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 - Class of 1952

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University of Alabama - Corolla Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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V , R ? R. , 5 L ,-QS in 5 1: pea S 6 w A K .Y 4, 4 if 7 as g., in K ,gum I Vx I Y ' as , gg. is X ' 1 fs 12, NV A V gk Q' wg 4 Q , i fs. Qu X, ivy 1. . X my A W F ,Qt A 4 L Q gl ,gi , I ' Q. x , SM T ,fx 4 q a --.,A ' I K L ,Q Q, Ar il ,ez , , ,I Q . . y , . Q W . 3 if QTY f if 5, Y' ' 5 Wg S ,ga V, V l 1 P I, J.- ., Q 2 G fe E435 -4 fi' , U' xg fix Y! 1 W as xi ' c QQ QMW4 maya' ws 'P if 6' -f :nil E 5 rf E S E 2 5 5 A' 1 E ? z E E r Sa n. 1 F: E 5 E 2 revie opera 'K -I' is PQ9e page2l2 page page 40 page172 page296 page357 examined by the . . published by the student body of the QWWWZ 795.2 uulkner............editor . . . . . . . business manager j 'vf itq if if "X " ' ,I ,'?fw , ,f xw1"ar5f f :jm?9r3' w 1.5 f Q X f g alx w gi Y ' Wav lf: '49, ' '59 ',.Q, Qi" F '-!v.!,., I W - M" ,, Q Qiv 'l.. Ar: V ,' 195' ' I V fl I f'! s' 'Q ufg is ' ' 2, L if me ,X fa 'ft ,xii .nf WL K 2114 'x Bw '-9 5. 5 ' 3 v .X 3 s 4' Irigwrff '21 'I Kryf KR 5,5 XY?-2 A ' ' ff A I xml Y l4"'vl'J'1 " W HY M , qfx !x1,9'f x 4" I TWC " F, 1 ' 'I N Ko 3 ,,5'3g, . if ww, 5. V fr Y fa hh' 2-X if ,' K. r . ,-, - v. 3 xv afv m 'A y cl W . ap' H1 3 fw' 'Nr 1 'V Xa' 3 1 , . Q Q J, K 1 ' QW' if al 4' lv ' s' 1 Q H 1 3 v."g,.n V ,, ,. . ., .x V' . .C , fu, V api.-,FI xa' .' x af .x Q Q' a f a I4 'F -5 N ," di- I X ' 'X if Q J ' u ' x X in Wit' k A U .U , 1 f4 - L I K .SQ-fry W ' iw in Wu K ,-1 .' W"-? "w'Lv 4? fi W .- - mr 1 1. 0 - Wg, X' 17 J Vyx 'WV LH f fi A AV, af ' JC" 'w3 .'7fZ' 1 .1 A if Q QM' 3.1 1. ' f -f k-. ' .a?n.gfixfb.v'5'L .afi?f'i .px w 1-' - fi lyclxyiv' 'x I, ,. X f!X':X? s'-T' jul " - iiriiwif. f 11f?4fsQfy J -f m . 11 " - pw' 1, ,K N ivgj' ,We 1'5g,?w,gg,-,'-mg Qi agifky ,4f1'0.gz1Q1" . ', bg -,V . university of alabama .1 of Aff ' ' V 9, 4. f 5","9514" A 6, 1395 ifiguig' 'x V91 H' nc , 4, V ,air-fa. K" ,W K' 'Q iygg f aiigfff 1 fx' mlwgf, I x ,I t I3 rvbi ix ,I l W ,xv 3g,fw"s:y H 525 Q , f It A 1' xr K r X. is Q XXQ . Y, " ' -,,'.xs V -1. .XM , ll: . I f if ' 'X A Hi' ef 4 57 51 ' PE 4 - A 'F nf. . I. ,lx 1, - f 'an K? JK V! ,, xr3-J' 'E 1 IQ 'W wiv X' ,W Q M L L 1- ui ,' " 'A' . "- iw. yr, fi' "D I W5 Q 'W' ki 2 "2 Q Var , 'V 1,5 l, is 7 Q 3 X N r Q 5 N ,V , Q 1 I 1 .L N , 1 - A if x 'Q .' - -1 , I 1 L I Qc' V , 'x 1 9 f - x 1 f 1' J 4 x 0 1 1 if xg ' 'l x'N xl i 1 I 4 ' P + , f 1' V 'J' 'ry A" ' 9 14'- , . sf 5 Q36 5 Sf ' 6' , 5" ' FW QQ? Q S , ,Q ww ,g " - , x'.z 1' lhwlxllf ?A l O f 9 lf 5 1 ,'!'f wif x .1 V ' U-T41 T A 7 ' 'W T N Wi '--,f bw?mr.g,f4 145 g-gf, ?'x'g?eWf. ' xi af 35 ,QQIQAZA a ,R W QVC!-'t,f",rQ vS.,,f"vp,f V" .. ,Xb ibcm,4SiQ:'3iQ 4--: 1 Eyylfglyxh : K. V +303 K, .5 f,6gQ,f '5gsb5 I . -. 'nf ww 7 ,. f-if .M Y fa., H y'.. - r lx.x ef, M: w e ,H W . i t, Xll. I 31" .27 .QW-gr v J' - p. 192 - 'gf 'jfzg Af ? Q a ' . f f ,--' V ' 1. ' L 'Y-1. -..',. , , ry " . ,-.I fx if , fir, al I' f.1' Lf Z , , bflg Yqg RW .ii -, 2:15 . - Euscaloosa, alabama Q 'I' L 4 , .kinja if I' 4 flu, 'XX 1 fi i vi 2111 tg. 5155 since its establishment in 1831, the university has expanded to 220 buildings on the main campus at tuscaloosa and divisions in the maior cities of alabama. completion of new housing and classroom facilities are the realization of the construction program begun in 1946. ,.,- ,ln-1 -1.--.-: Qian! QAL5 169,20 r materials with long-range forecasts indicating a specific need for well trained men and women, the search for greater possibilities in our raw materials has been intensified. better grade products are the result of a careful choice of raw materials. students coming from all parts of the united states and many foreign countries combine to give a blend of thoughts, customs, and ideals, with each benefiting from the other. -w, in addition to the basic operations of the university which are provided for in the classrooms, additional facilities are included to promote interest and activity in the cultural, social, and athletic fields. the capacity of the university in these fields is in excess for any one student and offers a wide variety, affording each student an unlimited chance to participate and excel. capacity P roducts from the various assembly lines of the university manned by students come finished products which are indicative of our spirit, originality, and sense of accomplishment. from the athletic division, winning teams emerge molded with strong bodies and sportsmanship. the union building is the plant for our civic and service organizations, publications, and student government. from music and art departments a continuous flow of concerts and paintings are emitted. these are student products, examples of individual and group progress. i Z 'Fc' MWA Mi? 5 5, 5.1 at the university, as in all parts of the nation, expenditures were higher , due to the increased cost of living. however, this did not prevent a complete and varied program of parties and entertainment. theseinveshnentsgave the university the extra something that makes it more than school: that makes it college, the time of our lives. expenditures li , 1 1949 1950 1951 1952 from all parts of the world come reports of the service and superior quality of our products. our graduates have entered every field of endeavor, and here on the campus we have begun to reap returns. here lie the iustifications for our investments of four years and the money spent in the manufacturing process at the university of alabama. S IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII EIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIFG1HHHPIHFIUUJWRTINHFIHHHTWIHEUHEGDMBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 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" 1 KQV ' A . 1 I X I, QA" l,.'4,y A -I 0 I Il I ' ff E 4-6' ' f Q "F 4 f ' ' Ag ' " W , 1 , if I Q , Q 'f AN EXPERIENCED MANAGEMENT OF MANY SKILLS MAINTAINS THE REPUTATION OF QUALITY AND HIGH IDEALS WHICH IS OURS. 8' 2 X 7 V w' 0, l...' J f.. l 'Q '90 -.XXXN i uri-xxik fi ' '29,-Y ' '52 , -.fl -,1: NJA r nl 1,-xi. 1 . .fa 4-. .A w. -rv ' 1 .5 1. X J-4? f ,Umm -- -- ff-.",. " .:-we , .Q fa:-Xxx?-:b.Qfvi.ff-' .. Q .1 TIQRQ: 1.14 .CA -i . .. . . "1 . . f, V: Rf . V- " -my 9' E. "XJ ' fp! - Ml .'-,V -', Q "- , ,- 45.1, 4 WEA-' 'eg QQ . In -,X 1- 'N-M , ' aaa. . 5 'X 1 sd: , A 923. "N A x . . 5.51 Rx. . A t .g?'L?-Lgkff ' . .1-' 1:2 . lv U. rlnxgviv , X .- - ?.-effr 5 1-Q1--ii-.f .rw . - . -L -riff.-5 4'--mg.. '. "f"3 ., f ,HW 'vi"ieSP1--ji?-X 6 "ff I iw? .Q ,- Q-ff, - f'-. ff M.. 5 u..-M -.- 1.44. " , -.1 - -by fv J- X W' .'--'?,z:1.1:-fi-, 5 'ft . ., .,Q,,, ...X h,,. i A f. 1 - . .wf f . gf. ig 2 .1 . .U WW . , f.. ' 272' Q i f -R is .. 5 Iiur. H" . 1 K U .15 . 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TERRY . .State Superintendent ot Eolucation DR. .IOHN M. GALLALEE President, University of Alabama GORDON PERSONS 7he OARD at TRU TEE GESSNER T. MCCORVEY ..., ..... M obile THOMAS S. LAWSON. . ROBERT E. STEINER, .IR.. . . . .Montgomery GORDON D. PALMER. . . . PAUL P. SALTER ....... . . .Eutaula WILLIAM H. KEY ,,... . . BREWER DIXON ..,.... ....,,,. . Talladega WILLIAM H. MITCHELL .. THOMAS D. RUSSELL . . . . . . .Alexander City HILL FERGUSON . . . . CLIFTON H. PENICK ..,............. Secretary Messrs. Ferguson, Palmer, Steiner, Executive Committee ot the Boarol . . . .Greensboro . . . . .Tuscaloosa . .Russellville . . . .Florence . .Birmingham SEATED: Salter Nooiin McCorvey Gallalee Ferguson Denny Palmer Steiner Key Mitchell STANDING: Williams Pickens Penick DENN No man has conTribuTed more Toward The progress of The UniversiTy Than has Dr. George H. Denny. ln TribuTe, boTh The Chimes and The TooT- ball sTadium bear his name. The Chancellor is a naTiye of Virginia. He re- ceived his A.B. and MA. Trom Hampden-Sydney College, The laTTer degree in i892 Dr. "Mike" earned his docToraTe aT The l.lniversiTy of Virginia in l896. Honorary degrees of DocTor ol Laws were conferred upon him by Furman UniversiTy in l902, by Washingfon College in l905g by Tulane UniversiTy in l9l2, and by WashingTon and Lee UniyersiTy, where he served as presidenT. 7h PRE IDE Dr. John Morin Gallalee has novv served The UniversiTy of Alabama as iTs presidenT Tor Tour years. Since his appoinTmenT To The posiTion on January l, W48, Dr. Gallalee has guided The Uni- versiTy in a program To sTrengThen The TaculTy, To enlarge The GraduaTe School, and To expand The physical TaciliTies adeauaTely To cope vviTh a greaTer universiTy. Dr. Gallalee came To The presidenT's chair wiTh many years ol experience and service To The Uni- versiTy behind him. Prior To his appoinTmenT To The presidency, he served on The TaculTy in The College of Engineering Tor ThirTy-Three years. l-le has also served as Technical DirecTor of The STaTe Building Commission. Since he Took over The helm, Tivo nevv buildings have been added and The graduaTe school has been greaTly expanded. The old auad- rangle has been resTored To iTs original beauTy. Av WELLIAM F. ADAMS DEAN or ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS Dean William F. Adams is not only in cltarge ot admitting students to tne University, but also beads tbe Commit- tee vflticli attords deserving students an opportunity to complete tlteir education. t-lis ottice revievvs and approves tne eligibility ot eaclt incoming student, maintains all student records, and peri- odically reports tne academic progress ot tbe student to tbe individual and tbeir parents. Tlwrougnout the year, Dean Adams and bis statt prepare and distribute in- tormative booklets describing tlrte Uni- versity to prospective college students. In tltis same respect tlfte Dean ot Admis- sions sends aualitied representatives to all corners ot tlte State to encourage graduating liigti scliool students to seek a ltiglwer education at tlte University. A .,.s,..N .Q . - K, MI. Aye, ., -AM. A .gf JAMES H. NEWMAN DEAN or ADMINISTRATION Dean James H. Newman, anotlter "old-timer" at tlte University, returned to tbe campus from the University ot Virginia on January l, i950 to take over duties as Dean ot Administration. i-le nad served Virginia as Dean ot Students tor tour years prior to his return nere. lvir. Newman had previously served time University tor seventeen years as Director of the Alabama Union, As- sistant Dean ot Men, Associate Dean ot Men, and Dean ot Men. Atter the Dean lett the Capstone be served vvitlt Naval Reserve on active duty. By virtue ot ottice, Dean Newman is a member ot all University committees and is well knovvn tor his active part in all campus attairs. HENRY J. SIKIR ""'w,sqXMMM ROBERT E. TYLER Assistant to the Deon Assistcint to the Dean NOBLE B. HENDRIX Deon of Students DEA TLIDE T The ottice ot the Deon ot Students hos mony tunctions to perform in serving cms the moior link between clossroom work ond extro-curriculor octivities. Deon Noble B. Hendrix hos eorned the cidmirotion cind respect ot thousonds ot Alobomions in his coipoble odministrotion of the ottice since he come to the Ccipstone in TQ43. l-lis ottice odministers the Concert-Lecture se- ries, encouroges students in the cittendonce ot churches ot their choice, cmd supervises heolth ond housing tocilities tor the stu- dent body. Disciplincxry cictions, when such steps ore necessory, cire hondled in o quiet ond discreet monner. Serving os ossistonts to the deon ore Robert E. Tyler ond l-lenry J. Sikir. lvlr. Tyler's principle duties include direct super- vision ot dormitory occommodoitions lor single men, port-time employment, issu- once ot closs excuses ond vvithdrovvcils tor Page 24 9-'lsr 'lllnm-ffl MISS VIVIAN GIBSON MRS. BESSIE L. HAYDEN AssisTonT Counselor Counselor To Women ASSISTAN S mole sTudenTs, ond coreful scheduling of oll sociol evenfs on The sociol colendor. Mr. Silcir's dufies embroce supervision of The Alobomo Union Building ond oll veTe- ron's ond morried sTudenT housing. During The Summer of I95O The regulor Deon of Women, lono Berry, resigned her posiTion, This office vvos ploced under The supervision of The Deon of STudenTs. Miss Olo Groce Boker, formerly AssisTonT Deon of Women, direcTs oll vvomen's offoirs. I-Ier ossisTonTs include Mrs. Bessie L. I-Ioyden, Counselor To Women, ond Mrs. Sholer I-louser. Women's housing, including super- vision of oll sororiTv houses, is one of The prime dufies of This bronch of The Deon's office. AdiusTmenT To o nevv environmenT for freshmen vvomen, finonciol oissisTonce, ond oTher counseling ond guidance pro- groms perform needed oids To Alobomo co-eds. ljnqe 75 MISS OLA GRACE BAKER AssisTonT To The Deon '9'o.-S., Y--1' 3 2 mf FM -2 'Q X if . .. .. I, my ., A ,q1,-efilgsskf, gf ,'g.,k 1, , I m2?5aba1efe,,,5 Q. Mg by , ,Q 'F ff , 5, S. 1:7 -,1wg:giM . -Qswfw Q ,E -f-ww-,nf-,,, ,, I I I is COMPTROLLER The Comptroller directs the tinancial proced- ures ot the University. In that position lvlr. William E. Pickens, Jr., has soundly guided the budgeting and accounting practices for many years. DIRECTOR OF NORTHINGTON The I50-acre Northington Campus is under the direction ot Col. L. P. I-Iodnette. This addition to the campus vvas obtained trom the Government at the end ot World War Il to provide tor the large postwar enrollment. LAND COMMISSIONER As Land Commissioner, Mr. C. I-I. Penick ad- ministrates more than 26,000 acres ot University lands. I-Ie also serves as the University Attorney and Secretary ot the Board ot Trustees. ALUMNI DIRECTOR Relations between the University and its alumni are handled by Mr. Charles Bernier. I-Ie is Director ot Alumni Attairs and Editor ot the ALUMNI NEWS. Mr. Bernier initiated Homecoming at the University in I920. VW ffm? qw ff X.. .. M41 - 3 3,5 . M d Mfg, im 4 12 T' T H321 fgys, fi ,lf gm ,gh I if i1lf"f'A:gvf' y 'S W 'Iv Q i 'fav , i DIRECTOR OF LIBRARIES Dr. Sfanley l-loole has been The Direcfor of The Libraries since I944. Since ThaT Time The volume of The Libraries has been increased To a ToTal of 375,000 books, 6,000 phonogroph records, 2,000 microfilm books, and 25,000 maps. DIRECTOR OF THE UNIVERSITY PRESS Dr. James B. Mclvlillan has served as DirecTor of The Universify Press since iTs founding in I945, I-le also is a member of The advisory boards for several naTional language sTudy publicafions. AUDITORS Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Boylan serve as audiTors for Capsfone Greeks, publicaTions, and orgar1izaTions. Their office handles accounTs Tofaling more Than a million dollars each year. They also advise Uni- versify organizaTions on financial programs. UNIVERSITY NEWS BUREAU DirecTed by Mr. E. B. Beisner, The UniversiTy News Bureau acTs as publiciTy agenT for The Uni- versify. The Bureau furnishes Alabama publica- Tions vviTh inforrnaTion concerning The STaTe and news of The Capsfone. dai A X ' .ff w.'.,uffvwM, V. .M , A L --'if s .. .- Ls-S iw vc L, Q 25 Q. 9 ' 1 ' X ff A Dr. Alben' B. Moore hos served os Deon of The GroiduoTe School since iTs founding in l925, ond os heod of The HisTory DepoirTmenT since T923 I-le re- cenTly resigned os heod of The Hisfory DepoirTmenT in order To give more Time To The ever-growing demonds of The Groduoife School. Dr. Moore is oi noTive Alo- bomion ond o noTed oiufhor in The fields of Alabama ond Soufhern hisfory. The Groiduofe School hos grown ropidly in receni' yeoirs ond The scope of groduofe sTudy hos been greofly expanded. During The posT yeor more Thon 2,000 groduoTe sTudenTs were enrolled ond The Mos- Ter's degree was conferred on 373 condidofes. The DocToroTe degree is now being offered in biochem- isTry, biology, chemisfry, commerce, educofion, his- Tory, and polificol science. A cooperoTive program of groduofe sTudy vviTh The RedsTone Arsenal of I-lunfsville hos been orronged. This program, one of The firsT of iTs kind in The Soufh, will enrich The Uni- versiTy's groduaTe work in science ond engineering, ond enoble iT To make oinoTher vciluoble confribufion To The NoTionol Defense Program. Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library DEAN A. B. MOORE GR DLI TE SC GGL omplex apparatus is used in graduate work Graduates benefit by seminar sfudy DR. JAMES J. DURRETT GreaT progress has been made by The UniversiTy 726 SC OQLS an Dr. James J. DurreTT has assumed his duTies as dean of The Medical College of The UniversiTy, replacing The laTe Dr. Roy Kracke. For The pasT nine years Dr. DurreTT has been medi- cal direcTor of The Federal Trade Commission in W'ash- ingTon and was in charge of iTs vvork vviTh drugs and oTher producTs in connecTion WiTh public healTh. The dean is a naTive of Tuscaloosa vvhere he aTTended The UniversiTy from T904 To l9l0 and received The degrees of Bachelor of Science and MasTer oT Science. l-le is Medical CenTer in Birmingham during The pasT year. The UniversiTy DenTal Clinic and The Basic Science Building were opened, providing improved TaciliTies and an increased enrollmenT. A 600 bed VeTerans' l-lospiTal which is locaTed in The Medical CenTer neared compleTion. The sTaTe increased The Medical School ap- propriaTion This year, and under The new dean, Dr. J. J. DurreTT, The school is well on iTs vvay To providing greaTer healTh TaciliTies Tor The people of Alabama. VeTera ns' Hospiial ica a ExperimenTaTion proves med l 'F cfs Crippled Chilclren's .zsswwwwnmeimfwwgww-1.5mm-V A-H-5'-vf-vm' ,rvnfe-5 W ' mmm:- MEDICIN DENTISTRY also a graduate in pharmacy. He was an instructor in biology at the Capstone tor two years and attended Harvard Medical School, from which he was graduated cum laude in l9l4. A milestone was passed by the School ot Dentistry. It graduated its first class supplying some 50 young men to serve the dental needs of the state. The Dental School moved into its new building this year and boasts one ot the nation's toremost taculties ot dental scien- tists and clinicians. Supervised study in dental techniques New DR. JOSEPH F. VOLKER Former Dental Research Director ot Carnegie Foun- dation, Dr. Joseph F. Volker is dean ot the School ot Dentistry. Dr. Volker is recognized as leader in Ameri- can Dental Education and holds an honorary member- ship in the Czechoslovakia Dental Society. He has served as Dean at Tufts Dental College and was award- ed a gold medal by the Charles University in Prague tor his work as a member ot the UNRRA-Unitarian Service Commission. Medical and Dental College Building DEAN M LEIGH HARRISON MORTIMER JORDAN Farrah Hall SC 00 AuThorized by The board of TrusTees in l845, The Alabama School of Lavv vvas organized in l872. The School is a member ol The AssociaTion of American Lavv Schools and is approved by The American Bar AssociaTion. ln classrooms arranged exacTly as The seaTs oT The English ParliamenT, sTu- denTs are TaughT noT only legal Theory, buT are also given pracTical experience in pleading, prep- araTion and Trial of cases, in pracTice aT lavv and in eauiTy by means oT a pracTice courT. The Alabama Law Review is published semi-annually Cof will IT ad bar er n erences l facu y i risf s L and senT To members ol The sTaTe bar associaTion as well as many ouT-oT-sTaTe subscribers. Dean lvl. Leigh Harrison heads The lavv school. Dean l-larrison received his AB. degree from The UniversiTy in l927 and was graduaTed from The Alabama School oT Law in l929. For several years he engaged in a lavv pracTice in Birmingham. Following These years oT lavv pracTice, Dean Har- rison compleTed Work for The LL.lVl. degree aT Har- vard UniversiTy. l-le assumed his duTies as Dean of The School oT Lavv in l95O. W f enfs uf La s ud ilize complete library ASSISTANT DEAN PETER BROWNBACK DEAN MARTEN Ten HOOR CGLLEGE ART The College of ArTs and Sciences offers sTu- denTs a greaf variefy of courses in The area of liberal arTs as Well as in arT, journalism, music, radio, and speech. STudenTs are also prepared for enTrance info professional schools of denTisTry, Creative ceramics provide arfistic results Microscopic work in zoology lab SCIENCES law, medicine, and Theology. The College aT The presenf Time embraces Tvvenfy deparTmenTs. The insfrucfional program has been l4epT sensifive To The needs of The Time, parficularly Wifh respecf To The inTernaTional scene, courses are now being offered in The Russian, Polish, and Japanese lan- guages and in inTernaTional relafions and OrienTal l'lisTory. PicTuresaue Clark I-lall, cenTer of The old residence auadrangle, houses The adminisTraTive offices of The College. Dr. MarTen Ten l-loor, who has faiThfully served soufhern educafion for The pasT ThirTy-five years, is Dean of The College of Arfs and Sciences. Dean Ten l-loor, an alumnus of The UniversiTy of Michigan, is The Unifed STaTes' represenfafive on The Board of Direcfors of The lnTernaTional Confederafion of Philosophical Sociefies. Mr. PeTer E. Brownback, assisTanT dean of The College, has been on The Uni- versify campus as a sTudenT and Teacher. l-le is Acfing Professor in The l-lisfory Deparfmenf. Clark Hall DEAN LEE BIDGOOD MORLEY ANDERSON Moores FLEWELLEN SCHOOL CCMMERCE mc! BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIQ During i952 Two new wings were opened in The School of Commerce ond Business Adminis- TroTion. The SouTh wing provides needed closs- Biclgoocl Hall sTud room spoce while The IXlorTh wing is keyed To meeT The needs of The exponding groduoTe progrom. ln The NorTh wing, libroiry fociliTies hove been in- crecised To c1lmosT Triple The book sTc1cks omd ThirTy-Two correls hove been odded for groduoTe sTudenTs doing reseorch work. One of The noTion's foremosT commerce schools, The School is occred- iTed by boTh New York ond New Jersey, The only Two schools requiring or college degree To quolify for The CPA exominoTion. Deon Lee Bidgood founded The School of Commerce in l9l9 ond hos kepT The school obredsT of demonds creoiTed by on increosing sTudenT body. The Deon hos held severol offices which require Technicol knowledge, including The presi- dency of The Americom Associofion of Collegidfe Schools of Business ond The grond presidency of BeTo Gommo Sigmoi. y business fufures Siressing importance of research sTc1TiT Analytical chemistry stresses precision Early Training in test tube magic Geared To afford Training in all branches of chemistry, The School of Chemistry provides courses in chemistry, metallurgy, ceramics, bacteriology, medical Technology, and pulp and paper Technol- ogy. Combination courses are offered in chemis- try and geology, chemistry and law, and commer- cial chemistry. Although There are only Two hundred students enrolled in The School of Chem- istry, iT proportionately leads The campus in grad- uate students. This year, Dean Stewart .l. Lloyd will retire after forty-Three consecutive years of service to The University. l-le came to The University after he fin- ished his work for a masters aT McGill University in Montreal. For his undergraduate work, Dr. Lloyd attended The University of Toronto. Dean Lloyd now holds a Ph.D. from The University of Chicago and an honorary Doctor of Science from The University of Alabama. Chemistry Buil Page 35 SCHCDOL CHEMI TRY Following his retirement, Dean Lloyd will work with The State Department of Geology, centralizing his interest on state petroleum veins. The Dean will continue with his work with local power companies and chambers of commerce To bring new scientific industries To Alabama. Dean Lloyd has The longest period of service of any University dean, and he looks forward To his retirement with anticipation. l-le plans To spend more time with linguistics, his hobby. He reads fifteen different languages. left To righT: DEAN JOHN R. MCLURE ASSISTANT DEAN R. W. COWART SCHOCDL EDLICATIQ The College of EducoTion vvos ouThorized by The boord of TrusTees in i844 ond is Therefore one of The oldesT schools on The Aloborno compus. IT is The purpose of The College To provide The Troin- ing necessory Tor clossroom ond speciol Teochers in elemenTory ond secondory school, os well os indusTriol orTs, ond secreToriol ond commerciol subiecTs os vvell os school librorions. Fuiure Teachers leorn library science Education sTudenTs learn fundumenfcl science Tor school principols ond oTher professionol people in public educoTion. The degrees con- Terred upon sTudenTs ore Bochelor of Science in EducoTion, lViosTer oT ArTs, DocTor of EducoTion ond DocTor of Philosophy. Dr. John R. IVicLure become Deon of The Col- lege oT EducoTion in l942. He vvos groduored from The UniversiTy ond received his PhD. de- gree Trom Columbio UniversiTy. Dr. fVicLure hos direcTed The exponsion of The college To include o curriculum for Teochers in music, orT, speech, home economics, physicol ond heolTh educoTion, Graves Hall DEAN JAMES R. CUDWORTH COLLEGE The Universify of Aldloorno vvos one of The firsT Universifies in Americo To recognize The need for offering college courses ond degrees in engineer- ing. Even loefore The orgonizofion of The College Basic class in Time and mofion sfudy Precision ounfs in drawing lub E GI EERI G of Engineering, degrees were gronfed in engi- neering. During l95l o new four yeor curriculum in ceromic engineering vvos odded, morking The ninTh bronch of engineering in which degrees ore offered. The Copsfone is The only universify in The Soufheosf To gronT degrees in The mining ond meT- ollurgicol fields ond one of The few occredifed in oeronouficol engineering. Deon Jomes R, CudvvorTh is complefing his sixfh yeor in The Engineering School's odminis- Trofive office. He wos groduofed from Moss- ochuseTTs lnsTiTuTe of Technology in mining ond geologicol engineering. Mr. Cudvvorfh received his MosTer of Mining Engineering degree from The UniversiTy of Alobomo ond hos done od- vonced sfudy QT lvl. I. T. ond I-lorvord College of Engineering. Before becoming Deon of The School of Engineering, he vvos for mony yeors DirecTor of The School of Mines. DEAN AGNES ELLEN HARRIS HENRIETTA THOMPSON DR. NEICE TODHUNTER HELEN BOSARD SCHCDOL HQME ECCNOMICS The School of Home Economics has as its maior obiective The education of young women for home- making. Through its program the several curricula of general cultural education are combined with the Doster Hall art and science of home management. Courses are offered to train students in food selection and prepara- tion, clothing care and selection, management of time, money, and energy and the psychology of child devel- opment and family relations. The School also provides Training for professional careers in teaching, research, industry, business, and dietetics. The School of l-lome Economics has grown to a po- sition of eminence in The country, iT is recognized for its research programs as well as for its educational pro- gram. This success has been achieved Through The vision and leadership of Agnes Ellen l-larris, dean for The past Twenty-four years. She holds honorary mem- bership in Phi Beta Kappa, has been awarded an hon- orary Ll..D. degree by the University of Alabama, and has held several national offices. l-ler personal interest in every student throughout The years, and an ex- pressed sincere concern in the professional careers of the alumnae has characterized Dean l-larris during her Tenure here at Alabama. Historical design aids modern fashions Ch' n ild clevelopme t Theory in SCHO0 CQ LIRSING Now in iTs second year, The School of Nursing has moved inTo iTs own building adiacenT To The UniversiTy l-lospiTal. Under The presenT sysTem, sTu- denTs in The School oT Nursing compleTe Two years of classroom work in general educaTion. The oTher Two years are spenT in hospiTals and public healTh agencies ThroughouT The sTaTe. These oTT-campus agencies provide sTudenTs wiTh an opporTuniTy Tor study in clinical and associaTed nursing. Upon graduaTion The sTudenTs are awarded The degree of Bachelor oT Science and assume careers as l2egisTered Nurses. Checking blood pressure aids early diagnosis Regisfered nurses adminisfer medicaTions JM EEA TT DEAN FLORENCE HIXSON The School is under The leadership of Florence l-lixson. Dean l-lixson was graduaTed Trom The UniversiTy oT Pennsylvania School of Nursing. She received her Bachelor of Science degree Trom Teachers' College of Columbia UniversiTy, and holds an MS. degree from The UniversiTy of Penn- sylvania. Dean Hixson assumed her duTies as Dean oT The School of Nursing in The Fall of T950 when The School was inauguraTed. Reading makes convalescence more pleasanT . :T 9' fl 56 ' M f W 9 iq is l' an g T T 5 . T T a T 4 :Syl if vi Q ' i r 'Q ef?-.Z K i.'05,:. ' -- :vc ,. if ff sf.. .- ,,. 1' Q 'Exif-ef' fig ' 4 ag., , 11, 'rg S 45 STUDENT ACTIVITIES ARE BEING ACCELERATED IN AN EFFORT TO MEET THE NATIONAL DEMAND FOR A 1 1'g,Z,,x 'gn 5- jx 5 f WE A-1.41 Q ., E ,MQ COMPETENT LEADERSHIP. X X X 8' ',g O Q FN Z I 0 0 'o 'U 250 I O.. 'o,..:o,. 90 0-,.A I X I I .v if I 3,5 'V 5. .. ,v . N- ,. ivy , 'A Q '.'., - -Q. 14 :fb lslfmil ' Av, v .Sf ' an - K .. 4 f f. . .V . + , -.- ggaw ,Q f + 1 1.-wi, . fl W, gpg, M E. by 1 x f - r fg, f 55' - , 1 11. iw 6' pe. ru-1 si ' 4 i Q , , 53:5 .'3 1 3 X ' ,- gf ,xx in I QVT. PM 1.1 Q , ,S . ' ln X ' A, K, 17 'SW 7 ff in. I ,Q 2' K ME i ,I K .1 ,., -If , H ' X ' 'Y- Q m . S 0 55? 4-'X E W? I ', 5 ,P ls , ' - . ff K eq' ki any L. A E?-, h i R gl E ,Qs . F 1- .351 W, Q" we -1 . x h H- ' ' ,LA x .f 4 .J 'y1ff3' N- .yizn it A-5 - u ., .. x , , 1 f' 'Wu 1 M' pf '-am? - - ' .19 , V173 V f " P' 7 ICT' if 5 iw 2 x I2 A Ji" 93 'J , F 'R -rj .. I y' , , Jw ' .' I 2Tx,"'? 41 X r jiri ff Iif., gl , Y , M - 4 w,jMi: 4p , 2, . '.-' dwwf' V-51 -ev ' f If 1, "" g 2 'iq-if f T,ff,f4i -'Aj' ., x' f 5 ,l .-Z ,F :L !i'f"l wr. y sv if -. MX- nv-. " 7',1 iffb'gE' 7' , ,.1ffi.x.i: ' A"-"Exif f 4f,f il '37 ,fb f M' A Q1 2 4, p age 5,12 gig , lf. Izzy! 4 il: t ic Q N - yt, 'VY J? Sl MM . 4 -I gy cv ' -f Q' r' V. . .f. WS" , "H f', 191.1 'f. ' ..+,u, M! . i M' .1 ll I A KL ll ' A K1 'sin H.. '.,. vm' , '5' x W- V55 Qs l u 4 X f i .si '-,.. Q -pi I " -.-Q-f :fx T ' 1 .,,3?g5"-f-g..a5g'S5 F , ,VA v H Q s 2' , . -o ,Q i . 1 I . . 1. QS , it .4 .y.Q, if A 1 11. .vf -:. 1 A! . ,449 :V 41 'f J w X f'ffi1fL 'VL f-. ' zlrbf 'K N I ' V . . . ' "2" gg- v,,'.a- f :-' '43-, .K F if , . -R 51 1 N" N ,M.C' Q31 ,- , r 4 Y' QNX ' x ' Gffx. .' 5. P 'pf ,xc-.4:" .-,w g-. -- X, .Ly RI v .. IA vi ffefa, if i-'L-W ' ING ,L -- 5, ,f,,. Aly, 53.4, .K 411 -, .' :ww lv is WC . .:---P P- ' ..f. '- 1 - .. .- S 4 I ji?-gg.-'n?':"wQ.'3 F xxx, k.l . I gvvlavgi-4, 'i.,'f'ff-:-r.4'. 1 'Y r 1 P I -,N -lg.. . g fy.-4, '., ,'1.,' 'u"x.! if Iii!! ROBERT VANCE JERRY STAPP President Vice President TUDE T GOVER ME TASSOCIATIO CABINET ROBERT VANCE ...,. .,..................,,...,.,..... ..... P r esident JERRY STAPP ....,............. ,..... V ice-President JIM MCGINTY ,.,,,.... ..... D irector of Civic Affairs JOEL ROBINSON, ., ,....,..., Secretory-Treasurer VIRGINIA EDWARDS ........ Director of PoIiticc1I Affairs KATHLEEN JONES ..,,............. President, VV.S.G.A. JIM BRICE ..,..,.,.. ...., D irector of Public Affairs SAM CHRISTOPHER .,..,... Director of Ccxmpus Activities DON CRONIN. . . .... President of Cotillion Club LEGISLATURE: ROW I: Foster, McDonald, Stapp, McCaII, Mason, Spurgeon . . . ROW 2: Godwin, Latimer, Cook, Benton, Campbell, Bates, Anderson, Adair, Rice . . . ROW 3: Smith, Hill, Calhoun, Montgomery, Lattof, Cribbins, Carr, Mathews. i. -I An.. ,,..-mn.. M.. KW STUDENT COURT: Whetstone, Dumas, Troywick, Vann, McArthur The Student Government Association continued this year to ad- vance toward its goal of complete self-government. A student court, recently created by SGA, assisted students and organizations in set- tling disputes and, when necessary, in interpreting the SGA Constitu- tion for the student body. More than seventy-five thousand dollars in student activity fees were allocated by the Secretary-Treasurer and approved by the Student Legislature. All activities and finances for student functions are planned and managed by officers annually elected by vote of the student body. Highlighted by a festive "Make Gators Moon" Homecoming, this year's projects included a Freshman Orientation Program, Bama Day, and the Campus Chest Drive. ln addition, the Association published the "A" Book for incoming freshmen and the Student Directory for all students. Under SGA supervision, the newly-formed Quadrangle Speakers Bureau functioned to inform the various campus groups of the SGA activities during the year. 1 - 1 CABINET: Christopher, Cronin, Robinson, Vance, Sfapp, McGin1y, Edwards, Brice JOEL ROBINSON, Secretu ry-Treasurer SAPP JONES OFFICERS President Vice-President JUNE SAPP McARTHUR WOlVIEN'S STLIDE T GOVER MARTHA ANN BILLINGSLEA. .. .. Sophomore Representative WANDA CARRAWAY .,,. . JANE CONGLETON . VIRGINIA DUMAS ,.... VIRGINIA DUNCAN... POLLY KUENZEL. . . LORA STERN ..... Each woman on the Capstone campus is repre- sented by the VVomen's Student Government Asso- ciation. WSGA functions to uphold high academic and social standards among University Women. lt endeavors to maintain an atmosphere ot triend- liness and cooperation and to instill in each Woman a sense ot personal responsibility. To keep WSOA abreast ot national problems of University women, the president annually at- tends the national convention ot the Intercollegiate Association ot Women Students, which is the nat- ional organization ot Women student governments. . . . .Independent Representative . ..Graduate Representative . . . .Sorority Representative . . . .Transfer Representative . . . . .Town Representative . . .Junior Representative Support ot school activities is a vital part ot WSGA's vvork. This group holds tour convoca- tions annually, the main being the Christmas Con- vocation honoring the taculty. Each year, VVSGA assists the Homecoming Committee by preparing a float to carry the Homecoming Queen in the parade. To assist freshmen and transter women, the WSGA yearly publishes THE ALABAMA COED which explains University customs and regulations. Page 411 KATHELEEN JONES KATRINA McARTHUR Secretaryffreasurer 55,1-f,y,,:,,,,i, BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Siern, Kuenzel, Dumas, McArthur, Jones, Sapp, Corroway, Billingslea, Duncan VIE T ASSOCIATIO Mary Elizabe-in Alien Yvonne Dyer VViIsie Edwards Judy Baies Gail Eilison Joanna Habarnas Barbara Ann Chambers Arden Ferguson Ann I-Iananan Paisy Jean De-Vifiir Bonnie Gunwneis Joanne Harper Virginia Dumas Virginia Greer Kay Jackson O O O Myndall Hall Jo Ann MQCQI Doi iyicNeIIis Robin Neriles Lois Robinson Jane? Quariin II Barbara Smart Reba Snieids Bern Wficbesnanw June Woodward HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: ROW 'I: AIIen, Harper, DeWiH . . . ROW 2: EI!ison, Robertson, Woodward . . . ROW 3: Greer, Dycur, Quariin . . ROW 4: McCall, Dumas, Honohan . . . ROW 5: Chambers, Beck, Edwards . . . ROW 6: Smart, McNeIIis, Hahamis . . . ROW 7: GunneIs, Shields, Wichersham . . . ROW 8: Ferguson, Neifles. rr Sf vii 'CIS' ,0- 129' Wap? snr-3, E QUARTIN, WALDRUP, WADDELL, Assistant Editors EDITORIAL The 1952 COROLLA presented the students ot the University ot Alabama its sixtieth annual report ot lite at the University. Work began late in the Spring ot 1951 and was not concluded un- til April ot 1952. The task ot compiling an ac- curate record ot this school year was accomplished through the cooperation of many campus organi- zations and with the aid ot many willing and capable student workers. In addition to the photographs ot over 2500 students, the COROLLA contains over 600 pictures representing student lite. News that the 1951 COROLLA rated the All- American award was gratifying to those who had worked on that book and challenging to every- sr-df' up Q one working on the 1952 edition. Ep it . I f GERALD D. FAULKNER, Editor EDITORIAL STAFF GERALD D. FAULKNER. .. ....... ..,, BERNARD WALDRUP .... .... A ssistant KATHRYN WADDELL ..., .... A ssistant JANET QUARTIN ..,. ....... A ssistant CHARLES HARRIS ...... .... O rganizations TOMMY MCLAUGHLIN ..,. .,,.... S ports Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Every ettort was made to make the 1952 COROLLA a book tor the students and a credit to the University. The staff sincerely hopes that this book will always be a reminder to each stu- dent of a glorious year spent at the capstone. STAFF: Caroline Klotz, Helen Rainey, Maurine Mont- gomery, Sara Brooks, Paul Pinson, Don Cronin, Gail Martin, Isabel Barker, Ruby Maxwell, Daphne Ayers, Mitzi Berman, Doris Maritsky, Paula Binion, Bunny Span- dofer, Jean Halliday, Patsy Griffin, Louise Davis, Sally Myers, Lella Clayton, Harriet Maranott, Lois Mason, Jack Klien, Hugh Harris, Robin Nettles, Lib Erwin, Betty Stain- ton, Annette Levenson, Ann Hammett, Dorothy Sall, Mad- alyn Cohen, Sylvia Sizeler, Martha Beck, Carole Kretzer. Lust minute rush to meet cu deadline "And give this card to the photographer" 4-km KAHN, BERNSTEIN, BLUMBERG, Business Assasfanfs BUSINESS The 533,000 COROLLA Business was successfully operated during The 1951-52 year. After facing a gloomy outlook at The beginning, The Business Staff, re-organized and working under a new personnel program, set a new all-time high sales record, ex- ceeded all previous advertising records, cut office ex- penses by one third, and secured over 140W of anticipated revenue from The Organizations and Beauty Ball departments. Emphasizing better public relations, as reflected in The new democratic Beauty Ball, low-pressure sales presentations, more courteous treatment of student volunteer workers and office visitors, and more per- sonal attention to campus organizations, The Business Staff received more friendly cooperation from the students, administration, and business associates Than ever known before. And so, by initiating modern business procedures, by actually working under The principle of service and good faith, and by putting forth extra effort, The Business Staff established and maintained The 1952 COROLLA on a sound financial basis. LL Sales and Advertising Staffs brought home the bacon YOUR IN wwe .ff 3 HAROLD D. WALL, Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF HAROLD D, WALL .... . . .Business Manager HERB BLUMBERG. .. ....... Sales Manager DAVID BERNSTEIN. . . . , .Advertising Manager G. B. KAHN. . . .,.. ......... O ffice Manager CHARLIE EDVVARDS ..... Organizations Manager BOB COLLINS ...... ..., B eauty Ball Chairman STAFF: Martha Hewes, Broward Segrest, Frank Moore, Leon Terry, Jimmy Amon, Neil Segrest, Ann Draughon, Doris Florshiem, Frank Bromberg, Diane Wagger, Gerald Gandy, Tommy Ritchie, Roy Dee, Jack Gerald, David Champlin, Lee Smith, Paul Moffett, Vonnie Foster, Lucille Hurlbert, Herb Brush, Ben Ferguson, Bo Brice, Paul Pinson, Ed Bolen, Miller Widemire, Dicky Lapidus, Bill Morgan, Jim Pinkston, Ted Meadows, Bunky Jones, Kathleen Waller, Stan Seigel, Shar- ron Weinburger, Charlie Harris, George Mahoney, Jack Marcey, Don Sherrer, Peter Thomas. Chairman Collins and Beauty Ball Staff as kgs. ..kV K x s 'rs E wi' sf 3 ff ' le' in gl ,T Q 1 ya' LIFE- YOUR BANIA COIOLLA TOM TAYLOR, Editor iw ' if -: . ",- p Kggl- 1 if Q i I M W I T' ' EDITORIAL STAFF: Lindsey, Wilson, Wagnon, Maddox, Tclese RALPH SOKOL, Business Manager RIIVISO RoTed "All-Americohn by The AssocioTed CoIIegioTe Press Tor Three c:onsecuTive yeors, The Crimson-VVhiTe worked True To form Toword onoTher successful seoson. Under The ediTorship of Tom Toylor, Topped The wires of The sTudenT body ond provided on up-To-ddTe coveroge, boTh in Words ond picfures. ReporTers work The eorly porT of The Week, Then The sToTT goes To work Thursddy, Fridoy, ': ohd Sunday oTTerhoon when The from poge is puT To- T geTher. The pdper is prinTed in I-Ioleyville, necessiToTing o 90-mile Trip eoch Iviondoy Tor prooTing by The sToTT. EDITORIAL STAFF: ROW I: Moog, Goldberg, Spurgeon . . . ROW 'I: Sfundingz Jones, Oswald, Breece, Austin, Owens . . . ROW 2: Hildreth, Rosco, Kerlin, Pinkston LusT minuTe rush for Friday night deadline CIRCULATION STAFF: ROW I: Cohen, Nichols . . . ROW 2: Harvey, Mitchell, Block, Byrne, Orhbach -WHITE Business Manager Ralph Sokol and cohorts work weekly to gather advertising and to distribute .lie paper to Cap- stone students. The C-W has a circulation of nearly 5,000, including some 500 mailed-out subscriptions. The main source of revenue comes from advertising, both national and local, with an allocation from the student activity fee. The allocation was slightly cut this year, but a new source of revenue was added with the inauguration of a classified ad section in the paper. BUSINESS STAFF RALPH SOKOL ...., ..... B usiness Manager JOHNNY WILSON , ..,,.. Advertising Manager BERNARD PELTZ . .Assistant Advertising Manager GEORGE NICHOLS. . ,... , Circulation Manager STAFF: Jane Walker, Mr. Campbell, Carl Finke, Richard Bachman, Buddy Harwell, Karl M. Lazenby, Jimmy Owen, Howard Cooper, Joyce Cohen, Bill Majure, Bill Kitching, Bryant Sheeby, Ann Carter, Bobby Ware. EDITORIAL STAFF TOM TAYLOR. . ....,,.., Editor CHARLIE WILSON . . , . .Managing Editor JARROT LINDSEY, JR. ..,,..,, News Editor HUGH MADDOX .... .. .Copy Editor GAY TALESE .,.. . . . . , . Sports Editor LUCRETIA WAGNON .,..,.. Society Editor STAFF: Jimmy Thompson, Curtis Smith, Connie Spurgeon, Pelham Rowan, Bob Rob- in, Bill Rasco, Jim Pinkston, Bill Owens, Lucy Oswald, Marilyn Moog, Doug Mitchell, Mar- celle McClintock, Beverly Loeb, Martha Lea, Sam Kaufman, Pat Bostick, Joe Hamilton, Marietta Jones, Lee Hood, Ned Hildreth, Jo Ann Goldberg, Ronny George, Cecelia Ditfly, Margie Bingham, Shirley Beck, Isabel Barker, Betty Austin, Mark Gup, Sarah Gowan, Betty Lawrence, Katherine Plowden, Jim Strickland, Leo Willette, Nell Griffin, Ed Ewing, Harriet Cohen, Marie Pass, Ruth O'Rear, Jo Lane Vander Sys, Tommy Mc Laughlin, Jim Townsend, Bedt Feibelman, Phil Shecter, Bob McKinney, Pat Watson, Doug Bradford, Don Propst, Bruce Harrison, Beverly Taylor, Katherine Howard, Maurine Montgomery, Marie Smith, Judy Rushin, Virginia Breece, Margaret Wingo, Lucy Oswald, Martha Hood. ADVERTISING STAFF: ROW I: Wilson, Goldberg, Cohen . . . ROW 2 Peltz Harwell, lazenby I LEO WILLETTE, Editor MIVIER The "Ram" had iTs beginning in I924 as a privaTe publicaTion. LaTer iT was conyerTed To a liTerary journal. AT The presenT Time, The Rammer Jammer is a humor magazine ranked as one of The TinesT among all college humor magazines. Because of The versaTiliTy of iTs offering, The Rammer Jammer aTTords sTudenTs a wide horizon in iournalism. The "Ram" is published seven Times a year and always conTains The TinesT in college humor sTories, jokes, carToons and picTures. JIM MONTGOMERY, Managing Editor EDITORIAL STAFF LEO WILLETTE .......................,......, EdiTor JIM MONTGOMERY, . , , . .Managing EdiTor GENERAL STAFF: Irwin Sherman, Ralph Conlon, Leon Terry, John STrejan, Rowland Geddie, JarroT Lindsey, Tommy Taylor, Diane Wagger, Ivan SwiTT, Max MacLaugh- lin, Hugh Maddox, Joe HamiITon, Bob Ware, Dick Fried- man, Don Friedman, ArT Harduvel, Virginia Breece, Helen Rainey. EDITORIAL STAFF: ROW I: Wagger, Wynn, Horbeck, Bober, Walker, Lucas, Wagnon . . . ROW 2: Taylor, Oboler, Conlin, Sherman, Owens, Chambers, Swif, Lindsay, Geddie, Prout IVIMER In l95l the Rammer Jammer began publication on a strict sub- scription basis. By this new method, it became possible to offer a "Ram" to every student. This year the estimated readership of the Rammer Jammer is the largest in its history. A student activity fee allocation, subscription, and income from advertising bear the financial burden of the humor magazine. Students may buy subscriptions for one dollar and it is mailed to alumni and friends of the Capstone for SI.5O. BUSINESS STAFF TOMMY NASH ..... .............. B usiness Manager JACK HELD ........ ......... A dvertising Manager TOMMY RITCHIE ..... ................ S ales Manager BLUTCHER COOPER .... ..... A ssistant Advertising Manager MAX MCLAUGHLIN. , . ........... Circulation Manager ANITA PIERCE ..... ...Office Manager NITA HORNBECK ......................,.......... Secretary STAFF: Jane Walker, Ann Barrett, Beth Sanderson, Doris Flor- sheim, Barbara Ann Chambers, Hallie Cohen, Jo Ann Goldberg, Billy Prout, Lee Stegemeyer, Betty Ann Klotzman, Pat Evans, Gloria McKean, Babs Boninowski, Becky Danziger, Rowland Geddie, Jo Ann Brown, June McKinnon, Don Friedman, Terry Fine. l I Nash and crew with more money this year ' , rw-x 5 X if ft TOMMY NASH, Business Manager Close check is kept on file BUSINESS STAFF: Ritchie, Pierce, McLaughlin, Cooper iff-1 -wav COLONEL CARLETON KK BUTLER, Director AlThough The fooTball Team was on The losing end several Times, The Million Dollar Band always gave us a winner on The field. VViTh The lovely Jean Sparks leading The way as "Miss Alabama," The fasT sfepping band kepf abreasT wiTh The fads and fashions of The year. The band's firsT perform- ance was a Television show. During The season The band picked up ThaT CharlesTon sTep and demonsTraTed Their ver- saTiliTy wiTh an impressive nighT performance of "Come-On-A- My-House." One of The highlighTs of The year's performance was The "River Show" presenfed aT STarkville, Mississippi. This show feaTured a miniaTure show boaT and was climaxed wiTh The band playing "Old Man River." Under The direcTion of Colonel CarleTon K. Bufler, The band assisTed in keeping The spiriT high aT fooTball games wiTh "Yea Alabama". "Dixie" was The mosT requesTed number and was always good for a rebel yell. AfTer many ouTsTanding performances aT foofball games, The Million Dollar Band engaged in a concerT Tour ThroughouT The sTaTe, In December The Band was hosT To The sTaTe band clinic, The coronafion of "Miss Alabama" aT The annual concerT in FosTer AudiTorium compleTed a highly successful musical season for Colonel BuTler aT Alabama. 7ke MILLI DOLLAR BA They cover cz loT of ground This way OFFICERS COL. CARLETON K. BUTLER ,,.....,. DirecTor CLIFF HURTER ,.,,...,...,...Band Manager MIKE O'HARA .... , . Business Manager BILL OVVLSLEY JEAN SPARKS ....,,DrumMaior .i. ...Sponsor Welcome To Tennessee Fans 3 V23?x',.ff 7 'lege H' -fy, f ' - ,, ' ig . ,- A W -, 1- , , . , 3 W " 'Vik 21 ,,Q 1 4 fm vm f 4-1 Wi f 2 , fwabw W-if A ' ' Q swf , ' .1 ..Nswf fb T". , ,-f ff Wm, -4 gg.. sf, f ,' 'r-,ggi f - f 9 Qamg v .Y J ,Af 4 A A W-, A ..N,.,.d5 V f 5 ' ,. 1 - V, 'i"'.-H.p,.!",1x:'rv1g,'vf?"f-?'QS1n - . sf A "- 'iv A W." A- 11, W .11 A wg" A" 'wi Tfmnl lffig. If J y-'v5"'2? K"l'g..? 'sam , . A 5 qv if , ' A Y ,gg-i. ' 'fm ya . w'f'T.i?' A-I 4.:wglf".l"25f:'i3 -15' i ' ' J-Hx i v 7- 5 gh, ',jf::.'wa-ig 1--3'5" fi-f,.'4:fQgg,'Z1,.-A "5Z1'fg."?f'-ff , X +L ' un- 0354 1' 'YWYA' ' 'f' 'VW' H 5 ' M f ' wk ' H -fA' "' W 'FL 4 J -' . "' "'m,.,'W ,Q--ff' MW' 725.-'Rd '.""" 'pl ","' 4. 'Y ' "' " QA' ww ff ,... .. K , , ',W' - v "' v H '. 1,55 ." 4-iw . 'W ' ' ,H - 4 Q "5" ' " r 'w.- ,SE X K Q l w br - P 'wmfn ' we'-5S.."h'11f' f?i'Q1?"f '11 f . ' ff? I f fr E he J A K xi 25 X it f pix? 7 Tyr. ,a W,?w,.f21?L'i-Q vi, :Dai fzzisl Limf- j ' 2 ,, -M - p f- 7 aw . v .M Aw - , - -M - f' ,. -yn, . -N' -- " .- , fi -..,,:,.--. ..' , - 0, Af -f .21 A . 3 4. Vfggjfifi fu Q Q 3 JY, . ,,,-, 3,333 kiwi kj?--5k.,! .u ij, 5- M3 y -5: ,gf 'gb,,.L"'5 is-gj,.f:,:iibwf:Tf3,,,3,J bg, Mg- -cg hHgJ,'fj-':- A ' M' if ' 3 YL' '330' 5595 LK'kA' 1- -A LV-- QV? "5 ,. ..,. -+'3'5'.A inf -.'2':gi:1"iL A3.2'.9 5571 'f13?'?5'355'g3x 5'N7g-??3'f" ..- ' 4" A 'E J 'ME 55 5 b 51 W gi ' 'S 4 2 3 4 Q W W 1 " f'- ""'4J:".m' 'Y 'fkT31'T"'x'QMfTi 'Nf ff'Z'fei."4fW 5 55 1 al, H Mis 5 uk EE? ' q'V Q .523 "' if 'fn , ffffl -' ' 71f4f'r5W'l 1 , . K ,.,L , . .,.,M Z A l ,l,A 1 . A A ,, Yee 55 1 - - 5 ' x . 5 f J' M- "w4"""'i"' ,, f -' iw VK f f ,L f A .T.-.44:.-f.J..f,.W,,..A I L, h K, 1 , L. A ,.-,.V,,5,,,.,,LiiN, QQ -5.-W-:M...., f mel t. l- ' in LN H5 My 35 A 1 - x - ,iz ' if H'-, K 'W 'Q' " 1 f m ,1 V ya ' QR' 5:2 , 2 ,v ati i J QQ f ,ff Q Q if ASO x ri Riff is x Q 51 L Q U L X 3 E33 ai 53 ga 7 Q , 'vs 15 iii Er 'K ky xx - 5 A i 5 ,. 1, L NVE V - A ' 1 K 3 mx gg X ' J i V M 4 L SX, X-Aw ,d . ni LALk,L, vgswll-JH?.. ,AWK N nyyv.. Q ,.vM 4 ..,i.X" fZ...,,- A W 3 'QQ A9 .. NA N 43' wr gs 1 IU' --Y I Q i , s R . 1 2 Q Q 1 f,- Plans are made for each show l'0N'Y1Nl'WvY , 1 VVABP is The IargesT campus-wired radio sTaTion in The nafion. IT is beginning iTs fifTh year of service for CapsTone sTudenTs. Dr. KenneTh Harwood has assumed leadership since The resignafion of Professor Leo MarTin during The pasT year. STudenT managed and operaTed, The sTaTion broad- casTs for Ten hours each day, six days a week from iTs sTudios in The Union Building. WABP, a charTer member of The InTercoIIegiaTe Broad- casfing SysTem, offers iTs sTudenT IisTeners a well-balanced Director emphasizes Theme for The show BP program. A new addiTion To iTs schedule is The direcT broadcasf of sTudenT church services each Sunday and The TranscripTion of all Types of music which produces an in- creased musical capaciTy. Lisfener inTeresT and originaliTy are The primary inTeresT of The sTudenTs who wriTe, direcT and presenT The various shows. The programs are for CapsTone sTudenTs' benefiT and are produced in Their in- TeresT. STAFF WHITEY DAHLBERG .....,................,.. Manager BILL SLATON ,,,. .........,.... C ommercial Manager FRED HENRY ........... ....... S porTs JOE WEBSTER ......,................ Program DirecTor BARBARA SMITH .... .....,. . . . .... ConTinuiTy JOE LIBER ....,,,... Chief Announcer, Opns. Supervisor CLARE METZGER .............,,........... PromoTion JULIE FOSTER ...,.....................,...... Traffic BERNARD BLOCK ,...... PubIiciTy and Program Schedule IRWIN SHERMAN ..,. ...,.... S pecial EvenTs DON SECORD ...............,.....,.......... News ROBIN NETTLES .,... ..,.. W omen's DirecTor RAE RITA KRIESMAN .... .... M usic Librarian JEANNINE ROBERTS .... ..... P ublic Service HALLIE COHEN .,.,,.. ...... R ecepTionisT I-.fs 1: . 5 l wrt Staff publicizes school events GENERAL STAFF Doug McCollum, Glenn Jackson, Raymond Cohen, Sam Coleman, Lee Stocktelt, Mel Evans, Jimmy Gilbert, Kit Car- son, Ray Johnson, Donald Vick, Jett Smith, Ed Morgan, Charles Eick, Bob Loberbaum, Columbus Wells, lrwin Fleischer, Bruce Cole, Richard Hartsook, Richard Gilbert, Danny l-less, Fabian Glinsky, Leslie Livingston, Barbara White, Sara Brooks, Sandy Goldstein, Pat Clark, Elinor Struletz, Harold Opolinsky, Arlene Schockett, Myra Cork- land, Myra Grdon, Bob Robin, Harriet Coehn, Janet Bux- baum, Leon Gordon, Charles Danenburg, Irwin Feldman, Jo Ann Goldberg, Edith Hytken, Mary Helen Cleverly, Audri Feinman, Ellen Whatley, Pat Clark, Dena Bennett, Betty Klotzman, Tinkie l-lamerick, Jean Veal, Sallye French, Marion Chandler, Shirley Lyon, Sandra Katz, Sandra Adler, Rita Mardcr, Caroline Klotz, Jim Blade. r . Student announcers choose records for program Date With a Disc on the our Cue is given to start Students learn radio techniques sr., aye, ..',,. 'T' I TOMMY TAYLOR KATRINA MCARTHUR JOANNE McCALL RUSSELL SMITH TED RAY EDWARDS BOB VANCE BEA HAAS WHCTS WH Smcfmm Ln 74 'can Wmawiwed cm! gcwlfeqw LEON ADAIR CALDWELL DeBARDELEBEN WANDA CARRAWAY MACK MATHEWS SAM CHRISTOPHER MITCHELL LATOFF EVELYN OWEN JOEL ROBINSON VIRGINIA DUMAS CAREY HOLLINGSWORTH MAX McLAUGHLIN BILL MacDONALD HAROLD WALL MANSON MURRAY RUSSELL LUNN "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges" is published yearly to recognize the most outstanding leaders in campus activities. This year, tvventye seven 'Bama students placed on the coveted roster, Students are selected from nominations submitted by CLYDE RODDAM N .,x., xxw mm. the deans of the various colleges and by members ot the Student Legislature. A committee composed of students and faculty members judges the students on merit shovvn in scholarship, student activity, character, and individual leadership. KATHLEEN JONES CHARLES MITCHELL VONNIE FOSTER JULIAN SORRELS BOARD PUBLICATIONS Supported through the allocation of student activity fees, all campus publications are supervised and govern- ed by the Board of Publications. The Publications include the COROLLA, CRIMSON-WHITE, RAMMER JAMMER, and the "A" Book, although the latter is sponsored by the Stu- dent Government Association. Determining the eligibility of candidates for the offices of editor, business manager and all paid assistants is the most important function of the Board. The Board's method of interviewing all applicants for each position insures the student body that the best qualified students will edit and manage their publication in a business-like and profes- sional manner. MEMBERS NOBLE B. HENDRIX .,.,.,....,,,..,.. Dean of Students C. E. BOUNDS ......,.. Head of Journalism Department STEPHEN L. MOONEY. .English Department Representative C. W. SCARRITT. . .Journalism Department Representative LOUIS D. BOYLAN .,... OLA GRACE BAKER .... ROBERT VANCE . Row it Boylan, Baker, , . , , . . . . . . .Publications Auditor . , . ,Assistant Dean of Women . . . . . , . , . President, SGA KATHLEEN JONES ,.,. ..,, P resident, WSGA GERALD D. FAULKNER .,,. ....,..,... E ditor, Corolla HAROLD D. WALL ,.... .,... B usiness Manager, Corolla TOMMY TAYLOR .... ...,,.,,.. E ditor, Crimson-White RALPH SOKOL ..,.,,,. Business Manager, Crimson-White LEO WILLETTE ...,, .......... E ditor, Rammer Jammer TOMMY NASH ...,.. Business Manager, Rammer Jammer Bounds, Hendrix, Jones, Scarritf . . . ROW 2: Taylor, Faulkner, Vance, Nash, Mooney, Sokol, Wall, Willette 1. 411,15 M' A yu, X Elf .ik pa , if g. wr, KAPPA DELTA DEMONS 'YL ' :ess 4 . . N My. ws, N ' ,1 f, I CW- f CHI O CUTIES fs, 9 f H, ,T I WA H EM OUT ,, THE CALMER MOMENTS WE LOVE YOU TOO 55354 fa if ' my MOMENTARY HOLIDAY Q Eli E K sw., ZETA WOLF GA M7 A KAPERS anim J SAY Can LOOK GOOD PHI MU SHOWBOAT 5435 .3 f-QL, -'L 955 ik 'W 1 , I i f E TR! DELTA VA anew SHOW M M3 Www 9 7, CPO X I N -A ,fgmgg iz ,Q ,ff if if A - -X ' I L L fc? A A f' Q' L Q QL A Q 5 L X 4, L J GIMME SOME . MY PI PH! DREAMTIM 3 7? E I V5 U ff 3, ug? BU ,yy 5 5 Es D K THE D ANCXNQ null ARK V 'k.A ,A-J"'sfv QM xlf LAMBDA CH! LEADS OFF REEP-BOP PLATTER PICKERS RQMANHC REND QULL LUXURIOUS LUAU mf? OF Queen ask" f HE KA'S WILL RTSE AG-ASN CAPS TQNIE CIQXPIERSS T UNE cw PH fl IT AIN'T HAY MPROMPTU BUMBLEBE My SITTING PRETTY IH E X55 EW 'fm THE UNHOLY THREE 7 'E' ' 1' K .- SS THE EBUTTERMlLK Q 0 1 3? -"'3'3,Z' K 2' N 9 ' K . Q ,"EW ' -ff my . 1-,2:. "" ' ' , , E V ' ww.-S EEE2 W if f W E A ' ll' ,,,,,, ' .f "i, , an K7 I V ' I 54", Ei H ,W .ww ,, ,, .,'- Q I X HE if 42 M BAR THETA CHi GATOR GUY ALL MMS Wm Y WR fs PLENT P T -fmESF R f .B.T. . . ,A.v --mv WHAT A MOUTHFUL HEADS M YOU WI ALAMITE AT WORK THIS TEAM DTD WTN J' WELCOM 'NG CO M DONE BIG STAKES , ,. .. Kiiiggw. is if QQ! TQ - 1' BAMA'S OWN STARLET 9 tVgaFir22w ,W Bu'i53h FROM OUT OF THE PAST gg.. if I x Tb E in -vi "' 4"'4' 431- 10. .,. , X iv di f . .4-'Z MQ, . .A . Y 'Q H YOU MED' HOEDOWN STYLE , .i:: TQ ., gon. - - I an Q 14 xmw....,.-...hi MAGKIAL MUSINGS ,5,,,.w "F mas 3" ,K I WELL, LORDY ME! Nw , 3541: is EE' 5, f gn Xi F- WE RE FROM DI gf V 0 is f i 9 Yl f rg 'V ORGIES OTHER MESS -sq 53 iff E 4' 0 4 O 'ig Av. MISS FU! FLAPPER E :if in T iii T 2 Q55 I BELL Pl KAPP STAR ,A .N W- BEAUTY OF THE AIR G FOR A DAY NICE TO COME HOME TO S DERELLA ENIOR GF HEARTS 1 SVWNG VLL RAISE YOU TWENTY DUH-H-H I SMD PA i.ET'S PLAY OLD INSID LL CLEAR? HOUSEMANAGER THIS'LL LEA M SLEEPY TIME GALS BUT MY DAT S WAITING I.. I VI 3 NOW' gi iTETQ ,, If1 lkm Pzfe s f L 1I12Af I 11' 'fliii IIIL llhm 1 EII' II1. 'T m THERE'S THIEVERY AFOOT I I I A L TE -' A IVTA , B I I1 Q I L E fs I I L I 'X-A i E T I E v I A I V I., f ,f f f TE WHO ARTISTIC, EH? QMSS VOLLEYBALL, ANYONE? HAND S MY...COK PTH LD x4 K k www '1 fs X I 525:59-f:fr BEAUTY BY THE EYEFUL R ,. A Wm" AH-HA LEAP YEAR BLUES A M Y 3 Q ef A 3 W Mg- .1 E113-A if X, , ,Q iifi' ii . T, S. df i J Q W J Q I f 'ff T D Cz, if Nj W 1 fs' SNOOPER' ESS' NEVER TAKE A LETTER .... TAKING HER MRS f fff I R NEVER ENDING SPIRIT Q . X, I .Q In 1 BAR A WELCOMED YANKEE BEAUTY ON PARADE 3' Y , wh-iii' X ' A A , 1 V . , ,,,, - R im. N , ., 'K ,Q LEE S LEGACIES if X CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY H I 5141543 BLAZING BATTLE BANTSHED BEAUTY AND THE BEASTS MMM LATNE TAKES TWO N I ri 4 I yjljdr v'II 7 Jag? PII 'II' BASIC OPERATIONS TAKE PLACE IN THE CLASSROOMS: FOUR YEARS OF PROCESSING CONVERT RAW MATERIALS INTO FINISHED PRODUCTS. Z Z I m X ,Rf as II I Ix W Sis ' LR k' S '??9ff"? ' S an 'I , Q, 4 MW ,-if Q vi n 1 X 1 I' fl b 4 N .:, 4 .TM r'x I' 55 .1, ,',,-., - 3" I T-7 .K 1' ' 5 f,g, 51: ....!c--"ay f v I ,iv If-xx nt" -,U v. -, ,4 f, .A K f H X .' .x'l,. fy x 5 1 "Hz ' If f':4'33?'!-. -gffx N .L xffv ! , - . I ,I , ll ,K it W -I N-an I- .-,.- ug., . ..!'Jg 1 . ' f 5 92 ,JV 'bf Ylfi .W s.. f .IBB vga. ii m I ,Q Z: X-QM 4, up x I '19 X 5 4 R 1 ll It 4.f. gf. "t"k7 :K I Zfgfr, 'x 'Y w. -r.1, 1' fflvfk. ..,.: -,J 1 x ' 1 ' ,,'.. lx Non Ql"il,i,A'x' ,yxfvwq -- 1. FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Henry Goodwin Glass, Hoyt A. Childs, S. D. Garrett, Fredrick DeVane, Shelly Jackson, Duke Thomas, Robert M. Lightfoot . . . SECOND ROW: Johnnye Walton, John H. Chaplin, Harold Blanton, Claude E. Bennett, M. Clifford Holcomb, H, Frank Skinner, Woodfin G. Norris, Jr., Joseph E. Duke, John R. Durfey , . . THIRD ROW: Julian O. Thomas, Malcolm C. Cook, Charles P. Beddow, Marion H. Sims, William Atchinson, Lewis E. Kirkland, Robert L. Marrin, Jr., James E. Kimbrough . . . FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Hannon, David E. Owensby, Wallace E. Calhoun, Sidney C. Phillips, William H. Rudder, John P. Merchant . . . FIFTH ROW: M. E. Laway, Charlie Burt, C. E. Price, J S. Bates, R. P. Walker, E. B. Kent, R. H. Johnson, Ben Maxwell, W. J. Oakes, W. R. Pitts, L, M. Bargeron, Jr. SENIORS THE MEDICA FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Jean Cowsert, Cecil H. Prescott, Bluitt Landers, Jr., Howard E. Leonard, Jr., Charles F. Rattray, James Earl Robertson, Bertis B. Jordan, William O. Kenan, William J. Hammock, Harold J. Hall, Eugene C. Nealand, Katherine Kospetos . . .SECOND ROW: Donald Kahn, Ira D. Thompson, Eugene H. Bradley, David A. Azar, Robert L. Thomas,'Jr., Howard D. Jenkins, Harry I. Blaylock, Jr., Jim Moody, Wil- liam Pappas, Vincent Carnaggio, Donald Hooper . . . THIRD ROW: Herschel P. Bentley, Jr., Ottis D. Cook, Andrew D. Hagan, Edwin J. Phillips, E. C. Whitley, Jr., A. R. Lindsey, George H. Weaver, Joe W. O'NeaI, William E. Vickers, John P. Mims, Richard Z. Hundley . . . FOURTH ROW: David C. Gustafson, William R. Anderson, James D. Angelich, Robert H. Dudley, Frank P. Phillips, Arnold C. Burke, Gaston O. McGinnis, A. Basil Harris, S. S. Roberts . . . FIFTH ROW: James Moseley, Tom Sheffield, Robert E. Vickery, K. Lemone Yield- ing, Robert L. Kominek, Glenn D. Barnes. SOPHOIVIORE bw:4l-L - rmmfwf ' TL V it smmmmmm m.. ..em1.-..s .- f JU IORS FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Charles H. Crump, Patrick Linton, Arthur Gritfin, Charles D. Jordan, Oscar Riley, Jr., Chauncey Thuss, Japer D, Moore, Luciano I. Leal, Leslie E, Whitehead , . . SECOND ROW: S. H. Stephens, Jr., J, S. Davies, A. A. Chandler, Wm. W. Douglas, Chester Primm, D. C. Holt, Thomas C. Lawson, Billie L. James, R. M, Ritter . . . THIRD ROW: S. S. Norvell, Elmer Motte, Donald Vaughn, Wm. Finley, John Duncan, Horace Clayton, Wm. Hammock, Robert J. McLaughlin, Fred F. Crews . . . FOURTH ROW: James O. Wright, Robert Cruit, Kenda Jones, James A. Whiteside, John Yow, Rufus Vaughn, Phil Enslen . , . FIFTH ROW: Hart Ward, Ermin E. Coleman, Patrick McCue, Edward Schmidt, William A. Walker, H. H. Floyd, Jr., Robert D. Guyton, H. B, Harris, C, L. LaGrone . . . SIXTH ROW: Oscar T. Nelson, Gathel O. Runnels, William T. Wright, C. L. Golden, Ellis F. Porch, B. F. Hinton, Albert C. Hunt, Cecil Tew, Jr., J. T. Baker. SC OOL FRESHME FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Maude Diseker, Durwood Hodges, Aubrey Terry, Hollis Keel, Hugh Dillon, Andrew Gay, Jim Reeder, R. B. Cox, Charlie Colvin, B. B. Sanders, Sara Will Crews, Elizabeth Dowdy, Pat Taley . . . SECOND ROW: James Russell, John Todd, William Fulton, Buren Wells, James B. McElroy, Gus J. Prosch, Jr., Joe D. Brancrott, Charles A. Alford, Charles L. Camp George C. Rudd, Morris Steinberg , . , THIRD ROW: Martin S. Litwin, John G. Kimbrough, Bruce F. Holding Jr,, Fred Veazey, Charles M. Tyndal, Herbert Gibson, Ray Sturkie, Fred Beavers, Walker B. Stewart, Robert Fitzgerald, Dale Brown, Guy B. Wilder, Jr., Floyd O. Fitts, Jr .... FOURTH ROW: Richard T. Lowe, Jones Moore, Joe E. Hall, John L. Knowles, Herman C. Patterson, Robert T. Klein, J. E, Keeton, John L. Hubbard, Jr., Clyde Null, James Holliman, Tom D. Mozley, Preston T. Farish, Travis R. McElroy . . . FIFTH ROW: Robert Long, Jack R. Nolen, L. Clark Gravlee, Reese M. Holitield, Wallace McAdory, Stephen W. Rowe, Thomas H. Taylor James C. Thompson, Frank C, Owens, Percy Sullivan, Lamar Campbell, Bill Mitchell . . . SIXTH ROW: Armstead Hudnell, Young West, McCoy Dean, Donald C. Over- street, Joseph L, Box, Ernest S. Campbell, George F, Scofield, Roy W. Larrimore, Chester E. Singleton, John M. Pickering, Oscar G. Simpson, Eli Selikott, Joe Beaird. 1,53 FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Wendell Taylor, William F. Nowell, John Baker, William E. Sullivan, John L. Speake, William M, Welch, Houston B. Hovis, Bill J. Cobb . . . SECOND ROW: Colie H. Millsap, Jr., James McCabe, Jim M. Kirby, Willie F. Kelley, Jr., Raymond L. Cox, Thomas G. Bradford, Frank Peterusnek . . . THIRD ROW: C. S. Hancock, James Watson Cosper, Jr., John R. Gray, William W. Ashley, Robert A. Cummings, Lester B. Brastield, Walter C. Andrews, Jr., Joe E. Hare . . . FOURTH ROW: Alvin W. Mosher, Jr., R. O. Latfre, Melvin D. Hardin, Gerald R. Rowe, Nelson Owens, Richard L. Bailey, Robert J. Eustice . . . FIFTH ROW: Alton Parden, John S. Webster, Jasper Allen Jones, James L. Sanderson, Walter Smith, A. M. Christopher, Wood- ward Lamar, Joe Venable, Wilson Bellenger . . . SIXTH ROW: Bill Rye, Morris Hollis, Tom Nicholson, Henry THE DE FIRST ROW: Lett to Right: Preston M. Jones, Claudia Heard, George E. Powers, W. L. McLaughlin, John R. Orr, Ralph E. Capouya, William M. Thomas, Joseph G. Stewart, Samuel J. Wycoff, E. K. Wood, Jr., Samuel T. Rose . . . SECOND ROW: Tom Wilkens, Ed Speed, Billy Parker, Gerald E. Berger, Ralph Cooley, Doyle Snead, William A. Stone, Joseph C. Baldone, Paul L. Abbott . . . THIRD ROW: Joe B. Bratton, Jae S. Watson, Bill Bellande, Charles Easley, Ernest Leatherwood, Jack Giles, William J. Hooper, Richard Perryman, Hulett Owen Ballard, Ed Griffith, W. E. Beasley. . . . FOURTH ROW: George Mitchell, Earl Little, Bob Roland, William M. Crosley, Joseph H. Miller, F. R. Mash- burn, Dick Morgan, Dudley Dickerson, Press Thornton, Ed Strother. SENIORS SOPHOMORE JUNIORS 52 .. W.. I x E 4 x FIRST ROW: Left to Right: J. D. Biggers, Clifton Looney, Charles H. Davis, Paul L. Riise, John W. Tucker, Kenneth R. Bieland, Thomas H. Smoot, Max V. Gilmer, Richard S. Boswell . . . SECOND ROW: John M. Cun- ningham, David K. Clanton, William G. King, Horace H Holley, Dan E. Douglas, David E. Meadows, Dale E. Bishop, John H. Davis, J. D. Reynolds, Jr., Dan Meadows . . . THIRD ROW: Thomas W. Kirby, J, B. Henderson, Charles S. Billingsley, Jr., James W. Vann, James E. Blackman, Pasqual A. Baldone, J. C. Wheat, W. J. Stephens . . . FOURTH ROW: John Arthur, Jr., John O. Edwards, Kinyon Vinson, Robert Shift, Warren Day, Maurice W. Treece, Edwin E. Bowman . . . FIFTH ROW: Sherold Pope, Cary E. Elrod, Jr., Belton S. Stephens, Earl L. Mitchell, Troy C. Mills, Jr., M. D. Rushing, Jr. SC OO FRESHME FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Robert T. Binford, Jr., Albert Gordon Goodall, Jr., Joseph C. Schilleci, Joel W. Goldsby, lll, Magnus G. Northington, James Rufus Dockery, Thomas M. Calhoun, Irving I. Bern, Vernon R. Rosenthal, Marshall Ringsdort . . . SECOND ROW: W. Rupert Bodden, Jr., Thomas L. Whatley, Ulas C. Swindle, Jr., Vance R. Kane, Jack M. Garner, Ernest L. Jackson Otha C. Salter, Burnice E, Burnham, Charles H. Powell . . . THIRD ROW: William Donald Jacobs, James L. Stothart, James H. Langston, Everett W. Moncriet, Jr., Arthur G. Clifford, William L. Hembree, A. D. Warren . . . FOURTH ROW: Anthony A. Rizzo, Dewey Christain, Gordon T. Blair, James Leo, Charles Chambliss, Don W. Legler, Ralph Powell, Bill Hines, Morris Barten, Jr., Herbert Pauly, Fred B. Sanders, Robert H. Freeman . . . FIFTH ROW: Howard C. Elliott, Samuel L, Page, Virgil W. Hagan, Jr., Jerse S. C. Ellington, Grady S. King, Jr., John S, Lyle, Thomas S. Russell, Kendrel M. Helton, A. Frank Patton. I . EJ .U-. .Hg 940901 if 22:9 fm: J-rw fi' g,,.. mf f I "-:'-'-' 1 V W fi.. --:V-. wg ...,,.,, I ., is - 2 . b, J FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Dorothy Archer, Janet Hilton, Rachel Poe, Betty J. Wilker, Mable Poovey, Joyce White, Rebecca Bowen . SECOND ROW' Mildred K Johnson Mildred T. Spence Nella Jean Boothe Bobbie Jean Crook, Mildred Mf Bailey, Onzelle Wakeman, are Mey Horton, Frankie Jeyee rem. ' ANAESTHETISTS MEDICAL X-RAY NANCY KING TECHNOLOGISTS TECHNICIANS BEULAH DAGNAN FRANCIS WATKINS JUANITA WHITTLE KATE SMITH VIRGINIA DAVIS NELL GODWIN ROSE MARIE LONG JUNE SCHMITT BETTY CRACKER JEAN LANIER LOUISE GOODE LOTTIE McDANIEL MARY BENTLEY ANN PAULK RUTH MCCRACKEN TURMAN ALLEN BILLIE ASHMORE ANN CAPPS MARGARET ENSLEN MATTIE GAUTNEY RAYMOND GILMORE, JR. FLORENCE GRAHAM EDD HANNAH, JR. MARY TURNER HOOTS SIDNEY KOWIERSCHKE HELEN SANTOS Page 84 ABOL BAKHLAIR THOMAS MULVANEY VERNON FOSTER TERRY I-IOOLSELL ANN WALKER BETTY WARE GENE EVANS BAYNE HILL JOHN SNIDER ?i 2 35 sz if ? Z 5 if I: f - -f If F - -,-, . iv , x ,, 3 5 4 ':" :Sill-2" 1 f ss, A ss 'g v if W , I .MF we WLT ' 1 5 llnll ,K 035 f lv A ,L . V , x , ig i 5 25 tg ' l f 3 I I 1 J sr H 5 I f W 5 2 ,ge l ,,, 4 . , : 5 c ',,. 2 4 we 5,5 I 5 fi 2 5 1 as Q f 55 ,gs 3 if Q 3 M tg' FIRST ROW: Left to Right: OlivIa Ann Streater, Mildred Cotten, Helene Moore, Wynne Daughtry, Bobbye Jean Brackin, Frances Sexton, Reytord Finney, Tressie Norton, Beverly Causey, Mary Lou Scokel . , . SECOND ROW: Doris Meadows, Mildred Broun, Pauline Ross, Eileen Crawford, Reba Alford, Delia Haisten, Geral Dean Elkins, Nina Beck, Mildred Alexander, Gloria Hudson, Martha Clem, Nell Tuck . . . THIRD ROW: Wylodean Jones, Nora Freeman, Nancy Stubbs, Gaye Miller, Sara Golden, Odean Otwell, Louise Parmenter, Bertha Sue McGutfey, Jackie Hilty, Gloria Hill, Barbara Mills. URS FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Neita Hadaway, Constance Kelly, Ferne Lyle, Clara Jeanne Reach, E. Anne Ash- ley, Sandra P. Williams, Yvonne Sellers, Frenda Tucker, Lucy Wymer, Virginia Schell, Ethleene Moore . . . SECOND ROW: Pearl Hamilton, Robbie Jackson, Marian Laney, Ann Hopkins, Joyce Miller, Clara Ray, Adele N Crowe, Della Gaye Harris, Nancy Ann Johnson, Norma Stafford, Pat Van Sandt . . , THIRD ROW: Carlee Jackson, Rebecca Crabtree, Helen Wright, Jeanette Elmore, Nadine Stone, Virginia Baker, Betty Jeanne Tucker, Martha Nan Lee, Charlotte Wilkinson, Betty Sanders . . . FOURTH ROW: Derotha Butler, R. B. Sasser, Earline Bumpers, Cynthia Rector, Hazel Taylor, Dorothy Sheppard, Ruth Ann Tonn, Bobbie Massey, Barbara Ray. Wm :mr is if -A mdk :M ' se- in rw is r 5 f y Y 3, W. ssc, ' si f it li 'li 'ttf lt' E ft if r i sl 2 f X si .Q il ,ft ifsjillt it ia? Fil. li ig VV ,alia 4 rf c gi? Alison Bailey Barr Bentley Berger Boshell Brien Brift Burnett Cormier Creel Edgeworth, G, Edgeworth, H. Edwards, C. Ellis Fikes Folsom Gaynor Glenn Glover Graham Grammer Granger Gray Gwin Haas Hager Hayes Heffington Heller Humpidge lngram Jernigan Johnson Kanter Landry Lindsey Lowman Lyons McCully McElroy McVay Mackey Mitchell Moseley O'Leary Perdue Scudder Shafron Shaw Shotts Simmons Sinclair Williams Wright Youngblood ,gf "UQ 4? 'Fw Y? 53' ihw. GRADUATE SCHOOL AWARDS FI ROW ONE ALISON, MARGARET ANNE, Selma, Theta Upsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon . . . BAILEY, RUSIAN BURRELL, Chickasaw, Phi Kappa Sigma, Student Govern- ment Association Legislature, Young Democrats' Club, Future Teachers of America, Newman Club, Cadet Officers' Club . . . BARR, JACK S., Birmingham, American Society of Mechanical Engineers . . . BENTLEY, FRANK E., Montgomery, Delta Tau Delta, Cadet Officers' Club Council, St. Pat's . . . BERGER, NORMAN JACK, Mobile, Kappa Nu . . . BOSHELL, EUGENE H., JR., Townley. ROW TWO BRIEN, LOIS, Shaker Heights, O., Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . BRITT, CLAUDE H., JR., Dunn, N. C .... BURNETT, WILLIAM P., Clanton, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . CORMIER, ROMAE J., Chattanooga, Tenn., Pi Kappa Alpha . . . CREEL, JOHN STEPHENS, Birmingham, Chi Phi, Commerce Association . . . EDGEWORTH, GALOR MURPHY, Sulligent. ROW THREE EDGEWORTH, HUBERT CARL, Sulligent . . . EDWARDS, CHARLES KENNETH, Sheffield, Phi Kappa Sigma, Chairman, Spirit Planning Com- mittee, Cabinet Member, Student Government Association, Organizational Manager, Corolla, Publicity Director, Rammer Jammer, Alpha Phi Omega . . . ELLIS, GEORGE W., Montgomery, Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Photography Club . . . FIKES, EVELYN MARIE, Tusca- loosa . . . FOLSOM, JOHN LEWIS, Uniontown, Phi Gamma Delta . . . GAYNOR, FRANCES WINANS, Spring Hill, Kappa Delta, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon. ROW FOUR GLENN, WILLIAM ALLEN, Cullman, Alpha, Kappa Delta, Alabama Correctional Research Association . . . GLOVER, PAUL WILLIAM, Coal- ville Leicestershire, England, Debate Squad, International Student Club, Rotary Foundation Fellowship . . . GRAHAM, CHARLES JOLLS, Sudlersville, Md., Alpha Phi Omega, American Chemical Society . . . GRAMMER, CLARENCE E., Tuscaloosa, American Chemical Society . . . GRANGER, WALTER C., Bessemer, Delta Chi, American Institute of Mining and Metal- lurgical Engineers Student Award, I95l, Outstanding Active Award, Delta Chi Fraternity, l95O, St. Pat's Association, Pep Squad . . . GRAY, ROBERT IRVIN, Tuscaloosa, Chi Beta Chi, Pasteur Society. ROW FIVE GWIN, BILLIE, Lexa, Ark .... HAAS, BEATRICE LORRAINE, Mobile, Pi Beta Phi, President, YWCA, American Association of University Women, Future Teachers of America, Philos, University Religious Council, House of Representatives, WSGA . . . HAGER, POLLY, Nashville, Tenn., Delta Gamma . . . HAYES, ROBERT L., JR., New Brockton, Kappa Sigma, Men's Spirit Committee, Distinguished Military Student . . . HEFFINGTON, RICHARD LANDEAU, JR., Anniston, Delta Tau Delta, Secretary, Quad- rangle, Phi Alpha Theta , . . HELLER, MORGAN SILLIMAN, Pottsville, Pa., Delta Tau Delta, Chi Beta Chi. ROW SIX HUMPIDGE, HERBERT McLIN, Savannah, Ga., Historian, Phi Gamma Delta, Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa . . . INGRAM, BILLY NUBERN, Montevallo . . . JERNIGAN, JOHN M., Tuscaloosa, Senior Member, Ameri- can Chemical Society, Pi Mu Epsilon, Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . JOHNSON, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Hillsboro . . . KANTER, PHILLIP DAVID, Oneonta, Vice-President, Kappa Nu, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade . . . LANDRY, HARRAL EDWARD, Tuscaloosa, Kappa Sigma. ROW SEVEN LINDSEY, JARROT A., JR., Birmingham, Sigma Pi, Sigma Delta Chi, Press Club, News Editor, Crimson-White, Rammer Jammer . . . LOWMAN, BERTHA PAULINE, Connelly Spring, N. C., Baptist Student Union, Gradu- ate Scholarship . . . LYONS, HAROLD DWIGHT, Elizabethton, Tenn., Chi Beta Chi, Sigma Xi . . . McCULLY, PAUL, Hammond, Ind., Vice-President, Phi Sigma Kappa, Secretary, Future Teachers of America . . . McELROY, DAVID LOUIS, Fairfield, Kappa Alpha, Sigma Gamma Epsilon . . . McVAY, WILLIAM THOMAS, Tuscaloosa, Newman Club, American Chemical Society. RST PH. D. DEGREES THIS SPRING ROW EIGHT MACKEY, MAURICE CECIL, JR., Montgomery, Vice-President, Sigma Chi, President, Flying Club, Alpha Phi Omega, St. Pat's, American Institute of Aeronautical Engineers, Wesley Foundation, Cadet Officers' Club . . . MITCHELL, CHARLES R., Tuscumbia, Delta Chi, Vice-President, Scabbard and Blade, Student Government Association Executive Council, Secretary, Interfraternity Council, Who's Who, Quadrangle, Spirit Committee, Home- coming Committee, Cotillion Club, Omicron Delta Kappa . . . MOSELEY, Jov Boutwcu, Magazine . . . O'LEARY, BARBARA LOU, Meridien, Miss., Pi Beta Phi, Future Teachers of America, Newman Club, YWCA . . . PERDUE, JOHN P., Montgomery, American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences . . . SCUDDER, JOHN RALPH, JR., Tuscaloosa, Phi Alpha Theta . . . SHAFRON, MARTIN HAROLD, Paterson, N. J., Sigma Alpha Mu, Million Dollar Band. ROW NINE SHAW, MILES, New York, N. Y., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Society for the Advancement of Management, Homecoming Committee, I95l, i950 Fresh- man Orientation, Chairman, Spring Frolics, Commerce Association, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, Cotillion Club, i950 . . . SHOTTS, EMMETT BOOKER, JR., Boaz, Phi Sigma Kappa, Alchemist Club, American Chemical Society, President, Pasteur Society, Wesley Foundation, Secretary, Chi Beta Chi . . . SIMMONS, EARL MALCOLM, Birmingham, Sigma Chi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, American Foundrymen's Society, American Chemical Society, Homecoming Committee . . . SINCLAIR, MARIE BAKER, Selma, Graduate Representative, WSGA . . . WILLIAMS, FRANK WILLIFORD, JR., Phenix City, Million Dollar Band . . . WRIGHT, JAMES CLARIS, JR., Wedowee . . . YOUNGBLOOD, ROBERT MURRAY, Troy, Thornhill greets beauty candidates A million dollars on University Avenue SAM HAYES WAS CHOSEN EDITOR OF THE SPRING LAW REVIEW ROW ONE ADAMS, BREWSTER COUNCE, Sheffield . . . ALLEY, GRANVILLE MASON, JR., Birmingham, Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Phi Delta Phi Award . . . BAGGETT, GEORGE R., Dayton, O., Theta Alpha Psi . . . BERRY, HENRY C., Tuscaloosa . . . BOOTH, JOE THOMAS, Florala, Delta Tau Delta, Student Government Association, 1950-51, lnterfraternity Council, 1949-50, Arnold Air Society, Alpha Phi Omega . . . BLINN, GEORGE ANDERSON, Birmingham, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Canterbury Club, President, Junior Class Law School. ROW TWO BRASSELL, BOWEN H., Phen' City, Phi Alpha Delta, President, Senior Class Law School . . . BREWER, ALBERT PRESTON, Decatur, Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Alpha Delta . . . BRICE, JIM A,, Tuscaloosa, Student Government Association, Cabinet Member, Omicron Delta Kappa, Quadrangle, Presi- dent, Debate Team . . . BRIGGS, GEORGE RILEY, Birmingham, Delta Tau Delta . . . BROBSTON, EDWIN LIPSCOMB, Bessemer, Kappa Alpha . . . BROWN, A. VINCENT, Millry, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Delta, Pep Squad, Men's Glee Club, lnterfraternity Council. ROW THREE BRUTKIEWICZ, DONALD ELMORE, Mobile, Delta Sigma Phi, Philos, Young Democrats' Club . . . BUCHER, JAMES RICHARD, Reisterstown, Md., Pi Kappa Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pep Squad, Cadet Officers' Club . . . BURTON, OTIS R., Talladega, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Quadrangle, Druids, Cadet Officers' Club . . . CAFFEY, HUGH MADISON, JR., Brewton, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Business Manager, Cotillion Club, Law School Executive Council, Co-Chairman, Bama Day, Cadet Officers' Club, Representative, Pershing Rifles . . . CAMPBELL, WILLIAM LOY, Fort Payne . . . CANNON, ROBERT ENOCH, Opp, Lambda Chi Alpha. But your honor, Sir . . . Q-Inman--' -f-- W-'swf sq--pw f. . .. mf . . ROW FOUR CARMICHAEL, DOUGLAS GORDON, Bessemer . . . CARTER, RICHARD, Huntsville, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . COLEY, DAVID ROBERT, Springhill, Kappa Sigma . . . COLLIER, WILLIAM HOOPER, JR., Birmingham, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi, Alabam Law Review . . . COLLINS, ROBERT M., Birmingham, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Quadrangle, Jasons, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who's Who, Circulation Manager, Crimson-White, Chairman, Corolla Beauty Ball, lnterfraternity Council, Cotillion Club, Chairman, Men's Spirit Committee, Chairman, Spirit Planning Committee . . . CRONIN, DONALD JOSEPH, Tuscaloosa, Alpha Sigma Phi, President, Cotillion Club, Editor, 1951 Corolla, Board of Publications, Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, President, Quadrangle, 1950-51, President, Delta Sigma Pi, 1949-50, President, Alpha Sigma Phi, 1948-49, Student Government Association Cabinet, Activities Director, 1950 Homecoming. ROW FIVE CROW, WARREN BAKER, Birmingham, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . CROWE, RAE MAURICE, Mobile, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . COCHRAN, GEORGE LIGHTFOOT, Birmingham, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Alpha Delta, Westminster Fellowship, Corresponding Secretary . . . DILLON, JOHN FORREST, IV, Alexander City, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi . . . DOLOWITZ, ROBERT CHARLES, Lake Hiawatha, N. J., Sigma Alpha Mu, Beta Gamma Sigma, Varsity Track Team, Rho Alpha Tau, Distinguished Military Student . . . DOSTER, HUBERT MCCOLLUM, Birmingham, Alpha Tau Omega. ROW SIX DUKE, ANDREW JESSE, JR., Birmingham, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . EDWARDS, WILLIAM JACKSON, Homewood, Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Quadrangle, Delta Sigma Pi . . . EDINGTON, ROBERT SHERARD, Mobile, Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa, Executive Committee, Quadrangle, Vice-President, Westminster Fellowship, Phi Delta Phi, University Religious Council . . . EVANS, JACK RUSH, Bessemer, President, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . FERRANTI, ANGELO LOUIS, Tuscaloosa, Alpha Phi Omega, Propeller Club . . . FREEMAN, DONALD W., Lamison, Phi Kappa Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Distinguished Military Student, Spirit Planning Com- mittee. ROW SEVEN GARRETT, WALTER EUGENE, Uriah, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . GILLILAND, JACK EDWARD, JR., Mobile, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . GROOMS, HOBART, Birmingham, Pi Kappa Alpha, Baptist Student Union, Press Club . . . HANCOCK, JAMES HUGHES, Montgomery, Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer, Quadrangle, Druids, Rho Alpha Tau, Pershing Rifles . . . HANVEY, FRANK WOOD, Heflin, Pi Kappa Phi, President, Phi Alpha Delta . . . HARDUVEL, ARTIE THEODORE, Birmingham, Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Assistant Editor, 1950 Corolla, Cotillion Club, 1949-50, Rammer Jammer. ROW EIGHT HARMON, BRUCE M., Gardendale, Delta Tau Delta . . . HARRIS, WARREN C., Wadley, Pi Kappa Phi . . . HEAD, OLIVER PICKENS, Columbiana, Delta Tau Delta, Scabbard and Blade, Cadet Officers' Club, Delta Sigma Pi, Pershing Rifles, Phi Eta Sigma . . . HERNDON, J. DENNIS, Boligee . . . HESTER, DOUGLAS B., Mobile, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Farrah Order of Jurisprudence, International Club, Spanish Club . . . HILL, THOMAS BOWEN, Montgomery, Alpha Tau Omega, President, State and University Canterbury Clubs, Druids, Quadrangle, Student Government Association Legislature, Jasons, Law School Executive Council, Tau Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi. ROW NINE HODGKINS, ROBERT WALKER, Birmingham, President, Delta Chi, Inter- fraternity Council, Cotillion Club, Law Day Committee . . . HOLLAND, LYMON, JR., Mobile, Pi Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Distinguished Military Student . . . HOLLINGSWORTH, CAREY FERGUSON, JR., Bessemer, Phi Gamma Delta, Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Quadrangle, Druids, Executive Council, Law School, Home- coming Committee . . . HOLMES, ALFRED PARKER, JR., Mobile, Theta Chi, Tau Kappa Alpha, Debate Squad, lnterfraternity Council, Quadrangle, Wesley Foundation, Phi Alpha Delta . . . HOOPER, PERRY O., Birmingham, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Executive Council, Law School . . . HUGHES, WILLIAM WINSTON, Birmingham, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Adams Alley Baggeff Berry Booth Blinn Brassell Brewer Brice Briggs Erobston Brown Brulkiewicz Bucher Burton Caffey Campbell Cannon Carmichael Carter Coley Collier Collins Cronin Crow Crowe Cochran Dillon Dolowifz Dosler Dulce Edwards Edingfon Evans Ferranli Freeman Garrett Gilliland Grooms Hancock Hanvey Harcluvel Harmon Harris Head Herndon Hesler Hill Hodgliins Holland Holllngswor Holmes Hooper Hughes JACK NOLEN ELECTED T0 SERVE ROW ONE INGE, SAMUEL WILLIAMS, Mobile, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . JOHNS, JOHN H., Cordova, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . JONES, EDWARD KENWORTHY CARLISLE, Birmingham, Phi Delta Theta, Druids . . . KAUFMAN, SAM, Montgomery, Sigma Alpha Mu, Publicity Chairman, Student Government Association, Publicity Chairman, Homecoming, Business Manager, Student Directory, Hillel Foundation, Press Club, Chairman, Cheerleader Committee . . . KIMERLING, SOLOMAN P., Birmingham . . . LAIR, JOHN HENRY, Birmingham, Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Alpha Delta. ROW TWO LACKEY, LOUIS H., JR., Birmingham, Theta Xi, A Club . . . LANFORD, EDWARD DOUGLAS, JR., Gadsden, Pep Squad Director, I95I Home- coming Committee, Assistant Editor, i950 Corolla, Cotillion Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Executive Council, Law School, Commerce Association, Wesley Foundation . . . LATTOFF, MITCHELL GEORGE, Prichard, Phi Sigma Kappa, President, Tau Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, Jasons, Debate Squad, Exec- utive Council, National Intercollegiate Debate Champion, I949, Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, Lavv Representative to Student Legislature, Law School Executive Council, Executive Cabinet, Student Government Association, Phi Delta Phi . . , LIPSCOMB, POWELL, Bessemer, Phi Alpha Delta, Vice-Presi- dent, Senior Class . . . LITTLE, KENNETH EARL, Birmingham, Alpha Tau Omega . . . MCCANN, JEAN, Montgomery, Delta Delta Delta. ROW THREE MCDONALD, STERLING PAINE, III, Roanoke, Chi Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, University Concert Band . . . MCGINTY, JAMES SHIVER, Frisco City, President, Delta Sigma Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who's Who, Chairman, Civil Committee, Student Government Association, Executive Committee, Sober as a iudge Which twin has 'the Toni? . ,. Q if ,ft E E53 AS PRESIDENT OF LAW SCHOOL Legislature, Quadrangle, Delta Sigma Pi, President, Alpha Phi Omega, Executive Council, Law School, Phi Alpha Delta, Secretary, Alabama Law Review Editorial Board, Cotillion Club, Law Day Committee, Bama Day Committee, Homecoming Committee, lntertraternity Council . . . MacLEOD, RODERICK MOORE, Mountain Brook, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi, Executive Council, Law School . . . MacMAHON, WILLIAM OTIS, Mobile, Chi Phi, Blacktriars, Pi Kappa Delta . . . MERCHANT, ALICE DIALTHA, Birmingham . . . MERIWETHER, JIMMIE REDD, Tuscaloosa. ROW FOUR MOBLEY, JOHN W., Mobile, Phi Delta Phi . . . MOORE, CLINTON E., Albertville . . . MURRAY, JAMES MANSON, Mobile, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau, Quadrangle, Philos, Propeller Club, Student Government Association Legislature, President, lnterfraternity Council, Arnold Air So- ciety, Chairman, Homecoming Committee, I95I, Secretary-Treasurer, Jasons . . . NETTLES, DAVID MILLER, Monroeville, Alpha Tau Omega . . . OLIVER, JOHN T., Tuscaloosa, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . ORR, CAROL LOUISE, Albertville, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Canterbury Club, Kappa Beta Pi. ROW FIVE PALMER, GEORGE DAVID, III, Tuscaloosa, Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi . . . PARKER, JAMES CARLTON, Mobile, Theta Chi . . . PROCTOR, GRADY BURNS, JR., Enterprise, President, Sigma Nu . , . RABREN, WILTON W., Andalusia . . . ROBERTSON, HUBERT PAUL, Mobile, Phi Alpha Delta . . , ROBINSON, JOEL P., Dora, Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary-Treasurer, Stu- dent Government Association, Druids, Rho Alpha Tau, Cotillion Club, Dis- tinguished Military Student, Who's Who. ROW SIX RODDAM, CLYDE, Birmingham, Vice-President, Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice- President, lnterfraternity Council, President, Freshman Law Class, Driuds, Outstanding Freshman Award, President, Tau Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary-Treasurer, Cadet Otticers' Club, Atlantic Union Representa- tive to Debate Team, Corolla, Wesley Foundation, Druids, Pershing Ritles, Student Government Association Committee, Who's Who , . . RUTLAND, W. T. GOODLOE, Cherokee, Vice-President Kappa Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Quadrangle, Jasons, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who's Who, President, YMCA, Executive Council, Lavv School, Chairman, Law Day, I952 . . . SAWYER, CHARLES M., Fort Payne, Alpha Tau Omega, Quadrangle, Delta Sigma Pi . . . SCHOLL, ROY WALTER, JR., Birmingham, Kappa Alpha . . . SCOTT, JOHN BAYTOP, Waugh, Chi Phi . . . SHEALEY, JOHN PHILLIP, JR., Dothan, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROW SEVEN SHORT, FORREST EDWIN, Fairhope, Kappa Sigma, Debate Team, Inter- traternity Council, Tau Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Rho . . . SMITH, MAURY DRANE, Montgomery, Sigma Nu . . . SPARKS, MARGIE, Anniston . . . STAPP, JERRY, Bessemer, Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, Student Government Association, Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids Outstanding Freshman Award, Debate Squad, Tau Kappa Alpha, Who's Who, President, Pro Tem, Student Legislature, Executive Cabinet, Student Government Association . . . STRICKLAND, JAMES TYLER, Mobile . . . TANNER, MALCOLM LEON, Birmingham, Alabama Law Review. ROW EIGHT THOMPSON, WILLIAM A., JR., Birmingham, Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class . . . THORINGTON, ROBERT DINNING, Montgomery, Phi Gamma Delta, Quadrangle, Treasurer, lntertraternity Council, Scabbard and Blade, Pep Squad . . . TURNER, JAMES ARWOOD, Northport, Phi Alpha Delta, Alabama Independents Association . . . USHER, ROSEMARY HOLMES, Savannah, Ga., Alpha Gamma Delta, Canterbury Club, Kappa Beta Pi , . . VANCE, ROBERT SMITH, Birmingham, President, Delta Chi, President, Student Government Association, Student Government Association Execu- tive Cabinet, Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Historian, Quadrangle, Treas- urer, Alpha Phi Omega, Assistant Director, Pep Squad, Distinguished Military Student, Lieutenant Colonel, ROTC, Who's Who, Board ot Publica- tions, Student Lite Committee. ROW NINE VANN, DAVID JOHNSON, Lewisburg, Tenn,, President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Justice, Student Court, Farrah Order ot Jurisprudence, Beta Gamma Sigma, Jasons, Quadrangle, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Delta, Pi Tau Chi, Philos, Scabbard and Blade, Executive Council, Alabama Independents Association, Wesley Choir . . . WADE, CHARLES WILLIAM, Clanton, Theta Xi, Beta Alpha Psi, Intertraternity Council . , . WHITE-SPUNNER, CHARLES SANDYS, JR., Mobile, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Phi . . . WILLIAMS, ROY EDWARD, Birmingham , . . WOODMAN, VICTOR EDWARD, Jackson- ville, Fla., Treasurer, Sigma Chi, Phi Alpha Delta. Inge Johns Jones Kaufman Kimerling Lair Lackey Lanford Lattof Lipscomb Little McCann McDonald McGinty Macleod MacMa hon Merchant Meriwether Mobley Moore Murray Neftles Oliver Orr Palmer Parker Proctor Rabren Robertson Robinson Roddam Rutland Sawyer Scholl Scott Shealy Short Smith Sparks Stapp Strickland Tanner Thompson Thorington Turner Usher Vance Vann Wade White-Spunner Williams Woodman img fQ'1.',1,aQn-fum-mxsaimiiwm' -QQnF.w.swmf:f -f..