUG: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. BEVILLE, LEWIS: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. Row tliree: BIGHAM, JUDY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Sam- antha. BILLITS, LAWRENCE T.: (Jr.); Engineering; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi. BILLUPS, PAMELA: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. BINGHAM, BARBARA: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. BINGHAM, SUSAN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row four: BISHOP, CYNTHIA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham. BLACK, GINGER: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. BLACK, RUTH: (Soph.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Delta Gamma. BLACKERBY, JOHN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. BLACKMON, CONNIE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Gantt. 465 Bower-Cameron Row ont: BOWER, AUDRA: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery; Pi Beta Phi. BOWIE, GWENDOLYN; (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Tuscaloosa. BOWLES, NONA: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Alpha Chi Omega. BOWLING, MARGARET A.; (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Chi Omega. BOWRON, CHIP: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Houston, Texas; Phi Delta Theta. Row two: BOYCHUCK, PAULA: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery; Alpha Gamma Delta. BOYD, ELIZABETH: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Bolivar, Tennessee; Delta Gamma. BOYD, RUTH: (Jr.); Edu- cation; Mo bile; Phi Mu. BOYLAN, MALLORY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Gamma Delta. BRABNER, NANCY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row three: BRACKETT, JOHN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville. BRADBERRY, SHEILA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston. BRADLEY, DAVID: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden. BRADLEY, JOE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. BRADLEY, LIBBY C: (Jr.); Education; Jasper. Row four: BRAGG, DEBORAH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BRAGG, GREG: (Soph.); Engineering; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. BRAGG, SUSAN: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Dothan. BRANCH, SUSAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. BRANDSON, SANDRA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro. Row Hve: BRANTLEY, JOSEPH: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mont- gomery; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BRANUM, SUZZANNE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. BRASFIELD, MICHAEL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Quinton. BRASWELL, ANTOINETTE: (Fr.); Home Eco- nomics; Demopolis; Kappa Delta. BRECKENRIDGE, SHEILA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. Row six: BRELAND, MAUDIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham. BRETT, WAYNE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Pi Kappa Alpha. BREWER, A. BRUCE: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Montgomery. BREWER, FRANCES: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Brighton. BREWTON, WANDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. Row seven: BRIGGS, BILL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston; Delta Tau Delta. BRINING, JOHN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile. BRISTOW, BOBBY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. BRISTOW, PARIS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Columbiana. BROOK, NANCY J.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Elba; Alpha Xi Delta. Row eight: BROCK, ZANDRA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Jasper. BROCKMAN, PEGGY A.: (Soph.); Education; Hattiesburg, Mis- sissippi. BROOKS, ANNE K.: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. BROOKS, BARBARA: (Fr.); Education; Andalusia; Pi Beta Phi. BROOKS, MIKE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Hueytown. Row nine: BROOKS, PAULA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Langdale. BROSIER, DEBORAH A.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Cocoa Beach, Florida; Zeta Tau Alpha. BROWER, WILLIAM J.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Kappa Psi. BROWN, ALEX: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Millport; Pi Kappa Phi. BROWN, ALLEN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row ten: BROWN, CHARLYNN: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery; Alpha Omicron Pi. BROWN, DAVID L.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Hamilton. BROWN, DEBBIE A.: (Jr.); Education; Hunts- ville; Phi Mu. BROWN, DONNA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Dothan; Alpha Delta Pi. BROWN, DONNA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. 466 Row one: BROWN, ELIZABETH: (Soph); Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BROWN, JAMES E.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BROWN, III, JOHN N.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. BROWN, JOHNNY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Oxford. BROWN, JULIA K.: (Fr.); Education; Bessemer; Chi Omega. Row two: BROWN, LELAND: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham. BROWN, LINDA C: (Jr.); Education; Akron, Ohio; Alpha Xi Delta. BROWN, MARGARET L.: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BROWN, MARTHA: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham. BROWN, REGINA: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. Row three: BROWN, ROY H.: (soph.); Education; Birmingham. BROWN, TYWANNA; (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. BROWNE, THOMAS: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. BROWN- ING, ALBERT: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Albertville. BROWN- ING, RHONDA: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. Row four: BRUMLOW, CURMILLA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Roanoke. BRUNNER. RICKIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Cull- man. BRUZZESE, ANNE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntington, West Virginia; Alpha Delta Pi. BRYAN, CLAUDE G.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Phi Kappa Psi. BRYAN, JANET E.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Gadsden; Alpha Gamma Delta. » Row Hve: BRYAN, LYNN: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Chi Omega. BRYANT, CELIA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Chi Omega. BUCHER, MARTHA L.: (Soph.); Education; Theodore; Delta Gamma. BUROWSKY, JANINA T.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Rockville, Maryland; Delta Gamma. Row six: BULWINKLE, LUCY A.: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Mobile; Alpha Gamma Delta. BUNDY, LESLIE: (Fr.); Edu- cation; Mobile; Alpha Delta Pi. BURCHFIELD. LINDA: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. BURCH- FIELD, TERRY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BURDETTE, MIRIAM: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. Row seven: BURFORD, BEN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Tau Delta. BURGESS, PHIL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. BURKE, LUCINDA: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Anniston; Alpha Gamma Delta. BURKE, PAULETTE: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Alpha Xi Delta. BURKS, MARY LOU: (Jr.); Education; Pensacola, Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row eight: BURNS, SEVERELY A.: (Soph.); Education; Mobile. BURNUM, SUSAN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. BURROUGHS, M. KATHERINE: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Alexander City; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BURROUGHS, PEN- NY L.: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Tau Alpha. BUSH, JAMES: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Columbus, Georgia. Row nine: BUSH, JOE R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. BYE, R. STEVEN: (Jr.); Education; Aipena, Michigan; Delta Tau Delta. BYRD, ALBERT D.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Clanton. BYRD, MARY W.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. CADDELL, CHARLES: (Soph.); Commerce and Business: Brent; Sigma Chi. Row ten: CAIN, FRANKIE S.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. CALEY, FRANK: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Marion Junction; Sigma Nu. CALLAWAY, NANCY: (Jr.); Birmingham; Phi Mu. CALVERT, MARY A.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Haleyville; Phi Mu. CAMERON, BETH: (Fr.); Education; Jackson, Mississippi; Phi Mu. 467 Cameron-Collier Row five: CARNES, BILL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mont- gomery; Pi Kappa Phi. CARPENTER, JR., ROBERT H.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Pi Kappa Alpha. CARRELL, PEGGY: (Fr.); Education; Gadsden. CARROLL, CINDY K.: (Fr.); Com- merce and Bu siness; Pasadena, Texas. CARROLL, HANK: (Soph.); Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi. Row six: CARROLL, JENIFER: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. CARROLL, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Brooklyn, New York. CARROLL, MIKE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Theta Xi. CARTER, EARL H.: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Prattville. CARTER, KAYE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Russeli- ville. Row seven: CARTER, TRICIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Alpha Delta Pi. CASH, CYNTHIA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; McCalla. CASSADY, BILL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Fort De- posit; Delta Tau Delta. CATER, ONA L.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Selma. CAUSEY, DONALD: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston. Row eight: CHAMBERLAIN, LARRY: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Chi Phi. CHAMBERS, CAROL: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. CHAMPTON, VICKI: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. CHANEY, STANLEY L.: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. CHAPMAN, JAMES E.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Sigma. Row nine: CHAPPELL, CONNIE J.: (Soph.); Education; Tallade ga; Zeta Tau Alpha. CHESBROUGH, NANCY V.: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics; Ashville; Zeta Tau Alpha. CHIEPALICH, MARIA: (Jr.); Engineering; Jackson. CHIEVES, PATRICIA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. CHILDS, CRAIG: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Dothan. Row ten: CHILDS, LARRY B.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Theta Chi. CHORBA, JOSEPH J.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Guntersville; Sigma Chi. CHRISTIAN, JOYCE M.: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Sawyerville. CHRISTIAN. NAOMI L.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business Tuscaloosa. CHRISTOPHER, JOHN Y.: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Butler. Sigma Chi. Row one: CAMERON, CAROL: (Soph.); Home Economics; Gads- den; Alpha Delta Pi. CAMINAS, HARRIET: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. CAMP, TRACEY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Pi Beta Phi. CAMPBELL, CECIL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur, Georgia; Alpha Xi Delta. CAMPBELL, HAR- VEY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Talladega; Theta Xi. Row two: CAMPBELL, JERRY C: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham. CAMPBELL, MARY R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Scotts- boro; Delta Gamma. CAMPBELL, MIKE K.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon. CANNON, BECKY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Brookhaven, Mississippi. CAN- NON, PAM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Dothan; Alpha Xi Delta. Row three: CANTRELL, BRENDA: (Fr.); Education; Guin. CAPE- LOTO, AL D.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Zeta Beta Tau. CAPELOTO, ELEANOR A.: (Fr.); Education; Mont- gomery; Delta Phi Epsilon. CAPILOUTO, SUSAN: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Montgomery; Sigma Delta Tau. CAPOUANO, DAVID: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences, Montgomery; Zeta Beta Tau. Row four: CARLEI, ROBERT: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Atmore. CARLTON, AMELIA F.: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. CARLTON, TERRY L.: (Fr.); Engineering, Tuscaloosa. CARMACK, SANDRA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Zeta. CARMICHAEL, JAMES L.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Valley Head. 4M Row one: CHRISTOPHER, PAM: (Fr.); Education; Butler; Chi Omega. CHRISTOPHER, SANDRA K.: (Jr.); Education; Russell- ville. CLANAHAN, ANN: (Fr.); Education; Carrolton. CLANTON, BEVERLY J.: (Fr.); Home Economics, Sylacauga. CLAPP, EMILY A.: (Fr.); Education; Miami, Florida. Row two: CLARK, CHARLES: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Shu- ; butta, Mississippi. CLARK, DAVID L.: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ! ness; Dothan; Pi Kappa Phi. CLARK, REA: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Lanett. CLARY, NEAL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Selma. CLAY H. WILLIS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Boaz. Row three: CLAY, SUSAN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Greenville, South Carolina; Alpha Gamma Delta. CLAYTON, LEE: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. CLEINO, JEANNE M.: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Pi Beta Phi. CLEINO, WILLIAM: (Jr.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa; Theta Tau. CLEMENTS, BOB: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Chi. Row four: CLEMENS, ROBERT: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Dutton. CLEMMONS, RICK: (Soph.); Education; Ethelsville. CLE- IONS, LINDA L.: (Soph.); Education; Hueytown. CLENNEY, CATHY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Abbeville. CLOKEY, CAROL: (Fr.); Home Economics; Gadsden; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ro w five: CLONDUS, CHARLOTTE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Oneonta. CLONTS, MIKE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Annis- ton; Pi Kappa Alpha. CLOUD, CATHY D.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. CLOWDUS, BETTY: (Soph.); Education; West Bocton; Delta Gamma. CLOWDUS, SHARRON: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Birmingham. Row six: COATS, WILLIAM P.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Sigma Chi. COBB, RINNA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Delta Delta Delta. COBBLE, CHARLOTTE L.: (Jr.); Education; Fort Payne; Alpha Gamma Delta. COBUN, PETE: Arts and Sci- ences; Huntsville. COCHRAN, DOUG: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; At- lanta, Georgia; Chi Phi. Row seven: COCHRANE, EMILY L.: (Fr.); Home Economics Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. COCKER, TIM: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. COCKRELL, DEBBIE J.: (Soph.) Education; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. CODY, ELIZABETH E.: (Soph.) Education; Wetumpka; Alpha Chi Omega. COFFMAN, MANION (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Elkmont; Phi Gamma Delta. Row eight: COGGIN, JOHN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Pi Kappa Phi. COHNE, RICHARD L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mont- gomery; Zeta Beta Tau. COHEN, SHARON A.: (Soph.); Home Eco- nomics; Kennett, Missouri. COKER, BEN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden. COKER, PATRICIA A.: (Fr.); Education; Satel- lite Beach, Florida. Row nine: COLE, BOBBY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Fort Payne. COLE, JACQUELINE A.: (Soph.); Education; Nashville, Tennessee; Delta Phi Epsilon. COLEMAN, BETH E.: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Demopolis. COLEMAN, JERRY: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Talladega; Delta Kappa Epsilon. COLEMAN, JOHN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Talladega; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row ten: COLEMAN, MARY P.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hayne- ville. COLEMAN, VALERIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. COLLEY, CONNEY: (Fr.); Education; Troy; Kappa Delta. COLLEY, DENNIS: (Fr.); Engineering; Birmingham. COLLIER, NEAL: (Fr.); Engineering; Killen. 469 Collins-Debtor Row one: COLLINS, JAN: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Phi Mu. COLVERT, KEN: (Fr.); Engineering; Birmingham. COMPTON, ELIZABETH A.: (Soph.); Education; Decatur. CONDITT, PAT- RICIA J.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Mobile. CONDON, ANN H.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. Row two: CONLEY, SUSAN H.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Hunts- ville; Kappa Delta. CONNOR, ROBERT C: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Eufaula; Delta Kappa Epsilon. CONTRI, ROSEMARY: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. CONWAY, REBECCA A.: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Sulacauga. CONYERS, DONNA: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Pi Beta Phi. Row three: COOGAN, ELLEN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Gamma. COOK, DEBORAH; (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mont- gomery. COOK, JANET: (Soph.); Education; Selma; Alpha Gamma Delta. COOK, KATHRYN M.: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery. COOK, RETA: (Jr.); Education; Arley. Row four: COOK, REUBEN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; COOK, SAMUEL M.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Pinehill. COONEY, PAMELA J.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Lumberton, New Jersey; Alpha Omicron Pi. COOPER, BRENDA L.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Conyers, Georgia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. COOPER, CHRISTIANA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Elba; Chi Omega. 4 Row five: COOPER, EDDIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Elba; Pi Kappa Phi. COOPER, KATHLEEN: (Fr.); Education; Gadsden; Delta Delta Delta. COOPER, KATHRYN A.: (Soph.); Home Economics, Birmingham; Delta Gamma. COOPER, RONALD: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Clarksville, Tennessee. COPPEPGE, WAYNE L.: (Jr.); Engineering; Billingsley. Row six: COPPINGER, JOAN: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Chi Omega. CORENBLUM, ELLEN C: (Soph.); Education; Birming- ham; Sigma Delta Tau. CORLEY, HUGH F.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. CORNELIUS, JOHN E.: (Jr.); Arts, and Sci- ences; Miami, Florida; Pi Kappa Phi. CORNETT, PHYLLIS E.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hayneville; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row seven: CORWIN, III PAUL C: (Soph.) Commerce and Bus- iness; Montgomery; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CORY, LINDA: (Jr.); Education; Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. COTHRAN, MELVIN: (Fr.); Engineering; Greensboro. COUCH, MARY A.: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. COUNSELMAN, JAMES: (Jr.); Education; Coffeeville. Row eiglit: COVERT, LARRY P.: (Soph.); Engineering; Dothan. COWLEY, STEPHEN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Theta Chi. COX, CATHERINE: (Jr.); Education; Boaz; Alpha Gamma Delta. COX, S. M. (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. COX, SHIRLEY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row nine: COX, YORKE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. CRABTREE, JEAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Madeira Beach, Florida. CRAIG, MARY L.: (Soph.); Home Econ- omics; Florence; Chi Omega. GRAIN, GEORGE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business: Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi. CRAMER, CRAIG: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Nu. Row ten: CRANDALL, CAROL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. CRANE, BILL: (Jr.); Engineering; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha. CRANE, JOSEPH R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Sigma Chi. CRAPET, LEE: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Birmingham. CRAWFORD, CHERRY C: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Marion; Alpha Gamma Delta. 470 Row one: CREEKMORE, DAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. CREEL, BEVERLY: (Soph.); Education; Dothan; Zeta Tau Alpha. CREEL, PAT A.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Hueytown; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. CRIMM, CATHY: (Fr.); Education; Millport. CROCKER, MARY: (Fr.); Education; Demopolis. Row two: CROFT, CURTIS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Boaz. CROSBY, KATHERINE F.: (Fr.); Education; Greenville; Delta Delta Delta. CROSS, JUDY: (Fr.); Education; Gadsden; Delta Delta Delta. CROSS, RICHARD: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Eutaw; Theta Chi. CROTSER, CHRISTINE E.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Delta Gamma. Row three: CROUCH, MANDY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birming- ham; Pi Beta Phi. CROWLEY, SUZANNE: (Jr.); Ozark. CROXTON, ELIZABETH E.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; College Park, Mary- land; Delta Gamma. CUNNINGHAM, MIKE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville. CURRAN, SUZZANNE: (Soph.); Home Eco- nomics; Yazoo City, Mississippi; Delta Delta Delta. Row four: CURRIE, JAMES: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; At- more. CURRIE, MARTHA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. CURRY, WILLIAM: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Carrollton; Kappa Sigma. DADE, STEPHEN W.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Pensacola, Florida. DAHLKE, MARY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Meridian, Mississippi; Delta Zeta. Row five: DAHMEN, DAVID: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Hunts- ville; Sigma Chi. DAILEY, DIANE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; : Kappa Kappa Gamma. DANIEL, JAMES: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Sigma Chi. DARDEN, MARGARE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. DARK, PHILLIP: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row six: DARLING, BRUCE: (Fr.); Education, Tuscaloosa. DAUG- ■ HERTY, STEVE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Chi. DAVENPORT, SALLY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; St. Petersburg, Florida; Alpha Xi Delta. DAVIDSON, DENISE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. DAVIS, DALE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. Row seven: DAVIS, DEBORAH: (Soph.); Home Economics; Centre. DAVIS, DONNA: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. DAVIS, JAMA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Alexander City; Alpha Gamma Delta. DAVIS, JAMES: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mont- gomery. DAVIS, JANE: Social Work; Talladega; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row eight: DAVIS, JANET A.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Alpha Chi Omega. DAVIS, JOHN E.: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Alpha. DAVIS, LARRY: (Fr.); En- gineering; Bessemer. DAVIS, MARY A.: (Soph.); Education; Dothan; Alpha Chi Omega. DAVIS, MARRIE R.: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Eutaw. Row nine: DAVIS, MIKE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Gads- den. DAVIS, PATRICIA: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. DAVIS, PENNY: (Fr.); Education; Kennedy. DAVIS, ROSE- ANN: (Soph.); Home Economics; Mobile. DAVIS, SAM A.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row ten: DAVIS, TOMMY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; De- catur, Georgia; Lambda Chi Alpha. DAWKINS, MARY E.: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. DAWSON, DIANE S.: (Jr.); S ocial Work; Birmingham. DEAL, FAYE E.: (Soph.); Education; Dothan; Alpha Delta Pi. DEBTOR, RONALD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Sheffield. E M 47J Deep-English Row one: DEEP, LARRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Alpha Tau Omega. DEESE, JANICE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. DE FIORE, LOUIS: (Jr.); Engineering; Brownsboro. DEHANEY, LUANNE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. DEITZ, STEPHEN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row two: DELEWSKY, KARIN: (Fr.); Home Economics; Louis- ville, Kentucky; Alpha Delta Pi. DELONEY, DON: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Dothan. DELONEY, JEANNE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Livingston. DEN BOER, LINDA: (Jr.); Education; Sheffield; Delta Delta Delta. DENNIS, ROSE C: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Talladega; Phi Mu. Row three: DENNISTON, DWAIN C: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. DENT, JOAN E.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Gamma Delta. DESROCHERS, J.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Fort Walton Beach, Florida; Delta Kappa Epsilon. DESSERT, PEGGY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Montgomery; Kappa Kappa Gamma. DEUTSEN, SHERYL S.: (Soph.); Education; Atlanta, Georgia; Delta Phi Epsilon. Row four: DIFFRIENT, AMANDA R.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Brookhaven. DILIBERTO, ANTHONY: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham. DILLARD, BRUCE: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Montgomery; Delta Tau Delta. DINELEY, VIRGINIA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. DINGES, LINDA: (Soph.); Education; Florence. Row five: DINNING, SHARON M: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; De- mopolis; Delta Gamma. DIPIAZZA, SAM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Theta Chi. DOBBS, JUDY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Brent. DODD, DEBORAH: (Jr.); Home Economics; Glen Allen. DODSIN, H. BRYAN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Sheffield. Row six: DODSON, LYNN: (Jr.); Education; Montgomery; Delta Gamma. DOMINICK, SUSAN C: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Vicks- burg, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma. DONAHOO, CASSAN- DRA: (Jr.); Education; Fairfield Highlands. DONAHUE, JOE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. DONALD, BILL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Chi Phi. Row seven: DONALD, JOHN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. DONALDSON, SUSAN J.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. DONELSON, HELEN: (Fr.); Education; Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma. DONNELLY, KATHLEEN L.: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Chi Omega. DOOLITTLE, SANDRA: (Jr.); Education; Moultrie, Georgia; Delta Zeta. Row eight: DOROUGH, NELDA: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. DORSETT, DIANN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences, Oxford. DOSS, HELEN: (Fr.); Education; Alexander City; Kappa Kappa Gamma. DOTZHEIMER, JANE E.: (Jr.); Social Work; Huntsville. DOUAN, WIN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Charleston, South Carolina. Row nine: DOUGLAS, DORIS J.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Good- springs. DOUGLAS, JOHN: (Soph.); Engineering; Cordova. DOUG- LAS, KAREN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Kappa Delta. DOUGLAS, SHERYL: (Jr.); Education; Dothan. DOWDLE, HENRY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Millport; Pi Kappa Phi. Row ten: DOWLING, SALLY A.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. DOWNEY, MARTHA A.: (Soph.); Education; Scotts- boro; Delta Gamma. DRAKE, JIM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Lambda Chi Alpha. DRAKE, JOSEPH: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Tuscaloosa. DRISCOLL, BARBARA J.: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. 472 Row nve: ECHOLS, KEITH: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Sigma Nu. ECHOLS, MARTHA S.: (Jr.); Education; Gadsden. EDDINS, SHARMON: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Monroe- ville; Chi Omega. EDGAR, MARY: (Soph.); Education; Gilbertown. EDGELL. A. W.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. Row six: EDWARDS, HELEN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. EDWARDS, JACKIE L.: (Soph.); Education; Sylacauga; Alpha Delta Pi. EDWARDS, JEAN M.: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. EDWARDS, JENNIFER J.: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa. EDWARDS, JUDY: (Fr.); Education; Tus- caloosa. Row seven: EDWARDS, KATHERINE E.: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Abbeville, Louisiana; Kappa Delta. EDWARDS, LINDA D.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. EDWARDS, PAULA: (Jr.); Edu- cation; Dothan; Alpha Gamma Delta. EDWARDS, STEVE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Athens. EHLERS, IRIS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row eight: EILAND, REBECCA: (Jr.); Education; Montgomery; Alpha Xi Delta. EILAND, VIOLET: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Elba. ELLENBERG, TERRI: (Jr.); Education; Cleveland, Ten- nessee. ELLINGTON, TIM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Hunts- ville; Alpha Tau Omega. ELLIOT, DARRELL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. Row nine: ELLIOT, JACKY: (Fr.); Education; Athens; Zeta Tau Alpha. ELLIOT, JENNIE S.: (Jr.); Education; Haleyville. ELLIS, CHARLES H.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Miami, Florida; Alpha Tau Omega. ELLISON, JEANNE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Sumiton. ELLSWORTH, MARY: (Jr.); Home Economics; East Lansing, Michigan; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row ten: ELMORE, KATIE: (Soph.); Education; Dothan; Kappa Delta. ELMORE, LAUREL: (Jr.); Education; Dothan; Alpha Xi Delta. EMFINGER, PATRICIA E.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Union Springs, Alpha Gamma Delta. EMMONS, CLARKE W.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Winterpark, Florida; Phi Mu. ENGLISH, ALISON: (Soph.); Education; Jackson. Row one: DRUMMOND, TERESA: (Soph); Education; Northport; Delta Gamma. DUDLEY, RICHARD: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon. DUFFEE, STEVE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. DULANEY, RICHARD: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Algiers, Louisiana; Sigma Chi. DU- MONT, DAN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Ep- silon. Row two: DUNCAN, CATHY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Delta Gamma. DUNCAN, CHERYL M.: (Soph.); Education; Bir- mingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. DUNCAN, JANE E.: (Fr.); Education; Northport. DUNCAN, MARIAN A.: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Delta Pi. DUNCAN, PHYLLIS: (Fr.); Home Economics; Hartselle; Alpha Chi Omega. Row three: DUNNAVANT, THOMAS C: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Athens. DUREN, RODNEY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. DUTT, KATHLEEN L.: (Jr.); Social Work; Lexington, Kentucky; Pi Beta Phi. SUTTON, JOHNNY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Leeds. DUVAL, JAMIE L.: (Soph.); Education; Bir- mingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row four: DYAR, CAROL: (Jr.); Home Economics; Albertville; Alpha Chi Omega. EARLE, BILLY: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Lanett. FARLEY, TONI K.: (Jr.); Education; Huntsville; Zeta Tau Alpha. EARNEST, VICKI: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Good- springs. ECHOLS, CHARLOTTE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Alpha Gamma Delta. 4 73 English-Frederick Row one: ENGLISH, GAIL: (Jr.); Education; Evergreen; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ENNIS, R. LARRY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Harvest. ENSEY, FRIEDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Florence. EN- TREKIN, JAMES: (Soph.); Engineering; Lacey ' s Spring; Theta Tau. ENZOR, CELESTINE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Crestview, Florida; Phi Mu. Row two: EPSTEIN, JANICE B.: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. ERB, JANIE: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. ETHRIDGE, DEBORAH K.: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics; Jackson; Chi Omega. EUBANKS SUSAN M.: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. EVANS, BRUCE W.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi; Zeta Beta Tau. Row three: EVANS, CHARLES: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. EVANS, ELIZABETH A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Pascagoula, Mississippi; Zeta Tau Alpha. EVANS, GARY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. EVANS, JOYCE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Alexander City; Alpha Delta Pi. EVANS, JUDITH A.: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. Row four: EVANS, LARRY: (Jr.); Engineering; Birmingham. EVANS, MARY B.: (Jr.); Education; Decatur; Chi Omega. EVANS, OLAN N.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Alexander City; Zeta Beta Tau. EVANS, PATRICIA: (Jr.); Education; Gadsden. EVANS, STEPHANIE A.: (Jr.); Education; Anniston; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row five: EVANS, TIPTON: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Annis- ton; Sigma Nu. EVERETT, SARA L.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Norcross, Georgia; Pi Beta Phi. EYSTER, KAPPY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Delta Delta Delta. EZEKIEL, MELISSA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Sylacauga. FAIRCLOTH, MARK: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Greenville; Sigma Chi. Row six: FAIRWEATHER, JOHN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; North- port; Lambda Chi Alpha. FAMBROUGH, DEBORAH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. FARRELL, DOT: (Fr.); Education; Birming- ham; Delta Zeta. FARRELL, MAURA J.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. FARRIOR, MARY: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery; Phi Mu. Row seven: FARRIS, MELISSA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Jasper, Alpha Chi Omega. FARRIS, PHILLIP: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. FAST, MARSHA I,: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences Montgomery; Delta Phi Epsilon. FAULKNER, LE JEAN: (Fr.) Home Economics; Athens; Phi Mu. FAULKNER, MARTHA G. (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row eight: FAULKNER, V. L.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. FELDMAN, BOBBI H.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta; Sigma Delta Tau. FENN, MARY E.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. FERGUSON, GARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. FERGU- SON, LISA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Dallas, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row nine: FERGUSON, SUZANNE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. FERNIANY, ISAAC W,: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Mobile; Sigma Chi. FERRELL, BILL: (Fr.); Education; Nashville, Tennessee. FERRELL, ELLEN: (Jr.); Edu- cation; Birmingham. FETNER, CHARLES A.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Ashland. Row ten: FICHTNER, MONICA J.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. FIELD, KAREN L.: (Fr.); Education; Sylacauga; Pi Beta Phi. FIELDS, LINDA: (Jr.); Education; Talla- dega. FIKES. DAVID H.: (Soph.); Engineering; Huntsville; Theta Chi. FIKES, DEBBY J.: (Soph.); Education; Hamilton; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. 474 Row one: FILES, JR. E. JAMES: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Theta Chi. FINCH, SUSAN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Bir- mingham; Deha Delta Delta. FINDLAY, KATHY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham. FINLEN, PATRICIA A.: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. FINN, PATRICIA A.: (Fr.); Education; Sylacauga; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row two: FINNELL, MARY E.: (Fr.); Arts an d Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. FINNEY, MARY J.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gads- den; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FINOCCHIO, CECILIA M.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. FISHBEIN, CASSIE G.: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. FISHER, KATHY E.: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. Row three: FISHER, LYNNA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tusca- loosa; Alpha Xi Delta. FITZGERALD, GAYLE: (Fr.); Education; Leighton. FITZPATRICK, BONNIE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. FITZPATRICK, TERRIE A.: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. FLEMING, GEORGIA V.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Enterprise. Row four: FLEMING, LINDA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Grove Hi Alpha Xi Delta. FLEMING, MEREDITH M.: (Soph.); Education Pensacola, Florida; Pi Beta Phi. FLOWERS, J. STEPHEN: (Soph.) Arts and Sciences; Laroy; Sigma Nu. FLOWERS, MIRIAM M. (Soph.); Education; Ruleville, Mississippi; Sigma Delta Tau. FLOWERS, RONALD: (Jr.); Engineering; Demopolis; Theta Chi. Row five: FLOWERS, SANDY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Pi Beta Phi. FLOYD, BONNIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia. FOMINAYA, DEIDRE M.; (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Augusta, Georgia. FORD, THERESE M.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. FORD, VICTORIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Jacksonville, Florida; Alpha Xi Delta. Row six: FORMAN, STEVE: (Fr.); Engineering; Haleyville; Chi Phi. FORSYTHE, HERBERT: (Jr.); Engineering; Hueytown; Theta Chi. FORSYTHE, LINDA G.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Hueytown. FORTNER, SALLY C: (Fr.); Education; Dothan; Phi Mu. FOR- TUNIS, LINDA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. Row seven: FOSHEE, FRANKIE: (Soph.); Education; Talladega; Kappa Delta. FOSS, GARY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Morristown, New Jersey. FOSTER, ALELYN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. FOSTER, GREG: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tus- caloosa; Pi Kappa Phi. FOSTER, MELISSA: (Fr.); Education; North- port. Row eight: FOUNTAIN, PENNY: (Jr.); Education; Gadsden; Delta Gamma. FOURROUX, SHARON: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville; Alpha Delta Pi. FOUST, RANDALL: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham. FLOWLER, DEBORAH J.: (Soph.); Education; Fayette. FRANCIS, MARIA (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham. Row nine: FRANKLIN, DAVID: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Delta Tau Delta. FRANKLIN, JOSEPH: (Jr.); Arts and sci- ences; Gadsden; Delta Kappa Epsilon. FRANKLIN, LYON: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. FRANKLIN, PATRICIA L.: (Fr.); Education; OFallon, Illinois; Phi Mu. FRANKLIN, SHARON L. (Soph.); Education; Tarrant. Row ten: FRASIER, SUE-SUE: (Soph); Education; Selma; Alpha Gamma Delta. FRAZIER, AMY J.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Plantersville. FRECH, SHERRY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. FREDERICK, PAT: Engineering; Childersburg; Theta Tau. FREDERICK, PAUL W.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Tau Omega. 475 Freeman-Hails Row five: GAMBRELL, MARGARET: (Jr.); Education; Jasper. GANTT, KARLA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia; Kappa Alpha Theta. GARDNER, DEE DEE: (Fr.); Education; Dothan; Delta Zeta. GARDNER, W WAYNE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hartford. GARNER, STEVEN E.: (Soph.); Engineering; Mobile; Kappa Sigma. Row six: GARRETT, DIANNE: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery; Pi Beta Phi. GARRET, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. GARRETT, LESLIE: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Phi Mu. GARTMAN, JULIA A.: (Soph.); Education; Fayette. FAUBERT, LENNIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Zeta. Row seven: GEHLEN, DEBBIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. GEORGE, FRAN: (Soph.); liducation; Hunts- ville; Delta Delta Delta. GERSTLAUER, FRAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Delta Pi. GEWIN, HENRY C: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Sigma Chi. GIBSON, DOMINIQUE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row eight: GIL, RICHARD W.: (Fr.); Engineering; Hampton Bays, New York; Phi Kappa Psi. GILBERT, DON: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Alexander City; Delta Tau Delta. GILBERT, ELLEN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Clanton. GILCHRIST, DIANNE: (Fr.); Education; Somerville. FILMER, MADELINE L.: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Xi Delta. Row nine: GIPSON, MARGIE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Foley. GIRARDEAU, BOB: (Soph.); Engineering; Birmingham; Delta Tau Delta. GLASS, JUDY M.