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W , 'fl qi i 4 4 1 I l ,Y 4 4 W 1, 1 w 9 1 ,H ,Q I . 42 if if fl 'Pl Q, RACE INTO SPACE It's a new age, they say. Atomic power, guided missiles, satellites, rockets. A moon, a Mars, a myriad of planets soon to be reached. Itls the race into space. But life at the Capstone still seems to be the same. The same old tests. The same old struggle to stretch pennies. The same old ups and downs in the matters of love. The same old search for the meaning of life. Perhaps the basics of life at the Capstone are the same. They always will be. But the Capstone is not the same. It is throbbing with new life. It has entered a new age. Corolla Editor David Ellwanger and Business Manager Louis Anders invite you to see the vistas of the Capstoneis new age as they unfold before you on the following pages. Most of the pages of Corolla portray for you the bread-and-butter life at the Capstone. But like the vapor of a rocket, there streaks through this volume the unmistakable trail of the Capstonels own race into space. Corolla is published by the student body of the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and copyrighted in at year of rockets, 1959. COUNTDOWN The clipped jargon of the missilemenls countdown came ooer the loudspeaker: "Telemetry-on. Radar beacon-on. DOVAP-on. Minus 45 seconds-firing command. Tanks pressurized. Twenty seconds- missile on battery power. Two seconds-ignition. One second-mainstage. Zero-lift-offf' A rocket was off toward the sun. The jargon was not so clipped. The atmosphere was not so tense. But there was an air of expectancy among Capstone students as President Frank Rose made an eloquent, urgent countdown: "We are asking the legislature to increase our limited appropriation approximately 60 per cent. We are call- ing upon our alumni, friends, and husiness to ci 1 funds to meet our immediate School, he shortage of improvement in chief . age, the new era. anteoent of kzst june. awarded honorary doctors degrees to Americas Wernherr To further cement the bond with s new space made an important countdown. It has shot plans off the drawing hoard for an. extension center in Alabamals rocket city, H untsoille. Countdowns executed hy an alert engineering team-an essential part of the Capstoneis race into space. ummm ani! Wm ww ,. Mi . .df ' .ii 42 ,F , J J JH, X 'iff H as J X. qwmfig, M g ,, Y3 . 50- if as M' ,U wig? ww nf- Q pw dw 9 4' wwf' X vim M wif + Q ff R 3 we, L 'Nw fy .Rf - , P, 2 '?4?'53' 1 y ing. P ' A .W- J , . .3 S f- Qi!! L. 3 R. A-www. i 1 s 1 , 1 f , 1 X , X L, 1 f ! 4 -K 'T 1 ,x '1 'v -1 X 1 'ix x i BLAST OFF A trenzendoas release of energy. A roaring larnc Itis tlze blastoff-of another rocket. A burst of power. An inspired team. Handicds of exploding fans. It's part of Alllbfllllfll-S' own. blastoff-of atlileties. And the Tide really blasted off this year. Five fIf'lU'll'lg wins. Four honorable defeats And one well-fought tie. Medals for fbe blastoff engineer, Coaelz '4Bearv Bryant. His spark bas roelceted the Crimson Tide into a winning orbit. His orbiting teams are part of llze Capstoneis new era. Still more blasting in tbe inalcing, Off the drawing boards are plans for a field house large enough to seat the entire student body for 12,000 blastoffs at once. And for water blastoffs, the olympic-styled aqaaioriunz is already a building. Blastoffs unleaslled by an alert CHglllC6l'-lIll0l'llLl important part of the Capstone's race into space PN, v H llzcsc 11 Inmmr'y',Q'c1Jzfrc-1'1,1.s-,Ibf'.Ili un cfs thc Sfjlkfhillill ..s'piiQf ang. Q- ' 1'-as Lx . 4. I Q wg " O 5 1 'OTWYQ I , ' Q gr V-,W W ,f .V , ,. .sg ff' X 'lit 'f 'za' f V . 'ici -.J Q af '5P-A , .0 'it -, gg xi: 'sahfaggi ,zagffv ,, ?,', V5.4 .. g gpg , 1' - 1.1 , - '4 'a- Q K K 4- .w W - g.,5av.,9,vQ 'lv N Q. 05 ,ln ,', 4",, ,..,.,,'.7,fQA"4a .5 ' 'T,i,", Xnv ,, v':'H'1.w :Z fa:"..,ekn,.,,.Q T5 '?'0", Q '., 2-E'q:.' . L'm'i4,z.9!iq'!'1'.:"f.'r6 P. fp Aff' I' Q' :vial if if A .Q-v3-:a" ' "aa ' Ls. 'QI' E' ' ' ' E V ' - ...K A . ,- " . 'fu' -f f J4- Q f . Q., ' o 3' ' V a 'W .4 'fi x 'Q ', 9 ..s.' K.. oi Wiz. V, ' 5. Qu. r4'.,f.'. tp! QQ, Y rea. HQ ' Q. ,gf'A'. ga . ,fi ' ji' at 1 lv f gv X'-I :E .. , . - , v 0 , . :sf 3 Wu, it .qt 1- .,' -. .4 .I -' v -H. f .',.,o. 4: W 1 f ,'t 6 9 'K' 'P 'K la +4 4 4. gi' ' .4 "unix v o Q A vi' x J' . n' .' 'B ' , Q f . Q ., .- V . , 0 ' 4 g 0 in ff 1... S 9 'ij ,ff ,'. . J - ,- A ge-'Q N K 4.5 ' 5 ,. -F. 4 O 4 i' ' 1 L' is .A ' 1' Hxunp is, Qt . Q , Q gr 4 , 'hr THERE s A 'BEAUTIFUL EA The earth, with' its bluislz,ngfeenish, -reddish, and stark in siffht. For the nzoorfs irst visitors rom earth tw luzfs 1111 upsiflc:-flown,-.s-l11tc11zr'nl. 'But a .symbol . That clzdnges Concepts. .That turns new .age llxlzflfll-S' 'lo uccnfpf 1. niillivon dqzllnr -fVlIfl?CIfJ1JlIfCl1f NM0dcrn, teaching .IBM for all 'Iliff llJ0J'Ifl,,SZ flriues .gulf '111'o.7Jlep.1.57 flfiflllfll 1 1 va Ss , 'Q ."Fy Q 1 85" ,f +'sv an ' dr 0 H v " ' . .n iyyga y .fx Q ,, , . Q .-'41, l ,N -1 N. 'I' -1 W. '. Kfa ff! 4 '.."n,. K, ' , sr K' f K h He' 1' J .4 1 5,34 .. v - - . h Q . L, ' . C ' . . 4 g 'w .X 4 i . C a'5 1 va 9' .. rl 'Q 2 Di' t. 0 Q. qszon. Q Q ,ao 1. a V U zufeds api. - . 1 . K 4 .. , 'E lllllirl gfzR3,Qgr'zif1g' inl fl ' mee- wefv . no. 6,.s' ?H."ng Q 6 U . 1 , .1 0 0 an k. .' ,.,, . 4 . . ' Ifffiiliins-f py?Q,iirYcgj-itff 'Y S, H ' "v V Q .., 4. W ., 4+ ..,, ' o Q K Q g , ' L . 9 . V' 1,.A'IiaJ1,f2nzflA, as nllfll ,qoqlg .. -'L..,-,yy 1 . 1 4 ug Sf If vwff '9' V . ' 1-01 0 f I , Q Tv 'ff' 'E E,Vi1.f . ,jilxlgt f"fe11z?g7g.tlv. M I 'iso 4 I 9 ,. ' . , Q.. ' 7 'js - ,m Y '. ' jf i A Isl . ,Xp Q -' .1 4 A . J 1 '.. Q 1. v Q nl Q ,. , A -. 'Q' I C fi 6 '- DQQ, Y! Q. -.9 QAQQ . l Mtv , Vlftv: X r.. .su , Q' -2 .ga -fy,-..g' f'fj fv!""u, , . A - E- 'ff ,' V L ' V f. . 'i 2"' , 'VN X1 ' I Q 5' - . QV, "g'fs",.'-Qv, . V, aj, 4 . fi- ,"!3-ya V9 ' I ' Q 9 4' .ff .. W. Di. . ' .f-, , I' A .9 f -- nn!" E 'f .if'..'? -V " 'Q'- '. f' . ' 'f, Q ' u pn. , aka 'Q glwtgs, ' Q .g.',g. y, ,fsf - gf, . ga. I 13. Ig.,-S+ 9...--wr s q. gg--,iw .Ai tj' Q E1 , -f .A lim, 1 Y 1 CONTENTS mi ACTIVITIES my ADMINISTRATION TI-I ATHLETICS my CLASSES Im GREEKS ffl! BEAUTIES Tw ORGANIZATIONS 0115 'faq I ff! A gf, .4'1":- I 'gifpyv ' ,pf f ,.:9'i' f 1 1 kj -Q. ggi:-G -1 p pw I , 3 , . 15 T' Q5 ,U Q nr II is es S ,if pages 10- II pzzgas- SS- S9 pages IOS 109 pagans' H2-1.153 przgcrs' 2.38-239 pzlgcfs- S3253 324 pa f'f'IS' V352-I 5 9.353 I , , . f , Vi ' I b .C SICCI .:.,S. C I ,Ii 102 ,J 'P :TUE ' ' ' ' lf -1 4' .I,I 5 L' I . ' 1 .,., V 've UU KG? fgi H10 from ,qenemtzon the lehmzng belongs tim space A before. V new Capstone. challenges' ood o70'po5'tw1ities eclipse the wildest dreqhls ofthe post. For tlienz 'foe lvesoech strength: AAH1fI vision. Alifl hlHTliIifff. ' To them, we l1CfHCI1.fI? this volume. I fx L- I V,f.,,.Af W- K V H ,M , am W -Q.-wh + 5 Nw. ff W VK , ,, W,1,kw,., x,L,, , f- 511'-1. -1. f fy "inf-7 7:y'w,,,:':iVfA. N' EM' . ggi, 'L k 4' . , . 1 wx 574- .LL . I 'V AL' 3" K ' -91f,, b1YW"2-1 , 9,5-e,,aQSfeg,y, ,Sf fm., L- . 6 ,. -V A ' ' - . - -f I W A ,,,,.i55V ' 1 ' Mus-Vp - 2 .aizmm A 9' fm-: ' 6 K 4, ,f ACTIVITIES Himflrerls of nzen both in anrl out of the hloclclzoiise anfl around the launching pail were doing tlicmSfi1'1d.a' of things. -just to get one rocket off the pail. At the Capstone, too, tho11.s'a:ia'S of activities are T661Illfdfl.-Al'l,l.S'f to shoot one student off the launching pail of his enrollment blank into the orbiting life of a growing collegian. Clas.s'e.s', exanzs, graduation. Starlent government, Crimson if XVl1ite, the rlelyating teani. Rats-liing, Honzeeonzing, partying. Concerts, lect11l'e,s', sern1on.s'. A stroll hanfl-in-hancl. A clash to the post office. A moment of rlayflreanzing. -All quite nece.s:s'ary. To lift one Capstone student into the trajectory of a huflcling leafler in his chosen fielil. ,....x 3,1 .Q-,,, ::,,- , .W b J A x --ah-, 56 ng. M- ,Jwl V +::f."". uf .M mkxfwkwnlw' mf sw K A. .-. J' - 1' . ,gg i " 5 x xi... WY if 'M 52335. 1 M 'fi sLxXjf'.z6.: . ,x ga 7. -ggi' V Q . If MK A, -N1 V A K .ny - ' ' ' 5.1 ,Jn Az' Aww ' 6'l1I"I'5i. W' ' . , W 'Y . ,,.m,,,q.. --K .V "lx W x H ,L v . I "R ,g Y xfsf V J' fi Aw 3 f.vf'fi??, 1 -ws-U 4241- BMW Amfk gi 4 'Ei . ' 2 xv , M my - 4. Ssiwsie E94-ff'-v X' 'raw' Sammi .Q - I mwwe K I se if . w.-..t- ,f .MA .,,.M,?,, W s ff if k,-f T9-rcs.-,. , sk t w' li. W Mfr-rafM..,eii5f .af 52.'TmZf-ti t- l 12Ei3 s:.. ., -if , , ' , A, is Q saw-ev-Q i s M . . ,-.1-wit 'i s ef,m1cr+'sfsgf'wiE.. Q-T fs .ff .t ". M... Maura.. ' M PACKED CARS and stuffed trunks are a sure sign that school has started. Alabama students arrive on campus to begin Rush Week, Orientation, Registration, classes and home work. Student enrollment comes from 50 states and 26 foreign countries. Excitement Reigns when Frosh Arrive on Campus FULL OF EXCITEMENT, homesick already, and scared to death, Were the 1800 Freshmen ar- riving on Bamais campus in September. Muster- ing up his courage, the typical freshman bids his anxious parents 'iau revoirv, and settles down to unpacking trunks, trying to remember all the ad- vice given to him, and trying to remember names and faces. For months booklets, pamphlets, forms, and in- formation blanks cluttered his desk. All during the summer, thoughts have been running through his head about What the classes, dorm life, and college in general, will be like - how it Will feel to be a small part of the great machine. Placement tests, Rush Week, and registration create anxiety, accompanied by a slight fear. During this time one often Wonders What is so exciting about going off to school. The thrill of having a new roommate, becoming a friend With the people in the dorm and in classes, and making decisions, are all typical of the feelings of the student Who is at the Capstone for the first time. DORM COUNSELORS register students tor rooms upon arrival. Each dormitory has a counselor to aid students. E . Xe- f i. Er.,.f l LOADED DOWN with suitcases, laundry bags, typewriters and even bongo drums, students prepare to begin University life. The University provides 14 men's dorms cmd 10 women's dorms for students. AFTER MOVING IN, students get together for bull sessions. Meeting new friends and renewing old acquaintances is a major part of the first few days at school. ' E .if YY Q ictsie 4 Qs ns: .,,.., ,gm if--M sygs g i,i Rush Week is Chaos to New Students at School RUSH YVEEK provides excitement and good times for the rushee. Thereis the laughter, thc excitement of the first day, mingled with unsure- ncss after seeing the vastness of the University. Thcreis the first meeting of students from all parts of the state and the country. There are thc joyous lilts of laughter and conversation heard in thc dormitory rooms. Thereis the friendliness that everyone shows to his fellow rushee. Then the time comes for meeting the groups. Many glow as diamonds never could. Many shy away and panic for lack of conversation. After the parties, the inevitable letdown sets in. Tears are shed over the insecurity of rush week, for not all are able to meet strangers easily. With all this the days go on - smiles, i'Who-do- you-known talk, meeting new friends, waiting for invitations, and making decisions. The big day comes and big decisions are made. Many are chosen to be a part of the group, but whether a student pledges or not, Rush Week still becomes an unforgettable memory in each rusheeis life. v,,,...,,, GIRLS RUSH is a maze of parties and new faces. Seventeen sororities open their doors to campus co-eds as rush arrives. THE SOLEMNITY of Sorority Rush Week comes as the Panhellenic groups THE SQUEAL NIGHT crowd of fraternity boys anxiously and the prospective pledges begin making their final important choices. wait for girls to rush toward the sorority houses. T4 ,s EXCITEMENT IS EVERYWHERE and tension is released as happy girls race to meet Their new Sorority sisters in the circles and on Sorority Row. 383 University of Aiabama co-eds were pledged at the culmination of the festive i958 Rush Week activities. CAUGHT AND KISSED by the waiting fraternity man on her way to Sorority Row, this coed is sidelined. GREETlNG their new pledge, Chi Omegas exemplify the feeling of the night, as rushees become pledges and new friends become sisters. 15 A STUDENT CONSULTS with Mr. Coley, of the Commerce faculty, before registering for classes. Faculty advisors are for all students to insure the obtaining of proper credits for graduation. Lines, Forms, Confusion Mark Registration Week NO MATTER how Well prepared a student is by pamphlets or fore Warning by experienced stu- dents, orientation and registration are two of the roughest obstacles he must overcome. These or- deals come as a shock to students suddenly thrust into college life. Give heed to this advice in the art of register- ing the endurance test of the year: Put your head down and crash the mob for a place in lineg Use your elbows to make your place in the multitudeg Before you begin your vigil in the mile long line, be sure youire in the right one. Keep your chin upl The 10 A. M. class is Worth it. Check your credentials, uAcv card, Deanis form, grade sheet, and Work permit to escape Saturday classes. This is most importantl Drained of all your energy by the endless hours of standing, pleading, and changing schedules, you find yourself completing the slight task of registering. SIGNING UP for classes at Foster Auditorium is the second step of registration, and a dreaded task for all students. STUDENT SEEKS solitude in auditorium balcony while filling out the endless registration forms, BRAVING THE MOB, students try to find space to fill out forms, and more forms, during the period of registration. THE CHECKOUT LINE is the very final step of registration. The forms are checked, signed, sorted, and registration is over. T7 Student Government has Strong Program at Bama SCA . . . FAMILIAR WORDS to all U of A stu- dents . . . but behind those words is a great deal that only a relatively few know about. Under the leadership of president Ben Reeves, the SCA made its forty-eighth year successful, and the Legislature, led by vice-president Harold Albrit- ton, acted on many issues vital to the students, welfare during the session. Leask Harris held the purse strings as the SGA became a thriving business. The task of introducing new students to the Capstone was capably handled by Charlie Crook, chairman of Freshman Orientation Committee first semester, and by Don Solomon, second se- mester. Bama spirit was kept at a peak by julian But- leris Spirit Planning Committee which directed the pep rallies, parades, and special events. uBulldogs Erased, Alabama Rollsv was the Homecoming theme selected by Trarrum Fitz- patrickis Homecoming Committee. Alabainais own Mel Allen led the pep rally and gala parade. For several weeks the Campus United Fund Drive headed by Bobby Roebuck solicited stu- dent donations for the charitable organizations in the area. Bama Day this year was under the direction of Marvin Epstein. The colorful political parade and carnival were the center of attraction as the politicians had their day before the student body. HAROLD ALBRITTON Vice President 1 BEN REEVES President 1 if mb'-". ar nuff., .,., ,F . A .,,, ,hh A-:'-ll: :V xx a LEASK HARRIS Secretary-Treasurer BW? I E I I My SGA SECRETARY .lane Rowson Takes insfruciions from President Ben Reeves in carrying out SGA functions. EXECUTIVE CABINET: Gene Hardy, Bobby Roy Hicks, Scum Massey, Mark Anderson, David Matfhews, Kenneth Harwell, Marla Stephenson, Ben Reeves, Ruth Barksdale. STUDENT COURT: Max Allen, Murray Allen, Dena Huguley, Leonard M. Trawick, C. M. A. Rogers, III, John S. Bowman. TRANUM FITZPATRICK CHARLES CROOK Chairman of l'l0meC0mln9 Chairman of first semester, Freshman Orientclfion 20 W ffl. ,H 5 '15, ,Wt 7.f i tl-Z 'Q sem , . ,aw Y gm?-sees: Q2 .f , ' "l' . if 2 Xi fi xg' 's af 111:21 L zyfij fx sf I I E JULIAN BUTLER Spirit Planning Committee DON SOLOMON Chairman of second semester Freshman Orientation MARVIN EPSTEIN Chairman of Bama Day SGA LEGISLATURE: Seated: Betty Burnett, Polly Henderson, James B. Dilwortlw, Harold Albritton, Martlia Poole, Pat Kelly . . . Standing: Lester P. Miller, Sam Hamner, Stanley B. Williams, Marvin Epstein, Jim Davis, Bill McCohan, Robert N. Braswell, Jack Wells, Bob Whaley, Frank Moody, Fred Ingram. 4. pq .. M .. The AWS Guides The Activities of Women AVVS IS THE nucleus of womenis activities on the University campus, Under the vcry capable direction of Marla Stephenson, president, AWS began the year with YVomenis Honor Day, and a banquet followed when AWS offered recognition to the dormitory with the highest scholastic average. An integral part of AVVS organization is the vast work done by committees. The committees, which are made up of approximately ten girls each, are: publicity, activities, Co-ed, constitu- tion, social, scholarship, and IAWS. AVVS has two leadership retreats so that all or- ganizations can plan an effective and satisfactory yearis program together. Hospitality committees are set up in each dorm to foster a spirit of friendship to new or visiting students, Speakeris Bureaus are established to acquaint high school girls throughout the state with the Universityg Penny-a-minute night is sponsored to aid the United Fund Drive, these are only a few of AWS,s functions that are so vital to the Universityis successful program. AWS OFFICERS: Nancy Golson, Marla Stephenson, Anne Weatherford, Barbara Wailenfang. AWS OFFICE is the scene of many activities that involve a major part of the functions which concern the women of the University oi Alabama. The office is located in the Union Building. 22 E' T -s .49 s.. U .. sv' 'M QR if AWS BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Anne Weatherford, Barbara Wallenfang, Susan Speake, Ann Karpinski, Martha Sue Duke, Ann Williams, Barbara Couch, Annette Randall, Ellen Haas, Marla Stephenson. AWS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATWES: Bottom Row: Emily Reaves, Minnette Ross, Annette Alexander, Sylvia Sargent, Barbara Wallenfang, Marla Stephenson Barbara Foust, Dianne Shirley, Alice Davidson, Dot Mothershid . . . Second Row: Margaret Pritchett, Anne Kenan, Martha Groenenclyke, Jeri Haught, Gail Bailey Mary Elizabeth Self, Margaret Page, Shirin Floyd, Sandra Duke, Mary King Jones . . . Third Row: Ruth Barksclale, Betty Burnett, Barbara Vogel, Louise Hall JoAnn Van Tassel, Ann Barnes, Pat Porter, Catherine Boozer. NJ ,os K' AWS JUDICIARY COUNCIL: Mary Louise Oliver, Diana Doyle, Sybil Wirth, Linda Faye Boling, Ellen Haas, Bette Anne LeBlanc, Ann Prout, Bette Weaver, Judy Liebold. i ,. A n , ,ez-,fs ..: L4 iiii-m1'l!'fS2, . AWS FREHMAN COUNCIL: Kneeling: Mickie Womble, Joyce Cunningham, Joyce Jutkins, Virginia Sparks . . . Sitting: Ann Little, Ann Karpinski, Patsy Yancey, Mary Ann Mitchell . . . Standing: Betty Johnson, Laura Weaver, Robbie Tidwell, Linda Mantel, Ellen McGinnis, Melissa Sessions, Joy Harris, Betsy Prout, Sheila Madison, Joy Clark. 24 m, wg . "iii Yigtmyz I A,'. W- - is haf .'lf5Z'5Qf'1 .'2filfgl,y: fllii xii? L iw-Wwffzzitfriiicftlkf si- 1:31 t,'.f"f53f?hg:Z5i -f i3??v5Y ylfisgizfsygidfgl NK ,:- . fv ge: 4 I if in f. STUDENT LIFE COMMITTEE: Dr. Pointer, Dean Blackburn, Tom Lankford, Ben Reeves, Marla Sfephenson, Dean Healy, Dr. Herbert Van Scoy, Dr. Miriam Locke BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS: Seated: Allen Tarff, Mr. Bounds, Dean Healy, Dean Blackburn, Mrs. Boylan, David Ellwanger, Louis Anders. Siandingz Dr. Bell, Tom Lankford, Ben Reeves, Max Pope, Mr. Stewart 25 DAVID ELLWANGER Editor JO ELLEN O'HARA GAIL COX Associate Editor Associate Editor Corolla is the Largest Publication in Alabama CAMARAS FLASHING, typewriters pounding, telephones humming and pencils scratching . . . three, five, eight, ten hours a day. The 1959 Corolla moved toward publication. Plans Were laid early to make an entirely new Corolla for 1959. The editorial staff is composed of many people who Write, arrange, lay-out, and produce this, the largest publication in the state of Alabama. David Ellwanger led the staff and associate editors through the various scheduled deadlines and mileposts. The Corolla business status is that of a big busi- ness With an annual budget nearing 340,000.00 The revenues of sales, advertising, Creeks and organizations are put together With the alloca- tion from the SGA Student Activity Fee to make the book stand on its own financially. Louis An- ders and his capable staff made up for the in- creasing costs and charges of production by sell- ing more books and advertising than ever before. HOWARD SHENK Associate Editor ,f as ' 'im ml X16 'F-any H-,,,g1 yd E,-it I A A ,M . 523 E .N an Q- Mia. TOMMY TILLMAN TOM WEST Sports Editor Military Editor ADM WNW L , V 'B AVIA DEADLINE PROBLEMS fill the minds of the Associate Editors Shenk, Cox ond O'Hcurc1 os they confer with Editor Dove Ellwonger. 7 H LAWTON HIGGS Greek Editor ,WN-Nw 27 , M f wz1'ff"' HENRIETTE KENDRLCK Index Editor ,R - JANIS WALKER Copy Editor l. f L! W I Avru, : , w nnrkk Q f Mi Y HM- We-H -c- M r LoY0ut Editor A .E fl 1 L A photographer LLOYD BIGGS Photographer COROLLA BEAUTY selection colls for c conference with Beouty Choir- mon Frank McRight, the Editor, ond Business Monoger Louie Anders. K' A+ 1fAl,l'2,N!Y,X xi Wmmwmwwm CHARLOTTE ADAMS Office Manager MELVIN ANHALT Advertising Manager SONNY SEALE Organization Manager ,,,leM r1,',,,..- TOM LANKFORD Editor BEBE MIREE Associote Editor . The Crimson-White has Another Successful Year THE CRIMSON-VVHITE, called the C-W hy most students, comes out every Thursday throughout the year except during holidays and during examinations. Each Week the C-VV features campus stories and news, movie reviews, editorials and marry other things reflecting campus life and strrderrt opinions. It also features a campus coed as the Bama Belle of the Week. The Crimson-White is supported hy allocations from student activity fees and the advertising which it sells. The husiness staff has the respon- sihility of keeping the advertising income up to par. The C-W,s are distrilruted on campus at the fra- ternity and sorority houses, dormitories, and the Supe Store free of charge to all students. ,u ccsc tr ea. GILLIS MORGAN Associate Editor If BOBBY WILLBANKS Sports Editor PAT POTTER Features Editor if xx SOCIETY EDITOR Judy Maddox, Artist Jo Rodgers, and reporter Gerry Morton, work on material to meet Sunday's deadline. JUDY MADDOX Society Editor MAX POPE Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF works on the advertising layout as Ad Manager Davis Crenshaw shows Them 'the cut for a new ad for the C-W. DAVIS CRENSHAW Advertising Manager LEE STEGEMEYER Features A 3 FLETCHER MOORE Photographer BICE Supplement vows, ,ol GERRY WADDELL Editor Art, Humor, Photos Are Mahout Features THE EXPRESSED purpose of Alahamais Ma- hout was to provide an outlet for students talent- ed in art, photography, humor, and writing. It has served this combination literary-humor pur- pose well, and circulation has tripled since its founding. Each month the Mahout presents the girl oi the month in a 4-page series of pictures. This, of course, is one of the most popular sections of the magazine. Following closely in popularity is the Ankus page which features humorous editorials. icThe Poetis Cornerv and uThe Crain Bagv are also eagerly awaited. Leaning a bit to the humorous side, the Mahout has nonetheless become well known for the out- standing short stories which appear in its pages. Some of these stories have later been puhlished in national magazines. The Mahout brand of humor has become well known, and it is the general feeling on the cam- pus that the magazine lives up to its motto MThe Southis Finest College Magazinef, MEL STANFORTH Art Editor 'Ulu -'fi EARL WHATLEY Associate Editor GINGER LITTRELL Editorial Assistant TOMMY TILLMAN Circulation Manager A. 3: EDDIE KELLY Advertising Manager 'W MAHOUT STAFF members are engrossed in a bull session, when free time comes right after the monthly magazine is released. The Mahout typist's work is never done. 35 ALLEN TARTT Business Manager Classes and Between . . . Daily Routine for 8,000 AS THE SUN rises over the University campus, the streets and sidewalks are quiet. From the distance comes the hooming of Denny Chimes. One - Two- Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven- Eight. Crowds suddenly cover the grounds rushing down the sidewalks to get to Woods hy eight oiclock. A rare and happy treat comes in the day during an hour break. The Supe Store, Little Bohemia, and the Corner are packed with students craving coffee and a few minutes with the girl friend. If youire lucky, there may he days with free afternoons for iistudying in the lihraryn, or even hetter, hours spent on creek banks, or the Burch- fieldll A PHYSICS CLASS studies the modern developments of space vehicles and experiments in space flight studies. AERONAUTICAL engineering students study the intricate de- sign and construction of airplane motors during a lab period. WITH CLASSES OVER, University co-eds plan for the day ahead, which is to be filled with books, dates or quiet moments spent in relaxation. A FIELD TRIP is the order of the day for a group of geology students as they study and identify the rock formations found in the area. fs S E s 5 LQ A il 5 'Sri-53grlixSQ umm I., .., . 'fig WS 3.5, e- ft ' 1 to Tax. Tet' F 'gffil 9 so 63.77 Ai .K r E ,. .w, in iff um 5,1 awk T 5' as -are f- c . .. it , , -9. 1-'l-12,1 '5.Jf.i52,l,.-.,, '. ,A .f "fi, . -:,.Q.:f' JV: V h: ::f,-gf-,.' T-'Q' ff s aw s n ri is ,, w.. .' -nm 4. -' ti sry a ,ft We fr--V4 5, . mu -P . 1.-irq f' .af fsz- A 6 4 -f :skis - . : - " Q 11,14 ite' 1 F .' A", 'Xi-. . fr' , ff. ill , ' . . lbw , We .wg if ,ill X . - wg. -. J, . r Eg! . , ' 1 mx .gk T, ,. -Pg , , Rf 5 " fl' . 4',""1' a Q3 3 'Ls-9' 1359 fs. ': V' X ' , j. - x M Q, - 4.4 ul '9-us? fi. ,, ' AE ,,.. . ' S af sq f' F f , . A .. if wh M ,, 'favs . , Effie siffg -V ' A or sf! 1 F v I . ,. v . . 1 ,, , ., ,,. .,,m. . -,K-gk 'ff' "1'."' V vvyf , Hs, 7- ., ws, ,Ac ,A WW, .,x,,,n, Y, .V . . MX 4 'Kami t 1. '11.wft'f.N1 er .df-f ,wr , T 'Fi W 2.-ft .W EVEN STUDENTS who cut classes seldom miss their daily trips to the Supe Store for relaxation and conversation with fellow students. The Supe Store is a popular meeting place for faculty, too. cv .,, gi -fffamg s. N . v ' V , fv. 'T 2 Q WHEN ALL EFFORTS for studying fail, students resort to "The Corner" to catch up onthe latest gossip and magazines. EVENINGS FIND many Alabama students standing in line at local theaters forthe latest in motion picture entertainment. 3- 63 ai ' Y K Mm 3, si X laik TWO HEADS are better than one in seeking a date as the time is drawing near for the annual Interdormitory Dance. DORMITORY DANCES have become popular events and are enioyed by many University of Alabama students living in dorms. 38 Dorm Life Proves Rich Experience for Students THE LONG-anticipated meeting hetween room- mates takes place with each Wondering Whether theyill get along and Whether the other Will he a hrain, a dumho, or one Who believes in all play and no Work. Nevertheless, theyill more than like- ly become the best of friends for the year and for their college career. p Many valued memories are created in the dorm. Very few people forget the card games, all night gah sessions, tutoring services in the Wee hours, and other unforgettables of dorm life. Also re- membered are the night the shower door fell, the trash can rolled down the stairs, and the coun- selor accidentally Was locked out of his room. In the dorms friendships are made, never to be forgotten. aa -r-'W-I-2: : .Hg'Eili.lili'!!i Qi 1 Klislinndniunsuuulnll Qian: Wim-lfilli Sninlltnmnl Umniiaiililiii uni lk my mmuiililliiliii i Xiiliilligluiaiduvlllwui it ills limmiiiiiiil iiil fc-'mt F2577-7E'.'-E'i,'FQ'Qii'i milf, l - an . K apxtttili 4 y wggmyulfgtlnwif-Qlnlninlll 1!:.:.r.r '.': - MW rrass :'..'..:.'.:::.1 s Q f sr nl :Qumran Q i an shaman 5 -- gm, -- l nxt: t H nusununn . 'll'am"" X : 1" ' i"1- t i : ll I It I , 1 - 5 ,.,,,,, , , qw an t 4 ifgqgg, . t , W r H H EM WAN! WW' M f-r 1- vi x'-- vvm-as ,mam 4. ikismw 3 wear mmm I Mi' iiliii t i ii i r L 's-s tg A 1 K I fr 12-gg 4 Q mi, tail NIMH'-1 -W W QSM xi W as 1 l W' K NS! 't 9:-saigsi 2 t,-fv. if ww A,v7 'swf-me is ri was-was gm ,Y .. Lf ,. -W Miki? ff' Q , wr :fmww V. .xr--1: 25 QM up S hdik if V- wa ttyr my t ' is marital r ' Q as W a L at si' V TWO WEEK'S restrictions leave these girls plotting on ways to get out of Tutwiler after eight o'clock in the evening. L y Q. Q4q4 . ,lf if UNIVERSITY CO-EDS prepare to go their separate ways as one student WITH ONLY ten minutes before class this late-sleeper studies, while the other roommate gets ready for a date for the evening. student gets ready for the class-filled day ahead. WYMAN HALL player seizes pass as he drives toword goal against Clayton Hall. The University's Intramural program includes all of the boy's dormitory groups. STUDY BREAKS and bridge games among coeds are a common sight in Women's Dormitories. 39 Wed Students Increase In Number at Capstone FIRST THE PIN, then the ring, then on to gradu- ation by Way of the altar. Many co-eds study for their B.S. and P.H.T. QPutting Hubby Throughj degrees at the same time. Northington, Riverside, and Bakersfield are genuine examples of the popularity of the marri- age license preceding the degree. Dishes to Wash, books to read, clothes to iron, mid-term tests the next day, and company ,til midnight, are all a part of the everyday World of married students. Then little ones appear on the scene, and stu- dent apartments often look like a giant-sized kiddieland. All this and a limited bank account, too, make this life seem like a dreaded affliction, but not one couple will deny that they donit enjoy every minute of it. Sew-it-yourself clubs, bridge clubs, and cover- ed dish suppers, bring many couples together to get the most fun and friendships out of the road they chose to happiness. , ,,-.gun-:wwf STUDENT LEADER, SGA Secretary Leask Harris, takes time out after a busy day to play with his daughters. Xxx MAKING THE MOST of their temporary home, this student couple is hard at work planting their flower garden. UF- 'fe-NI? 5 5 'S f i . vm- 'Si . 1 'E",.s' f ., Aw g . A . Vrgvwiti L , ri is 3 .fe ,, :Q X lj' "A, . ! 1.4 EEL, ii fe .1 .--""" l -,,.f" ff! , STUDENT WIVES c7on't get much help with the housework when their husbands need to spend an evening to study. .T-if of g I' fs Nr Yf .' f. KF ,. lk V f if ilhgfg f 7"".i.s T ii ,f i3'T.Itt.t"23 YM f125Z.,.'s II Mfr'-gii 'iff if L I Q ., EV , .g 5 .xl ex ' 'I -,4 f- ' 2 .yvfibe 55-3 ,ffjff fe. 'J' Wi . - Irvin. WN, "Y Qfrqaf '11-:V SQL? W3 , -i-I ,, 'QI lfb' x 'lst gf if-X. T5 . 5 iqxq.,g'fm:5X,Yi,:f ,, QU., bitt, V V if 1 Qi"-twY-:Vx U ' haf W ' 5-16122 l . THE UNIVERSITY DAMES, a club for the student wives, have their weekly social gathering to play some bridge and to keep in touch. "BRING THE FOOD AND THE CHILDREN." This is the password of the many barbeques and out- ings held by neighbors at Northington, Bakersfield and Riverside married students' apartments. 4I Football Victory ls RAINY AND COLD, as in many previous years, Homecoming Day dawned at the Capstone. Friday night had been filled with fun . . . and work, also. The annual Homecoming Pep Rally had as its emcee, Mel Allen, well-known sports- caster and a University of Alabama alumnus. The spirit and excitement did not cease after the rally, but grew even more as work continued on decorations. The weather didnit dampen the spirit of the sleepy-eyed fraternity and sorority members as they labored early on Saturday morning to put final touches on floats and lawn decorations. As ten oiclock came, anxious students and alumni crowded University Avenue to see the homecoming parade. The festive spirit was every- where. White mums with gay red ribbons adorn- ed every girls shoulder, and smaller "mums for menv in every lapel signified the completeness of Climax Ai' Homecoming loyalty and spirit at the Capstone on Homecom- ing Day. B-E-A-R was the theme, and "Beary was the man, because on Homecoming Day, 1958, the Crimson Tide gave evidence to 'iBulldogs Erased, Alabama Rollsu. With cheers going wild, Ala- bama defeated Georgia and Homecoming was truly a successl The DCis and ATOis were happy for another reason, as they won first places for Lawn Decora- tions. As night came, the celebrations came and every party echoed the pride and loyalty all the students and alumni felt toward the University of Alabama. And when the day was over, and Homecoming became an event of the past, this thought came to mind . . . Another year, another game, more fun, more decorations . . . much to look forward to in the coming years . . . and more glory for the University of Alabama. REIGNlNG OVER 1958 FESTIVITIES is Homecoming Queen Marla Stephenson. She was selected from o field of sixty-five girls by a group of iudges. . K-...L .bk Q.. . m i L ., I . 5 . .K , t Q ' '- A . 'i . My auiriiaigrirs--a ABAMA H O MILLION DOLLAR Band leads the parade sn A3359 M PHI GAM'S Fiji Islanders capture a co-ed while waiting tor the Homecoming parade to begin. A capacity crowd of 26,000 fans attended AIabama's annual Homecoming game in early November. uiversity Avenue Homecoming day- DEMONSTRATING THEIR acrobatic agility, the Crimson Tide cheerleaders entertain onlookers at annual morning parade preceding the Alabama-Georgia football game. 43 if? .--"" m.u10G5 QHEEO, FILE,,, WINNING FIRST PLACE for sorority lawn decorations were the Delta Gammas. After getting up at four o'cIock A. M. to compIete work on their decorations, Smokey the Bear brought the trophy home to the DG's. "PLEASE DON'T RAIN," is the hope of the pledges after a Iot ot hcird work on Homecoming decorations. a r +2 I 51+ V iew A I ,X GATHERED FOR A luncheon before the game, students, alumni, and friends anticipate the afternoon's major item, the Tide. 3 THE ATO SIDEWALK points to the first place house decorations for the second consecutive year. Homecoming brought victory to ATO and also to the mighty Crimson Tide over Georgia's Bulldogs. I TZ""Ii BEARK' ,Es WA S H E i T Laundries Use New fi Tide- VARIATION in the theme, "BEAR," as shown here by Sigma Nu's as the Tide drowns out Bulldogs. Sigma Nu was proud to claim the winning coach, their alumnus, "Bear" Bryant. Young and old alike . . . Gather to watch parade. A LITTLE BIT of Hawaii is musically brought to the Cap- stone campus at one of the many costume parties. Many Parties Highlight Capstone's Campus Life A WVEEKEND never passes that a group of Iioys and girls canit find an excuse for a party. All that is needed is a date, stimulating goodies, the right atmosphere, and away you gol Whether the parties are closed or opened, ap- proved or disapproved, large or small, a good time is in store for those who venture into the merrymaking. The setting may he in Rome, old Greece, a Parisian cafe, honky-tonk, the South Seas, the Wild West, or Arahian tent, neverthe- less, a party is What you make itl Celebrating is at its height during football seas- on. XV in or lose, We celebrate. For What, nobody knows, hut We celehratel Suddenly, We find ourselves confronted with exams, so We make the most of it and have a Mfinal fling hefore flunking finalsv. VVhatever the outcome may he - pass or fail - Deans list or probation - the parties go onl I4 'tai X I "THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN" is the call of the KA's as they celebrate their annual Olcl South Ball in the spring. A BIG weekend at a fraternity house features music by a combo and decorations by pledges, enjoyed by members and party hoppers. .AM THE STAR FORMAL of Pi Kappa Phi is one of the many fraternity formal dances. Most fraternities have a fall and a spring formal each year. OUT-OF-TOWN parties are more fun when everybody gets to- gether for bus ride to football, basketball or baseball games. FIJI FLAPPERS ARE THE RAGE as the Phi Gams cele- brate their "Roaring Twenties" party each year GATHERED in a circle, this group casually enioys a Halloween song fest at the Sammy house. The bus czrrives . . . To pick up students . . . And corry them home. 48 Bama Students Eagerly Anticipate the Holidays NO TIME DURING the year is given such im- portance as the holiday seasons. These short va- cations always come when the tests have been hardest, when the classes have seemed the long- est, and when the students have felt most keenly that one more day would be too much for them. Thanksgiving brings visits with old friends at home, and many plan to attend the greatest of all events - the Alabama-Auburn game. After Thanksgiving, the Christmas holiday par- ties begin. Under privileged childrenis parties, fraternity parties and the silly gifts, the dormitory and sorority gift exchanges-all these gatherings give students a chance to share their enthusiasm and anticipation of the Christmas holidays. Christmas at home always gives a ulifti' that is necessary to build up endurance for the exams. Exams, then the semester break, and the never- ending cycle starts over again. During the spring holidays, it sometimes ap- pears that the whole campus is migrating to Flor- ida. The fun in the sun, the money down the drain, and the wonderful blasts, all have the stu- dents saying on their return, i'Oh, to be in Florida once morelv As the end of the school year draws near, three months of what may be called uholidaysv are ahead, but after a few short weeks, many long for the campus again. CHRISTMAS decorcitiors are the projects of these Theta Chi pledges os December comes ond vocation drciws near. 1 2 , A E' I MNH- ' f ig., 9. 1 .13 ,X s 5 E f- PM . X 3' .fx sf -. 1 , .QV I , ,iiiivom 1 in M ,W 3 A K 1 flkfifi rk 5 ? Q 4 52' mf-I , Q- W, ,..., ,,, , 4 - ,L Y ,, ,W N, WM ,M W J .. ,.., , , 'mfr Concert-Lecture Series Offers Varied Programs BENNETT CERF opened the University Concert and Lecture Series on October 14 in Foster Audi- torium. The nationally known author, publisher, and humorist, kept his audience enthralled with his lecture on the HChanging patterns in Ameri- can Humorv. The critically acclaimed production of KCandidev by Voltaire Was presented October 23 by a company of twenty performers and musi- cians. Cuiomar N ovaes appeared at the Capstone December 4 and thrilled her audience with her mastery of the piano. February 20th marked the appearance of Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra. A colorful exhibition of a well rounded program thrilled the audience. The Ca- nadian Players brought to the University, Shake- speare's HAS You Like Iti' on February 24. Kath- erine Marshallis lecture on 'iMastering the Art of Human Relationsv closed the lecture series on March 17. In April, two concerts drew to an end the series for the 1958-59 season. Morely Meri- dith, baritone soloist, appeared on April 14 with the University Symphony and Chorus in Handelis uElijahv, and Nell Rankin, on April 28, displayed her versatility and flawless tonal beauty. INTERVIEWING the cast for Voltoire's "Candicle," the Crimson-White reporter approaches the members as they arrive on the campus. THE GREAT Glenn Miller Band provides the musical entertainment for the 1959 Military Ball held at Foster Auditorium last February. 50 9 X. QW if 9. 3 . V 4- A, .f " fm I Q M Ein E !.., :K , -4 BENNETT CERF, the well-known author and lecturer, signs books for students at the autograph party held at the local book store. 41,3 '-rgj. ,- ,. WELL-KNOWN authoress, Catherine Marshall, lec tured at the University, sponsored by Mortar Board MADAME LOBIAS, internationally famous art- ist, displays her great mastery at the piano. STAN KENTON and Miss June Christy provided a delightful evening of musical entertainment at the tall Cotillion Club program presentation mmm -f -'K-any , W THE YOUTHFUL Kingston Trio was cz tremendous hit with students when they were presented by Cotillion Club. ,Jem X fwl I X , CAST MEMBERS of Volc1ire's "Ccndide" helps with CANADIAN PLAYERS come to the University in the Full to present their intricate lighting controls during toll performance. version of "As You Like lt," under the sponsorship of Concert-Lecture series- 53 THE UNIVERSITY String Quartet, a well known THE PRACTICE GOES ON and on as the University Symphony Orches group, travels extensively throughout the country. tra works to perfect every sound before the public performance A VIOLINIST gives his all to the attainment of the quality of sound he desires for the performance. Symphony and Opera Groups Outstanding FOR OVER TWENTY years the University Sym- phony Orchestra has made a name for itself in the leading music circles of the Southeast and the nation. This year the symphony orchestra, conducted hy Roland Johnson, offered five major events for the music lovers in this area. For the symphony- minded, two orchestral concerts were presented, featuring the orchestra composed of both faculty and students. The more formal type of music, the opera, was represented on campus as 'iThe Consuln hy Men- otti. In Ianuary, the student members of the or- chestra vvere featured in the Senior Soloistsi Program. During the Music Festival in April the complete oratorio uElijahv by Mendelssohn Was given, completing the Well-rounded program of the Music Department. The regular concerts of thc orchestra have Won a reputation for the mas- tery of the selections, and thus have Won increas- ing professional recognition. .. ,wx 'ye' it iq, 2 'W ' 1 Nw-Hsu. - 1 W 3, M ' zu :Si ,S 6 'ZX ff-2 gf 3? -X ygigyxgg " sm A W Ly an s lf QQ V: f i , f, j - lwyi W "1' ' QL .lb ..,,: , : A zz' .: Slim A 1-,midi Vf-. ,sw 49 lata"-1? Q 1 X I' Wg. , 'W 3 , is N if ff gi? R -"' gp 4- 4 , 17 9 is 4 f ,M W- W '- "f f fi ' " A V ' Y f 1- WK A3'? . - Vaiww AW ' ' I.. . ' V 'X -F - , f 1 . N , . riff: MA ik M' Gs? L V 'Q 1 4 ,hi 1 L. :'- k, , i 3 ,...-. f 'Y' 11. 2 ' f -- ' ' f ' ' ' "" 'g.if ' ' A f , H' K jf 3 1 V iii, - f 75 f 5 f vb . ' ,- , g 1 K t. .. 1 .A A W Y risk A I L7 x g: Linz , ---: A X -WA. , .. ,fi , a WL A ,Q fffxfx 1 .-Q ., VV V L-, b f 21, . , A u L. W I I M- 4, ' M' Q 'L 'Q -4, .54 I. wg, ' K X , 1 i gy M1 4, - Q df Q 2 1 if js MQ. 'Q av- 5 2 ,. L ' A I f 5' ."'3 YE g' "', Q Wa, I if ., . i Q ' f 5,7 ,--- X , .ig. g .L ,gl . V Q 1,51 A -itil l l READY FOR the evening concert, violinist gets in a last few min utes of practice while awaiting curtain time at the University LAST-MINUTE practice is held by individual members as tension mounts backstage before performance. "THE CONSUL" was presented by the University opera group and was seen by opera enthusiasts throughout Alabama through the facilities of Educational television. THE FIRST FULL-LENGTH educational television opera in the world was presented by the University of Alabama opera society in T956. Since then they have achieved a very outstanding reputation. THE ORCHESTRA RISES to the overwhelming applause of a grateful audience at the end of a concert. VIOLINIST EMILE RAAB receives congratulations from orchestra members after C1 performance. Steady as you go If, 5 Fortissimo . . . Pianissimo . . . THE BAND takes the field . . . COLONEL CARLETON K. BUTLER Director, Million Dollclr Bcncl A, 1 . sz. ' it ii-HS, . 1 ' -5' V. A K. -1 -fx. f,.:..,,,. Sy,-.jg -V ' vi Z1 -3 Q 1 ft! :?w,::'ip' Q' 2a::g,Qf.:1.v. Tiff' -exif' Wa' .' " - -- ii. 4- " .. ,.-V. ' E 'Swv Fi 'Q 1, , .1 X-ws... ..., K if -1- . V .MV ,kit-, 1 .QV , K, ,. it A , , , A . 1. I 1 I , 'I ' V , s Y 1, 1 A - up - 4 N. ' " . 5: , ,M ,,, 3 'g -.paw A W :HF 'W' Cav' R xv Ati., Q T . - L - H ,K .- una fir A - iv' if .nf J ' 'gi , . rm , l al I . ff 1 51113 Q. Q ,, ' 't ' -4 " . . N " . ' .Ln 5 , Q ,, ' u rf 'g . ' 1 ' - ,' 4 at Y ' I , .. ' , W. ' 2.5 4, ,V R'-'nie , . - . t 1 fu I L' X My .1 . .nzff ., in ,www 'Ng .L , ea . I ii all ii 1 4 Q 1 I , si 1 ' P N V ., . I I - n -4, . K, .aww - .- ' ' Performs magnificently . . . Million Dollar Band Continues as Pacesetter BEGINNING THE YEAR during the fall with tootball halt-time shows, the Alabama Million Dollar Band entertained a u d i e n c e s in cities throughout the Southeast. Snappy drills and uni- que formations Were performed before thousands in the stadiums in Mobile, New Orleans, Knox- ville, Atlanta, Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham. Under the capable direction of Colonel Carleton K. Butler and associate director Yale H. Ellis, Who assists in directing at both rehearsals and concerts, the band appeared in parades, including Homecoming and the Covernoris Inaugural Pa- rade in Montgomery. It drills with ROTC units on the Quadrangle on special occasions and ap- pears at convocations and concerts on campus. During the bandis Spring Concert last year, the 1958 Miss Alabama Was elected. Charlotte Adams, of Ozark, Ala., was chosen to succeed Julia McXVhorter, of Caylesville. The lovely sponsor and Cordon Cibson, Who later turned over his position as head drum major to Carv Nichols, led the band through its maneuvers. The organization played the outstanding musical arrangements of Steve Sample, a student of the University Who also arranges music for other musical organizations. The annual state-Wide concert tour is also a contribution in keeping with its tradition of top showmanship. 5 ' 'Nic at 1 , .V fr SZ fri J-vw .s,.',, . w r , I 1 W 'QQ I. , 5 2-in W1 I ,. And leaves the field in triumph. ma. .QA THE BAMA BAND drills with the Army and Air Force ROTC Units on the Quadrangle during the annual Governor's Day parade. The band is lead by Gary Nichols, the head drum maior. 1957 MISS ALABAMA, Julia McWhorter, congratulates ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Yale Ellis directed the Alabama Concert Band in one Charlotte Adams, her successor, Miss Alabama, 1958. of its many practices for the State Tour which is held every spring. WABP is Largest U.S. College Wired Station WABP, THE LARGEST campus Wired station in the nation, is in operation five days a Week, fea- turing shows produced by students of the Univer- sity. A training laboratory for students in radio and television, it also serves as a means of enter- tainment for students who tune their radios to the 570 liriglit spot on the dial. Serving the cam- pus with a programming day planned entirely hy students, WABP features music, news, and sports. Y T ,, g i si. T its Fffasysssiiaif if t w -. is f , :A1iwgw2st+3?fis5te1'w ws - 1-s?gig.sS5-tsfsgmsttx 5 f QQ . . ,W ' , ' -ftxsfazlffizrii t- . ,. A rf. , V -Mg-ieyifitifgwsgnge tv -, ' 2 ' " , , ,, V ,, .. ..,,. sm , 5 as 5, - A - f : 1:s,ss,f5gis?1:i11ffag,:cZ fSw?:vr1a2l1Si5ii',El'fiLK' i K . .,.. - 3 T , ' ' it we S' fxtfsizwii 'iastwyg Q59 z1s?s,gs,er gf if f: NEWS, SPORTS and weather are features of WABP, the largest campus wired student radio station in the nation. A GREAT SELECTION of entertainment is provided for WABP listeners through use of the radio station's extensive record library. MUSIC FILLS the air waves as this student disc jockey prepares for his evening of entertainment. WABP broadcasts until midnight for five nights a week. ,v STUDENTS are kept informed of radio programs by poster advertisements placed on the campus. WUCA-TV System is Pioneer in College TV IN RECENT YEARS, TV has become a very im- portant medium of communication, and the Uni- versity of Alabama has pioneered in the field of educational broadcasting. The broadcasting serv- ices of the U of A Television Division produces about 30 half-hour live television programs each Week. The University maintains complete facili- ties for live and film programming, including two studios, a central film room, three image-orthicon cameras, a kinescope film recorder and rapid processor, and fully equipped shop and art facili- ties. The UA-TV system has been a leader in the development of this phase of communication in the United States. EDUCATIONAL TV OFFERS varied courses such as this biology lecture, in which the professor uses a live white rat to illustrate his discussion topic. THE LATEST in the professional television equipment is available in studios of WUOA-TV, which is largest ETV network in the country. 61 BASIC CHEMISTRY is a very popular subiect among the Educational television students. THE FIRST ETV full length opera in U. S. was pre sented by the University of Alabama network Debators Rank High In National Meets GBE IT RESOLVED . . Over and over again in the rooms on the second floor of the Music and Speech Building these words were repeated. Twenty-four students prac- ticed for the onslaught of competitors who would try to deny the University its reputation as having the top team in the field of forensic competition. The Varsity debators from the Capstone have twice captured the top honors at the National Invitational Debate Tournament at West Point, establishing the record of being the only team ever to repeat this honor. They have an enviable record in the major regional and area tourna- ments of the United States. An extended program this year took debate teams to Arkansas, Oklahoma, both Carolinas, Kansas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Kentucky, and New York. As an added challenge this year, the team was pitted against the top dehators in the international scene as the varsity team of Oxford University, England visited the campus for a verbal duel in Morgan Hall. Craig Bamberger debates . . . SN ' +39 WE. HOURS OF PREPARATION are required cf debators to get cases organized for their many debates during the year. Marg Meyer refutes . . . OXFORD DEBATORS are greeted by University Debate Director, Miss Annabell Hagood and Capstone Debators Craig Bamberger and David McCaleb preceding debate between the teams. SESSIONS among the debate team members help to prepare debators for their inter-collegiate competition. Discussion follows debate . . x l ' Q lux-ii! LJ Y . l E P11 I - ---" 'QW X 5 i fi 'Fl University Theater Has Excellent Stage Season THE BROADWAY stage on a smaller scale is the University of Alabama dramatics department. Two ufirstsv appeared on the drama scene this year as the premier of "The Guiltyv by Harry Granick Was directed by Dr. Marian Callaway, the director of the University Theatre. Another Mfirstv Was the production of the first freshman play dGreen Grow the Lilacsv. MDoc,' Callaway, as she is known to students, instructs students in theatre management, direc- tion, acting, make-up, history of the theatre and costuming. Gene Wilsoii, theatrical director of the Univer- sity Theatre, instructs his students in stage-craft, scenery construction, and lighting. Other productions by the University Theatre have been i'Ring Around the Moonv and i'Visit to a Small Planetv. A SCENE FROM "Green Grow the Lilacs" finds Jeeter playing cards with Curly, as they discuss barn fires, and the plot reaches a climax- A PEDDLER attempts to sell some of his goods to Laurie, as the family dubiously stands in the background during scene. ELABORATE CURTAINS are used to acquire the special effects for dramatic presentations by the University Theatre. JEETER PULLS a gun on Curley as he suspects Curley knows that he is guilty of the crime. EXTENSIVE SET DESIGNS are used in the tall production of the play "Ring Around the Moon" presented by the University Players, and under the direction of Dr. Marian Galloway x ,T s HERMINE Melton and Jake Whitehead throw away his money by extravagance so that he will have the happiness of poverty. MADAME de Memortes, who dictates the movements of her household is being prepared for the important formal ball. NX mszsfar Ei . mags 'G O f W, .W M' X W., 4 5 Ax 5 Swan Club Promotes Women's Aquatics TALENT, a sense of rhythm, and gracefulness are necessary qualifications for members of any swimming team. Aquatics-minded women stu- dents of the University swim their way to eniov- ment by becoming members of the Swan Club. This group is recognized for its synchronized and percision maneuvers. SWAN CLUB MEMBERS take a few minutes off, to relax before leaving pool after an aquatic performance in Barnwell Hall. PRECISION MOVEMENTS are a must in Swan Club performance. At their Monday Excellent form . . . night meetings, members strive to perfect strokes and perform them in unison. A CIRCULAR formation highlights the annual performance of the Swan Club. This extra- A beautiful dive. curricular activity is very popular among co-eds and members are selected on talent. 67 A HUMAN FORM is the subject of these art students as they practice for their chosen art field in the classroom in Garland Hall. Variety of Art Found at the Old Quadrangle BRUSHES FLY . . . torches glow . . . ovens bake . . . mallets pound . . . loving hands mold masses of lifeless suhstance into shapes and forms which express the emotions of their creator. Both modern art and the revival of old master- pieces are done hy advanced students who have completed the 'ccore coursesw of learning the fundamentals and history of art. These students may direct their Work into the fields of art educa- tion, graphic art, or commercial design. The out- standing finished products of graduate students Working on theses are exhibited and seem to he incentive for heginning art students to strive to higher goals in their art. A haven for U of A art students - the Old Quadrangle. Sculpture in Garland Hall . . . ceramics in Woods Hall . . . painting in Clark Hall. ART IN METAL is the result as a student works on free form art with a torch and rod in the Woods Hall art laboratory. I SCULPTURING FORMS FROM BLOCKS of wood and stone, the results of effort are very gratifying to the industrious students. A POTTER'S WHEEL is used to shape the vases before baking and designing the decoration for them. THE CERAMICS laboratory in Woods Hall offers the facilities for molding, shaping, baking and decorating to students in the Art Department w 55EEE2i5iixm ,xLmreQMr'sf"'Wf2' -W ' EQ! ,,,,.. ,m,a. 1 SUNDAY CHURCH services at campus chopels care attended by ci vast number of Alobomo students of mcmy religious denominations. m Religious Centers' Aim Is Our Spiritual Growth IN THE FRANTIC rush of college life, each student needs a place to go for renewing his faith and getting spiritual comfort. Located on the outskirts of the campus are the student re- ligious centers, integral Catholic, Protestant and are represented by these are always open to those Serving as more than homey, these chapels prov parts of college life. Jewish denominations Chapels and the doors who wish to enter. a uchurch away from ide social events, intra- mural sports, fellowship, and religious inspiration for thousands of Capstone students. One of their main functions is Religious Emphasis Week, spon- sored hy the Student Religious Association. Dur- ing this time students are given an insight into various religions. In addition, religious services at the centers are stressed. These centers are growing, not only in the physical sense, hut in fulfilling the spiritual needs of the student. n IIIIIII ,Mrs mst fQweka-t 5 l STUDENT CHOIRS provide music for various chopels :W .N ...... -- -Qf:TL:.A.4 M a 1.1 'f-. VESPER SERVICES are held on Sunday nights by many of the campus churches. They feature student participation in their programs DISCUSSION GROUPS, headed by students, are held following Vespers. Eleven religious denominations are represented on the University of Alabama campus. Q'ill .L il . rs s r sr rr i Tn I 1 Q f. t,sys 2 BLAZING CAMPFIRES adds to the afterglow as students gather in the eary springtime at the lakes and creeks surrounding the campus. Q. , M-C Fa 4 Y, 1 Q' 'QQ t E b .tst -M SPRINGTIME MEANS BASEBALL, and some of the students get in a few practice throws outside the dormitory. 72 Spring Marked by Bama Day, Tappings, Elections MARCH CAME and brought signs of spring. The budding leaves and bright blue skies that lift the face of the Capstone were a Welcome sight. Bathing-suit-clad students began to dribble down to Nye olde swimming holev - quick trips to Florida and sun baked faces evident all over campus - picnics, creek-banking, new loves, the empty classrooms that echo the lack of students, Not only is spring a time for fun, but it is a busy time on campus. Politics and elections are in focus, jasons, Mortar Board tapping, and Honors Convocation keep students on edge. Hours are spent in preparing for Step Singing, another big event in April. Bama Day, a big day for the stu- dent politicians, is also a Kfun dayv for all Cap- stone students. As the spring progresses into summer, everyone reluctantly settles down to preparing for finals and the end of spring. BEAUTIFUL WEATHER allows students to enjoy the Spring outside, and this couple chooses the Quadrangle for studying for tests. ERS A ,ag .f V 5 If A if t gy , his Arra flag fs fri? -7 Q. 'f gm. W, .Xie -TWH 5? in iebmmwtww CONVERTIBLES are quite the fad when the weather permits riding in the beautiful springtime with the tops clown DIVING in Men's Lake, this student is one of the many University dwellers who drops books and heads for the water when springtime comes around. GIRLS SITTING on the front lawns is an inevitable occurance. Here the Kappa Deltas exemplify a typical spring scene as they gather in the sunshine for a gab fest IF""'Y'! II HHH 'My ig is Ifag ,w IE7 I ' a in, A Kumi in at wa qw K, it at N M ,',h . f ,. ' - ' HONORS DAY brings excitement as anxious students gather on the mound ot the Quadrangle for Jasons and Mortar Board tapping- SGA PREXY and Miss Bama Day 1958 take a ride at the carnival during the Bama Day festival which is an annual event in April. Messy Pie-eating contest . . . Brings pie in eyes. -Ill' KW' , K THE SACK RACE on Bama Day finds the sorority girls trying to prove their great athletic ability. Suspense fills the air as Mortar Board members walk around the crowd. The thrill of being tapped is shared with happy parents. SOAP SUDS greet Gene Hardy, new Jasons presi- dent, as he is tapped for membership in the society. CAMPAIGNS for student government positions are synonymous with spring, as candidates vie for offices. Dead Week Precedes A Hectic Exam Week TOWARD THE END of the semester, everyone is enjoying the Wonderful dream World of college life, social life, cards, fun. Suddenly, this dream hursts, as they realize that tomorrow starts Dead Week, and studying is the order of the day. So, out come the hooks . . . notes are deciphered, and compared . . . old tests are reviewed . . . social life is forgotten. This seven day period is reserved for students who have not kept up dur- ing the semester. Nearly every student enrolled in the University settles dovvn to almost complete silence . . . a diet of cigarettes, cokes, candy, coffee and dexedrine . . . and little, if any, sleep. The first day of exams comes and goes . . . if a student has a break for a day, he sleeps . . . if not, hack to the same thing. Rewards for this penance are evident when the grades are posted. For hours a student Waits for that certain grade that he was so Worried about. Finally, the grades are upl Exams are overl STUDY TIME comes ot o sorority house. The girls seek comfort first cis conducive to studying for examinations. DORM HALLS are silent and minds are hard at work trying to reccill o semester's knowledge in or few short trying hours- THE PANIC OF EXAM time is evident os cunxious hours ore spent in the Gorges Library by worried Alobomo students. .Q"b-.1 THE DREADED HOUR arrives, and some scan notes in the final minutes, while the other students prepare to release their knowledge GRADES ARE posted and a student's happy expression exemplifies the ioy of fulfillment - the final grade of A for the semester's work. STUDENT GROPES for the test answer as examination time is running out fast. if """"u-up-..... Thirty-Eight Students Are In 1959 Who's Who IN 1935 A NEW honor was created for outstand- ing students in colleges and universities. It was in this year that Mr. H. Pettus Randall, of Tusca- loosa, and a graduate of the University of Ala- bama, instituted KWho,s Whov. Since that time it has become a national honor of particular sig- nificance. Those elected to receive this honor are ac- knowledged in a book entitled "Whois Who Among Students in American Universities and Collegesf, which is published each year. This volume offers public recognition to students with worthwhile achievements in their college careers and provides a practical go-between for employ- Each year the number of students and colleges listed had increased. At present approximately 700 American colleges and 10,000 students are represented each year. In order to be listed at the University of Ala- bama a student must be selected by a committee of administrators and students as sanctioned by the Student Government Association. At the University of Alabama this year, thirty- eight of the most outstanding eligible students, juniors, seniors and graduate students, were awarded this honor. The forthcoming volume of "Whois Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Collegesn will contain the names ers and graduating students. CHARLOTTE ADAMS Every University has one student that out- shines all the rest, and Charlotte Adams is truly Alabama's star. 'Transferring to the University from Huntingdon College in her junior year, Charlotte immediately won the acclaim of her fellow students by being selected 1957 Homecoming Queen, Corolla Beauty, and Miss Alabama. The personality- plus Ozark, Alabama, senior was also an AFROTC Sponsor and Miss Bama Day. Charlotte was a member of the Debate Team and was Office Manager of the 1959 Corolla. and biographical sketch of these students. JANE HOWARD ALBRITTON Jane Howard Albritton, a senior in Arts and Sciences, has taken active part in many student activities. A Mortar Board member, Jane has been on the AWS Iudiciary Board, and was publicity chairman for AXVS. She was secretary of Chi Delta Phi, and sorority sales manager for the Cotillion Club. The petite brunette held membership in Triangle and YWCA, and Kappa Kappa Gamma social sorority. A native of Tuscumbia, jane is married and is living in Tuscaloosa now. 78 ANNETTE ALEXANDER Ability, originality, and willingness . . . these are a few of Annette Alexander's many qualities. This petite senior from Coral Cables, Fla., is president of Chi Omega, past president of YYV CA, secretary-treasurer of AAUWV, a member of Senior Triangle, AXVS Judiciary Board, Panhellcnic, AWVS House of Representatives, and Mortar Board. Her originality has caused her sorority to claim two first-place trophies for skits in Iasons and Sigma Chi Derby, for which Annette wrote the skits and the dances. LOUIS ANDERS A junior who has been outstanding in many phases of campus life during this year is Louis Anders, business manager of the 1959 Corolla. Louis was secretary-treasurer of the Commerce School, and a member of Delta Sigma Pi professional fraternity. Given one of the highest honors a student in Commerce can receive, Louis was select- ed as collegiate representative from the Southeastern states to the annual Convention of the National Association of Manufacturers last December. A member of Scabbard and Blade, he is a Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARK ANDERSON One of the University's outstanding cam- pus leaders is Mark Anderson, a senior from Montgomery. Mark, a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, was on the 1958-59 SGA Executive Cabinet and selected a Distin- guished Military Student. A familiar face in the publications offices at the Capstone, Mark was an associate editor of the 1957 and 1958 Corolla. He also served as editor of the 1957 "AH Book. His other member- ships include .Delta Chi fraternity, Druids, Quadrangle, and Phi Eta Sigma. RUTH BARKSDALE A glowing smile, a capable mind - these assets have led Ruth Barksdale to be one of the most popular and active co-eds at the University of Alabama. Ruth holds the presidency of the College of Education and of her sorority, Pi Beta Phi. A member of the SGA Executive Cabinet, and SGA Legis- lature, this Sheffield, Alabama senior is a member of Senior Triangle, Chi Delta Phi, Panhellenie and is street sales chairman for the Cotillion Club. Tn the past, Ruth has served the Cotillion Club as secretary. DRUCILLA CHRISTIAN Drucilla Christian, an asset to any group she serves, is another outstanding senior from Tuscaloosa. Achieving every girlis dream of being Top Corolla Beauty in her freshman year, Drucilla has proven that beauty is only one of her qualities. Claim- ing a 2.5 average overall, Drucilla is a mem- ber of Mortar Board, Chi Delta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Kappa Delta Pi. Dru- cilla, who is president of Delta Zeta, Sum- mer Panhellenic president, and a member of ANVS House of Representatives. 79 HAROLD APOLINSKY One of the most outstanding 1959 gradu- ates of the Law School is Harold Irwin Apolinsky, from Birmingham. During his undergraduate days Harold was a member of OYDK, Beta 'Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Arnold Air Society, and was president of Kappa Nu. He received the Beta Alpha Psi scholarship award, Ala- bama C.A.P. award, and Was a Distinguished Military Graduate. In Law School he was a member of the Executive Council and Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity. Haro1d's overall point average was 2.9. CHARLIE CROOK Charlie Crook, a junior from Union Springs, Alabama, is another member of Alabamais 1959 YVh0,s VVho in American Colleges and Universites. The pre-law major was selected to be Chairman of 1958 Fall Freshman Orientation and served as treasurer of Sigma Nu Fraternity. Charlie was also vice-president of Rho Alpha Tau his freshman year. Other campus organiza- tions claiming Charlie as a member are Druids, Rho Alpha Tau and Quadrangle. He is a member of the Army ROTC Quar- termaster Corps. HELEN CROW The School of Home Economics found a "gem" when Helen Crow entered the Uni- versity of Alabama four years ago. The Birmingham co-ed has been president of the School of Home Economics, president of Phi Upsilon Omicron and secretary of Agnes Ellen Harris Club. Secretary of Mortar Board, this capable senior has been a mem- ber of Alpha Lambda Delta, and was vice- president of AAUXV. Chi Omega has se- lected Helen for 1nany responsible jobs, giving their vote of confidence to her. She has been rush chairman, secretary, and as- sistant treasurer of her sorority. 'se SHIRINJ FLOYD Shirin Floyd has put a lot of effort into her four years at the University. This Mont- gomery senior received the Freshman Chem- istry Award in 1956, and has been yiee- presidcnt and president ot the University chapter of the American Chemical Society. President of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Shirin is also a member of Pi Tau Chi. ller efforts have not been confined to scholastic en- deavor, however, as Shirin was president of NVest Annex Dormitory, and a member of AXYS House of Representatives. She has membership in Mortar Board, Triangle, and Alpha Lambda Delta. 80 ELVA ANN ELLISON Elva Ann Ellison, an Arts and Sciences major from Hurtsboro, Ala., claims three of the highest honors the University offers women students. Vice President of Mortar Board, she was one of twenty students tap- ped for Phi Beta Kappa and was elected to XVho's XVho. Many organizations claim Elva Ann a leader as she is 2nd Vice President of her sorority Alpha Gamma Delta, treas- urer of Alpha Kappa Delta, sociology honor- ary, Znd Vice President of Alabama Spirit Club, and co-chairman of AVVS Social Com- mittee. Her other memberships include Psi Chi, psychology honorary, and Chi Delta Phi. English honorary. ,Z ipi ,..,,... .. ' s S. .4-I MIKE HOUSER An Engineer among engineers is Mike llouser, a senior from Birmingham. Mike, who was president of the School of Engi- neering last year, wears the keys of Tau Beta Pi, which he served as vicc-president, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Pi Xiu, ol' which he was president, and ODK. This Alpha Tau Omega won the Foundry Educational Foundation scholarship and he also received the American Military Engi- neers award. An outstanding member of ROTC, Mike is a member of Scabhard and Blade, and Arnold Air Society. 'lmi .NX DAVID ELLWANGER Transferring from Valparaiso University in his sophomore year, David Ellwanger, from Selma, has been extremely active in various student activities. David is editor of the 1959 Corolla, He has been secretary and vice-president of his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, and this year is serving as its presi- dent. An associate editor of the 1958 Cor- olla, Dave was also a member of the SGA legislature as well as a past member of the debate squad. He is past president of Gamma Delta, Lutheran Students organiza- tion. 11is outstanding contributions to stu- dent affairs were rewarded by election to Omicron Delta Kappa and Jasons. LEASK HARRIS 1.cask Harris, a senior from Selma, has bccn one of the most active and outstand- ing students at the University during his four college years. A Kappa Alpha, Leask was secretary treasurer of SCA, and wing commander of the Air Force ROTC. He is past vice president of the Commerce School, and was business manager of the Cotillion Club in 1958, as well as being editor of the Student Director for two years. His other memberships include Jasons, Beta Gamma Sigma, Arnold Air Society, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, and he was also a Distinguished Military Student. TRANUM FITZPATRICK Tranum Fitzpatrick, a junior from Mont- gomery, is a familiar face in student gov- ernment activities. Active in various cam- pus organizations, Tranum has been vice- president of IFC and vice-president of his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. He was chairman of the 1958 Homecoming, serving also in 1957 as assistant chairman. A com- merce major, Tranum has been active in Druids, Cadet Officers Club and was pub- licity chairman of the 1958 Corolla Beauty Ball. He is enrolled in advanced Army ROTC and is a member of Seabbard and Blade, highest military honorary. POLLY HENDERSON A Mortar Board member, Polly Hender- son, is an active member of organizations in the Schools of Education and Home Eco- nomics. This Tuscaloosa senior has been vice-president of Education and a member of SGA legislature. She represented Ala- bamais Chapter of Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Economies fraternity at the National Convention and served Phi U as vice-presi- dent. Polly was treasurer of her sorority, Delta Zeta, and took an active part in the Baptist Student Union. Sho was 2nd vice- president of Agnes Ellen Harris Club and worked on AAUXV committees, 81 BOBBY RAY HICKS Bobby Ray Hicks has played a major part in almost every phase of campus life. The Hartselle, Alabama, senior was a mem- ber of SGA Executive Cabinet. and Chair- man of 1958 Bama Day. Bobby Ray was sales manager of the Corolla for two years and promotion editor for the 1958 Cotillion Club. He was selected outstanding fresh- man of his fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha in 1955. He has served his fraternity as treas- urer, and was elected president in 1958-59. In january, Bobby Bay received his B.S. degree from the School of Commerce and Business Administration. WALTER GAY PITTMAN YValter Gay Pittman, an Arts 61 Sciences senior from Geneva, is outstanding in both his university and his fraternity life. Serv- ing as a member of the Student Government Association's Executive Cabinet, VValter Gay is a past representative to SGA legislature from A Sz S. After being elected vice-presi- dent of Sigma Nu in his junior year, this NVho,s YVho member became president of his fraternity this year. The well-known student has been cited for his contribution to student life- by being selected for mem- berships in Rho Alpha Tau and Druids Society. li 5 . :M JOAN KOSS joan Koss, a very capable senior from Gadsden, was president of Pan-hellenic her junior year and president of her sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, this year. Many organi- zations have realized joan's dependability and have called on her to serve in many responsible positions. Vice-president of AAUXV, and treasurer of Alabama Spirit, as well as being a member of Spirit Governing Board and Senior Triangle, she was a mem- ber of AWS House of Representatives, Hillel Council, Student Educational Association, and will receive her B.S. in Education this june. MARTHA POOLE A college degree in three years, a scholas- tic and activity record to take pride in, are Martha Pooleis major aceomplislnnents. Her scholarship is excellent, as is proven by membership in Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Delta Phi, Alpha Kappa Delta, and Kappa Delta Pi. Secretary of the Student Legisla- ture and Exchange Editor of the Mahout, Martha is also a C-YV reporter and a mem- ber of junior Triangle. Her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, showed their confidence in her by electing her registrar. This VVe- tumpka senior was also voted her sorority's best pledge. 82 ANDREA KNOWLES Andrea Knowles, a senior from Selma, has held the offices of president, vice-presi- dcnt, and secretary-treasurer of the Home Economics School during her four years in college. Serving as president of Mortar Board, which involves a great deal of time and effort, Andrea has also been a member of SGA Legislature for two years and a member of Triangle for three years. She was elected treasurer of Alpha Gamma Delta this year and is a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron. Andrea was active in Alabama Spirit Club. MAX POPE One of the most well-liked and willing members of the student body is Max Pope, a senior from Evergreen, Alabama. A pre- law student, he is presently enrolled in Commerce school. Entering thc University in 1956 after returning from the service, Max has taken an active part in student life. Ile was Advertising Manager of the C-XV in 1957-58 and served as Business Manager of the 1958-59 campus newspaper. He was secretary-treasurer of Jasons this year, and a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. His social fraternity is Delta Tau Delta and he is also a member of Druids. I I TOM LANKFORD Editor of the University of Alabama news- paper, the Crimson-NVhite, is Tom Lank- ford, a graduate student in journalism from Hokes Bluff, Alabama. Sigma Delta Chi, men's professional journalism fraternity, also claims Tom as its president. Selected as Student of the Month, Tom is a member of the Board of Publications and attended the Associated Collegiate Press Convention last November in Chicago. Besides editing the weekly campus newspaper which is a full time job in itself, Tomis other memberships include the Student Life Committee and the Press Club. G E! DOT POWELL President of Triangle women,s service or- ganization, Dot Powell, a senior from Mo- bile, is active in many student organizations. The brunette history major is a well- known face on the third floor of the Union Building as she is the secretary of the Cotil- lion Club. A member of Mortar Board and on the AXVS Activities Committee, Dot also devotes much of her time to her sorority, Pi Beta Phi, which she serves as pledge trainer. Dotis fine scholastic record has brought her membership in Chi Delta Phi English honorary and Phi Alpha Theta his- tory honorary. CYNTHIA' MCMILLAN Cynthia McMillan claims a fine record of achievements representing her four years at Alabama. Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa and the presidency of Kappa Kappa Gamma prove that this Tuscaloosa senior has ex- celled in every phase of her college life. Cynthia played a major part in AVVS activities as she was a member of the AWS Board of Directors and the House of Repre- sentatives. She also wears the keys of Chi Delta Phi English honorary, Delta Phi Alpha, Theta Sigma Phi journalism honor- ary and Senior Triangle. T .1 ii la... JERRY REDUS' Jerry Redus, Birmingham, is a senior in Arts and Sciences, majoring in Physics. A Phi Beta Kappa, jerry is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Pi Sigma sec- retary, and Pi Mu Epsilon. Active in West- minster Fellowship, he has served as na- tional secretary, regional president and local president of the organization. jerry is also vice president of Chi Phi social fraternity. His overall point average is 2.8, and upon graduation, jerry plans to do graduate work in Physics. 83 . Q KN. STANLEY PARNETT A "Yankee', very deserving of a "Rebel" yell is Stanley Parnett, president of the Cotillion Club. An accounting major from Kingston, New York, Stanley was elected to Jasons, Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Alpha Psi, Cadet Officers Club, and Druids. Stan- ley is well-known in student activities as Well as fraternity life. Alpha Epsilon Pi, his fraternity, has vouched for Stanleyis ability by having him serve as their presi- dent. He has also been secretary and treas- urer of AEPi. Stanley was Bama Day's 1957 publicity chairman and 1959 business man- ager. C. M. A. ROGERS, III C. M. A. Rogers, IH, graduated from XVilliams College before entering the Uni- versity of Alabama Law School. Selected as the Outstanding Law School Freshman in 1957, Max was also a member of the Law School Executive Council and Editor of Ala- bama Law Review in 1959. Max's member- ship includes the Student Court, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity and Omieron Delta Kappa. Max was also a member of Law Dayis Moot Court Team this year and of the Law School Freshman Advisory Council. -.... .-....., at DAVE SINGTON Alabama points with pride to Dave Sing- ton, co-captain of the 1958 Crimson Tide football team. Sington, a senior from Birm- ingham, has been a three year varsity letter- man. Dave has also been a standout on the track team for two years. A member of the GA" Club, Dave was selected Battle Group Commander in Army ROTC at the Univer- sity. He is in the Cadet Officers Club and a member of Chi Phi fraternity. Dave is a 1959 graduate from the School of Com- merce and Business Administration. GERALD 0. WALLACE A 1959 graduate of the University Law School, Gerald O. NVallace has been very active in student affairs. Ile was 1958 Homecoming chairman for the law school and was a member of the Student Court. XVallaee's legal fraternity is Phi Alpha Delta. lle is a member of Phi Gamma Delta so- cial fraternity. A member of the Executive Council in Law School, XVallace first attend- ed the University from 1946-48 and re- entered in 1955 to study for his law degree. Upon graduation, NVallace will enter law practice in his home town, Clayton, Ala. 84 MARLA STEPHENSON Brains and beauty are an unbeatable com- bination - Marla Stephenson, a senior from Tuscaloosa, has both. President of ANVS, Marla was also selected Homecoming Queen this past year. She is vice president of XVestminster Fellowship and a representa- tive to Student Religious Organization. Marla's many memberships include YVVCA, Spirit, Spanish Club, Triangle and Sigma Delta Pi. She is a Tri-Delt. Her charm has also Won for this co-ed Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma, AFROTC Sponsor, and Delta Sigma Pi Sweetheart. BARBARA WALLENFANG A pride to her family, her sorority, her university, is Barbara XVallenfang, an Eng- lish major from Childersburg. Barbara is a member of Mortar Board, Senior Triangle, Chi Delta Phi, and secretary and past junior representative of AYVS. Barbarais sorority, Delta Gamma, which she serves as presi- dent, sent her to their national convention last summer where she was elected one of two collegiate delegates to be a member of Delta Cammays National Council. Her excel- lent 2.8 overall average rewarded Barbara with her most cherished possession, a Phi Beta Kappa key. Mah Y f i if 3 'W psig? get fi r g l E x i i if ALLEN TARTT, JR. Allen Tartt, a senior from Livingston, is another of the Universityis publications leaders. This XVho,s XVho membcr is lmsi- ness manager of the Nlahout, Alabama,s campus luunor magazine. A finance major in the School of Commerce and Business Administration, Allcnis fields of endeavor in- clude the Homecoming Committee and Druids Society. He serves his fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega, as secretary. Allen is a member of the Board of Publications and has previously been sales manager and ad- vertising manager of the Mahout. f i .'A . 3 W ., , .I M E I .IANICE WEINSTEIN A co-cd with a variety of interests, a lead- er in them all, is Janice NVeinstein, a senior from Shreveport, La. This vivacious student has talteu a very active part in the activities of the U of A Debate team. She began as a member of the freshman squad. Through ,laniee's continued efforts, she became presi- dent of Tau Kappa Alpha debate honorary and secretary-treasurer of Southern TKA. -laniee has served as vice-president of the Chemistry School. ller sorority, Alpha Epsi- lon Phi, realized her contributions by select- ing janiee as Outstanding AEPhi. GERRY WADDELL He is editor of thc Alabama Mahout, the university's popular literary-humor maga- zine, Gerry XVaddell, from Monroe, La., re- ceives his BS in Electrical Engineering in June ,59. Gerry, who Was president of IFC in 1957-58, has served as vice-president of Druids, and was on the SGA Legislature from the School of Engineering. His other campus activities include membership in Tau Beta Pi, Omieron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, American Institute of Electrical En- gineers, and Delta Tau Delta social fra- ternity. MARTHA WILKINSON Who's XVho also claims Martha NVilkin- son, president of Pan-hellcnic. The attrac- tive senior from Selma is vice-president of her sorority, Kappa Delta, and also is a member of Chi Delta Phi English honorary and Alabama Spirit as Well as YXVCA. Proving her undaunted loyalty to her duty, Martha conducted Rush XVcek '58 activities very successfully although a leg injury made it necessary for her to walk on crutches. Pan-hellenic owes much of its success to Marthais great efforts in coordi- nating the campus sorority activities. 85 LYNN WILLINGHAM A very active and very attractive senior is Lynn XVillingham, from St. Petersburg, Fla. Lynn, who is president of Alabama Spirit, is recording secretary of her sorority, Delta Delta Delta. She has served as AXVS By-laws chairman, publicity chairman, and banquet chairman. Lynn was a two-year member of SGA Spirit Planning Committee and is a member of Senior Triangle, which she served as 2nd vice president in 1958. In June, Lynn will receive a BA degree in history and also an M.R.S. degree soon after that. ., 5 Q an , , ff fcfl . 34 - fm., -1 I X fj, Q- ,A 1 . 2. 1 S ' I, , ,. 2 3 251' -.4 K J" Bi f. 4 , .il-. 'K F kr,y ,M mf ' rf 2 ...V 1, eff? , "Qs xl' 2 1 X , 42, ff' M yt. 'fini ,,, LW, SM .QM J? 5' 5 - Q 4, + ' k M .QW -5 .M W, M J. Y . sh, ,x. J .k,. .A J, I if '1 , .eww . 9 -ff ' J, K 1 ,, .af za, fl . gg., fo- .17 N? x fy . 4. . , .xiii .,.-,H 5 ' , f ,My 4 Sf., vi F 3 , , 1 . ,Q -. 4 M Q 3, F 45 F, f if f1.vf..:. .1 ji- 3' f FU? .mf Hwy gg.: wliiifgeg 2 . A, ,gin .1 5 'f .. gi. , , , . 2: 1, Q. .. gww,-F, Q. 1 ,wg Q gimffg, f ,W 2, , V. zgx M s . 5 i Aw 1 if kk?-:SASL A . J f ?i??QQ 4 3, 355: fv-www fa 2 Lv xx, s ,'g'!fy'. MJ 599' wig, Q' ...5 gfix . Q L f . N", , 3 2 'K w 1 1 1 . fx -- W4-.4 -M '- A V 131 'Y' J,-'Q-1' A y '1 415 -firm' ' ,af -1 v fm, ,Wx .. f Qiif . , ,, ,J '53-1' ta. ' 1. 1 N? . xi-7 . Q v -1 5 j 5 W 174, Q -5 ,J ,L 'rf' ,W , V.. ... Q mag-Sy 1 N A . s . f c V 8 1 4 f 1. -2 .qw A 1 ff 35 3' . my if A X .E V? ,, fi 2 Q if Q 4e"w YQ v W4 M - H M my M. ' fb wr., ,fm 94 .A f'S"5 3' 'Jiffy ' Ki is gag?" ' :ff ' f ms, , ,IJ .vw ff, W,- gjr , is iw' 1 ' X' V5 ,K'v'-nz '55 Q x' 'L M. iw'-15: il N51 Wi ,I af 4 W1 1 1' , sf I ! , 4 1Qf,.1fgfg:y1 'A ff' N Y v 1 w f f- Q' 5 ' E2 aff' 1.1 A fg' i H g A ff, K if ni z Xi f U' If K' is i 53 'U Q iii! S' K M S Z1 A X 1 Q f 5,55 Q f H N ' 5 If X y MM did f , 3. V3?FI W'1 JT1 . L 4'1'f5Hi '5' WH X A 1i,,a,E.1 i VW ww ww wi 2 H1 5 2' J' - W ,MW M Ney: " 'H f"5'?Eii2i3vf a!5 .Q1,1:11g1:NN,5gl::w2. H ,gf- ': X, f fn '-.:-ALi':2:., Q53 i Ii if '5L! Wy, ,yu QQ f '- I 'TJ' H'-113 ' '55, 'I '? 1:53. ,, 1 W ' W k-.k M ,,,,,N W ,,, ii: F u ? 6 W .W.,,.4s.'- 'f .M ,..,,. " m Q ' .4 I' 'Qu I What Lies Ahead . The University is the Capstone of Alabama. No agency nor institution has contributed more to the development of our State than the Univer- sity of Alabama. In the years ahead, if We are to control our own destiny, We must get in the position of educating the leadership that is needed in this hour. We propose to bring to the people of Alabama a dynamic program for support to make a great University even greater. Our youth have the essentials of ability and character, and if provided with quality education they will serve With distinction the positions of leadership in their time. Let us learn the importance of doing all things well, thus making the most oi the opportunities before us, President FRANK A. ROSE, President ,, fi 3 If E 3' 4. xc, . sf 4,3 , ma was 3, fr ti 3, . E' THE ROSE FAMILY: In the foreground, Dr. Roseg seated are Susan, Mus. Rose, cmd Tonyg Julian and Elizabeth are s.tiing on the rug. Alabama Students Take Pride in Their First Family FOR THE FIRST time in many years there is the sound of little children romping and playing around the otherwise dignified grounds of the President,s mansion. While inside the home one might hear 15 year-old Susanis radio broadcast- ing the latest in pop hits, or the TV left blaring by the smaller children, Tony, 11, Tulian, 8, and Elizabeth, 4. If one happens to arrive just before one of Dr. Roseis many lectures, he is sure to catch him gaily singing in order to forget the tensions of the day and to relax before his de- parture. During the summer and holidays, the Roses find relaxation and fun in hunting, fishing, horse- back riding, boating, swimming and skiing. En- joying the company of pets around the house, the Roses have an odd variety: hampsters, and a 'illcinz 57D cat and dog. This is a closely knit family group. Just as they play together, they also Worship together. They attend Sunday School and Church each Sunday, and thus is engrained a feeling of family unity. University students and faculty alike have good reason to be and are, proud of their First Family, Who not only lead the University smoothly, but exhibit the qualities of an all-American family. "2f:""' UNlY7EllSlTY STUDENTS take par- ticular pride in the fact that the newly elected Governor of Alaharna is an aluinnus of the Capstone. That Iohn Patterson rose from University law stu- dent to Governor of our state in a period ot ten years, is a credit to lmoth himself and to his alrna mater. JOHN PATTERSON Governor of Alabama BOARD OF TRUSTEES: John A. Cadclell, Eris F. Paul, Thomas S. Lawson, Ernest Williams, Dr. Frank Rose, Hill Ferguson, William H Key, Thomas D- Russell, Brewer Dixon, Gessner T. McCorvey. Not pictured: Robert D. Stiner, Frank R. Stewart. 92 Administration and Faculty Build a Greater Alabama JAMES H. NEWMAN Executive Vice President ONE HUNDRED and thirty-one impressive years have been torn off the calendar since the University first opened its doors with a faculty and administration which could he counted on one hand. Today, more than 25,500 students are guided daily hy administrators and professors who have been secured from some of the finest schools in the World. A century and a quarter of progress has created a sprawling campus of heautiful, Georgian-styled buildings, a faculty and administration of note- worthy distinction, and outstanding alumni who are spread to the far corners of the world. C. T. SHARPTON Vice President of Student Affairs ROBERT D. BERSON Vice President in charge of Health Affairs 93 WILLIAM F. ADAMS Deon of Admissions and Records HARRY D. BONHAM Dean of Administration - JOHN L. BLACKBURN, Deon of Men MRS. SARAH L. HEALY, Deon of Women J. JEFFERSON BENNETT X Assistant to the President for University Development J. RUFUS BEALE University Attorney and Land Commissioner LUTHER C- CALLAHAN, Comptroller JEFFERSON J. COLEMAN Director of Alumni Affairs and Alumni Secretary RICHARD T. EASTWOOD LOVIC PIERCE HODNETTE Executive Director for University Affairs in Birmingham Assistant to the President at Northington Campus WILLIAM STANLEY HOOLE, University Librarian MATTHEW F. McNULTY Administrator of University Hospital and Hillman Clinic ALEXANDER S. POW Director for Contract and Grant Development JAMES B. MCLESTER, M.D. Director ot Student Health Service WILLIAM E. PICKENS, JR. Treasurer and Business Manager CLINTON E. WILLIAMS Director of Summer School MISS OLA GRACE BAKER LANOIX E. COOPER Assistant Deon of Women Director of Men's Activities MISS BETTY TURNER Counselor to Women MRS. PATTI M. STEWART Placement Counselor to Students JAMES WILKINSON Assistant to the Deon of Men ROBERT TYLER, Director of Men's Housing MARTEN TEN HOOR Deon of the College of Arts ond Sciences KNOWN TO educational T. V. audiences as KProfessor',, to students at the University as HDeanng and to his wife as 'iPinkyv, Dean Robert D. Brown is a man who has a learned understand- ing of his field and a warm personal interest in people. He was born in Pike County, Alabama, obtained his Ph.D. at Stanford University, has traveled all over the world, and has taught in Geneva, Switzerland. He has taught students from junior High to the Ph.D. level. Witli an enrollment of only two hundred, the School of Chemistry affords a feeling of fellow- ship and cooperation between students and fac- ulty. This fellowship is channeled into such ac- tivities as parties for new students in the fall, field trips, and an annual picnic in the spring. Participation in school activities is stimulated by the long hours of disciplined study spent in the laboratories and library of the School of Chem- istry. In keeping with the current accelerated pro- gram of development, the School of Chemistry promotes study, experimentation, and research in areas ranging from the microscopic virus to the macroscopic ballistic missiles. BORN IN the Netherlands, Dean Marten ten Hoor came to this country at the age of six. He received the A.B., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan with the fields of music, philosophy, and rhetoric receiving his major attention. His professional record includes teaching and administrative activities at some nine institutions of higher learning. He served in NVorld YVar I with the U. S. Medical Corps and with the Morale and Reconstruction Service after VVorld War I. As the author of some eight hooks and about one-hundred-thirty articles, book reviews, and short stories, Dean ten Hooris works have been translated into many languages. His scholarly achievements have led to his being recognized with many honors of national and in- ternational significance. Since the arrival of Dean ten Hoor at our cam- pus in 1944, the College of Arts and Sciences has changed and expanded, with much research be- ing carried on in each of the major study areas. Nevertheless within our changing society the in- struction received in the College of Arts and Sciences acts as a stabilizing influence as it helps students to understand the cultural heritage of the past and thereby obtain an intellectual and moral foundation upon which a creative frame- work can be ouilt. F! Q .. . www' f W . R. il . 5, .... K 5 . i i 3 1 2 a s 1 V ROBERT D. BROWN Decm of the School of Chemistry 98 A NATIVE of North Carolina, Dean Samuel Paul Garner received his higher education from Duke University, Columbia, and the University of Texas. One of the most well-traveled men at the University of Alabama, his trips have taken him to all of the states except Alaska and to all major areas of the world. He carries on an exten- sive correspondence with people overseas and is a corresponding member of the French Society of Expert Accountants. In early September of 1958, Dr. Carner gave two addresses to the Sec- ond Annual Conference of the Turkish Society for Advancement of Accounting Knowledge in Istanbul, Turkey. As a man in international importance in the field of accounting, Dean Garner has helped to bring recognition to the University School of Commerce and Business Administration as one of the most outstanding in the nation. Within Bid- good Hall are housed the class-rooms, research bureau, library, and laboratories which facilitate the study of the contemporary structure, func- tions, and trends in the business World. By use of these extensive facilities, the future leaders of the economic and industrial life of our nation are being trained. JOSEPH F. VOLKER Deon of the School of Dentistry SAMUEL PAUL GARNER Deon of the School of Commerce ond Business Administration RECEIVING the A.B., NLS. and Ph.D. degree from the University of Rochester and the D.D.S. degree from Indiana University, Dr. Ioseph E. Volker calls Elizabeth, New jersey, home. Dr. Volker has filled special academic assigmnents in Czechoslovakia, Cermany, Austria, and Thia- land in the summers since 1946. For his work in Czechoslovakia he was decorated by the Order of the White Lion. Dr. Volker came to Birming- ham in 1948 to be the Dean of the newly estab- lished Dental School. In spite of its comparative newness, this i11stitu- tion ranks second to none among the Dental schools of the United States. The school offers the highest caliber of instructional and research facilities. Among other activities the facultv and students of the school make free service available to indigent persons in the schoolis dental clinic. BORN IN Pike County, Alabama, Dean john R. McClure did his undergraduate work at the University, and his post-graduate Work at Colum- bia. He returned to the campus of the University in 1924 and Was made Dean of the College of Education in 1942. Dean McClure will retire in July of this year. He will be remembered with esteem and affection by teachers throughout Ala- bama who have been under his guidance. Late into the night, the lights can be seen burn- ing in his office in Graves Hall as Dean McClure Works for the improvement of the College of Education. His Work has proven effective, in that competent training for a professional corps of teachers and a reputable graduate school are pro- vided to students in the Universityis College of Education. The services of the College of Education are vital to our Welfare in that they provide teachers who instruct the leaders of our changing society. JAMES R. CUDWORTH Deon of the College of Engineering 0- 4 p .037 JOHN R. McCLURE Decln of the College of Education DEAN JAMES R. CUDWORTH was born into a family in Connecticut that has been actively associated with engineering for three generations. In his immediate family there are five branches of engineering represented. For relaxation Dean Cudvvorth raises orchids in a greenhouse at home and collects semi-precious minerals. As the author of some fifty technical articles and as the consult- ant engineer for several large corporations, Dean Cudworth maintains an active interest in engi- neering along With his administrative duties. This engineering knowledge makes him a capable leader of our growing school of engineering. In keeping with current accelerated trends in the field of engineering, the University is expand- ing both its undergraduate and graduate pro- grams by an increase in the teaching staff. More buildings and improved laboratory and physical facilities will be added to the school of engineer- ing in keeping with Dr. Roseis plans. In light of present World conditions the Univer- sitv school of engineering must do its part in providing the scientific leaders that are neces- sary for the Welfare of our society. 100 As AN AUTHORITY in the field of adult edu- cation, Dean John R. Morton, the head of the University extension division, Works to extend educational opportunities to approximately 125,- 000 people throughout the state of Alabama. These opportunities are made available through correspondence courses, radio and television broadcasts, conference activities, audio-visual services, and through the programs of six univer- sity centers. Dean Morton is a native of Texas and received valuable experience as a teacher in the high schools of that state. After receiving more ex- perience at Mississippi State University, he came to the University of Alabama in 1944 Where he has since devoted his life to the extension of edu- cational opportunities to the people of Alabama. !"-s z 1 E i 5 m 3 3- s it i i 1' six is.. wir S i QY1 f rta, 1 ERIC RODGERS Deon of The Graduate School fu JOHN R. MORTON Deon of the Extension Division ON E OF THE three deans on our campus who Was born in Pike County, Alabama, Dean Eric Rodgers received the B.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Alabama and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Chicago. As he never graduated from high school, he is probably the only man on our campus to hold an honorary high-school degree. Dean Rodgers knows college students Well as his oldest daughter, Linda, is a senior at Birmingham-Southern and his second daughter, Anne, attends Agnes Scott. His son, joseph, is in the ninth grade and his youngest daughter, Sarah, is in the second grade. The activities ofthe graduate school keep Dean Rodgers quite busy. Recently the graduate school has extended its activities to include a coopera- tive program at the Redstone Arsenal in Hunts- ville. This program has enriched the graduate Work in science and engineering at the University and thereby has made valuable contributions to the National Defense Program. DEAN TODHUNTER, from Christchurch, New Zealand, graduated from the University of Otage in New Zealand. She continued her graduate Work in the United States at Columbia Univer- sity, Where she received her Ph.D. in chemistry. As the past president of the American Dietetic Association, she is the only southern Woman to be selected to this high position. As a World traveler and a Writer of many scholarly articles and bulletins, Dean Todhunter is a woman who combines intelligence and good taste with a real desire to be understanding and helpful to her students. As a Woman who is an authority in the field of home economics, Dean Todhunter hopes that in the future the University College of Home Eco- nomics will give students a basic understanding of scientific principles that will explain the uwhyv, as Well as the Shown that is taught in courses which are merely procedural. The home eco- nomics program is best seen as an integrated course of study which prepares Women for the problems of home management and family rela- tions that present themselves in marriage in our modern society. WILLIAM LEIGH HARRISON Dean of the School of Low HII MISS E. NEIGE TODHUNTER Deon of the School of Home Economics ALIFE-LONCS resident of Alabama, Dean Wil- liam Leigh Harrison did his undergraduate Work at the University and received his LLM. degree from Harvard. He obtained teaching experience at Southern Methodist University and married during his stay in Texas. Upon returning to Ala- bama, he came to the University Where he Was made Dean of the Law School in 1948. He has a son Who attends the University of the South and a daughter who is a senior at the University. He maintains a close personal interest in students along with his many administrative activities. Dean Harrison spends most of his time in Far- rah Hall, which houses the law school offices, classrooms, and library facilities. The law school curriculum is designed to pre- pare students for the practice of law and to train the leaders of business and public life. As the intricate parts of a Watch govern the movements of the face, so does the lavv of a nation govern the movement of its people. ROBERT C. BERSON Deon of the College of Medicine UAKERTOWVN, Pennsylvania is the home of Dean Florence A. Hixon, who received her B.S. degree from Columbia and her M.S. degree from the University of Pennsylvania. As hobbies she enjoys serving, gardening, and reading. She is vice-president of the Alabama State Nurses Asso- ciation and is president of the Tuscaloosa Pilot Club. Miss Hixsonis sincere and devoted interest in her profession is an inspiration to each of the stu- dent nurses at the University. Since Dean Hixonas arrival at the University campus, a graduate nursing program has been established. During this school year a psychiatric musing program has been set up at Bryces. It is hoped, during 1959-60, the graduate nursing program will ex- pand to include training in surgical nursing. A VANDERBILT University graduate, Dean Robert C. Berson, of Brownsville, Tennessee, re- ceived his B.A. and M.D. degrees and served on the faculty from 1942-55. In 1955 he came to Birmingham to be Dean and professor of medi- cine at the University Medical College. As co- author of i'Medica1 Schools in the United States at Mid-Centuryu, Dr. Berson displays an under- standing of the educational advancement being made in the field of medicine today. The University Medical Center provides stu- dents With competent training in diagnostic and treating procedures, and provides interns with the opportunity to develop their skills by experience. Research facilities are made available to graduate medical students. FLORENCE A. HIXON Deon of the School of Nursing I A : E. '., , l 4 Ina...