- -H :ff-f. 'ff11.s:W,.- -Ji lww mnmffr -V.-Q V vm wwf-,Q vm Q we ' , M V . G rf, f A fa 1 fx gn Lau,-I i ww f Q R gf 1, Q,,1.f+ii6 L 2 .gif-it SVS- ,A 3 QA x .vin M I -. KQV:-I , 1 ffm , ,, ,. ,.. WV' '19, ,pg ,M 1 Lv The fish don't bite Ugh! Me Tarzan - You Jane is Q 'TF Acker Ackman Adair Adams C ABOVE ACKER, JOYCE JACKSON, Anniston, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta . . . ACKMAN, BARRY ALAN, Mobile, ABS, Zeta Beta Tau, WABP, Rho Alpha Tau . . . ADAIR, JOHN LEON, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, Druids, Jasons, Student Government Association Legislature, Varsity Baseball, Who's Who, Cadet Officers' Club, Commerce Executive Council, Distinguished Military Student . . . ADAMS, CHARLES LUCIEN, Spring Hill, Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon. BELOW Top Row ADAMS, FRED THOMAS, Panama City, Fla., A85 . . . ADAMSON, DORIS JEAN, Birmingham, ASS, Wesley Foundation . . . AINSWORTH, ALVA SUE, Laurel, Miss., Education, Chi Omega, Future Teachers of America, YWCA . . . ALBERT, ROSS CLAYTON, Birmingham, Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, Chairman, Homecoming Magazine, Advertising Staff, Crim- son-White . . . ALDRIDGE, SUE, Birmingham, ASS, Delta Delta Delta, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad . . . ALEXANDER, JUNE CAROLYN, Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, Alchemist Club, President, Pasteur Society, Vice- President, American Chemical Society, Chemistry Council . . . ALGOZZINO, MARIO ANTHONY, Long Island, N. Y., Commerce . . ALLEN, JOE, Vernon, AGS. Bottom Row ALLEN, JOSEPH ELI, Birmingham, ASS, Theta Chi, Men's Spirit Com- mittee . . . ALLEN, MARY ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Home Economics, Presi- dent, Zeta Tau Alpha, Triangle, Panhellenic, Phi Upsilon Omicron, YWCA . . . ALLEY, MARTHA JOYCE, Birmingham, Home Economics, Phi Mu . . . ALSTON, AUBURN L., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . ALVES, HELEN G., Guntersville, Education, Alpha Delta Pi . . . ANDERSSON, ANDERS GUNNAR, Arvilca, Sweden, A815 . . . ANDERSON, GLEN DAVID, Montgomery, Education, Kappa Delta, Student Government Association Legislature, YWCA Cabinet, Triangle, Westminster Fellowship . . . ANTOON, ELLIS PAUL, Greenwood, Miss., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Adams F Adamson Ainsworth Albert Aldridge Alexander Algozzino Allen J A en J E Allen, M. Alley Alston Alves Andersson Anderson, G. Antoon Arnold N Arnold, W. Ashworth Askerbloom Bailey D Bailey, J. W. Bailey, J. H, Bailey, M. ABOVE Top Row ARNOLD, NELL NORTON, Gadsden, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America, YWCA, Junior American Association of University Women . . . ARNOLD, WILLIAM H., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . ASHWORTH, WILLIAM BRANTLEY, Troy, ABS, Kappa Alpha . . . ASKERBLOOM, RICHARD CARL, Hartford, Conn., Engineering, Theta Chi, Pi Tau Sigma, St. Pat's Association, Arnold Air Society, Baptist Student Union, American Society of Mechanical Engineers . . . ASMAN, HARRY, Leeds, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Treasurer, Hillel Foundation, President, IZFA . . . AVERRETT, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Tuskegee, ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta . , . BAGGETT, JIMMY KEITH, Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . BAILEY, ANDREW V., Bessemer, Engineering, President, American Institute of Metallurgical Engineers. Bottom Row BAILEY, DONALD CARTER, Laurel, Miss., Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, Theta Tau, Secretary, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Pi Mu, Assistant Editor, I95I Corolla, American Institute of Industrial Engi- neers . . . BAILEY, JAMES W., Demopolis, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . BAILEY, JOHN H., Tuscaloosa, Engineering . . . BAILEY, MARTHA, Decatur, A81S, Delta Delta Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Chi Alpha Phi, Pep Squad, YWCA . . . BAILEY, SALLY JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, Future Teachers of America . . . BAILEY, WALTER HARWELL, Laurel, Miss., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . BAKER, OLIVER CHARLES, Cedar Bluff, ABS, Phi Gamma Delta . . . BAKER, OMER ADAMS, Tuscaloosa, ABS. Asman Averrett Baggett Bailey, S. Bailey, W. Baker, O. C. BELOW Top Row BALDERSON, JAMES FRANKLIN, Mobile, ASS, Chi Phi, President . . BALL, MARTHA ANN, Tuscaloosa, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA . . . BARCHARD, KATHRYN L., Foley, Education, Dance Club, YWCA BARRETT, JAMES C., Birmingham, AB-S, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Pep Squad . . . BARTON, ALAN, Selma, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Secretary, Cadet Officers' Club, Commerce Association, Glee Club . . . BARTON, EVELYN RUTH, Selma, ABS, Alpha Kappa Delta, Pep Squad . . . BATES, JUDY LOUISE, Enterprise, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, President, Mortar Board, Triangle, Sigma Delta Pi, Junior American Association of University Women, Panhellenic, Student Govern- ment Association Legislature, Future Teachers of America . . . BATTIN, ROBERT DAVIS, Tuscaloosa, Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Bottom Row BAUER, DAVID RAYMOND, St. Petersburg, Fla., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi, Commerce Association, Cadet Officers' Club . , . BEARMAN, ALVIN JEROME, Birmingham, Kappa Nu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Beta Kappa . . . BEARMAN, MARVIN IRVING, Birming- ham, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Pep Squad, Beta Gamma Sigma . . . BEATTY, CHARLES GAILBREATH, DeLand, Fla., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, lnterfraternity Council, Propeller Club . . . BECEA, VAN GREGORY, Woonsocket, R. I., A81S, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pershing Rifles, Cadet Officers' Club, Pep Squad . . . BELAND, LOUISE PRATHER, Greenville, Education, Bailey, A. Baker, O. A Kappa Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad, Future Teachers of America . . . BELL, FRANCES, Northport, A8iS, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Kappa Delta, Bap- tist Student Union, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . BELL, JO ANN HEFLIN, Fyffe, ABS, YWCA, Baptist Student Union, Crimson-White Staff, Press Club, Alpha Kappa Delta, Student Government Association Legislature, Secretary, University Religious Council. ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION RENEWS CONTRACT WITH CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY Balderson Ball Barchard Barrett Barton, A. Barton, E. Bates Battin Bauer Bearman, A. Bearman, M. Beatty Becea Beeland Bell, F. Bell, J. I Belleau Benagh Bennett Benton ABOVE BELLEAU, GEORGE ANDERSON, Atlanta, Ga., Commerce, Sigma Nu . . , BENAGH, JOSEPH H., Nashville, Tenn., ABS, Delta Chi . . . BENNETT, AUSTEN, Tuscaloosa, ABS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . BENTON, JEAN A., Opp, ASS, Chi Omega, Alchemist Club, Women's Spirit Com- mittee, YWCA, Vocal Ensemble. BELOW Top Row BENTLEY, ARTHUR CALVIN, Birmingham, A8iS, Sigma Pi Sigma . . . BERMAN, RICHARD JERRY, Birmingham, Engineering, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Arnold Air Society, Dis- tinguished Military Student . . . BERNSTEIN, DAVID, Birmingham, Com- merce, Zeta Beta Tau, Business Manager, Homecoming 1950, Advertising Manager, l95l,52 Corolla, Bama Day I95O, Arinold Air Society, Druids, Men's Spirit Committee . . . BERNSTEIN, JOE, New Orleans, La., Com- merce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . BERRIN, MERVYN, Brooklyn, N, Y., Chemistry, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Society for the Advancement of Management, Alchemist Club, American Chemical Society, IZFA . . . BERRYMAN, WILLIAM CLINTON, Town Creek, Education, Delta Sigma Phi, President, President, Alpha Phi Omega, lnterfraternity Council, Cotil- lion Club, Future Teachers of America, Wesley Foundation, German Club, Men's Glee Club, Young Democrats' Club, Cadet Officers' Club, Pep Squad . . . BEYER, JOHN HERMAN, Panama City, Fla., Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, St. Pat's Council, Distinguished Military Student, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Philos, American Institute of Chemical Engineers . . . BEVIS, LUTHER ANDERSON, Anniston, Commerce, Sigma Nu, Commerce Association, Pep Squad. Bottom Row BILLINGSLEY, KATHERINE, Prattville, A815 . . . BINGER, MARGARET PRIDE, New York, N. Y., A8.S, Kappa Delta . . . BISHOP, MABLE A., Russellville, Nursing . . . BITER, BETTE ANN, Charlotte, N. C., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Junior American Association of University Women . . . BLACKMAN, JOHN A., Mobile, ABS, Baptist Student Union . . . BLACKMON, DORIS LEE, Greenville, Education . . , BLACKWELL, AUBREY, Adamsville, Engineering, Theta Chi . . . BLACKWELL, GORDON, Mobile, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Wesley Foundation, Pershing Rifles. Bentley Berman Bernstein D Bernstein J Berrin Berryman Beyer Bevls Billingsley Binger Bishop Biter Blackman Blackmon Blackwell, A, 4- Blackwell G K is LT M ' M f s-MMM r r Blackwell J. Blades Blakenship Blevins Bolen Bolender Bostwick Boutwell ABOVE Top Row BLACKWELL, JACK, Alabama City, A8.S . . . BLADES, JIM, New Bern, N. C., A81S, Theta Xi . . . BLANKENSHIP, WILLIAM RUSH, Birmingham, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer, Cadet Officers' Club . . . BLEVINS, CALVIN B., Bremen, Engineering, Treasurer, American Society of Mechanical Engineers . . . BLOCK, BERNARD A., Quinton, A8tS, Kappa Nu, WABP, Publicity Director, Hillel Foundation, IZFA . . . BLUM, HELGA, Birmingham, A8rS, Alpha Lambda Delta, Hillel Foundation . . . BOBER, BETTY, Mobile, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Swan Club, Dance Club, Spirit Planning Committee, YWCA, Chairman, Intercollegiate Relations, Student Government Association, Pep Squad, Rammer Jammer, Star of Pi Kappa Phi . . , BOGATE, BERNARD PHILLIPS, West Los Angeles, Calif., Education, Sigma Alpha Mu. Bottom Row BOLEN, WILLIAM OSSIAN, Selma, AGS, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Baptist Student Union, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Pershing Rifles, Cadet Officer's Club, WUOA-FM . . . BOLENDER, FRANK WILMER, Newport, R. I., Commerce, Commerce Association, Newman Club, Society for the Advancement of Management . . . BOSTWICK, ALICE ELIZABETH, Chickasaw, Education, Modern Dance Club, Wesley Foundation, Vocalist for Alabama Cavaliers . . . BOUTWELL, JOSEPH PAUL, Opp, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Religious Council, Chi Alpha Phi, Christian Science Organization, Propeller Club . . . BOWDEN, VIRGINIA GERTRUDE, Venice, Fla., Education, Delta Zeta, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation, Future Teachers of America, Spirit Committee . . . BOYD, FRANK LAMAR, Heflin, Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers . . . BOYLE, CLYDE DAVID, Port Washington, N. Y., Commerce, Theta Xi . . . BRADFORD, DOUGLAS A., Jasper, ASS, Press Club, Crimson-White Staff. Block Blum Bober Bogate Bowden Boyd Boyle Bradford BELOW Top Row BRADY, CARL K., Mobile, Commerce . . . BRASHER, LOUIS A., Alabama City, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Cadet Officers' Club . . . BRASWELL, DONALD GIBSON, Birmingham, Commerce . . . BRATTON, JOYCE, Decherd, Tenn., Commerce, Pi Beta Phi, President, Phi Chi Theta, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . BREEN, BUDDY, Eutaw, ASKS, Sigma Chi, "A" Club, Varsity Track '47, '48, '49, Varsity Cross Country '47-'48, Pershing Rifles, Blackfrairs, Philos, Winner Ugly Man Contest '49 . . . BROCK, LESTER COX, Northport, Education, Pi Kappa Phi, Track Team '49-'50, Intramural Football Official . . . BROCK, MARTHA MAXWELL, Northport, Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Caroline Hunt Club . . . BROOKS, BOLLING, Brewton, A8.S, Phi Delta Theta. Bottom Row BROOKS, GRACE MARGARET, Camilla, Ga., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . BROUN, MILDRED C., Washington, D. C., Home Economics, Delta Gamma, Past-President, Newman Club, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club . . . BROWN, JACK COLE, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Alabama Inde- pendent Association, Theta Tau, Vice-Regent 50-'5I, Secretary-Treasurer, Cadet Officers' Club, American Society of Civil Engineers, President, Dis- tinguished Military Student, Pershing Rifles, St. Pat's Association . . . BROWN, ROBERT ALEXANDER, Mobile, ABS, Band, Wesley Foundation . . . BROWN, ROBERT SAMUEL, Richmond, Va., A8.S, Theta Chi, Phi Alpha Theta, Sigma Delta Pi, Choral Union . . . BROWN, TEENY, Sylacauga, A8rS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Philos, YWCA . . . BRUSH, HERBERT, Birmingham, A8iS, Spirit Planning Committee, Executive Council Alabama Independent Association, Alpha Phi Omega, University Religious Council, Cadet Officers' Club, Press Club, Assistant Editor "A" Book . . . BRYAN, DOROTHY ANN, West Point, Miss., Home Economics, Chi Omega, YWCA. ARTHUR WEIBEL, PRESIDENT OF T.C.I., WAS OFFICIAL SPEAKER FOR COMMERCE DAY Brady Brasher Braswell Bratton Brooks G Broun Brown, J. Brown, R. A. Breen Brock, L. Brock, M. Brooks B Brown, R. S. Brown, T. Brush Bryan D .uzmzmnm, AWWMBIH ...s .V But we do study ----- some I' N...-1 Burns, A. Calhoun Morning after stuff Burns, F. Burt Burton Buxbaum Bynum Callaway Cameron Campbell, A. Campbell, R. Campbell, S. 2 Bryan, E. Buchman Buckner Buda ABOVE BRYAN, ELIZABETH THORNTON, Union Point, Ga., ASIS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Pi, YWCA, Cotillion Club . . . BUCHMAN, PAUI., Mobile, ASS, Kappa Nu . . . BUCKNER, JOANNE, Cincinnati, Ohio, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Intramural Debate, Future Teachers of America . . , BUDA, WILLIAM ROBERT, Bridgeport, Conn., Education. BELOW Top Row BURNS, ALAN CLIFFORD, Cullman, Education, Vice-President, Men's Physical Education Club . . . BURNS, WILLIAM FRED, Talladega, ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . BURT, JAMES W., Fort Payne, Education . . . BURTON, JOHNNIE JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Education . . . BUXBAUM, JANET RUTH, St. Joseph, Mo., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Past Secretary, Hillel Foundation, WAPB . . . BYNUM, FRANCES NAN, Oneonta, Education, Wesley Foundation . . . CALDWELL, THOMAS C., Birmingham, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Quadrangle, Theta Tau, American Founclryman's Society, Distinguished Military Student . . . CALE, CHARLES T,, Tuscaloosa, Education. Bottom Row CALHOUN, ELISE, Birmingham, Home Economics, Wesley Foundation . . . CALLAWAY, REX LEON, Mobile, A845 . . . CAMERON, DON, Mobile, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . , . CAMPBELL, ANN, Haleyville, Education . . . CAMPBELL, ROY, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice-President, Freshman Class, I948, Vice-President, Junior Class, I95O . . . CAMPBELL, SUSAN NELMS, Mobile, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, American Association of University Women . . . CANNON, WILLARD EVERETT, Tuscaloosa, ASS, Alpha Kappa Delta, Alabama Correctional Research Association . . . CANNON, WILLIAM ABERNATHY, Vredenburgh, A8tS, Phi Delta Theta. Caldwell Cale Cannon, W. E. Cannon, W '12 Cantey Capewell Capouano Capouya Carraway Carson Causey Chapman ABOVE Top Row CANTEY, THOMAS CLIFTON, JR., Montgomery, Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . CAPEWELL, MARVIN GEORGE, Hartford, Conn., Engineering, Pep Squad, American Society of Civil Engineers, St. Pat's . . . CAPOUANO, LEON MORRIS, Montgomery, Commerce, Kappa Nu . . . CAPOUYA, RITA, Montgomery, ASS, Alpha Kappa Delta, Secretary-Treasurer . . . CARL, JOSEPH BUFORD, Decatur, AGS, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Arnold Air So- ciety . . . CARLOVITZ, CARLYE MECLE, Mobile, Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Commerce Association . . . CARPENTER, ROBERT HENLEY, Winfield, A815 . . . CARR, CHARLES, Philadelphia, Pa., Engineering, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Newman Club. Bottom Row CARRAWAY, WANDA LEE, Greenwood, Miss., Commerce, Who's Who, Mortar Board, President, Phi Chi Theta, Chi Alpha Phi, Vice-President, American Association of University Women, YWCA, Independent Represen- tative to WSGA, Commerce Association, Women's Spirit Committee, Tri- angle . . . CARSON, JOHN C., Huntsville, ABS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . CAUSEY, HARRY GENE, Meridian, Miss., ASIS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad . . . CHAPMAN, EVELYN, Salem, Va., Delta Delta Delta, Wesley Choir, YWCA, German Club . . . CHECKETTS, ELWIN LEROY, Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Secretary, American Institute of Electrical Engineers . . . CHESNUT, WILLIAM J., Gadsden, Commerce, Delta Chi, Vice-President, Propeller Club . . . CHRISTIAN, JOHN ROBERT, Birmingham, Commerce, President, Propeller Club . . . CHRISTOPHER, SAM E., Fort Payne, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, President, President, Jasons, President, Cadet Officers' Club, Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Quadrangle. Carl Carlovitz Carpenter Carr Checketts Chesnut Christian Christopher BELOW Top Row CLARK, JAMES MCGRUDER, Mobile, Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon . . . CLARK, WILLIAM RALPH, Hamilton, Com- merce, Cadet Officers' Club, Auxiliary of the Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants . , . CLARY, JOAN GLADYS, Northport, A815 . . . CLAYTON, MARY ETHEL, Moundville, Education, Library Club, Baptist Stu- dent Union, Future Teachers of America . . . CLEVERLY, MARYHELEN, Jacksonville, A8IS, Phi Mu, Canterbury Club, Pep Squad, WABP . . . CLIFFORD, FREDERICK, Fairfeild, Conn., Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Newman Club, Pep Squad . . . COATS, ROBERT MAX, Cedar Bluff, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . COBB, MARY COLEMAN, Uniontown, Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA Cabinet, Westminster Fellowship, Future Teachers of America, Pep Squad. Bottom Row CODD, DAVID RUSSELL, Rochester, N. Y., Commerce, Chi Phi . . . COHEN, HARRIS CARL, Dothan, A81S, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, Representative, A8iS, WABP, Advertising Manager, Crimson-White, I95O, Glee Club, Bama Day Committee, I95O, Pep Squad, History Club . . . COLEMAN, BEVERLY MORRIS, Mobile, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Caroline Hunt Club . . . COLEMAN, DONALD LLOYD, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Society for the Advancement of Management, Secretary, Vice-President, Chi Alpha Phi, Secretary, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . COLEMAN, EDWARD THOMAS, Birmingham, Chemistry, Alabama Inde- pendents Association, Scabbard and Blade . . . COLEMAN, MAUREEN BIBB, Birmingham, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Future Teachers of America, Newman Club . . . COLEMAN, RICHARD, Bloomfield, N. J., A8iS, Theta Xi . . . COLEMAN, ROBERT I., JR., Newport News, Va., Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon. JOHN MORTON TO HEAD NATIONAL STUDY OF UNIVERSITY EXTENSION PROGRAM lark J Clark, W. Clary Clayton o Cohen Coleman, B. Coleman, D. Cleverly Clifford Coats Cobb Coleman, E. Coleman, M. Coleman, R. E. Coleman R I - -.. H.. z ig' W ,gk s Y. Copeland Cox, N. ig Coleman, S. Collins Commander Compton ABOVE COLEMAN, SOLON LYCURGUS, Tuscaloosa, ABS, Sigma Chi, Alpha Epsiion Delta, Quadrangle, Sigma Fi Sigma . . . COLLINS, BETTY, North- port, ABS, Alpna Chi Omega, YWCA, Eaptist Student Union, Pep Squad . . . COMMANDER, IRVIN M., JR., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, University Band, Commerce Association, Scaooard and Blade, Alpha Kappa Psi, Society for tne Advancement of Management . . . COMPTON, JOE HODGES, Sylacauga, Commerce, Football Team, "A" Club. BELOW Top Row CONLON, RALPH THOMAS, Long Island, N. Y., Education, Rammer Jammer . . . COOK, BONNIE ANN, Birmingham, Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Wesley Choir . . . COOK, EDWARD M., Montgomery, Engineering Theta Xi . . . COPELAND, THEODORE DEVOE, JR., Tusca- loosa, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Business Manager, I95I Corolla, Who's Who, Druids . . . COPENHAVER, SHIRLEY ELLEN, Bristol, Tenn., ASS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA . . . CORD, RICHARD HARVEY, Birmingham, Engineering, Theta Chi, Westminster Fellowship, American Society of Me- chanical Engineers, St. Pat's Association . . . COSTELLO, RICHARD ALBERT, Burlington, N. J., Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Arnold Air Society . . . COTTER, DAVID FRANK, Tuscaloosa, ASIS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad, Newman Club. Bottom Row COTTER, FRANK DAVID, Tuscaloosa, ASS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Corres- ponding Secretary, Pep Squad, Newman Club . . . COWEN, JEFFERSON DAVIS, Bessemer, Engineering . . , COX, BILLY M., Tuscaloosa, Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Alabama Independents Asso- ciation . . . COX, N. L., Florala, ABQS, Theta Chi, Cadet Officers' Club, German Club . . . CRAIN, GARY W., Dolomite, A8.S . . . CRAIN, MARY SUE, I-Iueytown, Education . . , CRANFORD, CHARLES RUFUS, JR., Jasper, A8rS, Phi Gamma Delta, Cadet Officers' Club . . . CREEL, WILLIAM THOMAS, Abbeville, A8tS, Pi Kappa Phi. Copenhaver Cord Costello Cotter D Crain, G. Crain, M. Cranford Creel IL . .. ,R . . . E l' W'ig Cross Crowley Culp Dobbs Darden Davies Davis, D. Davis, R. ABOVE Top Row CROSS, MARGARET CAROL, Gadsden, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . CROWLEY, DAN, Jacksonville, Fla., Commerce, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track . . . CROXTON, EUGENE LUKE, JR., Montgomery, Engineering, Theta Chi, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon . . . CULP, CHARLES ALLEN, Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma . . . DABBS, MARY ANN, Reform, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Wesley Founda- tion, Future Teachers of America, YWCA . . . DAILEY, CARROLL CLIFTON, Montgomery, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Intramural Tennis Champion, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma . . . DAILEY, JAMES GORDON, Montgomery, ABS, Sigma Nu, Air Force Cadet Officers' Club, Pep Squad, Spirit Committee . . . DALE, JOHN T., Montgomery, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . DANZIGER, REBECCA WILLIAMS, Montgomery, Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Canterbury Foundation, Rammer Jammer Business Staff. Bottom Row DARDEN, SARA, Anniston, Educaation, Kappa Delta, Pep Squad, Future Teachers of America, YWCA . . . DAVIES, DONALD EUGENE, Birmingham, A8-S, Delta Chi . . . DAVIS, DAVID K., West Hartford, Conn., Engineering, St, Pat's, American Foundryman's Society, Hillel Foundation, Alabama In- dependent Association, Pep Squad . . . DAVIS, RICHARD HOMER, Fair- hope, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma . . . DEAL, ERNEST LINWOOD, JR., Florence, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Delta Sigma Pi, President, Commerce Association, Dean's Confer- ence Committee, Assistant Chairman, Corolla Beauty Ball, Vice-President, Delta Sigma Pi, Chairman, Commerce Executive Council, Pep Squad, Omicron Delta Kappa . . . DEBARDELEBEN, CALDWELL, JR., Selma, A8iS, Kappa Sigma, Who's Who, Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa, Jasons, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President, Quadrangle, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Cotillion Club, Scabbard and Blade, Aronld Air Society, Distinguished Military Student . . . DECOURCEY, FRANK, West Englewood, N. J., A8iS, Alabama Independent Association, Canterbury Foundation . . . DEES, FRED BENJAMIN, Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Dailey, C. Dailey, J. Dale Dunlzer Deal Debardeleben DeCoursey Dees BELOW Top Row DEFFKE, MARIE, Selma, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Kappa Delta Pi, Philos, Junior American Association of University Women, Future Teachers of America, Senior Advisor, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board . . . DENNIS, NELDA JEAN, Beaverton, Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Wesley Foundation and Choir . . . DERIEUX, JERRY SEXTON, Birmingham, Com- merce, Beta Alpha Psi, Arnold Air Society, Track Team . . . DESPINAKIS, GREGORY JAMES, Birmingham, Commerce, Theta Xi . . . DEWITT, PATSY JEANNE, Mobile, Eduction, Delta Delta Delta, President, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA . . . DICK, HERMAN G., Mobile, ASS, Delta Sigma . . . DILL, EIMER, Jasper, Education . . . DIPAUL, FRANK MARTIN, Pittsfield, Mass., ABS, Vice-President, Alpha Kappa Delta, Alabama Cor- rectional Research Association, Alabama Probation and Parole Association, Spanish Club, American Sociological Society. Bottom Row DONNOR, K. ROBERT, East Aurora, N. Y., ABS, Square and Compass Club . . . DOROUGH, VIRGINIA ANN, Birmingham, Education, Future Teachers of America, Wesley Foundation, Blackfriars . . . DOUGHTON, ELIZABETH, Wilmington, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta . . . DOWIS, JAMES RICHARD, Spartanburg, S. C., A8.S, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . DRENNEN, GERALD A., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . DRIGGERS, ROY MORRIS, Dothan, A8iS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary, Philos, Rho Alpha Tau, President, Men's Glee Club, Baptist Student Union . . . DUMAS, VIRGINIA ALLEN, Birmingham, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, President, Women's Student Government Association Board, Mortar Board . . . DUNCAN, LAURA VIRGINIA, Birmingham, Education, Phi Mu, YWCA, Future Teachers of America, Women's Student Government Asso- ciation, Panhellenic Council. ART HISTORY DEPARTMENT OFFERS TOURS TO COMPLETE COURSE OF STUDY Deffke Dennis DeRieux Despinakis Dorough Doughton Dowis Dewitt Dick Dill DlPauI Drennen Driggers Dumas Duncan Durrett DYGI' Dyggn Easley ABOVE DURRETT, GEORGE WARREN, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . DYAR, FRANCES YRONNE, Boaz, Education, President, Harris House . . . DYSON, BROMLEY CLEGG, Pensacola, Fla., Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . EASLEY, DUVAL H., Martinsville, Va., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Theta Tau, American Institute of Industrial Engineers. BELOW Top Row EASTWOOD, GEORGE STONE, JR., Birmingham, Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Quadrangle, Arnold Air Society, Distinguished Military Student . . . EDWARDS, DONALD FUHRMAN, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . EDWARDS, VIRGINIA, Birmingham, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Student Government Association Executive Cabinet, Future Teachers of America, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Wesley Foundation . . . EDWARDS, WILSIE LEE, Tuskegee, ABS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Pi, Pep Squad, YWCA . . . ELLIOTT, ELIZABETH JOEL, Talladega, ASQS, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee . . . ELLIOTT, FRANK BAKER, Columbiana, Commerce . , . ELLISON, DONALD REID, Williamsburg, Ky., Engineering, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, American Chemical Society . . . ELMORE, VIRGIL JACKSON, Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Bottom Row ENGLISH, PAUL L., Elba, Commerce, Rifle Team, Cadet Officers' Club . . . EUBANKS, PATRICIA, Columbus, Ga., ABS, Baptist Student Choir . . . EVANS, FRANCIS ELMOND, Linden, Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi . . . EVANS, LILLIAN CAROL, Tuscaloosa, ASKS, Kappa Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, YWCA, German Club, French Club . . . EVANS, WOODROW W., Brewton, A815 . . . FAIL, WILLIAM H., JR., Bay Minette, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi . . . FANNING, MARY ANN, Naperville, Ill., ABS, Theta Upsilon, Newman Club . . . FANT, CLAYTON, Birmingham, Commerce, Beta Alpha Psi, Distinguished Military Student. Edwards V Edwards W Elliott, E. Elliott, F. Ellison Evans F Evans L Evans,W. Fail Fanning . ' Si ? : A fiaSf55?fiiHl'i2s'9 H' Farmer H Farmer, W. Federline Feigelson, C. Ferrantl Fincher Fitzsimmons Flippen ABOVE Top Row FARMER, HUGH W., JR., Pulaski, Va., Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi . . . FARMER, WARREN S., Pulaski, Va., Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, Commerce Association . . . FEDERLINE, CAROLYN PATRYCLE, Startex, S. C., ASS, Phi Mu, YWCA . . . FEIGELSON, CHARLES ISSAC: Birmingham, ABS, Kappa Nu, President, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Hillel Foundation, Phi Beta Kappa, Distinguished Military Student . . . FEIGELSON, EUGENE BENJAMIN, Birmingham, A8iS, Kappa Nu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Distinguished Military Student . . . FELL, HENRY PERRY, Birmingham, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Black- triars, Pershing Rifles, St. Pat's Council, Theta Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Student Legislature, Quadrangle, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers . . . FENN, MARY PAULINE, Birmingham, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . FERGUSON, ARDEN, Blytheville, Ark., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, President, Pan- hellenic Council, WSGA House ot Representatives. Bottom Row FERRANTI, QUINTINA BUFO, Tuscaloosa, Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America . . . FINCHER, PORTIA ANN, Alexander City, A8iS, Alpha Phi, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Com- mittee . . . FITZSIMMONS, MOLLY ANN, Mobile, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, American Association ot University Women . . . FLIPPEN, BETTY JANE, Tuscumbia, A8rS, Delta Zeta, Wesley Foundation, American Association of University Women, Women's Spirit Committee . . . FLOYD, BETTY ANN, Atlanta, Ga., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Panhellenic . . . FLOYD, BILL, Andalusia, ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha, American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, Sigma Gamma Epsilon . . . FOIL, CAMILLA ANN, Columbia, S. C., A8rS, Delta Delta Delta, Pep Squad . . . FOOTE, S. ASHBY, Fairfield, AGS. Feigelson, E. Fell Fenn Ferguson Floyd, B. A. Floyd, B. Foil Foote BELOW Top Row FOREHAND, OLIVER CLYDE, Tifton, Ga., Education, Baptist Student Union . . . FORSTER, WALTER ANGUSTUS, JR., Fairhope, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Christian Science Organization, Commerce Association . . . FOSTER, JULIETTE, Washington, D. C., ASS, Delta Gamma, Student Legislature, WABP, YWCA, Pep Squad, Canterbury Club . . . FOSTER, VONNIE ODEN, Birmingham, Education, Kappa Delta, Triangle, YWCA, Mortar Board, Who's Who . . . FOSTER, WALKER, Pascagoula, Miss., Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . FOWLER, RAY, Montgomery, A8rS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . FOX, PEGGY, Birmingham, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta . . . FRANCO, EDWARD MORRIS, Montgomery, A8-S, Kappa Nu, Men's Spirit Committee. Bottom Row FRANKLIN, JAMES T., Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . FRAZIER, ORMOND WILDER, Avondale Estates, Ga., Commerce, Treasurer, Theta Chi . . . FREDERICK, PAUL WILSON, Tuscaloosa, Engineering . . . FREEMAN, JAMES L., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi, Secretary, President, Chi Alpha Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi, American Statistician Association, Society for the Advancement ot Management, Cadet Officers' Club, Student Gov- ernment Association Honor Committee . . . FRIDAY, NELLIE JUNE, Eutaw, Commerce . . . FRIEDMAN, RICHARD JAY, New York, N. Y., ASQS, Philos, Rammer Jammer . . . FULLER, BOBBY DUPREE, Tuscumbia, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . FULLER, KENNETH TIFTON, New Brockton, Alpha Kappa Psi. BAMA PROFESSOR GETS CONTRACT TO GROW RARE EARTH ELEMENT CRYSTALS Forehand Forster Foster, J. Foster, V. Franklin Frazier Frederick Freeman Foster, W. Fowler Fox Franco Friday Friedman Fuller, B. Fuller K Gamble Ganey Garner, H. Garner J ABOVE GAMBLE, JAMES MARION, Dothan, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, Wesley Choir, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . , . GANEY, MARY FRANCIS, Talladega, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Symphony Orches- tra, YWCA . . . GARNER, HAROLD JOSEPH, Tuscaloosa, ASQS, German Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . GARNER, JOSEPHINE, Sweetwater, German Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta. BELOW Top Row GARRISON, JULIA FRANCES, Gadsden, Home Economics, Women's Spirit Committee, Westminster Fellowship, Caroline Hunt Club . . . GASTON, ROBERT ALEC, Teaneck, N. J., ASS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Arnold Air So- ciety, Alpha Kappa Delta, Intertraternity Council, Druids, Alpha Phi Omega, Pep Squad . . . GAUSE, LUTHER P., Dothan, Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Theta Tau, Philos, American Institute ot Chemical Engineers . . . GAYHART, GEORGE V., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Treasurer, Young Demo- crat's Club, Alabama Independents Association, Auxiliary ot the Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants . . . GAYNOR, RICHARD DANA, Spring Hill, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epslion, Theta Tau, Chi Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, American Society ol Civil Engineers , . . GAYLORD, DAN ALBERT, JR., Birmingham, A8iS . . . GEHLHAUS, BARBARA LERMA, Sherman Oaks, Calif., Home Economics, Alpha Phi . . . GEHLHAUS, PAUL HERBERT, Sherman Oaks, Calif., Chem- istry, Chi Beta Chi, Vice-President, American Chemical Society. Boffom Row .M GENTRY, PEGGIE RUTH, Moulton, Commerce , . . GHIZARI, PETER THOMAS, Woonsocket, R. I., Commerce, Propeller Club, Society for the Advancement ot Management, Cadet Officers' Club, Pershing Ritles . . . GIDLEY, CHARLES F., Jacksonville, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . . . GILBERT, NASON, Aclger, Education . . . GILBERT, WILLIAM EDWARD, Geiger, Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad . . . GILDER, JAMES B., Cristobal, Canal Zone, Education, President, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . GILLESPIE, MARY JANE, Meridian, Miss., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . , GIOVANOS, LOUIS, JR., Perth Amboy, N. J., Engineering, Sigma Pi Sigma, St. Pat's Association, American Insti- tute of Industrial Engineers, American Foundrymen's Society, YWCA, Pep Squad, Philos, Cadet Officer's Club, Theta Tau, Alpha Pi Mu, Homecoming Committee, I95I, Vice-President, Engineering School. Garrison Gaston Gause Gayhart Gaynor Gaylord Gehlhaus, B. Gehlhaus P Gentry Ghizarl Gidley Gilbert N Gilbert, W. Gilder Gillespie Girlinghouse Glick Glover Goldenthal Gordon Gottesman Gowan Graham ABOVE Top Row Green, C. GIRLINGHOUSE, MARY JOAN, Jackson, A8rS, Alpha Phi . . . GLICK, JOHN RUSSELL, Mt. Carmel, Ill., Commerce . . . GLOVER, KATHERINE DAUGHDRILL, Marion, Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Caroline Hunt Club . . . GOLDENTHAL, LESLIE HOWARD, Astonia, N. Y., Alpha Epsilon Pi, President . . . GONZALES, EULALIE, Mobile, A8iS, Chi Omega, Spanish Club . . . GOODE, A. D., Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . GOODMAN, WILBUR GARLAND, Enterprise, A8iS, Pi Kappa Phi, Cadet Officer's Club, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad . . . GOODWIN, BEVERLY KATHRYN, Birmingham, Education, Pi Beta Phi. Bottom Row GORDON, LEON FREDERICK, Columbus, Miss., ASS, Kappa Nu . . , GOTTESMAN, SAMUEL, Brooklyn, N. Y., Chemistry, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . GOWAN, SARAH FRANCES, Brewton, Education, Delta Gamma, Crimson- White Staff . . . GRAHAM, JOHN HUGH, Briclgeville, Pa., Engineering, St. Pat's Association, American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engi- neers, Westminster Fellowship, Secretary, University Religious Council, Cadet Ofticer's Club . . . GRANT, DONALD POWELL, Tuscaloosa, AGS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep Squad, Press Club, Cadet Ofticer's Club . . . GRAVES, HOWARD GROSBY, JR., Hyde Park, N. Y., A8iS, Phi Sigma Kappa, Philos . . . GRAVES, THOMAS RAY, Greenwood, Miss., Engineering, Sigma Chi . , . GRAY, GENE W., Jasper, ASS, Secretary, Lambda Chi Alpha. Gonzales Goode Goodman Goodwin Grant Graves, H. Graves, T. Gray BELOW Top Row GREEN, CLYDE BURT, JR., Martin, Tenn., Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . GREEN, FRANCES EARLINE, Aliceville, Education, Swan Club, Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club, Future Teachers of America . . . GREEN, MEREDITH H., Winfield, Engineering . , . GREER, VIRGINIA M., Altoona, Education, Future Teachers of America, American Association of University Women, Wesley Foundation . . . GREGORY, SHAF, Birmingham, A8iS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Alpha Epsilon Rho, WABP Staff . . . GREGORY, WILLIAM WYATT, JR., Dothan, Com- merce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, Delta Sigma Pi, President, Executive Council, Commerce Association, lnterfraternity Counc'l . . . GREINER, JAMES WILLIAM, Mobile, Commerce, Sigma Chi . . . GRICE, LACY ELMORE, Jasper, Commerce. Bottom Row GRIFFIN, DUDLEY WILLIAMSON, Montgomery, ASQS, Phi Delta Theta . . . GRIFFIN, NELL, Gadsden, Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Press Club, Choral Union, Baptist Student Union, Future Teachers ot America, Crimson- White Stott . . . GRIFFIN, THOMAS HENRY, Tuscaloosa, Education, Choral Union, Vocal Ensemble , . . GROSSBERG, RHODA CECILLE, Birmingham, Home Economics . . . GRZYMKOWSKI, MARIE ELIZABETH, Rochester, N. Y., Education, Swan Club, Newman Club . . , GUNBY, DAVID KIRK, III, Deland, Fla., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Canterbury Club . . . GUNN, SARAH SUSAN, Montgomery, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . . GUNNELS, BONNIE NELL, Parrish, Education, YWCA, Choral Union. CLAYTON CORZATTE RETURNED FOR PRESENTATION OF "MERCHANT OF VENICE" Green, F. Green, M. Greer Gregory, S. Gregory, W. Greiner Grlce Griffin, D. Griffin, N. Griffin, T. Grossberg Grzymkowski Gunby Gunn Gunnels B ww X Help yourself Look! On a stick Gunnels, G. Gurley Hagler Hakula ABOVE GUNNELS, GLORRIS, Parrish, Home Economics . . . GURLEY, BETTY SUE, Anniston, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Junior American Association of University Women, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad . . . HAGLER, MARTHA CAROLINE, Birmingham, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Newman Club . . . HAKULA, ELMER GEORGE, East Setauliet, Long Island, N. Y., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi, Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants, Gamma Delta. BELOW Top Row HALE, CLYDE DONALD, Pine Apple, Commerce, Pershing Rifles, Cadet Officer's Club . . . HALL, CHARLES W., JR., Birmingham, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Phi Mu Epsilon, Quadrangle . . . HALL, MYNDALL IRA, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Theta Upsilon, President, Vice-President, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Mortar Board . . . HALL, VIRGINIA ANN, Midway, A8tS, Baptist Student Union, Religious Council . . . HAMILTON, JOAN H., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Mu, West- minster Fellowship . . . HAMILTON, JOSEPH C., Meridian, Miss., ASIS, Press Club, Spirit Planning Committee, Homecoming Committee, Rammer Jammer, Crimson-White Staff . . . HAMITER, JOHN CECIL, Carrollton, Commerce . . . HAMMOND, EDITH, Wetumpka, Education. Bottom Row r HAMNER, JAMES THOMAS, Mobile, Education, Baptist Student Union . . . HAMPTON, KAY, Columbus, Ga., AGS, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Pep Squad, American Association of University Women, Wesley Foundation . . . HAMPTON, WADE, Prattville, Commerce, Delta Chi, Past President, Junior Class, Commerce, President, Commerce School, President, Commerce Association, Secretary-Treasurer, Cadet Officers' Club, Vice-President, Delta Sigma Pi, Chi Alpha Phi, Beta Alpha Psi, Philos, Dean's Conference Com- mittee, Chairman, Commerce Executive Council, Wesley Foundation, Student Government Association . . . HAMRICK, THYRA MAE, Mobile, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Blackfriars, Women's Spirit Committee, Radio Station Receptionist . . . HANAHAN, ANN BOWDON, Dothan, Education, Kappa Delta, President, Canterbury Club, Panhellenic Club . . . HANDWERGER, JOSEPH, Mobile, Engineering, Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Civil Engineers . . . HANSEN, HAROLD WILLIAM, Perth Amboy, N. J., Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi, Scribe, Society of American Military Engineers, American Institute of ln- dustrial Engineers, Cadet Officers' Club, Canterbury Club . . . HARDEN, BETTY JOYCE, Ozark, Education, Delta Zeta, Modern Dance Club, Future Teachers of America. Ha e Hall, C. Hall, M. Hall, V. Hamilton, J. H. Hamilton, J. C. Hamiter Hammond Hamner Hampton, K. Hampton, W. Hamrick Hanahan Hanclwerger Hansen Harden Harmon Harper, J. I'IUl'Pel'f R- Huffe Harvey C A. Harvey, C. G. Harvey, J. Hassell ABOVE Top Row HARMON, HUGH B., Gardendale, ABS, Delta Tau Delta, Crimson-White Staff, Photographer, Rammer Jammer Staff, Corolla Staff, Photographer, Cadet Officers' Club . . . HARPER, JAMES BENJAMIN, JR., Montgomery, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Million Dollar Band . . . HARPER, RAYMOND MOORE, Reform, Engineering, Sigma Nu . . . HARRE, JO ANN, Tampa, Fla., Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Philos, Wesley Foundation, Women's Spirit Committee . . . HARRIS, GLYNN, Dothan, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . HARRIS, NINA WEIR, Little Rock, Ark,, ASS, Delta Delta Delta, Philos, Zeta Phi Eta, Triangle, Women's Spirit Committee . . . HART, JULIAN, JR., Marion, Engineering, American Institute of Industrial Engineers . . , HARTWELL, GEORGE EDWARDS, Mobile, ASTS, Theta Chi, Pep Squad. Bottom Row HARVEY, CHARLES ALEXANDER, Fairfield, ASS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Spirit Planning Committee, Pep Squad . . . HARVEY, CURTIS GLENN, Birmingham, Engineering, Delta Chi, Distinguished Military Student . . . HARVEY, JESSALYN, Cuba, Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Future Teachers of America . . . HASSELL, HORACE PAUL, Birmingham, Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Alpha Phi Omega . . . HAWKINS, DONALD BALLARD, Dothan, ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . HAYES, MICHAEL JAMES, Tuscaloosa, A8rS, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . HEAD, THOMAS LUTHER, Roanoke, A8rS, Chi Phi . . . HENAGAN, JAMES VANN, Birmingham, ASLS, Alpha Tau Omega, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation, Choral Union, Men's Glee Club. Harris, G. Harris, N. Hart Hartwell Hawkins Hayes Head Henagan BELOW Top Row HENDRIX, WILLIAM ROBERT, Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, Phi Gamma Delta, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, American Chemical Society . . . HENLEY, FRANCES MARIE, Birmingham, A8iS, ROTC Sponsor, St. Pat's Association . . . HENRY, ARLICE THEO, Rockford, Ill., Engineering, Theta Tau, Rifle Team, American Society of Industrial Engineers . . . HENRY, FRED SAVAGE, Jackson, Tenn,, A8tS, WABP, Baptist Student Union . . . HENSON, HARRY DRAKE, Mobile, A8.S, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . HESTER, MARTHA JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta, Secretary, Alpha Xi Delta, YWCA . . . HEUSTESS, JANE BENNETT, Montgomery, AHS, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . HIATT, WOOD COLEMAN, Mobile, ASS, Alpha Tau Omega, Druids, Freshman Debate Squad, Secretary, YMCA, Pershing Rifles, Secretary, Sigma Upsilon, Bottom Row HILL, AGNES, Birmingham, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Future Teachers of America . . . HILL, PHYLLIS, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Pep Squad . . . HINKLE, WALLACE WADE, Mobile, Chemistry, Wesley Choir, Cross Country Track . . . HITT, DOROTHY LOUISE, Tuscaloosa, Education, Theta Upsilon, President, Panhellenic, Future Teachers of America . . . HODGES, JANE, Mobile, Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Triangle, Future Teachers of America . . . HOFFMAN, GEORGE GARNER, JR., Mobile, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers . . . HOLDEN, EDWARD A., JR., Westfield, N. J., Chemistry, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . HOLDER, MARY KEOWN, Laurel, Miss., A8.S, Chi Omega. FOUR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS CHOSEN AS INTERNS FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS POSTS Hendrix Henley Henry, A. Henry, F. H I A Hill, P. Hinkle Hitt Henson Hester Heustess Hiatt Hodges Hoffman Holden Holder ' 'IN is 'IW 1 if Holmes Holmgren Hopson Horlick ABOVE HOLMES, FRANKLIN H., Birm'ngham, Commerce, Alpha Phi Omega, Wesley Foundation, Society tor the Advancement ot Management . . . HOLMGREN, SEHON K., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Chair- man, Men's Spirit Committee, Candidate Chairman, Corolla Beauty Bail . . . HOPSON, ANNE MALLORY, Tallassee, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Future Teachers ot America . . . HORLICK, ROBERT CHARLES, Brooklyn, N. Y., ABS, Scabbard and Blade. BELOW Top Row HORTON, EMILY MARSHALL, Rome, Ga., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . HORTON, ROGER A., Worchester, Mass., ABS, Delta Chi, Golf Team . . . HOUSER, MARTHA PARHAN, Tuscaloosa, Education, Kappa Delta , . . HOWARD, KATHERINE PILL, Montgomery, ASQS, Chi Omega, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, Press Club, Theta Sigma Phi, Crimson-White Staff . . . HOWELL, MADIE IRENE, Moundville, Education, Future Teachers ot America, Kappa Delta Pi . . . HUDSON, JAMES R., Alexander City, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi, Society for the Advancement ot Management . . . HUGGINS, JOSEPH ROULSTON, Jackson, Miss., Engineering, Kappa Alpha, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Wesley Foundation . . . HUGULEY, HARRELL DALLAS, LaFayette, ASS, Phi Gamma Delta. Bottom Row HUNTER, ELIZABETH, Jasper, Education . . . HURVICH, MARVIN SAMUEL, Birmingham, ASQS, Kappa Nu, Alpha Kappa Delta . . . HUSKE, BETTY CAROL, Tuscaloosa, Education, Delta Zeta, Future Teachers ot America, YWCA . , . HUTCHENSON, JOAN, Tarrytown, N. Y., Commerce, Delta Delta Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Women's Spirit Committee . . . IVEY, EUGENE BRYANT, Talladega, Commerce, Chi Phi, Quadrangle, Pershing Rifles, Druids, Omicron Delta Kappa, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Society for the Advancement ot Management . . . IVY, ROBERT EUGENE, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi . . . JACKSON, CHARLES HENRY, Ashland, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . , JACKSON, KATHERINE CLAIRE, Birmingham, ASS, Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta. Horton E Horton R Hauser Howard Howell Hudson Huggins luguley Hunter Hurvich Huske Hutcheson Ivey Ivy Jackson, C. Jackson K zffznweawie, mis . f - Jackson M. Jackson, R. Jaworsky Jensen Johnson C. Johnson, J. M. Johnson, J. P. Johnson, L. ABOVE Top Row JACKSON, MARION, McGehee, Ark., Education, Phi Mu, Westminster Fellowship . . . JACKSON, ROLAND DAVIES, Meridian, Miss., A8rS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Quadrangle, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pershing Rifles, Phi Eta Sigma, lnterfraternity Council . . . JAWORSKY, ANTHONY JACKSON, Manville, N. J., A8rS, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta, Pep Squad . . . JENSEN, WILLIAM ACKLEY, Mobile, Commerce . . . JERNIGAN, MARY RUTH, Tuscaloosa, ASQS, Alpha Xi Delta . . . JESELSOHN, FREDERICK SHELDON, Newark, N. J., Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, St. Pat's Association . . . JEWELL, JAMES EDWARD, Athens, Engineering . . . JEWELL, VIRGIL H., Athens, Commerce. Bottom Row JOHNSON, CONRAD HANLON, Birmingham, Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers . . . JOHNSON, JOE MILLER, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Theta Chi, Distinguished Military Student, Alpha Kappa Psi, Arnold Air Society, Pershing Rifles , . . JOHNSON, JOHN PERRY, Pensacola, Fla., Engineering, Alpha Pi Mu, Chairman, American Institute of Industrial Engineers . . . JOHNSON, LLOYD, Amarillo, Tex., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, St. Pat's Association . . . JOHNSON, ORIE, West Blockton, A8iS, Theta Xi . . . JOHNSTON, PRESLEY MORGAN, Aliceville, Commerce, Chi Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, Druids . . . JOHNSTON, SAMUEL MORRIS, Tuscaloosa, AGS, Rifle Team, American Chemical Society, Pep Squad, Wesley Founda- tion . . . JOLLIT, WILLIAM OZLEY, Opelika, Commerce, Society for the Advancement of Management. Jernigan Jeselsohn Jewell, J. Jewell V Johnson, O. Johnston, P. Johnston, S. Jo it BELOW Top Row JONES, DOUGLAS EPPS, Tuscaloosa, A8.S, Scabbard and Blade, West- minster Fellowship, Muckers Club, American Institute of Mining and Metal- lurgial Engineers, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Society of American Military Engineers . . . JONES, EMMY LELL, Sweetwater, Education, Delta Gamma, YWCA, Future Teachers of America, American Association of University Women . . . JONES, JOHN BAKER, Arlington, Fla., Commerce, Society for the Advancement of Management . . . JONES, LUCY CARRINGTON, Memphis, Tenn,, ABS, Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship . . . JONES, MARY ELISE, Frisco City, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA . . . JONES, ROBIN L., Brighton, ASS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pershing Rifles, Men's Spirit Committee, Vice-President, Lambda Chi Alpha, I95I . . . JORDAN, CHARLES D., Montgomery, A8rS, Phi Delta Theta . . . JORDAN, GEORGE E., Montgomery, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Tau Beta Pi, Pershing Rifles. Bottom Row JORDAN, ROY B., Headland, Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi, Chi Alpha Phi, Society for the Advancement of Management . . . JUDICE, JOSEPH MURPHY, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Cadet Officers' Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Alpha Kappa Psi, Commerce Association . . . KANDALAFT, FAUD HABIB, Jerusalem, Palestine, A815 . . . KASSNER, JAMES, Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, Pi Kappa Alpha, Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . KAYSER, JULIAN, Mobile, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Secretary, Inter- fraternity Council . . . KELLY, BARBARA ANN, Repton, Home Economics, Alpha Phi, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Committee, Wesley Foun- dation . . . KENNEDY, DOROTHY SUE, Gulfpark, Miss., ASS, Phi Mu, Crimson Theater, YWCA, Cotillion Club . . . KERLIN, WILBUR GENE, Prattville, A8rS, Press Club. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB TO FOSTER INTERNATIONAL GOOD WILL Jones D Jones, E. Jones, J. Jones, L. Judice Kandalaft D Kassner Jones, M. Jones, R. Jordan, C. Jordan G Kayser Kelly Kennedy Kerlln E :H 1 ik" - 1 I M Q. ,viz Kern, J. M. Kern, J. P. Kernachan Kerr ABOVE KERN, JOSEPH MICHAEL, Ardmore, Pa., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Tennis Team, Cadet Officers' Club . . . KERN, JOHN PATRICK, Ardmore, Pa., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Chi Alpha Phi, Vice-President, Air Force Cadet Officers' Club, Commerce Association . . . KERNACHEN, JOHN S., Huntsville, Engineering . . . KERR, ROBERT HAROLD, Reform, Engineering, American Institute of Elec- trical Engineers, Arnold Air Society. BELOW Top Row KING, NORMA BERYL, Birmingham, Nursing . . . KING, PAUL CLINTON, Kingsport, Tenn., A8tS, Delta Tau Delta, Commerce Association . . . KINGRY, CORA ANNE, LaFayette, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA Cabi- net, Future Teachers of America, American Association of University Women, Treasurer, Alpha Delta Pi . . . KIRKLEY, CLARENCE LEE, JR., Fayette, Education, Spanish Club, University Rifle Team . . . KREISMAN, RAE RITA, Montgomery, ASIS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Treasurer, Triangle, Alpha Epsilon Rho, WABP, Hillel Foundation . . . KRICKBAUM, JANET, Wash- ington, D. C., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Caroline Hunt Club, President, Junior Class, Home Economics, Canterbury Club, Vice-President, Delta Zeta . . . KRUEGER, JACK HOWARD, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . KRUSE, ALVIN JOSEPH, JR., Chesterfield, Mo., A8tS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Sigma Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Phi Omega, Cadet Maior, ROTC, Propeller Club, Newman Club, Pershing Rifles, Inter- national Relations Club, Spanish Club, United Nations Council, Dis- tinguished Military Student, Press Club, Photography Club. Bottom Row KYLE, AUDREY JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . LADAS, ELIAS HARILOAS, Mobile, A813 . . . LAMMEY, SHIRLEY ANNE, Memphis, Tenn., A8tS, Phi Mu, American Association of University Women, YWCA, Sigma Delta Pi . . . LAMPKIN, JULIA McCAIN, Tuscaloosa, ABIS, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Million Dollar Band, Secretary, Mortar Board, Tri- angle, American Chemical Society, German Club, French Club . . . LANDRY, MARTHA M,, Greensboro, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . LANE, JOHN BENJAMIN, Deatsville, Education, Pep Squad, University Religious Council . . . LANE, PATSY, Shawmut, Education, Wesley Founda- tion, Pi Tau Chi, ROTC Sponsor . . . LANG, AILEEN, Emelle, Home Economics, Borden Award, Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad. King N King P Klngry Kirkley Kreisman Krickbaum Krueger Kruse Ky e Ladas Lammey Lampkln Landry Lane, J. Lane, P. L it'3,Jl.4Q11i 2. .s..-JSE. . .,,- 7 Langston Lcpidus Larkins Latimer Lee H Lee, L. Lee, M. LeGere ABOVE Top Row LANGSTON, CLAYTON HILT, Greenville, S. C., Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, St. Pat's Association . . . LAPIDUS, JEROME HENRY, Birmingham, ASLS, Zeta Beta Tau, Tennis Team, Glee Club . . . LARKINS, ALLENE, Brewton, Education, Delta Gamma . . . LATIMER, BEVERLY ADAIR, Birmingham, Education, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA Cabinet, Student Legislature, Future Teachers of America . . . LATTOF, RAMSEY GEORGE, Prichard, Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . LAVETTE, JOHN HORACE, Birmingham, Commerce, Chi Phi, Vice-President, Delta Sigma Pi, Druids, Quadrangle, Scabbard and Blade . . . LAYMAN, H. TRAVIS, Springville, Engineering . . . LEE, DONALD HOWARD, Teaneck, N. J., Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, American Chemical Society, Cadet Officers' Club, Distinguished Military Student, Secretary, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Sophomore Award, Secretary-Treasurer, Society of American Military Engineers. Bottom Row LEE, HYO SUK, Gadsden, A8-S, Westminster Fellowship, Vocal Ensemble . . . LEE, LUTHER EMMETT, Birmingham, Commerce, President, German Club, Publicity Director, Alabama independents Association, Executive Council, Alpha Phi Omega, Cadet Officers' Club . . . LEE, MILDRED ANNE, Birmingham, Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Kappa Delta Pi . . . LeGERE, EVERETT WILBROD, New Brunswick, Canada, Engineering, American Insti- tune of Industrial Engineers, Society for the Advancement of Management, Newman Club . . . LERNER, SAM JOSEPH, Bradley Beach, N. J., A8iS, Hillel Foundation . . . LETSON, KENNETH N., Owens Crossroads, Educa- tion, Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary, Pi Kappa Phi . . . LEVIS, FAYE AUDREY, Alamo, Tenn., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Women's Spirit Committee, Future Teachers of America, Hillel Foundation . . . LEWIS, WILLIAM A., Keener, Commerce. Lattof Lavette Lay ma n Lee D Lerner Letson Levis Lewis BELOW Top Row LIGHTY, JOHN CHARLES, Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . LISBY, MARY O'MARY, Tuscaloosa, A845 . . . LITT, RICHARD ERWIN, Jackson, Miss,, ASQS, Kappa Nu, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Cadet Officers' Club, Men's Spirit Committee . . . LITTLE, FAYE HASSELL, Tuscaloosa, Education . . . LIVINGSTON, LESLIE RAE, Atlanta, Ga., A8iS, Delta Gamma, Westminster Fellowship, WABP, Treasurer, Delta Gamma . . . LLOYD, FRANCES CREIGHT, New Orleans, La., ASQS, Wesley Foundae tion . . . LOEB, HONORE H., New Orleans, La., Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . LOFTIN, JOHN BONNELL, Fort Deposit, Commerce, Chi Alpha Phi. BELOW Bottom Row LONDON, JANE, Hattiesburg, Miss., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Re- cording Secretary, Future Teachers of America, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Committee . . . LONG, NEEDHAM L., Decatur, A81S, Westminster Fellowship . . . LONGSHORE, WILLIAM JERE, Montgomery, Commerce, Sigma Nu, Commerce Association, Pep Squad . . . LORBERBAUM, ROBERT ALAN, Woodmere, N. Y., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, WABP, Commerce Association . . . LOWERY, JAMES P., Auburn, AGS, Kappa Alpha . . . LUNDBURG, GEORGE DAVID, Silverhill, ABQS, Million Dollar Band, Baptist Student Union . . . LUNN, ARTHUR RUSS, Mt. Vernon, Commerce, President, Alabama Independent Association, Se- nior Warden, Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary-Treasurer, Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Alpha Psi, Arnold Air Society . . . LUNN, JOHN DONALD, Mt. Vernon, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Alabama Inde- pendents Association, Alpha Phi Omega, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Foundrymen's Society, Pep Squad, Canterbury Club. PETE CAWTHON ANNOUNCED AS THE UNIVERSlTY'S NEW HEAD ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Lichty Lisby Litt Little London Long Longshore Lorberbaum Livingston Lloyd Loeb Loftm Lowery Lundberg Lunn, A. Lunn J McClintock McCreary McDonald McDoweI McDuff McGlIIlcuddy McGuffin Mclntosh McKee McKeon Lutz Lyda McCall McCauley ABOVE LUTZ, MARY TYLER, Tuscaloosa, Education, President, Modern Dance Club, Swan Club, Physical Education Maiors Club, Football Sponsor, Cheerleader, I949 , . . LYDA, DORYE, Frisco City, Education, Vocal Ensemble, Future Teachers of America . . . McCALL, JOANE HATCHER, Boynton Beach, Fla., Chemistry, Chi Omega, President, Pasteur Society, American Chemical Society, Alchemist Club, Blacklriars, YWCA, Pep Squad, Secretary, Pan- hellenic, Student Government Association Legislature, Triangle, WSGA House of Representatives . . . MCCAULEY, EDWIN L., Pinson, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BELOW Top Row MCCLINTOCK, LAURA MARCELLE, Marianna, Ark., A81S, Chi Omega, Westminster Fellowship Council, Secretary, Press Club, Crimson-White Staff, Corolla Staff, Stenographer, Student Government Association . . . MCCREARY, ROBERT JAMES, Montgomery, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . MCDONALD, WILLIAM WHITE, Roanoke, Commerce, President, Chi Phi, President Pro-Tem, Legislature, Who's Who, Quadrangle, Druids, Philos, Pershing Rifles, Delta Sigma Pi, Executive Council, Commerce Asso- ciation, Co-Chairman, Homecoming Committee, Pep Squad . . . MCDOWEL, HOLT ANDREWS, Birmingham, ABS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . MCDUFF, ODIS PELHAM, Gordo, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Theta Tau, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles . . , MCELVEY, JEAN BRADFORD, Pelham, Ga,, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta . , . MCELVEY, NANN, Pelham, Ga,, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta . , . McGEHEE, LUCY GRIFFITH, Jacksonville, Flo., ABS, Pi Beta Phi. Bottom Row MCGILLICUDDY, RUTH A., Tuscaloosa, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad, YWCA, Newman Club . . . MCGUFFIN, JAMES B., Westminster, S, C., Chemistry, President, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon, American Ceramics Society, Alchemists Club . . . MCINTOSH, HARRIET KATHERINE, Florence, ABS, Pi Beta Phi, Secretary, Vice-President, Triangle, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . McKEE, GEORGE LEWIS, Bessemer, A815 . . . MCKEON, GLORIA SPANN, New Orleans, La., ASS, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Rammer Jammer Business Staff . . . MCKINNEY, MILTON HARRIS, Montgomery, Engineering, Sigma Nu . . . MCLAIN, RICHARD EUGENE, Birmingham, Engineering . . . MCLAUGHLIN, MAX VICTOR, Blue Springs, ABS, Phi Gamma Delta, President, Jasons, Historian, Quadrangle, Student Legislature, German Club, Circulation Manager, Rammer Jammer, Who's Who, Scabbard and Blade, Philos. " is McEIvey, J. McEIvey, N. McGehee McKinney McLain McLaughlin Mclean McMath McMillan McMiIIen Manners Manning Marcus Maritzky ABOVE Top Row MCLEAN, JOYCE IMOGENE, Birmingham, AGS . . . MCMATH, RAYMOND N., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Commerce Asso- ciation, Cadet Officers' Club Council . . . MCMILLAN, CECIL, Bay Minette, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer, Chi Alpha Phi, Cadet Officers' Club, Baptist Student Union Council . . . McMILLEN, DONALD D., Saginawn, Mich., ASIS, Scabbard and Blade, Track Team . . . MCNELLIS, DOROTHY, Inverness, Ill., Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, President, Caroline Hunt Club, Panhellenic Council, VVSGA Student Legislature . . . McPHERSON, WILLIAM B., Beatrice, A815 . . . MCRAE, DONALD KENNETH, Fairfield, Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Glee Club, Institute of Aeronautical Science . . . MADDOX, HUGH, Andalusia, AZLS, Pershing Rifles, Copy Editor, Crimson-White, Rammer Jammer, Arnold Air Society, Distinguished Military Student, Sigma Delta Chi, Press Club, Quadrangle, Baptist Student Union. Bottom Row MANNERS, LEE ROY, Birmingham, A8iS, Delta Chi . . . MANNING, FRANCES LOUISE, Birmingham, A815 . . . MARCUS, ESTHER DEVORA, Oak Grove, La., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club, Future Teachers of America , . , MARITZKY, DORACE, Homer, Lo., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Committee, Corolla Staff . . . MARKS, JOHN, Montgomery, ASQS, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma Pi Sigma, Canterbury Club, Alabama Cavaliers . . . MARTIN, ANN FLOYD, Clayton, ASIS, Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . MARTIN, DOUGLAS D., JR., Tampa, Flo., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Flight Guard, AROTC . . . MARTIN, JOHN C., II, Clayton, A8-S, Lambda Chi Alpha. 51 COROLLA RATED ALL-AMERICAN BY N Massengill Mastin Mathews, P. Mathews, W. Mayton Mazza Meadow Merrite McNeIIis McPherson McRae Maddox Marks Martin, A. Martin, D. Martin J BELOW Top Row MASSENGILL, ELIZABETH ANN, West Palm Beach, Fla., Home Eco- nomics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Caroline Hunt Club . . . MASTIN, MILTON JOSEPH, Fairhope, A8tS, Press Club . , . MATHEWS, PATRICIA, Atlanta, Ga., Chemistry, Alpha Phi, Pasteur Society . . . MATHEWS, WILLIAM GIBSON, Robertsdale, A8IS, Theta Chi . . . MATRANGA, JOSEPH MILTON, Mobile, A8tS, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . MAY, I. W., Montgomery, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class Commerce, Cadet Officers' Club, Varsity Golf, Pep Squad, lnterfraternity Council . . . MAY, ROSEMARY, Mobile, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, American Associa- tion of University Women, Spanish Club, YWCA . . . MAYES, SARA HELEN, Gadsden, Commerce. Bottom Row MAYTON, JOHN EARL, Selma, ASIS, Kappa Alpha . . . MAZZA, MARY ELEANOR, Huntsville, Education, Newman Club, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . MEADOW, JANE, Elberton, Ga., A8-S, Phi Mu . . . MERRITTE, ANGUS A., JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . METHVIN, CECIL G., Birmingham, Commerce . . . METTS, VIRGIL L., Birmingham, ASS, Sigma Pi Sigma, DeMolay, Cadet Officers' Club, German Club, Pep Squad, Baptist Student Union, Men's Glee Club, Committee, Clothes For Korea . , . MILLER, J. D., JR., Cordova, A8tS, Muckers Club . . . MILLER, THOMAS ROBERTS, Alexander City, Commerce, Sigma Nu, Chi Alpha Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, Commerce Association. ATIONAL SCHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION Matranga May, I. May, R. Mayes Methvin Metts Miller, J. Miller T Mitchell, R. Mitchell, T. Montgomery Monzillo ABOVE MITCHELL, RALPH, Ragland, Commerce . . . MITCHELL, TRAVIS ELTON, Cullman, Engineering, Theta Chi, American Institute ot Industrial Engineers, Society of American Military Engineers, Cadet Officers' Club . . . MONTGOMERY, EMMA SUE, Birmingham, Education, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club , . . MONZILLO, JOHN J., Brooklyn, N. Y., Education, BELOW Top Row MOODY, FRED B., Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . MOON, DOT, Wedowee, Education, Head Cheerleader, Philos, Rammer Jammer, Crimson-White, Women's Spirit Committee, Spirit Planning Committee, Future Teachers of America, Alabama independents Association, YWCA . . . MOORE, A. C., JR., Phil Campbell, Commerce, Theta Xi, Vice-President, Cadet Officers' Club . . , MOORE, BETTY JEAN, Albertville, Education, President, Kappa Delta Pi, Blackfriars, Jennie Morris Howard Scholarship . . . MOORE, CARL RANDOLPH, Daytona Beach, Fla., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Canterbury Club, Commerce Association, Cadet Officers' Club . . . MOORE, NORA ELOISE, Linden, Education . . . MORGAN, CHARLES, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . . . MOORE, SAMMY GAINES, Fayette, Education, Basketball, Track, A Club. Bottom Row MOORER, SEALE ALONZO, Montgomery, Education, Phi Kappa Sigma, President, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . MORSE, EDWARD BERNARD, Brooklyn, N. Y., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, Alpha Phi Omega . . . MORRIS, PETE WILLIAM, Birmingham, ABS, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . MOOSE, JAKE BYRON, Pensacola, Fla., Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, St. Pat's Association, American Society of Civil Engineers . . . MOSLEY, RUTH MURPHREE, Uniontown, Education, Kappa Delta, Swan Club . . . MUGLACH, LOUIS J., JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Band . . . MURBACH, JANE ELIZABETH, Mobile, Education, Alpha Xi Delta . . . MURPHREE, JOHN R., Tuscaloosa, Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Moody Moon Moore A Moore B Moore, C. Moore, N. Morgan Morre Moorer Morse Morris Moose Mosley Muglach Murboch M Myrick Nabors Napoli Nettles Norton D Norton, O. O'Hara O'Neill ABOVE Top Row MYRICK, LINDA L., Deatsville, ASIS . . . NABORS, JIMMY T., Sylacauga, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Commerce Association, Wesley Foundation . . . NAPOLI, TONY, Bridgeport, Conn., Education, "A" Club, Baseball Team, Football Team . . . NETTLES, ROBIN, Birmingham, A8iS, Alpha Chi Omega, Staff, WABP, Blackfriars, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Corolla, President, Alpha Chi Omega . . . NEW, JAMES UNGER, JR., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Society for the Advancement of Management, Com- merce Association . . . NEWSOM, CHARLES HENDERSON, Montgomery, Engineering, "A" Club, Baptist Student Union, American Society of Me- chanical Engineers . . . NEWTON, ALEX WORTHY, Birmingham, Com- merce, Sigma Chi . . . NOBLE, THOMAS ALEXANDER, Birmingham, Com- merce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Commerce Association, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pep Squad. Bottom Row NORTON, DONALD RAY, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, YWCA, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . NORTON, OLIVER WETZEL, Albertville, Commerce . . . O'HARA, MIKE, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Million Dollar Band, Business Manager, Alabama Cavaliers . . . O'NEILL, MARGARET ANN, Birmingham, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Wesley Foundation, Wesley Choir, Pep Squad, Future Teachers of America, YWCA, Vocal Ensemble . . . O'LENIC, WILLIAM DONALD, Donora, Pa., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi, Chi Alpha Phi, Vice-President, Society of the Advancement of Management . . . OLIVER, ELEANOR FIGG, Procter, Ark., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . OTEY, LYNN LENORE, Birmingham, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Pep Squad . . . OWEN, ALEXANDER PAUL, Janesville, Wis,, Commerce, Sigma Chi, Pep Squacl, Cadet Officers' Ciub, Commerce Association. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Owen E Owens, G. Owens, R. Owings Parrish Parker Parsons Patterson, G. New Newsom Newton Noble O'Lenic Oliver Otey Owen A Top Row OWEN, EVELYN WOOD, Atlanta, Ga., A8IS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary, Triangle, Vice-President, YWCA, President, Mortar Board, Symphony Orchestra, Baptist Student Union, Executive Council, Inter-religious Council . . . OWENS, G. DAVENE, Alton, Mo., Nursing . . . OWENS, RICHARD C., Kennedy, Education, Future Teachers of America, Librarians in Training . . . OWINGS, CLYDE LACY, Brent, A8IS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, American Chemical Society . . . PAGE, JAMES DAVID, Washington, D. C., Commerce, Delta Chi . . . PANDELIS, CHARLES R., Hueytown, Engineering, American Foundrymen's Association . . . PANNELL, GERALD CHARLES, Ridgewood, N. Y., Education, Basketball . . . PAPPAS, RAYMOND, Eufaula, A8iS, Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Phi Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Arnold Air Society, Quadrangle. Bottom Row PARRISH, JOY NAFTEL, Greenville, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America, American Association of University Women . . . PARKER, ROBERT MANLEY, Birmingham, Commerce, Delta Chi, Treasurer, Cotillion Club . . . PARSONS, BOB E., Birmingham, Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . PATTERSON, GAYLON, Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . PATTERSON, JULIA, Montgomery, ASIS, Kappa Delta, Cotillion Club, YWCA . . . PATY, NANCY LEE, Elizabethton, Tenn., A8rS, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . PEACOCK, JEANETTE, Atmore, Home Economics . . . PENFIELD, WILLIS, E., JR., Tuscaloosa, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Cadet Officers' Club, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pershing Rifles. PUBLISH FIRST STUDENT DIRECTORY Page Pandelis Pannell Pappas Patterson, J. Paty Peacock Penfield 7 iumwntslsfmwwrrp i...sf+fMW-if Q . He doesn't believe in the ratio Must be a ghoul' digger Pizitz Platt Poag Powell Purins Purvis Quartin Quinn - 1 Phillips, A. Phillips, J. Phillips, L. E. Phillip Pierce Pilcher Pindus Pinson Top Row ABOVE PHILLIPS, ALMA REBECCA, Ralph, Education, Future Teachers of America, YWCA, Alumni Chairman, Baptist Student Union, Secretary-Treasurer, Library Club . . . PHILLIPS, JOHN DAVID, Mobile, ASQS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . , PHILLIPS, LEONA ELIZABETH, Hamilton, Education, Repcrter, Future Teachers ot America . . . PHILLIPS, LOU ANN, Valley Head, Education, Delta Zeta. Bottom Row PIERCE, ANITA WIRTH, Dyersburg, Tenn., Education, Kappa Delta, Mortar Board, Commission, YWCA Cabinet, Office Manager, Rammer Jammer . . . PILCHER, WINIFRED ANN, Montgomery, Education, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club . . . PINDUS, DONALD SAUL, Patterson, N. J., ASLS, Alpha Epsilon Pi . , . PINSON, CHARLES P., Birmingham, Education, Delta Chi, Homecoming Radio Broadcast, Corolla Beauty Ball, Cotillion Club, Spirit Committee, Alabama-Auburn Broadcast and Pep Rally. Top Row BELOW PIZITZ, NORMAN LEE, Huntsville, Commerce, Kappa Nu, Pep Squad, Treasurer, Kappa Nu . . . PLATT, JUNE, Headland, Home Economics . . . POAG, HELEN F., Centerville, Education, Chi Omega, YWCA . . . POWELL, NORMAN HARVEY, Bronx, N. Y., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . PRATER, HARRY WILLIAMS, Birmingham, ASQS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . PRICHARD, NOLA DEAN, Haleyville, Education , . . PRITCHETT, WILLIAM B., Decatur, Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . PURIFOY, JOY, Montgomery, Edu- cation, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Future Teachers at America. Bottom Row PURINS, ALEXANDER, Riga, Latvia, Commerce, Canterbury Club . . . PURVIS, DONALD LESLIE, Palm Beach, Fla., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Pledge Master . . . QUARTIN, JANET SARAH, Miami, Fla., Home Economics, President, Sigma Delta Tau, House of Representatives, WSGA, Panhellenic, Womens Spirit Committee, Secretary, l95l Homecoming Committee, Debate Squad, Cotillion Club, Debate Council, Assistant Editor, l952 Corolla . . . QUINN, BETTY JANE, Hapeville, Ga., Commerce , . . RADOMS, MARCIA JEANETTE, Birmingham, Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Treasurer l95O, Vice-President I95l, Hillel Foundation, Vice-President, l95O, Presi- dent l95I . . . RAIMONDO, JOSEPH T., Providence, R. l., Chemistry, Alchemist Club . . . RAMSEY, CHARLES CLAYTON, Tuscaloosa, A8tS, Glee Club, Choral Union . . . RANDOLPH, RUTHIE MAE, Brent, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Vice-President. Prater Pritchard Pritchett Purlfoy Racloms Raimondo Ramsey Randolph H, ., i ,. , 'fa' M , gssauww-N sw, .. .. 7 . 