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Grove Hill. GLASSON, HEIDI J.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Coral Gables, Florida; Delta Zeta. CLEAVES, CONNIE: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville. Row ten: GLOVER, BILLIE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Leroy, Chi Omega. GLOVER, MARTHA E.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Jacksonville; Phi Mu. GOEHLER, LEE: (Jr.); Education; Athens. GOFF, MADONNA D.: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. GOLDS- BOROUGH, SALLY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Baho, Maryland; Alpha Chi Omega. Row one: FREEMAN, JACKIE: (Jr.); Education; Columbus, Geor- gia; Pi Kappa Phi. FREEMAN, MARGARET: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. FREEMAN, MARK ANN: (Soph.); Education; Dothan; Kappa Delta. FRENCH, DORI M.: (Soph.); Education; Willingboro, New Jersey; Alpha Xi Delta. FREIDENBERG, CAROL L.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hunts- ville; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row two: FRIDAY, PAULA V.: (Soph.); Education; Selma; Alpha Gamma Delta. FREIDLANDER GAIL R.: (Jr.); Education; Mont- gomery; Delta Phi Epsilon. FRIS, MARGA: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Huntsville; Alpha Chi Omega. FRISARO, LEONARD: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; New York, New York; Chi Phi. FUHR, JANET C: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; River Falls, Wisconsin. Row three: FULLER, GEORGE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Spanish Fort; Theta Chi. FULTON, PERRY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Good- water. FUNK, COLEEN: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham. FURLONG, ERWIN: (Fr.); Engineering; Centreville. FURLONG, ROBERT: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Centreville. Row four: GAILLARD, JANE M.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Monroeville; Kappa Delta. GAINER, SUSAN: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. GAINES, JOHN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. GALBRAITH, GEORGANNE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Rome, Georgia; Kappa Alpha Theta. GALLOWAY, ROBERT M.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. 4 76 Row one: GOLINSKY, DAN S.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mont- gomery; Zeta Beta Tau. GOLSON, GARY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Prattville. GOODMAN, PATRICIA L.: (Jr.); Education; Birming- ham; Delta Delta Delta. GOODNER, JANE: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. GOODRUM, SUSAN L.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. Row two: GOODWIN, JOE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Lambda Chi Alpha. GOODWIN, PHOEBE: (Soph.); Education; Florence; Kappa Delta. GOODWIN, III, ROBERT E.: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Huntsville; Pi Kappa Alpha. GOODWIN, SKIPPER: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Bessemer. GORDON, GARY M.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Zeta Beta Tau. Row three: GORDON, TERRY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham. GORE, SANDRA A.: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. GRACE, JACK: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Tau Delta. GRAFF, CONNIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Franklin, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi. GRAMLING, TERRI M.: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Phi Mu. Row four: GRANATA, DIANE L.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tus- caloosa; Delta Gamma. GRANT, CLAIRE: (Jr.); Education; Dozier. GRAY, CELESTE E.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Columbus, Georgia; Delta Gamma. GRAY, DEBORAH K.: (Jr.); Education; Huntsville. GRAY, JAMES: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Theta Chi. Row five: GRAY, JEFF N.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business, Gunters- ville; Pi Kappa Phi. GREEN, CHARLES: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Madison. GREEN, DRUCIE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Sylacauga. GREEN, JAMES R.: (Soph.); Arts and Science , Hunts- ville; Pi Kappa Alpha. GREEN, SHARON I.: (Jr.); Education; Clayton. Row six: GREEN, PAULA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. GREENBERG, TERRY S.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Delta Phi Epsilon. GREENE, JIMMY: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Bessmer. GREER, JAMES: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. GREGG, MICHAEL: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Gardendale. Row seven: GREGSON, L. W.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Little River. GREIF, NANCY A.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Zeta Tau Alpha. GRESHAM, DAVID R.: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham. GRIFFIN, LEE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Pell City. GRIFFIN, PAM: (Jr.); Education; Bessemer; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row eight: GRIFFIN, PATSY: (Soph.); Social Work; Montgomery. GRIFFITHS, STEPHANIE: (Jr.); Education; Herrin, Illinois. GRIGG, BONNIE L.: (Jr.); Education; Opp; Chi Omega. GRIGGS, ELIZA- BETH: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Arab. GRIMWOOD, JOAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hazel Green. Row nine: GROGAN, JR., TEDDY R.: (Soph); Arts and Sciences; Piedmont; Phi Kappa Psi. GROSS, MONROE: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Greensboro. GROSSMAN, TERRI: (Soph); Home Eco- nomics; Columbus, Tennessee; Alpha Chi Omega. GUILLOT, PATTI A.: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Phi Mu. GULAS, THEODORE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Athens, Greece. Row ten: GURWITCH, JANET: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hatties- burg, Mississippi; Sigma Delta Tau. GUTHRIE, TERRY J.: (Jr.); Education; Prichard. HAAS, MARTHA C: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HAIGLER, DEBRA: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. HAILS, EDWARD R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Phi Delta Theta. 477 Hariston-Hereford Row one: HAIRSTON, DEBRA M.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Gar- dendale. HALE, CHARLES: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Selma. HALE, PATRICIA: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Selma. HALE, PEGGY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Mobile; Chi Omega. HALE, PHYLLIS A.: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row two: HALL, LAWTON: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences, Huntsville; Delta Tau Delta. HALL, MITCHELL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. HALL, PAULINE: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. HALL, PEGGY: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. HALL, SUSAN E.: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. Row three: HALLAM, WILLIAM J.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mont- gomery; Pi Kappa Phi. HALSEY, CARON A.: (Fr.); Education; Anniston; Pi Beta Phi. HALTER, MICHAEL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon. HAMILTON, FULTON S.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Theta Chi. HAM- ILTON, LEWISS: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Greenville; Sigma Nu. Row four: HAMILTON, NANCY M.: (Soph.); Education; Birming- ham; Phi Mu. HAMLIN, JAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham. HAMMOND, BETH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. HAMMOND, MARCY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Ft. Lauderdale. HAMNER, GLENDA L.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Cullman; Delta Zeta. Row five: HAMNER, LINDA S.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Cullman; Delta Zeta. HAM RICK, BILL: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Bessemer. HANAVICH, CATHY L.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Alexandra, Virginia. HANBY, PATSY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Zeta Tau Alpha. HANCOCK, ALICE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Athens; Phi Mu. Row six: HANCOCK, PAULA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Pi Beta Phi. HANDWERGER, RONNIE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile. HANNON, SARA: (Jr.); Education; Mobile. HANSON, JANIS R.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Mu. HARBERT, ROBERTA G.: (Fr.); Education; Springfield, Virginia; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row seven: HARBIN, GLORIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. HARDEGREE, KATHRYN L.: (Soph.); Education; Ashland; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HARDIN, JOHN; (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. HARDIN, MOLLIE: (Soph.); Education; ' Greenville; Kappa Delta. HARDIN, SANDRA: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Jasper. Row eight: HARDY, LYMAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Phi Epsilon. HARDY, PAT: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Alpha Tau Omega. HARGROVE, BRENDA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Northport; Alpha Chi Omega. HARKINS, RICHARD M.: (Fr.); Engineering; Northport. HARLIN, NANCY E.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row nine: HARNER, JODY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston. HARPER, NANCY B.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. HARRINGTON, LESLIE: (Soph.); Home Economics Columbus, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HARRIS, BETTY (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham. HARRIS, DIANE: (Soph.) Arts and Sciences; Prattville. Row ten: HARRIS, GAIL: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Selma. HARRIS, HARRIET E.: (Soph.); Education; Fairfax; Pi Beta Phi. HARRIS, JOHN W.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Russell- ville; Phi Kappa Psi. HARRIS, NANCY K.: (Jr.); Education; Albert- ville. HARRISON, CAREY: (Soph.); Social Work; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. 4 78 Row one: HARTMAN, DEBRA K.: (Stiph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Mt. Vernon, Indiana; Chi Omega. HASSINGER, DAVID: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Theta Chi. HASSON, DIANE E.: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery; Sigma Delta Tau. HASSON, LEONARD S.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Zeta Beta Tau. HASTING, MILLARD C: (Soph.); Education; Tus- caloosa. Row two: HATHAWAY. JANICE C: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. HAUGHTON, PATSY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Dothan; Alpha Gamma Delta. HAUPT, LORRAINE: (Jr.); Edu- cation; Pensacola, Florida. HAUSER, CATHERINE A.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Newport Beach, California; Pi Beta Phi. HAVER, ALVIN C: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. i Row three: HAVRISIK, L. C: Home Economics; Los Altos, Cali- fornia; Alpha Delta Pi. HAWKINS. CONNELL: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham. HAWKINS, GAIL: (Fr.); Education; Birming- I ham. HAWKINS, JENNY: (Fr.); Arts and sciences; Huntsville; Phi I Mu. HAWKINS, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row four: HAWLEY, JOE E.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tus- caloosa. HAYES, BETH: (Soph.); Education; Northport. HAYES, JUDY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. HAYES, MARGARET M.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Brewton; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HAYES, MARY E.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Brewton; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row five: HAYGOOD, MARION L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Green- ville; Alpha Gamma Delta. HAYLEY, FRANCES: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. HAYS, BRENDA S.: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Memphis, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi. HAYS, PAT- RICIA A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Memphis, Tennessee; Pi Beta Phi. HAYSLIP, LINDA L.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row six: HAZELRIG, PAULA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Alpha Gamma Delta. HEAD, ROBBY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden. HEARD, PEGGY A.; (Soph.); Home Eco- nomics; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. HEATH, STEVEN: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; San Rafael, California. HEATH, WANDA: (Soph.); Education; Ozark; Alpha Chi Omega. Row seven: HEBLON, ERWIN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Pi Kappa Phi. HEIBERGER, BARBARA: (Fr.); Education; Gadsden. HELF, MICHAEL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Delta Gamma. HELLMAN, BARBARA: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Delta Phi Epsilon. HELMER, DEBBY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row eight: HENDERSON, PAMELA L.: (Soph.); Education; Louis- ville, Kentucky; Pi Beta Phi. HENDERSON, RANDY: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Pell City. HENDERSON, SALLYE R.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. HENDERSON, SUSAN G.: (Jr.); Education; Decatur. HENLEY, JAMES C: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Greensboro. Row nine: HENLEY, RICHARD: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mis- sion Viejo, California. HENNIESSY, TIMOTHY C: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Decatur; Sigma Chi. HENNINGER, SALLY R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Stevenson. HENRY, ALLEN: (Soph.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa; Theta Tau. HENRY, BEVERLY: (Soph.); Education; Greensboro, Phi Mu. Row ten: HENRY, CHOOCHI: (Fr.); Home Economics; Russellville; Kappa Alpha Theta. HENRY, DEBORAH: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Greensboro; Phi Mu. HENRY, GEORGE M.: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Alexander City; Chi Phi. HERBERT, ISABEL: (Jr.); Education; Montgomery; Pi Beta Phi. HEREFORD, ROBERT: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; New Hope; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 479 Herring- Jackson Row one: HERRING, DANNIS: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Bessemer; Chi Phi. HERRING, PATRICIA L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Fairfield. HESTER, RANDY: (Soph.); Engineering; Tuscum- bia. HEWITT, BETH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia; Zeta Tau Alpha. HEWITT, GINNY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jacksonville, Mississippi; Chi Omega. Row two: HEWITT, STEVE R.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. HEWSON, JAMES R.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Charleston, South Carolina; Theta Xi. HEYWARD, SUSAN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. HICKMAN, PATRICIA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Dothan. HICKS, CAROL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row three: HICKS, REBECCA L.: (Jr.); Education; Brownsboro. HICKS, TOMMY C: (Soph.); Education; Lindale, Georgia; Alpha Sigma Phi. HICKS, VICKI: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Waynes- boro, Mississippi. HIGGINBOTHAM, JIM: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. HIGGINS, JUDITH T.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; St. Louis, Missouri; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row four: HIGHTOWER, SUZANNE: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Chi Omega. HILL, GAIL: (Fr.); Education; Gadsden; Alpha Chi Omega. MILL, MICHAEL D.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Moulton. MILLIARD, SLOAN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile. HIN- KLE, JERRY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Kappa Sigma. Row five: HINSON, JUNE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Sweet Water; Alpha Delta Pi. HINTON, PAT: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha ; Gamma Delta. HITE, DEBORAH: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Pen- sacola, Florida; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HODGES, SANDI: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fayette; Delta Phi Epsilon. HOEHN, CARLA S.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row six: HOGUE, BECKY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Aliceville. HOGUE, NANCY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Delta Gamma. HOLDEN, GARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Rogers- ville. HOLDER, SHERRIAN: (Fr.); Education; Hayleville. HOLLA- DAY, PATRICIA L.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Pell City; Phi Mu. Row seven: HOLLEMAN, CAROL D.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Alpha Omicron Pi. HOLLENBECK, NANCY N.: (Soph.); Education; Town Creek. HOLLEY, THOMAS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Orlando, Florida. HOLLINGER, ANNE S.: (Fr.); Edu- cation; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HOLLINGER, LAURA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. Row eight: HOLLINGER, LOUISE: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HOLLINGSWORTH, MARCIA V.: (Jr.); Education; Fayette. HOLLON, BEN F.: (Jr.); Engineering; Prattville. HOLMAN, MARY Y.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; York; Phi Mu. HOLMES, CAROL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. Row nine: HOLMES, RHONDA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Clear- water, Florida; Phi Mu. HOLMES, ROBERT M.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer; Chi Phi. HOLTON, KAREN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Douglas, Georgia. HOMAN, JEFF: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Vienna, Virginia. HONEA, SHIRLEY A.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Sylacauga; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row ten: HOOKER, LINDA K.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Williams- burg, Virginia; Alpha Delta Pi. HOOKS, DEBORAH A.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hueytown. HOOKS, GLEN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Tau Delta. HOPKINS, NANCY: (Jr.); Education; Ramsey, New Jersey; Alpha Delta Pi. HOPKINS, WEN- DY: (Fr.); Education; Ramsey, New Jersey; Alpha Delta Pi. 480 Row five: HUGHES, JOANNE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Haleyville; Phi Mu. HUGHSTON, LUCY ANN: (Fr.); Home Eco- nomics; Tuscumbia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HUMBER, ELIZABETH: (Soph.); Home Economics; Fayette. HUMPHREY, JR., ROBERT L.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Eutaw; Theta Chi. HUNT, TOM- MY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Alpha. Row six: HUNTER, BETH: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. HUTCHINS, JEAN M.: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Delta Gamma. HUTCHINS, MARY J.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. HUTCHINS, PAT: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Oslo, Nor- way; Delta Gamma. HUTCHISON, WILLIAM: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. Row seven: HUTTON, JR., THOMAS H.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Memphis, Tennessee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HUDE, RA- MONA S.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Monroeville. HYDRICK, ROBERT v.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Hueytown. IMES, TANNER: (Fr.); Home Economics; Columbus, Mississippi; Delta Delta Delta. INGE, CRAWFORD: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row eight: INGRAM, JUDY: (Fr); Engineering; Oneonta. INGRAM, KAY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. INGRAM, SHIRLEY J.: (Fr.); Education; Sylacauga. INMAN, LINDA G.: (Jr.); Education; Townley. INZER, JOAN C: (Jr.); Edu- cation; Gadsden; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row nine: IPPOLITO, NORMAN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. ISBELL, PAUL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Cullman. IVEY, MELBA J.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Webb; Alpha Delta Pi. IVEY, SUSAN K.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Monroeville; Alpha Gamma Delta. JACKLE, HELEN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Sheffield; Chi Omega. Row ten: JACKSON, CINDY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Northport; Kappa Kappa Gamma. JACKSON, JANE: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Eutaw; Zeta Tau Alpha. JACKSON, JENNIE H.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Kappa Gamma. JACKSON, JULIA A.: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Tau Alpha. JACKSON, LANE: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row one: HORA, ROBERT: (Fr.); Engineering; Montgomery; Pi Kappa Phi. HORTON, MARILYN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham; Chi Omega. HORWITZ, TERRY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Zeta Beta Tau. HOSIER, CHARLES: (Soph); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Chi. HOULTON, ROiANNE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. Row two: HOUSEAL, BETH: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HOUSH, MELINDA A.: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. HOWELL, GLENN: (Jr.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa. HOWELL, GWEN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Panama City; Florida; Kappa Delta. HOWELL, MARY ANN: (Jr.); Education; Dothan; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row three: HOWELL, NANCY P.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hartselle. HOWINGTON, WILLIAM V.: (Fr.); Education; Hance- ville. HOWLAND, BETTY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro; Kappa Alpha Theta. HOWTON, GEORGE: (Fr.); Education; Besse- mer. HUCK, CAROL M.: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. Row four: HUDDLESTON, FORREST: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Delta Delta. HUDSON, SHARON T.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. HUEY, KATHY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. HUFFMAN, JACQUELYN: (Fr.); Edu- cation; Fayette. HUGHES, BARBARA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Pensacola, Florida. 481 Jackson-Kirchler Row one: JACKSON, RIC HARD L.: (Fr.); Commerce and Bus- iness; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Alpha. JACOBSON. JAMIE L.: (Fr.); Education; Wilmington, Delaware; Kappa Kappa Gamma. JAFFEE, CAROL: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. JAF- FEE. RICHARD S.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Zeta Beta Tau. JAMES, LEONARD: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tus- cumbia. Row two: JAMISON, KENNEY M.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tal- ladega; Kappa Sigma. JANES. STEVE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Pi Kappa Phi. JEAN, C. PHILLIP: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Cordova. JENKINS, NANCY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. JERRY, MORRIS: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Decatur. Row three: JOBSON, ANN: (Jr.); Education; Northport; Alpha Chi Omega. JOHNSEY, M. L.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birm- ingham. JOHNSON, BONNIE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham JOHNSON, CHESTER: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Flomat- in. JOHNSON, EVELYN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Clanton. Row four: JOHNSON, JAMES: (Fr.); Commerce and Business- Killen. JOHNSON, JENNIFER J.: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birm- i ngham; Pi Beta Phi. JOHNSON, JOHN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business, Fairhope. JOHNSON, KATIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. JOHNSON, PAMELA F.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Dothan; Phi Mu. Row Hve: JOHNSON, RICHARD T.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Daphne. JOHNSON, SUSAN J.: (Fr.); Education; Anniston; Pi Beta Phi. JOHNSON, VERA: (Soph.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa; Delta Zeta. JOHNSON, WILLIAM: (Fr.); Engineering; Birming- ham; Phi Delta Theta. JOHNSON, WILLIAM J.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Columbus, Indiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row six: JOHNSTON, CARTER U.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mo- bile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. JOHNSTON, HOLLIS: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. JOHNSTON, JUDY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Hueytown. JOHNSTON, LE SABRE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Clanton. JONES, ALEX W.: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega. Row seven: JONES, BARBARA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hum- bait, Tennessee; Alpha Gamma Delta. JONES, BLIGH: (Soph.); Home Economics; Mobile; Delta Zeta. JONES, CARL T.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Dothan, Kappa Sigma. JONES, DALE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Bessemer; Alpha Xi Delta. JONES, GUY G.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Valley Head. Row eight: JONES, HARRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Phenix City; Theta Xi. JONES, JAN: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birming- ham; Alpha Chi Omega. JONES, JANE K.: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; JONES, NANCY C: (Jr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. JONES, NANCY E.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. Row nine: JONES, PAM: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham- Alpha Xi Delta. JONES, PATSY D.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences Hartselle; Zeta Tau Alpha. JONES, PERRY K.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. JONES, SANDRA: (.Soph.); Education; Chickasaw. JONES, SANDRA A.: (Soph.); Education; Decatur ' Phi Mu. Row ten: JONES, STEPHEN A.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Atlanta, Georgia; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JONES, TONI: (Soph.) ' Home Economics; Huntsville. JONES, VELMA E.: (Jr.); Educa- tion; Marion. JORDAN, BRENT: (Jr.); Education; Huntsville- Alpha Delta Pi. JORDAN, DEBRA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences! St. Ritchie, Maryland. 482 Row one: JOYNER, JUDITH A.; (Soph); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Chi Omega. JOYNER, MARY: (Jr.); Education; Atmore; Delta Gamma. JUDAS, MOIRA: (Jr.); Education: Ft. Walton; Alpha Omicron Pi. JULIAN, TRAVIS P.: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi. JUSTICE, DARE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Pensacola, Florida; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row two: JUSTICE, JACK: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile. JUSTICE, WILEY: (Jr.); Engineering; Mobile; Theta Chi. KANE, MARY A.: (Jr.); Education; Downersgrove, Illinois. KARST, DE- BORAH A.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. KASSOUF, DAVID P.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Theta Chi. Row three: KATZ, RICHARD M.: (Jr.); Engineering; Monroeville; Lambda Chi Alpha. KAUCHICK, NANCY L.: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Coker; Zeta Tau Alpha. KEAN, EILLEEN: (Fr.); Home Economics; Baton Rouge, Louisi ana; Pi Beta Phi. KEAN, JAMES N.: (Soph.); Engineering; Fort Payne. KEATING, JAMES: (Jr.); Engineering; Reform. Row four: KEEL, JACK: (Jr.); Engineering; Huntsville; Phi Kappa Psi. KEELING, LARRY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. KEITH, WAYNE S.: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Lambda Chi Alpha. KEITH, WAYNE S.: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Lambda Chi Alpha. KELLEY, JOE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Conyers, Georgia; Pi Kappa Phi. Row five: KELLY, JOHN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birming- ham; Kappa Sigma. KELLOGG, MARY E.: (Soph.); Home Eco- nomics; Florence; Chi Omega. KELMAN, HOWARD M.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Zeta Beta Tau. KEMP, SALLY: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Alpha Delta Pi. KENDRICK, MIKE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row six: KENAMER, ISABELLE C: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Delta Delta Delta. KENNAMER, RODNEY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Section. KENNEDY, LARRY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Boaz. KENNEDY, PAMELA C: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. KENNEDY, ROBERT: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Centreville. Row seven: KENNEY, CYNTHIA W.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Wetumka. KENT, DENNIS: (Fr.); Engineering; Dothan. KEN- WORTHY, PUDDY: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Gamma Delta. KERR, JANE H.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birming- ham; Phi Mu. KERR, ROBERT F.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham. Row eight: KETTLER, PATRICIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Lu- verne: Kappa Delta. KEY, JACKLYN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. KEY, THOMAS W.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. KIKER, JIMMY: (Soph.); Engineering; Greensboro. KILGROW, FLINN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. Row nine: KIMBRELL, LINDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Trinity. KIMBROUGH, JENNIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Linden; Delta Delta Delta. KING, ALAN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business, Birming- ham; Alpha Tau Omega. KING, EDWARD B.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Homewood. KING, JAMES S.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Chickasaw. Row ten: KING, JERRY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birming- ham; Sigma Phi Epsilon. KING, LINDA L.: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Selma. KING, SAMUEL D.: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Huntsville; Pi Kappa Alpha. KINKEAD, JAMES K.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Pi Kappa Phi. KIRCHLER, REBECCA A.: (Fr.); Education; Haleyville. 483 HP H B HJI I HjS H M Kiser-Lott Row Hve: KYLE, JR., DONALD P.:(Jr.); Commerce and Business; Decatur; Chi Phi. KYLE, TERRY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Guntersville. LACEY, DOTTIE E.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Atlanta, Georgia; Zeta Tau Alpha. LADD, JAMES M.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. LAMB, JENNIFER: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Salt Lake City, Utah; Pi Beta Phi. Row six: LAMB, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa. LAM- BERT, DIANNA C: (Jr.); Education; Athens. LAMBERTH, ANNE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Alexander City. LAMBERTH, MAR- GARET: (Jr.); Education; Alexander City; Delta Delta Delta. LAN- CASTER, JOSEPH C: (Jr.); Engineering; Gadsden. Row seven: LANDERS, KEL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Annis- ton; Pi Kappa Alpha. LANDRUM, MIKE: (Fr.); Engineering; Lanett. LANE, JAMIEL: (Soph.); Home Economics; Huntsville; Kappa Delta. LANE, LUCY: (Jr.); Education; Roanoke; Kappa Kappa Gamma. LANEY, KENNETH R.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Morris. Row eight: LANGLOIS, SANDRA K.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. LANHAM, KATHLEEN M.: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Phi Mu. LATHAN, NANETTE: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville. LAU, KRIS: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Hunts- ville. LAVENDER, DOUIE O.: (Fr.); Engineering; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Theta Chi. Row nine: LAWHEAD, LAURIE A.: (Jr.); Education; Aiken, South Carolina. LAY, PATRICIA A.: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. LAYNE, ELIZABETH: (Jr.); Home Economics; Jekyll Island, Georgia; Alpha Xi Delta. LAZENBY, JENNIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Monroeville; Kappa Alpha Theta. LEACH, TED: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Lambda Chi Alpha. Row ten: LEATHERBURY, SADIE S.: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. LE BLANC, IDA R.: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Delta Delta Delta. LEE, JR., CHARLES: (Jr.); Engineering; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. LEE, FRANCES E.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Butler. LEE, HOWELL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Jackson; Phi Delta Theta. Row one: KISER, SYLVIA A.: (Jr.); Education; Jasper. KITCHENS, MELINDA L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Oneonta. KITCHENS, MARY J.: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Delta Gamma. KIT- TRELL, LEE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Kappa Kappa Gamma. KITTRELL, MARGARET N.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row two: KLEIN, JACKIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Louisville, Kentucky. KLING, NANCY M.: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville; Alpha Delta Pi. KLONARIS, IVY C: (Soph.); Home Economics; Mont- gomery; Alpha Omicron Pi. KLYCE, PETE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. KNIGHT, SONDRA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row three: KNOX, ANITA: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery. KOE- PER, MARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. KOSTENBADER, SHERRY J.: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. KRAHENBUHL, SUZANNE M.: (Soph.); Education;Bessemer. KRAVITZ, ROCHELLE L.: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Delta Phi Epsilon. Row four: KRISCH, KATHY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Roanoke, Virginia. KRUEGER, CARL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. KUCHARSKI, JOEL: (Jr.); Engineering; Dearborn Heights, Michi- gan; Lambda Chi Alpha. KUHNS, GINNY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Delta Delta Delta. KUSTER, SUSAN L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Normal, Illinois. 484 i Row one: LEE, ROGER: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Anniston; Alpha Tau Omega. LEE, RONALD: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. LEE, V. MARGARET: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Kappa Delta. LEET, RONALD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Selma; Zeta Beta Tau. LEHMAN, SUSAN: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. Row two: LEIGH, RAYMOND B.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Delta Kappa Epsilon. LEMMER, LINDA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. LEMOX, REBECCA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Pensacola. Florida; Phi Mu. LENAHAN, ART: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Jacksonville, Florida; Sigma Phi Epsilon. LENZL LINDA L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Masathon, Florida; Pi Beta Phi. Row Ihree: LEON, FRANCES: (Fr.); Education; Fairfield; Alpha Chi Omega. LEATHERWOOD, KEVIN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Quinton. LEWIS, BARBARA: (Soph.); Education; Tus- caloosa; Delta Delta Delta. LEWIS, C. NELDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Citronelle. LEWIS, JANE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Pensacola, Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row four: LEWIS L. CECILE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Alpha Omicron Pi. LEWIS, LINDA; (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Talladega. LEWIS, SHERRY A.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Albertville. LIBBY, BARBARA: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville. LIBBY, PHYLLIS: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Xi Delta. Row Hve: LIDDLE, ROSALIND: (Jr.); Education; Fairfield. LIGHT, SIMONA J.: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. LILES, DEBRA J.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Coral Gables, Florida; Pi Beta Phi. LILES, N. REBECCA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hoover. LIMBAUGH, BRUCE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Talladega. Row six: LIMMROTH, GARY W.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. LINDSAY, BARBARA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Ozark. LINEBAUGH, GAIL P.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. LINE- BAUGH, SCOTT; (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville. LISEN- BY, BETTY S.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Huntsville. Row seven: LITTLE, VIRGINIA A.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mont- gomery; Kappa Alpha Theta. LITTRELL, TIMOTHY D.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Moulton; Pi Kappa Alpha. LIVELY, JOE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha. LIVINGS- TON, MARGARET: (Jr.); Education; Sylacauga; Alpha Gamma Delta. LLOYD, LINDA K.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Huntsville. Row eight: LOCKE, SANDY: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville. LOEB, HENRY G.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Memphis, Tennessee; Delta Kappa Epsilon. LOEB, MARC J.: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Mobile. LOFFREDO, MARY E.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Columbus, Georgia; Alpha Xi Delta. LOFTIN, DIANNE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. Row nine: LOGAN, MICHAEL E.: (Soph); Education; Tarrant. LOGAN, STEPHEN D.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tarrant. LOGAN, YVONNE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. LOGAN, WALTER, H.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. LOLLEY, ANN R.: (Jr.); Education; Hackleburg. Row ten: LONG, DUDLEY: (Jr.); Education; Uniontown; Chi Omega. LONG, ROLAND: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Pahokee, Florida. LOPER, ROBERT: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. LOTHROP, SHERYL L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Carlisle, Pennsyl- vania. LOTT, MARGARET: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 48S Lott-McColl Row one: LOTT, MARILYN M.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. LOVELADY, MIKE H.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Haleyville; Chi Phi. LOVETT, DEXTER: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Town Creek. LOWE, ANN A.: (Jr.); Commerce an d Business; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. LOWERY, MARION E.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Leighton; Phi Kappa Psi. Row two: LOWRY, INDIA P.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Kappa Alpha Theta. LOYD, SHARON D.: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics; Stevenson; Delta Zeta. LUCAS, KATHY J.: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Winfield. LUCK, SHARON J.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Mobile. LUKER, COHEN R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Talladega; Kappa Sigma. Row three: LUKER, PEGGY C: (Jr.); Education; Talladega; Delta Zeta. LUKS, S. MARC: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Zeta Beta Tau. LUND, PAM J.: (Fr.); Education; Miami Shores, Florida; Pi Belta Phi. LUSCHER, HARRY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. LUSCHER, SHERARD: (Fr.); Edu- cation; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row four: LYLE, MELINDA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. LYNCH, PATRICIA: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Montgomery; Delta Zeta. LYNCH, SUSAN E.: (Jr.); Home Economics; Montgomery; Delta Zeta. LYONS, REBA M.