- MISS MABLE ADAMS, an associate professor in the Home Economics School, has gained recognition as national presi- dent of Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Economics honorary. A Corolla Salute Given Members of the Faculty BECAUSE OF its outstanding faculty, the Uni- versity of Alabama has distinguished itself in the intellectual community. The Universityis profes- sors excell both as teachers and scholars. The faculty includes many who are nationally and internationally known for their noteworthy con- tributions in various fields. In acknowledgement of achievements made within the past year, the Corolla is proud to recognize ten members of the Universityis dis- tinguished faculty. These members have excelled in leadership, scholarship, and research, thereby reflecting credit not only on themselves, but on the university faculty as well. DR. WILLIAM B. ARD, professor of physics, is a consultant to the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He is working on the Atoms-for-Peace government program. if E 52? X' 'Wfigffildg rl s' G i G , , DR- WARREN JEFFERY, who is associate professor in the Col lege of Engineering, is working in the field of radio isotopes His accomplishments will contribute to medicine and science . I.. 2 DR JAMES L KASSNER, was made Robert Ramsey Professor of Chemistry, by the President and Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama. This is the highest honor than can be received in the School of Chemistry and is awarded annually 105 L- DR. KARL H. LAUER, professor of chemistry, is technical as- sistant with the Brazilian government for cellulose research and industrial planning. Dr. Lauer is internationally known. DR. FRIEDA L. MEYER, professor of Home Economics and Director ofthe Research Laboratory of Human Nutrition, is working on a two year project concerning the metabolic responses of young men and their relationship to nutrition. 106 IDX DR. WILLIAM B. STILES, professor in mechanical engineering, is the author of a 450-page text book to be published soon on the strength of materials. Dr. Stiles' book will be of great value to the field of engineering. DR. A- B. THOMAS, professor of history and the foremost author- ity on Apache Indians, appeared before the Indian Claims Commission to defend them for territory lost in the 19th century. I07 DR. ROBERT N. WHITEHURST, an associate pro- fessor of Physics at the University, is in the midst of research in the field of radio astronomy. W! fre sg , A va as QQ in 1 N nm-1 ATHLETICS Solifl fiiwl. 1,iql1ifl fuffl. .Nlfozy lcinfls of lIl'U,Ul'llf'lll-S' ii.s'c'1l lo ,gal ll roolcwl spiiiiiiiig info mofion. ,Xml lo ,QM Il slziflwzl ol ilu' Cfiipstoizcf into motion l'!'!fIllIY?,S' niuny lypcs of propi-llfe,11,g- , gig-0, Solifl propvllcvil llmf Flllfljillll-S flu' mos! slziflmils ilu' is Allllillllllll-S' king of spoils, football. Ifroni lliz' liosr' Bowl flags of Hmis-on mul Gilmvr lo flzis ljC'flI'..S' I-Ollllllllg 3-4-I r1'r'orzl. from ll1llYIHlll7'lll'S' io CI'lllIiS'Ull 'l'irl1'. fooflmll lim- fllll'lllfS lwcfn thi' polwzl solifl fiiwl of ilic' Clll1,S'l0lll'. Bu! no! oulzifirml by ony IIICIIIIS fm' szivlz liqliifl fll'U1Il'llI'l1lS' as llll-S'lCCllIIlll. lim-i'l1f1ll, lrovlf foul leillzis. Ancl no! fo lu' forffoftcn are the propcllc1zl,s- wlzosc' Moms- fire :meer l'UL'OI'flf'fl. T110 vrns-liiliz' Qynznnsfios- in tlzc' PN fooflmll .s'fmzfl.s'. Tliff lzvrfiic' oizfics in 1fos'1r'r',s- l1lm1z'l1c1's. TllPfl'lll1fl!,'flfl-S'lI lo f'lr1,s-.s-. Solid or liquifl, propcllciits are necessczry io lcccp stuclents .s'piimin,g into Ilufir irlioxwi lrc1jc'1'loric.s'. na-I-,QQ -Y 4 1 PAUL W. BRYANT Athletic Director ond Head Football Cooch Absent 18 Years, Bryant Returns To Alma Mater PAUL W. BRYANT completed his first year back at the Capstone with a 5-4-1 record. 4'Bearv, as he is affectionately known by students, alumni, and fans throughout the nation, was once a mem- ber of the Alabama Crimson Tide. He ended his college playing days in 1935, the year the Tide eleven defeated Stanford in the Rose Bowl. After an 18 year absence, Bryant returned to Alabama as Athletic Director and Head Football Coach. Coach Bryant began immediately to re- habilitate the decrepit football machine of the once mighty Tide. 'cBearv not only holds the ad- miration of students and fans alike, but he has also become the 'cidolv of Alabamafs football picture. As Head Football Coach, he has collected 96 wins, 43 losses, and 9 ties. By winning 5 games this year, the 1959 Tidemen achieved their best record since the early ,50,s. Through his efforts and undivided attention, Coach Bryant has made Alabama once more a national football power. wasf THE MEN 'thai guide The Team are: Coaches John Meakins, Carney Laslie, Charlie Bradshaw, Bob Keith, Paul Bryani, Head Fooibcll coach, Pai James Sam Bailey, Gene Stallings, Jerry Claiborne, Phil Cuichin, and Bob Ford. Vw YQ ,A . , 'i,,' is , B 'lfl , iss, Y rf3film,:kge-5,-,X we , ,L,.,, A ,K7.:,m,,pj ,V L 1 siii yy iis V, ,V .1 ,V QQ, :ELEC-,'jQ-QzfgfLiiiff'MQ ,", ,C Y 5' , mln. ,f , Y 3'-,LM ,Www ,, H, "" ' , ' W f .' X m...wf7 .1 :aw .nz THE BAMA CHEERLEADERS: Front Row: Sharon Russman, Jane Turner, Bobby Cain, Woody Layfield, Nyle Thomas. 'll T ff- .,r.,u,,,., W- ' H Dory Billingsley, Mary Todd . . . Back Row: Perry Wes? THE LAST WHISTLE has blown, the last pep rally on the Gorgcis steps is over, and the full team lines up tor the last time at the close ot a successful season. FIRST ROW: Gary Phillips, Gary O'Steen, Dan Pitts, Mack Wise, Russell Stutts, Milton Frank, James Patton, Laurien Stcipp, Bill Hannah, Ken Roberts, Baxter Booth, Dave Sington, Walter Sansing, Duff Morrison . . . SECOND ROW: Mgr. Gary White, Marlin Dyess, Chuck Allen, Red Stickney, T12 Bobby Boylston, Bud Moore, Bobby Jackson, John Paul Poole, .lerre Brannen, Norbie Ronsonet, Jasper Best, Jack Rutledge, Carl Valletto, Charlie Gray, Buddy Wesley . . . THIRD ROW: Elliott Mosely, Henry O'Steen, Wayne Sims, Don Parsons, Tommy White, Morris Childers, Bobby Smith, Jerry Spruiell, Roy Holsomback. 113 ARMS lN THE AIR, Alcibomci boys score ci sensotionol three point field goal against LSU, the No. l team in the ncition! LSU, National Champs Defeat New Tide 13-3 IT WAS A September night, the 27th to he exact, when Alahama supporters from far and near were holding their hreath as the new Crimson Tide took the field in Ladd Stadium to make their first 1958 appearance. The foe, LSU, who was later to he- come the nationis numher one team, came out in the end with a 13-3 decision. However . . . there was a lot more to this story than the score . . . a story which said that a new Tide had heen horn. Bama was in complete control of the game in the earlv stages and grabbed a 3-O halftime lead on Fred Singtonis six-yard field goal. Duff Morrison set up the three pointer luv intercepting in mid air and returning for 45 yards an All-American, Billy Cannon, fumble. From here the attack hogged down and on the fourth down, Sington split the up- rights and put the Alahamians into a 3-0 lead. LSU collected its two touchdown margin in the second half and Bama was left with this thought . . . will it he another lean season? COACH PAUL "BEAR" BRYANT, Crimson Tide mentor, lives every moment of the intense LSU grid closh. W--QQ Alabama Holds Vandy To Hard Fought 0-O Tie FOHTY THOUSAND FANS shouted into thc gloom of the first night game in Birmingham, as the Elephants and Commodores waltzed to the tune ot 0-0. A hard fought hattle hetween Bama and Vandy saw the scorehoard flicker two laig goose eggs as fans strolled out of the stadium . . . some were pleased, others were sad . . . and some still didnit know what to think, liecause in 1957 'these same two elevens had played to a 6-6 dead- lock. Rf' fr KX if Both teams played rough and ready hall with Bama stealing the show as they separated the Vandy hall carriers from the pigskin on several occasions. On the whole, the crowd seemed to love this goose- egg hattle for hrawn . . . hut the Tide was still winless at this point. TIRED AND WEARY, players rest on bus after a hard fought scoreless tie against the Commodores in Birmingham. CRIMSON-TIDERS gather in a pre-game huddle around Coach Bryant for instructions before taking the field against Vanderbilt. if . 1 s 3 4 .1 ma.:-1: QUARTERBACK Bobby Jackson churns out yardage as Bama gets first win of the season against Furman by a score of 29-6- First Win of Season As Tide Takes Furman 29-6 THE CRIMSON TIDE came through and racked up a big 29-6 margin over the Purple Hurricanes from Furman. in a game which was loaded with Kfirstsv. Besides being the first victory of the season for Bama, it was Bryantis first win at his alma mater. The first touchdown of the season for Bama Was scored when Bobby Smith threw his first pass of the season - a touchdown - to Stapp. Bear Bryantis mighty Tide rolled up three touch- downs in a four minute spree at the end of the first quarter and a field goal in the second. Fur- manis lone tally came in the third stanza to round out the scoring for the game. Bama had now col- lected its first victory of the season and the new Tide began to roll. WITH BAMA WINNING, Coach Bryant shows favorable expression as he talks with Guard BiIIy Raines "GOOBY" STAPP, Tide Halfback, and "Bear", Tide Mentor, are shown as they survey the situation. Bama fell to Tennessee 14-7. Fumbles and Penalties Cost Bama 14-7 Set-back TENNESSEE WAS OPPQNENT number four for Coach Bryantis grid men, with the Crimson Tide going under by a 7-14 margin. A costly number of penalties and fumbles proved to play a deciding part in the Volunteers, Win as the game was filled with the traditional Tide-Vol tactics of defense and kicking. This was the second defeat of the season for the Alabama group as she turned in a fighting but losing effort. An 80-yard drive gave Bama its lone tally on a seven-yard scoring scamper by Gary OiSteen after Tennessee had collected two six pointers plus two conversions. This ended the scoring action, but not the game. The big elephants struck fear in the hearts of the Vol faithful as they battled the Ten- nesseans all over the field and reigned supreme in the statistics column. i .aj ii., A . it A .1-f. -59' DUFF MORRlSON'S outstretched hands lunge for Jackson's aerial in GARY O'STEEN goes for a first clown against Ten the thrill-packed game at Knoxville against the Vols of Tennessee. nessee, as action suggests "Have ball, will travel' 117 With Impressive Victory Bama Tops Miss. State 9-7 THE FIRST IMPRESSIVE Victory of the 1952 season Was accomplished at the hands of the Mis sissippi State Maroons on their homecoming to th. tune of 9-7. Halfback Gary O,Steen and his quicl kicks kept the host team with its back to the Wal during the entire contest. O,Steen, the nation' number three punter at this point in the season boomed out a 56.8 yard per kick average, in addi tion to a 30-yard punt which Went out on the Stat two yard line. Norbie Ronsonet snagged an end zone pass ti give Bama its six points of the afternoon and Frei Sington contributed three points via a field goal t. clamp a victory on the contest. A large Tide follow ing Was on hand for this game and there weren: any adoubting Thomas, ii When the final hor: sounded . . . Bama was here to stayl O'STEEN QUICK KICKS against Mississippi State while mighty line holds Mississippi defense as Tide rolls up a big 9-7 victory over Maroons. THE THRILL of victory is shared in The dressing room by Dr. Rose, Fred Sington, Ronsoner, O'S1een and Jackso 'I18 DETERMINATION - key factor in Homecoming victory, and Jackson reflects this in brilliant attempt to deflect pass. A Great Homecoming As Bulldogs Erased 12-O B-E-A-R . . . Bulldogs Erased, Alabama Rolls . . . and thatis iust what took place to fill the hearts of students, alumni, and visitors with joy, as the mighty Crimson Tide took a beautiful 12-0 decision on Homecoming. On this cool rainy day Bama came on the field full of determination and the will to win. Ceorgia, although a team of great potential, couldnit stop the Tideis quick kick and defensive minded troops. In the all important conference clash, Cary O,Steen smashed for the first score of the game with seven minutes gone in the initial quarter. O,Steen and Iackson teamed up once more in the last quarter With Jackson doing the honors on this trip with a quarterback sneak. The Tide led at this point 12-0 as the conversion once again failed to materialize. This two touchdown margin made Homecoming a happy occasion at the Capstone and Bama fans could now see that the ball was beginning to roll once more for the mighty Crimson Tide. s-4 We W , Q 4 U r ,s ,s.,A,Zi, gr I s w AJALLX-I RAIN TRIED to dampen Homecoming festivities, but a tarpau- lin kept the field dry, and a Bama victory kept spirits high. BAMA FANS PACK Denny Stadium to its capacity and watch the cheerleaders bring the Crimson Ticlers on to the field. . 'ifi THE RAINS CEASE . . . the tarpaulin is removed . . . and the Crimson Tide is on the field as lawyers and fans prepare to cheer the team on to victory against the Bulldogs from Georgia at the spirit-packed Homecoming game. x. if PM .Jax , .MMF-5 CRIMSON TIDERS anxiously await the kick-oft and the beginning of the I958 Homecoming game against the Georgia Bulldogs GARY PHILLIPS gets a breath of oxygen before going to assist with the defeating ot Wally Butt's Bulldogs. Ml sn.- DISINTERESTED spectator skips game action to read program while the crowd in foreground watches the tense game. 'I2I HALFBACK DUFF MORRISON invades Georgia territory as cr determined Alabama marches to a shut-out victory, 12-O. Spirits are high . . As hula-hooping iaywer . . - Is side-line feature BAMA'S LOSS is "Bedr's" loss, as The Ticle falls to the Green Wave in u fight-to-The-finish gridiron competition. Tulane Green Wave Rolls Cver Crimson Tide 13-7 IT JUST YVASNTT Bamzfs night. Fresh from a homecoming Victory, the Tide Was a sure bet against the Tulane Green VVave, but it Was a long trip home after being tripped 13-7. The Tide had one touch- down called back which might have dropped a victory into the laps of Bama. Tulane scored shortly after the opening kickoff and the half ended with the host team in the Sugar Bowl out front 6-0. Nothing seemed to go right for the Crimson Tide. In the third stanza, Tulane came knocking at the door again . . . and they got in . . . for seven points. Iackson and Sansing Were the Work horses in setting up Bama,s score With Fred Sington adding the extra point in the third period. Homecoming had been big victory, and this game had been a big loss . . . but Tech was next. TIRED AND DEPRESSED, Ticlers head for The dressing room after on "almost-cl'1once" of defeating Tulc:ne's Greenies. ON THE SHOULDERS OF Baxter Booth cmd Ken Roberts, "Bear" Bryant is carried off the field after a T7-8 upset victory. FIRST DOWN on the three, goal to go. Tech tails to make touch- down as Bama's persistent defense hold the Yellow Jackets. if Goal-Line Stands Bring 17-8 Win Over Ga. Tech IT WAS a great day for the Tide as the men from Bama gathered in a 17-8 victory over Georgia Techis bowl minded Yellow Jackets. The game blew wide open in the first 12 minutes with Alabama pushing over two big scores in addition to a field goal. Unable to move against the stalwart line, tutored under Tide assistant coach Pat james, the Jackets found the doors to pay dirt closed on more than one occasion during the encounter. Bama looked great in its goal-line stands as the red elephant was des- tined for a victory. This victory was number four for the outing and the win definitely gave Tide an 'iupv season. The Crimson Tide was on its way from here . . . it was just a matter of time. SMITH SPOILS a Georgia Tech touchdown by making a spectacular pass interception on the Bama ten-yard line. T24 ACKSON ROUNDS end and heads for another Bama first down. rimson Tide won over Memphis State 14-0 in game at Denny Stadium. -HW, . 'ITH BAMA on the fifty-yard line, and in possession, Jackson plows rough State's line in an attempt to gain additional yardage. r ! Bear and Company Shut Cut Memphis State 14-0 BAMA WAS ASSURED of its first winning season since 1953 hy downing Memphis State 14-O. With only thirty-five seconds gone in the game, Iackson hit Dyess for a 62 yard touchdown pass. Iackson made the second touchdown on an eighteen yard run around end. He then took the hall over for the two point conversion and Bama led 14-O. State made many dying attempts to score hut Bamais defense wouldnit fold. Although this was Bamais 5th win of the season, there was no real action heing demonstrated hy Bryant and the Crimson Tide. After Iacksonis first touchdown pass, the Tide settled down to a slow hut determined pace. For in the hack of everyoneis mind was the thought of Auburn next week - could Bama take this strong cross-state rival? . , . that was the question. WOODY LAYFIELD plays a big part in Bama's spirit. After Memphis State, Tide claims best record since '53, 125 SIDELINE DRAMA unfolds as Quarterback Bobby .lack- The Tide ComesClose,But Auburn Wins Finale 14-8 ALMUST . . . BUT NOT QUITE . . . Thatfs the story of the battle with the boys from the plains. The Crimson Tide fought the Tigers nip and tuck throughout the entire game, but Auburn's massive line and deep bench proved too much. When it was all over, the score stood 14-8. The Jackson led offense struck once early in the last quarter of the game as Dyess took a pass from Jackson and Went nine yards for the score. As the final quarter drew to a close, the Jackson-Dyess combination created tension on the benches and uproar in the stands as the ball moved closer and closer to pay-dirt. A last minute pass by Bama Was bobbled and fell incomplete as it trickled into the end zone along with Bama,s hope for a Win. The Tide didn't go undefeated but from the standpoint of the past, it Was a very successful season. Son reflects the sentiment ofthe Alabama team and fans. TENSE CROWD watches Dyess scamper deep into Auburn WITH TIME running out, players still hope for that one last break, the one that almost came for Bama in their clash with Auburn. -V ' V -. 'wr "iw:- ,,:Up I a t . Wi, 4' A -vi THE PASS that almost won the victory for the Tide in the thrilling Alabama-Auburn clash, was iust out of reach- territory with only 2 minutes and 58 seconds left in the game. T27 COACH LAMBERT carefully surveys the basketball floor action as the Tiders defeat Phillips' 66 by a Thrilling score of 39-38. New Prospects Brighten Outlook for '60 Cagers THE 1958559 CAGERS closed out the season with a 10-12 overall record. In conference com- petition the team Won 6 games, While it lost 8. Coached for the third season by Dr. Eugene Lam- bert, the Bama cagers began this yearis schedule with four promising competitors to replace the graduates. Lenny Kaplan and Lloyd Johnson accounted for a great share of the Bama tallies, along with teammates Dan Quindazzi, Gene Beard, and E. B. Hamner. 1n competition, the Tiders accounted for 1454 points, While allowing their opponents to score a total of 1495 points. The basketball squad defeated such teams as Louisiana State University, Georgia, and Tulane, While it bowed to Kentucky, Mississippi State, Auburn, and Tennessee. The cagers also de- feated Phillips 66, a team that hadnit lost to a college in 7 years. From the looks of things, the returning men and additional prospects offer Bama great poten- tialities for the coming year. THE 1959 ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE basketball team comes out on the floor for the last game of the season. Pictured on the Coliseum floor are Frederick, Johnson, Kaplan, Vandermark, Sink, Quindazzi, Proctor, Gilmore, Hamner, White, and Beard. Q x5 K5 Ai li . 1 -' -w -J, 2 QL J iq .b k 1 . , ,yn .. x Q.. x 3 , , , X A I b f Q x ,uzzii I ,gm ,zb J 4 M A Q 3 1 ! if .Q 'P f Q 1 1? Q' A Ft W g .V Si W M W , 55 1 V.A 7 gig if H , . :xl ,ggg 'Y-, ky Y AY A MN A gi V 1.,?mff'!- Swat? ga RFE. Lg W Y- n .. .:1': K - W 5 "saw 'b mf an J" 5 gifs q ff :',, 2,1 'S .Q M7 A 5, f 3, 'xy f M ff W R"' . H ' w mr'7'? 3 W' P Aff 4? lglb z . 4 -L . Q -. ' 'fi V , fn X iii X A , 1 KL ' I 1 1 - ,Q 2Mf? i7Zw wk 2 Q L "' v -mg M. Q w 1 in Q'5Qv,+3" ,, X 2 3 5 X-X Q Q12-K DEEP lN enemy territory, with all eyes on the ball Beard leaps to score against the Georgia Bulldogs BAMA DOMINATES down-court action as Tiole wins over LSU cagers, a game in which we scored' a record of 27 free throws. REFEREE POINTS to Ga'ror's toul as Tide's forward Lloyd Johnson, is caught in the middle by Florida players. LONE TULANE defender tries in vain to break up the play, as Alabama's Gene Beard goes up for two points. xl., QUINDAZZI GRABS . . . Frederick pulls . . . Auburn tries to retain possession. 131 Our new Veep . . Plays ardent game In Foster stands . . J' vw ? 3. mm ef 4 J vi wg. wg X 5 43 .Q , iff p-, .aggf Bama Pos'rs 10-12 Record Alzlllallilal Opponent 80 Iaeksonville State 7 7 7 40 64 Spring Hill 7 77 7 77 , 47 39 Phillips 66 77 77 77 7 7 38 55 Kleinpliis State 7 77 59 43 Louisville 7 62 T6 Georgia Teeli 7 89 S9 Mississippi 7 7 77 7 76 64 Mississippi State 7 81 T9 Georgia 7 77 77 77 80 82 Florida 7 77 55 Auburn 7 7 57 75 S.L.I. 7 77777 77 58 53 Georgia Tech 66 59 Vanderbilt 81 67 Florida 77 7 7 59 Tl Georgia 777777 65 74 Tulane 77777777 7 7 72 89 L.S.U. 7777777777777 84 68 Tennessee 77777 93 32 Kentucky 7777 39 50 Auburn 77 7. 7 69 KAPLAN, BAMA ACE, cmd high-point mon for seclson, shoots for another Two as defenders sfond idly looking on. DR. LAMBERT'S BAMA CAGERS wolk victoriously off the court after winning their lost game of the season in Foster Auditorium. M9655 -a,,,.......4-4" COACH AND PITCHER confer on The mound during pracTice, as The 1959 baseball Team prepares for anoTher great year on The diamond. Baseball Team 0uT To BeTTer 1958's Record BASEBALL PRACTICE began in mid-February With the return of several experienced lettermen and additional rookies. Coach Tilden g'Happyv Campbell, head mentor for Bamais baseball team for the past 20 years, led the 1958 team to a 18-6 Win-loss record for the season. In Southeastern Conference com- petition the Tide Won 11 games and lost 5 . Bamaas baseball foes included Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Louisiana State Uni- versity. Hoping to better their 1958 record, the Tiders are counting heavily on the returning let- termen, Mac Jones, Pete Beaves, Walter Massey, Gene Beard, and Cordon Moore, and additional prospects. A LEAPING JUMP and a quick peg To firsT, completes The double la durin a racTice game in The early spring aT Alabama. PY 9 P i 'I34 We RETURNING LETTERMEN Pete Reaves, Walter Massey, Mac Jones, Gordon Moore, and Coach Happy Campbell, work together in their month of practice session prior to the start of their three months scheduled games. 'wee-w-. A PlTCHER'S CONTROL, dulled by the winter months, must be regained in time for season's opening game. THE DIAMOND NINE in order to be able to execute the perfect bunt play must spend many long hours of hard and tedious practice. N COACH CAMPBELL gives instructions to the Crimson Tiders as they prepare for another infield session. 135 A CLOSE PLAY AT HOME PLATE, is executed during one of the season's first home games on the Bakers Field diamond. MISTAKES, Coach's suggestions, and tests tlunked, are dis- cussed by outfielders at a late afternoon bull session. LOYAL ALABAMA FANS gather to watch season's first ho me game, as Alabama trounced Tulane by a score of 8-O, 136 THE 1959 TENNIS TEAM: On the left of the net, Dr. Rafael R. del Valle, coach, Tommy Cooper, Kenneth Goodwing on the right of the net, Roy Woodruff, Buddy Greer, Sam Massey, and Frank Hahn. UNUSUAL COURT ACTION arouses humorous response from both Mississippi State and Alabama players. Mississippi won opening match. , J , , 5' . ,wwe-s ,.'-Rs' ,-F5 me 4164 Bama's 59 Tennis Team eacled by a New Coach THE UNIVERSITY of Alahamais tennis team he- gan its 1959 season under the direction of its new coach, Dr. Rafael del Valle. Last year was not a good season for the team as they wound up with 2 wins and 7 losses. Under Coach del Valle, the team, which con- sists of Tommy Cooper, Kenneth Goodwin, Roy Woodruff, Buddy Greer, Sam Massey, and Frank Hahn, is looking forward to many successful seasons in the years to come. wi s A fri, FIRST-SEEDED, Kenneth Goodwin prepares to serve to Mis- sissippi State opponent in opening match of the 1959 season. ALABAMA SPRINTERS LINE UP and anxiously await the starting signal for another practice dash event at Thomas Field. 1. . . ' , Bama's Cindermen Take All Dual Meets in '58 THE RETURN of experienced competitors and the addition of new cindermen promised excel- lent prospects for a good 1959 season on the main campus cinder track. Last year the track team, coached hy Harold i'Redv Drew met with Tennessee, Auburn, Mis- sissippi Southern, Mississippi State, and Georgia Tech and competed in the Florida and Coliseum Relays. The team met with great success after Winning all of their dual meets and placing 4th and 2nd in the Florida and Coliseum Relays respectively. The team closed out its season With 5 Wins, four of which were Southeastern Conference meets. sl en... PERFECT STRIDE is practiced daily by Alabama's cindermen as they ready themselves for first Southeastern Conference competition. 138 '-x 'KT HUMOROUS ANECDOTE is related by iovlal track coach Harold "Red" Drew, to team members: BOTTOM ROW: Darrell Fifts, Ernest Turcotte, Lynn Reeves, Marlin Dyess and Buddy Hardin . . . BACK ROW: Tony Hogan, Jim Dyer, Ed Hall, Howard Mclendon, Bob Hager, and .lim Teague. 3, is .i 'N 'l Cinderman Dyer . . . Hoists shotput . . As Drew measures. 139 WITH FOOTBALL suspended in mid-air, intramural teams battle for victory in late afternoon. Football is one of the biggest sports. ALWAYS A SURE SIGN of Spring on the University campus are the afternoon softball games which are held on the Capstone Quadrangle. BASKETBALL GAMES in Barnwell Hall are one of the most popular of the various activities which comprise the women's intramurals. l41iE..Y'n'QH!!'i? ""! .J Intramurals Play Vital Role for Bama Students A VARIED intrainural program provides thous- ands of students With an outlet for their sports interests and energies. The U of A intrainural program includes 16 va- ried events ranging from touch football and howling to talile tennis and horse-shoes. The aim of the intramural program is to offer year around opportunities for participation in recreational activities for as many students as possible. PERFECT FORM is exhibited by players as opponent gazes nonchalantly in an Alabama intramural basketball game. PLENTY OF FUN is experienced by badminton participant. Many women participate in swimming, sottball, ping pong, and volley ball. INTRAMURAL PLAYERS trolic under the basket as classic M agility is exhibited on the court in Foster Auditorium. V vvvll .. H , , K COMPETITION IS KEEN on tennis courts during the A PERFECT STRIKE! University of Alabama Intramural bowler spring matches of University ot Alabama Intramurals. practices tor important league matches held every Spring. 141 s .. . V, if ' V 4 i ff 1 K , lm., i 'ii .K 1 " , 1sf??Z2f LfI" W f, 15, gi" 'fQ',E: 1s-721' l A Q 4 A E CLASSES In supersonic 1959, a rocket that fails io crack the sound barrier is a miserable flop. Anil in any year of our Lord, a siufleni whose sounzl barrier is newer cracked by new ideas and broad perspectives and wide liorizons is a miserable flop. Af the Capstone, every flag soanrl barriers are being cracked. Professors are laizncliing ideas anfl concepts and axioms into the space of ilze classroom. SlIlflClll.S', sound barriers are being craclcezl. Anil only as the launching and the cracking goes on, is the Capslone fulfilling its mission. its race into space. Corolla sallzles 39 of many lianrlrefls icbose sounfl barriers babe been cracked and who are af ilze cenfer of ilze Capsfone,s race info space. Allen Barton Beard Boldgett Brocadhead Brown Code Clark Crawford DeMent Glasgow Hannon Hayden Hester Howell Lankford Lindsey Lupo Mathews Mufney Moaies Reid Smiih Sfegemeyer Watt Young 5 .AQ 'Yi - Q3 . s Q? sa-'REX-r N 'Nh 144 ws., I X -R 49' wwf Z fff01.,, f ,pf w 7 ' 2 Nun THE COROLLA SALUTES THE il lt Top Row: ALLEN, THOMAS L., IR., Heflin, Education . . . BARTON, WILLIAM LEROY, Oakland, Mississippi, Arts and Sciences, BSU . . . BEARD, BOBBY RAY, Silas, Graduate . . . BLODCETT, ALICE, Stevens Point, XVisconsin, Arts and Sciences. Second Row: BROADHEAD, PAUL E., Meridian Mississippi, Graduate . . . BROWN, CHARLES, Homestead, Florida, Engi- neering, YVesley Foundation, President, Pi Tau Chi, AIIE, AIEE . . . CADE, EMILY BARBARA, Hun'shoro, Arts and Sciences , . . CLARK, ELIZABETH ANN, Asheville, North Carolina, Nursing. Third Row: CRAWVFORD, WILLIAM CHARLES5 Blohile, Graduate, SPE, President, Pi Sigma Alpha, IFC Representative, Quadrangle, Philos . . . DEMENT, WILLIAM S., Birmingham, Graduate, Sigma Chi . . . GLASGOW, MARY LYNN3 Ruston, Louisiana, Home Economics, Phi Mu, Graduate Assistant of the Child Development Center, Recipient of Algeron Sydney Sullivan Award, Past President of AYVS . . . HANNON, JOHN E., Long Island, New York, Arts and Sciences, Phi Delta Rho, Psi Chi, Counsellor in Menis Residence Hall. TOM LANKFORD, Hokes Bluff, was Editor of The C-W, clncl was The president of Sigma Delta Chi journalism honorary. Fourth Row: HAYDEN, LOIS, Tuscaloosa, Nursing . . . HESTER, HORTENSE, Montgomery, Graduate . . . HOWELL, CEGYLE, Arnoldsville, Georgia, Nursing . . . LANKFORD, TOM, Ilokes Bluff, Graduate, Editor, The C-XV, Sigma Delta Chi, President, SDX, Student Life Committee, Board of Puhlica- tions, Press Club, Young Democrats. Fifth Row: LINDSEY, WALLACE HENRY, III, BIITTCTQ Edu- cation, Sigma Chi , . . LUPO, LARRY W., Phoenix City, Graduate, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta . . . MATHEWS, DAVID, Grove Ilill, Graduate, BSU, Phi Beta Kappa, ODK, Vice President, Phi Alpha Theta, lVho,s YVho, SGA Executive Cahinet, Third Army ROTC Award 1958, Distinguished Military Graduate of 1958 . . . MATNEY, EDWARD ELI, Danville, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Chi Alpha Phi, Deanis List, Association of Graduates . . . MOATES, EMMA F., Dothan, Nursing. Bottom Row: REID, LOUISE GOLDEN, Clanion, Education . . . SMITH, E. WARD, Gadsden, Arts and Sciences, Track . . . STEGEMEYER, F. LEE, Terrace Park, Ohio, Graduate, Delta Chi, Canterbury Cluh, Treasurer, Sigma Delta Chi, Treasurer, The C-XV, Special Features . . . TEAGUE, NANCY ELIZABETH, Graduate, Pi Mu Epsilon . , . IVATT, OSCAR HIN-KWONG, Commerce . . . YOUNG, ANNE, Gilhertown, Education, AVA, American Home Eeononrcs Association, Administrative Assistant in Department of Child Development and Family Lite. EMMETT R. COX, MURRAY ALLEY, EUGENE MCCLAIN were on Moot Court and won first place in the southeast area. Top Row: ALBRITTON, WILLIAM HAROLD, Andalusia, Alpha Tau Omega, Vice President of SGA, Jasons, ODK, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Army Cadet Officer's Club, President . . . APOLINSKY, HAROLD IRWIN, Birmingham, Kappa Nu, ODK, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Arnold Air Society, Distinguished Military Graduate, Phi Delta Phi, llillel, Beta Alpha Psi, Scholarship Award, Alabama CPA Award, Law Freshman Advistory Council, Law Homecoming, Finance Chairman, Law Day, Publicity Chairman, Law Executive Council . . . BARNETT, ROBERT C., Birmingham, Sigma Delta Kappa, Young Democrats . . . BERRY, JOSEPH M., Carrollton, Sigma Delta Kappa . . . BOOKOUT, JOHN GARGER, Birmingham, Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Delta Kappa, SGA, Law School Represen- tative, Alabama Young Democrats Executive Committee, Law School Executive Council, Alabama Law Review, Case Note Editor. Second Row: BOWMAN, JOHN SANDERSON, Montgomery, Phi Delta Theta, Student Court, XVho,s YVho . . . CARD, VVILLIAM II., JR., Citronelle, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Alpha Delta, Sommerville Dorm Counselor . . . COOK, WILLIAM RALPH, Birmingham, Sigma Chi, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Phi Alpha Delta . . . ELLZEY, JANIE LEDLOVV, Selma, Phi Delta Delta . GEIGER, RALPH S., Mobile, Sigma Delta Kappa. Third Row: HILL, ROBERT M., JR., Florence, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Alpha Delta, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, AIME, Cotillion Club, Dorm Counselor . . . LONGSHORE, THOMAS L., Birming- ham, Sigma Nu . . . MCDORMAN, CLARENCE L., JR., Birming- ham, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Alpha Delta . . . MACHEN, JYLES, Sylacauga, Dclta Chi, Executive Cabinet of SGA, Legislator of Commerce School, Secretary-Treasurcr of Commerce School, Chairman of Commerce Day, Chairman of Freshman Orientation, Business Manager of "A" Book, Chairman of Public Relations of SGA, Delta Sigma Pi, XVho,s Who . . . MERKEL, DONALD E., Sylacauga, Phi Alpha Dclta, Alabama Law Review, Secretary- Trcasurer ot Senior Class, Counselor of Powers Hall. Fourth Row: MOONEYHAM, WVILLIAM, Andalusia, Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice President, Circle HKU, Secretary, Alpha Kappa Psi, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Cadet Oftieeris Club, Arnold Air Society, Secre- tary, Freslunan Law Class, Secretary, Executive Council of Law THE COROLLA SALUTES it it School . . . NETTLES, BERT SHEFFIELD, Monroeville, Alpha Tau Omega, Counselor of Palmer Hall, Jasons, Quadrangle, Druids, Rho Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, Tau Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, ODK, President, Algernon Sidney Sullivan Award, 1958 . . . PARK, DAVID LAWRENCE, Tuscaloosa, Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta, Vice President, Freshman Law Class . . . POWELL, J. FRED, Birmingham, Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary, Alpha Kappa Psi, Young Democrats, Vice President, Editorial Board, Alabama Law Review, District Marshal of Phi Alpha Delta, Circle 'KKN Club, Homecoming Com- mittee of Law School, Law Day Committee . . . REEVES, BEN CHAPMAN, Eufaula, Phi Delta Theta, ODK, Jasons, Beta Gamma Sigma, SGA, President, Whois Who, Army ROTC Regimental Commander, Cadet Officeris Club, Vice President ,57-,58, Rho Alpha Tau, Scabbard and Blade, Secretary '57-'58, 1957 llome- coming Chairman, Phi Delta Theta, Vice President ,57-'58. Fifth Row: ROBERTSON, R. BRUCE, Birmingham, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Alpha Delta, Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Law Class . . . SCOTT, CLARENCE W., Pell City . . . SCOTT, JAMES M., Montgomery . . . SEGREST, DOUGLAS BROWARD, Tuskegee, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta, Book Review Editor, Alabama Law Review . . . SHELBY, RICHARD C., Birmingham, Delta Chi, President, Freshman Law Class, Co-Chairman of Law Day '58, Phi Alpha Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Committee of Young Democrats, YVestminster, Fresh- man Advisory Council . . . SOLOMON, JAMES R., JR., Abbe- ville, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Young Democrats . . . SOUTH, FORREST D., Birmingham, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Gamma Mn, Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Delta Kappa, Alabama Law Rc- view, Casenote Editor, Executive Council, Law School. Bottom Row: STOVALL, JAMES T., Montgomery, Phi Delta Theta, Debate Squad, Rho Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Quadrangle, Cotillion Club, Tau Kappa Alpha . . . SUMRALL, OLIPHANT MALCOLM, Mobile, Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Alpha Delta . . . VVALLACE, GERALD O., Clayton, Phi Gamma Delta, Cotillion Club, Student Court, Phi Alpha Delta, Law School Executive Committee, Young Democrats, Law School llomecoming Committee Chairman, Men's Residence Hall, Coun- selor, XVho,s YVho . . . WALLACE, JIMMY, Mobile, Sigma Chi, President, Executive Council Law School, Phi Alpha Delta, IFC . . . WILLISON, ROBERT, Tuscaloosa, Sigma Chi, Phi Alpha Delta. Albritton Apollnslcy Barnett Berry Boolcout Bowman Curcl Cook Ellzey Geiger Hill Longshore McDormcxn Muchen Merkel Mooneyhom Nettles Park Powell Reeves Robertson Scott, C. Shelby Solomon South Stovall Sumroll Wulluce, G. Wallace, J. Willison Top Row: ACTMAN, STEVE RONALD, Mobile, Commerce . . . ADAMS, CHARLOTTE, Ozark, Arts 61 Sciences, Tri Delt, Triangle, Corolla Staff, "Miss Alabamai' Band Sponsor, Corolla Beauty, Homecoming Queen, Lambda Chi Crescent Cirl, AF ROTC Sponsor, Miss Bama Day, Debate Team, Who's Who . . . ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY, III, Ozark, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard Zi Blade, Cadet Officer's Club . . . ADAMS, MARGARET CORNELIA, Anniston, Education, Kappa Delta, YXVCA, Spirit . , . ALDRICH, ANNE MARJORIE, Huey- town, Education, Phi Mu, Agnes Ellen Harris, SEA, ACRA . . . ALEXANDER ANNETTE, Coral Gables Florida, llome Econom- ics, Chi Omega President, YVVCA, President, Mortar Board, Senior Triangle, Panhellanic, ANVS House Representative . . . ALEXANDER, ROSALIND I., Tuscaloosa, Arts or Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Senior Triangle, Chi Delta Phi, French Club, Intra-Mural Debate, Associate Editor Corolla ,58, Mortar Board, Editor, Bama Community Chest Drive, Secretary- Treasurer, Most Outstanding Freshman in Publications 1957 . . . ALFORD, JAMES H., Albertville, Arts 61 Sciences, ATO . . . ALLDREDCE, LAVATHA, Blountsvilleg Home Economies, NK Rx V vs QE Y 'W H ri- ts? X 148 llillel . . . AQUINO, JANE, Caruthersville, Missouri, Arts or ACRA, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . ALLEN, RICIIARD H., Spring Hill, Arts 81 Sciences, ATO, AED, Quadrangle. Second Row: ALLISON, A. JACK, JR., Birmingham, Com- merce, Phi Delta Theta . . . ALVERSON, BETTYE, llaleyville, Nursing, ASNA . . . ANDERSON, DENVER R., Huntsville, Edu- cation, P. E. Majors and Minors . . . ANDERSON, YVALTER MARK, Montgomery, Commerce, Delta Chi, SCA Executive Cab- inet, Campus Community Chest, Chairman '58, "Av Book Editor ,57, Associate Editor Corolla ,56-'57, '57-,58, ODK, Quadrangle, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Army Cadet Officeris Club, Young Democrats, Phi Alpha Delta, Cotillion Club, NVho,s XVho, 'Distinguished Military Student . . . ANDREVV, JAMES M., Geneva, Commerce, Sigma Nu, Social Chairman, Cotillion Club . . . ANDREW, RAYMOND FRED, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Engi- neering, Sigma Chi, ASME, Alpha Phi Omega, SAME, YVQ-sley Foundation, Cadet Officer's Club . . . ANTHONY ROBERT, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . APPLEBAUM, CAIL SARAH, Anniston, Arts oz Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Spirit, fi tfliiki Wi W l fw ,t 'Dx THE 3 at is SN W' at., - Actman Ad a ms, C. Adams, J. Q. Adams, M. Aldrich Alexander, Alexander, Alford Alldredge Allen Alverson C. A. R. J. Anderson, D. R Allison W Anderson, Andrew, J. Andrew, R. Anthony Applebaum Aquino Ambrester Armstrong Arnett Arnold Ashford Atkins Atwood Au Avery Aycock Babcock M. F. Bailey, D. P. Bailey, G. J. Bain Boker Baldwin Ballenger Bankester Bonkson Bannister Barbour Barker Barkley Barksdole Barner Barnes Bartlett Battles Baxter Beall Beasley .M. THE COROLLA SALUTES RUTH BARKSDALE, Sheffield, was president of the College of Education and was a member of the SGA Executive Cabinet. Sciences, Kappa Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . ARMBRESTER, RODGER, Bessemer, Commerce. Third Row: ARMSTRONG, JAMES G., Orlando, Flolida, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Alpha . . . ARNETT, JAMES L., Bir- mingham, Commerce . . . ARNOLD, RUSSELL WEST, Hance- ville, Commerce, Soc. Adv. Mgt .... ASHFORD, MONNIE LEE, Collierville, Tennessee, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Chaplain, spirit, AAUXV, YWCA . . . ATKINS, BEVERLY JUNE, Tusca- loosa, Education, Phi Mu, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris, Corolla Favorite '57-,58 Miss XVABP . . . ATWOOD OLIVIA, Mont- gomery, Arts Br Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, Secretary, Chi Delta Phi, Governing Board of NVomen's Spirit, Publicity Chairman . . . AU, WILLY, Honolulu, Hawaii, Educa- tion . . . AVERY, MARGARET ANN, Tuscaloosa, Home Econom- ies, Delta Delta Delta, Vice President and Rush Chairman, Phi Upsilon, 3rd Year Triangle, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . AYCOCK, ROBERT, Bessemer, Engineering, AIIE, XVcsley Foun- dation . . . BABCOCK, CHARLES STERLING, Tuscumbia, Com- merce, Phi Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: BAILEY, DONALD PALMER, Dothan, Com- merce, Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Lambda, Vice President, Circle "KD, Officer's Club . . . BAILEY, GWENDOLYN JOYCE, Leeds, Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Beta Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, SEA . , . BAIN, BETTY JOANN, Albertville, Home Economics, AAUXV, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . BAKER, LOFTON, Jasper, Commerce, Junior Toastmasters . . . BALDWIN, VANIAH IIARMER, JR., Dothan, Chemistry, Alpha Chi Sigma, ACS . . . BALLENGER, JON C., JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, Scabbard 81 Blade, Secretary, Cadet Officer's Club, Secretary, IntereFraternity Council . . . BANKESTER, MERRILL, Robertsdale, Arts 51 Sciences . . . BANKSON, FRANK L., JR., Birmingham, Engineering, AIIE, Choral Union, BSU . . . BANNISTER, DON SCHULER, Baltimore, Maryland, Commerce, SAM, Toastmasters, BSU . . . BARBOUR, CAROL JEAN, Mobile, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Delta, Chi Delta Phi. Bottom Row: BARKER, WALLACE C., Birmingham, Com- merce, Soc. Adv. Mgt .... BARKLEY, SAM L., Hueytowng Arts Bt Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . BARKSDALE, RUTH, Sheffield, Education, Pi Beta Phi, President, Panhellenic, AYVS, House of Representatives, Senior Triangle, Vice President Edu- cation, Chi Delta Phi, Executive Cabinet of SGA, Cotillion Club . . . BARNER, LYNN, Mobile, Education, Delta Delta Delta, YXVCA, Alabama Spirit Club . . . BARNES, SUE, Fort WVayne, Indiana, Home Economics, Delta Gamma, YVVCA, AAUW, Ala- bama Spirit Club, Assistant to Associate Editor of Corolla . . . BARTLETT, HAYWOOD B., Montgomer, Arls ISI Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cotillion Club, Scagbard liz Blade . . . BATTLES, JERRY L., Oneonta, Arts 5: Sciences . . . BAXTER, MAX A., Pensacola, Florida, Engineering . . . BEALL, JAMES FRANKLIN, Brantley, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . BEASLEY, RICHARD W., Montgomery, Education, Concert and Marching Band. Top Row: BEEKER, VVILLIAM LEVVIS, Tuscaloosa, Engi- neering, IAS . . . BELL, DAVID GILBERT, Norwalk, Connec- ticut, Chemistry, Alpha Sigma Phi, XVesley Foundation, American Chemical Society . . . BELL, EDVVARD JOHNNY, XVilton, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Freshman Advisory Council, Seab- bard 61 Blade, Soc. Adv. Mgt., American Society of Training Directors, Cadet Officer's Club, Cotillion Club . . . BELL, MAURICE D., JR., Mobile, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . BENNETT, JOHN R., University, Engineering, IAS . . . BENTLEY, WILLIAM HENRY, Huntsville, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, AICIIE . . . BENTON, LAURA ELIZABETH, Enterprise, Education, Kappa Delta Pi, President, SRA, Chi Delta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, BSU, Executive Committee . . . BERRY, CECELIA, Carrollton, Home Economics . . . BISHOP, PAUL S., Searbro, XVest Virginia, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Sigma . . . BLACKMON, PATRICIA ANNE, Ccorgianna, Commerce, Phi Mu, Treasurer, Phi Chi Theta, Phi Beta Lambda, AAUXV' Commerce Association, Spirit, YXVCA. a Second Row: BLACKWELL, FREDDIE LLOYD, Birming- ham, Commerce, Alabama Society of Training Directors, Soc. Adv. Mgt., XV:-sley Foundation, University Photography Club, Secretary- ., -ae il' Nha Treasurer, Commerce Association, University Players, Circle SKU Club, Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi, Executive Vice President . . . BLALOCK, RALPH D., Cullman, Commerce, "Av Club, Baseball Team . . . BLANCHARD, AUGUSTO MARCOS, Sagua La Grande, Cuba, Engineering, ASME, ISE . . . BLANKENSHIP, JANE, Education, Triangle, Spirit, YXVCA, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Judiciary Council of Wilson Hall and llarris llall, Scholar- ship Chairman for Harris Hall, SNA . . . BLOCK, RICHARD M., New York, New York, Commerce, Soc. Adv. Mgt, Rho Alpha Tau, Hillel . . . BLOOMSTON, BERT, Birmingham, Arts or Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Staff of XVABP . . , BLOOMSTON, ROSALYN S., Birminghani, Education . . . BLOUNT, JAMES M., llimts- ville, Engineering . . . BLUMENSTEIN, ARNOLD, Flushing, New York, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Mu, President, Theta Tau, Viee President, President Engineering School, SGA Legislature, Druids, Alpha Pi Mn, AIIE, Corresponding Secretary, Student Engineering Council, Tau Beta Pi . . . BOCCS, BOBBY L., I,anett, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi. Third Row: BOND, INIARCRERITE, Bessemer, Education . . BOOZER, BILLY JOE, Rainesville, Commerce, Theta Xi . . BOOZER, JOHN W'., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Junior Toastmasters . . . BOSVVORTH, ROBERT, Nashville, Ten- sq.,- Na 5 1' THE COROLLA .as , V-.--e?PlfA.' .r e A A V-:KVVA Inq., . A f f, ef'- T H E SALUIEXS .Q ,. l f, if its Beeker Bell, D. G. Bell, E. J. Bell, M. D. Bennett Bentley Benton Berry Bishop Bluckmon Blackwell Blalock Blanchard Blankenship Block Bloomston, B Bloomston, R Blount Blumensfein Boggs Bond Boozer Boozer, John Bosworth Bounds Bowers Brabson Broswell Brentnull Bridges Brill Britt Brook Brooks, H. C. Brooks, R. L. Broughton Brown, A. J. Brown, C. H. Brown, E. Bruce Brunner Bryant Buchanan Burke Burnett Burnside Burroughs Burt Burttrom Butler ug. .'::1"illi . ,. gg LEASK HARRIS, from Selma, ond GEORGE GOODWYN, Mont- gomery, were Codet Colonels of University of Aloloumo ROTC. ncssee, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Vice President, Man- ager of Campus XVABP Radio Station, Alabama Cavaliers . . . BOUNDS, KAREN JOHNSTON, Tuscaloosa, Education, Swan Club, Triangle, Cheerleader, Spirit, YXVCA, SEA, Cinderella Girl of Phi Kappa Sigma . . . BOWERS, LEOLA D., Talladega, Nurs- ing, University Nurses Association, Vice President, Business and Professional XVomen,s Club . . . BRABSON, ANN, Bessemer, Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, AAUW, Canterbury . . . BRASWELL, NICHOLAS TILF ORD, III, Demopolis, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Scabbard G Blade . . . BRENTNALL, SAM L., JR., Birmingham, Chemistry, Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Chi Sigma, Student Affiliate of ACS, Scabbard 81 Blade, AF ROTC Cadet Officeris Club . . . BRIDGES, ERNEST THOBIAS, Eutaw, Chemistry, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice President, Cadet Officeris Club, Quadrangle, Scahbard CSI Blade, Student Affiliate of ACS. Fourth Row: BRILL, BIARTIN, Long Beach, New York, Com- merce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Commerce Association, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Hillel Representative . . . BRITT, THOMAS D., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Delta Sigma Pi, ASTD, Vice President . . . BROOK, DAVID NATHAN, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Rho Alpha Tau, Alpha Kappa Psi, llillel, Intramural Debate Team . . . BROOKS, HEBER CHRISTOPHER, Frisco City, Commerce, University Players, Soc. Adv. Mgt .... BROOKS, RICHARD LOVELL, Geneva, Arts 651 Sciences, Sigma Nu, Cadet Officeris Club, Arnold Air Society . . . BROUGHTON, GEORGE JORDAN, Mobile, Arts 61 Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . BROWN, ANNA JEAN, Jasper, Education . . . BROWN, CHARLES HERBERT, Mobile, Arts 61 Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau, Corolla Organization Manager '57, Druids '56-,57 . . . BROVVN, ELSIE ELLIOTT, Birmingham, Education, YVesley Foundation, Pi Tau Chi, Kappa Delta Phi . . . BRUCE, VIRGINIA LYNN, Memphis, Tennessee, Arts 51 Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YXVCA, Chi Delta Phi, XVestminster. Bottom Row: BRUNNER, CLARENCE VVILLIANI, JR., Cull- man, Education, Delta Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, FAC, Band, Orches- tra, Band Manager . . . BRYANT, JOHN HAYES, Tuscaloosa, Engineei-ing, Band, BSU, IAS, AIEE, IRE . . . BUCHANAN, ELIZABETH ANNE, Carbon Hill, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Zeta, Corresponding Secretary, University Players, Secretary, AAUXV, Spirit . . . BURKE, CONNIE, Birmingham, Education, Delta Gamma, Second Vice President, Kappa Delta Pi, Chi Delta Phi, AAUYV . . . BURNETT, BETTY ANN, Bessemer, llome Econom- ics, Zeta Tau Alpha, President, Mortar Board, Historian, Phi Epsilon Omicron, Editor, SGA Legislature, Panhellenie, llouse of Representatives, Dean's Advisory Board, Home Economics . . . BURNSIDE, ROBERT M., Montgomery, Commerce, Phi Kappa sigma, soc. Adv. Mgr .... BURROUGHS, MARSHA D., '1'ua-a- loosa, Chemistry, Pasteur Society, Corresponding Secretary . . . BURT, WILLIAM E., Talladega, Commerce, Chi Phi, IFC . . . BURTTRAM, JERRY, Palmerdale, Commerce . . . BUTLER, CAROLYN, Fayette, Home Economics, Agnes Ellen Harris Club' YXVCA, Spirit. Top Row: CALDYVELL, JO FRANCES, Tusealoosa, Educa- tion, Delta Cannna, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, French Club, YNYCA Cabinet . . . CALHOUN, JAMES FRANKLIN, Birininghanr,'Connneree, Delta Chi, Secretary, Commerce Asso- eiation, Kill' . . . CANIBRON, MARK CURTIS, l3il'IIllDgI,l121l1lQ Engineering, AIIE . . . CAMMACK, VIRGINIA, 'lIllSC11l1llJi21, Arts at Seienees, Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman, Panhellenie, Spirit . , . CAMPBELL, SUSAN ALICE, Niontgolneryg Arts K Seienees, Kappa Delta, Canterbury, Chi Delta Phi . . . CARACI, PHILIP, Mahopae, New York, Connneree . . . CARDVVELL, GAYLE LOUISE, Birniinghani, Arts ISI Seienees, Kappa Kappa Canuna, YVVCA, ACRA . . . CARDY, ROBERT BENJAMIN, Crand Bay, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, Pi Mu Epsilon . . . CARLINC, RONALD, Arverne, New York, Coinmeree, Soc. Adv. Mgt., 'l'reasurer . . . CARLTON, CAROLYN CRIFFITH, Bilillllllgllillllg Edueation, Phi Mu. Second Row: CAROTHERS, JANE, BIOIIIQOIIICTYQ Education, Alpha Delta Pi, SEA, YXVCA, Spirit, AAUXV . . . CARPENTER, MCFAY, lleadland, Coininerce, Beta Alpha Psi, President, Delta ,N 1. .X fx. 3 .. wt s sm S ,,, 152 N A --. Q w -aff 1 .t . , Xt X ss i---- Sigma Pi, Treasurer, Deanis Student Advisory Council, Cadet Officers Club . . . CASHION, BARBARA CAIL, Red Bay, Edu- cation, Zeta Tau Alpha, AAUYV, SEA . . . CATER, EMILY IRENE, Anniston, Arts is Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit, Spanish Club, lfreneh Club . . . CHADVVICK, CHARLES VV., IR., Linden, Connneree, Soe. Adv. Mgt., Alpha Kappa Psi, ASTD . . . CHAPPELL, SEABORN MILLER, Butler, Arts ec Seienees, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . CHILES, HENRY EDWARD, Deinopo- lis, Connneree, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Treasurer, Soe. Adv. Mgt., ASTD, Phi Beta Lambda . . . CHRISTIAN, DRUCILLA, Tusea- loosa, Education, Delta Zeta, President, Mortar Board, YYVCA, AAUNV, SEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Chi Delta Phi, Top Corolla Beauty, AF ROTC Sponsor, Beaux Arts Ball Princess, Spirit Club Pan- hellenie, Summer School President . . . CLARK, ALICE JANE, Eufaula, Edueation, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit Club, Triangle, YXVCA . . . CLARK, JIMMIE LEE, Dothan, Conuneree, Third Row: CLARK, PHILLIP, Columbus, Georgia, Coni- nieree, "Av Club . . . CLARKE, DOROTHY, Savannah, Ceorgia, Arts 5: Seienees, Alpha Delta Pi, Treasurer, llouse Chairman, L- K 1. X S.- pu., s.- le' 5 THE Caldwell Calhoun Cambron Cammack Campbell Caraci Cardwell Cardy Carling Carlton Caroihers Carpenter Cushion Cater Chadwick Chappell Chiles Christian Clark, A. J. Clark, J. L Clark, P. Clarke Clayton Clement Clements, J. L. Clements, Cleveland Clifton Cobb Cockrell Cohen Colbin Coleman Conant Cook Cooper Couch Cowart Cox Coxwell W. W. Crane, C. W. Crane, J. Crane, J. A. Crawford, Crittenden Crow, H. Crowell Crumbley Crump Culpepper THE COROLLA SALUTES 2. Mil . 5? K fE:::E?"..f.E' 1556 vt .. - --ut E-.,.,,.. ,- . - si f it 23 , .. i. ., is. ,v if GENE HARDY, Selma, served as president of Jasons, member of SGA Executive Cabinet and Editor of the '58 Corolla. Scholarship Chairman, Swan Club, Triangle, YXVCA, Spirit, AAUYV . . . CLAYTON, SARAH HUNTER, Clayton, Arts is Sceinees, Kappa Delta, Spanish Club, Alabama Spirit Club . . . CLEMENT, LAURA CATHARINE, Memphis, Tennessee, Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, YNVCA, AAUW' . . . CLEMENTS, JANIS L., Reform, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Spirit, AAUXV, SEA . . . CLEMENTS, VVILLIAM W., Birming- ham, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, President, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Blu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, AIEE, IRE, Chairman of the University of Alabama Joint Student Branch ot AIEE - IRE . . . CLEVELAND, BETTY QBECEEJ, Jackson, Mississippi, Arts 51 Sciences, Kappa Delta, Psi Chi, Sigma Delta Pi, Univrsity Players, ISA, Spanish Club, President, SMA, French Ciub . . . CLIFTON, BARBARA MAE, Memphis, Tennessee, Arts ez Sciences, Phi Mu, Varsity Debate Squad, Tau Kappa Alphi, Alpha Kappa Delta, AUFA Honor Seminar, ACRA . . . COBB, BETTY ANN, York, Education, Chi Omega, NEA, Spirit, YXVCA, AAUXV . . . COCKRELL, HOWARD C., Double Springs, Engineering, ASME. Fourth Row: COHEN, ELIOT DANIEL, Clarksdale, Missis- sippi, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Ilillcl . . , COLBIN, HAROLD N., Carrollton, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, A.l. Che., Arnold Air Society . . . COLEMAN, JEFF J., Tuscaloosa, Com- merce, 'Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Commerce Day Committee, Bama Day Committee . . . CONANT, HARRIET H., XVashington, D. C., Education, Band, Orchestra, SEA . . . COOK, MARY JEAN, Albany, Corgia, llome Economics, Chi Omega . . . COOPER, KATHERINE, Birmingham, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Corolla Staff, Spirit, YXVCA, Canterbury Vestry, Canterbury Choir, Alabama Research Asso- ciation and Executive Board, Swan Club, Modern Dance Club, French Club, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . COUCH, KENNETH C., Huntsville, Arts or Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi . . . COWART, NANCY ELIZABETH, Troy, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Rho, XVesley Foundation . . . COX, JOSEPH A., Talladega, Commerce . . . COGWELL, MELVIN R., Brewtong Commerce. Bottom Row: CRANE, CHARLES W., Lipscomb, Engineering, ASCE . . . CRANE JAMES, Lipscomb, Engineering, ASCE . . . CRANE JAMES A., Decatur, Commerce, Soc. Adv. Mgt., AIIE . . . CRAWFORD BETTY J., Connersvillc, Indiana, Nursing, ASNA . . . CRITTENDEN, JULIA KAY, Double Springs, Edu- cation, Alpha Chi, AAUYV, Agnes Ellen llarris Club, SEA . . . CROW, HELEN CLIFTONS, Birmingham, llome Economics, Chi Omega, Secretary, VVho's NVho, Mortar Board, Secretary, Phi Upsilon Omicron, President, President, Home Economics School, Cotillion Club . . . CROVVELL, JESSE, St. Petersburg, Florida, Arts or Ssiences, Arnold Air Society, AF ROTC Officeris Club, "A" Club, Varsity Track and Cross Country . . . CRUMBLEY, ROBERT, Blountsville, Engineering, IAS . . . CRUMP, ELIZABETH, Montgomery, Arts or Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, French Club, President, YXVCA, Publicity Chairman '59, Historian '58, Spirit, Chairman, 1958 Corolla Beauty Ball, SGA Legislature, Secretary Pro Tem, AAUYV, Triangle . . . CULPEPPER, DAVID JAMES, Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, Sigma Nu, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Eta Sigma, VVestminster, Phi Beta Kappa. Top Row: CUMMINCS, CHARLES, Arlington, Virginia, Arts 51 Sciences, XVesley Foundation, Freshman Advisory Council, Phi Alpha Theta, Stamp and Coins, IRC . . . CURLEY, JAMES ALFRED, New York, New York, Engineering, Thcta Xi, Ameri- can Society for Metals, AIM, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engi- neers, American Foundry Society, ,Cotillion Club . . . CURRIE, ANN, Anniston, Nursing, Delta Zeta, Freshman Triangle, SNA . . . CURRIE, MIRIAM ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Education, Chi Omega, AAUXV, Spirit, YXVCA . . . DAGNAN, LAJUANA, XVarrior, Education, Alpha Beta Alpha, SEA . . . DARBY, NOLAN CLIFTON, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . DARDEN, EDVVARD A., JR., Anniston, Arts 81 Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . DAVIDSON, BETTY MARIE, Thomasville, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, AAUVV, SEA, Newman Club . . . DAVIS, BETTY JEAN, Carrollton, Education, Mortar Board, Triangle, Chaperone Chairman, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Historian, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, SRA, NVeslcy Foundation, Cabinet Member, VVesley Players, Methodist Student Movement, State Office . . . DAVIS, ERROL, Middle Villagc, New York, Arts 61 Sciences, Dormitory Monitor, Powers Hall. 'QR 0-N... vu' X Wm ,sry A .,i. A Second Row: DAVIS, PAUL D., Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . DEAN, HELEN RIDCEWAY, Eufaula, Arts 81 Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, YYVCA . . . DEAN, RUSSELL ERNEST, Cranford, New Jersey, Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi, AHE, XVcs- ley Foundation, ROTC Cadet Officcris Club . . . DELBRIDCE, JOHN RICHARD, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, IAS, Secretary, Chair- man . . . DENMAN, EUGENE A., Cranford, New Jersey, Coin- mcree, Delta Sigma Phi, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Commerce Association . . . DENTON, DAVE, Fort Payne, Arts Sz Sciences, Dclta Tau Delta . . . DICKSON, SAMUEL ADRIAN, JR., Tuscaloosa, Arts Bt Sciences, Theta Chi, Historian, First Guard, Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary, Scabbard 61 Blade, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pershing Rifles, IRC . . . DILLON, WILLIAM HENDERSON, Alexander City, Arts Sz Sciences, Sigma Alpha Episilon, Rho Alpha Tau . . . DILWORTH, JAMES B., Huntsville, Engineering, Delta 'Pau Delta, President, IFC, SGA Legislature, AFS . . . DI MASSIO, CHARLES E., Mobile, Education, Theta Chi, SEA, IRC, Presi- dent, Young Democrats BSU. 'Third Row: DIMENSTIEN, MORTON B., Birmingham, Arts Sz Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau, Corolla Staff . . . DOBBINS, Ns., E his Ewa SDK 'F THE ss- sts - as sr es. it rs si vs- Cummings Curley Currie, A. Currie, M. Dagnam Darby Darden Davidson Davis, B. Davis, E. Davis, P. Dean, H. Dean, R, E. Delvridge Denman Denton Dickson Dillon Dilworfh Di Massio Dimenstein Dobbins D'Olive Dollar Donnelly Doughty Downing Drake Driver Duffy, V. Duke Duncan Dyess Earl Eason Easter Edelman Edgar Edmonds Edwards Elledge Elliott Ellison Ellwanger Ennis Etchison Eurick Evans Evers Faile E. THE COROLLA SALUTES Z BILL LANFORD, a Phi Gamma Delta from Gadsden was elected president of the University's lnterfraternity Council of '58-'59. BEVERLY J., Biriningham, Education, AAUYV, SEA, BSU, AWS . . . D'0LIVE, VVALTER FLOWER, JR., Mobile, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Corresponding Secretary, SFVP . . . DOLLAR, LAWRENCE EDVVARD, Bessemer, Education, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, National Society of Pershing Rifles, Kappa Delta Pi, Department of the Army Award, Outstanding Freshman Army ROTC Cadet, Phi Delta Kappa . . . DONNELLY, JOHN W., Birmingham, Engineering , . . DOUGHTY, JULIA A., Reform, Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, SEA . . . DOWNING, EDWARD FARMER, Ba-miuglmm, A1-rs or Sciences, Sigma Nu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Spanish Club, Chi Alpha Phi . . . DRAKE, FRANK, JR., Birming- ham, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Toastmasters, Canterbury, Intramural Sports . . . DRIVER, M. ELIZABETH, Loxley, Com- merce, Phi Chi Theta . . . DUFFY, VINCENT P., JR., Mobile, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta. Fourth Row: DUKE, CECIL C., WVcogufa, Education, Cadet Officer's Club . . . DUNCAN, JACK R., Alexander City, Com- merce, Soc. Adv. Mgt., President, Powers Hall . . . DYESS, CLARA ANN, Elba, Education, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . EARL, BETTY ANNE, Eufaula, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, YVVCA, Spirit, Modern Dance Club . . . EASON, MARTHA MATASON, Birmingham, Educa- tion . . . EASTER, JANE, Jasper, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, First Vice President, Mortar Board, YYVCA, Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer, Spirit Club, AAUNV, Triangle . . . EDELMAN, MICHAEL, Atlantic Beach, New York, Commerce, Hillel, SOC. Adv. Mgt., C-VV . . . EDGAR, ARTHUR ROBERT, JR., Mobile, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Soc. Adv. Mgt .... EDMONDS, MARY NEVILLE, Emelle, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Wesley Foundation, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, AAUW . . . EDWARDS, JACKIE, Surnmerdale, Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi. Bottom Row: ELLEDGE, JOE PAUL, Tuscaloosa, Arts Sz Sciences . . . ELLIOTT, JEANNE CAROLYN, Tuscaloosa, Edu- cation, Alpha Delta Pi, Spirit, AAUIV, SEA . . . ELLISON, ELVA ANN, Hurtsboro, Arts ESI Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, Second Vice President, Alpha Kappa Delta, Psi Chi, Chi Delta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Summer School President, YXVCA, Spirit Club, Second Vice President, Governing Board, Mortar Board, Vice President, Phi Beta Kappa, Whois YVho . . . ELLWANGER, DAVID, Selma, Education, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Editor, 1959 Corolla, Jasons, ODK, XVho,s YVho, Past Member of Alabama Debate Squad, Past Member of Student Legislature, Gamma Delta, Past President . . . ENNIS, C. HOWARD, JR., University, Arts or Sciences . . . ETCHISON, JOHN WAYNE, Gadsden, Engineering, Theta Xi, 'Cotillion Club, AICE, Crimson Guard . . . EURICK, HENRY CLYDE, Greens- boro, Commerce, Varsity Baseball . . . EVANS BETTYE SUE, Russellville, Chemistry, Pasteur Society, President, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, ACS, XVesley Foundation . . . EVERS, JAMES, Green- ville, Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, ASME, Engineering Student Council . . . FAILE, GARTH D., Coffeeville, Arts Sz Sciences, President, Saffold Hall, Social Chairman of Lewis Hall. it 's K A I' sav- X s s N Top Row: FARR, PATRICIA ELAINE, Sheffield, Education, Chi Omega, AAUYV, President, SGA, Education Representative, XVesley Foundation, Vice President, YNVCA, Executive Council, SRA, Spirit . . . FARRIER, ANN CRANE, Brighton, Ilome Eco- nomics, University Dames . . . FARRIER, ERNEST G., Brighton, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, American Foundry Society . . . FARRIS, BILLY R., Northport, Arts Ck Sciences . . . FELDMAN, ARNOLD, Lawrence, New York, Arts :SI Sciences: Sigma Alpha Mu, llillel, ACRA . . . FERGUSON, MARY LOU, Chatom, Chemistry, Alpha Chi, Band, Pasteur Society, ACS, AAUXV . . . FIELDS, BILLIE JO, Northport, Education . . . FINCH, ELLIS LANIER, Bessemer, Arts 81 Sciences, XVUOA Educational Television, Young Democrats . . . FINLEY, JAMES L., VVeaver, Arts 251 Sciences, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Chi Sigma . . . FLIPPO, PAMELIA MIXON, Red Bay, Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron. Second Row: FLOWERS, ALAN, Florence, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Druids . . . FLOYD, DEANNA, Atlanta, Georgia, Commerce, Delta Gamma, Corresponding Secretary, Mortar Board, Treasurer, Phi Chi Theta, President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, 'Chi Alpha Phi, Third Year Triangle, AAUVV, YXVCA . . . FLOYD, SHIRIN, Montgomery, Chemistry, R- 2 '... t XR A P WN t ... v-Q. Pi Tau Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Presi- dnt, ACS, President, President of XVest Annex, Mortar Board, XVho,s XVho . . . FLY, GALE SABEN, Nlohilc, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, AIEE . . . FORBES, WILLIAM KEISTER, Birmingham, Commerce . . . FOSTER, THOMAS L., Florence, Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . FOUNTAIN. CAROL JUNE, Bessemer, Education . . . FOUST, BARBARA ELIZABETH, Deatsville, Education, President, llaekberry House: Dietitian, Haclclderry llouse, AXVS, ACRA . . . FOVVLER, JINI RIVERS, Mobile, Arts 51 Sciences, Rho Alpha Tau, Secretary: Druids, Mahout, Humor Editor, IRC, President, Pi Sigma Alpha, Young Democrats, Executive Committee . . . FOX, WILLIAM A., JR., Greenville, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Commerce Associa- tion, Druids, Quadrangle, Scabbard Bt Blade, Treasurer SGA Legislature. Third Row: FRANTZ, JAMES T., III, Montgomery, Arts is Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi, Historian, Alpha Epsilon Rho, President, Sigma Delta Pi, President, Quadrangle, AF ROTC Cadet Officeris Cluh, ISO, Arnold Air Society, Outstanding Announcer of NVABP '56-'57, Chief Announcer, XVUOA-FM . . . FRASER, FRANCES ANNE, Huntsville, Ilolne Economics, Delta Delta Delta, YYVCA, Spirit, VVOSt1TllI'lSiC'l' . . . FREEMAN, FRED BERT, JR., Talla- W' ii- -we r x is , S AHN SXI . QR Q' llifx ti THE itil i Stews., ,SQ X .xi Nu- 'S We . FR Farr Farrier, A. C Farrier, E. Farris Feldman Ferguson Fields Finch Finley Flippo Flowers Floyd, D. Floyd, S. Fly Forbes Foster Fountain Foust Fowler Fox Frantz Fraser Freeman Fulton Gachet Gamble Gann Gardner Garrett Gay George Gibbons Gibson Gillmore Ginsburg Glass Glassman Godwin Goeller Goodloe Goodman Goodner Goodwin Gooclwyn Gordon Gordon, R. Gorelick Gorlin, H. D. Gorlin, M. S. Goudchaux THE COROLLA SALUTES ANDREA KNOWLES, Selma, was president of Mortar Board, also served as president of the School of Home Economics. dega, Arts 61 Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . FULTON, PATRICIA, Mobile, Commerce, Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Secretary, Phi Chi Theta, Secretary, Cheerleading Squad Q2 years? . . . GACHET, ELIZABETH PAULINE, Dothan, Arts 61 Sciences, BSU . . . CAMBLE, JOHN GILL, Des Moines, Iowa, Arts ZS! Sciences, Sigma Nu, Newman Club . . . GANN, JOHN G., Sylaeauga, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Social Chairman, Toastmasters, BSU, Executive Council . . . GARDNER, HAROLD O., Montgomery, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, YVho,s YVho, Alpha Kappa Psi, President, Business Manager, C-XV '57, Phi Eta Sigma, Commerce Student Advisory Council, Freshman Ad- visory Council, Bama Day Committee, Student of the Month Committee, Chairman, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Board of Publications . . . GARRETT, MARY, Centre, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, AAUYV, SEA, Spirit, YWVCA . . . GAY, HERBERT, Montgomery, Engineering, Theta Chi, Inter-Fraternity Council, AIIE. Fourth Row: GEORGE, ROBERT F., Birmingham, Engi- neering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Alabama Quadrangle, AICE . . . GIBBONS, HOWARD, Prattville, Commerce . . . GIBSON, GORDON, Cullman, Commerce, Chi Phi, Cotillion Club, Freshman Advisory Council, Band, Drum Major . . . GILLMORE, BETTY IO, jackson, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Delta . . . GINSBURG, MARSHALL, New Castle, Pennsylvania, Arts 151 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Program Director Campus Radio Station VVABP, Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Senior Member Advanced Army ROTC, Cadet Officeris Club, Hillel Foundation . . . GLASS, HERB, Allentown, Pennsylvania, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation . . . GLASSMAN, BUDDY, Iackson, Tennessee, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . GODWIN, GLORIA FAY, Anda- lusia, Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau, Alabama State Student Nurses' Association, First Vice President . . . GOELLER, ARTHUR F., Verona, New Jersey, Arts or Sciences, Social Chairman. Sommer- ville Hall, Cadet Captain AF ROTC . . . GOODLOE, JOHN RUSSELL, IR., Mobile, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. Bottom Row: GOODMAN, ANNE R., Sarasota, Florida, Arts or Sciences: Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Spirit Club, Cotillion Club, University Players, AAUXV . . . GOODNER. H. WADE: Castleberry, Engineering, ASME . . . GOODWIN, KENNETH IOHN, Mobile, Engineering, ASCE, SAME, Army Cadet Officcr's Club: Newman Club, Tennis Team . . . GOODWYN, GEORG T., Montgomery, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chi Epsilon, Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, ROTC Brigade Commander Officer's Club, Vice President, ASCE, SAME, Stu- dent Legislature . . . GORDON KALMAN, Statesvillc, North Carolina, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . GORDON, ROBERT, Brooklyn, New York, Commerce, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Hillel Foundation, C-IV . . . GORELICK, SANDERS, Allentown, Pennsylvania, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Captain, Rifle Team, Hillel Foundation . . . GORLIN, HERBERT DONALD, Hollywood, Florida, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Corolla Staff, C-W Staff, Hillel Foundation, SGA . . . GORLIN, MARILYN SACKLER, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Commerce, Delta Phi Epsilon, Triangle, Spirits, Chi Alpha Phi, Beta Alpha Psi, Hillel Foundation, Corolla Staff, C-VV Staff, AYVS, Social Chair- man . . . GOUDCHAUX, R. LEE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Glee Club, Commerce Association, Mahout. Top Row: GOULD, ROGER, Birmingham, Arts Ck Sciences, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation . . . GOVERNAL, NANCY BARBARA, Monsey, New York, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Re- cording Secretary, AAUXV, SEA, ACRA, Philos . . . GRACE, LAWRENCE JAMES, Fairfield, Connecticut, Commerce, Cross Country, Track . . . GRACE, WILLIAM B., Ozark, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . GRAVES, CONNIE, Birmingham, Education, Alpha Phi . . . GRAYSON, RICHARD, JR., Selma, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Alpha . . . GREEN, MARIANNE, Mobile, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, YXVCA, Spanish Club . . . GRIFFIN, CHARLES HOYT, Bankston, Engineering, AIEE, IRE . . . GROOVER, BILLY, Hartselle, Commerce . . , GROOVER, R. E., Hartsclle,, Engineering, AICE, Tau Beta Pi. Second Row: GROSS, BETTY FLOVVERS, Sylacauga, Arts iv Sciences, Alpha Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Delta Phi, Tri- angle, University Symphony Orchestra, Music Student Association . . . GUTEL, ELAINE, Mobile, Education, Delta Phi Epsilon Secretary, Hillel Foundation, Past President, SEA, AAUW, AVVS, Summer President, Spirit . . . GUYTON, MARY SUE, Bessemer, Education, Chi Omega . . . HAAS, SALLY, Mobile, Home Eco- nomies, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . HAGER, GEORGE ROBERT, YVestWood, New Jersey, Commerce, Chi Phi, Soc. Adv. Mgt.- 1 s Toastmasters, Track Team, "Au Club, Cross Country Team . . . HAHAN, FRANK E., III, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, Comrnerce, Zeta Beta Tau, University Tennis Team, Hillel Foundation . . . HALL, DONALD FREDERICK, Fairfield, Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, President, Circle HKY Club . . . HALL, ROSALIND SIMS, Creensboro, Education, SEA . . . HAMBY, ALDIE GARTH, Oneonta, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon, C-NV, Press Club . . . HAMER, RAYBURN C., JR., Demopolis, Engi- neering, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, Pi Mu Epsilon, AIEE, IRE. Third Row: HAMILTON, MARY EMILY, Ardmore, Penn sylvania, Arts 51 Sciences, Kappa Delta, French Club, Canter- bury Club . . . HAMMON, MARTHA LOU, Fort Payne, Home Economics, Agnes Ellen Ilarris Club, BSU . . . HAMNER, SUE, Tuscaloosa, Education, Delta Zeta, SEA, YXVCA, BSU, Young Democrats Club, Spirit Club . . . HAMRICK, JOHN P., Bir- mingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, AIIE . . . HANCIIETT, MARY ADA, Big Rapids, Michigan, Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, First Vice President, Phi Chi Theta, Vice President, Phi Beta Lambda, Secretary, AAUVV, Alpha Chi Omega Alumnae Club, Chapter Representative . . . HAND, ALTON EDVVARD, Lips- comb, Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME . . . HANDLEY, JAMES DONALD, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Freshman Baseball . . . HANLEIN, LOUIS G., JR., Mobile, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, IVeSley Foundation, X New R, X THE Gould Governal Grace, L. Grace, W. Graves Grayson Green Griffin Groover, B. Groover, R Gross Gufel Guyton Haas Hager Hahan Hall, D, F. Hall, R. S. Hamby Hamer Hamilton Hammon Hamner Hamrick Hanchett Hand Handley Hanlein Hanson Harder Hardy Harrell Harris, A. Harris, L. Harrison Harwell Hasson Haughf Hauser Head Hearn Heaton Heise Henderson Hendricks Hendrix, A. Hendrix, J. Herod Heustess Hicks THE COROLLA SALUTES 9 .53 is NEAL LITTLEJOHN, Columbus, Georgia, served as president of Quadrangle and The president of Kappa Alpha Order. Soc. Adv. Mgt., Sailing Club . . . HANSON, PAULA ANNE, Birmingham, Education, Chi Omega, AAUXV, SEA, Spirit, YXVCA, Modern Dance Club . . . HARDER, DON, jackson, Mississippi, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha. Fourth Row: HARDY, GENE MORRISON, Selma, Com- merce, Phi Gamma Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Jasons, Pres- ident, ODK, SGA Executive Cabinet, VVho's XVho, Editor, 1958 Corolla, Quadrangle, Secretary, Druids, Associate Editor, 1957 Corolla, Editor, Bama Day Book, Chi Alpha Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, Board of Publications, Pershing Rifles, SFVP, Dean's List . . . HARRELL, MARTHA, Butler, Arts Sz Sciences, AYVS House of Representatives, President, XVilson Dorm, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . HARRIS, EDWARD ALUN, IR., Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Sigma . . . HARRIS, LEASK, Selma, Com- merce, Kappa Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer, Student Government, Jasons, ODK, XVho's YVho, XVing Commander of AF ROTC, Past Vice President, Commerce School, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Arnold Air Society, Cadet Officeris Club, President . . . HARRISON, BARBARA, Tuscaloosa, Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President, Chi Delta Phi, SEA, West Annex Iudiciary Coun- eil, 'Gamma Delta . . . HARWELL, KENNETH E., YVetumpka, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, Treasurer, ODK, Quad- rangle, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Treasurer, BSU, Vice President, Chairman, Men's Residence Hall Council, President, Abercrombie Hall, Freshman Advisory Council, SGA Cabinet Member, Cotillion Club, NSPE Essay Award, Student Branch of IAS . . . HASSON, ROSS D. Decatur, Commerce, FAC, Pi Tau Pi Sigma, XVesley Cabinet, Cadet Officeris Club, Pi Tau Chi . . . HAUGHT, IERI, Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, President, Town Representative AVV S, Spirit, YWCA, Triangle, First Vice President, Mortar Board . . . HAUSER, MICHAEL RHODES, Birmingham, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, President, Engineering ,57-'58, ODK, Alpha Pi, Presi- dent, Tau Beta Pi, Vice President, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, AIIE, Scabbard or Blade, Arnold Air Society, VVho,s VVho, Ameri- can Military Engineer's Award, American Foundryman's Society . . . HEAD, DAVID HENDERSON, Troy, Arts ez Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Bottom Row: HEARN, JESSE ANDREW, Roanoke, Com- merce, Toastmasters 'Club . . . HEATON, MACK R., Sylacauga, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . HEISE, WILLIAM CARL, YVinona, Minnesota, Arts 51 Sciences, Delta Tau Delta . . . HENDERSON, POLLY, Tuscaloosa, Education, Delta Zeta, Treasurer, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Phi Upsilon Omieron, Second Vice President, Mortar Board, Band, BSU Council, Town and Sorority President for YXVA, SEA, AAUXV, Spirit, University of Alabama Represen- tative to National Phi Upsilon Omieron Conclave . . . HENDRICKS, JOHN B., University, Engineering, Chi Phi, Phi Mu Epsilon, AIEE, IRE . . . HENDRIX, ANN, Blountsville, Home Economics, Alpha Phi, Spirit, AAUXV . . . HENDRIX, IAN, Evergreen, Arts air Sciences, Lambda Chi . . . HEROD, JAMES V.: Orrville, Arts Ez Sciences, Pi Mu Epsilon, President, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard Sr Blade, Quad- rangle, BSU, President . . . HEUSTESS, MARY B., Montgomery, Arts ez Sciences, Chi Omega . , . HICKS, BOBBY RAY, Hartselle, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, President: Executive Cabinet SCA, 1958 Bama Dav Chairman, Cotillion Club, Rho Alpha Tau, Sales Manager, '57-'58 Corolla, XVho,s XVho. Top Row: HICKS, JOSEPH D., JR., Grove Hill, Arts ec Sciences, Alahama Correctional Research Association, Canterbury, Young Democrats . . , HINTON, JAMES FAULK, JR., Birming- ham, Chemistry, Delta Chi, Alpha Chi Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Band . . . HITEN, HELEN KAREN, Tuscaloosa, Education, Band . . . HODNETT, JAMES BURLEICH, Birmingham, Engi- neering . . . HOLLINCSWORTH, TERA M., Gordo, Education, Third Year Triangle, Cotillion Chill, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, SEA, BSU, Treasurer, Hayden-Ilarris . . . HORTON, PATRICIA ANN, Bessemer, Education . . . HOUSE, WILLIAM MATHES, Nlunfordg Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Freshman Advisory Council, YVesley Foundation, NYesley Choir, AFS, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Pi Tau Chi, SRA . . . HOUSTON, CELESTE, Eufaula, Education, Kappa Delta . . . HOWARD, LELAND P., JR., Florence, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . HOWSE, PAUL T., JR., Birmingham, Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME . . . HUDSON, JENNY, Birmingham, Arts ck Sciences, Delta Zeta, Second Vice President, Lead in "The Consuli' Opera, Soloist of University Singers, Soloist, XYesley Foundation Choir, Soloist, University Choral Union, Triangle, AAUYV. Second Row: HUDSON, JERRY E., llorlon, Arts 6: Sciences . . . HUCULEY, BETTY LOUISE, Lafayette, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Vice President, Triangle Panhellenie . . . HUCULEY, DENA, Lafayette, Arts LY Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Spirit, Vice President, Chi Delta Phi, Phi Alpha Theta, Triangle, Cotillion Cluh . . , is I tt.. ' 5 :- '.-'. Nqg...,Nf S, s R t x is . - t ,.,, - as W - hiss? X as KN, S X Poi X X Y Y R ,il Q X et X X se X it ss XX st S 5 A x Q.. XY. c sstrs - isriss i' c n"' HURT, ELIZABETH ANN, Tuscaloosa, Education: Chi Omega: '1'fi,mg1e, spirit, YWCA, AAUW . , . JACKSON, CLARENCE WEBSTER, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Chi Alpha Phi . . . JACKSON, ROBERT, Tuscaloosa, Arts 51 Sciences, Theta Chi, Intra-Fraieiw nity Council . . . JACKSON, RONALD H., Birmingham, Com- merce, Sigma Nu . . . JACOBS, HARRIET WEIL, Anniston: Alpha Epsilon Phi, Kappa Pi, Spirit, Ilillel Foundation . . . JAMES, FRANK WARD, JR., Huntsville, Engineering, Theta Tuag Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, XVestminster Fellowship, Tau Beta Pi . . . JAMES, JEANENE MARIE, Roslyn, New York, Education, Alpha Phi, Second Vice President, AAUYV, SEA, Band . , . JESSE, ALEXANDER, Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada, Arts be Sciences, Theta Xi, Cadet Officeris Chili, XVesiminsler Fellowship, International Relations Cluh. Third Row: JETER, MARVIN DOCK, Birmingham, Arts be Sciences, Sigma Delta Chi, Secretary-Treasurer and Sports Chair- man, Palmer Hall, C-YV Staff, Abercrombie Hall, Sports Chairman . . . JOHNSON, JYL V., Arlington, Virginia, Chemistry, Phi Blu: Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pasteur Society, Alpha Lamhda Delta: Triangle . . . JOHNSON, WILLIAM RABUN, Gadsden, Arts KY Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Spanish Cluh, Press Cluh, Ross Cluhg C-NV . . . JOLLY, JOE, Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Commerce Association, Tennis Team . . . JONES, ALBERT P., Birmingham, Commerce, Toastmasters, Chili . . . JONES, AUSTIN HINDS, NIlJIllQ,'lllIll'1'VQ Ctf1lllIlL'1'L'i'Q ,Phi '3 Q., ,G .Y 'sr-in Q so New S6 up c sv 1 ,L si vm THE "?"'4' Y' Xi six: ii ,pn THE COROLLA S A L U T E S Hicks Hinton Hiten Hodnett Hollingsworth Horton House Houston Howard Howse Hudson, J. Hudson, J. E. Huguley, B. L. Huguley, D. Hurt Jackson, C. Jackson, R. Jackson, R. H. Jacobs James, F. James, J. Jesse Jeter Johnson, J. Johnson, W. R. Jo y Jones, A. Jones, A. H. Jones, J. E. Jones, J. H. Jones, J. R. Jones, P. Jones, P. G. Jordan Kaiser Kaplan Kaufman Kenan Kendall Kidd Killion Kimbrell King Kirkland, L. Kirkland, M. Kitchens Klinger Knight Knowles Kohn Kolb Konnersman Koss Kraus Krout - -42.37 . W QW . M, .sw . f' er' g , . RICHARD CSQUIRRELJ MALONE, Attolla, a Pi Kappa Phi, was elected president of the Commerce Association of 1958-59. Delta Theta, Alumni Secretary, Vice President, Corolla Staff, IFC . . . JONES, JAMES ERVIN, Safford, Arts 61 Sciences, Press Club . . . JONES, JAMES HOMER, Prattville, Commerce . . . JONES, JIMMY RAY, Fayette, Education, Band, Opera YVork Shop, University Singers . . . JONES, PATSY, Talladega, Arts Ziz Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Pi, Secretary, Spirit Club . . . JONES, PATSY GAYLE, Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, Outstanding Freshman Award, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, President, State Officer, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Secretary, Kappa .Delta Pi, BSU. Fourth Row: JORDAN, BOYD EUGENE, Cantonment, Flor- ida, Commerce, Chi Alpha Phi, President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Deanis Advisory Council . . . KAISER, JOEL RICHARD, New York, New York, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Cotillion Club, C-XV Circulation Staff, XVABP, XVUOA-TV, University Theater . . . KAPLAN, LEONARD, Jackson Heights, New York, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Varsity Basketball, Hillel Foundation . . . KAUFMAN, CLAUDIA, Mobile, Education, YWCA . . . KENAN, ANNE LIVINGSTON, Birmingham, Education, Delta Delta Delta, President, Panhellenie, House of Representatives, Spirit, YWCA . . . KENDALL, SARAH LOUISE, Eutaw, Arts ISK Sciences, Delta Gamma, Treasurer, Chi Delta Phi, Symphony Orchestra, Canterbury, Choir, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . KIDD, ROBERT ELLIOTT, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . KILLION, FREDERICK W., JR., Mobile, Law, Phi Alpha Delta , . . KIMBRELL, JAMES P., Town Creek, Chemistry . . . KING, BLANCHE, Alexander City: Home Eco- nomics, Delta Delta Delta, Chairman Fraternity Dedication Serv- ice Proiects, YXVCA, Spirit . . . KIRKLAND, LARRY ROBERTS, Columbus, Georgia, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice President. Bottom Row: KIRKLAND, MANNESS M.: Birmingham, Edu- cation, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . KITCHENS. JERRY L., Anniston, Arts or Sciences, Delta Tau Delta . . . KLINGER, H. H., Plain- field, New Jersey, Commerce, Soe. Adv. Mgt .... KNIGHT, JAMES R., Cullman, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Chi Alpha Phi, Army Officer's Club, Executive Council . . . KNOWLES, ANDREA CECILIA, Selma: Heine Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Treasurer, Secretary, Treasurer. Vice Presi- dent, President. School of Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, AXVS, SGA Legislature K2 yearsl, Dorm Judiciary Council, YYVCA, Spirit, Triangle, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Mortar Board, President, XVho's XVho . . . KOHN, ALAN HENRY, Montgomery, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Track Team, "A" Club, Ilillel Foundation, ROTC Officer's Club . . . KOLB, ROBERT H., Spring Valley, New York, Education, Alpha Sigma Phi, Newman Club, Fresh- man Baseball: Track . . . KONNERSMAN, PATRICIA ANNE, Cincinnati, Ohio, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . KOSS, IOAN, Gadsden, Education, Delta Phi Epsilon, President, XVho's NVho, Alabama Spirit, Treasurer: AAUW, Vice President, Tri- angle, SEA, Hillel Foundation: AVVS House of Representatives, Panhellenic . . . KRAUS, ROBERT G., WVoodmere, New York, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Commerce Day, Advertising Pub- licity Chairman, Druids: Bama Dav Committee, University Spirit Committee . . . KROUT, LLOYD F., Oak Lawn, Illinois, Arts 8: Sciences. Top Row: LABOW, STUART, Bronx, New York, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . LAIR, PHYLLIS JEAN, jasper, Missouri, Home Economics, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, YVcsley Foundation . . . LAMBRECHT, MARIE THERESA, Atlanta, Georgia, Edu- cation, Alpha Phi, Recording Secretary, llouse Manager, New- iuan Club, Vice President, Philos, ETA . . . LAMMONS, AUBREY OWENS, llartford, Commerce . . . LANDERS, GERALD, Sylaeauga, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Soe. Adv. Mgt., Cadet Oftit-er's Cluh . . . LANFORD, WILLIAM H., Gadsden, Commeree, Phi Gamma Delta, Rho Alpha Tau, Seahhard CSI Blade, IFC, President , . . LANGNER, L. GLENN, Birmingham, Arts CY Seienees, Phi Eta Sigma, EAC, AED, Dormitory Vice President . . . LARKIN, JAMES MCKINNEY, Burton, Arts 61 Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cadet Officerls Cluh . . . LATIMER, J. LANE, III, Kingsport, Tennessee, Arts CY Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Rho, XVARP Staff . . . LAZARUS, EDVVARD, Beverly llills, California, Kappa Nu . . . LeBLANC, BETTE ANNE, Brewton, Arts tk Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice President, YXVCA, Spirit, judiciary Board, Kappa Pi, Treasurer. Second Row: LEDBETTER, WILLIAM N., Anniston, Engi- neering, AIIE, Alpha Pi Mu . . . LEE, ALBERT L., Carrolton, Pbv X X X Rx Qs i'r'r5 sszlwf Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, Chi Epsilon . . . LEE, MARILU, Elha, Education, SEA . . . LEVENSON, RUSSELL J., Birmingham, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Past President, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Quadrangle . . . LEVVIS, CHARLES R., Florala, Commerce, Theta Chi, Treasurer, Toastmasters Club, Secretary . . . LINDSEY, KENNETH, llamilton, Arts 81 Sciences, Delta Chi, Treasurer . . . LITTLEJOHN, NEAL, Columbus, Georgia, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Alpha, President, Quadrangle, President, Seahhard Sz Blade, Golf Team . . . LOCKE, CHARLES IIILTON, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . LOFTIS, ADA SUE, Fayette, Education, Pi Tau Chi, Secretary, Band, SEA, SRA, XVesley Foundation ,... LOGAN, THOMAS A., Birmingham, Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Past Vice President, ASCE . . . LONG, MARILYN I., Frisco City, Commerce, Alpha Chi Secretary, YXVCA, Spirit, FCLA, AAUNV. Third Row: LOVVORN, PEGGY ANN, Gadsden, Home Eco- nomics, Agnes Ellen llarris Cluh . . . LUCAS, DONALD RAY, Pell City, Engineering, Chi Epsilon, President, ASCE, President , . . LYONS, MARION II., JR., Mobile, Arts or Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon, DEKE . . . MHCINTYRE, DAVID WIGHT GOODALL, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Connnerce, Kappa Alpha . . . MCCAHAN, WILLIAM H., Birniinghani, Commerce, Delta Chi, am aa' stlssg THE THE COROLLA STNIUQE mm iv .ave sp, . Labow Lair Lambrecht Lammons Landers Lanford Langner Larkins Latimer Lazarus LeBlanc Ledbetter Lee, A. L. Lee, M. Levenson Lewis Lindsey Li'H'leiol1n Locke Loftin Logan Long Lovvorn Lucas Lyons Maclnfyre McCahan McCan1 McCrary SALUTES 2 3 Z McCrimmon McDonald, J. K. McDonald, J. McDonald, W. H. McGriff Mclnnis Mclniosh McKenney McKenzie, L. A. McKenzie, M. McKenzie, McLemore McLendon McLeod McMillan, Mace Mackebee Maddox Magnuson Maimon Malone Marion Marqua Marriott Marshall Martin, S. 3 1- :E F 5: S DOT POWELL, Pi Phi from Mobile, was president of Triangle, secretary of the Cotillion Club, and member of Mortar Board. President, Past Secretary and Sgt. at Arms, SCA Legislature, Commerce Representative, IFC . . . MCCANT, JANIS MARIE, Decatur, Education, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, ACRA, Wesley Foundation . . . MCCRARY, HENRY ZEITLER, Mooresville, Arts ZS: Sciences, Phi Delta Theta, Secretary, Corolla Staff, Pershing Rifles, Co-Chairman Citizens for Eisenhower, Scabbard 81 Blade, Cadet Officeris Club . . . MCCRIMMON, CYRUS HERBERT, JR., Tuscaloosa, Arts 5: Sciences, Sigma Nu . . . McDONALD, JOE K., Carbon Hill, Commerce . . . McDONALD, JOYCE, Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, BSU, Executive Council, State Office, judiciary Board, Byrd Hall . . . MCDONALD, WILLIE H., WVinfield, Engineering, AICE. Fourth Row: MCGRIFF, JEAN, Columbia, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Beta Lambda, AAUXV, SEA . . . McINNIS, MARTHA ANN, Montgomery, Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . MeINTOSH, ELISE, Collins, Mississippi, Arts 6: Sciences, Chi Omega, Vice President, AAUXV, International Relations Club . . . MCKENNEY, GAYLE, Birmingham, Education, Phi Mu, YYVCA, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, SEA, AAUW Philos . . . MCKENZIE. LEWIS ALFRED, Flat Rock, Engineering, Theta Tau: AIEE, IRE, Secretary . . . MCKENZIE, MAXINE FIELDS, Flat Rock, Education . . . MCKENZIE, STEVVART, Selma, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi . . , McLEMORE. REUBEN S.: Bonita, Mississippi, Arts Bt Sciences . . . MeLENDON, ROBERT LEROY, Gadsden, Arts Gr Sciences, Theta Xi, President, Inter- fraternity Council, Philos, BSU, Spanish Club . . . MeLEOD, HENRY MARVIN, Mobile, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Chi, Cadet Officer's Club . . . MCMILLAN, CYNTHIA, Talladega, Arts Sr Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, President, Mortar Board, Tri- angle, Chi Delta Phi, Panhellenic, Theta Sigma Phi. Bottom Row: MACE, WILLIAM ALFRED, JR., Keeseville, New York, Commerce, Circle "K", Phi Beta Lambda, VVestminster . . . MACKEBEE, CAROL JANE, Jacksboro, Tennessee, Com- merce, Alpha Delta Pi, President, Rush Chairman, Vice President, AXVS House of Representatives, Panhellenic, Treasurer, YVVCA, Spirit . . . MADDOX, JUDY, Selma, Arts or Sciences, Phi Mu, C-W, Society Editor, Press ,Club . . . MACNUSON, WILLIAM J., Birmingham, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chi Upsilon . . . MAIMON, JOEL, Flushing, New York, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vice President, Cadet Office-r's Club, Circulation, C-XV, Circulation, Corolla, Hillel Foundation, Publicity Chairman, REVV Publicity Committee . . . MALONE, RICHARD, Gadsden, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, Druids, President, Commerce School, SGA , . . MARION, PAUL T., Decatur, Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice President, Phi Beta Lambda, President, Circle TKT, Vice President . . . MARQUA, ,IUDITH ANN, Tuscaloosa, Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau, SNA, Vice President . . . MARRIOTT, SHELDON, Mobile, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, DEKE . . . MARSHALL, CYANE, Chatom, Education, Kappa Delta Phi, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, NEA . . . MARTIN, BILLY J., Tuscumbia, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Chi Alpha Phi, Vice President. Top Row: MARTIN, GLENN SCOTT, Gadsden, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Cadet Olifieeris Cluh . . . MARTIN, VVINFRED O., Livingston, Engineering, IAS . . . MASON, CHARLES EDGAR, Satsuma, Engineering, AIIE . . . MATLES, HAROLD P., Brook- lyn, New York, Enginecring, Sigma Alpha Mu, Rush Chairman, C-XV, AIIE, ASME, Bridge Club, Rifle Team, ROTC Officefs Club, Ilillcl Foundation, Publicity Chairman . . . MATTHEWS, JOAN, Birmingham, Nursing, President School of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau, SNA, President . . . MAYS, CLARA H., Pell City, Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Corresponding Secretary, AAUXV, BSU, Phi Beta Lamlmclag Spirit . , . MAYS, MARY B., Pell City: Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Scholarship Chairman, Phi Beta l,amlida, AAUXV, Spirit, BSU . . . NIEAKINS, JOHN ROBERT, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Education, Assistant lfoothall Coach. University of Alahama Junior Kiwanis, Health and Physical Ed Cluli, Foreign Students Cluh, SEA, Health and Physical Educa- tion Teachers Association . . . MEGGINSON, JOEL L., Thomas- ville, Education, Sigma Nu , . . MERRILL, CHARLES MAX, Hartselle, Arts 61 Sciences, Lambda Chi Alpha, C-XV, Advertising Manager, Alaliama Sports Car Cluh . . . MERRITT, JOHN GRADY, Dothan, Commerce, Soc. Adv. Mgt. Second Row: MYERS, JO ANN, Memphis, Tennessee, Educa- W N S, 1 it tion, Alpha Delta Pi, SEA, YNVCA, Spirit . . . NIILES, BIARY ROSALIE, Birininghain, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Corolla, Agnes Ellen Harris Cluh . . . MILLER, BETTY RUTH, Birming- ham, Education, Alpha Beta Alpha, SRA, BSU . . . MILLER, BRUCE DAVID, Passaic, New Jersey, Arts 31 Sciences, Kappa Nu, Mahout, Freshman Advisory Council, Hillel Foundation, All- Campus Basketball Team, Spanish Club . . . MILLER, FRANK L., III, Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, SCA Legis- lature '56-'57, IFC ,57, Dennis Student Advisory Council of Com- meree '57, Scabhard Sc Blade, Oftiet-r's Club . . . MILLER, GEORGIA VIOLA, Iluntsville, Education, Alpha Chi, Spirit, SEA, SRA. President Panhellenie . . . KIILLER, LESTER P., Alexander City, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Alahama Quarl- rangle, Treasurer, Army Cadet Oilwieeifs Cluh. 