4 ...MMM Ratcliffe Ratliff, E. Ratliff, J. Ravenelle Reid K Reynolds Riddle Robbert ABOVE Top Row RATCLIFFE, CHARLES F., JR., Spring Hill, Commerce, Sigma Chi, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Band, Arnold Air Society, Wesley Foundation . . . RATLIFF, EMMET RICHARD, Meridian, Miss., Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences . . . RATLIFF, JERRY MARTIN, Birmingham, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . RAVENELLE, RICHARD LOUIS, Woonsocket, R. I., Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi, Presi- dent, Interfraternity Council, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Newman Club . . . RAWLINSON, ROBERT LAMAR, Prattville, Commerce, Delta Chi, Propeller Club, Commerce Association . . . RAY, RICHARD EDMUND, Birmingham, Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Secretary- Treasurer, American Foundrymen's Society, Muckers Club . . . REDDOCH, LENA SUE, Montgomery, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Triangle, Amer- ican Association of University Women, Caroline Hunt Club . . . REID, HELEN FRANCES, Atlanta, Ga., Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Commerce Association. Bottom Row REID, KIDD WAYNE, Birmingham, ABS, Theta Chi . . . REYNOLDS, PATTY RUTH, Bessemer, Commerce, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA . . . RIDDLE, PAUL G., Oakland, Ind., Education, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, "A" Club . . . ROBBERT, PHYLLIS ANN, New Orleans, La., ABS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . ROBERTS, JEANNINE, Birmingham, ABS, Alpha Chi Omega, Staff, WABP, Women's Spirit Committee . . . ROBERSON, DORIS ELIZABETH, Waycross, Ga., Home Economics, Theta Upsilon, YWCA, Philos . . . ROBERSON, HOSMER, Trussville, ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tau Kappa Alpha, Band, Pershing Rifles, Debate Squad . . . ROBERTSON, LOIS MARIE, Lineville, Education, Triangle, House of Representatives, WSGA, Future Teachers of America. Rawlinson Ray Reddoch Reid H Roberts Roberson, D. Roberson, H. Robertson L BELOW Top Row ROBERTSON, PAUL E., JR., Northport, ABS, Alpha Tau Omega . . . ROBBINS, JAMES E., Florence, Chemistry, Delta Tau Delta, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, Band, Chi Beta Chi . . . ROBINSON, DOROTHY DOLLAR, Birmingham, Education, Wesley Choir, Choral Union . . . RODEN, RUTH NELL, Florence, ABS . . . RODGERS, MARY FRANCES, Hartselle, ABS . . . ROGERS, JAMES PRESTON, Birmingham, ABS . . . ROLLER, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Philadelphia, Pa., Education . . . ROSALUK, ANTHONY, Perth Amboy, N. J., Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi, Commerce Association. Bottom Row ROSENBAUM, JEAN CAROL, Scooba, Miss., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . ROSSIN, CHARLENE SHEVA, Miami, Fla., ABS, IZFA, Hillel Foundation . . . RUFFIN, ROBERT, III, Memphis, Tenn., ABS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Pi, Westminster Fellowship . . . RUSSELL, DANIEL M., Panama City Beach, Fla., Chemistry . . . SALIBA, ALFRED JOSEPH, Dothan, Engineering, President, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Quad- rangle, Chi Epsilon, Theta Tau, Alpha Phi Omega, Cotillion Club, Pershing Rifles, Arnold Air Society, Distinguished Military Student, American So- ciety of Civil Engineers, St. Pat's Association . . . SALTZMAN, JOSEPH, Bradley Beach, N. J., ABS, Psychology Club . . . SALTZMAN, STANLEY, New York, N. Y., ABS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Editor, Student Directory, Hillel Foundation . . . SAMUELS, JULIAN JOSEPH, Goodwater, Engineering, Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, President, Tau Beta Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer, Theta Tau, Vice-President, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, Society of American Military Engineers, Southern Association of Science and Industry, American Chemical Society, Cadet Officers' Club, St. Pat's Association, Outstanding Junior, Corps of Engineers, ROTC, Distinguished Military Student, Edgar Boyd Kay Scholarship, UDC Scholarship, Philos, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. SEVENTEEN CHOSEN FOR PHI BETA KAPPA AT CENTENNIAL CEREMONIES Robertson P. Robbins Robinson Roden Rosenbaum Rossin Ruffin Russell Rodgers, M. Rogers, J. Rolle Rosaluk Saliba Saltzman, J. Saltzman, S. Samuels Life can be beautiful f Sc Sh "Tell you what I'm gonna do" hulhafer Schwartz Scott Screws Sanders, N. Sanders, V. Sanders, W. S Sarasohn Sarotf Schmutz S Top Row ABOVE SANDERS, NORMA EARLE, Meridian, Miss., ASS, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Delta Pi . . . SANDERS, VIRGINIA DALE, Vernon, Commerce, Phi Chi Theta . . . SANDERS, WILLIAM C., Columbus, Miss., ASQS, Sigma Chi . . . SANDLIN, JUDSON, F., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Chi Alpha Phi. Bottom Row SARASOHN, V. R., Birmingham, Commerce . . . SAROFF, FANNIE, Birmingham, Education, Blackfriars, Hillel Foundation, IZFA . . . SCHMUTZ, MARTIN W., New Yorlc, N. Y., Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Foundryman's Society . . . SCHNEIDER, ROBERT GEORGE, Richmond, Ind., Commerce, Varsity Basketball, "A" Club, So- ciety for the Advancement of Management. Top Row BELOW SCHULHAFER, LOUIS BUDDY, III, Birmingham, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . SCHWARTZ, GAYLE ANN, Miami, Fla., Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Canterbury Club . . . SCOTT, JOANNE, Livingston, Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad, Future Teachers of America . . . SCREWS, EUEL ANGUSTUS, JR., Opelika, ASS, Alpha Tau Omega, Druids, Quad, rangle, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pershing Rifles, Westminster Fellowship, Scabbard and Blade, University Rifle Team, First Presbyterian Church Choir . . . SEALE, B. FORREST, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . SECORD, MACK DONALDSON, Birmingham, ASQS, News Di- rector, Staff Announcer, WABP, Staff, WUOA-FM, Announcer, Million Dollar Band, Class Representative, Air Force Cadet Officers' Club . . . SEGREST, SARAH, Dothan, Chemistry, Delta Delta Delta, Pep Squad, Pasteur Society, YWCA . . . SELMAN, THOMAS HENRY, JR., Rome, Ga., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Varsity Football, "A" Club. Bottom Row SHAMBURGER, ELBERT S., Tuscaloosa, Education . . . SHARFF, HAROLD MICHAEL, Broolclime, Miss., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Commerce Asso- ciation, Distinguished Military Student . , . SHARPE, WILLIAM SMITH, Falmouth, Mass., Commerce, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Chi Alpha Phi, Commerce Association . . . SHEALY, STEADMAN S., Dothan, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, lnternational Relations Club . , . SHECKTER, SEYMOUR E., Corona, N. Y., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treasurer, Hillel Foundation, Interfraternity Council, Pep Squad, Cadet Officers' Club . . . SHELTON, ROBERT EDWIN, Bradenton, Fla., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . SHERLING, JOHN KENDRICK, Greenville, ASS, Kappa Alpha . . . SHERMAN, IRWIN, Bronx, N. Y., A8tS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Special Events, WABP, Crimson Theater, Rammer Jammer. andlin chneider Seale Secord Segrest Selman amburger Sharff Sharpe Shealy Shecter Shelton Sherling Sherman B-nmmmwwmm. fn... mmnmmwim -. --:tu--ul my Hman.,-Q m f- -mmmawmm -Q-. in 1Nf.wH1...Ww. J ,qu A - - ,gm 1 Sherrill Sherry Shinault Shirley Slaton Smart Smith, B. A. Smith, B. J. ABOVE Top Row SHERRILL, WILLIAM EARL, Birmingham, A8iS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . SHERRY, HENRY IVAN, Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Nu . . . SHINAULT, CHARLES I., Mobile, A8tS, Delta Sigma Phi, Young Democrat's Club . . . SHIRLEY, FLORA ELEANOR, Tuscaloosa, Education . . . SHOFNER, VIVIAN ELIZABETH, Grand Bay, Education . . . SILVERN, AUDREY LOU, Miami, Fla., Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Vice-President, Triangle, Treasurer, Panhellenic, President, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Mortar Board, Secretary- Treasurer, Philos, Cotillion Club, Hillel Foundation . . . SKELTON, RUTH CAROLYN, Kennedy, Education, Library Club . . . SKINNER, CAREY ANN, Tuscaloosa, Education, Delta Zeta, Swan Club, Physical Education Maiors Club, Modern Dance Club. Bottom Row SLATON, WILLIAM HARRIS, Montgomery, ABS, Commercial Manager, WABP . . . SMART, BARBARA ELIZABETH, High Point, N. C., ASIS, Presi- dent, Delta Gamma, President, American Association of University Women, Kappa Phi . . . SMITH, BARBARA ANN, Tuskegee, ASS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Epsilon Rho, WABP Staff . . . SMITH, BILLIE JOYSTAL, Tuscaloosa, Home Economics . . . SMITH, GEORGE R., JR., Demopolis, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Commerce Association . . . SMITH, GERALD LESTER, Opelika, Commerce, Chi Phi, lnterfraternity Council, Druids . . . SMITH, SAM COTHRAN, Mariana, Fla., ABS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . SMITH, STELLA R., Troy, Home Economics, Alabama Independents Asso- station, Caroline Hunt Club. UNIVERSITY PSYCHOLOGY CLINIC Smith T Sockwell Sofie Sokol Spencer Staples Steel Steele Shofner Silvern Skelton Skmner Smith, G. R. Smith, G. L. Smith, S. C. Smith S R BELOW Top Row SMITH, THOMAS LYDE, JR., Anniston, A8tS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . SOCKWELL, GLEN DAVIS, Tuscumbia, ASS, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Com- mander, Pershing Rifles, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, President, Arnold Air Society . . . SOFIE, JOHN FRANCIS, Mt. Vernon, N. Y., Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, Quadrangle, Society for the Advancement of Management . . . SOKOL, RALPH LEE, Bessemer, Com- merce, Kappa Nu, Business Manager, Crimson-White, Interfraternity Coun- cil, Board of Publications, Editor, Student Directory . . . SPAIN, BETTY, Columbus, Ga., Education, Pi Beta Phi, President, Future Teachers of America, Swan Club, YWCA . . . SPANN, JANE ELIZABETH, Dothan, A8tS, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee . . . SPANUTIUS, WARREN F., Yonkers, N. Y., Engineering, Chairman, American Institute of Electrical Engineers . . . SPEAR, SARA JEAN, Ashley, Ill., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA. Bottom Row SPENCER, JACK J., Apollo, Pa., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Ameri- can Institute of Industrial Engineers, Society ot American Military Engi- neers . . . STAPLES, JENNY, Theodore, ASQS, Blackfriars, Wesley Founda- tion, Pep Squad . . . STEEL, CLETA T., Florence, Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . STEELE, EMORY DAVIS, JR., Moore, S. C., ABS, Phi Kappa Sigma, WABP . . . STELZENMULLER, ROBERT ALAN, Birmingham, A8tS, Delta Chi, Cheerleader, Interfraternity Council, WABP, Air Force Cadet Officers' Club . . . STITT, WILLIAM JOE, Cullman, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . STOCKTON, NANETTE, Huntsville, Education, Delta Delta Delta . . . STONE, BARBARA ANN, Worth, W. Va., AGS, Alpha Phi, Secretary-Treasurer, Blacktriars, Dance Club, National Collegiate Players. AIDED 640 PERSONS THIS YEAR Spain Spann Spanutius Spear Stelzenmuller Stitt Stockton Stone B A Ya'II yeoII-- ffm 'Ct Kappa kocktail hour tt' Stone, B. Stutts Styslinger Surran L ,mm Sutcliffe Swift Swit Tannehill Top Row ABOVE STONE, BETTYLEE, New Orleans, La., Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club . . . STUTTS, EDWARD CARROLL, Slocomb, Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Beta Alpha Psi, Arnold Air Society . . . STYSLINGER, MARGARET MARY, Birmingham, A845 . . . SURRAN, CARL ROBERT, Deland, Fla., Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa. SUTCLIFFE, HORACE, JR., Tuscaloosa, ASQS, Band, Muclcers Clulo, Symphony Orchestra, Leader, Alabama CoIlegiate's Band . . . SWIFT, JOE V., Birmingham, Engineering, American Society ot Civil Engineers, St. Pat's Association . . . SWIT, IVAN, New York, N, Y,, ASS, President, Sigma Upsilon, Columnist, Crimson-White, Rammer Jammer, Press Club, Pep Squad, Cadet Officers' Club . . . TANNEHILL, RICHARD DUDLEY, Jackson, Miss., A8.S. Top Row BELOW TARTT, GLADYS S., Livingston, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Women's Spirit Committee . . . TATE, WILLIAM A., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Band, Beta Alpha Psi, Treasurer, Alpha Kappa Psi, Commerce Association, Wesley Foundation . . . TAYLOR, CARL W., Mobile, Commerce . . . TAYLOR, JACQUELYN, Tuskegee, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Future Teachers ot America . . . TAYLOR, JOHN HARRIS, JR., Birmingham, Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . TAYLOR, THOMAS A., Biloxi, Miss., A8iS, Alpha Tau Omega, Editor, Crimson,White, Sigma Delta Chi, President, Press Club, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who's Who, Jasons, Quadrangle, Druids, Pulolic Relations Officer, Arnold Air Society, Pershing Rifles, Distinguished Military Student, Outstanding Air Cadet, Board ot Publications, Student Lite Committee, Rammer Jammer . . . TESH, JOHN O., Tuscaloosa, Engineering, American Institute ot Industrial Engineers . , . THAMES, SOLOMON ELWOOD, Frisco City, Engineering, St. Pat's, Ameri- can Institute of Industrial Engineers, Vice-Chairman, Baptist Student Union, Baptist Brotherhood. THOMPSON, EDWARD HUBBARD, Gadsden, ASIS, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pershing Rltles, YMCA, Wesley Foundation, Sigma Pi Sigma . . . THORNTON, LEON EARL, Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . THORNTON, SARA DARDEN, Northport, Home Economics, Baptist Student Union . . . TIPTON, RAYMOND GILBERT, Scottsboro, Commerce, Theta Xi, Commerce Association . . , TOOMBS, GENEVIEVE PAULINE, Birming- ham, A8iS, Phi Mu, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . TORRELLAS, RAFAEL EUGENIO, Humacao, Puerto Rico, Engineering, American Society ot Civil Engineers, American Society ot Military Engineers , , . TRIEBER, WILLIAM WARREN, Wilson, Conn., ABQS, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade . . . TRUE, BENJAMIN N., JR., Newbern, Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, American Society at Mechanical Engineers, St. Pat's. Tartt Tate Taylor, C. Taylor, J. Taylor, J. H, Taylor, T. Tesh Thames Thompson Thornton, L. Thornton, S. Tipton Toombs Torrellas Trieber True a 3 EQ E? 2 1 Tuck Tucker Tull, B. Tull, I. Turner C L. Turner, R. Tyler Tyndal ABOVE Top Row TUCK, WILLIAM A., Birmingham, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Society ot the Advancement of Management . . . TUCKER, JACK W., Cullman, Education, Phi Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad, Future Teachers ot America . . . TULL, BARBARA L., Nashville, Tenn., A8iS, Alpha Delta Pi, Modern Dance Club . . . TULL, ISAAC W., Okolona, Miss., Commerce, Chi Phi, Distinguished Military Student . . . TUNSTALL, HARRIET LEE, Danville, Va., Education, Phi Mu, Future Teachers ot America, YWCA . . . TUNSTILL, LUCILLE, Athens, Education, Caroline Hunt Club . . . TURBERVILLE, RUSSELL JAMES, Mobile, Education, Phi Kappa Sigma, Wesley Foundation . . . TURNER, CARLTON MAURICE, Birmingham, Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, American Institute of Elec- trical Engineers, Theta Tau. Bottom Row TURNER, CLIFFORD LANGDON, Rosedale, N. Y., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Beta Alpha Psi . . . TURNER, ROBERT C., Huntsville, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Philos, Distinguished Military Student, Men's Spirit Committee . . . TYLER, MARTHA KARLEEN, Tuscaloosa, A8iS, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA . . . TYNDAL, EDWARD, Gorgas, A8iS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pershing Rifles, Arnold Air Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice-President . . . TYSON, CHARLES MONROE, Tallassee, A8.S . . . USI'IER, EARL STATHAM, Birmingham, Commerce . . . VALDES, ROBERT G., Roselle Park, N. J., Commerce, Commerce Association . . . VANDIVER, JEANETTE R., Huntsville, Home Economics. Tunstall Tunstill Tuberville Turner C M Tyson Usher Valdes Vandiver BELOW Top Row VANN, RUBY ANN, Talladega, Education, Phi Mu, Phi Upsilon . . . VAUGHN, BILLY L., Elba, A8iS, Wesley Foundation, Pershing Rifles . . . VENDITTI, RAYMOND L., Providence, R. l., Education . . . VERGOS, GUS M,. Mobile, A8iS, Alpha Sigma Phi, Vice-President, Philos, President, Cotillion Club . . . VODANTIS, JOHN STEVEN, Fairfield, Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Phi Omega, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Society Civil Engineers . . . WADDELL, KATHRYN ANN, Atlanta, Ga., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, Women's Spirit Committee, Panhellenic Council, Assistant Editor, i952 Corolla . . . WADDELL, THOMAS DELBERT, Rogers- ville, A8iS, American Ceramic Society, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . . . WAGNON, LUCRETIA MALONE, Palestine, Texas, ABS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary, Press Club, Treasurer, SocietyiEditor, Crimson-White, Vice-President, Theta Sigma Phi. Bottom Row WALKER, ANNIE LAURIE, Thomasville, Education . . . WALKER, BELTON L., Tuscaloosa, Education . . . WALKER, JODY, Laurel, Miss., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, American Association of University Women, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, President, Home Economics School . . . WALL, HAROLD D., Birmingham, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Busi- ness Manager, I952 Corolla, Jasons, Quadrangle, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Distinguished Military Student, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Omicron Delta Kappa . . . WARD, ANNA, Evergreen, Education . . . WATMAN, GERALD STANLEY, New York, N. Y., Com- merce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . WEAKS, GROVER Wm., lthica, N. Y., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi . . . WEAKS, JANE R., lthica, N. Y., Edu- cation, Delta Gamma. FRANK THOMAS RETIRES AS ATHLETIC DIRECTOR AFTER 21 YEARS Vann Vaughan Venditti Vergos Walker A Walker, B. Walker, J. Wall Voclantis Waddell, K. Waddell, T. Wagnon Ward Watman Weaks, G. Weaks J Cheerleaders, well stacked Webster, J. W. Babes in the wood Webster, J. P. Weekly Weikert VVelnshank Weinstein, D. Weinstein, J. Weiss Welch Top Row ABOVE WEBSTER, JOE WAYNE, Albertville, ABS, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Staff, WABP, Blackfrairs, Wesley Foundation . . . WEBSTER, JUDD PERRINE, Winter Park, Fla., Commerce, Sigma Chi, President, Varsity Track Letter- man, Varsity Cross Country Letterman, University 880-Yard Dash Record . . . WEEKLEY, LILLIAN LORAINE, Memphis, Tenn., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Modern Dance Club, Swan Club . . . WEIKERT, WILLIAM P., Washington, D. C., Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Chaplain, Scabbard and Blade, Vice-President, Arnold Air Society, Cadet Officers' Club, Commerce Association . . . WEINSHANK, HERBERT SEYMOUR, Brooklyn, N. Y., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Hillel Founda- tion. Bottom Row WEINSTEIN, DORIS, Birmingham, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Hillel Foundation, IZFA, Pep Squad . . .WEINSTEIN, JAY ALAN, Florence, Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Treasurer, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Distinguished Military Student . . . WEISS, GENE LOUIS, Passaic, N. J., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . WELCH, PHILIP THEORDORE, JR., Montgomery, Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Band. Top Row BELOW WHALEY, EDWARD WILEY, Birmingham, Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon . . . WHETSTONE, JACK MEADOW, Birmingham, ASS, Deltay Chi, Student Court, Quadrangle, Philos, Scabbard and Blade, Distin- guished Military Student, Pershing Rifles, Cadet Officers' Club . . . WHIGHAM, HENRY GRAY, Mobile, Commerce, Sigma Chi . . . WHITE, BETTY CATHERINE, Northport, Education . . . WHITE, C. RAY, Sycamore, Commerce, Auxiliary of the Alabama Society of Certified Public Account- ants . . . WHITFIELD, JAMES, Moundville, ABS . . . WHITTINGTON, BURNIS W., Toxey, Education . . . WIGGINS, DOROTHY ANN, Fairfield, ABS, Baptist Student Union, Secretary. Bottom Row WILBER, CHARLES A., Tuscaloosa, ABS, Kappa Phi . . . WILBUR, BARBARA, Memphis, Tenn., ABS, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Press Club, Pep Squad . . . WILDER, NELSON EUGENE, West Palm Beach, Fla., ABS . . . WILKERSON, JAMES EMMETT, Lanett, ASLS, Pi Kappa Phi, President, University Religious Council, Pi Tau Chi, Wesley Foundation, Cadet Offi- cers' Club, Scabbard and Blade, Pep Squad . . . WILLARD, GLORIA JEAN, Mobile, ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Spirit Committee . . . WILLETTE, LEO G., Asbury Park, N. J., A8iS, Editor, Rammer Jammer, Crimson-White Staff, WABP, Board of Publications . . . WILLIAMS, EDWARD DICKSON, Mobile, A8iS, Phi Delta Theta, American Chemical Society . . . WILLIAMS, GENUBATH COKE, Oxford, A8iS, Alpha Tau Omega. Whaley Whetstone Whigham White, B. White, C. Whitfield Whittington Wiggins Wllber Wilbur Wilder Wilkerson Willard Willette Williams, E. Williams G Williams J. L. Williams, J. R. Williams, L. Williams, R. Willis M Wilson, D. Wilson, J. Wilson, M. ABOVE Top Row WILLIAMS, JAMES L., Birmingham, Commerce, Society for the Advance- ment of Management . . . WILLIAMS, JAMES R., Huntsville, Engineering WILLIAMS, LEAMAN WILLIAM, JR., Savannah, Ga., AGS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Intramural Football and Baseball, Air Force Cadet Officers' Club . . . WILLIAMS, RUTH JORDAN, Cleveland, Miss., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Pep Squad, YWCA, Baptist Student Union . . . WILLIAMSON, DELIA FRANCES, Fairfield, Home Economics, Pep Squad . . . WILLIAMSON, JOHN E., Mobile, Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, Bap- tist Student Union . . .WILLlNGHAM, MYRTLE D., Foley, Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America . . . WILLIS, DOROTHY DEE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., A8-S, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Pep Squad. Bottom Row WILLIS, MARY ANN, Alexander City, Education, Future Teachers of America, Library Club . . . WILSON, DOROTHY HARTZELL, Bluefield, W. V., AAS, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . WILSON, JEAN UNDERWOOD, Tuscaloosa, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . WILSON, MONZA HENSON, Childersburg, Education, Wesley Foundation, YWCA, Future Teachers of America, Kappa Delta Pi . . . WILSON, THOMAS LEWIS, JR., Mobile, Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Civil Engi- neers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers . . . WINTER, JOHN S., Cranford, N. J., A8tS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Student Government Asso- ciation, Bama Day Committee, Canterbury Foundation, University Religious Council. Williamson, D. Williamson, J. Willingham Willis D Wilson, T. Winter Womble Wood A BELOW Top Row WOOD, JOE FRANK, Tuscaloosa, Commerce . . . WOODHAM, JANE, Atlanta, Ga., ASS, Phi Mu . . . WOODRUFF, JANE CAMPBELL, Anniston, ASIS, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Theta Sigma Phi, Press Club, Secretary- Treasurer, Junior Class, A8iS, i950-5I . . . WOODSON, GERALDINE ALICE, Jackson, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Future Teachers of America . . . WOODWARD, MARY JUNE, Thomasville, Ga., ABS, Alpha Phi, President, Psychology Club, Million Dollar Band, Triangle . . . WOOLF, MARY JOAN, Anniston, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . WRIGHT, JERELYN ELIZABETH, Troy, Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . WRIGHT, MARILYN TALBOT, Troy, Education, YWCA, Pep Squad. Bottom Row WYATT, JEANETTE, Montgomery, Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad, Pi Tau Chi, Assistant Treasurer, Wesley Foundation, University Religious Council . . . XIDES, EDWARD P., Montgomery, A85 . . . YONDA, ALFRED WILLIAM, Millas, Mass., AGS, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma . . . YOUNG, DON B., Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma . . . YOUNG, SARA M., Alexander City, Education . . . ZADEN, JOSEPH M., Birmingham, A8iS, Newman Club, Vocal Ensemble, Men's Glee Club, Alchemist Club, American Chemi- cal Society . . . ZANZALARI, ROBERT RICHARD, Fords, N. J., Education, Newman Club . . . ZEANAH, PAUL HERBETH, Tuscaloosa, Chemistry, President, American Chemical Society, Vice-President, Alchemist Club, Vice- President, Pi Beta Chi. ISRAEL'S AMBASSADOR SPOKE HERE EN ROUTE FROM UN MEETING Wood J Woodham Woodruff Woodson Wyatt Xides Yonda Young, D. Woodward Woolf Wright, J. Wright M Young, S. Zaden Zanzalari Zeanah U N DERGRADUATES R . '51 XX S KX ' 1 1 ,W "N i 5 5 w QA M fm W9'K W X U 5553 ,X ' -3' T21 2 5 E Q.....f ff? 3 fa 's If , i . .ff 1 xx M 3 af A, if , if 'AAS 1 gf . jii f J ff! 3 QN-...ff Q Qvgw 'z""L,MJY ' '-iq, ' ga f zws 5 A V ww' g.AeEv,v,,4.,+,,,E,, ,W ww,-...V ,WW X Y mam CLAUDE THORNHILL PICKED TOP COROLLA BEAUTIES AT FOSTER DANCE Row One: ABRAMS, STANLEY, Asbury Park, N. J., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . ACKER, JEANNE MARIE, Anniston, Soph., Home Eco- nomics, Delta Delta Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . . ADAMS, JOSEPH HOLMAN, Ozark, Fr., ABS, Kappa Alpha . . . ADKINS, ROY GENE, Norfolk, Va., Jr., Commerce . . . ADKISSON, ALICE ALLEN, Brewton, Fr., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Women's Spirit Com- mittee, YWCA . . . ADLER, SANDRA BELLE, Petersburg, Va., Soph., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . ADWELL, DON WILLIAM: BiI'mil'i9IWCImi Fr., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . AKARD, KATHLEEN JULIA, Bristol, Tenn., Jr., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. Row Two: ALBA, AMELIA MAE, New Orleans, La., Fr., Home Eco- nomics, Theta Upsilon , . . ALEXANDER, MARTHA CLAIRE, FGYGTIS, SOPI1., A8rS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Choral Union, Women's Glee Club . . . ALISON, WILLIAM EVANS, Selma, Fr., ASS, Kappa Alpha . . . ALLAN, CHARLES EUGENE, Birmingham, Fr., Com- merce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . ALLEN, ANN, Birmingham, Jr., Home Eco- nomics, Delta Delta Delta, Corolla, YWCA . . . ALLEN, IRA FINCHER, Mobile, Fr., A8rS, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau . . . ALLEN, VIRGINIA BOADWEE, Brookhaven, Miss., Fr., Education, Delta Zeta, lntramural Debate Squad, Women's Spirit Committee . . . ALLEN, WILLIAM M., Chattanooga, Tenn., Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Pep Squad. Row Three: ALLEY, MURRAY, Birmingham, Jr., A8iS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Debate Squad, Manager of Debate, Tau Kappa Alpha, Druids, Wesley Foundation, Wesley Council, Homecoming Committee . . .ALMON, AUSTIN P., Woonsocket, R. I., Jr., ABS, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . ALMON, ROBERT N., Talladega, Fr., Engineering, Kappa Alpha . . . AMAN, JAMES COVINGTON, Montgomery, Jr., ABS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas- urer, Pep Squad, Assistant Director . . . AMBROSE, ALICE JEAN, Cen- terville, Fr., Commerce, Commerce Association, Wesley . . . ANDERSON, BETTY, Bessemer, Soph., ASIS, Alpha Xi Delta . . . ANDERSON, JOHN F., Birmingham, Soph, ASQS, Phi Delta Theta . . . ANDERSON, JOHN PAUL, Birmingham, Fr., Education, Kappa Sigma, Baseball Team. Row Four: ANDERSON, MARILYN BAILEY, Chaton, Soph., Home Eco- nomics, Caroline Hunt Club, Baptist Student Union . . . ANDREW, JEAN, Rush week breathing spell Sometimes we got all crossed up Montgomery, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Can- terbury Club . . . ANDREWS, BRUCE RIGAN, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Chi, Basketball Team, Pep Squad . .. ANDREWS, GEORGE LITTLEBERRY, Ozark, Soph., ASLS, Sigma Nu . . . ANDREWS, KATE TIMBERLAKE, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ABS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Can- terbury Club, Pep Squad . . . ANDREWS, ROY H., Ozark, Soph., A8iS, Million Dollar Band . . . ANDREWS, THOMAS GAYLEON, Tucsaloosa, Fr., Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad . . . APOLINSKY, HAROLD IRWIN, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu, WABP, Hillel Foundation. Row Five: ARCHER, JANE AUGUSTA, Florence, Jr., ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Canterbury Club . . . ARCHIE, CHAD LESLIE, Corinth, Miss., Jr., Chemistry, Sigma Phi Epsilon, American Ceramic Society . . . ARMBRESTER, CHARLES RICHARD, Renfroe, Jr., ASS, Theta Xi . . . ARMSTRONG, BARBARA ANN, Montgomery, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad . . . ARNETT, MARIANNE, LaGrange, Ga., Jr., ABS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Swan Club, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship . . . ASH, GEORGE WILLIAM, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . ASTLEFORD, JOHN JOSEPH, JR., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Engineering . . . ATAYAN, LEON, Hacken- sack, N. J., Jr., ASLS, Canterbury Club, Glee Club, French Club. Row Six: AUSLEY, WILBUR, Samson, Soph., A8tS, Kappa Sigma, Wesley Foundation, Pershing Rifles . . . AUSTIN, ALFRED ARTHUR, Williamston, Mass., Fr., AES, Chi Phi . . . AUSTIN, BETTY JANE, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ABS, Phi Mu, Westminster Fellowship, Crimson-White Staff . . . AUSTIN, JAMES DUNCAN, JR., Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Men's Glee Club . . . AUSTIN, JOHN WANN, Scottsboro, Fr., Commerce . . . AUSTIN, MARY BOND, Trenton, Tenn., Jr., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . AYERS, DAPHNE, Columbus, Ga., Jr., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad . . . BACHMAN, RICHARD PERRY, Montgomery, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Crimson-White Staff. Row Seven: BAGLEY, JAMES EDWARD, Birmingham, Fr., AGS, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Pershing Rifles . . . BAILEY, MAX LAMAR, Fort Payne, Jr., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Air Force Cadet Officers Club . . . BAILEY, PAUL DAVID, Roanoke, Va., Fr., A8iS, Lambda Chi Alpha, German Club . . . BAINBRIDGE, FRANK MIMS, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Men's Spirit Committee, Wesley Foundation . . . BAINBRIDGE, JAYE LITTLE, Bessemer, Fr., A8iS, Alpha Xi Delta, Canterbury Club, Junior Panhellenic Representative . . . BAKER, BENTON, Ensley, Soph., Education, Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad . . . BALL, CHARLES AUTHUR, JR., Florence, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rifle Team . . . BALLARD, HUGH, Murry Cross, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pershing Rifles, Secretary, Delta Sigma Pi. Row Eight: BALLARD, MAE, Alexander City, Jr., Education, Phi Mu, Future Teachers of America, Library Club, YWCA . . . BALLOW, ROLAND ELLISON, Ensley, Jr., Commerce, Theta Chi . . . BARKER, ISABEL A., Boaz, Fr., ABS, Alpha Delta Pi, Wesley Foundation, YWCA, Million Dollar Band, Crimson-White Staff . . . BARNARD, CHARLOTTE MARY, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Fr., A8iS, Wesley Foundation, University Symphony . . . BARNES, BETTY JOYCE, Berry, Soph., Education, YWCA, Wesley Founda- tion . . . BARNES, JOANN, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education, Delta Zeta, Million Dollar Band, Wesley Foundation . . . BARNES, PATSY ANN, Jasper, Soph., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . BARR, BARBARA, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Phi Mu, Triangle, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Pep Squad. Row Nine: BARRETT, ELIZABETH ANNE, Indianola, Miss., Jr., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Future Teachers of America, Rammer Jammer Business Staff . . . BARRON, WILLIAM T., Brewton, Jr., Engineer- ing, Alpha Phi Omega, President, Alabama independent Association, Spirit Planning Committee, Catillion Club, Philos, Cadet Officer's Club, Society of American Military Engineers . . . BARROW, BETTY JOYCE, Andalusia, Soph, Education, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . BARTON, ALBERT AARON, Selma, Fr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Rho Alpha Tau . . . BATES, ROBERT CARLTON, Birmingham, Fr., Nursing . . . BATTLE, CRAWFORD ARRINGTON, Uniontown, Jr., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . BAXLEY, JARMAN GEDDES, III, Selma, Jr., ASIS, Theta Chi, Pep Squad . . . BEAL, IRA FRED, Mt. Vernon, N. Y., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, Alabama Cavaliers. Row Ten: BEALE, BARBARA A., Montgomery, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Modern Dance Club . . . BEASLEY, BERTHA BARNETT, Atmore, Soph., Education, Pep Squad . . . BECK, BETTY, Bessemer, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Phi, President, Treasurer, Phi Chi Theta, Secretary, Philos, Panhellenic Council, Hillel Foundation . . . BECK, MARTHA, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit Planning Committee, President, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad, Corolla . . . BECK, SHIRLEY SYLVIA, Brookhaven, Miss., Fr., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Future Teachers of America, Pep Squad, Crimson-White Staff . . . BECKER, ANNE KATHRYN, Birming- ham, Fr., Commerce . . . BEDDOW, ELIZABETH RUSSELL, Birmingham, Soph., Education, Delta Delta Delta, Triangle . . . BELL, ELI B., Anniston, Fr,, ABS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Rho 'Alpha Tau, Hillel Foundation Representative. Abrams Acker Adams Adkins Adkisson Adler Adwell Akard Alba Alexander Alison Allan Allen Allen Allen Allen ,A. ,I. ,V. ,W. Alley Almon, A. Almon, R. Aman Ambrose Anderson, B Anderson Anderson Anderson Andrew Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews, Apolinsky 1 B. G. , , ,K. R. 1 T. Archer Archie Armbrester Armstrong Arnett Ash Astleford Atayan Ausley Austin, A Austin Ausfin Austin Austin, M Ayers Bachman , B.- ,J. D. ,J. Bagley Bailey, M Bailey, J. Bainbridge, Bainbridge, Baker Ball Ballard, H. Ballard, M. Ballow Barker Barnard Barnes, B. Barnes, J. Barnes, P. Barr Barrett Barron Barrow Barton Bates Battle Baxley Beal Beale Beasley Beck, B. Beck, M Beck, S. Becker Beddow Bell, E. ,J. ,J. M. W. F J BAMA DEBATERS WON 4th ANNUAL TAU Row One: BELL, JUDITH ANN, Tuscaloosa, Soph., A8iS, Delta Gamma, Spanish Club, Sigma Delta Pi, Philos, Westminster Fellowship, Black- friars . . . BELL, ROBERT T., Decatur, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . BELL, WILLIAM RONALD, Alabama City, Jr., A815 . . . BELLENGER, SALLIE RALLS, Gadsden, Soph., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Tri- angle, Pep Squad, Future Teachers of America . . . BENE, MARY COLIN, Mobile, Soph., Home Economics . . . BENNETT, DENA, Washington, D. C., Fr., A84S, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WABP, Hillel Foundation . . . BENNETT, HARRISON BOOTH, Ridgewood, N. J., Soph., Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi, Christian Science Organization . . . BENNETT, MARY NOEL, Florence, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Delta, Triangle, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship. Row Two: BENNETT, PATRICIA WHEAT, Birmingham, Fr., Chemistry, Alpha Delta Pi, Pasteur Society, YWCA . . . BENTON, JOANN, Opp, Jr., Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Secretary, Triangle, Women's Spirit Committee, President, Sophomore Class Education, SGA Legislature, Pan- hellenic Advisory Committee, Kappa Pi . . . BENTON, PATRICIA LEE, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . BENTZEL, CARL J., Mobile, Fr., A8:S, Pi Kappa Alpha, Debate Squad, French Club, Pep Squad, Corolla . . . BERG, JOHN L., Jasper, Ind., Jr., Education, Varsity Track and Cross Country Team . . . BERLIN, RAYMOND, Altoona, Jr., A8:S, Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Cadet Officer's Club, Crimson-White, Hillel Foundation . . . BERMAN, JOAN FAY, Lexington, Miss., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Spirit Committee . . . BERMAN, MITZI, Birmingham, Fr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Pep Squad. Row Three: BERN, JACK LAIRD, McMinnville, Tenn., Jr., A8IS, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation . . . BERRY, CAROLYN ANN, Birmingham, Fr., Education, Pi Beta Phi, Future Teachers of America, Wesley Foundation, Intramural Debate, YWCA . . . BERRY, WALTER, Birmingham, Jr., Com- merce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . BERRY, WILBUR GENTRY, JR., Montgomery, Fr., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta . . . BEVERLY, W. RUTH, Sweet Water, Jr., Nursing . . . BILLINGSLEA, MARTHA ANN, Uniontown, Soph., Educa- tion, Delta Delta Delta, Women's Student Government Association, Tri- angle . . . BINGHAM, MARJORIE ELIZABETH, Jackson, Jr., A8IS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Pi, Chi Delta Phi, Westminster Fellowship, Women's What a trunk T' ia 'Wa KAPPA ALPHA DEBATE TOURNAMENT Spirit Committee, Press Club, Crimson-White Staff . . . BINION, PAULA EUGENIA, Birmingham, Soph., A8iS, Phi Mu, YWCA, Wesley Foundation. Row Four: BINION, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR., Brewton, Jr., Education, Band, Alabama Symphony Orchestra . . . BLACH, HAROLD B., JR., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad . . . BLACK, DAVID DELISLE, JR., Montgomery, Jr., A8IS, Delta Tau Delta, Glee Club, Million Dollar Band . . . BLACK, ROBERT, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Glee Club, Choral Union . . . BLACKMON, BETTY SUE, Sewickley, Pa., Soph., A8tS, Rammer Jammer, WABP . . . BLACKWELL, ROBERT G., Mobile, Fr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Wesley Foundation . . . BLAIN, ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, New Orleans, La., Soph., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . BLAKELY, ROBERT MARTIN, Anniston, Soph., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. Row Five: BLANKENSHIP, HAROLD JACKSON, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Com- merce . . . BLANTON, VIRGINIA CAROLYN, Red Bay, Jr., Education . . . BLASS, JOSEPH HERRING, Monroeville, Fr., A8-S, Men's Glee Club, Choral Union . . . BLOCK, SALLYE ANN, Knoxville, Tenn., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, IZFA, Women's Spirit Committee . . . BLOOM, ANDREW, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education, Zeta Beta Tau . . . BLOUNT, HELEN GENA, Dothan, Jr., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . BLUMBERG, HERBERT P., Dothan, Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Sales Manager, Corolla, Vice-President, Hillel Foundation, Pershing Rifles, Cotillion Club, Philos, Pep Squad, Men's Glee Club, Million Dollar Band . . . BOCIULIS, CHARLES APOLON, Burlington, N. J., Jr., Education, Men's Glee Club. ' Row Six: BOLEN, EDWARD JACKSON, Jackson, Soph., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma . . . BONNER, JACK A., Gilbertson, Soph., ASS, Delta Tau Delta , . . BOOTH, CARL MARTINEZ, Mobile, Jr., ABS, Sigma Chi, Pep Squad . . . BOOTH, JANNANNE, Phenix City, Soph., ASIS, Chi Omega . . . BOOTH, SALLY, Florala, Soph., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Pep Squad, YWCA, Future Teachers of America, Women's Spirit Committee . . . BORLAND, JOE, Hartford, Fr., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rifle Team . . . BOSARGE, JOSEPH LEE, Mobile, Fr., A813 . . . BOSHELL, WILLIAM J., Townley, Jr., Education. Row Seven: BOSTICK, HUGH, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Delta Sigma Pi, Westminster Fellowship . . . BOSTICK, PATRICIA LEE, Durham, N. C., Jr., A8IS, Kappa Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, Crimson-White Staff, Press Club, French Club, Pep Squad, Baptist Student Union . . . BOTTOMLEY, GODFREY S., Birmingham, Soph., Engineering, Druids . . . BOULOS, ROBERT A., Dorchester, Mass., Jr., Education, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . BOWEN, ORA LEE, Beaverton, Soph., Education . . . BOWLING, DANIEL SEYMOUR, Spring Hill, Soph., Com- merce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . BOYD, CLAUDIA, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Home Economics, Chi Omega, Canterbury Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club, Spirit Committee, YWCA . . . BOYD, SARA PATRICIA, Groz, Soph., A8:S, Kappa Delta, Triangle, Press Club, YWCA. Row Eight: BOYKIN, LUKE HUDSON, Scottsboro, Jr., Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Arnold Air Society . . . BRADFORD, IVAN BURTON, Madison, Jr., A815 . . . BRADLEY, DAVID WATSON, Montgomery, Fr., ABKS, Phi Delta Theta, Canterbury Club . . . BRAMBLETT, CAROLYN DENT, Griffin, Ga., Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Caro- line Hunt Club, Baptist Student Union . . . BRANDON, WILLIAM WOODARD, Augusta, Ga., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . BRANNOCK, EUGENE AUGUSTUS, Gadsden, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Rho Alpha Tau . . . BRASHER, PHILLIP L., Alabama City, Soph., Engineering, Pershing Rifles . . . BRATTON, JAMES P., Cairo, III., Fr., A8:S. Row Nine: BRAUGHTON, MARILDA JEANETTE, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . BRAY, SALLY ANNE, Burlington, Vermont, Jr., A8,S, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . BRECK, FRANK J., Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi . . . BREECE, EDNA VIRGINIA, Miami, Fla., Soph., ABIS, Delta Zeta, Press Club, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Baptist Student Union, Pep Squad, Crimson- White Staff . . . BREITLING, HAROLD EUGENE, Demopolis, Jr., ASKS, Kappa Alpha . . . BRENNER, AARON HARRIS, Harrisburg, Penn., Jr., A81S, Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Phi Omega . . . BREWTON, RUTH, Panama City, Fla., Soph., ASIS, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Spanish Club, Pep Squad, Baptist Student Union . . , BRIA, ANGELINA ROSARIA, Eutaw, Jr., Education, Symphony Orchestra. Row Ten: BRICE, BO, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ABIS, President, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau, President, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Quadrangle, Pershing Rifles, Executive Commander . . . BRIDGES, BARNARD TILLMAN, Hartford, Soph., A8tS, Pi Kappa Phi, Pershing Rifles . . . BRINKLEY, MARGARET, Mobile, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . BRISTER, MARGARET, Greenwood, Miss., Fr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Baptist Student Union . . . BRITTON, FRED L., Dixiana, Soph., Engineering, Delta Chi . . . BROADHEAD, JOHN DURWOOD, Clanton, Jr., ASS, Pi Kappa Phi, Wesley Choir, Pep Squad . . . BROCK, CHARLES PETER, Montgomery, Soph., AGS, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Men's Spirit Committee, Canterbury Club . . . BROMBERG, FRANK HARDY, JR., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Druids, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Commerce Association, Treasurer, Phi Eta Sigma, lnterfraternity Council Representative, Corolla Staff, Homecoming Committee. Bell, J. Bell, R. Bell, W. Bellenger Bene Bennett, D. Bennett, H. Bennett, M. Bennett, P. Benton, J. Benton, P. Bentzel Berg Berlin Berman, J. Berman, M. Bern Berry, C. Berry, W. Berry, W. G Beverly Billingslea Bingham Binion, P. Binion, W. Blach Black, D. Black, R. Blackmon Blackwell Blain Blakely Blankenship Blanton Blass Block Bloom Blount Blumberg Bociulis Bolen Bonner Booth, C. Booth, J. Booth, S. Borland Bosarge Boshell Bostick, H. Bostick, P. Bottomley Boulos Bowen Bowling Boyd, C. Boyd, S. Boykin Bradford Bradley Bramblett Brandon Brannock Brasher Brattan Broughton Bray Breck Breece Breitling Brenner Brewton Bria Brice Bridges Brinkley Brister Britton Broadhead Brock Bromberg F. ww THE AIA SPONSORED WHITE CHRISTMAS FUND TOPPED ALL PREVIOUS RECORDS Row One: BROMBERG, GENE, Birmingham, Jr., AIRS, Phi Delta Theta . . . BROOKS, BEVERLY ANN, Enterprise, Fr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi . . . BROOKS, FRANK, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . BROOKS, GEORGE DAUGHERTY, JR., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, Quadrangle, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Corolla Staff, Student Government Association, Pep Squad . . . BROOKS, LEWIS MERRELL, Elba, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Band . . . BROOKS, SARA, Hamilton, Fr., ABS, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee, Corolla Staff, WAPB . . . BROTHERTON, BARBARA BATES, Jasper, Jr., A8tS, Chi Omega, Commission Head, YWCA, Vice President, Women's Spirit Committee, Secretary, Alpha Kappa Delta, Philos, President, Sophomore Class, ABS, President, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . BROWN, BETTY ANN, Hot Springs, Ark., Fr., Home Economics, Pep Squad, IZFA, Hillel Foundation, Rammer Jammer Staff. Row Two: BROWN, BRADLEY GAYLE, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . BROWN, JO ANN, Dallas, Texas, Fr., A8tS, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . BROWN, LAURA ELIZABETH, Tampa, Fla., Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Swan Club, Future Teachers of America . . . BROWN, MAUDE ROSE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . BROWN, MILTON L., Mobile, Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Druids . . . BROWNE, EDWIN FIELDING, Flushing, N. Y., Soph., ASS . . . BRUNS, BILLIE, Bessemer, Jr., A8tS, Phi Mu, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA, Choral Union . . . BURNSON, PATSYE SUE, Elba, Jr., Education, Phi Mu, Dance Club, Swan Club, Major Club, Baptist Training Union. Row Three: BRUNSON, PHOEBE, Montgomery, Fr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . . BRYAN, LLOYD LEE, JR., Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . BRYANT, ALEX CHAPPELL, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad . . . BRYANT, JANE DIANNE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Home Economics . . . BRYANT, MARY CORNELIA, Bayou La Batre, Soph., Education, Pep Squad . . . BRYANT, MARY LUCILLE, Mobile, Soph., ABS, International Relations Club, Social Vice President, Alabama Independent Association . . . BUCHANAN, JACK O., Decatur, Fr., Engineering, Kappa Alpha . . . BUCHANAN, WILLIAM GAINES, Selma, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, YMCA, Pep Squad. Theta Chi dance time wwirsxwsiwzffsaiizidasfisst Row Four: BUCKNER, CHARLES MARBURY, Birmingham, Jr., A8tS, Pi Kappa Phi, Pershing Rifles . . . BUFFALOE, CAROLYN ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Fr., ABS, Pi Beta Phi, Corolla . . . BUFORD, ERMA JEAN, Hurts- boro, Fr., Education, Alabama Independent Association . . . BUGG, CLARENCE, Gadsden, Soph., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . BULLOCK, CURTIS C., JR., Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . BURCHFIELD, JOE LEE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Commerce . , . BURCHFIELD, WILBUR MANDERSON, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Commerce . BURDETTE, HUGH, Beckley, West Va., Fr., A8tS. Row Five: BURKE, CYNTHIA SUE, Attalla, Fr., Commerce, Wesley Foun- dation, YWCA . . . BURKHOLDER, LOUISE, Springhill, Fr., Commerce, Chi Omega, Canterbury Club, YWCA . . . BURKS, MARGARET A., Tus- caloosa, Fr., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Swan Club, YWCA, Baptist Student Union . . . BURNETT, NINA JONE, Gorgas, Fr., Education, Wesley Foundation, YWCA . . . BURR, MARY ANNE, Birmingham, Soph., Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA . . . BUSBY, BEVERLY ANNE, Wash- ington, D. C., Jr., ABQS, Alpha Phi, Band . . . BUSEY, YUELL BIVIN, Frisco City, Fr., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . BUSH, WILLIAM EDWARD, Mobile, Jr., Commerce. Row Six: BUTLER, BETTY JEAN, Montgomery, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Committee . . . BUTLER, MARTHA IRENE, New Hope, Soph., ALS, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA . . . BUTLER, MARY EDITH, Boaz, Soph., Chem, istry, Delta Zeta, Pasteur Society, Alchemist Club . . . BYNUM, MAX, Oneonta, Fr., ABS . . . BYRD, WALKER, Luverne, Jr., Chemistry, Pledge Master, Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, German Club, Baptist Student Union . . . BYRNE, ALBERT EMBLER, Bellamy, Jr., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega, Business Stott, Crimson'White . . . CADE, NATALIE WELCH, Thomaston, Jr., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . . CAFFEE, LAURA SUE, Vance, Soph., Chemistry, Zeta Tau Alpha, Triangle, Pasteur Society, YWCA. Row Seven: CAHEEN, FERNAND EDMOND, Birmingham, Soph., Com- merce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . CAIN, SHIRLEY LUCILLE, Madison, Jr., Educa- tion, Treasurer, Alpha Chi Omega, Future Teachers of America, Women's Spirit Committee, Swan Club, Modern Dance Club . . . CALDWELL, OLIVE, Jackson, Miss., Jr., A8tS, Delta Delta Delta . . . CALHOUN, MARY NELL, Columbia, Fr., Education, Theta Upsilon, Maiors Club, YWCA . . . CALHOUN, ROBERT F., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-President, Alpha Omega, Student Government Association Legislature, Dean's Advisory Committee, Commerce Association, Pep Squad, Delta Sigma Pi . . . CAMP, SUELON, Jasper, Fr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA . . . CAMPBELL, BETTY LOU, Brewton, Jr., Education, Delta Gamma, Vice-President, Triangle, Secretary, Pi Mu Epsilon, Student Government Association . . . CAMPBELL, JOHN L., Ratclitf, Ark., Soph., ABS. Row Eight: CAMPBELL, MARTHA JO, Centre, Fr., ABS, Alpha Delta Pi, Baptist Student Union, YWCA . . . CAMERON, CHARLES, Mobile, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . CANAAN, CORINNE ELIZABETH, Loxley, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, Canterbury Foundation, Dance Club, Million Dollar Band, Vocal Ensemble . . . CANEPA, MARCELO J., Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Fr., Engineering . . . CANNON, ABERNETHY BENSON, Il, Vredenburgh, Soph., ASS, Phi Delta Theta, Men's Glee Club, Choral Union, Westminster Fellowship, Rho Alpha Tau . . . CANNON, JOHN MORROW, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . CANTRELL, WILLIAM P., Jackson, Miss., Jr., Education, Million Dollar Band . . . CAPRIOLA, CHARLES EDWARD, Portchester, N. Y., Fr., ASS, Freshman Football, Newman Club. Row Nine: CARD, WILLIAM H., JR., Citronelle, Soph., A8tS, Delta Tau Delta, Band . . . CARDWELL, LILLIAN, Birmingham, Jr., ASLS, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Junior Sponsor, Alpha Lambda Delia, Women's Spirit Committee, WABP, Homecoming Committee . . . CARGILE, JAMES ROY, Montgomery, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pershing Rifles, Rho Alpha Tau . . . CARGILE, MARTHA JEAN, Montgomery, Jr., Commerce, Delta Zeta, Commerce Association . . . CARNES, JAMES, Bessemer, Jr., A815 . . . CARMICHAEL, ARCHIE DANIEL, Il, Dothan, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . CARPENTER, DOYAL ARLEN, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . CARPENTER, GLYN ANN, Jackson, Tenn., Fr., A8tS, Chi Omega, YWCA. Row Ten: CARPENTER, RUTLEDGE BERNARD, Augusta, Ga., Fr., Com- merce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . CARR, WILLIAM E., Montgomery, Jr., Engineering, Vice-President, Theta Chi, Student Government Association Legislature, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences . . . CARROLL, BOOTS ANNE, Jacksonville, Fla., Jr., Education, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . . . CARROLL, IMOGENE, Mobile, Fr,, A8tS, Pi Beta Phi, Swan Club, Inter- collegiate Debate . . . CARSON, RONALD GEORGE, Roselle, N. J., Soph., A8tS, Phi Sigma Kappa, Alpha Phi Omega . . . CARTER, ANN, Repton, Soph., A8tS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Crimson-White Stall, YWCA, French Club . . . CARTER, JOHN CARSON, Repton, Jr., ASS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . CASADAY, MARY ELLEN, Montgomery, Jr., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Wesley Foundation. Bromberg, G. Brooks, B. Brooks, F. Brooks, G. Brooks, L. Brooks, S. Brotherton Brown, B. A. Brown, B. G. Brown, J. Brown, L. Brown, M. R. Brown, M. L. Browne Bruns Brunson, P. S. Brunson, P. Bryan Bryant, A. Bryant, J. Bryant, M. L. Bryant, M. C. Buchanan, J. Buchanan, W. Buckner Buffoloe Buford BU99 Bullock Burchfield, J. Burchfield, W Burdette Burke Burkholder Burks Burnett Burr Busby Busey Bush Butler, B. Butler, M. I. Butler, M. E. Bynum Byrd Byrne Cade Coffee Coheen Coin Coldwell Calhoun Calhoun, R. Camp Campbell, B. Campbell, J. Campbell, M. Cameron Canaan Canepa Cannon, A. Cannon, J. Cantrell Copriola Card Cardwell Corgile Cargile, M. J. Carnes Carmichael Carpenter, D. Carpenter, G Co rpente r, R. Carr Carroll, B. Carroll, I. Carson Carter, A. Carter, J. Casadoy COTII.LION PRESENTED VAUGHN MONROE IN FIRST DANCE OF THE SPRING Row One: CARSON, CHARLES, Huntsville, Soph., A8tS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pershing Rifles . . . CAULKINS, WILFORD, III, Lookout Mountain, Tenn., Jr., ABQS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . CAUTHEN, FRANK M., JR., Roanoke, Soph., ASIS, Phi Delta Theta . . . CHALKER, SAMFORD, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . CHAMPAGNE, NIRA LOUISE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Triangle . . . CHAMPION, JASPER KNIGHT, Hayneville, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Alpha . . . CHANDLER, MARIAN, Decatur, Jr., AZSQS, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA . . . CHAPIN, MARY SETON, Tuscaloosa, Soph., ASIS. Row Two: CHAPMAN, RICHARD WAYNE, Bessemer, Fr., Education, Theta Chi . . . CHAPPELLE, HELEN THELMA, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Phi Mu, YWCA . , . CHARNOCK, ISABELLE, Charleston, W. Va., Jr., A8rS, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . CHEATWOOD, SARA SUE, Birmingham, Soph, Education, Phi Mu . . . CHEATWOOD, WALLACE CARLTON, Besse- mer, Soph., ASIS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . CHECKETTE, ANN TURNER, Soph, A815 . . . CHESNUTT, ARTHUR BUCHANAN, JR., Birmingham, Jr., Com- merce, Sigma Chi, Cheerleader, Pershing Rifles, Propeller Club, Univer- sity Boxing Team . . . CHESSER, LEWIS VERNON, Andalusia, Fr., ASIS, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row Three: CHILDERS, WELDON T., Carbon Hill, Soph., A8.S, Theta Xi, Phi Eta Sigma . . . CHRISTOPHER, BARBARA ANN, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Chemistry, Alpha Phi, Pasteur Society, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA . . . CLANCY, ANN, Grayson, Fr., Chemistry, Alpha Delta Pi, Pasteur Society, Newman Club . . . CLARK, CHARLES HENRY, Enterprise, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . CLARKE, C. J., Birmingham, Soph, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Druids . . . CLARK, MARY JEANE, Leeds, Jr., A8.S, Crimson-White, Press Club . . . CLARK, PATRICIA FAYE, Birmingham, Soph., A8rS, Delta Zeta, Triangle, Westminster . . . CLARK, REGINALD GEORGE, Phenix City, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Sigma Phi, Band. Row Four: CLAYTON, LELLA HUDSON, Birmingham, Fr., ABS, Kappa Delta, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA, French Club . . . CLEGG, JOHN WILLIAM, Birmingham, Soph., Engineering, Pi Kappa'Phi, Pep Squad, Up or drown ,Swv 2 One-two-three kick St. Pat's Society . . . CLEM, GEORGE DAVID, Decatur, Soph., A8rS, Kappa Alpha . . . CLEMENTS, THOMAS HOWARD, Russellville, Soph., ALS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . CLEVELAND, BENNY RAY, Tuscaloosa, Soph., A8IS, Delta Chi, Pershing Rifles . . . CLEVELAND, H., JR., Tus- caloosa, Soph., ASIS, Delta Chi . . . COATES, SHELIA MARION, Clear- water, Fla., Fr., ABIS, Phi Mu, Newman Club . . . COBB, BETTY LONG, Uniontown, Soph., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship. Row Five: COBB, MARY CORINNA, Tuscaloosa, Soph., A8rS Kappa Delta, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship, Pep Squad . . . COBB, PATRICIA ANN, Greenville, S. C., Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi . . . COGGIN, GEORGE C., Decatur, Jr., Commerce, Secretary, Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Wesley Foundation . . . COHEN, HALLIE, Little Rock, Ark., Soph., ALS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Head Receptionist, Assistant Publicity Director, WABP, Rammer Jammer . . . COHEN, HARRIET RUTH, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Publicity, WABP, Crimson- White . . . COHEN, IRVING VICTOR, Montgomery, Soph., ABS, Kappa Nu, Philos, Crimson-White, Druids, Hillel Foundation . . . COHEN, JOYCE MAXINE, McGehee, Ark., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Founda- tion, Commerce Association, Crimson-White . . . COHEN, MADOLYN CELIA, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau, Corolla, Women's Spirit Committee, Hillel Foundation, Commerce Association. Row Six: COHEN, RACHEL D., Montgomery, Soph., Education, Philos . . COHEN, RAYMOND ELI, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu . . . COKER, JACKSON C., Fort Deposit, Soph., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . COLE, J. BRUCE, Yonkers, N. Y., Fr., A8tS, Kappa Nu, Publicity, WABP, Hillel Foundation, IZFA . . . COLEMAN, FLO, Fairhope, Fr., Edu- cation, Phi Mu, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . COLEMAN, JOHN ROBERT, Atlanta, Ga,, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . COLLIER, JAMES PORTER, Tuscaloosa, Fr., A8rS, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Homecoming Committee . . . COLLINS, ALLEN DUNN, Selma, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Druids, Quadrangle, Philos, YMCA, Pep Squad. Row Seven: COLLINS, CHARLENE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . COLLINS, HELEN PAULINA, Northport, Fr., A8rS . . . COLLINS, PATRICIA POWERS, Birmingham, Fr., ASS, Chi Omega, YWCA . . . COLLINS, ROBERT C., Selma, Jr., A8rS, Kappa Alpha, President, YMCA, Pep Squad . . . COLLINS, WILLIAM PERRYMAN, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Secretary, Alpha Tau Omega . . . CONANT, MARY LOUISE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., ASS, Alpha Phi, Westminster Fellowship, Spanish Club, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . CONGER, MARTHA LEE, Honolula, Hawaii, Soph., Education, Pi Beta Phi, Future Teachers of America, YWCA . . . CONNOLLY, DUDLEY JOSEPH, Birmingham, Jr., ASQS, Theta Chi, Pep Squad. Row Eight: CONNELL, MYRA LINDA, Fayette, Jr., Home Economics, Band, Caroline Hunt Club, Baptist Student Union . . . CONNER, GORDAN DILKES, Roanoke, Va., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau, Pep Squad . . . CONRAD, JOHN FRANKLIN, Limo, Ohio, Jr., Engineering . . . CONRAD, ROSS, Brooklyn, N. Y., Soph., ASQS, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . COOK, ELIZABETH, Eufaula, Fr., Education . . . COOK, ELVEREE LUCILE, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Home Economics Representative to Student Government Association, Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Panhellenic . . . COOK, LEWIS JACK, JR., Millport, Jr., Engineer- ing, Theta Chi, American Institute of Electrical Engineers . . . COOK, RAMONA, Dothan, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta, Pep Squad, Baptist Student Union. Row Nine: COOPER, GEORGE NELSON, Gadsden, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Nu, Pep Squad . . . COOPER, MARY LOUISE, Houston, Texas, Jr., Education, Secretary, Phi Mu, Caroline Hunt Club, Future Teachers of America, American Association of University Women . . . COOPER, WILEY HOWARD, Tuscaloosa, Fr., A8rS, Kappa Alpha, Crimson-White Staff . . . COPE, FRANK, JR., Union Springs, Fr., ABS, Sigma Nu . . . COPELAND, ANNE, Birmingham, Jr., ASQS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Blackfriars, Hillel Foundation, Panhellenic Council . . . CORBETT, JOHN THOMAS, Memphis, Tenn., Jr., Engineering, Kappa Alpha . . . CORDELL, DOROTHY ELIZABETH, Valley Head, Jr., Education, Future Teachers of America . . . CORKLAND, MYRA ELLEN, Knoxville, Tenn., Fr., A8rS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WAPB, Hillel Foundation, IZFA. Row Ten: CORNELIUS, CHARLES LEE, Tarrant, Jr., Commerce, Delta Chi, Rho Alpha Tau, Pep Squad, Glee Club . . . CORNELIUS, JERRY S., Oneonta, Fr., Engineering, Delta Chi, Wesley Foundation . . . COTLIN, BARBARA JOAN, Wetumpka, Soph., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . COUCH, LUCY ANN, Scottsboro, Fr., Education, Wesley Foundation, YWCA . . . COURINGTON, GEORGE DONALD, Oakman, Jr., A8rS, Theta XI . . . COURINGTON, MARY A., Gorgas, Fr., Home Economics . . . COVINGTON, ANNE, Jackson, Miss., Soph., A8rS, University Symphony Orchestra . . . COX, FRANK, Gadsden, Soph, A8rS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Wesley Foundation. Cason Caulkins Cauthen Challcer Champagne Champion Chandler Chapin Chapman Chappelle Charnock Cheatwood, Cheaiwocd, Checlcelts Chesnutt Chesser Childer Christopher Clancy Clark, C. H. Clark, C. J. Clark, M. Clark, P. Clark, R. Clayton Clegg Clem Clements Cleveland, B Cleveland, H Coates Cobb, B. Cobb, M. Cobb, P. Coggin Cohen, H. Cohen, H. R Cohen, I. Cohen, J. Cohen, M. Cohen, R. Cohen, R. E. Coker Cole Coleman, F. Coleman, J. Collier Collins, A. Collins, C. Collins, H. Collins, P. Collins, R. Collins, W. Conant Conger Connolly Connell Conner Conrad, J. Conrad, R. Cook, E. Cook, E. L Cook, L. Cook, R. Cooper, G. Cooper, M. Cooper, W. Cope Copeland Corbett Cordell Corkland Cornelius, C Cornelius, J. Cotlin Couch Courington, Couringtan, Covington Cox, F. MILLION DOLLAR BAND SALUTED AUBURN WITH "SPARROW IN THE TREETOP" Row One: COX, TONY A., Trussville, Soph., ABS, Delta Tau Delta . . . COX, WALTER W., Slocomb, Soph., Education, Pi Kappa Phi, Varsity Football 1950-'5I . . . CRAIG, EDWARD EVERETT, Birmingham, Jr., A8.S, Phi Gamma Delta . . . CRAMER, SALLY JANE, Miami Beach, Fla., Soph., ASIS, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Swan Club . . . CROUSE, CYNTHIA ANNE, New York, N. Y., Fr., ABS, Theta Upsilon, Swan Club, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . CROW, PAUL A., Lanett, Jr., Chemistry, Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary, Druids, Pershing Rifles, University Religious Council . . . CRUMP, ROLAND RELO, Crossville, Soph., A8.S, Theta Xi . . . CRUMPTON, GERALDINE: Fairfield, Soph., Commerce, Triangle, Phi Chi Theta, Pep Squad. Row Two: CRUTCHER, CHARLES WOODWARD, Athens, Jr., Commerce, Theta Chi, Band, Delta Sigma Pi, Philos . . . CULPEPPER, THOMAS MILTON, III, Demopolis, Jr., ASIS, Kappa Alpha . . . CUMMINGS, JOE FRANK, Muleshoe, Texas, Jr., Education, Pi Kappa Phi . . . CUNNINGHAM, ANNE, Aliceville, Soph., A8IS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship . . , CUNNINGHAM, DORIS MAE, Mobile, Fr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Caroline Hunt Club . . . CUNNINGHAM, JACQUELYN JEAN, Andalusia, Jr., Home Economics . . . CUNNINGHAM, VIOLET, Moss Point, Miss., Fr., A815 . . . CURRAN, EDWIN JEROME, Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Three: CURRAN, FRANCES LYNN, Mobile, Fr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pep Squad, Worship Chairman, Freshman YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club, Westminster Fellowship . . . CURRIER, WILLIAM RAY, Griffith, Ind., Soph., Engineering, Basketball Team . . . CURTIS, ANN, Montgomery, Fr., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Air Force ROTC Sponsor . . . CURTIS, JOSEPH FRANKLIN, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, "A" Club . . . CURTIS, NANCY LOUISE, Bogalosa, La., Fr., Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . DAILEY, ANN, Mobile, Soph., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Future Teachers of America . . . DAILEY, WILLIAM CHAPMAN, Tunnel Springs, Fr., Com- merce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . DAMSON, JOAN ROSE, Huntsville, Fr., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad. No shovein', please . M.- . ....,.... - .. .. W .,. Y 'shf - s - '-1-:,f'W" ,-f,- t f Row Four: DAMSON, LEOLA SUE, Huntsville, Jr., Education, Hillel Foundation, YWCA, Physical Education Club . . . DANIELS, JAMES, Truss- ville, Soph., Commerce, Chi Phi, Pershing Rifles . . . DANIEL, JOHN, Andalusia, Soph, ASIS, Kappa Sigma . . . DANIEL, MARY ANN, Birming- ham, Soph, Education, Alpha Phi . . . DARNELL, HENRY LIVINGSTON, JR., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Theta Chi . . . DARRING, ANN LEROY, Birmingham, Fr., A8.S, Phi Mu, YWCA, Pep Spuad, Westminster Fellow- ship . . . DAUGHTRY, RALPH PALMER, Dothan, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon , . . DAVIDSON, MARJORIE JEAN, East Tallassee, Jr., Educa- tion, Caroline Hunt Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Wesley Foundation. Row Five: DAVIS, DONALD SCOTT, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . DAVIS, JAMES K., Hamilton, Soph., Commerce, Football Squad . . . DAVIS, MARIE JANET, Pulaski, Tenn., Fr., Engineering, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . DAVIS, MARTHA LOUISE, Salisbury, N. C., Fr., Education, Alpha Phi, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad . . . DAVIS, MARY ANN, Birmingham, Soph., Chemistry, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pasteur Society, YWCA . . , DAWSON, RAYMOND, Bridgeport, Fr., Engineering . . . DAY, KATHERINE, Birmingham, Soph., Chemistry, Theta Upsilon . . . DEASON, ALPHEUS M., JR., Birmingham, Soph., ASIS, Delta Chi, Alpha Phi Omega. Row Six: DEASON, TEMD ROBERT, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ASS, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . DECKER, DON, Greenville, Fr., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . DEE, JOSEPH ROY, St. Petersburg, Fla., Soph, Commerce, Chi Phi, Newman Club . , . DeFULVlO, ANTHONY C., Bronx, N. Y., Fr., ASS, . . . DELCHAMPS, OLIVER HARRIS, Mobile, Soph, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Commerce Association . , . DELEONARD, JOSEPH DANIEL, JR., Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . DELLA ROCCO, RICHARD J., Wilson, Conn., Jr., Commerce . . . DELUGACH, FANNIE, Memphis, Tenn., Soph., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi. Row Seven: DEMENT, IRA, III, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad . . . DEMENT, LEWIS GARNETT, Decatur, Fr., Com- merce, Kappa Alpha . . . DEMING, ROGER McPETREE, St. Petersburg, Fla., Jr., A8IS, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers . . . DEMMA, DORIS M., New Orleans, La., Soph., Nursing . . . DEMOPULOS, GEORGE S,, Biloxi, Miss., Fr., Commerce . . . DENABURG, CHARLES LEON, Birmingham, Fr., Com- merce, Kappa Nu, WABP, Hillel Foundation, IZFA . . . DENNEY, GLORIA ANN, Alexander City, Jr., A8.S, Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, YWCA . . . DENSON, LLOYD MCKIBBON, Montgomery, Jr., Com- merce, Phi Kappa Sigma. Row Eight: DERRICK, BROOKS JOHN, Scottsboro, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . DEVOL, JUDITH ANN, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Fr., AAS, Delta Gamma, YWCA . . . DEWINE, THOMAS P., Talladega, Soph., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Pershing Rifles, Commerce Association, New- man Club, Alpha Phi Omega . . . DIETZ, REINHOLD HENRY, Mobile, Soph, Engineering . . . DIFFLY, CECILIA KATHRYN, Selma, Fr., ASS, Delta Gamma, YWCA, Crimson-White Staff . . . DILLON, ROBERT CHESTER, Jacksonville, Jr., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega, Blackfriars, Baptist Student Union . . . DISMUKES, JAMES R., Birmingham, Fr., Education, Delta Chi . . . DISMUKES, LOUISE, Georgiana, Jr., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club. Row Nine: DIXON, JAMES KELLY, Talladega, Fr., ABS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . DIXON, WALTER LACY, Bessemer, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Chi, Track Team . . . DODSON, CECIL, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . DODSON, VIRGINIA, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce . . . DOMINEY, SAN, Ozark, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . DORRIS, MARLENE, Miami, Fla., Soph., A8.S, Delta Zeta . . . DORSKY, JOYCE, Birmingham, Soph., Chemical Education, Philos . . . DOSS, MARY KATHERINE, Florence, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, ROTC Sponsor. Row Ten: DRAKE, KYLE STANLEY, Opelika, Fr., Engineering . . . DRAUGHON, ANN, Mobile, Jr., ASIS, Phi Mu . . . DRAVIS, WILLIAM BROWN, Elizabeth, N. J., Jr., Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, St. Pat's Society . . . DuBOSE, ANN, Birmingham, Soph,, Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Triangle, Phi Chi Theta, YWCA . . . DUBOSE, WILLIAM JONES, Brewton, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Phi, Baptist Student Union, Calvary Choir, Pershing Rifles . . . DUCKWORTH, JOHN CLEMSON, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . , DUFFY, JAMES JOSEPH, JR., Mobile, Jr., A8.S, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . DUGGER, MARY MILTON, Glen Ellyn, Ill., Fr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, Pep Squad. we wuz- 'BW- 08 'ii ,fs-ge nuns., 'QW .r- Cox, T. Cox, W. Craig Cramer Crouse Crow Crump Crumpfon Crutcher Culpepper Cummings Cunningham Cunningham Cunningham Cunningham Curran, E. Curran, L. Currier Curtis, A. Curtis, J. Curiis, N. Dailey, A. Dailey, W. Damson, J. Damson, L. Daniels Daniel, J. Daniel, M. Darnell Darring Daughfry Davidson Davis, D. Davis, J. Davis, M, J. Davis, M. L. Davis, M. A. Dawson Day Deoson, A. Deason, T. Decker Dee DeFluvia Delchamps Deleonard DellaRocco Delugach Demenf, K. Demenf, L. Deming Demma Demopulos Denaburg Denny Denson Derrick Devol DeWine Diefz Diffly Dillon Dismukes, J. Dismukes, L. Dixson, J. Dixson, W. Dodson, C. Dodson, V. Dominey Dorris Dorsky Doss Drake Draughon Dravis DuBose, A. DuBose, W. Duckworth Duffy Dugger THIRD ANNUAL STUDENT LEADERS RETREAT WAS HELD AT REDSTONE LODGE Row One: DUIGNAN, EUGENE THOMAS, Trenton, N. J., Jr., Com- merce . . . DULBERG, MURRAY WILLIAM, Hewlett, N. Y., Soph., Com- merce, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . DUNHAM, MARY ELIZABETH, Deland, Fla., Soph., Commerce, Pi Beta Phi, Cheerleader . . . DURHAM, JOHN DONEHOO, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Commerce Association, Press Club, Pep Squad . . . DURHAM, TERRY AUSTIN, Chickasaw, Fr., Education . . . DYE, MIRIAM A., Memphis, Tenn., Soph., A8rS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . EATON, JOHN HENRY, Birmingham, Soph., Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . EDELSON, MARVIN HAROLD, LaGrange, Ga., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, Commerce Association, Philos, Pep Squad. Row Two: EDER, ROBERT JOSEPH, Allentown, Pa., Soph., ASIS, Newman Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Propeller Club, German Club, Photographers Club, University Religious Council . . . EDINGTON, ROBERT SHERARD, Mobile, Jr., Law . . . EDWARDS, JEANNE, Gadsden, Soph., Education, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . EDWARDS, LEON W., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . EDWARDS, MILDRED, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Philos, Triangle . . . EICK, CHARLES EDWIN, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Fr., ASIS, Delta Sigma Phi, Band, WABP . . . EICK, DONALD N., Niagara Falls, N. Y., Soph., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi . . . ELLIS, GEORGE WOODLIFF, De Funiak Springs, Fla., Soph., ABS, Phi Kappa Sigma. Row Three: ELLISON, KATHERINE GAILLARD, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Phi Mu, Triangle, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Future Teachers of America . . . ELSBERRY, ELEANOR GRAY, Montgomery, Jr., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . ELSON, RICHARD GORDON, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Sigma Nu . . . EMMONS, KERRY SUE, Memphis, Tenn., Fr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . ENOCHS, PHILIP ROGERS, Laurel, Miss., Jr., Engineering, Sigma Chi, American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega . . . ERVIN, ELIZABETH NORREYS, Springhill, Jr., Education, Chi Omega, Spanish Club, Canter- bury Club, French Club, YWCA . . . ETHRIDGE, BARBARA, Birmingham, Southern sophistication Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Committee . . . EULER, LAHNOE DWIGHT, Athens, Jr., Education, Pi Kappa Phi. Row Four, EVANS, JOAN, Mobile, Jr., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta . . . EVANS, JOE ROBERT, Florala, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . . . EVANS, PATRICIA MURRIEL, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, Swan Club, Wesley Founda- tion, YWCA, Rammer Jammer Business Staff . . . EVANS, SAM, JR., Decatur, Jr., ASS . . . EWING, GEORGE EDMUND, Wilson, Soph., A8rS, Pershing Rifles, Rho Alpha Tau, Cotillion Club, Crimson-White Staff . . . EXUM, KENNITH G., Tchula, Miss., Fr., AAS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Baptist Student Union . . . EZELL, EDDIE B., Bellamy, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . FARIS, NORMAN S., Andalusia, Soph., ASKS, Delta Tau Delta. Row Five: FARMER, CHARLES RUSSELL, JR., Dothan, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Nu, Corolla Beauty Ball Committee . . . FARNARD, JULIA ANN, Baytown, Texas, Jr., ASS, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA . . . FAULKNER, GERALD D., Birmingham, Jr., A8QS, Delta Chi, Editor, I952 Corolla, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Druids, Sergeant-At-Arms, Quadrangle, Summer Ad- vertising Manager, Crimson-White, Board of Publications, Executive Coun- cil, Cadet Officers Club, I95O, Homecoming Committee, Omicron Delta Kappa . . . FAYSSOUX, JOAN, Tuscaloosa, Jr., A8rS, Alpha Phi . . . FEAGIN, JEAN MORRIS, Monroeville, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta . . . FEIBELMAN, HERBERT P., Fort Wayne, Ind., Fr., ABS, Zeta Beta Tau, Crimson-White Staff . . . FEINMAN, AUDRI ELLEN, Lynchburg, Va., Fr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . FELDMAN, IRWIN RALPH, Boone- ville, Miss., Fr., ABS, Kappa Nu, WABP, Hillel Foundation. Row Six: FERGUSON, BEN, Mobile, Fr., Chemistry, Pi Kappa Alpha, Canterbury Club , . . FEUERSTEIN, FRANCES ELEANOR, Memphis, Tenn., Fr., ASS . . . FIELDS, BARBARA ANN, Bayou La Batre, Fr., Commerce, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . FIKES, ELIZABETH ANN, Hamilton, Soph., Education . . . FINCH, STEVE HOOD, Gadsden, Jr., Engineering, Sigma Nu . . . FINCHER, THOMAS MITCHELL, Tuscaloosa, Soph., ASQS, Theta Xi . . . FINKE, M. CARL, Dayton, Ohio, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, Crimson-White Staff . . . FINLAY, LOUIS MALONE, Jackson, Soph., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Seven: FISHER, BRUCE KLIEMAN, Bridgeton, N. J., Jr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . FITZGERALD, JACK LYON, Oklona, Miss., Soph., ASQS, Blackfriars . . . FITZGERALD, JOHN PAUL, Milton, Fla., Soph., ALS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . FLAGG, NANCY A., Florence, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Delta . . . FLEISCHER, IRWIN JACK, Stanford, Conn., Jr., ASIS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, WABP . . . FLETCHER, JOSEPH JEFFERSON, Phenix City, Fr., ABS, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . FLIPPEN, DAISEY IRENE, Tuscumbia, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta . . . FLIRT, JO ANN, Elberta, Jr., ASIS. Row Eight: FLORSHEIM, DORIS RENATE, Columbus, Ga., Fr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . FLOWERS, LOIS MCCLURE, Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Pi Beta Phi, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . FLOWERS, CLARENCE WAYNE, Ganley, Soph., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . FOIL, HOPE, Bogalusa, La., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Swan Club, Physical Education Club, YWCA . . . FORD, RICHARD LEWIS, Staten Island, N. Y., Jr., Commerce, Alpha Phi Omega, Cotillion Club, Alabama Independent Association . . . FOWLER, MARGARET ANN, Tuscaloosa, Fr., ABS, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee . . . FRANCO, DANIEL RALPH, Montgomery, Jr., ASQS, Kappa Nu, Scabbard and Blade . . . FRANKLIN, DOROTHY G., Birmingham, Jr., Chemistry. Row Nine: FRANKLIN, JOAN ELLEN, Goodwater, Fr., Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . FRAZIER, BILLY JACK, Rossville, Tenn., Fr., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega . . . FRAZIER, CAREY LANCE, Langdale, Fr., Education, Pi Kappa Phi . . . FREDERICK, WILLIAM H., Fort Deposit, Jr., ASIS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . FREEMAN, MARION, Decatur, Ga., Fr., ASIS, Delta Gamma, YWCA . . . FREEMAN, RONALD WILLIAM, Rochester, N. Y., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . FRENCH, SALLYE GORDON, Bay City, Mich., Jr., ASS, Alpha Xi Delta . . . FRIDGE, CARLITA, Mobile, Fr., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Canterbury Club. Row Ten: FRIEDMAN, DONALD FLOYD, St. Louis, Mo., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Rammer Jammer Staff . . . FROST, JACK NEWLAND, Ventura, Calif., Jr., A845 . . . FULFORD, PAUL DOUGLAS, Faunsdale, Fr., A8rS, Phi Gamma Delta, Air Force Rifle Team, Methodist Choir . . . FULLER, JERRY GLENN, Tuscumbia, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . FULLINGTON, LAWRENCE TATUM, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Delta Chi . . . GAIER, GERALD, Perth Amboy, N. J., Fr., ASIS, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . GANDY, GERALD RAYMOND, Tallahassee, Fla., Fr., Commerce, Chi Phi . . . GANTT, JAMES STEWART, Wetumpka, Jr., ABS, Kappa Alpha, YMCA. Duignan Dulberg Dunham Durham, J Durham, T Dye Ealon Edelson Eder Edinglon Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, M Eick, C. Eick, D. Ellis Ellison Elsberry Elson Emmons Enochs Ervin Ethridge Euler Evans Evans, J. Evans, P. Evans, S. Ewing Exum Ezell Faris Farmer Farnarol Faulkner Fayssoux Feagin Feibelman Feinman Feldman Ferguson Feuerslein Fields Fikes Finch Fincher Finke Finlay Fisher Filzgerald Fitzgerald Flagg Fleischer Fletcher Flippen Flirl Florsheim Flowers, L Flowers, T Foil Ford Fowler Franco Franklin, D Franklin, J Frazier, B. Frazier, C Frederick Freeman, Freeman, French Fridge Friedman Frosf Fulford Fuller Fullingfon Gaier Gandy Ganlf, J. J L ONEIDA MOORE, KAPPA DELTA, REIGNED AS 1951 HOMECOMING QUEEN Row One: GANTT, LeVERNE SAMUEL, JR., Selma, Jr., A8iS, Kappa Alpha . . . GARDNER, BETTY ANN, Birmingham, Fr., A8iS, Delta Gamma . . . GARDNER, LUCY, Rossville, Ga., Soph., ABS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Triangle , . . GARDNER, POLLY, Rossville, Ga., Soph., A8tS, Pi Beta Phi, Triangle, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . GARNER, RONALD SMITH, Sanford, Fla., Fr., A8tS, Pi Kappa Phi, Choral Union . . . GARRETT, BILLY RAY, Alabama City, Fr., ASQS, Theta Chi, Band . . . GARRETT, RICHARD ALLEN, Jasper, Fr., Commerce, Million Dollar Band . . . GATES, JIMMY, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma. Row Two: GAYL, PAUL LAUGHLIN, JR., Meridian, Miss., Soph., Chemistry, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Pasteur Society, American Chem- ical Society, Alchemist Club, Chi Beta Chi . . . GEDDIE, ROWLAND HILL, JR., Atlanta, Ga., Soph., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Delta Sigma Pi, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad, Rammer Jammer . . . GEESER, SHERMAN, Quinton, Soph., Commerce . . . GENTER, JOHN CHARLES, Miami, Fla., Jr., Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Cadet Officers Club . . . GEORGE, RONNIE BAYLIS, Palestine, Texas, Jr., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega, Press Club, Crimson-White Staff . . . GEX, LUCIEN MARAIN, Bay St. Louis, Miss., Soph., ABS, Sigma Chi . . . GEX, PATRICIA ANN, Bay St. Louis, Miss., Jr., Education, Phi Mu, Future Teachers of America, Newman Club . . . GIBBS, JACKSON H., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Sigma, American Foundryman's Society, Wesley Choir. Row Three: GIBBS, MARY CAROLYN, Birmingham, Jr., A8iS, Kappa Delta . . . GIBBS, SAMUEL JULIAN, Sulligent, Soph., ASS, Phi Eta Sigma, Wesley Foundation . . . GIBSON, JANE, Lineville, Jr., Education . . . GIBSON, JOHN POWELL, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Delta Chi . . . GIBSON, MARGARET ANN, Indianola, Miss,, Soph., A8iS, Chi Omega, YWCA . . . GIBSON, THERESA AARON, Miami, Fla., Soph., Education . . . GICHMAN, KENNETH JACOB, Bronx, N. Y., Fr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Phi Omega . . . GILBERT, JAMES LEON, JR., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, WABP. All hope abandoned! 1-.-mn-mmm-1-1 1, wi ,1-1i.qCs.M1:uh.f .W ,ll Row Four: GILDER, HERBERT THADDEUS, Columbus, Go., Soph., A84S, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . GILLESPY, ADELAIDE BYRUM, Birmingham, Jr., ABYS, Delta Delta Delta, Triangle, Modern Dance Club . . . GILLILAND, BETSY ANN, Goodwater, Jr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Spirit Committee . . . GILMAN, RODERICK McKENZIE, Cranford, N. J., Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta , . . GLOVER, LESTER BYRON, Abbeville, Jr., A8iS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . GODWIN, JAMES EDWARD, Frisco City, Jr., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Student Government Association Legislature, lnterfraternity Council . . . GOLDBERG, BARBARA JANE, Birmingham, Fr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation . . . GOLDBERG, JO ANN, Oil City, Pa., Fr., A8iS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of Amer- ica, Crimson-White Staff, Rammer Jammer Business Staff. Row Five: GOLDSTEIN, DONALD BERT, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, President, Golf Team . . . GOLDSTEIN, HAROLD SAMUEL, Columbus, Miss., Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Varsity Basketball . . . GOLDSTEIN, HERBERT, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation . . . GOLDSTEIN, HOWARD, New York City, N. Y., Soph., AAS, Hillel Foundation, Phi Eta Sigma . . . GOLDSTEIN, MARVIN ARNOLD, Brooklyn, N. Y., Soph., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . GOLDSTEIN, SANDRA, Atlanta, GQ., Fr., Ass . . . GOLIGHTLY, ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, Cotillion Club . . . GOLSON, JACK P., Ft. Deposit, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Fresh- man Football I95I. Row Six: GOOD, ALFRED N., Trafford, Jr., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, St. Pat's Society, American Foundryman's Society, Tau Beta Pi Award, Outstand- ing Sophomore School of Engineering, Officers Club Council . . . GOODSON, JOHN WAYNE, Birmingham, Soph., A8tS, Sigma Nu, Track Team . . . GORLIN, HERBERT DONALD, Fair Lawn, N. J., Soph., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation, Spirit Planning Committee . . . GOTLIEB, HARVEY JEROME, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau , . . GOULD, JAMES S., Mobile, Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Rho Alpha Tau . . . GOULD, MAXINE, Birmingham, Soph., Education . . . GRAHAM, GLORIA ANN, Birmingham, Jr., ASS . . . GRAHAM, JIMMY, Sulligent, Fr., Education. Row Seven: GRANT, ROBERT C., Cordova, Soph., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . GRAVES, WILLIAM D., Alexander City, Jr., A8iS, Phi Delta Theta , . . GRAY, EDWARD HARDING, Laurel, Miss., Jr., Engineering, Sigma Chi, American Society of Chemical Engineering . . . GRAY, ROBERT ALAN, Long Branch, N. J., Soph., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . GRAY, RUTH CLAIRE, Birmingham, Fr., ASS, Phi Mu, YWCA, Baptist Student Union . . . GRAVLEE, HARRIET, Springhill, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, Women's Spirit Committee . . . GREELEY, PATRICIA JANE, Fort McClellan, Soph., ABS, Delta Gamma, Pep Squad . . . GREEN, IRONA JO, Warrington, Fla., Fr., Commerce. Row Eight: GREEN, NATHAN C., Tuscaloosa, Fr., Commerce, Commerce Association . . . GREEN, RAMON, East Orange, N. J., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation . . . GREENBERG, MARVIN BERNARD, Gadsden, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Treasurer . . . GREENE, CAROLYN E., Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education, Commerce Librarian . . . GREENE, DONALD B., Tuscaloosa, Fr., Commerce, Band . . , GREENFIELD, BARBARA ANN, Miami Beach, Fla., Soph., ASKS, Sigma Delta Tau, Blackfriars . . . GREENFIELD, ROBERT STEVEN, Brooklyn, N. Y., Soph., Engineering, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . GREGOIRE, MARK C., Kenmore, N. Y., Jr., Engi- neering, Delta Sigma Phi, Theta Tau, Executive Council, St. Pat's Society, Founders Society, Vice President, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Row Nine: GREGORY, WILLIAM D., Tuskegee, Soph., A8tS, Sigma Nu . . . GRIFFIN, GEORGE THOMAS, Thomasville, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Chi . . . GRIFFIN, GLORIA FLORENCE, Cullman, Soph., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Corolla Staff . . . GRIFFIN, JAMES L., Lineville, Jr., Commerce . . . GRODSKY, ZELDA, Mobile, Fr., Home Economics, Hillel Foundation . . . GROOMS, ELLEN ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Fr., A8iS, Phi Mu, YWCA, Baptist Student Union GROVE, FRANK LEON, JR., Montgomery, Jr., Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . GRUNDFEST, MARGARET ANN, Cary, Miss., Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club, Triangle. Row Ten: GUESS, ALVIS SWINDELL, Bridgeport, Fr., Engineering . . . GULLATT, JUDY L., Phenix City, Soph., Home Economics, Phi Mu, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club , . . GULLATT, MARY JANE, Phenix City, Soph., ASQS, Phi MU, Triangle, Swan Club, YWCA . . . GUNTER, GAY CAROLINE, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y., Fr., A8iS, Pi Beta Phi . . . GUP, MARK KRAMER, Pensacola, Fla., Jr., A8iS, Zeta Beta Tau, Press Club, Crimson-White Staff . . . GURWITCH, WILLIAM ABRAM, Prichard, Soph., ABQS, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation . . . GUTHRIE, ROBERT A., Chattanooga, Tenn., Soph., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Druids, lnterfraternity Council, 'l95I Homecoming Committee, Crimson-White Staff . . . GWIN, BUENA VISTA, Gadsden, Soph., Education, Kappa Delta. Mr me qv an 445 p N- 1. ay., faimm as an an 'li' if i if-' .lk 49" K. Gantt, L. Gardner, B. Gardner, l.. Gardner, P. Garner Garrett, B. Garrett, R. Gates Gay Geddie Geeser Genter George Gex, L. Gex, P. Gibbs, J. Gibbs, M. Gibbs, S. Gibson Gibson, J. Gibson, M. Gibson, T. Gichman Gilbert Gilder, H. Gillespy Gilliland Gilman Glover Godwin Goldberg B. Goldberg, J. Goldstein, D. Goldstein Goldstein, H. Goldstein, H. Goldstein, M Goldstein, S. Golightly Golson Good Goodson Gorlin Gotlieb Gould, J. Gould, M. Graham, G, Graham, J. Grant Graves Gray, E. Gray, R. A. Gray, R. C. Gravlee Greely Green, I. Green, N. Green, R. Greenberg Greene, C. Greene, D. Greenfield, B Greenfield, R Gregoire Gregory Griffin, G, T Griffin, F. Griffin, J. Grodsky Grooms Grove Grundfest Guess Gullatt, J. Gullatt, M. Gunter Gup Gurwitch Guthrie Gwin MW BLACKFRIARS PRESENTED GEORGE Row One: HAAS, SARAH EVELYN, Mobile, Jr., Education, Pi Beta Phi, Modern Dance Club, YWCA, Physical Education Maior Club . . . HADAWAY, EARL JACKSON, Birmingham, Jr., A8tS, Theta Chi, Million Dollar Band, Alabama Cavaliers, WABP . . . HAGER, NORMA D., Springhill, Soph., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . HAGUEWOOD, LAURA JOYCE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education . . . HAHAMIS, JOANNA, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Cheerleader, Swan Club, Modern Dance Club, Physical Educa- tion Maior Club, President, Byrd Hall, WSGA Representative . . . HALL, EDWARD TAYLOR, Grove Hill, Soph., ASS . . . HALL, FRANCES ADELE, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics . . . HALL, GARLAND C., Gadsden, Soph., A8tS, Pi Kappa Phi, Pershing Rifles, Freshman Distinguished Cadet. Row Two: HALL, GEORGE WILLIAM, Chattanooga, Tenn., Jr., ASS, Theta Chi, Phi Eta Sigma . . . HALL, GLORIA ELIZABETH, Sulligent, Jr., Education, Wesley Foundation, Future Teachers of America . . . HALL, JEAN MCNAB, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Modern Dance Club, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad . . . HALL, MARGARET ANN, Greenwood, Miss., Soph., A8tS, Chi Omega, Triangle, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation . . . HALL, MARY, Tensaw, Soph., Commerce . . . HALL, NANCY KATHERINE, Huntsville, Jr., Education, Triangle, Westminster Fellowship . . . HALL, RUBY ELIZABETH, Atmore, Soph., Education, YWCA, Future Teachers of America . . . HALLIDAY, JEAN VALENTINE, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Spirit Committee. Row Three: HAMILTON, KATHERINE, Mobile, Fr., ABS, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Canterbury Club, French Club . . . HAMMETT, ANN LOUISE, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Corolla Staff . . . HAMMETT, WARNER GLENN, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Delta Chi . . . HAMRICK, LEON, JR., Birmingham, Soph., A8tS, Phi Delta Theta . , . HANAHAN, LaBRUCE MORTIMER, Dothan, Jr., A8.S, Vice-President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Canterbury Club . . . HANNON, JOANN, Anniston, Soph., ABS, Pep Squad, Canterbury Club, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee . . . HARBIN, HOYT EWIN, JR., Scottsboro, Jr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . HARE, LUCILLE PENDLETON, Birmingham, Jr., ASS, Kappa Delta, YWCA. You tell 'em Colonel K 25 ,... Heave ho-- BERNARD SHAW'S "DEVIL'S DISCIPLE" Row Four: HARDEGREE, BILLY, Talladega, Fr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Intramural Debate, Pershing Rifles . . . HARDEN, DON, Birming- ham, Soph., A8tS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Druids . . . HARDY, FRANK MORRISON, Selma, Fr., Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, Rho Alpha Tau . . . HARKAVY, SIMON, Brooklyn, N. Y., Soph., Chemistry, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Crimson Theater . . . HARKINS, CLAUDE S., Tallassee, Jr., ASKS, Sigma Chi . . . HARKINS, MARGARET STERLING, Demopolis, Fr., Commerce, Delta Gamma, Canterbury Club, Rammer-Jammer . . . HARKINS, MARY JACQUELINE, Fayette, Soph., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . HARPER, CATHERINE JOANNE, Birmingham, Jr., Chemistry, President, Delta Zeta, Junior Tri- angle, Corresponding Secretary, Pasteur Society. Row Five: HARPER, NANCY LEE, Talladega, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Delta Pi, Commerce Association, YWCA, Baptist Student Union . . . HARRELL, PEGGY ANN, Trussville, Soph., Home Economics, Triangle, Pep Squad . . . HARRIS, ANN CAROL, Montgomery, Fr., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . HARRIS, BETTY ANN, Jackson, Miss., Fr., Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . HARRIS, CHARLES PUTMAN, Mobile, Jr., A8tS, Phi Gamma Delta, Corolla Staff, Publicity Chairman, Corolla Beauty Ball . . . HARRIS, DAVID MARLIN, Montevallo, Fr., Education, Million Dollar Band, Orchestra . . . HARRIS, ELEANOR LOUISE, Selma, Fr., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad . . . HARRIS, FAITH, Little Rock, Ark., Fr., Commerce, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA. Row Six: HARRIS, HUGH BENNETT, JR., Bessemer, Fr., ASS, Delta Chi . . . HARRIS, JAMES ZACK, Slocamb, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . HARRIS, JOHN LEWIS, Dothan, Soph,, ASS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pep Squad . . . HARRIS, MARY JOYCE, Birmingham, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . . HARRISON, BETTY JO, Mobile, Jr., ABS, Blacktriars . . . HARRISON, E. BRUCE, Lanett, Jr., A8tS, Pi Kappa Phi, Assistant Sports Editor, Crimson-White, Wesley Foun- dation, Press Club, Pep Squad . . . HARRISON, JUNE, Columbiana, Fr., ASS, Phi Mu, Wesley Foundation . . . HARRISON, OSCAR LEE, Opp, Fr., A8tS. Row Seven: HARTLEY, THOMAS GARDINER, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ABS, Kappa Sigma . . . HARTMAN, DONNA LORRIANE, Mobile, Fr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Pep Squad . . . HARTSOOK, RICHARD MCCRATH, Demopolis, Soph., ABS, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . HARVEY, ANN C., Oneonta, Jr., Chemistry . . . HARVEY, MARY MARGARET, Guntersville, Fr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Press Club, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . HARWELL, DAVID C., Andalusia, Fr., ABS, Pi Kappa Phi, Baptist Student Union, Pep Squad . . . HARWELL, SAM ROMINE, JR., Flomaton, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Wesley Foundation . . . HASTY, TURNER SKROUNGE, Linden, Jr., A8tS, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row Eight: HAVARD, JOAN E., Mobile, Soph., Education, Delta Gamma . . . HAYES, HELEN FLOYD, Clanton, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Women's Spirit Committee . . . HAYS, LAURA CLAIRE, Springhill, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee . . . HAYS, SARAH ELIZABETH, Montgomery, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Triangle, YWCA . . . HEAD, JOHN FRANKLIN, Roanoke, Fr., Commerce, Chi Phi . . . HEAPS, CARLOS EDWIN, Birming- ham, Soph., Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . HEINZ, ULLMA ELIZABETH, Selma, Jr., ABS, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . HELD, JACK EUGENE, Anniston, Jr., Commerce, Vice-President, Zeta Beta Tau, Rammer Jammer Advertising Manager, Druids. Row Nine: HENDERSON, WILEY PHILLIP, Flomation, Jr., Commerce . . . HENDERSON, WILMA JEAN, Honolulu, Hawaii, Jr., ABS, Secretary, Alpha Phi, Vice-President, Panhellenic, Vice-President, Spanish Club, Sigma Delta Pi . . . HENDRICKS, JOHN B., Soph., Engineering, Theta Chi . . . HENDRICKS, NANCY WAYNE, Athens, Jr., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Blacktriars . . . HENLEY, EDMOND DARBY, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . HENNIS, PAUL LOUIS, Hillside, N. J., Fr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . HENNIGAN, JOHN A., JR., Sheffield, Jr., Commerce . . . HENRY, ELAINE, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit Committee, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club. Row Ten: HENSON, HARRELL LEE, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce . . . HEREFORD, JAMES AUGUSTUS, JR., Lorraine, Ohio, Jr., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega . . . HERNDON, CHARLOTTE JONES, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Alpha Delta Pi, Swan Club, Dance Club . . . HERRIN, JAMES N., Hunts- ville, Fr., Commerce, Alabama Independents Association, Wesley Founda- tion, Rho Alpha Tau . . . HERRING, JANICE ELAINE, Whistler, Fr., Education . . . HESS, DANIEL, JR., New York, N. Y., Jr., Commerce, WABP, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . HEWES, MARTHA RUTH, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Phi Mu, Corolla Staff, Pep Squad . . . HEWETT, GLYNIS ELIZABETH, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Home Economics. Haas Hadaway Hager Haguewoad Halwamis Hall, E. Hall, F. Hall, G. C. Hall, G. W. Hall, G. E. Hall, J. Hall, M. A. Hall, M. Hall, N. Hull, R. Halliday Hamilton Hammett, A. Hammett, W. Hamrick Hanahan Hannon Harbin Hare Hardagree Harden Hardy Harkavy Harkins, C. Harkins, M. S. Harkins, M, J. Harper, C. Harper, N. Harrell Harris, A. Harris, B. Harris, C. Harris, D. Harris, E. Harris, F. Harris, H. Harris, J. Z. Harris, J. L. Harris, M. Harrison, B. Harrison, E. Harrison, J. Harrison, O. Hartley Hartman Hartsoolc Harvey, A. Harvey, M. Harwell, D. Harwell, S. Hasty Havard Hayes Hays, I.. Hays, S. Head Heaps Heinz Held Henderson, W Henderson, W Hendricks, J. Hendricks, N. Henley Hennis Hennigan Henry Henson Hereford Herndon Herrin Herring Hess Hewes Hewett ,,.v.ww-4-ll MW MANY STUDENTS ENJOYED JASON'S Row One: HICKMAN, MARY JO, Pulaski, Tenn., Jr., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Blacktriars, Canterbury Club, YWCA . . . HIGHTOWER, PRICE, Birmingham, Fr., ASKS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Wesley Foundation . . . HILDRETH, EDWARD CARPENTER, Wilmette, III., Jr., ABS, Sigma Chi, Press Club, Canterbury Club, Crimson-White Stott . . . HILL, CONNIE, Dothan, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Wesley Foundation and Choir, Caroline Hunt Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Junior American Association ot University Women, Pep Squad . . . HILL, DOROTHY C., Scottsboro, Soph., Education . . . HILL, JAMES CARL, JR., Montgomery, Soph., ASS, Phi Gamma Delta, Pershing Rifles . . . HINSHAW, CAROLYN MARGARET, Huntsville, Soph., Home Economics, Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship . . . HIRSHBERG, BOBBIE ANN, Nashville, Tenn., Fr., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad. Row Two: HITSON, CHARLES FRED, Greenville, Soph., A8iS, Phi Kappa Sigma, Baptist Student Union . . . HOCHMAN, MARCIA ANN, Mobile, Fr., A815 . . . HOCK, JOSEPH R., JR., New York, N. Y., Jr., Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, American Institute ot Industrial Engineers . . . HODGES, BILLY, Bessemer, Fr., ASQS, Kappa Sigma, Men's Spirit Committee . . . HODGES, LYNN P., Baytown, Texas, Jr., ABS, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma . . . HOLIMAN, BETTY JEAN, Greenville, Miss., Jr., ABS, Chi Omega, YWCA, Press Club . . . HOLLAND, ROSE, Anniston, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Tri- angle, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . HOLLEY, DOROTHY VIRGINIA, Narthport, Jr., ASS, Delta Zeta, Baptist Student Union, Choral Union. Row Three: HOLLEY, JO ANN, Loxley, Soph., Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Pasteur Society, Alchemist Club . . . HOLLIMAN CHARLES D., Vernon, Soph., Commerce . . . HOLLIMAN, DAN CLARK, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Delta Chi, Alpha Phi Omega . . . HOLLIMAN, JOSEPHINE REED, Huntsville, Jr., Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, Future Teachers ot America . . . HOLLIS, EVA HELEN, Birmingham, Fr., ASQS, Pep Squad, Swan Club . . . HOLLIS, JAMES HUBERT, Brantley, Jr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . HOLLIS, JANE GRAHAM, Sulligent, Dancing cheek to cheek! Try walking under .,., ....