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. LYONS, THERESA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. Row five: MACBETH, ROBERT B.: (Fr); Arts and Sciences; Pen- sacola, Florida; Chi Phi. MACE, BARBARA: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Huntsville; Alpha Delta Pi. MACE, DAVID: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. MACKAY, ALEX I.: (Fr.); Engineering; Mobile. MACKEY, CLYDE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row six: MACKEY, GARY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Atmore; Phi Sigma Kappa. MACKSOUD, FUAD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. MADDOX, LARRY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. MADDOX, MARION J.: (Soph.); Education; Gadsden. MADISON, BETSY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Nurenburg, Germany; Chi Omega. Row seven: MADISON, DAVID: (Fr.); Engineering; Fayette. MA- GICL, SHERRY P.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Prattville. MAHAFFEY, RACHEL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Grand Junction, Iowa. MAHAF- FEY, VIRGINIA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Mobile. MALLORY, TOMMY: (Soph.); Engineering; Mobile; Kappa Sigma. Row eight: MALONE, DELL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Alpha Gamma Delta. MALONE, LINDA: (Soph.); Education; Tus- caloosa; Alpha Delta Pi. MALONE, PAT: (Soph.); Education; Hunts- ville; Alpha Chi Omega. MALOY, RICHARD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. MANCUSO, ALAN: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Montgomery; Phi Delta Theta. Row nine: MANISCALCO, SAM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. MAPES, NANCY: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville; Delta Zeta. MAPES, TED C: (Fr.); Engineering; Tus- cumbia. MAPLE, ROSS: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birming- ham. MAPLES, NANCY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row ten: MAPLES, SAMMY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. MARCH, GINGER: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Kappa Alpha Theta. MARCUM, SHEILA: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa. MARINO, FRANK: (Jr.); Engineering; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. MARKS, HERMAN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Decatur. 486 Row one: MARKS. SUSAN: (Jr.); Education; New Orleans, Louisi- ana; Sigma Delta Tau. MARSH, MELISSA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. MARSHALL, ALL!: (Soph.); Education; Leesville, Louisiana; Delta Gamma. MARSHALL, RICK: (Jr.); Engineering; Mobile; Sigma Chi. MARTIN, BEN R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Clayton; Sigma Nu. Row two: MARTIN, DAVID: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham; Alpha Tau Omega. MARTIN, DOUG: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Pi Kappa Alpha. MARTIN, DOUG: (Soph.); Engineering; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. MARTIN, JUDY: (Soph.); Education; Huntsville; Chi Omega. MARTIN, MARY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row three: MARTIN, MONIQUE: (Soph.); Education; Selma; Alpha Gamma Delta. MARY, MARSHA J.: (Soph.); Education; Troy, Pi Beta Phi. MASON, ALAN G.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; But- ler; Sigma Chi. MASON, MIRIAM E.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Evergreen. MASON, SHEARD: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham; Kappa Delta. Row four: MASSEY, BETTY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Chatom. MASSEY, BEVERELY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. MASSLER, VICKI: (Jr.); Education; Ozark. MATHES, LARRY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Nashville, Tenne- ssee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MATHES, PEGGY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Nashville, Tennessee. Row five: MATHIS, CANDACE: (Jr.); Education; Lake City, Florida. MATOCK, ROBERT B.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Alpha Tau Omega. MATTHEWS, LOROL: (Soph.); Education; Bir- mingham; Delta Delta Delta. MAURER, JEFFRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Vero Beach, Florida. MAXWELL, DEE DEE: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. Row six: MAXWELL, GARY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Dothan. MAXWELL, MARTHA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Atmore; Chi Omega. MAXWELL, PAMELA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Melbourne, Florida; Kappa Delta. MAXWELL, RICHARD: (Fr.); Engineering; Atmore; Sigma Chi. MAY, BONNIE: (Soph.); Education; Florence; Kappa Delta. Row seven: MAY, GRANT: (Jr); Home Economics; Shawmut; Chi Phi. MAY, JIMMY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Pi Kappa Phi. MAY, RONALD: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. MAYERS, RICHARD: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Millport; Pi Kappa Phi. MAYHALL, WANDA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Cullman. Row eight: MAYES, LINDA: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Omicron Pi. MAYNOR, GIBSON: (Fr.); Engineering; Hillsboro; Theta Chi. MAZIAR, DONNA: (Soph.); Education; Atlanta, Georgia; Sigma Delta Tau. MC ADAMS, STEVE: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Kennedy. MC ALISTER, ANN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Zeta. Row nine: MC ALPIN, CLIFFORD: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Pen- sacola, Florida. MC ALPIN, PATRICIA: (Fr.); Education; Attalla. MC BRIDE, SAMUEL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Grant. MC- BRYDE, ALLISON: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Pi Beta Phi. MC CAIN, SUSAN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Ashville; 2 taTau Alpha. Row ten: MC CAMMON, ROBERT R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences Birmingham; Chi Phi. MC CARTY. MIKE: (Jr.); Arts and Sci ences; Fort Walton Beach, Florida. MC CLINTOCK, GEORGE (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Kappa Sigma. MC CLURE, NANLY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Yazoo City, Mississippi MC COLL, JAN K.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Chattanooga, Ten nessee; Pi Beta Phi. 487 McCombs-Minga Row one: MC COMBS, KATHY J.: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham. MCCONNELL, EDWIN W.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. MCCORD, SAM: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Sigma Chi. MC- CORMICK, LINDA S.: (Soph.) Arts and Sciences; Greenville, Texas. MC COWAN, JAMES I.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row two: MCCRAY, MARY L.: (Soph.); Education; Uniontown; Chi Omega. MC CRORY, ANN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Delta Delta Delta. MC CULLOUGH, DOUGLAS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Pi Kappa Alpha. MC CUL- LOUGH, SUSAN L.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. MC DANIEL, JANICE: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Jasper. Row three: MC DANIEL, KATHIE C: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Alexander City; Pi Beta Phi. MC DERMOTT, JR. MELVILLE C: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Alpha. MC- DONALD, BRADFORD G.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gulfport, Mississippi; Phi Kappa Psi. MCDONALD, CATHERINE: (Jr.); Education; Meridian, Mississippi; Delta Delta Delta. Row four: MC DONALD, EARL M.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. MCDONALD, ELIZABETH: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Delta Delta Delta. MC DONALD, JAMES: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Jersey City, New Jersey; Chi Phi. MC DOUGLE, MARGARET E.: (Fr.); Edu- cation; Dothan; Alpha Gamma Delta. MC DOWELL, JOSEPH W.: (Soph.); Engineering; Butler. Row five: MC GAHEY, JANET: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Scotts- boro. MC GEE, DEBORAH: (Jr.); Home Economics; Crestview, Florida. MC GEE, GAIL: (Soph.); Education; Decatur, Phi Mu. MC GEE, JIM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Boaz; Sigma Chi. MC GEOCH, LESLIE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Mobile; Delta Zeta. Row six: MC GLYNN, MURRAY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Fair- hope; Kappa Kappa Gamma. MC GREW, ALVIN J.: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Birmingham. MC GRIFF, MEG: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. MC GUIGAN, SUSAN: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville. MC GUIRE, ROSALEE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Sacramento, California; Delta Gamma. Row seven: MC HAN, JAMES: (Jr.); Engineering; Blountsville;MC INNIS, PATRICIA: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery. MC INTOCH, LARRY R.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Kappa Psi. MC INTYRE, HARRIET: (Jr.); Home Economics; Bessemer; Alpha Chi Omega. MC KAY, MARGARET R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Sylacauga; Kappa Delta. Row eight: MC KAY, PHILLIP: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Childersburg. MC KAY, TRAVIS G.: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Sylacauga; Kappa Sigma. MC KEE, BONNIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hueytown. MC KENZIE, DARIA E.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. MC KENZIE, GEORGIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Chi Omega. Row nine: MC KENZIE, JAN: (Soph.); Education; Gadsden; Chi Omega. MC KENZIE, JULIE L.: (Fr.); Education; St. Louis, Missouri, Chi Omega. MC KENZIE, KENNETH B.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Chi Phi. MC KENZIE, MARY S.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Selma. MC KENZIE, TERRI: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Chi Omega. Row ten: MC KISTRY, DEBORAH D.: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Aliceville. MC KNIGHT, MODELL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Clio. MC LALLEN, SUSAN: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. MC LEAN, VICTOR: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Clio; Sigma Nu. MC MAHAN, DEBBIE: (Soph.); Education; Mont- gomery; Alpha Omicron Pi. 488 Row five: MERIWETHER, ROBERT N.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Great Lakes, Illinois; Sigma Chi. MERRILL, ROBERT: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MERRITT, MARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MESHAD, BOBBIE: (Soph.); Education; Bir- mingham; Pi Beta Phi. METGER, LEWIS: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Zeta Beta Tau. Row six: MIKLOUCICH, THOMAS F.: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. MILHOUS, FRANK: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Ft. Walton Beach, Florida; Phi Delta Theta. MILLAR, MELINDA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Annapolis; Maryland. MILLER, ANTHONY: (Jr.); Education; Buffalo, New York. MILLER, BOL- LER: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row seven: MILLER, CAROLE: (Soph.); Education; Mc Lean, Virginia; Delta Gamma. MILLER, CHAD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. MILLER, DAVID: (Jr.); Engineering; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. MILLER, GLENDA S.: (Jr.); Education; Flomatin. MILLER, JUDY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mont- gomery; Alpha Delta Pi. Row eight: MILLER, MARGARET: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Houma, Louisiana. MILLER, MIKE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. MILLER, RICK: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Sigma Chi. MILLER, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MILLER, TED: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. Row nine: MILLS, JEAN: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. MILLS, JOY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. MILLS, MYRA H.: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. MILLS, NITA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hueytown; Alpha Xi Delta. MILLSAP, MARCIA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row one: MC MAHAN, SHARON: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. MC MAHON, ANNE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham. MC MILLAN, ROBERT C: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Brewton; Delta Kappa Epsilon. MC MILLIAN, DENNIS G.: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Northport; Pi Kappa Phi. MC MILLAN, JUDY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Mu. Row two: MC MURPHY, ALICE M.: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. MC MURPHY, JOHN E.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montreal, Canada; Delta Kappa Epsilon. MC NEELY, PATRICIA A.: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. MC- NEIL, JR., CHARLES E.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. MC KNEIL, MAUREEN A.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia, Delta Zeta. Row three: MC PHILLIPS, LEE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Delta. MC RAE, DEBORAH A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Charlotte, North Carolina. MC RAE, LANE: (Fr.); Education; Bir- mingham; Phi Mu. MC ROBERTS, JOHN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Sigma Phi Epsilon. MEADOWS, JANET: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row four: MEARS, THOMAS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham, Phi Delta Theta. MEDLOCK, MICHAEL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Phenix City. MELTON, LINDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Mobile; Zeta Tau Alpha. MEREDITH, ANNE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. MEREDITH, MOLLY: (Soph.); Education; Bayou La Batre; Phi Mu. Row ten: MILTON, DEBRA R.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham. MILTON, PAMELA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MIMS, JR., CARL: (Jr.); Education; Sylacauga. MIMS, WILLIAM: (Soph.); Commerce amd Business; Clanton; Phi Delta Theta. MINGA, GAIL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Kappa Alpha Theta. 4W Minton-Nolen Row one: MINTON, MICHAEL: (Fr.); Engineering; Trimble; Tenn essee. MITCHELL, CELLIE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Florence Delta Delta Delta. MITCHELL, JANE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences Phenix City; Kappa Alpha Theta. MITCHELL, KATHRENA: (Soph.) Home Economics; Butler; Alpha Chi Omega. MITCHELL, MIKE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Rainsville. Row two: MITCHELL, RODDERICH G.: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Mobile. MITTERMAIER, RICK: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. MIXON, ALLISON: (Jr.); Home Economics; Sulligent. MIZZELL, TERRY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. MLINAREC, MARY: (Soph.); Education; Granite City, Illinois; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row three: MOBLEY, SHEILA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham. MOCULSKI, MIKE: (Soph.); Education; Joppatowne, Mary- land. MOFFETT :(Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Houston, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma. MONCRIEF, JAMES: (Fr.); Education; Little Rock, Arkansas. MONCRIEF, RICHARD: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Prattville. Row four: MONEY, DAVID: (Jr.); Education; Ft. Gaines, Georgia. MONK, JOHN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Grove Hill. MON- ROE, CAROL: (Jr.); Education; Centre; Pi Beta Phi. MONROE, ELLEN: (Jr.); Education; Montgomery; Chi Omega. MONROE, JOHN M.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Anniston; Alpha Tau Omega. Row five: MONROE, MARIAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Arab. MONTGOMERY, ROBERT: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Tau Omega. MOODIE, ROBERT: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Vinegar Bend. MOON, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Education; Cullman; Chi Omega. MOON, SANDRA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Selma; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row six: MOOR, WILLIAM: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega. MOORE, ADA E.: (Soph.); Home Economics; Madison; Phi Mu. MOORE, BECKY: (Soph.); Education; Sylacauga; Pi Beta Phi. MOORE, CHERYL: (Jr.); Home Economics; Merritt Island, Florida. MOORE, F. DAVID: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham. Row seven: MOORE, DOTTIE: (Soph.); Home Economics; Besse- mer; Alpha Gamma Delta. MOORE, JACKIE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Alexandra, Virginia; Kappa Alpha Theta. MOORE, JUDY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Bessemer; Alpha Omicron Pi. MOORE, NANCY: (Fr.); Education; Hueytown. MORGAN, CHERRI: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery. Row eight: MORGAN, CHERYL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Monroe- ville. MORGAN, DIANNE: (Soph.); Education; Cullman; Phi Mu. MORGAN, RONALD: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mc Calla; Theta Chi. MORRIS, FRANK: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences. MORRIS, LINDA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Somerville; Delta Zeta. Row nine: MORRIS, THOMAS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Annis- ton. MORRISSETTE, LULIE: (Fr.); Education; Atmore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. MORROW, CAROL: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. MORROW, WILLIAM: (Soph.); Engineering; Huntsville; Delta Chi. MORTON, ANN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row ten: MORTON, JOY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. MOSELEY, DOTTIE: (Fr.); Social Work; Montgomery. MOSELY, SCOTT: (Jr.); Home Economics; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Chi Omega. MOSES, RICHARD: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Centre- ville. MOSHKEVICH, BETTY C: (Soph.); Home Economics; Lima, Peru. 490 Row one: MOSLEY, JAMES: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; St. Louis, Missouri. MOULTRIE, FRANK (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Albertville; Lambda Chi Alpha. MULLENIX, SEARCY: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Northport. MULLINS, CAROLYN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. MURCHISON, MARY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Delta Delta. Row two: MURPHY, KEN W.: (Fr.); Engineering; Hunlsville. MUR- PHY, LAWSON: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Jasper; Phi Delta Theta. MURPHY, TIMOTHY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham; Phi Gamma Delta. MURRAY, JOHN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. MURRAY, STEVE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Theta Chi. Row three: MURRELL, THOMAS: (Soph.); Engineering; Bessemer; Mobile. MURRIE, JAMES: (Jr.); Education; Russell, Illinois. MUS- ICK, JUDY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Delta Pi. MUSSELMAN, JANICE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Alpha Omicron Pi. MUSSELMAN, JOHN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gads- den. Row four: MYERS, JOHN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscal- oosa. MYRICK, TISH: (Fr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Kappa Gamma. NAPIER, RICHARD: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Frankfort, Kentucky. NEBLETT, KATHLEENE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Greenville, Mississippi; Phi Mu. NEFF, ROBERT: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. Row five: NELSON, ANN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. NELSON, JOHN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Sigma Chi. NELSON, JULIE: (Jr.); Education; Athens; Alpha Gamma Delta. NELSON, KAREN L.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. NEL- SON, LINDA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row six: NELSON, LORRAINE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gads- den. NELSON, MARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Northport. NEL- SON, NOEL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Sigma Phi Epsilon. NELSON, ROBERT: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Jackson, Tennessee; Sigma Phi Epsilon. NELSON, THOMAS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega. Row seven: MESSELROTH, ROSALIE: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. NEUGENT, KATHY: (Soph); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. NEW, PATSY J.: (Fr.); Education; Atlanta, Georgia. NEWMAN, DAVID: (Jr.); Engineering; Troy; Pi Kappa Phi. NEWMAN, NANCY: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Sylacauga. Row eight: NEWMAN, SKIPPER: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Fayette. NEWTON, CAROL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. NICHOLLS, SUSAN: (Jr.); Education; Talladega; Kappa Kappa Gamma. NICHOLS, HANK: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Charlotte, North Carolina; Kappa Sigma. NICHOLS, MARTHA: (Jr.); Education; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row nine: NICHOLSON, NANCY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Centreville; Chi Omega. NIDY, PAMELA: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Chi Omega. NIHART, DAVID: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile. NIX, CATHY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Montevallo. NIX, JOHNNY: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Huntsville; Alpha Tau Omega. Row ten: NIXON, BEVERELY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Panama City, Florida; Phi Mu. NOBLE, ELIZABETH: (Fr); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. NOBLE, LARRY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden; Chi Phi. NOE, WILLIAM E.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. NOLEN, ALICE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Florence. 491 Nolen-Phillips Row five: O ' GWYNN, MIKE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Sigma Chi. OXELLEY, S. O.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. OLDACRE, BRENDA: (Jr.); Home Economics; Somerville. OLIVER, PRISCILLA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Opelika. O ' NEAL, ANITA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Andalusia. Row six: O ' NEAL, DEBBIE: (Soph.): Education; Fort Lauderdale, Florida. O ' NEILL, JOHN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Tau Delta. OREAR, MICHAEL R.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Jasper. ORENSTEIN, ROSS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Pensacola, Florida; Zeta Beta Tau. ORR, GAIL: (Soph.); Education; Talladega. Row seven: OSBORNE, DONNA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Grove Hill; Alpha Chi Omega. OSWALT, MARION: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. OTTS, FAY R.: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Delta Delta Delta. OTWELL, BRENDA K.: (Jr.); Education; Jasper; Phi Mu. OUZTS, DAVID: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Row eight: OVERSTREET, PAUL A.; (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Collinsville. OWEN, DICK: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Bay Minette; Pi Kappa Phi. OWENS, CAROL: (Jr.); Home Economics; Columbus, Georgia; Chi Omega. OWENS, DANNY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Guntersville; Lambda Chi Alpha. OWENS, DEBORAH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row nine: OWENS, LOIS: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Delta Delta. PACK, ARLENE: (Soph.); Education; Decatur; Delta Phi Epsilon. PAGE, MYRON: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Zeta Beta Tau. PAGE, SARAH: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Dothan; Pi Beta Phi. PALMER, DOUG: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Decatur. Row ten: PAPPAS, DEAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. PARKEL, JOAN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Greensboro. PARKER. DIANNE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Talladega. PARKER, HARRIET: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. PARKER, JOEL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; San Antonio, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha. Row one: NOLEN, CRUSE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Florence. NOLEN, JANET: (Jr.); Education; Gadsden; Pi Beta Phi. NOM- BERG, MARC: (Soph,); Commerce and Business; Dothan; Zeta Beta Tau. NORDEN, AUGUSTA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Mobile; Zeta Tau Alpha. NORRIS, LEIGHANNE: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Tuscaloosa. Row two: NORRIS, MARION: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. NORTON, JANE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. NOR- WOOD, ELNA: (Fr.); Education; Sheffield; Kappa Kappa Gamma. NOWLIN, YANCEY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Gadsden; Delta Delta Delta. NUNIS, ELISE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Memphis Tennessee; Phi Mu. Row three: O ' CAIN, RANDY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham; Delta Chi. ODEN, SAM M YE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Zeta Tau Alpha. ODOM, BILLY: (Fr.); Engineering; Jack- son; Delta Kappa Epsilon. O ' DONNELL, CAROLYN: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. O ' DONNELL, MAUREEN: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row four: O ' DONNELL, STAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hunts- ville; Pi Kappa Alpha. ODUM, ED J.: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. ODUM, ELAINE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. OGBURN, CHAN: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. O ' GRADY, PATRICE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Millington, New Jersey. 492 itow one: PARKER, SHEILA: (Soph): Education; Tuscaloosa. PAR- TCER, WILMER: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Ozark; Sigma Nu. PARKS, SKIP: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Mongtomery; Alpha Tau Omega. PARNELL, TONI: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Ragland. PARRISH, JIMMY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Theta Chi. Row two: PATSON, JAMES: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Fort Wal- ton, Florida. PARSONS, IRA: (Jr.): Engineering; Bessemer; Delta Chi. PARTLOW, NICKI: (Soph.): Education; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. PARTRIDGE, C.J.: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Mobile; Chi Omega. PARTRIDGE, JULIANNE: (Soph.): Home Economics; Demopolis; Kappa Delta. Row three: PARVIN, KAREN: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Zeta Tau Alpha. PATE, SYLVIA: (Soph.): Education; Tus- caloosa. PATRICK, KATHLEEN: (Soph.): Education; Nashville, Tennessee; Kappa D elta. PATTERSON, CHESTER: (Soph.): Educa- tion; EthelsviUe. PATTERSON, HERMANSKI: (Soph.): Engineer- ing; Selma. Row four: PATTERSON, MICHAEL G.: (Soph.): Engineering; Memphis, Tennessee. PATTERSON, PERRY: (Fr.): Education; Vicksburg, Mississippi; Kappa Kappa Gamma. PATTON, BARRY: (Soph.): Engineering; Birmingham. PATTON, PANDA: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. PAUL, RONALD: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. Row five: PAYNE, GARY: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Oriton; Phi Kappa Phi. PAYNE, SUSAN: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Knoxville, Tennessee; Kappa Alpha Theta. PEAK, TERRY: (Jr.): Engineering; Cullman. PEARCE, RICK: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Mo- bile; Sigma Chi. PEARSON, PATRICIA: (Jr.): Education; Centre- ville. Row six: PEATON, ALLEN: (Fr.): Engineering; Linden. PEBBLES, VICKI: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Monroeville; Zeta Tau Alpha. PEELER, GINNY: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. PEITCHETT, MARY: (Jr.): Home Economics; Ariton. PEL- FREY, NANCY: (Fr.): Home Economics; Double Springs. Row seven: PELHAM, SHARON: (Soph.) Education; Monroeville. PENICK, MIKIE: (Soph.): Education; Birmingham; Phi Mu. PER- CER, STEVEN: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Sigma Phi Epsilon. PERRY, BELLA: (Soph.): Education; Pell City; Alpha Delta Pi. PERRY, DENNIS: (Jr.): Engineering; Gardendale. Row eight: PERRY, ELIZABETH: (Jr.): Education; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. PERRY, PHIL: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Guin. PER- RY, SARA B.: (Soph.): Home Economics; Pell City; Kappa Delta. PETELOS, JOHN: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Samos, Greece. f ETERS, BOBBYE: (Soph.): Education; Fairhope; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row nine: PETERSON, PHIL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham; Kappa Sigma. PETERSON, TOM: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. PETREE, ELIZABETH: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Jasper; Kappa Delta. PHELPS, SHELLA: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Geneva. PHIFER, KAREN: (Jr.): Education; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row ten: PHILLIPS, BETTY: (Soph.): Education; Rockford. PHIL- LIPS, CAROLINE: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Dunedin, Florida. Alpha Gamma Delta. PHILLIPS, DAVID: (Soph): Arts and Sciences; Ozark. PHILLIPS, FREIDA; (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. PHILLIPS, JACKIE S.: (Jr.): Education; Tuscaloosa. 493 Phillips-Reid Row one: PHILLIPS, J.B.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mem- phis, Tennessee; Phi Delta Theta. PHILLIPS, JOHN; (Fr.); Edu- cation; Oneonta, Kappa Sigma. PHILLIPS, REBECCA: (Jr.); Edu- cation; Empire. PHILLIPS, RONALD: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Bear Creek. PHILLIPS, SAM A.: (Soph.); Education; Dothan. Row two: PHILLIPS, VIRGINIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huey- town. PICKENS, CHERYL: (Soph.); Home Economics; Decatur. PIENEZZA, JOSEPH: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tallahassee; Phi Sigma Kappa. PIERCE, CELIA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Alpha Omicron Pi. PILLETERI, CHARLES: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi. Row three: PITCHFORD, HARRIET: (Soph.); Education; Sylacauga; Zeta Tau Alpha. PITTS, NEILL: (Jr.); Education; Nashville, Tenne- ssee; Kappa Kappa Gamma. PLAIA, JOE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi. PLYLAR, CAROLYN: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. PODY, PATRICIA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Wetumpka. Row four: POELLNITA, AUGUSTA: (Jr.); Home Economics Greensboro; Kappa Delta. POGUE, JULIA; (Fr.); Arts and Sci ences; Tuscaloosa. POOLE, LAURA J.: (Fr.); Home Economics Eutaw; Zeta Tau Alpha. POOLE, LINDA: (Soph.); Education; Mem phis, Tennessee; Alpha Chi Omega. POOLE, SAMUEL M.: (Soph.) Commerce and Business; Hueytown. Row Hve: POPE, RANDY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. PORCH, DONALD: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Delta Kappa Epsilon. PORTER, PATTI: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Florence; Alpha Delta Pi. PORTNOY, DIANE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Jackson, Mississippi; Sigma Delta Tau. POSEY, MIRIAM: (Jr.); Education; Jasper. Row six: POSEY, STEWART: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Prattville; Phi Sigma Kappa. POWELL, BARBARA: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham. POWELL, BENNY: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Clanton. POWELL, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Fosters. POWELL, KENNETH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Joplin, Missouri; Phi Sigma Kappa. Row seven: POWERS, KATHLEEN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma. PRENTICE, LAURIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. PRESTON, C: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics; Danville; Kentucky; Delta Delta Delta. PREWITT, CAROL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. PREWITT, GAIL: (Soph.); Education; Tuscaloosa. Row eight: PRICE, BARBARA: (Jr.); Education; Abbeville; Alpha Chi Omega. PRICE, HARRIET: (Soph.); Education; Florence; Kappa Delta, PRICE, RICHARD: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. PRICE-WILLIAMS, TIMOTHY P.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Kappa Psi. PRIESTER, JOE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery. Row nine: PRITCHARD, JAMES: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Dadeville; Pi Kappa Alpha. PRITCHETT, CHARLES: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Dothan. PRUETT, JR., HENRY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Century, Florida. PRUITT, LARRY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Troy. PRUITT, LYNDA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. Row ten: PRUITT, SARAH: (Soph.); Education; Jasper, Phi Mu. PRZYCHODZEN, GEORGE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Hartford, Connecticut; Phi Sigma Kappa. PTOMEY, SUSAN: (Soph.); Home Economics; Houston, Texas; Pi Beta Phi. PUCKETT, MARGIE: (Soph.); Education; Decatur; Alpha Delta Pi. PUGH, JANE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. 494 Row one: PUGH, ROBERT L.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Memphis, Tennessee; Phi Deha Theta. PULLEN, JUDY: (Fr.); Home Eco- nomics: Pi Beta Phi. PUMILIA, JOSEPH: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi. PURDY, JAMS: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Alpha Delta Pi. PURYEAR, JO: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. Row two: PYMS, PAM: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Miami, Florida; Pi Beta Phi. PYRON, SARAH: (Jr.); Home Economics; Gadsden; Alpha Delta Pi. QUARLES, BILL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur; Sigma Phi Epsilon. QUARLES, RICK: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Decatur. QUARLES, RON: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row three : QUICK, WALTER: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Eufala; Phi Sigma Kappa. QUIGLEY, ANDREW H.: (J.); Arts and Sci- ences; Mechaniesburg, Pennsylvania; Chi Phi. QUINA, DAVID: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. QUINN, ALANE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Oneonta; Zeta Tau Alpha. QUINN, DEBBY: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. Row four: RABON, CHARLES: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Atmore; Pi Kappa Alpha. RADCLIFF, ROBIN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Andalusia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. RAFALSKY, CELESTE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. RAGS- DALE, CAROL: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. RAINER, SEVERELY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Elba. Row five: RAINER, WRENN: (Jr.); Education; Montgomery; Kappa Delta. RAINES, LAWRENCE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Pra t- ville. RAINEY, RONNIE: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa. RAMEY, WALTER: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Akron. RAMLEY, CHARLES: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; York; Kappa Sigma. Row six: RANELLl, MARILY A.: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. RAST, NAN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. RAWLS, PHILLIP: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gantt. RAWSON, ROSALIE: (Jr.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Xi Delta. RAY, DWAYNE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Northport. Row seven: RAYMON, DANA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Sigma Delta Tau. REAL, VICKY: (Fr.); Education; Maplesville; Delta Zeta. REAM EY, JOHN H.: (Soph.); Engineering; Hot Springs, Arkansas; Delta Chi. REARDON, LOYELLYN: (Soph.); Education; Fairfax; Pi Beta Phi. REAVES, JAN: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Florence. Row eight: REAVES, ROBIN: (Jr.); Education; Montgomery; Phi Mu. REDDITT, GREY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Spanish Fort. REED, CATHY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Attalla. REED, JACKIE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Lanett. REED, JUDY: (Jr.); Education; Huntsville; Delta Delta Delta. Row nine: REED, LILLIE A.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Thomas- ton. REESE, DAVID: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Chi. REESE, JOSEPH A.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Dothan. REEVES, DOUGLAS: (Soph.); Education; Sulligent. REHM, KAREN A.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile. Row ten: REID, DIANE E.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham; Alpha Delta Pi. REID, JANICE: (Jr.); Education, Chero- kee; Delta Zeta. REID, JANICE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Alpha Omicron Pi. REID, JOY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Orlando, Florida; Chi Omega. REID, TRICIA: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. 495 Relfe-Scivey Row one: RELFE, MARGARET: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. RENNINGS, JANINE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Clanton. REUTER, ZO: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia; Theta Chi. REW, RICHARD: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. REY- NOLDS. JUNE: (Jr.); Education; Annandale, Virginia; Delta Gamma. Row two: REYNOLDS, MORGAN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Clanton. RHINEHART, GEOF R.: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Pi Kappa Alpha. RHODES, MELISSA: (Jr.); Education; Montgomery; Kappa Delta. RICE, JANICE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Lanett. RICHARDS, DAVID: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Geneva. Row three: RICHARDS, LYNN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Chi Omega. RICHARDS, SHIRLEY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuskegee. RICHARDSON, JAN: (Soph.); Education; Quincey, Florida; Alpha Gamma Delta. RICHARDSON, MELANIE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Birmingham. RICHARDSON, PATRICK: (Soph); Commerce and Business; Anniston; Pi Kappa Alpha. Row four: RICHARDSON, RANETA: (Fr.); Education; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Chi Omega. RICHARDSON, THOMAS B.: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Talladega; Sigma Nu. RICHERSON, MAR- THA G.: (Soph.); Education; Freren, Belgium; Phi Mu. RICHEY, PATTY: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery; Phi Mu. RICKS, JENNY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscambia; Alpha Gamma Delta. Row five: RIDDLE, ROBERT: (Fr.); Engineering; Huntsville. RIDGE, CECILIA: (Soph.); Education; Louisville, Kentucky, Delta Gamma. RIEHL, MIKE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. RILEY, GEORGE F.; (Jr.); Engineering; Huntsville; Phi Kappa Psi. RING- LAND, WILLIAM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row six: RITCHIE, STOKES: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Sigma Chi. RITTER, EDITH: (Jr.); Education; Car- bon Hill. ROBBINS, RUDI: (Jr.); Education; Killen, Delta Delta Delta. ROBERTS, CLUADIA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. ROBERTS, KATHE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Dallas, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row seven: ROBERTSON, DEBORAH: (Soph.); Education; Roa- noke. ROBERTSON, JAN: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. ROBINSON, BILL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Braden- ton, Florida; Pi Kappa Alpha. ROBINSON, CAROLYN: (Fr.); Edu- cation; Millport; Delta Zeta. ROBINSON, CLARENCE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. Row eight: ROBINSON, ELMA: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Double Springs. ROBINSON, GREG: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. ROBINSON, JOANN: (Soph.); Education; Sulligent; Delta Phi Ep- silon. ROBINSON, MARIA: (Soph.); Social Work; Montgomery. ROBINSON, REBECCA: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Grove Hill. Row nine: RODBERG, KAREN: (Jr.); Education; Dayton, Ohio; Phi Mu. RODGERS, JIM; (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; San Antonio, Texas; Sigma Phi Epsilon. RODGERS, MARK: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Atmore. RODGERS, NANCY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Alpha Gamma Delta. RODGERS, SARAH: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Northport; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row ten: RODOS, EVELYN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Delta Tau. ROGERS, BETSY: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Moundville. ROGERS, B. J.: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Meridian, Mississippi; Zeta Tau Alpha. ROGERS, DIANNE: (Jr.); Education; Russellville; Alpha Gamma Delta. ROGERS, MARGARET: (Jr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Gamma Delta. 