'l'reasurerg SCA Legislature, Seahhard 61 Blacle . . . MILLER, MARSIIA ANN, St. Petershurg, Florida, Home Economics, Delta Gamma, NVest- minster Fellowship, AAUNV, Swan Cluh . . . MILLER, VIRGINIA POOLE, Greenville, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Triangle, YNYCA, SEA . . . MILLS, DONALD A. B., Selma, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Quadrangle, Chi Epsilon, ASCE . . . INIIREE, MARY VIRGINIA, Birmingham, Arts Br Sciences, Zcta Tau Alpha, Associate Editor, C-VV, Prcss Cluh. Vice President, Daughters ol' the King, Canterbury, AAUW. s X N RN X K mv W t .159 ina? If iiiiii A R at 1 555 X ig st Q, THE THE COROLLA SALUTES Sllllilli 'Ns S-be Martin, G. S. Martin, W. O. Mason Matles Matthews Mays, C. Mays, M. Meakins Megginson Merrill Merritt Meyers Miles Miller, B. R. Miller, B. D. Miller, F. L. Miller, G. V. Miller, L. P, Miller, M. A. Miller, V. P. Mills Miree Mitchell, Ellis Mitchell, Elmer Montgomery, Montgomery, Montgomery, Moody, C. Moody, N. L. Moore, E. A. Moore, J. Moore, J. K. Moore, M. Moore, M. E. Moore, T. J. Morris, L. Morrison Morton Moseley Murrell Myott Myers Nelson Nettleman Newsom Nichols Nix Norred Northcutt O'Connor Ogletree O'Hara Oliver O'Neal Ostrovosky J. C. R. L. R. K. . . r BOBBY SMITH, Brewton, and DAVID SINGTON, Birmingham, were co-captains of the University's l958 Crimson Tide team. Third ROW: INIITCHELL, ELLIS GERALD, Nleridiau, Mis- sissippi, Arts 51 Sciences, Sigma Chi, Canterbury Club, German Club . . . MITCHELL, ELMER M., Brent, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, Theta Tau, AIEE, IRE . . . MONTGOMERY, JANIS, Eutaw, Arts E51 Sciences, Delta Gamma, University Players, Chi Delta Phi, Psi Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Beta Kappa . . . MONTGOMERY, ROBERT L., Montgomery, Arts or Sciences . . . MONTGOMERY, RONALD K., Montgom- ery, Arts Sz Sciences, Chi Phi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, FAC . . . MOODY, CECIL, Greenville, Education . . . INIOODY, NANCY LYNN, Birmingham, Arts 65 Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta, University Players, Psi Chi, Spirit . . . MOORE, EUGENE A., JR., Greensboro, Arts fit Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta . . . MOORE, JERE, Birmingham, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWVCA, Spirit Club . . . MOORE, J. KERMIT, Nanafalia, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . MOORE, MARION, Gadsden, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi. Fourth Row: MOORE, MATT E., Mobile, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Soc. Adv. Mgt .... MOORE, TYLER J., Gadsden, Chemistry, Alpha Chi Sigma . . . MORRIS, LARRY L., Dothan, Commerce . . . MORRISON, WILLIAM C., Rossville, Tennessee, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . MORTON, JAMES I., Gulf- port, Mississippi, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Phi, Cross Country Team, Track Team . . . MOSELEY, VERNETTE, Mobile, Edu- cation . . . MURRELL, DAVID WESTCOTT, JR., Birmingham, Arts tit Sciences, Pi Mu Epsilon . . . MYATT, MARK L., Binning- ham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Freshman Advisory Coun- cil, Scabbard cz Blade, Officer's Club, Crimson Guard . . . MYERS, JOAN ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Education, SRA, Treasurer, XVestminster Fellowship, Executive Council, Dormitory Vesper Chairman, Swan Club . . . NELSON, WILLIAM FLOYD, Birmingham, Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME . . . NETTLEMAN, NANNETTE DEL, Birmingham, Edu- cation, Spirit, YXVCA, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, SEA, XVesley Foundation. Bottom Row: NEWSON, MARY JEANNETTE, Birmingham, Arts Sz Sciences, XVcsley Foundation, Secretary, SRA, Secretary, Chi Delta Phi, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Tau Chi, Concert Band, Triangle, Phi Beta Kappa . . . NICHOLS, HERBERT WAYNE, Bessemer, Arts 81 Sciences, Theta Xi, Band . . . NIX, JERRY JOE, Lafayette, Georgia, Arts 81 Sciences, Lambda Chi . . , NORRED, BETTY JOYCE, Panama City, Florida, Arts or Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, Mortar Board, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Continuity Director, NVABP . . . NORTHCUTT, MARIANNE, Ilaleyville, Education, Kappa Delta Phi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Triangle, SEA, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Treasurer, XVesley Foundation . . . OiCONNOR, RANDOLPH PRESTON, JR., Daphne, Arts cz Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, FAC, Cadet Officeris Club, XVesley Foundation, Sailing Club . . . OGLETREE, ALICE T., Union Springs, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Ae- tivities Chairman, YXVCA, Spirit, Governing Board and Planning Committee AAUXV, C-XV, Triangle, Cotillion Club, Swan Club . . . O'HARAR, JO ELLEN, Birmingham, Home Economics, Delta Gamma, Secretary, Associate Editor, Corolla, Theta Sigma Phi, Vice President . . . OLIVER, SAMUEL W., Dadeville, Com- merce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . OiNEAL, ELEANOR, Mobile, Nursing, SNA, Triangle, Vice President Senior Class, Nursing School . . . OSTROVSKY, RAPHAEL, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, Choir Director. Top Row: OVERBY, WILLIAM FRANCIS, New Bern, North Carolina, Arts 51 Sciences, Wesley Foundation, Pi Tau Chi, Choral Union, Menis Glec Club . . . OWENS, ROBERT, Mobile, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer, Chi Alpha Phi . . . PACKARD, MYRTICE LUCILLE, Gorgas, Education, Spirit, Triangle, YNVCA, AYVS House of Representatives, Cotillion Club, AAUVV, SEA . . . PALMER, FRED I., JR., Demopolis, Com- merce, Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer, Phi Eta Sigma, Past President, Seabbard or Blade, Vice President, Operations Officer, Arnold Air Society, AE ROTC Officcris Club, Vice President, Commerce Dean's Student Advisory Council . . . PAPER, PAUL, New York, New York, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Kappa Upsilon, Cotillion Club, Hillel Foundation . . . PARKER, M. ANN, Safford, Education, President, Byrd Hall, XVomen,s Residence Hall Council, AXVS House of Representatives, SEA, AAUNV, Intramural Sports . . . PARKER, SALLY, Hum- boldt, Tennessee, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Delta Pi, Treasurer, Spanish Club, Chi Delta Phi . . . PARNETT, STANLEY, Kingston, New York, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, ODK, Jasons, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, VVho's VVho, Cotillion Club, President . . . PARTLOW, ROSA EARLE, Tusca- loosa, Arts ez Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . PATTERSON, THOMAS I., Demopolis, Education, Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice President, Men's Glee Club . . . PEACOCK, HANSEL THOMAS, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Second Row: PEARSON, COLONEL MARVIN, Prichard, Engineering, Student Branch, AIEE . . . PEARSON, DOLORES EVA, Silver Hill, Education, SEA, Pi Tau Chi . . . PEARSON, RALPH DOUGLAS, JR., Tuscaloosa, Arts Sz Sciences, Sigma Delta Chi, Vice President, Treasurer, C-XV, Reporter, Be-write Editor, Rammer-Jammer, Press Notes, Editor, Press Club, Presi- dent, Vice President, Elephant's Tale, Business Manager . . . PEMBERTON, MARGARET D., Galcsburg, Illinois and Tallas- see, Alabama, Education . . . PENA, SYLVIA CYNTHIA, Educa- tion, Alpha Xi Delta, Recording Secretary, AAUNV, SEA, New- man Club . . . PENHALE, JEAN, Tia Juana, Venezuela, Arts 51 Sciences, Press Club, Swan Club, IRC, Press Notes, Co-Editor . . . PETERSEN, SUZANNE E., Leeds, Commerce, Alpha Delta Pi, Recording Secretary and Activities Chairman, YVVCA, Spirit, Swan Club, Philos, SGA, Secretary, Phi Beta Lambda, Secretary, Vice President, Secretary,Commeree Ball, Commerce Day . . . PETREY, JOHN VV., Petrey, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . PHILIPS, ABRAM L., Alexander City, Law, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Alpha Delta . . . PHILLIPS, DEANNA, Thomasville, Educa- tion, Pi Beta Phi, Seeretary, SEA, YYVCA, Cabinet . . . PHILLIPS, JAMES M., Bessemer, Arts 61 Sciences. Third Row: PHILLIPS, MARTHA, Cleveland, Ohio, Home Economies, Delta Zeta, Young Democrats, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, AAUXV . . . PINKSTON, CHARLES, Tuscaloosa, Com- merce . . . PIPES, CLAUDE HARDIN, JR., Huntsville, Com- Qtiiiiiilllllli Overbey Owens Packard Palmer Paper Parker, M. Parker, S. Parnett Partlow Patterson Peacock Pearson Pearson, D. Pearson, R. D. Pemberton Pena Penhale Peterson Petrey Philips Phillips, D. Phillips, J. Phillips, M Pinkston Pipes Pittman Poe Poole Pope Porch Powell, D. Powell, M. Powell, S. Powell, Steven Powell, W. Price Prichett Prokop Pugh Pugsley Purdy Ragsdale Ramirez Ramsden Rankin Redd Redus Rein hardt Richardson Riela Ritchey Ritchie Roberts, C. H. Roberts, J. B. . Roberts, S. E. L. 1 MARLA STEPHENSON, Tuscaloosa, was president ot AWS, and selected the Capstone's Homecoming Queen for 1958. merce, Phi 'Gamma Delta, Pi Tau Sigma . . . PITTMAN, WALTER GAY, Geneva, Arts Sz Sciences, Sigma Nu, President, SGA Cabi- net, NVho's XVho, Druids, Rho Alpha Tau . . . POE, WILLIAM EDGAR, Marietta, Georgia, Arts 61 Sciences, Chi Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Chi, SRA, Chairman, Religious Emphasis NVeek, Freshman Advisory Council, President, IFC . . . POOLE, MARTHA, Wetumpka, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Regis- trar, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice President, Chi Delta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Junior Triangle, Student Legisla- ture, Secretary, NVho's YVho ,58 . . . POPE, MAX, Evergreen, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Druids, Jasons, Secretary-Treasurer, ODK, C-XV, Business Manager . . . PORCH, BOBBY W., Gunters- ville, Arts or Sciences, Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary, C-VV, Cir- culation Manager . . . POWELL, DOT, Mobile, Arts or Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Triangle, President, Cotillion Club, Secretary, Mor- tar Board, Phi Alpha Theta, Chi Delta Phi . . . POWELL, MARY ANNETTE, Atlanta, Georgia, Arts 51 Sciences, Kappa Delta, Transfer from Hollins . . . POWELL, SONDRA L., Orlando, Florida, Arts 61 Sciences. Fourth Row: POWELL, STEVE C., JR., Selma, Commerce, Sigma 'Chi . . . POWELL, WAYNE, Rutledge, Arts 81 Sciences, Press Club, IRC . . . PRICE, GRADY LEE, Fort Payne, Theta Xi . . . PRITCHETT, MARGARET, Tuscaloosa, Educa- tion, Kappa Delta, President, Mortar Board, Triangle, Daughters of the King, President, YVVCA . . . PROKOP, LUCILLE I., Ambridge, Pennsylvania, Commerce, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Chi Alpha Phi, Newman Club . . . PUGH, ROGER, Birmingham, Engineer- ing, Lambda Chi Alpha, ASME, Rush Chairman, Corresponding Secretary . . . PUGSLEY, JOHN GORDON, Bridgeville, Pennsyl- vania, Commerce, Chi Phi . . . PURDY, LORETTA LEE, Hunts- ville, Education, Newhall Dorm, Judiciary Council, Spirit, Gov- erning Board . . . RAGSDALE, GEORGE, Cullman, Arts or Sciences, Chi Phi, Rho Alpha Tau, Cotillion Club, Qaudrangle, FAC . . . RAMIREZ, JACK, New Brunswick, New York, Arts 81 Sciences, Westminster, Spanish Club, WUOA . . . RAMSDEN, BILL M., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Soc. Adv, Mgt. Bottom Row: RANKIN, ANN McMURRAY, Uniontown, Edu- cation, Kappa Delta, YXVCA, Triangle, Canterbury . . . REDD, UHLAND O., III, Florence, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cadet Officefs Club, Executive Council . . . REDUS, JEROME ROBERT, Birmingham, Arts Br Sciences, Chi Phi, Delegate, USCG, Westminster Fellowship, Secretary, Synod, Alabama Wfestminster Fellowship, Moderator, ODK, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Quadrangle, Freshman Advisory Council, YVho,s VVl'1O . . . REINHARDT, JOYCE BARBARA, St. Louis Missouri, Chemistry, Alpha Xi Delta, President, AAUXV, ACS, ANVS, House of Representatives, Panhellenic . . . RICHARDSON, CREEL, JR., Ariton, Education, Pi Kappa Alpha, Physical Education Club, Young Democrats . . . RIELA, JAMES D., Birmingham, Com- merce, Alpha Sigma Phi, Newman Club . . . RITCHEY, ALBERT ERNEST, Birmingham, Law, Pi Kappa Phi, ODK, President, Jasons, Druids, Rho Alpha Tau, Who's Who, Phi Alpha Delta . . . RITCHIE, LONNIE CLARENCE, Columbia, Education . . . ROBERTS, CLAIRE HUGER, Dothan, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, Chi Delta Phi, French Club, YXVCA, Spirit Club, AAUVV . . . ROBERTS, JACK B., Mobile, Commerce, Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, BSU . . . ROBERTS, SHERMON E., Toxey, Engineering, AIEE, IRE. Top Row: ROBERTS, THOMAS D., Decatur, Arts Sz Sciences, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon . . . ROBINSON, RONALD S., Bessemer, Education, Theta Xi, Band . . . ROBINSON, THOMAS M., Birmingham, Engineering, President, Gorgas Hall, ASME . . . ROGENTHAL, CHARLES, Rolingfork, Mississippi, Comrnerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Beta Alpha Psi . . . ROGERS, BRECKENRIDGE B. A., JR., Eutaw, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Theta Tau . . . ROGERS, LAWRENCE P., Tuscaloosa, Education . . . ROGERS, MARY LOU, Cairo, Georgia, Arts 6: Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, ACRA, YXVCA, Canterbury . . . ROLLINGS, ROBERT A., Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, Sigma Chi, French Club, Pershing Rifles, Sigma Chi . . . ROSA, MARY ELIZABETH, Prattville, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Spirit Club, YVVCA . . . ROSENBLUM, HERBERT DONALD, Miami, Florida, Arts liz Sciences, YVABP, XVUOA-TV, Mahout, Homecoming Committee, University Players, Hillel Foundation . . . ROSS, MINNETTEE MAXINE, Columbus, Ohio, Home Eco- nomics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, AVVS, Panhellenic, Hillel Foundation, ACRA. Second Row: ROTENSTREICH, JAMES I., Birmingham, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Treasurer, Hillel Foundation, Persh- ing Rifles . . . ROTTENBERG, ALLAN S., New York, New York, Arts 81 Sciences, Cadet OfFicer's Club, Commander, Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Hillel Foundation, Alahaina Correctional Research Asso- ciation . . . ROUSE, EDGAR RUSSELL, Mobile, Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Beta Lambda . . . ROWAN, HELEN KEELY, Arlington, Virginia, Arts tit Sciences, Chi Omega, AAUXV . . . ROWE, JUSTINE LOUISE, Anniston, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Delta, IRC, XVesley Founda- tion . . . ROY, JIM, Montgomery, Commerce, Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Soc. Adv. Mgt., American Society of Training Direc- tors . . . RUSSELLI, BENTLEY H., Mobile, Engineering, SRA, AIME . . . RUSSELL, BETTY JEAN DANLEY, Florence, Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, In- tramurals . . . RUSSELL, MARY ANN, Decatur, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Delta . . . RYAN, BEVERLY I., Tuscaloosa, Arts 51 Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Senior Triangle, Pi Mu Epsi- lon, Newman Club, Chi Delta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, AXVS, ,57 Summer President, Senior Representative, Concert and Lec- ture Series . . . SALKIN, JAY, Brooklyn, New York, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, C-XV Staff, Soc. Adv. Mgt. Third Row: SAMS, GEORGE ALAN, Birmingham, Coin- merce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, Soc. Adv. Mgt .... SARGENT, SYLVIA, Leighton, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, President, Social Chairman, Spirit, ACRA, AAUNV, Panhellenic, AVVS House of Representatives, Corolla Favorite ,57-,58 . . . . ...- J ttsts a iii A 33 THE Sill i as af X sis 5 as N X sew. if S L is s or as THE COROLLA SALUTES Roberts, T. D. Robinson, R. S. Robinson, T. M. Rogenihal Rogers, B. B. A. Rogers, L. P. Rogers, M. L. Rollings Rosa Rosenblum Ross Rotenstreich Rotfenberg Rouse Rowan, H. K. Rowe Roy Russell, B. H. Russell, B. J. Russell, M. A. Ryan, B. J. Salkin Sams Sargent Saunders, M. L. Saunders, M. J. Scarborough Scholl Schenck Schoenwitz Scott, D. G. Scott, R. M. Seeley Segal Seibert Self Seplow Shapero Shapiro Shaw Searer Shepherd Sherman Sibley Skelton Skinner Smilie Smith, B. Smith, B. C. . Smith, C. .V Smith, H. T. smaih, w. A. Smith, W. ' Snead Snyder PENNY THEURER, New Orleans, La., was president of the University of Alabama YWCA, and president of Swan Club. SAUNDERS, MARSHA LANE, Norfolk, Virginia, Education, llillel Foundation, SRA, Vice President, Resource Chairman, REYV, SEA . . . SAUNDERS, M. JANE, Hartford, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, SEA, YWCA, spirit . . . SCARBOROUGH, MIRIAM, Elkton, Maryland, Arts 51 Sciences, Delta Gamma, Kappa Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, AAUXV, YXVCA, Phi Beta Kappa . . . SCHALL, FRANCES, Florence, Education, SEA, Physical Education Majors Club . . . SCHNECK, DAVID, New York, New York, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Vice President, IFC Representative , . . SCHOENWITZ, AARON, Flushing, New York, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Men's Glee Club . . . SCOTT, DAVID G., Birmingham, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, C-XV, Photographer . . . SCOTT, RALPH M., Birmingham, Commerce, Beta Alpha Psi, WVinner, NAA Assoc .... SEELEY, CAROLINE VVOMACK, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta. Fourth Row: SEGAL, IERALD, Far Rockaway, New York, Arts 61 Sciences, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Alabama Correctional Research Association, Spanish Club, Pre Law . . . SEIBERT, JOHN M., Decatur, Engineering, ASM, AFS, Gamma Delta . . . SELF, CORBIE, IR., Brilliant, Arts 61 Sciences, Lambda Chi . . . SEPLOW, FREDERIC L., Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau, Alabama Correctional Research Association, SGA . . . SHAPERO, AMY M., Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . SHAPIRO, HAROLD O., Tuscaloosa, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi, C-YV, Hillel Foundation . . . SHAW, LARRY DAN, Birmingham, Engineering, Lambda Chi, Arnold Air Society, AF Cadet Officer's Club, AIIE, Freshman Scholarship Award . . . SHEARER, ROBERT L., Chickasaw, Educationn, Delta Tau Delta . . . SHEPHERD, ROBERT L., Gadsden, Arts 51 Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi, Student Director, Alabama Educational Television Network, VVABP Key Award for Outstanding Service . . . SHERMAN, GAYNE, Louis- ville, Kentucky, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, President, Hillel Foundation, Panhellenic, AVVS House of Reprsentatives . . . SIBLEY, QUE, Mobile, Arts 61 Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Social Chairman, Triangle, Chi Delta Phi, Newman Club. Bottom Row: SKELTON, BENNIE LAWRENCE, Columbiana, Arts 51 Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, Quadrangle, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pi Tau Chi, Vllesley Foundation . . . SKINNER, CECIL A., Camden, Education, Alpha Tau Omega . . . SMILIE, KATRERINE O., Birmingham, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . SMITH, BEVERLY, Bessemer, Nursing, Zeta Tau Alpha, SNA . . . SMITH, BRADLEY C., Mobile, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice President, Soc. Adv. Mgt .... SMITH, DOREN, NValhalla, South Carolina, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, University Players . . . SMITH, HARWOOD T., JR., New York, New York, Arts 61 Sciences, University Theater, 'Gamma Delta, President, XVABP . . . SMITH, WELBY A., IR., Birmingham, Arts 351 Sciences, Lambda Chi, Vice President and Social Chairman, SGA Legislature, Chairman, Corolla Beauty Ball, Dcanis List, Philos, Quadrangle, Arnold Air Society, Sabers, Advanced AF ROTC, Twice Intramural Debate Champion . . . SMITH, WESLEY, Leighton, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YVVCA, Pan- hellenic . . . SNEAD, ROBERT M., Bethesda, Maiylandg Com- merce, Theta Chi, Coyote Coach . . . SNYDER, NANCY D., Sheffield, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Spirit Governing Board, Debate Squad, Cotillion Club, SEA Triangle. Top Row: SOLOMON, TED A., Tanner, Engineering, AICE, Vice President . . . SPALL, ROBERT E., Rochester, New York, Commerce, Theta Chi, Toastmasters . . . SPANGLER, CHARLES MCDOUGALL, Houston, Texas, Commerce, Sigma Chi, Com- merce Association, Cadet Officeris Club, Pre-Law Society . . . SPENCER, JAMES O., JR., Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Alabama Pre-Law Society, Commerce Association . . . SPURLIN, RICHARD J., Andalusia, Chemistry, Alpha Chi Sigma, Pasteur Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . STAHLNECKER, VIRGINIA LEE, Montgomery, Arts dz Sciences, YYVCA, NVABP Radio, University Players, Spirit . . . STANFORTH, MELVIN, Tuscaloosa, Arts or Sciences, VVeslcy Foundation, Cabinet, Kappa Pi, Mahout, Art Editor . . . STEPHENSON, MARLA CATHERINE, Tuscaloosa, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Social and Cultural Chairman, AYVS, Treasurer, President, Triangle, YXVCA, Spirit, XVL-stminster, Vice President and Contact Chairman, Representative, SRA, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart, Rose of Delta Sigma Pi, AF ROTC Sponsor, Sigma Delta Pi, ACRA, Social Chairman, Student of the Month . . . STEWART, PATRICIA R., Arts or Sciences, ACRA, Alpha Kappa Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Harris Hall, Judiciary Council, AAUXV, BSU, AXVS . . . STEWART, WILLIAM H., Hartselle, Arts or Sciences, Young Democrats, Pre-Law Society, XVesley Foundation . . . STEVENS, PATIENCE, Huntington, XVest Virginia, Education, Phi Mu, Vice President, Triangle, Newman Club, Physical Education Major Club, Swan Club, NEA. ,gfx 1.22. Q-WY mag ,fuer TN. Ht Second Row: STONE, EDWARD SHOLL, III, Mobile, Com- merce, Phi Kappa Sigma, President, Secretary, Band . . . STRICKLAND, MARY ANN, Russellville, Education, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, NEA . . . STROTHER, HAAS, Camden, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . SUDDETH, JOHN MIXON, Morris, Education, Phi Sigma Kappa, Physical Education Major Club, Sports Chairman, Jones Dorm . . . SUGGS, RACHEL, Hickory, North Carolina, Nursing . . . SUTE, LOIS E., Foley, Education, Delta Gamma, YNVCA, AAUNV, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . SUTTLE, JOY, Orrville, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, YWVCA . . . SUTTLE, ROGER C., JR., Gadsden, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Alpha, AED, Golf Team . . . SUTTON, ANN, Springville, Arts or Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, Triangle, Spirit, YXVNCA, AAUXV, Phi Alpha Theta, Editor, Alpha Gam, Phi Beta Kappa . . . SWINDLE, JAMES W., JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, BSU, Commerce Association . . . SWITHERS, CAROLINE, Mobile, Education, SEA, Kappa Delta Pi. Third Row: TARTT, ALLEN M., Livingston, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Mahout, Druids, XVho's XVho . . . TARWATER, THOMAS SIDNEY, Tuscaloosa, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . TAUB, ALAN, Fairlawn, Commerce, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Hillel Foundation, Hillel Drama Club, Cotillion Club, Campus Dance Band . . . TAYLOR, EMORY H., Tuskegee, Commerce, Soc. Adv. Mgt., ASTD, Presbyterian Young Couples Group . . . Wx ,as V92 THE Stl! i P' 'Q . iv- sway sf? Ska, Q , THE COROLLA SALUTES Solomon Spall Spanaler Spencer Spurlin Stahlnecker Stanforth Stephenson Sfewa rt, P. R. Stewart, W. Stevens Stone Strickland Strother Suddeth Suggs Sute Suttle, J. Suttle, R. C. Sutton Swindle Swithers Tartt Tarwater Taub Taylor, E. H. Taylor, L. Taylor, H. B. H. Taylor, W. M. Theurer Thistle Thomas Tompkins Thompson, A. L. f Thompson, R. Thompson, S. A. Thorburn Thornton Thrasher Todd Turcotte Turner, C. Turner, M. K. Turner, S. Ussery Van Horne Van Roo Vaughan Vaughn Vaught Veve Vines Vogel Wachs Wade JACK WELLS, Greenville, was president of the College of Edu- cation in 1957-58, and on the SGA Legislature for two years. TAYLOR, EVA LEAII "TOPSY',, Safford, Education, Secretary, Byrd Hall, Byrd llall Dorm Council, SEA, AAUXV, Intramural Sports . . . TAYLOR, HIRAM B., Georgiana, Connnerce, Toast- masters Club . . . TAYLOR, WAICHTS M., JR., El Paso, Texas, Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Theta Tau, IAS . . . THEURER, PENELOPE, New Orleans, Louisiana, Education, Delta Gamma, Swan Club, YYVCA, President, XVestminster, AAUXV AXVS . . . THISTLE, NEIL F., Spcnard, Alaska, Com- merce, Theta Chi, Arnold Air Society, Advanced AF ROTC, Commerce Association . . . THOMAS, LAMAR, Tuscaloosa, Arts ol Sciences, Chi Phi, AED, FAC, NVGSLIHTIITSLCI' . . . TOMPKINS, WILLIAM D., Tuscaloosa Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Mahout Staff, ASME, Eta Kappa Delta, SGA Representative. Fourth Row: THOMPSON, ANNIE LAURA, Vernon, Arts Sz Sciences, Phi Alpha Theta, Spanish Club, Choral Union, Phi Beta Kappa . . . THOMPSON, ROBERT W., Memphis, Tennes- see, Engineering, Sigma Chi, IAS . . . THOMPSON, SUE ANN, Montgomery, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Delta . . . THORBURN, ROBERT MUSE, Fairhope, Arts or Sciences, Commercial Mana- ger, VVABP, Student Television Director . . . THORNTON, ROBERT C., Leesburg, Commerce, Theta Xi, ,Delta Sigma Pi, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Cotillion Club Cadet Officcris Club, Commerce Association . . . THRASHER, HELEN RAYE, XVest Blocton, Arts 651 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Delta, AAUXV, Student Affiliate, ACS, Vice President, Tutwilcr Ilall . . . TODD, GLORIA, Hammond, Louisiana, Arts Sz Sciences, Delta Zeta, ASC, Secretary, Chi Della Phi, Secretary, Kappa Pi, Triangle . . . TURCOTTE, EARNEST, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Commerce, NAU Club, Track Team . . . TURNER, CLARENCE JUDSON, Pleasant Mount, Commerce, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Toastmasters . . . TURNER, MARY KATHERINE, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer, Panhellenic, Secretary-Treasurer, Chi Delta Phi, Press Club, C-NV, AAUWV, Spirit Club . . . TURNER, SARAH, Selma, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Delta. Bottom Row: USSERY, ROY FRANK, Montgomery, Com- merce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . VAN HORNE, JAMES E., Pinson, Education, Lambda Chi, Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Track, Cross Country, Rifle Team, 'KAN Club . . . VAN ROO, MARCOT, Huntsville, Arts 81 Sciences Chi Omega, Swan Club, Secretary, Canterbury Choir . . . VAUGHAN, BETTY W., Decatur, Arts 51 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice President, Dormitory Council . . . VAUCHN, BILLY H., Florala, Arts :Sz Sciences, Theta Chi, Social Chairman . . . VAUCHT, MARY O., Atmore, Nursing, SNA . . . VEVE, GINO E., Fajordo, Puerto Rico, Arts 61 Sciences . . . VINES, NANCY F., Hueytown, Education, Phi Mu, SEA . . . VOCEL, BARBARA ANN, Mobile, Education, Delta Phi Epsilon, Vice President, Kappa Delta Pi, SEA, Triangle, Hillel Foundation, Panhcllcnic . . . WACHS, ARTIIUR, New York, New York, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, llillel Foundation, Freshman Advisory Council . . . WADE, CURRAN E., Birming- ham, Arts 51 Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi, Educational TV Director, Public Address Operator, Athletic Publicity Department. Top Row: WAGES, HUGH DONALD, Birmingham, Engi- neering, Delta Chi, ASME . . . VVAITES, CAROL JEAN, Birming- ham, Home Economics Pi Beta Phi, Historian and Censor, YXVCA, ASC, AWS . . . WALKER, GEORGE KONTZ, Tuscaloosa, Arts 51 Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Corresponding Secretary, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Phi Alpha Theta, SGA Legislature, Naval Reserve Officer Candidate . . . WALLENFANG, BARBARA JEAN, Childersburg, Arts Sz Sciences, Delta Gamma, President, National Collegiate Representative, Delta Gamma Council, AWS, Secretary Board of Directors, Mortar Board, 'Who's Who, Chi Delta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, 3rd Year Triangle, AAUW, Phi Beta Kappa . . . WEAVER, BETTE JANE, Birmingham, Arts or Sciences, Phi Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Delta Phi, Judiciary, Mortar Board . . . WEBB, LILA DRUMMOND, Camden, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Social Chairman, Spirit, YNVCA . . . WEBSTER, JAMES R., VVinfield, Arts 81 Sciences . . . WEBSTER, MRS. JAMES R., XVinfield . . . WEINSTEIN, JANICE, Shreveport, Louisiana, Chemistry, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Vice President, Chemistry School, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pas . . . WEIR, DON, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, IAS, Cadet Officer's Club . . . WELLBRON, MARY, Columbus, Georgia, Arts :St Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit, YWCA. Second Row: WELLS, JACK, Greenville, Education, Sigma Nu, Treasurer, President, Education, Student Legislature, Quad- rangle, Philos, IFC, Phi Delta Kappa . . . WENGROW, MARCIA ANN, Panama City, Florida, Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Rush Chairman, Panhellenie, Hillel Foundation, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . WHITE, JAMES ALFRED, Kenmore, New York, Commerce, Newman, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Commerce Associa- tion, Knights of Columbus . . . WHITE, JAMES M., Brent, Chemistry, Circle HKD Club, Board of Dircc.ors, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rho Sigma, Treasurer . . . WHITE, JAMES T., Fayette, Chem- istry, Pi Kappa Phi, Acs . . . WHITE, THOMAS orrs, JR., Birmingham, Arts :Sz Sciences, Lambda Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Quadrangle Sabers, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma . . . WHITEHEAD, CHARLES RAYMOND, Dothan, Engineering, AIEE . . . WHITLEY, JOHN C., JR., Sylacauga, Chemistry, Kappa Sigma, Vice President, Menis Glee Club, President, Philos, President, Choral Union, Student Legislature, ACS, Spanish Club, Alpha Chi Sigma, Treasurer, Rho Alpha Tau, President, School of Chemistry . . . WHITMAN, N. S., Mobile, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . WILBANKS, DANIEL PINKNEY, Tallassee, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Kappa Alpha, Pi Tau Pi Sigma, "Av Club, BSU, Varsity Football . . . WILDER, CHARLOTTE, Montgomery, Education. Third Row: WILKINSON, ANN, Birmingham, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . WILKINSON, JANE ELIZABETH, Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Gamma Delta, YXVCA, Spirit -'E THE elllltlll was mme-- 558+ EIT' X THE COROLLA SALUTES Q Wages Woites Walker, G. K. Wullenfang Weaver Webb Webster, J, R. Webster, Mrs. J. R. Weinstein Weir Wellborn Wells Wengrow Q., White, J, A. White, J. M. White, J. T. White, T. O. Whitehead Whitley Whitman Wilbanks Wilder Wilkinson, A. Wilkinson, J. E. Wilkinson, M. Williams, E. H. Williams, F. K. Williams, J. Williams, P. Willingham Wilson, C. F. Wilson, J, W. Wilson, L. C. Wilson, R. K. Wilson, W. A. Windham Wingurd Winton Wolk Wolson Woodham Woodman Vloodruff Woodward Wright, F. A. Wright, J. S. Wright, M. A. Wynne, A. E. Yeotman Yelclell Young Yow Zimmerman JOHN WHITLEY, ci pre-med student from Sylocaugo, served as president of the School of Chemistry, and Kappa Sigma. Club, AAUVV, Phi Beta Lambda . . . WILKINSON, MARTHA, Selma, Arts Sz Sciences, Kappa Delta, Vice President, Panhellenie, President, Chi Delta Phi . . . WILLIAMS, EARL HAYES, Ethels- ville, Engineering, Chi Epsilon, Secretary-Treasurer, AXCE . . . WILLIAMS, FRASER KREPPS, Cullman, Arts or Sciences, Delta Chi . , . VVILLIAMS, IACQUELINE, Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, SEA, AAUXV . . . WILLIAMS, PAUL, Carrollton, Edu- cation, BSU . . . WILLINGHAM, LYNN, St. Petersburg, Florida, Arts or Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, XVo1nen,s Spirit, President, Third Year Triangle, SGA Spirit Planning Committee . . . WILSON, CHARLIE FAYE, Panola, Education, Delta Zeta, SEA, AAUNV . . . WILSON, JOSEPH VVHEELER, II, Birming- ham, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, President, Interfraternity Council, Cotillion Club, Philos, President, Rho Alpha Tau, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Inaugural Committee, IFC Constitutional Drafting Committee, Bama Day Beauty Contest Chairman . , . WILSON, LOUIE C., Leroy, Arts 81 Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, BSU, President, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Freshman Advisory Council, Quadrangle, Sigma Pi Sigma. Fourth Row: WILSON, ROBERT K., JR., Aliceville, Arts at Sciences, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Phi Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma Pi Sigma, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa . . . WILSON, WILLIAM ANDERSON, Gordo, Education, Chi Phi, Band, Freshman Advisory Council, Univer- sity Players, XVho,s XVho in Baton Twirling in the U. S .... VVINDHANI, WILLIAM I., Midland City, Education, Dean's List, First Battle Group Commandment, Scabbard or Blade, Menis Physical Education Majors Minor Club. Secretary-Treasurer, SEA, Vice President, Master Mason . . . WINGARD, HENRY H., Anniston, Arts 8: Sciences, Alpha Chi Sigma, Officer '58 . . . WINTON, GAIL ARDEE, Gadsden, Arts 51 Sciences, Kappa Delta . . . WOLK, GARY, Flushing, New York, Arts or Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Cotillion Club, C-XV, Circulation . . . VVOLSON, MILT, Bronx, New York, Engineering, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Philos, IAS . , . WOODHAM, DAVID H., Dothan, Commerce, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Commerce Association . . . YVOODMAN, BOBBIE, Iacksonville, Florida, Commerce, Swan Club, XVestminster, Commerce Association . . . VVOODRUFF, LUCIA ANN, Birmingham, Arts or Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, Treasurer, Press Club, Spirit . . . WOODWARD, IAMES L., Tuscaloosa, Engineering, AIIE, Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Pi Mu. Bottom Row: WRIGHT, FAYE ANNE, Tuscaloosa, Education . . . VVRIGHT, IUDITH SMITH, Conyers, Georgia, Education . . . WRIGHT. MARGARET ALLIENE, Anniston, Education, SEA . . . WYNNE, ALBERT E., Birmingham, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Seabbard or Blade: AFS, ASM, SAME, DMS . . . YEATMAN, DORRIS BIADRENE, Birmingham, Home Economics, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Press Club, Dorm judiciary . . . YELDELL, JAMES WILLIS. IR., Birmingham, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Chi . . . YOUNG, CHARLES H., JR., Downinq- town, Pennsylvania, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurer, Pi Tau Chi, Wesley Foundation Council, Chairman . . . YOW, . . . ZIMMERMAN. HELEN, Atlanta, Georgia, Horne Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation. Adams, J. Adams, R. Agee Alexander Alford Allen, J. Allen, M. Allison, Betsy Allison, J. S. Anders Anderson, D, Anderson, W. Arant Armistead Atkins Atkins, L. Bagwell Bailey Baker Ball Bannister Barger Barnes, A. Barnes, J. C. Baranco Bartlett Battles Beddingfield, James Beddingfield, Joseph Bell Belz Benefield Benson Bentley Berkin Berrey Bibble Biddle Biggs Binion Black Blackmon Blankenship Bledsoe Blendheim Blythe Bomchel Booker Bookshester Boozer Borden Bosa rge Boulware Bowman Brannon Brantley Bray Brazier Bridges Bright Britt Bronson Brown, Cecil Brown, Marilyn Brown, Martha Brusnighan Bryant Buchanan Buchman Burkett Butero Butler, M. Butler, R. Byars Camp Carnes Carr Carter, A. Carter, O. B. Carter, R. Wh , 'bf ns? Q-1 W M 4 X if 1 2, L , , YW? E V,,, WE L .gzlyyl 471 WWW W? N Sv, S' Q'--. !-21 V V I Vim y kiwi . . rv- VV.. 5 s Pu Mm Wx f , f We , , , X: xl. Ab Q5 Wav A , . , 42, , 7 , . , s X M fin. ,V ...J Z f ,., ' ,fa i V.if!hf,,! 7 ,f ,'," 2, 1557, "VM, rg , ,Way V, ,., w if, . , .,,, 2 1 J 5. , ,N V , yi 174 iw V he lf V ' , '.,, , V W ' ' 17 . 'ii ,,,,,': if' ' ,:V::,, Et, Vf,V 2 . -. I. I V ff mf if J' .,", V M V ti, ' H ' "' H , 'B fil ,,,, r L V I, X 8 Q. W ,, f- ' ,zfryrhm '- y Q, f .35 w ,r.. , , ',"i' ,Q 'f ftf- 7 'f:,,'. l 4' 'fl I g4,,.l M, , A , me - A if - M J . J as "-M' iv- . ' fi '5' .,., X I , V .V f 'IVV f ,VVV ' ' V. .,.. , is Qzf X THE COROLLA SALUTES mlllllllh Top Row: ADAMS, JIMMY, Guntersville, Commerce, Sigma Chi, Sec- retary, Cotillion Club . . . ADAMS, RALPH E., JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . AGEE, EDMUND R.: Birmingham, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, ASCE . . . ALEXANDER, WILLIAM L., Birmingham, Arts Bt 8tSciences Theta Chi, Advanced AF ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Philos . . . ALFORD, PAUL WARREN, Gads- den, Engineering, Theta Xi, Band, IAS . . . ALLEN, JANE, Gadsden, Arts 81 Sciences, Delta Zeta, Spirit, Young Democrats, AAUW, IRC . . . ALLEN, MAX L., Roanoke, Arts oz Sciences, Delta Tau Delta, Druids, Quadrangle, Bama Day Committee, SGA Committees, Student Court . . . ALLISON, BETSY, Tampa, Florida, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Athletic Chairman, YWCA, Canterbury. Second Row: ALLISON, JACK STEWART, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . ANDERS, LOUIS HART, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Business Manager, Corolla, Selected to Represent the South- eastern States at the Annual Convention of the National Association of Manufacturers in New York, Who's Who, Secretary-Treasurer, Commerce School, Ad Manager, Corolla, Delta Sigma Pi . . . ANDERSON, DWAIN, Decatur, Arts 6: Sciences, Kappa Alpha . . . ANDERSON, WILLIAM R., Gadsden, Arts 8: Sciences, Theta Xi, Wesley Foundation, Philos . . . ARANT, JOHN C., Franklin, Virginia, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Psi, Advanced Military, Cadet Officer's Club, Soc. Adv. Mgt .... ARMISTEAD, LINDA, Tuscaloosa, Arts oz Sciences, Alpha Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Choral Union, AAUVV . . . ATKINS, GENE DALE, Russellville, Education, Alpha Beta Alpha, ACRA, French Club, SEA, Canterbury Club . . . ATKINS, LEROY SCOTT, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi. Third Row: BACWELL, JOHN T., JR., Montgomery, Arts 81 Sciences, Theta Xi, Cotillion Club, Wesley Foundation . . . BAILEY, GAIL, Lipscomb, Education, Delta Zeta, First Vice President, AAUW, Spirit, Judiciary Council, Chairman, Triangle, AWS House of Representatives . . . BAKER, PHILIP, Aliceville, Commerce . . . BALL, RICHARD, Montgomery, Arts Ez Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Golf, Cotillion Club, ROTC Officer's Club . . . BANNISTER, TOMMY C., Sylacauga, Arts and Sciences, Theta Xi . . . BARGER, INDIA BALDVVIN, Trussville, Education, Alpha Chi, AAUW, Spirit, SER . . . BARNES, ANN, Northport, Home Economics, Delta Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, AAUW, AWS House of Representatives, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Theta Sigma Phi . . . BARNES, JOHNNY C., Birmingham, Arts 51 Sciences, Delta Chi, Rho Alpha Tau. Fourth Row: BARRANCO, SAMMY JOSEPH, Lake Wales, Florida, Arts Lk Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Club, Circle "K", AED . . . BARTLETT, ELMORE B., Montgomery, Arts Bt Sciences, Kappa Delta: Cotillion Club, Spirit Club . . . BATTLES, JAMES E., Pasadena, Texas, Engineering, AFS . . . BEDINGFIELD, JAMES H., Dixon Mills, Education . . . BEDINGFIELD, JOSEPH PEARSON, Dixon Mills: Education . . . BELL, DICK, Dothan, Commerce, Sigma Nu, Rifle Team . . . BELZ, MARLENE ROCHELLE, Memphis, Tennessee, Sigma Delta Tau, Rush Chairman, Spirit Club, Hillel Foundation, Hillel Foundation Choir, Mahout, Corolla, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Panhellenic, University Extension Division Representative . . . BENEFIELD, KAY M., Guntersville, Arts Sz Sciences, Chi Omega, Music Student Orginazition. Fifth Row: BENNETT, WILLIAM E., JR., Birmingham, Engineering, AAME . . . BENSON, MARY, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Mu, Spanish Club, MSA, YWCA . . . BENTLEY, JOHN E., Montgomery, Edu- cation, Phi Eta Sigma, Band, Orchestra, Cavaliers . . . BERKIN, MARK H., Mobile, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Treasurer, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Rho Alpha Tau, Corolla Beauty Ball Committee, Officer's Club . . . BERREY, ALICE JANE, Birmingham, Arts 6: Sciences, Chi Omega, YWCA: Spirit, Panhellenic, Swan Club . . . BIBB, ROBERT, Belle Mine, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Druids, Quadrangle . . . BIDDLE, KATHRYN, Millport, Education, Triangle, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Wesley Foundation . . . BIGGS, JOHN, Mobile, Arts 61 Sciences, Theta Chi, Mahout, C-W, Press Club, German Club . . . BINION, BARBARA EARLE, Monroeville, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Spirit, Sweetheart of Chi Phi. Sixth Row: BLACK, JOHN KENDALL, JR., Birmingham, Arts :Sz Sciences, Kappa Sigma, Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Delta Phi Alpha, Alpha Chi Sigma, ACS, Chicago Tribune Award . . . BLACKMON, BECKY: -Q-gsaaa 3' ss Ng r x eil is f Yi 2 2 Z2 gs .S z Q Q if ge :ji I 2 mf 1.1-1: f 11 if fi 1: it fx 21322235 1 -1 f . .1 ,lf 1. V . 52 . ,- tisstxs. ll l 1 l l JIMMY DAVIS, Huntsville, wos chairman of 1959 Bomo Doy, ond also was o Commerce representative to SGA Legislature. Northport, Education, Alpha Phi, Majors Club, Modern Dance Club, AWS, Town Girls, BSU . . . BLACKVVELL, ANGELA MARGUERITE, Atlanta, Georgia, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Spirit . . . BLANKENSHIP, MARY ETHEL, Birmingham, Education, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . BLEDSOE, MARY CAROL, Cullman, Education, Kappa Delta, Triangle, Spirit . . . BLONDHEIM, JANE, Eufaula, Home Economies, Alpha Gamma Delta, House President, Scribe, Spirit, YWCA, AAUW, Triangle . . . BLYTHE, JORETTA, Reform, Chemistry, Pasteur Society . . . BOMCHEL, IRWIN QCHICOOJ, Birmingham, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Nu, Freshman Advisory Council, Spanish Club, Pershing Rifles, Alabama Crimson Guard, United Appeal Committee, Hillel Foundation . . . BOOKER, ELLEN CAROL, Pensacola, Florida, Chemistry, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pasteur Society. Seventh Row: BOOKSHESTER, DENNIS S., Miami Beach, Florida, Arts 3: Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau, IFC, Hillel Foundation . . . BOOZER, CATHERINE, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Panhellenic, Phi Upsilon Oinicron . . . BORDEN, BETTY SUE, Mobile, Education, Chi Omega, Corresponding Secretary, YVVCA, Secretary, Program Chairman, Spirit, AAUW . . . BOSARGE, GLENNON, Bayou La Batre, Arts 251 Sciences, Circle "K" . . . BOULWARE, THOMAS M., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Corresponding Secretary, SFVP . . . BOWMAN, BARBARA ANN, Jackson, Mississippi, Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Spirit, Press Club, Young Democrats, RPSC, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Corolla Staff . . . BRANNON, MCKENZIE M., Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . , BRANTLEY, MICHAEL WILEY, Troy, Arts 8: Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau. Eighth Row: BRAY, CAROLE DEAN, Helena, Education, Phi Mu, Triangle, Spirit . . . BRAZIER, TARRICE S., Pell City, Chemistry, Sigma Pi Epsilon, Freshman Advisory Council, Secretary . . . BRIDGES, BETSY JOAN, Gardendale, Commerce, Delta Gamma, YWCA, Spirit, AAUW, Phi Beta Lambda, Commerce Association, AWS Swan Club . . . BRIGHT, CARL, Montgomery, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Druids, Secretary, Co- tillion Club . . . BRITT, POPE, Birmingham, Engineering, ASME, Rifle Team, Westminster . . . BRONSON, EUGENE, Birmingham, Education, Theta Chi, SRA, Representative . . . BROWN, CECIL, Attalla, Engineering, AIEE . . . BROWVN, MARILYN, Birmingham, Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Spirit, Phi Upsilon, Physical Educa- tion Majors Club. Ninth Row: BROWN, MARTHA JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Education, BSU, Physical Education Majors Club . . . BRUSNIGHAM, JOHN, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . BRYANT, SANDRA, Tuskegee, Educa- tion, Alpha Gamma Delta, YVVCA, Spirit . . . BUCHANAN, GEORGE W., Montgomery, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Band, Golf Team, AMICE . . . BUCHANAN, GERRI, Tampa, Florida, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, FTA . . . BURKETT, JIMMIE, Samson, Education . . . BURNS, JEFFIE GERTRUDE, Gadsden, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Spirit, YWCA, WEA . . . BUTERO, BENEDICT MICHAEL, Corona, New York, Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . BUTLER, MELVIN, Florence, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Sigma, AED. Bottom Row: BUTLER, ROGER D., Selma, Arts 8: Sciences, Phi Delta Theta, Rho Alpha Tau, Bama Day Parade Committee, Chairman, Home- coming Committee, Chairman, MC of Pep Rallies . . . BYARS, WILLIAM G., Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . CAMP, MARY EUGENIA, Birmingham, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, Junior Panhellenic, YWCA . . . CARNES, H. M., Gadsden, Arts Sz Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon, French Club . . . CARR, DANITL P., Montgomery, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . CARTER, ALICE, Repton, Arts 65 Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Spirit, BSU . . . CARTER, O. B., JR., Eufaula, Arts Lk Sciences, Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Quad- rangle . . . CARTER, ROSALIND, Birmingham, Education, Kappa Delta, Spirit, YWCA. Castleberry Cate Cater Cessna Chastain Chepenik Chew Christian Clark Clayton Coburn Coggin Coggins Cohen, B. Cohen, J. S. Cohn Collins Cone Constantine Conway Cooper Coppock Cotlar Couch Cowles Cowling Cox, J. C. Cox, J. G. Craig Crook Crosby Cross Crownover Crowson Crump Curington Daar Dalee Daniel Davis, J. E. Davis, J, R. Deal Dees Demopulos Denson Deshazo Dickinson Dillard Doggette Dransfiel Dubin Duke Dunn Eads Eagen Earnest Edgil Edwards Efros Elebash Elliott Elster Engelhardt Epperson Epstein Ernst Esposito Euster Faircloth Farrar, Jo Ann Farrar, Ruth Faulkner Fields, E. S. Fienman Findley Fisher Fitzpatrick Flautt Fogarty Folmar .5- mo . pf t HU! mf f if , f J ,ppm g. J 2 'W .,, H l 5.22 'GJ 5... '05 Z rg mv X. , Q f f f s 'J .L of sf M , me . Wm! . 4. f 'W A 3 6 2. ff V F V, ,.,. , ' f Z C O . ,gmwg p W , hu uv, fm 'Iv C7 7, , .7 f E M f l , 5 ,ffffwf A l , W2 1 '.'. ,,.v , , ,.,,, M! C is Wi. , 5, f , if . . . - 'rf ' W 4 'W' A U vu I x A F , . H' v if fe J.. var- 'f va-47' - ,, ' J , fe -I ' Q4 5, 4. M V., f , 5,14 ,V , I ,, 1 .,,f. ,, A W ly. W V- grew! 5 . J t f 5 W . ,p,, . .. f i 7 ' ' ,, , M ,,, . , . ,.' A 4 ' We A, f- .1 X iv A my ff, ,N ,. ,. 6 V. Q , 5' ap- Q, w...M f We M ' 7 'M' A ,ug If ' fr f .. f ' f g , -r If., M16 , ,M as. M... I H . , 0 N- A ffm ,, as Q U 1 - , 4 S . V at--' ' ' vid, ' v Q ' f ,. I, 4... 5- W ' 1 ww - gf g , ,. M I f' ., .... P A 'R f "F.""Yj?f!3I7' L ff! .Al , I 1 ' A f f I ,V l , , I ' X22 W ',.f i L i .V W, f f f f or I . I l f , X , 176 f f 'W jf' ,f ",,, , f,,,, .-- X W X f ,V am if X ,, f M , ,f w .", I if 'Q l', ,' ' f ' ' f ' W' . -A , . V J ' 4 L. . THE COROLLA SALUTES WJUNHURE Top Bow: CASTLEBEHRY, CHARLES 1.5 Bessemer, Education, Chi Phig Band . . . CATE, BILL C., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi, Druids . . . CATER, GEORGEg Annistong Arts CY Sciences, Sigma Nu, Lt. Comm .... CESSNA, HARRIETTQ Mobilcg Arts 6: Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, Spirit, ACRAg Junior Panhcllenic, Vice President . . . CHASTAIN, IOHN ALBERTQ Annistong Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . . . CHEPENIK, CAROL, Jacksonville, Florida, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Founda- tion . . . CHEW, BONNIE G., Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . CHRISTIAN, THOMAS WILLIAMQ Northport, Arts R Scif-nccsg Phi Gamma Delta, Historian, SFVPg Cadet Officer's Club. Second Bow: CLARK, JOHN M., River View, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Cadet Officer's Club . . . CLAYTON, PATRICIA AYRESg Mobile, Educa- tion, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Triangle, YWCA, Spirit, FTA . . . COBURN, EMMA CLAUDEg Montgomeryg Arts 6: Science-sg Chi Omega, House Mana- ger, Triangle, Secrctaryg Cotillion Clubg Chi Delta Phi, French Club, Sec- retaryg YWCA, C-W, Reporter . . . COGGIN, THOMAS E., Mobileg Arts 6: Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . COCGINS, JAMES LAWSONg Brun- didgeg Engineeringg Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pig ASME, Distinguished Military Cadctg Quadrangle . . . COHEN, BURTQ Nashville, Tennessceg Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pig Choral Union . . . COHEN, JAY STEPHEN, Birmingham, Commcrceg Kappa Nu, Presi- dentg Chi Alpha Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pershing Rifles, Bama Day Com- mittee . . . COHN, BOB, Montgomery, Arts liz Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi, C-W, Sports Editor, Corolla, Sports Editor, Druids, Cotillion Club, "AP Book, Editor, Bama Day Book, Editor, Announcer VVABPg Assistant Athletic Publicity Director. Third Row: COLLINS, RICHARD HENRY, Birmingham, Arts 61 Scicnccsg Delta Chi . . . CONE, WILLIAM A., Calerag Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi . . . CONSTANTINE, SIDNEY TOMQ Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi, Freshman Advisory Councilg Alpha Kappa Psig Inter- franternity Council . . . CONWAY, JOEL H., 1R.g Metairie, Louisianag Arts Br Scienccsg Sigma Phi Epsilon . , . COOK, SUE, Sylacaugu, Education, Delta Zeta, Social Chairmaug Spirit, AAUW . . . COOPER, JONI HAYNESQ Tuscaloosa, Education, Pi Beta Phi . . . COPPOCK, FRANCES, Campbells- ville, Kentucky, Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice President, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, AAUW, Spirit . . . COTLAR, BARBARA, New Orleans, Louisianag Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Treasurer, Hillel Foundation . . . COUCH, JOE TERRELLQ Fayettcg Cummcrcog Phi Kappa Sigma, Freshman Advisory Council, Wesley Foundation, Commorcc Association. Fourth Row: COWLES, JAMES D.5 Rainer, Arts ik Scicnccsg Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . COYVLING, CARRIE F., Deatsvilleg Education, SEA, AAUNVg Cotillion Club, Dorm Judiciary . . . COX, IIMMIE CAROLYNQ Talladega, Education, Swan Club . . . COX, JOSIEPHINE GAILQ Ali-xunderg Home Economicsg Zeta Tau Alpha, Wesley Foundationg Corolla, Associate Editor . . . CRAIG, JAMES TERRY, IR.g Seattle, Washington, Conunvrccg Pi Sigma Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psig Army Cadet Officr-r's Club . . . CROOK, CHARLES M.5 Union Springsg Arts 8: Sciences, Sigma Nu, Chairman, Freshman Oricn- tation . . . CROSBY, DOLORESQ Birmingham, Home Economicsg Delta Ze-tag Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Spirit, AAUW . . . CROSS, WVILLIAM GREGORY, JR., Gadsden, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, SPVP, Mc-n's Clcc Club. Fifth How: CROWNOVER, WALTER PARKERQ Tuscaloosa, Arts CY Sciences . . . CROWSON, PEGGY ANN, Brooklyn, New York, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Newman Club, Treasure-rg Intramural Sports, AWVS . . . CRUMP, ROBERT C.g Birmingham, Commerce . . . CURINGTON, JAMES W., Union Springsg Engineering, Sigma Nu . . . DAAR, ARTHUR, New York, New Yorkg Engineeringg Sigma Alpha Nug ASME, Hillel Foundation . . . DaLEE, DONALD, Tuscaloosa, Arts Lk Sciencr-sg Phi Gamma Delta . . . DANIEL, PATRICIA ANNE3 Wetumpka: Education . . . DAVIS, JAMES E.3 Huntsville, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice Pri-sidentg SGA Legislature, Freshman Advisory Council, Assistant Homecoming Chairmang Bama Day Chairman. Sixth Row: DAVIS, JAMES B.g Tuscaloosa, Enginocring, IAS, Arnold Air Society, AF ROTC Cadet Officeris Club . . . DEAL, CARROLL SUE, Mobileg Educationg Phi Mug YWCA, Spirit . . . DEES, DOTTIEQ Monrov- villeg Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, President Pledge Class, AWS, Chair- man Public Relationsg YWCA, Spirit Club, Governing Board, Treasurer, Harris Hall, Junior Panhcllenic . . . DEMOPULOS, MADELINEQ Biloxi, Mississippi, Education, Delta Zeta, AWS, Social Chairman, YWVCA, Secre- tary, Spirit Club, Social Chairman, Harris Hall Judiciary Board, Choral Union . . . DENSON, JOHN V., Opelika, Lawg Alpha Tau Ome-gag Phi Delta Phi MARTHA SUE DUKE, from Grove Hill, was on AWS Board of Directors cs The Independent Representative in 1958-59. . . . DESHAZO, ANNE, Atlanta, Georgia, Arts 61 Sciences, Chi Omega, University Symphony, Canterbury Club and Choir . . . DICKINSON, JAMES E., Brilliantg Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . DILLARD, ELIZABETH, Hartford, Arts k Scicnccsg Zeta Tau Alpha, President, Osband Hall, -House of Representatives, Spanish Club. Seventh Row: DGGETTE, LAUREEN3 Gilbertown, Education . . . DRANSFIEL, PAT, Fairhurn, Ohio, Commerce, Delta Zctag Commerce Association, Young Democrats, Spiritg YYVCAQ RPSC . . , DUBLIN, DON, Decatur, Arts ZS: Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi . . . DUKE, MARTHA SUE, Grove Hill, Arts 8: Scicncesg YWCA, Triangle, AWS, Independent Representative: AWS, Board of Directors, Womcnls Residence Hall Council, Chairman, SGA, Union Building Committee, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Wesley Foundation . . . DUNN, JOHN C.g Montgomery, Commerce . . . EADS, VERA5 Tusca- loosa, Education, University Dames Club, President . . . EAGAN, FRANK M., JR., Birininghzung Commerce, Pi Kappa Sigma . . . EARNEST, BETTY, Good Spring, Arts CY Sciences. Eighth Row: EDGIL, TOM, Dccaturg Commcrccg Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pig Soc. Adv. Mgt .... EDWARDS, MIKE, Florenceq Engineering, Sigma Nug IAS, DGP , . . EFROS, CHARLES, Forest Hills, New York, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . ELEBASH, EUGENIAQ Montgomery, Arts QS! Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Scrapbook Chairmang AWS, Pub- licity Chairman, Triangle . . . ELLIOTT, LIDA, Huntsville, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit: YYVCAQ Corolla Beautyg Star, Pi Kappa Phi, Best Dressed '58 . . . ELSHER, ALLAN M., Houma, Louisiana, Arts 8: Sciences, Sigma Alpha Mug Hillel Foundation . , . ENGELHARDT, BONNERQ Shorter, Arts SY Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice President, AED . . . EPPERSON, ROSEMARY, Tuscaloosag Commerce, Pi Beta Phi, YVVCA. Ninth Row: EPSTEIN, MARVIN STANLEYQ Birmingham, Commerccg Kappa Nu, Vice President, SGA, Commerce Representative, SCA Represen- tative to State Fair, Ticket Chairman, Commerce Day, Marshall, Commerce Elections ,585 Dirvctor, Student Loaders' Rctrcatg Homecoming Committee '57, Chairman, Homecoming Pep Rally '58: Cotillion Club, Publicity Chair- mang Bama Day Cominitts-ug SC-A Sports Committee, Chairman, Alabama- .-Xuhurn Parade, Freshman Advisory Council . . . ERNEST, KENNETH ALLEN: WVoodsidc, New York, Commerce: Aloha Sigma Phi, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Cadet Officn-r,s Club . . . ESPOSITO, ROBERT L.3 Trenton, New In-rscyg Engineering . . . EUSTER, CAROL, Miami Beach, Florida, Educa- tion: Sigma Delta Tau, Spirit Club, Hillel Foundation . . . FAIRCLOTH, ALICE WADE, Tuscaloosug Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Daughters of the King . . . FARRAR, JO ANN, Sellers, Home Economics, Zeta. Tau Alpha, Panhelle-nic, Agnes Ellen Harris, AAUWg Spiritg YWCA . . . FARRAR, RUTH, Baytown, Texas, Education, Delta Gammag AAUW, Spirit Club, YWCA, AWS . . . FAULKNER, JIMMY, IR.g Bay Minetteg Commerccg Lambda Chi. Bottom Row: FIELDS, ELIZABETH S., Port jefferson, New Icrseyg Education, Kappa Delta, Triangle, Spirit Club . . . FIELDS, MERRY LOU, Mobilcg Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Choral Union, MENCg Music Student Association . . . FIENMAN, BETTE SUE, Lvnchburg. Virginia, Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Vice Pre-sidentg Spirit Club, Hillel Foundation . . . FINDLEY, BETTIE CHARLESg Mobile, Commerce, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, ASC . . . FISHER, NATHANQ Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, Prcsidentg SBA . . . FITZPATRICK, CLEMENT TRANUM, IR., Montgomery, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice President, Druids, IFC, Vice President, Cadet Officer's Club, Executive Couucilg 1958 Homecoming Chairman, Whcfs Who . . . FLAUTT, MARSCELLA ROSE5 Wcogufka, Arts 8: Sciences, Chi Omega, YWCA . . . FOGARTY, IOHNQ Lindenhurst New York, Arts ik Scicncesg Alpha Sigma Phi, SAME . . . FOLMAR, BETTY LOUELLAg Troyg Commvrcc-g Wesley Fmindation. Folmar, J. Forsler Freeman, D. S. Freeman, E. L. Frosch Gantt Garrett Garrison Gayle Gibbs Gerson Goggans Goldslein Golson Goodwin Goolsby Gordon Graddiclt Graf Granl Greenberg Griswold Groenendyke Groom Groover Gross Guin Guylon Gwin Haos Hackworih Hall Hamilfon Hamner Hompe Hanahan Hankins Harbin Hargrove Harp Harper Harrell Harrigan Harris Harvy Hastings Halch Heafh, B. S. Heath, B. T. Hecht Helderman Helms Henderson Henry Hesselbach Hewilf Higgs Hinlon Hodges Holland Holley Hollingsworlh, J. Hollingsworth, W. W. Holf House Howell Huckaby, G. Huckaby, M. E. Hudson, B. Hudson, M. Hufham lndianer Ingram Irwin, D. I.. Irwin, S. J. Israel Israelion Jacks James, E. James, J. C. S 'K X XXX , - . , I f , it .:. M, l it! S 1 X 1 I fi f F I I f K ,Q Q: 4- MW., we f I ,g r . I - , , I ,,' 5 my , ,, , W 'N . I ,www yay 6 1, I ',' I 1 4 My ,V , W , Z , we fl V 'V Q 'M ,W f .sg A 'iv .J J Q Z hw - .Mm 1: 11 , E gl f 1 0 K ff' ,I f 'QV' - M - ,..,,' va X In 'Wk -. em, be ,, 'll' " M ,L ii, ' , J .Q W'-I G his W .Q W Q , I . , I i x A 1 nga? Q"- I I, uv, . Q1 , , W .1 in V ,ff L v w f 4 , f y .mziy . if , W ,. ff We ,Am if WZZW ' f ff! '45 il - 'ZIV 1 ...I f ..,.. I . l r 1 I if' f 1 5 2: fin fm. xi 4 4' ' ZW ff f , f Z . W , W 'Z-4 hw , . .ff - -"' f Zz , ff fyf W f f we f f If " fm f ' Z 72 , if zz. W.. , Y, if W ,WW Z 164' 178 Mm -ws . f ko' A KW! Q 55 g hr 1 I f 'Q 1. f s 3 7 'N fi I YI I M 1 f ff 2, f uw -WW X Y, If X f J... 7 ' , f f THE COROLLA SALUTES THEJUNIUHE Top Row: FLOMAR, JANICE, Troy, Arts 8x Sciences, YVesley Foundation . . . FORSTER, VVILLIANI HULL, Louisville, Mississippi, Chemistry, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma . . . FREEMAN, DEXTER SIDNEY, JR., Jack- son, Mississippi, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Com- merce Association . . . FREEMAN, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Shreveport, Louisiana, Arts 51 Sciences, Sigma Delta Tau, Ilillel Foundation . . . FROSCH, ALLAN, East Paterson, New Jersey, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . GANTT, DONALD H., Columbia, South Carolina, Commerce . . . GARRETT, REBECCA, Atrnore, Arts Sz Sciences, Press Club, Spanish Club . . . GARRISON, JEAN, Atlanta, Georgia, Education, Alpha Phi, Rush Chair- man, Panhellenic, Spirit Club, Governing Board, SEA, Junior Triangle, Cotillion Club. Second Row: GAYLE, ALBERT DARRINGTON, JR., Selma, Arts 8: Sciences, Phi Delta Theta . . . GIBBS, LARRY, Fairfield, Commerce, Sigma Chi, Treasurer . . . GERSON, ISABEL, Shreveport, Louisiana, Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . GOGGANS, YVILLIAM L., JR., Tuscaloosa, Com- merce, Pi Kappa Sigma . . . GOLDSTEIN, JERRY, Birmingham, Com- merce, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, Hillel Choir . . . GOLSON, NANCY CATHERINE, Mobile, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer, Canterbury, SRA, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS, Treasurer . . . GOODWIN, PEGGY NEWELL, Birmingham, Chemistry, Delta Zeta, AAUW, Spirit Club . . . GOOLSBY, THOMAS C., Dothan, Arts is Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma, Band, Rho Alpha Tau, Cotillion Club. Third Row: GORDON, CHARLES, Atlanta, Georgia, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . GRADDICK, JULIAN J., JR., Mobile, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Cotillion Club . . . GRAF, JERRY N., Anniston, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi . . . GRANT, STANLEY E., Ozark, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . GREENBERG, SYBIL DAWN, Birmingham, Home Eco- nomics, Sigma Delta Tau, Triangle, Vice President, Home Economics School, Cotillion Club, Spirit Governing Board, Philos, Vice President, Spirit Plan- ning Committee, Hillel Foundation . . . GRISYVOLD, RALPH, Union Springs, Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . GROENENDYKE, MARTHA MARIE, Birmingham, Arts is Sciences, Phi Mu, President, AWS, House of Repre- sentatives, Panhellenic, BSU, YWCA, Spirit Club, Triangle, Second Place Intremural Debate Award . . . GROOM, MARSHALL HALL, Mobile, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Assistant Treasurer, Philos, Cotillion Club, Freshman Advisory Council, Canterbury Club, Commerce Association. Fourth Row: GROOVER, JOE LUTHER, Hartselle, Arts is Sciences . . . GROSS, CHARLES ARTHUR, Mobile, Arts 61 Sciences, Theta Chi, Phi Mu Epsilon, Marching and Concert Band, Coyotes . . . GUIN, WILLIAM ROGER: Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . CUYTON, CAROLYN, York, Education, Spirit, YWCA . . . GWIN, VVILLIAM VERNER, Mobile' Engineering, Sigma Chi, VVesley Foundation . . . HAAS, MARY ELLEN, Mobile, Education, Pi Beta Phi, YYVCA, First Vice President, AWS, Second Vice President, Chairman, AWS Judiciary Board, Chi Delta Phi . . . HACKWORTH, M. SHEILA, Birmingham, Education, Vice President, New Hall, BSU . . . HALL, LOUISE, Montgomery, Chemistry, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Philos, YWCA, Pasteur Society, Triangle. Fifth Row: HAMILTON, VVILLIABI B., Gadsden, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Golf . . . HABINER, SAlNI H., Tuscaloosa: Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, SGA Legislature . . . HAMPE, DAVID EARL, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . HANAHAN, INGRAHAM H., Dothan, Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . HANKINS, JOHN GORDON, Birming- ham, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Chi Sigma . . . HARBIN, SYLVIA ANN, Hueytown, Arts 5: Sciences, Delta Zeta, AAUYV, Spirit Club, Spanish Club . . . HARBISON. NELSON: Logan, Engineering, Arnold Air Society, Air Force Drill Team . . . HARGROVE, RALPH DON, Mobile, Education, Varsity Track . . . HARP, RICHARD DAVIS, Birming- ham, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Sigma, Delta Phi Alpha, President, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Chi Sigma, ACS. Sixth Row: HARPER, LUANNE, Valparaiso, Florida, Chemistrv, Alpha Gamma Delta, Canterbury, Pasteur Society . . . HARRELL, WILLIAM EVANS, Billingsley, Arts R Sciences, Kappa Sigma, Music Students Asso- ciation, Opera Workshop, University Singers . . . HARRIGAN, VVILLIANI DWIGHT, Fulton, Arts is Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . HARRIS, HERBERT C., III, Cherokee, Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . TRANUM FITZPATRICK, Montgomery, was vice-president of the IFC, and chairman of the University's 1958 Homecoming. HARVEY, JAMES A., New Orleans, Louisiana, Arts - Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, Circle "K", French Club . . . HASTINGS, BETTY, Cleveland, Ohio, Arts or Sciences, Triangle, YWCA, Spirit Club, Canterbury, French Club . . . HATCH, HARRIET, Uniontown, Education, Delta Delta Delta, University Players, Spirit . . . HEATH, BARBARA SUE, Fayette, Educa- tion, Chi Omega, Spirit, Physical Education Majors Club, YWCA. Seventh Row: HEATH, BARBARA TAYLOR, Dothan, Arts is Sciences, Debate Club . . . HECHT, DORIS SYBIL, Columbus, Georgia, Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel oundation, Spirit . . . HELDERMAN, JACOB FRANK, JR., Gadsden, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Chi . . . HELMS, JOEL, Ozark, Education, BSU, Advanced ROTC . . . HENDERSON, EDMOND R., Anniston, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . HENRY, TED M., Selma, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Pi . . . HESSELBACH, CARL P., lVellsburg, New York, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids . . . HEWVITT, SHIRLEY DELL, Nashville, Tennessee, Arts tk Sciences, Band, C-WV Staff. Eighth Row: HIGGS, MARY ANN, Huntsville, Chemistry, Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, Alpha Lambda Delta, Recorder, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Secretary, Delta Phi Alpha . . . HINTON, COMELLA ANN, Tuscaloosa, Arts tk Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, AAUW, Spirit, Triangle, YWCA . . . HODGES, T. L., JR., Mobile, Arts Cs Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . HOLLAND, WAYNE, Tarrant, Engineering, IAS . . . HOLLEY, ELEANOR McCORVEY, Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Philos, Triangle, Chi Delta Phi, Spirit, Major Club, Swan Club, Modern Dance Club, Canterbury Club . . . HOLLINGSWORTH, JOAN, Bessemer, Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, AAUW, Spirit Club . . . HOLLINGSVVORTH, VVILLIAM WAYNE, Eutaw, Commerce . . . HOLT, RAYMOND DODD, Jasper, Engineering. Ninth Row: HOUSE, JAMES G., JR., Mobile, Law, Phi Delta Theta . . . HOWELL, EUGENE MILTON, Selma, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Alpha . . . HUCKABY, GARY C., Lanett, Arts ts Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi, President, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, Historian, Inter-Fraternity Council, Secretary, Cotillion Club, Business Manager: Assistant Chairman, Bama Day '57 . . . HUCKABY, MARY ELIZABETH, Huntsville, Home Economics, Delta Gamma, Corolla Beauty, Sweetheart, Phi Sigma Kappa, Alternate, Miss Bama Day, Alternate, Miss A Day, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, YWCA . . . HUDSON, BOB, Crestview, Florida, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . HUDSON, MARGARET, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Commerce, Delta Gamma, Scholarship Chairman, Phi Chi Theta, Treasurer, AAUW, Chi Alpha Phi . . . HUFMAN, VVILBUR B., Montgomery, Commerce, Track . . . INDIANER, LEONARD E., Miami Beach, Florida, Arts - Sciences, Sigma Alpha Mu, Secretary, Rush Chairman, IFC, Greek Weekend Chair- man, Constitutional Retreat Committee, Venus Chairman, Druids, SGA Elections Chairman, Mahout, Circulation Manager, Bama Day Committee, Hillel Foundation. Bottom Row: INGRAM, NATALIE, Lewes, Delaware, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, SEA . . . IRVVIN, DOROTHY LOU, Foley, Education, Delta Gamma, BSU, Spirit Governing Board, AVVS . . . IRVVIN, SEGAIL J., Birmingham, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, Junior Panhellenic, Advisor, Senior Panhellenic, Vice President . . . ISRAEL, CHARLES W., JR., Malga, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Beta Lambda, Soc. Adv. Mgt., ASTD . . . ISRAELIAN, KASPER H., Aleppo, Syria, Engineering . . . JACKS, BETTY JANE, Oxford, Education, Wesley Foundation, Activities Chairman, Tutwiler Hall . . . JANIES, ELIZABETH, Huntsville, Com- merce, Delta Gamma, AAUW, Soc. Adv. Mgt., YVestminster Fellowship . . . JAMES, JEROME CECIL, JR., Bessemer, Arts tk Sciences, Chi Phi, FAC. Jennings Jerigon Jessup Johnsen Johnson, J. Johnson, L. Johnson, W. Johnsfon Jones, G. M. Jones, M. Jones, M. K. Kolcas Koley Kane Koufmon Keiih Kelly, B. Kelly, P. A. Kelsoe Kendrick King, A. E. King, B. King, H. Kirby Kirkland Kitchens Klein Knight, B. Knighi, N. J. Kohn Lackey Lo ke Lou mbert Lungsion Lofhcl m Loyfield Lecmon Ledbefter Lese LeVo1n Levy Lewis Lightfoot Lindsey, C. Lindsey, K. Liffle Loudermilch Lovoy Love Lowery, J. D. Lowery, R. C. Ludlum Lynch McAdams McColl Mcflordle McCarthc1 McCIinton McDonoId McElroy McGarrigle McGehee McGowan McGraw McHugh McKenize McNair McMiIIiun McWhorter Mocklem Major Muiure D. H. in '-A 6. we , ,ff I I wif , of '44 VM-1. ,MN A . if 487, 23 .Iv .ff 45 40a ,ff SQ'-v-w,,,w14? -f Wh. as 4 vs., V ",, Q A ,IA 55, ,.-, "'f mal 4 ' 'J' V, I 5 x 180 1 -dv 41 THE COROLLA SALUTES MJUNSUHS Top Row: JENNINCS, JOSEPH L., Lanett, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . JERNIGAN, SHARON, Arts 6: Sciences . . . JESSUP, WILLIAM WALKER, Sylacauga, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Commerce Association, Pre-Law Society . . . JOHNSEN, HAROLD MARTIN, North Bergen, New Jersey, Arts 8: Sciences, Men's Glec Club, Art Guild of the South . . . JOHNSON, JOHN D., Troy, Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Theta Tau, IAS, Treasurer . . . JOHNSON, LLOYD, JR., Florence, Arts 6: Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Basketball Team . . . JOHNSON, YVILLIAM HAROLD, Reform, Engineering, IAS . . . JOHNSTON, BETH M., Milan, Pennsylvania, Arts tk Sciences. Second Row: JONES, G. MERRILL, Birmingham, Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, President, Mallett Hall, Men's Residence Hall Council, Spirit Planning Committee, AICHE . . . JONES, MAC, Birmingham, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, "A" Club, Secretary, Varsity Baseball . . . JONES, MARY KING, Marion, Home Economics, Alpha Phi, President, AWS, House of Representatives, Panhellenic Council, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Spirit . . . JOSEPH, HELEN, Mobile, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Spirit, Philos . . . JOYNER, MAGGIE, Mobile, Arts tv Sciences, Delta Zeta, University Debate Team, AWS, Summer School Publicity Chairman, AWS, Board of Directors, Young Democrats . . . KALAS, DEMETRA, Mobile, Education, Kappa Delta . . . KALEY, RICHARD, Pinson, Arts tv Sciences, Lambda Chi, Freshman Baseball Team . . . KANE, IRENE ELIZABETH, Lakeland, Florida, Arts Bt Sciences, Chi Omega, Spirit, Newman Club, University Players . . . KAUMAN, KAROLYN, Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, University Players, Intramural, Spirit Club, Swan Club, Treasurer, Cotillion Club . . . KEITH, DAN BRYANT, Mobile, Commerce, Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi. Third Row: KELLY, BRUCE EDWARD, Repton, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Freshman Advisory Council, AF ROTC, Mahout, Advertising Manager . . . KELLY, PATRICIA ANN, Mobile, Arts is Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, Corresponding Secretary, YVVCA, Spirit, Alpha Lambda Delta, SGA Legislature, Secretary Pro Tem, Homecoming Committee, Sec- retary, Philos, French Club, Vice President, Arts et Sciences . . . KELSOE, JAMES COOPER, Opp, Commerce, KENDRICK, HENRIETTE, Tuscaloosa, Arts k Sciences, Phi Mu, Spirit, AAUW, Corolla . . . KING, ANN ELIZABETH, Ozark, Arts dt Sciences, ACRA, C-W, Spirit . . , KING, BILLY, Luverne, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . KING, HENRY LEO, Florence, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . KIRBY, CLIFTON, Athens, Engineering. Fourth Row: KIRKLAND, KENYON R., Birmingham, Commerce, Theta Chi . . . KITCHENS, JOHN VV., Roanoke, Arts 61 Sciences, Theta Xi, Phi Eta Sigma, Junior Toastmasters, IRC . . . KLEIN, ALLEN NORMAN, Nashville, Tennessee, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Assistant Treasurer, Junior Steward . . . KNIGHT, BILL COLLINS, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, "A" Club, SFVP . . . KNIGHT, NANCY JO, Wetumpka, Home Economics, Phi Mu, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . KOHN, STEPHEN ALLEN, New York, New York, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Mu, Corolla, Mahout, Hillel Foundation, AIIE . . . KUNKLE, JACK H., Tuscaloosa, Engineering . . . LACKEY, JAMES H., Fairfield, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Pre-Law Society . . . LAKE, GAY MATHERS, JR., Tuscaloosa, Arts k Sciences, Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: LAMBERT, LINDA, Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, Pi Beta Phi, Chi Delta Phi, Secretary-Treasurer, Chemistry, Triangle, Pasteur Society . . . LANGSTON, JUNE, Haleyville, Home Economics, Alpha Chi, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, YWCA, Spirit, Spirit Governing Board, AAUW, Triangle . . . LATHAM, BYRD ROY, St. Petersburg, Florida, Arts R Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . LAYFIELD, WVOODROWV YVILSON, JR., Mobile, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Head Cheerleader . . . LEAMON, RALPH ADDISON, JR., Ridgewood, New Jersey, Commerce . . . LEDBETTER, JERRY L., Piedmont, Engineering, Theta Chi, AICHE . . . LESE, PETER, BUTCH FRANK, Huntsville, is cu Crimson-Ticle football player, member of ZBT, cmd has mocle the Decan's List every semester. Washington, D. C., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation . . . LE VAN, JEROME H., Mobile, Arts CY Sciences, Phi Sigma Kappa, Newman Club. Sixth Row: LEVY, DON N., Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Band Manager . . . LEWIS, SAM ASHWORTH, Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Pi Epsilon, Corresponding Secretary, Phi Beta Lambda, ASTD, Soc. Adv. Mgt .... LIGHTFOOT, WARREN B., Luverne, Arts tk Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Pledge President, Recorder, Crimson Guard's Fund Committee, Wesley Choir . . . LINDSEY, CAROLINE, Andalusia, Arts 51 Sciences, Psi Chi . . . LINDSEY, CLAUDIA S., Chatom, Arts 8: Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Spanish Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Sigma Delta Pi . . . LINDSEY, KAY, Butler, Arts K Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Chi Delta Phi, French Club, Vice President . . . LITTLE, MARTHA SUE, Winchester, Tennessee, Arts R Sciences . . . LOUDERMILCH, YVAYNE, Anniston, Arts 65: Sciences, Sigma Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Outstanding Freshman Cadet Award i57, Outstanding Sophomore Cadet Award '58, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pre-Law Society, Varsity Debate Squad '56-'57-'58 . . . LOVOY, STEPHEN A., Birmingham, Arts Bl Sciences. Seventh Row: LOWE, PETER LOFTIS, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, SFVP . . . LOWERY, JOHN D., JR., Elba, Commerce . . . LOWERY, RUSSELL C., II, Birmingham, Arts Ev Sciences, Lambda Chi . . . LUDLUM, SANDRA, Dothan, Education, Chi Omega, AAUW, SEA, Modern Dance Club . . . LYNCH, BARBARA, York, Home Economics, Spirit Club, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . MCADAMS, CLAYTON, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Chi Phi, FAC . . , McCALL, MARY WINSTON, Mobile, Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Spirit, Daughters of the King, Philos . . . MCCARDLE, JERRY B., Talladega, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: MCCARTHA, ANN, Conover, North Carolina, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Swan Club . , . McCLINTON, MARGARET, Hueytown, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Battalion Sponsor, A ROTC, Homecoming Court . . . McDONALD, SID L., Arab, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . McELROY, JOHN ROBERT, JR., Gadsden, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . , . MeGARRIGLE, KAREN, Renton, Washington, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Phi . . . McGEHEE, PATRICIA J., Evergrcen,,Arts Lk Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit, Corolla Staff . . . McGOWAN, MARY, Mobile, Arts or Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, AAUW, Triangle . . . McGRAW, PEGGY, Eutaw, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, ACRA, AAUW, SEA. Bottom Row: McHUCH, RICHARD KEVIN, Selma, Arts tt Sciences, Phi Delta Theta, Rho Alpha Tau . . . MCKENZIE, PAULA, Savannah, Georgia, Arts lk Sciences, AWS, Newman Club, Spanish Club , . . McNAIR, MORRIS LUTHER, Meridian, Mississippi, Arts tk Sciences, Sigma Chi . . . MCMILLIAN, LARRY A., Mobile, Commerce, Theta Chi, Commerce Association, Coyotes Team . . . MCWHORTER, JULIE B., Gaylesville, Education, Kappa Delta, Rush Chairman, AWS, Sorority Representative, AF ROTC Honorary Wing Commander, Panhellenic, Spirit, Second Year Triangle, SEA . . . MACKLEM, LINDA JEANNE, Montgomery, Arts Sz Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, AWS, Governing Board, Transfer Representa- tive, Spirit, YWCA, AAUW, Dorm Judiciary Member, Assistant Secretary, Homecoming . . . MAJOR, ROBERT PERRY, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . MAJURE, BETTY, Oneonta, Education, AAUW, Philos, Spirit, Governing Board, Physical and Health Club, Alpha Xi Delta. Manderson Mann Manolakis Marbury Maret Marmer Marsh Martin, Jim Martin, Mamie Martin, M. K. Martin, Sam Martin, T. G. Mason, A. Massey Matthews Mayhall Meehan Megginson Merwin Methvin Meyer Mixon Montgomery Moody, F. Moody, J. Moog Moore, Catherine Moore, G. J. Moore, J. Moore, K. L. Morgan Morton Morrison Mrazek Mullins Neal Neeley Neill Nevin Nichols Nicholson Nicrosi Norwood Nunnally Nutting O'Doniel O'Hora Olds Owen Pennell Porker, G. Parker, P. Parker, R. Parnell Partridge Pate, E. Paul Peacock Pearson Pegues Pender Pen nel Perdue Perlman Perry Phelps Phillips Pierson Pihard Pinckney Powers Poynor 1 X f K3 12? ., Q17 ' Y , f THE COROLLA SALUTES mlllllllllg Top oRw: MANDERSON, VIRGINIA, Tuscaloosa, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Westminster Fellowship . . . MANN, JOSEPHINE, Clio, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Band, SEA, MEMC, Spirit, AWS Judiciary . . . MANOLAKIS, JOHN J., Birmingham, Commerce . . . MARBURY, CAROLINE, Birmingham, Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Spirit . . . MARET, DEBBIE, Miami, Florida, Education, Delta Phi Epsilon, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . .MARMER, ELLEN, Jasper, Arts Lk Sciences, Delta Phi Epsilon, President Pledge Class, Vice President, Harris Hall, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Triangle, Editor, Hillelite, Intramural Debate . . . MARSH, DON L., Hillsboro, Arts or Sciences . . . MARTIN, JIM, Centreville, Chemistry, Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: MARTIN, MAMIE, Athens, Education, Kappa Delta, Spirit, YWVCA . . . MARTIN, MARY KATHRYN, Huntsville, Chemistry, Zeta Tau Alpha, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer, Pasteur Society, Vice President, Student Affiliates American Chemical Society . . . MARTIN, SAMUEL F., Anniston, Engineering . . . MARTIN, THOMAS GLENN, Tuscaloosa, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Alpha . . . MASON, ALISON, Hunts- ville, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Canterbury, Spirit, French Club . . . MASSEY, SAMUEL CLAY, III, Bessemer, Arts Bt Sciences, Kappa Alpha, Corolla Sales Staff, Philos, Chairman, Spirit Planning Committee, SGA, Executive Cabinet, Director, Student Spirit . . . MATTHEWS, CHARLES F., Florence, Arts ik Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . MAUGHAN, FERRELL, Aliceville, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Treasurer, FAC, Druids, Quadrangle, Beta Alpha Psi . . . MAY, PAUL, Mobile, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Vice President, Corolla, Advertising Manager, Druids, President, Rho Alpha Tau, Pershing Rifles . . . MAYHALL, NINA, Fairfield, Arts BC Sciences, Pi Mu, Rush Chairman, Student Music Association, AAUW, AWS, Scholarship Committee, BSU. Third Row: MEEHAN, NANCY, Marion, Commerce, Alpha Delta Pi, Spirit Club, C-VV Staff . . . MEGGINSON, GREER, Mobile, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega . . . MERWIN, JAMES T., JR., Montgomery, Engineering, ASCE, 'Treasurer . . . METHVIN, ROBERT G., Eufaula, Arts tit Sciences, Phi Delta Theta . . . MEYER, MARJORIE, Starkville, Mississippi, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Delta Tau, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Alabama Debate Squad, Debate Council, Pledge of TKA . . . MIXON, MARY LOUISE, Dothan, Arts :Sz Sciences . . . MONTGOMERY, ROLAND K., Courtland, Education . . . MOODY, FRANK, Montgomery, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, Legislature, Secretary-Treasurer, Engineering School '57-'58, President, Engineering School '58-,59. Fourth Row: MOODY, JEROLDINE, Andalusia, Commerce . . . MOOG, HENRY B., JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Rifle Team . . . MOORE, CATHERINE A., Oxford, Arts 6: Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pasteur Society, Wesley Fellowship . . . MOORE, GAYNELL JOHNSTON, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, Arts Bt Sciences, Delta Zeta, Historian, Canterbury, Spirit Governing Board, YWCA, AAUW . . . MOORE, JAMES, Birmingham, Commerce, Sports Chairman, Clayton Hall . . . MOORE, KEITH L., Cullman, Arts cz Sciences, Chi Phi . . . MORGAN, JACK, Hueytown, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Sigma, Debate Squad, Cotillion Club . . . MORTON, GERALYNN C., Montgomery, Arts k Sciences, Alpha Delta Pi, Treasurer, C-W, Copy Editor, Chi Delta Phi. Fifth Row: MORRISON, MELINDA, Sylacauga, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Physical Education Majors Club, Vice President . . . MRAZEK, URSULA, Huntsville, Arts lk Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta, Newman Club, Recording Secretary, Osband Dorm Judiciary Council . . . MULLINS, PEGGY, Huntsville, Arts K Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . NEAL RALPH, Grove Hill, Arts R Sciences, Rifle Team . , . NEELY, RALPH, BUDDY GREER, Tuscolooso, was the president of the Student Religious Association ond the post president of Phi Eto Sigma. Birmingham, Engineering, ASCE . . . NEILL, JAMES KEMP, Bessemer, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . , . NEVIN, ANNETTE, Kingston, Arts 8: Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Debate, YWCA, Wesley Founda- tion . . . NICHOLS, GARY P., Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Alpha, Sixth Row: NICHOLSON, L. DIANNE, Atlanta, Georgia, Arts Ck Sciences, Alpha Phi, C-W Staff, Mahout . . , NICROSI, CHARLES C., Montgomery, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . NORWOOD, MARLYNN, Molton, Commerce , . . NUNNALLY, EDVVARD RUSSELL, JR., Dothan, Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, AIME, SFVP . . . NUTTING, NORWOOD V., Mobile, Engineering, AIEE . . . O'DANIEL, JUDY, Tallassee, Educa- tion, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Beta Alpha, AAUW, Spirit . . . O'HARA, SHARON, Chicago, Illinois, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Band, Symphony Orchestra, YVoodWind Ensemble . . . OLDS, SYLVIA, Attica, Ohio, Education, Delta Zeta, Spirit, AAUW. Seventh Row: OWEN, C. D., Huntsville, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, ASME, Eta Kappa Delta . . . PANNELL, HENRIETA, Montgomery, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit Club, YWCA, Daughters of the King . . . PARKER, GEORGE WV., Luverne, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . PARKER, PHYLLIS, Birmingham, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Spirit, YYVCA, AAUW, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . PARKER, ROBERT HAROLD, Hartselle, Arts 61 Sciences . . . PARNELL, JIMMY H., Oxford, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Corresponding Secretary, AICHE, Vice President, Engineering . . . PARTRIDGE, C. VEARN, Mobile, Arts St Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . PATE, BARBARA, Winfield, Education . . . PATE, EARL HOMER, JR., Bessemer, Arts ZS! Sciences. Eighth Row: PAUL, KENNETH E., Birmingham, Engineering, Phi Eta Eigma, IAS, Cadet Officer's Club . . . PEACOCK, CAROLYN, Atmore, Education . . . PEARSON, ELIZABETH, Montgomery, Arts Bt Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit Club, YVVCA, Daughters of the King . . . PEGUES, JOSEPH RAYMOND, Marion Junction, Engineering, ASCE, SAME, General Council, WVestminster . . . PENDER, C. ALTON, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi . . , PENNEL, MARY CATHERINE, Panama City, Florida, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Treasurer, YWCA, Cabinet, Triangle, Phi Upsilon Omicron, AWS, COED Committee Chairman, Can- aerbury Vestry, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . PERDUE, SUE, Montgomery, Education , . . PERLMAN, SAMUEL DAVID, Hurtsboro, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Nu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Hillel Foundation. Bottom Row: PERRY, DEL T., Birmingham, Engineering . . . PHELPS, CLAUD E., Greenville, Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, AIME, Secretary . . . PHILLIPS, JAMES FRANK, Roanoke, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, BSU . . . PIERSON, SARA JANE, Huntington, West Virginia, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . PIHARD, FRANCES, Grove Hill, Commerce . . . PINSKNEY, CONNIE, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Delta Gamma . . . POWERS, JACK, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, SFVP . . . POYNOR, VVILMER SMITH, Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau, Alpha Kappa Psi. 2 sig I Prater Price Prichard Prouf Prueit Pyle Quarles Ramey Randall Rapp Ratliff Rayfield Reaves Reeves, R. M Reeves, M. Reid, L. Reid, T. D. Reid, W. Roberson Robinson Robison Rodgers Roebuck Roseman Ross Runnyon Rush Sampieio Sanders, J. Sanders, R. Sanford Saunders Saviisky Schmid Schmidt Sch roger Schuman Schwenn Scot? Screws Sechriesf Segars Segresf Sellmann Shanks Shelton, H. Shelion, L. Shepherd Sherling Shumake Siegal Sigler Simms Sims Smith, A. M Smirh, H. Smiih, L. Smith, R. E. E. S. Smith, T. W Smithey Snodgrass Sockweil Sox Speake Spencer Sfabler Sfacy Siaggers Sfandridge Sia rr Siedman Stephens V . 4' , dv f f X 7 1 W N '. , . 'wni wig "' ,W E 4. , 4' , 7' x ' iv 'W' V, .. X -... ww 'fly Mwf V, ,,,.,, , , X I-I Q-3 6 f 2' gif? I , ... .MW .V 41, . 453 Iv... A M,-V l W , 1 " Wm f " '. , , , , ' ,t ' . , Q. ,I ,, . A M I ff . ,'VV ,X f '1",f if: ,'f. i ' fm, 'iw ff,, I 'if' 4 if iv ,Wm -WW M ,k KA, if ' 'I84 THE COROLLA SALUTES iiilllliil Top Row: PRATER, JERRY A., Greenville, Connecticut, Engineering, Kappa Alpha, ESME, FAC . . . PRICE, BOBBY, Selma, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . PRICHARD, ROBERT I., Jackson, Mississippi, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi . . . PROUT, ANN CHURCH, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Arts 8: Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, AWS Judiciary Council, Secretaryg, Triangle, Vicc President, Panhellenic, Treasurer, Daughters of the King, Vice President, Sigma Delta Pi, Secretary, Canter- bury, Spanish Club, French Club . . . PRUETT, JAMES DANIEL, Gadsden, Arts Ck Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . PYLE, MARGARET ANN, American Lake, Washington, Arts 6: Sciences, Alpha Phi . . . QUARLES, ROBERT L., JR., Attalla, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, Pershing Rifles '56-i58, AIIE . . . RAIFORD, MARGARET, Tuscaloosa, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Womenis Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, AAUW . . . RAMEY, RANDOLPH D., III, Greensboro, Arts 51 Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta, Treasurer, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega. Second Row: RANDALL, ANNETTE, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mahout, Exchange Editor, AWS, Town Representa- tive, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . RAPP, FREDERIKA, Atlanta, Georgia, Education, Chi Omega, Debate Squad, Tau Kappa Alpha, Assistant Mana- ger, Debate . . . RATLIFF, DONALD M., Birmingham, Arts 6: Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Cotillion Club, IFC, Cadet Officer's Club . . . RAYFIELD, ROBERT, Sylacauga, Commerce, Theta Xi . . . REAVES, EMILY, Montgomery, Commerce, Women's Residence Hall Council, AWS, House of Representatives, President, Newhall Dorm . . . REEVES, ROBERT M., Demopolis, Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . REEVES, MAXWELL LYNN, Andalusia, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Track, "A" Club, Scabbard 61 Blade . . . REID, LOWELL, Hayden, Arts ik Sciences, Sigma Chi, Pi Mu Epsilon. Third Row: REID, THOMAS D., Geneva, Commerce, SRA, XVestminstcr . . . REID, WILLIAM EARL, Clanton, Commerce, Soc. Adv. Mgt. . . , ROBERSON, CLOIE, Trussville, Arts 6: Sciences, Phi Mu, Triangle, Pub- licity Chairman, Spirit, AAUW, Publicity Chairman . . . ROBINSON, JOSEPH H., JR., Alexander City, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, American Foundary . . . ROBISON, WINOLA, Ft. Payne, Arts 25: Sciences, Press Club, C-W Staff, Young Democrats . . , RODGERS, JOSEPHINE D., Reform, Home Economics, Alpha Chi, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, President, AAUW, Triangle, Home Economics Advisory Council, C-W, Summer Society Editor, Artist, SGA Calendar, Alabama CO-ED Staff, "A" Book . . . ROEBUCK, BOBBY L., Albertville, Arts or Sciences, Lambda Chi, Vice President, SGA Legislature, Cotillion Club, FAC, Chairman, Campus Chest, Chairman, Homecoming Dance Committee, Druids, Quad- rangle . . . ROSEMAN, MARIA, Birmingham, Arts tk Sciences, Delta Phi Epsilon, Spirit, Hillel Foundation. Fourth Row: ROSS, JOHN, Birmingham, Arts or Sciences, Lambda Chi, University Players, President . . . RUMSEY, CLAUDE CAYCE, Sylacauga, Arts Br Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta . . . RUNNYON, LARRY G., Anniston, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi . . . RUSH, JEANNINE DARRELL, Meridian, Mississippi, Arts Br Sciences, Chi Omega, Spanish Club, Canterbury, YWCA . . . SAMPIETRO, DONALD JOSEPH, Brooklyn, New York, Engineering, Theta Xi, ASME . . . SANDERS, J. E., Aliceville, Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Alabama Quadrangle, AICE . . . SANDERS, RONALD, Milton, Florida, Chemistry, Theta Xi, Band . . . SANFORD, SALLIE, Memphis, Tennessee, Arts or Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Canterbury, Daughters of the King, Spirit . . . SAUNDERS, LAUREE, Bessemer, Arts Sr Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Spirit, WABP. Fifth Row: SAVITSKY, STEPHEN P., New York, New York, Com- merce, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . SCHMID, JULIE ELLEN, Binningham, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . SCHMIDT, MARY JANE, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Delta Gamma, AAUW, YWCA, Newman Club, Judiciary Council, Spirit Club, Spanish Club . . . SCHRAGER, MARTIN, Woodmere, New York, Commerce, Soc. Adv. Mgt .... SCHUMAN, KENNETH, Brooklyn, New York, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . SCHWENN, ROBERT PAUL, Huntsville, Law, IRC, Young Democrats, 'f Z1 Eli? iris 5 : if' V373 '. 'rr 1: fgr- ELLEN HAAS, Mobile, was chairman of the Judiciary Board of AWS, which she served os second vice-president in l958-59. Secretary '57-'58, President '58-'59, Sigma Delta Kappa . . . SCOTT, LEGRANT E., JR., Birmingham, Arts Ck Sciences, Delta Chi . . . SCREWVS, JOSEPHINE, Montgomery, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit, YWCA. Sixth Row: SECHRIEST, LAUREN E., Birmingham, Engnccring, Delta Chi, Phi Eta Sigma . . . SEGARS, NEIL G., Birmingham, Engineering, Delta Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, IAS . . . SEGREST, JERE, Dothan, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi . . . SELLMANN, HENNIE, New Orleans, Louisiana, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . SEXTON, DAVID YV., JR., Town Creek, Arts lk Sciences . , . SHANKS, GEORGE P., Union Springs, Engineering, Sigma Nu, IAS . . . SHELTON, HARRIET SUE, Mobile, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Gamma, AAUW, YVVCA . . . SHELTON, LARRY, Anniston, Chemistry, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, ACS, Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award, Pi Mu Epsilon . . . SHEPHERD, ROBERT W., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: SHERLING, KATIE LANE, Greenville, Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Spirit . . . SHUMAKE, DIANE, Decatur, Arts tk Sciences, Chi Omega, YWCA, AAUW, Westminster Fellowship . . . SIEGAL, ALAN MYRON, Tuscaloosa, Arts Sr Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Rho Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Student Legislature, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Hillel Foundation . . . SIGLER, JAMES ROBERT, Montgomery, Arts or Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . SIMMS, MAURINE, Tampa, Florida, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Spirit, Swan Club . . . SIMS, KATHRYN, Collinwood, Tennessee, Commcrcc, Phi Mu . . . SMITH, ANNE McNEILL, Montgomery, Arts SZ Sciences, Kappa. Delta, Canterbury Vestry, Spirit Club, Daughters of the King . . . SMITH, HUGH H., JR., Goshen, Commerce, Lambda Chi, FAC, Druids, SGA, Commerce Association. Eighth Row: SMITH, LOWELL, Arlington, Virginia, Engineering, Theta Chi . . . SMITH, R. E., JR., Muskogee, Oklahoma, Arts 8: Sciences, Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, President, Philos, Delta Phi Alpha, Quadrangle, Canterbury . . . SMITH, THOMAS W., Dothan, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . SMITHEY, WAYLON, Huntsville, Arts 8: Sciences, C-W, Press Club . . . SNODGRASS, JOHN DAVID, Scottsboro, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Quadrangle, Druids . . . . SOCKWELL, JAMES W., Mobile, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, AICE . . . SOX, JOE HOWLE, Fairfield, Arts 6: Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi, Cotillion Club, Druids, Rho Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma . . . SPEAKE, SUSAN, Decatur, Arts Ck Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit Club, Junior Panhellenic. Bottom Row: SPENCER, LAURA, Northport, Arts tk Sciences, Delta Gamma, Chi Delta Phi, YWCA, IRC . . . STABLER, LOUISE AYER, Greenville, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit . . . STACY, RAY, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Theta Chi . . . STAGGERS, ERNEST, Benton, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Alpha . . . STANDRIDGE, MELVIN H., Decatur, Arts 6: Sciences, Circle "K" . . . STARR, TOBY, Birmingham, Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . STEDMAN, STEPHANIE, St. Petersburg, Florida, Arts or Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, AAUW . . . STEPHENS, MARTHA ANN, Lake City, Florida, Home Economics, Phi Mu, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . Stewart Stone Stover Strickland Sullivan Sulzby Summerville Sumrall Sutton Swearingen TGPP Taylor, D. Taylor, R. Terry Tesney Tew Thomas, J. Thomas, S. Thomas, W. Thompson, F. Thompson, L. Thorne Thornton Tims Tiossem Todd Tolson Topazi Toranto Trent Tucker Turer Turetzky Turner, Jane Turner, R. H. Tye Underwood Van Aller Van Sant Van Tassel Viguerie Vines Voght Waldrop Walker Walsh Word Warren Warrick Watson, D. Watson, J. C. Weatherford Webb Weede Weil Whaley White, B. A. White, D. H. White, J. M. Widak Widener Wilbanks Wilkerson Wilkins Williams, A. Williams, J. Williamson Wilson Winslett Wirth Wood Woodruff Wyatt Yarbrough, Yarbrough, Yutmeyer Zivitz S. "' Wk 'W T in THEJUNIU Top Row: STEWART, WILLIAM L., Hartford, Arts 8: Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi, ACS . . . STONE, THOMAS WHITFIELD, III, Centerville, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Sigma, Pledge Class President, Social Chairman . . . STOVER, SALLY, Miami, Florida, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . STRICKLAND, SUSAN C., Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, AAUW, Spirit . . . SULLIVAN, S. EUGENE, Birmingham, Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, President, Newman Club, ASME, AFS, Cadet Officer's Club, Representative, IFC . . . SULZBY, JAMES FREDERICK, III, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Beta Lambda, Cadet Officer's Club . . . SUMMERVILLE, BESSIE, Aliceville, Education, Chi Omega, Swan Club, YWCA, AAUW . . . SUMRALL, WARREN D., Mobile, Engineering, Theta Chi, Band, Coyotes. Second Row: SUTTON, ROBERT, Linden, Arts 61 Sciences . . . SWEARINGEN, JAMES D., Haleyville, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . TAPP, MARELLA, Decatur, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, Canterbury, University Players . . . TAYLOR, DOLLY, Prattville, Chemistry, Chi Omega, Pasteur Society, AAUW, YWCA . . . TAYLOR, RICHARD A., Montgomery, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . TERRY, JOSEPH, Decatur, Education . . . TESNEY, FRED, JR., Mobile, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Tau Delta, Mahout, Crimson Guard . . . TEW, ROY C., JR., Grand Bay, Arts 81 Sciences, Freshman Advisory Council, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon. Third Row: THOMAS, JANET, Fairfield, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, SCA, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . THOMAS, SARAH, Tuscaloosa, Arts 61 Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Chi Delta Phi, Spirit Governing Board, French Club . . . THOMAS, WILLIAM S., Selma, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, ASME, Cadet Officeris Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, SGA Legisla- ture, ACRE ,58 . . . THOMPSON, F. FAGAN, Little Rock, Arkansas,, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Chi, Inter-Fraternity Council, Men's Glee Club . , . THOMPSON, LUCRETIA ANN, Rockford, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Wesley Foundation . . . THORNE, DOROTHY DARNELL, Montgomery, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, YWCA, Spirit . . . THORNTON, SANDRA, Bessemer, Home Economics, Spirit, YWCA . . . TIMS, FRANK M., JR., Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: TJOSSEM, JUDY, Mercer Island, Washington, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Phi . . . TODD, MARY, Mobile, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, Cheerleader . . . TOLSON, SUSAN LEE, Gadsden, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Mu, YWCA . . . TOPAZI, GERALD S., Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi, Newman Club . . . TORANTO, JUDY, Birmingham, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Spirit Club, Hillel Foundation, Junior Panhellenic . . . TRENT, JERE C., Florence, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . TUCKER, SUE ANNE, Decatur, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit Club, YWCA, French Club . . . TURER, ALLEN, Lake Mohegan, New York, Commerce, SAM, Philos, Hillel Foundation, C-W, Bama Day. Fifth Row: TURETZKY, JOEL A., Colchester, Connecticut, Education, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, SEA . . . TURNER, JANE H., Montgomery, Education, Kappa Delta, Cheerleader ,58-'59, Spirit, YVVCA . . . TURNER, JERRY L., Gadsden, Engineering . . . TURNER, REX HOWELL, Birmingham, Arts Sciences, Kappa Sigma . . . TYE, MARVIN FORNEY, Jacksonville, Arts 81 Sciences, Theta Chi, French Club . . . UNDERWOOD, RUTH A., Whitehaven, Maryland, Arts 61 Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, University Symphony Orchestra . . . VAN ALLER, BOB, Gulfport, Mississippi, Chemistry, Sigma Chi . . . VAN SANT, THOMAS E., JR., Piedmont, Arts 81 Sciences, Theta Chi . . . VAN TASSEL, JO ANN, Pontiac, Michigan, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Xi Delta, Panhellenic, Red Cross Committee Chairman, Triangle, Second Year, Treasurer, AWS, Activities Committee Chairman, WABP Staff, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Secretary-Treasurer, IRC. Sixth Row: VIGUERIE, ALLAN CLAY, Mobile, Arts 61 Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi, University Players, AF ROTC Officer's Club, Arnold Air Society . . . VINES, KENNETH, Hueytown, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . VOGHT, BRENDA, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Delta . . . THE COROLLA SALUTES GARY HUCKABY, Lonett, was secretary of IFC, president of Pi Kcppcl Phi, and business manager of the Cotillion Club. VVALDROP, DWIGHT DEE, Birmingham, Engineering, Circle "KU . . . YVALKER, CAROL LOUISE, Brundidgc, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YWCA, AAUWV, Vice Mod. WF Synod Council . . . WALSH, JIM, Mobile, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . WARD, JOHN P., Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Wesley Foundation . . . WARREN, LEONARD W., San Diego, California, Arts 61 Sciences, Phi Sigma Kappa, Treasurer, Philos. Seventh Row: WARRICK, CAROL, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Delta Gamma . . . VVATSON, DAVY, Gadsden, Commerce, Band . . . WATSON, JOHN CHARLES, Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . WVEATHERFORD, ANNE, Pascagoula, Mississippi, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Gamma, First Vice President, AWS, First Vice President, Chi Delta Phi, Second Year Triangle, AAUW, YWCA . . . WEBB, ELIZABETH NOBLE, Demopolis, Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . WEEDE, BETTY JUNE, Avondale Estates, Georgia, Home Economics, Phi Mu, Spirit, Spirit Governing Board, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Secretary . . . WEIL, LESLY ANNE, Tampa, Florida, Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Spirit, Home Economics Club . . . WVHALEY, BOB, Andalusia, Arts 81 Sciences Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Arts tk Sciences, SGA Legislature, Chairman, Leg. Civics Com- mittee, Chairman, Homecoming Publicity Committee, Freshman Advisory Council, Corolla Beauty Ball Committee, Rho Alpha Tau. Eighth Row: WHITE, BILLIE ANN, Sylaeauga, Education, Delta Gamma, Rush Chairman, Panhellenic, Spirit Club, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, YWCA, AAUW . . . WHITE, DOSSEY H., JR., Sheffield, Arts 231 Seicnccs, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . WHITE, JOHN MORGAN, Uniontown, Arts 51 Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . WIDAK, RAYMOND, JR., Brooklyn, New York, Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . YVIDENER, RONALD PHILLIP, Birmingham, Education, Theta Xi . . . WILBANKS, BOBBY, Eufaula, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Chi, C-W, Sports Editor, Quad- rangle . . . WILKERSON, MALLORY, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Home Eco- nomics, Pi Beta Phi, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, YWCA . . . WILKINS, BEVERLY, Trussvillc, Home Economics, Delta Gamma, YWCA, Swan Club, Spirit Club, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, AAUW. Ninth Row: WILLIAMS, ANN ROBERTSON, Montgomery, Arts BC Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer, AWS, Junior Representative, Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer, Triangle, Second Vice President, Chi Delta Phi . . . WILLIAMS, STANTLEY B., Monroeville, Arts k Sciences, Delta Chi, Druids, Philos, Quadrangle, SGA Legislature, Assistant Editor, "Av Book '57-'58 . . . WILLIAMSON, NELDA KATHLEEN, Phenix City, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Tau Chi, Wesley Foundation . . . WILSON, ROBERT, Haddonfield, New Jersey, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, AF ROTC Officeris Club . . . VVINSLETT, LOUISE CARLETON, Tuscaloosa, Arts tk Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit, Cotillion Club, Daughter of the King . . . VVIRTH, SYBIL K., New Orleans, Louisiana, Education, Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, Spirit, Historian, Triangle, Judiciary Board, YVVCA . . . VVITT, GERALD A., Fairhope, Engineering, Circle "KU, AIEE . . . WOOD, LAWRENCE LARRY, Bessemer, Arts Ck Sciences, Chi Phi, University Broadcasting Services . . . VVOODRUFF, C. ROY, Anniston, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Tennis Team, Cadet Officeris Club, Executive Council. Bottom Row: WYATT, SARA ELIZABETH, Tuscaloosa, Arts 81 Scicncs, Alpha Delta Pi . . . YARBROUGH, RALPH H., Huntsville, Arts 81 Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, Young Democrats . . . YARBROUGH, SUE, Scottsboro, Education, Delta Zeta, Chi Delta Phi, Spirit, AAUW, Philos, SEA . . . YUTMEYER, LINDA IRENE, Montgomery, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, YWCA, BSU . . . ZIVITZ, HARRELL, Mobile, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau. LOUIS AMIS, from Huntsville, was secretory-treasurer of the School of Engineering, and was secretary of Druids Society. Top Row: ABERNATHY, CONRAD, McCalla, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . ADAMS, CHARLES LEONARD, Tuscaloosa, Arts 6: Sciences, Chi Phi, Freshman Advisory Council . . . ADAMS, JOY MARIE, Mobile, Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit, FTA . . , AKERS, GHARY M., Montgomery, Engineering . . . AKIN, NANCY, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, YWCA, Major Club, Modern Dance . . . ALLEN, JIM, Florence, Arts M Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Arnold Air Society, Sabre Air Command, Spanish Club . . . ALLEN, JOHN STANLEY, Arcola, Illinois, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . , . ALLEN, SEBASTIAN JOSEPH, Bessemer, Education, Theta Xi, Band, Drum Major. Second Row: AMIS, LOUIS YV., Huntsville, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian, SGA, Business Manager of Homecoming Bulletin, Druids, Secretary, Press Club, Philos, C-NV, Staff VVriter, Corolla, Young Democrats, Publicity Chairman, Bama Day, Most Outstanding Pledge of Pi Kappa Alpha . . . AMSTERDAM, SUSIE, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . ANDERSON, BETTE BORUM, Rossville, Tennessee, Home Economics, Agncs Ellen Harris Club, YYVCA, Spirit . . . ANHALT, MELVYN, Fayette, Arts tk Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau, Vice Prsi- dent, Druids, Treasurer, Philos, Corolla, Advertising Manager, Homecoming Committee Chairman . . . APPLE, JUDITH ELEANOR, Huntington, VVeSt Virginia, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, AYVS, Freshman Repre- sentative, Advisor, Freshman Council, Swan Club, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . ASHE, BRAXTON, Sheffield, Arts is Sciences, Kappa Alpha, Corolla, Sales Manager . . . ASHER, HARVEY, Passaic, New Jersey, Arts tk Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Dean's List . . . AVERY, MARY SUE, Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, Delta Delta Delta, Triangle, YYVCA. Third Row: AYCOCK, MARGARET MARCELLA, Birmingham, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Freshman Y, Spirit Club . . . BAILEY, JOHN VV., Laurel, Mississippi, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Crimson Guard, Dean's List . . . BAINBRIDGE, BETTY, Birmingham, Arts and Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Debate Team . . . BAIRD, JANELLE, Tuscaloosa, Education Delta Zeta, SAE, Alabama Spirit Club, YWCA . . . BAKER, JAMES D., Huntsville, Engineering . . . BAKER, THOMAS L., Florence, Engineering . . . BAMBERGER, CRAIG, Selma, Arts B: Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau, Debate Squad, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Kappa Alpha, Druids, Seventy-Fiver's Club, Young Democrats , . . BANKS, JERRY, Huntsville, Engineering, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, Treasurer, Freshman Advisory Council, Cotillion Club. Fourth Row: BARBER, MARION LOUISE, Moultrie, Georgia, Home Economics, Alpha Phi, YWCA . . . BARFIELD, SARAH ANN, Sylacauga, Arts ez Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . BARNES, PAT, Birmingham, Arts 6: Sciences, Delta Zeta, Spirit Club, Bama Belle, Sweetheart, Theta Xi, Standards Chairman . . . BARNES, RONALD J., Birmingham, Com- merce, SAM . . . BARNETT, BETTY, Cottandale, Arts Ck Sciences, C-VV Staff . . . BARTON, MARY CRAIG, Memphis, Tennessee, Arts 6: Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Swan Club, Canterbury . . . BATES, EUGENE L., Graysville, Commerce . . . BATTLE, PAT, Montgomery, Nursing, Phi Mu. Fifth Row: BECKER, IIOYVARD, Hillside, New Jersey, Arts is Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Social Chairman, IFC, Hillel Foundation, Football Team, Voice and Command, Rifle Team, C-W Staff . . . BELL, DON, Montgomery, Engineering, Theta Chi, Coyotes . . . BENJAMIN, VVILLIAINI JOHN, JR., Potsdam, New York, Education, Alpha Sigma Phi, Freshman Advisory Council , . . BENNETT, YVILLIAINI TYSON, Heflin, Arts tk Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Freshman Advisory Council . . . BERNSTEIN, LEAH JOYCE, Miami, Flo1'ida, Education, Zeta Phi Epsilon, Mahout, Spirit, Hillel Foundation . . . BETHEA, UNA RAY, Flomaton, Home Economics, THE COROLLA SALUTES THE Slilillillliii Triangle, Spirit Club, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Wesley Foundation . . . BILLINGSLEA, DARTHULA ANNE, Broxville, New York, Commerce, Chi Omega, Cheerleader . . . BILLINGSLEY, THOMAS, Florence, Engi- ncering. Sixth Row: BIRTHAUGIIT, BRIAN HOVVARD, Washington, D. C., Arts 51 Sciences, Phi Sigma Kappa . . , BLACKBURN, J. FARRELL, Talladega, Commerce, Delta Chi,, Beauty Ball Committee, Homecoming Committee, IFC . . . BLAKE, DOLLIE ANN, Russllville, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Spirit . . . BLAKE, LOTS, Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Phi, Town Girls, BSU . . . BLAKEY, ROBERT V., Fairfield, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . BLYTHE, EMILY, Leighton, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit Club, YVVCA . . . BOBO, JIMMY R., Arab, Engineering, Kappa Sigma . . . BOLING, LINDA FAYE, Birmingham, Arts R Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, AWS Judiciary Council, Triangle, Wesley Fellowship. Seventh Row: BOLTON, MARY FRANCES, Theodore, Arts tk Sciences, Delta Gannna, Triangle, Spirit, YYVCA . . . BOSTICK, EDWARD, Birmingham, Arts R Sciences, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . BOVVEN, LILA LOUISE, Beaverton, Education, Alpha Beta Alpha . . , BOX, SHERIL ELIZABETH, Vernon, IIome Economics . . . BRANSCOMB, ALBERT, Oneonta, Engineering, Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, IAS, YVesley Foundation . . . BRASSELL, YVILLIANI REED, JR., Nlontgomery, Arts CY Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Historian, Philos, Freshman Advisory Council . . . BRICKMAN, BARRYE, Mobile, Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau, Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary, Hillel Foundation, Secretary, Spirit Club, Sorority Repre- sentative, Governing Board, Triangle . . . BRITTON. JERRY F., Mont- gomcry, Arts K Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega. Eighth Row: BROADYVELL, WVELTON, Springhill, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . BROXVN, JOE STANLEY, Fayette, Arts R Sciences . . . BROYVNELL, EDVVARD VVEST, III, Gadsden, Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma . . . BROWVNING, VVILLIAM R., Mobile, Com- merce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Publicity Chairman, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Phi Beta Lambda, ASTD . . . BRUNO, INIIKE, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Arts CY Sciences, Phi Sigma Kappa, Newman Club, Inter-Fraternity Baseball, Foot- ball, Basketball . . . BRYANT, CHARLES HOYT, JR., New Castle, Com- merce, Theta Xi . . . BRAYANT, PATRICIA DUVERGNE, Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, SEA, YWCA, French Club, Spirit, Triangle . . . BURCHFIELD, MARY CAROLYN, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, YVestminstcr Fellowship, Junior Panhellcnic. Ninth Row: BURNS, FRANK M., Bessemer, Arts 61 Sciences, Chi Phi . . . BURNS, JAMES B., Talladega, Commerce, Kappa Sigma , . . BUSBY, ROBERT E., Birmingham, Engineering, Delta Chi, Druids . . . BUTLER, JULIAN DAVID, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Druids, President, SGA Spirit Chairman, Tau Kappa Alpha, Vice President, Debate Team, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Most Outstanding Freshman . . . CADDELL, LUCINDA, Decatur, Education, Kappa Delta, Spirit . . . CALDWELL, JAMES PATTERSON, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega . . . CAMP, MORRIS, Gadsden, Arts is Sciences, Lambda Chi, FAC, Bama Day, Mahout . . . CAPPS, CAROLYN JUNE, Gadsden, Arts or Sciences, Triangle, French Club, NVt'Slt'j' Foundation. Bottom Row: CARLSON, MARY, Madison, Wisconsin, Arts is Sciences, Chi Omega, Spirit Club, YVVCA, ACRA, Secretary . . . CARNES, MARY CAROLYN, Winfield, Commerce, Chi Omega, Outstanding Pledge, Scholar- ship Chairman, YWCA, SGA, Secretary, Commerce Association . . . CARNES, JAINIES, Birmingham, Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Track Team . . . CARRINGTON, JOHN C., JR., Mobile, Arts ts Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . CARTER, IIENRY ZAC, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana, Arts Ck Sciences . . . CARTLEDCE, DAN C., Birmingham, Engineering, Delta Chi . . , CARY, MARIAANE, Pensacola, Florida, Arts is Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit, Swan Club, Newnian Club . . . CASE, RONALD YV., Birmingham, Arts tk Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Crimson Guard, YVestminster. 