-we TELEVISION SET IN AIA LOUNGE Fr., Education, Delta Zeta, Wesley Foundation, Debating Team, Future Teachers ot America, YWCA . . . HOLLIS, NORMAN EUGENE, Florence, Fr., Education, Freshman Basketball. Row Four: HOLLOMON, JOHNNY PERRY, Dothan, Jr., A8tS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pep Squad . . . HOLMES, BROOX GARRETT, Foley, Soph., ASQS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . HOLTZCLAW, MARLAN E., Birmingham, Jr., ASS . . . HOOD, LEE, Gadsden, Jr., ABS, Alpha Delta Pi, Spanish Club, Canterbury Foundation, Crimson-White Staff . . . HOOD, MARTHA ADELAIDE, Montgomery, Soph., A8iS, Chi Omega, Press Club, YWCA, Crimson-White Statt . . . HOOKS, BOBBY DON, Gadsden, Soph., A8iS, Pi Kappa Phi, Wesley Foundation . . . HOOPER, CARMAN THOMAS, III, Brownsville, Tenn., Jr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Philos . . . HORN, BARBARA, Columbiana, Jr., ABS, Baptist Student Union, University Religious Council, Varsity Debate Squad, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad. Row Five: HORNBECK, NEITA, Sylacauga, Jr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Spirit Committee, Rammer-Jammer Business Secretary . . . HORNE, KENNETH C., Birmingham, Jr., A815 . . . HORTON, ANN, Tuscaloosa, Fr., A8iS, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Women's Spirit Com- mittee . . . HORTON, MARY FRANCES, Fort Payne, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, American Association ot University Women, Librarians in Training, Future Teachers at America . . . HORTON, MELISSA KATRINE, Montgomery, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . . HORVATH, JOSEPH E., New Brunswick, N. J., Fr., A815 . . . HOUGHTON, ANTHONY CHARLES, Miami, Fla., Fr., Engineer- ing, Track Squad . . . HOUSE, MARY BREVARD, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Pep Squad. Row Six: HOWARD, MARIE JOYCE, Sweetwater, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, President, Caroline Hunt Club, President, Baptist Student Union . . . HOWELL, PHOEBE ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Fr., Home Economics, Delta Gamma, Caroline Hunt Club, Canterbury Foundation . . . HUBBS, PEGGY ANN, Birmingham, Soph., Chemistry, Delta Zeta, Swan Club, Women's Spirit Committee . . . HUDSON, RONALD BOYD, Birmingham, Fr., Com- merce . . . HUDSON, THOMAS R., Birmingham, Jr,, Engineering, American lnstitution ot Electrical Engineers, Pershing Rifles, Engineering Council, Wesley Foundation . . . HUFF, CLARENCE YOUNG, JR., Bessemer, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . HUGHES, EDMUND WINSTON, Birmingham, Jr., ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice President, Blacktriars, Press Club . . . HUGHES, TOMMY, Troy, Fr., ASKS, Kappa Sigma, Football. Row Seven: HUMPIDGE, ROBERT WEBSTER, Savannah, Ga,, Jr., Engi- neering, Phi Gamma Delta . . . HUNDLEY, KENNETH ONEAL, Monroeville, Soph., Engineering, Vice President, Phi Kappa Sigma, Wesley Foundation . . . HUNDLEY, RUBE ROLAND, Enterprise, Soph., ASS . . . HUNT, BARBARA ANN, Boaz, Fr., Education, Delta Zeta . . . HUNT, CLAIRE, Boaz, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, Future Teachers at America, YWCA . . . HUNTER, CATHERINE COLEMAN, Bluefield, Jr., A8-S, Alpha Phi, Black- triars, German Club . . . HUNTER, GRAY HUDSON, Anniston, Soph., Com- merce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . HURLBURT, LUCILLE, Falls Church, Va., Jr., A8tS, Phi Mu, Philos, Pep Squad, Choral Union. Raw Eight: HURST, BETTY ALLEN, Opp, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . HYANS, EDWARD MALCOLB, III, Newark, N. J., Fr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . HYTKEN, EDITH MAE, Leland, Miss., Fr., ABKS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . INGE, WALTER HARNDON, JR., Mobile, Soph., AHS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . INGE, WILLIAM BULLOCK, JR., Mobile, Soph., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . .INGLETT, ANN, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., ASS, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Corolla Stott, Pep Squad . . . IGNATIUS, ELLEN MORRIS, Huntsville, Jr., A8tS, Chi Omega, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad . . . INMAN, KATHRYN, Gadsden, Jr., Education. Row Nine: INMAN, MARY FRANCIS, Parola, Soph., Education . . . IRVINE, GEORGE RICHARDSON, JR., Mobile, Soph., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . ISAACS, PAULINA, Selma, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club . . . ISBELL, JOHN E., JR., Alabama city, Fr., Ass, Theta Chi . . . IVY, HYRLE, JR., Jr., Education . . . JACKSON, ANNE MINOR, Eutaw, Jr., A8tS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Philos, Canterbury Club, Triangle . . . JACKSON, DARMA KAYE, Kodiak, Alaska, Fr., ASS, Alpha Xi Delta, President, Osband Hall . . . JACKSON, CAROLYN ANN, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Dream Girl oi Delta Sigma Phi. Row Ten: JACOBSON, PERCY, New Orleans, Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . JAFFE, SIDNEY, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Kappa Nu . . . JANKOVICH, BILL, Fr., Chemistry . . . JARRELL, JACK HERMAN, Lanette, Fr., A8iS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . JARVIS, CARLOS GAIL, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Rammer-Jammer, Student Gov- ernment Association . . . JAYNE, JOHN HARRIS, Birmingham, Jr., A8tS, JEAN, ANITA SYLVIA, Huntsville, Fr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . JENKINS, ROBERT SETH, Moulton, Fr., ABS, Sigma Phi Epsilon. vi 'Y' if K' . , vi gr Q ...M :I Hickman Hightower Hildreth Hill, C. Hill, D. Hill, J. Hinshaw Hirshberg Hitson Hochman Hack Hodges, B. Hodges, L. Holiman Hclland Holley, D. Holley, J. Hollimon, C Holliman, D Holliman, J Hollis, E. Hollis, J. H Hollis, J. G Hollis, N. Holloman Holmes Holtzclaw Hood, L. Hood, M. Hooks Hooper Horn Hornbeck Horne Horton, A, Horton, M. Horton, M. Horvath Houghton House Howard Howell H ubbs Hudson, R. Hudson, T. Huff Hughes, E. Hughes, T. Humpidge Hundley, K Hundley, R Hunt, B. Hunt, C. Hunter, C. Hunter, G. Hurlburt Hurst Hyans Hytken Inge, W. H Inge, W. B Inglett Ignatius Inman, K. Inman, M. Irvine Isaacs Isbell Ivy Jackson, A Jackson, D Jackson, C Jacobson Jaffe Jankovitch Jarrell Jarvis Jayne Jean Jenkins "MAKE GATORS MOAN" WAS SELECTED FOR THE 1951 HOMECOMING SLOGAN Row One: JENSEN, SARAH, Daphne, Jr., A8tS, Theta Upsilon . . . JERNIGAN, BETTY CLAIRE, Brewton, Jr., A8tS, Delta Gamma, YWCA . . . JERNIGAN, THOMAS FONDE, JR., Houston, Texas, Soph., A8tS, Kappa Alpha . . . JOHN, ANNE, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Triangle . . . JOHNSON, CLAIRE, Clayton, Soph., A8tS, Chi Omega, University Debate Team . . . JOHNSON, HOYT, Vina, Fr., Commerce . . . JOHNSON, JAMES DOUGLAS, Reform, Jr., Engineering, Sigma Nu, Cadet Officers' Club . . . JOHNSON, JAMES H., Tuscaloosa, Fr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi. Row Two: JOHNSON, JAMES RAY, Attalla, Soph., Commerce Pi Kappa Phi, Pershing Rifles . . . JOHNSON, RALPH STUART, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . JOHNSON, RAY COWART, Anding, Miss., Jr., A8tS, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . JOHNSON, ROSEMARY, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Army Regimental Sponsor, Swan Club . . . JOHNSON, SYLVIA S., Birmingham, Fr., Home Economics, Delta Gamma, Caroline Hunt Club, A. R. O. T. C. Sponsor . . . JOHNSTON, FRED FATHEREE, Enterprise, Jr., A8tS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . JOHNSTON, JESSIE, Brundidge, Soph, A8tS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . JOHNSTON, MARTHA ANN, Vicksburg, Miss., Jr., Edu- cation, Delta Delta Delta, Pep Squad, YWCA. Row Three: JONES, AMOS MUNROE, Dothan, Jr., A8tS, Sigma Nu . . . JONES, BILLY JOE, Chickasaw, Fr., A8tS, Theta Chi . . . JONES, CHARLES THOMAS, Demopolis, Fr., A8tS, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . JONES, CLEO G., Detroit, Soph., Home Economics . . . JONES, FRANK W., Selma, Soph., Commerce . . . JONES, JACQUELINE, Gadsden, Soph. A8tS, Alpha Chi Omega, Triangle, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Corolla . . . JONES, JAMES ROYCE, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., Commerce, Chi Phi . . . JONES, KATHLEEN, Birmingham, Jr., A8tS, Phi Mu, WSGA President, I95I-52, YWCA, Pep Squad, Board of Publication, Student Life Com- mittee, Committee on Academic Conduct, Freshman Representative, WSGA T949-50, Sophomore Representative, WSGA I95O, Triangle. Row Four: JONES, LLOYD FRANKLIN, Demopolis, Soph., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . JONES, MARIETTA LANGDON, Birmingham, Jr., A8tS, Kappa Delta, President, Theta Sigma Phi, Press Charleston! Charleston! im, -.T A ' Club, Crimson-White Staff . . . JONES, PAUL EVERETT, III, Courtland, Fr., ASTS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Homecoming Committee, Wesley Foundation, Corolla Beauty Ball, Decoration, Business Staff, Corolla . . . JONES, ROBERT WILEY, Hartselle, Jr., ABS, Theta Chi, WABP . . . JONES, WALTER F., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Canterbury Club . . . JORDAN, JOHN RAY, Mobile, Fr., Engineering, Theta Chi, Million Dollar Band, University Symphony Orchestra . . . JORDAN, WILLIAM F., Tuscaloosa, Fr., ASLS . . . JOSEY, EMMA SUE, Castleberry, Soph., Education, Baptist Student Union. Row Five: JOWERS, SUE, Wetumpka, Jr., Education, Secretary, Alpha Chi Omega, Future Teachers of America, YWCA, Women's Spirit Com- mittee . . . JOYCE, FRANK T., Birmingham, Jr., ASS, Phi Delta Theta . . . JOYNER, WILEY COMER, JR., Mobile, Soph., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . JUDICE, MARY JANE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education, Triangle, Desciples Student Fellowship . . . JUMP, MARIAN RUTH, Augusta, Ga., Fr., Nursing, Theta Upsilon, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . KAHN, G. B., Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Office Manager, I952 Corolla, Secretary, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Pershing Rifles, I95l Homecoming Committee, Interfraternity Council, Philos, i950 Chairman, Stepsinging . . . KANTER, JEROME JOSEPH, Oneonta, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu . . . KARPETAS, PANEGIOTOS G., Greece, Fr., Engineering, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Row Six: KATZ, SANDRA FRANCINE, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Pep Squad . . . KAUFFMAN, ROBERT DAVID, Severna Park, Md., Jr., A8tS, Delta Sigma Phi . . . KEARLEY, KATHERINE, Mobile, Soph., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Triangle, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Future Teachers of America . . . KEARNEY, JOHN DAVID, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Theta Chi . . . KEASLER, L. C., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce . . . KEEL, JEAN LOY, Green- ville, Miss., Fr., ASQS . . . KEENAN, LUCY JOYCE, Birmingham, Jr., A8tS, Pi Beta Phi, Triangle, Pep Squad, French Club . . . KEITH, JUDY MARGARET, Mobile, Fr., Chemistry, Pi Beta Phi. Row Seven: KELLEY, CHARLES A., Altoona, Pa., Soph., ASS, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . KELLEY, FRED, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . KELLY, HARRY LEE, Parkin, Fr., A8tS, Alabama Independents Asso- ciation . . . KENNEDY, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Tuscaloosa, Fr., A8tS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Newman Club, Pep Squad . . . KENNEDY, PATRICIA LOUISE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education, Pi Beta Phi, Triangle, Newman Club . . . KENNEMER, THOMAS OAKLEY, JR., Athens, Fr., ASQS, Theta Chi, Million Dollar Band . . . KENT, KARLIN, Columbus, Miss., Fr., Home Economics, Chi Omega, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . KEOWN, ROBERT THEODORE, Rossville, Ga., Fr., Engineering. Row night: KESSLER, HELEN JEANEVIE, Leesburg, Fla., Fr., ASKS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Pep Squad . . . KETTLER, CHARLES JOSEPH, JR., Luverne, Fr., A8tS, Sigma Nu, Rho Alpha Tau . . . KIDD, JAMES VERNON, JR., Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Phi Delta Theta, French Club . . . KILLEBREW, VIVIAN, Anniston, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Baptist Student Union, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA . . . KILLIAN, BETTY, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . . KILLETTE, JIM, Birmingham, Fr., Engi- neering, Kappa Sigma . . . KIMBROUGH, ELIZABETH ANN, Thomasville, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America, YWCA, Junior American Association of University Women, Wesley Foundation . . . KING, ARTHUR MARSHALL, New Orleans, La., Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau. Row Nine: KING, BETTYE JEAN, McMinnville, Tenn., Fr., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Crimson-White Staff, Women's Spirit Committee, Hillel Foundation . . . KING, BRYNLEY G., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . KING, CHARLOTTE, Gadsden, Jr., A815 . . . KING, MADELINE, Goshen, Jr., A8tS, Kappa Pi . . . KIMBROUGH, DAN, Alexander City, Soph., ASS, Million Dollar Band . . . KINNEBREW, WILLIAM ROBERT, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Alpha . . . KIRBY, NAN MONTEREY, Birmingham, Fr., A8tS, Phi Mu, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . KIRK, MARY FAITH, Thomasville, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Caroline Hunt Club, Commerce Association, Junior American Association of University Women, YWCA, Wesley Foundation. Row Ten: KLEIN, JACK, Cranford, N. J., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . KLINE, IRA HARRIS, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Hillel Foundation . . . KLOESS, LARRY H., JR., Harrison, N. Y., Soph., A8tS, Theta Chi, German Club . . . KLOTZ, CAROLINE STEINAU, Napoleonville, La., Soph., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, WABP, Hillel Foundation, Pep Squad . . . KLOTZMAN, BETTY ANN, Montevallo, Soph., ASQS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, Pep Squad, Rammer Jammer Staff . . . KNIGHT, MARTHA, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America . . . KNOX, W. H., Mobile, Jr., A8tS, Delta Sigma Phi . . . KOHAN, GLORIA, Omaha, Neb., Jr., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation. Jensen Jernigan, B. Jernigan, T. John Johnson, C. Johnson, H. Johnson, J. Johnson, J. Johnson, J. Johnson, R. Johnson, R. Johnson, R. Johnson, S. Johnston, F. Johnston, J. Johnston, M Jones, A. Jones, B. Jones, C. T. Jones, C. G Jones, F. Jones, J. Jones, J. R. Jones, K. Jones, L. Jones, M. Jones, P. Jones, R. Jones, W. Jordan Jordon Josey Jowers Joyce Joyner Judice Jump Kohn Kanter Karpetas Katz Kauffman Kearley Kearney Keasler Keel Keenan Keith Kelly Kelley, F. Kelley, H. Kennedy, M Kennedy, P. Kennemer Kent Keown Kessler Kettler Kidd Killebrew Killian Killette Kimbrough King, A. King, B. J. King, B. G. King, C. King, M. Kimbrough Kinnebrew Kirby Kirk Klein Kline Kloess Klotz Klotzman Knight Knox Kohan WABP IS THE LARGEST CAMPUS-WIRED RADIO STATION IN THE NATION Row One: KORPUS, ARTHUR ELI, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pep Squad . . . KRETZER, CAROLE LEIGH, Florence, Fr., ABS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . KUENZEL, POLLY, Ann Arbor, Mich., Soph., A84S, Delta Gamma, Swan Club, Triangle, Women's Student Government Association, Board of Directors . . . LACEY, BARBARA JEAN, Fairfield, Fr., Commerce . . . LACEY, DAVID W., Birmingham, Jr., A8iS, Delta Chi . . . LACEY, BOBBY, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Wesley Foundation . . . LACY, WILLOUGHBY ECHOLS, Wetumpka, Fr., ASLS, Kappa Alpha . . . LACKEY, FRED THOMAS, JR., Reform, Jr., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Westminster Fellowship. Row Two: LANCASTER, DAVE CALDWELL, Harrisburg, Pa., Fr., Com- merce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . LANCASTER, MARY ALICE, Harrisburg, Pa., Fr., Education, Alpha Xi Delta . . . LANE, NANELLEN, Sylacauga, Jr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Maiors Club, Junior American Association of University Women, Wesley Foundation, Swan Club . . . LANE, WILLIAM RISON, JR., Huntsville, Jr., ASKS, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . LANGSTON, JOE LEONARD, Brownville, Jr., ASS, Delta Chi . . . LAPIOUS, RICHARD MALCOLM, Birmingham, Soph., ABS . . . LARKINS, RALPHENE, Brewton, Jr., Education, Delta Gamma . . . LARGE, U. S., JR.: Blfmlnghqmi Fr., A8:S, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rifle Team, Philos, Pershing Rifles, French Club, Pep Squad. Row Three: LARRIMORE, JAMES WALLACE, Dickinson, Soph., ASS . . . LASETER, EARNEST P., Montgomery, Fr., ASQS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Band , . , LATIMER, KAROL RUTH, Geneva, Jr., Education, Kappa Delta, Historian, YWCA, Triangle, Treasurer . . . LAVENDER, SYDNEY LEACH, Greensboro, Soph., ASS, Sigma Nu . . . LAW, MILTON DANNELLY, Wetumpka, Fr., Education, Kappa Alpha . . . LAWLER, PATRICIA JANE, Mobile, Fr., ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Spirit Committee . . . LAWLEY, ARCY IRA, JR., Mobile, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . LAWLEY, WILLIAM DAVIS, Tuscaloosa, Fr., A8tS, Phi Kappa Sigma. is sw Row Four: LAWRENCE, BETTY JAYNE, Chattanooga, Tenn., Soph., A8.S, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Spanish Club, Dance Club, Crimson-White Staff, Dance Club . . . LAWRENCE, GEORGE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Engineering, Theta Xi . . . LAZARUS, AARON, Brewton, Saintly iam session Hap-pee New Year! W gina, ..-f 1.-ca W,..fa,,,mg-1a:s 1-a,x,w-aww-Ita-f. :,.afa.1f.,..,,....a..-iasannr Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . LAZARUS, SYLVIA ROSE, Brewton, Soph., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Committee . . . LAZENBY, KARL MIMS, Monroeville, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Crimson-White Staff . . . LEA, MARTHA ETHEL, Birmingham, Soph., ASQS, Alpha Phi, Blackfriars, Triangle, Press Club, Crimson-White Staff, Baptist Student Union, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee . . . LEADER, JEROME STUART, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Rammer Jammer Staff, WABP Staff . . . LEATHERBURY, FRANCES CAROLYN, Mobile, Fr., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA. Row Five: LEDBETTER, JAMES HOWARD, Florence, Jr., ASS, Phi Gamma Delta, Crimson-White Staff . . . LEE, MARGARET LOUISE, Frisco City, Jr., Commerce, Delta Zeta, Caroline Hunt Club . . . LEE, RUFUS, Eufaula, Jr., A8tS, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, German Club . . . LEEDS, JERRY ROBERT, Forest Hills, N. Y., Jr., ABS, Zeta Beta Tau . . . LEPOW, NORMAN ROY, New Orleans, La., Soph., A8tS, Zeta Beta Tau . . . LEPP, BASIL MERIDITH, Birmingham, Soph., Engineering, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Rho Alpha Tau . . . LESLIE, OWEN CECIL, JR., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . LESSER, LEWIS, Lawrence, N. Y., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, Commerce Association, Pep Squad. Row Six: LESTER, SARAH K., Mobile, Fr., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA . . . LETSON, KATIE JOY, McCalIa, Fr., A845 . . . LEVECK, CARLA, Starkville, Miss., Soph., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, WABP . . . LEVENSON, ANNETTE HARRIET, Salisbury, N. C., Fr., Com- merce, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . LEVINE, MURRAY STANLEY, Stanford, Conn., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . LEVY, JANIS ELLEN, Alexandria, La., Soph., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . LEWIS, EDGAR MILTON, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Nu, Canterbury Foundation . . . LEWIS, JAMES, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Engineering, Theta Xi. Row Seven: LIEBESKIND, ROBERT SHELDON, Mobile, Fr., A8tS, Kappa Nu, Treasurer, Rho Alpha Tau . . . LIGHTFOOT, ANNE WHITFIELD, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Philos, Triangle, Caro- line Hunt Club, Westminster Fellowship . . . LIGHTSEY, NETTIE KATHRYN, Centerville, Soph., Education, Delta Zeta, Future Teachers of America, Women's Spirit Committee, Wesley Foundation . . . LILLICH, GEORGE GIBSON, Birmingham, Fr., ABS, Chi Phi . . . LINDSEY, JEAN GAY, Florence, Jr., ABS, Chi Omega . . . LINDY, JANE GOLDA, Jackson, Tenn., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Com- mittee, Commerce Association, IZFA . . . LINDY, MONA JOYCE, Columbus, Miss., Soph., ASS, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Philos, Blackfriars, Women's Spirit Committee . . . LING, JOY, Bessemer, Fr., Education, Phi Mu, YWCA. Row Eight: LISCHKOFF, HAROLD PHILLIP, Birmingham, Soph., Com- merce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Corolla Staff Photographer, Camera Club, Rammer-Jammer, IZFA, Hillel Foundation . . . LITWIN, BERT, Jasper, Fr., Ass, Sigma Alpha Ma, Rho Alpha raa . . . LLOYD, Joi-IN STAMPS, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . LOBEL, BERNARD BENNETT, Shreveport, Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . LOCKE, MARGARET ALLEN, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Spirit Committee . . . LOCKE, MARGARET MARIE, St. Petersburg, Fla., Soph., A8.S, Newman Club, Modern Dance Club . . . LOEB, BEVERLY ANN, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., ABS, Hillel Foundation, Crimson-White Staff . . . LOGAN, JOHN H., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Alpha Phi Omega, Society of American Military Engineers, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Chem- ical Society, St. Pat's Society, Alchemist. Row Nine: LOGAN, TOMMY A., Birmingham, Fr., A8tS, Kappa Sigma, Men's Spirit Planning Committee, Pep Squad . . . LOLLAR, MARY KATHRINE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad . . . LONG, QUINTA SUE, Smithville, Miss., Soph., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad . . . LONG, SUE ANN, Montgomery, Soph., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Westminister Fellowship, YWCA . . . LONGNECKER, CHARLES GEYER, Amory, Miss., Jr., ABS, Sigma Chi, Druids, Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . LONGSHORE, THOMAS LAWRENCE, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . LOOMIS, CONSTANCE DIANE, Enterprise, Fr., Education . . . LORBERBAUM, DONALD CHARLES, Woodmere, N. Y., Fr., ABS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation. Row Ten: LOVOY, JOSEPH TERRENCE, Selma, Jr., Commerce, Band, Cadet Officers Club, Newman Club . . . LOWE, BEN SIMON, Albany, Ga., Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . LOWERY, MARGARET RAOUL, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Home Economics, Delta Zeta . . . LOWERY, NELL FRANCES, Fairfield, Soph., Education, Phi Mu, Triangle, YWCA . . . LUCAS, EMMA ANN, Russellville, Jr., Chemistry, Alpha Gamma Delta, Philos, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Commitee, YWCA . . . LUCKADO, PHILLIP BRAGG, Roanoke, Va., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . LUCKIE, KEN, Selma, Soph., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . LUNA, JUNE, Huntsville, Soph., ASS. 'R' gr. .4 rw, .5 . A Zii K 1 'W 1. J 5? QQ F, .. ix-R wx ,,... SN 'RV QW' Korpus Kreizer Kuenzel Lacey, B. Lacey, D. Lacy, B. Lacy, W. Lackey Lancasfer, D. Lancaster, M Lane, N. Lane, W. Langston Lapidus Larkins Large Larrimore Lasefer Latimer Lavender Law Lawler Lawley, A. Lawley, W. Lawrence, B. Lawrence, G Lazarus, A. Lazarus, S. Lazenby Lea Leader Leaiherbury Ledbetfer Lee, M. Lee, R. Leeds Lepow Lepp Leslie Lesser Lesfer Lefson Leveck Levenson Levine Levy Lewis, E. Lewis, J. Liebeskind Lighffoof Lightsey Lillich Lindsey Lindy, J. Lindy, M. Ling Lischkoff Lilwin Lloyd Lobel Locke, M. A. Locke, M. M. Loeb Logan, J. Logan, T. Lollar Long, Q. Long, S. Longnecker Longshore Loomis Lorberbaum Lovoy Lowe Lowery, M. Lowery, N. Lucas Luckado Luckie Luna SORORITIES SUCCESSFULLY CARRIED Row One: LUSK, LOUIS B., Guntersville, Soph., ASS, Kappa Alpha, Pershing Rifles, Phi Eta Sigma . . . LUSTBERG, MARTIN, North Bergen, N. J., Soph., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . LUTZ, HARTWELL BORDEN, Huntsville, Soph., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Commerce Association, Westminster Fellowship Council, Men's Glee Club, Pep Squad . . . LYERLY, ROBERT WELLINGTON, Wetumpka, Soph.,-Engineering, Sigma Nu . . . LYON, SHIRLEY, JEAN, Nashville, Tenn., Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Rammer-Jammer Staff, WABP . . . MCADAMS, CAROLYN DOUGHTY, Reform, Jr., Education . . . MCADORY, WILLIAM KENNON, Tuscaloosa, Jr., A8tS, Kappa Alpha . . . McALILEY, PEGGY ANNE, Headland, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Foundation, YWCA. Row Two: McALISTER, ELIZABETH, Tampa, Fla., Jr., Chemistry, Alpha Phi, Westminster Fellowship . . . MCBRYDE, JOHN ANDERSON, Talladega, Fr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . MCBRYDE, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Dothan, Jr., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . McBRYDE, PATRICIA ANNE, Selma, Soph., Home Economics, Delta Gamma . . . McCALL, ALLEN LAW, Monroeville, Soph., ASQS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . McCALL, DOY LEALE, Monroeville, Fr., A8tS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . MCCAI-I-UM, SHIRLEY ANN, Newport News, Va., Soph., A8-S . . . MCCLAIN, MARY SUE, Alabama City, Fr., Education, Baptist Student Union. Row Three: McCLELLAN, ROBERT B., Springville, Jr., A84S, Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad . . . MCCLINTOCK, PAUL GRAHAM, JR., Gadsden, Fr., A8tS, Phi Gamma Delta . . . MCCOLLUM, DOUGLAS ROBERT, Kenmore, N. Y., Jr., A8iS, Theta Xi, WAPB . . . MCCONNELL, MARY E., Livingston, Soph., Education, YWCA , . . MCCORMICK, DAVID RICHARD, Havertown, Pa., Soph., ABS, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . McCOY, ELIZABETH ANN, Montgomery, Soph., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA . . . MCDONALD, ALLAN JEFFERSON, Roanoke, Soph., Commerce, Chi Phi, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad . . . MCDONALD, PAYTON RAY, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Track. Row Four: McELROY, ANDY, Attalla, Soph., ASQS, Kappa Sigma . . . MCGAUGHY, MARY MARTHA, Tupelo, Miss., Jr., ALS, Chi Omega, YWCA Hurry-my clate's downstairs .-an-' I need two more quality points J... , BAMA'S FIRST PRE-SCHOOL RUSH . . . McKEE, ROBERT C., Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce, Theta Xi, Million Dollar Band, Philos . . . McKIBBEN, JUSTIN M., Humbodlt, Tenn., Jr., Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma . . . MCKINNEY, ROBERT L,, Stevenson, Soph., A8tS, Press Club, German Club, Philos, Crimson-White Staff MCKINNON, JANE, Troy, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Ra-mrrier: Jammer Business Staff . . . MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS EUGENE, Fairfield, Jr., ASS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Crimson-White, Press Club, Wesley Founda- tion, Sigma Delta Chi . . . MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS HALL, JR., Silas, Soph., ASLS, Pi Kappa Phi, Pershing Rifles, Crimson-White Staff. Row Five: MCLEAN, CAROL, Millbrae, Calif., Fr., ASIS, Crimson-White . . . MCLELLAN, HUBERT RAE, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . MCLENDON, BETTY JANE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Chemistry, Alpha Chi Omega, Pasteur Society . . . MCLURE, JOE H., JR., Arlington, Va., Jr., A8tS, Kappa Sigma, Druids, Westminister Fellowship . . . MCMILLAN, WILLIAM G., Montgomery, Soph., A81S, Delta Tau Delta, Inter-fraternity Council Representative . . . MCMULLIN, DAVID D., Birmingham, Soph., A8rS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . MCMURRAY, JEAN, Roanoke, Soph., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . MCNEAL, FRANCIS CAROLINE, Tuscaloosa, Jr., A8tS, Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Pi. Row Six: McNELLEY, DONALD BENAGH, Montgomery, Fr., A8tS, Sigma Nu . . . MCPEAKE, FRANCES MANELLE, Dothan, Soph., Education, Alpha Phi, Philos, Canterbury Club . . . MCRAE, MADELYN LOUISE, Birmingham, Soph., A8tS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Triangle, Panhellenic Council, Choral Union . . . McRAE, SUE FAY, Northport, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Caroline Hunt Club . . . McTYRE, NANCY RUTH, Birming- ham, Soph., Education, Phi Mu, YWCA, Future Teachers of America . . . MCVOY, WILLIAM JORDAN, Birmingham, Soph., A8tS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . MCWHIRTER, JACK, Mobile, Jr., Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta . . . MCWHORTER MARY LOUISE' Gaylesville Jr A845 Ka a , , 1 -2 f PP Delta, YWCA. Row Seven: MACKAY, ROBERT CARROLL, Columbia, Miss., Fr., A8tS, Sigma Chi, Corolla Staff, Canterbury Club . . . MACKERETH, ESTHER JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Triangle, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . MACON, BILLIE JANE, Wetumpka, Jr., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Future Teachers of America . . . MACON, BLANDTON, Aliceville, Soph., A8tS, Alpha Delta Pi . . . MACON, CLARIS LENORA, Mobile, Fr., Chemistry, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Pasteur Society . . . MADISON, DOROTHY ANN, Charleston, S. C., Soph., ABS, Chi Omega . . . MAFFETT, WILLIAM CHARLES, Florence, Jr., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega . . . MAHONEY, GEORGE, Huntsville, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. Row Eight: MAJURE, RICHARD GENE, Gadsden, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Basketball . . . MAJURE, OSCAR LAMAR, Guntersville, Soph., A8tS, Alpha Tau Omega, Pershing Rifles, Westminster Foundation, Pep Squad, Assistant Director . . . MAJURE, WILLIAM COLQUETT, Oneonta, Fr., A8fS, Alpha Tau Omega, Welsley Foundation, Crimson-White Staff . . , MALLETTE, REESE EWELL, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Tau Beta Pi, American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers . . . MANCIL, GEORGIA A., Andalusia, Soph., Education , . . MANDEVILLE, MILDRED ANNE, Mobile, Fr., A8tS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, French Club, Canterbury Club . . . MANLEY, RICHARD S., Eppes, Jr., Commerce, Delta Chi, Cheerleader, Chi Alpha Phi . . . MANN, ROBERT, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. Row Nine: MARANOFF, HARRIETT, Jackson, Tenn., Fr., ASIS, Hillel Foundation, Pep Squad . . . MARCEY, JACK R., Arlington, Va., Fr., Education, Kappa Sigma . . . MARDER, RITA MURIEL, Asheville, N. C., Fr., AZLS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . MARGOLIN, RAZELLE, Memphis, Tenn., Fr., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Committee . . . MARKOWITZ, FRANCINE CLAIRE, Miami Beach, Fla., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau, Women's Spirit Committee, Hillel Foundation . . . MARR, TOMMY MARSHALL, Marion, Jr., Engineering . . . MARSHMALL, HOWARD ANDREW, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Pershing Rifles, Delta Sigma Pi . . . MARSHBURN, DARRI STUART, Mont- gomery, Soph., ABQS, Alpha Delta Pi, ROTC Sponsor, Modern Dance Club, Blackfriars. Row Ten: MASON, LOIS, Huntsville, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Triangle, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad, Corolla, Treasurer, Caroline Hunt Club, Home Economics Representative to Student Government Association . . . MARTIN, ANNE, Montgomery, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta . . . MARTIN, CONSTANCE JACQULYN, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Chemistry, Alpha Phi, Pasteur Society, Westminster Fellowship, Pep Squad . . . MARTIN, GAIL, Clayton, Fr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . . MARTIN, JANE, Meridian, Miss., Jr., Education, Delta Gamma, Baptist Student Union, YWCA . . . MARTIN, KAY VANDYKE, Parkersburg, W. Va., Fr., Chemistry, Delta Gamma . . . MARTIN, REX, Brewton, Fr., ASLS, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . MARTIN, WENDELL, Bessemer, Fr., A8tS, Philos. Lusk Lusiberg Lufz Lyeriy Lyon McAdams McACiory McAliiey McA!ister McBryde, J McBryde, M McBryde, P McCall, A. McCall, D. McCallum McClain McClellan McClintock McCollum McConnell McCormick McCoy McDonaid, McDonald, McElory McGaugl'1y McKee McKibben McKinney McKinnon McLaughlin Mclaughlin McLean Mclellan McLendon Mclure McMillan McMuHin McMurray McNeal McNelly McPeake McRae, M. McRae, S. McTyre McVoy McWI'1ir?er McWhor1er Mackay Mackerefh Macon Macon, B. Macon, C. Madison Maffef Mahoney Maiure Maiure, O. Maiure, W. Malieife Mancil Mandeville Manley Mann Maranoff Marcey Marder Margolin Markowitz Marr Marshall Ma rshburn Mason Marfin Mariin, C. Marlin, G. Martin, J. Martin, K. Mariin, R. Martin, W. 1952 SAW BAMA CHEERLEADERS IN ACTION AT HOME BASKETBALL GAMES Row One: MARTIN, D. YVONNE, Mobile, Jr., Education, Delta Gamma . . . MATHEWS, BARBARA ANN, Jasper, Soph., Chemistry, Chi Omega, Triangle, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Pasteur Society, Alchemist Club, Pep Squad . . . MATHEWS, MARY, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Disciples Student Fellowship, Pep Squad . . . MAULDIN, BEVERLY MARGARET, Memphis, Tenn., Soph., ASIS, Pi Beta Phi, YWCA . . . MAULDIN, ROY, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad, St. Pat's Society, Bama Day Committee . . . MAXWELL, FREDA TURNSTALL, Tuscaloosa, Soph., ASS, Kappa Delta, Canterbury Club . . . MAXWELL, MARY FRANCES, Northport, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, Wesley Foundation, Future Teachers of America . . . MAXWELL, RUBY BELCHER, Northport, Jr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Spirit Com- mittee, Corolla Staff. Row Two: MAY, RAYMOND B., Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . MAYER, JEANNE MARIE, Ferriday, La., Soph., ASIS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . MAYFIELD, WALTER PATTON, Alexander City, Fr., A8rS, Chi Phi, Wesley Foundation . . . MEADOWS, CLARENCE GORDON, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pershing Rifles, Student Government Association, Commerce Association, Cotillion Club, Baptist Student Union, Business Manager, Corolla Beauty Ball . . . MEEKS, WAYNE A., Aliceville, Jr., ASQS, Kappa Alpha, West- minister Fellowship, Quadrangle, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Uni- versity Religious Council . . . MEGGINSON, GEORGE WILLIAM, Thomas- ville, Jr., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega . . . MELLOWN, DAVID CLAY, Livingston, Fr., ASIS . . . MELLOWNE, ELGIN WENDALL, JR., Livingston, Soph., ASS. Row Three: MELINIKOFF, MARVIN, Passaic, N. J., Fr., A8rS, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . MENEFEE, GUSSIE JULE, Shorter, Fr., Chemistry . . . MENEFEE, SUANNE, Shorter, Jr., Chemistry, Treasurer, Wesley Foundation, Vice-President, Pi Tau Chi, Pasteur Society, Pep Squad . . , MERIWETHER, ANN MCPHERSON, Eutaw, Jr., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, West- minster Fellowship . . . MERKL, SARA LOUISE, Lincoln, Jr., Education . . . MERKL, PEGGY ANNETTE, Lincoln, Jr., Education . . . MERRILL, CARL ALLEN, Heflin, Jr., Education, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . MERRITT, It's everybody's show .m 1.1-qrfsel. , JACQUELINE CLAIRE, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., CQ . Al I, ph: N Club, Spanish Club. mmerce p O I' ewmcn Row Four: MESK, SANFORD ALAN, Newark, N. J., Soph., Commerce- Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel Foundation . . . METZGER, CLARE, Mobile, Soph., ASS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Blackfrairs, WAPB, Promotions Director . . . MILLER, ATWILL LAMAR, JR., Dothan, Jr., ABS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rho Alpha Tau . . . MILLER, BARBARA ANN, Birmingham, Soph., ASLS, Phi MU: Triangle, YWCA - - - MII-I-ER, JACK: Mobile, Fr., Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Football . . . MILLER, MARILYN, Birmingham, Jr,, A8rS, Pi Beta Phi: Wesley FOUHCIOTIOH, Pep Squad, Vocal Ensemble . . . MILLER, MARY ELEANOR, Hillsboro, III., Fr., ABS, Pi Beta Phi, Debate Squad, YWCA, Future Teachers of America . . . MILLER, BOB, Huntsville, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. Row Five: MILLER, ROBERT AUBREY, seime, Jr, Ass, Kappa Aipiw, Druids, Pershing Rifles . . . MILLER, SUE, Russellville, Soph,, Home ECO. nomics, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . MILLS, EVELYN, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Nursing . . . MILLS, OSCAR, Ozark, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . MILLSTEIN, PERRYE IRENE, Jackson, Miss., Fr., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Com- mnfee . . . MINER, ELIZABETH coLLAMoRE, sr. Petersburg, He., Jr., Nursing, Pi Beta Phi . . . MITCHELL, CRAIG C., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Delta Sigmf-1 Phi: Alpha Phi Omega, Pep Squad, Men's Spirit Committee, Commerce Association, lnterfraternity Council . . . MITCHELL, MARY KATHRYN, Birmingham, Soph., Nursing, Alpha Phi, Baptist Student Union, Pep Squad. Row Six: MIXSON, CHARLES ANDREW, Birmingham, Soph., A8tS, Phi Gamma Delta . . . MOHAN, JOHN FRANCIS, Chatham, N. J., Jr., Com. merce, Delta Chi, Varsity Track, Varsity Cross Country . . . MONEY, ANDREW CHARLES, Shorterville, Jr., A81S, Pi Kappa Phi . . . MONTGOMERY, JAMES MoRToN, Birmingham, Jr., Ass, Delta rm, Delta, Assistant Editor, Rammer Jammer, Student Legislature, Alabama Quadrangle, Druids, Campus Chest, AFROTC Cadet Officers Club Council, Pershing Rifles, Westminster Fellowship, Council, Press Club, Kappa Pi . . . MONTGOMERY, MAURENE, Moundville, Jr., ASQS, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit Committee, Crimson-White Staff . . . MOOG, MARILYN, Atlanta, Ga., Soph., Education, Band, Hillel Foundation, Crimson-White Staff . . . MOONEY, JACK, Birmingham, Fr., Engineering, Kappa Sigma . . . MOORE, A. ELWYN, Electric, Soph, Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi. Row Seven: MOORE, DONNEITA CARVER, Granville, Tenn., Soph., Education, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . MOORE, JAMES SAMUEL, Montgomery, Soph., ABLS, German Club, Alabama Independent Association, Photography Club , . . MOORE, JOHN FRANK, Montgomery, Soph., Education, Phi Gamma Delta, Band . . . MOORE, ONEIDA WINGFIELD, Selma, Fr., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship . , . MOORE, ROBERT AVERY, Cullman, Soph., Engineering, Theta Chi, Million Dollar Band, University Symphony Orchestra, American Institute of Electrical Engineers . . . MOORE, SYLVIA JOHNSTON, Piedmont, Fr., Chemistry, Delta Zeta, Newman Club, Pasteur Society . . , MORGAN, BETTY JUNE, Piedmont, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, Treasurer, Wesley Foundation, Future Teachers of America . . . MORGAN, WILLIAM E., JR., Birmingham, Fr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pershing Rifles, Wesley Foundation, Rho Alpha Tau, Beauty Ball Committee. Row Eight: MORGAN, MARGARET RUAN, Macon, Ga., Soph., Education, Phi Mu, Triangle, Swan Club, Canterbury Club, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, YWCA . . . MORGAN, SARA, Selma, Jr., A84S, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . MORGANSTEIN, WILLIAM, Brooklyn, N. Y., Soph., Com- merce, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . MORLEY, ROBERT SHERMAN, Cranford, N. J., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . MORRILL, JOY FRANCES, Caswell, Jr., A845 . . . MORRING, JACK, Harvest, Fr,, A845 , . , MORRIS, CHARLES EUGENE, Birmingham, Soph., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . MORRIS, DONALD LAURENS, Birmingham, Soph., ASQS, Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, YMCA, Pep Squad. Row Nine: MORRIS, HERBERT CLAYTON, Perth Amboy, N, J,, Com. merce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Alpha Phi Omega, Hillel Foundation, IZFA . . . MORRIS, JIM WILLIAM, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers . . . MORRIS, PAUL, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce , , . MORRIS, ROBERT LEWIS, JR., Elkmont, Jr., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta . . . MORRIS, WILLIAM HEBRON, Jackson, Miss., Jr., AGS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intramural Debate . . . MORROW, MARGARET EDWYNA, Bessemer, Soph., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club . . . MORTON, WILLIAM THOMAS, Midway, Fr., Education, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . MOSLEY, EDWARD HOLT, Thomaston, Jr., Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Row Ten: MOSES, BOBBY CHARLES, Oneonta, Jr., AZLS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . MOSKOW, JACK, Swedesboro, N. J., Jr., ASLS, Hillel Foundation, Million Dollar Band . . . MOTT, BURTON H., JR., Huntington, West Va., Jr., Commerce, Delta Chi, Commerce Association . . . MOTTER, DONALD MERLE, Covington, Ohio, Jr., ASKS, Treasurer, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pep Squad, Cadet Officers Club, American Institute of Mechanical Engineers . . . MOUNTFORD, BETTY JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Phi . . . MOZLEY, DANIEL HERBERT, Boaz, Jr., Engineering, Ameri- can Institute of Electrical Engineers . . . MUHAW, FRANK, Passaic, N. J., Jr., Engineering, American Foundry Society . . . MUIR, AUDREY JEAN, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pep Squad, Future Teachers of America, YWCA, Canterbury Club. Morlin, Y. Mafliews Maflhews Mculclin, B Mauldin, R. Maxwell Maxwell, M. Maxwell, R. Moy Moyer Mayfield Meadows Meeks Megginson Mellown Mellowne Melnilxoff Menefee Menefee, S. Meriwether Merkl Merkl, P. Merrill Merrill Meskin Melzger Miller, A. Miller, B. Miller, J. Miller, M. Miller, M. E. Miller, R. Miller, R. A. Miller, S. Mills Mills, O. Millstein Miner Mircl-nell, J. Milchell, M. Mixson Molxan Money Montgomery Monfgomery M Moog Mooney Moore, A. Moore, D. Moore, J. S. Moore, J. F. Moore, O. Moore, R. Moore, S. Morgan Morgan, B. Morgan, M. Morgan, S. Morgensfein Morley Morrill Morring Morris, C. Morris, D. Morris, H. Morris, J. Morris, P. Morris, R. Morris, W. Morrow Morton Moseley Moses Moskow Moll Moffer Mounlford Mozley Mulwaw Muir Maw SGA CONDUCTED BLOOD DRIVE IN Row One: MULDER, CAROLYN, Wetumpka, Soph., Home Economics, Delta Gamma, Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club . . . MULDROW, MARY, Jasper, Soph., Home Economics . . . MULLINS, MARY ELIZABETH, Clanton, Jr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . MUNRO, HUGH PETTIS, Mobile, Jr., Ass, Pi Kappa Phi , . . MURBACH, MARY Louise, Mobile, Soph., Education, Alpha Xi Delta, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship . . . MURPHY, JOY, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Tri- angle, Phi Chi Theta . . . MURPHY, GAY, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Triangle, Phi Chi Theta . . . MURPHY, PATTIE JEAN, Centreville, Jr., Education, Baptist Student Union. Row Two: MURRAY, MARGARET, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA . . . MURRAY, BILLIE ANNE, Columbus, Ga., Jr., Education, Kappa Delta . . . MYERS, SALLY: Tampa' FIG., Fr.: Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Swan Club . . . MYRICK, MARGARET ELIZEBELLER, Dadeville, Soph., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Future Teachers of America . . . NALE, CLARA LOUISE, Huntsville, Jr., Commerce . . . NASH, SAMUEL THOMAS, JR., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cadet Officer's Club, Business Manager, Rammer-Jammer, Druids . . . NEAL, KATHERINE, MARGARET, Columbus, Ga,, Jr., ASS, Alpha Delta Pi . . . NEEBLING, FRED, Cran- ford, N. J., Fr,, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. Row Three: NETTLES, GEORGE CLAY, Monroeville, Soph., ASQS, Alpha Tau Omega, Tau Kappa Alpha . . . NETTLES, WILLIAM R., Birmingham, Soph., Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad, Westminster Fellowship . . . NEWMAN, GRAYDON LEONARD, Birmingham, Jr., Wesley Choir, Pershing Rifles . . . NEWSOME, DREWEL G., Phenix City, Jr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Honor Committee, Student Government Association, Cadet Officer's Club . . . NEWTON, ELEANOR JANE, Fayette, Fr., Chemistry, Band . . . NEY, JULIAN JOSEPH, Birmingham, Fr., A8-S, Zeta Beta Tau . . . NICHOLAS, FELIX CREIGHTON, Monroeville, Soph., Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Wesley Founda- tion, Second Vice-President, Fraternity, St. Pat's Society . . . NICHOLS, DONALD RAY, Decatur, Soph., Engineering. We also hire out Some kids! CONJUNCTION WITH THE RED CROSS Row Four: NICHOLS, GEORGE W., JR., Chickasaw, Jr., A8tS, Theta Chi, Circulation Manager, Crimson-White, Cotillion Club, Interfraternity Council . . . NICHOLS, WILLIAM MARION, Nicholsville, Fr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . NOBLE, JOHN BORDERS, JR., Montgomery, Soph., Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Druids, Westminster Fellowship . . . NOBLIN, ELIZABETH CLAIRE, Geneva, Soph., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA , . . NORDAN, CURTIS M., Montgomery, Jr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Commerce Association, Wesley Foundation . . . NORDAN, EDGAR MAJORS, Hueytown, Bessemer, Jr., A8tS, Phi Kappa Sigma, Air Force Cadet Officers Club . . . NORMAN, JOHN WESLEY, JR., Kansas City, Mo., Jr., Engineering, Varsity Basketball . . . NORRIS, ROBERT WHEELER, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi. Row Five: NORTON, ANNE MARIE WINDY, Birmingham, Jr., ASS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Spirit Committee . . . NORTON, MARTHA MCPHERSON, Tuscaloosa, Fr., A8tS, Kappa Delta, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . NORWOOD, JEAN EILEEN, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Wesley Foundation . . . NUNIS, JIMMY BLANSETT, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . NUSSBAUM, BARBARA ANN, Dermott, Ark., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Committee, Commerce Association . . . NYLUND, THOMAS CASEY, Great Neck, Long Island, N. Y., Jr., Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, Varsity Track Squad, Institute of Aeronautical Science, Rifle Team . . . OAKLEY, JOHN HOLLIS, Columbia, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Nu . . . OAKLEY, MARGARET, Columbia, Fr., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club. Row Six: OBERSCHMIDT, GRETCHEN, Brookhaven, Miss., Fr., Chemistry, Alchemist Club . . . O'CONNER, KATHLEEN, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Swan Club, Pep Squad, Westminster Fellowship, Physical Education, Majors Club, Modern Dance Club . . . OGBURN, JOY ELISE, Bessemer, Soph., A8pS, Delta Delta Delta . . . O'HARA, DIANE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Caroline Hunt Club . . . OHRBACH, MELVIN H., Lawrence, N. Y., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . OHWERTHER, ROBERT GEORGE, Freehold, N. J., Jr., A8iS . . . OKEL, JAMES LEROY, Montgomery, Soph., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, President, Phi Eta Sigma, Million Dollar Band, Symphony Orchestra . . . OLDACRE, WILLIAM ALBERT, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau, St. Pat's Executive Council, Men's Spirit Committee, Alpha Kappa Psi, Homecoming Committee, Commerce Association, Pep Squad. Row Seven: OLDSHUE, JERRY CLYDE, Sulligent, Soph., Education . . . OLDSTONE, MICHAEL ALAN, Bronx, N. Y., Jr., A8pS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation . . . OLENSKY, FABIAN, Mobile, Soph., Education, Kappa Nu, WABP Staff . . . OLIVER, HENRY MCCARTY, Montgomery, Jr., A8tS, Pi Kappa Phi, Million Dollar Band, Alabama Cavaliers . . . OLIVER, PATRICIA, Castleberry, Jr., Chemistry.. Triangle, Treasurer. American Chemical Society, Pep Squad, Baptist Student Union . . . OLIVER, WILLIAM CONNER, Panola, Fr., Education, Kappa Alpha . . . OLSON, JOYCE, Temple City, Calif., Jr., Home Economics . . . O'NEILL, EDWARD JOSEPH, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Sigma. Row Eight: OPPENHEIM, PAULINE MARIE, Miami Beach, Fla., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . OPPENHEIMER, MAXWELL B., New York, N. Y., Jr., A8tS, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, Inter-Religious Council . . . ORDON, MYRA HELEN, Pensacola, Fla., Fr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . O'REAR, BETTY RUTH, Jasper, Jr., A8pS, Press Club, Crimson-White Staff . . . O'REAR, SARA ANN, Carbon Hill, Soph., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Triangle . . . ORZEL, ANDREW JOHN, Center Rotland, Vt., Soph., A8tS, Recorder, Sigma Nu . . . OSBORNE, ROBERT LEE, Bridgeport, Fr., Education . . . OSWALD, LUCY HARPER, Atlanta, Ga., Soph., ABLS, Pi Beta Phi, Press Club, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Pep Squad, Crimson-White Staff. Row Nine: OWENS, JAMES J., Empire, Fr., A8tS, Pi Kappa Phi, Crim- son-White Staff . . . OWENS, JAMES KING, JR., Gordo, Jr., Commerce, Pershing Rifles, Wesley Foundation, Commerce Association, Pep Squad, ROTC Silve Star . . . OWENS, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Gant, Fr., A8.S, President, Photography Club, Westminster Fellowship, Press Club, French Club, Crimson- White Staff . . . OWINGS, NANCY EMERSON, Mont- gomery, Fr., Education, Phi Mu, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship, Swan Club, Dormitory Sports Chairman . . . OWSLEY, JAMES HAROLD, Opelika, Soph., ASS, Alpha Tau Omega, Million Dollar Band . . . OWSLEY, WILLIAM R., Montgomery, Soph., Education, Delta Tau Delta, Head Drum Maior, University Symphony Orchestra . . . PACTOR, JOHANNA FELDMAN, New Orleans, La., Soph., Home Economics, Hillel Foundation . . . PALMER, ELIZABETH CADE, Tuscaloosa, Jr., A8tS, Kappa Delta, Triangle, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship. Row Ten: PALMER, WILLIAM GRANT, Hartford, Soph., Commerce . . . PALMERLEE, ALYCE LOUISE, Huntsville, Fr., Education, Delta Tau Delta, Pep Squad . . . PALMES, ROBERT THOMAS, Mobile, Fr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Homecoming Committee . . . PARISH, BETTY LORRAINE, Huntsville, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta . . . PARKEL, CHARLES OLIVER, Hueytown, Jr., A8pS, Theta Chi, Cadet Officer's Club, Pep Squad, Asso- ciate Member, Sigma Pi Sigma . . . PARKER, JACK, Uniontown, Soph., A8tS, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, A8pS, i950-Sl, Spanish Club, Canterbury Club . . . PARKER, MARGARET ANN, Montgomery, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Cotillion Club, Caroline Hunt Club, Canterbury Club, Corolla Favorite, '49, '50, '5l, Pep Squad . . . PARKER, PRUITT STANLEY, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Pershing Rifles. '11 i rw K1 an 97' 'nm W gs v, dv' in 62 .. ' fs.. 17" ' x . ,l ffl :nb Mulder Muldrow Mullins Munro Murbacli Murphy, J. Murphy, G. Murphy, P. Murray Murray, B. Myers Myrick Nale Nash Neal Neebling Nelfles, G. Nellles, W. Newman Newsome Newton Ney Nicholas Nichols, D. Nichols, G. Nichols, W. Noble Noblin Nordan, C. Norclan, E. Norman Norris Norlon, A. Norton, M. Norwood Nunis Nussbaum Nyland Oakley, J. Oakley, M. Oberschmidt O'Conner Oglaurn O'Hara Ohrbach Ohweriher Okel Oldacre Oldshue Oldsfone Olensky Oliver, H. Oliver, P. Oliver, W. Olsen OlNeill Oppenheim Oppenheimer Orclon O'Rear, B. O'Rear, S. Orzel Osborne Oswald Owens, J. I. Owens, J. K Owens, W. Owings Owsley, J. Owsley, W. Pactor Palmer, E. Palmer, W. Palmerlee Palmes Parish Parlcel Parker, J. Parker, M. Parker, P. DR. GALLALEE WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT Row One: PARKER, WALTER E., Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . PARNELL, HAYES, Leeds, Jr., ASLS, Kappa Sigma . . . PARRISH, JAMES NORMAN, Birmingham, Fr., Engineering, Sigma Chi . . . PARSONS, ELSIE CAROLYN, Gadsden, Fr., ASS, Hillel Foundation . . . PARSONS, JOSEPH L., JR., Birmingham, Soph., ASIS, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Druids, Vestryman, Junior Warden, Canterbury Episcopal Student Center . . . PARSONS, ROBERT ELLIS, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Spirit Planning Committee . . . PARTRICH, MARY ANN, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education . . . PARTRIDGE, VIRGINIA, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Caroline Hunt Club, Wesley Foundation. Row Two: PASK, DONALD, Elizabeth, N. J., Soph., Engineering, Ala- bama lndependent Association . . . PASS, MARIE ANNE, Birmingham, Fr., A84S, Alpha Xi Delta, Crimson-White Staff, YWCA . . . PATE, PATRICIA ANN, Castleberry, Jr., AAS . . . PATERSON, DALE ROYCROFT, Union, N, J., Soph., Chemistry, Pi Kappa Phi, Track . . . PATRICK, FELIX A., Columbus, Ga., Soph., A81S, Delta Tau Delta, Philos . . . PATRICK, PAYTON PAUL, Birmingham, Fr., ABS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pershing Rifles . . . PATTERSON, WYNONA, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education, YWCA . . . PATTON, PATSY, Tuscaloosa, Fr., ASIS, Delta Zeta. Row Three: PATTY, NANCY STONE, Yazoo City, Miss., Jr., Education, Pi Beta Phi, Library Science Club, YWCA, Future Teachers of America . . . PAYNE, MARTHA, Franklin, Tenn., Fr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . PEARSON, PATRICIA, Mobile, Soph., ASLS, Alpha Delta Pi, Blackfriars, Modern Dance Club . . . PEDALINO, MICHAEL DONALD, South Orange, N. J., Jr., Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . PELTZ, HERBERT BERNARD, Tupelo, Miss., Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Assistant Advertising Manager, Crimson-White, Assistant Business Manager, Home- coming Magazine, Business Manager, "Press Notes", Press Club, Alpha Phi Omega . . , PENFIELD, MARCIA JOHANNA, Tuscaloosa, Fr., ASLS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA . . . PERDUE, RAMON, Montgomery, Soph., ASLS, Delta Tau Delta, Corolla Sales Staff, Homecoming Committee . . . PERKINSON, WILLIAM GORDON, JR., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha. Petting larceny ' ' s 8??2f' 'i Mal OF SOUTH EASTERN CONFERENCE Row Four: PERRY, JEAN D., Birmingham, Fr., Education, Pi Beta Phi, Future Teachers of America, Wesley Choir, Freshman YWCA . . . PERRY, MARY ARLINE, Birmingham, Fr., Education, Chi Omega . . . PERRY, POLLY ANN, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Pi Beta Phi, Wesley Choir, Future Teachers ot America, YWCA . . . PETER, EDWARD TURBERVILLE, Mobile, Jr., ASLS, Sigma Chi, Rho Alpha Tau . . . PETERSON, TOM, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Wesley Foundation, Ameri- can lnstitute ot Electrical Engineers . . . PETREY, PAUL ADRIAN, JR., Florala, Soph., A8:S, Pi Kappa Phi, Wesley Foundation, Pep Squad . . . PETTY, JAMES WARD, Selma, Soph., ASIS, Phi Delta Theta, Rifle Team . . . PETTY, RAYMOND ALLEN, Montgomery, Jr., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, St. Pat's Society, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Row Five: PEVSNER, SHELDON SOLOMON, Hattiesburg, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Rho Alpha Tau, Hillel Foundation, Druids . . . PHILLIPS, JIMMY NEIL, Empire, Fr., ABQS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . PHILLIPS, PHYLLIS FAYE, Montgomery, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . . PHILPOT, POLLY NASH, Live Oak, Fla., Jr., Education, Wesley Foundation . . , PICHELMAYER, CHARLES ANDREW, Cullman, Jr., Commerce, Treasurer, Theta Chi, Pep Squad . . . PICKENS, KATHERINE DELIA: Birmingham, Jr., Education . . . PICKETT, DOROTHY YOUNG, Fairfield Highlands, Soph., ABS, Delta Zeta, YWCA, Westminster Fellow, ship . . . PIERCE, BETTY LOUISE, Jacksonville, Fla., Soph., ABS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Wesley Choir, YWCA. Row Six: PIERCE, JOHN VERNON, Woodbourne, N. Y., Soph., ASLS, Sigma Alpha Phi, Spirit Committee, lnterfraternity Council . . . PIERCE, PAUL RODGERS, Louisville, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Chi . . . PIERSON, OLIVER BROWN, Tuscaloosa, Fr., ABS, Rho Alpha Tau, Blacktriars . . . PINES, ALAN HOWARD, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . PINKSTON, JAMES WARREN, Alexandria, Va., Soph., ABS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Druids, Corolla Beauty Ball Committee, Men's Glee Club, Press Club, Pep Squad, Baptist Student Union, Crimson-White Staff . . . PINSON, CYNTHIA GAIL, Gadsden, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta . . . PIPER, ROBERT GRANT, Glassport, Pa., Soph., Engineering . . . PITLICK, ANTA MIRIAM, Marianna, Fla., Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Caroline Hunt Club, Hillel Foundation. Row Seven: PITTS, CAROL MARGUERITE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., ASQS, Delta Gamma, Choral Union, Wesley Foundation, French Club, YWCA . . . PITTS, JON WILL, Clanton, Soph., ABS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wesley Foundation, Vocal Ensemble . . . PLATT, CARLYNE JOY, Memphis, Tenn., Fr., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Women's Spirit Committee, Hillel Foun- dation, IZFA . . . PLATT, HARVEY JAY, Jamaica, N. Y., Soph., ASLS, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . PLOWDEN, KATHERINE, Rio De Janerio, Brazil, Soph., ABS, Delta Gamma, YWCA, CrimsonfWhite Staff , . . PORCH, MARTHA SUE, Waverly, Tenn., Jr., Commerce, Chi Omega, YWCA . . . POSEY, CHARLES BERNARD, Leeds, Jr., Commerce . . , POWELL, BETTY LARUE, Atmore, Fr., Commerce, YWCA, Commerce Association. Row Eight: POWELL, CHARLES M., Tuscaloosa, Soph., Engineering . . . POWELL, CORNELIA STRONG, Huntsville, Fr., Home Economics, Chi Omega, Freshman YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . POWELL, DOROTHY ANNE, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Women's Spirit Committee, Alabama Independent Association . . . POWELL, DOUGLASS, Huntsville, Soph., ABS, Chi Omega, Triangle . . . POWELL, GRAHAM MASON, Eirmingham, Jr., ASLS, Theta Chi . . . POWELL, JANET, Elizabeth, N. J., Fr., Commerce . . . POWELL, RICHARD HELMES, III, Tuskegee, Fr., ASKS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . , POWELL, THOMAS ALVIN, Selma, Soph., ASLS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Canterbury Foundation. Row Nine: POWERS, BARBARA, Birmingham, Fr., Home Economics, Delta Gamma . . . PRATER, ANN ELIZABETH, Decatur, Ga., Fr., Chem- istry, Delta Zeta, Wesley Foundation, Alchemists Club . . . PRATER, JAMES OTIS, Reform, Soph., Education, Pi Kappa Phi, Pershing Rifles . . . PRICE, ANN POWELL, Ocala, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Delta Pi, Triangle . , . PRICE, MARY FRANCES, Opp., Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Caroline Hunt Club . , . PRICE, PAUL B., Cartaret, N. J., Fr., Commerce, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Blacktrairs, University Theater . . . PRICKETT, VIRGINIA, Columbia, Tenn., Soph., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Spirit Committee, YWCA . . . PRINCE, MARY ANN, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce. Row Ten: PRINE, JOHN, Irvington, Soph., ABS, Phi Kappa Alpha, Wesley Choir , . . PROCTOR, BETTIE RAWLS, Enterprise, Fr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA . . . PROCTOR, JOHN FRANKLIN, Scottsboro, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Chi, Pep Squad, Distinguished Military Student . . . PROODIAN, GEORGE H., Stoneham, Mass,, Jr., ASS . . . PROPST, ROBERT BRUCE, Gadsden, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . PROPST, WILLIAM DONALD, Tuscaloosa, Fr., AGS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Press Club, Crimson-White Sports Statt . . . PROUT, WILLIAM SYLVESTER, Demopolis, Soph., ASS, Phi Gamma Delta, Rammer-Jammer Business Statt , . . PRUQTT, DAVID, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Wesley Foundation, Corolla Beauty Ball Committee, Homecoming Committee. Parker, W. Parnell Parrish Parsons, E. Parsons, J. Parsons, R. Partrich Partridge Pask Pass Pate Paterson Patrick, F. Patrick, P. Patterson Patton Patty Payne Pearson Peolalino Peltz Penfield Perdue Perkinson Perry, J. Perry, M. Perry, P. Peter Peterson Petrey Petty, J. Pe'ty, R. Pevsner Phillips, J. Phillips, P. Philpot Pichelmayer Pickens Pickett Pierce, B. Pierce, J. Pierce, P. Pierson Pines Pinkston Pinson Piper Pitlick Pitts, C. Pitts, J. Platt, C. Platt, H. Plowden Porch Posey Powell, B. Powell, C. M Powell, C. S Powell, D. A Powell, D. Powell, G. Powell, J. Powell, R. Pcwell, T. Powers Prater, A. Prater, J. Price, A. Price, M. Price, P. Prickett Prince Prine Proctor, B. Proctor, J. Proodian Propst, R. Propst, W. Prout Pruitt WW TEX BENEKE OPENED COTILLION DA Row One: PRYSOCK, GLORIA JUNE, Gary, Ind., Jr., Education, Alpha Phi . . . PULLEN, WADE HARPER, McDorough, Ga., Jr., ABS, Phi Delta Theta, lnterfraternity Council . . . PURNELL, HARRY, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rifle Team , . . PRUITT, JEAN, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Pi Beta Phi, Wesley Choir, Glee Club . . . PUTMAN, DAVID D., Greenville, S. C., Soph., Education, Varsity Basketball . . . QUARLES, BARBARA C., Tuscaloosa, Soph., Nursing . . . QUINLIVAN, JUNE MARIE, Mobile, Fr., ASQS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Spirit Committee . . . QUINN, BETTY LORENE, Quinton, Fr., Commerce. Row Two: RABY, YVONNE MARIE, Memphis, Tenn., Fr., ABS, Alpha Phi . . . RADFORD, VERA REINS, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation, Triangle . . . RAE, BILLIE C., Union, N. J., Soph., Commerce, Rifle Team, Football Team, Intermural Sports . . . RAINES, JERRY, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma , . . RAINEY, HELEN HAUK, Cullman, Soph,, Commerce, Alpha Chi Omega, Corolla Editorial Staff, Women's Spirit Committee . . . RAINS, KATHRYN LOUISE, Albertville, Fr., Education, YWCA, VVesley Foundation . . . RALLS, ERLE, Gadsden, Soph., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Druids, Homecoming Committee . . . RAMSEY, RICHARD H., Dothan, Fr., ABS, Kappa Sigma, Freshman Football. Row Three: RASCO, WILLIAM EARL, Cullman, Fr., ABS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau, Press Club, Assistant Editor, Homecoming Book, Alpha Phi Omega, Crimson-White Staff . . . RAST, LENORA, Montgomery, Fr., Commerce . . . RAWLS, ROSA, Enterprise, Fr., ABS, Chi Omega, YWCA, . . RAWSON, HUBERT E., Birmingham, Soph.,Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . RAY, DOROTHY LORELLE, Cottonwood, Jr., Nursing . . . REA, JAMES MONROE, Notasulga, Soph,, Commerce . . . REAGOR, EDDIE, Birmingham, Fr., A8,S, Kappa Sigma, Rho Alpha Tau . . . REASON, ROBERT L., Alhambra, Calif., Fr., ASQS. Row Four: REAVES, BETTY JO, Montgomery, Jr., Education, Chi Omega, Triangle, Pep Squad, YWCA . . . REED, BETTY JEAN, Bessemer, Jr., Marry her - or! IL. , Take it off! NCE SEASON AFTER TENNESSEE GAME Education, Phi Mu, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . REED, SAMUEL PAUL, Univer- sity, Jr., ASQS . . . REESE, MARY PEARL, Homewood, Jr., Education, Delta Zeta, Wesley Foundation, Future Teachers of America . . . REEVES, CHARLOTTE ANNE, Montgomery, Jr., Education, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad . . . REEVES, JACK MOORE, JR., Bessemer, Jr., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . REEVES, LEVONNE, Newton, Soph., A845 . . . REGAN, CAROLYN NAOMI, Birmingham, Fr., ABS, Pi Beta Phi, Debate Team, YWCA. Row Five: REYNOLDS, JAMES DONALD, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . RHEA, MARTHA FRANCES, Attalla, Fr., Education . . . RHODES, WILLIAM DAVID, Jefferson, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Commerce Association . . . RHYNE, ROBERT HENRY, Newbern, Soph., ABS, Pershing Rifles . . . RICE, LOUIS E., Gadsden, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Nu, Alpha Kappa Psi, lnterfraternity Council, Student Government Legislature, Homecoming Committee . . . RICH, JOHN MARTIN, Sarasota, Fla., Jr,, ABS, Zeta Beta Tau . . . RICHARDS, ELIZABETH ANNE, Mobile, Fr., Commerce, Commerce Association , . . RICHARDS, DON CLARENCE, Mountain Brook, Soph., ASS, Sigma Nu. Row Six: RICHARDSON, DONALD BECK, Galveston, Texas, Fr., ABS, Football Team . . . RIGNEY, JAMES HINDS, JR., Birmingham, Jr., ASQS, Sigma Nu, Rifle Team . . . RINEHART, FLORENCE NORMA, Marion, Soph., Education, Pep Squad, Baptist Student Union, Women's Student Govern- ment Association . . . RINGLE, MARGARET PAULINE, Brunswick, Ga., Jr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation, French Club . . . RIPS, MARYLOU, Omaha, Neb., Soph., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Women's Spirit Committee . . . RITCHEY, ALBERT, Bimingham, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Rho Alpha Tau, Pershing Rifles, Homecoming Committee . . . RITCHIE, THOMAS ALAN, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sales Manager, Rammer- Jammer, Druids, Intermural Debate, Wesley Foundation . . . RIVES, JAMES HENRY, JR., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Theta Chi, Cadet Officers Club, American Society of Civil Engineers. Row Seven: ROACH, EUNICE JOERINE, West Point, Ga., Fr., Nursing . . . ROBBINS, HURLEY H., Birmingham, Fr., Engineering, Delta Chi . . . ROBBERT, JACQUELINE ANN, New Orleans, La., Soph., ASS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Triangle . . . ROBERTS, BARBARA EARLE, Birming- ham, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . , ROBERTS, ETHELIND NORTH, Atlanta, Ga,, Fr,, ABS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . ROBERTS, EUGENE EDWARD, JR., Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, St. Pat's Society . . . ROBERTS, GEORGANNE, Eufaula, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta . . . ROBERTS, J. SUE, Eldrige, Soph,, Chemistry, Wesley Foundation. Row Eight: ROBERTSON, JOHN VERNER, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Phi Gamma Delta . . , ROBERTSON, WILLIAM RAY, Bessemer, Fr., Commerce, Delta Chi , . . ROBIN, RICHARD A., Staten Island, N. Y., Soph,, A8.S, Pershing Rifles . . . ROBIN, ROBERT JAY, Lawrence, N. Y., Fr., ASS, Sigma Alpha Mu, Crimson-White Staff . . . ROBINSON, LAURA SIDNEY, Chester, S. C., Jr., ABS, Alpha Delta Pi, Modern Dance Club, American Association of University Women, Westminster Fellowship, Pep Squad . . . ROBINSON, ROBERT, Holliswood, N. Y., Jr., A8.S, Phi Sigma Kappa, lnterfraternity Council . . . ROBINSON, SARAH NOEL, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Omicron Pi, Westminster Fellowship . . . ROCHESTER, JOHN CRAWFORD, Birmingham, Soph., ABS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row Nine: ROCKETT, ALTON, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . ROE, MEDFORD HILLEARY, Birmingham, FF., ASS, Sigma Nu . . . ROGERS, BARBARA, Albemarle, N. C., Jr., A845 . . . ROGERS, HENRY THOMAS, JR., Trussville, Soph., Commerce . . . ROGERS, JACK M., Alabama City, Soph., ASS, Kappa Sigma . . . ROOT, CHARLES ALFRED, Birmingham, Jr., ASS, Sigma Nu, Rho Alpha Tau, Cotillion Club . . . ROSE, TONY PHILLIP, Birmingham, Fr., ASS, Pi Kappa Phi, Pershing Rifles, Choral Union, Glee Club . . . ROSEN, RUTH MIRIAM, Yazoo City, Miss., Jr., Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau, Spirit Committee, Hillel Foundation. Row Ten: ROESNBAUM, HARRIET LEE, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, Hillel Foundation, IZFA . . . ROSENBLOOM, GOLDIE, Montgomery, Fr., Commerce . . . ROSENFIELD, JULIUS MORRIS, Mont- gomery, Jr., ASS, Zeta Beta Tau . . . ROSSER, JACK M., Bessemer, Soph., ABS . . . ROSSER, WILLIAM JAMES, Birmingham, Fr., A8.S, Lambda Chi Alpha, Million Dollar Band, Rifle Team . . . ROTH, LOIS, Mobile, Fr., Nursing, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . ROTH, SANDRA, Mobile, Fr., ABS, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Pep Squad . . . ROWAN, PELHAM AGEE, Anniston, Soph., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega, Crimson- White Staff. fu. Q1- .gfiki ,rl 4- em- Fr sa HN 'QW' '9- QN- eva -41" rv- -gg, . 5 lk 2 ,W Prysoclm Pullen Purnell Pruitt Putmon Quarles Quinlivcm Quinn Roby Radford Rae Raines Rainey Rains Rulls Ramsey Rosco ROS? Rowls Rowson Roy Rea Reagor Reason Reoves Reed, B. Reed, S. Reese Reeves, C. Reeves, J, Reeves, L. Regan Reynolds, J. Rheci Rhodes Rhyne Rice Rich Richords, E. Richards, D. Richardson Rigney Rinehart Ringle Rips Ritchey Ritchie Rives Roach, E. Robbins Robbert Roberts, B. Roberts, E. W Roberts, E. E Roberts, G. Roberts, S. Robertson, J Robertson, W Robin, R. A. Robin, R. J. Robinson, L. Robinson, R. Robinson, S. Rochester Rockett Roe Rogers, B, Rogers, H. Rogers, J. Root Rose Rosen Rosenbaum Rosenloloom Rosenfield Rosser, J. Rosser, W. Roth, L. Roth, S. Rowan THE RAMMER-JAMIVIER WAS MADE FINANCIALLY SOUND BY SUBSCRIPTION SALES Row One: ROWE, RICHARD, Elba, Soph., A815 . . . ROZZELLE, GLORIA ANNE, Reform, Jr., Education . . . RUBENSTEIN, STANLEY MARVIN, Milan, Tenn., Fr., ASS, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, Crimson-White Staff . . . RUBIN, HARVEY SEYMORE, Hillton Village, Va., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Men's Spirit Committee . . . RUCKER, JUANITA ANN, Mobile, Jr., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Newman Club . . . RUNNELS, ARNOLD, Petal Miss., Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta . . . RUSH, O. FINDLEY, JR., McLean, Va., Soph., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Crimson-White, Staff, "A" Book, Virginia Club, Newman Club . . . RUSHIN, JUDITH ELSBERRY, Montgomery, Fr., ASS, Chi Omega, YWCA, Press Club, Canterbury Club, Crimson-White Staff. Row Two: RUSHING, MARIE ELIZABETH, Gadsden, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Cotillion Club, Newman Club . . . RUSSELL, EDITH ANN, Florence, Soph., ASS, Chi Omega . . . RUSSELL, WILLIAM HOWARD, Valhermoso Spring, Jr., ASS, Phi Kappa Alpha . . . SALAMON, EMIL JOHN, New York, N. Y,, Fr., ASS . . . SALENFRIEND, MARTIN EUGENE, Newport, Ark., Jr., ASS, Zeta Beta Tau . . . SALL, DOROTHY ANN, Miami Beach, Fla., Soph., Education, Treasurer, Sigma Delta Tau, Inter-collegiate Debate Squad, Secretary, Panhellenic, Hillel Foundation . . . SALTER, ANNA COWART, Opelika, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA . . . SALTSMAN, DANIEL LOUIS, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Delta Chi. Row Three: SANDERS, MARTHA ANN, Dyersburg, Tenn., Jr., Education, Chi Omega . . . SANDERS, PATTY JEAN, Pickensville, Jr., Education, Rommer-Jammer . . . SANDERSON, MARY ELIZABETH, Meridian, Jr., Commerce, Delta Delta Delta, Rammer-Jammer Business Staff . . . SANDLIN, LOIS, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle . . . SAPP, NITA JUNE, Cullman, Soph., Education, Chi Omega, Triangle, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Secretary, Women's Student Govern- ment Association . . . SAUNDERS, JOHN R., Birmingham, Soph., Com- merce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . SCALES, CARRIE HORN, Livingston, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Corolla Beauty, ROTC Sponsor . . . SCALES, MYRON BRINTON, Demopolis, Jr., ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Philos. Exam cram Row Four: SCATES, GLORIA DAWN, Sheffield, Soph., ASS, Chi Omega, YWCA, Wesley Choir . . . SCHLEGEL, ROBERT EDWARD, Norfolk, Va., Jr., Commerce, Chi Phi . . . SCHLOSS, MAX, Norfolk, Va., Fr., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, Commerce Association, Pep Squad . . . SCHNEIDMAN, ALLAN IRVING, Ossonong, N. Y., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Hillel Foundation, Commerce Association, Alpha Phi Omega, Pershing Rifles . . . SHOCKETT, ARLYNE, Miami Beach, Fla., Fr., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . SCOTT, CHARLES GLENN, Montgomery, Jr., Education, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball . . . SCOTT, LOUISE, Linden, Soph., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Wesley Foundation, Women's Spirit Committee . . . SCOTT, JOHN LAWSON, Graysville, Soph., ASS, Pi Kappa Phi. Row Five: SCOTT, PEGGY JO, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Education, Delta Zeta . . . SCOTT, THOMAS CARLTON, LaFayette, Fr., ASS . . . SCREWS, MARY JOYCE, Opelika, Fr., ASQS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . SCRUGGS, JAMES R., Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Delta Chi, Million Dollar Band . . . SCUDDER, WILLIAM PARKS, Tuscaloosa, Fr., ASQS, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega . , . SCULLY, MARY LOUISE, Anniston, Soph., Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta . . . SEARCY, LUM DUKE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Blackfriars . . . SEGAL, STAN M., Kansas City, Mo., Fr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau. Row Six: SEGREST, DOUGLAS BROWARD, Tuskegee, Fr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Westminster Fellowship . . . SEGREST, HENRY NEILL, JR., Tuskegee, Fr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer, Commerce School, Westminster Fellowship . . . SELF, BILLY RAY, Owen Crossroads, Soph., Engineering, Scabbard and Blade . . . SELMAN, ELLIE JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Pep Squad . . . SEMPLE, JOSEPH MICHAEL, Erie, Pa., Jr., ASS, Sigma Chi, Newman Club, French Club, lnterfraternity Council . . . SENA, MITCHELL CHAVEZ, Pueblo, Colo., Soph., Commerce . . . SEXTON, LATTIE E., Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Bama Barbell Club, Pep Squad, Varsity Track Team, YMCA, Canterbury Club, Air Force Cadet Officers' Club . . . SCHACKLETLE, MARTHA JANE, Louisville, Ky., Fr., ASS, Chi Omega, YWCA. Row Seven: SHAMBLIN, JAMES R., JR., Tuscaloosa, Soph., ASQS, Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Baptist Student Union . . . SHANNON, PEGGY, Chevy Chase, Md., Soph., A8-S, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YVXICA . . . SHAPIRO, JOANNE BEVERLY, Augusta, Ga., Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Caroline Hunt Club . . . SHAW, JO ANN, Guin, Soph., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . SHEALY, LINDA, Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Triangle, Wesley Foundation . . . SHEARER, DON, Chickasaw, Soph., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . SHEEHAN, DOUGLAS OWEN, Montgomery, Jr., Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, American Society of Chemical Engineers, Million Dollar Band . . . SHEEHY, BRYANT NEAL, Mobile, Soph., ASS, Sigma Chi, Crimson-White Staff. Row Eight: SHELTON, BARRETT CLINTON, JR., Decatur, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha . . . SHERER, JERALD MITCHELL, Jasper, Soph., A845 . . . SHERIDAN, MILLIE, Mobile, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA . . . SHERLOCK, EUGENE CHAPMAN, Montgomery, Jr., ASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pershing Rifles, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, lnterfraternity Council . . . SHERMAN, LORA BETTY, Hazelhurst, Miss., Soph., Home Economics, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Committee, lnter- collegiate Zionist Federation of America . . . SHERRILL, JERRY FRANK, Birmingham, Soph., ASS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . SHERWIN, ROBERT E., Highland Park, Ill., Jr., Engineering, WUOA Radio Station, Vice President, American Foundrymen's Society . . . SHEILDS, REBA JUNE, Columbus, Go., Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, President, Wilson Hall, Caroline Hunt Club, Baptist Student Union. Row Nine: SHILAND, ARNOLD, Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, IZFA . . . SHIVER, WILLIAM M., JR., Frisco City, Jr., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . SHIVERS, WANDA ANNE, Bessemer, Fr., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . SHIVERS, WILLIAM ARTHUR, Bessemer, Jr., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . SHORT, MARIAN JEANETTE, Soph., ASQS, Delta Zeta, Swan Club . . . SIEGAL, TERRY BEN, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Nu . . . SILLS, BETTY JEAN, Birmingham, Fr., ASQS, Phi Mu, YWCA . . . SILVERFIELD, BARBARA LEE, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Epsilon Phi. Row Ten: SILVERFIELD, LIONEL JAY, Osceola, Ark., Soph., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Hillel Foundation . . . SIMMS, WILLIAM W., Sylacauga, Soph., Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . SINGLETON, ROBERT FRANK, Putnam, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Pershing Rifles . . . SIRMON, AMANDA LU, Daphne, Fr., Nursing, Alabama lndependent Association . . . SIZELER, SYLVIA LYNN, Memphis, Tenn., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Delta Tau, Alpha Lambda Delta, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Com- mittee . . . SKINNER, CHARLES W., JR., Tuscaloosa, Soph., Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Cheerleader . . . SLAUGHTER, ALVIN, Birmingham, Soph., AAS, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, IZFA . , , SLEDGE, GEORGE ERWIN, JR., Greensboro, Fr., ASS, Phi Gamma Delta, SGA Bulletin, Men's Spirit Committee. .is X X 'E if .3 u. 'ry .W ,FSP . cw Q W. .. W H Q L. 3 1 L ?4ii5mf57ii5lfs'52 - S iz A ykwwf N I 'lite it K5 1'5" it n 65' fl li Rowe Rozzelle Rubenstein Rubin Rucker Runnells Rush Rushin Rushing Russell, E. Russell, W, Salomon Salenfriend Sall Salter Saltsman Sanders, M. Sanders, P. Sanderson Sandlin Sapp Saunders Scales, C. Scales, M. Scates Schlegel Schloss Schneiderman Schockett Scott, C. Scott, L. Scott, J, Scott, P. Scott, T. Screws Scruggs Scudder Scully Searcy Segal Segrest, B. Segrest, N. Self Selman Semple Sena Sexton Shackletle Shamblin Shannon Shapiro Shaw Shealy Shearer Sheehan Sheehy Shelton Sherer Sheridan Sherlock Sherman Sherrill Sherwin Shields Shiland Shiver Shivers, W. A Shivers, W. A Short Siegal Sills Silverfield, B. Silverfield, L. Simms Singleton Sirmon Sizeler Skinner Slaughter Sledge JOSE LIMON AND DANCE COMPANY OPENED UNIVERSITY CONCERT SERIES Raw One: SLEPIAN, RONALD PHILIP, Kansas City, Mo., Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, Pershing Rifles, Tennis Team . . . SLEZAK, LEWIS, Axis, Soph., Engineering . . . SLUTZKY, SHIRLEY ANN, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., Commerce, Hillel Foundation, IZFA . . . SMITH, BOBBIE, Rego Park, N. Y., Fr,, Home Economics, Hillel Foundation . . . SMITH, BILLY SHELTON, Pisgah, Soph., A815 . . . SMITH, BRAXTON, York, Fr., ASS . . . SMITH, BRUCE, Warrington, Fla., Fr., Engineering . . . SMITH, CHARLES LEROY, Marianna, Fla., Soph., ABS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Row Two: SMITH, CURTIS MERRITT, Houston, Texas, Soph., A8tS, Alpha Tau Omega, Press Club, Crimson-White Staff . . . SMITH, C. RUSSELL, Montgomery, Jr., A8iS, Alpha Tau Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, President, Scabbard and Blade, Secretary, Quadrangle, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Who's Who, I952, Chairman, Campus Chest Drive, I95I, Student Legislature, Student Court, Pershing Rifles, Outstanding Pre-Med Freshman, T949 . . . SMITH, DENNIS CARROLL, Evergreen, Jr., A8tS, Sigma Delta Chi, Press Club . . . SMITH, GEORGE W., Columbus, Miss., Soph., Commerce . . . SMITH, HELEN DRIESBACH, Lathem, Jr., Chemistry, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . SMITH, HORACE GEOFFREY, Birmingham, Fr., ASS, Delta Tau Delta, WABP . . . SMITH, HUBERT GARY, Jersey City, N. J., Fr., Engineering, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . SMITH, JAMES B., Meridian, Miss., Soph., Chemistry. Row Three: SMITH, JOE A., Gadsden, Soph., A8,S, Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary-Treasurer, School of Arts and Science, Druids, Interfraternity Council, Assistant Director, Pep Squad . . . SMITH, MARGARET ANN, Selma, Soph., A8tS, Delta Gamma . . . SMITH, ILA MARIE, Pell City, Fr., ASS, Delta Gamma, Crimson-White Staff . . . SMITH, MARY JANE, North- port, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Membership Chairman, Caroline Hunt Club . . . SMITH, MURRAY THOMAS, Tuskegee, Fr., ABS, Delta Chi . . , SMITH, PEGGY JO, Starkville, Miss., Jr., Education, Chi Omega, YWCA, ROTC Sponsor . . . SMITH, ROBERT RUSSELL, Brewton, Fr., Ass, sagmq Nu . . . SMITH, sus ROBERTS, Phenix city, Jr., Ass, Delta Zeta, Wesley Foundation. Caught in the act What a night! and Row Four: SMITH, THENA MADGE, Northport, Soph., A8iS, Pep Squad . . . SMITH, WILBUR JAMES, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering . . . SMITH, WILLA, Prattville, Jr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Spirit Committee, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . SMITH, WILSON, Huntsville, Jr., A8tS, Alpha Tau Omega, Student Government Association, West- minster Fellowship . . . SMITH, WINIFRED JEAN, Huntsville, Fr., Commerce, Million Dollar Band . . . SNELLGROVE, HANNAH CASE, Gadsden, Fr., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . SNODDY, DOROTHY LOUISE, Birmingham, Jr., Chemistry, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vocal Ensemble, YWCA . . . SNODGRASS, AUGUSTA, Scottsboro, Jr., Education, Delta Gamma, Swan Club. Row Five: SNOW, BOBBY NEVILLE, Bessemer, Jr., Engineering, American Institute of Electrical Engineers . . . SORRELLS, EDWIN, Birmingham, Fr., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Corolla Beauty Ball, Homecoming Committee . . . SPANDORFER, ARLENE FAY, Norfolk, Va., Fr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Foundation . . . SPARKS, JEAN, Huntsville, Jr., Home Economics, Band Sponsor, l95l-52, Caroline Hunt Club . . . SPAULDIND, SCOTT, Macon, Miss., Jr., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega . . . SPEEG, RUTH MARIE, Macon, Ga., Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Triangle . . . SPENCER, GUY J., Huntsville, Er., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Com- merce Association . . . SPENCER, JAMES A., Bessemer, Jr., Engineering. Row Six: SPRALDING, PAUL, Birmingham, Fr., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Baptist Student Union, Corolla Beauty Ball . . . SPRUNGER, RICHARD W., University, Jr., Education . , . SPURGEON, CONNIE DOTY, Birmingham, Jr., ABS, Phi Mu, Student Government Association Legislature, Theta Sigma Phi, Junior Triangle, Press Club, YWCA, Pep Squad, Crimson-White Staff . . . SPURRIER, DONALD NELSON, Birmingham, Fr., A81S, Phi Kappa Sigma, Blackfriars . . . STACY, SAMUEL JACKSON, Centerville, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . STAGGS, JO ANN, Bessemer, Fr., Home Economics . . . STAINTON, ELIZABETH JOAN, Birmingham, Jr., Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee . . . STALLINGS, DORIS, Dyersburg, Tenn., Fr., Commerce, Alpha Phi, Million Dollar Band. Row Seven: STALLWORTH, WILLIAM PARK, Fort Payne, Fr., ABQS, Delta Tau Delta . . . STANTON, FRANK L., Chattanooga, Tenn., Soph., Com- merce, Delta Tau Delta, Pep Squad, Commerce Association, Men's Glee Club . . . STAPP, DOROTHY RUTH, Pickensville, Soph., Commerce, Tri- angle, Phi Chi Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . STEEL, MARIANNE, Ashland, Soph., Education, Phi Mu, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . STEEL, KENNETH CLARK, JR., Mobile, Fr., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Westminster Fellowship, Pep Squad . . . STEGEMEYER, F. LEE, Terrace Park, O., Soph., Commerce, Delta Chi, Canterbury Club, Pep Squad, Rammer Jammer Business Staff, Commerce Association . . . STEIN, THEODORE D., Brooklyn, N. Y., Jr., ABS, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . STEINBERG, GLORIA ANN, Tuskegee, Soph., Commerce, Triangle. Row Eight: STEPHEN, TOM HOUSER, Birmingham, Jr., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, Scabbard and Blade, Rifle Team . . . STEPHENS, KENNETH POWELL, Bessemer, Fr., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . STERN, LORA, Opelika, Jr., Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Women's Stu- dent Government Association, Junior Triangle, Future Teachers of America, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad . . . STEVENS, NEAL W., Nutley, N. J., Soph., Commerce, Delta Sigma Phi, Spirit Committee . . . STEVENS, RAE, Mobile, Jr., Education, Future Teachers of America, Dance Club . . . STEWART, DOROTHY EVELYN, Hartselle, Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Phi . , . STEWART, E. ELIZABETH, Miami, Fla., Jr., A8iS, Treasurer, Phi Mu . . . STEWART, J. W., Birmingham, Jr., ASS, Theta Xi. Row Nine: STEWART, JULIA ANN, Miami, Fla., Jr., Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Crimson-White Staff, Corolla . . . STEWART, PATRICIA ANN, Birmingham, Fr., A8,S, Alpha Epsilon Phi . . .STITT, LOIS GREEN, Cullman, Soph., Commerce, Chi Omega . . . STOLL, JANE ELLEN, Washington, D. C., Jr., Education, Treasurer, Theta Upsilon, Wesley Foundation . . . STONE, CHARLES NEIL, Birmingham, Soph., Engineering . . . STONE, JAMES C., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, Million Dollar Band . . . STRAIN, EDDIE, Bessemer, Fr., ABS, Kappa Sigma, Pep Squad . . . STRASSBURGER, JULIEN M., Montgomery, Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau, University Golf Team. Row Ten: STREET, CHARLES SHELTON, Prichard, Fr., Commerce . . . STRICKLAND, JAMES HARRIS, Fairfield, Jr,, ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Presi- dent, Press Club, Wesley Foundation, President, Pep Squad, Crimson-White Staff . . . STUART, SARA, Bishop, Texas, Fr., Education, Pi Beta Phi, Freshman YWCA, Future Teachers of America . . . STRULETZ, ELINOR HELENE, LaGrange, Ga., Fr., A8iS, Sigma Delta Tau, Corolla, Black- friars, Radio, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Committee . . . STUDDARD, JERRY MACK, Clanton, Jr., A8,S, Kappa Alpha, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Pershing Rifles . . . SUDDUTH, BILLIE JO, Birmingham, Fr., Commerce . . . SULLIVAN, SHIRLEY JEANINE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education, Alpha Xi Delta . . . SULLY, ANN LORRAINE, Tuxedo Park, N. Y., Soph., ASKS. Slepian Slezak Slutzky Smith, B. Smith, B. S. Smith, B. Smith, B. Smith, C. L. Smith, C. M Smith, C. R. Smith, D. Smith, G. Smith, H. D Smith, H. G Smith, H. Smith, J. B. Smith, J. A. Smith, M. A Smith, M. Smith, M. J. Smith, M. T. Smith, P. Smith, R. Smith, S. Smith, T. Smith, W. J. Smith, W. Smith Smith, W. J. Snellgrove Snoddy Snodgrass Snow Sorrels Spandorter Sparks Spaulding Speeg Spencer, G. Spencer, J. Spradling Sprunger Spurgeon Spurrier Stacy Staggs Stainton Stallings Stallworth Stanton Stapp Steed Steel Stegemeyer Stein Steinberg Stephen Stephens Stern Stevens Stevens, R. Stewart, D. Stewart, E. Stewart, J. Stewart, J. A Stewart, P. Stiff Stoll Stone, C. Stone, J. Strain Strassburger Street Strickland Stuart Struletz Studdard Sudduth Sullivan Sully UNIVERSITY PRESS PUBLISHED BOOKS Row One: SULTAN, MARY JANE, Asheville, N. C., Soph., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Pep Squad, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Com- mittee . . . SUMNER, DORIS JEAN, Mobile, Fr., A8,S, Phi Mu, YWCA . . . SUMRALL, OLIPHANT MALCOLM, Mobile, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Chi, lnterfraternity Council . . . SUTTON, ELBERT W., Mobile, Fr., ASYS . . . SUTTON, WILLIAM G., Springville, Fr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi . . . SWANN, ROBERT THOMPSON, Butler, Soph., Engineering, Theta Chi, Pershing Rifles . . . SWENSON, DONALD A., Fort Payne, Jr., ASS, Director, Pi Mu Epsilon, Wesley Foundation, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Cadet Officers Club . . . TALESE, GAY JOSEPH, Ocean City, N. J., Jr., ASQS, Phi Sigma Kappa, Publicity Director, Intramural League, Press Club, Sports Editor, Crimson-White. Row Two: TANKERSLEY, CAROLYN RAMONA, Sylacauga, Fr., Educa- tion . . . TARANTO, BERNARD E., Montgomery, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Pershing Rifles, Rifle Team . . . TATE, MARILYN, Haleyville, Soph., ASS, Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Spirit Committee, Westminster Fellow- ship . . . TATE, ROBERT G., Birmingham, Jr., ASQS, Kappa Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon . . . TATE, WILLIAM N., Birmingham, Soph., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . TATUM, DUKE HAMLING, JR., Elba, Jr., ASYS, Sigma Nu . . . TAUB, STANLEY, Brooklyn, N. Y., Fr., A8RS, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . TAYLOR, ARTHUR RIVERS, Ralph, Soph., ASS, Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma. Row Three: TAYLOR, BARBARA ANN, Springhill, Soph., ASQS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . TAYLOR, BEVERLY ALICE, Jackson, Tenn., Fr., Commerce, Chi Omega, YWCA, Crimson-White Staff . . . TAYLOR, HOUSTON E., Mobile, saph., Ass . . . TAYLOR, HOY LEWIS, Birmingham, Fr., A8,S, Delta Chi . . . TAYLOR, JOSEPH HERBERT, Mobile, Soph., Engineering, Engineering Club of Mobile . . . TAYLOR, KAY ANN, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., Ass, Phi Ma, YWCA . . . TERRY, BILLY RANSOME, Courtland, Fr., Education . . . TERRY, LEON D., Montgomery, Soph., A8,S, Delta Tau Delta, Rho Alpha Tau, Baptist Student Union, Pep Squad, Druids, Homecoming Queen Committee, Rammer Jammer. My ba by WRITTEN BY FOUR FACULTY MEMBERS Row Four, TEW, JAMES MABRY, Wallace, Soph., ABS, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . THAMES, ANNE LEE, Birmingham, Soph., A8tS, Deltq Delfq Delta, YWCA . . . THOM, DAVID RICHARD, Baffaia, N. Y,, Soph.- Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi . . . THOMAS, CLAIRE ANN, Norfhpo,-fi Soph., Home Economics, Theta Upsilon, Million Dollar Band . . . THOMAS: FRANCES NELL, Myrtlewood, Soph., Education, Delta Zeta, Caroline Hunt Club . . . THOMAS, JAMES BENJAMIN, Highland Home, Jr., A813 . , , THOMAS, JEANETTE, Northport, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega. Women's Spirit Committee . . . THOMAS, MARTHA JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Fr.i Education, Alpha Chi Omega, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Pep Squad. Raw six, THOMAS, PRITCHARD STITTS, sapnah, saph., Commeme. Theta Xi, lnterfraternity Council . . . THOMAS, WILLIAM E., Birmingham, -II'-I Englneeflngz Kappa Alpha, Druids, Tau Beta Pi, Quadrangle . . . THOMASON, MARTHA EVELYN, Piadmahi, Jr., Ass . . . THoMPsoN, BETTY, Mobile, Soph., ASIS, Alpha Chi Omega . . . THOMPSON, G. BYRON, Montgomery, Fr., Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Pershing Rifles . . . THOMPSON, JIMMY, Andalusia, Fr., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha, West- minster Fellowship, Crimson-White Staff . . . THOMPSON, MARTHA ANN, Red Bay, Jr., Home Economics . . . THOMPSON, ROSE WALLACE, Monroe- ville, Soph., Education, Chi Omega, YWCA. Row Six: THOMSON, CRAIG ANDREW, Zion, Ill., Fr., Chemistry, Chi Phi: Rho Alpha Tau, Pep Squad . . . THORNTON, REUBEN EARL, Mont- gomery, Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . TIBBELS, JOYCE, Birmingham, Fr., ASIS . . . TIESLER, PATRICIA, Nashville, Tenn., Fr., Commerce, Chi Omega, Gamma Delta . . . TIETGEN, PHYLLIS ANN, Summerdale, Fr., A8LS, Delta Zeta, Pep Squad, Newman Club l i l Tll-I-ERY, JAMES ELY, Cedartown, Ga., Jr., Education, Theta Chi . . . TINSLEY, BETTIE L., Birmingham, Sr., Education, Orchestra, Wesley Foun- dation . . . TISDALE, WILLIAM WESLEY, Brantley, Fr., A8RS, Alpha Tau Omega. Row Seven: TODD, JANE, Mobile, Jr., Education, Delta Delta Delta, YWCA . . . TOMMINS, CAROL, Mobile, Fr., A84S, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . TORREYSON, FULTON FRANKLIN, Washington, D. C., Jr., Com- merce, Propeller Club . . . TORTORICI, IGNATIUS JOSEPH, Fairfield, Jr., ABQS, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad, French Club, Newman Club . . . TOWEY, JOHN, Mobile, Fr., A8gS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Newman Club . . . TOWNSEND, DONALD RAY, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce, Pershing Rifles . . . TOWNSEND, JAMES L., Lanett, Fr., A8,S, Pi Kappa Alpha, Press Club, Crimson-White Staff . . . TOWNSEND, JEAN, Birmingham, Soph., Home Economics, Chi Omega, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club. Row Eight: TOWNSEND, PATRICIA JEAN, Marana, Jr., Ass, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Wesley Foundation, French Club, YWCA . . . TRAPP, JOYCE ANITA, Aliceville, Soph., Education . . . TRIBBLE, LUCINDA, Ft. Payne, Fr., A845 . . . TROTTER, JOSEPH KITTRELL, Bessemer, Soph., A8,S, Phi Gamma Delta . . . TROXELL, GASTON RAY, Maxwell A. F. B., Fr., Engineering, Theta Chi, Rho Alpha Tau . . . TRUCKS, JOY ETHELYN, Birmingham, Fr., Education . . . TRUITT, WILLIAM EDWIN, DeArmanville, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Baptist Student Union, Executive Council . . . TUBB, LOYD BRYAN, Evergreen, Soph., Engineering. Row Nine: TUCKER, BERTHA ANN, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Caroline Hunt Club, Women's Spirit Committee . . . TUCKER, JAMES E., Tuscaloosa, Fr., Engineering . . . TUCKER, JERRY B., Attalla, Fr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi . . . TURBERVILLE, JoANA, Mobile, Fr., Education, Wesley Foundation . . . TURNER, ANN, Prattville, Jr., Education, YWCA . . . TURNER, BETTY JEAN, Bessemer, Soph., Education, Alpha Phi, Maiors Club . . . TURNER, DAVID JACKSON, Mobile, Jr., ASIS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . TURNER, HARRIETT JEAN, Mobile, Fr., Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Canterbury Club. Row Ten: TURNER, JAMES H., JR., Alabama City, Jr., Commerce, Cadet Officers Club, Alabama Auxiliary Society of Certified Public Ac- countants . . . TURNER, MARY HUNTER, Mobile, Jr., ASIS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Canterbury Club . . . TURNER, STERLING, Birmingham, Jr., Chemistry, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pasteur Society, Wesley Foundation . . . TURNER, THOMAS EDWIN, Wetumpka, Jr., Education, Delta Tau Delta, Baptist Student Union, Future Teachers of America . . . TYSON, ALICE VIRGINIA, Thomasville, Fr., Commerce . . . UNGER, GORDON BURGETT, Mobile, Jr., A8tS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA . . . URGUHART, MADGE, Springhill, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club . . . VANDER SYS, JOLANE, Mobile, Fr., ASIS, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Crimson- White Staff. Sultan Sumner Sumrall Suhon, E. Suifon, W, Swann Swenson Talese Tankersley Taranfo Tate, M. Tale, R. Tate, W. Tafum Taub Taylor, A. Taylor, B. A Taylor, B. Taylor, H. E Taylor, H. L Taylor, J. Taylor, K. Terry, B. Terry, L. Tew Thames Thom Thomas, C. Thomas, F. Thomas, J. B Thomas, J. Thomas, M. thomas, P. Thomas, W. Thomason Thompson, B Thompson, G Thompson, J Thompson, M Thompson, R Thomson Thornton Tibbels Tiesler Tiefgen Tillery Tinsley Tisdale Todd Tommins Torreyson Torforici Towey Townsend, D Townsend,J I. Townsend, J Townsend, P Trapp Tribble Trofier Troxell Trucks Truiri Tubb Tucker, B. Tucker, J. E Tucker, J. B Turberville Turner, A. Turner, B. Turner, D. Turner, H. Turner, J. Turner, M. Turner, S. Turner, T. Tyson Unger Urguhari Vander Sys ROBERT A. MILLIKAN, SCIENTIST, LECTURED ON SCIENCE AND RELIGION Row One: VANHOUTEN, MARY TURNER, Mobile, Soph., Home Economics . . . VANN, ANN LUCILLE, Trussville, Jr., Education, Future Teachers of America, Library Club . . . VAN NATTA, BARBARA DIANE, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., Chemistry, Zeta Tau Alpha, German Club, American Association of University Women, American Chemists Society . . . VARDANIAN, ARA T., Teheran, Iran, Fr., Engineering, American Society of Chemical Engineers, International Relations Club . . . VAUGHAN, EMILY, Florence, Soph., A8tS, Chi Omega, Vice-President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Triangle, YWCA, French Club, Women's Spirit Committee, Canterbury Club . . . VAUGHAN, FRANK M., JR., Decatur, Soph., Commerce . . . VELLINES, JOHN WILLIAMS, Norfolk, Va., Soph., ASIS, Chi Phi . . . VENTRESS, MARTY M., Key West, Fla., Soph., ABS, Westminster Fellowship. Row Two: VICE, WALTER C., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Phi Omega, Publicity Director, Alabama Independent Association, Spirit Com- mittee . . . VICKERS, WINDELL, Geneva, Soph., ABS, Kappa Sigma, Druids, Rho Alpha Tau, Wesley Foundation, Pershing Rifles . . . VICTOR, IVAN, New Orleans, La., Jr., Commerce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . VIDONNE, SHIRLEY GAY, New Orleans, La., Soph., Commerce, Alpha Xi Delta . . . VILLAR, TEDDY, Pensacola, Fla., Fr., ASS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . VINES, JAMES AUBREY, JR., Opelika, Fr., A8tS, Kappa Alpha . . . VIRTUE, MARY SUSANNA, Sheffield, rr., chemistry . . . VITTINGL, RICHARD LEONARD, Springhill, Jr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Row Three: VOLTZ, ALGERNON BLAIR, Montgomery, Fr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Mobile, Fr., ASQS, ROBERT MARION, dation , , . WADE, Pershing Rifles . Commerce, Sigma Canterbury Club . . . VULEVICH, EDWARD JOHN, JR., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Newman Club . . . WADE, Crossville, Fr., ASIS, Alpha Tau Omega, Wesley Foun- ROBIN ADAIR, Bessemer, Fr., Commerce, Kappa Alpha, . WAGGER, BETTY DIANE, High Point, N. C., Jr., Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Rammer Jammer . . . WALD, ROGER CONWAY, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Kappa Sigma . . . WALDOFF, MILTON, Hattiesburg, Miss., Soph., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Mu, Rho Alpha Tau, Druids, Cotillion Club, lnterfraternity Council, I95I Homecoming Committee, Publicity Chairman, I95I Student Government Association, Commerce Association, Hillel Foundation . . . WALDRUP, BERNARD LEE, JR., Birmingham, Jr., A8iS, Chi Phi, Assistant Editor, i952 Kay dee clean-up Corolla, Men's Spirit Committee, Wesley Foundation, Wesley Choir, Pep Squad, Cotillion Club, University Religious Council. Row Four: WALKER, JANE BEATRICE, Attalla, Soph., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Rammer Jammer, Business Staff, Crimson,White Staff . . . WALKER, ROBERT WELLS, Florence, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . WALKER, RONALD O., Anniston, Jr., ABS, Treasurer, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pershing Rifles, Rho Alpha Tau, Pep Squad . . . WALKER, WILLIAM ELLIS, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Theta Chi, Glee Club . . . WALL, JERRY EUGENE, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Engineering, Kappa Alpha . . . WALLACE, BETTY CLAIRE, Montgomery, Fr., Education, Future Teachers of America . . . WALLACE, MARIANNE, Montgomery, Fr,, Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club . . . WALLER, JAMES WILBUR, Chapman, Fr., Education, Alpha Sigma Phi. Row Five: WALLER, KATHLEEN, Greensboro, Soph., Education, Kappa Delta, Triangle, Canterbury Club . . . WALLS, NANCY LU, Guntersville, Fr., Education, Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA . . . WALPOLE, CAMILLE, Birming- ham, Jr., Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Treasurer, Women's Spirit Committee . . . WARD, WADE WALTER, JR., Cuba, Jr., Commerce, Theta Chi, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad, Men's Glee Club, Choral Union, Cadet Officers Club . . . WARD, WILLIAM CARROLL, Selma, Soph., A8iS, University Theater . . . WARR, LLOYD CURTIS, Clanton, Fr., A8iS, Kappa Alpha, Pep Squad . . . WARREN, MARY JANE, Atlanta, Ga., Fr., Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Caroline Hunt Club . . . WASSELL, LUCILLE SHASET, Miami Beach, Fla., Fr., Home Economics, Hillel Foundation, Pep Squad, Caroline Hunt Club, Blackfriars. Row Six: WATFORD, JERRY RAY, Gadsden, Jr., Education, A Club . . . WATKINS, BILLY, Birmingham, Fr., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rifle Team, Corolla Staff . . . WATKINS, JOHNNIE ODELL, Dora, Fr., Chemistry, Alpha Phi . . . WATSON, BETTY BYRON, Lincoln, Fr., Home Economcis, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club . . . WATSON, DONALD GEORGE, Oneonta, Fr., A815 . . . WATSON, PATRICIA ROBINETTE, Oneonta, Soph., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tri- angle, Physical Education Club, Modern Dance Club, Canterbury Club, Press Club, Crimson-White Staff . . . WAYNE, DONALD MITCHELL, Birmingham, Soph., A8tS, Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Phi Omega, Pershing Rifles, Press Club . . . WEATHERLY, JAMES CLAY, JR., Anniston, Jr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Philos. Row Seven: WEATHERLY, WILLIAM H., Anniston, Fr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta . . . WEAVER, CAROLYN ANN, Sulligent, Jr., Education, Secretary, Wesley Foundation, Choral Union, Wesley Choir . . . WEAVER, JAMES H., Fairfield, Soph., A815 . . . WECHSLER, RONALD F., Brooklyn, N. Y., Jr., Commerce, Chi Alpha Phi . . . WEEKS, JACK WARREN, Birmingham, Fr., ABS, Delta Chi, Rho Alpha Tau, Pershing Rifles, Pep Squad . . . WEINBERGER, SHERRON JOEL, Nashville, Tenn., Fr., Com- merce, Zeta Beta Tau . . . WELCH, EDWARD VIRGIL, Montgomery, Fr., Commerce, Delta Tau Delta, Commerce Association . . . WELDON, JAMES H., Mobile, Fr., ALS, Delta Tau Delta. Row Eight: WELLBORN, COLVIN CLAY, Selma, Soph., Engineering, Sigma Nu . . . WELLBORN, STELLA ROWAN, Atlanta, Ga., Soph., Home Eco- nomics, Kappa Delta, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, Canterbury Club, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club, Pep Squad . . . WELLER, CECIL EDWARD, Holt, Soph., ASS, Delta Chi . . . WELLS, BARBARA HUGHES, Montgomery, Jr., Commerce, Phi Mu . . . WELLS, HELEN ANNE, Pensacola, Fla., Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Canterbury Club, Caroline Hunt Club . . . WELLS, JACK WALKER, Albertville, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . WELLS, JAMES COOK, Opelika, Fr., A8tS, Alpha Tau Omega, Pershing Rifles . . . WELLS, JOE WESLEY, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Commerce, Sigma Nu. Row Nine: WELLS, SAMUEL HOWARD, Birmingham, Fr,, Commerce, Delta Chi, Wesley Choir, Pep Squad . . . WEST, IVA JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Chemistry, Delta Zeta, Women's Spirit Committee, Pasteur Society . . . WEST, PLEASANT HUGH, Springhill, Jr., Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers . . . WHATLEY, THOMAS BARRY, Opelika, Soph., ASQS, Alpha Tau Omega . . . WHEELER, JOHN THOMAS, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Engineering, Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences . . . WHIGHAM, EDITH ELIZABETH, Mobile, Jr., Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Spirit Committee . . . WHITE, BARBARA, Tampa, Fla., Jr., ASIS, Alpha Chi Omega, Cheerleader, Secretary, Women's Spirit Committee, Modern Dance Club, Swan Club, Crimson Theater, WABP, Miss WABP . . . WHITE, JEANNE WYNKE, Decatur, Soph., ASIS, Alpha Xi Delta, Blackfriars, Pep Squad, YWCA. Row Ten: WHITE, JOE BENTON, Gadsden, Jr., Commerce, Pi Kappa Phi, Spirit Planning Committee, Philos . . . WHITE, PAUL GASTON, Laurel, Miss., Jr., Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student . . . WHITEHEAD, FRANK W., Dunavant, Soph., Commerce . . . WHITTEN, JEAN, Dalton, Ga., Soph., Education, Cotillion Club, Alabama Independent Association, Million Dollar Band, Choral Union . . . WIDEMIRE, MILLER ARRINGTON, Sylacauga, Soph., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Druids, Vice-President, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Corolla Beauty Ball . . . WIGGINS, MARY JO, Fairfield, Soph., Education, Triangle, Alpha Lambda Delta, Baptist Student Union . . . WIGGINS, PEYTON NORVELL, Jasper, Soph., ABS, Phi Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, German Club . . . WIKLE, MERRITT L., Huntsville, Fr., A8tS, Phi Delta Theta, Canterbury Club, French Club. Van Houten Vann Van Natta Vardanian Vaughan, E. Vaughan, F. Vellines Ventress Vice Vickers Victor Vidonne Villar Vines Virtue Vittingl Voltz Vulevich Wade, R. M. Wade, R. A. Wogger Wald Waldoff Waldrup Walker, J. Walker, R. W Walker, R. O. Walker, W. Wall Wallace, B. Wallace, M. Waller, J. Waller, K. Walls Walpole Ward, W. W. Ward, W. C. Warr Warren Wassell Watford Watkins, B. Watkins, J. Watson, B. Watson, D. Watson, P. Wayne Weatherly, J. Weatherly, W Weaver, C. Weaver, J. Wechsler Weeks Weinberger Welch Weldon Wellborn, C. Wellborn, S. Weller Wells, B. Wells, H. Wells, J. W. Wells, J. C. Wells, J. W. Wells, S. West, I. West, P. Whatley Wheeler Whigham White, B. White, J. W. White, J. B. White, P. Whitehead Whitten Widemire Wiggins, M. Wiggins, P. Wikle TUTTER COOK WAS NAMED TOP COROLLA BEAUTY BY CLAUDE THORNHILL Row One: WILKINSON, JACK HENDERSON, Shelby, Miss., Fr., A8tS, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . WILLIAMS, ANN HUNTER, Anniston, Jr. Education, Kappa Delta, YWCA . . . WILLIAMS, CHARLES WESLEY, JR., Wilsonville, Jr., Commerce, Theta Chi . . . WILLIAMS, HOMER DARDEN, Anniston, Jr., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega . . . WILLIAMS, JOHN MCDONALD, Roanoke, Va., Fr., Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Westminster Fellow- ship . . . WILLIAMS, MARGARET ELAINE, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education . . . WILLIAMS, MARY ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Wesley Foundation, Caroline Hunt Club. Row Two: WILLIAMS, ROBERT HENRY, Norwood, Pa., Soph., Commerce, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . WILLIFORD, HUGHEY SHANNON, JR., Jackson, Miss., Jr., Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard and Blade . . . WILLINGHAM, HAROLD EDMOND, Anniston, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . WILSON, ANDREW JOHNSON, Atlanta, Ga., Soph., Com- merce, Chi Phi . . . WILSON, CHARLES R., Eutaula, Jr., Engineering, Kappa Sigma . . . WILSON, JOAN, Mobile, Fr., A815 . . . WILSON, JOHN WALLACE, Bay Minette, Soph., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Druids, Vice-President, Rho Alpha Tau, Delta Sigma Pi, Advertising Manager, Crimson-White. Row Three: WILSON, MARGARET ANN, Tuscaloosa, Soph., Education, Alpha Xi Delta . . . WILSON, PHILIP WAYNE, Gadsden, Soph., Com- merce, Alpha Tau Omega . . .WILTERS, JOAN EARL, Robertsdale, Fr., Commerce, Pep Squad . . . WINFIELD, ALBERT JACK, Anniston, Soph., Commerce, Commerce Association, Crimson-White Staff . . . WINGO, MARGARET ALEXANDER, Palmetto, Ga., Jr., Education, Phi Mu, West- minster Fellowship, Crimson-White Staff . . . WINN, BETTY GAYLE, Good Springs, Fr., Home Economics . . . WINTER, KENNY WILLIAM, Teaneck, N. J., Fr., ABS, French Club. Delts go Hollywood Swing yor partner! l um Ji' 1 F' rs1'anlt. Row Four: WINTERS, ELIZABETH GROVER, Montgomery, Fr., A8tS, YWCA . . . WIRE, WILLIAM SHIDAKER, Selma, Soph., ABS, Kappa Alpha . . . WIRTZ, JAMES PRESTON, Chicago, Ill., Fr., Education, Phi Sigma Kappa, Freshman Basketball , . . WIRTZ, JANE ALYSON, Birmingham, Fr., ASS, Pi Beta Phi . . . WISE, HOWARD, Birmingham, Soph., Com' merce, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi . . . WISE, JAMES CARL, JR., Atlanta, Ga., Jr., Engineering, Sigma Chi, Druids, President, Sophomore Class, Secretary, Sigma Chi, Homecoming Committee . . . WITHINGTON, JOHN WILLIAM, Jackson Heights, N. Y., Soph., Commerce, Theta Chi, Pep Squad. Row Five: WIXON, MARY ANNE, Reading, Pa., Jr., Chemistry, Newman Club, Pasteur Society , . . WOHL, ARNOLD SAMUEL, New York City, N. Y., Soph., Commerce, Alabama Independent Association, Alpha Phi Omega, Hillel Foundation, Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of America . . . WOJOHN, CHARLES EDWIN, Mobile, Fr., Engineering . . . WOLF, CHARLOTTE MILMINE, Millbrook, N. Y., Fr., ASS, Delta Gamma . . . WOLFF, BERKLEY HOWARD, Hallandale, Miss., Fr., Commerce, Kappa Nu, Glee Club . , . WOOD, CLYDE B., Tuscaloosa, Fr., ABS, Theta Xi . . . WOOD, ELIZABETH BROUNE, Birmingham, Fr., Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Caroline Hunt Club, YWCA, Women's Spirit Committee, Westminster Fellowship. Row Six: WOOD, JO ANN, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education . . . WOOD, JACK, Hetlin, Fr., Education, Delta Chi . . . WOOD, LAURJEAN, Hartford, Jr., Education, Alpha Phi . . . WOOD, ROBERT, Russellville, Soph., ABS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . WOODALL, ROBERT HAROLD, East Tallassee, Fr., ASS, Sigma Chi . . . WOODALL, WILLIAM, Guntersville, Soph., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, Rho Alpha Tau, Commerce Association, Canterbury Club . . , WOODRUFF, ALLAN, Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. Row Seven: WOODS, JEANETTE HAMER, Russellville, Jr., ABS, Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Wesley Foundation . . . WOODS, JEANETTE PAT, Birmingham, Fr., ABS . . . WORSHAM, CHARLOTTE ANN, Anniston, Soph., Home Economics, Delta Gamma . . . WOTH, DOROTHY MARIE, Atlanta, Ga., Jr., Home Economics, Phi Mu . . . WU, YING VICTOR, Birmingham, Jr., Chemistry, Sigma Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon . . . WYATT, WILLIAM GARNER, Tuscaloosa, Fr., Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega . . . WINN, CLAIRE, Atlanta, Ga., Soph., ASQS, Delta Gamma, Swan Club, Spanish Club, YWCA, Triangle. Row Eight: WYNN, MARGARET ANN, Birmingham, Soph., Home Eco- nomics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pep Squad, Women's Spirit Committee . . . YANCY, MURRIEL VIRGINIA, Langdale, Fr., ABS, Alpha Tau Omega . . . YATES, ROBERT DOYLE, Montgomery, Soph., ASQS, Alpha Tau Omega . . . YATES, WILLIAM D., JR., Lovett, Fr., Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . YEILDING, AUGUSTA GAGE, Birmingham, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Philos, YWCA, Pep Squad . . .YIELDlNG, FRANK ALLEN, JR., Birmingham, Jr., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . YUELL, EUGENIA OSBURN, Tuscaloosa, Jr., Education, Chi Omega, Blackfriars, YWCA, Pep Squad. Row Nine: YOUNG, CYNTHIA SUE, Tuscaloosa, Jr., ABS, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Phi . . . YOUNG, EDMUND WILKINS, JR., Bethlehem, Pa., Soph., Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Westminster Fellowship, Pep Squad, Commerce Association . . . YOUNG, FRANCES LORRAINE, Charles- ton, S. C., Soph., Education, Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Women's Spirit Committee . . . YOUNG, MARVIN PIERCE, Birmingham, Jr., Engi- neering, Kappa Alpha, Druids, Homecoming Committee, Pershing Rifles, Corolla Staff . . , YOUNG, MURIEL RUTH, Philadelphia, Pa., Fr., Home Economics, Baptist Student Union . . . YOUNG, NANCY ELLEN, Shettield, Jr., Home Economics, Chi Omega, YWCA, Secretary, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Caroline Hunt Club, VVomen's Spirit Committee . . . YOUNG, VIVIAN LOUISE, Montgomery, Jr., Home Economics, Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Caroline Hunt Club. Row Ten: YOUNGBLOOD, CAROL ANN, Columbus, Miss., Fr., Nursing . . . ZUCKERMAN, STUART, Atlantic City, N. J., Soph., A8tS, Kappa Nu, Hillel Foundation, WABP . . . ZURIFF, STANLEY LEON, Brooklyn, N. Y., FV., rs CV ,rw-. F Wilkinson Williams, A. Williams, C. Williams, H. Williams, J. Williams, M. Williams, M. Williams, R. Williford Willingham Wilson, A. Wilson, C. Wilson, J. Wilson, J. W Wilson, M. Wilson, P. Wilfers Winfield Wingo Winn Winfer Winfers Wire Wirfz, J. P. Wirfz, J. A. Wise, H. Wise, J. Wiihingion Wixon Wohl Woiohn Wolf Wolff Wood, C, Wood, E. Wood, J. A. Wood, J. Wood, L. Wood, R. Woodoll, R. Woodoll, W. Woodruff Woods, J. H. Woods, J. P. Worslwm Woth Wu Wyoil Wynn, C. Wynn, M. Yuncy Yofes, R. Yates, W. Yielding, A. Yielding, F. Yeuell Young, C. Young, E. Young, F. Young, M. P. Young, M. R. Young, N. Young, V. Youngblood Zuckerman Zuriff AIR FORGE Ausley Boxler Brock Chase Chumley Conway Douglas Draper Dwyer Esfrada Frank Green Guidry Higgs Johnson Keenan Lewis Lloyd Luthi Madrid Monaco Morrison Newberry Newman O'Conner Odell Olander O'Rear Paknik Pomicpic Pulicicchio Reid Rentrop Salinger Schelhaas Slweldafke Skolas Smith Stevenson Thurman Wanlrer Whiiley Young AIR FORCE CLERK ROW ONE AUSLEY, JOHN MERRIETT . . BOXLER, HAROLD . . . BROCK, ALBERT D. , . CHASE, WILLIAM H., JR. . CHUMLEY, RICHARD F. . CONWAY, LEONARD T. . ROW TWO DOUGLAS, WILLIAM W., JR. . DRAPER, CLAIR V ,... DWYER, JAMES T .... ESTRADA, RICHARD PAUL . . FRANK, ROBERT F. . . GREEN, RAY J. . ROW THREE GUIDRY, JOSEPH W. . . . HIGGS, RICHARD MARLAND . JOHNSON, HUBERT J. . . KEENAN, EDWARD . . LEWIS, CHARLES M. . LLOYD, E. DAVID . ROW FOUR LUTHI, PERRY STANTON . MADRID, DANOIS G. . MONACO, PAT ROCCO . MORRISON, RONALD C. . . NEWBERRY, WILLIAM DORTCH NEWMAN, DON O ..... ROW FIVE Ay? TYPIST SCHOOL IS OPENED AT 'I'I'IE . Havelock, N. C. . . , Hays, Kan. Rose Cify, Mich. . . Denville, N. J. . . Salf Lake City, Utah . Providence, R. I. Warner Robins, Ga. . Spring Canyon, Utah . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . Berkely, Calif. . Rutherford, N. J. . Edmonds, Wash. . Kaplan, La. . . Marion, Ind. . Rose Hill, Kan. . New York, N. Y. . Dallas, Tex. . Marengo, O. . Greenville, S. C. . Dona Ana, N. M. . Cleveland, O. . Coafesville, Pa. New Bern, N. C. . . Hereford, Ariz. O'CONNER,LAURENCE RONALD . . . Milwaukee, Wis. ODELL, CHARLES E ..,., OLANDER, DALE G. . O'REAR, LARRY M. . PANIK, THOMAS . . . POMICPIC, REGINALD B. . Bowling Green, Ky. . . Murray, Ufah Warner Robins, Ga. Monongah, W. Va. San Fransicso, Calif. ROW SIX PULICICCHIO, JOSEPH BRUNO REID, JAMES M. .... . RENTROP, HAROLD ELLIOTT, JR. . SALINGER, ROLF P ..... SCHELHAAS, ALBERTUS . SHELDAFKE, CARL R. . ROW SEVEN SKOLAS, FRANKLIN JOHN . SMITH, BEN L ..... STEVENSON, GLEN C. . THURMAN, DON G. . . WANKER, THRIS MARCUS . WHITLEY, RALPH L. . . YOUNG, ROBERT R .... UNIVERSITY . . . Singac, N. J. . Walnuf Cove, N. C. . . . Arnelia, La. . Wassaic, N. Y. . . Edgerfon, Minn. Ausololo Forks, N, Y. . . Chaselnurg, Wis. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. . Dragerfon, Ufah . . Rison, Ark. . Angulla, Miss. . Pelham, Ga, . . . Defroif, Mich. STAFF: Kneeling: Curtis, Waters . . . STANDING Loyd Captain Puna Guidry, Bennett Many hours day spenf in classrooms .X Si 'f fry L if 45 XM W f 5,-9, f f Wm wwf J' 4 COMMISSIONED OFFICERS COL. Wm. R. BLAKELY PMSZSQT. ..... Infantry LT. COL. BLAIRE A. FROEHLE. . .Quartermaster LT. COL. VVILLYS H. PEARSON ...... Infantry LT. COL. ALLEN L, TERRY. ,Corps of Engineers MAJOR WEAVER H. GAINES ........ lntantry MAJOR JOHN C. GIRTMAN .... Signal Corps MAJOR FREDERICK I'l. HALL... Signal Corps MAJOR BODE HUGHES ,,.,... Quartermaster MAJOR BAILEY B. SMITH ........... Artillery MAJOR GEORGE M. SUTTON ..... Artillery CART. J. B. NAUGLE ..,... Corps ot Engineers -.M CART. ELWOOD I-I, SHEMWELL ,..... Infantry CWO GEORGE W. WILLIAMS ...,.. Adjutant CWO CARLTON W. DYESS . . . .Adjutant THE RMY FF ARMY COMMISSIONED OFFICERS NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS ROW I: Guestman, Terry, Blakely, Froehle, ROW I: Green, Stone-man, Goucher, DeWitt Smith . . . ROW 2: Hall, Gaines, Hughes, . . . ROW 2: Muller, Phillips, Acker, Whitt, Sutton, Hughes . . . ROW 3: Shermwell, Dyess. Reefer, Broadwell. COMMISSIONED OFFICERS COLONEL WILLIAM EADES MAJ. MAJ. MAJ. MAJ. MAJ. MAJ. CAPT. CAPT. CA PT. CAPT. .ALEC BOYCHUCK. . . ANYAN A. GORDON. GRANVILLE I. GORE. T. G. MONROE, JR.. . ARLYN S. POWELL. . . RUSSELL STOMPLER. LOVELL E. BAKER, JR., . DALE H. PERKINS. .. FRANK M. THOMAS J. F. WILSON, JR... Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant PMS81T PMS81T PMS8iT PMSST PMS8fT PMS8gT PMS8.T PMSST PMS8tT PMSST PMS8fT THE IR COLONEL WILLIAM EADES FORC TAFF NON-COMMISSIONED STAFF ROW I: Barnett, McNew, Richards, Mills . . . ROW 2: Mulviehill, Fulton, Walker . . . ROW 3: Williams, Sasser . . . ROW 4: Hill, Herman, Crabtree. AIR FORCE COMMISSIONED STAFF ROW I: Monroe, Powell, Eaales, Stompler, Gordon . . . ROW 2: Thomas, Gore, Perkins, Boyclwck . . . ROW 3: Tolar, Wilson, Baker. .KX-we ROW I: Sawyer, Whaley, Burdin, Screws . ROW 2: Brown, Doss. ROW 'la Horlick, Johnson . . . ROW 2: Tull, Elsea, Head. BRIGADE STAFF REGIMENT STAFF JACK V. BROWN . EDWARD M. WHALEY.. . CHARLES M. SAWYER EUEL A. SCREWS. .. WALTER W. BURDIN.. MARY K. DOSS ADVANCED TRAINING BATTALION ,...... ....Cadet Cadet Lieutenant Cadet Lieutenant Honorary Cadet Colonel Colonel Colonel Major .Major Colonel ROBERT C. HORLICK ... ........ . . Cadet Colonel ELMER C. ELSEA ... .. ... Cadet Lieutenant Colonel OLIVER P. HEAD ..... ......,. ,,.,..,, M a ior ISAAC W. TULL . . .....,..,..,.,...., Maior ROSEMARY JOHNSON , , Honorary Cadet Colonel G DE TAFF STAFF FIRST BATTALION STAFF SECOND BATTALION STAFF BOGUE M. VVALLER .. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT S. VANCE ..... Cadet Lieutenant Colonel EDWARD T. COLEMAN. .Cadet Lieutenant Colonel SAM E. CHRISTOPHER. , . . Cadet Maior JOSEPH H, COMPTON. .,... Cadet Major ROBERT L. MCKINNEY ...... . ..Cadet Maior JULIAN J. SAMUELS ........ Cadet Captain DOUGLAS E. JONES .,..,...,,.. Cadet Captain CURRUTH R. SMITH .... ..... C aalet Captain JOHN L. ADAIR .......... .. Cadet Captain ROBERT F. MANN ............ Cadet Captain HAROLD D. ADAMS ...... .... C aclet Captain PEGGY JO SMITH .. Honorary Cadet Lt. Col. CARRIE SCALES ......., Honorary Cadet Lt. Col. DARRIENE MARSHBURN Honorary Cadet Lt. Col. ROW I: Waller, Smith . . . ROW 2: Samuels, ROW I: Vance, Scales . . . ROW 2: Mann, ROW I: Coleman, Marshburn . . . ROW 2: Adair, Christopher. Jones, Compton. McKinney, Adams. Smith L, . ,H f ' ,i W, Q . W, . m,-Lzusvi-QQSQMSES 'fm N f ' . +R Q . . 4 lv .. 'gh xx -mf-aww .lm a 8 7 A sw "' ,,.,...,., -4 A. Q? . X ,, S, J mamma 3 , ,,..W, f. ' . X 5? X mm.. M,-.-A www- . . M m QQ-2 aw - awraam L w F 1 Q if ev .. . . y, 5'F"lE?f"" MQW-Q' ff' M .,, .ww 2 f Skwws-g1sf WWW! , Q is ,sr 8 1 K ,,,,,,.,, -.., J , , ey, . N ,X sm" ff 7 N, is r ARTILLERY Acerra, Domenick, Jr. Adessa, Anthony J. Ange, Joseph, lll Austin, Edward H. Bailey, Rusion B. Beck, James P., Jr. Broadhead, John D. Bryant, Jesse L. Carlson, George N. Dillion, Robert C. Enochs, Philip R. Evans, Samuel F., Jr. Faulkner, Gerald D. Goeller, Robert E. Goodman, Wilbur C. Hancock, James H. Hasty, Turner E. Huff, Clarence Y., Jr. Lackey, Fred T., Jr. Mitchell, Woodfin F. Mohan, John F. Morgan, Charles, Jr. Nevitt, Kem R. O'Bannon, Arnold S Parkel, Charles L. Plyar, James A. Rigney, James H., Jr. Rives, James H,, Jr. Rosser, Jack M. Scott, Charles C, Shamblin, James R., Jr. Smith, Bailey B. Turberville, Russell, Jr Twitty, Thomas E. Vellines, John W. Vines, Frank L. White, Guy E. Williams, George C. Williams, Homer D. Yanke, Richard L. ENGINEERS Archie, Chad L., Jr. Barron, William T. Gibbs, Jackson H, Gibson, Adelphus H., Jr, Hamil, Earl C. Hansen, Harold W, Hines, John A., Jr. Hope, Thomas H. Humpidge, Robert W. James, Gifford A. Johnson, James D. Keesling, Richard H. Koutroulakis, Sam G. Layman, Hezkiah T. Legg, Donald M. Logan, John H. Mallette, Reese E. Marr, Tommy M. Mixon, Robert B. Ray, Richard E. Spaulding, Scott W. Thomas, William E., Jr. Vodantis, John S. West, Pleasant W. Williams, Edward D. Wise, James C. INFANTRY Allan, Lawrence G. Ashworth, William B. Battin, Robert D., Jr. Bearman, Alvin J. Berg, John L. Berlin, Raymond Bern, Jack L. Booth, Carl M., Jr. Brandon, William W. Bryne, Albert E. Cartledge, Raymond E, Cobb, James E. I FIRST YEAR ADVANCED Daniel, John P. Deason, Ted R. Demos, Louis A. Deming, Roger M. Duffy, James J., Jr, Dunn, James W. Dyson, Bromley C. Elson, Richard G. Euler, Lahnoe D. Evans, Walter N., Jr, Gantt, Joe B. Gierano, Marcello M Grant, James L, Gray, Robert A. Greene, Van T. Gross, Arthur L. Grove, Frank L., Jr. Guelalio, Himan J. Hamner, Ralph H. Hobson, Clell L. Hodges, Lynn D. Holmes, Alfred P. Holmgren, Sehon K. Horton, Jackson C, Jetton, William D. Jones, Edward C. Lampkin, Charles B., Ill Lowery, James P. MacLeod, Roderick M., Jr. McAdory, William K. McMullin, David D. Molins, Vincent J., Jr. Moseley, Edward H. Moseley, Thomas P. Cwsley, James H. Parker, Ellis J. Ratlitf, James V. Richards, Don C. Roberts, William L. Root, Charles A. Russell, William H. Ryne, Joseph W. Swit, ivan Walker, Robert W. Watford, Kearney R., Jr Watson, Horace E. Weiss, Eugene L. Weldon, William V. Whatley, Thomas B. Wood, Robert V. Woodruff, Allan C. Yelverton, Harrison O. QUARTERMASTER Adams, James C. Barton, Alan Bernstein, Joe Betts, Charles F. Blankenship, William R. Bohannon, Kenneth L. Brice, Forrest W. Brooks, Charles D. Bucher, James R. Calhoun, Robert F. Carter, Robert V. Collier, Robert B. Cottingham, Robert H. Creel, John S. Crow, Donald B. Crutcher, Charles W. Curran, Edwin J., Jr. Darden, James H. Denson, Lloyd M. Edwards, Charles K. Engel, Mylan R. Gaskill, William T. C. Goldstein, Donald B, Gotlieb, Harvey J. Gregory, William W., Jr. Grice, Lacy E. Gup, Mark K. Hale, Clyde D. Brigade on line CADET Hamilton, Peter B., Jr, Hampton, Wade L. Hurvich, Marvin S. Johnston, Presley M. Kahn, Gordon B. Kerlin, Wilbur G. Kern, Joseph M. Kimbrough, James D. King, Arthur M. Korpus, Arthur E. Laseter, William R. Leeds, Jerry R. Lepp, Basil M, Leslie, Owen C., Jr. McMillan, Cecil L. Marcus, Van J. Marshall, Howard A. Meherg, Robert W. Merritte, Angus A., Jr. Morris, Robert L., Jr. Morrow, Joseph B. Moscowitz, Edward B. Moses, Bobby C. Newsome, Drowel C. Oakley, John H. Oldacre, William A. Owen, Alexander P., Jr. Owens, James K., Jr. Phetteplace, Louis H., Powell, William A., Jr. Propst, Robert B. Rice, Louis E. Salentriend, Martin E. Schecter, Philip L, Sexton, William E. Shiland, Arnold Smith, Gerald L. Smith, Thomas A, Stein, Theodore Strassburger, Julian M. Talese, Gay J. Tate, Robert C., Jr. Tobin, Robert S. Turner, Joe A. Turner, Thomas E. Vittingl, Richard L. VValker, William E. Ward, Wade W. Weatherly, James C,, Jr. Wedgeworth, Julian D. Weissberg, Harold Young, Charles L. SIGNAL Abend, Murray Barr, James R. Black, David D. Block, Abraham Boyd, Frank L. Brooks, George D., Jr. Bukowski, Kenneth E. Butts, Aubrey J. Collins, William P. Cook, Gillis G., Jr. Crump, Roland R. Culpepper, Thomas M., lll Ford, Richard L. Henson, Harry D, Jackson, Roland D. Jollit, William O. Lampley, William P. Langston, Joe L. Long, Frank M. Lynch, Dan H. McDonald, Payton R., Jr. Mauldin, Roy L., Jr. Megginson, George W, Myers, Dewey, Jr. Ollwerther, Robert C. Smith, George W. Stone, James C. Straub, John H. Swanson, Donald A. we ARTILLERY Bagley, George R. Baker, Oliver C. Becea, Vangel G. Berryman, William C. Burton, Richard T. Coleman, Edward T. Compton, Joseph M. Cranford, Charles R., Jr. Dale, John T. English, Paul L. Ford, Neal C. Fuller, Kenneth T. Fullington, Lawrence T., Jr. Henry, Frederick S. Hook, Joseph R. Howell, Charles B. Huguley, Harrell D., Jr. Jackson, Charles H. Johnston, John G., III Jones, Robert B., Jr. Jordan, Charles D. McKinney, Robert L. Montgomery, Robert M., Jr. Motter, Donald M. Nash, Samuel T., Jr. Nordan, Curtis M., Jr. Ramsey, James E. Robbins, James E. Schneider, Robert G. Smith, Curruth R., Jr. Stewart, Arthur E. Tarpley, William T. Weaver, Charles V. Wiggins, James H., Jr- Wilson, Robert C. Xides, Edward P. York, George H., Jr. Zanzalari, Robert R. ENGINEERS Adams, Charles L. Allen, Joe E. Bailey, Andrew V. Burdin, Walter W. Champion, Jasper K. Clark, James M. Gaynor, Richard D. Harper, Raymond M. Hicks, John T. L. Hinkle, Wallace W. Jones, Douglas E. Lee, Donald H. McAbee, Frank W., Jr. Mitchell, Travis E. Moore, Thomas E. Jr., Penn, Dalton H. Phillips, John D. Reeves, Jack M. Samuels, Julian J. Spencer, Jack J. Swanson, Glen W., Jr Torellos, Rafeal E. Whitfield, James W. Williamson, John E. Woodruff, Ernest L. INFANTRY Balderson, James P. Batson, Jackie D. Benagh, Joseph H. Berry, George H. Boyle, Clyde D. Brown, Jack V. Brush, Herbert H. Cannon, Nathan D. Cannon, William A. Carpenter, Robert H. Causey, Harry G. Chesnutt, Arthur B., Jr. Chesnut, William J. F F I E R ' SECOND YEAR ADVANCED Cowen, Jefferson D. Croxton, Eugene L., Jr. Davis, George H. Dean, George D., Jr. Dement, Ira, III Donner, Kenneth B. Downs, William E. Elsen, Elmer C., Jr. Feigelson, Charles I. Feigelson, Eugene B. Ford, William E. France, Daniel B. Gillmore, James P. Goldberg, Irwin R. Grant, Donald P. Head, Oliver P. Hendrix, William R. Hooper, Carmon T. Horlick, Robert C. Johnson, James O. Jordan, Linton R. Lary, Alfred A. Litt, Richard E. McCreary, Robert J. McMiIIen, Donald D. Manley, Harold A. Moshburn, Clifford H. May, Isaac W. Melton, James A. Newton, Alex W. Norton, James T. Owens, Dolph B. Packard, Charles E., Jr. Pannell, Gerald C. Reed, Robert H. Robinson, Joel P., Jr. Sawyer, Charles M. T., Scarbrough, James R. Screws, Euel A. Self, William R. Shealey, Steadman S. Officers center LLIB Smith, Sam C. Stirmer, Joseph Sullivan, Paul R. Talbert, Thomas S., Jr. Thompson, Edward H. Walters, Kearney R., Jr. Webster, Judd P. Whetstone, Jack M. Whigham, Samuel B., Jr. Wilson, Harold Q. Womble, Charles H. QUARTERMASTER Ackman, Barry A. Adair, John L. Algozzino, Mario A. Allred, Bobby C. Antoon, Ellis P. Applebaum, Paul A. Bankhead, John H. Bailey, James W. Bauer, David P. Beatty, Charles G. Berry, Walter T. Bostick, Hugh B. Boutwell, Joseph P. Breland, Leigh F. Brice, James A. Brown, Robert A. Bullock, Claude C., Jr. Caffey, Hugh M., Jr. Carnes, Radcliffe N. Carpenter, Doyal A. Caruse, Arnold F. Christopher, Sam E. Clark, William B. Commander, Irvin N., Jr. Crowley, Daniel J. Cunningham, James C., Jr. Despinakis, Gregory J. Dolowitz, Robert C. Dortch, John C. Floyd, Billy L. Forester, Walter A., Jr Freeman, James L. Ghazari, Peter T. Graham, John H. Graves, William D. Grubbs, John A. Held, Jack E. Ivey, Eugene B. Judice, Joseph M. Kahn, Nathan A. Kaplan, Morris M. Kayser, Julian Kelly, Clarence B. Kline, Ira H. Lapidus, Jerome H. Lee, Luther E. Lobel, Bernard B. McDonald, William W. McLeod, Thomas E. McWhorter, Robert D. Mann, Robert F. Miller, Harold F., Jr. Miller, Thomas R. Moore, Carl R. Morris, James E. Noble, Thomas A. Pailet, Theodore H. Pines, Alan H. Powell, Norman H. Procter, John F. Schell, Roy W., Jr. Schulhafer, Louis Selman, Thomas H., Jr Sherry, Henry I. Sokel, Ralph L. Stokes, Paul Terry, Bennet E. Thompson, Henry H. Tharington, Robert D. Thornton, William J. Tull, Isaac W., Jr. Turner, James H., Jr. Turner, Robert C. Vance, Robert S. Weatherly, Jesse O., Jr. Wilkerson, James E. SIGNAL Adams, Harold D. Ager, Robert J. Armbrecht, William H., III Carr, Charles F. Christie, John B. Coleman, Richard E., Jr. Cox, N. L. Dowis, James S. Elam, John G., Jr. Hamilton, Edward C. Hollis, William W. Huggins, Joseph R. Kassner, James L., Jr. Lake, James E. Lee, Lawson S. Leggett, Beniamin F. Lumpkin, Robert F. Lyons, William C. McDuff, Odis P. McKee, George L. Michaels, George M. Moore, Sammy G. Myers, Dewey, Jr. Oliver, John T. Oliver, Thomas W., Jr. Paul, Thomas L. Roller, William J. Seale, Clyde B. Steele, Emory D., Jr. Waller, Begue M. Whaley, Edward W. Wyatt, Roy O., Jr. ,..,.-. Mi ,.,...- ..,....i...-. Wm..- ..-......K-...,-.-,.-1 AIR James G. Acker Joseph E. Allen, Jr. James C. Aman Clint D. Anderson Charles R. Armbrester Richard C. Askerbloom Harry Asman Max L. Bailey Walter H. Bailey, Jr. Omer A. Baker Ira E. Ballard Roland E. Ballow J. M. Barker Donald A. Barrabee James C. Barrett Richard C. Barry Crawford A. Battle David M. Beasley Augustus J. Beck William H. Benson Frank E. Bentley Richard J. Berman David H. Bernstein Barron Bethea Luther A. Bevis John H. Beyer Mike H. Bite Gordon E. Blackwell Harold J. Blankenship Herb P. Blumberg William O. Bolen Frank W. Bolender Jerome L. Boorstein James A. Bowers, Jr. Luke H. Boykin Ralph W. Brandon Louis A. Brasher Donald E. Britkiewicz Lloyd Lee Bryan, Jr. William G. Buchanan William F. Burns Joseph B. Burton Otis R. Burton, Jr. Tommy Cacioppo Thomas C. Caldwell Charles T. Cale Theodore D. Cameron Millard B. Capell Leon M. Capouano Joseph B. Carl Archie Carmichael, III William E. Carr John C. Carson George C. Clemons Frederick C. Clifford Lewis J. Cook David R. Coley Allen D. Collins Joseph D. Collins Dudley O. Connelly, Jr. Don R. Conway Richard A. Costello Edward E. Craig Willis V. Crawford William T. Creel Rae M. Crowe Charles A. Culp Joe F. Curtis Ronald E. Dahlberg James G. Dailey Henry L. Darnell, Jr. Donald E. Davies Audie W. Davis, Jr. David K. Davis Perry C. DeBardeIeben Jerry S. Derieux Brooks J. Derrick John H. Dolcater, Jr. James A. Downey Gerald A. Drennen Eugene T. Duidnan George S. Eastwood Donald F. Edwards Leon F. Edwards Frank R. Elliott Clinton B. Ellis, Jr. Donald R. Ellison Kenneth Evans Clayton G. Fant James H. Farmer Page 180 ORCE CAD Henry P. Fell Matthew C. Finke, Jr. Bruce K. Fisher Irwin J. Fleischer Oliver C. Forehand William H. Frederick Bobby D. Fuller Robert A. Gaston Luther P. Gause Paul A. Gay, Jr. John C. Genter Ronald B. George Nason Gilbert John S. Gillespy, IV James E. Godwin Fred Goldschmidt Alfred N. Good Thomas R. Graves Edward H. Gray Michael I. Green Marvin B. Greenberg Mark C. Gregorie John S. Gregory, Jr. Dudley W. Griffin Harlan H. Grooms Charles H. Hall, Jr. Jarette A. Hamilton Labruce M. Hanahan, Jr. Joe Handwerger Clude S. Harkins James B. Harper Herbert G. Harris Howard D. Harris Raoul J. Harris Horace P. Hassell Wiley P. Henderson Edmond D. Henley Wood C. Hiatt Ed A. Holden Lyman F. Holland, Jr. Johny P. Hollomon Thomas R. Hudson Charles O. Huffstutler Edmund W. Hughes Travis Hunt Normand I. Hyman S. W. Inge Hyrle A. Ivy, Jr. Marvin H. Jenkins Thomas F. Jernigan Joe M. Johnson Lloyd H. Johnson John B. Jones Johnny M. Jones Robin L. Jones Albert A. Kelly John P. Kern John S. Kernachan Robert H. Kerr Marvin J. Kimbrell Jack King Wiliam R. Kinnebrew Clarence L. Kirkley, Jr. Wiliam J. Kitchings Charles W. Klinger, Jr. Jack H. Krueger James H. Kyle James E. Langner John H. Lavette Rufus E. Lee, Jr. Joseph T. Levoy Bert Lindberg John B. Loftin Charles G. Longenecker Arthur R. Lunn John D. Lunn Maurice C. Mackey, Jr. Officers Roddam, Carr, Kern. ET ..- ah ., ,,-- ff . ...cow L ,N .. an f .- - I fffffw J ' , ' fe . R Q. " gf' 5. S ctw v Tfflisfa N FEI ER Alva H. Maddox George M. Mahoney, Jr. Richard S. Manley Douglas D. Martin Thomas W. Martin Raymond B. May George A. McCain William J. McDaniel Thomas H. McLaughlin, Jr. Joe H. 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I 'I ,I W.,,,f',Xg g'12g,s,fi A fb ff ' It .N g gaps "'I'5C'f-I 5 'Tiff J " ' fx ' -1 23 45354 32, 5: in., f 5945 i tgffggx mf, .T 'ggi Q- D. ,, 5 W WZ, . A-. I . 3 ' ai y, l 1 . . 'Q' I , 5,1 . 4Qe?4f?Qfa3ISQ.f was I my fms2fm1r!:+4Q LEADERSHIP AND STRONG BODIES ARE ASSEMBLED INTO A WORKING PRODUCT WITH CHARACTERISTICS OF TEAMWORK AND SPORTSMANSHIP. .IX f X X ,A 11 ., -H :rf .fm Wg , NYU. .fftw M f 1' I-Q Y- in-..? 1' 1 'iz 'NHL' FQ Q -Yif5"".Q " 's xr 1 - ,f P ' 'L XV. ljtff. Y! '-21.1. . .lip .. gf .-J, in-3 A u'-" - Q: . ,A 1 ,. :I 'I ' x' ,1 'W .f4 Xa' x1,'tyQK5: 1 'Qi 4 fx N 5:-wh -:Q .. . - -' 1 -V N. " -1. ,vb 1 w, 'M -X vlgzlv, . 1-iw Q I .J- , 4.',.:: if N .r 'ff '1rf1,'- -' 'Q x 1'-19 1, r ' 5,2 If xA':x4s:.x . 1 f X X o .N i"'x-if-' f" f?u'f - K, 42 w, , ,:..fx1 mf, f X K 'X X x 1, 'Ziggy Nik pl .1-iv Lf :Af 'kirby L-"IZ 3 I ' 1 X 5 .'-'Q :. 1: Q.-X' ' gift? 'f1..5P1-f-izwffii, ggi. If-9'1" --'jf 1 ' -1 , - 1, K fy- '1 --hhy 4- ,. 1' .1 'n .15 i '- 11 ,Q -pf WW"-4 A as 'XJ 11 ' 'figfif U bv- 1 -N.,-3' X f A -' H11 s xg 4 FX N K I I. 'Xi Qi ,i if ,J-Q.: Iwfl.. X Mfr, x uf.-. If K 1 'I x in ' " ' 4 FRANK LEE FRANK W. THOMAS Athletic Director A 1923 graduate of Notre Dame and former quarter- back under the immortal Knute Rockne, Frank Thomas ended 25 years of active coaching in January, 1947, when ill health forced him to the sidelines. He was then ap- pointed athletic director at Alabama, serving in that capacity until February, 1952, when continued illness brought about his retirement from the athletic directorship in favor of Pete Cawthon, former line assistant under Thomas. His record of 115 victories against 24 defeats and 7 ties during 15 years as head coach of the Crimson Tide is one of the best in collegiate football history, JEFF COLEMAN Business Manager Of Athletics Coleman, who has served as ath- letic business manager for 24 years at the University, is recognized far and wide by sportswriters, radio and TV men, alumni and fans as one of the top men in his field. Athletic Publicity Director Lee took over the athletic publicity reigns in 1950 when former director Rea Schuessler resigned to become manager of Ladd Memorial Stadium in Mobile. Since his appointment as publicity head, Lee has done o fine job. 7keTIDE' .pw HAROLD KREDJ DREW Head Football Coach Harold QRedi Drew has served five seasons as head football mentor at the Capstone. His record is 34 wins, 17 losses, and two ties, In his first season at the Tide helm 11947 , Drew led Alabama to tho Sugar Bowl, and in 1950 turned out a team that has been hailed as the finest offensive aggregation since the great 1934 squad. JAMES CBUBBERJ NISBET Assistant Coach The personable Nisbet ioined t Alabama staff in 1949 after a vs successful high school coaching care His won and lost record as a pr tutor was 64-18-O. Nisbet was a star fullback on A bama's 1934-35-36 teams. we ' ME CR HENRY G. QHANKJ CRISP Line Coach Hank Crisp first appeared on the Alabama scene in February, 1921, fresh from the athletic fields of Vir- ginia Polytechnic Institute. 31 years of coaching since that date have not diminished his enthusiasm and will to win. His untiring efforts and recognized abilities have wan him ci national name during the last three decades. TILDEN QHAPPYQ CAMPBELL Backfield Couch Happy Campbell has been at the University for 20 years, first as a star athlete and since 1935 as baclcfield coach and baseball leader. The Pine Bluff, Ark., school boy was a grid regular and baseball stand- out in 1932-33-34 at the Capstone. LEW BOSTICK Guard Coach Bosticlc, one of the top young coaches the country, was a member of the 937 Alabama team which went to ie Rose Bowl, and he captained the ?38 squad. He has served eight ears on the Tide staff. PETER W. CAWTHON Alal:am:1's New Athletic Director Peter W. iPeteQ Cawthon, well known in the sports field, was appointed athletic head at the Capstone February 1, 1952, replacing Frank Thomas who resigned because of continued ill health. Cawthon, who has had 30 years of experience in sports, is a native of Houston, Texas. His career includes work as an official, coach, public relations man, player, manager, and scout. He has served with Rice Institute, Austin College, Texas Tech, Brooklyn, and Detroit of the National Professional Foot- ball League. The veteran mentor was a line assistant at Alabama in 1942, JOE KILGROW Freshman Coach Kilgrow, former football All-American and baseball star at Alabama, has served five seasons as B team mentor and a total of eight years as a member of the coaching staff. His brilliant play as a Tide halfbaclc led to national honors in 1937. dyfmt MALCOLM LANEY End Coach Laney, a seven-year veteran on the Crimson Tide staff, graduated from Alabama in 1933 following three years of varsity duty in baseball and bas- ketball. He coached many prep stars at Birm- ingham's Woodlawn High. j 76 I The i951 Crimson Tide suffered heavy graduation losses of key players and as a result turned in a five win, six loss record. lt was the first season in Capstone foot- ball history that a team had lost more than four games. An erratic defense, a result of inexperience at several positions, was a drawback. Alabama's offense was sound. The Tide was ranked among the nation's best in rushing, averaging 220.7 yards per game. The passing department left little to be desired as Junior quarterback Clell Hobson turned in the second best passing percentage in the nation. He completed 66 out of ll4 passes for a percentage of' 57.9, second only to Princeton's All-American halfback, Dick Kazmaier. He accounted for TO87 yards rushing and passing to become the fourth player in Crimson Tide football history to gain TOOO yards or better. Other bright spots in the ordinarily dark picture were the performances of Bobby Marlow, star halfback who captured an ALL-SEC berth, Bobby Wilson, one of Ala- bama's all-time greats in the punting department, and Ralph Corrigan, a sophomore linebacker, who did a mar- velous iob stopping opposing runners. Marlow, bruising runner and a demon on defense as THE 1951 SQUAD ROW l: fleft to rightlz Melton, McCain, Brown QCD, Hunt, Smalley, Malcolm, Wilhite, Richardson, Cur tis, Watford, Lewis . . . ROW 2 Marlow, Jenkins, Lutz, Williams Barry, Carrigan, Wilga, Lary, Wil lis, Hill, MacAfee, Wilson, Hobson Davis . . . ROW 3: Pharo, Snoclerly Luna, Dugan, Manley, Marcus, De Laurentis, Culpepper, Thompson Chiodetti, Kilroy, Oliver, Phillips Johnson . . . ROW 4: Jordan, Lam bert, Conway, Tharp, Lynn, Ful ghum, Siegel, Lee, Mims, Prom Eckerly, Ivy, Compton, a linebacker, picked up 728 net yards rushing to lead the rest of the Tide backs. He scored 72 points on l2 touch- downs for one of the high marks in the conference aside from playing three-fourths of the time on defense. Wilson won the SEC punting title with a 4l.9 average on 65 kicks, and he was the main cog in Alabama's cap- ture of the national title in that department. His kicking was the third best in the nation behind two performers who punted far fewer times. Ralph Carrigan proved to be Alabama's most con- sistent defensive performer. Game after game he made numerous tackles. Had it not been for Corrigan, the Tide's defense would not have functioned as well as it did. Mar- low, Jess Richardson, Bob Wilga, Red Lutz, and several others also contributed fine defensive play. Bimbo Melton, speedy halfback, suffered a broken iaw in the Tennessee game, but returned to action later in the season wearing a plastic mask to protect his iniury. He was one of Alabama's top offensive threats. Ends Joe Curtis and Ken MacAfee were the principle targets of Hobson's passes. Backs Larry Chiodetti and George McCain were other offensive performers who con- tributed to the Tide attack. Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama XNW.. JACK BROWN, Capfain ED LARY Alternate Caplan LABAMA FOOTBALL RESU LT Della Stale . LSU ...... Vanderbilt .. Villanova . . Tennessee .. Alabama WON 5, LOST 6 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama 33 N? ffl! 'nil' Dick Barry, Fullback Ralph Corrigan, Cenier Larry Chiodetfi, Halfback Joe Compton, Fullback Bob Conway, Halfback Joe Curtis, End Jim Davis, Guard Clell Hobson, Quarterback Jug Jenkins, End Bobby Luna, Halfback 'W K i Travis Huni, Tackle Hyrle lvy, End Bobby Marlow, Halfback ' , .45 4 w Harold Johnson Cemer Lin? Jordon, End Red Lutz End Ken MucAfee, End P Bimbo Melton, Halfbcck Jess Richardson, Guard e 'Q-W f""""'? ALABAMA 89 MISSISSIPPI DELTA STATE 0 Ten different Crimson Tide players broke into the scoring column as Alabama routed a completely helpless Mississippi Delta State squad 89-O in the season's opener at lVlontgomery's Cramton Bowl. The point total was Alabama's greatest since the i922 team's l lO-O victory over Marion Institute. Highly touted trosh haltback Bobby Luna shot to the tront as the Tide's top ottensive man in the lidlitter. He scored twice, threw a 46-yard touchdown aerial to Corky Tharp aside from picking up 92 yards on tive rushing plays. Other ottensive highlights in the game tor Alabama were: a 54- yard punt by ace kicker Bobby Vy'ilson, and a 73-yard play which saw soph fullback Tommy Lewis dash the tinal 66 yards after taking a lateral from quarterback Clell Hobson. Tide extra-point kicker, Red Lutz, took advantage ot the high-scor- ing attair to set a new SEC mark tor PAT's, making good on ll out ot i2 attempts. The old conference mark was lO PAT's held jointly by several players. OFFICIAL STATISTICS Alabama State Alabama State First Downs ........... I5 I4 Passes intercepted By .. O 0 Net Yards Rushing... 475 36 Number of Punts .... . 2 9 Passing Yardage ..,.., 78 'I32 Punting Average ...,. 48.0 26.3 Passes Attempted ...... 5 34 Fumbles Lost ...,,.... 2 3 Passes Completed ,.., , 4 'I9 Yards Penalized ..,.,. 105 'l5 Wes Thompson, Tackle Jerry Watford, Guard Bob Wllga, Guard Al Wnlhlte, Tackle Billy Williams, Tackle Bub Willis, End Bobby Wilson, Quarterback Freshman Luna tallies for Tide Wilson dives for yardage Lary goes up with defenders ALABAMA 7 L. S. U. 13 Alabama was quickly knocked from the ranks of the undefeated as a spirited L.S.U. team took the measure of the Crimson Tide 13-7 in Mobile's Ladd Stadium. Though L.S.U. pushed deeply into Tide territory on three occasions during the first period, the Bengals were unable to tally. Tiger backs Leroy Labat and Ronnie Perilloux caught fire in the second period and sparked a surge that was climaxed by a 20-yard scoring pass from quarterback Jim Barton to end Warren Virgets. Cliff' Stringfield failed to convert and the score stood 6-O as the first half ended. ln the third period Bobby Marlow and Bimbo Melton spearheaded a 56 yard drive that gave the Tide its first touchdown, Marlow crashing over from nine yards out. Red Lutz converted putting the Crimsons ahead 7-6. ALABAMA 20 Dick Foster's 39 yard field goal gave an underdog Vanderbilt team a 22-20 victory over the Crimson Tide in Nashville. Vandy's great quarterback, Bill Wade com- pleted 13 out of 21 passes to spark the attack. After recovery of a Commodore fumble early in the first period, the Crimsons scored on Bimbo Melton's five yard plunge, climaxing a 52 yard drive. Lutz's kick was good. The Commodores came through with two quick scores in the second period. The first touchdown was made from the four by Foster, and the second on a five-yard toss from Wade to Ted Kirkland. But the Crimson Tide came roaring back. Corky Tharp's 26 yard kickoff return started the Tide rolling, and Bobby Marlow climaxed the scoring drive with ci one-yard end sweep. Pass-grabber Curtis is downed 1. But the Tigers took the ensuing kickoff and marched for another score. Labat put his team ahead 12-7 with an 18 yard end run. Stringfield converted to complete the scoring. OFFICIAL STATISTICS Ala. First Downs ....,... 10 Net Yards Rushing. .169 Passing Yardage .... 63 Passes Attempted. . . 17 Passes Completed, . . 7 LSU Ala. LSU 12 Passes intercepted By 2 0 235 Number of Punts, .. 8 6 27 Punting Average .... 39.1 43.0 8 Fumbles Lost ,....,. 2 0 2 Yards Penalized .,.. 30 82 VANDERBILT 22 In the third quarter Foster scored Vandy's third touch- down on a nine-yard plunge and converted, giving the Commodores a 19-13 lead. Soon after he game-winning field goal. Marlow scored the game's final touchdown on a three- yard run. Lutz converted. OF Ala. First Downs ....,., 16 Net Yards Rushing. .193 Passing Yardage .... 138 Passes Attempted. . . 13 Passes Completed. . , 6 booted his FICIAL STATISTICS Vandy 20 195 147 21 13 Ala. Vandy Passes intercepted By 2 2 Number of Punts. ,. 5 4 Punting Average. . . , 38.8 38.3 Fumbles Lost ,...... 2 1 Yards Penalized .... 10 15 Marlow romps in Chiodefii faces brick wall Conway breaks up aerial ALABAMA 18 Villanova's Wildcafs invaded The campus and con- cenfrafed an affack in Denny Sfadium Thaf rocked Ala- bama 41-18. The firsT quarfer was scoreless, buf The roof fell in on Alabama in The second. Villanova scored Three Times. Fullback Bob Haner smashed over from The Three To score The game's firsT six poinfs. Halfback Dick Bedesem regis- Tered from The Two, and halfback Ben Addiego gof loose around end for 38 yards and a score. Bama came To life in The Third quarfer and drove 69 yards To finally score. Marlow's Two-yard smash did The Trick. A greaf offensive performance by Tide end Ken MacAfee highlighfed The second half. He grabbed Two scoring passes from Hobson, one play covering 75 yards and The oTher 67. ALABAMA 13 Alabama meT iTs arch rival, Tennessee, and losT 27-13, affer geffing The iump and scoring firsT. The game was played under sunny skies aT Legion Field in Birmingham. Tider Bobby Wilson inTercepTed a Vol pass in The firsT auarfer, iniTiaTing a drive ThaT carried for The game's firsT score. Bobby Marlow carried The ball over from one yard ouT. Tennessee lashed back wiTh sTar Tailback Hank Lauri- cella leading The way. He pifched a 20-yard scoring sfrike To wingback BurT Rechichar who converfed To Tie The score. VILLANOVA 41 However, Three more touchdowns by Addiego, Bede- sem 84 Company were Too much for The Tide, showing pracfically no defense againsf The visifors, excepf for line- backers Ralph Corrigan and Bobby Marlow who Turned in fine performances. OFFICIAL STATISTICS Villa- Villa- Ala. nova Ala. nova Passes Infercepled By 0 O Number of Punis. .. 7 5 46 Punting Average .... 41.2 40.4 16 Fumbles l.osT ...... 3 1 Yards Penalizecl .... 30 50 Firsi Downs ......,, 11 22 Nef Yards Rushing.. 64 421 Passing Yardage .... 181 Passes Aftemptecl. . . 18 Passes CompleTed, . , 9 6 TENNESSEE 27 The Vols broke The game wide open in The second half. Fullback Dick Ernsberger rammed across from The four To puT General Neyland's men ahead. Lauricella laTer sprinfed 35 yards for anofher score. Alabama's second Touchdown came on lV1arlow's one- yard plunge which capped a 65-yard drive. The afTernoon's final Tally was scored by Vol end Vince Kasefa from The Three on a pass by Tailback Hal Payne. OFFICIAL STATISTICS Ala. Tenn. Ala. Tenn. First Downs ........ 16 20 Passes intercepted By 2 1 Nef Yards Rushing. .176 268 Number of Punfs... 8 4 Passing Yardage .... 76 123 Passes ATTempTed. . . 10 18 Passes Completed. . . 6 10 Curiis snags another one Marlow blosfs over Punfing Average ..,. 48.6 40.5 Fumbles Lost. .. . . . 3 2 Yards Penalized. . . 20 30 Chiodetti takes off ALABAMA 16 A thrilling 21-yard field goal by end Red Lutz provided the margin of victory as the Crimson Tide edged the Georgia Bulldogs 16-14 in Athens, Ga., before 32,000 fans. Georgia broke the ice lust before the second quarter ended when speedster Conrad Manisera took a booming punt by Bobby Wilson and hauled it back 72 yards for a touchdown. The pin-point passing of Clell Hobson, who completed 15 out of 20 aerials, was the difference in the second half. Alabama started a march early in the third quarter that carried for 74 yards and a score. Hobson passed to George McCain for 14 yards and a touchdown. Red Lutz failed to convert. Alabama tallied soon after when Lutz booted his game- ALABAMA 7 MISSISSIPPI STATE 0 The Crimson Tide broke a four-game losing streak by edging Mississippi State 7-0 at Scott Field in Starkville, Mississippi. The Maroons dominated play in the first quarter, but Alabama struck in the second period when Hobson began to pass. The Tiders got a 71-yard drive going that cli- maxed when Larry Chiodetti grabbed an 18- yard Hobson pass on the State 20 and romped across for the game's only tally. Red Lutz converted. State staged several scoring threats in this defensive battle, but could never provide the scoring punch. Offense was shoved out of the picture in this contest as the Tide faced a renowned defense. Maroon back Pete Polovina made the game's longest run, a 26-yard end sweep. Sophomore linebacker Ralph Carrigan stood out on defense for the Tide. OFFICIAL STATISTICS Alabama Miss. State First Downs ........... ...., 1 0 17 Net Yards Rushing .,... ,4,.. 1 20 216 Passing Yardage ....,.. ..... 1 60 74 Passes Attempted ...... . . . 18 15 Passes Completed ,.....,, .... 1 1 6 Passes lntercepted' By. . . . . . . 1 1 Number of Punts ...... ,,.. 6 6 Punting Average ..... .... 4 2.3 30.8 Fumbles Lost ....., .,.. 1 3 Yards Penalized ..,.. . .. 45 20 The shifty Hobson moves GEORGIA I4 winning field goal, and in the fourth quarter wrapped up its scoring for the day when Hobson again passed to Mc- Cain, this time for 21 yards. OFFICIAL STATISTICS Alabama Georgia First Downs ........... .,... 1 4 17 Net Yards Rushing .,... .,.., 'I 94 155 Passing Yardage ,,... ..... I L58 158 Passes Attempted ...,.. ..... 2 0 28 Passes Completed ......., . . . 15 13 Passes Intercepted By ...,. . ,. 4 1 Number of Punts ...... . . . 9 4 Punting Average ..,.. , . . 45.3 39.0 Fumbles lost ....,.,, . . . 0 2 Yards Penalized ..... . . . 85 30 MacAfee grabs Hobson pass Lutz boots winning field goal d l fsmxjtn Barry blocks for McCain ALABAMA 40 Alabama continued To roll up The comeback Trail as They smashed ouT Their Third sTraighT vicTory, This Time over oufclassed Mississippi Soufhern in Tuscaloosa. Jumping off To a shaky sTarT The Crimsons finally Turned on The power and coasTed along To a 40-7 Triumph, The visifors losT no Time cafching Bama off balance. ImmediaTely afTer The iniTial kickoff The visiTors, paced by The running of full- back Buck McElroy, drove 65 yards To score The firsT Tally of The conTesT. Scrappy HarT accounTed for The Touch- down on a 3-yard line buck, and Webb Parrish converTed. STunned momenfarily, The Tiders came surging back. End Bud VVillis raised The curTain of Alabama scoring when he inTercepTed a Soufhern pass and raced 58 yards for The Tally. LaTer on in The some period George McCain scampered across for Two more six-poinTers on runs of 54 and five yards. AfTer recovering a SouThern Tumble, T l Bama marched 85 yards To iTs fourTh score. Bobby Marlow cracked over from four yards ouT To do The honors. Jenkins drives for Tech's Hardeman Mims USU eyes runner .TLT-nm H.:-. ' ful I'4v?,E...fl..-..fT.i75s, 2.5 5s..x?.?,i,.. ,,-V31 T6 ,gy ,JL V.-5 T 1 ' 1 T' T 2-H .- sm -rr' mp..'w..:: mfms. MY' ef f' Q-We TQ1 -rr .ne 1 fm -'N -- 4:-P 1--Q T ' 5' " 4 'T' -xiii 1: f?'l.0-124' N - 'L T. ' - - . '.'t..'1siV'f- '- . ' uf? f, ' 'f""l Hs- 'E' I .- ' -"U ' .Q-if 1- .E--fr' X Vg I ..-elk., gif ' 5 . . f T T - if-' 1. .-.11 -1. T A Ai. .,,,ff-','..-'il..'.f3 , .'T1,,,igg'9n2,'. ff B' T T , is -T - 1- ' T " - ' . fsr- 1. f " - ' ,f T2 - Z iii... wfT '2'f? -, ' .""jll5. 4 'T ai ' .zif sfm 'T .Tv 1 'i' . T' -1 - M , , - " f 1f....-- ' T ig, if y1,Qg,f.'sTT TT.,.,-.w'.-i,-we-"V"5i A w.ffflsl'?riTfT5f?'?"il g j..,..ff3 "K' 'f ' rl - 'T ' , ' rfdfzfi-2 -5 'K 'Ti-T. f ' f . - ' j -. i . ,' . Ts ,T n g. - -. . . ,7" ' 5 ' T- T1 ' " " T ig-.'Tw:.'i:L .' il T T- zzz . My ' -' - ' ' T wi.--.T.iTTii'"-iii" 'T' T. T. eg 1 ',.' if 1 " T- . ':..TT. L. -'I ' . .T if-I-fx T .... .- T "-. . H Trri ' 97 '1.riTrif?7fffir4 ,i" if-fi? f A T I . . 1- .. .. -- 4:f ?.?'Z'Sz5Tlf-if -' 'T 'I - T- f 1 T- ww.. gT.T1,,.. fgsw-?x'fT.h.1.T1w-.finfs-a. fans: 42...-26.4 .Q si ff 1 eff- fire- ez" - T " . 5 51:',--f?s,,4!'!-'.,-7ja,',,-gil"- 'firiiffls -?'5g ' -9.4.-.a..,s.-2" -. T.':"i:'2'sT- .FM Tiff" Q--T.- :if . - .A - f V'-' T " - r . gg F3 -rt.--.,-15.5 gs, -515532. ' -' 1, ,gs-..,'g. - yer- --l,g,p,s6 Q-A "Q: 4 - -. W 4 l' A-?'! if 'T Y 0. Pg '1- 1-'4 ,ix W .ov- fa wx A 5533 2 T .T 'WM-T 5 'Wm if if iffig WML iqeegfqw w-seems 1-PM rang?-5-Mfrs' -. 'Tr ' .li-1 'ffm ii ' li gi,-frfg Q ' fig 'JjfffQL7:fl?1r,'f'-fr: - '1'-Qi? . - 'f ...b "f-T: -f.,....3 if .ki 4, - are :gl , 'Je 1-,gi-,, -gig Aja... f E if . 1 Kp,- z NT - if-'Z' 1 - fi' -- ff' ,S B342 -. 2 " if 9' " V 'iw--T ., 'f.r'.-Tiifiji "A-Tir' ' A " f- :H .- . 11'-+ T T -sql' -pg!--'T-',fi. A Wei -NT, A-Q,-f" QTL? .fr is A - ' Q.. . . aa- Q- - .1 . I T' i' ' P ... 4' "1--' - ivfii- 1. -...iff . v i if- . flfxlfs S-' ' 5 rf' lr ig' --- 2?-1. 3- M rc -- A. j::.'S'i B. - il V V ' ' .M N V TE S" .- T . .. I .. - 'sf . T gs Tg T e3?if,f-T Ts, fra. - aff- 1- . ., . ., K fig .xr .1 sg Q- p I.. . A. V mer Ts'-vrrf.'-ffm vs- :fr:Ses1-f'1-'- fa- .Teysii 'f T- T--' .-1 -- - ' JT T 1- Qi- -' sv ww.,--f.fig,--"wr.zf1' ' .z'..1'1 s.f.-fls:.Mf"'frFfi2f T r' .4 I T ' " 'T Ty 'Q su m 1 MM, ' ' " T' ' A ' " M K -3 - - " ,T ' .i...,T.j'il'T X-ff Ti. If T gfsiig T521 QcT T -.T s T. if 'f JA g ws ,X W' L" ' ' f. L . "ff , "5 '-ff 'ar 4 - ws -'T T. www 'T T 1- 4 V'-if' .. .. -:.Tp,.'f ff 'W M . A .5 .. " T-at Tiders close in on Soufhern runner MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN 7 In The second half Clell Hobson and Bobby Luna Teamed up Through The air To accounT for a 22-yard score and seT up a second. Corky Tharp ripped Through from The one To end The afTernoon's scoring. Red LuTz converTed four Times for Bama. OFFICIAL STATISTICS Ala. Miss. Southern First Downs ......, T . . I3 I5 NeT Yards Rushing. . T . T .263 237 Passing Yardage. . . .. .126 107 Passes Atfempfed T... . . 'l'l I7 Passes Completed T.... T . 6 7 Passes lnTercepTed By .T,. TT 4 O Number of PunTs ...,.. . . 8 7 Punting Average ..,T . . T 43.3 35.6 Fumbles Lost T..T. .. 0 'I Yards PenalizedT T T . T 38 58 GEORGIA TECH 27 Orange Bowl bound Georgia Tech uncovered a deadly passing aTTack, sparked by quarTerback Darrell Crawford and end Jeff Knox, To hand Alabama a 27-7 loss aT Birm- ingham's Legion Field. Seeking revenge as a resulT of l95O's humiliaTing defeaT aT The hands of Alabama, The Engineers showed no mercy in running roughshod over The Crimson Tide. The Yellow .lackeTs scored early in The second quarfer wiTh Crawford Tossing a l7 yarder To Knox in The end zone. Tech led 6-O aT halfTime. AfTer inTermission The Yellow .lackeTs swung inTo high gear. Tech scored iTs second Touchdown afTer an 82 yard susTained drive wiTh halfback Leon Hardeman cracking over for The score. A 2l yard pass from Crawford To Buck MarTin accounTed for The nexT Engineer Tally, afTer a Bama fumble had given Tech The ball on The Tide's 27. Tech's TourTh Touchdown was anoTher aerial, a 3l-yarder, from Crawford To Knox. Glenn Turner booTed Three ouT of four exTra poinTs. Bama made iTs only Touchdown laTe in The final period. Clell Hobson seT iT up wiTh a 34 yard iaunT. Larry ChiodeTTi climaxed The drive wiTh a one-yard plunge. LuTz converTed for The final score. Ralph Carrigan, Harry Lee, LuTz, and Bob Conway sTood ouT on defense for Alabanfa. OFFICIAL STATISTICS Ala. Tech Ala. Tech First Downs .....T.. 7 17 Passes lnTercepTed By 2 3 Nei Yards Rushing. .'I'l2 6 Number of PunTs .... 10 8 Passing Yardage .... 49 136 Punting Average .T.. 32.9 29.0 Passes ATTempTed'. ,, 23 20 Fumbles Lost ..... .. 2 2 Passes CompleTed.TT 9 'IO Yards Penalized ..T. 15 45 "Masked Man" Melton starts iaunt ALABAMA 21 The Florida Gators spoiled Alabama's Homecoming by edging the Tide 30-21. Versatile quarterback Haywood Sullivan, an Alabama native, engineered the stunning upset. For the first three periods Alabama held an edge, but in the final quarter the Gators exploded with a game- winning 14-yard field goal and a touchdown for the clincher. With Clell Hobson and Bobby Marlow leading the way Alabama got away to an early lead. Hobson scored on a 10-yard plunge after an 82 yard Tide drive. Florida came back and scored after intercepting a Bama pass, ALABAMA 25 Bobby Marlow was the deciding factor in Alabama's 25-7 victory over the Tide's arch rival, Auburn. The hard- charging onslaught of Marlow 84 Co., tore the Auburn defense to pieces, smashing out a total of 453 yards rushing. Scoring three touchdowns, and accounting for more than half of the Bama yardage, Marlow sparked the if -P is X E A Hobson scoots across FLORIDA 30 Halfback Buford Long cracked over from 10 yards out for the score. A 78 yard pass play from George McCain to Ed Lary in the second quarter put Bama into the lead again. Florida scored its second touchdown early in the second period with Long turning left end for eight yards. OFFICIAL STATISTICS Ala. Fla. Ala. Fla. First Downs ..,.,... 14 21 Passes Intercepted By 0 3 Net Yards Rushing. .209 211 Number of Punts... 5 4 Passing Yardage .... 105 157 Punting Average .... 47.6 36.8 Passes Attempted... I5 '16 Fumbles Lost ...... . 0 I Passes Completed. . . 6 9 Yards Penalized . . . 25 15 AUBURN 7 OFFICIAL STATISTICS Ala. Auburn Ala, Auburn First Downs ........ 22 '16 Net Yards Rushing. .453 Passing Yardage .... 35 Passes Attempted. . . 9 Passes Completed. . . 3 Passes Intercepted' By 1 O Number of Punts... 3 5 Punting Average . . . 36.3 39.2 Fumbles Lost ....... 0 I Yards Penalized .... 105 40 Tiders on offense. The Crimson Tide scored first late in the opening quarter. Marlow's seven-yard end sweep climaxed an 80 yard drive. intercepting a deflected Auburn pass, guard Jess Richardson set up Bama's second touchdown. Bimbo Melton dashed across from three yards out to do the honors. Red Lutz added the extra point. In the third period Marlow scored again when he bulled his way 39 yards through the Auburn defense. Shortly after Auburn scored its lone touchdown. Fullback Homer Wil- liam's eight-yard iaunt netted the score. .loe Davis converted. Bama's final touchdown was scored on a 22 yard run by Marlow. The Alabama defense was sparked by Ralph Corrigan, Bob Wilga, and Richardson. Alabama's quorterbacking was ably handled by Bobby Wilson who took over for the injured Clell Hobson, It's that man Marlow again Flashy Marlow moves behind escort fi FLOYD BURDETTE Coach Floyd BurdeTTe is a naTive of MarTin, Tenn. He graduaTed from Murray STaTe Teachers College in 1938 aTTer being named on The All-SIAA baskeTball Team Tor Three sTraighT years. EnTering The army in 1941, he coached The sTrong Randolph Field cage Team To a service championship. While handling The Oklahoma A 84 M Air Crew Training program in 1943444, BurdeTTe was able To play Tor The Aggies under lax warTime eligibiliTy rules. Playing in only 21 games, he ranlced second in scoring To All-American TeammaTe, Bob Kurland. BurdeTTe was named baskeTball menTor and aThleTic Trainer aT Alabama in The summer of 1946. He was relieved of his Training duTies in The spring of 1950 in order To devoTe Tull Time To cage acTiviTies. AMA S Led by Paul Sullivan, six-TooT, eighT-inch pivoT man, Alabama chalked up a 9-5 conference record for a second place Tie wiTh Two oTher Teams, LSU and Vanderbilt KenTucl4y won The championship. The Tide's over-all record was 12 9 Sullivan was The whole show Tor Alabama. He was Tops in every deparTmenT excepT assisTs. The gangling NorThporT cenTer scored 371 poinTs in The regular season To seT an all-Time Alabama high. This ToTal surpasses Sulllvans record ROW 1: Coach BurdeTTe, Grani, Moore, Sullivan, Norman, Sexion, Currier . . . ROW 2: Ivey, Pannell, Puiman, Schneider, ScoTf, Riddle, Bowling, manager 1, 'Q 1 1, 4. f Y sf ca QE. , . Q 2 3 V ii-f f Q 13? :gl fm il? QQM-.W X -. ,Q we ,L Sh .Jn sd. ff x Swiss 'sl , X K3 fl Q Q if M' 33 ..... .-S, sw R ga ...,-,. --,..::: .2-ww.. I K A 91 ,Q 1 1 5 K S . xg. V E553 , . W 1 1 , A .ZH 4 K S J -ff' ww . U, .K W f, x bemnuwfi Mw wff, my '.ff1+s-.,,r-mf?-. M W S 5 Fw 7 ---.-::'::::'s.,:b'.f" Wi. 1 gsm... f sNEM Qi i 22Eig2j'235 . lf: -Lul- . ., , .Mai 1 I A c 1 , 4 ,r 3 'rw ' xx A S- -Y- ,?' 5 es, 5? f 6' Sf- X S . 1 K 25? gf 55? - "': W g f - iii? 5 ig an , ' 5 f ww-r nf 1 ,,,',,,,,, ,, Q as swat, 5 1 V U si v ' Mi., .wt we 'Yi xt vf' Coach Tilden "Happy" Campbell Coach Tilden "Happy" Campbell has made a name for himself in collegiate baseball. In 13 seasons of conference play under Campbell, the Crimson Tide has won eight SEC championships, participated in three of the five NCAA playoffs held, and represented the South in one national championship. Campbell is a former star third baseman at the Cap- stone. l-le also serves as backfield coach in football. Assistant Coach Joe Kilgrow Mizerany stretches for throw Led by first baseman Mike lvlizerany's robust .405 batting average, Alabama compiled a 14-4 conference record to wind up second in the SEC competition. Tennessee grabbed top honors. The Tide's overall record was T8-5. Steady pitching by Bama's "Big Three" 4 righthanders Al Worthington, Al Lary, and Bill Dunn - was a rnaior factor in the team's success. Worthington won five, lost none and struck out 55 in 65 innings pitched. Lary posted a 6-2 mark, fanning 36 in 48 innings pitched. Dunn won three, lost one. He compiled 36 strikeouts in 41 2X3 innings hurled. Though the Tiders wound up second in the SEC standings they didn't participate in the NCAA District 3 Tournament be- cause several key players became ineligible for further corn- petition at the end of the regular conference season. The top two teams in the circuit are eligible for tournament participation. Al Lary Glenn Scott if :u . R . .X j 5-fl,lf.1lf'1-2" ew 1-r . f M..wzfnsswmm-. -4 ASEB LL XS -if 3 if . .1 .fr ifz ,f i + 4- 35 1355513 7 Q . Q Q V y , . N' fi 3 1 www' ., Glasgow, Mgr .... ROW 2: Chiodetti, Adair, Howell, Mangina, Mizerany, Klinger, Hobson, Martin, Worthington, Napoli . . . ROW 3: Coach Campbell, Scott, Ivey, Henry, E. Lary, Blemker, Sugg, Olgiati, Dunn, Carr, "Coach" Collins, A. Lary, Assistant Coach Kilgrow. ROW 'I: Hank Crisp, .lr Alabama .... ... Alabama ..,. .. . Alabama .... ... Alabama .,.. .... Alabama ..,. ..... l O Alabamaw.. Alabama .... ... Alabama .... .... Alabama ..,. ,... l O Alabama .... ... of Mississippi . . Mississippi . . . LSU ..,... LSU ....,. Tulane . . , Tulane . . . Mississippi .. . . Mississippi ......... Mississippi State Mississippi State Y RESULTS - 1951 SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE O Alabama. .. 5 Alabama... 5 Alabama... 0 Alabama... 3 Alabama... 5 Alabama... 3 Alabama.... Alabama ...... NON-CONFERENCE GAMES Alabama ..,. ... Rollins ....... ,...,.,..,. l Alabama. . . . .. Alabama ..,. ... North Carolina ... 9 Alabama. . .. Al Worthington Bill Dunn Clell Alabama .... .... Alabama ........ 5 4 6 6 O 5 7 ....l7 ....2O 3 ....ll Hobson i Auburn ........ ... Auburn ...... Mississippi State Mississippi State Auburn ..,....... Auburn ......., Vanderbilt . , Vanderbilt . . Vanderbilt . . Vanderbilt . , North Carolina Rollins ,..... . .. Postponed rain 3 if."ffffI1ffl4 5 2 0 4 2 7 2 3 George Howell it . 4 -wi' S s Pete Mangina Mike Mizerany - Leon Adair Tony Napoli Earl Martin Bryant Ivey Fred Henry Ed Lury Larry Chiodetfi Mizerany Ties into one Hobson greeted after homer ET RS Alabarna's l95l Tennis Team compiled a 9-6 overall rec- ord and six wins, Three losses in The SouTheasTern Conference play, Coach Chrisfian De La lVlenardiere's r1eTTers finished fifTh in The SEC TournamenT aT Gainesville, Florida. The Tide drew Three seeded spoTs in Singles and Two in doubles on The basis of regular-season performance. 1951 RECORD Alabama . . 7 Concordia . .. Alabama ,.. 5 Illinois STaie .. Alabama ... l lndiana ., ,. Alabama . . . 5 Mississippi STaTe , Alabama . 4 Birmingham-Soufhern Alabama , 4 Georgia Tech , . . Alabama ,. 8 Georgia ., .. Alabama . 8 LSU ,, Alabama .. 7 Auburn , Alabama . 3 Sewanee . . Alabama l VanderbilT ., Alabama 8 Mississippi STaTe Alabama 9 Auburn .. Alabama. . 5 Birmingham-Southern Alabama .. 2 Tulane . ,... . C .. ...., Won 6 l.osT 3 B. J. Crain .w-I" biz..-1 , gl . sk A x, Alabama's only SEC losses were To Tulane, Georgia Tech, and Vanderbilf. Here is The way The Tiders lined up: Jerry Lapidus, number one player, Jim Kyle, number Two, Ben Boykin, number Three, B. J. Crain, four, Ray Edwards, five, "Doc" l-lorTon, six, and Paul Kanfor. Ray Edwards Jerry Lapidus N? f f.M!'W EF X - I in AlVlA'S Sammy Moore Alabama's l95i thinclads won five dual meets in the Southeastern Conference Without ci loss, running their victory string to T4 straight. The defending conference champions rack- Bill Reese ed up 39 points in the SEC meet to gain run- ner-up honors. LSU won the championship by posting a paceesetting 47 points. Shot putter Carl Shield and all around performer Mary Cichovvski, Tide mainstays, each scored nine points to lead Alabama, Other scoring: 880-man Judd Webster, high iumper Dick I-lanson, and iavelin man l-larmon Beauchamp, 4, distance runner Jerry DeRieux, 3, shot putter Bob Dolovvitz, 2, pole vaulter Bill Reese and high iumper Sammy Moore, lib, one point tor the mile relay. A pair of Tiders captured first place in two events, Shield in the shot put i5O feet, 2 inchesi, and CichoWski's 23.4 was the best time in low hurdles competition. l-le grabbed second place in the 440 as did Shield in the discus throw, Cichowski, bothered by his legs all year, made an amazing come- back to tie vvith Shield for top Bama honors in the payoff meet. Coach Tom Lieb, a former Notre Dame star athletic, tutored his last Tide track team. The T924 Olympic games participant retired from the coaching ranks to enter business on the West Coast. Lieb's T950 aggregation won the SEC championship, the first for Bama. 'H' TRACK 1951 DUAL MEET RESULTS Alabama. . . ,.,, 84 Tennessee . . .. 47 Algbqmq .. 72 U2 Auburn ...... 58 U2 Alabama ,, ,... TO-4 U3 Mississippi .... 25 2X3 Alabama. ., .... 80 Tulane . ...,. 60 Alabama .,... .,..,, 8 2 Mississippi State 49 ROW 'l: Brock, Fullington, Morris, Hanson, Beauchamp, Cichowski, Webster, Seaver, Newsom, manager . . . ROW 2: Coach Lieb, Nylund, C. Shield, McMillen, Jeffords, Guedalia, DeRieux, Miller, Dolowitz, McDonald, W. Shield, Assistant Coach Boswell . . .ROW 3: Mohan, Reese, Lutz, Leonard, Moore, Crowley, Berg, Smithermun. 'F . 1 . Carl Shield Dick Hanson Red Lutz Dash men head for tape in S.E.C. meet 1 Cichowski leads by a fraction Bill Shield Marv Cichowski Bobby DeRieux T. J. Smiiherman Judd Websfer Dan Crowley John Berg Larry Fullingion Bill Jeffords Harmon Beauchamp I TRAMLIRALS Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity racked up 955 points to grab the rotating trophy last Spring. Lambda Chi Alpha was second with 904 points, and Kappa Alpha third with SQSVQ. The Pikes amassed their pace-setting total by winning first place in basketball and volleyball plus ranking high in many other events. Lambda Chi, with a hard hitting softball team that also Fraternity ccgers battle Was it a base hit? featured steady hurling, copped top honors on the dia- mond, They romped home in front with stiff competition from Delta Chi and Theta Xi. After a colorful football season last fall, SAE won the championship by defeating PiKA l5-7 in a thriller. KA won the football field meet and also came out on top in golf. The top slot in fall tennis went to the Phi Delta Thetas. The Pikes won the Turkey Trot on a team basis, and This is Ping Pong ut its best 1 Delta Chi, Chi Phi-summer softball champs 'X hge XN ,S - Lrg it r Q' Lambda Chi Alpha-softball champs fSpring, 19511 Intramural net men He's on the move .fy .sew I, . K They beaf The Independent Aces, 30-26 in The campus basketball championship game. The Aces, leaders in The Independent loop, were cam- pus champs in football and grabbed The Ieague's Top spof in basketball. Handling The sporfs acfivifies of more Than 2000 men fails on The shoulders of Intramural Director Charles Sfapp and his assistants. Stapp, a former Crimson Tide foofballer, each year sets up a versatile, well-rounded program. There are lo varied sports included in The program. STapp's assisfants This year were: Benfon White, super- visor of fraTerniTy sporfs, Preston Brown, supervisor of offi- cials and independent sports Cmain campusl, William Buda, supervisor of Independent sporfs fNorThingTon campusl, and Frank Grove, secretary and record keeper. -gif!-4' Did he go ull The way? Gilmer e second? its a jump shot from The side Wlwh '10 bull ? Paul Sullivan couldn't do better ltsa bulls eye t is f Looks like it might be good WCDMEN'S SPORT Ping Pong anyone? They must be in good shape Stretch, Stretch, Stretch Now girls, steady there Axim " w , " ----"ffl: .f- - -- . V' 'I - . - --v -,: i Look at the golfers How is the water? With 494 University women participating in the wide variety of sports offered, intramurals had a good year in T950-5i. Mrs. Lucille Rosenfeld, who has been in the women's physical education department since l939, once again did a fine iob directing sports activities in and around Barnwell Hall. In the softball race last Spring, Kappa Delta captured the title by defeating the independent team, 6-5. Nancy Flagg was captain of the victorious KDs. The Pi Beta Phis won the swimming championship. Captain Lucy Gardner and her mates nosed out the KDS, who wound up second with the Tri-Delts coming in third. Bama net aces shake hands They show perfect form Alpha Phi defeated Tri-Delt in the volleyball finals by a score of 37-12. The victors were captained by Gloria Prysock. Captain Joanna Hahamis, a versatile athlete who is an Alabama cheerleader, led her Independent team to the basketball crown. This quintet swamped Pi Beta Phi 30-T5 in the championship game. Tennis expert, Virginia Dumas, Alpha Gamma Delta, won last fall's singles title, beating Gloria Prysock, 6-3, 6-4. Delta Delta Delta was victorious in the doubles competi- tion as Mickey Foil and Sarah Segrest defeated the KD's Ruth Moseley and .lerelyn Wright. She's graceful as a swan Tennis star Virginia Dumas Tap it through Here we come EN its Y . .LK I I VA N ,i .6 . .- f if . g ,-lik" ' ' '4'k1QF, 'EWU - " if ' 1. f,f MZ! gf f ,gf If J 1. I ,am f ff f p-QU. ,, AS N 3? ,' bl . .I gr I ',.1' I L Yqiv ' 'Q D .Q I Q I X ,I 'Ax' 0 7 xx V. bl Q . D II . fin 3 Q. ry I , ,ft -, , - ., L., I , ff' ff fx W4.-5 I, f yy 5 :VI YM -" 'I XM w, Matti R A ' ' 5'Q lb I , 'I 'n A x ' Q I L' I3 e cb rf M IAS? 14534559 wg? ff , IN THE BY-PRODUCTS DIVISION E' A RECORD OUTPUT OF FUN AND COMRADESHIP WAS PRODUCED BY 26 FRATERNITIES AND 17 SORORITIES. X ff . O l O.. O Q.. X X Us X X M' 5 Q L Q. I H .gi ff E' tl.: ' V 3?Q+. 4 ft L , . 'X Q' X V 2 A ' M 9.5 QV E61. X I f p, J I A ,X 1 f lg? l ,Af ,A ,cgi 'Q c D :Tx It QNX S If Wi if? U ' , 24. ., - R123 - V M .- "f51fTff7gQf . I , 145 4.71.-1 . ., .,,4, H V ini. ,EQ ' 2 7 7' V' 'f-Q' ',,fg,,?? ':'gf:?. , ,jj f 1 Q L' - , -H nv'-v"e'f I 'A g. nfl ....fA,,N-J., -N: I Ln 5:2-l ' 13546, :lv -. 1' l f 4 1' M . Aff-1.'4g1"F"i1' . 'E7fr.7'.IN: pf. FU: 3 5 i4 4. Q T.-by ', ff, 3"" , -, N45- .Lf , ?WWfQ " I n - lf 1 ., x , nj I f . kr. yfgliq' I I "Af, fi . .JT NI' . , 15,4-Q x'Q -:tr i.v.i,.-.., X : nfl 1 5,1 v' ., 3 b ' 'Il-,.,x.:.,r,, -VI., ' 6-r H 4 grfyx .2-if ilx ufrf. ,XJ I A G ' , f , f ' I - . in .xgbs t AM'WEQmFvyh.mwmnw-MH5 H 55 13 y . 1.5 Z:-I If jul. VYLI IYA .,?.2.I. .., ., k .V - -. 'L' VX Y . ij.,-f ,fr .'M1,:q,, , ,ff J,-Q, L... .,, ,li . .,, 4 8- Jvzf-'i , ' - 1. ' . .HMV fU'.,'?,- 5 'r.f,4mJ"'-4-A-if Q23 .U .Ai w3N.F.-W ,W ,JS -., 1 -1 ' W .,5w,.., L T455 V. xxx . K 2 X' '.!x- - , . f Y-"HQ 51 R fi lf, A, N ' 'rj 5 . vu . 7.J""'1 1 . ' f.!- ll' H n. 4 - V. WV ?WfM1 A -Svf 31 :wfwmmywwmi gff..if', 3 - 51 g'-32 -N1 3. "' 5 jf "1 ,' P:-f --.-- .au '- 3' . 17. , .',.,.,.. ,4,,', qi., ,. fe g iff: y V'.,,1j 4J,1' f " NNZXIY' -'Aj 'P' " 'W it ' 6 lf'5't-:lx 12162 Ax X ., ,.,,. ,.,, wnwpw42-MwMHfwfwwwx ul 1' 'U sig' .' ' . !V1. . " 15!.f'.'-.J THORINGTON, MURRAY, RODDAM, KAYSER ROW I: JACKSON, YOUNG, SMITH, J., SHERLOCK . . . ROW 2: GOODWIN, SMITH, GREENE, AMAN, SHORT, RAVENNELLE, RICE ROW I: HODGKINS, BERRYMAN, GUTHRIE, JONES . . . ROW 2: SIMPLE, BROMBERG, MAYER, ROBINSON, POWELL, HUNTER, WALDROFF MW-' m I TERFR TER ITY COUNCIL OFFICERS MANSON MURRAY .... CLYDE RODDAM .,.. BOB THORINGTON. . . JULIAN KAYSER ...., Representing each of the campus' twenty-six fraternities, the Interfraternity Council functions to promote better rela- tions between the fraternities and between the Greeks and the independents. One of the highlights of the Fraternity year is the annual Greek week. Activities of this week include a marathon, for freshmen men, Step Singing, forums which are beneficial to housemothers and house officers, and a formal dance which climaxes the week's activities. The fraternity championship games between 'Bama and Auburn intramural fraternity champions are arranged by the council. .. . . .President , . . .Vice-President . . . . .Treasurer . . . .Secretary Rushing rules are established by the council, and it keeps pledge cards on each man to avoid conflicts. To promote scholarship the council awards a scholarship trophy to the group maintaining the highest average, and it sends each group a list of the names of men who are doing unsatisfac- tory work. This year as a special proiect the council estab- lished a scholarship for Gunnar Anderssen, a Swedish senior maioring in physics. This scholarship provides money for his tuition, room, books, and incidental expenses. He takes his meals in various fraternity houses. AL GREENE JOHN PIERCE GRAY HUNTER GERALD SMITH BOB HODKINS FRANK BROMBERG, JR. CRAIG MITCHELL BOB GUTHRIE MEMBERS MARVIN YOUNG G. B. KAHN SKIP SHORT BOB GASTON BOLLING BROOKS BOB THORINGTON SONNY GODVVIN ROBERT ROBINSON CLYDE RODDAM Page 2I5 JOE SMITH BIT SHERLOCK MILTON VVALDOFF JOE SIMPLE ROLAND JACKSON MASON POWELL ROBERT JONES JULIAN KAYSER . 