496 Row five: RUSSELL, ANN; (Fr.): Education; Selma; Alpha Gamma Delta. RUSSELL, MARTHA; (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. RUTLEDGE, CHERYL A.; (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Alpha Chi Omega. RUTLEDGE, GUY; (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. RUTLEDGE, REBEC- CA A.; (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Sheffield; Pi Beta Phi. Row six: RUTLEDGE, RON; (Jr.); Engineering; Pleasant Grove; Theta Xi. RUTLEDGE, WARREN; (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hunts- ville. RYLE, BEN; (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Pensacola, Florida; Phi Sigma Kappa. RYAN, WYNN L.; (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Mobile; Pi Kappa Phi. SALATTO, PATTL (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Babylon, New York. Row seven: SALIBA, SELMA; (Sr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. SALLAWAY, SHIRLEY; (Fr.): Education; Sylacauga; Sigma Delta Tau. SALTER, DEBBIE; (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Zeta. SANDERS, BALDWIN: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SANDERS, BARBARA: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. Row eight: SANDLIN, MARC. (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Athens; Theta Chi. SASSER, JOE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Ever- green; Lambda Chi Alpha. SATTERWHITE, MARY; (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi. SATTERWHITE, RUTH: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences: Eugaula; Chi Omega. SAUCIER, RICHARD; (Soph.); Engineering; Biloxi, Mississippi. Row nine: SAYER, MARY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Alpha Gamma Delta. SAXON, JAMES; (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Gadsden. SCANLON, BEN; (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Athens. SCARBOROUGH, LINDA: (Jr.): Education; Gadsden; Alpha Chi Omega. SCARBOROUGH, MELISSA: (Fr); Commerce and Busi- ness; Gadsden; Alpha Chi Omega. Row ten: SCHAFFER, ROD; (Jr.); Education; St. Simons, Island, Georgia; Alpha Tau Omega. SCHEER, PAT; (Soph): Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Zeta. SCHRECK, LINDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia; Delta Phi Epsilon. SCHULTZ, DEE; (Soph.): Education; Bay Minette; Alpha Xi Delta. SCIVEY, DALE; (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. Row one: ROGERS, MARK: (Jr.): Education; Urbana, Ohio; Alpha Sigma Phi. ROGERS, VICTOR; (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Delta Kappa Epsilon. ROGERS, ZACK: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Butler; Sigma Chi. ROMICK, CYNTHIA; (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Dallas, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta. ROSEN, HANNAH: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Andalusia; Delta Phi Epsilon. Row two: ROSICH, CAROLYN; (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Delta Gamma. ROSS, SHEILA; (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hunts- ville; Zeta Tau Alpha. ROSSER, JIMMY: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Bi rmingham. ROTON, FRANCES; (Fr.); Education; Tal- lahassee; Delta Delta Delta. ROUGH, LOIS; (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Falls, Church, Virginia. Row three: ROWLAND, CATHY: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Jack- son, Mississippi; Chi Omega. ROWLAND, RYAN: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Jasper; Phi Sigma Kappa. ROYAL, DEBBY D.: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Charlotte, North Carolina. RUBENSTEIN, JAN; (Soph.); Education; Amory, Mississippi; Sigma Delta Tau. RUHLEN, VIRGINIA G.; (Soph.): Education; Brewton; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row four: RUMORE, DONNA: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. RUSH, DONALD: (Soph.); Commerce and Bus- iness; Chickasaw. RUSH, RICHARD; (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Mobile. RUSHING, SANDY; (Jr.): Education; Atmore. RUSPINO, NANCY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Ocean Springs, Mississippi; Delta Zeta. 497 Sconyers-Sollars Row one: SCONYERS, CYNTHIA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences: Dothan: Alpha Chi Omega. SCO ' fT, DIANNE: (Soph.): Commerce and Business: Tuscaloosa. SCOTT, JERRY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences: Jackson, Mississippi. SCOTT, JULIA: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. SCOTT, KATHRYN: (Fr.); Education: Alexander City. Row two: SCROGGINS, BILL: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Clay- ton: Sigma Nu. SEALE, BETH: (Soph.); Education; Greensboro. SEALY, BRENDA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile. SEALY, CIN- DY: (Soph.); Education; Montgomery. SEALY, GINA: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Phi Mu. Row three: SEAMON, DANNY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mont- gomery: Chi Phi. SEARCY. CHARLES: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Sylacauga. SEGALL, JANICE: (Fr.); Education; Mont- gomery: Sigma Delta Tau. SEGALL, TRICIA: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery; Sigma Delta Tau. SEIGNIOUS, JOHN: (Fr.); Com- merce and Business; Mobile; Pi Kappa Phi. Row four: SELLERS, JANE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Kappa Delta. SELLERS, WILLIAM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Enterprise; Sigma Nu. SELVA, DEREK: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Pi Kappa Phi. SELVA, LANCE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Pi Kappa Phi. SEMMES, CATHERINE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Sheffield; Kappa Alph a Theta. Row five: SERIO, ROBERT: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Chi. SEWELL, WES: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. SHACKELFORD, CAROLINE: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics: Birmingham: Alpha Chi Omega. SHAKELFORD, WALTER: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Fayette. SHAFFER, JOSEPH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences: Abingdon, Virginia. Row six: SHAMBLIN, JOHN: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tus- caloosa. SHANNON, LAUREN: (Soph.); Home Economics; Bir- mingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. SHARP, DANNY: (Fr.); Education; Dothan. SHARP, KATHY: (Fr.); Education; MoundviUe. SHARP, NANCI: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Georgetown, Kentucky. Row eight: SHEAR, BUDDY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Cullman; Pi Kappa Phi. SHEARER, BETTY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. SHELTON, JEAN: (Fr.); Home Economics; Mont- gomery. SHELTON, STANLEY W.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Ashford. SHERRILL, KATHRYN: (Fr.); Home Economics; Athens, Zeta Tau Alpha. Row seven: SHARP, THOMAS: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. SHAUL, GAIL: (Fr.); Home Eco- nomics; Tuscaloosa. SHAW, ANN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Green- wood, Mississippi. SHAW, JANE: (Soph.); Education; Oakland, California. SHAW, TRINKETT: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Columbia. Row nine: SHILLER, SAM: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Marion. SHIRLEY, BRENDA G.: (Soph.); Education; Gadsden. SHIRLEY, CHRIS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Gamma. SHIVERS, HERBERT: (Fr.); Engineering; Alexander City. SHREVE, KATE: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Alpha Delta Pi. Row ten: SHURETT, GINGER: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Delta Zeta. SHUTTS, ALYSON: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson- ville, Florida: Delta Delta Delta. SIDICK, SUSAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Pi Beta Phi. SIEGAL, FRANK: (Soph.); Com- merce and Business; Birmingham; Zeta Beta Tau. SIEGEL, LANE: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Delta Phi Epsilon. m 498 Row one: SIKES, MARGARET: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Andalusia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SIKES, NANCY: (Soph.): Arts and Scien ces; Andalusia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SILBERKRAUS, STUART: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. SIMMONS, PEGGY: (Jr.): Home Economics; Jasper. SIMONETTE, DAVID: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. Row two: SIMPLER, DIANE: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Andalusia; Alpha Delta Pi. SIMPSON, DOROTHY N.: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. SIMPSON, EDGAR W.: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Montevallo; Lambda Chi Alpha. SIMP- SON, JANET: (Jr.): Social Work; Gardendale. SIMPSON, KEITH: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Chi Phi. Row three: SIMS, PAULA: (Fr.): Education; Meridian, Mississippi; Delta Zeta. SINGLETON, MARTHA: (Fr.): Education; Jackson. SINGLETON, MARY: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Pell City. SING- LEY, ALICE: (Jr.): Social Work, Tuscaloosa; Alpha Omicron Pi. SITZ, SUE ELLEN: (Jr.): Education; Gadsden; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row four: SKEEN, BECKY: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Zeta Tau Alpha. SKELTON, CHARLOTTE: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Butler, Delta Zeta. SKIPPER, MIKE: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Dothan; SKINNER, ALICIA: (Jr.): Home Economics; Greenville. SLAUGHTER, CAROLYN: (Jr.): Home Economics; Birmingham; Pi Mu. Row five: SLEDGE, ROBERT: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. SLIGH, TERRILL: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Hueytown. SLOAN, SUZZANNE: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Scottsboro; Delta Gamma. SMALL, BRENDA: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. SMALLWOOD, M. STEVEN: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Tuscumbia; Phi Kappa Phi. Row six: SMEDS, JULIA: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Zeta Tau Alpha. SMITH, ALICE: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. SMITH, ALLEN: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Alpha. SMITH, AMANDA: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Foley. SMITH, CHARLOTTE: (Soph.): Social Work; Mobile. Row seven: SMITH, DAVID: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Pi Kappa Phi. SMITH, DAWSON: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. SMITH, DEBORAH L.: (Soph.): Home Economics; Birmingham. SMITH, GAIL: (Soph.): Education; Andalusia. SMITH, GINGER: (Jr.): Education; Akron. Row eight: SMITH, JR., JAMES S.: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Pell City. SMITH, JIMMY C: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Al- bertville; Lambda Chi Alpha. SMITH, LESLIE: (Fr.): Home Eco- nomics; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. SMITH, LOGAN: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. SMITH, MICHAEL: (Fr.): Com- merce and Business; Pell City. Row nine: SMITH, SHARON: (Jr.): Home Economics; Birming- ham. SMITHERMAN, SANDI: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Alpha Gamma Delta. SNEAD, PAULA: (Fr.): Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. SNELL, WANDA: (Fr.): Com- merce and Business; Newville. SNIDER, DEBRA: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. Row ten: SNIDER, SHARON: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Montgom- ery; Alpha Chi Omega. SNODGRASS, SUSAN: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Virginia Beach, Virginia. SNYDER, SHARON: (Jr.): Edu- cation; Tuscaloosa; Chi Omega. SOKIRA, MICHELE: (Jr.): Edu- cation; Brookside. SOLLARS. JOHN: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Mont- gomery; Chi Phi. 499 Sollie-Thomas Row five: SPRINGFIELD, GENE: (Jr.): Education; Tuscaloosa. SPRIGG, STARR: (Soph.): Education; Louisville, Kentucky; Alpha Gamma Delta. SPURLIN, JANE: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Albert- ville. STABLER, ANNIE: (Jr.): Home Economics; Greenville; Delta Delta Delta. STALCUP, PAGE: (Fr.): Engineering; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. Row six: STALLWORTH, ELINOR: (Jr.): Education; Evergreen; Kappa Kappa Gamma. STALLWORTH, JAMES: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. STAMPS, WAYNE: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Anniston. STANBERRY, JUDY: (Jr.): Education; Bir- mingham; Phi Mu. STANLEY, DAVID: (Fr.): Commerce and Busi- ness; Montgomery; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row seven: STANTON, TRICIA: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Alpha Gamma Delta. STARNES, NANCI: (Jr.): Education; Birmingham; Kappa Delta. ST. CLAIR: Dyan: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Chi Omega. STEAKLEY, RENEE: (Fr.): Home Economics; Phi Mu. STEARNS, PEGGY: (Fr.): Home Eco- nomics; Decatur; Georgia; Alpha Xi Delta. Row eiglit: STEELE, SHARON: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Florala; Zeta Tau Alpha. STEENSLAND, J.: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Tus- caloosa; Sigma Nu. STEIN ER, DENISE: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. STEINER, DIANE: (Soph.): Edu- cation; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. STEPHENS, RENEE: (Jr.): Education; Montgomery. Row nine: STEPHENS, SHERRY: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Huntington Beach, California; Delta Gamma. STETLEMAN, CAR- OL: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Harriesburg, Mississippi; Sigma Delta Tau. STEVENS, ALAN: (Jr.): Education; Huntsville; Theta Chi. STEWART, BLAIR: (Jr.): Engineering; Alexander City. STEWART, BOBBY: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Albertville; Lambda Chi Alpha. Row ten: STEWART, CATHY: (Fr.): Home Economics; Andalusia. STEWART, KATHY: (Soph.): Education; Birmingham; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. STEWART, ORPAH: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Mon- roeville. STIMPSON, FREDERICK R.: (Jr.): Commerce and Busi- ness; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. STIMPSON, WILLIAM: (Fr.): Engineering; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row one: SOLLIE, VIRGINIA O.: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Ozark; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SOLNIAK, EMILY: (Fr.): Educa- tion; Lubbock, Texas; Delta Phi Epsilon. SOLOMON, CHUCK: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Headland. SOLOMON, MARK: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Atlanta, Georgia; Zeta Beta Tau. SOMMERVILLE, LENA: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Aliceville. Row two: SORRELLS, DEBBY: (Fr.): Education; Birmingham; Kappa Alpha Theta. SOULE, LUCINDA: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Pensacola; Kappa Delta. SOUTH, RECECCA: (Jr.): Home Econo- mics; Red Level. SPALDING, PAM: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Louisville, Kentucky; Pi Beta Phi. SPARKMAN, MEL: (Jr.): Com- merce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. Row three: SPARKS, JUDY: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Tus- cumbia; Alpha Gamma Delta. SPEAR, MARTHA: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Prattville; Alpha Delta Pi. SPEAS, RANDY: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Mobile. SPENCER, MARJORIE G.: (Fr.) Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. SPENCER, NANCY: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row four: SPLIGHT, JOHN: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Demopolis; Phi Delta Theta. SPIVEY, BEVERLY: (Jr.): Education; Brewton; Kappa Alpha Theta. S PIVEY, JANET: (Jr.): Social Work; Birming- ham. SPIVEY, SUSAN: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Alexander City. SPIVEY, CYNTHIA: (Fr.): Education; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. SOO Row one: STINSON, EDWARD T.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Evergreen. STOKES, DAVID: (Jr.): Education; Elba; Pi Kappa Phi. STOLES, BILL: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Madison. STONE, NANCY: (Jr.): Education; Bay Minette; Delta Delta Delta. STO- VALL, GLORIA L.: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Jasper. Row two: STRANGE, MJ.: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Bessemer. STRENGTH, DIANE: (Soph.): Education; Prattville; Alpha Delta Pi. STREVEL, SUSAN: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; STRICKLAND, SHARON: (Jr.): Education; Tuscaloosa. STRONG, ANNE: (Fr.): Education; Bay Minette. Row three: STRONG. HERB: (Jr.): Engineering; Evergreen. STRONG, SANDRA: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Mu. STRONG, SUSAN: (Soph.): Education; Northport; Alpha Chi Omega. STROTHER, NELLIE: (Jr.): Home Economics; Wil- ton. STRUBEL. JAN: (Soph.): Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Chi Omega. Row four: STUARDI, KATHLEEN: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Mobile. STUDDARD, ELEANOR: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. STUTTS, DAVID: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Jackson; Alpha Sigma Phi. SULLIVAN. FRANCIE: (Soph.): Education; Harrisburg, Illinois; Chi Omega. SULLIVAN. J. JEAN: (Jr.): Edu- cation; Montgomery; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Row Hve: SULLIVAN: JOHN: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Alpha Tau Omega. SUMMERFORD, CLARK: (Jr.) Commerce and Business; Delta Chi. SUSKO. JUSTINE: (Soph.) Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Gamma. SUTTON, PAUL (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Sheffield. SWANN. SUSAN (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Ashville; Alpha Delta Pi. Row six: SWIFT, DAVID: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; At- more; Phi Delta Theta. SWIFT. ROBIN: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Atmore; Delta Kappa Epsilon, SYKES, WAYNE: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Miami, Florida. TABER. M. SUSAN: (Soph.): Education; Gadsden; Kappa Alpha Theta. TALLEY, DA- PHNE: (Fr.): Education; Huntsville. Row seven: TATE. BRENDA: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Ardmore; Delta Gamma. TATE. LINDA (Jr.): Education; Tusca- loosa. TATE. TRISHA: (Jr.): Education; Alexander City; Alpha Chi Omega. TATOM. MIKE: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Kappa Sigma. TATUM: EDWARD: (Soph.): Engineering; Tuscaloosa; Theta Tau. Row eight: TAUL. THOMAS: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Mobile; Delta Kappa Epsilon. TAYLOR, ANN: (Soph.): Education; Colum- bus, Georgia; Zeta Tau Alpha. TAYLOR, DOUGLAS: (Fr.): En- gineering; Hamilton; Phi Sigma Kappa. TAYLOR. ELAINE: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Lineville; Alpha Delta Pi. TAYLOR, FREIDA: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa. Row nine: TAYLOR. JUDY: (Fr.): Education; Chatom. TAYLOR, LINDA: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Alpha Chi Omega. TAY- LOR. LYNNE: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; San Antonio. Texas. TAY- LOR, MARTHA: (Fr.): Education; Mobile; Pi Beta Phi. TEMPLE. MARY: (Fr.): Home Economics; Tupelo. Mississippi; Delta Zeta. Row ten: TEN. CAROL: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Meridian, Mississippi; Alpha Xi Delta. THIGPEN, BABS: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Lakehurst, New Jersey; Phi Mu. THIGPEN, TERRI: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Lakehurst, New Jersey; Phi Mu. THOMAS, BRENDA: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Eufala; Delta Gamma. THO- MAS, BRENDA: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Decatur. 501 Thomas-Wallace Row two: THOMAS, TERRI: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Bess- mer; Phi Mu. THOMASE, SUSAN: (Fr.); Education; Montgomery; Alpha Delta Pi. THOMPSON, AL: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Geneva. THOMPSON, CURTIS: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Geneva. THOMPSON, DAPHNE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Florence; Phi Mu. Row one: THOMAS, JOHN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham. THOMAS, JUDY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Vernon; Alpha Chi Omega. THOMAS, KATHY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Gadsden; Delta Delta Delta. THOMAS, LISA: (Soph.); Home Eco- nomics; Centreville; Alpha Delta Pi. THOMAS, MERRILL: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Phi Delta Theta. Row three: THOMPSON, DEBRA: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham. THOMPSON, EDWARD: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Repton. THOMP- SON, JOHN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Union Springs; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THOMPSON, LINDA: (Fr.); Home Economics, Decatur. THOMPSON, MIKE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Hartselle; Kappa Sigma. Row four: THOMPSON, WAID: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Columbia, Tennessee; Pi Kappa Phi. THOMPSON, WAYNE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. THOMSON, LINDA: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Columbus, Mississippi; Alpha Chi Omega. THORNBURGH, JIM: (Soph.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham. THORNBURGH, KATHY: (Fr.); and Sciences; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Delta Gamma. Row five: THORTON, JOE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha. THORTON, MARY: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Northport. THORNTON, MIKE: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Clayton, North Carolina. THRASHER, DAVID: (Soph.); Edu- cation; Decatur. THUSTON, ROBERT: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. Row six: TIDWELL, PERCIE: (Jr.); Education; Nashville, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma. TIDWELL, ROBERT: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Sheffield. TIERNAN, KATHI: (Jr.); Education; Bloom- field, New Jersey. TILLMAN, PAM: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Montgomery; Delta Zeta. TILLY, BILL: (Jr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. Row seven: TINNEY, GLENNA: (Jr.); Social Work; Huntsville. TIPTON, GUY: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville. TIP- TON, PAMELA: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville. TIPTON, SUSAN: (Fr.); Education; Huntsville; Pi Beta Phi. TOBIN, DOROTHY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Delta Phi Epsilon. Row eigiit: TODD, MICHA: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Boaz. TOENES, DEBBIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Prichard. TOLLESON, SUZON: (Soph.); Education; Gadsden; Zeta Tau Alpha. TOM BER- LIN, CINDY: (Soph.); Education; Mobile; Phi Mu. TOM LINSON, HILTON: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. Row nine: TORTORICI, ROSEMARY: (Fr.); Commerce and Busi- ness; Birmingham. TRACY, LINDA: (Fr.); Home Economics; Little Rock, Arkansas; Alpha Omicron Pi. TRAINOR, LINDA: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Alpha Gamma Delta. TRANT, CAROL: (Fr.); Education; Dothan; Alpha Gamma Delta. TROUP, PRISCILLA: (Fr.); Education; A.P.G., Maryland; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row ten: TROUT, NANCY: (Soph.); Education; Roanoke, Vir- ginia; Chi Omega. TROXELL, SUSAN: (Fr.); Education; Gadsden; Phi Mu. TUCKER, TIMOTHY: (Fr.); Social Work; Anniston; Alpha Tau Omega. TUCKER, WANDA: (Jr.); Education; Eldridge. TUC- KER, WILLIAM: (Jr.); Education; Wildwood, Florida. 502 Row one: TUMLIN, EDWARD: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Anniston: Delta Tau Delta. TURNER, LIND: (Soph.): Education; Huntsville; Phi Mu. TURNER, SHARON: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Fairfield: Alpha Chi Omega. TURNHAM. KATHY: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Mountain Brook. TYLANDER, GENE: (Soph.): Com- merce and Business; West Palm Beach, Florida; Pi Kappa Phi. Row two: UBER, MARCHELLE: (Soph.): Education; Villa Rica, Georgia; Kappa Alpha Theta. UNDERWOOD, TOM: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Jackson, Mississippi; Sigma Chi. UN- GER, LEE: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. UNGER, M. KRISTIN A: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Dothan. URQUHART, W.J.: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row three: USSERY, DAVID: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Gadsden. VAIL, DAVID: (Soph.): Education; Tuscaloosa; Phi Delta Theta. VALESKA, DOUG: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Dothan; Kappa Sig- ma. VANCE, LINDA: (Fr.): Education; Birmingham; Phi Mu. VANCE, RICH: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Chi Phi. Row four: VANDERGRITT, GARY: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Hueytown. VAN WERT, NANCY: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Alpha Chi Omega. VARDAMAN, GAYLE: (Fr.): Edu- cation; Selma; Alpha Gamma Delta. VARRELL, BETH: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa. VAUGHAN, CAROL: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Elba; Chi Omega. Row five: VAUGHAN, CHARLOTTE: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Tuscaloosa; Zeta Tau Alpha. VAUGHAN, MURRAY: (Jr.): Com- merce and Business; Elba; Phi Kappa Sigma. VAUGHAN, ROB- BIE: (Soph.): Home Economics; Birmingham; Alpha Omicron Pi. VAUGHAN, TERRY: (Education; Huntsville; Alpha Omicron Pi. VERCHOT, ED A.: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Decatur. Row six: VERLANDER, LISETTE: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kappa Delta. VESS, CHARLES: (Soph.): Educa- tion; Hollypond. VICKERS, DEBRA: (Fr.): Home Economics; Decatur. VICKERS, RICK: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Mobile. VICKERS, SUE: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Freeport, Illinois; Chi Omega. Row seven: VICKERY, BARRY: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Pi Kappa Phi. VINCENT, CONNIE: (Fr.): Educa- tion; Lincoln. VINES, FRANK: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Kappa Sigma. VIRCIGLIO, J.: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Birmingham; KappaSigma. VOGEL, PATRICIA: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Cullman; Phi Mu. Row eight: VOLK, MICHAEL J.: (Soph.): Commerce and Busi- nes, Newark, New Jersey. WABNER, BECKY: (Soph.): Education; Louisville, Kentucky; Sigma Delta Tau. WAGOR, SUSAN: (Fr.): ' Krts and Sciences; Miami, Florida; Alpha Omicron Pi. WAIN- RIGHT, KATHRYN: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. WAITZ- MAN, DAVID: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Theta Xi. Row nine: WALDREP, SHERRILL: (Jr.): Education; Arley. WALKE, CLARE: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Greensboro. WALKER, GAYLE: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences, Montgomery. WALKER, MARY: (Jr.): Education; Pell City. WALKER, NANCY: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Mu. Row ten: WALKER, NANCY C: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Annis- ton. WALKER, WILLIAM: (Soph.): Engineering; Tuscaloosa. WALKLEY, EARLE: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Chi Phi. WALLACE, CLINT: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Lakeland, Florida; Alpha Tau Omega. WALLACE, DIANE: (Soph.): Educa- tion; Ft. Deposit; Delta Gamma. 503 Wallace-Willis Row one: WALLACE, FRANK: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Mobile; Theta Xi. WALLACE, MC ROY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Homewood. WALLACE, PAUL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Las Vegas, Nevada. WALSH, JAMES P.: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham. WALSH, VIRGINIA: (Soph.); Education; Panama City, Florida; Pi Beta Phi. Row two: WALTERS, MICHAEL: (Soph.); Engineering; Tuscaloosa. WALTHALL, MARY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. WALTON, PATTI: (Jr.); Education; Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Alpha Theta. WAMSLEY, RICK: (Fr.); Engineering; Hunts- ville. WANSLEY, ROBERT: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Huntsville; Theta Xi. Row three: WARD, FRANCES: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Alpha Delta Pi. WARD, HAROLD: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Syla- cauga; Pi Kappa Alpha. WARD, LAWRENCE: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Evergreen. WARE, PATTI: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Selma; Alpha Gamma Delta. WARNER, BONNIE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Sumter, South Carolina; Delta Phi Epsilon. Row four: WARREN, ELLEN: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Marion; Zeta Tau Alpha. WARREN, JOHN: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Bessemer. WATHEN, BILL: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. WATKINS, JOHNNY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham; Sigma Chi. WATKINS, NATHAN: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; York. Row five: WATKINS, WENDY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Northport; Alpha Chi Omega. WATSON, ANDREA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hartselle; Alpha Xi Delta. WATSON, MARY: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham. WATSON, SHARON: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. WATTS, STEVE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; New Orleans, Louisiana; Theta Chi. Row six: WAY, ARTHUR L.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Hunts- ville. WEAR, DAVID: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Ft. Payne. WEATHERLY, MARY: (Soph.); Education; Ft. Payne; Delta Gamma. WEATHERS, CHARLES: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham. WEAVER, ELAINE: (Soph.); Education; Double Springs. Row seven: WEBB, TOMMY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Dothan. WEBSTER, MARCY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. WEBSTER, MIRIAM: (Soph.); Home Economics; Montgomery; Delta Zeta. WEID, ANNE: (Fr.); Education; Mobile; Delta Phi Epsilon. WEID- MAN, JACK: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Pi Kappa Alpha. Row eight: WEINMAN, LEE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Hartselle; Chi Phi. WEINSTEIN, JUDY: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Sigma Delta Tau. WEINSTEIN, ROSALIND: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Delta Phi Epsilon. WELCH, ALYSON: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Gadsden; Alpha Gamma Delta. WELCH, AMANDA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Delta Zeta. Row nine: WELCH, BETSY: (Fr.); Home Economics; Mobile; Alpha Chi Omega. WELCH, TEALLA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham; Delta Zeta. WELDON, SCOTT: (Fr.); Education; Auburn. WELLS, JEFFREY: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Guntersville. WELLS, MIKE: (Jr.); Engineering; Gadsden. Row ten: WELLS, TOMMY: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden, Delta Kappa Epsilon. WELLS, WILLIAM: (Soph.); Arts and Sci- ences; Huntsville; Theta Chi. WESSON, CLARENCE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery; Phi Kappa Psi. WEST, ARLENE: (Fr.); Home Economics; Decatur. WEST, BRENDA: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics; Memphis, Tennessee. 304 Row fiye: WHITT, LINDA: (Jr.): Home Economics; Ardmore; Alpha Chi Omega. WHITTEN, JOHN: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Walnut Grove. WIENTROB, MARTI: (Soph.): Education; Birming- ham; Sigma Delta Tau. WIGHTMAN, FRANCES: (Soph.): Educa- ion; Miami, Florida; Delta Delta Delta. WILDMAN, KATHY: (Jr.): Home Economics; Vero Beach, Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta. Row six: WILHOIT, LINDA: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Pensacola, Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta. WILKIN, ROBERT: (Jr.): Com- merce and Business; Perth Amboy, New Jersey. WILKINS, LINDA: (Jr.): Home Economics; Tuscaloosa. WILKINS, MASON: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Mobile; Theta Chi. WILKINS, STEVE (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Daphne. Row seven: WILLIAM, LULKY: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Little Rock, Arkansas, Zeta Beta Tau. WILLIAMS, ADA: (Fr.): Social Work; Chatom. WILLIAMS, BOBBY: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Livingston. WILLIAMS, CAROLINE: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences, Tuscaloosa; Kappa Alpha Theta. WILLIAMS, DANIE: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Anniston. Row eight: WILLIAMS, DAVID: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Phi Kappa Psi. WILLIAMS, DEBBIE: (Soph.): Home Economics; Montgomery; Delta Delta Delta. WILLIAMS, JAN: (Soph.): Edu- cation; Tuscaloosa. WILLIAMS, JOHN: (Soph.): Engineering; Bir- mingham; Theta Chi. WILLIAMS: MARGORIE: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row nine: WILLIAMS, RICHARD: (Jr.): Arts and Sciences: Meri- dian, Mississippi. WILLIAMS, THOMAS: (Jr.): Commerce and Business, Chatom. WILLIAMS, WALTER: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Sylacauga. WILLIAMS, WATHAN: (Fr.): Arts and Sci- ences; Birmingham; Phi Mu. WILLIAMSON, ANN: (Soph.): Ed- ucation; Montgomery; Alpha Chi Omega. Row ten: WILLIAMSON, CARL: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Huntsville. WILLIAMSON, JANE: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. WILLIAMSON, LAMAR: (Jr.): Com- merce and Business; Birmingham; Lambda Chi Alpha. WILLIAM- SON, SKEETER: (Fr.): Education; Mobile; Kappa Kappa Gamma. WILLIS, CHARLIE: (Fr.): Commerce and Business. St. Elmo; Lamb- da Chi Alpha. Row one: WEST, SARA: (Soph.): Home Economics; Pi Beta Phi. WETTER, JAMES: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Memphis, Ten- nessee; Delta Kappa Epsilon. WHELESS, JOHNNY: (Jr.); Com- merce and Business; Tuscaloosa; WHETSTONE, ANNE: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Sylacauga; Kappa Delta. WHETSTONE, JUDY: (Soph): Commerce and Business; North Olmsted, Ohio; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. Row two: WHIDDON, THOMAS: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Birmingham. WHISLER, NANCY: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. WHITE, DEAN: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Livingston. WHITE, DEBBIE: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Chi Omega. WHITE, FRANK: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Jackson. Row three: WHITE, NANCY: (Soph): Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Delta Delta Delta. WHITE, PAMELA: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Lookout Mountain, Tennessee; Deta Delta Delta. WHITE, STEVE: (Soph.): Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. WHITE, THOMAS: (Soph.): Engineering; Lacey Springs. WHITEHEAD, JOSEPH: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Anniston; Theta Chi. Row four: WHITEHEAD, RONNA: (Jr.): Education; Tuscumbia. WHITEHURST, MICHAEL: (Jr.): Commerce and Business; Dothan. WHITLEY, R.A.: (Fr.): Arts and Sciences Dothan, Pi Kappa Phi. WHITSON, DAVID: (Fr.): Commerce and Business; Birmingham. WHITT, JAY: (Soph.): Commerce and Business; Gadsden. 505 Wills-Zinn Row one: WILLS, LYNN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Montgomery. WILSON, FRANCES: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham. WILSON, JANICE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville. WILSON, KATHY: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. WILSON, LAURIE: (Jr .); Education; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row two: WILSON, PATTY: (Jr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Delta Delta Delta. WILSON, PEGGY: (Jr.); Home Economics; Albert- ville. WILSON, RONALD: (Jr.); Engineering; Bessemer. WINGO, W.T.: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Phi Delta Theta. WINTON, WILLIAM: (Soph.); Engineering; Birmingham. Row three: WISDOM, JOHN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. WISE, BETH: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. WITHERSPOON, MYRA: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Copper- hill, Tennessee. WITTMEIER, SUSAN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Oneonta; Delta Delta Delta. WOHANKA, TRISHA: (Soph.); Home Economics; Birmingham; Zeta Tau Alpha. . Row four: WOLF, BARBARA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Saluda, South Carolina; Delta Phi Epsilon. WOLFE, CAROL: (Jr.); Edu- cation; Jasper. WOLTZ, CAROLYN: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Bir- mingham; Alpha Gamma Delta. WOO, GEORGE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Savannah, Georgia. WOOD, JAMES: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Reform. Row five: WOOD, JACQUELINE: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birming- ham. WOOD, JODY: (Jr.); Education ; Birmingham; Phi Mu. WOOD, LEE: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham; Alpha Tau Omega. WOODALL, BOB: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Gadsden; Theta Chi. WOODARD, SUE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Reform; Zeta Tau Alpha. Row six: WOODMANSEE, KIM: (Fr.); Education; Memphis, Tenn- essee; Chi Omega. WOODS, BELLE: (Fr.); Bainbridge, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. WOOTEN, DAVID: (Fr.); Engineer- ing; Gainesboro, Tennessee. WORRELL, MIKE: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Centreville. WRAY, DEANIE: (Fr.); Arts and Sci- ences; Shreveport, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi. Row seven: WRENN, PATRICK: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; San Bernadino, California. WRIGHT, ALICE: (Soph.); Home Eco- nomics; Louisville, Kentucky. WRIGHT, ANNE: (Jr.); Education; Mobile; Kappa Delta. WRIGHT, CAROLINE: (Fr.); Education; Tuscaloosa; Kappa Delta. WRIGHT, CHERYL: (Jr.); Home Eco- nomics; Brewton. Row eight: WRIGHT, PAMELA: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Cinnaminsow, New Jersey; Delta Zeta. WRIGHT, PAUL: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Florence; Pi Kappa Alpha. WRIGHT, STACY: (Jr.); Arts and S ciences; Meridian, Mississippi; Delta Delta Delta. WURTELE, GEORGE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. WYATT, BRENDA: (Soph.); Commerce and Business; Tuscaloosa; Delta Gamma. Row nine: WYATT, GLORIA: (Fr.); Education; Bessemer. WYKER, ELLA: (Fr.); Education; Decatur; Alpha Gamma Delta. YANN, BETTY: (Soph.); Home Economics; Louisville, Kentucky; Pi Beta Phi. YATES, EDWIN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Huntsville; Delta Tau Delta. YEAGER, DEBBIE: (Jr.); Education; Birmingham. Row ten: YEAGER, PAUL: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Mobile; Pi Kappa Phi. YEAKLE, PRISCILLA: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Pen- sacola, Florida; Kappa Delta. YERGER, HELEN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. YORK, ANNE: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi; Chi Omega. YOUNG, PAULA: (Soph.); Education; Birmingham; Pi Beta Phi. 506 Row one: YOUNGS, SALLY: (Fr.); Education; Birmingham; Alpha Delta Pi. YOW, LE STRYET: (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. YUDIN, BARBARA: (Jr.); Education; Miami, Florida. ZAKAN- CYZ, JOHN: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Decatur. ZASA, BOB (Jr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Theta Chi. Row two: ZASA, DONNA: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham; Delta Zeta. ZEFF, MIRIAM: (Soph.); Education; Florence; Sigma Delta Tau. ZICARELLI, MARY: (Fr.); Commerce and Business; Birmingham. ZICARELLI, V. J.: (Jr.); Commerce and Business; Bir- mingham. ZINDER, KEITH: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. Row three: ZINN, SYDELLE: (Fr.); Arts and Sciences; Charleston, South Carolina; Delta Phi Epsilon. ZOOTS, TOMMY: (Soph.); Arts and Sciences; Birmingham. 507 Senior Honors ABBOTT, MICHAEL S.: Theta Tau, Chi Epsilon, ASCE, Vice- President Engineer ' s Executive Council. ABERNATHY, WILLIAM E.: Scabbard and Blade. ADAMS, MARY F.: Alpha Chi Omega, Triangle, Freshman Cheerleader. ALFORD, ELLEN C: Alpha Xi Delta, AWS Spirit, Spirit Gov- erning Board, Corolla Staff, Key to the Greeks Editor. ANDERS, DANA L.: Alpha Gamma Delta. ANDERSON, BRUCE H.: The- ta Tau. Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers. Ala- bama Conservancy. ANDERSON, FRANK Y.: Phi Gamma Delta. Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Sigma. ANDREWS, DONALD F.: Lambda Iota Tau-Secretary. ANDREWS, SAMMY W.: Kap- pa Sigma-Vice President. ARKUS, ALLEN S.: Zeta Beta Tau. AUVIL, JIMMY D.: Acacia. AVERY, JR., DAVID W.: ASTD. AYER, ANN E.: Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Beta Alpha-Secretary, Spirit. BAARS, FRAUNA M.; Alpha Theta. Kappa BACCHUS, JOE D.: Phi Mu Alpha. BALLARD, MARGARET S.: Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Delta Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister. Spirit. BANKS, J. DONALD: Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Trainer, Scab- bard and Blade-Treasurer, SAM. BARNES, BEVERLY J.: Crim- son White Staff. BARNES, ELLEN A.: Phi Mu- Vice President; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Epsilon-President, Outstanding Freshman Woman, Co-Chairman Faculty Course Evaluation, Student Court Clerk, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities. BARNES, REBECCA L.: Alpha Delta Pi. BATES, WILLIAM N.: Chi Phi, President. BAYNE, WILLIAM R.: Scab- bard and Blade. BEAMS, JIMMY: Marketing Club. BEAN, BARBARA J.: Alpha Omicron Pi, House Judiciary Council, Spirit, Dorm Judiciary. BEASLEY, JR. CHARLES A.: Kappa Alpha. Marketing Club. BEAVERS, WENDELL M.: Geology Club. BEDSOLE, MELVIN T.: Beta Alpha Psi. BEDSOLE, TRAVIS M.: Delta Kappa Epsilon, Lambda lota Tau, Scabbard and Blade. BELCHER, LINDA L.: Univer- sity Singers, Choral Union, Op- era Workshop, University The- atre. BELYEU, JOHN M.: Alpha Ep- silon Delta. Ecology Action. BENNETT, DANNY E.: Men ' s Residence Hall Council. BENSON, NANCY S.: Pi Beta Phi-Treasurer, Triangle, Alpha Beta Alpha, President. BERRY, KENNETH W.: Lamb- da Chi Alpha. BETSILL, ROSEMARY: Alpha Delta Pi-Social Chairman, Agnes Ellen Harris, Vice-President-Chi Delphia. BIBLE W. BRUCE: Marketing Club, Ecology Action, DSEP. BLACK, W. JIMMY: Chi Epsi- lon, ASCE-Secretary. BLACKMARR, ANNA G.: Del ta Delta Delta, Pledge Trainer, Mortar Board, ROTC Sponsor, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Tau Chi, Triangle. BLACKWELL, JAMES S.: Phi Kappa Psi, Alabama Insurance Society, Marketing Club. BLAIR, DENNY W.: Marketing Club, AIESEC, Alabama Insur- ance Society, SAM. BLAKE, ALAN B.: Sigma Gam- ma Epsilon. BLAKE, BEN W.: Kappa Sig- ma, Marketing Club-Treasurer, Homecoming Committee. BLAKE, V. KATHY: Alpha Delta Pi, Rush Chairman, Crim- son Girls, Head Crimson Girl, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Agnes Ellen Harris, Phi Kappa Psi Little Sister, Triangle, Spirit. BLALOCK, GLENYSS T.: Mar- keting Club. BLALOCK, JAMES H.: Market ing Club. BLANKENSHIP, CLYDE A.: Sigma Chi. BLOUNT, PHYLLIS M.: Delta Zeta-President-Rush Chairman, Spirit Usherette. BLUNDELL, REBECCA D.: Alpha Xi Delta; AID. BOGESS, ANDREW L.: AIAA President, Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Gamma Tau, Pi Mu Epsilon. Tau Beta Pi. BOHANNON, BARBARA E.: SNEA. BOLES, RONALD W.: Kappa Alpha, Alpha Pi Mu, Alpha Pi Eta. BOSWELL, ANITA: Kappa Al pha Theta, Agnes Ellen Harris- President, Fashion Incorporated- Vice-President, Phi Upsilon Om- icron. BOWLIN, JR., JOHN: ASM, AES, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Sigma Mu, Tau Beta Pi. BOZEMAN, ROBIN E.: Alpha Chi Omega-Rush Chairman, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Epsilon-Treasurer, Panhellenic, Corolla Beauty, Sigma Phi Epsi- lon, little sister. Miss Wyman Hall. BRABNER, TERRI A.: Alpha Gamma Delta. BRANNON, MARTIN L.: AIIE. Secretary and Vice-President. Alpha Pi Mu, Phi Mu Epsilon. BRISTOW, RICHARD C: Phi Sigma Alpha, Pi Tau Chi. BROOKS, LINDA J.: Delta Ze- ta, Pasteur Society, Spirit. BROWN, BARBARA S.: Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, Trea- surer, Chi Delta Phi, Army ROTC Sponsor, Corolla Favor- ite. BROWN, BETTY G.: Kappa Delta Pi. BROWN, CAROL P.: Kappa Delta. BROWN, JR., CECIL V.: Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer. BROWN, GEORGE P.: Down- under assistant-manager. BROWN, JR., REX J.: Kappa Sigma, Marketing Club, Alaba- ma Insurance Society-Treasurer. BROWN, JR. WINFRED C: Alpha Tau Omega. BRYAN, EDWIN D.: SAM. BRYAN, SUSAN I.: Chi Ome- ga- BUCKLEY, LINDA C: Alpha Delta Pi. Kappa Delta Pi. BUCKNER, CHARLES M.: University Baseball Team. BUERGER, CAROLINE S.: Kappa Kappa Gamma-2nd Vice- President, Alpha Beta Alpha. BURCH, LINDA A.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. BURFORD, JAMES F.: Delta Tau Delta. BURKE, JANE C: Agnes Ellen Harris. BURKE, PATRICIA H.: Alpha Gamma Delta. BURKE, SHAWN M.: Alpha Chi Omega, SGA Traffic Court Clerk. BURLEY, ALVIN J.: Lewis Hall President, Alabama Insur- ance Society, Alabama Finance Association. BURNELL, WILLIAM J.: Phi Kappa Psi. Alabama Insurance Society, Alabama Insurance Commission, SAM. BURNS, JOHNNY M.: AICHE. BURROUGHS, PATRICIA C: Kappa Kappa Gamma. BUSH, MARY A.: Alpha Beta Alpha. BUTTERLY, MICHAEL D.: Lambda Chi Alpha, SAM, Scab- bard and Blade. BYESS, CAROL J.: Fashion Inc., Marketing Club, Agnes El- len Harris, Off-Campus Associa- tion. CAIN, GEORGETTE V. First Vice-President. AID CAIN, MARY S.: Delta Gam- ma, Spirit. Agnes Ellen Harris. CALHOUS, NICKY L.: Chi Ep- silon, ASCE. CALVERT, RETA J.: Baptist Student Union Missions Com- mittee, Calvary College Choir. CAMPBELL, FRANCES K.: Delta Zeta, Kappa Delta Pi. CAMPBELL, LARRY L.: The ta Tau, AIAA. CAMPBELL, THOMAS E.: American Foundations Society- President, Sommerville Hall- President, AIME, ASM. CANCEL, IVAN R.: Lambda Chi Alpha. CANCEL, PATRICIA A.: Zeta Tau Alpha. CANNON, BART L.: Market- ing Club. CANTRELL, DAVID W.: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma-Pres- ident. Pi Mu Epsilon-President, Phi Mu Alpha-Secretary, Sigma Pi Sigma-Secretary-Treasurer, Christian Science Organization- President. CANTRELL, PHIL G.: SNEA. CAPP, ESTHER D.: Sigma Del- ta Tau-Treasurer, AWS Repre- sentative, AWS Screening Board, Agnes Ellen Harris. CARRO, JUDY A.: Town Girls. CARROLL, LARANDA: Theta Sigma Phi " Treasurer. CARTER, SUZANNE: Secre tary-Treasurer Womens Resi- dence Hall Council, Mortar Board, SGA House of Repre- sentatives, AWS House of Rep- resentatives, Alpha Lambda Del- ta, Pi Mu Epsilon, First Vice President Mary Burke East. CARTER, THOMAS W.: AIE- SEC, Insurance Society, Real Estate Club. CARTY, ALICE A.: Chi Omega, Agnes Ellen Harris, AID. CASH, JR., THOMAS TAY- LOR: Sigma Chi, Corolla-Pres- ident, Layout Chairman. Recon- do Expert, Military Club, Board of Publications. 3rd Floor Enter- tainment Committee Faraggo Contributing Editor. Popsi Mil- ler-Fan Club. 508 CATER, JAMES R.: Phi Mu Alpha, University Singers. CAUDILL, REGGIE J.: ASME. CERVANTES, WALTER R.: Theta Tau, President of Inter- national Students Association. CHABANNES, JULIA R.: Phi Mu Social Chairman. Secretary of Alabama Insurance Society, Real Estate Club, Delta Sigma Pi Sweetheart, Theta Xi Sweet- heart, First Alternate Miss Tus- caloosa, Tuscaloosa Sesquicenten- nial Queen, Commerce and Business Administration Execu- tive Council. CHAMBERS, LINDA M.: Al pha Omicron Pi-Recording Sec- retary and Treasurer, Pi Mu Ep- silon, Freshman Council. TAP. International Relations Com- mittee. CHAMPION, JR. EDWARD R.: Pi Mu Epsilon, AlAA. CHAPMAN, CHARLES A.: Kappa Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta. CHAPPELL, MICHAEL A.: Phi Sigma Kappa-Treasurer. CHECKETTS, LARRY A.: SAM. CHERRY. JO: Alpha Delta Pi, Theta Sigma Phi, Chi Delta Phi. Triangle. PRSSA. CHRISTENSEN, AMELIA S.: Kappa Delta Pi. CLARK, DEE DEE: Sigma Del- ta Tau- President, Rush Chair- man, Mortar Board-President, Theta Sigma Phi-President, Sig- ma Delta Chi, PRSSA, Deans List, Crimson-White Staff, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. CLARK, MARY K.: Delta Gam- ma, Spirit Usherette, University Theatre. CLIFTON, JAMES A.: Deans List. CLONTS, CHARON L.: Alpha Beta Alpha. CLOUD, MARGARET W.: SNEA. COCKE, JOHN D.: Marketing Club. COHEN, LESLI A.: Delta Phi Epsilon. COMER, WILLIAM A.: Ecol- ogy Action. CONTE, GAETON V.: ASME. COOK, ANN M.: Fitts Hall President, AWS House of Rep- resentative, Women ' s Residence Hall Council. COOPER, VIRGINIA B.: Kap- pa Alpha Theta-President, Rush Coordinator of Panhellenic. COX, CAROLYN S.: Pasteur Society Secretary-Treasurer. CRAIG, R. NEELY: Vice Pres- ident AIESEC. Marketing Club, Advertising Club. CRANFORD, NANCY C: Phi Mu. SNEA. CRAVEN, THOMAS M.: Tri Beta. CROCKER, ALICE F.: Ameri- can Home Economics Associa- tion. Agnes Ellen Harris. CROOK, SAMUEL F.: Kappa Alpha. CROWN, FREDERICK S.: Phi Eta Sigma Pi Mu Epsilon, Scab- bard and Blade. Cadet Officer ' s Club. CRUMPTON, PATRICIA A.: Delta Zeta. CULBERSON, SARAH E.: Al- pha Chi Omega. CULOTTA, PAMELA B.: Agnes Ellen Harris. CUMMINS, CURTIS L.: Theta Xi, Million Dollar Band. CUNNINGHAM, GWENDO- LYN O.: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Army ROTC Sponsor. CURRY, ASHLEY C: Phi Kap- pa Sigma, Insurance Society. SGA Traffic Court. DALTON, MARGARET A.: Phi Mu, Triangle. Chi Delta Phi-Treasurer. DANELUrr, ANGELA R.: Kappa Alpha Theta. DAVID, CHARLES W.: Phi Sigma Kappa, AIIE. DAVIS, MAX R.: IEEE. DAVIS, RONALD L.: Phi Mu Alpha, Dean ' s List. DAVIS, TONY A.: Kappa Al- pha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Ja- sons-President, Commerce Sena- tor, House of Representatives, Homecoming Chairman, Board of Publications, Chairman Crim- son-White Sub-Committee, Sen- ate Finance Committee, Busi- ness Manager-Emphasis. DEMPSEY, WILLIAM R.: Sig- ma Phi Epsilon, Marketing Club, Fashion Inc. DENMARK, RAYMOND H.: Young Republicans, Army ROTC Drill Team, SGA Legislature, Young Republicans, Chairman of College Republicans of Ala- bama. DENNIS, HARRY G.: Million Dollar Band. DENTON, DONNA A.: Chi Omega. DICKS, ALICE H.: Delta Zeta- Corresponding Secretary. DICKSON, LOUISE M.: Alpha Gamma Delta. DILDINE, HERBERT S.: " A " Club Wrestling Team, Teachers Club. DINNING, PAULA E.: Delta Gamma-Secretary, Treasurer, Triangle, Spirit, Mortar Board, Arts and Sciences Honors Pro- gram, .SGA Traffic Court Jus- tice. DI PIAZZA, ANTHONY J.: Theta Chi-Treasurer, ASTD, Alpha Beta Psi. DOBBINS, CAROLYN R.: SNEA. DODD, ROBERT G.: Chair- man-American Institute of Aero- nautics and Astronautics, Theta Tau, University Flying Club. EKXJGETTE, LARRY M.: ASME. DOLAN, DORIS A.: Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris. DOMINICK, DELORES D.: Al- pha Delta Pi. SNEA. DONALD, SUSAN E.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. Emphasis. DORAN, STEPHEN C: A Club. DORLON, KATHRYN S.: Al pha Gamma Delta-2nd Veep. Pi Tau Chi, Mortar Board-Veep. DUCKWORTH, SUSAN J.: Al- pha Chi Omega- 1st Veep, Mor- tar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Triangle, Spirit. DUNAGAN, PATRICK E.: Phi Sigma Kappa-President, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha-Veep, Lambda lota Tau-President. DUNHAM, ELIZABETH R.: Alpha Gamma Delta. AIESEC- Secretary. DUNN, DAVID E.: Student Entertainment Committee-Chair- man. DURANT, MARY C: Alpha Omicron Pi, Agnes Ellen Harris, Fashion Incorporated, SGA. ECHOLS, SARA G.: Chi Ome- ga, Town Girls, Spirit. ECKLES, LENORE L.: Pi Beta Phi, Triangle-Chaplain, ROTC Sponsor. EDGAR, GINGER M.: Agnes Ellen Harris, Fashion Incorpor- ated. EDGAR, JAMES H.: AIME- President. EDWARDS, JAMES E.: Sigma Chi. ELLIOT, MARY J.: Head of House Judiciary, 2nd Veep, of Dorm. ELLIOTT, SHERRY D.: Veep of Agnes Ellen Harris, Secretary of Phi Upsilon Omicron. ELLIS, MYRA J.: SNEA. ELLISON, JAMES M.: ODK. Pi Sigma Alpha, President. Men ' s Residence Hall Council. Board of Publications, Universi- ty Center Board of Governors. ELMORE, DAVID L.: ASCE, Chi Epsilon. 509 ELMORE, RONALD G.: A ED, Phi Eta Sigma. ENGEL, ROGER S.: SAM. ENGLISH, CHERYL: Alpha Gamma Delta, Sigma Phi Epsi- lon Little Sister, Veep-Theta Sigma Phi, PRSSA. ERIKSEN, PETER A.: AIS, Veep-Marketing Club. FAIR, HENRY R.: Million Dol- lar Band. FANNIN, S. JO: Delta Delta Deha. FEAZEL, CAROLYN E.: Phi Mu, Vice-Pres. -Agnes Ellen Har- ris, Pres. Phi Upsilon Omicron, American Home Economics Assoc, Spirit. FERGUSON, DARRY A.: Phi Mu Epsilon. FIELD, WILLIAM N.: Phi Gamma Delta. FINKEL, JEFFERY M.: Pres. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sec. SNEA, B ' nai Brith, Hillel Foundation. FINNAN, BRIAN G.: Pres. Lambda Chi Alpha, SGA Leg- islature, IPC Judiciary Council and Representative, Arnold Air Society, General Reid Doster Trophy, Vice-Commandants Award. FINOCCHIO, MARGARET R.: SGA Legislature, AWS House, WRHC, Pres. Tutwiler, Agnes Ellen Harris Club Fashion, Inc., Marketing Club. FITZGERALD, BILLY R.: Baseball Team. FLOURNOY, SIMON W.: Mar- keting Club. FORD, MARYELLEN: Empha- sis, Community Action, Univer- sity Players. FORD, NELSON: Delta Chi. FORTE, PRISCILLA A.: Phi Mu Epsilon, University Singers. FOSTER, DENIS C: Theta Tau, ASME. FOWLER, KAY L.: SNEA, Dean ' s List, Kappa Delta Pi. FOWLER, RANDOLPH M.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ODE, FRANKLIN, NORVAL M.: Kappa Alpha Theta. FRANKS, LARRY D.: ASCE. FREDERICK, CLAUDIA A.: SNEA, Ecology Action, Com- munity Action, Council of Tea- chers of English. FREEL, CATHERINE C: Kap- pa Kappa Gamma. FRITZ, HERMAN J.: Sigma Chi, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Ep- silon Delta. FROST, LINDA L.: PRSSA. FRYE, MARY D.: Afro-Ameri- can Assoc. FRYE, WILLIAM B.: Theta Tau. GAMBLE, FREDERICK D.: Delta Nu Alpha. GANN, DERALD D.: Market- ing Club. GARDNER, DAVID M.: Young Republicans, Pres. MRHC, Emphasis, Exec, Asst. to Pres. Alabama University Center. GARDNER, J. WARREN: Sig ma Alpha Epsilon, Army ROTC, Marketing Club. GARZAREK, ROBERT P.: AIESEC. GATTMAN, JAMES A.: Phi Eta Sigma, Omega Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi. GERARD, BLUM: Phi Epsilon Pi. GERSON, ROBERT L.: Zeta Beta Tau. GEWIN, ANN A.: Acta Tau Alpha. GIBBS, JOHN C: SNEA. GILBERT, CHARLES W.: ACE Vice-President. GILBERT, GREGORY W.: Al- pha Tau Omega. GIRTMAN, PAM E.: Apha Del ta Pi, AFROTC Angel. GIRTMAN, WILLIAM E.: Kap- pa Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Marketing Club. GLENN, JULE C: Alpha Del- ta Pi, Faculty Course Evaluation, ACE. GODWIN, ROBERT E.: Pi Kap- pa Alpha, Marketing Club, Ar- my ROTC. GOLDSTEIN, MARSHA A.: Kappa Delta Pi, Chi Delta Phi, Pres. ACEI., SNEA, Deans List. GOODLING, HALLIE M.: Phi Mu. GORDAY, CARL L.: Omicron Delta Epsilon. GOULD, ROBERT H.: Treasur- er-Kappa Alpha. GRABLE, CAROL: Delta Delta Delta. GRACE, DONNY H.: AIIE. GRACE, GARY K.: Theta Chi, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. GRADY, SYDNEY L.: Secre tary-Alpha Chi Omega, Sec Marketing Club, Fashion Inc., Beta Theta Pi Little Sister, Al- pha Kappa Phi Little Sister. GRAVES, DONALD H.: Mil- lion Dollar Band, Delta Nu Al- pha. GRAVES, FAYE S.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. GRAVES, SAMUEL P.: Lamb- da Chi Alpha Tres., Sec. Scab- bard and Blade, Marketing Club. GRAY, H. LEONARD: Phi Kappa Sigma. GRAY, LILLIAN R.: Alpha Gamma Delta. GREEN, TERRY A.: Eta Kap- pa Nu, Tres. IEEE. GREGORY, WILLIAM S.: Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, Scabbard and Blade. GREY, GREGORY A.: Sec. Delta Chi, Tres. Beta Alpha Psi. GRIER, ANN M.: Phi Mu, Pi Mu Epsilon. GRIFFIN, DONALD J.: Delta Sigma Pi, ACLU GRIFFIN, LINDA A.: Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, German Club, SGA House. GRIMES, ROBERT L.: Gam- ma Beta Chi, Student Court Judge, Pi Kappa Phi, Market- ing Club. GROVER, JOEL M.: Phi Mu Alpha, Million Dollar Band. GRZYMKOWSKI, DENNIS J.: Marketing Club. HAEDICK, GEORGE J.: Sec retary. Pi Kappa Alpha, AED. HALEY, JOSEPH M.: Market- ing Club. HAMMOND, SHIRLEY A.: Fashion, Inc., Marketing Club, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, SGA Legislator. HAMMOND, SHIRLEY E.: Phi Mu, AID, AHEA. HAMMOND, WILLIAM M.: Treasurer, Vice-President Pi Tau Sigma. HAMNER, BARBARA A.: Sig- ma Alpha Eta. HANDLEY, LYNNE E.: Delta Zeta, NEA, ACEI. HANDLEY, MARIAN J.: Spir- it, Fashion Inc. HANDLEY, ROGER J.: Alpha Epsilon Rho President, Sigma Delta Pi. HANNON, HELEN L.: Afro- American Association, Beta Al- pha Psi. HARDING, PATRICIA A.: Vice-President, Delta Gamma. HARGETT, DANNY J.: Al CHE. HARGRAVE, KARL D.: Ten- nis Team. HARRIS, CAROL L.: Phi Up- silon Omicron, Agnes Ellen Har- ris. HARRIS, ELIZABETH M.: Kappa Delta, YWCA, Sigma Eta, Emphasis. HARRELL, THOMAS R.: The- ta Tau. HARRISON, DIANNE R.: Al- pha Gamma Delta-Correspond- ing Secretary, Triangle, Alaba- ma Political Action Committee, New College Advisory Board, Freshman Council, Central Cal- endar Committee, AWS Sum- mer President, Secretary lAWS. HARRISON, JANICE G.: Afro- American Association. HARRISON, RICKEY B.: Chi Epsilon, AMCE. HARRISON, SHARON A.: Del- ta Zeta. HART, ROBERT H.: Alpha Tau Omega. HARTLEY, KAREN S.: Tri Beta. HARTLEY, ROBERT R.: Crim- son White Staff, Veep of Saf- fold Hall, Board of Publications Award. HARWELL, B. KAY: Phi Mu. HATAWAY, CLIFFORD J.: Theta Xi-Secretary, Phi Eta Sig- ma, Phi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Ep- silon Delta President, Tri Beta, Ecology Action, HAYWOOD, MARY J.: Sigma Delta Chi Secretary, Public Re- lations Student Society of Amer- ica, Feature Editor of Farrago. HEARD, SAM B.: Homecom- ing Committee, Bama Day Com- mittee, Corolla Beauty pneeant Committee, Debate Team. 510 HELD, JERRY E.: Zeta Beta Tau, Delta Sigma Pi, Real Es- tate Society. HELLER, ANN-RAE P.: Delta Phi Epsilon. HELM, LARRY B.: Sigma Nu, Football Team. HELTON, G. HIXON: Phi Mu Alpha-President. HEMBREE, H. KERRY: Delta Chi. HEMPHILL, KATHY J.: Phi Mu-President. Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Delta Phi, Pi Mu Ep- silon. Deans List, Spirit Usher- ette. HENDRiX, III JOHN C: Theta Chi, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Al- pha Epsilon Delta. HEREFORD, CAROLYN F.: Pi Mu Epsilon. HERRIN, DUDLEY J.: Pi Mu Epsilon, Arnold Air Society. HERRING, CHERYL A.: AWS Judiciary Council. HIERBAUW, MARK S.: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Marketing Club. HIGGINS, CHARLOTTE A.: Osband Hall Judiciary. HIGGINS, LARRY G.: AIAA. HILDRETH, WILLIAM B.: Theta Xi. HILL, ALICE F.: Alpha Delta Pi, Fashion Inc., Agnes Ellen Harris. HILL, DIXIE C: Kappa Alpha Theta- 1 St and 2nd Veep. HILL, ROBERT W.: Delta Nu Alpha-President, National Trans- portation Fraternity. HILLARD, MARY K.: Kappa Kappa Gamma, President. Pub- lic Relations Committee. HINES, R. ELIZABETH: Kap- pa Kappa Gamma. HODNETTE, MARY D.: Alpha Gamma Delta. HOFFMANN, SUSAN G.: Del- ta Gamma, Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister, University Theater. HOLCOMB, WILLIAM H.: SAM. HOLDBROOKS, DANNY M.: Marketing Club, Real Estate So- ciety. HOLDERFIELD, MARGARET A.: Million Dollar Band. HOLLADAY, C. RANDOLPH: SGA Representative, Beta Alpha Psi, Omicron Delta Kappa. Ja- sons. Delta Sigma Pi, Insurance Society, MRHC, Finance Com- mittee of SGA, Round Table of the University, Book Exchange. HOLLEY, CAROLE K.: AID. Agnes Ellen Harris. HOLLINGSWORTH, BRENDA K.: Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Beta Alpha. HOLT, GENE W.: Delta Chi. HOLT, JOE S.: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Wesley Foundation. HOOPER, LYNDA R.: Alpha Omicron Pi, Spirit, Tri-Beta. HOOVER, THOMAS S.: Delta Nu Alpha. HOUGH, RANDY T.: Real Es- tate Society Treasurer. HOWARD, JOHN R.: Sigma Chi. HOWLAND, DAVID C: Pi Sigma Alpha. HUCKABEE, ERIC G.: ASME. HUGHES, TERRILL W.: Phi Sigma Kappa. HUMBER, JAMES T.: Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma. HUMBER, JOHN D.: Kappa Alpha, Cotillion Club, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. HUMBER, THOMAS J.: Beta Alpha Psi-Veep, Beta Gamma Sigma, Men " s Residence Hall Council, Wyman Hall Execu- tive Council. HUNT, JOSEPH J.: Real Es- tate Club, Marketing Club. HUSLER, KENNETH M.: Ba- ma Sky Divers U. of A. Scuba Club, Beta Gamma Sigma, SAM. HUTCHESON, JOHN L.: Phi Sigma Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Pi Mu, SHE. HUTCHISON, KATHERINE H.: Kappa Delta Agnes Ellen Harris, AID. HYETT, DOYLE G.: Pi Sigma Alpha. HYMEL, DARRELL A.: Pi Mu Epsilon. ICH, WANDA O.: Afro Ameri- can Society. IDE, KATHRYN L.: Corolla Head Secretary. Secretary Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Alpha Theta, Emphasis, College Republican National Committee, Dean ' s List George Culver Campaign Com- mittee, David Lehman Fan Club President, Rock Specialist. INGALLS, IDA J.: Pi Beta Phi- Secretary, and Veep, Kappa Del- ta Epsilon-Veep, Triangle, Fresh- man and Sophomore Council, Coed Committee. INGE, D. TERESA: Delta Del ta Delta, ACEI. INNES, JAN E.: Tri-Beta, New- man Club Secretary. INNES, MICHAEL W.: A-Club, Marketing Club, Outstanding College Athletes of America, University Baseball Team. INSLER, JILL M.: Sigma Delta Tau. ISON, JOY: Marketing Club. Insurance Society. JACKSON, JOHN E.: Tau Beta Pi, AIAA, Million Dollar Band. JAMES, DON M.: Kappa Al pha. JAMES, WILLIAM E.: Young Republicans, Student Entertain- ment Committee. JAMISON, JUDY F.: Chi Ome- ga Pledge Trainer, Town Girls, - Secretary, Triangle, Angel Flight- Treasurer, Corolla Favorite. JARRELL, STEPHEN B.: NCTM. JENNINGS, CARLA J.: Afro- American Association. JENNINGS, HARRY G.: Theta Xi. JETER, CAROL E.: Kappa Al- pha Theta. JETT, MARIE: Kappa Kappa Gamma. JOHNSON, JAMES D.: Beta Alpha Psi. JOHNSON, JAMES D.: Beta Alpha Psi. JOHNSTON, JR. JAMES G.: Kappa Sigma. Chairman-Young Americans for Freedom. JOHNSON, M. CAMILLE: Del- ta Zeta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Triangle, Town Girls, Spirit Usherette. JOHNSON, PAUL T.: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Marketing Club, Student Elections Committee, Homecoming Committee. JOHNSON, YVONNE G.: Afro American Association. JONES, DEBORAH A.: Swan Club. JONES, KEITH M.: Alpha Kap- pa Psi, Marketing Club, Ameri- can Statistical Association, Col- legiate Civitan. JONES, MARGARET £.: Al- pha Omicron Pi, Chi Delphia, Student Entertainment Commit- tee. JONES, MARGARET E.: Al- pha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, American Institute of Interior Design, Fashion Inc., Agnes Ellen Harris. JONES, PHILLIP G.: Alpha Kappa Psi, President and Sec- retary, Million Dollar Band. JONES, RICHARD: Deans List. JONES, ROBERT: Delta Tau Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Arnold Air Society. KEITH, CAROLYN L.: Zeta Tau Alpha. KEITH, JERRY M.: Delta Nu Alpha, Bama Skydivers. KELLY, BARBARA: Delta Ze- ta-Pledge Trainer, Spirit, Young Republicans, Hostess, Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister. KENDRICK, CAROL: Alpha Chi Omega, Corresponding Sec- retary, Vice-President of School of Home Economics, Veep of Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle- Secretary, Agnes Ellen Harris, Fashion Inc., Marketing Club. KENDRICK, DEBORAH F.: AFROTC Angel Flight. KENDRICK, ASME. DENNIS F.: KENDRICK, KATHRYN, Del- ta Delta Delta. KEW, JANE S.: President of Chi Delta Phi. KEY, EUGENE W.: AIAA. KIELY, MARIE O.: Mortar Board, Triangle-Treasurer, Chi Delta Phi, Alpha Lambda Del- ta, AWS program Director, Em- phasis 70, Secretary. AWS rep- resentative of Union Governing Board and Concert Series Com- mittee. KING, J. THOMAS: Alpha Tau Omega-Treasurer. Scabbard and Blade-Veep, Insurance Society, SGA Student Discount Com- mittee, Course-Evaluation Com- mittee. KINNEY, ELIZABETH M.: Alpha Gamma Delta. KIRBY, ROGER W.: Phi Eta Sigma. KIRKPATRICK, M. GWEN: Alpha Lambda Delta. KNOX, LARRY R.: ASME. Pi Tau Sigma. KNOX, SUSAN R.: SNEA. KOSVI, HJALMAR SOIN: AS. C.E. KRAL, WILLIAM J.: Alpha Pi Mu-Veep. AIIE-President, En- gineering Executive Council- Veep. Engineers Day Technical Paper Presentation- 1st place. Freshman Orientation Presenta- tion. KULKARNI, SWAROOP D.: In- ternational Students Association- Treasurer. Students for Interna- tional Development. LADD, JUDY M.: Home Eco- nomics Club. LANE, QUENTIN L.: Pi Kap pa Lambda, Phi Mu Alpha Sino- fia-Alumni Secretary, ODK, American Guild of Organists- President, Choral Union, Stage Band, Dean ' s List. LANGHAM, CHARLE B.: SGA Representative to Tuscaloosa Town council. LANGSTON, L. GRIF: " A " - Club-Veep, Varsity Football. LANIER, RANDOLPH H.: Kap- pa Sigma. LANTHORNE, RUSSELL J.: Varsity Tennis. LARRIMORE, CHARLES L.: Phi Eta Sigma. Pi Mu Epsilon. Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Deans List. S11 LAW, CHARLES M.: Pi Mu Epsilon, American Chemical So- ciety. LAW, JAMES E.: ACACIA- Treasurer, SAM. LAWLEY, JEAN M.: American Home Economics Association, Agnes Ellen Harris. LAWRENCE, GEORGE L.: Beta Alpha Psi. LAWRENCE, JUDITH M.: Al pha Mu Gamma, T.A.P., I.A.E.- S.T.E. LAWRENCE, NEAL B.: Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, I.E.- E.E., Kappa Sigma. LEE, JOYCE L.: Historian. Mortar Board-Treasurer, Pi Mu Epsilon, Triangle, Dorm Trea- surer, Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta. LEISER, BERTRAM E.: IE- EE. LETTON, KAREN L.: Pi Beta Phi-Corresponding Secretary, SGA-Emphasis, Spirit. ACEI, Corolla Staff. LEVENS, BRENDA P.: SNEA President-Secretary, Alpha Epsi- lon Pi Little Secretary. LEVIO, JOE: Phi Sigma Kappa- Secretary. LEWIS, HERBERT J.: Deans List. LEWIS, LAURA: Kappa Delta- President. LILLY, KRISTY E.: Million Dollar Band. LINNICK, SAMUEL N.: U. of A. Go lf Team. LITTON, DAVID K.: Pi Tau Chi-President. LOCKARD, JULIA A.: SNEA, ACEL Dean ' s List, House Judi- ciary Council, 2nd Veep Mary Burk East, AWS Representative to Parking and Traffic Commit- tee. LOGAN, BARRY W.: Alpha Sigma Phi-Treasurer-Rush Chair- man. LOGAN, JAN: Alpha Chi Ome- ga, Triangle, Sigma Alpha Eta- Treasurer, Spirit Usherette. LOGAN, LINDA G.: Alpha Gamma Delta. LONG, PATRICIA L.: Alpha Gamma Delta. LORENZA, JEAN A.: Phi Mu, Chi Delta Phi. LUFF, JANICE E.: Veep of Tutwiler Dorm. LUNDBERG, DEBORAH L.: Kappa Delta Epsilon, Pi Mu Ep- silon-Secretary. LYERLY, RICHARD H.: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon. MACE, STEPHEN A.: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary, Alpha Kappa Psi. MACKEY, LUCY E.: SNEA, University Dames. MANER, JOSEPH R.: Phi Eta Sigma. MAPES, TOM R.: University Stage Band. MAPLES, HELEN B.: Delta Gamma-Recording Secretary, Triangle-Recording Secretary, Freshman Council, Spirit Usher- ette, TAP, Swan Club. MARCUS, TOBERT G.: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Veep, and Treasurer. MARKS, S. SUZANNE: Pi Be- ta Phi-President, Triangle. MARSHALL, JUDITH H.: Pres. SNEA, Young Republican Host- ess. MARSHALL, RONALD: Afro- American Association. MASONI, PRISCILLA G.: Pi Mu Epsilon, Dean ' s List. MASSEY, LAURA J.: Pi Beta Phi. MATTHEWS, JR. CARTER B.: Theta Chi, ASTD. MAY, FREDERICK, GARY: Zeta Beta Tau, Marketing Club. MC CALEB, S. BLAINE: Pi Kappa Alpha. MC CARVER, STEVEN A.: SNEA: Emphasis. MCCASKILL, MILDRED E.: Delta Gamma, 2nd Veep, Pres. of Spirit, Triangle, 2nd Veep of Fashion Inc. MC CLUNG, WILLIAM N.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MCCONNELL, REGINA: Phi Mu. MC CRARY, BETTIE M.: SNEA MCDANAL, ALMUS J.: Tau Beta Pi-Veep, Sigma Gamma Tau. MC DONOUGH, TIMOTHY C: U. of A., Track Team. MCELROY, MONTE L.: Mar- keting Club, Domestic Student Exchange Program, Phi Eta Sig- ma. MC HATTON, STEPHEN R.: Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta. MC KINNEY, JAMES A.: Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Epsilon. MC KINNEY, JOHN M.: Chi Phi Fraternity-Treasurer. MC MINN, JAN B.: Phi Kappa Sigma-Social Chairman, IFC Representative, Assistant Chair- man " Miss Venus " Contest, Homecoming Committee, Cam- pus Chest-Co-Chairman. MCNEFF, MARY D.: Zeta Tau Alpha. MC NEILL, JAMES L.: Ameri- can Institute of Cost Engineers, Operations Research Society. MCTYEIRE, ROBERT A.: U. of A. Flying Club-Veep. MEACHAM, KATHY W.: AHEA, Agnes Ellen Harris. MEDDERS, CAROL E.: Delta Zeta. MEDLEY, JERRY M.: Alpha Epsilon Rho, President, Nation- al Sigma Delta Chi. MEDWICK, LEE N.: Alabama Varsity Baseball, " A " Club, Teachers Club. MEON, PATRICIA M.: Chi Omega, ACET, SNEA. MERRILL, THOMAS P.: Phi Kappa Psi-Corresponding Sec. AIIE, Alpha Pi Mu-Treasurer, Pi Mu Epsilon. MEWBOURNE, DAVID E.: " A " Club-Treasurer. MICHAELS, SANDRA L.: SNEA-Veep. MICKLES, BRIAN P.: SGA Legislator, AWS Community Di- vision Director, Community Ac- tion Co-ordinator, Men ' s Resi- dence Hall Council, Book Ex- change Committee. MILES, KAYRON: SNEA, Na- tional Math Club of America. MILLER, JAMES H.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon-President, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Edi- tor Alabama ' s Farrago, Presi- dent Marketing Club, Commerce Executive Council, Cotillion Club, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Phi Eta Sigma, Board of Publica- tions. MILLER, LINDA: President Harris Hall, Residence Hall Council, President Council Book Exchange Committee. MILLER, JR., MAURICE H.: Million Dollar Band, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. MILLER, MICHAEL H.: ROTC Officers Club, Scabbard and Blade. MILLER, NANCY A.: Alpha Omicron Pi-Social Chairman. MILLER, PEGGY A.: Phi Mu, Panhellenic, Marketing Club, Freshman Counc il, Dean ' s List, Class Editor of Corolla, House editor of Key to the Greeks. MILLER, STANLEY L.: Ameri- can Statistical Association. MILLICAN, DAVID C: AIME. MITCHELL, DEWEY D.: Kap- pa Sigma. MITCHELL, NED A.: Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha. MOLETT, ELIZABETH G.: Alpha Omicron Pi, Spirit Usher- ette, ACEL SNEA. MONK, JOHN T.: Tri-Beta, Biology Forum. MONTGOMERY, ROBERT M.: Kappa Alpha, University Flying Club. MOORE, MARTHA H.: Kappa Alpha Theta-Veep, Agnes Ellen Harris. MOORE, MARY E.: Chi Ome- ga, SNEA, Spirit, Spanish Club, Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister, Chi Omega. MOREY, SUSAN S.: Dean ' s List. MOREY, WALLACE C: Mar- keting Club Executive Commit- tee, Student Assistant Commerce and Business Marketing Depart- ment. MORGAN, PAUL T.: Theta Chi. MORROW, ANN E. H.: Kappa Delta. MULLINS, JAMES H.: Presi dent and Veep-Circle K, PRSSA, Student Health Commission. Student Insurance Commission, Publicity for University Theatre, Emphasis ' 70 Committee. MURCH, CHESTER E.: Phi Sigma Kappa-President. MURCH, NANCY H.: Phi Sig- ma Kappa Little Sister. MURPHY, CAROLYN: Alpha Gamma Delta. MUSE, S. ANN: Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Spirit, AWS-Head of Judiciary, Tutorial Program. MUSICK, JANET S.: Chi Ome- ga, ACEI, NSEA. MYRICK, PAUL D.: Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma. NADER, JOSEPHINE L.: Chi Omega-Secretary, Veep of Chi Delta Pi, Sigma Delta Pi. NEAL, JR., GEORGE M.: Sig- ma Chi-Pledge Trainer, Market- ing Club, Delta Sigma Pi, PRSSA. NEALE, SHIRLEY: Kappa Al- pha Theta-Veep, Secretary. NELSON, SANDRA F.: Fash- ion Inc., Marketing Club. NELSON, JR. WILLIAM T.: AID, President. NIX, ERIC K.: Delta Chi, Mar- keting Club. NOOJIN, MARTHA E.: Kappa Delta, Secretary of Angel Flight. NORRIS, LARRY N.: Physical Education Club. NORRIS, PHILLIP E.: Presi- dent-Alabama University Center, Chairman University Center Governing Board, Ecology Ac- tion, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Stu- dent Entertainment Committee, Special Events Committee, Uni- versity Center Building Commit- tee, Central Calendar Commit- tee, Founding Committee for Campus F. M. Station. NORRIS, SANDRA I.: Phi Up silon Omicron-Recording Secre- tary, Fashion Inc. Treasurer, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Mar- keting Club. SU O ' BRIEN, VIRGINIA H.: Alpha Chi Omega, Pi Mil Epsilon. Triangle, Spirit. OGILVIE, JEAN M.: SNEA, Social Studies Association. OLENSKY, JOANNE: Delta Phi Epsilon. OLIVE, DEBORAH A.: Agnes Ellen Harris, AHEA, Fashion Inc., Marketing Club. O ' NEAL, ERNEST G.: Theta Tau, ASME Veep, Engineering Executive Council. ORKIN, JR., THEODORE S.: Zeta Beta Tau. ORR, BETTYE A.: Chi Omega- Pledge Trainer, AWS Tutorial Committee, SNEA, ACEI. PADALINO, MICHAEL: Theta Chi. PADDOCK, PAUL B.: Pi Kap- pa Phi-Pledge Warden, Universi- ty Jaycees. PALMER, GENIE B.: Alpha Lambda Delta, Spirit. Spirit Usherette, Agnes Ellen Harris, Fashion Inc. PALMER, MARJORIE: Zeta Tau Alpha. PARKER, LARRY F.: Million Dollar Band. PARRISH, BARBARA I.: 2nd Veep of Osband Hall, Chairman Dorm Judiciary Council, Sigma Delta Pi. PARROTT, JOHN: Pi Kappa Phi. PARSONS, RUSSELL P.: SGA Representative, Men ' s Residence Hall Council, President of Fried- man Hall. PATTERSON, FRANCES J.: Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon. PATTON, JOHN E.: Chi Phi- President, Insurance Society. PATTON, SUSAN M.: Delta Delta Delta. PEAK, DONNA A.: SCAS. Gamma Beta Phi. PEARSON, JAMES R.: Insur- ance Society, Real Estate Asso- ciation. PERRY, CHARLES L.: Sigma Chi, Managing Editor-COROL- LA, Alabama Insurance Society. PERRY, KATHERINE E.: Al- pha Gamma Delta-Rush Chair- man-lst Vice President, Sopho- more Council, Agnes Ellen Har- ris, Phi Upsilon Omicron. PERRY, SHERRY J.: Phi Chi ■ Theta. PERSON, SYRINTHIA R.: Ini ovo Me-President, Marketing Club, AIESEC. PETERSON, KAREN A.: Al pha Delta Pi-President, Trian- gle. PETRI, JEAN M.: Alpha Gam- p. ma Delta. PICKRON, CELESTE M.: Pi Beta Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Triangle-President, Mortar Board, Phi Chi Theta-Treasurer. PIERSON, CYNTHIA A.: Kap- pa Delta, Tri Beta. PIKE, CHARLES T.: Tri Beta. PIKE, DANNY H.: SAM. PLESS, RONALD B.: Market- ing Club. POLIDORO, WILLIAM V.: Var- sity Track Team, " A " Club. POLNIAK, DAVID.: Zeta Beta Tau, A.S.T.D. POTTER, ALICE L.: Alpha Omicron Pi-Queen, American Institute of Interior Designers- 2nd Vice-President, Agnes Ellen Harris Club. POWELL, ROGER W.: Phi Sig ma Kappa. PRICKETT JOHN M.: Phi Kap- pa Psi. PRIOR, SUZANNE.: Alpha Chi Omega, Mortar Board, Phi Up- silon Omicron, Alpha Lambda Delta, President-School of Home Economics. PREWITT, CELEST A.: Kappa Delta Pi. PRICE, SUSAN F.: Chi Ome- ga, Spirit, Corolla Beauty. QUEDEWEIT, GREGG A.: Marketing Club. RAAB, DONALD E.: Theta Tau, Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia, President-School of Engineering. RABON, JOHN R.: Alabama Insurance Society. RADFORD, BOB R.: Delta Sig- ma Pi Finance Association, In- surance Society. RAMBEAU RICHARD G.: Al- pha Kappa Psi. RANDMAN, LYDIA C: NCAS. RASBURY, EVANGELYN W.: Marketing Club. RAY, JANIS: Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Delta Epsilon-President 69-70, French Club. RAY, JOAN K.: Delta Zeta. RAY, JOHN R.: Beta Theta Pi- Secretary. RAY, ROBERT M.: Delta Nu Alpha. RAY, WILLIAM P.: Beta Al- pha Psi. REAVER, RANDY: Sigma Nu. REED, JOHN R.: Phi Sigma Kappa-Treasurer. REEKS, MARGO: Alpha Chi Omega. REEVES, PHILLIP G.: Theta Tau, SGA Legislature, Engineer- ing Executive Council, AIME. REINSCHMIDT, ALICE: Kap- pa Kappa Gamma. RENZ, REX W.: Lambda Chi Alpha-Secretary, Scabbard Blade. REVELLE, LINDA: Alpha Xi Delta. RHODES, JANIS R.: Chi Ome- ga, Agnes Ellen Harris. Spirit Usherette. RICE, LINDA C: Alpha Omi- cron Pi-Secretary, AWS Judici- ary, Homecoming Committee. Faculty Course Evaluation. RICHARDSON, DONNA D.: Kappa Alpha Theta, SNEA. RIEMER, STEPHEN L.: Mar keting Club, University Theater. RITTER, IRENE M.: Kappa Alpha Theta. ROBERTS, JEAN: Kappa Al- pha Theta-President, Agnes El- len Harris-Historian, University Student Health Committee. ROBERTS, LYNDA I.: Alpha Chi Omega. ROBERTS, THOMAS, M.: AIIE. ROBERTSON, BRENDA G.: NCAS-President. Alpha Lambda Delta. ROBINSON, DALE, D.: Pi Kap- pa Phi. ROBINSON, FREDA B.: SNEA. ROBINSON MICHAEL A.: Kappa Sigma. Beta Alpha Psi. RODGERS, NORMA S.: Delta Delta Delta-Pi Mu Epsilon. RODGERS, MARY E.: Delta Delta Delta. AID. ROGERS, NICHOLAS S.: Kap- pa Alpha. ROSE, BETTY J.: Kappa Delta Pi. ROSE, CATHERINE J.: Kappa Delta Pi. ROWLAND, DAVID A.: Phi Sigma Kappa. ROWLAND, JAMES T.: AIAA. RUCHER, FRANK R.: Market- ing Club, " A " Club-Baseball. RUDD, MARY A.: Alpha Chi Omega. RUSSELL, SAMUEL L.: Mil- lion Dollar Band. RYAN, JANE A.: SNEA. NCAS-Secretary. RYERSON, FRANK E.: Alpha Kappa Psi-Vice President, Scab- bard Blade. SALLOWAY, RONALD G.: Ze- ta Beta Tau, President and Vice President-Delta Sigma Pi, Solici- tor General-Traffic Court, Ad- vertising Manager and Business Manager-Farrago, Board of Pub- lications, Marketing Club, Stu- dent Court, Spirit Chairman, Bama Day Committee. SANDERS, JOHN R.: Arnold AirSociety, ASTD. SAM. SAUNDERS, CHARLOT A.: Chi Omega. SAWYER, DEBORAH C: SNEA. S13 SAYLER, DIANE D.: Baptist Student Union, Agnes Ellen Har- ris, Phi Upsilon Omicron-Trea- surer. Pi Tau Chi. SCHAFFER, ALICE F.: Delta Gamma Phi Chi Theta-Presi- dent. Spirit, Homecomin g Com- mittee, AWS, Commerce Execu- tive Council. SCHMITT, J. R.: Phi Gamma Delta, Marketing Club. SCHNEIDER, CHARLES F.: Sky-Diving Team. SCHOOT, SHERYL: Alpha Xi Delta. SCHWULST, TIMOTHY J.: Swim Team. SCONYERS, SHARON L.: Al pha Lambda Delta, Phi Theta, Tri-Beta, Spirit, Dean ' s List, Dorm Judiciary Council. SEARCY, RAY: Mu Phi Epsi- lon-Secretary, Pi Kappa Lamb- da. SEARCY, MARGIE: Alpha Del ta Pi. SEARS, CATHY A.: Sigma Del- ta Tau-Secretary, University Li- brary Committee, Chairman- Rush Evaluation, Ombudsman- President. SEGREST, ANTHONY T.: Sig- ma Nu. SELF, WILLIAM N.: Pi Kappa Alpha-Chairman. SELLERS, SUSU E.: Zeta Tau Alpha, Phi Chi Theta-Vice Pres- ident. SELLERS, WILBUR A.: Delta Tau Delta. SERVICE, GAIL A.: Alpha Chi Omega-Treasurer. SESSI W. A.: Delta Chi-Presi- dent Treasurer, Phi Eta Sig- ma, Beta Alpha Psi-President, Beta Gamma Sigma. SHANNON, JAMES D.: Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma- Secretary. SHANNON, JAMES M.: Alpha Tau Omega, Scabbard Blade, Blood Drive-Chairman. SHERER, DALE: Delta Delta Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Agnes Ellen Harris. SHERMAN, CAROLYN E.: Afro-American Association. SHERRER, JAMES H.: Arnold Air Society, Pi Sigma Alpha, German Club, AFROTC Sabre Drill Team, Vice President-Mal- let Hall. SHIELDS, CLARK R.: Tau Be- ta Pi-President, ATCHE Pi Mu Epsilon, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Omega Xi Epsilon, Engineers Executive Council. SHINBAUM, RICHARD D.: Zeta Beta Tau, Homecoming Committee, Bama Day Commit- tee. SHIRLEY, CANDACE J.: Kap- pa Alpha Theta-Historian. SHOCKLEY, STEVEN: Sigma Chi. SIMPSON, SREVEN W.: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice-President. SIMS, KENNETH L.: Tau Beta Pi, AIAA, Sigma Gamma Tau- President. SIMS, MYRETTA V.: Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Beta Alpha, SNEA. SKELTON, LEONARD C: Kap- pa Sigma, Treasurer, Phi Eta Sigma. SLAUGHTER, ROGER D.: President, Mary Burke East, Men ' s Residence Hall Council. SLONECKI, JAMES J.: Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Pi Mu, AIIE, U. of A. Band, Band Council. SLUYTERMAN VAN LOO, LEXIE: AID, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, University Center, AWS Community Action. SMILIE, MARGARET A.: Kap- pa Delta. SMITH, CYNTHIA A.; Alpha Theta. Kappa SMITH, ANN: Alpha Xi Delta. SMITH, FRANCES L.: Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Epsilon Del- ta-Treasurer, Mortar Board-2nd Veep-AWS, Chairman Judiciary Council, Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. SPEER, SHARON E.: Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Freshman Council, Sophomore Council. SPENCER, MICHAEL A.: Al- pha Kappa Psi. SPRINGER, CHARLES T.: Phi Kappa Sigma. SPURLIN, GLENN E.: Million Dollar Band. STACKPOLE, BRENDA M.: Kappa Delta Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi. STANTON, IRENE L.: Million Dollar Band, Mu Phi Epsilon, Choral Union. STAPLES, GLORIA J.: Million Dollar Band, Sigma Alpha Eta, Young Republicans, Resident Hall Council, Dorm President. STEELE, RONALD P.: Theta Tau, Pi Mu Epsilon, AIAA- Treasurer, Secretary-Treasurer- College of Engineering. STEIN, JUDITH S.: Fashion Inc.- President Vice President, Delta Phi Epsilon, Spirit Usher- ett. Marketing Club-Executive Council, AWS, Homecoming Committee Hillel Publicity Chairman. STEINDORFF, GIL C: Alpha Tau Omega-Vice President, Scab- bard Blade, Alabama Insur- ance Society. STEPHENS, CALVIN W.: SGA Social Activities Committee, Traffic Court. STEWART, MARY J.: Chi Omega, Mortar Board. Alpha Epsilon Delta-Secretary, Chi Del- ta Phi. Student Health Commit- tee. STEWART, MARGARET A.: Agnes Ellen Harris, Fashion Inc., Dorm Officer. STEWART, SANDRA J.: Agnes Ellen Harris, House Council, Homecoming Committee. STEWART, AIIE, Alpha. WILLIAM G.: STILL, M. AMANDA: Delta Delta Delta. STONE, LAURIE B.: Delta Del- ta Delta. STOWE, ELEANOR: Kappa Kappa Gamma. STRAIN, PATRICIA: Kappa Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Cheerleader, AWS House, Coed Committee, AID. STRICKLAND, MARTIN C: Pi Kappa Phi. STRICKLAND, MARY R.: Al pha Chi Omega-President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Spirit, Town Girls. STRUSS, FRANK R.: ASCE. SUKIENNIK, BARBARA J.: Phi Mu-Rush Chairman. SUMNERS, GLENN E.: Beta Alpha Psi. SWANSON, CHARLES F.: ASME. SWIFT, WILLIAM L.: Phi Sig- ma Kappa, Rush Chairman, Treasurer. TAIT, JAMES E.: Jasons, ODK, Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Executive Assistant to the SGA President. TANNER, ROBERT C: Bama Sky Divers. TANT, MYRA G.: Society for Physics, Students. TATES, DIANE: Pi Beta Phi, SGA Senate Secretary Pro-Tem, Secretary of Mortar Board, Veep of School of Education, Home- coming Committee, Emphasis, Triangle-President, ACEI. TATE, MARGARET S.: Pi Be ta Phi-Recording Secretary, 2nd Veep of AWS, AWS Judiciary Council, Sophomore Council Triangle . TATUM, GREGORY N.: Phi Kappa Sigma, Rifle Team, IEEE, NASDS, Scuba Team. TAYLOR, DONNA G.: Delta Kappa Pi, SNEA. THOMAS, DONNA M.: Alpha Beta Alpha. THOMAS, HARRIET E.: Delta Gamma-Recording Secretary, Triangle-Treasurer, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, AWS Social Chairman. THOMPSON, DANIEL W.: Alpha Epsilon Delta. THOMPSON, SUE: Afro Ameri can Society. 