4 I irq' y . WZ 6? ' - ,-3, f gf J y A , s Ek I ,.1' f f W an 'W' .2 1 a n , X h X I ,, V. K QV, 'J VVVV V . , , , ' . Q ',w: : . . ,.,- , f f f V lv, X 7 5 .f .. V W V,,g'ff , , ,, . ' - . .W Iv I f I I V " '51-1' W mf W 7 7 I , 4 "" 'ff ,W '. 'V' f ' ' :li : 'Wi ' ' ,M ' K L? 5 W if fw4,..5,.,.,,.-ay viv- 'in '52 4 6- 'Z' I V! I V I ,,, zi, f , . 1 , ' . ,W A.rr , ' ,. A-1 s H , - f , v. , 6 V AI . y gg W v 6 1 A - f ,,,,,,..,. ww, - W, C l I., y , 4: . .. - , ,",, . ' Q, . . , "i" ,z , " W.-. ., .. ,,,, . 2, . , if - . 'A 'W . f I fl Y .., .. ' ' M L L' 1 11 ,,, ' L . -f f, 189 ww ws... I V..-.- , 0:-'n-,Q in av,-an , lv V ..,, , A... V ,Q ,wir W . as f A .Z-312 AVAIA J , .t V WW rg W, i , ' pw fr' 0' X ... "'f eff an vi V "4-7' ? in f I X K . 1 J, W , R i ' if 5 gi! . 4 ,x. W , . ff-H. as Huw 'I' X ,, ,, I 4 ,.,,, , v+4"1V f . if 3 ...X y 51. X M Q ,.,l. v ts- 6' ' - , , Abernaihy Adams, C. L. Adams, J. M Akers Akin Allen, J. Allen, J, S. Allen, S. J. Amis Amsterdam Anderson Anhalf Apple Ashe Asher Avery Aycock Bailey Bainbridge Baird Baker, J. D. Baker, T. L. Bamberger Banks Barber Barfielcl Barnes, P. Barnes, R. J. Barneff Barfon Baies Bafile Becker Bell Beniamin Benneff Bernsfein Befhea Billingslea Billingsley Birfhought Blackburn Blake, D. A. Blake, L. Blakey Blythe Bobo Boling Ballon Boxiick Bowen Box Branscomb Brassell Brickman Briffon Broadwell Brown Brownell Browning Brumo Bryant, C. H Bryant, P. D. Burchfield Burns, F. M. Burns, J. B. Busby Butler Caddell Caldwell Camp Capps Carlson Carnes Carns Carringion Carler Carfledge Cary Case CRAIG BAMBERGER, Selma, member of the University Debate Squad, and debated against the Oxford University team. Top Row: CASEY, GENE, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . CASTINE, MARY, Bessemer, Nursing, SNA, BSU . . . CHANDLER, PATSY M., Birmingham, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, Triangle, Swan Club, Vice President, YWCA . . . CHANDLER, SHERRILL, Fair- field, Education . . . CHAPMAN, KENNETH D., Sarasota, Florida, Arts 81 Sciences, Varsity Baseball . . . CHERRY, MARTHELLE, La Grange, Georgia, Arts 81 Sciences, Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit, Corolla Staff, SGA Staff . . . CHRISTIAN, KAY, Mobile, Education, Kappa Delta, Spirits, YWCA, Canterbury . . . CLARK, KAYE, Jasper, Education, Delta Zeta, Spirit, YWCA . . . CLARK, RANDY, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . CLARK, WILLIAM C., Mobile, Engineering. Second Row: CLAYTON, CHARLES T., JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . CLEMENTS, JAMES RONALD, Reform, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma . . . CLEVELAND, ALBERT CHARLES, Hackleburg, Commerce, BSU, Commerce Association . . . CLEVELAND, HENRY EUGENE, JR., Birmingham, Engineering . . . CLOVVDUS, LINDA, Fairfield, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Spirit: YWCA . . . COCHRAN, BILLY, Pritchard, Engineering, Lambda Chi, FAC . . . COFFMAN, ANN E., Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA, Mahout, French Club . . . COHEN, SHERRY, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Philos. Third Row: COLBERT, SALLY, Coluumbia, Arts 81 Sciences, Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, YWCA, French Club, Triangle . . . COLBURN, LECIL M., Birmingham, Engineering, Delta Chi . . . COLLIER, VIRGINIA S., Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Triangle, New- man Club . . . COLUCCI, MARDEE, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Mu, Spirit . . . COMER, DONALD, III, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . CONRAD, DAVID STEPHEN, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . CONWILL, ALICIA F., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Town Girls . . . COOK, JOE, Gulfport, Mississippi, Arts 81 Sciences, University Debate Squad, University Debate Council, Young Democrats, VVcsley Foundation, Rho Alpha Tau, Tau Kappa Alpha . . . COOK, STANLEY, Union Springs, Commerce, Varsity Baseball. Fourth Row: CORBIT, CAROLINE, Birmingham, Commerce . . . CORMANY, JAMES RAYMOND, JR., Tuscaloosa, Engineering, AIIE, IRE . . . COUCH, BARBARA ANN, Albertville, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Philos, AWS, Publicity Chairman, YWCA, Spirit Club . . . COULTER, EVELYN L., Birmingham, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, Choral Union . . . CRAIN, ELSIE, Guntersville, Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . CRAIN, SUSAN, Bessemer, Nursing, SNA, Triangle, BSU . . . CRANE. JAMES, Henagar, Arts 81 Sciences, Theta Xi . . . CRANFORD, GLENDA, Gadsden, Home Economics, Spirit, YWCA. Fifth Row: CRAWFRD, EMILY COTTER, Dothan, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit, Spanish Club . . . CRENSHAW, DAVIS HEDRICK, Birmingham, Commerce, Lambda Chi, FAC, Druids, Commerce Association, C-W, Advertising Manager . . . CROW, GLENDA JEAN, Birmingham, Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chairman, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Spirit, YWCA . . . CRUMP, JANE, lviontgomery, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YWCA, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, Home Economics Club . . . CRUTCHFITLD, JANEL, Atlanta, Georgia, Educa- tion, Phi Mu, Spirit, SEA . . . CULPEPPER, CARLOS, JR., Brundidge, Arts 81 Sciences, Speech Clinic . . . CURRAN, JUDY, Dayton, Ohio, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Xi Delta, President Pledge Class, IRC, Spanish THE COROLLA SALUTES Eiiiiiliuiiis Club, University Players . . . CURRAN, M. STROUD, Mobile, Arts 81 Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . CURRY, KAYE, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Triangle, Spirit, YWCA. Sixth Row: CURTIS, MARTHA ANN, Florence, Chemistry, Pasteur Society, Social Chairman . . . DANIEL, BETTY ANN, Montgomery, Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Agnes Ellen Harris, YWCA, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dorm Judiciary . . . DANIEL, ROBERT HUGH, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . DANIEL, WILLIAM DAVID, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Intramural Sports, Jones Hall Barbell Club . . . DAVIDSON, ANNE, Thomasville, Chemistry, Alpha Delta Pi, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . DAVIDSON, JANE N., Slocomb, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Physical Education Majors Club, SEA, Spirit . . . DAVIES, MARGARET, Florence, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit, Daughters of the King . . . DAVIS, DOLORES, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation. Seventh Row: DAVIS, FABERT E., JR., Ragland, Commerce . . . DAVIS, JOHN ANDREW, III, Ft. Payne, Arts 81 Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, Publicity and Public Relations Chairman, Co-Chairman, Publicity for Corolla Beauty Ball, Menls Glee Club . . . DAVIS, JOHN, Salisbury, North Carolina, Education, Color Guard, AF ROTC . . . DAVIS, R. WILLIAM, Kennedy, Arts 81 Sciences . . . DENNIS, H. ALLEN, Mont- gomery, Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Band . . . DERAMUS, REBECCA, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle . . . DIBBLE, GEORGE B., Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . DILLON, RICHARD U., New Rochelle, New York, Education, Track Team . . . DILMORE, DOROTHY JEAN, Cottondale, Florida, Arts 81 Sciences. Eighth Row: DISMUKES, WILLIAM ERNEST, Montgomery, Arts 81 Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma . . . DONALD, WELDIE E., Atmore, Commerce . . . DONOHO, DEDE, Houston, Texas, Arts 81 Sciences, Delta Gamma, Triangle, Cotillion . . . DOUGHTIE, GILLIS F., Oazrk, Arts 81 Sciences, Theta Chi . . . DOUGLAS, DOROTHY, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, Triangle, Spirit, YWCA, ACRA, Wesley Foundation . . . DOYLE, DIANA, Mobile, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Sophomore Representative, AWS Judiciary Council, Triangle, Cotil- lion, Canterbury . . . DREYFUS, MARIAN, McGehee, Arkansas, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Major Club, Hillel Foundation . . . DRISCOLL, RAYMOND P., Ithaca, New York, Arts 8: Sciences, Phi Sigma Kappa, Span- ish Club, Newman Club, Choral Union. Ninth Row: DUKE, B. HARRY, Shorter, Chemistry, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . DUMAS, JERE A., III, Birmingham, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman . . . DUNKIN, GORDON H., Marion, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta, Rho Alpha Tau, Bama Day Committee . . . DUNN, DELMAR L., Bessemer, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . DUNN, THOMAS E., Atmore, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . DUNSON, MARY RICHARD, Sprott, Arts 81 Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Triangle, University Players, Modern Dance Club, Spanish Club . . . DURRETT, DON MILTON, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Wesley Foundation . . . EASTER, THOMAS, Birmingham, Engineering, Lambda Chi, Sports Chairman. Bottom Row: EDDLEMAN, PATRICIA MARIE, Cullman, Commerce, Band . . . EDWARDS, MARIANNE, Troy, Education, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA . . . ELLIS, RICHARD W., Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . ERWIN, EMILY KATHLEEN, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Delta Pi, Spirit, YWCA, Spanish Club . . . EURTON, GLORIA, Birmingham, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Spirit, YWVCA . . . EVANS, JOHNNY, Huntsville, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Cotillion Club, SGA . . . FEORE, MICHAEL PERRY, Mobile, Chemistry, Phi Gamma Delta . . FISHER, MARTHA OLIVIA, Mobile, Arts 81 Sciences, WABP. C ' 'x I 5 , my , as. U .W nw ,V f 7 A ll .. PM ,Q -- Q ,A- 1 , ff , , l e a ' fc - , , , , fl . I . . f X , , 22 no 'if f V, ,,VV . I M I 5 vc, Z 4 1. 49 wr ,V lu sl A f 'ffl' . A i . Q g. , J ,,,,' ,' " ' if .., ' , , :, ., by , V ,', 'V A Y 1 I HA .W X ' f 2? W 1 ., 'gt Q 4- 2 ,, f 'sw X X 'A' QD W V K I , . 1 .,,,.A , ,,,, T Q f ' triifp ug ' an av VI ,,,,,, H 191 ' ..,.., , W fl ' f. T es- ' 1 """ gn A f x A , If :JW A .M , A ' Z ,f ' k .f . VV,,,, ' A - 73, ' 3 V , ,gh if i , ,, , I i , " ' J , J iz., Z., . ,,,, W T flfjjr f - J - , V, fm. A . f , fi? jf! 4 ,Q f , Z, if M M 'Q' 'I J f S :S ,, 5 , f"',,, '-or ye:- ,,,,. .l3'!, 1 Zi? 'zu Mlm - xf,Q , f , rf I 0 f 1 az 'fc' W l M g Casey Casline Chandler, P. Cherry Chrisiian Clark, K. Clark, R. Clark, W. C. Cloylon Clements M Cleveland, A. C Cleveland, H. E Clowdus Cochran Coffman Cohen Colbert Colburn Colucci Comer Conrad Conwill Cook, Jr. Cook, S. Corbi? Cormany Couch Coulter Crain, E. Crain, 5. Crane Cranford Crawford Crow Crump Crutchfield Culpepper Curran, J. Curran, M. S. Curry Curiis Daniel, B. A. Daniel, R. H. Daniel, W. D. Davidson, A. Davidson, J. Davies Davis, D. Davis, F. E. Davis, J. A. Davis, R. W. N Dennis, H. A. Deramus, R. Dibble Dillon Dilmore Dismukes Donald Donoho Doughiie Douglas Doyle Dreyfus Driscoll Dulce Dumas Dunkin Dunn, D. I.. Dunn, T. E. Dunson Durretf Easter Eddleman Edwards Ellis Erwin Eurfon Evans Feore, M. Fisher, M. O. JULIAN BUTLER, Birmingham, was chairman of the Spirit Plan- ning Committee, president of Druids and cf member of IFC. Top Row: FISHER, ROBERT IOHNQ Hackensack, New jerseyg Com- merce-g Alpha Sigma Phi, Sports Chairmang Newman Club . . . FLIPPEN, MURPHREEg Russellvilleg Commerceg Phi Kappa Alphug Wesley Founda- tizmg SGA . . . FLOWERS, QUIN E., 111.5 Dothang Commerceg Alpha Tau Oxm-gag Delta Sigma Pig Phi Eta Sigma . . . FOLMAR, JUNEg Luverncg Hmm- Economicsg Chi Omegag YWCAg Modern Dance Clubg Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . FORBES, JAMES MALLORY, IRQ Birming- hamg Comme-rcvg Phi Gamma Deltag Druidsg SFVPg Football . . . FORD, LAWRENCE G.g Rzxmcrg Arts :Sz Sciencesg Pi Kappa Alphug Phi Eta Signm . . . FORMAN, CHARLES EJ Talladegag Enginccringg Pi Kappa Alpha . . . FOSTER, CLAUDIA S.g Atlanta, Ce-urging Educationg Alpha Gamma Dc-ltzlg Spirit Cluhg YWCAg Daughtvrs of the Kingg SEA. Second Row: FOVVLER, IACK5 Tallndegag Cummorccg Phi Kappa Sigmag VVuslvy Foundationg Young Democrats . . . FOX, STEPHEN M.5 Creenvilleg CIl!11l1!L'l'Cl'Q Kappa Alphag Druids . . . FRANKS, JON C.g Shcffieldg Arts LY Scicnccsg Alpha Tau Omega . . . FREEMAN, BARBARA FERNQ Birminghamg Educutiong Alpha Delta Pig Spiritg SEA . . . FREEMAN, CARL FRANKLINQ Montgomeryg Engineeringg Thvtu Chig Bandg ASCE . . . FRYER, JO ANNEQ Birminghamg Home Economicsg Phi Mug Alpha Lambda Dcltag Agnes Ellen Harris Clubg Spirit Cluhg Wesley Foundationg Avondale Mills Scholarship . . . FULLER, DANIEL V.g Tuscaloosag Com- me-rccg Delta Tau Delta . . . CARDINER, BILLY IOE: BiI'l'liiIlg'hZlI'l'lQ Edu- catiung Theta Xi, Sccretaryg C-W Staffg Band. Third Row: GENTRY, THOMAS LANFOKDQ Nvw Orlc-anus, Louisianag Cmmm-run-g Phi Delta Theta . . . GEWIRTZMAN. JANETQ Chattanooga, '11-nmwsscs-g Educutimxg Delta Phi Epsilon, Treasurcrg Mahout, Office Mana- gvrg Alabama Spiritg Triangleg Hillel Foundation , . . GIANNINI, GENE P.g Memphis, Tvnnc-sscn-5 Commvrceg Varsity Baseball Team . . , GIBBONS, J. WVHITFIELD5 '1'1lscu1mJsag Arts 6: Scivncesg Kappa Sigmug Alpha Chi Sigmag Phi Eta Signmg Intramural Sports . . . CIBBONS, PATRICIA T.g Sheffieldg Educzltiung Alpha Delta Pig Trianglcg SEA . . . CIBBS, SARAH IOYCE: Akrong Chvmistryg Spiritg ACSg Pasieur Socis-tyg YVVCAg BSU . . . GIBSON, JOY SUEQ Hartsellcg Education . . . GILFARB, SAMUEL I.: Vcdzxdu, IIRIVRIIHI, Cubag Engineeringg Sigma Alpha Mug ISA-X5 AICHEg Hillel Fmmdzltiong Rifle Team. Fourth Row: CLOVER, BARBARA 1.5 Tusculoosalg Educntiong Chi Omcgug Spiritg YNVCA . . . COLDSTEIN, RITAg Miami Beach, Floridag Nursingg Delta Phi Epsilon, Publicity Diregtorg Hillel Foundationg SNA . . . GOLDSTEIN, SUNNYQ Arts 6: Science-sg Delta Phi Epsilong SRAg Hillel Ih-presvntutiveg Spiritg Triangleg French Clubg Hillel Choir . . . GONCE, ROBEHTQ Flurencvg Arts 81 Sciences , . . GRAHAM, ROBERT MACKQ Tuscnloosug Commcrccg Phi Kappa Sigma . . . GRAVES, ARNOLD N.g Gzxdsdcng Comnwrceg Theta Xig Crimson Guard . . . GRAY, KITTY A.g Prattvillvg Arts K Sciencesg Delta Zeta, Opera Workshopg 'The Consulng Candidate, SPE Swvvtheartg MSA . . . GREEN, RICI-lARDg Long Island, Nm-w Yorkg Education, Sigma Alpha Mug Newman Club . . . GREEN, SHIRLEY: Northportg Homo Economicsg Alpha Chig AAUWg Spirit. THE COROLLA SALUTES THE SUFHUMUPEE Fifth Row: GREGORY, JOHN M.5 Dothaug Arts 61 Sciencesg Alpha Tau Omegag Phi Eta Sigma . . . GREGORY, LOUISEg Atlanta, Gcorgiag Edu- cationg Alpha Chi Omegag Spiritg Triangleg YWCAg SEA . . . GRIFFIN, RALPH EMERSONQ Birminghamg Arts 8: Sciencesg Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . CRIMES, BENNIE MATTHEW, Enterpriseg Arts 81 Sciencesg Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . GRODSKY, FRANCESg Mobile, Commerceg Delta Phi Epsilong Hillel Foundationg Spirit Club . . . GROSS, ELAINE SANDRAQ Pulaski, Tennesseeg Educationg Delta Phi Epsilong Spirit Clubg Philosg Hillel Foundation . . . GUIN, JAMES: Birminghamg Engineeringg Delta Chi . . . GUTHRIE, DALTONg Montgomery, Com- merceg Pre-Law Socielyg Commerce Association. Sixth Row: HADAD, LOUIS IOSEPHg Everett, Massachusettsg Com- me-rceg Alpha Sigma Phig ROTC Voice of Command . . . HALL, KENNETH N.g Chattanooga, Tennesseeg Engineeringg Sigma Nu IAS . . . HALL, RENCHER, IR.g Greensborog Commerce . . . HALL, ROBERT P.g Greens- horog Engineering . . . HALL, WENDYg Birminghamg Delta Delta Delta, YWCAQ Westminsterg Warrior Waves . . . HALPERN, BARBARAQ Cin- cinnati, Ohio, Educationg Sigma Delta Taug Triangle, Spirit, Hillel Foundation . . . HALPERN, FREDQ Chicago, Illinoisg Commerceg Sigma Alpha Mu . . . HAMNER, REGGIE T., Northportg Arts IS: Science-sg Delta Delta Delta . . . HANCOCK, IOHNQ Birmingham, Engineeringg Lambda Chi . . . HARBIN, BEVERLYg Montgomeryg Commerce-5 Alpha Chi Omegag YWCA, Spirit, Modern Danceg Commerce Associationg Phi Chi Theiag Cotillion. Seventh Row: HARBISON, NELSONg Log:-mg Engine-cringg Arnold Air Societyg AF Drill Team, AIEE . . . HARNED, PATRICIA: Birminghamg Home Economicsg Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Spirit, French Clubg Home Economics Club . , . HARPER, ROBERT JEROMEg Bessemerg Education . . . HARRIS, ARG!-IIEg Chickasawg Arts 5z Sciencesg Lambda Chi, Phi Eta Sigmag FAC . . . HARRIS, EMILYQ Hueytowng Arts 61 Science-sg Triangle . . . HARRIS, ERA 109 Slocomhg Education BSU . . . HARRIS, PATRICIA ETHELQ Covington, Tennesseeg Educationg Pi Beta Phig Spirit, Triangleg YWCAg Swan Club, Candidate ROTC Sponsor, Homecoming Candidate . . . HARRIS, HICHARD5 Grove Hill, Arts ik Sciencesg Phi Eta Sigmag Rho Alpha Taug BSU. Eighth How: HATHCOCK, ED, Dothang Comma-rccg Sigma Nu . . . HAYNES, CHARLES D.g Hueytowng Enginceringg Pi Kappa Phi, AIMA . . . HEAD, JEANELLE TERESAQ Tucson, Arizonag Arts IS: Sciencesg French Clubg IRC, Treasurerg Triangleg Dorm Councilg University Players . . . HEATH, LINDA LOUANNEQ Florham Park, New Icrseyg Arts 8: Sciencusg Delta Zetag Spirit Club . . . HEBSON, ERNEST O., 111.5 Sylacaugag Educationg Theta Xi, Band . . . HEDDON, JULIE BRAMEg Montgomeryg Arts 8: Sciencesg Kappa Deltag A-lpha Lambda Deltag Phi Alpha Theta History Award '57g Spirit Club, Spanish Club . . . HENDERSON, MARTHA, Alexander Cityg Home Economicsg Delta Gammag Triangleg Spirit, YWCA . . . HENDERSON, WILLIAM B., Montgomeryg Commercvg Delta Kappa Epsilon, Canterbury Clubg Commerce Cluh. Bottom Row: HENRY, GEORGE ALISTER, Ilflg Mobilcg Cummerceg Sigma Chig Rho Alpha Tau . . . HERREN, NANCYQ Tallasseeg Nursing, SNA, Wilson Dorm Judiciary Council . . . HESTEH, AMOS B., Russellvillvg Commerce-g Sigma Nu . . . HEWITT, HARRIETQ jacksonville, Floridag Educationg Pi Beta Phi, Spirit, Canterbury . . . HILL, ROBERT C., 111.3 Birminghamg Commerceg Phi Delta Thetag Cotillion Club . . . HINDERER, jANEg Tuscaloosag Educationg Alpha Phig Triangleg Alpha Beta Alphag Spirit . . . HINKLE, FRANCES HUNTER, JR., Birminghamg Commerce-5 Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . HINTON, SALLY R.g Tuscaloosag Arts 8: Sciencesg Alpha Chi Omegag Spiritg Trinngleg ACRAQ YWCA. A ZF M K 'xx R gl Aj 29 we ww fr" F 'S' ie' 5, . sh, I- was ,M 've Kar O' W' ff ha WWA, Pm' .fu 4 .1 Wir ' -in 'wr .J so fa 44 4 f , .ga ZX . WJ 'lk- rf.. W ' J ,, ' 042, mmf, ,,,, 9' ' f MZCTW4 f " . S 'V' fam: 'f' . Q . 'iff' ii' fi' . . "' -r 'f ff ? iitizwlff f J. 1. v ' 2 ,mth ' wfff , W: 41 V . i 'ff' , Af' , y as GMM. 1" ' fm 193 wwf' f . Yf' ' I ! 1 4 Fisher, R. J. Flippen Flowers Folmar Forbes Ford Forman Foster Fowler Fox Franks Freeman, B. F. Freeman, C. F. Fryer Fuller Gardiner Gentry Gewirtzman Giannini Gibbons, J. Gibbons, P. Gibbs Gibson Gilfcrb Glover W T. Goldstein, R. Goldstein, S. Gonce Graham Graves Gray Green, R. Green, S. Gregory, J. Gregory, L. Griffin Grimes Grodsky Gross Guin Guthrie Hadad Hall, K. Hall, R. Hall, R. P. Halpern, B. Hamner Hancock Harbin Harbinson Horned Harper Harris, A. Harris, E. Harris, E. J. Harris, P. Harris, R. Hathcock Haynes Head Heath Hebson Heddon Henderson, Henderson, Henry, G. Herren Hester Hewitt Hill Hinderer Hinkle Hinton M M. W. FRANK MCRIGHT, Selma, was the business manager of Bama Day, vice-president of Druids, and member of Phi Eta Sigma. Top Riw: HISERODT, EDWARD F., Decatur, Engineering, Sigma Chi . . . HITCHCOCK, SANDRA, Birmingham, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Triangle, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . HOBBIE, RICHARD MARTIN, III, Montgomery, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta . . . HODGSON, GEORGE GILER, Kansas, Education, Alpha Chi Sigma, Circle "Ki, . . . HOGAN, ANTHONY THOMAS, Miami, Florida, Commerce, Sigma Chi, Historian, Track Team . . . HOLLADAY, BARBARA JEAN, Tyler, Educa- tion, Alpha Phi, Spirit . . . HOLLAND, ROBERT WILSON, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . HOLLIS, ABBIE LOW, Brantley, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit, Dorm Judiciary, ACRA. Second Row: HOLLIS, HELEN JOYCE, Shawmut, Commerce, Phi Chi Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, University Players, Commerce Association . . . HOLLEY, JUDY, Florala, Education, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA . . . HOLMAN, W. RUSSELL, JR., Hcadland, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi . . . HOLMES, ALICE ELIZABETH, Irvington, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Xi Delta, Band, University Players . . . HOPKINS, MARY, Atlanta, Georgia, Arts 61 Sciences, Chi Omega, Triangle, Philos, YWCA . . . HORKHEIMER, FRITZIE, Wheeling, West Virginia, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, University Players, Hillel Foundation, Triangle . . . HOUSEL, CHARLOTTE, Gordo, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Spirit Club, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . HOWELL, RUTHIE MARILYN, Panama City, Florida, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Spirit, Alpha Lambda Delta, Agnes Ellen Harris Club. Third Row: HUNTER, STILL, Jasper, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice President . . . HUXFORD, SUZANNE, Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit, YVVCA, Dorm Council . . . IRVINE, JULIE, Mobile, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Swan Club, Newman Club . . . JAMES, MARTHA SUE, Tuscaloosa, Education, Chi Omega, Triangle, YWCA, Spirit, Corolla, Assistant Sales Manager, Town Girls Association, Secretary-Treasurer, Education . . . JAMES, WILLIAM DON, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Theta Chi, Assistant Treasurer . . . JARRELL, MARION, Ft. Gordon, Georgia, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Zeta, Alabama Debate Squad, Tau Kappa Alpha, Triangle, YWCA . . . JENKINS, BENNITA, Mobile, Education , . . JENSON, JANET, Sheffield, Com- merce, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA . . . JEWETT, KAYE, Birmingham, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Swan Club, Canterbury Club, YWCA. Fourth Row: JOFFRION, FELIX H., Vicksburg, Arts 61 Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, University Broadcasting . . . JOHNSON, BETTY LOUISE, Comer, Commerce, Pi Beta Phi, Spirit, YWCA . . . JOHNSON, DIANNE, Arlington, Virginia, Arts 61 Sciences, Phi Mu, Spirit: YWCA . . . JOHNSON, HELEN, Birmingham, Commerce . . . JOHNSON, JOSEPH HUNTLEY, Talladega, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Cotillion Club, Dorm Social Chairman . . . JOHNSON, ROBERT S., Cincinnati, Ohio, Arts 61 Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . JOHNSTON, CREWS, JR., Clayton, Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . JOHNSTON, JAMES VV., Gadsden, Sophomore, Chemistry, Band. Fifth Row: JONES, CHARLES L., Tuscaloosa, Engineering . . . JONES, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Huntsville, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YWCA . . . JONES, HILLERY DEVON, Plateau, Engineering THE COROLLA SALUTES Qiiaiwua . . . JONES, JESSE F., III, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Commerce, Sigma Chi, Newman Club . . . JONES, PAT, Tuscaloosa, Education, Delta Gamma, Choral Union . . . JONES, ROBERT EMMETT, III, Scottsboro, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Alpha . . . JONES, WILLIAM E., Tuscaloosa, Engineering, SANE, IAS . . . JORDAN, J. T., Guntersville, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . JUSTICE, JUDY HELBERT, Montgomery, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit, YWCA. Sixth Row: KAHN, LOIS, Coral Gables, Florida, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . KAHN, RUTH, Charleston, South Carolina, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . KAPLAN, BETTY H., Columbus, Georgia, Education, Hillel Foundation, Spirit Governing Board, Physical Education Majors Club, Executive Board, Harris Hall . . . KAPLAN, STEPHEN, Chelsea, Massachusetts, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Arnold Air Honor Society, Saber Air Command, American Red Cross . . . KARRH, ROSEMARY, Birmingham, Education, SEA, Spanish Club . . . KATZ, DAVE, Monroeville, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . KEEL, WILLIAM DAN, Sylacauga, Commerce, Sigma Chi . . . KEITH, JAMES LINWOOD, Montgomery, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Commerce Association, Phi Beta Lambda, Mahout. Seventh Row: KELLER, FRANCIS EDWARD, Birmingham, Engineering, Delta Chi . . . KELLEY, ANN GAYLORD, Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Gamma, YWCA, French Club . . . KELLNOR, FRANCES, New Orleans, Louisiana, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, ACRA . . . KELLY, J. E., JR., Hartford, Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . KENDALL, MARY ELIZABETH, Eutaw, Education, Delta Gamma, Triangle, YWCA, Spirit Club, Agnes Ellen Harris, NEA . . . KENDALL, ROBERT G., Evergreen, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega, Secretary- Treasurer, Arts 61 Sciences, Home Coming Committee, Treasurer, Druids, Philos . . . KENT, TOMMY O., Russellville, Commerce, Sigma Nu, Re- porter, Commerce Assoeiation . . . KING, AMANDA A., Millry, Chemistry, Pasteur Society. Eighth Row: KING, JOAN, Enterprise, Education, Physical Education Majors Club, SRA, BSU . . . KING, JOHN, Birmingham, Engineering . . . KING, SANDRA A., Enterprise, Home Economics, Triangle, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Historian, SRA, BSU . . . KINNEY, DONNA, Cullman, Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Swan Club, Mahout Staff . . . KIRBY, FREDERICK S., Wedowee, Engineering . . . KIRBY, LELIAS, Birmingham, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . KIRKWOOD, MARTHA DRUCILLA, Birmingham, Education, Phi Mu, BSU, Vice President Dorm, Sprit Club, YWCA . . . KLINE, PHILIP JEROME, Anguilla, Mississippi, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau. Bottom Row: KOHLER, BUTCH, Huntsville, Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Triangle . . . KOHLER, ROBERT, West Englewood, New Jersey, Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . KOOCK, VICTOR IVAN, Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation . . . KOPCZENSKI, JOSEPH E., Brooklyn, New York, Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi, Newman Club . . . LACKEY, CAROL, Birmingham, Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, University Players, Most Outstanding Freshman in Home Economics . . . LAMAR, JOHN EVERETT, Birmingham, Engineering, Lambda Chi, Visual Aids, Wesley Foundation, Usher . . . LAMENSDORF, BETTYE SUE, Rolling Fork, Mississippi, Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit Club, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . LANCASTER, RALPH, Gadsden, Arts 61 Sciences, University Players . . LAND, VIRGINIA GRAY, Gilbertown, Chemistry, Wesley Foundation. .i as ,sig Q.. S fgafi? . Z, 7 ' Q , If I u ",", ,ggw Q ,yy . ' WQQ,3zf. W. iMVMi'. L,hZQQ f . f mg, , :awww ffZ? f ff, .ZZ QZQZQ7 , I fe G ,, 'S We f 'W' ,ft 227 .7 - V , if , L in film W 'Vs if W' , ,aww ary is if P'- 4 f t Q 4. ,Q . QW! , gi? Q WG! fCi l fu. ff' 1 y f f 0. ff f X if 'Cuff ff, 7 , , ,:- 'f , 2 A ' . , , my .4. .Jw 1 .QVZQWQ MW 41. If , me , ' M.. .. Magna' l f f -4. an 41 195 Z wm Qfjk H , .. ' v L ' I 1 W ,,m fi MMM, , , , ',. , rf' f 'iia?W ai'WWE4 W hw Mythe 'iw 5' ' ' 1 f, 'Fi 5 ,7 , ,V,, 5 A , J I . , gikf' , ' 632' f V , HQWQQWQY ' fQQZg5?WQQgzQZZaZZ if Wx .fe 5 V , .7 Z. ' , Q f i' A Hiserodt Hitchcock Hobbie Hodgson Hogan Holladay Holland Hollis, A. L. Hollis, H. J. Holley Holman Holmes Hopkins Horkheimer Housel Howell Hunter Irvine James, M. S. James, W. D. Jarrell Jenkins Jenson Jewett Joffrion Johnson, B. L. Johnson, D. Johnson, H. Johnson, J. H. Johnson, R. S. Johnston, C. Johnston, J. W Jones, C. L. Jones, F. E. Jones, H. D. Jones, J. F. Jones, P. Jones, R. E. Jordan Justice Kahn, L. Kahn, R. Kaplan, B. H. Kaplan, S. Karrh Katz Keel Keith Keller Kelley Kellnor Kelly Kendall, M. E. Kendall, G. Kent King, A. King, J. King, John King, S. Kinney Kirby, F. S. Kirby, L. Kirkwood Kline Kohler, B. Koock Kopczenski Lackey La mar Lamensdorf Lancaster Land GARY NICHOLS, Decatur, was head drum major of Alabama's Million Dollar Band, and a member of Alpha Tau Omega. Top Row: LANDAU, MYRNA, Bessemer, Education, Delta Phi Epsilon, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . LANE, W. BLAKE, Lantt, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Delta Theta . . . LARTIGUE, FRED, Mobile, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . LASLIE, JAMES COBB, Montgomery, Arts 81 Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . LASSEN, ROCHELLE, New Orleans, Louisiana, Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Spirit Club, Mahout . . . LATIMORE, DAVID, Lookout Mountain, Tennes- see, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . LAWRENCE, CHARLES, Opelika, Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . LAWSON, JULE, Montgomery, Arts 651 Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit, YWCA, Canterbury . . . LEA, RAMONA ELLEN, Lynn Haven, Florida, Arts CY Sciences, Wesley Foundation. Second Row: LEATHERBURY, LUCY STONE, Mobile, Education, Kappa Delta, Swan Club, President . . . LEE, MARION, Sylacauga, Com- merce, Sigma Chi, Soc. Adv. Mgt., Young Democrats . . . LEGGE, WINSTON V., JR., Talladega, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . LEIBOLD, JUDITH ANN, Atlanta, Georgia, Arts 51 Sciences, Phi Mu, AWS, Sophomore Representative, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spirit Club . . . LEIN, DOROTHY, Glendale, New York, Nursing, Alpha Xi Delta, Newman Club ASNA, ACRA, AWS . . . LEWIS, SHEILA ANNE, Bessemer, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Zeta, Scholarship Chairman, Triangle, Spirit Governing Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spanish Club, YWCA, Dean's List . . . LICHTENSTEIN, JOE L., Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Secretary, Hillel Foundation . . . LIGHT, MARTIN, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation. Third Row: LINDLEY, WVILLIAM LACEY, Birmingham, Commerce, Lambda Chi, Rush Chairman, FAC, Corolla, C-W, President, Dorm, Com- merce Association . . . LINDSEY, CAYWOOD B., Colorado Springs, Colo- rado, Commerce . , . LINDSEY, LOUISE, Hamilton, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA . . . LIPPEATT, MARY ELIZABETH, West Blocton, Home Economics, Phi Mu, Triangle, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . LITTLE, FAB M., Linden, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YWCA . . . LITTLE, GARY, Leeds, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma . . . LOFTIN, MARCIA NEIL, Dothan, Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit, YWCA . . . LOPER, PATSY ANN, Millry, Home Economics. Fourth Row: LOTT, YANCY DAVIS, Springhill, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . LOUZIS, MARY, Birmingham, Education, Delta Zeta, Spirit, YWCA, FTA . . . LOVEMAN, MARTHA, Gadsden, Arts S1 Sciences . . . LOVVERY, WILLIAM G., Birmingham, Commerce, Theta Chi . . . LUDLUM, ANN, Dothan, Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . LYLES, GEORGE T., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . McALPIN, IRA V., JR., Gadsden, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi . . . McBEE, MERLE JEFFERSON, Selma, Commerce. Fifth Row: McCARTER, THOMAS CECIL, JR., Birmingham, Com- merce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . McCLAMMY, WAYNE, Mobile, Com- merce , , . McCLURE, LINDA LEE, Atlanta, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Spirit . . . McCRARY, BARRY N., Talladega, Commerce, Pi THE COROLLA SALUTES THE Qlllllllllllii Kappa Phi, Philos . . . McDERMOTT, EDWARD B., Mobile, Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice President Pledge Class . . . MacDONALD, C. STANTON, JR., Mobile, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . McDANIEL, EDGAR BERNARD, III, Dothan, Commerce, Theta Chi, Arnold Air Society, Sabre Drill Team, Delta Sigma Pi . . . McDONALD, BROSS KIM, Jordan Dam, Arts 61 Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi, Student Director Alabama Educational TV Network, Most Outstanding Freshman in Radio and TV Department. Sixth Row: MCDONALD, SALLIE, Roanoke, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit . . . McDONNELL, J. PATRICK, Mobile, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Commerce Club, Homecoming Committee . . . McDOWELL, JANE C., Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Gamma Delta, Debate Squad, C-W, Reporter, YWCA, Dorm Judiciary Council, Young Democrats, Commerce Club . . . MCGEHEE, MARGARET E., Birmingham, Eduacttion, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA, Triangle, Corolla Staff, SEA, French Club . . . McGUIRE, JAMES E., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . McKNIGHT, LEE, Florence, Engineering . , . MeLAUGHLIN, CLAUDIA THOMAS, Louisville, Kentucky, Arts 61 Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Canterbury, YWCA . . . MeLAUGHLIN, RICHARD PEARCE, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Delta Chi, Scholastic Chairman, Rho Alpha Tau, Treasurer, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Freshman Advisory Council, Bama Day Committe, Philos. Seventh Row: McRIGHT, FRANK BLALOCK, Selma, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Druids, Vice President, Homecoming Committee, Dance Chairman . . . MADIGAN, RICHARD EUGENE, Washington, Pennsylvania, Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . MAHAFFEY, JOHN H., Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Chi . . . MALANGA, FRANK MICHAEL, East Orange, New Jersey, Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . MARCUS, JEAN, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Triangle, Hillel Foundation, Spirit Club . . . MARION, HELEN ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Mu, Spirit, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice President, Osband . . . MARSHALL, ANNE H., Birmingham, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Spirit, Triangle, YWCA . . . MARTIN, JAMES H., Ozark, Commerce. Eighth Row: MARTIN, JOHN H., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . MARTINI, PAT, Atlanta, Georgia, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Triangle, Corolla, SGA, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . MARTY, JOHN L., Mobile, Arts 51 Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega, Mahout Staff . . . MASON, DICK, Arlington, Virginia, Arts 61 Sciences, Sigma Chi, Crimson Guard, Wesley Foundation, Sports Director, WABP, Freshman Baseball . . . MAUK, YVAYNE, Birmingham, Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma . . . MENDELSON, LINDA, Columbus, Georgia, Education, University Players, Hillel Foundation, SRA . . . MENEELY, FRANK T., Munhall, Pennsylvania, Commerce, Canterbury Club . . . MERKLE, DAVID BRUCE, Patchogue, New York, Commerce, Wesley Foundation. Bottom Row: MICHEL, MARGARET ANN, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Zeta, Spirit Club, Commerce Association, Newman Club . . . MILLER, BUDDY, Huntsville, Arts 81 Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, Young Democrats, SGA . . . MILLER, DOROTHY, Montgomery, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Zeta, Swan Club, Spirit . . . MILLER, JENNIE, Gadsden, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit . . . MILLER, NANCY JO, Atlanta, Georgia, Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit . . , MILLER, WANDA, Tuscaloosa, Arts 6: Sciences, Delta Gamma, Spirit Club, French Club . . . MITCHELL, PAUL J., JR., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . MITCHELL, SHELBY GRADY, Hueytown, Arts tk Sciences, Pi Kappa Pi, Bama Day Committee, Freshman Advisory Council, Band. fa ga. fi' KZ? 'WET' gd' V5 i Wi I , . E: 'Cf' " ' f , V nf, K iw' W W ,V W. 4 f . f' , f -'N W ,mm , f ,, .'1W7f VW '- ' ' 'ff V, X , 34 pp. if f f ,jf f , . , if 7 f ,. ff , 1 N.: . f' 7 'KY 'rv f -ws W Z hw., 2 . 'Au f f f gf he 7 M. , , qi W ' 1 W1 , , I f 1 'M . 94 W. gf ,M . ? fu., W M!! 6 197 Landau Lane Lartigue Laslie Lassen Lawrence Lawson Lea Leatherbury Lee Legge Leibold Lein Lewis Lichtenstein Light Lindley Lindsey, C. B. Lindsey, L. Lippeatt Little, F. M. Little, G. Loftin Loper Lott Lcuzis Loveman Lowery Ludlum Lyles McAlpin McBee McCarter McClummy McClure McCrary McDermott MacDonald McDaniel McDonald, B. K McDonald, S. McDonnell McDowell McGehee McGuire McKnight McLaughlin, McLoughlin, McRighf Madigan Mahaffey Mczlango Marcus Marion Marshall Martin, Jam C RP ES Martin, J. H. Martini Marty Mason Mauk Mendelson Meneely Merkle Michel Miller, B. Miller, D. Miller, J. Miller, N. J. Miller, W. Mitchell, P. Mitchell, S. J. G. JEANETTE PEERY, Florence, a Chi Omega, was president of Alpha Lambda Delta, and member of Spirit Governing Board. Top Row: MIXON, WILLIAM H., Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . MOORE, CLIFFORD, Hueytown, Arts 61 Sciences, Lambda Chi, C-W . . . INIOORE, WILLIAM H., Mobile, Chemistry, Alpha Chi Sigma, BSU, Sabre Drill Team, AF ROTC Commander, Arnold Air Society, Mallet Hall, Social Chairman, University CAP, President, Cotillion Club . . . MORGAN, CAROL, Dothan, Arts 81 Sciences, SRA, French Club, YWCA, Spirit . . . MOSELEY, HARRIET, Dothan, Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Spirit . . . MOSELEY, CHARLES MALCOM, Selma, Education, Sigma Chi . . . MOSS, DOROTHY, Miami Beach, Florida, Education, SDT, Spirit, Hillel Foundation. Second Row: MULLINAX, ELLIS TAYLOR, Ft. Payne, Arts gl Sciences, Theta Xi, Wesley Foundation . . . MYERS, NANCY LOU, Fairfield, Education . . . NEELY, RICHARD A., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . NELSON, BRUCE WILSON, Birmingham, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma . . . NICHOLS, GARY, Decatur, Arts 51 S Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega, Band . . . NICHOLS, JAMES B., Uniontown, Arts 81 Sciences . . . NICOL, NANCY, Birmingham, Arts 251 Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWVCA, Spirit, French Club . . . NOEL, NELSON, Yardley, Pennsylvania, Enginering, Chi Phi, FAC, AICHE, Cotillion Club, Philos. Third Row: NORTON, JAMES COLLINS, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . OAKLEY, ANNIE, Gorgas, Education, Delta Zeta, Wesley Foundation, Spirit, YWCA, SEA, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, Women Major and Minor Sports Club . . . OLIVER, DEWEY M., JR., Russellville, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi . . . OLIVER, MARY LOUISE, Gadsden, Chemistry, Kappa Kappa Gamma, AWS Judiciary Board, Triangle, AF ROTC Sponsor, YWCA, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . O'NEAL, GYLE EDWARD, Bessemer, Commerce, Theta Xi . . . OWENS, ARTHUR G., JR., Mobile, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . . . OWENS, JOHNNY, Gordo, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Druids, C-W, Assistant Advertising Manager, Freshman Advisory Council . . . PAGE, MARGARET, Greensboro, Edu- cation, Zeta Tau Alpha, Daughters of the King, SEA. Fourth Row: PAILET, MARILYN, New Orleans, Louisiana, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . PALMER, SANDRA ANN, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, University Players, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . PARKER, RENNIE, Mobile, Commerce, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Spirit Club, Swan Club . . . PARR, JERRY T., Gadsden, Engineering, Theta Xi, Band . . . PARTLOW, WILLIAM D., III, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . PEACOCK, BARBARA, Atmore, Education . . . PEARLMAN, EDWIN M., Selma, Arts 51 Sciences, Kappa Nu . . . PEARSON, JAMES P., Lanett, Arts tk Sciences, Phi Delta Theta. Fifth Row: PEERY, JEANETTE, Florence, Commerce, Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit Governing Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, President . . . PENNINGTON, MARTHA C., Jasper, Arts B1 Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, Triangle, YWCA, Spirit Club . . . PERRETT, WILLIAM B., Andalusia, Commerce . . . PETTY, CAMELLIA ANN, Birmingham, THE COROLLA SALUTES Eiirmlluas Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, Triangle, Spirit . . . PERKINS, CAROL, Birmingham, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Triangle, YWCA, Inter- Fraternity Council, "Miss Venus", Homecoming Court . . . PERKINS, GAIL, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Delta Gamma, Westminster Fellow- ship, SRA, Philos, Town Girls Association, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, YWCA . . . PHILLIPS, ROBERT B., Fairfield, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, Alpha Pi Omega, Sabre Air Command . . . PHILLIPS, WYNER S., Roanoke, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta. Sixth Row: PIERCE, THOMAS, Jasper, Engineering, Sigma Nu, ASME . . . PINKSTON, BECKI, Decatur, Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit, Cotillion Club . . . PITT, PATSY, Decatur, Nursing, Alpha Lambda Delta, SNA . . . PITTS, LAUDEN, Montgomery, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, University Players, University Rifle Team, Commerce Association . . . PORTER, BERRY L., Birmingham, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Spirit . . . PORTER, DAVID W., Sunbury, Pennsylvania, Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Freshman Advisory Council, IAS . . . PRICE ,JOE, Montgomery, Arts 81 Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, IFC, Homecoming Bulletin Editor . . . PRICE MARJORIE ANN, Birmingham, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Panhellenic, Secretary, Spirit, YWCA. Seventh Row: PRINCE, TERRY L., Mobile, Commerce, Kappa Nu . . . PROCTOR, PATRICIA ANN, Scottsboro, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Triangle, YWCA, Spirit . . . PYRON, WILLIAM W., Ft. Payne, Arts 81 Sciences, Theta Xi . . . QUARLES, MICHAEL, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Delta Chi, Dean's List . . . RAGSDALE, JAMES STERLING, Fall River, Massachu- setts, Arts 61 Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta, SFVP . . . RAINER, ANN MAURINE, Union Springs, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Delta, Assistant Treas- urer, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spirit Governing Board, French Club, YWCA, Cotillion Club . . . RAINER, MARY ALICE, Parrish, Commerce, Spirit . . . RANDOLPH, RICHARD RUTHERFORD, III, Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Eighth Row: RAY, SUSAN CAROLYN, Birmingham, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Spirit . . . RAYFIELD, MARTHA LOUISE, Arlington, Virginia, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Mu, Spirit, YWCA, Triangle . . . REARDEN, LEE, Opelika, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . REESE, JOHN J., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi, Commerce Association . . . REEVES, CLAUDE, Selma, Arts 61 Sciences Kappa Delta, Spirit . . . REITMAN, BARBARA SUE, Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Phi Epsilon, French Club, Hillel Foundation . . . RELFE, JULIEN MASSEY, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Alpha . . . RENAUD, SANDRA, Mobile, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sweetheart, Hillel Queen, Triangle. Bottom Row: RICHARDSON, BETH, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . RICHARDSON, GEORGE G., Birmingham, Engineering . . . RIDDLE, BONNIE C., Florence, Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Alpha Tau, ASME . . . ROBERTS, JIM T., Linden, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . ROBINSON, CHARLES E., Pell City, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Alpha . . . ROBINSON, SYDNEY, Birmingham, Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Activities Chairman, Triangle, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, YWCA, Freshman Y . . . RODGERS, BONNIE SUE, Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Zeta, BSU, Open House Chairman, Spirit, University Players . . . RODGERS, MARGUERITE, Mobile, Nursing, Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chairman, SGA, Student Affairs Committee, SNA. , f f 1 " .1 M-Q , 5... s Q . 4- , , 1 ,f ,L A i A 'MMM' ag, , 1 410 ,' C ,lr fi. -9 5 ,-4 I, pw . ' fav' Q-wr' 4 WW YS' sv M wi .f X , f 4 ik ' -f' , .A I , ., is .4 X f 1 wrt ,f . ' Ti f H ti' fi"i' 5 f' ' 33. , :sy A f . , Vif . Q., fu 7 rw ff ,. Q7 .W I W Wi . , , f 2 f X 1 N 7 1 W4 . . X : . ,Q . my .W ff r M 3 1 WCM , ' 2. an ,W . A 'fl AA" W ' , Mya. . ' 199 -iw fr V' fr , f W Mixon Moore, C. Moore, W. H. Morgan Morton Moseley Moseley, C. Moss Mullinax Myers Neely Nelson, B. Nichols, G. Nichols, J. B. Nicol Noel Norton Oakley Oliver, D. M. Oliver, M. L. O'Neal Owens, A. G. Owens, J. Page Pailef Palmer Parker Parr Partlow Peacock Pearlman Pearson Peery Pennington Perrett Petty Perkins, C. Perkins, G. Phillips, R. B. Phillips, W. 5. Pierce Pinkston Pitt Pitts Porter, B. L. Porfer, D. W. Price, J. Price, M. A. Prince Proctor Pyron Quarles Ragsdale Rainer, A. M. Rainer, M. A. l Randolph Ray Rayfield Rearden Reese Reeves Reifman Relfe Renaud Richardson, B. Richardson, G. Riddle Roberts Robinson, C. E Robinson, S. Rodgers, B. S. Rodgers.. M. DON SOLOMON, Headlcmcl, served cis choirmon of Spring Freshman Orientation und is ol member of Phi Delta Theta. Top Row: ROLFE, KAY, Chase, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, YWCA . . . ROLLINS, DONALD G., Phenix City, Education, NEA, AEA, WABP News . . . ROSEN, GARY ALAN, Seabrook, New Jersey, Coin- merce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . ROSENBLUM, STANLEY, Memphis, Tennessee, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Nu, Sports Announcer, WABP, Sports Writer, C-W, Bama Day Committee . . . ROTCH, VVILLIAM L., JR., Lower Peach Tree, Arts 81 Sciences, Young Democrats . . . ROTH, MARTHA JO, Birmingham, Education . . . ROWLAND, POLLY, Birmingham, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, YWCA, Spirit . . . RUBENSTEIN, SANDI, Miami, Florida, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Phi Epsilon, Triangle, Cotillion Club, Hillel Foundation, First Vice President. Second Row: RUTLEDGE, WILLIAM EUGENE, Anniston, Arts 6: Sciences, Sigma Nu, Young Democrats, Philos, Secretary-Treasurer, Arts or Sciences . . . RYALS, JARVIS D., Ft. Deposit, Arts Bt Sciences, Band, Freshman Advisory Council, Pi Eta Sigma, Wesley Foundation . . . SALAY, JAMES WILLIAM, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . SANDLIN, DON L., Jackson, Engineering, Theta Xi . . . SANDLIN, WES, Cordona, Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . SATTERWHITE, GORDON, JR., Mobile, Arts :St Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . SCARBOROUGH, REX C., JR., Birmingham, Engineering, Delta Chi . . . SCHENCK, JEAN GRAY, Norfolk, Virginia, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, Triangle, Dorm Judiciary Couicil, YWCA. Third Row: SCHEUER, HARRIET, Montgomery, Arts or Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Assistant Treasurer, Spanish Club, Triangle, AWS Committee, ACRA, Work with Juvenile Court, Spirit Club . . . SCHMID, NANCY KLOPPING, Birmingham, Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Duagh- ters of the King, Harris Judiciary Council, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . SCHNEIDER, STEVE F., Birmingham, Arts Bt Sciences, Sigma Chi, Newman Club . . . SCHOPPERT, JOHN, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, SAME, SFVP, Football . . . SCHROECK, PAMELA JO, Maxwell Air Force Base, Engineering, Delta Gamma, Triangle, Spirit, YWCA, ASCE . . . SCHUSTER, JILL, Shreveport, Louisiana, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Social Chairman, Spirit Club, Hillel Founda- tion, ACRA . . . CHWARTZ, ELI, Elizabeth, New Jersey, Education, Alpsa Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation, Vice President, Menis Glee Club, Dormitory Officer, MENC . . . SCOTT, DARRELL JON, Cordona, Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma . , . SCOTT, DAVID W., Fort Payne, Arts :St Sciences, Theta Xi, Wesley Foundation, Crimson Guard, Varsity Rifle Team, A ROTC Rifle Team, Junior Toastmasters. Fourth Row: SEALE, BARBARA, New Orleans, Louisiana, Arts N Sciences . , . SEALE, WALTER S., JR., Birmingham, Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, Druids, Corolla, Organization Manager, Crimson Guard . . . SEARCY, VICKY RAY, Birmingham Education, Phi Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer, Spirit Club, Triangle, YWCA . . . SEGERS, VVYATT LEE, Montgomery, Engineering, Theta Xi, Band . . . SELBER, INA, Jacksonville, Florida, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . SELF, EARLE, Decatur, Commerce, Lambda Chi, Wesley Foundation . . . SELF, MARY ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Chemistry, Delta Zeta, President, Adams-Parker, Pasteur Society, Secretary, Organist, VVesley Foundation, Spirit Club . . . SELIGMAN, SANDI, Louisville, Kentucky, Home Eco- nomics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Spirit Governing Board, Home Economics Club . . . SELTZER, GEORGIE, Orlando, Florida, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation. THE COROLLA SALUTES THE Slllllllllliib Fifth Row: SEWELL, LANDIS, Anniston, Engineering . . . SHEFFIELD, BETTY, Grove Hill, Arts or Sciences . . . SHENK, HOWARD FRED, Huntsville, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary, SGA, Corolla, Associate Editor, Druids, FAC, SAC, AAS . . . SHEPHERD, JERRY, McShan, Arts or Sciences, Delta Tau Delta . . . SHERMAN, SYBIL, Summerdale, Chemistry, Triangle, Spirit Club, Pasteur Society, Wesley Foundation . . . SHOEMAKER, JOHN RICHARD, Birmingham, Arts :Sl Sciences, Sigma Chi, Philos . . . SHOTTS, JAMES E., Jasper, Arts R Sciences, Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: SIBLEY, GORDON, Albertville, Arts tx Sciences, Lambda Chi, SGA Homecoming Committee, Crimson Guard . . . SILVER, MIKE, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Arts 81 Sciences Zeta Beta Tau . . . SIMON, MARY ANN, Gadsden, Chemistry, Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spirit Newman, Pasteur Society . . . SLOBIG, JO ANN CAROL, Education, Delta Zeta, Spirit Club, Wesley Foundation, SEA, Dorm Officer . . . SMITH, ALICE RAMONA, Tuscaloosa, Nursing, Triangle, Town Girls, AWS . . . SMITH, CAROLYN FRANCES, Reform, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, SEA, President, Dorm Judiciary, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . SMITH, CHARLES E., Opp, Education, ACRA . . . SMITH, FRED B., Orange Beach, Arts Lk Sciences, Alpha Sigma Phi, Freshman Advisory Council, Philos. Sevenlh Row: SMITH, IMOGENE, New Orleans, Louisiana, Arts ZS: Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Newman Club, C-W . . . SMITH, LINDA GAY, Jackson, Tennessee, Arts 6: Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit . . . SMITH, TYLER, Tuskegee, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Nu . . . SMITH, XVILLIAM GERALD, Gadsden, Commerce, Theta Xi, President Pledge Class . . . SNOW, CHESTER, Greenville, Engineering, Sigma Nu . . . SOLOMON, DONALD G., Headland, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . SOTERES, PETE S., Dothan, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Sigma, Spirit Com- mittee, Homecoming Committee, Phi Eta Sigma . . . SOWELL, BETTY, Brewton, Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit, YWCA, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta. I Eighth Row: SPEAKS, JANIS WRAY, Athens, Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, AF ROTC Sponsor, Corolla Beauty, Homecoming Court '57, Lambda Chi Crescent Girl Court . . . SPENCE, GEORGE WILLIAM, Anniston, Arts Br Sciences, Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Crimson Guard . . . SPENCER, EXTON LEE, Montgomery, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Wesley Foundation, Homecoming Parade Committee . . . STACY, DAVID LUTHER, Sherman, Texas, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids . . . STEFFEN, WILLODENE LILAS, Tuscaloosa, Education, Gamma Delta, Concert Band . . . STEPHENS, CAROL, Atlanta, Georgia, Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Corolla Staff, Mahout Staff . . . STEPHENS, JAMES, Gadsden, Engineering, Lambda Chi . . . STEPHENSON, PEGGY, Bessemer, Arts or Sciences, Alpha Phi, Triangle, University Singers, Choral Union, MSA . . . STEVENS, ANN REBECCA, Huntington, West Virginia, Arts or Sciences, Phi Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Cotillion Club, Spanish Club, Swan Club. Bottom Row: STEWART, BEVERLY, Akron, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, ACRA, SEA . . . STEWART, CAROLYN LORRAINE, Huntsville, Arts Sr Sciences, University Players, Spanish Club, BSU, Associated Women Students . . . STILWELL, GAIL, New Orleans, Louisiana, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Canterbury . . . STITES, JOAN GRAY, Louisville, Kentucky, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Canterbury, YWCA, Campus United Fund . . . STOKES, DAVID F., Reform, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . STOKES, DARIUS THOMAS, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Spirit Committee . . . STONE, ROCHELLE, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Arts :Sc Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . STOVE, CHARLES, Florence, Engineering. ', 'W ' -ww., ,pe AW' W w 46 x ' We X ' if ' we f , . 1 if 1 X Q f lynn., -., Q, 'K 4 M TM, . :,, .-f'-fqf-- new r , 4- A " 4' - 1 t fmw , va m- , Hb, 5' 'Q-Vi, 2 594 4592 M , 2 1,4 W Z Wt 1. sv 'Af if ff ff 1 ,f fl ro 'Q' at 49 '27 X if -Tv Sie A. f , X " f fi 2,7 ,A 4 , ff, 'S' 'fl Av ' WM - Uv 201 we ' v-. , 7 I , 14' f.. IQ , if n ,Q l M 'W 4 A 42' , 1, 'O' f "Uv-.. .4 X Q.!,.,,.3 , M f, fr f ff f 5 ,ft .ht 1 Rolfe Rollins Rosen Rosenblum Rotch Roth Rowland Rubenstein Rutledge Ryals Saluy Sancllin, D. I.. Sandlin, W. Scatterwhite Scarborough Schenck Scheuer Schmid Schneider Schoppert Schroeck Schuster Schwartz Scott, D. W. Seale, B. Searcy Segers Selber Self, E. Self, M. E. Seligman Seltzer Sewell Sheffield Shenk Shepherd Sherman, Sybil Sherman, Sylvi Shoemaker Shotts Sibley Silver Simon Slobig smafh, M. R, Smith, C. F. Smith, C, E. Smith, F. B. Smith, I. Smith, L. G. Smith, T. Smith, W. G. Snow Solomon Sotheres Sowell Speaks Spence Spencer Stace Stephens, C. Stephens, J. Stephenson Stevens Stewart, B. Stewart, C. L. Stilwell Stites Stokes, D. F. Stokes, D. T. Stone Stove t 1 TOM WHITE, Decatur, was president of Phi Eta Sigma, and was also a member of Druids Society and Kappa Alpha. Top Row: STOWE, ROBERT RICHARD, Mobile, Arts 61 Sciences, Young Democrats, Pre-Law Society, Corolla Staff . . . STRICKLAND, BYRON, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Freshman Advisory Council, Commerce Day Committee, Vice President, Jones Hall . . . STRICKLAND, EWIN A., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . STRICKLAND, ROBERT E., Mont- gomery, Arts 8: Sciences, Theta Xi, Band, Orchestra . . . STRUB, NANCY RUTH, Atlanta, Georgia, Education, Delta Gamma, Assistant Treasurer, Spirit Club, YWCA, Corolla . . . STUART, LESLIE, Mobile, Arts Sr Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . SULLIVAN, LYNN ABBIE, Hunts- ville, Arts or Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Spirit Club, French Club, Music Club . . . SUMMERFORD, RODNEY VVADE, Hamilton, Engineering, Delta Chi. Second Row: SURTEES, EMILY, Birmingham, Education, Phi Mu, ACRI, Spirit Club . . . TALBERT, SHELLEY, Mobile, Arts or Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, Spirit, Spanish Club . . . TALLY, NANCY, Scotsboro, Arts 81 Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, Spirit, Spirit Governing Board, YWCA . . . TATE, JIMMIE JO, Sayre, Home Economics . . . TATUM, CHARLES S., Deatsville, Arts 81 Sciences . . . TEAGUE, JAMES L., Birmingham, Arts :Sz Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Quadrangle . . . TERRY, DOROTHY, Red Level, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . THAGARD, JOSEPHINE, Greenville, Education, Delta Delta Delta, University Players, YWCA, Wesley Foundation. Third Row: THOMAS, GARY DONALD, Robertsdale, Arts or Sciences, Band, Circle "KH, President, Lupton Hall . . . THOMAS, VIRGINIA, Eufaula, Education, Kappa Delta, A ROTC Sponsor, Corolla Staff, Spirit Club, University Players . . . THOMASON, WILLIAM, McCalla, Com- merce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . THOMPSON, TOMMY, Tuscumbia, Com- merce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . TILLEY, JOHN ALBERT, Elrod, Arts Bt Sciences . . . TILLMAN, BENAJAH THOMPSON, JR., Greenville, Com- merce, Sigma Nu, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Mahout Staff, Corolla Staff, Bama Day Committee . . . TOWNES, BEVERLY GRASSE, Birmingham, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . TRAYLOR, HOMER, Roanoke, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta. Fourth Row: TRENT, BRENDA, Kingsport, Tennessee, Chemistry, Chi Omega, ROTC Sponsor, YWCA, Spirit . . . TRICE, MARILYN, Fairfield, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, President Pledge Class, Miss "Av Day, Spirit, YWCA . . . TROWBRIDGE, EDWIN L., Decatur, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . TUNNELL, SHIRLEY, Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Triangle, Spirit . . . TURNER, JAMES DAVID, Mobile, Arts Bt Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . TURNER, ROBERT A., Alexander City, Engineering . . . TUTHILL, DOROTHY ANN, Mobile, Arts Bc Sciences . . . VANDIGRIFFT, W. EARL, Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi. Fifth Row: VARNON, CAROL ANN, Birmingham, Education, Delta Zeta, Assistant Treasurer, Triangle, YWCA, SEA, Spirit Club . . . VAUGHN, DICK, Birmingham, Commerce . . . VIRTUE, JANE, Sheffield, Arts Bt Sciences, Canterbury Club, Daughters of the King . . . WALDROP, JACQUELYN, Jacksonville, Florida, Education . . . WALKER, RUFUS H., THE COROLLA SALUTES THE Sllllllllllll Tuscaloosa, Arts St Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Corolla, Ad Staff . . . WARREN, REBECCA, Enterprise, Education, Chi Omega, Triangle, YWCA, Alpha Beta Alpha . . . WEBB, ANGIE SUTTLE, Demopolis, Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, "YU, Panhellenic, Activity Chair- man, Harris Hall, Agnes Ellen Harris Club . . . WEISS, ARTHUR, Gadsden, Commerce, Lambda Chi, Commerce Association. Sixth Row: WELDEN, CHARLES, Wetumpka, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . WEST, HERBERT HAROLD, Winfield, Commerce, Delta Chi, National Speleological Society . . . WEST, PERRY M., Cullman, Com- merce, Pi Kappa Phi, Druids, Cheerleader, Commerce Association, Wesley Choir, Editorial Committee, VVesley Foundation . . . WEST, TOM A., Dothan, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Druids, Delta Sigma Pi, Home- coming Parade Committee, Chairman . . . WHITE, JERRY ARNOLD, Gadsden, Engineering, Theta Xi, Sabres . . . WHITE, TOM C., JR., Decatur, Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, President . . . WILENSKY, ALLAN SEYMOUR, Birmingham, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, Hillel Choir . . . WILLIAMS, CAROLE, Miami, Florida, Arts ZS: Sciences, Alpha Chi, ACRA, Spirit, AAUW, YWCA. Seventh Row: VVILLIAMS, C. ROBBINS, Monrieville, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . WILLIAMS, GERRY GWEN, Huntsville, Com- merce, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Phi Beta Lambda . . . WILLIAMS, LAMAR, Guntersville, Engineering . . . WILLIAMS, MERRY LEE, Ozark, Arts 5: Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit . . . WILLIAMS, NANCY, Luverne, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit Club, YWCA, Social Chairman, Wilson Dorm, Cotillion Club, Homecoming Candidate, Powers Hall . . . WILLIAMS, WALTON EUGENE, Sylacauga, Engineering, Kappa Sigma . . . WILLIS, LARRY E., Tuscumbia, Education, Theta Xi, Band, University Players . . . WILSON, JUDITH VIRGINIA, Atlanta, Georgia, Home Economics, Triangle, Agnes Ellen Harris Club, BSU, Judiciary Council, Tutwiler Hall . . . WILTSIN, DONNA, Prairie, Edu- cation, Spirit. Eighth Row: WINDLE, EMILY, Alicevillc, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Spirit, Student Musical Organization . . . WINSTEAD, BETH ANNETTE, Gadsden, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, Daughters of the King . . . WITTENSTEIN, JOE, Bessemer, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation . . . WITTMAN, ELLEN, Birmingham, Arts lic Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, French Club, Spanish Club, Triangle, AWS, Activities Com- mittee, Speakers Board . . . WOOD, JANELLA, Mobile, Education, Kappa Delta, Spirit, Spanish Club . . . WOOD, JERRY, Goshen, Com- merce, Lambda Chi . . . WOOD, JIM, Mobile, Commerce, Lambda Chi . . . WOOD, JIM, Mobile, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Philos, Delta Sigma Pi, Cotillion Club, Wesley Foundation, President, Jones Hall . . . WOODFIN, WILLIAM DOUGLAS, Marion, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Vice President of Pledge Class. Bottom Row: WVORTHAM, HAROLD DERMOT, Harpersville, Arts 8: Sciences, Theta Xi, Vice President, Safford Hall . . . YAMPOLSKY, LAWRENCE F., Hillside, New Jersey, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Secretary, Hillel Foundation, Druids, C-W, Advertising Staff, Cotillion Club . . . YEAMANS, ANNE LEVVIS, Fuquay Springs, North Carolina, Arts Bt Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Canterbury Club, YWCA, Daughters of the King . . . YEAMANS, DOROTHE R., Fuquay Springs, North Carolina, Chemistry, Dclta Delta Delta, Canterbury . . . YODER, BOB, JR., Tuscaloosa, Arts 6: Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . YOUNG, KAREN, Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Beta Alpha . . . YOUNGCHILD, KENNETH EARL, Mobile, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . ZEANAH, MARY KAY, Tuscaloosa, Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, BSU. Stowe Strickland, B Strickland, E A Strickland, R E Strub Struart Sullivan, L. Summerford Surtees Talbert Tally Tate Tatum Teague Terry Thagard Thomas, G. Thomas, V. Thomason Thompson Tilley Tillman Townes Traylor Trent Trice Trowbridge Tunnell Turner, J. D. Turner Tufhill Vandigrifft Varnon Vaughn Virtue Walclrop Walker Warren Webb Weiss Welden West, H. H. West, P. M. West, T. A. White, J. A. White, T. C. Wilensky Williams, C. Williams, C. Williams, L. Williams, M. Williams, N. Williams, W. Willis Wilson Wiltsin Winclle Winsteacl Wittenstein Wittman Woocl, J. Woocl, Jerry Wood, Jim Woodfin Wortham Yampolsky Yea ma ns, A. Yeamans, D. Yoder Young Youngchile Zeanah Abrasley Adair, D. Adair, W. R. Adams Albright Aldridge Aldy Alexander Allbritten Allen Anders, .l. B. Anders, S. P. Anderson, .l. Anderson, P. A Anderson, W. Andress Andrezeiewski Angrisano Anthony Anendall Arnold Arnovitz Arthur Ashley Avant Baernstein Bagwell Bailes Balm Baker, G. A. Baker, L. Baker, M. E. Baker, S. Banks Barnes Barnhill Barrett Busila Bates Battalin Bexley Beard Beck Beecher Berger Berkowitz Bertella Besecker Bishop Black Blackwell Blankinship Blomberg Bloomston Boa Bobo, F. R. Bobo, P. L. Boone Booth Bowden Bowen Bowles Bradford Bradley Bragg Brantley, R. Brantley, W. H. Braswell Breedlove Brennan Briley Britt Brittain Broadway Brook, H. R. Brook, L. Brooks, R. C. Brooks, W, Brown, D. l.. Brown, E. A. , 1 , V f f , nn i 1 ,iff W ff ff , f I My X f Q V M , I M ff, VV W X xg X T if f f , ' W f ,f 1 ,,, ' I , Z6 f 1 f 4 I CW ..... , l ff f f f f - - f Q f f X , ' ff f f Z j f ff X , f ff , f t W ff L , , M. , J" f ,, - .f m f , if ,f f fff X , , B I X I ff X r f in . f r i f f f , X , f , Z if 'V if W ,L . J V , ,,',, r 7 f f , " ' .f ,f , . "'. 'ff cv if "M W , 1, ,. gf, , , ff ,JM . , W ,yf . . rr . at 204 THE COROLLA SALUTES ilmlllltll Top Row: ABRASLEY, ROBERT SAM, Homewood, Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Cotillion Club . . . ADAIR, DIANNE, Talladega, Home Eco- nomics, Alpha Phi, Spirit, YWCA . . . ADAIR, WILLIAM REID, Har- . . . ALBRIGHT, ANN, Memphis, Tennessee, Arts 6: Sciences, Kappa persville, Arts 61 Sciences, Theta Xi . . . ADAMS, JANE, Dothan, Chemistry Kappa Gamma, Spirit, YWCA . . . ALDRIDGE, WILLIAM DONALD, Hartselle, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . ALDY, JOSEPH EDGAR, Northport, Commerce, Sigma Chi . . . ALEXANDER, CAROLYN HAGOOD, Birmingham, Arts Ev Sciences, Delta Zeta, Spirit. Second Row: ALBRITEEN, JIM B., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . ALLEN, STEVE, Athens, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Alpha, Freshman Football . . . ANDERS, J. BURWELL, Northport, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta . . . ANDERS, STERLING PARK, Tuscalosa, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . ANDERSON, JUDY, Huntsville, Home Economics, YWCA, Spirit, University Players, Agnes Ellen Harris . . , ANDERSON, PATRICIA ANN, Birmingham, Commerce . . . ANDERSON, WAYNE, Huntsville, Arts 15: Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . ANDRESS, HARVEY, Dothan, Engineering, Sigma Nu. Third Row: ANDREZEJEWSKI, EUGENE R., Buffalo, New York, Commerce . . . ANBRISANO, AUGUSTINE, Birmingham, Commerce . . . ANTHONY, JOAN, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Spirit, Junior Panhellenic, Westrninster Fellowship . . . ARENDALL, JOHN T., JR., Mobile, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . ARNOLD, CHARLES Z., Miami Beach, Florida, Arts ZS: Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau . . . ARNOVITZ, COIKIE, Atlanta, Georgia, Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Spirit, Hillel Foundation, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . ARTHUR, BOBBY, Birmingham, Commerce . . . ASHLEY, GENE, Gadsden, Arts 8: Sciences, Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: AVANT, DONALD LEONARD, Baldwin, New York, Commerce, Sigma Chi . . . BAERNSTEIN, ALBERT, Tuscaloosa, Arts 6: Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . BAGWELL, JUEDITH ANN, Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Spirit . . . BAILES, RUDENE LEACH, Birmingham, Education, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA . . . BAIM, KENNETH BARTH, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Rifle Team, Hillel Foundation . . . BAKER, GEORGE A., Birmingham, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Wesley Foundation . . . BAKER, LINDA, Birmingham, Education, Delta Zetzi, Spirit . . BAKER, MARY ELIZABETH, Fairfield, Commerce. Fifth Row: BAKER, SHEILA, Montgomery, Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris, Hillel Foundation, Mahout . . . BANKS, MARGARET, Birmingham, Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Spirit, Plympton, Massachusetts, Arts 6: Sciences, Alpha Xi Delta, Spirit, Canter- Agnes Ellen Harris, Canterbury Club . . . BARNES, JUDITH W., bury . . . BARNHILL, CHARLOTTE V., Loxley, Arts 61 Sciences, French Club, Music Students Association . . . BARRETT, CARROLL ANN, Birmingham, Arts c'5zSciences, Delta Zeta, Spirit, French Club . . . BASILA, KATHRYN, Mobile, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . BATES, CURTIS L., JR., Birmingham, Arts Ck Sciences, Delta Chi . . . BATTALIN, LAURENCE, Hamden, Connecticut, Arts Cv Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau, C-W. Sixth Row: BAXLEY, VV. J., Dothan, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . BAXTER, A CLYDE, III, Eufaula, Arts 6: Sciences, Delta Chi, Rho Alpha Tau , . . BEARD, CHARLES EDWARD, Scottsboro, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . BECK, JAMES G., Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . BEECHER, VVARRENE EUGENIA, Miami, Florida, Arts :Sr Sciences, Delta Gamma, YWCA, Spirit, Newman Club . . . BERGER, NANCY BLANCHE, Montgomery, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel LAWTON HIGGS, Huntsville, was Greek Editor of the 1959 Corolla, was elected president of Pi Kappa Alphc1's pledges. Foundation, Spirit . . . BERKOWITZ, MARILYN, Atlanta, Georgia, Edu- cation, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . BERTELLA, VINCENT L., Birmingham, Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . BESECKER, MARY SUE, Union Springs, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YWCA. Seventh Row: BISHOP, EDWIN GLENN, Birmingham, Engineering, , SANDRA LEE, Fort Payne, Engineering, Cotillion Club . . . BLACKWELL, GAINES THOMAS, Selma, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . BLANKINSHIP, ROYCE, Gary, Indiana, Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, Sabres , . . BLOMBERG, SUZAN, Asheville, North Carolina, Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Spirit, Hillel Foundation . . . BLOOMSTON, ROBERT, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foun- dation . . . BOA, JOHN ALEXANDER, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Pi Kappa Alpha, C-W . . . BOBO, FOY R., Brownville, Arts Br Sciences. Sigma Nu . . . BLACK Eighth Row: BOBO, PEYTON L., Millport, Arts Sz Sciences, Chi Phi . . . BOONE, ROBERT E., JR., Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Sigma Chi . . . BOOTH, GLO AUGUSTA, Mobile, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Canterbury . . . BOWDEN, JOHN F., Enterprise, Engineering, Sigma Nu . . . BOWEN, JANE MARGUERITE, Lakeland, Florida, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . BOWLES, BETH, Carrollton, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris, Spirit . . . BRADFORD, LOUISE, Uniontown, Home Economics, Kappa Deleta, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . BRADLEY, MARY JON, Cartersville, Georgia, Arts :Sc Sciences, Delta Gamma, YWVCA, Spirit, French Club, BSU. Ninth Row: BRAGG, JEANETTE, Mobile, Arts 8: Sciences, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Spirit, Junior Panhellenic . . . BRANTLEY, REBECCA, Troy, Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit, Canterbury . . . BRANTLEY, WILLIAM HATTAWAY, Brundidge, Arts Bt Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . BRASWELL, JOHN WEBB, Demopolis, Engineering, Kappa Alpha . . . BREEDLOVE, CAROLYN, Montgomery, Nursing, Spirit, SNA, BSU . . . BRENNAN, DOTTIE, Birmingham, Nursing, Phi Mu, YWCA, ACRA, ASNA, Newman Club . . . BRILEY, JAMES, Montgomery, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, Crimson Guard . . . BRITT, MICKEY L., Birmingham, Commerce. Bottom Row: BRITTAIN, JOHN L., Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . BROADWAY, JOHN OWEN, Huntsville, Arts lk Sciences, Sigma Chi, Spanish Club, Westminster Fellowship . . . BROOK, HELMAN ROBERT, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Rho Alpha Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . BROOK, LAWRENCE, Mobile, Engineering, Kappa Nu, Sabre Flight Crack Drill Team, Hillel Foundation . . . BROOKS, RUTH C., Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . BROOKS, WILBUR, Frisco City, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . . . BROWN, DAVID, Selma, Arts or Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . BROWN, ELIZABETH ANN, Jasper, Education, Phi Mu. Brown, J. D. Brown, M. S. Brown, N. G. gg . -. ,vs 'VVLQMQ W ,f V T mv Brown, S. . Browning Buchman Buice Burkhalfer Burnefl, B. S. Burnett, C. Buller Campbell CQPP Carlin Carlson Carpenler Carroll Carter Casale Chambers Chapman Chappell Cheatham Chidell Childers Childress Chrisfenberry Clark, B. Clark, J. Clark, L. B. Clarno Clayton Clements Coale Coats Cocke Coia Cole Coleman, . Coleman, . . Collan Conn Cook, A. C. Cook, R. J, Cook, S. Cooney Cooper, J. S. Cooper, N. L. Cope Copeland, N. Copeland, S. H. Cosby Cosfa Cowart Cox N. W. Q 5 S7 uf V. 'cv' K Q5-v f M, I I I lv 'W' W Q' f u ' n A -aw ' 'far , "" :VV QV V15 V. " f' Q, 'f,,' f , X ! VV 4 " ff V Cowley ' f V .. ,. , I QW f ff f 1 f Cox, V. Craig, C. Cram ' 251 V Craver Crawford, C. A. 511, Crawford, S. 4 , 'K Creecy Cross Crowder Croxdale Crumly Crulcher Cummings, H. B. Cunningham Curtis Cummings, C. S. Daniel Darcy Davies Davis, D. F. Davis, H. Davis, L. M. Davis, P. C. Dean, S. Q Mk, Mix . in Vw 2 f Al. A , f W sg ' , 'W A rh "R VV, - My rx J V 'Q B57 f is n B ff R J 206 A A C' s 4.5 r ay ,, ,I A. , . an Q 1 - na.. ff W .- 0 f 7 ff ' . rffwfyffvii VZ ff f , ,ral WM QA Q ,fgyfr . .. .., ,, . 7 N., W f X Q M 'W has f V , f K X YZ 4 ffff , ?f ,r ff V, Xff ffm f?v,f'ZZ' W' '4Ui',1V'.4' .,: ' .- r' if .re Q A W 'N in-1, ' V, an . v if, .9 A Z M M M' B 'K' hr' WZ' xg ,, f QW.. .,.. 'ov mb ,4hln,,h .L J L ia. - . mb uw , , ,W gg-J .4 7 C or 3 S35 y . ...,, r Y A J f f 2. Alum . , V THE COROLLA SALUTES ilitillilill Top Row: BROWN, JIMMY DEAN, Tuscaloosa, Education, Delta Chi . . . BROVVN, MARTHA SUE, Birmingham, Education, Delta Zeta, Spirit, SEA . . . BROYVN, NORMA GAIL, Birmingham, Home Economics, Phi Mu, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . BROVVN, STEPHEN TALMEDGE, Birmingham, Arts LY Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . BROVVNING, FRANK VV., Mobile, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . , . BUCHMAN, JEAN, Tampa, Florida, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . BUICE, KAREN, Atlanta, Georgia, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Spirit . . . BURKE, OZMUS SIGLER, JR., Greensboro, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . BURKHALTER, JAMES, Sylacauga, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. Second Row: BURNETT, BARBARA SUE, Bessemer, Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . BURNETT, CAROLE, Birmingham, Arts Lk Sciences, Wesley Foundation, University Players, Judiciary Board, New Hall . . . BUTLER, MARY LOUISE, Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Phi, Spirit . . . CAMPBELL, LOTTIE MARIE, Birmingham, Nursing, ASSNA . . . CAPP, ELIZABETH ANN, Birmingham, Home Economics, Phi Mu, Swan Club, Spirit, YWCA . . . CARLIN, JONI, Jacksonville, Florida, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . CARLSON, JUDY, Birmingham, Arts Br Sciences, Delta Zeta, Spirit . . . CARPENTER, MARY JANE, Aliceville, Nursing, Delta Gamma, ASSNA. Third Row: CARROLL, JUDITH, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Education, Alpha Phi, Swan Club, Spirit . . . CARTER, JAMES L., Anniston, Arts 61 Sciences . . . CASALE, JAMES EDWARD, Birmingham, Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . CHAMBERS, CAROLYN, Birmingham, Home Economics: Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Spirit . . . CHAPMAN, BETTY JOAN, Montgomery, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YVVCA . . . CHAPPELL, LYNN, Butler, Nursing, Delta Gamma, ASSNA, ACRA . . . CHEATHAM, PAUL S., Montgomery, Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . CI-IIDELL, TOBIE RUTH, West Point, Mississippi, Arts Sz Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, President Pledge Class, Hillel Foundation . . . Fourth Row: CHILDERS, SANDRA A., Mobile, Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Swan Club, Spirit, YWCA . . . CHILDRESS, LINDA, New Orleans, Louisiana, Arts CY Sciences, Chi Omega, Spirit, Newman Club . . . CHRISTENBERRY, DANYLE, Greensboro, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit . . . CLARK, BECKY, Mobile, Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Spirit, Swan Club . . . CLARK, JOY, Tuscumbia, Arts Ck Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Freshman Council, Spirit, YYVCA, French Club . , . CLARK, LAVVRENCE B., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . CLARNO, KAREN, Savannah, Georgia, Arts 81 Sciences, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA . . . CLAYTON, ROBERT STREET, JR., Mobile, Engineering, Alpha Ttlll Omega. Fifth Row, CLEMENTS, BARBARA, Birmingham, Education . . . COATS, MARY ANN, Birmingham, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Spirit, YWCA . . . COCKE, VVILLIAM BROVVDER, Fort Monroe, Virginia, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Crimson Guard . . . COIA, EDDIE, Hammonton, New Jersey, Education, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . COALE, HARWELL ELLIS, JR., Mobile, Commerce, Sigma Chi, Rho Alpha Tau, Secretary . . . COKER, HAROLD W., Alexander City, Engineering, Chi Phi . . . COLE, VV. GAYLE, JR., Mobile, Arts Ck Sciences, Sigma Chi, Crimson Guard . . . COLEMAN, JAMES, Greensboro, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . COLEMAN, REGINALD OVVEN, Montgomery, Commerce: Theta Xi. Sixth Row: COLTAN, DORIS, Chattanooga, Tennesscc, Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . , CONN, BETTY, Hampton, Virginia, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . COOK, ANNA CATHERINE: Pnshmataha, Commerce, Deita Zeta, Vleslcy Foundation, Spirit, Commerce JUDY JUSTICE, Montgomery, and JERRY WALLACE, Mobile, were the freshman members of the Cheerleading Squad. Association, Young Democrats . . . COOK, ROBERT J., Ratner, Commerce, Young Democrats . . . COOK, SONIE, Anniston, Arts or Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, French Club . . . COONEY, PATRICIA, Lumberton, New Jersey, Arts lk Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit, Spanish Club . . . COOPER, JUDITH SUSAN, Shelbyville, Tennessee, Arts 6: Sciences, Delta Phi Epsilon, Hillel Foundation, Spirit, Junior Panhcllenic . . . COOPER, NORMAN LEE, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: COPE, ROBERT G., Huntsville, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . COPELAND, NANCY, Montgomery, Arts Cs Sciences, Pi Bcta Phi, Spirit, YWCA . . . COPELAND, SUSAN HALE, Birmingham, Nursing, Spirit, YVVCA, BSU . . . COSBY, CHESTINE, Bessemer, Home Economics, Phi Mu, Agnes Ellen Harris, YWCA, Spirit . . . COSTA, MISSY, Lodi, New Jersey, Arts or Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, Newman Club, Spirit . . . COWART, RALPH E., Birmingham, Engineering, Theta Xi, Freshman Track, Rho Alpha Tau, Representative . . . COWLEY, LIZ, Birmingham, Home Economics, Alpha Phi, C-VV, Agnes Ellen Harris, BSU. Eighth Row: COX, VANESSA, Birmingham, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit . . . CRAIG, CAM, Selma, Education, Kappa Delta, Spirit, YWCA . . . CRAIG, NANCY, Mobile, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YVVCA, Spirit, Chemistry Club . . . CRAIN, MICHAEL, Gadsden, Com- merce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . CRAVER, P. SUE, Mobile, Education, Delta Gamma, Spirit, YVVCA, Swan Club . . . CRAWFORD, CAT ANN, Montgomery, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Spirit, YWCA . . . CRAWFORD, SALLY, Fairhope, Home Economics, Delta Gamma, Spirit, YWCA . . . CREECY, HERB, Atlanta, Georgia, Arts or Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega . . . CROSS, BRACEY, Gadsden, Arts lk Sciences, Kappa Alpha. Ninth Row: CROWDER, HENRY JOHNSTON, Birmingham, Engineer- ing, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . CROXDALE, ASHLEY W., Anniston, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Crimson Guard . . . CRUMLY, KAY McINNIS, Birmingham, Arts oz Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit . . , CRUTCHER, JOHN V., Fayette, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . CUMMINGS, CYNTHIA SMARTT, Lebanon, Tennessee, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Spirit, YVVCA . . . CUMMINGS, HENRY B., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . CUNNINGHAM, JOYCE, Montgomery, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, Freshman Council, Spirit, YWCA . . . CURRY, JOHN, Northport, Engi- reering, Delta Tau Delta, Band . . . CURTIS, TALA, Tuscaloosa, Educa- 'long Kappa Delta, Spirit, YWCA. Bottom Row: DANIEL, JIMMY, Atlanta, Georgia, Commerce, Sigma Chi . . . DARCY, WARREN R., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . DAVIES, JOHN, Montgomery, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Alpha, Debate Squad . . . DAVIS, DARVVELL FRED, Mobile, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega . . . DAVIS, HAZEL, Clanton, Home Economics, Wesley Foundation . . . DAVIS, LYNN M., Birmingham, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . DAVIS, PHILIP CHRISTOPHER, Birmingham, Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . DEAN, STANLEY, Bessemer, Chemistry. " Psi - Dean, S. W DeFreese DeFuniak Del Carmen Delson Dennis Densmore Denson Dicks Dinoff Donald Donnelly Donsback Doughty Douglas Downing Doyle Drewry Dreyfus Driver Duerson Duncan, M. Duncan, P. M. Dunlavy Dunn Duren Duvall Dyess Edwards Eichelbaum Eichert Eidelberg Eisenberg Ellis Ellzey Elmore Fahnert Faison Farber Faucet Faucett Favre Fienman Feltman Fields Fievef, F. M. Fievet, L. C. Firsht Fisher Fitts Fleming Flournoy Flynn Forehand Forster Fox, V. Franconero Franklin Frazer Freeman Frey Froshin Fruge Fuller Gallups Gammage Gaskins Gass Geist George Gewin Gibson, G. Gibson, T. Giffoniello Gilbert Gober Goff Goldberg Goldblatt Goldstein i . 6 K., ,. W mu v I ,nm W H ff f ,V if 7 - xWQV7iF 4. ZZ, EZ, f Q2 ,f f I Eff 7 f f H , . i f .... :rfb Z ' f f 2, . M V . We 2 4 Mhz. 1 f 4, f , 4. . QM , y f f 7 i A f ,Wm . M. , . if f F . Q , Q f l af Z X My Z' l X i fiaf ff Z7 f X V i f iii' 2 ., , ' W Vi- ' ' , TQ.- G ' Y Z V. . Er lr f f , W 5 f W if f' ' W X f W f 4 1 WDP we M7 401190 iw' Wie, W it f fl. . if W +- 2, ,f f , f fe V- I Q f we . 05, M 1 ., H Q94 ' ' 2 f f W . . ff ' ,, ' fffm W ff X 'f ff, 7 ." fc W' H . , "" . , " f ".. f '. 'W ' 3' '59 :Wh Q H .12 M k ., f n H 7 1 A f ,ff L .f I2 We , ff 23 .. ' , ' 1 I 6 . , f , M rf M Q.. vi 5. ffm F f WV' Q, , 0 .I ? V. V7 1 I ., at I , ad K V ,L , W- X. 2. ' we 1 V .ire F V X f .W 208 Z e fiv 4597 j. . f 7 44:0 'f M f W f f X X if 43 if ff f f WW 1 f My jf 5 Q f X, ff 7 f f 3,,,,f D 'Z we f ! 2, N .., M I. 2 s Z fc. if ...W THE COROLLA SALUTES llliSliMill Top Row: DEAN, SUTTON VV., Talladega, Commerce , . . DE FREESE, LINDA MARIE, Birmingham, Arts 8: Sciences, Spirit, Spanish Club . . . DE FUNIAK, ALBERT FOX, III, Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . DEL CARMEN, ALBERT, JR., Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta . . . DELSON, MARILYN, Miami, Florida, Education, Delta Phi Epsilon, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . DENNIS, GANELLE, Beatrice, Arts or Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, YYVCA, Spirit . . . DENSMORE, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Bessemer, Commerce, Phi Mu, Spirit . . . DENSON, RACHEL, Arley, Home Economics, Agnes Ellen Harris. Second Row: DICKS, THEDA, York, Arts R Sciences . , . DINOFF, DAVID, Whitestone, Long Island, New York, Arts tk Sciences, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . DONALD, ERSTINE GRIER, III, Snow Hill, Engineering . . . DONNELLY, CELESTE, Birmingham, Home Economics: Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit, Junior Panhellenic . . . DONSBACH, EUGENE, Sheffield, Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Cotillion Club , . . DOUGHTY, RALPH ORVILLE, Bessemer, Commerce . . . DOUGLAS, ERNEST H., Butler, Engineering, Sigma Chi . . . DOWNING, ROBERT L.: Chapman, Engi- neering, Phi Sigma Kappa. Third Row: DOYLE, YVALTER H., Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . DREVVRY, YVILLIAM F., JR., Aliceville, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Tau Delta . . . DREYFUS, SUE, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Spirit, Hillel Foundation . . . DRIVER, PEGGY JOYCE, Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA . . . DUERSON, ELIZABETH, Lynchburg, Virginia, Education, Alpha Phi, NEA, Canterbury . . . DUNCAN, MARY, Alexander City, Arts 151 Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA . . . DUNCAN, PAULA MARGARET, Washington, D. C., Arts 5: Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . DUNLAVY, NIARVIN HARRISON, III, Bessemer, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Crimson Guard. Fourth Row: DUNN, BILLIE NIAE, Camden, Education, Band . . . DUREN, HOWARD G., Amory, Mississippi, Commerce, BSU . . . DUVALL, SARAH ELIZABETH, Mobile, Commerce, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA . . . DYESS, ROBERT E., Opp, Chemistry, Pi Kappa Phi, Rho Alpha Tau . . . EDWARDS, BARBARA, Birmingham, Arts tk Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit, YWCA . . . EICHELBAUNI, ROBERT, Forest, Virginia, Engineering, Zeta Beta Tau . . . EICHERT, PHYLLIS, St. Petersburg, Florida, Education, Delta Zeta, Swan Club, Spirit . . . EIDELBERG, GLORIA JEAN, San Antonio, Texas, Home Economics, Delta Phi Epsilon, Hillel Foundation, Spirit. Fifth Row: EISENBERG, LAVVRENCE D., Brooklyn, New York, Engi- neering, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . ELLIS, DURHAM W., Birmingham, Com- merce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . ELLZEY, RUBY MARIE, Selma, Educa- tion, Alpha Gamma Delta, YVVCA, Spirit . . . ELMORE, SANDRA, Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Phi, YWCA, Spirit . . , FAHNERT, H. J., Mobile, Arts tk Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . FAISON, IRIS LANELL, Dozier, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, Spirit, YWCA . . . FARBER, JUNE, Surfside, Florida, Education, Delta Phi Epsilon, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . FAUCET, JOHN, Northport, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: FAUCETT, WILLIAM LEVVIS, Northport, Arts or Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta . . . FAVRE, NELL, Mobile, Arts Lk Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Spirit, French Club . . , FEINLIAN, RONALD AARON, Mobile, Arts 8 Sciences, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation . . . FELTMAN, WENDELL R., Birmingham, Arts Cs Sciences, Delta Chi, ACRA . . . FIELDS, EDWARD E., Mobile, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta ANN KARPINSKI, cz Delta Gamma from Mobile, was freshman representative to AWS, and chairman of Freshman Council. . . . FIEVET, FLORENCE MARY, Birmingham, Arts K Sciences, YWCA, Spirit, Newman Club . . . FIEVET, LUCIEN C., JR., Birmingham, Com- merce, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . FIRSHT, DEBORAH ELAINE, Arlington, Virginia, Arts k Sciences, Phi Mu Spirit. Seventh Row: FISHER, CAROL, Birmingham, Home Economics, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . FITTS, ROBERT D., Birmingham, Arts 8: Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega . . . FLEMING, VVAYNE, Sylacauga, Commqrce, Kappa Sigma . . , FLOURNOY, JAMES M., Birmingham, Engineering . . . FLYNN, DONNA M., St. Loms, Missouri, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Swan Club, Spirit . . . FORBUS, MAE RUTH, Sylacauga, Home Economics . . . FOREHAND, CURTIS LYNN, Eclectic, Education, Pi Kappa Phi . . . FORSTER, BETSY, Birmingham, Chemistry, Kappa Delta, Spirit, YWCA . . . FOX, BOBBY B., Huntsville, Commerce . . . FOX, VIRGINIA, Birmingham, Arts lk Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit, French Club. Eighth Row: FRANCONERO, GEORGE ANTHONY, Newark, New Jersey, Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . FRANKLIN, BETTY, Birming- ham, Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris, BSU . . . FRAZER, JOSEPH A., LaFayette, Arts ZS: Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta . . . FREEMAN, LYNDA SUE, Jackson, Mississippi, Arts Ck Sciences, Pi Beta Phi . . . FREY, JOHNNY, Huntsville, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . FROHSIN, RALPH, JR., Alexander City, Commerte, Zeta Beta Tau . . . FRUGE, LIX, JR., Meridian, Mississippi, Commerce, Sigma Chi . . . FULLER, JANE, Birmingham, Arts is Sciences, Phi Mu, Spirit, YVVCA, French Club. Ninth Row: GALLUPS, JACKIE, Fairfield, Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . GAMMAGE, LON C., Columbus, Georgia, Arts cz Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau . . . GASKIN, A. JAYNE, Sylacauga, Education, BSU . . . GASS, HENRY BARNARD, Florence, Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Crimson Guard . . . GEIST, JERRY, Bronx, New York, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi , . . GEORGE, CHALMER DEAN, Gadsden, Engineering . . . GEWIN, SAMUEL ROBERT, Elmhurst, Illinois, Engineering, Theta Xi . . . GIBSON, GERRY, Selma, Arts ok Sciences, Alpha Delta Pi, Spfrft. Bottom Row: GIBSON, TIM, Biloxi, Mississippi, Arts N Sciences, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . GIFFONIELLO, CHARLES EDWARD, Newark, New Jersey, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . GILBERT, RONI, Nanhasset, New York, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . GOBER, VVAYNE, Double Springs, Chemistry . . . GOFF, MARY LOUISE, Montgomery, Commerce, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit . . . GOLDBERG, ROBERT, Birmingham, Arts Lk Sciences, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, C-W . . . GOLDBLATT, BUTCH, Montgomery, Arts Et Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . GOLDSTEIN, SUSAN, Columbus, Georgia, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Spirit, Mahout. Goodwin Gould Gray, D. Gray, E. Green Greenberg, A. Greenberg, R. Greenwood Greif Griffin Griffith Gross Gugliotta Gunter Hagood Haigler Hairston Halbert Holes Hall, E. Hall, W. Hamilton, F. Hamilton, H. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, P. Hammond Harden Harmon Harper Harris, C. Harris, Jane Harris, Jimmy Harris, J. Harris, L. Harrison Hart Hartselle Harvard Harwell Hayes, P. Hayes, V. Hcynie Heinz Henderson Hendrick Hendrix Henry Hester Higgs Hill, A. Hill, G. Hinson Hinton Hipp Hitchcock Hixon Hocutt Hollis, N. Hollis, S. Holloway Hood Hope Hopkins Hopper Houston, C. B. Houston, C. Howard, M. C Howell Hufnal Hulsey Humber Humphrey .54 f X W ff! X X iff Mlnagw Zi X fx. f f f7 fir W wi 210 i THE COROLLA SALUTES HBHMTN Top Row: GOODWVIN, BETSY TYREE, Atlanta, Georgia, Nursing, Kappa Delta, Spirit, ASSNA . . . GOULD, MYLES, Homewood, Com- merce, Kappa Nu . . . GRAY, DORIS, Eutaw, Arts or Sciences, Delta Gamma, YWCA, DSF, Spirit, Spanish Club . . . GRAY, EUGENIA F., Ft. McClellan, Home Economics, Agnes Ellen Harris . , . GREEN, ROBERT B., Sylacauga, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . GREENBERG, ARNOLD, Brooklyn, New York, Engineering, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . GREENBERG, ROBERTA, Dothan, Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Founda- tion, Spirit . . . GREENWOOD, JANIS, Birmingham, Education. THE Second Row: GREIF, BETTY, Mobile, Arts K Sciences, Sigma Delta Tau, Spirit, Hillel Foundation . . . GRIFFIN, JUDSON RAY, JR., Demopolis, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . GRIFFITH, DALE G., Prentiss, Mississippi, Engineering . . . GROSS, YONA, Montgomery, Education, Delta Phi Epsilon, Spirit . . . GUGLIOTTA, SAM FRANK, Selma, Arts 5: Sciences, Theta Xi . . . GUNTER, VAN, Woodstock, Engineering . . . HAGOOD, JOHNNY, Evergreen, Arts it Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . HAIGLER, JULIA, Birmingham, Arts 51 Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Spirit. Third Row: HAIRSTON, FORREST RANDOLPH, Cullman, Arts R Sciences, Delta Tau Delta, ACRA . . . HALBERTH, MICHAEL, Valley Stream, New York, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation . . . HALES, CAROLYN JUNE, Birmingham, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Agnes Ellen Harris, Junior Panhellenic . . . HALL, ERLE M., Montgomery, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . HALL, WILLIAM A., Gadsden, Com- merce, Theta Xi . . . HAMILTON, FRED M., Montgomery, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . HAMILTON, HAL, Eutaw, Arts Lk Sciences, Phi Delta Theta . . . HAMILTON, JESSIE NELL, Trussville, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Gamma, YWCA. Fourth Row: HAMILTON, PEYTIE, Greenville, Arts 5: Sciences, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Spirit, Daughters of the King, Spanish Club . . . HAMMOND, VVILLIAM C., JR., Jackson, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, XVABP Staff . . . HARDEN, JAMES VV., Birmingham, Commerce . . . HARMON, SARA JANE, Roanoke, Arts 8: Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Spirit, YWCA, Junior Panhellenic . . . HARPER, LARRY JOE, Dothan, Arts K Sciences, Kappa Sigma . . . HARRIS, CLAUDE, Bessemer, Freshman, Commerce, Theta Xi . . . HARRIS, JANE, Cherokee, Commerce, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit . . . HARRIS, JIMMY CARL, Fairfield, Commerce. Fifth Row: HARRIS, JOY, Richmond, Virginia, Arts Br Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Freshman Council, C-W . . . HARRIS, LIBBY ANN, Birmingham, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA . . . HARRISON, JUDITH LYNN, Washington, D. C., Arts Cv Sciences . . . HART, GLORIA JEAN, Birmingham, Engineering, Alpha Phi . . . HARTSELLE, WILLIAM, Decatur, Engineering, Kappa Alpha . . . HARVARD, DAVID E., Dothan, Commerce, Theta Chi . . . HARWELL, FRANK L., Talladega, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . HAYES, PRISCILLA D., Lanett, Home Economics, YWCA, C-W. was v-ugh. Jr' PHIL MAGNES, Mobile, wcis vice-president of Rho Alpha Tau, o member of Crimson Guorcl, ond Bomo Day Committee. Sixth Row: HAYES, VAN LOUIE, JR., Fairfield, Commerce, Chi Phi . . . HAYNIE, MARTHA, Carrollton, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Spirit, Newman Club, Agnes Ellen Harris, YWCA . . . HEINZ, TUTTER ANN, Selma, Arts 61 Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit, YWCA, AROTC Sponsor, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi . . . HENDERSON, JACOB, Alexander City, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . . . HENDRICK, MARY ANN, Birmingham, Commerce . . . HENDRIX, CHARLES, Fayette, Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . HENRY, JOSEPH RICH, Mobile, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . HESTER, JANE, Birmingham, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Agnes Ellen Harris, YWCA, Wesley Foundation. Seventh Row: HIGGS, ROBERT, Huntsville, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Greek Editor, Corolla . . . HILL, ADRIAN, Colombia, South America, Engineering, ISA . . . HILL, GERALD R., Birmingham, Com- merce . . . HINSON, MARTHA ANN, Miami, Florida, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Agnes Ellen Harris, Spirit . . . HINTON, JUDY, DcFuniak Springs, Florida, Arts or Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, Spanish Club, YWCA . . . HIPP, TED, Fyffe, Engineering, Theta Xi . . . HITCHCOCK, GARY, Birmingham, Engineering, Theta Chi, Crimson Guard , . . HIXON, MACK D., Perote, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, French Club. Eighth Row: I-IOCUTT, MARGARET ANN, Tuscaloosa, Home Eco- nomics, YWCA, BSU, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . HOLLIS, NIN, Brantley, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . HOLLIS, STEADMAN L., Dothan, Arts k Sciences, Kappa Sigma . . . HOLLOWVAY, ROSALYN F., Tallassee, Education . . . HOOD, RAY VAN, Birmingham, Engineering, Theta Xi . . . HOPE, DIANE A., Teaneck, New Jersey, Arts 8: Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Press Club . . . HOPKINS, JUDY, Mobile, Arts or Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Spirit, French Club . . . HOPPER, WILLIAM R., Montgomery, Arts dr Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi. Bottom Row: HOUSTON, CAUSEY B., Mobile, Arts Br Sciences, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . HOUSTON, CLYDE, Eufaula, Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Spirit, Major Club, ACRA . . . HOWARD, MARY CHARLOTTE, Tuscumbia, Arts Bt Sciences, Alpha Phi, Spirit, Spanish Club . . . HOWARD, WILLIAM E., Albertville, Engineering, Chi Phi , . . HOWELL, DAVID, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . HUETER, UWE, Huntsville, Engineering . . . HUFNAL, WILLIAM, Dover, Delaware, E11I1iHG9fi1'1g - - - HULSEY, ANN, Tuscaloosa, Arts :St Sciences, Spirit, Westminster Fellowship . . . HUMBER, JOHNNY J., Fayette, Commerce . . . HUMPHREY, RICHARD, Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. Hurlbut Hurst Hurt Husfon Hydinger Jackson Jaffe Jaffee Jarman Jennings Johnaon Johns, E. Johns, M. E. Johnson, B. Johnson, B. Johnson, J. Johnson, M. Johnson, N. Johnslon, B. Johnslon, B Jones, C. E. Jones, S. S. Jones, W. E Jordon, C. D. Jorda n, J. Joyner Justice Jullcins Kampf Kaner Karpeles Karpinski Kellam Keller Kelly Key Kipp Kiffrell Klinger Knight Koenemann Kohn Krouse Kruggel Kulbersh Kurland Lancasler, C. Lancaster, D. Laney Langford Langley Langus Larliins Larsen Laslcy Lawerence Lay Leavitt Lelaowich Lee, H. A. Lee, J. D, Lee, N. Leis Levine Levinson Lewis, C. F. Lewis, F. C. Lewis, J. Lightfoot Lincer Lisenba LiMle .M. f 4 f W f Q, , , 7 X . 5 ' MlLz'JY?tQ9 X 5 f .. J' f M K I K .I , ,yy 1 sf' Aff ,H , I 3 V, 1, ,rw rc J ,my yt , .f ' ,r 1 4 Q ,. , , J lfif' . J WE' ills is rg K My Q' if aw ,af 141 X I me uv f fu, Z V f H be A i f f f 4 Ks ,541 INA! 