1 ,..',l". A 9 I-PH EP H-0 Pl fr , , . - -fairy.: 3' ' IOTA DEUTERON CHAPTER Actives: Arnold Abrams Mervin Berrin Jerry Cohen Richard Friedman Leslie Goldenthal Marvin Goldstein Harold Goldstein Freddy Goldschmidt Sam Gottesman Alvin Greene Mickey Green Cliff Jacob Arthur Korpus Sol Kaufman Basil Lepp Martin Lustberg Sanford Meskin Michael Oldstone Samuel Parent Donald Pindus Harvey Platt Normal Powell Morris Resnikoff Conrad Ross Philip Schecter Seymour Scheckter Irwin Sherman Theodore Stein Joseph Stirmer Harold Sharff Gerald Watman Herbert Weinshank MEMBE Ple RS Harold Weissberg Eugene Weiss Charles Wachs dges: Eli Bell Richard Blustein Erwin Baker Bruce Fisher Herbert Gorlin Robert Greenfield Kenneth Gickman Robert Gray Howard Holland Sy Harkavy Paul Hennes Leonard Korn Gerald Kadish Marvin Melnikoff Jordan Manister Paul Markowitz William Morgenstein David Middleman Arthur Olcheck Miles Shaw Stanley Siegal Marvin Stein Stanley Taub Norman VX'eiss Paul Price Herbert Yampolsky Stanley Zuriff Faculty: Mr. Harry Shaffer Page 2I6 In I942 Alpha Delta Epsilon, local, was nationalizecl into the vast framework of Alpha Epsilon Pi and Iota Deuteron Chapter was founded at the University. After disbanding for several years the chapter came back on the campus in I946 with only two actives and one pledge. Through the vigilance of these three men and the AEPi's that followed in their footsteps, the chapter prospered through the years. The progress cup for the most out- standing Southern regional chapter was won by Iota Deuteron this year, Our new house, built and opened last year, was the first fraternity house on the new campus. Among the social events on the calendar were the Founder's day celebration, two Coffees for faculty mem- bers, and a Mother's Day Tea for their housemother. In the realm of sports, we were active in volleyball and soft- ball. Included in the list of parties was the annual Wild West Party in the fall and later during the year we held our Blue and Gold Sweetheart banquet and formal. There were several f'wheeIs" on the campus who owe their al- legiance to AEPi: Paul Price, member of Blackfrairsy Irwin Sherman, special features Director af WABP, and on the publications side Irwin was feature Editor of the Rammer Jammer and Richard Friedman was cartoonist. OFFICERS LESLIE HOWARD GOLDEINITI-IAL, ,, ...... Master JOSEPH STIRMER .....,....... .. .First Master HERBERT S. WEINSHANK. . . ...,... Exchequer JERRY WATMAN .........., ............. S cribe RICHARD JAY FRIEDMAN. ., .,,. Member at Large Dignified pledges Fresh from the EI Rancho 4 . Bell Berrin Fisher Gickman Golclenfhul Goftesman Goldstein Gorlin Gray Greenfield Harkovy Hennes Korpus Lepp Lusfberg Melnikoff Meskin Morgensfein Oldslone Pindus Platt Powell Price Ross Shurff Shaw Sheckfer Sherman Stein Tuub Watman Weinsl1ank Weiss IOTA DEUTERON OF AEPI WON SEVEN REGIONAL CHAPTER AWARDS Page 2l7 "1 if . , .4- a 0 J' . SRF? .1 ' S Ellfrkl JA '. pf: itil' xfi BETA DELTA CHAPTER Actives: James K. Baggett Charles G. Beatty Robert M. Blakely Charles P, Brock Sam C. Christopher William P. Collins Brooks J. Derrick Hubert Doster Bobby D, Fuller Jerry G, Fuller David K. Gunby James H. Hancock J, Vann Henagan James A. Hereford Wood C. Hiatt Bowen Hill Gray Hunter Kenneth Little Lamar Maiure John Marks Jerry McCann Robert McCreary David Nettles Hal Owsley Paul Robertson Pelham Rowan Charles Sawyer Euel Screws Charles Sharp Russell Smith Thomas Stephen Thomas Taylor Edward Thompson Robert Walker Jack Wells James Wells Barry Whatley MEMBERS Charles White-Spunner Genubeth Williams Homer Vvilliams John Wilson Philip Wilson Robert Wilson Robert Yates Pledges: Gene Brannock Al Byrne John Coleman Robert Dillion Joe Evans Billy Jack Frazier Ronny George Sam Harwell Karl Lazenby William Moffett William Maiure Richard Maiure George Megginson William Mills Clay Nettles Curtis Smith Wilson Smith Scott Spaulding William Tisdale Blair Voltz Faculty Dr. Willis C. Baughman Dr. George Lang Mr. C. E. Allen Mr, Grady Nunn Mr. Clifton Penick Dr. B. B. Trawick Dr. Leonard M. Trawick Dr. Bernard Weber Page 2i8 ands 'N This year the hairy-chested men decided that we should prove our social capabilities as well as our physical strength, so we considered a tea or maybe a dance might be fun. As the idea grew we decided that a small brawl might be pleasant and the Pickwick was rented. The night betore the Tennessee game we all treked up to Birming- ham and had our annual tormal. In November we got with the Auburn brothers and had another little dance that will long be remembered by both chapters. We won sec- ond place tor our Homecoming decorations and welcomed alums to a buttett luncheon. Three members ot Who's Who proved our leadership ability. Sam Christopher was president ot both Jasons and the Cadet Otticers' club. Russell Smith was elected presi- dent ot Scabbard and Blade, a member ot the legislature, ODK, Druids, Quadrangle, and platoon leader tor Persh- ing Rifles. The CRIMSON-WHITE was edited by Tommy Taylor who found time to be in Jasons, ODK, Sigma Delta Chi and Quadrangle. Bowen Hill served the Canterbury Club as its president and was also president ot the state association ot Canterbury clubs. He was on the University debate squad and a member ot the Law School Executive Council. OFFICERS SAM E. CHRISTOPHER .......,... ..... P resident RUSSELL SMITH ....... . . .Vice-President DAVID GUNBY .... ,.... T reasurer WILLIAM COLLINS. . . .. .Secretary JIMMIE HANCOCK. , . . . . Historian Auburn week-end gaiety Intramural track champs we W .41 TAU CHAPTER BILL MCDONALD. . . JOHN SCOTT. .. GERRY SMITH... PEP JOHNSTON . . JOHN LAVETTE .... JIMMY BALDERSON. . . Actives: James F. Balderson Bill Boggs Dave Codd John Creel Roy Dee James Daniels Tom Head John Hendricks Fred Henry Bryant Ivy Pep Johnston Reginal Jones Royce Jones John Lavette George Lillich W. O. MacMahon Alan McDonald OFFICE MEMBE Ple RS RS Robert Moffett Tom Powell Robert Schlegel .Ierry Smith John Scott Ike Tull Jack Vellines Bernard Waldrup Jimmy Waters Pepper Wilson dges: AI Austin Gerald Gandy John Head Walter Mayfield Craig Thomson Johnnie Smith Sam Paterson Sterling P. McDonald Faculty: William W. McDonald Paul Moffett Dr. Hugh Pallister Page 220 .Alpha . . .Beta Gamma . .Delta .Epsilon . . .Zeta rm ?. . '1 With heavy hearts we opened the I95I-52 year. All the brothers mourned the passing of our bar. But soon we turned on our homebrew personalities and forgot the bar. The great loss was made easier by a couple of house dances and then our annual tea-dance after the Home- coming game. We pooled our efforts with the Delta Chis and threw a fine celebration after the Tech game at the Tutwiler. To celebrate Christmas we threw a small dance made ready for the spring. In the spring we bent our elbows and managed several gala riots. Buffet suppers and coffee hours relieved the monotony of our Saturday tranquilities and we finished up the social season with our annual picnic and customary hangovers. Between parties we managed to keep ourselves busy outside the house in campus activities. Bill McDonald, was president pro-tem of the Legislature and a member of Who's Who, ODK, and Quadrangle. John Lavette served ably as treasurer of Scabbard and Blade and was a mem- ber of Delta Sigma Pi. Gerry Smith and Pep Johnston were members of Druids while Craig Thomason was in Rho Alpha Tau. Fred Henry was sports director for WABP. Bernard Waldrup was assistant editor of the COROLLA and a member of Cotillion Club. Allan McDonald, George Lillich, and Jimmy Daniels were members of Pershing Rifles. Struggling Fish Chi Phi Congregation n .. Ausiin Bclderson Codd Creel Daniels Dee Gcndy Head, J. Head, T. Hendricks Henry Ivey Johnston Jones Lcveiie LiIIicI'1 Mc:cMahon McDonald, McDonaId, McDonald, Mayfield ScI1IegeI ScoII Smith Thompson Tull Vellines Wuldrup Wilson A. S. W. CHI PHI IS THE OLDEST SOCIAL FRATERNITY STILL IN EXISTENCE Page 221 000 DELT HI ALABAMA CHAPTER Actives: Ple Auburn Alston William Arnold Joseph Benagh Fred Britton William Chesnut Dale Collins Charles Cornelius Don Davies Gerald Faulkner James Freeman Robert Gilchrist Walter Granger Larry Fullington Wade Hampton Robert Hodgkins Clark Holliman Robert lvy David Lacey Joseph Langston Richard Manley Lee Roy Manners Charles Mitchell John Mohan James Page Robert Parker Paul Pinson Lamar Rawlinson Alan Stelzenmuller Robert Vance Jack Whetstone Gene Wood dges: Jerry Baker MEMBERS Barry Bradford Benny Ray Cleveland H. J. Cleveland Jerry Cornelius A. M. Deason James Dismuke James Edwards John Gibson Glenn Hammet Hugh Harris Glenn Harvey Roger Horton Burton Mott Hurley Robbins William Robertson Daniel Saltsman James Scruggs Murray Smith Lee Stegemeyer Hoy Taylor Jack Weeks Sam Wells Jack Wood Faculty: Mr. Allan Bailes Mr. Keith Barze Mr. Jett Coleman Dr. James F. Doster Mr. Harry Haden Mr, Clinton McGee Dr. John V. Masters Mr. Charles Mitchell Lt. Col. Willis Pearson Mr. Paul Thomas Page 222 "The wheels were rollin"' might well have been the best phrase to describe the Delta Chi's. Among the Delta Chi's foremost personalities were President ot the Student Government, Bob Vance, President ot the School ot Com- merce, Wade Hampton, Gerald Faulkner, Editor ot the COROLLA, Charlie Mitchell and Bob Hodgkins, Cotillion Club. See what we mean? The Alabama Chapter ot Delta Chi was installed in the year 1927. In 1935, Delta Chi moved into their new Chapter house located on traternity row. Besides being active in politics, the Delta Chi's were party-minded in other directions. There was the Tide- Jacket Dance at the Tutwiler Hotel in Birmingham held atter the Georgia Tech, and the Annual Joint Celebration ot the Alabama and Auburn Chapters held in Birmingham after the Alabama-Auburn game,-and then the Yule-Tide party at Christmas with Bob Vance and his banana trees! Two new trophies grace the Delta Chi House, both earned in sottball tor the spring and summer ot 1951. Yes, it is unfortunate that with politics, parties, and sottball, the Delta Chi's iust didn't tind much time to study in 1952. OFFICERS ROBERT HODGKINS .,........,. . , ."A" JAMES PAGE ........ . ."B" JAMES FREEMAN .... , . ."C" ROBERT PARKER ......, . . ."D" ALAN STELZENMULLER . . . . ."E" DAVID LACEY ...,.,. , . WF" Off to the fish pond The food must be good Alston Arnold Benagh Britton Chesnut Cleveland, B. Cleveland, H. Cornelius, C. Cornelius, J. Davies Deason Dismukes Faulkner Freeman Fullington Gibson Granger Hammett Hampton Harris Harvey Hodgkins Holliman Horton Ivy lacey Langston Manley Ma n ners Mitchell Mohan Mott Page Parker Pinson Rawlinson Robbins Robertson Saltsman Scruggs Smith Stegemeyer Stelzenmuller Taylor Vance Weeks Wells Whetstone Wood DELTA CHI CLAIMED 1952 COROLLA EDITOR AND SGA PRESIDENT Page 223 DELTA K PP EPSILO PSI CHAPTER MEMBERS Actives: Charles L. Adams William H. Armbrecht, III James O. Banks Augustus J. Beck Austen L. Bennett Daniel S. Bowling Frank H. Bromberg, Jr. Hugh M. Caffey, Jr. John C. Carter James M. Clark Rae M. Crowe Edwin J. Curran, Jr. Oliver H. Delchamps George R. Irvine, Jr. Wiley C. Joyner Jack H. Krueger Roderick M. MacLeod Allen L. McCall David D. McMullin William J. McVoy James M. Murray Joseph Parsons John D. Phillips Jerry F, Sherrill David J, Turner Richard L. Vittingl Frank A. Yeilding, Jr. Gerald A. Drennen Pledges: John Duckworth George S. Eastwood, III Jack Eaton Louis M. Finlay L. Walker Foster Peter B. Hamilton Fincher Allen J. Porter Collier James J. Duffy, Jr. D. L. McCall, Jr. Robert Palmes Robert E. Parsons Alan Head L. Duke Searcey Harry D. Henson Edward Vulevich Broox G. Holmes Faculty: W. C. Holmes C. Thomas Hooper Sam W. Inge Walter H. Inge William B. Inge, Jr. Dr, William C. Friarson Dr. Stuart Graves Mr. Hudson Strode Mr. Mortimer Jordan Mr. Sam Hobbs Page 224 Grandfather of U n iv e r s i ty fraternities, Deke was founded on the University campus in I847. One of the big events of the year was our Psi Day at Homecoming which celebrated our IO5th anniversary. We may have lost the LSU game, but we won the party at our annual fall dance at the Mobile Country Club. Everything was in reverse for our big Backward Party and we all went native on the Saturday night of our Peon Party. Among our accomplish- ments of the year was placing second in scholarship and winning the bridge tournament. We won the consolation cup for football and went to the basketball playoffs. Oustanding Dekes from the Capstone were not limited to two United States Senators, we were well represented here on the campus. Mason Murray was in Who's Who, Secretary of Jasons, President of IFC, Quadrangle, SGA, and Arnold Air Society. Hugh Caffey was on the Law School Executive Council and served as business manager of the Cotillion Club. Phi Eta Sigma, Quadrangle, Tau Beta Pi, and Arnold Air Society had George Eastwood's name on their rosters. Commerce School's outstanding freshman was Frank Bromberg who was a member of Sigma Pi, Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, and Delta Sigma Pi. Watching the skirts go by In K, . ... M H5 J isa W 'fsnfy . m.,..,,.,,g ... fwfwzqggs k sf S 5 z A 1 5 J S53 4' Q 1 . if 2 . iwiiziia J 9 Q S ,ff K H N, if-5 X igi 5' ?"'?'i ' I 1 ...,K Y K ws 'I wtvssi Nw Qfeswzgi X K E51 .Wm ,E w DELTA mu DELTA '- DELTA ETA CHAPTER Actives: Frank Bentley Delisle Black Jack A. Bonner Joe Booth George R. Briggs Tony Cox James Cunningham Carroll Dailey Thomas Dewine George Feierabend Charles Gidley Alfred Good Bruce Harmon Hugh Harmon Bob Guthrie James Harper Oliver Head Richard Heftington Morgan Heller Sehon Holmgren Joe Kern John Kern Paul King Hartwell Lutz I. W. May Raymond McMath Donald McRae James Montgomery Carl Moore Charles Morgan Jimmy Nabors Drewel Newsome Frank Ogden William Owsley MEMBE Ple RS Felix Patrick Raman Perdue Donald Purvis James Robbins Geottery Smith Jack Spencer Frank Stanton Kendrick Streets Gene Studstill Thomas Turner Hibbert Weathers Phillip Welch Charles Wilson dges: William Allen Max Bailey Wilbur Berry William Card Norman Faris Roderick Gilman James Gould William McMillan Ulmer Priester Arnold Runnels John Snoderly William Stallworth Leon Terry George Thompson James Weldon Edward Welch Philip Young Faculty Mr. Howard Folts Prof. Whitely McCoy Mr. Paul Newell Page 226 While we were polishing up our second Jason's trophy in as many years, we remembered that someone should cruise by the Kappa Delta house and make a daily check to the "Sorority ot the Year" trophy. This trophy accounts tor the mortgage on our chapter house. We also decided to make a day ot it and shine up our latest trophies tor golt, tennis and step singing. Our pride and joy were the non-Union Delta Saints, who have been known to give out with some real Dixieland on special occasions. We had two brawls, one ot which was "Ye Old Browery Ball" ot I892 tame. The other was the Rainbow Ball at which the sorority trophy was awarded. Among the most esteemed members ot our lodge were Chuck Morgan, our regal president, and Charlie Wilson the managing editor of the CRIMSON-WHITE. Bill Owsley was the head drum maior for the Million Dollar Band and Jim Montgomery was the managing editor tor the RAMMER JAMMER. Alfred Good was our member ot all campus honoraries and Hibbert Weathers was our three term member ot the Legislature. Bob Guthrie was a member ot Druids and our member ot the Fraternity Arch Chapter was Marion Coley, formerly ot the University of Alabama faculty. OFFICERS CHUCK MORGAN ............. ..,.... P resident SEHON HOLMGREN .... ,..,., V ice President JOE KERN ..,...... ......,.,...,. T reasurer BOB GUTHRIE. . . ...,.. Recording Secretary OLIVER HEAD. . , . . .Corresponding Secretary Dixieland doocllers Rainbow rapsody Allen Bailey Bentley Berry Black Benner Booth Briggs Card Cox Dailey DeWine Faris Gidley Gilman Good Gould Guthrie Harmon Harmon, H. Harper Head Heffinglon Heller Holmgren Kern Kern, J. M. King Luiz McMc:th McMilliun McRae May Montgomery Moore Morgan Ncbors Newsome Owsley Pofrick Perdue Purvis Robbins Runnels Smith Spencer Sfallworih Sianlon Terry Thompson Turner Welch Welch, P. Weldon DELTS WERE FIRST TO WIN JASON'S TWO YEARS CONSECUTIVELY Page 227 KAPPA LPH ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Actives: Joseph Holman Adams William Evans Alison Tip H. Allen, Jr. Robert Nathaniel Almon William Brantley Ashworth Harold Eugene Breitling Edwin Lipscomb Brobston Brad B. Bailey William Gaines Buchanan Jasper Knight Champion George David Clem, Jr. Allen Dunn Collins, Jr. Robert Creagh Collins Wiley Howard Cooper, Ill John Thomas Corbett, Jr. Thomas Melton Culpepper, Lewis Garnett DeMent George Warren Durrett Ebb Browne Durrette Donald Fuhrman Edwards MEMBERS James Bentley Owens, Jr. George David Palmer, Ill Pruitt Stanley Parker Wilmer Turner Goodloe Rutland Roy W. Scholl, Jr. Bedford Forrest Seale Frand Clarke Selby, Jr. Barrett Clinton Shelton, Jr. John Kendrick Sherling Clay Russell Sherrill George Roe Smith, Jr, Paul Acker Stabler Charles Stuart Stirling Jerry Mack Studdard William Edward Thomas, Jr. Harold Mertz Vandervoort, Jr. Ill William Drayton Vinzant Jesse Orel Weatherly, Jr. William Shidaker Wire, ll Roy O'Rear Wyatt, Jr. Marvin Pierce Young, Jr. William Jackson Edwards, Ill Pledges: William Kenneth Forbes James Stewart Gantt Victor Henry Hanson, ll Charles Francis Horton Charles Baxter Howell Clarence Young Huff Joseph Roulston Huggins John Bryant Jordan, Jr. William Robert Kinnebrew James Paul Lowery Louis Buisch Lusk Reese Ewell Mallette Douglas Dickinson Martin, William Kennon McAdory William Joseph McDaniel David Louis McElroy Wayne Atherton Meeks James Ashurst Melton Robert Aubrey Miller, Jr. Donald Ray Norton William Conner Oliver Robert Thomas Bell i Jack O. Buchanan Donald Scott Davis LeVerne Samuel Gantt, Jr. Jack Farmer Golson Jackson Clyde Horton Thomas Fonde Jernigan Willoughby Echols Lacy Milton Dannelly Law John Earl Mayton Donald Laurens Morris Arthur Rivers Taylor, Jr. . James Aubrey Vines, Jr. Robin Adair Wade, Jr. Jerry Eugene Wall Lloyd Curtis Warr, Jr. Faculty: Dean Noble B. Hendrix Mr, Ernest G. Williams Rev. George Murray Dr. Robert W. Wallace Page 228 With "lost causes" far in the past, we charged through one of the best years since we came to 'Bama in l885. Although two of our greatest rebel yell leaders, Don Fuller and Nick Stevens, donned the U. S. uniform, we had a bang-up year that was highlighted by such memorable events as the Rose Formal in Birmingham. In good old Southern tradition of always having fine entertainment, the Order had three informal dances at the Thomas Jefferson in Birmingham. These were held win, lose or draw in celebration of the three games the Tide played in the Magic City. Of course the Old South Ball we had in the spring brought a colorful rebirth of the Confederacy. Upholding our reputation as a leader in sports we placed third in 'Si for the rotating trophy which we have won four out of the last six years. We took the ping-pong title, horseshoe tournament, basketball free throw and the tootball field meet. Notable Southern gentlemen included Wayne Meeks who was president ot the Westminster Fel- lowship, Jerry Studdard who belonged to Rho Alpha Tau and Druids. Allen Collins was in Philos, Quadrangle, and Druids. Phi Eta Sigma and Delta Sigma Pi claimed Jack Edwards. Marvin Young was President of the freshman class in Engineering School. Goodloe Rutland was a flam- ing leader in ODK, Who's Who, Jasons and the Cotillion Club. OFFICERS WILLIAM J. EDWARDS .,.,..... .,....,. P resident W. T. GOODLOE RUTLAND .. ...Vice President ALLEN D. COLLINS ...... ..... S ecretary DAVID L. McELROY. . . .... Treasurer Ready for seccession i Stars of the show , .. wg 52 Z E 2 2 5 2 Z E gg ef 3 2 2 2 5 55 95 E 3? 72 is E it 5 5 ai L fy 5? A G :S Q, 9 2 ? 1 5 3 4 PP PI CHAPTER Actives: Harry Asman Alvin Bearman Marvin Bearman Norman Berger Jerry Berman .lack Bern Raymond Berlin Bernard Block Paul Buchman Leon Capouano Irving Cohen Raymond Cohen Charles Feigelson Eugene Feigelson Dan Franco Ed Franco Ronald Goldberg Harold Goldstein Herbert Goldstein Leon Gordon Bernard Greenberg Bill Gurvvitch Joe Handwerger Raoul Harris Marvin Hurvich G. B. Kahn Nathan Kahn MEMBE Ple RS Jerome Kanter Philip Kanter Ira Kline Richard Litt Rhodes Mazer Alan Oboler Mickey Oppenheimer Bernard Peltz Norman Pizitz Jerry Routman Henry Sherry Arnold Slaughter Ralph Sokoll Chaim Sternbach dges: Harold Apolinsky J. Bruce Cole Charles Denaburg Irwin Feldman Sidney Jaffe Robert Liebeskind Fabian Olensky Stanley Rubinstein Terry Siegal Bernard Taranto Berkley Wolff Stuart Zuckerman Page 230 fl 3px' nav - .ff ,ff Rxlfat srl' N V, 'J' R WPA, .f ' B f 4 .ustzx ggi Q13 'wsxgb' XV , , 'QI' .bf '-4 .,. Last year, because of an increasing demand by the housemother for a room, we added a memorial wing on to our house built in I93I. It's a miracle how the house has stood up under the strain of such parties as our Valentine weekend, Founder's day and Parents' day to say nothing of the house dances and costume parties. Since the chapter was founded in I92I Kappa Nu's have won the scholarship cup nine times and now boast four mem- bers of Phi Beta Kappa. Kappa Nu's furnished Alvin Bearman, Gene and Charles Feigelson and Richard Litt for the roster of Phi Beta Kappa. I-Iarold Apolinsky was in Phi Eta Sigma and Marvin Bearman was Gamma Beta Sigma. Our literary figures filled the staffs of campus publications such as Ralph Sokol, the Crimson-VVhite's Business Manager, G. B. Kahn, Office Manager for the i952 COROLLA and Ber- nard Peltz who was assistant Advertising Manager for the Crimson-White. Kappa Nu Engineers Joe I-Iandwerger and Jerry Berman were our contribution to Tau Beta Pi. OFFICERS MARVIN BEARMAN ..,,......... .,,.... P resident PHILIP KANTER .... ............. V ice President RICHARD LITT .... .,., C orresponding Secretary G. B. KAHN .,.... ..... R ecording Secretary NORMAN PIZITZ. . . .,..,....... Treasurer Some of the boys Sideline spectators Apolinsky Asrnun Bearman, A. Bearman, M. Berger Berlin Berman Bern Block Buchman Capoua no Cohen, I. Cohen, R. Cole Denalourg Feigelson, C. Feigelson, E. Franco, D. Franco, E. Goldstein, Ha Goldstein, He Gordon Greenberg Gurwitch Hanclwerger Hurvick Jaffe Kahn Kanter, J. Kanter, P. ilgline Liebesliind Lift Olensky Oppenheimer Pelfz Pizitz Rubenstein Sherry Siegal Slaughter Sokol Taranto Wolff Zuckerman rold rbert FOUR MEMBERS OF KAPPA NU WERE ELECTED TO PHI BETA KAPPA Page 231 Jyftlz ffs P P I G - BETA CHAPTER Actives: Granville Alley Wilbur H. Ausley A. Benton Baker Charles E. Cameron T. Donald Cameron Roy L. Campbell Robert P. Chalker Frederick C. Clifford David R. Coley Thomas Ciawford Caldwell Del?-ardeleben Luther P. Gause Jackson H. Gibbs James C. Gray, Jr. H. Glynn Harris Robert L. Hayes, Jr. Lynn P. Hodges Jack King Rufus E. Lee, Jr. Robert B. McClellan Andrew McElroy, Jr. Hubert R. McLellan Joseph H. McLure Oscar C. Mills William R, Nettles A. Raymond Pappas L. Hayes Parnell William B. Prichett Jerry W. Raines Richard E. Ray Avery M. Roan Hubert E. Rawson Forrest E. Short Robert G. Tate, Jr. William M. Tate William A. Tuck, Jr. Wendell Vickers MEMBE Ple RS Roger C. Wald William P. Weikert Paul Gaston White Charles Royce Wilson Howard C. Wise A. Louis Ferguson David P. Mann dges: John Paul Anderson Frank E. Brooks Sam Chalker Sam S. Dominey Jimmy Gates Gardner Hartley Billy Hodges Jim Killette Arcy Lawley Tommy Logan Jack Marcey Jack Miller Jack Mooney Jimmy Nunis Walter Parker Dick Ramsey Eddie Reagor, Jr. Jack M. Rogers Edward Strain Robert White Tommy Hughes Bryntley King Robert Black Johnnie Daniels Edward O'NeaI Faculty: Dean W. F. Adams Dr. T. G. Andrews Mr. L. J. Nations Dr. R. E, Tidwell Page 232 Beta Chapter of Kappa Sigma was the second national fraternity to be established on campus. This year on December IO we celebrated our 82nd anniversary. How- ever, we didn't limit our celebrations to a birthday party. In December we dragged out the mistletoe and had a big house dance. In the spring we rushed around getting our tuxs pressed for our big formal in Foster. It was our an- nual Black and White Ball. Between the pledge swaps and the coffees we managed to get in the intramural foot- ball and basketball playoffs. Amid the rush we still found time to keep our fingers in several campus pies. Our star wheel Caldwell DeBar- deleben was in ODK, Who's Who, and Ouadrange. The house brain Raymond Pappas was sporting a Phi Beta Kappa key. Lynn P. Hodges was elected to Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Epsilon Delta. Tau Beta Pi claimed engineer Dick Ray. Jack King was in Theta Tau as was Luther P. Gause who was also a member of Philos. Soldiers Gaston White and Bill Weiker were in Scabbard and Blade. Rufus Lee was in AEO and Bob Hayes represented us on the Spirit Planning Committee. Tommy Logan was a member of the Men's Spirit Committee. OFFICERS JACK KING ....... ....,.,..... .,,.. G r and Master LUTHER P. GAUSE. . . .,.. Grand Procurator RICHARD E. RAY ..... ...,,..... Grand Scribe H. GLYNN HARRIS ...,.,... ......... G rand Treasurer T. DONALD CAMERON ..... Grand Master of Ceremonies Here's to Kappa Sigma! Frea kish funfest Alley Anderson Ausley Baker Black Brooks Cameron, C, Cameron, D. Campbell Chalker Clifford Coley Daniel DeBardeleben Dominey Gaies Gause Gibbs Harris Hartley Hayes Hodges, B. Hodges, L. H ughes Killefie King Lawley Lee Logan McElroy Mclellan Mclure Marcey Miller Mills Mooney Neilles Nunis O'NeilI Pappas Parker Parnell Prifclweif Raines Ramsey Rawson Ray Reagor Rogers Short Strain Tafe, R. Tafe, W. Tuck Vickers Wald Weikerf White Wilson Wise 4 'fb Rx Rs Aw X 'Ss ,.f . 1: ,W A E-as: uh E' xi 17 KAPPA SIGMA FOUNDER'S DAY MARKED ITS EIGHTY-SECOND YEAR Page 233 Ulm LAMBD HI LPHA ALPHA PHI ZETA CHAPTER Actives: Leon Adair James Aman Jack Bains Bill Blankenship Paul Boutwell Robert Cannon C. J. Clark Dave Cotter Frank Cotter Temd Deason Jack Evans Bob Gaston Don Grant Gene Gray Paul Hassell Mike Hayes Edward Holden, Jr. James Hudson Lloyd Jones Robin Jones AI Kruse Ray Laseter John Martin Dick Maxey Carl Merrill Buddy Merritte Joe Nelson Tommy Noble Leroy Paul Bob Norris Bill Oldacre William O'Lenic Bill Perkinson Ray Petty Jack Reeves MEMBE Ple RS Gene Roberts Bill Shivers William Sims Walt Smith Barry Collins Walter Forster dges: Paul Bailey Crawford Battle DuVal Easley Jimmy Gilbert Richard Hartsook Tommy Jones Fred Lackey Dave Lancaster U. S. Large Ernest Laseter Johnny Lloyd Troy Martin Gene Morris Tom Morton Payton Patrick Don Propst Bill Rasco Bill Rosser Bill Smith Ken Steel Ken Stephens James Tew Faculty: Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Page 234 L. D. Boylan Brooks Forehand . George C. K. Johnson Henry J. Sikir Robert E. Tyler GQ. Proudly waving our WCTU banner tor being a dry house, we got mooneyed with Wanda Shivers, the I95I Crescent Girl. To keep from having to eat off the mantle, our pledges collected clothing tor the Tuscaloosa Welfare Department. But it wasn't all work, there were the tour Alabama chapters' formal at the Thomas Jetterson in Birmingham atter the Auburn game, deserts, cottees, pledge swaps, and house dances. We had a big Apple polishing party, then we topped ott the year by pulling out our leis and ukeleles tor our Luau party in the spring. The muscle bound members chalked up a good sports record. We were the 'Si intramural sottball and swim- ming champions and placed third in the turkey trot, volley ball and tootball tournaments and finished oft the sports's season in second place tor the intramural rotating trophy. Our contributions to aftairs ot state include Leon Adair, RAT, Druids, Quadrangle, Jasons, Who's Who, Varsity baseball, Commerce Representative to SGA and Phi Eta Sigma. Bob Gaston was in Druids, IFC, and Arnold Air Society. Bill Oldacre was on St. Pat's Executive Council, Men's Spirit Committee, and Alpha Kappa Psi. OFFICERS JACK EVANS , , , ,....... President ROBIN JONES. . . . . .Vice President TOMMY NOBLE .... ..... S ecretary JIM AMAN ..,.. , . .Treasurer Job well clone Honoring the Crescent girl , 1 : I - Adair Amon Bailey Battle Blankenship Boutwell Cannon Clark Cotter, D. Cotter, F. Decason Easley Evans Forster Gaston Gilbert Grant Gray Hartsook Hossell Hoyes Holden Hudson Jones, C. Jones, L. Jones, R. Kruse Lackey Lancaster Large Loseter Lloyd Martin Merrill Merritte Morris Morton Noble Norris Oldacre O'Lenic Patrick Perkinson Petty Propst Rasco Reeves Roberts Rosser Shivers Sims Steel Stephens Tew LAMBDA CHI WAS AWARDED SWIMMING AND SOFTBALL TROPHIES FOR 51 Page 235 PHI fszgif ' rj KX .-'off ii in 5 . 51,32 22 "Q 'Rib df ! ALABAMA ALPHA CHAPTER Actives: John Q. Adams Jack Anderson Robert Beeland Gene Bromberg Bolling Brooks Curtis Bullock Davis Cannon William Cannon Arlen Carpenter Frank Ca uthen, Jr. A. J. Coleman Richard Cox John T. Dale John F. Dillon Bob Donald James Downey Leon W. Edwards John C. Eyster Edwin A. Gentry Robert C. Grant William D. Graves, Ill Dudley W. Griffin Hoyt E. Harbin Frank Higgins Robert Hinton Richard Humphrey Carlisle Jones Charles Jordan MEMBERS Ple James V. Kidd, Jr. Alex Lankford Hugh Mallory Curtis M. Nordan Willis Penfield Wade H. Pullin Thomas Toothaker Thomas Twitty James C. Weatherly Edward Williams Shannon Williford William C. Woodall dges: Thomas Andrews David Bradley Ben Cannon Brick Hamrick George Jordan Frank T. Joyce James W. Petty Guy Spencer Harry Weatherly Allan Woodruff Lewis Woodson Faculty Mr. Marshall DeMouy Mr. Robert Teague Mr. George Webb Page 236 lf it takes parties to make the world go around, the Phi's sure did our share of keeping the old ball turning. Since the chapter was established in l877, we have en- ioyed eighty-five years of continuous existence. From our ranks have come leading men in all phases of business, industrial, and financial life. Some of the successful local Phi Delt's were Jim Downey who was in Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, and Pi Tau Sigma. Carlisle Jones was in Druids, and Jim Weatherly was the vice-president of Philos. We braced ourselves for the Georgia Tech game with our annual Orchid Ball in Birmingham. Homecoming we brought out the best china and had a luncheon for the alumni. Christmas found us having our annual dance at the Beauvoir Country Club in Montgomery. ln the spring we celebrated Founders' Day with a banquet at the Country Club. Between our big parties we managed to squeeze in a Halloween Party, a Christmas house dance, and a spring Honky-Tonk party. We didn't let the parties get in our way, though. We won the intramural tennis championship and went to the football playoff. DUDLEY W. GRIFFEN. ..... President BOLLING BROOKS. .. ,Vice President JOHN T. DALE ...... ..... T reasurer JAMES C. WEATHERLY, . . . . .Rush Chairman Party in progress Ready forthe big game wil? 4 A S F' P' L 5 '-1'f:if H, X 4144: W, 5i1f, Es? Q W ms V- if 1 ,' 5:25 1' . , Vriisezfiig-.T f i Y' ggi-sggihggk. , LW, :g2g5 1.f21:,e1 W, Q' if ' 2395275 ' 5 A gg iiikifif ww. P 7" nb -2- if 'lufigzii 157.-f' 'ZfZ:'fii?f5:.e::H,'!5.:, X F5 :iw PHI IMAA THETA CHAPTER OFFICERS MAX MCLAUGHLIN .,......,..., . ...... President MAC HUMPIDGE ........,,.. ......,....... H istorian CAREY HOLLINGSWORTH. . . ..... Recording Secretary DOUG LAINIFORD ......... , . .Corresponding Secretary CECIL LESLIE ....,. ........,...... T reasurer DELT rm Theta Chapter ot Phi Gamma Delta is almost IOO years old. Founded in I855, it is the traternity's third oldest chapter in existence today. It was the second fraternity at the Capstone and was the first to build a house on the now famous Bama fraternity row. We started oft the tall with a dance with the Tennessee chapter after the game in Birmingham. The annual "Roaring 20's Party" set us back some 30 years, but we soon recovered and had a Christmas Party tor underprivileged children, which was complete with presents, songs, and Santa Claus. Also highlighting the Fiji calendar were the annual Pig Dinner and the Fiii Island Party completing a very successful social season. The Phi Gams were proud ot their prominent alumni which include Dr. John M. Gallalee, President ot the Uni- versity, Dean ot Administration James H. Newman, and Dr. Iredell Jenkins. Among outstanding undergraduates ot the chapter were Carey Hollingsworth, listed among "Who's Who" and member ot ODK, Max McLaughlin, an- other "Who's Who" and member ot Jasons, Ernest Deal, president ot Commerce Association, Doug Lantord, director ot the Pep Squad, Miller Widemire, president ot Druids, Jack Nolen, president ot Law School, Bob Thorington, treasurer ot IFC, Mac Humpidge, "Who's Who" and mem- ber ot ODK, and Van Marcus, tirst string Tide Tackle. After the ball was over . . .. . MEMBERS Actives: Donald Carter Bailey Walter Harwell Bailey, Jr. Oliver Charles Baker Barron Bethea Graham Brimm George Daugherty Brooks, Jr. Lloyd Lee Bryan Blucher Hamilton Cooper, III Edward Everett Craig, Jr. Charler Rutus Crantord, Jr. Warren Baker, Crow, Jr. Ernest Linwood Deal, Jr. Roger McPetree Deming John Donehoo Durham Rowland Hill Geoldie, Jr. William Robert Hendrix Edmond Darby Henley Carey F. Hollingsworth, Jr. James Hubert Hollis, Jr. Harrell Dallis Huguley, Jr. Herbert McLin Hurnpidge Robert Webster Humpidge Edward Douglas Lantord, Jr. Owen Cecil Leslie, Jr. Max Victor McLaughlin Jack McWhirter Robert Dale McWhorter Van Joseph Marcus Charles Andrew Mixson Robert Lewis Morris, Jr. Thomas Pope Moseley Frand Oldham Munn Jack Merrill Nolen Ple William Sylvester Prout Louis H. Phetteplace, Jr. John Verner Robertson Thomas Henry Selman, Jr. Donald David Snyder William Thomas Tarpley John Harris Taylor, Jr. Robert Dinning Thorington Miller Arrington Widemfre Peyton Norvell Wiggins dges: Charles Eugene Allan Alex Chappell Bryant Harold Francis Crew Charles William Crews Paul Douglas Fultord Frank Morrison Hardy Charles Putnam Harris Jimmie Carl Hill, Jr. Charles Rhodes Jamison James Howard Ledbetter Paul Graham McClintock, Jr. John Frank Moore Elbert McCain Norton George Erwin Sledge, Jr. William Carter Standetter Joe Kittrell Trotter Edmund Wilkins Young, Jr. Faculty: Dr. John M. Gallalee Deon James H. Newman Mr. Fredrick R. Maxwell Dr. Iredell Jenkins Page 238 Does Uncle Sam REALLY wont this? - -W W... ,,,,..,.s...... , , ,1,s.,... Allan Bailey, D. Bailey, W. Boker Brooks Bryan Bryanl Craig Cranford Crow Deal Deming Durham Fulford Gedclie Hardy Harris Hendrix Henley Hollingsworth Hollis Huguley Hill Humpidge, M. Humpidge, R. Lanford Ledbeifer Leslie McClintock Mclaughlin McWhirler Mixson Moore Morris Proul Roberfson Selman Sledge Taylor Thoringfon Trotter Widemire Wiggins Young PHI GAMMA DELTA WON THE HOMECOMING FAMOUS PERSONS CONTEST Page 239 l 4-. V S. -1 P l"l l K A P P A l G lVl A ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER Actives: Harold Berry Lloyd Denson Richard Dowis Charles K. Edwards George Ellis Donald Freeman Walter Garrett Donald Gee James Godwin Kenneth Hundley Johnny Johns James Kidd William Lane Joseph Matranga Seale Moorer Felix Nicholas LeRoy Okel James Shamblin William Shiver David Steele James Clifton Stone Jack Tucker Russell Turbeville Pledges: Don Adwell MEMBERS James Bagley R. B. Bailey Clarence Blackwell Yuell Busey John Cannon William Dailey Fred Hitson Johnny Jones Rex Martin Edgar Nordan William Russell William Scudder James Sheehan Charles Skinner Donald Spurrier William Wyatt William Lawley Thomas Binion Oliver Pierson Faculty: Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Page 240 Roger Burfield Howard Goodson .Joseph Handwerk M. Leigh Harrison Holman Head Robert Van Voohres Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity - an international - was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850 and Alpha Kappa Chapter came to the University campus in l903. In l9l2 the boys in the "Skull House" moved to their present location on Fraternity Row. A distinguished member of Alpha Kappa is General John Persons, presi- dent of the First National Bank of Birmingham. The most outstanding social event held this year was the Cinderella Ball in Foster Auditorium. A dress was created especially for the chapter by Mons. Wyatt of Paris, and it was worn by the l95l-52 Cinderella Girl.. The dress was presented to the winner of the Title. The house Thespians put their brains together and came out with a skit for the Jason's finals. The skit was a combina- tion of Hellzapoppin and Black Magic. We put on our party clothes for many informal house functions which in- cluded an alumni luncheon at Homecoming, a Christmas party in conjunction with the Delta Zetas, and a tea hon- oring the dress designer of our Cinderella gown. We wore our hearts on our sleeves for our annual Valentine party. We claimed the president of Phi Eta Sigma, Chairman of the Spirit Planning Committee, and a Commerce School representative to the SGA legislature. OFFICERS SEALE MOORER. . . ..,.,.. President FELIX NICHOLAS ..,,.., . . .Vice President CHARLES K. EDWARDS. .. ...., Treasurer Phi Kap Spirit So it's cooler outside . . . . Adwell Bailey Bagley Binian Busey Cannon 5 einem: -,gf ,wwe ei . . 1 KR. te Denson Edwards Dowis Dailey Ellis Freeman Garrell Godwin Hilson Hundley ST. -W if Johns Lane Lawley Marlin Mafranga Moorer Nicholas Nordan Olcel 69m 'Ky si? in A 2 ki SWK ,, Pierson Russell Scudcler fix - Im , 45"- Shamblin Sheehan Shiver Skinner Spurrier Steele Stone Tucker ' Tuberville Wyatt "' 'ff flfx 53 l 'Ss z. 1 .3 We 2 'L e i ,e ,ff i ' S PHI KAP CINDERELLA LED DANCE IN A GOWN IMPORTED FROM FRANCE Page 241 2 f TITI. Z- f' .yrgiglfyxi fi :.fz32wi,irev U P H I I G IVI A K A P P 13 ,,!'i,Qf'X,,,v' M OMICRON DEUTERON CHAPTER JAMES B. GILDER PAUL MCCULLY. . GAY TALESE ...4 DONALD MOTTER Actives: Austin Almon Van Becea Robert Boulos William Dravis James Gilder Howard Graves Burt Green David Hangarter Joseph Hock Donald Killian Charles Kelly Mitchell Latoff Ramsey Latoff Frank Long David McCormick Paul McCully Donald Matter OFFICERS .......President . . . .Vice President . . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer MEMBERS Michael Pedalino James Potter Robert Robinson Frank Rodriguez Emmett Shotts Robert Surran Gay Talese Robert Williams Wallace Watson Pledges: Ronald Carson James Wirtz Faculty Mr. Jose l. Gonzales Dean Albert B. Moore Dr. Frederick Cox Captain Shemwell Page 242 1 . Phi Sigma Kappa moved from its distinct locality on Sorority Row this spring, and the year-long peek-a-boo party with the gals in Colonial Hall across the street was over. The late hour phone calls from the studious femmes across the street to inform the Phi Sig night owls that they were "making too much dz-- noise" were no longer heard. Stern, staid, stilted, stately president Jim Gilder, the Banana King from Panama, took down the "No Whistling At Girls" sign in March, and the chapter moved gleefully into the new house on lOth Avenue. The year in review was a successful one. The Moon- light Girl contest was the highlight of the social season, with the Christmas party and Spring formal bright notes of the calendar. Mitchell Lattof, the distinguished dollar- man from Mobile, continued his distinctive ways in Jasons, SGA, and Law School. Gay Talese, secretary of the chap- ter, did a bang-up iob as Sports Editor of the CRIMSON- WHITE, his breezy sports column, "Sports Gay-zing", was one of the Capstone's most highly read features weekly. Miss Jesse Boykin, the housemother with the perpetual smile, turned-in another fine year of keeping "the boys in line." "My boys don't drink beer," she said, once upon a time. Study hall? Entertaining before the game ' ,rxwi i ' . My , . wI fzE:'5'.:s- f my F Q YQ. . Pl PPA i F 1 if fs ,Z ,ps 'Q' Q g 5. . 3 3 LPHA sw n 3495 Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at The University of Ala- bama in T924 Since Then we have made it a practice to succeed in all fields of endeavor. This year the rotating sports Trophy was at the Pi K A house for The second con- secutive year. We won iT by winning The volley ball and basketball championships. Pike pledges won The Team championship in The annual Turkey Trot. Miss Joan Woolf was crowned Dream Girl of PIKA aT our annual Garnet and Gold Ball at Homecoming. We celebrated Valentine's Day with a formal dance. Outstanding Pikes were Jerry Stapp who was vice- president of The Student Government Association and Who's Who, Jim Brice was president of Quadrangle, Who's Who, and the SGA cabinet. Harold Wall was president of Delta Sigma Pi and business manager of The COROLLA. Bo Brice was president of Rho Alpha Tau, President of the College of Arts and Science, and executive commander of Pershing Rifles. Jim Strickland was president of the Wes- ley Foundation, a member of the Press Club, and Sigma GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER Actives: Murray Alley Clint Anderson Hugh Ballard Richard Barr Walter Berry Gordon Blackwell Hugh Bostick Bo Brice Jim Brice Clarence Bugg Bill Burnett Robert Carpenter Dick Carter Charles Cason Bob Coats Chuck Collier Robert Collins Frank Cox Tommy Day Jim Dearman Henry Fell Teddy Flowers Bill Floyd Ray Fowler Bill Frederick Don Gregory Shaf Gregory MEMBERS Jim Kassner Fred Kelley Bill Lampley George Mahoney Robert Mann Roy Mauldin Raymond May George Michaels Bob Miller Tommy Moore Buck Newman Jack Parker Nat Perkins Jerry Peterson John Prine Earl Rolls Hosmer Roberson Alton Rockett Clyde Roddam Findley Rush Don Shearer Jerry Stapp Jim Strickland Alan Taylor Bob Turner Ed Tyndal Harold Wall ' Bill Walton David Bonner Raymond Custred Delta Chi. BO BRICE ..,... ..... P resident CLYDE RODDAM. , , . . ,Vice President JIM STRICKLAND. .,..,. Secretary RAYMOND MAY. . . ..,. Treasurer Don Decker lra Dement Cecil Dodson Kenneth Exum Ben Bill Ferguson Hardegree Price Hightower Bunky Jones Bobby Lacey John McBride Bill Morgan Fred Neebling Tom Peterson David Pruitt Harry Purnell Broward Seg rest Neill Segrest Billy Ray Self Edwin Sorrells Paul Spradling Jimmy Thompson John Towey Teddy Villar Billy Watkins Ebby Willard Faculty Hobart Grooms Bob Wood Mr. J. Frank Livingston Don Harden Pledges: Dr. Alton O'Steen Lyman Holland Carl Bentzel Dr. Jack Montgomery Dave Homer Bobby Blackwell Mr. Malcomb Laney Lloyd Johnson Joe Borland Mr. Harold E. Smalley Page 244 Into the kettle Hayloft heaven Alley Ballard Benteel Berry Blackwell, Blackwell, Borland Bostick Brice, B. Brice, J. Buss Burnett Carter Cason Collins Cox Decker Dement Dodson Exum Fell Ferguson Flowers Floyd Fowler Frederick Gregory Grooms Hardegree Harden Hightower Holland Jones Johnson Kassner Kelly Lacy McBride Mahoney Mann Mauldin May Miller Morgan Neebling Parker Peterson Prine Pruitt Purnell Ralls Roberson Rockett Roddam Rush Segrest, B. Seg rest, N. Sorrells Shearer Spradling Stapp Strickland Thompson Towey Turner Tyndal Villar Wall Watkins Wood PI KAPPA ALPHA'S DREAM GIRL WAS CHOSEN TOP COROLLA BEAUTY Page 245 kx f. 1 .grtxlk 43" ' ang .0 ,., stiff!! 'lin-F gd .gf T 1 Ni' x OMICRON CHAPTER JOHN CARSON. . TED MEADOWS. . CHARLES MONEY. BRUCE HARRISON. . PAUL CROW ,.,. BOB HALL .... Actives: Ross Albert Edward Bolen John Broadhead Lester Brock Vincent Brown Charles Buckner John C. Carson, lll Eugene Cartledge Charles H. Clark John W. Clegg Walter W. Cox Paul A. Crow William Creel Joseph DeLeonard William DuBose Lahnoe Euler Bryan Faust J. Paul Fitzgerald Edward Fowler Wade Garner William Gaskill Lester Glover Wilbur Goodman Garland Hall, Jr. James Harris Warren Harris E. Bruce Harrison Frank Hanvey Douglass Hester James H. Johnson James R. Johnson Ple OFFICERS MEMBERS Kenneth N. Letson Mack O. Matthews A. Charles Money Clarence G. Meadows Bobby C. Moses Hugh Munro McCarty Oliver Dale Patterson Paul Petrey, Jr. James Prater Robert Propst Albert Ritchey Joel Robinson John Scott William Sharpe Robert Singleton Albert C. Skaggs Joseph Smith William J. Stitt Jackson Stokes Edward Stutts Edwin Truitt Benton White J. Emmett Wilkerson George M. York dges: . . .President . . . .Treasurer . . . .Secretary . . .Historian . . .Chaplain . . .Warden Wallace Cheatwood Jack Coker Hardy Ford Carey Frazier Ronnie Garner David Harwell Bobby Hooks Steve Hunter Jack Jarrell Thomas McLaughlin Buddy Miller Bill Nichols James Owens Owen Postle John Prater Byron Reynolds Tony Rose Jack Smalley Jack Stacy Rex Spruill William Sutton James Tolson James Townsend Loyd Tubbs Jerry Tucker Gary Burns William Ash Faculty: Barnard Bridges James Bucher Joe Lee Burchfield Robert Cheatwood Page 246 Dr. Langston Hawley Dr. Stanley Hoole Mr. Henry A. Leslie Dr. C. L. Seebeck Supported by fifty-five active members and thirty pledges, Omicron Chapter has become the largest chapter initiated over 600 members since of Pi Kappa Phi, having the chapter was founded at the Capstone in l9l7, Pi Kaps held the annual district and we greeted alums Homecoming. Founders' conclave this year with Auburn with a luncheon and dance at Day was observed with a ban- quet in December. We got together with our Auburn chapter for a dance the night before the Big Game. A Christmas formal highlighted the holidays and we fin- ished up the year with a spring formal held on the lawn the first week in May. Many of the campus's leading personalities called the Pi Kap lodge home. Mack Matthews was president of ODK, Jasons, Quadrangle, and Who's Who. Another "wheel" was Joel Robinson who was secretary-treasurer of SGA and a member of the Cotillion Club executive council. Ross Albert served on various SGA committees, was busi- ness manager of the Homecoming program, a member of St. Pat's, and Alpha Phi Omega. Bruce Harrison was CRIMSON-WHITE sports editor and a member of Rho Alpha Tau. Paul Crow was secretary of Druids and presi- dent of the Christian Church Youth Organization. Ed Fowler was elected vice-president of the Law School and Emmett Wilkerson was president of the University Relig- ious Council, Scabbard and Blade, and a member of Phi Tau Chi. The life of a pledge Put some punch into it , m1nw1vs11w1e' ' 1 ' Lum - fs 'Ei B SIGMA LPH EPslLo ALABAMA MU CHAPTER Actives: Frank Bainbridge John Bankhead Luke Boykin William Brandon George Blinn Bradley Brown William Burns Otis Burton Thomas Caldwell Archie Carmichael Wilford Caulkins Van Dantzler Chunn George Cochran Benton Cogburn Ted Copelad Paul Cribbins Charles Culp Andrew Duke Virgil Elmore James Farmer Richard Gaynor Herbert Gilder Jack Gilliland Frank Grove Charles Hall LaBruce Hanahan Donald Hawkins Perry Hooper Edmund Hughes Winston Hughes Fred Johnston Holt McDowell Jake Moose Samuel T. Nash Jack Noble John Oliver Sam Peebles Jon Pitts Harry Prater James Ratliff MEMBE Ple RS Richard Reynolds Thomas Ritchie John Rochester Frederick Rock Rogert Ruffin, lll John Saunders Myron Scales John Shealy Steadman Shealy Robert Shelton Eugene Sherlock Charles Smith Sam Smith Thomas Smith Reuben Thornton Bogue Waller Hugh West John Winter dges: Charles Ball Roy Cargile Rutledge Carpenter Kelly Dixon Harold Hightower Bob Morley Hebron Morris Dick Powell Charles Sellers Harley Smith John Williams Faculty: Dr. S. Paur Garner Dean Allen J. Going Mr. William Going Mr. A. M. Kennedy Mr. Gerald Little Dr. R. l. Little Dr. John McLure Mr. Charles W. Scarritt Dr. Joseph H. Walker Mr. Charles Hewitt Page 248 The Mother Chapter, Alabama Mu, of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University in l856. After dis- banding for several years due to regulations regarding no fraternities on campus, SAE received a new charter in 1886 and in i910 moved into the house down from Pug's, In T951 a new house was finally started and the SAE's, bag and baggage, moved into the two-story mansion in May, T952 SAE's held it's annual Founder's day banquet March 9. This was followed by a formal dance at the house in honor of the new initiates. Other social events included a formal dance October T9 at the Tutwiler in Birmingham and a ioint dance with the Auburn and Birmingham Southern SAEs, December l. Alabama Mu captured the fraternity football championship in the fall of '5l. Among the honoraries on the campus the SAE's had four in Druids and four in Quadrangle. Phi Eta Sigma claimed Charles A. Culp, and Theta Tau had for it's president Richard D. Gaynor and Thomas C. Caldwell was a member. Charlie Hall and Richard Gaynor belonged to Tau Beta Pi, and Alpha Epsilon Delta was supported by Donald B. Hawkins and Fred F. Johnston, Jr. On the publication side Tommy Nash was Business Manager or the Rammer Jammer and Thomas Ritchie was Sales Manager. OFFICERS TOMMY CALDWELL .............. .... E minent Archon BRUCE HANAHAN. . . .... Eminent Deputy FRANK GROVE .... .. ,Eminent Recorder HARRY PRATER. . . ...... Eminent Treasurer Notable gathering Must be the soft music l -w - rs N -- - Bainbridge Ball Blinn Boykin Brandon Brown Burns Burton Caldwell Cargile Carmichael Caulkins Carpenter Cochran Copeland Culp Dixon Duke Elmore Gaynor Gilder Gilliland Grove Hall Hanahan Hawkins Hooper Hughes Hughes, W Johnston McDowel Moose Morley Morris Nash Noble Oliver Pitts Powell Prater Ritchie Rochester Ruffin Saunders Scales Shealy Shealy, S. Shelton Sherlock Smith Smith, S. Smith, T. Thornton West Winter Williams SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON MOVED INTO DeVOTIE MEMORIAL IN 'I952 Page 249 Qs. lg .4 "ff If EA 35, Pg? 'is TAU CHAPTER OFFICERS STANLEY SALTZMAN. . . .,.. President RAMON GREEN ..... . , .Exchequer SHELDON PEVSNER. . , .... Recorder MEMBERS Actives: Melvin Siegel Stan Abrams Paul Applebaum lra Beal Bernard Bogate Harris Cohen Lawrence Croen Robert Dolowitz William Dulberg Marvin Edelson Carl Finke lrwin Fleischer Ronald Freeman Ramon Green Hiram Guedalia Samuel Kaufman Bucky Levine Ellis Lipson Harold Lischkott Robert Lorberbaum Herbert Morris Edward Morse Martin Shafron Robert Tobin M'ltcn Vllaloloff Sidney Youngelman Pledges: Richard Bach man Abe Cohen Donald Friedman Gerald Gaier Jack Klein Lew Lesser Bert Litwin Donald Lorderbaum Melvin Ohrback Ronald Rabin Robert Robin Harvey Rubin Max Schloss Michael Starr Alan Shanen Sheldon Pevsner Faculty Stanley Saltzman Alan Schneiderman Dr. Harry Lipson Mr. Martin Wiman Page 250 . p, ln l9l9, Tau Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at the University. During its 42 years of existence, SAM has risen to its place near the top of fraternity ratings throughout the country, producing many alumni who have held the national spotlight. With such alumni as Andy Cohen and Max Rosenfeld, baseball stars for the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers, respectively, and other leaders including eight men who are today members of different states supreme courts, the name of Tau Chapter shines forth proudly throughout the states. As for social affairs we held our annual Christmas Dance, the outstand- ing Ship Wreck Dance, and the Spring House Party and formal to complete the year. We are not lacking in the sports field, either, and boosted our team to the runner-up position in the bowling tournament. Sammies Bob Dolowitz and Hiram Guedalia were members of the varsity track team, Mel Siegel, Abe Cohen, Sidney Youngelman, and Al Shanen supported the Crimson-Tide, and Ronny Rabin was on the basketball team. As for campus personalities we were proud of Milton Waldoff, who was a member of Druids, Homecoming Com- mittee, Cotillion Club, and was in charge of SGA publicity, Sam Kaufman, who was Crimson-White's circulation man- ager during the summer and later served as Homecoming Publicity Chairman. Other "prominent" Sammies include Burt Litwin, member of Rho Alpha Tau, and Ira Beal and Marty Shafron who played for the campus orchestra. Dressed for the occasion Leadout notcables 1 -, mi Abrams Bach man Beal Bogaie Cohen Dolowitz Edelson Finke Fleischer Freeman Friedman Gaier Green Kaufman Klein Lesser Levine Lischkoff Lifwin Lorberbcaum, D. Lorberbaum, R. Morris Morse Ohrbach Pevsner Robin Rubin Salfzman Schloss Schneiderman Shafron Waldoff SIGMA ALPHA MU CELEBRATED NEW YEARS EVE WITH A HOLIDAY PARTY Page 251 IGM I IOTA IOTA CHAPTER Actives: Carl M. Booth Charles D. Brooks Arthur B. Chesnutt Sole Coleman Jack D. Cummings Philip R. Enochs Lucien M. Gex Ray Graves James W. Greiner George T, Griffin Claude S. Harkins William W. Hollis Charles G. Longenecker Maurice Cecil Mackey, Jr. John K. McGowan Robert M. Montgomery Alex W. Newton Graydon Newman James T. Norton Roscoe T. Null Paul A. Owen Edward T. Peter Earl Simmons John F. Proctor Charles E. Ratclifte Erling Riis William C. Sanders Joseph M. Semple Malcolm Sumrall Graham Waite Judd P. Webster H. Gray Whigham Charles I. Williamson James Carl Wise MEMBERS Victor E. Woodman Whilden P. Breen Robert Mackey Bill Kitchings Bill Haynie Bryant Sheehy Ed Gray Pledges: Fac Bruce Andrews Wallace Day Loyd Baker Ned Hildreth Jimmy Parrish Gilbert Allen Jim Odum Reid Webb Jim Gilmore Joe Sneed Paul Pierce Tommy Marr George McGinnis Jack Reagan Sonny Dixon Robert Woodall Emil Barnes John Cowart ultyz Dr. George H. Denny Dr. Everett Bishop Coach Joe Kilgrow Mr. Jeff Bennett Mr, Marion Weems Mr. Ralph Williams Mr. Cecil Mackey Page 252 ,,', V at-3 f l?" 'pi ,J 1' 'S ' , W A . 1" I 'si ,ill-J J, .. at ,. .f al J vu .og ian' ,f ' A a Since I855 Sigma Chis have been ramping all over the world making names for themselves. We claim Dr. George H. Denny, past President of the University whose name will ever be associated with the famous University chimes. Ralph Williams is also a member of our staunch alumni, as are Arkansas' two Senators. Most fraternities disbanded during the Civil War, but Sigma Chi is unique in that it was one of the few southern fraternities known to have had a battlefield chapter during this period. We boys who wear the white cross held our annual Sigma Chi Derby which added much fun and merrymaking to our literary club. The Sweetheart Ball at the Country Club was a huge success and at this time we chose our "Sweetheart". We have shown our athletic prowess again by entering the football playoffs for the 5th consecutive year. Outstanding Sigs include Charles G. Longnecker, a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta and Druids, Phil Enochs who was tapped for Phi Theta Sigma, Solon Coleman, a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta and who holds the Phi Beta Kappa key, and Judd Webster . . . iust because he's Judd. OFFICERS JUDD WEBSTER .... ....... P resident CECIL MACKEY .... ..,. V ice President PHILIP ENOCI-IS ...... .....,. S ecretary VICTOR WOODMAN. . . .... Treasurer Well, howdy! Patio partying Andrews Booth Breen Chesnuft Coleman Dixon Enochs Graves Gray Gex Greiner Griffin Harkins Hildreth Longenecker Mackay Mackey Marr Newman Newton Owen Parrish Peter Pierce Procfor Rafciiffe Sanders Sempie Sheehy Simmons Sumrall Whigham Wise Woodall Woodman Websfer SIGMA CHI CLAIMS CHANCELOR DENNY AMCNG ITS PROMINENT ALUMNI Page 253 8 " r 'D Ji W ,. 4 'Gia ' 'ZTTLLQTW ii 54 situ in-I 1 I. , R THETA CHAPTER Actives: John Astleford George Belleau Luther Bevis Thomas Canty George Cooper Frank Cope, Jr. James Dailey Bromley Dyson Richard Elson Steve Finch Hallis Geiger Raymond Harper Amos Monroe Jones Charles Kettler Sydney Lavender T. A. Longshore W. J. Longshore George McCain Milton McKinney Thomas Miller John Oakley Andrew .l. Orzel MEMBERS Pie G. Burns Proctor Louis Rice Charles Root Maury Smith Robert Smith Duke Tatum Cobin Wellborn Jcseph Wells dges: George Andrews C, Russell Farmer Wayne Goodson James D. Johnson E. Milton Lewis Don McNelley Lawrence T. Oakley Don Richards James Rigney Medford Roe Faculty: Mr. James Faircloth Mr. Warren Keith Mr. L. A. Woodman Page 254 1' Q' Sigma Nu was founded somewhere in Tuscaloosa County in T874 Theta Chapter was originally organized as a drinking society, but later became a literary club, its sole obiect being the advancement of its members in aesthetic fields. This year we celebrated with an Alumni Rally commemorating the lOOOth member of Theta Chapter, this chapter being the first chapter to initiate a thousand members. The house was the scene of many gala affairs such as the Mexican Party and the Gypsy Party in the fall and February's New Orleans Party. in the spring we had our annual Shipwreck Ball at the house. Each year we have two formal shindigs at the Country Club. ln the field of sports our lacrosse and pole teams were heralded as the campus' finest, but we found very little competition here in intramural sports. Woodie Rice loomed as the wheel, having been a member of the Student Legislature and sub- seauently appointed the SGA Cabinet. He was on the Homecoming Committee, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi and the Executive Committee of IFC. Burns Proctor and Maury Smith occupied the has-been roles. OFFICERS G, BURNS PROCTOR ...,. .,..........,.. C ommander CHARLES ROOT ...... . . .Lieutenant Commander MAURY SMITH ,,.., , , . ..., Treasurer ANDREW ORZEL .,..., , , .Recorder AMOS M. JONES .....,., .. .Chaplain COLVIN C. WELLBORN . . . . .Sentinel Bollin' the iack Still navigation Andrews Astleford Bellecu Bevis Canty Cooper Cope Dailey Dyson Elsorv Farmer Finch Goodson Harper Johnson Jones Kettler Lavender Lewis Lon shore Q 1 Longshore, McKinney McNelly Miller Oakley Orzell Proctor Rice Richards Rigney Roe Root Smith, M, Smith, R. Tatum Wellbarn Wells T. W. mr- 4-. 1905 S463 Qgeoikww 'T' 'Q'-V gp., "FIG- .po-M 19 ..,1"' THETA CHAPTER INITIATED ITS ONE-THOUSANDTH MEMBER THIS YEAR Page 255 IGM ,ghaxil Y sir g,.fr'-Qfs.'i3. P I'I I E P I . N fl 9 'wif tif' We ALABAMA BETA CHAPTER MEMBERS Actives: Ellis Paul Antoon Chad Leslie Archie, Jr. Robert Davis Battin, Jr. David Raymond Bauer Frank Lamar Boyd Lewis Merrell Brooks Harry Gene Causey Lewis Vernon Chesser Robert Ingersoll Coleman, Jr Gordon Dilkes Conner Fred Dees Roy Morris Driggers Eddie Bell Ezell James Marion Gamble Kenneth Joseph Graves William Wyatt Gregory, Jr. Charles Alexander Harvey Turner Eliiah Hasty John Perry Hollomon Charles Henry Jackson Roland D. Jackson James Herman Kyle John Charles Lichty Atwill Lamar Miller, Jr. Edward Holt Moseley Thomas Eugene McLaughlin Clyde Lacy Owings James Warren Pinkston Thomas Alvin Powell Jerry Martin Ratliff Alfred Joseph Saliba Carlton Maurice Turner Clifford L. Turner John Steven Vodantis Ronald Oliver Walker Pledges Bobby Wayne Adkison James Duncan Austin, Jr. Hugh Burdette Thomas Howard Clements Ralph Palmer Daughtry Joseph Jefferson Fletcher, Jr. John Lewis Harris, Jr. Carlos Edwin Heaps Robert Seth Jenkins Phillip Bragg Luckado Martin David Merritt, IV Michael Propst James Donald Reynolds William David Rhodes Jack Wilkinson William Lehman Williams, Jr. Harold Edmond Willingham George Kenneth Wingard William Denson Yates, Jr. Faculty Mr. Waverly Barbe Dr. Emmett Carmichael Mr. James M. Faircloth Mr. Warren Keith Dr. August Mason Mr. Longino A. Woodman Mr. William Prado Mai. Thomas Monroe, Jr. Page 256 This fall the Sig Eps swung the red door open wide to a fine pledge class. A full social season was initiated with coffees, dances and pledge swaps. After a great Homecoming, we joined the brothers from Auburn for a ioint dance the night of the big game. Our hearts were stolen by Beth Sanderson, our Queen of Hearts. We fin- ished off the social calendar with our Golden Heart Ball at the Highland Park Club. The lodge boasted its share of the BMOC's this year. Al Saliba was a member of Pershing Rifles, Arnold Air Society, Distinguished Society of Civil Engineers, Cotillion Club, Quadrangle and the President of Engineering school, Our house brain with a 3.0 average, Roland Davies Jack- son, was a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pershing Rifles, Outstanding Military Student, and Quad- rangle. Another spoke in the wheel was Bill Gregory, Delta Sigma Pi prexy, Quadrangle, Commerce School Executive Council and Phi Eta Sigma. OFFICERS ALFRED SALIBA. . . ......... ...... P resident ROBERT BATTIN ..., . . .Vice President DAVID BAUER ....... ,... C omptroller EDWARD MOSELEY ..,. ..,, S ecretary HARRY CAUSEY ....,. . . .Historian Music, music, music Hearts and flowers Antoon Archie Austin Battin Bauer Boyd Brooks Burdette Causey Chesser Clements Coleman Conner Daughtry Dees Driggers Ezell Fletcher Gamble Gregory Harris Harvey Hasty Heaps Hollomon Jackson, C. Jackson, R. Jenkins lichty luckudo Mcla ugh lin Miller Moseley Owings Pinlzston Powell Ratlift Reynolds Rhodes Salibu Turner Turner, C. Vodantis Walker Wilkinson Williams Willingham Yates SIGMA PHI EPSILON BOASTED THE PRESIDENT OF ENGINEERING SCHOOL Page 257 - 425: A .Bai WW! T E T I l . y ,.. ALPHA PHI CHAPTER OFFICERS EARL HADAWAY ,...,.. AUBREY BLACKWELL.. CHARLES CRUTCHER. . . CHARLES PICHELMAYER .... . . CHARLES WILLIAMS. . . MASON POWELL .,... . . . . .President Vice President . . . . Secretary Ist Treasurer 2nd Treasurer . . . Marshall Actives: Joseph E. Allen Richard Askerbloom Ellison Ballow Jarman Baxley Aubrey Blackwell Robert S. Brown Paul Carr William Carr Dudley Connolly Lewis J. Cook Richard H. Cord Pete Cox Eugene Croxton Charles W, Crutcher Henry K. Darnell, Jr. Joseph Drummond Ormond W. Frazier Adolphus H. Gibson, Jr. Earl J. Hadaway George Hall George Hartwell Alfred P. Holmes Joseph Johnson John Kearney William G. Mathews Travis Mitchell Robert A. Moore George Nichols, Jr. Charles Parkel Carlton Parker Charles Pichelmayer MEMBERS Ple Mason Powell Kidd Wayne Reid Jim Rives Clyde Seale Robert Swann James Tillery William Walker Jim Maurice Wall Wade W. Ward Charles Williams Bill Withington Oscar Yelverton dges: Marshall Carson Wayne Chapman Billy Garrett John Isbell Billy Jones John Jordan Thomas O. Kennemer Larry Kloess Bobby Oswalt Gene Stone Tinkey Troxell Faculty Coach Hank Crisp Col. Carleton K. Butler Dr. H. D. Bonham Dean S. J. Lloyd Coach Charles Stapp Mr. Phill A. Knuth Page 258 . 9 AFA' off? 1' ,', I " I 1 ' . of t Zo' Theta Chi Fraternity which was founded in i856 rose into the ranks of America's IO top fraternities within 30 years, and continued to be dubbed the nation's most progressive fraternity by many leading college social ana- lysts. Alpha Phi Chapter of Theta Chi came on the Ala- bama campus in T926 Our famous cannon, displayed on the lawn, helped defend the University during the Civil War, thus giving the fraternity much historic lore and legend. Theta Chis at Bama have been particularly active in intercollegiate sports and campus musical organizations since the 2O's, and have been particularly noted for the number of band captains and orchestra leaders produced. We won the Homecoming float contest and placed high in Jason's Jamboree the past year. The annual Red and White Ball in Birmingham and the Pirate's Ball highlighted the social season for the Theta Chi's. Among the chapter's outstanding undergraduates were William E. Carr, presi- dent of the Institute of Aeronautical Engineers, president of R Air Force Cadet's Officers Club, and SGA representa- tive, Al Holmes, member of Tau Kappa Alpha and Phi Alpha Delta, and Eugene Croxton, secretary-treasurer of Tau Beta Pi. They're playing our song Spin the bottle? ,,,,.p-I-3' Allen Askerbloom Ballow Baxley Blackwell Brown Carr Chapman Connelly Cook Cord Cox Crufhcher Darnell Frazier Garrelf Haclaway Hall Harlwell Holmes Isbell Johnson Jones Jordan Kearney Kennemer Kloess Mathews Milchell Moore Nichols Parkel Parker Pichelmayer Powell Reid Rives Swann Tillery Troxell Walker Ward Williams Wilhinglon mm ,gifs '15- 3 gf Mu fl. THETA CHI CLAIMED RETIRING DEAN LLOYD OF CHEMISTRY SCHOOL Page 259 Q39 ZETA BETA TAU PSI CHAPTER OFFICERS DONALD GOLDSTEIN ...., . . JACK HELD ..,..... ALAN BARTON. . . JAY WEINSTEIN .... Actives: Barry Ackman Alan Barton David Bernstein Joe Bernstein Harold Black Herbert Blumberg Milton Brown Ned Caheen Donald Goldstein Marc Gup Jack Held Julian Kayser Arthur King Melvin Klotzman Jerry Lapidus Jerry Leeds Bernard Lobel Bert Mitchell ....Vice MEMBERS Ple Julien Strassburger Ivan Victor Jay Weinstein Harvey Gotlieb Aaron Lazarus Lionel Silverfield Donald Wayne Richard Lapidus Jerry Leader clges: Norman Lepow Albert Barton Julian Ney Percy Jacobson Aaron Brenner President President Secretary Treasurer Herbert Feibelman, Jr. Edward Hyans Stanley Segal Sharron Weinburger Ted Pailet Andrew Bloom Alan Pines Martin Rich Julius Rosenfield Ben Lowe Gene Salenfriend Louis Schulhafer, Jr. Faculty Ronald Slepian Dr. Fred Lewis Page 260 . I. 6',v Q Q. .U , , ,Q Q5 9 it '6 K n ,AV t mia! .9 Psi Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau was founded at the Uni- versity in l9l5. Since that time it has steadily marched forward. Two Psi men achieved national fame in football. These were Fred Sington and LeRoy Monsky, who made several All-American rosters. In modern history, Jerry Lapi- dus was on the varsity tennis team, and Julian Strassburger lettered in golf. We placed second in volley ball and en- tered Spring softball playoffs. Turnabout Day, honoring our pledges, and Founders' Day were celebrated with banquets. Alums were honored at a House Dance during Homecoming. We all turned hill-billy for our Hill-Billy Confederate Party in November. The Country Club was the scene of our formal dance in December, and in the Spring we had our annual House Party. Outstanding Zebes include Walter Mitchell of Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, and Phi Beta Kappa. Jack Held is a member of Druids, Scabbord and Blade, and Adver- tising Manager of the Rammer Jammer. Herb Blumberg is a member of the Cotillion Club, Vice-President of Hillel Foundation, and Sales Manager of the Corolla. Distin- guished Military Student, Dave Bernstein, is the Advertis- ing Manager of the Corolla. Milton Brown is in Rho Alpha Tau and Druids, while Julian Kayser served as Secretary for the lnterfraternity Council. Melvin Klotzman is in Druids, Scabbord and Blade, and Treasurer of the American Insti- tute ot Chemical Engineers. Cheers! Camera shy Ackman Barion Burton, A. Bernsfein, D. Bernslein, J. Bloch Bloom Blumberg Brenner Brown Colleen Feilbelmcxn Goldsfein Goilieb Gup Held Hyons Jacobson Kayser King Lcipidus Lazarus Leader Leeds Lepow Label Lowe Ney Pines Rich Solenfriend Sclwulhufer Segal Silverfield Slepicn Sfrassburger Vicfor Wayne Weinberger Weinsiein Z ETA 19" K fi X ' :L Iv- eva S dw QV' BETA TAU WON CUP FOR FRATERNITY HOMECOMING DECORATIONS Page 26l Gypsy magic ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Pfil. b.-rf! , mg, ,I-" K. In I948 Alpha Iota ot Alpha Sigma Phi was reorgan- ized atter a brief period ot inactivity. This year we got ott to a good start with our Bama Day Queen Lou Ann Phillips as an inspiration. Just tor an ice-breaker we had pow-wow and decided that a Tomahawk Party would be a good way to usher in the social season. No sooner had we put away our war bonnets that it was time to get out our best suits tor our Founders' Day banquet. To keep the spring from getting monotonous, we all rounded up cos- tumes and threw a big Mardi Gras Dance at the house. Between parties we managed to stay busy with campus capers. Don Cronin was a shining light as president ot the Cotillion Club, past editor of the COROLLA, Quad- rangle, ODK, Jasons, Delta Sigma Pi, and Who's Who. John Sotie spent his excess energies with Quadrangle, Delta Sigma Pi, and the Society for the Advancement of Management. Phi Beta Kappa hung a key on Hugh Bailey who was in ODK, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha Theta, Beta Pi Theta, and a member ot Who's Who. Our sunshine man, Gus Vergos, was president of Philos. OFFICERS DICK RAVENELLE .............. ...... P resident GUS VERGOS ...... ...,,.,... V ice President JOHN SOFIE ....... .,...,,.......... T reasurer ROY JORDAN ....... .,., C orresponding Secretary HAROLD HANSEN ..,. .............,.,,, S cribe LT. GOVERNOR ALLEN WAS A CHARTER MEMBER OF ALPHA SIGMA PHI MEMBERS Actives: Bob Abbott Hugh Bailey Harry Bennett James Bevill Donald Cronin Harold Hansen Artie Harduvel Ralph Johnson Roy Jordan John Pierce Dick Ravenelle John Sottie Dick Thompson Gus Vergos Pledges: Reginald Clark Anthony Rosauluk Faculty: Dr. Marcus Whitman Dr. James Holloday Page 262 Bennett Clark Cronin Hansen Hard uvel Johnson Jordan Pierce Ravenelie Rosaluk Sofie Vergos 1 :limi i sssn9:r,s v'amf. ewmwimxammfmmw' f s. - J BETA KAPPA CHAPTER .Y U Bama's chapter oT The Sphinx was Tounded in I933. This year we iourneyed up To Birmingham in November and had a ioint celebration of Delta Sig's TiTTy'second an- niversary. ln the way of parties we observed The eTTorTs of The house brains each semester with a scholarship ban- quet. The highlights of our social year were our annual Carnation Ball That we had in The spring at the Country Club, and our costume party aT The house where we all went nautical for The Sailors Ball. This year we participated in all phases of campus life. Versatile Ray Edwards was a member of The Varsity Tennis Team, Who's Who, Sigma Delta Chi and was The past president of The Press Club. Robert Calhoun was elected to The STudenT Legislature, Delta Sigma Pi, vice- presidenT of Alpha Phi Omega, and served on The Com- merce Association Executive Council. lnTerTraTerniTy Coun- cil, Cotillion Club, and Alpha Phi Omega claimed William Clinton Berryman. Theta Tau was an acTiviTy oi Mark Gregorie while John Lair worked with Phi Alpha Delta. Geore Ellis was a member OT Sigma Pi Sigma and Phi Eta Sigma. OFFICERS WILLIAM CLINTON BERRYMAN. . , . , . President JOHN LAIR. .. .............. .. .Vice President GEORGE COGGIN. ., .. ...Secretary BOB CALHOUN .... ,..,..,.. T reasurer MARK GREGORIE ...,. .. SergeanT aT Arms DON BRUTKIEWICZ ..,. ..,. ...,.. E d iTor In a small cabaret . . FOUR STATE DELTA SIGMA PHI CHAPTERS CELEBRATED FOUNDERS' DAY f'f Berryman Byrd Breck Brewer Brufkiewicz Calhoun Coggin Dick Eick Eick, D. Ellis Gregorie Hakula Kauffman Knox Lair McGinty Mitchell Moore Nylund Ratliff Shinuulf Stevens Thom Weaks MEMBERS Actives: Wm. Clinton Berryman Albert Brewer Harold Brouphy Donald Brutkiewicz J. Walker Byrd Robert F. Calhoun George G. Coggin Ted Ray Edwards Donald N. Eick George Ellis Mark C. Gregorie Robert Kauffman Wm. H. Knox John Lair James McGinTy Craig C. Mitchell Thomas C. Nylund Neal W. Stevens Grover Weaks Pledges: Frank Breck Herman Dick Charles Eick George Hakula Pete Kash Robert Latham Elwyn Moore Charles Partridge Richard Ratliff Charles Shinault David Thom Cliff Vandegraff Faculty: Dean J. R. Cudworth Dr. Kenneth Coons Dr. GladsTone Yuell Mr. Ben E. Harris Dr, William Bennett Spring picnic ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER I-r,Q:. Alpha Lambda chapfer of TheTa Xi was founded in T932 and has enioyed a brief buT acTive hisTory aT Ala- bama. The house is locaTed nexT To Denny STadium and iT makes a perfecT place To see all The ball games Tree of charge, WiTh such ouTsTanding men as Bob Jones The chief announcer of WNPT, one would Think ThaT The Trend aT The TheTa Xi house was Toward radio, buT iT seems ThaT in The pasT few years commerce has Taken precedence as our favoriTe field of sTudy. BeTween parTies we had a greaT Time jusT siTTing and Talking Things over in our home away from home. When we weren'T busy wiTh house dances and Founders' Day celebraTions, iT was fun To make The pledges work and gave each acTive The feeling of being a ma- haraia wiTh his slaves To waiT on him. OT course There were Times when The pledges Turned lazy, buT a sore seaT or a Trip To Sigma Nu fish pond would convince Them ThaT work was The course of leasT resisTence. When June sixTh rolled around we celebraTed our TwenTieTh anniversary and looked forward To many more successful years aT Bama. OFFICERS RAYMOND TIPTON .,........... ..,,.., P residenT A. C. MOORE ,......,. ...Vice Presidenf WELDON Cl-TILDERS ,,,. ....,. S ecreTary CHARLES WAMBLE .,..... ,.... T reasurer GREGORY DESPINAKI5 .,,. . . .STeward 1952 MARKED THETA Xl'S TWENTIETH YEAR ON THE ALABAMA CAMPUS ACT MEMBERS ives: Richard ArrnbresTer James V. Blades, Jr. Clyde Boyle Weldon Childers Edward M. Cook Roland Crump Gregory Despinakis ErnesT Frix Thomas Fincher James Johnson RoberT Jones Louis Lackey James Lewis Douglas McCollum A. C. Moore J. W. STeWarT James Thomas PriTchard Thomas Raymond TipTon Charles Wade Charles Womble Clyde Wood Pledges: Fac Donald CouringTon Charles Saunders RoberT McKee George Lawrence RoberT Pounders Charles M. ScoTT ulTy: LT. Col. Allen L. Terry Dr. Donald H. Ecroyd Dr. C. D. SmiTh Mr. HerberT Kuenzel ArmbresTer Blades Boyle Childers Coleman Cook CouringTon Crump Despinakis Fincher Johnson Jones Lawrence Lackey Lewis McCollum McKee Moore STeworT Thomas Tipton Wade Womble Wood FIRST ROW: Woodward, Harper, Quartin, Greenfield, Waddell, Dewitt . . . SECOND ROW: Copeland, McAllister, Smith, H., Allen, McRae, Fergusan, Ellison, Nettles . . . THIRD ROW: McNellis, Broun, King, Hitt, Sall, Hall, Bates . . .FOURTH ROW: Reddoch, Beck, Hanahan, Cook, Dumas, Scales, McCall, Harden, Edwards, Smith, J., Harech, Duncan. ANHELLENIC COUNCIL Panhellenic Council is composed of three members from each sorority on the campus. It has its purpose to sup- port the welfare of each woman on the campus by coordi- nating the activities of the sororities. It strives to benefit the campus and the women by unifying the interest of sorority and non-sorority women. lnter-sorority activities are one of the council's main objectives. All intramural sports for women are under the auspices of Panhell, and each year the council awards a trophy to the sorority maintaining the highest aca- demic average. These functions of Panhell effect approxi- mately one-third of the women students. One of the biggest jobs of Panhellenic is the regulation of women's rush. This year a new system of pre-school rush was installed which eliminated conflicts of registration, classes, and rush parties. A booklet on Panhellenic lessons is edited by the council and gives tips and taboos of the rushing pro- cedure. This booklet outlines the rules which must be fol- lowed from the time that a girl signs up for rush until she accepts her bid on the all important "Squeal Night." The present quota system for rush was established by Panhellenic and is one more way in which the council endeavors to main- tain fair and lust rules for all sororities. June Woodward Elizabeth McNeIlis Tenkee Harech Wilsie Edwards Carrie Scales Mydall Hall Jerry Smith Judy Bates Sue Reddock OFFICERS DOT HITT .,...,., . . . ...,,......, , ,,.., President WILMA HENDERSON .,.. ..., V ice President DOROTHY SALL. .. . ...,.. Secretary MILDRED BROUN ,. .,,..,.,,. .... T reasurer MEMBERS Janet Quartin Babs Greenfield Joanne Harper Betty Harden Betty Beck Ann Copeland Arden Ferguson Madoline McRae Mary Elizabeth Allen Patty Benton Gail Ellison Virginia Duncan Robin Nettles Kathryn Waddell Joanne McCall Betty Rush Page 265 Ann Hanahan Marietta Jones Virginia Dumas Betty Ann Floyd Margaret Sue Smi'h Barbara Smart Patsy Jeanne DeWitt Tutter Cook LP -4, agg- ' 2 ..,5lf:1ifl'2, H H I O IVI E G .' rt, ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER ROBIN NETTLES. . . HELEN REID. .. SUE JOVVERS ...... OFFICE JEANNINE ROBERTS... .. SHIRLEY CAIN ,... . Actives: Frances Bell Martha Beck Sally Booth Martha Butler Shirley Cain Lillian Cardwell Betty Collins Barbara Cotlin Edna Earl Denham Mildred Edwards Virginia Edwards Polly Fenn Rose Holland Anne John Jacqueline Jones Mary Elise Jones Sue Jowers Katherine Kearley Vivian Killebrew Gay Murphy Joy Murphy Lois Mason Robin Nettles Helen Reid Jeannine Roberts MEMBE RS ......Vice . . . . .Recording .Corresponding RS Jeannette Thomas Kathryn Waddell Dorothy Willis Pledges: Fac Daphne Ayers Sara Brooks Betty Jean Butler Anne DuBose Barbara Ethridge Margaret Ann Fowler Ann Horton Ann Inglett Betty Killian Mary Matthews Ma urine Montgomery Donneita Moore Sally Myers Virginia Prickett Helen Rainey Barbara Roberts Marilyn Tate Martha Jean Thomas Betty Thompson ulty: Mrs. J. Hal McCall Page 266 President President Secretary Secretary Treasurer Alpha Chi Omega was chartered at the University ot Alabama in l925. Since we have been on the campus, we have had a very successtul time. Last year we won the Jason's Jamboree and took the second place trophy tor Step Singing. Some ot the big moments ot the year in- cluded our scholarship banquet where we awarded a trophy to the girl making the highest grades and a ring to the girl showing the most improvement. Each month we awarded a carnation to the girl who was the most active in extra curricular activities. Christmas we honored our pledges with a dance at the Country Club and then had another Christmas party at the house. ln the spring we honored our national councilor with a tea. Outstanding Alpha Chi's included Virginia Edwards who was a member ot SOA Cabinet, Lil Cardwell was the Junior sponsor tor Alpha Lambda Delta. Leading Bama yells was Barbara White who was also Miss WABP. Lois Mason was treasurer ot the Caroline Hunt Club and a member ot the legislature. Martha Beck was president ot the Women's Spirit Committee and a member ot the Cotillion Club. Kathryn Waddell served as assistant editor ot the l952 COROLLA. Roaring fifties Date line A. -1. f,,,fw 'ff MQ 3 4 1- Q, is 3 47' .QE at A KF, QF' . 'ar' 4 . 'F- - x ,O ,,. ., , ,eh X , ,. gzw H, ,,x- ,ix U,.5, 1 ig I N-1 'fiff :xiii-, L P E L P I TF " ' ETA CHAPTER Actives: Barbara Armstrong 'Helen Alves Martha Ann Ball Judy Bates Bette Biter Betty Brown Sue Campbell Patty Cannon Marian Chandler Pat Conway Mary Ann Dabbs Marie Deffke Molly Fitzsimrncns Jean Gillespie Betty Sue Gurlcy Kay Hampton Nancy Harper Elizabeth Hayes Connie Hill Lee Hood Ann Jenkins Ann Kimbrough Anne Kingry Mary Faith Kirk Martha Knight Darri Marshburn Rosemary May Dot McKenzie Margaret Myrick Joy Parrish MEMBE Ple RS Ann Price Sue Reddoch Ruth Speeg Ann Thomas Sterling Turnel dges: Mary Austin Isabel Barker Barbara Beale Patsy Bennett Beverly Brooks Jo Campbell Ann Clancy Pat Cobb Donna Hartman Mary Joyce Harris Charlotte Herndon Mary Frances Horton Betty Jane Lawrence Nanellen Lane Margaret Neal Patsy Pearson Phyllis Phillips Sidney Robinson Betty Walls Nancy Walls Mary Jane Warren Faculty: Page 26 Dr. Septima Smith Mrs. G. K. Little Miss Louise Snowden 8 ADPi sisters trom all over the country practiced up on their Southern accents last spring and headed for Macon, Georgia, to celebrate our lOOth anniversary at Wesleyan College. We opened our social season with pledge swaps and deserts with the various fraternities. Then things really got started on December ll when we had our Annual Pledge Dance at the Country Club. On May T5 we cele- brated our Founders' Day with a banquet. Scholastically we had many stars in the sky. Jean Gillespie sported a Phi Beta Kappa key and was also a member ot Alpha Kappa Delta. Mortar Board members were Judy Bates and Marie Deltke. Marie was also a member ot Kappa Delta Pi as was Connie Hill. Judy Bates listed among her other activities Sigma Delta Pi and Triangle. Mary Faith Kirk was a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron. Dot McKenzie and Sterling Turner were mem- bers ot Alpha Lambda Delta. Our athletic accomplish- ments included one ot our pledges Nanellen Lane being selected volleyball player ot the year. For queens we had Nell Arnold, a COROLLA beauty and Darri Marshburn an ROTC sponsor. lt's really a great year and a fine way to start a new century. OFFICERS JUDY LOUISE BATES .......,.,. ,,,,., P resident BETTY SUE GURLEY. , . . . .Vice President JOY PARRISH ,..... .... S ecretary ANNE KlNGRY . . . . . .Treasurer You don't say! Cheesecake if 23. 4 X 3 3 131: 5 :"f. . wmv., 25 P Q H Q Q P5 3 LPH EP IL Ji Q PHI ALPHA RHO CHAPTER OFFICERS BETTY BECK ....,. ....... P FGSRJSNT MARCIA RADOMS . . ,,.. Vice President LORA STERN ....,, ...,. S ecretary RAE RITA KREISMAN .. . .Treasurer MEMBERS Actives: Jo Ann Brown Sandra Adler Hallie Cohen Betty Beck Harriet Ruth Cohen Lois Brien Myra Ellen Corkland Maude Rose Brown Janet Ruth Buxbaum Anne Copeland Florence Terry Fine Margaret Ann Grundfest Caroline Steinau Klotz Rae Rita Kreisman Carla Leveclc Esta Devora Marcus Dorace Maritzky Elsa Clare Metzger Marcia Jeanette Radoms Margaret Peggy Ringel Jean Rosenbaum Barbara Lee Silverfield Lora Stern Pledges: Dena Bennett Mitzi Berman Fannie Delugach Audri Feinman Doris Renate Florsheim Barbara Jane Goldberg Jo Ann Goldberg Edith Mae Hytken Paulina lssacs Sandra Katz Helen Jeanette Kessler Betty Ann Klotzman Annette Levenson Janis Levy Shirley Jean Lyon Rita Muriel Marder Jeanne Marie Mayer Myra Helen Ordon Anta Miriam Pitliclq Joanne Shapiro Arlene Fay Spandorfer Patricia Ann Stewart Page 270 Since Alpha Epsilon Phi founded Alpha Rho at the University in l947, we have made great strides in all phases of campus life. ln our short period of existance at 'Bama we have established several traditions which include parties for the fraternities, coffee hours, and pledge swaps In October we marked our founder's day with a banquet Vv'e honored the faculty with a tea at the house. ln the spring we had a formal at the Country Club. This year we participated in all of the various phases of extra-curricular activities. Marcia Radoms was pres: dent of the l-lillel foundation. Blaclcfriars claimed Claire Metzger who was also in Triangle and on the staff of VVABP. Hallie Cohen was receptionist for VVABP, and Rae Rita Kreisman was the station's music librarian and a mem ber of Alpha Epsilon Rho. Terry Fine was feature editor for the RAMMER-JAMMER. Phi Chi Theta and Philos were two of the activities of Betty Beck. Mitzi Berman, Maude Rose Brown, and Myra Odon were featured in the COROLLA beauty section. Ann Grundfest was in Triangle and Caro line Klotz was on the COROLLA staff. Jean Rosenbaum was a member ot Cotillion Club. National Champion Dearie, do you remember Adler Beck Benneif Berman Brien Brown Brown, M. Buxboum Cohen Cohen, H. Copeland Corklund Delugczch Feinmcn Florsheim Goldberg Goldberg, J. Grundfes? Hyiken Isaacs Katz Kessler Klotz Kloizman Kreismoln Leveck Levenson Levy Lyon Marcus Murder Moyer Mcriizlcy Metzger Ordon Piflick Rodoms Ringel Rosenbaum Shapiro Silverfield Spcndorfer Siern Sfeworf an mv- -'NJ 'fe , A --me a at , ..,, V' fe. qw' 3? vw-1 59- THREE ALPHA EPSILON PHI'S WERE IN THE COROLLA BEAUTY SECTION Pcige Q7l . Q10 ,, a LPH G MM DELT PSI CHAPTER VIRGINIA DUMAS .. VERA RADFGRD .. BARBARA SMITH . . . HELEN HAYES ,,.... MARGARET AVERRETT Actives: Martha Clair Alexander Margaret Averett Carol Cross Gloria Denny Virginia Dumas Betty Ann Floyd Pat Giddens Jean Hall Helen Hayes Neita Hornbeck Brevard House Margaret Locke Emma Ann Lucas Jean McEIvey Nan McEIvey Vera Radford Barbara Smith Ann Tucker Rosemary Usher Jane Walker Camille Walpole Jean Willard Margaret Ann Wynn Pledges Jane Archer Ruth Brewton OFFICERS .........President First Vice President Second Vice President . . Recording Secretary , . . . .Jean Willard Anita Brown Anne Cunningham Gloria Griffin Jean Halliday Jackie Harkins Ann Harvey Katrine Horton Pat Lawler Margaret MacLeod Ruby Maxwell Sue McRae Sue Miller Mary Elizabeth Mullins Windy Norton June Quinlivan Louise Scott Scooter Smith Jet Woods Betsy Gilliland Ann Carter Hays Jean McMurray Frances Price Elizabeth Whigham Dotty Wilson Faculty: Miss Margaret Moorer Page Q72 Psi Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was founded on the campus when there were only one-hundred and fifty co-eds. The Alpha Gam house was the second sorority house to be built on campus. Keeping in line with the grand old tradition as campus leaders our prexy, Virginia Dumas, walked off with the women's intramural tennis championship. Virginia was also a member of the Student Court, Mortar Board, and Who's Who. Socially we fared well with a pledge dance, a tea in honor of our house- mother, and our annual founder's day celebration. Some ot the Alpha Gams who were campus leaders included Helen Hayes who was vice-president of Com- merce School and a member of the Cotillion Club, and Barbara Smith who was Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Rho, and continuity director for WABP. Jean Hall was elected vice-president of Home-Ec School. Philos claimed Emma Ann Lucas. The Air ROTC elected Anne Cunning- ham as one of its sponsors. Windy Norton, of the Home- coming Court, and June Quinlivan were among the top twenty beauties in the COROLLA beauty section. Triangle's roster carried the names of Martha Claire Alexander and Vera Radford. Spurred on by this year's success, we look forward to carrying on in the outstanding tradition of Al- pha Gam next year. Remember when . . . . Interesting game q .A A-1'-A ---- --f-W--W we Alexander Archer Avereft Brewfon Cross Cunningham Denny Dumas Floyd Gilliland Griffin Hull Halliday Harkins Hayes Hornbeck Horfon House Lawler Locke Lucas McElvey McEIvey, N. McMurray Norton Mullins Miller Maxwell McRae Price Quinlivan Radford Scot! Smith Smith, W. Tucker Usher Walker Walpole Whigham Willard Wils-on Woods Wynn ALPHA GAMMA DELTA'S WERE IN MORTAR BOARD AND PHI BETA KAPPA Page 273 mei n . Li' NU BETA CHAPTER Actives: Sue Ainsworth Joann Benton Claudia Boyd Barbara Brotherton Ann Bryan Sarah Susan Gunn Margaret Ann Hall Jessalyn Harvey Carolyn Hinshaw Jo Holliman Katherine Pill Howard Mary Ann Basore Howard Ellen Ignatius Lucy Carrington Jones Mildred Lee Dolly Madison Barbara Ann Mathews Joane McCall Betty Lynn Pinion Sally Poag Douglass Powell Betty Jo Reaves Betty Jane Rush Ann Russell Martha Ann Sanders June Sapp Gloria Scates Ann Summerville Rose Wallace Thompson MEMBERS Joan Bond .lananne Booth Louise Burkholder Glynn Ann Carpenter Pat Collins Elizabeth Ervin Joan Franklin Margaret Ann Gibson Barbara Hand Jean Holiman Martha Hood Claire Johnson Helen Jordan Karlin Kent Jean Gay Lindsey Nellie Merritt Martha McGaughy Mary Arline Perry Sue Porch Cornelia Powell Rosa Rawls Judy Rushin Jane Shacklette Peggy Ja Smith Lois Stitt Beverly Taylor Pat Tiesler Jean Townsend Emily Vaughan Eugenia Yeuell Nancy Young Faculty: Pledges: Mrs. Vivian Lawson Jean Benton Miss Elizabeth Carmichael Page 274 Ktxn Mercy me, another year in Chi Ol There were thirty- two new heads to count in the Chi O house at the end ot rush week, and some ot these brought more glory to dear old Chi O-such as Peggy Jo Smith and Ann Russell who were chosen as COROLLA beauties. Chi Omega was tounded on Bama's campus February 24, l922, and since then beauty, brains, and brawn have characterized the girls at the Chi O house. Beauty-we've already spoken ot Peggy Jo and Ann. Brains-seems like Katherine Pill Howard was Phi Beta Kappa, Joane McCall made Who's Who and a string ot other titles, and June Sapp was sec- retary of WSGA. We could go on torever with these out- standing Chi O's. Brawn-well, the pledges have their pledge duties. And then there were the good times: the annual pledge dance was held at the Tuscaloosa Country Club in No- vember. Pledges were kept busy ironing linen tor the Faculty tea and the Founder's Day banquet. This has really been a tine year tor Chi O! OFFICERS JOANE MCCALL .............. ....,. P resident BARBARA BROTHERTON , , . , .Vice President MILDRED LEE ......... .,,.. S ecretary ANN SUMMERVlLLE . ,. .... Treasurer Chi O Queens Can-Can Cuties My 1 was f Q .,L , a, g N 55215 A Qizviiqi . 5 M am va Qi W ,K Af T LT DELT DELTA so N NN DELTA MU CHAPTER OFFICERS PATSY JEANNE DeWlTT ......., ,........ P resident MARY BELLE NALL , ADELAIDE GILLESPY SALLY SAMUEL . .. JEAN McCANN , .. Actives: Joyce Jackson Acker Sue Aldridge Martha Bailey Elizabeth Beddow Martha Ann Billingslea Betty Bober Olive Caldwell Vice President Recording Secretary , , ,Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Linda Shealy .......,.....Treasurer Mildred Sheridan Jane Spann Nannette Stockton Gladys Tartt Martha Tyler Ruth Williams Barbara Wilbur Sue Camp Alice Wood Shirley Calloway Jane Woodruff B. Coleman Elveree Cook Pledges: Patsy Jeanne De Witt Jean Acker Betty Elliott Alice Aclkisson Eleanor Elsberry Ann Allen Joan Evans Margaret Brister Jean Feagin Camilla Ann Foil Peggy Fox Adelaide Gillespy Elizabeth Golightly Harriet Gravlee Nina Weir Harris Laura Claire Hays Margaret Burks Mary Anne Burr Evelyn Chapman Elizabeth Doughton Mary Dugger Eleanor Harris Faith Harris Martha Ann Johnston Betty Allen Hurst Joan Hutcheson Katherine Jackson Jean McCann Caroline McNeal Mary Belle Nall Joy Ogburn Annie Laurie Orr Sally Samuel Joanne Scott Sarah Segrest Evelyn Kilpatrick Sarah Lester Marie Lynch Alice Palmerlee Bettie Proctor Georganne Roberts Mary Elizabeth Sanderson Mary Louis Scully Anne Thames Jane Todd Eve Wilkinson Page 276 Exif Tri Delta began its 38th year at Alabama with a suc- cessful pre-school rush week. With 20 new pledges and high hopes for the coming year, we entered the rah-rah season with a bang midst Women's Spirit Committee meet- ings, Pep Rallies, and football weekends. With memories of last spring's Jasons, Step Singing finals, and Betty Bober reigning as Star of Pi Kappa Phi to spur us on, Tri Delta's aim this year was to be not only a satisfied or- ganization within ourselves, but a vital part of the campus spirit. We added feminine color to the military field by hav- ing Sue Camp elected as a snappy Air ROTC sponsor. On the sports side two Tri Delts, Mickey Foil and Sarah Segrest, managed to take the tennis doubles honors. But Tri Delt put more than its athletic foot forward. Betty Bober and COROLLA Queen Tutter Cook stepped out of the Tri Delt house to grace the COROLLA beauty section. Sue Camp was a member of the Homecoming court. Betty Proctor proved her executive ability as freshman represen- tative to WSGA. Mindful of the necessity of the smaller individual effort in campus life, Tri Delta went forward with coffee hours, Y meeting and iust plain fun at the Mickey Moose Club meetings which are held with the able assistance of Mr. Judd Webster. Life in the Crescent Room While the show goes on Acker, J. J. Acker, J. M. Adkisson Aldridge Allen Bailey Beddow Billingsleo Bober Brister Burks Burr Caldwell Camp Chapman Coleman Cook DeWi11 Doughlon Dugger Elliolt Elsberry Evans Feagin Foil Fox Gillespy Golightly Gravlee Harris, E. Harris, F. Harris, N. Hays Hursl Hufcheson Jackson Joh nslon Lester McCann McNeal Marlin Ogburn Palmerlee Proclor Roberts Sanderson Scolf Scully Segrest Shealy Sheridan Spann Stockton Tarif Thames Todd Tyler Wilbur Williams Wood Woodruff DELTA DELTA DELTA TUTTER COOK WAS TOP 1952 COROLLA BEAUTY Page 277 DELT Z CY O'0"o-D fl twin of -1 .S N 1331? miiiid ' ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER OFFICERS JOANNE HARPER ,.....,,...,,.......,..... President JANET KRICKBAUM . . ....... First Vice President BETTY HARDEN .... ..,. S econd Vice President JEAN CARGILE ...,.., Recording Secretary DOTTIE POWELL , . . . .Corresponding Secretary JUNE MORGAN .. ..,..,,......, Treasurer SUE SMITH ..... . . . . .Historian MEMBERS Actives: Sue Roberts Smith Virginia Gertrude Bowden Jeanne Wright Virginia Edna Breece Pledges: Doris Jacqueline Burns Martha Jean Cargile Nira Louise Champagne Patricia Faye Clark Martha Ann Darby Betty Jane Flippen Joy Freundschuh Betty Joyce Harden Catherine Joanne Harper Dorothy Virginia Holley Marie Joyce Howard Peggy Hubbs Betty Carol Huske Janet Krickbaum Anne Whitfield Lightfoot Nettie Kathryn Lightsey Peggy McAliley Clara Brown McRimmon Mary Maxwell Betty June Morgan Patty Mulder Sara Ann O'Rear Virginia Allen Jo Anne Barnes Mary Edith Butler Corinne Canaan Marlene Dorris Jane Graham Hollis Barbara Ann Hunt Emma Claire Hunt Frances Ann Kirk Margaret Lee Margaret Lowery Sylvia Moore Patsy Patton Anne Prater Dorothy Pickett Peggy Jo Scott Jo Ann Shaw Wanda Shivers Marion Short Nell Thomas Phylis Ann Tietgen Helen Anne Wells Lou Ann Phillips Jean West Dorothy Joan Powell Mary Pearl Reese Faculty: Carey Ann Skinner Norma Ruffin Smith Mrs. Emily Lewis Little Mrs. A. H. Mason Page 278 We started off the year with a hayride and house dance to usher in the fall, then we rolled out the red carpet for our alumnae at our annual Homecoming reception. Christmas we showed off our pledge class at a house dance. ln the spring we stayed busy with a faculty tea, our annual Rose Ball and banquet at the Country Club, and a spirit rush week-end. Our academic year was climaxed with a breakfast in honor of the graduating seniors. Between rounds in the gay party whirl several of our girls managed to hold outstanding position in the campus activities department. Joy Freundschuh was president of Swan Club, while Joyce Howard was president of the Caroline Hunt Club. The Pasteur Society chose Joanne Harper as its recording secretary. Corinne Cannan and Joanne Barnes were members of the Million Dollar Band. Arguing for the Debate Squad were Jane Hollis and Vir- ginia Allen. The roster of Triangle carried the names of Joanne Harper, Nira Champagne, Anne O'Rear, Patricia Clark, and Anne Lightfoot. Members of Swan Club were Carey Ann Skinner and Peggy Hubbs. Norma Smith was elected to Kappa Delta Pi, and Virginia Breece was on Mademoiselle's College Board. Love those coffee hours! For ME!!! ff- ,f My - ummm Allen Barnes Bowden Breece Butler Canaan Cargile Champagne Clark Dorris Flippen Harden Harper Holley Hollis Howard Hubbs Hunt Hunt Huske Krickbaum Lightfoot Lightsey Lowery McAliley Maxwell Moore Morgan O'Rear Patton Phillips Pickett Prater Reese Scott Shaw Shiversi Short Skinner Smith Thomas Tietgen Wells West DELTA ZETA CELEBRATED ITS GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY THIS YEAR Page 279 PP D E L T 3. ii' 1' K A323 Y F M. ,. L ., . T ZETA CHAPTER ANN HANAHAN . GLEN ANDERSON JANE HODGES . KAROL LATIMER . Actives: Glen Anderson Prather Beeland Noel Bennett Pat Bostick Patricia Boyd Punky Brooks Mary Ellen Casaday Mary Coleman Cobb Rebecca Danziger Sara Darden Carol Evans Nancy Flagg Vonceil Foster Varina Goodall Ann Hanahan Jane Hodges Pam Houser Marfetta Jones Karol Latimer Gloria McKean Jane McKinnon Ann F. Martin Freda Maxwell Sara Morgan Ruth Moseley Lynn Otey Elizabeth Palmer Julia Patterson Anita Pierce Madge Urquhart Kathleen Waller Stella Wellborn OFFICERS MEMBE Ple .President . . .Vice President . , . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer RS Ann Hunter Williams Joan Woolf Marilyn Wright Jerelyn Wright Gage Yielding dges: Lela Clayton Ann Carol Harris Betty Ann Harris Ann Curtis Oneida Moore Frances Leatherbury Kit Hamilton Harriet Jean Turner Jolane Vander Sys Hannah Case Snellgrove Claire Noblin Ann Merriwether Ken Luckie Ulma Heinz Anna Salter Martha McBryde Sue Long Louise McWhorter Betty Cobb Martha Norton Molly Cobb Faculty: Miss Elizabeth Coleman Miss Mabel Adams Mrs. Shaler Hauser Mrs. Bessie Hayden Miss Delaney Page 280 As the summer passed into September, we Kappa Del- tas began to pour into our white Georgian style home that has sheltered the first National Panhellenic Sorority on campus since the year TQO4. But this year, the house was different, it was enlarged by an entire new wing that gave us plenty of room to convert into a "KD Hades" for the twenty top pledges that we were so proud to claim when rush was all over. Famous bandleaders, Claude Thorn- hill, gave Ann Carol Harris the title of second COROLLA beauty, and favorites in the beauty section were Ann Cur- tis and Oneida Moore. Ann Curtis and Katherine Doss were ROTC sponsors. The Pi KA's chose Joan Wolfe to be their sweetheart. Onei- da Moore was Bama's Homecoming Queen. Homecoming was certainly a red letter day in our history this year. The whole chapter worked hard on a float that capped second place. lt really made us feel good to show off the great big Delta Tau Delta trophy we won as the outstanding sorority of T950-51. We were thrilled when Carol Evans, Ditsy Ford and Jean Carroll made Phi Beta Kappa, Vonnie Foster was elected President of Education School, as well as being a "Who's Who", and Anita Pierce was elected to Mortar Board. Now, spring is pushing winter into the background, a vivid background for our next year in KD which is sure to hold many more fine memories, KD monkey business The Winners! .,.,.w9wv'+'-we Wvvvvnmnnf-an-wJ Q E 5 i Anderson Beeland Benneif Binger Bosiick Boyd Brooks Casiaday Clayton Cobb, B. Cobb, M. Cobb, M. C. Curtis Danziger Darden Doss Evans Flagg Fosfer Gibbs Gwin Hanahan Hamflfon Hare Harris, A. Harris, B. Heinz Hodges Houser Jones Kyle Latimer Leaiherbu ry Long Luckie McBryde McKeon McKinnon McWhor1er Marlin Maxwell Meriwether Morgan Moore Mosley Murray Noblin Norion Otey Palmer Patterson Pierce Salter Snellgrove Turner Urqulwari Vander Sys Waller Wellborn Williams Woolf Wright Yeilding KAPPA DELTA WON THE TROPHY FOR THE SORORITY OF THE YEAR Page 281 K PP KAPP GAMMA PI CHAP TER 67" GAM M A In i927 Kappa Kappa Gamma made its debut at the Capstone, and displays evidence ot local success by the prominent part that Kappas has had in all campus activi- ties. Our happy whirl ot parties included our annual Founders' Day banquet, the Faculty tea, and an open house tor the pledges in the tall. ln the spring we proud- ly celebrated our 25th anniversary at 'Bama and finished att the year with a tormal at the Country Club. Mortar Board honored the Kappas when it chose Eve- lyn Owens as its president. One honor tollowed another and the year ended with Evelyn wearing a Phi Beta Kap- pa Key and being a member ot Who's Who. Triangle followed suite and bidded tive Kappas while Kappa Pi took Wilsie Lee Edwards and Betty Bryan into its tolcl. ls it any wonder that the Scholarship cup has been on the Kappa shelt tor the past three years? Not only did we reign over the study hall, but we did well at the beauty balls. Carrie Scales was an ROTC sponsor and Carrie and Marcia Pentield were among the top twenty COROLLA beauties. Not being limited to beauty and brains, we taired well in the brawn department. We won the Golf Tournament, and we took second place in the Bowling Tournament. OFFICERS WlLSlE LEE EDWARDS . .. ,...... President BARBARA ANN TAYLOR . . .... Vice President what happened? GORDON UNGER ..... Treasurer Pl'lYLLlS ROBBERT ,. .... Secretary MEMBERS Actives: Lynn Curran Betty Bryan Eleta Gill Wilsie Lee Edwards Katherine Glover Anne Hopson Emily Horton Eleanora Oliver Phyllis Robbert Jackie Taylor Geraldine Woodson Kate Andrews Helen Blount Ann Jackson Audrey Muir Marie Rushing Carrie Scales Pat Townsend Gordon Unger Louise Young Sally Bellenger Jackie Robbert Peggy Shannon Barbara Ann Taylor Carol Orr Evelyn Owen Pledges: Fac Bee Bellenfger Phoebe Brunson Carole Kretzer Claris Macon Ann Mandeville Gail Martin Otelia Meyer Marcia Pentield Harriet Privett Etheline Roberts Joyce Screws Marianne Wallace Charlotte Wilson Ann Carter Ann Daily Mariorie Gerber Jessie Johnston Pat Martin Jean Andrew Marianne Arnett Ann Barrett Carolyn Bramblett Peggy Brinkley Mary Hunter Turne Joy Puritoy ulty: Dr. Miriam Locke Miss Jane Parshall Page 282 I' Those Kappa Kocktails! it- f-v. mmrm5,mwm'Mw gs -m. T Andrew Andrews Arneti Barrett Blain Blouni Brambleit Brinkley Bryan Brunson Bellenger Carter Curran Dailey Edwards Glover Hopson Horfon Jackson Johnsfon Krefzer Oliver Owen Macon Mandeville Martin Muir Orr Penfield Purifoy Robberi, P. Robberf, J. Roberts Rushing Scales Screws Shannon Taylor, B. Taylor, J. Turner Townsend Unger Wallace Woodson Young KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA EVELYN OWEN WAS PRESIDENT OF MORTAR BOARD Page 283 w'Pi2:f?!5fi ll P T 2' Y 0 1 gag ails 7. 'U 9+gaiQfi?e97t Y' ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Actives: Betty Austin Billie Gene Bruns Barbara Barr Paula Binion Pat Brunson Helen Chappelle Maryhelen Cleverly Mary Louise Cooper Virginia Duncan Gail Ellison Pat Eubanks Pat Gex Jane Gullatt Joan Hancock Hamilton Lucille Hurlburt Martha Hewes Marion Jackson Kathleen Jones Dorothy Kennedy Shirley Lammey Nell Frances Lowery Jane Meadow Barbara Miller Margaret Morgan Betty Jean Reed Ann Newton Connie Spurgeon Elizabeth Stewart Betty Jean Sills Mary Ann Stollberg Genevieve Toombs MEMBE Ple RS Barbara Hughes Welles Dorothy Woth Jane Wooalham Ramona Farish Ann Vann Sue Cheatwood Nancy McTyre Janice Cosby clges: Mae Ballard Sally Bray Harriet Tunstall Sheila Coates Flo Coleman Ann Darring Ann Draughon Patryce Federlire Ruth Gray Betsy Grooms Judy Gullatt June Harrison Monterey Kirby Joy Ling Nancy Owings Marianne Steed Doris Jean Sumner Kathleen Taylor Margaret Wingo Faculty: Miss Gwendolyn Anders Miss Marilyn Moses Page 284 The tiles ot Phi Mu were splitting at the seams with the many events of '5l-'52 Parties throughout the year commenced with a terrific Halloween pledge dance at the house. Along about Christmas time we entertained chil- dren and veterans, and on March 7 we once again tripped the light fantastic at our annual Founder's Day banquet and dance. The last ot spring we threw ott our shoes and had a bang-up time at our "sock-hop". ln April we had a Faculty Tea. We boasted our claim to tame with Kathleen Jones who was President ot WSGA and listed among Who's Who among Students in American Colleges and Universi- ties. Phi Mu's had six girls chosen in Triangle: Connie Spurgeon, Jane Gullatt, Barbara Miller, Margaret Mor- gan, Barbara Barr and Gail Ellison. Connie was also a member ot SGA legislature and Theta Sigma Phi, jour- nalism honorary. Ann Vann was a member ot Phi Upsilon, Home Economics honorary and Shirley Lammey was treas- urer ot AAUW. Gail Ellison was elected vice-president of the School ot Education tor this year. OFFICERS GAIL ELLISON . . . . . . . . . .,.,. .President MARTHA HEWES ...,. ...Vice President JANE WOODHAM . . . . . . .Secretary ELIZABETH STEWART . ., Treasurer Homecoming victors Ladies, suh, . . Phi Mu Ladies 1 is 7 H' sf vmqnnn.. V xel .XA W? Q' gi . Q 5' in l .2173 K ' A -'S e f S 7 vi wg. X .. 5 ' gg H: ' ff .... - . it . N .Z Yi S izfz- A31 E5 Q s 3 L -' , 7 f . in 'Q L . 'L f .Slim -i I ' ' I i"""'m""' L.. .. B Qu! J. . .. L.. Austin Bruns Ballard Barr Binion Bray Brunson Chappelle Cheaiwood Cleverly Coates Cooper Coleman Dcnrring Draughcn Ellison Eubanks Federline Gex Gray Grooms Gullaff, J. Gulloif, M. Hamilton Harrison Hewes Hurlburt Jackson Jones Kennedy Kirby Lammey Ling Lowery McTyre Meadow Miller Morgan Owings Reed Sills Spurgeon Sfeed Stewart Sumner Toylor Toombs Tunsfcill Vonn Wells Wingo Woodham Woth PHI MU KATHLEEN JONES WAS WOMENS STUDENT GOVERNMENT PREXY Page 285 Pl BET 1, V A' ,F ,L Q l Z.2iv.p ALABAMA BETA CHAPTER OFFICERS ARDEN FERGUSON .........,. .,.,.. P resident KATIE MCINTOSH . . ....,1,..,. Vice President NORMA SANDERS . ,... Corresponding Secretary JOYCE BRATTON . . ..,. Recording Secretary BEVERLY GOODWIN , , ......,.... Treasurer MEMBERS Actives: Polly Perry Joyce Bratton Jean Pruitt Joanne Buckner Patty Reynolds Martha Lee Conger Juanita Rucker Maureen B. Coleman Norma Sanders Shirley Copenhaver Elizabeth Spain Dorothy Dunham Catherine Ann Stalm Mary Dunham Elizabeth Williams Miriam Dye Pledges: Arden Ferguson Carolyn Berry Lois Flowers Carolyn Buftaloe Lucy Gardner Imogene Carroll Pauline Gardner Janet Davis Mary Jane Gillespie Carlita Fridge Beverly Goodwin Susan Grant Bea Haas Gay Gunter Martha Hagler Ann Hammett Joyce Keenan Joan Jennings Patricia Kennedy Judith Keith Beverly Latimer Margaret Kennedy Beverly Mauldin Mary Eleanor Miller Lucy McGehee Nancy Patty Marilyn Miller Jean Perry H. Katherine Mclntosh Carolyn Regan Madelyn McRae Carole Shockey Elizabeth Miner Sara Stuart Barbara O'Leary Jane Wirtz Margaret Ann O'Neill Faculty: Lucy Oswald Miss Elizabeth Cathey Elizabeth Pockman Miss Doris Plagge Page 286 Alabama Beta ot Pi Beta Phi is the youngest sorority on the Capstone campus. Since its chartering in T949 we have brought home trophies tor the intramural debate championship, basketball, and swimming. We have risen to third place in scholarship. This year our activities in- cluded a Christmas party tor underprivileged children, and we went up to Birmingham tor a joint tounder's day ban- quet with the Birmingham Southern chapter. We teted our pledges with a dance at the Country Club, and we all went native tor our annual barn-dance at Northington. Many ot the campus' prize keys were seen on Pi Phis this year. Joyce Bratton was president ot Phi Chi Theta. Bea Haas was president ot the YWCA and a member ot Who's Who, while her little sister Sara was a member of Philos. Mary Dunham represented us in the cheerleading department. Beverly Latimer was a member of the legisla- ture. The Sigma Chis chose Joan Jennings as their sweet- heart. Triangle claimed Joyce Keenan as a junior mem- ber while Libby Pockman, Lois Flowers, and Polly and Lucy Gardner were sophomore members. Alpha Lambda Delta boasted the names ot Libby Pockman, Miriam Dye, and Lois Flowers. Hot cinders ! ! ! Pi Phi fish tale Berry Bratton Buckner Buffaloe Carroll Conger Coleman Copenhaver Davis Dunham Dye Ferguson Flowers Fridge Gardner, L. Gardner, P. Gillespie Goodwin Gunter Haas, B. Haas, S. Hagler Hammett Keenan Keith Kennedy, M. Kennedy, P. Latimer, B. McGhee Mclntosh McRae Mauldin Miller, M. E. Miller, M. Miner O'Leory O'NeiII Oswald Patty Perry, J. Perry, P. Pruitt Regan Reynolds Rucker Sanders Spain Stuart Williams Wirtz PI BETA PHI .IENNINGS WAS CHOSEN SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI Page 287 :GMA DELT mu RHO CHAPTER JANET QUARTIN FAYE LEVIS ..... SYLVIA STZELER . JANE LONDON DOROTHY SALL . Actives: Sylvia Bolasky Barbara Greenfield Gloria Kohan Sylvia Lazarus Faye Levis Joyce Lindy Honore Loeb Jane London Janet Quartin lviarylou Rips Ruth Rosen Dorothy Sall Sylvia Sigeler Audrey Silvern Betty Sherman Bettylee Stone Jane Sultan Pledges: Shirley Beck OFFICERS . . ...l... . . ..... President . . . . . . . . .Vice President . . . .Second Vice President ............Secretary . . . .Treasurer MEMBERS Joan Berman Sallye Ann Block Joyce Cohen Madolyn Cohen Bobbie Ann Hirshberg Betty Jean King Jane Lindy Razelle Margolin Francine Markowitz Perrye Irene Millstein Barbara Nussbaum Carline Platt Lois Roth Sandra Roth Arlyne Schokett Elinor Struletz Lucille Wassel Diane Wagger Lorraine Young Page 288 lt just so happened that on May TO, T935 SDT was founded, and the T4 young co-eds responsible saw stars in their crown. We jumped right into campus politics and activities and were soon making a name for ourselves. For the past tour years vve have had girls in the beauty section ot the COROLLA. Outstanding B. W. O. C. was Audrey Silvern, who was president of Phi Upsilon Omicron, secretary ot Philos, and a member ot Mortar Board. Sylvia Bolasky also took top honors as past president of the Uni- versity Religious Council, assistant debate coach, and mem- ber ol Alpha Epsilon Rho. Another campus personality was Janet Quartin who was a member ot the Debate Squad, secretary of the Homecoming Committee, a member of Cotillion Club and assistant editor ot the COROLLA. Panhellenic claimed as its secretary Dorothy Sall. Other active SDT's included Barbara Greenfield who vvas a member ot Blacktriars and Diane Wagger who vvas on the Rammer-Jammer statt. The social calendar vvas iammed to capacity with a bang-up Founder's day dance at the Country Club, and many house dances all through the year. Pinned! Congratulations, Dottyl Beck Berman Block Cohen, J. Cohen, M. Greenfield Hirshberg King Kohan Lazarus Levis Lindy Lindy, J. Loeb London Margolin Markowitz Millstein Nussbaum Plat? Quurfin Rips Rosen Roth, L. Rofh, S. Sall Shockette Sizeler Silvern Sherman Sione Sfrulefz Sultan Wassel Wagger Young SDT MVK an E ew ' P. ..,. Q snr +2 by PRESIDENT WAS ASSISTANT EDITOR OF THE 'I952 CCROLLA Page 289 ZET 'x-..'l7"' .5 NU CHAPTER OFFICERS MARY ELIZABETH ALLEN ,. .,... President BARBARA VANATTA . . . .,,, Vice-President LUCRETIA WAGNON . , . . . ,Secretary NATALIE CADE ..,,. , . .Treasurer M E M B E R S Actives: Isabelle Charnock Mary Elizabeth Allen Patricia Benton Charlene Collins Bonnie Cook Mary Jon Brown Doris Cunningham Mariorie Bingham Rusty Cramer Natalie Cade Nancy Curtis Laura Sue Cattee Kerry Sue Emmons Ann Davis Patsy Evans Hope Foil Julia Earned Jane Heustess Elizabeth McCoy Esther Mackereth Mary Frances Ganey Anita Jean Rosemary Johnson Ann Massengill Mary Harvey Nancy Paty Mary Jo Hickman Edith Winford Petty Eddie Jean Selman Martha Payne Mary Katherine Lollar Helen Dousbach Smith Betty Pierce Sarah Spear Betty Watson Jean Underwood Wilson Polly Wells Barbara Van Natta Bette Wood Lucretia Wagnon Jody Walker Faculty: Lillian Weekley Miss Margaret Davis Pledges: Mrs. Johnston Parr Kitty Akard Page 290 L P H ,Q in- ef, , is F A,.- . ' AS 4 'vw Q g, , ..5' ..7!,.!' F V As we showed our new house mother around, we ex- plained that the trophy on the mantle was tor step sing- ing in I95I. ln October we had a tounder's day buttet supper honoring our alums and the Zetas from Birming- ham Southern. Then while we were still party minded we had a tea tor our new housemother. Between many de- serts and cottee hours we made preparations tor our pledge dance in January. In March and May we got out our dancing slippers and had two more dances to finish oft the social season. We tound it necessary to have lots ot parties this year to celebrate all the honors that came our way. Edith Wintord Petty was elected to Mortor Board, and Jody Walker was elected president ot Home-Ec School. Kappa Pi member Marjorie Bingham was elected vice-president ot Arts and Science. CRIMSON-WHITE society news was edited by Lucretia Wagnon. Nancy Paty was a member of Cotillion Club, The Theta Chi's picked Bonnie Cook tor their dream girl while Rosemary Johnson was ROTC sponsor. When the COROLLA came out in May, two Zeta lovelies graced the beauty section. These were Bonnie Cook and Bette Wood. With such success behind us, we look torward to next tall and bigger and better things. Sing, Zetas, Sing l Party tonight! '-um 'N- .Q asv 4. e Q 755 is rf' sf f ri si. 5. ' I 9 va ' . 'atm Mt X ny - Akard Allen Benton Bingham Brown Cade Coffee Charnock Collins Cook Cramer Cunningham Curtis Davis Emmons Evans Farnard Foil Ganey Harvey Heusiess Hickman Jean Johnson Lollar McCoy Mackereth Massengill Paiy Payne Pierce Selman Smiih Spear Van Nalin Walker Wagnon Watson, B. Watson, P. Weekley Wilson Wood Z ETA TAU ALPHA WON FIRST PRIZE IN THE STEP SINGING CONTEST Page29l Look Ma, I pledged!! 5,0 0 -.ff BETA Mu CHAPTER ...e2'.:'u'i'a.. In T932 twelve outstanding coeds were chosen by the dean of women to found Alpha Phi at 'Bama. Since then we have found recognition in many fields. Alpha Phi was the only sorority to win the step singing trophy enough to retire the cup. This year we managed to stay in the swing of things with a house mother's tea, coffee hours, steak fry honoring the pledges, three dances, a Founder's day banquet and a spring rush weekend. We won the vol- leyball trophy for '5I and placed second in the basketball and tennis finals. Really in the swim were Mary Louise Connant and Bar- bara Christopher in Swan Club, Wilma Jean Henderson was a member of Sigma Delta Pi, while Barbara Stone, Joan Gillinghouse, Martha Lea, and Catherine Hunter emoted with Blackfriars. Wilma Henderson was elected vice-president of both the Spanish Club and Panhellenic Council. Beverly Busby, Doris Stallings, and June Wood- ward were bright notes in the Million Dollar Band. Tri- angle claimed the membership of Martha Lea. Next year we plan to continue in our best form and look forward to a year that will top even the success of I95l. OFFICERS JUNE WOODWARD .,......... .,..,... P resident PAT MATHEWS ....,. . , ,Vice President BEVERLY BUSBY ..... ,.,... T reasurer WILMA HENDERSON , . . . .Secretary THE NATIONAL PANHELLENIC COUNCIL CHAIRMAN WAS AN ALPHA PHI MEMBERS Actives: Ple Beverly Busby Joan Fayssoux Portia Fincher Joan Girlinghouse Barbara Gelhaus Wilma Henderson Catherine Hunter Barbara Kelly Martha Lea Pat Mathews Jacqueline Merritt Elizabeth McAlister Manelle McPeake Gloria Prysock Barbara Stone Mary Jane Summers Lauriean Wood June Woodward dges: Barbara Christopher Mary Louise Connant Mary Ann Daniel Martha Louise Davis Edith Hammond Jacquelyn Martin Mary Katherine Mitchell Betty Jean Mountford Llyn Terry Poole Yvonne Raby Doris Stallings Dorothy Stewart Betty Turner Johnnie Watkins Faculty: Mrs. William Gregory Busby Christopher Conant Daniel Davis Fayssoux Fincher Gelhaus Girlinghouse Hammond Henderson Hunter Kelly Len McAlister McPeake Martin Mathews Merritt Mitchell Mountforcl Prysock Raby Stallings Stewart Stone Turner Watkins Wood Woodward PHI nnlsiiniwf' inmziziixsw . n a . ..,se-sf'-2-245 - W. 513,43 ALPHA TAU CHAPTER With black circled eyes and hoarse voices, we cheered and welcomed the unsuspecting coeds who appeared at the house on Squeal Night, and thus the year began. We put the new pledges to work polishing silver for a Faculty tea honoring our national officers. Then the big day for the pledges came when we had our Stardust Ball honor- ing the neophytes in the fall. Our Chapter has been an important factor in the adop- tion of a county in Ohio, which was an important project of the National Fraternity, We have taken this under- privileged county and set up proper school systems and provided for excellent medical facilities. Sports came high on our activity list. We placed third in the sorority vol- leyball tournament. This year we boasted two foreign students. They were Kay Jackson from Kodiak, Alaska and Jean Rosevear from Madrid, Spain. One of our girls, Jean Rosevear is in Sigma Pi Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa and Chem- istry and Psychology honoraries. Well-rounded, that would be a good word for activities this year. OFFICERS DOT MCNELLIS ................. . .,..... President GAYLE SCHWARTZ . . ..,..,,.. Vice President JEAN HESTER ...... ...,. R ecording Secretary JEAN ROSEVEAR . .Corresponding Secretary JANE MURBACH . . . ............... Treasurer Quite a n crmfull ALPHA XI DELTA HAD PRESIDENTS OF TWO FRESHMEN DORMITORIES Anderson Bailey Bainbridge Blackman Carlovitz Cook Flippen French Hamrick Hurre Hill Jackson Jernigan Lancaster Murback, J Murback, M. Actives: Ple Sally Bailey Carlye Merle Carlovitz Thyra Mae Hamrick Jo Ann Harre Jean Hester Phyllis Hill Mary Ruth Jernigan Mary Maury Janie Murbach Mary Lou Murbach Dorothy McNelIis Ann Parker Jean Rosevear Gayle Schwartz Shirley Sullivan Margaret Ann Wilson dges: Betty Anderson Jaye Bainbridge Betty Sue Blackmon McNellis Hesfer Ramona Cook Daisy Flippen Sally French O'Hqi-Q Kay Jackson Parish Nancy Klemm Parker Mary Alice Lancaster P4355 Betty Parish Pinson Marie Pass Schwartz Gail Pinson Diane O'l'lara Reba June Shields Shields- Mary Jane Smith Smith Ann Stewart Stewart Shirley Vidonne Sullivan Jeanne White Vidonne Faculty: White Miss Helen Bosard Wilson Miss Clorice Strange Choose your partner! Q BETA Psi CHAPTER VE?" ep. f-wif J Beta Psi of Delta Gamma blew out five candles on its birthday cake this year. lt was installed on the Alabama campus on February 7, l947. During this comparatively short history, the Delta Gams have managed to partici- pate fully in campus life. Among other things inamely having representatives to Triangle, SGA, Philosl this par- ticipation includes that good ole Southern hospitality for which the DG's were well noted. Rush week ended with twenty-one little noses under the Delta Gamma gables on saueal night. Then there were pledge swaps and more to come! In October the DG's hon- ored their pledges with a wham-bam Halloween party. In December the annual pledge dance was held at the Tus- caloosa Country Club ipledges get mighty nice treatment at this houseli Then coffee hours, open houses, May rush parties, and a house dance filled up the social calendar. This year saw the fulfillment of many a DeeGee's fondest dreams-a new house! The old one was moved away and in its place will soon stand a brand, spankin' new mansion facing Colonial Drive. We hope to have it finished and ready for occupancy next fall-so we'll see you then! OFFICERS BARBARA SMART ...... . ..,.. . , .,.,,., President ALLENE LARKINS ,,.. ,..,..... V ice President NELDA MORGAN ,,,,. . . . . Recording Secretary BETTY LOU CAMPBELL ,. ...Corresponding Secretary CONSTRUCTION WAS BEGUN ON THE NEW DELTA GAM HOUSE THIS YEAR Actives: Ple Judith Ann Bell Emma Ruth Blankenship Mildred Cryer Broun Betty Lou Campbell Juliette Foster Polly Hager Patricia Greeley Joan Havard Paula Kuenzel Belle Allene Larkins Leslie Rea Livingston Yvonne Martin Patricia Ann McBryde Nelda Marie Morgan Barbara Elizabeth Smart Margaret Ann Smith Augusta Snodgrass Jane Weeks Clare Wynn clges: Judith Ann Devol Marion Freeman Betty Ann Gardner Sally Gowan Margaret Sterling Harkins Betty Jo Harrison Phoebe Howell Betty Claire Jernigan Sylvia Johnson Emmy Lell Jones Ralphene Larkins Jane Catherine Martin Kay Van Dyke Martin Carolyn Mulder Carol Marguerite Pitts Katherine Plowden Barbara Irene Powers lla Marie Smith Charlotte Wolf Charlotte Ann Worsham Cecelia Diffly Bell Broun Campbell Devol Diffly Freeman Foster Gardner Gowan Greeley Hager Harkins Havard Howell Jernigan Johnson Jones Kuenzel Larkins, A. Larkins, R. Livingston McBrycle Martin, D. Martin, J. Martin, K. Mulder Pitts Plowden Powers Smart Smith, M. A. Smith, I. M. Snodgrass Wolf Worsham Weeks Wynn -. J uz. nw .awww i . X .A ji o 1 4435? 5 K'7ll?3'3:"33 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER The Alpha Alpha Chapter of Theta Upsilon celebrated its twenty-first birthday on the Alabama campus this year. Alpha Omega was established in T931 and in i932 be- came Alpha Alpha Chapter of Theta Upsilon. In the past twenty-one years many have passed through Alpha Alpha who have brought honor to the name of Theta U. Dr. Anne Gray Pannell became president of Sweetbriar College and patroness of Alpha Alpha, Miss Emmett Lewis was head of University Music Department and was the first faculty advis- er of Alpha Alpha. Charter member, Mrs. Nina Hall Dos- ter was president of the Tuscaloosa division of the Ameri- can Association of University Women. Following in the tradition of leadership, we were well represented in this year's campus life. Dorothy Hitt was president of the Pan-Hellenic Council. Myndall Hall was a member of Maclemoiselle's College Board. The Theta U house is one of the newest and largest sorority houses on the campus. This house is known for its atmosphere of friendliness, where everyone feels at home, from the Uni- versity president to the newest, greenest freshman. MYNDALL HALL , SARAH JENSEN . DORIS ROBERSON JANE STOLL ...., , ......,.. ........ P resident Vice President . . . ...... Secretary . . . Treasurer 1952 THETA U STATE CONVENTION WAS HELD BY THE f Alba Alison Calhoun Crouse Day Fanning Hall Hitt Jensen Jump Roberson Stoll Thomas . Pretty as a picture L ALABAMA CHAPTER M E M B E R s Actives: Anne Alison Mary Ann Fanning Doris Roberson Katherine Mauldin Myndall Hall Sarah Jensen Jerry Ann Smith Jane Stall Dorothy Hitt Pledges: Amelia Mae Alba Mary Nell Calhoun Cynthia Crouse Gail Day Ruth Jump Claire Thomas Faculty: Dr. Dorothy Eshleman e I' xtf I 'I' l"1".gf. J if gfl, ,IT 2,27-.,. 'R fi Ci v I,-J. 4,L'4',.'f'-'?"'- ,, -,', I ,P I, ,' ' " vw Q 'H I Qs: '. 2212? wg ' 1 I 'f ff 4 R, ', . Q, '54 A gg 'ar g I K ! A ' -52,512 'wg c' 4. I XI I THE HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTION OF SOUTHERN CHARM AND PERSONALITY IS EXEMPLIFIED IN THESE TOP SAMPLES OF CAPSTONE BEAUTY. X ,xi Q. , :J f k- 3 'it ,- 7 1 if ,wha ' I W 4 - r xji' 3'mf'fS1'.' f. f .. -.1 .xi-T23-"N , 'EV.'1'.,'f' 5 'A-'I-'5"-1.f.'f:A'Fx'..iX ,Jax M, 4. yy,-" ' t ' W 15 .Q-My ' yr r ff flxfirr .. Q .,1,....f.1,x--'V.- 1 I-'. .x 4-PA , 5 Q-'.f2 '.x'1jf.,,Lg:,55 Pg., .4 - kg-My-.fEf4'xyF1, 235'-ju. X- X X1 111:75 Q fx - .ss M- rw. A -'Www .- W 1-.sf-v.-1-1M 1 ' ...xi I v,.V.,,1! 57 ml., A ,yy ka . ,,4.,1 I- .V I- A, r, ,l, N44 ,N 1, , , mf! '.1-if Q UQ'-X ff. 31 f,i. r.9'fg4ffkja'ff. x ,I -A gf.f'QcmQ F1 P544 'v -- f-. Tb-'b'i'f' .W 1-A .qvuzf H A 2 -- A ' . .J 7.-y Ng! ' -W3 xffk- 31' 5-l 1' -X' '. f-bw' 4.9 Q-31", -1 ?5X5yfQ.1-"-Qqfy 1' 1: A 4-frx'-ffx QV- "9 'fi' I... '-5' r ' ff,':z..:j' 'ffinxh BLA-'ij 41' , Q.-' .'1w1'-.nw-,,f!" 'L .r -y ,li --,:.'y-nw -ft.-.4 .V 545. .1-".' '-r.Iv.x,- :Ric - .N .3 ra ' I 'VJ 'Q 'L' 3' sg". ".'5:r NL 3: .5 HRV-.5 .Asif '.', ff?-F: all ', ',?J'f:'-,h1'.:i'Q- r, 'Q Iii. ,.1 - 'h' 113, 1' .il- Q' ' 4 W'-,J,: A -M vm 'M--pw -wx.. 'Q sg. iw f'r.f:'xs1-N 91" -f . .W ' . gf ..3?..1-Q .N?VgffAy2'v,:4,gf3g- 314.5 . -.BY ff.,-.,"",f , ,. A, 'n -I Q ' 1-I 1- - -1-: ,a s,',. I - . 'wv - , A '.- A V Q' a- -J, '- -.-. .X - J' gf, -y..v.,, .,.'..,- J. . M ' Xml... ' 'Wy Ik, HHN . ' -'.:..,.'-. "' ' - . 1 f- , .1 .- u.'-v.f:f,-A wi '. '- -:ww R: 1' .- QA , ,::jg1iV,3,PQ.p,' l J' png, .,-j1z3fq!j,.f5.:5Z- .JAFJf,3 5.f..53:,3'w, '. Qld.. .Ili -.:,f.1- - ,'..fE.l.j 'Si-3? ,513 ,lg - -.yr I-,-gR,+f.'jk'."47g-, g ..'?'i.f f ' rf rAff0QJrkr. gg. ,AAI I' ,' gli!-3,15 .tl Fjm zq. .':f3.A5-.:?,i,-,- if Axyqhciixfrxl ATTLI- .CIN 'y gkghslrzw iw . - ' ' H4 .fi w ., .5 i' i- 4, Q' v -if 4'- V 1. gl '1r..I 'fqffp.g'!.5 ".'- IS. -: -if V.. in-x1,:.-"x .NM ,-Q4 .'x:',' , xv- :QL 'j"'. gk 'L 0 ' ' 1 ww. gm 4 H-mf fqA,g.'m.5a.':w--..-,122-,-.1-.2 1 -2,v.f.wmNf x'-.- - wi- my fw. M 1- -Q. J I-5'p7,,j,-ff "' 117 51 ,-w 'X ,,3:!. -2- mf u QA' Qf--' f x'.1'- ,- -V . Wy ',f'V- , .Wy-X fy-+ - . ,lfJAu,g:l I. ,A. l, .Yi A .glut XJIQY -M , ..i, ARIN xi At- gt.. 'iv' -F J! A, ...I 1.1. 1,4 vx,'L.,l-J vw A.-,i-,l. .4 .L ,1 -,,-A J, -44 ...f..f.,.,X,,-. ,LM ..,-,f..,- HA- 1 '.x-,,1j.f,,A9.,g 1,-4 ,. 1 1.1 5,1 -5 .-ff .lv .l -.. 2-.Jw .,.,, 11,1 A.: l E, ,jfs v. f ,,,- -' -if, j--,.-I .l my ..,. .... .A-,. r..:. 'n..1,., , . -. ,L x. "" "1 '- L. hr .fl vjviff, 'L' Ri 1 haf L5 .l',ENQ,"4 - '-1 : ya gr.: rg Wx' V .Q ' ' 1f.11"' wf:g1J-.-5.Q?-vb".iA f"g'ff"'-fy" -x 1iif.f'1fA-Q-,WH 241:55 , 'LJ .3917 .jg .A Ja. i. . ,f r, Q vmjzr. .N-I". L. .j J., ,Li l ,f,.v .li .V t- ,,,,l,.' 4. 'AQ' " QL-' -' Vlvrlt' 1' 'yr ,"'f'?'f,'f' f' -- ..1 .., ', 3- , .' -y',r-gr' ,- ' ' ,--4, 1 3. A ,LfI,..f I-. ' --5.145 Ann Carol Harris, Claude Thornhill, Tutter Cook, Windy Norton This year the beauties were selected in a completely nevv manner. Each student was permitted to vote only once which prevented the purchase ot large blocks ot tickets. The top eight beauties were se- lected by Claude Thornhill in person at a concert-dance in Foster Auditorium. This was the tirst year in COROLLA history that the beauties were iudged in person. Mr. Thornhill played to a capacity audience in one ot the year's biggest dances. At intermission he did the tinal judging ot the beauties he had met intormally at a buttet supper earlier in the evening. At a break during the dance the top eight lovelies were introduced and the reigning beauty tor the i952 COROLLA was presented. The preview ot the beauty section, the tine music ot Claude Thornhill's concert band, and one of the most enjoyed dances ever held at the Capstone, made the selection ot the Corolla beauties one ot the most delightful events ot the tall season. The photographs in this sec tion were made by JIMMIE WILSON STUDIOS Birmlng ham, Alabama I s BEAUTIES: left io right: Arnold Brown Bober Harris Cook Norlon Scales Smilh 3 F Q w ses 1. . .. ,W 5 f .N ff5N.. '-Samw lk f hw, wiwk ' wx 5 'X 1 l ' A Q' fsiw 3 1 .V 452-W' Q -li ' IQJ' ESQ! L3 -'L g A1141 ayv J nm ,..asl4.,,M.fa,, in-1' Cutter Hank When Claude Thornhill chose Tuffer Cook for Top i952 COROLLA beauTy, no one dared dispuTe his selecfion. TuTTer is Truly a beauTy wifh all The elemenTs ThaT make one beauTiful. Poise and laugh- ing blue eyes are only a beginning To her charm. A warm personalify anal a winning smile puf TuTTer Tops on many a Capsfone lisT, A credif To The Magic CiTy of Birmingham, Tuffer is a DelTa Delfa DelTa. She has been Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha. PresidenT of The Sophomore Class, a represenTaTive To The sfudenf governmenf legisla- Ture, and being a member of Triangle are some of The honors ThaT have come To our blonde beauty. To round ouT her acTiviTies, TuTTer is a member of The Wesley Foundafion and has demonsTraTed her arTisTic abiliTy wiTh several posTers for The group. For The fufure, a career as a Teacher of home economics will fulfill her ambiTion. E.. 5 5. r r 155453 1 - 4235: . 'ifkifgsisi' ' wise M f,4, .--. . XPzs?i-. A misfw. Wiiiififg 1 'iff iii? Q. 2 EE . 5 " 'Fig X Qszsw ' vgsszis 4, :-5 1. -L73 :Q -M f i?5f12Af'f. - V bg il-Ji' . f . . ?ff?5f A A ' x E gy 4. X Ggfigys JH L4 Y Q . A W 555 .. - Q k - :Yl . ' E. A gt , i Q ,.f2+7ggffsi ' . 24 ' A W wr J 2 . 'Z-LGS f' , , , r:::::,f.1g-an-:Q H . , Q' 592' H Egg W ai Wa S k ' fg k i2.: Ann Kam! Harris Enrolled in The school ol eoluco Tioh, Arm Corol Hoirris Tokes hum ber Two posiTiom on The COROLLA beouiy rosTer, The lovely fieshmoh from lvlomgomery is o Koppo Delta ond hos high hopes for Teaching in The elemehTory school sysTem B img o beouTy is mof view To Ahh Corol Toi' she wos Miss Soioriiy of l95l iii lVloiTTgoi:iei'y. Ann Marie ,Nrfrfrw Aiiecrionoreiy Colied Wiiidy, Ann Marie Norron is ci junior rronsier from Stephens Where she was Ci member of The Sfephe ons Modeiing Squool. Wiiwciy Took heouiy honors or The Uni- versiry when she become C1 mem- ber of The Homecoming Courr. Vifindy hos olso done some prof iessionol modeiing ond would enioy ii os o profession. She is ci ironiber of Alpho Gommf: Delio. iw? 'Ai Harrie Scale Hozel-eyed Corrie Scoles is o lunior from Livingston, Alobomo. Corrie is c bofollion sponsor in ROTC ond enrolled in the School of Home Economics. A member of Koppo Kcippo Gommo, Cor- rie monoges To squeeze in time for YWCA ond severol other service orgonizofions. X Mc. .133 . A f ,1 ffl M as or - X , scsr.e c X N611 ,flrhvld Hailing from ihe Norfh, nawih Alabama, Thai is, Nell Arnold claims Gadsden as her home. Making a repeat performance as a beauty, Nell is now a senior in The School of Education. Even with practice Teaching Nell managed To work with The Pep Squad and The YWCA, She is a member ol Alpha Delta Pi. X .. . wellies X Asc X. Peggy in with Twenty yeor old Peggy Jo Smith is on Chi Omego trom Storkville, Mississippi. She trons- terred to the University from Mississippi Stote College tor Women. Though she is moioring in elementory educotion she would prefer o roreer os on oirline hostess. She is Botollion Sponsor for the First Company in Army ROTC. K ff 5 gg? A ' sw is , if QE L E :,,. Hefty l6'o!7 r It didn't take Betty Bober long to acquire real Southern beauty after she moved to Mobile trom Chicago. Betty is a Tri Delta motoring in physical education. Besides working with pubiica- tions and various honoraries, Betty manages to spend quite a bit of time giving therapeutic treatment at Bryce Hospital.' FXWFYSSZQ. WEN Q s - X- ..... ,mf 'L +1 L "2 """" Mme. . 'ss B - 1 if it K X 'U as. 5' Q , gil,-K-E.-.igwifgj , Kees.: . .z z -. f -X 5 egg -gc fi.-sfif - 1 :swf t L 15 50, R . . mLL:.: r LL-. 3 f if - ,Q wee: - . . BONNIE COOK MITZI BERMAN w E-'I -Mg, - A ANN CURTES PAT FEDERLINE FRANCINE MARKOWITZ ONEHDA MOORE MYRA ORDON Lam W MARCIA PENFIELD 7 -msn. k5VjjV.Qbf.. ,. -' was saggy-.K-..f,..7-f .ge J Lzw, 1 ' 'vzdirxll --53321 aim , W iii m .:.:f -2.'f2:"f51g:mvQ, ik sez Qggzw.. , .again FEA2. 1232. W. Q, .fx .5 fffq:'wigjw..,f S 3 .5 ,fa 2 Q 2 W 32? L at KQV . P. ,ix ., M igQ,,.:1iQ51L f,g.., P QM RX ...SEQ F Nl Q ww Q fm . 1. :ga J 2? w S 09' 'ge Wigis Mfwiffii. W. , ,., 3. , , .m2.f-' gmgggg,5gWjwf: , mf 3 Q. Qagfgggwg I ff f A W - leg si N Q M. . QQ: . meal 2,,+,,,f5f,w -3 gywwwi Q S gm gg-W -5 . a,WM.m- we wii.,w?I Q .V my . .,vA . M. K M Erygm.-hw.. . A , .,,.. .NWS wr., 52.1 f L . . . ,,.., N, .,A.,A Q, - ..m.:5., k ,521 .iw Q., . JW? W is .3-1 ZS. 5455 35-'Li' ,L K ., 5 --fi -sw-f?2i'lJ1s11Qaariwfzggfgn, K . 1 -fi 1 ' 44421. - fTf9Xfe'a"?i -glee. -,-'?': R .., V --'iw15'-fsu...f.1S:fz.eW .QA SX 7.15212 we-:fpf,,2gv.- Sv . . Q - My W, 4 .pf f f k , , 11315 Z mfg . YE X Vai .-,ww as Lg ,-,- -::5f.ffg:2Qg1s5sm- 551529. K S as .wgem-, .HL .,.,.f..-sk wp ...,.....5, :gm S,,,.,.. , 1 3 2,3 Lug., 1.3-f ..f,.f2. ,Q ,favK-wgm..,..g5..W,NwP35k....1.., im Wa www- H 22 if-f,..w..,, -h'wQf4:feLfQ42U?'E?QQf??:2Aifvfif-3'-31:Aw--2.V':v.a:n!iq22f-,Qm15,.g.::g:g,,sz Q. w.U1r'2,:f.:w.- f,,ffs" .1 V-15 ,- nw K ,..,.sf,kDgW,k,w26 if fafzgff.fzsififibi-Leis E55 ' ' 4 Q'"Pl-?HffM'1fsssfffsuizzsif - , as isa.. 45 F X vfffz D. A If .Q SQ f Q Y, fnsiaa A A , A 4 . n Qzmg, K user 'Q w 'xx f W X exp ,XM Ki. 1. Xi 2058116 ,Aff we?e11iI5L?Zeg: 2. . U,.v.,,- f V , :1 .zsmffmzg W V Xwixfk . .:.,, i ,:,: N Q K , -- fi' 'E ' Y 5,2 ,Q . 1 1 We X Q 2 5 ' Rf QL TN NW..-sfnf -N -.5 . N if . ff, mi' -fmsf' szeeigm ,.., f 'QEQAQF' Q e X r. Q, A K X . X 0 UI In N V44-f K W 8 gay' , Q ,H ,,4.. , I?" ' . Q A ,, , 5" , X .IWW . , I. iv W' f. . I Q57 l ' -. f', -" ' 1 I-.VU "' ' 31 I' f Y ,51 ' ' , 'I - :I 'I at LI: lrt li i ii? - I rr!! Q V, .-1 fx "A - 1 I 1 - f , ww Ik L iub "Gi 34z: Qe :i?f V . oy ' I I ,W 2' f I - yr, Iffsl-' ff ' M-"QL, ' 7 'Q ' bl- A 'J w,,:",?" .11 ' I 1, , - - . M WITHIN OUR CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS THERE IS A FLEXIBILITY OF OPERATIONS WHICH PROVIDE A VARIETY OF PRODUCTS. 8' X -3' ff ' 0 T ' 0 l ' P . . ' 9 0 . ',-f.V',:f.-',- - - ' .-.- '. '. 'Q , 9 X 'O . I 'W .WmQ, J P. , J.. :Mn . , npr, , 5--5. ' . ' ' -. I" g' ' - is: PK. . vm ,Ji-,.'.jf.'l? IQ .g 5. -Q.,-5 .I - ,. 5, VN ,X .,4 V .-.-.,,f'f-'- a -.'7'x'..'fri'-.','fW1 . -- ' sf: '..' H If 9 'x. . . ,V -1 ,.,.:-:,- .nvfyfs -V V, J . fa., In? ,, vu. A.AL:,,..- gl. . 1 .1,yS..- , ,,g,mu4'f+Q'wfgg',gf4Ur24f,g'f,g,m-v-gA-s ,Nu-U, - 1--jf. N. ,. . 514 ?.,:2,A1l: 3 ,T j if ,Y 3 1, 1 Ma, x qljeqiua ll f 3, x Nl x ll t if ff LP gil Nl ' 1?-7 mix X ' - I 3' fx x I f qi ' ,fin M sn, v W K T'--6 'fvtlfx Ajit' '1 6 4' ,WI i . Xt 'if-gif. -X14 S' . 'R 4 x ,yht-'if' -,fix fzvfx fa'-it' I .- lg" .-pf,"-,'!x,'. - 4765, XT!-:if 'fffx 9. v , I ' SC I ,mx Y 1 A "JR x XY, V ,Af K 1 ' ,R 'vs AMY, fl ,Gln 14' f 1- la Xxx' ' I V' Q K If I 44 , 1 lA A i r , fn . f r, 1, Q. y' ' Q, fi K4 F ,J A E, 'qxx v Xkgx 'X X-vvff, 4,,'f '4 4.14 4 NH .. fH'A'?rq'-. PL? LQAQP,f1WLm'fN'wFf?Nwf1TifwvN?', -i ,' ':'.4f'tx5ff" - f-:i'5!!?N1l'.- ' J'.,'.A ' " ,' 3-'75 ,',1'f.J'.- ' fffsrgffl-C' I, I 2 '- I 1,2 :km '.N,i-, it Nxyr, it. u ,, - ,. V3 2,--, an I:',.,..Sv ZNV,. X 's xi -'l5.Y',2?."f' I' "VU 54"1f'-g "Q:"Kv '-3 X ff' gk.:-.:'.,:?,' A -ff" 51,255 I 95 35" ' f xf'f.!s1-f , li-:Ml-,-F-2y'1 -,g,5,fEf1:':1 '91 firwdyf-H 11- '.-'W?vQfiQQwtK lff-- .1 1. f rr' ,,fj,f.,,. fm in rn 11:61 ,L '. , -. '. if iff.: ' ,J ', if -.gyflv V, ,, - .-1,1-..,k,:gZ" -'run R'I'.f gui-'g - N91 Q .KK 'ff :',- V Q- J N.f"Zgqlff' ,Y fl- .Dx E-.g,",1 f '--42 . A ,I - 'A' --gr. gf I ' , .' 1- ff -J'-V f1,j1"x'., ,'-gf, -, .U 54.15-',K X ."' :"' , fim., .,. .A 2. .:g1, ,:.:. if. . .QVG-Xgsg YH' ,QW .. , ,qu ,jf ,' A. 5, E ,,..,.,M,,,,,F , fi. ' ' iafh: -fix." l' i fi' ' A N ,f4J,'w'9.2L4"'-K" .vid 4aF!?TlvbAE" 11,431 f"ifi,'.f.'!z"' "xiii :i.I'3gl3."?lN?g',r.' fl:-Q' I N TWO BAMA FACULTY MEMBERS HAVE SERVED AS ODK NATIONAL PRESIDENTS OFFICERS MACK MATTHEWS ,... DR. IREDELL JENKINS ..,. CALDWELL DeBARDELEBEN. Omicron Delta Kappa was founded at Washington and Lee University December 3, l9l4. Iota Circle was estab- lished at the University of Alabama on February 21, l924. The society serves to recognize men who have attained a high standard of service in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainments along similar lines. It seeks to bring together the most represen- tative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mould the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate in- terest. lt seeks to bring together members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and under- . . .President . . . .Secretary ........Treasurer Each year the society sponsors a high school visitation program to acquaint high school seniors with college life. The Christmas and Easter seasons are marked by placing symbols of the holidays on Denny Chimes. The vvinner of the Auburn-Alabama football game is presented a rotating trophy in conjunction with the Auburn circle. During the Homecoming festivities an information booth is set up to serve visiting alumni. Dr. George Lang and Dean Marten ten Hoor of Iota Circle have served ODK as national president. Men are recognized by ODK in five major fields of collegiate activity. These are scholarship, leadership, athletics, speech, music and dramatic arts, and social and standing. Leon Adair Bo Brice Jim Brice Sam Christopher Bob Collins Don Cronin Ernest Deal Caldwell DeBardeleben George Eastwood Gerald Faulkner Dean Noble Hendrix Taylor, Samuels, Lattoff, Hollingsworth, Humpidge, religiou s activities. MEMBERS Pelham Ferrell Bill Mc Donald Goadloe Rutland Douglas Hester Otis McDuff Julian Samuels Bowen Hill David McElroy Bob Schneider Carey Hollingsworth Jim McGinty Russell Smith Al Holmes Max McLaughlin Jerry Stapp Mack Humpidge Hugh Maddox Tommy Taylor Bryant Ivey Mack Matthews Robert Vance Mitchell Latotf Wayne Meeks Harold Wall Donald Lee Charlie Mitchell Jerry Worthy Russell Lunn Manson Murray FACULTY Dr. Iredell Jenkins Dr. John Pancake Dr. Marten ten Hoor Dr. Allen Going Dr. George Lang FlRST'ROW: left to right: Dean Hendrix, Cronin, Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Lang, Matthews, DeBarcleleben, Dean ten Hoor, Brice . . . SECOND ROW: Smith, Deal, Vance, McGinty, Stapp, Collins, Rutland, Mr. Williams, Dr. Pancake. - W, if l yy,y if !"'y ROW l: Murray, Christopher, Hill, Vance . . . ROW 2: Wall, Stapp, Rutland, Adair, Cronin . . . ROW 3: Collins, DeBordeleben, McLaughlin, Luttoff, Matthews, .IAS .IASONS SPONSORED MONTHLY SHOWS AT BRYCE AND VETERANS HOSPITALS OFFICERS SAM CHRISTOPHER . . . .r,.,,.. ...... P resident MITCHELL LATTOFF .. ,..., Vice-President MASON MURRAY ,. Secretary-Treasurer Founded in l9l4, Jasons is the campus' oldest honor- ary. Jasons has as its purpose the promoting of interest of students in college activities and scholarship. It recog- nizes merit in leadership in every school and college of the University. Each year a special project is adopted to benefit the Capstone. These annual projects are financed from the proceeds of the Jasons' Jamboree. This year the fraternity sponsored monthly shows in coniunction with the Red Cross at the Veterans' and Bryce Hospitals. Every year senior men are tapped on the mound in front of the famous Jason Shrine, The men are tapped by use of the flying tackle. Only the fourteen most out- standing undergraduate men and one faculty member are chosen. These are the men who have made reality out of plans for such things as a television set for the Union Building. Future plans include building a memorial foun- tain in front of the library, and the construction of an archway across University Avenue. MEMBERS leon Adair Don Cronin Mitchell Lattoff Manson Murray .lerry Stapp Goodloe Rutland Sam Christopher Caldwell DeBardeleben Mock Matthews Tommy Taylor Bob Vance Bob Collins Al Copeland Bowen Hill Max McLaughlin Harold Wall Lionel Noonan FACULTY W. C. Flewellyn Ernest G. Williavvts Page 3l9 ROW 'l: Heffington, Whetstone, Hancock, Sofie, Christopher, Wall, McDonald, Sawyer . . . ROW 2: Collins, Collins, DeBardeleben, Smith, Brice, Dr. Lang, Maddox, Taylor, Matthews, Jackson . . . ROW 3: Baily, Lavette, Adair, Fell, Howard, Meeks, Hill, Holmes, Montgomery, Vance, Mitchell, Brice, Edwards, Saliba, Eastwood, Murray, Pappas. QUADRANGLE SPURS CAMPUS EVENTS WITH ITS SPEAKERS BUREAU OFFICERS JAMES A. BRICE ......,........... ...... P resident CALDWELL DeBARDELEBEN. . . . . .Vice-President RUSSELL SMITH .........., MAX MCLAUGHLIN ..,.. ERNEST G. WILLIAMS, , . Quadrangle is the oldest of the University's service organizations. It strives to bind in close fellowship and brotherhood some of the Christian men who uphold the high ideals of good campus citizenship. This year Ala- bama Quadrangle had a portrait painted of Dr. George Lang, long-time member of Quadrangle, and leader in campus activities. This painting will hang in the Union Building. The Quadrangle Speakers Bureau served to promote campus life by visiting each house and giving informative talks concerning important campus events. The Home- . . , . .Secretary .... ...Historian . . .Faculty Advisor coming Parade was under the direction of Quadrangle, and the fraternity helped with the White Christmas pro- gram. ln coniunction with the SGA, Quadrangle worked with the Campus Chest Drive and the Blood Donor Cam- paign. The organization helped the University Religious Council with Religious Emphasis Week. A one-hundred dollar scholarship loan, the George Lang Scholarship, is awarded each year to a deserving male student selected by a faculty and administrative committee. Selected as outstanding workers in the fields of scholarship, leadership, religion, and athletics, Quadrangle members are leading supporters and workers in all maior campus activities. MEMBERS John Leon Adair Robert Collins Bill Gregory Bryant lvy Wayne Meeks Russell Smith Donald C. Bailey Al Copeland Charles Hall Roland D. Jackson Charles R. Mitchell John Sofie Forrest Brice Paul Cribbens James H. Hancock Jesse Keller Jim Montgomery Thomas A. Taylor James A. Brice Don Cronin Richard L. Heffington John Lavette Manson Murray Ed Thomas George G. Brooks, Jr. Caldwell DeBardeleben Bowen Hill Max V. McLaughlin Raymond Pappas Bob Thorington Otis R. Burton George Eastwood Carey Hollingsworth Bill McDonald Goodloe Rutland Bob Vance Tom Caldwell Robert Edington Al P. Holmes James McGinty Alfred J. Saliba David J. Vann Sam Christopher Jack Edwards Robert A. Howard, Ill Hugh Maddox Charles Sawyer Harold Wall Sol L. Coleman Gerald D. Faulkner McLin Humpidge Mack O. Mathews Euel Screws Jack Whetstone Allen D. Collins Henry P. Fell FACULTY Dr. Thomas Andrews Dr. George Lang Mr. Howard H. Meigs Dr. Jack P. Montgomery Rev. George M. Murray Mr. Leonard N. Traywick Mr, Ernest G, Williams Page 320 DRUIDS PRESENT ANNUAL AWARD TO THE MOST OUTSTANDING FRESHMAN OFFICERS MILLER WIDEMIRE . . . . . . . President AUBREY MILLER . . Vice'President PAUL CROW. . . . . Secretary PETER BROCK .. . .Treasurer Druids is the only sophomore honorary service still on campus. It has as its prime purpose the development of character, scholarship, and leadership. It was founded in I93O, and since that time has been of continuous service to the University. Each year Druids helps with all worthy proiects on campus. This year promotion of the COROLLA Beauty Ball, Homecoming festivities, and the Red Cross Blood Drive were parts of Druids' activities. Campus Chest Drive and Bama Day are always assisted by Druids. At the Claude Thornhill Dance, Druids presented a trophy to the outstanding freshman. This award is an an- nual presentation to encourage the freshmen men to strive toward the principles for which Druids stand. Evidence of the work of Druids may be seen in the signs of historical significance that appear on the campus which were erected by Druids. Throughout the year the members of Druids have weekly meetings to plan the work that will be most beneficial to the campus for the year. Peter Brock Frank Bromberg Milton Brown C. J. Clark Irving Cohen Barry Collins Bluchei' Cooper Paul Crow Bob Guthrie Don Hardin Grey Hunter Pep Johnston Carlisle Jones Charles Long necker Aubrey Miller Jack Noble MEMBERS Joe Parsons Jim Pinksfon Erle Rolls Tommy Ritchie Jim Shamblin Bit Sherlock Gerry Smith Joe Smith ROW I: Guthrie, Hunter, Shamblin, Wcxldoff, Cohen, Bromberg, Sherlock . . . ROW 2: Rcalls, Terry, Brock, Miller, Widemire, Noble, Cooper . . . ROW 3: Young, Johnston, Longnecker, Ritchie, Jones, Vickers, Pinksfon, J. Smith, G. Smith. Jerry Studdard Leon Terry Windell Vickers Milton Waldoff Miller Widemire Johnny Wilson Marvin Young Crow, Studdarcl, I I 'J 1, RHO LPH BAMA FRIENDLINESS WEEK IS SPONSORED ANNUALLY BY RHO ALPHA TAU OFFICERS FINCHER ALLEN... 'ALLEN P. HAYES. . . BILL MORGAN .,.., BOBBY LIEBESKIND .. Rho Alpha Tau was originally founded to inform the freshmen of the dangerous presence of upper-classmen. Since its birth in l92O, Rho Alpha Tau has found much more to accomplish that makes prevention of hazing seem trivial. Remaining an organization for freshmen, the group novv spends its energies promoting worthwhile campus ac- tivities. Each fraternity has one member, and the inde- pendents have five men. Proiects of Rho Alpha Tau include the operation of . . . . . . . .President . . .Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer the Bama Day concessions. The Campus Chest Drive and the White Christmas Program are two of the outstanding projects on which Rho Alpha Tau assists. Bama Friendli- ness Week and the Homecoming Programs are sponsored by RAT. VVith its tradition enriched by service proiects, Rho Alpha Tau is a cornerstone upon which freshmen may build for future usefulness to the student body of the University of Alabama. A sincere desire to serve the Capstone is stimulated by experience gained in Rho Alpha Tau. MEMBERS Joe Adams Chuck Connor Albert Barton Ed Ewing Eli Bell Jimmy Gould Gene Brannock Frank Hardy Ben Cannon Jim Herrin Roy Cargilc Charles Kettler Bert Litwin Bill Rasco Eddie Reagor Buddy Rhodes Albert Ritchey Mack Scott Bryant Sheehy Don Spurrier Craig Thomason Gaston Ray Troxell Jack Weeks ROW 1: Thompson, Herrin, Rasco, Scott, Troxell, Corgile . . . ROW 2: Sheehy, Weeks, Gould, Liebeskind, Allen, Morgan, Hayes, Connor ROW 3: Ewing, Litwin, Ritchey, Adams, Spurrier, Bell, Brannock, Hardy, Reagor, Kettler. l ,l .3 MORT OARD MORTAR BOARD PRESENTS SCHOLARSHIP TO OUTSTANDING JUNIOR YEARLY OFFICERS EVELYN OWEN. . . ....,..,, .,... P resident VONNIE FOSTER ..,, .,,, V ice-President JULIA LAMPKIN .4..... ..... S ecretary KATRINA MCARTHUR ,,., .... T reasurer VIRGINIA DUMAS ..,, .... H istorian The highest honor conferred on women students at the University, Mortar Board was founded in i929. its mem- bers are selected because of their distinguished records in leadership, scholarship, and service. With seventeen thousand members in some eighty-tvvo chapters in colleges and universities in America, Mortar Board seeks to increase cooperation among women's organizations on campus. It strives to encourage service, leadership, and scholarship among the University's women students, Activities include a tea given each tall tor transfer stu- dents. Every homecoming Mortar Board sells Chrysanthe- mums. The proceeds ot this sale are used to provide a one hundred dollar scholarship for a deserving iunior. The COROLLA calls on Mortar Board to count the votes tor the COROLLA beauties. Co-ed brains are invited to the Mor- tar Board party each year. This "Smarty-Party" is given in honor ot all University women who made a two point average or higher. MEMBERS Edith Wintord Petty Anita Pierce Audrey Silvern Judy Bates Vonnie Foster Julia Lampkin Wanda Carraway Myndall Hall ' Katrina McArthur Marie Dettke Ida Mae Hunt Evelyn Owen Virginia Dumas FACULTY Miss Elizabeth Cqthey Mrs. Eric Rodgers Dr, Septirna Smith ROW I: Silvern, Lumpkin, Smith, Owen, Cathey, Foster, Petty . . . ROW 2: McArthur, Dumas, Carraway, Rodgers, Deffke, Hall, Pierce. JUNIORS Meredith Price Laura Sue Coffee Rose Holland ROW I: Brotherton . . . ROW 2: Benton, Lowery . . . ROW 3: Kearley, Hays, Mason . . . ROW 4: Killebrew, Jones, Holland, Beddow . . . ROW 5: Stern, Grundfest, Pinion, Stapp, Billingslea . . . ROW 6: J. Murphy, DuBose, G. Murphy, Harrell, Gillespy, Shealy , . . ROW 7: Woosley, Wiggins, Sapp, McKenzie, Crumpton, Mathews, Ellison, Spurgeon . . . ROW 8: Flowers, Lightfoot, Robbert, Vaughan, O'Steen, Selman, Wellborn, Hinshaw, Alexander . . . ROW 9: O'Rear, Morgan, Clark, Bellenger, Powell, Mackareth, Judice, Champagne, Palmer, Bennett, Gullatt, Miller, Pockman. TRIANGLE GIRLS CONDUCT STUDY HALLS IN FRESHMAN DORMITORIES OFFICERS BARBARA BROTHERTON ,... . , . . .President KAROL LATIMER ....... . . .Treasurer BETTY CAMPBELL ,,..,. . . .Vice-President ANNE JACKSON . . . . . . . .Historian JOANN BENTON. . . ...., Secretary MISS VIRGINIA GIBSON. . , . . .Advisor Triangle is a women's service organization which was founded on this campus in May, I939. Its main function is that of serving as "big sisters" to freshmen women students and helping them in making adjustments to life at the University. The members are selected on the basis of dependability, friendliness, potential leadership, and a willingness to serve. The primary responsibility of the soph- omore members is serving the freshmen women and ac- quainting them with the tradition of life at the University. Twenty junior women are selected each year on the merit of work that they did as sophomore members. These members serve in the executive capacity and act as spon- sors and supervisors for the sophomore members. The se- nior memberships are honorary. Senior members act in an advisory position and assist with the orientation of transfer women. Although activities are continued throughout the entire year, the most of TriangIe's work is at the begin- ning of each semester when the new women are welcomed and acquainted with the Capstone, Frosh are familiarized with the rules, advised on dress for University occasions, and shown the campus. Throughout the year study halls are kept in the freshmen dormitories. MEMBERS Barbara Brotherton Joann Benton Betty Campbell Connie Spurgeon Anne Copeland Gail Ellison Adelaide Gillespy Nancy Hall Joanne Harper Anne Jackson Joyce Keenon Karol Latimer Lois Mason Elizabeth Palmer Vera Radford Betty Jo Reeves Lora Stern Sterling Turner Ann Woosley SOPHOMORES Martha Alexander Barbara Barr Betty Joyce Barrow Elizabeth Beddow Sallie Bellenger Noel Bennett Martha Billingslea Patricia Boyd Nira Champagne Pat Clark Geraldine Crumpton Ann DuBose Mildred Edwards Lois Flowers Lucy Gardner Jane Gullat Margaret Ann Hall Clare Metzger Ann Grundfest Peggy Harrell Elizabeth Hays Carolyn Hinshaw Page Ann John Jackie Jones Jane Judice Katherine Kearley Patricia Kennedy Vivian Kellebrew Polly Kuenzel Martha Lea Ann Lightfoot Nell Frances Lowery Ester Mackareth Barbara A. Matthews Delores McDuff Dat McKenzie Barbara Miller Margaret Morgan Gay Murphy Joy Murphy Patricia Oliver Ann O'Rear Molly O'Steen Betty Lynn Pinion Ann Price Libby Pockman Douglass Powell Jackie Robbert Lois Sandlin June Sapp Eddie Jean Selman Lindo Shealey Ruth Speeg Dorothy Stapp Gloria Steinberg Ann Thomas Emily Vaughn Kathleen Waller Pat Watson Stella Wellburn Mary Jo Wiggins Eleanor Work Connie Wright Claire Wynn sf Sk 3' We . I T 'aww-xv-Amr. swwihi -, A k ..f.W-swmrsw V gl.. W.,., . , 'Q-T.-, ' 2, ,,..,.r.,..r:,.Ts ROW 'I: BroTherTon, Owen, Conger, Jackson, Cobb, FosTer . . . ROW 2: B. LaTimer, Pierce, O'STeen, Turner, Dean Baker, Haas, K. LaTimer, Kingry, Anderson. YWCA SPONSORS THANKSGIVING AND EASTER SUNRISE SERVICES OFFICERS BEA HAAS ,.,,.,. , KATRINA McARTl-IUR. . . EVELYN OWEN ..... VONNIE FOSTER . . . STERLING TURNER , The l95l-52 school year was begun wiTh a women's sTudenT leaders reTreaT aT Camp Cherry AusTin. This re- TreaT was promoied by YWCA, The campus' oldesT and largesT wornan's organizaTion. This organizaTion serves To uniTe women in a desire To realize full and creaTive life Through a growing knowledge of God. These women Take an active parT in seeing ThaT This knowledge is available To all people. The ulTimaTe desire of each member is To seek and undersTand Jesus and his Teachings. Commis- sions are seT up To sTudy social condiTions and render ri service where help is needed. . . , . . . . Presidenl . .lsT Vice-President , 2nd Vice-Presidenf ,,,.,, ,.SecreTary , . .Treasurer Plans Tor The annual freshman orienTaTion program were made aT The Camp Cherry AusTin reTreaT. The Presi- denT's RecepTion was sponsored by The "Y". A fashion show feaTuring The laTesT campus sTyles was presenTed. A ChrisTmas pageanT and The lighTing of The Campus ChrisT- mas Tree on TuTwiler's lawn were direcTed by The YWCA. The group presenTed holiday programs Tor Thanksgiving and EasTer. Membership is open To all women who are inTeresTed in beTTering The school, sTudenT body, and liTe Through service. All inTeresTed women are encouraged To aTTond The weekly meeTings, CABINET Beverly Latimer Molly O'S1een Karol LaTimer AniTa Pierce Glen Anderson MarTha Lee Conger Barbara Brotherfon Pm Collins Ann Ringry Ann Jackson Mary Coleman Cobb FACULTY Miss Oln Grace Baker Mrs Peter Brownback Rev. George Murray Dr Glarlsfonc Yaucll Page 325 -. -Y.. Y Y i. YY .-YW CAMPUS TOURS FOR VISITORS ARE CONDUCTED BY ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS DUB BARRON . , . ......,... ..,,,,.,, P resident BOB CALHOUN 4,...., ANGENLO FERRANTI .... LUTHER LEE ,..,.,... WALTER C. VICE .,,,. MERVIN BERRAN ..,, Alpha Phi Omega was founded at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania in December, i925. Epsilon Tau was established at Alabama in l948. Membership is com- posed of men who have served with the Boy Scouts. Alpha Phi Omega serves four purposes: to serve the student body and the faculty, to serve youth and the community, to serve members of the fraternity, and to serve the nation as participating citizens. The fraternity goal is to assemble college men in fellowship and to promote service to hu- manity. The proiects of Alpha Phi Omega this year included guided tours of the campus which served to acquaint visi- . . . ist Vice-President , . . .Qnd Vice-President ,..,.,.,.Secretary . . . .Treasurer . . .Historian tors with the operations of a university. Campus safety week was carried out by the fraternity, and Alpha Phi Omega was in charge of the stadium decorations for Homecoming, and it worked with the Spirit Committee and the Pep Squad to increase Bama spirit. The White Christ- mas program was promoted by the organization, and an Easter egg hunt was held for Tuscaloosa's underprivileged children. Baseball score cards were given away at the Tide's games, and Alpha Phi Omega was always on hand to help the student body with its proiects. Aside from its regular activities, Alpha Phi adopted as a special project the painting of underprivileged homes in the Tuscaloosa area. James Bagley Rickey Bluestein Herb Brush Ronald Carson Robert Edens C. M. Feason Herb Garlin Ken Gichnun Al Greene Alan Gasnver Bud Hurlley Clark Hollun Bill Haynie AI Kruse MEMBERS Bob Mackay Rex Martin Bernard Peltz Bill Rasco Bryant Shelley Bud Skinner William Scudder Lionel Scheafer Charles Street Ernest Charles Don Spurrier Arnold Wohl Don Wayne William Wyatt ROW I: Ferranti, Logan, Edwards, Coggin, Vice, Barron, Calhoun, Berrin, Lee . . . ROW 2: Wayne, Brush, Peltz, Rasco, Blustein, Greene, Gorlin Cohen . . . ROW 3: Silverfield, Brenner, Gup, Hollimon, Decson, McKay, Hcynie, Sheeley, Martin, Gickhman. Sin ROW I : Whitten Ewing Lunn Mayer ROW 2: Vice Wiggins Brush Mclendon Golin ALABAMA I DEPE DENTS ASSOCIATIO OFFICERS A. RUSSELL LUNN .. ED EWING ..,,,..,. MARY JO MAYER ,,.. JAMES WIGGINS ,.,.. MARY BRYANT. . . WALTER C. VICE, ,, HOWARD KREIGER, .. In I947, the Alabama Independents Association was formed to promote fellowship and fun for University in- dependents. This group promotes independent participa- tion in the social, athletic, and political aspects of campus life. AIA's recreation room provides facilities for checkers, chess, bridge, and other card games as well as variety shows and movies. This year a television set was placed in the Union Building by Jasons. The Union Building Ter- race is the scene of frequent parties and dances spon- sored bythe association. AIA is a member of the National Independent Students' Association. . . . . . . . President . . . .Vice-President . . . . . .Secretary . . . . . , .Treasurer . . . .Social Director ,. Publicity Director . , ,Athletic Director For sports minded students, the AIA sponsors intramural tournaments for teams in basketball, football, and softball. Movies of all University varsity football games are shown, and debate teams are engaged in competition on vital issues of the day. The annual bridge tournament is under the auspices of AIA, The group sponsors the annual White Christmas and King-for-a-Day. A free book exchange is operated. Since its birth on the campus, the Alabama Independent Association has played an important role in college activities and plans for the near future include an Independent I-louse. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Russell Lunn Mary Bryant Ed Ewing Walter C. Vice Mary Jo Mayor Dub Barron James Wiggins Howard Kreiger Vonceil McI.endon Dick Ford Lee Galin Luther Leo Howard Goldstein Page 327 fr' Y f" ' FRANKIE LAINE MADE FIRST CAMPUS APPEARANCE AT THE UNIVERSITY OFFICERS DONALD J. CRONIN .. CHARLES R, MITCHELL .... GOODLOE "HOT" RUTLAND BOB HODGKINS .. MILTON WALDOFF .. CHARLES MORGAN .. The Cotillion Club is a non-profit organization designed to furnish the student body in the best name entertainment throughout the year. This year has been one of the club's biggest years since I9-48 bath in number and financial wise. The keynote of this year's programs has been a vari- ety to satisfy the entertainment tastes of a diversified stu- dent body, while at the same time to bring the top stars in each of the various fields, The shows ranged from a New Orleans Dixieland band to the sophisticated music of Vaughn Monroe. The Cotillion Club set a new precedent this year by .........President . . . . .Business Manager . . . Advertising Manager . . . .Ticket Sales Manager . . .Decoration Chairman .. .Special Events Director having its first off-campus dance in Birmingham, Tex Ben- eke played at the Municipal Auditorium after the Ala- bama-Tennessee game. For the first time in history the Corolla Beauties were iudged in person by Claude Thorn- hill who presented a concert and dance. Vaughn Monroe broke all attendance records since his last appearance at Bama. Not only did Frankie Laine make his first appear- ance at the University, but this was the first time he had ever performed on a college campus. A Dixieland Jazz Concert by a New Orleans Dixieland band completed the calendar of Cotillion events. MEMBERS Les Goldenthaul Elizabeth Golightly Helen Hayes Bob Hadgkins Ted Meadows Charles Mitchell Charles Morgan Martha Beck Clint Berryman Herb Blumberg Hugh Caffey Don Cronin Caldwell DeBardeleben Richard Fold Goodloe "Hot" Rutland Al Saliba Gus Vergos Milton Waldotf Bernard Waldrup Jean Whiddon Ann Parker Julie Patterson Nancy Paty Gail Penny Janet Quartin Charles Root Jean Rosenbaum ROW 'I: Penny, Mitchell, Cronin, Vaughn Monroe, Rutland, Hodgkins . . . ROW 2: Waldoff, Beck, Berryman, Parker, Meadows, Saliba . . . ROW 3: DeBardeleben, Hayes, Vergos, Rosenbaum, Waldrup, Quartin, Root . . . ROW 4: Blumberg, Ford, Whitten, Morgan. - - -I 'K-iW""'M' -44"'1W"" t taht Affinia r S -tmLl,.?hl1t!'!I - ll sg, ,:.v: .N:-v :V S E i ROW in Marlow, Wilson, Bite, Richardson, Melton . . . ROW 2: Adair, Fullington, Ramsey, Brown, Mims, Newsom, Selman . . . ROW 3: Curtis, Watford, McCain, Marcus, Manley, Moar, Jenkins, Crowley, Lutz, Prom, Mayfield, Ivy, Conway. N 99 LUB THE "A" CLUB SPONSORS THE ANNUAL A DAY FOOTBALL GAME OFFICERS JACK V. BROWN .. BOB SCHNIEDER .,... DR. JOHN F. RAMSEY . ., FRED MIMS .. The "A" Club is an athletic organization whose pur- pose is to promote a unity of college spirit and to en- courage an interest in athletics at the University. Though the exact date of the club's founding is unknown, it was in existence as far back as the nineteenth century. Let- ter-men in all major sports are eligible for membership, and invitations are extended to team managers. The club promotes a unity of all athletes and stresses moral and physical well-being among students. Each year the club members, future members, and their guests are feted at a picnic. . . . . . .President . . .Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer Each fall, the club is host at a dance on Homecoming night where all club members and their dates are present- ed in the leadout. The proceeds of this dance go into a fund to finance the club's social and athletic activities. A second dance is held in the springtime. As a fitting cli- max to spring training, the "A" Club sponsors the annual A-Day game between the Crimsons and the Whites. The club's initiation ceremonies are most unique. Neophytes are dressed to personify all manner of beast and made nursemaids for such unusual wards as pigs, geese, and goats. MEMBERS Richard C. Barry John L. Berg Jock V. Brown Ralph B. Corrigan Larry Chiodetti Robert Conway Joe Compton Daniel Crowley, Jr. Robert Culpepper Joe Curtis James K. Davis James W. Dunn Lawrence T. Ful Iington, Travis Hunt Clell Hobson Hyrle lvy, Jr. Marvin Jenkins Harold Johnson J Reuben L. Jordan Harry C. Lee Tommy Lewis Al Lary Bobby Luna Harold E. Lutz Ken MacAfee Harold Manley Page Van Marcus Robert R. Marlow David A. Mayfield George McCain Parton R. McDonald James A. Melton Fred Mims Sammy Moore 329 Charles Newsom o. E. Phillips John Prom Jesse Richardson, P. G. Riddle Robert Schneider Jack Smalley Paul R. Sullivan Thomas Tharp Wesley Thompson Jerry Thompson Robert Wilga Al Wilhite Billy G. Williams Virgil Willis Robert Wilson ROW 'Ia Shamblin, Harper, I.usk, Inge, Grant, Wilson, Apolinsky . . . ROW 2: Wicks, Geddie, Andrews, Okel, Bromberg, Bolen Wiggins . . . ROW 3: Taylor, Rhyme, Moore, Cleveland, Brock, Gibbs, Nelson, Jones, McConnell, McKibben. PHI ET IGIVIA PHI ETA SIGMA RECOGNIZES FRESHMAN OF HIGH SCHOLASTIC ABILITY OFFICERS .JAMES L. OKEL ....., MILLER A. WlDEMIRE .. EDWARD J. BOLEN .,... FRANK H. BROMBERG, JR.. .. Phi Eta Sigma is a national scholastic fraternity for freshmen men who have a 2.5 average or better. It is the purpose of the fraternity to encourage good scho- larship among the freshmen in order to build a solid ac- ademic foundation for the remainder of their college ca- reers. The University chapter takes pride in the active role it has held in the formulations of the fraternity's na- tional policy. This work has been accomplished by tak- ing an active part in the Phi Eta Sigma National Con- ventions. The organization fosters scholastic interests na- .. . . .President . . . .Vice-President . . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer tionally, locally, and individually to the student while endeavoring to further social well-being. The most important activity of the University group is the publication of the booklet "How To Study." This booklet is presented to all incoming Freshmen with the hope that students will readily adiust themselves to their new and different environment. Developing character, leadership, and scholarship, Phi Eta Sigma is considered a gateway to success for male students at the University of Alabama. Harold l. Apolinsky Edward J. Bolen Charles P. Brock Frank H. Bromberg, Jr Weldon T. Childers Benny Ray Cleveland Rowland H. Geddie, Jr. S. Julian Gibbs Howard Goldstein Edwin H. Grant Charles M. Harper M. Clark Havens Walter H. Inge, Jr. Frank W. Jones, Jr. MEMBERS Page 330 Joseph E. Lamrners Louis B. Lusk Oscar S. McConnell Justin M. McKibben Robert A. Moore Jerry Nelson James L. Okel Robert H. Rhyne, Jr. James R. Shamblin, Jr. Arthur R. Taylor, Jr. Roger B. Wicks Miller A. Widemire James C. Wiggins Philip W. Wilson fr ROW iz Cardwell, Vaughn, O'Steen, Wiggins, Hummer, Deffke . . . ROW 2: Flowers, Brill, Selman, Alexander, Holland, Sills . , . ROW 3: McKenzie, Wellborn, Hinshaw, Sizeler, Stapp, Cathey. ALPHA LAMBDA DELT OFFICERS MOLLY O'STEEN . . i..... .... . .President EMILY VAUGI-IAN . . . . Vice-President VIRGINIA I-IAMNER . . ... Secretary BETTY JOYCE BARROW . .Treasurer ELIZABETH POCKMAN . . . .Historian Each spring tapping ceremonies are held by Alpha Lambda Delta for freshmen Women who have maintained a 2.5 average. Alpha Lambda Delta was founded in T930 and since that time has served to promote scho- larship among freshmen women. Its purpose is to enf courage intelligent living and high standards of learning among first year students. It seeks to encourage these Women to superior scholastic attainment at the University. A tutoring system has been inaugurated whereby fresh- men vvomen are helped in the dormitory study halls. Every year a gift is presented to the Alpha Lambda Delta who is graduating with the highest scholastic aver- age. All freshmen women are feted at a party given by the society at the beginning of the year. The second seme ester a party is given in honor of all freshmen women vvho made 2.5 averages. Conditions in foreign countries are studied by having students from various countries tell about academic and home life in their native lands. Posi- tive results of Alpha Lambda Delta's efforts may be seen in the constant rise in the vvomen's scholastic average. MEMBERS Virginia Hamner Carolyn Grace Kearley Dorothy McKenzie Molly O'Steen Vera Elizabeth Pockman Martha Claire Alexander Betty Joyce Barrow Lillie May Brill Miriam Anne Dye lois Flowers Dorothy Stapp Emily Grace Vaughan Stella Vtfellborn Mary Jo Wiggins .lacquelyn Robbert Harriet Rosenbaum Lois Sandlin Eddie Jean Selman Betty Jean Sill: Page 33 I ROW 1 Howard, Lipson, Bennett, Farmer, Young . . . ROW 2: Morley, Freeman, Bearman, Bonham, Propst . . . ROW 3: Miller, White, Hewitt, Chapman, Flewellyn, Hawley, Anderson. BETA GAMM SIG A OFFICERS HARRY A. LIPSON .....,.,........,....... President WILLIAM R. BENNETT , ,. On March 4, 1931, Beta Gamma Sigma made its for- mal appearance at the Capstone. It is an outgrowth of Sigma Eta which was founded by Dean Lee Bidgood, Dr. H. H. Chapman, and Dr. Arthur Upgren in 1922. The functions of the organization are threefold: to encourage scholarship and reward accomplishments in the field of business studies among students and graduates in collegi- ate schools of business, to promote the advancement of education in the science of business, and to foster prin- . . .Secretary and Treasurer Alpha of Alabama is the only chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma in the state. Members are elected from the top ten percent of the senior class and the top three percent of the iunior class of the School of Commerce and Business Administration. As a special proiect for this year, the fraternity furnished a room in Bidgood Hall. This room serves as a meeting place for the fraternity and other Commerce School organizations. Members served the School of Commerce through the organization and through ciples of honesty and integrity in business practice. Marvin Bearman John Cook Donald Cronin Richard H. Davis Jerry DeRieux Paul Alyea E. E. Anderson W. R. Bennett Lee Bidgood Harry D, Bonham Robert Dolowitz Hugh W. Farmer Donald Freeman Bobby D. Fuller Sam Hays Herman H. Chapman William C. Flewellyn, Jr. S. Paul Garner Langston T. Hawley Charles M. Hewitt individual participation in all maior Commerce events. MEMBERS FACULTY Page 332 Oliver P. Head Robert E. Howard, Ill Catherine McGinty Thomas R. Miller Frank Odgen James Holladay Harry A. Lipson M. Clinton McGee Henry Moore Burton R. Morley Robert B. Propst Harold D. Wall Rudolph White Don B. Young W. E. Pickens, Jr. Harry G. Shaffer Arch M. Stockard W. Paul Thomas Marcus Whitman 11- ROW 'lz Hampton, Hayes . . . ROW 2: Freeman, Gedclie, Bretton, Adair . . . ROW 3: Major Gordan, Dean Flewellen, Calhoun, Gregory Mcleod COMMERCE ASSOCIATIO OFFICERS WADE HAMPTON ...............,. ........ P resident HELEN HAYES ..... .......... ....., V I ce-President NEIL SEGREST The Commerce Association represents all students en- rolled in the School of Commerce and Business Admin- istration. The Association Council is composed of the of- ficers of Commerce School, the presidents of each of the organizations in the school, and the Student Government Association representatives. This council represents the students in all phases of campus life. Aside from its statutory functions, the association an- nually sponsors Commerce Day. The day's activities in- clude a convocation address by an outstanding business . . . Secretary-Treosu rer man. The afternoon of Commerce Day prominent profes- sional leaders conduct forums of business significance. That night the Association is host to the campus at the Com- merce Ball. In the late spring the Council sponsors "Com- merce Frolics." At this time Miss Executive Secretary is elected, and skits are presented by the various Commerce groups. The association sponsors several Dean's commit- tees which work out various problems of the school. The Council serves as a mediator for solving difficulties ot in- dividuals and helps carry out suggestions made by stu- dents. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Wade Hampton .....,.. President, School of Commerce Billy Gregory ,... .,,. P resident, Delta Sigma Pi Helen Hayes ........ Vice-President, School of Commerce Joyce Bratton .... . ,..... President, Phi Chi Theta Neil Segrest .,.. Secretary-Treasurer, School of Commerce Tom McLeod ...,, .... P resident, Beta Alpha Psi Roy Campbell ,....,...... President, Alpha Kappa Psi Rowland Geddie ,,., .... C hairman, Commerce Day Jim Freeman ,. ..........,.. President, Chi Alpha Phi REPRESENTATIVES TO STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Leon Adair Bob Calhoun James E. Godwin Bill McDonald Miller Widemire ADVISORS Dr. J. A. Constantin Mr. William C. Flewellen Page 333 LPHA P P I ALPHA RHO CHAPTER RANKS FIFTH IN NATIONAL EFFICIENCY CONTEST OFFICERS ROY CAMPBELL . . . ........ .,.., P resident JIM GAMBLE ....... .... V ice-President DONALD COLEMAN . . . ,.... Secretary STUART FARMER .... ....,... T reasurer JIM BAILEY .... Alpha Rho of Alpha Kappa Psi was founded at the University of Alabama in I924. Its purpose is to recog- nize men of outstanding merit in the fields of commerce. At the present time there are seventy-three undergradu- ate chapters and twenty-three alumni groups. Among its members are found some of the nation's most promi- nent business leaders and professional men. On both a local level and at the national position, Al- pha Kappa Psi aims at furthering the individual welfare of its members, to foster scientific research in the fields . . , .Master of Rituals of commerce, accounts, and finance, and to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals in busi- ness. Each year Alpha Kappa Psi helps promote Commerce Day, and it brings outstanding business men to speak at its meetings. By its efforts, Alpha Rho now ranks fifth in the National Efficiency Contest. With the ever present need for high caliber business men in sight, Alpha Kappa Psi strives to encourage men who will make rich contri- butions to the business world and be a credit to the pro- fession they serve. MEMBERS James Bailey James Freeman Louis Brasher Bobby D. Fuller Leonard R. Campbell James M. Gamble Donald L. Coleman Joseph M, Kern Hugh Farmer Clarence Meadows Stuart Farmer Thomas A, Noble William D, O'Lenic Bob E. Parsons William Tate William A. Tuck Fred Lawson Bert Lindbergh Joseph M, Johnson J. Murray .luolice Irvin M. Commander James R. Hudson Kenneth Filler William Weikert ROW I: Bailey, Coleman, Campbell, Noble, Meadows, Fuller . . . ROW 2: O'Lenic, Brasher, Filler, Lawson, Parsons, Pince, Commander . . . ROW 3: H. Farmer, Austin, Miller, Scott, Washburn, Weikert . . . ROW 4: Tuck, Judice, Hudson, Johnson ln ls wmnww BETA ALPHA PSI RECOGNIZES STUDENTS PROFICIENT IN ACCOUNTING OFFICERS HUGH W. FARMER, JR. . THOMAS W. OLIVER IDA MAE HUNT VVILLIAM TATE .. DR. A. J. PENZ ... Membership in Beta Alpha Psi is the highest honor cone ferred on accounting majors. Alpha Beta Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi was established at The University in l948, and since that time has become an integral part of the Com- merce Association. The prime purpose of the organization is to encourage and foster The ideals of service as the basis of The accounting profession. Promotion of The study of accounting to its highest ethical standards is the goal of the fraternity. . . . . President . . . .Vice-President . . . .Secretary ............Treasurer . . ,Faculty Vice-President The society acts as a medium among business men, instructors, and students for The development of the study of accounting. The members seek high moral, scholastic, and professional attainments and encourage cordial rela- tions between the members and the profession in general. Each year the group sponsors various discussions, meet- ings, and forums. Prominent business men are invited to lead public discussions which are open to all people in- terested in the accounting field. John W. Cook Jerry S. DeRieux Richard A. Ellis William H. Fail, Jr. Clayton G. Font Hugh W. Farmer, Jr. George E. Halcula Wade L. Hampton Robert E. Howard, Ill Charles O. Hufstutler Ida Mae Hunt Cecil B. King Stanley F. Lapidus Russ Lunn MEMBERS Roy Lynn Raymond B. May Fritz A. McCarneron Catherine E. McGinty Thomas E. McLeod Harold Nelson Thomas W. Oliver, Jr Charles R, Raicliffe, Ji. Thomas K. Roberst Tobert E. Seiler Clay R. Sherrill Arch M. Stockard Edward G. Stutts William A. Tate 'Y' ROW I Dr. Chapman, Freeman, Coleman, Jordan . . . ROW 2: Wallberg, FooTe, Ausmus, Bailey, Dunham, Carraway, LofTin . . . ROW 3: O'Lucic, McConnell, BouTwell, Manley, Mackey, Hampion, Miller. CHI ALPHA PHI, STATISTICS FRATERNITY, WAS FOUNDED IN 1951 OFFICERS JAMES FREEMAN . . . .......... ...,. P residenf DONALD COLEMAN . . .... Vice-PresidenT ROY JORDAN ..... ,.... S ecrefary CECIL McMlLLAN . . . . . .Treasurer Chi Alpha Phi was founded af The Universify of Ala- bama in April, l95l. IT brings TogeTher in one body sTu- denfs, faculfy members, and oThers who are inTeresTed in applying sTaTisTical meThods in The various fields of social and physical sciences. Semi-annually The group publishes a bibliography of currenf business readings on sTaTisTical Tools and Techniques as They are applied in various fields. As a special proiecf for This school year, The fraTerniTy conducTed a sTudenT poll To assisT The Coiillion Club in de- Termining Types of enTerTainmenT mosT desired by 'Bama sTudenTs. This survey deTermined The conTenT of enTer- Tainmenf in conTenT such as vocalisTs, bands, concerfs, dances, and combinaTions, and also helped The club de- cide The prices mosf saTisfacTory for sfudenf budgefs. MEMBERS Martha Bailey Ashby FooTe Roy Jordan Paul BouTwell James Freeman John LofTin Donald Coleman Ed Gambill Cecil Macky Wanda Carraway John Garfrell Richard Manley DoroThy Dunham Wade HampTon Oscar McConnell FACULTY Mrs. Ora May Ausmus Dr. H. H. Chapman Mr. Harry A. Lipson Dr. W. R. BenneTT Mr. W. C. Flewellyn Mr. Donald F. Mulvihill Page 336 Cecil McMillan William O'Lenic Sfanley Simon Ronald Wechsler Mrs. Sarah Rodgers Dr. C. D. Smllh DELTA SIGMA PI AWARDS TROPHY TO OUTSTANDING COMMERCE FRESHMAN OFFICERS BILL GREGORY ... .... .... TOMMY MILLER .. RUSS LUNN ..,... WADE HAMPTON . . BILL FAIL ........ HUGH BALLARD .. BOB CALHOUN .. JIM WIGGINS .. DICK DAVIS .. Delta Sigma Pi is an honorary professional Commerce fraternity, international in scope, whose obiect is to foster the study of business in universities, to encourage scholar- ship, to promote closer affiliation between the commerce world and commerce students, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics. This fraternity, which bases membership on scholarship and merit, was founded at New York University in 1907. Alpha Sigma Chapter was es- tablishedat the University of Alabama in l926. Each year the local chapter awards a key to the grad- .. . . . . .Headmaster .. .. ...Chancellor . . .Senior Warden . . .Junior Warden .. .. ...Treasurer .........Scribe . . .Senior Guide .. .Junior Guide . . . . . .Historian uating senior with the highest scholastic average and a trophy is presented to the most outstanding freshman in the School of Commerce and Business Administration. Each year the chapter celebrates the national founders' day, has a bi-annual initiation banquets, and participates in a faculty sponsored picnic. Delta Sigma Pi takes an active part in the celebration of Commerce Day, and annually crowns a "Rose of Delta Sig". The chapter is active in all phases of college life and has furnished eight of the past nine Commerce Association presidents. MEMBERS Undergraduate: Gordon Conner Arthur Russell Lunn Paul Tucker John William Cook Hugh Ira Ballard Blucher H. Cooper Robert Felton Mann Frank Vaughn Ernest Linwood Deal David R. Bauer Richard Homer Davis Howard A. Marshall Harold Dean Wall William Jackson Edwards John Bores William H. Fail Thomas Roberst Miller Frank Whitehead Richard Allen Ellis Joseph Gerald Bosse Rowland H. Geddie, Jr. William White McDonald Wayne Wilson Walter Eugene Garrett Hugh Parker Bostick Wade L. Hampton Cecil L. McMillan Miller A. Widemire Oliver Pickens Head Frank H. Bromberg George Hakula Robert W. Norris James C. Wiggins Thomas Walter Oliver Robert F. Calhoun Don C. Henderson John F. Sofie John W. Wilson Clyde Howard Roddam Sam E. Christopher Prestlery M. Johnston Borden Strickland Graduates: Faculty Advisor: George G. Coggin Leroy Lord John Swindell Donald Joseph Cronin Dean William Flewellyn ROW 1: Vaughan, Crutcher, Bores, Whitehead, Wilson, Geddie, Marshall, Flewelleyn, Widemire . . . ROW 2: Fail, Davis, Miller, Hampton, Lunn, Gregory, Ballard, Calhoun, Tucker, Wilson . . . ROW 3: Conner, Hakulf, Coggin, Wiggins, Strickland, Bauer, Henderson, Norris, Sofie, Wall. PHI CHI THETA RECOGNIZES WOMEN IN THE FIELD OF COMMERCE OFFICERS JOYCE ANN BRATTON .......,.... .,,.... P resident VVANDA CARRAVVAY ,,.. .... V ice-President DOROTHY STAPP ,..4 ..... S ecretary BETTY BECK ...., . . .Treasurer Founded nationally in l925, Phi Chi Theta came to the Capstone in 1936. The fraternity recognizes women who are preparing for careers in the fields of Commerce and Business Administration. Membership requires a 2.0 overall average and the qualities of good character and leader- ship. The fraternity promotes the cause of higher business education and training for all women. It fosters high ideals for women in business careers and encourages cooperation among women preparing for such professions. The organization works with the Commerce Association in promoting Commerce Day and participates in the an- nual Commerce Spring Frolics. At Christmas the group gathers informally for a Yuletide party, and it sponsors an annual tea for the freshmen women and the Commerce School faculty. Each spring the iunior Woman maintaining the highest scholastic average in the School of Commerce is awarded a scholarship key at the Commerce Ball. MEMBERS Betty Beck Glynnie Booth Joyce Bratton Wanda Carraway Ann DuBose Helen Hayes Geraldine Crumpton Ida Mae Hunt n Martha Ann Sanders Dorthy Stapp Ann Woosley Joan Hutcheson Doris Mullins Joy Murphy Gay Murphy ROW 'lz Hayes, Hutcheso , Beck, Bratton, Stapp, Booth, DuBose . . . ROW 2: G. Murphy, Sanders, Woosley, Carraway, Mullins, J. Murphy. .Wd-afmr-.Y l l. L. M Q. ROW 'lz Sofie, Scott, Gordon, O'Lenic, Coleman, Holmes, Jones, Vaughan, Patterson . . . ROW 2: Murphy, Tuthill, Judice, Saunders, Keasler, Hudson, Freeman, New, Bolender, McCauley . . . ROW 3: Commander, Braswell, Hamiter, Brasher, Thomas, Jollit, Jordan, LeGere, Cook, Berrin, Harrell, Rudder, Armstrong. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEME T MANAGEMENT SAM WAS GIVEN RECOGNITION BY NATIONAL ORGANIZATION IN 1951 OFFICERS ANYAN A. GORDON ..........,, ,....,. P resident WILLIAM D. O'LENlC . . . . . .Vice-President DONALD L. COLEMAN . . . ...., Secretary FRANK H. HOLMES ..., Treasurer Sponsored by the Birmingham chapter, the University chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment was given full recognition and approval by the Na' tional Organization on November 2, l95l. The Society is the result of the mergers of the Taylor Society, the Society for Industrial Engineers, and the Industrial Methods Society. Today it is recognized as the foremost national society for people in the fields of supervision and management. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote efficiency, create mutual understanding among the people involved in man- agement, and to inspire management and employees to adhere to the highest ethical conception of social respon- sibility. Each month the group holds a meeting which features some prominent man in the field of management. The so- ciety cooperates with other professional fraternities to make Commerce Day an outstanding success, and it co- operates with the administration to maintain the high standards of managerial training. Field trips to various in- dustries are sponsored so that students may see manage- ment in operation. Bobby C. Allred Mervyn Berrin Frank W. Bolender Donald L. Coleman Harry D. Cook John Emmerling Howard A. Folts Anyan A. Gordon John C, Hamiter Clifford B. Harrell Frank H. Holmes James R. Hudson Eugene B. Ivey John B. Jones William O. Jollii Roy B. Jordon MEMBERS Joseph M. Judice Geravdo Maldonado L. C. Keasler Edwin L. McCauley Clarence W. Murphy James U. New William D. O'Lenic Gaylon Patterson Page 339 John M. Rudder Robert G. Schneider Miles Shaw Steadman S. Shealey John F. Sofie Charles A, Thomas William Thornton William A, Tuck Henry S. Tuthill Frank M. Vaughan Rudolph A. White Chas. H. Womble Carl Brady Richard Armstrong lwin Commander James Franklin ROW 'l: Eastwood, Good, Spaulding, Beyer, Lunn, Mallette, Thomas . . .ROW 2: Whaley, Clark, Croxton, Lee, Samuels, Nardoci, Simmons, Letson . . . ROW 3: McDuff, Applequist, Berman, Handwerger, Ray, Hall, Hoffman . . . ROW 4: Morris, Gaynor, Grant, Hyman, Downey, Kil- patrick, Barr, Bylinowski. BETA Pl TAU BETA PI INITIATED OVER 600 MEMBERS IN TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OFFICERS JULlAN J. SAMUELS .............,. . ..... President PHILLIP J. NARDOCI ..... EUGENE L. CROXTON .... DONALD H. LEE ..,......... PROF. HOWARD H. MEIGS PROF. WARREN G. KEITH .. Celebrating its twenty-fifth year at the Capstone, Tau Beta Pi has initiated over six-hundred members. The frater- nity was founded at Lehigh University in i855 by Edward Higginson Williams, Jr. "to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by dis- tinguished scholarship and exemplary character as under- graduates in engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America." . . . . . . . .Vice-President . . . .Recording Secretary ...............Catalager . . .Corresponding Secretary ........,......Treasurer Alabama Beta was the fifty-first chapter of Tau Beta Pi to be established. Since its establishment in l926, the fra- ternity has grown to some ninety chapters. Each year Ala- bama Beta awards a prize to the engineering student who has acquired the highest scholastic average in his first three semesters of college work. By its example, Tau Beta Pi seeks to produce engineers who will not only be skilled in their profession, but who will also be a credit to the field they serve. James E. Applequist Roy A. Applequist Donald C. Bailey Edward N. Benward Robert L. Brock Broadus M. Bryant James M. Clark MEMBERS Robert F. Crawford Joseph Handwerger Richard E. Ray Eugene L. Croxton George G. Hoffman Julian J. Samuels James A. Downey Donald H. Lee Roy L. Simmons George S. Eastwood John D. Lunn Trenton E. Toland Francis E. Evans Edward R. Grant Charles W. Hall Wayne F. Mardis Odis P. McDuff Phillip J. Nardoci Edward W. Whaley Thomas L. Wilson Jack S. Barr Richard J. Berman John H. Bylinowski Henry P. Fell Richard D. Gaynor Alfred N. Good Normand I. Hyman George R. Kilpatrick Billy B. Letson Reese E. Mallette .lim W. Morris Scott Spaulding William E. Thomas FAC U LTY John M. Gallalee James R. Cudworth, Jr Thomas E. Brassell Joseph A. Bennett Kenneth W. Coons James M. Faircloth B. W. Ganrud Willard F. Gray Warren C. Jeffery Warren G. Keith Howard H. Meigs William K. Rey Herbert Kuenzel William Miller Carl C. Sartain T. N. McVay F. H. Mitchell Reynold Q. Shotts Fred R. Maxwell, Jr. Hugh D. Pallistcr James W. Stewart Edwin C. Wright L. A. Woodman William C. Stapleton, Jr. Frederick T. Shaver Page 340 ROW I: Contafio, Gaynor, Brown, McDuff . . . ROW 2: Keith, Saliba, Matthews, Gregorie, Turner, Kilpatrick, Easley, Woodman. THET THETA TAU ANNUALLY AWARDS CUP TO OUSTANDING ENGINEERING SENIOR OFFICERS RICHARD GAYNOR . . ,,..,....... . . . . .President JACK BROWN .,... .,,.,.... . . . . . .Vice-President ODIS MCDUFF ... DONALD BAILEY . . A. T. HENRY .,.. Mu Chapter ot Theta Tau is an outgrowth ot a local organization called The Castle Club. Mu was The Twelfth ot The Twenty-six chapters ot The national organization To be founded. Boasting The largest membership ot all or' ganizations ot its type, Theta Tau now has more than l2,000 engineering students and graduate engineers. Throughout The academic year Theta Tau holds smokers where engineering students can gather and discuss The problems confronting engineering. ...................Scribe . Corresponding Secretary ...............Treasurer AT its bi-weekly meetings, leading engineers are pre- sented To inform The group of The latest advances in Tech- nology. Theta Tau undertakes various projects which will be beneficial To the College of Engineering and the Uni- versity as a whole. This year The fraternity placed a clock in Hardaway Hall, and plans are being made to turnish a display case Tor Houser Hall. Theta Tau annually awards a cup to The engineering senior who has been most out- standing in scholarship and leadership. Donald Bailey John Beyer Jack Brown Tommy Caldwell Lee Contatio J, M. Faircloth VV. G. Kell Duval Easley Henry Fell Luther Gause Richard Gaynor Mark Gregorie h MEMBERS Pete Henry Jack King Bob Kilpatrick Frank lVicAbee Odis MCDUTT FACULTY L, A. Vtloodman VV. K. Rc! Page 341 Mack Matthews Gerald Odom Al Saliba Julian Samuels T, E. Brassell ROW 'lz Wheeler, Carr, Hearn, Hannah, Johnson . . . ROW 2: Schroeder, Jewell, Reaves, Bryan, Battle. NSTITUTE F AERONAUTICAL SCIENC S MEMBERSHIP IN IAS IS OPEN TO ALL AERONAUTICAL STUDENTS OFFICERS MARK C, OREGORIE , . WILLIAM E. CARR ,. JOHN P. PERDUE JOHN T. WHEELER .. ROBERT F. CRAWFORD .. The Institute ot Aeronautical Sciences is an internaf tional technical society in the tield ot aeronautical engi- neering. This organization serves as a means tor students ot the science ot aeronautical engineering to become ac- quainted. The society has as a prime mission, the inter- change ot technical ideas among aeronautical engineers in this country and abroad by all available means, Mem- bership in the student group is open to all students en- rolled in the School ot Aeronautical Engineering. The Student branch holds bi-monthly meetings which Vice-Chairman ,...,Chairman . . .Secretary , . ,Treasurer . .Representative feature speakers and movies ol general and technical interest to the membership. Frequent social and informal events are scheduled by the society. Upon graduation tram the school, members ot the local group are assisted in becoming members ot the parent organization tor prac- ticing engineers. This parent organization assists students in iob placement atter they have completed their Univer- sity worlc. Aside tram its work in iob placement, the grad- uate society helps keep engineers abreast of the prog- ress ot aeronautical science. MEMBERS Crawtord A. Battle Robert F. Crawford Henry D. Hearn Robert S. Kulp Raymond A. Petty Walter G. Shaw Richard J. Berman William H. Depew James E. Jewell Andrew J. Nichols, Jr. Emmett R. Ratlitt Burley H, Shirley James F. Boyle iviark G. Gregoire Lloyd H. Johnson Thomas C. Nylund James A. Reaves .loe V. Sly Donald S. Brown James W. Hannah Takis G. Kapous John P. Perdue Glenn L. Schroeder John T. Wheeler' Vvilliam E. Carr Curtis O. Harvey Nancy L. Klernrn u Page 342 MEMBERS ALPH EP ILO DELTA OFFICERS CHARLES FEIGELSON ,,..,..,.,. .. , President EDWARD TYNDAL ..... . . .Vice-President JULIA LAMPKIN . . , . . Secretary RUSSELL SMITH .,,. . . .Treasurer GLEN SOCKVVELL , . . , . .Historian EUGENE FEIGELSON . . .... Editor In April, i926 Alabama Alpha of Alpha Epsilon Delta was founded at the University to encourage excellence in pre-medical scholarship. The honor fraternity seeks to create an appreciation ot' the importance ot pre-medical education in the study ot medicine. It strives to promote cooperation between medical and pre-medical students in developing an adequate program at pre-medical educa- tion. In I95l, the chapter voted to admit pre-dental stu- dents on the same basis ot membership required for ad- mission of pre-medical students. Omer Baker Alvin Bearman Raymond Berlin Hugh Burdette Sole Coleman John Conway Audie Davis Emmett Dennis Gerald Faulkner Charles Feigelson Eugene Feigelson Josephine Garner Lester Glover Ronald Goldberg Donald Hawkins Lynn Hodges Edward Holden Roland Jackson Fred Jackson Charles Lampkin Julia Lampkin Rufus Lee Richard Lift Needham Long Charles Longnecker Katrina McArthur Frank McCaffery Robert Mackay John Marks Robert A. Miller Pete Morris Raymond Pappas Charles Parkel Julius Rosenfield Morris Rosnckott Euell Screws John Horton Smith Russell Smith Glen Sockwell Elaine H. Teade Edward Thompson William Trieber Edward Tyndal Billy Vaughan Horace Watson Stella Woinar Rober V. Wood Lewis Young ROW I: Sockwell, C. Feigelson, Lumpkin, Tyndal . . . ROW 2: Woinon, Gray . . . ROW 3: G. Feigelson, Smith, Holder, Watson . . . ROW 4: Morris, Miller, Glover, Trieber . . . ROW 5: Thompson, Lee, Pappas . . . ROW 6: Weldon, Litt . . . ROW 7: Vaughan, Barrett, Bearman . . . ROW 8: Goldberg, Longnecker, Blackwell, Burdette, Baker, Hodges, Young. Each year the fraternity honors its new initiates at a banquet. An annual tour is made ot the Birmingham Med- ical Center, and the groups makes trips to Bryce and the Veterans' Hospitals. Throughout each year outstanding men in the fields ot medicine and dentistry speak, and mov- ies of medical significance are shown in meetings which are open to all interested students. Every tall the group sponsors orientation tor new pre-medical and pre-dentis- try students and stands ready to serve them at all times during their college career. -5'-, PHI LIPSILO OIVIICRO JOINT FOUNDERS DAY BANQUET WAS HELD BY BAMA AND MSCW CHAPTERS OFFICERS AUDREY SILVERN . . . ........,... ,..,.. P resident MYNDALL HALL . . . . ,Vice-President LEONA ROTI-I . , . ..... Secretary CLETA STEELE . . . . .Treasurer Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national honorary traternity tor outstanding students in the School ot Home Economics. Invitation to membership is extended to women students vvho are in the last semester of sophomore work and have maintained an overall average of 2.0. These women must present evidence ot exceptional leadership, service, and a professional attitude. Psi Chapter was established at the University ot Alabama in I936. Since that time it has been instrumental in maintaining high levels of leader- ship and scholarship in the School ol Home Economics. This year tounder's day was commemorated at a joint banquet with the members ot Phi Upsilon Omicron at Mis- sissippi State College tor Women. Each year the tresh- man maintaining the highest average in Home Ec is hon- ored by Phi Upsilon Omicron. Her name is engraved on a placque which is hung in Doster Hall. Freshmen home eco- nomic students are welcomed to the Capstone at a tea giv- en in collaboration with the Caroline Hunt Club. Needy families were sent Christmas boxes tilled by Phi Upsilon Omicron's members. MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Allen Gloria Denny Mary Faith Kirk Audrey Silvern Martha Ann Brock Mary Jane Gillespie Alene Lang Cleta Steele Jackie Cunningham Olivia Head Peggy McAllily Elaine Swindell Iris Clark Myndall Hall Lynn Otey Ann Vann Beverly Coleman Constance Hill Edith Ann Petty Nancy Young Jean Davidson Mary Brevard House Anita Pierce Theresa Rodriguez Irma Darrell Joyce Howard Leona Rath FACULTY Mable F. Adams Helen Bosarcl Dr. Bessie Davey Dean Agnes Ellen Harris Helen Knapp Doris Plaggc Henrietta Thompson ROW I: Lang, Hill, Cunningham, McAIiIey, Howard, Pierce, Dorrill . . . ROW 2: Young, Davidson, Hall, Silvern, Steele, Roth, House . . . ROW 3: Coleman, Swindell, Knapp, Rodriquaz, Adams, Kirk, Head. I""5"'2 .dm all f?"'W"'Qt CAROLINE HUNT CLUB BROUGHT AVONDALE FASHION SHOW TO CAPSTONE OFFICERS JOYCE HOWARD ......., ..A......,....... P resident RUTHIE RANDOLPH .. . ..,..,,.. First Vice-President MARY FAITH KIRK .. . . ...Secretary JEAN DAVIDSON , . . , . .Second Vice-President LOIS MASON .,.... l , ,Treggurer The Caroline Hunt Club was founded by Miss Henriet- ta Thompson, the present club sponsor. The club affords members and faculty an opportunity to become better acquainted. It gives women in the School of Home Eco- nomics a chance to learn more about their careers, and offers the coeds a chance to exchange ideas. This year the club sponsored a special demonstration by Charles of the Ritz. Students from foreign countries told about the food of their native lands and gave recipes of world fam- ous dishes. A representative from Louis Weisel's gave a demonstra- tion of novel Christmas gift wrappings. Lectures on mar- riage and family life were presented by family relations experts. Special proiects of the Caroline Hunt Club in- cluded selling "The United Notions Cook Book", collecting old clothes for the welfare department, and making stuffed animals for underprivileged children. ln the spring the club brought the Avondale Fashion Show to the Capstone. The club offers four-hundred dollars in scholarships for deserv- ing Home Economics juniors and seniors. MEMBERS Jeanne Acker Marilyn Anderson Mary Austin Patsy Barnes Barbara Barr Barbara Beale Betty Biter Jane Bonds Claudia Boyd Barbara Breitling Peggy Brinkley Phoebe Brunson June Bryant Betty Butler Natalie Cade Barbara Clements Beverly Coleman Myra Connell Patricia Conway Elveree Cook Mary Cooper Mary Courington Doris Cunningham Jacquie Cunningham Frances Curran Joan Damson Jean Davidson Louise Dismukes Mary Durdan Ruth Edgeworth Mildred Edwards Eleanor Elsberry Barbara Ethridge Julie Garrison Marjorie Gerber Frances Green Margaret Grundfast Judy Gullatt Sarah Gunn Tommie Hornner Mary Harris Nancy Hendricks Wanda Hendrix Connie Hill Carolyn Hinshaw Rose Holland Joyce Howard Phoebe Howell Virginia Huffman Betty Hurst Paulina lsoacs Carolyn Jackson Edna James Anita Jean Sylvia Johnson Helen Jordon Karlin Kent Betty Kight Betty Killian Mary Kirk Aileen Lang Margaret Lee Anne Lightfoot Quinta Long Peggy McAliley Dorothy McNellis Sue McRae Frances Madaris Gail Martin Pat Martin Lois Mason Mary Matthews Andy Massengill Ottilla Meyer Sue Miller Kathleen Mitchell Margaret Morris Edwyna Morrow Carolyn Mulder Mary Muldrow Mary Murback Sally Myers Elizabeth Newton Margaret Oakley Ann O'Rear Virginia Partridge Martha Pate Mary Phillips Phyllis Phillips Bettye Pinion Anita Pitlick Cornelia Powell Dorothy A. Powell Dorothy J. Powell Ruthie Randolph Barbara Roberts Noel Robinson Juanita Rucker Anna Salter June Sapp Ruth Sellers Eddie Selman Joanne Shapiro Jo Ann Shaw Constance Shearer Reba Shields Wanda Shivers Mary Smith Stella Smith Hannah Snellgrove Jean Sparks Bettylee Stone Frances Thomas Jean Townsend Joy Trucks Ann Tucker Marrianne Wallace Mary Warren Lucille Wassell Betty Watson Stella Wellborn Helen Ann Wells Elizabeth Wickersham Mary Williams Ruth Williams Betty Winn Betty Wise Elizabeth Wood Nancy Young ROW 'l: Miss Thompson, Randolph, Howard, Mason, Kirf . . . ROW 2: Grundfest, Isaacs, Partridge, Miller, Mc- Rae, Beale . . . ROW 3: Hill, Pitlick, Lyon, Shapiro, Connell, Austin, Wise . . . ROW 4: Matthews, Sparks, Boyd, Pinion, Powell, Edge- worth, Anderson, Williasms . . . ROW 5: McAliley, Cun- ningham, Phillips, Harris, Warren . . . ROW 6: Butler, Briel, Jordan, Mulder, Gul- latt, Hendrix, James . . . ROW 7: Mitchell, Trucks, Horton, Shearer, McNellis, Roberts, Robinson, Myers . . . ROW 8: Killian, Cooper, Broun, Hendricks, Coleman . . . ROW 9: Davisodn, Cun- ningham, Dismukes. PRESS LUB PRESS CLUB ENTERTAINS HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISTS AT STATE MEET OFFICERS JOHN MINTON . . , . . . ..,, ,..., P resident CHAD SKAGGS ...., . . . . .Vice-President MARCELLE McCLINTOCK . ,..,. Secretary LUCRETIA WAGNON . , . .Treasurer The University Press Club is an organization of stu- dents who are majoring or minoring in journalism. The club serves to promote participation in student publications and aids in such activities as are connected with that field. The club serves as a grounds for students to meet and dis- cuss the affairs of journalism. Frequently the club brings in prominent speakers and throughout the year conducts various panels, talks, and forums concerning journalistic work. As a service organization, the Press Club supports many campus activities. Acting as parent organization, the Press Club works with Sigma Delta Chi and Theta Sigma Phi on projects such as Journalism Day. During "J Day", Press members serve on panels, act as guides on campus tours, and gen- erally contribute to the success of the occasion. The three journalism organizations have worked together in estab- lishing the Alabama High School Press Association. When the journalism department is host to the high-school jour- nalism convention, The Press Club assists in entertaining the delegates. MEMBERS Lctty Austin Varina Goodall Martha Hood Doug Mitchell Jim Pinkston Jim Strickland Marjorie Bingham Don Grant Katherine Pill Howard Marcelle McClintock Don Propst Gay Talese Margaret Bond Nell Griffin Edmond Hughes Bob McKinney Bill Rasco Tommy Taylor Pat Bostick Hobart Grooms John Isbell Tommy McLaughlin Beth Hill Richardson Jimmy Townsend Pat Boyd Mark Gup Marietta Jones Maurine Montgomery Judy Ruskin Diane Wagger Doug Bradford Joe Hamilton Sam Kaufman Bill Nichols Sally Samuel Lucretia Wagnon Herb Brush Howard Harris Gene Kerlin George Nichols Lionel Silverfield Donald Watson Ruth O'Rear Lucy Oswald Bill Owens Bernard Peltz Pat Watson Donald Wayne Jane Woodruff Bill Yeager Martha Lea Jarrot Lindsey Hugh Maddox Milton J. Mastin John Minton Bruce Harrison Mary Harvey Ned Hildreth Jean Holiman Lee Hood Glyn Ann Carpenter Cecelia Diffly Marjorie Ellen Edwards Ray Edwards Ronny George Chad Skaggs Carroll Smith Curtis Smith Connie Spurgeon ROW 1: Montgomery, Taylor, Bostick, Clark, Spurgeon, Jones, Woodruff, Wagnon, Austin . . . ROW 2: O'Rear, Griffin, Wilbur, Bond, Bingham, Samuels, Richardson, Howard, Brush, McClintock . . . ROW 3: Edwards, Carpenter, Hood, Ruskin, Mastin, Talese, Smith, George, Smith . . . ROW 4: Gup, Kaufman, Peltz, Townsend, Silverfield, Harrison, Isbell, Hamilton, Owens, Mitchell . . . ROW 5: Taylor, Hildreth, Kerlin, Yeager, Minton, Pinkston, Strickland, Grooms, Skaggs, Maddox, Nichols, Hughes. ROW 1: Jones O'Rear Bond Griffin Wagnon Woodruff Howard Bostick ROW 2: Taylor Edwards Wilbur Samuels Spurgeon Strickland Smith Hughes ROW 3: lYllIllUll Talese Mastin Yeager Kerlin Maddox Hamilton SIC-JM DELTA CHI and THETA SIGM PHI Sox AND THETA SIG RECOGNIZE OUTSTANDING JOURNALISM STUDENTS SIGMA DELTA CHI OFFICERS TOM TAYLOR ..,,.,..,.,...,,,.,,.,,..... President CHARLIE WILSON . . , ..... Vice-President HUGH MADDOX .. .... Secretary-Treasurer Sigma Delta Chi was installed at the University of Ala- bama in l948. The University chapter of the national fra- ternity now ranks in the top halt of the fraternity's nation- al efficiency ratings. The purpose of the fraternity is to create an appreciation of the high ideals required in good journalism practices. Sigma Delta Chi and Theta Sigma Phi are the results of the efforts of the University Press Club to bring national journalism honoraries to the 'Bama campus. The Press Club now serves as a parent organiza- tion and the three groups work in close unity on many projects. Every year Sigma Delta Chi takes a significant role in the promotion of Journalism Day. It brings outstanding journalists to the Capstone to lecture and sponsors open meetings. On J-Day, the fraternity offers guided tours and conducts open forums concerning pertinent questions of the press. Members: Jim Arnold John Burton Dick Dowis Ray Edwards Joe Hamilton Edmund Hughes Bill Jones Gene Kerlin Jarrot Lindsey Carroll Lisby Hugh Maddox Milton Mastin Tommy McLaughlin John Minton Bill Nichols Carroll Smith Starr Smith Jim Strickland Gay Talese Tom Taylor Charlie Wilson Bill Yeager Faculty Advisor: John H. Boyd Faculty: Ed Bounds John Luskin Charles Scarritt THETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS MARIETTA JONES ,,....................... President LUCRETIA WAGNON . , . .,., Vice-President JANE WOODRUFF .,.. ...... S ecretary CONNIE SPURGEON . . ..... Treasurer Theta Sigma Pi is an honorary professional fraternity for women in the field of journalism. The Alabama chap- ter is the direct result of the efforts of the University Press Club. The Press Club now acts as a parent organization. The Press Club, Theta Sigma Pi, and Sigma Delta Chi work in close union to promote beneficial projects in the de- partment of journalism. One of the group's most outstand- ing undertakings is the annual Journalism Day. Theta Sig- ma Pi works in collaboration vvith Sigma Delta Chi in pro- ducing programs for all of the Tide's home basket-ball games. ln the library, the fraternity keeps a bulletin board which displays the jackets of all books written by mem- bers of the fraternity. The Alabama High School Press Association is under the partial promotion of Theta Sigma Pi, and Theta Sigma Pi serves as hostess for high school groups who visit the Capstone's journalism department. By its efforts the organization strives to raise the standards and Working conditions for women in the field of journal- ism, and it endeavors to inspire in its individual members a zeal for better work and greater effort. Members: Nell Griffin Connie Spurgeon Margaret Bond Katherine Howard Lucretia Wagnon Pat Bostick Mary Lisby Barbara Wilbur' Ruth Gaodwyn Marietta Jones Jane Vifoodruff Varina Goodall Sally Samuels Page 34f ROW I: Edwards Moore Rasslu Price McNeal Bragg ROW 2: de Yompert Bryan Powell Bingham Brough ROW 3: Graham King Ruffin McVoy Morrill Nall KAPPA Pl INVITES HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS T0 SPRING ART FESTIVAL OFFICERS MARTHA JEAN MOORE ........... ...... P resident JACK RUSTLER ..r,.. . . .Vice-President WILSIE LEE EDWARDS , . . . .Secretary HAROLD PRICE ..... . , ,Treasurer On December l9, 1950, Beta Delta of Kappa Pi was installed at the University ot Alabama. Kappa Pi has as its purpose to uphold the highest standards ot artistic and academic work. lt provides a meeting ground tor students with a professional interest in art. By leadership, it strives to raise the standards ot productive work and to provide the highest award for meritorious work by electing to membership only the most promising art students. In order to become a member ot this fraternity, candidates must have an overall average ot 2.0 and an art average ot 2.2. Through various exhibits, the organization endeavors to learn ot the work oi other students, to tamilarize the student body with local talent, and to recognize potential and professional ability. Each December, Kappa Pi spon- sors an Art Fair. In the spring, high school students from all over the state are invited to the annual Spring Festival ot Art. The group sponsors sales of student work, the pro- ceeds of which go into a scholarship tund. As a special project, the group has begun a collection of prints to be kept at the University. Mariorie Bingham Kitty Bragg Betty Bryan Wilsie Lee Edwards Martha Fowler Gloria Graham Madeline King James Knight Carolyn McNeal Bart McPherson Billy McVoy Lee Roy Manners MEMBERS Page 348 Jim Montgomery Martha Moore Joy Morrill Mary Bell Nall Douglas Powell llarold Price Robert Ruffin Jack Rustler Norma Sanders Dorothy Wiggins Charles Wilbur Jean de Yampert ROW 'lz Quartin, Bolusky, Hagood, Sall, C. Roberson . . . ROW 2: Summers, Miller, Horne, Parker, Bentzel, Alley, Carrol, Regan . . . ROW 3: Roddcim, H. Roberson, Peterson, Miller, King, Havens. DEB TE SQLI ALABAMA DEBATERS RATED HIGHEST IN INTER-COLLEGIATE CONTEST OFFICERS ANNABEL DUNHAM HAGOOD ,..,.....,,,....,,.,. Coach SYLVIA BOLASKY ..,....................., Assistant Coach CLYDE RODDAM ,...,., Pres., Ala. Chapter Tau Kappa Alpha MURRAY ALLEY . . ,.....,.,.,........ Debate Manager BARBARA HCRNE . . .....,.,.. Assistant Debate Manager The University of Alabama Debate Squad contributes to campus activities by providing public debate and dis- cussions on local, national, and international problems and by assisting in the annual Intramural Debate Tournament sponsored by Tau Kappa Alpha national forensic fratenity. The squad is an outgrowth of the Philomatic Literary So- ciety, founded in l832. ln the field of intercollegiate de- bate competition, the University of Alabama is currently considered one of the outstanding debate squads in the nation. This past year, the Alabama Debaters placed more members in the superior and excellent groups than any other participating school. Bama placed first in the fourth annual Tau Kappa Al- pha tournament, and has been the only team in the his- tory of this tournament to win all decisions. Another trophy was placed on the shelf for second place in the Senior Womens Division. The squad sponsored a non-decision debate with the team from Oxford University, England. Each tall the University plays host to over twenty schools for the Alabama Dicussion Tournament. Both the Speech Department and the Debate Squad aid during the two day period. The University Squad also won the Savage Sweepstakes Trophy this year. This is one of the largest tournaments in the nation. Murray Alley Carl Bentzel Don Byrd Jean Carrol Barbara Horne Murray Havens Lewis Luske Ken Miller Maryanne Miller Jack Parker MEMBERS Page 349 Robert Peterson Janet Quartin Caroline Regan Claire Roberson Hosmer Roberson Clyde Roddam Dorothy Sall Jane Summers ROW 1: Silvern, Vergos, Weatherly, Dorsky, Beck . . . ROW 2: Brown, Hurlbert, Lucas, Cohen, Sparks, Moon . . . ROW 3: Haus, Bell, Lightfoot, Jackson, Harris, Blumberg . . . ROW 4: Brotherton, Brock, Cooper, Conway, Samuels . . . ROW 5: Brutkiewciz, Ryan, Frazier, Vines, Patrick. PHILOS ANNUALLY SPONSORS BEAUTY CONTEST ON BAMA DAY OFFlCERS GUS VERGOS ...... ......... ....... P r esident JIMMY WEATHERLY . . . ,.., Vice-President BETTY BECK ..,... .,... S ecretary AUDREY SILVERN , . .... Treasurer In the summer of 1948, Philos was founded to promote friendship on the University campus. This organization is composed of one member from each fraternity and sorori- ty and a proportionate membership of independents. The constitution was drawn up in 1949, and since that time the group has functioned to promote better relations among students and faculty, and to encourage a better feeling among the student body. Since its founding, in 1948, Philos has sponsored informal dances, picnics, parties, and Best known of Philos' activities are on Bama Day. At this time the Miss Bama Day was crowned. King, Queen, and Dean of Friendliness were crowned, marking people whose warm personalities and friendly greetings made thc University a better school. Capitalizing on leap year, the group sponsored Twirp Day. In the summer, members abandoned the books, and all participated in the annual Watermelon Bust. By encouraging friendship among the members, and the groups that the members represented, a campus tours. Dub Barron Betty Beck Judy Bell John A. Beyer Herbert Blumberg Buddy Brien Peter Brock Barbara Brotherton Teeny Brown Don Brutkiewiez Rachel Cohen Charles Conner Blucher Cooper Charles Crutchen Marie Deffkee Joyce Dorsky Mildred Edwards Carey Frozien new atmosphere of brotherhood has come on campus. MEMBERS Luther Gause Sarah Haas Wade Hampton Puddy Harris Tommy Hooper Lucille Hurlburt Ann Jackson G. B. Kahn V. S, Large Page 350 Ann Lightfoot Emma Ann Lucas Wendell Martin Dot Moon Bob McKee Manell McPeoke Felix Nicholas Felix Patrick Roger Ryan Julian Samuels Myron Scales Audrey Silvern Jean Sparks Gus Vergos Jimmy Vines .limmy Weatherly fs. ROW 'I: Prichet, White, Beck, Brotherton . . . ROW 2: White, Butler, James, Kil- ahew, Mason, Holland, But- ler . . . ROW 3: Norton, Willis, Edwards, Jowers, Stainton, Kealy, Deltun . . . ROW 4: Gillespi, Hornbeck, Smith, lnglett, Ried, Murray . . . ROW 5: Cook, Griffin, Berman, Walpole, Sizeler, Cardwell . . . ROW 6: Cur- tis, Hayes, Ignatus, Boyd . . . ROW 7: Lightsey, Brooks, Jones, Hinshaw, Young . . . ROW 8: Elliot, Benton, Vaugh, Sapp, Booth. 12? M. WOMEN'S SPIRIT COMMITTEE OFFICERS MARTHA R. BECK ...,...:,...... ......, P resident BARBARA BROTHERTON , . . . .Vice-President BARBARA WHITE ..... .... S ecretary CAMILLE WALPOLE , , , . ,Treasurer The Women's Spirit Committee is an honorary organi- zation that participates in all phases of campus life. lt is the purpose of this organization to promote the interest of women students in all college activties and to encourage a spirit of friendliness among all women students. Under able leadership, the committee has worked with the Men's Spirit Committee and the Spirit Planning Committee to in- sure success of the pep rallies, pre-game campus publicity, and a successful cheering section at the varsity games. Weekly planning meetings have brought 'Bama Spirit to an all time high. Aside from its work with sports, the committee cooper- ated with WSGA and the YWCA in many of their activities. Much of the behind the scenes work of Homecoming was performed by the Committee. Members of the committee ushered for all events of the Concert and Lecture Series. The focus of the springtime work was Bama Day festivi- ties and an Easter Sunrise Service. A friendly welcome to all freshmen and transfers was a special prolect of the committee, By incorporating the talents of all women on campus, the committee plans for continuing greater en- thusiasm in all campus events. MEMBERS Lillian Cardwell Tutter Cook Anne Cunningham Edna Earl Denham Patsy Jean DeWitt Betty Elliot Alice Adhinson Martha Beck Joann Benton Sally Ann Block Betty Bober Sally Booth Neita Hornbeck Peggy Hubbs Joan Hutchinson Ann lnglett Ellen lgnatuis Jackie Jones Helen Rierl Lois Roth June Sapp Sylvia Sizeler Willa Smith Elinor Struletz Nettie Lightsey I.ois Mason Ruby Maxwell Perrye Millstein Maurine Montgomery Margaret Murry Virginia Bowden Betty Jane Flippen Lucy Jones Robin Nettles Betty Stainton Clandra Boyd Adelaide Gillespi Mary Elise Jones Ann Norton Emily Vaughn Sara Brooks Gloria Griffin Sue Jowers Ann Powell Camille Wampole Barbara Brotherton Betty Jean Butler Martha Butler Jan Holliday Rose Holland Martha Hood Jean West Nancy Young Jinnie Pickett Helen Rainey Katherine Kearley Helen Kessler Vivian Killibrew Page 35l WE TIVIINSTER FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS DOUG JONES ,,.. ...,.,,,.. . . ........... President PAM HOUSER ...... ,.,,.. F irst Vice-President ANNESSE SMITH ..,. Second Vice-President JOHN GRAHAM .,... ,.,.......,, S ecretary GEORGE COCHRAN . . , . . ,Enlistment Secretary MARIAN JACKSON ....... .,..,.....,.. T reasurer MALCOLM C. McIVER, JR. ,,............ Minister to Students COUNCIL MEMBERS ALMA SI-IAW .,.,.....,,,, ...Alumni Files MARCELLE McCLINTOCK . .. NEEDHAM LONG .... LUCY JONES ....I. JOHN GRAHAM HARTWELL LUTZ KENNETH FORBES . . . .Publications , . . ......... Ushers ..,........l'Iostess . . , .House Manager .......,.Athletics . . , , . . ,Missions The Presbyterian Student Organization on campus is called the Wesminster Fellowship. This branch of the church is provided by the Presbyterian Church to parallel the religious development with students' intellectual growth. This year the Westminster Fellowship moved into a brand new student center, This house is fully equipped with a banquet hall, a chapel, recreation rooms, and offices for the minister and student leaders. A complete program is conducted to fulfill students' religious needs. EDITH HAMMOND ,... ....... M usic NOEL ROBINSON ... .. .Promotion MARTHA FOWLER . . . ...,. Publicity VAL BOWMAN ..... ...,,.... S ocials NANCY OWINGS . . . .........,....,. Refreshments PAUL CRIBBINS .........,..,.,. Social Service BETTY Mc ALISTER ....... Sunday School Representative The aims of the Fellowship are to guide students in- to a closer contact with the church's program and to chal- lenge students with a Christian impression of life. The curriculum challenges students to full-time church voca- tions and influences higher education for Christ and the Church. The minister to students, the facilities of the West- minster house, and all of the existing services of the group are available to all University students. The doors to the Vlfestminster house are always open. ROW I: Owings, Lawson, Mullins, Corcl, Spencer, Thomason, Phillips, Graham . . . ROW 2: Jones, Rhyne, Lutz, Nichols, Eichhorn, B yant Gross, Cochrane . . . ROW 3: Long, Steel, Melton, Hummert, Williford, Dixon, Wu, Montgomery, Spaulding, Breth, Mclver . . . ROW 4 McAIister, Bruns, Smith, Conant, Shaw, Bowman, Bell, Wingo . . . ROW 5: Garrison, Arnett, Cobb, McConnell, Draughon, Edwards Rob inson, Lee, Christopher, Martin, Hammond, Jackson . . . ROW 6: Hinshaw, Cobb, Ignatius, McClintock, Anderson, Houser, O'Conner, Hein Russell, Jones. THE NEW HILLEL HOUSE BOASTED A LARGE RELIGIOUS LIBRARY OFFICERS MARCIA RADOMS . . . .,......... ..,,., P resident HERBERT BLUMBERG . . . . . .Vice-President BETTY SHERMAN .,..,... ..., ..... S e cretary HARRY ASMAN ..............,,. ....... T reasurer DR. HENRY ALBERT FISCHEL, Rabbi . . . ,.,.,.... Director ARTHUR KAUFMAN .,..,,. ,,... . . .Student Assistant MARILYN MOOG .. Hillel Foundation is a religious organization designed to fulltill the needs of Jewish students. It fosters programs stressing all aspects of the Jewish civilization. These pro- grams include study groups, music, dance, comtemporary events, and literature. The Foundation promotes inter- faith and intercultural relations on the campus, and pro- vides counseling and vocational guidance. Sabbath and holiday services are observed and interfaith meetings are held. The program includes film discussions, choral work, welfare drives, and social service activities. . . . . . . , .Librarian Each year the group assists in a Welfare Campaign for Jewish Relief. Public lectures and panels are featured. At the new Hillel House which was opened this year, a Ii- brary on Jewish and general religious subiects is kept. Or- ganizations are invited to participate in the annual Hillel Stunt Night competition. Throughout the year theatre pro- ductions and a film series are open to the general public. The foundation strives to impress Jewish students with the value of their religion, and to bring members of Judiasm and other faiths into a closer brotherhood. Eli Bell Jack Bern Merv Berrin Irving Cohen Richard Cohen Anne Copeland Myra Corlcland Terry Fine Jo Ann Goldberg Harold Goldstein Al Greene Babs Greenfield Arthur Gross Marc Gup COUNCIL Ann Grundfest Marvin Hurvich Helen Kessler Rae Kreisman Carla Leveclc Bernard Lobel Honore Loeb Razelle Margolin Ben Newman Mickey Oppenheimer Dottie Sall Stanley Saltzman Fannie Saroff Arlyne Shockett Larry Seigel Lionel Silverfield Bobbie Smith Melvin Stein Diane Wagger Arnold Wohl ROW 'lz Rabbi Fischel, Radoms, Sherman, Asmcn . . . ROW 2: Grundfest, Wugger, Soll, Loeb, Schockett, Kessler, Greenfield . . . ROW 3: Leveck, Berrin, Saroff, Roth, Saltzman, Maranoff, Margolin . . . ROW 4: Silverfield, Gross, Goldberg, Wohl, Bell. ROW 1: Taylor, Short, Christopher, Webb, O'Conner, Parrish, Gullatt, Morgan, Hahamis, Lane . . . ROW 2: Hubbs, Myers, Coleman, Brown, Conant, Skinner, Owings, Sully . . . ROW 3: Martin, Arnett, Kirk, Harvey, Crouse, Hendon. "THE STORM" WAS THE THEME OF SWAN CLUB'S 1952 WATER BALLET OFFICERS KATHLEEN BOBBY O'CONNER .... ,....... P resident MARGARET PARRISH ,......., .... V ice-President JANE GULLATT ,,.,...,. ...,, S ecretary MARGARET MORGAN . . . ..,, Treasurer The Swan Club is an organization for women who en- joy swimming as a sport and an art. lt has been on the campus for eighteen years. Membership is open to all girls who show proficiency in aquatics and enioy swimming as a medium of grace as well as a form of recreation. By its influence and example, the Swan Club strives to influ- ence others to partake of the pleasure, art, and recrea- tion afforded by swimming. The club meets in the Barn- well pool where members learn the skills of aquatic recrea- Each year the group presents a water-ballet which features precision strokes and water routines. The i952 ballet was presented against a background of appropriate music and followed the theme, "The Storm." New mem- bers, called Ducklings, are taken into full membership at the ballet. Members who show exceptional swimming abil- ity are featured in the water show and the entire club membership participates in the chorus numbers. The ulti- mate goal of the ballet is to show through simple, syn- tion, Marianne Arnett Carolyn Benson Betty Brown Pat Brunson Shirley Cain Earloara Christopher Flo Coleman Mary Louise Conant Sally Cramer Cynthia Crouse Patty Evans Hope Foil Joy Freundschuh Jane Gullatt Joanna Hahamis Ann Harvey Peggy Hubbs Rosemary Johnson chronized swimming the beauty and grace of the sport MEMBERS Page 354 Frances Kirk Nanellen Lane Mary Lutz Patt Martin Margaret Morgan Ruth Mosley Jean Moss Sally Myers Bobby O'Connei' Nancy Owings Margaret Parrish Marian Short Carey Ann Skinner Jane Sully Kay Taylor Frances Webb ROW l: Carlledge, Bosiwick, Gilberg, Norwood, Beal, Morgan, Schroeder . . . ROW 2: McMillan, Marks, Hurfer, Collins . . . ROW 31 Vickers, Both, O'Hara, Thomas, Moeck, Hadaway, Oliver. CAVALIERS WERE NAMED BY THORNHILI. AS NATION'S TOP COLLEGE BAND OFF!CERS GENE CARTLEDOE , ,..,, , Leader MlKE O'HARA Business Manager BETTY BOSTXNICK . , VocalisT OuT oT cn merger of The l95l Cavalier band and The SouTherners, a musical organizanon vvas Tormed ThaT equals any oT iTs kind in The naTion. The Alabama Cava- liers, one oT The TinesT dance bands ever To be formed on The Universiry of Alabama campus, was recenTly nominaTA ed by bandleader Claude Thornhill as The counTry's lead' ina college dance band, Prooi oT The versaTiliTy, dance- abiliTy, and shovvmanship oi The Cavaliers is The numerous repeaT performances played aT Army camps, Air Force bases, and colleges all over The SouTh. The band Take pride in such TeaTured arTisTs as iTs lead' or, Gene CarTledge, formerly TeaTured vibraharpisT vvifh Kenny SargenT, vlfillie Thomas, TeaTured TrumpeTer on The l-lorace l-leidT shovv, and capTivaTing vocalisT, BeTTy Bost- vvick. A highlighT of The band's library is The ESaTTle oT The Drummers vvhich sTars Gene CarTledge and Mike O'l-lara. This number is one of The mosT dazzling biTs oT enTerTain- meni ever performed by a college band, "The Modern Moods" composed oT BeTTy BosTvvick, CliTT ElunTer, Willie Thomas, John Marks, and GilberT Norwood, is more proof oT The Cavaliers versaTiliTy, The name, Alabama Cavaliers, due To demand Tor perTecTion, has come To mean The TinesT in collegiaTe musical enTerTainmenT. ThroughouT The counTry iT is considered a paragon among universiTy dance bands MEMBERS Saxaprones: TrumpeTs: Trombones: PlCIf1O1 Drums: lia Beal lA"alTer Moeck John Marks Tgrry BoTh Mike Ol-lai.i Gillgem Norvvood Willie Thomas Clili l-lurTer BOSS: VlbYGl10rp: lvuvonce Morgan Earl Haciavvay Don McMillan hlefshal ViCl46i'S Gene C'ii'Tlfrflg': l,ro Gilbcrri i'l.4cCf1rT-,f Oliver French Horn: T' Hfwlvlwy Cru C.: T ni' Srlwr wr rlfi l'ii'i" 1' llinr KAPPA DELTA PI OFFERS TWO SCHOLARSHIPS TO GRADUATE STUDENTS OFFICERS MRS. BETTY J. MOORE ...v..............,.,.,,...,..,.. President BENNET E. TERRY .... .....,.........., V ice-President OLIVE JO LAMB ........,...,, . . .Treasurer SARAH WOMACK ..., , . .Corresponding Secretary MYRTLE WILLINGHAM ....... ..... H istorian MARIE DEFFKE ..... ,... ....,. R e Cording Secretary FREDERICK L. WESTOVER .... ......, .,... C Ounselor Kappa Delta Pi is a national honor society in the field of educa- tion. Membership is open to men and women who display leadership, character and high scholarship in the School of Education. Xi Chapter was installed at the University of Alabama in May, I922. The fratern- ity obiective is the fostering of higher professional, intellectual, and personal standards among teachers. Each year two scholarships are offered by the groupg one goes to a deserving undergraduate. New initiates are honored at a recep- tion and banquet sponsored jointly by Phi Delta Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi each semester. Through its efforts, Kappa Delta Pi has brought reward for meritorious work in education and inspired future teachers to accept with dignity and sincerity the obligation of their high calling. MEMBERS I ll 'I Margaret Alexander William Roy Dawson William E. Gilbert Inez E. Lacy Vera Raines Radford Bennett E. Terry Mollie Jo Bellenger Hardie Catherine Davis Mildred W. Grant Olive Jo Lamb Betty Jo Reaves Alice M. Thomas Martha Bourland Marie Deffke Mary Nell Griffin Karol Ruth Latimer Mary Elizabeth Riddle Louise Williams James W. Bragg Melda Dennis Evelyn Constance Hill Mildred Anne Lee David Ross Myrtle D. Willingham Carolyn G. Call Virginia Dumas Mary Elise Jones Betty Jean Moore Norma Smith Monza H. Wilson Betty Lou Campbell Quintina Ferranti Dorthy M. Keene Mary Virginia Powell Jacquelyn Nelda Taylor Sarah Womack Robert Cofield FACULTY Elizabeth Coleman Robert C. Hammock George Howard Frederick L. Westover Ralph W. Cowart Agnes Ellen Harris L. T. Lee Gladstone H. Yeuell PHI BET KAPP PHI BETA KAPPA CELEBRATED 'I001'h YEAR AT THE UNIVERSITY OFFICERS PROFESSOR MIRIAM A. LOCKE .........,.......... President PROFESSOR JOHN LUSKIN ,... ................. V ice-President PROFESSOR JEROME W. SCHWEITZER ,... ...Treasurer DEAN WILLIAM F. ADAMS ..... . ..................,. Secretary PROFESSOR WILLIAM T. GOING ....... .,,. A rchnist The largest fraternity in the world is Phi Beta Kappa. It claims this distinction both on grounds of the largest number of chapters and also the greatest number of members. Phi Beta Kappa was founded at William and Mary College as a social fraternity under the name of "Flat Hats." In I83I the name was changed to Phi Beta Kappa and the society became honorary in nature. Over one-hundred years ago, the twelfth chapter of the organization was established at the University of Alabama. The sole obiect is to encourage scholarship. Each year Phi Beta Kappa sponsors a series of public lectures which are open to the student body. Across the world the three Greek letters Phi Beta Kappa, a star, and a hand pointing upward on a gold key have become the symbol of the ultimate in scholarship and intel- lectual development. Membership is limited to students in liberal arts who show superior scholarship and character. By its high standards for membership and lofty purposes, Phi Beta Kappa has become the elite of all honorary organizations. MEMBERS Alvin Jerome Bearman Solon Lycurgus Coleman Jean Carol Gillespie Richard Erwin Litt John Thornton Dorsey, Jr. Jean M. Rosevear Jack Blackwell Lillian Carol Evans Katherine Pill Howard Walter Bert Mitchell Evelyn Wood Owen Barbara Ann Smith Helga Blum Charles Isaac Feigleson Robinson Brown James Marie O'Steen Alonzo Raymond Pappas Glen Davis Sockwell Anna Claire Cate Eugene B. Feigleson Carroll Edward Lisby FACULTY Professor Mable Adams Dean Stuart Graves Professor J. B. McMillan Professor E. F. Richards Dean William F. Adams Professor Selby Hanssen Professor J. D. Mancill Professor Eric Ridgers Dean C. H. Barnwell Dean Agnes Ellen Harris Mrs. Glencivis R. Martin Professor Sarah H. Rodgers Professor Rossiter R. Bellinger Dean M. Leigh Harrison Professor J. P. Montgomery Miss Jane Russell Dean Lee Bidgood Professor Verner F. Chaffin Professor Elizabeth Coleman Professor W. H. Coleman Professor R. W. Cowart Dean George J. Davis Professor J. C. Dawson Professor George W. De Schweintz Professor James F. Doster Professor Donald H. Ecroyd Professor Brooks Forehand Miss Katherine Fraker Dr. John M. Gallalee Professor S. Paul Garner Professor Allen J. Going Mrs. Margaret Moorer Going Dr. W. Stanley Hoole Mrs. Martha P. Hauser Professor George Howard Mr. Louis Jaffe Mrs. W. E. K. James Professor lredell Jenkins Professor George Lang Professor Albert Lepawsky Professor Fred A. Lewis Mrs. G. K. Little Professor R. I. Little Dean S. J. Lloyd Professor Miriam Locke Professor John Luskin Professor William T. Going Dean John R. McLure Mrs. Ira B. Moody Dean A. B. Moore Professor Burton Morley General James E. Morrisette Dean James H. Newman Mr. Grady H. Nunn Professor Carl Sartain Professor J. W. Schweitzer Professor Don C. Smith Professor Hudson Strode Professor Charles G. Summei-sell Dean Marten ten Hoor Professor Alton O'Steen Professor P. W. Terry Professor F. L. Owsley Professor A. B. Thomas Professor Johnstone Parr Mrs. Muriel Thomas Mr. W. D. Patterson, Jr. Dean R. E. Tidwell Professor John C. Payne Professor Buckner B. Trawick Professor C. D. Perry Professor Robert H. Van Voorhis Mr. W. E. Pickens, Jr. Professor Marcus Whitman Professor John F. Ramsey Professor C. B. Wicks Mr, Coleman B. Ransome, Jr. Page 356 Professor C, E. Williams 1...f" Busineess and C W 4 "' i 1 . .' a - ' W' ' W3 A 4- 1 " 5 "' 3- N, QW. LV i ' is ,P+ as ? gg. -. A X 11,5 ' ' Q A ll FQ:-N ll - . if ' ' 5 f X, wang- Q a i m if ' W ,sae Q 3 ,N so iw Z' ' my ,iyzsgfg 1zm:'-Igs:s,- , 'K 639: ff Q' L ff? V '55f7r"' ' WTI'15ii"' I ' J vxffzsssv.. , . .? A if 11 ws u s as ,en Q 5 ang .si if if Q I A,f N -. J Lflb :"" :-v- I . ,, f f Q1- 3 QQ v:'-v:' alf li il .,,1-,' r , :,, -,. A- K -,,.-:A . L ,, I kkvk.v: fi R51 k..,kZ ,AV,,: 5 W in i mia-5:n:,-Zigi: 'f ' I In " '.:: I ..., 4 '... ,'Q: Q Q k'- " --' K ,. .. 1.-fff:.1:w:,f f-1 .z-.-:,:--Q--View K N: k : s,4s 3 ,,,, slffifsii w 1 ' l T5 w M ' ., , ' ' ' W - ' PAUL'S CHICKEN BOX "Food you like- as you like it." IQO7 28th Avenue South Phone 29-3465 UNDER NEVV MANAGEMENT Automobiles for Every Taste and Purpose HAROLD WALL MOTORS SALES FINANCING INSURANCE 407 So. 21st St. Ph. 4-2997 HIIIIIIIIIIIEIS The Finest of Everything WYE! , y SKA. H f VV f il l ei ff" PL fd so Iii I I Eg -W "W III l 'lgg...M ....' lily, 'ii Serving Alabama Since I836! 0 Silver o Diamonds 0 Jewelry 0 Crysiol, Chino 0 Furniture 0 Appliances AIabama's Store of Distinction! 20th. SI. oi Qncl, Ave. ge 358 BIRMINGHAM IS THE LEADING INDUSTRIAL CITY IN THE SOUTH S SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD With DeSoTo's Firedome I6O-Horsepower Kirk oy Motor Company, Ino. SALES FINE AND USED SERVICE CARS We SeII PLYMOUTI-IS, Tool 2130 5th Ave. No. Downtown Pg 359 SALES IN THE BIRMINGHAM AREA TOTAL ssso New 1952 STIIIIEBAKER Styled dhedd dnd engineered cahedd! 0 EHHSE-EHHWIHHH MHNIHHEIHHINH EUMPHNY DUE TO HER RAPID GROWTH, BIRMINGHAM IS CALLED "THE MAGIC CITY , ' , ff KAY C b TOMORROWS MOTOR CARS TODAY XX x nu lS0 u ngu H E II S 0 M 0 T 0 R S HUDSCN SALES AND SERVICE 326 Soufh 2151 Sfreef Phone 4-0443 Pg 361 THE BIRMINGHAM AREA CONTAINS EVERY STEEL MAKING INGREDIENT STEEL CITY OLDSMOBILE COMPANY, Inc. 2415 Seventh Avenue South Telephone 7-8154 KAISERS AMERICAN MOTOR CCDMPANY SALES FRAZERS YOUR KAISER - FRAZER DEALER AND HENRY JIS 1900 2nd Avenue South SERVICE Page 362 THERE ARE OVER 5,157 RETAIL BUSINESSES IN BIRMINGHAM ROY BRIDGES 81 CO. if Distributor Selling WILLYS Since 'I933 728 - South 21st Street HILL FOOD STORES WE INVITE you to make the "HILL STORE NEAR YOU" headquarters galfgag .llfgg for your Food and Household necessities. You will always find our stores well supplied with the la GLM N364 WOM best the market affords. It will pay you to get the "HILL STORE HABIT" "It's the total you SAVE that COUNTS!" 2X iw I - A 2 L v I'--f a, I ijiibtg5IiaiiyggIlgQ,mIII,LIeLIIeIIIIIQIIE 'III - , fi Ai I H NF "HiII'sQuaIity E ' UNI Is Econom " PJBI Y I BIRMINGHAM HAS OVER 550 MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES Q: 4: .2 5 1 11,1 . 4? Q J. ..,.. . 9' 5 .4 Q.. L Q , 1. G RI 0 I G I BETTER T0 SER VE YO U . ' ...1: - :..:.,. sfsf. Eraigfgigigleigi..igf2-1522-E525E:EiEzZ5g 'llz' f 111 "-- li --E. Ii iffiffff-9552252521215555-5'-2 5:1i2i1a25ffa:fizf:1sfz:1 isfzgsgsg '-1: 23' 'A" 5' "" " .. ,.,., ,,,. .,., .,.,.A...,..,...,,, . , . ,M ,.,., .,.,,,.,.,,..,,..,,.,,,.,,.,,.,.,.,,.,.,,.,,..,..,..,..,.,.,.,,,,, , . ,.-.-.--. - w,-,-...-,.,..- ,- ..-.- .Z .-.-4 - ----N H ..,.f . is E5455E255555:':555E5E5EI5E5IE55:55:5fI5I5'III5 " "', 5 ZZ. "" 5255225 fi 'fE15f35fE55E5?E55E 'E2E3535 5555523255525 V-,1: :AS :,: 5 ...II IR' ,.I,,.,. -. :eeEeis5.E15"'a:.ziaa i.z:z2'2z1' 522- 525 2"...:Zfiiifiiiiiiiiiivifii2i2:2?2E.i-5-- 25252525 aiziszi isiaisfi 12's-af 22E!IE " -52525255252 25i2E25iE2i2Eii25222gi25 12.2I5ff2I2?'f22e2e21222225E525?iz2if2E.z511525451fiiiiiiiifgizi':I.i2E-52221 1:5 .. ,.,, " "'5'. "" I'I f 11:,: 5 - 1:E. -'i'f2f2ji5fii"35'i E.:: A EEE 1.E :1,::::II::,lI::: ZZEZ Ziiz :1::1:i,z:.II 5 S":"':':: H EVZI . c l 1,:,.I "1" .:.,.,.I. E EN 'fI51'1El.5I5 -.21 .1-:fIE1'5E151EI15'f15 2-',. 15: -.1- "' 4:' 5 ' ' RE?31E25fE252E25252E15I525252 """"1':'f4lf 525252525252515I525251525IE252525251525152E1E252E251E1525252E2E2E2E15252525'5 :2:l:-:- '-:2,1:2 I 2. . .., E I 5-E 1 '2-P2' -1-5 351553252515 Irl 5252552 ':5'515- 5 1-2 2555 2525 555535515515-5 5:5 59f555?5355-5555511352 5'5'1' Ii: "'5"'5'5'515' 5"I-f5f5fE252:IE2ErE252525'5-15r'15r5'fr-fr-J.-T5-M-.1.-5 11-4 25? ""'1'5'55:'2' 'E 15: 5 .,1- '1-" 5.,.,.,., '.E.2.:.:..,. .5.5.5. ..., lfl .,,,,, 2: 1515555 355' 15f : gfgsg: :sgsgsgegsggsgsggsgsg ,"A" 3 :Ef55E555Ef55E5E5E5E3E55 sf fsisfzi ffirsg ',:: gsiegigagageiziis v.V. 2552555255555 511.25 'QQEQ S IQET '.."' fiss . 2fEf215a5z5s5s5s5.55s 'sgsisisgiisif i 555315553 12 .- '--.E .5,5.5,:.:.,:.,: ,.5 ,.5 5,.5 ,.:, ,., .5 ,.55, . ,5,,..,5.i :,:5, 5:,, , ff ..'5 ' , .5 -" - , .A .. ...-mgwpgw. N A -,4- .. , 5. . .V ' 3j..1., LIBERTY Owned and occupied exclusively by g37g:9o9,2'.,Agn,A-.-.E3.5.4,-.-.g.g::q6g.:e.1.g.55x1v Vg3:Qrgrg1-:5:-:g-:5:-:-:-:1:-:-zggcfftf:gzgrftiilzlfI:-S:izQfrfrigb!Eg?Q9:5T65:-:QQ265:::I:2:f 2ff?f?f'3?i??fQ'fff":IffIfffl:':::'EEffffffffff5ff:555552fIfE5555f:,E5f5IfI52g:f2f:1:f:ff'.Ef5:v:Ef::Ef5fE E E E 1 5 5 5 : : : : 5 : : 5 5 " ' --f ' - - -- f - ' 03" ' 1-: - A I -2 rf: -1-r-:-'-r-.rf:--f:.:f':-1'--.:::1:-:.:::.,::-fp.15-5 NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. and BROWN SERVICE FRANK P. SAMFORD, President Page 364 BIRMINGHAM IS THE SHOPPING CENTER FOR OVER A MILLION PEOPLE McKesson 81 Robbins, Ino. 1706 - 8 First Ave. No. Phone 3-4171 'A' Laboratory Equipment Apparatus 81 Supplies Surgical Equipment Hospital Supplies if Call Us For Your Needs ,f "'r'f'f W'f K 7 vii lflbouovms 1 'TQ im 1 llllllllREnp!'1I A11 ilk I to to - nlowl ll' 'll 11 I 1 ll iDItIlll.llttt:1 1 . Colm Con ini ,, e 1 1 1 llllll 1' li: 1 HI 1 ig! M 1 D Mn it,,,' 95f2:t:Y vxyl In Ji", 1 Dill J'- free RED DIAMOND COFFEE IN THE BAG OR VACUUM PACKED . Iieal Estate . Insurance . Bonding . Mortgage Loans af Serving The South For 46 Years for everything for the oftioe E II Ii E L Wfawfffo coMPANlEs -li H HD S 1021 First Ave' ZUI5-15 Fir5i AVE..N,.Ph0rlE 58185 Pg 365 PIG-IRON AND STEEL ARE BlRMINGHAM'S LEADING PRODUCTS maurice 218 North 20th Street ""' 'A' The Store For ' 1 Watches Diamonds Silverware CO Veer GH. S S. H. HANOVER YOUR JEWELER f 206 N. Twentieth St. Phone 3-1618 Skyway Fashion Luggage at the Tuscaloosa Airport L U G G A G E CH RlSTY'S RESTAU RANT HARTMANN HEADQEQTER5 SKYWAY In Homewood Crown - Amelia Earhart RosENsERoER's 'XUCHOLA5 CHWSTU - Owner BIRMINGHAM TRUNK FACTORY MIMI DIGRACIZNA - Manager 1909 - second Ave. Page 366 HAM HAS MORE THAN 450 MILES OF PAVED CLARK HALL Camplere renovafiarm of Clark Hall, famous Urmiversiry of Alabama Ianamark, was performed by . . . I. F. HOLLEY GENERAL CONTRACTORS HAHN ROOFING sl BREATING COMPANY Page 367 THERE ARE OVER 162,000 FAMILIES IN THE BIRMINGHAM AREA New 1911 3rd Avenue, North FASHIONS FOR JUNIORS ir lellerson Foundry Co if High Grade Gray Iron Castings 800 North 41st Street 1111111111 1111 o Dry Cold Fur Stor- age during Summer va- cations. Dial 54-2513. Alabama's Largest Fur- rier. 0 1 hr. service - vault on premises 0 For The best in Furs, buy at GoldsTe1n's. Cnext To Alabama The- atre.1 Located 1811 3rd Ave. N. "The Name of Authority in Furs." Page 368 MIGHT VULCAN, THE FIRE GOD, SYMBOLIZES BIRMINGHAM'S INDUSTRIAL mwhgike mid -xv 1 AGENCY OFFICES IN ,III I'IIINI'II',II. CITIES IN TIIE SIIEIII EUC First National Bank Bldg TuscaIoosa, Alabama A9 Y 702 IIOYI' NIINSLIi'IvI', .Ilunager Protective Life lnsnranee Company MILLER, MARTIN 8 LEWIS Architects and Engineers BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA EQJZQMQM af AMELIA GORGAS LIBRARY RICHARD FOSTER AUDITORIUM ALABAMA UNION COMMERCE BUILDING AND NEW WING ADMINISTRATION BUILDING FARRAH HALL AND NEW WING NOTT HALL ENGINEERING BUILDING NO. I ENGINEERING BUILDING NO. 2 ENGINEERING LABORATORY BUREAU OF MINES MEN'S GYM ANNEX PHYSICS BUILDING REMODELING CLARK HALL REMODELING WOODS HALL DENNY CHIMES DOSTER HALL COLONIAL DORMITORY FOR GIRLS EAST AND WEST ANNEX DORMITORIES NEW HALL DORMITORY GROUP FOUR I947-I949 GIRLS' DORMITORIES GIRLS' CO-OP DORMITORY JULIA TUTWILER DINING HALLS NURSERY SCHOOL SIX I939 MENS' DORMITORIES THREE I947 MENS' DORMITORIES TWO I95I MENS' DORMITORIES CAEETERIA DINING HALL I95O ADDITION TO STADIUM ALSO EIGHTEEN FRATERNITY AND SORORITY HOUSES AND TEN PROFESSORS' HOMES Page 369 RMINGHAM WAS INCORPORATED IN 1871 Pafwlaa aullh Me ea-Zcfd ir STAR PROVISICN COMPANY 2327 151 Avenue Nofrh The Home ofNc1mes You Know in JEWELRY CHINA CRYSTAL SILVERVVARE ' A. and A. ASH INC. On The Corner of 201 N. 2OTh S1reeT BIRMINGHAM'S EFFECTIVE ANNUAL BUYING INCOME IS S687,002,000 Meef YOUV Friends AT STEAKS - PIT BARBECUE - CHICKEN 1 Q n 5 PIG TRAIL INN Fomous For Trout Almondine QI4 N. 2Is'r ST. Where Friends Meefs By Choice - Nof By Chance Me ,gr y ' NO BEER OR WHISKEY CURB SERVICE BO9Ue'S wary SBJII Resfo urolnf DEEP SOUTH Qccnclic-zo I 3028 Cloirmonf Ave. BEFORE YOU PURCHASE A DIAMOND J BE SURE TO SEE lzfuis W ferry Jeweler 7 I ee 320 N. QOTI1 Sfreef elf A eff'-TT Pg 371 ONE-HALF OF U. S. PIG-IRON EXPORTS COME FROM BIRMINGHAM CARMEL, Inc. We invite you in To see our Collection - 'rhere's not o collection onywhere like CARMEL hos 'ro show you. Be The best-dressed girl on ond off The compus-be on girl with The CARMEL look. Student Photo posed in Blcch's Fashion Solon "Home of Quality Apparel" BEST- DRESSED CO-EDS if fnioy The difference 'hoT quolify ond greof lesigning molces in cloThes . . . ..- i- 'I K' Page 372 R 2,000 ARTICLES OF TRADE ICKWICK CLUB NIE .S'007ffCS' flNf.S'7 Bf4ZlRO0M ir Seating Arrangements for l000 Persons Available to Social onol Fraternal Organizations Five Points ELMON THOMPSON, Manager MAYER ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. INC. ak Home ot Fine Lighting Fixtures 3200 3rd Ave. Soutlfi 'TEE PORT OF MOBILE For Safe, Modern SHIPSIDE COTTON STORAGE Class "A" Marine Insurance High Density Compress ALABAMA STATE DOCKS BOARD FAMOUS FOODS AT Moblle's Fines! Restaurant O 9 11 NORTH ROYAL STREET Malbis Bakery Company STATE WIDE BAKERY al' "When Shopping Think of MALBIS Cookies and Cakes" Pg 374 THE ANNUAL SENIOR BOWL IS HELD IN MOBILE'S LADD STADIUM LADIES W EAR EXCLUSIVELY DRESSES f COATS SUITS 5 ACCESSORIES KA Y S E II ' S SETS THE STYLE In MOBILE, ALA. SELMA, ALA. COLUMBUS, GA. GREENVILLE, S. C. KNOXVILLE, TENINI. Ir Is Our PoIicy... "To render an Honesf, Prompt, Courreous and Complefe Service" I for 79 years MobiIe's Home Owned-Home Operated Department Store IIELIIHIIIIIP IIIIIEIII HHIIHIIIS MODERN FOOD STORES i MOBILE HART SCHAEENER and MARX CLOTHES if DOBBS HATS MOIITGDMEIIY i MCOREGOR SPORTSWEAR ARROW SHIRTS Pg 375 MISS AMERICA" OF 1950-51, YOLANDE BETBEZE, HAILS FROM MOBILE es Sir B.L.l? PAI T I 6 Wadegood in tk Szufi or over flirty ears." Moslua PAINT MFG. co., mc. - UMoBlLE,iALA. FURNITURE cosrs LESS AT . . NATHAN FURNITURE CO. Mcliowin-Lyons 2 Locations HARDWARE ond SUPPLY 400-410 DAURHIN sr., in iviosiuf COMPANY 67 vviisorsi AVE., IN RRicHARo We wish To express oUr oppreciorion To The girls who mode This Unique odverrising section possible. Their co-operciiion ond eog- erness To pose in The rnosr complicored siTUo- Tions hos pUT o vvorm spor in oUr heorrs. IT vvos with Their help Thor we were oble To reoch o new norionol record in yeorbook odverris- ing. We ore proUd To cloirn eoch one ol Them os o port of oUr srofl. IT is Their spirir Thor vvill molce oUr cornpUs co-ed on Unforgefioble port of college life. l-lere's hoping Thor yoU enioy reoding o secrion Thor vvos previously never noriced, ond Thor yoU will never forger seeing A Girl on Every Fender. Sincerely, DAVID BERNSTEIN Adverrising lvlonoger "Hi You All" Page 376 ll' ,k Dlf-wxowos JEWELRY WATCHES SILVERWARE - FINE CHINA CRYSTAL Llggeff RexolII Drug PHoTooRf-XPHIC EQUIPMENT Company IN KLE DOWNTOWN MONTGOMERY Jewelers ASTOUNDINO GROWTH BECAUSE OF OUR RERFECTED PLANS PREFERRED LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY Montgomery, Alobomo FOUNDED IN I929 INSURANCE IN FORCE OVER S20,000,000.00 ASSETS OVER FOUR MILLION DOLLARS SPENCER I-I. LONGSI-IORE Rresidenf - Generol Monoger Poge 377 MONTGOMERY WAS THE CAPITAL OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES The City Of Jessie Freneh Piano Ce O 'E Three-Quorters ot ci Century Montgomery's . ' Music Center 47 COMMERCE STREET 5 --"" W. A. MAY ae GREEN ei T T ' iE.p.i: : i1i O 35 So. Court Street O ,5 E phone 3-0224 Y FI I" S ATHLETIC SUPPLIES WILLIAM AGAYLE Moiyor Serving You Since IQO3 EARL D. JAMES GEORGE L. GLEERE FRANK ROSA, Mgr. Commissioners Pake- tephensen Ge. Centrcil Alcibomcfs Leoiding SPORTING GOODS STORE Shop At M BELK - MATTHEWS IN MONTGOMERY "The Home of Better Vc1Iues" "Ad Stott In Action." Page 378 s GWR' 5 idx' 0 A 127 V. X 9 J x xl , ' K fe X xfgeiw, 1 wf ' , as ' , LA,. T is f "1 V SUUTIIEIMUEIRNITURE BUQCQRXPQSQOR i buf Never Close" Dependo ble Fu rnifu re Your Huntsville HUDSON Deoiler Wrecker And Repoir Service 2l6 Woslwingfon Ph-25 ond 2905 AAA Approved Duncon l-lines Recommended ' CUMMINGS Hotel Russel Erskine COTTON COMPANY T50 Rooms Eocl1VViTh Rrivole Born dl' Excellenf Convenlion Focilifies COTTON E. TAYLOR, Monoging Direcfor ond Phone 695 INSURANCE HUNTSVILLE IS THE HOME OF UNITED STATES' SENATOR JOHN SPARKMAN ANDERSON MOTOR CO. ir CHRYSLER 8g PLYMOUTH i' SALES 84 SERVICE C. W. CWoodyD Arxiiniaiasori "I'r's A Foir Deol or No Decal" Q22 - ' :man srsun . ' if 1- - - E - , .-: + - A Y'-v BAR-anmlrf , ii" : -- TV- ,. --QQi?.i7j5"" . f fr' ":::iXx ,XY , , . -- , ,Xxx ii - ,, ' w 4.1 V 11. ....:::':r1:, ,Jfi 1 -if .- .S.. -' .i s22:x" WY" z - Q - - -xxxx if , -fr! mae. -:-av. ' - - - ff' MWA --A--A -g EEE E-ax: - -zk-r sv ' 'f -V - x if 'fo ? ,1 fi , -T ' LL, -" ?f.3f,T7f:1 ff+-1 E E DRlN:::::::::::::::5555 ' hrswfmt-zziaasawi' " ' ,,,,,iI,,,,,,,i fi f - "N 4' ' ,Qin fxi- ..... ..--1-::::: .... . . . . , , .V . - .4,..-. V ""' i . . .,,,,, .. -,gg -4- . ir,-1-u.-'-1 c . ,I g I,-v:'::-:,'g', ,.,1 - , ...A J '- . , 4 1 Mud -'nv . :nh - 1. .. 4. ,,-, '7 " " ' '- ' 5 f' f' 1, ' 'f PC' s:'f.3:-112151. :fC15E':1gir:.: Q'.+L?1 1fa'31t?1i??3f?,"2flffrrit-gf?-F. cf' 1315? - , ,- 1 . ,A -1,-.,-.'g - z. A- --,-zu: ,:,.-- ': .-..:-31-:'.1".g-:-ff..-::::--3.5: CLARK STEADMAN'S Bar-B-Q 81 Resfauranf Service, Courtesy ond Good Food Phone 1829 Highway No. 72-W fbeflla Sainfd feacf rqcfuefzldinq flcwaafe Page 380 il ff' ifii ,.-. fl V ,, . T - V T- 4: H T ' ' - M"- -' H of - - f.A.,.r,E:ri gf , WM jr F 4 T no T as slss A A T I . MW .2 A- Congrafulalions To Universily Of Alabama Sludenls "We are glad To have you in Tuscaloosa and will be glad To serve your auTomoTive needs" TUSCALOOSA MOTOR COMPANY, INC. ,E W l SALES TCTTCHEVROLE seavuce QOOT olh Slreel Phone 445l r. , - ir PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 'A' Even Belfer Than It Looks DOYLE BAKERY 604 22nd Avenue Pg 381 SCALOOSA IS OFTEN CALLED THE "DRUID CI THE BEAUTIFUL NEW T952 FORD VICTORIA The Finest Cor In The Low Priced Field YOUR DEALER TUCKER MOTCR CO. Brood STreeT of 25Th Avenue Page 382 TUSCALOOSA IS THE CENTER OF THE VAST WEST ALABAMA "TRADlNG AREA .RH P f vp g- 13 fi :H HARRY GILMEIYS YOUR GAS UP SUPER SERVICE STATIGN AT GILMER'S GN THE BIRMINGHAM HIGHWAY Phone 9078 alker Motor Go., Inc. Used Scales and Service Bought and SOM 2'I00 SIXTH STREET Page 383 THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA WAS ESTABLISHED IN TUSCALOOSA IN 1831 T WHEEL ALIGNING S Your and BALANCING Dial 8-2274 C R O S L E Y BODY WORK 720 Greensboro Ave. Dealer Bennett Auto Sales Co. QUALITY MOTOR CO. For Qualify Cors See Quality Used Cars YOUR WILLYS DEALER 1401 GREENSBORO AVENUE 'N TUSCALOOSA Page 384 TUSCALO0SA'S POPULATION HAS INCREASED 7V2 TIMES SINCE 1900 HOME 8. AUTO SUPPLY FIRESTONE PRODUCTS IES ESSISI 529 23rd Avenue Phone 4314 J, T. HIGH, Owner Qi P me Q rim N E W C A R S U S E D C A R S For Body Work That Ccxn't Be Becxten Q 1 TI ' I If: 1 TUSCALOGSA LINCOLN-MERCURY COMPANY Greensboro Ave. cut Hth St. AUTOMOBILE PAINTING ' Complete iob in 24 hours "THE HOME OF GOOD SERVICEII CAMPBELL'S BODY SHOP Phone 88376 Diol 8-1630 510 2Tst Ave. Pg 385 TUSCALOOSA COUNTY IS SECOND LARGEST COUNTY IN ALABAMA 0 Batteries 0 Gels 0 Washing 0 Tires 0 Oil 0 Lubrication CARS CALLED EoR AND DELIVERED CLOVERDALE GULF SERVICE STATION Hockloerry Lone ond I5th St. UNUSUAL SERVICE STUDENT OWNED CHARLIE WILSON C,M,52 PATTON'S SERVICE STATION IOQI University Ave. Phone 7863 C-W "Next Door to Alobomo Book Store." Across From the Smdium ' WASHING ' BATTERY CHARGING ' LUBRICATION ' TIRE REPAIRS Corner ot IOth Street 84 IOth Avenue 0 BODY AND FENDER WORK Phone 4669 We Ivioke Service Coils Pg 386 THE TUSCALOOSA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WAS ORGANIZED IN 1900 FITTS YELLUW GAB DIAL 3636 24 Hour Prompt, Courteous Service 2406 Brood Street ZZWWWMZZM BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, TUSCALOOSA Pg 387 THE INDUSTRIAL PAYROLL IN TUSCALOOSA EXCEEDS 518,000,000 YEARLY ak Where University Students Congregote... P14 7 '5' N 3 0 . "Only 300 Feet From The Courthouse" Pg 388 THERE ARE OVER 100 INDUSTRIES IN TUSCALOOSA COUNTY MCLESTER McLesterIIOteI f COFIEESHOP For The Besf Meal Dovvn Town" DELVIEW DAIRY... The Nome Thor Means QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Over 20 Years Of Fine Service 325 22nd Avenue I Gown . I-., l-'?g.5:j 15-g9f'A,5 'fi "'- '- ,zip sg:a:a5:: :1. Hg- -fr1:,, . f . -1ff '-'. IA1 : I gs' '....f:1: :1g2E5gsgi2f2''fi'-fy 1.3:-'5-:-., -5-33:4 ,. , :,.g:f f ,3:::::5:::3:1:5.g.3 I W- .,,, i. f '"'':"':'I'E52EEiiE5EiSiPi1521-sf,,.iEf?jf:fQf?"1 g:5siifQ2Q355Qif1Ef-'Z I ' Z, . 322252222522giieizizgffal -' Aj 5 ' I f ,ya 'I o., XX? . Y N ,sw ' WWW , 'A f f ' wer- I . ff 'T"'m W' 'T fm.:-, -: :':-.. Mu vu-"""' I LIKE TOASTED SANDWICHES FOR LUNCH The Bread you need for E-N-E-R-G-Y! H RDI N'S Sunbeam P9 OVER 50 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS ARE MANUFACTURED IN TUSCALOOSA WIESEL COMPANY THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS Nationally Advertised Men's Wear Home of Hart Schaffner 81 Marx Clothes The Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Invites You To Drink A srsfwfli Findlay Electric Company Electrical Contractor 2121 Eighth Street Phone 5132 - Day Phone 4249 - Night "Where you 571441 Sleferfailemenf Happiness and 9rier1ds!" game 74mm "Show Place of Tuscaloosa" Pg 390 STILLMAN COLLEGE FOR NEGROE5 IS LOCATED IN TUSCALOOSA Mffx--.Q E E CLJM S 3 S "GOOD THINGS TO EAT" On The Campus... SUMMER SCHOOL UNIVERSITY 0F ALABAMA FIRST TERIvl .. ....., JUNE 9 - JULY I8 SECOND TERM I , , ...,,..,.,...,..T., JULY Qi - AUGUST 22 The University has one of The oldesT, largesT, and besT esTablished Sum- mer Schools in The SouTh. LasT Summer There vvere over 3400 diTTerenT indi- viduals enrolled. The needs oT regular session sTudenTs are given parTicular aTTenTion in The preparaTion of The Summer School program. Required and elecTive courses for The Bachelor's, lvlasTer's and DocTor's degrees are oTTered. A varied and aTTracTive program of summer recreaTion and enTerTain- menT is provided. For caTalog and Tull inTormaTion call aT Summer School office, lO3 Clark Hall, or wriTe To DIRECTOR OF SUMMER SCHOOL UniversiTy, Alabama Pg 391 ALABAMA'S OLDEST BANK IS LOCATED IN TUSCALOOSA YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SMART TO HAVE SMART CLOTHES . . . SHOP AT MANGEL'S FEMININE APPAREL 2318 Broad Street I'LL MEET YOU AT THE C O R N E R Sundries - Soclas 801 10th Street Phone 8-2827 THE CORNER FOR SPORTING EQUIPMENT and HARDWARE Visit J. OVIATT BOWERS CO. FREE PARKING- NO TIME LIMIT 2105 Second St. Phone 4466 '51 I c Ultra Elite-at zriinnzrl Egzrnk of Tuscaloosa, Alabama S' I 5.000 rg I uuxmuu .Q " I msunnc: O E I ron E 9 X nzvosnon Q, 'fax Cx 9 . MEM of-9' 1 I Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation "A National Bank For Savings" DEAL LUMBER COMPANY RETAIL LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIALS 18th Street and G. M. 84 O. R. R. Phone 4767 'Foster Heating Roofing Co. 1605 Queen City Ave. Page 392 THE NEW DRUID CITY HOSPITAL HAS OVER 240 ROOMS The UN IVER ITY SUPPLY STCIQE Serving THE UNIVERSITY CDE ALABAMA STUDENTS EACULTY and ALUMNI Since IQO5 'THE SUPPLX STORE IS YQUR STORE I sfiiutionaffy Owneain e 393 THE TUSCALOOSA AREA HAS A POPULATION OF 50 291 J. F. ALSTON ...,... J. F. ALSTON, JR. .... . FRANK S. DANIEL ..... ROBERT N. ALSTON . .. R. H. COCHRANE ...., OFFICERS HOWARD E. HAMNER .... .,.. C. T. HURT ,....,..,, FRED L. CRAFT .....,. JEWEL WISE ......... MARION H. THURMOND Complete Facilities . . Checking Accounts Saving Accounts Trust Department Foreign and Domesti Commercial Loans Travelers Checks QIITB itg c Exchange . .Chairman of the Board ..............President Executive Vice-President ..........Vice-President ..........Vice-President Vice President 84 Cashier . . . . . . .Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier zrtiulfratl Egautlx of Tuscaloosa Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ' iTpIO,OOO Maximum Insurance tor Each Depositor MR. and MRS DANIEL BROWN, Owners Phone 22740 SUNSET TOURIST COURT Located 4 Miles east ot TUSCALOCDSA, ALABAMA On Hi-Way II Air Conditioned - Private Baths Member: American Motel Association PHONE 6324 ALBERTA CLEANERS HOME OF GOOD CLEANING Pick-Up and Delivery Service 22I5 9th Street East BALFOUR FRATERNITY JEWELRY Orders Should Be S t T O BIRMINGHAM BRANCH L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY I926 4th Ave N h Birmingham, A Page 394 MORE THAN 100 CHURCHES ARE LOCATED IN TUSCALOOSA RENTAL TYPEWRITERS A pyi mxh NEW TYPEVVRITERS 11 ffrrf' 1 'fijfg 'QQ ,fi A A A OFFICE SUPPLY CO' 52l 25th Ave. Phone 57 Z0 We Sincerely Appreciote Your Potronoge 1' THE LAUNDERETTE 0 Sove Time Allen Eilemison Co. - Sm Money ' Quick Efficient Service HARDWARE "RED" sWANsoN Esmbllshed 1883 1402 university Ave. Phone 6841 L. L. A D A M S A Refrigeration 8. Electric Co. A 1508 Greensboro Ave. Phone 9561 I it Compliments Ot "Kissing Spreads Germs" S. H. KRESS and 00. Bo-mo RGXGII Drug co. Let us till your cloctor's prescriptions 5 ' ' ' WE DELIVER Phone 5531 P9 TUSCALOOSA INCORPORATED DAY BEFORE ALABAMA BECAME A STATE IDA HARRIS l-l-li-lil-E COOK-KEE TOWN AND COUNTRY CLOTHES "Eatin' that's not beatin' " 414 - 23rd Avenue Phone 8131 1 TUSCALOOSA'S NEWEST AND MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE . . . BELK - HUDSON COMPANY 2230 Broad STVSGT The Home Ot The College Co-Eol 1420 University Ave. k A C Cs 4 I ' ,. , . , T 11 . .gf ' in -2 Trust Your Laundry And Dry Cleaning With Experts We Give 24 Hour Service On Specials and Requested Bundles Priority Service To Students And Faculty IIOIITHIIIGTOII LIIIIIIIIIIY, Inc. Main Plant Sub-Station Northington Campus 101 M 81st Ave. Back Corner Phone 7308 Phone 6867 Page 396 TUSCALOOS WAS NAMED FOR TUSKALUSA, A FAMOUS CREEK INDIAN QQ' ig ! l g ftljdgwiils-I., 'cpl ' 2? ' P 2 y DP. PEPPER BOTTLING 5 COMPANY -' 3211 9th St. WELCOME STUDENTS . . . UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP "IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL" "Personality Haircuts" Y Gulf States Plumbing And Heohng Co' Birmingham Highway JOHN W. DILL FINE FOGD 2008 8th Street DANCING Phone 3252 Orchestra on Friday Nights Pg 397 COTTON, MINING, AND LUMBERING ARE TUSCALO0SA'S CHIEF INTEREST EXTENSION INSTRUCTION FOLLOW YOUR EDUCATIONAL INTERESTS DURING VACATIONS, AFTER COLLEGE YEARS ARE OVER, AND WHILE YOU ARE AT WORK-Through The Extension Division THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA EXTENSION INSTRUCTION Arts ond Sciences Extension Services Commerce Extension Services Correspondence Study Courses For CoIIege ond High School Engineering Extension Services Extension Closses Unrestricted Courses, Protessionol ond CuIturoI UNIVERSITY CENTERS BIRMINGHAM - GADSDEN - HUNTSVILLE - MOBILE - MONTGOMERY AND SELMA BRANCH PUBLIC SERVICE Adult Educotion Home Economics: Home ond Fomily Lite Audio-VisuoI Service Food ond Nutrition High SchooI Guidonce ond CounseIIing News Bureou Librory Extension ond Progrcim Services Rodio Broodcosting Services ond Rodio Stotion WUOA CFMD Third Floor, Aclrninistrotion Building For Informotion coII 4079 or 7542, EXTENSION DIVISION OFFICE, or write Box 2787, UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA Sote, Dependoble, Courteous, dnd Econornicol IIII III III'l'Y LI II, Inc. "If It Swims, We Hove It" University Avenue To Town i if SHAIIPE'S Serving The Greater ON HAND AT ALL TIMES FRESH AND FROZEN SEA FOODS OYSTERS EVERY DAY IN THE YEAR 2622 I8th Phone 3351 TUSCALOOSA, NORTHPORT, AND HOLT AREA AND INDUSTRIAL PLANTS Page 398 TUSCALOOSA WAS ALABAMA'S CAPITAL FROM 1825 T0 1846 K A N O R A s N A P P Y EvERYBoDY's FAVORITE DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 1 Pit Bar-B-O 0 Seafood of all . kinds 0 Sourhern Fried Chicken 0 Steak "YOUR FRIENDLY GULF STATION" 0 CAR WASH- LUBRICATION 0 WE PICK UP and DELIVER I405 Universify Avenue ,..., Phone 9397 Birmingham Highway II Telephone 9428 nguifcf W1'fl1 Bridgers W RETAIL LUMBER 84 BUILDING MATERIAL FARM AND HOME SUPPLIES BRIDGERS LUMBER CO. 22II Greensboro Avenue RADIO STATION 1500 U Your On Your Ig 50,000 Dial 3 Wqm Voice of Liberry ALBERTA GULF "YOUR SUPER SERVICE STATION" Garage Annex - Wrecker Service Snack Bar I 81 I TIDE I Cafeteria ak Phone 3500 I mile from campus on U. S. Highway II I - EOST For A Doughnuf 81 BRUCE WEST-Owner Cup of Coffee, Try Us , , Pg 399 iiiiirs 4 THE FIRST WHITE SETTLER ARRIVED IN TUSCALOOSA IN 'I816 O. E. PHILLIPS For The CENTER ot Footboll - Aloboimo For The CENTER of Printing - WeothertoroI's Zifealfnwzfmi ea. Serving the University Since 1892 With Complete Printing Service tor College oinol Coimpus Publicotions Center 11 West Alalmmale Ofalesi Prinfersn 2114 Brooicl Street A. C. 84 FRED HASSELL Tuscolooson, Alobomo Diol 2-1511 Owners THE RIGHT GIFT FOR EVERY OCCASION Don't be holt wet when you con be AII Wet! 905 - 14th Ave. Wolloce, Internotionol, Lunt, Sterling DIG' 812627 - Ot the - Bo n ks W. JEwEL Box Qugfles FURNITURE - RADIOS AND TUSCOI IOOSG APPLV-xNcEs B0 kery FOR HOME, SORORITY, FRATERNITY OR Breool, Rolls, Pies, CLUB HQUSE Cokes Portv Orders o Speciolty S 0 K 0 L , S 171 I Greensboro Ave' 4717 PHoNEs 4715 Phone 8-2161 Page 400 TUSCALOOSA HAS 13,000 TELEPHONES IN OPERATION DRUID DRUG COMPANY Phone 4424 A T ACROSS FROM UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL JAX CLEANERS Since T935 The Very Finest in Dry Cleaning . . . WiTI'1 The PROSPERITY AUTOMATIC - ODORLESS DRY-CLEANING UNIT RAYMON'S FOOD STORE Save on Ccxsh 84 Ccxrry Try our Shirt Service Home ' Made Sayrlgfrhffroceriesl Delicoltfigfed and Domeshc 714 - mth Ave we DELIVER TILL 11 P. M. ' CALL 3296 9472 PIZITZ T H E For Q vehicle You Con Afford - Try Us O F fmfigk Bfsffffsaic Established T898 The same Policy The Some Quality 'Where Coeds Love IO Shopn The Some Welcome 23I I Brood STreeT TI-IE REAL COLLEGE STORE Pg 401 TUSCALOOSA IS CALLED THE "DEPRESSION-PROOF" CITY OF ALABAMA Miss Mary Holden A Portrait EARL Because You Want The Best Parkview Center ir Styles and Price to suit every Stuclent's taste- and pocketbook. "The Store On Your Way Down Town" TUSCALOOSA HARDWARE C O M P A N Y Phones 82896 - 82897 TANNER BROTHERS WHOLESALE FRUITS-VEGETABLES 2814-2808 41h Street Phone 8-2821 - 8-2892 - 7803 The Best Things in LIFE Are Put on ICE G I B S O N Tire 8. Applia nce Com pa ny BENDIX KELVINATOR Washers Refrigerators Ironers Ranges Dryers Home Freezers Complete Line of Home Appliances Page 402 TUSCAI.00SA'S VETERANS' HOSPITAL SERVES 900 PATIENTS lijil It , E Ti' was 3 . 1 :Si Qi n 2 LQ U1.QLIUE.SiLlElC: Q E ,,. v 'ill RI 'YY vv xmsxmwm x xw I I T T if ' ,ET I '1 3, VY -7 rr n ti j rrrm I if , lr IZ I' I - 5 LE I Li? - I 3333 t frm T r 3 FR ' ' rrph 'i--- - 5'-1 E X- D4El'I.Ef5EHI ' 5, T T 1, I1 tt ll sf I + ' T A I ' 'NTT - vff AMI.: .l lm Y- - Tuscoloosds Best Department Store 5 I ZfoumCTV1e.s'ef'y Tkuuilbblul B009 N DEPARTMENT STORE ir DRUID THEATRE "Downtown" J. A. Duckworth Chorles Morris J. C. Duckworth DUCKWORTH - MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE RENTALS - REAL ESTATE Telephone 8-8643 In Your Future Wolks of Lite REMEMBER . . "The Eriendliest Store in Town" SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO 2317 6th Street Pg 403 USS TUSCALOOSA WAS F.D.R.'s FLAGSHIP T0 TEHERAN AND YALTA TUSCALOOSA ALL BOOKS IN PRINT TEXT BOOKS-FICTION EDUCATIONAL BOOKS F. MoiIOrdersSoIiciTed COMPANY if One bIocI4 Eosf of The Flogpole Alabama Book Store IOII - I5 University Avenue TUSCALOOSA FURNITURE COMPANY if 2223 bah Sfreef Phone 2-I5I5 if HOME OF QUALITY FURNITURE Co-Ed Beauty Solon 805 IOTI1 S'rree'r "VN!I1y be ugly when we con mcrke you beoufifulf' i' J. M. Burchfield 81 Sons WHOLESALE GROCERS Howorol Burchfield, '26 Pg 404 MORE THAN 10,000 TUSCALOOSA HOMES HAVE RADIOS Moke your coIIege coreer o VVeII-RounoIeoI One. . . Qcvffcflfbidff IOOO UNIVERSITY AVENUE Phone 2-25I4 A degree tor Business Success. . . A GOOD DANCER for Sociol Success AMERICAN - STANDARD HEATING PLUMBING GENERAL ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS Westinghouse Light Bulbs Pipe - Volves - Fittings Point- Wollpoper - Applionces COLE SUPPLY CO., Inc. 520 22ncI Ave. Phone 2-2525 Amie! FURNITURE CO. "Home of QuoIity Furniture" if See Us For Fraternity And Sorority Furnishings 22I5 Sixth St. Phone 7574 Pg 405 WHOLESALE SALES IN TUSCALOOSA ARE OVER 530,000,000 PER YEAR Successful Men Wear Successful Clothes IBFW f - 'L Ill.MIli, FIIIIIIDMAN 81 WlNX'I'0N JEWELRY NATIONALLY KNOWN MEN'S WEAR . Ching . Diamonds Tuscculooso, Alobomcx . Sllver 0 . Cryslgl Dloll 7986 CROWDER BROS. CAMERA Sl IEWERLY 2323 Brood "We're Well Stocked!" STEIN SHOE SHOP 2326 6Tl1 Sfreef SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT . x 4? R f :xx wr .ls A fs , S. "L" ,, Q A sm ll Wll l 1 'QQ if T L fa in ESPECIALLY CATERING TO THE CAMPUS TRADE POU LTRY8. EGG CO. - For - POULTRY PRODUCTS 2513 Fourllw ST. Boclc of Burchfielcl Hotel Pg 406 TUSCALOOSA IS SERVED BY 3 RAILROADS AND 2 MAJOR BUS LINES CRYSTAL LAUNDRY COMPANY DRY CLEANING and LAUNDRY Phone 4476-4477 CHARLES TEMERSON AND SONS NEW STEEL and SUPPLIES PARK SHOP 2119 Broad Junior, Misses, and Ladies Apparel Wearing is 5 ' awz61v M. VILLOWNFR, 1 A Cold Fur Storage Service , ' ' 0 0' 1 ' I ' Phone 3661 21 12 Broad Street 'lr BURCHFIELDAHOTEL Featuring Real Hotel Service In the Center ot Town near theaters and shopping district VlSlT US OFTEN WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE if DUGINS SHOE STORE 2308 Broad Street Pg 407 ruscALoosA HAS 728 RETAIL TRADE stones W. B. DRAKE 81 SON PRINTERS Complete Printing Service Noiionolly Advertised Styles For Every OCCOSIOH 9th Pl'lOl'le THE MARY JANE SHOP 1408 University Ave. Phone 6036 JOHNNY? "Tuscc1Ioosc1's Finest ond Most Modern ResTc1Urc1nT" fg U . H Under The some monogemenf for 18 yeors We will go To ony exireme To please. B H I l 261-Hou-rServiCe . We specialize in sizzling fllef mignon sfeoks S Pg 408 I RESOURCES OF TUSCALOOSA'S BANKS TOTAL OVER 542,000,000 PER YEAR Tuscaloosa Motor Express 2II2 9th ST. Telephone 3323 Operoling in Seven Southern Stores Local ond Long Dislonce Trucking Bonded ond Insured Movers of: Household Goods, Heovy Mochinery, ond Equipment GENERAL OFFICES: 7Th Ave. 84 I4Th ST. Norfh Birminghorn, Alobomo Phone 3-3l3l Home Owned and Operoled By O. M. CUMMINGS 81 SONS FOR A STEAK THAT STRIKES THE RIGHT NOTE . . . TRY BELL STEAK HOUSE TuscoIooso's Only Sleok House 6I3 Greensboro Avenue G I B S O N . TIRE COMPANY L . . L L ss , Corner Brood ond 25Th Avenue i Telephone 3248 GIBSON TIRE RECAPPING DEPT. 21O1BrOGd Sweef phOne6Q'l2 B. F. Goodrich Tires Are Mode In Tuscolooso Woiring To serve The Sfudenfs ond Foculfy THERE ARE OVER 12,500 HOUSEHOLDS IN TUSCALOOSA iT's THE TALK or THE CAMPUS SPORTSWEAR by A D R 1 A N S Tuscolooso's Fine Store Billiorols - All Sporis Returns By Ticker 2414 Sixth Sr. Phone 4498 Roy's Ploice J. F. MCHENRY, Owner Perry 5 Creoimery Com pony Phone 5516 2128 Brood Oh, Roh-Roih! 1 "Make if out To The COROLLA." HAROLD LISCHKOFF and TOMMY KIDD Your Compus Phorogrolohers ond Phoro Finishers 506 13Th Ave. Ph.21393 or 3396 Pg 410 M ,,,,,. , A y N , JV 4 A A -'I , ,WP , 1,?,,tt.i ,k .... J tif H 7 v l f I This book is bound in ci DURAND COVER Produced by THE DURAND MANUFACTURING COMPANY 939 W. 35th Street Chicogo 9, IIIinois EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES FOR PHYSICIANS, HOSPITALS, ond CLINICAL LABORATORIES SURGICAL ond HOSPITAL SUPPLIES DIIIIR SURGICAL SUPPLY GDMPAIIY BirmingI1om,AIo. Montgomery, Alo. 627 South 20th Street 2I2 - 214 Commerce Street Page 4II BUSINESSMEN EXPECT A I0 PER CENT INCREASE IN BUSINESS FOR 1952 k QMLQQBOGQ FINE COFFEES have been a Sexton tradition ever since that day three generations ago when John Sexton opened his first tea and coffee store. In Sherman Blend exquisite coffee, the Sexton experts have exceeded all their past achieve- ments. It is the perfect guest coffee, full hodied. full of flavor and fully satisfying. And with full forty cups to every pound, it is truly economical. JOHN SEXTON k CO., CHICAGO, 1951 Pg 412 wi . f.,1:H 'Z X , 'I 3 s , :g,: V Q Y if I ,E ,ij E v 2 if ii- - . ' if lx? 3 Q 5 ,E A1253 ' 'si Wits S C S 0 ,. . v , qw Q, 5 4 , ,, I 4. A F A . 4. , I H I Q 0 ff I I x : Q I , A A ' as ' 5, 2 Y, X Q A , 1? 25 ' 3 : .Q I. I u f f nv ' LW ,Q gaigmzsgqlfgil 2 Q 1 e hu 5 i 5 f?L9x?k 'Kit A n 1 QA- A A I 3 I Ill' ' f A .A N A ' - 0 0 n Q4 'A 115: ig' ,,,, A , f' f ' -TA f Qiffu , -my 1' r- A f fff Q, A who wx 7 f , .4 Y, 4- ff 5-5 iff" 'Shui K ', 567 f 'AQ 3' W ' Q? 3 N fx 1 K' Sw-A Mew ' ' 2 uiifrfzgyswf f M153 JA New A A 1 I - LAvgQ,4miQ5:,ifww- ' - ig , M E " A . ' 'iw -Lg, -Q ' M" liisi-A A cMwM ff,-.41--ws! 1,11-,- - - Af -.,. 5vm?wgAf'sgy:..:s9,:,QgmS,,7's ' ,, Hz ' ' - ' ' f'H'iSQ-fzisiwv .H A 3 1 ' ' fag: if v if ,i L, ,f .. Q." . 4+-V A "Yi?if.5ff5,A Y - - . , '1 fl wzjale A 1 fflgifcf WV' -Big We PQ A ,sa sf 7 1-. 'NSW figs , Q - ' f1.QffM ' ' 1 LW K . Milf-iw'-., ws, ' ' 'A f'?v,,gM lf ikff95k,,, , , f A A CQLLEGE ANNUAL IZ GRAW G COMPA B1RM1NG fgemwwlzm pmaqm D Qeffnemfwz pmaqm D Qmwmim pczfzaqow Q Q Y0 ll Q lllllllllllllllll Xllllfff , oday Sl2we are printers of the by S yearbook of your school. u Q Tomorrow as you seek your future in the ll f ' ' d ll ll pro essions, in ustry and commerce Q we at Paragon hope to serve you with the essential Printing and Lithography so Q you will need in the pursuit of your career. Q Many of our best customers came to us through friendships formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. Q f Fa i Wfdffz Baz' 70:41:01 Q 25132 aragun teas X , ,,.. -ff MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA U Business Index BIRMINGHAM SECTION A 81 A Ash Jewelers ...,......,...,,. .... 3 70 American Motor Company . . . . . . .362 Birmingham Trunk Factory . Blach's Department Store . Bogue's Restaurant ....., Brodnax Jewelry Co. .... . Bromberg 84 Co. Carmel, Inc. ........,. . Christy's Restaurant .,... Cruse-Crawford Mfg. Co. . Dixie Coffee Co. ....... . Drennen Motor Co. Engle Companies . .. Goldstein's Fur Co. . . Hanover Jewelers ..... Harold Wall Motor Co. . . . Henson Motor Co. . . . ....366 ....372 . .... 371 ...373 .IM358 ....372 . .... 366 . .... 360 ...370 ...373 ....365 ....368 ....366 ...358 ....361 Hill Grocery Co. 4....s,.. ..., 3 63 Holley 84 Hahn ..,.,.... J. A. Head Office Equipment Jefferson Foundry ....... John's Restaurant ..... Kirksey Motor Co. ...... . Liberty National Life Ins. . McCormack Bros. Motor Co. McKesson 81 Robbins ..... Mary Ball Candy Maurice ............. Miller, Martin 84 Lewis .... New Williams ........ Paul's Chicken House .... Perry Jewelry Co. .... . Pig Trail Inn ........ Pickwick Club ........ Protective Life Ins. Co. . .. Roy Bridgers 84 Co. . . . . Red Diamond Coffee . . . Star Provision Co. .... . Steel Cit Oldsmobile . . Y Vanity ............ ....367 ....365 ...368 .,..371 . .... 359 ....364 ....363 ....365 ....371 ...366 ....369 ....368 ....358 ....371 ....371 ....373 ...369 ....363 ...365 ....370 ...362 ....371 MOBILE SECTION Alabama State Docks ............ .... 3 74 Constantine's ......... Delchamps Inc. .... . ,...374 ....375 Kayser Dress Shop ..,.............. .... 3 75 L. Hammel Dry Goods .................... 375 McGowin-Lyons Hardware 8. Supply Co. . . . . .376 Malbis Baking Co. . . . . Metzger Bros. Inc. Mobile Paint Co. .... . Nathan Furniture Co. ............... . MONTGOMERY SECTION Belk-Matthews ..................s... City of Montgomery .....,... Jesse French Piano Company . , . Klein 8g Son .,........s.... Liggett Drug Co. ........... . Pake Stephenson Inc. ........ . Preferred Life Assurance Society . . . W. A. May 84 Green ..s.............. HUNTSVILLE SECTION Anderson Motors ............,..... Buford Motors ............ Clark Steaolman's Restaurant . , . Cummings Cotten Co. ..... . Hotel Russel Erskine .....r Southern Furniture ................. TUSCALOOSA SECTION Adam's Refrigeration 84 Electric Appliances Adrian's ............,.............. Alabama Book Store .....r....... . Alberta Cleaners I... Alberta Gulf Station . . Allen 84 Jemison B. F. Goodrich ..... Balfour Jewelry Co. . . Bama Drugs .s...... Bama Theater ......... Battle's Service Station . . Belk-Hudson Co. .... . Bell's Steak House ........ Bennett Auto Sales ........ . Black, Friedman, 84 Winston . I . Blue Room ............... Bolton Adair Transfer Co. . . . Bridgers Lumber Co. . . . . Brown's Department Store . . . Burchfield Hotel ......... Cambell's Body Shop .....r Charles Temerson 84 Son .... City National Bank ...s.... Cloverdale Service Station . . Co-Eal Beauty Salon ..... Page 416 374 375 376 376 378 378 378 377 377 378 377 378 380 379 380 379 379 379 395 41 O 404 395 399 395 409 394 395 390 386 396 409 384 406 397 41 5 399 409 407 385 407 394 386 404 Bu siness Index TUSCALOOSA SECTION Qcont.j Coca-Cola Bottling Company Cole Supply Co, ,A.. Colonial School of Dancing Crowder Jewelry Co. Crysrtle Laundry .... Cycle Center ..... Deal Lumber Co. Delview Dairy ...... Doyle Bakery ....... Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Drake Printing Co. .. Druid City Transit Lines Druid Drug Co. .... . Druid Furniture ..... Druid Theater ....., Duckworth Morris, Inc. Duggins Shoe Store . . Earl Studio ........ .. .... 405 ,,.,405 .. .,.. 406 .,.i407 ...381 .HI392 ....389 .i..381 ...390 ...408 ..,.398 ....401 ....405 .i..403 ...403 ....407 Extension Division, University of Alabama ..... 398 F. W. Woolworth Findlay Electric Co. . . First National Bank . . Fitts Yellow Cab Co. . Foster Heating 81 Roofing Co. Gibson Appliance Co. Gibson Tire Co. 4..,.... I ...390 ...,392 .. ,... 387 .,,.392 ...,402 ..ii409 Gulf States Plumbing 84 Heating 4... ,,., 3 97 Hardin's Bakery .... .,..... .... 3 8 9 Harry Gilmer's Service Station . . ,... 383 Home and Auto Supply House Garage ..... .. .,,. 385 ...384 Ida Harris Town and Country ..,, .... 3 96 J. M. Burchfield 84 Son J. Oviatt Bowers ,.,. Jax Cleaners ....... Jewel Box ......... Johnny's Restaurant , Kanora Restaurant . . . Kyle Office Supply Co. Little Cook-kee ..... Lischkoff 84 Kidd ,.,. Louis Wiesel, Inc. .. . Lustig's Book Store . . Mc Lester Hotel .,.,. Mangel's ......,... Maryiane Shop ..... Morganthau Cleaners Northington Laundry . Park Shop ......,.. Pat's No. 3 ....... ,.i.404 ., .,i. 392 401 ...400 ...408 ...399 ...395 ,..,396 ....410 ..,.403 ...401 ....389 ....392 ...,-408 ...407 ....396 ....407 ...388 Pa Patton's Service Station ....,.. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company . . . Perry Creamery ............. Pickle's-Tide Restaurant . . . Pizitz .............. . . Poultry 84 Egg Company .... Pug's ..............,.. Quality Motor Co. ....,i.. . Quarles Plumbing 81 Heating . . Red Swanson Launderatte . . I Raymon's Delicatessen . . . Roy's Place ....... S. H. Kress 81 Co. ...... , Sears, Roebuck 84 Co. . . I Tuscaloosa Hardware .,.. Tuscaloosa Furniture Co. . I Sharpe's Meat 84 Seafood . . . Snappy Service Station . . . Sokol's ......i....,i.i Spradley Cycle Co. ..,..,........ , Stein's Shoe Shop .....,.....,.... Summer School, University of Alabama Sunset Court ....,.,.,...,.....,. Tanner Brothers . . . . I . The Corner ......i Tucker Motor Co. ,,.,....,. , Tuscaloosa Bakery .,...,....,,. Tuscaloosa Lincoln-Mercury Co. I . . Tuscaloosa Mattress ..,...i.i., Tuscaloosa Motor Co. . . . Tuscaloosa Motor Express . University Barber Shop . T . University Supply Store . . . LWJRD .i.,.. .....,. Walker Motor Co. . . . . Weatherford Printing , . , Wiesel Co. ..,......,.......... . NATIONAL SECTION Alabama Engraving .............. Durand Mfg. Co. . . . . Durr Surgical Supply .i.. John Sexton Co. .,., . Paragon Press ..... ge 417 386 390 410 399 406 391 400 395 401 41 0 395 403 404 402 398 399 400 401 406 391 394 402 392 382 400 385 404 381 409 397 393 399 383 400 390 413 411 411 412 414 l95 IZWAH COR0llA P. f fifrirm E.. 1' . W..- 5209 WI 'usage lubl shedbytbeStua'entBodyoftbe University offllaba University, Ala The STudenTs Universify of Alabama UniversiTy, Alabama We hope you are as proud of your l952 COROLLA as we are. We have labor- ed long To bring you someThing which we Think is new and differenT in year- books. Each page from The cover Through The business secfion involved much ThoughT and work. We beg forgiveness for misfakes which we mighT have made, for we are only sTudenTs as each of you. BuT we do noT say ThaT This is our book, or ThaT we produced iT. Our sTaff of salesmen, office workers, and oTher sTudenT assisTanTs are enumerable. Every sTudenT conTribuTed by creaTing a school spiriT and producing acTiviTies which make inTeresTing maTerial for The record of a school year. We have only one regref, and ThaT is Thar each one of you could noT have been edifor or business manager. We wanT To Thank you for granfing us ThaT pri- vilege, for alThough we have puT in many hours of work, we have enioyed ev- ery minuTe of iT. IT would be impossible To close This leTTer wiThouT making special acknowledge- menT of some people who assisTed in producing This book. Ed Wise of The Paragon Press Bob Faerber of The Alabama Engraving Company Francis Falkenbury of Spencer-Donbar STudio Jimmy Wilson of Jimmy Wilson STudios Mike and Rose Langan of Langan STudios Harold Lischkoff, Bill Owen, Hugh Harmon, Rowland Geddie, STudenT PhoTographers L. D. Boylan, AudiTor of PublicaTions BenneTT T. Andrews and lVlarTha Beck, ArTisTs To These people and The many sTudenTs who worked on The l952 COROLLA we are deeply graTeful. . . . and To you, The sTudenTs, we presenT The i952 COROLLA as a permanenT record of This year aT The UniversiTy of Alabama. g Sincerely, Quaid 25. -Zzaaleaw afifmcdd 25. Wall EdiTor GERALD FAULKNER KATHRYN WADDELL BERNARD WALDRUP JANET QUARTIN . . ' ' ' ' 145815. Asst. Asst. Editor Editor Editor Editor Business Manager HAROLD WALL ........ . . . Bus. DAVID BERNSTEIN . . . .,... Adu. C. B. KAHN .... . . . Office HERB BLUBIBERG . . . Sales maat bama Manager Manager Manager Manager Page 418 7, ,E R nl ' uf 3 Y if? 'W Q K x S 1 is .31 Q Q, E . QQSTAQ ,hw 59212 35? .. 4, QM 223 nazi :fi 1. v? W f2'Q-:W-'12,' .. xy, W V Q if .xv 4 , I s 9 1 at , 2 5, x w 'fl Y aff Y gk Q s Y My 'f Q 4 Q Q F W M 1 1? , , Z FQ fix ' ' E L Y 'W 9, lf? w 1 1 -'E Q 1 2 I - I PX , Y i 2 my ' 1 A .5 if J' an w 'T M95 Fw , sf- R Q ,Q M Al! 1 2 4 1 5x 5 is - 3' if Q Vewiwmf 2213, wwf' A :K if 1, ix Q., -W, , Q Q . f 6 2 x Zz 5 W : V- mpg 2 zyx fa QW' wi -www- 'fu N 5 -if X 1 , N, 6. . if -, T i E K Q wi y M""" 'F Q1 I O , x 31 I ig gi M Q, l E ,V 1 QA as k iff -f-er ' 'Q 'QE S? YY I 4 if vm Q 'gi fav' 9'

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