514 THOMPSON. SNEA. SUZANNE: THORN, DONALD W.: AIAA. THORWORTH, PATRICIA G.: Pi Bella Phi. THRASHER, AMANDA Kappa Kappa Gamma. F.: TINNIN, CHARLES A.: Sigma Chi. TINNIN, JANET A.: Chi Ome- ga, Kappa Deha Pi. TOMLIN, ERIC M.: Theta Tau- President, AIAA, Tau Beta Pi. Pi Mu Epsilon. Sigma Gamma Tau. TOMLINSON, JACK O.: Phi Delta Theta, Insurance Society. Scabbard and Blade. TRAYLOR, NANCY R.: Tri Beta. TREESE, MARGARET H.: Al- pha Kappa Delta. TRUHETT, PATRICIA A.: Al pha Omicron Pi. -Rush Chair- man. TUCKER, KELLY M.: SAM TURNER, CATHERINE F.: Delta Delta Delta. TURNER, EMILY: Kappa Kap- pa Gamma, AWS Elections Committee, Deans List, lACE, Volunteer Service Bureau, French Club. UTLEY, DENNIS O.: Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, U. of A. Rifle Team, Arnold Air Society. VAUGHAN, JR., JAMES H.: AICHE-Veep, Omega Chi Epsi- lon, Pi Mu Epsilon. VICK, JAMES L.: Beta Gam- ma Sigma, Real Estate Associa- tion. VODANTIS, IRENE C: Dean s List, SNEA. WADE, ERNEST R.: Delta Nu Alpha-Secretary. WAITS, MARY E.: Delta Delta Delta. WALFROP, RONALD: Delta Nu Alpha- Veep. WALDROP, SANDRA M.: Kap- pa Delta Pi. WALKER, B. DAY: Phi Mu, Angel Flight ROTC, Fashion Inc. WALKER, CHARLES C: Man- ager University Singers. WALLACE, PATRICIA A.: Al- pha Omicron Pi, Agnes Ellen Harris, Spirit, AWS Spirit Gov- erning Board. WALTON, ANNE C: Delta Delta. Delta WALTON, CANDY E.: Alpha Gamma Delta-Social Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer Home Eco- nomics, SGA Senator. WALTON, RICHARD J.: Phi Delta Theta, Marketing Club. WARD, AUDREY P.: Alpha Chi Omega, Agnes Ellen Harris. WARD, CHARLOTTE: Delta Delta Delta, Executive Veep, Phi Upsilon Omicron 1st Veep, Triangle, 2nd Veep, Agnes Ellen Harris, AID, Whos Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities. WARD, JANELLE M.: Delta Zeta-lst Veep-Rush Chairman, Corolla Section Editor, Panhel- lenic Delegate. Angel Flight Executive Officer, Pledge Train- er, Delegate to National AWS SGA Commission. WARD, MARTHA A.: Kappa Delta. WARREN, JOHN B.: Market- ing Club. WATES, GINGER C: Phi Mu, Tri Hi Y, Spirit. WATKINS, HENRY B.: Market ing Club. WATSON, BENJAMIN M.: Sigma Nu, ODK, Jasons, Secre- tary Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi, U. of A. Real Estate Associa- tion, Insurance Society, Bama Day Chairman. WEAR, MARY L.: Sigma Al- pha Eta-Secretary. WEATHERS, JIMMY D.: Lambda Chi Alpha. WEBB, PHILIP R.: Delta Chi. Marketing Club. WEBSTER. HARRY N.: Mar- keting Club. WEEKS, JIMMY G.: Veep of Marketing Club, Insurance So- ciety. WEIL, IRA K.: Phi Kappa Sig- ma, Alpha Phi Omega, AROTC Crimson Guard. WETZEL, JR., RICHARD C: Delta Chi. WHALEY, PEGGY L.: Kappa Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta-Phi Upsilon Omicron, Triangle, AWS Judiciary Council, Dean ' s List, AWS House, AWS Screen- ing Committee. WHEELER, DONNA L.: Pi Beta Phi, ACEI, SNEA. WHITAKER, JOYCE J.: Alpha Delta Pi, Marketing Club, Alpha Kappa Psi Little Sister, Spirit Usherette. WHITE, HERBERT K.: ASCE. WHITE. JR., SAMUEL B.: Al pha Tau Omega, Insurance So- ciety. WHITMIRE. SUZANNE P.: Al pha Gamma Delta. WILLIAMS. BARBARA A.: Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, VWCA, Spirit, Usherette. WILLIAMS. D. DRENNEN: Veep-Insurance Society, Com- merce Executive Council, Insur- ance Planning Commission for SGA. WILLIAMS. DONNA F.: Al pha Omicron Pi-Treasurer, Phi Chi Theta. WILLIAMS. FRED S.: Insur- ance Society, SAM. WILLIAMS, MARTHA S.: Mar- keting Club, House Judiciary Council. WILLIAMS, MYRON D.: Cam- pus Crusade for Christ. WILLIAMS, NANETTE S.: Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA. WILLS. NANCY C: Secretary- Treasurer of Alpha Epsilon Pho. WILSON. CEDA D.: AWS House, Marketing Club. WILSON, JAMES M.: Honors Program, Freshman Basketball Team. WILSON. KATHY D.: AHEA, Agnes Ellen Harris. WINDOM. CATHERINE C: AFROTC Wives Club, Sigma Alpha Eta. WINDOM. STEPHEN R.: Phi Kappa Sigma-Pledge Trainer, Arnold Air Society, Alpha Kap- pa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Tau Kappa Alpha, Debate Squad, ODK, Jasons. WOOLFE. MARIANNE T.: Del ta Gamma-Treasurer, SNEA, Swan Club. WINTER. CAROL A.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. Kappa Delta Pi. WOOD. RICHARD W.: Scab- bard and Blade. Secretary Beta Alpha Psi, Rush Chairman Del- ta Sigma Pi. WRIGHT. SILAR T.: Pi Mu Epsilon, Chi Epsilon, Editor and Secretary, ASCE-Editor. WYATT. CHARLES F.: Stu- dent Trainer for all Major Sports. WYMER. JOHN F.: Jasons, Pi Sigma Alpha President, Empha- sis Chairman, SGA Senate. YARBROUGH. MARGA D.: Alpha Omicron Pi-President, Spirit, Sigma Alpha Eta, Judici- ary Council. YEAGER, ALFRED H.: Young Republicans. YEAGER. E. STEPHEN: Theta Xi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsi- lon Delta. YOUNGBLOOD. E. SUSAN: Secretary International Student Association, Veep-Town Girls, Student Union Movie Commit- tee. YOW, JOHN C: Delta Nu Al- pha, " A " Club, Track Team. ZAKANYCZ. MARY ANNE: Spirit, Alabama University Cen- ter, Scuba Club, Alabama Union, SNEA. 915 1 — 809 10th Street THE IBOI HOBSE i if Sfill siM Tvv 9:00-5:30 Monday thru Saturday Tide I Cobb Tide U twin theaters University Blvd. 516 Abbott, Michael Stephen .186,. ' !84.?46,4.16 Abercrombie. Alice Ann 462.308 Abernathy, Aldis Claire 462 Aberncthy, Jr Elliott L 462 Abernethy, Jr William E 436 Achorn, Judith Lynn 286.462 Achterhof. Jon Oliver 462 Adair, Delia Faye 462 Adair, Marcia Diane 272,462 Adair, Olivia Vynn 462 Adams, Barbara Jean 383,462,261 Adams, III Oscar W 373 Adams, Kathrynn Ann 462 Adams, Letitia Maxine Adams, Mary Frances 272,436 Adams, Mary Powell 462 Adams, Randal Wayne 462 Adams, Susan Elizabeth 436 Adams, Sydney 328,462 Adams. William Calvin 340 Adderhold, Judy Ann 272.462 Addington. Vicki Ann 436 Aden, Mark Alan 462 Adkins. James 340 Agricola, Thomas S 296,462 Albert, Evelyn Jeanette 278,462 Albright, MelanieJo 306 Alcott, Russell Jay 342.462 Alexander. Danny Levert 462 Alexander. Janet E 282 Alexis, Carole Ann 436 Alford, Farra McRae 296 Alford, Ellen C 436 Alford, John Philip 436 Allen, Adrienne Gail 286,462 Allen, Ann Williams 302,462 Allen, Aubrey Blaine 436 Allen, Barbara Carol 462,91 Allen, Charles Headley 334 Allen, David 332,436 Allen, David 462 Allen. Glenda Marie 276,462 Allen, 111 Ernest Paul 462 Allen, Jack Glynn 340 Allen, Jr Joseph Marion 462 Allen, Mary Ann 462 Allen, Ronald Luther 300 Allen. Wanda Rachel 272 Allgood, Charles Wilson 318 Allin. John Maury 316.462 Allin, Kelly Ann 286,462 Allison. William David Allred, Harold Pearson 462,54 Allums, Betty Jo 462 Almeida, John Andrade 462 Aired, Deborah Duck 436 Aired. Robert William 436 Alsbrooks. Ronald Lee 462.290 Altherr, Jr Jack R 436 Amason, James Richard 322,462 Ambrose, Sharon Anne 393,462 Amerine, Kathryn Paula 462 Anders, Dana Louise 436 Andersen, Paul John 436 Anderson, Anne Dudley 462 Anderson, Bruce Henry 386,346,436 Anderson, David Wayne 436 Anderson, Edwin Lee 436 Anderson, Gordon C 346 Anderson, IV Frank Y 318,436 Anderson, Joe Mark 462 Anderson, John Latimer 462 Anderson, Judy Virginia 462 Anderson, Kristi Lu 310,462 Anderson, Margaret R 460 Andress, Amelia Ethel 462 Andrews, Donald Frank 436 Andrews, 111 George W 460 Andrews, John Douglas 436 Andrews. Michael Reese 462 Andrews. Patricia Jean 462 Andrews. Sammy Walton 312.436 Angle, Thomas Ennis 462 Anthony, Katherine V 310,462 Anthony. Patricia J 460 Apel, John Frederick 436 Aplin, Linda Sue 462 Arbogast. Linda Sue 462 Arendall, Debra Potter 462.308 Arendall. Jr Robert A 334.463 Argo. Cheryl Duncan 463 Argo. Ill Murry Chesley 340 Argo. Jr James Roland 436 Arias, Ramon Salvador 336,463 Arkus, Allen Sol 436 Armstrong, Kaye E 292 Armstrong, Steve 330,463 Arnold, Evelyn Virginia 463,308 Arnold. Linda Christine 463 Arnwine, William Neal 300 Aroneck. Nancy Anne 338.463 Aronov. Jane Hope 338.463 Aronov. Owen William 350.463 Ash. Ricky Wayne 314 Ashton. Dorothy Cecilia 241.310,463,259 Ashurst, Winston McCain 463 Aspinwall, Leslie Nolan 312,436 Atkins, Danny Dean 312 Atkins, Judith Cheryl 463 Atkinson, Thomas Joseph 3 1 2 Attaway, Jr Alfred W 463 Atwell, Paula Lee 463 Auerbach, Larry Allan 460 Austin, Suzanne 324,463,190 Auvil. Jimmy Dean 436 Avant, Betty Laraine 463 Avery, Carol Ann 308,463 Avery, J r Arnold P 3 1 2 Avery, Jr David Ward 436 Avery Susan Elizabeth 310,463 Axelroth, Sanford B 350 Aycock, Donna Enise 463 Ayer, Ann Elizabeth 378,328,436 B Baars, Frauna McComas 306,436 Baars, 111 Theo Dunwody 463,296 Bacchus, Joe Donald 436 Backer, Gary Wayne 342,463 Backer, Steven Alan 342,463 Baerwald, Ross Forney 332.463 Baggett, Byron Jackson 460 IVIORGENTHAU ' S Sooner or Later Your Favorite Cleaner TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA J.OVIATT VI BOWERS HARDWARE 2105 Riverside Drive Phone 758-4466 PAINTS GIFTS HOUSEWARE BUILDING MATERIALS COPYING SERVICE THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS IN TUSCALOOSA 517 Baggett, Cathy Lynn 352 Baggett. Clint Allen 290,463 Baggett, Joan Nanette 352,463 Baggett, Pamela J 436 Baggett, Rebecca Ann 463 Bagwell, Clifford G 213,463 Bagwell, Genetta Lee 369 Bailey, Barbara Gail 463 Bailey, Barbara Jane 46 3 Bailey, David 360 Bailey, Escar Lynwood 296 Bailey, III John David 372 Bailey, Jr Foster P 332,463 Bailey, Jr John Ira 463 Bailey, Jr Sherwood R 463 Bailey, Katrina 463 Bailey, Pattie Edith 308 Bain, Thomas Gordon 463 Baird, David Ray 318 Baites, John Edwin 370,463 Baker, Annita Lee 294 Baker, III Allen M 463 Baker. Ill Brooks H 389 Baker, James Robert 460 Baker, Janell Crawford 436 Baker, Judy Marie 463 Baker, Linda Joyce 436 Baker, Linda Kay 278,463 Baldone, Donna Marie 436 Baldwin, Bethany Anne 328,463 Balenger, Belinda Joyce 436 Balentine, Sheila Ruth 463 Ball, Jane Alice 436 Ballard, George Paul 436 Ballard, Joan Carol 274,463 Ballard, Linda Irene 463 Ballard, Margaret S 278,436 Bank, James Thorman 378 Banks, Jamie Reynolds 286,463 Banks, Jessica Anne 310,463 Banks, Julian Donald 394,436 Banks, Mary Annie 278,463 Bankston, Linda 292 Barber, Thomas Griffin 284 Barfield, Marty E 436 Barkasy, Mark 386 Barksdale, Gary Thomas 314 Barksdale, Jr David H 436 Barnes, Betty Kathleen 274 Barnes, Beverly Jean 436,82 Barnes, Billy Michael 334,463 Barnes, Bruce Walton 318 Barnes, Deborah Jeanne 463 Barnes, Deborah P 324,463 Barnes, Ellen Amelia 369,436,406 Barnes, Georgia Ann 324,464 Barnes, Rebecca Lydia 436 Barnes, Susan Maykish 464 Barnes, William Audie 320,464 Barnett, Frank Sanford 464 Barnett, Johnny Mack 436 Barnett, Jr Harvey L 348 Barnett, J r Joseph T 344,464 Barnett, Keith Winans 464 Barnett, Sandra Elaine 342,352,464 Barnhart, Jonathon S 436 Barr, Brenda Thompson 286,369,464 Barr, III George E 463 Barr, John David 464 Barr, Marjorie Anne 306 Barrentine, Sara Jane 306,464 Barrett, Andrew Lynn 464 Barrett, Robert Carter 460 Barrett, Ronald G 464 Barrineau, Bony Fields 370 Barrow, Deborah Ann 282,436 Bartmess, Nancy Louise 306,464 Barton, Jr William J 436 Barton, Kathy Michael 436 Barton, Susan Terry 302,369,464 Barton, William Charles 332,436 Bass, Barbara Lorraine 278,464 Bassett, Marvin W 464 Bassett, Pamela Parker 292 Bassham, Jr James W 436 Batchelor. Mildred A 388,437 Bateman, Bonnie Joy 437 Bates, Marie Young 292,464 Bates, Rondi Lain 292,464 Bates, Susan Sargent 437,464 Bates, William Nelson 437 Bauman. Jeffery Daniel 350,464 Bauman, William Meyei 350 Baumgardner, Kathleen R 464,90 t r ' 2 Xj .S5 ' :2 S ' ' Avenue ' Step I.vto A NEW EXPERIENCE Baxley, III William H 464,300 Bayer, Jeffrey Alan 464 Bayne, William R 437 Beach, Patricia Elaine 282 Beadle, Samuel Gregory 334 Beal, Donald Morris 386 Beale, Stephen Patrick 464 Beams, Jimmy 437 Bean, Barbara Jo 437 Bean, Terrye Jo 464 Beard, Jeffrey Lynn 360 Beard, Michael Furman 464 Beard, Robert Treat 464 Bearden, Elizabeth Faye 464 Bearden, Martha Ann 464 Beasley, Jr Charles A 437 Beasley, Robert William 318 Beason, David William 464 Beauchamp, Annette M 310 Beaven, Jr Horace H 464 Beavers, Jr Charles A 304 Beavers, Wendell M 437 Beck, Drexel 464 Beck, Sarah Wright 296,464 Becker, Howard Steven 350 Becker, Ricki Lee 294,464 Beckley, Susan Eleanor 352,464 Beckwith, Carolyn Anne 282,464 Beckwith, Jon Gardner 464,300 Beddow, Jane Grey 292 Bedford, Wyema Ann 464 Bedsole, Jr Travis M 437 Bedsole, Kenneth Edwin Bedsole, Melvin Terry 437 Belcher, Brent 437 Belcher, Linda Lee 437 Bell, Bonne Elizabeth 464 Bell, Deborah Jeanne 294,464 Bell, Jimmy Leon 464 Bell, Marvin Don 464 Bell, Sheila Mae 437 Belmont, Michael J 464 Belyeu, John Michael 437 Benjamin, Frederick S 350 Bennett, Danny Earl 437 Bennett, Deborah Jo 306 Bennett, Ernest Gerald 332 Bennett, Jr William G 437 Bennett, Leanne 308,464 Bennett, Susan Short 294,464 Bennett, Walter Joseph 437 Benson, Nancy Susan 378,437 Benson, Theresa Alaine 398,464 Benton, Rebecca Jane 464 Berman, Carol Irene 294, 464 Bernhard, 111 Charles B 460 Berry, Charlotte Nelson 464 Berry, Deborah Williams 437 Berry, Evelyn Levone 465 Berry, Kenneth Wayne 437 Berry, Mary Cecil 465 Berry, Susan Edith 437 Bertolotti, Jr John E 374 Besecker, Edward Lee 348 Bessant, Linda G 278 Besser, Ginger Alice 465 Best, Betsy Margaret 465 Best, Linda Ruth 302,465 Bethea, Elizabeth Anne 286,465 Bethea Mary Virginia 286,465 Bethea, Sheila Cecelia 302 Betsill, Rosemary 437 Beuoy, Susannah Kaye 274,465 Bevill, Donald Henry 318 Beville, Douglas C 465 Seville, Lewis Edward 316,465 Bevington, Priscilla J 306 Bible, W Bruce 437 Bice, Anthony Ray 314 Bigham, Judy Annette 465 Billits, Lawrence T 332,465 Billups, Pamela Lorene 465 Bingham, Barbara Diane 465 Bishop, Cynthia 398,465 Bishop, Richard Oliver 304 518 Bivens, John Alan 373 Black, Ginger Leigh 302,465 Black, Jimmy Wade 437 Black, John 290 Black, Larry David 437 Black, Larry Jim 386 Black, Frances P 294,437 Black, Ruth Hay 465 Blackerby, John William 465 Blackmarr, Anna Grace 393,365,437 Blackmon, Connie 465 Blackmon, Martha B 465 Blackshear, Alan Dale 437 Blackwell, James S 437 Blair. Denny W 437 Blair, Maronica Lee 465 Blair, William Arnold 360 Blaisdell, Richard S 465 Blake, Alan Brian 372,437 Blake, Jr Ben Winston 437 Blake, Virginia Kathryn 365,437 Blakeney, Charles W 437 Blakeney, Sarah Vesta R 437 Blakney, John Lindsey 465 Blalock, Glenyss T 437 Blalock. James Harry 437 Blankenship Clyde Alan 437 Bliss, Sarah Catherine 465 Blocker. Barbara Lee 465 Bloom, Elizabeth Lynes 465 Blount, Jacquelyn Susan 465 Blount. Phyllis M 302,372,437 Blue. Ill Matthew P 465 Blum, Gerard Lazare 465 Blum, Sara Denise 398,465 Blumenfeld, Richard S 3 50 Blundell, Rebecca Dee 382,282,437,465 Boan. Mike 290 Boddie, Juanita Janelle 465 Boggess, Andrew Lacey 437 Bohannon, Barbara E 437 Bohannon, Larry Douglas 386 Boland. Mari Marsha 306.465 Bolen, Ralph Jeffery 284 Boles, Carol June 292,465 Boles, George Herbert 344 Boles, Ronald William 387,437 Bolton. Johnny Orin 344, 465 Bolton, Jr Woodford H 437 Boman, Denise Kaye 465 Bond, Richard Lewis 465 Bonds, Faye 465 Bonds. Sandra Sue 465 Bonner, Jr James Milton 377,465 Bonnist, Lucy Margaret 465 Booream, Cynthia Anne 465 Booth, Betty Jean 460 Booth, Thomas Warren 465 Boothe. Edmund Douglas 460 Borden, David Gray 344 Borders. Grace Shelton 465 Boschung. Ralph David 437 Bostwick, Linda 465 Boswell, Daniel Calhoun 332,465 Boswell. Gretchen A 306,437 Boswell, Jr Richard S 316,465 Boteler, Rebecca Ann 465 Bouldin, Jo Anne 465 Bower, Audra Dale 466 Bowers, Nancy Carol 272 Bowie, Gwendolyn L 466 Bowles, Nona Marie 272,466 Bowlin,Jr John 373.437 Bowling, Margaret Ann 276,466 Bowron, Jr Walter G 466 Boychuck. Linda D 276 Boychuck. Paula Diane 276.466 Boyd, David Randall 304 don ' t h 6vT t(tt k( nlA among t ALBERT SCHWEITZER ST. FRANCIS CATHOLIC CHURCH AND STUDENT CENTER 811 5th Avenue 758-5672 Boyd, Delores Rosetta 374 Boyd, Elizabeth Irene 294,466 Boyd, Patricia Cheryl 365 Boyd, Ruth Elaine 466 Boykin. William Braxton 384.346 Boylan. Lee Mallory 466 Bozeman, Robin E 251,437 Brabner, Nancy Robin 276,466 Brabner, Teresa Ann 438 Brabston. Jr Eugene W 3 1 8 Bracket!, Jr John Henry 466 Brackin. Ronald Jerald 438 Bradberry, Sheila Anne 466 Braden,Jr Ralph E 334 Braden, Margaret S 292 Bradford, Cary Martin 322 Bradford, Robert Frank 304 Bradley, David Lee 466 Bradley, Joe Walton 316,466 Bradley, Libby Carolyn 466 Bradley, Richard Leon 384,386 Bragg, Deborah 466 Bragg, Gregory Vogel 342,466 Branch, Susan Lorene 466 Brand, James Michael 371 Brandon, Sandra Beth 398.466 Brannon, Cynthia G 274 Brannon. Joseph William 438 Brannon, Martin Louis 438 Brantley, IllJoseph K 466 Brantley, Richard E 438 Branum, Suzanne Lee 466 Brasfield. Michael Hugh 466 Braswell. Antoinette R 466,308 Brazil, Janet Lynn 438 Breckenridge, Sheila 466 Breland, Maudie Jean 466 Brett, Stephen Wayne 330.466 Bretz. Charles Bartlett 326 Brewer. Arthur Bruce 466 Brewer. Frances Elaine 466 Brewer. Michael Taylor 438 Brewton. Wanda Kay 466 Briggs. William Watson 466.300 Bringer. Ken 290 Brining. Jr John Marti 466 Bristow, Paris Estelle 466 Bristow. Richard C 438 Bristow. Robert Collier 466 Britain, Jr James Alton 326 Brock. Nancy Jo 282,466 Brock, Zandra Karene 466 Brockman, Peggy Ann 365,466 Broda, Janice Fay 298 Brook, Maury Jacob 350 Brooks. Barbara 328,466 Brooks, Jr Jesse R 366 Brooks, J r Robert T 340 Brooks, Linda Jean 302.438 Brooks, Michael Allen 466 Brooks, Nella Page 306 Brooks, Paula Ophelia 466 Brosier, Deborah Ann 352,466 Broughton, Richard E 304 Browder, Jr Roy Richard 386,346 Brower, William Jordan 322.466 Brown, Barbara 286 ICE CREAM AND DAIRY PROULCTS nothing fresher 519 Cheese n Sausage Tray 7 SIZES Cheei« n Sou.og Troy . . Serv • IS -35 Ch«« • ' n Sautog Troy . . . Sorv Cheese Tray 3 SIZtS ■lis -35 12 Ch«.«Tray . . . S.rve. 6- 10 16 Chaal Ifoy . . . S«rv». 15 -35 18 Ch«eiB Troy . . . Sorvoi IS -35 TANNER BROS. WHOLESALE Fruits and Vegetables 758-2891 758-2892 Brown. Barbara 438,393 Brown, Betty Gail 438 Brown, Billy Ray 312 Brown, Bruce Whitaker 340 Brown, Carol Partridge 438 Brown, Charlynn 278.466 Brown, David Long 466 Brown. Deborah Anne 324,466 Brown, Donna Jean 466 Brown, Donna Jo 466 Brown. Edward Allen 466 Brown, Elizabeth R 466 Brown, George P 438 Brown, IV James E 466 Brown, John Thomas 466 Brown, J r Cecil V 438 Brown, Jr Charles C 304 Brown, Jr Ernest Leiand 466 Brown, Jr Rex Johnson 438 Brown, JrWinfredC 438 Brown, Julia Knight 466 Brown, Kenneth Reagin 438 Brown, Larry Wayne 438,332 Brown, Linda E 466 Brown, Linda 282 Brown, Linda 310 Brown, Martha Elizabeth 467 Brown, Peyton Webb 316 Brown, Regina 467,308 Brown, Roy Leon 467 Brown, Thomas Harold 467 Brown, Tywanna Louise 467 Browning, Jr Albert H 467 Browning, Rhonda Sheryl 467 Brumlow, Curmilla Gay 467 Brunner. Rickie Louise 467 Brunson, Timothy Paul 314 Bruzzese, Anne Gilbert 274.467 Bryan, Claude Gilley 327.467 Bryan, Edwin Dial 438 Bryan, Janet Evelyn 467 Bryan, Lynn 467 Bryan, Susan Ingram 286,438 Bryan, Thomas Eugene 340 Bryant, Celia Ann 467 Bryant, Stephen E 340 Bucher, Martha Louise 467.308 Buckley. Linda C 438 Buckley. Mark Leon Buckley. Mary Sue 438 Buckner. Charles M 438 Buckner. JoAnn Carroll 438 Buerger. Caroline Susan 438 Bugg, Jr Bill Knight 334 Bukowsky, Janina T 294.467 Bullington. Michael W 438 Bullock, Carol Reeves 382 Bulwinkle, Lucy Ann 276,467 Bundy, Leslie Ann 467 Bunn, JrST386 Bunnell, James Lindolph 438 Burch, Linda Ann 438 Burchfield, Linda K 467 " H ■ " ■■nan-i 2 " " - -,CC ]7 ' w j Jcidpfiire Sculptu«5rate 520 Burchfield, Terry I. 382,397,467 Burilelte, Miriam P 467 Burell, Dennis Earl 326 Burford. Ben Allen 467,300 Burford, III James F 438,300 Burge, Don Alfred 460 Burger, Kenneth Eugene 438 Burgess, Philip Stanley 467 Burke, Jane Cynthia 438 Burke, Lucinda Anne 467 Burke, Patricia Harriet 282,438 Burke, Paulette Ruth 467 Burke, Shawn Marie 438 Burks, Edward Alan 336 Burks, Mary Lou 306,467 Burley, Jr Alvin Jessie 438 Burnell, William Joseph 438,322 Burnett, Phyllis Jean 340 Burnett, Richard Leiand 348 Burnette, Jr James R 344 Burns, Beverley Anne 467 Burns, Heather Avis 272 Burns, Johnny Moses 438 Burns, Roena Barton 438 Burnum, Susan Lillian 467,308 Burroughs, Lyn 290 Burroughs, Mary K 467 Burroughs, Patricia C 310,438 Burroughs, Penny Lynn 352,467 Burton, III Benjamin F 438 Bush, Joe Reid 467 Bush, Jr James Arnold 467 Bush, Lana Ruth 272 Bush, Mary Anne 438 Bush, Thomas Wells 300 Butler, Bari Gray 276 Butler, Michael David 350 Butterly, Michael Duke 312,438 Bye, Steven Raynor 467,300 Byess, Carol Jeanice 438 Byrd, Albert Douglas 467 Byrd, III Lawrence Y 386 Byrd, Mary Wallace 328,467 Cabe, Lewis Russell 460 Caddell, Charles H 467 Caffey, Margaret Lee 306 Caffey, Patricia A 306 Caffey, Susan Louise 292 Cagle, David Burke 322 Cain, Frankie Sharon 467 Cain, Georgette Vines 380,438 Cain, Mary Sue 294,438 Cain, Roger Dale 438 Caldwell, Jr William P 322 Caley, Thomas Franklin 340,467 Calhoun, Nicky Leon 386,438 Callaway, Nancy Kay 324,467 Calvert, Mary Anita 324,467 Calvert, Reta Jane 438 Camariotes, II Jack 336 Cameron, Carol Jean 274,468 Cameron, Marguerita L Cameron, Nancy E 324,467 Caminas, Margaret H 328,468 Camp, Tracey Lee 328,468 Campbell, Cecil W 282.468 Campbell, Frances K 438 Campbell, James Terry 290 Campbell, Jerry C 468 Campbell, Jr Harvey B 468 Campbell, Jr Stewart 334 Campbell, Larry Lee 386,438,346 Campbell, Mary 294,468 Campbell, Michael Knox 468 Campbell, Sandra Kay 302 Campbell, Thomas Eugene 384.438 Canale, Christopher W 334 Cancel. Ivan Reinaldo439 Cancel. Patricia A 439 Cannon, Bartley Lee 439 Cannon, Becky Bryan 468 Cannon, Pamela 282.468 Cantley, III Donald A 34 Cantrell, Brenda Kay 468 Cantrell, David W 439 Cantrell, Phillip Guy 439 Capeloto, Eleanor Ann 298,468 Capeloto, II Albert D 468 Capilouto, Eli Irving 364,350 Capilouto, Susan Gail 338,468 Capouano, Isaac David 468.350 Capp. Esther Dale 338.439 Carey, John Anthony 322 Carlee Robert David 468 Carlson, Larry William 304 Carlton, Amelia Frances 468 Carlton, Terry Lee 386,468 Carmack. Monte Aubrey 300 Carmack. Sandra Gail 302.468 Carmichael, James Larry 468 Carnes. Robert William 468 Carnes. William Earl 330 Carpenter. Donald Larry 439 Carpenter. Jr Robert H 330.468 Carpenter. Jr William S 3 1 8 Carpenter, Mary Mobley 310.439 Carper. William Brent 382 Carr, Jerry Newman Carr. Judy Ann 439 Carrell. Peggy Sue 468 Carrigan, Patrick Gill 318 Carroll. Cindy Kay 468 Carroll. Henry Holmes 330.468 Carroll. Ill Sam Jones 439 Carroll. Jenifer Wren 468 Carroll. John Emmett 318 Carroll. JrKellsC 334 Carroll. Laranda 439 Carroll. Marcel Eddie 348 Carroll. Michael J 326.468 Carroll. Michael Lane 348 Carter. Anne Cleveland 328 Carter. Gloria Kaye 274.468 Carter. Jr Earl Herbert 468 Carter, Patricia Lola 468 Carter, Ronald Albert 374 Carter, Suzanne 365.439.406 Carty. Alice Ann 380.439 Cash. Cynthia Diane 468 Cash. Janis Kimbrell 439 Cash. Jerauld Wayne 360 Cash. Jr Thomas Taylor 336 Casmus. Ill Charles A 439 Cassady. William Earle 468.300 Castleberry. John Lynn 304 Cater, James Thomas 439 Cater, Ona Lynett 468 Caudill, Reggie Jackson 439 Causey, Donald Wayne 468 Cayley, Judy Catharine 460 Cervantes, Walter 377.439 Chabannes. Julia R 439.256 Chaffin. Phillip Lewis 360 Chalkley. Martha Lee 310 Chamberlain. George L 468 Chambers. Faith Carol 468 Chambers. Linda Marie 439 Champion, Jr Edward Ray 386,439 Champion, Vicki Leigh 468 Chaney, Stanley Lamar 468 Chang, Feng Cheng Chang, Kichoon Chapman, Charles Alan 312,439 Chapman, Jr James Earl 468 Chapman, Kathleen E Phone 752-7524 1431 parkview plaza Tuscaloosa, Alabama Sound Equipment Black Lights Records Tapes Posters MacFarland Mall 521 Chappell, Connie Jean 352,468 Chappelle, Allan 334 Chase, Mary Cynthia 439 Checketts, Larry Alan 439 Chenoweth, Margaret N 306 Cherry. Shirley Jo 439 Chesbrough, Nancy V 468 Chew, Jr Ernest Byron 460 Chiepalich, Maria Jane 468 Chieves, Patricia D 397,468 Childs, Craig Dudley 468 Childs, Jr Robert F 460 Childs, Larry Brittain 344,468 Childs, Paul Collier 334 Chitwood, III Andrew 336,412 Cholewinsky, Vic 290 Chorba, Jr Joseph John 336,468 Christian, Joyce Marie 468 Christian, Naomi Lee 468 Christopher, Jr John Y 336,468 Christopher, Pamela 286,469 Christopher, Peggy J 439 Christopher, Sandra Kay 469 Christopher, William A 318 Ciemny, Richard Lee 360 Ciminelli, Lawrence W Clanahan, Hazel Ann 469 Clanton, Beverly Jo 469 Clapp, Clement Moore 318 Clapp, Harvey N 318 Clark, David Lawrence 332,469 Clark, Florence Rose 365.382,439,338,403 Clark, Jr Charles F 496 Clark, Mary Kathryn 294,439 Clark, Rea Schuessler 469 Clark, Sarah Louisa 328 Clark, Terrell Ann 382,439,82 Clary, Jr Rick Oneal 469 Clay, Coral Elaine 306 Clay, Helen Noble 306 Clay, Susan Florence 276,469 Clay, Willis Howard 469 Clayton, III Fred Lee 312,469 Cleino, Jeanne Marie 328,469 Cleino, William Henry 469 Clemens. Robert Thomas 469 Clement. Jr William J 304 Clements, Jr Robert L 469 Clemmons, Robert Walter 469 Clemmons, Thomas Wayne 439 demons, Judith Bryant 362,469 Clenney, Susan C 469 Cleveland, Clifford W 460 Clifton, James R 439 Clokey, Carol Pha 310,469 Clonts, John Michael 330,469 Clonts, Sharon Lynn 439 Clotfelter, Caroline P Cloud, Catherine D 469 Cloud, Margaret Wood 439 Clowdus, Betty Gene 469 Clowdus, Charlotte M 469 Clowdus, Sharon 439 Clowdus, Sharron 469 Coats, Jr William P 336,469 Cobb, Corinna Trotter 292,469 Cobb, III Henry Hammond 342 Cobb, John Randall 340 Cobb, Robert Henry 439 Cobble, Charlotte L 276,469 Cobern, Marvin Clinton 314 Cobun, Camden Peter 469,82 Cochran. Douglas B 469 Cochrane, Emily Leach 469 Cocke, III John D439 Cocker, Timothy Lynn 342,469 Cockrell, Debra Jane 286,469 Cody, Elizabeth Embry 272,469 Coffman, Manion M 318,469 Coggin, John Calvin 332.469 Cohen, Alise Joy 439 Cohen, Lesli Ann 298,439 Cohen, Richard Lee 469 Cohen, Sharon Ann 469 Cohn, James Ivan 350 Coker, Gerald Jones Lee 386,439 Coker, Henry Benjamin 469 Coker, Patricia Anne 469 Colburn, Mary Linda 439 Cole, Betty Omega K Cole, Bobby Ray 469 Cole, Jacqueline Ann 298,469 Cole, William Tilford 314 Coleman, Ann McDaniel 439 522 w ' lUACftlwiAa Located in McFarland Mall Tuscaloosa and West Alabama ' s Most Complete Department Store Fashion Headquarters for the Family and Home Coleman, Charles M 439 Coleman, Elizabeth Anne Coleman, Elizabeth E 469 Coleman, Jerry Lane 469 Coleman, John Mark 469 Coleman, Jr Clayton N 300 Coleman, Mary Prue 469 Coleman, Sharon Ruth 397 Coleman, Valerie Marie 469 Colley, Candace Lee 469 Colley, Dennis James 469 Colley. Mary Constance 328,308 Colley, William Hall 340 Collier, Nathan Bernard 469 Collins, Rita Jan 470 Colston, Regina 396 Colvert, Kenneth Linn 470 Compton, Elizabeth Ann 470 Conditt, Patricia Jo 470 Condon, Ann Hails 470 Condra, Cynthia A 243 Conley, Susan Margaret 470 Conner, Kenneth Paul 389 Connolly, William John 460 Connor, Jr Robert C 470 Conte, Gaeton Vincent 439 Contri, Rosemary 369,272,470 Converse, Valery A 308 Conway, Rebecca Ann 470 Conyers, Donna Joyce 328,470 Coogan, Patricia Ellen 470 Cook, Ann Marie 439 Cook, Deborah Lynn 470 CooTc, Janet Lee 276,470 Cook, Kathryn Marie 470 Cook, Reta Kay 470 Cook. Reuben Wright 470 Cook, Roger Dale 439 Cook, Samuel McPherson 470 Cooley,Jr Hugh L 326 Cooney, Pamela Jane 278,470 Cooper, Brenda Louise 469 Cooper, Christina 286.469 Cooper. Jr Edwin Walker 332,470 Cooper, Kathleen C 294,470 Cooper, Kathryn Anne 470 Cooper, Ronald Dale 470 Cooper, Virginia B 306,439 Copeland, Barry Bryant 284,86 Coppedge, Wayne Leon 470 Coppinger, Joan Lenore 286,470 Cordes, Ralph Edward 340 Corenblum, Ellen Claire 338,470 Cork, Sonny Linden 439 Corley, Charles Donald 369,389 Corley. Hugh Farrow 469 Corley, Thela Diane 440 Corn, John T 440 Cornell. Janet Leigh 272 Cornelius, John Errol 332,470 Cornell, Donald Carter 330 Cornett, Phyllis Evelyn 278,470 Corwin, III Paul C 334,470 Cory, Linda Claire 470 Cosper, Buz 87 Cothran. Charles Melvin 470 Cothren, Robert A 440 Couch, Mary Ann 328,470 Counselman, James A 470 Covert. Larry Paul 370.470 Cowley, Stephen Patrick 344,470 Cox, Alyce Yorke 470,308 Cox, Carolyn Sue 440 Cox, Catherine Irene 470 Cox, Shalah Margaret 306,470 Cox, Shirley Deletha 470 Crabtree, Jean Esther 470 Craig, Jane 306 Craig, Mary Landis 470 Craig, Richard Neely 440 Craighead, Mary E 306 Crain, George Ernest 470 Cramer, Craig Alan 340,470 Crandall, Carol Ann 274,470 Crane, Joseph Randall 336,470 Crane, William Daniel 314,470 Cranford, Nancy Carroll 440,324 Crapet, Leo Joseph 470 Craven, Teddy Wayne 440 Craven, Thomas Malcolm 440 Crawford, Cherry C 302,470 Crawford, Sherrie Lee 276 Crayne, Mark Alan 372 Creekmore. Danny Lee 322,471 Creel, Beverly Carol 352.471 Creel. Patricia Ann 471 Creque. Michael Floyd 330 Crew, Allen Evans 440 Crigler, John Harry 386 Crimm. Cathy Dianne 471 Crocker. Alice Fay 440 Crocker. Mary Elizabeth 471 Crocker. Michael D 334 Croft, Curtis Russell 471 Croft, John Lee 371.82 Crook. Jr Samuel F 440 Crosby, Katherine F 471 Cross, Douglas Edward 344 Cross, Judith Ann 292,47 1 Cross, Richard Gosa 344,471 Crotser, Christine E 471 Crouch. Amanda Anne 328.471 Crowley. Suzanne 471 Crown. Jr Frederick S 440 Croxton. Elizabeth Emma 294.471 Crumpton, Patricia Ann 302.440 Crute. JrCharles A 314 Culberson. James R 300 Culberson. Sarah E 440 Culotta. Pamela B 440 Culpepper. James E 374 Cummings. Sally Ann 460 Cummins, Jr Curtis L 440,348 Cunningham, Elizabeth C 286 Cunningham, Gwendolyn O 310,440 Cunningham, Larry Glenn 386 Cunningham, Richard M 471 Curran, Suzanne 392,471 Currie, Jr James Floyd 471 S23 THE FIELD TV SERVICE Currie. Martha Ellen 310,471 Curry, Ashley Cotey 440 Curry, Burton King 318 Curry, William Alton 312 Curtis, Phyllis Ann 440 Dade, Stephen Wesley 476 Dahlke, Mary Alice 302.471 Dahmen, David Atherton 336,471 Dailey, Marilyn Diane 471 Daily, Buford Jesse 440 Dalgo, Lawrence Fuller 440 Dalton, Margaret Ann 440 Danelutt, Angela Ruth 440 Daniel, James Davidson 471 Daniel, James Kenneth 336 Daniel, Martha Sherrill 369 Danley, Frances A 460 Darby. Ellis Woolfolk 316 Darden. Margaret Nadine 471 Dark. Phillip Franklin 342.471 Darling. Jr Bruce I, 471 Daugherty. Steven G 471 Daughtry. Jr James H 440 Daughtry. Linda Cobb 440 524 Davenport, Sally l.ouisc 282,471 Davidson. Denise A 471 Davidson, Jerri A 460 Davis, Charles Stephen 334 Davis, Charles Wilson 440 Davis, Dale Lynn 272,471 Davis, Deborah Louise 471 Davis, Donna G 272,471,257 Davis, Donna R 460 Davis, Edward Larry 440 Davis, Elizabeth Susan 440 Davis, Floyd Jeffrey 340 Davis, III Samuel A 471 Davis, III William A 365,405 Davis, Jama Lynn 471 Davis, James Dale 471 Davis, Jane 272,471 Davis, Jane G 276 Davis, Janet A 272,471 Davis, John Edward 471 Davis, John Hudson Davis. Jr Ben Reeves 336 Davis. Jr Frederick H 344 Davis, Jr Max Reid 440 Davis, Larry 47 1 Davis, Mary Alice 369.272,471 Davis, Matlie Teresa 471 Davis, Michael A 471 Davis, Patricia 369,471 Davis, Patricia 292 Davis. Penelope Ann 471 Davis. Ronald Lee 440 Davis. Thomas Gary 3 1 2,47 1 Davis, William Alvin 440.405 Davison, Jeannette 272 Dawkins, Mary Elizabeth 471 Dawson, Diane Sherry 471 Deal, Faye Carolyn 274,471 Dearman, Donna 408 Deason, Robert Edwin 440 Debardelaben, Jimmy Lee 440 Debter, Ronald Edmond 471 Deep, Lawrence Gene 472 Deese, Janice Marie 472 Defiore, Louis 472 Dehaney, Lucretia Anne 472 Deitz. Stephen Rudder 342.472 Delahoussaye. Denise 460 Delewski, Karen Jane 274,472 Deloney. Fredrick D 472 Deloney. Thyra Jeanne 286,472 Dempscy. Ill Harry Youn 340 Dempsey, William R 440 Denboer, Linda Evelyn 472 Dendy, Michelle Denise 272 Denmark, Jr Raymond H 440 Dennis, Jr Harry Gaston 440 Dennis, Martha J 440 Dennis, Rose Catherine 472 Denniston, Dwain C 472 Densmore, Royce Glenn 440 Denson, Phillip Blaine 440 Dent, Joan Elizabeth 472 Denton, Dona Ann 286.440 Desrochers. James M 472 Dessert, Margaret Irene 310,472 Deutsch, Sheryl S 472 DeWitt, David Spurgeon 314 DeWitt, Nancy Ann 365,440 Dick, Charles Joseph 440 Dickert, Mary Ann 440 Dicks, Alice Ann 302,440 Dickson, Louise Melton 440 Diffrient, Amanda Ruth 472 Dildine, Herbert S 440 Diliberto, Anthony S 472 Dillard, Bruce Lee 472 Dimond, Jeffrey John 326 Dineley, Virginia M 472 Dinse, Linda Margaret 472 Dinning, Paula Edith 294,365,440 Dinning, Sharon Mayes 294,472 Dipiazza, Anthony J 440,344 Dipiazza, Jr Samuel A 344,472 Ditoro, Lawrence 440,344 Dixon, 111 James T 460 Dobbins, Carolyn Rogers 440 Dobbs, Judy Gayle 472 Dobson, Jr James W 340 Dodd, Deborah Sue 472 PRINTERS TELEPHONE 758-7575 ■ 1925 SIXTH STREET Eill $t« l Dodd, Robert Garland 386,441 Dodd, Ronald Hope 441 Dodd, Stephen Lollar 284 Dodson, Howard Bryan 472 Dodson, Karla Lynn 294,472 Doe, III Weldon W441 Doggelte, Larry Max 441 Dolan, Doris Ann 441 Dominick, Delores D 441 Dominick. Susan Canon 310,472 Donahoo, Cassandra 1. 472 Donahue, Joseph Thomas 472 Donahue, Larry 290 Donald, Lucy Frazer 460 Donald, Susan Elizabeth 441 Donald, William B 472 Donaldson, John Dennis 472 Donaldson, Susan J 310,352,472 Donelson, Helen J 472 Donnelly, Kathleen L 286,472 Doolittle, Sandra Allen 472 Doran, Stephen Curtis 360,441 Dorlon, Kathryn S 365,276,441,403 Dorough, Aaron Gregory 460 Dorough, Nelda Faye 472 Dorsett, Margie Diann 472 Doss, Helen Louise 310,472 Dotzheimer, Jane Ellen 472 Douan, Edwin Murphy 472 Douglas, Doris Joan 472 Douglas, John Arthur 472 Douglas, Karen Cook 472 Douglas, Sheryl 472 Dowdle, Henry Davis 472 Dowdle, Jr Robert E441 Dowling, Sally Ann 472 Downey, Martha Ann 294,472 Drake, Gaylon W 392 Drake. Joseph 472 Drake, Jr James William 472 Dreher, Paul Alton 304 Drinkard, John D 360 Driscoll, Barbara Jane 328,472 Driver, Jr Charles B 336 Drummond, Jr Segal E 340 Drummond, Teresa Jo 294,473 Drummond, Tommie Ray 441 Dubois, William Bentley 340 Dubose, Donald Terry 360 Duckworth, Susan Jane 365,441 Dudley, Richard Ernest 473 Duffee, Stephen M 316,473 Dugins, 1 1 1 John Robert 3 1 6 Duke, Richard Lanier 386 Dulaney, Richard F 336.473 Dumont, Dan 473 Dunagan, Patrick Edward 441.326 Duncan, Cheryl Mayo 278,473 Duncan, Jane Ellen 473 Duncan, Kenneth Joe 441 Duncan, Marian Annabel 473 Duncan, Mary Catherine 294,473 Duncan, Pamela Elaine 272 Duncan, Phyllis Ann 272 Dunham, Elizabeth Rose 441 Dunham, Jones Joseph 3 1 2 Dunlap, Larry Michael 441 Dunn, David Earl 441 Dunn, Suzanne 441 Dunnavant, Thomas C 473 Durant, Mary C 441 Duren, Frances Carol 274 Duren, Rodney 473 Dutt, Kathleen Louise 328.473 Dutton. Johnny Glenn 473 Duval, Frank Carlos 312 Duval, Jamie Lee 310,473 Dyar, Carol Jean 272,380,473 Dyson, Ronnie Franklin 441 Eady, Jr James C 441 Earle, Billy Wayne 473 Earley, Toni Kay 352,473 Earls, William C 334 Earnest, Vicki Leigh 473 Echols, Charlotte 296,473 Echols, Keith F 340,473 Echols, Martha Sherrill 473 Echols, Sara Gwathmey 441 Eckenrod, Michael Lee Eckles, Lenore Leigh 368,393,441,328 Eddings, Michael R 284 525 t. iA AV«? cinRT raiiAi itv " ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Downtown Tuscaloosa Eddins, Gloria Sharmon 286.473 Edgar, Ginger M 441 Edgar, James Howard 384,441 Edgar, Mary Olive 473 Edge, Robert Edward 312 Edgell, III Annias W473 Edwards, Helen Antonia 306,473 Edwards, III William T 318 Edwards, Jackie Lee 473 Edwards, James Edward 441 Edwards, Jean Marie 473 Edwards, Jennifer Jean 473 Edwards, Judith Ann 473 Edwards, Katherine E 473,308 Edwards, Linda Diann 473 Edwards, Paula Alice 276,473 Edwards, Stephen H 473 Effinger, Annie Bell 441 Ehlers, Iris Cornelia 473 Eiland, Rebecca 282,473 Eiland. Violet Ophelia 473 Elder, Linda 441 Elgin, Jimmie Ryan 336 Elkourie, Paul F 460 Ellenberg, Terry Ruth 473 Ellington. Timothy J 473 Elliott, Darrell Wayne 473 Elliott, Jacquelyn 352,473 Elliott, Jennie Sue 473 Elliott, Jimmy Allen 441 Elliott, Mary Josine 441 Elliott, Sherry Donahoo 441 Ellis, Charles Michael 473 Ellis, Edward Richard 460 Ellis, Frank Douglas 312 Ellis, John Victor 441 Ellis, Myra Jo 441 Ellis, William Robert 441 Ellison, Dorothy Jeanne 473 Ellison, James Melvin 375,408 Ellison, RitaGayle 306 Ellsworth, Mary L 310,473 Elmore, David Lee 386,441 Elmore, Jr Manderson R 441 Elmore, Kate Durr 473 Elmore, Laurel Dianne 473 Elmore, Ronald Glenn 441 Ely, Marc Hal 326 Emblom, Robert George 340 Emerson, Jr Kenneth R 360 Emfinger, Patricia £296,473 Emmons, Clarke William 473 Enfinger, Beverly L 441 Engel, Roger Shaw 441 English, Alison lone 398,473 English, Cheryl 382,441 English, Tommie Gail 310,474 Ennis, Robert Larry 360,474 Ensey, Frieda Gail 474 Enslen, John E 460 Entrekin, James Lowell 346,474 Enzor, Celestine 474 Epperson, Janice G 306 Epstein, Janice Beth 338,474 Erb. Mary Jane 278,474 Eriksen, Peter Allen 441 Espy, Jr Collier Hollan 340 Etheridge, Brenda Kay 474 Eubanks, Susan M 338,474 Evans, Anita Joyce 274,474 Evans, Bruce William 474 Evans, Charles Edward 441 Evans, Charles Edward 474 Evans, Elizabeth Ann 286,474 Evans, Gary Dennis 474 Evans, III Jesse Price 336 Evans, Judith Ann 474 Evans, Larry Michael 474 Evans, Mary Beth 474 Evans, Olan Neal 350,474 Evans, Patricia Gail 474 Evans, Robert Burris 441 Evans, Ronald DeWayne 342 Evans, Stephanie Ann 352,474 Evans, Tipton Hamlin 340,474 Everest, Carol Ann 310 Everest, John William 326 Everett, Sara Lillian 328,474 Eyster, Katharine Ann 292,474 Ezekiel, Melissa Ruth 474 Fair, Henry Thomas 441 Faircloth, Mark Mauldin 474 Fairweather, John Alvin 314,474 Fallon, Cathy Irene 369 Fambrough, Deborah Gay 474 Fannin, Sarah Jo 441 Farlow, Margaret Hood 361,363,324 Farmer, James Davis 334 Farmer, Shirley Ann 396 Farnell, Lawrence C 386 Farrell, Dorothy Louise 302,474 Farrell, Maura Jane 474 Farrior, Mary Edna 272,324,474 Farris, Douglas Roy 441 Farris, Mary Melissa 474 Farris, Philip Rozelle 474 Fast, Marsha llene 298,474 Faulk, George 407 Faulkner, LeJean 474 Faulkner, Martha Gayle 276,474 Faulkner, Virginia L 474 Feazel, Carolyn Frances 381,441,224 Feinberg, Joyce Helene 441 Feldman, Roberta Hope 338,474 Feldman, Stanley Harold 460 Fenn, Mary Ellen 474 Ferguson, Darry Allen 441 Ferguson, Gary Lowell 474 Ferguson, Lisa Grace 474 Ferguson, Suzanne 352,474 Ferniany, Isaac William 336,474 Ferniany, Michael G 382,460,474 Ferreil, Ellen Ames 474 Ferrell, William Edward 474 Fetner, Charles Anthony 474 Fichtner, Monica Inge 276,474 Fidler, Jr George A 386,346 Field, Jr William N 442,3 1 8 Field, Karen Louise 328,474 Fields, Linda Jane 474 Fievet, Jr Harold E 460 Fikes, David Howell 344,474 Fikes, Debra Jane 474 Fikes, Jerry Andrew 442 Files, Jr Edgar James 475 ! Finch, Susan 292,475 V Findlay, Margaret K 475 Findlay, William David 442 Finkel, Jeffry Moore 378,442 Finlen, Patricia Anne 475 Finn, Carol Mary Finn, Patricia Ann 276 Finnan, Brian George 392,314,442 Finnell, Mary Ella 475 Finney, Mary Jane 310,475 Finocchio, Cecilia M 382,475 Finocchio, Margaret R 442 Finzel, Ursula E 442 Fishbein, Cassie Gwen 298,475 Fisher, Kathryn Elaine 274,475 Fisher, Lynna Janette 369,282,475 Fisher, Mary Donna 274 Fitts, Louis 290 Fitzgerald, Billy Ray 442 Fitzgerald, Linda Gayle 475 Fitzpatrick, Bonnie 475 Fitzpatrick, Terrie A 475 Flanagan, Carolyn F 286 Fleming, Georgia V 374,475 Fleming, Linda Faye 282,475 Fleming, Meredith M 328,475 Fleming, Wayne Greer 300 Fletcher, Thomas S 300 Flournoy, Jr Simon W 442 Flowers, Jack Stephen 340,475 Flowers, Miriam Mark 338,475 Flowers, Ronald Wayne 475 Flowers, Sue Akel 328,475 Floyd, Bonnie Kay 475 Flynn, Randy Lee 314 Fogarty, Sarah Lee 442 Fominaya, Deidre Maria 475 Forbus, Trina Joy 274 Ford, Jr Frank Nelson 442,290 Ford, Mary Ellen 442 Ford, Therese Marie 475 Ford, Victoria I 282,475 Forman, Stephen Dean 475 Forrer, Colleen A 302 Forsythe, Jr Herbert L 384,344,475 Forsythe, Linda Gail 475 Forte, Priscilla Ann 442 Forte, Robert Arnold 336 Former, Sally Clair 224,475 Fortunis, Linda Kay 475 Foshee, Fcankie Sue 362,361,475,308 Foss, Gary Douglas 475 Foster, Alan Nelson 475 Foster, Dennis Collins 442,346 Foster, Douglas Byron 340 Foster, Gregory Young 475 Foster, Jr Lee Bryant 332 Fountain, Penny J 294,475 Fourroux, Sharon Lynn 274,475 Foust, Randall Jay 475 Fonts, Thomas Alvin 442 Fowler, Deborah Joy 475 Fowler, Kay Lani 442 Fowler, Randolph Molt 442,334 526 Chuck Collins Studios Natural Color WEDDINGS • CHILDREN • COMMERCIAL • ADVERTISING McFarland Mall • Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401 537 Fowlkes. Lewis J 316 Francis, Brenda Maria 475 Frank. LeAnn 338 Franklin David Byrd 475.300 Franklin. David L 475 Franklin. Joseph M 475 Franklin. Kristie Lee 442 Franklin. Norval M 306.442 Franklin. Patricia L 324,475 Franklin. Sharon L 475 Franks. Larry Daniel 386 Frasier. Susan Parker 296,475 Frazier. Amy Joyce 475 Frazier, Jr Robert W 340 Freeh, Sherry Lynn 272,475 Frederick. Claudia Ann 442 Frederick. Patrick D 371,346,475 Frederick, Paul William 475 Frederick, Sandra Lee 442 Freel, Catherine C 442 Freeman, Jr Jacob Rist 332,476 Freeman, Margaret Jo 476 Freeman, Mark Ann 476,308 French, Dori Mari 282,476 Freudenberg, Carol Lynn 352.476 Friday, Paula Baker 276,47 6 Fried, Stanley Michael 460 Friedlander, Gail Ruth 298,476 Fris, Margaretta H 272,476 Frisaro, Leonard A 476 Fritz, Jr Herman Joseph 442,336 Frost, Linda Lee 442 Frye, Mary Delorise 442 Frye, William Bryant 442 Fuchs, James Alan 318 Fuhr, Janet Catherine 306,476 Fuller, III George E 344,476 Fuller, John Thomas 386 Fulton, Perry Warren 476 Funk, Patricia Colleen 476 Furlong, James Edwin 476 Furlong, Robert E 476 Futato, Eugene Madison 442 Gaillard,Jane M 476 Gainer. Susan 476 Gaines, Haden Jones 294 Gaines, John Taylor 476 Gaines, Richard Allen 386 Galbraith, Claudia Lynn 442 Galbraith, Georganne 286,476 Galloway, Robert Edward 348 Galloway, Robert M 476 Galvin, Kathleen P 328 Gamble, Frederick D 442 Gambrell, Margaret Gail 476 Gann, Gerald Dwayne 442 Gantt, Karia Denise 306,476 Gantt, Wayne D 332 Gardner, David Michiel 442 Gardner, Deborah Ann 476 Gardner, Dona Rebecca 362 Gardner, Jr Julian W 442 Gardner, William Wayne 476 Gargis, Thomas Ligon 330,460 Garner, Douglas Mabry 336 Garner, Jr Woodrow W 340 Garner, Steven Earl 312,476 Garnett, Donna Maria 361,362 Garrett, Debra Ann 476 Garrett, Dianne 828,476 Garrett, Ginger Ellen 308 Garrett, Leslie Ann 476 Garrison, Jr James R 340 Gartman, Julia Ann 476 Gary, Frances Marie 442 Gary, III Barney M 300 Garzarek, Robert P 442 Gates, Jr Bernard P 330 Gates, Paul Douglas 304 Gattman, James Anthony 442 Gaubert, Leonise Mary 474 Gaulden, Michael Eric 304 Geer, Martha Fay 442 Gehlen, Deborah Ann 361,362,310,476 George, Ben Jay 389,346 ojp o. ... is veil-mannered fashion excitement... 