'fi' A- fam' V lr" L If 1 1 f " 5 S 75' ' 4' W 44. ,I QW 7 4, .V Z . C ff 1 ' I 1, , -k , X , f, t THE COROLLA SALUTES tlitSHMtN Top Row: HUNT, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Mobile, Arts or Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma, Track Team, Sabre Drill Team . . . HURLBUT, MILES KENNETH, Port St. Joe, Florida, Arts 6: Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . HURST, SARAH J., Jacksonville, Florida, Arts 6: Sciences, Spirit, YWCA . . . HURT, MARTHA NELL, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Junior Panhellenic, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . HUSTON, FAITH CECILE, Bessemer, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA . . . HUTT, JOHNNY MACK, Tuscaloosa, Arts tk Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . HYDINGER, MARY VIRGINIA, Birmingham, Education, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA, Newman Club . . . JACKSON, GARY, Tuscaloosa, Arts oz Sciences, Delta Tau Delta . . . JAFFE, ALAN BARRY, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Nu . . . JAFFEE, PATSYE, Memphis, Tennessee, Home Economics, Sigma Dlta Tau, Spirit, Hillel Foundatioen. Scond Row: JARMAN, WAYNE L., Chickasaw, Arts 6: Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi . . . JENNINGS, BOBBY, Tunscaloosa, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . JOHNAON, C. KELLY, Montgomery, Arts tk Sciences, Theta Chi . . . JOHNS, ELOISE, Montgomery, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit . . . JOHNS, MYRNA ELAINE, Elba, Education . . . JOHNSON, BETTY WYNNE, Birmingham, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris, Freshman Council, Junior Panhellenic . . . JOHNSON, BRENDA J., Gadsden, Commerce, Wesley Foundation . . . JOHNSON, JO ANN, Montgomery, Home Economics, Phi Mu, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris. Third Row: JOHNSON, MARGARET, Jackson, Arts K Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, Band, YWCA, BSU, University Players . . . JOHNSON, NANCY LEE, Anniston, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Spirit . . . JOHNSTON, BEN, Aliceville, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta . . . JOHNSTON, BOB M., Decatur, Georgia, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . JONES, CARL E., JR., Century, Florida, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . JONES, SANDRA SHELTON, Mobile, Commerce, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YWVCA . . . JONES, WILLIAM E., Mobile, Arts wk Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma, Sabre Air Command . . . JORDAN, C. DEXTER, Columbus, Georgia, Com- merce, Sigma Alpha Mu. Fourth Row: JORDAN, JERRY, Belmont, New York, Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . JOYNER, CAROL ANN, Mobile, Education, Phi Mu, Freshman Council . . . JUSTICE, JUDITH MAUDE, Montgomery, Corn- merce, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Cheerleader . . . JUTKINS, JOYCE MARILYN, Birmingham, Home Economics, Phi Mu, Freshman Council, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . KAMPF, MICHAEL, Newark, New Jersey, Arts ol Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation, Rifle Team . . . KANER, WALTER, Staten Island, New York, Arts tk Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi, ACRA . . . KARPELES, LEO MILTON, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta . . . KARPINSKI, ANN, Mobile, Arts Sz Sciences, Delta Gamma, Orchestra, Concert Band, Junior Panhellenic, Freshman Representative, AWS. Fifth Row: KELLAM, DONALD EDWARD, Mount Vernon, Engineering . . . KELLER, THOMAS K., Albertville, Engineering, Theta Chi . . . KELLY, SUE, Headland, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . KEY, JOHN S., Decatur, Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . KIPP, HENRY R., Staton Island, New York, Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . KITTRELL, CHARLES, Mobile, Commerce, Sigma Chi . . . KLINGER, EDMOND, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . KNIGHT, MICHAEL D., Mobile, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. 151 i .. , . ,Ji. - 5242? f li L J it fia ELIZABETH MAXWELL, Northport, was a member ot the fresh- man debate squad, and was a pledge to Alpha Delta Pi. Sixth Row: KOENEMANN, LYNN CROOK, Dothan, Arts 6: Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta . . . KOHN, FRANCIS H., Montgomery, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Rho Alpha Tau . . . KROUSE, JEROLD DAVID, Natchez, Mississippi, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation . . . KRUGGEL, SIDNEY PAULA, Birmingham, Arts K Sciences, Delta Zeta, Spanish Club, Spirit, Art Club, YYVCA . . . KULBERSH, KAREN, Columbus, Georgia, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit, Junior Panhellenic . . . KUPPER ,COOKIE, Miami Beach, Florida, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . KURLAND, JEFFREY, Miami, Florida, Arts tk Sciences, Sigma Alpha Mu, Mahout, Spanish Club . . . LANCASTER, CAROLE, Allgood, Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta, Spirit, University Players . . . LANCASTER, DENNY, Mobile, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma. Seventh Row: LANEY, JO DEL, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . LANCFORD, JOHN B. G., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . LANGLEY, LAURA ROSS, Enterprise, Arts Br Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, French Club, Spirit, YWCA, C-W . . . LANGUS, JOHN C., JR., Mobile, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . LARKINS, JUDY, Decatur, Arts lk Sciences, Chi Omega, YWCA . . . LARSEN, SWISS, Birmingham, Arts LY Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . LASKY, MARY GOLDE, Aberdeen, MIssZssippi, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . LAWRENCE, Team. VVILLIAM D., JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Baseball Eighth Row: LAY, LARRY, Huntsville, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . . . LEAVITT, CHRIS, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Phi . . . LEBOWICH, JANE, Waban, Maccachusetts, Arts tk Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, French Club, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . LEE, HELEN ANNE, Montgomery, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Newman Club, Sp'rlt, YWCA . . . LEE, JAMES DANIEL, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Chi Phi . . . LEE, MARY NINA, Birmingham, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA . , . LEIS, JOCKLYN LUCILLE, Palm Beach, Flordia, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, SEA . . . LEVINE, ROSALIND, Huntsville, Education, Delta Phi Epsilon. Bottom Row: LEVINSON, AUDREY JUNE, Miami Beach, Florida, Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, ACRA . . . LEWIS, CHARLOTTE FAY, Bessemer, Arts 81 Sciences, University Players . . . LEWIS, FREDA CAROL, Atlanta, Georgia, Commerce, Dclta Phi Epsilon, Spirit, Hillel Foundation . . . LEWIS, JOHN, Macon, Georgia, Engineering, Theta Xi . . . LICHTFOOT, WINNIE, Tuskegee, Arts tk Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit . . . LINCER, MADELINE, Atlanta, Georgia, Home Economics, Hillel Foundation . . . LISENBA, BOB, Gadsden, Arts tk Sciences, Lambda Chi Alpha, Crimson Guard . . . LITTLE, ANN, Enfaula, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YXVCA, NEA. Littrell Livingston Lockard Logan London Long, L. T. Long, P. D. Lott Luclcett Lunsford Lusk Lyle Lyles Lyon MacNab MacQueen McAdams McCall McCarty McClusky McCooe McCrimmon McCullough McDonnell McDonald, C. McDonald, J. McDuffie McEachin McFerrin McGeary McGinnis McFouirk Mclnlay Mclnnis Mclnnish, J. C Mclnnish, K. Mclntyre McKean McKee McNamara McNamara McNeal McQueen Magnes Main Malone Maltby Mann Mantel Marbury March Marley Martin, C. Martin, C. A. Martin, D. Martin, J. G, Mathews, F. Mathews, M. Matthews, E. Matthews, L. Mattison Mauck Maxwell, E. Maxwell, J. Maxwell, T. Meadows, M. Meadows, R. Merritt Meyer Mickler Miller Mills ,, X ' ,,, f f . . , "" f ',,, ,WLM , X X X ,W , 7 f 4 'C f f 70 "1 " ft' ' MM Lf .21 f ,, A M WW qu THE COROLLA SALUTES WSHMPN Top Row: LITTRELL, MARY VIRGINIA, Athens, Home Economics, Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit . . . LIVINGSTON, JUDITH ANNE, Decatur, Commerce . . . LOCKARD, BOYD, Huntsville, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Corolla . . . LOGAN, DEREK, Tuscaloosa, Arts 61 Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . LONDON, JEFFREY, New York, New York, Arts 6: Sciences, Alpha. Epsilon Pi, President of Pledge Class, Rho Alpha Tau . . . LONG, LORA T., Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Phi . . . LONG, PATRICIA DIANE, Moulton, Education, Spanish Club . . . LOTT, LAMAR, Union Springs, Education, Pi Kappa Phi. Second Row: LUCKETT, MICHAEL H., Birmingham, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta . . . LUNSFORD, MAMIE, Eutaw, Nursing, Delta Gamma, YWCA, ACRA . . . LUSK, HELEN, Huntsville, Education, Alpha Phi, YWCA, Spirit . . . LYLE, JAMES DAVID, Holt, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . . . LYLES, RANDALL B., Fyffe, Arts 6z Sciences, Theta Xi . . . LYON, DIANNE, Urbana, Ohio, Arts 6zSciences, Delta Gamma, YWCA, University Players . . . MacNAB, MARGARET ANNE, San Marino, Califor- nia, Arts 61 Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Spirit . . . MacQUEEN, MARGARET GILES, Birmingham, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta. Third Row: MCADAMS, CAROLE, Reform, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, SEA, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . McCALL, WILLIAM FRANK, Birmingham, Engineering, Delta Chi . . . McCARTY, WILLIAM L., JR., Montgomery, Arts 61 Sciences, Phi Delta Theta . . . McCLUSKY, BARBARA, Tuscaloosa, Arts 6: Sciences, Spirit, YWCA . . . McCOOE, ELIZABETH MELINDA, New Orleans, Louisiana, Arts 6z Sciences, Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit . . . McCRIMMON, ANITA LOUISE, Tuscaloosa, Education, Delta Delta. Delta, Spirit, YWCA . . . McCULLOUGH, ERVIN, Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . McDONNELL, BERNICE MARGNEITTE, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Arts 6t Sciences, Alpha Phi, Spirit, Newman Club. Fourth Row: MeDONALD, CANDY, Mobile, Chemistry, Spirit, YWCA, Canterbury, Daughters of the King, Pasteur Society . . . McDONALD, JEANETTE, Huntsville, Arts 6x Sciences, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA . . . McDUFFIE, JOANNE, Enterprise, Nursing, Spirit, YWCA, ASSNA . . . MCEACHIN, HERBERT T., Enterprise, Engineering . . . MCFERRIN, MICHAEL OAKLEY, Greenville, Arts 6t Sciences, Sigma Nu, Mahout . . . McGEARY, JOHN J., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Commerce . . . McGINNIS, CAROL RUTH, Birmingham, Arts 6z Sciences, Delta Zeta, Debate Squad, YWCA . . . MCGOUIRK, JAMES DONALD, Dothan, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. Fifth Row: McILNAY, LARRY, Mobile, Engineering . . . McINNIS, ELLEN STANLEY, Montgomery, Arts 6K Sciences . . . McINNISH, JOHN C., Union Springs, Arts 6z Sciences, Sigma Nu . . . McINNISH, KAY, Tallassee, Nursing . . . McINTYRE, ANNA V., Washington, D. C., Educa- tion, Alpha Xi Delta . . . MCKEAN, THOMAS A., Decatur, Arts 61 Sciences, Freshman Basketball . . . McKEE, THOMAS C., Montgomery, Engineering . . . McNAMARA, KEVIN, Amherst, New York, Commerce. . . . MCNEAL, JAMES E., Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon ' 5 l " X ws" 1 t X- ,": - 'L Xe .. ' ...k ,.,,..,,v TOM MOORE, Tuscaloosa, was president of Rho Alpha Tau, freshman honorary, and a member of Phi Gamma Delta. Sixth Row: McNAMARA, RUSS, Mobile, Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . McQUEEN, WILLIAM N., JR., Montgomery, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . MAGNES, PHILLIP ALLEN, Mobile, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Crimson Guard, Rho Alpha Tau, Vice President . . . MAIN, JAMES GAY, Montgomery, Engineering, Delta Chi . . . MALONE, EDGAR ROBERT, Dothan, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . MALTBY, KATHLEEN, Syracuse, New York, Arts 6z Sciences . . . MANN, FRANCIS, Montgomery, Com- merce. Seventh Row: MANTEL, LYNDA, Brewton, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Freshman Council, YWCA, Spirit . . . MARBURY, LEE D., JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . MARCH, JUNE, Mobile, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . MARLEY, DAVID E., Bambridge, Arts 6z Sciences, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau, Debate Team, Crimson Guard . . . MARTIN, CLARA, Clayton, Education, Kappa Delta, Spirit, YWCA . . . MARTIN, CURRIE ALLEN, JR., Mobile, Arts Ck Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Crimson Guard, Spanish Club . . . MARTIN, DONALD, Sheffield, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Mahout . . . MARTIN, JOHN G., Bessemer, Arts 61 Sciences, Chi Phi. Eighth Row: MATHEWS, FRANCES, Montgomery, Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . MATHEWS, MARCIA ANNE, Tuscaloosa, Arts Ck Sciences, Kappa Delta, Spirit, YWCA, French Club . . . MATTHEWS, ELAINE, Mobile, Education, Phi Mu, Spirit, YWCA . . . MATTHEWS, LINDA, Mobile, Education, Phi Mu, Spirit, YWCA . . . MATTISON, SHEILA ANN, Atlanta, Georgia, Nursing, Chi Omega, YWCA, Freshman Council, Spirit, ASSNA . . . MAUCK, DAVID, Princeton, Indiana, Com- merce, Delta Tau Delta . . . MAXWELL, ELIZABETH, Northport, Arts 6: Sciences, Alpha Delta Pi, Debate Team . . . MAXWELL, JEAN, Northport, Education, Delta Zeta, SEA, Spirit. Bottom Row: MAXWELL, TROY H., Sheffield, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . MEADOWS, MALAINE, Fairfax, Home Economics . . . MEADOWS, RAMONA, Tuscaloosa, Education, Band . . . MERRITT, BOB, Fayette, Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . MEYER, JOHNNY, Hanceville, Engineering, Theta Chi . . . MICKLER, MARTHA JELANE, Florala, Nursing, Alpha Phi, ASSNA, Spirit, Spanish Club . . . MILLER, HEDY, Shreveport, Louisiana, Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Spirit, Hillel Foundation, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . MILLS, STEPHEN L., Citronelle, Arts 6: Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega. 23 Mitchell Moff Mohr Moister Monfee Montgomery Moody Moore, D. L. Moore, M. E. Moore, R. Moore, T. Morgan Morris, A. Morris, S. E. Morrison, K. H. Morrison, R. D. Morton Moseley Moseley Mudge Munro Murphy Namie Neidenbach Neilson Noblin Noojin .loyes Null Oahley O'FIinn Olive O'Neol O'NeiI Ornstein Oswalt Otey Overstreet Owens Owen Ozarowski Padgett Poke Parker, J. C. Parker, N. D. Parks Parrent Parrish Partridge Pote Patiky Patterson Payne, C. L. Payne, J. Payne, R. S. Peirce Perkins Petrey, C. Petrey, R. L. Phillias, D. Phillips, M. A. Pitts Pollard Ponder Porter Posey Potts Powell Prater Prestwood Prewitt Price ,,.. 2 ,I A X f KW f , f ff!! ff . fjf I' ,W - H QV V . I ' J' fe.. , .1 , f fi X 'W 1:21. . 'MU' 2. 2155 .., W- fi. ifffff' ' f . f , e ,L Wham' 216 Zi ,Mgffg:'z M Zfjef, 2, 4-V f , f W 'X f fn2 , 1, IQ THE COROLLA SALUTES tlliillllill Top Row: MITCHELL, MARY ANN, Tuscaloosa, Arts tk Sciences, Delta. Delta Delta, Spirit, AROTC Sponsor, Pi Kappa Phi, Sweetheart . . . MOFF, JOANNE ILENE, Burlington, North Carolina, Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, ACRA, Spirit . . . MOHR, DONALD RAY, Bessemer, Arts or Sciences, Chi Phi, Rho Alpha Tau, University Players . . . MOISTER, GRACE, Atlanta, Georgia, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris, Daughters of the King . . . MONFEE, RORERTA, Prattville, Education . . . MONTGOMERY, VIRGINIA, Greenville, Arts 8: Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit . . . MOODY, CLAUDE ALTON, Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . MOORE, DONALD L., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Sigma Chi, Crimson Guard. Second Row: MOORE, lNIARY ELIZABETH, Montgomery, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YWCA . . . MOORE, RAY, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Chi Phi, Rho Alpha Tau . . . MOORE, THOMAS, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Rho Alpha Tau, President . , . MORGAN, KEN L., JR., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . MORRIS, ALLAN, Gadsden, Engineering, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . MORRIS, SANDRA ELAINE, Atlanta, Georgia, Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Spirit, Hillel Foundation . . . MORRISON, KEN HARPER, Selma, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . MORRISON, ROBERT D., Weston, Con- necticut, Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, Newman Club. Third Row: MORTON, WADE H., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . MOSELEY, JAMES, Dothan, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . MOSELY, RUFUS CLARENCE, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Chi Phi . . . MUDGE, GAYLE MARGARET, Mobile, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, SEA, ACRA . . . MUNRO, HAROLD, Columbus, Georgia, Arts or Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . MURPHY, BECKY J., Mobile, Home Economics, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Ha1'ris . . . NAMIE, LOUIS JOSEPH, Decatur, Commerce, Sabre Drill Team . . . NEIDENBACH, KENNETH P., Mobile, Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa. Fourth Row: NEILSON, SAMUEL E., Demopolis, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . NICHOLS, BRONNIE, JR., Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . NOBLIN, GEORGE, Geneva, Arts tk Sciences, Kappa Sigma . . . NOOJIN, FRANK K., Huntsville, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . NOYES, EDWARD D., Mobile, Commerce . . . NULL, CHARLES LAWVRENCE, Demopolis, Arts 25: Sciences, Theta Chi . . . OAHLEY, WVILLIAM B., Colombia, Engineering, Sigma Nu . . . O'FLINN, MARY ROSE, Selma, Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, ROTC Spon- son, YVVCA, Spirit . . . OLIVE, DAVID R., Florence, Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Fifth Row: O'MELIA, THOMAS H., Grove Hill, Arts wk Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . O'NEAL, JOHN, Huntsville, Arts -Sz Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega . . . O'NEIL, JANET, Birmingham, Home Economics, Zeta Tan Alpha, Spirit, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . ORNSTEIN, MELVIN HENRY, West Long Branch, New Jersey, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation, Spanish Club . . . OSWALT, OUIDA, Tuskegee, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, SEA . . . OTEY, EMELINE McCONNELL, Talladega, Commerce, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit . . . OVERSTREET, DONALD, Mobile, Engineering, Sabre Drill Team . . , OVVENS, ARTHUR HAZLETON, III, Birmingham, Arts fk Sciences, Sigma' 3 CLAIRE ROBERTS, Birmingham, was elected president of the Freshman YWCA, cmd also was a pledge to Pi Beta Phi. Chi, German Club, VVesley Foundation . . . OWEN, SANDRA LOUISE, Gadsden, Chemistry, Delta Zeta, Spirit, YWCA, Pasteur Society. Sixth Row: OZAROWSKI, PETER CHARLES, Yonkers, New York, Chemistry, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . PADGETT, JO ANNE, Birmingham, Arts Br Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Spanish Club, Spirit . . . PAKE, S. LEE, Montgomery, Arts or Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau, Crimson Guard . . . PARKER, JAMES CARL, Fairhope, Engineering, Chi Phi, Band . . . PARKER, NANCY DEELENA, Aliceville, Home Economics . . . PARKS, JOHN CHARLES, Huntsville, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta . . . PARRENT, WALTER, Opelika, Arts 8z Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega . . . PARRISH, RODNEY D., Dothan, Engineering. Seventh Row: PARTRIDGE, THAD, Mobile, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . PATE, WESLEY, Evergreen, Chemistry, Phi Sigma Kappa, Rho Alpha Tau . . . PATIKY, MARILYN LOIS, Hintington, Long Island, New York, Arts or Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . PATTERSON, JEWEL, Northport, Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit . . . PAYNE, CHARLES L., Montgomery, Arts be Sciences, Crimson Guard . . . PAYNE, JACK, Montgomery, Arts 81 Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . PAYNE, ROBERT S., JR., Montgomery, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Tau Delta . . . PEIRCE, ALBERT E., IV, Montgomery, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi. Eighth Row: PERKINS, GEORGE, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . PETREY, CURTIS, Petrey, Arts K Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega . . . PETREY, ROBERT L., Montgomery, Connnerce . . . PHILLIPS, DOUGLAS, Linden, Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . PHILLIPS, MARY ANN, Roanoke, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YVVCA . . . PITTS, MORRIS MICHAEL, JR., Fairfield, Engineering, Delta Chi . . . POLLARD, MARGIE LOUISE, Mobile, Home Economics, Phi Mu, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . PONDER, FRED THOMAS, Weogufka, Arts R Sciences, Theta Xi. Bottom Row: PORTER, GWEN MARIE, Gadsden, Arts 8: Sciences, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . POSEY, CAROL, Birmingham, Arts tk Sciences, Phi Mu, Spirit, YWCA . . . POTTS, SHERMAN M., Fairfax, Arts or Sciences, Chi Phi, President of Pledge Class . . . POWELL, JAMES BLACKMON, III, Union Springs, Arts 8: Sciences, Sigma Nu . . . PRATER, MARY JANE, Wilbraham, Massachusetts, Nursing, Delta Zeta, Spirit, ASSNA . . . PRESTWOOD, LINDA, Fort Payne, Education, YWCA, Spirit . . . PREWITT, GEORGE D., Atmore, Arts EY Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi . . . PRICE, MARTHA ROSE, Mobile, Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit. Pride Prifchetf Propsf Prueft Pugh Ragone Ramsay Rapp Ratner Rausa Rawls Redding Reiss Reiier Reynolds Richard Richerson, G. Richerson, T. Richmond Rickles Roberls, C. Roberls, E. Roberts, J. D. Rockell Rodgers Roldam Roose Rose Rosenba um Rosinslxi Rubel Ruffin Rushin Rufherford Rutledge Sabesan Sf. George Saks Salvo Salzman Sampson, J. Sampson, S. Sanders, J. Sanders, S. Sawyer Scanlon Schaumburg Schear Schell Schenck Schilleci Schlesinger Schoel Schor Schulf Scruggs Seole Seay Sellers Senfer Sessions Sewell, R. Sewell, T. Shapiro Shaver Shepard Sheppard Sherman Shewell Siegel Sikes Simmons 'Q' .gg i W ,L 'S f"',!' 4 Q Q' V ' Q 45. W 41253 ' "M , fag i of f 4 4,3a,.m ,.yf,.5, , , V 3' cs f J ,, K I 'K' Wm as is A Q75 - I f k , W ,ik .f as Q f X f fi f "'. Wes- ' I -. 36? f V 'f U A Q " ' , an if me - . 'F gi Q11 ii- ' Q2 Z 218 new-X f g f f f X f 1 , WWW!! ' ' ' W " , UVM I f 2 1 5 1., 'N THE COROLLA SALUTES iiiiiiilliii Top Row: PRIDE, GOODLOE, Tuscumbia, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . PRITCHETT, JERRY, Union Springs, Arts tk Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi . . . PROPST, CHARLIE DANIEL, Fayette, Arls tk Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . PRUETT, LEONE, Gadsden, Arts or Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit, YWCA . . . PUGH, MARGARET A., Birmingham, Nursing, Zeta Tau Alpha, Spirit . . . RAGONE, BARRY MICHAEL, Miami, Florida, Arts Sz Sciences, Sigma Alpha Mu, Rho Alpha Tau, Hillel Foundation, C-W . . . RAMSAY, REBECCA ANN, Memphis, Tennessee, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spirit, YWCA . . . RAPP, PAMELA, Atlanta, Georgia, Nursing, Spirit, YWCA. Second Row: RATNER, DAVID S., St. Clair Shores, Michigln, Com- merce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . RAUSA, FRANK CRAIG, Hartselle, Engi- neering . . . RAWLS, W. F., Plateau, Engineering . . . REDDING, JUDITH OLIVIA, Webb, Home Economics, Delta Zeta, YWCA, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . REISS, TAMARA RUTH, Mobile, Arts LY Sciences, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, French Club . . . REITER, SUZANNE, New Orleans, Louisiana, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . REYNOLDS, JOYCE, Birmingham, Nursing, Spirit, YWCA, ASSNA . . . RICHARD, JAMES, Huntsville, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Cotillion Club. Third Row: RICHERSON, GORDON, Mobile, Engineering, Sigma Chi, Canterbury . . . RICHERSON, THOMAS S., Mobile, Arts or Sciences, Sigma Chi . . . RICHMOND, BEVERLY, Mobile, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sympjhony Orchestra . . . RICKLES, GORDON, Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . ROBERTS, BARBARA, Montgomery, Education, Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA . . . ROBERTS, CLAIRE, Birming- ham, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, President of Freshman Y, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris, French Club . . . ROBERTS, ELAINE, Birmingham, Arts 6: Sciences, Delta Gamma, YWCA, C-W, Spirit . . , ROBERTS, JIM D., Macon, Georgia, Arts Br Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . ROCKETT, JOHNNY, Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: RODGERS, VVILLIANI STAN, Huntsville, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau, Bama Chest Committee, Bama Day Com- mittee . . . ROLDAN, JEROME L., Mobile, Chemistry, Newman Club, SRA, Sabres . . . ROOSE, SARA J., Birmingham, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Band, MENC, Orchestra . . . ROSE, KENT, Montgomery, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega . . . ROSENBAUM, JOAN S., Miami Beach, Florida, Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, ACRA . . . ROSINSKI, KLAUS, Huntsville, Arts St Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . RUBEL, SANDRA, Corinth, Mississippi, Arts Bc Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Spirit, Hillel Foundation . . . RUFFIN, JAN, Birmingham, Arts LY Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Spirit, YWCA. Fifth Row: RUSHIN, H. CARLTON, Birmingham, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega . . . RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM ALLEN, Gadsden, Engineering . . . RUTLEDGE, JERRY O., Jasper, Arts 61 Sciences . . . SABESAN, SHELDON, Bronxville, New York, Arts 81 Sciences, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . ST. GEORGE, MICHAEL F., Birmingham, Arts R Sciences . . . SAKS, CHARLES, Gadsden, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . SALVO, BARBARA ANN, Gordo, Nursing, USNII . . . SALZMAN, STEPHEN F., Ormsby, Minnesota, Commerce. .4 .1 M.,-,M ,M- STANLEY ROGERS, a Pi Kappa Alpha from Huntsville, was the Greek Chairman of Bama Chest, member of Rho Alpha Tau. Sixth Row: SAMPSON, JERRY D., Montgomery, Arts 81 Sciences, Delta Tau Delta . . . SAMPSON, SARAH ELIZABETH, Hinsdale, Illinois, Arts 65 Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . SANDERS, JIMMY, Cottondale, Arts ZS: Sciences . . . SANDERS, SALLY, Jackson, Tennessee, Home Eco- nomics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, AROTC Sponsor, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . SAWYER, ANN, New Orleans, Louisiana, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . SCANLON, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Paducah, Kentucky, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, Spirit, YWCA, C-W . . . SCHAUMBERG, WENDA, New Orleans, Louisiana, Arts EI Sciences, Newman Club, YWCA . . . SCHEAR, SHARON ANN, St. Louis, Missouri, Education, Delta Phi Epsilon, llillel Foundation, Spirit. Seventh Row: SCHELL, PATSY, Sheffield, Chemistry, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit, Pasteur Society . . . SCHENCK, HENRY J., New Orleans, Louisiana, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . SCHILLECI, CHARLENE. MARIA, Bessemer, Arts IS: Sciences, Delta Zeata, YWCA, Newman Club . . . SCHIMMEL, CHARLES CHRISTOPHER, JB., Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Sigma Chi . . . SCHLESINGER, BENNY, Bfookhaven, Mississippi, Com- merce, Kappa Nu . . . SCHOEL, JERRY WAYNE, Birmingham, Arts or Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta . . . SCHOR, JOHN MICHAEL, Birmingham, Arts or Sciences, Kappa Alpha . . . SCHUTT, MARTY, Harvard, Illinois, Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta, French Club . . . SCRUGGS, LINDA JANE, Fort Payne, Arts Sz Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Spanish Club, ACRA, YWCA, Spirit. Eighth Row: SEALE, JOHN FRANCIS, Montgomery, Arts or Sciences, Phi Delta Theta . . . SEAY, TEDDY, Enterprise, Education, Majors Club . . . SELLERS, JOSEPHINE, Oneonta, Arts :St Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, Band . . . SENTER, SARA MAE, Montgomery, Education, Delta Phi Epsilon, Ilillel Foundation . . . SESSIONS, MELISSA, LaGrange, Illinois, Arts 45: Sciences, Delta Gamma, Freshman Council, French Club, Spirit, YWCA . . . SEWELL, RUDY, Trinity, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Spirit, YWCA . . . SEWELL, TOMMY, Montgomery, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega . . . SHAPIRO, JUDY, Roanoke, Virginia, Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Freshman Representative to Judiciary Council. Bottom Row: SHAVER, CHARLES E., JR., Huntsville, Arts 61 Sciences, Delta Tau Delta . . . SHEPARD, JOAN M., Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, Spirit, YWCA . . . SHEPPARD, PATSY, Anniston, Home Economics, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . SHERMAN, PATRICIA, Summerdale, Arts or Sciences, Wesley Foundation . . . SHEWELL, JUDITH L., Birmingham, Home Economics, Delta Gamma, YWCA, Agnes Ellen Harris, Spirit . . . SIEGEL, BARBARA M., Anderson, South Carolina, Arts ek Sciences, Sigma Delta Tau, Spirit, C-W, Hillel Foundation . . . SIKES, ANITA, Mobile, Arts it Sciences, French Club . . . SIMMONS, JAMES M., Plateau, Commerce. Skinner, M. Skinner, R. E Slaton Sloan Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, B. B. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Smith, Smith Smith, Smith, F. F J. O. P R R .S. 1 1 IA .C Smith Smith, S S 1 C. R. D. W Edward Smith, W. O. Smitherman, Smitherman, Solomon, Solomon, Sox Spector H. P. Spencer, C. M Spencer, S. Sport Stabler Steed Stephens Stevens Stevenson Stevenson Stewart, D. Stewart, J. Stewart, R. Stone Strauss Strickland Stubbs ,J. ,M L Sullivan, K. R Sullivan, R. Tampary Tarter Tate Taylor, B. Taylor, C. Taylor, M Taylor, T. Tendrich Thomas E O. K. Terry W Thomas, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thrower Thurman Tingle Todd Torbert Tortorice Towles Townsend Tranter Traylor Treherne Turner Tyson Vann, C. Vann,, L. C. D P. THE COROLLA SALUTES lllltilllllll Top Row: SKINNER, LEIGHTON LAFAYETTE, Monroeville, Engi- neering . . . SKINNER, MARJORIE, Birmingham, Arts tk Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YYVCA . . . SKINNER, RICHARD E., Columbus, Georgia, Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . SLATON, EDXVARD BAILEY, Mobile, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . SLOAN, JAMES FLOYD, Bessemer, Arts 81 Sciences . . . SMITH, BA, Tuscumhia, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, AFROTC Sponsor, YWCA . . . SMITH, BARBARA, Montgomery, Commerce, Phi Mu, Spirit . . . SMITH, CHARLES R., .1 Huntsville, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . SMITH, DON, Northport, Engl- neering. la THE r Second Row: SMITH, EDNVARD, Gadsden, Arts CY Sciences, Phi Gammi ' Delta . . . SMITH, FRED BOGAR, Gadsden, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . SMITH, FRANCES SHANNON, Gadsden, Education, Phi Mu, Af' Spirit, YWCA, BSU . . . SMITH, JOAN, Birmingham, Arts :Sz Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . SMITH, OCLLO BOYKIN, Mobile, Commerce, Delta Delta Delta, Spirit . , . SMITH, PENELOPE STONE, Reform, Arts cc Sciences, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Press Club, Spirit . . . SMITH, REBECCA ANN, Birmingham, Nursing, Alpha Xi Delta, ASSNA . . . SMITH, RUSSEL, Birmingham, Arts lk Sciences, Delta Chi. E, it ii, lil Third Row: SMITH, SANDRA, Opp, Education, ACRA . . . SMITH, SUSAN, Deehard, Tennessee, Arts :Sz Sciences, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, French Club . . . SMITH, WILLIAM O., Birmingham, Arts Sz Sciences, Phi Delta Theta . . . SMITHERMAN, CHARLOTTE ANN, Tuscaloosa, i Education . . . SMITHERMAN, THOMAS C., Birmingham, Arts Cs Sciences, it li Debate Team . . . SOLOMON, HELENE, Aberdeen, Mississippi, Arts ck Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Junior Panhellenic, Hillel Foundation . . . SOLOMON, PHYLLIS, Atlanta, Georgia, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . SOX, JEFF, Birmingham, Commerce, Pi gs Kappa Phi. lil fi Fourth Row: SPECTOR, ROBERT, Rochester, New York, Arts 8: Sciences . . . SPENCER, CLIFFORD MORRIS, JR., Birmingham, Arts is Sciences, Phi Delta Theta . . . SPENCER, SUSANNE, Northport, Com- a merce, Delta Gamma, YWCA, University Players, Junior Panhellenic . . . SPORT, WILLIAM MAX, Ozark, Engineering, Kappa Sigma . . . STABLER, RONALD, Greenville, Commerce, Sigma Nu, Rho Alpha Tau . . . STEED, SALLY CLAIRE, Alexandria, Louisiana, Chi Omega, YWCA . . . A STEPHENS, GARY, Huntsville, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . STEVENS, THOMAS M., Mobile, Arts Sz Sciences, Phi Delta Theta. 5 fi gi 1:- Fifth Row: STEVENSON, JOAN, Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, Alpha Xi Delta . . . STEVENSON, MICHAEL JAMES, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa . . , STEWART, DAVID LEE, VVarner Robbins, Georgia, Education, C-W, Press Club , . . STEWART, JACK, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta . . . STEVVART, RICHARD, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . STONE, MELVYN DOUGLAS, Pine Apple, Arts is Sciences . . , STRAUSS, JOEL, Cedarhurst ,New York, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Spanish Cluh, Hillel Foundation . . . STRICKLAND, CLYDE HOOD, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. x JANIS WALKER, Pasccigoulo, Miss., was copy editor of the '59 Corolla, ci Delta Gamma, and on Deon's List with all A's. Sixth Row: STRONG, CHARLES B., Selma, Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . STUBBS, EUGENIA LEIGH, Birmingham, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Spirit . . . SULLIVAN, KENNETH R., Florence, Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . SULLIVAN, RAYFORD, Gary, Indiana, Arts Sz Sciences . . . TAMPARY, CONSTANTINE T., Daphne, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . , . TARTER, JAMES RODNEY, Birmingham, Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . TATE, PHILIP L., Birmingham, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . TAYLOR, BETTY JO, Dothan, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Spirit . . . TAYLOR, CASANDRA, Jasper, Education, WVesley Founda- tion,, Spirit, YWCA. Seventh Row: TAYLOR, MILFORD K., Arab, Arts 8: Sciences, Kappa Sigma . . . TAYLOR, TED, Fayette, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . TENDRICH, STEVEN, Miami, Florida, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . TERRY, BETTYE, Red Level, Arts 6: Sciences, Tri Della, C-W . . . THOMAS, EDWARD, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Shi Phi . . . THOMAS, WILLIAM H. C., Montgomery, Commerce, Theta Chi . . . THOMPSON, CHARLES R., JR., Greenville, Commerce,, Kappa Alpha . . . THOMPSON, DEVVEY EVVING, Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Eighth Row: THOMPSON, JAMES, Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . , THOMPSON, MARY, Northport, Arts or Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, YYVCA . . . THOMPSON, PHILIP BRANT, Tuscaloosa, Arts K Sciences Theta Xi . . . THROWER, JANICE, Heflin, Arts K Sciences, Phi Mu . . . THURMAN, ANDREW JEFFERSON, Gadsden, Commerce, Theta Xi, Band . . . TINGLE, GLENDA GAIL, Gadsden, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Spirit . . . TODD, JAMES, Arlington, Virginia, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta . . . TORBERT, LEON M., JR., Mobile, Arts 6: Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . TORTORICE, ROSE MARIE, Bessemer, Home Economics, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . TOWLES, KATHLEEN, Birmingham, Arts Sz Sciences, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YWCA, French Club. Bottom Row: TOWVNSEND, JOHN RONALD, Gadsden, Commerce, Theta Xi . . . TRANTER, WILLIAM H., Dothan, Engineering, Band . . . TRAYLOR, RANDY, Gadsden, Engineering, Theta Xi, Band . . . TREHERNE, DOROTHY, Atmore, Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris, YWCA . . . TUCCI, CHARLES A., Ossining, New York, Arts ik Sciences . . . TURNER, LAURA, Birmingham, Chemistry, Delta Zeta, Spirit . . . TYSON, NORMA JEAN, Anniston, Arts 15: Sciences, C-VV . . . VANN, CAROL, Tarrant, Arts 81 Sciences, Delta Zeta, YWCA . . . VANN, LENDA LEE, Huntsville, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spirit, YWCA. Vickery, J. Vickery, M. J. Vines, B. L Vines, J. Vowell Wacker Waddle Waigancl Waife Waits Walburn Walker, C. H. Walker, J. Walker, S. Walker, S. D. Walker, T. H. Wallace, J. L. Wallace, M. Wallace, M. Ward Warshaw Weaver Webb Webster, B. F. Websfer, R. Weiler, J. D. Weir Weiss Weissman Wellman Wells Wengrow Wesf, T. Weston Wheeler Whisenhuni White, F. T. While, J. A. Whife, J. A. While, R. E. Whifmire Wideman Wilcox Wildmon Wilkins Wilks Williams, B. Williams, J. M. Williams, J. M. Williams, M. N Williams, R. Williams, R. M. Williams, R. l.. Williams, S. J. Williamson, G. E Williamson, J. M Wilson, R. H. Wilson, S. Wiflman Womble Woodham Woody Word Wrighl Yancey Yanuck Young, R. Young, T. H. Youngblood Youngs Zivifz Zwerdling THE COROLLA SALUTES illldlllill Top Row: VICKERY, JAMES, Monrocville, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . VICKERY, MARY JO, Mobile, Education, Alpha Phi, YWCA, Spirit . . . VINES, BOBBY LEE, Bessemer, Engineering, Theta Xi . . . VINES, JUDSON BASIL, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Theta Xi, Band . . . VOVVELL, ELLEN BLANCHE, Birmingham, Education, Delta Zeta, VVesley Founda- tion, Junior Panhellenic, Spirit . . . WACKER, CAROLYN LOUISE, Mobile, Nursing, Delta Zeta, Spirit, YWCA . . . WADDLE, NANCY, Somerset, Kentucky, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Spirit, YWCA . . . WAIGAND, TOMMY, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta. Second Row: WAITE, FRANCES, Prichard, Commerce, Phi Mu . . . WAITS, EWELL, Bessemer, Arts 51 Sciences, Kappa Sigma, Rho Alpha Tan . . . WALBURN, JAMES H., Greenville, Arts 61 Sciences, Sigma Nu . . . WALKER, CHESTER H., Tuscaloosa, Arts ik Sciences, Phi Delta Theta . . . WALKER, JANIS A., Pascagoula, Mississippi, Commerce, Delta Gamma, Treasurer of Pledge Class, Copy Editor, Corolla, Newman Club, YWCA, Spirit . . . WALKER, SANDRA, Eufaula, Arts 81 Sciences, ACRA . . . WALKER, STANLEY D., JR., Anniston, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Crimson Guard . . . WALKER, THOMAS H., Prattville, Arts 61 Sciences, Lambda Chi Alpha. Third Row: WALLACE, JERRY L., Mobile, Commerce, Sigma Chi, Cheerleader, Crimson Guard . . . WALLACE, JO ANN, Andalusia, Home Economics . . . WALLACE, MARSHALL, Mobile, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, Sabre Drill Team . . . WALLACE, MILDRED, Andalusia, Home Economics, University Players, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . WARD, VIRGINIA, Greenville, Home Economics, Delta Gamma, YWCA, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . WARSHAW, ANN, Norfolk, Virginia, Arts tk Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . WEAVER, LAURA LEE, Birmingham, Arts 5: Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Spirit, Freshman Council . . . WVEBB, REX LIVINGSTON, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sabres . . . WEBSTER, BILLY FRED, Berry, Chemistry. Fourth Row: WEBSTER, RONALD, Birmingham, Commerce, Theta Chi . . . WEILER, JERRY DRAKE, Huntsville, Arts tk Sciences, Delta Tau Delta . . . WEIR, PHILLIP CLAY, Tuscaloosa, Arts 61 Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . WEISS, MARIFLO, Little Rock, Arkansas, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Spirit, Hillel Foundation, Majors . . . WEISSMAN, JERRY, Miami Beach, Florida, Education, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation . . . WELLMAN, GENIE, Birmingham, Arts 61 Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA, French Club . . . WELLS, INDIA MARIE, Tallassee, Nursing . . . WENCROW, MAXINE, Panama City, Florida, Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation. Fifth Row: WEST, THOMAS M., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . WESTON, JOHN M., Mobile, Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau, Crimson Guard . . . WHEELER, GERALD RAY, Truss- ville, Arts 81 Sciences, Kappa Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau, Treasurer . . . VVHISENHUNT, NINA, Bessemer, Home Economics, Spirit, Agnes Ellen Harris . . . WHITE, FRANKLIN TAYLOR, Lincoln: Engineering: Kappa Sigma . . . WVHITE, JO ANN, Jackson, Chemistry, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . WV!-IITE, JULIA ANN, Gadsden, Arts or Sciences, Phi Mu, YWCA, Spirit, Junior Panhellenic . . . WHITE, ROBERT E., Gadsden, Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha. MICKEY WOMBLE, Chcxtom, on Alpha Chi Omega, had the lead in "Green Grow the Lilcics", and is in Bcimc1's band. Sixth Row: VVHITLIIRE, GAIL, Guntersville, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Band, YWCA, Spirit . . . WVIDEMAN, HAMPTON, Wetumpka, Arts tk Sciences, Sabre Drill Team . . . VVILCOX, CHARLES, Maryville, Tennessee, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Band, Alabama Cavaliers . . . WILDMON, JOE W., Birmingham, Engineering, Delta Chi . . . WILKINS, DOROTHY ANN, Mobile, Education . . . WILKS, PAUL T., Florence, Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . WILLIAMS, BILLIE, Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Phi, YWCA . . . WILLIAMS, JAMES M., Birmingham, Engineering. Seventh Row: VVILLIAMS, JESSE McKENNEY, Montgomery, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega, Rho Alpha Tau . . . WILLIAMS, MANLY N., Aliccvillc, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta . . . WILLIAMS, RAYMOND, Mobile, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . WILLIAMS, ROSE MARY, Gadsden, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega . . . WILLIAMS, ROY L., Mobile, Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY JEAN, Birming- ham, Education, YWCA . . . WILLIAMSON, E. MILDRED, Richmond, Virginia, Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . WILLIAMSON, G. EDWARD, Mobile, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . WVILLIAMSON, JULIAN M., Talladega, Arts KY Sciences, Wesley Founda- tion. Eighth Row: WILSON, RAYMOND H., Sheffield, Arts 51 Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . WILSON, SHARROLL, Jacksonville, Florida, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Xi Delta, SMA, Spirit, Wesley Foundation, Symphony Orchestra . . . WITMAN, CHARLES MICHAEL, Mobile, Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, Rho Alpha Tau . . . WOMBLE, MICKEY, Chatom, Arts CY Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, Band, University Players, Freshman Play, Spirit, YWCA, Freshman Council . . . WOODHAM, EMILY, Hart- ford, Arts 61 Sciences . . . WOODSON, MINA, Jackson, Engineering, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, YVVCA . . . WOODY, RHETT, JR., Huntsville, Com- merce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . WORD, DIANNE, Mobile, Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Spirit . . . WRIGHT, BILL, Bessemer, Arts 61 Sciences. Bottom Row: YANCEY, PATRICIA ANN, Langdale, Arts 61 Sciences, Freshman Council, YWCA, C-W . . . YANUCK, GILBERT ALLEN, Long Beach, New York, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation . . . YOUNG, ROCHELLE, Houston, Texas, Arts 61 Sciences, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit . . . YOUNG, TERRY HENRY, Piedmont, Arts 81 Sciences, Theta Chi . . . YOUNGBLOOD, JANICE MARION, Birmingham, Arts 81 Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit, YWCA, Spanish Club . . . YOUNGS, FRANKLIN LESLIE, JR., Birmingham, Arts S1 Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . ZIVITZ, CLARENCE ROBERT, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation . . . ZWVERDLING, TZINA, Newport News, Virginia, Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit. I' A TWENTY-ONE GUN salute, fired by cadets, welcomes the Governor to the University of Alabama quadrangle on Governor's Day ROTC Trains Leaders for Space Frontiers AS WE ENTER the space era, the Army and Air Force ROTC program is playing a prominent role. In the classroom, on the drill field, and in its various activities, this program is training the officers who will provide the leadership for to- dayis challenging frontiers. Tradition is an intricate part of the ROTC program here at the University. The Military Ball and Covernoris Day are principal parts of this tradition. The Military Ball 'is sponsored by the Army and Air Force Cadet Officers Clubs, CADETS SALUTE as the University's Million Dollar Band plays the Star Spangled Banner tor which bring a big name band to the campus. For the past two years the Clen Miller band has been in the musical spotlight at the ball. Covernoris Day, which is held each spring, brought Governor Iohn Patterson to the campus to review the Air Force and Army cadets and to address the student body. This is an annual tra- dition that is heralded by much military fanfare. In addition to the Covernofs piesence, the occa- sion was also highlighted by the awards given to the outstanding cadets. the annual Governor's Day ceremony l BY THE CORPSMEN'S request, Glen Miller's orchestra pro vides music at the Military Ball for second consecutive year ARMY ROTC SPONSOR, Miss Margaret McCIinton, is escorted through arc of sabres. The annual Ball is year's highlight for cadets. PERFECT FORMATION is the order of the day as the ROTC Cadets prepare for the Governor of Alabama to review the troops. , ,, . . .M , . - . . . A.- .-.-, ,. .sn V M.. COLONEL WILLIAM V. BROWN, Professor of Air Science AIR FORCE NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS: Front Row: SfSgt. James M. Jones, SfSgf. Joseph A. Sofile, T!Sgf. Charles N. Ferrell. Second Row: MfSg1. James C. Darnell, T!Sg?. Roy C. Murphy, TfSgf. Karl L. Kilpalrick. AIR FORCE COMMISSIONED OFFICERS: Front Row: Mai. David A. Brown, Col. W. V. Brown, Capl. James N. McJunkin, Capt. Homer A. Russell. Second Row: Capf. Herbert G. Carncxlhan, Capt. Fred D. Veal, Mai. John B. Vickery, Capf. Charles L. Prince. 226 15. 1. COLONEL JOHN M- Will-'AMS ARMY coMMlssioNED omcsres. mm Row: cape. William P. Madigan, Pl'OfeSSOI' of Military Science Ctnd TC1C'llCS Capt. James A. Wolff, Capt. Gennis A. Amburgey, Col. John M. Williams, Capt. Charles W. Bradshaw, Capt. Samuel E. Elias. Second Row: Col. Lotus B. Blackwell, Col. Paul A. Troup, Capt. Robert A. Rice, Capt. Shelton B. Biles, Mai. Ross M. Lyon. . will ARMY NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS: Seated: MfSg'f. Robert L Doss, Sgt. lfc James R. Lee, MfSgt. Connie A. Reese. Standing: Sgt. lfc Richard Oliver, MfSgt. Raymond W. Wilson, MfSgt. Bill E. McGuffey, MfSgt. Joe E. Nunnelly, Mfsgt. William S. Allen, Sgt. Richard A. Barnhardt, Sgt. lfc William H. Clark. 227 PREPARING FOR a flight into the wild blue yonder are the Air Force sponsors. Girls pictured outside the plane: Julie McWhorter, Mary Ann Mitchell, Marla Stephenson. Girls inside the plane: Bu 8, Smith, Mary Louise Oliver, Janis Speaks. STANDING RIGIDLY at attention, a Sabre Guard cadet prepares for the intense inspections that are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays AIR FORCE WING STAFF: Front Row: Welby A. Smith IAdiutantj,, Leask Harris, Jr., CWing Commanderl, Dan McCoy CDeputy Wing Commanderl, Billy Roy Bingham KDeputy for Personnelj. Second Row: Joseph K. Lewis KOIC Voice and Commanclj, Jesse L. Crowell, Jr., llnspector Generali, James T. Frantz, III, CISOJ. 228 se 4 I N""bw,.. .wax REGIMENTAL STAFF AND BATTLE GROUP COMMANDERS: FRONT ROW: Harold Albritton KS-21, William A. Fox KS-4J, James Herod lBrigade Executiveb, George Goodwin CBrigade Commanderl, James VanHorn lAdiutantJ, Randolph O'Connor CS-4J . . . SECOND ROW: Ross Hasson CPIOJ, William J. Windham CFirst Battle Group Com- manderj, David Sington CSecond Battle Group Commanderl, H. B. Bartlett QThird Battle Group Commanderl. AMID A CROWDED mass of people, Army cadets hurry to stack their rifles after one of the Tuesday-Thursday drill periods. WITH THE TROOPS marching in the background, the army sponsors take a break to pose for cz picture. Spon- sors seatecl are Brenda Trent, Judy Carlson and Tutter Heinz. Standing are Sister O'Flynn, Virginia Thomas, Margaret McClinton, Sally Sanders. KHP A r - "J "-f L-Ll' ' EW i A R i ,lf 1 'fan k William Alexander Billy Bigham NVilliam Bowman Samuel Brentnall Richard Brooks Harold Colvin Jesso Crowell James Frantz Arthur Coeller James Coolwin till ., .sn -..WW ...N-.v-.ww M, MEMBERS J T SENIORS JUNIORS Thomas Harris Ronald Jackson Joseph Lewis Dan McCoy Fred Palmer Jan Patterson Larry Show XVelby Smith Neil Thistle Ji1mny VVest Hollis Anderson Marshall Crawford John Crum James Davis Foster Day Kenneth Ernst John Ingram Robert Keys Bruce Kelly James Lindsey Walter Moody 230 Jerome Moore Jack Morgan Robert Price Robert Prichard Lynn Reeves Allan Viguerie Donald Weir V an XVhitehead Lee XVhitley Robert VVilson Gerald Witt Air Force Cadef Officers Club LEASK HARRIS, President of Air Force Cadet Officers Club, is congrafulafed by Air Force officers after having received The Distinguished Cadet Award. 231 M, PLANS FOR THE Military Bcall are being discussed by Cadet Officers Club members cmd army instructors. iii Army Cadet Cfficers Club SENIORS john Adams jerome P. Compton Robert D. Franklin Millard D. Fuller Eugene N. Harris Mack B. Heston Charles M. lngrum Clarence M. james Alexander jesse Norman R. jobe Gerald Landers XVilliam Lanford james M. Larkins Neal B. Littlejohn Glenn S. Martin Richard K. Meade 232 ARTILLERY Randolph O,Conner Davis N. Sington Charles L. South Charles M. Spangler Robert Thornton james R. Webster Browie D. VVest JUNIORS Tommy Calvin Bannister Ben Franklin Beers, jr. Richmond P. Brown Donald Howard Busby Williain E. Callender jerome Paul Compton james Earl Davis, jr. Clement Fitzpatrick, jr Williain Hull Forster VVilliam Inge Hill, jr. Cay Mathers Lake, jr. Peter David Lese Walter M. Massey, jr. Harold P. Matles Samuel C. Massey, HI C. A. McAdams, jr. Michael C. Merhige Robert B. Miller, jr. Charles C. Nicrosi Ralph Edward Price Donald Vincent Rubin joseph E. Sanders, jr. james R. Solomon Richard A. Taylor Fred M. Tesney ...K 4. . ENGINEER SENIORS Arnold M. Blumenstein David F. Bowers Ernest T. Bridges Russell E. Dean Donald E. Fitts Kenneth J. Goodwin George T. Goodwyn Donald R. Lucas John T. Mullican Herbert B. Quinn Breckenridge Rogers Hugh D. Wages James L. VVoodward Albert E. Wynne, III William M. Moss JUNIORS Edmund R. Agee Pope P. Britt James L. Coggins Donald L. Harding Lloyd F. McEachern, Jr VVilliam W. Moss Jimmy H. Parnell Joseph R. Pegues Donald M. Ratcliff Ruble R. Riddle Kenneth E. Roberts William K. Smith Ted A. Solomon Samuel E. Sullivan Charles N. Thrash William S. Thomas John H. Watson Daniel L. White SENIORS Harold W. Albritton, III Richard H. Allen, III Walter M. Anderson, III YVilliam B. Booth, Jr. Nicholas T. Braswell, Jr. Jerry R. Daily Cecil C. Duke Charles T. Gray James B. Johns James P. Kimbrell, Jr. James R. Knight Blanchard S. Marriott Mark L. Myatt Louie H. McClendon Maurice VV. Mealer Frank L. Miller Robert B. Owens SENIOR A. L. Allison A. W. Askew D. P. Bailey J. L. Ballenger E. J. Bell M. Carpenter W. J. Coleman A. D. Edwards W. A. Fox J. B. Glassman J. R. Goodloe D. L. Harris J. V. Herod P. A. Kauffman Q. H. Kohn I. A. Kronenberg R. J. Levenson J. J. Mainon D. R. Malone SENIOR Haywood B. Bartlett Kenneth G. Couch WVilliam S. DeMent Marshall S. Ginsburg Ross D. Hasson Ferris B. Jones William V. Luckie, Jr. Henry M. McLeod, III Claude H. Pipes, Jr. Uhland O. Redd, III Jerome R. Redus Alan S. Rottenberg 233 INF ANTRY Daune R. Pierson John L. Pope Ira D. Pruitt, Jr. John C. Schell Robert S. Smith Harry N. Stillwell Roy F. Ussery VVilliam Windham JUNIORS Thomas Walton Allen John C. Arant Phillip M. Baker John Hoyt Blalock Jerre L. Brannen Thomas W. Christian Michael W. Connell Boyd Etheridge QUARTERMASTER C. R. Massey H. Z. McCrary L. P. Miller Stanley Parnett W. E. Poe E. R. Rouse C. S. Smith L. S. Watson B. C. Wood JUNIORS R. E. Adams, Jr. J. G. Adams C. G. Allen J. S. Allison L. H. Anders, Jr. M. H. Brannon R. Brown, Jr. J. A. Chastain SIGNAL James E. Van Horn Daniel P. Wilbanks JUNIOR Max L. Allen Richard A. Ball, Jr. Stephen A. Ball, Jr. Thomas M. Boulware, III Travis Jackson Bowden Carl Connel Bright Roger D. Butler Jimmie R. Clements Donald Harris Dublan James H. Faulkner, Jr. Deward L. Goodwin Gordon Everette Graham James T. Gullage Joel A. Helms Cory G. Jackson Richard A. Kempaner James Wilder Kelley Warren B. Lightfoot C. Wayne Loudermilch John James Manolakis A. Greer Megginson James Daniel Pruett James D. Swearingen Jack Taylor, Jr. Richard Murray Trawick Harold Morgan Weeks C. Roy Woodruff J. M. Clark J. S. Cohen J. T. Craig, Jr. C. M. Cook W. R. Easterling J. F. Farmer H. C. Harris, III T. M. Henry J. A. Holleman B. C. Knight, Jr. D. C. McCaleb Paul May J. K. Neill S. Parnett W. S. Poynor, III J. B. Spruill J. F. Sulzby, III D. L. Veal H. A. Zivits Henry B. Hardegree William Evans Harrell Edward A. Harris, Jr. William P. Jackson, Jr. Henry B. Moog, Jr. Kenneth Eugene Paul Joseph H. Robinson, Jr. Michael Sakellarides Noel B. Summers, Jr. Robert M. Wilbanks, III Joe L. Sargent J. C. Washington wah il? W Arnold Air Society on 188 Campuses ONE OF THE highest honors which a Iuasic or advanced AFROTC cadet can earn is to Ive selected to the Arnold Air Society. These outstanding cadets are selected as k a result of their personal merit, military leadership, and good scholarship. Ad- a vancement of the AFROTC program and furthering interest in the Air Force, are the aims of this organization, located on 188 of the nation,s colleges and univer- sities. A be E M. AMONG THE WINNERS of the distinguished cadet award are these Arnold Air Society members, Dan N. McCoy, Jan Patterson, and Fred Palmer. 1 if 9 . ' ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY: Front Row: Jesse Crowell lArea Commanderj. Second Row: Jan Patterson CExecutive Ofticerj, Richard Brooks, Neil Thistle, Joseph K. Lewis CSquadron Commanderj, Fred Palmer, James Frantz. Third Row: W. L. Alexander, H. N. Colvin, Dan McCoy, J. R. Davis, Billy Bigham, Allen Viguerie. Fourth Row: William Moore, Howard Shenk, James Harbison, Warren Ross, J. R. Allen. 234 4 f may Leadin Cadets ln Scabloard and Blade HIGHEST AMONG Military lionoraries in the nation is Scahlnard and Blade. Located in eighty-nine leading colleges and universities, memlmers are chosen from outstanding cadet officers in the advanced courses of the Army and Air Force ROTC program. The primary purpose of Scablnard and ,men rr. Q gg- Bladc is to raise the standards of military education, to develop the qualities of good officers, and to unite closer relation- ship in the military department. sfo A NEW INITIATE, John Mullican, is congratulated by Captain Madigan, faculty advisor, as Gene Harris, President, presents his cord. A . Mwwwrfm er ix K , ,J ...QW 'Q' """im'dilil'2s"f ' 'E ff ' SCABBARD AND BLADE: Front Row: William A, Fox CTreasurerD, Gene Harris lPresidentJ, Fred I. Palmer lVice Presidentj. Second Row: Neal Littleiohn, Lynn Reeves, Pat Miller, Lester Miller, Nicholas Braswell, John Q. Adams, Henry McCrary, Norman Jobe, Captain William P. Madigan lFaculty Advisorj. Third Raw: D. C. McCaleb, Joseph Sanders, Frank Moody, L. H. Anders, William Lanford, Ernest Bridges, Haywood Bartlett, K. E. Paul. Fourth Row: W. R. Esterling, William DeMent, Samuel Britnall, Jan Patterson, Jerome Moore, Max Allen, E. J. Bell, Mark Myatt, A. E. Wynne. Fifth Row: J. F. Sulzby, T. M. Henry, Wilmer Poyner, Clement Fitzpatrick, Warren B. Lightfoot, William Windham, J. V. Herod, Fred lngfcmf J05EPl1 PGQUGS- 235 Sabre Air Command Drills for Accuracy OUTSTANDING precision marching is the principal objective of the Sabre Drill Team. This Was demonstrated as the unit performed superbly at the Alabama- Memphis State football game, the Home- coming Day parade, the Governoris inau- gural parade, the Governoris Day parade, and in other special events. The Sabre Air Command Was formed in 1956 by the Arnold Air Society as an hon- orary organization for basic AFROTC cadets. To liecome a member a cadet must A D have a 2.0 military average and an overall 1.3 average. A YOUNG GlRL attentively watches the Sabre Guard drill team as the unit does the clover-leaf formation in the Homecoming Parade. A MW 'Aw SABRE AIR COMMAND: William C. Deavor CCommanderJ. Front Row: Charles Hooks, William Hunt, Jackie Isom, Fred Lenz, Franklin Dunn, Louis Namie, Thomas Harding, Carlos Sloan, Donald Overstreet. Second Row: James Lockridge, Lawrence Brock, Jerry White, Bobby Jernigan, James Allen, Jerry Beding- field, Daniel Duncan, Joseph Colquitt, Ed McDaniel, Lucas Roldan. Third Row: Bryant Culberson, Hinton Flowers, John Sims, Gregory Fields, Hampton Wideman, Thomas Wynne, Foy Bobo, William Jones, William Rudd, Howard Shenk. 236 Crimson Guard s In Its Initial Year ,, PRAISE-WORTHY performance high- lighted the first year of The Alabama Crimson Cuardis existence. Formed as an honorary for Army ROTC cadets after the Pershing Rifles voted to disband, the unit put on sterling performances at the inau- gural parade, the Homecoming parade and game, the Mobile Mardi Gras, and Governoris Day. Future plans of the unit call for drilling together as a company and doing some competitive traveling. Soon the unit plans to have a new crest, emblem, and guide arm designed by members of the unit. Q xc' : L, it .glam ir! DAYDREAMING OF the time when he can be a "big soldier", a small boy watches the Crimson Guard in one of their drill sessions. Ji' , THE ALABAMA CRIMSON GUARD: James Knight CMaiorJ. Captains: Mark Myott, Maurice Meeler, Brevit Lieutenants: Jerre Brannen, Jack Taylor, Fred Tesney, Warren Lightfoot, William Callencler. First Platoon: First Squad: James Williams, Sonny Seale, Arnold Graves, Gary Hitchcock, David Scott, Joe LaFrange, M. H. Dunlavy, Isaac Espy. Second Squad: Rogers Armbrester, Irwin Bonchel, Donald Martin, David Turner, Ronald Case, James Connolly, Mark Wolfman, Gordon Sibley. Third Squad: George Spence, Henry Harris, Edwin Powell, Wiley Lewis, D. L. Moore, Joe Calamusa, William Cocke, Henry Pitts. Second Platoon: First Squad: William Cochran, Phillip Magnes, Stanley Walker, Jerre Wallace, John Brooks, George Lacy, Grady McCIammy, Henry Gail. Second Squad: Milton Strickland, Leonard Sansing, Chalmer George, John Townsend, G. Griffen, Currie Martin, Sam Gewin, Walter Cole. Third Squad: Bob Lisenba, Phillip Morgan, Lee Poke, John Weston, James Main, Charles Kerver, Richard Mason, James Colbert. 237 GREEKS A rocket fllIjJI'0ClCl'Llll'g lln: ggruuitational pit of the moon at any .sizable velocity emily soars past' llzcf nzoonfs' orloil. But its mzzrse is sliglzfly rlcfflffctcfl. Cnzlxrf: lunar pull. A .stuflenf zoonzing info lllfCllCL'lIlfll wrlziz' uf any crcfliffllnlespeccl cffzsily .s-ours past flu' ,QI'IlClfllll0lllIl pils of campus social life. Hut his rrflzfmcf is sligglztlgf rlffflnclcfl. Cllfl,l,S'C! Tluf Capst01m'.s' fnun lunar pull. FI'CllC?l'l1lllI'.S', .5-fn':n'ificf.s'. Huslz p11rfic2.s', ll0lIII?l'UHIll1Lf pr1r1ic'.s'. l7Ill'l'lI'-S' Illlll jIllI'llI',S'. 'l'l1i.s' ix llzzf Clll1J.S'lUllf'l.S' lunfn' pull. 13111 only ll sliglzl cleflcdimz in flzc puflz of ilu' .sfzldcfnl .swzring into orlnl, LUN PULL A 'ET fly f-:gr A fn' , 'E Ks. kg, ng BOTTOM ROW: Ann Prout CTreasurerI, Margie Price CSecretaryI, Segail Irwin Nice Presiclentj, Martha Wilkinson fPresidentJ. SECOND ROW: Martha Sue James, Betty Burnett, Jo Ann Farrar, Beth Huguley, Margaret Prichett, Julie Irvine. THIRD ROW: Jo Ann Van Tassel, Catherine Boozer, Charlotte Housel, Bette Sue Feinman, Minette Ross. FOURTH ROW: Ann Barnes, Mrs. Healy, Karol Kauf- man, Barbara Vogel, Jean Garrison, Mary King Jones, Ann Williams. Panhellenic Sponsor of Two Foreign Exchange Students THE UNIVERSITY of Alabama Panhellenic As- sociation is made up of members of the I7 sororities on our campus. The Council, which is the meeting body of the association, consists of two delegates from each group. The purpose of this organization is to maintain high fraternity life and interfraternity relations, to unify interests of fraternity and non- fraternity women, and to co-operate with college authorities in developing high social and scholastic standards. Among the duties of the Panhellenic Council is the compiling of rules governing rushing, pledging, initiating on the campus and the administration of rush week. Each spring Pauhelleuic awards a trophy to the sorority having the highest scholastic average for the vear. The association also awards several schol- arships. This year two scholarships were offered to 240 two Universitywomen and two foreign exchange students were sponsored. As well as campus activities, Panhellenic also works closely with community projects. The sorori- ties filled overseas boxes for the Red Cross this fall and also participated in the Iunior Chamber of Commerce drive for the United Fund. In the spring a Panhellenic Retreat was held, the topic being the co-operation of the local and na- tion Panhellenic. A Panhellenic Banquet was also held, at which time the regional advisor for the Uni- versityis Panhellenic was the principle speaker and the installation of new officers took place. The Ala- bama Panhellenic Association has had a successful year due to the KPanhellenic Spiritv demonstrated by each sorority and the fine counseling and guid- ance of Miss Betty Turner and Mrs. Sarah Healy, Dean of Women. K.-.. X fo 6 SEATED: Martha Wilkinson CPresiden1D, Deon Healy fAdvisorD . . . STANDING: Margie Price fSecreTCIl'yJ, Segczil Irwin Nice-Presidenfj, Ann Prout Ureosurerj. 241 MEMBERS Ahiha Chi Umega Alpha Chi Omega was foanclerl in 1885 with Alpha Upsilon chapter being feanclerl in 1924. There are new 87 chapters. Officers sereing the group this year are P1'e.s'irlenf, Jeri Haiighi, lst Vice President, Mary Hanchett, 2nd Vice President, Clzarlettc Hannah, Correspioncling Secretary, Clara Maysg Recording Secretary, Marilyn Leng, Treasurer, Carole VVilliamS. Jeri Haught cmd Mrs. William Daily Actives Linda Arniistc-ad india Bargcr Marilyn Brown Annette Clark Iudy Crittenden Glenda Crow Kay Crumley Dorothy Douglas Mary Lou Ferguson Mary llanehett Charlotte llannah Shirley Greene Louise Gregory Betty Gross Beverly Harbin ,leri Haught Cami-lia llinton Sally llinton Alune Langston Louise Lindsey Nlarilyn Long Clara Mays Mary Mays Georgia Miller -ludy O'Daniel Sandra Palmer Sydney Robinson jo Rogers -lanis Speaks Shirley Tuunell Carole Yllillianus jackie lVillia1ns Ellen Yllittman Pledges Danyl Christenberry Pat Cooney Vanessa Cox Canelle Dennis Nancy Craig Evelyn Coulter Celeste Donnelly Peggy Driver Mary Duncan jackie Gallups Libby Harris ,ludith Hinton Nlargaret johnson Virginia Montgonuiy -lo Anne Padgett .lewel Patterson Nlary Ann Phillips Partieia Schell Anne Trehcrne Nlary Hugh 'thompson Marilyn Trice Eugenia Stubbs Cenie lVelln1an Cail Xyllltllllll' liosenlary llilliams Mina lVoodson Nliekey Xxltillllill' Alaniee Youngblood nThey,re Alpha Chi Omegais and they look like dreams, They are the A-1 students and the Campus Queensv. And that, ladies and gentlemen, describes the Alpha Chi Omega chapter here at the Capstone. Success-the middle name of Alpha Chi was proven by the successful launching of the plans for a new chapter house twice the size of the quaint colonial palace that once resided on Colonial Drive. Too strong to fall apart, the Alpha Chips moved their residence to a quaint English style cottage at -116 10th Street. Success sparkled throughout the Alpha Chi rush, and on Squeal Night presented the campus with a brain twister of a huge circus tent pitched at the site of the new Alpha Chi palace. Nol we didnit have an old time revival or a 3-ring circus, but the Alpha Chiis had the most popular Squeal Night performance of all. Organizedl Yesl The Alpha Chi's didnit wait . . . but they lead the 1958 celebrations with 32 feet of a massive, marvelous, mechanical float that easily rolled away with lst place. With success as our background and inspiration as our future we are truly Alpha Chi Omegasl MISTLETOE ATTRACTS boys from all over the campus, cmd A Chi O's take advantage of these stray males. Armisieod Burger Brown Chrisfenberry Cooney Coulfer Cox Critlenden Crow Crumly Dennis Donnelly Douglas Duncan Driver Ferguson Gollups Gregory Green Gross Honcheit Harbin Harris Hough? Hinfon, C. Hinfon, J. Hinton, S. Johnson Langslon Lindsey Long Mays, C. Moys, M Miller Monlgomery O'Doniel Podgelf Palmer Pofferson Phillips Robinson Rodgers Schell Slubbs Speaks Treherne Trice Tunnell Wellman Whitmire Wililoms, C. Williams, J. Willioms, R. Willmon Womble Youngblood 1 1 , ., ' . - , Z I , 1 ff! - V ffm an A TW' M D f r W y if ,. . rw ,V 4.9, , , , - 3 lk-'W 1 I, V VM V, V,VVL QQ' ' . nf ,,,,' . , , - . C , M , f . R rrysr y is 9' P M sr D 4? 4 mv y 44: 465. 5.4 , 1-A?" K W 1 5:1 , ? ,, , A iw 1 ,VW ms. J ,iz A ,, f, ll . 1 ms ,f r rf.. x y V ff , Q ,, Q hr I H ..,,,r is 'W r,,.,,, , r I i s if' rw! K' V Jr 4? 4 7 ye- Ae lm Amr!! ' X w Z, 'v so 4 lb' Q M ev r w W ' 5 ,,,, V iiii ij L ' ff VA eh, 'ff ,,, , 'i 3'-. -arg V jew. , m r Q1 fr ' W we f ' 911 r . . . sis 1 Al ha h1's Wln Homecomlng Float ontest P G13 243 NIEMBERS It is said that at the end of everv rainbow is a Amha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi was founded locally in 1907. The fraternity was founded in 1851 and now numbers 94 chapters. Serving Eta Chapter as president is Carol Mackabee, as Vice President, jane Saunders, Recording Secretary, jean McGriff, Corresponding Secretary, Mary Edmonds, and T reasurer, Gerry Morton. Carol Mackobee and Mrs. Brown Johnson Actives Monnic Ashford Dollic Blake Catherine Boozer Pat Bryant Dottie Clarke Janis Clements Anne Davidson Betty Davidson Kay Durant Mary Edmonds -Ieannc Elliott Emily Erwin Barbara Freeman Marry Garrett Pat Gibbons Diane Hanson Charlotte llouscl Natalie lngram Carol Mackebec Ann MeCartha Peggy McGraw jean MeCriff Ann Mclntosh -loanne Meyers Virginia Miller Melinda Morrison Gerry Morton Suzanne Peterson Pledges lane Bowen Beth Bowles Ieanctte Bragg Aurelia Brabham jeffie Burns Jane Carothers Linda Clowdus Gerry Cipson Carolyn Hales lane llester Iocklyn. Leis Liz Maxwell Nancy Meehan Berry Porter Maurine Simms Susan Smith Betty Io Taylor Emily YVindlc Marjorie Price Susan Ray Nan Reid lane Saunders Nancy Snyder Ianet Thomas Beverly Townes Gerry YVilliams Sarah VVyatt EEST- Q- n the colonial mansion not on Colonial Drive marked by the diamond so ancient and solemn, we seem to be searching high and low for just one thing to put in this column. Since we have won first or second place in home- coming for eight consecutive years, we find it most appropriate to ignore the subject this year. Speaking of subjects, We hadnit better do that, that leads to grades and ---. Letss talk about our social life. Oh, that is bad, for we find that 72 out of our 75 pledges have a Friday night lab. Itis not quite all that bad, for we have something new this year - a housemother. She is, without a doubt, the most outstanding member of our chap- ter. She belongs to the Carden Club, DAB, Mon- day-Wednesday-Friday bridge club, and in her spare time manages to enter hula hoop contests. Seriously, she is the greatest thing that could ever have happened to us. pot of gold, and this year, We are striving for honors untold. POLISHING TROPHIES is cz terrible iob which is disliked by oll, but there ore some people who just plain hate it! S' '- '- h A Ashford Blake Boozer Bowen Bowles Bragg Bryon? Carothers Clarke Clements Clowclus Davidson, Davidson, Edmond: Elliot Erwin Freeman Garrett Gibbons Gibson Hales Hester Housel Lambert Leis McCartha McGraw McGriff Mackebee Maxwell Meehan Meyers Miller Morrison Morton Natalie Petersen Porter Price Ray Saunders Simms Smith Snyder Taylor Thomas Townes Windle Wyatt A A. B. XT' 7'7A gi. -Av Q-.M 1-. 9' QQ: E7 0 'Q' gf.-W. 7+-Y vu -sf sp... D Pi Active in Varsity Debate Team , ,f .,. 245 Ahoha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded in 1909. Alpha Rho was founded in 1947. The fraternity now has chapters. Minnette Ross served the chapter as President. Other officers are Bette Sue Feimnan, Vice President, Harriet Jacobs, Corresponding Sec- retaryg Doris Hecht, Recording Secretary! Gaile .ljIfJlC'l7Cllll7l, Treasurer. Minette Rose ond Mrs. Elizabeth Forgman MEMBERS Actives Gail Applehainn Marilyn Cuttlcr Dolorcs Davis Bette Sue Feinman lsahcl Cerson Annc Goodman Doris Hecht lfritzie Horlihcinicr llarrict Jacobs Frances Kellnor Nlinnette Ross llarrict Schuster Amy Shapero Barbara Shapiro Kay Siegal Rochelle Stonc l.cslic NVeil -I anice YVeinstcin Xlarcia YVengrow Pledges Shiela Baker Susan Blomlucrg Nancy Burger Tobie Chidcll Doris Coltan joy Harris Ruth Kahn Mary Lasly jane Lehowich Audrey Levinson Hedy Miller ,Ioanne Mofl' Sandra Morris Marilyn Pailct Marilyn Patiky Joan Rosenbaum Sandra Ruhr-l Sandra Seligman Iudith Shapiro Helene Solomon Ann XVarshaw Maxine XVengrow In 1947, Alpha Epsilon Phi founded its chapter, Alpha Rho, on the green grass of Alahamais campus. By some fault not our own, the grass has not grown since . . . But within the next year we hope to lay the cornerstone and hegin huilding our new home which will take its place of prominence on the new sorority row. Then as the new grass springs up, we will he watching a new house and an even newer and more exciting life spring up along with it. This year has been another momentous one in the pages of our history. Twenty lovely young ladies joined us to continue the name of AEPhi along its path of outstanding leadership and scholas- tic tame. To mention only a few of our many achi- evements fthe Corolla only allows us a few short paragraphsll Ianice Weinstein, our hright Chemist, made uNVho,s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versitiesvg our President, Minnette Ross, has smiled and friendlied Philos to fame and, aside from this, she is on the AWS House of Representatives and Pan Hel Boardg our own little Picaso, Harriet lacohs, has painted her way into Kappa Pi. When Triangle cried for new memhers - we gladly gave them Harriet Schaur and Fritzie Horkheimer. Scholastic wise, AEPhi now sports the shiny new cup on our trophy case for the scholarship award ot our region. A STACK OF RECORDS provides wonderful times for the AEPhi's to reccull older tunes and to enjoy the newer hits. -r kv Appleboum Boker Berger Blomberg Chidell Colton Davis Fienmon Gerson Goodman Harris Hecht Horkheimer Jacobs Kohn Kellnor Losky Lebowich Levinson Miller Moff Morris Poilef Potiky Rosenbaum Ross Rubel Scheuer Schusfer Seligmon Shclpero Shapiro Solomon Sione Worshow Weil Weinstein Wengrow, Wengrow, M. M. A. E 1 'K XXX if eo Xe Q ii 1254 iiii XXX. i 1' in XX . . ,obi 1 X X .. . .,.. .. X Af--. X 5 X Y LQ X X S X XX X Q' X X Q - SX? - ' ' XW E XEQ kki. 5 .X X X Q X X X X X NX X so X. X f - . WX news X . X " .A . X X XXX X X X - XX XXK . :'if iN K .ii , 'N X ,X XXXX XX . 5 XX i -Xi? 'sv Wim? 1 X of X X wv X.. X X X WX X .fh . X XX X he ,Xwp N' W xx 3 X 1 X X X is x X QQ ' X X Sm X XX X X X X 3 5 X X X SAX X X X X X .. -XXX.-.e.X1.....k . -k..k X - .. sXXXNX.XXXigXX., - "' ' N .X sg: sm. S im. .. . F A f H' if . .X X X X Q., it X X X --... -.1- - -. X X X X X X X X X Wy... . in 'QNX -. .M " EFX. S Xeggf X WR as ...X X X S iam: is X-XX . :. g. g -X Q -os it X XXXX gf X X- X XXX- - - X X .- XX - - N X NN X XX X XX X T? YTSYNW' Xf. X XXXXX X r e- X X -.X .---. :XX- XX.. . .W f X 4 ff X r-ii X . - -X X iii, QA Xi... X X .,XX . t X XX: -' Xi M . X X . - -.-. X X "QT Pigs ove to Temporary Location 247 Ahnha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta now has 70 chapters. It was founded nationally in 1904 with Psi being founded in 1921. The chapter officers are Sylvia Sargent, President, jane Easter, 1st Vice President, Elva Ann Ellison, 2nd Vice President, Ahhie Sullivan, Re- cording Secretary, Pat Kelly, Corresponding Secre- taryg Andrea Knowles, Treasurer. Sylvia Sargent and Mrs- Nadine Strain MEMBERS Actives Olivia Atwood jane Blondheim Sandra Bryant jean Campbell Alice Clark Laura Clement Elizabeth Crump lane Crump Jane Easter Ann Elliott Lida Elliott Elva Ann Ellison Bettie Findlay Claudia Foster Luanne Harper Eleanor Holley Betsy Jones Pat Kelly Andrea Knowles Butch Kohler Fabrice Little Linda Macklem Josephine Miller jere Moore Sister Myatt Nancy Nicol Alice Ogletree Clarkie Pennington Claire Roberts jean Schenck Sylvia Sargent VVesley Smith Peggy Stark Sue Strickland Abbie Sullivan Ann Sutton Sue Ann Tucker Lila NVebb Jane VVilkinson Pledges Sandra Childers Rebecca Clark Dottic Dees Marie Ellzey Nell Favre julia Hagler Sandra jones Laura Langely Ann Little Margaret MacQucen Jane McDowell Pat Mercer Betty Moore Sister O'Flynn Rennie Parker Margie Skinner Ba Smith Kathleen Towles Carol Walker Angie WVebb Mary Sue iBesecker Nancy Williams Emily Blythe Ioan Chapman 248 Diane VVord Linda Vann e could not account for all our activities on one Corolla page last year so we thought we might pick up last Spring with Bama Day and Honors day. As to the former, the "Alpha Cam Amazonsv won the field events and staggered away with the trophy. When Honors Day rolled around, try as we did, we could get only three people in Mortar Board, but we were consoled when we railroaded in Andrea Knowles as President and Elva Ann Ellison as Vice- president. We tried to get jane Easter elected as secretary but the 'iMortar Martyrsv balked at a com- plete Alpha Cam regime. At Sigma Chi Derby this fall we did a tribute to Dixie, but it seems as though all the Confedei-ares were already preparing for the New Orleans week- end Ca month laterf. Homecoming came and went and so did the ACD Little Red School tour floatl. However, 99 1111! 10076 of the chapter was invited to the celebrations that night - the remaining 56f100'r6 was intellectually involved at Woods Hall. We suffered a small disappointment in SCA elec- tions - only five out of six of our candidates rode the machine to victory. We participated in the traditional pledge swaps with hopes of making a few exchanges, but such exchanges were against University rules. A CHANNEL CHANGER! There is one in every crowd . . . cmd some of these Alpha Gams don't think too much of the idea! Atwood Besecker Blondheim Blythe Bryant Chapman Childers Clark, A. Clark, B. Clement Crump, E. Crump, J. Dees Easter Elliot Ellison Ellzey Favre Findley Foster Harper Haigler Holley Jones, F. Jones, S. Kelly Knowles Kohler Langley Little, A. Little, F. McDowell MacQueen Macklem Miller Moore, J. Moore, M. Nicol O'Flinn Ogletree Parker Pennington Roberts Sargent Schenck Skinner Smith, B. Smith, W. Strickland Sullivan Sutton Towles Tucker Vann Walker Webb, A. Webb, L. Wilkinson Williams Word Alpha Cams Clalm Prexy of Mortar Board ,gal Ahzha Phi Alpha Phi was founded in 1872 and now has 61 chapters. Beta Mu was founded in 1932. Leading the group are Mary King jones, President, Judy Tjossem, lst Vice President, feanene jones, 2nd Vice President, Marie Lamhreeht, Recording See- retary, jane Henderer, Corresyoonding Secretary, Peggy Stephenson, Treasurer. BLIND DATES are a big thing, but the odds are that you can't end up with a sharp one everytime! MEMBERS Actives Robecah Blackman jean Garrison Constance Graves -lane Hinclorer Mary King jones jeanene jones Marie Lambrieht Daren McGarrigle Deanne Nicholson Margaret Anne Pyle Peggy Stephenson Iucly Tyossem Pledges Diane Adair Louise Barber Mary Lou Butler -lurlirh Carroll Elizabeth Cowley Elizabeth Duerson Sandra Elmore Cloria Hart Ivan Holladay Charlotte Howard Christine Leavitt Lora Long llelon Lusk ,loanne Mclluffic Bernice Mcllonnc-ll Xlary jo Vickcy Billie XVilliams -v- e really have a problem . . . We mean like What do We do when We just canit fail at anything? WVe have beaucoup activities .... a fabulous pledge class . . . 'igung hon house spirit .... brilliance . . . . beauty .... a good cook. .... tables .... chairs being on a ladder with no place to go but up . . . or like being so far IN youlre our! Talk about organization . . . parties . . . Weddings . . . contests . . . well, talk about ,eml See what We mean? Alpha Phi . . . Va Va Vooml Our only com- petition is from Within, like, for instance, take the Buffaloes' Cimeaning World Renowned Traveling Acapella Choirj W6,1'6 internationally known as the greatest thing since crunchy peanut butter. So We say to our-self, aself . . . Why canit We be non- conformists like all the othersiw Love, The Alpha PHYS Dear Alpha Phiis, You will go on stalvvartly nebulous, zealously una- ware, eyes forever fixed on your own fuzzy star . . . So? How ,bout that, sports fans? Love, Abby Mary King Jones and Mrs. Betty Starke Adair Barber Blackman Blake Bufler Carroll Cowley Elmore Garrison Graves Hendrix Hinderer Holladay Howard Janes Jones Lambrechf Leaviif Long Lusk McDonnell McDuffie McGarrigle Mickler Nicholson Pyle Stephenson Tiossem Vickery Williams M link QNX. iii so iwxa 1- -'R' ff us.. vw- W :M 'Thai "1'., ha Phys loin National on Heart Fund K.,-3 vw.: ..i, 251 Peggy Crowson Ahoha Xl' Delta Alpha Xi Delta was founded in 1893 with Alpha Tau chapter being founded in 1927. There are now 88 chapters. Officers serving the group this year are President, Ioyce Reinhardtg Vice President, Karol Kaufmang Recording Secretary, Nancy Goo- ernalg Corresponding Secretary, Syloia Penag Treas- urer, jo Ann VanTassel. 335' -'V x? Haj ffg'-ff yr aa-X Midi? km rs, L :. , '51, V , tiff. sr 'reap W N' - 11, -1- - .tr A., or X " 1 .W 75 W H -f , ' 1 Q . i.. .a . N., U 5 ,sg ,... -E-if 118511 ' W -I X F! tt Joyce Reinhardt oncl Mrs. Nettie Green Actives Al udy Barnes Phyllis Coleman Nancy Governal Karol Kaufman Betty Majure Sylvia Pena Joyce Reinhardt Doren Smith JoAnn Van Tassel Pledges joan Anthony jucdy Bagwell 252 Judy Curran Alice Holmes Izzy Hurst Faye Kirkland Carole Lancaster Dot Lcin Anna Mclntyre Marty Schutt Becky Smith loan. Stevenson Sharoll XVilson he first chapter of Alpha Xi was founded in 1892 and we have one surviving wealthy founder who has promised to he our house mother for the next 15 years. VV e are anticipating. Scholarship has become a project this year. Each term we have anxiously awaited the final grades. We compete scholasticallyliil with Epsilon Chapter at the University of South Dakota. Champions re- ceive the coveted trophy of a fluffy white Stuffed poodle lwith school color trimj. Pledges outnumhered the actives two to one this year, so we planned a picnic to the lake. We re- turned with the odds three to one. Banking second in the intranniral sports com- petition last year, we decided to huild our own prac- tice field. Before we realized what we had done, we had marked out an indelihle football field on our front yard for Homecoming decorations. Any one caring to rent the front yard can call PL 2-2511 and ask for Coach Creen. Even though most everyone in the house plays hridge, we donlt participate in the Bridge Tourna- ment we sponsor each spring. Itls too had, too, hecause we hire the referee. With a fairly memorial year hehind us, we are looking forward to next year and even more crises. BRIDGE IS A DIFFICULT GAME for the Alpha Xi Delta housemother, even if she does have some expert help! Anthony Wx Bagwell Barnes Crowson Curran Governul Holmes ,QQ K Kaufman K lcncusier l.:LL Lein Mclnfyre Moiure Pena Reinhard? Schufl Smiih, D. Smiih, R. Stevenson Von Tassel Wilson Alpha Xi Delta 51' . , .Qy i-1':'f?""1'23k:e: y, Q., Sponsors Brldge Tourney 253 Chi Omega Chi Omega was founded locally in 1922. The fra- ternity was founded in 1895 and now numbers 121 chapters. Serving Nu Beta as President is Annette Alexander, as Vice President, Elise Mc- I ntosh, Secretary, Helen Crow, Treasurer, Mary Sue Guyton. 'WMWW wwe , DREADED RESTRICTIONS are bad but the Chi O's have cz motto, "Where's there's cu will, there's cz way." Actives Joy Adams Annette Alexander Dary Billingslea Betty Borden Mary Carolyn Carnes Marthclle Cherry Betty Cobb Emma Claude Coburn Annie Coffman Sally Colbert Mary Jean Cook Ilellen Crow Miriam Currie Anne DeShazo Marianne Edwards Patty Farr June Folmar Barbara Glover Mary Sue Guyton Paula Hanson Mary Beth Heustess Sandra Hitchcock Mary Hopkins Libbye Hurt Martha Sue James Kaye Jewett Irene Kane Donna Kinney Sandra Ludlum Alice Malone Pat Martini Margaret McGehee Elise McIntosh Jeanette Peery Becki Pinkston Ricky Rapp Helen Rowan Polly Rowland Jeannine Rush MEMBERS 'Carol Stephens Sally Stover Bessie Sumerville Darnell Thorne Margot Van Roo Becky Warren Sybil Xvirth Pledges Becky Bailes Kathryn Basila Alice Berrey Ruth Brooks Mary Carlson Linda Childress Karen Clarno Bcnita Devan Sara Duvall Marcella Flautt Martha Haynie Barbara Sue Heath Judy Holley Martha Hurt Virginia Hydinger Janet Jensen Sue Kelly Jo Dell Laney Judy Larkins Virginia Littrell Ann Ludlum Shelia Mattison Betty McCooe Jeanette McDonald Grace Meister Phyllis Parker Martha Rose Price Barbara Roberts Sally Steed Dolly Taylor Brenda Trent Ar the end of a highly successful rush, Chi Omega found itself ubusting at the seamsv-the largest so- rority on campus living in the smallest structure. But after the election of Martha Sue James as Sec- retary-Treasurer of Education, the Chi Ois have de- cided to build a new housel Their motto is 'iDon,t enter unless you can winv, so we stuffed four ballot-boxes and came up with four presidents of major organizations: AA . . . rather, AAUW, YWCA, Annette Alexander, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Helen Crow, and Alpha Lambda Delta, Jeanette Peery. Emma Claude Coburn was Secretary of Triangle, not to be confused with Tri- Triangle, and Sybil Wirth was Junior Rep. fRepre- sentative, not Reporter? on AWS Judiciary Board. The Chi Us are very proud of Marla Stephenson, who had her finger in many pies this yearg she isnlt one of the Owls, but they do know her. In the fall the Chi O,s grades were lacking, so a tea was held for the faculty in hopes that . . .g then there was the time that the pledges threatened to quit: result, a Ball given in their honor, also in hopes that . . . There was much more Nu Beta data to be gather- ed, but the Chi Us were so busy selecting carpet for their new house that it was impossible to dis- tract anyone long enough to discuss the compara- tively minor subject of Corolla copy, so if yorfre interested, call PLaza 8-5596. Annette Alexander and Mrs. Anite Lowe 1 K .hi Wh J its 13 . K ' . ' 7 5953? A lil? -,gs ar -1- varggsigs ,-. amgxhii , .M 46.. -' will! Ill Adams Alexander Bailes Basila Benefield Berrey Billingsleah Borden Brooks Carlson Carnes Cherry Childress Clarno Cobb Coburn Coffman Colbert Cook Crow Currie Deshazo Duvall Edwards Farr Flautt Folmar Glover Guyton Hanson Haynie Heath Heustess Hitchcock Holley Hopkins Hurt, E. Hurt, M. Hydinger James Jenson Jewett Kane Kelly Kinney Laney Larkins Littrell Ludlum, A. Ludlum, S. McCooe McDonald McGehee Mclntosh Martini Mattison Maister Parker Peery Pinkston Price Rapp Rowan Rowland Rush Shumake Steed Stephens Stilwell Stover Summerville Taylor Thorne Trent Van Roo Warren Wirth I UW j 1,5 5. 2 ,ln , H A ,GN M H A af Q 'Q X gjeff Hb-W fa- , ,- A gg H A X M. il I 5' ' i'lll Q f L ,ff ? x I 'Z 4-1:4 N. f " Z3 , . A 'rrr M vrrr C I 0 ,. . ,t ,gs 4, 5 . ' ef 4: it " "' fs ' q , ",- . . . . Chl 0's Wln lasons and Slgma Chl Derby Lass. 255 Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta was founded in 1888. Delta Mu was founded in 1914. The fraternity now has 103 chapters. Anne Kenan served the chapter as Presi- dent. Other officers are Margaret Ann Avery, Vice President, Lynn lvlllillgllflfll, Recording Secretary, Allen Tlzraslier, Corresponding Secretary, Nancy Golson, Treasurer. if K4 sry, ,M ,, ew' is 'H Q AV' -X224 l r Vjisjf A 9' , Fifi xiii- a O' . Anne Kencm and Mrs. Annette Finch NIEMBERS Actives Louise Ayers Stahler Charlottc Adams Nancy Akin Margaret Ann Avery Mary Sue Avery Lynn Barner Sophie Bell Virginia Cammack Patsy Chandler Marion Coale Katherine Cooper llelen Dean Florence Douglass Di Doyle Mary Richmond Dunson Betty Ann Earl Anne Fraser Nancy Colson Marianne Green llarriet llateh Patricia plones Anne Kenan Blanche King Mary Lee Lavender Betty Sue Leonard Claudia Lindsey Mary Lowery Virginia Manderson Anne Prout Donel Rawls lane Rawson Mary Lou Rodgers Kay Rolfe Sallie Sanford Caroline Seeley 256 Marla Stephenson Joy Suttle Dottie Terry Josephine Thaggard Sidney Thames Allen Thrasher Mary Todd Martha Vork Lynn hvillillgllillll Lucia XVoodruff Anne Yeamans Pledges Carolyn Burehfield Mary Gene Camp VVendy Hall Jane Harris Ann Hinson Helen Ann Lee Carolyn Marbury Anita McCrimmon Sallie McDonald Mary Ann Mitchell Harriet Moseley Annette Nevin Leone Pruett jane Scruggs Oeello Smith Marelia Tapp Betty Terry Merry Vfilliams Dottie Yeamans Kay Zenah es, we are Tri Delta,s and mighty proud of it- wouldnlt you he? Whois who? Why, Charlotte Adams, Marla Stephenson, and Lynn Willingham, thatys who. fOne for each Deltaj Marlals got the government, Lynnas got the Spirit and Charlotteis got the - well, you name it and shels got it. Remember when Charlotte presented Marla with the 1958 Homecoming Queen trophy? We might have a hard time with decorations hut our Queens reign anyway anytime. Naturally we have the hest legs on campus - look at our marching force. How ahout it, Char- lotte, Marla, and Mary Ann? Face it, the Million Dollar Band wouldnit have a million without Char- lotte. g'Stick them With your Tridentv and that we did- 18 pinned this year. Better luck next time, hoys. Of course, all were returned after a week hut the trend around here is to get as many as possihle, so why not follow suit. Now you know who was, who is and who will, and as they say around here, uDon,t try the others, KTri Delta? NOTHING IS MESSIER than o job of pointing and guess who always ends up with the iob? Why pledges, of course. m P- girlie ' L 2 .L Adams Akin Avery, M. A. Avery, M. S. Burner Burchfield Cammack Camp Chandler Cooper Dean Doyle Dunson Earl Fraser Golson Green Harris Hatch Hinson Jones Kenan King Lee McDonald McCrimmon Manderson Marbury Miichell Moseley Nevin Prouf Pruett Rogers Rolfe Sanford Scruggs Seeley Smiih Siabler Stephenson Sufrle Tapp Terry, B. Terry, D. Thaga rd Todd Williams Willingham Woodruff Yeumans, A. Yeomans, D. Zeanah X f M Z f my 5 f f f K f " H ff 9 fix Qemw 145574, 4 W ,,,,,, i-,, Trl D , W w H, yu . ,ff X f f Z ff , , X .V Qmw,W,wm,wM X 24 f jf f ': f fff- J., W' fqri 455 K D wr4Qfr M V-, ,7- , ,Wm , , , 'hw X wx 'lb n ,. f , ff, W' 4 'u.' v, ff , , I Aww f X Vf ill Y gf A V i 2 wg, V .L M' W or 'S 'M V' K' I rw W I f ,,,,,, z f -gg, 5 rll f X f .' ' ', 'MVK ' V ll m ,V V V, V Wm' QZQQQQX f f I ff? 7 ffwfw dw W4 7 ,agua W 5 . M V, elts Boast Homecoming ueen Q flilh f ' Qhupfir eq, L MEMBERS Delta Gamma Delta Gamma now has 86 chapters. It was founded nationally in 1873 with Beta Psi being founded in 1947, The chapter officers are Barbara Wallenfang, President, Anne Weatherford, lst Vice President, Connie Burke, 2nd Vice President, Io Ellen O,H ara, Recording Secretary, Deanna Floyd, Correspond- ing Secretary, Sara Louise Kendall, Treasurer. 'xl' FWQL' Barbara Wallenfang and Mrs. Ben Wilkes Actives Ann Barnes Sue Barnes Mary Francis Bolton Connie Burke Jo Frances Caldwell Dede lDonoho Ruth Farrar Deanna Floyd Martha Henderson Mary Huckaby Margaret Hudson Dorothy Lou Irwin Betty James Mary Elizabeth Kendall Sara Louise Kendall Marsha Miller Janis Montgomery Io Ellen O'Hara Connie Pinckney Mimi Scarborough Pam Schroeck Harriet Shelton Laura Spencer Nancy Strub Lois Sute Penny Theurer Barbara XVallenfang Carol Vilarrick Anne NVeatherford Beverly Wilkins Billie Ann White Pledges Warrene Beecher Mary jon Bradley Mary Jane Carpenter Lynn Chappell Diane Condon Sue Craver Sally Crawford Doris Irene Cray Jess Hamilton Pat jones Ann Kelley Linda Lewis Mamie Ann Lunsford Dianne Lyon Wanda Miller C-ail Perkins Kitty Richards Elaine Roberts Mary Jane Schmidt Melissa Sessions ,ludy Shewell Susie Spencer Alanis VValker Virginia XVard Should all the DC,s be forgot and never brought to mind, Iill never forget as long as I live that group in 59. They made every honorary, Phi Beta Kappa was a household word- But for all the studious little group, from a male they never heard. Of the beauties in the house, Huckaby is still here- However there is hope of pledges coming through this year. Pam, the female engineer, constructed the decor for Homecoming dayg A lot of trouble, a lot of Work, but first place all the way. Campus wheels are still a spinning- Annie and Barbara found a protegeg Ann Karpinski, freshman rep, had her political day. With all the studying, all the fun, a few men we did win, Ianis, Connie, Sulu, and Penny came home with fraternity pins. The year ending, Deanna left with honors, Barbara left with fame, Io Ellen just left-but all with diplomas just the same. Should all the DC,s be forgot and never brought to mind- If you canit forget us, when remembering, please be kind. KINGSTON TRIO or Sinatra, just music in general is always enioyed by Delta Gammas listening to their hi-fi. Barnes, A. Barnes, S. Beecher Bolfon Bradley Burke Caldwell Carpenter Chappell Craver Crawford Donoho Farrar Floyd Gray Hamilfon Henderson Huckaby Hudson Irwin James Jones Karpinski Kelley Kendall, M. Kendall, S. Lunsford Lyon Miller Miller, W. Montgomery O'Hara Perkins Pinckney Scarborough Schmidt Schroeck Sessions Shelfon Spencer, L. Spencer, S. Sfrub Suie Theurer Wallenfang Walker Ward Warrick Weatherford White Wilkins 'WH- , www se". ., , , M f K' Z2 5 Q, 'ef' f 1 M 4 i s 'W Q 'S X -re ff , si 4' , fa.: ' f ff f , , , .. in ,We ,Mr ,gm val! -1 1 ww Z? rf if . Delta Cams Win Homecoming Decorations 259 K zz. 2 ! cp: Pwiwliili -QL' tn, ,363 J 'Gig-,-at .Nfl -'mf , Actives Delta Plu' Epsilon Delta Phi Epsilon was founded in 1917 and now has 21 chapters. Pi chapter was founded in 1953. Leading the group are Barbara Vogel, President, janet Sue Gerwitzrnan, Vice President, Sunny Goldstein, Secretary, Frances Grodsky, Treasurer. Barbara Vogel and Mrs. Ruth Bradberry MEMBERS janet Gewirtzman Sunny Goldstein Rita Goldstein Frances Grodsky Elaine Gross Elaine Gutel joan Koss Debbite Maret Sandra Rubenstein Barbara Vogel Pledges Leah Bernstein Judith Cooper Marily Delson Gloria Eidelberg lune Farber Yona Gross Myrna Landau Rosalind Levine Freda Lewis Ellen Mariner Sara Mae Senter Sharon Schear Barbara Reitman Marcia Roseman This year has found Pi chapter once again en- grossed in many activities, busy as beavers, with never enough hours in the day. Look around campus, youlll find: Janet Sue Gewirtzman, Office Manager of the Mahout, Sunny Goldstein, SRA Representative, Sandi Rubenstein serves as Vice President of Hillel, and Leah Bern- stein is a member of Spirit Governing Board of which loan Koss is Treasurer. loan is also Vice President of AAUW. DPhiEls have been awarded the distinction of membership in Spirit, Cotillion Club, Philos, French Club, AAUW, and Student Education Association. Honors have not escaped Pi girls. Barbara Vogel is a member of Kappa Delta Pi honorary and our President, Ioan Koss was chosen for Whois Who. Triangle tapping found four girls tapped for first year Triangle, one for second year and two for third year Triangle membership. Two new trophies have been added to our col- lection. For the fifth straight year DPhiE was pre- sented a trophy for outstanding work at Hillel and also won first place in Hillel Stunt Night. Never too busy for a good time, the actives sur- prised the pledges with a Homecoming party and gave them a Pledge Dance. The pledges also man- age to find time to asurprisev the actives when they least expect it. No, never a dull moment for the DPhiE, but we love eveiy minute of it. A GAME OF CHECKERS is thought provoking, as well as the fact that any clay of the week it beats studying for a test. ivy' if Bernstein W' 4: S. K gorper Q, Q, r eson E Apu! J 'fry Eiclelberg Nw' Farber 3 Gewirtamnn Goldsfein, R. Goldstein, S. Gorlin 'L A Grodsky is Gross, E. Gross, Y. Gufel ,-1:1: Koss Landau gun Levine Lewis As' Mare? W Mcrmer Reifmun Nm WE, ibn X M.. mn Rosemcn Rubenstein Scheer Senier Vogel 2 9-wav Aww '98 'S 1, WN Q E ii.- -- gk X Sf , 0 Delta Phi Epsilon Receives Hillel Trophy 26l 4. ,.,-. fi! an Q X: .XI 3 .,v, Q ..,, -'ZA ifixf.. f?'nM4aQM .,. ,, , Ui, L., ,,,i,.,. E252 '-1lifliiIfii'i-'Gila GUAM MEMBERS Judy Carlson, another tribute to Delta Zeta, was Delta Zeta Delta Zeta was founded in 1902 with Alpha Gamma chapter being founded in 1922. There are now 130 chapters. Officers serving the group this year are President, Draeilla Christian, 1st Vice President, Gail Baile!!! 2nd Vice President, Jenna Hudson, Corresponding Secretary, Elizabeth Buchanan, Re- cording Secretary, Sue Harnner, Treasurer, Polly Henderson. Drucilla Christian and Mrs. James Crumpton Actives Jane Allen Gail Bailey Janelle Baird Pat Barnes Barbara Bowman Liz Buchanan Drucilla Christian Kaye Clark Sue Cook Delores Crosby Pat Draustield Sue Hamner Sylvia Harbin Polly Henderson Joan Hollingsworth Jenny Hudson Marion Jarrell Maggie Joyner Sheila Lewis Mary Louzis Margaret Ann Michel Caynelle Moore Nancy Morton Lilli Murdock Annie Oakley Sylvia Olds Martha Phillips Bonnie Sue Rogers Mary Elizabeth Self 262 Ann Varnon Sue Yarbrough Pledges Carolyn Alexander Lynda Sue Baker Margaret Banks Carroll Ann Barrett Martha Sue Brown Nora Buchanan Judith Carlson Catherine Cook Madeline Deuiopulos Phyliss Eiehert Betty Jo Franklin Peggy Goodwin Kitty Gray Linda Heath Sidney Krugget Carol McGinnis Eva Jean Maxwell Dorothy Miller Sandra Owen Mary Jane Prater Judith Redding Charlene Schilleci Jo Ann Slobig Laura Turner iDortha Vann Ellen Vowell Carolyn XVaeker .,,, 3 1 gpg., 'arg .ggi -1 , . .A ftfsiwm. A N frail? Jar. 5 c .i 4' rw .... .- ..i.,.4. i . . . .a . ....r..x.L.4,,.., , .. rucilla Christian, Delta Zeta,s President, has shown her interest and devotion to the chapter through her outstanding record at the University of Alabama. During her four years, Dru was voted top Corolla Beauty, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Delta Phi, and as Delta Zetals Vice- President last year. We have indeed had a very prosperous and happy year under the leadership of beautiful and talented Drucilla Christian. Jenny Hudson has won acclaim again for her outstanding performance in the Music Departments presentation of the opera, 'The Consulf, She has also shown outstanding service to the chapter as Vice-President this year. Sheila Lewis, another outstanding beauty, has upheld her University record in scholarship as Well as socially. Sheila won her sixth beauty crown as West Alabama Ski Queen, was chosen Miss Bir- mingham Baron twice, Queen of the Billy Bowlegs Festival in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Miss Naval Aviation of 1956 and runner-up to Alabama,s Uni- verse. Sheila has truly exemplified the spirit ot Delta Zeta. chosen Alabamais Miss Universe and second runner- up in the National Miss Universe Contest this sum- 1T1S1'. Delta Zeta has indeed had a Kbeautifulv year at the University and one long to remember. ALADDIN'S LAMP comes in handy when in need ot a date, and Delta Zetas make use of this gadget when need arises- f J- Alexander Allen Bailey Baird Baker Banks Barnes Barrett Bowman Brown Buchanan Carlson Chrislian Clark Cook Crosby Currie Demopulos Dransfiel Eicherf Franklin Goodwin Gray Hamner Harbin Heath Henderson Hollingsworih Hudson .larrell Kruggel Lewis Louzis McGinnis Maxwell Miller Michel Morlon Moore Oakley Olds Owen Phillips Praler Redding Rodgers Schilleci Self Slobig Todd Turner Vann Varnon Vowell Wacker Wilson Yarbrough , . I . -ww-,-, -f 1 Q- N , fans :. -2- Q W "' C -ee ,Kiwanis .Jw-M. liars! C21 Kg ,N av' 9- xfs- Ll '?""'v gc., I' Q "7 , 'T' "' " 'WW wo. 5' lv 'Ibm 1 ' , we .fa Q ik y 0 WZ' vw as X if '27, 752 14? 'x mmm 263 . . QX7' D Z's Clalm Alabamais MISS UHIVCFSC 414.1 uvlln 197' Margaret Adams Kappa Delta Kappa Delta was founded locally in 1904. The fraternity was founded in 1897 and now numbers 83 chapters. Serving Zeta as President is Margaret Pritehettg as Vice President, Martha Wilkinsong Secretary, Emily Yowg and Treasurer, Mary Cathe- rine Pennel. 1 Margaret Pritchett and Mrs. Mayme Allison MEMBERS Actives Katie Sherling Bebe Smith jane Aquino Carole Barbour Barbara Binion Carole Bledsoe Lucinda Caddell Demetra Callas Susan Campbell Rosalind Carter Mary Ann Cary Emily Cater Sarah Clayton Betty jane Cleveland Emily Crawford Margaret ,Davies Rebecca Deramus Betty Fields Lynn Gilbert Betty jo Gilmore Julie Haddon Mary Emily Hamilton Fred Heinz Celeste Houston Ruthie Howell Ann Marshall Mamie Martin Mary Vxliuston McCall lulia MeVX'horter Marv Pennel Annette Powell Margaret Pritchett Maurine Rainer Ann Rankin Claude Reeves Carolyn Reynolds Iustine Roe Betty Rosa Mary Ann Russell Virginia Thomas Suanne Thompson lane Turner Sarah Turner Brenda Voght Mary Vxlellborn Gail Vxlinton Martha VVilkinson -lanclla VVood Emily Yow Pledges Elmore Bartlett Louise Bradford Kay Christian Can Craig Catherine Crawford Tala Curtis Betsy Forster Virginia Fox Betsy Goodwin Fey ie Hamilton Tutter Heinz Clyde Houston Betty johnson .lule Lawson Lucy Leatherbury Patti McGehee Clara Martin Frances Mathews Marcia Mathews Lucy Minot Joyce Nathan Henrietta Pannell Elizabeth Pearson Susan Speake Nan YVhitsett advanced ideals too empyiean pursuits too prolific outlook too conservative achieve ments too prominent laurels too lustrous we too OU1' too sympathies to the world we say suffer A GOOD MALE bridge player now adays is hard to fund and KD's keep Albert Wynne busy dealing cards day In day out Adams Aquino Barbour Bartlett Binion Bledsoe Bradford Caddell Campbell Carter Cary Cater Christian Clayton Cleveland Craig Crawford, C. Crawford, E. Curtis Davies De ramus Fields Forster Fox Gillmore Goodwin Hamilton, M. Hamilton, P. Heddon Heinz Houston, C. Houston, C. Howell Johnson Kalas Lawson Leatherbury McCall McGehee McWhorter Marshall Martin, C. Martin, M. Mathews, F. Mathews, M. Pannell Pearson Pennel Powell Pritchett Rainer Rankin Reeves Rosa Rowe Russell Sherling Smith Speake Thomas Thompson Turner, J. Turner, S. Voght Wellborn Wilkinson Winton Wood Yow , 46. hw- '-ISD M f W , ,,,, .V ,JM W Q. WY E ww "' , Maw, 1 'TSS W " V 6 'Cf' X rw, is TV... Y Q W ,Viz 'e i D f X ' f, X! firi WZ? I 5 . 3 ,,,. , ,M nf" uf is 'Q f , NW? A A fu fm ,f son, 4 - ,,... M.. ,f 'Wm W ,J y ,f X ff Q., ,f 0 f W . " W t X vw lbw V 2,441 ' 4 W fy V! 1, V z " . V , 'Qfif .fm f. ffm 'we W igyvf f ,,ff'f. f iv Z 'W , V,,,, , , 4' we . 2- .KX . . M Nw 7 an . C f M we . T V' ' 'f.'f -' ' ,an v I' M' ' A' M A , ,W , '62 r . - 1 V ' , t if ' A if i M ., 7 .., in . it.. i " ' M 4- . .... .... f . ' 4'-251. x xr. M f 'Q 77 if ax Z.. ph ,lr W an , , H M., Q if ' X We 'Q . M fw , 4-Q Y , f f 4-f f , 4, C get ef' OX' Kappa Delta Has Pan-hcllnic President .3-QKA, 265 I ,A "1 I 5.0: ' ,iff-. . Xt 5' -Q , W.. ff 1' Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded in 1870. Gamma Pi was founded in 1927. The fraternity now has 87 chapters. Cynthia McMillan served the chapter as President. Other officers are Bette Anne LeBlanc, Vice President, Sally Parker, Recording Secretary, Louise Hall, Corresponding Secretary, Ann VVilliams, Treasurer. if PILLOW FIGHTS are fun, especially from Top bunks of sleeping porch. Ask Kappa's Edwards and Sampson. MEMBERS Actives Judy Apple Virginia Bruce Gayle Cardwell Alice Carter Patricia Clayton Elsie Crain Eugenia Elebash Alice Fairclotli Sally Haas Louise Hall Lou Hollis Julie Irvine Pat Konnersman Carole Lackey Betty Ann LeBlanc Cynthia McMillan Nancy Moody Nancy Moughon Mary Oliver Sally Parker Rosa Partlow Carol Perkins Sally Pierson Martha Poole Allison Pringle Annette Randall Hennie Scllman Julie Schmid Nancy Schmid Josephine Screws Imogene Smith Linda Gay Smith Betty Sowell Elizabeth YVebb Ann NVilkinson Ann Vlfilliams Pledges Anne Albright Betty Bainbridge Craig Barton Glo Booth Becky Brantley Paula Duncan Barbara Edwards Mary Goff Nin Hollis Suzanne Huxford Eloise Johns Nancy Lee Johnson Judy H. Justice Judy M. Justice Wlinifred Lightfoot Marcia Loftin Lynda Mantel June March Lynne McPherson Jennie Miller Emeline Otey Becky Ramsey Sara Sampson Sally Sanders Ann Sawyer Joan Smith Millie 'Williamson Sissic X'Vinslett ho are the Kappais? We,re the sharpest kids on the block-could be ,cause we have the only house on the block. It ainlt much but we call it home. Itis not our fault itis falling down, but if Bearis boys would get off the practice field weld have a new lodge-little money would help, too. What do we do? Nothin, much-everything,s T. A. K. Letls see-our agile amazons tromped over the other sororities, teams and romped off with the volleyball trophy. Carol Perkins was in the Home- coming Court-but shels a misfit. A couple of girls ran for offices-but not fast enough. We had Home- coming decorations, entered Sigma Chi Derby, had an effigy for the Auburn game and still we arenlt discouraged. Sally Sanders and Mary Louise Oliver are looking forward to careers as WAFS and WACs due to their valuable training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Kappas did their annual charity work by sending out empty CARE packages. The fraternities had some really great parties this year- we heard all about them. At the end of this grand and glorious semester our leader, having packed up her Phi Beta Kappa key, left in despair for Turkey. Oh well, ya, Win some, lose some, and some get rained out. Bette Anne LeBlanc thinks this is funny-but then, she thought our Jasons skit was too. Cynthia McMillan and Mrs. Dewey Canin if I y 4 A 5 Albright Apple Bainbridge Barfield Barton Booth Brantley Bruce Cardwell Carter Clayton Crain Duncan Edwards Elebash Faircloth Goff Haas Hall Hollis, A. Hollis, N. Irvine Johns Johnson Justice, J. H. Justice, J. M. Konnersman Lackey LeBlanc Lightfoot Loftin McMillan Mantel March Miller Moody Oliver Otey Parker Partlow Perkins Pierson Poole Ramsay Randall Sampson Sanders Sawyer Schmid, Schmid, Screws Sellman Smith, l. J. N. Smith, J. Smith, L. Sowell Webb Wilkinson Williams Winslett K 7535 ...Q Q.. ' I' iff vb! T... We .. appa's Boast Two in W'ho's Who ravi-J' 267 MEMBERS Phi Mu Phi Ma now has 80 cha Jters. It was founded na 1 - tionally in 1852 with Alpha Zeta being founded in 1931. The chapter officers are Martha Groenen- dyke, President, Patience Stevens, Vice President, Peggy Gafford, Secretary, Pat Blackman, Treasurer. Martha Grienendyke and Mrs. Clapp Actives Ann Aldrich Beverly Atkins Pat Battle Mary Benson Pat Blackmon Carole Bray Barbara Clifton Lori C0lllCCl Barbara Couch jancl Crutchfield Suo Deal Patsy Daniel jo Anno Fryer Peggy Gafford Sandra Goodc Martha Grocncndyke Io Anna Hawkins Margaret Hays Dianne Iohnson Iyl johnson Hcnrictt Hendrick Martha Kirkwood Nancy Jo Knight Judy licibold Mary Bctth Lippcatt ,Indy Maddox Nina Mayhall Kay Moorcr Gaylc McKcnny Martha Bayfield Cloic Roberson Vicky Searcy Martha Ann Stephens Becky Stevens Patience Stevens Emily Gayle Surtces Susan Tolson Nancy Vines Betty june NYM-cle Pledges Glenda Black janet Bozeman Dottie Brennan Betty Brown Norma Gail Brown Ann Capp Chestcnc Cosby Margaret 'Dcnsmorc Virginia Epsey Debbie Firsht Jane Fuller Jo Ann johnson Carol Ann Joyner joycc jutkins Beth Marion Elaine Mathews Linda Matthews Marilyn Morris Margie Pollard Carol Posey Sally Bynn Kathy Sims Barbara Smith Frances Shannon Smith ,Ianice Throwcr julia VVhitc hi Muis raise their heads from Mad Comic Books, tear-stained beer mugs, and the rear seats in Woodis parking lot to greet you. Since our founding in 31 B. C. QBear,s Cominglll our chapter has experienced enviable triumph and reward. Only this year we collected S100 for the hanging of Tom Dooley. Our trophy room boasts nothing but first place awards. We extend sincere appreciation to our 27 pledges who ill a single night looted every sorority house on campus. Patsy Daniel, a deaf and dumb mute, became president of Chi Delta Phi, English honorary. Bar- bara Couch and Vicky Searcy stole enough votes to become Vice-President and Treasurer of Alpha Lambda Delta. Iudy, the Snoop, Maddox, Society Editor of the C-W, Judy Leibold on the AWS board tis it any softer?j, Jane Brownlee, IB2, and Bunny Crawford, UB3, were members of Mortar Board and Phi Beta Kappa, Ann Richardson received Mor- tar Board Award, a truck load of bricks, for scholar- ship. We also had l3 members on Triangle. See we aren,t cubes, iust triangles. At National Convention in Lake Placid, New York, Alpha Zeta Won first place for finances tpraise be to our money press? and we were runner- up for the achievement award for the outstanding chapter. We stood out like a sore thumb. We could go on, but the rest was censored. TELEVISION EXPERTS at the Phi Mu house have succeeded in a total massacre of this set. Housebills are high now! Aldrich Atkins Battle Benson Blackman Bray Brennan Brown, E. Brown, N. Capp Corllon Cliffon Colucci Cosby Couch Crufchfield Doniel Deal Densmore Firshf Fuller Fryer Glasgow Groenendyke Johnson, D. Johnson, J. A Johnson, J. V. Joyner Jufkins Kendrick Kirkwood Knight Leibold Lippealf McKenney Maddox Marion Mallhews, E. Maflhews, l.. Mayhall Pollard Posey Rayfield Roberson Searcy Sims Smifh, B. Smifh, F. Stephens Sfevens, A. Sfevens, P. Surlees Thrower Tolson Vines Waite Weede White Ph 4 , N 0 'rm W 4- 'Hv -595. 12 4 wh. . Z7 ,sy A ,-- -bv 'Gb Q up ibn Nm... . s. f aa. ' .KO Q91 y f pf f.,.f,. f . 4,1957 if N' A VM, , .,.,, ,Q ,,.. .gy . N ,Q J A , .,., 4 if 'riv oh 3 J A ' ' f , . ' A .df iv fi Wi Qi, Q 9 - . 1 n You 1MUSF1fSt1H Campus Scholalshlp Qi1f'wil4i'3"?--6.5 Qflivififi MEMBERS Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi was founded in 1867 and now has 104 chapters. Alabama Beta chapter was founded in 1948. Leading the group are Ruth Barksdale, Presi- dent, Bet Huguley, Vice President, Pat Fulton, Corresponding Secretary, Deanna Phillips, Record- ing Secretary, and Beoy Ryan, Treasurer. Ruth Borksdole cmd Mrs. Virginia Silver Actives Sue Adams Rosalind Alexander Betsy Allison Peggy Aycock Ruth Barksdale Virginia Collier Ioanie Cooper Kaye Curry Rosemary Epperson Cole Foster Pat Fulton Martha Ann Graham Ellen Haas Patricia Harris Bet Huguley Dena Huguley Betty Johnson Linda Lambert Kay Lindsey Margaret McClinton Linda Lee McClure Claudia McLaughlin Rosalie Miles Lou Ann Mulliniks Vickie Mulliniks Deanna Phillips Dot Powell Pat Procter Beth Richardson Sharon Russman Bevy Ryan Marilyn Scott Que Sibley joan Stites Helen Theus Sarah Thomas Carol Waites Bette VVeaver Linda Yutmeyer Pledges Angela Blackwell Erin Briggs Karen Buice Carolyn Chambers Joy Clark Mary Ann. Coats Nancy Copeland Sonic Cook Cynthia Cummings Donna Flynn Lynda Freeman Sara Jane Harmon Patsy Harned Harriet Hewitt Florence Lee Kaise Mary Nina Lee Lynn Porter Claire Roberts Ian Ruffin Rudy Sewell Anne Smith Betty Robbins Laura Weaver Nancy Waddle 1' The Tonto Arrow Club for Wayward Girls was never founded, it just osmosed. Later, the name was shortened to Pi Phi. Due to the vast number of instate girls already members, Pi Phi had to go out of state this year and remain there. Despite such obstacles, we func- tioned. All fifteen members were elected to Triangle. Incidentally, the president'is a Pi Phi. We were well represented in the sweetheart elec- tions. There was a Pi Phi candidate in each race. We should say something about our scholar- ship .... We accept the Chi Ols thanks for not entering Iasonis or the Sigma Chi Derby. Individual achievements were our greatest ac- complishments: Dot and Ruth were elected to aWhat,s This?v Homecoming Mum Society was directed by Bette, Bevy, Dot and Rosalind. Our Maid of Cotton, tired of her role as queen, decided to be a princess. Cole is here. Finally . . . Dena flanked out. Weire going to miss the Delt trophy. Our pledge class presented a problem this year, so we decided to take only girls. Both of them are well-rounded. "And what do we say to the others? Welre suf- feringlv In closing this expose, we want you to know: It,s not that the Pi Phiis don't . . . we canit. THE HOUSEMOTHER retires at the Pi Phi House, and though raiding the ice box is fun, if sure hurts the wcistline. ai- ,..... H47 ' 5 Pi? 1 V .1 V ' 5 ' 'ff' . .... Q L its .S , N' 'P' i' ' C ip ., 1 - ii." 5 f I .- . f:.. ' -' s ..- Alexander Allison Aycock Burksdclle Buice Chambers Clark Coats Cook Cooper Copeland Cummings Curry Epperson Flynn Freeman Fulton Haas Harmon Horned Harris Hewitt Huguley, B, Huguley, D Johnson Lee Lindsey McClin1on McClure McLoughlin f , W W' , VV ' H ,uf ' V, VW, ' V F WY f F V i ,,V L V' lf ,, ,,,," h,, ' Vfzkw 1.27 6 ' lima' M ,HV +1-ww F. W 'v' M .V f W in .ZA1,, V A , f r V , Q ! , F , f , , W 'A if V at I 2 " K' V , VV 1' im' ,,' . V .Vi, f l :,, V f V 174 .f , 'M '15 L g :XV ' ,, Www ' 1 f ,WV , riff " .4- VV ' Wi V JV X VV: , V V , V I Vi V fi- V wwf? Mn, :I f 2232 1 MV 4 E 4' 59+ X ix, 'M ug W f f VV f Miles , ,. V VVV VV V i Phillips f nw f V AW f Powell Z V . mf' V ' " Y' Proclor " ' V ef f 2- f , V V ,,,,, :,, V V yn V, , Richardson ' VV V K X VV Roberls f , f X Ruffin V V V M ' V Fwe 4 "U V V , fi V 'W' A Sibley ,mir ' V M- ' Sfites , V V , V V , . Thomas fill V ' f V ,,,, f Vi Vly f . fl ' Yfpil Wuddle Q is A ,V V 1 .l,, ' ul es f ' ' f dw V V , , Weaver, B. V, V VV V V , V , ,V ,,V Weaver, L. Vg V A if 'KV ,V f X Q, V Wilkerson M J I X, if Yufmeyer ' ,V V V V, . . . - .W Y' P1Ph19s Have Presldent ofTr1angle 271 Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Delta Tau was founded in 1917 with Rho chapter being founded in 1935. There are now 35 chapters. Officers serving the group this year are President, Gayle Sherman, 1st Vice President, Marge Meyer, 2nd Vice President, Helen Zimmer- man, Recording Secretary, Carol Chepnik, Treas- urer, Barbara Cotlar. '52 , Gayle Sherman and Mrs- W. T. Burkett MEMBERS Actives Toby Starr Susie Amsterdam Helen Zimmerman Marlene Belz Pledges Barryc Brickman Gerry Buchrnan Carol Chepenik Sherry Cohen Bunny Cotlar Marian Dreyfus Carol Easter Liz Freeman Sybil Greenberg Barbara Halpern Dale Jacobs Lois Kahn Bettyc Sue Lamensdorf Rochelle Lassen Jean Marcus Margie Meyer Dorothy Moss Sandra Renaud Ina Selber Gail Sbavitz Gayle Sherman Cookie Arnovitz Marilyn Berkowitz Jean Bucluuan Joni Carlin Betty Conn Sue Dreyfus Roni Gilbert Susan Goldstein Roberta Greenberg Betty Greif Patsy Jaffe Karen Kulbersh Carole Kupper Tamara Reiss Susie Reiter Barbara Siegel Phyllis Solomon Judy Toranto Rochelle Young Mariflo YVeiss Tzina Zwerdling he SDT,s started off this year quite well by get- ting nineteen winners for pledges. Of course, we havenlt found out yet what theyive won, but they still insist that they are all Winners. In November the Sig Delts opened their social season by having the Sig Delt Switch. A good time was had by all-especially the girls, since they could cut in on the other girls. At first it was rather con- fusing trying to decide who was supposed to lead and who was supposed to follow. Finally the situa- tion was straightened out by doing the Bunny Hop all night. Our wonderful new housemother, Mrs. W. T. Burkett, has a little help around the house now that Sybil Greenberg has become domestic enough to have been elected Vice President of the Home Economics School. Others entered into the activities on campus. For weeks were seen signs bearing the distinguished phrases, KBoney Maroney Strums for Jonif, When Homecoming came around, five SDT,s were nominated for the Court. Several 'cSweet- heartsv Wear the SDT pin. In addition, the Sig Delts were able to match their beauty with their brains-need we say more? POWERS OF THE SPIRITS are called upon as SDT's are in great need of having some big questions answered. "5'2'5fT"f: riser- " E . I - ' i A . Amsierclum Arnovifz Belze Berkowitz Brickman Buchman, G Bucl1man,J Carlin Chepenik Cohen Conn Coflar Dreyfus, M. Dreyfus, S. Eusier Freeman Gilbert Goldstein Greenberg, Greenberg, Greif Halpern Jacobs Jaffee Kahn Kulberslw Lamensdorf Lassen Marcus Meyer Moss Reiss Reiter Renaud Selber Seltzer Sherman Siegel Solomon Starr Toronio Weiss Young Zimmerman Zwerdling if s--r au.-v -rw "' ., GP' w. up-nw' R. S. f 5,4 Ru mf . W. 2.1 .-17. Five SDT's Nominated for Homecoming Court 273 "3 M7132 l MEMBERS Zeta Tau Ayoha Zeta Tau Alplia was founded locally in 1911. Tlze fraternity was founded in 1898 and now numliers 103 chapters. Serving Nu elzapter as President is Betty Burnett, as Vice President, Frances Coppoelc, Recording Secretary, Betty Norredg Corresponding Secretary, Ann Bralason, Treasurer, Mary Turner. Betty Burnett ond Mrs. Caroline Puller Actives Linda Boling Ellen Booker Ann Brabson Betty Burnett Barbara Cashion France:-L Coppock Gail Cox Betty Daniel jane Davidson Elizahcth Dillar Gloria Eurton ,lo Ann Farrar Merry Lou Fields Segail Irwin llclcn joseph Mary McGowan josephinc Mann Mary Martin Ann Michael Behc Mirce Catherine Moore Betty Norred Sharon Olllara Margaret Page Ann Petty Margaret Baiford Margie Rodgers Mary Ann Simon Lynn Smith Beverly Smith Stephanie Stedman Beverly Stewait Shelly Talbert Nancy Tally Mary Turner Ruth Underwood Beth XVinstead Pledges Barbara Burnett Harriet Cessna Missy Costa Joyce Cunningham Iris Faison Diane Hope Judith Hopkins Faith Houston Swiss Larsen Anne MaeNah Alison Mason Carole McAdams Gayle Mudge janet O'Neil Ouida Oswalt Margaret Ann Pugh Beverly Richmond Sara Boosc Susan Scanlon Josephine Sellers Joan Shepard Penny Smith Gail Tingle Io Ann XVhite A hunch of the girls were whooping it up in the Zeta living room, 23 pledges and one piano were filling the place with their boom. Still in the dark in the game of hridge sat two mem- hers of S.G.A. Watching and sighing as Behe and Gail were taking their trumps away. When out of the night, that was raining AGAIN, and into the den and the hoard Bushed Betty and Batty, notehook in hand fresh from Mortar Board. They looked like theyid heen to a meeting again and they called for a chair and coke. Two freshmen jumped up and they settled them- selves, waited a minute, then spoke. "To he tops down here, as weive always heenv, the two started out with one voice uWe,ve got to do things and that is a fact-we just have no other choicef, 'Tm in the handf one Zeta cried, and ullm on iudiciaryf, said a second. Weive got ahout 50 in honor societies, and we always have parties, I reckonl Then the two sat up with a grin. KThere,s the Step Singing trophy and Pledge Dance to hoot-Thank goodness, Itis a cinch that we Winn. TURN BACK the hcmds of time, thot's what the Zetos olicl. Hove fun now, but don't cry when restriction time comes. Boling Booker Burnett, B. S Burneff, B. A Brabson Cashion Cessna Coppock Costa Cox Cunningham Daniel Davidson Dillard Eurfon Faison Farrar Hope Hopkins Husion Irwin Larsen MacNab McAdams McGowan Mann Martin Mason Miree Mudge Norred O'Hara O'Neil Oswolt Page Peily Pugh Rodgers Roose Scanlon Sellers Shepard Simon Smilie Smith, B. Smith, F. Smilh, P. Stedman Sfewarf Talberf Tolly Tingle Turner Underwood Whife Winsfead 3' va, 1 'JH ' ,, 'ff f i l ,, i , I I mx A zv, ,r,, i ' f , ,ali ZW is f f 4 fw 424 'lu X, 1 , ' s 'rl , is me Ze V, ,rf- C f, , , 1 4 f w Q SM i ii' M i Qin' rrr r W I ' , ZetasWininStepSingingCompet1t10n 275 ,tiff fn? -A SEATED AROUND TABLE: Bill Poe, Fagan Thompson, Sheldon Marriott, Jim Dilworth, Julian Butler, Sammy Perlman, Wheeler Wilson, Bobby Ray Hicks. lnterfraternity Council Ratifies New Constitution The Interfraternity Council is the co-ordinating body of the twenty-five fraternities on the Univer- sity campus. The purpose of the Council is to further social fraternity relationships at the Univer- sity, to unify fraternity action with regard to com- mon problems, and to act as a medium in coopera- tion between the University and the individual fraternities. Composed of the president or an elected repre- sentative from each fraternity, the IFC this year ratified a new constitution. During Orientation Week the Council held a convocation for all fresh- men who were interested in pledging a fraternity. This year the IFC set up an emergency fund to provide cash for those foreign students on campus who found themselves in need of money. This plan replaces the usual practice of sponsoring a foreign student. In the spring the IFC will hold the annual Step- Singing on the steps of the Amelia Gayle Corgas Library along with the Miss Venus contest. l8?5 Bob Hill, Bill Knight, Ed Stone, Freddie Hall, Wilmer Poynor, Larry Indianer, Jack Wells, Mike Ratlifi, Herbert Gay, Bob McClendon, Freddie Seppalo. uf- it fi 7, .nfs , . L. 5, . N m , w.. 4 J: A if l it A+, F ly 4 Q . ,L 1 '- iv iw 1 I Q f. Q X? K ,. B S E l . 5 if , iw ffl S 1 Vg B, 7. Q , L ,Ai ,Elf fx N..-ff, SEATED: Tranum Fitzpatrick Nice Presidentl, Bill Lanford fPresidentJ. STANDING: Gary Huckaby fSecretc1rYl: Phil Kauffman Ureasurerj. 277 Ahoha Epsilon Pi Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded in 1913 with Iota Deuteron chapter being founded in 1942. There are 70 chapters. Officers serving the group this year are President, Milton Wolsong Vice President, Allen Segalg Secretary, Harvey Asherg and Treas- urer, Gary Rosen. Milton Wolson ond Mrs. Mitzie Heath Actives Harvey Asher Howard Becker Burt Cohen Robert 'Cohn Marshall Ginsburg Herb Glass Sanders Gorelick Leonard Kaplan Stephen Kaplan Stuart Labow Peter Lese joel Maimon Seymour Moskowitz Paul Paper Stanley Parnett Gary Rosen Aaron Schoenwitz MEMBERS Alan Siegal Harold Shapiro Arthur Wachs Gary Wolk Milton Wolson Larry Yampolsky Pledges Robert Abrasley Lawrence Eisenberg Arnold Greenberg Gerald 'Geist Michael Kampf Walter Kauer Jeff Landon Alan Morris Melvyn Ornstein David Ratner Robert Spector Iota Deuteron of Alpha Epsilon Pi ended last year with a bang as a University policeman went haywire at the annual Hawaiian Party, firing shots over the heads of inebriated and somewhat surprised stu- dents. This fall, the fear of running into gun-slinging cops forgotten, the house started to move once again. Our next door neighbors were shut down after a vice-squad raid leaving the 300 block of University Avenue with only two drinking houses. On the personal side of things we have Stan Par- nett, who brought Stan Kenton and his friend, a Miss something who sang two numbers in a ten hour show . . . and then therels Stanls friend, a lawyer by trade called Stoler. Theylre both hasten- ing Jasons, ODKers and all the rest of that stuff, including Whois Who without a two point. 'Nosev Kaplan lead Eugene,s basketball team to a wonderful season. He was helped by another fraternity brother who after a half season decided to join the Air Force. He wanted to fly, not sit. If youlve ever had your tracking set on you might get a 'word or two from Marshall Ginsburg on WABP. Bob Cohn and Alan Seigal are also among us but please forgive them. GETTING OUT OF BED seems to be 01 big problem for Gary Rosen, so Steven Kaplan very ably comes to the rescue. Abrasley Asher Becker Cohen Cohn Efros Eisenberg Geisi Ginsburg Glass Greenberg Gorelick Goriin Kaiser Kampf Kaner Kaplan, L. Kaplan, S. Labow Lese London Maimon Morris Ornstein Roper Parneft Ratner Rosen Schoenwifz Schuman Schwariz Shapiro Siegal Wachs Wolk Wolson A l. ,A-aw . if-n av.,-ri '-N... K: Q X X Q -.- is ,Q 1 'Nav- A il' ,am 51 Q-'L as, 'Q'- E Pi's Have Cotillion Club President 279 vw' 0 vi' Ahoha Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Phi was founded locally in 1980. The fraternity was founded in 1845 and now nurnhers 81 chapters. Serving Alpha Iota as President is Daniel Buterog as Vice President, Russell Dean, Secretary, jack Benjamin, Treasurer, Kenneth Ernst. Danny Butero and Mrs. Kathleen Cook Actives Dave Bell lack Benjamin Ed Bostick Ben Butero Sid Constantine Russ Dean Ken Ernst Bobb Fisher Louis Hadad Frank Malanga jim Hiela Fred Smith Gerald Topaci Pledges Vince Bert:-lla MEMBERS Iolm Fogarty George Francancro Charles Giffonello lloward Hardesey jerry jordan joe Kopscynski Rich Madigan Pete Ozarowski Jim Salay Ray Wlidalf Faculty Dean John Blackburn james Cummings During the spring semester of 1958, it was decided by the active chapter that the University was in need of a good Dean of Men. Brother John Black- burn was elected by acclamation and we are sure that the students of the U. of A. are pleased with our contribution to the faculty. In the party department, weive improved im- mensely. Sid Constantine made the astute obser- vation that if music were provided, people could dance more easily. Of course, this ruffled the feathers of some MGun Smoken fans. However, once they found out a TV room can be used to better ad- vantages than watching Marshall Dillion take a trip to Boot Hill with Chester, there was no dissention among the troops. One of the things the Alpha Sigs are proud of ?? is their fine house law enforcement agency. Now, as everyone knows, the best time to run around screaming is between 7 P.M. and 2 A.M. This is only logical because most people are busy studying at that time. However, thereis always some party pooper who has the idea that study hours should be quiet. Therefore, our Victim of society eventually comes face to face with Marshall nMatv Dean, who is quicker with a five dollar fine that Chief Ray- field and all of his aspiring criminologists. EX-BIG TALKER Joe Kopczenski, an Alpha Sig Phi pledge, has learned that actives always have a remedy for everything. Bell Beniamin Bertellc Bostick Bufero Coin Constantine Dean Ernst Fisher Fogarty Frcxnconero Giffoniello Hudud Jordan Kolb Kopczenski Madigan Mclunga Ozarowski Rielu Saluy Smith Topazi Widak Alp NNN.. K. .. .- 7-"ft r ,QTY wg ha Sig's Active in Intramural Sports 281 In athletics We are extremely proud of OU1' suc- Aauha Tau Ume a Alpha. Tau Omega was founded in 1868. Beta Delta was founded in 1885. The fraternity now has 118 clzcipiersz jim Alford served the chapter as President. Other officers are Frank Us.5'e1'!l, Vice President, Robert Owens, Trea.5'arer, Fred Ingram, Secretary. E if QW? 7 S2551 315335 Jim Alford ond Mrs. Georgia Wilkerson BIEMBERS Actives ,lim Spenser jim Alford Dick Allcn john Arant Dick Ball Sannny Barranco ,Iamcs B1-all Fraiik Bioaclway -lim Pat Calclwcll Bcn Dcnipscy George Dihlmlt- Quin lflowcrs Xlilic Gregory ,loc Gunter Nlikc Ilauscr Billy Ilill l"r4-cl Ingram Burris johns Bobby jolly Bob Kendall Bob Nlllfllll Don Mcllinty Crccr Mc-gginson Lcstcr Nlillcr Pat Miller Hill Mixon l'lI'ilI1li Xloocly Curry Xlorrison Bert Nctllcs Cary Nichols llobcrt Owe-ns john Pcticy ,lack Pow:-ll llcrbcrt Quinn Lynn llccvcs lfrcd llcynolcls john llodcnbougli ,lim Scott Grayson Sinnnons C1-1-il Slxinncr llaas Strothcr Allen Tartt Frank Usscry George Xlllkcficld Toni YVcst Carvcl YVooclall Roy XYoodruff Pledges Icrry Britton Bob Clayton Bill Cox llcrb Crcccy Dai-well Davis Fox Dclfnniak Bob Fitts Mick lf'ountain ,Ion Franks .lim Garvin llicli llcnry Bill llorselcy llicliard llumphrey Mike Knight Don Martin Butch Marty Xlikc lX'lLfKt'Cl'l Stcvc Mills Claurlc Moody .lolin O'Ncz1l Xlliltcr l'arrcnt Curtis Pctrcy ,lim Roberts Kc-nt llosc Corky llusliin YllllU1llL1S Sainford Tonnny Sr-well llolxin Usscry -lcssc YVillian1s llobbins YVillian1s he fact tl1at We of the ATO,s C2111 make our voices heard here at Alabama, l16lU1UCCl in as We are o11 the east by the Gorgas cla11, klllil o11 the West by a group of aging, but racy, civil War veterans, is proof enough of our aggressive spirit. But above and be- yo11d all this We rush through college life gai11i11g prominence in all phases of campus activity. Beginning the year in September, Rush Week Was high-lighted with the involuntary, and highly un11sual ustag coke partiesv. Out of this the frater- 11ity gained twenty-six 11eW me11. Furthering the social side, there have been few Weekends that have passed Witho11t some sounds of ribald frivolity echoing from the ATO ho11se. These have, of course, been in addition to our 11umber of major parties. Two particular football Weekends can bear the title 'giiiajorf' Homecoming Weekend, and after the Memphis State game, Alabama victor- ies Were grandly celebrated. cess. The trophy of which We are perhaps proudest of all, is the one We received for the school divisional championship in intramural football. As in the past seventy-four years, Beta Delta chapter of ATO here at Alabama continues to stress those things that are really important in life, par- ticipation i11 the community, scholarship, and grades, and graduate, and get out, a11d namely - make money, Brothersl BEING WETTED DOWN by Jim Garvin and Curtis Petrey, Quinn Flowers will declare birthdays con be on inconvenience! X ai? l il s. ffsilix A ' 'Sf 1 if , . -YP L X Albrilfon Alford Allen Aran? Ball Barronco Beall Briffon Caldwell Clayton Creecy Davis DeFuniok Denson Dibble Fiifs Flowers Franks Graddick Gregory Hauser Henry Horsley Humphrey Jolly Kendall Knight Nichols Marlin Marty Megginson Miller, F. Miller, L. Mills Mixon Moody, C. Moody, F. Morrison Neifles O'Necll Owens Parrenl Pefrey, C. Pefrey, J. Reeves Roberls Rose Rushin Sewell Skinner Spencer Sfrolher Tarff Ussery Wesf Williams, C. Williams, J. Woodruff MSX Z2 , use Qu, Q' s iv' un, W .5 y ' T O's Win First in Homecoming Decorations 283 Tffx V:r:oin:.u'g1 5, :, Ag' v .gr .Q.'.,-Q 53" Sf Ti? Vgf O ul gl -yy , W n Q. ar av Qu 0 4 A g ,mil 1 2-lxitbivt-vs. Chl. Phi Chi Phi new luis 35 clzapiers. It was founflcfl imlionally in. 1824 with Tau being founded in 1920. The chapter officers' are Larry W'ood, Alpha, jerry .,IHlLCS, Beta, Giorrlon Gilismi, Gamma, Ronald Moiiigonicry, Delta. Larry Wood and Mrs. Ruth Ashe Actives Cliarlr-s Adams Baxter Booth lfrank Burns NVilliam Burt Cllmrlt-s Castlclxcrry .ltlllll'S Clianccllor -lamcs Dupuy Cordon Gibson Xlik Graham liolicrt llager -lolm llcndricks -lcrry blames Clayton XlcAdams lionald Xlontgomcry K1-itll Xloorc Nclson Noel XYilliam Poe Cordon Pugslcy MEMBERS George liagsdalc Alcrry Pxedus llavid Sington lfrcd Sington lramar Thomas Andy XVilson l,arry NVood Pledges Van llayes ,lzuncs Lee ,lolm Martin Donald Molir Hay Mcaorc linlns Xloscly -laincs Nlunroc ,lamm-s Parker Sln-rinan Potts l'lclward Thomas his year marks Chi Phiis thirty-ninth year on the University of Alahama campus, and during this special anniversary year we celebrated with a party. Everyone says that this year,s party was even lnetter than our thirty-eighth. Plans are already lieing made for our fortieth party which liegins in Sep- tember. Since this one will be a multiple of ten, setting it off in a way from the others, we are search- ing for a new twist to make it unique. Where will this madness end? But aside from our social life we emphasize scholarship and sports. Our grade average this year? Well, damn the pledges! Everyone must have his ups and downs. In sports, though we won no trophies this year and havenyt won any since 1948, we feel that the wholesome fun of the game is really reward enough for us. We might as well feel this, for it is the only source of consolation avail- almle. Perhaps the most notalile event of our thirty- ninth year here-at least the one affecting Chi Phi most profoundly-was the admiralmle attempt on the part of the administration to drive all evil from the campus luv endorsing a han on drink. Their heroic efforts were well rewarded. Another memorahle event . . . Whzitis that? An- other glass of the lnuhlmly? All right then, one more, just for the devil of it, HELP WEEK comes but once a year, cmd Chi Phi pledges will be the first to 'fell you how glad they are it's only once. f-ff' - .91 , iw 'E Adams Bobo Burns Burt Castleberry Gibson Hager Hayes Hendricks James Lee McAdams Martin Mohr Montgomery Moore, K. Moore, R. Mosely Noel Poe Pugsley Ragsolale Redus Thomas, G. Thomas, L. Parker Potts Wildmon Wilson Wood QQ UQ' in-f 00.1-1 "iw-..-, 'honey' 'r' gs1 .4. f f Chi Phiis Have Tide Football Captain 285 , fl fycii, Delta Chi Delta Chi was founded in 1890 and now has 44 chapters. Alabama chapter was founclerl in 1927. Leading the chapter are Kenneth Linclsflll, Presi- dent, Rohcrt Anthony, Vice President, james Cal- houn, Secretary, Donalcl Drietzlcr, Treasurer. r ls s sg. .G Kenneth Lindsay and Miss Ma Actives Mark Anderson Robert Anthony Scott Atkins johnny Barnes Farrell Blackburn Bob Blakey Bill Bone Clark Branch Tommy Britt Bill Brunner Bob Busby Don Busby Jim Calhoun Dan Cartleclge Bill Cate Cecil Colburn Jeff Coleman Henry Collins Clifton Darby Don Dreitzler Roger Guin Hugh llarris jim Hinton Clark llolliman Frank jackson Ed Keller Fred Latigue Ken Lindsey jyles Machen Bill McCahan Dick Meliaughlin Alton Pender Louis Scholl Lauren Sechriest leil Segars Dick Shelby bel Foley MEMBERS Gary Smith Lee Stegemeyer Fagan Thompson Mike Quarles Don Wlages llarold West Bobby VVillJanks Bill Xvildel' ,lov Vlildman Fraser YVilliams Stan XVilliams Pledges Curtis Bates Clyde Baxter Bill Bragan jimmy Brown Orville Chandler Ray Crain XYendell Feltmau lla1'ry Guin Nat Ginn -lohn Mahaffey -lim Main Cary Meyers Mike Pitts Ed Powell johnny Reese Conrad Scarhoroi Lcgrant Scott, jr Charlie Smi.h Russ Smith Richard Stewart ugh Rodney Summerford jim Vickery jim Vlilliams nce upon a time lFebruary 12, 1927i Delta Chi was found on the University of Alabama campus. Since then, the chapter has produced many promin- ent citizens, such as Willie Sutton, Al Capone, and George Raft. Nor can we deny the undying support and services of our illustrious and infamous alumni -heat furnished hy lohn L. Lewis, clothing by Ber- nard Coldfine, and servants loy Iimmy Hoffa. Although we had a very humble beginning lonly 2,000 barrels were produced the first yearb, the still is now hig enough for the whole chapter. We are proud of our athletic record. Last year We won nine intramural trophies, including the big Rotating Trophy, and three foot-races With the Cap- stone Cops. Our agent at Royls Pool Hall was of assistance in the former and the cause of the latter. lncidentally, we won the Homecoming float trophy for the second consecutive time. Our lawn decoration was disqualified when Ringling Brothers reclaimed their elephants. Rush week was quite successful. We talked the manager of the Ritz into allowing a five percent re- duction in admission price because of the number of our chapter who saw all the shows during rush Week. As added rush attractions we installed indoor plumbing, wall to wall floors, and a chair. Our parties are very progressive-from house to house and ending in the county jail. The annual Red and Buff formal was held in the back yard. VVC are now an international fraternity since our mother chapter was deported. FINESS THE BOOKS! Forget the tests! Playing pool is the best course to study, so the Delta Chis ioin in. Anderson Anthony Atkins Bates Barnes Beard Blackburn Blakey Britt Brown Brunner Busby Calhoun Cartledge Cate Colburn Coleman Collins Darby Feltman Guin, J. 'iv Guin, W. ' i Hinton Z I V , Keller il' . 5 , Lartig ue 1 um Lindsey Mochen H f , . ,wtf 2 f 4 ' ,. 4.3 QW- X f Mahaffey M I . ff fd Main McCahan McCall McLaughlin Pender ::" pins Quarles in .Y ff , ,ff , Reese I X , Scarborough V Scott Sechriest Segars Shelby ,as May! Smith, C. Smith, R. Stegemeyer Stewart Summerford Thompson Vickery Wages West Wilbonks Williams, F. Williams, S. Rotating Sports Trophy Won By Delta Chis 287 152 f f T . If X W f Qi' oylib an 1 Til . .V tiff. 114' , -15, Q Delta Kappa psilon Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded in 1844 with Psi chapter being founded in 1847. There are now 52 chapters. Officers of Psi chapter are not announced, but remain confidential. Mrs. Ruth Daniels Actives Mike Brantley john Carrington Randy Clark joe Cotlin Stroud Curran Richard Dukes Don Durrett Dexter Freeman Dwight Ilarrigan Bill Henderson Yancy Lott Marion Lyons Sheldon Marriott Stanton MacDonald Richard McGowin William Partlow Johnny Steele ,nf MEMBERS Bryan Strickland VVaights Taylor James Teague Pledges Tommy Arendall Bill Brantley Tommy Coggin john Langus NVarren Lightfoot Al Martin Tom OlMclia Vern Partridge Richard Randolph Hodo Strickland Charles Strong Leon Torhert John VVcston 42- gain this year DKE has endeavored to disprove the theory that competition alone hreeds a healthy organization. As it Was a hundred years ago and as it is today, DKE represents a total lack of emphasis on competitive desire. The postulate that We have formulated from ex- perience is: if one competes, one may not always win. Therefore, if We competed, We might lose our exalted place on the campus in the listing of super- ior fraternal organizations. For this reason, our motto is not, as the late, great Grantland Rice said: alt matters not who wins or loses hut how you play the gamev, hut rather: alt matters not who Wins or losesf, After all, itis the party after the game that countsv. We stand for organized individuality that tends to separate us from the usual stereotyped forms, and through non-conformity We have achieved im- possible goals and will continue to do so in the future. WHILE WAITING for class, the DKE's find time to reccl some books, sccm newspapers, and play cu little basketball. 3 522 E Arendall Bell Brantley, M. Brantley, W. Carrington Clark Coggin Curran Durrett Drake Freeman Harrigan Henderson RN Hodges Jennings Langus Lightfoot Lott Lyons MacDonald Marriott Martin Partlow Partridge iii nn... Wie. Pruett .QQ Randolph Strickland, B. Strickland, C. "Q" Stuart Taylor Teague Torbert Weston Q. Whitman ww i Dekes Win League Football Championqship 289 S ' , - NVQSX . fi .'.o ' is gg! X1 .ff 'UW' 1- 113 if -f Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta was founded in 1858. Delta Eta was founded in 1925. The fraternity now has 87 chapters. Iini Dilwortli .served the chapter as Presi- dent. Other officers are Earl Wlzatley, Vice Presi- dent, Ferrell Maughan, Treasurer, jim Parnell, Corresponding Secretaryg Jim Sockwell, Recording Secretary. Jim Dilworth and Mrs. Ruby Leslie MEMBERS Actives Charles Owen Larry Greene DOH ACTHHHS Johnny Owens Randy llariston MaX Allen blilll Parnell Jake Illenderggn Harold Blake Travis Bowden Bill Card Johnny Chastain Mike Connell Dave Denton Jim Delworlh Shep Frazier Dan Fuller Skip Fuller Freddy Clover Hall Groom Regie llamner Sam Hamner Don Handley David Jackson Cuy jackson Eddie Kelley Jerry Kitchens Tennant Lee Fester Lewis Bill McMath Ferrell Maughn lake Mantz john Moegan Authur Owens Frank Phillips XVyner Phillips Tony Pierce Max Pope Louis Rawls Bob Shearer Lamar Snow lim Sockwell Billy Thompkins Garry XVaddell Earl Xllhatley Bob Xllilson Bill XVilson Pledges john Acker Durwell Anders George Baker Vllilbur Brooks Ronnie Clements Bill Cooke Lynn Conboy john Curry Buddy Drewery 290 Garry jackson Ben johnson John Lawler Larry Lay jim Lylcs Dave Mauek Billy McKinley Jake Mentz John Parker Robert Payne Jerry Sampson Charles Shaver lerry Shepherd Donald Stewart ,lack Stewart Ronald Stewart Fred Tesney Jimmy Todd Homer Traylor Tommy hviligtlllfl lerry XVeiler Max XVigginEon Charles XVilcox Faculty Marion Colcy jacob Mentz elta Tau Delta was founded in 1066 A.D. by Atilla the Hun, in Southern Rhodesia. The early years were not easy ones for young fraternal or- ganizations. Times were hard. Many frats fell by the wayside, but the Delts were made of sterner stuff. In only 478 years our first chapter house rose majestically beside the waters of the Dead Sea. On its hallowed walls, etched in peasants, blood, are the names of some of our early illustrious alumni: Kaiser Wilhelni, Ezra Pound, Adolph Hitler, Rasputin, Karl Marx, and the Sheriff of Nottingham. In 1588, under the able leadership of Brother Blackbeard we set sail for the Americas on the great ship Titanic, carrying only beads, trinkets, and the bubonic plague. Running with tricky currents and a damn white whale, we strayed off course and finally landed in Acapulco. After a lengthy migra- tion northward the Delts again realized the need for a chapter house. Brother Santa Anna rose to the occasion and, under tremendous odds, captured a run-down old mission. The Alamo, however, proved unsatisfactory since it had no basement, and of course, no Self-respecting Delt drinks on first floor. After brief obstacles such as Carrie Nation and the Eighteenth Amendment, Delta Eta of Delta Tau Delta was established in 1925 at the U of A with Benedict Aniold as chapter advisor. We have established the high standard of pledging only boys who have the same fine qualities as our forebears. NOT THE FISH POND! But Johnny Chostoin's plea is no good os Acker, Owens ond Kelly give him u roaring send-off! "N .1 f Allen Anders Baker Bookout Brooks Card Chastain Clements Cocke Denton Dilworth Drewry Fuller Groom Hairston Hamner, R. Humner, S. Handley Heise Henderson Jackson Johnston Kelly Kitchens Lay Lyle Muuck Owens, A. Owens, C. Owens, J. Porks Parnell Payne Philips Phillips, J. Phillips, W. Pope Sa mpson Shaver Shearer Shepherd Sockwell Stewart Tesney Todd Tompkins Trcylor Waigclncl Weiler Wilcox Williams Wilson 2 ' f W' Mn ,aww 4 1 jf' 3 ' m f f ' r f AYA elts Excell in Campus Publications 'gi 291 E a 1 Kappa Ahzha Kappa Alpha now has 85 chapters. It was founded nationally in 1865 with Alpha Beta being founded in 1885. The chapter officers are Neal B. Little- iohn, No. Ig David T. Rowe, No. Hg VVillianL A. Fox, No. Illg Williaiii S. McKenzie, No. IV. Neal Littlejohn ond Mrs. L. D. Coates Actives John Adams Reneau Almon Dwain Anderson Braxton Ashe Hampton Barker WVilliam Blackwell MeKinzie Brannon Nicholas Braswell Julian Butler John Cain Robert Collins VVilliam Cone Stephen Fox William Fox Harry Gamble James Gantt Samuel Gaston Richard Grayson Patrick Harris Thomas Harris Charles Horton Eugene Howell John Johnson George Jones Robert Jones James Kelley Robert Keys Glenn Kimbrough Larry Kirkland Sam Leggett Thomas Lindsay Gary Little Neal Littlejohn David Melntyre XVilliam McKenzie MEMBERS Thomas Martin Samuel Massey John Mauk Robert Moorcr James Neill Gary Nichols Fred Palmer David Park Robert Payne Phillip Pitts Jerry Prater Bobby Price Julien Rolfe Louis Reynolds Charles Robinson Edward Rowan David Rowe Joseph Sanders Jerc Segrest Jolm Snodgrass Phillip Speir Robert Staggers Roger Suttle Jerry Trent Harold YVeeks Charles XVeldon Thomas YVhite Jennings Vtfhitwo Bobby YVood Faculty C. H. Barnwell VV. D. Jorden VV. L. Mason C. E. Porterfield J. YV. Pendleton 292 rth R. ll. Rice F. A. Rose R. M. NVallace Pledges Billy Aldridge Thomas Allen James Armstrong YValter Ashley Gaines Blackwell John Braswell Bobby Cain Norman Cooper Bracy Cross John Davies Thomas Edgil Wloolsey Finnell Judson Griffin VVillam Hartselle Carl Jones John Jordan Frank Kendall John Langford Troy Maxwell Ken Morrison Edward Newell James Norton NVilliam Oliver George Perkins John Schor Thomas Stokes Patrick Trammel Charles Thompson John XVard Geralo Wfheeler XVilliam XVoodfin s we sit under the spreading magnolia trees, sip- ping out tasty mint juleps, our minds call to memory events and activities of the past year that have con- tinued to make Kappa Alpha Order a strong and chivalrous brotherhood. The year began by KA pledging twenty-seven of the best ucotton pickinn young men on the campus. These men have a along row to hoev in order to better last year,s Kpea-pickin, D pledges who were designated as the most outstanding pledge class on the campus. Scholarship seemed to be the arebel yellv of the Order last year. Not only did the apea pickersn establish an all time high in campus scholarship among the various pledge classes, but the stately ubeardedv aetives took time off from running the stills to ioin with the Kpickersv to set an all time high in scholarship among the fraternities. Many a Southern Belle has delighted to the num- erous affairs held in the famed summer house, the fall Rose Ball and certainly, the fabulous "Old South Bally, in the spring, with its elite of the ushare- croppersv, its booming cannon and the uStars and Barsv flying from every corn stalk. As our uslavesv mix our next mint juleps, we look forward to this present year with great expectations and know that the past year will always be remem- bered as another successful year for the Confed- eracy of the Kappa Alpha Order. HOME MOVIES serve cis ci good second when the theaters don't chcmge for weeks ot oi time, cmd KA's agree with This. Adams Aldridge Allen Anderson Armsfrong Ashe Ashley Blackwell Brannon Braswell, J. Broswell, N. Butler Cone Cooper Cross Davies Edgil Fox, S. Fox, W. Grayson Griffin Harris Hartselle Howell Jones, C. Jones, G. Jones, R. Jordan Kirkland Langford Liffle Lifileiohn Mcclnfyre McKenzie Martin Massey Mauk Maxwell Morrison Neill Nichols Norton Palmer Park Perkins Prater Price Relfe Robinson Sanders Schor Segresf Snodgrass Sfaggers Stokes Sulile Thompson Trenf Word Welden Wheeler White Woodfin gawk-4 'X N V .f.. L, A f 4 'ww in W . C- ...- K Z. f -vw y f Z 7 1' . f . . Z X f I y r 5 . 3 . ,W f f., ,gy is f X, . ., 4 , , ..... W . f'7!H"? ff: H' 'f' 'mr Y I X 4 f y x X Q V! ff if if f f f ' M in A will f I f ff I .f .. 'ff-M.' .P .wa nr.. vm ' W' . f' 1 W 'W T4 Q I 9035.25 '9 KA? 293 Outstanding Freshmen Award Goes to a KA Kappa u Kappa Nu was founded in 1911, and now has 16 chapters. Pi chapter was founded in 1921. Leading the group are jay Cohen, President, Marvin Ep- stein, Vice President, Ioe Lichtenstein, Recording Secretary, Sammy Perlman, Corresponding Secre- tary, and Mark Berkin, Treasurer. E 4? like Q 5 fi, ie, at ef 'aint l,,'fia 3 'lf-1 Jay Cohen oncl Mrs. Elos Duneon Actives Harold Apolinsky jerry Banks Mark Berkin Bert Blooinston Robert Bloomston Irwin Bomchel David Brook jay Cohen Marvin Epstein Nathan Fisher jerry Goldstein Louis Hanan Allen Klein Alan Kohn Victor Koock Edward Lazarus Don Levy Joe Lichtenstein Martin Light MEMBERS 294 Bruce Miller Raphael Ostrovsky Eddie Pearlman Sammy Perlman Terry Prince Stanley Rosenhlum Allan VVilensky joe XVittcnstein Pledges Holman Brook Larry Brook Ronnie Feinman Robert Goldberg Myles Could Roger Could Alan Jaffe Jerry Krousc Bennie Schlesinger " : . fj ,S ' 'U Kappa Nu is proud of What We did last year. Al- though We had our usual trouble from the cops and the F.B.I. CFederal Bartenders, Inc.j, We managed to achieve great honors. Take our parties, for instance. As a matter of fact you took them, and We Want them hack. Athletically We were also great. A lot of talk has been going on saying that the reason We Won the all sports trophy was that We used professionals, but its too late to aruge minor details now. We made good grades, too. fThanks to our friend in the Dean,s office - nice going, Blackyj Some of our moh were pretty outstanding. 6'Applesv Apolinsky made Whois Who - now Weire trying to find out Who xApplesv is. Our human anatomy man, Samho Perlman, made AED. In the meantime, 'cEpp,' Epstein latched himself on to that Crooked Commerce Legislature. Talk about dirty politics, Nate Fisher is president of Hillel. 'KKrash,, Kohn is now in training for Hialeah on the Bama track team. Don Levy has been made the manager of Butler's Black Raiders. We have other guys, too. Some get out on parole in June. We are good guys - We laugh, We roh, and some of us are cool. IS IT A NEW TUTOR? Or is the dog simply doing his home- work? Whot will they think of next? A Univcuc Machine! s, -as '1 .L -. .. x s 4,4 v N x 1 Apolinsky Banks Berkin Bloomston, B. Bloomston, R. Bomchel Brook, D. Brook, H. Brook, L. Cohen Epstein Feinman Fisher Goldberg Goldstein Gould, M. Goulcl, R. Jaffe Klein Kohn Koock Krause Lazarus Levy Lichtenstein Light Miller Osfrovsky Pearlman Perlman Prince Rosenblum Schlesinger Weissman Wilensky Wilfenslein '5'R"'f 'Q 5' QQ' WIN XS X 1 t X Q .Q f 1-'N X E x km X W- x 'Rf X L S fig? a t bww 9 , S X hx .L . Nw B 'Q.,,,.....s. Q. E , 'Q-X, K .- ig s .gee N- 'emits ms Pi Chapter Outstanding in Activities if up- ..- V L .5 I., Ln! .9 , ,tr ff ., ,I Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma was founded in 1839 with Beta chap- ter being founded in 1899. There are now 130 chapters. Officers serving the group this year are President, john YVhitley, Vice President, Mack H eaton, Secretary, jack Morgan, Treasurer, Richard Taylor. John Whitley and Mrs. Helen Hatch BIEMBERS Actives jim Bobo Kendall Black Timothy Boykin lim Finley Pledges Gilbert Fitzgerald john Gann YVhitfield Gibbons Burke Grace Iohn llankins Bill Harrell Alun Harris Mack Ileaton Bob Holland Bob Hudson Richard Kellerman Bib Kidd Gerald Landers Dave Latiinore Bob Majors Don Marion Glenn Martin jack Morgan Pete Soteres Rocky Stone Richard Taylor Rex Turner Ed Van Holland Ken Vines john XVhitley XValton NVillia1ns YVheeler XVilson Bill Baxley Cordon Boyles NVeldon Broadwell Ben Burns ,laincs Burkhalter Melvin Butler Gene Donsbach NVayne Fleming Bobby Green Larry Harper Steadman Hollis Huntley Iohnson Bob johnston Ilcnry King Don McGouirk Ed Malone George Noblin -lim Bichard Ellis Richardson Eugene Scott Palmer Smith Bill Sport Ken Taylor Doug YVaits Franklin VVhite Raymond VVillia1ns laines WVoods he home of Beta of Kappa Sigma is a palatial colonial style mansion located in the heart of the Kappa Sigma 'Kbig front lawnv just 15 miles from downtown Cottondale. Beta of Kappa Sigma started this year by pledg- ing an excellent class. Both of our pledges gained national prominence as a result of their construc- tion of the end zone bleachers at Ladd Stadium. The highlight of our social season was the annual chariot burning ceremony financed by Pi Kappa Alpha. Shortly thereafter we held our Christmas Party for underpriviledged children. Little Orphan Annie comic books were given and the films 'cAnd Cod Created Womanv and S'The Attack of the Fifty Foot Womanv were shown at this time. Sports, however, is the area in which we excell. This was evidenced when one of our pledges, the creature from the black lagoon, took top swimming honors. We are currently in the playoffs for the Frisby championship of East Gordo. The year was climaxed by our animal Black and VVhite Formal. In an effort to stay on the good side of the Administration and the NAACP, our dance was led by Autherine Lucy, escorted by Martin Luther King, and was held in the telephone booth of the Toddle House. In summary we can say that it has been a very eventful, but terribly DRY year. HOUSEBILLS WERE DUE, so one brother organized a big poker game, cmd in a few short hours, one housebill was paid! ,X A x W I' Baxley Bishop Black Bobo Broadwell Burkhalter Burns Bufler Donsbach Finley Fleming Gann Gibbons Grace Green Hankins Harp Harper Harrell Harris Heaton Holland Hollis Hudson Johnson Johnston Kidd King Landers Logan Maior McGouirk Malone Martin Morgan Noblin Richard Soteres Sporf Stone Taylor, M. Taylor, R. Turner Vines Waits While Whitley Williams, R. Williams, W. Wilson Wood f ik' f ZIV y ,W 'V r M W' W!"'9 'W' Prexy of Chemistry School is a Kappa Si 297 Q 441414 ZW Q". 'Sify O oo X .of 1"-ix". 'Q ,o is 5 .959 ' g X or X.: Lambda Chi Ahoha Lambda Chi Alpha was founded locally in l9l7. The fraternity was founded in 1909 and now has 121 chapters. Serving Alpha Phi as President is Bobby Bay Hicks, as Vice President, Bobby Boe- buck, Secretary, Bobby Porch, and Treasurer, Corbie Self. Bobby Ray Hicks ond Mrs. Katherine Rclulston Actives Bob Austin Clarence Bice Ernest Bundschuh Morris Camp Gene Casey Billy Cochran Davis Crenshaw joe Darden jim Dickenson Lawrence Dollar Thomas Easter Richard Ellis Hal Gardner john Hancock Don Harder Archie Harris jan Hendrix Bobby Ray lliCkS Tom jones Richard Kali-y john Lamar Billy Lindley David McCalcb Max Merrill Buddy McCartcr Frank Moore Bruce Nelson Buck Nelson jerry Nix Bobby Porch MEMBERS Roger Pugh Bobby Roebuck john Ross Corbie Self Earl Self Larry Shaw Hugh Smith XVelby Smith james Stephens jack Taylor Buddy YVeiss Tom White Pledges Mickey Crain Henry Crowder Marvin Dunlavy jimmy Faulkner, jr Gene Grant jim Kelly Robert Lisenba David Marley Douglas Phillips Rodney Tarter Tommy YValker Rex XVebb Benny VVhite Robert YVhite Gerald VVilliamson jerry XVood Di11'i11g rush week Lambda Chi buckled down in the true ivy league tradition to the usual role, and managed to dredge from the dark unfathomed caves a gem: Alfred E. Neumann, a Phi Delta Theta leg- acy, who, when questioned by distraught relatives and friends as to his pledging calmly explained, 4'Well, it seemed like a good idea at the timev. The season,s Bacchanalian festivities were pre- sided over by Crescent Girl Mary Louise Oliver and our brand new housemother Mrs. Kathryn Praulston. When at the fall formal, pledges Wil- liamson and Neumann announced their return from a burning lumber yard and success at impersonating a couple of Phi Gams, Bobby Ray Hicks, being without gin, cast the first moan. Other hands swaying the staff of empire were found belonging to Bobby Roebuck, well known for his acumen ,round Sand Mountain. Roebuck, through his efforts as head of the scholarship com- mittee, succeeded in getting half the house on the Deanls List. Fortunately, however, only a third of these actually were placed on probation. On Founders Day pledge president A. E. Neu- mann received a citation for making the lowest grades in the history of the fraternity. Unabashed, he lackadasically commented "What-me worry?v It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but we feel that in this case, a thousand pictures of pledge brother Neumann are worth but one word. Unfortunately this word is unprintable due to difficulties with the Board of Publications. SPEAK, HEAR ond see no evil is reversed by three Lambda Chi octives Welby Smith, Thomos Eoster ond Dclvis Crenshaw. Comp Casey Cochran Crain Crowder Dickinson Dollar Dunlovy Easier Ellis Faulkner Gord ner Gran? Hancock Harder Harris Hendrix Hicks Kaley Kelly Knight Lamar Lindley Lisenbos Lowery McCarter Marley Merrill Moore Nelson, B. Nelson, W. Nix Phillips Porch Pugh Roebuck Ross Scott Self, C. Self, E. Shaw Sibley Smith, H. Smith, W. Sfephens Tarfer Van Horne Walker Webb Weiss While, R. While, T. Williamson Wood Q 4-in L sv . VW 'it fqnwh 1 Mba 3 33 ny if hiv' 4 ff X ',,f , , f f f. SGA Bama Chest Headed By Lambda Chi 299 I f W WV 1 ' ls I Q J' fl? Phi Delta Theta Phi Della Tlicta was founded in 1848. Alabama Alplia was foimfled in 1877. The fraternity now l1llS 123 chapters. Donald B. Mills seruefl Zillff clzaptcr as President. Other officers are Henry Z. Mc- Crary, Secretary, Ralph E. Adams, Treasurer. Don Mills and Mrs. Julio Ellis Actives Ralph Adams Edmund Agee Andrew Allison Be11 Beers john Bowman Samuel Brentnall Roger Butler Border Burr Philip Carr Otlia Carter john Chason Patrick Dunn Xvllllkllll Dunn Albert Gayle Russel Goodloe NVillia1n llamilton David Ilampc john llamriek Edmund llenderson Ted llenry Robert llill, jr. Richard llobbie Cory jackson 'loc .lennings Austin -lones llilton Locke llenry NIcCrary Kevin Rlellngli Robert Blcthvin Donald Mills Ben Reeves Qw- MEMBERS Bruce Robertson Breck Rogers Robert Shepard Don Solomon Lee Spencer James Stovall Andrew Strickland Iames Snlzby Sibley Thomas Pledges Edd Dunlap Eddie Fields Earl Hall Henry Hamilton Larry Houck John Israel NValling Keith Francis Kohn Blake Lane George Lane Xvllliillil lN'IcCa1'ty james N14-Carty James McGuire Vlilliam McQueen XVadc Morton John Scale Bailey Slaton Ligon Solomon Clifford Spencer Chester Xvkllliid' Tom YVcst hi Delta Theta is primarily a social fraternity. We hesitate to say completely social because three of the clique were caught voting in the school elec- tions this fall. Due to the new University ABC ruling, this was the driest rush week since the KD,s pledged Carrie Nation in the early Twenties. Ignoring all obstacles, however, we added 24 new dogs to the pledge kennel. From the temporary bungalow on Thomas Street the Brothers whiled away the early months robbing the cigarette machine and personally supervising the building of the new lodge on University Avenue. Its unique interior design and purpose will defi- nitely be a pace setter for other fraternities on cam- pus who have members with careless smoking habits. It is thought to be the o11ly house which is completely air-conditioned with an exceptionally large ice machine. Its specially designed bourbon- resistant carpets defy even the shakiest party hop- per. The house is recognized by its eight columns signifying Bourbon, Scotch, Brandy, Gin, Vodka, Rye, Rum, and Absinthe. The usual participation policy toward outside ac- tivities was continued for the eighty-first consecu- tive year. We did not put up a lawn decoration for Homecoming nor enter Greek Week, nor step sing- ing, nor pep rallies, nor classes. After two years on Thomas Street, our neighbors, The Ghosts, gave us a howling welcome. Look out probation, weire back on the Great White Way. FAVORITE ACTIVES' IMAGES are drown on grcussless lciwn by Phi Delta Theta pledges McGuire, West, and Kohn. 1 . 'V ff, . '33 - - E. x Adams Agee Allison, A. Allison, J. Bowman Brentnall Butler Carr Carter Daniel Fields Gayle Gentry Goodloe Hall Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hampe Hamrick Henderson Henry Hill Hobbie House Jennings Jones Kohn Lane Locke Luckett McCcl rty McCra ry McGuire McHugh McKee McQueen Marbury Methvin Mills Morton Pearson Reeves Robertson Rogers Seale Shepherd Slaton Smith Solomon Spencer, C Spencer, E. Stevens Stovall Strickland Sulzby Thomas West F. H. W. Aw., n.. 'WWW may Qmdff . uf' uw.. , t 30 .-. , f 1 4 7 0 f 7' Af? 7 A, 2, at M, jmfftv, 1,5 Vx gf? L, GW -,-,Aa ,O ' - 'oo Phis Move to New 3175,000 Chapter House Phi Gamma Delta Phi Gamma Delta now has 85 chapters. It was founded nationally in 1848 with Theta being founded in 1855. The chapter officers are S. Eugene Sullivan, President, Walter D,Olioe, Recording Sec- retaryg Thomas Boulware, Corresponding Secretary, Daniel Rainey, Treasurer. Gene Sullivan and Mrs. Lucille Penn MEMBERS Actives Edward Nunnally Harry Ayers Thomas Owings john Bailey Claude Pipes Thomas Boulware jack Powers Carl Bright james Ragsdale Thomas Christian Donald Comer NVilliam Cross Donald DaLee XValter D'Olive Vincent Duffy Gordon Dunkin Omar Faucett Michael Feore james Forbes XV alter Gewin Edward Goodwin Charles Gordon Gene Hardy Robert Hill Leland Howard YVilliam Hulsey VVilliam Jessup William Knight VVilliam Lanford NVoodroW Layfield George Lyles ,lack Mallory Iohn Martin james 'McDonnell john McElroy Frank McRight Eugene Moore Daniel Ramey Claude Rumscy Iohn Schoppert YValter Seale Samuel Sullivan Gerald WVallace Martin VValsh Peyton XViggins Pledges Ozmus Burkc Lawrence Brown Albert DelCarmen YVilliam Faucett joseph Frazer Myron Hawkins Lco Karpeles Lynn Koenemann Xvilllillll Lawrence Sidney McDonald Thomas Moore Lcon Nolan Michael Roberts lorry Schocl Edward Smith Fred Smith Russell Stutts George NVhite Many changes have been made on the campus this year and Phi Gamma Delta has changed right along with them. Highlighted among these campus changes was the replacement of Rayfieldis Raiders with German Police Dogs. To keep in line with this canine trend, the Fijis dated in the KD house this year. A new indoor record was set during rush week, we bought more uWing Dingv cups than any other fraternity on campus. As a result of the new :Taper Cupv administration, only six of the 1,230 hoys we were rushing came to the U. of A. this year. We predict that by the end of 1959, this fine old insti- tution will undergo another drastic change-instead of being known as the U. of A. it will be the A. A. The return of Big Bear Bryant caused the intra- mural program to take on a crisp outlook. In the arena behind Woods Hall the Phi Gains defeated DDD in the semi-finals before losing to KKG Cwhich, by the way, was a nip and tuck gameb in the newly inaugurated sport, intramural tag-team wrest- ling. The Kappas, tremendous bear-hugs proved to be the deciding factor in their victory. Our social season was a complete flop due to the fact that we werenlt even placed on social probation. However, one real blast was held in the chapter house, this being the annual tea drinking contest with the administration. Theta Chapter was well represented in school politics. Bill Lanford served as president of I. F. C. Clnferior Fellows Clubl, while Sag Wallzlce, ahly assisted by Shorty Price, headed the Homecoming HSpiritsv Committee. BRIDGE AND POKER are other fascinating sports besides the program of intramurals a fraternity offers its boys. i1"i "' iitfsisitit Bailey Boulware Bright Christian Clark Comer Cross Dalee del Carmen D'Olive Duffy Dunkin Faucett Feare Forbes Frazer Gordon Hardy Hill Howard Jessup Karpeles Knight Koenemann Lanford Lawrence Layfield Lowe Lyles McDonald McDonnell McElroy Mcmghf Martin Matney Moore, E. Moore, T. Nunnally Pipes Powers Ragsdale Ramey Schcel Schoppert Smith, E. Smith, F. Sullivan Wallace Walsh 'rv' l l ,gl -g-. sn .Mx W we M 2,4 i mfg 3 2, 32:44 f We ,. ,W 2 Q Q 5' z fr . l I 4. "-Q.. 5 5 1--. vwfw' '64, q-N-. wha. ...H i Cams Have President of Iaso sos MEMBERS Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma was founded in 1850 and now has 47 chapters. Alpha Kappa chapter was founded in. 1903. Leading the group are Tom PllffCi',S'0li, President, Louis Henlinc, Secretary, and Charles Babcock, Treasurer. Tom Patterson and Mrs. Lucye French Actives Charles Babcock Laurancc Bcauvais john Brusniglran Robert Burnside lolmny Byers Joe Coucli George Counts Frank Egan George Ellis Fack Fowler VVilliain Coggans Bill Coocli Thomas Coolsby Louis llanlc-in Charlie llitson Terence Harkin Randolph O'Connor Thomas Patterson Landon Pitts Carey Sliclfur Edward Stone Richard 'llrawick Dosscy NYl1itc Pledges Sam Barkley James Brilcy Royce Blankenship Marty Carpcntcr Paul Cliealliain -lolin Crutcher Philip Davis Don Dollar Edward Coldblatt Robert Graliain Charles Hendrix Alamos Howell xvllllillll llunt iolinny Hutt Wlilliam jones Robert Lancaster Charles Lawrence Clifton Logan Bob Merritt Edward xlClDl'I'ill0tl llarold Munro Donald O,Ncal Grady Reardon Klaus ltosinski john Sandlin Darrel Scott Alamos Siglcr Hit-bard Skinner Stove Spicr Ex'vi't'ttc Taylor Frank Tims James XVallace Cliarlcs YVittinann Raymond YVilson The 'Chostv story you are about to read is daring but truel It all started in 1903 when the uChost Housev Was founded at the University of Alabama, and things have been progressing rapidly since then. This year, when We returned to campus, We re- ceived the shock of our lives. The campus was dryl This forced us to remain dry also and, much to everyoneys amazement, We pledged thirty-five t35j anew-boysv. A history making pledge class for Alpha Kappa, it is second largest on campus. Due to some uimpossiblev rules about quality points, drinking and the all-menis average, our parties Were limited in number but not in quality. As usual, We still have the reputation for having great parties. VVe admit all our parties are outstanding, but the real Winner is our annual Cinderella Ball. Since this article Was diligently composed before the date of the Ball and since We are not capable of fore- seeing the future, We cannot delve any further into this matter about the greatest party on campus. Now, about our sports. With one football game Ca playoff? left to go, We have the chance of placing third in one division. If this game proves to be disappointing, We will come out fourth. As for the Turkey Trot, We Won itl It is now midnightl Time all 'cChostsv Were in bed-so-goodniglitl POLISHING A CAR has glowing rewards when the car shines so beautiful. It did for Taylor, O'Connor and McDermott. 351 . ., wSflnamq..,W..,.,., Allbrilten Babcock Barkley Blcankinship Briley Brusnighan Burnside Cheaiham Couch Crulcher Davis Eagan Fowler Goggans Golclblaii Goolsby Honlein Hendrix Howell Jones Lancasier Lawrence Logan McDermoH Merrill Mun ro Patterson Pitts Rearden Rosinski Sandlin Sigler Skinner Sfone Taylor Tims Walla:e While Wilson Wiffmann Youngchild X X Qc , W5 'Q Xb 5' X x 'X S Y X G9 A ei i me X 3, X O X K ,M SEI.. i fe .V S t my in X x Ki Q is lie N A X - 'X-:AG 4, Kiwis 5 f YS X Ease-. Sf Q. .eww-QWS X 5 e l N. , Q.. ., .9 Q-X. 1 X ., E X N Ns x N X W X X x X X X ,X 'exft I X X . YW. Q .EI K. 7- Z. ,. .. F in X S, .V r V it F e eeec , ., ' A ' 12 ,,l'1 R e , e e - i i "a.o'5of 1 W i ' -35 T' Turkey Trot on b Phl Kappa lgma , f -'4.v.'4,! 'x 305 Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa was founded in 1873 with Omi- cron Deuteron chapter being founded in 1925. There are now 66 chapters. Officers serving the group this year are President, Freddy Hall, Vice President, Frank Tortorioi, Secretary, Paul Marion. Freddie Hall and Mrs. Eunice Snowden Actives Ted Brownell Mike Bruno il. T. Craig Bay 'Driscoll Grow Freddy Hall james Ilaver Icrome LeVan Ben Louden Allen Love Paul Marion Richard Neely Cordon Hieklcs Stan Soszka ,Iohn Suddeth Frank Tortoriei Lenny XVarren Pledges Brian Birtliriglit MEMBERS Bob 'Downing Del Dunn Lucien Fievet Tim Gibson Marlon Hilton Causey Houston Bob Kipp Bob Kohler Russ McNamara Bob Morrison Tom Miller XVesley Pate lack Poareb Iimmy Prime Bobby Bobinette Mike Stevenson Bow Wiilliains Charles YVofford Faculty Dr. George R. Abernathy Allen C. Perry nee again this fall, as for the past 32 years, Ala- bama Phi Sigs rallied valiantly around the flag and staggered out upon their 33rd year on the Univer- sity of Alabama campus. First off We decided to remodel the interior of our house before beginning fall rush. Our enthus- siasm was soon dampened, however. Especially dampening were the 5 gallons of paint spilled on the Would-be interior decorators. By the use of an ingenious trap, snare, and drag- net system, We caught enough freshmen to form a pledge class. Though some pledges were reluctant to assume their position in life at the start of the semester, the proper employment of rack and thumbscrews soon filled them with a Willingness to serve their fraternity unselfishly. As usual, our intramural sports year built a great deal of character in our men. While striving to stay out of our leagues cellar in football, basketball, soft- ball, etc., Phi Sigs attained the highest plaudits of sportsmanship. CWe learned never to hit an op- ponent While the referee Was lookingj. Our scholarship achievements Were Well known on campus. Evidence of this fact can be seen in the great number of our men called in to confer With Dean Adams at the end of each semester. Looking back over the past year, We Phi Sigs can proudly say, nThank goodness itis overv. CHRISTMAS COMES- to the Phi Sig house and Frank Torforici is Santa's biggest helper at the annual chilolren's party. Birthcuught Brcwnell Bruno Craig Downing Driscoll Dunn Fievef Gibson Hall Housion Kipp Le Von McNamara Marion Morrison Neely Neidenbouch Pate Phelps Rickles Rouse Stevenson Suddeth Warren Ph ' g ,gl if T? .i--. I - S Q . -- X:--- wx V Xi x..A 1- . .E Siisggg f jjxgjix i ' NN r v X N 5 'X l . X 5 .Q :ggi fs -ff. nf, s- i""'v,?,E: i ig's Active in Intramural ports !i'f'3g-Q N 49" Ai' 307 1-if' 2 xg m 5 ff fy -- "iW'.!1 , X . ..---,. 1 MEMBERS Pi Kappa Ahoha Pi Kappa Alpha was founded locally in 1924. The fraternity was founded in 1868 and now numbers 113 chapters. Serving Gamma Alpha as President is David Ellwanger, as Vice President, James Davis, Secretary, Howard Shenk, Treasurer, Robert Bibb. David Ellwanger and Mrs. O. O- Robbins Actives Louis Amis Bobby Askew Robert Bibb Topper Birney Bob Bowers Tom Caddell Harold Colvin jim Davis john 'Davis Harry Duke Iere Dumas Tom Elliot David Ellwanger Murphee Flippin Lawrence Ford Charles Foreman jim Harvey Bob Johnson Bunky Jones Mac Jones Lelis Kirby Lane Latimer, 111 Russell Levcnson Thomas Lile Alan Loveman Clarence McDorman jim Martin Buddy Miller William Mooneyham Don Murray Milton Nabors Jack Parker Fred Powell Walter Price Creel Richardson Howard Shenk Larry Skelton jim Solomon David Stokes Zac Studstill Don VVeir Bob Whaley James White Dann Wilbanks Y Fredi VVood Ralph Yarbrough Pledges john Boa David Brown Steve Brown Glen Cope john Evans Iohn Faucett Joe Herrin Laughton Higgs Paul Hollis Felix Ioffrion Byrd Latham Boyd Lockard Jerry McCardle VValter Massey Stan Rogers John Shannahan Cary Stephens Connie Tampary Phil Tate Tommy Thompso Phil VVeir Cecil Wilson Rhett Woody The local 18th amendment sponsored by the IFC gave Gamma Alpha a little trouble during rush week as it gave birth to AA,s newest chapter. Twenty-two of Bamaas best new-boys took the oath of sobriety and began to lay plans for taking se- lected actives on road trips. Homecoming 1958 found a gathering of the clan as seen only once in our 35 year history at the Cap- stone. Old alums gathered to hear 10 of our 14 founders reminisce as the rain came tumbling down along with our house decorations. After the sober- ing experience of our anniversary banquet on Fri- day night, the brothers made up for lost time on homecoming day and wound up the festivities with a bang. Soon after the football season, someone noticed that classes were being held in the building across the street. The area was soon declared off limits, but not before some individualists had bought books and even made their way into such organizations as Jasons, ODK, and Phi Beta Kappa. Spring sprang and rush parties were again in vogue at the Pike house. Roman Holiday was held again this year at the request of the campus co-eds. At least there were less casualties this year. Other events were planned as Pi K A again con- quered Srd floor Union. jimmy Davis, Bama Day, Bob Whaleyis Arts and Sciences Day, and Mac Jones, Commerce Day brought many new rushees onto the campus. Dave Ellwangeris aPi Kappa Alpha Picture Bookv which you are now reading was published and delivered in Mayifil TERM PAPER DUE, Milton Nabors is working to meet his deadline, as Howard Shenk works on a Corolla deadline. "'MW'1 ' ' ., ...., 'K D Xi? - hMiQ4 . Q ,, i N512 . 'L Amis Bibb Boa Brown, D. Brown, S. Colvin Cope Davis, J. Davis, J. A. Duke Dumas Ellwanger Evans Faucet Flippen Ford Forman Harvey Higgs Joffrion Johnson Jones Kirby Kirkland Latham Levenson Lafimer Lockard McCardle McDorman Martin Miller Mooneyham Powell Richardson Rodgers Shenk Skellon Solomon Stephens Stokes Tampary Tale Thompson Weir, D. Weir, P. Whaley While Wilbanks Wilson Woody Yarbrough , .... J v V W X :UK mv, x Q . M fir- 1' 2, f , 'H-.J J zrwqm my ,H X fi, M- , 55, , , , 25 2 4 X I yy f K .f , ' -,. . ,. 1, L , fr, M W 4,3 Q M f 5 1' QW! fm N rl , B W' 5 33,1 X f 'Z ' 1 ,- ,426 -4, I Pi Kappa Alpha Has Five Men in UDK soo F? 'EEN'-5 r L ... KA el. Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi was founded in 1904. Omioron was founded in 1916. The fraternity now has 52 chap- ters. Gary H uekaby served the chapter as Archon. Other officers are Richard Malone, Seeretaryg Robert Wilson, Treasurer. Gary Huckoby cmd Mrs. Vida Booker Actives George Buchanan Micheal Clark james Coggins Kenneth Couch Don Dublin james Frantz Charles Hayes Carl Hesselback Cary Huckaby Ed jones XVilliam King James Lackey Barry McCrary Richard Malone Ike McAlpin, Ir. Shelby Mitchell Kermit Moore Paul Morrow Robert Phillips George Parker Robert Quarles Joe Sox Larry Stewart Robert Shepherd Edwin Trowbridge Allan Viguerie James White MEMBERS Robert XVilson Curran WVade, Ir. Pledges NVarren Darcey Thomas Dunn Robert Dyess Lynn Forehand jerry Graff Billy Hammonds Charles Haynes Bill Hopper VVayne Jarman Tom Kerley Jerome Kimberly Lamar Lott Kim McDonald Al Pierce Robert Petrey jerry Pritchett Ieff Sox Faculty Dr. Langston Hawley Dean Henry Leslie Capt. I. N. Mcfunkin Dr. Donald Mulvihill Dr. Carl Seebeck The year is 1978-and YOU ARE THEP1El Twenty years have passed since that fateful year of 1958. The Pi Kappa Phi brothers of 1958 have risen to even more Kprofoundv heights than ex- pected. Ol, Omicron has made great advances in the last twenty years: The leaky ceiling under the bathroom has been moved to the storehouse out back. A Pi Kapp has made history by reaching the second floor of Harris Hall by telephone. The trees be- tween the Omicron chapter house and the co-op house have been cut down. The basement has ac- cidentally been converted into a swimming pool. Liver is served for chow every Monday before pledge meeting. The steward introduced coffee as a breakfast beverage in 1967. The annual River Boat Party is new held on the USS United States to accommodate the overflow of visitors. The mort- gage has been reduced to S347,721, and plans are already being made to buy the coveted Hurricane Creek site from the University for a new house. The year was 1978. What sort of a year was it? A year filled with the same old things that 1958 was infamous for . . . you were there? FOOTBALL IS A POPULAR SPORT, but some people just con't ploy it, like Currcm Wade or Mike Clark! , .,,.. If Boggs Buchanan Case Clark Coggins Couch Darcy Dublin Dunn Dyess Forehand Frantz Graf Hammond Haynes Hesselbach Hopper Huckaby Jarman King Lackey Lott McAlpin MCC rary McDonald Malone Mitchell Moore Parker Peirce Petrey Phillips Prewitt Pritchett Quarles Ritchey Runnyon Shepherd Stewart Sox, J. Sox, J. H. Trowbridge Viguerie Wade West White Wilson 5-yi' A ,gn . ' '49 ff.:?'a , fm 'W-I WX 'rw dwlzar if S -...f 'rw I My , f V fv- 7' UQ' nw 9' 'bl vu iv- President of Commerce is a Pi Kappa Phi 311 Kb. 0 JY Q cd 'x if .ifir .nj X-3. Atl! , I. 1 . ' .l 194,14 C Y Sigma Ahvlia Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon has the distinction of having its mother chapter here on campus. Begun at Ala- bama in 1856, it now numbers 142 chapters. The officers of Mu chapter are George Goodwin, Emin- ent Archon, VVilliam Magnuson, Eminent Deputy Archon, David Stacey, Eminent Recorder, joe Price, Eminent Correspondent, lVilmer Poynor Treasurer. 2 George Goodwyn and Mrs. Lewis Moore MEMBERS Actives Lloyd Johnson George YValker Stan Allen Kinny Larkin Rufus XValker Louis Anders Jonny Ballenger Haywood Bartlett Iames Beck Buster Brown Bill Byars Henry Carter B. C. Chew Bill Cole Charles Clayton Jimmy Coleman Robert Cope Ed iDarden Bill Dillon Bill Dismukes Cobb Laslie YVinston Lcgge Bill Magnuson Bob Miller jerry Moore Paul Mitchell Marlin Mioo-re lialph Mosely Mark Myatt Sam Oliver Hansel Peacock VVilmer Poynor Rip Prichard joe Price Uhland licdd Bonner Engelhardt NVoody Reeves Sain Fischer joe Robinson Tranum Fitzpatrick Ed Sherling Alan Flowers George Coodwyn Ralph Griffin David Head Herbert Harris Still Hunter Naylor Stone Tonimy Smith David Stacy Vfarren St. john Sidney ,farwater Sonney Thrash 312 Morgan XVhite Albert XVynne Bob Yoder Pledges Sterling Anders lim Coleman Durham Ellis Iohn Frey Frank Harwell john Hagood Mack Hixon Cleve Lovelace Ken Morgan Sammy Neilson Charles Nicrosi Frank Noojin Jack Payne Bud Pride Daniel Propst Bill Bice -lim Roberts John Bockctt Lee YValthall he University of Alabama is proud of its histor- ical background. Adding to this illustrious history is the birth of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in Tuscaloosa, twenty-five years after the founding of the Univer- sity. Growing into one of the largest universities in the country, Alabama has likewise witnessed the growth of SAE into the most prominent social fra- ternity, both nationally and locally. Alabama Mu of SAE has maintained its high po- sition on the campus this year in all phases of aca- demic life. Campuswise, We were represented in many out- side activities With leaders and members in various organizations, president of Alpha Epsilon Delta, ROTC Brigade Commander, business manager of the Corolla, vice-president of the IFC, and actives in Phi Beta Kappa, varsity basketball, freshman football, A. A., Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, and others. VVe also exceeded in our social activities. Parties spanning from rush Week through football week- ends, the annual Christmas party, costume parties, house dances and many others, to the annual party for seniors at the end of the year were tremendously successful. Realizing that all outside activities are important, Sigma Alpha Epsilon feels that it also contributes greatly toward the development of a Well-rounded college man. EVERYBODY READS THE C-W of the SAE House! If you don'f believe it, iust look at White, Mycitt, and Lorking! 5' Allen Anders, L. Anders, S. Ballenger Bartlett Beck Byars Carter Chew Clayton Coleman Darden Dillon Dismukes Ellis Engelhardt Fitzpatrick Flowers Frey Goodwyn Griffin Hagood Harris Harwell Head Hixon Hunter Johnson Larkins Laslie Legge Magnuson Matthews Mitchell Morgan Myatt Neilson Nicrosi Nooiin Oliver Payne Peacock P:ynor Price Prichard Pride Propst Redd Reeves Roberts Robinson Rockett Schenck Smith Stacy Ta rwater Walker, G. Walker, R. White Wynne Yoder . iw Kr up-v Us f by 'Un -an wr., V f fs? f X? E f g ,WA f ,Qi 1 L- ""-. if 5 ff X at if 1 K 1 " Z -' ff 1 r S' .ry -nag ew' W V -3, SAE s Have Highest Scholastic Average -, . ,V . J, , M, ik 6 .D A f f 44 4 " fe Z ,f .34 I fbi? , 4 MA , , bg: fat? W f ff F l arf 1 ' E. we F 0 'gr Q C3 9 1' '5- Q' if 9 , Y of P 313 1 Sigma Abha Mu Sigma Alpha Mu now has 51 chapters. It was founded nationally in 1909 with Tau being founded in 1919. The chapter officers are Michael Eclehnun, Prior, Leonard Inciifiner, Vice Prior, Ronald Cori- ing, Exchequer, Martin Schrager, Recorder. Mike Edlemon cmd Mrs. Ann Gugginheim Actives Richard Block Arnold Blumenstein Martin Brill Ronald Carling Elliot Cohen Arthur Daar Micheal Edelman Allan Elster Arnold Feldman Allan Frosch Robert Cordon Leonard Indianer Edmond Klinger Robert Draus Malcolm Lindy Harold Matles jay Salkin Stephen Savitsky David Sehncck MEMBERS Martin Schragcr Gerald Segal Alan Taub Allen Turcr Joel Turetzky Pledges Ronald Barnes David Dinoff Samuel Cilfarb Richard Crt-one Michael Halbert Stephen Kohn jeffrey Kurland Barry Ragonc Sheldon Baberson Sheldon Saslow joel Strauss Stephen 'I'c-ndrich C-ilbert Yanuck Ya' sav ya, Wanna meet a group of odd-balls and freaks ot nature? Tell ya, what Tim gonna do. Take a look at Sigma Alpha Mu, under the leader- ship of Head Ringmaster Phineus T. Edelman, Who has assembled the greatest conglomeration of late- comers to society, beatniks, clowns, pygmies, caged pledges, strong men, convertible ioekies, and death- defying dai-edevils who will eurdle your blood and chill your spine With their stupendous feats in poker, gin, and black-jack. Hear the swoonful music of Alan Taub, the sax- iest boy in the peanut galleiyl Keep beat to the jungle rhythms of the Feldy drumsl See the eerie gyrations of the famous terpsicho- rian-Mr. Elster. See the wild pledges, trained to jump through a flaming hula hoop, at the command of Al Turnerl YVatch them risk their seemingly Worthless lives for the pleasure and amusement of the reveling actives. Can all this be true? Yesl Under the big top at Number One Stadium Drive is Where this sheer nonsense takes place, and for the simple price of one pledge pin, or a box top from a giant size box of Ex-Lax presented to either Edelman, Indianer, Carling, or Schrager all this can be yours. Weill be seeing y,allI CHA-CHA IS A BIG FAVORITE with Halbert, Rczgone, and Sobeson. But they ore Too Icizy to dance so IisTening's O. K.! NRE Barnes Block Blumenstein Brill Carling Cohen Eaar Dinoff Edelman EIs?er Feldman Frosch Cilfarb Gordon Green Halbert Indianer Klinger Kohn Kraus Kurlund Matles Ragone Sabesan Salkin Savilslay Schenck Schager Segal Sfrauss Taub Tendrich Turer Turetzky Yanucli Qs.. 'iii ,,....,. Nur as W . lm 'Wx . ik 'YQ S42 if 1' q S. x X X givin Ybr ,Q Y iv a GNN-'Y ,gum qpn.,,.,... - .. Campus Recognition Accorded SAM Men I oo, v PAN' 0 li .f 315 " ,Ulf MEMBERS Slgma Chi Sigma Chi was founded in 1855 and now has 127 chapters. Iota Iota chapter was founded in 1876. Leading the group are jimmy Wallczce, Presidentg jim Yeldell, Vice-President, Mac McLeod, Record- ing Secretary, jimmy Adams, Corresponding Sec- retary, Larry Gibbs, Treasurer. A Jimmy Wallace cmd Mrs. R. E. Allison Actives jimmy Adams Ray Andrews Albert Bronscomb Ralph Cook Billy DeMeut Sonny Dixon Larry Gibbs Gilly Gwin Frank Helderman Sonny Henry Tony Hogan Ed Hiseroat Dan Keel Dan Keith Gay Lolse Pat Lindsey Mac McLeod Morris McNoic Gerald Mitchell Dick Mason Malcom Mosely jim Odom Steve Powell Lowell Reid Bob Reid jim Ray Steve Schneider Richard Shoemaker jug Spafford Charlie Spangler David Spence George Spence H. E. Smith Malcom Sumerall Bob Thompson Bob VanAller David Veal jimmy XYallace jimmy Yeldell Pledges joe Aldy Don Avent john Broadway Bobby Boone Harwell Coalc Gayle Cole jimmy Daniels Pete Douglas Lix Fruge jesse jones Charles Kittrell Marion Lee Don Moore Butch Owens Gordon Richderson Tommy Richderson Bobby Bollings Chris Schimmel jerry XVallace Faculty jeff Bennett Dr. Evcrell L. Bishop Capt. NV. L. Fulford Ralph XVilliams Praise be to Odenl We got the Derby back. Yes, spirits were high all over the campus this year with the return of the Sigma Chi Derby. This yearis Derby was held October 23 in Foster Auditorium with Chi Omega Winning the rotating Derby trophy. Derby Day was climaxed with the crowning of the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Tutter Heinz, Kappa Delta, of Selma. The actives managed to survive rush week despite the prohibition ruling of the administration. By the day classes began, we had pledged 23 of the finest boys on campus. The highlight of the fall season was our hit parade party followed by the Christmas party Csome of the girls are still blushingj and the underprivileged chil- d1'en,s party. The spring contribution to the social scene was the spring formal and our annual blast, the French dive party. "Get off the floor idiot, here comes Sarahv. Sigma Chi is represented in almost every campus organization with the exception of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, and etc. HF or itis not for knowledge that we come to college, but to raise . . Well, thatis another subject. In closing We,d like to say, 'itoo bad, Brother Whit-give ,em . . . , Bearv. CHRISTMAS CAUSES MUCH EXCITEMENT at the Sigma Chi house and going to class looses out to card games. 'R I UW' If-s. f'h. aniw Adams Aldy Andrew Avon? Boone Brunscomb Broadway Coole Cole Cook Daniel DeMent Douglas Fruge Gibbs Gwin Heldermon Henry Hiserodt Hogan Jones Keel Keilh Kiffrell Luke Lee Lindsey McLeod McNair Mason Mitchell Moore Moseley Owens Powell Reid Richerson, G. Richerson, T, Rollings Roy Schneider Shoemcz ker Smifh Spangler Spence Sumroll Thompson Von Aller Wallace, D. H. 1 Wallace, J. L. Willison Yeldell f f Qxzftxr' 'q Y NJ ' x I 3 f. ff' kv wiv X ZW f . gi f 4 , ,V fm! 3 f, 5., . ,. . I fi M Z L. . , W I .ill I .v.E 1 ' '- , -.-- ' " W , .,', 1 . f g l Z A 4 .,g. A WED, it Sigma Chi Derby Returns to Camp 317 ff X, if i p US 3 , X ? W ff X 9: X X n' n 'x ' A lf ' 3lU???i55 Wi il." 7 , f X f 2 , I w XW f MEMBERS Sigma u Sigma Nu was founded in 1859 with Theta chapter being founded in 1874. There are now 128 chap- ters. Officers serving the group this year are Com- nmrlder, IValter Gay Pittman, Lt. Commander, George Cater, Recorder, Tlzonms F osterg Trerlsurer, Cl1r1rle.s' Crook. tina Walter Gay Pittman and Mrs. H. L. Stanford Actives james Andrew Don Bailey Dick Bell George Cater jimmy Currington Ned Downing Mike Edwards Edward Fay Thomas Foster john Camhlc ltalph Griswold lngraham Hanahan A. B. Hester Crews johnston llunter Keller james Kelly Tommy Kent llenry Little XVayne lioudermilch Ilerhert McCrimmon joel Megginson Tommy Pierce NVilliam Rutledge NValter Pittman George Shanks Edgar Shotts Tyler Smith Tomnly Tillman Billy VanLandingham Scott XVatson jack XVells Pledges Yardy Andress Kenneth Autrey Glenn Bishop john Bowen Buddy Brown Dick Clark Davis Couch David Culpepper Buhs Cummings jimmy Cunningham Ken Hall Brother Harris Ed Ilathcoek john Key Nlichael McFcrrin john Melnnish Bill Oakley jimi l'owell Itay Snow Bonnie Stahler Kenneth Sullivan james XValhurn Paul VVilks s we look up the street and survey the campus, we can,t help hut think what a good year this has heen for dear old Beta Theta of Sigma Nu Ithatis our Auhurn chapter, we're Thetaj. Our social season was outstanding again this year. We had an extremely good Homecoming party, in fact, some of the hrothers observed it right on through the Shipwreck party in May. A Russian missile hroke up our Outer-space party a little early this year. Our fraternity athletics were hurt considerahly hy the non-drinking rule. However, despite this handicap, we did have a pledge to finish 5th in the Turkey Trot and another who won 13 straight hop contests on a Birmingham TV program. In campus activities, we have again this year agreed to write the Deltys jason skit and volunteered our services in the 20th annual KA new house fund raising campaign. VVe had our dining room approved hy Duncan Hines and our hrothers approved for non-drinkers, insurance. Our rush went off extremely well this year. We gave green stamps. Our one political effort was one of the good hrothers, mammoth campaign for President of thc Deke house. Of course, Weill never know if he won. WHILE WAITING FOR DINNER, playing carols is a wonderful way to pass away your time - . . and your money, too. 1 i I pdl 6 . . . P 5 V . 4 i' ax, Andress Andrew Bailey Bell Bishop Bowden Brooks Cater Crook Culpepper Cummings Curingion Downing Edwards Foster Gamble Griswold Hall Hanahan Halhcock Hesfer Jackson .lohnslon Kent Key Longshore Louclermilch McCrimmon McFerrin Mclnnish Megginson Oakley Pierce Pittman Powell Rutledge Shanks Shafts Smith Snow Sfabler Sullivan Tillman Vandigrifft Walburn Wells Willcs ,un fr if ww-f"' hr Q 1 M 7 A 4 M Y ,fm 'Nr' it' , an ,ff , !,4.,,n, . ,, MM! iff' 5 Z he f ' f Z K, if 1 ,V 1:22 qs C L! . igma Nu's Place Two in Wh0's Who ftgflfjiifh .pi .K ,I 'v A Q The Sig Eps 1nay not have had any members in Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded in 1901. Alabama Beta was founded in 1927. The fraternity now has 152 chapters. Sam Lewis serves the chapter as President. Other officers are Billy Brassell, Vice President, lim Swearingen, Recording Secretary, Willicirn Wilson, Corresponding Secretary, Charles Israel, Treasurer. Sam Lewis ond Mrs. W. H. Gregory MEMBERS Actives jolm Abernathy james Adams Chaney Aderholt james Allen Robert Bandini Tyson Bennett Bill Brassell Tarrice Brazier Thomas Bridges Dar ll Britt Y George Broughto Bill Browning ll. M. Carnes jim Cannes llenry Chiles Bill Crawford joel Conway james Cowles Allen Dennis Bob George john Greaves Garth llamby Hunter Hinkle Charles Israel Rabun johnson Linwood Keith Sam Lewis ll Marcus McClelland jim McNeal jim Orr David Porter Mike Ratliff Allen Sams Cordan Satterwhite jim Sweatinger David Turner XVilliam NVilson Pledges Conrad Abernathy XVayne Anderson john Brittain Frank Browning james Casale Ralph Clements Norman Cox Ronnie Cross Ashley Croxdale WValter Doyle Harold Fahrnet Lon Gammage Barney Cass Ken Hurlbut Dexter jordan Dan McDonald Ervin McCullough David Olive Thad Partridge YVilliam Thomason james Thompson Sonny Thompson Stanley V-'alker Frank Youngs Faculty Dr. Henry Barret james A. Faireloth Turner Hastings james D. Lowe Dr. August Mason Edward ll. Moseley L. A. VVoodman f , - id' . .. sa: N 'ff ' N -s-..::,,.-. , i . - 7 X21-f if ' ' arwrmm 1.1 H 1 . .W-fwaesqam M"rf.m1'a1:'..refes:sM,ww.:wf:z2m.w-s:ais n its thirty-first year on campus Sigma Phi Epsilon has found its place among the fraternities, but where, we arenlt quite sure yet. This year We celebrated our anniversary with our annual Founders, Day Banquet. Of the three-thous- and alumni who were invited, we are happy to report that we had an all time record of one-tenth of one percent present. Homecoming was the next big event. Our Viking ship float, which did not follow the theme at all, won no prize. During the past year the local paper cup mer- chants have made a fortune off the Sig Eps. Very few weekends have slipped without a party at the house with the red door. Our Queen of Hearts Ball and our Priate Party, we are amazed to relate, were Successes, as well as our Christmas partv for under- priviledged children with the Alpha Chis. Phi Beta Kappa or ODK this year, but we did have nine men in Phi Beta Lambda and 28 men in basic B.O.T.C. We feel that in closing we must mention the fact that our intramural football record of no wins was marred by two ties. RAIDING THE ICEBOX is ci wonderful time. Boy, there is nothing than can beat ca good piece of chicken, is there? f S Minn E E E if 3 ii za Abernathy Allen Anderson Bennett Brussell Brazier Bridges Briffain Browning, F Browning, Carnes Carns Casale Broughion W Chiles Conway Cowles Cox Crawford Croxdale Dennis Doyle Fahnerf Gammage Gass George Hcmby Hinkle Hurlbuf Israel Johnson Keirh Lewis McCullough McNeal Olive Partridge Porter Rafliff Sams Sofferwhile Swearingen Thomason Thompson Turner Walker Youngs 'S' is We ati' V ev 'Os hm. Q-W! 5 6? we-n mm Q-for if C 1 , 6 W 5 H- 9 i f Qu- - my M- QW- S1 E 'S Plan New Wing For House 5 P 321 Theta Chi Theta Chi was founded in 1856. Alpha Phi was founded in 1926. The fraternity how has 123 chap- ters. Herb Gay served the chapter as President. Other officers are john Bryan, Vice President, Bob Snead, Secretary, Charles Lewis, Treasurer. Herbert Guy and Mrs. Adele Foote Actives Bill Alexander .lcniison Bowers Eugene Bronson john Bryan ,lohn Carlton Sam Dickson Gillis Doughtie llerbert Gay Bill Goodman Charles Cross George Hartwell Bob jackson Don james jerry Lcdbetter ,lack Mantle Ed McDaniel l,arry Nlchlillian Don Moore Bob Snead Bob Spall XVar1'en Sumrall Nicl Thistle Marvin Tye 'l'om111y Van Sant Bill Vaughn Kit NValdon ,linr XVard Pledges ,lim Allday MEMBERS Don Bell ,Iohn Biggs joe Harless David Harvard Dick Hendric Gary Hitchcock Bill Hicks Kelly Johnson Kim Keller Kenneth Kirkland Freddie Knopf Claude Linebeiry johnny Meyer ,liin Moseley Charles Null Don Sanford Bill Thomas Ronald YVebstcr Terry Young Faculty Dean Harry Bonham Col. Carleton K. Butler Henry G. Crisp Robert I. Frye Hoy XV. Killingswortli Dean Stewart -I. Lloyd Charles E. Spruiell Dr. Horace ll. XVilSlllll ll'Il fwfr" " Pew,-W.,i, '4'wfkQ l ?, M Well, itls unfortunate that the administration frowned on your returning, because so far weire having a banner year here at the Capstone. uBearv, assisted by the football team, has considerably bruised the greater part of the SEC and not too many teams are dying to sign us for homecoming next year. The C-W, in its own heart-warming lit- tle way, launched its perennial Kimprovementv campaign - this time its efforts were directed toward the Million Dollar Band to make it like the really sharp outfits in the state, such as the Gordo Junior High Band. The good brothers were on the ball this rush week, as they managed to scrape together a pledge class of twenty-all boys. The returning active chapter had an astronomical Quality Point Average of 1.67, a bit out of character for our group. Oh yeah, Ioe, Phi Beta Kappais campus prestige went up considerably as a Theta Chi finally condescend- ed to ioin. Socially, our continuous fall party is proving quite successful. We were fortunate to have gained the very lovely Iackie Gallups, an Alpha Chi Omega, for our 1959 Dream Girl and our ensuing social program looks bright indeed. That about summar- izes the latest, weire all anxious to hear from you. Fraternally, A. P. Chapter PLEDGE DAYS ARE RECALLED os Broclley ond Spoll take polishing cloths in hclncl. Worren Sumroll iust looks! ,..-s.-I' Alexander Bell Biggs Bronson Carlton Dickson DiMassio Doughtie Gay Gross Hitchcock Jackson James Johnson Keller Kirkland Ledbetter Lewis Lowery McDaniel McMillan Meyer Moseley Null Smith Snead Spoll Stacy Sumrall Thistle Thomas Tye Van Sa nt Vaughn Webster Young 'QI'.."." wer 'law u-.sux Kimi Th 'NF' Gus WNNQQ eta Chi's Plan New Hous 323 -, ' v vis. 12- A'-Wi 'fl io gif' 'f' :Afr- ail ohfisj Theta Xi Theta Xi now has 52 chapters. It was founded na- tionally in 1864 with Alpha Larnbda being founded in 1932. The chapter officers are Wayne Nichols, President, jim Parsons, Vice President, Billy Joe Gardener, Secretary, Robert Rayfield, Treasurer. Wayne Nichols and Mrs- A. C. Holsman Actives Paul Alford Sebastion Allen Vfilliam Anderson Tommy Bannister Vllilliam Beck Billy Boozer George Broadbent James Crane James Curley John Etchison Carl Freeman Billy Gardiner Arnold Graves Ernest Hebson Alexander Jesse John Kitchens Charles Krewson VVilliam McLain Harold McClure Robert McLendon Ellis Mullinax llerbert Nichols Gayle O'Neal James Parsons Grady Price Robert Bayfield Ronald Robinson Donald Sampietro Donald Sandlin David Scott Robert Thornton Ronald Widener Larry Willis MEMBERS Pledges YVilliam Adair John Bagwell Douglas Booth Reginald Coleman Ralph Cowart Marty Dorn Samuel Gewin Samual Gugliotta Bill Hall Claude Harris Ray Hood Ted Hipp John Lewis Randall Lyles Fred Ponder YVilliam Pyron Ronald Sanders Vllyatt Segers XVilliam Smith Robert Strickland Philip Thompson Andrew Thurman John Townsend Randy Traylor Bobby Vines Judson Vines Jerry Vllhite Harold Yllortham Faculty Norman N. Agnew Herbert Kuenzel Clarence D. Smith YValtcr D. Jones Due to the Universityis many regulations concern- ing social activities, Alpha Lambda of Theta Xi began the school year with a hectic rush week in which we pledged 28 men. The Theta Xiis took off a few minutes last spring to capture the tennis and volleyball championships and have retained our traditional status on the gridiron. We have lost that purely accidental position of third place scholastic standing and have reverted to our traditional position, just above scholastic probation. Between parties and exams a few Theta Xiis found time to participate in such extra-curricular activities as Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, AIChE, ASNE, Band, Commerce Association, and the Cotil- lion Club. Theta Xi also came through to win second place in Jasonis Jamboree. We were forced to ban live ammunition from our annual Gold Rush Party because of the previous fatality rate. Cther annual house functions are the Bohemian and Las Vegas Parties. The Theta Xi Blue and White Formal climaxed the social activi- ties for the school year. Since the founding of Theta Xi in 1864 our phil- osophy has been: c'Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow ye may go on social probationv. ENVIOUS OF HIS BROTHERS, Fewell wishes that he could ioin Nichols and Robinson with Ted Heath and Playboy. l 1 l lAduir lAlford lAllen lAnderson l Bagwell lBunnisfer Boozer l T l l Bryant lColemon COWCIFT Crane Curley Efchison Freeman Gardiner Gewin Graves Guglioitu Hall Hebson HFPP Hood Jesse Kitchens Lewis Lyles Mclenclon Mullinox Nichols O'Nec1l Parr Ponder Price Pyron Ruyfield Robinson Sampiefro Sanders Sancllin Scoll Segers Smith Sfriclcloncl Thornion Thompson Thurman Townsend Trcylor Vines, B. Vines, J. While Widener Vlliflis Worlham fi Wi fv Qu... gal 'W X L1 1,9 ' ' I A., X Q9 is f f X Q2 ' 15 f 4? gg, 0 in f New f W f Qs X ,,. ,L 1 f f ., , f f -5' , X, f E , W1 X x 3 ,S X X ff '-f 9 i f f 4- Z M5171 , , . 5 V N" . 4: , , , ' , gi gy 5 , , ' , ' ,I ' af 4 V W 4., , f A ' W ll K U . I V , V i ' V . :WI 1 , -W ,V gn 7 mum xq L 'W T Q I We X I ,,,, , , T A . f Theta Xi's Tennis and Volleyball Champs ,, X gxga. il W 5 9 X f . .- , ,-fn I . ..,s.g1 . Q . I Ui.: up l .sqm . 0 1 4' 9.3.25 3'-fe 'iq' ' Zeta Beta Tau Zeta Beta Tau was founded in 1898 and now has 46 chapters. Psi chapter was founded in 1916. Leading the group are Eugene Harris, President, Melvyn Anhalt, Vice President, Steve Ball, Secre- tary, and james Rotenstretelz, Treasiirer. za 5. Gene Harris and Mrs. Mary A. Davis Actives Melvin Anhalt Steve Ball Craig Bamberger Dennis Bookshester Edward Bonfield Charles Brown Iimmy Chernau Morton Dimenstein Milton Frank Buddy Glassman Kalman Gordan Frank Hahn Gene Harris Phillip Kline Ronald Leaf Henry Moog jimmy llotenstreicli jack Saks Micheal Silvers Tim Timerson Pledges Charles Arnold Albert Baernstein Kenneth Baim Lawrence Barralin Lynn Davis Ralph Froshin Steve Cold Phillip Magnus Lee Pake Charles Saks Kenneth Seaton Psi chapter of Zeta Beta Tau enjoyed a very suc- cessful rush program this year. We didnit pledge a single boy, but none of our seniors graduated. During the summer, ZBT completed a new wing and remodeled the old part of the house. Of course this makes the house a trifle large for our member- ship of three, but that too has its advantages. In our wanderings through the dark passageways, we run into each other about once a week. When this happens, we always throw one of our famous parties with music by Piano Red or the Castanets. Psi men were well represented in campus activi- ties, Frank Hahn finally retired the Biggest Mouth on Campus trophy after winning it four consecu- tive years. Zeke Zivitz won the IFC Hula Hooping Award before leaving school with a dislocated hip. Butch Frank, after failing to make the fraternity team, started in several football games this year. Coaches say he will be good next year if heill just try a little harder. ZBT,s also supported many traditional campus events. VV e got crooked during Homecoming, Sigma Chi Derby, Bama Day, Iason,s Iamboree and Spring vacation. In sports, we had consultations with Nub before every Bama sporting event. SATURDAY afternoon pastime for everybody is "Maverick", and the ZBT's get ready to tune in this campus favorite. fi x Nw Q r ,www ,W .V Q ,,,,..,.w"W' l Anhczlt Arnold Baernsfein Bcaim Bamberger Bcffalin Bookshester Brown Conrad Davis Dimensiein Eichelbcaum Frohsin Glossmun Gordon Goudchaux Holman Kcxfz Kline Mcgnes Moog Fake Rogenthczl Rofensireich Saks Seplow Silver Zivifz 'MV x X N Q . ,.,' t "Q:-" WWW K, 'lu ak V . M55 Haw Q-.x.,.., ew Wing Built at the ZBT Hou 327 M--A J . ,. X, Gimp N--r' Qfr Q QQYV S e 3 9 git li c X9- 6 '.x N vp-VAL!! .. .iw X BEAUTIES A startling eoneepl that opens up a whole new worlcl of thought. A flaming sunset that opens up a. whole new wo-rlfl of beauty. A glowing girl who opens up a whole new worlcl of love. -All move in. their own orlzif arounfl a student and help speecl him along his way. Corolla salutes 23 beauties, of ihe llllHlll'CCI.S' al the Capstone. For responsilile for the soaring flight' of many a fellow is a beautiful girl in orlnit. F' FA Q - - - , my mg. Qgvjfi' "-. e in 52 532 ,f .J I . V Q 4 V, . 1 .4 5 F L 1 ! L 4 r 1 Q S IS From a Field of 63, Students Elect Nine Beauties For the first time in Corolla history, the top Corolla beauties Were selected in an all-student election. Sixty-three candidates were interviewed by out-of-town judges and this group Was nar- rowed dovvn to twenty-one. The favorites repre- sent many Creeks and other organizations. On the day of the student election, the names of the tvventy-one favorites Were released. From this group, nine girls Who received the most votes were elected as beauties to be featured in the 1959 Corolla. The girl receiving the greatest number of votes Was elected top Corolla beauty. SIGNING IN to receive her number for judging, from Associate Editor Jo Ellen O'Hara, is beauty candidate Chestene Cosby, who was later selected as a Corolla beauty, appearing in this book. ., E- L K, EXCITED contestants awaits their interview with iudges, who had the difficult iob of narrowing the field from 63 girls to 21. l if f 1 I -R Q 760 X STUDENTS VOTE for their choices for top Corolla beauty in the general election which was held after the top 21 favorites were announced. From this vote, the top nine beauties were elected. GIVING of their time, Dean Healy and Dean Blackburn count votes from election to insure secrecy and fairness. The girl receiving the largest number of votes was selected top beauty, and ballots were locked in the treasurer's office until after the release of this publication. .gmql C4 W -M N. Z 331 4' K 1 QL.- gc, wegbjr C1 'Q' ,N fcsbgf if 2 Mary Rose O'Flinn Reigns as 1959 Top Corolla Beauty IN AN UNPRECEDENTED all-campus election, Mary Rose O,Flinn was chosen for the coveted honor of top Corolla beauty. The identity of the top beauty, elected in March, remained a secret until the May publication date of the 1959 Corolla. Mary Rose, better known on campus and in her home town, of Selma as c'Sisterv, is a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. The 19 year-old freshman beauty is a Home Economics major. Thrust into the campus beauty orbit immediately upon her arrival at the University, her quick ascendance to the highest beauty honor on campus is a reflection not only of her classic beauty, but of her southern charm as Well. Her sincere interest in other people, her humility, her radiant personality, combine to make Sister a deserving recipient of the campus, highest beauty honor. 25 5 A .Y . - S Q1 iix .f X s5i!f!1, ml. EJ f-:,Q:,- ' Ll 11. . 9551555-I - me . iw Y 3 PM .-,..fQ,5wf21.s1:f f. :yu YZ'-1'w:iE1ii?5:"h ,fy wsf,.4.Q,w-fW:- . 1' gf X 5:55-.elk-fail H. yy.. X X " 2' .ss :Q M. ' ? S4 T- .. a , ygfqr .-zff.f.f1f5fsza:f.- : wm:.g,.Hf. : r , -- .V12,g.Qf::-fy f : ' --'L if ' --ff -5-.3 P 2 1 2 " fi ,..,,..L.., few -1 . . V fsff-fw2E1w3Q2'iQiQE1:51f15f . J kgff9??Ql2?5S5f"' - A ' j - A LSL It v 5, 1 5 K f' 'J . , ,i,5,.k,.,.s4?.Q. .,.g,.?..ifw-fy--f 2 . , W ,g d . 535 , 'tw . j 5 ,QL 3? 1 I WEE .. qi , lqi L1.L .L,A. S -my RS: wggi ffgrgg-ggzwf ., 12- 295.5 aww. .L - z , ,A l . A- ' iffis: Fw -" " : 'L - 1' .':'..-: A -'gifkiiiif-'SS:.::-I 5'S.fi49YT5. 51251 :yn Q gmt'-15 .1-ff? fir wk .ggi .. ff waxy ig f 2 , S Nwxm, - s'Q .. ,. 3 gk ,wmgb EP f: ' f ' - 1 M w M nf: - a xg.. - -, YV? K i -i If 3 R 1 : - fx Sig -- -' sm ,fi ff. fffg..-2.:x'f . 1. 'K H Q W gig X X . x.... 5 A X 2 5 . 2? Q., S3 gg X 5 5 if E 2 Lag? ggi gas . M Qvwgii fs: ...B p - mf. " f 3-iailw , Q I 35, X x ij .6 S is N 4 2' f :Q ,- ff., A, Wfxzg. .:-1 f -V 3 '.ml5f3Tf' w , Q -1.0 ff ,Riff .,, , ,. . ii?,E..7g. - - Q ' Q s : Q W .E : AkkhA"' ' QL 2: 1- M1 REE 5 ---'-, ei I " . ?'.2s -2 ii if Sas sg Eu :-si' Ee ' U2 . 1 312 if 255 'I '11 5 A ?.i1,fE 4 M gigs W . . 4 M55 2 . E-gg, ,-., v. i g 3235 ga ,gi g 1. . Z 3 15 Kr? .-.i.Tgll. Vw Q Qi it Su iss e 353 ,Q 5ixiNk Hg.5i'g,, gifs? -V sag' 21 2 152315 732, gf? ga. . 5525 fi Q .21 .H . M K ,f1s 1fS, ,, W. m ,i , 4 -I ggs L! s .L..:E4.H Ea:,E: S 1:5 Q ' 3 555 .: 1 .K ,gk " 333 'SP' 1 X K?fl.',gqL .,.N , 1 ,. . ., V, Nwfifgzfifi ',:f-,:J"7 " . , -gi,.i', 2:fl5Zi l5 . -age : . .V , . fm M- -1- , ,,.sw,m Q ,Iv YQ. W. fs- 'I .- Q Y - ' W 5' gg vgmsff,-1" ,gM,s1s5gs3f'.ez, L, www 5 R ? wakiyamvfl ri Us X 4. W 1 wwjwf 1 iz K i 33 wh: ,M . K- - 1 . , Wm -ff: A . mf M QQ., M -,,.. 'ww ,335,fgggfg.fef.Q5T3i2-sy .i, .x.-.- 'Av-"5fg. Hff -- ,. . , s.u.,,M ww. Q.. ,M 2 . , . W. zz' W. ., . 5155: 9' .3 - L 1 . .. 9 ,Ei X 'e?Mf'f.'?'l" . ,. K. .W "Maisy ,g5ag,gi?:1m:f A .1-2 -1 - .. Q f,-- :fir Ms X vw 3 in 1,..,,,, Wf. 2454, -rv . Mm. . my .-.- . Mix W. 5. . M559 pm H. f 9 L , M ff Q Wg ff 3 H X 1 A 4051: 4 1- W-. Q ,.. w a. .- . ,,.. .g n , W, W., 3. .: M Wm. fi- : V, --T -I-.SJ-...n .f 1 '43 r . , , JEL g 5 ww +R f 4 Nff .. I ' -. 'A . . -' -- msg il 1 V . f '- --" ffszgl ' 1 jf' F"- 'I-fi kk'L x I .W .... W 1 2 , ,-,., - 5, Jlzq b..:A .... m.e.f'f.fw CAa,.Z,ffe AJC, al"g6ll"2t 14610016 X ' AW". i ' f' ,K -- -'ali +L 4 36' Li 55? 1531 ,Wa-1 xg fx, X L , , ,.,1LQ.f-mf Q,-mfu:f:v.:f Q f vw ,U ,J M W E, V, ,,,LnA . ,L 5 if 1?2?f?lf"JQ 32,5593 2"-RV sf'ss4sg:sz.,:1 e,Aw:V,u:Jk f., :Q Lzfiiiizmsgwgf Lffgg1g,'f:,zff:? Q . --'- f g,,3gwf24fg,f I W. .Q -.fer -Q Aix-Maisy?Tfssfw-r-w.N:1x?f'zQ ,. L,W,. F ,,.W 5 , Y 5 Mww?W v4Q55QwfAW,??m7m.L mwwm - m.:W'f-m'z,w4,.,.Wu-,,f:,'i c N, mmm ww- .,W?mm,W ,,w, WN ff. 4' +1 wr pf A 4 , ,Q , K Lu--mr fn WW, yon made, oni Cargn gkedfine 6056? , M x , V52 1 , 5 Clfgafef We Cbnfon 'M f-...M K , rw fm l i iQ ?, Nur' ' fm WJ mmm 255551 . .,Jg?5s.i 92 QQ i . -K , ,. - g,. . 3 ff.:- f K -fi :vii-PR U. wi -VM: X 1 il .., ,M A 5 Q Q A ' R ,AQ W. ,. .--.,, m -fyliifl X2 3 - Q 1 jjiffgfzgj A 35, msg? K FTE 2? fi we ,jiessrw ' 115255 z ,W A ,, 2 .Jil 2328 Q Q1 if . 225 223:51 i , :gg gms U .11 :Qggim ,. M i X iikvg . x.-' 5 2 A 72515 Q 901661 We morfer FAVORITES .xdnn .f4!c!ricL gafllfyn, MLVCLAEIJ W. ga Meme Qibennid .5 ,Q K gf , I wM,.,,,,WV,, , af , '-I-1, ,,..,,, i2iL.l,,i.v.,,, ,,,,,,...-ww"""""" ,,,...M--fM"""""" ,...Q-QM"-4""""""" M.mwmNMM,,.,,,... NmmM'mA,W....,.-..- WHw'mM,,....L.M-f -,.W.,,,M, H -mf-.-...,,,-k.,.,.,,,, I gafgafa feelllall N WMWM"-v...,, lllllllfflfffi H an-. 1-r ---.r KHIU! 011616405 343 ancy yo Jczigkf gkancfdg We Cann War? Qliouifie Jclren We garrigk MW., , 7 wi .A ,.,, M,,N,,,,mgn ,yi ' 5 , Jw. ' f' , :M ,M 4, ., V-fl, 1-Q' Odelnafg omecom ing ueen maria .sgelah endon md .fdfagamca 6!E6ll'A7ft0 ..!4l!6Il?'l:5 qw M i ff 'IFF 4 Q V f ORGANIZATIONS A satellite is not the center of things. It merely revolves around the center. Anal it is a satellite only as long as it does. Likewise the many satellites of campus life-honoraries, Spirit cluh, Spanish club, clehate squad-are not the center of things. They merely revolve around the central aim of student life: Growth. Only as long as these campus satellites produce growth in st1,ia'ents are they true Capstone satellites. But even satellites are part of the Capstionels race into space. .....-----""""'f ,........Q-,K 4 -wswi BOTTOM ROW: David Ellwunger, Dr. Woodrow Boyeit, Hurolcl Albritton, Gene Hardy fPresidentj . , . SECOND ROW: Sion Pczrnett, Johnny Cain, Leosk Harris QVice Presidentl, Max Pope QSGCFGTUTY-TFEUSUTGVD . . . THIRD ROW: Lenny Siolur, Bert Nettles, Ben Reeves. 350 .IASONS JASONS, organized in 1914, Was the first honorary service fraternity on the campus. A maximum of fourteen out- standing senior men are tap- ped each year on the historical mound near the familiar Ia- sonis Shrine. Memhership is selective, hased on leadership ability, character, scholarship, and service, and is restricted to the most prominent men on cam- pus. Tasons point with pride to its former members Who have hecome outstanding citi- zens. MEMBERS Harold Albritton Dr. XVoodrow Boyctt johnny Cain David Ellwangcr Ct-nc Hardy Iicask Harris Bcrt Nettlcs Stan Parnett Max Popc Bcn Rccvcs Lenny Stfllill' OFFICERS President H ,,c, 7 H Gene Hardy Vicc President 7 O Leask Harris Secretary-Treasurer i,ci Max Pope K, MENS HONORARY MEMBERS OMICRON DELTA KAPPA vvas founded De- OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS President .,7,,,,,,,7,7,,7, . .. ,,,,,,,77, Vice President ,7e,e,7,7e,7, Secretary-Treasurer , Bert Nettles . r David Matthews Don C. Smith NIEN'S HONORARY .,,...