701 TENTH STREET TUSCALOOSA George, Frances Miller 476,292 Gerard, Blum L 442 Gerson, Robert Louis 442,350 Gerstlauer, Frances O 274,476 Gewin, Ann Alison 442,352 Gewin, Henry C 476 Gibbs, John Carr 442 Gibson, Dominique J 306,476 Giddens, Robert Cole 442 Gil, Richard William 322,476 Gilbert, Barbara Ellen 442 Gilbert, Danny Guest 360 Gilbert, Donald Joe 374,476,300,54 Gilbert, Ellen Ruth 476 Gilbert, Gregory W 442 Gilbert, Jr Charles W 442 Gilbert, Thomas Earl 284 Gilchrist, Ida Dianne 476 Gilliam, Wanda Carroll 442 Gilmer, Madeline Leigh 282,476 Gipson, Margie Jean 476 Girardeau, Robert M 476,300 Girtman, Pamela Farris 442 Girtman, William F 442 Giuli, Michael Francis 442 Glasgow, Douglas Kaylor 340 Glass, Judy Marie 476 Glasscock, Greggy R 284 Glasscock, Jeff Benny 284 Glasson, Heidi Jean 302,476 Gleason, Nancy Lee 274 Gleaves, Connie Jo 476 Glenn, Francis Everette 386 Glenn, Jule Christie 274,442 Glenz, Susan Marlyn 310 Glover, Billie Susan 286,476 Glover, Martha E 324,474 Godwin, Robert Earl 443,330 Goehler, Helen Lee 476 Goff, Madonna Dale 474 Goldsborough, Sally C 476 Goldstein, David Jay 350 Golinsky, Dan Simanto 350,477 Golson, Gary Richard 477 Golson, Walter Keith 326 Goodman, Patricia Lee 477 Goodner, Eleanor Jane 477 Goodrum, John Cornelius 336 Goodrum, Susan Lynne 292,477 Goodson, Max Alan 340 Goodwin, III Robert E 477 Goodwin, Joseph Paul 314,477 Goodwin, Peter S 477 Goodwin, Phoebe Davis 477,308 Gorday, Karen Ann 369,388 Gordon, Gary Michael 477 Gordon, Terry Franklin 477 Gore, Sandra Anne 477 Gould, Robert Heyward 304 Grace, J r Garland K 344 Grace, Jr Jack Otis 477,300 Grady, Sydney Lynn 272 Graff, Cornelia Anne 278,477 Graham, Randy Wyatt 340 Gramling, Terri Michele 224,477 Grammer, James Wallace 360 Granata, Diane Louise 294,477 Grant, Claire 477 Graves, Faye S 310 Graves, Roy 290 Graves, Samuel P H 394 Gray, Celeste Ellen 294,477 Gray, Debra Kaye 477 Gray, Greg 290 Gray, Jr James W 344,477 Gray,Jr Jeff McKinley 477 Gray, Lillian Rebecca 249 Green, Charles Everett 477 Green, Dewana Price 477 Green, James Randall 477 Green, Joe Richard 342 Green, Jr Bailey Kincey 304 Green, Paula Jo 477 Green, Ronald Drayton 374 Green, Sharon Irene 477 Greenberg, Terry Sue 477 Greene, Jimmy Raye 477 Greer, J r Charles N 300 Greer, Jr James Matson 316,477 Gregg, Michael Roland 477 Gregson, Jr Loyce W 477 Greif, Nancy Ann 477 Gresham, David Ross 477 Grier, Anne Maslin 324 S28 POLLOaO 1440 QUEEN CITY AVENUE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 3 5401 ' SEE BRANDON FOR EVERYTHING FROM A TO Z " B RENT -ALL 1907— 9th STREET • TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 35401 DON BRANDON OWNER TELEPHONE 759-5444 Griffin, Joseph Lee 477 Griffin, Pamela Ann 352.477 Griffin, Patricia E 477 Griffith, Jr William C 460 Griffith, Michael Allen 340 Griffiths, Stephanie 477 Grigg, Bonnie Kay 477 Griggs, Elizabeth Ann 477 Grimes, Ann Wood 276 Grimwood, Joan Isabella 477 Grogan, Jeffry T 348 Grogan, Teddy Roosevelt 322,477 Gross, II Charles M 477 Grossman, Terry Joe 272,477 Guerard, Margaret P 352 Guillot, Patricia Ann 324,477 Gulas, Theodore C 477 Gunter, Thomas Lynn 322 Gurwitch, Janet Lynn 338,477 Guthrie, Terry Jackson 477 Guy, Dan Miller 460 H Haas, Martha Catherine 477,3 10 Haedicke, George Joseph 330 Hager, Russell S 340 Hagler, Sheila Lee 242,302 Haigh, Robert Guldberg 300 Haigler, Debra Nan 352,477 Hails, Jr Edward Troy 316,477 Hairston, Debra May 478 Hale, Jr Charles Henry 478 Hale, Margaret Parks 286,478 Hale, Patricia Jane 478 Hale, Phyllis Ann 278,478 Hall, Gerald Arden 460 Hall, Jr Henry Lawton 478,300 Hall, Margaret 478,308 Hall, Mitchell Grant 478 Hall, Pauline 478,308 Hall, Susan Elaine 302,478 Hallam, William J 332,478 Halsey, Caron Allison 328,478 Halter, Jr Lawrence M 478 Hamby, Martha Rebekkah 362 HamiLJudy Kay 328 Hamilton, Fulton S 344,478 Hamilton, Jr William 340 Hamilton, Lewis Steiner 478 Hamilton, Nancy Martin 324,478 Hamlin, Janice Faye 478 Hammond, Marcy Gale 478 Hammond, Shirley E 478 Hamner, Glenda Louise 302,478 Hamner, Linda S 302,478 Hamric, Bonard Wesley 342 Hamrick, William F 478 Hanavich, Cathy Lee 478 Hanby, Patricia Kay 382,352,478 Hancock, Alice Jo 324,478 Hancock, Paula Sue 478 Hand, Herman Michael 360,312 Hand, Jane Connor 3 1 Handley, Lynne Ellen 302 Handley, Roger Juan 369 Handwerger, Ronald H 478 Hanes, Thomas Bernhard 312 Haney, Susan Kay 380,398 Hanks, Marsha Sue 306,402 Hanley, Neil Lawrence 284 Hannon, Sara Elizabeth 478 Hanson, Janis Ruth 324,478 Harbert, Patricia Jean 352 Harbert, Roberta Gail 478 Harbin, Gloria Jean 478 Hardegree, Kathryn Lee 310,478 Hardin, Hans Rupert 300 Hardin, John Rucker 3 1 6,478 Hardin, Mary Lee 478 Hardin, Ronald Norvin 387 Hardin, Sandra June 478 Harding, Patricia Ann 294 Hardy, Jr Julian P 478 Hardy, Lyman Hansel 342,478 Hargett, William G 340 Hargrove, Brenda Kay 272,478 Harkins, Richard Myrk 478 Harlin, Nancy Elizabeth 306,478 Harner, III Joseph W 330,478 Harper, Larry William 322 Harper, Nancy Beverly 292,478 Harper, Stephen Douglas 392 Harrell, III William B 340 HarrelLJr William E 444 Harrell, Thomas Roy 444 Harrington, Leslie C 310,478 Harris, Barbara Gail 478 Harris, Betty Faye 478,308 Harris, Brenda Diane 478 Harris, Carol Lynette 444 Harris, Elizabeth M 444 Harris, Elma Rochelle 444 Harris, Harriet E 328,478 Harris, Jack K 322 Harris, Jr John Wyatt 478 Harris, Nancy Katherine 478 Harris, Robert Grover 336 Harrison, Carey Ann 478 Harrison, Dianne F 444 Harrison, George 290 Harrison, Janice Grace 444 Harrison, Patti 374 Harri son, Rickey Buren 386,444 Harrison, Sharon A 444 Harrison, Tade Merrill 286 Harsany, Frederick J 371,384,346 Hart, Gary Robert 314 Hart, Robert Hertis Way 444 Harte, Robert James 312 Hartley, Karen Sue 372,444 Hartley, Paul Richard 460 Hartley, Robert Reed 444 Hartman, Diane L 286 Hartmann, Debra Kay 479 Harvey, Jada Mae 444 Harwell, Brenda Kaye 444 Haskins, Nancy Eleanore 352 Hassell, David Frank 370,189 Hasseltine, Roberta Ann 460 Hassinger, David Shield 479 Hasson, Diane Esther 338,479 Hasson, Leonard Stanley 350,479 Hasting, Millard C 479 Hataway, Clifford J 372,348 Hatcher, Nancy Ellen 444 Hathaway, Janice C 479 Hatton, Wanda Elaine 460 Haughton, Patsy Anne 361,362,276,479 Haupt, Lorraine 479 Hauser, Catherine Ann 328,479 Haver, Alvin Clyde 479 Havrisik, Linda Carol 274,479 Hawes, Russell Frances 444 Hawkins, Beryl Gail 479 Hawkins, Cathy Virginia 324 Hawkins, Jane S 479 Hawkins, Jennifer Ann 479 Hawkins, Jr Connell A 479 Hawley, Jr Joseph E 479 Hayden, Jr Claude C 360,364,405 Hayes, James Patrick Jr 387 Hayes, Jonathan Douglas 336 Hayes, Judy Kathryne 324.479 Hayes, Mary Beth 479 Hayes, Mary Elizabeth 310,479 Hayes, Mary Margaret 310,479 Haygood, Marion Lee 276,479 Hayley, Frances Louise 272,479 Haynes, John Carter 460 Haynie, Donnie Oneal 384 Hays, Brenda Sue 328,479 Hays, Patricia Ann 328,479 Hayslip, Linda Lorraine 276,479 Haywood, Mary Jane 444.87 Hazelrig, Paula 276,479 Head, Jr Robert Windel 479 Heard, Michael Anthony 318 Heard, Peggy Allen 479 Heard, Samuel Bryan 444 Hearn, Carol Anne 272 Heath, Steven Maxey 479 Heath, Wanda Lynne 479 Heblon, Jr Erwin E 479 Hedgspeth, Jr James E 314 Heiberger, Mary Barbara 479 Held, Jerry Edwin 372,444.350 Held. Ronald Stephen 350 Helf, Michael Anne 294,479 Heller, Ann R Phillips 444 Hellman, Barbara Kay 298,479 Helm. Larry Barton 444 529 Helmer, Debra Lynn 352,479 Helton, Glenn Hixon 444 Hembree, Howard Kerry 444 Hemphill, Kathy Jean 444,324 Henderson, Brenda Jean 444 Henderson. David P 300 Henderson, Donald B 444 Henderson, Donald H 344 Henderson, Pamela Lynn 328,479 Henderson. Sallye Ruth 352,479 Henderson, Susan G 479 Henderson, Tony Randal 479 Hendon, James Roland 444 Hendrix, III John C 444,344 Henley, James Clyde 479 Henley, Jr Richard B 479 Hennessy, Timothy C 336,479 Henninger, Sally Ruth 479 Henry. Beverly Annette 324,479 Henry, Deborah Elaine 324,479 Henry, Gayle Elizabeth 306,479 Henry, George Michael 479 Henry, Thomas Allen 370,346,479 Henson, Lanny Carlton 314 Herbert, Isabel 328,479 Hereford, Carolyn F 444 Hereford, Robert Joseph 342.479 Herrin, Jr Dudley Jesse 444 Herring, Cheryl Ann 444 Herring, Edward Dannis 480 Herring, Patricia Lynne 480 Hester, Larry Denton 387 Hester, Randy Bolton 480 Hester, Robert Lee 444 Hester, Sharron C 460 Hewitt, Elizabeth Ann 352,480 Hewitt, Sarah Virginia 286,369.480 Hewitt, Sharon Marie 302 Hewitt, Stephen Robert 480 Hewson, James Robert 480,348 Heyward, Susan Claudia 480 Hickman, Patricia Nell 480 Hicks, Bradley Simpson 336 Hicks, Carol Agnes 480 Hicks, Dianne 444 Hicks, Michael Edward 444 Hicks, Rebecca Lee 480 Hicks, Tommy Carl 480 Hicks, Vicki Maurene 382,480 Hierbaum, Mark Steven 444 Hieserman, Robert A 336 Higdon, Mona Caldwell 444 Higginbotham, George S 360 Higginbotham, James M 480 Higgins, Charlotte Ann 444 Higgins. Judith Taylor 3 10,480 Higgins, Larry Gene 444 Hightower, Jr James A 366 Hightower, Patricia D 460 Hightower, Suzanne 286,480 Hildreth, William B 444 Hill, Alice Faye 444 Hill. Dixie Callene 306,444 Hill, James Stanley 336 Hill, Janice Gail 272,480 Hill, Michael David 480 Hill, Raymond Bruce 284 Hill, Robert Word 444 Hillard, Mary Kathleen 310 Hilleke, Jeffery Brett 392 Hilliard, Kathryn Sloan 480 Hillman, Bobbie Lois 444 Hinds, Barbara C 444 Hinds, William L 348 Hines, Edward Thomas 334 Hines, Jr Jack W 318 Hines, Ronie Elizabeth 310,444 Hinkle, Jerry Anthony 480 Hinson, June Evelyn 480 Hinton, May Paxton 480 Hinton, Thomas Foster 460 Hite, Deborah Yuvonne 480,310 Hixon, Julia Rose 306 Hodges, Jr Durwood M 344 Hodges. Sandra Lynn 369.298.480 Hodnette, Mary Denise 276.444 Hodo, William Edward 318 Hoefler, Jr Anhur P 444 Hoehn, Carla Suzanne 480 Hoffman, James Henry 371 Hoffmann, Susan Gail 444 Hogue, Nancy Catherine 480 Hogue, Rebecca Ann 4S0 Hogue, Robert M 300 Holcomb, William Harold 444 Holdbrooks. Danny M 444 Holden, Gary Wayne 480 Holder. Sherrian Kaye 480 Holderfield, Margaret A 444 Holladay, Jr Charles R 364,444 Holladay. Patricia L 480 Holland. Thomas Leon 444 Holleman, Carol Olivia 480 Holleman, Charles M 278 Hollenbeck, Nancy N 480 Holley, Carole Kendall 380,444 Holley, Thomas William 480 Hollinger, Anne Starr 310,480 Hollinger, Laura L 480 Hollinger, Louise O 310,480 Hollingsworth, Brenda K 444 Hollingsworth, John A G 300 Hollingsworth, Marcia V 480 Hollingsworth, Michael 444 Hollon, II Benjamin F 480 Holman, Mary Yates 324,480 Holmer, John Frederick 371 Holmes, Betty Carol 272,480 Holmes, James Richard 300 Holmes, Rhonda June 324,480 Holmes, Robert Jackson 300 Holmes, Robert Michael 480 Holmes. Talmadge Dale 292,54 Holt, Gene Wortham 444,290 Holt, Joe Steven 444,326 Holton, Karen Ann 480 Homan, Jeffrey Steven 480 Honea. Shirley Ann 245,352,480 Hood, Jr Jo Rogers 300 Hooker, Linda Kathleen 274,480 Hooks, Deborah Ann 480 Hooks, Glen A 480,300 Hooper, Lynda Ruth 278,372.444 Hoover, Eleanor Lois 274 Hoover, Thomas Samuel 444 Hopkins. Nancy Jeanne 489,274 Hopkins, Wendy Ann 480 Hora, Robert Edward 481 Horan, Johnny Colbert 444 Horn, Stephen Edward 336 Horton, Amanda 272 Horton, Marilyn Edna 386,481 Horwitz, Terry Allen 350,481 Hosier, Charles Morgan 336,481 Houchin, Linda L 444 Hough, Randy Terrell 372,444 Houlton, Roianne 481 Houseal, Eva Elizabeth 310,481 Houseal, III William B 316 Housh, Melinda Annette 352,481 Howard, John Randall 444,336 Howell, Glenn Michael 481,308 Howell, Gwendolyn M 481 Howell, Mary Ann 276,481 Howell, Nancy Pitt 487,369 Howington, William V 481 Howland, David Clifford 444 Howland, Jean Elizabeth 306,481 Howton, Georgianna Anna 481 Hubbard, Carolyn Lex 274 Huber, Mary Marchelle 306 Huck, Carol Marie 481,398 Huckabee, Eric Gray 444 Huddleston, Forrest L 481 Hudson, Sharon Yvonne 481 Hudson, Wanda Jane 444 Huey, Kathy Elizabeth 481 Huffman, Jacquelyn 481 Huggins, Joseph Hal 444 Hughes, Barbara Lynn 481 Hughes, Hugh Peter 460 Hughes, Joanne 324,481 Hughes, Terrill W 444.326 Hughston. Lucy Ann 481 Humber, Cora Elizabeth 481 Humber, John David 444 Humber, Robert Wilson 445 Hume, Austin Pharr 318,445 Humphrey, Jr Robert L 344,481 Hunnicutt, Lucy Stuart 306,460 Hunt, Joseph John 445 Hunt, Tommy Allen 481 Hunter, James Scott 360 Hunter. Mary Beth 481,308 Hunter, Robert Edward 3 1 8 Hurst, Beverly Sue 272 Husband, Woodward A Husler, Jr Kenneth M 445 Hutchens, James Ray 284 Hutcheson, John Louis 445 Hutchins, Jean Marie 481 Hutchins, Mary J 481 Hutchins, Patricia Ann 481 Hutchinson, Katherine H 445,308 Hutchison, Barbara Ann 294 Hutchison, William L 481 Hutson, Margaret Ann 445 Hutton, Jr Thomas Hays 481 Hyche, Jr James Kelly 445 Hyde, Jr Roger William 336 Hyde, Ramona Sue 481 Hydrick, Robert Vaughn 481 Hyett, Doyle Gregory 445 Hymel, Darrell Anthony 445 I Ide, Kathryn Louise 89 Imes, Nancy Tanner 481 Ingalls, Ida Jane 445,328 Inge, Crawford Slaton 48 1 Inge, Drura Teresa 445 Ingram. Jennifer Kay 481 Ingram, Judy Lynne 481 Ingram, Shirley Jean 481 Inman, Linda Gail 481 Innes, Janice E 445 Innes, Michael W 445 Insler, Jill Merrill 445 Inzer, Ann Daniel 445 Inzer, Joan Cantrell 310,481,91 Ippolito, Frank 481 Isbell, Paul Thomas 481,290 Ison. Georgie Lou 445 Ivey, Melba Joy 274,481 Ivey, Susan Jane 276 Ivey, Susan Knox 481 Ivins, James Martin 300 Ivins, John 300 FINCHER OZMENT -JEWELER$SINCE1W4- Downtown Tuscaloow 51S GrMMlMro Avtnin created by Don ' t Settle For Second Best! 530 5A, UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE Owned and operated by the University of Alabama SERVICES OFFERED Check Cashing Personal checks cashed free 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Mondays through Fridays and 8:30 to 11:00 A.M. Saturdays. Office on the bal- cony. Repair Service Factory repair service for fountain pens, slide rules, drawing tools, etc. Pay only factory charge plus postage. Special Order Service Orders pronnptly processed for special books or equipment not ordinarily stocked. Repurchase of Books We will pay cash for your new or used books at highest prices pos- sible. A MESSAGE ABOUT YOUR SUPPLY STORE Since 1944 the University Supply Store has been owned and operated by the University of Alabama. The Supply Store is your store and the profits go into the Student Welfare Fund. By shopping at the Supply Store you al- ways buy merchandise at reasonable prices, PLUS the profit from every purchase goes to help support activities which YOU enjoy such as the Intramural Sports Program, the Swim- ming Pool, and the Golf course. ITEMS SOLD • New and Used Books • Art Supplies 9 Engineering Supplies • Other School Supplies • Novelties • .Alabarno Sea! Stationery • Greeting Cords • Cosmetics • Toiletries • Drug Sundries X 9 Magazines and Nev spopers ♦ • Official Class Rings I Sporting Goods 531 Jackie. Helen Ann 481 Jackson, Carrie 256 Jackson, Cynthia Ann 481 Jackson, Edward Reed 334 Jackson, Jane Allison 481,352 Jackson, Janet Lynn 308 Jackson, Jennie Harris 310,481 Jackson, Jimmy Randall 384,387 Jackson, John Wayne 386,445 Jackson, Jr Richard L 482 Jackson, Julia Ann 352 481 Jackson, Lane 352,481 Jackson, Ronald E 344 Jacobs, Henry Grady 304 Jacobs, Paul Thomas 460 Jacobson, Jamie Lee 482 Jaffe, Carole 482 Jaffe, Richard Stephen 350,482 James, Don Massey 445,304,41 1 James, III Leonard 482 James, Kenneth Morris 360 James, Roberta Gwen 306 James, William EIrath 445 Jamison, Judith F 246,445 Jamison, Kenney Millard 312,482 Janes, Steven Knol 482 Jarrell, Randall Eugene 344 Jarrell, Stephen Brooks 445 Johnson, John Frank 342 Johnson, John Perry 482 Johnson, Pamela Frann 324,482,264 Johnson, Paul Thomason 446 Johnson, Richard Gray 326,482 Johnson, Seaborn Darden 334 Johnson, Susan Jackson 328,482 Johnson, Vera Jean 302,482 Johnson, William Wade 334,482 Johnson, Yvonne G 446 Johnston, Carter Ulmer 482 Johnston, Jr Gilbert E312 Johnston, Jr James G 445 Johnston, Judy Franke 482 Johnston, Lesabre Eve 482 Joiner, Michael Clayton 392,445 Jones, Barbara Clayton 488 Jones, Barbara Gail 276,482 Jones, Barry Vayton 312 Jones, Brenda E 380,445 Jones, Carlton Richard 482 Jones, Charles L 460 Jones, Dale Denise 388,482 Jones, Danny Lee 448 Jones, Deborah Ann 448 Jones, Guy Gordon 482 Jones, Harry Roy 482,348 Jones, 1 11, Ernest N 334 Jones, Jan Elizabeth 380,482 Jones, Jane Karen 482 Jordan, Debra Lynn 482 Jordan, Lewis Darwin 370 Jordan, Steven Mark 340 Joyner, Judith Ann 483 Joyner, Mary Elizabeth 294,483 Judas, Moira Elizabeth 278,483 Julian, Travis Porter 332,483 Justice, Anita Dare 276,483 Justice, Jack Wallace 483 Justice, Wiley Hugh 483 Kaminsky, Diane Lynn 446 Kane, Mary Ann 483 Kappel, Lowell 310 Karst, Deborah Anne 483 Kassout " , David Paul 344,483 Katz, Richard Moses 483 Kauchick, Nancy Louise 352,483 Kean, Eilleen 483 Kean, James Neal 483 Keating, James Hill 483 Keel, Jackie F 322,483 Keel, Ralph 290 Keeling, Larry Glenn 483 Keith, Carolyn L 388,352 Keith, Frank Wayne 314 Keith, Jerry Mitchell 446 Keith, Wayne S 344,483 ■ It was getting to where I could hardly breathe or see or move. As time passed, my own efforts made the darkness thicker and the air more stale and the walls closer. Then, there was a knock on the door. A stream of intense Light shot through the key- hole. I opened the door. The Son shone in. The walls fell and dis- appeared. I breathed deeply . . . Today I run, I laugh, I love, I live. No dead ends. The Son ' s still shining. " If the Son shall make you free, there- fore, you shall be free Indeed. " John 8:36 Jean, Cecil Phillip 482 Jenkins, Nancy Sue 482 Jennette, Walter Daniel 336 Jennings, Caria Jean 445 Jennings, James Michael 271 Jennings, Jr Harry G 348,445 Jent, Donald Newburn 445 Jernigan, Richard S 332 Jeter, Carol Ellen 306,445 Jett, Marie 310,445 Jobe, Ronald Lee 387 Jobson, Ann Boswell 272,482 Johnsey, Malcolm Lee 482 Johnson, Bonnie Faye 482 Johnson, Carol Dean 396 Johnson, Catherine E 482 Johnson, Chester G 482 Johnson, Donald Lamar 336 Johnson, Evelyn Ann 482 Johnson, III Chesley R 445 Johnson. IIJ James C 482 Johnson. Ill William J 482 Johnson. James Douglas 445 Johnson. Jennifer Jane 328,482 Jones, Jean Louise 306 Jones, Jr Alexander W 482 Jones, Keith Martin 445 Jones, Margaret E 446 Jones, Margaret Ellen 446 Jones, Nancy Claire 482 Jones, Nancy Elizabeth 298,482 Jones, Pamela Elise 482 Jones, Pamela Jean 282 Jones, Patsy Donnelle 482 Jones, Patsy Elaine 352 Jones, Perry Kenneth 482 Jones, Phillip Gordon 446 Jones, Richard 446 Jones, Robert Alvia 446 Jones, Roger Kenneth 446 Jones, Sandra Ann 324.482 Jones, Sandra Gay 446 Jones, Shirley Ruth 392,272 Jones, Sondra Jo 482 Jones, Stephen Allen 334.482 Jones, Toni Lynn 482 Jones, Velma Ethel 482 Jordan, Brent Elizabeth 274,482 Kelley, Joel Curran 483 Kelley, Larry Joe 332 Kellogg, Mary Edna 483 Kelly, Barbara 302,446 Kelly,JrJohnW 312,483 Kelman, Howard Michael 350.483 Kemp, Sally Marie 483 Kendrick, Deborah F 446 Kendrick, Dennis Elwood 446 Kendrick, Kathryn 292,446 Kendrick, Laura Carol 365,368,272,446 Kendrick, Michael Gene 483 Kennamer, Isabelle C 483,292 Kennamer, James Rodney 483 Kennamer. Ralph B 316 Kennedy. Larry Dale 483 Kennedy. Pamela E 483 Kennedy, Robert F 483 Kenney. Cynthia Winona 483 Kent. Dennis Eugene 483 Kenworthy, Mary J 483 Kerr, Jane Hester 483 Kerr, Robert Frank 483 Kessler, Jr Richard A 446 532 COMPLIMENTS OF TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA SECURITY FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION [Q FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION a FIRST NATIONAL BANK ♦ □ □□ CITY NATIONAL BANK tuscaloosa riDHAL FIRST STATE BANK TUSCALOOSA FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 533 FRATER;N ITIES COMPLIMENi S OF: Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Tau Omega Phi Kappa Sigma Beta Theta Pi Phi Kappa Psi Chi Phi Phi Sigma Kappa Delta Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Kappa Epsilon Pi Kappa Phi j Delta Tau Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Kappa Sigma Sigma Phi Epsilon Lambda Chi Alpha Theta Chi Phi Delta Theta Theta Tau Phi Epsilon Pi Theta Xi Zeta Beta Tau 534 Kettler, Petricia An n 483,308 Kew, Jane Sherrill 446 Key. Eugene WyatI 446 Key, Jacklyn 483 Keyes, John James 344 Kiely, Marie Oliver 365,446 Kiely, Robert French 336 Kiker, Jimmy Edward 483 Kilgrow, Adelaide 89 Kilgrow, Elizabeth F 483,91 Kimbrell, Linda Karen 483 Kimbrell, Rita Louise 446 Kimbrough, Carol 483 Kimbrough, Sibyl V 292 Kincaid, James Harrison 332 King, Alan Lamar 483 King, Edward Brady 483 King, Gerald Thomas 342 King, IV William D 300 King, James Coleman 483 King, James Spencer 483 King, Jr Jack Adams 446 King, Jr John Thomas 446 King, Jr Richard Jay 460,304 King, Jr William Lavon 336 K ' ' %, Linda Laverne 483 King, Martha Elizabeth 446 King, Richard Colin 342 King, Samuel Doug 330,483 King, Thomas Alan 394 King, Thomas Patton 304 King, William Van 314 Kinkead, 111 James K 483 Kinney, Elizabeth M 276,446 Kinney, Kathy Ann 272 Kirby, Roger Wayne 446 Kirk, Elizabeth Ann 446 Kirkpatrick, Melinda G 446 Kirksey, Mary Bess 446 Kiser, Sylvia Ann 484 Kitchens, Melinda L 484 Kitchings, Mary J 294,484 Kittrell, Lee Randle 484,310 Kittrell, Margaret N 484,310 Klein, Mary Jacquelyn 398,484 Kling, Nancy Margaret 484 Klonaris, Ivy Colleen 278,484 Klyce, Peter Recce 484 Knapp, Greer Elizabeth 292 Knight, Delores Ann 460 Knight, Sondra Fae 484 Knox, Anita Allene 484 Knox, Carroll Gardiner 306 Knox, Larry Reed 389,446 Koeper, Mary Margaret 484 Kornegay, Virginia Len 272 Koski, Jr Hjalmar Soini 386,446 Kostenbader, Sherry J 310,484 Kovach, Ronald John 326 Krahenbuhl, Suzanne M 484 Krai, Jr William James 384,386,446 Kratohvil, Peter S 446 Kravitz, Rochelle Lynn 298,484 Krebs, Nancy Lynn 328 Kirsch, Kathryn Jane 338,484 Krueger, Carl Alan 484 Kucharski, Joel 484 Kuhns, Jr Virginia K 388,292,484 Kulkarni, Swaroop D 446 Kuster, Susan Lynn 484 Kyle, Jr Donald P 484 Kyle, Terry Glen 484 L Laborde, Donald Joseph 447 Lacey, Dorothy E 350,484 L ackey, Mike 290 Ladd, James Milton 484 Ladd, Judy Manners 447 Lamb, Charles Moody Lamb, Jennifer E 328,484 Lamb, Michael Duane 484 Lambert, Dianna C 484 Lamberth, Margaret 292,484 Lamberth, Virginia A 484 Lancaster, Joseph Clark 484 Landers, Lawrence Kelso 330,484 Landrum, Harvey Michael 484 Lane, Jamie Clay 484 Lane, Lucy Morris 484 Lane, Quentin Lee 447,409 Laney, Kenneth Ray 484 Langford, James Porter 392 Langham, Charles B 447 Langlois, Sandra Kay 484 Langston, Lee Griffin 360,447 Lanham, Kathleen Mary 324,484 Lanier, Randolph H 447 Lanthorne, III Russell 447 Larin, Melgar Carlos C 461 Larocca, Anthony V 344 Larrimore, Charles L 386,447 Lassiter, Griffin T 3 1 6 Lathan, Nanette Jean 484 Lau, Sara Christine 484 Laubscher, Stephen L 330 Lauderdale, III Robert 319 Lavender, Jr Louie O 344,484 535 DL Qity Rational Qank THE BANK OF PERSONAL SERVICE University Branch Hackberry Lane and Tenth Street For the Convenience of the University Community 536 Law, Charles Michael 447 Law. James Edward 447 Lawhead. Laurie Ann 484 Lawler. Velva Sue 447 Lawley, Jean Marie 447 Lawrence, George Levert 447 Lawrence, Jr Kenneth E 447 Lawrence, Judith Marie 447 Lawrence. Mildred L 447 Lawrence, Neal Brooks 447 Lawson, Emilil 302 Lay, Patricia Ann 484 Layne, Elizabeth Ann 282,484 Lazenby, Jennie Kirwan 484 Leach, Jimmy Ted 314,484 Leatherbury, Jr Gregory 460 Leatherbury, Sadie S 310,484 Leblanc, Ida Ross 292,484 Lee, Charles Thomas 342 Lee, Frances Evonne 484 Lee, Joyce Loo 365,447 Lee, Jr Charles Vernon 484 Lee, Jr Frank Howell 316,484 Lee, Roger Wayne 485 Lee, Ronald Arthur 485 Lee, Stephen Michael 340 Lee, Vela Margaret 361,368,485.308.54 Lee. Wayne Kenneth 300 Leet. Ronald Alan 350.485 Lehman. Susan Stone 485 Leigh. Jack Register 334 Leigh. Raymond Breyer 485 Leigh. William Reddoch 304 Leiser. Bertram Elwood 447 Lemaistre. Jr Samuel A 304 Lemaster. Gloria Sue 447 Lemaster. Robert Larry 447 Lemmer. Linda Claire 380.485 Lemox, Rebecca Diane 324.485 Lenahan. Jr Arthur L 342.485 Lenoir. Penny Kate 274,447 Lenzi. Linda Lou 382.328,485 Leon, Frances 485 Leonard. Donald Burgess 384 Letherwood, Kevin B 485 Letton, Karen Lee 328.447 Levens, Brenda Faye 447 Levi. Ann Camille 276 Levin, Barry Alan 350 Levio, Joseph Charles 447 Lewis, Barbara Ann 485 Lewis. Ill Herbert J 447 Lewis. Jane Anne 306.485 Lewis. Laura Cecile 278,447.485.308 Lewis, Linda Diane 485 Lewis, Nelda Corinne 485 Lewis, Sherry Ann 485 Libby. Barbara Sue 485 Libby. Phyllis Ann 485 Liddle. Rosalind 485 Lies. Karen W 276 Light. Simona Juliet 298,485 Liles, Debra Jean 485 CORNER ' OniNRf-SUNDKIH The Students Choice TUSCALOOSA ALA. Liles, Nina Rebecca 485 Lilly, Kristy E 447 Limbaugh James Bruce 485 Limmroth, Gary Weldon 485 Lindley, Jr Edward H 447 Lindsay, Barbara Jean 485 Linebaugh, Gail Patrice 485 Linebaugh, Scott C 485 Linnick, Samuel Nathan 447 Lipson, III Harry Aaron 350 Lisenby, Betty Sue 485 Little, Henrietta 447 Little. Virginia A 372,306.485 Littrell, Timothy Dean 330,485 Lively, William Joseph 485 Livingston, III James A 334 Livingston, Margaret L 276.485 Livingston. Thaddeus A 314 Livingstone. James S 284 Lockard. Julia Ann 447 Locke, Sandra Louise 398,485 Loeb. Henry Gregg 485 Loeb. Marc Jay 350.485 Loffredo. Mary E 282.485 Loftin. Dianne 485 Logan. Barry Wayne 447 Logan. Jan 272,447 Logan, Linda Gayle 447 Logan, Michael Earl 485 Logan, Stephen Douglas 485 Logan, Walter Henry 485 Logan, Yvonne Fae 272,485 Lolley, Rebecca Ann 485 Long, Jr Roland Ramsey 485 Long, Mary Dudley 286,485 Long, Patricia L 447 JOHN M. PURYEAR OWNER Charge Accounts Welcome Looney, Virginia Lucile 447 Loper, Robert Edward 485 Lorenza, Jean Ann 447 Lothrop, Sheryl Lynn 485 Lott, Margaret A 310,485 Lett, Marilyn Manning 486 Love, Terry Dale 447 Lovelady, Mike Hiram 486 Lovett, Dexter C 486 Lowe, Alleta Ann 388,486 Lowe, Suzanne Lynn 272 Lowery, Marion Edwin 322,486 Lowry, India Patricia 306,248,486 Loyd, Sharon Dean 302,486 Lucas, Kathy Jane 486 Luck, Sharon Joan 486 Ludwig, John Michael 461 Luff, Janice Elaine 447 Luker, III Cohen Thomas 312,486 Luker, Peggy Chloelene 302,486 Luks, Marc Stuart 350,486 Lulky, William David 350 Lund, Pamela Jean 328,486 Lundberg, Deborah L 447 Luscher, Barbara S 310,486 Luscher, Harry Adams 486 Lustig, Bruce Henry 350 Lutz, Elizabeth Bodden 447 L yerly, Richard Howard 447 Lyie, Melinda Faye 380,278,486 Lyles, Diane 306 Lynch, Patricia Ann 486 Lynch, Susan Ellen 486 Lyons, Mary Theresa 486 Lyons, Reba Marshall 310,486 v:iv-?!»Sr S37 M MacBeth, Jr Robert B 486 Mace, Barbara Ann 486 Mace, David William 342,486 Mace, Stephen Allen 342,447 Mack, Sidney Hart 350 Mackay, Jr Alexander F 486 Mackey, Garry Douglas 326,486 Mackey, Jr Clyde D 342,486 Mackey, Lucy Easley 447 Macksoud, Fuad Edward 486 Maddox, Lisa Nell 302 Maddox, Mark Steven 336 Maddox, Marlion Jane 486 Maddox, Teresa T 447 Mades, Sandra l,ee 294 Madison, David Dale 486 Madison, Elizabeth 286,486 Madison, John K 447 Maercker, Gregory Paul 448 Magel, Nancy Lee 302 Magill, Sherry Patricia 486 Magnusson, David Cletus 389 Mahaffey, Rachael Ann 486 Mahaffey, Sacha Adele 328 Mahaffey, Virginia Lynn 486 Mahan, Shirley Louise 361,363 Mahood, Danner Lee 292 Mallory, Thomas Alvin 486 Malone, Dell Elizabeth 276,486 Malone, Linda Kay 274,486 Malone Patricia Ann 272,486 Maloy, Richard Alan 330,486 Manasco, John Michael 376 Mancuso, Alan Stephen 486 Mandell, Mark 413 Maner, Joseph R 448 Mangum, Edgar Fletcher 461 Maniscalco, Samuel S 312,486 Mann, II Frank Carlton 360 Manning, Patricia G 448 Mapes, Nancy Glenn 302,486 Mapes, Tommy Robert 448 Maple, Ross Vick 486 Maples, Jimmy 290 Maples, Nancy Renee 278,486 Maples, Robert Anthony 448 Maples, Sam 371,486 Marbut, Earl Whitfield 344 March, Leslie Lucille 486 Hudson Thompson " Where Shopping is s Pleasure " Marchman, Betty R 448 Marchman Robert S 448 Marcum, Sheila Joy 486 Marcus, Robert G 448 Marino, Frank Ronald 312,486 Markel, Joseph Keller 340 Marks, Jr Herman Hudson 486 Marks, Sarah Suzanne 328,448 Marks, Susan Carol 338,487 Marquis, Gary Gene 448 Marsh, Melissa Boothby 302,487 Marshall, Allison A 294,487 Marshall, Jerry Wayne 448 Marshall, Judith Helen 378,448 Marshall, Rick William 336,487 Marshall, Ronald 448 Martin, Charles Dewitt 448 Martin, Dale Wallace 284 Martin, David Massey 487 Martin, Dennie Walker 284 Martin, Douglas Scott 330,487 Martin, Douglas Terry 342,487 Martin, III Ben R 340,487 Martin, J r Robert W 312 Martin, Judy Lynn 286,487 Martin, Martha Anne 448 Martin, Martha Sue 448 Martin, Mary Smith 310,487 Martin, Monique 276,487 Martin, Robert C 448 I Mary, Jr James Raoul 336 ' Mary, Marsha Jean 487 Masingill, III John H 322 Mason, Alan Greene 336,487 Mason, Janet Leigh 372 Mason, Priscilla Gae 448 Mason, Sheard Lovelace 487 Massengale, Lorna J 328 Massey, Betty Sue 487 Massey, Beverly Tulane 292,487 Massey, Dianne Joy 461 Massey, Laura Del 328,448 Massler, Victoria Anne 487 Mathes, Larry Franklin 487 Mathes, Peggy Duncan 388,487 Mathis, Candace Stanley 487 Matlock, Robert Brooks 487 Matthews, Jr Carter B 448 Matthews, Jr John Hugh 344 Matthews, Lorol Leslie 487 Matthews, Pearlie D 292 Maurer, Jeffry Lynn 487 Maxwell, Dollye Diane 487 Maxwell, Gary Ray 487 Maxwell, Martha Ann 286,487 Maxwell, Pamela Suzanne 487 Maxwell, Richard King 487 May, Bonita Granville 487 May, Bruce Clark 312 May, Frederick Gary 448 May, III James Little 332,487 May, Jr Harold Grant 380,487 May, Ronald Edward 487 Mayers, Richard M 332,487 Mayes, Linda Sue 278,487 Mayhall, Wanda Kay 487 Maynor, Spence Gibson 487 Mazer, Mike 290 Maziar, Donna Hope 338.487 McAdams, Charlie S 487 McAlister, Angelene C 487 McAllister, William Roy 386 McAlpin, Clifford S 487 McAlpin, Patricia A 487 McBride, Samuel Wade 487 McBryde, Alison Byers 328,487 McCain, Susan Christine 253,393,352,487 McCaleb, III Shelby B 330,448 McCaleb, Robert H 336 McCall, Terry Lowell 448 McCammon, Robert Rick 487 McCarl, Howard Hinds Jr 346 McCarty, Michael J 487 McCarver, Steven A 448 McCaskill, Mildred E 380,294,448 McClintock, George C 312,487 McClung, William Norris 448 McClure, Nancy Leah 487 McClure, Robert Gary 448 McColl, Jan Karen 320,487 McCollum, Nancy Garber 448,308 McCombs, Kathy Jean 488 McConnell, Edwin W 488 McConnell, Regina E 224,448 538 McCord, Samuel Robert 336,488 McCormick, III Francis 448 McCormick, Linda Sue 488 McCorquodale, Gaines C 461 McCorquodale. Joseph C 461 McCowan. James I 334,488 McCoy, Douglas Baker 448 McCrary. Bettie Moore 448 McCray, Mary Lucille 286,488 McCrory, Ann Bullion 488 McCullough, Douglas A 330,488 McCullough, Susan Lynne 488 McCurdy, John Franklin 330 McCurley, Sandra Pearl 388 McDanal, Burie Lane 340 McDanal, III AlmusJ 384,448 McDaniel, Janice Elaine 488 McDaniel, KathieC488 McDermott, Harry P 330 McDermott, Jr Melville 488 McDonald Bradford G 322,488 McDonald. Cynthia Blair 328,488 McDonald, David M 448 McDonald, Elizabeth Lee 292,488 McDonald, James Andrew 488 McDonald, Jr Earl M 488 McDonald. Michael J 344. 448 McDonald, Sue Catherine 488 McDonough, Jr Edward 318 McDonough, Timothy C 448 McDougle, Margaret E 276,488 McDowell, Joseph W 332,488 McDowell.Jr Rex W304 McElroy, Monte Lynn 448 McGahey, Janet Lee 488 McGee, Deborah Jean 488 McGee. Gordon 290 McGee. Ill John Prude 314 McGee, Jr James Ralph 336,488 McGee, Margaret Gail 324,488 McGeoch, Leslee Ann 488 McGill,JrTed Milan 448 McGinnis, Theo 82 McGlynn, Elizabeth M 310,488 McGrew, Alvin Jerome 488 McGriff, Marguerite N 488 McGuigan, Susan Nan 488 McGuire, Margarette R 361,250,294,363,388, 488,261 McHan, James Paul 488 McHatton, Stephen Ray 448 Mclnnis, Patricia L 488 Mcintosh. John Larry 322 Mcintosh, Larry Ross 488 Mclntyre, Harriet Ruth 272,488 Mclntyre, Kathleen M 352 McKay. Margaret Ruth 488 McKay. Philip Watson 488 McKay. Travis Gary 312,488 McKee, Bonnie Sue 488 McKee, Margaret Ann 396 McKenzie, Daniel Burch 304 McKenzie, Daria E 488 McKenzie. Georganne 286,488 McKenzie. Jr John T 336 McKenzie, Julia Lee 286,488 McKenzie, Kenneth B 488 McKenzie, Margaret J 286,488 McKenzie, Martha Terri 286,488 McKenzie, Mary Susan 488 McKinney, III James A 448 McKinney, John Michael 448 McKinstry, Deborah D 488 McKnight, Modell 488 McLallen, Martha S 292,488 McLean, Michael John 340 McLean, Victor Reed 488 McLeod, Christy C 306 McLeroy, Larry Wayne 448 McMahan. Debra Susan 278,488 McMahan. Sharon L 328,489 McMahon, Andrea Ward 489 McManus, James Fred 284 McMillan, Jr Thomas E 461 McMillan, Robert C 489 McMillian, Dennis Grier 332,489 McMillin. Judith Louise 489 McMinn. Jan Branton 448 McMinn. Kayron Campbell 382 McMoy, Michael Loftin 448 McMurphy, Alice Medora 310.489 McMurphy, III John E 489 McMurray, Jr James L 448 McMurray, Paul Augustus 316 McNeely, Patricia Ann 361,363,328,489 McNeff, Mary Delane 448 McNeil, Jr Charles E 489 McNeil, Maureen Anne 302,489 McNeill, James Lamar 448 McNutt, Robert Jack 304 McPhearson, Virginia L 276 McPhillips, Lee Ann 489,308 McRae, Deborah Ann 489 McRae, Lane 324,489 McRoberts, John William 342,489 McTyeire, Robert Adams 448 Meacham, Kathy Wood 449 Meadows, Janet Ruth 310,489 Mealins, Brian Richard 449 Mears, Thomas Anderson 489 Medders, Carol E 302,449 Medley, Jerry Morgan 369,449 Medlock, Michael Edward 489 Medwick, Lee Noel 449 Meeks, Sherry Lynn J 449 Melson, Charles Edward 386 Melton, Elizabeth Ann 352 Melton, Linda Jane 489 Mendel, Peggy Joyce 449 Meon, Patricia Margaret 449 Meredith, Anne Norton 489,308 Meredith, Mollylu 489 Meriwether, Jr John S 3 1 8 Meriwether, Robert N 336,489 Merrill, Thomas Paul 387,149 Merritt, Mary Ellen 489 Meshad, Bobbie Joyce 328.489 Messelt, Christopher D 449 Metzger, Lewis Albert 489 Mewbourne, David E 360,449 Michaels. Sandra Lee 378.449 Mickles, Brian Patrick 449 Middlebrooks, David 290 Middleton, Jr Harrison 449 Midgley. Charles Holley 304 Midkiff, Ann Cornell 286 Mikloucich, Terrance F 342,489 Milam, David Lawrence 449 Milam, Mary Lou 461 Miles, Dortha Kayron 449 Milhous, Franklin L 316,489 Millar, Melinda Laurie 489 Miller. Anthony Lee 489 Miller, Arvil Boler 489 Miller. Bruce Steven 350 539 Miller, Carole Ann 294,489 Miller, Charles Hardy 489 Miller, David Winston 489 Miller, Gwendlyne 449 Miller. Ill James H 334,449,407,86 Miller, Jr Maurice H 449 Miller, Jr Richard E 489 Miller, Judy Carol 254.489 Miller, Linda 449 Miller, Margaret J 489 Miller, Michael Houston 449,489 Miller, Michael Joseph 300 Miller, Nancy Ann 278,449 Miller, Peggy Anne 324,449,90 Miller. Stanley Larry 449 Miller. Susan Vettler 489 Miller, Ted Ferrell 489 Millican, David Charles 449 Mills, Charlene Joy 489 Mills. Jean Hughes 489 Mills. Joe David 318 Mills. Myra Helen 489 Mills. Nita Jo 282.489 Millsap. Marcia Lee 489 Milton. Debra 398.489 Milton, Pamela Ann 489 Mims, Jerry Wayne 348 Mims, Jr Carl Edward 489 Mims, William Edward 489 Minga, Gail Margaret 306,4 9 Miniard, Larry Thomas 449 Mink, Bruce Alan 449 Minton, Michael Edward 490 Mitchell, Barry M 336 Mitchell, Celestine M 292,490 Mitchell. David Sloan 449 Mitchell, Gary Warren 449 Mitchell. Ill Dewey D312 Mitchell. Janet Gail 306.490 Mitchell, Kathrena Jean 272.490 Mitchell. Michael N. 490 Mitchell. Ned Alfred 449 Mitchell, Richard Lee 316 Mitchell, Rodderick G 490 Mittermaier. Richard K 490 Mixon, Allison Frances 490 Mize, Steven Randall 304 Mizzell. Terry Lee 490 Mlinarec. Mary Ann 490 Mobley. Sheila Joyce 490 Moculski. Michael Steve 490 Moffett. Melissa Lacy 310.490 Moir. Raymond Lee 322 Molett, Elizabeth Grant 278.449 Moncrief. Jr James Troy 490 Moncrief. Richard A 490 Money, Micheal David 490 Monk. John Andrew 449,490 Monk, Jr John Thomas 372 Monroe, Carol Elane 378.490 Monroe, Ellen Rose 490 Monroe, John Michael 490 Monroe, Marian Verna 490 Montgomery. Robert M 449 Montgomery. Robert W 490 Moodie. Jr Robert Lee 490 Moody, Morton White 449 Moon, Deborah Denise 490 Moon, Sandra Leigh 276,490 Moor, William Tillman 490 Moore. Ada Elizabeth 490 Moore. Amelia Kay 449 Moore, Cheryl Anne 490 Moore, David Frazier 490 Moore. Diana Faust 490 Moore, Dorothy Ann 376 Moore, Ellen Marie 449 Moore, Jacqueline Rose 490 Moore, Jimmie Larry 449 Moore, John Mitchell 344 Moore, Jr Charles R 334 Moore, Judy Burks 278,490 Moore, Larry Dennis 449 Moore, Martha H 449 Moore, Nancy Jo 490 Moore, Rebecca Ann 328.490 Moore, Richard 87 Moore. Thomas Brooks F 340 Moore, Thomas Evert 318 Moorman. John Robert 322 Morey.Jr Wallace C 449 Morey, Susan Speake 449 Morgan, Cheryl Ann 490 Morgan, Cheryl Jean 490 Morgan, Deborah Diannc 324.490 Morgan. James Perry 304 Morgan. Patricia Ann 380 Morgan. Paul Thomas 344.449 Morgan, Peggy Ann 376 Morgan, Ray Hammond 314 Morgan, Rickey Betesque 340 Morgan. Ronald Dale 344.490 Morgan, Stephen Wayne 449 Morris, Frank Brady 316.490 Morris, Hunter Burnett 316 Morris. II William H 372 Morris. Jerry Ray 482 Morris. Linda Carol 302.490 Morris, Robert W. 332 Morris, Thomas Baughn 490 Morrison, Ronald Wayne 449 Morrissette, Lulie S 310.490 Morrissette, Martha B 382 Morrow, Anne Hart 449,305 Morrow, Evelyn Carol 324.490 Morrow, John Albert 371 Morrow, William David 490 Morrow, Steve 290 Morton. Elizabeth Ann 276.490 Morton. Freida Joy 398.490 Moseley. Dorothy Leona 490 Mosely. Mary Scott 286,490 Moses, Richard Marvin 490 Moshkevich, Betty Carol 377.461.490 Mosley. Elzie 392 Mosley, James Harmon 491 Mosley. Joseph Hershel 340 Motlow, Catherine Evans 292 Moultrie. Frank Alan 491 Mouron. Michael Alfred 334 Muhlendorf, David M 350 Mullenix, Jr Searcy E 491 Mullins. Carolyn M 278.491 Mullins. James Henry 449 Mullins. Larry Chester 449 Mullins, Roger Wayne 461 Murchison, Mary Eugenia 491 Murphy, Kenneth Wayne 491 Murphy, Lawson Woodfin 491 Murphy, Timothy Hunter 318,491 Murray. Ill John Tobin 491 Murray, Stephen Chester 344,491 Murrel, Jr Paul M 326 Murrell. Marjorie Ann 306 Murrell. Thomas Alan 491 Murrie, James Irvin 491 Musick, Barron Quinton 370 Musick, Janet Sue 286 Musick. Judy Kathryn 274.491 Musselman. Jean 278.491 Musselman. John L 491 Musso, John 360,334 Musso, Jr Louis Vincent 330 Myers, John E 491 Myrick, Patricia Mae 310,491 N Nader, Josephine Louise 286 Nance, William McLain 336 Napier, Richard Hanes 491 Nash, Roger Wade 350 Neal. Jr George Marion 336 Neale. Shirley 306 Neblett, Kathleene P491 Neff, Jr Robert Lee 491 Neighbors, III Hugh A 318 Nelson, Ann Jeffris 491 Nelson, Carolyn L 491 Nelson, Eddy Lamar 450 Nelson, Janice lone 367 Nelson, John Horton 336.491 Nelson. Jr William T 450 Nelson, Julia Duncan 276,491 Nelson. Karen Lee 491 Nelson, Lanny Earl 386 Nelson, Linda Kathleen 278,491 Nelson. Mary Patricia 491 Nelson, Noel John 342.491 Nelson. Robert Lynn 342,491 Nelson, Sandra Faye 450 WE WIRE FLOWERS MEMBER F.T.D. CUT FLOWERS CORSAGES DESIGNS DECORATIONS PHONE: 7.58-1792 7584793 Uhe dSio Som, ijour ZJ-rlenalif ZJ loriit 2406 University Boulevard 540 541 OowntoMrn Tuscaloosa Nelson, Thomas Reagan 380,491 Nesselroth, Rosalie C 338,491 Neugent, Kathy 272,253,491 Neville, Mary Katherine 306 Newman, David Robert 332,491 Newman, James Vann 338 Newman, Nancy Ruth 491 Newman, Rayford Wilson 450 Newman, Simon Louis 491 Newton, Carol Victoria 324,491 Newton, William David 304 Nicholls, Susan Lucille 491 Nichols, 111 James H 491 Nichols, Martha Jane 310,491 Nichols, Steven Ralph 318 Nicholson, Nancy J 286,491 Nicol, Robert Frederick 318 Nidy, Pamela Ann 491 Nihart, David Ashley 491 Niles, William George 392 Nix, Cathy Dianne 491 Nix, Eric Kyle 450 Nix, John Richard 491 Nixon, Beverly Jean 491 Nixon, Jr John Howard 450,371 Noble, Elizabeth M 292,491 Noble, Larry Joe 491 Noe, William Earl 491 Noel, Ida Beth 369 Noland, John Harris 314 Nolen, Alice Lonsdale 491 Nolan, Cruse Patton 492 Nolen, Janet Sue 328,492 Nomberg, Marc David 350,492 . Noojin, Martha Eliz 450,308 Noonan, Charles E 461 Norden, Vera Augusta 492 Norman, Cheryl Shannon 310 Norris, Sandra 450,380 Norris, Larry Newton 450 Norris, Leighanne E 492 Norris, Marion Berneice 492 Norris, Philip Newton 450 Northington, Jr Donald 318 Norton, John Mease 304 Norton, Mina Jane 492 Norvell, William Key 304 Norwood, EIna Vaughan 310,492 Nowlin, Alice Yancey 388,292,492 Nunis, Ann Elise 492 O O ' Brein, Virginia 450 Ocain, Charlotte R 450 Ocain, Donald Randolph 492,290 Oconnor, Jack Randolph 342 Oden, Sammye Dianne 352,492 Odom, Jr Billy Calhoun 492 Odonnell, Carolyn Marie 278,492 Odonnell, Maureen E 278,492,262 Odonnell, Stanley M 330,492 Odum, Elaine Marie 328,492 Odum, James Edmund 492 Ogburn, Clifford C 316,492 Ogilvie, Jean Marie 450 Ogle, Jr Thomas L 450 Ogrady, Patrice Robin 492 Ogwynn, Michael D 336,492 Okelley, Susan Elaine 492 Oldacre, Brenda Joyce 492 Olensky, Joanne 