--' BOTTOM ROW: Don Smith CSecretary-Treasurerj, Bert Nettles lPresidentD, David Matthews QVice Presidentl . . . SECOND ROW: Jeff Bennett, Johnny Cain Max Pope, Al Richie, Mark Anderson, Jerry Redus, Kenneth Harwell, Mike Houser . . . THIRD ROW: Bob Bowers, Eugene Mcl.ane, Tennet Lee, Clark Branch Ben Reeves, Harold Apolinsky . . . FOURTH ROW: Bobby Wood, David Ellwanger, Verbon Black, Lenny Stolar, Stan Parnett, Gene Hardy, Harold Albritton Leask Harris. XV. Harold Albritton Mark Anderson llarold Apolinsky Verhon Black Clark Branch David Ellwanger Gene Hardy T. Leask Harris Kenneth Harwell Nlike Hauser Tennet Lee Eugene McClain David Matthews Roy Mauldin Bert Ncttles Stanley Parnett Max Pope Terry Redus Ben C. Reeves Albert Richie Leonard Stolar Bohby XYood ACTIVE FACULTY jeff Bennett Henry A. Leslie Bill Rey Don C. Smith 1958 FALL INITIATES Murray Allen Dean John L. Blackman Robert XI. Braswell Emmet R. Cox ,lames B. Dilwortli Thomas Lankford C. M. A. Rogers, lll Ioe O. Sams, jr. Gerald Waddell Cecil YVilson cemher 3, 1914, at Washington and Lee Univer- sitv, and Iota Circle was established at the Uni- versity of Alabama in 19:24. ODK is the highest national leadership honor society a college man can aspire to. Iota Circle proudly claims tvvo past national presidents, Dr. Ceorge Lang and Dean Marten ten Hoor. Junior and senior men Who meet the high stan- dards of leadership and character, and have gained special distinction in college, may he ex- tended memhership in ODK. QUADRANGLE RARY BOTTOM ROW: Charlie Crook fCl'1aplainJ, Bill Poe, Joe E. Sanders, George Ragsclale . . . SECOND ROW: R. E. Smith, Jr., David Veal, Max Allen, Stanley B. Williams . . . THIRD ROW: Ferrell Maughan, Louis C. Wilson, Kenneth C. Harwell, R. M. Wilbanks . . . FOURTH ROW: James Stovall, O. B. Carter, Jr., Bill Fox, Donald A. B. Mills, Neal Littleiohn fPresiden1j. Harry C. Aderholt Wfilliam H. Albritton Richard H. Allen Max L. Allen Mark Anderson Robert C. Bibb jack Blasin Clark C. Branch, Ir. Thomas Bridges I. B. Brooks Erwin Brown Buddy Carter Iames L. Coggins NVilliam C. Crawford Charles M. Crook Nvillikllil A. Fox Robert F. George Harold Greer Ken Harwell Gene Hardy lames Herod Gary Huckaby Fred Ingram Russell Levenson MEMBERS Neal Littlejohn Ferrell Maughn David MeCaleb Lester Miller Donald Mills Frank Moody Mfilliani E. Poe George Ragsdale Jerome R. Redus Bobby Roebuck lee Sanders john D. Snodgrass R. E. Smith Iames Stovall Dave Sparks james Teague Eugene Thomas David Veal Gerald C. Wadclcll ,lack D. WVells Robert NVilbanks Louis VVilson Stanley Wfilliams Bobby C. VVood OFFICERS President ................. . .................................. Neal Littlejohn Vice President ............. ..... D avid Sparks Secretary-Treasurer ..... ........ L ester Miller Chaplain .......... ....,.. ...... C harlie Crook Historian .... Gary Huckaby ON SUNDAY afternoon in March, 1919, Mr. I. E. Baldraidge, secretary of the University YMCA, called together a group of Christian young men. The organization endorsed at that meeting was afterwards knowns as Alabama Quadrangle. From its beginning Alabama Quadrangle has stressed the ideal of Four Square life, that of the spiritual, the mental, the physical, and the socialg and its members have been selected from Univer- sity men who have measured up to this standard. Membership in Quadrangle is recognized as one of the highest honors that one can receive while attending the University of Alabama. President 77,7 ,, 7 Vice President 7 77 Secretary ,, ,. 77 77 Treasurer ,7,, 7 7 Publicity Chairman Advisor ,,,. 7 77 Max Allen Louis XV. Amis Melvin Anhalt Craig S. Bamberger Robert Busby Julian Butler Ronald Case Bob Cohn Davis Crenshaw james Forbec Stephen Fox Sam llamner Bob Kendall Cobb Laslie Richard McLaughlin Frank RIcPtight ,Iolinny Owens p Q Z 2 5 . , 5 RARY D RU l DS OFFICERS 77 77 77 77 7 Iulian Butler 7 7 Frank Blcliight 7 77 7777 Louis Amis 77 77 7 Melvyn Anhalt 77 7 7 7777 7 7 -loc Price 7 777777 7777777 C apt. TVilliam Madigan BIEMBERS -loc Price john NY. Rodenbough NValtcr St-ale lloward Slienk llugli Smith Lee Spencer Luther David Stacey Timothy Teinerson Tonnny Tillman Toni NVQ-st Perry XVest Toni XVl1itc Lawrence Yanipolslty ADVISOR Captain XYilliain P. Madigan HONORARY MEMBER Nlr. Allen C. Perry THE PURPOSE of Druids Society is to develop character, scholarship, and leadership. Freslnnen filling these qualifications are tapped and initi- ated as a part of Bama Day activities in the spring. Dr, Newman, executive vice-president of the University, was a charter member of Druids So- ciety, which Was established on this campus in 7l930. This year, Druids Society operated an informa- tion booth in front of the Union Building during Freshman Orientation VVeek and the two days of registration. The 1958 Homecoming Queen and her court rode on a float built by the Druids So- ciety. Each year Druids awards a trophy to the Nlost Outstanding Freshman. 'Lv-V' BOTTOM ROW: Melvin Anhalt Ureasurerj, Louis Amis CSecretaryj, Julian Butler CPresidentD, Frank McRight CVice Presidentj, Capt. William P. Madigan tFacuIty Advisorl . . . SECOND ROW: Allen C. Perry CAclvisor Emeritusj, Bobby Kendall, Tom West, Perry West, Sonny Seale, Lee Spenser, Bob Cohn . . . THIRD ROW David Crenshaw, John Rodenbough, Tommy Tillman, David Stacey, Craig Bamberger . . . FOURTH ROW: Howard Shenk, Johnny Owens, Ronald Case, Joe Price, Steve Fox . . . FIFTH ROW: Cobb Laslie, Dick McLaughlin, Tommy White, Max Allen. OFFICERS President , .......................... . ... . T homas Moore Vice President ,,,,.,, ,,,,., ..,,,.w. P h illip Magnes Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,e, . .,... H arwell Coale, Ir. Treasurer ,,,,,,,,, , rrrrr Gerald Ray Wheeler, Ir. MEMBERS Sterling Park Anders Clyde Baxter Harwell Coale, jr. Ralph Edward Cowart Francis Hill Kohn jeffrey London Phillip Magnes David Marley Thomas Moore YVesley Patc Barry Ragonc Sian Rodgers Ronald Stabler Ronald Mitchell Stewart Douglas Waits -lolin Vlleston Gerald Pray NVl1e-eler, jr lesse Vllilliains, lr. Micheal VVitt1nan RHO ALPHA TAU RHO ALPHA TAU is a menis honorary, includ- ing one freshman delegate from each campus fraternity, and five independent representatives. These freshmen endeavor throughout the year to serve the University. This all encompassing pur- pose is a far cry from the goal of the original Rho Alpha Tau which, in 1920, was formed to protect freshmen against overbearing upper- classmen. This group participates in the Campus Chest Drive, the Campus Christmas Program, freshman orientation, handles the concessions at Bama Day, distributes spirit posters and advertisements of coming campus entertainment, and awards a handsome rotating trophy to the menis pledge class with the highest scholastic average. BOTTOM ROW: Michael Wittmann, Stan Rodgers, Gerald Wheeler, Jr. CTreasurerJ, Thomas W. Moore CPresidenlJ, Phillip A. Magnes Nice Presidenfl, Ronald M. Sfewart, Ralph E. Cowarf . . . SECOND ROW: Helmcln Brook, Jesse, Williams, E. Douglas Waits, Kenneth Hurlbuf, David Marley, Wesley A. Pate . . . THIRD ROW: Barry M. Ragone, Jeffrey C. London, John M. Weston, Sterling P. Anders, Ronald Stabler. 354 l MENS HoNoRARY F A Wi? K 'cr-'Ml XTX 3' ff Z I it 2 W t ffti fr t Ao' 'Rx' fQ"1 Q fra' f 55 ,, i wt Q of-. 2 1 5' D 46 BOTTOM ROW: Betty Burnett Rosalind Alexander CEditorJ . . . fHistorianl,, Elva Ann Ellison lVice Presidentj, Andrea Knowles CPresidentl, Helen Crow lSecrefaryJ, Deanna Floyd fTreasurerJ, SECOND ROW: Barbara Wallenfang, Jeri Haught, Betty Davis, Jane Easter, Annette Alexander, Betty Ryan, Betty Norred . . . THIRD ROW: Polly Henderson, Drucilla Christian, Margaret Prichett, Betty Weaver, Jane Albritton, Dot Powell, Cynthia McMillan. Mo RTAR CAR D T President s,,,,,,s,s,,ss Vice President 7 Secretary ,sss,,,s Treasurer Editor 77 77 Historian 77 Annette Alexander Rosalind Alexander Ola Grace Baker Betty Burnett Drucilla Christian Helen Crow Betty jean Davis ,lane Easter Elva Ann Ellison Deanna Floyd Shirin Floyd Andrea Knowles 7 Elva Ann Ellison 77 7 77 Helen Crow 77 Deanna Floyd Rosalind Alexander 7 7777 77 Betty Burnett .. ,U Altll ll night Polly llcndcrson ,lane lloward Allmritton Andrea Knowles Cynthia McMillan Betty Norrcd Dot Powell Boo Pritchett Bovy Ryan Barbara Whllcntang Betty VVcaycr NIORTAR BOARD is a national honorary society tor senior women, with limited memhership se- lected on the hasis of excellence in each of the fields of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. During a school year, Mortar Board sponsors such activities as a Transfer Tea at the opening of the fall semester, a uSmarty Partyv at the end of the first semester for all those girls making a average, a lecture by some outstanding women of our times, and the traditional i'MumD Sale at each Homecoming. The apex of our year comes in the sp1'ing. At this time, on the historical mound of the Univer- sity, Mortar Board taps a highly selected group of junior women. Mortar Board is the highest honor a Woman student can attain on the Uni- versity campus. 7, L-, Q ww Q BOTTOM ROW: Roma Turner, Bonnie Sue Rogers, Emily Harris, Jean Marcus, Becky Warren, Margaret McGehee, Ann Varnon . . . SECOND ROW: Jane Crump, linda Macklem, Fritzie Horkheimer, Louise Gregory, Patricia Proctor, Sally Hinton, Sydney Robinson, Nan Reid, Pat Gibbons . . . THIRD ROW: Betty Ann Daniel, Kathryn Biddle, Maxine Wellborn, Annette Randall, Betty Sowell, Carol Lackey, Jo Rodgers, Ellen Wittman, Ann Barnes, Mary Elizabeth Kendall, Sandi Rubenstein, Martha Rayfielcl . . . FOURTH ROW: Anne Marshall, Betty Fields, Carol Bledsoe, Linda Faye Boling, Ann Petty, Gladys Hutsy, Carol Perkins, Mary Oliver, Martha Henderson, Dede Donoho, Pat Bryant . . . FIFTH ROW: Barbara Farmer, Mary Hopkins, Jeanette Perry . . . SIXTH ROW: Mary Alice Bowman, Vicky Ray Searcy, Barbara Couch, Becky Stevens, Doren Smith, Dot Douglas, Janis Speaks, Judy Wilson, Pat Martini, Butch Kohler. OFFICERS President ..,.,,..v,,...........,..,s..,,s,.. sss, D ot Powell First Vice President ,sss,,, sss,s,,, A nn Prout Second Vice President sss,, s,,,,ssssssss,,,,s A nn Williains Secretary s,...,,.,.,,,,,s,i...,,, ,,sss E mma Claude Coburn Treasurer ,,,s .s,,, , .. To Ann Van Tassel Historian ,,,l,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ean Campbell PubliCity aaa,,,,.,,...... sss, C loie Roberson Head Chaperone ., sssos,, Betty Davis TRIANGLE IS A womenis service honorary. lt is composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. One of its chief service projects is the 'iBig Sister- Little Sisterv program, in which Triangle mem- bers help new wornen students in getting to know the Bama Campus. This year Triangle gave a coke party for all new women students, and also helped with Freshman Orientation and registra- tion. Throughout the year Triangle gave monthlv parties at Partlow and at the Home for the Aged. The new members are tapped at A.W.S. Spring Convocation. WOlVlEN'S HONORARY 5 :ml g 'T' v BOTTOM ROW: Dena Huguley, Betty Davis lHead Chlaperonej, Cloie Roberson lPubIicityl, Ann Williams lSecond Vice Presidentl, Dot Powell lPresidentJ, Ann Prout CFirst Vice Presidentl, Emma Claude Coburn lSecretaryJ, Jean Campbell CHistorianj, JoAnn Van Tassel lTreasurerJ . . . SECOND ROW: Sybil Wirth, Marianne Northcutt, Sybil Greenberg, Kay Rindsey, Lu Ann Mulleniks, Jane Easter, Alice Ogletree, Bet Huguley, June Langston, Jean Gamison, Betty Hastings . . . THIRD ROW: Ruth Barksdale, Elva Ann Ellison, Anne Weatherford, Deanna Floyd, Martha Poole, Martha Groenendyke, Carole Bray, Barbara Wallenfang. BETA GAMMA SIGMA BETA GAMMA SIGMA is the only scholarship honor society recognized by the American Asso- ciation of Collegiate Schools of Business. The purposes of the society are to encourage and re- ward scholarship and accomplishment among students of collegiate schools of business, to pro- mote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operation. Election to Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest scholarship honor that a student in Commerce and Business Admin- istration can win. Lee Bidgood, Dean Emeritus, was Grand Presi- dent in 1950 of National Beta Gamma Sigma. In recent years the Chapter has undertaken various projects with a view toward furthering the inter- ests of the University. For example, the organi- zation brought to the campus a Conference on Business Education, and more recently provided two walnut display cases for the entrance hall of the Commerce Building. SCHOLASTIC HONORARY OFFICERS President ,,,,.. c,,,crcc,cri...,.,.r.,,, .,crc,,c, H erman H. Chapman Vice President rcc,crc,.ci.... r,c,, R . Murray Havens Secretary-Treasurer ,,rrr,, .... j ack H. Menning MEMBERS Paul Lagrone john Grady Merritt FACULTY Paul E. Alyca Edward H. Anderson XVilliam B. Bcnnctt Lee Bidgood Ilarry D. Bonham Frederic Brett Herman H. Chapman j. D. Corrihcr Frank E. Dykcma XVilliam C. Flcwellen, jr. ilcrbert L. Findlay Howard A. Folts S. Paul Garncr II. Murray Havens Langston T. Hawley james Holladay Russell C. Larcom llarry A. Lipson NI. Clinton McGee jack H. Menning james E. Money llenry B. Moore Burton R. Morley Paul NV. Paustian A. j. Penz NVilliam E. Pickens, jr. Clarence D. Smith Marcus XVhitman NVillia1n H. XVl1itncy Percy B. Yeargan HONORARY Erncst G. Cleverdon ELECTED FALL 1958 Manuel Betancourt XVilliam Co1e jolm Darling Thomas Lcask Harris Norman jobe Fred I. Palmer 357 Ivan Potts ELECTED SUNIMER 1958 james Gardner Culpepper james Carhart Harper ELECTED SPRING 1958 john Daniel Agee Deanna Floyd Mack Gicger Robert Lebo Lucien Lcc Kenneth Mann james Montgomery David WVoodham ELECTED EARLIER Billie Anne Crouch Harold F. Doherty Bert Nettles Ben Reeves Duke Searcy XYildon YVhitney Professor j. -C. Dawson Dean j, Lloyd Professor Professor Marcus A. Straughn GAMMA SIGMA EPslLoN BOTTOM ROW: Gyann Marshall, Shirin Floyd CPresidentJ, Mary Ann Higgs, Mary Martin, Jyl Johnson . . . SECOND ROW: Professor George Toffel, Dr. Robert Scott, Dr. George Palmer, Dr. Margaret Green, Robert Schmitt, Dr. Robert D. Brown. Slnrin Floyd jyl johnson Ferris B. jones Mary Martin Vega jean Ott Robert Sclnnitt Larry Shelton NVilliam Bentley Rettye Sue Evans Mary Ann Higgs Gyann Marshall HONORARY DELTA BETA CHAPTER of Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a Chemical honorary fraternity. Upperclassmen who have a 2.0 overall aver- age with a 2.5 in chemistry and who have completed at least 20 hours in chemistry are eligible for membership. In addition, the sophomore majoring in chemistry or chemi- cal engineering who has the highest scholas- tic average each year is elected to member- ship. Gamma Sigma Epsilon helps sponsor lectures and outings for chemistry students. MEMBERS HONORARY MEMBERS Lillian Brown Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mary Ann Simon A Arthur Taylor Shih-Fan Ting Dr. D1'. Robert D. Brown K. NV. Coons Mildred Englebrecht john E. Gran Margaret 'Green E. L. Grove j. G. Hayes Kirby jackson james L. Kassner M. Kennedy Karl Lauer Stewart j. Lloyd Robert K. XVilson, jr. Dr. jack Montgomery FF RS llelen Yen-hui Chaowu Dr. George Palmer 0 ICE Salim Zabana Charles Pointer G1-andA1ChelniSt iiffi g Vfii i ffiiiifii H V Shil-in Floyd joseph Zanneei Dr, Erie Rodgers Recorder ..c........... ..... N Iarv Ann Higgs D13 Artl'l',r lPfi'fk , r , Di. Robert Stott Visor . . .............. , ...... .. Mary Martin A. J- 5511 Faculty Advisor . .. .. . George M. Toffel George Toth-1 ll an P HI B ETA KAP PA THROUGHOUT THE WORLD the simple key OFFICERS With U16 Greek letters Phi Beta KHPP21, th1'6C President .. . Professor Iredell jenkins stars, and a pointing hand, have come to mean Vice President ....... ..... P rofessor jerome E. Sweitzer scholarship personified. Phi Beta Kappa was the 5GC1'CU11'Y - eeeeeeeeeee 136311 lg71ll1iU1hFFA?a1US first Greek letter organization formed. It is the Tleabfufel P cccccc Pm 65501 PM ' of PPP . . Archivist . .. ...... Professor Charles D. Perry oldest honorary on this campus, having been here 107 years. Membership is restricted to those students of liberal arts who show evidence of out- standing scholarship and character. MEMBERS FACULTY Professor NV. G. llooks Professor Burton Morley Professor Linton Stevens llney G. McDaniel Professor Mable Adams Dr. XV. Stanley Hoole Dr. james H. Newman Professor Hudson Strode Cynthia j. McMillan Dean YVilliam P. Adams Professor George Howard Mr. Grady H. Nunn Professor G. C. Summersell Lillian C. Manley Professor Thomas B. Alexander Mr. Louis jaffe Professor johnstone Parr Dean Marten ten Hoor F. David Mathews Dean C. ll. Barnwell Mrs. NV. K. E. james Mr. YV. E. Patterson, jr. Professor P. YV. Terry janis C. Montgomery Dean Lee Bidgood Professor Ircdell jenkins Professor jolm C. Payne Professor A. B. Thomas David XV. Murrell Professor XVoodrow XV. Boyett Professor Robert E. johnson Professor C. D. Perry Dean R. E. Tidwell Milly ,l- Nl'W50l1'l Professor Elizabeth Coleman Mr. XValter F. Koch Mr. YV. E. Pickens, jr. Professor B. B. Trawick Olivia Pienezza Professor XVade H. Coleman Professor George Lang Professor john F. Ramsey Professor Marcus XVhitman jerome R. Redus Mr. XVilliam R. Conghlin Professor F. A. Lewis Professor C. B. Ransome. ji Professor C. B. 'Wicks Miriam B. Scarborougl Professor L. R. Davis Mrs. G. K. Little Professor Harry Redman, jr. Miss Elizabeth XVebster B. Laurence Skelton Professor Miss Kat President Dean S. Dean Le Professor Professor Professor james P. Doster herine Eraker Emeritus j. M. Gallalee Paul Garner igli Harrison R. M. Havens jolm S. Henderson R. B. Highshaw Professor Miriam Locke Professor jolm Luskin Dean jolm McLnre Professor j. B. McMillan Professor j. D. Mancill Mrs. Glenavis R. Martin Professor j. P. Montgomery Dean A. B. Moore E. F. Richards Dean Eric Rodgers Professor Sarah ll. Rodgers Professor A. E. Ruark Miss Frances Rncks Professor l. XVillis Russell Professor j. XY. Schweitzer Professor D. C. Smith 358 C. E. VVilliams NTEBIBERS-IN-COURSE XVilliam Harold Albritton Davis james Culpepper Samuel Adrian Dickson, jr Elva Ann Ellison Kenneth Clay Holland Dena Fuller Huguley Ann Moxley Sutton Annie L. Thompson George K. XValker Robert K. Xllilson, jr. Barbara j. NVallenfang Gail Arden XVinton Theodore S. XVoods KAPPA DELTA P I I scHoi.AsTic HONORARY XI CHAPTER of Kappa Delta Pi was installed at the University of Alaliama on May l6, 1922. A national professional honor society in educa- tion, Kappa Delta Pi is open to lioth men and women who express through character and scho- larship a sincere interest in the field of education. Meetings are held monthly for the purpose of pre- senting a speaker or a program on suliiects of timely interest to the group. Two scholarships, one going to a senior and the other to a graduate student, are offered annually to students prepar- ing for careers in the teaching profession. BOTTOM ROW: Martha Williams, Elsie Brown, Gyann Marshall CSecretaryD, Jane Easter Ureasurerl, Laura Benton lPresidentl, Barbara Ann Harrison Nice Presiclentl, Dr. Margaret A. Coleman CCounseIorJ, Dean Florence A. Hixson, Annie Mary Wilson . . . SECOND ROW: Kyle Pruett Stewart, Ruth J. Catfee, Dottie Dees, Marianne Northcutt, Lillie Humphries, Judith Smith Wright, Caroline Swithers, Ladean Embry, Frances Roberts, Jackie Edwards, Sandra McDaniel, Julia Doren Smith . . . THIRD ROW: Seth Thomas Jones, James L. Fowler, George Warren Hamner, L. William Lindsey, G. S. Spruill, Harry V. Barnard, David Mathews, John Bentley. OFFICERS President ...... . . .. ..... ........ . .. .... ......... L aura Benton Vice President ....... .e... l Earbara Aim Harrison Secretary ...... ................. Cyann Marshall Treasurer .... ..........r......rr......... I ane Easter Counselor ...... .... D r. Margaret A. Coleman MEMBERS Kay Elicrle jaclcie Edwards john E. Bentley Ladean Einhry james L. Fowler Carolyn Freeman Peggy l,. Norris Marianne Martha Poole Martha Pierson Frances YV. Rolverts George XV. Hainner ,Iulic Doren Srnitli Robert ll. Spence Ceorgc S. Spruiell Ruth Jones Caffee Dr. Florence Hixson Kyle P. Stewart Caroline Switliers ,loyce Bailey Harry Barnard Laura Benton Grace Boyd Elsie E. Brown Marshall Brown Barbara llarrison Bill Brunner jean Hellums Frances Caldwell Lillie Humphries Drucilla Christian Seth Thomas jones ,lime YV. Van Scoy Frederick YVcstover Billie Ann XVliitc -lacqueline hvllllklllm Margaret Coleman Lawrence Lindsay Ethel C. Connell Cyann Marshall David Mathews Doris L. Dees Lawrence Dollar Paulaonise Murphy Martha XVillianis Sandra L. McDonald Annie M. Vllilson Nora I. McGuire julia Doughty ,lane Easter jnditli XVriglit PHI UPSILON OMICRON BOTTOM ROW: Betty Davis fHistorianD, Mary Neville Edmonds fCorresponding Secret-aryl, Patsy Gayle Jones fRecording Secreturyl, Helen Crow fPresidentj, Polly Henderson Nice Presidentl, Helen Sedenquist fTreasurerJ, Andrea Knowles fLibrarianD . . . SECOND ROW: Sue Adams, Linda Yutmeyer, Catherine Boozer, Martha Mclnnis, Mary Catherine Pennel, Toby Starr, Pamelia Flippo . . . THIRD ROW: Beth Richardson, Anne Barnes, Julia Doughty, Nanette Nettleman, Jane Blankenship, June Graham Davis, Marilyn Brown, Romalefa Turner, Betty Danley Russell, Ann Dyess, Margaret Ann Avery, Sue Fisher. OFFICERS President ,,s,,ee,,,,,, ,,ee,,,,,ee,,,,,. . . .......... ..,,,,,e H elen Crow , Eice ljlresidsnt ,,,,eeeee.,,eee ,,,.ee,,.,. PpllyGHepderson I cor in ecre ar ..,.,.s.,,, ,,eeeeeee,,ee a s a e ones . ' f Cirrespoiding Seciletary .,s.,.,...., Mary Nexiille Ednlonds SCHOLAS-llc HONORARY v Treasurer .s..,,,,,ee,,,,,,ee,,,,,ee,,., ............, H elen Sedenquist 4 'A Historian i,,,, ..,...ii,.,,. B etty Davis Librarian ii,,, Andrea Knowles PHI UPSILON OMICRON members are select- ed in the latter half of their sophomore year on the basis of a 2.0 overall average, participation in the Agnes Ellen Harris Club, and superior leader- MEMBERS ship in Home Economics and campus activities. Projects for the year include a nursery school survey in Rosedale Courtsg the baking and selling of fruit cakes, the money which is used for na- tional scholarshipsg and a plaque honoring the freshman girl in Home Economics with the high- est scholastic average. Phi Upsilou Omicron, in connection with the Agnes Ellen Harris Club, gives a tea each year in honor of the new fresh- men. Sue Anderson Adams Margaret Ann Avery Sara Ann Barnes Catherine Boozer Ann Brabson Marilyn Brown Betty Burnett Helen Crow Betty Davidson Betty jean Davis junc Davis julie Doughty Ann Spurlin Dyess Mary Neville Edmonds Sue Goodwin Fischer Pamelia Flippo Polly Henderson Patsy Gayle Jones Andrea Knowles Martha Ann Mclnnis Nannette Nettleman Peggy Morris Marianne Northcutt Mary Catherine Penncl Beth Richardson Betty Jean Danley Russell lielen Sedenquist Toby Starr Bonialeta Turner Linda Yutmeyer SCHOLASTIC HONORARY MEMBERS C. F. Asquith XVilliam H. Bentley Arnold M. Blumenstein Phillip M. Garaceioli Robert B. Cardy XVilliam YV. Clements james L. Coggins George Davis james B. Dilworth James L. Evers Ernest G. Farrier Dcinald E. Fitts Gale S. Fly George G. Goodwyn Roy E. Groover Rayburn C. Hamer, jr. Maurice E. Harrell Kenneth E. Harwell Mike R. Hauser NVilliam A. Hoffman Paul T. House, Ir. YVilliam M. House Frederick H. Hudoff Frank XV. james Sidney James Iames H. johnson, jr XVilliam N. Ledbetter Albert L. Lee Donald Ray Lucas Donald R. Marlow NVilliam G. Maughan Elmer Mitchell WValter Moody Hugh Parker Palmer Peterson Brackenridge Rogers Henry South Bruce Stephenson VVilliam Stone Omer Thomas Gerald WVaddell VVilliam VVilkinson james WVoodward Salim Zabana TAU BETA PI TAU BETA PI was founded at LeHigh Univer- sity in 1855. The fraternity has grown to 100 chapters with over 98,000 initiates. By its example Tau Beta Pi seeks to produce eng gineers who will not only be skilled in their pro- fession but who will also be a credit to the field they enter. Tau Beta Pi is the highest honor that can come to a person in the field of engineering. OFFICERS President eeee,e,..........,........................ William W. Clements Vice-President ...........r..... ............ M ike R. Houser Recording Secretary .......... ,,,.,,, E lmer M. Mitchell Corresponding Secretary ,,,, rre. H oward H. Meigs Treasurer .,,eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ...,, W arren G. Keith Cataloguer ....,. .... W illiam H. Bentley BOTTOM ROW: William Hoffman, Maurice Harrell, Kenneth Harwell, Gerald Waddell, Mike Hauser Nice Presidentj, William Clements fPresidentl, Elmer Mitchell CRecorcling Secretaryl, Donald Marlow, William Maughan, William Ledbetter, Robert Cardy, Frederick Huclofi . . . SECOND ROW: Philip Caraccioli Donald Fitts, Josh Johnson, R. E. Groover, George Davis, Sidney James, C. F. Asquith, G. S. Fly, Arnold Blumenstein, Rayburn Hamer, James Diiworth . . THIRD ROW: Palmer Peterson, James Coggins, Frank Moody, William Stone, Frank James, Paul Howse, Donald Lucas, B. B. A. Rogers, Albert Lee, Bruce Stephenson, William Wilkinson, Salim Zabana. BOTTOM ROW: George Spence, Gary Little, Gary Huckaby, Quin Flowers, Jr. tSecre1c1ryj, Don Durrett fTreasurerj, Dr. James H. Newman lFaculty Aclvisorl, Tom White CPresidentJ, Harold E. Greer CSenior Advisorj, Lee Spencer, Ronald W. Case, Mervyn Michael . . . SECOND ROW: Bryan Strickland, Pete Soteres, Rex Harris, Jim Wood, Bill Gandrucl, Dub McLaughlin, John Roclenbough, Mike Gregory, Frank McRigl1'f, Lauren Sechriest . . . THIRD ROW: Julian Williamson, Whit Gibbons, Chester T. Stafford, Dwight Eddins, Jarvis D, Ryals, Julian Butler, Ted Callahan, Sam H. Hamner, James R. Clements, John M. Reeder, Craig Bamberger. scHoLAsTlc HONORARY P H I E T A S I G M A PHI ETA SIGMA is a national freshman scholas- MEMBERS tic fraternity for men. The requirement for mem- bership in Phi Eta Sigma is a 2.5 average or better for the first semester of the freshman year, or the same over-all average for the entire freshman year. Each year I i ta Sigma distributes a pamph- let entitled Hints on How to Study to incoming freshmen to aid them in orientation. The frater- nity also gives a smoker for freshmen with a 2.0 average at midterm to urge them to become eligi- ble for membership. OFFICERS President .,,,,, I e ..... ., Vice President Secretary Treasurer Senior Advisor . Tom WVhite ,. Still Hunter Quin Flowers Don Durrett Harold Greer llarvey Asher Craig Bamberger, jr Albert Branscomb Edward Brownell julian Butler Ronald Case XVillie Clark james Clements Donald Durrett Dwight Eddins Isaac Espy Quin Flowers Lawrence Ford james Francis XVilliam Gandrud Wlhitfield Gibbons jolm Gregory Bennie Grimes Sain Hamner Henry Harris Richard Harris Kenneth Holland Gary Iluckaby Still Hunter George jones Robert jones john Kitchens Gary Little james Loeoco Richard McLaughlin Frank Malanga john Mauk Mervyn Michael Bruce Nelson joseph Price john Reeder john Rodenbough Max Rosenthal jarvis Ryals Lauren Seehriest Neil Segars George Spence Exton Spencer Chester Stafford Robert Stephens Bryan Strickland Thomas IVhite Erris XVhitworth james YVood SENIOR ADVISOR Harold E. Greer l958 FALL INITIATES jimmy Alexander Thetford Callahan Kyong Rai Cho Frank B. McRight Edward Moravec Wfilliam Partlow Bonnie Carl Riddle Pete Soteres julian Williamson MEMBERS ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,, , .ELE ,7,7,,,,,,,,77 , , , .leanette Peery Vice President , Secretary ,.7., . .L,7, Treasurer , r,.. 7 Historian L .,rrr Barbara Couch Barrye Brickman Vicky Searcy 7 .. Ann Barnes ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA, an honor- ary fraternity which was established on the University of Alabama campus in 1930, has served and continues to serve as a scholastic goal for freshman women. To be eligible for membership in this organization a 2.5 average must be maintained for one or two semesters, and those women who qualify are tap- ped each spring at the honors convoca- tion. Y f ! SCHOLASTIC HONORARY -ludy Apple Lorraine Armstrong Martha Io Bailey Margaret Ball Sara Ann Barnes Mary Lou Barringer Berrye Brickman Ann Clark Sally Colbert Barbara Couch jane Crump Betty Daniel Ann 'Davidson Majorie Ann Davidson Margaret Davies Tune Davis Rebecca DeRanius Margarite Faucett jo Ann Fryer Norma Gray BOTTOM ROW: Ann Barnes QHistorianj, Barbara Couch iVice Presidentl, Jeanette Peery CPresidentJ, Vicky Searcy CTreasurerl, Barrye Brickman lSecretaryl . . . SECOND ROW: Maurine Rainer, Jane Crump, Julia Haddon, Sally Colbert . . . THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Simon, Shelia Lewis, Roma Turner, Vicky Gonzales . . . FOURTH ROW: June Graham Davis, Patricia Dorothea Pitt, Judy Leibold, Carol Lackey . . . FIFTH ROW: Martha .lo Bailey, Dorothy Louise Smith, Karen Yor, Betty Sowell . . . SIXTH ROW: Helen Joyce Hollis, Gayle Rosalind Hornsby, Rebecca Deramus, Edith Malone . . . SEVENTH ROW: Margaret Ball, .lo Ann Luker . . . EIGHTH ROW: Ussula Mrazek, Peggy Mullins, JoAnne Fryer, Beth Marion . . . NINTH ROW: Ann M, Clark, Carolyn Smith, Tota Loukopoulou, Betty Ann Daniel. Carolyn Haddon Nancy Heath Ioyce Hollis Buth Howell Carol Lackey judy Licbold Sheila Lewis Panagiota Loukopoulou Io Ann Luker Edith Malone 363 Claudia McLoughlin Helen Marion Sydna Mchang Ursla Mrazek Peggy Mullins Mary Oliver ,leanette Pecry Patricia Pitt Maurine Rainer Vicky Ray Searcy Mary Ann Simon Carolyn Frances Smith Dorothy Louise Smith Betty Sowell Ann Stevens Corine Thomas Roma Turner Karen York Conzales Victoria Melvin Butler ALPHA EPSILON DELTA I I! PROFESSIONAL HONOR!-XRY FROM ITS BECINNINC at the University of Alabama thirty-two years ago, Alpha Epsilon Delta has grown into a national organization en- compassing 67 active chapters. Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national pre-medical and pre-dental honor society. Members are selected on the basis ot high academic standards. This organization sponsors lectures, medical movies and tours of medical interest. A.E.D. also sponsors a scholar- ship fund which is offered to students who are already in their professional studies. This year A. E. D. has become international with the char- tering of a new chapter at McCill University in Montreal, Canada. BOTTOM ROW: Betty W. Vaughan, Shirley Sanders, Larry Skelton lTreasurerj, Robert K. Wilson, Jr., fHistorianl, Septema C. Smith fFaculty Sponsorl, Larry R. Kirkland fVice Presiclentl, David H. Jackson lSecretaryl, Milton Frank, III CEditorJ, Ellen Marmer, Lucretia Thompson . . . SECOND ROW: Ned Downing, Wayne E. Scrivener, Jr., Tilford Stevenson, Jr., Glenn Langner, Alan M. Siegel, Gordan L. Spafford, Richard D. Harp, John G. Hankins, Bonner Engleharclt, Richard J. Spurlin, Thomas Hansel Peacock, Jr .... THIRD ROW: Doughlas Dean, Ben Grimes, Edward G. Scott, Jr., Seaborn Chappell, Sammy Perlman, R. E. Smith, Jr., Louie Cecil Wilson, Jemison Bowers, Roger Suttle, Lamar Thomas. OFFICERS President .. . I Vice President Secretary , I Treasurer ..,, Historian I . Facility Sponsor Sam Fischer Larry Kirkland , David H. lackson Larry Shelton I Robert K. VVilson, Cecilia Smith Richard Allen Sammy Barranco john Black jeinison Bowers, jr. Otlia Carter, jr. Seaborn Chappell Edward Downing Martha Sue Duke Bonner Engerhardt Samuel Fischer Milton Frank Bennie Crimes John Hankins Richard Harp james Herod David Jackson Robert Kirkland Leo Langer MEMBERS Alan Siegal Lawrence Skelton IIONORARY MEMBERS Dr E. Scott Barr James Lindsey Roy Smith Dr Everett Bishop Russell Lowery Cordon Spatlord Dr 'Clyde Brcoks Ellen Nlarmcr Richard Spurlin Dr. john M. Bruhn Alex Miller, -lr. Tilford Stevenson, lr. Dr Emmett B. Carmichul Ronald Montgoineryltoger Suttle, jr. Dr Ralph Chermock Billy Mosley Edward Thomas Dr Colden Howell Millie McDaniel Lucretia Thompson Dr ,lames Kassner Randolph O'Connorllclen Thrasher Dr ,lack Montgomery XVilliam Payne Betty Vaughan Dr Ralph McBurncy Thomas Peacock Cecil XVilson Dr Charles OiKelly David Perlman Robert K. Wilson, lr. Dr. Eric Rodgers Daniel Rainey Dr Harvey Searcy Shirley F. Sanders Dr Marten ten Hoor Edward Scott FACULTY ADVISOR Wayne Scrivener Dr. Septime Smith 364 Dr Dr Peter Trice I. Henry XValker ALPHA EPSILON RHO ALPHA EPSILON RHO is a national radio and television honorary fraternity. Eta chapter Was founded in 1944 for the purpose of encouraging and recognizing outstanding radio and television achievements among college students of high scholastic ability. Alpha Epsilon Rho members serve as a liason group among the Department of Radio and Tele- vision, the University Broadcasting Services, campus radio station WABP, and the incoming potential radio majors to the University. f PROFESSIONAL HONORARY I L- rff BOTTOM ROW: Sheila Lewis, JoAnn Van Tassel CSecretury-Treosurerj, Jimmy Frantz CPresidentJ, Bob Bosworth Wice-Presiclentj, Betty Norred . . . SECOND ROW: Nancy Cowart, Frank Hollub, Lane Latimer, III, Jerry Hudson, Reuben S. McLemore, Louree Saunders. OFFICER S MEMBERS President ""E ""'E"' F, 1 "i"" 5 """""" James Frantz' Bert Bloomston Lane Latimer I 6 lrst emesterl Robert Bosworth Sheila Lewis President ...,........,.ii..i.ii,iii,iiii,,.i,...........i,...,. Bert Bloomston Charles Caron Ruben McLe1norc fS6COHd Semesterj Nancy Cowart Betty Norred Vice president Bob Bosworth james T, Frantz, III Lauree Saunders 1 Secretary-Treasurer ii,i ,,.ii, I oAnn Van Tassel irffglk JoAnn Vim Tam Advisor ,ii...r.i...,iiiiiii,,i ...,,,. N Ir. R. Hartsook ' 365 .l.E.E. as THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers was formed on the campus in 1914. In 1956 the branch reorganized as a joint student branch of the American Institute of Radio Engi- neers. The combined memhership of the two or- ganizations is over 100,000 members. The joint branch sponsors a diversified program of interesting and informative extra-curricular ac- tivities throughout the year. These activities in- clude field trips to places of engineering interest, reports on subiects of interest by men in industry, sponsoring of student paper, and social functions. PROFESSIONAL HONORARY OFFICERS Chairman .....,..,. .,..............,.,.. W illiam W. Clements Vice Chairman Secretary ,.,,,,,,,,. Treasurer ,...,r,,.,,....,, Counselor ,r,,.,....,.,r,,,,. IRE Representative .,.. MEMBERS . H. Albright C. R. Cameron R. C. Hamer XV. R. Lane E. M E. L. Andrews R. B. Cardy R. E. Haynes I. A. Lankford H. A C. F. Asquitb YV. C. Clark I. B. Hendricks W. A. Lovell S. A . E. Asquith YV. W. Clements B. F. Hixon, lr. VV. P Lynch B. S. L. XV Biggs, Ir. V. L. Colburn H. G. House, jr. R. M. Lynn N. V. T. M. Billingsley K. R. Couch C. R. Hubbard D. R. Marlow C. M l. H. Bradley R. E. Dalrymplc F. H. Hudoff C. E. Mason D. T. l. O. Brewer I. C. Dobbs G. Jackson M. L. McAnnally C. R. Brown G. S. Fly D. R. Iohns A. E. Caskcy, lr. Xl. F. Brown R. L. Fondrcn I. M. Katz L. A. McKenzie I. Brumley C. F. Getman M. M. Kirkland B. Mitchell l. H. Bryant C. H. Griffin I. R. Knowles Mitchell Mitchell Moskowitz Murphree Nuttin g Pearson Perry Al. P. Poole J. C. Price VV. D. Raburn XV. S. Raiford Rayburn C. Hamer Lewis A. McKenzie Elmer M. Mitchell Prof. Willard F. Cray Dr. Robert N. Whitehurst F. Reid I. Sullivan E. Reynolds B. F. Swift M. Rice E. R. Tillman R. R. Robbins U. B. Uthman E. Roberts G. C. XVaddell E. Rosenthal I. L. VVelch R. Schmidt C. R. VVhitehea F. E. Sheridan J. H. VVillia1ns D M. Smart A. B. XVillis H. Snell H. E. VVooley A. C. Spann R. E. York, lr. .. ......., ....,. -, . BOTTOM ROW: Ralph Lane, Sidney James, Adril C. Spann, Paul Lynch, George Cameron, Bill Swift, Ed Andrews, Ken Couch, Jim Price, Bruce Stephenson, Charles Whitehead, Richard Lynn . . . SECOND ROW: Jack Welch, E. M. Mitchell lTreasurerl, Robert B. Cardy, Don E. Dewton, Willard F. Gray CFaculty Advisorj, William J. Miller lFacultyl, Reese Burnett CFacultyJ, W. C. Stapleton lFacultyl, J. H. Bryant, L. G. Jackson, John H. Williams, M. F. Brown, W. W. Clements CPresidentJ . . . THIRD ROW: Gerald C. Waddell, Cecil R. Brown, Albert B. Willis, Gene C. Cook, Richard R. Robbins, Don Rice, Charles H. Griffin, Robert E. White, Richard A. Stephens, William A. Lovell, Buford Mitchell, Thomas Kyzer, Byron Hixon, Jr., C. F. Asquith,. L. A. McKenzie CSecretaryJ, F. H. Hudoff . . . FOURTH ROW: D. R. Marlow, C. H. Snell, Robert E. York, Robert E. Dalrymple, Ray E. Haynes, Robert L. Fondren, Gale S. Fly, Abner E. McCaskey, John B. Hendricks, James R. Schmidt, James E. Asquith, James K. Hollingshead . . . FIFTH ROW: Lloyd Biggs, Jerry A. Lankford, Charles R. Hubbard, Shermon E. Roberts, Willie G. Clark, Joe O. Sullivan, Max E. Rosenthan, Harvard G. House, Jr., James M. Brumley, Joseph G. Dobbs, J. E. Sheridan, John E. Reynolds, Colonel Marvin Pearson, Rayburn C. Hamer lVice Presidentl. 366 -rlqps JS Q !l as v 7' Y .. , A Y in 0- -ann BOTTOM ROW: Charles H. Young C Treasurerl, Bradley C. Smith Nice-Presidentl, Harold O. Gardner fPresidentJ,, Professor Edwin K. Austin lDepu1y Counselorl, George E. Broadbent fSecretaryl, John R. Darling fMaster of Riluall . . . SECOND ROW: Stanley C. Scarvey, Wayne Ellison, James W. Gore, John Arant, Alan Sams, Ralph E. Adams, Jr., Mark H. Berkin, Dwain Moore, Jay S. Cohen, Donald T. Comer, Johnny Owens, Harrett Hudnall . . . THIRD ROW: Frank Malanga, Bryan Strickland, Sid Constantine, Gene Jordan, Jim Tucker, Arthur R. Edgan, Jr., Ferrill D. McRae, Earl Vandigrifff, James T. Craig, Lynn Allison, Davis Crenshaw . . . FOURTH ROW: William V. Luckie, Jr., Richard Sleet, Charles W. Chadwick, Jr., Billy Austin, Harold E. Phillips, Jimmy Conrad, Paul Paper, Neal Travis, Gerald Landers, M. T. Betancourt, Jr., Ken Lambert. xx PROFESSIONAL HONORARY A L P H A K A P P S I OFFICERS ALPHA KAPPA PSI, the first and oldest Com- I-,resident yyyyyyyy J up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,A,A4-,a- H in-,nd 0, Gardner meree professional fraternity, was founded in Vice President ...... .... ........ B 1 'adley C. Smith 1904. S t ..,,......... ....... C Y E, B gdb t . . Tigifrrg Cegiis H' Ygnlgaefll Alpha Rho chapter, here at the University, con- Depnry Counselor -d4-, professor Edwin K, Austin ducts a definite program of professional activity Master of Ritual ..,... .................. 1 ohn R. Darling each year. Such activity includes speakers on economies, business, and educational subjectsg in- dustrial tours, promotion of special Commerce School events, research projects and various kinds of service to the school. MEMBERS Ralph Adams Lynn Allison Billy Austin Dr. Edwin K. Austin Mark H. Berkin George Broadbent NI. T. Betancourt Charles XV. Chadwick ,lay Cohen Donald T. Corner Jim Conrad Sid Constantine Iamcs Craig Davis Crenshaw ,lohn li. Darling Arthur Edgan NVaync Ellison Ihu-old Gardner James Core Harriett Hudnall 367 Gene Jordan Cerlad Landers Ken Lambert TVilliam Luckic Frank Malanga Ferill D. Mcllac- Dwain Nloore ,lohnny Owens Paul Paper Harold E. Phillips Alan Sams Bradley Smith Stanley Scarvey Richard Street Bryan Strickland Neal Travis jim Tucker Earl Vandigrifft Charles Young MEMBERS AND PLEDGES, BOTTOM ROW: Morris L. Friedman, Roy Ambrester, Hermine Melton lPresidentj, John Ross, Jacob J. Whitehead, Jock P. Mont- gomery, Gene Wilson . . . SECOND ROW: Gulen Akbay, Mickey Womble, Sandro Goode, Carolyn Stewart, Dionne Lyon, Joyce Hollis, Eleanor Brodie . . . THIRD ROW: Jomes Korges, Som Boncluris, Mike Whittmonn, Don Mobe, Dr. Marion Gallawoy, Don Thomas, Hinton Flowers, Jimmy Sloan. A L P H A P S I O M E G A . OFFICERS , FOUNDED ON THIS CAMPUS in 1953, Alpha President ,,...,,,. ,, ., Y....o........ eeeeeeeee Hermme Melton . . . n . . . Vice Presidgnt John Pope Psi Omega IS a national dramatic fraternity. Ad- Secretary . oooooo Roy Ambrr-stcr Barbara Cade Morris Friedman Marion Callaway Pat llarrison Harold llurt Herminc Melton Jerry Murray MEMBERS Dr. Jack Montgomery jerry Murray john Pope john Ross lake XVhitehead Gene VVilson mission is based on outstanding Work in the theater. A person is eligible for membership only after he has earned 50 points in various phases of dramatic production. Members pledge their efforts to the develop- ment of dramatic talent and the art of acting, to the cultivation of a taste for the best drama and the furtherance of the cultural value of the drama. ...' PROFESSIONAL HONORARY In ! Nlark Mcrkin Dorothy Black I. A. Boobaker XIcFay Carpenter Luther Cole john Edwards Aloe Farmer XVcsley Fortncr Frank Gentry Marilyn Corlin Eugene Hendricks Bobby Lcbo Ferrell Blaughan Iames May Dan McCoy MEMBERS Charles McDonald Francis Millett A. R. Nesmith Stanley Parnctt Clenn Phillips Ivan Potts Lewis Rawls jack Roberts Charles Rosenthal Russell Rouse Ralph Scott Carolyn Smith Charles Smith Erris YVhitworth Davis XVOOCIITLIIII 9 BETA ALPHA PSI ADMISSION TO Beta Alpha Psi is one of the goals of every accounting major. This profes- sional accounting fraternity promotes the strict ideals and ethics of accounting. The Alpha Beta chapter, founded at the University of Alabama in I948, has fostered the attaimnents of this fraternity. Sponsoring panel discussions, com- mercial functions, and professional meetings, Beta Alpha Psi has created a medium that closely binds instructors and students. l l. BOTTOM ROW: David Woodham fTreasurerl, Carolyn Smith tSecretaryl, McFay Carpenter flaresidentl, Ivan D. Potts, Jr., QVice Presidentj . . . SECOND ROW: A. J. Penn, Willia Dean Hanib, Eugene Hendricks, Wesley O. Fortner, Jr., John D. Edwards, Dot Black, Ralph Scott . . . THIRD ROW: Robert l.. Rawles, Robert F. Maughan, Russell Rouse, Jack B. Roberts, Ray Nesmith, Joseph F. Farmer, Dan McCoy, James M. May, J. E. Lane . . . FOURTH ROW: Charles R. McDonald, Charles R. Smith, Stan Parnett, Mark Berkin, Franklin D. Gentry, Robert Lebo, J. A. Boobaker, V. Harrison. OFFICERS President .,.,..,.,.,..,,. ,,.,.. N IcFay Carpenter Assistant Secretary .,,,,... ..... James May Vice President ,..e,,, ,,,.,...,., I van D. Potts Treasurer ,,,,,..,......,,.,..c,,.,,,. ...., D avis VVoodham Secretary ..,.,..... ...,,, C arolyn Smith Faculty-V ice President ...,.., ...c... I oe E. Lane MEMBERS Don Atkins Tom Betancourt Ioseph A. Boobaker Robert N. Braswcll jay Cohen john Darling Deanna Floyd Charles E. Click Gene jordan Edward E. Matney Billy I. Martin Bill Petty Glenn Phillips Albert O. VVilson BOTTOM ROW: Gene Jordan CPresiclentl, Deanna Floyd, Jay Cohen CVice-Presidentj, Glenn Phillips Ureasurerj . . . SECOND ROW: Don Atkins, Bill Petty, Tom Betancourt . . . THIRD ROW: Robert N. Braswell, Edward E. Matney, Billy J. Martin, Charles E. Glick . . . FOURTH ROW: John Darling, Joseph A. Boobalrer, Albert O. Wilson. HI ALPHA PHI OFFICERS President ,. ,,,,,,,,, i,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, C one Iordan Vice President . ,7,, ......... I ay Cohen Treasurer ,,,,,,,,t, ,,,,,,, G lenn Phillips 370 PROFESSIONAL HONORARY CHI ALPHA PHI, professional honorary statis- tics fraternity, was founded at the University of Alabama in 1951. Its purpose is to honor those students of superior scholastic performance who have shown proficiency in the field of statistics and to enhance the proper application of statis- tical methods in the social and physical sciences. Each year Chi Alpha Phi undertakes special re- search proiects for surveys Whose results are of interest to the University community and also often of interest to some sponsoring commercial agency or institution. PROFESSIONAL HONORARY 1 John Q. Adams, IH Jimmy E. Alexander Louis Anders, Jr. Edward J. Bell Clark Branch Joseph A. Boobakcr Thomas D. Britt Billy Cole Jeff J. Coleman VVillia1n A. Cone Tom Edgil Claude YV. Farmer Joseph Farmer Quin Flowers, Jr. Dexter S. Freeman, Jr Rusty Goodloe Bobby Grissom Thomas L. Harris Ted M. Henry John A. Holleman Russel Holman Sonny Housel James Jackson Lloyd Johnson Don M. Jones Robert G. Kelley YVallace H. Lancaster MEMBERS Robert Lcbo Anthony J. Lcrro Palmer Lindley Ed McDaniel NVilliam S. McKenzie Frank NIcRight Dan Malone Bill Mann Mervyn D. Micheal Dewey Oliver Fred I. Palmer, II Jack B. Roberts David T. Rowe Jere Segrest Charles C. Smith Hugh H. Smith, Jr. J. D. Snodgrass James F. Sulzby, IH James YV. Swindle, Jr Robert C. Thornton Brownie D. XVest Perry YVest Tom A. XVest XVillic Yvllitt' Van L. XVhitel1eacl Albert O. YVilson, Jr. James C. YVood DELTA SIGMA Pl THIS YEAR THE Alpha Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi had a series of professional meetings featuring, as speakers, recent graduates of the University of Alabama. On November 21, the members made a tour of the installations of the Armyis Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville, Alabama. Fifteen pledges were initiated the first semester. The initiation and fall banquet were held De- cember 15 at the Stafford Hotel. Another initia- tion and banquet is held in the spring. President .......... . .......,.......,.....,...,,..... ,......,,,.,, First Vice President ....... .. .. Dan McCoy Lawrence Harris Second Vice President .. ., .. .,,,,, Billy J. Nlartin Treasurer ,..... ...... Chancellor ..........,... Billy M. Collier Secretary ......... . ...........,... ..Y,..., , McFay Carpenter Julian D. Butler Chapter Advisor ...... .. Dr. W. C. Flewellen, Jr. d V' P 'd tj Dc: McCo QPresidentJ, Lawrence Harris BOTTOM ROW: Billy M. Collier QSecretaryJ, McFay Carpenter CTreasurerJ, Billy J. Martin iSecon :ce resl en , - n y CFirst Vice Presidentl, Julian Butler lChancellorJ . . . SECOND ROW: C. W. Farmer, Jr., F. l. Palmer, J. F. Farmer, Robert Thornton, Edward J. Bell,. Quin Flowers, Jr., Joseph A. Boobaker, Lloyd Johnson, Frank McRight, James F. Sulzby, Ted M. Henry, Billy D. Cole, Palmer Lindley . . . THIRD ROW: W. S McKenzie, J. C. Segrest, J. B. Roberst, Robert A. Keeley, W. A. Cone, Dewey Oliver, Jr., Russell Holman, Andy Lerro . . . FOURTH ROW: Richard Malone ' ' ' l W J' Al cl , Thomas D. Britt. .lim Wood, Van Whitehead, Ed McDaniel, Tom Edgil, Perry West, Mervyn Muchea, Tom est, lmmy exan er l P I M U E P S J L 0 N PROFESSIONAL HONORARY President , ,,...,.7,,,,,, Vice President .. Secretary . ,, ,, ,, Treasurer .,.,r,,,,e Social Chairman OFFICERS . ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,i . james Herod Rayburn C. Hamer Samuel Dickson Kenneth Harwell . joyce Smelley PI MU EPSILON is an honorary mathematics fraternity which was founded at Syracuse Univer- sity in 1914 and at the University of Alabama in 1922. The purpose of the organization is to pro- mote scholarship and interest in mathematics, the advancement of the science of mathematics, and the mutual and personal advancement of its members. Membership in Pi Mu Epsilon is gain- ed hy high scholastic achievement in mathematics and an average general scholarship. l 1 BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth E. Harwell fTreosurerl, Rayburn C. Hamer CVice Presidentj, Joyce Smelley CSocial Chairmanj, James V. Herod CDirectorj, Samuel A. Dickson CSecretaryD . . . SECOND ROW: William W. Clements, David Muxfrell, Lowell Reid, Martha Sue Duke, Mary Ann Higgs, John B. Hendricks, Gale Fly, Roy C. Tew, Billy Weaver . . . THIRD ROW: Robert B. Cardy, James E. Wamble, Max L. Allen, Hasell Palmer, James L. Howell, H. S. Thurston. james L. Evers Lester M. Allen Dr. and Mrs. O. R. Ainsworth C. Frank Asquith Stevana Ausban joe H. Bailey Dr. E. Scott Barr WVilliam Bently Nelvin Brown Dr. Charles C. Buck john H. Campbell Robert B. Cardy Thomas E. Carter Elizabeth Cathey YVilliam Champion XV. NV. Clements james L. Coggins Phillip XV. Coulter Samuel A. Dickson Martha Sue Duke james L. Duprey Ernest Farrier Dr. llolland Filgo Gale S. Fly Harry E. Gambler M. O. Gonzalez Charles A. Gross Rayburn Hames Maurice E. Harrell Kenneth E. Harwell Mike R. Hauser john B. Hendriks james V. Herod Mary Ann Higgs XVilliam A. llollmaii Fred A. Holluh Dr. j. H. Hornbaek Milliaiu House Dr. james L. Howell Gene E. Huekahy Fred Hudoff MEMBERS Dr. Paul Himmel Louis jafee Sidney N. james Carl johnson josh D. johnson Mrs. A. M. jones Gerald L. Kilgore Dr. Oliver Lacy Dr. F. A. Lewis Mrs. F. A. Lewis Edith H. Livingston Dr. julian Maneill Ellen L. Mariner Alan Marshall Richard F. MeCoart llenry Miller Arnord Milner Elmer M. Mitchell Dr. Ferdinand Mitchell XValter F. Moody 372 David Murrell joseph D. Naughton llassell Palmer Mary Parr Mrs. Emma j. Pitts Claude D. Priest Charles Pyron joseph L. Randall jerry Redus Mrs. Nell M. Reid Ray L. Reid Louis ll. Reynolds Thomas D. Roberts Dr. Erie Rodgers Mrs. Eric Rodgers Beverly Ryan Ewell M. Scott Dr. C. L. Seebeck Dr. Benjamin M. Sellbinger Sara j. Smelly joe ll. Sox john T. Sox NY. j. Stone Dale R. Summers Arthur Taylor Nancy Teague Roy S. Tew XVilliam S. Thomas Dr. H. S. Thurstoh XVarren C. Tyler Uthman B. Uthman james E. VVamble Susie L. 1Vard Billy D. XVeaver XVilliam E. XVebh Thomas O. XVhite Dr. Robert XVhitehurst Howard XVilson Robert E. York Emily Yow PRESS CLUB OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,.,,..,,,,. ,....,,,A.. . .... w........... D ouglas Pearson Vice President ............ 1 iebe Miree Secretary-Treasurer ,...,.e. ...........v,., P at Potter Senior Representative ,i..eee. ......,,,,.,,, I ean Penhale Graduate Representative ,M.., ,,,,,, F . Lee Stegemeyer MEMBERS Louis Ainis john Biggs Leoanard 'Chamblee Becky Garrett Alvin Harris Elizabeth Hayes Diane Hope Sharon Jernigan Bebe Miree Doughlas Pearson jean Pcnhalc Pat Potter jo Ann Singley Penny Smith Lee Stegemire David Stewart Marvin Tye Jeanne 'Tyson FACULTY Mr. Charles Scarritt PROFESSIONAL HONORARY THE PURPOSE OF the University Press Club is to promote interest in the field of journalism. Membership is restricted to journalism students and members of publications staffs. Highlighting the year,s activities is the tradi- tional journalism banquet at which time the most outstanding man and Woman students in the realm of campus iournalism are crowned uHead- liners of the Yearv. This spring the Press conducted a campus-Wide poll to select the g'Bama Bellev of the year. BOTTOM ROW: F. Lee Stegemeyer CGraduate Representativel, Jean Penhale lSenior Representativel, Douglas Pear- son CPresidentD, Bebe Miree tVice Presidenti, Pat Potter fSecretary-Treasurerl . . . SECOND ROW: David Stewart, Diane Hope, Penny Smith, Leonard Chamblee, Jean Tyson. Sharon Jernigan, John Biggs . . . THIRD ROW: Robert Sutton, Mary Turner, Becky Garrett, Gillis Morgan, Marvin Tye. T H E T A T A U PROFESSIONAL HONORARY 5 OFFICERS Regent ,, ,,,M...., 7. A A rnold M. Blumenstein Vice-Regent .Nx. .,. .,.,.,.,, R obert B. Cardy Scribe ,,,, ,,,,,,.,,, ,,, x,.. ,,,, B r uce W. Stephenson Treasurer ,...,,ee.e..,,e,,....,w...w.7ee ..,,.,,, K enneth Harwell Corresponding Secretary e,,,r .. . ,,,e Waights Taylor, lr. BOTTOM ROW: Lewis A. McKenzie, Frederick H. Hudoff, Don L. Harding, Kenneth E. Harwell Ureasurerj, Bruce W. Stephenson KScribeJ, William R. Rey Arnold M. Blumenstein fRegentl, Robert B. Cardy Wice-Regentl, Tom E. Cook, Waights M. Taylor, Jr., lCorresponding SecretarYl, Lloyd T. Taylor, Earl F Dubin . . . SECOND ROW: Rayburn C. Hamer, Jr., Josh D. Johnson, Joseph A. Adams, Jr., E. M. Mitchell, Frank W. James, Jr., William A. Hoffman Don L. Griffin, George T. Goodwyn, B. B. A. Rogers, Jr., Pope P. Britt, Willie G. Clark, Kenneth N. Letson, Robert E. White . . . THIRD ROW: Arthur C Door, Albert L. Lee, William J. Stone, Joseph R. Pegues, Thomas H. Gachet, George P. Chambers, Edmund R. Agee, Abner E. McCaskey, Jr., Joseph G Dobbs, John H. Williams, Jr., James K. Hollingshead. NUMBERING OVER fourteen thousand mem- bers, Theta Tau was first established at the Uni- versity of Minnesota in 1904. Mu Chapter at the University of Alabama was established in 1922. A study hall, organized September of 1955, is sponsored by Mu Chapter in the College of Engi- neering for all freshman and sophomore students. The Theta Tau silver loving cup, a most sought- after prize, is presented annually to the most out- standing senior student in the College of Engi- 1 Thomas E. Cook Earl F. Dubin Thomas H. Gachet George Goodwyn Donald L. Griffin Rayburn C. Hamer, jr. Don L. Harding NVilliam A. Hoffman Fred U. Hudoff Frank WI James neerin g. MEMBERS Josh D. Johnson A. L. Lee Kenneth N. Letson Lewis A. McKenzie Elmer M. Mitchel Breck B. A. Rogers, lr. Daniel Stewart VVilliam I. Stone L. T. Taylor james L. Vlloodward 37 4 PLEDGES loc Adams, jr. Edmund R. Agee james E. Asquith Pope P. Britt George P. Chambers XVillie G. Clark Arthur Daar loseph G. Dobbs james K. Hollingshcad YVilliam P. Lynch Abner E. McCaskey Lloyd McEachern joseph R. Peques john P. Poole Abraham Ifiolnick Max E. Rosenthal Dyer N. Ruggles, jewel E. Sheridan Charles Snell Robert E. VVl1ite Iohn H. VVilliams, Robert E. York lr. l 1' ALPHA BETA ALPHA PROFESSIONAL HONORARY X I x OFFICERS President LLL7LLLL,7.L7,LL Patricia Ann Huggins Vice President Gwendolyn Joyce Bailey Secretary Le,.7ii77iL,LiL,iiLL,..... Betty Ruth Miller Treasurer ee,, LL,, Mrs. Brownie Morton Sponsor e ,,so .. s,,, Mrs. Pauline M. Foster MEMBERS Gene Dale Atkins Mrs. Brownie Morton Gwendolyn Joyce Baily Judy OiDanieI Lilia Louise Bowen Frances NV. Roberts Lauren Dogette Viola N. Shents June Hinderice Frances Smith PatriCiL1 Ann HuggiI'1S Rebecca WVHTTCH BOTTOM ROW: Viola N. Shents, Lauren Doggette, Judy O'Daniel, Rebecca Warren, .lo Ann Morrison Mrs. Ellen Joiner Ann VVilIiil1S . . . SECOND ROW: Jane Hinderee, Mrs. Brownie Morton tTreasurerI, Betty Ruth Miller tSecretaryD, Betty Rlltll Miller Ann NVilliams Patricia Ann Hugghins CPresidentJ, Gwendolyn Joyce Bailey tVice Presidentj, Mrs. Ellen Joiner . . . Derek Milson DOHHR Vliiltsie THIRD ROW: Frances W. Roberts, Derek Milsom, Donna Wiltsie, Ann Wilkins, Frances Smith, Lila Jo Ann Morrison Karen YOIIIIQ Louise Bowen, Anne Williams, Karen Young, Gene Dale Atkins, Mrs. Pauline M. Foster fSponsorI. NOW IN ITS sixth year, Delta Chapter of Alpha Beta Alpha has an impressive roll of 319 members, 126 of whom were initiated as alumni and 126 as actives. This national library science fraternity has as its puproses to further the professional knowledge of its members, to promote fellowship, and to serve as a recruiting agency for librarians. PHI DELTA KAPPA PHI DELTA KAPPA is a professional fraternity for men. It takes as its purpose the promotion of free public education as an essential to the devel- : opment and maintenance of a democracy, through the continuing interpretation of the OFFICERS ideals of research, service, and leadership. It takes as its program the translation of these ideals I PROFESSIONAL HONORARY ' P "tl .....,...... ,.,,,,,, - ,,,..,. . E. Wh l' , . .. , VE: ffrriident -gM-A gggnb lmlfgrry Barifgfgl into appropriate action. The qualification of each Faculty Sponsor ,,,,, ,,,,,AA, G , H, Yeuell candidate for membership must be evaluated in terms of his achievements and promises of con- tributions to these evaluated ideals of the frater- nity, research, service and leadership. 375 SIGMA THETA TAU - SIGMA THETA TAU is a national nursing hon- orary. The eleventh chapter, Nu chapter, of Sigma Theta Tau was installed at the University of Alabama in Iune, 1958. Membership requires President ..,.,.w..,.. ...,.,.....,...,.,. Vice President OFFICERS Secretary r,r,,r,,. ....,,,r,,,. Mrs. Margaret Millsap Faye Godwin Dorothy E. Hart Mrs. Iean Ackerman Mrs. Laurene Gilmore Lyndon McCarroll MEMBERS an average of MBI scholastically. Students must oiii'i be juniors or seniors and in the upper one-third Counselofdlu of their class. Qualities of leadership, personal qualifications, and capacity for professional growth must be shown. Graduates in the Master Program and faculty members are eligible. Jane Lovenia Bailey V . A , Mrs. Elizabeth W. Cleino - ,ry r.,-' Mrs. 'Caroline V. Coffman .5 Mrs. Jewell S. Crawford E. J . 5 A y B I Mrs. Elizabeth S. Duttcr ' ga Q '- . , , Anna Lucile Eggers i i ply , A . . Mary Lucy Evans , ,. K Um' :l, E, .lam g ill. , Flora Jean Hicks I J "' W31 5 'iil Dean Florence A. Hixon I I 7 TF rte. o A Edna Mae Jones -l'i' ,t A M- Ruth lump 52 f" K A, Mrs. 'Mildred S. McLendon PICTURED: Mrs. Margaret J. Millsop fPresidentl, Faye Godwin CVice Presidentl, Dorothy E. Hart fSecretaryl,, Lois Austin fNa1ional Presidentl, Mrs. Jean Ackerman CTreasurerl, Mrs. Laurene Gilmore CArchivisrl, Lyndon McCorroll CCounselorl. Mrs. Eugenia D. Martenson Judith Ann Marqua joan Vogel Mathews Anne E. Meyer Mrs. Norma K. Mobley Marie Louise O'Koren Lois Evelyn O'Kelley Mrs. Rutli M. Oglesby Mrs. Marita Lingley Clara Raven Ramsay Mrs. D. Scarborough Joyce M. Sigrest Mrs. Anne M. Smith Doris Snypes Mrs. Maxine T. Walker Dottie Mae VValton Mrs. Sara L. Webster Nita XVilliamson Helen Marie Winslow A. A. U. W. OFFICERS President .................. ......................................... P atty Farr Vice President .............. ..................... A lice Ogletree Secretary-Treasurer ..,.. ...... E mma Claude Coburn THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION of University Women Auxiliary limited to junior and senior women, has as its purpose to encourage high standards of education through a study-action program, to be of service to the campus, and to prepare for and encourage membership in the National American Association of University Women. SEATED: Emma Claude Coburn fSecrefnry-Treusurerj, Putty Farr fPresidentJ, Alice Ogletree Nice-Presidenfl. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Betty Borden Paula Hanson Jean 'McGriff Cloie Roberson JoAnn Van Tassel , Barbara Wallenfang SERVICE HONORARY 376 BOTTOM ROW: Sandra Anazia King fHistorianl, Betty June Weede fSecretaryl, Mary Ellen Lee CFirst Vice Presidentl, Jo Rogers CPresidentl, Polly Henderson fSeconcl Vice Presidentl, Marianne Norcutt Ureasurerl, June Lanpton CParliamentarianD . . . SECOND ROW: Nancy Jo Knight, Jean Harrison, Kathryn Biddle, Jo Ann Wallace, Judy Heath, Janis McCant, Jo Ann Johnson, Mae Ruth Forbus, Stella Ann Byrd, Mavinee Kemp, Martha Sue Brown, Rosemarie Barber . . . THIRD ROW: Carol Lackey, Jo Ann Higdon, Beth Bowles, Rose Marie Tortorice, Sheila Baker, Sue Kelly, Ann Barnes, Butch Kohler, Margie Pollard, Carol Fisher, Betty Franklin, Betty Danley Russell, Fairee Danslin, Jeanne Scott . . . FOURTH ROW: Joyce Marilyn Jutkins, Eleanor Jane Hester, Christine Bailey, Sandli Selgman, Hedy Marsha Miller, Nina Whisenhunt, Phyllis Parker, Grace Moister, Jo Del Laney, Kathryn Basila, Charlotte Hannah, Gayle McKenney, Marilyn Brown, Shirley Jean Massey, Dianne Shirley, Peggy Lovvorn . . . FIFTH ROW: Gay Lynch, Sarah Humphries, Liz Cowley, Dot Terrey, Nannette Nettleman, Ethel Blankenship, Eugenia Gray, Chestene Cosby, Rachel Denson, Mary Elizabeth Kendall, Mary Jane Daniels, Mary Ann Strickland, Ann Spevelin Dyess, Ellen Neely Joiner, Betty Jean Davis, Bo Anderson . . . SIXTH ROW: Martha Ann Stephen, Mary Beth Lippdatt, Jane Jones, Jo Anne Fryer, Mrs. June G. Dabis, Martha Jo Bailey, Margene Hollingsworth, Betty Johnson, Betty Marie Davidson, Mary Neville Edmonds, Linda Clowclus, Carolyn Hales, Mar- garet Banks, Janet O'Neil, Patsy Sheppard, Martha Graham, Claire Roberts, Linda Mantel. HARRIS CLUB OFFICERS THE AGNES ELLEN HARRIS Home Econom- President ,gg,,gg,,--------,-q-, N-gggggv,v'-M- Io Rodgers ies Club is a professional club atfiliated with First Vice President sssssss ooooi N Iary Ellen Lee both the Alabama and American Home Econom- 5ffC01'1d V ifle Pf6SidGH'f --------- Polly Henderson ics Associations. Membership is open to all stu- Secretary "s-'sa-'-"""''s""'aa a'ssas B etty lime Weede dents majoring in home economics. The club Treasurer ,,,.s,,e,,,o Historian ....,.,,.,os.,, Parliamentarian Marianne Northcutt Sandra Anazia King June Langston I provides an opportunity for members to exchange ideas and advance home economics by participat- ing in various activities. The University club is one of the largest college clubs in the United States with a membership of one hundred and Mabel Adams Lavatha Alldredge Boo Anderson -ludy Anderson Cookie Arnovitz Christine Bailey Martha Jo Bailey Sheila Baker Margaret Banks Rose Marie Barber Ann Barnes Louise Beadford Kathryn Biddle Dollie Blake Ethel Blankenship jane Blankenship Kathryn Boozer lane Bowen Beth Bowles Ellen Branyon Gail Brown ,lean Brown Marilyn Brown Karen Bruce SERVICE HONORARY Stella Byrd Ann Capps Linda Clowder Chestine Cosby Frances Coppoek Elizabeth Cowley ,lane Crump Betty Daniel Mary J. Daniels Betty Davidson Betty J. Davis Rachel Dinson julia Doughty Ann Dyess Mary N. Edmunds Carol Fisher june Folman Mary Ruth Forbus Betty Franklin jean Garrison Martha Graham Eugenia Gray Carolyn Hale Patsy Harned r MEMBERS Martha Haynie -ludy Heath -lane Hester -loann Hidgon Ann Hinson Sandra Hitchcock Margene Hollingsworth Charlotte Housel Ruthie Howell Mary A. Hughes Martha N. Hurt Betty johnson JoAnn johnson Ellen Joiner jane jones -loyce Iutkins Sue Kelly Maurine Kemp Mary E. Kendall Sandra King Nancy I. Knight Butch Kohler Al. Laney june Lanston 377 eighteen members. Mary E. Lee Mary Beth Lippeat Peggy Lovvorn Ann Ludlom Gay Lynch Martha Mclnnis Linda Manel Pat Martinie Shirley Massey lledy Miller Lois Mitchell Grace Moister Nannette Nettle-man Peggy Norris Mary Ann Northeutt laney O'Neil Phyllis Parker Gail Perkins Linda Pinion Margie Pollard Cora Regan Claire Roberts Edith Roberts Io Rodgers Betty Russell F airec Sandlin Jeanne Scott Helen Sedenquist Sandra Seligman Patsy Sheppard judy Shewell Dianne Shirley Betty Sowell Martha A. Stevens Mary A. Strickland Cecil Stroud Dot Terry Rosemarie Tortorice Beverly Townes Joanne VVallaee Judy VVilson Dianne Word Elaine Wright Linda Yutmeyer ADVISOR Mrs. Edith Roberts BOTTOM ROW: Ralph Gibson, John Benlly, John Posey, Don Prater, Jim Corbin, Charles Wilcox . . . SECOND ROW: Grady Campbell, Joe Berthe, Bill Jeffries, Steve Sample . . . THIRD ROW: Ronny Widner, Ed Jones, Wilson Scarbrough, Bob Phillips . . . DRUMS: Bob Bosworth . . . BASS: Ted Galloway . . . LEADER: Bob Cain. ALABAMA CAVALIERS TRUMPETS XVilson Scarbrough Bob Phillips Edd jones Bonnie XVidener SAXOPHONES Don Prater jim Corbin Bill Hopper john Bentley Charles XVilcox SERVICE HONORARY MEMBERS TROMBONES Joe Berthc Grady Campbell Bill Jeffries Steve Sample DRUMS Bob Bosworth GUITAR Ralph Gibson BASS Ted Galloway OUR THANKS GO TO an appreciative student body and many fine audiences throughout the South for a most successful year. Without their support We could never have achieved the musi- cal, prominence that We now enjoy. The Alabama Cavaliers have played for dances on this campus and also the South for many years. This organization has been a proving ground for many musicians Who have gone on With such outstanding bands as Woody Herman, Tex Ben- elce, Al Beletto, and Art Mooney. OFFICERS Leader ......... . ............ .......... B Ob Gain, Vocal, Trumpet Business Managers ....... ...... E d Jones, Wilson Scarbrough Nlusical Director ...... ........,......c . . .. .. Steve Sample Property Manager ,.... . Bob Phillips ii H . , L U B SERVICE HONORARY THE NAU CLUB is an organization of monogram Winners in the four major sports at the Univer- sity. These men are bound together with the obiec- tive of fostering among the students an interest in athletics at the University, encouraging a more Wholesome college spirit, and promoting both physical and moral Well-being among the stu- dents. Each spring the UAH Club sponsors the SAS Dav football game, culminating the spring football practice. Under the leadership of Coach Bryant the NAU Club hopes to stage "Av Day as a campus- Wide affair with a full day of fun and festivities for all. OFFICERS President ,i,,,, . .,,i,,,,i, ,,,i,,,,i,c,,cc,,cc, . . .. i,,,,ii Bill Hannah Vice President ,,iii,,,. ii,,cii,, C ary O,Steen Secretary-Treasurer r c,ccc,,i,,,,i,,. Mac Jones Faculty Advisor . Coach Paul Bryant Chuck Allen Ralph Blalock -lim Blevins Baxter Booth -lcrrc Brannen Don Cochran jc-ssc Crowell Bonny Dempsey Marlin Dycss Darrell Fitts Butch Frank Cliarlcs Cray Bob llagcr Bill Hannah Don Hargrove Bob jackson Bcrt -Ioncs Mac jones Bill Knight Alan Kohn Bob Lcdford XValtcr Massey lloward McLendon Bud Moore Lefty Moorc Duff Morrison vu- MEMBERS -Iolin Nadcll Cary O'Ste-en Don Parsons Cary Phillips john Paul Poole Pcto Rcaves Lynn Reeves Ken Roberts Norbie Ronsonct NValt Sansing NVayne Sims David Sington Fred Sington Bobby Skelton Bobby Smith Laurien Stapp Red Stickncy Dick Strum Ernest Turcottc Carl Valetto jim Van Horn NVilliam XVesley Tommy YVhitc Dan XVilhanks Mac YVise Bascomb Woodard BOTTOM ROW: Darell Fits, Duff Morrison, Pete Reeves, Ken Roberts, Gary Phillips, Lefty Moore, Jere Brannen, Don Hargrove, Howard McLendon . SECOND ROW: J. P. Poole, Carl Valeffo, Mac Jones, Bill Hannah, Gary O'Steen, Al Kohn, Marlin Dyess, Bob Hager, Red Sfickney . . . THIRD ROW: Don Cochran, Bobby Smith, Ernest Turcotie, Bascome Woodward, Dick Slrum, Lynn Reeves, Jim Blevins, Walter Massey, Jesse Crowell . . . FOURTH ROW: Davis Sington, Chuck Allen, Don Parson, Norbie Ronsonet, Mack Wise, Tommy White, Wayne Sims, Buddy Wesley. ff" ALABAMA SPIRIT CLUB BOTTOM ROW: .loan Koss QTreasurerJ, Olivia Atwood CPublica1ion Chairmanj, Lynn Willingham CPresidentJ,. Miss Turner CAdvisorJ, Elva Ann Ellison fSeconcl Vice Presidenij, Dena Huguley CFirsf Vice Presidenib . . . SECOND ROW: Patsy Daniel fCorresponding Secretaryj, Alice Ogletree fProject Chairmanl, Gloria Toss KRecorcling Secreiaryl, Madeline Demopulos CSocial Chairmanl, Sybil Greenberg lUsher Chairmanl, Sybil Wirth QHisforianl. OFFICERS President ,,..,,,..., ...,..,...e,... ,.e,e . , ..eee,,ee Lynn Willingham Vice President .ii..i,,,i .,,.ii,,iii, D ena Huguley Vice President .i,,iiii,,iii,,iv ......i. E lva Ann Ellison Recording Secretary ....,i,,,, .,....,ii,,,i G loria Todd Corresponding Secretary ,,,i,, ..,.i. P atsy Daniel Treasurer ..,..,..,...,,....i.,,iii,,ii .....,.... I oan Koss Historian .i,.i,,.iiii,,i,..,.....,i ,,iv.,.... S ybil Wirth Publicity Chairman .i..,.c. ii.,,ii,,,ii O livia Atwood Project Chairman ,.i..,,i ,ii,,,ii,,,ii,, A lice Ogletree Social Chairman ,,,,ii ...,i, M adeline Demopulos Usher Chairman i,,,, ....,,,ii,. S ybil Greenberg Advisor ,,,iii,,iii,,iiii,, v.,,.. M iss Betty Turner ALABAMA SPIRIT CLUB is a service organiza- tion, and membership is open to any Woman stu- dent on campus. During the fall, the club Worked on shakers for the football games, publicized the pep-rallies and Worked in conjunction with the Spirit Planning Committee. One of the Spirit Clubis projects was to provide ushers for the concerts, plays, and lectures. The organization also sponsors recep- tions for the visiting artists after their perform- ance. Spirit presents an award to the outstanding freshman Woman of the year at the AWS spring convocation. I SERVICE HONORARY 1, 3 X COMMERCE ASSOCIATION THE COMMERCE ASSOCIATION represents all students enrolled in the School of Commerce. The Association Council is composed of the offi- cers of Commerce School, the president of each of the organizations in the school, and the Student Government Association representatives. Each year the Association sponsors Commerce Day. This is a day in which prominent business- men from Alabama and the surrounding states are invited to participate. Commerce Day gives Alabama businessmen the opportunity to know the University,s commerce school-and the stu- dents a chance to know Alabamzfs businessmen. I SERVICE HONORARY 1 3 Donald Abernathy McF'1 Ca cntcr MEMBERS Ky YP' Charles VV. Chadwick, jr. Jimmy 'Davis Marvin Epstein Sam H. Hamner David Harris President .................. Vice PI'CSldCllt ,,,,,,.,.., In--H-T--U-In-SW Secretary-Treasurer OFFICERS Mac Jones Gene jordan Dan McCoy Richard Malone Lester P. Miller jim Wood Richard Malone Mac Iones . jim Wood SEATED: Sam H. Hamner, Epstein, McFay Carpenter '43 Deanna Floyd, Dan McCoy, Jim Wood fSecreiary-Treasurerj, Richard Malone CPresidenD, Lawrence Harris, .lim Davis, Marvin . . . STANDING: John Gunn, Bill McCahan, Hal Gardner. 381 c or I L LI o N c L u B BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Jernigan, Joanna Hawkins, Robert Thorion, Marvin Epstein, Doi Powell lSecre1aryl, Stanley Parneti CPresideniJ, Gary Huclcaby CVice Presidentl, Dean Huguley, Fred Ingram, Bob Cohn, Becky Stevens, Sandi Rubenstein . . . SECOND ROW: Maurine Rainer, Dede Donaho, Elmore Bartlett, Karol Kaufman, Harriet Scheuer, Jerry Banks, James Curley, Mike Silver, Ted Hipp, John T. Bagwell, Jr., Jimmy Andrew, Sheila Lewis, Sybil Greenberg, Sandra Black . , . THIRD ROW: Jean Garrison, Sissy Winsleff, Bobby L. Roebuck, David Marley, Jack Morgan, Jim Wood, Eddie Kelly, Dick McLaughlin, Ed Bosiick, Stuart Foshee, John Wayne Etchison. OFFICERS THE COTILLION CLUB is a non-profit organi- pl-esident g g so O g E gggggggg Stanley 11,,fm,tt zation for bringing top entertainers to the campus Vice President ccccc Gai-y'Huckaby for the enjoyment of the students. Membership SffCf'3fa1'Y A eeeeeeeee A eeeeeeee Dm POWQU includes one representative from each fraternity and sorority and from each dorm on the campus. In addition to scheduling a number of its own shows, the Cotillion Club books bands and enter- tainers for the KAN Club, and Military Ball Com- mittee. The success of recent shows indicates that University students still demand in person Amer- icais top entertainment. To satisfy this demand is the Cotillion Clubis purpose. MEMBERS SORORITY REPRESENTATIVES FRATERNITY REPRESENTATIVES Stanley Parnett Ted lilpp Ruth Barksdale Emma Claude Coburn Dedc Donoho Di Doyle lean Garrison Sybil Crecnberg Baverly llarbin ,Ioanna Hawkins Dena Hugul'-y Karol Kaufman Sheila Lewis Alice Oglctree Dot Powell Maurine Rainer Sandy Rubenstein Iiarrict Sehcuer Mary Ann Simon Nancy Snyder Sissy NVinslett Timmy Adams jimmy Andrews Dickie Ball jerry Banks XVoody Bartlett Ed Bostick Carl Bright Marvin Epstein john Etehison -lohnny Evans Thomas Coolsby Rob Ilill Cary Iluckaby Fred lngrain ,lerome Levan Dick McLaughlin ,lack Morgan Nelson Noel Paul Paper Donald Ratliff Bobby Roebuck Mike Silver ,loc Sox Allen Taub XVheeler Wilson DORMITORY REPRESENTATIVES John Bagwell Elmore Bartlett Edward Bell Sandra Black lim Bobo Bob Cohn Carrie Cowling ,lim Curly Gene Donsbaek Xvillikllll Eoshee Ed llollingsworlln Dodd Ilolt Sharon Alernigan lluntly johnson Mac jones Virginia Kaiser jimmy Kelley Judy Loveless Edward Malone ,lean Muntz Becky Pinkston john Reeder .lim Richards Ann Rebecca Stevens Cecil Thornton ,lerry XVhite Nancy YVillialns james XVoofl DEBATE CLUB THE ALABAMA DEBATE SQUAD Consists of twenty-four students selected through tryouts each fall. These students represent the Univer- sity at debate tournaments in various sections of the country. The Alabama Debate Squad has for a number of years been recognized nationally OFFICERS Manager of Debate .rr.,...,,,e,,,e,,e,,, .. .. .. , Bill Bouldin Assistant Manager of Debate . ., ,,e,,e,,,e Frederika Rapp President, Alabama Chapter of TKA e,,, David McCaleb sERvlcE HONORARY C i and internationally for its excellence in tourna- ment competition. The University of Alabama is the only school in the nation which can claim the distinction of having been represented by two national champion debate teams. Alabama won the national tournament in 1949 and 1955. Member-at-Large ...e.,,eet,ss,,esi,ee,ses ,i.e,.e joe Cook Member-at-Large ,,s,ie,,,e,i Marjorie Meyer Director of Forensics .,...,r..,ee . Annabel D. Hagood Assistant to the Director Assistant to the Director BOTTOM ROW: Julian Butler, Mar- iorie Meyer, David McCaleb, Bill Boulclin, Fredericka Rapp, Joe Cook, Gail Shavifz . . . SECOND ROW: David Marley, Marion Jar- rell, Carol McGinnis, Elizabeth Maxwell, Betty Grlmmer, Barbara Heath, Craig Bamberger . . . THIRD ROW: Jan Beauboeuf, Bill Horsley, Irvin Penfield, Jim Munroe, Tommy Smliherman, John Grow, Jack Mor- gan, Anneffe Nevin, Mrs. Annabel D. Hagood. Ian Beauboeuf Betty Grimmer MEMBERS Craig Bambergcr Carol McGinnis ,lan Beauboeuf David Marley Bill Bouldin Elizabeth Maxwell julian Butler Marjorie Meyer joe Cook jack Morgan Betty Grinnncr jim Munroc john Grow Annette Nevin Mrs. Annabel D Hagood Irvin Penficld Barbara Heath Bill Horsley Marion Iarrell David McCaleb Fredericka Rapp Gail Shavitz Tommy Smithcrinan MEMBERS FRESHMAN ADVISO Y COUNCIL THE FRESHMAN ADVISORY COUNCIL, pop- ularly known as FAC, is a hody of male upper- classmen dedicated to aiding freshmen in their adjustment to campus life and in their prepara- tion for a college education Perhaps the phase of FAC,s work most familiar to the University stu- dents is the giving of placement tests to the enter- ing freshmen and transfer students at the hegin- ning of the fall and spring semesters. In addition, a study of the position of the freshmen living off campus was hegun. This project will take a con- siderahle amount of time to complete. BOTTOM ROW: Darryl Britt, Bryan Strickland, Donald Ratclitf, Jerry Redus, Bill House CCorresponding Secretaryl, Tarrice Brazier CRecording Secretaryl, Bill Poe CPresidentJ, Marvin Epstein, Sammy Perleman, lrvin Bomchel . . . SECOND ROW: Charles Cummings, Gary Nichols, Bill Brassel, Nelson Noel, Andy Wilson, Johnny Owens, Hall Groom, Jerry James, Eddy Kelly, Victor Koock, Jay Cohen, Jerry Banks, Sid Constantine, Jack Beniamin, Ed Bostick, Alan Wilensky, David Brooks . . . THIRD ROW: Howard Shekn, Tyson Bennett, Dwight Eddins, George Spence, John Chastain, George Ragsdule, Fred Smith, Jarvis Ryals, Robert Reeves, Cecil Wilson, Kenneth Harwell, Johnny Bell, Rex Harris, Mike Quarles, Lamar Thomas, Louis Amis. Charles Adams Louis Amis -lerry Banks Robert Baum Kenneth Bauer johnny Bell XVilliam Benjamin Clayton MaeAdams David McCaleh Bruce Miller Ronald Montgomery Mark Myatt Gary Nichols Nelson Noel Tyson Bennett Johnny Owens SERVICE HONORARY NV',l Ed Bostick Sammy Perleman 937' Tarrice Brazier james Price NVilliam Brassel Bill Poe Darryl Britt David Porter David Brooks Mike Quarrles Morris Camp George Ragsdalc YVilliam Cochran Mike Ratliff -lay Cohen -lerry Bedus Sid Constantine YVoody Reeves Davis Crenshaw ,larvis Ryals I OFFICERS , Chas Cummings Howard Shenk Plesldmlt ----- - ----------------------- - ----- ------ ------------ - -f B111 P00 james Davis Fred Smith Vice President ,,,s,,,,,,,,, Recording Secretary ,e,,e,,,s,e Corresponding Secretary e,e,,, Treasurer s,s,,,,,,ss.,,,V,,,,,,,,,,, Member-at-Large David McCaleh Tarrice Brazier , Bill House , David Porter Skipper Couch Dwight Eddins Marvin Epstein Marshall Hall Groom Lewis Ilanon Archie Harris Richard Harris Kenneth Harwell Ross Hasson Bill House jerry James Bruce Kelly Victor Koock Bill Lenley Hugh Smith George Spence Bryan Strickland jack Taylor Roy Tew Lamar Thomas ,lim Tucker David Veal Bob VVhaley Allen YVilensky Cecil Wiilson Andy XVilson Fred XVood ri BOTTOM ROW: Eli Schwartz, Robert Payne, Bobby Moorer, Robert Eichelbaum, Tom Paterson, Johnny Evans,. Buddy Weiss, Bill Cross, Bob McElroy, Fred Seplow, Aaron Schoewarts, James Thomas . . . SECOND ROW: Thomas Boulware, James McGuire, Harold Johnson, Tom Dunbar, James B. Goldsby, Paul S. Bishop, Don Murray, Curran Wade, Edward Rowen, Charles E. Pinkston, Vernon Oaks, Kalman Gordon, Jack Duncan, J. N. Chernau, Jerry Pyle . . . THIRD ROW: John A. Davis, James Larkins, James E. Dickinson, Billy Green, McKenzie Brannon, John Whitley, James Jones, Fred Smith, W. B. Gandrud, F. Fagan Thompson, Howard Cohen, Edward J. Madison, Bobby Cain, Woodie Laylield, John Hamrick, Lloyd Garrison, Thomas Moore . . , ACCOMPANlST: George Downing . . . DIRECTOR: Sanford A, Linscome. MEN'S GLEE CLUB Accompanist ..,.. Director ........., Paul S, Bishop Thomas Boulewarc McKenzie Brannon Bobby Cain J. N. Chernan Howard Cohen Bill Cross Edward Gurlcc John A. Davis James E. Dickinson Tom Dunbar Jack Duncan Robert Eicaelbaum Johnny Evans W. B. Gandrud Loyd Garrison James B. Goldsby Kalman Gordan Billy Green John Hamrick Harold Johnsen James Jones James Larlcins OFFICERS MEMBERS George Downing Sanford A. Linscome XVoodic Loyficld Richard Logan Bob McElroy James McGuire Edward J. Madison Allcn D, Montgomery Thomas Moore Bobby Moorcr Don Murray Vernon Oaks Tom Patterson Charles Pinlcston Jcrry Pyle Edward Ruwan Elis Schivartt Fred Smith Fred Schoenurty James Thomas Fagan Thompson Curran XVade Bobby YVeiss John VVhitley SERVICE HONORARY THE MEN'S GLEE CLUB is open to all univer- sity students Who pass the audition, which is given at the beginning of each semester. One hour credit will be given for this course. The Menis Glee Club combined with the Wom- enis Glee Club present special Christmas music and an opera or operetta each spring. This or- ganization meets for two hours each week. MEN'S RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL THE PURPOSE and goal of the Menis Residence Hall Council is to promote and coordinate the life of the student living in the University's male residence halls in its academic, social, and ath- letic facets through the sponsoring of programs and events designed to further such goals. The Council is made up of one president from each dormitory, they being elected by the resi- dents of their respective halls. The Council meets once every two weeks dur- the spring and fall semesters and once every month during the summer session. i il 'l V i . ...Qs SERVICE HONORARY 4 OFFICERS President ..,.,,,,i.,.,,,, ..................... ..l. . . . Palmer Lindley Vice President ,..... ........ B ill Bouldin Secretary .ss... .. ..,,,. ,.,,.. B ill Carpenter r u 'ii 1 BOTTOM ROW: WilliamA,,M. Boulllin CVice Pyresidenil, Palmer Lindley CPresideniD, William J. Carpenter, Jr.,. Gecreiaryj, Roy S. Willett . . . SECOND ROW Jimmy R. Owens, Joe Pulughi, Winston Carroll, Dick Norris, Tommy McNu1't, Thomas M. Robinson, J. R. Wilkinson, Jack Duncan, G. Merrill Jones Jim Wood Bill Bouldin .,,,,,,, Bill Carpenter .... . H XVinston Carroll jack Duncan .,,,,,,,,, . Merrill Jones ., Palmer Lindley i..... Tom McNutt ,,,,, MEMBERS Abercrombie Richard Norris , , , Fitts Sommervillc ,lim Owens ,,,., .. ,. YVyma1i Saffolcl -loe Palughi . Lewis Powers T. Nl. Robinson . Corgas Mallett C. Donald Thomas Lupton Palmer Roy YVillctt McCorvey Clayton james TV ood ,,,,, ,, Jones BOTTOM ROW: Jim Wood, Sybil Greenberg Nice Presidentl, Suzanne Peterson, John Whitley lPresidentJ, R. E. Smith, Jr., Cfreasurerj, Mary Winston McCall CSecretoryl, Mary Dunson . . . SECOND ROW: Sherry Cohen, Linda Lambert, Louise Hall, Ronnie Clements, Allen Turner, Dick McLaughlin, Barbara Couch, Gail Perkins, Louise Gregory. P H I L O S SERVICE H ONORARY PHILOS, A SERVICE organization of the Stu- dent Government Association, was founded on the University of Alabama campus for the pur- pose of promoting better student relations. In the past Philos has taken an active part in as- suring the success of various campus-Wide activi- ties. On Bama Day, Philos is responsible for the selection and crowning of Miss Bama Day. At Homecoming festivities Philos is responsible for the speakers platform, the judges stand and vari- ous decorations on the quadrangle. William R. Anderson Billy Brassell Bobby Burnside ,lames R. Clements Sherry Cohen Barbara Couch Mary Dunson Nancy 'Goveral Sybil Greenberg Louise Gregory MEMBERS Elain Gross Louise Hall Hary Hopkins Helen Ioseph Pat Kelly Marie Lannbrcelit Mary XVinston McCall Dick McLaughlin Mamie Martin Nelson Noel 387 President 7 Y. Vice President ., .,.. . Secretary ......,,.,, Secretary . Treasurer, , Gail Perkins Sannny Perlman Susanne Peterson Richard Shoemaker Fred B. Smith R. E. Sinith, Ir. Allen Turner John Wfhitley .lim YVood OFFICERS fffffiiiialgli john Whitley Sybil Greenberg Winston McCall . Helen Joseph R. E. Smith, Ir. BOTTOM ROW: Carlos Antonio Font, Jaime H. Alvarez G., Betly Jane Cleveland fPresidentD, Rafael Colhenares, Dr. Rafael R. del Valle fAdvisorJ, J. L Billingsley, Margarita R. del Valle . . . SECOND ROW: Gilbert A. Well, Mary Jon Bradley, Charlotte Virginia Barnhill, Gulen Akbay, Marla Stephenson Emily Erwin, Janie Schmidt, Annie Laura Thompson, Santa V. Fernandez, Evangeline Fernandez, Rafael Arias . . . THIRD ROW: Clifford Spencer, Armando Armas, Bernardo N. Dorta, Robert T. Shanks, Jr., Mario Moffa, J. C. Bookout, Walton Johnson, C. J. Pattillo, Jr., Jimmy Frantz, Alberta McGregor, Gino E Veve, Thomas B. Vaughn. SPANISH CLUB THE SPANISH CLUB was begun in the early I930,s as an organization for students of Spanish and the Spanish-speaking students of other coun- tries. The club has sponsored such events as the Annual Latin-American Dinner, fiestas, and a movie at the Alberta Theatre. On the yearis cur- riculum is Spanish music, plays, and cultural speakers. OFFICERS President ...... .. . .. . .Betty jane Cleveland Advisor .. . Dr. Rafael R. del Valle john Billingsley I. C. Bookout Dr. M. E. Butterfield javier A. Cliacon Sarah Clayton Betty lane Cleveland jim Condra Emily Crawford Dorothy Davis Feliz Delgado Dr. Rafael del Valle Bernardo N. Dorta Mrs. Dostcr Guillermo Espinosa lose F. Fernando SERVICE HONOR!-XRY pd MEMBERS Daniel Gicon Lynne Gilbert Laureano Gonzales Peyton Hamilton Julie Hapden Mary C. Howard XValton johnson Dean -lones Claudia Lindsey Mickey Mickler Mario Moffa Charles Null Bob Pace Clarence Pattillo Sally Parker Kitty Richards Betty Robbins Ulises A. Rodriguez Janie Schmidt jane Scruggs Dr. NV. I. Sensing R. T. Shanks, jr. Carolyn L. Stewart ,lacinto Suarez Thomas B. Vaughn Gino E. Veve Gilberto A. NVell janella TVood Terry II. Young lan Youngblood YWCA Betsy Bordon -lo Frances Caldwell lean Campbell Elizabeth Crump Angela Davis Madeline Demopnlos ,lane Easter Ellen Haas Mary C. Penncl Deanna Phillips Ann Rankin Claire Roberts Nancy Taylor Penny Thcnrcr lPresidentJ, Jane Easter Ureasurerl, Claire Roberts QPresident of Freshman YWCAJ . . . SECOND ROW: Patty Farr BOTTOM ROW: Patricia Elaine Farr CMemher-at-Largej, Ellen Haas CVice-Presidentl, Penny Theurer Deanna Phillips, Elizabeth Crump, Gean Campbell, Ann Rankin, Jo Frances Caldwell, Carol Stephens, Angela Davis, Betty Borden, Mary Catherine Pennel. THE YOUNG VVomen,s Christian Association is the oldest and largest womenis organization on the campus. Y.W.C.A. serves to unite women in a desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. Membership is open to all women students who are interested in bettering the school, the student body, and life through service. SERVICE HONORARY VV, OFFICERS President , ..... , , , Penny Theurcr Vice President .. . . ..... Ellen Haas Secretary ...... .. Madeline Demopulos Treasurer .......,. . ............. . . . . . lane Easter Nlember-at-Large . . ............. . Patricia Elaine Farr President of Freshman YVVCA ................ Claire Roberts H I L L E L RELIGIOUS HONORARY S Q BOTTOM ROW: Burrye Brickmun CSecretaryJ, Nathan Fisher fPresiclentj, Sandi Rubenstein lSecretoryJ . . . SECOND ROW: Rabbi M. N. Bension, Betty Sue Fecnamn, J. N. Chernuu, Howie Becker, Lonie Gutel . . . THIRD ROW: Rickie Stone, Raphael Ostrovsky, Bobby Bloomston, Bob Abrusley. 1959 MARKS HILLEL,s 25th year on the Uni- versity of Alabama campus. In March of 1952 the new building at 728 10th Avenue Was dedi- cated. It has a chapel, spacious ballroom-audi- torium, lounge, library, office, music room, ping- pong room, Workshops and kitchen. Hillel maintains a complete and varied program in the following fields: Worship, festival observ- ance, recreation, interfaith activities, and cultural pursuit. Among some of our important protects were high holiday services, Friday night services and Sunday night dinners, a district Hillel con- vention, Skit night, and the Annual Blue and White Ball. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,iii, ,. ,,,,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Nathan Fisher Vice President ,,,,i,,...i.,....,,,,, .,,,,,,, Second Vice President Secretary .,i..................,r.r , ,, Treasurer .....,.,,,,,,,,,,.,.. 389 Sandi Rubenstein Eli Schwartz Barrye Brickman jerry Banks STUDENT RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION S.R.A. BECAN ITS activities in the fall with "Get to the Center Weekv in which the purpose was to enlist the student body in the activities of the various church foundations. Religious Emphasis Week was held in Febru- ary. The Student Religious Association is proud of the fine co-operation given by faculty mem- bers and the administration. Each year S. R. A. strives to better represent the religious activities of the University and to lead students toward greater maturity by encourag- ing participation in religious activities. RELIGIOUS HONORARY ,V OFFICERS President ,,,,i.ii,ii., ,,,.,..s........,.v,v....,,,,,,.,. H arold E. Greer Vice President -...... ., ..,,i. Marsha Saunders Secretary ....,,,,,,,,, ...... N Iary Newsom Treasurer ...i...... .i,,,,,,. I oan Myers BOTTOM ROW: Linda Mendleson, Kathryn Biddle, Joan Myers CTreasurerJ, Mary Newsom CSecretaryJ, Marsha Saunders Nice Presidentl, Harold E. Greer, Jr., Wresidentl, Lorraine Armstrong, Barbara Heckroth . . . SECOND ROW: Margaret Hager, Joan King, Sandra King, Hary Lou Barringer, Laura Benton, Betty Ruth Miller, Fred Bailey, Carol Morgan . . . THIRD ROW: Jerome Roldan, Jerry Redus, Roy Johnston, Betty Jean Davis, Paul Edward Carlson, Ada Sue Loftis, Gene Bronson, John E. Lamar. Lorraine Armstrong Fred Bailey Mary Lou Barringcr Eugene Bronson Patsy Brown Paul Carlson Marriane Cary Betty Davis Nate Fisher Sunny Goldstein Nancy Colson Laura Greer Dalton Gutherie MEMBERS Margaret Hager Barbara Heckroth Bill House Sarah Humphries Lloyd johnson Roy Johnston ,loan King Sandra King Betty Lake lohn Lamar Harvey Little Sue Loftis Sandra Luxich 390 Linda Mcndleson Betty Miller Carol Morgan Gail Perkins Jim Pructt jerry Redus Dwight Reid Jerry Rolden Jim Scott Larry Skelton Harwood Smith Martha Volk Cecil YVilson f Q X X X! Q2 Y Q 1 5 ,Lg-ff' 11 jf f shoes we Cf , E149-UGINS X S'Ef?5'lf f .J K1' S . 21+ Miheweunv ' Nfl' f' - .7"'7-7f'fw 0 , .K . L.Q ,y,,,.AQ 0 swans X 0 f, . wx QQ N 'ogy ' g gk . kj" lf, ff X fm I Cv? sl' .,:-" .! , Q6 XM " gl r - . , Q : , Y , , ff' Y. ,A 'i - a fi 'Q ..4...J , KX sw! . M . M 'W R' ' 2 ff fw 1 , XX , 4 ff!" ' -fx CF' .,. Nga! Q .1 X ' I 0 SX ui , X:-. was M, Q A o ii sl ai ,V A C-.D . , 4 . x ,AX x K , Q 'Q .5 - Ig.. Q J , v NX , . ur! so ff 3,83 B Q 3 'U 41,9 ,QQ ,fb -AQ 4 C . , 155 ,qs I A, f gp ' A K 'm ' . , A Zi ' E 4 .J . . .r ., ni gqgwgrg?-R SQA X I 4 f ' . - l 0 A 52, l W f ? 'gg + J , f P f ,E ,,,,,,.' ,W Y- V- ir- -i' V -- 2- --- 4 --f-'-7 -Q ' TWC MAJOR ALABAMA RESCURCES and Her Sfafe Docks System Q 3 . . . Her College Graduates mmf V I I 5 X, , we--f ,l E L-MRM-k-,-.5 L i JW L1 LM ' ,,f E 1 7 ,. ,W A 1, X. rl I rm- Q .ff fi -fl A A . ivmimx O ,I 1 3 I l Envoy Q f -5 Xlwafowj Q -, , I -A A if T ittcoihli-F'L1:'I Q ff i r , : , 1 s i Z, V I E x cnugp X ,T 'I i T I4 sl lk: J S Nmap? '-' Xvvws L -' and 5 f l i 1 1 ff is ,M ' 9 E -J' N l Q -l 3 jggv l VAX ' 1 I -:L ,,l,l,m,5j -smmk um, lfwgpy 1 :-Di-:G , LW omcoM?vD? If l t Vjw X I - -is f ' il sri fl , 1 5 L5 fe,-3 f so f :p t we--el , 5 , ,fri J' ff f Ae- 2--A2 I I time lr J 1 qs I Qt' I ' f il M l xi-f ' H ' -X X I mmm F.-.f-A-X, WMS.. vgfgw ,WW , T,-1.1. T !REW 5 l - mv. A. , mm worms 1 f , LMI NAVIGATION Locx AND Powzn DAM Du , Mol: ' D- NAvxc1moNLocxANnDAM p . J 1 DAM IND HYDHO ELECTRIC PLANT ISI . ALABAMA STATE DOCKS - DAM L: 9 5, ' , 3 Q Osiasazsfyifm umarnc N mucrxon R," iv1""'C QPRIVATED cxs lfnll nl' Wfllrn The State of Alabama can well be proud of the young men and women graduates who will make their mark in the world. The people of the state can also be proud of the great facilities of the Alabama State Docks at the state's ocean seaport of Mobile and the network of inland barge docks on the state's navigable rivers. ALABAMA STATE DOC KS DEPT. rancleue, mo. 149 Church Street New York 7, N. Y. Official Photographers for the '59 Corolla Creators ot fine photographs tor yearbooks Q TR .. M , .. W L. 'ff A vl 'T . A T E A , If 1- I 'fl 2: 1 A 'R H 7 '34-gjgjf 4 .- f at 5 A' Off", 3 . f' 1- 5 it ff. ' 5 Q 1- U1 Qui f' I- ei, I . V V .inf in jaALion Junior-Misses READY TO WEAR !9arL SZOP 2119 Broad Street SWS Printers TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Especiolly Centering To The CAMPUS TRADE POULTRY 8K EGG COMPANY - FOR - POULTRY PRODUCTS 2513 Fourth St. Back of Birchfield Hotel EARL .Szabo PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY because you wanf the BEST S tr ? A .f .-.-:-.:- , , . ' 25135555553E5E555E3Ej5?5E5E5E355E535555555355351 'Z f iQEfE1f'Q1r1:1:f: v ' I 15555553if?55f5?5f5f5ff5f5f55555' A U Q,qg x55Q::,-, R 'rf-3-gggzgzz-1.-.W :Egg 535355515-453553:-:ls 1 -F if . Q:-123, 3121:-:-" -:.': ' - .P JZ-5132.5:f:zq::z:aIs:::sf' rms- 42551.-:s::e:z:53siis:f:.g ' f - -- -z.:-mfs:-Q:-1 -:- -32:21-, '-2r:2:1:11:f:-:-z.:-1...,:2:r .Q,g. 255E5Es2f ,:5 i5g525?55f- :Ir-5555- fi:i5. 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WWw,,,,,,.wf""""'M ENERGY The Bread You NEED 'F Ol' 394 WALLPAPER . . . by Seabrook C LIGHTING . . - by Progress PAINT 81 VARNISH . . . by Lumincxll LADDER 84 BRUSHES I PAINTER SUPPLIES C0lE Supply Company, Inc. 712 20111 Avenue 520 22nd Avenue PL 2-1571 PL 2-7421 BENJAMIN MOORE PAINT "Your Dependable Source of SuppIy" LITTLE " Elf!! THATS NAT BEAT!! "' 414 Phone 23rd Avenue 1917 University Avenue Phone P1 8-1311 395 OFFICERS J. F. ALSTON, JR. ,.....,,........,,,...... .... P resident ROBERT N. ALSTON ,... ........ E xecutive Vice President FRANK S. DANIEL .... Vice President and Trust Officer R. H. COCKRANE . . . ..,...,... Vice President, Inactive FRED L. CRAFT .. . ......, Cashier C. T. HURT ............ Assistant Cashier JEWEL WISE ............ Assistant Cashier MARION H. THURMOND .... Assistant Cashier MARY GREY COOPER ..... .... A ssistant Cashier GTI I 1' I T5 la B I Q C EI IUIIEI EIU Sxmsup, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama X 4226 470 0 Q SIQOOO Q-3 -, mxmum Q3 4 msumnc: 3 5 ron new gg D1 DEPOSITOR 5 fa, Lie NY. ,f . 'WEMBEP HACKBERRY LANE BRANCH TO SERVE YOU Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 2,000,000 Capital Account "Downtown" H. H. Pritchett Marlin Moore PR'TC"'ETT-MORE' 'NC tuscALoosA rumuruns en, I' Z! lll'anfCZ G M M commit PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Real E5'I'CIle MOYIQUQS Loans 2223 6th Street Phone PL 21515 520 Queen CITY Avenue QUALITY HOME FURNITURE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I 1 L I-1 .4 3 S' S' 0 -' If . . . and still going to college! . . X Gulf States Paper is 75 years old this year-and our campus ihlwbs life has never been more active than it is today. When Gulf States consolidated its interests at Tuscaloosa in if" giljfftlfit . . ' ' 'rw' 5Ej3i""52 1929, it brought to the state the desire to be an active member of the community-as a corporate citizen. We have long supported education in Alabama, and no institution has had if .giggfsj more backing from this comPanY than the Capstone. We are ""i'if"5 proud of the opportunities we have had to share in the de- velopment of many parts of the University. We have been gratified by the records made by students attending school on M Gulf States Paper scholarships. Across the state we see similar results from Gulf States grants at Auburn. Niii 'Z The same confidence in Alabama and the South that has caused Gulf States Paper to be an expanding company gives us a deep interest in the education of the people of this section. I mimlill UW' GULF STATES PAPER W C O R P 0 R A T I O N Sales Divisions: E-Z OPENER BAG o GULF STATES PULP o TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA l ,WX vl YQ 2 ' f rs YW ' "1..e:S Ah- . . . . sincerely appreciative of your goodwill, we send warm wishes for a future filled with good things. Your friendship has contributed so very much to our happiness, and our constant desire is to serve you always in a manner that bespeaks our deep appreciation. Z i DEPARTMENT STORE TUSCALOOSA'S BEST H0 M E O If' KUPPENH ICIME R CLOTHES ' gfacl grieclman wnofon . DEPA T TORE FINE MEN'S WEAR 397 University Supply Store BOOKS SUPPLIES NOVELTIES SERVING THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA 5. FASHION IS OUR BUSINESS ,.'V: Q-,Si: zzi A':: 5 Que ......,. '-f: "'2'1-- -A1'-'11f211l2 2 :.. QQ H E 1 -., EQE E EQEVEQE: ...- -1,. Ib ,.2 , . -1, . Q ' -AVZ ..:.:Q:.:4 I ,'A2 V11:,v .'i1 2 ' ..11 L.L12 S": 1S ZSS C w l E w I S 7 L izif ' ' bS"V' .,,,.,. FURNITURE COMPANY SS ,S iD,i OVER HALF A ":: CENTURY OF ' "1:l' .. ..,A,. --zi Q zz, ?fii21?ii21g1a.g:.-A-' DEPENDABLE SERVICE U' vm 'Z::'i':: A94 '2S" f """: 2 """' SELLING NATIONALLY ADVERLTISED FURNITURE P I Z I T Z TUSCULOUSAI ALABAMA "Where Co-Eds Love To Shop" Serving the universify J. W. BURCHFIELD 8g SONS WHOLESALE Gnocens 530"e'FO' ITS' OUI' ' CVOYI e Cleaner HOWARD BURCHFIELD, 26 Owner TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA NATIONAL 5 CAR RENTALS 88 U-DRIVE-IT COMPANY, INC. Sym AUTO AND TRUCK RENTING AND LEASING I 524 25th Avenue 0 Phone PL 4-4488 --Serving University Students Over 25 Years -- 399 DRUID CITY LINES, Inc. Better than I5 Minutes Service on University Avenue to Town Serving the Greater Tuscaloosa Northport and Holt Area and Industrial Plants DUCKWORTH-MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY 2204 BROAD Just A Skip and a Hop to our Shop TUSCALOOSAI ALABAMA WM Afadama 5'la5Lf.,M 'IOI - Sth Avenue ofef gamfj HoTEL-MoTEL QOH' A12 yOu- mdk ydlll' tZl'I'Clll?6fl'LZI'LfJ all E42 EGWHFJ Completely Air Conditioned 2209 9th STREET PHONE PLaza 2-8'l2'l l T 9 1 . ' nl Ll l i I -IgZ11gIgigZ:igI:I:I 315:21 I:'1I:! :I:3:I:I:i: 3:i :i:3: 3 :i:3:i:5 : 5:i: 5:? 1511! 5i-Z-! -I-Ivi-1-2-I'Z'IgIgIgigigigIgIg1gI:?:I:I:I:i:5:I:? 3 3:3:1:7:5:f:f:i zitff- : -:4Z- I 't-t-:-Z-Z-I-:-Z- 24-I-14212121251 gigi gIg2:ZgC:1:2:5:C1i: i:I:Z:213:i:3:1: I:1:Z:I : I:3E3:5:5:3 A l I Q, . iii fri: i ,f r i Serving fflii University Students ,l,I i mis ss ::::'55.' T 1 '37 In 48 stares . . . Wig! Beautyrest Mattress Central Heating Television Circulating ice Water WEATHERFORD PRINTING DlLL'S MOTOR COURT CO., INC. ON u.s. 11 Telephone 2-T511 Tuscaloosa, Alabama One Block west of New Druid City Hospital Near University of Alabama Campus PHONE 4-757i -- TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Mr, 84 Mrs. J. VV. Dill Gordon Elmore OWNERS MANAGER AAA 0 Member at Quality Courts United Air-Conditioned by Servel Tuscaloosa, Alabama BOOKS Alabama Book tore lOll - T5 University Avenue TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA MEET X YOUR X FRIENDS SX S Super Founlain Service X X and THE Speeoly, Courleous Delivery X f ,E W fix ' ., nff""f'f 2' lf '-",' 1.1 ees: lf'1QiQi ii all fill lil , f" f'l f :i3 ' K' "- . Egg f v f f. 'Al il J Wiesel Company We Sincerely Appreciate Your Palronage The S'rore for Allen 81 Jemlson Co. Men and BOYS HARDWARE Esfablishecl l883 Home of Hari'-Schaffner 8K Marx Clothes Tuscaloosa, Ala. N X S When downtown have your Lunch 81 Dinner at the McLester Coffee Shop and RELAX in the DEEP SOUTH LOUNGE BANQUETS UP TO 200 MODERN AIR CONDITIONED ROOMS Bring Your Date To or Have a Banquet at . .. CLE TER HOTEL WELCOME STUDENTS . . W. B. DRAKE 81 SON UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP P RIN T E R s "IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL" 2119 9th Street 0 Phone PL 4-7575 "Personality Haircuts" OWEN MEREDITH 81 SONS INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE 1818 BROAD STREET Tuskaioosa, Alabama Phone PL 8-3344 "SERVING TUSKALOOSA SINCE 1898" 403 A Great Nam: in Qatlfing "SUITS THE SOUTH" THE TUSCALOOSA BANK IIIIIIIIIIII I AMERICA'S DEPENDABLE FOOD M 1004 Complete Banking Service Federal Dep Melnbjrrarile Corparati 7859-7959 Broad Street at Queen City Ave. l PL 2-4102 J. OVIATT BOWERS Company ' 1 pug S Tuscaloosa s Modern Meal Tickets Hmdwcfe Store 310 8m 511 Sm pA0fogra,JA me Campusf Mfaufiw University Avenue Buford Studio 2310 6th Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama This Book Is Bound In A DURAND Cover Produced by THE DURAND MANUFACTURING CDMPANY 939 W. 35th Street Chicago 9, Illinois Tuscaloosa Authorized Automobile Dealers Association Austin 8. Alston Motor Co. Leigh Buick Co. Tuscaloosa Motor Co., Inc 2lOl 6th Street 527 22nd Ave. 26Ol 6th Street Tuscaloosa Dahlke Bros. Motor Co. Riggs Stephenson Motors, lnc. Lincoln-Mercury, Co. 2810 9th Street l9OO oth Street lOl7 Greensboro Avenue l.ancaster's Garage Stansell Pontiac-Cadillac, lnc. Tucker Motor Co. 2028 6th Street 816 Greensboro Avenue 24l4 Broad Street 405 ll. Best Wishes to "Bear" Bryant MoNTeoMERY, ALABAMA PAKE-'STEPHENSON Catering to the Young Man ot Taste EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES for for STYLE ancl QUALITY PHYSICIANS, HOSPITALS F T 1 and ea urnng HGH, Schuffner 8m Marx CLINICAL LABORATORIES Clothes Durr Surgical Supply Co. ' 9 S Birmingham, Ala. Montgomery, Ala. T30 Montgomery Street 627 South 20th St. 228 Commerce St. Mobile Alabama 207 Dauphin Street Exclusive Women's Wear ' Famous Name labels in Dresses ' Suits ' Coats Sportswear ' Accessories A , K, Q yi A 55 Q1 :Q Wi , . .22 , ' Y - Q, . s I 1? ' 5 w5ff'g a gif' 9 5:5 ' 1 ,. 'iff n ii ' . . 1 r g 5155 ii' S in . . ,. , X4 E 5 wi h"' ' Aj' am, ' --mwmmmrmw , I J BROMBERG3 1 W? x f f A 'ul nit"-s 5 l555 l 5,j:MU5m 1551:-sl illl' "Alabama's Store of Distinction" 2OTh Srreei af 2nd Avenue Birmingham, Alabama Gold tein' Fur Dry Cold Fur Sior- age during Summer va- cations. Dial 54-2513. Alabama's largest Fur Collection, 1 hour Service-vault on premises. For The besi in Furs buy af Goldsteins lnexi To Alabama TheaTre.l Locaied 1811 3rcl Ave. North Birmingham "The Name of Auihorify in Furs." :QW ff "M" f,.2C3gii f , 1 33 V UM- -: 3 is? .1 A pg gg E 'Q' 5 fi? ig rw H . . . . . Stnce tts organzzatton tn 1900, fm ft g?2gi'f5i"?f, Y f g7f"'ityw97ifX'4Q Qifwgx .IN -'1 :E5'. a: l, M25 Nxt vi . . . . . 5 the guzdzng prtnctple of Ltberty wQf'Rfxff"Tx6'ar X' xl 1 ,gig ,yi XY? 4 3,5 R - . Y Natzonal Ltfe Insurance Company Q ,1 x ft X Mrs: R 'vs ' Kc - - has been to achzeve success by Egififxiifysw y xx? M QQ Rf x' of of E5 z . . - . Q Q deservtng ttg to protect tts poltcy- tif ly 'Qf'f'xA4-if A, xv: " - " fsgtilfv M5 ii! ,QNSTTX A . , nf - - - - ,ggiifi ff, f holders and thezr beneficzartes wzth 3? 232225 ,F 5 if ily I ,529 ' if 1 , , , Q ' JK Q. gi M 12' ' "exft r ' , X ,ct fazr, unselftsh contract and to ,if 9 Q ' ., ,ff I, Q , ,ai y 1 saggy it 5 gift 4,6f5'q . . . . 1 , Q X construe Lt ltberally tn thetr favorg 3534? ..,, Q, Wikia fi ji 4 x, . N Vw X at is fi 'Vf W Y' X ' 155 . 1 to serve them fatthfully, adequately V3 ' 79 ,Q honestl and economtcall . I ,Y52,9ffkixQxIXgxvf ag wf fine x-g1OPffzxK,ey'y.,' r K f S .tiki Lwfjg X , 'f 385 X ,QQ N if W if XX'-'f K gf 1 .' ,vu ffxfxf :,,f?,y1f,, Q a V AS Q xi XX t 3 l.'f I C I d'l'l0llCl I e nsurunce ompuny K fs 4, W 'M ,K . aw. . . I ff gi Fra'nkVP:1Sa,mford,Tfreslcient - Blrmungham, Alabama if ,.,, VN-:MW 'N 1 408 COMPLIMENTS OF THE American Cast Iron Pipe Company BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 'ir PRODUCERS OF CAST IRON PRESSURE PIPE, FITTINGS, AND CAST STEEL PRODUCTS WHERE THE LATCHSTRING IS AL- WAYS OUT. 409 ls FAMOUS FOR FINE FOODS THE WORLD OVER SAHN FG. Co. PAUL NI XY. PRES. MobIlo's Finn! Rosfauran! 0 9 DRESS SFO A PANT R NY OCCASIGN 11 NORTH ROYAL STREET HAMMEL'S Your Gm lr SHOPPING CENTER ln Mobile "The lvouse that has and always gives what it advedtisesf' Write LYNN HART For Personal Shopping Service Town Sz Country Clothes HAMMEl.'S 81 ADAM Glass lVlOlBlLE, ALABAMA Store for Homes 410 FOR 37 YEARS . . . "MobiIe's Accepted Style Center for Men" METZGEIFS 54 N. Wilson Ave. IO8 Dauphin Street PRICHARD, ALA. MOBILE, ALA. Featuring the Nation's Leading Brands of MEN'S CLOTHING Si FURNISHINGS COMPLIMENTS GF S ' ol , ne man 55 , .IEXYI'ILIQRSi IO2 DAUPHIN STREET MOBILE, ALABAMA we .ibiamomf ..!42!ou4e off Wolf S I A, Friedman Lowell .I. F d Patronize your COROLLA Advertisers SUNnAvnmNEP fitlr I I YI- :wry I QRAND x L- U 4 -LQINY PEA 5 -..Li E FANQJV MAKE EVERY MEAL A SUNDAY DINNER SCH LOSS 81 KAHN The Quality House for 86 Years May. I E - I ,gif-. I ,-.. I Ge... Z ...J-0.11. IE MARCH... . . . To The sTirring music of The Million Dollar Band - a picTure Typical of The hundreds of iIIusTraTions appearing ThroughouT The pages of This yearbook. The sTeady growTh of The UniversiTy has been recorded now in 67 volumes. As Engravers To The COROLLA for over ThirTy years we sincerely hope that This 1959 ediTion will preserve for you forever This greaT and wonderful year aT Alabama. C0llEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY BIRMINGHAM Qememim pmaqan 77 Qemwadw pmaqcm D Qememdw pmaqan Q Yllllll Gllilll A I0 xNlll!A4 . f," oday Sliwe are printers of the Q! yearbook of your school. Tomorrow as you seek your future in the , , . ll professions, industry and comrnerce we ,ffllmill at Paragon hope to serve you with the essential Printing and Lithography you will need in the pursuit of your career. Many of our best customers came to us through friendships formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. Q Egg! . . fggfggf i If - . fi Walk Evil Wuhu Q be aragun was .A Q' MoN'rc-somsnv, ALABAMA 'i . , '-.4 Student Index 249 378 189 Bethea, Una Ray ..., 259 A Abernathy, Conrad ..189, 321 Abernathy, Donald ....., 381 Abrasley, Robert S. 204, 279, 389 Ackerman, Jean ......,. 376 Acman, Steve R. .... . 149 Adair, Dianne ..,.. 204, 251 Adair, William R. . 204, 325 Adams, Charles L. . 189, 285 Adams, Charlotte 29, 59, 75, 78 149 257, 334, 347 Adams, Jane ...... . . 204 Adams, Jimmy .,.. 174, 317 Adams, John ...149, 293, 235 Adams, Joseph A. .. 374 Adams, Joy M. ..., 189, 255 Adams, Margaret 149, 265, 335 Adams, Ralph , 174, 301, 367 Adams, Sue . . . . 360 Agee Edmund ..174, 301, 374 Akbay, Gulen ...,. 368, 388 Akers, Ghary . 189 Akin, Nancy .. 189, 257 Albright, Ann ..,.. 204, 267 Albritten, Jim . 204, 305 Albritton, Harold 18, 21, 78 147 229, 283, 350, 351 Albritton, Jane .,... .. 355 Aldrich, Anne M. . ..149, 271 Aldridge, William D. 204, 293 Aldy, Joseph E. . 204, 317 Alexander, Annette 23, 78, 149 254, 255, 355 Alexander, Carolyn H. 204, 263 Alexander, Jimmy ..,., 371 Alexander Rosalind 149, 269, 355 Alexander, William 174, 234, 323 Alford, James 149, 282, 283 Alford, Paul W. . 171, 325 Alldredge, Lavatha . . 149 Allen, Chuck ....... 113, 379 Allen, Jane . 174, 263 Allen, Jim . ..189. 321, 236 Allen, John S. . 189, 313 Allen, Max . . 20, 174, 235 291, 352, 353, 372 Allen, Richard 149, 234, 283 Allen Sebastian J. ..189, 325 Allen, Steve ....,.. 204, 293 Allen, Thomas . .,..., 144 Alley, Murray . 20, 147 Allison, Betsy . 174, 269 Allison, Jack ., 149, Allison, Jack S. . . 174, Allison, Lynn . . .. Alvarez, Jaime H. Alverson, Bettye .. Ambreater, Roy , .. Amis, Louis . , 188, 309, 353, Amsterdam, Susie .. Anders, J. Burwell 301 301 367 388 149 368 189 384 189, 273 204, 291 Anders Louis H. 25, 29, 79 313 174, 235, Anders, Sterling P. 313 151, 315, 374 204, 313, 354 Anderson, Bette B. . 189, 377 Anderson, Denver . . 149 Anderson, Dwain . . .174, 293 Anderson, Judy .....,. 204 Anderson, Mark . . . 19, 79 149, 287, 351 Anderson, Patricia A. 204 Anderson, Wayne . 204, 321 Anderson, William 174, 325 Andress, Harvey , . 204 319 Andrews, Ed . . . . 366 Andrew, James .149, 319, 382 Andrew, Raymond . .149, 317 Andrezeiewski, Eugene . 204 Angrisano, Augustine 204 Anhalt, Melvyn ..... 29, 189 327, 353 Anthony, Joan . .. 204, 253 Anthony, Robert .. 149, 287 Apolinsky, Harold . 79, 147 295 351 Apple, Judith E. . 189, 267 Applebaum, Gail S. 149, Aquino, Jane .. 149, Arant, John 174, 283, Ardendall, John , . . 204, Arias, Rafael . . . Armas, Armando . .. Armbrester, Rodger . . Armistead, Linda .. 174, 247 263 367 289 388 388 149 243 Armstrong, James . 149, Armstrong, Lorraine . . . Arnett, James ..... , Arnold, Charles . . . 204 Arnold, Russell W. .. Arnovitz, Cookie . . . 204 Arthur, Bobby .. Ashe, Braxton . 29, 189, Asher, Harvey ,. 189, Ashford, Monnie Lee 149, Ashley, Gene .. .... 204, Asquith, C. F. . .. , Atkins, Beverly 149 271, Atkins, Gene D. 174, 375, Atkins, Leroy S. . ..174, Atwood, Olivia 149, 249, Au, Willy ., .,.., . . Austin, Billy .. . Avant, Donald L. .. 204 Avery, Margaret Ann 149, 257, Avery, Mary S. .... 189, Aycock, Peggy ..,... 189, Aycock, Robert . . . . . . B Babcock, Charles S. . 149, Baernstein, Albert . 204, Bagwell, John ..174, 325, Bagwell, Judith A. ..204, Bailes Rudene L. .. 204, Bailey, Chistine ...,. Bailey, Donald P. .... 149, Bailey, Fred .... ,. Bailey, Gail ,... 23 174, Bailey, G. J. .. 149, Bailey, John .. ..189, Bailey, Martha Jo . Baim, Kenneth B. . . 204, Bain, Betty J. . . Bainbridge, Betty . . . 189, Baird, Janelle .,..,. 189 Baker, George . .. 204, Baker, James . . . . . Baker, Linda ...... 204, Baker, Loftin . . ..,.. .. Baker, Mary E. . .. ... Baker, Philia ., , Baker, Sheila . 204, 247, Baker, Thomas . . .... . . Baldwin, Vaniah H. . Ball, Margaret . .. Ball, Richard ... ...174, Ballenger, Jon . . 149 Bamberaer, Craiq 63, 190, 327, 353, 362, Bankester, Merrill , Banks, Jerry . .. 189, 382, Banks, Margaret 204, 263, Bankson, Frank ..,. , , . Bannister Don S. . Bannister, Tommy 174, Barbara, Rosemarie Barber, Marion L. .. 189, Barbour, Carol J. . 149, Barfield, Sarah A. 189 Barger, India B. .. 174, Barker, Wallace . , . Barksdale, Ruth 19, 23, 79, 269, 270, Barkley Sam .. ..149, Barnard, Harry Barner, Lynn 149, Barnes, Ann 23 174, 356, 360, 363, Barnes, Johnny ..,. 174, Barnes, Judith . . . 204 Barnes, Pat 189, Barnes, Ronald . 189, Barnes, Sue . . 149 Barnett, Betty . . . Barnett, Robert Barnhill, Charlotte . 204 Barranco, Sammy J. 174 Barrett, Carroll A. . 204 Borringer, Mary Lou . Bartlett, Elmore 174, 265 Bartlett, Haywood 149, 229, 235 Barton, Mary C. . 189 Barton, William Basila, Kathryn 204, 249, Bates, Curtis , . , 204, Bates, Eugene ., . Battalin, Lawrence . 204 Battle, Pat ... ...189 Battles, James , 293 390 149 327 149 273 204 293 279 245 293 361 336 378 287 380 149 367 317 360 257 269 149 305 327 382 253 255 377 319 390 263 375 303 363 327 149 267 263 291 189 263 149 204 174 377 189 149 363 283 313 189 383 149 295, 384 377 149 149 325 377 251 265 267 243 149 149 356 305 359 257 259 377 287 253 263 315 189 147 388 283 263 390 382 267 144 377 287 189 327 271 174 Battles, Jerry .. .. .. Baxley, W. J. .,.,. 204, Baxter, A. Clyde ..,..... Baxter, Max .... Beall, James F. .... 149 Beard, Bobby R. . . . . Beard, Charles E. .. 204, Beasley, Richard ....... Beauboeuf, .lan .... Beck, James .... 204, Becker, Howard 189, 279, Bedingfield, James 1174, Bedingfield, Joseph P. Beeker, William L... Bell, David G. ...... . Bell, Don ........... Bell, Edward J. ' 151, 235, Bell, Dick ........ 151, 189, 371, 174, Bell, Maurice ..... 151, Belz, Marlene R. ..... 174, Benetield, Jay 174, Beniamin, William J. 189, 281, Bennett, John ,......... Bennett, William .... f.. Bennett, William T. 189, 321, Benson, Mary . ..174, Bentley, John ..174, 359, Bentley, William H. ..... . Benton, Laura E. 151, 359, Berger, Nancy B.... 204, Berkin, Mark ....... Berkowitz, Marilyn .. Bernstein, Leah J.. . .. Berrey, Alice J. .. .. Berry, Cecelia .. . Berry, Joseph ..... Bertella, Vincent . . . Berthe, Joe.. . Besecker, Mary S.. .. Best, Jasper . . . . . Betancourt, M. T.. , . . Betancourt, Tom . .. Bibb, Robert ...... Biddle, Kathryn 174, 356, Biggs, John ....,. .. Biggs, Lloyd ........ Biaham, Billy ... .. Billingslea, Darthula Billin sle Dor I he Y. Y -- Bllllngsley, J. L. Billingsley, Thomas . Binion, Barbara E. .. Birthaught, Brian H. Bishop, Edwin G. Bishop, Paul ...151, Black, Dot Black, Kendall .. . . Black,Nerbon .. . Black, Sandra L. .... Blackburn, Farrell .. Blackmon, Becky . .. Blackmon, Patricia A. Blackwell, Angela Blackwell, Freddie L. Blackwell Gaines T. Blake, Dollie . . .. Blake, Lois .. Blankenship, Ethel .. Blakey, Robert ..... Blankinship, Royce 204, Blalock, Ralph .. 174, 367 204, 189, 174, 204, 204, 174, 377, 174, . 28, .Ai . 189, 174, 189, 204, 297, 174, 204, 189, 174, 151 , 174, 204, 189, 189, 189, 305, Blanchard, Augusto M. ,. Blankenship, Jane Bledsoe, Carol , 174, Blevins, Jim , . , Block, Richard . Blodgett, Alice . 263 151, 1 I Blomberq Suzan 201 Blondhein, Jane . ,. Blondheim, Jane . . Bloomston, Bert . .. 151 Bloomston, Robert 295 Bloomston, Robert . . . , Bloomston, Rosalyn . . . Blount, James . . Blumenstein, Arnold Blythe, Emily Blythe, Joretta Boa, John A. Bobo, Foy ... Bobo, Jimmy Bobo, Peyton Boggs, Bobby 414 360 189 204 204 189 204 151 1 149 297 204 149 283 144 287 149 383 31 3 389 236 174 151 281 323 384 319 289 273 249 384 151 174 384 271 378 151 390 247 295 369 273 261 255 151 147 281 378 1 13 367 309 390 323 366 234 255 111 388 189 265 307 319 385 369 297 351 382 287 251 271 269 151 293 245 251 174 287 360 151 151 151 356 379 315 144 247 249 174 295 389 204 151 151 249 174 309 236 297 285 31 1 Boling, Linda F. 24, 189 275, Bolton, Mary F. ..... 189 Bomchel, Irwin .174, 295 Bond, Margrerite . .. . . . . Bonduris, Sam . . . Boobaker, J. A. 369, 371, Booker, Ellen C. .. 174, Bookout, John ..147, 291, Bookshester, Dennis ..174, Boone, Robert ....... 204, Booth, Baxter ..... Booth, Glo A. ....... 204 Boozer, Billy Joe .... 151, Boozer, Catherine 23, 174, 245, Boozer, John ...... . . Borden, Betty ..174, 255, Bosarge, Glennon . . . . . Bostick, Edward 189, 281, 382, Bosworth Robert 151, 365, Bouldin, William M. 383, Boulware, Thomas 174, 303, Bounds, Karen J.. .. .... Bowden, John ...... 204, Bowen, Jane M. ...,. 204, Bowen, Lilo L. ...... 189, Bowers, Bob .... . , . . . Bowers, Jemison ... .... Bowers, Leola ..... . . , Bowles, Beth ...204, 245, Bowman, Barbara ...174, Bowman, John . 20, 147, Bowman, Mary A.. . . . . . . Box, Sheril E. ,... . . . . Boylston, Bobby . . . .. . . Brabson, Ann ....... 151, Bradford, Louise 204, Bradley, Mary Jon 204, 259, 337, Bragg, Jeanette ..,. 204, Branch, Clark ..... .... Brannon, McKenzie 174, 293, Brannen, Jere ..... 113, Branscomb, Albert . . .189, Brantley, Michael .. 174, Brantley, Rebecca .. 204, Brantley, William H.. 204, Brassell, William R. 189, 321, Braswell, John 204. Braswell, Nicholas T. 21, 151, 235, Braswell, Robert . .. Bray, Carol .... 174, 271, Brazier, Tarrice 174, 321, Breedlove, Carolyn . . . Brennan, Dottie . .. 204, Brentnall, Sam ..... 151, Brickman, Borrye 189, 273 363, Bridges, Betsy . 174, Bridges, Ernest T. 151, 235, Bright, Carl ...,.... 174, Briley, James . . . .. 204, Brill, Martin ... ... 151, Britt, Darryl . ..... . .. Britt, Mickey ...... ,,.. Britt, Pope ...... 174, Britt, Thomas ..151, 287 Brittain, John ....,. 204, Britton, Jerry .. 189, Broadbent . . . . . . . . . Broadhead, Paul . . . . . . Broadway, John .... 204, Broadwell, Welton -189, Brock, Lawrence . . Brodie, Eleanor . .. .. . Bronson, Eugene 174, 323, Brook, David N. .... 151, Brook Helman R. 204, 295, Brook, Lawrence .... 204, Brooks, David . . . . . . . . Brooks, Heber C. , Brooks, Ruth .... 28, 204, Brooks, Richard L. 151, 234, Brooks, Wilbur . 204, Broughton, George J. 151, Brown, Anna J. .,... .. Brown, Cecil .,.... 174, Brown, Charles ,,...,. Brown, Charles H.. . .151, Brown, David .... 204, Brown, Elsie E, .... 151, Brown, Elizabeth A.. 204, Brown, Jimmy D... 204, 356 259 384 151 368 378 275 388 327 317 1 13 267 325 360 151 388 ,174 384 373 386 385 151 319 245 375 351 364 151 377 263 301 356 189 1 13 275 265 388 245 351 385 379 317 289 267 289 384 293 293 378 356 384 204 271 301 389 259 321 303 305 315 384 204 374 371 321 283 367 144 317 297 236 368 390 295 354 295 384 151 255 319 291 321 151 366 144 327 309 359 271 287 Brown, Jae S. , .. ,. . Brown, Marilyn 174, 243, 360, 366, Brown, Martha J. .. . .. Brown, Martha S. 204, 263, Brown, Norma G... 204, Brown, Stephen T. 204, Brownell, Edward W. 189, Browning, Frank . . . 204, Browning, William.. 189, Bruce, Virginia L. ...151, Brunner Bill ...151, Bruno, Mike ....... 189, Brusinghom, John .. 174, Bryant, Charles H.. .189, Bryant, John H. ...151, Bryant, Patricia D. 189, 245, Bryant, Sandra . . . 174, Buchanan, Elizabeth A. 151. Buchanan, George . .174, Buchman, Gerri ..... 174 Buchman, Jean . .. 204, Buice, Karen . ...... 204, Burchfield, Mary C. 189, Burke, Connie ...... 151, Burke, Ozmus S. .... . . . . Burkett, Jimmie ....... Burkhalter, James. . . 204, Burnett, Betty A. 21, 23, 274, 275, Burnett, Barbara S.. 206, Burnett Carole . . . . . . Burns, Frank ....... 189, Burns, James ...... 189, Burns, Jeffie G ....... 174, Burnside, Robert .... 151, Burroughs, Marsha . .. Burt, William ...... 151, Burttram, Jerry ..... . . Busby, Robert ...... 189, Butero, Benedict M. 174, 280, Butler, Carolyn . . . . . . Butler Julian 21, 62, 192, 293, 362, 3771, Butler, Mary L. ...... 206, Butler, Melvin ...... 174, Butler, Roger . . . .. 174, Byars, William ... 174, Byrd, Stella , .... . C Cade, Emily .. .. . Caddell, Lucinda . , 189, Caftee, Ruth ....... ,. Cain, Bobby .. 111, 378, Cain, Johnny ...... 350, Caldwell, James P.. 189, Caldwell, Jo Frances 153, 259, Calhoun, James F... 153, Callahan, Ted ..... , . Cambron, Mark C. .. . Cameron, George . . . Cammack, Virginia 153, Camp, Mary Eugenia 174, Camp, Morris . . . 189, Campbell, Gean ., .. .. Campbell, Grady ..... Campbell, Jean , . Campbell, Lottie M. .. Campbell, Susan A.. 153, Capp, Ann . . . . 206, Capps Carolyn J. ..... . Caraccioli, Philip ,...... Caraci, Philip , . .. Card, William . . . 147, Cardin, Thomas ..... . Cardwell, Gayle L... 153, Cardy, Robert B. 153, 361, 366, 372, Carlin, Jani 206, 273, Carling, Ronald ... 153, Carlson, Edward . Carlson, Judy 206' 229, Carlson, Mary 189, Carlton, Carolyn G. 153, Carlton, John . .... 147, Carnes, H. M. . . .... 174, Carnes, James . .. 189, Carnes, Mary C. ..... 189, Carothers, Jane . . .153, Carpenter, Mary J. 206, Carpenter, Mc Fay 153, 369. 371, Carr, Daniel ... ..174, 189 377 174 377 271 309 307 321 321 267 287 307 305 325 366 356 249 263 31 1 273 273 269 257 259 204 174 297 151 355 275 206 285 297 245 305 151 285 151 287 28 1 151 189 358, 383 251 297 301 313 377 144 265 359 385 351 283 388 287 362 1 53 366 257 257 299 388 378 356 206 265 271 1 89 361 1 53 291 144 267 374 338 315 390 263 255 271 323 321 321 255 245 259 381 301 208 Carrington, John ..,. 189, Carroll, Judith . . 206 Carroll, Winston ... .... Carter, Alice ...,,, 174, Carter, Henry . . . . . 189, Carter, James ...,. .. Carter, O. B., Jr. 174, 301, Carter Rosalind .... 174, Cartledge, Dan .,... 189, Cary, Marianne ..... 189, Casale, James E. . 206, Case, Ronald 189, 311, 353, Casey, Gene ,,,, 191, Cashion, Barbara G. 153, Castine, Mary . . . . . Castleberry, Charles 176, Cate Bill . ,.,.,. 176, Carter, Emily l. ,,,. 153, Carter, George 176, Cessna, Harriett .. 176, Chadwick, Charles 153, 367, Chambers, Carolyn , 206, Chambers, Geroge . . ., Chandler, Patsy ..., 191, Chandler, Sherrill . Chapman, Betty J.. . .206, Chapman Kenneth . . . Chappell, Lynn ,.... 206, Chappell, Seoborn M. 153, Chastain, John A. 176, 290, 291, Cheatham, Paul . . . 206, Chepenik, Carol .... 176, Chernau, J. N. 385, Mary R. Chew, Bonnie . Childers, Morris ..., .. Cherry, Marthelle . . .191, 176, Chidell, Tobie R. ,,.. 206, 176, Edgan, Arthur ,..,, .... Childers, Sandra 206, Childress, Linda 206, Chiles, Henry E... 153, Christenberry, Danyle 206, Christian, Drucilla 79, 153, 262, 263, Christian, Kay .. 191, Christian Thomas W. ' 283 176, Clark, Alice J. ,...,. 153, Clark, Ann .... . . . Clark, Becky .,.,. 206, Clark, Elizabeth .,.. . Clark, Jimmie Lee . Clark, John 176, Clark, Joy 24, 206, Clark, Kaye , .... 191, Clark, Lawrence ,. 206, Clark, Mike ... , .... Clark, Phillip .,.,.,. . Clark Randy .,,... 191, Clark, William ,.,.., 191, Clarke, Dorothy .,.. 153, Clarno, Karen . . . . 206, Clayton, Charles .. 191, Clayton, Patricia A. 176, Clayton, Robert S. . 206, Clayton, Sarah H. .. '153, Clement, Laura C. . . .153, Clements, Barbara . .. . . Clements, James R. 191, 291 Clements, Janis . 153, Clements, William 153, 360. 366, Cleveland, Albert C. ... Cleveland, Betty 153, 265, Cleveland, Henry Eugene. Clifton, Barbara 153, Clowdus, Linda 191, 245, Coale, Harwell E. . 206, Coats, Mary A. .... 206, Cobb, Betty A. . 153, Coburn, Emma Claude 176, 255, 356, Cochran, Billy ..... 191, Cochran, Don . . Cocke, William B.. . . 206, Cockrell, Howard . .. . . Coffman, Ann ... ..191, Coggin Thomas . . ,176, Coggins, James L. 176, 311, Cohen, Burt ..... 176, Cohen, Eliot D. ,.,. 153, Cohen, Howard . .. Cohen, Jay S. 176, 294, 367, 378, Cohen, Sherry . 191 273, Cohen, Bob .... 176 279, Coia, Eddie .,.,. 206, Coker, Harold , . . . . Colbert, Sally ..191, 255, Colburn, Lecil ... ..191, Cole, Billy D. 289 251 386 267 313 206 352 265 287 265 321 362 299 275 191 285 287 265 319 275 381 269 374 257 191 249 191 259 364 384 305 273 389 255 31 3 247 1 13 249 255 321 243 355 265 303 249 363 249 144 153 31 1 269 263 303 310 153 289 374 245 255 31 3 267 283 265 249 206 387 245 372 191 388 191 271 377 317 269 255 376 299 379 291 153 255 289 360 279 315 385 295 384 387 382 281 206 363 287 371 Cole, Gayle Coleman, James .... Coleman, Jeff . . . , . . Coleman, Reginald O. Colhenares, Rafael ...... Colin, Harold ....,...., Collier, Billy .....,...,. Collier, Virginia Collins, Richard H. . Colton, Doris ,.,., Colquitt, Joseph Colucci, Mardee . Comer, Donald 191, Conant, Harriet .,.... Cone, William. 176, 293 Conn, Conra Conra Betty ...,,.. d, David S... d, Jimmy Constantine, Sidney T. 176, 281, Conway, Joel ..,.. Conwill, Alicia ,.,. Cook, Anna C. Cook, Gene . ,.... . Cook, Joe ...,..... Cook Mary J. ...,. . Cook, Robert .,.... Cook, Sonie .,..., Cook, Stanley ,..,.. Cook, Sue ...,.. . . Cook, Tom ..,..,,. Cook, William ..... Cooney, Patricia ...., Cooper, Joni H.. . .. Cooper, Judith ,,,, Cooper, Katherine .. Cooper, Norman L.. Cope Robert .... Copeland, Nancy . Copeland, Susan H. Copoock, Frances .. Corbin, Jim ....,. Corbit, Caroline Cormany. James R... Cosby, Chestine 206, 271, Costa, Missy ...... Cotlar. Barbara Couch, Barbara A. 191, 271, 356 Couch, Joe T. . Couch, Kenneth. .153, Coulter, Evelyn Cowart, Nancy E. .. Cowart, Ralph. 206, Cowell, Ellen ...... Cowles, James . , Cowley, Liz . 206, Cowling, Carrie Cox, Emmett . ..... Cox, Gail , . . .26, Cox, Jimmie C.. . .. Cox, Joseph .... Cox, Norman W.. . . Cox, Vanessa ..... Coxwell, Melvin Craig, Cam . .... Craig, James T. 176, Craig Nancy .,... Crain, Elsie . .... . Crain, Michael . . . Crane, Charles . . . , Crane, James . . . Crane, James . Crane, James A. .. Cranford. Glenda Craver, Sue ..... .. Crawford, Ann ..... Crawford, Betty . Crawford, Emily C. Crawford, Sally .... Crawford William .. Creecy, Herb .. Crenshaw, Davis H. 32, 191, 298, Crittenden, Julia K.. Crook, Charles 20, 80, 176, Crosby, Dolores Cross, Bracey . . . Cross, William G. 176, Crow, Glenda J. .... . Crow, Helen 80, 153, 255, Crowder, Henry J.. .. Crowell, Jesse 153. 228, Crownover. Walter P. Crowson, Peaay A. Croxdale, Ashley .. Crumbley, Robert .. Crumly, Kay ... Crump, Elizabeth 153, Crump, Jane 191, 249, Crump, Robert ... .. Crutcher, John ..., Crutchfield, Janel .. 317 313 287 325 sas 153 371 259 287 247 236 271 367 153 371 273 327 367 384 321 191 263 366 383 255 206 269 191 263 374 317 243 269 261 257 293 309 269 206 275 378 191 1 91 377 275 273 387 305 366 243 365 354 222 321 377 176 147 275 176 153 321 243 153 265 367 243 267 299 153 153 325 153 191 259 265 153 265 259 321 283 367 243 352 263 293 385 243 360 299 379 176 253 321 153 243 388 363 176 305 271 3 Culpepper, Carlos ...... 191 Culpepper, David J.. .153, 319 Cummings, Charles. . . 155, 384 Cummings, Cynthia. .206, 269 Cummings, Henry .... 206, 319 Cunningham, Joyce 206, 275 Curington, James .... 176, 319 Curley, James A. ..., 155, 382 Curran, Judy ....... 191, 253 Curran, Stroud 191, 289 Currie, Ann ....... 155, 263 Currie, Miriam 155, 255 Curry, John ........ 206, 325 Curry, Kaye .. 191, 269 Curtis, Martha A. ..... .. 191 Curtis, Tala .. 206, 265 D Daar, Arthur.. 315, 374 Dagnan, Laiuana , . . . . . 155 DaLee, Donald 176, 303 Daniel, Betty A. 275, 356 Daniel, Jimmy 206, 317 Daniel. Patricia A. 271, 380 Daniel, Robert H. .. 191, 301 Daniel, William D... ... 191 Darby, Nolan C. 155, 287 Darcy, Warren 206, 311 Darden, Edward .. 155, 313 Darling, John 367, 378 David, Betty . .. 363 Davidson, Anne 191, 245 Davidson, Betty M. 155 245, 377 Davidson, Jane 191, 275 Davies, John ....,. 206, 293 Davies, Margaret ..... 191,265 Davis, Angela ........ .. 388 Davis, Betty J. 155, 355, 356 360, 377, 390 Davis, Darwell 206, 283 Davis, Dolores ....., 191, 247 Davis Errol .. .... 155 Davis, Fobert . .... 191 Davis, Georae .... 361 Davis, Hazel .. .... 206 Davis, James 21, 175, 176 309, 381 Davis, John ,... ..191, 234 Davis, John A.. 309, 385 Davis, June . . ...., 363 Davis, Lynn . .. ...206, 327 Davis Paul 155 Davis, Philip C.. ...206, 305 Davis, William . 191 Deal, Sue ....... 176, 271 Dean, Douglas . 364 Dean, Helen 155, 257 Dean, Russell E. ,,.. 155, 281 Dean, Stanley . .... 206 Dean, Sutton .. .. . 208 Dees, Dottie .. 249, 359 De Freese, Linda M. . . 208 DeFuniak Albert F. 208, 283 Delbridge, John R. . . 155 Del Carmen, Albert 208, 303 Delson, Marilyn ,... 208, 261 DeMent, William 144, 317 Demopulos, Madeline 176, 263, 380 Denman, Eugene .,.. . 155 Dennis, Allen .... 191, 321 Dennis, Ganelle , ..208, 243 Densmore, Margaret 208, 271 Denson, John .... 176, 283 Denson Rachel ,... 208, 377 Denton, Dave .... 155, 291 Deramus, Rebecca 191, 265, 363 DeShazo, Anne ..... 176, 255 Dewton, Don .. . . 366 Dibble, George . .. 191, 283 Dickinson, James 176, 299, 385 Dicks, Theda ..... 208 Dickson, Samuel A. 155, 323 372 Dillard, Elizabeth .... 176, 275 Dillon, Richard . . . 191 Dillon, William H. ..155, 313 Dilmore, Dorothy J. ..... 191 Dilworth, James 21, 155, 290, 291, 360 DiMassio, Charles . 155, 323 Dimenstein, Morton ..155, 327 Dinoff, David .. 208, 315 Dismukes William E. 191, 313 Dobbins, Beverly ,...... 155 Dobbs, Joseph ..., 374 Doaaette, laureen . 176, 375 D'Olive, Walter F. 155, 303 Dollar, Lawrence E.. .155, 299 Don, Rice . . . . . .. 366 Donald, Erstine G.. 203 Donald, Weldie ,.,..... 191 Donnelly, Celeste .... 208, 243 415 Donnelly, John ..... Donoho, Dede. . . . . . Donsbach, Eugene .... Dorta, Bernardo N... Doughtie, Gillis . .. Doughty, Julia .. .. Doughty, Ralph O... Douglas, Dorothy 191, Douglas, Ernest ..... Downing, Edward F. Downing, George . . . Downing, Robert . . Doyle, Diana .... 24 Doyle, Walter ...... Drake, Frank ....... Dransfiel, Pat ,.... Drewry, William .,.. Dreyfus, Marian ..... Dreyfus, Sue .... , . . Driscoll, Raymond. . Driver, Elizabeth . . . Driver, Peggy ...... Dubin Dublin, Duerson, Elizabeth .. Duffy, Vincent ..... Duke, Cecil ........ Duke, Harry . .... . Duke, Martha Sue 176, Dumas, Jere ........ Dunbar, Tom ...... Duncan, Daniel . Duncan Jack ..155, Duncan, Mary . .... Duncan, Paula M.. .. Dunkin, Gordon . . Dunlavy, Marvin H. Earl ..... . . Don ........ Dunn, Billie ' M. .... . Dunn, D Dunn, elmar . . . Franklin Dunn, John Dunn, Thomas . Dunson, 191, Duren, Howard .... . Durrett, Don M. 191, Duvall, Sara E. ..... . Dyess, Clara Ann 155, Dyess, Marlin ...... Dyess, Robert ..,.... E Eads, Vera . . . . Eagan Frank ..... Earl, Betty A. .... . Earlman, Mike .. . Earnest, Betty ...... Eason, Martha M. . . Easter, Jane .... 155, 356, Easter, Thomas. .191, Edelman, Michael .. Eddins, Dwight .,.. Eddleman, Patricia M. Edgar, Arthur R. . Edgil, Tom .... 176, Edmonds, Mary N. 155, 245, Edwards, Barbara . Edwards, Jackie . . . Edwards, John . . . Edwards, Marianne. '191 356, 208 155, 243, 208, 155, 208, 191, 208, 155, 176, 208, 191, 208, 191, 208, 1 76. 155, .19.1. 177, 191, 335 2os 208, 191 .1 '1 21' 257, 289, 208, 360, 113, 208, 155, 249, 359, 298, 155, 384, 293' 1 360, 208, 155 .1.9.1. I I r 1 1 r 1 f r 1 155 259 382 297 388 191 360 208 356 317 31 9 385 307 257 321 289 263 291 273 273 307 155 243 374 31 1 208 303 155 309 372 309 385 236 386 243 267 303 299 208 307 236 176 31 1 387 208 362 255 377 379 31 1 176 305 257 314 176 155 355 388 299 315 362 191 367 155 371 377 267 359 369 255 319 279 327 385 263 261 Edwards. Mike .... 176 Efros, Charles . .. 176 Eichelbaum, Robert . 208, Eichelbaum, Robert .... Eichert, Phyllis ..... 208 Eidelberg, Gloria J. 208, Eisenberg, Lawrence 208, 279 Elebash, Eugenia . ,. 176 267 Elledge, Joe P. .... .. 155 Elliott, Jeanne . 155, 245 Elliott, Lida ... ... 176, 249 Ellis, Durham ...... 208 313 Ellis, Richard .. ... 191,299 Ellison. Elva A. 80, 155, 249, 355, 356, 380 Ellison, Wayne . ... ... 367 Ellwanger, David . 25, 26, 27 28, 81, 155, 308 309, 350 351 Ellzey, Janie ...... .... 1 47 Ellzey Ruby Marie. . ,... 249 Elmore, Sandra .... 208, 251 Elster, Allan ....... 176, 315 Elzey, Ruby A. ...,...... 208 Embry, Ladean ...,.... 359 Engelhardt, Bonner 176, 313, 364 Ennis, Howard ,. .. 155 Epperson, Rosemary .176 269 Epstein, Marvin 21, 176, 295, 384 Ernst Kenneth A. .... 176, Erwin, Emily K. 191, 245, Esposito, Robert ........ Etchison, John W. 155, 325, Eurick, Henry C. ....... . Eurton, Gloria ....... 191, Euster, Carol ....... 176, Evans, Bettye Sue ........ Evans, Johnny.. .191, 309, Evers, James ........... F Fahnert, H. J. ....... 208, Faile, Garth ............ Faircloth, Alice Wade 176, Faison. lris ............ Falson, lris L. .......... . Farber, June ........ 208, Farmer, Barbara ........ Farmer, C. W. ......... . Farmer, Joseph ..... 369, Farr, Pat. . .157, 255, 376, Farrar, Jo Ann ...... 176, Farrar, Ruth ........ 176, Farrier, Ann C.. .. ..... Farrier, Ernest . . . . . .. Farris, Billy ............ Faucet, John ........ 208 Faucett, William L. 208, Faulkner, Jimmy ..... 176, Favre, Nell ..... 208, Fecnamn, Betty S. ...... . Feinman, Ronald ,....... Feldman, Arnold .,... 157, Feltman, Ronald A. ..... . Feltman, Wendell .. Feore, Michael Perry Ferguson, Mary Lou Fernandez, Santa V. .... . Fields Billie Jo , ..... .. Fields, Elizabeth 176, Fields, Gregory .....,.. Fields, Merry L. ....176, Fienman, Bettie S. ..176, Fievet, Florence M. ..... . Fievet, Lucien ....... 208, Finch, Ellis L. ,.,...... .. Finley, Firsht, Fields, Edward ...,.. 208, 265, Findley, Bettie C. ,... 176, James ...... 157, Deborah ...... 208, Fisher Carol ....... 208, Fisher, Martha Olivia .... Fisher, Nathan. .176, 295, Fisher, Robert John. .193, Fisher, Sue ............ Fitts, Darell .... ....... Fitts, Donald ........... Fitts, Robert ...... Fitzpat rick, Tranum 208, 20, 81, Flautt, Marcella R.. . . Fleming, Wayne .... Flippen, Murphree. . . Flippo, Pamelia M.. .. Flournoy, James Flowers, Alan ....,. Flowers, Hinton Flowers, Quin E 193, Floyd Deabba ..... Floyd Deanna 157, 259 Floyd, Shirin I 1 23, 80, Fly, Gale ....... 157 1 Flynn, Donna . ...,. Fogarty, John ....... Folmar, Betty Folmar, Janice .... Folmar, June ....... Font, Carlos Antoni 0 Forbes, James M.. . . . Forbes, William Fcrbus, Mae Ruth.. Forehand, Curtis L., Ford, lawrence G.. Forman, Charles E. Forster, Betsy ...,. Forster, William H. Foshee, Stuart .,.. Foster, Claudia S.. Foster, Thomas .,... Fountain, Carol Foust, Barbara ..... Fowler, Jack ....... Fowler, Jim ........ Fox, Bobby . .. . Fox, Stephen M.. 193, Fox, Virginia ,.... Fox, William . 235 r 281 388 176 382 155 275 273 155 385 155 321 155 267 275 208 261 356 371 371 388 275 259 157 157 157 309 303 299 249 389 295 315 208 287 303 243 388 157 301 356 236 275 247 208 307 157 249 297 271 377 191 389 281 360 379 361 283 179 313 255 297 309 360 208 313 368 371 378 356 358 372 269 281 176 178 255 388 303 157 377 208 309 309 265 283 382 249 319 157 1 57 305 359 208 353 265 229 352 279 368 161 281 H 159 242 Franconero, George A. 208, Frank Butch .,.,... Frank, Milton .. ...113, Franklin, Betty 208, Franks, Jon G. Frantz, James . 234, 311, 263, 193, 157, 365, Fraser. Anne ..,..,. 157, Frazer, Joseph .. Freeman, 208, Barbara Fern 193, Freeman Carl Franklin 193, Freeman, Dexter S. 178, Freeman, Elizabeth L. 178, Freeman, Fred . . Freeman, Lynda S. . 208, Frey, Johnny ,.... 208, Friedman, Morris . Frohsin, Ralph ...,. 208, Frosch, Allan ...... 178, Fruge, Lix ,..... 208, Fryer, Jo Anne 193, 271, 363, Fuller, Daniel V.. .. 193, Fuller, Jane ......... 208, Fulton, Patricia .,.. 157, G Gachet, Elizabeth ,. Gachet, Thomas .. Galloway, Ted ... ... . Gallups, Jackie .,,. 208, Gamble, John ...... 157, Gamison, Jean ..,.. . Gammage, Lon .... 208, Gandrud, W. B. 362, Gann John ....,. 157, Gantt, Donald ,........ Gardner, Harold 157, 299, Gardiner, Billy Joe .193, Garrett, Mary .,.,. 157, Garrett, Rebecca ,,...... Garrison, Jean 75, 178, 251, Garvin, Jim . ....,., . Gaskins, Jayne .,.,.,... Garrison, Lloyd ... ... Gass, Henry B. 208, Gay, Herbert 157- 322, Gayle, Albert D. .,,. 178, Geiger, Ralph ..,... Geist, Jerry ..... 208, Gentry, Franklin , . . Gentry, Thomas L. , . .193, George Chalmer D. . George, Robert . .. 157, Gerson, Isabel . . ,178, Gewin, Samuel R. 208, Gewirtzman, Janet ,.193, Giannini Gene P. . .... Gibbons, Howard . . . . . Gibbons, J. Whitfield 193, 297, Gibbons, Patricia T. 193, 245, Gibbs, Larry ... ...178, Gibbs, Sarah Joyce . Gibson, Gerry .... 208, Gibson, Gordon .,.. 157, Gibson, Joy Sue , .... Gibson, Ralph ,.,,.. Gibson, Tim . . . . . 208, Giffoniello, Charles E. 208 Gilbert, Roni .. 208, Gilforb, Samuel I. ,,193, Gillmore, Betty Jo . .157, Gilmore, Laurene Ginsburg, Marshall . 157, Glasgow, Mary L. 144, Glass, Herb . .. 157, Glassman, Buddy . .157, Glick, Charles . .. Glover, Barbara J.. .193, Gober, Wayne . . . . . Godron Robert .. 157, Godwin, Gloria F. . 157, Goeller, Arthur . .. Goff, Mary L. ..... 208, Goggans, William ..178, Goldberg, Robert. . . 208, Goldblatt, Butch . . . 208, Goldsby, James .... , ....178, Goldstein, Jerry Goldstein, Rita ...... 193, Goldstein, Sunny . . . Goldstein, Susan . . . 193, 208 Golson, Nancy C. ,... 178, Gonce, Robert ..,,..,.. Gonzalez, Vicky Goode, Sandra ...., Goodloe, John R. Goodman, Anne ,. 157, 157, Goodner, Wade ...., Goodwin, Betsy 210, 281 181 364 377 283 228 388 257 303 245 325 289 273 157 269 313 325 315 317 377 291 271 269 157 374 378 243 319 356 321 385 297 178 367 325 245 178 382 282 208 385 321 323 301 147 279 369 301 208 321 247 325 261 193 157 362 356 317 193 245 285 193 378 307 273 315 265 376 279 271 297 327 378 255 208 315 376 157 267 305 295 305 385 295 261 261 273 257 193 363 368 301 247 157 265 Goodwin, Kenneth . Goodwin, Peggy N. Goodwyn, George 151, 312 Goolsby, Thomas .. Gordon, Charles Gordon, Kalman 157, Gore, James ,.... 178 157, 313 178 178 327 f Gorelick, Sanders .. 157 Gorlin, Herbert ,... 157 Gorlin, Marilyn . .. 157 Goudchaux, Lee . ., 157, Gould, Myles . .., 210 Gould, Roger . .... 195 Governal, Nancy , . . 159, Grace, Lawrence .. Grace, William ..... 159, Graddick, Julian .... 178, Graf, Jerry ....,,... 178, Graham, Robert M... Grant, Stanley ..,... 178, Graves, Arnold N. 193, Graves, Connie ..... 195, Gray, Charlie . Gray, Doris ,. . 210, Gray, Eugenia ..... 210, Gray, Kitty A. ...., 193, Grayson, Richard ..,. 159, Green, Billy ....... Green, Marianne . . . 159, Green, Richard ...... 193, Green, Robert ...... 210, Green, Shirley . .,., 193, Greenberg, Arnold . 210, Greenberg, Roberta 210, Greenbery, Sybil 178, 273 380, 382, Greenwood, Janis . . Greer, Harold . 183, 362, Gregory, John M. 193, 283, Gregory, louise 193, 243, 356, Greif, Betty ..... 210, Griffin, Charles . . . .159, Griffin, Don .... .... Griffin, Judson ...., Griffin, Raloh E. ,... 193, Griffith, Dale ....., , , Griggin, Judson ..., Grimes, Bennie M. ..., 193, Grimmer, Betty . . . . Griswold, Ralph .,., 178, Grodsky, Frances 193, Groenendyke, Martha 23, 178, 271, Groom, Hall . . Groom, Marshall ,... 178, Groover, Billy ... .. .. Groover, Joe L.. . Groover, R. E. 159 Gross, Betty , . . . .159 Gross, Charles . .. 178 Gross, Elaine S. ..... 193 Gross, Yona . . . . . . 210 Grow, John . . . . Gugliotta, Sam F. . 210 Guin, James ,,., 193 Guin, William R. .. 178 Gunter, Van Gutel, Elaine .159, Guthrie, Dalton . . Guyton, Mary Sue .. Gwin, William . Haas, Mary E. 24, Haas, Sally .. .. Hackson, Robert . Hackworth, Sheila . Hadad, Louis J.. . Haddon, Julie Hager, Bob .. . Hager, George Hager, Margaret , . Hagood, Johnny Hahan, Frank .. . Haigler, Julia . Hairston, Forrest R. Halbert, Michael , Hales, Carolyn J. 210, Hall, Donald 159, Hall, Erle . .. Hall, Kenneth N. ,. Hall, Louise 23, 178, Hall, Rencher . Hall, Robert P. . Hall, Rosalind .. ,. Hall, Wendy Hall, William . Halpern, Barbara Halpern, Fred , Hamby, Aldie . . . 261 159 178, 269, 159, 193 159 210 159 210 210 210 245 306 210 193 267 193 210 193 159 I 1 I , 1 1 157 263 229 374 305 303 385 367 279 261 327 295 295 253 159 297 283 31 1 193 299 325 251 1 13 259 377 263 293 385 257 315 297 243 279 273 354 387 210 390 362 387 273 366 374 293 313 210 210 364 383 319 261 270 356 384 291 159 178 360 243 323 261 261 383 325 287 287 210 389 193 255 317 185 388 267 161 178 281 363 379 285 390 313 327 249 291 315 377 307 301 319 387 193 193 159 257 325 273 193 321 Hamer, Rayburn 159, 360, 366, Hamilton, Fred . Hamilton, Jessie N. Hamilton, Hal ..... Hamilton, Mary ... Hamilton, Peytie .. Hamilton, William .. Hammon, Martha Hammond, William . Hamner, G. W. Hamner, Reggie T. , Hamner, Som 21, 178, 291, Hamner, Sue . Hampe, David E. Hamrick, John 159, Hanahan, Ingraham Hanchett, Mary ..... 372, 210, 210, 210, 159, 210, 178, ' I '2'1b', 193, 362, 159, 178, 301, 178, 159, Hancock, John ..,.. 193, Hand, Alton . . Handley, James . 159, Hanib, William ....... Hankins, John G. 178, 297, Hanlein, Louis . . .,159, Hannah, Bill , , .113, Hannah, Charlotte . . . .. Hannon, John ,...,.. Hanson, Paula ...., 159, Harbin, Beverly , .. 193, Harbin, Sylvia A. . 178, Harbison, Nelson 178, 193, Harden, James ..,. . Harder, Don . . . . . 159, Harding, Don ...,. 236, Hardy, Gene 19, 75, 153, 303, 350, Hargrove, Ralph D. 178, Harmon, Sara Jane 210, Horned, Patricia . . 193, Harp, Richard D. 178, 297, Harper, Larry J. 210, Harper, Luanne , 178, Harper, Robert J. ,.... . Harrell, Martha . Harrell, William E... 178, Harrell, Maurice ... .. Harrigan, William D 178, Harris, Archie ., ,. 193, Harris, Claude . ,,.,, . Harris, David ..,. . , . Harris, Edward ..., 159, Harris, Emily ....,,. 193, Harris, Era Jo ., Harris, Gene ..,. . 235, Harris, Herbert , . .178, Harris, Jane . . 210, Harris, Jimmy C. Harris, Joy .. 24, 210, Harris, Lawrence . , . . Harris, Leask 19, 41, 81, 151, 228, 231, 293, 350, Harris, Libby A. 210 Harris, Patricia E. Harris, Harris, Rex ..., Richard , Harrison, Barbara Harrison, Jean Harrison, Judith L. Harrison, V. ... ... Hart, Dorothy ..,... Hart, Gloria J. Hartselle, William .. Harvard, David . , Harvey, James . Harwell, Frank Harrell, Kenneth 19, 159, 351, 372, Hassan, Ross . Hastings, Betty . , Hatch, Harriet . Hathcock, Ed .,.... Haught, Jeri 23, Hauser, Michael 80, 159, 283, Hawkins, Joanna .. Hayden, Lois .,., Hayes, Priscilla . . . Hayes, Van Louie Haynes, Charles D. Haynie, Martha , .. Head, David Head, Jeanelle T. Hearn, Jesse , Heath, Barbara S. 178 Heath, Barbara T. Heath, Judy . ... Heath, Linda L. . Heaton, Mack Hebson, Ernest O. . Hecht, Doris S. .. ,. Heckroth, Barbara 416 193, 362 159 210 178 210 352 :mf 159 178 178 193 243 351, 210 193 210 159 255 193 159 193 178 I f 1 'hi 374 301 259 301 265 265 301 159 31 1 359 291 381 263 301 385 319 243 299 159 291 369 364 305 379 377 144 255 243 263 234 210 299 374 159 351 379 269 269 364 297 249 1 93 159 297 361 289 299 21 O 38 1 297 356 1 93 326 31 3 257 21 0 247 371 1 59 351 243 269 384 1 93 359 377 210 369 376 21 0 293 210 309 31 3 361 384 229 356 257 319 355 360 382 144 210 285 311 255 313 193 159 383 178 377 263 297 325 247 390 Heddon, Julie B. . 193, 265 Heinz, Tutter ,. 210, 229, 265 Heise, William . 159, 291 Helderman, Jacob F. 178, 317 Helms, Joel 178 Henderson, Edmond 178, 301 Henderson, Jacob . 210, 291 Henderson, Martha 193, 259, 356 Henderson, Polly 21, 81, 159, 263 355, 360, 377 Henderson, William B. 193, 289 Hendrick, Mary A. ..... 210 Hendricks, John 159, 285, 369 Hendricks, John B. . 372 Hendrix, Ann , 159 251 Hendrix, Charles . . . 210, 305 Hendrix, Jan . . . 159, 299 Henry, George A. .. 193, 317 Henry, Joseph R. 210, 283 Henry, Ted 178, 301, 371 235 Herod, James 159, 228, 235, 372 Herren, Nancy ..... .. 193 Hesselbach, Carl ... 178, 311 Hester, Amos B. .... 193, 319 Hester, Hortense 144 Hester, Jane .. 210, 245 377 Heustess, Mary . . . 159 255 Hewitt, Harriet .... 193, 269 Hewitt, Shirley ..,..... 178 Hicks, Bobby Ray 19, 81, 159, 298 Hicks, Joseph ....... .. 159 Higdon, Jo Ann . 377 Higgs, Lawton . 27, 205 309 Higgs, Mary Ann 178, 358, 372 Hiags, Robert . . . 210, 309 Hill, Adrian . .. 210 Hill, Gerald ... .. 210 Hill, Robert , 147, 303 Hill, Robert C. 193, 301 Hinderer. Jane 193, 251 375 Hinkle, Frances H. . 193, 321 Hinson, Martha A. . 210, 257 Hinton, Comella . . 178, 243 Hinton, James .,.,.. 159, 287 Hinton, Judy , 210, 243 Hinton, Sally R. 193, 243, 356 Hipp, Ted ., 210, 325, 382 Hiserodt, Edward F. 195, 317 Hitchcock, Gary .. 210, 323 Hitchcock, Sandra . . .195, 255 Hiten, Helen ........ . 159 Hixon, Mack ..... 210, 313 Hobbie, Richard M. 195, 301 Hocutt, Margaret Ann 210 Hodges, T. L. .. 178, 289 Hodgson, George G. ..,. 195 Hodnett, James . . . . 159 Hoffman, William . . 361 Hoaan, Anthony T. 195, 317 Holladay, Barbara J. 195, 251 Holland, Robert W. 195, 297 Holland, Wayne . 178 Holley, Eleanor . . 178, 249 Holley, Judy .... 195, 255 Hollinghead, James ,. 374 Hollingsworth, Joan 178, 263 Hollingsworth, Tera . 159 Hollingsworth, William W. 178 Hollis, Abbie L. 195, 267 Hollis, Helen J. 195, 363, 368 Hollis, Nin ... 210, 267 Hollis, Steadman 210, 297 Holloway, Rosalyn ,. 210 Hollut, Frank 365 Holman, W. Russell 195, 371 Holmes, Alice E. . 195 253 Holsomback, Roy 113 Holt, Raymond D. . 178 Hood, Ray V. .. . 210, 325 Hope, Diane , 210, 275 Hopkins, Judy 210, 275 Hopkins, Mary 195, 255, 356 Hopper, William .. 210, 311 Horkheimer, Fritzie 195, 247, 356 Hornsby, Gayle . .. .. . 363 Horsley, William 283, 383 Horthcutt, Marianne ,,.. 356 Horton, Patricia , 159 House, James . 178, 301 House, William 159, 384 Housel, Charlotte .195, 245 Houston, Causey . 210, 307 Houston, Celeste .. 161, 265 Houston, Clyde . . . 210, 265 Howard, Leland . ,,161, 303 Howard, Mary C. 210, 251 Howard, William . .. . 210 Howell, Cecyle . . . ., 144 Howell, David ...... 210 Howell, Eugene M... 178, Howell, Ruthie M. ,... 195, Howse, Paul ....... 161, Huckaby, Gary 178, 187 311, 362, Huckaby, Mary ..... 178, Hudnall, Harrett ..... .. Hudoff, Frederick . 361, Hudson, Bob .... . 178, Hudson, Jenny ..... 161, Hudson, Jerry ....., 161, Hudson, Margaret ..178 Hueter, Uwe , .... .... Hufham, Wilbur ........ Hufnal, William ... .... Huggins, Patricia A. .... . Huguley, Betty L. 161, 269, Huguley, Dena 20, 161, 356, 380, Hulsey, Ann . . ..... . Humber, Johnny . . ... Humphrey, Richard ..210, Humphries, Lillie ... Hunt, William M. . 212, Hunter, Still ,.... 195, Hurlbut, Miles K. 212, 321, Hurst, Sarah .... . . Hurt, Elizabeth ..... 161 Hurt, Martha Neil .. 212, Huston, Faith ...... 212, Hutsy, Gladys ... ..... Hutt, Johnny M. ......, . Huxford, Suzanne . . .195, Hydinger, Mary V.. . ,212, I lndianer, Leonard ..178, Ingram, Fred .. 21, 235, Ingram, Natalie ... 178, Irvine, Julie ..... 195, Irwin, Dorothy L. ...178, Irwin, Segall ....... 178, lsom, Jackie .,....,. Israel, Charles ..... 178, lsraelian, Kasper ....... J Jacks, Betty J. .... , . . , Jackson, Bobby ..,.. Jackson, Clarence ...... Jackson, David ....,.. Jackson, Gary 212, 291, Jackson, Ronald . ..161, Jacobs, Harriet ,..,. 161, Jaffe, Alan B. , 212, Jaffee, Patsye 212, James, Elizabeth . 178, James, Frank .,161, 360, James, Jeanene . . . . . . James, Jerome C. 178, 285, James, Martha S. .... 195, James, Sidney . . . 361, James, William D. ..195, Janes, Jeanene M .... . Japlon, Leonard , Jarman, Wayne 212, Jarrell, Marion,.195, 263, Jeffries, Bill ........... Jenkins, Bennita ..,. . Jennings, Bobby . . . 212, Jennings, Joseph ,... 180, Jenson, Janet . , , 195, Jernigan, Bobby . . . Jernigan, Sharon . , 180, Jesse, Alexander . 161, Jessup, William W. 180, Jeter, Marvin . . . . . Jewett, Kaye . ..... 195, Joffrion, Felix H. .. 195, Johnaon, Kelly .,... 212, Johns, Eloise . .... 212, Johns, Myran E. ..., ., Johnsen, Harold M.. Johnson, Betty L. 195, 269, Johnson, Betty W. 24, 212, Johnson, Brenda ..... . . Johnson, Dianne . . 195, Johnson, Harold . ... .. Johnson, Helen .... ... Johnson, Jo Ann 212, 271, Johnson, Joseph H...195, Johnson, Josh. . .180, 360, Johnson, Jyl ..161, 271, Johnson, Lloyd .180, 313, Johnson, Margaret . 212, Johnson, Nancy L... 212, Johnson, Robert S. 195, Johnson, Walton , ,. . , Johnston, Roy ..,,. Johnson, William . 161, 305 293 265 360 310 382 259 367 374 297 263 365 259 21 O 178 210 375 356 269 382 210 210 283 359 236 313 354 212 255 255 275 356 212 267 255 315 382 245 267 259 275 235 321 178 178 1 13 161 364 366 31 9 247 295 273 259 374 161 384 255 366 323 251 311 383 378 195 289 301 255 236 382 325 303 161 255 309 323 267 212 180 377 265 212 271 385 195 377 297 374 358 371 243 267 309 388 390 321 197, William H. Johnson, Johnston, Ben ..... Johnston, Beth ,.,.. Johnston, Bob ,.,... Johnston, Crews ,. Johnston, James W.. . Jolly, Joe . .,.,.. . Lese, Peter .,.. .,.. 251 367 212 Jones, Albert ....., Jones, Austin . . . Jones, Carl . .. . Jones, Charles L. Jones, Ed .... ,.., Jones, Frances E., . . . Jones, Hillery D. ,. Jones, James ... Jones, James , . . Jones, Jesse F. . . , Jones, Jimmy R. ..,. Jones, Mac . . . . , Jones, Mary K. 23, 180, Jones, Merrill . ,180, Jones, Pat ,.,..., . . Jones, Patsy , . 161, Jones, Patsy . , . . Jones, Robert E. . . , . Jones, Sandra S. . Jones, Seth . .... . Jones, William ,. Jones, William E. Jordan, Boyd . . . . Jordan, Dexter Jordan, Gene. 381, Jordan, Jerry , ,... , 195 273 377 289 182 Jordan, J. T. ,....,, . Joseph, Helen ., , Joyner, Ann .,.,. , Joyner, Maggie ,. , Justice, Judith M. Justice, Judy H. 195, Jutkins, Joyce 24, 212, K Kahn, Lois ......., Kahn, Ruth ......... Kaiser, Joel ...,,. 259 265 356 , 243, 303, Lowe, Peter L. , 214 Kendall, Sarah ..... Kalas, Demetra ,.,. Kaley, Richard .... Kampf, Michael .... Kane, lrene Elizabeth Kaner, Walter . .. Kaplan, Betty H. Kaplan, Leonard ..., Kaplan, Stephen 195, Karpeles, Leo M. ., Karpinski, Ann 24, 209, Karrh, Rosemary Katz, Dave . Kaufman, Claudia ,. Kaufman, Karolyn 180, Keel, William D. ,.,. . Keeley, Robert . . . Keith, Dan B. . Keith, James L. ,, Kellam, Donald E. .. Keller, Francis E. . Keller, Thomas, Kelley, Ann G. , , Kellnor, Frances ., Kelly, Bruce E 180, 291, Kelly, J. E. 35, Kelly, Patricia A. 21, Kelly, sue 212, Kelsoe, James C. ., Kemp, Mavinee . Kenan, Anne 23, 161, Kendall, Mary E. 259, Kendall, Robert G. 195, Kendrick, Henriette 28, Kent, Tommy O. . .. Kettrell, Charles , . Key, John ..... , Kidd, Robert .,,. Killian, Frederick Kimbrell, James ,. King, Amanda A. King, Ann E. . , , King, Billy ... . , King, Blanche .. . King, Henry L. ., King, Joan , ., ,. King, John King, Sandra A. 1951 Kinney, Donna . Kipp, Henry .. . Kirby, Clifton ... ,. 212, 212, 195, 161, 161, 212, 195, 161, 195, -180- 379 250, 293 195 257 195 212: 212 195i 367 1 212, 195, 212, 180, 212, 207, 271, 195 161 180 180 212 180 212 278, 212, 212, 125 253, 195, 180, 195, 195, 212, 195, 195, 382, 195, 180, 255, 256, 356, 283, 161, 180, 195, 212, 161, 180, 161 , 180, 195, 377, 195, 212, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 180 291 180 297 319 195 283 161 301 293 195 378 249 195 161 385 317 161 309 381 386 259 360 161 293 249 359 236 305 161 21 2 378 281 293 180 271 263 267 267 377 247 279 265 299 279 255 279 195 279 279 303 195 327 161 382 317 371 317 321 212 287 323 259 247 384 299 249 377 180 377 257 377 353 259 271 319 212 319 297 161 161 195 180 311 257 297 390 195 390 255 307 180 Kirby, Frederick S. ..,. . Kirby, Lelias ....... 195, Kirkland, Kenyon ,... 180 Kirkland, Larry 161, 293, Kirkland, Mickey .,....., Kirkwood, Martha D. Kitchens, Jerry . . , . . Kitchens, John . ..,. 180 195, 161 Kittrell, Charles ..... Klein, Allen N. ..... 180 Kline, Phillip J. ..... 195 Klinger, Edmond ... 212 Klinger, H. H. , Knight, Bill C..,. . 180 Knight, James ,.... 161 Knight, Michael ,.,. 212 Knight, Nancy J. 180, 271 Knowles, Andrea 82, 249, Koenemann, Lynn C. 212 Kohler, Butch 195, 249, 356 Kohler, Robert ........ Kohn, Alan .... 161, Kohn, Francis ..... Kohn, Stephen A. . Kolb, Robert 161, Konnersman, Patricia 161 Koock, Victor 1. 195, Kopczenski, Joseph E. 195, Korges, James . . . . Kraus, Robert . . . Krouse, Jerold D.. . . . Krout, Lloyd , . . . . Kruggel, Sidney P... Kulbersh, Karen ..., Kunkle, Jack ...... Kupper, Cookie .... Kurland, Jeffrey 155 1 1 1 355 295, 212 180 281 295 280, Koss, Joan 80, 161,261 161 212 212 212 212 L Labow, Stuart ...... Lackey Carol 195, 267, 356, Lackey, James , . , . . . Lair, Phyllis .. .... .. Lake, Gay M. ....... 180 299 Lamar, John E. 195, Lambert, Ken , . Lambert, Linda 180, Lambrecht, Marie .. 195, Lammons, Aubrey O. Lancaster, Carole .. Lancaster, Lancaster, Land, Virginia G.. . ,, Landau, Myrna . ., Landers, Gerald 161 Lane, J. E. .,,. . Lane, W. Blake , . 197, Laney, Jo Del 212, 255, Lanford, William 157, 161, Langford, John .... Langley, Laura R. . Langston, June 180 Lanaus, John .,... Lankford, Tom 25, 30, Lanoton, June Larkins, James 161, 313, 161 363 180 245 161 Lamensdorf, Bettye Sue 212 Denny .... 212 Ralph .,....., 197 , 297 235, 212, 212, Langner, Glenn . ...161, 212, 144, Larkins, Judy .,... 212, Larsen, Swiss . , . . 212, Lartigue, Fred 197, Lasky, Mary G. 212, Laslie, James C. 197, 313, Lassen, Rochelle . . . 197, Latham, Byrd R.. 180, Latimer, Lane 161, 309, Latimore, David .... . Lawrence, Charles , 197, Lawrence William ., 212, Lawson, Jule , . 197, Lay, Larry 212, Layfield, Woodrow W. 111, 180, 303, Lazarus, Edward Y ..., 161, Lea, Ramona E. Leamon, Ralph A. ,, Leatherbury, Lucy S. 197, 195 309 323 364 161 271 291 325 317 295 327 315 161 303 299 283 377 161 360 303 377 195 379 301 315 353 267 384 281 368 380 315 295 161 263 273 180 273 315 279 377 311 161 317 390 367 387 251 273 161 253 305 195 195 261 367 369 301 377 303 293 249 364 289 145 377 385 255 275 287 247 353 273 309 365 197 305 303 265 291 385 295 197 180 265 Leavitt, Chris , ..... 212,251 LeBlanc, Bette A. 24, 161, 267 Lebo, Robert . . , . . . 369 Lebowich, Jane ., 212, 247 iv Ledbetter, Jerry ..., Ledbetter, William ,. Lee, A lbert .... 161, Lee, Helen A. ,..,.,. . Lee, James D.. . , . Lee, Marilu ...., Lee, Marion , . 197, Lee, Mary N. ..... , Lee, Tebbet . , . Legge, Winston V. Leibold, Judith A. Lein, Dorothy .. , . .. Leis, Jocklyn L. . . Lenz, Fred ., . . Lerro, Andy . .. . , Letson, Kenneth ..., Le Van, Jerome Levenson, Russell , Levine, Rosalind Levinson, Audrey J. Levy, Don ..,..... Lewis, Charles ., Lewis, Charlotte F... Lewis, Freda C. . . Lewis, John .. Lewis, Sam A...180, Lewis, Sheila 197, 263, 363, Lichtenstein, Joe ., , Liaht, Martin .. . Lightfoot, Warren 180, Lightfoot, Winnie . Lincer, Madeline ... 180 161 360 212 212 317, 212 197 271 197 180 180 163 212 212 180 163 212 212 320 365 197, 197 235 212 Lindley, Palmer . Lindley, William L. 197 Lindsey, Caroline , Lindsey, Claudia 180 Lindsey, Kay . 180 Lindsey, Kenneth 163, 286 Lindsey, Louise . . 197 Lindsey, Pat . 144 Lindsey, William L. Lippeatt, Mary Elizabeth 197, 271 Lisenba, Bob . 212 Little, Ann .. 24 212 Little, Fab 197 Little, Gary 197, 293 Little, Martha S. Littleiohn, Neal 159 2921 Littrell, Virginia 34, Livingston, Judith A. Lockard, Boyd . . Locke, Charles H. Lockridge, James . Loftin, Marcia Neil Loftis, Ada Sue , . , Logan, Derek , . Logan, Thomas London, Jeffrey 214, Long, Lora ,. .,.. Long, Marilyn ,. , Long, Patricia D. Longshore, Thomas Loper, Patsy .... , . Lott, Lamar . . . Lott, Yancy D. .. Loudermilch, Wayne Loukopoulou, Jota ., Louzis, Mary . , Loveman, Martha Lovoy, Steahen . , , . Lovvorn, Peggy A. . Lowell, William Lowery, John , . . . Lowery, Russell Lowery, William .. Lucas, Donald R. , Luckett, Michael , . , Luckie, Lynn .... . Ludlum, Ann . , Ludlum, Sandra , . Luker, Jo Ann Lunsford, Mamie Lupo, Larry ..,. . Lusk, Helen . , Lyle, James D.. .. Lyles, George ..,.,. Lyles, Randall ...., Lynch, Barbara . . Lynch, Paul ... ... Lynn, Richard , . . . Lyon, Dianne .. 214, Lyons, Marion , , M MacDonald, Stanton Mace, William A., ., Machen, Jyles ..,. 417 163 293 214 214 163 197 163 214 163 279 214 163 147 214 197 180 197 163 180 180 197 163, 214 197 iaof ...,214, 214 214 197 214 .,. 259 163 197, 147, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 323 361 374 257 285 163 377 269 351 313 363 253 21 2 236 371 279 374 307 309 261 247 295 323 212 261 325 321 382 295 295 289 267 21 2 386 299 180 257 269 287 243 317 359 299 249 249 362 180 235 352 255 214 309 301 236 267 390 305 297 354 251 243 214 319 197 31 1 289 319 363 263 197 180 377 303 366 180 299 323 360 301 367 255 255 363 259 144 251 291 303 325 180 366 366 368 289 289 163 287 Maclntyre, David . Mackebee, Carol J. 163, Macklem, Linda J. 180, MacQueen, Margaret Maddox, Judy 31, Madigan, Richard E. Madison, Edward .. Magnes, Phillip A. 211, Maanuson, William Mahaffey, John .... Maimon, Joel Main, James G. ., Maior, Robert P. ,. Maiure, Betty Malanga, Frank M. 197, Malone, Edgar R. ., Malone, Edith . Malone, Richard 161,163, 311, Maltby, Kathleen . Manderson, Virginia Mann, Francis .. Mann, Josephine .. Manolakis, John .. Mantel, Lynda 24, 214, Marbury, Caroline . Marbury, Lee , , . March, June Marcus, Jean Maret, Debbie Marion, Helen E. 197, 197, Marion, Paul .... Marley, David 214, Marlow, Donald , Marmer, Ellen 182, Marqua, Judith A. Marriott, Sheldon .. Marsh, Don . . . Marshall, Ann 197, Marshall, Gyane 163, Martin, Billy .... 163, Martin, Clara . , Martin, Currie A. ,. Martin, Donald . .. Martin, Glenn S. .. Martin, James . ,. Martin, Jim . . . . Martin, John . , Martin, John . , Martin, Mamie Martin, Mary 182, Martin, Samuel Martin, Thomas G.. Martin. Winfred Martini, Pat . 197, Marty, John . , , . . Mason, Alison Mason, Charles E. . Mason, Dick . . Massey, Samuel 19, Massey, Shirley J.. Massey, Walter . . Mathews, David 19, 144, Mathews, Frances .. Mathews, Marcia Matles, Harold Matney, Edward 144, Matthews, Charles . Matthews, Elaine , Matthews, Joan .. Matthews, Linda . . Mattison, Sheila Mauck, David . Maughan, Ferrell 182, 352, Mauk, Wayne . Maxwell, Elizabeth 213, 214, Maxwell, Jean., , . Maxwell, Troy . May, Paul , Mayhall, Nina Mays, Clara .. Mays, Mary McAdams, Carole .. McAdams, Clayton , McAlpin, lra . ,. McBee, Merle J. McCahan, William . McCaleb, David 63, McCall, Mary W. 180, McCall, William F.. 244, 249, MacNa b, Margaret A. 214, G. 214, 163 1 97, 214, 197, 163, 214, 180, 180, 371, ,182 182 267, 182 214 214 273 182 271 163 299 382: 261 163 265 358 371 214 214 214 165 -182 197 214 182 275 182 -255 1 197, 182, 197, 182, 351, 214, 214, 165, 182, 214, 214 214 361, 197 245, 214 214: 182 165 165, 214, 180, 197, 163, 235, 265, 214, McCant, Janis ,.,.. McCardle, Jerry , McCarter, Thomas C. 180, 197, 1 281, 214 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 293 245 356 275 249 271 281 385 327 163 287 279 287 297 253 297 363 381 214 257 214 275 182 377 257 301 267 356 261 363 307 354 383 361 364 163 356 359 378 265 289 283 297 197 309 303 285 358 1 82 293 165 356 283 275 1 65 31 7 293 377 379 356 265 265 31 5 378 313 271 165 271 255 291 369 293 383 263 293 182 271 243 243 275 285 311 197 287 383 387 287 163 309 299 McCartha, Ann .,... 180, 245 McCarty, William . 214, 301 McClain, Eugene .,.. .. 147 McClammy, Wayne .,.. 197 McLendon, Robert , , 325 McClinton, Margaret 180, 225, 229, 269 McClure, Linda L. , 197, 269 McClusky, Barbara .. 214 McCooe, Elizabeth M. 214, 255 McCoy, Dan 228, 234, 369 371, 381 McCrary, Barry 197, 311 McCrary, Henry 163, 235, 301 McCrimmon, Anita 214, 257 McCrimmon, Cyrus . 163, 319 McCullough, Ervin 214, 321 McDaniel, Edaar 197, 236, 323, 371 McDermott, Edward 197, 305 McDonald, Bross K. 197, 311 McDonald, Candy , 214 McDonald, Jeanette 214, 255 McDonald, Joe . . 163 McDonald, Joyce 163 McDonald, Sallie .. 197, 257 McDonald, Sid , 180, 303 McDonald, Vharles 369 McDonald, Willie . . 163 McDonnell, Bernice M. 214, 251 McDonnell, Patrick . 197 303 McDorman, Clarence 147 309 McDowell, Jane .... '197, 249 McDuffie, JoAnne ., 214 251 McEachin, Herbert .. ... 214 McElroy, John R. 180, 303, 385 McFerrin, Michael O. 214 319 McGarrigle, Karen , 180 251 McGeary, John ... ., .. 214 McGehee, Margaret 197, 255, 356 McGehee, Patricia ..180 265 McGinnis, Carol R. 214, 263, 383 McGouirk, James D. 214 297 McGowan, Mary , 180 275 McGraw, Peagy 130 245 McGregor, Alberto , . ,. 388 McGriff, Jean , 163 245 McGuire, James 197, 301 385 McHugh, Richard K. 180, 301 Mclnnis, Ellen S. . . 214 Mclnnis, Martha A, 163, 360 Mclnnish, John ..., 214, 319 Mclnnish, Kay , 214 Mclntosh, Elise , 163, 255 Mclntyre, Anna . . 214, 253 Maclntyre, David .. .,.. 163 McKean, Thomas ... ... 214 McKee, Thomas , .. 214, 301 McKenney, Gayle , 271, 377 McKenzie, Lewis ..,. . 371 McKenzie, Paula . . . 180 McKenzie, Stewart 293, 371 McKnight, Lee .. .. ... 197 McLane, Eugene 351 Mclaughlin, Claudia 197, 269 McLaughlin, Richard P. 197, 287, 353, 387 McLemore, Reuben , . 365 McLendon, Howard , 379 McLeod, Henry M. ..,,.. 317 McMillan, Cynthia 83, 267, 354, 355 McMillian, Larry ,... . 180 McMilnay, Larry .,., 214, 323 McNair, Morris L. ..., 180, 317 McNamara, Kevin . . , 214 McNamara, Russ .,.. 214, 307 McNeal, James ... 214, 321 McNutt, Tommy , .. 386 McQueen, William.. 214, 301 McRae, Ferrill .......... 367 McRight, Frank B. 28, 29, 194, 197 303, 353, 362, 371 McWhorter, Julie 59, 180, 228, 265, 341 Meadows, Melaine . 214 Meadows, Ramona . . 214 Meakins, John R. 165 Meehan, Nancy .,,. 182 245 Megginson, Greer .. 182, 283 Megginson, Joel , 165, 319 Melton, Hermine 368 Mendelson, Linda . 197 390 Meneely, Frank 197 Merkel, Donald . 147 Merkle, David B. . 197 Merrill, Charles . 165, 299 Merritt, Bob 214, 305 Merritt, John G. . 165 Merwin, James . , 182 Methvin, Robert . 182, 301 Meyer, Johnny . . 214, 323 Mitchell, Jerry ..,., 247 Meyer, Mariorie 182, Michael, Mervyn ,. Michel, Margaret A. Mickler, Martha J... Miles, Rosalie ...... Miller, Betty R. 165, Miller, Bruce D. ,.... . Miller, Buddy .,..,. Miller, Dorothy .,.. Miller, Frank . ,... . Miller, Georgia V. . Miller, Hedy ...214, Miller, Jennie ., . .. Miller, Lester 21, Miller, Marsha ... .. Miller, Nancy Jo Miller, Pat ... ., . Miller, Virginia P. Miller Wanda . , Ma11s.'D0.w1d 165, 300 Mills, stephen ,... f Millsap, Margaret ,. Milson, Miree, Derek ., .. Mary V... ,. Mitchell, Elmer Mitchel Mitchel Mitchel 165, 361, l, Mary Ann 24, 216, l, Paul . . ., l, Shelby G... Mixon, Mary L. .,., , Mixon, William ...,. 273, 362, 197, 214, 165, 375, 165, 197, 197, 165, 165, 247, 197, 165, 283, 165, 197, 165, 197, 301, 214, 165, 165, 366, 228, 197, 197, , .199, Moates, Emma .,...,,.. Mobe, Don , ,... ,. Rossell, Bentley . . Moff, Joanne l. ....., 216, Moffa, Mario .,.,.,. Mohr, Donald R. 216, Moister, Grace 216, 255, Monfee, Roberta . . . . Montgomery, Jack . Montgomery, Janis . .165, Montgomery, Robert . .. Montgomery, Ronald Montgomery, Roland. 182, Montgomery, Virginia 216, Moody, Cecil . , Moody, Claude A. ..216, Moody, Frank 182, 235, 283, Moody, Jeroldine ,. Moody, Nancy . . . . 165, Moog, Henry .182, Mooneyham, William 41, 147, Moore, Bud . . , . . . Moore, Catherine . . Moore, Clifford . 199, Moore, Donald . . . . 216, Moore, Dwain ,. . Moore, Eugene 165, Moore, Gaynell J., . 182, Moore, James . 182, Moore, Jere 165, 235, Moore, Keith ..... 182, Moore, Kermit . .,.. ,. Moore, Lefty .. . Moore, Marion . . . Moore, Mary E. . 216, Moore, Matt . , . , Moore, Ray .. .. , 216, Moore, Thomas 215, 216, 303, Moore, Tyler , . . . . Moore, William . Moorer, Bobby .. Morgan, Carol .,,.. 199, Morgan, Jack 182, 297, 382, Morgan, Ken . .. 216, Morris, Allan . 216, Morris, Larry . Morris, Sandra E. 216, Morrison, Duff , , 113, Morrison, Jo Ann .. Morrison, Ken . . 216, Morrison, Melinda 182, Morrison, Robert , , ,216, Morrison, William . .165, Morton, Geralynn 31, 182, Morton, James . . .. . Morton, Nancy . . 199 Morton, Wade . .. 216 Moseley, Harriet 199 Moseley, James .. 216 Moseley, Malcom . 199 Moseley, Vernette . Mosely, Elliott , Mosely, Rufus C.. .. 216 Moss, Dorothy ..... 199 Mrazek, Ursula Mudge, Gayle M. Mulleniks, Lu Ann Mullinax, Ellis T. 182 216 199 1 383 371 263 251 269 390 295 309 263 283 243 377 267 235 381 259 249 235 245 259 352 283 376 375 275 317 374 257 313 311 182 283 144 368 247 388 285 377 216 368 259 165 165 285 243 165 283 360 182 267 327 309 1 13 182 299 317 367 303 263 31 1 249 285 165 379 165 249 165 285 385 165 199 385 390 383 313 279 165 247 379 375 293 245 307 283 245 165 263 301 257 323 317 165 113 285 273 363 275 356 325 Mullins, Peggy Munro, Harold Munroe, Jim . Murphy, Becky Murray, Don ... ... Murrell, David Myatt, Mark , . .. Myers, Jo Ann . ... Myers, Joan E. ,... Myers, Nancy Lou . N Namie, Louis J. ,... . Neal, Ralph ... ... Neely, Raloh ,..,. Neely, Richard . ,. Neidenbach, Kenneth Neill, James K. ..,. . Neilson, Samuel .... Nelson, Bruce W. , Nelson, William F. Nesmith, Ray .. . Nettleman, N. D. .. Nettles, Bert 38, 147, 283, Neuteman, Nannette Nevin, Annette..182, Newson, Mary . . . Nichols, Bronnie Nichols, Gary 182, 196, Nichols, Garv .... Nichols, Herbert 165, Nichols, James . Nicholson, Dianne .. Nicol, Nancy ..... Nicrosi, Charles Nix, Jerrv ..,., Noblin Geor e 1 9 Noel. Nelson 199, Nooiin, Frank , Norcutt, Marianne . Norred, Betty . Norred, Betty 275, Norton, James C. Northcutt, Marianne Norwood, Marlynn Noves. Edward ,.,. Null, Charles L. Nunnally, Edward R. Nutting, Norwood , O Oahley, William . , Oakley. Annie . Oaks, Vernon O'Connor, Randolph O'Daniel, Judy 182, O'Flinn. Marv R. 216, 229, 249, Ogletree, Alice 165, 249, O'Hara, Jo Ellen 26, O'Hara, Sharon . .. Olds, Sylvia , Olive, David . . . Oliver, Dewey . Oliver, Marv Louise 24, 199, 228, Oliver. Samuel . .. O'Melia, Thomas ,. O'Neal, Eleanor .. O'Neal, Gyle E. .. O'Neal, John . O'Neil. Janet Ornstein, Melvyn H. O'Steen. Gary . Ostrovsky, Rapheal 165, Oswalt. Louida Otev. Emeline , Overbey, William Overstreet, Donald . Owen, Owen, Owens, Arthur , Owens, Arthur H. , Owens, Jimmy R. .. Owens, Johnnv C, D. . Sandra . , 199, 291, 353, Owens, Robert .. Owens. Sandra L. Ozarowski, Peter C. P Packard, Myrtice . Padaett. Jo Anne Paae, Maraaret 23, Pailet, Marilyn . . Poke, Lee , , Palmer, Fred 167, 234, 235, 182, 216, 165, 165, 165, 165, 216, 199, 216, 182, 216, 199, 165, 165, 350, 257, 165, 283, 199, 324, 182. 199, 182, 165, 216, 285, 216, 355, 199, 216, 182, 216, 199, 165, 243, 332. 356, 165. 182, 182, 216. 199, 267. 165, 199 216, 216, 216 113, 295 216 216: 216 182i 199 216, 367 167 216 216 199 199 216 293 I 363 305 383 216 385 372 235 245 390 199 236 182 182 307 307 293 313 299 299 369 377 351 360 383 390 216 384 293 325 199 251 249 313 299 297 384 313 377 165 365 293 165 182 216 323 303 182 319 263 385 229 375 333 376 259 275 263 321 371 356 313 216 165 325 283 275 279 379 3519 275 267 167 236 291 263 291 317 386 384 283 216 281 167 243 275 247 327 371 Palmer, Palmer, Hosell ..,. Sandra ...,. Palughi, Joe ...... Pannell, Henrieta Paper, Paul ..,.. 167, Park, David ........ Parker, Ann ....... Parker, George ..... Parker, James C.. .. Parker, Nancy D. .. Parker, Phyllis..182, Parker, Rennie ...... Parker, Robert H.. . . Parker, Sally ....,.. Parks, John C. ..... . Parnell, Jimmy .,... Parnett, Stanley 83, 167, 351, Parr, Jerry .....,.. Parrent, Walter .... Parrish, Rodney .... Parson, Don ........ Partlow, Rosa ...... Partlow, William ... Partridge, Thad ..... Partridge, Vearn .,.. Pate, Barbara ..... Pate, E arl H. .. , 199, 182, 279, 147, 182, 216, 255, 199, 167, 216, 182, 279, 369, 199, 216, 1 13, 167, 199, 216, 182, Pate, Wesley . 216, 307, Patiky, Marilyn L .... .216, Patterson, Jewel .... 216, Patterson, Tom .,....... Patterson, Thomas 167, 304, Pattillo, C. J. .,......,. , Patton, James ....... , . Paul, Kenneth ...... 182, Payne, Jack .... ..216, Payne, Robert ..216, 291, Peacock, Barbara ....... Peacock, Carolyn ....... Peacock, Hansel.167, 313, Pearlman, Edwin ...199, Pearson, Colonel ....... Pearson, Dolores . Pearson, Elizabeth. . .182, Pearson, James .... 199, Pearson, Ralph ,........ Peery, Jeanette 198, 199, 255, Peques, Joseph R. 182, 374, Peirce, Albert ...... 216, Pemberton, Margaret . , Pena, Sylvia ........ 167, Pender, Alton ...... 182, Penfield, Irvin ...... .. Penhale, Jean .......... Penn, A.J. ......... Pennel, Mary Catherine 182, 265, 360, Pennington, Martha. . Perdue, Sue . ..... . Perkins, Carol ..,,.. Perkins, Gail ,....,. Perkins, George Perleman, Sammy .... Perlman, Samuel D... Perrett, William .... Perry, Del ...,. Peterson, Palmer .. Petersen, Suzanne 167, Petrey, Curtis . 216, Petrey, John ,....... Petrey, Robert .,.... Petts, lvan ..... .. Petty, Bill Petty, Camellia A. 199, 267, 259, 216, 364, 182, 245, 282, 167, 216, 275, 182 167, 269, 216 113 167, 167 216 199 199 199 182 199, Perkins, Carol . . , Perkins, Gail ....,. Pheloh, Claud ...... Phillips, Abram . Phillips, Deanna 167, Phillips, Douglas ,... Phillips, Gary ,. ... Phillips, Glenn ... Phillips, Harold ... Phillips, James .... Phillips, James F... Phillips, Martha ...., Phillips, Mary Ann. Phillips, Robert . .. Phillips, Wyner .. . Pierce, Thomas . , . Pierson, Sara J.. . . Pihard, Frances . . Pinckney, Connie Pinkston, Becki , Pinkston, Charles , , Pipes, Claude Pitt, Patsy Pittman, Walter Gay 82, 167, Pitts, Dan .....,... Pitts, Lauden ,... .. Pitts, Morris ......, Poe, William 167, 285, 418 182 199 167 167 199 318 199 216 352 r 1 I 1 1 I I f 1 ' .xl 372 243 386 265 367 293 167 31 1 285 216 377 249 182 267 291 291 350 382 325 283 216 379 267 289 321 289 182 1 82 354 247 243 385 305 388 1 1 3 235 31 3 385 1 99 1 82 364 295 167 167 265 301 167 363 235 311 167 253 287 383 167 369 388 249 182 356 387 293 384 295 199 182 361 387 283 283 31 1 369 378 356 199 199 307 291 388 299 379 378 367 291 1 82 263 243 31 1 291 319 267 182 259 255 385 303 363 319 133 305 287 384 Pollard, Margie.216, 271 Ponder, Fred ......, 216, Poole, J. P. ........ 113, Poole, Martha 21, 82, 167, Pope, Max 25, 32, 82. 350, Porch, Bobby ....... 167 1 f Porter, Berry . . . . . .199 Porter, David .. ...199 Porter, Gwen ....... Posey, Carol ........ 216 377 325 379 267 167 351 299 245 321 216 271 Potts, Sherman ..... 216 285 Powell, Dot 83, 163, 167, 269 355, 356, 382 Powell, Fred .,...... 147 309 Powell, James ..,.., 216 319 Powell, Mary ....... 167 265 Powell, Sondra ........ 167 Powell, Steve ...... 167 317 Powell, Wayne ...... , 167 Powers, Jack ....... 182 303 Poynor, Wilmer S. 182, 235, 313 Prater, Jerry ........ .. 293 Prater, Mary Jane...216 263 Prestwood, Linda . . . . . 216 Prewitt, George ..... 216 311 Price, Bobby ........ . 293 Price, Grady ....,.. 167 325 Price, Joe ...... 199, 313 353 Price, Mariorie A. ..,. 199 245 Price, Martha ....,... 216 255 Prichard, Robert l. ......, 313 Prichett, Margaret 23, 355 Pride, Goodloe ..... 218, 313 Prince, Terry ....... 199 295 Pritchett, Jerry ....., 218, 311 Pritchett, Margaret 167, 264, 265 Proctor, Patricia 199, 269, 356 Prokop, Lucille ..... .. 167 Propst, Charlie ..... 218, 313 Prout, Ann C.. . .24, 257, 356 Pruett, James ....... ,. 289 Pruett, Leone ....... 218, 257 Pugh, Loretta ..,.... . 167 Pugh, Margaret 218, 275 Pugsley, John Gordon 167, 285 Purdy, Loretta .......... 167 Pyle, Jerry ...,........ 385 Pyle, Maraaret Ann, . 251 Pyron, William ..... 199, 325 Q Quarles, Michael 199, 287, 384 R Ragone, Barry. .218, 315, 354 Ragsclale, George 167, 285, 352, 384 Raasdale, James Sterling 303 Raiford, Margaret . . . , . 275 Rainer, Mary A. ....,... 199 Rainer, Maurine 199, 265, 363, 382 Ramirez, Jack ,. ..., 167 Ramsey, Randolph D. 303 Ramsay, Rebecca .. 218, 267 Ramsden, Bill ... .. 167 Randall, Annette . . 267, 356 Randolph, Richard R. 199, 289 Rankin, Ann ..167, 265, 388 Rapp, Frederika . . . 255, 383 Rapp, Pamela .....,... 218 Ratcliff, Donald ..,,. . 384 Ratliff, Donald ...,. 184, 321 Ratner, David 218, 279 Rausa, Frank .... . 218 Rawls, W. F. . . 218, 369 Ray, Susan C. .... 199, 245 Rayfield, Martha , . . 199, 271 Rayfield, Robert . . . 184, 325 Rearden, Lee ...... 199, 305 Reaves, Emily ., 23, 184 Reaves, Pete .. .. 379 Redd, Uhland .. . 167, 313 Redding, Judy , 218, 263 Redus, Jerome 83, 167, 285 351, 384, 390 Reeder, John .,.., . 362 Reese, John .... 199, 287 Reeves, Ben 18, 19, 25. 48, 75 147, 301, 350, 351 Reeves, Claude .. 199, 265 Reeves, Maxwell L. 184, 235, 283, 379 Reeves, Robert, ,184, 313, 384 Reid, Louise . .... . 144 Reid, Lowell .,... 184, 317 Reid, Nan ......,,. Reid, Thomas . . . . . Reid, William E.. , .. Reinhardt, Joyce 167, Reiss, Tamara ...,,. Reitman, Barbara S. Reitner, Suzanne .... Relfe, Julien M. Renaud, Sandra Reynolds, Joyce Richard, James Richardson, Beth 199, Richardson, Crell Richardson, George Richerson, Gordon. . . Richerson, Thomas Richey, Albert .... Richie, Al ..,,... Richmond, Beverly .. Rickles, Gordon .... Riddle, Bonnie ...... Riela, James . ,... Rindsey, Kay . , . . . Ritchie, Lonnie Robbins, Richard . . . Roberts, Barbara .. Roberts, Claire 217, 218, 269, Roberts, Claire .,,.. Roberts, Elaine . . . Roberts, Frances . , Jack. . .167 Roberts, Roberts, Jim ... .... Roberts, Jim ... ,... Roberts, Ken ...,... Shermon . Thomas . . . Roberts, Roberts, Robertson, Bruce Roberson, Cloie 184 Robinson, Charles .,. Robinson, Joseph Robinson, Ronald . . . Robinson, Sydney Robinson, Robison, Rockett, Winola . . Johnny . .. Rodenbough, John .. Bonnie S.. Josephine Rodgers, Rodgers, 31, 184, Rodgers, Marguerite. Rodgers, Roebuck, Rogenthal, Charles . Rogers, Rogers, Bonnie S., . . Rogers, Lawrence . Rogers, Mary L.. . . . Rogers, Stanley Roldan, Rolfe, Rollings, Robert Rollins, Donald . . Ronsonet, Norbie .. Roose, Sara ,..,,.. Kay , .... . Rose, Kent ........ Rosa,Mary Roseman, Marcia . . . Rosen, Gary A. 201, Rosenbaum, Joan Rosenblum, Herbert Rosenblum, Stanley. Rosinski, Klaus . .. Ross, John ...... 184, Ross, M. M. 23, 169, Rotch, William Rotenstreich, James . , Roth, Martha Jo .. Rottenberg, Allan Rouse, Edgar 169, Rowen, Edward . , . Rowan, Helen . ., Rowe, Justine , . . . Rowland, Polly . . . Roy, Jim . ..169, Rubel, Sandra . Rubenstein, Sandi 201, 261, 356, Rudd, William ... Ruffin, Jan . , ., Rumsey, Claude C.. Runnyon, Larry . ,. . Rush, Jeannine D... Rushin, Carlton . Russell, Betty 169, Russell, Mary A.. .. Russman, Sharon .. Rutherford, William Rutledge, Jack . ,. Rutledge, Jerry . . . Rutledge, William E. Ryals, Jarvis .. ,... Ryan, Betty . . . Ryan, Beverly . . . 1 199, Thomas , . William . Bobby 184, B., .169, 301, Jerome 218, 245 252, 218, 199, 218 199 199 218 269, 1 67 21 sf 218 '218' 167, 377, 167, 369 199, 218, 113, 147, 256, 199, 184, 169, 243, 169, 218, 353, 199, 243, 199, A 42991, 169, 360, 169, 236, 201 , 113, 218, 218, 169, 184, 278, 218, 201, 218, 299, 246, 169, 307, 169, 169, 201 . 228, 218, 382, 218, 184, 184, 218, 360, 169, 201, 362, 169, I r I 1 1 I 1 356 184 184 253 273 261 273 293 273 218 297 360 309 199 317 317 167 351 218 307 199 281 356 167 366 218 388 249 218 375 371 313 313 379 167 169 301 271 293 313 325 356 386 184 313 362 263 356 275 21 8 382 327 374 356 169 257 219 390 257 317 201 379 275 283 265 261 279 247 169 295 305 368 169 201 327 201 169 369 385 255 265 255 317 247 389 236 269 184 311 255 283 377 265 1 1 1 218 113 218 319 384 355 269 321 S Sabesan, Sheldon .,., St. George, Michael .. 201 Salay, James W.. . .. Salkin, Jay ......... 169 Salvo, Barbara ......,. Salzman, Stephen . Sampietro, Donald J. 184 Sample, Steve . . . Sams, George . 169, Sampson, Jerry . ,. Samson, Sarah . .. Sanders, Jane .,.. Sanders, J. E. 184, 235, Sanders, Jimmy .. , Sanders, Marsha . . . Sanders, Ronald Sanders, Sally 218 Sanders, Shirley ... Sandlin, Don .,.,.. Sandlin, Fairee ... Sandlin, Wes ..., Sanford, Sallie . . Sansing, Walter , Sargent, Sylvia 23, 169, Satterwhite, Gordon Saunders, Jane . . , Saunders, Lauree ,.,. Saunders, Marsha , , Savitsky, Stephen Sawyers, Ann ..... Scanlon, Susan ... Scarborough, Miriam Scarborough, Rex .. Scarbrough, Wilson Scarvey, Stanley ., Schall, Frances Schoumberg, Wenda 218 377 299 218 218 293, 1 ski, 229 201' '201 184 248, 201, 169, 184, 184 218 218, 169, 201 , I I f I I Schear, Sharon ,,,. 218, Schell, Patsy ,.... 218, Schenck, Henry . . . 218, Schenck, Jean G. .. 201, Scheuer, Harriet 201, 247, Schilleci, Charlene . 218, Schimmel, Charles .. Schlesinger, Benny . 218, Schmid, Julie E. 184, Schmid, Nancy K. ., 201, Schmidt, Janie .... . Schmidt, Mary J. , . .184, Schmitt, Robert .,... . Schneck, David . . 169, Schneider, Steve 201, Schoel, Jerry , ,. 218, Schoewarts, Aaron Schoenwitz, Aaron 169, Schoppert, John . , , 201, Schor, John .....,.. 218, Schrager, Martin 184, Schroeck, Pamela Jo 201, Schruggs, Linda , . . Schuman, Kenneth 184, Schuster, Jill . 201, Schutt, Martv . 218, Schwartz, Eli 201 279, Schwenn, Robert P. . . Scott, Clarence , . . . , Scott, Darrel J. Scott, David . . 169, Scott, David . 201, Scott, Edward . . . . . , Scott, James ..,. . . Scott, Learant . ., 184, Scott, Ralph . Screws, Josephine 184, Scrivener, Wayne . ,.., . Scruggs, Lindo J. ...,. , Seale, Barbara Seale, John 29, 218, 301, Seale, Walter ...,.,. Searcy, Vicky 201, 271, 356, Seay, Teddy . . . . . Sebasan, Sheldon . Sechriest, Lauren 184, 287, Sedenquist, Helen Seeley, Caroline , . , 169, Segal, Jerald ,.,.. 169, Segars, Neil . 184, Segers, Wyatt L, . 201, Segrest, Brownard Segrest, Jere ., 184, 293, Seibert, John . , Selber, lna . 201, Self, Corrie . , , . . 169, Self, Earle 201, Self, Mary E. 23, 201, Seligman, Sandi 201 247, Sellers, Josephine . 218, Sellmann, Hennie . 184, Seltzer, Georgie . 201, Sennett, Jeff . ,. 315 218 281 315 218 218 325 378 367 291 267 169 353 218 169 325 267 364 325 377 305 257 113 249 321 245 365 390 315 267 275 259 287 378 367 169 21 8 261 243 313 249 382 263 21 8 295 267 267 388 259 358 315 317 303 385 279 303 293 315 259 279 247 253 385 184 147 201 299 325 364 147 287 169 267 364 257 201 353 201 363 218 218 362 360 257 315 287 325 147 371 169 273 299 299 263 377 275 267 273 351 f Senter, Sara ......., 218, Seplow, Frederick 169, 327, Sessions, Melissa 24, 218, Sewell, Landis . .,.. . Sewell, Rudy .,,... 218 Sewell, Tommy ... 218 Sexton, David , . . . . Shanks, George . . . 184 Shanks, Robert T., . . , . Shapero, Amy ,.,... 169 Shapherd, Robert ..., . Shapiro, Harold .... 169, Shapiro, Judy .. ...218 Shaver, Charles .... 218 Shavitz, Gail ...... V Shaw, Larry ....... 169 Shearer, Robert .... 169, Sheffield, Betty . , . . , Shelby, Richard .... 147, Shelton, Harriet S.. . 184, Shelton, Larry .. .,.. Shenk, Howard F. 26, 201 234, 308, 309 353, Shents, Viola ..... . Shepard, Joan .,.. 218, Shepherd, Jerry .... 201, Shepherd, Robert 184 301, Sheppard, Patsy , . . 218, Sherling, Katie L. .... 184, Sherman, Gayle 169 272, Sherman, Patricia ,... Sherman, Sylvia . . . Shewell, Judith .... 218, Shirley, Dianne . , . 23, Shoemaker, John R. 201, Shotts, James ..... 201, Shumake, Diane . . , 184, Sibley, Gordon , . . . 201, Sibley, Que . ,... 169, Siegal, Alan M. 184, 279, Siegel, Barbara ,... 218, Sigler, James R. .,.. 184, Sikes, Anita ....,.. . . Silver, Mike ...201, 327, Simmons, James . . . , . Simms, Maurine ... 184, Simon, Mary A. 201, 275, Sims, John ....... ..., Sims, Kathryn ..,,. 184, Sims, Wayne .... 113, Sington, David 84, 113, 165, 229, Skelton, Larry ..169, 309, Skinner, Cecil ..... 169, Skinner, Leighton . . , Skinner, Maiorie . . . 218, Skinner, Richard . . . 218, Slaton, Edward . . . 218, Sloan, Carlos . ... . Sloan, James . .. 218, Slobig, Jo Ann . .. 201, Smelley, Joyce , . , . . Smilie, Datherine . , Smilie, Katherine .... Smith, Alice R. ... ,. Smith, Anne M. .. 184, Smith, Ba .,.. 218, 228, Smith, Barbara .,... 218, Smith, Beverly .... 169, Smith, Bobby. . .113, 165, Smith, Bradley .... 169, Smith, Carolyn F. 201, 275, 363, Smith, Charles . 218, Smith, Charles. 201, 287, Smith, Don .,., 218, Smith, Doren . .169, 253, Smith, Dorothy ,... . , Smith, Edward , ,. , 218, Smith, Frances 218, 271, Smith, Fred 218, 281, 384, Smith, Fred .. ... 201, Smith, Harwood .. Smith, Hugh H. 184, Smith, Imogene ,. 201, Smith, Joan .. ..,. 220, Smith, Julia . , .. Smith, Linda G. .. , 201, Smith, Lowell ,... . 184, Smith, Ocllo B. . . 220, Smith, Penelope S. 220, Smith, Rebecca A... 220, Smith, R. E. 184, 364, 317, 352, Smith, Russel .. ... ., Smith Sandra . . Smith, Susan .. 220, Smith, Thomas ,. , 184, Swith, Tyler ...,... 201, Smith, Ward . ... , .. Smith, Welby 169, 228, 298, 261 385 259 201 269 283 184 319 388 247 169 279 247 291 383 299 291 201 287 259 184 236 384 375 275 291 31 1 377 265 273 218 201 259 377 317 319 255 299 269 364 273 305 218 382 218 245 363 236 271 379 379 364 283 218 249 305 301 236 368 263 372 275 169 201 265 249 271 275 379 367 369 287 369 351 356 363 303 375 385 303 169 299 267 267 359 267 323 257 275 253 387 220 220 245 313 319 144 299 Smith, Wesley ...... 169, Smith, William , ..... 220, Smith, William G..,201, Smitherman, Charlotte A.. Smitherman, Thomas Smithey, Waylon . . . Snead, Robert ,..... Snodgrass, John D... Snow, Chester . . . . . 220, 169, 184, 201 , 249 301 325 220 383 184 323 293 319 245 291 Snyder, Nancy . .... 169, Sockwell, James ,.... 184, Solomon, Donald 21, 200, 201, Solomon, Helene. . . 220, Solomon, James .,.. 147, Solomon, Phyllis , . .220, Solomon, Ted .,.,.., . 297, Soteres, Pete ., 201, South, Forrest .,......, Sowell, Betty 301 247 309 273 171 362 147 201, 267, 363, 356 Sox, Jeff ..,.,.,.. 220, 311 Sox, Joe H. .,...... 184, 311 Spafford, Gordon ,...., 364 Spall, Robert ..... 171, 323 Spangler, Charles . 171, 317 Spann, Adril ....,..,.. 366 Speake, Susan ,.., 184, 265 Speaks, Janis W. 201, 228, 243, 356 Spector, Robert , , . , . 220 Spencer, George W. 201, 317, 362, 384 Spencer, Clifford M. 220, 301, 388 Spencer, Exton L. 201, 301, 362 Spencer, James ..... 171, 283 Spencer, Laura .,,... 184, 259 Spencer, Susanne ..., 220, 259 Spenser, Lee , ,,.... . 353 Sport, William M .,... 220, 297 . . . , 113 Spruiell, Jerry . . Strickland, Strickland, Ewin Strickland, Mary Strickland, Strickland, Susan Strong, Charles Strother, Haas .,.... Strub, Nancy R. Strum, Dick ..,. Stuart, Leslie , Stubbs, Eugenia L. Stutts, Russell , Suddeth, John ,.... Suggs, Rachel Sullivan, Abbie Sullivan, Eugene 186, Sullivan, Kenneth .. Sullivan, Rayford Sulzby, James F. 186, 235, Summerford, Rodney Summerville, Bessie Sumrall, Oliphant Sumrall, Warren .... Surtees, Emily .,.,.. Clyde H... Robert , . , Spruill, G. S., ,, .... .. 359 Spurlin, Richard ,... 171, 364 Stabler, Louise A. 184, 257 Stabler, Ronald 220, 254, 319 Stacy, David L.. .201, 313, 353 Stacy, Roy .... 184, 323 Staggers, Ernest . . . 184, 293 Stahlnecker, Virginia .... 171 Standridge, Melvin .... 184 Stanworth, Melvin 34, 171 Stapp, l-aurien .. . , . 113 Starr, Toby ..... 184, 273, 360 Stedman, Stephanie. 184, 275 Steed, Sally C. ..... 220, 255 Steffen, Willodene . ..., 201 Stegemeyer, Lee. 33, 144, 287 Stephens, Carol 201, 255, 388 Stephens, Gary ..... 220, 309 Stephens, James . . . 201, 299 Stephens, Martha Ann 184, 377 Stephenson, Bruce . . .366, 374 Stephenson, Marlo 19, 23, 25, 42, 84 167, 171, 228, 257 346 388 Stephenson, Peggy ..201 251 Stevens, Patience ,.., 171 271 Stevens, Rebecca 201, 271, 356, 382 Stevens, Thomas . . . 220 301 Stevenson, Joan .... 220 253 Stevenson, Michael J. 220, 307 Stevenson, Tilford 364 Stewart, Beverly .. 201 275 Stewart, Carolyn L.. 201 368 Stewart, David L. .... . 220 Stewart, Jack . . . 220 291 Stewart, Kyle P.. ,. ,. 359 Stewart, Patricia . . . . . 171 Stewart, Richard 220 287, 311 Stewart, William . , . 171 Stewart, William .. , . 186 Stickney, Red . 113 379 Stilwell, Gail ... 201, 255 Stites, Joan G. .. 201, 269 Stokes, Darius T. .. 201 293 Stokes, David , 201 309 Stolar, Larry . . .,.. 350 Stoler, Lenny .,... , 351 Stone, Edward . , , 171 305 Stone, Melvyn D.. . . , . . 220 Stone, Rickie ..,.,.. 389 Stone, Rochelle . . . 201, 247 Stone, Thomas W. 186, 297, 360, 374 Stovall, James 147, 301 352 Stove, Charles , . . . 201 Stover, Sally ., 186 255 Stowe, Robert R. ,. , .. 203 Strafford, Chester 362 Strauss, Joel ,,... 220 315 Street, Richard .,.,..... 367 Strickland, Bryon 203, 289, 362, 367 384 220, 203, 171, 203, 186, 171, 203, 203, 220, 17, 203, 302, 220, 301, W. 203, 186, 147, 186, 203, Sute, Lois ..... 171, Suttle, Joy ..,. 171, Suttle, Roger . 171, 293, Sutton, Ann ....., 171, Sutton, Robert , . . . . Swearinger, James. , ,186, Swift, Bill ....,...,.,.. Swindle, James ..,., . Swithers, Caroline . .171, T Talbert, Shelley .... 203, Tally, Nancy .... 203, Tampary, Constantine 220, TaPPt Marella ... 186, Tarter, James R. 220, Tartt, Allen 35, 85, 171, Tartwater, Sidney .. .171, Tate, Jimmie ....,... Tate, Philip ,,.,.. 220, Tatum, Charles ,... Taub, Alan ..,.. 171, Taylor, Betty J. ,.... 220, Taylor, Casandra .... . Taylor, Dolly ...,.,. 186, Taylor, Emory ......,.. Taylor, Hiram ... .. ... Taylor, Lloyd .,.... . . . Taylor, Milford ..., 220, Taylor, Richard ..... 186, Taylor, Ted . , , . . 220, Taylor, Topsy . .,.,.,. , Taylor, Waights 171, 289, Teague, James ..,.. 203, Teaque, Nancy ........, Tendrich, Steven . . , 220, Terry, Bettye . , . . . 220, Terry, Dorothy 203, 257, Terry, Joseph , , . Tesney, Fred . . , 186, Tew, Roy ... ... 186, Thagard, Josephine . 203, Theurer, Penelope 169, 171, 259, Thistle, Neil ., 171 234, Thomas, Edward . . , 220 Thomas, Gary D. ,.... 203, Thomas, James ,. , . ,. Thomas, Janet . . . , 186 Thomas, Lamar 171, 285, 364 Thomas, Sarah . .... 186, Thomas, Virginia 203, 229, Thomas, William . . . 186, Thomas, William . . . 220, Thomason, William 203 Tompkins, William . . Thompson, Annie L. 171 Thompson, Charles . 220 Thompson, Dewey . , 220, Thompson, Fagan 186, 287, Thompson, Lucretia A. Thompson, James . . . . 186, Thompson, Mary . , . 220, Thompson, Philip .. 220, Thompson, Robert , 171, Thompson, Sue A. .. 171, Thompson, Tommy . 203, Thorburn, Robert . . . Thorne, Dorothy D.. . ,186, Thornton, Robert 171, 325, 371, Thornton, Sandra .. , Thrasher, Helen .. Thrower, Janice .... 220 Thurman, Andrew . 220, Thurston, H. S. 289 301 377 325 249 220 283 259 379 289 243 1 13 307 171 249 303 319 220 371 287 255 317 323 271 259 257 364 249 186 321 366 171 359 275 275 309 257 299 283 313 203 309 203 315 245 220 255 171 171 374 297 297 305 171 374 289 144 315 257 186 291 372 257 388 323 285 368 385 245 384 269 265 301 323 321 171 388 293 321 385 220 364 243 325 317 265 309 171 255 382 186 171 271 325 372 Tilley, John A. ........ , Tillman, Tommy 27, 35, 203, 319, Tims, Frank ....... 186, Tingle, Glenda , .. 220, Tiossem, Judy , . .186, Todd, Gloria. . .171, 263, Todd, James . ,.... 220, Todd, Mary... .111, 186, Tolson, Susan ,.... 186, Tompkins, William ... ,. Topazi, Gerald .,., 186, Toranto, Judy ,.,.. 186, Torbert, Leon ...... 220, Torlorici, Frank .,.,. Tortorice, Rose ,.,.. 220, Towles, Kathleen . . ,220, Townes, Beverly . . . 203, Townsend, John . 220, Tranter, William ....... Travis, Neal ,.....,. ,. Traylor, Homer .,.... 203, Traylor, Randy . ., 220, Treherne, Dorothy 220, Trent, Brenda , 203, 229, Trent, Jere ..,., 186, Trice, Marilyn .,... 203, Trowbridge, Edwin 203, Tucci, Charles ,. ,... Tucker,Jim.,........ Tucker, Sue A. ,.... 186, Tunnell, Shirley .... 203, Turcotte, Earnest ,... 171, Turer, Allen ,....,.. 186, Turetzky, Joel ...,, 186, Turner, Clarence ,.... . Turner, James D. .. 203, Turner, Jane ,..111, 186, Turner, Jerry ,.,. ,.... Turner, Laura .... 220, Turner, Mary . ...171, Turner, Rex H. ,..,. 186, Turner, Robert .,......, Turner, Roma 356, 360, Turner, Sarah ...... 171, Tuthill, Dorothy A., . . Tye, Marvin F. .... 186, Tyson, Norma Jean .,.. W Wachs, Arthur , 171, Wacker, Carolyn . . , 222, Waddell, Gerald 34, 85, 361, Waddle, Nancy . . . 222, Wade, Curran 171, 310, 311, Wages, Hugh .,... 173, Waigand, Tommy 222, Waite, Frances . . , 222, Waites, Carol , ..., 173, Waits, Ewell ...222, 297, Walburn, James . ..222, Waldrop, Dwight D., . .. Waldrop, Jacquelyn . ., Walker, Carol L. .... 186, Walker, Chester . . . , Walker, George . 173, Walker, Janis 28, 221, 222, Walker, Rufus , . . 203, Walker, Sandra .,.. Walker, Stanley .... 222, Walker, Thomas . . , 222, Wallace, Gerald 84, 147, Wallace, Jerry ..,.. 222, Wallace, Jimmy 147, 316 Wallace, Jo Ann .. 222 Wallace, Marshall . 222, Wallace, Mildred ....,. Wallenfang, Barbara 23, 84, 173 259, 355, Walsh, Jim . . 186, Walson, Milton , ..,,... Wamble, James E.. .,.. Wamble, Mickey . . . , Ward, John . 186 Ward, Virginia .. , 222 Warren, Leonard . . 186 Warren, Rebecca 203, 255, Warrick, Carol . .. , 186 Warshaw, Ann . 222 Watson, Davy , . , . . . . Watson, John C. ,. , . Watt, Oscar ., . Weatherford, Anne 186, 259, Weaver, Bette 24, 173, 269, Weaver, Billy , Weaver, Laura., 24, 222 Webb, Angie S. 203, Webb, Elizabeth N. 186 Webb, Lila ., .,,... 173 Webb, Rex . 222, Webster, Billy , , .... Webster, James ..,. . , . Webster, Mrs. James ,... Webster, Ronald .. 222 203 353 305 275 251 380 291 257 271 291 281 273 289 306 377 249 245 325 220 367 291 325 243 255 293 243 311 220 367 249 243 379 315 315 171 321 265 186 263 275 297 203 363 265 203 323 220 279 263 366 269 385 287 291 271 269 354 319 186 203 249 222 313 259 313 222 321 303 317 317 377 305 222 258 356 303 278 372 368 293 259 307 375 259 247 186 186 144 356 355 372 269 249 267 249 299 222 173 173 323 419 1 285 85, 173 265 Weede, Betty June 186, Weil, Lesly A. . .. Weiler, Jerry Weinstein, Janice 85, Weir, Don . Weir, Phillip ...,,, Weiss, Arthur . Weiss, Buddy .. .. Weiss, Mariflo . .. Weissman, Jerry . . Welch, Jack . ,... . Welden, Charles ... Wellborn, Mary ... Well, Gilbert A. . . Wellman, Genie ,. Wells, India Marie . Wells, Jack 21, 171, Wengrow, Marcia ,. Wengrow, Maxine . Wesley, Buddy , West, Herbert H. .. West, Perry 111, 203, 311, West, Tom A. 222, West, Tommy 27, 203, Weston, John . 222, Whaley. Bob 21, Wheeler, Gerald Ray 293 Whisenhunt, Nina .. While, White White: White, While White While While White White While, White, While, 1 1 1 1 Billie A. Dossey . . . . . Franklin James . . . James M., . . , Jerry A. 203 John M. . . . , Jo Ann ...,. Julia Ann . . . Robert 222, 299, Thomas 173, 299, Tom 113, 202, Tommy . . Whitehead, Charles . 1 377 247 291 247 309 309 299 385 273 295 366 293 265 388 243 222 319 173 247 379 287 371 353 371 354 309 377 259 305 297 309 31 1 325 313 275 271 374 362 293 379 366 Whitehead, Jacob . Whitehead, Van ... Whitley, John 173, 296, 297, Whitman, N. S. Whitmire, Gail .. Whitlmann, Michael Widak, Raymond .. Wideman, Hampton Widener, Ronald P. 186 Wilbanks, Bobby 31 Wilbanks, Danny.. Wilbanks, R. M.. . .. Wilcox, Charles 222 Wilder, Charlotte . Wildmon, Joe ...,. Wilkensky, Allan 203 Wilkerson, Mallory Wilkins, Ann ,... Wilkins, Beverly Wilkins, Dorothy .. Wilkinson, Ann ... Wilkinson, Jane ... Wilkinson, J. R. .... Wilkinson, Martha Wilks, Paul ,.,.,. Willett, Roy S. .... . Williams, Ann R. 186, 256, Williams, Billie ... Williams, Carole ..., Williams Earl ....,. Williams, Fraser . Wililams, Gerry G. Williams, Jackie .. Williams James ... Williams Jesse .... Williams, John ...., Williams Lamar ... Williams, Manly .. Williams, Martha ... Williams, Merry L. . Williams Nancy .. Williams, Paul . ... Williams Raymond . Williams, Robbins . 385 173 222 354 186 222 325 186 173 291 222 295 186 186 173 173 222 267 222 203 .17,3. 203 173 222, 366, 222 203, 203, V222 zosf 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 368 371 387 289 243 368 281 236 378 287 309 352 378 173 285 384 269 375 259 222 267 249 386 319 386 375 251 243 173 287 245 243 222 283 374 203 291 359 257 249 173 297 283 Williams, Williams, Rose Mary Roy ..,.. Williams, Shirley .. Williams, Stanley 21, 186, Williams, Walton E.. Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Willingham, Edward, Julian . Mildred Nelda K. Lynn 85, 173, Willis, Albert ...... Willis, Larry Willison, Robert .,., Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson, Albert . . And hy Annie ... . Cecil .,..... Wilson, Charlie F.. .. Wilson, Judith V. ., Wilson Louie 173, Wilson Raymond .... Wilson Robert 173, 291, Wilson, Robert . . Wilson Sharroll ..., Wilson Wheeler .... Wilson, William ,... Wiltsie, Donna ,.,.. Wiltsin, Donna .... Windham, William 173, Windle, Emily .,.,,. Wingard, Henry .... Winslett, Louise 186, Winslead, Beth A.... Winton, Gail ...... wiffh, sybii .,.,., warm, Sybil 24, iss, 255, Wise, Mack ........ Witt, Gerald ...... Wittenstein, Joe . , , Wittman, Charles Wittman, Ellen 203, Wolk, Gary ...,.... Wolson, Milt . .... Womble, Mickey 24, 222, 420 222, 222, 287 203 222 222 222 257, .2.o.3. 1 47 .364 173 203 309, 222 311 222 173 173 229, 203, 267, 203 173 356, 1 13, 203, 222, 243, 173, 173, 223, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 243 307 222 352 297 299 362 267 186 380 366 325 317 378 384 359 384 263 356 352 305 364 186 253 297 375 203 235 245 173 382 275 265 380 380 379 186 290 305 356 279 279 243 Wood, Bobby ,.... Wood, Janella ..,. Wood, Jerry ....... Wood, Jim 203, 297 381, 382 Wood, Lawrence 186, Wooclfin, William D. Woodham, David . Woodham, Emily . Woodman, Bobbie , Woodruff, Lucia . . Woodruff, Roy ..... Woodson, Mina Woodward, Bascome Woodward, James . Woody, Rhett ..... Word, Dianne ..... Wortham, Harold D. Wright, Bill ....... Wright, Faye ...... Wright, Judith .... Wright, Margaret .. Wyatt, Sara ...... Wynne, Albert 173, 235 V Va lelto, Van Aller, Bob ..... Vandigritft, Earl 203 Van Horne, James 171, Vann, Carol . .... ., Vann, Linda Lee .... Van Roo, Margot ..,, Van Sant, Thomas ,... Van Tassel, Jo Ann 23, 186, 253, Varnon, Ann ........ Varnon, Carol A.. . .. Vaughan, Betty .... Vaughn, Billy. . .171, Vaughn, Dick ..... Vaught, Mary ..... Veal, David ...... Veve, Gino .. 1 1 Carl ..,... 1 351 265 299 371 387 285 293 369 222 173 257 283 243 379 173 309 249 325 222 173 359 173 245 313 379 317 367 299 263 249 255 323 365 356 263 364 388 203 171 352 388 Vickery, James Vickery, Mary Jo Viguerie, Allan C. 186, Vines, Bobby ....... Vines, Judson ,.,.. Vines, Kennelh ..... Vines, Nancy ...... Virtue, Jane ....... Vogel, Barbara 23, 171, Vought, Brenda .... Vowell, Ellen ... Y Yampolsky, Lawrence Yancey, Patricia .... Yanuck, Gilbert Yarbrough, Ralph .... Yarbrough, Sue ..... Yeamans, Anne L ..... Yeamans, Dorothe .. . Yeatman, Madrene .. 222, 222, 311 222 186' 171 260 186 203 24 222 186 186 203 203 1 1 1 Yeldell, James ...... 173, Yoder, Bob .... 203, York,Karen... Young, Anne . . ,. Young, Charles ..... 173, Young, Karen ..... 203, Young, Rochelle .... 222, Young, Terry ....... 222, Youngblood, Janice 222, Youngchild, Kenneth E. 203, Youngs, Franklin .... 222, Yow, Emily . ...... 173, Yutmeyer, Linda I. 186, 269, Z Zabana, Salim ...... .. Zeanah, Kay ...... 203, Zimmerman, Helen .. Zivitz, Clarence ..... Zivitz, Harrell ...... Zwerdling, Tzina .... 173, 222, 186, 222, 287 251 234 325 325 297 271 203 261 265 263 279 222 315 309 263 257 257 173 317 313 363 144 367 375 273 323 243 305 321 265 360 361 257 273 295 327 273 A AAUW .... . . , . , 4 376 "A" Club .. 379 Activities .... . .,.. . . . 10-87 Administration ........,. , . 88-107 Agnes Ellen Harris Club ..... 377 A,l.E.E. ..,...,................ ... 366 Air Force Cadet Officers Club 230 Alabama Cavaliers .......... . . . 378 Alabama Crimson Guard . . ,. . 237 Alabama Spirit Club .,.. ... 380 Alpha Beta Alpha . . 1 - - 375 Alpha Chi Omega ... --. 242 Alpha Delta Pi ..,... 244 Alpha Epsilon Delta . .. .. . 364 Alpha Epsilon Phi . .. ... 246 Alpha Epsilon Pi , . , . , . 278 Alpha Epsilon Rho . . . . . . 365 Alpha Gamma Delta . . . .. . 243 Alpha Kappa Psi . . . . , . 367 Alpha Lambda Delta . .. .. . 363 Alpha Phi .,...... H- 250 Alpha Psi Omega ,. , ... 368 Alpha Sigma Phi . . .. . 280 Alpha Tau Omega .,..... 282 Alpha Xi Delta ..,.,...... .. . 252 Army Cadet Officers Club . . , . , . 232 Arnold Air Society ,....... ., . 234 Arrival .........,........ . 12 Art ......,.....,,....,...... . . . 68 Arts and Sciences, School of . . . ,... . 98 Athletics .....,,..,....... 104-141 Aquatics . . . . . 67 AWS . . . . 22 B Bama Day . .. , ..,. . , 74 Band ..... . . 58 Baseball ... V.. 134 Basketball . . . . . . 128 Beauty Section .... 328-347 Beta Alpha Psi ...... ..... 3 69 Beta Gamma Sigma . . . . . . 357 Board of Publications . 25 Board of Trustees . . . . . . 92 C chi Alpha Phi .. ... .,. 370 Chi Omega .,,, . . . 254 Chi Phi ....,.,... . . . 284 Choral Group ...... . .. 54 Chemistry, School of . . . , . . 98 Classes .,....,.,.,.,. 142-237 Classes and In-between . . ..... 36 Commerce Association 4 . . . . 381 Commerce, School of . . . , 99 Concerts .....,..,.. . 50 Corolla ...,.,.,. , . . 26 Corolla Beauties ,..... . . . 334 Corolla Favorites ,...,.. . . . 342 Corolla Salutes-Faculty . . , . . 104 Corolla Salutes-Students .... . . . 145 Crimson-White ,,,.. .4,. . . . 30 Cotillion Club ... ... ... 382 D Debate ,..... , . . . . . 62 Debate Team ... ... 383 Dedication , . . . 8 Delta Chi .,...,... , , . 286 Delta Delta Delta . . . . , . 256 Delta Gamma ,...... , . , 258 Delta Kappa Epsilon , . . . 288 Delta Phi Epsilon . . . . , . 260 Delta Sigma Pi .. ,,. 371 Delta Tau Delta , , , , , 290 Delta Zeta ,.., . . , 262 eneral Index Denny Chimes ....... Dentistry, School of .. .. 87 99 Dorm life ....., ..., . . , 38 Drama ....... .... . . . 64 Druids ,., ,. --V 353 E Education, School of ..... . , . 100 Educational TV .,.,... ... 61 Engineering, School of . , . . . 100 Exams .,........ . , . . . 76 Extension Division . . . 101 F Freshman Advisory Council . , . . , 384 Freshman Class .,.,., . . . . . 204 Football ,.... . .. ... 110 G Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . . . , 358 Graduate School ..... , . , 101 Graduate Students . . . . . 144 Graduation ...... ..., 8 6 Greeks ..,..... 238-327 H Hillel .... ...t.. , . , 389 Holidays .,.. ...,.,... . . . 48 Homecoming ..,.....,. ..,. . . . 42 Home Economics, School of . . , , , . 102 l IFC .,.... , . .,.. , . . 276 Intramurals .. .., 140 J Jasons ........, ,..... . , . 350 Jasons Tapping . , . .. . 75 Junior Class ... .,. ... 174 K Kappa Alpha . ... .., 292 Kappa Delta ....,... . . . 264 Kappa Delta Pi ....,.. . . , 359 Kappa Kappa Gamma . .. . . . 266 Kappa Sigma ........ ... 296 L Lambda Chi Alpha ,...... 298 Law, School of . . . . . 102 Law Students . . . .. , 146 Lectures .... . M Mahout... ...,..... Married Life ......... Medicine, School of 50 34 40 .. ...103 Men's Glee Club ............. . . . 385 Men's Residence Hall Council . . , . . . 386 Military Classes .....,...,.... . , . 224 Miss Alabama ....,. . , . 347 Miss Homecoming ,... , . . 346 Mortar Board ..,...... , , . 355 Mortar Board Tapping .. . . . . 74 N Nursing, School of ...,.. .. 103 O Omicron Delta Kappa ,... , . , 351 Opera .......,......,.. .... 5 6 Organizations . . . 348-390 421 P Panhellenic Council ,.... Parties ,.,.,. .... Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Pi Pi Pi Beta Kappa Delta Kappa ., Delta Theta . . . Eta Sigma ..,.,. Gamma Delta .. Kappa Sigma , los ,..... . . Mu ........ Sigma Kappa . Upsilon Omicron Beta Phi ,..,. Kappa Alpha . Kappa Phi .. .. Pi Mu Epsilon ,,.. . President, University . . President's Family . . Press Club . ... ,.. Qu Q adrangle . ,.. R Radio .,.... ....... Registration .... . , Rel igious Life Rho Alpha Tau . RO TC ...... Rush . . S Sabre Air Command ....... Scabbard and Blade 4. Senior Class .. .. .. SG A ,,,. ..,..... Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu .. Sig Sig Sig Sig Sig ma Chi ,.,... ma Delta Tau . ma Nu .,..... ma Phi Epsilon .. ma Theta Tau . Sophomore Class . Spanish Club ....,. Springtime .....,,,.. . Stu Stu dent Life Committee .,.... dent Religious Association Symphony ,..,., ,..., , T Tau Beta Pi Tennis ..., Theta Chi ,. Theta Tau Theta Xi ,. Top Corolla Beauty ., Tra ck ..,...,....,. Triangle . TV W WABP ....,. Who's Who . Y YWCA... Z ZetaBetaTau.. .. Zeta Tau Alpha . , 240 46 358 375 300 362 302 304 387 268 306 360 270 308 310 372 90 91 373 352 60 16 70 354 224 14 236 235 148 18 312 314 316 272 318 320 376 188 388 72 25 390 54 361 137 322 374 324 332 138 356 61 60 78 388 326 274 DECLASSIFIEIJ THE THEME One . . . two . . . three of the most wonderful months of my life on an isle of paradise. Leisurally tucked away in the Bahamas is a string-shaped island known as Eleu- thera. And it was my once-in-a-life-time good fortune to have spent the sum- mer on the sandy- pink beaches of that island, working at a U. S. missile track- ing station. Three summer months full of sparkling fun and excitement! Each fleeting day brought me closer to my "R and Rv. To the missile men, "R dz Rv meant "Rest and Relaxation? My "R Sz RD was different. To me it meant "Return to Reality? Eleuthera was like a dream-a figment of my imagination. The calendar continually reminded me I would soon have to return to school . . . to editing a year- book . . . to reality. There were only a few days left until my "R Sz Rv would begin, and still unanswered was one probing question I had wrestled with all summer. What would be the theme of the Corolla? Iid given some sentimental thought to the idea of rockets and missiles, but with little hesitation the idea was quickly buried in my fast growing stockpile of rejected themes. "Missiles, was too trite. It hit me like a "ton of celestial bricksf, I suddenly knew that a rocket theme wouldnit be trite. To the con- trary, its timeliness could be interwoven into the tapestry of Capstone life in such a way as to elevate a simple theme to a theme of real significance. There was no doubt in my mind, as well as in the minds of others, that Dr. Rose's arrival at the University had ushered in a new era for Alabama. And more evidence of a new era at hand was the spring arrival of a new football coach, uBearv Bryant. The school year of 1958-1959 would mark the first full year for either at the University. And a full year had not yet elapsed since the successful launching of the first satel- lite, an event which was destined to thrust the world into a new era - a space era. Here was a perfect correlation,- timely for 1959, of less significance in 1960, and impossible to relate in 1958. It was either now in the ,59 Corolla or never. Also a definite significance lay in the fact that the missile that carried the first satellite into orbit for the United States was made in our own state at Huntsville, and on top of that, the world's foremost rocket expert, Dr. Wernherr von Braun, was not only an adopted Alabamian, but had just been awarded a doctors degree from the University of Alabama in June 1958. All of this was too timely to let slip by. This was it! A theme had been bornl And no yearbook theme could have had a more beautiful birthplace than the island of Eleuthera. The 1959 Corolla had begun its "Race into Spacef, 422 SOME CHANGES lnnovations . . . alterations . . . modifications mark the completion of the 1959 Corolla. Changes? Yes. Not changes for the mere sake of being different, but rather in an effort to improve over the past. And. to attempt to improve is the intrinsic goal of any yearbook staff. I must admit that after seeing the splendid job Gene Hardy had done on the ,58 Corolla, I was firmly convinced it would be impossible to make any real improvements in the ,59 edition. By early fall, an alert editorial staff had come up with some intricate new ideas. Some of the ideas were discarded. Others were implemented, and you see them now between the covers of this book. Departures from the past are obvious. To know why the changes were made is to understand the deliberate thinking of the editorial staff. Perhaps as we share our thoughts with you, portions of the book will radiate a new meaning. The innovation that reflects the most pride is the i'Activitiesv section. Cognizant that a great university has more to boast of than merely its social achievements, we set out to portray adequately the University in its entirety. The section was designed to appeal to all students-the scholar, the culture seeker, the challenge searching activity hound, and the Saturday afternoon clubber. "The Corolla Salutesv marks another first for the '59 volume. It is not our intent that one should conclude these are the most outstanding students in their respective classes. This decision we leave to Whois Who. Our sole purpose has been to give recognition to students who have merited it by their untiring service. Itis our fond wish that the debut of this feature will meet the full approval of the student body, thereby becoming a permanent part of future annuals. When the University began to number its students in the thousands, it became increasingly difficult to include in the yearbook the picture of each faculty member. Sev- eral decades ago the practice of including the faculty was discontinued altogether. Believing the faculty to be the warp and Woof of a university, the staff became determined to accord some sort of recognition to the faculty, even at the risk of being criticized for honoring a limited number. The inclusion of ten faculty members is not to suggest that these are the most outstanding. Again the Corolla is merely according recognition. Because there are many who would deserve the recognition in light of their outstanding con- tributions in their chosen field, the staff felt restrained to limit inclusion to those faculty members whose achieve- ments were made currently and within the last year. The staff selections were made from suggestions solicited from the Deans. Perhaps a salute to the faculty will become customary in subsequent yearbooks. This year considerable more coverage was given Whois Who than in the past. This fulfilled a two-fold purpose. For several years many students have been asking what the various individuals had done to warrant Who's Who. So the decision was made to include a short paragraph about each. Too, we did not want the introduction of the i'Corolla Salutesv to overshadow Whois Who. ltis been a lot of fun trying to keep a secret! If the identity of the top Corolla beauty remains a secret until the book comes out, it will be the first time the attempt has been successful since "Hector was a pupf, I must admit itis been mighty hard to keep it "classifiedfi Thanks . . . and some southern magnolias to john Blackburn, Dean of Men, and Sara Healy, Dean of VVomen, who sacrificed their valuable "sleep and leisurev hours to count votes until twelve-thirty A. M. We hope that the suspense created by our secret has brought even more honor and prestige to our Queen. And one final alteration that warrants mention-the humorous write-ups in the Creek section. This was done in an effort to make the section appealing to anyone. The write-ups were submitted by the individual chapters. The cooperation in changing from the "catalog, write-ups of previous years to the humorous format of the present was indeed excellent. Yes, there were changes. But not such that the person- ality of the Corolla was changed. That has remained, but now a more expressive reflection of a truly great university. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS No staff could work harder . . . no group exhibit more unity . . . no team rally more zeal . . . than did those who produced the 1959 Corolla. This was a team the like of which no Corolla has even seen before. For the first time, the staff included a military editor, a Greek editor, a lay- out editor, and an index editor. In all we had eleven hard working people filling staff positions. Even with the addi- tional positions, we definitely faced hardships. We knew that to do what we wanted to do would require thirty or forty conscientious workers. These we did not have. To achieve our goal with such a limited staff appeared an impossible task. The SeeBees are credited with launching the phrase, "The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer." This consoled us when on February tenth it was necessary to reschedule completely all the deadlines. By this time we were already eight weeks behind the original deadlines. Out of our brief visit with Ed Wise four printerj and Bob F aerber four engraverj came this gentle reminder: More Corolla deadlines had been missed than had been met-but never in twenty-one years had they been re-scheduled! VVe were mighty lucky when these men realized it was our goal and not our negligence that was delaying us. Thanks to Ed and Bob for their patience, understanding, and encouragement. We would never have made it without their contributions. On a day soon after February tenth, the editor pushed the panic button. A hurried staff meeting. A pleading pep talk. A rearrangement of staff duties. Academic responsi- bilities neglected. Lights on till after midnight. There came headaches, disappointments, threats, fears, fatigue. A cracking whip echoed push . . . push . . . push . . . push. There comes a breaking point. But for adventures into space there can be no breaking point. In our own "Race into Spacew, the 1959 Corolla crew marvelously withstood the pressures and tensions of approaching deadlines, proving themselves nspacemenv of the highest caliber. Plaudits go to Howard Shenk for his ideas and planning of a section for which the Corolla had no precedent. The Activities section stands as a landmark to his industry and capabilities. No yearbook could have had a more dedicated staff member. Credit goes to Gail Cox for taking not one, but two big jobs. She became acquainted not only with most of the organizations on campus, but with the echelons within the administration also. Corollais history was changed a bit by .Io Ellen Ullara. For the first time we had some picture captions that lined up evenly above the picture. Her imaginative mind pro- duced not only the captions but much of the copy as well. Long planning and careful study produced an all-new Military section. The credit goes to Tom West, who really pitched in with a lot of enthusiasm that reflected not only on his section, but on the entire staff. Nothing but applause for Tommy Tillman. No sports section has ever had a more 'igung-hon editor. It's absolutely amazing that he can turn out so much work after midnight. Detailed page-by-page layout was attempted this year for the first time. Ruth Brooks not only did a good job with that, but continually boosted our morale. Henriette Kendricks emerged victorious over the top of a mountain of index cards and came up with the first Corolla index. After he had lost several nights of sleep during his own fraternity help week, Creek editor, Lawton Higgs, dis- covered a new place to sleep-the dark room floor. Thanks to Janis Walker for her long afternoons of pains- taking work. Not just "Our girl Fridayi'--"Our girl, Mon- day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday" too. While reminiscing, we cannot forget the photographers who kept the darkroom in operation into the wee hours of the night. A hearty thanks to Lloyd Biggs, who was patient with an editor always in a rush. The Corolla has profited not only from his superior pictures., but the staff has profited from his good humor and congenial personality. Thanks to Fletcher Moore, who was always able to come up with the right picture just when we needed it most. Mr. Earl, whose excellent work is a standout in any publication, made the pictures in our Beauty section. A special thanks to my brother, joe, for taking time out from a busy professional schedule to spend two days on campus talking with various administrators to equip him- self for writing the preface and division pages. The publication of the Corolla represents the joint efforts of the business and the editorial staff. There are many whose writing, typing, filing and uleg workn have not gone unnoticed. Our thanks to all. As for me, each fleeting moment brings me closer to my HB 51 Rv-but this time the letters may mean some "Best and Relaxation? All that remains from the toils of many varying person- alities are these 423 pages of pictures, words, and memories. We created it . . . Now itis yours . . . Hope you like itl ,,., f X " -X , v fi E J ,J a. 1 X. EN PP' ii: i Q 2 if JW ,f . yvyg. 13'-K J? fi 1,1 ' Zffflah X , v,,. . . ,Xa V if fy X n V31 9. I L , vi X., , ., . I ,. ,Z H - 'Ye Ei x gf- 4 ' V

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