450,298 Olive, Deborah Ann 450 Oliver, Margaret E 450 Oliver, Priscilla 492 Olszewski, John Joseph 322 Oneal, Anita Marie 397,492 Oneal, Deborah Jo 492 Oneal, Ernest Gregory 450,384 Oneill, John Alexander 492,300 Orear, III Caine 340 Orear, Michael Ross 492 Orenstein, Ross Spencer 350,492 Orkin, Jr Theodore S 350,450 Orman, William Morrison 318 Orr, Barbara Gail 492 Orr, Bettye Ann 450,286 Osborne, Donna Marie 272,492 Oswalt, Marion Jane 310,492 Otts, Fay Roberta 292,492 Otwell, Brenda Kaye 492 Ouzts, David Duane 492 Overstreet, Jr Paul A 492 Owen, Carolyn Ann 272 Owen, James Robert 450 Owen, Peter William 461 Owen, William Murphy 284 Owens, Danny Glenn 314,492 Owens, Deborah Sue 492 Owens, James Lynwood 450 Owens, Lois Carol 292,286,492 Owens, Lois Phelps 492 Owens, Richard Rhett 334,492 Owens, Samuel Wood 322 Pace, Bobby Lee 450 Pack, Arlene Muriel 492 Pack, Delmar Glenn 461 Padalino, Michael Lee 450,344 Paddock, Paul Bradley 450 Page, Linda Gayle 450 Page, Myron Joseph 350,492 Page, Sarah Martha 328,492 Palmer, Carol Elizabeth 272 Palmer, Genie Blue 450 Palmer, Marjorie Hamner 450 Palmer, Stephen Douglas 492 Pappas, Dean 492 Parden, Stephen Roy 461 Pardue, Stephen Cecil 284 Park, William McCoy 318 Parkel, Joan 388,492 Parker, Amy Louise 310 Parker, Harriet Hitt 492 Parker, III Wilmer 340,493 Parker, James Odis 340 Parker, Joel David 330,492 Parker, Larry Franklin 450 Parker, Sheila Annelle 493 Parker, Sherrian Dianne 492 Parker, Virginia K 310 Parkhouse, Robin Bruce 360 Parks, Jack Darrell 493 Parnell, Toni Sharon 493 Parrish, Barbara Irene 450 Parrish, James Wiley 344,493 Parrott, John William 450,332 Parson, Christine Lynn 450 Parson, James Carter 493 Parson, Jr Carl P 284 Parsons, Jr Clarence I 493 Parsons, Kathy E 398 Parsons, Russell F 450 Parsons, William Benton 284 Partlow, Margaret Nixon 493,308 Partridge, Carol Jean 286,493 Partridge, Julia Anne 493,308 Parvi n, Karen Lynn 352,493 Pascual, Tahani L M 378 Pate, Sylvia Diane 493 Patrick, Kathleen 493 Patterson, Chester Carl 493 Patterson, David C Patterson, Frances Jane 450 Patterson, Hermanski 493 Patterson, Michael G 493 Patterson, Theodocia P 493 Patton, George Barry 493 Patton, John Emmett 450 Patton, Pandora 493 Patton, Susan Maitland 450,292 Paul, Ronald Larry 493 Paullin, Charles R 450 Payne, Cary Joe 332,493 Payne, Larry Clyde 384 Payne, Susan Elisabeth 493 Payne, William McCrary 312 Peacock, Tommy Wayne 340 Peak, Donna Alice 450 Peak, Terry Cecil 493 Pearce, Charles Richard 336,493 Pearson, James Robert 450,372 Pearson, Jr William E 304 Pearson, Mary Coleman 361,362,310 Pearson, Patricia Kay 493 Peaton, Jr Allen Louis 493 Pebbles, Vicki Marie 493 Peek, Gregory William 450 Peeler, Donna Jeanine 328,493 Peeler, Virginia W 292 Pelfrey, Nancy Jean 493 Pelham, Sharon 493 Penick, Mikal Kerry 324,493 Percer, Steven Glenn 342,493 Perkins, Jr Joseph W 374 Perry, Allen 292 Perry, Charles Lewis 45 1,336,89 Perry, Charles William 334 Perry, Dennis Carl 493 Perry, Elizabeth C 493 Perry, Evelyn Isabella 274,493,54 Perry, Gloria Murline 451 Perry, Katherine E 45 1,276 Perry, Philip Dalton 493 Perry, Rita Jan 294 Perry, Sara Beth 493,308 Perry, Sherry June 45 1 Person, Syrinthia Reshe 451 Petelos, John Nick 493 Peters, Bobbye Jane 493 Peters, John M 348 Peterson, Jr Phillip H 312,493 Peterson, Karen Ann 45 1 Peterson, Thomas Clay 493 Petitti, Mafalda Jean 451 Petree, Elizabeth N 493,308 Petri, Jean Marie 45 1 ,276 Petty, Vivian Elizabeth 390 Phelps, Schella Sue 493 Phifer, Karen Bryce 310,493 Phillips, Betty Ann 493 Phillips, Caroline 276,493 Phillips, David Michael 370,493 Phillips, Freida Jean 493 Phillips, Hugh Daniel 336 Phillips, Jacqueline 493 Phillips, James Rebecca 494 Phillips, Johnnie M 284,494 Phillips, JrAlvin H45I Phillips, Jr James B 494 Phillips, Randall Burt 330 Phillips, Ronald Irby 494 Phillips, Susan Lynn 388 Phillips, Terry Earl 451 Phillips, Virginia 494 Phillips, Virginia M 398 Pickard, Patricia B 276 Pickens, Cheryl Faye 494 Pickron, Mary Celeste 451,368,388,328,405 Plenezza, Joseph C 326,494 Pierce, Celia Corinne 494 Pierce, Jr Ralph Bailey 451 Pierson, Cynthia Helen 451 Pike, Charles Thomas 45 1 ,372 Pike, Daniel Adolphus 461 542 Pike, Danny H451 Pilleteri, Charles A 494 Pinkerton. Michael R 318 Piper, Anne Little 276 Pippin, Ronald Horace 340 Pirkle.Judy Carol 451 Pitchford, Harriet J 352,494 Pitts, Alan Joseph 314 Pitts, J r Robert P 300 Pitts, Nancy Neill 310,494 Plaia, Jr Joseph James 332,494 Pless, Ronald Bruce 451 Plunkett, James Timothy 45 1 Plylar, Carolyn W 292,494 Pody, Patricia Lee 494 Poehler, Daniel Hugh 336 Poellnitz, Augusta C 494,308 Poellnitz, Lawrence R 451 Pogue, Julie Ann 494 Polidoro. William Van 451 Polniak. David 451 Pond, Michael Obannon 334 Poole, Laura Jane 352,494 Poole, Linda Norman 494 Poole, Samuel Morris 494 Pope, Randall Paige 494 Porch, Jr Donald G 494 Porter. Linda Kay 451 Porter, Marion Belinda 451 Porter, Patricia Lynn 274,494 Portnoy, Diane Lee 338,494 Posey, David Sanford 336 Posey, Fred Stewart 326,494 Posey, Miriam Louise 494 Potter, Alice Lenora 45 1 ,278,380 Poundstone, Lore C 45 1 ; Powell, Barbara Ann 494 Powell, Benny Frank 494 Powell, Deborah Ilene 494 Powell, Kenneth Nolan 494 Powell, Roger Warren 451 Powers, Jim 290 Powers, Kathleen E 3 1 0.494 Poythress, Chris 410 , Prentice, Laurie 494 Preston, Jana Camilla 292,493 Prewitt, Celeste Amelia 451 Prewitt, Gail Thomas 494 Prewitt, Linda Carol 388,494 Price, Barbara Ruth 272,494 Price, Harriet Clay 494 Price, James Milford 461 Price, Mary Lou 451 Price, Richard F 494 Price, Susan Felder 45 1 Price, Williams Timothy 322.494 Prickett, John Mercer 451 Priester, Joseph Bonds 494 Prior, Mary Suzanne 451,272,365,404 Pritchard, James Carl 494 Pritchard, Judith A 294 Pritchett, Jr Charles H 494 Proctor, Elizabeth Ann 451 Pruett, Jr Henry Floyd 494 Pruitt, Larry Randall 494 Pruitt, Lynda Kinser 302,494 Pruitt, Sarah Lee 324,494 Przychodzen, George 326,494 Ptomey, Jr William R 45 1 Ptomey, Susan 328,494 Puckett, Margie Gail 274,494 Puckett, Stephens C 348 Pugh, Eunice Jane 494 Pugh, Robert L 316,495 Pullen, Judith E 495 Pumilia, Joseph Michael 332,495 Purdy, Janis Purdy 368,495 Puryear. Jo Sears 495 Pylant, Bruce Ward 336 Pyms, Pamela Allison 495 Pyron, Sarah Joyce 274,495 Q Quarles Richard Earle 495 Quarles, Ronald Carl 495 Quarles, Russell Alan Quarles, William P 342,495 Quedeweit, Gregg Allan 451 Quick, Walter Mason 495 Quigley, Andrew Howard 495 Quigley, Michael John 334 Quina, David Dunlap 216,495 Quinn, Deborah Kay 495 Quinn. Emily Alane 352,495 Raab, Donald Emil 451,384.346 Rabon, Charles Roland 495 Rabon, John Robinson 45 1 Radcliff, Robin 310,495 Rader, Patricia Jean 451 Radford, Bobby Ray 451 Rafalsky, Celeste Ann 495 Raggio, Annette 352 Ragland, Rebecca Ann 451 Ragsdale, Carol Waller 328.495 Rainer, Beverly Lynn 310.495 Rainer. Wrenn Sadie 495 Raines, Deborah D 308 Raines, Gary Stephen 350 Raines, Lawrence Wesley 495 Raines, Timothy David 374 Rainey, William Ronald 495 Rambeau, Richard G 451 Rambo, William George 314 Ramey, Peggy Sue 451 Ramey, Ronald Lewis 308 Ramey, Walter Randolph 495 Ramsey, Charles Clark 495 Ramsey, Nancy Jane 397 Ranager, George L 360 Randman, Lydia Carol 45 1 Randolph, Harrison D 304 Ranelli, Marilyn Agnes 495 Rasbury, Evangelyn W 451 Rast, Nancy Burke 495,308 Ratliff, Sandra Jo 451 Rawlings, James W 312 Rawls, Phillip Gantt 495 Rawson, Rosa Lee 495 Ray, Billy Jackson, 314 Ray, Dwayne Burl 495 Ray, Janice Evalyn 451 KERSHAW MANUFACTURING CO., INC. (a05) 263-5581 ■ P. O. DRAWER 1711 ■ MONTGOMERY, ALA. 36103 ■ U. S. A, A rapidly growing diversified manufacturer of machinery and equipment, serving the railroad, truck, utility, forest and paper industries. Career opportunities are available in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial En- gineering, Finance, Business, and Sales. Resumes invited. 543 IN MONTGOMERY: ' ' That ' s eMy iBank! THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MONTGOMERY Mttmbcr F«d«ral O«posit Insuranc Corporation Ray, Janis 451 Ray, Joan Kilpatrick 451 Ray, John Richard 451 Ray, Mary Colquitt 451,392 Ray, Robert Michael 451 Ray, William Paul 452 Raymon, Dana 338,495 Real, Vicky Lynn 495 Reamey, John Howard 495,290 Rearden, Debra Louellyn 328,495 Reaves, Jan Frances 495 Reaves, Randolph P 452 Reaves, Robin Ann 495,324 Redd, Richard Jackson 452 Redditt, Jr Frank Grey 495 Reding, Jane McCoy 452 Redisch, Phillip Martin 350 Reed, Catherine Elaine 495 Reed, Jackie Leroy 495 Reed, John David 326 Reed, John Richard 452 Reed, Judith Ann 495 Reed, Lillie Ann 495 Reed, Pamela Jeanne 360 Reed, Wanda Kay 276 Reeder, Preston Linden 318 Reeks, Marion Good 452 Reese, David Keith 495,290 Reese, Joseph Alan 495 Reese, Steve 290 Reese, William Dexter 318 Reeves, David Nash S 284 Reeves, Douglas, Edwin 495 Reeves, Jr Benjamin M 452 Reeves, Phillip Glenn 452,384 Reeves, Randall Curtis 340 Rehm, Karen Ann 388,495 Reich, Wade Eakins 304 Reid, Diane Elizabeth 495 Reid, II Jess Lawrence 334 Reid, Janice Marie 278,495 Reid, Joy Elizabeth 286,495 Reid, Martha Janice 495 Reid, Martha Patricia 328,495 Reid, William Francis 330 Reinschmidt, Mary A 452,310 Relfe, Margaret Davis 352,496 Rembert, Scott Miller 318 Rennings, Stephanie J 496 Renz, Rexford Warfield 452 Reuter, Richard F 344 Revelle, Linda Karen 452,282 Reviere, Jr Robert J 340 Rew, Richard Glenn 496 Reynolds, II Morgan 496 Reynolds, Judy Kay 452 Reynolds, June 294,496 Rhinehart, Geoffrey R 330,496 Rhoads, Wayne Richard 360 Rhodes, Janis Roy 452,286 Rhodes, Joseph Lowrey 340 Rhodes, Melissa 496,308 Riall, Jr Benjamin W 300 Rice, David Guilford 452 Rice, Janice Darlene 294 Rice, Linda Carol 452,278 Rice, Peggy Lou 352 Richards, David Leslie 496 Richards. Gwendolyn D 452,496 Richards, Shirley 496 Richardson, David Glenn 384,346 Richardson, Donna Kay 452 Richardson, III Thomas 340,496 Richardson, Jan V 496 Richardson, Melanie J 496 Richardson, Patrick O 330,496 Richardson, Raneta Joy 286,496 Richardson, Sara Dianne 452 Richardson, Will iam T 3 1 8 Richerson, Martha Gail 224,496 Richert, III Clyde W 330 Richey, Patricia Ann 324,496 Riddle, Robert Waren 496 Ridge, Cecilia Ann 294,496 Riehl, Michael Thomas 496 Riemer, Stephen Lee 452 Riley, George Francis 322,496 Ringland, III Adrian A 330 Ringland, Williams 496 Ritchie, Charles Stokes 496 Ritter, Edith Loretta 496 Ritter, Irene Maxwell 452,306 Robbins, Jr Jack Bonds 392 Robbins, Martha Ruth 292 Robbins, Ronnie 496 Roberts, Claudia Ann 496 Roberts, Jacqueline, 452 Roberts, Jean 452,306 Roberts, Joseph 386 Roberts, Jr Edmund C 312 Roberts, Katherine E 306,496 Roberts, Laura Miles 452 Roberts, Lynda Inez 452 Roberts, Thomas Mac 452 Robertson, Brenda Gail 452,388 Robertson, Deborah Ann Robertson, Debra Lee 496 Robertson, Halcon C 316 Robertson, Janice M 496 Robertson, Jr John C 304 Robertson, Robert John 340 Robertson, Robert Smart 3 1 8 Robichaud, Michael J 452 Robinson, Carolyn E 496 Robinson, Charles G 461 Robinson, Clarence E 496 Robinson, Dale Odom 452 Robinson, Freda Burdick 452 Robinson, Gregory F 496 Robinson, Joann 496 Robinson, Jr Elmo P 496 Robinson, Maria 496 Robinson, Mary 461 Robinson, Michael A 452 Robinson, Rebecca Ann 496 Robinson, Thomas Reed 461 Robinson, William Cloud 330,496 Rodberg, Karen Sue 496 Rodgers, James Foster 342,496 S44 Rodgers, Mark Edward 496 Rodgers, Nancy Camilla 276,496 Rogers, Norma S 452 Rodgers, Sarah 496 Rodos, Evelyn 496 Roe. Jr William D 334 Rogers, Alexandria 352 Rogers, Bettye Jo 292,352,496 Rogers, Dianne Roberta 361,362,276,496 Rogers, 111 Zack 336,497 Rogers, Jr Victor Lamar 497 Rogers, Margaret Shaw 276,496 Rogers. Mark Vincent 316.497 Rogers, Mary Elizabeth 452 Rogers, Mary Elizabeth 496 Rogers. Nicholas Sewall 452,308 Rogers. Paula Gail 369 Rogers. Sidney 292 Rollins. Anita Vaught 452 Romick, Cindy Steele 306,497 Ronilo, Steven Carl 318 Rose, Betty Jean 452 Rose, Catherine Joan 452 Rose, Eddie Dewann 452 Rosen, Hannah Joyce 298,497 Rosich, Carolyn Price 497 Ross, Allen 290 Ross. Julie Jeanette 461 Ross. Sheila Dee 497,263 Ross, Stephen Lowell 452 Rosser, Jimmy Lynn 360,344,497 Roton. Frances E 497 Roush, Lois Beth 397,497 Rowe, Ben 410 Rowe, Nina Ha el 310 Rowell, Samuel Terrell 360 Rowland, Catherine A 286,497 Rowland, David Allen 452,326 Rowland, James Tatem 452.386 Rowland. Ryan Stinson 326,497 Royal. Debby Darleen 497 Rubenstein, Jan Martha 338,497 Rucker. Jr Frank R 360 Rudd, Mary Ann 452,272 Rudder, Michael Thomas 316 Rudolph, Frances Vivian 328 Ruhlen. Virginia Gayle 306.497 Rumley, J r Charles B 312 Rumore. Donna Jo 278,497 Rush, Donald Wayne 497 Rush, Jr Robert Heyward 340 Rush, Richard Allen 497 Rushing, Mary Emil 378 Rushing. Sandra Lorene 497 Ruspino, Nancy Louise 302,497 Russell. Ann Drummond 276.497 Russell. Martha Ann 278,497 Russell, Ray C 452 Russell, Samuel Lee 452,392 Russell. Stephen Virgil 314 Rutledge. Cheryl Ann 272.497 Rutledge. Ill Guy L 316,497 Rutledge, Rebecca Ann 328,497 Rutledge, Ronald Allen 348.497 Rutledge. William Evans 312 Ryan. Jane Anne 452.388 Ryan. Jr Lawrence T 348 Ryan, John 290 Ryan, Ronnie Louis 452 Ryan, Winfield Louis 332,497 Ryerson, III Frank Earl 452 Ryle, Benton Warren 326,497 Rymer, Thomas M 308 Saad. George Nicholas 452 Salatto, Patricia C 497 Saliba, Olivia Lea 369 Saliba, Selma Gertrude 497 Salloway, Ronald Glenn 452,375,350,54 Salloway, Shirley E 338,497 Salmon. Ill Herbert S453 Salter. Deborah Lynn 302.497 Sanders, Barbara Ann 497 Sanders. Jr John R 453,392 Sanders, Mary Baldwin 310.497 Sandlin, Paul Marc 344,497 Sandner, III Joseph E 340 Sansing, Charles Howard 453 Sasser, Joe Leonard 497 Sasser, Jr Jesse Alvin 318 Satterfield, Charles E453 Satterwhite, Mary E 497 Satterwhite, Ruth R 286,497 Saucier, Richard M 497 Sauer. Mary Michael 276 Saunders, Chariot A 453 Sawyer, Asheton Bennett 360,334 Sawyer, Deborah Coe 453 Saxon, III Kerney Ward 322 Saxon, James 318.330 Saxon. John David 374 Saxton. James Moore 497 Saxton. Richard Clinton 318 Sayler, Dianne Dennis 453 Scaife, Jr James Guy 344 Scanlon, Bettye Bene 497 Scarborough, Linda C 497 Scarborough, Melissa A 272,497 Schaffer, Alice F 453,388,294 Schaffer, Joseph Rodney 497 Scheer. Patricia Ann 497 Schmitt. James Randall 453 Schneider, Jr Charles F 453 Schott, Sheryl Leslie 453 Schreck, Linda Joan 298,497 Schrieber, Gaylen Ann 461 Schultz, Deirdre 497 Schultz, Larry 290 Schulwolf, Marvin N 350 Schwertner. Charles J 461 Schwulst. Timothy John 453 Scivley, Dale Thomas 497 Sconyers, Cynthia Nell 369,272,498 Sconyers, Sharon Lea 453 Scott, Jerry Olinda 286,498 Scott. Julie Bangeron 498 Scott. Kathryn Belle 498 Scott. Sharron Dianne 498 Scroggins, Jr William T 340,498 Scroggins, Mike 453 Seale. Ill Thomas M 340 Seale. Lila Elizabeth 498 Sealy. Brenda Adele 498 Sealy, Cynthia Knowles 498 Sealy, Gina Carol 498 Seamon, Daniel Wayne 498 Searcy. Jr Charles N 498 Searcy, Kay 453 Searcy, Margaret Tyler 453 Sears, Cathy Ann 453 Seay, Jr Murray Lee 360 Segall, Janice Susan 338,498 COAST TO COAST Segall, Patricia Gail 338,498 Segall. Sharon Dorothy 453 Segrest. Anthony T 453,290 Seignious, John Daniel 332,498 Self, John Sherrill 300 Self, Jr William Nolan 453 Sella, Susan Margo 453 Sellers, Cathryn Anne 302 Sellers, Gerald Osborne 340 Sellers, III Wilbur A 453 Sellers, Jane Katherine 498,308 Sellers, Jr William T 340,498 Sellers, Sue Ellen 453,388,352 Sellers, Vernon Lee 318 Selva, Derek Scott 332,498 Selva, Lance Hamilton 332,498 Semmes, Catherine M 498 Semmes, Sara Cook 306 Serio, Robert Andrew 498,290 Serum, Robert William 382 Service, Gail Ann 453,272 Sessi.Jr Walter A 453,290 Sewell.Jr James Wesley 316.498 Sewell, Nancy Patricia 308 Sexton, Joyce Kathleen 453 Shackelford, Caroline H 498 Shackelford, Jr Walter 498 Shaffer, II Joseph C 498 Shamblin, III John L 498 Shamburger, Marcus E 344 Shannon, James Deane 453 Shannon, James Maben 453 Shannon, Jane Lauren 394,352,498 Sharp, III Thomas E 498 Sharp, Nanci Ellen 498 Sharp, Richard Daniel 498 Shaul, Marsha Gail 498 Shaw, Ann Carole 498 Shaw, Chris 290 Shaw, Jane Carol 498 Shaw, Trinket Fore 498 Shear, John Wesley 332,498 Shearer, Betty Ann 498 Shearer, Ruth Marriott 308 Shelton, Eva Jean 498 Shelton, Stanley Wayne 498 Shepherd, Jr Tom Edward 461 Sharer, Dale 453,334 Sheridan, Steven R 350 Sherman, Carolyn Elaine 453 Sherrer, James Homer 453 Sherrill, Joseph M 370 Sherrill, Kathryn 352,498 Shields, Clark Richard 453,384,408 Shiland, Ronald Mark 350 Shiller, Samuel Melson 498 Shimoda, Steve Hidetaka 284 Shinbaum, Richard David 453 Shirey, Brenda Gail 498 Shirley, Betty Bailey 308 Shirley, Candace J 453,306 Shirley, Elizabeth C 498 Shirley, Jerry C 294 Shivers, Charles H 498 Shockley, Steven B 453 Short, Charles Robert 304 Shreve, Kate Newkirk 498 Shubert, Barbara Jo 302 Shulman, William S 350 Shults, Gary Lee 282 Shurett, Virginia F 498 Shutts, Sara Alyson 498 Sidick, Susan McLaurin 498 Siegal, Frank Alan 350,498 Siegel, Rosalie Lane 284, 498 Sikes, Margaret Ellen 310,499 Sikes, Nancy Evers 310,499 Silberkraus, Stuart F 499 Silva, James Michael 386 Silvey, Sylvia Susan 272 Simmons, Danny Moss 336 Simmons, James Michael 386 Simmons, Jr James R 360 Simmons, Jr James S 344 Simmons, McKinney M 344 Simmons, Robert Stephen 300 Simonetti, David G 312,499 Simpler, Cynthia Diane 499 Simpson, Dorothy N 306,499 Simpson, Edgar Wirt 499 Simpson, Janet Yvonne 499 Simpson, Keith Emory 499 Simpson, Linda Ruth 453 Simpson, Paul Waymon 392 Simpson, Steven W 453 Sims, Cheryl Anne 272 Sims, Kenneth Lewis 453 Sims, Myretta Vernell 453 Sims, Norma Jeanette 453 Sims, Paula Maurine 302, 499 Singleton, Martha E 499 Singleton, Mary Jane 499 Singley, Alice 278,499 Sitz, Sue Ellen 278,499 Sizemore, Jr Alton 330 Skeen, Rebecca Ann 352,499 Skelton, Charlotte Ann 286,302,499 Skelton, Jr Leonard C 453 Skinner, Alicia Ann 499 Skinner, Wanda Joy 388,397 Skipper, James Michael 499 Skipper, Sarah Roberts 361,363,352,54 Slaughter, Carolyn Sue 393,324,499 Slaughter, Robert Leon 318 Slaughter, Roger D 453,397 Sledge, J r Robert B 499 Sligh, Terrill Andrew 499 Sloan, Gwendolyn Lott 396 Sloan, Suzanne 294,499 Sluyterman, Van Loo 453 Small, Brenda Ann 499 Smalley, Johnny Tucker 384,386,346 Smallwood, Mark Steven 322,499 Smart, Brenda Sue 278 Smeds, Julia 328,499 Smiles, Michael David 344 Smilie, Margaret Anne 453 Smith, Alice Constance 272,499 Smith, Alice Dale 352 Smith, Allan Gary 499 Smith, Ann Lining 453,282 Smith, Carol Dean 461 Smith, Carol Jean 386 Smith, Charles C 336 Smith, Charlotte Anne 499 Smith, Cheryl Ann 306 Smith, Clinton Knapp 318 Smith, Cynthia Adele 453 Smith, Cynthia Gail 306 Smith, David Alan 499 Smith, David Michael 453,334 Smith, David Richard 332 Smith, Dawson Fenner 499 Smith, Deborah Ann 398 Smith, Deborah Louise 499 Smith, Dennis Arnold 453 Smith, Dodge Drake 318 Smith, Douglass McLeod 344 Smith, Frances Lester 453,365,278,413 Smith, Ginger Carol 499 Smith, III William B 454 Smith, Jimmy Charles 499 Smith, Jr James Samuel 499 Smith, Karl Dee 461 Smith, Lambert Patton 318 Smith, Larry Edward 326 Smith, Leslie Ann 499 Smith, Lynwood 409 Smith. Martha Lynne 292 Smith, Michael Warren 499 Smith, Paul Thornton 454,332 Smith, Philip Harold 340 Smith, Philip Russell 454,371 Smith. Robert Clyde 454 Smith, Sharon Diane 499 Smith, Susan Colleen 398 Smith, Thomas Michael 454 Smith, Thomas Richard 454 Smith, Victoria Marie 398 Smith, William 454 Smitherman, Howard O 454 Smitherman, Sandra D 499 Smithson, Katherine J 454,272 Smithson, Shirley Joan 454 Smithweck, William T 454 Smotherman, William M 318 Snead, Paula Marie 352,499 Snider, Debra Jane 499 Snider, Jimmy 290 Snider, Sharon 272,499 Snipes, Belton Yvonne 454,294 Snodgrass, Susan S 393,310,499 Snow, Carolyn Elizabeth 396,302 Snowden, Jr James E 383 Snyder, Sharon 286,499 Sokira, Mary Michele 499 Sokol, Gerald 350 Sollars, John Alexander 499 Sollie, Virginia Oneal 310,500 Solnick, Emily Kay 298,500 Solomon, Jr Charles P 500 Solomon, Mark Harris 350,500 Somerville, Lena E 500 Soppel, Charles M 348 Sorrells, Debbie Elaine 500 Soule, Lucinda Saxton 500,308 South, Susan Rebecca 500 Spalding, Pamela Lee 500 Sparkman.Jr Julius M 312,500,86 Sparks, Charles Larry 454 Sparks, Jr Theo Eugene 344 Sparks, Judith Collier 500 Sparks, Michael Davis 454 Sparks, Samuel Roy 454 Spear, Julianne 308 Spear, Mary Martha 274,500 Speas, George Randolph 500 Speed, Stephen Lambert 318 Speer, Sharon Elizabeth 454 Spencer, Marjorie G 500 Spencer, Michael A 454 Spencer, Nancy Louise 500 Spight, III John Henry 316,500 Spivey, Beverly Sue 306,500 Spivey, Janet Carol 500 Spivey, Susan 369,500 Spivey, Synthia Lyn 328,500 Spottswood, Claudia S 328 Spragins, III Marion B 330 Sprigg, Mildred Starr 276,500 Springer, II Charles T 454 Springer, Ronald S 454 Springfield, Stephen F 316 Spurlin, Glenn Edwin 454,500 St Clair, Frances Dyan 272,500 Stabler, Annie Hunter 500 Stackpole, Brenda Marie 454 Stalcup, III Lewis Page 316,500 546 Stallworth, Elinor B 310.500,265 Stallworth, James Rast 370.500 Stamps. Curtis Wayne 500 Stanard. Claire Wright 454 Stanberry. Judith Lynne 324,500 Stanford. Robert F 360.3 1 8 Stanley. David M 342.500 Stanton. Patricia Ann 500 Staples, Gloria Jean 454 Starnes, Nancylee 500,308 Steakley, Cherry Renee 324,500 Steakley, Roderic G 336 Stearns, Peggy Ann 282,500 Steele. Ronald Paul 454,386 Steele, Sharon Ann 500 Steensland, Jr Maurice 500 Stein, Judith Sheryl 454,380,298 Steindorff, 111 Gilbert 454 Steiner, Anita Diane 272,500 Steiner, Denise Berry 338,500 Steiner, Jr Edward C 304 Stephens, Calvin Weldon 454 Stephens, Mark Alan 332 Stephens. Mary Julia 328 Stephens. Renee 396,500 Stephens. Sherry Lynne 500 Stetelman, Carol Lotta 338,500 Stevens, Alan David 344,500 Stevens, John Howell 454 Steward, Jr Benny Alton 284 Stewart, Cathy Lynn 500 Stewart. Donald Joseph 461 Stewart, Horace Wheeler 340 Stewart, Jasper Blair 500 Stewart, Jerry Lynn 284 Stewart, Jerry Wayne 454 ' Stewart, Jr William G 454 Stewart, Kathryn Ann 500 Stewart. Margaret Ann 454 Stewart, Mary Jane 454,365.286.403 Stewart. Orpah Ann 398.500 Stewart. Robert Anthony 314,500 Stewart, Sandra Jane 454,278 Stewart, Sarah Ann 461 Stewart, Stephen S 371 Still, Mary Amanda 454,292 Stillwell, Waitsell S 348 Stimpson, Frederick T 500 Stimpson, William S 500 Stinson, Edward Timothy 501 Stinson, William Judson 454,342 Stokes, Bill Joe 501 Stokes, David Lamar 332,501 Stone, Herbert Dwight 348,454 Stone, Joseph Ronald 454,306,346 Stone, Judith Ida 454,352 Stone, Laurie Banks 454,292 Stone. Nancy Dickson 292.501 Storey. John Alvis 454 Stovall. Gloria Lee 501 Stowe. Eleanor 454,3 10 Strain, Patricia 454 Strange, Martha Jane 501 Street, Robert Douglas 300 Strength, Frances D 501 Strevel, Paula Susan 501 Strickland, Martin C 454 Strickland, Mary Ruth 454,272 Strickland, Sharon 501 Strickland, William L 454 Strong, Frances Anne 501 Strong, Mary Susan 272,501 Strong, Sandra C 324,501 Strother, Nellie Gray 501 Strubel, Jan Larkin 501 Struss, Frank Ross 454 Stuardi, Kathleen V 501 Stuckey. Donnie Ray 454 Studdard, Mary Eleanor 501 Sturgis, Deborah Jo 276 Stutts. David Hugh 501 Stutts. Samuel Earl 318 Suh, Byong-ln 461 Suitts, Steve 410 Sukiennik, Barbara Jane 454,242 Sullivan, Frances M 286,501 EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES for PHYSICIANS, HOSPITALS and CLINICAL LABORATORIES Durr Surgical Supply Co. Birmingham, Ala. 35205 936 S. 19th St. Montgomery, Ala. 2061 Fairview Ave. 1005 So. Memorial Parkway Huntsville, Alabama Sullivan, Jean L 501 Sullivan, John William 501 Sullivan, Richard C 364,376 Summerford, Clark Edgar 501.290 Sumners. Glenn Earl 455 Susko, Justine Ann 294,501 Sutton. Linda Jean 455 Sutton, Paul David 501 Swann. Ill William A J 330 Swann. Susan Alice 501 Swanson. Charles F 455 Swift. David Dauphin 316.501 Swift, III George R 501 Swift. William L455 Swindal, Roy Victor 284 Sykes. Wayne Harvey 501 Taber. Mary Susan 306.501 Tait, James Edwin 455,364 Tait. Vera Frances 369 Tall, Cathy 282 Talley, Daphne Diane 501 Tally, William Walker 304 Tant, Allen 290 Tant, Myra Glee 485 Tapper, Douglas Sanders 455 Tate, Brenda June 501 Tate, Diane 455,406 Tate, Linda Wayne 501 Tate, Margaret Stewart 455 Tate. Patricia C 272.501 Tate. William Edward 455 Tatom, Michael Patrick 312.501 Tatum, Edward Finnell 346.501 Tatum, Gregory Neal 455 Taul, III Thomas McRae 501 Taylor. Debra Litia 302 Taylor. Don William 336 Taylor. Donna Glynn 455 Taylor, Douglas Dean 501 Taylor, Freida Arlene 501 Taylor, Jr Sam Jones 455 Taylor, Judy Anita 501 Taylor, Kenneth F 383 Taylor, Linda Sue 272 Taylor, Lucy Ann 352,501 Taylor, Lynda Lisa 501 Taylor, Lynne Sheryl 501 Taylor, Martha Orlean 501 Taylor, Mary Elaine 501 Taylor, Myra Ellen 455 Teal. Michael Stuart 332 Teel.John Richard 318 Temple. Mary Ernestine 302.501 Terry. Judith Dunlap 455 Tesch. IV Carl 370 Tesney, Bobby 455 Tew, Carol Ann 282 Thames, Joseph Murray 318,308 Thigpen, Mary Babette 324,501 Thigpen, Teresa Karyn 324,501 Thomas, Brenda Joyce 501 Thomas. Brenda Joyce 501 Thomas, David Earl 3 1 8 Thomas, Donna Marie 455 Thomas. Elise Marie 274.502 Thomas. Harr iet Evelyn 455 Thomas. John Luther 502 Thomas. Judith Ann 272.502 Thomas. Katherine L 292.502 Thomas. Merrill Pratt 316,502 Thomas, Nancy Ann 306 Thomas. Terri Louise 383,502 Thomase, Susan Marie 274,502 Thomason, James Bruce 461 Thompson, Curtis York 502 Thompson, Daniel 455 Thompson, Daphne Sue 324,502 Thompson, Debra Janell 502 Thompson, III John A 502 Thompson. Jr Albert H 344 Thompson, Jr James R 392 Thompson, Jr John E 334,502,300 Thompson. Jr Yewell R 332 Thompson. Julia S 306 Thompson. Linda Ann 502 Thompson, Michael F 312,502 Thompson, Michael W 502 Thompson, Ronald Waid 502 Thompson, Steve F 3 1 8 Thompson, Sue 455 Thompson. Suzanne 455 547 613 37th St. CATFISH CABIN AND OYSTER BAR 752-4897 The Imperial Room THE ART OF CUTTING— SHAPING MOLDING HAIR BY THE STYLISTS USE OF A RAZOR ON CLEAN DAMP HAIR Men s Hair Styling A WINNING HAIR CUTTING TECHNIQUE DEVELOPED IN EUROPE By Appointment Only dial 752-6360 DOWNTOWN PLAZA iOtlabama Jfajffiionjf 758-7553 MESSES SIZE 1 TO 16 PERSONALIZED SERVICE TO EVERY CUSTOMER Visif Our unvouR ?@outtque Pouboir 1010 Sth AVE. Teleprompter Cable T.V. Offering More Channels With Better Quality 2008 8th Ave. 948 Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Bright Future DIVISION OF RUSSELL MILLS, INC., ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA 35010 World ' s Largest Manufacturer of Athletic Clothing 549 ASTOUNDING GROWTH BECAUSE OF OUR PERFECTED PLANS Preferred Life Insurance Company ESTABLISHED 1929 HOME OFFICE MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA LEGAL RESERVE LIFE INSURANCE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY S. H. LONGSHORE Chairman of the Board W. J. LONGSHORE President 550 your hosts JOE NAMATH RAY ABRUZZESE BOBBY VAN WELCOMES YOU TO VISIT WITH THEM AT THEIR NEW bachelors m RESTAURANT LOUNGE LUNCHEONS DINNERS COCKTAILS SERVING DAILY 11:00 A.M. UNTIL 2 A.M. HAPPY HOUR 607 15th St. E. 4.7 P.M. TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA LIVE ENTERTAINMENT SSI Jewelers Since 1893 GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION Diamonds Silverware Jewelry Crystal Lamps Montgomery 4, Alabama Watches China Thompson, William R 334 Thomson, Bailey 82 Thomson, Linda Lee 502 Thorn, Donald William 455 Thornburgh. James E 502 Thornburgh, Kathleen R 294 Thornton, Fletcher B 375 Thornton, Mary Louise 502 Thornton. Michael J 502 Thorworth, Patricia G 455,328 Thrasher, Amanda Grace 455 Thrasher, Carol J 294 Thrasher, David Lindsey 502 Thuston, III Elmer C 502 Thuston, Robert Dixon 316 Tidwell, Gloria Myrick 455 Tidwell, III William C 461 Tidwell, PercieCorene 310,502 Tidwell, Robert Bernard 502 Tiernan, Kathi Ann 502 Tillman, Pamela Kaye 302,502 Tilly, Jr William H 316.502 Tindell, Jr Rollins L 340 Tinney. Glenna Lea 502 Tinnin, Jr Charles A 455 Tinnin, Janet A 455 Tipton, Guy Larry 502 Tipton, Pamela Reed 502 Tipton, Susan Lee 328, 502 Tobin, Dorothy Zelda 298.502 Todd, Micha Neal 502 Toenes, Deborah Kay 502 Tolleson, Duraine Suzan 502 Tomberlin, Cynthia M 502 Tomlin, Eric Maxwell 455,384.386,346 Tomlinson, Frank H 502 Tomlinson, Jr Jack O 455 Tomlinson, Ronnie 290 Toole, Lucky Lewis 455 Tortorici, Rosemary 50 2 Tracy, Linda Marie 278.502 Trainor, Linda June 276,502 Trammell, Cathy Sue 455 Trammell, Paul Lamar 330 Tram, Rilla Carol 502 Traylor, James Larry 455 Traylor, Nancy Ruth 455,372 Treese, Margaret H 455 Trice, Elizabeth Owen 461 Trimm, Jerry Michael 384 Troup, Priscilla Allyn 502 Trout, Nancy Curtis 286,502 Troxell, Susan Marise 502 Truhett, Patricia Ann 455,278 Tucker, Gerald Glenn 455 Tucker, Kelly M 455 Tucker, Steven Baird 334 Tucker, Wanda Kay 502 Tucker, William Earl 502 Tully, Frances Hickox 308 Tumlin, Edward Davis 503,300 Turkett, Philip Edward 397 Turnbach, James Edward 461 Turner, Catherine E 455,392 Turner, Emily 455,310 Turner, IV Clarence B 455 Turner, James Donald 455 Turner, Jr Fred HiH 455 Turner, Naomi Lind 324,503 Turner, Sharon Neil 272,503 Turnham, Katharine E 503 Tylander, Gene Raymond 332,503 Tyrrell, Jr Irving M 455 SS2 u Underwood, Thomas M 336,503 Underwood, William J 314 Unger, Ellen 338.503 Unger, Mary Kristina 503 Urquhart. William J 503 Ussery, 111 Henry David 503 Utley, Dennis Doyle 455,392 Vail, David Lee 316,503 Vail, Larry 290 Vail, Robert Bruce 455 Valeska, Douglas Albert 312,503 Van Wert, Nancy Teresa 272,503 Vance, Linda Ann 324,503 Vandegrift, Gary S 503 Vann, Jr David Branch 360 Vardaman, Lynda Gayle 276,503 Vaughan, Carol Moore 286,503,260 Vaughan, Charlotte B 352,503 Vaughan, Jr James H 455,384 Vaughan, Murry Caldwell 503 Vaughan, Robbie Jo 503 Vaughan, Terry Kathryn 278,503 Vaughn, Gregg 41 1 Veale, George Warren 340 Vento, Robert Dominic 342 Verchot, Jr Edgar A 503 Verlander, Lisette K 503 Verneville, Joe0 318 Vess, Charles Linden 503 Vice, Jon Earl 461 Vick, James Larry 455 Vickers, Charlotte A 455 Vickers, Debra Celeste 503 Vickers, Richard W 344,503 Vickers, Susan C 503 Vickery, Barry Edward 503 Vickery, Micheal Ray 284 Vickrey, Lillian Ellen 302 Vincent, Connie Joyce 503 MERCANTILE PAPER CO. Vines, Frank Woodrow 312,503 Vinson, Donald Keith 455 Vinson, Jr Laurence D 461 Vinyard, Paula Gay 328 Virciglio, John Charles 503 Vise, Mary Turpin 276 Vodantis, Despina C 456,382,82 Vodantis, Irene Chris 456 Vogel, Patricia Warren 503 Volk, Michael Joseph 503 Voller, Steven Dennis 344 W Wabner, Rebecca Anne 361,363,338,503 Wade, Ernest Ray 456 Wade, Tommy Dean 360 l.) ) Coinnierce Street Montgoiriery. Alabaina 262-8:M1 Wade, William G 344 Wagor, Susan Gilreath 503 Wainright, Kathryn E 278,503 Waits, Mary Evelyn 456,292 Waitzman, David R 503 Waldrep, Sherrill Y 503 Waldrop, Sandra Moore 456 Waldrop, William R 456 Walker, Bettie Day 456,54 Walker, Charles Chapman 456 Walker, Clarece Purcell 503 Walker, Glenda Gayle 503 Walker, 111 Benjamin W 334 Walker, Jr Edward Dow 304 Walker, Mary Annabel 456 Walker, Mary Paulette 503 .-■•■ ' ' 553 Walker, Matthew Boykin 334 Walker, Nancy Clarice 503,263 Walker, Nancy Jo 503 Walker, William Arthur 503 Walkley, III Earle V 503 Wallace, Carolyn 461 Wallace, Deborah Lynne 274 Wallace, Diane King 503 Wallace, Jr Frank E 504,348 Wallace, Jr George C Wallace,Jr Jack W 312 Wallace, Michael Don 504 Wallace, Patricia Anne 456 Wallace, William C 504 Walsh, James Parker 504 Walsh, Virginia Lee 328,504 Walter, Michael David 336,504 Walthall, Mary Anna 504,308 Walton, Anne Cox 456,292 Walton, Candace Emma 456 Walton, Patricia Lynn 504 Walton. Richard Justin 456 Wamsley, Jr Robert M 504,348 Wamsley, Richard Curtis 504 Warbington, Larry 290 Ward, Audrey Patricia 456 Ward, Charlotte 456,365,368,320,292,412 Ward, Frank Benjamin 376 Ward, Harold Wade 504.54,87 Ward. II Willard 456 Ward, Janelle M 456 Ward, Lawrence Ray 504 Ward, Martha Alice 456,308 Ward, Nora Frances 274,504 Ward, Pamela Woodley 302 Ware, Patti Lynn 276,504 Wargo, John 290 Warner, Bonnie Dee 298,504 Warren, Elizabeth Irene 276,352,504 Warren, III Oliver H 312 Warren, John Edward 504 Warren, Jr John Bee 456 Warren, Virginia Ellen 388 Waters. Jr John R 372,340 Wates, Ginger Christy 456,224 Wathen, William F 504 Watkins. Dewey Stephen 318 Watkins, Henry Bobby 456 Watkins, Johnny Martin 336,504 Watkins, Jr Nathan G 312,504 Watkins, Wendy Anne 504 Watson, Andrea Lynne 282,504 Watson, Benjamin M 456,364,372,54 Watson, Eldridge J 456 Watson. Katherine C 396 Watson, Mary Jacqueline 504 Watson, Sharon Ann 504 Watts, Donna Lynn 456 Watts, Steven Alan 344,504 Way, III Arthur Lyman 504 Way, Robert Leslie 456 Wear, David Campbell 504 Wear, Mary Lucille 456 Weatherly, Mary M 294,504 Weathers, Charles J 504 Weathers, Jimmy Don 456 Weaver, Elaine 504 Weaver, Margaret Culver 308 Webb, E Hughes 334 Webb, James Harold 318 Webb, Margaret Wilson 308 Webb, Philip Ray 456,290 Webb, Tommy Snell 504 Webster, III Harry N 456 Webster, Marcia Jane 504 Webster, Miriam Melinda 504 Weed, Dan Searcy 3 1 2 Weeks, Jimmy Garron 456 Weeks, Nancy Josephine 286 Wehby, George Anthony 330 Weid, Anne Faye 298,504 Weidman, Jack Kennedy 330,504 Weil, Jr Ira Kahn 456 Weinman, Lee Pryor 504 Weinstein, Gary Stephen 350 Weinstein, Judy Ann 338,504 Weinstein, Rosalind Ann 298,504 Welch, Amanda Jean 504 Welch, Betsy Glo 380,272,504 Welch, Grace Alyson 276,504 Welch, Tealla Hoye 302,504 Weldon, Beverly Ann 308 Weldon, George Scott 504 Wells, Jeffr ey Boyd 504 Wells, Jr Huey Thomas 375,340 Wells, Michael Aubrey 504 Wells, William Ainsley 344.504 Wells, William Thomas 504 Wesson, Jr Clarence E 318,504 West, Arlene Marie 504 West, Brenda Jo 504 West, Jr Thomas C 334 West, Sara Brewster 328,505 Wetter. Jr James Hunter 505 Wetzel. Jr Richard Carl 456 Weygand, Laurence D 386 Whaley, Peggy Lee 456,308 Wharton, Van L 336 Whatley, Charles L 334 Wheat, Manda Dale 369 Wheeler, Donna Lamar 456,328 Wheless, John Michael 505 Whetstone, Anne 505 Whetstone, Judith Susan 505 Whiddon, Thomas Edward 505 Whisler, Nancy Claudia 274,505 Whitaker, Joyce L 456,284 Whitaker, Richard C 461 Whitcomb, Barry 82 White, Carol Lynn 286,255 White, Deborah Ann 396,286,505 White, Don Odell 284 White, Dorothy Dean 505 White, Herbert Kenneth 456,386 White, III Frank Earl 505 White, Jr Moreno J 346,386 White, Jr Samuel B 456 White, Nancy Rigdon 292,505 White, Pamela 292.505 White, Philip Clayton 326 White, Stephen Ingram 505 White, Thomas Gary 505 Whitehead, Joseph A 344,505 Whitehead, Ronna G 505 Whitehurst, Michael 505 Whitfield, Susan Carol 276 Whitley, Jr Ralph A 332,505 Whitlock, Sharon Ann 456 Whitmire, James D 336 Whitmire, Suzanne Pryor 456,292 Whitson, David Lon 505 Whitt, Jr Lester Jay 505 Whitt, Larry William 456 Whitt, Linda 272,505 Whittaker, Harrison B 384,386 Whittaker. Suzanna Pye 456 Whitten, John Michael 505,87 Whitten. William M 284 Wientrob. Marty Sue 505 Wightman, Frances Lee 505 Wilbanks, George Eugene 334 Wildman. Sara K 306,505 Wilhoit, Linda Claire 505 Wilkin,Jr Robert W 505 Wilkins, Joseph Steven 505 Wilkins, Jr Mason D 344,505 Wilkins, Linda Ann 505 Wilkins, Saramena Rose 398 Wilkinson, David Curtis 461 Williams, Ada Angelyne 505 Williams, Anne Wathan 505 Williams, Barbara ' Ann 456,272 Williams, Caroline B 306,505 Williams, Cynthia Diane 393 Williams, Daniel James 505 Williams. David Carl 318.505 Williams, Deborah Anne 505 Williams, Donald D 456 Williams. Donna Faye 456.278 Williams. Fred S 456 Williams. Garry Alan 318 Williams. Gene Herbert 456 Williams, Janice Lynn 505 Williams, Joel Stephen 456 Williams, John Douglas 344,505 Williams, Lila Diane 505 Williams, Margaret L 294 Williams, Marjorie Fave 398.505 Williams. Martha Sue 456 Williams, Michael E 456 Williams, Myron Dale 456 Williams, Nanette S 457 Williams, Richard W 505 Williams, Robert 505 Williams, Steven Edward 360 Williams, Thomas J 505 Williams, Walter K 461 Williams, Walter M 505 Williamson, Ann 505,272 Williamson, Carl Gross 505 Williamson, Gilford C 457 Williamson, Jane Hall 352,505 Williamson, Jr M L 505 Williamson, Julia 272 Williamson, Skeeter A 505 Willis, Charles Joseph 505 Willoughby, Veronica G 457 Wills. Jr Lynn R 506 Wills. Michael Harries 316 Wills. Nancy Carolyn 457,369 Wilson, Ceda Dudley 457 Wilson, Daniel Clay 334 Wilson, Frances Giri 506 Wilson. James Eldon 461 Wilson. James Milton 457 Wilson. James Ravinell 383 Wilson. Janice Leigh 506 Wilson. Kathy Diane 457.506 Wilson. Larry DeWayne 506 Wilson. Laura Myrtle 352 Wilson. Pattie Ann 457.506 Wilson. Peggy Nell 506 Wilson. Ronald Dona 506 Wilson. Rosemary G 457 Wilson. Wendy Ray 328 Wimberley. Mary Linda 382 Windle. Maude Elizabeth 457 Windom. Catherine C 457 Windom. Stephen Ralph 457.364.374 Winford. Kent Knight 318 Wingard.Jr Jacob D 348 Wingo, Emilie Julia 457 Wingo, William Taylor 316,506 Winter, Carol Alix 457 Winter, James Lee 392 Winton, William Craig 506 Wisdom, John Charles 506 Wise, David Clifton 457 Wise, Georgia Fay 292 Wise. Mary Elizabeth 352.506 Witherspoon. Myra W 506 Wittmeier, Mamie Susan 506 Wohanka, Patricia F 506 Wolf, Barbara Carol 298,506 Wolfe, Virginia Carol 506 Woltz, Carolyn B 506 Woo, George 506 Wood, Jacqueline Ann 506 Wood, James William 506 Wood. Jody Rennee 224.506 Wood, Jr Lewis Price 330 Wood, Marian Bob 457 Wood, Michael Harrison 384 Wood, Richard Wallace 457 Wood, Robert Wayne 457 Wood, William Dexter 314 Wood, William Lee 506 Woodall, Robert David 344,506 Woodard, Karen Lee 352 Woodard. Mary Sue 352,506 Woodard. Thomas Bee 457 Woodmansee. Kim Leigh 506,286 Woods, Belle Dabney 286,506 Woolfe, Marianne T 457,294 Wooten, Thomas David 506 Worrell, Jonathan P 342 Worrell, Michael B 506 Wray, Geraldine 506 Wrenn. Patrick Ronald 506 Wright. Alice Ann 506.308 Wright. Ann Rodabaugh 506 Wright. Caroline Powers 506.308 Wright. Cathy S 412 Wright. Charles Wayne 457 Wright. Cheryl Ann 398,506 Wright, Pamela Lynn 302,506 Wright, Paul Edward 330,506 Wright, Rebecca 302 Wright, Silas T 457 Wright, Stacy Ann 506 Wurtele, Jr George Reid 506 Wyatt, Charles Ferral 457 Wyatt, Gloria Ann 506 Wyatt, Martha Brenda 294 ,506 Wyker. Ella Lisa 276,506 Wylie. David Royce 284 Wymer, III John Francis 457,402 Yancey, Donna Kay 302 Yann, Elizabeth F 506,258 554 If s the real thing. Coke, Trademark (S) Yarbrough, Marga Dianne 457,278 Yates, Edwin Leo 506 Yates, Irma Elizabeth 300 Yates, Stephen Eric 387 Yeager, Alfred Harford 457 Yeager, Deborah J 506 Yeager, Earl Stephen 348,457,372 Yeager, Kenneth Paul 332,506 Yeakle, Priscilla Jane 506,308 Yerby, Danny Lee 374 Yerger, Helen Elizabeth 506 Yingling, Carolyn Jean 369 Yoakum, John F 457 Young, David Michael 457 Young, Paula Jane 328,506 Young, Rick 82 Young, Robert Melvin 312 Youngblood, Elenda S 457 Youngs, Sarah Madeline 274,507 Yow, John Charles 457 Yow, Lestryet Norris 507 Yudin, Barbara Ann 507 Zakanycz, John Peter 50 Zakanycz, Mary Anne 457 Zapotocky, Joann Mary 457 Zasa, Donna Lea 302,507 Zasa, Robert Joseph 344,507 Zeff. Miriam Elaine 338,507 Zettle, Martha Estell 461 Zettle, Philip Oliver 457 Zicarelli, Marye Ann 507 Zicarelli, Vincent John 507 Zinder, Keith Richard 507 Zinn.Sydelle Judy 298,507 SS5 ROOT PHOTOGRAPHERS, INC. WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE WHEN IT COMES TO CREATIVE SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY! 1131 West Sheridan Road Chicago, Illinois 60626 OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS TO THE 1971 COROLLA 556 Alabama Regional Sales and Service Manager ERNIE CRATES 2337 Ivy Lane • Birmingham 35226 Telephone 205-822-2486 We ' re proud to be selected as publisher of The Corolla! iiiier ' ooliegicite 6015 travis lane • shawnee mission, kansas 66202 When you want everything to be right Acknowledgements The 1971 COROLLA is greatly indebted to the following for their cooperation: Conrad Fowler, Betty Lee, and Sam Earl Hobbs for judging the COROLLA Beauty Pageant; Bobby Clark for late pictures; Hun- ter Byington for coming late and helping; Adelaide Kilgrow for added work, advice and moral support at the end; Margie Crates for her tremendous job with the beauties; Root Photographers and Stan Lieberman for class pictures, and their photographers who added hate to our campus; Inter-Collegiate Press without whom we could not function, and especially Ernie Crates who was a mastermind and backbone for our book; the Board of Publica- tions and particularly Dean Healy; The Student Government Asso- ciation for the money; and to our many advertisers for their added support. 558 Epilogue Here it is the end of the book, the end of my sentence as editor, and the beginning of the new world for the entire staff. At times things looiced optimistic everything was scheduled, then no pic- tures were here on time. No apologies to anyone, no bad wishes to anyone, it has been a year that will linger with the staff forever. We had a job, and we finally finished it. There are things wrong with the book, there are great things about the book, I just hope the majority is satisfied with the outcome. As I have said earlier, yearbooks seem to be fading from the campus scenes; especially at the larger universities. 1 hope this does not happen here, too many people do want to see the book each spring. However, changes do need to be made, for all must change to continue. I hope next year ' s editor is better prepared than I, and may each of you enjoy the pages of this book. Tommy Cash — Editor 599 the end 560

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